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imikimi - Customize Your World
You Are a Red Velvet Cake Rich, decadent, and sensual. You have a deep appeal that transcends all trends. You are the definition of passion: intense, adventurous, and seductive. What Kind of Cake Are You?
Conflicting Desires....choose Wisely
Friday, April 4, 2008 You are highly skilled and experienced at fulfilling your desires. The problem is, many of your desires conflict with other of your own desires. For example, a desire to continually consume junk food would be in conflict with a desire to be fit and lean. A desire to go fishing every day can undermine the desire to be successful in your career. The challenge of achieving meaningful success and fulfillment is largely a challenge of prioritizing and directing your own desires. In fact, the challenges imposed by the outside world are often much less severe than the challenges of choosing between conflicting desires within you. So how do you resolve the conflicts between your desires? First, accept each desire as it arrives, without judgment or resistance. Then, remind yourself that you can choose to follow that desire, or to follow an alternate desire, or to follow no desire at all for the moment. Finally, know that you can quickly and easily let go of
For The One I Loved
This is for someone I loved that has left me behind .. I'll wait for you For days on end Till the moon no longer chases the sun I'll wait for you Every night by the phone Till the day you come back home I'll wait for you Till the day we have no sky I'll wait for you Till the day you're at my side Or till you tell me goodbye I'll wait for you Till the sea are no longer in our way Or till the waves no longer wash away I'll wait for you As long as there is water in our ocean Or pedals on a rose I'll wait for you As long as there is a sky above us and a ground below I'll wait for you Or till every star seem to fade away This I promise just to you I'll wait for you
You Are 52% Bitchy Generally, you're an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes... well, watch out! Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it. How Bitchy Are You?
You Belong in London A little old fashioned, and a little modern. A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock. A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything. No wonder you and London will get along so well. What City Do You Belong In?
Change The World
Its a song that hit home last night while I was drive back from soccer practice! If I could reach the stars I'd pull one down for you Shine it on my heart so you could see the truth That this love I have inside is everything it seems But for now I find it's only in my dreams That I can change the world I would be the sunlight in your universe You will think my love was really something good Baby if I could change the world If I could be king even for a day I'd take you as my queen I'd have it no other way And our love will rule in this kingdom we have made Till then I'd be a fool wishin' for the day
Love Style
Your Love Style is Eros For you, love is all about the passion! And chances are, you're currently in love. You have a strong physical response to love... And you are great at committing (As long as the person makes your toes curl!) What's Your Love Style?
Your Five Factor Personality Profile Extroversion: You have high extroversion. You are outgoing and engaging, with both strangers and friends. You truly enjoy being with people and bring energy into any situation. Enthusiastic and fun, you're the first to say "let's go!" Conscientiousness: You have high conscientiousness. Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life. Most things in your life are organized and planned well. But you borderline on being a total perfectionist. Agreeableness: You have medium agreeableness. You're generally a friendly and trusting person. But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism. You get along well with others, as long as they play fair. Neuroticism: You have low neuroticism. You are very emotionally stable and mentally together. Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly. Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure. Openness to experience: Your op
Breakfast ...anyone?
You Are Cereal Playful and lighthearted, breakfast is likely your favorite meal of the day. (In fact, you're probably the type who sneaks cereal as a midnight snack.) Your culinary skills are probably a bit lacking... and you are a sucker for junk food. Some people accuse you of eating like a kid, but you prefer to think of yourself as low maintenance. What Kind of Breakfast Are You?
Miss Me Miss Me Now You Gotta Kiss Me
You're an Expert Kisser You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable What Kind of Kisser Are You?
Friday Funny...!! (04/04/08)
Art exhibition At an art exhibition two women were staring at a painting entitled, "Home for Lunch". The painting was of three very naked, and very very dark skinned men, sitting on a park bench. What was unusual was that the men on both ends of the bench had black erm gentleman's appendages, but the man in the middle had a very pink gentleman's appendage. The two women were standing there, staring at the picture, scratching their heads and trying to figure this out. The artist walked by and noticed the women's confusion. "Can I help you with this painting?" he asked. "Well, yes" said the one woman. "We were curious about the picture of these men on the bench. Why does the man in the middle have a pink wotsit?" "Oh," said the artist. "I'm afraid you've misunderstood the painting. The three men are actually coal miners", (Wait for it!!)....
Angelina Jolie/russianfoxx
this is a shameless reprint of a MUMM i did. I'm going to SCOUR FUBAR for more...
Sorry I Havent Been Around
I'm working at a great place , my divorce was final july 8th and i'm so glad ,highly doubt i'll ever marry again . I've dated on and off but guys seem to be all the same they are out for one thing so the dating seen isnt going well guess i'll stay single for now.

Raging Fear
My heart was bound It was shattered and torn While hidden in darkness The hate was born I ran from friends And hid from lovers No one getting close Under covers Felt it bleed Felt the pain Too much hurt Never again No more love No more lust Ashes to ashes Dust to dust Heart is locked Guards never down No more tears I won't drown Scarred for life Burned by fire Careless feeling Empty desire Just one emotion Hate, My dear Forever fed By raging fear
Love Hurts
well mailman and i broke things off yesterday not cus we dont like eachother but cus we have our own lives to live. it was getting harder every day. i still love him and always will. im not writing this to get a new man or a new fuhubby im doing it cus i dont know how to stop the pain... i need to get it all out.. so please leave a commint if you like or not... i love all my friends i love you paul always and forever
Wanna Own Me????
Yes This Is My Work Asshats Proof Here Look!
Exes Are Mature
its silly how they block people just so they can feel like they have gotten the last word in. like its going to make any of the bad things they did better.jesse everyone knows what you did and your still an asshole and im still a day your just going to have to face it
A Window
The words I write on these pages They are but a window to my feelings A window to my hopes A window to my dreams A window to the thoughts of me and you You and I together as one One heart beating with one love One love for one another Until the day that dream comes true I will do the one thing that means just as much to me and to you The one thing that will keep us close No matter what the future holds I will always and forever be your friend
"It isn't until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are -- not a religious feeling, but deep down, the spirit within -- that you begin to take control." Oprah Winfrey
Dj Krys Auction Bully
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Bomb Me Baby!
Please Rate this pic! Leave 100 comments, count em up or down and I will give ya $10,000 FUBUCKS! I need this done by this weekend for a very special reason. help, help. lol xoxo
Doc Appt This Afternoon
We have a doctors appt this afternoon. This evening there will be a lot going on here as there will be a lot of new blogs and some exciting news for the team that has not been shared yet. Bear (or is that bare, beer,... lmao)with me while I get these done. Thanks, Rebel'sAngel
What A Pity
Being force-fed religion while growing up gave me a bitter view of blind faith and religion in general. Consequently this story made me incredibly angry. The autopsy revealed that eleven year old Madeline Neumann died of a treatable form of diabetes. How does an American girl die of a controllable disease in this day and age? Its a sad case of blind faith in nothing; her parents wouldnt take her to the doctor because they believed God would heal their daughter. Instead of trusting medical science Madelines parents chose to condemn this vibrant young girl to her death by relying on faith. The Mother Leilani Neumann, claims that she and her husband Dale Neumann, did no wrong in neglecting to take Madeline in for medical attention. She also stated that Our lives are in Gods hands. I can only hope that God takes equal care of the parents.
Daytime Single Motherism
Who ever said being a single mom was easy is absolutly nuts.. lol Im not exactly a single mother like those woman, i do have help after 5 pm lol but being who i am a well known unmedicated BI-POLAR with sever ADHD and O.D.D and being preggo again on top of it all, its not exactly easy, but its not hard either, i think the days i spend with my lil one make me a stronger person and defently has taught me some patience, not alot but some lol I dont think it would be as hard as i think it is if Jadein would start talking.. i dont mean the typical 19 month old talks, but like how her cousin who is 2 and he can hold a convos yanno. she will learn in her own time i know i know, but ehh its boring during the daytime i have no one to talk to and when he dad comes home i start to spout at the mouth about anything and anything and he just sorta shrugs me off it hurts, he has told me once he honestly didnt care, that crushed me, but i understood he was tired sore from work, but it was like w
Must Be The Season
The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind I suppose I will chalk it up to earned karma Whatever it is Keep it coming Good things come to those who wait Patience is a virtue What you do comes back to you threefold Three, huh? Kewl Two down, one to go I'm deliriously happy It has been so very long My heart is beating out of my chest I am cherishing every moment The past is fading fast My future is much brighter Walking around with this shit-eating grin on my face Rocks more than you know Going to ride this cloud into the sun Just try to talk me down Not gonna happen :)
(Yippee. I haven't cross-posted for some time. Well, there's a streak that's gone to pot.) Its about damn time my bodys almost through fighting whatever damn bug got me this year. Im only coughing a lil bit these days! Yippee! Yeah yeah! Which of course means Im now healthy enough to begin the annual Spring Cleaning. Yep, we do that here. But the real surprising thing is, Im not only looking forward to it this time around, but Ive jump-started it. IM the one running around the house, uprooting people and moving more furniture, and detailing out whats got to be done next. And that brings me to something else Ive been meaning to blog about for some time. I keep having this real strong urge to clean the kitchen, the bathroom; buy nice things for said rooms, and just generally make things comfy. Ive caught myself admiring new towels, washclothes, shiny new utensils and kitchenware, household cleaners, brooms, mops, baskets for the bathroom, cute lil containers to hold th
A Ranting~
life has moved forward and yet i am standing still.. i am at a point where nothing seems right... i am in love with more then one and someones heart will break.... including part of mine... i never asked to feel this way.... it was there and snuck up and slapped my face... i lay awake at night and cry... i sit up during the day and more of the same .. i hate my heart and wish sometimes i could fade away... slip away in the night... go and find me.... someone i lost a long time ago... i know this is no poem... has no rhyme or reason... just the ranting of a very sad heart~ for my friends i thank you and love you~
New Rule
I added a rule on the hompage so please check it out... its #7
Thanks To All
hello all im goin to keep this breif....just want to say thanks to all who help lena aka msyticfairy...yesterday....some of yall know her account got deleted...we dont know why..but thanks to some awesome friends she got back toa level 13 and ranked n one day......yall know she does alot for alot of writin this on my own...i want to thank each and everyoen fo yall heleped or is helpin..u know we will return the luv...if anybody needs anything...holla at me....yall restore my faith in matter what im here for yall liek yall was for i will do my part to show luv to all those who be forwarned..ty for your time and patience...much luv to all and good day...
Re: No Global Warming Since 1998 As Planet Cools Off
RE: No Global Warming Since 1998 As Planet Cools Off ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 04 Apr 2008, 13:32 No Global Warming Since 1998 As Planet Cools Off Top UN scientists have been forced to admit that natural weather occurrences are having a far greater effect on climate change than CO2 emissions as a continued cooling trend means there has been no global warming since 1998. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/april2008/040408_cools_off. htm
April Poem-a-day Challenge Day 4
It's day 4 of the April Poem-A-Day challenge and today's prompt was to "write a thankful poem". This one was particularly challenging for me since, as a rule, I don't write happy/upbeat pieces. Hopefully it's not too horrible. Thanks Without much further hesitation, but still a little trepidation, I'd like to show appreciation for all that's gotten in my way. For all the challenges presented and opportunities prevented, although they were at times resented, have made me who I am today.
I'm Just So Bored With My Life Anymore.
I can't stand another day of it.. I'm so sick of it.. I need to find something new to do with it.. I'm going crazy with it.. I AM SO BORED!i!
Enjoying Life!
Things have slowly gotten better for me as time progresses! I have someone in my life that really cares about me and wants to trully be a part of my life! The funny thing is that he and my ex have been getting along somewhat! They have both been picking on me because they say that I am beginning to look pregnant but am unsure! I am only in the beginning of my second month without mother nature visiting but I am gainning weight plus hardly able to eat alot! The weird thing is that I have already had a pregnancy test done( both urine and blood) both came out negative! James is saying its too early to trully tell so I guess its back to maturnity clothes unless something changes for me soon!
Just Wondering?
How many people let someone you want pass you by? Because you are too STUBBORN to admit what you could have, or two egotiscal? To really just want that person so badly; Yet you know damn well you cant have em, or they wont tell you HOW THEY FEEL OR WHAT THEY WANT. Then when you do have them, you just dont know how to treat them. They play games with themselves. Then it is just too late. Just a thought.
They have ears, but theyre deaf. They walk, they talk, they sing, they laugh But they are not hearing. Not the Simple whispers of an anorexic nation Not the feeble cries of the unclothed, or Unsheltered. Ears they have aplenty But theyre too busy plotting and planning And spending their voracious dollars on Programs and pilots, parties and platitudes. They have ears that must be stopped up With wax, it oozes from the similitude of Their conversations and speeches in Boardrooms and bars, ballrooms and At Baseball games. They are the men in Three piece suits and gabardines, the Women as CEOs strutting in stilettos They have ears, but dont hear the Pathetic whimpers of the me generations And latchkey children who sit behind cold Doors and snort little white lines and practice The art of growing up
We Have Live Djs 24/7
COME CHECK OUT OUR LOUNGE!!! LIVE DJ'S PLAYING ALL YOUR REQUEST... (repost of original by 'DJ CHIEF OWNER OF HILLBILLY LOUNGE' on '2008-04-04 11:39:46') (repost of original by 'T16008~Fu-Owned by Passionman71~m@Hllbll g~Proud member of Freak Raters club~' on '2008-04-04 11:44:14') (repost of original by 'mk Ǻ-w@Hllbll g/񃺮@Ǻwb$ Rd&T$ صlw/G R к Rbl Fml ߺmb$qd/w ؃ gl $/wd dl' on '2008-04-04 12:02:16')
Major Luv 2 U
Special Love to my Friends I just want to show luv to the ones that have been here for me & have shown me what true friendship is. Please show each of these wonderful Fus luv ~Superise Me~My RL Bestfriend ♥~BRATT~♥Has shown me Loyalty ~The Italian Stallion~Thanks Stallion chromedome16My RL Stalkee =-)~ pppulsatingTrust Me, Hes Real =-) ~Lynne ~ Owner of NOVA, Gothedelic, Cwby,Mark Murderous,♠MASTERb... Show them all Luv!~Diva MSweetest Person Ever.. Cant thank her enough 4 Everything 'JEANNE MARIE' RGMTRʎ ~CLUB F.A.R ~Love her to Pieces My OnLine Sis GERMANYs MOST WANTED R/L Everything in Life / Best Frie
Work Life
The footsteps are silent-The wings,I cannot see Yet, I know Gods angles takes charge of me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ God's promise is as golden as my angels halo And wherever I walk my angel walks with me....
Lucy Im Home
hey fubarians im home finally back in the states what a relief ill be back ni GA on sunday and oh yeah can wait to be there party at my place be there or be square holla at ya boy leave me sum luv
Need Help!!!
Im down by 120 rates in design contest that ends today on 4th April at Midnight est. Pls do me a favour and just click the pic below and RATE it. Its a rates only contest. No need to comment bomb. Thank you! If you do rate it, pls let me know so I can return the love. :) xoxoxox
Tell Me What Your Name Says!
S: Makes people laugh E: Can kick your ass R: perfect person to date E: Can kick your ass N: rebellious A: easy 2 fall 4 someone A: easy 2 fall 4 someone B: Amazing kisser C: Great kisser D: Very very easy to fall in love with E: Can kick your ass F: Loves it G: Doesn't give a shit H: Amazingly hott I: Has one of the best personalities ever J: Hott K: easy to talk to L: Adorable M: Very good kisser N: rebellious O: Very very hott P: Popular with all sorts of people Q: loves life R: perfect person to date S: Makes people laugh T: dumb and funny at the same time U: Has a Smile to die for V: Not judgemental W: Very broad minded X: Never let people tell you what to do Y: Awesome friend Z: Loved by everyone REPOST WITH Does your name fit you?
In The End
It starts with one One thing, I don't know why It doesn't even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind i designed this rhyme to explain in due time All I know Time is a valuable thing Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings Watch it count down to the end of the day The clock ticks life away It's so unreal Didn't look out below Watch the time go right out the window Trying to hold on, but didn't even know I wasted it all just to watch you go I kept everything inside And even though I tried It all fell apart What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when I tried so hard and got so far But in the end, it doesn't even matter I had to fall to lose it all But in the end it doesn't even matter One thing, I don't know why It doesn't even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind i designed this rhyme to remind myself how (I tried so hard) I tried so hard In spite of the way you were mocking me Acting like I was part of your property Rememberi
I'm tired of being what you want me to be Feeling so faithless lost under the surface Don't know what you're expecting of me Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes (Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow) Every step I take is another mistake to you (Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow) [chorus] I've become so numb I can't feel you there I've become so tired so much more aware I've becoming this all I want to do Is be more like me and be less like you Can't you see that you're smothering me Holding too tightly afraid to lose control Cause everything that you thought I would be Has fallen apart right in front of you (Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow) Every step that I take is another mistake to you (Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow) And every second I waste is more than I can take [chorus] I've become so numb I can't feel you there I've become so tired so much more aware I've becoming thi
Ok,maybe Not So Blue.....
I heard this on the way home and had to say I love you. "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right" A woman is mystery A man just can't understand Sometimes all it takes to please her Is the touch of your hand And other times you gotta take it slow And hold her all night long Heaven knows there's so many ways A man can go wrong [Chorus:] Must be doin' something right I just heard you sigh You leaned into my kiss And closed those deep blue need you eyes Don't know what I did To earn a love like this, but baby, I Must be doin' something right Anywhere you wanna go Baby, show me the way I'm open to suggestions Mmm, whatever you say Tonight's about giving you What you want, whatever it takes Girl, I hope I'm on the right road And judging by the smile on your face [Repeat Chorus] Ah, Baby Mmm... I don't know what I did To earn a love like this, but baby, I Must be doin' something right Must be doin' something right
102.1 The Edge(dallas/ft Worth)
Ok, I know it is hard to understand somethings, but this has to take the cake or maybe this blog may have some validity. Does it make sense to have a radio station in Dallas called the Edge calling it Edgefest, but having the concert absolutly nowhere their listeners live. Who the fuck thinks up this shit? I tell ya, if i was still in the metroplex right now I would boycot this fucked up station, thank god they finally got the Eagle back down there. Edgefest is in Toronto fucking Canada. And anyone reading this who is in that area(not Canada) living there right now should do the same. What a inconvienance to their listeners. Talk about the most fucked up thing ever. You can go to the link and take a look for yourselfs and look at the site and post this blog everywhere and send it to the radio station too.
Just A Little Something
Somewhere in the midst of all this pain Lies a mind that is still sane I'm drowning in a pool of worry and fear That someday my voice you will not hear Come to me and revive my soul Come back and fill the gaping hole My cold heart rarely beats inside Without you by my side Come here and tell me what you need For I would do anything for you even bleed Please tell me what to do Because as your mother, I'd do anything for you. I Love You My Sweet Prince
Amazed - Lonestar
Tag 1 Thump Room
Sts-124 Discovery Mission Overview
STS-124 Discovery Image Above: Official crew portrait image of STS-124 space shuttle crew; From the left are astronauts Gregory E. Chamitoff, Michael E. Fossum, both STS-124 mission specialists; Kenneth T. Ham, pilot; Mark E. Kelly, commander; Karen L. Nyberg, Ronald J. Garan and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Akihiko Hoshide, all mission specialists. Chamitoff is scheduled to join Expedition 17 as flight engineer after launching to the International Space Station on mission STS-124. The crewmembers are attired in training versions of their shuttle launch and entry suits. Image Credit: NASA. Navy Cmdr. Mark E. Kelly will command the STS-124 shuttle mission to deliver the Pressurized Module and robotic arm of the Japanese Experiment Module, known as "Kibo" (hope), to the International Space Station. Navy Cmdr. Kenneth T. Ham will serve as the pilot. Mission specialists will include NASA astronauts Karen L. Nyberg; Air Force Col. Ronald J. Garan Jr.; and Air
Own A Queen
RAVEN QUEEN WORLDS BIGGEST FOOL!!!@ fubar Minimum Bid 200,000 Raven Queen Offers rate pics (Up to 1,000) 11 or 10's every week for 4 weeks.. pimp out in my vampire wiccan flyte and blog (unless you are already on it) then will make pimp out bully though nothin fancy. will put owned by or slave of in name for month.. will put your profile link on my profile. will put you in number one spot of top family and friends. depending on bid will make one or two morphs, if not too diffiucult. will make tag showing ownership which i will use as my primary pic for the time you own me. again nothing fancy SHOW MY WONDERFUL HOST SOME LOVE TOO Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones@ fubar (repost of original by 'RAVEN QUEEN WORLDS BIGGEST FOOL!!!' on '2008-04-04 16:15:49')
Tag2 Thump Room
How You Know Ur A Old Raver!
How do you know you're an old raver? You snicker when you hear someone say "PLUR". You finally realized that phat pants are heavy and unpractical. You refrain from dancing unless the circle is of rather large dimensions. When you do dance, you "battle". You learn to spin, and therefore have graduated to the "superior rave status". You find out just how crooked promoters really are. You hate massives. You blame candy kids for everything retarded in the scene. You say "the scene" a lot. You find out how much better european electronic music really is. You find out that glow sticks were cool TEN years ago in the UK. You have pretended to be rolling at a party just to get a quick laugh out of your friends. When you ARE on E, you do your best to act normal. You find out that American DJ's are completely overrated. You have close friends who don't give a fuck about raving. You think that maybe YOU don't really give a fuck either. The smell of Vicks makes you physically sic
The Man In The Glass
The man In The Glass Current mood: bummed When you get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day, Just go to a mirror and look at yourself And see what THAT man has to say. For it isn't your father or mother or wife Whose judgment upon you must pass, The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back from the glass. Some people might think you're a straight-shootin' chum And call you a wonderful guy. But the man in the glass says you're only a bum If you can't look him straight in the eye. He's the fellow to please, never mind all the rest, For he's with you clear to the end, And you've passed your most dangerous test If the guy in the glass is your friend. You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years And get pats on the back as you pass, But your final reward will be heartache and tears If you've cheated the man in the glass.
Karma and Gift N Da Curse - Master Of Artz have decided to Fu-wed in a CT ceremony. You are all invited to the wedding! The wedding will be in Centerfolds at 10pm fubar time on Saturday, April 5th, 2008. We want you all there to wish this happy couple well! *~Karma~*@ fubar Da Gift N Da Curse - Master Of Artz@ fubar Ryot Gyrl Will Be Rockin The 1's and 2's Ryot ~Fu Bad B!TCH~ Head DJ @ Centerfolds@ fubar
Romeo And Juliet Part 2
In a park I did dwell For there was a man I loved so well He stole my heart away from me And now he wants to set it free A small girl he placed upon his knee And told her things he didn't tell me Home I went to cry in bed Not a word to mother I said Father came home late from work that night He looked for me left and right Up the stairs the door he broke And he found me hanging from a rope Upon the ground, a note he found Dig my Grave Dig it Deep Place a stone at my feet Upon the stone, place a dove To show the world she died for love.
Death Of A Friend
My best friend and companion for 18 years, Biscuit, the family Westie-Poo was put down humanely today. He had a long and wonderful life. He kept my lap warm in the winter, and loved to run and play right up until this afternoon when I took him to the vet. In the end he had gone blind, and deaf, his sense of smell was degraded enough he couldn't identify anything till his nose was right over it. His hips went out 6 months ago, due to cancer. I'm still tearing up thinking of him as I write this note. I wish he were here, but he suffered long enough. If its true all dogs go to heaven I certainly hope he finds someone else to play with until I can join him there. I love you Biscuit, and will always miss you.
-Aneminity of Love- I woke up gray, and now feeling blue, It seemed to never end, Until I met you. Your eyes so diligent, Your thoughts so pure, I'll use this towards my sickness to be cured, Invite me to your life, And I shall make you my wife, And keep my life from turning blue, Where thou's love has been made so whole and true. Ps. I will never forget the day I heard your voice for the first time, And I will always love you.
Wtf ????????
People are gettin all pissy about the # they are on my friends list . Sorry but when my brother or 1 of my "real life" friends join then I put them 1st ..................
My Wedding
in my last blog i was wanting to know if i could buy the love from my fiance. well i didn't need to he loves me and i was just to blind to c it. our wedding is July 13, 2008 in vagas and i can't wait. i still can't believe he wants to marrie me and that this isn't a joke. i'm one of the luckest females alive right now. i finally get my princess fairy tale come true.
The Farmer & The Tax Man
A man owned a small farm in Indiana. The Indiana State Wage & Hour Department claimed he was not paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent out to interview him. "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them," Demanded the agent. " Well," replied the farmer, "there's my farm hand who's been with me for 3 years. I pay him $200 a week plus free room and board. The cook has been here for 18 months, and I pay her $150 per week plus free room and board. Then there's the half-wit who works about 18 hours every day and does about 90% of all the work around here. He makes about $10 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of bourbon every Saturday night. He also sleeps with my wife occasionally." "That's the guy I want to talk to - -- the half-wit," says the agent. "That would be me," replied the farmer.
The Stranger
They merrily gather around the brightly-lit dinner table Eating, drinking, laughing Reminiscing about the good old days I lie in bed Alone Counting the cracks on the ceiling The children play innocently Happy to see their aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma Sometimes they even ask aloud as who I am! The nightmares of childhood Still haunt my Memory They love to gossip about me Telling one another that I'm bitter Crazy In need of salvation I seldom leave my room Quiet as a shadow Avoiding them like a vile Plague Somehow I have become a Stranger In my home.
Fairytale Of Love
Once upon a time, in the land of my dream There was a young Knight who searched for his Queen He followed his quest and he searched all lands through He searched for his love, he knew would be true. She would have eyes like diamonds, yet dark and so deep The window of her soul, shows a beauty so sweet She would have hair like an angel, both raven and long She will bring to his heart, love's simple song. He sought out a wizard, to conjure a spell, To find this fair princess, that in his heart dwells. He begged this magician, by all that is right, Find me my love, my soul's true delight. She has beauty unequaled, by all in all time, Her soul is so perfect, it must be with mine, The wizard did tell him, that this lady he loved, Was not a mere princess, but an angel from above. He said all the magic I have in my power Cannot make this perfection, in any number of hours He said you should ask for the heavens to send One of Gods perfect creatures, for your quest t
New Pc
Finally after yrs and yrs of having to use hand-me-down PCs i finally get my very own brand spanking new pc o im so happy *sniff* its soooo purdy to look at.
One Word...
You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy or forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. 1. Where is your cell phone? Table 2. Your significant other? None 3. Your hair? Multicolored 4. Worst bad habit? Caffeine 5. Favorite food? Lasagna 6. Your favorite thing? Dew 7. Your dream last night? Animals 8. Your favorite drink? Soda 9. Your dream/goal? education 10.The room you're in? living 11. Your ex? John 12. Your fear? Unknown 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home 14. Where were you last night? Work 15. What you're not? Beautiful 16. Muffins? Chocolate 17. One of your wish list items? Vacation 18. Where you grew up? Tulsa 19. The last thing you did? Sleep 20. What are you wearing? Tee 21. Your TV? Noise 22. Your pets? Sugar 23. Your computer? Frustrating
Happy Hour
50,000 comments for a Happy Hour All Help appreciated and Paid back Thanks
Music Video:U + UR HAND (LIVE) (by Pink)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Here is a question that I don't understand. Why must people not understand and why must people be ignorant? Ignorant can be defined as "uneducated in general." Ignorance is my biggest fear. I hate when people don't understand. I hate when people don't WANT to understand. I hate when people are ignorant. Tell me please, why is this? It breaks my heart when people are general. Thank you for your time, Jessica Joy
Can someone give me some ideas on something to out of ideas so im turning to my friends on here. Sooooo any ideas>??
New Diabetes Treatment
Terror Grips Me...
I sit here on a Friday night...nearing midnight...and my thoughts are on Jimm. It has been 24 hours since I've heard from him. Never have I gone this long without him. Terror and fear surround me. My mind races of every possible reason. My heart is pounding out of my chest. Panic grips my soul. The world would be calm again, only to know that you are ok. I try to imagine a happy place, where you and I are. I dream of holding you, touching you, kissing you, and being with you forever. I pray to God that he has not taken that dream away from us! I long for us to a family. To fulfill all of our dreams! God, I beg you, please keep him safe from harm. Please bring him to me soon. Jimm, I love you baby!
Want To See?
Make your own custom glitter graphic! Make your own custom glitter graphic!
Obvious Omg!!
pulease stop with the stupid child games. do not create a fake profile just to check me out! no picture,, no information,,,nothing but a name! aren't we supposed to be adults here? people who hide are doing it for a few reasons 1) i know who they are and are wondering why they are on my page when we probably dont get along, which means you may be some kind of jealous person, which i dont tolerate. 2) you are a jealous person and are checking up on me or checking up on what i am doing ,,which i mean by going to peoples pages that are on my friends and family list to see what kind of comments i am posting to someone. which i dont tolerate or take niceley to. 3) you are jealous and think i am after your fubar boyfriend or fubar husband,,which i am not!! 4) i know you and for soem reason dont want me to know that i know you were on my page,which means that ..then i dont want to know you, cause that is just bullshit. 5) it is obvious that you are purposely doing this because i hav
Time For Me To Fly
Ive been around for you Ive been up and down for you But I just cant get any relief Ive swallowed my pride for you Ive lived and lied for you But you still make me feel like a thief You got me stealin your love away cause you never give it Peeling the years away And we cant relive it I make you laugh And you make me cry I believe its time for me to fly You said wed work it out You said that you had no doubt That deep down we were really in love Oh, but Im tired of holding on To a feeling I know is gone I do believe that Ive had enough Ive had enough of the falseness Of a worn out relation Enough of the jealousy And the intoleration I make you laugh And you make me cry I believe its time for me to fly Time for me to fly Oh, Ive got to set myself free Time for me to fly And thats just how its got to be I know it hurts to say goodbye But its time for me to fly Oh, dont you know its... Its time for me to fly I wish you the best ~
Adult - Whose Tits Are Those ?
Well I finally took and posted some more pictures like everyone wanted me to. Hope everyone likes them, if not then don't look anymore!
Adult - Falling Dildo's
Adult - Street Life
Pervs And The Like
alright.... I'm getting pretty annoyed at all the jerks that act like pigs on here. Its so not cool and it sure as hell doesn't make the rest of us men look like prince charming. IS there no end to 55 yr old men telling 18 yr old girls they're hot and trying to get them to post nsfw pics so they can jerk off? There is no way to stop them i guess, but i would just like to state that i, Cole Smith, am not a pig/perv/Weirdo. If you don't believe me then try me and see if you feel the same after we've conversed. There are plenty of men that feel exactly the way i do one here so before you ladies just blow a man off because of some irrelevant reason please give him one chance, just one.
Repost This
to my fubar friends and family can you do me a huge favor can you please repost my bully for me i'm so close to fulord and with yall help i will get their. i will appreciate it if you can ty fubar members you can check out my page too if you want ttyl
He Broke My Heart
It all startedlast year. January 2nd this guy named 'Ian Michel Gruner-Mesty' asked me out. i was already head over fucking heels for the guy. He was perfect. he smelled great, perfect body, beauitufl looks, was smart and he didn't push me to hard. He never expectd me to be anything but myself. But then I got scared I broke up with him and got so scared. But then when I thought he was going to be perfect here he comes back in octber HALLOWEEN even. he was gorgeous. Scratches on hsi back from the pervous girl. Then he tells me about his now girl. I get pissed and ask him to come see me he does. We get close again like we were closer and closer till he asks me to be his girlfriend again. Butteh fact taht we jumped in to quick an dthat i was never right for him. he rather have someone who will spread her legs for him. and sometimes i have dreams of me and him together should i have moved on when my heart is so badly broken I don't even know how to pick up the pieces. The girl he wan
Won't She Just Go Away???
Ok, You all wanted it Blogged, so here it is. It started a couple years ago when i met this chic at a party at a local sports bar. She looked lost, and alone so I went over to welcome her. We quickly became good friends. Then another mutual 'friend' came between us telling her lies about me and she believed them. Until later, when she got into a huge disagreement with the other friend. She came running back to me. Then a few months later, i did something really stupid and later admitted it to her. She forgave me and took me back as friend again. Well all this happened over a span of about 2 years. A few months ago, she found out something I chose to keep private. She got all over my back because of it, and walked away again. This was MY Private life, and she treated me as if she wre my mother. Now, I have a tracker on my myspace, and a couple other accounts that allow me to see who views my profile. I see a bunch of 'new users' I go to click on the account and the accounts have bee
Happy Birthday Beth
Wanna Be My Fu-lover Fill This Out!
Fill this out and I will decide who will be my fu-lover! Good luck! 1)What is my name (without looking at my homepage)? 2)Do you think I am a cat lover or a dog lover? 3)What lounge do I greet at (without looking at my homepage)? 4)What do you know about me? 5)If you could describe me in one word what would it be? 6)How did you find me on fubar? 7)Are you a friend/fan/family of mine on fubar? 8)On a scale from 1-10 what would you rate how bad you want to get with me starting with 1 as eww ur gross and 10 being i want you now! 9)How far will you go to be my fu-lover? 10)Do you think I'll pick you as my fu-lover and why? Good luck everyone! ^.^ Illest In Underground Music And Art
Loss Of Frosty Freeze R.i.p.-rsc 4 Ever
On April 3rd, 2008 at approximately 7:50am, Wayne "FROSTY FREEZE" Frost started his journey in to the next life. Our condolences go to his family and friends and all who knew of his great legacy. Frosty acknowledged those of us who came to visit him and was in good company during his last moments on this earth. For those of you who had the honor of knowing him, we all know that Frosty had a very celebrative spirit. I met Frosty in 1982,and im lucky enough to stayed friends with him all the way until his untimely passing, He was constantly educating people and helped preserve the rich history of urban and Hip Hop culture. He was "the walking Hip Hop encyclopedia" and was one of the few brothers who had almost total recall in terms of history. We ask that you remember him as this great positive light who cared and loved many of us just as we loved and cared for him. On this day, we ask that people continue to keep him in their prayers.Frosty i will never 4 get u bro,and im sure fight now
Why Do I Care So Much
I have recently been decieved by someone that I called a friend. I hate liars, there is no place in my life for someone that only sits out to decieve and destroy others feelings. I am hurt deeply by these lies. Most of them were not to me directly but to someone that I care for and consider a best friend. I am too caring I guess and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe I should say fuck it and just be a heartless bitch? But then I am denying who I really am but think that at times it would keep me from getting hurt. In my opinion the worse thing you can do is lie to me. Why must people decieve others? I am not talking white lies I am talking monsterous lies about one dying from cancer. How can someone lie about something so horrible just to recieve attention from others? I deal with this as karma is a bitch and you will get back what you deserve. But to play with others emotions in such away is horrible. Like I said in the intro this is just me rambling..
Trust Again
Ok you guys I may sound crazy, but I often wonder if I will ever trust any of my friends again or go on without anyone to trust? I have come to realize that I trust none of my friends any more.. So I wonder will I ever find a best friend again? It has come to my attention that over the last two years, since my ex best friend slept and married my ex husband, I have alienated all my friends and even my true best friend of 14 yrs. So what am I to do who do I have to cry to, to tell me the truth when I need it or someone that if I just needed a shoulder to cry who will be there? So I have been going on these last 2 yrs and never realizing that I was destroying a part of my life a little by little.. I know we all need our friends especially one's that we can trust no matter what.. I have a ton of friends ,but no one that I could call in a spur of the moment if I was really down or something I was so excited about that I had to holler for joy from the roof tops.. Who would it be. After y
To My Dad (rip)
a letter to my dad dear dad, how are ya doing up there, its been almost 7 months now since your gone. We all miss you very much. We took marshall to see you on easter. he is going to be 8. he reall took it hard. he didnt relise that we were putting you in the nitch. He ask about you everyday, he was scared to come over for a bit.. It wasnt the same with out you. he stares at his baby pic when you were holding him. I too dad think about you lots.. my life is crap right now and i need your help.. i know yuor listening. i know you brought my new friend into my life. i wish you could see her. she pretty hot. I know, but she is nice too.. its too bad dad... you would have love too see her pics.. but shhe dont tell mom... love ya dad.. see ya soon.. peace out... bedrock
Adulterated Apollo
Do I fear the sun, or the dawn? "What is love?" I asked staring through a stream of street lights and concrete sprawl peppered softly by black and navy, the occasional bursting celestial flicker interrupting the monotony blur. "Baby don't hurt me?" she responds and starts bumping her head Chris Katan style. I hate that movie, but I'll let it slide for the moment. "I'm being serious." I say as faux-melancholy as I can manage. "Shit, why you asking me?" she pulls us into a parking lot after a few minutes, cranks the steering wheel with a wicked grin- and I'm flung against the cold glass of my own car. Why the hell did I let this strange woman drive? Oh right, the promise of sugary sex, and sour reality. I just had to replace a wheel- she's going to throw a rod, and we'll be stranded out here waiting for a god damn tow truck with one wheel perpendicular to the rest. Which, I guess isn't such a bad thing really. A half hour in the serene early spring night a
A Soldier's Heart
A Soldiers Heart A soldiers heart So courageous and brave Committed to his country And the lifes he saves Always giving all hes got Wanting to give more So proud to serve his country And what our flag stands for Away from home in A foreign land Standing on the front line Waiting for his command Fear is unknown As he battles another So eagerly he would die To save his fellow brother All this bravery he showed Right from the start Thats why God gave him A soldiers heart. By Andrianna Holt
I Am A Fallen Soldier
I served my country, just my familys sacrifice My name is listed with the others Husbands, wives, sons & daughters Who fought for your freedom, that came with the same price And to my family, Ill miss you too In the quiet hours when you feel alone Just remember I always thought of you And dreamed of coming home At the memorial, I will be there with you My helmet,gun and boots and the sound of the gun salutes The tears of sorrow, and the eulogy You lost so much But, I hope you are proud of me And to my country, for whom I served I hope for those that did not know me Enjoy your Freedom for which you deserve But please remember my family Who paid for your Freedom, the ultimate price! Author: Unknown
Anyone Interested
Interested in joining a new group or family, hit me up and i will let every one know the details.
Deviantartist Alexcf
Cthulhu Specimen ReduxA classic from the days of ToM (R.I.P.), the Cthulhu Specimen Case from deviantARTIST alexcf is really quite an impressive piece. Indeed, so impressive that his revisit of it was recently sold on ebay for close to a thousand dollars. The description reads, in part: June, 1893. a gnarled ancient city built upon a small land mass is discovered many miles off the coast of South America, risen from its darkened tomb on the arc of a tectonic shift. The striations of charred stone lift spiderlike from the ocean, as if gasping for breath, and the crew of the Nostromo stand silent upon the deck, speechless, in awe of this marvel of insanity, the cyclopean monstrosity, built millions of years ago - Rlyeh, tomb fortress of the old god; Cthulhu. the crew leave, beg the scientists to follow, but to no avail. the scientists ask for lifeboats to be left for them. The Nostromo sets sail, sullen faces watch as those left behind descend into the depths of Rlyeh, never
Military Wisdom
I seem to recall that some of these have civilian applications as well . . . WISDOM - FROM THE MILITARY MANUAL ------------------------------------------------------ "If the enemy is in range, so are you. " - Infantry Journal ----------------------------------------------------- "It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed." - U.S. Air Force Manual ------------------------------------------------------ "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons. " - General Macarthur ----------------------------------------------------- "You, you, and you ... Panic. The rest of you, come with me." - U.S. Marine Corp Gunnery Sgt. ------------------------------------------------------ "Tracers work both ways." - U.S. Army Ordnance - ----------------------------------------------------- "Five second fuses only last three seconds. " - Infantry Journal --------
Need help why cant people be honest. I have been going through some shit and I think it might work out then you get that call and the other person tells you what you dont want to hear. Hey i was faithfull took care of my family didnt cheat she did and still wont tell me the truth. Thought we worked things out just to find out she is still at it? what id i do wrong?
I was sent this yesterday by a friend. It caused much deep thought and a fair amount of drinking last night. Risk: To laugh is to risk appearing the fool. To weep is to risk appearing sentimental. To reach out for another is to risk involvement. To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self. To place your ideas your dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To live is to risk dying. To hope is to risk despair. To try is to risk failure. But risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing and is nothing. They may avoid suffering and sorrow, but they cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live. Chained by their attitudes, they are a slave, they have forfeited their freedom. Only a person who risks is free. For too long now, I have avoided risk of all kinds. If something had the potential, however obscure, to hurt me in some
Have you ever cried so much, it's like looking thru a glass of skim milk? that your eye lids are swollen for days? the salt deposits are on your lashes, thick and clumping together? that is where I am. What i want is within reach, but far enough away i can't have it. Distant, yet near. My heart aches, and it feels like the only one. I feel alone, and unwanted, not desired, unattractive, and not worth any effort at all. I feel like *EVERYONE* in my life wants me to do for them, but not one, is willing to do for me. My heart has been ripped out, and crushed, and i've cried till my eyes are swollen shut. I just want someone to truly love me, not expect me to love them, chase after them, beg them, and it not be returned. I want to really be loved. really, honestly, pure love. I want to know what it is, to be the object of such passion, and desire. I want to know that i am worth the chase, and the effort to do so.
Totally Awesome Friends!!!
Hey everyone... here are some really awesome people to check out... they are really good friends and help out when they can. Go show them some love... some are getting close to leveling too... If you don't already have them on your list.. You should... :) mattyboy828@ fubar DracheZWorld@ fubar ~IBeLeeB~ Owned By Fever@ fubar Lars - Retired!!!@ fubar shanwbar'~GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY~NIGHTHAWKS' ~'@ fubar glPrꧧ {wr f lb p v}@ fubar Eala La La La {SER} Vibes!!!!@ fubar ALWAYS HOPE HEAD ENFORCER AT DIVA'S DEN@ fubar Bishounen_mason((Vampire Kitten))(FU Hubby to SinesterSerpentine)@ fubar Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Promoter / RisingStar ~ Owned by Dave - Crypt_Kee
My Fuowner's First Happy Hour
Support my Fu-Owner, TinkerbellMn84, who is having her first Happy Hour tonight at 10 PM EST, 9PM CST, 8 PM MST and 7 PM excuse to not know when it is. Support my fu -owner and help her advance and yourself too. She is having a rate-a-thon. So rate as many SFW pics as you can so the points count. Double up your points and the points of the person you are rating and advance through as many levels as possible during this Happy Hour. Have a great weekend, Johnny, aka 2thick
Thank You Irish Sweet Heart
Myspace Thank You Graphics I'm truly in AWWW, at the love I received while trying to Godmother on Thursday night and Friday morning. You all were so amazing. Special thanks to Texas Camaro Guy, BOO BOO, Gary and The Shadow Levelers. As well as my wonderful friends and family!! I've made a list of people that I need to show lots of love back to. The bf has his boys the rest of this week and we don't see them often enough, so i'm trying to spend time with the family. I promise to get to ya'll as soon as I can. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT TO YOU ALL! IRISH SWEETHEART RL/GF 2 DEADLIEST CATCH~DSC~CLUB FAR@ fubar Myspace Friends Comments
2007 Darwin Awards
THINNING THE HERD 2007... Eighth Place:In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in two feet of water after squeezing head first through an 18-inch-wide sewer grate while trying to retrieve his car keys. Seventh Place:A 49-year-old San Francisco stock broker -- who often bragged he was 'totally-zoned when he ran' -- accidentally jogged off a 100-foot high cliff on his daily workout. Sixth Place:While at the beach, Daniel Jones, 21, dug an 8-foot hole for protection from the wind and had been sitting in a beach chair at the bottom when it collapsed, burying him beneath 5 feet of sand. People on the beach used their hands and shovels trying to get him out but could not reach him. It took rescue workers using heavy equipment almost an hour to free him. Jones was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Fifth Place:Santiago Alvarado, 24, was killed as he fell through the ceiling of a bicycle shop he was burglarizing. Death was caused when the long flashlight he had placed
Pleads Of A New Life
Pleads of a New Life by Me With the smile of warmth And softness of a kiss My heart skips a beat And my mind is a mist. The moving of that body And the look from those eyes Makes my knees weak and My mind sighs. For things like this Is what you need And is for what Life Pleads.
To A Keeper!!!
One day someone's mother died. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of her bedroom, the daughter was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes There isn't any more. No more hugs, no more lucky moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, No more "just one minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away. never to return before we can say good-bye, Say "I Love You." So while we have it . . it's best we love it . . And care for it and fix it when it's broken . and take good care of it when it's sick. This is true for marriage .... and friendships .. And children with bad report cards; And dogs with bad hips; And aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, Because we cherish them! Some things we keep -- like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, No matter what. Life is important, and so are the people we know . .. And so, we keep them close! Thank
Died within your grip It's me that's left to pick up the pieces, When you have had you're say, It's me that has to cover these tears, And wear this mask all day. It's me that has to take it all, And not tell a soul, It's me that has to listen to you, Making me feel even more alone. It's me that has to cover up these scars, The ones you told me to make, It's me that has to pretend its all good, When really I've had all I can take. It's me that has to face each day, Hiding the pain I feel, It's me that has to smile so fake, When knowing this pain will never heal. It's me that's kept you here so long, I'm too afraid to say goodbye, It's me you have made dependant on you, Without you I'm afraid I might die. It's me that opened the door to you, And now I feel such regret, Its me your voice has all control of, And I wish I could just forget. It's me you can no longer live off, Because I live on no more, It's me that died within your grip, When it was
SO I am chillin till I have to go to a wedding later ttoday. Cruising through vids, I found this one. Ooops Sara, lock the door next time girl!
For Sheyenne My Oldest But Daddy's Baby She Will Alway's Will Be
Ho Do I
how do i change the back ground in my profile? if you know will you please explain it to me
Misfortune Cookie
Insults - Get This Widget
How Can You Do This
how can you call the one you love a slut ? when she knows she not. how can you blam her for things she never did? when its all lies.... how can you call her a bitch? when she knows she not. how can you tear out the heart of the one you love? she knows she been there for you.. how can the one you love be so mean to you? for all you done for them. its so hard to love sameone this days when they listin to nothing but lies about you? how can that happen????
Are My Pleonasms Too Too? Aka Victory, Chapter 2
A message for the people who haven't kept up: I'm working on my third novel "Victory" and since last Saturday I've been posting chapters from it that I would really appreciate some constructive criticism on as I finish. It's a work in progress, so what you see here does not necessarily reflect what will be in the final book. I've gotten some advice and praise, and I'm thankful for both. For those who DID pay attention last week, my previous book ended with the main characters splitting up in several directions, so if you get lost don't panic, it all comes together! Today's main characters are two heroes who followed one of their acerbic friends to another Earth; pure and simple, I'm asking today does this flow and will it fit into a larger novel? Note from the title this is chapter two of a planned thirty-six chapter story; to read last week's installment and get caught up, see last Saturday's blog entry "Does My Onopatomaeia Have Click and Snap?" Thank you so much, my frien
*~*~*~~*~*happy Birthday ^sin^! *~*~*~~*~*
TODAY, APRIL 5TH, IS ^SIN^'S BIRTHDAY! ^sin^-Enforcer@ Flirtationsfu gf 2 sexy sheilafu owned by emt380 & tulsa's angel@ fubar CLICK ANY OF HER PICTURES HERE AND SPANK THIS BAD GIRL: This birthday announcement brought to you by: Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Promoter / RisingStar ~ Owned by Dave - Crypt_Kee@ fubar and BBW Goddess ~ promoter @ the ace cafe ~ Sarge's Bitch@ fubar
Happy Birthday Original Pooh
=== 'Real WifeTo Rebel~Owner of Rock Bottom Lounge/FuWifeToBigDaddy9672/Kandi'sBitch~1 StackedMama' spewed forth the following at '2008-04-05 10:37:54'.. Happy Birthday Hope you are having a great day! Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! Thank You for being such a great friend! So,glad you are part of rock bottom staff So From REAL and EVERYONE @ ROCK BOTTOM LOUNGE WE WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! CLICK ON PIC TO SHOW HIM SOME BIRTHDAY LOVE!
Wanna Be An Angel
ARE YOU SEXY ENOUGH?? COME FIND OUT ONLY LORD SKULL KNOWS IF YOu CAN BE AN "ANGEL" DO YOU DARE ASK HIM ? CLICK THE PIC TO YOUR DESTINY.... THE INFAMOUS "LORD SKULL" LORD SKULL ~ :@ ENFORCER@ SKULL CRUSHER RADIO ~ HEAD OF SKULLS ANGELS ~ APPLY WITH IN ~@ fubar (repost of original by 'ღGothiqueTemptationღ Owner-DSG&D- RaWღBeautifully Morbid GM ღ' on '2008-04-05 10:53:24') (repost of original by 'LORD SKULL ~ :@ ENFORCER@ SKULL CRUSHER RADIO ~ HEAD OF SKULLS ANGELS ~ APPLY WITH IN ~' on '2008-04-05 10:55:52') (repost of original by '~☆TŧT ☆~' on '2008-04-05 10:57:40')
About Me
Survey About Yourself About You Eye Color:Brilliant Blue Hair Color:Which one?....mohogany, mocha, and blonde highlights Height:5\'7\" Favorite Color:Brown Screen Name:dfarishblue Favorite Band:Mercy Me Favorite Movie:Sleepless in Seattle Favorite Show:Grey\'s Anatomy Your Car:2005 Dodge Grand Caravan....hey I have 3 kids. Your Hometown:Houston, TX Your Present Town:somewhere in Arkansas :( Your Crushes First Name:I plead the 5th Your Grade:Grade Your Style:Depends on my mood Have You Ever Sat on your rooftop?:Not lately Kissed someone in the rain?:Been a while Danced in a public place?:Yes Smiled for no reason?:I think anytime you\'s for a reason Laughed so hard you cried?:A couple days ago. Peed your pants after age 8?:LOL.....never Written a song?:Long time ago Sang to someone for no reason?:When we do\'s usually for a reason. Performed on a stage?:A couple months ago Talked to someone you don\'t know?:I\'m very extrover
Men & Women
I just need someone to explain even though I know this is a never ending blog it interested what others can enlighten me.
Meet Agem4life, My New Fu-owner
I would like to introduce you to my Fu-Owner and very dear friend, aGEM4life. Please use the link below to go to her page. Read about her on her profile page and then please fan/rate/add her. /> I would like to tell you a little bit about her. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever been blessed to meet. She is a loyal, devoted and caring friend. She makes time for you no matter what is going on in her own life and she truly cares about others. She can make you laugh when your world seems too dark and her compassion is endless. I could not ask for a more fun, caring friend. I really do feel blessed that she came into my life. I love you Donna. Always remember that I am here for you as well and I will always have your back. I did meet her here on fubar, but have spent many hours chatting on yahoo and on the phone with her. The depth of her personality knows no bounds. She is beautiful (both outside and in), talented, funny and so much more. If you take th
A Real Life "prison Sex"
A Real Life "Prison Sex" Story Of A Sexually Abused Child *CAUTION: Contains Graphic Content* Walking in my nighty, rubbing my eyes My fathers sitting on the sofa with his friend He pats the seat in the middle, i sit Shivering so cold, a quilt he lends "Jessy you love me dont you" I smile Their breathe spirts weep "Daddy you know I do, what is it?" He smiles at his friend, his hand creeps His friend takes my hand and looks me in the eyes Daddys creeping up my nighty with such cold hands I try to pull his hand away the grip is strong! They look at one another then nod, somethings planned I feel my palms sweat, Daddys under my knickers "Daddy im going to bed! Night" Pulling again But there grip is to strong for me I look at both, and ask, who are these men? His fingers going up me, pulling away His friend leans forward, a kiss? Why? His toungue moving mine, my eyes squint Lean back and away, "Why are you doing this?" No answer, I feel the pain
Please Read
My new friend TinkerbelleMN84 is hosting a happy hour tonight at 7pm FUTIME.....check this out...... UPDATE!!! I am adding to my offer!!!...I REALLY WANT MY FIRST HH TO ROCK SOOO in addition to my offer below I will give 6,000 fubucks for EVERY 100 photos(rated 10)/stash rated!!!(you must message me after every 100)I have quite a few photos/stash so this could be a LOT of fubucks here so save your rates for my first HH!!!!!(if you're saving for spotlight this could help you out!) But remember this offer is only good during my HH Sat. @ 7pm fu-time!!! I am hosting my very first Happy Hour!!!! On Saturday April 5th @ 7pm Fu-Time!!! Now this is really big for me so I want to make it a great one! SO here is the deal! I have a folder with 100 penguin photos in it that I have titled HH Rate-A-Thon. So here is my offer if you rate all 100 11's I will give you 12,000 fubucks, if you rate all 100 10's I will give you 6,000 fubucks! As soon as you finish you have to send me a private m
Today wores day of my life. Not only did i get left out lunch plans with my family. But somone i care about and love is leaveing to be with there ex tonight. My mom gone to be at my sister house. so anyone talk to me today im me at
Up And Running
The website is up.. great earning potential because it sells itself. Will send a free sample to anyone seriously interested!!
Why was i born? Why in this life? What is purpose to love? Why is love good but hurt like hell when the one u care about break ur heart? Why do we have to love
One Flaw In Women: Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you to show how much they care about you. The
German Parties
I just stepped outside and I heard a party going on. In Germany the houses are made of concrete block and brick, and the streets are paved with bricks, so sound gets carried and reverberates. I doesn't happen often, but since I've lived here every once in a while someone will have a party and after a certain point when everyone is full of beer, they will start singing. And they will sing loudly. Very loudly. Till the wee hours of the morning. The party I just heard was pretty far away but when it is close to your house you might as well forget about sleeping. But I still think its a nice thing. :)
Stop The Pulling
As the feeling gets tighter and the pulling gets stronger. I stand here confused as hell. I look around not knowing what to do. The feeling I know is true but doesn't matter what I say or do. The twisted web I weaved for my self just got me tangle up in it. I pull again trying to break free, but I know im stuck. Doesn't matter what is said or done, what has happen is over with. Going back in my mind, as I wish I could turn back the hands of times. To free me from this mess I made, but as reality slaps me again. As the feeling gets stronger, as the pain in my heart makes me notice what I did was so wrong but how can I change it. I search for solution, but nothing comes to mind.I just have to face the fact, for I was caught. Now I have lay in my twisted web I made for my self. As I no longer can dodge what has happen, cause im stuck. All the heartache and pain I have caused. Is now gonna be mine, for does not matter how hard I pull. Ill never break free from what I done. Now as im stuc
People Who Act Chidlish On Fubar!!
There's a situation with an ex friend on here they could have been more mature and come to me about something instead of being like a lil freaking kid on here. Thinks the ex-friend could have acted better towards me and come to me abut the issues instead of being a lame ass and ignoring/blocking Me, guess that person don't know how to be an adult and communicate with me rather than being a a childish and immature person and be a real friend to me and not a fake as well but there are those on here too!!. Just gotta watch out for who is who on here too I think alot of people on here like to play favorites as well, nice way of making friends on here I see, I say forget the stupid people, their dumb retarded mistakes and move on and make new friends as well on here whats in the past stays in the past, and if you messed up with me then you dont get no damn second chances??, whats good for the goose is good for the gander!!. have a nice weekend!!
Well my husband and I had an argument the other night. We talked about everything I do and have done wrong and everything he does and has done wrong. All kinds of serious stuff. And then he said, "You know what really bothers me? You don't put your dish in the dishwasher." Ok, you know what? Sometimes I don't. Probably about 60% of the time I DO put my dish in the dishwasher, but 40% of the time I don't. This is cause for divorce, people!! So last night I finished my dinner and picked up my dish and said I'd better put this in the dishwasher because I don't want a divorce!
Thank You Everyone!!!
TRACY@FUBAR Even tho I am leaving here... I will take all of you with me... I did what I set out to do on this sight when I very first joined. I made GODMOTHER!!!I could of never done this without so many of you helping me thru the year!! The past couple days have left me speechless to see the love that you all gave me ... Fat Sonny YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Thank You again everyone!!
Sweetest Girl (dollar Bill)
[Intro: (Wyclef Jean (Lil Wayne))] Some live for the bill Some kill for the bill She wined for the bill Grind for the bill (and she used to be the sweetest girl) Some steal for the bill, if they got to pay they bill (and she used to be the sweetest girl) Tonight Wyclef, Akon, Weezy and Nia [Verse 1: (Wyclef Jean)] High school she was that girl that make me do the hula hoop around the gym (Just to get a peek again, she's a 10) High school she was That girl that make me do the hula hoop around the gym (Just to get a peek again, she's a 10) Never thought she would come and work for the president Mr. George Washington (where my money at? ) She thought he'd call (where my money at? ) She had a good day, bad day, sunny day, rainy day All she wanna know is (where my money at? ) Closed legs don't get fed, go out there and make my bread All you wanna know is (where my money at? ) She ended up in a road car, bruised up, scarred hard All you wanna know is (where my money
My Life
Have you ever found the truth ... the true meaning of who you are and why we are here? I have found love, peace, hatred, sadness, passion, desire and happiness. I have learned that love takes time to grow... Like a seed that needs nurturing to blossom into a beautiful flower so must love learn to blossom. Peace, that is in the inner heart , inner mind, and inner spirit that comes from a deep level of our beautiful surroundings and all that share in that beauty . All hatred within can be turned into love if we understand where the hatred formed , and to give love and understanding and not criticism or judge . Sadness that can be made into joy with just the little things in life like a good word said or a hug. Passion that is so deep within that all we need to do is release the passion inside so that we become energized with a newness that all will want to share in. Desire that is within us that is so strong that we can climb mountains even barefooted and not feel the blisters upon our s
Elf Song
Elf Song [This short story was originally a part of my occasional series, Nancy of the Tenderheart, and deals with the elves of Scotland who had long ago, in a forgotten war, sacrificed their intelligence to save their race. It was written for a lovely girl in the newsgroups, from quebec and just about to have her first baby,Jany, I liked it there until my "machine translator" failed me on some slang and I insulted everyone there.] There was a stirring in the ancient halls as every stone set into the heavy walls creaked and seemed to move slightly in its setting, candles flickered and even the animals housed in the stables outside the ancient castle went silent. Throughout every hallway and room the atmosphere was alive with tension; it was as if something unseen was silently waiting, just below the conscious level, waiting to leap free. Then at last it came, so softly at first that it could barely be heard, slowly growing in intensity until t
Incredible See-through Frog
Showin' Friends Love
so a good guy is in an auction and needs rates on a pic Here is the link please rate the pic....and if you are so inclined bid on him
Everybody Wants Some
Im Tired Of.......
Im Tired Of.... Im tired of being lied to Im tired of guys just wanting a piece of ass. Im tired of being alone Im tired of not having a job. Im tired of not having my damn licesnces Tired of always waiting on someone else Im tired of the bullshit Im tired of not having any TRUE friends Im tired of just bein at home all the time Im tired of ppl that always think they are right im tired of i cant even find me the "RIGHT ONE" Im tired of jackasses who try to make me think they are going to be different than every other guy then prove themselves wrong. Im tired of this damn rain were always getting LOL im tired of just bein a nobody basically im tired of the friends u do have dont even wanna do anything with u im tired of just EVERYTHING :(
Dont Quit
Dont Quit When things go wrong as they sometimes will When the road youre traveling seems all up hill When the funds are low and the debts are high And you want to smile but you have to sigh When care is pressing you down a bit Rest if you must but dont you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns As everyone of us sometimes learns And many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out Dont give up though the pace seems slow You may succeed with another blow. Success is failure turned inside out The silver tint of the clouds of doubt And you never can tell how close you are It may be near when it seems so far So stick to the fight with youre hardest hit Its when things seem worst that you must not quit.
A Special Thank You!
I really appreciate all the Birthday wishes and really wished I could return the luv. However I have been having computer problems at home and can't get online except on a friends computer and it is dial-up(which won't let me do much here). I'm hoping this works! I'm glad you all haven't forgotten me and I hope to be back real soon. Thanks again and I hope all is well with all my great friends! Lots of love to you all....Cherise'
Ddk/mia Sara
I'm talking face only,, from the neck down Mia sara is built like a 12 year old!!!
The Tattoo I'm Going To Get
I really thought that some kind of notice would been that it had started, but I didnt so this is all I'm going to say about it. If ya want to fu-own me? Visit Queenbitches' page. Can ya sense my true feelings about this...? Another blah contest where the holder is a lil lackadaisical in promotions. lol =-P I do wish good luck to any who choose me =-)
Well it's saturday me and the roomate were supposed to go out tonight but he has the kids again so here we are
Please, Just Leave Me With Nothing.
it doesnt matter. I cant handle it. Im always wrong. Its my fault. i start shit, i imagine shit. i missinterpret shit. i cant communicate properlly. I cant hold healthy functional relationships. I cant do anything. JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME. LEAVE BECAUSE ITS LIKE YOUR THE ONLY THING I HAVE TO CLING TO, AND I JUST WANT TO PLUMMET TO MY DEATH. i wana hit that rock bottom and just not give a flying fuck anymore. not care, know its better that way. I want to have nothing left so i have nothing to feel guilty for.
I stole this from Pammy - a really fantastic woman Who are you currently dating? I'm not dating - what is dating anyway? Is it rules like go to 2 movies a month, dinner 4 times a month, buy crap for Valentines Day........ I just am. Are you comfortable with answering personal questions? Considering that no one will read this I am because it will stay personal lol When's the last time you cried? I don't know but I do cry when I think of my Mom passing away and Dad in a fucking home with no memory of the man he was..... fuck life. When is the last time you were truly happy with your life? I always am to a certain extent. I love many and know many love me - my frustration is that money makes the world go round so everyone is working like 24hours a day and we can't meet up etc. If it wasn't for money I would be truly happy. I hate money. Do/Did you do good in school? I did great because I was sneaky not s
o.k so this has been bugging me forever and maybe someone on this site saw what I saw. a long time ago i saw what was probably the greatest porno in all of my existence. which really isn't that long, but that's not the point. it had everything i could ever ask for, fetishes, babes, realism, the perfect porn. it was called loveless, i don't remember the name of the actors but goddamn i can't find anyone else that has seen it. oh fubar members, have any of you out there seen the porno loveless? i still remember the story if you'd like a refresher, but i have to find it again. damn video stores and their lack of material.
From Alpha_Justin Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call. The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl to hold a flashlight high over her Mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while, Connor was born. The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom. Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr old what she thought about what she had just witnessed. Kathleen quickly responded, 'He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place......smack his a$$ again!'
The End Of Heartache
The End Of Heartache Seek me, call me I'll be waiting This distance, this dissolution I cling to memories while falling Sleep brings release, and the hope of a new day Waking the misery of being without you Surrender, I give in Another moment is another eternity (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart You know me, you know me all too well My only desire - to bridge our division In sorrow I speak your name And my voice mirrors my torment (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart Am I breathing? My strength fails me Your picture, a bitter memory For comfort, for solace (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my brok
Pay Back
OK this a$$ came to my gate and yelled at me cause we are out of something. And yes it pissed me off a lot. So to make my self feel better I went up and down the isle here at work breaking thing! My favorite was opening the protective bags on the circuit boards and touching them before getting rig of the static, which will fry them like and egg. I don't feel bad about doing it. They want to yell at someone yell at the purchasing dept who are the one cutting cost and not ordering stuff. But this ass should think about this, he is one of the many who comes here 4 and 5 times a week and gets the same thing, maybe he should go look in his locker for a f**king tape measure, I am sure he has 20 or so of them the lazy f**ktard.
This Should Be Read Regardless To What You Believe
STOP SPEAKING FOR GOD. In response to comments made by radio host Phil Valentine Posted 03/05/2008 To the editor: A local ultra-conservative radio host made some comments today that really bothered me. I don�t mean that I smirked at the radio, or that I said �well that�s wrong,� or mentioned to a friend that what he said was inappropriate. I mean that I felt hurt in my heart. I mean what he said finally struck a nerve so deep within my core that I felt it obligatory that I somehow express my disdain in hopes that I can reach just ONE person to change his way of thinking. Advertisement Let me first say I agree with the vast majority of Phil�s views on politics, life, religion and even humor. Phil is very vocal in his assertions and supports his views against the opposing caller or e-mailer with logic and evidence. I admire his ability to think on his feet and provide valid responses. Yester
What Is Wrong With Me?
why is it every time I developed for a guy they tend to screw me? I hate the word love and I don't want to use it. I hate being with a guy who makes you feel like total shit for something he did. I hate having feelings for that one guy. I don't want to have feelings anymore!!! Just take them out of my body and let me be a mindless robot. It would be so much better to do so. That way every time a guy decided to rip my heart out I wouldn't feel a thing. Thanks for reading my painful rant
No Secrets
You've become a good part of me , baby. I found my empathy in the abuse. I'm just a special effect to you lately Am I nothing that's real or true to you! Don't! Go! I thought I'd never tell But it's something that you should know I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no secrets, and I give my whole existance to you Get so damaged, watch me slip away I get so damaged, drugged my whole existance, was you Was you! Was you! Now I'm lost in my wonderin' baby Cuz I can't find the hope that's within me And I'm scratchin' my bruises lately My sincerety strands by and waiting Don't! Go! I thought I'd never know But it's something that you should tell I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no secrets, and I give my whole existance to you Get so damaged, watch me slip away I get so damaged, drugged my whole existance, was you! I've done it again..... will someone tell me what I can do?! I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no s
3rd Installment, Mrs Bubbles!!!!!!!!
OK PEOPLE, ITS TIME, ONCE AGAIN, TO SHOW ONE OF THE BEST WOMEN ON FUBAR SOME LOVE!!!! THIS IS THE 3rd INSTALLMENT OF MY RANDOM FAMILY PIMPOUT SERIES!! Everyone, Meet Mrs. Bubbles!!! She is one of the rarity's of the human race, for she has it all!! Beauty, Brains, and Personality all wrapped up in a sexy lil package!! One of my SWEETEST Friends, and SEXIEST Family members!! Click the pic below to meet this gorgeous woman, and give her ALL the luv you can!!! This Pimpout brought to you by ☆FTW☆@ fubar
My First Kiss
I need some help friends, I have a paid vacation coming up..well not until October...But I would like some input on where to go...So If you have any input, feel free to let me know....
Are You Appreciated?
Relationships..they can be a good thing, or they can be have to be in it with someone that is good, I guess....I'm not writing this for myself, or from something that I'm in...I'm actually typing this with a friend in mind....Guess who she is... Anyway...She told me that she was talking to some guys, and they think that a woman shouldn't be able to voice her opinion- were these guys weak/tender minded. I think that women should be opinionated, I think that a strong woman, should be all aspects...I think that women should be able to voice their feelings, and what not... I'm sure I might get some hate for this blog, but oooh well, it's opinion... Well my friend, I wish you the best in you're search for the right guy- tho we are no longer a couple- I hold no remote remnants or bitterness...I still want you to be Appreciated... Are you Appreciated...I post that question to alot of women..When the guy(s) you're dealing with are Dogs....I know, I'm a guy..
Suicide's Note
The calm, cool face of the river asked me for a kiss. -Lagnston Hughes
When You Look In My Eyes
When you look me in my eyes, I get a burning feeling, I get utter hatred towards you. I want to get a brick, and beat the shit out of you. When you look me in my eyes, I'm shocked you don't feel the heat radiating from my body...When you told me the words from you're mouth-you said that you got mad, and frustrated...But truth be told, you are indecisive- wishy washy....Pick a side...What's it gonna be...Who's it gonna be?? I thought about beatting you with a Brick, I don't want the charges. I had so many vow thoughts, I thought about dismantling you're car... When you look in my eyes, you say that you can read my mind...When you look in my pretty dark eyes, you should feel the heat, the utter hatred, and dispair that I hold so high for you...I tell you time you look in my eyes, tell me what I'm about to do to you....
Left Behind
A single tear is all that's left, a heart breaking in despair The sudden way you disappeared leaves questions on the amount you cared. Warm memories of better days resurface to my mind The times we shared and the love I felt is more than you'll even find. Unanswered questions on why you're gone, leaves me with no one to turn to Love today, leave tomorrow, is that all I was to you?
10 Things {some} Women Lie About
10. They come over your house and say....''Hey, can I charge my phone...................TRANSLATION........She hasn't figured out if she is going to give you any yet so she doesn't want anyone else to disturb ...moreover, she is actually TURNING off the phone while it's charging...When the phone FINALLY charges, she never turns it on..NEVER....THAT'S WHORE 101... 9. Her phone rings and she NEVER picks it up if it's a dude that she is talking to....Why , she wants you to think you're the only one....take note..dont be stupid fellas....she will pick up when its her girlfriend...THEN if she likes you......she might say ''OH, I'm chilling here with ''JOHN'' her friend really knows who the fuck you are...FELLAS...THIS IS WHY..when you call your goes into voicemail....or she jsut doesnt pick up.....I mean think about it... 8. When your with a woman and you are getting intimate...and your ready for her to give you a piece of her mind(meaning sucking dick)...she says...'
Tears Of War
Killed by a bullet Shot by the enemy, Murdering every soul in sight Death delivered without sympathy One by one they drop like flies, While back home a soldier's child cries -Josh East
Are You Using Me?
Last night I had some trouble sleeping.. Are you - are you using me? No more will I let it be You called his name out in your sleep You're doing things so suspiciously And I think that you're using me Don't hang on me for security Love is never free Are you using me? You pretended like we were friends I was blinded by sentiment You complicated what love should be And I could swear that you're using me I keep seeing things I shouldn't see I've been watchin' you Are you using me? Are you, are you Are you using me? Listen, talk to me Ooh, come on now and talk to me Hey talk to me (Tell the truth) Are you using me? For my money, for my body Don't hang onto me for security Love is never free, tell me are you -are you using me I keep seeing things I should not see I've been watching you, are you using me? Don't be such a liar, are you using me?
Passion The night was crisp and cool. The moon was full and the stars were brightly twinkling in the sky. Soft music is playing in the night. As I stand there under the stars you come up behind me and wrap your arms around my body. You kiss my neck and whisper into my ear that you want to make love to me. I turn around and look into your beautiful blue eyes and we begain to passionately kiss one another. As we kiss you pull me closer to your body. Every ounce of me wants you. My body tingles with excitement and I am wet with desire. You take my hand and we go into the house. As we walk to the bedroom you reach for me and we again kiss. As we embrace we fall to the bed and all the passion that has been built up in us just comes rushing out. You take your tongue and slowly go from my lips to my neck then to my breasts. You then go ever so slowly to my stomach then to my inner thighs. As I just about to moan you go between my legs. Your tongue feels so good to my wet pussy. As you f
My Sexy
Do u like my style, do u like my sexy...My sexy, my sexiness....I hope u like it... Never mind the compliments I might get, it all boils down too me...If I don't love myself, no one else will...But I do, so there wouldn't be a thought about what someone else thinks.... I think im stylish, do u like my Sexy??? Do you think I'm being selfish, do you think I'm conceited - Do you like my Sexy...Look at my pictures,do you like my Sexy??
I'm getting a lot of SB messages asking what my status of MakInSkinScumC!! means... It's just my little way of telling you that if you want a new skin for your profile, to hit me up. I am MakInSkinS for all my friends, so you should send me an idea for one and I will see what I can do. Thx for all those SB messages!!! On another note, thx again... this time to all my friends for taking my profile up 2 levels this week. I am also very glad to be back!!
I Let You Go
Why dont you let me forget you . . . You dont really want ME anyway . . . I remember the way you feel, Your skin against mine, The way you touched me, The heat between our bodies, The way your hair brushed across my breasts . . . When Im almost over my addiction . . . you find me somehow . . . You say HI and ask me how I am You say you wish me well You say you miss & want me . . . And in that moment I know . . . I can believe your words or walk away . . . Been walking away a year . . . yet you somehow keep finding me Let me go . . . Let me be . . . I was an open book for you to read . . . but You werent in the mood to read Your choice . . . We are free . . . To do and believe in any way we do, so . . . Let me go Let me be Set me free . . . in your mind I was never yours to hold alone . . . Stop fighting with your wants Start living with your haves I wont ever wish and wonder anymore You are my past You are my ne
::guardian Angel
NOTE: These writings are 100% written by me and I better not see anyone stealing them and claiming its thier own work!! I doubt it'd happen but you'd never know =/ Anyways, here's a song I wrote from the heart, I guess everyone can relate to it....comments are appreciated!! "Guardian Angel" Angel oh guardian angel, please hear my cry catch every tear that I'll shed tonight As I fall into the darkness, please come catch me Please lift me up and take me under your wings Comfort me into the dark night as I shed my tears tonight Guardian angel, so fierce and so strong guide me to whats right, help me avoid wrong Protect me from my demons that haunt me As you take me under your wings Comfort me in the dark night as I dream peacefully tonight
If kisses were water, I will give u a sea. If hugs were leaves, I will give u a tree. If LIFE was a planet, I will give u a galaxy, if friendship is life I will give u mine.
A Slice Through Bliss
Slicing through your dream world The reality cuts to the root Of the bliss connected To your ideals. You cannot see Because you are blind To sense and reason. Yet fear what is real and true Now who is running? Clutch for dear life To your false identity. It brings you glory And a pedestal. To sit on until You are long forgotten Then someone else Will take your place. So tell me What makes the most sense? Out of all the Foolish endeavors you seek And pride yourself on Whenever they will mean nothing. Though it is supposable That unobtainable glory Is one those hunger, The most for before it is all over.
Come Lick Some Lollipops With Us
I have created a family called the Lollipop gurlz! Im looking for honest,drama free,fun,sweet girls to join my family. It's not about bombing its about making more friends and having a sweet title to your name. If your any or all of the above but most importantly drama free then please come join us. I just started this so the sooner you get on the easy it will be to join :) love ya all and much love to my girlfriends of fubar :: To join? 1. Please fumail me your pic to use for personalized Lollipop Gurl Tag & a note saying you would like to join! 2. Please make a Salute showing off some Lollipop gurlz LUV! 3. Make sure to add all Lollipop Gurlz as they join and put Lollipop girl in Friend Request. THANX! Tequila Gurl Creator & Owner of the Lollipop Gurlz Club owner to tinytears@ fubar LOLLIPOP GURLZ BODYGUARD@ fubar OUR RECRUITOR!! REV SLIM~DJ@ForbiddeN ~Lounge OUTKAST~~R/L FUBBY 2 HYPNO~FreakSHOW mbr ***(OTB)@ fubar ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~Fu Wife 2 "Goofball" F
Charlton Heston Dead At 84
LOS ANGELES - Charlton Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the chariot-racing "Ben-Hur" and portrayed Moses, Michelangelo, El Cid and other heroic figures in movie epics of the '50s and '60s, has died. He was 84. The actor died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia at his side, family spokesman Bill Powers said. Powers declined to comment on the cause of death or provide further details. "Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life. He was known for his chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and resonating voice, and, of course, for the roles he played," Heston's family said in a statement. "No one could ask for a fuller life than his. No man could have given more to his family, to his profession, and to his country." Heston revealed in 2002 that he had symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease, saying, "I must reconcile courage and surrender in equal measure." With his large, muscular build, well-boned face and sonorous voice,
50 Things About Me
1) Do you smoke weed regularly? Haven't touched that since I was 14 I think, have a zero drug tolerance policy. 2) Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks? ROFLMAO you woulda thought I would have yesterday, but nope. 3) Who was the last person's house you went to besides your own? Parents 4) Miss someone? Miss, hmm not so much. Desire is perhaps a better choice of words. 5) What's your ex doing? Since I haven' seen or spoken to my EX in 8 years, when I showed off my new car at the time, he is probably still living at his parents trailer snorting crystal and doing construction under the table. 6) Is there something you could've done to make your last relationship work? Probably, but I thank GOD everyday that it did not for I do not think I would be blessed with what I have and how I am today. 7) Do you like someone right now? Like? Hmm, I have interest in knowing a couple of people more than I do but not sure if that is con
Who Remembers That?;-)
Army And Those Who Vote
What Sher Means You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong. You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know. You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do. You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out. Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia. Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person. You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone. You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together. At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together. You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something. You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense. You definitely are a h
Please Help My Friend With Her Giveaway
Please help my awesome friend with this giveaway. Any help appreciated. Send me a message and I will return the luv! For example: Let me know how many comments you post for her and I will rate that many of your items. Thanks!!!! Stacy aka 'CuteFaceWithAChubbyWaist(ClubF.A.R.&FuAngels) 50,000 comments for $500,000 fu bucks plus a 7 day blast plus a bling time limit
Slavery In Modern Day America
....I was privledged enough to attend The 16th Annual University of Miami Bio-Ethics Conference this past week, at the Miami Beach Resort and Beach Club. ....Many topics were addressed, including the shrinking funding for child services and the elderly on national, state,and local levels. ....One of the presentations that shocked and dismayed me was about human trafficking in present day America. ....I knew trafficking in human flesh was rampant overseas, for purposes of prostitution, sex-tourism, forced labor, forced military duty, and marriage brokering, but I had no idea the slave trade was not only in existance, but thriving in my own home town. ....Well, you say, "He lives in Miami". But apparently it's easier to hide this activity in smaller towns. ....Men and Women,Girls and Boys forced into prostitution. .... Domestic help smuggled in from other countries, with the lure of a good job, and subjigated and controlled once they're here. ....Many of these poor souls are actua
Kristen Victoria/daisy (rock Of Love)
come to think of it, Kristen may be more famous than Daisy,, she has a lot better pictures, that's for sure. I couldnt find a picture of Daisy where she wasnt whining or crying, but there's PLENTY of good pics of K.V. in her album. Daisy Kristen Victoria
Yeah Ok, Not!!!
At Least A Few Consistant!!
Vanilla Cream
Vanilla cream, Sensuous sexuality bustin out of the porous seams, Leaking, seeking security under the audacious gleam of her personality, With each step, she doesn't accept any of the confused and easily amused hypocrites, That constantly put her assumed ignorance to the test, For the complexity of her multi-dimensional being, isn't easy for the simple seeing to pick apart. Yes, strong woman she is Handles her biz, controls how she lives, and instead of hey you! prefers miss. She is elegance, standing tall like the statue of liberty, For of thee she sings, Don't need no man to seek and understand that her Pre-determined destiny lies within the palm of her hand. Doesn't need to get an education just to be domesticated, to have an iron and baby diaper in each hand. She is miss I am I am the end all and be all of what I will and will not do Not just an actor in this patriarchal society s play. But the producer, writer, and set manager. She ha
Sarge's April 5th Pimpout!
Sarge's Bad Girls*FuOwned By ^Sin^ And BBWGoddess* Fu-Owner Of Milfsweetie & Renee*@ fubar April 5th Sarge's Bad Girls Pimpout is pimping out these fine young ladies! If they aren't yet your friends, take care of that NOW! These ladies are awesome, everyone go show them some hot lovin! The Birthday Bad Girl: ^sin^-Enforcer@ Flirtations♥fu gf 2 sexy sheila♥fu owned by emt380 & tulsa's angel@ fubar *BooBooKittyFuk* aka Mortisha AnaCarNa *PR-MAMII'S PERSONAL BOMBER :P* no rate and fan = NO ADD@ fubar Sonya~BarWench@Jens~Brians Fuwifey &R/L GF~Sarges Bad Girl~BBW Bombers Co Owner~FuOwned by BhamBuggy@ fubar ~Blueroses~Sarge's Bad Girls~@ fubar milfsweetie/ FU-WIFE & RL GF of Sgt. R
Been Sick...still Sick
Sorry to all the ppl that I have not rated back...I have been really soon as I get better Ill try my best....I Love My Friends...xoxo :)
If U Dont Help Me I Wont Help U
I would love to get too Fuberlord help me lvl pls or at least give me a big push? i have loads of new pics i just got my new tat yesterday....and for fam u can rate my kids pics........come on no one me out pls.......its kinda sad i have to pimp myself out for help say out of everyone on my list fans and all......4 people have rated a few pics and hardly anyone in my fam will even look or rate my kids pics kinda fucked if u ask me so im on strike i will not rate add or fan anyone til i get a lil help and that includes making a lil help pls? Hope(Wife to nic&BlondePrincess)2nd Alarm Hotties Promotions*Major*@ fubar
Sunday Night In The Hocking Radio Lounge Dj Gemini
Film Legend Charlton Heston Dead At 84
Film legend Charlton Heston dead at 84 By BOB THOMAS, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 29 minutes ago LOS ANGELES - Charlton Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the chariot-racing "Ben-Hur" and portrayed Moses, Michelangelo, El Cid and other heroic figures in movie epics of the '50s and '60s, has died. He was 84. ADVERTISEMENT The actor died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia at his side, family spokesman Bill Powers said. He declined to comment on the cause of death or provide further details. "Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life. He was known for his chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and resonating voice, and, of course, for the roles he played," Heston's family said in a statement. "No one could ask for a fuller life than his. No man could have given more to his family, to his profession, and to his country." Heston revealed in 2002 that he had symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease, saying, "I must recon
Hhmmm Not Exactly Who He Thought !! Lmao
All Bombers Welcome
come lend a hand
Women's Ass Size Study
WOMEN'S ASS SIZE STUDY > > > > There is a new study about women and how they feel about their asses, > the results were pretty interesting: 30% of women think their ass is > too fat....10% of women think their ass is too skinny...The remaining > 60% say they don't care, they love him, he's a good man, and they > wouldn't trade him for the world.
I Don't Tell Me
I Chose The Stars
August 22, 1983 ~ The day I was supposed to grace this Earth with my Physical presence... September 19, 1983 ~ The day I had chosen for myself to grace this Earth with my Physical presence... Many of you have heard me tell the story of how I was born nearly a month late, almost exactly to the day...its one of my favorite stories about myself that I tell... What many of you dont know is my belief as to why I was born late, why my soul was not yet ready to be at One with a Physical entity on the day it was to be so... I have spent most of my life as a researcher - I love to read and expand my knowledge on all subjects that interest and inspire me. One of these subjects is Astrology, the alignment of the planets & stars with the metaphysical make-up of the Human Mind - the How & Why of who we are based on that alignment the day we are Born. I have come across many points of reference on this subject, but something that really caught my eye was a writing done by one of my f
OI this i will try to make a brief rant (rant on) Being online for well 11 years or so i seem to see things that annoy me greatly.. anyway its expected you will see all sorts of things being online as i have been. Still it annoys me when i see people who can't do the simplest things to be netiquette correct... one of the things that highly annoys me (gives me headaches even) is when people type in CAPITAL LETTERS! For those who are new online and don't understand it that is how we yell at people... Please only use capital letters if your angry or think your being ignored and think that will get the other persons attention. LOL! Today im going through people who have visited my profile in the past few days. Went to their pictures and theres one chick in every pic comment she left that did it in capital letters! come on people thats not neccessary. ugh! feel free to reply about what irks you online as far as people not practicing proper netiquette i wanna know actu
your face , your face . show me your face all the worlds a stage and we are but nails for your crucifix . oh , but the night is so lonely and the rain ; like a hammer falls so hard . your scars , my love . show me your scars what a delicate pattern they must dance across your heart ; as the guillotine invites my regrets my losses my bitter memories my yesterdays dissolve away and you smile !
how can men be like they are? i was promised by the last one he would never break my heart and never hurt me and guess what he has ripped my heart out and stomped on it. whats the point of trying to find love when all i ever find is a broken heart?
Close Your Eyes
i must go now....don't hold me with your eye's and reach your heart across the room like that or my own will break ! ........Love you ? of course i love you ! thats why i have to go ......before you know how much !
Up For Bidding Again.
I am on the Auction Block again. Here is what I offer: OWNED BY _____ IN NAME FOR 1 MO TOP FRIEND FOR 1 MO TOP FAMILY FOR 1 MO RATE ALL PICS 11 DURING HH TILL DONE RATE ALL STASH DURING HH 2 SFW PERSONAL SALUTE 1 NSFW PERSONAL SALUTE WEEKLY PIMPOUT IN BLOG/BULLETIN PIMPOUT ON PAGE FOR 1 MO 1 DRINK PER DAY DAILY COMMENT ADD TO YIM 1 PHONE CALL If you would like to Bid please click the link below Thanks for showing some Luv!! I am already a VIP for the next few months, So I don't need a VIP. If i get a 7 day day blast i will add 2 20 minute phone calls and 2 15 minutes cam sessions. If i Get a 30 day blast I will add 4 20 minute phone calls 4 30 minute Cam sessions, Make a personal Video as well just for you.
Love In Vein
Some people love with restraint as if they were someday to hate , but we hated gently carefully as if someday to love....! lovers play games of no and yes , a quick caress ; a sigh....goodbye and why ? lovers play games of yes and no , of stop and go.....of wait for fate till it's too late ! they laugh when they want to cry , stay when they would rather leave . lovers quit when they should try , and lie when they walk away . Lovers play games to save face ! You know the most frighting thing about love is that you don't own it , it owns you . This thing upon me , like a flower and a feast ; this thing upon me crawling like a snake . it's not death , but dying would solve it's power. As my hand drops a last desperate pen in some cheap room , they will find me here ; and never know my name........ my meaning nor the treasure of my escape ! life is but a dream ? no wonder i prefer my nightmares !
The Maze
This is the hour when the mysteries emerge . A strangeness so hard to reflect , a moment so moving goes straight to your heart. a condition thats never been met. The attraction thats held like a wake , deep inside something i will never forget. Pattern set , the reaction will start ; complete but rejected too soon . Looking ahead in the grip of each others impulse that blinds every move. Shadow that stood by the side of the road always reminds me of you. How can i find the right way to control all of the conflicts inside, all of the problems beside. as the questions are right and the answers don't fit .
Rip - Charlton Heston
Statement of Wayne LaPierre Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association of America. Today, my heart is heavy with the loss of Charlton Heston. America has lost a great patriot. The Second Amendment has lost a faithful friend. So have I, and so have four million NRA members and eighty million gun owners. And so has every American who cares about the Bill of Rights, individual liberty, and Freedom. My heart is heavy, but not without a sense of pride. Pride in a man who devoted his life to his profession with grace and dignity. Pride in an American who devoted himself to civil rights, to correcting injustices around him, and to standing up for what he knew was right. Pride in a friend who stood with me and stood with fellow NRA members to preserve our freedom for future generations. Pride in a patriot who believed with every fiber of his being that our Bill of Rights is the foundation of our freedom that makes Americans singular among the masses of nations. He
One With Auburn Hair
Phil Collins-can't Stop Loving You
So you leavin' in the mornin' on the early train. Well I could say everything's all right and I could pretend and say goodbye Got your ticket got your suitcase got your leaving smile Oh I could say that's the way it goes and I could pretend you won't know That I was lying... Chorus: Cuz I can't stop loving you No I can't stop loving you No I won't stop loving you Why should I? We Took a taxi to the station not a word was said and I saw you walk across the road for maybe the last time, I don't know Feeling humble heard a rumble on the railway track and when I hear the whistle blow I'll walk away and you won't know that I'll be crying... [Chorus] Even try, I'll always be here by your side. Why, why, why? I never wanted to say goodbye, Why even try? I'm always here, if you change, change your mind. So you're leavin' in the mornin' on the early train Well, I could say everything's alright and I could pretend and say goodbye But t
I Am In Trouble People, I Raeched My Daily Limt ,,,can You Help Please?
CAN YOU HELP PLEASE??? Hello everyone, I'm in this give away, link below. I reached my daily comment limit and I need 11,000 comments to win,,,I would love to ask my friends for a small favor if each one of you can help with one rate and 30 comments on my pic it will be very sweet and helpful, just click on the pic below... I hope its not much to ask of you... and all the love will be returned. Thank you so much in advance and love to all have a wonderful weekend hugs and kisses WILDCAT Hi there, just stopping by to show some love by rating your homepage a 10 and become your fan.. I'd really appreciate if you could take a moment to click on the pic below to rate my page a 10 and become my fan too.. If your not sure how just come to my page and the rate scale and become a fan is right under my profile pic. feel free to add me if you like) Take Care Touch of Thomas@ fubar
Things We Shouldn't Laugh At, But We Do...
When you really think about it, people are just terrible pieces of life. We laugh at everything that is inappropriate and shouldn't be considered funny. I am probably one of the worst. I mean I even love to watch things be destroyed! Admit it though, when you see that hurricane coming toward Florida really slowly, you want it to speed up so you can see those dumbass reporters standing outside to show you it really is windy inside a hurricane. Yeah, I didn't get that til they showed the roof flying away. But here are some of the things that YOU and most of the people you know will laugh at, shame on you. Car Karaoke Every body sings along in their car, don't deny it. It's just some people SING in their car. They are rocking out so hard they forget that theyre also on the road with other people who can clearly see them. These people, unlike in a bar, can't hear the music you are singing along to. They just see some idiot mouthing something very flamboyantly and making every one of
Ya Gotta Be Kidding!
I am far from a virgin, and I am far from 'monogamous'. Mind you, I'm in a swinger relationship, so I don't feel guilty about sleeping around. I just don't understand people that act as if seeing them naked is the end all/be all of my existence! Apparently, they don't realize that people like me have seen a LOT of women naked. I don't think I'm ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but I can't see myself using nudity to get women to check me out. Don't get me wrong; it's not bad if you have nudes of yourself. I just think it's pathetic to see folders with "50000 fu-bucks to see" and such. C'mon, this is a WEBSITE! It's not a job, and people don't get paid for leveling. *sigh* OK, well, that's my little rant. I'll just get back to my beer and NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway.
Chicken Fajitas
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1/4 stick butter 1 cap full Mrs. Dash (regular or chipotle) 1 large onion 1 green pepper 1/4 brown sugar lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, tortillas Slice chicken into long strips, place in pan with half of the butter and Mrs. Dash. Cook until done and lightly browned. Stir in a small amount of water or chicken broth and the brown sugar. Cook until caramelized. Chop the pepper and onions into strips and rings, saut in a separate skillet with the remaining butter. Cook until onions are caramelized and peppers have crispy edges. These fajitas are really easy to make and a little different because they're sweet and spicy
This Is How I Feel Now
Any Questions?
Stolen From My Love
What Van Means You are very hyper. You never slow down, even when it's killing you. You're the type of person who can be a workaholic during the day... and still have the energy to party all night. Your energy is definitely a magnet for those around you. People are addicted to your vibe. You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality. You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts. You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals. What's Your Name's Hidden Meaning?
Bow's Hopigalerin
please show this hottie some love she only has 160,033 points to get to fu-king shes a great person and loves to be fanned :p BOW's HOPIGALERIN FUBOMBER CLUB FAR SHADOW LEVELER MEMBER: FUBAR'S ULTIMATE BAD GIRLS CLUB@ fubar
Dear Tech Support:
Dear Tech Support: Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0 . I soon noticed that the new program began unexpectingly a child processing that took up a lot of space and valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system activities, such as Poker Night 10.3, Football 5.0, Going To The Pub 7.5, and Softball 3.6 I can't seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background while attempting to run my other favorite applications. I'm thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0 , but the uninstall doesn't work on Wife 1.0. Please help! Thanks, TroubledUser..... _____________________ REPLY: DearTroubled User: This is a very common problem that men OFTEN complain about. Many people upgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0 ,thinking that it is just a Utilities and Entertainment program. Wife 1.0 IS AN OPERATING SYSTEM and is designed by its Creator to run EVERYTHING!!! It is also impossible to delete
This Is So Drug Endused But Funny
Unknowing Love
Unknowing Love by Me How my mind drowns in thought Wondering what to do While sorting out the memories Unknowing what you will you Ive been asked to back away Keep my distance but not too far I am trying to stay strong and true Wishing on the bright morning star Trusting nothing not even my thoughts Hoping no praying you will not stray Dreaming of the day will come You in my arms you will stay
But I
This is the last season for the Yankee's to play in "Yankee Stadium" I have done random searches for tickets online, as far as looking at September tickets. I honestly feel at this point I need to sell my soul to see just one game. I did find a set of tickets, but they are $240. I have been a Yankee fan my whole life. I live for the Yankee's. That's it. I'm selling my soul.
"show Tomorrow Night"
i am putting on a webcam show with my new laptop, new internet connection, new webcam, and new flogger along with my partner. yes there will be sex. this show is "donations only" so anything you can send would be appreciated. show is 8 pm eastern time, shortly before my happy hour. my paypal address is and if you send something please include your yahoo messenger id so i can add you and let you watch. thanks all and hope to see you there! xoxo angela
Model Shoots....2 Upcoming Shoots!
Gonna be shooting again with the lovely Angel next Sunday, April 13th, and then 4 days later, I'll be shooting once again with the lovely Kimberly Marvel. I'll be sure to post a pic or two here and there. Once again ladies, if you're interested in a bondage photoshoot with me, please hit me up here. Compensation (based on experience level) will be given...ladies in the Tucson area (or willing to travel here) only.
I Like Monkeys
I like monkeys The pet store was selliing them for five cents apiece. I thought this was odd since they are normally a couple thousand apiece. I decided not to look a gft horse in the mouth, so bought 200 of them. I like monkeys. I took my 200 monkeys home. I have a big car. I let on of them drive. His name was Sigmund. He was retarded. In fact, none of them were really bright. They kept punching themselves in the genitals. I laughed. They punched me in the genitals. I stopped laughing. When I got home, I herded them into my room. They didn't adapt very well to their new environment. They would screech and hurl themselves off the couch at high speeds and slam into the wall. Althought humorous at first, the spectacle lost its novelty halfway into it's third hour. Two hours later I found out why all the monkeys were so inexpensive They all died. No apparent reason. They all just sort of dropped dead Kinda like when you buy a goldfish and it dies five ho
So,I'll be moving back to Massachusetts finally.We'll be flying out Tuesday morning.I'm so excited to get back to where all my family and friends are and familar surroundings.I won't be on much,between settling in and starting back to work I'll be very busy and tired.I'll talk to ya'll when I get the chance...
Gypsy Love
Add This Superhot Girl, She Has Some Sexy Ass Friends!!
scaryhot@ fubar
My friend Dear God I said, please help me, I think I've lost my way. Just help me make it through the night, and through another day. I guess that I was lucky, and so before this story ends. God sent me a earth angel, but your really just my friend. You have given me compassion, wisdom and love. A little miracle, from my God above. You'll probably think i'm silly, their's no angels in this world. But, if you've seen my angel, you'll his a special man. You won't see any halos, and you won't see any wings. His just ordinary man, doing extraordinary things. I'm talking about friendship, in case you haven't guessed. To have this angel in my life, I truly have been blessed. So thank you for your friendship, just showing me you care. I know that if I need you, I know that you'll be there. I love you with all my heart, you're in my thoughts and prayers. God's given us each other, to show how much he cares. _______*hug*hug*________*hug*hug*___________
I Cannot Be Loved (my Dying Bride)
Lover put a knife in my hand Lay down right there, that's my command Do as I say in this blood play Claw at my skin, I'll let you win Caress your flesh. Burns like fire Rosey, sweet breath, and your desire Your skin is all I want to take from you Your mind is naught unto me, I'll leave behind Bound together The darkest embrace Bound forever We will be chaste I paw at you golden flesh Golden breast I sail on your, on your sea Of ecstasy. God, I want you. Just be mine Because you haunt me all the time Your pain, it talks to me Your pain, it really talks to me Your pain, it talks to me and I heed it well My hands, your neck, they greet each well in a loving hell This hold we have can't last because it's killing me Farewell my love. Please walk away and take away my pain.
Chapter 8
THE ATTIC .8. We went up stairs to the study and looked. We tore the room apart and still couldnt find the diary or the letters. So we went room to room. Still nothing. It started to get dark but we both didnt care anymore. We had to find them. We had to free Sue Ellen. We went up to the attic. its going to take forever to find them in here. The attic is humongous! I stated. Well, stop talking and start searching. We must have been searching for about 45 minutes until one of us found something. Sherrie, I think I found something! Ryan says excited. Ryan pulled up a loose floor board and stuck his hand in and pulled out the letters and the diary. Yes!!! We both say excited. I give you guys credit. You came back and found my hiding place. I knew you two would come back, Matthew said. Run! Ryan screams. We started to run to the front door and Matthew grabbed my shirt and slammed me against the wall. Then he went after Ryan. Give me back t
I Need Some Love
ADD ME RATE ME FAN ME Will Return All Rates And Fans
Faded Away Current mood: awake Category: Writing and Poetry A little boy is walking with flags in his hands suffering a loss that most cant understand He kneels beside a headstone tears rolling down his face taking the flags one by one giving each a place Words have been spoken that just dont make any sense like Sunni, Shiite, and Muslim what exactly is defense? The little boy only knows daddy has faded away no more riding on his shoulders no more fishing at the lake He stands and wipes his face taking his mommas hand he can see the tears shes crying pain he now understands
A Wise Girl
A WiiSe GiirL KiiSsEs BuT Doesn't LuV,LiisTeNs BuT Doesn't BeLiiVe &LeaVes B-4 She Is Left.........
Today I did something for someone before thinking of myself. Now even though this is how I normally am I learned something. People do appreciate the things you do. Some people actually do, wow. All I did was stop bombing myself to help someone level. She said thank you in a way I didn't think of or expect,she just about made me cry. Yeah big girls cry too. Thank You MsCharlotte2U! for letting me know that good deeds do not go unappreciated.
Ode To The Beatniks
Legends Current mood: artistic Category: Writing and Poetry It's true what the dead say about the silver lining and it's touch of grey The Grey in this case is that: Legends die. The silver: They got to live. Cassady somehow always had his fast fingers in it. Bridging the generational gap. Taking the furthest even further. You dig? Kesey and his intrepid travelers. Bill and his syringe in some bathroom. Oh, and Allen with Flowers in his hair. Owsley and his bear. Jerry was on the bus. You dig? They got to live. Did you?!? Currently reading : The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test By Tom Wolfe Release date: 05 October, 1999
Watch For Motorcycles
I am reposting this off a friends page whose son was injured in a bad motorcycle wreck....Hugs and blessings to u both... BIKERS For all who Know Motorcycle Riders I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But, you didn't see me, driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me,
I Got A Sexy Friend That Needs Some Fu-love!
Evils Face
there it was right infont of my face right there, i want it stopped i need it to end but i cant its against my nature, the things i want done to such an evil the noise it causes the pain it brings, makes me want to tear off my face, but that is not the answer, i dont know the answer and all i can do is wait for it to leave for good.....her name is becca.....she leaves messes all over the place and yells at us for not picking it up and yells at us for being slobs me and my best friend suffer because of her, he and i are both too nice to tell her to leave but the squeaker toy wont shut up to listen shes too busy making things about herself and forcing my best friend into submission using sex as her back up, the only thing i hate and cant stand is her....
Leveling Help Needed 4/7
Please Help these Members Level! F@llenAng3l Needs 12,250 to Level Big Sexy needs 21,500 to Level Wolfman Needs 25,000 to Level
Princess needs 15000 comments for a 7-day Blast. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
Fathers Illness
Ken Joined
A friend of mine in real life has joined the fu, please go show him some love screwuto@ fubar
Hello Time! We never talk. I watch afternoon turn to night, I see dark change to light, And it's all because of you. But I have been wondering, and wanted to ask, How you do what you do. This constant thing of making present into history, Shouldn't be such a mystery. Sometimes I look at my watch and it takes hours to make 9:47 become 9:53. Sometime I look at a calender in April and February seems like minutes ago. And now I look at photos of what I think was yesterday, but the time stamp says 17 years ago. WTF!!? I look in the mirror. I shave my face and see you've been there. You've loosened my skin, taken my hair. I've been blaming myself, but it's you, you sick prick! Never stopping, never slowing, never accelorating, Just constant, and constantly deceptive. The illusion of a second, a minute, a day. A guessing game you would have us play. Are you enjoying this? Know what? Just f%#k off!
Pleasures/dom Fornyelser/mehr Domvergngen/piaceri Di Dom/
*ITALIAN: In un mondo che abbiamo creato dove lei era tutto il che importato a me Con uno sguardo fisso solo o una carezza calda potrei farla dimentica il suo mondo E saremmo una volta fermerebbe immobile ed avrei mio dice Offro delle ricompense per il suo comportamento cattivo come il suo salvatore nuovo- adoro il mio lattice come un secondo amore di pelle per punire con una frusta, come la faccio me assaggia. La punizione di estrarre la vendetta col piacere di upmost del mio schiavo. I denti serrati, i pugni serrati, le coscie grandi lei l'ama, lo vedo nei suoi occhi che lei me ama per esso. lei si comporta male, la maltratter lei sa che io la batte soltanto, quando lei cattivo che un ragazzo sente le voci del mio che amando furia ed il suono delle mie fruste e le mie catene protette e difese, il mio castello non pi la sua casa e lei l'ama quando la faccio strofina la leccata di pavimenti su la mia sporcizia con la sua lingua I baci l'adornano come lei si inchina baci
Shasta The Happy Hour
yeah shes flippin gorgeous. I wanna go into hiding now, I'll be in a cabinet if you need me. *will someone bring me a taco, some salsa and chips and a sweet tea?*
The Chicken And The Egg
"What came first, the chicken, or the egg?" I believe it is fairly obvious that this question is based on an assumption that there must have been a beginning of Time. Ive thought about it before and arrived at the conclusion that it is equally ridiculous to assume that Time has a beginning and an end as it was for the first people to take sail on the seas to fear falling off the end of the world. The egg came from the chicken and the chicken came from the egg, so, is it not obvious that neither could have come first, and that, just like the three dimensional world and everything in it, Time is round and not linear? Many of us believe that when we die everything ends for us. This is simply not true. Our consciousness continues to evolve after we leave this physical form. All you have to do is take a cursory look into NDEs (Near Death Experiences) to find that people in deep comas have been able to describe leaving their body, as well as accurately describe the room t
A Conversation I Had Today...
I had a conversation today that went a little something like this... "what's your problem?" Me: YOU! Why? What the hell is your problem? "YOU!" It's great when we can all just get along isn't it? Yeah, it's pretty much a usual thing come sunday thru wednesday around my house. Sucks, but such is life... I worked it out lifting and doing the treadmill today. I'm all about exercise, I really love it but the thing is about five years ago I became absolutely obsessed with it. I worked out at least 2 hours or more everyday and if I so much skiped a day I would get pissed off at myself. It was rediculous really how much effort I put into myself then, and what did I get for it? An injured wrist and a husband who could give a fuck. So I quit. Completely. I felt like I never got anything out of it except losing weight and critisism. My sister always said "gawd adelle u look anorexic" and the one person I wanted to say something never did. So here I am five yea
My Heart Is Your Home
You have found my heart here Kindly please step through Garden of great wonder Created just for you I am so glad to see you I want to give you rest Speak about the joyous things All things that you love best No time here for crying No time for feeling sad Flowers here are happy They truly are so glad Perking up to sunshine Feeling special light These the things I offer That fills the heart's delight Worries at the threshold They'll keep a few days more Today you are here for happiness There's so much at this door Colors of a rainbow With flowers that will bow Just because you walked this way They're perky and so proud Looking up to heaven Heaving a great sigh Happy that you've passed them Here's the reason why You touch them with a beauty Their velvet soft with mist Delightfully enchanted Their petals have been kissed. Lynn
First Hosted Contest
Want a VIP for a month for free ?? Or a week blast for free or a ticker for free well come contact me tinytears69.Im hosting a contest here are the prizes!!!Wanna join in the fun? well fumail me the pic of choice for contest.This will start when i have the first 10 people!! 1st place a choice of a free month VIP or Week blast for first10,000 COMMENTS!!! 2nd Place gets a 3 day blast and a ticker for 5,000 COMMENTS 3rd place gets 1 day blast and 2,500k fubucks for 3,000 COMMENTS If you have any questions please click my pic below and fumail me :) ~TINYTEARS69~FUOWNED BY TEQUILA GURL~PROUD MEMBER OF CLUB FAR AND THE SISTERS 4 LIFE~@ fubar (repost of original by 'Tequila Gurl Creator & Owner of the Lollipop Gurlz Club owner to tinytears' on '2008-04-06 22:10:00')
All These Friends And No Love!
I know many of you were with Club Fantasia and for personal reason it closed. Well I want you to all know it is reopened and its the same awesome ppl that were in the last Fantasia so i'd like to invite all my great friends and fans back to the awesome Fantasia!!! We have some wonder new staff aswell as alot of the old staff so come back and be part of our family again!!!
Unlimited Mp3's For 40 Bucks !!!
Yes you read that right, there is a way to get all the MP3s you want for only 40 bucks, and they are legit. Let me tell ya how, but first lets think back into the past, like the 80s. Back then we use to use cassette tapes for music, so we would buy blanks and record the songs off the radio. Well guess what we now have a similar way to do it these days in the Digital Age. There is a nice program out there that only costs 40 bucks. This program does have some caviots but for unlimited free MP3s they are worth it. Here is how it works. This program has a listing of thousands of online music stations, it allows you to pick the song genere, or artist, or even the song you want. it then searchs the stations for it and records it as its played on the radio station. The caviot is that you only get the quality the radio station plays it at, so if its a low quality you might have to search again later for a better version. But the nice part is it does it automatically for you. If you
Today's Post Secret
This was from today's Post Secret: I thought that I was the only one that did that!!! :)
Getting Music To Work In The Lounges
If you don't have music when you enter the lounges, you need to make sure you have windows media player 11 installed. You can get it Here If your running firefox, you also need the wmp plugin for firefox. You can get it Here
Sometimes you think you are lost, there is not any hope left, why go on..right? Well this happens to some of us because of things so horrific that have happened it destroys the inner peace we once had. It may be due to the abundance of what seems to be horrible luck. You are getting divorced, lost your job, broke up with a partner, it rained on your laundry. By themselves these things can be bad but combine them all well your body naturally cannot handle that much stress. Some people myself included feel or have felt truly alone nobody cares or knows. Well you are very very wrong. If you take a step back you will see that there are people who do care. There are people who love you very much. Unless you are on a remote island and shipwrecked you aren't alone. If you can read this and are on an island .shame on you. Love conquers all. It is cliche but true. Trying being mad at someone when their only response is "I love you " . Love is not mean, cruel, hateful,
A Single Red Rose
This Single Red Rose Dedicated to my unknown Lover By Elena McDaniel Lee This single red rose I give to you, To show how my love is very true. This single red rose is to show how I feel. This single red rose tells you my love is real, And so before you here I kneel The red in the rose represents my heart, It is given to you and will never depart. The single red rose represents one heart that I give to you, Tells that you are my love which is so true. I have one God, and one heart, one life and one true love and that is you. This single red rose comes from my heart. This feeling for you was there from the start. And our life together is my dream to be, For I love you, look in my eyes and you will see, you are the only one for me. Will you marry me?
Really Would Appreciate Your 'feedback'...
I am soliciting your input: credible or otherwise. I am publishing my book this year containing poetry, prose, and psalms concerning love and love lost...your feedback would help to mold the book and my future writings. Thank you again. Lorenzo
Fat Sonny
There are very few people on here that I personally see something great in... People come people for a few weeks or a month and they drift away along with any memory of them. Well I have had the pleasure of meeting somebody that will always stick out in my mind! How could he not.... come on! Yep....Thats the one! Fat Sonny will always bring a smile to your face... How cute is that...lmfao Can you say..... Thats why all the girls want a little bit of FAT SONNY! FAT SONNY... you are constantly helping out your friends and making us all laugh. So Thank You! Now everybody.... Repost this for Sonny and be sure to go see him and show him lots of love! ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar brought to you by the FAT SONNY groupy...... -(`
Hillbilly Lounge Come Join Us And Have Fun
Non-stress Diet
This diet is designed to help you cope with stress which normally builds up during the day. Breakfast: 1/2 Grapefruit 1 Slice Whole Wheat Toast, Dry 8 oz. Skim Milk Lunch: 4 oz. Lean Broiled Chicken Breast 1 cup Steamed Spinach 1 cup Herb Tea 1 Oreo Cookie Mid-Afternoon Snack: Rest of the Oreos in the package 2 Pints Rocky Road Ice Cream 1 Jar Hot Fudge Sauce Nuts, Cherries, Whipped Cream Dinner: Loaves of Garlic Bread with Cheese Large Sausage, Mushroom & Cheese Pizza 4 Cans or 1 Large Pitcher of Beer 3 Milky Way or Snickers Candy Bars Rules For This Diet: 1. If you eat something, and no one else sees you eat it, it has no calories. 2. When drinking a diet soda while eating a candy bar, the calories in the candy bar are cancelled by the diet soda. 3. When you eat with someone else, calories don't count as long as you don't eat more than they do. 4. Foods used for medicinal purposes NEVER count. Example: hot chocolate, brand
Help For A Dear Friend
A dear friend of mine is trying to win a one year vip and he is getting really close but could use some help. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Chele
Two of them; Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.... A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Robert Heinlein
If You Wanna Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life...
When I was a kid my aunt and uncle used to take me skiing. My uncle Bill was a cop stationed in Fort Apache, the Bronx. He was a little rough around the edges. I remember he used to sing this little ditty to my aunt. If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life Never make a pretty woman your wife So from my personal point of view Get an ugly girl to marry you!! I always thought that was, well, kinda mean. :)
Even The Police Have Ghosts,,..and Chickens In The News
Good morning. Do you believe in Ghosts? Well, in Homestead Pennsylvania apparently the police do Ghosts are taking over a police station in Pennsylvania. At least that's what the officers who work there will tell you. Now the police department has hired paranormal investigators to look into the haunting. "The door slamming is something everyone at this station has heard." slamming doors and creaky floors are one thing but what police officers, staff, even the Mayor of Homestead say they've personally witnessed in the building that cannot be explained away. We'll start with the phantom typist "there were 20 of us in meeting and the typewriter against the wall started to type by itself." When we turned it on - the backspace key seemed to be stuck? or was it? Others can't explain the attic door that no matter how many times it's bolted springs open. or the bursts of bone chilling air that blows through enclosed hallways and around old cellblocks. "there are always noises
[a Thought Occurs]
Night court is on. Oh jesus, why can I not sleep before dawn? I'm a vampire aren't I? Anyway, some old issues have come up, and I'm pretty glad that they did. (smiling something secret and bashful to himself) Next thought: yes, people owe me money, yes, I wish I had that money- it's mine, no I'm never going to get it, but geeze it'd be nice to have a PS3 (especially a fully backwards compatible one) and some money for my own vacation. More on money, I'm thinking about changing my style up. I'm tired of tshirts and jeans. I kinda want to bring back high fashion and retro-mod kind of clothing, at least bring them back to my wardrobe :P fuck the revolution. Why is male fashion such a fucking punch line these days? [/lolcat] ZOMG! RET RO! IWEARZ A FADED GI JOE SHURT 45$ AND REPRINT!!! NO AUTHENTIZKS! I IZ KOOL! FOR PAYING EXTRAZ FOR PROFESSIONALLY WORN OUT AND SAND BLASTED PANTSSS! ZOMG I IZ METRO HAS A SALMON SHIRT n PINK TIE! ZOMG! I HAZ SCENE Iz NOT GHEY TO HAVE W
Lik Ei Have Said Before This Is Shit I Will Not Tollerate Another One Blocked
my friend darcy was dating this guy timothy hutchinson but hated being alone liked her friends close so she asked me go out with them all the time it was awkward lol i liked her bf too much and was a 3rd wheel so he started bringing his cousing he was 15 almost 16 yeah please dont comment lol i was almost 23 he ended up thinking i walked on water followed me to the bars after he climbed out his bedroom window hed wait outside till i got drunk then walk me home always trying to cop a feel lol i didnt know my 14 year old sister had a crush on him or that they were dating until he dunpded her yeah ouch all summer the 4 of us were together always about a week before i was to leave for boston timmy invited us out to his island for the weekend the four of us on a small canadian island getting drunk having a big send off party we get to timmys island small only a house a little bit of land in the middle of the thousand island seaway we unload the boat putting up the supplies in the house dar
Online "friends"
Hear lately I am truly getting fed up with people online. I know some of you are gonna read this and get all offended or start sending me messages asking if its about you, well its not if it was about you would have told you. What the fuck is up with the drama and bullshit of online people. I mean damn what the hell is up with the only reason people add you (on any site not just Fubar) is cause they either wanna cyber or they wanna have drama or they r points whores?? I mean is there anyone left that truly gets online to just make new friends or meet someone? Come on people what the hell is your life seriously that fucking boring you have to jerk off for some stranger online. Better yet if you have so few friends that you ave to get online and cause drama what the hell is wrong with you. What did these people not get enough drama in high school to hold them over for few years. Grow the hell up damn. These are websites this is not life or death. Your not gonna die and your hearts not go
Have you ever met a lady, screaming angst potential? Have you ever dreamed of romance, no matter how experimental? Have you ever felt an alien drifting back into your hometown? Did you think you were buying safety when you bought that piece of ground? She said all the best freaks are here She said all the best freaks are here, please stop staring at me So I said all the best freaks are here All the best freaks are here, please stop staring at me Have you ever woke up, sweating in the middle of the night? You search the darkness and you're scrambling for the light Have you ever walked down the street, heard boot steps following you? Don't worry my son, you've got the spook squad looking after you He said all the best freaks are here He said all the best freaks are here, please stop staring at me So I said all the best freaks are here All the best freaks are here, please stop staring at me Stop staring at me Airport terminal, patiently waiting on
We are jigsaw pieces aligned on the perimeter edge Interlocked through a missing piece We are renaissance children becalmed beneath the Bridge of Sighs Forever throwing firebrands at the stonework We are Siamese children related by the heart Bleeding from the surgery of initial confrontation Holding the word scalpels on trembling lips Stand straight, look me in the eye and say goodbye Stand straight, we've drifted past the point of reasons why Yesterday starts tomorrow, tomorrow starts today And the problem always seems to be we're picking up the pieces on the ricochet Drowning tequila sunsets, stowaways on midnight ships Refugees of romance plead asylum from the real Scrambling distress signals on random frequencies Forever repatriated on guilt laden morning planes We are pilots of passion sweating the flight on course To another summit conference, another breakfast time divorce Screaming out a cease fire, snow-blind in an avalanche zone Stand
Blocking Everyone That Has Private Profiles.
**Rrriiiiinnnnggg, rrriiiinnnngg,** **"Hello?'** **'Hi honey.** **This is Daddy.** **Is Mommy near the phone?'** **'No, Daddy.** **She's upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul.'** **After a brief pause,** **Daddy says,** **'But honey, you haven't got an Uncle Paul.'** **'Oh yes I do, and he's upstairs in the room with Mommy,** **Right now.'** Brief Pause. **'Uh, okay then, this is what I want you to do.** **Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs** **And knock on the bedroom door and shout to Mommy** **That Daddy's car just pulled into the driveway.'** **'Okay, Daddy, Just a minute.'** **A few minutes later** **The little girl comes back to the phone.** **'I did it, Daddy.'** **'And what happened, honey?' ** 'Well, Mommy got all scared, jumped
Alarm For People; Very Important
I have been a victim of some games and because of some the so called friends that has stalked me and added me just so they can see what I am doing with a certain friend. I am sick and tired of the game and will never in this world let you know about my relationships with my true friends and their personal life so is there is some out there that is wanting that info I will cuss you out and block and delete you. It is None of your business about anyones life and my relationship with them. My friends is that and I am loyal to them and will never break their trust in me, so take your game somewhere else.
Update On Me. 4/7/08
Sorry everyone, but I don't have the internet right now. I'm using a friends, I will try and keep in touch when I can. Life kinda sucks for me right now. Hugs and kisses to all the ladies and wazzup to the fellas.
He lifts me gently With callused, masculine hands Cradling my neck in his palm His fingers curling, resting Finding their home His caress navigates Reads the smooth lines And angles of my neck like brail Coaxing shallow moans From my hollow depths His fingers tread my curves And take their position Seek the lines Of my intricate figure He tickles and teases In playful torture And knows I will confess To any crime Anywhere Any time His fingers flutter and dance Over my taut frame Releasing butterflies in my belly Walks the sinew of my body A master of tight rope Plucks my lithe strings Hits all the right notes Eyes shut, lost in me He knows my form well Doesnt need to see To know how good this hurts His rugged flicks Stroke me into submission Ego-maniacal, sadistic He wants me to beg Hurts so good I no longer care Never want to stop Singing for him To him OhGod. Yes Right..there So perfect in his rhythm Just the right
You were my light You were my happiness You were the sun in my day You were my love You were my heart You were my soul You were everything to me I never wanted that to change. Now youre my darkness Now youre my sadness Now youre my grey skies Now I question my love Now youre loosing my heart Now youre loosing my soul Now youre loosing everything I gave you. How did we let this happen.
The Priest And The Hair Dryer
A distinguished young woman on a flight from Switzerland asked the >>> Priest beside her, 'Father, may I ask a favor?' >>> >>> 'Of course. What may I do for you?' >>> >>> 'Well, I bought an expensive woman's electronic hair dryer for my >>> mother's birthday that is unopened and well over the Customs limits, and >>> I'm afraid they'll confiscate it. Is there any way you could carry it >>> through Customs for me? Under your robes perhaps?' >>> >>> 'I would love to help you, dear, but I must warn you: I will not lie.' >>> >>> 'With your honest face, Father, no one will question you.' >>> >>> When they got to Customs, she let the priest go ahead of her. >>> >>> The official asked, 'Father, do you have anything to declare?' >>> >>> 'From the top of my head down to my waist, I have nothing to declare.' >>> >>> The official thought this answer strange, so asked, 'And what do you >>> have to declare from your waist to the floor?' >>> >>> 'I have a marvelous instrument d
For My Wife, Karen
My Lady...My Love, I awake every morning with you at my side Often times I just lay looking at you With each new day my love continues to grow And I'm blessed by all the things you do. There are not enough words to discribe my love Only that in God we have become one No one could ever separate what we have For what God has joined can't be undone. In 8 years we've not ever had a 'fight' People find that hard to believe these days But they don't have what we have together Because we do things a very different way. We invited God to be the center of our wedding And placed our marriage into His guiding hands He was the One that brought us together With a love that will continue and forever stand. I love you more today than yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow...tjg
DenyBlack eyesIgnoreOnce more ChooseTo refuseDefeatThier criesDefyThe truthAbusedYou stayAwayA beltWeltsThier eyesHideThe painDisdainIt's realFeelYour heartStartTo breakForsakeYour prideSubsideSpeak outShoutIt endsWhenWe standDemandA change
So Much More Than A Rose I walked through the field laced with silver and gold. I then spot a rose burning and bold. It was a dangerous red a fiery hue. But I was drawn by the heat no better I knew. I reached for the stem green, consistent with thorns I pulled it from the dirt a new pain was born. Vain, self- righteous thorns punctured my hand. On the apathetic rose dark, angry blood ran. Weary of agony and forlorn with turmoil. I dropped the callous ideal on blood dampened soil. I walk on pondering life's seductive misery. I roam on when I spot pure genuine beauty. A radiant red rose luminate mongst a sea of weeds. More than I hoped for but maybe what I need. I gently plucked it from the ground. It made beautiful music without emitting a sound. I held the long, vibrant stem assimilated with me. Incomparable I grip it passionately. To take my rose would be nothing short of iniquity. It would cause grief and eclipse all that I see. As long as t
Be A Lounge Lizard
..I laugh when I see someone state that they never utilize the lounges here on Fubar. Earth to Space Cadet! It's an online bar....duhhhh. Not going into the lounges is like going to a real bar and sitting outside on the curb all night...which, I'm sure, now that I think about it, many of you might have done. ...I guess what I'm tryin' to say here is go on in and enjoy the lounges. If you feel weird at one, leave. there's soooo many and sooo many really friendly people on here, you are bound to find one that suits your taste. you don't have to chat, you can just enjoy the jams. ...Try it...or maybe I can point out the Christian Science Reading Room.......
Putting My Lil Girl To Sleep To Avril Lol
Pla make me a VIP. Is there any men out there that would make me a Vip ???
My Wedding
imikimi - Customize Your World Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
Another Pic To Burn :p
State the obvious, I didnt get my perfect fantasy I realized you love yourself More that you could ever love me So go and tell your friends That Im obsessive and crazy, Thats fine Ill tell mine Youre gay, And by the way, I hate that stupid old pickup truck, You never let me drive You big redneck, heartbreak Whos really bad at lyin' So watch me strike a match On all my wasted time As far as Im concerned, Youre just another picture to burn. Theres no time for tears Im just sitting here planning my revenge Theres nothing stopping me From going out with all of your best friends And if you come around saying sorry to me My daddys going to show you how sorry youll be Cause I hate that stupid old pickup truck, You never let me drive You big redneck, heartbreak Whos really bad at lyin' So watch me strike a match On all my wasted time As far as Im concerned, Youre just another picture to burn. And if your
Hey everyone its me, let me tell you about Maury well I recieved him as a friend when I was digging for gold. I named him Maury because he struck me as a maury well Maury has a friend named Irv who lives in an ashtray of mine they have become close friends as luck would have it Maury needed a place to stay and so Irv is letting him live in his home {the ashtray} they seem to enjoy there freindship til one day this beautiful angel came into there life she was charming the both off them and neither one knew it! Well wouldn't you knowit the angel is pregnant, haha anyway they don't know who the daddy is I quess that will wait til she has it and then they all can go on maury, haha Well Maury and Irv are ok with letting it go til the baby is born but do you know what the slut went and did? Well let me tell you, she decided it would be fun to go start flirting with Maury and Irvs neighbor the got milk cow now the whole shelving community is all up at arms om what they are gonna do cause now
Old Lady Goes To The Doctor
One day an old lady went to the doctor because she had an itch in her crotch. She told the doctor her problem and he said, 'You have the crabs'. She informed the doctor that it could not be the crabs because she was an eighty year old virgin. She went to another doctor and explained her problem to him. The doctor said, 'You probably have the crabs' 'No' she said, 'I am an eighty year old virgin.' Frustrated, she went to a third doctor. She said, 'Doctor can you help me? I have an itch in my crotch. Don't tell me that it is the crabs because I am an eighty year old virgin. It cannot be the crabs.' The doctor said, 'Jump on the table and let's have a look.' After examining her, the doctor proclaimed, 'Ma'am, your right, you do not have the crabs. This cherry is sooooo old, you have fruit flies.'
George Carlin On Age
George Carlin on age. (Absolutely Brilliant) READ THIS TO THE VERY END, AND WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED, SEND IT ON. George Carlin's Views on Aging Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. 'How old are you?' 'I'm four and a half!' You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. 'How old are you?' 'I'm gonna be 16!' You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life ... . You become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony . YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!! But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed? You BECOM
he teases and taunts, laughs and jokes, just cause i dont have what i need. i cant find it in stores and i dont have money i guess today i go with out weed for now....
Having Fun!
life has slowly gotten better for me because Wednesday,the 9th. I go for my disability hearing! I am excited yet nervous about the situation because I cant stand a court room at all! I hope that all work out in the best for me but I will find out soon enough!
New Gigs This Month!
Well I hope people have been checking out the new stuff from the band that I have posted. There is a new video from The Concert For Peace that was in January, that was a couple of days before our last show. It seemed that the band might have been on the verge of disbanding in February, but everything is moving forward again, and luckily we are gigging again twice this month. First this Wed at 10pm at Da Funky Phish in Bay Shore with our friends No Patience to follow! This is our 1 year anniversary show, and James and Jessica and I are really excited about this one! Secondly, we will be honoring our late friend Mikey Layne on what would have been his second birthday since he passed away. I mentioned in a previous blog how he influnced many of the musicians who I know and are involved with the Be-In Festival. So the Mikey Tribute show will be Friday, April 25th at the University Cafe located at the old SB Union building, on the campus of SUNY Stony Brook, the event starts at 8 pm, an
I know it has been a LONG time since i posted one. Alot has happened since I last updated. Im just going to write a short version for now. I finally got Shawn into court and he was ordered to pay child support bad thing is he has found a way to manipulate the system and my caseworker has yelled at me for giving him updated info about Shawn. Then when I ask him to check if Shawn still has a job he says he is not "harassing" Shawn. Neddless to say Shawn gets to pay child support whenever and how much he wants and my worker wont do his job and YES i have complained but nothing has been done about it. My fiance is now starting to remind me of Shawn in some ways which is scaring me so prolly pretty soon I wont be engaged and dont care bc I have my babies to think about.. Long story on the fiance thing. I will write in detail later about it.
Wanna Own Me???
Wanna Own Me? Click The Pic to see how.....
First let me just say I completely and enthusiasticly enjoyed my first day back weight lifting but never did I imagine how sore my body would be in the aftermath of my oh so optomistic workout! Jesus! I'm strutting around my house as if I'm wearing fishtank platforms and a velvet fly guy jacket smack dab in the middle of a scene from "I'm gonna get u sucka"! and it's not even intensional! Who would of know fifty squats would make you walk like a circa 1970's pimp daddy? Hmm...not me!
So Little Time To Chat With Everyone...
I hope you don't think me rude, but I'm still finding my way around in here, Where's the best place to go in this place?
Who Will ?
Plz help me out by (Buying) me a VIP membership !! Who will be the one to help me ?
My Parents
On November 5 of this year my parents will celebrate 35 years of being married. This is the song I wanna play for them on that day:
2mos Today
It's been exactly 2 months to the day that I was t-boned and rolled by Mr. Speedracer guy while I was going to work. While my truck and I were lying on the opposite side of the street of which i had been driving on, alot went through my head. And I was amazed that there are still some genuinely kind ppl out in the world. You hear about them on tv and may run across them here in there in everday life. It was nice to see first hand and very much appreciated - especially under the circumstances. Being trapped in your vehicle really sucks ass and you can't help but feel "alone" at that monent and time. Since all that happened it has been a long and hard road - oh yea can't forget painful as all hell!!! But I think I'm heading toward getting back on my feet. I went from being able to do nothing for myself to now being able to do some light stuff on my good days; cook something easy, fold a few clothes and take a short walk. Right now, I still need someone to help me with things since I
Dj Ghost Rider Dj-ing Tonight For Naughty Girls Lounge
He Is Amazing
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Emanon's Auction
OK! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones@ fubar Is your Host so be sure to F/A/R him while your checking this out! Auction ends April 18th at 5pm EST. So don't let time run out! So let's take a look at who's up for sale!!
This Feeling
You're amazing to me Treat me with great respect Making me feel so special Like Im the only one who matters You give me a feeling One I dont want to lose Always happy with you Scared to death of losing you This feeling seems unreal
I dont know why Theres this fear I cant shake No matter what I do Im so scared of losing you My heart is in your hands Nothing I can do to change that But I really dont want to I really love you babi Even though Im afraid its too good to be true All I want to do is be with you Just wish this fear would go away That way I could give you my all Love you more than ever Knowing I wont get hurt
Feel The Same
My love for you grows Becoming stronger each day Im scared of getting hurt Yet love this feeling Im happy all the time Proud to say Im your girl Cant help but want to be by your side Even though I know I cant be Yes I worry you ill find better That my love wont be enough But Im hoping you wont want another You are my love, my world I just hope you feel the same way
My heart is broken but my love for you is true.. this is something you never knew.. but now you do.. as the last tear falls .. and the blade hits the floor i bleed out my love for you.
Only One
I have loved before And hurt just the same Scared to death of these feelings Know this means you can hurt me But its a chance Im willing to take You have stole my heart Made me love again Become the only one I want The only one I need And the only one I dream of Each day I am told Im beautiful Have others telling me they want me But they get no where I have eyes for only you They are simply friends You are my only one
Diamonds In The Rough
people come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME.When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.They have come to assist you through a difficulty,to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physcally, emotionally, or spiritly. They may seem like a godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason you need them to be. then, without any wrongdoing on your part, or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do somthing to bring the relathionship to an end. Sometimes they die,sometimes they walk away,and sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. the prayer you sent up has been answered, and now it is time to move on. Some peole come into your life for a SEASON,because your turn has come to share,grow,or learn. They bring you an experi
Do U Like Challenges?
She has been CHALLENGED! She needs to get down to 1,250,000 points to go! (from her next rank) As soon as she does, She will get a HAPPY HOUR! Please go show her lots of love!
My Friends Music And Possible Free Cd!!
I need a fav please. Rick underwood is a real good friend of mine, great guy and he needs some input on his music.. could u please if u have time give him a listen and rate his songs on myspace and some are at his website and thanks so much , means a lot ~Lori Even if u dont like this type of music, an honest input would be very nice.. thanks so much and just email him at his myspace with what u think ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi everyone! I hope all are doing well. I have a favor to ask of you... Here's the deal... I need your input. For the first 19 people who do this for me, I will mail out a copy of my cd 'Going Home' to you. I'll sign it for you if you like. All I need for you to do is simply this... 1) Go to my website at www. rickunderwood. com myspace 2)Listen to all(or at least the first half)of all 10 tracks that will be on the cd.
Killing Me
4-7-08 It kills me that i'll never be anything to you,but what hurts the most is knowing i was never anything to you to begin with. Broken promises and empty words, leading me on to break my heart.It kills me that every song I hear reminds me of you, pushing back tears just to get through the day I'd never ask you to come back to stay, all i ask is for my pain to go away. For a certain person, you know who you are,
Smokie's Saloon
bully's by... -(`v)-J ǵ r -(`v)- lv z, m & j rk@ fubar Please Repost
As anyone who has looked at my profile knows I have a some with autism. April is Autism Awareness Month. I recently had to deal with allot of changes with my son, his autism and his educational needs because of this. Autism is a difficult thing to understand, even for some me a mother who has been dealing and learning about autism for nearly 8 years now. I want to take this time to tell all of you a little bit about what autism is and what you can do to support someone you may know who has a child with or who is autistic them self. First a little info on what autism is.... Autism almost always develops before the age of three and is characterized by impaired verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction, some form of repetitive and restricted stereotyped interest, ritual, or other behavior. Children with autism often have extreme difficulty developing normal relationships with others. They tend not to share in the interests their peers have. In many cases these
That's Acceleration !
One Top Fuel dragster 500 cubic-inch Hemi engine makes more horsepower (8,000 HP) than the first 4 rows at the Daytona 500. * Under full throttle, a dragster engine consumes 11.2 gallons of nitro methane per second; a fully loaded 747 consumes jet fuel at the same rate with 25% less energy being produced. * A stock Dodge Hemi V8 engine cannot produce enough power to merely drive the dragster's supercharger. * With 3000 CFM of air being rammed in by the supercharger on overdrive, the fuel mixture is compressed into a near-solid form before ignition. Cylinders run on the verge of hydraulic lock at full throttle. * At the stoichiometric 1.7:1 air/fuel mixture for nitro methane the flame front temperature measures 7050 degrees F. * Nitro methane burns yellow. The spectacular white flame seen above the stacks at night is raw burning hydrogen, dissociated from atmospheric wate r vapor by the searing exhaust gases. * Dual magnetos supply 44 amps to each spark plug
Horse Shit... Literally.
Okay... so I got home today... And am sittin' in my room... Look up out the window to see my little brother smearing horse shit under my car door handle... Not too happy about that... So I said, WTF is wrong with you? You don't do that shit to people's cars.... he just laughs... It pisses me off because he has no respect for anyone elses stuff... I'll loan him a CD or DVD, and the next day, it would look like he took 20 grit sand paper to it... Loses things, breaks things, downloads viruses... just gets old... on top of that... I want some change... I've been in this God forsaken state for almost 21 yrs now... And I hate it just as much now as I did before... This fucking weather makes ya depressed. I just need a change. Pack up and move somewhere no one knows my family or me... And start completely over, not turning every corner and thinking about memories from that spot. no one to guilt trip me for things ive done in my past, no one to judge me for dumb shit ive done or mistake
I Love U Wendy Godangel 4 Ever
Flow Raters
I AM THE FOUNDER OF FLOW RATERS BUT LORDDARKTREE CONTROLS WHO JOINS AND WHO DOESNT. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN YOU CAN SEND ME A MESSEGE OR HIM. ALL DECISIONS ARE UP TO HIM. THANKS! Flow raters Theses are the rules to my club After reading them if you are still interested send me back a messege saying "Yep, I still wanna join." Then you will be added to my club. Rules: 1. Must have a verified salute. 2. Have at least 100 photos to join and 50-100 stash (so we have something to rate) I prefer you to have more. 3. Willing to rate everyone that is leveling in this club. 4. Must rate/fan/add everyone in the club!!!!! THIS IS A MUST!!!!!!!!!! 5. When getting help to level you **** must**** be rating someone (your choice) at the same time. No just sitting there or we will stop helping you. 6. When you're the member who is leveling, please try to return some of the rates to the members who are helping you level. 7.There will be no drama or down rating here
What A Night!!!
I got home from work last night to find the newly built complex behind my house on less then 1/2hr it was a fully involved fire. I spend the next few hours hosing down my house and yard...embers ranging from 1" to 5" were raining down on my was the scariest few hours I've ever had. A house on the other side of the complex had their siding melt right off the house from the heat. And sadly it seems the complex, for seniors and assisted living, people had started moving thier stuff in...and rumor has it...that it was started by some kid!!! What's wrong with kids now adays doing stuff like this...grafitti is no longer a statement....destroying peoples lives and endangering many is the way to go!!! Maybe I'm just getting old but i'm so angry for what my family and others in my neighbourhood had to go through and the seniors who have lost everything. Maybe in a couple of days I'll cool off?
Flow Raters
NEW CLUB!!! Flow raters Theses are the rules to my new club After reading them if you are still interested send me back a messege saying "Yep, I still wanna join." Then you will be added to my club. Rules: 1. Must have a verified salute 2. Have at least 50 photos to join (so we have something to rate) 3. Willing to rate everyone that is leveling in this club 4. Must rate/fan/add everyone in the club 5. When getting help to level you must be rating someone (your choice) at the same time. No just sitting there or we will stop helping you. There will be no drama or down rating here! If you can't follow this rule then you will be removed from the club. I have a folder just for this club w/everyones pictures in it. Yes, they will be ripped pictures so everyone can have the link. When a new member joins i will contact everyone in this club to let them know about you. When you are close to leveling up please contact me. Level chart When to contact me: a) Leve
Evil Angel
Hold it together, birds of a feather, Nothing But lies and crooked wings, I have the answer, spreading the cancer, You are the faith inside me, no, don't, Leave me to die here, Help me survive here alone, don't Remember, remember Put me to sleep evil angel, Open your wings evil angel ahhh! I'm a believer, nothing could be worse, All these imaginary friends, Hiding betrayal, driving the nail, Hoping to find a savior, No, don't, leave me to die here, Help me survive here alone, don't, surrender, surrender Put me to sleep evil angel Open your wings evil angel, oohh Fly over me evil angel Why can't I breathe evil angel Put me to sleep evil angel Open your wings evil angel, oohh Fly over me evil angel Why can't I breathe evil angel
don't leave you said to me and for a moment i feared i'd stay but your plea rang hollow so i quietly walked away i can see you through the glass and i wonder was it done in vain now i'd do anything to simply make the pain go away if you'd have me i'd take you back again and erase the mistakes i've made if you'd have me i'd take you back again and add to the mistakes i've made i remember morning light and a shower to clear my head everyday a reminder of what a fool i've been seemed when i left you i'd left everything i'd known now you have shown me i'm not the man i thought i was i believed in you i had faith in you i was there for you now i'm lost in you
Tatto Contest I Am In
I am in a best tattoo contest and could use some help to win if you have some free time I would appreciate it..Click on the pic below for My entry to bomb and rate (yes rates count too)THanks in advance and if you can plz repost this bulletin as well..Thanks..I plan on doin somethin special for everyone who helps me out > > > > > > > Here are the rules > > >
Rest In Peace Grammy.. 3-25-08
Treasure You. When I Think About You A Million Warm Memories Come To Me. A Gentle Hand Reaching Out To Warm Mine, Kind Words To Move And Lift Me. So Much Wisdom And Happiness to share. Youre All Of This And So Much More. Always Strong, Ever Caring And Giving Of Yourself. Youre One Of The Greatest Gifts That Ive Ever Received. A Constant Source of Joy For All Of My Tomorrows. And Ill Love And Treasure You Forever. I Love You Grandma.... I Miss You, I Love You.. And I Will See You Soon..
I can't believe men. My soon to ex has sent me many message asking to help make the house payment but he can go buy a new fucking camera and buy a lot of little figures from World of Warcraft. That makes no fucking sence to me i have just started working. Have to ask my parents for money so i can eat and now i'm going to have to ask for gas money. WE all know how pricey gas is. Now his new GF is being all lovey dovey on his my space page. OMG make me vomit dont' get me wrong i'm glad he is not bugging me anymore and i have found a guy who is 110% better then my ex. I just feel like my ex is doing all this to piss me off and you knwo i can play those games to. I will if i have to and part of me right now really wants to damn it. I will just vent here for now. I'm sorry but this new GF of my ex is only 21. My ex is 33 don't get me wrong age is just a number. I have no idea how long they have been seeing eachother but she is already say she loves him. Now i talked to my soldier for like t
Wanting, A Poem By Dj Sub Zero
Wanting her back, wanting her here, wanting to kiss her and hold her near. Wanting to make love, wanting to bad, wanting to touch and not feel sad. Wanting to hold her every night, wanting to talk and never fight. Wanting to go on at some points of time, wanting her back to keep her mine. Wanting so much to just be me, wanting to change so she can see. Wanting to be strong, wanting not to cry, wanting to write her, without tears in my eye. Wanting her to feel, the same as me, wanting my life back, not wanting to grieve. A poem by DJ Sub Zero
racist people!!!! No matter what its called, its still called the same, racism... wether your white, latino, black, green,orange, purple, or gray..... Its still called racism.. -Unknown Desire- You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me "Whiteboy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" and that's OK. But when I call you, nigger, Towelhead, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner,Gook, or Chink you call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET(White Entertainment Television) we'd be racists. If we had a White Pride Day you would call us racists. If we had white history month, we'd be racists. If we had an organization for only whites
Comply with violence, no longer abide, disruption in silence, refusal to hide. Whisper soft sweet, sorrow too much, smiles defeat, permanent crutch. Shadows conceal, drinking in light, mysteries reveal, fight or flight. She calls her mind, together's a-part, nothing to find, nowhere to start... 18MARCH2008 ~*GIBBY*~
Man Rules
The Man Rules At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story. ( I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear 'the rules' From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered '1 ' ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is
American Come Backs
Great American comebacks > When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by > the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example > of empire building by George Bush > > He answered by saying, 'Over the years, the United States has sent many > of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom > beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in > return is enough to bury those that did not return. > > It became very quiet in the room. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At a conference in France where a number of international engineers were > taking part, including French and American. During a break one of the > French engineers came back into the room saying 'Have you heard the > latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to > Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intended to do, >
The Astrological Reality Of Me-thnks Superkim
The report was generated with the following birth data: male, born on 17 September 1976 at 4:54 pm in UNSPECIFIED LOCATION. Your sun sign is Virgo. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Aquarius, and your Moon is in Cancer. Partner references which may occur in the text are set for a relationship with a woman. Explanation Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer This is a very harmonious relationship, because it combines practicality and common sense, with emotion and sensitivity. You are essentially hard-working and like to serve others. Internally, you pay constant attention to detail, and this makes you a most careful worker. Because of the practicality of the sign of Virgo, sensible, necessary tasks are enjoyed and not avoided. Your desire for privacy leads to happiness at home or work, as long as you are not interrupted without notice. You react to feelings rather than to reason, rationalizing this way of thinking as ideas instincti
Down Raters
Just thought I would share this guy with everyone how can someone rate my profile pic a 5 its not my ugly mug its a supporting autism pic well this guy did it WhosDW
Because We Hate Attorneys
The following is a list of statements given in court it comes from a book called Disorder in the American Courts. every thing written here was actually said in court, word for word. Enjoy. ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active? WITNESS: No, I just lie there. - ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. - ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? WITNESS:Yes. ATTORNEY:And in what ways does it affect your memory? Witness:I forget ATTORNEY: You forget? Can you give us an example of something you forgot? - ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? WITNESS: He said, "Where am I, Cathy?" ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you? WITNESS: My name is Susan! - ATTORNEY: Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in voodoo? WITNESS: We both do. ATTORNEY: Voodoo? WITNESS: We do. ATTORNEY: You do? WITNESS: Yes,voodoo - ATTORNEY: Now, doctor, isnt it true that
What Kind Of Seducer Am I?
Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you! Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter. You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you. You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover. Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives. Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours. No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover. What Kind of Seducer Are You? hahaha I NEVER knew this one...wonder if it's true lol
What Does My Underwear Say About Me??
What Your Underwear Says About You You like your underwear to make you feel girlish and pretty. Let's hope you're a chick. You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way. The Underwear Oracle ROFLMFAO!!!!
Why Women Cry
WHY WOMAN CRY.... A little boy asked his mother, 'Why are you crying?' 'Because I'm a woman,' she told him. 'I don't understand,' he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, 'And you never will.' Later the little boy asked his father, 'Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?' 'All women cry for no reason,' was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, 'God, why do women cry so easily?' God said: 'When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining.. I gave her the sensi
Feed The Animals ........
Please go do this and also book mark the page so you can please try to do it daily to help the animals out! Thanks everyone ! Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple and not a scam! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on the purple box "fund food for animals" for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. AGAIN, PLEASE TELL 10 FRIENDS!!!
This Is Me
I am an enigma wrapped in a mystery ...a long forgotten book with cryptic pages. A forgotten but always remembered person. A song that is rarley played but remembered in detail. The lover that dreams...the diamond in the rough. A room with many windows with the shades pulled get into my mind is to loose yourself Judge not what you see before you but the person inside what you see
Heaven Sent
You came to me on a night when nothing was going my way and I felt like the whole world was caving in around me and then I saw you and I saw all my fears start to fade away in front of me while I was getting to know all about you and I opened up to you and felt things that nobody has ever touched deep inside of me before. I was scared to let you in to far or to soon but at the same time I wanted nothing more than to have you know every thought that I was thinking and feel every feeling I was going through so you would know that what I was feeling was for real. We couldn't of planned this if we had years to do it and make all the details perfect in every detail. We clicked and it was set in motion from day one that we would somehow and someway end up were we are now and moving forward with each other. I wasn't looking for you but you heard my call and came to me when I needed you the most and you have been right by my side through it all and for that I will always be grateful to y
Without You
I'm driving home from work Knowing you're not there I used to hurry home Now I don't even care The sun is in my eyes So I can't see But when it sets down behind the Mountain it's gonna be My first night without you Oh... without you I sit here like a fool Remembering everything The way we used to talk The songs that we used to sing I've got to try and leave The past behind But my memory's so good I think that I'm losing my mind And I wonder what I'll do Oh... without you Will I be able to sleep Will I lie in my bed and weep What if I forget And reach for you Will I dream about you My first night... my first night My first night without you And I wonder what I'll do, oh... My first night without you And I wonder how I'll get through Oh... without you Cyndie Lauper
First Fu Ownee
I bid and won my First Fu Ownee as Wonder Woman would say.....and she made me the first amazing Pimp Out Bully so I copied it and pasted it here....You really should go and say Hi to her for she really is an amazing and sweet Woman....TY Cat .................................... The auction has ended and I am proud to say that for one month, I am Fu-owned by the ever so sexy.... 'Wildly Purrrfect ~WildCat~'. She is a super sweetheart and a great friend to have. If you don't have her as a friend yet, please go by and show her some love and tell her that I sent you. And if you have already had the pleasure of becoming friends with Ms. Wildcat, stop by her page and drop her a comment and again, tell her I sent you. Wildly Purrrfect ~WildCat~@ fubar (repost of original by 'Happy Country Girl~~Shadow Leveler~~' on '2008-04-08 01:19:51') ................................................ So please click
Today's Quote Pain nourishes courage. You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you. -Mary Tyler Moore
Slipping Away
This session of writing, depression inside me, my life slowly slipping away im getting bored easy, ya life is just teasing, and i dont know just what to say ive fallen and spoken, yes my hearts been broken, but thats not why im here her feelings evade me, shes driving me crazy, so why is this feeling so dear? ive mended, transcended, made my way back up, so why do i feel like this? my being transpires, for my true desire, perhaps its the feelings i miss the touching and dancing, of younger romancing, back when times were good im feeling so weary, my thoughts are so dreary, and im just so missunderstood the feelings that find me, dont often describe me, for i often wear a mask i wear it wisely, im often disguised see, and noone ever sees past my feelings concealed, no nothings revealed, noone knows something is wrong and tis not the season, perhaps its the reason, but why is this feeling so strong? fell my body collapse, as my mind gets trapped, only one thing stays the same
How To Identify A Stroke....please Send To Your Friends!
I got this from my friend "Natural_Witch~"s stash... STROKE: Remember The 1st Three Letters.... S.T.R. My nurse friend sent this and encouraged me to post it and spread the word. I agree. If everyone can remember something this simple, we could save some folks. Seriously.. Please read: STROKE IDENTIFICATION: During a BBQ, a friend stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) .....she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Ingrid went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening Ingrid's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6:00 pm Ingrid passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Ingrid would be with us today. Some don't die.... they end up in a helpl
Misery Loves It's Company
Listen close as we wait for a sound to go It's true, we are we are destined to fail [x2] And there's a problem here with our society The absence of my tears is my sobriety I have a growing fear and you're only helping me Am I the only one who realizes it's true? Beat but I'm not broken Got me through way around Leave with your words spoken Show me how to listen You're persecuting me, showing hypocrisy I have a remedy for your insecurity It's all the same, sadly Nobody works for free Am I the only one who realizes it's true Beat but I'm not broken Got me through way around leave with your words spoken Show me how to listen Let your light shine through me Take this hate I can release Help me make the blood see Misery loves its company When I dream, I see dawn turn into dusk, into dusk Beat but I'm not broken Got me through way around Leave with your words spoken Show me how to listen Let your light shine through
Fallen Tides
I see the flames fall to ashes It won't be long Before you turn Wrestling for the will Just to carry on You might tell yourself You were meant To be in this life alone You might tell yourself No one else Could risk the fallen tides To bring you home You're racing For an empty shore Erasing how you feel When you lay still In the fallen tides That's where I'll be You might tell yourself You were meant To be in this life alone You feel the time, how it passes In the unveiling storm Until you learn Just to feel the signs That you're turning from No one else Could risk the fallen tides To bring you home..
future paths this is my life on the wrong side of the tracks nothin in between, just the bare facts, brought up in a dump no shoes on my feet, left to fend for my self n wander the streets, always lookin for somewhere to call my home, not findin this place i continued to roam, wanderin around n left to ponder, the thoughts in my mind that fill me wiv wonder, dreams will come n dreams will go, but pittsburghs callin n thats all i know, gotta break free n find a way out, of this place called England thats left me wiv doubt, doubts of myself, doubts of my place, but all doubts will subside wen i look on ur face, lady liberty holds nothin on you, ur the face of an angel, of someone i knew, someone i havent met but soon will, wen our worlds collide the mortal world stands still caught up in a moment of pure perfection n bliss, then the moment we've waited for...we share our first kiss. the life of a warrior hidden within, is striped of all broken sin, cleansed from ur
Pick Your Prize Giveaway!! My Very First To Host
I'm Hosting a Pick your Prize Giveaway!! I enjoyed Molly's giveaway so much last month, Ive decided to host one of my own. There will only be one winner per prize--so get your entries in early. All Prizes will be given out at the end of the giveaway on May 2cd. You must fullfill the requirements to get the prize. OMLY THREE PRIZES REMAIN OPEN: AS PROMISED NO INTERESTED IN THE 30 OR THE 3 DAY BLAST HAS MADE WAY FOR 3 NEW PRIZES: (2) 1 MONTH VIPS & (1) GIFT BLING PAK here are the prizes I am offering: (2) 7 day blast--25,000 comments (4) 1 month VIP--25,000 comments (5) 1 gift bling pak-- 20,000 comments Rates will count for 10 yup I said 10 comments!! Thats 11 Prizes-11 entries First come-First serve! So get your entries in asap--just send me a private message with a link to the pic you want to enter--can be any sfw picture you like to use-- and as soon as its posted to my giveaway album--Game on!! Sexygranny1967~Shadow Leveler~ S*U*P*~ & F*W*C* Greeter~Proud
Thank You
I wanted to take a few minutes just to say THANK YOU to all of the djs that have filled in and extended their shifts to cover the spots that have been open!! It is appreciated and helps out so much! You are still able to the dj schedule at the bottom of the lounge. It isn't updated yet so there will be a few changes and MOA will still shoot out IMs to let you know what is happening. Again THANK YOU so much, you guys ROCK!!!! P.S. If you haven't added Unholy yet please do so and get your friends in here too!! Sign the guest book too.
Considering Contest
How To Treat A Girl.
*Leave her cute text messages. *Kiss her in front of your friends. *Trust her over everyone else. *Tell her she looks beautiful. *Look her in the eye when you talk to her. *Tell her stupid jokes to make her laugh. *Let her mess with your hair. *Mess with HER hair. *Just walk around with her. *Include her in most things you do. *When she crys do whatever to make her smile. *Forgive her for her mistakes. *Look at her like she's the only girl you see. *Tickle her even if she says stop. *Hold her hand even when you are around your friends. *When she starts swearing at you tell her you love her. *Let her fall asleep in your arms. *Get her mad, then kiss her. *Tease her and let her tease you back. *Stay up with her all night when she's sick. *Watch her favorite movie. *Kiss her forehead. *Give her the world. **WRiTE HER LETTERS.** *Let her wear your clothes. *When she's sad, hang out with her. *Let her know she is important. *Let her take all the photos o
I Can't Stop Laughing
Guess He Shut Her Up
Damn Dude!
His Eyes
In His Eye's Lost in the eye's of my love Soft, supple, warm inviting eyes Strength drawn from his presence He is my pillar and my Knight He is my love and my souls companion Lost in the eye's of my love Peace, joy, radiant loving eyes What more could I ever ask for He makes my life complete. For my love
Breakin Benjamin - Soonr Or Latr (for Whoda :d)
Sometimes I feel like Im stuck in the period at the end of infinitys most excruciatingly painful sentence. You know, the one it took 10 monkeys locked in a room 10 thousand years to write. After that sentence everything is so final. Nothing can ever be taken back. But I dont know what it is I gave up so I dont know if you want it back or not. I am not alone inside it though. The end of the world is in there with me. It is becoming me. Everything I do is the end. Everything I say is the end. Everything I think and feel. I may not be God but I sure am giving him a real run for his money. I realize that death is not the end. That destruction is still a creative force. Despite my desire to do otherwise though it is still the only type I can seem to muster inside there. With the world in ruin around my feet I realize that of all the insults Ive egregiously committed those scars self inflicted are both the most painful and numerous. Standing in defeat, the purveyor of such utterly dis
BREATHLESS In limitless motion SUBMERGED WHOLENESS Of a Soul connection CONVERGED CONTINUUM Constant peaks SUSTAINED IMPRISONED All wild streaks become TAMED Wraps itself around Weightless Motions standing still Cutting off air supplies of self-will Organizing destinies for two Who choose to love At the demand of fate Hearts going to the same place Moving at the same pace On wheels of divine timing Love is oxygen BREATHE
Way Too Much Fun!
yesterday i went for a two hour walk with chris, when but what do i see but a park... with SWINGS. I talked her into hopping onto them and we did that for like 45 minutes. then we ran and played on the slide. people going by in cars looked at us like we were insane. but i love swings. so boo to you. :)
New Concept Cyber Galeries
Welcome To My Cyber Art GalleryJust Click The Pic AbovePlease Don't Forget To Rate
F*cking Fed Up
Every morning, I wake up and the first thought in my mind is what in the hell is my purpose? Somehow or another, I always end up fucking something up. I get so damn tired of dealing with people's crap, that I wish I could just f*cking disappear forever. The only thing that I ever did right was my little girl. Now, tell me, what the hell am I supposed to feel when several people in my life keep teling me that I screwed everything up? Apparently, I wasn't thinking, supposedly. I'm just done. Mentally & Physically. I don't know, maybe I'm just over reacting, but sometimes I just don't even feel like living. Anyways, there's my blog. Do with it what you will.
Tats On Tits
I see so many beautiful women on here and elsewhere that have tattoos on their breasts and cleavage. I don't get it, you don't need anything else for us to notice your tits, its one of the first places we look when we see you. I just think that is the most unattractive place for a female to get a tattoo. Don't get me wrong I love tattoos and I think they are sexy on females only if they are done right and in the right location. A female's chest is not a good place for a tattoo, I think looks trashy and in a few years it will be a dark blob and look like you have some disease or something. It's just my opinion and I am sure a lot of people will disagree. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Things To Know About Me!!
Words to best describe me would be... Extremely Intuitive, good Judge of Character, Shy, Soft Spoken, Eccentric, Free Spirited , Passionate, Strong, Sensitive, Emotional, Fragile at times, Loving, Loyal, Affectionate, Sensual, Wise, Insightful, Apprecative, Blessed, and Happy!I have been through a lot in my life, but it has only made me stronger and wiser... Im a simple girl, and i enjoy the simple things in life. I LOVE the ocean, life, laughing, flowers, nature, helping people, sunny days, barbecues, tanning, swimming, fishing, shooting pool, dancing, shoppping, gardening, decorating, chocolate, thunderstorms, summer, just being outdoors, hanging out with friends, animals, scary movies, working out,and just living life in the present moment each and every day.. I prefer to be around happy, positive people who enjoy life. I will NOT tolerate people who cause drama..If you are dramatic, please stay away! Im a very open minded person. I always try to see the other persons poi
It's Free And Only Takes A Second!!!
The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on 'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corpor ate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.
What Research Is Being Done?
What research is being done? The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) is one of the federal governments leading supporters of biomedical research on brain and nervous system disorders. The NINDS conducts research in its laboratories at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland , and also awards grants to support research at universities and other facilities. As part of the Childrens Health Act of 2000, the NINDS and three sister institutes have formed the NIH Autism Coordinating Committee to expand, intensify, and coordinate NIHs autism research. Eight dedicated research centers across the country have been established as Centers of Excellence in Autism Research to bring together researchers and the resources they need. The Centers are conducting basic and clinical research, including investigations into causes, diagnosis, early detection, prevention, and treatment, such as the studies highlighted below: investigators a
How Rob Is Doing And My Thoughts About Him...
Hello everyone! My name is Killeana ("Kiki" to most), and I am a friend to Rob and his family. Rob calls me his second mom. I am also the mother of Kianna (I know she used to come on here and write about Rob as well as listen to the music he has on here.) I return the gesture to Rob; he is now and will always be known as my son to me. Rob has been very tired lately. He spends most of his days sleeping; I don't think he stays awake more than 8 hours of the day right now. He is doing much better when it comes to his walking and his speech. He may not be walking as fast as he does and his speech has improved tremendously. Rob has constantly defied the odds and has shown he is anything but normal; he is special. He does not talk to people like others do. He does not react to situations the same as you may expect him to. Those who truly know this "enigma" that he is knows that his strength comes from his heart, and while he may not be talking to too many people right now, he k
The Storm
The Rain is falling, I can hear you calling. I can hear the thunder, covering up the sound of my heart breaking, I am aching. The storm like the war I see the lightening as a knife rips through my heart, you tore it all apart. My world is torn sometimes i wished i wasn't born. Every mile Every smile was it all worthwhile. Every trial I can not mend So this must be the end. The storm I can't see the signs or even the sunshine. You close the door and I hit the floor can't take anymore. When will the storm ever end?
A Magical Encounter...
The other evening (Monday) something special happened. I recently have joined a few local friends groups and participated in some activities. One in the local hiking group. I've actually started averaging about 5-9 miles a week walking. Well,Monday was the after work walk at Riverfront Park off Broad River Road, a 2 mile jaunt. As usual the rest of the group took off at a brisk pace, trying to get thier heartrate and repiratory system working overtime. I, on the other hand, being a beginner took my time, set my own pace and was enjoying the scenery and beauty of a wonderful evening and the woods between the path and the river. Soon, the group was a full 5-6hundred yards ahead of me, but I was lost in the serenity of the little patch of nature I was looking at in the deepening shadows of twilight. About a mile down the walkway, I heard a crack of a branch. Slowing down, I looked in the direction of the sound and there...right in the center of a narrow gravel path leading down to t
Falling Too Fast
I am 33 years old and you would think that by now I would know not to let myself fall for someone so fast. I should take it slow!!! I always meet these guys who are sooo sweet and they really seem to care and wanna get to know me and seem into me and my kids and then wham once I let myself fall something happens. Its like they purposely wanna hurt me of something. Who knows. I just need to know what to do to keep myself from getting into these guys. I seem to fall tooo easily and it just gets me hurt. Now i am a very friendly, kindhearted person and maybe thats whats wrong...i am tooo damn nice. Do i just need to go back to the way I was before and what I mean by that is to keep that wall up? I really think I should. I know I may let a few good ones get away but oh well....keeps me from getting hurt. I do these blogs to vent but am always open to some good advice.
504 Auction
Surrendering All
You come and place yourself at my feet, "Master tonight, for you I have a treat, I smile at you for being so well behaved, My good little girl, a perfect little slave. Kneeling before me, grasping my cock, And around the head your lips do lock, Moving your head on the shaft up and down, Giving me pleasures all unbound. Swirling your tongue around the thick tip, Going deep and feeling you scrape just a bit, Wrapping my fingers deep in your hair, Holding you, enjoying the warmth of you there. Kneeling there you look deep into my eyes, But wanting more, I raise you up by my side, Quickly I lead you back to my bed, My finger to your lips, not a word to be said. Pushing you down, ripping clothes off, Thrusting in deep as I climb there on top, Hard and deep each thrust is delivered, Crying out as you cum, beginning to quiver. "Take me my Master," you cry out loud, You are wonderful my slave, you make me so proud, Again and again you find yourself cumming for m
it seem like when you go to the hospital they dont care about any one my Mother just past away last week. the nurseing home sent her to the ER cuz she was throwing up blood but the doctor said it was just choclate with out testing her the nurseing home fought with the ER doctor telling him that she has not ate much in the last 2 days but yet the ER doctor forced the nurseing home to take my Mother back to the home and the next day she was not responeingso the nurseing home again sent her back to the ER where she coded 2 times in 24 hours and by friday they said there was nothing they could do for her but they never told us what the cause of death was and I'm trying to fight for my Mother but thank due to our Goverment they have made it hard to fight for justace so think about it the next time you go to the hospital and what the doctors say is it BS or do you think they have any clue or humanity for anyone think about it
Right To Be Wrong.
Right to be wrong/ Joss Stone. I've got a right to be wrong My mistakes will make me strong I'm stepping out into the great unknown I'm feeling wings though I've never flown Got a mind of my own I'm flesh and blood to the bone I'm not made of stone Got a right to be wrong So just leave me alone I've got a right to be wrong I've been held down too long I've got to break free So I can finally breathe Got THE right to be wrong Got to sing my own song I might be singing out of key But it sure feels good to me Got a right to be wrong So just leave me alone You're entitled to your opinion But it's really my decision I can't turn back I'm on a mission If you care don't you dare blur my vision Let me be all that I can be Don't smother me with negativity Whatever's out there waiting for me I'm going to face it willingly I've got a right to be wrong My mistakes will make me strong I'm stepping out into the great unknown I'm feeling wings though I've never f
Anniversary Day
today my son turns four,and it has been a year to the day since i last got to see him.thanks to all for the well wishes,they really cheer me up in times like this.
What A Day
Got up early this morning for work only to find a ton of snow. Well made my way to work and it took me twice as long. Turned on the computer and melissa was on line. chated with her a little and then the power want out. Oh fuck sitting there in the dark waiting for the power to come on. I called her from my cell so she wouldn't think I dumped her. As we talked the boss came in and said to go home there not much we can do without power. I told her the good news and asked if she had plans for the day. No not with all this snow I'm going back to bed and then a hot shower. Ok baby I'll stop by later. Ok great I'll leave the door unlock in case I'm sleeping. well back out into the shit and the roads where so bad. Made it home and changed out of my work clothes and back on the computer. Melissa was still on line and I ask what happen with the nap. Oh some guy came on the cam jerking off. You know how hot that makes me. Yes I do, baby I'm going to take that shower now ok. Ok see you later. we
A Boy Whos In Love With A Girl
girl:hey boy- i missed u at school 2day, y weren't u there? girl- yeah, i had to go to the doctor. boy- oh rele? y? girl- oh nothin, annual shots, thats all. boy- oh girl- so wht did we do in math 2day? boy- u didnt miss ne thing that great.......just lots of notes girl- ok good boy- yeah girl- hey i have a question...... boy- ok, ask away much do u love me? boy- u kno i love u more than anything girl- yeah..... boy- y did u ask? girl-................>silencesounding worried< is there something wrong?? girl- no, everythings fine...... boy- are u sure? girl- yeah. boy- ok.......i hope so. girl- ..............would u die for me? boy- i would take a bullet for u anyday, hun girl- rele? boy- anyday. now seriously, is there something wrong??? girl- no im fine, ur fine, we're fine, everyones fine. boy- ............ok girl-......................well i have to go ill c u 2morrow at school. boy-
Without You
Without You My heart broke a thousand times today, When you never said a word. I cryed out to you, But you never heard. I couldn't beg anymore, My will completly drained. You weren't you, You weren't the same. Did I do something to change you, To make you run so far from me. Am I that kind of wrong, Please tell me,I can't see Without you close I am lost, Like a night without stars. Without your help, I'll never go far. You are my light Without you I will always stray. Please stay beside me friend, And help me on my way.
Sex In The 12 Astrological Houses
Yes I stole this. Sex in the 12 Astrological Houses Mine is the 12th House. Taken from : Sex in the first house: This is the house of Aries, ruled by Mars. Mars is a very aggressive planet and sex can be....uh...somewhat explosive and quick in the first house. First house sex is all about conquering, so don't make it too easy...oh, did I mention first house sex is best in the morning? Think spontaneous and quickly... Sex in the second house: This is the house of Taurus, ruled by Venus. Venus expressed through Taurus is very much focused on values. Sex in the second house is slow, patient, often very earthy and base. Taurean sex is all about the senses, particularly those involving the ear and tongue... Sex in the second house is sensitive and very possessive. Think of delicious sex outdoors on a decidely dirty path through the woods, or huddled up under the canopy of a bed surrounded by flickering candlelight...
Hard On
was I too hard on her? no idea why she ever popped shit with me, but, my kung fu is the best on this entire site.
Imagine ... There is a bank which credits your account each morning with $86,400, carries over no balance from day to day, allows you to keep no cash balance, and every evening cancels whatever part of the amount you had failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course! Well, everyone has such a bank. Its name is TIME. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the records of the day. If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours. There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow". You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success! The clock is running. Make the most of today ... "Seize the day !"
Feeling Guilty......
my past came back to bite me last night, I thought I had put it behind me. Didnt sleep for shit last night and someone Im crazy about doesnt wanna talk to me...... I wish i could fix this, knew what to say, what to do...... its been half a day and shes running around in my head drivin me nuts (in a good way) but still, I miss talking to her, I miss her telling me to shut up cuz i talk to much. ....... and now I wait..... and wait.... and wait..... for a sign, or just for a hello...... I want to make it right, I dunno how I can cuz its from my past, how to convince her im not the boy I was 10 years ago..... man i was such a player back then, I feel like shit now...... I know I should forgive myself and move on but for the time being, Im gonna keep feeling like crap..... I guess if I dont hear from her I may have to move on but , this one is gonna be tough, I fell hard and fast for her, not something I wanted to do, but it still happened. If u are reading this I love ya babe, even t
What The Fuck!
Those of you that read my last entry about my cousin Christopher already know how I feel about the fuckin asshole that killed him. That certain asshole has a hearing at the end of this month. His attorney wants the court to let him out and drop the charges on the basis that they have no weapon and that Mark (the fuckin asshole) doesnt know right from wrong all the time. As far as the weapon goes, Mark damn near beat Christophers brains out with his fists as well as stomped on his chest. Correct me if I'm wrong but that makes his fists and feet the weapon(s). As far as Mark not knowing right from wrong all the time, one of Mark's friends was standing there the entire time watching him kill Christopher. When Mark was finally done with the 15 year old child he just killed he turned to his friend and said "Oh shit I think I killed him dont call the cops". Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but in my opinion Mark saying that to his friend proves that he knew what he did was wrong.
Firefighters Of The World
This is to all the people i have the privalge to call friends two people i know one of the very well died in an accident on Wednsday they where fire men they where caught up in a blaze and the roof collapsed on them . Can you all please pray to the lord our god to let my friends Mark and Brian that they find there way home to god and to rest in peace. Mark is a long time friend of my family he will be buried tommorow 1st october 2007 he was only 26 yrs young but full of life and love for his fellow man and woman i watched him grow from mark the boy to mark the man he was in the service for two years but was also a fire man for the F.C.A. the reserve army in ireland he has a brother Eamon and sister Niamh his mother Mrs o'shaunassey is devistated. Brian was the father of 14 childeren aged between 18 months and 28 yrs i didnt have the privalage of knowing this man as well as Mark but Bray is a small comunity and there loss is felt by all in this comunity this man was at the f
Tra La La La La
so im pretty new to this stuff..not sure what im gonna talk about in my blog. I think that certain things happen for certain reasons..even tho at the moment u don't know just seems like EVERYTHING works out the way it's supposed to be. Not really sure where i was goin with this..and i honestly doubt anyone will read this, so i don't know why im wasting my time.. but the thought of the day is.. "Don't disable things from happening in ur life, bc what's meant to be will always find a way, don't try to force happiness." Love ya'll, have fun getting drunkered!!! Laura Jean
Help!!!!! why is it that everytime i think i am going to be happy someone or something always fucks it up and i am tierd of it i am tierd of being happy one min and the next feeling like shit why cant i find a man that will make me happy and be happy with me life sucks it really dose sometimes i wish i wasn't alive to be around for all this bullshit
every once in awhile in life peoples hit potholes in their relationships and some people let that ruin something that may have been beautiful. Thats why i wish i was a bird! they find a mate and are with them for life, thick and thin it just dion't matter because they don't sweat the small stuff. I was lucky enough to find that in my life but now i am miles away because of something i did. people when you find that bird you hold on for dear life and don't worry about what the next person has because you have something they only wish for.
So why is it when you treat a woman like a queen she turns around and finds someone new? You take her from ne self esteem to having some and she's gone?
Here I Am
Here I am all by myself. My eyes are glazed trying to figure it out. I wonder where the answers lie. Lifes mysteries, Always eluding me. I get lost in thought, Never really here. I doesnt matter, Because no one really cares. We are all wrapped up in our own little life's. The thought of how others live, Never seems to appear. We walk around unconscious of the world. We dont look at ourselves, Or how we approach things. We hurt others, We put them down. The only one important is ourselves. Yes, I get lost in thought, When it is about humanity. I wonder if the world we live will ever change. If people will ever become loving again. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved __________________________________________________
Gotten Better
Things have gotten better. Went to do laundry in January around the 16th and after I was done was talking to the lady behind the counter and she suddenly says if I knew anyone that needed a part time job? I told her I have been looking since May and she gave me the run down on the hours and such. She suggested I think about it and let her know by Saturday. On the 22nd I was in training for my job. I trained with her on Tuesday, Thursday and with the second shift lady on Friday. Told her about me and the weekly stuffing of advertisements for my landlord (my rent for this month is $195!), so Wednesdays are my day off. Boss pays for training which is normally 2.25 but paid me 3.00 an hour. Landlord has gone to once a week with the papers because he did not like the $195 payment! lol! He uses it to pay the mortgage he has on his house. He finally got the other side rented out so maybe he will resume the papers more than once a week or his greed will get to him and remain o
Guy's Rules
Please note...these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor. 1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days. 1. If you won't dress like t
What Your City Walk Means You are unique and philosophical. You have your own way of living life, and you relish your independence. You are very outgoing and friendly. You feel very comfortable in a crowd, and you can get to know anyone. Money is important to you in as far as you'd like to have enough to survive. You tend to seek comfort, coziness, and stability in your life. For you, feeling at home is the best feeling ever. The City Walk Personality Test
Short And Sweet
My Dsl is really bad messed up .. its not letting me stay on ... Miss you all . .talk soon XOXOXOXOX
Stranger To Friend
Things go along smooth & carefree, you joke & have small talk becoming friendly. You swap stories & ask each other personal details, hoping not to cross the line between right & wrong. Then one day after weeks of chit chat & banter you seek the one who makes you smile and without a trace that person has scattered. Now your left to wonder what has happened to your once daily friend. You are left confused & sad not knowing why it had to end. People come and people go, life certainly is a mystery I have come to know. If you find someone and then they leave, cherish the memories and maybe just maybe one day they'll find their way back to you.....talking smooth & carefree.
An open heart finally set free. A heavy feeling lifting up light. Confusion and doubt are far long gone. Bad dreams and memories of you are completely erased. Hurtfull words and lies are barried and are never to be dug up. Everything that has happened between us has never happened, starting now and always. A mind of cluttered worries finally emptied, cleared, and refreshed. A new life. A new beginning. A new start. A new way. Learning how to let go and set free. Shaking it all off and ready to travel ahead and walk a new direction. Closure.........................what a wonderfull thing that could happen to me. Ladie_In_Pink
Things I Can't Stand
When you are on cam in a lounge here on fubar, I can't stand that no one looks to see if anyone else is on there and proceeds to use it themselves in turn knocking you off. I can't stand that people have no manners on fubar and they don't say goodbye to you when they are done having a conversation with you. I can't stand that other lounges send in people to spy or lure you in to where their lounge is. I can't stand that if someone "checks you out" they can't be nice enough to even rate you. I'm not asking for a fucking fu bling rate me a 1 if you must you took the time to look at my fucking profile but you can't rate me ? I can't stand that people who are "fu" taken take this shit seriously, if you really are a couple in real life that's different but if you're 2300000 kabillion miles away it makes no sense. I can't stand that I have forgotten the rest of my rant so now I have to end this.
*GERMAN: Ich werde Sie annehmen und Ihre ganzen Fehler lassen mich Ihnen den Weg zu erreichen und Vollflle Ihre Trume durch mich Zeigen. 'Lge hinunter und macht, als Sie erzhlt sind flstere ich in Ihrem Ohr. Sie fhlen verwundbarer, unbedeckter, und hilfloser Legen mit Ihrer Augenbinde, die ich auf Ihre Augen gestellt habe. Sie werden meinem jedem Wunsch gehorchen und den ich werde verlocken und werde Sie mit meinen Ideen und meiner Muse wie Weise aufregen. Ich komme nher zu Ihnen. Blo Gebrauch eine Feder, entlang jeder Kurve auf Ihrem Krper zu verfolgen. Kriechen auf auf dem Bett, das dann auf und zwischen Ihren Schenkeln rutscht, denen sie ausbreiten, die leicht ihnen mit einer Feder verfolgen. Blenden Sie hat gefaltet Sie knnen fhlen mich, whrend ich lege, benutzend mein ganzes Krpergewicht auf Ihnen. Sie wollen mich und ich wei, dass Sie mich wollen. Fhlen Sie mich, whrend Ihre Finger mit meinem eigenen verschlingen, Whrend ich Sie ksse... Mein
Good Things To Know About Each Other
When a girl is mean to you after a break-up she wants you back, but she is too scared she'll get hurt and knows you're gone forever! When you catch a girl glancing at you, she wants you to look back and smile When a girl bumps into your arm while walking with you she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart she still feels it when you run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind.. When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds, she is not at all fine When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are playing games When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever When a girl says she can't live without you, she has made up
Random Things
Tell me. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Every one has something, something that keeps them tethered to this earth. So what is it for you? Is it the warm kiss of the sun on your face, the sound of a new born baby crying, or the rush of seeing some one you love. What would you do if it was all taken away? In an instant it was all turned up side down. That rush is gone; it has been taken away and is never coming back. What then? Do you know, will any one ever know? Who are you when its gone? Are we any thing more than just flesh bound to this world? A world that we are lead to believe that dreams come true and if you really want some thing bad enough its yours. When in all reality its a prison that we are forced to live in. If there was a way to end it, to make it all stop would you do it?
Something I Wrote One Nite After A Fire Call
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April 8th, 2008
A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift, A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace And makes the whole world we live in a better and happier place. For all my dear friends that left so much love while I was away... Thank you for being such wonderful friends.
Chiron And The Two Lambs Beside My Throne
sad ,depressed,angry distressed shedding bitter tears and weeping softly never wanted second best,only take whats deemed best will not compromise or bend an inch thats better left to the weaker among the flock no time to waste on all these losers and fake today was sunny and hot,steam and alarms and sand and off in the distance a pair of pelicans chattering away the wind is a curse,stinging my eyes as i toil slowly i gain awareness that nature must be ever violent with man to try and compensate for the poison we return to the earth in bulk imagine it,poisoning your source of life so you can drive places. oh well,as long as i get fu bling i can pretend its not my problem
Thanks To My Friends!!!
I just wanted to thank my friends for wishing me a happy birthday today....... Oh WAIT not ONE of them did soooo instead I would like to tell everyone to eat a fat dick and die lol. No it's ok, I understand that you are all fake shit holes that only care about YOU. NOTE: I am not looking for sympathy, I am just using this as another example of why I hate most of you people. You are all fake bitches. Anyway, have a great day! Actually, go die! ANOTHER NOTE: It is too late to wish me a happy birthday, you blew it so don't try making up for it now you assholes. =) My blog is always so positive isn't it? Screw you.
745pm Ok so lately I've been confused. About what? About everything and nothing. So going back to my older blog, well the one before this one... I've been seriously thinking about what I want out of life. Sure one of the things I want is to finish school and it seems like it's been forever. Only a few of my close friends know what's going on in my life. *sighs* I'm at a point where I've thought everything through and I'm seriously ready for a relationship and I'm ready to go back out there. I won't know what's out there unless I am out there, if you catch my drift. I've got to get these feelings out of the way. I've been somewhat lonely these past few days only because I've been away on a business trip. I missed my friends, my home, my bed, my car, my liberty... etc... I did not miss my parents arguing or work drama. Yesterday, was the day of days. I initially called work on Sunday evening/night letting them know I wouldn't be in at work on Monday. Turns out t
Im Doing It Again!!!
those brains of the world unite unite with realities hidden secretly subliminal bring them out unite together as one as one reality let the truth be free use your minds freely freedom from oppression freedom from judgement freedom from structure organization another form of collaboration collaboration of those who should not those who should come together and be free let's unite and be free do you hear me? freedom from invisibility freedom from hypocrisy freedom from oppression feel it feel your minds come together as one streaming rushing hindrance
Ok here i sit...on crutches for the next two weeks and bored out of my mind!!! Posted a mumm for a good laugh and it got reported so i can no longer post global mumms.....sighhhhhh
Great Thing
Someone many months ago showed me is amazing. Makes me happy everytime I see it. Someone who just wants to spread joy to anyone in their free time. For no reason but just to do it. An inspiration
Thank You So Very Much!!!
Hey I just wanted to thank my wonderful friends new and old for working so hard to help me get back up where I was before my account was hacked into and deleted! I am overwhelmed by the love and support each of you have shown me! I went from being deleted to level 20 in ONE DAY! And was ranked 5th because of it!(highest I'd ever ranked on my old account was 13 and that was b/c of my HH) There is no way for me to pimp everyone out in here so basically if you want amazing friends go and add everyone that is on my friends list! I still have a ways to go to get back up to Fu-King and beyond so I ask if you have the time to continue to help it's greatly appreciated! I wish I had the fubucks to offer for help or blings but I don't so all I can offer is photo effects. I'm not going to set any certain amount for such and such help whatever you want to help me I will make whatever effects you want to thank you! I've uploaded some more photos today and am going to work on reloading more stash as
Shutting Down
Wanted to let everyone know that i am shutting fubar account down. Come look me up on myspace and myyearbook. I also use rkinard2000 on yahoo messenger. Enjoyed meeting you all and hope to hear from you all at the other sites Take Care Ricahrd

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