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Starting ♥ Over
Starting Over by RML It's a new beginning, a choice that we have made This old way of life will soon begin to fade Having endless thoughts, at times more afraid Not knowing what to grow older or should not stay With a position of relative inferiority casting a slight shade Exerting our self continuously we begin our new crusade An equal exchange we give and we take Living our best not to make the same mistakes Beginning to fill our days with countless brand new things We are accompanied by what ever our future brings It may not even matter what we keep or what we lose As long as we realize these are things we choose At some point we can only explain and relate to our past It's no longer current, something that did not last Once we know it is over, this is when we start We are Starting Over, with a message from our heart. ♥
I miss being in love Of bigs arms wrapped around me for no reason other than because His musky scent when he's been laboring hard The comfort of falling asleep in his arms and feeling safe Laughing at jokes more because he told me than that they are funny Catching him looking at me with a look indescribable And a little smile tugging at the corners of his mouth The warmth of his breath as he whispers sweet words in my ear Silliness done just to make me laugh . The tingles when he brushes past me and only just touches Wanting to please him just to make him happy . Loving him because I want to , not need to . The mutual respect and care for one another Of seeing him asleep and smiling even tho I know he wont see . The sweetness and softness of his lips as they caress mine The feeling of drowning as I give myself up to him And oh the sex !! Hard ,heavy , fast , soft ,tender and light Rough handling and feathery touches .... yearning for more. I miss it all . Will I
In my head there are boxes many most are not worth even a penny brimming with pain ,humiliation white eyed terror ,derogation way too many tears all my wants ,desires and needs Also many things in between most locked with keys long rusted boxes very well dusted settled in the recesses of my mind But in my heart there's a special place , a tiny little box all made of lace in it resides all my love I give you the key ..................
I dream of horror Of demons in the night And when they are bad I wake in shivery fright The sweat soaks me And chills upon my skin I try to sleep again But the nightmares re begin Why does this happen What need I to do Are my memories that bad Or of things I am yet to do .
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**alittle To Late**
Ashley - Spicepad - Ashley's
More On The Guy...
So the guy, the totally amazing one... He's in a situation right now where he can't be with me at this very moment. He's a few hours away, and he still lives with his girlfriend. I know he cares about her, which makes it hard to leave, if even before I was with him he was pretty much sure it was over. It's still hard for him. However, it's hard for me too. Knowing that I'm helping him sneak around, knowing that I can only have him when she's not around. Knowing that, while I'm missing him, he's spending time with her. Stolen moments... Don't get me wrong, I don't resent him for that, not at all. I WANT him to do what he needs to do. It still just sucks is all. I know that he's mine, not hers. There's no doubt in my mind on that one, otherwise I wouldn't have so willingly committed to him. It's just a matter of him getting things right with himself to move forward. I don't want him until it's right. I want things to be completely right with him before he
Does This Make Sense?
globalvodka: and stop sending your friends on her page whore globalvodka: leave stacey alone bitch lol people obviously dont think before they act. Oh well he's giving me 1's on all my pix do they not realize that they're giving me points? Silly little online DJs
okay, i'm not a '10'...i know this. but the fact of the matter is...i have a lot to offer. i'm: attractive sweet smart funny, sometimes loving caring understanding LOYAL ...and although i dont have a lot of experience and am very shy when it comes to sex...i am curious and i think the right guy, with the right guidance can probably unleash the freak i know is in me. so, how is it that i have so much trouble finding someone who thinks im worth a damn?? better yet, when i do find a guy who says he thinks im worth a damn, how come they are either in a different part of the country or they are married or too busy to find time to make for me?? why also do guys want to pretend like they can see having a relationship and possibly a future with me, but they dont even want to try and then whine about how lonely they are when i was sitting here all along willing to give them a chance? and you know, ive grown a lot over the past few years. i've come to realize that im oka
The Urge
I have the urge to cry Sometimes Im not sure why I fight and moan Kicking around the stones Finding a happy place To get me out this craze I have the urge to cry Watching my life pass by I blink and blink This fuckin stinks Positive thoughts escape By now its just too late Cant suppress it any longer As the feelings just get stronger I want to let it out I want to scream and shout But its pointless, yes indeed In love theres no guarantee You live, learn, and wait until you succeed 3/18/2008
For My Baby
baby i love u with all my heart with every ounce of my soul u define me u make me complete u r my every deire everything i have ever wanted in my entire life ...u make me smile without even doing anything ..i give u all i have from till 4 ever ..ur my star shining in the night and my price charming here to rescue me if i need it ....i will be everything u want and desire from tii the ned of our days ...u make me want to be more in love with u every day ...i want u so much i cant even see straight u r the light of my day ...and my strenth at night to keep pushing for the moment the greatest moment of my day or night ...i love u so much and will lways stand ny your side no matter hat we face ...i want and need ur love in my life..i need to u so much i cant see straight ..when ur not here i am so lost i miss u so much ..i need just urs words on a screen to know how much i mean to u and u mean to me it is fucking incrediable how i feel since i have u ..your words make me melt it is so unbe
Red Heads
I already know this is gonna be a touchy subject....but here goes. Lets think about red heads since there are so many on this site. Have you ever known an in-between redhead? For a red headed lady...there is no in-between...either they are very sexy...or just plain ugly. Same goes for us red-headed guys. Some of us have the big ugly blotchy freckles and some of us have the smaller almost sexy freckles. I don't think most of you non-redheads realize what we have been thru in life. Most of us, male and female, are picked on because we stand out...our hair is hard not to notice in elementary school. We hate that. But as we get older we learn to accept it and actually enjoy it. Its very rare to see a group of redheads hanging out together...but the group of people with the one redhead stands out above other groups without a redhead. I remember one class in high school where I was blessed with 4 other redheads besides me. We all sat in a group and intimidated everyone in the c
How To Eat Pussy
How to Eat Pussy *or Everything You Need to Know About Cunnilingus But You Were Too Busy Picking the Hairs Out of Your Teeth to Ask Eating pussy can be one of the most wonderful things you can do for a woman. It makes her feel appreciated, respected, desirable, and has the potential to give her an orgasm that will shatter glass, raise the dead, even wake you in the next room. Besides, lots of women expect it these days, and men who perform great oral sex are always in demand. If you gain a reputation as an expert, many classy, attractive women, way out of your league, may overlook your other shortcomings. Just kidding, but it gives us an excuse to talk more about vaginas. The vagina is a mystery to most men. It's hidden away. Taken out only for special occasions and then quickly put back into hiding. Like an english muffin, its full of nooks and crannies and tastes best slathered in melted butter. For something so complex you'd think there would be instructions, or a map, or a h
Any1 In The Denver Colorado Area
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Colorado Hemp and Cannabis Supporters Team Up For Huge Rally in Denver Community Fundraiser and Press Conference What: The First Annual Denver 420 Rally When: Thursday March 20th 4:00pm Where: Civic Center Park, Greek Amphitheater Why: Raise Money for Rally Against Cannabis Prohibition Organizers will announce details to this historical event and answer any questions! True change of public policy continues to come with great sacrifice and dedication and we will use all avenues available in our quest for freedom and liberty for all peoples of all nations. There is a war being waged against our culture by those who stand to profit from prohibition. Supporters of the topic will ask for your support in attempts to bring reason and justice to the debate around this issue. Activists believe that Hemp and Cannabis Prohibition should be ended. THIS EVENT NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! Come help TEAM 420 raise funds for The
What I wish for you, my sweet Havanna? What I wish for you, my sweet Havanna? A world of passion, a heart of gold! Open arms, peaceful soul, In your comming future, happyness for ever! My sweet Havanna, this is what I wish you. Dreams of ever lasting love Strength for you to win. All your glory days, happy they remain, Lighting up your heart, always being loved, My sweet Havanna, this is what I wish you. The angel of love, the angel of peace, Above your head always guarding you, Taste of happynes, of the heaven's sky, Arms of peacefull angels. My sweet Havanna, this is what I wish you. What I wish for you, my sweet Havanna? Be a happy bride, wife amor! May your household live in ever lasting peace Like the night's stars, like the morning sun rise, Ever lasting life, glory, happyness, Heart of gold, soul of steel, Dreams of bravery, pride and joy, My sweet Havanna, this is what I wish you!
Sheriff Joe
You all remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, who painted the jail cells pink and made the inmates wear pink prison garb. Well....... SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! Oh, there's MUCH more to know about Sheriff Joe! Maricopa County was spending approx. $18 million dollars year on stray animals, like cats and dogs. Sheriff Joe offered to take department over, and the County Supervisors said okay The animal shelters are now all staffed and operated by prisoners. They feed and care for the strays. Every animal in his care is taken out and walked twice daily. He now has prisoners who are experts in animal nutrition and behavior. They give great classes for anyone who'd like to adopt an animal. He has literally taken stray dogs off the street, given them to the care of prisoners, and had them place in dog shows. The best part? His budget for the entire department is now under $3 million. Teresa and I adopted a Weimaraner from a Maricop County shelter two yea
The Thanksgiving Massacre
The Thanksgiving Massacre The tears poured down Terrence's face. He hadn't been able to believe it. They couldn't' have been cold enough...but they had. They had just killed Amanda, it had all been true. Eddy had been right, the goddamned toad had been right. But Eddy hadn't known the extent of it...they were eating her. And laughing...laughing...Terrence couldn't forgive the laughter. He turned, and ran down the hall, jumped onto the fern and to the window he had used to enter the home moments before. He stumbled, caught a claw on the sill, and toppled down to the ground, his face landing in a puddle of mud. He let his grief overwhelm him for just a moment, and his mind went back to all the sunlit afternoons that he and Amanda had spent under the maple trees, pecking at random crap, playing bob for waterbugs, and shooting the shit with Eddy. They had snuggled together through the winters, had picnics during the springtime, and made love under the summer stars. But then fall had c
Feelings Vs. Thinking
Feelings vs. Thinking When it comes to you, do you primarily think or feel first? Most of us go through life feeling first. We tend to allow our hearts to do our decisions for us. But feelings, although good at times can be misleading. Misleading because they can be there one minute and gone the next. They are fickle, leading us to make dangerous or foolish decisions, that may think are right because we "feel" it. Feeling something does not make something healthy or right. Feeling something can seem justified because it may feel right or because it comes from our heart, but in reality feelings have caused lots of undue hardship amoung crowds of people, sometimes for no reason. For instance, alcohol intensifies your feelings whether at that time or feelings you may have kept hidden. A famous motto goes...if it feels it. Think back to all the times you yourself have gone by that. Where did it get you? Dont get me wrong, feelings are strong and many of them are good, but if
I have never blogged. I am not sure the point of it. For that very reason I am going to try it. Who care's what I think. My ego isn't big enough (yet) for me to think that anyone does care. So from now on I will be blogging about my ideas and see if it is worth the effort. Enjoy. Or if you don't tell me I suck.
Scary Times.
Yesterday was one of the scariest times of my life! I was just sittin at home hangin out when I started feeling funny. My heart started beating really hard, my chest felt like the was 200 pounds sitting on it constantly, it became hard to breathe and when I started feeling tingles in my right arm, I went to the hospital. The hospital was packed and they didnt have one single bed left in the place. I got checked in and they were so worried about me that they put me in front of everybody else. I finally got in the ER and they did all the xrays and blood work and then they decided to admit me for the night. I was quite scared and all I could think about was how I have been neglecting myself and I thought of what damage it would do to my kids if I checked out early. They monitored me closely last night waking me up every half hour and then this morning, I had a stress test which was not fun. They induced me with two kinds of chemicals that made my heart rate go up to 170 and I felt like I
Fall into sleep like a drunk coma's onset with no hope of waking. Press into me and I'll tear into you. The poison tastes like hope. Betray me with hollow words and blackened lips. Pull back the jaw and open the eternity of your decay. Sincerity nonexistant. Acid eyes. Pieces of you remain on the floor, only to remind of the years past. I drown the memory with every salve under the sun, but I can still taste you. I still smell you on my skin. Every night I'm awakened, disturbed by the same crushing dream. The same fucking reality. Her eyes gazing into those of another.
Good Music
Sad Thoughts
Watch Out For Her She Is Nothing But Drama
watch out for this person she is fake and nothing but drama and if she tries to contact u and say diff ask her why she only has one pic and no salutes and she will tell u she dont know how to work her scanner and she will offer to send it to u so u can do it and if u say ok here is my address she will say she dont want to write it down she is nothing but trouble i just want to warn people thanks for taking the time to read this here is her fubar page
In Memory And Support Of Our Protectors In Uniform.
Let Us Pray.... "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen." Kaos
"never Say I Love You "
Today is the day. Judy has her eye surgery today. Its the second one on her eyes. I pray that this is the last one. This little girl has gone through so much in her 7 short years. Judy is an amazing little girl. She faces all her difficulties and challenges with a smile and cheerful outlook. She has exceeded everything the doctors thought. She is a "chatty cathy" when they said she would not speak, she runs when they said she would never walk, she loves and knows when you are joking with her when they said she would never be able to bond or recognize emotions. To all who read this, I ask for prayers today. Be it to God, Allah, The Goddess, a Higher Power, whom ever or what ever. That Judy is held in their arms and that they guide the surgeons hand to give Judy perfect vision after this operation. Thank You so very much.... We are off to the surgical center. Hugs.........Trish
Scattergories !!!!!'s harder than it looks! . *Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following... *they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. (WHICH BY THE WAY IS HARD IF YOU ALREADY READ THEIR ANSWERS) You CAN'T use your own name for the boy/girl. 1. What is your name: .........................Linda 2. 4 letter word:..............Love 3.Vehicle: ....................Limosine 4. A city:.....................London 5. Boy Name: ..................Larry 6. Girl Name: .................Louise 7. Alcoholic Drink: ...........Larger 8. Occupation:.................Lawyer 9. Something you wear:.........Leggins 10.Celebrity:..................Lindsey Lohan 11. Food: .....................Lasagne 12. Something found in a bathroom.......Loofah 13. Reason for Being Late: ....Lost car keys 14. Cartoon Character: ........Linus (from snoopy) 15.
I Wish
I have wished for many things in my life ~ among them are these: I wish for: the terminal to be healed all of my kisses to be sealed one man to be true that one man to be, you. happiness in my life the absence of strife. all to experience the act of humanity not hostility; peace among us not only for love; but also for lust. looking at the stars with only you love making under the moon - ya, ya, I do. all of our dreams to come true. most of all ONLY YOU! you being here by my side you to hold me tight the ability to kiss you just because I could. My greatest wish by far though - is for HOPE in all of the above! ♥ ♥ ♥ ~Sussie
Easter Eggs - Lithuanian Traditions
EASTER EGGS [ a.k.a. MARGUCIAI ] The egg being the symbol of life and rebirth of nature is given special meaning in Easter traditions. The tradition of egg dyeing and exchanging is much older than Christianity. There were two methods of egg decorating: drawing designs with wax or scratching designs on dyed eggs. Numerous designs consisted of blossoms, snakes, wheel and cog, stars, branches of rue, snowflakes and many others. Most common dye used was onion skins. A pot was filled with dry onion skins and water and allowed to soak for several hours, then brought to a boil, then raw eggs were placed for seven or ten minutes, later the pot was removed from the heat, but eggs were left in the dye for some time, to intensify the reddish brown color. Nettles were used to obtain green color. Nettles were covered with cold water, then boiled for twenty minutes. Eggs were placed in the strained nettle dye and boiled. If the solution was nor strained, the eggs would be spotted Adding al
Wasting My Time....
New albums, great pics, who cares, right? I'd leave if it weren't so darned hard to do so. Fubar has not been good to me, I've tried. Well, enjoy everyone but me, gang, lol, I ain't nothin anyway..Kell
disregard things i may have said last night for i was plastered out o' my mind............
What You Might Think About Me?
This is something a friend gave to me and I needed this at the right time..... Hope you enjoy it as much as I have... (The paragraph below was written by David Keirsey)************* If I do not want what you want, please try not to tell me that my want is wrong. Or if I believe other than you, at least pause before you correct my view. Or if my emotion is less than yours, or more, given the same circumstances, try not to ask me to feel more strongly or weakly. Or yet if I act, or fail to act, in the manner of your design for action, let me be. I do not, for the moment at least, ask you to understand me. That will come only when you are willing to give up changing me into a copy of you. I may be your spouse, your parent, your offsping, your friend, or your colleague. If you will allow me any of my own wants, or emotions, or beliefs, or actions, then you open yourself, so that some day these ways of mine might not seem so wrong, and might finally appear to you as right -- for me. To
Brain Damaging Habits
BRAIN DAMAGING HABITS 1. No Breakfast People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration. 2. Overeating It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power. 3. Smoking It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease. 4. High Sugar consumption Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development. 5. Air Pollution The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency. 6. Sleep Deprivation Sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells. 7. Head covered while sleeping Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and de
The Top Five Cancer-causing Foods
The top five cancer-causing foods are: 1. HOT DOGS - because they are high in nitrates, the Cancer Prevention Coalition advises that children eat no more than 12 hot dogs a month. If you can't live without hot dogs, buy those made without sodium nitrate. 2. Processed Meat ad Bacon Also high in the same sodium nitrates found in hot dogs, bacon, and other processed meats raise the risk of heart disease. The saturated fat in bacon also contributes to cancer. 3. Dough nuts Dough nuts are cancer-causing double trouble. First, they are made with white flour, sugar, and hydrogenated oils, then fried at high temperatures. Dough nuts, says Adams , may be the worst food you can possibly eat to raise your risk of cancer. 4. French Fries Like dough nuts, French fries are made with hydrogenated oils and then fried at high temperatures. They also contain cancer- causing acrylate's amides which occur during the frying process. They should be called cancer fries, no
I Will Be
There's nothing I could say to you Nothing I could ever do to make you see What you mean to me All the pain, the tears I cried Still you never said goodbye and now I know How far you'd go I know I let you down But it's not like that now This time I'll never let you go I will be, all that you want And get myself together Cause you keep me from falling apart All my life, I'll be with you forever To get you through the day And make everything okay I thought that I had everything I didn't know what life could bring But now I see, honestly You're the one thing I got right The only one I let inside Now I can breathe, cause you're here with me And if I let you down I'll turn it all around Cause I would never let you go I will be, all that you want And get myself together Cause you keep me from falling apart All my life, I'll be with you forever To get you through the day And make everything okay I will be, all that you want And get myself tog
No Cast's Yaaaayyyy
Well seems my hand is finally better. They took the casts off yesterday on both my hand and leg. i get to wear a knee imobilizer but its much better than having that damn straight cast on. At least now i can take a shower without having to pull on a stupid rubber leg lmao. And i can type again woohoo. Since my birthday is coming up...yes i Am actually celebrating this year i get to go out for dinner and a movie with my family. Dark Chocolate Fudge cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Now my birthday is next Friday but we are doing the party this friday. That's what i get for having parents that work or have shit to do. Its ok though. Will be here Friday night to chill and celebrate with all my friends here at fubar. You guys are great. Peace will write more some other time. Forever Yours, ravenwolf
A Better Tomorrow
I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow My days of sadness are a thing of the past Because I have found true love at last My days of emptiness are gone for good Because you fill a void in my heart that you should You've opened a window You've shown me the light And my love for you will continue to burn bright.
Army Bound...............
Ready For Love
Take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin; bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near; take away my pain and fear. In the darkness of the night, be my beacon, shine your light. In the brightness of the sun, show me that you are the one. Give me wings so I can fly; for I can soar when you're nearby. Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see? Break my chains and set me free. Strip me of my armor tight; you'll find I won't put up a fight. Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, let love begin.
For My Wife Spirit
The red rose whispers of passion, And the white rose breathes of love; O the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove. But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For the love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on the lips.
There is nothing like coming out at night and staring at a starlit sky. I have always had a fascination with these bizarre otherworldly creatures. In relation to Supernovas, it is mind boggling to realize that we can see objects that are no longer there, but by extreme laws of physics that transcend our comprehension and put a concept of time and distance onto one plane, can still be seen with our naked eye. It is a realization that we are seeing something from such a distant past, something that once was so massive and great, even after its complete destruction. Billions and billions of light years lay between us and the stars, but their power is so strong that we can actually see them.
Why Men Love Boobs?
Because no other organ can do this LOL I just love them xD How about you?
The precise instant I saw you Was exceptional how we met. You took me by inclusive revelation. I knew my heart was primed. As days flew by, we talked on one occasion, But you on no explanation seemed to heed. I tried preeminently to be of assistance By a favor at this juncture, or a favor in attendance. Although my slant was prompt, Our friendship grew extra each day. I realized how profound I cared But the sentiment I endured was inexperienced. In time I became attached to you. Commencing a hug, I wouldn't let go. I instantaneously saw how familiar we were And the reaction was agreeable to recognize. For you, I wrote engaging letters and such. You are continuously on my mind the entire day. The deliberation of sleeping was nowhere in close proximity Unless I knew you were alright. It then came to me to what I was in - A matchless and precious love. For the individual I supposed was merely mine Was an angel sent from above. The minutes wi
I don't wanna rush this thing I don't wanna jump the gun I really wanna say those three little words But I'm gonna bite my tongue Yeah, I'm just gonna lay on back Leave it on cruise control I'm gonna hold it all inside Till the right time comes down the road [Chorus:] I got a feelin' My head's a reelin' My heart is screamin' I'm about to bust loose Bottled up emotion It's more than a notion It starts with an "I" And ends with a "U" I got a feelin' Are you feelin' it too I guess I've all but said it now So much for hopin' you'd go first Don't leave me hangin' out here on a line Baby, it's your turn Say you couldn't sleep last night Swore that you could feel me breathe Had you wantin' me there by your side Yeah, baby I know what you mean [Second Chorus:] I got a feelin' My heads a reelin' My heart is screemin' I'm about to bust loose Bottled up emotion It's more than a notion It starts with an "I" And ends with a "U" I get a feelin' You're fee
Device Bondage
In the dark your beauty extended in to the room as moonlight With shyness and fear you grabbed my heart, but kept me far Lightning bugs were flying out side like your silent desire Your earrings were glittering like little stars in the night You were covered by roses I couldn't find your sight I felt sleepy, but I didn't know why,then I opened my eyes I saw your blonde hair flying all over my face You held my hand and asked me ' Can I kiss?' I said, ' We have a long night',and my finger held your lips You were so passionate to know how much did I love you I couldn't explain, because, I didn't know how deep the sea was, but I knew My love was deeper than the sea, longer than sky, more numerous than your hair Beloved, I care for you more than me, and my love is fair ' How much do you care?' that was my question You answered; you were unsure, but more than your inhalation Suddenly, we heard birds were singing and the sun was rising Our love
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Just Curious.................lie Or Squeal Mumm Also
Just out of curiousity if you knew 2 people who were your friends and one was cheating on the other without them knowing, and made you promise not to tell, would you lie to other person and say U dont know anything or would you tell the truth?
I forsee no hope of light for happiness i will forever be in this dark place, no sign of life anywhere close to being what other call happiness, what is this thing they all speak of? is it that wonderful? will i ever see the light or am i searching for something that does not exist? i will forever be in my dark place
Let Love Begin
Take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin; bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near; take away my pain and fear. In the darkness of the night, be my beacon, shine your light. In the brightness of the sun, show me that you are the one. Give me wings so I can fly; for I can soar when you're nearby. Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see? Break my chains and set me free. Strip me of my armor tight; you'll find I won't put up a fight. Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, let love begin.
Training Of O: Bobbi Starr Day 3
Training Of O: Bobbi Starr Day 4
More I see of this girl the more I like her.
Well, in case you didn't read my profile all the way through, this is my NEW fu-profile. An ex of mine changed the password to my old profile and, since he's being a total child about it, I just started a new one. And, no I can't just do password recovery. He changed my yahoo and hotmail passwords as well. All because I wouldn't f*ck him anymore....... So, here I am again.........back and better than ever!!! Stephanie
(first of all this isn't a cry for help or a suicide was an accident, i shouldn't have taken so many but i thought i could handle them) so...unintentionally i took waaaaaay too many darvocet yesterday and had a near death experience this morning about 4am. i woke up freezing but sweating, my eye sight was all fucked up, and i couldn't walk straight to save me, i found the bathroom and puked for about an hour....and fell asleep there til my roommate just woke me up about an hour ago. he shook me awake because my skin was faded gray and he thought i was dead! he was crying when i opened my eyes... i'm scared to go to the doctor now....i never want to see opiates ever again. i'm still shaky from the side effects and wore out from the strain on my body... i'm not writing for u to pity me, but to understand...i will never ever pop pills after that again. i really thought i was going to die on the floor of my bathroom this morning, cold, scared, and all alone...i dunt wa
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Sexiest Eyes Contest
Can you please rate and comment my pic in this contest..I would really appreciate it! thanks in advance!!:) heres the link
Dirty Daisy
Hard Bondage
To The Dumbass Who Blocked Me
I have no clue wtf you are talking about. I saw recent blogs and clicked on a link and saw the blog. I am nobody, I am just trying to have a little fun on here. By the way, I shed a small tear to find out I was blocked....not! Carry on.
So Sad
> >Am I A Fireman Yet?? >! >In Phoenix , Arizona , a 26-year-old mother stared down at her 6 year >old son, who was dying of terminal leukemia. > >Although her heart was filled with sadness, she also had a strong >feeling of determination. >Like any parent, she wanted her son to grow up & fulfill all his dreams. > >Now ! that was no longer possible. > >The leukemia would see to that. But she still wanted her son's dream to >come true. > >She took her son's hand and asked, >"Billy, did you ever think about what you wanted to be once you grew up? >Did you ever dream and wish what you would do with your life?" > >Mommy, "I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up." > >Mom smiled back and said, "Let's see if we can make your wish come true." > >Later that day she went to her local fire Department in Phoenix , >Arizona , where she met Fireman Bob, who had a heart as big as Phoenix . > >She explained her son's final wish and asked if it might be possib
Tell Me Whatcha Think?
Are you playing around? ;)1.___ Are you bored?2.___ Are you lonely?3.___ Are you disenchanted this days?4.___ Are you feeling a hunting expedition?5.___ Are you seeking romance?6.___Are you seeking connection?7.___ Are you seeking intimacy? 8.___Are you seeking sexuality? 9.___Are you seeking companionship? 10.___ Are you frustrated? 11.____ Are you lacking patience? 12.____ Am I a safe individual? 13.___
In So Much Pain And Sorrow
I need my friends to help me but how can they? How can they make the pain go away? I need you now more then ever! Feelings by Joy Curnutt I feel like Ive just existed And now its been a year. I dont know how Ive lived and breathed Without you being here. I know you lived your lifetime As short as that seems to me, But the pain in my heart is still so great, Yet I know your spirit is free. At times I think I hear you The thoughts come to my mind. I struggle for the sound of your voice, But your voice I cannot find. Yet you come to me in many ways So I know you did not die, You want to tell me that youre close, And to please stop asking Why. Our lives on earth seem all too brief, Or brief as it seems to me. But where you are is forever, God calls that Eternity! Copyright 2000 by Joy Curnutt. All rights reserved
It's Gone?!?!
Does anyone else have their bday alerts missing on their home page? I noticed yesterday that section was gone & I missed a friend's birthday; which I hate! I've gone through my profile settings but I haven't figured it out yet. Is it me or are they tinkering with the site & I missed it?
Silver Bullet Burnout!
AHAHHHHHHHH I guess I've been using my toys too much! My silver bullet overheated and died last night. I guess I will have to buy two of them this time and use one as a backup!!! ROFL
Need Help Please!
Im looking for someone to do my a fubar profile skin....the skin i want is one For the Ironman Movie and i also am looking for someone to do a morphing pic of me morphing into Ironman...if anyone can help please contact me ASAP
I Am Tired Of Touching People..
So yeah...the wonderful world of day spa ownership and massage therapy. Too..much. I'd like to quit..apply for welfare..and sit around in my panties on the couch and not shower or move for at LEAST a month. Stress central. I am tired of dealing with the estrogen poisoning that happens when you have 13 female employees competing for clients. It's like watching badgers fight. Sick. Oh yeah..and naked people...yup..tired of touching them. I love my job...I like helping people to feel better...however there are ALWAYS those who are just a pain in the ass. They all came in TODAY. I want to send them to a different therapist..preferably one that specializes in happy endings..cuz I think these folks need to get some. Eh..maybe not. I'm not getting any..and my angst level is minimal. Maybe I'll suggest masturbation along with water and a healthy exercise regimen.
I Just Dont Get It....
Lately alot of women on here have been telling me im Sexy and im super duper cute......seriously i dont see what it is their seeing....i honestly dont see myself as being cute or anything....I kinda see myself as being ugly(due to a lack of self esteem). I really wish i could see what these women are seeing in me cuz it eludes me.....damn...... (rate and comment)
My Fu-owners
These lovely people have won me in auctions here on fubar and I couldn't help but share them with you!! Show them lots of love!! My Sexy Soldier ~п GThϢdr~H FRR@RT ЧLL'$ TL|{RWѣ ߥ ♦vl gl & @ fubar My Japan Travel Buddy [[lol..:P]] Shinigami@ fubar My Lovely Lady Friend ♕Amitola Nidawi♕ :{FuWife to Dj_MEKO}: ♈ Promoter of Fu-Luv Bomb Squad@ fubar My Favorite Attention Whore O.M.G. IM SUCH AN ATTENTION WHORE!!!!@ fubar My Cali Man Will@ fubar More will be added as they join the ranks!!
Irony Of Love
The greatest irony of love: loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right, and finding out you love someone right after that person walks out of your life. and sometimes, you think you' re already over a person, but when you see them smile at you, you' ll suddenly realize that you' re just pretending to be over them just to ease the pain of knowing that they will never be yours again. For some, they think that letting go is one way of expressing how much they love that person. Most relationships tend to fail not because the absence of love. Love is always present. It' s just that one was being loved too much and the other was being loved too little. Sometimes, it's the TRUST that was absent. As we all know that the heart is the center of the body but it beats on the left. Maybe that's the reason why the heart is not always right. Most often we fall in love with the person we think we love but to only discover that for them we are just for pas
Take A Hint
If you're some creep that hits on me, and I don't respond to it, or I just say thanks then ignore you, Its because I'm not interested. NO I'm not interested in hooking up with couples, married or not. NO i dont want to fuck you if youre over 30. In fact I'm not here to find someone to hook up with , period. So back off. I dont care how "mean i am" because i dont have 24 hrs a day to talk to you just to be nice. I dont waste my time talkin to people who have nothing worth while to say. AND i've never understood the people that start insulting me after I reject them, 30 seconds ago you were telling me how great i am, and as soon as i say i dont wanna fuck your old ugly ass, I'm suddenly an ugly whore. My Advice, try an ugly whore, they might just respond to your "charm" better than a 19 yr old who has a life outside of the internet.
No Is No
I do not even know how to begin this....except...when a human being says NOis is license....feeling...or living arrangement, gives anyone the right to violate your and mind and soul ..when you say NO you are still a person .. I would like to share the turmoil and waterfall of emotions one experiences when this is violated by anyone AND when that ANYONE is really have a personal relationship with or is live changing and the outcome is never known.... it becomes worse ...the ultimate betrayal and hurt does begin to cover the emotions and degradion you feel inside...the death of your soul I would like die..yet want them to die...(at my hands) ..I feel "less then" ...yet angry at their....i blame myself ..them ..others..and many other factors turn over and over again..I want 3very one to know what that person did..YET too ashamed t do it and let them see me vulnerable. I want to thinmk I am dreaming and I will wake up and
Lost Thought
Gentle breezes blow my mind begains to stray boredom grows my thoughts begain to sway i long for your embrase press your lips to mine hads corress your face your curves so fine i miss your warming smile your body next to mine cuddling for a while sipping on your wine lips do touch to set a spark toungs interwine heating up the dark tingles up your spine moans of passion fill the night lust is in the air everythings so right running hands through your hair pleasure sets the pace two hearts as one minds do race all lies are done Ryan Smith
It's all about me! OK, it has begun! Get your butts in here NOW! Bomb Me!
Give A Woman Shoes And She'll Use Them To Run Away
Men buy shoes to have something to protect their feet when they walk around... women buy shoes so other women can't have them. I've been in quite a few relationships over the years, and as broke as I am and as much as I claim to be against buying affection - I have always been pretty generous with gifts for the girls I've dated. I'm generous without showering them with presents as a substitute for winning them over with my awesomeness though. I think it's pretty pathetic when guys buy girls drinks at clubs because they have big boobs or just basically put up a front like they're going to shower a girl with money and jewelry to get in their panties. When I think of all the money I've spent (birthdays, christmas, no reason in particular, etc... ), I probably could've sent a couple of kids to college... at least community college. I know I've bought shoes for some of the girls I've been out with, and I know none of them have stuck around. That's got to serve as proof somehow
Unlock My Door
Eyes do meet,thing twist about time slows down no fear,no dought hearts do powned the room is full smoke hangs grey my mind you stole i long for you to stay things in common again an again no lies no pain,no sin break my earthly ties meeting of chance together at last feelings lead to romance inobitions cast love is at hand my heart is yours feel the love,make the stand heres the key unlock my doors
My Son Ashton
Well, I just have to share this because it is so funny... My kids have been on spring break this week and my mother in law came and picked up my son Ashton, who is four years old and very hyper... he stayed the night and the next day she took him to the movies... while they were in the movies he ended up getting stuck in his seat... they were unable to get him out so the fire department was called and two big firetrucks with a total of seven men came in the movie theatre to take the seat apart and free my screaming son... during all of this everyone had to leave and recieved free passes to return to the movies... My mohter in law called and explained it all and said she was bringing him home then... she was exhausted, mentally and physically... I can just picture all the commotion going on at the movies and it is so funny now that it is over... Just had to share... :)
To Hell And Back Each Day
White steam breath rises on frigid black background, Steely blue street lights stab into the street around; Thoughts that want to mingle bleed through poised third eyes, Hair embraces over foreheads, tips of paired noses like ice. Wind whips across the tarmac whining bittersweet farewell, A fastner on a flagpole rattles out a hollowed knell; A Delta 88 pops gravel as the Lear jet staves the wind, Rustling white rabbit peels reflections near the end. Separating heavy garments yields up memory's bouquet, An olfactory tableau made of moments on that last day; Souls dined again on flesh's scent in patchouli reprise, You compared the thick aroma to the color of my eyes. What was in your anger that kept me so far away? And what stopped the clock to leave me here still today? The sauces, wines and mousse are reminders of misery, But a matchbox with fragrant oil brings you back to me Written By My Dear Friend Ernest Cordell These words spoke to me when I read them.
A Kiss To Remember
This one, by My Dying Bride, hits fairly close to home on the subject of past failures with certain women. I'm amazed I can still listen to the song at all, but the lyrics, for all their pain, are beautiful. There's no hope in them at all... Open me And drink up my scarlet Kiss me deep Kiss me deep and love me forever more Bloody love Bloody love inside of you Swallow me Thank God, there's nothing I can do Come with me my friend, come and see the end And let me swallow up your pain Leave the village lights, step into the night Open your mouth to my bloody rain And at your second birth, we will slay the earth And stalk mankind 'til Heaven burns Just lay down for me, naked for me to see It's just one kiss, that's all I need Take me down Down to the bloody shore Dig me deep, dig me deep And leave me forever more Lay me down Down with all of them And forget me Like you forgot the rest of them
Something important for you to consider, from a nurse: I'll never forget the look in my patients eyes when I had to tell them they had to go home with the drains, new exercises and no breast. I remember begging the Doctors to keep these women in the hospital longer, only to hear that they would, but their hands were tied by the insurance companies. So there I sat with my patients, giving them the instructions they needed to take care of themselves, knowing full well they didn't grasp half of what I was saying, because the glazed, hopeless, frightened look spoke louder than the quiet 'Thank You they muttered. A mastectomy is when a woman's breast is removed in order to remove cancerous breast cells/tissue. If you know anyone who has had a Mastectomy, you may know that there is a lot of discomfort and pain afterwards. Insurance companies are trying to make mastectomies an outpati
Tigers Den Lounge Banners For Bulletins
Click on the Picture above to check us out Click on the Picture above to check us out
On This Day
On this day... March 19: Oh my gosh... I'm like... so freaking high on kittens right now... Day 1000000 B.C. -The first kitten is discovered by Egyptians. They try burning the kitten to get high but discover that you must sniff the kitten to get high. 1300 - Chinese Explorer Who Flhung Dhung brings back kittens on which the Chinese become instantly addicted to. 1301 - Exactly one year later, the Chinese invent a more refined way of getting kitten into your system, now known by the street name "Heroin", it is really kitten in pure form. 1462 - Holy Roman Emperor Yugo Hugo IV dies because he finds someone elses shoe wedged next to his toilet. 1915 - U.S. President Woodrow Wilson becomes the first American to get high on kittens. 1915 - Pluto is photographed for the first time, discovering the first extra-terrestrial colony of human huffing kittens. 1940 - Nazi scientists invent Fanta, a four-legged mammal that was supposed to huff just like a kitten, in order to overcome
What Is Your Sexual Hidden Talent?
Using your body Your sexual hidden talent is using your body's natural charm and beauty to seduce your partner. You are all about having the perfect body/looking good for your partner - and it does the trick every time. Take this quiz at
Blues Traveler. The Mountains Win Again
pick up my smile put it in my pocket Hold it for a while try not to have to drop it Men are not to cry so how am I to stop it Keep it all inside don't show how much she rocked ya Ooh can you feel the same Ooh you gotta love the pain Ooh it looks like rain again Ooh I feel it comin' in The mountains win again The mountains win again Dreams we dreamed at night were never meant to come to life I can't understand the ease she pulled away her hand This time in my life I was hurt enough to care I guess from now on I'll be careful what I share Ooh can you feel the same Ooh ya gotta love the pain Ooh it looks like rain again Yeah feel it comin' in The mountains win again A pocket is no place for a smile anyway Someday I will find love again will blow my mind Maybe it will be that love that got away from me Is there a line to write that could make you cry tonight Can you feel the same Yeah ya gotta love the pain Ooh it looks like rain again Ooh feel it comin' i
New Found Fun Lmao
Re: Rumors Of Gold's Demise Greatly Exaggerated
RE: Rumors Of Gold's Demise Greatly Exaggerated ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 19 Mar 2008, 23:12 Rumors Of Gold's Demise Greatly Exaggerated Gold's six percent fall and its biggest decline since mid-2006 today has some investors worried that the precious metal's meteoric rise could be about to turn south, allied to a report that predicts a gold crash down to just $600 an ounce. However, rumors of gold's demise have been greatly exaggerated. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/march2008/031908_golds_demise. htm
Nsfw Pics
well, i am going to say this one time and one time only... if anyone marks another one of my pics nsfw i will delete my profile... i have my pics for my friends only and i thought's that's what they were, friends... i wouldn't go to your page and mark one of your pics, so why should one of you get away with it either??? geeeeeeeeeez s
With the full moon only a day away I'm placing myself into retreat from most things that I do around here. I'm going to be like a dragon fly with ordinary life things for about a month while I pace myself through a very heavy practice that is needed for my well being. This is life and this is what is truly needed for me to be the person that I could one day be. My placement on things are going to look weird to most people, which is something other people need to learn, ignorance is not my friend. So when I do come back after my retreat however long it takes to do my accumalations, I'll be taking dragonfly steps in understanding where I stand again in the thoughts and which direction would suit me best. To my family, you know how to contact me away from here. And I suggest for my time of retreat you contact me via those ports of call. Work, where I live aren't good conditions, It's time for me to step up to my own plate and do something about these conditions without a
Hated Or Loved
I'd rather be hated for who I am... Then loved for who I am not...
Perfect Sense
Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the CONFUSION, SMILE through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.
Right Now
As I cleaned my house and I cook dinner for a flghty set of people called family, I ponder on the many things going on in my life. Midterm time that had stressed me in my persuit of "Straight A's". Such an elusive but possible thing. I worry over my son and his growing, learning and attention needs. Familiy scattered all over the place and some in dangerous places I worry over there safety and happiness. Last but not least I worry over my statuas a single woman and I argue with myself is this really what is besst for me. Have I made the right decisions In life, in love, in friendship. Now as I emerge back into a dating world I am not what a guy wfor in a woman. Old fashion, non smoker, fatfrom child conception. I am not perfect nor am I beautiful so how, how, how am i to ever meet someone and be happy when I cannot please a person.??? ~AL~
Love is like Magic... ... But most of De time Magic is just an ILLUSION...
Fade To Black On Violin (short)
playin part of Metallica's Fade to Black on my violin. A tiny part, just one line so far.
Used And Abused
so it all happens to everyone at one time or another well we can all get together throw a big fuckin party and say fuck you to who ever has screwed us over in life so lets all just kick back open up that case of beer and raise a middle finger to all those stupid fucks in our lives, oh yes and then just smile and enjoy the rest of this ride called life
If any of you out there are my friends, I ask you out of the kindness of my heart to repost this. If you're not my friend, I ask you search for the source compassion in your soul and repost this anyway. More importantly, if you're in a position to, DO something about it. This is about California legislation being passed to exterminate pit bulls. If it passes in California, it could be on it's way to anywhere. Someone has to try to make a difference...what if it were your pet? It would be great if Facebook and My Space could be used for something good . Please pass the word along and post as many people can see this as possible .
Stephanie Is A Little Over 7000 To Go.
Let's pimp this chick! St3pH4ni3:FuOwned by JOHN/Love you AndrewAkaTANK[RATE SPANKERS MEMBER]@ fubar
Romance Pattern
What's Your Romantic Pattern?My Result: Mentor and the ProtegeThe Mentor and the Protg is a romantic pattern that's about more than love for love's sake. In it, love grows out of deeper need to learn and understand other aspects of your life through the teachings of someone else. But, here's the recurring pattern you may see in your relationships: Love isn't the only thing you're after. You want power, success, attention, maybe even fame. You want to be recognized, doted on, and adored for your talents. And the object of your desire is the person best suited to provide you with these things a boss, a mentor, a teacher, or a troubled genius. Similarly, the object of your affection can take the place of an absent parent or role model, providing security and nurturance. Whatever the reason, you're likely to feel a boost to your self-image when you're with this person. Just as this romantic pattern overpowers you, you might wish to be overpowered by someone stronger, wise
Turn On
The Sexual Turn On TestMy Result: PersonalityPeople who get most turned on by a person's personality are aroused by the emotional or mental connection they share with that person.What are you?
Values Test
Your values help make you a Gentle Protector You're one of those rare people who'll typically go out of your way to protect the vulnerable from harm. You also appear to be more personally concerned about situations that violate innocents' rights than many people are. This kind of empathy, coupled with your ordinarily giving nature, can make you a real crusader for the underdog. Interestingly enough, it seems your care for other living things goes beyond your fellow humans. As a result, it's likely that you count yourself as a friend and protector of the earth around you, as well. Who are you compatible with? The values types you're most likely to click with whether in business relationships or in love are those types that most closely resemble your own set of values. As a result, people with the same type are usually the most compatible. But besides being with another Gentle Protector, the two types that you most closely match with are Forgiving Humanitarian and Responsib
Woo Hoo
Ok guys.....heads up....ROUND 2......*ding* Oh yeah...........she of the underworld has struck to say...more untruths and complete fabrications........BUT this should be more interesting.....this time the gloves are well and truly OFF, for legal reasons I can not say anymore right now but for those who do know the Master..........this one will be more pleasing than the last legal disaster was......did I not tell...well maybe after this round is complete I will blog the whole darn lot..sooooooo, keep um peeled and watch this space.........
Sexi Sam Is In A Giveaway
Hey everyone, Sexi Sam has entered a giveaway to receive a 7 day blast. She only needs 10K in comments! Let's see what we can do to help our family member and friend out. Thanks! Rebel'sAngelColonel for The Terminators Click on the pic to take you straight to the giveaway! ~Sexi Sam~
where's all my wonderful friends at? i've sent most of you that are online messages in your SB yet no response. yea some of you leave it on and walk away i know i do too. but the ones that are on and voting on mumms suck
Support Lounge
I have been informed of a lounge that has been recently started that is for people who are looking for some support, whether they be military or families of them that are so far apart. If you need to talk to someone or you would like to help someone who needs someone to talk to, please join this lounge. It is new, so please help make this a place people can come with confidence they can get help!! Thank you to MaidnChainZ Real-Life GF of "Who Flung Poo" for the it is
Bratty Bytch Is Doing What ?
She's holding a Give-away ... Lets show her and everyone that joins in lots of luv .. BrattyBytch ~ Forgotten Fu~Shadow Leveler@ fubar This will be for the first person to send me a private message! Serious replies only! I am giving away a day blasts! 7500 Comments to get the blast. Rules! 1)Send me a message letting me know you're interested! And let me know which pic you would like me to use - NO NSFW! 2) No Drama! 3)If your picture remains inactive for 48 hours or longer - I will remove your picture, and give someone else the chance to earn the 3 day blast. 4) Have fun - Remember the days when bombing used to be fun???????
United States Concentration Camps?
FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders Friends of Liberty (undated) 3sep04 [ Below: U.S. Concentration Camps: FEMA and the REX 84 Program - The Awakening News (undated) 3sep04] note: It may be easy to find fault with the premise of this article. You may even know of numerous sites that are not used as camps. But the plain fact remains that the USA maintains illegal prisons around the world. It remains a secret only to imbeciles in the US. The rest of the world knows for certain that it's quite real. The way things are going in the US, it's not a matter of if, but when these underused facilities come online to serve the master otherwise known as Moloch. Most likely, not many Japanese in the US doubt the premise of this article. And for Jews in Europe during the Holocaust, the article must hit a hard note. So, what makes you think it can't happen here? The executive orders below are quite real. The camps exist. Do the mat
Help My Girl
The forever sexy Bratty Bytch is offering a 3 day blast when I get 7500 comments on my pic. Please stop by and drop me a few when you get some time. If everyone will help me out, it won't take long at all. Thankies soooooooooooooo much!! Woot Woot!!!
" Happy Birthday Son "
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Johnny Cash
When you' re weary feeling small When tears are in your eyes I'll dry them all I'm on your side oh when times get rough And friends just can t be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down When you re down and out When you re on the street When evening falls so hard I will comfort you ooh I'll take your part oh when darkness comes And pain is all around Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Sail on silver girl Sail on by Your time has come to shine All your dreams are on their way See how they shine Oh if you need a friend I'm sailing right behind Like a bridge over troubled water I will ease your mind Like a bridge over troubled water I will ease your mind
would you like to see my equipment?
We Are In Need Of Everyone Tonight
Late Night Texting
ok for all those that i have there cell numbers and winder why you get all these wierd texts at odd times at nights its simple i work nights so i be up. if you would like to joing the texting club leave me a message preferably not on my blog with a nickname and a number. if i dont already know who you are.
My Birthday
Well today is my birthday. Well it was. I had to work. That is not good. But i got money for working. Thats a plus. it goes toward my hotel room for my party. We went to Ryan's for my birthday diner. It was bomb ass. Other than the fact that the whole ryans workers sang me the happy happy birthday song. Today at work the regular guy named Ernie....had me go to the middle of the store because he had to show me something or so he said.....and he sang to me on one knee in front of the whole fucking store and sang me happy birthday at the top of his lungs....people came up to me and gave me money after that though. All in all i had a pretty good birthday. It is going to continue this weekend though. I am a little intoxicated right now so if this is full of typos dont hold it against me. xoxox-candi
A Special World
A Special World A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb. Its fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it holds us fast Bonds like this are meant to last. And though at times a thread may break A new one forms in its wake To bind us closer and keep us strong In a special world, where we belong.
"i Am The Reason Why"
Can you feel the pain I feel? Can you taste the tears I cry? Do you know how long I've felt alone, And know I'm the reason why? Can you hear the words I try to say? Can you help me begin? Can you know the fears I have? Can you help me escape this private hell I've been in? Nobody can do these things. Nobody really sees. The pains and fears I have, Are mostly due to me. I live behind this wall I built... At times, I want to come out. But as soon as I open the door, My heart and mind are filled with doubt. My mind and heart are in a giant war. I will always find a ways to hide my heart more... At times it seems my heart is under lock and key. Like I keep it wrapped up tight. Though love is what I want to have... It stays far out of sight. So again, I ask... can you feel the pain I feel? Can you taste the tears I cry? Do you know how long I've been alone, And know I'm the reason why? ~Tazy~
What You Mean To Me ...
What You Mean To Me ... You turned my darkness into light; You made everything all right. You picked me up when I was down; You turned my life around. If I didn't have you, what would I be? A blessing is what you are to me. When I needed you the most, you were there; Even if it seemed like you didn't care. When I didn't think I could make it another day, You chased all my doubts away. If I didn't have you, what would I be? A treasure is what you are to me. The world is full of many people, it's true; But there is only one of you. You fill my heart with love; You're a God-sent gift from above. If I didn't have you, what would I be? An angel is what you are to me. Lost and alone, I will no longer be; Because you are here with me. There is no reason to be sad; You've taken away all the bad. If I didn't have you, what would I be? A best friend is what you are to me!! (Best friends just can't be replaced. They complement our lives so beautifully.)
The Senility Prayer
THE SENILITY PRAYER Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, The good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.
My Boo
imikimi - Customize Your World
Ya know, I always hated Supertramp. la di di da la da da da de da de da hey yahoo hey yahoo hey yahoo hey yahoo wtf? UGGGH
Hi My First One
I'm in a GIVE AWAYS/CONTEST Just need ur help JUST CLICK THE PIC BELOW: Rate and comments are welcome THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! ~~JaCk~~***Read my profile page before requesting or adding please@ fubar
Out Of Reach..........
Out there....far away.... Wishing you were closer..... Wishing you were here with me.... A touch or even a look....... To see you smile.... To hold your hand..... To have you close..... But none of this may never be...... As you are so far away from me...... Out of reach......Out Of Reach......OUT OF REACH.. This is owned by me, please do not copy or use with out permission
You know the past two day have in a way been a nightmare for me. I am grateful for the pay raise I go at work. But it's the fact of the things I do, and when something has to be done who do they ask. And I wake up this morning and just feel like whatever. I do what I can to respect people. But why it feels like they expect you to treat them like a piece of garbage. How fucked up is that.
Here you go i found alot so hope you like!!!! Again, in keeping with my on-going losing battle with OCD, I wrote down all the outrageous, inspiring, offensive, enraging, insipid, bewildering, or hilarious statements made in 2007. Enjoy. -JPS "Yeah, they got the eyes like they're Oriental, and, you know, it's all pulled. So make sure you do it right." - Pat Robertson, noting that people like Fox News host Greta Van Susteren who get plastic surgery have strange-looking eyes "Welcome to Scotland" - Scotland's new slogan, which is what an ad agency came up with for a new "exciting" slogan after spending six months on the initiative and getting paid 125,000 pounds -- about $258,750 -- by the Scottish government "Since when did I become the spokesperson for nappy-headed hos?" - Wanda Sykes, on being contacted by every media outlet for her views on Don Imus. She also added, I "thought Imus died, like, nine years ago. ... [He has] one of those faces that belongs in the
Just Got Started Loving You
25 Signs U Have Grown Up
25 SIGNS YOU HAVE GROWN UP 1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them. 2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question. 3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge. 4. 6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed. 5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator. 6. You watch the Weather Channel. 7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of "hook up" and "break up." 8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14. 9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as "dressed up." 10. You're the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door won't turn down the stereo. 11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you. 12. You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore. 13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up. 14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald's leftovers. 15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt. 16. You take naps. 17. Dinner and a movie is t
Part Two
Later that night.... Helen gently awoke in the middle of the night, her head resting on Phil's chest as it slowly rose and fell with his breathing. A lamp at one end of the room and a few almost burnt out flickering candles provided a break from the darkness. She got off of the bed and wandered towards the full length mirror. She stood admiring her naked form in it's reflection. She noticed with mock indignation the red marks on her neck where Phil had been biting her earlier and remembered how amazing their first ever lovemaking had been, so tender and passionate at the same time. She felt a growing arousal from within. She circled the redness on her neck with her slender fingers, then allowed them to snake down her chest. As one hand cupped a pert breast and massaged it gently, the other lightly brushed her soft downy pubic area. Suddenly, she was alerted by the sound of a single throat-clearing cough, and turned to see a bleary-eyed Phil grinning back at her. She continued
Part Three
The next morning... The late morning sun poured through the bedroom window of the hotel, illuminating the scene. Phil and Helen were laying naked on the bed in each other arms. As Phil stirred, he gave her a gentle squeeze to awaken her. Helen awoke to find Phil smiling broadly at her, and as she remembered the previous night's events she grinned sheepishly too. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately, awakening them both even more, particularly the yearnings from within. But before they could do any more a knock on the door startled them, and through a fit of giggles Phil managed to call out to housekeeping to come back later. Helen suggested they go for a nice romantic picnic at the beach as it was such a glorious day. Phil smiled approvingly at the idea. They enjoyed another lingering kiss before getting dressed and heading off in the car to buy some food. After leaving the store, Phil drove the hire car in the direction of the coast, the long straight road surprisingly
Part Four
A little bit later... The beach was still deserted, the sky turning hazy. A lightly cooling breeze over her face awoke Helen from her gentle slumber in Phil's arms. She eased herself up, careful not to disturb him. He remained asleep, a contented look on his face. She smiled as she noticed the bulge in his shorts and hoped he was dreaming about her. As Helen pondered his state of arousal, she felt herself becoming turned on too and instinctively her hand reached down between her legs. She pressed her fingers firmly against the outside of her knickers, feeling the moistness, murmuring softly as the pressure she applied started to build her pleasure. She pushed the crotch of her knickers to one side and allowed her fingers to caress the lips. Groaning a little more loudly, her middle finger slowly stroked her clitoris in a circular motion. Phil stirred and opened his eyes. He looked at her and smiled, his expression indicating his approval that she should carry on. Helen decided
I've been working on getting a buzz on my blogs. Myspace is the best place to blog; sorry for all the Myspace haters, but it's the truth. I also have started my own website:
Minor Surgery
Gonna be heading to the hospital in about a half hour for minor sugery. Its an out patient procedure so I'll be home today but I probably won't be back online. They told need about 3 days bed rest. My FRG leader is taking me and bringing me home and will be checking in on me to make sure I'm ok. She's also going to help the girls color Easter eggs Saterday. For those that don't know the military it would be hard to explain what an FRG leader is so I'm not going to LOL. I'll just say i'm in good hands and will be well taken care of between her and my daughters and I will be back on here soon. Hugs and Kisses Poki
Who Wants To Play.
Where are all the sexy older ladies? I am just dying to meet you all. Wish I could reach out and pull you all close to me. cmon, don't be afraid. Talk to me. It could be a lot of fun ;)
George And The Doctors
"Don't laugh!" said the patient George. "Of course I won't laugh," the doctor said. "I'm a professional. In over twenty years I've never laughed at a patient." "Okay then," George said, and proceeded to drop his trousers, revealing the tiniest 'whoo-ha' the doctor had ever seen. It couldn't have been bigger than the size of a AAA battery. Unable to control himself, the doctor started giggling, then fell laughing to the floor. Ten minutes later he was able to struggle to his feet and regain his composure. "I'm so sorry," said the doctor. "I really am. I don't know what came over me. On my honor as a doctor and a gentleman, I promise it won't happen again. Now what seems to be the problem?" "It's swollen," George replied
No Way
:s Touch the Darkness
"my޲ Men޲tal޲ Age޲ Is 36,޲ And޲ I'm 32.޲
You޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ kno޲޲,,޲,޲,޲w whe޲޲,,޲,޲,޲n you޲޲,,޲,޲,޲r bir޲޲,,޲,޲,޲th޲޲,,d޲޲,,޲a޲,޲,y޲޲ is,޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ but޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ how޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ old޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ sho޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ul޲޲,,d޲޲,,޲ you޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ rea޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ll޲޲,,y޲޲,,޲ be?޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ (ju޲޲,,޲,޲,޲st޲޲,, put޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ an X nex޲޲,,޲,޲,޲t to the޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ thi޲޲,,޲,޲,޲ng޲޲,,s޲޲,,
This day seems to be dragging on forever! Probably because I am so tired. I'm just glad I have tomorrow and Monday off. Nice loooong weekend. Now if I can just win the lottery ..... :P
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i need more help please if you could take a few mins of your time and do 100 comments if you can thank you
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Hello my friends. Go and show Chuckiiboo some love for always having a lot of Happy Hours up and rate, fan and add him. chuckiiboo@ fubar Please tell him cutemommy82 I'm the queen, who are you? Im your Diamond!!! ~*~ cutemommy82 ~*~@ fubar and pooh bear pooh bear,,@ fubar sent you! We wish you all a great day!!!
Globalism And Foreign Policy
Globalism and Foreign Policy Written by Kerby Anderson A small but powerful group of internationalists is bent on bringing every aspect of our world society under one, universal political system. The philosophy behind this movement is known as globalism. In this article we will be looking at the subject and describing how it has been promoted by the Bush and Clinton administrations. First, I would like to begin by looking at the goals of globalists. Though they are a diverse and eclectic group of international bankers, politicians, futurists, religious leaders, and economic planners, they are unified in their desire to unite the planet under a one-world government, a single economic system, and a one- world religion. Through various governmental programs, international conferences, and religious meetings, they desire to unite the various governments of this globe into one single network. Although this can be achieved in a variety of ways, the primary focus of globalists
Guess Age Is Just A Number
I had a relationship a few months. Well, more like 4 dates in five weeks. I probably shouldn't have started it because she was 25 and worked in the same building but not for the same company. Still, I try not to get invlolved with someone at work, to complicated. I can't describe the first time I met her though. It was like, I knew that if I asked her, she would go out with me. I just knew she was attracted to me and I was attracted to her in a way that was not just looks. By the way, she wasn't smokin hot but to me she was beautiful in every way that counted to me. After we started dating we started talking on the phone and each time we talked it wold be for hours or until the cell phone would die. When we went out we had great times. I would never tell her what we were going to do on our dates and I would always plan something different, something fun. I made one mistake though, I told my manager that she may see me with this person and that I was dating her but that if she
New Terror Group
I wrote this as a short story a few years ago. Since then I have moved a couple times, today I came across it and had to write it down. Hope you enjoy it. Not this time he promises himself, their Gestapo tactics wont work on him this time. Every year they get him, like an annual attack or some sort of twisted anniversary celebration. Surprise is their ally. Unable to narrow them to calendar days, he is unprepared for them. Not like ti matters, there is no hiding from them. Like disciplined guerilla fighters they are everywhere. Your friendly neighbor one day, stealthy commando the next, only to return to their previous demeanor, cheerfully waving hello in spite of what they have done to you. Well he has not forgotten, and today here now he makes his stand. Today he will defy them. And not just for himself, but for all people everywhere who has been victimized by them. At least he can identify them. That uniform they are so proud of makes them stand out. He would sw
My Humor Iz
ok i joke i joke i kid i kid..most of the times..go flat like a 90 yearold hiney rocking speed do's im free with words..i dont draw lines in the sand cause..i cross them. no need 2 be mad when only care free is ur own outlook on self not others. i can admit words hurt only if they tures..and only lies will have laughing till face turn blue
as most that knows me I have court coming up./For custody of my kids.And my ex is making my life a living hell at home and work... I problay wont be on much do to stress and worrying....Please keep me in your prayers and wish the best for me... I need xoxox Honey
Blow Me Up.....
Happy Easter All;
Know this day many yrs ago Jesus was crusified for all you and me. He died that we may live thru belief .. Know he has risen and All was forgiven thru him ..As we do believe and know he crossed thru death to eternity and it is a gift to us .. That he bought and paid for our soulds to have everlasting life ..> All we have to do is choise to follow him with a pure heart and know his truth , love and kindness, adn his light . Amen hugz diana
Of All The Luck!
Good luck that is. I'm so excited. Last night i found out that my favorite band is going to be at this festival that myself, ruby, and chris are going to!!! I had to cover my face with a pillow so i could scream. I know. Very teeny bopper. But this is ETID!!!!!!!!!
He Was A Friend Of Mine
Respect is a wonderful word. If you look it up in the dictionary it is attached to the words esteem and consideration. If more people had respect for themselves as well as others think of how the world would be. People would be more considerate, and maybe people would have a better selfesteem, so there for more self respect. I am trying to learn how to respect myself as well as be considerate to other people feelings and wants. I think we should all try it and see how the world will change. I think it would be for the better.
I know its just points, but its OUR POINTS Right? Feel Free to leave a link to any and all DOWNRATERS here in this blog... a member had one today and he felt the WRATH... I go after them head on..PLEASE BLOCK THEM FROM YOUR PAGE>>>> killthedrama77@ fubar
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Best Of Both Worlds
i recently went out to a local bar in phoenix, and felt like something wild and crazy. i met up with this beautiful girl, and we started to make out. she invited me back to her place, but i was a little scared to go where id never been. we continued our make out in a quiet part of the bar, and i felt something strange comebetween us. this is when i relaized that SHE was a shemale, and i got all wet thinking how great this could be. she had big beautiful boobs, that would make most women envious, including myself. when i felt the bulge in her crotch i just knew i had to see it. DAMN!! she was bigger than any man i had ever had before. had to be 9" and as big around as my wrist. i then told her yes, i would go home with her. it was the most incredible nght ive ever had. when i woke up in the morning i met her roommate, another beautiful shemale that invited me to come back some time soon. i agreed and plan on visiting them again soon. i dont know if it was just the excitement of somethin
May you be blessed with good friends. May you be a good friend to yourself. May you be able to journey to that place in your soul Where there is great love, warmth, feeling and forgiveness. May this change you. May it transfigure that which is negative, distant or cold in you. May you be brought into the real passion, kinship and affinity of belonging. May you treasure your friends. May you be good to them and may you be there for them; May they bring you all the blessings, challenges, truth and light That you need on your journey. May you never be isolated. May you always be in the gentle nest of belonging With your anam cara...(soul friend). "May you be blessed with good friends. May you learn to be a good friend to yourself�." (p. 36) AN IRISH FRIENDSHIP WISH May there always be work for your hands to do; May your purse always hold a coin or two; May the sun always shine on your window pane; May a rainbow be certain to follow each rai
This Is Just Beautiful
Find A Way" Lay your head down just for now Space fills your mind and you dream awhile The sun floods your room as you drown Your lungs full of breathing Your true love believe One more time to say I love you always And keeping faith letting love find a way Move let the stars suck you in Hold tight, the night's air and breathe again Let go and be burnt by the moon Your hands full of feeling Your true love believe One more time to say I love you always And keeping faith letting love find a way One more time to say I love you always And keeping faith letting love find a way I love you to death Could you love me to death I love you to death (I will love you to death) Could you love me Could you love me One more time to say I love you always And keeping faith letting love find a way One more time to say I love you always And keeping faith letting love find a way Letting love find a way (I will lov
Whickey Dreams Tag 2
Boris Vallejo Paintings/pics
enjoy :)
Second Chances
The Second Chance TestMy Result: RealistAre those sensible shoes you're wearing? All the better to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. You're a practical person with a calm, assured way about you and you've got a good understanding of human nature. That's why friends often turn to you when they need advice on anything from romantic relationships to career choices. Sure, you don't leave much to chance, but you're never boring. That's because you know how to make things happen on your own. With your mix of confidence and smarts, you're sure to be a success in everything you do. Way to keep it real!What are you? Sam, when it comes to second chances, you're a Realist Are those sensible shoes you're wearing? All the better to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. You're a practical person w
My Owner, My Ownee, And My Sugar Daddy
FIRST OFF, I AM OWNED BY THIS MAN! If you're in need of some fu-bux he's paying for rates! @};-Hopeless Romantic {{H&L Bombers Founder}} @};-Proud Owner of Lauria r@};-@ fubar SECOND, I OWN THIS MAN He's a shadow leveler and just a wonderful person! GARY~SHADOW LEVELER~fu owned by Lauria~R/L ENGAGED TO BooBoo~ FUMARRIED TO BooBoo~~@ fubar Last, but not least. Iceman bought me VIP this time around so go love all over his smexie azz! Iceman"Chill your Grill"@ fubar BROUGHT TO YOU BY: lauria♥Owned by Hopeless Romantic♥Owner of Gary♥Shadow Leveler♥@ fubar
If There Were No Tomorrow.
I would tell you today That you are the one that fills my life Whose smile I cannot wait to see Whose arms I long to have wrapped around me Whose lips I live to kiss Softly, passionately, in every way. I would want you to know That you make my heart skip a beat You fill my soul with contentment You brighten my dark skies You fill my days and nights With stars, hopes, and cascading dreams. I would want you to see How beautiful the world looks with your eyes through mine Your eyes light up the sky Your touch paints the Heavens Your kiss creates amazing rainbows Of beauty, sunshine, and life. I would want you to understand That I have always loved you Before I knew there was you Before our eyes ever met Before I found in you Happiness, completeness, and passion. If there were no tomorrow I would tell you That you are the greatest gift in my life Whose love I cherish above all else You sustain me with Your laughter, love, an
Shes So Lovely
I love the way she feels her clothes i love those frekles on her nose i love the way she plays it cool i think that she is beautiful she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely your funny your yummy you wear tops that show a little tummy it's easy to tease me you never ever looked that pleased to see me [x 4] i don't know, i don't know, i don't know how we'll make it though this i don't know. i don't know i don't know.... i love the way she bites her lip i love the way she shakes her hips i love the way she makes me drool i think that you are beautiful she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely she's so lovely your funny your yummy i think your daddy makes a lot of money it's easy to tease me she never ever looked that pleased to see me [x 4] i don't know, i don't know,
Whickey Dreams Tag 5
What Is Your Sexual Obituary?
What is your Sexual Obituary? With and animalist roar, Porl died while in the sack with their lover, Paris Hilton.Porl will be terribly missed by Posh spice. 'What is your Sexual Obituary?' at
Heheh Heres Sandys Lol
What is your Sexual Obituary? Suddenly just before orgasm, Sandra died while in the sack with their lover, Justin Timberlake.Sandra will be terribly missed by Their favourite dildo. 'What is your Sexual Obituary?' at
New Lounge Open
i am just me some like and dislike me but not going to change for anyone must true to myself i know am a good person
Dell Inspiron
I am upgrading my system message me for further details. This is for the Tower System ONLY no Monitor no keybord Dell Inspiron 530Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600 (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB) Optical Drive16X DVDRW Drive Memory3GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 4 DIMMs Hard Drives500GB3 Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache Video Card nVidia GeForce 8300GS 128MB Sound Card Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio DUE TO PAST EXPERIENCES OF THIEVES ITEM MUST BE PAID FOR VIA PAYPAL NO CREDIT AND NO PAYMENTS OF ANY KIND !!!
Chapter 6
THE FINDINGS .6. The police get to the house and see Sammys body next to the door. The police go through the house and find Steves body. They go up stairs and find Ryan half alive on the floor. On the wall written in blood was a message: They shouldnt have come. They shouldnt have found out about my secret! The police take Ryan to a hospital to see if hes all right. Well, you only have a couple cuts. Youre lucky, the doctor told him. Thanks, Ryan said shaken up. Ryan tells the police what happened and then his mom came and got him from the hospital. The next day I called Ryan to see how he was doing. Ring, ring. Hello? Ryan said. Hey, how are you doing? I asked. Im ok. Just a little scared, he replied. Yeah, me too, I told him. The police said that they didnt find the diary or the letters. So, he said. So. We have to go back in there and find them, I said forcefully. You are crazy. After what happened last night you s
My Celeb Look Alikes?!
I ran across this on another site and thought I would do it for fun...quite an ecelctic group I look like O.o
Wake Up Kitty
Wanna Own My Girlfriend?
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Dead To The World?
She doesnt read the words She hears them in her head A poet full of blasphemy Rambles from her bed Ashes fall, and children crawl The lenses... They were RED Blackened Hands are reaching All you LOVE is DEAD? Dying as your cuts spill Secrets and untruths Lacks of TRUST/Gats to Bust Wanna set "Him" loose? Lining up like Dominoes Trigger finger shoots Welcome yet another To the Young and KILLED 2 soon...
My Wifey's Youngest Son
This is Papercut Kisses's and her youngest son Isaiah. He says hi to me & my sons. :D♥
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Yahoo news is officially a #1 in the most irrelevant, dumbass news ever. "Clinton unveils new stimulus package, leads poll" I would make a joke about about Clinton and a pole, but I know he/she is not into it. The words Stimulus Package are priceless
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=== 'Miss Trouble Fu-Owned By *B!TCHWH!SPERER* Colonel -Dream Girlz * Fu Owned by and Fu Wife 2 Suave ' spewed forth the following at '2008-03-19 18:41:21'.. Okay...I really dont ask for much, but I would really love to win this Happy Hour Spring Break contest! To win this, I am going to need the help of my great friends!!! A rate alone is 50 if you don't feel like bombing, leave me a rate!!! The contest starts today March 16th 7PM EST and ends on Saturday March 22nd at 11PM EST!!! HELP MISS TROUBLE WIN!!!!!CONTEST STARTS TODAY 7PM EST!!!!!!!!! CLICK HERE!!!! Be sure to show the Contest Host some love as well!!!! ~Twaune Presents Happy Hour Spring Break Contest* March 16-22~ Fu-Owned By Skitz *@ fubar
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Hi everyone! I would like you all to meet this very wonderful friend and owner of mine. She is one of the greatest people you could ever meet! Always there when someone needs help in a contest, giveaway or leveling. Well she is getting closer to godmother and I would like to help get her there. So if all you wonderful fubarians could please go show her some love I would greatly appreciate it! You will not regret getting to know this wonderful person! ♫LilBamaGirl♫~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar This bulletin brought to you by : Wishful Thinking@ fubar (repost of original by 'Wishful Thinking ~ Owned by LilBamaGirl~' on '2008-03-20 19:21:28')
she need a ten rate!!! Please ty
Right Now
What is love in all its complexity. Take it apart and examine the finer parts of this miraculous thing that can make a man cheat on a woman a man stay faithful a woman abondon her life. What is it really. To me Love is a combination of Hope, Faith and a desire to be desired. How is this love you may think when we so often are miserable and jelaous as well as pained by these people. I think I have figured it out, at least how it is to me. I want to to have HOPE in the fact I will not always been alone. I want FAITH that my future is going to be secure for my son and myself. I want a man to desire me and to feel that as well as to desire him. I am miserable in all the worries I fret over. I am jealous that some people have there lifes already figured out and lead the lives they want. And finally I am pained knowing the sacrafices I have and will still have to make to get to that place. Aye, Life is a complex mistress who must be pampered on days
Contest For A Parent And Child ! Check Out The Details!
Have you ever felt like your heart just couldnt take anymore? Have you ever felt like your heart was literally breaking? Have you ever wanted to just rip it out and get rid of it? That then maybe the pain would stop? No heart, no pain. This has been a very hard week for me. I lost my stepdad, Bernie on Thursday. He was only 66. We were all kind of expecting it eventually, but not this soon. He was in my life for over 30 years. I loved him more than hell ever know. He did so much for me in my life. I just wish now that I could have repaid him better. He knew I loved him, but I dont think he knew how much. Or how much of an impact and influence he was in my life. My mom & him were together off and on for so long. He was Grampy Bernie to my kids. They loved him too. And I know they will miss him terribly. I know I am hurting, but my mom is hurting so much more. I wish I could just bring him back to make her happy again. Even when they werent together, they still
What Do I Say?
Two Of My Ex Boyfriends Have Been Talking To Me, They Both Have Girlfriends And They Both Want To Break Up With Them And Their Girlfriends Live With Them. For About A Week Now I've Had My Ex Boyfriends Asking Me How To Break Up With There Girlfriends. All I Can Say Is Just Tell Them. I Don't Know How To Give Them Advice On It. See They Don't Want To Be With Their Girlfriends But They Don't Want To Hurt Them Either. I've Very Much In Love With One Of My Ex's And He Says He Wants To Be With Me But He Can't Get The Courage To Break Up With Her. I Don't Know What To Do Because He Comes To My House And See's Me, He Calls Every Morning, And He Tells Me He Loves Me, But He Is Still With His Girlfriend. I Told Him I Would Wait For Him And I Had So Much Confidence That He Was Gonna Break Up With Her But Now I Feel I'm Losing Hope, I Don't Know If He Is Even Trying. Any Idea's On What I Should Do. Any Idea's On How To Break Them Up?
Local Heroes...
OK, I finally got the salute up, so I have roome for 10 new photos. I would really love to put up some pics of who our supporters consider their heroes. Whether it be a loved one or a pic of a local department. If you have one, please tell me which one and I will add it. Thanks again everyone!!!
Listen To Your Heart ......
I'll Stand But You To The End
in your darkest hours you will always have a friend in me ..
A Day To Remember.....
On September 11th The Devil showed his hand It would change the lives we led And all that we had planned On September 11th So many ANGELS flew It would change our country The world would feel it too If you were a witness And could do no more than stare You still heard every cry for help You still heard every prayer If you were a victim The pain you had was real The burns and blooand trauma Forever you would feel If you were a HERO You ran straight into HELL The danger may have scared you But never could we tell Once there were two towers Butthey turned into beams Once there were I Love You's But they turned into screams The Fireman and Police So many of them lost But to them each life they save Makes it worth the cost Never backing up or down This is what they do best Breaking down the doors of HELL Earning their ANGEL crest So to each and every one of them May we bow our heads and pray We will remember your fight with HELL And all the
Life And The Heart
why is it that so many have a need to be needed that they will put any bit of hope into just a simple conversation? why is is that so many have no clue how to be true to themselves and build a life style out of false identity? why is it that others learn to distrust and close themselves off of so many things because of another person actions done upon them? why is it that morals and values have slowly decreased in peoples values? why i ask...because it doesn't make sense. people blame others for their own situations they put themselves into and seek out the worst in most people so they don't look as bad...but at the same time those that do trust do so openly that the only outcome would be to be used and abused. people truely don't make sense to me and it saddens my heart. so why... i truely ask, should i really give a fuck or even want to?
A Stone Bench
A stone bench Granite slab on granite blocks A carpet of grass Beneath an ancient tree I can sit by myself See the sun slip behind the leaves I can sit with my love See the sun reflect in his eyes By myself, the granite Feels harsh beneath my legs My knees bend up My arms wrap around them With my love, the granite Comforts me like down My loves lips on mine My arms wrap around him A stone bench Granite slab on granite blocks As solid as the love Between my Sweetheart and Me. Tauri Athena copyright 2007
Desire Of True Love...
I often stare into nothingness...wishing the pain would go away. Wishing and hoping these feelings of despair and loneliness would disappear. How I wish I had someone to love, to care for...I grow anxious as the seconds minutes and days pass, as I watch everyone around me move on with their significant other... I wish my devotion that has yet to exist...would be given the chance to come alive so I could love and never stop loving the girl of my dreams...How I wish I could find her...and devote my life to her, so my life would atlast have true meaning... I wish to find all costs...thru all of lifes pain and lessons, thru all its would be worth find my dream true one and only devotion
One Long Passionate Kiss
Goodbye Love One long passionate kiss, thats all there was time for. As they looked into each others eyes, there was so much she wanted to say, if only there were more time. She closed her eyes and lowered her head in a silent wish that something would change and they could have more time together, just a little more time together. He moved in closer to her. She could feel his boots along side her shoes. His hand on her hip followed the top or her jeans around her waist to the middle of her back. He pulled her closer, as close as he possibly could. His strong hand pressed flat on her lower back, held her against him. She felt the fingers of his other hand struggle to get free of her grip. She didnt want to let go of his hand; she didnt want to separate any part of herself from him. His fingers eventually pried loose. The momentary twinge of sadness was alleviated when she felt his gentle touch on her wrist. His fingers traced a path along the inside of her arm, s
One Tiny Drop ..
One small bead of sweat claimed all of her attention. One tiny droplet of water, the total focus of her attention as it ran from her shoulder, then slid ever so slowly, almost painfully over her collarbone and finally into the cleavage between her breasts. That one small droplet and the brief moment it spent journeying over her skin compelled her thoughts. She had never before felt such ecstasy in a simple drop of water. Perhaps it was the cause of the perspiration that enthralled her so; the body of the man in her arms, the man of her dreams, the man she loved beyond comprehension. The feel of his skin against hers, the gentle but firm caress of his strong hands made her whole body shudder with anticipation. Perspiration was never so erotic as when she was in his arms. That one tiny drop that held her attention for an eternal instant, was it from within her; a molecule of water so desperate to be near him that it sprang through the pores of her skin. Or was it a drop of moist
For A Friend That Can Change Thing With Her Smile
imikimi - Customize Your World I don't know what I've done Or if I like what I've begun But something told me to run And honey you know me it's all or none There were sounds in my head LIttle voices whispering That I should go and this should end Oh and I found myself listening 'Cos I dont know who I am, who I am without you All I know is that I should And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you All I know is that I should 'Cos he will love you more than I could he who dares to stand where I stood See I thought love was black and white That it was wrong or it was right But i ain't leaving without a fight And I think I am just as torn inside 'Cos I dont know who I am, who I am without you All I know is that I should And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you All I know is that I should 'Cos he will love you more than I could he who dares to stand where I stood And I won't be far from where you are if ever you should call
Imma Anime =p
Lets Get Her to Godmother!!!!! Only 694,543 to go. Jenn is always helping everyone so lets return the love. And make her GODMOTHER .... Lets make her the next one on fubar. ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~Fu Wife 2 "Goofball" *DSC* Fu Owned by "Photobug"
It'll Be Ok, Someday
so here i am. in awe, in shock. angry, sad, lonely. i miss him. i hate him. he is my other half and i am not sure what that says about me. i did not choose him. there is so much he does not know, does not understand. i guess i can say the same for me. he crashed into my life so many years ago, with his shy eyes and his wicked sexiness. the first time we really looked at each other, we fell into the other person's soul. we made love that night. and i mean made love. wholly. fully. it was always that way. i saw into him, i saw the dark, the sorrow, the anger, the longing. i was drawn to it. i saw love inside of him that i don't think he could see. i still don't think he sees it. i made him go away. i was young, we were both young. and i had BIG PLANS. i did not want him to get hurt. so i "protected" him. i guess in a very twisted way similar to how he "protects" me now. The plans happened. I missed him. I reached back, he was gone. or so i thought. only now i kno
Anime Me 2
...i take my poop seriously...
Just For You My Dear Friends!!!
To Everyone that has helped me along the way I heart fully appreciate it. I couldn't have done this without the help from all my true friends. This has been a wonderful journey and great experience and a truly remarkable feat in my life. Again i wish to thanks absolutely everyone that has helped me with this, there is to many to list but this thank you is for EVERYONE. My heart goes out to all my friends cause without you this would have never happened. but in the end words can not describe my gratitude for all of you who have helped me through out the way. Hugs ღ Kisses ღღღღღღღღღღღღ ۞ẈŦ۞ ۞ẈŦ۞WR Ғ Ŧ.M..Ғ.ẈŦ ŦR,R G@ fubar
More Pics N A Couple Vids
Deep Thought Vs. Shallow Minds
"You cannot have a proud and chivalrous spirit if your conduct is mean and paltry; for whatever a man's actions are, such must be his spirit." -- Demosthenes (384 BC - 322 BC), Third Olynthiac "Of the delights of this world, man cares most for sexual intercourse. He will go to any length for it-risk fortune, character, reputation, life itself." -- Mark Twain "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action." -- Johann von Goethe "I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him." -- Booker T. Washington (1856 - 1915) "Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people." -- Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962) "Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful." -- Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784) "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort." -- Herm Albright (1876
Why Post A Blog
Why would i want to post a blog. are people realy so board they wanna read this. realy, me making fun of you for reading this. if i were you i would be upset.
Vote For Me??
Vicious Circle
HAHAHAHA I reposted it just for you, Pace :P REL
Baby Its True
if only you knew ...
Be Smart And Live Well
The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers Law 1 Never Outshine the Master Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please or impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power. Law 2 Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies Be wary of friends-they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them. Law 3 Conceal your Intentions Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what you are up to, they
The Re-tarded Policeman
I think this guy pulled me over? Who knows they all act the same :D
Had A Blast!
So my best friend and I went out tonight to a club downtown that neither of us had ever been to. I'd heard it was pretty crunk, but we had just never gone. I'm kicking myself in the butt for not going before now. It was SLAMMING. The music was great, the people were cool, and the atmosphere was fun. The DJ was absolutely fantastic. He played great hip hop beats then at the end he played all my fave dance, trance, and house songs from back in the day. He freakin' played Sandstorm by Darude. I was fucking stoked over that. Then he played Pride (A Deeper Love) and I about flipped. My best friend hates dancing to that kind of music, but oh well. I fucking love it! I get so tired of dancing to hip hop and rap songs. I like to move faster and really shake it. There was some white dudes really getting into my songs, which was cool. Oh, when we got there within the first 5 minutes I saw at least 6 or 7 good looking guys. The other club we used to go there was maybe one good looking guy the who
Sun Rise
Sun Rise The grey began to fade, As the colours filled the sky, The chill began to warm, As the sun began to rise. A lost girl found direction, As the eastern orb rose high, The dark sky turned to blue, Like the colour of her eyes. Dark turned to light, Grey turned to blue, Lost became found, That's when I met you.
I Knew I Loved You, By Savage Garden
THIS IS DEDICATED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, JIMM!!!! Maybe it's intuition but some things you just don't question Like in your eyes, I see my future in an instant And there it goes, I think I found my best friend I know that it might sound more than a little crazy but I believe... I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life There's just no rhyme or reason Only the sense of completion And in your eyes, I see the missing pieces I'm searching for I think I've found my way home I know that it might sound more than a little crazy but I believe... I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life A thousand angels dance around you I am complete now that I've found you I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have
For Ma Family ♥ & ♥ Friends
Kiss The Rain, By Billie Myers
Hello Can you hear me? Am I gettin' through to you? Hello Is it late there? There's a laughter on the line Are you sure you're there alone? Cause I'm Tryin' to explain Somethin's wrong Ya just don't sound the same Why don't you Why don't you Go outside Go outside Kiss the rain Whenever you need me Kiss the rain Whenever I'm gone, too long. If your lips Feel lonely and thirsty Kiss the rain And wait for the dawn. Keep in mind We're under the same sky And the nights As empty for me, as for you If ya feel You can't wait till morinin' Kiss the rain Kiss the rain Kiss the rain Hello Do you miss me? I hear you say you do But not the way I'm missin' you What's new? How's the weather? Is it stormy where you are? Cause you sound so close but it feels like you're so far Oh would it mean anything If you knew What I'm left imagining In my mind In my mind Would you go Would you go Kiss the rain And you'd fall over me Think of me Think of me Think o
Amarillo By Morning, By George Strait
Amarillo by morning Up from San Antone Everything that I got Is just what I got on When that sun is high In that Texas sky I'll be buckin' it to County Fair Amarillo by morning Amarillo, I'll be there They took my saddle in Houston Broke my leg in Santa Fe Lost my wife and a girlfriend Somewhere along the way I'll be looking for 8 when they pull that gate And I hope that judge aint blind Amarillo by morning Amarillo's on my mind Amarillo by morning Up from San Antone Everything that I got Is just what I got on I aint got a dime But what I got is mine I aint rich but Lord I'm free Amarillo by morning Amarillo's where I'll be Amarillo by morning Amarillo's where I'll be
Take It Easy On Me, By Little River Band
It used to be so easy to be your lover. We wandered through the days like they had no end. But now that you are gone I'm under cover. I just can't think about you as a friend. Chorus: Take it easy on me. It should be easy to see. I'm getting lost in a crowd. Hear me crying out loud. Just want you to know. I know that you have to go. It's all up to you but whatever you do, take it easy on me. So now I'll go the minstrel road without. I know there will be times when I need you there. And each night as I sing those songs about you. I'll think back to the time when you used to care. (Repeat Chorus) Take it easy on me. Oh baby don't leave me crying. It should be easy to see. I've needed you for so long. Just one more chance with you. One more chance will you, take chance? Come on and take a chance. (Repeat Chorus) It's still up to you but whatever you do ... Take it easy on me.
Have I Ever.....
have i ever Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent, sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I ever told you that when I watch you speak to me through lines and cords, and bytes and ram, I imagine your voice, whispering into my ear? Have I ever told you that I wait out each day in anticipation, wanting only an hour or two, just a second in space and time, to feel close to you? Have I ever told you that there has been times, when I ached for you, ached for you so badly, that the emotions overwhelmed me.. and so I sat and cried? Have I ever told you that sometimes, I will reach out, touching your name on this cold screen before me, wishing I could reach in and pull you to me? Have I ever told you that after the first time I heard the sound of your voice, thousands of miles away, I sat up all night, turning the conversation over and over in my mind, examining it, like some newly
I'll Never....
I'll never forget, the day we met I knew you'de be mine, my heart was set. I had to have you, at any cost now without you, I would be lost. I live each day, with you in mind forever strengthening, the ties that bind I'll chat no more, with other women cause this is now, and that was then. You fill each day, with joy and love you must have been sent, from up above. I thought that god, was so unjust then he sent me you, and regained my trust. The End!!
Sometimes i feel i'm not special. Sometimes i feel like a mistake. Sometimes i feel i couldn't do good in life. Sometimes i feel i would have never found da girl of my dreams. Sometimes i feel like i'm going to fuck up. Sometimes i try to kill myself cause i can't deal with some shit. But there is 1 person who made me feel special, who made me feel like i'm not a mistake, make me do good in life, made me find the girl of my dreams, always tells me i'm not goin 2 fuck up and always stops me from killin myself cuz she loves me 2 much 2 let me do that 2 myself. i wrote this one when i was with my ex
Hidden Love Song...
There's always that one person that will have you. Your heart drums, Your mouthes moisten, Your smiles brighten. No matter what, you can't get them out fo your head. The dreams acend, The memories grow stronger, The love you share, carries you. When you're with them, you're the only two on earth, and there's no place you'd rather be. Heart's ripen, Soul's collide, and in them you find yourself. When they're hurting, You can't sleep You can't eat, and you want to hold them in your arms and kiss away the pain. They're the one person you'd cry for, die for, maybe even lie for. They're the last face you want to see, the first person you miss when you're gone; your hidden love song.
Life Is Good For Me
Life is good for me. It is what it is. All is not prefect but its not suppose to be. I can sit and complain about all the things that are not right with my life, or I can sit and count my blessings for all that is right with my life. Counting my blessings is a lot more fun than counting my trials. With all the struggles and trials I may face in my life, it does not compare with what others face on a daily and hourly base. If you have never seen the movie human trafficking , I encourage you to look at it. Once you have seen this movie, you will never see the world the same again. You will never be the same again and you will hold your tongue before you grumble or complain about your life. Yes, my life is good. I am not a parent that lives in turmoil wondering where is my child. Yes my life is good, I am not held enslaved and beaten and forced to have sex all day long without any protection, while the world look on not caring. And the people that come, dont care that I
Forbidden pleasures Who makes the rules Unfound treasures And beautiful jewels Can that line be crossed What could we truly be And at what cost Do you see what I see I know there is more there Waiting to be found Can you feel how much I care I feel like I'm being drowned If you knew the amount of desire That I feel for you My burning fire That wants one to become two Forbidden pleasures Who makes the rules Unfound treasures And beautiful jewels I wrote this Jamie
Fred's Dingaling! A local law enforcement officer stopped a car for traveling faster than the posted speed limit. Since he's in a good mood that day he decides to give the poor fellow a break and write him out a warning instead of a ticket. So, he asks the man his name. "Fred," he replies. "Fred what?" the officer asks. "Just Fred," the man responds. When the officer presses him for a last name, the man tells him that he used to have a last name but lost it. The officer thinks he has a nutcase on his hands but plays along with it. "Tell me Fred, how did you lose your last name?" The man replies, "It's a long story so stay with me. I was born Fred Dingaling. I know, funny last name. The kids used to tease me all the time. So I stayed to myself. I studied hard and got good grades. When I got older I realized that I wanted to be a doctor. I went through college, medical school, internship, residency, finally got my degree so I was Fred Dingaling,
Who Wants A Good Laugh?
We women give our men TLC and spoil them to no ends. When they (men)are sick, we wait hand and foot, medicate, and love on. When they are hungry we feed them, when they want us we never refuse them, and when they are hurting we rub them down and try to make the pain go away. However the men are so not the nutruing kind. Take for instance my old man. I get sick, he yells at me to go take medicine. No such thing as being waited on, nor getting the meds for me to take. I yelp in pain and he yells go take a hot bath! No rub downs, no TLC to try to take away the pain. I say I'm craving something to eat, or hungry he yells go fix us something to eat then! I am in the mood to be frisky and well my tummy hurts, my back hurts, or something is just hurting. Does this sound like your man or men you dated? Guess us ladies need to say it like it is, and quit giving away all our TLC. Start taking care of our needs. Wonder what would happen then? Hmmmm the things that make you g
As darkness comes you sleep alone I watch the one I've always known Turning the corners of your mind Am I the focus of your smile? On the summer breeze Somehow sinking softly into you Hear the whispering Always there no matter what you do I can't stop falling Do you feel me? Warming you like rays of sunshine I can't stop falling Do you feel me? Warming you like rays of golden light Summer breeze Whispering, whispering These shadows hide your deepest fears If only you knew I was here You're safe and sound beneath my gaze You have no need to be afraid I am here Everywhere
I'm Up For Auction!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ! Come bid on me and I could be all your for 2 weeks! Secret additions added! Come buy me so you can find out! (You may need to add JC to view the auction block) Will you come bid on me?
I have been so lazy this week. I did get some planting done earlier in the week. My honey-do list...well, we talked about most of it. Jeff has gotten some much needed rest this week since he is on vacation. We took the kids out last night for pizza and games. We all enjoyed ourselves!! Our weekend plans are....NOTHING~! We really are a boring family!! For now we have to make plans around my treatments and how I feel and it sucks. The weather is supposed to be pretty this weekend so I know we'll end up at the park sometime. There is a local egg hunt but I doubt we'll go. Some kids are just ruthless and my son is not. I'll get some candy and fill some eggs and we'll do our own egg hunt. See...BORING!! I hope each of you have a great weekend and a blessed Easter Sunday. ~~smooches~~
i think i might go bi i donot know maybe i'm mad but right now all are dogs . they are drive u crazy and i think they said samething about us . they talk to u and say sweet thing to u and maybe i now better . am i easy dart or the biggest sucker world . maybe just go hide and wait for deaf to come and get me . i'm women who mad as hell and she stop crying .
What Kind Of Kisser Am I?
What Type of Kisser Are You?Romantic kisserThis kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.Love-Friendship Quizzes
My Love
A gentle word like a spark of light, Illuminates my soul And as each sound goes deeper, It's YOU that makes me whole There is no corner, no dark place, YOUR LOVE cannot fill And if the world starts causing waves, It's your devotion that makes them still And yes you always speak to me, In sweet honesty and truth Your caring heart keeps out the rain, YOUR LOVE, the ultimate roof So thank you my Love for being there, For supporting me, my life I'll do the same for you, you know, My Beautiful, Darling Wife.
Standing By You
Standing by, All the way. Here to help you through your day. Holding you up, When you are weak, Helping you find what it is you seek. Catching your tears, When you cry. Pulling you through when the tide is high. Just being there, Through thick and thin, All just to say, you are my friend
Love Is
Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
The red rose whispers of passion, And the white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove. But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For the love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on the lips.
You Are The One
To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and then smile with pride as one by one, dreams all come true. To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise to take time to share to listen and care in tender, affectionate ways. To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend to be there through the years sharing laughter and tears as a partner, a lover, a friend. To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall of all the good things that sharing life brings love is the greatest of all. I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I've learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with you.
I've made a vow, to no one but you I pledge my love to forever be true I'll take care of you and treat you right I'll lay beside you all through the night I'll feed you and clothe you and keep you warm I'll hug you and kiss you and give shelter in the storm I'll help you and guide you and clear a path I'll protect you and shield you from an angry man's wrath I'll listen to your problems help you solve them too I'll make you a rainbow and let the sun shine through I'll take your side even if you're wrong Just to prove our love is strong I'll plant you flowers and make them grow They'll be a symbol of love that only we'll know I'll whisper your name when no one is near So low that only you can hear You'll feel my love even if we're apart You'll know that we are one in heart
In A Giveway
Hey all need a little help for myself this time. I normally dont ask for help for myself which my friends know this but I need 5000 comments in a week if you could just drop a few i would love ya to death Thank you ahead of time
Well I'm back to roughly a 6min mile. Two miles is under 12:30 consistantly with plenty left over. I'm even doing 25 or 50 pushups and 30 sit ups before each run. Right now I'm working with a coworker on running technique. Too many people run wrong, causing them to land on their feet wrong injuring all the joints from their knees and hips up to the back and neck. She doesn't get that when you run your ankle should go out in FRONT of your body and knee so that you can land and roll on your ankle. At least she's gotten a breathing rythm in sink with her breath and her arms are resting by her side and not crossing in front of the body. Crossing those arms in front of the body does so many horrible things - I'll spare the details unless asked. Once I help her learn how to run properly, she'll be able to run for 50yrs like those 80yr old women who just ran non stop the Boston Marathon! My goal after that is a 3 mile in under 19:30 and a quarter mile time under a minute ag
My Vow To You
I know you're going crazy, I've been there too. I can see how the weight is making your knees bend, Let me take some of it from you. Don't keep yourself closed off, I am here for you to open up and let go. There is so much you can't forget or forgive, Let me help you cope, we can work things out together. I hear the pain in your voice, You need me now. Don't worry, I'll move heaven and hell to get there. You can't talk, you won't talk about it, I understand. Put your worries in my hands. Lay your head down, And believe that I will do anything to stop your tears. You're ready to give up, you've stopped, I want to be able to give you the strength to keep going. Link arms with me, Let's move on, As one living, breathing, loving, being. Know that you can put faith in me. I will be your rock, I will be your dwelling, I am here with you, for you always.
Motionless By Jenn
If time could stand still, Id freeze it here, So youd always hold me, close and near. In your arms, where Im meant to be, Filled with the perfect love youve given me. A bond so strong, a hold so tight, To know youre the one; my Mr. Right. A blessing sent from up above, In you Ive found my one true love. Our lives entwined to be as one, Upon this journey weve just begun. Where you and I will find no less, Than eternal love and happiness.
Led Zeppelin -whole Lotta Love
"Whole Lotta Love" You need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin', I'm gonna send you back to schoolin', Way down inside honey, you need it, I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you my love. [Chorus] Wanna Whole Lotta Love [X4] You've been learnin', baby, I bean learnin', All them good times, baby, baby, I've been yearnin', Way, way down inside honey, you need it, I'm gonna give you my love... I'm gonna give you my love. [Chorus] You've been coolin', baby, I've been droolin', All the good times I've been misusin', Way, way down inside, I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you every inch of my love, Gonna give you my love. [Chorus] Way down inside... woman... You need... love. Shake for me, girl. I wanna be your backdoor man. Keep it coolin', baby.
A 6-year old and a 4-year old are upstairs in their bedroom. "You know what?" says the 6-year old. "I think it's about time we started cussing." The 4-year old nods his head in approval. The 6-year old continues, "When we go downstairs for breakfast, I'm gonna say something with hell and you say something with ass." The 4-year old agrees with enthusiasm. When the mother walks into the kitchen and asks the 6-year old what he wants for breakfast, he replies, "Aw, hell, Mom, I guess I'll have some Cheerios." WHACK! He flies out of his chair, tumbles across the kitchen floor, gets up, and runs upstairs crying his eyes out, with his mother in hot pursuit, slapping his rear with every step. His Mom locks him in his room and shouts, "You can stay there until I let you out!" She then comes back downstairs, looks at the 4-year old and asks with a Stern voice, "And what do YOU want for breakfast, young man?" "I don't know," he blubbers, "but you can bet your fat ass
Interesting Letter
I ran into this beautiful lady's letter and wanted to share it with you, vpmm of cpl morales We stood proud in Brooksville today! March 19, 2008. Today I kept the peace - I wanted to say stuff - but I promised Dee Mills Gold Star mom that I would stand Silent to honour our troops. Code pink and the rest of the Crazies hit our little town of Brooksville today. A few of us moms stood out there with our Support the Troops banners. We were not protesting them; we were not supporting the war, or protesting against it. We were there, with our heads held proud as mothers of United States of America Service Men and Women. We prayed in the parking lot for guidance. I did not go as a Blue Star Representative. I left that shirt at home. I did wear my Army Mom T-Shirt, and my sons "corpsman Doc hat from the Marines" and another pin that said my son is in the Navy. I handed out Army Strong pins to anyone in the group that had an Army member. We marched forward. Just a little
Somthing I Wrote
Minute by minute, day by day,I slowly feel you slipping away.Slipping into a world- completely unknown,No more togetherness, just being alone.No more drives along sunflower fields,No more fighting with armoured shields.No more trips to distant lands,No one there who understands.No more wildflowers on river bends,No more of the excitement of making amends.No more anniversaries or admitting who?s wrong,No more slow dancing to our favorite song.No more sunsets or showing we care,No more romance for us to share.Now, all I?m left with is the memory of your touch,And I know that nothing could ever mean that much.Mean as much as the love shared by two,And the beauty of saying the words, "I love You!".
My Mother Taught Me
1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE . "If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning." 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. "You better pray that will come out of the carpet." 3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL. "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!" 4. My mother taught me LOGIC " Because I said so, that's why." 5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC . "If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me." 6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT. "Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident." 7. My mother taught me IRONY. "Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about." 8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. "Shut your mouth and eat your supper." 9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM . "Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!" 10. My mother taught me
Keep It In The Family
Ive always been attracted to my brothers wife, but Ive never acted upon my impulses. My brother has been working nights for a few years now, leaving Jessica alone after 4:00, and when he is at home during the day, he is either always sleeping or too tired to make love to his wife. She is a beautiful woman with long, light brown hair, about 57, slim but not too skinny, ample breasts, and loves to smile. The way she has been looking at me in the past few weeks makes me wonder how long it has been since shes had a man inside her. But these are kind of thoughts I should not be having. Shes my brothers wife. I had gone over to their house yesterday to get a CD he borrowed from me last week, and Jessica opened the door in tight shorts, almost Daisy Duke style. I had just missed my brother, but Jessica let me in. She told me to sit down in the living room as she searched for the CD. I could not help staring at her beautifully rounded ass as she bent over and stretched up, a
From 2/21/08 & 3/21
Last Breath
As i take my last breath all on my own you can feel the medicine rushing through Not wanting to close your eyes Not knowing if it will be given back to you Should my last breath be taken I want you all to know this I love you all with the every beat of my heart And that you all will truely be missed. I promise to take every breath that i can Strong, Deep and full, on my own But please know that if I don't That The Good Lord above has called me home To all my awesome Friends Whom I love so dear and True should Your faces I never see again That I Love each and everyone of you. Not that i plan on something happening Or going to the side of wrong Don't weep For me, not even a tear Cause by your side I will be.. Standing Strong I love each and everyone of my Fu-Friends, Fu-Family, And Brothers,Sisters,Daughters and the complete Staff of Mystically Addicted Lounge. Besure the lounge Stands strong. LOL.. I think you all thought that I really think i am goi
Who Wants To Own My Older Sister Come And Bid
Auction Is Open....
The auction is officially open...Do want to fu-own me..then come check me's just a click away.. Auction ends April 1
Please Help Khandy Finish!
Ok Khandy only has a little over 3000 in comments on her giveaway to become a VIP! So "SPIRIT LEVELERS" and anyone else that would like to help her8-p CLICK THE PIC! THANKS SPIRIT LEVELERS
Everything Is Good
Took my son to the neurosugeon today, everything has turned out fantastic. All he will need is physical therapy and maybe some chiropractic visits, absolutely no surgery and he has no limitations, I am so happy! I want to thank all of my friends for their prayers and support, I was really worried for awhile but you all helped and supported me thru your kind words of encouragment.
***tattoo Party - Vale, Nc***
This bad ass tattoo artist (and my good friend)..... MIKE420@ fubar will be hosting a tattoo party on April 4th at his house in Vale, NC. Here are the details: *there will be another artist there as well *breaking all SOP prices by 2/3 (so pretty much dirt cheap) *all flash work *can bring own design if you have one, however there will not be any time to do custom drawings If you would like more information, please contact me or Mike and we'll be more than happy to help you out. This post brought to you by...... YankeeRose..☆CELEiL☆iNNERZ.`->/Sarge's Bad Girls/DSC/Sisters 4 Life/Club FAR@ fubar
So Called Family
why is it being a single parent do hard and dont get very much time to have alone time like when a relative says they will have her for the night then next thing ya know they are callin and changing there minds even if you already have plans and its not the first time this has happen . it really dont feel like i have a fam here just me and my girl thats all...!!!!!!!!!111
If There Were No Tomorrow
I would tell you today That you are the one that fills my life Whose smile I cannot wait to see Whose arms I long to have wrapped around me Whose lips I live to kiss Softly, passionately, in every way. I would want you to know That you make my heart skip a beat You fill my soul with contentment You brighten my dark skies You fill my days and nights With stars, hopes, and cascading dreams. I would want you to see How beautiful the world looks with your eyes through mine Your eyes light up the sky Your touch paints the Heavens Your kiss creates amazing rainbows Of beauty, sunshine, and life. I would want you to understand That I have always loved you Before I knew there was you Before our eyes ever met Before I found in you Happiness, completeness, and passion. If there were no tomorrow I would tell you That you are the greatest gift in my life Whose love I cherish above all else You sustain me with Your laughter, love, and friendship Before there wa
taking it back i was a girl with a broken heart and no tears to cry. A baby with no dad and a mother who laid in bed depressed from being lonely. then i surrendered my heart. fell so fast embraced the pain just to be happy. physically abused finally pushed him away. Gave up on it all thinking i was never going to find love anyway doing drugs and getting drunk to drown the pain. fading fast something grabbed me to reality. my baby crying from her mommy being depressed she knew i was dying inside. met a guy who surprised me now i am living my life floating on serenity. now living, loving and happy. yet never experienced this before. screaming my love out loud jumping around so alive not feeling empty not feeling ashamed. loved so well feeling alive not like before.
Born With A Hatchet
Sometimes You Just Have To Sit On The Problem To Solve It
Ivan Dixon
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Actor Ivan Dixon, who brought the problems and promise of contemporary blacks to life in the film "Nothing But a Man" and portrayed the levelheaded POW Kinchloe in TV's "Hogan's Heroes," has died. He was 76. Dixon died Sunday at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte after a hemorrhage, said his daughter, Doris Nomathande Dixon of Charlotte. He had suffered complications from kidney failure, she said. Dixon, who also directed scores of television shows, began his acting career in the late 1950s. He appeared on Broadway in William Saroyan's 1957 "The Cave Dwellers" and in playwright Lorraine Hansberry's groundbreaking 1959 drama of black life, "A Raisin in the Sun." In the latter, he played a Nigerian student visiting the United States, a role he repeated in the film version. While not a hit, the 1964 "Nothing But a Man," in which Dixon co-starred with Abbey Lincoln, also drew praise as a rare, early effort to bring the lives of black Americans to the big
Tribute To My Son
In Loving Memory of Our Little Angle Boy "Dale Lloyd Clark" May 18, 1988 - March 17, 1993 We love & miss you are always in our hearts & thoughts! Keep watching over us, Punky With love from your family
::its Smokin'...literally::
Ok, so here I am in the den room on Fubar when I hear my dear grandma go "Andrijanaaaaaa get in heeeere!!" and when I open the door, I'm met with a cloud of smoke. Of course I run [[and hack and cough]] my way into the kitchen and apparently, Grandma burned her apple fritter she was making for least thats what I thought but when I look into the oven it wasn't burnt or anything....hmmm...anyways, the house is covered in smoke and were coughing up a storm so we open all the windows, put on all the fans [[and its not warm today]]...but now were back inside even though there's traces of smoke here and there, which made me even have more mad respect for firefighters because I HATE smoke!! Oh and last night the power went out and I was stuck in pitch black, thank God my cell phone went off because the light from it went off and I got to walk my way to my room, pick it up and use it as a yeah...the conclusion?? I sometimes am a pansy ass...and am not afraid to
Its The End Of The World... Well Kinda Sorta
Just seen something on tv, n said the end of the world will be on dec 21 2012. Actually two different socities predicted it seprately hundreds of years ago. The south american mayain indians and the chinesse calander both predict our worldly demise on that date. Also apparently Nostodomus , in a lost book found of his makes no predictions after that date. The reason being is there is some big celetial alignment on that date, happens ever few thousand years. Well according to all these folks this time around when it happens, we're screwwed! Reminds me of 1999, remember everyone said that was the end of the world. Computers was suppose to crash, natual destiasters, crap like that. Well besides a bunch of shitty hangovers, that date came n went without much happening. So when i hear folks, even preachers saying the world is ending on a certain, youll excuse me if i dont give a damn. Do i believe the world will end? yes ma'am i do! But as it says in the Bible, no man knoweth the day or
Lets Seem If I Can Make It
i looked to these eyes and all i see is stone cold hatred. And then I realizes they are my mother and father eyes. Then I realizes the only one i ever truely care about doesnt care. But who needs family. Fuck you mother, and a big fuck you father, but to you my brother, the only person i truely care about in my family what you have done to me, turned your back on me when i needed you the most... i cant even tell you how much that hurt nor can i put into words the feelings i have towards you now. And so lets see if i can make it with no family and with a boyfriend who treats me like i dont exist. I'm emotionally on my own and lets see how strong i really am.
People That Leveled During My Hh
Congrats to all that leveled, including myself! :D 212 members leveled up during your happy hour: rockrules2001***FuBar Hubby of RockLady***READ THE PROFILE 1ST* 'Godfather' (25) dark soul 'Twisted Fu' (6) PUERTORICANPAPI!!! 'Fu-ling' (2) cycloneman33 'Grasshopper' (3) u know i'm sexii 'Psycho' (8) CountryGirl 'Freshmeat' (0) isis2779 'Grasshopper' (3) maineguy4u1966 'Newfu' (1) ToDayIWillDreamBiggERThenYour... 'Fu-ling' (2) Darvana 'Fu-ling' (2) ~Voodoo Chile~ 'Barfly' (11) feliciaFORGOTTEN 'Newfu' (1) sommer 'Newfu' (1) Crystal Blue ~ 'Fu-ling' (2) jst_w
The Democratic Party's Biggest Blunders
I will not take credit for this blog entry. It was authored by a friend of mine named Derek Larsen. But it reflects exactly my interpretation of what the democratic party is doing wrong at the moment and the SEROIUS need to fix the problem before it is too late. In my private life, friends and family are beginning to question my anger at Hillary and the party to a point where I am close to rescinding any affiliation as a Democrat (I wouldn't be the first to do so over this debacle). This possibility is become more clear as the party is within days of changing the rules and scheduling do-overs in Florida and Michigan so that the Clinton Machine will end their temper tantrum over rules that Hillary and Ickes (her chief strategist) signed off on. Let me make my anger over this idiocracy clear: WE NEED TO WIN. In 1976, Gerald Ford and Ronald Regan fought for the Republican nomination all the way to the convention. Jimmy Carter won the general. In 1980, Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy fo
Are You There, God?
MountainWings Moment Wings Over The Mountains of Life Are You There, God? There once was an older, destitute man. He had lost his family, his dignity, his work and all his worldly possessions. The only thing he had left was his faith in God. One day, he walked along the city sidewalks; homeless as he was. Peering around the city buildings, the passing cars, and sidewalk shoppers - he remembered a time when he had the love of his wife, the comfort of home, and the camaraderie of his many friends and successful business partners. Just for one moment, he could feel the love and passion he once used to enjoy. But then he looked up into the sky, and he could see the graying clouds rolling overhead; and the wind began to fly past his ragged shirt sleeves. Realizing that he was who he was, he knew he had to find shelter before the rains began to fall. Across the street, he saw the old city park that he used to visit when he was just a child. In the far end of
Thanks For Winning Me!
I was sold for 126k :) Hi Everybody@ fubar owns me
So, here it is Yes I am going to be a Grandmother most definately. The Grandbaby is due Nov. 12 th. Even though I am not happy nor proud of this, I will still do what is right. I will love this baby and beat my son ( just kidding ).I will love the baby and help him as he needs me.Kinda cute he has managed to call me 16 times today. He is telling me he is scared to death. Well, I told him better get your butt in gear.Get your GED and get your affairs in order.
Compilation Barricade/ick-r-us
Hate compels me, move. a nasty little nagging flickering aborted apparition inflames my abysmal abandon..... insomnia gnaws at the base of my skull, and my lungs caress a shiv deep behind me somewhere, lies the figurine I pray to. it has long since betrayed me.... but with reckless abandon and quivering lips I crucify myself for it. Brother, the divine purge is coming, and it will be no gentle nosebleed. The forecast calls for a tsunami of anhilation. So grab a board and we'll surf the scarred ruin. Splashed by playful false hope and placebos. Fake Martyrs, cash prophets, and charlatans dirty us for the fall. Our once hopeful, faithful hearts gone still with the loaded hand of Fake grasped greedilly around the strings. Forgotten at soccer practice, betrayed and left in the backwash of society after that first cannon blast of the angry bitter fallout of greed built on faith. Or is it vice versa? Betrayed by these drive thru saviors. But at least we
Update On My Mom
For those who know me... My mom had back surgery last week Friday. I got word that she was having one continuous severe headache yesterday and they took her in for a brain scan. My dad got a call at 4 a.m. EST today indicating they were taking my mom back to the ICU. They have since given the results of the scan... At some point either during the back surgery or since, she has developed a rip in her "duma" which caused her cerebraspinal fluid (or something like that, I'm not a doctor) to allow air bubbles to escape into her brain. This part is not life threatening, but the infections she has developed are. She had to go in for exploratory surgery and they found numerous infection in her back, which explains the intense pain she was/is feeling. They have her on at least two different antibiotics right now, and she is still sedated and listed as "critical"... I'm waiting to hear from my dad, probably tomorrow morning, how she's doing. If she's not well, I'll be heading to V
If U Know Anything Tell Me Please
This is to all the ladies that read Slipknots profile.. I am his wife in real life and if there is anything u want me to know please feel free to tell me.. I'll listen and I do talk.. I am so sorry if he led u on in any way........... But I am here if u want to talk......... Guys just to let u know I DO NOT PLAN ON LEAVING MY HUBBY FOR U OR ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave me a message if u want!!!! Shar
Happy Easter Fubar
I would like to wish all of FUBAR a warm and Happy Easter!! GOD BLESS EV1 ON FUBAR
Just A Quck Question
I've had this one pic I've been trying to keep as my primary but it keeps getting marked NSFW. Now, thing is, I've seen profiles with pics 100% more NSFW than this particular one, and yet they don't get marked. What do I gotta do to get and keep this pic from getting marked by immature pricks?
Emily Ellens Aka 'emilys23'
Emily Ellens aka 'Emilys23' Another ugly ass downrater, as if she has any room to talk. She rated me a 5. View Downrater Block Downrater Leave Comment For Downrater
Despite what it says on my profile page, I first discovered Fubar (then known as Cherrytap) last year in April. I deleted my 1st account and then two subsequent others...because I was too intent on trying to impress rather than be honest. But my present profile (controversial as it may be) does indeed depict the real me. How should I celebrate my 1st year here? Hmmm...
I Love You
baby i love u with all my heart n soul u mean the world to me n i dont care what anyone says n i cant wait until i wake-up in ur arms naked for the first time
I'm Losing My Halo
I've discovered through the course of my online travels that no one believes I'm sweet and innocent. Not that I'm over naughty all the time...but I'd like to think I'm somewhat good when I want be.....That's not to say I have a naughty side.....I am addicted to sex....can't get enough.....but outside of the bedroom so to speak, I'm not what most of the men I've met online think I am...... Thanks to all my friends on here who are helping me re-build my profile. I love you know who you are.
We're A Miracle, By Christina Aguilera
THIS IS DEDICATED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, JIMM!!!! Here we are Safe at last We can breathe a sigh It seems the storm has passed Through it all No one knew That all the tears in heaven Would bring me back to you No one I know Imagined we would make it But it only matters that we both believed, oh (Chorus:) You and me, we're a miracle Meant to be, and nothing can change it Mountains move and oceans part When they are standing in our way You and me, we're a miracle Angels stand watching over us And heaven shines upon us ev'ry day Ev'ry time I felt near defeat You were there for me On my side completely You give me strength, oh You set me free, yeah, yeah This is because of you I'm more than I can be, oh When I'm with you The world is ours to reach for Together, there is nothing we can't do (Repeat chorus) (Bridge:) The chance was so unlikely That we would ever be, oh Two stars among the heavens Destiny brought you to me (Repeat chorus) Y
I Love You
I love you - those three words have my life in them. ~ by Alexandrea to Nicholas III ~
What Lies....
What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
When You Love...
When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out. ~ by Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) ~
Hello Everyone
Well I have been pretty busy Since I left my Home State I went to Toledo Ohio then to Reload same place then went to Valley NE. Reload there then to De Soto Ks. Topeka Ks. Manhattan Ks. then to Wichita Ks. 2 drops in Tulsa Ok. then finale in Lexington Ok. then Back to Tulsa reload back to Valley Ne. Drop and Hook there and Now home for the Easter then Back out Monday with a 7dropper lol busy busy.
A Burning Touch Of Love
Author: Lourdes S. My love, Are you still mine? 'Cause there are many... Fantasy thoughts going through my head, As all I do is think of you... As I've hungered, For your loving burning touch, As I need your love so badly, Now till the end of time, I am waiting for you with open arms To embrace you with wings of love, To hold you deep within my soul, To kiss you without control. Just being near you, And be able to behold your touch, Takes me to another dimension, But, time just moving so slowly, To feel the heat of your passions. I do want you to know... I will always love you, That you are all I have ever long for, And crave, and yearn... That you are the man of my dreams, The one I have searched all my life, That every day, more and more, I'm falling deeply in love with you!
Something Is Missing
Here recently i discovered what my problem has been. Some reasons i wasnt able to figure out what it was. Yesterday i talked to my boys for about an hour or so. I discovered that ever since i lost being able to be around my kids i have turned my attention away from what is important. That is them. I have been so worried about making other people happy i forgot what i needed. I need them. Women i have discovered that I really dont need them. I do need my boys. Accept me for what i am. Well i am a father. I beleive in God. I beleive that all men are created equal. I know that without my boys i would be nothing. and since i lost my boys i have been nothing. I have done nothing. But its over. Im going to get things going so I can get my boys. And be happy. Be the father that i know that i can be. Give them something that nobody else can. i will always remember what is the most important thing to me. The only thing that I would give my life for and that is my children. I love you guys
A Perfect Day With You
Author: Angela Morrell As I sit here thinking of you, Which is something I often do, I think of how you make me feel inside. Loving you brings to me such pride, I love you deeper then the earths core; Yet every second I find myself loving you more. I love your smile, your laugh, your touch; Your kisses awaken my saddened heart. I wait to see you pull in the drive, After all these years I still get that tingle inside, I lay beside you at night, my arms around you; It is the perfect way to end the day through. To wake up beside you at the sound of the alarm, It is now me who is in your arms, I start each day perfect with seeing your face, I end each day perfect with you in my embrace. All the time in between while we're apart; I miss you terribly, but it is a perfect day, For I carry you in my heart.
Love Walked In - Thunder
So tired of waiting I walked an empty land, I was looking for something to help me understand, But bad luck kept turning, My dreams into sand, I didn't want pity, I had my share of friends, I wanted somebody, More special than the rest, I was aching inside, Like I was approaching the end, Just about that moment, The timing was so right, You appeared like a vision, Sent down to my life, I thought I was dreaming, When I saw you that night, That's when love walked in through my door, That familiar feeling I had once before, Love walked in through my door, And it felt so strange, It's hard to remember being on my own, That kind of loving makes a hard man lose control, But I sleep so much better, Now I'm not alone, So promise me baby, You're always gonna stay, I don't think I could take it, Seeing you walk away, You don't need to doubt it, I remember that day, That's when love walked in through my door, I found just what I wanted, But I got so mu
Meaning Of Life
For aeons people have been baffled by one eternal and everpresent question that has been torturing us with its mystery: what is the meaning of life? Is there a reason that each one of us is brought on upon this earth? Thousands of great minds have pondered on this question, thousands of books have been written, and religions have been found, all ending in a failure to find this golden goose. However, is it possible that there is an answer to this riddle that lies right under our noses? And it is much less complicated and frustrating than people make it out to be? What if...there is no meaning to life? What if, like amoebas in a pond, we are just biological products, overly evolved and adaptive, but nothing more than that? Can it be that while we tend to think of ourselves as higher beings, able to feel emotions and manipulate our minds and actions based on the consequences, it is nothing but highly developed survival instincts? Much like a light reflex in our pupils, or a baby's inna
Wanted to let everyone know that I will not be on here much after wednesday March 26th, I am Moving that day to Ashtabula Ohio yay me. lol I will let you all know when i am done moving and setled in. Lots of love yo you all. Happy Easter as well hugssssss ~n~ kissessssss
Continued Support For Cameron..
I made this music player at TO RECEIVE PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS LIKE THIS IS AMAZING.. Well here I am again.. I told you I was dedicated and now I wanna take the time to Thank everyone that has been sending in there pictures and prayers for Cameron. And there are so many more. I will be posting some each time I make a new Bull
Do You Have Any Suggestions?
You know.. I don't get Men. Sometimes you love em.. sometimes you hate em.. but you just can't live without em! Sometimes they are so fucking complicated and are so not understandable. They don't get women.. just like we don't get them. How come they can never understand what you are trying to tell them without taking what you are saying in a negative way. I mean, you bring anything up to them and they think you are bitching at them when you are just trying to talk. How can a woman get a man to understand her? I guess that could take like a million years or more for them to be able to. I don't think a man could ever understand a woman unless they become one themselves and that don't happen too often. I think I'm done venting for now.. if you have any suggestions.. PLEASE TELL ME!!!
My Ems Theme Song
Can you lay your life down, so a stranger can live? Can you take what you need, but take less than you give? Could you close every day, without the glory and fame? Could you hold your head high, when no one knows your name? That's how legends are made, at least that's what they say. We say goodbye, but never let go. We live, we die, cause you can't save every soul. Gotta take every chance to, show that you're the kinda man who; Will never look back, never look down, and never let go. Can you lose everything, you ever had planned? Can you sit down again, and play another hand? Could you risk everything, for the chance of being alone? Under pressure find the grace, or would you come undone? That's how legends are made, at least that's what they say. We say goodbye, but never let go. We live, we die, cause you can't save every soul. Gotta take every chance to, show that you're the kinda man who; Will never look back, never look down, and never let go. Never l
Finally =p
We will be moving into our new apartments no later than Wednesday =D Ari will have her own room, and YAY! Theyre around 1,100 square feet, I dont really remember, it could have been a little more.... Buuuut, we wont have internet for awhile =/ Oh well, Im just happy. Were doing very good, our credit is slowly becomming great =D Slowly =p But thats okay. Though it hasnt happened yet, I am confident that I will soon be going to school, I just need to get a freaking ride to the ged classes!!! But, Im not worried about it, I know it will happen. Ive seen too many things not happen in my life to keep me motivated =p in no longer than 5 years, I will be a nurse, and Im pretty sure Ari can look forward to a stable life. I was pretty scared for awhile, but, I feel like everything is going to be okay =D Now I just need to get better clothes.... That doesnt have anything to do with any of that, I just like buying clothes =p Ugh. Im such a freakin girl. Its okay,
"my Heart Cries Out"
Is there a man out there who can love me and respect me for the way God created me to be? I try so hard to find him but the men seem to only want a woman who are trim and slim. My heart cries out everyday wanting my true love to come my way, all I seem to meet are men who want to play. It hurts so much not to have a mans loving touch. I'm truly a sweetheart but at the same time a target for men to rip my heart apart. Here again another day all alone, feeling the heartache and loneliness right through my skin to the bone. Written By Lisa March 21, 2008
please help sassybrat win thanks thanks all
Help Me Get A Happy Hour
Alright everyone you know what time it is...this is my FIRST contest EVER! come show me the love and help me get this...all love shown will be returned!! MUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZ!!!
In October my mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer. It was but wasn't a shock to her. Her grandmother and her mother both had it and passed away from it. What did shock her was how far advanced it was when she was able to see the dr. On December 21, 2007 she had a radical masectomy of the right side performed. She was home the same day and had NO pain at all. She was well enough to attend Christmas Eve Services at church. In January she had a port installed by her heart for the chemo treatments. Right now she is on a treatment plan of 4 chemo treatments in 12 week period. On the week she doesn't have chemo she has to get a shot to produce white blood cells. The day after she has the chemo she has to have a shot. We don't know which is worse... the shot or the chemo. All we know is that the physically active woman we love is now only able to stay up for just a few hours at a time. I know this is a lot to take in a short blog... but what I am trying to get at is.. .
First Ever Happy Hour Contest!!
So, I am in my FIRST Happy Hour Contest and need all the help I can get. First 50,000 comments win!! Thanks in advance to all of you who help!! MUCH LUV!! The Bitch Your Mom Warned You About!! @ fubar
If You Ever Read Anything Of Mine. This Is One Thing I Want You To Read.
I made this music player at TO RECEIVE PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS LIKE THIS IS AMAZING.. Well here I am again.. I told you I was dedicated and now I wanna take the time to Thank everyone that has been sending in there pictures and prayers for Cameron. And there are so many more. I will be posting some each time I make a new Bull
Bullshit-plain & Simple!!
ok....i've just about had all i can take!!! is this or is it not an adult website? if it is, then please tell me why the hell it's so full of holier than thous who can't wait to flag a freaking pic nsfw? my God! on a daily basis, i see women who are just barely covering their boobs...yet that's all fine & well...what if i find that offensive? my son's default pic was just flagged.....stupid childish people...why don't ppl go back to myspace if they can't take it where the big kids play?
My Cousin Chris
href="" target=_blank>ffemt2033@ fubar
A Bitch And An Ass
A Bitch and an Ass There are times I just sit and watch the things you do. Taking a moment to see just how amazing you truly are. You look up and see me looking at you. Theres nothing wrong love, Im just watching with my heart. I see you drift off into those thoughts. You know the ones you try to convince me are nothing. I dont worry though, I know you will be back before long. Finding me sitting here, waiting; loving. Fuck it baby listen to me speak to you the truth. I dont spend my life loving half ass. The day we met I gave my heart to you. Life began again and Ive never looked back! Dreams may end with the dawn of day. Anger can rob the light of the stars at night. Tears do drain the care in ones soul away. But love brings it all back stronger, alive! Yes maybe you can be a bitch. And also true I can be a royal pain in the ass. But thats why we work, we fit. Fuck every one else if they dont understand! Wouldnt they really shit if they only
Please Rate And Comment On My Pic
sexy eyes contest please rate and comment on my pic on lachdana46 on my profile hes there i will give u the love bak ty peeps
Says It All...
The time is now too bring this out... We have helped many many people level -up. We don't ask for much a simple thank you. A Thank You goes along way more then most of you will ever think. If would be nice for once and awhile too get love returned too the levelers as well. This is not for everyone. But this week we leveled alot of people at least 10 a day so you figure thats 70 level ups .Out of all of those 70 level ups want too know how many took time too return anything not even 10. For those that are approaching GodFather Level and higher we pimp out in higher amounts and you have all been watching the GodFather Sticky's and you just show up on our page so we can see your status as too what you need you rate nothing, and not even leave a profile comment..But yet you want help getting there. I have always been Drama -Free but enough is enough. Too many are now saying they dont want too help because some and this is not too all people can't even say thank you. So at th
Truth Of Love
the truth of love u can not see and you can not speak the truth of love will only break you and make you weak the truth of love can set you free the truth of love will never just let you be the truth of love is a beauty to behold the truth od love is worth more than gold the truth of love is an aching need the truth of love can make your heart bleed the truth of love can make your world sad the truth of love can leave you feling bad the truth of love can bring you to shame the truth of love can make you forget a name the truth of love you can never hide the truth of love had hidden rules to abide the truth of love in which u can not run away the truth of love can leave an neverending tear to stay the truth of love can brings you to tears of sorrow the truth of love can lift your spirits tomorrow the truth of love can make you or break you the truth of love can leave your world so blue the truth of love will lea
Winds Blow
I have had many lives touch my own like a wind blowing in off the sea. Some were horrible thrashing winds that tore at my very soul. Some were so quiet I barely felt their breeze left upon my lips. Others were ordinary little gusts of wind that only caught my attention for a moment, their presence was felt and known but seemingly no impact from them was made. Some are like whirlwinds that seem to keep repeating. Other winds come rolling in feeling so good upon my face, my skin... deep touching winds felt on my very heart...warm winds. These are the best of winds. This type of wind lifts me up like a kite and allows me to dance upon the clouds. If only we could bottle the winds, bring them out when we want to feel certain feelings, when we need the comfort of the rustling wind....perhaps we could even use the storming winds, the dark winds to protect us? The stronger winds we could use for our worries,... just open the cap of the bottle and let the worri
This Was Made For My Wife And I By A Great Friend Her Some Love Plz
Two AMAZING people are celebrating their 21st Wedding Anniversary! We all know how completely special this is these days. So, please go wish them much fu love on this special day! You'll be glad you did. They are fantastic people and even better friends. Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World weldingangel ĦĦR Ғ Ŧ.M..Ғ. ( Space Hottie )@ fubar terryljohn-ĦĦR Ғ Ŧ.M..Ғ.-@ fubar With Much Love: ~PebblesinAZ~Owned by Tappinit & Emanon! Bite em both! BWAHAHA! Co-Founder of THE FREAK SHOW!@ fubar
Well I am sitting here and I am lost. Well baffled really. I have been booze free for 6 days now, which is a huge thing for me. And it seems that now that I am clean I am more alone than when I was out there boozing it up. I am devastated that it still consumes people I care a great deal about. So much that they have made the choice to keep boozing over keeping me. Talk about craping on my heart. And what sucks is it is like they don't even care that they are doing this to not only themselves but to me as well. Like oh hummmmm no biggy I still Have the bottle and thats all I need to be happy. I guess what kills me the most is that I feel like I am not good enough to stop drinking for. But, as a boozer trying to quit myself I realize that it is a disease hat consumes your life and all in it. You say ur don't have a problem, i only do it every now and then. But in all actualality you do it daily. Any whooo. I just needed to vent a little bit. It just kills me that when I was out boozin
What Superhero Are You?
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Another One ....please Help
Prove to me that i dont do this for nothing I help MANY of you with your stuff, PLEASE help me with PebblesInAZ's Fubucks givaway Dont forget to add fan rate her too
Man Saves Another Man From Trains
Subway Miracle: Hero Beats Long Odds To Make Save Columbia U. Worker Leaps Across 3 Tracks During Rush Hour To Save Much Bigger Man Reporting Cindy Hsu NEW YORK (CBS) You're about to meet a subway hero, who jumped onto the tracks to save a man. But as CBS 2 HD has learned, his leap of faith was just the beginning. Veeramuthu Kalimuthu -- or Kali is a mechanic at Columbia University. His recent actions make him a hero in the truest sense of the word. And if not for someone else coming forward to tell his story, the public would never know what he did on March 14. At around 5 p.m. that day he headed to the downtown No. 1 train at 116th Street in Morningside Heights to go home to Jamaica. "I heard everybody was screaming, you know, and everybody was running in different direction," Kalimuthu said. A man had fallen onto the tracks from the opposite platform, all the way on the other side of the station. "People were getting their cell phones out trying to call t
Omfg Im So Fucking Pissed!
Health Warning Against Crucifixion
Incase you were considering. . . . Health warning against crucifixion The Philippines government has issued an Easter public heath warning - on the dangers of crucifixion. Thousands of worshippers in the Philippines will this week practice crucifixion and self flagellation to show their faith. The government is encouraging them to get a tetanus shot first and be sure to use a clean whip or nails, reports the Daily Telegraph. "We are not trying to go against the Lenten tradition here because whipping has somewhat already become some form of atonement for sins for some of us," Health Secretary Francisco Duque the 3rd said. "Getting deep cut wounds during whippings or lashings is inevitable and being so exposed during the course of the penitence, with all the heat and dust blowing in the wind, welcomes all sorts of infections and bacteria like tetanus." In San Fernando City 23 people, including two women, have signed up to re-enact the crucifixion at three i
You Sexy Thing Push Them Buttons
YES A NEW ONE WITH 3 IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST THING IS THE AUCTION.... LOVELY PEOPLE TO SELL I AM PIMPING THEM OUT ...HE HE HE AND THEY LOVING IT .... [ photo: 143849548 ] [ photo: 970079732 ] [ photo: 707600095 ] [ photo: 2387888034 ] [ photo: 2508806295 ] [ photo: 4245239391 ] [ photo: 3116494263 ] [ photo: 882636843 ]
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Over Night Test
I am doing an overnight test with the fake pic to see how many real PERVS are out at night.... Will go back to being me tomorrow when I wake... I am not even going to change my
One of the musicial groups I like is Nickleback. It seems like there music is about things that happen in the course of a lifetime. And the have a song that talks about Someday. Someday gonna make everything right, just not right now. And in life that seems to be a theme. Because I am the type of person that gives his all. And I know that one day everything will be alright. And the stars will alien. But just not today, and that is ok. Because I will always give of myself, and put 100% into what is important. I just put some of my thoughts out here. Not for any sort of sympathy, just so people can see what kind of person I am.
If I said I loved you what would happen then? If you knew I loved you would I still be your friend? If I slapped you then kissed you would you just walk away? If I held you close would you want to stay? If I reached to hold your hand would you want to hold mine too? If you knew I wanted you would exactly would you do? If is the word I use to ask the truth from you? If I said I hold you in my heart would you say you hold me too? If you wanted to love me and stay? Would I be the one to walk away?
I Dont Know Why
I don't know why I think about you And you don't think about me I don't know why I dream of you And in your dreams me you don't see I don't know why I miss When I am hardly around you I don't know why I need you And you don't feel that way about me too I don't know why I have feelings for you They have no reason to exist I don't know why I like you Your existence I wish I could forget I don't know why my heart aches for you It really gets to me sometimes I don't know why I cry for you You were never mine I don't know why I think you're the only one for me And I just hope that you'll feel like that too I don't know why I care There's no explanation, I just do
These Three Words
Those two words... no, make it three. These three words must not like me. "I love you" is anything but. If my door is open, they slam it shut. I love you-powerful. Powerful-my addiction. My addiction hates me. It destroys me. But I cannot unlove it. So impossible, it seems. I love you... in my dreams. In your dreams, do you love me? Hopefully, we can overcome. Those three words, and what they've become.
"pretty Poison"
She gets your attention with her smile. She pulls you closer with her eyes. She wraps you up and keeps you there, But her world is full of lies. She's such a pretty poison. She listens to all you have to say. Makes you feel right at home. She pulls the strings to your heart, All the while, leaving you alone. She teases you with her pretty poison. She can change your mind in the blink of an eye. She can change your entire world. She can make you have to be with her, You can't live without the girl. She feeds you her pretty ppoison. She makes you live... You feed off of her alone. She makes you feel so complete, As though, without her, you are so very alone. She has filled you with her pretty poison. She takes over your heart..your mind. She takes over your soul. She leaves you feeling scared and empty. She now has complete controle. She is now keeping her pretty poison. She knew she couldn't really give you her heart. All she has to give is lust. She knew from
It Appears
That I have intimidated some very young and less experienced Masters. To you I say you are not so secure in your relationship or feel you need to deny or control what you only think you have. Sorry but if that is true you need a better outlook and better Mentor.
Whats A Person To Do When>>>>>>>?
All fails in ones live , and they have picked up time afeter time.. Just to be dragged back down again..When all their strenghth is effertless and all fails .When they cant seem to go on. .They are dragging thru real life with no one intrested in them, no belongings are left for this person and they dont fell loved > Yet someone tells them they are loved ? Whats up with this (saying I love you )and they they dont respond to you or show warmth but Ice and distance and coldness toward ya all the time.>? Whats a person to do cut losses and run or hang on to a memeory or what >?Im lost on this one here .. ???????? God help us all if the world is only coming to this for lots of us now..Diana' sorry to sound down, lost and worth nothing but im only being honest , with my self and venting , crying out I guess.yes self pity a bit too. .. God I do Pray if you could lift my spirit up unto you soon.
Questions And More Questions>??
Now more than ever in my life , should be the happiest ive ever felt , but im not , im lonley all the time , sad , confused , know not what you expect of me , I seem to do all wrong in your eyes , least this is how I feel. God help me to see what life holds for you and for me now. Can I help it God is rearanging my life life so that im fathar away or not in a perfect life and place right now. Can I help that all fails and fall thru on me when im at top of my world and i back slide > no faith and life is crewl all time to me , but I pray and pary for things to turn around in my favor . God knows i pray . diana
I hate being by myself.... I know that I dont want to be in an abusive relatonship... This town drive me crazy... Just wanna go far far far away from everything.... I dont like when ppl play w my emotions... Id take back all the wrong if I could... Dont even know why Im putting this on here...
Does It Make Sense To Try To Level Someone With Nearly A Million To Go Over Someone With 70k?
UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE...SOMEONE HELP ME MAKE SENSE OF THIS... i paid alex-cuz i can..dayummm...i leveled u an alex..let me clue u in on something.this is a website n i can CHOOSE to delete a pic when i want to..its not ur fooking job girl to understand me...seems 2 me as u said u got enough shyte going on-I AM ME-- Chelle is the main reason i created this family...she was THERE 4 me..Trese,I hope ur arz leveles b4 her...bcus i dont give a let me give u a lil tad bit of info...u having Chelles logn info just fooked up the krew u won the golden ticket..lmfao...i dont need to be on a cruise to level...i got another idea...y dont u an alex take ur tails an solely join 1 of the multiple GD familys u r a part of...lmao...i will inform chelle that u having her info was a biggggggg mistake...but all u ppl level on uppppppppppp....enjoy hunny '۞♥┼♥۞-graphic designer @ Mystic Illusions website, Get you Wor' spewed forth the following at '200
Prince Charming
We all try to find aur other half but are we been realistic many people stay single because they are still waiting around for that prince charming ... or Mr perfect ... my thoughts there is no such thing as mr perfct as far as i know we all have aur rough edges and as for prince charming... he was inventid for fairy tales kids stories etc are we really expecting a prince in shining armour to appear in a white horse and take us away ??? well i really doubt thats going to happen question is why do we still hang on a hope of that happening ???
Silent Cries
Child Abuse Child abuse is an epidemic in the world. Children are kidnapped,raped and murdered, molested by family members and strangers, beaten, emotionally and verbally abused, sold into slavery, and much much more. For every child that gains public attention, thousands more live with this dark secret. Many never say a word through fear of reprissal instilled in them if they say anything. Many carry this secret to their graves and their lives are forever altered. A child has never asked to be born. Once in this world, all he or she wants more than anything else, is to be loved and cared for. It's all of our responsibilities to protect them no matter the consequences. Below is a poem wirtten by me. It is one of the few I don't have a copyright on. If you use it, please copy it in it's entirety. Silent Cries The little girl so battered and abused She doesn't understand Why they have to hurt I'll be a good girl Please make it stop I promise I'll be good Her plea
032208 Dilbert
Quietly He Came
Quietly He Came Quietly he came and saw what others overlooked His eyes dancing with laughing merriment Flickering with anguished sadness A spirited fascination drawing her in Like the moth dancing round the flame With loving sternness tearing at the walls Opening the darkness of gaping wounds and childhood lost His own pain and fear buried deep In a myriad of mystery and silence Loving words and caresses soothing the fearful child A budding trust replacing the doubts Opening her eyes and guiding her forward To see a future of joy and happiness and love Sue E Price Copyright 2005 Sue E Price
She Looks
She Looks she looks out into the night, listening to the sounds she seeks to find her place her wildness clawing at her very being bidding her to break the chains that weigh her down to leave behind the insanity of the world and find the solitude and peace she longs for to run the paths to smell the air to see the mountains and the trees to play in the clear blue waters finding the place called home reveling in the playful pups smiling at the ever busy sisters laughing at the brothers building their strength sensing the watchful eyes of the One that guides them to their sanctuary listening to sounds alert to any danger ever ready to strike to protect with her all content in her sight satisfied with her vision she once again lays down near the edge she closes her eyes and sleeps Sue Price Copyright 2005 Sue E Price
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I Will Be Leaving On Vacation On The 26th
Hi All! I will be leaving on vacation next wednesday and will be back on or about the 4th of April. Wish me luck, I am hitting sin city,lol. Please leave luv on my page while I am gone, I will return all when I get back. Will miss you all!
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Think About This
Whatever that happens in life, happens for stop worrying about the future and forget the past. After Sept. 11th, one company invited the remaining members of other companies who had been decimated by the attack on the Twin Towers to share their available office space. At a morning meeting, the head of security told stories of why these people were alive, and all the stories were just the 'L I T T L E' things . As you might know, the head of the company survived that day because his son started kindergarten. Another fellow was alive because it was his turn to bring donuts. One woman was late because her alarm clock didn't go off in time. One of them missed his bus. One spilled food on her clothes and had to take time to change. One's car wouldn't start. One went back to answer the telephone. One had a child that dawdled and didn't get ready as soon as he should have. One couldn't get a taxi. The one that struck everyone was the
Where The Fuck Have I Been??!!
where have i been and why did i just find out about this i feel like my eyes have been opened and i've seen the light hala fuckin luyah!! Besides that i got a question i want you all to think about?! What is the true reason we're here ifany one thinks they have clue tell what you think but to let you in on a little secret i know more than i'll ever tell!! HAHAHAHAHH!!
Venting From Work An Other Problems
Ok so I'm working now and have decided to take out my rantings from or about work here. So if anyone cares to say anything here be my guest to for I dont care Im just using this as a way to vent after work lol. I've got a full time job at a Flying J truck stop. I am currently the person thats mid shift break person for the other employees in the fast food area of the place. Dont get me wrong I happen to like my times alot. Just the fact that when it is time for my to have my break I dont get it till almost an hour before i leave for the night which really sucks. Last night was busy I understand that but what I dont understand is the fact that all the prep that I was able to get to was for the next day and ended up being used up before i even got the change to leave work. I almost passed out on my feet last night from lack of food, caffine and nicotine. But also not sleeping well lately hasnt helped. Thus last night a manager came out and gave me my break then my co workers his br
Bad American
YES, I'M A BAD AMERICAN by: George Carlin I Am Your Worst Nightmare. I am a BAD American. I am George Carlin. I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some mid level governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican! I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way! I think owning a gun doesn't make you a killer, it makes you a smart American. I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything. I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English. I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to. My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and whoever canceled Jerry Springer. I don't hate the rich. I don't pity the poor. I know wrestling is fake and I don't waste my time watching or arguing about it. I've never owned a slave, or was a slave, and neither have you! So, shut up already. I believe if you
Don't Take Men Shopping!
This is why women should not take men shopping against their will. DON'T TAKE ME IF I DON'T WANT TO GO........... After Mr. and Mrs. Fenton retired, Mrs. Fenton insisted her husband accompany her on her trips to Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, Mr. Fenton was like most men--he found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunately, Mrs. Fenton was like most women--she loved to browse. One day Mrs. Fenton received the following letter from her local Wal-Mart. Dear Mrs. Fenton, Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and may be forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against Mr. Fenton are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras. 1. June! 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking. 2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at
Have A Very Blessed And Happy Easter
To all my fubar friends and family i am posting my comments this way to all till I get a different hook up fHappy Easter from NubianGraphics.comor my computer God bless Lisa
Five Days
Five days Five times the world revolves Five dawns, Five dusks Days spent alone I cried out in the dark I made a plea I called to you Keep me from dying inside I waited five days I waited and cried I waited for you To come save me You showed concern You worried about me You wanted to know why It made you feel sad Where was this care Where was the concern Where was my friend When I needed you there? Im getting stronger Stronger by the day Five times stronger Than I was that day I dont need your concern I dont need your care I came through all right Without anyone there Care and concern Are beautiful things When theyre offered When theyre needed Care and concern Cant wait For a more Convenient time Im worth more than that Im too strong to die Im still going to cry But Im not gonna die Tauri Athena copyright October 2007
Hi Everybody!!
Umm,this is my first fubar blog. My friend just invited me. Am still trying to get used to things on here. Kind of a neat world this fubar is. Anyways,you all have a Happy Easter. mmmm Chocolate!!! Can't wait!
No One Notices My Tears
No one notices my tears Stains on my pillow from all the years Of lost hopes, broken dreams and realized fears They look at my face and never see my cares Years of silence, no body asks No body hears, no one notices my tears Everyday Im here I want to scream But I dont dare a single drop rolls From my eye, a dark line streaks Down my face and still no one Notices my tears I want what I cant have, its been Too many years. I think about the heartache And someone elses fears I cry and cry but no one notices my tears People all around me yet no one cares My emotions are forbidden Put up on a shelf for years Lost time I can never get back What I wouldnt do for a chance To have someone to notice my tears. Tauri Athena copyright March 2007
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Join Us Tonight To Celebrate The Wedding And Reception Of Pj And Foxy In Bada Bing!
Join Us In Celebrating the Wedding Of Our Friends PJ and Foxy at Bada Bing Lounge on Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 8pm eastern time. Plan to be there as we share and celebrate a beautiful time with these two very special friends!
Help Wanted
I dont ask for much but this one time i do...if ya this here link and help this kat out! this is my first contest and i would appreciate any help you can give! i'll return the love!!
Prisoner Of The Knight
Prisoner of The Knight You know me not by day, The night is my domain, That is where you come for me. I long for your peaceful slumber, When the spinning of your mind ceases, No longer diverting the pursuit of pleasure. I wait impatiently, Lonely for your touch, Until you dream once again. That place beyond is where you find me, Forever there, I am drunk with anticipation, Writhing, ready for your touch. Impale me, That is what I'm pleading for, Pervasion, The surging passion of union, Divine intoxication; Is it ecstasy or madness? Rest in me; calm yourself in my still waters, Raging as a tempest against your shore, Awaken not, once more without me. A prisoner, existing only for your embrace, Reason erases remembrance when you arise. By day it holds me hostage, or is it you bound by this quest? Always retreating, I keep you with iron chains, Invisible, yet strong as spider's webs, That no man can tear asunder. Goddess, granting secret
I Believe In The Death Penalty.
TAKE NOTE: I am including facts at the end of this blog, if you should find yourself wanting to know more about why I'm sounding off regarding this matter. Remember I am the proud owner of a brain possessing many great braincells. I also have a heart of gold. Unfortunately I can't pawn it for the money to help people in a less fortunate financial state than I am. Eric ClaptonChange The WorldMusic Video Codes By Music 3G VENTING: There are starving children right here in America. They wake up to nothing in the fridge and nothing in the bread drawer. They go to sleep hungry, wondering what they've done wrong to deserve the life they are forced to live. Some of those children have a daddy or a mommy or somebody who is supposed to be caring for them that, instead of spending money on food and clothing for a child depending on them, choose to spend it on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, fancy cars, bling, clothing and what have you. Some people really are that selfish. I
Random Happy Thought For Today.
Well..several.'re cool. You know who you are. YAY flaming modification. Second...gah I will be so glad when I can quit actually working in this place and just run it via wireless. school...happens soon...right..fucking..on. Fourth..I gained another pound! Yay on my way back to 130!!!!! Fifth...there is no fifth..I'd LOVE a fifth of something.
Important Info You Need To Know
A LITTLE HISTORY ON GUN CONTROL In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ------------------------------ In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ------------------------------ Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated. ------------------------------ China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated ------------------------------ Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ------------------------------ Uganda es
Thank you all for helping me out on here I am doing better at this site. It is just hard at times. But like I said thanks to everyone.
imikimi - Customize Your World
Just wanted to let my friends know that due to some personal reasons i will be gone from here for a while. dont know how long it will be for. want to say that ive made some wonderful connections here that i dont want to loose. you can feel free to still show me love on here or for those of you who have my conacts. i would really love to keep in touch with you. if you dont, if you want them, just ask. I ask that if you have a free minute or sec, just say a short prayer for me. its been fun and real. hope to talk to you all soon. and if not, like my man Ozzy says, "I'LL see you on the other side"
Religion. God. Church. My View.
God doesn't care if we go to some freaking church to show our love for Him or if we stay home and spend time with our loved ones. God cares how we live, how we love, how we treat those around us, how we treat the world in which we live. In my opinion, religion is often times used for comfort and a sense of belonging for people. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I find it to be pathetic when somebody uses religion as an excuse to not like or respect somebody. We are all equals. I see no reason for us to keep from loving one another simply because of our differences. God has many names because He is an entity that loved and created us all. We are all His children. Love and respect your brothers and sisters as you would love and respect Him, for we are all pieces of God.
The Outlaw Torn
And now I wait my whole lifetime For you And now I wait my whole lifetime For you I ride the dirt I ride the tide For you I search the outside search inside For you To take back what you left me I know I'll always burn to be The one who seeks so I may find And now I wait my whole lifetime I'm Outlaw torn I'm Outlaw torn And I'm torn So on I wait my whole lifetime For you So on I wait my whole lifetime For you The more I search the more my need For you The more I bless the more I bleed For you You make me smash the clock and feel I'd rather die behind the wheel Time was never on my side So on I wait my whole lifetime I'm Outlaw torn I'm Outlaw torn Yeah I'm Outlaw torn And I'm torn Hear me And if I close my mind in fear Please pry it open See me And if my face becomes sincere Beware Hold me And when I start to come undone Stitch me together See me And when you see me strut Remind me of what left this outlaw torn Hear me And
Story: Meeting
As we had planned you arrived at the hotel around 6:30 p.m.. When I heard the knock at the door, my heart raced and my mouth went dry. After months of chatting , I was about to see you for the first time. I opened the door and saw that wonderful smile, then invited you in. You were appraising the place looking for signs of what I was like. We hugged and kissed, a slow probing kiss each exploring the other, our hands contouring each others bodies. It was a kiss of greeting, at last. As we parted we both looked into each others eyes and smiled, knowing that tonight would end in a glorious sexual romp. We had decided that you would come to me so we wouldn't get lost from one another and all we had to worry about was finding the restaurant. I grabbed the keys to the car and followed you out the door admiring your backside. You turned and caught me. I smiled a sheepish smile and you laughed. The evening was off to a good start. The drive was very uneventful, just conversation abo
Please ! Make Me A Woman ..
A man was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed home. He wanted her to see what he went through so he prayed: "Dear Lord: I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife merely stays at home. I want her to know what I went through, so please allow her body to switch with mine for a day. Amen. God, in his infinite wisdom, granted the man's wish. The next morning, sure enough, the man awoke as a woman. He arose, cooked breakfast for his mate, awakened the kids. Set out their school clothes, feed them breakfast, packed their lunches. Drove them to school, came home and picked up the dry cleaning, took it to the cleaners and stopped at the bank to make a deposit, went grocery shopping. Then drove home to put away the groceries, Paid the bills and balanced the checkbook. He cleaned the cat's litter box and bathed the dog. Then it was already 1 P.M.and he hurried to make the beds,do the laundry, vacuum, dust, and sweep and mop the kitchen floor.
Apbt Puppy's For Sale
Home An Sick Again
well I am sick setting at home, but I did sell my truck an trailer an now own my own bike again after several years LOL I missed riding. Hope I get rid of this flu soon so I can really enjoy my bike an feeling the wind in my face, an riding with my buddies. write more later
Pouring My Heart
A year ago I got my Ex GF of 2 years pregnant I was a lil scared at first but then I got used to the idea and for 4 months was happy and ready to be a daddy then something happened that hurt worse then anything in the world she had a misscarrage and I was devastated I could barely live it was hard and I just had to act like it didnt hurt though because I had to be strong for her well it is a year and 3 months later and I still feel the pain. It doesnt feel like I will ever get over it.
ERROR: 1,000 points deducted from your score, thanks for playing! And people wonder why I look at this site as a game......
What To Do On A Beautiful Day?
Saturday sleeping in and waking up on your own is so so nice. I hate being woken up by an alarm clock. Peter got off work a little early yesterday so we decided to go out to dinner early. Just the 2 of us. He has been wanting to go there for weeks so he was happy. Afterwards we stopped by some friends house and visited for a while. It is just beautiful outside and Peter has been doing yard work. He met the people that are buying the house next door. A young couple in their late 20's. I just hope they don't have barking dogs! The house next door was in foreclosure because the lady that lived in it was an idiot and kept taking money out of the house to give to her kids and she ends up losing everything. The house was in such bad condition and an embarrassment to our neighborhood. It was actually deemed uninhabitable by the city. These people lived like this. They trashed this house. The woman owed $367,000 on her mortgage and all they could sell that piece of crap for
I Need Help From My Friends!
I am currently in a contest and would appreciate all the help I can get. I often help alot of people on here, and I'm just asking for a little in return. Please click the link below and leave as many comments as possible, and don't forget to rate. Leave me a message, when you have, and I'll be sure to return the love for you! Thank you in advance.
The World In My Eyes!!! He Is All I See...
Two Types Of Friends
Two Types of Friends -- Real & Simple A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about their problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself. A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight. A simple friend expects y
Its Been A Whole Year
Its been a whole year since Ive joined this site smh. lol since today is my fu-anniversary, and its alos my last day of my VIP :( can every1 show me some love? i will return it muuuahhhzz
The True Meaning
No Boundaries I look up to the stars in the night To guide me home with thier true light To show me the way back to you And a love that is very true I look to the sun in the morning sky As i think of you my love and sigh Missing you more than words can say But loving you still with each passing day I look to the Earth that gives us life Knowing someday You'll be at my side And we'll share a life two as one With love laughter and fun I look to the time that keeps us apart Only physically and not in our hearts As the waves creep up on the beach I know my love soon I will reach I look up to God in the Heavens above And I ask Him why I'm kept from my love "Can you not see her when you close your eyes And smell her in bed where you lie" " Feel her touch when you are sitting there And hear her voice wafting in the air" Yours is a love so rare and true That she will never be away from you
I Want A Guy
i wanted to take the time and wish all my friends and future friends have a Happy Easter
Not Worth Reading
life changes in a blink of an eye one moment we are mastering fate; the next it is too late and we are left screaming "why, why, why, why?" they say don't lose hope while fate continuously dispenses the rope are we destined to fail is this a cruel game when we die will the mask then unveil or will it remain? i pray for my friends and my family each day i wonder sometimes though does God hear what i say? so many people & so many different points of view who can say who is right? is it me? is it you? answers are never easy world spinning so fast oft times i am queasy my thoughts spill out like a Dr. Sues rhyme no sense do they usually make, especially not this time!!! LOL
Couple Things I Like
well this is my first post here, and what do i tell you ? id go into me, but there arent alot of people that could/would care, let alone comprehend just who i am. so... it was brought to my attention that i should make a list of things i love, so here is a partial. in no particular order... the sound of acorns crushing under truck tires on the driveway, the smell of breakfast at my moms, the way my girls look sleeping and how it seems to disguise their internal evil, hot coffee anytime, iced sweet tea, the feel of a puppy's belly when they get all turned over wrestling your hand, my favorite meal which no one really knows except my mom, and ^..^ , of course ^..^ cause damn..... , staying up all night , staying up all night talking, staying up all night because its hard to quit staying up all night when you dont want to not stay up all night with who you are staying up all night with, making someone laugh because you like how it sounds when they do, remembering the smell of tommy
I've been thinking a lot...and that's a dangerous road for me to tread. Mostly, I think about money. Money is NOT a fun subject for me, since I don't have any. I wonder sometimes if working at a job I like instead of what brings home money is the answer. I worry about what I'm going to have as I get older...I'll be 24 in three months as of yesterday...and I think about where I'm at and wonder how the hell I got here. I have a tendency to want SO badly for attention, and find myself increasingly jealous of others. I've stopped trying to be a pleaser...I've stopped trying to be what others want from me, but often revert back to keep the peace. I've recently learned things about my family that make me NOT want to see them this weekend. I just want to stand in the middle of the room and scream out for everyone to drop their fucking act and just be THEMSELVES, for chrissake. I'm pretty pissed off about the talking behind my back, and I wish sometimes that I could say the
Military Deaths Over The Last Twenty-six Years
MILITARY DEATHS FOR TWENTY-SIX YEARS Bet you didn't know the following! I surely did not. These are some rather eye-opening facts: Since the start of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, the sacrifice has been enormous. In the time period from the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 through now, we have lost over 3000 military personnel to enemy action and accidents. As tragic as the loss of any member of the US Armed Forces is, consider the following statistics: The annual fatalities of military members while actively serving in the armed forces from 1980 through 2006: 1980 ....... 2,392 1981 ...... 2,380 1984 ....... 1,999 1988 ....... 1,819 1989 ....... 1,636 1990 ...... 1,508 1991 ....... 1,787 1992 ....... 1,293---------------------------------------------------- 1993 ....... 1,213 1994 ....... 1,075 1995 ........2,465 1996 ...... 2,318 8 Clinton years =13,417 deaths 1997 ....... 817 1998 ...... 2,252 1999 ....... 1,984
I Took New Piccas///signs For You
I took about 104 new pictures...So i will be deleting all the old pictures...for the people who commented them I thank you so so so so so much for that but it is time for a change.... ALSO..... I am taking requests...meaning I will be doing signs for people who want them...meaning you have to read this in order to know it...Mwahahah :D (note: wont do nudes)...hehe I will be making people signs who want them and if you wanna make me a sign it will go in a special section of my profile...Not the pictures but MY ACTUAL profile...LMAO yayyyyy
How To Spot An Abusive Relationship
How to Spot an Abusive Relationship # Are you frightened of your partner's temper? # Are you afraid to disagree with him/her? # Do you apologize to yourself and others for your partner's behavior or when you are treated badly? # Have you ever been frightened by your partner's violence towards you? # Have you been hit, kicked, shoved, or had things thrown at you by your partner? # Have you been forced to have sex? # Have you been afraid to say no to sex or to anything else? # Do you have to justify everything you do, every place you go, and every person you see to avoid your partner's temper? # Have you repeatedly been wrongly accused of flirting or having sex with others? # Does your partner constantly ridicule, criticize, or insult you? # Does your partner become violent when he/she drinks or uses drugs? # Has your partner ever threatened to kill himself/herself if you leave? # Has your partner ever threatened to hurt or kill you or someone close to you? # Does your p
Men Just Don't Get It
The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world Is a woman's heart. -- Josiah G. Holland this is something i wish men would understand
New Relationships
for the past few years ive been fighting to get my friends to at least pretend to show they care. it never really worked. all they really ever did was use me whenever they needed something. ive met some new people and although they live so far away they make me the happiest ive been in years. people who care to hear what i say, and that try to make me feel better when no one else is around to listen. idk where things will go from here but i do know that no matter what happens these special people will always have a spot in my heart. and no matter what, no one can change the way i feel. this new feeling is the best in the world. thanks goes out to those who help. and special thanks to matt...who gives me the courage to move on and ignore those who dont deserve to have me around. its time to move on with my life, and its making me the happiest ive ever been in years.
Two Hearts
In a time long since passed, two hearts met wearing different masks, true love, each had found, only in death to part, his body given to the ground. True love torn, like a stitch in time two souls parted, without reason or rhyme, will meet again and again, for lives sewn togther never really end. No one can change the circle of life, love, fear, death, or strife for the heart knows what the mind cannot see, long lost loves in memories. One lost soul will find the other, for they have been ancient lovers- in candlelight shadows pass, two hearts meet wearing different masks, if it will last, time will tell, yet they live again, and love as well.
I am longing tonight to hold you feel your warmth beside me hear your heart beating to listen as you breathe These empty arms ache to be filled lips to shower you with kisses my voice waits to speak your name to whisper, 'I love you' My eyes long to see you smile that sparkle in your eyes they memorized your face so well but the image is more dream than real My heart is heavy tonight memories of you envelope me I long to be with you until that longing is almost pain and my heart can only wonder if yours feels the same.
The Road Ahead
The Road Ahead... The Distance We've Gone Current mood: hopeful Category: Life For most of 2005, 2004, and 2003, home and life had become sojourn, running, living in one domestic violence shelter after the next, packing up the kids in the middle of the night, being shipped off to God knows where each time he found us. Living?., only exsisting to say the very least, looking over my shoulder in fear, fearing he'd find us, fearing what he'd do next, he's already done too much, too much to write (without a copy right), too much I can't erase, TOO MUCH of their innocense has already been lost. This time, I packed up the kids, and all I could carry, kissing one son good bye (he's ran enough for 12), this time was different, I was not running, tucking my tail between my legs as they say, this time, this would be the last. 3000 miles we traveled, distination--- FREEDOM, life of the living kind, making my own tracks along the way, the fears, anxity, and pain flying out t
Showing Love To My Owner Hehehe
So sometime I sit and reflect on my life and my wants and desire. What am I attracted too? What is attracted too me? AFter this many years I have found out what those answers are just trying to figure out why those answers are the way they are. What I am attracted is not normally what is attracted too me. Its odd, I usually end up setting my sights on someone that prefers someone of a darker color.I understand we all have our preferences and I dont have an issue with that. Im not racist at all just want too know why I usually pick them. Is it the wanting something I cant have? There is this lady at work that makes my stomach do back flips everytime I see her. She leaves me speechless but again the same issue I always have. Wrong color. Please help me understand if you can. If not thanks for stoppin by and listening to me rant. Please no hatin I am asking cause after 38 years I still dont understand women. LOL
Missed The 30 Day Blast Contest? Dont Miss This
I will host another contest in April and will be releasing more details soon so keep an eye out for my blogs and mumms please. There will be prizes for all who enter just like the last contest but I may have an even better prize this time so you won't wanna miss out on this one, thanks to all the sexy ladies who entered my last contest. I hope to see even more lovely ladies in my next contest in April imikimi - Customize Your World
Love Is Eternal
As sand will surely touch the tide, leaves will turn in fall, as sun holds the moon a bride, true love shall conquer all. As rivers will flow to the sea, kingdoms fall and rise, each locked door shall have its key, each truth shall have its eyes. As dew shall gently kiss a rose, fire shall quench no thirst, flowering, love grows, as fragile as a bubble burst. As I shall always love you, until time has reached its end, in moments so few, my love, my heart, I send. As beats still my heart your name, as unchanging as day to night, burning within the flame, keep love our guiding light.
When I....
When i walk away from you mad [ Follow me ] When i stare at your mouth [ Kiss me ] When i push you or hit you [ Grab me and dont let go ] When i start cussing at you [ Kiss me and tell me you love me] When im quiet [ Ask me whats wrong/Or mess with me. ] When i ignore you [ Give me your attention ] When i pull away [ Pull me back ] When you see me at my worst [ Tell me im beautiful ] When you see me starting to cry [ Hold me and tell me everything will be alright ] When you see me walking [ Sneak up and hug my waist from behind ] When im scared [ Protect me ] When i lay my head on your shoulder [ Tilt my head up and kiss me ] When i tease you [ Tease me back and make me laugh ] When i dont answer for a long time [ reassure me that everything is okay ] When i look at you with doubt [ Back yourself up ] When i say that i like you [ I really do more than you could understand ] When i grab at your hands [ Hold mine and play w
Worst Zombie-movie Ever
Right, I just saw the worst zombie-movie ever, Automation Transfiusion. Not only had they did a crappy camera-job BUT there were so many "mistakes". For example, how many zmbies would close the door when leaving a room? They couldn't even think of an ending for the movie so in the middle of an action-scene it just cut to a blackscreen that said "to be continued". Don't wtch this, you will just get pissed off.
What The Hell Is A Mississippi Sticky?
So, why Mississippi Sticky you ask? What's so goddamn great about Mississippi and what the hell is a Mississippi Sticky? Well, there are a lot of celebs from the state such as Elvis Presley, Jimmy Buffet, James Earl Jones, Faith Hill...that Oprah woman...screenwriter Tennessee Williams, Jim Henson, and the Mannings (Peyton, Eli were born in NOLA...Archie is from Mississippi) and we can't forget BB King :P Mississippi has not only that going for it, but is mostly known for it's "Delta Blues" and celebrates Mardi Gras every year, even though NOLA is where the main party at. It has a dessert (Mississippi Mud Pie) and is world famous for it's red clay mud that is every frikkin' where. Lot's of good things came from Mississippi.. like me :) I am Mister Sticky aka Mister Tricky..just a MS Army boy trying to enjoy life for the first time ever and the Mississippi heat will definitely make ya sticky from sweating..therefore, I am "Mississippi Sticky." Sadly to say though, I did
Ok Now Lets See
i hope you all read this rate comment and sign my book
LITTLE BOY AT THE NUDE BEACH A mother and father take their 6-year old son to a nude beach. As the boy walks along the sand, he notices that many of the women have boobs bigger than his mother's, so he goes back to ask her why. She tells her son, "The bigger they are, the sillier the lady is." The boy, pleased with the answer, goes to play in the ocean but returns to tell his mother that many of the men have larger things than his dad does. She replies, "The bigger they are, the dumber the man is." Again satisfied with her answer, the boy goes back to the ocean to play. Shortly thereafter, the boy returns and promptly tells his mother, "Daddy is talking to the silliest lady on the beach, and the longer he talks, the dumber he gets!".
It's Getting Close!!
Ohh La La Friends
House Of Doom
Take all that you can Take it all I know you'll do it again Rape, rape me again I'll take the fall I know you'll do it again Oh, another truth And there's nowhere you can hide Oh, in this house of doom No one gets out alive Oh, once you step inside No one gets out alive You lie, and you lie again You've got your plans And you sure ain't no friend Oh, there ain't no turning back They say "you reap what you sow" Hell, if that ain't a fact! Oh, another truth And there's nowhere you can hide Oh, in this house of doom Ain't no one gets out alive Oh, once you step inside No one gets out alive Oh, another truth And there's nowhere you can hide Oh, in this house of doom Ain't no one gets out alive Oh, once you step inside
Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Drunk
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Killer Kool Aid
Drink Name: Killer Kool Aid Category: Ordinary Glass Type: Cocktail Glass Our Rating: 4.89 out of 5 stars (9 votes) Ingredients: 1 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Amaretto 1/2 oz Melon Liqueur Directions: Mix ingredients and top off glass with cranberry juice. Serve with ice and a slice of lemon. These are very good and get you drunk fast!
Fuck Lassie... My Dog Was Better!
Sadly, I couldnt find a pic of Simba, he was a golden retriever who died way too soon due to worms and lack of pussy. This is my re-creation..... In all seriousness I miss that shit out of my dog he was truly man's best friend, only I'm still a kid and not so much of a man~
Feeling Complete
Jesus you have brought so much love into my soul, thru You, You've made my life so complete & whole. Within my heart each day I feel Your love flow. Sometimes I get caught up in wordly things, stumble & fall which makes me feel like a baby just learning to crawl. When I call out His name & say "Jesus, please forgive me, I have sinned & drifted away". I feel Him reach out His hand to help me get back on my feet & once again I feel complete. Written By, Lisa/Prtyeyes 8-29-04
The Twelve Signpost
THE 12 SIGNPOST An increased tendency to let things happen rather make them happen. Frequent attacks of smiling. Feeling of being connected with others and nature. Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation. A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experiences. An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment. A loss of worry. A loss of interest in conflict. A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others. A loss of interest in judging others. A loss of interest in judging self. Gaining the ability to love without expecting anything in return.
I Am That Girl But For Some Reason, No One Sees That
Body: I AM THAT GIRL BUT FOR SOME REASON, NO ONE SEES THAT I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive resturant... I'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will (or at least try to) have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who actually keeps her body parts in her clothing in public... most of the time I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have... I'm the girl who once
Why is that when we have something good we push it to the limits. Make it fall apart. I think we all try to test the ones we love. Make them work for that affection. And I think others just do the working. Trying to make the other person feel like they are important. I know I push. I push the people who love me away, I push friends away, and worst I push myself away from the world. I will admit any day that I am a social person. But when it comes down to it I only have 3 true friends. People that have been there through hell and back with me. Anyone else, sure there a friend, but mostly they fill a void.That need to surrond yourself with people to test. And I have tested them all. All falling short in some way. Not smart enough, not caring enough, and not understanding. I think that I do these things because in the end I will end up like my mother. I will be alone, unhappy and unfullfilled. That my friends will leave at sometime. To go on to bigger and better things. That my lov
Happy Easter To All My Friends And Fubar

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