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Big Dawg Status
Need Rates
need rates can u help?   [ photo: 2239839750 ]
More Of The Idiot Types On Fubar.
Another rant, which won't be noticed, because everyone SUCKS!And yes, I indirectly talk shit alllll the time. If the shoe fits, and you don't like it, bring it.Hmmm, overaggressive jerks, Chris requested this one. I can't think of anything off the top of my head to say, but these guys can be lumped with the half wits and retards who cannot be bothered to puncuate, capitalize or turn off the caps lock. Those guys usually come up with the dumbest fucking insults. Let me give you an example. I posted a mumm last month or so asking if I should have a beer to make me sleepty or stay up into the wee hours of the morning. Said overaggressive jerk threw an insult at me tha was completely irrelivant to my mumm, so I insulted his inability to type any better than my 7 year old daughter can. He came back at me, calling me a crackhead hoe. a manogomous relationship for 5 1/2 years and I am quite plump. Unlike his scrawny ass. These are they guys that are usually pretty fucking fu
More Kittens From Molly
On March 30th, 2009 Molly the cat gave birth to 5 more kittens.  Three orange ones and two that are mixed black and white in color. Molly is not really my cat but just wandered over to our house after we moved in.  This is the 3rd litter of kittens she gave birth to on my property.    This time she found a safe place for her new group of kittens inside my computer desk.  Her kittens (plus my own cats) have become the theme for my homepage here as you tell and the kittens have more fans then I do.  Took photos of new kittens but cannot add photos until my VIP is restored.      
Apocolyptica - I Don't Care
I try to make it through my life In my way There's you I try to make it through these lies that's all I do Just don't deny it just dont' deny it and deal with it yeah deal with it You try to break me You wanna break me Bit by bit That's just part of it If you were dead or still alive, I don't care, I don't care, And all the things You left behind I don't care, I don't care I try to make you see my side Always trying to stay in line But you're eyes see right through That's all they do i'm getting tired of this shit I've got no room when it's like this what you want of me just deal with it So If you were dead or still alive, I don't care, I don't care, And all the things you left behind I don't care I don't care nothing can care about, Nothing can care about you wont' be there for me, you won't be there for me If you were dead or still alive, I don't care, I don't care, and all the things you left behind, i don't care, I don't care If you were dead or still alive, I don't care (
Remove The Memories
Disappear from my mind and memory Rid my heart of this pain, let me be Discard there thought that bring pain Losing all I hold dear, I'm going insane Over taken by the promises you make Believing what you told me is a mistake Why should I trust you when you apologize How can I believe you if all you tell are lies Simply because you say it will be so Doesn't mean I can believe you, that you must know Why do you say one thing and do another Relationships include honesty between each other Take from me the ideas of faith and trust For by now you have to know, you must If you tell me I am inclined to believe you But what else is there left for me to do I want to forget what happened before I don't want to think about it anymore Why must things be so complicated now Things normally don't arise and have somehow Why can't there situations just go away And why is it you can't do as you say I just want it to be as it normally would be So tell me, do you want the same things as me?
  background=""   April is Child Abuse Prevention MonthLets All Support this !Please start by rating this folder     
Walk With Me
 Will you be my love forever? Walk hand in hand together. I’ll be your rock to lean upon, Your shelter ‘til the storm is gone. When no one is on your side, Wrapped in my arms you can hide. If you feel lost or alone, Remember how our love has grown.
All Over Again
Your eyes sparkle when you look at me, And I know I found my destiny. I hear you say you love me and then, I fall in love all over again. Your gentle touch your soft caress, The tenderness within your kiss. Then all at once I begin, To fall in love all over again.
Blackest Rose
Rose so black, deep and dark, stem of Hunter Green. So many people overlook you, misunderstand what You Mean. You have no color, Darkest Beauty, but plenty of Depth to your hue. You have no clue, you'll never know how much admiration I have for you. She looked at me With much disgust when I tried to share your beauty. It is this, my love, I feel it is my duty. She's gone forever. Why, who knows? I'm left here all alone. Blackest rose, it's you and me. We're left here to stew and groan.....
Surpassed by the age of spheres beneath the skin of creation.Cast down to the deepest, darkest voidAgeless insanity hindered by isolationMorals and vivacity both destroyedImprisoned in the darkness of nocturnalÕs embraceBlinded by the numbness of detached affection.Blasphemed by the tongues of the torchÕs graceBetrayed by the fireÕs deceptionEternally forlorn by the keepers of the sunDriven to wander in endless nightOur souls blackened by the light we shunWe were the squanderers of light      
Welcome To My Reviews.
so for a while i was doingmy own little movie reviews on myspace and a small group of my friends there seemed to enjoy them. so ive decided ill also start to post them here. yay for stuff! anyway, here is the skinny: i dont only do new films, ill do whatever ive watched recently, so youll see some old shit here too,. ill tell you a bit of the film and rate it 0-5 in boobs. (cause i like boobs more then stars.) 0 = shit flick 5= bomb ass bomb mofo'r     so thats whats up. hope you enjoy em
Pain Of Love
As i lie here thinking of what i did wrong. i started thinking of you all alone. like a rose without water u left me alone. 4 some1 to take ur love that is gone. tears roll dwn my face. i hide my eyes in discrase. the day u left. Is when then the pain came. you were the reason i was alive. now ur the reason why i lie awake and cry.
Friday The 13th
yay for remakes. if you liked the old ones, youll probably liek this one. i hated the old ones but still liked this one, who'd a thunk it. it was still cheesy horror with pointless nudity, but thats what that genre is all about, the plot is a bit better then the old flick, but the acting can be kind of annoying at times. its still worth seeing imo. ( o ) ( o ) ( c            2.5 bewbs.
Heart In Raged
Heart in enraged i feel like a rat in a cage my heart yerning and burning all the heart felt day now my heart traped in a cage my love that can not be gaged. heart tourment like a hellish soul. beating constantly out of cotrol. vampiric love is good 4 the soul.
Trying To Get Un-bored, match! Suck me sideways, Yes match match!!, match god, NEXT!, match! Crap, I accidently hit yes! OMFG! Hit page back. No, that won't work. Crap, I'm logging off.
I am up for auction..  if interested see bully.  
Our First Encounter!
OUR FIRST ENCOUNTER Have you thought... ....dream of .... OUR FIRST ENCOUNTER.... As, if we were there... I have imagined it to be similar to this....while we are just all wrapped up in this little bliss... now pay attention as if we were there, ... where?....I have not a date for when, but this is how I believe this will all begin...this only importance to this message I am trying to send... You now know some of MI'.... as I do of you... now things have begun and somehow grew..... Now that we are past the introduction stage... we both know .... there is connection we engage... So, this place we have set to meet.... a place yet unknown but we will greet.... I am thinking I wont say much when I first arrive... we have already shared much and could write an archive.... So, a warm breath of a secret, I may in your ear... just to let you know I have arrived and I am close, and oh so very near.... I could come meet and shake your hand...but from behind... I imagine that would b
Child Abuse Prevention Month Train
  font face="comic sans"size="6">April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month !!!Lets All Support This!!The reality is that kids too often are abused--either by parents, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, and even child caregivers. The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness and helping to prevent such dreadful abuse of children. Remember that awareness is only the first step.Please Start Out By Rating The Pictures In Jimettes Child Abuse Folder Starting with this one and comment last picture so a tag can be madeYou Know the drill F/A/R all riders and when new ones jump on don't just accept their request F/A/R them as well... Please also PM me so I don't miss making your tag !!♥ Jimette ♥ ~Rating Revolution~Pegasus Project  #7(Fantasia) TL~F.A.D.D. supporter@ fubar~katie~  *SBG* *SINNERS FAMILY*  *BAD BITCH*  *F.A.D.D.*@ fubarSt. Michael ~Member of Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life~FADD Member~
i wrote this back in oct. 2008 idk.Category: Dreamstoo my true love that i have yet to meet,the thought alonemy heart skips beat mind is away along the shorefalling for all that you can adore.along the waves the demons recedeback to the darkness and afraid of soul breathes freely now that your near,your arms upon me, the future is knight in the end, as always a cherished friend.....reality sets in, is this the beginning or end//
I Can Run
What in the world is that subject line. i don't run unless its to bacon...lmao. I am just kicking back at home and have decided to cut off my friend so once again...i just might be on the prowl. I got embarassed today because I was walking out of class an this fly black beauty in a nice shirt tie and black slacks caught my eye. he was beautiful but his clothes pushed him over the edge.  he notices he caught my eye and looks right back at me and then i look down from his face and he grabs his dick and i almost fall over this lil white girl i didn't see cause i was watching him....well i was all flustered cause him and his boys all started snickering and i felt like a dumbass and kept on walking. (n) booooo
Extended Absence
for those of you who have been trying to reach me just wanted to let you all know that i have been really sick and i a lot of pain so please dont think im blowing y'all off cause i am not i am tryin to get back with all who have left me messages, but i am still not 100% so not sure how long ill be here
Not Here To Kiss Your Ass
Your  Commets  don't  mean Sh*t.Your  Actions  do. i  am not  here  to  rate  your  appearence like your  auditioning  for  american idol.if  you  think  i  am,then your a  complete  fool, so  sticks  and stones. any one  in  this  so called  gene  pool of sperm  collectors have  any  intelligence  ,let  me  know.
I Saw A Show Where Some Kids Parents Divorced And This Came To My Head
No…don’t lock me in Ill change everything I don’t want you to fight I don’t want you be angry   You’ve made so many promises You say you love me Yet you leave me broken Each night…   And I cry Daddy please don’t fight Let me know Everything will be alright   Your voice calms me And lets me know you’re here
Your Eyes
When I look at your eyes, I see your true self. I see you're sweet, and caring. I see you're giving and forgiving. I see your love for me. When I look at your eyes I stop myself from crying When I'm alone and think about your eyes I cry. I can't stop thinking that one day I'll never see those eyes again That I'll never see the love or the sweetness Or the love that makes you who you are. One day you'll be gone - gone from me. Gone from this world. No matter what happens, those eyes will one day close And forever rest in peace. But you'll never be completely gone, Because every time I close my eyes, There you will be.
Please Read
If anyone cares to read this, I'm canceling my VIP and letting it expire and taking time off from Fubar. I can't afford to buy myself auto 11s since I can't get one from anyone no matter how much I beg and plead. The most I can afford is a 5 credit bling pack for 4.99. I'm taking off. Maybe get on here for an occasional check up but I'm up to level 26 and that is a good level for me to stick with for awhile. Maybe something will happen while I'm away. laterz!
Missed Call On Line~x~ No.11
  I know you are not home..... yet somewhere... thinking....wondering.... if.....I am going to share .... something with you.... when I am alone..... you would like this message... I am to leave on your phone... I have often thought.... yet played.... thinking.... wondering....if..... I am going to share......
the storm has passe once again Im worn with my body pressed lifelessly to the ground no one sees Im around I'll close my eyes to sleep, if i can just keep from sliding down this hill so steep I'll be beckoned to open my lids and start my journey over again. Sinking into dreams thought i had enough to hold on Nightmares stole my charm I feel mly body sink further into freezing ground There are no more secrets to keep with nothing left to reap.
so there silently moving and breathing ever so ofter drifting higher, steadily higher falling swiftly only to be caught again Slow in listening, aroused by smell stalled by thoughts Spun nothing and ripples away Turning warm and cold to warm settles slightly one more breath, gently gone never to return struggle is done
Fish Story
A redneck was stopped by a game warden in Central Mississippi recentlywith two ice chests full of fish.He was leavin' a cove well-known for its fishing.The game warden asked the man, 'Do you have a license to catch thesefish?''Naw, sir', replied the redneck. 'I ain't got none of themtherelicenses.You must understand, these here are my pet fish.''Pet fish!?''Yeah. Every night, I take these here fish down to the lake and let 'emswim 'round for awhile.Then, when I whistle, they jump right back into these here ice chestsand I takes 'em home.''That's a bunch of hooey! Fish can't do that.'The redneck looked at the warden for a moment and then said, 'It's thetruth Mr. Government Man.I can show ya. It really works.''O. K..', said the warden. 'I've got to see this!'The redneck poured the fish into the lake and stood and waited.After several minutes, the warden says, Well?''Well, what?', says the redneck.The warden says, 'When are you going to call them back?''Call who back?''The FISH', replied
Easter Auction
I am in an Easter Auction.  Please stop by and bid on me...the higher the bid, the more I will add to the winnings.                             Thanks and Happy Easter Bidding!!!
Can't Remember When This One Was Written, But Probably When I Was 19...
A Disruption Of Normalcy sometimes i just wish i could be angrytruly vent my frustrations upon those iknow deserve it more than anythingjust tell the whole world what to go do with itselfand release all of the tension i have beenhoarding for so longbuilding up a stockpile and safety netsomething to fall back on and sink deeper withinright now i just want it all to go awayand leave my mind to it's own devicesand i just want it all to stop hurtingat this moment, this breath, this thoughti just want what i have come to accept as my life to endand become what every part of me wants and needs it to be Nijah B Redlin
Dashboard Obamas Available For Purchase
Dashboard Obama!The product that will cure all problems in the world is finally here! It's the all new, all powerful Dashboard Obama! He'll pay your mortgage, put gas in your car, feed abandoned puppies and more---all from the dashboard of your car! It's the all new Dashboard Obama and he's arriving just in time to save you from the horrible economy, from capitalism, from your false God and even more! Get yours today! Disclaimer: Not owning a dashboard Obama can be dangerous to your health and often will result in severe pain, suffering and death. Not responsible for any injuries incurred while not having a dashboard Obama present
Whyi Am Not Inclined To Like Guys In The Armed Forces
I have a good reason. Let me see, start with John and the few months of chatting and two visits and many letters to him, I don't hear from him for a year. Then surprise he decided to start a chat again once. Then after a couple of texts back and forth and then again silence. Thn a few months later a text meant for his friend sent to me, that hurts. There is also Ben and two years of chat and my really trying to meet him he then starts to ignore me. Then Chris, he says he wants a relationship and then ignore me for month, then again texting me a while ago and then I am nice and then I am ignored from him. I forgot a marine from sevveral years ago, I forget his name but we chatted for awhile and then silence after a few months of chatting and never heard from him sense.
An Obituary Printed In The London Times.......
An Obituary printed in the London Times.......     Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain; Why the early bird gets the worm; Life isn't always fair; and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial=2 0policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place.  Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate on the cheek; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch without written
Dutch Soldier Casualty
Private Azdin Chadli (20) Dutch Royal Army. KIA Monday evening 6th April in Uruzgan. Died in rocket attack at Kamp Holland. Chadli was part of Armored infantry battalion from Oirschot.     Chadli was on Afghanistan only short(one week) He was part of Battle Group that started their tour on March 30th. Many others were injured in the attack.    
Short One This Time.
"Honesty"Past trangressionscome to light.unbidden to your mindin the dark of night.Forgiveness can be foundbut not be bound.It takes youto make it right.
Country Angel & Pumpkins!
Now and then we get a  lost My Guitar is smashed, my wires Cut Solid I'm Looking over the edge, Ready to Leap Dangling my Under the water I just thank God the Lamb Didnt go to the slaughter! When the Bullet feels like being put to the head, A Firework placed in the car wild-eyed and crazy, inane Maybe reckless souls cast a burden Baby you save me It's hard lovin' a man that's got a freestyle soul If he didnt do it he'd be hanging from a pole The perfect thing to say to save me from myself You're the angel with wings of pure white Ascending from the heavens unto my doorstep   I probally didnt tell tell you nearly enough That I couldn't live one day without your love A a is ship tossed around on the Rocks Up on a highwire that's ready to break Sometimes I've feel as had just about all I can take Baby you, baby you save me
Farming is Tough   A farmer was selling his peaches door to door.  He knocked on a door and a shapely woman dressed in a very sheer negligee answered the door.  He raised his basket to show her the peaches and asked, 'Would you like to buy some peaches?' She pulled the top of her negligee to one side and asked, 'Are they as firm as this?' He nodded his head and said, 'Yes ma'am, they are' and a little tear ran from his eye.    Then she pulled the other side of her negligee off asking, 'Are they nice and pink like this?' The farmer said, ¿Yes, they are' and another tear came from the other eye.    Then she unbuttoned the bottom of her negligee and asked, 'Are they as fuzzy as this?' He said, 'Yes, nice and fuzzy' and broke down crying. She asked, 'Why on earth are you crying?'   Drying his eyes he replied, 'The drought got my corn, the flood got my soy beans, a tornado leveled my barn, and now I think I'm gonna get screwed out of my peaches.¿  
Human Race
A little girl asked her mother:'How did the human race appear?'The mother answered, 'God made Adam and Eve; they had children; and so was all mankind made.'Two days later the girl asked her father the same question.  The father answered, 'Many years ago there were monkeys fromwhich the human race evolved.'  The confused girl returned to her mother and said, 'Mum, how is it possiblethat you told me the human race was created by God, and Dad said they developed From monkeys?'The mother answered,'Well, Dear, it is very simple.I told you about my side of the family, and your father told youAbout His.'
Zombies Ate My Brain
Ok.. so i go to walmart to get my friend a present because i loves her and stuff... i had 75 in cash.. and a debit card well i get there and then look in my wallet... don't see the debit card.. ok no big deal.. must have left them in my shorts sunday... will finish shopping tomorrow night.. get my 75 dollars worth of stuff and go away i get home... look in shorts.. NO CARD.. panic mode! decide to check my wallet again... there it is.. plain as day... MOTHERFUCKER! i blame it on the zombies... they ate my brain...
Slave To The Dark
A broken soul, lost in perpetual silence. I sit here still yearning for you. A shattered mirror, Broken and forlorn I still feel my flesh screaming for your’re touch How could I have been so foolish? To allow you to luring me in? Your smile became my damnation   With the sound of a goddess. You’re voice was my downfall. The very mention of you’re name sends me spiralling downwards. An age old story of love lost, pain gained   The core of my soul lays unbeaten, Rancid and festering at the bottom on an abyss. Where once happiness and joy existed. Now only a tale of unbridled perfect damnation does.   When your light touched me, I was alive. Now all light has since passed. Darkness surrounds me in its choking cloak The air has become stale and poisoned. Forever shall this wander be damned. Forever shall I be a slave to the dark.
Tainted Pt1
A black and corrupted soul, Lays awake in the bitter twilight, My damnation has fully been granted, I am no more then a spectre, A black and soulless void, I shall to you will be not even a memory.   I am one of the lost, A slave to self reformation, Never should I have been within the light. I will revert to that in which I truly am.   A dark one, lust incarnate This blood, you’re innocence. To me they are like the fruit and wine. You’re very tears like ambrosia too my palette.   You’re screams are like angelic choirs to my ears. The very breaking of you’re heart will be my joy. I will sustain myself upon your pain. Throw you across that alter and devour you soul and all. Bring forth my damnation, Oh how I lust for it….
Show My Friend Lin Support ; Her Mum Has Cancer
Some of you know that I have a very good friend on here, her name is Linda.  We have been friends since we both joined this site when it was Cherry Tap. We have had lots of fun on here, bombing, being in contests together and helping each other out.  We've shared lots of laughs, tears and many secrets. She feels like a sister to me although we have never met, I hope to meet her one day.  I have spoke to her children on here and they are wonderful kids as well.  We have even shared snailmail. She just found out that her mum has cancer.  So what I would like for all my fu friends and fu fans and family to do is. Drop by her page, show her some love and support and so whatever it is you do in this type of situation to be kind to someone in need, because she would surely do the same for you if I asked her to because that's the kind of friend she is. Thanks a lot..Love,,  Amy   Gypsysoul@ fubar
Wasted (mind Games And Secrets Pt2) [written When I Was 15]
Everything I am, Everything you wereIt all seems pointless, it's all so fucked upWhatever happened to us being happy?Happily Ever After seems to be endingSwiftly it falls apart, broke down and aloneCrash into a wall, nothing's sacred anymoreI can't change who I was, I can't be who you areMaybe it's better this way, but we got so farForever used to be all we neededAnd now that it's over, All I wanted wasFor you just to be here, the world is so coldLifeless and desperate, can't we start again?Everything falls apartI can't make itI gave you everythingAnd it was all wastedEverything I am, Everything you wereIt all seems pointless, it's all so fucked upWhatever happened to us being happy?Happily Ever After seems to be endingForever used to be all we neededAnd now that it's over, All I wanted wasFor you just to be here, the world is so coldLifeless and desperate, can't we start again?Swimming in circles, I'm desperate for the airI can't find the way out, it's sad that I don't careI want it a
Forever Ended Yesterday (mind Games And Secrets Pt3) [written When I Was 16]
Forever ended yesterday, never begins anewNo more dues to pay and no chance of loving youMy heart lays on the floor, drenched with my sweat and tearsI'm going through the door, I'm getting rid of all my fearsI go out and face the sun, a sun that now laughs at meAs the pain swells to mind-numbing, I find that I can't seeThis sadness rules my mind, leaving me blind, bound in the darkI'm drowning, searching for poisoned air in water filled with sharksI'm longing for your touch, my ties to pain to severThere's no emotion left in my eyes, you leftAnd you took my foreverForever ended yesterday, Never began anewNo more forced dues to pay, no fucking chance of loving youMy heart lays on the floor, ground and shattered hemispheresBut I've already gone through the door, I've gotten rid of all my fearsMy desire has left me, you were all I hadAnd I wonder in desperation, how did I make you madWithout any warning my world has come to an endI have no will left to go on or retreatThrough the deepest
I Had To Put This Here Too.
Haha, so for no good reason this lady at flips a bitch at me, leaves funny comments and low rates, and rants in my shoutbox and then blocks me before I can ask her what's wrong.In her last shout, it says something about I down rated her and was either too drunk or mad bc I'm not cute enough (and apparently she is? I'm not so sure), to explain to her why I would ever do such a thing. HAHA! Geez, people are too damn worked up about a number on a website. I don't remember rating her, and if I downrated her, it's probably due to how sometimes when the pages are loading, if I click the 10, it's just as the rest of the page pops in, and it moves the numbers a little bit to the left. So maybe she got an 8 instead of a 10. Transcript of shoutbox. Lol. so funny. »-(¯`♥´¯)-...: and bc you rate me down then cannot talk or are you drunk or mad bc sry your not cute...i guess i just didnt see a reason why to do that to sumone no
Born Into A Funny Farm
Born into a funny farm All loony from day one Four nut cases under one roof I can see the danger, cant you? No one drools Unless they’re sleeping No one cares Unless I am creeping In our rooms we sit Rocking back and forth Yes we are crazy, But that’s just it! Our house is a funny farm Each of us crazy In our own special way Loons and nut cases all in one Born into a funny farm Our house is a funny farm Come on in You’re welcome to stay Don’t mind our taste in fashion It suits us all very well! The wrap around sleeves The buckles on the back We love our white jackets, And our pretty padded walls And laughing at each other As we make one another fall! I was born into a funny farm Welcome to our funny farm You can stay if you like Where loons and freaks will live as one!
My thoughts are scattered Like leaves in the wind How did it happen Where did it begin.   My life, forever changing Some real, some pretend But like the things of this world It will all come to an end.
The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain! I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it, or fix it. I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I w
I think of you often and my feelings are real. I don't want to be just another friend, for the thought of you in my life seems so surreal. I wonder if you think of me like I think of you, Can you feel me when my heart swells with delight when I think of you in the morning and on into the night. Can you feel me when in my dreams I am holding you so tight. Our eyes held in a gaze and everything just seems so right. Can you feel me when I say those words from my heart that are soulfully true. Can you feel me when my thoughts run with passion, and are only of you......... Can you feel me????? Can you feel me???
Very Awesome Satisfaction
So today I learned how to squirt.  I have never done that before and a simple conversation lead to teaching me how to squirt!  Thank you so much for helping me do this!
Song Lyrics Written For Me By Musican Friend/ Image Done By Me... Thank You* Tristian
work I did for him ....(not all edited yet)   Tristian/Dirty Horse
Death can appear in dreams in many forms ranging from the near-death experience to wish-fulfillment projected on others. It may seem to be terrifying, or almost joyful in its sense of power. The near-death experience can be either a psychological phenomenon or a physical one. The physical phenomenon comes from lucid dreaming in a nightmare condition. You may become aware of the body paralysis of the REM state and feel powerless to defend yourself in the dream. This can create an overwhelming sense of vulnerability to the threatening circumstances of the dream and a near-death experience. The psychological facet is part and parcel of feeling endangered by your circumstances. This danger may be tangible or merely sensed in the dream. If it is tangible, the source of the danger is the area for interpretive work (whom, why, how, and what has endangered your life?). If the danger is merely sensed, it may symbolize ambivalence concerning a soul's transition into facets of self-awareness
Capital Punishment
Ok I was sitting home one day just thinking and watching T.V. Where this guy was getting the Chair and me and I began to think what makes it more right when the state kills someone for killing someone than when someone else does I mean it really bothered me I Just dont understand in my opinion no one deserves to die no matte who you are and what you've done. I mean I understand at times people  get upset To me it's as if the law's saying it's ok to kill someone as long as you have the law on your side.  whats your opion?  
PLease check out the site linked below and decide for yourself if you want to join/get invoved;     Thanks,   T.    
darkin rooms nothing but gloomstaircases leading no wherecuts that do not bleedpain that does not stingtheres nothing your nothingthis place that is nothingless spacebreathing the air thats suppose to bring lifeit only brings striff and no delightno start no end only the middledeffering an worthless an courages and the outragesscreaming with no words having to stand outfrom the pack in this room that only brings your doom where there is only you.
Switch Side
Smile your grace that crazized look on your face your want your need the way u pled the kiss from my lips that makes your hips twist. Your grunt your grain the way u like pain.Teaseing the pleaseing the taste of blood in your mouth. The way u make me scream and shout.Your love of me the way u have trouble saying yes or no the way u know im secretly in control.I'll take u to a high leave u on a low. Letting u know the ways ill please you.i will do what i can to make u understand that with pain the pleasure will follow.I'll treat u like royalty a precious gift made for my bliss.
I Sooo Want 'top Dude' Status...
What's up, I'm new to Fubar, and have not a single clue on how to use it yet, gettin there tho... I dig it, and ready to get hammed. I play music, and hope you all can check it out by visiting my other communities...LOOK ME UP in the 303
I am no expert by any means on women.  .That being said, as I look at this site, and others like it, I see something in common...there are some really interesting, and attractive women out there, but because their photos, or profiles, or both, deem them to be "thick", a majority of men will pass them by, unless they are showing 98% of their skin and THEN they'll comment. My question to that is...why?  I'm by no means a small guy. I'm over 6 feet tall, and about 260 lbs.  For me personally, a girl who is 5'2 or 5'3 and weighs 105 lbs just...doesn't do it for me.  And for the love of God...stop all the tanning, fake baking or otherwise, and yes, I'm smart enough to know when that blonde isn't your natural hair color.  News flash...not all men want that 5'3 105lb blonde haired tan girl.  We may be hard to find, but we're out there.  Personally, give me the friend that the blonde haired girl brought along to make herself feel better who is sitting in the corner and is 5'3 and 160+. She's
In your small roomYou look at those same wallsAt that windowThat gives you all your lifeYou never liked that windowYou always thought it was evilOr that's what you were toldYou decide you want to look outside...Walking very scaredClose your eyes before you lookOpen themSearing lightsBlue skiesLush green grassLook at the childrenAdults talkingSense the love around themFeel the joy of that worldLook back into your dark roomYou feel an ominous presenceLeave your dark roomTo enter a dark hallLook for your masterAsk him to leave the dark hallAnd come to your dark roomAsk him to look at that worldBut instead he cowers in fearAsk nicely if you can visit that worldHe says no, so very hastilyAsk and demand whyHe gives you no replyAnd closes the windowSits you downTells you to never go there againYou grow unhappyYell at him and say what you wantHe just simply says "never again"With more anger and hateYou can't resist that worldRun out your dark roomInto the dark hallAnd open those huge doorsThe
I'm In An Auction!!!!!!!
          I am in another auction!!!!!! Who wants to own me for a month??????Here is a list of what I am offering:1. 300 pic rates a week 10's - if VIP is offered will be 11's.2. Daily comments from me.3. Random gifts.4. Owned by in my name for a month.5. SFW salute.6. Link to your profile on my page.7. Drinks to keep ypou sh*tfaced.8. More can be discussed depending on winning bid.Thank you!Here is the link to the pic.And please don't forget to Rate/Fan/Add the auction hostess she is awesome!!!!!!MzCh@osR☼xx R/L Wifey 2 TinMan22/Hers-Just Your Average Military Wmn*Mine/Hers-SxyMexicanChica@ fubar    
Sexy Test....i Scored A 45
HOW SEXY ARE YOU?GET A PIECE OF PAPER AND PENCIL... BE HONESTNUMBER IT 1-11 (NO CHEATING)SEE YOUR RESULTS AT THE END OF THE TEST.WHEN YOU SEND IT ON PUT YOUR SCORE IN THE SUBJECT BAR.1. WHAT COLOR HAIR DO YOU HAVE?A Brownb Redc Blonded Blacke Other2. OUT ON A DATE WOULD YOU WANT TO:a Go to a partyB Go out to eat3. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR OUT OF:a Baby-Pinkb Yellowc Baby-BlueD Turquoise4. PICK YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBY OUT OF:a Talkingb DancingC Taking Long Walks5. IF YOU COULD PICK A STORE OUT OF THE FOLLOWING, WHICH WOULD IT BE?A Hollisterb Old Navyc Abercrombie6. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE OUT OF THE FOLLOWING?a Hawaiib LondonC Florida7. IN THE SUMMER WOULD YOU RATHER GO TO:A The Beachb Somewhere Cooler8. WHAT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH?a Januaryb Februaryc Marchd AprilE Mayf Juneg Julyh Augusti Septemberj Octoberk Novemberl December9. WOULD YOU RATHER:a Chill at homeB Go out with friends10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE INSTRUMENT OUT OF:A Guitarb Bass guitarc Drumsd The Triangle11) NAME A PE
Soulmate. Watch. Read. Love.
  Incompatible, it don't matter though 'cos someone's bound to hear my cry Speak out if you do You're not easy to find Is it possible Mr. Loveable Is already in my life? Right in front of me Or maybe you're in disguise Who doesn't long for someone to hold Who knows how to love you without being told Somebody tell me why I'm on my own If there's a soulmate for everyone Here we are again, circles never end How do I find the perfect fit There's enough for everyone But I'm still waiting in line Who doesn't long for someone to hold Who knows how to love you without being told Somebody tell me why I'm on my own If there's a soulmate for everyone If there's a soulmate for everyone Most relationships seem so transitory They're all good but not the permanent one Who doesn't long for someone to hold Who knows how to love you without being told Somebody tell me why I'm on my own If there's a soulmate for everyone Who doesn't long for someone to hold Who knows how to love you without bein
Cuz Of Bad Stomach Pains...
Yea pretty much that sums it up. Day before yesterday, I got these absolutely paralyzing stomach pains in the lower right side of my tummy...and Jessyka hadn't been very active or anything either. Well, tried a bunch of things that we thought it could possibly be and called my doctor and he told me the pain could just be the growing and stretching of the ligaments and stuff in that area but that if she didn't start moving around more and the pain didn't subside soon to go to the Labor and Delivery. After about 9 hours of this horrible pain, it finally started to subside a lil bit...and she was moving around some but not as much as she normally does. (She's ALWAYS kicking and elbowing me) So since the pain subsided enough to handle, we decided to wait and see how I felt the next day. day comes around...the pain is gone except for it feeling like a badly bruised muscle. Only thing is Jessyka isn't being anywhere near as active as she normally is. So now I'm going into the hospi
Take Back America
  When a silent majority allows their nation to lose its common sense, that nation is lost and you are allowing them to take your country away from you.  Is it common sense to adore at the alter of multi-culturism?  Read your world history, not one nation has survived as a multi-culture, its the uni-culture that is your strength.  One country, one culture, one language!  Is it common sense that 84% of the people want to make English the official language of America?  But your majority political party espouses insanity, ignores the people and says no.  Is it common sense that 53 countries, mostly in Africa have declared English to be their national language, and the party who declares "We will unite you" says, "Press 2 for Spanish!".  Is it common sense to adopt your new nation religion of diversity, when the very word means disunity?  We founded a country on similarities, not diversities.  One country, One culture, One language!  You cry out for Unity, but is it common sense to continu
My Son's Writing... Beautiful.
Auto-bio poem   Deon Generous, loving, honest, authority Brother of Daunte and Madison Lover of the first rain of the spring, the smell of fresh cut grass, Bright sunny days Who feels joy when playing sports, scared the first day of school, happy when school is out Who needs sports to live, weekends off, and variety in my life Who gives help when asked, loving when needed, encouragement when someone is down Who fears spiders, needles and snakes Who would like to see peace in the world, less gangs in the world and less war Who lives in a 4 complex on froom crescent with my mom and brother
It has been 9 years today since my best friend Greg was murdered.  He was my best friend, my dogshow trainer and more of a brrother to me than my own brother.  Greg was a great person,showed love to everyone especially his dogs. This wonderful man gave me ny first pekingese dog to train for showing .  He took me under his wing and taught me all he knew.Since he has been gone i no longer show dogs.  This man cheered me on when noone else would told what i did wrong if i had a bad day showing . Not only did I lose a wonderful friend but the dog world lost a great man too.  I know is up there showing dogs just as he did here. Yes i miss himmore than people know. Love you Greg still to this day I miss you so much.  Just knowing this man was so wonderful. love you and miss you. 
What A Bastard
Dude, obama is such a bastard. Why are you going to give the Prime Minister of England, the Mother Country, a bunch of useless DVD's? And then why would you give the Queen an iPod with your speeches on it? Who the hell does he think he is? He says he's all about diplomacy, but someone who gives a completely useless and worthless gift to the prime minister, and then has the audacity to give him back a bust of churchill is not a diplomat he's an idiot. Diplomacy means to improve relations with other countries, not spit in their faces.    Obama is a jerk. he needs to focus more on the domestic problems. you can't just pass something that might bankrupt the country and then ignore it to fuck up relations with our strongest ally. he needs to get his act in gear.  yeah people probably hate me for my scary, paranoid libertarian political views, but i'm not afraid of the critizism, and if some friends don't like me for my opinion then oh well. I'll still respect your political views even i
True Friend
When you ask God for a gift, Be thankful if he sends, Not diamonds, pearls, or riches, but the love of real true friends.
I Got Flowers Today
I Got Flowers Today I got flowers today. It wasn't my birthday or any other special day.We had our first argument last night, And he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me. I know he is sorry and didn't mean the things he said. Because he sent me flowers today.   I got flowers today. It wasn't our anniversary any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me.It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry. Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today, and it wasn't Mother's Day or any other special day. Last night, he beat me up again. And it was much worse than all the other times. If I leave him, what will I do? How will I take care of my kids? What about money? I'm afraid of him and scared to leave. But I know he must be sorry.Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. Today was a very special day. It was the day of my funeral. L
I Am In A Auction
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Fell For Fate, Loving Late
Beat out brain losing likely battle happen, hate it soon fuck fretting furrow brow beaTing, belching lying lately, fucking fell for fate loving late 
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Why Is It...
So why is it that everytime I'm finally getting over something stupid something else happens?! So my little brother Levi called social services on my parents because when they grounded him they took his dvd player and some of his other things. Most of the time he would bitch and bitch but this time he calls it in and say that they abuse him!!!!???? He said they they dont feed him and that my step dad physically abuses him?!? im sitting here thinkg what the hell is wrong with this kid. Our parents have been nothing but kind to the kid and he does this!! AND THIS IS THE FITH TIME!!! every other time they found out he as just crying wolf and looking for attention.... but they got a new social worker. I'M PISSED!!! I was walking to work the other day and one of my neighbors told me she hoped that my parents went to prison and thatwe need to go to hell!!!??? WHAT THE FUCK!!! now there are cops watching me and my parents and my house has been raided.... twice... this is gay. I'm about to blo
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Obama Back In Washington After Overseas Trip
By JENNIFER LOVEN, AP White House Correspondent Jennifer Loven, Ap White House Correspondent – 33 mins ago WASHINGTON – "There is still a lot of work to do here," President Barack Obama declared in Baghdad. He could have been talking about every stop of his jam-packed, eight-day, six-country overseas trip. In London, Obama joined other world leaders in trying to tackle the spiraling global economic crisis. In France, he sought help from NATO allies in dealing with the deteriorating war in Afghanistan. In the Czech Republic, Obama pledged to end the threat of nuclear weapons. In Turkey, he sought to start repairing America's dismal standing in the Muslim world. And in Iraq, he pushed for Iraqis to "take responsibility for their own country." The pile of problems on Obama's desk was high before he left, and remains so now that he is back. The president returned to Washington in the early hours of Wednesday morning, bringing his lengthy debut on the world
I can't sleep. I'm terrified that I'm out of ideas, out of stories to tell, or worse yet that I never had any. No one reads my work, I won't let them even when they ask, and what's worse is when they do- they really don't get it what place is there for a storyteller no one identifies with? What place is there for storytellers? When they innevitabley find me, crushed under the weight of my own expectations, of this world, and of myself, and how I failed to uphold them, they'll ask why the note will say why not?
Twitter click the link and join me
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Lamb Of God And Devildriver
May 3rd... Murat Egyptian Room... Indianapolis.   Let me give you a run-down on why this is a big deal.   First off... Lamb Of God;   Grammy nominated... six studio albums... and they're fucking BRUTAL live.   Listening to some of their songs... makes you wanna kill shit.   Now... put all that... in a 1,950 capacity room.   Yeh.   I literally get scared just to imagine it.     And... May 8th... the Emerson Theater... Indianapolis...   DevilDriver.     Just picture the biggest circle pit you've ever seen... but in a venue with a capacity of 400.   Yes... 400.   I am so... fucking... there.  
Put Her In Her Place~ Part1
She'd been a domineering sort for most of her life. She considered herself a true feminist and would never take a backseat to any man. Not that she didn't like men. Oh, she liked them all right, and there was no shortage of suitors until they got too close. She made sure that no one could ever accuse her of letting a man control her. She made so sure of it, that she ended up scaring off any likely prospect she encountered. She'd been a cop for over 20 years. The prettiest cop anyone in her town had ever seen when she began her career. She was still a knockout. She had long, straight black hair. There were a few marks on her face from some scrapes she'd gotten into when she was a young officer. Nothing that put anyone off. It added character to her face. Her body was the main attraction. She was tall, with wide shoulders and a figure that made men stop and take a second look wherever she went. Her skin was light and she liked to wear revealing silk tops with loose, full skirts. They wer
Put Her In Her Place~ Part2
The next morning she woke up first. He was asleep in her bed and she smiled as she watched him sleep. Delicious thoughts, of him fucking her mouth in her office the evening before, wafted through her mind. The deep sense of humiliation and loss of control returned. She hadn't imagined the total feeling of liberation she had after giving control to him. His strength made her feel safe and secure, even as he used her as a receptacle for his seed. My God, what had she become? How will I ever be able to face him at work again? she wondered. I'll have to find a way to deal with it. We'll see each other on the job frequently even when he transfers to a different assignment. I'd never be able to control myself with him in my office all the time. Not after having been so easily dominated already. I was like putty in his hands. God, how I loved it. How I needed it. I'm scared. Can I still be what I need to be to do my job? I have to find a way to reconcile these two sides of myself. Rolling ove
ABOUT PISCEANSPisces is hot. A strange thing to say about a water sign...or is it? Like Scorpio, Pisces is very much focused on sex. These two signs have quite a bit in common sexually. They are both mysterious, albeit in different ways. Scorpio fairly oozes unfathomable mystery--dark, decadent, and delightful. Pisces mystery is more subtle, more spiritual, more changing. Pisces is mutable water, after all. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is at home in the 12th house of the zodiac. The touch of the Pisces alternates between hard and soft, but it is always memorable. Their eyes will melt into your soul. They know how to make any moment magical; they can turn even the worst situation or tortuous sexual position into a fantasy come true.What sets Pisces apart from all the other signs sexually is their willingness to try anything. Scorpio will indulge all sexuality too, but a Scorpio wants it to be their own idea. Pisces doesn't mind if you are the instigator, in fact, he or she enjoys your sugge
Put Her In Her Place~ Part3
They finished breakfast and June got ready for work. Dan wasn't in any hurry since he was off the next week. He had a lot of vacation time built up and had to "use it or lose it." He had planned to spend the week at a lodge in the mountains where he could fish and, generally, just be alone. He'd had the reservation for a month now. While June was showering, he considered canceling the reservation, certain he'd rather spend that vacation time here with her.Hey, I know, he thought. She can take the week off and go with me. If she doesn't like to fish, I'll bet I can think of some other things to do. That's what I'll do. I'll ask her to come along, if she can get the time off. June came back from the bathroom wrapped in a towel that hung from her breasts to just below the junction of her lovely legs. It covered only the essentials. She had her hair all fixed and her make-up on. All that was left was to find the ideal outfit to wear. She let the towel drop to the floor on her way to the cl
Put Her In Her Place~ Part4
Rubbing her mound had progressed to two fingers inside her sweet little hole. Now she was protesting to her new owner that she shouldn't be a slave. She was of noble birth and he should release her to take her rightful place in the monarchy of her home country. He laughed at her and told her to accept her fate and her life would be better. She screamed at him to let her go. Taking her by the arm, he pulled her across his lap, pinned her there with one arm while raising her skimpy loincloth with the other He slapped her exposed bottom hard and asked if she wanted to cease her protestations. She refused. He slapped her again and again. Always on her bottom. He never strayed to other areas. He was punishing her for misbehavior and to let her know where she stood. She was his to do with as he pleased and she had better believe it. The more he spanked her, the more she squirmed. June's fingers were now moving in and out of her pussy rapidly. The speed increased as the fantasy continued.Her
Thought For Today
    I'm probably going to offend you.  Yea, you, but I'm writing this blog anyway.      I like to watch Fox and Friends, well, Fox News Channel in general.  Lately I'm getting a little upset with the anchors though.  As you probably know, if you've taken the time to get to know me, I'm a wierd republican.  I agree with many of the values and ideas of the republican party, however, I am Wiccan, not Christian, and I believe  people in general need to do thier own thinking.  Democrats and republicans alike.  Maybe that really makes me independant, I don't know, I still like to call myself republican.      Anyway, I'm writing this blog today because I'm tired of the Fox news crew poking fun at people who are not Christian, who care about the world we live in, or defend thier views if they are different than what the news casters believe in.       They are pushing Christianity to the point that it sounds like if you are not Christian, you should just shut up or die.  Yet, they don't min
real men can wear pink & still look manly! its rare but here's your opposite end of the spectrum examples...   Chuck Norris - Do I really need to say more there?? Don Cherry - Ok this ones more a hockey fan moment but if you know who he is you know exactly what I'm sayin lol
A Wise Man
 "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind, and won't change the subject"
Being Bored
well sittin here at the computer bored as hell. this day is going so slow. wish something exciting would happen.
What is it about honesty that makes it so hard to to give?  I'm not talking just about Fubar, because lets face it, honesty is hard to find on the internet.  But even in real life, we are too often too quick to tell lies to cover our asses, with little regard to the price we may pay down the road.  And one lie is seldom enough, as we cover up lie after lie with more lies to keep the story going. I look at my own relationships and how they ended. In most cases, there were lies.  The one that lied about her age (twice). Of course it didn't end there - there was also the other boyfriend, and lies about her divorce.  Her theory as well was  that secrets are good in a relationship.  I really do find good ones!  Of course someone also had the nerve to try the witness protection thing.. just a temporary thing... since she was still married and not divorced.  And the list goes on. But the lie that hurts the most is when it is about how you feel.  When the feelings are gone, or fading, or jus
Just A Reminder
  Folks, I've spent almost 20 years of my life looking for your houses.  I delivered pizza's for 8 years, and I've been locating utilities fr over 10 years, so I know a thing or two about finding people's houses.  So I just want to remind you of a few things the next time you call in for something to be delivered to your house, whether it be in 30 minutes or 72 hours. 1)  When you order a pizza, time lies when you are having sex, and we'll get to your house before you finish.  So keep that in mind and order after you finish. 2)  Don't play your music or TV so loud you can't hear us knocking.  Alot of food delivery places pay by delivery, so I'f I'm waiting for a Pink Floyd song cranked to 11 to finish, thats 15 minutes of my life that I'm not getting paid for. 3)  Don't get so drunk that you pass out waiting for your food.  There is nothing worse that showing up and see your drunk ass on the couch, oblivious to me pounding on your door.  If you're gonna pass out, leave the money tap
Controversial Thoughts...
Questions of life and death inevitably bring up the issue of abortion. For some women, a commitment to serve the life-force might make an abortion impossible. For others, an abortion might be the highly ethical choice not to bring forth a child that cannot, for whatever reason, be wholeheartedly loved and cared for. For a child is given life not just by its physical birth, but through relationships with lovings, caring human beings. If those relationships cannot be assured, then the newborn is given only half a life, a precarious, starved existence.But abortion is not truly an issue of right-to-life versus right-to-choice.  To maintain the right of every egg and sperm to reproduce blindly is like maintaining the right of every cockroach and flea to populate the world endlessly. The question at stake is actually the right-to-coerce.  Only our assumption that some people have the right to exercise power-over others allows us even to consider taking the choice away from the woman whose se
Leaving Fu
Well, the time has come for me to say good bye to Fubar. I am never on any moe it seams and when i am i do nothing. I will miss You all and still want to hear from You. You can reach me on my YIM at jewel_of_morning. my Yahoo mail is the same. Love and will miss You all. Take care.   Yours in spirit, Darkness
Do It Anyway!!
Do It Anyway!People are illogical, and unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway. If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives Do good anyway. If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway. The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds. Think big anyway. People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs. Fight for a few underdogs anyway. What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight Build anyway. People really need help but may attack you if you do help them. Help people anyway. Give the world your best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway.Annette
And You Wonder Why??!!!
The last few days have been a total nightmare. I hear time and time again from people why they cannot believe that I am single and they wonder why I am the way that I am when it comes to FUBAR relationships and so forth. I have met several people offline over the years and have interacted with thousands via social sites, yahoo and even telephone. For the most part it has been a good ride and I have forged some friendships that will undoubtedly span a life time. There is a flipside to all of this.. I have said it time and again that I am disappointed in the quality of people that populate the Earth these days. I find continually that people are just not what they used to be and they expect so much more from others. I wanted to share with you what I have endured over the last couple of days.... I hired a new promoter for my lounge here on fubar - I had worked at other places where he was a promoter and tho having little interaction with him I asked him to join staff. Less than a day
Daddys Car In The Woods
Little Johnny watched his daddy's car pass by the school playground and go into the woods. Curious, he followed the car and saw Daddy and Aunt Jane in a passionate embrace.Little Johnny found this so exciting that he could hardly contain himself as he ran home and started to tell his mother.'Mummy, I was at the playground and I saw Daddy's car go into the woods with Aunt Jane.I went back to look and he was giving Aunt Jane a big kiss, and then he helped her take off her shirt.Then Aunt Jane helped Daddy take his pants off, then Aunt Jane...'At this point Mummy cut him off and said, 'Johnny, this is such an interesting story, lets save the rest of it for supper time.I want to see the look on Daddy's face when you tell it tonight.'At the dinner table that evening, Mummy asked little Johnny to tell his story Johnny started his story, 'I was at the playground and I saw Daddy's car go into the woods with Aunt Jane.I went back to look and he was giving Aunt Jane a big kiss, then he helped he
Top 10 Reasons To Get Drunk Taken From Http://
  Top Ten Reasons to Get Drunk  by crunkishDrunkDone with TequilaWhy Do People Get Drunk?Much has been written about how people should avoid consuming copious amounts of alcohol and the repercussions of heightened inebriation. Many people have had bad experiences because they drank too many bottles of beer, or downed myriads of shots.Why, then, do people still get pissed drunk and pass out on their couches or on their neighborhood’s sidewalks?10. Alcohol Taste Good!My beerI Love this BeerUsually, people grimace at their first taste of an alcoholic drink. Indeed, drinking these buggers takes some time to get used to. Yet, once you get the hang of taking a swig or a shot, these drinks can be instrumental to a very pleasant experience.Alcoholic drinks can really taste good; some, like wine and champagne, are even included in gourmet menus. Getting drunk on these tasty drinks is like feeling full and satisfied after a particularly delicious meal.9. The Weekend Has Finally ComeToastE
Fuck It
An 69-year-old man goes for a physical.  All his tests come back with normal results.The doctor says, 'Will', everything looks great.  How are you doing mentally and emotionally?  Are you at peace with God?' Will replies, 'God and I are tight.  He knows I have poor eyesight, so he's fixed it so when I get up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom, poof!  The light goes on.  When I'm done, poof!  The light goes off' 'Wow, that's wonderful,' the doctor says A  little later in the day, the doctor calls Will's wife, Sue, and says, 'Will 'is doing fine, but I had to call you because I'm in awe of his relationship with God.  Is it true that he gets up during the night and poof, the light goes on in the bathroom, and when he's done, poof, the light goes off? 'Oh, my God!' Sue exclaims.   He's peeing in the refrigerator again.
What are the hindrances What are the hinderances that rise from below or fall from above..standing in our way and keep us from the joys of love..the angels come with swords and the truth shall cut away..the chains that hold us in the night and keep us from the light of day.
Can U Feel The Intensity?
Libra  -  April 2009What a month for you romantic Libras, especially the unattached. This month, with the Full Moon on April 9 in your own sign, you aren't just looking for an ordinary person. What you're looking for borders on the divine. An attached Libra will be looking at his or her partner with more demanding eyes. With all this intensity, you're compelled to see that your romantic expectations are met, and they will be, you'll see to that. On April 17 Venus, the planet of love, moves into direct motion in the sentimental and romantic Pisces. Four days later, on April 25, love planet Venus meets up with planet of passion Mars and starts a cycle of wild romantic adventure. As if you aren't romantically impulsive enough, you have the red-hot planet egging you on to jump without thinking into a new situation. The month ends with the New Moon in sexy Taurus in the house of intimacy and closed doors, where you continue to see that your expectations are met.
Levelling My Way
No One Needs to Waste Away in the Land of Silence. I can hear you. Give me time to find you. If you read these words you will receive love and light today. It is  because I weave these into each word with a copper cord. Copper is the metal of love, not gold or silver... I make jewelry with a copper cord to remind me that no necklace is ever broken. Even when a string of beads and crystals breaks, scattering upon the floor it has not broken. I will take something stronger and put the pieces back together. And I have made something more beautiful and stronger than what I once wore. This is who I am and so are you. Friends I learned something today. I know and understand the quote that says "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and when you forget that song they sing it back to you so you will remember".   you remember the song in my heart the vibration that makes me not just live but thrive in sunshine thank you for singing it back to me Thank you for bringing 
What Made Me Laugh Today
When girls don't put out!! This was written by a's pretty smart. Girls -- Please have a sense of humor! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed.. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, 'I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me.' I said, 'WHAT??!! What was that?!' So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... 'You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man.' She responded to my puzzled look by saying, 'Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?' Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take
Hope This Touches U Like It Did Me
The Sack Lunches  I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned  seat. It was going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to  read. Perhaps I will get a short nap,' I thought.  Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all  the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a  conversation. 'Where are you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to  me.   'Petawawa. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're  being deployed to Afghanistan.'   After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hours before we  reached the east, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time. As I reached for my wallet, I overheard soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. 'No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch.  Probably wouldn't be worth five bucks. I'll wait till we get to base.' His 
thats fucking gratitude for ya. making pics for folks is fucking done. sorry.
Sports Car For Grannys Car
Many many years ago...on a pretty sunny day, I had bought a sports car. It was a 1987 Nissan 300 ZX. I had traded my Ford Escort for it. I had named the car, Grim Reaper.....Reaper for short. I have regreted getting him though.... The reason why I had gotten that car was Rich thought it was such a cooooool car, him and his buddy thought it would be awesome to get. I had though...well maybe if I get this sports car, I'd be like..coool...and our relationship would be better in some way.... Yeah Yeah...stupid I know... but that's what I had thought... After I had got Reaper, the guys drooled all over it, pimped it up some more and blah blah blah. For the longest time I couldn't get a simple conversation from Rich without it having to do with the car. Then all of a sudden, the guys put some money together and soup up Rich's car. They lowered it and put a bunch of shit on car hadn't been touched. I told them, "Uh, you guys aren't done with my car but yet, you're fixing his car?
Staind - All I Want
What I leave, When you go, What I see, And what you show, And what I guess, And when I don't, Is something you already, already know, [Chorus:] I can't live without, All I think about, All I want is you, You're all I dream about, I can't live without, All I want is you, The things I do, I go through, And all I see, When Im awake, And what I make, The shit I take, Is something you already, already know [Chorus:] I can't live without, All I think about, All I want is you, You're all I dream about, I can't live without, All I want is you, Ohhh,... Is you, Is you, Is you, Is you, You're all I dream about, I can't live without, All I want is you [Chorus:] I can't live without, All I think about, All I want is you, You're all I dream about, I can't live without, All I want is you, And all I dream about, I just can't live without, And all I think about is you, And all I want is you
End Of Week 3
end of week 3... 17 to goHad two code Alphas in one day this week (medical emergency). one was an old guy that had a heartattack while standing in line at the buffet. then they had to have drills on all of the other emergencies, papa (pollution... we cant have anything go over the side), oscar (man overboard) and delta (damage to the ships hull). Plus the weekly fire drill. got out to walmart in hilo. forgot what i want to pick up and bought junk instead. got a huge bag of dried squid to chew on. first time i have seen the packaging in english. lolnot much else to report
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
how can you see into my eyes like open doors leading you down into my core where I’ve become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold until you find it there and lead it back home (Wake me up) Wake me up inside (I can’t wake up) Wake me up inside (Save me) call my name and save me from the dark (Wake me up) bid my blood to run (I can’t wake up) before I come undone (Save me) save me from the nothing I’ve become now that I know what I’m without you can't just leave me breathe into me and make me real bring me to life (Wake me up) Wake me up inside (I can’t wake up) Wake me up inside (Save me) call my name and save me from the dark (Wake me up) bid my blood to run (I can’t wake up) before I come undone (Save me) save me from the nothing I’ve become Bring me to life (I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside) Bring me to life frozen inside without your touch without your love darling only you are the life among the
Im A Big Dummy
Well I Never!!!!!
5 random things "I have never........"   Traveled anywhere I would need a passport.Swam with dolphins.Been fully understood.Wanted to meet my birth mother.Cheated on anyone   play if ya want
Nate's Wrestling Tournament.
I am so very proud of my son Nathan.  He is in the 6th grade.  And he is a maverick.  He won 1st place in his wrestling tournament.  Tell me that don't make a mother proud.
Mod Calendar Girl Contest
By Air Fire Water And The Earth
By the air that breezes and gails from the east upon your mind it tears and scatters as it unleashes the beast by the fire blazing enormously in the oouth to torment your flesh to tear it from the bone as the curse leaves my mouth by the water the raging sea and the oceans deep May Leviathan wrap around your soul and crush you to the endless sleep in the north comes the earth May you get swallowed by your mother you whore from the hate that i have given birth
Robert Frost Poems
  A Cliff Dwelling      There sandy seems the golden skyAnd golden seems the sandy plain.No habitation meets the eyeUnless in the horizon rim,Some halfway up the limestone wall,That spot of black is not a stainOr shadow, but a cavern hole,Where someone used to climb and crawlTo rest from his besetting fears.I see the callus on his soulThe disappearing last of himAnd of his race starvation slim,Oh years ago - ten thousand years   ACQUAINTED WITH THE NIGHTI have been one acquainted with the night.I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain.I have outwalked the furthest city light.I have looked down the saddest city lane.I have passed by the watchman on his beatAnd dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.I have stood still and stopped the sound of feetWhen far away an interrupted cryCame over houses from another street,But not to call me back or say good-bye;And further still at an unearthly height,O luminary clock against the skyProclaimed the time was n
French Taunting X2-monty Python
Ok, Fyi
HI PEOPLES! sorry i've been MIA been working on this damned house and that was a bitch, didnt have the net there for a while, was sick and yesterday i was partying it up since it was my bday. SO, there, i know its lazy but now you know.  
come and get you some
It's Another Auction
Yes I'm up for auction, you can have me in your Easter Basket. Please come rate, comment and bid. Auction ends Easter Sunday so please come show some love. The cash bids get more and the higher the cash more will be added so come out and bid. Here is the link: Come be my new owner, Happy Easter!
A million souls have vanished before I met you. Time was irrelevant and pain full when my eyes were open. I never understood what it meant to go forth when the sun rose. Then one day my life changed in an instant. Whirling and turning, I found one thing to grab and hold on to. I could not stop the change nor did I want to. Life and time seemed to reach deep into my heart and show me that everything wasn’t so bad. When my life ends I can say that I have something that not everyone has. Most of what I feel and think of is what you have done to me and that…. is love. Sunrise and sunset, I can only portray what tomorrow holds and hoping and praying that it is you. You are the symbol of why everyone wants to live. No matter the undeterminable odds I will fight to be with you.
Missing My Baby
everyday i think of you what you would be like today how handsome you would be i think of your wonderful smile i think of your beautiful laugh and now i want to say to you i miss you my child
The Journey
There are times in our lives that make us enter the realm of the unknown. We begin to see the other side of ourselves at this point. There is no turning back at this point, no u-turn. The path is set before us is hard and extravagantly rocky with all the pressures of outside influences. Some make it to the end, others do not. How we navigate and learn in this unknown abyss makes us more aware of the opposite side of life. We rarely see any influence that shows us a good way to crawl through this, but they are out there. There are songs, people, movies, and books that make the journey less desperate than it is. Focusing and surrounding yourself with these make all the jolts of pain and the face plants less than what they would be without them. The trek is something to be aware of, and if, only if, you make it out, are you wise enough to say you have lived.
Puscifer Show 4/5/09 @ Club Nokia
I went to the second show (Sunday, April 5th, 2009) at Club Nokia in LA, directly across the street from the Staples Center.  There were 5 of us: me, Jesse, Dana, Erin, and Anthony.  We got there early and had a beer at the bar downstairs then went in.  I totally forgot I had my knife on me and had to ditch it (like a dumbass).  We hung out for an hour til the show started, opening with Troy Van Leeuwan's new project, Sweethead, with him on guitar of course, and a hot blonde singing.  When Puscifer started, it was preceded with a funny video of Major Douche (Maynard in a military outfit) saying how much he doesn't want flash photography so many words (there were other funny videos with comedians throughout the show, "What is a Puscifer?" haha).  Then Maynard was in a tent, wearing a suit, on his laptop (fuckin' Macbook), talking on his cell phone (the show had a camp out theme).  There was plenty of oddball humor during the show (cross-dressing Hitler in a tutu).  The first
Some People...
Some people are just so ridiculous.  Here's a funny little anecdote for you: I was talking to this guy....seemed like a great guy.  Didn't talk to me about sex the first time we spoke, was respectful , seemed decent.  Had a job and an education so I go into this thinking this is an intelligent man.  We talk about meeting in person.  We discuss what we will do on our "date."  His idea is that I go to his house, he will cook dinner and then give me a massage.   I say I'm not comfortable with this, let's meet in public.  He says he has it all planned out and doesn't want to change his plans.  I consider it......until he asks me if I am on birth control.  Obviously this person has expectations for sex on the very first night we meet.  Hoping to get some is ok, even normal, but I don't like feeling as though I'm expected to do that.  I don't want to have sex the very first time I meet someone anyway.  I tell him that and he says "I don't want a woman that is inhibited."  My response is that
Last Words
 Last WordsWe could sail away through this desert,just grab my handand close your eyes.Maybe, if we believed-(No, it's too hard,magic ain't real)-and held on a little tighter,I could fall into your lyricsand we could wrap you in my verse.I'm gettin' a little tiredfrom standing wearyalldaylong.I hold my guardand my tonguejust so that I may be smacked downin a defiant act.This is me surviving.This is you running scared.Here's to youwith your dancing memories..I gasp down the poisonand you soothe the fire with yourwords.The hour glass keeps swallowing me;it devours my dreams and hopes.You always said that we couldfly away.Where are your angel wings now?
Getting Into My Nsfw Using Fubucks! :::closed:::
If you pay me: 10K fubucks you will get in for 1 wk. 20K fubucks you will get in for 2 wks. 30k fubucks you will get in for 3 wks. 40k fubucks you will get in for 4 wks/1 month. 100k fubucks you will get in for 2 months. 250k fubucks you will get in for 4 months. 500k fubucks you will get in for 6 months. 1 mil fubucks & you will get in for as long as i have an NSFW folder! So before you send them be sure to Shout box me or PM me and let me know you would like to. I'll get back to you asap!   This is an oportunity that will only happen every once in a while. This time This method will only be open until 8pm EST Friday April 10th. So if you wanna get in Send me the fubucks!!!!   CLOSED FOR NOW UNTIL I DECIDE TO OPEN IT AGAIN!
Shmexiii Salutes
I'm whoring myself out again... Shmexiii Salute Time for all my favorite FuFriends! Make me one... And I'll make you one... Deal? :) If you have a special request, PM me with it, AFTER you've made mine... ;) Let's see what ya got... And if you wanna see a couple I've already done, just have a look in my Salutes folder... :)
One Smart Biker
A crusty old biker out on a long summer ride in the country pulls up to a tavern in the middle of no where, parks his bike and walks inside.As he passes through the swinging doors, he sees a sign hanging over the bar:COLD BEER: $2.00HAMBURGER: $2.25CHEESEBURGER: $2.50CHICKEN SANDWICH: $3.50HAND JOB: $50.00Checking his wallet to be sure he has the necessary payment, the ole' biker  walks up to the bar and beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender who is serving drinks to a couple of sun-wrinkled farmers.She glides down behind the bar to the ole biker."Yes?" she inquires with a wide, knowing smile, "may I help you?"The ole biker leans over the bar, "I was wondering young lady," he whispers, "are you the one who gives the hand-jobs?"She looks into his eyes with that wide smile and purrs "Why yes, yes, I sure am".The ole' biker leans closer and into her left ear whispers softly, "Well, wash your hands real good, cause I want a cheeseburger".
Easter Rate-a-thon!! Look Inside!
True Love
        True love never leaves the heart, so if you dont love me now, you didnt love me then. It is impossible to fall out of love, love is such a powerful emotion,That once it envelops you, it does not depart.True love is eternal.If you think you were once in love but fell out of it, than it wasent love you were in   Devlinn    
Theory Of A Deadman - Hate My Life
So sick of the hobos always begging for change I don't like how I gotta work and And they just sit around and get paid I hate all of the people who can't drive their cars. Bitch you better get outta the way Before I start falling apart I hate how my wife is always up my ass She always wants to buy brand new things But I don't have the cash. I hate my job, all of my rich friends I hate everyone to the bitter end. Nothing turns out right, there's no end in sight I hate my life! How come I never get laid, nice guys always lose. How could she have another headache There's always some kind of excuse I still hate my job, my boss is a dick "I don't get paid nearly enough To put up with all of his shit" I hate my job, all of my rich friends I hate everyone to the bitter end. Nothing turns out right, there's no end in sight I hate my life! Yeah! I hate that I can't tell when a girl's underage, You know, I tell her she's a nice piece of ass, Then her daddy punches me in the face So if you'r
I Love The Smell Of Nitrometane & Burning Rubber!
Some Drag Racing facts: Did you know ? ? that an NHRA Top Fuel dragster accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in less than .8-second, almost 11 seconds quicker than it takes a production Porsche 911 Turbo to reach the same speed? ? that an NHRA Top Fuel dragster leaves the starting line with a force nearly five times that of gravity, the same force of the space shuttle when it leaves the launching pad at Cape Canaveral? ? that an NHRA Funny Car is slowed by a reverse force more than seven times that of gravity when both parachutes deploy simultaneously? ? that NHRA Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars consume between four and five gallons of fuel during a quarter-mile run, which is equivalent to between 16 and 20 gallons per mile? ? that NHRA Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars use between 10 and 12 gallons of fuel for a complete pass, including the burnout, backup to the starting line, and quarter-mile run? ? that NHRA Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars travel the length of more than four
Upcoming Weigh In
My next weigh in and measurement is on the 17th. At my last monthly weigh in, I wasn't too happy with the results cause I only lost two pounds and maybe a couple inches, if they measered my correctly. I just know that I probably have not lost anything this month. I was over at Em and Fesha's house earlier to pick up my computer and plus to pick up the nerds from nerd night and Fesha swwears that I lost some weight. She said she could tell in my arms. I still feel the same.... It's taking soooo frustrates me....
Dj's Wanted In $$the Dogghouse$$
   $$THE DOGG HOUSE$$ is CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR DEPENDABLE DJ's! Wanna DJ in a lounge with rockin' music, great people to talk with, and where no drama is tolerated? If you are interested, please see one of the following ... ~Oscar~ DJ Manager @ $$The Dogg House$$ ORbbw_kÅT-mÅnÅgër@$$ Thë ÐØgg hØü§ë$$OR*Brat* Assistant Manager @ $$The Dogg House$$ORÐJ$$lückŸÐØgg$$ Øwnër ؃ $$Thë ÐØgg hØü§ë$$ƒü mÅrrïëÐ TØ (crÅzŸ bïTch)
I Like It Like It
Lacuna Coil - I like itEverything is different todayI like it like itI feel very different todayI like it like itI'm not gonna to be in your paradecause I don't like itYou think I'm a dirty little gameYou think I like itYou made up this fantasy with meBut I don't like itI want you to get away from meThats how I like itHow do you like itToday I'm gonna flyThere's nothing that can keep me on the groundTouch the skyI'm free insideYou think your the master I'm the slaveYou think I like itYou don't even know me anywayThats how I like itI am getting ready to move on But you don't like itYou can kiss your fairytale awayI like it like itHow do you like itToday I'm gonna flyThere's nothing that can keep me on the groundTouch the skyI'm free insideToday I'm gonna flyThere's nothing that can keep me on the groundTouch the skyI'm free insideI'm free to do what I likeI'm celebrating my lifeI'm free to be what I likeI'm celebrating my lifeI'm gonna get what I likeGonna celebrate till I dieI'm celebr
An Amazing Woman:)
I am writing this to anyone that reads this,tifanie my wife is an amazing woman she is not only beautiful but if ya take the time to get to know her you will notice that shes a funny,outgoing and a sweetheart.she has a great sense of humor a woman who is just a down to earth  and is an amazing wife that through all our hard times has stayed by my side she truly is the breath i take and the beat that keeps my heart going,she has shown true love that if you can have that in ur life hold on to it dont let it go cause these days its rare and tifanie has given me that and much more, so this is just a lil somthing to tell just a tiny part of an extrardinary woman and wife  i love you tif and all i want for you is good things and i hope you know just how much i love you sweetheart like i always have said you are my 365days of beautiful we have a love that you see or read about but this is tifanie everyone a real person  so go say hi see what shes about she is my #1 on my friends:)            
Social Tarnish
Sometimes, it's difficult being the "older student" at my University.  I look at my classmates who are ten or so years younger than me and I can't help but wonder how long it will be until their convictions about the world as they know it are shattered.  How long will it take for life to force them to reinvent their social ideals and concepts?  When will that "everything is new and shiny" brightness to their persona tarnish?   I've spent the last few months asking myself which social convictions are my own and which ones were drilled into my head by others.  One would think this wouldn't be such a difficult thing to process, but if you peel back more than just the superficial layers of your personality, you have to wonder how you came to be who you are.  What shaped you?  What molded you?  What changed you?    It's been said that no true original thought can exist within the human mind.  At some point, the idea has been pondered by another.  The thought has been formed in some othe
Ghetto Wedding
The following are true events as happened to my mom's co-worker. This past weekend, her co-worker and wife went to a wedding that was TRULY ghetto. Most weddings assign guest to certain table. There was no assignment here, so they sat where there was space. Someone from the wedding party came up to them stating they couldn't sit there, they had to sit in their assigned seats. He informed them there was no seat assignment, so they sat down where there was room. Again, they were told they had to move because they weren't in their properly assigned seat. He got so annoyed, he told the person he was told to sit there and they finally went away. Next, most weddings have at least a pitcher of water on the table. Nope. Nothing. Not even glasses! Seriously! There were no glasses on any of the tables. Time for the toast. Ah. The best man stands up and asks for everyone to raise their glasses in a toast. People started yelling out, "What glasses?" To which the best man responded, "Just hold
Brother & Sisters Of The Earth
As the sun rises over our heads into the blue skys,We sit upon that mountain of golden sands eyes looking up,Watching upon the mystery that is nature & life whisking bye,Paws shall climb & grasp at everything avaiable to keep whatevers there.From the highest peaks to the depths off the ocean,The wind wisps slowly bye in pales shades as ripples develop,Watching reflections form off love & hate develop around the head,The leaves grow & drop as nature so intended, the circle of life.The moss grows over solid rocks consuming the dew off the morning,Sitting under gushing fountains passing warmth unto all underneath,The foialage grows true & green creating a vast jungle of green,Those who tread through these paths & seasons know they have lived.Whatever weather falls from up above we'll keep growing,Strong & Proud at all we have achieved in life & Love,Gently blowing in the cool warm breeze we spread our seed's,To be reborn somewhere new & continue our growth somewhere new.Wipe away those te
Why Secret?
step forward secret admirer!
Dj Shadowlord
The Notorious B.i.g.-juicy
This song inspires me to do better.  And this song is Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G.  It lets you know that no matter how bad your situation is, or no matter how people put you down or people will say that you can't do it, remember, DON'T EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS AND DECLARE THAT DREAM LIKE IT'S YOURS, AND YOU CAN TURN THE NEGATIVES IN YOUR LIFE INTO A POSITIVE. (Fuck all you hoes) Get a grip motherfucker.Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothin', to all the people that lived above the buildings that I was hustlin' in front of that called the police on me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughters, and all the niggaz in the struggle, you know what I'm sayin'?Uh-ha, it's all good baby bay-bee, uhVerse One: It was all a dream I used to read Word Up magazine Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine Hangin' pictures on my wall Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl I let my tape rock 'til my tape poppedSm
She is the only person in this world that i have every felt i had to be with to be happy.I love her voice,her attitude and that she is responsible.She is my world.I think about her constantly.I dont know what i will do if I cannot be with her again soon.My life just isent the same without her. She can make me laugh and smile just thinking about her.I love her son like he was my own and thats so heartwarming to me.....I love you baby and i want to be with you>Please forgive me my love i miss you bunches...XOXOXOXOXOXO
I Fear 16 Out Of 73, Guess Thats Normal (whatever That Is)
If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling. If you get more than 20, you’re paranoid.   If you get 10-20, you are normal.   If you get 10 or less, you’re fearless.   People who don’t have any are full of feces.   I Fear… [] black people[] alone in the house[] staying single forever[] being a parent[] giving birth[] being myself in front of others[] open spaces[x] closed spaces[x} heights[] dogs[] birds[] swimming with fish[x] spiders[] flowers or other plants Total so far:3 [] being touched[] fire[x] deep water[x] snakes[] silk[] the ocean[x] failure[] success[] thunder/lightning[] frogs/toads[] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad[] my boyfriends/girlfriends mom[] rats[x] jumping from high places[] snow Total so far: 7 [] rain[] wind[] crossing hanging bridges(x] death[] heaven[x] being robbed/mugged[x] falling from high levels[] clowns[] dolls[] large crowds of people[] women[] having great responsibilities[] doctors, including denti
Casual Comments Taken The Wrong Way
I spent last week working at a contaminated site on Robins AFB in central Georgia.  We were sub-contracted to another company who seems to take a special pleasure in making every task just as painful as possible.  This not only makes field work unenjoyable, but it also makes it take much longer than it would otherwise.   I mentioned to one of my co-workers that I would like to go to this other companies headquarters and burn it down (jokingly).  This was overheard by one of this companies employees, who complained, and now I have to go and talk to a psychologist.   DOH!!
Biz Markie-vapors
This song relates a lot to me.   In the past, yeah people rejected me, thought nothing of me, and left me for dead, so what? But just like him, I will get success.  In every trial, you will triumph over the people who rejected you, and now I have a beautiful woman in my life who accepts me for who I am.  I love you Fayth!  Remember, be true to yourself and don't change for anyone.  Be who you are!  Don't worry about what people think of you, shake the haters off!  Can you feel itNothin� can save yaFor this is the seaon of catchin� the vporsAnd since I got time, what I�m gonna doIs tell ya how to spread it throughout my crewWel you all know tj swan who sang on my recordsMade the music, "nobody beats the biz"Well, check itBack in the days before this beganHe usually tried to talk to this girl name franThe type of female with fly gucci wearWith big trunk jewelry and extensions in her hairWhen swan tried to kick it, she always fessedTalkin� about "nigger, pleas
Los Angeles Angels Rookie Pitcher Nick Adenhart
  Los Angeles Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart  
Yep 1 month exactly till graduation. 1 month exactly. scary. I can't wait yet  I want to put it off 2. scary.
Thanks to everyone that helped me make it to Godmother. And to a special thats to His Sweet Obsession for the Auto 11s. I would of never made it.. In my dreams for helping me with pictures.. Lady Bug for making the bullentin to get me where I am now :).. and for the many that bombed me .. thank you all for all of the help :).. Hope i didnt forget anyone if i did thank you very much.. it was one heck on a ride but im there now
She's sitting there, staring out into the space where millions meet. Eyes wandering listlessly over the actions and words of people without faces, sentiments without meaning. Sitting there, quiet and still while her mind races miles ahead. He says Hello. Her mind and heart stop. She raises one shaking finger to her lips as the other hand reaches to tremble above the keys. Uncertainty freezes her eloquence as she glances at the clock and plots her response. Three minutes have gone past. There has been no movement save the worried nibbling on her fingertips as she looks out vacantly and ponders. Nothing should be said, his offhand words left orphans in the white space of the warm screen. No acknowledgement necessary. It comes to nothing, it means nothing and it's going through her mind even as her naieve heart composes phrases in the still air surrounding her. She begins to type. Per tradition, she says nothing that she means, says nothing at all. Mere tokens of hello and banter that
                  Beautiful   Woman are like the apples on trees.The best ones are at the top of the tree.The boys don't want to reach for the good ones,because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead they get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good,but easy.So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them when really they are amazing!  They have to wait for the right guy to come along.The one who is brave enough to climb to the top of the tree!  
Tropical Fish
Its been a while since I posted a blog.  In fact the last post was a few days after my near fatal semi wreck.  These past four months have been horrible.   He lost his job because of the wreck and now cant find work, Im still struggling to remember this wreck so I can move on, and three weeks ago I get into another wreck! This one in my own vehicle.  I totaled it out.  Not my fault and I got reinjured.  If that cant get any worse, he decides that we need to "take a break" from each other.  He just ups and abandons me.  I know it may have been for the best, but now I have no one to lean on to help me through this disaster in my life.  I know, get some big girl panties and move on.  But I just cant simply do that.  I can not move on until I can come to terms with this semi wreck that I can not remember.  The docs say it could be soon, or it could wait as long as me lying on my death bed to come back to me.  Either way, the longer it waits to return the more devastating it will be to me. 
New Game
Ive got a new game on my profile.  Name that tune.  ten people who can tell me the title and artist will get a gift of my choice.    Pm me with your guesses.   Good Luck
Ponca City Birthday Bash
I'm thinking of having a get together on April 17th it's a birthday present to myself. I wanted to meet my friends in the area as I may be moving to KS this summer. I  was thinking a karaoke party at Witchy's Bar. If anyone has any suggestions or is interested in attending please let me know
Awesome Lyrics By Tool
Everyone has had this at one point in their life... amazing when put into words. The pieces never fit back together the way they used to....   I know the pieces fit'Cause I watched them fall awayMildewed and smoulderingFundamental differingPure intention juxtaposedWill set two lovers' souls in motionDisintegrating as it goesTesting our communicationThe light that feuled our fire thenHas a burned a hole between us soWe cannot see to reach an endCrippling our communicationI know the pieces fit'Cause I watched them tumble downNo fault, none to blameIt doesn't mean I don't desire toPoint the finger, blame the otherWatch the temple topple overTo bring the pieces back togetherRediscover communicationThe poetryThat comes from the squaring off betweenAnd the circling is worth itFinding beauty in the dissonanceThere was a time that the pieces fitBut I watched them fall awayMildewed and smoulderingStrangled by our covetingI've done the math enough to knowThe dangers of our second guessingDoome
Kissing Boothe
I have posted a kissing boothe on my page. I would like it if you stop by my page to leave a KISS. This way I can show love back to your page. I thank everyone in advance!!!
A Blog I Wrote On Another Site
Red Hot Playlist By Naughty Luvbug
This Is Your Brain On Heretic.
I'm not a Catholic. On the news this morning, I was informed that the day before Good Friday was celebrated in the Catholic Church as "Holy Thursday". Pope + hat + costume + Popemobile = Batman, i.e.: "Holy Thursday, Batman!" This is your brain on HERETIC. *transmission ends*  
Easter Playmates Auction! Im Up For Auction! Come Check Out This Easter Playmate!!
      It's Easter Time! And everyone needs an Easter Playmate! So come check out this Love Bunny and see what i have to offer!! PIMPOUT BROUGHT TO YOU BY: sO FrESH _[diAMond dAveS gUrL *DiAMondDaVes LUCKYCharm* SHADOW LEVELER@ fubar
Does Anyone Care
does anyone care anymore i mean the fact that people that used to talk never talk anymore and seem to disapear or am i that stupid to even care about my friends. i mean there was people then to talk to and now its like a desert in a drout trying to find someone that even has a heart to care what is the deal
Just Musings In General...
These are nothing more than musings of a crazy old white read and be amused, or drive on though.... Customers are a game killer when you are trying to check out the local scenery at work. Misunderstandings are the beginings of all drama. Money is not the root of all evil, sexual appetites are. Online personas are more addictive than crack and meth. People who drive to close to the rear end of your truck deserve to eat bumper. The measure of a man's worth is not in his hieght, it is in who he is and how he chooses to live his life. Size does matter but only in bullets and bombs. There is no such thing as a perfect human. Remember if it seems to good to be true, it usually isn't true. If you are shopping and find an item priced wrong, you get it at that price. So if you find someone online, but find there is no truth in thier advertising, what do you get out of it? Cybering and cam sex is like craving a steak, but only having enough cash for white bread and cheap blo
Cupcake Quiz! They Dont Call Me Cupcake For Nothing! Hehe
What Kind Of Cupcake Are You? Red Velvet Report this image You�re cupcakelicious, my friend. You�ve got the best of all worlds going on. A little bit chocolate, a little bit cream cheese�re the sexiest cupcake off them all. Go ahead; show of what your chef gave you!
Make It Hurt
I dream of death death is where I belong I am yours, take me Drag me out of my skin Sweet death, my saviour Make it hurt
"bible Humor"
a forward i want to share with you all Share Wed 9:29pm Acts 2:38 A woman had just returned to her home from an evening of church services , when she was startled by an intruder. She caught the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables and yelled: 'Stop! Acts 2:38!' (Repent and be Baptized, in the name of Jesus Christ , so that your sins may be forgiven.) The burglar stopped in his tracks. The woman calmly called the police and explained what she had done. As the officer cuffed the man to take him in, he asked the burglar: 'Why did you just stand there? All the old lady did was yell a scripture to you.' 'Scripture?' replied the burglar. 'She said she had an Ax and Two 38s!' Send this to someone who needs a laugh today and remember: Knowing scripture can save your life - in more ways than one!
Ginna:This is a report on a very pleasant, but disconcerting, set of experiences which I have been through. As you know, I cannot get it published in any of the respectable journals, but perhaps you will enjoy it. Even though it is out of your field of aeronautics, I know that with your various private interests that you will be able to take deep pleasure from this incident. I also know that you have been among my few defenders as I struggle with this envy-attack from my department head.There is much agreement among the experts that our brains are the most important, influential organs of our sex life. You have heard that said, and you are seeing it in action right now as you fill in all the assumptions and presuppositions needed to make sense of my writing. You know, too, how your brain picks and chooses from old experiences to fill in gaps in new information. [This is awfully basic, I know, but I hope that you won't mind my thinking out loud as I write this. I just have to get it dow
Take Me Away
Take Me Away...Take me awayTo your home beyondThe stars,Way past the moonTake me away...Let me soar with you, Beyond all doubt.Let me feel theComfort of yourArms throughout.Hold me closeAnd tell me,"It's OK."Take me away...
#your Heart"
I'm forsaken in this rotten world everyting what I got; you have taken And I'm turning psychopathic there's something hidden in the attic something creepy, black and dark there is your heart.....
no rest for the wicked that scorned heart cried she lied at night tossed and turned only hoping for the brain to shut down to quiet to calm to silence to cease the neverending what ifs and why fors that plagued a weakened state nothing could ever be explained no nothing could ever be resolved but that would not bring the sleep back no nor could it give back what the night used to hold so deep within the grasp it was held the penance unknown.
100 Convictions In 2007(pervs Beware!)
100 convictions in 2007... already!With the posting of the Michael Seibert conviction on August 18th, we have posted 100 convictions so far already in 2007. In 230 days so far this year, we've posted the results of 100 convictions/sentencings. That is a conviction result every 2.3 days on average.In 2006, we had 81 convictions for the year. We were very happy with that number. To have our evidence result in 100 convictions for 2007 by... August... is simply unbelievably cool. In the last twelve months, if you go back to August 18th, 2006... we've posted 148 convictions/sentencings. On average, well over ten a month.When we started in the summer of 2003, we thought we might get an arrest... maybe. People who didn't like what we were trying to do said we'd never get an arrest, NEVER get a conviction! Now, we're breaking triple digits in far less than a years time. The best part? We still have roughly four and a half months left in the year. These results are grassroots, volunteer-driven
Georgia: It Only Took 22 Minutes
Despite an ignorant and mouthy defense attorney who thought it would be a good idea to attack us rather than defend his actual client, a jury took only 22 minutes to convict Reymundo Anguiano on both counts he faced. Reymundo was then immediately sentenced to seven years in prison with eight years of probation.The defense attorney, who our operatives that were in court testifying described as looking like "a cross between Yoda and a puffed-up frog", had attempted to smear our reputation and our work, to try to make the jury dislike what we do. He went on and on with the same old bluster. The jury was intelligent enough not to bother with the idiotic ramblings of the defense attorney and saw that his client was a dangerous sexual predator.There are now only two cases remaining from the Georgia sting. It will be interesting to see if those juries manage to break the speed record of the Anguiano jury on reaching the same verdict. The Anguiano log will be posted in the coming weeks as we c
Wolfs Smile To All The Singal Ladies
I am easy going guy, living in Arizona, Comfortable with myself, and people around me, I like intellectual conversations, And love to have fun, Poetry in particular,,, Movies,, that sorta thing,, I like to apply what I have learn to practical life situations,, I love the colors Blue and Black,, Perhaps it’s the ying and yang sorta thing,,,I thought this was a good time to update my profile, I’m wondering why people go through the point of making a profile, if they leave a bogus e-mail address, this doesn’t make much sense. Anyway,,, I just moved to Tempe Arizona,, in a very nice apartment, I’m impressed at up-keep, I will see how things, its a lot closer to my work, this is the first time in 3 years with the company that I was able to move closer so that a huge plus, I didn’t really like Mesa also much, Tempe seams to be a happen city. Hmmm, What I seek in a mate, I don’t have a ideal as it says on the profile, I do know what I’m looking for in
Healthy Dose Of Reality
I am a believer that life is what you make it. You hold the key to your own destiny. Every action you take leads you closer or father away from happiness. It seems like with everyone, we all make bad decisions at one time or another. We should learn and grow from those decisions. There is only one thing in this life that can truly make you happy and that is yourself. Lately I have been unhappy and this morning I realized I am the one making myself miserable, no one else. I have been so wrapped up in all the BS that I have forgotten the most important aspect in my life, my son. He is the key to my happiness and will be the one who decides what nursing home I go to. :) I am lucky he is such a good kid and that until now I have been a good mother and my son knows, without a doubt I love him. But for the last few weeks, mommy has been distant. And it is my own fault. My world has revolved around that little boy since he was born. Lately, I have been selfish and realized he is suffering b
My Best Friend
As you might remember, the head of a company survived 9/11 because his son started kindergarten. Another fellow was alive because it was His turn to bring donuts. One woman was late because her Alarm clock didn't go off in time. One was late because of being stuck on the NJ TurnpikeBecause of an auto accident. One of them Missed his bus.
Re-post ~
I have absoutly no clue where to start or what to think. I haveoften said thinking hurts but well this just beyond bah I don't know where to begin.I have been so back and forth about what is going on. I am utterly amazed at my ability to flip back and forth or just barely stay on the fence over this. A few weeks ago it was all yes lets try to work on this we need to try for Quinn we have a lot to get past us but we need to that and move on try to re-connect again.And since in 3 weeks we're all going on a cruise to the Bahammas, St. Marx and whatnot with my entire family. It was suppose to be our gift to us for sticking though this past year of hell we could get to know eachother/fall in love again. I laugh thinking about it.I stopped by last night. Walls up higher than the sky and a timidness came over me. We talked she said this was her breaking the ice again. Kept waiting for the other shoe to drop actually still waiting even now. We spent the entire night talking it was...I left sic
Ensign: The Good Black Friday
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an esnign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                              10 April 2009   Especially at this time of year, Christians ought to be shouting from the rooftops that Jesus is alive!  Jesus' return to life after three days dead is THE signature event of Christianity -- but it couldn't have happened without His death.  In a culture that often seems more concerned with feeling good and not growing up, the idea that rejoicing has to be preceded by suffering is uncomfortable.  Like the aphorism, success only comes before work in the dictionary.  And work takes sacrifice.   Like all of us, Jesus didn't want to suffer; indeed, when He was alone in Gethsemane, "he fell on his face, and prayed, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt."  (M
Focus On The Good
Raise Your Vibration Everything in the universe is made of energy. What differentiates one form of energy from another is the speed at which it vibrates. For example, light vibrates at a very high frequency, and something like a rock vibrates at a lower frequency but a frequency nonetheless. Human beings also vibrate at different frequencies. Our thoughts and feelings can determine the frequency at which we vibrate, and our vibration goes out into the world and attracts to us energy moving at a similar frequency. This is one of the ways that we create our own reality, which is why we can cause a positive shift in our lives by raising our vibration. We all know someone we think of as vibrant. Vibrant literally means “vibrating very rapidly.” The people who strike us as vibrant are vibrating at a high frequency, and they can inspire us as we work to raise our vibration. On the other hand, we all know people that are very negative or cynical. These people are vibrating at
"I'm Tired"                                 by Robert A. Hall I'll be 73 soon. Except for one semester in college when jobs were scarce,and a six-month period when I was between jobs, but job-hunting every day,I've worked, hard, since I was 13. Despite some health challenges, I stillput in 50-hour weeks, and haven't called in sick in seven or eight years. Imake a good salary, but I didn't inherit my job or my income, and I workedto get where I am. Given the economy, there's no retirement in sight, andI'm tired. Very tired. I'm tired of being told that I have to "spread the wealth around" to peoplewho don't have my work ethic. I'm tired of being told the government willtake the money I earned, by force if necessary, and give it to people toolazy or stupid to earn it.  I'm tired of being told that I have to pay more taxes to "keep people intheir homes." Sure, if they lost their jobs or got sick, I'm willing tohelp. But if they bought McMansions at three times the price of ou
first I would like to apologize to women everywhere for all the idiotic so called men that treat you like crap.....please try to remember there are still some good men out there...we aren't all dirt bags just looking for cyber sex and nude pics...just don't ask me to be your boyfriend I am taken right just don't understand how someone can call them self a man yet treat women that like to dress sexy and have fun with this site with their friends like pieces of meat...I think I can speak for real men everywhere...go fucking find a gutter to crawl up in and die you give the rest of us a bad name....again I am sorry that so many women have to put up with that kind of treatment.....
The Last 2 Days
So, it feels like I'm going to be dead soon.  I'm sick as a dog, you see?  My temp has been spiking over 103...which is higher than you think seeing as how my normal body temp is 2 degrees lower than average.  I don't understand why they wouldn't do anything for this.  I mean, I understand the virus part of it can't be touched by any kind of antibiotic, but why have I been left in this world of hurt and pain?  This isn't a fun kind of hurt and pain...  No, this is the kind that has had me waking up crying and  crying out for someone to make this stop or begging to know why I hurt.  In any case, I must go now.  I'm going to hop in the shower in the hopes of bringing my temp down a bit, plus I need to be clean for the doc.  See y'all later...
Making History....destroying Freedom!!
Subject: Making history -- destroying freedomTim Wood is a professor of History and Political Science at Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Missouri .         SOMETHING OF HISTORIC PROPORTIONS IS HAPPENINGBy Tim WoodI am a student of history. Professionally. I have written 15 books in six languages, and have studied it all my life. I think there is something monumentally large afoot, and I do not believe it is just a banking crisis, or a mortgage crisis, or a credit crisis. Yes these exist, but they are merely single facets on a very large gemstone that is only now coming into sharper focus.Something of historic proportions is happening. I can sense it because I know how it feels, smells, what it looks like, and how people react to it. Yes, a perfect storm may be brewing, but there is something happening within our country that has been evolving for about ten - fifteen years. The pace has dramatically quickened in the past two.We demand and then codify into law the r
Dj Slon- Pidmanula
folk Ukrainian song
I Dont Know.. Not A Poem But More A Thought
dreaming alone again. is it you? sitting in the bathtub you walk in with a bad of hupty dumpty sits on the side of the tub dont say a word. just sit there leave me alone! was my fault you died kill the little girl who feels scared daddy will make it better as you sleep leave me alone! die little gir! die with him! leave me alone! I am haunted but by me  
Closein This Account
Well I am sayin good bye to this account ... I want to thank everyone but its not worth it to be honest ... not to many on my friends have been honest yet let alone show they where true friends ... I do have new account and I been workin on it ... I will only add people who I can call real true friends and who have earn it ... its shame people play there games and hide shit ... but i wont brin it out , i let the secret come out and hurt themself ... if anyone is 100% serious about addin to my new account , you have to to understand when you are added you need to learn to chat not play games
To Anthony   suppose i called you up tonite and told you that i loved yousuppose i said i wanna come back homesuppose i cried said i think i finally learned my lessonand im tired spendint all my time aloneif i told you that i realized youre all i ever wanted and its killin me to be so far awaywould you tell me that you loved me toand we would cry togetheror would you simply laugh at me and sayi told you so, oh i told you soi told you some day you come crawling backand asking me to take you ini told you so, but you had to gonow i found sumbody new and you willnever break my heart into againif i got down on my knees and told youi was yours foreverwould you get down yours to and take my handwould get that old time feelinwould we laugh and talk for hoursthey way our love first beganwould you tell me that you missed tooand that youd been so lonelyand you waited for the day i returnand wed live in love forever and that im your one and onlyor wuld you say the tables finely turned
Time To Maybe Let The Fu Go...
Okay I am seriously consideing dropping fubar like a bad habit. AGAIN! The bullshit you people put out here is beyond me. Ohhh I know that the net is for fun, but some of you people take it to the furthest possible factor. THIS IS THE NET...not real life! Until you can physically touch the other person, it isn't more than what it is....a toy for entertainment...but please...atleast be honest to some degree about what you want and who you really are. And don't get pissed when I don't give you what you want....this is MY toy and I will use it how I choose to. I have never been interested if you can lick your eyebrows, or mine, via my poohnanny. I am glad for you if you can. You say your hung like Trigger? GREAT !!! If I had a dime for every man that has said that and he loves me, on the net, I would be the richest woman in America. So I am thinking bout letting the FUBAR go again. Tired of lies and bullshit.
Kung Fu In Brooklyn
So no shit, there I was.  Sitting hung-over in a Starbucks in Brooklyn writing a blog, What the fuck am I doing here?  A couple of my friends back home joke that I'm like Cain from "Kung Fu".  Not the cool Kung Fu, mind you; the cheesy one from the 90's where he wandered aimlessly all over New York City trying to figure himself out and figure out humanity.So I ask myself again, what the fuck am I doing here?  Well, I know why I came here; I came here for a girl.  We were madly in love with each other and the way it was going to play out was that we'd see each other for the first time after months of anticipation, melt into each other's arms, have wild, passionate sex and then spend the next week together in blissful mutual love and affection, happy to have found each other, and momentaraily forget about my upcoming deployment to Iraq, my second deployment over there and what has already been labeled the longest, hardest, and most stressful chapter of my 6+ year stint in the Army.  The
Lounge Review
RADIO STORM (59077)“Come Feel the Noise!”Owners: DJ Stormie and SmittyStorm is an all-ages, all-genres music lounge with a professional edge, featuring 15 scheduled DJs, a request line box app, a solid team of enthusiastic greeters, expert promoters and an ever upbeat vibe….the generous staff will get your buzz meter up to 100% and beyond within minutes at this crackin' party!Storm is a well-rounded and experienced lounge with something for everyone.The owners also have a Fubar-approved Shoutcast hosting software business, and are highly recommended for anyone wanting to start a Fubar lounge and implement online DJ technology.Contact the owners for information.
Letting Go Of Past
This was up on the bulletin board at a place I go for classes and meetings and support groups and I thought I would share it here with all of you. It's about learning when to let go. > To "LET GO" does not mean to stop caring. It means I can't do it for someone else.> To "LET GO" is not to cut myself off. It's the realization that I can't control another.> To "LET GO" is not to enable, but to allow learning from natural consequences.> To "LET GO" is to admit powerlessness, which means the outcome is not in my hands.> To "LET GO" is not to try to change or blame another. It's to make the most of myself.> To "LET GO" is not to care for...but to care about.> To "LET GO" is not to fix, but to be supportive.> To "LET GO" is not to judge, but to allow another to be a human being.> To "LET GO" is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes, but to allow others to affect their own destinies.> To "LET GO" is not to be protective. It's to permit another to face their reality.> To "LET
My Crayon Color
Your Result: Pine Green You are Pine Green! Ah, such and Earthy color. You are serene and mellow. You love to commune with Nature and take quiet walks or hikes to get away from your busy life. You are trustworthy and you are centered. Your friends like you because of your calming effect on them.
Lyrics......saving Able...addicted
SAVING ABLE ADDICTED LYRICS I'm so addicted to All the things you do When you're going down on me In between the sheets All the sounds you make With every breath you take It's unlike anything When you're loving me Oh girl lets take it slow So as for you well you know where to go I want to take my love and hate you till the end It's not like you to turn away From all the bullshit I can't take It's not like me to walk away I'm so addicted too all the things You do when you're going down on me In between the sheets All the sounds you make With every breathe you take It's unlike anything When you're loving me Yeah I know when it's getting rough All the times we spend When we try to make This love something better than Just making up again It's not like you to turn away All the bullshit I can't take Just when I think I can walk away, I'm so addicted to all the things You do when you're going on me In between the sheets All the sounds you make With every breathe you take It's unlike
Special Delivery
With this special deliveryBecause I can't be thereToday I'm sending hugsI would love you to shareSent with my loving touchWarmth you can dependSomething to hold ontoShare hugs from a friendKnow you are thought ofIt seems the perfect wayHugs are coming to youTo comfort you each dayFor my ever lasting hugsReach and hold you tightBecause I care so muchMorning, noon and night.copyright jas 2009
Please Help Find Victoria Stafford.
To Whom It Concerns
TO WHOM IT CONCERNSI've made my mistakesto go forward and make many moreI can't write any wrongsI could go into detailjust know that it doesn't mean anythingand if I were to see any of you tomorrowit would be a welcome experienceand perhaps one could clarify ...explain one's way out of confusionif you can think backthose reading this open letteranother jerk that was beside himselfnever short for words always entertaininga bit hazy never quite knew the wayyet was easier for him to follow instead of leadyeah it's me againwithout a plan just going along with lifeand wherever it leads melittle has changed over the yearstrying to take things into controlI can't complainyet still that perfectionistof which nothing will ever be rightor as it could beand though that appears to be a familiar themepart of the reason that you'd hate me nowit allows me to live with myselfnever truly apologeticnever one for the illusions and grandeur eitherI thought I'd comment on thingsthoughts that cross through
What Is A Friend
  WHAT IS A FRIENDA friend is someone who understands andsomeone you can trust.They will listen to you both night and day without ever making a fuss.A friend will stand by your side when you are right and sometimes when you are wrong.They will hold you up when you are weak and provide support to make you strong.A friend's love is unconditional and unique in every way.And when you have problems a true friend will kneel with you and pray.A friend will stand by your side through thick and thin.And whenever everyone have deserted you they still will be your friend.A friend once said to me that a friend is sent from God above and I believe this to be true.Because God has sent a friend to me and that friend to me is YOU.copyright jas 2007
You Are Beautiful To Me
you are beautiful to me You, to me, are Beautiful,Beautiful like the sunrise touching the morning dew,Beautiful as the sound of waves crashing on a beach,Beautiful like the pure and unconditional love of a child,Beautiful as the reflection of the moon glowing in a quiet pond,Beautiful like the way the Orca whale mates for life,Beautiful as music that caresses your soul and mind,You, to me, are Beautiful,The most beautiful soul I’ve ever known.copyright jas 2009
Love 3
 LOVEThe day you were born, the whole world was blessedThese thoughts in my mind to you I must confessThe time has come for me to express my true feelingsYou are the center of my thoughts and the essence of my beingWhat you have brought me I never thought I could procureThe gift of comfort, with you I am secureFor you have lifted me up from a life filled with sorrowAnd made me realize there is always a better tomorrowIt amazes me how someone can make me feel this wayI love you more and more with each passing dayYou brighten my days and lift my spiritsI have felt this for so long and now want you to hear itSo you may know the place you hold in my heartYou are always with me even when we're apartI truly believe what we have is meant to beJust open your heart and soon you shall seeWhat I am willing to do to keep a smile on your faceJust know that I'm here and will be alwayscopyright jas 2007  
Whispers Of Love
Listen to the echoAs it whispers in your earIt's calling out your nameFor all the world to hearIt's a message from my heartOf words I swear are trueIt stirs a gentle windAnd speaks of love for youJust listen to the birdsFor I dedicate their tuneIt will rise the morning SunWhile making flowers bloomAnd butterflies will danceFrom the whispers in the treesWhile rainbows fill the skyTo a delightful summer breezeSo listen with your heartAnd my voice will come your wayAnd whisper words of loveI'll share with you each day copyright jas 2009
So i might be wrong an i might be mean but it gives me a good giggle to see people walk into the big glass window at work . I mean how can they miss that its a window an not a door come on there is a comp. on the other side of it . I cant help but laugh when they do this . But then again i have to act like i didnt see it hahaha .. Im an evil bitch i know it
Willie Will Be Live On The Air Sat. Night!!!
Willie will be hosting his first radio show Saturday,  April 12, from 8 pm to 10 pm cst at the Party Pad.  His show is going to be A Little Bit Country, so give DJ Bama a listen!!!
Thank You
      You and I are so much alike But yet we are different We have a fights But I know that you are always right You inspire me so much You watch out for me when I’m in trouble You love me no matter what I want to thank you for all you have done And this Christmas season I want you to know how much you mean to me God has His way of bringing me to you And I want to thank you for all your love Your tender care No matter what you always here… May God bless you for all the work you do                     Because I know how much I mean to you…
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Boring Work Day
Today's 12 hour work day just dragged. i hate it when Rich is playing WoW in the mornings when he has to take me to work because when it's time for me to leave, he won't get off his ass often. So I always have to wait for him whlie looking at my watch. The first hour of work went alright but then everything started to go wrong which made time go by even slower. I was pissed that I forgot my coffee at home too lol So I had to go through work without my coffee...and I don't like works coffee...that's nasty shit. One of my managers asked me if I would make this presentation during our meeting. I have never gotten up in front of my whole work peopls...which is about 200 peoples and I'm hella shy but I said I'd do it anyways. Thirty minutes before the meeting, I went in a room with two other managers and went over some slide show pics and informations. I was nervous speaking in front of everyone but everyone said I did a great  job. Phew....Never again though!!! I've had this stupid sin
4/10/09 Celldweller Blog
I'm Huge Someone sent me a screenshot of my name and mug on the MTV soundtrack homepage for Real World/Road Rules Challenge. This must mean I am up there with Lil Wayne and Britney - HUGE!!!! I'm gonna hit up Jay-Z and see if I can buy his Yacht from him too. If I get it, you're all invited to my Yacht party.A big "WOW!" on the replies to the "name my blog" post. Thanks for throwing up your ideas (gross...) We'll go over them and get some results posted for you next week.It's time for me to get back to big pimpin' -[Klayton][-_-]
Boyfriend Application
Name:Age:Hair Color:Eye Color:Hight:Tattoos?:Piercings?:Drink?:Smoke?:Any other drugs?:Would u care if i did drugs?:Would u care if i drank?:Are you a virgin?:Do you have sex?:(if so) How often?:Is sex all your looking for?:Do u have any STD's?:Would u kiss me anytime?:anywhere?:Do u like to cuddle?:how much?:Have u ever been cheated on?:Would you cheat on me?:Have you ever cheated on someone?:List you top 3 bands..1.2.3.Top 3 movies1.2.3.Do you like to party?:What if i wanted to stay home an watch a movie with you?:What if i wanted to kiss in the rain?:Are you spontanious?:Willing to try new things?:Do you like your picture taken?:Do you drive?Go to school?:HERES AN IMPORTANT QUESTION...Would you hold my hand as we walk through the mall?:Would you push me up against a wall and kiss me?What about random Kisses?:Would you kiss me in the rain?:Would u sleep over my house and hold me all night?:Will u only call me beautiful if you mean it?:Would you ever lie to me?:A FEW RANDOM QUESTIONS.
Well Its About Time.....
so the last few days have been pretty frikn sweeet....   theres nothin like soooo glad im back home...its been almost 1 year since i left here.......  but it looks like ima be here for a yeah.......its bout fikn time.         rp
I'm going to attempt this thing called sleep. My cousin is at the hotel with me again..and she is snoring so loud. =/   I need sleep damn it, lol. Gotta love her though.   Good Night everyone!!
Dating 101: The Best Relationship Advice I Ever Got
odoubt, there are days when you feel as though you deserve the "BestPartner in the World" award: You make sure dates withyour mate stay fun, you settle arguments with amazing grace and youdon't always go into whining mode when you find his dirty socks nextto, rather than in, the hamper. How did you get so smart? You weregiven some stellar advice from friends and family. Here, the nuggets of relationship wisdom you've stayed faithful to over the years   #1. Polite Fight "On my wedding-invitation RSVP cards, I left space for guests to writetheir favorite wedding wisdom. The tidbit that rings truest afteralmost nine months of marriage is: 'Attack the issue, not each other.'How it works: If my husband and I disagree about something, we stayfocused on the issue and skip the personal put-downs." -- MelissaGitter Schilowitz, 31, Metuchen, NJ #2. Fit to a Tee "Mygrandmother insisted that I learn how to play golf. 'If your husbandloves to play, you can go along and spend hours together,'
Just Do Me!!!
Nice hot long tongue trailing my inner thighs all the way to my sweetspot...taking me from behind...slow at first then bending me over....taking my hair into your hands...slamming your dick as deep as it will go...fucking me so hard and deep i scream in orgasmic pleasure.Filling me up with every inch of yourself. Fuck me hard,Fuck me deep,Fuck me soft and gentle. Pull my hair,sink your teeth in my skin. Sink your nails in my skin til i bleed. Make me submit in your arms. Make me cum on your command. Oooo Hell just do me Baby!!!   Hope Yyou Aall Enjoy!!
Lil Freestlye Here!!!
Now's a good time to write songs about ya life and the shit thats gone wrong no reason to hide what you really feel inside dont give a damn tell the people what's for real that's how you make it everyday alive put pen to paper heal the pain deep inside and the hurt,scars from a troubled past live,love,laugh till your last.... thats all for now couldnt think of nothing else:)
Submariner's Life
Only a submariner realizes to what great extent an entire ship depends on him as an individual. To a landsman this is not understandable, and sometimes it is even difficult for us to comprehend, but it is so! A submarine at sea is a different world in herself, and in consideration of the protracted and distant operations of submarines, the Navy must place responsibility and trust in the hands of those who take such ships to sea. In each submarine there are men who, in the hour of emergency or peril at sea, can turn to each other. These men are ultimately responsible to themselves and each to the other for all aspects of operation of their submarine. They are the crew. They are the ship. This is perhaps the most difficult and demanding assignment in the Navy. There is not an instant during his tour as a submariner that he can escape the grasp of responsibility. His privileges in view of his obligations are almost ludicrously small, nevertheless, it is the spur which has given the Nav
Sexual Immoralities And Other Things
1 corinthians 6 Morality in Legal Matters 1When one of you has a complaint against another, does he dare to take the matter before those who are unrighteous and not before the saints? 2You know that the saints will rule the world, don't you? And if the world is going to be ruled by you, can't you handle insignificant cases? 3You know that we will rule angels, not to mention things in this life, don't you? 4So if you have cases dealing with this life, why do you appoint as judges people who have no standing in the church? 5I say this to make you feel ashamed. Has it come to this, that there is not one person among you who is wise enough to settle disagreements between brothers?[a] 6Instead, one brother goes to court against another brother, and before unbelieving judges,[b] at that! 7The very fact that you have lawsuits among yourselves is already a defeat for you. Why not rather just accept the wrong? Why not rather be cheated? 8Instead, you yourselves practice doing wrong and cheati
Cool Cure Concert Video Athens
Sex And Cigars Or Seinfeld, Recast
Right at this moment, my neighbor is having sex.  Luckily, I can’t hear him.  I CAN hear her.  At this very same moment, I am smoking a cigar and as much as I like cigars, I like sex still more.     This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where George wants to complete the trifecta:  sex, sandwich, sports simultaneously.  I’ll pass on the second and third but sex and a cigar simultaneously?  That has my attention.    Luckily, a friend who knows a couple of my weaknesses and a couple of my fetishes was creative enough to craft such an offer.  It did not take me long to decide.  We even have the positions worked out.  Forget missionary or spoon.  Forget huffing and puffing.  This is sitting and grinding in all its nicotonic goodness.  Alas, until she delivers, this is a pipe dream.
A True Friend Till The End Of Time Wrote This Poem For Me Several Months Ago I Wanted To Share It With You All Thank You Ken The Rose  THere is nothing quite so beautiful as a Rose From whence the beauty came God only knows Though a Rose may be fullof spines and thornsSometimes it takes a little pain for such beauty to be bornThe Rose is one of Gods Greatest creationsNo man can duplicate it it would be just a cheap imitationIt's beauty is so pleasingto the eye With out in life my heart would surely die By Ken Ford © 2006 Ken Ford (All rights reserved)
Learned Self-reliance
The Negative Effects of Spoiling Children Parents are moved by instinct to love, nurture, and provide for their offspring. Because our children are so much a part of us, we want to see them blissfully happy. Also, our own desire to be liked, materialist pressures, and a fervent wish that our children have everything we lacked as youngsters can prompt us to spoil them. However, while it might seem that buying your child expensive gifts will give them fond memories of childhood or that you can heal your emotional wounds by doting on your sons and daughters, you may be unconsciously interfering with your children’s evolutional development. One of the most precious gifts you can grant your children is the true independence they gain when they learn to earn what they covet and become stewards of their own happiness. Try allowing your children to experience life to the fullest. Let them work and earn what they want. When the time comes for them to go to college and enter the workfor
2nd Alarm Hotties
  2nd Alarm Hotties Homepage!
Fubar's Finest Melons
Fubar's Finest Melons (ALL GIRL GROUP) FFM@ fubar   I'm in the Fubar's Finest Melon's group thanks to my 40DDs :)
Complementary Energies
Balancing Self with Family Life Many of us have a hard time balancing taking care of ourselves with taking care of our family responsibilities. For people with young children, this can be especially challenging, but even people without children have obligations to care for extended family, partners, pets, and the home in which they live. It’s easy to lose track of our own needs as we give ourselves to the people, pets, and places we love. However, it is essential to their well-being that we take care of ourselves, filling our own wells with water so that we have something to offer when we return home each day. It is easy to get caught up in the demands of home life because they never stop. There is always one more thing you can do, another dish in the sink, a counter that needs wiping, or a person who needs a ride somewhere. If you don’t set some boundaries, you will find yourself on an endless journey of housework and doing for others. Eventually, you will probably fe
Shout -tears For Fear
Power day !! love this song
Deleting Site
you can find me on www.myspace.comor myyearbook ( on facebook (
We've been with each other all day and we've had a really great time and since iwe really don't have anything to do I check into a hotel for the night and i ask if you would like to stay with me, you agree and so we head up to them room, we get our showers and start talking some more, but then i notice that i'm strangely drawn to you and i ask if i could give you a neck rub, "I give good ones" ,I add. you let me and i ask you to lay on your stomach. You do and i stradle you. I start rubbing your neck and your back and you seem to be enjoying it because i could swear that you are moaning,so I lean over and whisper in your ear, "You're really starting to turn me on." You get this devious little smile on your face as look back at me and say "oh really?!?!?!" in a very sarcastic manner. I reply "yes you are." and i get off of you and lay by you. I gently grasp your hand and i kiss it. and then i moave down to your wrist where i gently nibble at it. after wards i climb over you and i  start
Aight, as you all can tell, I'm not a VIP anymore.  I have roughly over 600 pics on here and can't add anymore. So.... My question for my friends is.... Do you think I should delete and start over, or just leave what I have up...
4/11/09 Homer Simpson
Son, when you participate in sporting events, it's not whether you win or lose: it's how drunk you get
How You Feel
whats your name?are we close?what do you think of me?do you have a crush on me?would you kiss me?would you date me?describe me in 3 words?If you had me for 30 mins,wat would you do?what was ur frist impression of me?do you still think the same?what reminds you of me?If you could give me anthing,what would it be?How well do you know me?What do you like about me best?Ever wanted 2 tell me somthing you could'nt?Could you love me?Give a nickname and explain why?Are you gonna out this on ur blog and c wat i say about you?Do you think im Hot?Anything 2 say b4 you go?
The Morning
I feel grayLike the sky outsideI feel emptyI remember when I was full of lifeNow i'm full of deathI remember when I had morals and goalsI no longer have motivationI wish I was different.I wish that I could changeI want to changeI am what I amI realize what I have becomeI realize what I must doI will prevail
Random Questions
Because I am bored and really have nothing better to do!   When was the last time someone called you late at night?last nightDo you know where your siblings are?I have no idea but I am sure they are all at their own homes... Do you ever just lay in bed at night to think?too oftenWhen was the last time you chewed gum?today Does your house have a fireplace? I wish I had a house that could have a fireplace...Do you talk to your best friend's parents, or do you avoid them?of course i talk to themHas anyone ever assumed you were dating someone when you weren't?yesWhat are two things you are excited to do in the near future?have a week to me....clear my head and start over Have you ever seen the movie A Walk to Remember?I haveAre you one of those people who like to spell out numbers?yesIs there an animal in the room with you right now?no...unless you count Ariana as an animal. Name one lyric from the song you're listening to/the last one you listenend to?I know that I've got issues b
I Am Me
I am the woman who is shy I am the woman who is carring I am the woman who is loving I am Me I am the woman your mother warned you about I am the woman your mother said " she's a keeper" I am the woman your mother said will be there when you need her I am Me I am the woman you dreamt about I am the woman you couldn't get out of your head I am the woman you desired I am me I am wicked I am vindictive I am cunning I am Me Take me as i am
PLEASE RATE THIS FOR ME!   Two elderly ladies are sitting on the front porch, doing nothing.One old lady turns to the other and asks, "Do you still get horny?"The other replies, "Oh sure I do."The first old lady asks, "What do you do about it?"The second old lady replies, "I suck a lifesaver."After a few moments, the first old lady asks, "Who drives you to the beach?"
Tonight I Wanna Cry By Keith Urban
        Alone in this house again tonightI got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wineTheres pictures of you and I on the walls around me the way that it was and should have been surrounds meI'll never get over you walkin' awayWell I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show And I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-controlBut I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain To hell with my prideLet it fall like rain, from my eyesTonight I wanna cry.Would it help if i turned a sad song on"All by Myself" would sure hit me hard, now that you're goneOr maybe unfold some old yellow lost love lettersIt's gonna hurt bad before it gets betterBut I'll never get over you by hidin' this wayCause I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show And I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-controlBut I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain To hell with my prideLet it fall like rain, from my eyesTonight I wanna cry.oOOoWell I've never
When I close my eyes and think about you I always open them with a smile I never thought I could feel this way I never thought anyone would give me the slightest chance But you look in my eyes all I see is you When you're talking to me all I can hear is you When I think about spending the rest of my life with someone The only person I can think of is you I can't see myself with no one else Because everything feels so perfectly right When I'm with you I know we can't do it right now But I can't wait for your hugs and your kisses at night I love it when you hold me tight & tell me everything's going to be alright I love when we kiss all the time I feel a spark every time..just like the first time I want to pull you closer Though I know we can't get any closer I want to hold you tight & tell you everything's going to be alright I know I haven't been the best girlfriend & I know I can be moody at times I can get mad at you..I can get upset with you But that doesn't mean I love you any
Let's take a walk on the wild side Let's go for a drive and get fkucing high Let's take a spin down memory lane Learn about love and forget how to feel pain Let's fall asleep underneath a cherry tree I can show you my chains; you can make me free We'll paint a picture; we'll paint it all blue You can show me how to do that thing that you do Let's take a boat to the sandy shore You tell me what you want; I'll show you more Let's take a swig from strawberry champagne Learn about love and forget how to feel pain Let's play guitar with some no-note blues You can show me how to do that thing that you do Sit by the free way; watch the cars drive by We can drink coca cola and nearly touch the sky Let's take a drive through that mountain pass Listen to the radio and sleep on the grass I'll make life our canvas and you can teach me to paint Learn about love and forget how to feel pain
My Lover
I secretly love you everyday I hide my feelings behind a smile I wish I could tell you the truth but i don't say a word. When I first heard your voice it sent chills to my heart I have never felt this way before I knew you had to be the one. I lean on your strength and your honesty I trust You brought laughter and hope again in my life. I wish I could wrap in your arms when the world doesn't understand my feelings are real and grows stronger everyday. I've fallen in love with you and I don't want to let you go You're my reason to live and the reason I have faith. God gave me you to show me whats real you are my guardian angel from above and a secret love.
A long time ago We were laying in my bed You looked into my eyes And this is what you said You said, Have you ever envisioned Heaven And wondered what you would see? At that moment I had seen Heaven And in Heavens eyes, was reflected back me You said when you get there There is no pain There are no shadows And nothing is the same I told you my definition of Heaven I told you it was white and blue You said Heaven couldn't be defined And that I didn't have a clue As we laid in my bed I began to imagine this place And as I shut my eyes I envisioned your face For I had seen Heaven And it wasn't hard to see Because every piece of Heaven Was right in front of me Heaven wasn't a place And it wasn't white or blue Heaven is in the shape of a person And this person is you
Well It Looks Like.......
Well it certainly looks like I'm single again.  Damn this is going to be a long road to get over.  I need some time.  I love my now ex with all my heart.  I wish we didnt have to part.  If you all know that Kid Rock song  Im a low life, that kind of describes him.  Well at least because Im so hurt it does.  I dont think Im ever going to find "the one".  I guess I never learn.  All I do is make mistakes.  I guess after I spend my time alone re evaluating what happened , maybe Ill see where Im screwing up.  I just wish I could find that "good" man.  I guess there arent any left out in this world.
I'm sorry i pushed you away i never knew you were slipping through my fingers so fast i couldn't even stop it cause all i cared about was my feelings I'm sorry i couldn't take it any longer that i said how i felt not listening to a word you said not knowing you were right all along I'm sorry i lost control of myself when you waited patiently and i ended up hurting both of us just to satisfy my needs I'm sorry i keep apologizing then would go and do it again i only know one way to stop this but thats the part i hate and wont do I'm sorry i make things so complicated when you just want things to stay the same when all your trying to do is get by and i keep ruining it without noticing I'm sorry it all turned out this way and we cant take it all back maybe if i was more like you everything would be fine I'm sorry i cant get over the impossible iv fallen so fast its changing me into a monster its making life even more complicated then it already is mainly I'm sorry if i ever hurt
April 11th, 2009 (saturday) 7:50 Pm
If you know anything about me than you know that i love thinking about the future. ive thought about it but ive never actually went and mapped out my future. so... here it is! get done with this year, get good grades and finish within the top quarter of my class. i really don't want a boyfriend. not only will it slow me down but when it comes time to graduate we'll be arguing about whether or not to stay together through college or he'll try to convince me to give up my dreams and settle for what he wants. i want to keep close to my friends and text them all the time. go to Houston University (yes, I decided for those who voted on my Mumm, thanks you guys really helped with my decision), get into a lot of clubs and meet a lot of new people. meet my soul mate (either by internet or at school) who is hopefully going to college for the same thing that i am. get a job to help pay for everything. get good grades and get accepted for graduate college at HU also. focus on my grades and do my
I Know Him.....
I got this awesome email... I believe if people want to send me disgusting messages, they absofuckinglutely deserve what they get back. Then when I shoot back something they whine to their "friends" on here. I'm sorry... if one person lives in Georgia and the other lives in Western Nevada.... I find it very hard to believe you actually know this person in real life... and if you haven't met them and spent extensive time around them.... then um hello you stupid asshat, you don't "know" this person at all... With a website full of XXX stuff and the premise is pretending you're at a bar, a persons integrity is only as good as what you portray yourself as.... If you want to make harsh, mean, spiteful or XXX comments... go for it.  But if I shoot back at you, please be a man or woman enough to take them, instead of a whiny bitch.    No one likes a whiny bitch....  
The Arrival Of Planet X Into Our Solar System.
The Winged Disk Symbol found in nearly every ancient culture. Ancient Symbol for Planet X. SOHO Satelight imagery of Planet X as of two weeks ago entering our solar system for its 2012 encounter with Planet Earth. Right on schedule as predicted by the ancients. These images will not be shown to general public..
It Happens
Honestly??? A want to be solidA need to be trueThought it was rightThen I met youMy questions had answersNot one more to askThese were my thoughtsNow its the pastMy blame was at youWhy did you do this to me?But this time its differentNothing it used to beTerrified at firstA blindside of confusionAll that now has passedNo trace of illusionI had to decideJust where I would standThen realized from the startI always had a planNo intentions of hurtingNot me or those aroundPatience and understandingHas steadied me groundThings happen for reasonsFar beyond our controlJust know that nothingSets itself in stoneNever will you knowThe strength that it holds. Nova_xx 2/25/09
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and a safe weekend.
Level My Friend Babishelle needs help getting to her next level... Be a good person and help her out!
What I Want..
OK so somebody asked me recently what i want in my life.. What I am looking for. Well here it is.. i am gonna lay it out there.. I have come to the conclusion that I am not getting any younger.. Its time for me to settle down in something serious. It is time for me to find somebody that I enjoy spending time with and that I can spend the rest of my life with.. Somebody who I know it wont be "perfect" with but that will work through the problems that arise with me and and be closer because of it. I want somebody that I can love for the rest of my life. Somebody that i can have a child or 2 with and have a family. At the same time that somebody has to be ready to accept my child as if she was their own. I guess basically I am ready to settle down. And by that I dont mean not have a good time and enjoy life. I am just ready to do that with somebody special.
My Life
I am thinking about you Even in my dreams you Are there in my soul It won't let you out of my mind   There is nothing that is going to stop it until I am with you feeling your touch feeling your kisses   Wanting to feel your warm breath touching my skin as you hold me at night   There will be nothing in my life worth fighting for until I am with you   You are the sun in my hair The wind in my face and the air that i breath  
My Eyes
In my eyes I see a love That is so beautiful And so true   Sometimes I wonder If it is really true Or if it is something I want it to be   People might think That I am crazy For the way I think Or the way that I feel   But one thing If for sure and that one thing Is the way I feel   The way you Make me smile The way you make me All warm inside   Just by a couple
Special People
There are some people you know that you will are about for the rest of your life   They are the ones that can make you msmile no matter what you are going through   They touch you so deeply you know you will never be able to forget them   Just to be able to talk to them and hear them say everything will be ok   Those are the things that mean the most and you are so happy to have them in your life   Those are the people
Looking across the room...our eyes meet, walking slowly towards one another our bodies not yet touching but we find ourselves locking hands together. Leaning in for a touchless kiss...barely touching we give into our desires and lock lips...first slow..testing,teasing, and tasting one another. Hands still locked together, allowing our lips and tongues to do the work...I let out a soft moan as You graze your tongue against mine...feeling it tease and taste me as if i was some exotic fruit that was forbidden to eat, You tighten your hold on my hands as You tease my mouth with Yours, taking total control moving me against the wall pinning me there with Your body. You release one of my hands from yours only to grab a hand full of hair moving my head backwards towards the wall..breaking off the sensual kiss only to devour my neck with more sweet kissing. Moaning as i feel your tongue rapture my tormented skin feeling your hand in my hair and the other hand gripping into mine, feeling your f
Be A Father!!!
I'm sitting here at 1:28 am crying... Listening to a song called "Stealing Cindarella" by Chuck Wicks. Thinking about my father... My father was 17 when I was born. He never finished middle school and was a wellfare child. He left when I was nine months old... I've never met him. I never got those father/daughter moments. I'll never get to dance with him at my wedding. Everyday I think about what it would have been like to have him in my life at all. It breaks my heart that I never got a father, and by the time my "step-dad" came into my life, which is very little at that, it was all ready too late. My brother who not only got his father, but also lives with my mother and he got two step dads as well, got a family when I didn't. My mother never let me live with her, but she kept him his whole life... It makes me wonder what I did wrong to make her not want me. What I'm trying to say is to anyone who is a father out there, even if the mother and you are no longer together, stay apar
Seeking Intelligetn Feedback Plz
“America at war” as a phrase it has become so commonplace that no one even bothers to use an exclamation point or capitalize it any longer. “In the news today a car bomb …” the rest is tuned out as we have heard similar stories before. In a general sense, we have tuned out what goes on in the Middle East. It is nothing more than a footnote in our daily lives and to achieve this, a price had to be paid. To nullify it, everything has been reduced down to emotionless facts and figures, nothing but data. “Nothing but a number,” is how some soldiers refer to it now. This did not occur over night though and it can be traced back through our history. Conflict and warfare are part of human history no matter what section of the world you go back in time and review. One group goes to do battle with another. At that time, technology was simple in combat, whatever could you get your hands on is what you used. Do not be fooled by romantic notions that thes
So I browsed the upcoming Happy Hours to see how long they will be going tonight only to find something utterly sicking to myself!!! Nothing against the person themselves this isnt an attack on anyone!!! But one person has 17 Happy Hours scheduled in the next 7 days!!!!! Hats off to you because I don't understand how people can afford Happy Hours! I do good to get a VIP sometimes!!!! But blah just a random thought! xoxo Mel
Love Who You Love..
By Rascal Flatts..... I should have stolen every momentNow there's a page with not enough on itWhere we belongI guess I'll never understand itWhy do we take it all for grantedUntil it's goneCause then it's goneLove who you loveWith all that you haveAnd don't waste the time that flies so fastLove who you loveAnd say that you doHold on as tight as they'll let youLove who you loveGive all ya' got like its your last dayyour heart and soul before its too lateAnd pull 'em inSo close enough that they can feel itWith every single breath that you're breathin'Breathe it in again and againLove who you loveWith all that you haveAnd don't waste the time that flies so fastLove who you love And say that you doHold on as tight as they'll let youHold on, Hold onLove who you loveSay that you doyeah yeah yeahLove who you loveWith all that you haveAnd don't waste the time that flies so fastLove who you loveAnd say that you doHold on as tight as they'll let youLove who you loveyeah yeahHold on, keep on ho
Enigma - Tnt For The Brain (club Mix)
slow mello day...perfect day for some TNT for the Brain
The Offspring: Stuff Is Messed Up
This song is from their new album "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" it pretty much explains what's going on today in the world "Now i don't know, and it's hard to explain But it seems like things are just kind of insane Because the world is crying but nobody's listening so please leave a message on my cell phone I see bullets getting better Biblical weather And that guy on Tv is like a total asshole Who are you wearing tonight? Celebrity fundraiser, tight! Black ties making wrongs right How's your social band-aid? I don't know much, I don't know too much, But i know this, Shit is Fucked Up! I guess it's all about the dream The Ends justify the means You know it's all about the dream The ends justify the means Now thank God for the media, For saving the day putting it all into perspective in a responsible way with more celebrity news Typical bullshit views I think we're losing this fight sponsored by bud light and now we're rockin' the casbah and takin' the
What hurts the most is the fact I still breathe. I hate everything about me. I am a wound that forever bleeds. I am forever broken. Never 2 be free. Someone take these chains that bound me and choke me. I hate to say it but I give up. I hate the image I see in the mirror. Forget about me smiling because me being happy is a myth. I will never be that no matter how much you care. This pain I have is too much to bear. I am so lost I can't even shed a tear. If you have a brain you would just give up on me and let me wallow in my self pity and leave me be. For no matter how hard you try to save me there is no chance in hell. I am far beyond help. I'm a waste of time. A hopeless case. I am a black hole nothing is safe around me. Because every time I find happiness it is sucked from me. 26 years of living it is such a waste. I can't even bear to look at myself I am a disgrace. I failed my friends horribly. I know I did. You may think different say what you want. That is why it's a opinion. It
Helping Hand
Taken the first 5 people that message me. I will go threw your photos and rate them all. Bored and sitting in Iraq and willing to help someone 3-4 hours every night. Give me a holler. Not asking anything in return. Catch yall later.
On This Easter Sunday.... Keep The Fork!!!
Woman and a Fork     There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three months to live. So as she was getting her things 'in order,' she contacted her Pastor and had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes.She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in.Everything was in order and the Pastor was preparing to leave when the young woman suddenly remembered something very important to her.'There's one more thing,' she said excitedly.'What's that?' came the Pastor's reply.'This is very important,' the young woman continued. 'I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand.'The Pastor stood looking at the young woman, not knowing quite what to say.That surprises you, doesn't it?' the young woman asked.'Well, to be honest, I'm puzzled by the request,' said the Pastor.The young woman explained. 'My grandmother once t
Mumms And Blocks
Why do people post mumms,asking for opinions,then when you give an opinion,you get this: · jsh rated you a '1'! · jsh just checked you out! they respond to your post in the mumm,then block you so you cant respond back in the mumm or in a shout....people who get butthurt in the mumms need to get the fuck over it,thats the way it is there. If you dont like people posting replies to your attempt for attention,then post a comment-approval mumm next time. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me for saying the exact same thing everyone else in the mumm was saying. I wonder if they got blocked too? It takes a coward and a pussy to ask for an opinion,get one,rate that person a 1,respond to their post,then block them so they cant respond back. Grow the fuck up, people.
Our Sabbats
There are eight Wiccan holidays, and they are collectively called Sabbats. "Sabbat" comes from the French word, "s'ebattre", which means to rejoice, frolic, and revel. That is exactly what these days are for, the joyous celebration of life and nature. Sabbats, are determined by nature, not arbitrarily determined by people. Remember, Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays were combined, and then moved to Monday to boot, you can't get much more arbitrary. The eight sabbats are determined by the Earth and Sun, and the natural energy created by their relationships to each other. This makes them entirely natural holidays, where the natural energies are at high or low points. These were also important dates to our ancestors, who used them to help determine when to plant, and harvest.So what are these sabbats?Once a year, we have a night that is the longest night of the year, accompanied by the shortest day. We call this day the "Winter Solstice". On the exact opposite point on the wheel of
Wana Come On Road Trip Of The U.s.a??
SO YOU WANNA COME ON A RAOD TRIP EH? I'm planning to tour the U.S. this summer and i'm looking for a travelling companion. Im planning a six month trip, but ur welcome to come for as much or little of it as you want. Planning to tour the southern states especially;grand canyon and yellowstone....basically, as much as is possible. If you like adventure and wanna share in the trip of a lifetime, then come along, (i'll provide the car and the gas all you need to do is bring a sleeping bag and your hare of motel or camp site fees!) look forward to meeting you, Andy (aka The Rascal**************
Lovingly, To Daddy
Do I bore you? flat voice on the other end, of a rare phone call pretending to care who we are your daughters don't think you got the memo we were still yours why so eager to forget? Do I disgust you?      Yes, I remember You disgust me more Why couldn't you leave some hope for me? I try to forget, but then it slaps me in the face.
To Someone Who Is Easy To Hate, Even Easier To Laugh Terrible Sorry
Faggot! stop pretending to like me fat bulbous fuck face your eyes shout pity I only hate you though you eat her up nothing left for anyone else you're so simple, its annoying you'll believe anything you idiot
First 24 Hours~
I couldn’t believe I was doing this, even though I had thought about it all day, every day for weeks. I told myself that I knew what I was in for, but on the other hand… I also knew that he was full of surprises and I could never be really sure what it was that would happen once I got on the other side of the door. I shifted nervously from one foot to the other as I reached out to ring the doorbell. I knew once I touched that bell, it would be too late to turn back and I wouldn’t have any choice as to what happened beyond that point. I still can’t believe I touched the button and rang the bell. When he answered, I felt my sex melt. Just seeing him, seeing the way he stood straight and confident, the expression on his face, made me instantly wet. I sighed, thinking that this was something I really wanted to do. As soon as I saw him, my doubts were gone and I was his. He stepped aside, and I understood I was to enter. I stepped in a few feet, then he closed the d
Second 24 Hours~
I stripped off what was left of my clothing, seeing how rumpled and dishevelled I looked after he had used me. Still, when I looked in the bathroom mirror, I noticed a healthy-looking blush on my cheeks. It would be hard to convince anyone that I hadn’t enjoyed the rough treatment he’d given me, because truthfully, I had. I started the shower, and then decided to use the toilet while the water warmed. When I finished, I decided not to flush it right away, because it would affect the temperature of the water. I figured I could flush it when I got out of the shower, and I really wanted to clean up. I glanced around to see if there was something I could use to pin my hair out of the way while I washed. Snatching a comb off of the counter, I scooped my hair up and stuck the comb in it to fix it out of my face while I scrubbed the sweat of our encounter off of my body. I stepped into the shower, and began lathering my body, beginning with my neck and working my way down, being
Open Your Eyes... Look To The Skies And See...
Happy Easter everyone! I haven't slept in my own bed in days. It's either some where else or on the floor. My back is killing me. I'm confused and I hate myself for thinking too much. Just so you know, I'm not the person you think I am. There so much more to me, but those with closed minds, they don't see so clearly. You know how I feel, couldn't of made it more obvious, couldn't make it more clear. Open your eyes and see this before I'm completely gone, please? On a better note, I'm about to spend some time with family. It's been so long since this many of us has been in a room together. Too long..
Gods Hands
Gods Hands   On the seventh day God stood back and said It is good Creation Made by hands Formed from clay Each day A child is born Who plays Drawing Touching Mud Pies
My Marital Status
I don't know who got the idea I was single but I'm not I am very happily married, and I never said I was single to any one.
The Poopie List Ghost Poopie The kind where you feel the Poopie come out, but there's no poopie in the toilet. Clean Poopie The kind where you poopie it out, see it in the toilet, but there is nothing on the toilet paper. Wet Poopie The kind where you wipe your butt fifty times and it still feels unwiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and your underwear so you don't runie them with a stain. Second Wave Poopie The kind that happens when you're done poopie-ing and you've pulled your pants up to your knees, and you realize you have to poopie some more. Turtle Poopie The kind of poopie that pops out a little and goes back in a few times before it finallly comes out Pop-a-Vein-in-your-Forehead-Poopie The kind where you strain so much to get it out, you practically have a stroke. Lincoln Log Poopie The kind of Poopie that is so huge you're afraid to flush without first breaking it into little pieces with the plunger. Gas-sy Poopie
Funny But True.
Here is a letter I found who was written to Obama by a US Marine... It is a must read LOL. I'm sorry. These are legitimate questions and concerns. Granted they are addressed in a sarcastic and smart ass way in this letter, but still legitimate... Dear President Obama, Congratulations on the Presidency. Please don't treat it like a Prom Queen elected and then we never hear about thing’s getting done. Yes, I know our country is a little down right now. Lots of people blame it on Bush, but funny as it seems Congress is really a majority of Jackasses. (I'm sorry Democrats) Anyway, I just wanted to ask you a few questions before you get to work on building this fabulous country you have in mind. First off, I know you plan to move our troops out of Iraq and relocate them to Al Qaeda and Afghanistan. You say we are spending to much money in Iraq, but wont we be spending just as much in Al Qaeda and Afghanistan? I know your not from a military background, family or serving our coun
This e-mail I stumbled across caught my eye mainly because I have been called a few of these things for no reason. Especially when the person's calling me them were to ignorant to know or ask that I am not from the race of invading armies, nor am I a descendant of the English or British Heritage. I am also not a descendant of a slave owner. I am Irish, who have been appressed for over a thousand years and still are currently! Either way I am proud to be who I am which is Irish also "White" Are you proud? :) "Proud To Be White" Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me “White boy,” “Cracker,” “Honkey,” “Whitey,” “Caveman”. And that’s OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink… You call m
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People How Dont Understand
Twisted Snow Angel Part2
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body clenched tight."OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, MMMMMMNNNN," she cried as her ass rose off the table as he picked up speed just as she started cumming hard. He took her through every wave of her tremendous euphoria until she could not take it anymore. He took the glass fuck toy out of her and she fell back limp on the table. He removed the gag from her mouth and she took a deep breath. He brought the Pyrex to her lips and watched as her tongue happily lapped her own jizz off of the well-coated toy. The look of total satisfaction and appreciation washed over her face as she devoured every drop. She had the taste of cum now and wanted more. "Can I please taste your cock," she cooed between licks as she looked at him pleadingly.She watched intently as he released his ginormous cock from the restraints of his jeans. He brought his dick to her lips and shoved it into her mouth along with the glass cock. Her tongue rolled all over both as she moaned wit
Her Flaws~ Part1
I used to be a jealous man. I am still in a way, but my perspective has changed on a lot of things. And of course I am still the same pervert I have always been. My girlfriend Lara has never been made love to. She has to earn every single orgasm she gets by serving me and most of the time that is in a sexual manner. She loves it about as much as I do. I am a dominant and she is a submissive. I command and she obeys. The first time we had sex I pinned her down and penetrated her forcefully. Her surprise only lasted about 10 seconds, after that she was begging me not to stop. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. She has a real appetite for domination. Male domination that is. When I tie her up, she gets wets even if I don't stimulate her directly. The same goes for humiliation and pain. I discovered a sadistic streak in me I never knew I had merely because she enjoys being spanked, being whipped, being strapped, being cropped and being paddled. Now I always make sure to find
Her Flaws Part2
Lara was twisting, squirming, convulsing on the bed. If I had not known any better he would have stopped the whole charade for fear this was too much, which reminded me how much I actually care for Lara. But she was actually enjoying it, her earlier screams were gone, replaced by the little helpless noises she always made when pleasure was rising strong inside her. I felt envious then, not jealous because I was pleased with her new role. The envy I felt just build new sexual desire for her that she would have to accommodate later. My fist balled without my realising it. I raised it to my face and promised myself she would eventually receive my whole hand inside her. I would move it and look at her face and at the look of utter surrender that she would have. While I had been thinking of that, Lara's orgasm had run its course and she was in the last throes of it while Mike was removing his hand. He lifted his hand, covered in her fluids to her face and mixed their juices. She was too out
Lazy Sunday
Leaning his head back on the sheets he closes his eyes and enjoys the sensations of her tongue, warm and wet lapping at his asshole like a kitten. He loves Sunday mornings.It's become quite the tradition, waking to find His girl smiling wickedly beside Him, her fingers tickling across His chest waiting for permission to explore further. He never makes her wait long, usually only long enough to have a deep minty fresh good morning kiss with her before pulling the sheet aside and letting her start. She attacks this so called task with unrestrained passion, He remembers when it was first set, more to test her than anything, her reaction had been a mixture of uncertainty and disgust. Now, smiling to Himself as He feels her crawling over Him, He thinks perhaps she enjoys it almost as much as He does.She doesn't tarry too long, making her way quickly with licks and kisses down His torso to nuzzle her face into the wiry hair above her Masters cock. With a long lick she slips His rapidly harde
Removing Friends And Fans
going to be cleaning house a little.....for those on my freinds list that cant even take the time to notice that im here. i rate every freind i see in the bar tab also for those who care i leave for incirlik air base in turkey and will be gone a week...see you when i get back
Lazy Morning~
The thin beam of light peeking through the space between the drapes and shining right on her eyes woke her. Turning her head to block out the sunlight she caught a glimpse of the clock on the table beside the big bed. Blinking....she sat up and looked again.......10:40a.m.......she’d nearly slept the day away. Taking a deep breath she slid out from the warmth of the covers. Bare feet sinking into the carpet, she moved across the room.....sliding the satin robe over her naked body as she walked. On the kitchen table was the expected list of chores for the day. Glancing over the page she smiled at how little there was to do. As she passed through the living room, she pressed “play” on the stereo and turned the music up loud. Humming along, she walked back through the bedroom and to the adjoining bathroom. With so little to be done she certainly had time for a nice bath. Turning the water on full, she moved to the small vanity and selected a small jar of bath salts...inh
Someone Wants The War!!
      Has anyone taken the time to figure if almost everyone says they don't want the war that in fact can change things but we have to over run the military. We can revolt against this hardship if we unite. Too many people are lazy and not educated enough to go and plan the next manover.        The reign of sex alcoholic presidents and president that take our freedom away. If we were to unite and over throw all the people, not just the wrongly elected, we could and probably start something better. But there are too many that don't have the balls. It can be done. They say they'll bring home the soldiers. But thats so they can send more away.        I say just do something they don't think possible. Put down your guns and learn to love and abide by the one truth. Its not fight or be killed its live and let live. If we kill them they are wanting and sometimes killing us. Treat others as you yourself want to be treated. The world maybe dieing more each day. How about we live a safe life
Aunt Linda
The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment. Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at he end of it.The next day, the kids came back, and one by one, began to tell their stories. There were all the regular types of stuff: spilled milk and pennies saved.But then the teacher realized, much to her dismay, that only Ernie was left. "Ernie, do you have a story to share?""Yes ma'am. My daddy told a story about my Aunt Linda. she was a pilot in Desert Storm, and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory and all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol, and a survival knife. She drank the whiskey on the way down so the bottle wouldn't break, and then her parachute landed her right in the middle of 20 Iraqi troops. She shot 15 of them with the pistol, until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands.""Good Heavens," said the horrified teacher. "What kind of moral di
Because Of You
I awake each day wih a smile . And greet it with a laugh . thw world is a treasure to me.  BECAUSE OF YOU         I AWAKE EACH DAY WITH A SMILE. AND GREET IT WITH A LAUGH. THE WORLD IS A TREASURE TO ME. BECAUSE OF YOU. EVERYTIME I THINK OF SOMETHING SAD, I REPLACE  THE THOUGHT WITH YOU.. MY MIND IS INSTANTLY CHANGED AND MY HEART IS FILLED WITH GLADNESS.. BECAUSE OF YOU... EVERY BREATH I TAKE IS IS MEANT FOR YOU .. I LIVE THIS LIFE SURROUNDED IN JOY .. AND I BATHE IN THE  PROMISE OF YOUR LOVE... MY SOUL BELONGS TO YOU..EACH TIME I SEE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL I WANT TO TAKE IT AND BRING IT TO YOU... MY LIFE HAS SO MUCH MEANING NOW ...                                             ALL BECAUSE OF YOU...                                                                                                                                             LOVE YOU BABY          
For Others - Friends And Family
~ Angles or Devils ~ ~ Some Good ~ ~ Some Evil ~ ~ Either Way they are My Friends!!
Darkness consumesMy once warm heartCupids’ arrowNow a poisoned dartEvery time I LoveIt brings me sorrowThe knife of fateI did not borrowFor it cuts meWay down deepIt haunts my mindEven when I sleepMy life it seemsIs just one nightmareFacing the darknessAnd its icy stareFor now I faceThe world aloneThe claws of despairSlice to the boneI once was happyNow I just acheThe pain of LoveLike a wooden stakePierced my heartLeft me in tormentThrough the corridor of lifeA lonely decentInto the deep And dark abyssStill a memoryOf your sweet kissFor I now knowI am not what you desireThe pain of a broken heartIs all I acquireLike the blade of a knifeThat has severed my soulI must resembleAn ugly trollFor I know notWhat I could have doneMy blood scorchedLike vampires in the sunThe loss in faithThat love can be trueMy heart turns a shadeOf an icy hueYet the visionsSo clear in my mindOur pathsForever entwinedMy heart has been lancedBy loves sharpened daggerMy mind begins to swimI start to stagger
The Rules Of Chocolate.....mmmmmmmmmmm!
If you get melted chocolate all over your hands, you're eating it too slowly.Chocolate covered raisins, cherries, orange slices and strawberries all count as fruit, so eat as many as you want.The problem: How to get two pounds of chocolate home from the store in a hot car. The solution: Eat it in the parking lot.Diet tip: Eat a chocolate bar before each meal.It'll take the edge off your appetite and you'll eat less.A nice box of chocolates can provide your total daily intake of calories in one place. Isn't that handy?If you can't eat all your chocolate, it will keep in the freezer. But if you can't eat all your chocolate, what's wrong with you?If calories are an issue, store your chocolate on top of the fridge. Calories are afraid of heights, and they will jump out of the chocolate to protect themselves.Money talks. Chocolate sings.Chocolate has many preservatives. Preservatives make you look younger.Why is there no such organization as Chocoholics Anonymous?Because no one wants to qu
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Points To Ponder..........
Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat mel Watch your thoughts; they become words.Watch your words; they become actions.Watch your actions; they become habits.Watch your habits; they become character.Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.--Frank Outlaw
Left Or Right Or....?
What is actually right and left?    Today on TV, talk radio, newspapers etcetera, we hear the words left and right bantered about quite a bit. The left labeled as liberals and the extreme left communists and socialists while on the right we have conservatives, with the extreme right being called fascists.  Democrats deemed left and Republicans, deemed right, but this is not what the political system was founded on.  In days of old, parliament was seated according to their affiliation with the communist followers being seated on the left side of the building and the fascists on the right side with all other party lines strewn about in between.  Yet the founding fathers did not view this when they talked about left and right.  The above is political parties, and the two extremes, which has now become identified with political parties.  It is funny to think of these terms because even though communism is the far left and fascism, the far right, they both are identical in the respect th
My Love
I am helplessly in love with a woman, she knows who she is. I think about her all the time. Wondrering if she is warm, safe and happy. I dream of her in the night and wish i could hold her in my arms, o so tight and look in to her eyes, tell her how much i love and care for her no matter what. She is the light in my dark soul, my love is hers and hers so until i can call you my own and we can build a home. My heart screams for you and you alone My Love !
The Gentleman
He asked to go to Dinner..something that is not normal for me these days. I thought to myself, what a Gentleman. Looking at his picture it was unclear what to expect. He looked well put together. There still was the mystery of seeing him face to face.As I arrived home from work that Monday evening, a sedan pulled in behind me. Anticipating, A figure stepped out of the car. As he approached, a very handsome face started to clear as he got closer.We went to dinner at a Steakhouse. For hours the conversation was flowing. Without even thinking, we walked near the water. A slight chill in the air and wind over the bay made it hard to stay outside.We went back to the house and talked more. It was very late.He kissed me goodnight. The kiss lasted for a very long time. Passion building, he just could not leave.We ended up in my bed..kissing longer. I felt him start to undress me. He began to explore my body inch by inch. His lips and tongue sliding down my neck. I felt his tongue and mouth aro
Come Get The Perks!
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Thanks So Much
From my llama leveling family to the countless others.. thanks! Thanks so much everyone. Cooperwill had some of the rating  revolution to help. 250k away from leveling yesterday and all leveled today. Everyone was amazing! misterfeet deserves kudos as well... he bombed me several times lately. I even conned a friend who has been offline to help. ;)  *   *     *     *   *   *     *   *   *  *  *    * h
Prank Calls
ok so recently ive been bored, do alot of blogs start off this way? and have been filling out pop up forms on the net. now i know there ploys just to get your email and phone number, but i dont care i have no life. so anyway my favorite one to date was this one where a guy in a pakistani accent asked if i was looking for a car loan. i thot quick and said, yeah sure. he said, how much are you looking at borrowing, i said, oh abaout 80k, he said, fine thats doable. then he asks, how much do i make in a month, i said, 600 bux. he asked, ? a week you make 600, i said, no, a month thats what you asked right? how much i make a month? he said well sire that ridiculouse how do you expect to pay this loan off? i said that i dont intend to pay it off, im gona get the loan, buy the car, and when you figure out im not paying you can repo it, but till then ill have a badass car! he hung up, i was sad. the end.
April's Auction
pissy today lookin 4 trouble. 
I Want You To ....
Learning Acceptance
I thought it was time to write something serious well at least to me anyways. In the last week I have been having a really rough time. I have been dealing with things, I wish I didnt have to deal with. I writing because things have change for me. I have learned lot of things over the years of being online. I am not looking for the love of my life on here, though if it happens that good too. I have accepted that finding true love anywhere not just one line is almost impossible. I have learned there are liars, player, and hurtful people even though they claim not to be. I just dont understand why people have to be that way to get what they want. For if i can't get what i want for being my self then i dont wont it. just sad to see alot of people pretending to be somethere not. This blog is not directed to just one person, its general observation. The things that I have been dealing with for the past week has taught me something. Even though I have heard it many times before. I am just goi
Endless Summer (song)
My day starts. I climb out of bed. Looking to the skys. All the grey over my head. But still I smile. Cause my heart feels your sun. It cant feel the rain anymore. Because of you my clouds are gone. You have brought endless summer. To my winter drenched bones. Only close to your warmth. Is a place I can call home. The winds can pull me down. But I'll get back on my feet. So I can feel you once again. A warmth ever so sweet. This earth can throw at me. Everything besides the sun. All I need is your warmth. Forever my only one. You have brought me an endless summer. Warmed my winter drenched bones. Only close to your heart. Is a place I call home.... By Michael Profant
Avantasia: What Kind Of Love
Ok, this is a song by a Progressive metal band called Avantasia, they get a lot of guest vocalists and stuff (alice cooper happens to be on their new album, which this song is from) It's a part of a storyline about a scarecrow who so desperately wants to find love, but because he isn't human, he can't. It's an awesome album, check it out. It's called "The Scarecrow" but anyway here it is:   "A Dream of a dwelling inside, Alone we come and alone we go And who am i to know what i feel, Sympathy that's tearing me apart? Attraction of the distance to a heart or affinity?   What if love will leave your heart an open sore? And I can't reveal what even i don't know The Love you feel you waste away on me What kind of Love would let us bleed away? No kind of Love would make us bleed away   If only you could be The one to take a look inside I feel so incomplete A broken man in need of Mother Love i'm suffering in silence And no one wants to see And only God is watching as I
Why I Have Been Gone So Long The Real Truth!
i left fubar cuz i had a lot of bad shit happen to me i lost all my money i'am still broke.when i lost my money it caused a great deal of depression.i was in rehab trying recover and will im still a little numb. let's see what else happend oo i got robbed my computer and everything nearly got stolen.i lost my jobs so now i'am just trying to get back on my feet.i have been fighting with the government it's like they don't give a shit who they hurt.i had the flu for 2 good thing came out of all this horrible shit is my neice had her baby!baby boy name mason the most amazing thing i have ever seen i love that baby! gives me a reason for living cuz i was at serious point in my life where i was nearly going to kill myself.will thats basicliy all..thanks for staying my friends for those who stayed.
I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure.  I make mistakes.  I am out of control and, at times, hard to handle.  But if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me be at my best!  -  Marilyn Monroe
How Is It Possible...
How is it possible that someone can say they love you so much yet hate everything you represent and do? Like they will say "I love everything about you...BUT this this this and this." How in gods name is that possible? If they Love everything about you how can they hate just certain things? It makes no fuckin sense to me... i guess im just confused.... someone PLEASE explain this to me...
How Do You Tell A Friend...
how do you tell a friend of forever thats she's turning into THAT parent. You know the one you'd sooner punch in the face than hang out with? She's so involved in her grade school kids lives that after about 2 minutes of speaking to her you feel like you are talking to one of them! President  of the PTO , girl scout leader, runs the baseball/ softball league. Aside from the fact shes going insane & in concerned she's spreading herself just way too thin shes starting to complain. LIke *my daughter has this girl who insists she has to be friends with everyone my daughter is its disgusting* blah blah complaints. Well last week just tipped it for me . We were sitting at breakfast ( mind you this is a common occurance for us)and she starts talking bad about other peoples kids . She ripped a little girl about how shes been cheering for a few years & how she cant cheer & HER daughters are better and shouldfnt be there ect. ect then preceeds to have the same rant about yet another child in tum
The Lost Art Of Dating
Greetings Neighbors:   Isn't watching your older children a true adventure?  Lately, I have been watching my stepson number 1 and I must make this proclamation- dating as we know it is dead! Now, some of you may not recall this, but, consider the following: In the good old bad old days, when a young wanted to get together with someone, no matter where you first met them, you would sooner or later meet the parents.  You would arrange this after courting the person of interest for a good period of time.  Then, either a dinner or a meeting was scheduled, so the folks can size the choice made, good or bad. Now, what did the stepson so with his latest interest.  He just demaned we should give her audience because he's been chasing her for a long time.  Yet, there is a complication, the last girl friend is still in the house.  Why you may ask?  Well, my darling and I have bounded with the last girlfriend's children (one is 6 months old and the other is two going on 3).  It was determine
Deviant For April 2009
The Mummer's Dance
song of today. Loreena McKennitt..The Mummer's Dance in honor of the MuMMs
Wanna Buy A Hotty!?!
My Body
im sweet and sexy some buy
Could It Be?
where did you come from I think I dreamed you - gleamed you into being from a spark in my heart from the burn the ache the need for someone just like me.i sigh alone at night in the swell of the moon's beams glistening upon the beareness of my skin that steams with a passions flame a raging fire fueled with an aching desire to conspire to give into the need the give the grow to know and own and reap the balm of your body meshed with mine, intertwined, thrusting, fighting, surging, becoming melded and falling into collect me, enslave me and make me weak with even the slightest slip from your lip the honey sweet confection you drip into my brain it seeps and soars and consumes me in ways I never thought. with every word i climb to heights that embarrass even the gods you lift, exhalt and burn a stain onto my soul that only the firmness of your touch can console. i need to be calmer, quieter, slower in motion but my heart knows naught how to ration it's rage and like a meteor
A Little Intro To Something Regarding Positive Energy
I have this "fetish" for positive energy. Now, I have to say that this is more than positive thought. Energy in and of itself is what we imminate from our existance everyday that we inhabit the planet. We have positive energy and negative energy: "We are all affected by positive and negative energy whether we realize it or not. You can learn how to raise the level of your vibration -- your frequency -- to benefit yourself and humankind in miraculous ways."-- Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water""Many indicators tell us we are about to experience a rapid transition to a new world that will change the essential nature of who we are and how we understand reality. Transcending the coming chaos is possible with the toolset provided here. Frequency is an unprecedented gift for the person who is ready to evolve."-- John L. Petersen, founder of The Arlington Institute and author of A Vision for 2012"Seeing ourselves as energy beings is the most important breakthrough of our ti
Just Kill Me - A Tattoo Tribute
The Many Thoughts of HarleyGirl Saturday, April 11, 2009 Just Kill Me - A Tribute Tattoo About a month ago I got a friend request on Myspace from “Just Kill Me”. I was thinking it would end up being another rock band that was out spreading their music around Myspace. Well to my surprise it was a fellow biker named Harley Mike from Colorado. After adding Mike to my friends list I checked out his page and found one of the most amazing tattoos that I’d ever seen. I immediately hit send message and asked Harley Mike if he’d like to share the story about his incredible tattoo. Mike agreed and now I’m sharing it with all of you.Harley Mike Hight has been around motorcycles most of this life. Raised around a 1%er Club, he would help them work on their bikes. As he grew older he was asked to work in a small 1%er Club shop in the Ventura/Sherman Oaks area of California.Mike’s first bike was a ’57 straight leg frame with a
What The Fuck
i guess that im just done with fubar for now. im tired of all the drama here...i dont know where ill go to pass the time but i dont think that it will be here.  right now i cant take the stress of the haters....its all bullshit in my oppion. but all i got to say with that is that they make me and juggalos more famous. thats how i see shit.   if you want to hit me up my shit is aim-emsex9957 Yahoo-emo_kite_loves_anime and my myspace is so hit me up if you want to chat..i use yahoo the most but ill be on all of them more.
My Lady.....
Exerpt From Paper On Justin And Nationals
Britt sixth at Nationals Author: Clint Smith; For the Daily Record   Date: April 12, 2009 Publication: Lebanon Daily Record, The (MO) VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Lebanon High School wrestler and blue-chip football recruit, Justin Britt, put a huge exclamation point on an already unprecedented high school wrestling career, earning All-American status and placing sixth in the nation at the 20th annual National High School Wrestling Championships in Virginia Beach, VA. Official Weigh-ins were Apr. 2 and featured 64 of the nation's best high school heavyweight wrestlers. Britt weighed-in at 273 pounds
Why Is It
that women pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to look "good" when its whats on the inside that counds
Music I Love-leaves Eyes (farewell Proud Men)
hot Viking menz-what else can I look for?
A chamelion allows me to see him. On the path where I walk When others pass by he moves just a bit. I rest my eyes upon him softly Vulnerable except in the ability to  be overlooked because what is of larger form shares its color and he takes shelter. He hides from everyone it seems but me And I think toward it with a tear in my eye We are kin of a similar fear I wish I could disappear into something larger than me that I too would be overlooked instead of standing out awkwardly As I always do. Because certain people notice in such a way That they scare me too.    And I nod farewell Pretending that the golden sunlight Shares its glow In the light around me And I am safe.
Are These Fakes?
I have noticed a lot of profiles lately that are higher than level 10 yet the profile has no salute. I created this blog to make a list of the Non Salute profiles that ar higher than level 10 in hopes to make comparisons and see if these are in fact real people or fakes and if they are real get an idea of how and why these users are special compared to everyone else on here. According to the Fubar Bible in Fubar's exact words. "Submitting a salute is a level-up requirement. If you do not wish to submit a salute, that is OK, but your level will freeze at level 10." I start out with one that came to me as a secret admirer today. Level 11 -
susurrus \su-SUHR-uhs\, noun: A whispering or rustling sound; a murmur.
Marilyn Chambers
LOS ANGELES – Marilyn Chambers, the pretty Ivory Snow girl who helped bring hard-core adult films into the mainstream consciousness when she starred in the explicit 1972 movie "Behind the Green Door," has died at 56. The cause of death was not immediately known. A family friend, Peggy McGinn, said Chambers' 17-year-old daughter found the actress' body Sunday night at her home in the Los Angeles suburb of Canyon Country. Chambers was pronounced dead at the scene, the county coroner's office said Monday. Chambers and fellow actresses Linda Lovelace and Georgina Spelvin shot to fame at a time in the early 1970s when both American social mores and the quality of hard-core sex films were changing. For the first time, films like "Behind the Green Door" and "Deep Throat" (also released in 1972 and starring Lovelace) had decent acting and legitimate if fairly thin plots. As the audiences for them grew to include couples, they also began to take on higher production values and to be se
I Asked God
I asked God to take away my pain. God said, No. It is not for me to take away, but for you to give up.   I asked God to make my handicapped child whole. God said, No. Her spirit was whole, her body was only temporary. I asked God to grant me patience. God said, No. Patience is a by-product of tribulations, it isn't granted, it is earned. I askedGod to give me happiness. God said, No. I give you blessings,Happiness is up to you. I asked God to spare me pain. God said. No. Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me. I asked God to make my spirit grow. God said, No. You must grow on your own. but I will prune you to make you fruitful. I asked for all things that I might enjoy life. God said, No. I will give you life so that you may enjoy all things. I ask God to help me LOVE others, as much as he loves me. God said.... Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.       I hope that this helps you that read it as it has helped me.   Al
Allow Me
Allow me to be my own person accept me for who I am. Not the person others think I should be. Sometimes I have a lot to say and don't hesitate to say it, but sometimes what I have to say can only be read in my eyes. Understand me my moods and my feelings on days when I’m feeling sunny and on days when there's rain in my heart. I'll never go back on a promise and I will always be there for when you need me. Understand me trust me and the bond between us will be impossible to break.
I woke up in heaven; just at dawn the sky seemed to have been painted by no less than the hand of God. The clouds glazed across the sky like ocean waves, one after the other. They were soft hazy clouds, and they seemed to have been copper plated. Indeed they shined in copper red orange shades. I must be in heaven; nowhere on earth one could see shinning clouds, which seemed to be blazing copper. The sun was coming up in the horizon and in just seconds the copper clouds turned into a gold that was like no earthly gold. This golden clouds shined with no less than the majesty of the sun itself.  The sky was blue so deep it almost seemed purple and the trees around me couldn’t be greener. I must be in heaven; nowhere on earth dawn could be this pleasant. It isn't hot nor cold and I just saw shinning clouds turn from copper to gold, and the only sound I hear is birds singing away sweetly. Earth couldn't possibly feel this amazingly good; I must be in heaven. I'm not dead but instead m
Writing A Book Or Writing A Fantasy
I am currently working on a short story, long story, novel, I don't really know yet. But lets say I am currently working on characters and starting a story I am sure to be quite proud of.   Yes it has to do with vampires and yes the little indian girl who meets him is half-white. Its gonna be a good book.
Make me a salute & I'll make you one back! :) Let me know if you do it!
Insight (an Introduction To The Tao Of The Warrior)
Honor is central to warriorship.  It's a concept common to all warrior groups, regardless of the cultures in which they formed.  Whether you call it Bushido, The Code of Chivalry, or something different, all fighting men and women aspire to ethical codes guiding the manner in which they practice the profession of arms and how they live their lives.   Given the moral nature of these codes, they are compatible with most religions and are often mistaken for doctrines of religious origin.  However, warrior honor is not based on religion.   Warriors aren't honorable because they fear a wrathful god.  They are honorbale because it's a practical requirement of their profession.  They are honorbale because it's the most powerful way to live.  Most of all, warriors are honorable because to be otherwise is cowardly!   Whether you are a military member or not, personal honor is just as important.  Studying the martial arts makes you stronger than your non-warrior peers, and you're much more
I once again open my self..... and everything i say i mean! with everything i can and will ever be!..... Bue i see dout in you text..... in your words..... why would i say something and not mean it!... Thats just not me..... Do i feel the same way for another! you dare ask me this?.... words that can break a heart.... Whats next?? Do i chase one that douts me?..... ........hhmmmmm
This Girl
Im life we over come things everyday. Some challenges are smaller then others but non the less they are all importian. Thought at times we all feel the wear and tare of life we still find the energy to get up and truck on. Though never knowing if the challenges of this day are going to be the ones that brake us down. Everyday is an oppertunity for greatness and though sometimes we cant see it.... It there. Sometimes its staring right back into our faces and it still passes us up. Today I was faced with a decision. I think that I made the right one, but not knowing what would have happened had I done it differently will still be in the back of my mind. I will try not to regret the little things and look forward to the bigger thing. I will never pass up the chace to fall in love even though it may ens badly and someone may end up hurt... Why you ask? There is no felling like the felling of love. The what seems to be indicribable feeling of finding that person that makes your stoach dance
I'm a real good actor This is a heavy roll Our love is a script And you carry total control Like a clown and I've been smiling Whenever people were all around But when the curtain comes down And the circus is through No one is left but me you and all my Tears So many tears and my tears One word could wash them away One word could take the place Uh and baby I just want you looking my eyes I've been crying and girl Can't you see? oh and girl One word could wash them away One word could take the place................
I Hate Today
so today was horrible. my job sucks. my car sucks. money sucks. i officially hate everything. i am tired, depressed, and alone. if you feel like cheering me up call or text. 281-203-1271. but i dont expect a thing.
Scary Facts
There are an estimated 77 million kids online today.There are over 40,000 chat rooms where children can meet child predators.Pedophiles lure kids in, with games and establish relationships with them on-line, then arrange to meet face-to-face.75 percent of children are willing to share personal information online about themselves and their family in exchange for goods and/or services. (gifts, free samples, free online games, etc.)Chat rooms and instant/private messages are two main tools pedophiles use to contact children on-line.Online child pornography/child sex exploitation is the most significant crime problem confronting the FBI that involves crimes against children.There is a 100% chance of a child meeting a predator in a chat room.(FBI 2002)Children are reported missing into the FBI computer program system at the rate of:*825,600 kids per year*68,800 kids per month*16,100 kids per week*2,300 kids per day*96 kids per hour*3 kids every 2 minutes*Statistics provided by the Crimes Ag
Why My Heartstings
It's becoming more evident Much more obvious to me I thought much more of you Than you ever thought of me Was this my biggest mistake Letting myself think you cared Was I just your marionette With heartstrings open and bared With me left here still thinking What was false, what was true So puzzling and so complex I’m left to await another clue On my heartstings you played Each left with a loving memory Yet I still have those questions Do you ever think about me I’m wondering why all the intrigue Now why all of this mystery Why am I left here hanging Your the one that holds the key.
A Loving Master
I didn't write this but it is GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!! Some is even better One of the main factors, for me in feeling truly Owned is to be constantly reminded throughout the day of Master's control. These reminders can be subtle or really obtrusive. The more often a slave is reminded of her submission, the deeper it becomes....and the more fulfilling. So here are some ideas You might want to try... And no matter what rules You decide to make Your own, consistent. If You are unwilling to take the time to enforce the rules You make, then there may as well be no rules at all. There is nothing in the world that will make a slave feel less loved than to have a Master/Mistress who ignores her transgressions and does not exert Their Dominance. Have her wear slave bells. The constant soft jingling of the bells is soothing and a certain reminder of her submission. When she has broken a rule, talk to her as You punish....and make her speak in detail about why what she did w
End Of Week 4
end of week 4... 16 to goThe corparte love fest starts this week.  They are going to pick on the quility of the food. thankfully i only make the salads and have no control over anything.Well corparte is gone... after changing everything. I think they just wanted to go on a vacation and decided to pick on us this time. The last few days of the the week they went off the boat to eat and left early.Made it off the boat again. This time in Nawilliwilli. And it rained again, like every time i get off. some nice small shopping centers here and of course the ever present walmart. at least they supply shuttles to everywhere.
Careless Whisper
you guys know me and my songs this one hits the heart SEETHER Careless Whisper I feel so unsureAs I take your hand and lead you to the dance floorAs the music diesSomething in your eyesCalls to mind a silver screneAnd all of the sad goodbyesI'm never going to dance againThese guilty feet have got no rhythmThough it's easy to pretendI know you're not a foolI should have known better than to cheat a friendA wasted chance that I've been givenSo I'm never going to dance again...The way I danced with youOhhTime can never mendThe careless whispers of a good friendTo the heart and mindIgnorants is kindTheres no comfort in the truthPain is all you'll findI'm never going to dance againThese guilty feet have got no rhythmThough it's easy to pretendI know you're not a foolI should have known better than to cheat a friendA wasted chance that I've been givenSo I'm never going to dance again...The way I danced with youOhhTonight the music seems so loudI wish that we could lose this crowdMaybe i
*Best Friends* I´ll always be beside youuntil the very endwiping all your tears awaybeing your BEST FRIENDI´ll smile when you smile and feel all the pain you doand if you cry a single tearI promise I´ll cry too!!!
Auto 11's
 Want Auto 11's!?!?!?I'm auctioning off a Auto 11Come by and place ur bidThe auction will run from April 13th tonight through April 20th 9pm ESTThe highest bid will win the Auto 11Remember any cash bids are better then fubucks. No DramaSerious bidders only.Bids start at 250,000Good Luck  
What's Next
Change.It's always been who I am.  I grew up in an unstable home with one parent in the military, and the other dealing with mental issues from a very traumatic childhood.  Things were never stable, and one moment's respite was quickly swept away in another moment's tragedy.In and out of foster homes, group homes and the like, moving across the country or even the globe.  I was never in one place for long, sometimes I'd find myself back in a familiar place, but it was rare and never for long.  Nothing was ever lasting, nothing stayed.  I found myself withdrawn in those things that I couldn't be taken away from.  Books, video games, toys, withdrawn in myself.  My 2 brothers and sister were there for me often, but not always, sometimes I wouldn't see them for weeks, months.  Not to mention I was the oldest, with my father consumed by the army and my mother mentally unfit (for a long while, until they were able to finally figure out and treat her illness) I was the authoritarian figure. 
Wat Do U Think
i am glad that i am going too be a daddy in 6 n a half months with my baby mama jess.
My Letter To Nicole
of all the things I have said and done nothing in my life compares to the day you came into my life and told me that you love me. My life was only about me, me, me now it is about you, you, you. One day I hope our dreams will come true, the day it becomes about us, us, us. I know I have never done anything in my life that would make me worthy of your love, even now I have done things to upset you and make you cry. Each time you have forgiven me. Each time you have have told me you love me still. Every time I hear those words I stop and think of how wonderful you truely are, My one dream above all is to make you proud of me, proud to say that I am yours and you are mine. I love you more then anything. You are the light that brightens my days and the fire that warms my soul.
A Virtuous Cycle
The Ripple Effect In a world of six billion people, it’s easy to believe that the only way to initiate profound transformation is to take extreme action. Each of us, however, carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn affect others. As the effect of a seemingly insignificant word passes from person to person, its impact grows and can become a source of great joy, inspiration, anxiety, or pain. Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread and expand as they move outward. The impact you have on the world is greater than you could ever imagine, and the choices you make can have far-reaching consequences. You can use the ripple effect to make a positive difference and spread waves of kindness that will wash over the world. Should the opportunity arise, the recipient of a good deed will likely feel comp
i hate dirty old men. you look like my grandfather and tell me you wanna cum all over my face and tits. that's fucking disgusting. then tell me i'm the half naked bitch well fuck you just cause i'm half naked doesn't mean you can talk to me like that. i'm a human not a blow up doll. and no where on here do you see naked pics so if anything i'm a tease but only on here cause i feel the only one that should see me naked is my guy. i hope your dick rots off.....
Give Him Some Luvin
DJBARTAB Come show him some luv and help him lvl Click on his pic and boom your on his profile!!!!
The Gay Flight Attendant
My flight was being served by an obviously gay flight attendant, who seemed to put everyone In a good mood as he served us food and drinks. As the plane prepared to descend, he came swishing down the aisle and told us that "Captain Marvey has asked me to announce that he'll be landing the big scary plane shortly, so lovely people, if you could just put your trays up, that would be super."  On his trip back up the aisle, he noticed  this well-dressed and rather Arabic looking  woman hadn't moved a muscle. "Perhaps  you didn't hear me over those big brute engines  but I asked you to raise your trazy-poo, so the  main man can pitty-pat us on the ground."    She calmly turned her head and said, "In my  country, I am called a Princess and I take orders  from no one." To which the flight attendant replied, without missing a beat, "Well, sweet-cheeks, in my country I'm called a Queen, so I out rank you. Tray-up, Bitch."
Missing You All!!
First let me say Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great time this past weekend. I was down in CA and went to Medival times. Last time I've been there was when I was 11 years old. I wanted to say hello to all and when you get a chance you should stop by and check out my website..Tell me what you think of it... I been checking messaages and comments here on fubar at least every other day. Thank you for all sweet, kind comments. I love them. Take care because I care, XoXoXo Lori G
Bubblefoot- Guitars Suck
today an instrumental
Q &a Ala Jen!
LASTLast beverage: it 2 pm... cappuchinoLast phone call: BLast instant message: PandaLast song you listened to: Its raining men ( goes with the text lol)Last time you cried: last nightHAVE YOU EVERDated someone twice: yeah Been cheated on: yeaKissed someone & regretted it: omg yesLost someone special: Yes, quite a few..IN THE PAST MONTH HAVE YOU:Fallen out of love: yeaLaughed until you cried: yeaMet someone who changed your life: hrmmFound out someone was talking about you: oh im sure they do trick is do i care?Kissed anyone on your top friends? dont have top friends but possibly 1 on my friends list yesHow many ppl on your top friends do you know in real life? real life?? oh outside fo the computer.. a fewHow many kids do you want to have: what? 4 isnt enough??? LOLDo you have any pets: well if you ask them they are human but yes 2 dogs & 2 fishDo you want to change your name? yep What time did you wake up today? 630What were you doing at midnight last night? i was passed out coldName
Kimmie Kinz
  Kimmie Kinz Is up for auction! Auction Ends April 21st, 2009 @ 4pm EST! Bid & rate the pic Please!!!!!!!!!!! Click the pic below to bid!!!
Dj Sexy Kitty
  DJ Sexy Kitty Is up for auction! Auction Ends April 21st, 2009 @ 4pm EST! Bid & rate the pic Please!!!!!!!!!!! Click the pic below to bid!!!
  SexyScorpio Is up for auction! Auction Ends April 21st, 2009 @ 4pm EST! Bid & rate the pic Please!!!!!!!!!!! Click the pic below to bid!!!
Dj Shygirl
  DJ Shygirl Is up for auction! Auction Ends April 21st, 2009 @ 4pm EST! Bid & rate the pic Please!!!!!!!!!!! Click the pic below to bid!!!
Omg Help Me!
   Help me to feel. Help me to understand. help me to cope with what lies ahead of me on this treterous path we call life! I am so confused about what my very existance in this world is-After 4 years my ex boyfriend who I was totally in love with hunts me down-tells me there is nothing better in life than me-and that he wants me back! WOW... What am I suppose to do with that-the guy Im with now and have been with for three years also loves me.    Dear Lord-am I making a mistake in wanting to feel again-in wanting to have a good time again-in feeling secure and not ashamed? I am so so so so confused! I hate being me and with the way this world is today, this is not a good thing...I need advice! ADVICE ADVICE ADVICE ADVICE!!!!
Evil Empire? Orly? #3
A U.S. Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference that included Admirals from the U.S., English, Canadian, Australian and French Navies. At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with a large group of Officers that included personnel from most of those countries. Everyone was chatting away in English as they sipped their drinks, but a French Admiral suddenly complained that, whereas Europeans learn many languages, Americans learn only English.' He then asked, 'Why is it that we always have to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?' Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied 'Maybe it's because the Brits, Canadians, Aussies and Americans arranged it so you wouldn't have to speak German.' You could have heard a pin drop
Evil Empire? Orly? #4
Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane. At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on. 'You have been to France before, monsieur?' the Customs officer asked sarcastically. Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously. 'Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.' The American said,' The last time I was here, I didn't have to show it.' "Impossible. Americans always have to show your passports on arrival in France!' The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look. Then he quietly explained, "'Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country, I couldn't find a single Frenchmen to show a passport to.' You could have heard a pin drop
Mom. Done!
“Mom.  Done!”  So our son Jeffrey said when he heard the buzzer go off on our oven last night to indicate that the burrito meat had finished cooking!  They are getting to be quite perceptive; this morning after breakfast our daughter came in the kitchen wearing her Easter dress (which she saw when Martha was home with them and I had to run an errand) and Martha took the opportunity while I was doing the dishes to clean out our large silverware drawer with her.  I got introduced to a pickle grabber, one utensil shaped like a long hypodermic needle with a retractable grabber than can pick up a small food item (one really funky tool from Pampered Chef, I recall) and joked with Sarah as she and my wife were loading the bag on utensils we don’t use anymore that we were going to eat them.  “No we’re not, Daddy!” Water levels are actually starting to fall throughout the state, but almost all of North Dakota is under a flood watch!  For the last week and a
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Little Angels
When God calls little children,To dwell with him above.We mortals sometimes question,The wisdom of his love..For no heartache compares withThe death of one small childWho does so much to make our worldSeem wonderful, and mild..Perhaps God tires of callingThe aged to his fold,And so he picks a rosebud,Before it can grow old..God knows how much we need them,And so he takes but few,To make the land of HeavenMore beautiful to view..Believing this is difficultStill, somehow we must try,The saddest word mankind knowsWill always be "Goodbye"..So when a little child departs,We who are left behindMust realize, God loves children..Angels are hard to find.
I Looking For A Good Lounge
Does anybody know how to do this lounges thing,,,,I aint done it yet and i was looking for some help on where to go
Divorce Pt. 2
Today I went to meet with a lawyer and I got the divorce process started.  I got the paperwork and filled it out.  The only thing stopping the divorce from being finalized, is getting the proper signitures notarized.  Hopefully this will be done by friday.  As soon as the paperwork is turned into the courts, and the date has been set, I will be a free man.  Stay tuned for further details.  As soon as I find out when the divorce will be finalized, there is a huge party planned.  If you guys want more info, let me know.  The more at the party the merrier!!!!!
How I Feel
Color Crap
The Part of You That No One Sees is Detached You are aloof, mysterious, and distant. People feel like they really don't know the true you... Yet they're still drawn to you, almost by magnetic force. Underneath it all, you don't even really feel like you know yourself. It's easier to put on a front than really think about your life's purpose. You tend to seem pretentious, but it's just a mechanism you use to push people away. What's the Part of You That No One Sees? Crap, Lol.
Your Name's Power is Fulfillment Your name's power is that it helps you be fulfilled. Your name conveys both a strong-willed and hard-working approach. People who meet you can't help but think you are attractive. You try to live your life with action and satisfaction. What's Your Name's Power?
Ambi-gram Tattoos (this Is Fun)!!!  
Silent Lucidity
Hush now, don't you cry wipe away the teardrop from your eye. Yo're lying safe in bed It was all a bad dream spinning in your head. Your mind tricked you to feel the pain of someone close to you leaving the game of life. So here it is, another chance wide awake you face the day. Your dream is over.... or has it jus begun. Theres a place I like to hide a doorway that I run through in the night Relax child, you were there But only didn't realize it and you were scared It's a place where you will learn To face your fears, retrace the years And ride the whims of your mind. Commanding in another world Suddenly, you hear and see This magic new dimention. I will be watching over you I am gonna help you see it through I will protect you in the night I am smiling next to you.... in silent lutidity If you open your mind for me You won't rely on open eyes to see The walls you built within come tumbling down and a new world will begin. Living twice at once you learn you
Shakespeares 91. Sonett Some glory in their birth, some in their skill,Some in their wealth, some in their body's force,Some in their garments though new-fangled ill;Some in their hawks and hounds, some in their horse; And every humour hath his adjunct pleasure,Wherein it finds a joy above the rest:But these particulars are not my measure,All these I better in one general best. Thy love is better than high birth to me,Richer than wealth, prouder than garments' cost,Of more delight than hawks and horses be;And having thee, of all men's pride I boast: Wretched in this alone, that thou mayst takeAll this away, and me most wretched make. W. Shakespeare
Seems A Missing Idea
Well not sure where to start or even where to begin, not really had the urge to sit down and write or even really put things down. Which seems not really like me, well me from before, but guess things change. I know as people get older and life goes on things happen. But can anyone truly ever be what they were before?  I think I know to a point everyone’s true self will always be there, but with how life is and how people can be, it can sometimes easily be seen but not for what it is. Not always sure why things happen, or why people do what they do. But main thing is that I know that no matter how I am or things may seem. I would like to always try to look at the lighter side of things. I know I do not always share that view, but all in all I do really want that point. I can even say not just for me, but for those around me that I can, are ones I hold close as friends or whatever the situation calls for. I know that I have made mistakes, but I also have to say that for fact that
Down Raters And Haters
first the only number that means anything is 10,for guys and gals y do u keep marking nsfw,ur messin it up for the rest of us. if ur on a page and u dont want to look at these pix,then turn ur computer off and go find ur crayons and coloring book and have fun. remember try to stay inside the lines.
peaceful deafening sign of hope sign of doom life-giver destroyer of homes pleasant terrifying how can you be one thing and yet all of these things at once?   water-one of the unrecognized wonders of the world
God Bless Texas
  go to this link to see if your state has a 10th Ammendment Resolution, as of this moment 33 of 50 states do!  
Title: Fallen   By: Detox   Disturbing thoughtsImages of the world Cold and distraughtPictures painted of a world now blackUnknownA spiteful attackThe world desolateEmpty as can beStreets littered with the dead,And debrisShadows dance in broad daylightArmageddon approaches,Nearing sightIt's darkDay turns nightNothing leftNo birds, No treesNot even you Not even meIgnorant to the fate we cannot seeFallen,This crown of misery
piece of shit
The Fall
It happens so slowly that it isn't even noticeable at first;brightness fades,colors dull,personality dies,sound minimizes,activity lessens,andwarmth leaves.Until eventually;there is almost constant darkness,everything is monochromatic,the shell is empty,sound is barely audible,activity is halted ,andthere is only coldness......Fall has become
The Loners
The LonersThey travel through life alone. They  exist alone. They are loners.They  cry out that they  are lonely, but deep down in their souls, they prefer it that way.They do not live alone. They have family.    They do things with their family because they truly do love them. They do things with them also to keep their families from knowing what they are. They keep the few friends that they have at arms length.They want minimal outside human contact.  They must leave their comfort zones at times, because they have needs that must be fed, but soon….. They must retreat back to their worlds. Are they afraid to not be alone?  Are they afraid to love another? Are they afraid to trust? Are they afraid of true friendship?Are they afraid of true love?Are they afraid to share themselves?  
This pain is just to real The things I feel and the things I need Are not here So every now and then I drop a tear I cant sleep I just seem to weep Im trying to forget those bad memories and those nightmares But they keep coming So I keep hiding. Nobody here is confiding So I keep crying remembering those nightmares My mother in heaven is sighing because im falling in her footsteps if there is a god I don't think he is a good god Because everything I wish for never comes true I wish I had some clue to y this happened to me Its just to real..
What is the point sometimes! i have been movin every 6 to 8 months now, for the past 3 years. i meet new people jus friends and some people it felt like a little more. i work my ass off all the time and i am never able to get ahead ever.  Now i am heading out west. Suposivily it is supposed to make things better but at the same time i know it is goin to come to me and my brother mike fightin to survive. i am a open person i am will in to try new things to make life a little better. but i am exhausted  i want to settle down stay somewhere and be happy. will it come i dont know. i hope it dose and fast before i give up for the last time. ( iam venting this is not a suicide note)
I Guess He Is Bein Honest??
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10 Words Women Use
10 Words Women Use (lettered inserts and #10 added by Bobby Eaton/Wikkid) 1. Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (a) No one is allowed to argue with me. Arguing, fighting, nagging, bitching, complaining or generally being a pain in the ass is NOT okay with me. When you argue with someone you are training them to manipulate, control and lose respect for you. Any woman who has the privilege of sleeping with me at night, does not talk to me like this during the day. I know I'm always right and she's wrong, because love is the only truth. When you come from love, you can never be wrong, proved wrong or argued with. If the woman in my life argues with me I say something like "You love me! So shut up and kiss me NOW! or "Can we stop arguing and f%$k already? I don't care about that shit. I wanna f*#k." or "You have 3 seconds to stop arguing with me, or you need to take a walk or go write down what you need to talk about and don'
Weird Kids
So I was sitting with my friend in my car in the parking lot across from his apartment and we're talking. About ten minutes into our conversation we notice these kids staring at us out the window of an apartment complex across the street. We clearly look straight at them and when they see that we have discovered them, one goes over and turns out the lights.   My friend is freaking out and won't get off the subject that the kids are staring at us. I think to myself that they must be waiting for someone. And sure enough a car pulls into the parking lot and the person that gets out heads right for the apartment complex. Problem solved. Wrong! The kids are still staring at us 5 minutes later. lol SO I conclude that they must  have thought that since we were a guy and a girl aone in the dark that we were going to get nekkid and they would have seen a little something something. Voyeuristic, I guess that's what we get when there's nothing on T.V.
When will this end? Every day I go through the motions, an actor in someone else's life. Then I stop off the stage and my entire world falls apart. I stumble, I fall, and I shatter, broken pieces of me scattered for everyone to see. But they don't do they?
The Edge
Crystal clear tears flow like fine wine Dripping echoes of rage and pain My wrists burn hot, ache for the knife To let blood fall like pouring rain
I'll Eventually Call The Song I'm Working On "falling For You" But For Now It's Unfinished.
Not sure when it happened. When you stole my heart from me. It seem'd just in an instant your beauty had me on my knee's. So now I have to say. How you make me feel this way. Make me feel this way. ......... I want to hold you til the end of time. Make love to you until I die. See the love in your eyes. Know that your forever mine. ....... Didn't think this could happen to me. To find love's a reality. Please don't tell me I'm making a mistake. ...... Cause falling for you is all I can do. There's no escape from this spiral. I just wanted to let you know. ......... You have my heart you have my soul. Please to these do not let go. In your hands their so fragile.  
so i got uber jealous tonite when i have to remember who it is He sleeps with every night...jealousy is not allowed in a kajira mind and it keeps creeping into do i stop it and when will i be able to fully trust that nothing will go on?  i trust Him with my life but yet i get jealous over a lil flirting online...get your head out of your ass Susi...He loves YOU! it upset Him and i promised not to do it again but i should have promised to try harder not to let it happen again...i am really sorry Master....this is eating me up more than a punishment ever could...i really do love you and only you...and i want to be a good slave for you and i will do my hardest not to let the jealousy over take my mind again...
Cross Country Move
When we moved cross-country, my wife and I decided to drive both of our cars. Nathan, our eight-year-old, worriedly asked, "How will we keep from getting separated?" "We'll drive slowly so that one car can follow the other," I reassured him. "Yeah, but what if we DO get separated?" he persisted. "Well, then I guess we'll never see each other again," I quipped. "Okay," he said. "I'm riding with Mom."
Words From My Heart
If I lost youI wouldn't know what to doYour brighten my dayand always know the right things to sayThrough the good and the badthe happy and sadYou are always there for meshowing me all the good there is to seeYou are my best friendwe have a connection that will never endYou help me deal with all my fearsand let me shed all my tearsEven when things go so wrongyou make me feel like I still belongSome days when I feel like I just can't winyou never let me give inYou have shown me unconditional loveI believe you were sent from Heaven aboveNo one could ever take your placeif you left there would be a huge void spaceYou never leave me outand you trust me without a doubtIn my life you are a huge parteverything I wrote came straight from my heart
How It Is
the day goes on and i'm sitll here and i nener understand the things that happens but i keep going. i may never understnad but i will get over this things.i get up every day and i go to sleep every night thats what happens one day it will change hoping 1 day soon                  that sounds stupped but thats what i thought about  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Stupid People
And you wonder why the banks Fail!!!!  This should be sent to every financial institution     Cancel your credit card before you die..........Now some people are really stupid!!!! Be sure and cancel your credit cards before you die.  This is so priceless, and so, so easy to see happening, customer service being what it is today. A lady died this past January, and Citibank billed her for February and March for their annual service chargeson her credit card, and added late fees and interest on the monthly charge. The balance had been $0.00 when she died, but now somewhere around $60.00. A family member placed a call to Citibank. 
I'll Take You On A Moon Light Ride...
*But let me get, to the point. Let's roll another joint. Turn the radio loud. I'm too alone to be proud. You don't know how it feels, to be me...* Mmmk, that song has been stuck in my head for 3 days straight, that's right, three days. Everytime I try to think of a song, here that song comes. And I start singing like some mildly retarded kid. But it's all good. I'm feeling super awesome right now. Today is going to be slightly eventful. If I can just get my Mother out the door. Procrastination is not your friend. A week from now I get my wisdom teeth pulled. So the rest of this week better be good. And so far, looks pretty alright...   :)  Indeed...
Me, Me, Me
sup i am new here and i am not understanding this.. lol i am here for fun and lets play... lol
Yep...another One..
i have another amazing friend that's up for auction!!     now quit sittin here doin nothin and go bid on him!!
Death's Of People I Was Fond Of
Here in Afghanistan it's the rainy season. We get rain almost every day and/ or night. Depressing for sure. Monday was no different. I woke up at 4:45 and walked to the shower room in a downpour. At 6 I began doing my 1st turn for the week doing headcount in the dining hall. The only fun part of it is being able to see everyone and say hello. Later i came back to my room and checked out the news on yahoo where I found out about two losses I took very hard. The 1st was the worst. For anyone who lived in or near the Philadelphia area in the last 40 years Harry Kalas was as much a part of spring, summer and early fall as anyone could be. He was the lead broadcaster for the Phillies baseball team and everyone loved him. His signature home run call of "Outta Here!" never got old to us and his death at the age of 73 has hit us all hard. We're sure gonna miss him. Hearing playbacks of some of his most famous moments left me crying harder than I had for many years. Later on I saw that anothe

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