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Wife Says
FWD:wife says, "i have a headache." husband says, "good, i was in the bathroom powderin my dick w/aspirin. you can take it orally or as a suppository!"
Thought For 1/27
Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with..
Food For Thought!
So If You Took Three Carpenters And Had Them Eat 5 Bagels On Top Of A Speeding Trailer While A Swarm Of Anteaters Flooded The Trailer And Somewhere In The Background Completely Irrelevent To That, A Bird Attacks A Leprechaun With A Pick Axe, Then Who Ate Miss Wickerman's (Formerly Mrs. Wickerman) Cupcakes? Answer: No-One, Cat's Only Have One Tail!
The Legend Of The Faceless In Japanese Mythos: Part Xii
The small and pretty woman then acted. Following the man from a distance, she came to his cave and entered it quietly. She came upon the man where he lay beneath his moss and her heart was filled with warmth for this her saviour. Removing her robes she crawled beneath the blanket and gently woke the man and frightened as he was, for he had so little touching contact with human beings, the feeling that her ministrations gave him filled him with such joy, that his fears subsided as her loving washed over him. High above, the sun god looked down and saw all followed the script of his play and he smiled. The day and night had come and they lay together in his cave listening to a light rain drizzle down outside. The hideous man drifted in and out of sleep. His dreams tortured with visions of both heaven and hell and the threats of the dragon echoing fresh in his ears. He felt the softness of the small and pretty woman against him and was reassured and again allowed himself to drift o
Thanks For The Great Time
am leaving fubar thur as iv passed all my test and will be heading out on road mon.As i will be gone for up to 3 weeks at a time i wont be around. Also i have to delete fubar as i have some friends staying at the house to look after my dog and they have 2 kids 11&13(boys)and i dont think they want them to find this place.I want to thank all my fubar fiends for being my friends and i have had a great time.All you great looking ladys ate the best and some day i hope to be back when i can get with a co. that will allow me to be home more often. My best wishes to all at fubar i will miss you all. rick (nascardei) GO JR.
Sarge's Bad Girls
SBG Tag . bed . wine . angel wings ...Miss Moneypenny SBG TA Leaving Love from Rebel Angel SBG Leaving Love - Leather .. MMP SBG Tag from Sarge ... leaving love SBG Tag from aGem4life angel-devil - showing love - basic from cotton candy Bad Girl from Deb (red straps) Bad Girl from Ticha Angel - Devil - from Tempting Enchantress Rolling spank me
Koala And Lizard
Koala and Lizard A koala was sitting in a gum tree... smoking a joint when a little lizard walked past, looked up and said, 'Hey Koala! What are you doing?' The koala said, 'Smoking a joint, come up and have some.' So the little lizard climbed up and sat next to the koala where they enjoyed a few joints. After a while the little lizard said that his mouth was 'dry' and that he was going to get a drink from the river. The little lizard was so stoned that he leaned over too far and fell into the river. A crocodile saw this and swam over to the little lizard and helped him to the side. Then he asked the little lizard, 'What's the matter with you?' The little lizard explained to the crocodile that he had been sitting with the koala in the tree, smoking a joint, but got too stoned and fell into the river while taking a drink. The crocodile said that
Tulsa's Angel Leaving Love
red white and blue hazeleyed soldier birthday HB - love you! HB to a special friend! regular happy birthday regular happy birthday leaving birthday love
Update On My Mother
Update on my mother I was with her from friday through monday she was having hallucinations its from the heart attack she had . . she now has a stint in her heart and is doing better . . we have 2 more surgeries to go through. Her curotted arteries in her neck is blocked one 90% the other 70 % They are operating on the 90% tomorrow. Then after she recovers and it heals they will be operating again. I`m ok . . thanks for all the love and concern . . I`m hanging in there . . .
The Executioner I
His fingers found familiar indentations on a smooth from constant wear wooden handle, placing themselves into familiar tracks. Even after doing this job for most of his adult life, he still felt that surge going through his body when he came in touch with this instrument-the same one he felt the first day he was handed it in. Although he held the axe in his hands, he knew better than assume that he had control over it. It was awe inspiring, powerful, striking. It sliced through wiry, fleshy necks with one blow, ridding the victim of life in mere seconds. It didn't see social status, or wealth, or integrity; it was a most nondiscriminatory tool that could have been used in a 17th century England. It cut that thin line between life and death in one swift moment. As the sun fell upon the sharpened blade, it glistened like a thousand fallen stars, reflecting the light right into the slits made for John's eyes. It made him flinch and turn his head; a task that was made almost impossib
Pay It Forward
Has someone ever held the door open for you? Has someone ever given you a quarter because you were 19 cents short on buying that doughnut? Has someone ever helped you pick up something you dropped? Has someone ever told you your pants were unziped to save you the emarisment? Has someone ever fixed the tag on your shirt because it was sticking out? Has someone ever let you take the last box of cerial at the store? These things are nice small gestures that anyone can do yes even you! So today try and pay it forward to someone no matter how big or small. (warning, my blog has MANY mispelling in it, yes i know!)
The Legend Of The Faceless In Japanese Mythos: Part Xiii
Some hours later, the man awoke in the darkness of his cave and immediately realized he was aloneand then, to his horror realized that he was not wearing his mask and that it was laying on the cave floor beside him. Jumping to his feet he ran from the cave and to the shack but to his dismay the shack was empty. Neither the small and pretty woman nor her father nor any of their belongings remained in the shack and the man knew he had been rejected. The shame he had not felt since he was a child and the pain he ahd not known since he had last been abandonned, flooded from his memory and back through his heart. The sun god staring down applauded and now the man with the hideous face heard the god and screamed into the sky. He swore his hatred on the god who had once promised him happiness and love. He cursed the sun god and named him a liar and leapt into the sky. He struck the veil of night with his sword over and over until he tore through it and then he passed into the heavens.
Old Dean Marton Funney
I HOPE THIS LINK STILL WORKS VERRY FUNNY,1_20539_ADglvs4AACDFSX3mDQvsGhdJGcI,1_19964_ADUlvs4AAO4hSX3a%2FAQrG0d0Q2Q,1_17332_ADYlvs4AAODlSX04zQdLjFKQPSk,1_14244_ADIlvs4AAODGSXyBAAVztlmtppw,1_2412_ADQlvs4AABJKSXtWBQ2ihyn4%2BGI,&mid=1_22958_ADIlvs4AAHfcSX5teA55FUOI9LY&fn=Ailrine_Pilot_of_the_year.wmv&pid=2&vs=1&ypa=1
Cabin Fever
When girls don't put out!! This was written by a guy... it's pretty damn smart. Girls -- Have a sense of humor! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?" Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next da
The Legend Of The Faceless In Japanese Mythos: Part Xiv
As he approached the mouth of the pit a sound penetrated the heavens; a sound that the man remembered for it had drawn him from his cave so many years ago and staring down from the heavens he saw the small and pretty women but now she hummed as she prepared for her wedding. The hideous man wailed as if in pain and took his short sword to his face and cut around it then took his face from his head for he knew he needed it not to see the army in the pit. Now the faceless man dove into the pit and burning anew in pain and hatred began his war anew upon this last army of the gods. More fierce foes the man had never faced for each hero was like a thousand dragons and each one felt as though it took months to defeat. And the tunnel grew slick with blood and sweat and the faceless man began to slide as he had but mortal feet. And weary from anguish and battle, he finally slipped and fell the length of eternity until he crashed upon the gates. Above him the forces of heaven swirled, read
Whatcha Think?
Andy Rooney said on "60 Minutes" a few weeks back: I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers.. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entert ainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game. I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, which is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE ? I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion. I have the right "NOT" to be tolerant of
One Person Survives
Dead , delted, Knifed in the chest, Bring it, Hard or soft, One person survives, In wounds, Battles, Cars & planes, Keep yourself sane, Before somebody pulls a gun, Teardrops fall solid, For all those who left, In combat.
Paper Angels
Paper angels do not fall, In origmai or otherwise, They take flight, In blessings & all, As the tiger's, Jump on there paws, Full of black eyes, Bruises, Thou shall not stumble or fall, Let the sun shine, Upon your soul, Dont let your fear's, Be a nightmare off the past, Sleep in soft sweet dreams!
Rates = Bling
Well, I've come to the conclusion.... I wanna lvl and you have to pay ppl for rates... HOW SAD IS THAT?!? lol Rate all my pics (there's not much) and I'll send you a bling... till I run out. 100-11's... gets you a 5 credit bling. And all 10's gets you drunk and a 1 credit bling. =] Not enough? Well then... I'm outta ideas lol hit me up in PM when your done rating. ;) xoxoxo ♥ SG ♥
[the Irrepressible Urge To Be Me]
I wonder what David Hyde Pierce is up to these days. Last I checked it was broadway, which is fine. I think he's happy there. Actors that drift off are kinda like occasionally watching a puppy you had to give away excel at a new park. At least... when they're happy. Then of course there's Shatner during the "those years" actors. Poor bastards stuck in a trailer park in vegas just BEGGING for scraps. Hmm... I wonder if I'll ever have the chance to fizzle. But I digress, today is about the struggle of being me not to say that its particularly difficult living my life but rather its difficult for me to "be myself" when such a construct is so poorly defined. In other words... to this day I'm not entirely sure of who I am. At times this results in quite an awkward standoff of what is expected of me, and how I'd prefer to react. Case in point. I am possitively enamored with a certain someone. We've had a solid friendship for a few years now and upon revealing my budding
Yeah I know this will offend someone... Funny thing is I don't give a fuck.. MY THOUGHTS.. No one is makin you read this. First off to all the wiccan people who might read this... Did you know your religious ideals and mine are damn near the same? Just things are titled differently. So first off thoes that look down their noses because the term "Christian" comes up when stating my religious ideals. I really wish I could crucify you. But nonetheless... I keep seen thoes fuckin "Blessed Be"... That is one of thoes terms that is deep in your religion. The pentacles and things of that nature. Your religion.. It's bad when a christian of some branch pushes their religion in your face, so what makes it alright to push yours into another's face? Is it because your religion turned into a fad for punk ass kids in the mid 90's? Is it because that's when most of you all the sudden "became" wiccan? I seriously want to know what puts you apart from the mormons that wake up me at 6am bangin on
Respect..or The Lack There Of...
You know, the thing that pisses me off more than anything in the world. Is people's lack of respect. More specifically, men in general. When it's blatantly obvious that someone they know is ' with ' someone else, certain douche bags have a tendency to not respect said parties and continue on about their business without a care in the world. That is the biggest problem with society today. And people wonder why I don't like males. * laugh * Yet another prime example why I don't...every time there's an ounce of happiness or joy in my life, someone's always there trying to fuck with it.
The Legend Of The Faceless In Japanese Mythos: Part Xv
And so the faceless one drew a deep breath believing it may be his last, cheerful that it might. And the last army of heaven dove down on him together as one single force. He who was once the hideous faced man but who was now faceless, drew upon his magics one last time and his foe was split into its many parts and the faceless one made war against each one. And the shrieks of his foes were great and their blood began to fill the pit above the gates. Below him all the host of hell purred and growled, eager to be unleashed and, when the last of the heroes of heaven were vanquished, the faceless one dipped his head into the blood and bathed in it! The maddness of bloodlust thunder through his veins and he raised his sword in defiance at the gods and the roar of his mouthless scream froze the spirits of the dead in terror and even the demons ceased for the moment to churn against the gates. The faceless one stooped to open the gates. And the sun god smiled. Again the humming of th
Can You See The Light
A song I wrote during happier times can you see the light or are you still just blind or can you be lost in the shadows of your mind open up your eyes and together we will start we will learn to walk and never be apart and together we will run..... take a look at me and open up your heart see the love I feel and well never be apart. is your mind still dark or is the daybreak nearing is it my love you fear or the love for me you are fearing and together well run..... open up your eyes and let your fears rush out feel the love I give and theyll never be a doubt open up your heart and well start as one we will start to walk and together we will run and together we will run......
Thinking !!
There's nothing quite as lonely As a sky that turns to gray Or a love that just starts dyin' And slowly fades away You were my best companion Now we lie silent in the dark Why do you and me have to be worlds apart There's nothing quite as empty As when children go away And all that's left are memories Of all those yesterdays You can't understand the feeling 'Til it finds it's way to your heart Why do you and me have to be worlds apart There's nothing quite as ugly As two people full of hate We'll all end up as equals When we stand at heaven's gate Love is still the answer It's the only place to start Why do you and me have to be worlds apart Love is still the answer It's the only place to start Why do you and me have to be worlds apart
Alone In My Destruction
Alone In My Destruction 7/20/07 In the dead of night I walk alone, Darkness penetrated only by the silver moonlight, Illuminating the stark emptiness around me, Reminding me so much of the emptiness in my heart, The barren scenery disturbed only by the few trees still standing, In this field of destruction I find my peace, In this field of death I find my contentment, I walk, exploring the carnage of a once beautiful village, And imagine the way it used to be, Children running and playing, Young couples enjoying a moonlit stroll by the river, Surrounded by love and hope for the future, But then I look around me and see the death of those things, Struck down in the blink of an eye, It seems as if an eternity has passed since the golden days, When in reality only a short period of time, I look into myself and see my soul reflected around me, Once so full of love and hope, Now cold, barren, and unfeeling, I think hard to remember what made me this way, Your face ap
Path Of Death
Path of Death 1/30/07 Join me on this path of death, our empty souls shall have no rest, within these walls of our minds, we will walk till the end of time, our hearts are broken, dreams are shattered, living this hell just doesn't matter, it's what we've come to know and love, this barreness, so unlike a dove, there is no life within these people, no desires within their eyes, they've lived lives like no others, they've lost fathers and mothers, older siblings and little brothers, they've been broken beyond repair, they have simply ceased to care, about everything and everyone, all they want to do is run, from all the pain and all the sorrow, they wish there would be no tomorrow, they walk this neverending path, of shattered truths of what they had, their empty hearts shall never be fed, for this is the path of the dead.
Dog Attacks Prompt Cities To Introduce Breed Bans..
MILWAUKEE Jacqueline Sedlar and her 12-year-old daughter were walking home when the girl peered over a neighbor's fence and a pit bull took a chunk from her eyebrow. Outraged, Sedlar contacted her city councilman, who introduced an ordinance banning pit bulls. But the mayor vetoed the ban in favor of an alternative "dangerous dog" ordinance that some say will be less effective in preventing attacks. The controversy in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis exemplifies the struggle communities nationwide face in trying to address dog attacks. Some have banned pit bulls a broad term that covers several breeds and other breeds they consider most dangerous. But other communities are trying to "punish the deed, not the breed" with ordinances focusing on dogs with violent histories. American emergency rooms treated an estimated 310,000 people for dog bites in 2007, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The estimate has fallen fairly consistently since 2001,
You have taught me many things About life and love During our relationship One of the things you have taught me is that love is an obscure thing When it is there you can take it Whenever you want it and its convienant But when it is not there That is when you miss having it That is when you want it back When you are in love That love is so precious That you take it for granted And that is when you Hurt those you love and those You love hurt you When you think that love is gone That is when you cry for it That is when you know Your heart is breaking When the one you love Falls out of love with you because of your mistakes You want them back and You want their love more Than you did when you had their love
Can Opener
Don't be my twin. I have one of those. Don't be my sin. We're better than a decadent pose. Just be my can opener, Untapping flavorful contents before they expire. You see I deserve a better fate than Cher's Oscar red carpet showgirl attire. Don't be my mother. I have one of those. Don't be my lover. I'm not ready for intimate woes. Make me feel needed and fresh, Like the beer in your mini-fridge on Super Bowl Sunday. And I will become your sweet oxymoron, Akin to the stupendousness of a beautiful Hyundai.
Who Is Your Role Model?
WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL??? Try it without looking at answers 1) Pick your Favourite number between 1-9 2) Multiply by 3 then 3) Add 3, then again Multiply by 3 4) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number. 5) Add the digits together Now Scroll down .............. Now with that number see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below : 1. Einstein 2. Nelson Mandela 3. Jacob Zuma 4. Tom Cruise 5. Bill Gates 6. Gandhi 7. Brad Pitt
Why Do People Cheat?
There are too many instances where guys try to "get at me" when they already have a gf....or are even MARRIED. How sad is that. And the girl has NO idea.People can make u feel like ur their WORLD. Like nothing else matters to them, ur all they need. They wouldn't cheat on u right? I've always told myself that I wouldn't be one of those girls that are so naive and are too blind to see that their bf is cheating,even when its obvious. Not saying that ALL guys cheat, or that EVERY1 should be afraid.Becuz that's just the thing...ppl aren't afraid becuz they arent aware. If ur significant other makes u feel like ur the only one,then ur gonna accept it..ur gonna feel like ur the only one,no need in being paranoid. Meanwhile, ur bf is telling another girl all the things he tells u..making her feel like she's the only one. Even tho they do it WAAAY more, its not only the guys that cheat. I would know,girls talk. Girls can be just as untrustworthy. That's why its called CHEATING...its
Old One
When I'm not with you it feels As if my heart is breaking I feel as if my world is falling apart When you make me sleep without you When you hold me close to you My world finally becomes complete Our love is a love I've never known before But it is our special love So hold me tight and never let me go I will find a way to make it show That you are the only guy who makes me smile My past is just that - the past You are my love my life my future You are my everything and my eternity I love you completly and endlessly With everything that I am And all that I possess inside I love you
The Big I.....
Now let me note first off that I had some amazingly strong drinks when I went out to eat the night before the inauguration so that just adds to the craziness of this day. I got up at 430 to get all my layers on that I knew that I was going to have to wear in order to stay somewhat warm. By 6 we had made it down to the subway station to head in to DC. We had to park clear in the back of the parking lot so that should have been a good sign of what we were going to end up getting in to once we got close to the station. When we finally made it on the plaza in front of the station we were met by some 2 or 3 hundred people on the outside of the station just waiting to get in. We were wondering why people were cheering from the platform when they were getting on the train, we now knew. As with my experiences the day before, I ended up meeting some pretty cool people while we were standing in line. There was this whole young black family from upstate NY who had brought their three young
The Best High School Buzzer Beater Of 2009.
So Proud Of My Daughter ....
Well I Had Some Really Good News Today And So Proud Of My Daughter She Went For Her 1st Interview At College For Hairdressing And Beauty And Yes She Has Passed It And Got A Place There I Just Wanted To Share This News With All My Friends On Here ..... The Picture Below Is My Daughter
A Special Prayer
One Of My Fav Prayers
Just One??
i find it funny/interesting how most guys will "blame" that "one guy" for a female having mistrust on the rest. do you guys not see the trend? obviously a good percentage are doing this. not "just one". and half the time, the one asking that is part of the problem as well. girls have their issues too, i grant you that, but that's not the issue here. and it doesn't mean that we become man haters either. just try not to feed us so much crap. whatever "class" you guys all go to-- try to remember that some of us females do actually catch on and realize we're hearing/seeing/experiencing the same things. just in a slightly different way. and to some of us, it actually does matter. stop trying so hard w/ the lines. yes, there are some females that will go all mushy over it, but guess what-- not ALL females like fantasy land after a certain age (like 10). some would actually like the reality. cause fantasies don't last and when they're over, it's harder to deal with reality.
First Entry 1-27-09
Alrighty, so in an attempt to somehow catharticly expel some of the stress in my head, I am going to start writing down random thoughts and daily happenings. I wont always spell or use grammer correctly, and prolly wont write everyday. But nobody reads my blogs anyway so i guess it wont matter. This is more for me than for you occasional fu-friends who read them. I welcome any and all comments, questions or input, but dont be shocked if i dont divulge too much beyond what i put in here unless i really know u. So I was at work today, assigned to monitor and escort the most mental ill portion of the population at the correctional facility at which I work, Part of their "rehabilitation" is a group class called "recreational therapy". Basically this consists of instructors playing them movies, reading magazines and playing games or doing exercises. As I sat there keeping the peace, I observed all three therapists playing dominos with the inmates in the class. At first this kinda both
What A Fukkin Crazy Biatch! No Way She Did That!!
I should think it's obvious I have a problem!!! I love sexi A$$ Fu's and I'm on a mission to cuff everyone of you!! I've already captured some of these fine A$$ Fu's and next I want you! Go and F/A/R them all and you'll get cuffed too!! Start with me and work your way down! Tell em all they've been cuffed and when your done buy those cuffs I long for and tell me your done so I can cuff you too! (U can get one of these custom tags for 5K efforts to get my spotlight) ღMz.ǵffrღ!
I am no longer head enforcer at Club Ice but I am still a member there. No Im in no way mad or upset about all the memebers that have left and moved on if thats what they felt they needed to do and its their choice to do so. And I still like them and Im still friends with them if they would still like to be friends with me. I didnt join fubar to have enemies. I joined to have friends, have fun and make good times. So if any of the old members that have moved on read this and still want to be friends just talk to me. :) Have a great day and night. xoxoxo
Not Quite Sure How To Sort It All Out
I sit here and think about him. No matter what time, day or night, he is right there in the front of my mind. Its like no matter what I do, I am fucked. He invades every corner and creavice of my brain, and no matter how hard I try to think of something else, it always tangents back to him. I could be thinking of flowers, and Ill start thinking how girls get flowers on Valentine's Day, and then Ill start thinking of our VDay plans. Its unexplainable how he invaded my mind. Now I am wondering about how faithful he has been or will be in the future. I am not sure if this is because of the things I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears, or if this is just me thinking that this is naturally how my relationships are supposed to go. Like Dane Cooks says, I usually end up having relationshits. LOL I am just so confues and for once I want to know that I am doing the right thing and be happy with it. I am sick of worrying about menial shit and not ever being able to just focus on my
Fubux , Salutes , Or Fubar Ids
Ok here is the deal to anyone that rates my owners pics and profile and sends me an message i will do one of three things . 1st i can give You 50,000 fubux or 2nd i can make you a salute the way you would want it done. or 3rd i can make you a costomized fubar ID the way you want it. now if that aint enough you can name what you want and if it is descent and respectable i might do it . here is her link country_girl--Owner of Jokerwild--@ fubar
Tears And Blood
I will not make it through the night let alone this conversation Fingers, constantly point at me bringing shame and regret What have I done I do not know. Sitting quietly, questions arise as my heart softly weeps. Black tears fall from this weary heart. What goes unseen is the violent tantrums within me. Yelling, punching, cutting Tears and blood are all that is left for me to give. Even that is not enough to bring joy back into my life. Just a flit of that switch and I can be at peace, Forever happy Forever at ease.
It's All About The Music, The Love, And The Dance
It's all about The Music, The Love, and The Dance It is a song that we hear that takes us back to a place in the past. A place we can relate to or relate to someone, a memory that is kept in our hearts in our minds. A reflection of our past is a link to our future and the fine line of the present determines what lies ahead. The split second of that present is a path that we pave to success or failure. Although failure is not an option, it is only success in progress. By Michael Dougherty
The Legend Of The Faceless In Japanese Mythos: The Conclusion
The faceless one tried to resist the sun god's magic and he struggled to open the gayes to the underworld and release the demons for such was the sorrow and hate within his heart. As the gates were barely opened and the demons began to pour through, the magics at last forced the faceless one to look towards the small and pretty woman and he saw her, tending to her family. He saw her husband and her children and the love she bore them all. But the magics turned the demons eyes on her as well and the demons hunger was ravenous. But the faceless one could feel their hunger and while his heart was stony and iced with pain, he could not allow her to be devoured. The faceless one turned upon the demons and thrust them back beyond the gates and brought the great doors closed once more and with a resolve he knew not he had, the faceless one sealed hell tighter than he had found them. Exhausted, he collapsed, wishing he were ruined. The sun god smiled and applauded and came into the face
Choice Or Chance
When we meet the right person to love, when we're at the right place at the right time, that's chance. When you meet someone you're attracted to, that's not a choice. That's chance. Being caught up in a moment (and there are a lot of couples who get together because of this) is not a choice. That's also a chance. The difference is what happens afterwards. When will you take that infatuation, that crush, that mind- blowing attraction to the next level? That's when all sanity goes back, you sit down and contemplate whether you want to make this into a concrete relationship or just a fling. If you decide to love a person, even with his faults, that's not a chance. That's choice. When you choose to be with a person, no matter what, that's choice. Even if you know there are many people out there who are more attractive, smarter, and richer than your mate, and yet, you decide to love your mate just the same, that's choice. Infatuation, cr
Where Did White Man Go Wrong?... Lmao
Indian Chief 'Two Eagles' was asked by a white government official, 'You have observed the white man for 90 years. You've seen his wars and his technological advances. You've seen his progress, and the damage he's done.' The Chief nodded in agreement. The official continued, 'Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?' The Chief stared at the government official for over a minute and then calmly replied. 'When white man find land, Indians running it, no taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water. Women did all the work, Medicine man free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; all night having sex.' Then the chief leaned back and smiled. 'Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that.'
D/s Thoughts
~D/s Thoughts~ 1. Be patient & understanding. No Dom/me is perfect; subbies have bad days like anyone else. Both parties are human and deserve respect even if it is given in different ways. 2. Be there for each other. Do your utmost to stay in contact. Don't just disappear. 3. Dom/me, don't be collectors. How can you possibly have the time for 10, 15 or more subs? They deserve better from you. 4. Subs, give your gift of submission only after careful consideration. Meeting someone than asking them to collar you after 30 minutes is NOT enough. Build trust first. 5. Open communication is key. Subs should be allowed to talk to thier Dom/me and raise concerns, wants, desires in a respectful manner. Dom/me should consider carefully what thier sub has to say. Doesn't mean bend to every request, but if there are problems you will never know if your sub cannot speak frankly with you. 6. Dom/me don't take a sub just because you are lonely and subs don't serve just anyone who wi
~essential Bdsm~
~Essential BDSM~ 1. Honesty. Without honesty, there can be no trust. Without trust D/s is nothing. 2. Trust. Trust is sometimes given freely or it is given after a long slog. D/s relationships rely on trust as the depths physically, emotionally and mentally can surpass vanilla relationships. 3. Love. Without love, the control a Dominant can have over a submissive, is dangerous. These are real people, real emotions. 4. Communication. How you communicate youre desires is your choice - but communicate! Take time to learn about your partner, learn about their needs, their requirements. 5. Self Respect. Value yourself. Being a submissive does not mean you are a doormat. Being a dominant does not mean you treat people like a doormat. 6. Patience. Learn to grow together. Take your time to explore each other, love each other, and respect each other.
Home From The Hospital
Hey everyone!! Well my surgery went well. But right now the pain is too much for me. So i will be off for another week or so. Thank you for all your prayers and support! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3/11/09 Ok this friday will make 5 weeks home from the hospital!! Just an update... I have lost 20 pounds so far and i am walking anywhere from 2 to 4 miles a day. Unless the weather is cold that it starts snowing. I have never been so proud of myself for being able to do this. Also another good thing is im going back to work this sunday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3/18/2009 Ok i went back to work on Sunday and today is Wednesday. Well things havent been going well. I have been getting sick and sore. So i dont really have the energy to be online. I will try to be more on later this week, but for now i am taking sometime off to heal. If you dont feel like bombing my contest i will understand.
Today is my 28th bday and noone will member watch so i think its on gonna go drink get drunk and have fun wether anyone comes or not sad i can member others bday but noone members mine
Drinking Dreaming
Sunday, August 12, 2007 So I am sitting there and I decided to think to myself how wonderful a drink my be...maybe a hurricaine might tast good or even a little Capt and Coke to keep me company...I just got tired of sitting in the shade for 1:45 minutes waiting for this idiot that should never have been givin a weapon to begin with and he has to qualify with this weapon...10 hours later after we all started he is the only one waiting to qualify and we are all suffuring in 100 degree heat with 100% humidity...Now I know that we all have to be somewhat good but at that same time he is not even terrible he is pathitic...Needless to say that range week was nice up until PVT someone fucked it all up and made us all stay late...God Bless A gunners...
Oh Yeah And Another Thing...
Friday, April 06, 2007 I have had enough of the dumb shit...come on people it's not that hard to just say something in three or less sentences that has to deal with work ethic and leave it at that...I can't stand it when people think there god's gift to the platoon as there sergant and stand there after formation and just talk talk talk talk and have only three things to say and it takes them an hour to fuckin say it...And they say it's us that needs to learn to think on our own...SHit...mother fucker's really know how to wast my time...
Saturday, December 02, 2006 I have no idea what posses a person to dance...Is it the reason to move there body and show the female's at the club that they have a poor excuse of rythem...Is it because they just want to show there emothions through dance and song no matter how morbid and depressed they could be, or how happy and drunk they are...No matter what the case may be it always happens...I like my personal favorite for getting our friends drunk and getting them to dance with the nasty girls on the dance floor, you know the ones with three teeth and alligator skin...Then take pictures of them making out with each other in the corner of the dance floor...Yes its mean and yes I encourage everybody to do this to there friends that get smashed by 10 when you get there by 9...I think that there are a number of reason's to dance, but they are normally all personal or all in fun...In whatever the case may be always have fun doing it...
Fuck You My Friend!!!!
SO why is it that everyone loves to be my friend but when it comes to relationships they all run because I have kids? I did the whole get married and raise a family thing and the man I married was an asshole and in the end he went to jail and I filed for divorce. Why do people always run when they see that you have kids? They are a blessing not a disease. If I didn't have my girls I don't know what I would do. It does not mean I want to find someone to swoop in and play daddy just someone who can accept the fact that I have kids and be fine with it. I am easy enough to get along with but can't seem to find a real man. GRRRRRRRR it just pisses me off to find someone I really like and then they remember I have kids and they run. And you fake ass bitches who want to get in my pants and thats all, you might as well just turn around and walk away now cuz let me tell you I am not like that either!!!! I like to talk and joke around but thats as far as I go because well I am a role mo
Hood Surfing....
Monday, December 11, 2006 alright I am getting a sick of all this bullshit...I can't stand it anymore, I have been really offended with this crap...You should never ever does this, what the hell is wrong with these people...I am serious, these fuckin idiots need to put down the crack pipe and please step away from the sterring wheel...Fuckin A piss of shit's need to learn how to drive...I have seen it all now let me tell you...So there I was stand on the corner of a street at some coner in the world and this fuckin bitch decides she is going to make a right hand turn from the left turn lane as I was walking across the street cross walk...Man I got so pissed off I jumped up and landed on her hood cause well if I didn't these people would be giving me a heafty salary check for the rest of my life...I just cant' stand it...I must have cussed out the woman for around 3 minutes before I took my first breath and realized I was standing on her hood and she was pretty scared...So I a
Mind Control
How long is it going to be before this world not to mention this country in peticular wakes up from their hypnotic dream state that the U.S. government has cast on them.. My guess is never... Let me explain why that is.. Politicians have traditionally hidden behind 3 things they use it on you the flag, the bible, and children. No child left behind. Oh really it wasn't long ago they were talking about giving kids a head start. Head Start, left behind someone is losing ground here dont ya think?? There is a reason for this though, there is a reason education sucks it's the same reason it will never ever be fixed. Reason is the owners don't want that. I'm talking about the REAL Owners. The big wealthy business owners that control everything and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians thier irrelevant. The politicains are put there to give you the idea that you got freedom of choice. YOU DON'T!! You have no choice.. You have owners, they own you. They own everythin
What Color Are You?
You Are Green Others are drawn to your youth, good luck, and sincerity. Green is often associated with renewal and rebirth. What color are you? MySpace Quizzes at
Moment Of Clarity
Read this bit of info about Christopher Kennedy Lawford. Then you can look over my moment of clarity if you wish. I have been there.... mine was looking at my sons crying, I was crying, my body felt like a shell... I had already been dead once but it didnt hit me until that moment with a hand full of Naproxsen and a bottle of Tequila.... on the phone with my best friend on the other end pleading me to stop. Its not just that moment but what you do with your life after.... otherwise you're just standing in a long hallway with many doors opening and closing in front of your eyes... missing all the opportunities that life has to offer Life is the hardest teacher we will ever have and sometimes a down right bitch but who ever got up and took care of themselves when they were pampered? Hmm? There are two choices from that moment of clarity... go through one of those doors and take the hits -
Things To Consider When Calling Tech Support...
Hi! I'm your Technical Support Rep. I have a considerable amount of control over one or more important aspects of your daily life: television, telephone, and internet. Sometimes one, sometimes all three. Before we interact, I'd like to share some thoughts with you: * I am here, simply put, to fix your shit. My job is not complete until said shit is fixed. Please just help me fix this shit. * With that out of the way, know that I hate you exactly as much as you hate me. No more, no less. If you are at least relatively pleasant, I'm happy to help you- even to make small talk as I attend to the issue at hand. Conversely, if you are a total and complete jackass, I will make this the worst 10 minutes of your week. * Neither I, nor any of my coworkers, are out to fuck you. We are not idiots. We are college graduates in technical disciplines, the vast majority of whom are here to work their way up the IT ladder to more fulfilling positions. Sometimes we have off days, sure,
Tattle Tale!
Some F'Tard just squealed on a pic...OK, that's their opinion and I'm fine with it. The individual is obviously too uncomfortable with the sexuality of others - and themself; because a quick, repeating clip of a well-endowed, but FULLY clothed/topped girl bouncing up and down (in a teasing manner) was turned in to the Fubar NSFW Gestapo Group, who agreed with them...Again, I'm fine with it.......My issue with the whole NSFW concept can be summed up with a few questions...(1) Is there really an employer out there that wants their workforce (hourly or salaried) messing around on Fubar (or ANY other site for that matter???)...(2) If so, are things really flagged as "NSFW" so that these liberal, 'payroll-spend-aholics' might go as far as to monitor (via their IT Dep't. or standing over the surfers' shoulders) exactly WHAT on Fubar they're looking at?...In a word A-B-S-U-R-D!!!...THanks for "listening" kids!
i am simply new here...i signed up a while ago but was recently drawn back...i am a 27 year old pisces other blog is located at my myspace account... anyone who is interested in my mishaps, emotional turmoil or all around drunken good times can view just need to be my friend first... i am easygoing, i do astrology, enjoy brutal music, work on computers and cars... i guess that's it for now... if you are a scorpio, cancer, taurus or capricorn...get at me...! :) have a nice day...
Goin To Visit My Girls...(in Ice Storm)
I will levin tomorrow to visit my girls ...having our Christmas & 3 b-day parties while I am there. Real bad Ice Storm in OKla & Ark. so Plz pray for everyone. My oldest is out of electricity as I type till city/state workers get to them. I am excited to be goin to see them and will feel better when I can shelter them under my Momma Wings, LOL Thx for all the luv , & know each one of U bring smiles to my face daily!!!!
David Letterman Farewell Tribute To Bush
Day I Will Never Forget
So one year ago one of the worst days of my life happened. I lost 5 of my friends. They died hero's and anyone that says anything bad about our soldiers better run cause i will beat your asses. They gave their lives protecting the civilians of Iraq who show everyday how much they appriacaite our soldiers being there. No not every Iraqi wants us there, but more do and they are the ones we defend each day. My friends were killed and I refuse to believe it was in vain. As my other friends went to help them and stayed with their bodies until help could come I almost lost more. Losing them was horrible but the part that was so much harder was being their with their wives, kids, parents, and siblings. Having to keep strong for them and having to stand there with our rear-d captian when he informed the rest of the wives in the company, having to go through the pictures of each of those men to put memorial books together for their families, and having to great and support everyone at the ser
She Didn't Have Time
Terri Clark More CMT Music More CMT Music Videos He said goodbye from the edge of the porch Like she'd been some casual friend He said "You're better off without me, I'm not what you need" like her momma had said about him He started the car pulled out of the drive didn't waste anytime lookin back She watched him go thinkin even a stranger would show more compassion than that [Chorus:] She could've cried but she didn't have time She had a baby to feed, a pink blanket to find, to rock their little one to sleep She could've laid in bed for hours giving misery the power But she didn't have time She got a sitter and she got a job 'cause she had a promise to keep Her day was a factory and evenin survival and night was exhaustion and sleep Sometimes she felt life was passing her by and watching was all she could do Her friends said "You gotta get outta the house and maybe you'll meet someone new" [Chorus:] She could've tried but she didn't have time She had a
Pay Backs And Karma
You want to cross me you will pay and to certain people u know who u r, it will ALL come back to you and has; it's called KARMA baby!!!! I am so laughing in YOUR faces too!!! hahahahahahahahahhaha!!
Challenger Day Is Just Day 1,065 To Sarah
I remember where I was when the space shuttle Challenger exploded today twenty-three years ago. Its one of those seminal, generation-defining questions you get asked about major events in your life (at least in the United States); the previous generation would be asked where you were when or when you heard Kennedy was shot, currently its where you were when or when you heard the Twin Towers had been hit. Unfortunately, these moments that engender a sense of community among all of us for the lives lost as well as a resolve to go forward dont have lasting aftereffects on most of us. Forgive me if I sound cynical about that Anyway, on January 28, 1986 I was fourteen years old and had my learners permit. I was driving my dad home in Georgetown, Florida and passing a local fish camp when I looked up at the rocket trail of the Challenger that Dad pointed out to me. When I looked up is when I saw the shuttle explode, even though I didnt realize it at the time. When we caught t
Johnny And Carrie Are Doing It Together!!!
Johnny and Carrie at it again! Trying to Level Together! Johnny has 5.2 million to go! Johnny will be running an auto on Saturday. Carrie has 5.2 million to go! Carrie will be running an auto on Friday. ****************************** Lovingly Pimped out by Carrie ****************************** Please repost... Thank you...
She Brings Peace To Me
I'm in the wars Can't speak for crying Close all the doors Since I am dying Pick up the phone Attempt to call her I'm all alone Until she answers Momentarily She brings peace to me She barely speaks But I hear her breathing That's all I need Someone who's listening Still she stays Her time is precious Until I am safe She gives her presence Momentarily She brings peace to me...
Fictional Story
One afternoon we are just hanging out. Cuddling, watching a movie, flirting, touching, feeling each other. We start to get very excited and need release. We start to kiss, holding each other close. Soft passionate kisses. I break away from your lips and first go and whisper in your ear how hot you make me. Then I blow softly into your ear then using my lips I nibble on your cute little earlobes. Making my way from there to you neck, sensuously kissing, and nibbling. I can hear your breathing start to quicken and your body is starting to tremble. I stop and help you out of your shirt and you help me out of mine. I go back to kissing your neck while fumbling to get your bra off. Once I get it off I kiss a trail down the middle of your neck, down the middle of your chest. I pause for a moment letting your sweet smell mesmerize me. The softness of your breasts on my face combined with the sweet and sexy scent drives me crazy with desire. I kiss all over one breast occasionally and playfull
When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace expensive.... So, I took her to a gas station..... And then the fight started.... **** My wife and I are watching 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex?" "No," she answered. I then said, "Is that your final answer?" She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying "Yes. " So I said, "Then I'd like to phone a friend. " And then the fight started.... ******** After retiring, I went to the Social Security office to apply for Social Security. The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver's license to verify my age. I looked in my pockets and realized I had left my wallet at home. I told the woman that I was very sorry, but I would have to go home and come back later. The woman said, 'Unbutton your shirt'. So I opened my shirt revealing my curly silver hair. She said, 'That silver hair on your chest is
Just For...
To My Daughter - by an OK Police Officer "TO MY DAUGHTER" *Just for this morning, I am going to step over the laundry, and pick you up and take you to the park to play. *Just for this morning, I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together. *Just for this afternoon, I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with you in the backyard and blow bubbles. *Just for this afternoon, I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and whine for the ice cream truck and I will buy you one if he comes by. *Just for this afternoon, I won't worry about&am p;nb sp;what you are going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned. *Just for this afternoon, I will let you help me bake cookies, and I won't stand over you trying to fix them. *Just for this afternoon, I will take us to McDonald's and buy us both a Happy Meal so you can
I Speak To Angels......
I haven't felt quite right of late.....bad dreams and little sleep. It's not been good and I have been neglecting my need to express myself within the music I listen too. I was visited by an angel during the night, last has given me a little inspiration to post something by James Blunt. Some think he produces trite love songs which are highly commercialised.....meh, I think he produces songs which speak to many people on different levels. His lyrics are thought provoking for me.....and my choice is to always listen to what artists poetry set to music. I really want you....... Tears and Rain..
Running A Train On Saturday
Johnny and I are trying to level again like we did when we became Godfathers... In order to help with this I will be running a train for us on Saturday... If you would like to ride the train... Please leave me a blog comment... Johnny will be running an auto on Saturday, and I will be running one on Sunday... So, please stop by and rate us... All help is appreciated...
I Love You
imikimi - Customize Your World!
Respect My View On It
The best gift you can give your partner is to respect them and let them be all they can be. Most people believe Love is the most important factor in a marriage, however I disagree, I believe the most important thing in a relationship is respect for one another. Show your loved one respect in all things, respect for their opinion, their wisdom, their judgment and who they are as a person. Remember that you married them because you value their judgment. As you walk down this road we call life - you will come to many forks and intersections, remember that their view of the world is valuable to the decision making. Listen to what your partner has to offer and honor that wisdom. Know that you now have someone who you can trust. When you argue about something - ah yes - it can happen. But when you do argue, take a minute to remember that the other persons' opinion is one you value and perhaps the answer is somewhere between your idea and their idea. Most importantly, find a way to respect
Hot Night Out Cont #5
they left me in a state of satisfaction. several days went by and day dream after day dream i sit in my office at work and dream of having my pussy licked and fucked hard. and look who walks through my door my beautiful best friend she is a hottie long dark curly hair nice firm tits and a ass to die for she walks in and asks whats up i tell her what was on my mind how i been day dreaming of having my pussy ate and fucked she laughs ohhh i see well i came in at the right time then she said because i am wanting that too. she asks where my boss was today i told her he had the day off and she walked to the door and locked it good she said we wont be disturbed then. turning and opening her blouse exsposing her c cup tits ohhh really i say mmmmmmmm i been wanting this we arent best friends for no reason lol getting up from my desk walking over to her kissing her nice thick pouty lips , tongue in each others mouth rubbing her tits rubbing all the way down between each others legs mmmmmmmm her
~the War Of Emotions~
The war of emotions creates a wasteland of your heart... pain leaves a bright trail of blood and carnage as it tears thru love- Never fully retreating- does hope push back the advancement of hate- as trust bombards the gates of deceit. An eternal siege goes on- within this war never does one or the other make advancement- but continues a steady battle... to claim victory over your soul. ~Candyce~
Another Name For Boobs
lemons is another name for boobs
Samuel Goldwyn
Television has raised writing to a new low.
Dear Ma And Pa;
(Now at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, Marine Corps Recruit Training) Dear Ma and Pa: I am well. Hope you are too. Tell Brother Walt and Brother Elmer that the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a mile. Tell them to join up quick before all of the places are filled. I was restless at first because you got to stay in bed till nearly 6 a.m., but I am getting so I like to sleep late. Tell Walt and Elmer all you do before breakfast is smooth your cot and shine some things. No hogs to slop, feed to pitch, mash to mix, wood to split, fire to lay... practically nothing. Men got to shave but it's not so bad... there's warm water. Breakfast is strong on trimmings like fruit juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc., but kind of weak on chops, potatoes, ham, steak, fried eggplant, pie, and other regular food, but tell Walt and Elmer you can always sit by the two city boys that live on coffee. Their food plus yours holds you 'til noon when you get fed again. It's no wonder these city boy
Take 2
This will be where i put videos that dont make the cut to my page LOL [Upload your own video]
!!!♥Я♥!!! !!!♥Я♥!!! DO YOU KNOW THIS SEXY AND SWEET FEMALE BELOW??? IF NOT, YOU NEED TO GO CHECK HER OUT... BC YOUR MISSIN OUT.. So Letz Go ♥ Her Up!! Rate,Fan,Add,♥ THE HELL OUTTA Her HardCore Fu Style!!! Look at this Princess!!!!! How can you not stop by and say HI!!! !!!♥Я♥!!! Я ~W $j ߺ$~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar !!!♥Я♥!!! :::Made W/ Love By your Hubby $j ߺ$H Я{.$.}
Dj Shay
Come Rock out to the Sounds of TBR's Newest dj Shay!! Hear some kick ass tunes and party like theres no tomarrow
[shellfish Stew]
[the talky portion] I'm thinking about a seafood stew. ... ... ... Crustacean mostly. I'll require some cheap assed shrimp 1 whole crab and some mudbugs let's see... I'll design it to serve 3. My assistant has just informed me that some of you have no idea what a mud bug is. Crawdads crayfish Mussels... I'll need a bottle of white for that small can of tomato sauce so I'll shell and devein the shrimp- probably half lengthwise and deleg the mud bugs and boil em. Shell the crab and get rid of the gross parts throw in the carcasses into a stew pot with salt drain and strain remove the bonies. Now- I'm NOT one of those people that feels mussels should be served shell on. Quite frankly I think it interrupts the flow of a soup the flow being grab spoon- scoop- put the delicious in your mouth. That being said I think this would be where I would strip the remaining fins from the shrimp, and scoop out the mussels and mudbuggery. I'm anticipating that this wil
Stimulus Package Explained
Stimulus Package Explained "Sometime this year, taxpayers will receive an EconomicStimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that I will explain using the Q and A format: "Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment? "A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. "Q. Where will the government get this money? "A. From taxpayers. "Q. So the government is giving me back my own money? "A. No, they are borrowing it from China. Your children are expected to repay the Chinese. "Q. What is the purpose of this payment? "A. The plan is that you will use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy. "Q. But isn't that stimulating the economy of China? "A. Shut up." Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the US economy by spending your stimulus
Life Sucks
Wow 2008 has been a bad year for me. I sure hope 2009 goes better. My son has had Crohns disease really bad the entire year of 08' since then he had surgery. He is gaining weight again which is great. He was down to 110lbs. at one time and for a 6' tall kid thats not good. He now weighs about 155lbs. I have also had marriage problems...I think my asshole of a husband is cheating on me... So just trying to get thru that mess. I'm also looking for a job...I know a lot of people are. I'm really trying to get thru a lot right now so please 4give me friends for not keeping in touch. Alcohol really seems to help...LOL! I hope everyone else on here are doing much better than me...Please leave comments and if you do...anything that makes me laugh would really be great!!!! Take care to all my friends!!!! ~Tracy~
In The Morning
I wake up in your arms with such a great hunger I want you so bad My body, soul calls for you. Wanting your touch Yearning for it. Aching for it You're asleep I'm not sure if I should wake you Or not. You're so adorable. Deciding not to wake you up I start to get up, but you hold me tighter, closer I don't fight it and stays there quite happily But, the hunger grows stronger Pushing you gently onto your back as I turn in your arms. I move up to growl and moan in your ear Licks and nibbles it while I'm at it. I start nudging you. Biting my lip, I dig my nails into your chest. Removes nails Climbing ontop of you Kisses you Bites your lip Kisses you again Rocks against you Moves off you, deciding not to take Advantage while you're sleeping. Lays back down beside you. But, it's too late You're semi awake I grab you as I roll Onto my back I move over some Grabbing your hips and lifting my own I force you inside me With a moan Staying
Well I dont have a VIP no more cant upload or rip photos friends have made for me please help I think I am worth a measly 20 dollars ty ty ty
Surpise !
You Better Hide
Like a thief in the night Without warning he will come Your soul is what he wants If you see him try to run Don't ever look behind Cause he's closer than you think He sees your very eyes And can even see you blink They say to always pray And to do as you are told Cause if you're not prepared He can come to steal your soul So if you feel a chill And it's nice and bright outside It's the harbinger of doom So you better run and hide
Dog Adoption
ok folks in my area if anyone knows or someone or themselves anyone who wants a long haired german shepard, let me know.... female dog..a lil shy and skiddish till she knows you but very friendly and gentle. She was abused and just needs a loving home to take her in. If anyones interested please let me know
I Would Like All My Great Friends To Read This Its Very Important To Me That You Do
post date: 2009-01-28 16:43:00 views: 19 comments: 6 ratings: 0 THIS WAS NOT WRITTEN BY ME (TESS) (Even In The Absence Of Ovaries) An Eye-Opener On Ovarian Cancer THIS IS A MUST TO READ TO THE END I hope you "ALL" take the time to read this and pass it on to all you can. Send this to the women in your life that you care about. Copy/Paste it to your emails and send it to every woman you know, it may make a difference for 1 mother, daughter sister or friend~ Years ago, Gilda Radner died of ovarian cancer. Her symptoms were inconclusive, and she was treated for everything under the sun until it was too late. This blood test finally identified her illness but alas, too late. She wrote a book to heighten awareness. Gene Wilder is her widower. Kathy's Story: this is the story of Kathy West As all of you know, I have Primary Peritoneal Cancer. This cancer has only recently been identified as its OWN type of cancer, but it is essentially Ovarian Cancer.
How I Fucked Up
well ok here we go it started out like this i was up all night like iam all the time during the night and i started to feel sleepy so i went to bed i got up around 5 am to go to my computer to check what i downloaded from the net well i have a table that is metal in my room and when i went to get up my arm hit it so hard i think i bruise the hell out of it so i wont be on fubar much for thos who care i doubt there are that many who do also it seems iam unable to post anything since it say i have 175 pics and when in fact i dont so iam not sure whats up with that anyways good night for the real friends i do on here
I Dont Get Mad I Get Even
Leveling Up To Fubarlord
ok friends, i've been stuck at this spot for 2 days now and no one will help. 160,000 to level. i have lots of pics to rate and feel free to leave me a comment or even fan and add me as a friend if your not already!! i'm not much of a begger, but i sure could use some help on this!!! will you please help me?? thanks to everyone who has helped!! have a great day all!!
Cheating Wives....
Before I start I just wanna say I know this doesn't aply to most and if it doesn't maybe you know someone it does. It happened to me and several others I know. Anyway along with the topic of haters I figured this goes with it. How is a woman gonna say she loves a man for years knowing he's in the military, marry him and then fuck his world over when he gets deployed or has to go away for training or w/e other reason for any extended amount of time? I mean is it really so hard to be faithfull to a person you love? I know that many women and men don't have this problem but for those that do seriously wtf is wrong here? I speak from experience in this b/c last time I deployed a little over two years ago I was married and for some reason those that knew what was going on while I was gone decided not to tell me. I came home to an empty apartment, empty bank account, and a pregnant wife that I hadn't seen in 6months+ but was 2 1/2 months along. I feel bad for those that this happens to, but
Am I A Fireman Yet
Am I A Fireman Yet? Posted on April 30, 2007 Filed Under Your Family | Here is a touching story doing the rounds this week - In Queensland, Australia, a 26-year-old mother stared down at her 6 year old son, who was dying of terminal leukaemia. Although her heart was filled with sadness, she also had a strong feeling of determination. Like any parent, she wanted her son to grow up & fulfil all his dreams. Now that was no longer possible. The leukaemia would see to that. But she still wanted her sons dream to come true. She took her sons hand and asked, Ben, did you ever think about what you wanted to be once you grew up? Did you ever dream and wish what you would do with your life? Mummy, I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up. Mum smiled back and said, Lets see if we can make your wish come true. Later that day she went to her local fire Station in Brisbane, where she met Fireman Bob, who had a heart as big as Queensland. She explained h
Enneagram V2
This ones longer than the last one, my results were pretty similar, percent wise. I think overall, personally, it was more accurate Main Type Overall Self Take Free Enneagram Personality Test Your main type is which ever behavior you utilize most and/or prefer. Your variant reflects your scoring profile on all nine types: so = social variant (compliant, friendly), sx = sexual variant (assertive, intense), sp = self preservation variant (withdrawn, security seeking) Enneagram Test Results Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||| 55% Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||| 32% Type 3 Image Focus |||||| 28% Type 4 Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||| 51% Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||| 64% Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||||| 75% Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||| 32% Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||| 61% Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||| 48% Your main type is 6 Your variant is self pres Take Free Enneagram Personality Test
A Window Of Wisdom
A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o'clock, with his hair fashionably combed and shaved perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today. His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready. As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window. 'I love it,' he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy. 'Mr. Jones, you haven't seen the room; just wait.' 'That doesn't' t have anything to do with it,' he replied. 'Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn't depend on how the furniture is arranged .. it's how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it. 'It's
Hello Fubar
Its odd. This isnt my first time on fubar but between drama and very stupid people I chose to walk away and find something else to do. But like anyone else I give seconds changes. Well that depends on what happens too. Just to clear what I mean up, I dont give second chances on relationships. I have learn the hard way that no matter how many times you try, the problem is still their. Rather it be the look of disbelief on what the person did or the pain. Ok, totally getting off the point of this blog. This time seems to be different on fubar which is awesome. Everyone has been very cool and willing to be friends instead of just wanting to add another person "see who can be more popular" Alright enough rambling, in a nut shell, thanks to the ones that are cool enough to say hello and have a small but decent conversation. Enjoy your day ~Alicia
Teazer Footage Of My New Dvd
Bling Action Today
M.c. In Tribute - To Be Finished
Rolls off on crimson shades As the wheel turns Bent at the will off the mind Its can be made off butter Iron is not strong Shine down beyond the stars Feel the love of the sun Absorb the taste Pills amade of cards Tranced out Tigers Killer Caterpillars Evel Weevilsssssss Hitting the ivory paer off memories as pencils flex in strange odd way & The light side of all It is the Twilight zone
~even Angels Weep~
showing they care giving hope.. letting you know you're never alone they're by your side keep you wrapped in their wings you feel them there- even when they're not seen they're the soft touch that reassures the kiss on the breeze- knowing they're yours they protect from grief, pain and hurt give you strength to know your worth.. but angels feel too they hold all inside you never see it because their hurt - they hide.. they give you your strength as they take it from theirs.. it's the way they love.. how they care.. yet within their time and all they do few dare know what an angel goes through... they show their strength never show they're weak... but there is a time... when even angels weep. ~Candyce~
~silent Tears..~
the distant murmurs the hateful glances one gets used to it as time soon passes- words let out among the few spoke without meaning tend to stick like glue- one gets used to it they soon get by but no one can hear the silent tears you cry- they find their way upon your cheek silently falling while inside you scream- their presence known as you fight to hide it but when a silent tear falls how can you deny it.. ~Candyce~
Lol.. Even 'writer's Block' Can Be Inspiring...
A poet .. with no words to drip across the page wetting the appetites of those who read, no thoughts to provoke within the mind of decadent desires or a heated touch, no tempting treat which to feed those who crave the shadows or Luna's light, no dark secret to foretell of coming doom to those who tread on a true heart... Just the blankness that comes. ~Candyce~
Lol.. Girls Ever Feel Like This?...:) :)
((Yeah I felt like this.. once upon a time)) LOL Enjoy. :D ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hi.. I'd like to make a withdrawal from my joint account please. Thank you. Um.. Can you tell me what the balance is now. $0.01 Thank you very much. *goes home* Picks up phone book... thumbs through it... Finds what I looking for... *picks up phone... * Yeah.. Hi.. I need to have some large packages delivered. Umm.. There's probably about 10. To a personal address please. 20 minutes.. That's fine. Thanks. *hangs up.* Begins throwing things into boxes... not caring if it's breakable or not.. Tapes them shut. Grabs a black marker and writes the address onto it... pushes it asides.. Grabs another. 20 minutes or so later.... *hears door bell ring* goes to door.. opens it.. Sees delivery guys*... Hi.. Come on in. They're right there in the hall. Umm.. There's no need for a return address. And I can make it C.O.D. right? That's great! Thanks bunches guys! *closes the door as the la
Need Some Extra Cash? Try This..
1/31-2/1 Horoscope For Libra
Feel the Fire This Weekend Racing full speed ahead in romantic matters is a definite possibility this weekend. The Moon enters fiery, passionate and impatient Aries on Friday morning to turn up the heat through Sunday afternoon. The need for new experiences sends a strong signal to break with routine. The usual places and faces may seem boring, so avoid taking a stroll down memory lane. A tendency to leap without looking makes things exciting, which is really the point. Playing it safe is not an option. Fortunately, jovial Jupiter is in a protective relationship with the Moon on Friday night, catching us when we're about to do something foolish. The desire for adventure can shake up an existing relationship with challenges to make it new again. If you're single and looking, however, this is an excellent time to take some chances by being more direct in expressing your desires. The Aries Moon rewards actions even if they look like mistakes. Keep trying to connect since persistence pay
Super Bowl
What team is going to win Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals. Lets see who fu bar people thinks is going to Win.
Raw Emotions
01/29/09 Raw Emotions The simple and raw emotion Spreading through me like an ocean The things you tell me don't fall on def ear Everything you say you can bet I hear Telling me of all the things you feel Knowing these wounds I can't possibly heal My job is to be a friend to someone who needs it Tell me why it is you love me, please sit Your love is unconventional, totally new How could I tell this to someone like you? I love you but not in the same way Your friendship means more than I can say I don't want to lose you by saying what I am But I can no longer be closed up as is a clam You need to know the truth of what I feel Though I don't want to hurt you, continue to heal My love is not what you need to be a better man You can do so much better we both know you can What I have to offer is nothing more than a hand To help you up when you've fallen in the sand The pain you will feel is going to be very real But you are strong and I know you can deal
A Few Things That Really Piss Me Off!!
I am not in the mood to really get into what all pisses me off but I will name 10 in no particular order but just off the top of my head. Feel free to comment on any of these if you like. I would really like to hear some of your opinions!! 1. Chewing food with your mouth open. I lose my appetite when people do this around me if I am eating. I have to leave because I avoid conflict and I will open my mouth to tell the person it is rude. 2. Lying. It is pointless and you have to keep lying to cover up the lie you just told and eventually you will start to believe yourself and get caught. 3. Bitching/complaining about shit you can fix but don't. If you would shut your damn mouth and do something about what you are bitching about, it would make the world and people around you a whole lot happier. 4. Leaches. Leaches are people who do not do a damn thing but suck off of other people for their benefit. Get a damn job and pay your own fucking way and don't
Spinning Wheel
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*my God*
Written on 5/29/2006 Forsaken by my God Unparallelled emptiness Longing only for the touch of His robe I cry out for mercy I cry out for forgiveness I repent my impurities He takes me in His arms and I am fulfilled once again My cup overfloweth His Spirit withing my being The beauty of His light in my eyes A life new and changed again Renewal and happiness return Constantly I fall harder and farther each time Turning my back to and heart away from God Resenting Him for choices I'VE made And reaping only consequences I DESERVE You are a merciful God Forgiving God Beautiful God MY GOD
Taco Casserole
Taco Casserole I double this recipe for us Ground Beef ( 1 lb ) Tortilla Chips Shredded Chesse ( I use 2 bags & 1 cheddar,1 moz) ( up to u which u want to use , any type will do) Cream Of Mushroom Soup ( 1 can) Rotel (1 can) Brown ground beef, in saucepan, warm soup and rotel together. Butter bottom of casserole dish, crush chips and spread onto bottom. Add Beef and soup/rotel mixture together. Pour over chips, spread shredded cheese over , layer again chips, mixture , cheese. Cook @ 350 for about 30 mins.
Another Saying
A friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg even though you're slightly cracked.
"Giving up on something that no longer serves a purpose, or protects you, or helps you, isn't giving up, it's growing up." Incubus Dreams - Laurell K. Hamilton There's so much in/about my life that I'm unhappy with. Sometimes I can't see how to break free, but when I read a statement like that, it's easier to identify just what needs changing, and what needs to be thrown out altogether. Even if I don't always know HOW, at least I can see where the problem lies. And then there's Lindy. *sighs* She's perfectly able-bodied, but refuses to work, instead she's living off the disability she gets for her sons' ADD. I watch her sit around, talking about building her dream house, working her dream job, having all this nice stuff... but she does NOTHING to get there, and she's always scrounging for change from her friends & family. It's her business, I know, but how can she be stuck in a rut and HAPPY there? I'm RAGING to get out! I'm annoyed by people who are not living up to
Too Fat For Me!
Grilled Chicken With Chipotle-peach Glaze
Prep Time:30 min Start to Finish:30 min makes:8 servings 1/2 cup peach preserves 1/4 cup lime juice 1 canned chipotle chile in adobo sauce, seeded, chopped 1 teaspoon adobo sauce (from can of chiles) 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 8 boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 2 1/2 lb) 1 teaspoon garlic-pepper blend 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 peaches, cut in half and pitted, if desired Cilantro sprigs 1. Heat gas or charcoal grill. In 1-quart saucepan, mix preserves, lime juice, chile and adobo sauce. Heat over low heat, stirring occasionally, until preserves are melted. Stir in chopped cilantro; set aside. Sprinkle chicken with garlic-pepper blend, cumin and salt. 2. Place chicken on grill. Cover grill; cook over medium heat 15 to 20 minutes, turning once or twice and brushing with preserves mixture during last 2 minutes of grilling, until juice of chicken is clear when center of thickest part is cut (170F). Add peach halves to grill for last 2
Grilled Chicken With Italian Salsa
Prep Time:30 min Start to Finish:1 hr 30 min makes:6 servings 1 can (15 oz) Progresso chick peas (garbanzo beans), drained 1 can (2 1/2 oz) sliced ripe olives, drained 1 medium bell pepper, chopped (1 cup) 1medium tomato, seeded, chopped (3/4 cup) 2 tablespoons chopped red onion 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 1/2 cup fat-free Italian dressing 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts (1 1/2 lb) 2 tablespoons fat-free Italian dressing 1. To make salsa, in large bowl, mix beans, olives, bell pepper, tomato, onion, parsley and 1/2 cup dressing until well blended. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour. 2. Heat coals or gas grill for direct heat. Brush chicken with 2 tablespoons dressing. 3. Cover and grill chicken over medium heat 15 to 20 minutes, turning and brushing with dressing occasionally, until juice of chicken is clear when center of thickest part is cut (170F). Serve chicken with salsa. Nutritional Information 1 Serving: Calories 270 (Calories from Fat 60); Total Fat
Toasted Almond Chicken Salad
Prep Time:15 min Start to Finish:30 min makes:4 Servings 3 small chicken breast halves 3 stalks celery, sliced 1 bunch fresh chives, finely chopped 1/2 cup low-fat plain yogurt 1/4 cup light sour cream 1 1/2 teaspoons dried tarragon leaves 2 tablespoons slivered almonds, toasted Salt, if desired Freshly ground black pepper, if desired 1 bag (10 oz) mixed salad greens 1. Spray skillet with cooking spray; heat over medium-high heat. Cook chicken 4 minutes on each side or until chicken is no longer pink when centers of thickest pieces are cut. Remove from heat and let chicken stand at least 10 minutes until cool enough to handle. Chop chicken into small pieces. 2. In large bowl, mix chicken and remaining ingredients except salad greens. Serve chicken salad on salad greens. Nutritional Information 1 Serving: Calories 170 (Calories from Fat 50); Total Fat 6g (Saturated Fat 2g, Trans Fat 0g); Cholesterol 55mg; Sodium 125mg; Total Carbohydrate 8g (Dietary Fiber 2g, Sugar
Jose Jalepeno
Tandoori Chicken
Prep Time:15 min Start to Finish:13 hr makes:4 servings 1/4 teaspoon water 1/8 teaspoon ground mustard 1/2 cup Yoplait Fat Free plain yogurt (from 2-lb container) 2 tablespoons lemon juice 3/4 teaspoon paprika 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 1 1/4 lb) Lemon slices, if desired 1. In small bowl, mix water and mustard; stir in remaining ingredients except chicken and lemon slices. Place chicken in shallow glass or plastic bowl. Pour marinade over chicken; turn to coat with marinade. Cover; refrigerate at least 12 hours but no longer than 24 hours to marinate. 2. Heat oven to 375F. Remove chicken from marinade; discard marinade. Place chicken in ungreased 13x9-inch (3-quart) glass baking dish. Bake about 45 minutes or until juice of chicken is clear when center of thick
Strawberry-peach Chicken Salad
Prep Time:15 min Start to Finish:15 min makes:4 servings Strawberry Yogurt Dressing 2 containers (6 oz each) Yoplait Original strawberry yogurt 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar Salad 6 cups Bibb lettuce leaves or mixed salad greens 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and cut into strips 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries 1 medium peach, peeled and sliced 2 medium green onions, sliced (2 tablespoons) 1. In blender or food processor, place yogurt, strawberries and wine vinegar. Cover; blend on high speed about 15 seconds or until smooth. 2. Arrange remaining ingredients on 4 serving plates. 3. Serve with dressing. Cover and refrigerate any remaining dressing. High Altitude (3500-6500 ft): No change. Nutritional Information 1 Serving: Calories 280 (Calories from Fat 45); Total Fat 5g (Saturated Fat 1 1/2g, Trans Fat 0g); Cholesterol 70mg; Sodium 115mg; Total Carbohydrate 27g (Dietary Fiber 3g, Sugars 21g); Protein 31g % Daily Va
A Fault Of My Own
A Fault Of My Own I know I am the one who said no That I am the one who hurt you But I care more than you know And I hope you feel the same way too The thought of putting you through pain Of making you cry from the sadness you feel Its driving me far past insane I just want you to continue to heal Don't regress and don't take a step back Keep moving on with your life and be happy Don't give up on life because I lack What you want to see in me A single tear falls for the pain you must feel Then another because I know I caused your pain I know things must all seem surreal But I see that with me you have little to gain I have someone in my life who makes me happy And I want you to find that one person for you Someone who can make you happier than me And can do more than I could ever do Please, if its to be the last thing I say to you Never forget you are someone I hold dear You've done more than I could ask you to do So, if its not too horrible let me sta
What Will Be
When love's astray there's nothing you can do about it But who can say? I won't be better off without it I might be down but don't count me out There's a world I want to know all about You can say I'm just dreaming I've always been an optimistic one I can't help feeling that the best is yet to come oh-oh oh-oh There comes a time Ain't nothing you can do to stop it Right now is mine I'm gonna make the best time of it Don't hold your breath if you're waiting for me Today is just tommorrow's history repeat chorus You say I'm being foolish Well, maybe that's so But I'm not afraid of letting go... There's nothing you can do about it (Hey Hey) I know you'll say I won't be better off without it I'm gonna take my heart off the shelf I made a promise To be good to myself repeat chorus The best is yet come oh, oh oh, oh best is yet to come oh, oh oh, oh
Why do we feel the need to see what our friends are writing to their other friends on places like Fubar and Myspace? Going as far as to check other peoples profiles just to see how much contact someone is having with someone else is a bit far in my opinion. I used to think it was just the young who suffered from this need to check up on their friends and significant others but I'm finding recently that the disease is infecting the older people too. Personally, jealousy and possessiveness are not traits I admire in a man, (or woman for that matter) Why worry about what I do with someone else? I can still be your friend too. Just a personal thought. Blessings on all who read this.
Heres To Us Wit Broken Hearts ... Creation Belongs To Mi Hermana, Bella
Here's to all those girls who used to be his number one. The ones who waited all night for him to call, only to check the caller ID the next morning and be disappointed. The ones who made it through that bitter break up, dried your own tears and moved on with your life, only to have him walk back in it months later like nothing ever happened. Those of you who cried on the first day you talked again because you knew exactly where this phone call was going. The ones who listened to him say, I only want to be your friend, one day, and the next, listened to him say how much he loves and misses you. We deserve something, and this is our tribute. Here's to the ones that took him back, hoping that maybe this time, he was different, hoping that maybe people really do change. We listened to our friends tell us that we were stupid for even thinking about giving him another chance, caught shit from our parents, and even snuck around to see him for a while. We went through t
Youngest Son: "Tell me Daddy, what is the difference between 'Potentiality' and 'Reality'?" Dad: "I will show you" Dad turns to his wife and asks her: "Would you sleep with Robert Redford for 1 million dollars"? Wife: "Yes of course! I would never waste such an opportunity" ! Then Dad asks his daughter, if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for 1 Million dollars? Daughter: "Wow! Yes! He is my fantasy!" So Dad turns to his elder son and asks him: "Would you sleep with, Tom Cruise for 1 million dollars"? Elder Son: "Yeah! Why not? Imagine what I could do with 1 million Dollars! I would never hesitate!" And father turns back to his younger son saying: You see son, 'Potentially' we are sitting on 3 million dollars, but in 'Reality' we are living with 2 prostitutes and 1 gay.
Old Couple
Once upon a time there was this older couple. They had been married for 55 yrs and were into their early 80's. They lived on a small farm where the older man worked for their food. So one day he comes in from a long day of work exhausted and dirty wanting a shower and something to eat. As he walks into the bedroom his wife is laying in bed naked. He says to her "Ma, why are you naked?" Ma says "Well Pa I am horny and want some." Pa says "Ma, you know I cant get it up no more" and heads into the bathroom. 20 mins later Pa comes outta the bathroom to find his wife standing on her head in the corner. Pa says " Ma, whatcha doing now?" Ma says "Pa, if you cant get it up, then drop it in!"
Noah Is Walking!!!
Noah Walking Yes I know the video is from MySpace but damnit they are faster than YouTube... :D
Take Your Voudon Snakes And Shove 'em Up Your Ass...
I got your mojo right here muddahfuckkah... (of course, this won't make sense... but you should know by now that's not what I do)
Fridays Atuo 11's Here
The lightning flashes the thunder roars Get ready baby the rain's about to pour I see the madness in your eyes Feel it burning between your thighs Skin on skin the air is getting hot remember my name you're going to scream it a lot Feel the heat skin in silk In and out like the rising of the tide Feel the waves rush over me My soul belongs to you tonight Drown myself in the waters of life Smooth as butter cut by a knife Feel the heat washing over me Rise up and come with me Feel the heat skin in silk In and out like the rising of the tide Feel the waves rush over me My soul belongs to you tonight
In My Mind
I'm in the middle of a dark tunnel No way out Don't know which way to go The darkness eats away my mind Someone shine a light towards my way Feel as if froze in time Wanting to relinquish the pain Insurpassible desires Nothing to gain Respect is earned Children disrespect ~ Always getting burned~ Some wonder where things come from This I will tell you I write what I see How I feel and what I believe in They say a mind is beautiful thing to waste I try not to waste mine Many things have been taken Away and lost in my life My mind will not be one of them I don't hide behind facid things I know what is real I don't have sex appeal I am real I don't lie cheat nor steal Not materialistic I'm grateful for what I have been given Life is precious to me Mainly because of what I have seen The endings and the beginnings
Right Now
what is so crazy that a gurl cant have fun in order to be classy???
Terminally In Love
the smile a true grimace to misconstrue all the pain when my eyes close or the memory wordless from my lips oh no not again long sleeves long jeans long coat to hide the wounds that open and bleed saying its only a scratch when she turns and leaves appearing dizzy and joking with a concussion foolish and broken i can make you laugh at me but you cant see because of your kind i am dying
My Rules
I have some rules that govern my life. By doing so I have become a much happier person. 1. I don't do drama... if you are a drama queen, and feel you need to always be the center of everything... then I don't need ya. 2. I'm NO ONES savior... if you are looking to be rescued or saved from your current situation... look some where else.... Look to Jesus... I hear he did a good job of being a savior... 3. I don't do guilt trips... my mother was a pro, and I just don't fall for them any longer... 4. I don't surround myself with negitive people... they drain you, emotionally, financially, and physically.... 5. I don't lie, and I don't take it kindly when people lie to me... I have been known to kick people to the curb for lies... these are my rules... they may seem harsh... but hey... that's life....
Restless [[part I]]
Here I am, restless in my bed again. Wondering if I ever cross your busy mind. Wondering if the sight of your face will ever light up my eyes again. I am afraid of losing you. Afraid that I will never touch you again. I miss the memories we made. How we made love everyday. How every word you tell me comforts even the deepest fears I have. I love you. And because I love you I will justify how devoted I am to you. Regardless of what happened, I will never give up on you. I will never quit on the promise my love made to you. Your love for me I could never repay, And someday you will see that we were meant to be together. We were meant to get married and have kids. We were meant to live our lives with nothing but love to fall back on. I love you. And because I love you, here I am. Restless in my bed again. Wondering if I ever cross your busy mind. Wondering how a perfect love can go wrong. But I will never give up because I am in love. I may falter, but I will never f
Family Thunder (poem)
The rain fall hard on thoughts of dought! After a huge family fight, Let the lightning roll & the thunder raw hard, The Tiger may be leiving or beliving, SilverRain: vamp hun I'm gonna read a blog real quick As the clock slows down , upon this frightfull Night, Whether they win or lose nobody knows, They'll soon be replaced by doves off white, With the bats flittering bye , there wings as black as black, As the fight is finished one is thinking of taking flight, Or jumped the gun & ran upon skates of ice, are on earth, why would I feel so alone? Its night upon time they had some fun, As the stars lie glistening in the deep dark empty sky, Flying off on bead off gold , glinting unto the sun Whether they fly or whether they fall one can not predict Theres white angels somewhere glinting in the light Upon the deepst of Darkest Nights As the silver moon rises
f#ck all you niggaz white power
What It Means To Me
What L.O.V.E means to me: L=Longing for that one special person with all you have, heart and soul, O=Over everyone else that ever came before or will ever come after, V=Victorious over everything because you're with them, E=Excited that you are a part of their life for the rest of your life
Thinking Again
i have been asking myself recently what is life supposed to be like is there some secret to how all this works because i cant seem to get somethings right and i wonder if its me or is it everyone else i seem to keep chasing certain things that i cant seem to grasp and the more i chase the more it seems to elude me i wonder if its just the chase that seems to keep me doing it or maybe because its easy that way i know i wont catch it so why not chase and ask dumb ass questions as to why i dont catch it lol i wonder if that is what things are about chasing what you cant have because once in a while you get it but then you realize the chase wasnt worth it anyways and why do we always do things the hard way so as i sit and get in touch with more of my feelings and try to understand why people do the things they do i am gonna just keep being honest about what i feel even if i dont understand what it is or how life is supposed to work cause if it was easy i wouldnt be nearly as much fun as i
You Ask Why
you ask me why i love you and i tell you because the way you talk the way you walk how you smile how just the slightest touch can send my heart spinning or how one kiss can make me feel like the only person on earth next to you how your smile can melt away all the bad things that have happened how the fact that your not perfect makes you even more perfect how cute you are when you tell me that i am stubborn or how beautiful you are when you are vulnerable how each and everyday since we first met your the first thought on my mind and last thought before i sleep or maybe its because the way you make me feel each day by just being here and saying hi or maybe its because you are the most beautiful person i have seen in my life and i want to be surrounded by your beauty each moment of each day until i live no more yes its all of the above
Respect People For Who They Are
People shouldnt be judge on the base of their looks. not the size of the tits, how big dick or the body mass and shape. people should be judge on the actions they give out towards them self and other people... i know i am not perfect i have judge people with out knowing them.. if we want to change who we are as a person as a human race, we must change are self to better are self than work on other..I respect those who respect me as a person.. please dont call me hot or sexy to me it degrading towards me and dont like at all.just say handsome beautiful gorgeous just not HOT or SEXY.. respect me and i shall respect you.. disrespect me and will see why they call me the Absinthe Prince..
Easy Eneagram Test
Your result for The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test... 5 - the ObserverThanks for taking the test ! you chose BZ - your Enneagram type is FIVE (aka "The Thinker"). "I need to understand the world" Observers have a need for knowledge and are introverted, curious, analytical, and insightful. How to Get Along with Me Be independent, not clingy. Speak in a straightforward and brief manner. I need time alone to process my feelings and thoughts. Remember that If I seem aloof, distant, or arrogant, it may be that I am feeling uncomfortable. Make me feel welcome, but not too intensely, or I might doubt your sincerity. If I become irritated when I have to repeat things, it may be because it was such an effort to get my thoughts out in the first place. don't come on like a bulldozer. Help me to avoid my pet peeves: big parties, other people's loud music, overdone emotions, and intrusions on my privacy. What I Like Abou
It's Almost Here.......another Life These Days Type Thing
Well folks, it's almost that time of year. My daughter turns a year old in march. Man, where did the time go. I mean it seems like i JUST had her yesterday. She's already "walking" with some assistance and it just takes me by surprise that not only that she is walking but that she is growing up so damn fast. I love being a mother and I am so glad that I met the man of my dreams and he gave me another one of my dreams. I mean hell, me and my hubby have been married almost 2 years now. But anyway, back to the little one. She's growing up so fast. Her "teacher" at my GED school is in shock that Becca is walking. As a matter of fact, all the ladies at Promise Village can't believe it. Speaking of school, I am just a month away from going to take my GED test and I am excited. I plan on going to Central Florida Community College in the fall. I'm going to be going for an Associate in Arts Degree in Computer Science. I'm really excited. My life has turned out DAMN good. I have everything that
Perfect Woman, Perfect
1. I'll swallow it all, I love the taste. 2. Are you sure you've had enough to drink? 3. I'm bored. Let's shave my pussy! 4. Shouldn't you be down at the bar with your buddies? 5. That was a great fart! Do another one. 6. I've decided to stop wearing clothes around the house. 7. You're so sexy when you're hungover. 8. I'd rather watch football and drink beer with you than go shopping. 9. Let's subscribe to Hustler. 10. Would you like to watch me go down on my girlfriend? 11. Say, let's go down to the mall so you can check out women's asses. 12. I'll be out painting the house. 13. I love it when you play golf on Sundays. I just wish you had time to play on Saturday, too! 14. Honey, our new neighbor's daughter is sunbathing again. Come see! 15. I know it's a lot tighter back there, but would you please try again? 16. No, no....I'll take the car to have the oil changed. 17. Your mother is way better than mine. 18. Do me a favor. Forget the stupid Valentine's Day thing and
Want A Auto-11 Or Bling Pack Then Here Your Chance Auction! Open
Auction for a auto-11. Got a 25 bling pack up for auction and a vip. Rules to enter is 300k for auto-11 and 100k for bling and 100k for the vip is the starting bid and you must add/fan the host. Please only serious bidder will be open till the end of the month. Don't forget to bid! CLICK HERE: BLING HERE: VIP is here; the host is Akamrs. T AKAMRS.T THE DREAM TEAM ~ CLUB FAR~ BAD GIRL~PU$$YCAT PLAYMATE/LIL PLEASURE AND OWNER BLACLIE22@ fubar
Last Night
UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Went to the hospital yesterday afternoon hoping and praying to deliver this baby. Oh no!!!!! Can't do that...only 3 centimeters dilated now, still having massive contractions but not enough to keep me and since I'm ONLY 36 weeks they won't induce labor either. So they sent me home about 7:30pm. We were standing in the doorway of the main entrance waiting for our ride and my husband informs me he's "not feeling well" (which usually means 'Honey, grab me I'm collapsing from a seizure'). My nurse puts her hand on another wheel chair to offer it to him to sit down but it was too late. He did a face plant on the floor. My nurse yells for security since we're standing right by their office and off to the ER we get rushed. *sigh* Now labor and delivery had just given me 2 darvasets to help me with my pain, I have an allergy to codine and couldn't remember if I could take those pills or not so I went ahead and took them anyway. HUGE MISTAKE!!! Now sitti
2009 Tax Code
The only thing that the IRS has not taxed yet is the male penis. This is due to the fact that 69% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, 10% of the time it is hard up, 20% of the time it is pissed off and 1% of the time it is in the hole. On top of that, it has two dependents and they are both nuts! HOWEVER, effective January 1st, 2009, the penis will now be taxed according to size: The brackets are as follows: 10 - 12" Luxury Tax $ 300.00 8 - 10" Pole Tax $ 250.00 5 - 8" Privilege Tax $ 150.00 3 - 5" Nuisance Tax $ 30.00 Males exceeding 12" must file capital gains. Anyone under 3" is eligible for a tax refund. ** PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR AN EXTENSION **
Sweetheart Auction
Welcome to the Sweetheart Auction. I'll explain briefly how this will work. Please check out this bully and repost! First off, there will be NO entry fee! That's right, it's FREE to enter. You will need to send me a message on Fubar (NOT in the SB.) With a link to a photo you want to use along with what you are willing to do for your "Sweetheart". Example: Drinks and a gift every day for a week. Personal salutes, ect... You will also need to tell me what are acceptable bids. Such as cash, Fubucks, bling packets, ect... The bidding can start once I post your auction. I will message you when I do so. The auction will run until you either stop it or on February 11th. You can stop it at anytime by either sending me a message or posting it in the comments for your auction. I will NOT be responsible for collecting your winning bid. That's between you and your auction winner. Starting bid is 50,000 fubucks. No entries will
Ok, I'm Bored
Your 80s Song is "Sweet Child O' Mine" If you were transported back to the 80s, your life would be all about rock and roll. You love the free wheeling, wild atmosphere of the 80s - even if there were consequences later on. You think of the 80s as a time of partying hard and letting loose. Even if you find a lot of the 80s nostalgia to be a bit lame, you truly believe there was no better decade. What's Your 80s Karaoke Song?
A Note From Me
I"M written this blog today to fill in my family and friends that care.. I'm not sure how much i will be around. if i dont chat with you its nothing personal . MY real life family is going thru some very hard times right now.. we are one of the many American who are losing there home due to high payment and my H losing hour at work. we are with a company that will not work with us and would rather us walk away from the house then help us.. it a very scary time for me as i have 3 boys i have to protect. But with that said the scary part of all of this is we have no means of getting another home . so i have been working on trying to get a plan together for my family. I come here not for pity but for my family and friend to just understand that I'm very stressed out and trying to hold my chin up the best i can. sometimes this place his the only thing i have . anyhow pls keep us in your thoughts.and I'm so thankful for the friends and my very close family on here you are my b
Things You Don't Say To Your Wife:
Auto 11's Bling Auction
~ AUTO 11's BLING AUCTION ~ **24 HOURS ONLY** I am holding an AUTO 11's BLING AUCTION !!! Going Friday, 10:00 am Fubar Time (1:00 pm EST) until Saturday, 10:00 am Fubar Time (1:00 pm EST) You want an AUTO 11's BLING... Come bid NOW ~ Just click the bling below!!! Bidding will start at 1 Million Fu-bucks... and go to the highest bidder at the close of the auction. Proof for anyone that needs it: dj nilla~owner of ~DIRTYDEEDSRADIO.COM~ ☯ YdaFnot's Light ☯@ fubar
Call Me When You're Sober
This is my song of the day. Call me when you're sober- Evanesecence Don't cry to me If you loved me You would be here with me You want me Come find me Make up your mind Should I let you fall Lose it all So maybe you can remember yourself can't keep believing We're only deceiving ourslves And I am sick of the lie And you're too late could'nt take the blame Sick with shame Must be exhausting to lose your own GAME Selfishly hated No wonder you're jaded Can't play the victim this time You never call me when you're sober you only want it cause it's over How could I have burned paradise? How could I? YOU WERE NEVER MINE so don't cry to me If you loved me You would be here with me Don't lie to me Just get your things I'VE MADE UP YOUR MIND
In A Stupid Survey Mood
BasicsWhat's your favorite color?PinkWhat's your favorite animal?GiraffeWho's your role model?My momFamilyHow many siblings do you have?0How many people live in your house?1, meHow many animals do you have1, my fishyWhere do you live(trailor, mansion, regular house )?apartmentFreindsWho is your most valuable freind?LexiWhich freind do you look up to the most?LexiHow many best freinds do/did you have?2How many freinds have moved out of your city?None of my friends live hereWould you rather have...coke or sprite?Spritelunch or dinner?Dinnera sister or brother?neither! hahaMcdonalds or Burger King?Chick-fil-aboyfreind or freind?boyfriendhug or kiss?hugpinch or poke?pinchclown or doll?dollTake this survey or other MySpace Surveys at
Personality Type Quiz
You Have a Type A PersonalityYou are ambitious, driven by your desire to get things done. Type A personalities are characterized by their drive and intense work ethic. You are competitive; you want respect, not affection. You may become irritated when you have to wait on a line or at a red light. Are you a Type A or a Type B?MySpace Quizzes at
Re-arranged {limp Bizkit}
Lately I've been skeptical Silent when I would used to speak Distant from all around me Who witness me fail and become weak Life is overwhelming Heavy is the head that wears the crown I'd love to be the one to disappoint you when I don't fall down But you don't understand when I'm attempting to explain Because you know it all and I guess things will never change But you might need my hand when falling in your hole Your disposition I'll remember when I'm letting go of You and me we're through And rearranged It seems that you're not satisfied There's too much on your mind So you leave and I can't believe all the bullshit that I find Life is overwhelming Heavy is the head that wears the crown I'd love to be the one to disappoint you when I don't fall down But you don't understand when I'm attempting to explain Because you know it all and I guess things will never change But you might need my hand when falling in your hole Your disposition I'll remember when I'm
The Guy's Side Of The Story :)
A husband and wife go to a counselor after 15 years of marriage. The counselor asks them what the problem is and the wife goes into a tirade listing every problem they have ever had in the 15 years they've been married. She goes on and on and on. Finally, the counselor gets up, goes around the desk, embraces the woman and kisses her passionately. The woman shuts up and sits quietly in a daze. The counselor turns to the husband and says "That is what your wife needs at least three times a week. Can you do that?" The husband thinks for a moment and replies, "Well, I can drop her off here on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I can't on Fridays, I golf."
I sit around and find myself questioning my motives and what drives me to keep going. Granted i have a gr8 job in NYC as an IRONWOKER LOCAL 361, and a i have a 9 month old son who i love and adore and would die for. But something in my life has eluded me, true love... I know it might sound corny coming from a man who is about to turn 27, most would say that im crazy and i should just stay focused. Others who know me for the crazy BREAKDANCING/DANCING freak would say wtf are you talking about. Well i thought i had it all figured out but alas LOVE has eluded my grasp once again. A woman who is 9 years my senior who shall remain nameless showed me a glimpse of what a TRUE WOMAN is. Not these youngins who just go 2 the bar and act like COCKTEASES all nite, don't get me wrong MEN ARE NO BETTER LOL. But she showed me there is more to life than wut life throws at me, i just wish we could have made it work. My and her schedule put MUCH strain on our relationship and alas it CRUSHED our future
Irish Blessing
This a song I remembered when the seniors on their last Choir performance back in the year, 1991---- C.P.H.S.--- the old one May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand. May God be with you and bless you: May you see your children's children. May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness From this day forward. May the road rise up to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home And may the hand of a friend always be near. May green be the grass you walk on, May blue be the skies above you, May pure be the joys that surround you, May true be the hearts that love you.
Come On Over Were Live Now
come to my lounge right now were live whohoohoh
Auto 11 & Bling Pack Up 4 Auction
I have got some Up for auction the auction will end on Feb 5th at 9 pm central time. and a $20 Bling Pack up 4 grabs So come on by and make a bid! And get you some This Auction/Bulletin Is Brought To You By... SinfulBrat
This Place
This has to be one of the strangest, most confusing places I've seen, not sure whether to just ditch it or try for a while.
i just found out that my aunt passed away. i havent seen her in a few years and im regreting terribly my lack of communication with her. nothing i can do about it now...i will just mourn her and hope that her afterlife is peaceful.
Ez Free Drink For Ez Rate
> Hey everyone! I am asking for a favor. I am in a contest to win Auto 11 and all I need from all my friends, family and fans is 1 rate and a couple comments. (comments are to break a tie if any) I need a minimum of 1000 rates to win. Rate me and leave a comment and I will give you a drink. The contest runs from Noon EST today until Noon EST Feb 2. Please pass this on to all your friends. If I get the auto 11, I will do a pay out for rates when I run it. (maybe a little incentive Here is the link to the pic to rate....RATE THIS PICTURE BELOW!!! YES ITS THE PUPPY DOG!!! This is brought to you with love and hugs by... Carebear
Lol, Well Worth The Time To Copy And Paste The Link Into Your Browser, Just Watch And Listen, It's Is Dutch.
You Want This Valentine!!
Hey everyone I am in a Valentines day auction...please drop in and maybe place a bid on WONT be disapointed!! Heres my offerings: ALL my 11's for 2 weeks Rate everything you have & RE-rate it all when i can keep u drunk random blings daily gifts Add you to my family forever pimp you out on my profile as well as blogs and bullys yahoo ID if bid is high enough 1 30 minute SFW phone call if HH is offered THE HIGHER THE BID GOES THE MORE I WILL OFFER ***JUST CLICK THE PICTURE 2 TAKE YOU THERE*** This bully PROUDLY brought to you by: ?Delicious RedHead ?FU-Fiance2 Tony?@ fubar
What Is Love.......
Im not a religious nut but I think this says it best, but at the end of the day even if your love fails in any or all of the below mentioned perameters it is your choice the next day wether to do it better or not I guess or perhaps love like God is a myth. "Love is always patient and kind; love is never jealous; love is not boastful or conceited, it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage, it does not take offense or store up grievances. Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but finds its joy in the truth. It is always ready to make allowances, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes. Love never comes to an end." I Corinthians 13:4-8
Whispers Whistling
Whispers Whistling I hear you calling, your whispers whistling. To the feet I stand. A journey to the window. Leafs fluttering anxiously calling. As the wind whips through them. The green grass shivers with anticipation yearning for your softly spoken words. People seen in the streets yet the streets seem so bare. All I hear are your whispers whistling and the calmness in the air. My soul glows, my hair stands on end. As the memories conjure of the good times we had. I run to the breeze and let it take over me. I feel your touch in the caressing of the wind. I hear your whispers whistling in the warm summer of sin. Our passion burns like a kindling till our next meet. For now I stay patiently zealous, on the horizon of dreams.
Beautiful eyes open across a pillow top, It seems for this moment time will stop, The earth slows and sounds wane, A frozen moment without stain. Our hearts beat in time, Your body close to mine, With a smile of simple pleasure, This moment should last forever. BUT AT THIS MOMENT IT WAS NOT MENT TO BE, THAT I HAVE LOST NOW ILL FIND SOMETHING CLOSE TO WHAT I HAD IT MIGHT TAKE A LONG TIME TILL I CAN GET THAT BACK
Hotties!!!! Now!!!!
WOW!!!! I am lookin for hotties to talk to!!!! HELP!!!! For the first time in my life i am hottie-less!!!!
6ft Under Part2
I know how to love. I know how to hate. I know all that I consume, And what I create. I've created a monster. That monster is me. It's all of my fault, At least that I can see. Don't try to help me, When I can't even try. Don't even look at me, My whole life is a lie. I don't fear myself, I fear for all of you. I didn't want to be violent, But my fears have come true. I just had to be evil, I just had to kill. Now you'll be buried, 6 feet under a hill.
Ice Cream & The Election
Excellent analogy from a teacher in the Nashville area. *** Who worries about "the cow" when it is all about the "Ice Cream? The most eye-opening civics lesson I ever had was while teaching third grade this year. The presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest. I decided we would have an election for a class president. We would choose our nominees. They would make a campaign speech and the class would vote. To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members. We discussed what kinds of characteristics these students should have. We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot. The class had done a great job in their selections. Both candidates were good kids. I thought Jamie might have an advantage because he got lots of parental support. I had never seen Olivia's mother. The day arrived when they were to make their speeches Jamie went first. He had sp
A Couple Words
I sit here today, Thinking about my past. On all the things I hate, And how long my life will last. Why do you people hate me? Why must you be so mean? Is this how you should treat me? If not, that's what it seems. I will not justify my feelings, But I know I can. You people keep provoking me, This is why I ran. You people disrespect me, But you still don't realize. What you say about me, Stays in my inside. I don't forget your face, Or even your evil voice. I could be mean when I see you, But I don't choose that choice. I still try to be nice to you, But look at what you've done. No longer will I be nice, No longer will you have fun. I hold this pills in my hand, Thinking of all the things you've said. Through all those moments you laughed at me, My emotions bled. I've suffered way to long, Today it is the end. you have no more chances to say sorry, I will never be your friend. I've taken all
I cut myself once, My anger goes away. I cut myself twice, All my problems delay. This is not the first time, Nor is it my last. Blood is falling, Ever so fast. I love the feeling of blood, I love the feel of it burst. When ever it comes to blood, I always have a thirst. My mom tells me it's bad, She put me in psychology. What do they expect? Do they want an apology? It's like a drug, It's so addictive. It's almost the same way, Am I vindictive? Ahhhh, blood, Such a relief. It's such a good thing, That's only my belief. The color of blood, Such a wonderful red. Hope I don't spill too much, If so, I'll be dead. A can use a razor, I can use a knife. Who really gives a fuck, It endangers my life? All I care about is the blood, Coming from my wrist. I just can't help it, I cannot resist.
Death Of A Loved One
We die for no reason, it's just what we do. But why am I surprised, it had to be you. You left me in the darkness, you left me all alone. This is the last time, I'll ever hear sorrows tone. You make me feel pain, you make me loose hope. With who do I love? With who do I cope? Did you know I loved you? I never said it before. I hope that you are listening, I hope you won't ignore. Did you love me? Or did you hate? I loved you so much, now you left me as bait. I hope that you are happy, now that you are dead. Guess what? I'm not, yes that's what I said. I look down upon this bridge, I see us together. I don't care about the rain, I don't care about the weather. I have to be with you, I can't take it no more. I think of you every moment, now you make my heart sore. Soon I will see you, I hope you feel the same. Because with out you, there's no love, and with out love, life's insane.
Saturdays Big Event! Dont Miss It!
Hi everyone, CLICK PIC BELOW TO ENTER! HURRY! BUMP N GRIND GRAND OPENING SATURDAY, JAN 31ST Come join the Party!! Party starts @2pm fu-time thru the evening. I will be Blinging like crazy during my 2pm Happy Hour! Randomly Blinging our guests! Then again @7pm! We are a mixed genre lounge and our sexy DJS take requests. Come Party with Cherrybomb, DJ Big, DJ Rebbie and our fam. We promise to keep you chair dancin and 100% Shitfaced! Pull up a stool and kick back or shake what ur Mama gave ya. We have the HOTTEST staff on the Fu. How may we serve you? Owners Cherrybomb ... ~Cherrybomb ~Owner of BUMP N GRIND~Founder of CIA~Club FAR/Team Love~The Pegasus Project~S.B.G~ and DJ Big ... DJ BiG Co-Owner of Bump-N-Grind Manager DJ Rebbie ... Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ DJ Rebbie @ BUMP-N-GRIND Please repost to spread the word
Real Life
For those who I actually use the term "friend" with on here. Starting in a week, I won't be online as often as I have been. Real life is a bitch and unforseen things happen. I will try to get to the library as often as I can or if I can pick up a wireless signal from someplace I'll be online. Those very few that have my yahoo IM I will be on there via mobile. Just wanted to give you all a heads up and as soon as I get to where I'm goin and I'm settled then you will see me more. Thanks...
Stinkfoot Comment From My Bro
How I Love You Love
How I Love you Love By Casey Fox Dont date me anymore, for ill just fall apart As you tell me how Im not the guy u like For Im just too nice, u want to stay friends So I smile just for you and chock back my tears Only to say thank you, hope you have a great day You turn around and walk away happy youre ok Never thought about me, as keep walking So dont tell me ill find love or to not give up Because their some great girl out there That well love you, but I bet she married Are just think Im one of her good guy friends February is coming up; I think Ill give up For Im tired of all lost hope towards love Saint Valentine makes me depressed in side With no hope at gaining someone elses love So I raze one more pint size suds filled glass Taste the bitterness fall back inside my mouth I swallow it all down, drinking all alone So dont tell me ill find love or to not give up Because their some great girl out there That well love you, but I bet she married
★redkandy★ Has Auto 11s!
★RedKandy★ Will Have Her Very First Auto 11s Running Starting 8:00 AM Fu Time Saturday, January 31st! ~★RedKandy★~ End The Last Day of This Month Leveling Up On ★RedKandy★! ~★RedKandy★~ ★RedKandy★ Has Been A Very Bad Girl! Spank Her Hard!!! ~★RedKandy★~ Go Show ★RedKandy★ All That Fu Love!!! This Public Service Announcement Brought To You By: ღTulsa's Angelღ
Ok Guys
who on here things southern hottie angel is hot
The Chance Of A Lifetime
Okay so I went to RAW this past monday. Which wasn't the greatest raw but it was a live event and I got the tickets for free. I met an indy wrestler when I was there we got to talking, and he was telling me about all the indy circuts up here where I live. So I was talking to him about Vallets. And he gave me the number of a promotor and his own. He called me then tells me I've got a match. I was like What? I haven't had anything to do with wrestling since i was 16. He is offering to train me and get me ready for this match. He's also willing to drop his light weight title to me. I was thinking WOW Epic. Except my old attire doesn't work any more cant find my shoes to save my life and I don't have my pads any more. So I'm happy but I'm also stressed about it. IT's the chance of a life time. Granted its one little match in an indy fed but STILL it's entertaining and like WOW. That's the newest update from the life of me.
Way Too Easy To Win
so its 6:30am and im thinking wtf am i still doing up.... anyways i get this green noob accound in my sb. and we all know what thats gonna turn heres the convo.. ->Queenie: let me guess...a webcam site! Queenie: am??its only 10 20pm here my time,,and im too hot,,actually im looking for some lil fun now.wanna have some fun? ->Queenie: 0630 Queenie: sorry to bother??what time is there now?? ->Queenie: tired...and hello Queenie: hi there... how r u doing right now...? how disappointing... i wanted to have some fun, just not what they had in mind.... damn cambots!!! im tempted to fuck with them some more....
Purity once had a name, And beauty once had a face. Life once had a meaning, And once I was safe. Once there was freedom, And once I could laugh. Happiness once was alive, And once I had another half. Once I shared her love, Once I was by her side, Once I felt I fitted, So quickly that died. Her grace so great, Her beauty so vast, All I ever wanted, Was for it to last. Fate maybe had another plan, Or maybe she had another love, But it all fell apart, The hand too big for the glove. Now it's all died away, Happiness, joy, love; all memories. Now I walk alone in this dark, dark world, With no light to guide my way.
A Day
The day begins watching a sunrise that strongly resembles a Thomas Kincaid painting. With the orange, reds, blues streaking through the clouds. The only thing missing was the ocean and the lighthouse. The clouds roll in thicker ruining the moment, but define the day. The temperature wouldnt be that bad but the wind is blowing. The sun tries to peak out every once in a while creating a battle with the clouds. As I ponder weak and weary the wind sings and the clouds hypnotize giving actions to thoughts from dark corners. Corners that you thought were hidden and buried deep. People you havent talked to in years or how life is pushing ever onward. Wondering if it has a life of its own, breathing, bleeding, thinking, creating, destroying, and feeling. The radio plays songs that feed the mood Lonely Road of Faith In Memory pulling the trap door ever more efficiently, adding weight to clouds. Reminding of th
My Love
My love for you came without warning, Now that i dont pretend. My love for you will never falter, It will never have an end. My love for you is greater, Than the world has ever seen. Our love is the purest love, That there has ever been. I promise to never make you cry, Or put sorrow in your life. I will not rest until the day, That i make you my wife. I have never felt for anyone, The way i feel for you. And with all of my heart, For as long as i live, My love will be sooo true. No other woman could ever compare to you, For your beauty is in everything you do. I've loved you from the start. Ever since that fateful day, You came and stole my heart. I thank the Lord above. For bringing me you, My Love..... I love you angel, Shay
Auto 11 Is Up For Grabs
Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Is having an ... AUTO 11 BLING Auction! Click the link below and start BIDDING auction opens January 31 and runs to February 2 (bling must be paid for before delivery). Bidding starts at 500K fubucks This auction is and all bid auction. Accepting cash bids as well as fubucks. This bulletin brought to you by, carolvision63 Carolvision63 ~ ‍ owned by Ponyb
New Blog
I have no more room for pictures...but I've decided to make a blog dedicated to all of the random ass crafts I do/have done.
Spaghetti And Meatball Cupcakes
From Hello Cupcake
Aleister Crowley@ fubar You know what? Feel sorry for yourself all you want. How dare you accuse me of being shallow and then saying I believe in a fake God and he hates ugly people. You are freakin pathetic. Think what you want, accuse me of what you want but you are you worst enemy. I will not stand here and feel sorry for you because no one likes you. Maybe there is a reason why. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you don't like who you are then change it. Leave me the hell alone
Care Bear Bag
I Should have ironed it before I took pics and there's definitely a spot on it...oh well One Side: Inside with zipper pocket: Gusset: Other side:
An Angel To Me
The moment I opened my heart and let you in I saw this great love starting to begin. I opened my eyes to a vision of you I hope, I pray your feelings are true. I have loved and I have paid the cost And I have felt pain of a love i lost. But, now, I think I have truly found An Angel who walks upon the ground. You go beyond all the limits for me Just to show your love endlessly. I could search my whole life through And never find another "you". You are so special to me Forever Angel in my heart you will be. There is something you need to know I truly, completely love you so..... For my Angel with love, Shay XOXO
[happy Day Off]
My neck is jacked to all hell, I have to hold it at a 45* angle I have an imploding zit that refuses to surface and is at JUST the right spot to hurt like crazy and remain completely squeeze immune. Seriously I'm about to grab some box cutters for this fucker... My hair is doing things that'd make alfalfa blush. I had a semi-fulfilling sex dream (I don't even remember who-with, I think someone I knew from highschool) interrupted by a blaring alarm clock. Yeah... my saturday's off to a great start. *Sigh* I'm going to take a shower, hook up my wireless internet, buy some supplies and deposit some checks. Maybe I'll be fed, dekinked, paid, and killing rival gangs by the time you hear back from me... if not send a virgin or 3 to sacrifice.
Hotel Room
Hotel Room you inspiring loneliness as i always feel that love that love that hurts why does love always hurt being loneliness with it i imagine being with you i imagine your eyes they looking at me but when i open my eyes only thing my eyes see dirt my eyes sees the dirty old hotel room so lonely
Music I Love
Music I Love- Terasbetoni (orjatar)
Parker's Up For Auction
Want a sexy Valentine? Need someone to pay special attention to your page each day? Well... Look no farther... Here he is... Here is what Parker is offering... Just click on the Offering tag and go to his page and make a bid... Auction Open for 2 weeks. Make your bid today! ***************************************** Lovingly dedicated to Parker By Sweet Addiction Please repost Thank you *****************************************
ok everyone i know i havnt been on in a really long time but we're still asking for prayers, dad is still really sick he has the tumor on his lung and it has shrunk some but he has to go through 20 days of brain radiation, today he had to go to the dr cause he's coughing so bad the poor man cant stand up. he has a cat scan monday to decide how much of a dose to give him and we go from there he went back to work the 18th but has been taken back out for the radiation treatment. so please keep prayin for him. thanks xoxoxoxo -jenn b p.s. i lost 28pounds!!!!
Love Sucks
Love that runs away from me Dreams that just wont let me be Blues that just keep bothering me Chains that just wont set me free Im too far away from you and your sweet charm. Just out of reach of my two empty arms. Each night in my dreams I see your face My love for you I cant erase I awake and find you gone Im lost and all alone Your lips so sweet and warm Just out of reach of my two empty arms. If you need me Ill be here Ill be faithful never fear I think of you, both night and day So close yet so far away Just out of reach of my two empty arms. *********************************************** If You Love Something Set It Free If It Comes Back, It Was And Always Will Be Yours If It Never Returns, It Was Never Yours To Begin With ************************************************ Where do I get the words To express how I feel How on earth do I tell you That these feelings are real There must be some way To prove my love to you But
First Enrty
I have known about Fubar for some time. I am glad to join because I love all the things one can do here and the people you can meet. My blog will cover current events, sports, movies, books and music. I also look forward to reading the blogs of my friends and fans as much as they enjoy reading mine.
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My New Owner Yet Again!! He Loves Me So Much He Had To Own Me Again!! Make Sure to Show Him Lots Of Love!! YET AGAIN ~ Permanent Fu-Owner of ::Miss Extra Krisssalicious::@ fubar
My Amusement
Funny things I've seen while experiencing and escaping Ice Storm '09: 1. Leaving town a liquor store marquee reads: THIS SUCKS 2. Driving through Memphis a tax place named: MAS DENIRO TAXES- a few blocks down the road another tax place: MO MONEY TAXES 3. Cruising through Memphis trying to purchase bathing suits mid-winter a TARGET that's been tranformed into a: PAWN SHOP - complete with huge blinking neon sign. More to come I assure you....
Pot O' Gold Contest
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Into my eager lips Relapse comes to heart Deep in my innocence My whole life falls apart Crying I'm swept away Beneath my shattered feet Needless I call for help Burning in the heat The wistful soul suffering Beneath my pointy bones My memory is passing by Perplexed in the unknown When will I learn to fly And collect my painful screams Lost in reality Crying in my dreams My childhood is haunting me I just can't forget the pain The beating still hurting me Drowning in the rain Death seemed to follow me Crawling in the dark Chasing my shadow Through out an imagined park Everything is turning black I guess I'll be left behind Soaked in my loneliness Avoided by mankind Alone I stand like soldiers do Watching their lives go by No ones here to hold me up Fighting until I die Demonic thoughts creeping down Lost in my vile tears Spurning my power to scream aloud Covering my fears Trembling I watch the death Of things that don't exist Humans running from th
Extra Extra
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Big B
Big B: Whatever your the "ORAL GODDESS" not me respect yourself ->Big B: DUDE learn some respect Big B: Ok have a good one, hit me up later I'd like to know if you've worked your talent on any big black cocks? ;-) ITS A SCREEN NAME!!!!!! get over it!!!!! he then blocked me like a little pussy
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Twas The Night Before The Super Bowl
‘Twas the night before the Super Bowl, when along the gulf shore Steelers fans were praying for “just one more" The players were nestled all snug in the sack With visions of the first NFL Six-Pack Coach Tomlin was young, but wise for his years So I drifted off to sleep without any fears When at the stadium there arose some strange chatter The Cardinals feared, what was the matter We heard, “Okel Dokel,” we heard “Double Yoi!” We jumped from our beds, our hearts jumped for joy He stood at the fifty with a grin ear to ear Steelers fans everywhere started to cheer Then in an instant to our surprise This little old man had tears in his eyes He went to the booth and there took his chair While Terrible Towels waved in the air Then over the airwaves came his shrill voice The Steelers Nation began to rejoice He said, “I am back, but you know I can’t stay. I just had to see my Steelers play" From my home up above, I have a great view Bu
Gabrielle - Out Of Reach
Living without you is the hardest thing I will ever do in the name of love, so know it in my silence, know it in the wind and in the rain, know it in the inexplicable feeling that still echoes within our souls, that I always have loved you, that I always will. Even if you have closed every door to allow me to say it, within the windows of my soul burns a candle for you that no matter how dark the world may seem you can always find your way in the night find your way home.
Current Giveaways!
20k comments for 3-month VIP Currently at 9,103 comments (+1,263) AUTO-11 BLING; LAST ONE TO BE AWARDED AT 50K COMMENTS! Currently at 44,430 comments (+1,889) I am suggesting that the 2 ga's above be finished first.....bombing is such a pain, and such slow going right now that I really think it is too much trouble to bother with the 2 bling ga's unless you just want to bomb them...if we ever finish these two, we will finish the two small bling giveaways.
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My friend here needs some major love. Its just one picture. You dont have to bid but she needs the rates
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Just A Word
Love has never been a word, that meant alot to me, just another word to say, not a way to be. Its always just been a way, to get the things I want, just another word, another part of the hunt. But then something happened, the day you came along, I realized its not just a word, I realized I was wrong. Now everytime I say the word, I mean it real and true, so know you can believe me, when I tell you I love you!!
when we first got together almost a year ago i believed everything you told me and trusted you without questioning you in the smallest way. i thought that maybe things would finally work and be what i had always dreamed of having. sure there were things that i didnt care too much for but i let them go cuz all i wanted was to be with you. every minute we were together seemed like the rest of the world had stopped and we were all that mattered. than just out of the blue with no warning you disappeared, leaving me to wonder what i had done wrong for you to just walk away like that. i blamed myself for months. than i realized i didnt do anything wrong and you just had issues that you hadnt resolved even though you had told me you did. now here we are both with feelings but the one thing thats missing is that trust. i know i should let the past be the past and try again but im scared to death of getting hurt again. of letting myself fall and have you just disappear like you did befor
Lovers Or Friends
at one point we lovers, and so totally into each other. and then something happened that changed all that. now we are talking again, trying to make a friendship work but its hard seeing as our feelings are still there. it makes me wonder if we are better as lovers or friends. when we were together everything was so totally amazing. the way things felt were great. and now that we are talking again and feelings have been shown there is a lil of that amazing feeling back. but at the same time theres a lil voice in the back of my mind tellin me to be careful and to not let myself fully fall for you again. as the hurt i handled last time is a hurt im not sure as i can handle again. i never really let you see the way it hurt when you turned away, even became friends with her but it still hurt. to this day thinking about it hurts but i dont regret it cuz what we had was great. and the feelings we had together is something that nobody could ever regret. now that we are trying to be frie
Backward Masking
The other night my son and I were listening to "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin and we got into the discussion of backward masking. My take on it is you would have to be a genius to write a song where the lyrics, both forward and backwards, makes sense. I told him you could pick any song, play it backwards, and make "something" out of the sounds... most anything. To prove my point I picked a song about life and aging... "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. I picked a small clip of it and then played that backwards. It was a twist of fate that I just happen to choose this clip. I laughed so hard I almost past out. My son almost fell out of his chair, literally. I've included the two clips. Listen to them and post what you think it says. Just wondering how many different answers I'll get. Regular Free file hosting by Backwards Free file hosting by
I love the emotion this guy has put into this performance.......and the final shot is thought provoking for me.
D.t. #58 Inducted To The Hall Of Fame
Derrick Thomas in Hall of Fame Doug Tucker, Associated Press KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) When Air Force jets roared over Arrowhead Stadium in patriotic pregame ceremonies, it used to mean big trouble for visiting quarterbacks. Derrick Thomas, the son of a pilot lost in Vietnam during Operation Linebacker II, always seemed quicker, bolder and even more punishing on those days. That's when Kansas City's great pass-rushing linebacker would summon every ounce of his talent. Those skills carried Thomas, who died in 2000, into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. "I always think of my dad when I see the military planes," the 6-foot-3, 245-pounder once said. "It makes me feel sad that I had to grow up without him. But I guess it also gets my adrenaline going. I dedicate the game to him, and I want to do my best for him." The first time Chiefs fans witnessed this phenomenon was on Veterans Day 1990. An unstoppable Thomas got his hands on Seattle's Dave Krieg nine times that a
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Were It Possible...
i wish i wasn't where i am. not intellectually, or even emotionally, although, given some of my behaviours of late that one is open to discussion. i wish i wasn't where i am geographically, since it makes life such a hell...of being incapable of being one.
Drink And Drive
I feel upon me, The shadow of death. It fills the air with fear, It takes away my breath. The screeching of tires, The feeling of fear. Gave me a hint, Death was near. Exploding glass, The screaming of shock. I felt nothing but pain, As I fell like a rock. Both cars stop, A feeling of hell. I went to check, If they were well. I looked at the driver, Blood on his face. He did not survive, This terrible place. Back seat was a child, No older than three. Her life is no more, All because of me. I fell to my knee's. I fell to the ground. I saw the ambulance, As it came around. A three year old girl, Died because I drank. She has no more life, And just me to thank. With tears in her eyes, The mother arrived. Horror on her face, Because I drink and drive. She ran towards the car, She ran through me instead. Then I finally realized, That I am dead. I can't tell her what happened, I can't go home and see my wife. All because I drink and drive, I just e
End Of The Road
This trail across the floor Are the marks of pain you ignore I saw the road curve into the sea I felt the black sky as it consumed me I cried out death like a wounded dog I followed the road into the fog I know not what's in front, just behind Farther heading into the fog until I'm blind This path I take is hard to follow My heart beats loud like it's hollow The fog stayed on my like a bird in the sky Slowly I've taken my last breath as I die The fall I took shattered my pain As I look down at my blood as it fell like the rain The moon fell through the horizon and I cried a tear Alone I lay on the path as I started to fear The fog then cleared away from my death The road came to an end as I took my last breath
A Mother Enraged...........
A Mother Enraged Approximately 48 hours ago, my son was assaulted and pistol whipped, two blocks from his High School. Where you may ask? Castro Valley, California. Shocked are you? Imagine my reactionLet me tell you why I am enraged.. My son, a sixteen year old Hispanic young man, got out of school early, as was customary for his league soccer game. It is customary for the kids to get an early release to get their gear and hop on the bus. Well my son met up with his friend and he decided to walk with my son to his car to get his soccer gear. His car was parked two blocks from the school grounds. As they were walking to his car, a car came up, parked, and two older young men got out, and walked towards my son and his friend. They passed my son up, and approached his friend. One assailant told my sons friend to give him his stuff; his friend pushed the assailant off. The assailant pulled out a semi-automatic gun, and proceeded to hit his friend in the ja
Eternal Pain
I lay me down, Upon the floor. No matter what, They will always ignore. These thoughts of mine, Rushing through my head Some of them living, Some of them dead. Oh please goddess, Help me find the light. Help me understand, What bothers me through the night. Hold me now, In your eyes. All my words, To your surprize. Why do I take, All of this pain? Why can't I give up And stop all this rain? Why am I so strong And wish to be weak? Oh please goddess, Hear what I speak. Why am I ok To suffer through life? Oh goddess of emotion I'm tired of strife. Can you help me Leave this place? So I could relax And my problems erase. I prey cries To empty walls. Why am I Ashamed to fall? I've delt with too much For me to embrace. My dry tears, Leave without a trace.
A life of ant bites punctuated by magnetic catastrophe. A beacon of misfortune. A broadcast of misery. An anthem of dry smiles and desert humor. A life of knuckle shaped bruises Immitated, duplicated, admired and despised- Never quite right. Never quite there. Friends named enemy. Love named hate. Hate named self. Beg to forget. Pledge to endure.
Introducing Sixtyninemunch
This is my sexy and hot new owner. Show him lots of luv. He is a great person to know. SixtyNineMunch FUOWNED BY TAT2BUNNYLUV@ fubar
Good Bye
I've hated my life, Since the day I was born. My emotions are ruined, My love has been torn. So I stand here today, Thinking about all I've done. About the good things in my life, Oh wait, that's none. I hold this blade in my hand, And blood on my wrist. I can't take this any more, I couldn't resist. It's to late to feel love, It's to late to turn back. Why did I do this? Has my life turned black? I then start to cry, Then drop the knife. I can be successful, And live a happy life. I don't want to die, I no longer feel pain. But blood keeps on falling, It pours like the rain. I rush to the freezer, To grab something cold. But it's to late, My life I no longer hold. Why did I do this? Why can't I cry? "Please help me some one!" Then I fall down and die.
I Believe You
The media is pounding my face into the floor. It won't stop and we can't ignore. Over and over it says things not true. It won't stop until we plea, "I Believe You!"
In Less Than 1 Second
I believe my day has come, But still I wish it wasn't so. I had so much things to live, But now I need to go. The moment the trigger pulled back, The moment that was filled with fear. The bullet blasted threw the air, I knew that death was near. In between that moment of truth, I've realized what I've done. This guy was really serious, There was a bullet in the gun. I thought of my wife and kids, I thought of my smile and frown, Then in less than a second, I fall dead to the ground.
My Last Poem
theres a girl for me i know, theres a man for you i know, there time we must take a chance, no looking back at what we did, theres times i like to cry, there are times i miss you alot, theres a time when i just want to hug you and tell you it will be all better, there is times i know that there is nothing i can say, theres only one girl for me, and that is you.. love you for the rest of my life, no matter how long there is left, ill always see you smilling, in the face of pain, wish i was there, since i cant, i open my heart up to you, hope you will take it. love bedrock
Lost Control
It seems that every once and a while in a persons life they feel that they have lost control. But for me, its more often that I do. Since I have built myself up from homelessness, I have lost control of my own home more than once. I get run over. Everyones happiness comes before mine. I can't talk in my own house, nor can I enjoy the simple things that make me happy. When I decide that I want to get on my computer, I never can. Someone else is always on and I have to wait my turn??? Since when should I need permission to get on my computer. When others are watching tv, I cant even talk because they cant hear the tv. So what can I do in my own house. Ive been going to bed earlier and earlier every day and when I wake up, I still cant use the computer. Some one else is still on it. Yes I am not taking my meds, but because I dont have any. Perhaps things will get better after tuesday when I have my shrink appointment and get meds. I dont know. But it seems as if all control
How I Feel
Lyrics to This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage Yeah ( screaming) Yeah All I ever wanted was destined to be fulfilled It is in my hands I must not fail and I must not fail Even through the darkest days This fire burns always This fire burns always This is the broken ground Misery begins to rise Turn away from yesterday Tomorrow is in my hands Oh! Nevermore to be held down By the wings against me Nevermore to be cast aside This day is mine Even through the darkest days This fire burns always This fire burns always I will not be denied in this final hour I will not be denied this day is mine This passion inside me Is burning Is burning This passion inside me Is burning Is burning Even through the darkest days This fire burns always This fire burns always This fire burns always This fire burns always always
Help Level
Profile got hacked and needs help leveling! cac517@ fubar
Auction Open Jan 31-feb 13th!!!
Been A Bad Girl
I know Ive been a bad girl didnt mean to attack you last night hadnt seen you in days and days wanted you right then and there sick of waiting for you getting impatient every night Just wanted you naked in our bed Running my hands all over your body Place my mouth over every inch of your skin Make you forget all your worries feel your stress melt away I know Ive been a very bad girl
If It's Not One Thing It's Another!
My son which is 15 hasn't been able to use the restroom in 8 days, you know number 2 I took him to the doctors an he gave him this shit called colace? Said for me to also get some mineral oil to take by mouth also up the ya know and that hasn't really helped him at all, doctor said he may think that there is a blockage but we're going to try everytning before going through a surgery... I have been trying to get a hold of a doc today however the shit won't answer the phone & I need to know what to do in this case because my son is do to go back tommorrow, school that is... Anyways please give some prayers for him an lets just hope he'll be able to go sometime soon...
"will I Ever?"
Will I Ever Will I ever make my peace with you? One I should know so well Often trapped by chains you just cant break, in the deepest pits of Hell Struggling hard, you sometimes seem, to crawl out of that place But still I do not recognize a once familiar face Will I ever get to share a laugh, or a pleasant hour with you? A moment when the clouds are gone and the skies are deepest blue? When the forecast never says aloud that theres any threat of rain A normal day when just for once youre not fighting back the pain Will I ever get to hear your hopes, your visions, or your dreams? Because lately all the sounds you make are hollow empty screams The sad refrain of a driven man, one often torn apart How many times I wonder, can one survive a broken heart? Will I ever get to see you love the simple things in life? Instead of things that fill your soul with pain and hurt and strife Those sad and cruel reminders that always make you ill That keep you pushing your ma
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Time To Get In Shape For 2009!
Time to get in shape for 2009! I tried it, I liked it, you will too! The older we get the more important it is to incorporate exercise into our daily routine. This is necessary to maintain cardiovascular health and maintain muscle mass. If you're over 40, you might want to take it easy at first, then do more repetitions as you become more proficient and build stamina. Warning: It may be too strenuous for some. Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program! SCROLL DOWN.............. NOW SCROLL UP That's enough for the first day. Great job . Now,have a glass of wine/beer & relax.
Still Haven't Spent Any Money
In case anyone comes around wondering how I gave out bling without spending money to advance myself, here's an SS of the bling credit transaction.
Prayer For Bikers
Biker angel be my guide, As I climb upon my scoot to ride, Let your halo light the way, And keep me safe from harm today. Let your wings provide me wind and air, and send it coursing through my hair. Find me a peaceful sunny place, And let it shine upon my face. Keep the clouds and rain at bay, And keep me dry throughout the day, Watch over my brothers and sisters who ride also, Keep them safe and close to thee, Keep my wheels upon the ground, So I'll return here safe and sound. But should disaster be my fate, Guide me through to Heaven's gate, If I must join my fallen brethren, Please show me the way to Biker heaven.....
New Positions Within The Family
New Position was Just Offered to Buttrflymom,I would also like to add bigbugger Luckiee7 to this Position as well. The Welcome to the Family Position.I Desire a Glorified name for this New Role Please. When a New Recruit comes in.I will send there link as I do to my Co's.To the Welcome committee.Now these 3 Individuals will be required to Rate all Pictures of the New Recruit.Good way to Level up the Fubar Chain a Bit more.Plus your showing Love like a pack would do. 1sst. Assignment Below: Wolf Women: here is a Comment Bomber for the Texas Wolves.Prior to the Formation of the Texas wolves.Rilla her sister Tami an a few other founders of this Family were Comment bombers for me when I Operated the Kingdom of Wolves.Wolf Women will be very Loyal an Dedicated to our Family.Please show her Pictures some Love Ty Live Link Click an GO wolf woman''texas wolves'~Kingdom of Rogue's@ No VIP this Morph link goes to Silverado in wolf women's collection 500 pic's only
Have You Ever Wanted?
have you ever wanted more....just neeed more than what you have from the person you love...tried hard to accept things the way they were but still come up a lil short in areas you always told yourself you wouldnt bend on......have always wanted a man who would stand up for me be there for me..protect me but give me the room i need to grow...let me fight my own battles but ready to be at my side to help me if my shoulder i need even if im to stubborn to take ranting and raving i know.....we all do sometimes right.....venting is good for the soul...keeping it all bottled up will eventually come back to bite you in the ass......but these two songs i heard today just reminded me of everything i want a guy to want and be for me......we can all wish right lol "She's Everything" She's a yellow pair of running shoes A holey pair of jeans She looks great in cheap sunglasses She looks great in anything She's I want a piece of chocolate Take me to a movie
People To Avoid In Life...
I'm kinda pissed off right now because there's someone here on Fubar who used to be a friend of mine until I basically found out that they were just taking advantage of my kindness. If anyone knows a user here (heck, you may be able to look up his profile) named Jeff71767, that would be him. First of all, let me just say that he lies about EVERYTHING on his profile. His real name isn't even Jeff. And most of the time he was on Fubar was spent staring at pictures of other women and flirting with them when he had a fiance. When they had a fight and she kicked him out, my boyfriend and I basically let him stay at our house for about a month and just let him crash on our couch, watch our TV and everything else. Our first mistake was probably the fact that we didn't really make him pay for anything. We probably should have. Our second mistake was letting him use our computer because one day, we found out he was looking up porn on it. That may not seem like a big deal to some people, but thi
Tuesday is the day for my surgery, I know that in a lot of ways I am not worried about it. But I already to a point already hoping things go wrong , and some who hope that everything goes well . But to the sceptics out there I am going to live. I should be scared but I am not at all , in my opinion whatever happens, it happens . I am not afraid to die , cause in my opinion if this is my time so be it .
Sbg Your Cure To The Monday Blues February 2nd Edition
Do You Have Monday Blues? Are your wondering what to do on a Monday? Do you want to rate but don't want to go through the BORED board? Are you tired of only rating only ezrate pics? Well, here is something different, fun, and exciting! SARGE'S BAD GIRLS The BEST bad girls you will ever meet! A listing at your fingertips of beautiful women with great pics. And of course the man that made it all possible. (He has folders of some of our best pics!) Give these bad girls a good old fashioned fu-spanking and don't forget to thank the man that made it all possible. Fan - Rate - Friend - Bling - Comment! You won't regret it! ***SBGs*** You Should Be Rating The SBG picture folders of Sarge and the Top Five SBGs (Up To 25 Mandatory) in this Bulletin/Blog. Next Monday These Top Five Will Be On The Bottom Of The List. All SBGs .. please comply! Sarge's Bad Girls
Do I Know U Anymore?
You think that I don't feel your pain? Trust me mine is the same. You think that I don't know how u feel? Trust me I know its real. You think that your life is different? I know for a fact they're alike. You think that I don't understand you? I understand you just right. You think that I can't see? My eyes are open wide. You think that it can't be? I know the truth inside. You think that I don't know you? How can I not, your just like me? You think that I can't hear you? I hear every word you say to me. You think that I don't care? I care more then you'll ever know. You think the truth I can't bear? How can I if you don't show? You think I don't know of love? Well of course I do. You think that I don't know this feeling? Yes I do cause I love you.
Valentines Auction
The Feline Who Owns Me
moar funny pictures
Why Didn't You Stay?
You were Loved By Russ Gowin, Bereavement Magazine Jan/Feb 2004 You lived your life and now its done. No more moonlight, no more sun We didnt always share our feelings or our thoughts. We sometimes laughed together and sometimes fought. Each life has a beginning and an end. We never know whats coming around the bend. You look down upon me from up above. You know in this life, you were loved. I miss your voice, your laugh, your smile. How you made me feel special with your own unique style. Your absence is felt each and every day. Your name is always mentioned when I pray. As you fly among the peaceful dove, Always know that you were loved. These are the random thoughts of a griever, a lover, a helper, a teacher, a student and a friend.
A Little Something I Wrote Back In Nov
Whole Again: Here I was lying in bed trying to recover from another hapless night alone. I sit and wonder is it possible, could a man like me be alone forever. A diamond in the rough is what I have been called. I crave the nurture of a friendly face. Someone to hold at night, to show the affection and love a man like me can give. Does she exist perhaps she does if she does not what would be the point of anything. I wake up to each day with a thought that this could possibly be the day that I finally meet the woman of my dreams. As I walk down the streets of uptown and pass by countless women, I think to myself could she be it or her or even her with that gorgeous smile and those eyes with the fire burning beneath them. I can only hope. Does she notice me? Do we make eye contact? As I have those thoughts suddenly she looks directly up into my eyes and instantly as fast as a lightning bolt appears and disappears I knew that she was the one. I could see the same thing in her ey
One Word Game
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bed 2. Your significant other? somewhere 3. Your hair? short 4. Your mother? livingroom 5. Your father? bedroom 6. Your favorite thing? pizza 7. Your dream last night? secret 8. Your favorite drink? anything 9. Your dream/goal? personal 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? many 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? married 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? working 16. Muffins? ehh 17. One of your wish list items? personal 18. Where you grew up? house 19. The last thing you did? homework 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? suerbowl 22. Your pets? lvingroom 23. Your computer? something 24. Your life? boring
February 19, 2009
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? TABLE 2. Your significant other? KENT 3. Your hair? LONG 4. Your mother? HEAVEN 5. Your father? HEAVEN 6. Your favorite thing? FRIENDS 7. Your dream last night? LOVE 8. Your favorite drink? COFFEE 9. Your dream/goal? HAPPINESS 10. The room you're in? COMPUTER 11. Music? COUNTRY 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? SECURE 14. Where were you last night? HOME 15. What you're not? SKINNY 16. Muffins? BLUEBERRY 17. One of your wish list items? TRAVEL 18. Where you grew up? NORTH CAROLINA 19. The last thing you did? RATE 20. What are you wearing? NIGHTIE 21. TV? CSI 22. Your pets? FIVE
Blueroses Has Auto 11s On Monday!
Blueroses Will Be Running Auto 11s Starting 8:00 AM Fu Time Monday, January 2nd! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls Blueroses LOVES Spankings! Spank this Bad Girl Hard! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls Show This Hottie All That Fu Love!!! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls This Public Service Announcement Brought To You By: ღTulsa's Angelღ
clouds into the sky his lover flew the heart it felt so pure into his life his love for her grew never could it die. the night sky alive....with stars all a-glow the bluest of galaxies there... to feel this so deep to breathe in her scent to know love so precious and dear... the daylight held promise the sun in its warmth as the clouds they did circle and swirl... the tempest was cruel, the butterflies lost... and love stood to die in its swath but if pure it may be then it is destined to be as i love her forever indeed.
Being Here In Iraq
Well to start things off let me say what is being done here is for the best for the people of Iraq and also for the US. Since the surge and new tatics used by the US you hardly hear of Random roadside bombs and ambushes on our vehicles and troops. The main reason for this is because we kill those plots as they start. We dont give them a chance to finish plotting said attacks cause we are there before they get to follow through with said actions. This plots are not just plots for actions in Iraq but for around the world to include things right there in the US itself. We break them up. The people we fight here are not Iraqis but insurgents from other countries like Iran/Syria/Pakistan etc....They are muslim extremist that want to kill us just cause we arent of their faith and they want the Iraqi oil fields for money to support their worldwide terror on countries all over the world. The Main stream medis tells you half truths and none of the good that happens. The MSM is the ones
February Shows!!!!
Here are their upcoming shows: Feb 14 2009 10:00P Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana Feb 27 2009 8:00P Insomneacks BATON ROUGE Also on the 28th they MAY be playing @ Red Star Bar. More to come on that...
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? table 2. Your significant other? here 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? arizona 5. Your father? arizona 6. Your favorite thing? friendships 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? water 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? front 11. Music? all 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? painless 16. Muffins? yes 17. One of your wish list items? health 18. Where you grew up? California 19. The last thing you did? slept 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? SUPERBOWL 22. Your pets? lots 23. Your computer? laptop 24. Your life? amazing 25. Your mood? p
Blueroses Will Have Auto 11s Monday
Blueroses Will Be Running Auto 11s Starting 8:00 AM Fu Time Monday, January 2nd! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls Blueroses LOVES Spankings! Spank this Bad Girl Hard! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls Show This Hottie All That Fu Love!!! ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls This Public Service Announcement Brought To You By: ღTulsa's Angelღ
Steelers R U Binch Of Mother Fockering Cheaters
steelers super bowl cheaters
The Past Week
Well have not been on here..... we got a wonderful ice storm that knocked the area totally out. I just got power back today, internet and cable... so life should get better. My shelter is still out of power which really sucks for the 4 legged critters so spending as much time there as possible haying the dogs in so they can burrow under it and build up some body heat. Hoping to get some pictures added that I found amusing around town. Specifically one I had a friend take of the strip club with the "toy" store that had a home made sign out front letting all know they had batteries for sale....... *snicker* So just wanted to let all know what the hell is going on. Apparently we are supposed to have some more of the mess coming back.... 80,000 power poles down so I should count my blessings to have my power back up. hugsss n later folks, have to make another run to check on my shelter animals then off to bed.
Something To Think About
This is not to offend anyone and I am truly sorry if it does... If you read ALL of this you will understand, this was an email sent to me and I wanted to share it... This e-mail does contain wording that is meant to express an open opinion to a major problem in the USA . It is estimated that only 11% of those receiving this e-mail will read it all the way to the end. In addition, it is estimated that only 1% of non-white color will read this past this point and 99% will blow it away because of the title. It is a shame this sentiment exists when we tell the world that the USA is the best place to Live, Worship, Work, and Play WHITE" Pride This is great. I have been wondering about why Whites are racists, and no other race is..... Proud to be White Michael Richards makes his point.....................Michael Richards better known as Kramer from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point. This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments i
Dear Dad
Every year at this time I take and write my father a letter....He passed away on Febuary 1st 2003 and this is my way of grieving...I lost him at 2:45 Febuary 1st...He was 62 and his birthday is a week from today.... Dear Dad, Well it has been 6 years since ya left us...Still feels like just yesterday that ya went peacfully into gods hands!!! Well as ya know I write this to ya every year to let ya know what has gone on with me and the kids in the last year wether its good or bad...Well I met the man of my dreams last and couldnt have asked for a better man than what I have found...Really wished ya couldve met ya wonderful new son in law...Patrick is great to me and the kids, I have inherited 3 of the greatest step kids ya could have ever imangined...yea believe it or not I re married again...Didnt think I would have ever done it but I did and I have never been so happy in my life...As ya know I fought Washtenaw County forever it seemed like and they terminated my rights fr
Always Be Remembered
A very good friend of mine in the link below lost someone really close to her on Jan 26/09. He was like a brother to her. They've known each other for a very long time and spent so much of there days with each other. They hung out, partied, laughed and so much more. But right now she is grieving b/c she lost someone really special to her. i've included a pic of her dear close friend of her in this bully. I am asking for all my friends on here to show her sum luv and show ur respects to her and to her friend that she has lost. *~beautifuL XO~ ஐ*ღDangerous Curves Memberღ* aka o.O mЪ O.o@ fubar
We Are The Future!
nan neh seh sang eun neh gah sue sue roh man duel guh yah! dok gah tuen sarmuel gang yoh hah jee man neh ah neh suh koom tuel deh nun seh roh oon seh geh~ nan kee wuh gah geh ssuh!
New Valentine Train In Here! Come On Join!
Well it that time of the year to join the Valentine train. We know the drill add/rate/ friends all to get aboard. Please no drama on here it the time for love not drama. e-mail the host when done to be added First stop is this folder: AKAMRS.T THE DREAM TEAM ~ CLUB FAR~ BAD GIRL~PU$$YCAT PLAYMATE/LIL PLEASURE/OWN BY GBEAVER@ fubar BIG POPPA Ya Heard : if i aint caressing them im undressin'em member of the regiment dragon bo
Tag You're It
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? pocket 2. Your significant other? yep 3. Your hair? brownish 4. Your mother? painfull 5. Your father? Deceased 6. Your favorite thing? son 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? scotch 9. Your dream/goal? retirement 10. The room you're in? office 11. Music? indi 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? florida 14. Where were you last night? Bedroom 15. What you're not? rich 16. Muffins? chocchip 17. One of your wish list items? wealth 18. Where you grew up? adelaide 19. The last thing you did? eat 20. What are you wearing? shorts 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? Dog 23. Your computer? dell 24. Your life? stressful 25. Your mood
Sorry You All I Been Ill
This Site Is Crazy!!
im new to this site, and cant figure out how to do anything lol can anyone help?
Another Great Saying About Friends.
A friend is someone to call upon during good times, A friend is someone to upon during bad times.
Another Good Saying Three
All women are like grass, and all their glory is like the roses of the field the grass withers and the roses fall, but the word of the god stands forever.
Just An Small Saying.
I'm just waiting for a better day.
Just An Another Saying Second
A true friend is always and forever.
Resisting Nature
The pounding of the rain on my window sill The roll of the thunder knocking at my door Wind trying to sway and break my will But I will not have this anymore The trickle of the water off my house The sight of the lightening touching the ground Scamper, scamper goes the little mouse Its little feet no longer the only sound. I'm not alone is this old creaking room Howls from the wind, the swaying of the tree Looking around, there goes my broom The owl looking, what does it see Natures voice speaks to me Questioning what I feel Asking if I want to be free Do I have any idea of what is real The rumble of thunder shakes my security On a whim the wind rushes past Threatening my will be just be me Will I be alone at last The storm subsides, the sky clears The trees stop moving so carelessly No more sound overtaking my ears I am finally alone, no one around but me.
40 R Older Read For A Laff
Black and White (Under age 40? You won't understand.) You could hardly see for all the snow, Spread the rabbit ears as far as they go. Pull a chair up to the TV set, 'Good Night, David . Good Night, Chet.' My Mom used to cut chicken, chop eggs and spread mayo on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't seem to get food poisoning. My Mom used to defrost hamburger on the counter AND I used to eat it raw sometimes, too. Our school sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper in a brown paper bag, not in ice-pack coolers, but I can't remember getting e.coli. Almost all of us would have rather gone swimming in the lake instead of a pristine pool (talk about boring), no beach closures then. The term cell phone would have conjured up a phone in a jail cell, and a pager was the school PA system. We all took gym, not PE . and risked permanent injury with a pair of high top Ked's (only worn in gym) instead of having cross-t
Devilish Dd
I F***ing Hate You!
"I Fucking Hate You" For everything you do I'd like to swallow you And everyday I'm gonna blame you Even if you justify Every fucking bullshit lie It only makes me want to break you You pull me down And you crucify my name You make me insane It's broken now Don't ever look my way Don't even think I'm playin' 'Cause I fucking hate you You're such a liar And I love to hate you You're all the same to me When you repeatedly Take advantage of me The only thought I get of you sickens me Everybody knows you're fake You're everything I fucking hate And I'm everything that you could never be You pull me down And you crucify my name You make me insane It's broken now Don't ever look my way Don't even think I'm playin' 'Cause I fucking hate you You're such a liar And I love to hate you You're all the same to me I fucking hate you You're such a liar And I love to hate you You're all the same to me (Fuck you) (Fuck you) (Fuck you) You pull me down And you cr
Happy Groundhog Day.....!!
2day is my fav holiday EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! rp
Getting into WoW(world of warcraft) again. This is my like 3rd or 4th stint with it lol. Anyways I'll be balancing my time between that fubar and real life, so naturally my fubar time will probably take a hit, but I will still be around, so don't be afraid to hit me up.
Just Another Email I Got...funny/interesting Stuff
Please note that Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede from the Union. (Reference the Texas-American Annexation Treaty of 1848. ) We Texans love y'all, but we'll probably have to take action since Barack Obama won the election and there's too darn many of those Democrat fellas in Congress. We'll miss you too. Here is what can happen: 1: Barack Hussein Obama is now President of the United States, and Texas secedes from the Union. 2: George W. Bush will become the President of the Republic of Texas and if you don't like move to another state. You might not think that he talks too pretty, but we haven't had another terrorist attack, and the economy was fine until the effects of the Democrats lowering the qualifications for home loans came to roost. Can't blame that one on George. So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic? 1. NASA is just south of Houston, Texas. We will control the space industry. 2. We refine over 85% of the gasoline in the United
first off, congrats steelers, i have no problem with you winning the superbowl. what i have an issue with is the referee's. i believe there were several calls that were made that were not good calls. calls that if were correct would have stopped a steelers scoring drive and calls that would have continued a cardinals drive. the game outcome, if officiated correctl would have been different, the cardinals would have won. as far as that last play...fumble or incomplete pass....well no matter what you think it was close and being that the superbowl was on the line i cant even fathom how that play was NOT reviewed. what a tragic display of injustice to not review it. why end such a great game on a sour note. i really am not a bitter loser. i just hate the fact that the referee decided the game rather then the on field play..... the cardinals have earned respect and i hope they now get it. was really one of the most exciting superbowls ever, no doubt
Shadows Of Freedom
Looking back over the last few years I think back and remember all the tears The pain and the sorrow that had taken me Left me down in the dumps more than I should be Slipping into a bout of depression Hiding in my room, no place for the sun Seeking the cold dark solitude A place to hide from attitude Shivers slowly sent down my spine No more powers above, No one devine Alone in my fortress, quiet and dark Trust me this is no walk in the park The clouded skies, dark and dreary Leave me feeling alone and weary A safe haven from this pain I seek To no one other than myself will I speak The sun and joy too much to take Happiness and love no piece of cake The bitter sweet smell of love in the air Makes one think you could really be there The shadows invade my body and soul Taking my mind, pitch black as is coal Reciting my vow I made in secrecy Alone forever I swore to be You cant bring back someone from the depths of dispair Pulling you in while gaspin
I am in a world were all I do Is work and take care my children An yes I am thankful and love doing it
Wife To Husband
To my darling husband, Before you return from your business trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me. I was coming home from Wal-Mart, and when I turned into the driveway I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator instead of the brake. The garage door is slightly bent but the pick up fortunately came to a halt when it bumped into your car. I am really sorry, but I know with your kind-hearted personality you will forgive me. You know how much I love you and care for you my sweetheart. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again. Your loving wife. XXX P.S. Your girlfriend called.
I'm taking down any nudes I have. I'm really tired of being asked for more, or people being offended when I take them out of my family. My family is being dwindled down to people who talk to me about something OTHER than my tits or how bad they want to fuck me. You know, real friends I've made on this site. Sorry for the shitty attitude guys but RichieinFL just really ruined this for me. Check out what he said to me under my random stuff folder.
Ok since i hurt my back so badly i can no longer continue to sell my ass on the streets of fu so i need your help. Hit my #2 family page to bid on me please im gettin no love.
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New Rating System
So, here we are. We were doing just fine with the old rating system, where every 150 or so rates you would get the bouncer, which if you are HUMAN you can work around. But this CRAP about every other pic rate is TOO FAST is a load... A huge LOAD. FU needs to realize that the OLD system was working just fine. If they are worried about bots then they need to find a different way to do it. This rating system SUCKS and needs to go to the garbage IMMEDIATELY!!!
I'm In My First Auction!!
[ photo: 270034111 ] Please make me feel special :) PS I would love to get my first VIP outta the deal :) :) pweese?
A New Day, A New Outlook!
I must have really down my last blog! I will make this one more uplifting! Afterall, The Pittsburg Steelers are Superbowl 43 Champions!!! What a great game it was too. Now the wish football would come back blues!! There is still my big love, Hockey!!! The Dallas Stars have moved into a playoff spot!!! Maybe the Mavs will be inspired! Work hasn't picked back up, but not complaining, our economy really sucks! I have 5 different friends who have been layed off and one of my closest friends had to relocate to El Paso to keep his job. My oldest has been working for 2 months now. What a relief, he is making his own gas and spending money and because he is rarely home, we don't fight much anymore! My 10 yr. old son just wants to play and talk to girls on the phone! Fortunately, he hasn't let all the attention go to his head! He will realize he is SuperStud matterial soon enough! I just wish parents didn't think it was ok to give a cell phone to their 10 yr. daughters. But then I am sure th
As Much As I Shouldn't Complain... bugs me that it costs more to live where I recently moved to, but it is much nicer here. The drawback is I spend all my time working and now I don't have time to do the things I used to love to do. I grew up around here but it's been so long since I lived here (high school) that I can't find any of my old friends. The ones that I can find are always busy themselves in similar situations. I just feel like I traded free time and poverty for semi-nice and manic-busyness. I hope this doesn't last long, because I'm really not happy with my trade. NTM, the biggest reason for moving was to be closer to my family, and now I'm too busy to see them. haha, it's ironic
I Need Some Djs Bad Im Soooooooo Desperate
Bid Here To Win 2 Nsfw Salutes.....and More
AlL U hav3 2 Do Is BiD to se3 if U Can WIN : 2NSFW saulte 2SFW salutes access to urs truly NSFW pics for 2 wks(more comin up) I will rate ur page and every single pic everyday LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!
The Real!
In depth, life is real. In this life we are friends. You are true in every way. You are real to me. You are like blood, richer then family. Life is full of the unreal, so stay close to what you know is real and true to you. You can tell the truth within your eyes and swim within the sea of the unknown. You carry a light of beauty and grace, but most of all strength. To you my friend we drink to the real and the unknown!
Want To Be My Crush?
Im Thinking of making a Crush on someone and Im not sure who It would be so im looking for possible ides on how to choose :)
Who Am I...
...i wake up for the day refreshed and a new, but something troubles me, i feel as though all i have done is for nothing. my life hasn't been an easy one lol just like everyone else in this world. i wonder what i will be in 20 years from now and i think i may be down one of 2 paths that i see in my future. either in jail from past troubles i have had with the LAW or happy and set in my goals for my life. But there is more to this little puzzle i have cooked up for myself, who am i really? am i a man who is forthright and upstanding, one with ambiton and a drive to seperate himself from the PACK. Or am i just another carbon copy who walks along a set path and never strays? It may sound wierd but has anyone else ever felt how i feel? I look around and wonder how i got here and then it all rushes into my head at once MY PAST. Sometimes i think if i have always been this way or that im always set up for something i can't see coming... Hmmm guess only time will tell what life TRULY has in s
Valentines Date ?
What Do You Do?
what do you do when the one you love doesnt give you wat you need? doesnt give you the respect or listen to wat you say? when you need to hear from him, need to know wat he is doing cuz you are so afraid he will find someone else? what do you do when the one you love is with a friend of theirs you dont like cuz he is the reason the one you love got into trouble wit the law? what do you do when you feel the one you love pulling away and the harder you try to hold on, the more they pull? what do you do when everything becomes a fight and you see your relationship falling apart piece by piece? wat do you do when you notice the changes as he keeps denying they are there? wat do you do when you need a daily reminder that the one you love wont leave you and most of the time he wont say anything about it cuz he assumes you know he wont leave? wat do you do when the time together is better than the worryin, the broken promises, the guessin and the fights when he isnt there? is this lo
I Don't Know What It Means But Its Funny
Ok, this is how it goes. You get an orangutan. I'm not talking about some little monkey or some chimp dancing bullshit, I mean a fucking orangutan. Don't ask me how you're going to get a fucking orangutan, because that's not my problem./> So, the orangutan's name is Clyde. This is non-negotiable; all orangutans are/> named Clyde. I don't know why that is, it's just the way the world works. So you and Clyde become man (and ape) around town. You're seen everywhere together, you make the scene. You and your friends go out in big groups. You talk loud, you/> laugh louder. Everytime you say something witty, you highfive the orangutan. The town begins to buzz. It gets back to him. "Did you know the girl with the orangutan?" "You used to date the girl with the orangutan?" "Why would you break up with a girl with an orangutan?" Next thing you know, he's calling. "I'm hoping we can still be friends, wanna hang out sometime?"
I do not write this in hopes of recieving redemption. Not in the hopes of regaining that which is lost but as I travel through my day lost in thoughts of her it has become paramount to me that she knows that she hears that she feels how very sorry I am how much I regret what has happened. In case the worst should fall that she knows that while I have done many mistakes in my life and have had regrets No greater remorse do I have than for what has happened what I have done what I have lost the rest that is in my heart she already knows so it is of no avail to mention it here, all she has to do is close her eyes and I have to believe she will feel me. but forgive or not take my regret with you know that its the truth its a fact its real
Afro's Poetry.
Epi don't fart cause she's got heart when she does its tart epi dont smell not with a shell not even when she fell epi's got back whichs ends with crack if she don't behave.... SMACK!
Valentine's Day!
To Kimberly - For The Great Laughs On The 80's
What's A Girl Gonna Do?
So I am sitting here wondering where my life is going and all I can think of is down the drain... Here I am 25 years old almost 26 and for the past 7 months I have been alternating living in my car to living in a hotel room. It finally came down to the fact I was running out of money and my job had laid me off and I had no place to go besides take a drive with the last 35$ I had got back from the hotel deposit to see my family for a while. Now my family has been really supportive of me coming up here for a while but they really don't know a lot of what is going on mentally with me. See I have a boyfriend down in Springfield whom I care a lot for but he just can't seem to get his life together for us. He says he wants to get a job, get independent, and get his license, I say he is full of shit though. I believe his parents are controlling him just to keep him around so they can steal his S.S.I. check. But that's my opinion. I did meet a few wonderful people here on fubar in t
have you ever felt like knocking the hell out of someone cause they get on your nerves so bad
Simple But Funney As Hell
hicky dickery dock my mouth is on your cock the clock stuck one we all cummed hicky dickry dock
Tweek Gathered The Fam's Favorite Colors Here!
Ok so all of you know that I've been collecting everybody's favorite colors. I Did this so that if I or anyone else in the family Make someone something we can know their favorite colors to use on it! So heres the list I compiled I hope it helps everyone, and feel free to copy it for yourself! peace. ♥ Pleasurable Trouble ♥ - Pink, Red, Blue DJ Goofy Babe - Purple, Black VAMP MORTICIA - Red, Black єℓєктяα - Blue, Green, Black ^_^l3ad_K1tty^_^ - Orange ♥J~Breezy♥ - Orange, Pink Thickndaazz4ya - Burgundy, Gold, Red, Dark Blue, Pink Delicious~Dee - Pink, Purple, Black, Ice Blue FeLiCiA - Hot Pink, Hot Green Black, Silver +MRMostunderated+ - Red, Blue DamienDarke - Black, Dark Green AKAMRS.T - Purple Tweek - Green, Blue, Red Ŋǚн - Purple, Black, Silver MYSTA BIGZZZ - Blue D*E*L*I*Z*A* - Red, Blue, Green boldeagle - Blue ::..~*ΚΣЯIZZZMΛ*~..:: - Green Gt
020209 Homer Simpson
Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
Letting Go But Not Forgetting
Due to events in my life in the last few years I have taken a long hard look at things. One of the things that I have been pondering is the statement I have heard from more than a few people giving me advice. That statement is "You have got to forget your past and move on...or You have to let go of your past and move on." Here is what I have concluded about those two statements. You basically have three options with those two statements (that many people do not see being different from one another). First, you can forget your past. Second, you can let go of your past. And finally you can say that you choose to let go of and forget your past. The first and third option basically say that to move on you have to forget all that happened. I don't agree with this. It is through our past that we learn how to make better decisions for our future. If we forget what has happened to us, then we take the risk of making the same mistakes again. Like the saying, "Those who do not learn from
Who Really Knows?????
WHO REALL​Y KNOWS​ YOU? Lets see the funny​ thing​s peopl​e come up with!​ YOU fill in the blank​s about​ ME even if u dont have any idea what they are and send it back to ME. But first​ post a blank​ one out to all your frien​ds so they can retur​n the favor​ to you. My name:​ Who is the love of my life:​ Where​ did we meet:​. ​ Take a stab at my middl​e name:​ How long have you known​ me: When is the last time that we saw each other​:​ Do I drink​:​ When is my birth​day:​ What was your first​ impre​ssion​ of upon meeti​ng me: Do I have any sibli​ngs:​ What'​s one of my favor​ite thing​s to do: Am I funny​:​ What'​s my favor​ite type of music​:​ What is t
Imbolc 2009
Early February has long been celebrated as a holiday in many cultures: in ancient Ireland it was Imbolc and Brigids Day, in the Mediterranean and later in all of Europe, Candlemas and St. Bridgets Day. In the US Feb 2 is Groundhog Day, a celebration of the lengthening days causing small furry creatures to poke their noses out of their hibernation holes and sniff the warming air. The Chinese and Tibetan New Years also occur in this time period, usually falling somewhere in the late January, early February window. At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, the land, refreshed from the resting period of winter and purified by frosts, is getting ready for cultivation, for the renewal of the agricultural year. This is a moment of quickening, as the spark of life reappears, coming up from its deep underground slumber. IMBOLC THIS YEAR The year often doesnt really get going until Imbolc, and this year is no exception. Mercury was retrograde through January, slowing things up
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Secret Admierer?
this new Secret admierer thing is really fucking stupid. I dont see the point of it.
The Disiplined
In the mind of a centered and disiplined man, you will find no sign of infection, no running sores, no wounds that haven't healed. It WILL NOT be this mans fate to quit life unfulfilled like the actor who fails to complete his lines,and walks offstage before the play has ended.What is more, there is nothing obsequious or conceited about him; he neither depends on others nor is afraid to ask for help;he answers to NO man for who he is and what he does...yet he hides nothing
Destiny I lay here every night Wishing you were next to me Thinking of the day we will meet And how perfect my life will be Listening to the radio Hearing songs that remind me of you Trying not to let myself cry I know what we have is true Looking out of my bedroom window Thinking about each mile Wondering what you want in this Knowing it will all be worthwhile You're the one I want to spend my life with The one I really want to marry I know the feeling is true I haven't told you because it might be scarey You might not be thinking the same I wish I was in your arms to hold me tight Missing your sweet assuring voice But for now I look unto the stars and say goodnight Lacey Suzanne Ghabayen Copyright 2009 Lacey Suzanne Ghabayen
I'm Mad!
Not "crazy" mad...just irritated, annoyed, angry. I'm mad that I drunk a whole bottle of wine at the Super Bowl party I joyfully attended yesterday afternoon. It gave me the worst headache imaginable and nothing to show for it, except a half eaten plate of twice baked potatoes and hours of "shop talk" endurance...well, I guess that's an accomplishment. At least the Steelers won! I'm mad at my husband. Again. It's a monthly occurrence. I guess that's better than weekly but honestly, he's a jerk sometimes and tonight,'s amazing how much a weeks worth of pent up anger you can take out one one person! I'm mad that my cats freaked me out tonight! Oh, I hate it when you're just minding your own business and all of a sudden your cat jumps up and starts darting their eyes around the house as if it's being cased by the mafia! Then they start doing that half meow, half cry kind of sound...weirdness all around! I had to get up and check every door to make sure it was l
A Woman...
Quote of the day: "Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit."
St Patty's Day Auction
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The Special Mother
The Special Mother by Erma Bombeck Most women become mothers by accident, some by choice, a few by social pressures and a couple by habit. This year nearly 100,000 women will become mothers of handicapped children. Did you ever wonder how mothers of handicapped children are chosen? Somehow I visualize God hovering over earth selecting his instruments for propagation with great care and deliberation. As He observes, He instructs His angels to make notes in a giant ledger. "Armstrong, Beth; son. Patron saint...give her Gerard. He's used to profanity." "Forrest, Marjorie; daughter. Patron saint, Cecelia." "Rutledge, Carrie; twins. Patron saint, Matthew." Finally He passes a name to an angel and smiles, "Give her a handicapped child." The angel is curious. "Why this one God? She's so happy." "Exactly," smiles God, "Could I give a handicapped child to a mother who does not know laughter? That would be cruel." "But has she patience?" asks the angel. "I don't w
Little Texas-what Might Have Been
i have posted this up for a few people.the ones my heart had truely belonged please enjoy it. sure i think about you now and then.but it's been long long time.i've got a good life now,i've moved when you cross my mind.i try not to think about about what might have been.cause that was then and we have taken different roads.we can't go back again there's no use giveing in,and there's no way to know what might have been.we can sit and talk about this all night long,and wonder why didn't last.yes they might be the best days we will ever know.but we'll have to leave them in the try not to think about what might have been.cause that was then and we have taken different roads.we can't go back again theres no use giveing in,and there's no way to know what might have been.that same old look in your eyes its a beautiful night.i'm so tempted to stay.but to much time has gone by we should just say goodbye and turn and walk away.and try not to think about what might have been
People In Ourlives....
People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person. When someone is in your life for a REASON. . . It is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrong doing on your part, or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered, and now it is time to move on. When people come into your life for a SEASON it is because your turn has c
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All Things Must Pass--my Boy George Harrison
Reasons Why We Should Fight Against Obama Let's get it straight. This isn't sour grapes and it isn't business as usual. I'm not opposed to Obama because he's a Democrat or a Liberal, or the fact that hes black. If my disagreements with him were just political, we could join the others in wishing him well and hoping he steers the ship right. I can't. Because this isn't a matter of political disagreement, this is a national catastrophe, a threat to the lives of millions and the survival of America itself. Here is why. 1. *Obama was Not Elected through a Legitimate Democratic Process but through Fraud* - While Obama is not the first US President to be fraudulently elected, he is the first in well over a century, since the election of 1876. Furthermore Obama's case is unique in several ways. The fraud committed to move him into the White House was multilayered, and began with his own apparent ineligibility to serve in office. It also did not involve only local polling fr
My Life And Wonders
words the old and the new nothing can exspress the sorrow the heartache. everything that holds dear to me. my daughter...i wish the best and i hope she will still love her father i will not be able to see her for i am far away in another state not seeing my daughter that is worst than any physical pain i can think of nothing can measure up to it. death is nothing but a pine needle on a pine tree nothing in my life all the beatings all the hardships all of it could never measure up to a father not being able to see his child is only child. i love my daughter more than life i wish i could see her grow up and see her smiles and comfort her when she frowns.. but i will not be able to anymore.... not for a long time i will not be able to see her all i have to see her with is her pictures i have of her now and then. i wish i could see her my heart aches not seeing her her voice and her cuteness and how she called me daddy... it make my heart melt each time she was a daddies girl i hope she w
Jus Another Poem By Me
tears of joy tears of pain i have nothing left to gain just a life full of pain and whatever remains cuz nothing ever stay the same u should be ashamed playin all them head games are u really gonna point the blame ooohhh please god let it rain and make him feel an oz of pain by:JENNiiFER
Sisters Of St. Frances (roflmmfao)
A man is driving down a deserted stretch of highway when he notices a sign out of the corner of his eye. . . . It reads: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION 10 MILES He thinks it was a figment of his imagination and drives on without a second thought. Soon he sees another sign, which says: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION 5 MILES Suddenly, he begins to realize that these signs are for real. . . . Then he drives past a third sign saying: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION NEXT RIGHT His curiosity gets the best of him and he pulls into the drive. On the side of the parking lot is a stone building with a small sign next to the door reading: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS He climbs the steps and rings the bell. The door is answered by a nun in a long black habit who asks, "What may we do for you, my son?" He answers, "I saw your signs along the highway, and was interested in possibly doing business . . ." "Very well my son. Ple
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Artist/friend Showcase....po Folk
A Dear friend to me made these pics and i wanted to share Brilliant!!!! This man has skills!!!! Now he has me Tatted up!!! ty PO FOLK for the love ppl go by and show him sum love!!! Po Folk@ fubar
I've got a whole lot to do today Feb 3, but will try to replace this with an explanation of why I support the recent ratings review... change... later this evening (eastern US time).
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30 plus people are up for auction check it out really awesome!!!!!!!! this is the link to her page!! r/f/a plz ♥TreTreTinkerbell♥ Owned by Dryan@ fubar here's my pic feel free to view them all bid on a few of us lol have fun!!!
For Dad
I feel so alone even in a room full of people I feel as if I am screaming for help But nobody can hear me Can you hear the tears Do you even see me cry Holding onto memories of yesterday Reaching out for you Calling your name And still you don't come I wonder can you hear me in Heaven It feels as if my heart is splintered With shards of glass so tiny that I'll never find all the parts to heal I remember when I was 7 and told you how much I hated you I remember seeing you cry I remember you packing everything I remember all the fights you had with mom I remember you taking my brothers And whileI cried and begged to go with you You just put 40 bucks on the table And walked away from me I remember having to wait tables at a truck stop so Mom could make ends meet I wanted to hate you for all the times you weren't around But now that you are no longer here All I want is to hear your voice All I want is to see you walk through the door one more time God what I'd
You Need All The New Bling
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Need To Bling...
Can someone please help me out? There is all this new Valentine's Day bling, and Im stuck with no credits. I has no credit card (dont really trust mysefl with them) and no paypal either. And I really wanna bling a few ppl, especially my wonderful owner Ashely420. So could one of my lovely friends out there maybe find it in ur hearts to hit me with a small bling pack for Valentine's Day? I promise to bling u as well. If u cant get me a bling pack, could u at least bling my owner Ashely420 for me? I will love u forever, promises!! Thank you to all my Fu-Friends!!!! Love Your Fallen Angel
So Let Me Ask
My MUM was deleted and I was told it was offensive. I think fubar just did not like what I had to say ... I voted by cancelling my VIP . It ends on the 18th. I won't renew . Funny but this site really has no idea of how to treat customers. I pay for this site the same as many of you ! We are being told that we are to do as only they would have ... Now we are to rate real slow ... our auto 11 has been turned into something useless. the whole purpose was to gain points and now fubar has made a big mistake ... I think all of us should choose not to renew our vip ... not to purchase bling packs ... not to buy happy hours... this will send the message that needs to be heard . We are the customer ! We are their paycheck ! We are dissatisfied ! Am I wrong ? DEAD WRONG 25.9% (15 votes) Right On 74.1% (43 votes) 58 votes 249 views 42 comments Report mum as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) [?]
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this is my very first auction, plesae come and check it out and maybe put a bid in while u're at it...hehehe
Im In Auction !!
If you are interested in FU-OWNING lexy go to this link , and please bid on me...would love to be your temporary slave lol
The Meaning
Since a very long time ago, people have searched for the meaning of love. But even the great philosophers, with their profound definitions, could not fully touch its true essence. In a survey of 4-8 year olds, kids share their views on love. But what do little kids know about love? Read on and be surprised that despite their young and innocent minds, kids already have a simple but deep grasp of that four-letter word. "Love is that first feeling you feel before all the bad stuff gets in the way." "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." "When someone loves you, the way she says your name is different. You know that your name is safe in her mouth." "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." "Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your french
I Went To The Therapist Today!!!
yea so my family doc decided that i needed to go see a therapist well who am i to argue with that going and seeing a therapist is a lot better then bottling up all my emotions. i just dont know what to do. i have always been such a good girl growing up. for the longest time i believed that i would not have sex until i got married, yea that lasted awhile. actually it did i held out until i was 19. i thought i was so in love with this guy. i met him through a friend and he would always flirt with me. i had never had a boyfriend even though i had offers, a girl has to have her standards but it was starting to look like i was gonna have to lower those standards to just breathing if i ever had a chance. that was at the point that people told me i would never have a boyfriend becuase guys just dont like fat girls. so i thought i was gonna die a dried up old fat sprinstress. the sister that will always watch your kids cause she has no life. so when i get this cute guy flirting with
Someday I hope to finsihs the pages that hailed my return to writing Someday I hope to accomplish Your pressance to help me finish Someday I hope to win your love These tears won't wash away the pain The rain can't calm the stinging sorrow These words won't rerlease the burden on my heart My love for you won't return you to me These hands have nothing to hold When I reach out into the spaces Beside be where you used to lay I touch cold empty air Instead of your warm body And I miss you God only knows how much I miss you My eyes now search an empty sky Looking for the star I used to Wish on about you The world is no longer my haven For you are not here Nobody hears these cries of mine No page I write will ease your absence No tears I cry will change fate No soul but yours will quench my longings
Pub On Its Way Out...
My parents have lived in an area for almost 10 years, I now live in the area, and have been so for nearly 2 years... throughout the past 10 years I have frequented the local pub... for you Americans... a local british pub/bar is where local people go to socialise theres always a mandatory old man in the corner who is always there but never says anything, a resident alcoholic whos constantly making a fool of himself, and about half a dozen kids playing around... ...anypoo... my local used to be lovely, you could go there to see your mates, have a cheap meal and have fun... but my god has it gone down hill... Since this new manageress has started they've gone to pot... they bought in a no hat rule and told an elderly gentleman who wore a TRILBY that he wasn't allowed to wear it anymore, so this poor old man who had been going there for years, left the pub having felt unwelcomed, and never returned... (big awwww plz) They then changed the menu... not different food..
The Drunk & The Blonde
A drunk is sitting in a bar. There is a very buxom blonde a few seats down from him with breasts size 44DD'S. A fellow at the end of the bar calls for a beer. The bartender fills the mug and slides it down the bar. It Hits the lady's breasts and spills all over them. The bartender goes over, retrieves the mug and licks the Beer off of her breasts. This happens a couple more times. The next time, the drunk jumps up and starts to lick Her breasts. She decks him! He's laying on the floor moaning and groaning. 'Why do you let the bartender do it?' 'Because he has. (your gonna love this) A LICKER LICENSE!
My Fanasty...
Looking for a female out there to have fun role-playing.... You as a schoolgirl = me as teacher. I'm all about the fantasy and the role-play. I want to explore role-playing.... You arrive at my place knock on door in a sexy role-playing out fit. mmmmm let me what you think
My Rules
Always be honest. Count your blessings. Bear each other's burden. Forgive and forget. Be kind and tender-hearted. Comfort one another. Keep your promises. Be proud of each other. Be true to each other. Treat each other like you treat your friends. But most importantly--love one another deeply from your heart.
Need Thoughts Plz
When I went into work I had to sit down with a coporate investgator for the place where I work if any of you must know I work for a place called super pawn here in Vegas and since a phone was stolen from my work* but anyhow onto the story when I got back from my vacation that same day a employee brought me a phone that he had priced a sidekick nothing out of the blue like a rolex or anything telling me I should buy it anyway I try my sim card it dont work so I place the phone on the counter and after a litte bit I take the charger to a fellow employee in the safe so they can charge their phone as I do the closing stuff with them so after that I no longer saw the phone and would even take a lie dector test proving I have nothing to do with it being stolen so do I find a lawyer and or do I even have a case so any help would be greatly help me
Not For Show "revision"
i like fubar, i really like some of the people i have met on here. but what is with the rest of them? i mean, people can't return rates and people can't be fans in return. well i'm done with the bs, i have friends in the real world, and when i see them, i buy them real drinks and try to let them know i appreciate them, so this i will also do on fubar, but please know, just like in the real world, i do not put up with disrespect, disrespect me and i will only believe that karma comes around.
Sensory Overload
I bet some of these beggin' hoes had sensory overload when they saw all that new bling pop up! 24 new ones! Holy shit! You hoes better start beggin' fast cuz that's a lot to get these feeble minded old men to buy you! Hahahahah Oh yeah don't worry I haven't forgot about the jiggalo guys on here....they gonna be working every angle trying to get that shit too. Telling like 15 girls the same spiel. LMAO! I already saw it poppin' up like crazy in people's status messages. Hahahahah
The Reality Beneath The Myth.
Nursery Rhymes we didn't have as kids....... Mary had a little pig, She kept it fat and plastered; And when the price of pork went up, She shot the little bastard. ******************** Mary had a little lamb. Her father shot it dead. Now it goes to school with her, Between two hunks of bread. ******************** Jack and Jill went up the hill To have a little fun. Stupid Jill forgot the pill And now they have a son. ******************** Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair. Said Simple Simon to the pie man, 'What have you got there?' Said the pie man unto Simon, 'Pies, you dumb ass' !! ******************** Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings' horses, And all the kings' men. Had scrambled eggs, For breakfast again. ******************** Hey diddle, diddle, the cat took a piddle, All over the bedside clock. The little dog laughed to see such fun. Then died of electric shock. ****************
..and We Complain
You stay up for 16 hours. He stays up for days on end. * You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes weeks without running water. * You complain of a 'headache' and call in sick. He gets shot at as other are hit,and keeps moving forward. * You talk trash about your buddies that aren't with you. He knows he may never see any of his ever again. * You complain about how hot it is. He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his forehead. * You get mad at the waiter for getting your order wrong. He doesn't get to eat today. * Your mad that your class got held 5 minutes over. He's told he will be held over an extra 2 months. * You roll your eyes when your baby cries. He gets a letter with pictures of his new baby, and wonders if they'll ever meet. *** If you dont forward this, you wont die, your mom wont die, nothing bad will happen to you, we will just see how conceited you really are. Just forward if you are supporting the troops!
Tree Topping
I quit life today, for at least 20 minutes. All the strings I dangled so limply from were severed. All the frantic arm flailing could only make me smile. I just sighed. There's nothing more to it. I was completely satisfied watching the sky crumble. Watching the the stars flicker and expire the ground crack and swallow the seas. Another cranberry soda, and some olives and bread. Everything's going to be fine, so long as I don't care. But what manner of hedonistic masochist would I be without fear? Where would my alchoholic tendencies be without wanton panic? No, no I must succumb to my idiotic hubris Lose my head and drown my neuroses in buzzing numb. It's all for the sake of the art I swear.
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Help Me
add me rate ma fan me and ill do the same
My True Feelings Brought To You In A Song (comatose)
I hate feeling like this I'm so tired of trying to fight this I'm asleep and all I dream of Is waking to You Tell me that You will listen You're touch is what i'm missing And the more I hide I realize I'm slowly losing You Comatose I'll never wake up without an overdose of You I don't wanna live, I dont wanna breathe 'Les I feel you next to me You take the pain I feel Waking up to You never felt so real I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna dream 'Cause my dreams don't comfort me The way You make me feel Waking up to You never felt so real I hate living without You Dead wrong to ever doubt You But my demons lay in waiting Tempting me away Oh how I adore You Oh how I thirst for You Oh how I need You Comatose I'll never wake up without an overdose of You I don't wanna live, I dont wanna breathe 'Les I feel You next to me You take the pain I feel Waking up to You never felt so real I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna dream 'Cause my dreams don't comfort me The
Ty For This Robyn!!
~ AUTO 11's ARE ON ~ **Help Her Get To Prophet** She is an amazing lady and a great friend. She is always quick to help any of her friends that need it, now let's show that love back to her! Nobody deserves a lil help right now more than this great lady does... PLEASE SHOW HER THE LUV SHE DESERVES!!!! Please click below to go to her page and get some points on her autos. Help her while you help yourself. ▲►Ĵdəd ņə◄▼ Slave to Bacardi Girl~Owned by 7Up
Who I Am
I'm not mad anymore...that was yesterday. See, told ya I'd be over it! I'm more sad than anything right now. Sad, that after years of being a friend to someone and finding that they just don't care, is unsettling and saddens me. You would think people change after nineteen years of knowing them. You would think that growing up, responsibilities,knowledge and just plain life would make someone see their immaturity but in actuality, it's only if they've been faced with all those things, that they see their true selves and just plain "man up"! I know now that I've far surpassed my friend in maturity. I know now, I'm much further in knowledge. I know now, I'm stronger than I ever was to handle anything he does or doesn't throw at me. I'm no longer controlled by the silence and lack of communication. I've made it past the ignorance. I've accepted the apology and I'm ready to move on. It's just a sad day when they don't see it the same way. When they're stuck in the past
Look Out For Free Teen Porn
How many times ' mainly guys, have you been lured into thinking a private conversation is going to turn out good? LOOK OUT FOR THE FAKES. A.K.A. sweet ass angel FADO out!!!
Something's Missing
I'm feeling such a vacancy, I don't feel whole Wish I could put my finger on it but I don't know what it is I looked in every place I could seek Tried to find the missing part of me I can't explain this feeling Feels like I'm on the wrong journey going in circles And I ain't even going nowhere I'm lost in the middle of nowhere Something is missing Can't somebody help me? I'm missing a part of me Show me what's missing I'm in the dark room in a bad position I'm looking for the light to restore my vision 'Cause I'm walking blind i keep falling down , I can't find my way I can't explain this feeling Feels like I'm leaving something behind Can't think straight, something's on my mind Can't pay attention cause I'm all so broke Can't find the words 'cause they've all been spoke The answer's gonna be right in my face, What I'm gonna do to fill this empty space. Something's Missing
True Success Depends On Your Enjoyment.
Your Daily Motivation – True Success Depends On Your Enjoyment. Wednesday February 4, 2009 TRUE SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR ENJOYMENT. You'll never achieve real success unless you like what you're doing. What you do is more important than how much money you make. How you feel about what you do is more important than what you do. The more you love what you're doing, the more successful it will be for you. Don't set compensation as your goal. Find the work you like and the compensation will follow. You don't pay the price of success, you enjoy the price of success. Copyright 2008 Watch This Video => Discover The System Watch This Video => Meet The Team Your skin is your largest body organ and it acts as a barrier and absorption mechanism for the rest of your organs. You should do what you can to protect and nurture your skin because your skin protects the rest of your body. Healthy skin means a healthy body
What Men Say, And The True Meaning Behide It...
"I'm going fishing." Really means... "I'm going to drink myself dangerously stupid, and stand by a stream with a stick in my hand, while the fish swim by in complete safety." "Let's take your car." Really means... "Mine is full of beer cans, burger wrappers and completely out of gas." "Woman driver." Really means... "Someone who doesn't speed, tailgate, swear, make obscene gestures and has a better driving record than me." "It's a guy thing." Really means... "There is no rational thought pattern connected with it, and you have no chance at all of making it logical." "Can I help with dinner?" Really means... "Why isn't it already on the table?" "Uh huh," "Sure, honey," or "Yes, dear." Really means.... Absolutely nothing. It's a conditioned response like Pavlov's dog drooling. "Good idea." Really means... "It'll never work. And I'll spend the rest of the day gloating." "Have you lost weight?" Really means... "I've just spent our last $30 on a
Three Years
Three years ago today my cousin, jonathan was killed in a car wreck, i was there when it happened, not cool. The bastards at my church said it was drug related, but he had just gotten clean, so that wasn't the case. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time
Why I Haven't Been Online....
Sorry all my Fu-friends! I got home from work last night and my internet was down....its still down this morning so I'm sending this message from my computer at work before I clock in for the day....I hope to have it working this evening, but if not....just give me a day or two to figure out whats going on and get it fixed...I WILL get back to everyone...PROMISE!!!!
Not Safe For Work
I have gone to great lengths to tell everyone i know (ADULTS) about this site. everytime i talked to someone they ask me if i have a myspace. and i proceed to tell them about FUBAR because its to me the adult version of myspace. but one thing has gotten me, the whole NSFW. no this is not a porn site and i got that, but the plain fact is this is an ADULT site. you have to sign off on the fact that your of adult age to join. so if a person feels good enough about themselves to show themselves off a bit why should another ADULT have the right to make them put their photos in a folder marked NSFW or have to make them private because it has offended someone. what exactly is offensive? i looked at some photos just a few min ago that had been reported as NSFW(offensive to someone), and nothing and i mean nothing in those photos were the least bit offensive. i worked as a restaurant mgr for 5 years in florida 10 miles from the beach and the women that came in didnt have a 1/3 of the clothing o
Knuckle Up
Thought comes to mind today that we should be boxers...not gladiators, concernin' the manner in which, we handle challenges, to our convictions. The gladiator picks up his sword only to put it back down once again. The boxer needs merely clench his fists.
Take Care Of You
i can take you far away. i will take care of you. i will do anything for you my love. you can make me fly. i'm so high with you. i will take your thoughts away. i will make you feel wanted. within this violent world. nobody can feel safe. everyday i want to change your life. make your life better. i will do anything for you to be happy. and i will do it in a heartbeat.
This Is Bull Crap!
Contractions started up last night just like Doc said they would...we sent our youngest son to a friends house for the night just like Doc told me to do. We got a ride to the hospital without having to call 911 (we don't have a working vehicle ourselves so we have to depend on others). They get me all hooked up to the monitors and check my dilation....still only 3 - 4 centimeters. I start having harder contractions to the point of major pain up my back and into my shoulders....they check my cervix....still only 3 - 4. They tell me it's ok to get up and walk and go to the bathroom....I walk, have massive contractions while walking.....they check my cervix....still only 3 - 4 nothing is changing! Finally at 1am the nurse says " well sorry hun but since your cervix hasn't changed at all in the 4 hours you've been here there's nothing we can do but send you home. We know you're having bad contractions even though not all of them are showing up on the monitors but until your cer
Was This Nsfw ?
My MUM was deleted and I was told it was offensive. I think fubar just did not like what I had to say ... I voted by cancelling my VIP . It ends on the 18th. I won't renew . Funny but this site really has no idea of how to treat customers. I pay for this site the same as many of you ! We are being told that we are to do as only they would have ... Now we are to rate real slow ... our auto 11 has been turned into something useless. the whole purpose was to gain points and now fubar has made a big mistake ... I think all of us should choose not to renew our vip ... not to purchase bling packs ... not to buy happy hours... this will send the message that needs to be heard . We are the customer ! We are their paycheck ! We are dissatisfied ! Am I wrong ? DEAD WRONG 25.9% (15 votes) Right On 74.1% (43 votes) 58 votes 249 views 42 comments Report mum as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) [?]
Something That Reminded Me Of Myself..
OK, so recently, I've been re reading the book Easy by Emma Gold. A few days ago I stumbled across a part that I had forgotten about previously and was shocked to see myself in the book..well not me literally but a part that I saw myself in so I figured Id share it with whoever wants to read it. "I had met the love of my life when I was younger. Meeting the love of my life was so easy that I had assumed that when we were no longer that I could just go out and find another one. As we know,it has not been quite that straightforward. I am beginning to doubt whether I will ever find that kind of magic again. Perhaps I am lucky to have found such a special love once in my life and I should be grateful for that;I am sure many people never experience it at all.But I just feel that now I know what it is like to feel the intensity of true love and passion, I just cant settle for second best.Then I ask myself whether everyone who is not him will be second best. Is it true that you only
The Devils Of My Heart!...may They Dwell Within My Soul!
Tis within the hot kiss you lay upon my skin, my soul is wrapped within thyn embrace once again... To watch you cast away, this will happen 'never', for you are my demons seed, my beautiful Devil! Twist'a
Omg Look At These Puppies
Puppy Love - Paul Anka
YOU KNOW YOU ARE A TRUE WISCONSINITE WHEN: 1. Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor on the highway. J 2. 'Vacation' means going up north past Hwy 8 for the weekend. 3. You measure distance in hours. 4. You know several people who have hit deer more than once. 5. You often switch from 'heat' to 'A/C' in the same day and back again. 6. Your whole family wears Packer Green to church on Sunday. 7. You can drive 65 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard, without flinching. 8. You see people wearing camouflage at social events (including weddings and funerals). 9. You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked. 10. You think of the major food groups as beer, fish, andvenison. 11. You carry jumper cables in your car and your wife or Girlfriend knows how to use them. 12. There are 7 empty cars running in the parking lot at Mill's Fleet Farm at any given time. 13. You desi
For All My Beautiful Friends
Friends - Bette Midler
What Can You Do Today?
I had lunch in the oven and decided to go get a Mountain Dew from the Turkey Hill up at the corner. Stopped to clean some of the snow from last night off the sidewalk. I had about half done and figured to get the rest after lunch even though it would just take me another 2 or 3 minutes. For those that know me, I tend to get distracted and remember what is in the oven an hour or 2 later. As I started walking up the street, I heard a guy yell behind me. I stopped and turned around. He offered to finish the shoveling for a few bucks. It was obvious he needed the money. You know money is really tight for me too. I told him not today and we walked to the corner together talking a little and I headed up to the store, as he headed the other way. But it kept going through my head that I was going up to get a soda, something I really don't need, and had turned down someone asking for help. Thinking back to the Bible, I remembered Jesus's words about how when we give to those in nee
Be Myself Linkin Park
I"m putting this song in here because right know this is how i feel sometimes we loss site of who we really are.and real life and fubar has seem to taken that away from me. I know who i am and I believe in myself to know what is right and what is wrong and for anybody who doesn't take me for who i am need to step out of my life. Be Myself lyrics By : Linkin Park Crawling in my skin These wounds, they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface Consuming, confusing This lack of self control I fear is never ending Controlling I can't seem To find myself again My walls are closing in (Without a sense of confidence Im convinced that theres just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before So insecure Chorus Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me Distracting, reacting Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It's haunting how I can't seem... To find myself again
Trust, Respect & Honor......
Love, Trust, Respect & Honor To you I give all these things..
Reverend Charles
Woman Like Me--beyonce
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Bad Sign?
I broke a realllllllllllly old lamp yesterday, and ever since, it has been bringing me nothing but bad luck. Is breaking a lamp supposed to be bad luck?
Bob Dylan Blowin' In The Wind
So, my interview this afternoon was probably the longest interview I've ever waited for/did. Not tom ention, it's the first interview where I'm gonna have to go back a second time before the final decision. My "soon-to-be-boss" hopefully, is really awesome. Really nice guy. I think interviews are the only time I can come out of my shyness shell and look like an amazing, outgoing person in every normal day life hahaha. But, he sounded very very interested and said he was gonna get on a background check and asked if I had anything I wanted to be up front about, and I said I was sorry, I was actually quite a good girl and didn't have so much as a speeding ticket on my record haha And then he said he'd be calling me by the end of the week to set up a second interview Basically what I'll be doing is being a live in/resident to a couple of mentally disabled people, but not horribly disabled. A lot of them just need some supervision, need help balancing their checkbook or cooking d
Funny Quote I Found Today.
Those who have not seen a drunk Indian can have scant conceptions of what that means. Whiskey seems to set fire to the brain, and if one can imagine a wild beast of the forest gone mad, he may have some idea of an intoxicated Indian. ~Edward Curtis~ I have to agree here. I like this quote lots.
In My Happy Home....
'i barely breathe.... in my lover's arms....' i wish... i wish i could reach across the seas... i wish i could right what went wrong... i wish i could stop crying...stop this sense of deepening despair... i have no 'happy' home... still, i barely breathe... and.... i have this unending love...growing still....yet it seems to be moving in a spiral.... and i have no control... no communication... no end... this hurt....this love....this 'life'.... all i ever wanted i found... and now... i am so afraid... love was never meant to be so painful... i am so sorry...
Spikey Has Auto-11's! Plz Help!
GUESS WHO HAS AUTO'S??? SPIKEY!!! SPIKE@ fubar HE NEEDS THE HELP OF HIS FRIENDS TO LEVEL UP, SO COME GET SOME BIG POINTS AND FUBUCKS!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL HELP!!! PRIVATE MESSAGE CLUB MYSTIC FOR RETURN LOVE!!! FONDLY PIMPED OUT BY THE MEMBERS OF: Club Mystic!@ fubar AND CinDragon-Founder of ClubMystic-PegasusProject-FuAngel-I.B.I.C@ fubar This html code blatantly stolen from (and slightly altered): Ms. Sassy{Shadow Leveler}@ fubar show her some love as well, she RAWKS!!!
Come Bid On Me
I have absolutely no problem with Americans at all, infact some of my closest friends are American... but... why is it on the mumms, in my SB etc everyone presumes everyone on here is American?? I don't know anything about American politics or Superbowl so please people quit asking me what my opinions are of this and that... My last profile someone said something like, they were sad as they were on their own for independance day, I said to her, well come to mine I don't celebrate it... and someone in the chat accused me of being anti-American... ummm... no I just don't celebrate that day just like Americans don't celebrate St Georges Day... like Christians don't celebrate Samhein... Theres a biggg wide world out there (its huge believe me) and each faith and each culture and each country has its politics and beliefs... but the majority don't assume you know it and shove it down your throat... its almost like Johavas Witnesses constantly at the door
All I Wanted Was A Valentine..
And wow.. how sweet was this.. > > > > AND he took the time...
Hes Crazy, Hes Nutty, and just a Lil Funny Hes Dj Jokaz Rawkin out in Ace Cafe!

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