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Beauty Or Brains
There has always been a wonder in the back of my mind, what is more of an or brains? Truth be told I think there is a lot to say about having does exist! It seems though that in todays world there is very little acceptance of a woman (or man for that matter) who is both good looking and brilliant. Then to make things worse, some of us have to throw in honesty. Well what the hell were we thinkin' when we did that! People say that they are honest and they don't play games but the truth be told, there are very few who are. Call me bluntly honest and a few other choice words some of you dimmer bulbs come up with but, I'll take being smart and honest any day!
Happy Holidays
Long time no see everyone. Just wanted to stop in and say hello and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. No...I am not really coming back. I am gone and I think it is best. Not that many of you will read this and not like any of you miss me anyways. I just got sick of all the drama and decided that I am totally not dealing with it anymore. The plan was to delete my profile, but I can't bring myself to do that....yet. Don't expect to see me around because I wrote this blog. I have been very busy and not worring about coming on to spread the love is a nice thing. Besides...I got an Xbox360 for Christmas and my very little amount of freetime is spent dualing people online. Anyways....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Late?? Yes, but better late than never. Peace out guys and rock on.
Rate Contest I Am In Starts Today Jan.6th At 3pm Central Time
i recently entered a rate contest which starts today jan. 6th at 3pm central time .all i need for ppl to do is come and simply rate my pic .(more than once due to the new rating system(when the rates reset )). here's the link to the host's blog about the contest your help will be greatly appreciated .ty :D i will add the link to my pic when i get it :D here's the link to my pic
Action May Not Bring Happiness...
Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action- Benjamin Disraeli So...It's been about a month of heartache and finally tonight i had this overwhelming feeling that things are starting to heal themselves. That I am going through yet another transformation of myself and that in some way I am being reborn again. Lately, i have been looking for anything or anyone to lean upon to give me guidance in a world that lately I have looked at as an unfamilar place and an existance in where I didn't feel I didn't feel I could be apart of any longer. I have been told by a few that my desicions over the past month or two have not necessarly been bad, but have been too quickly judged and jumped into. To some extent I agree... but I have never been one to sit around and let life pass me by allowing for the change for me to ask myself "what if?" So, on a gloomy day, which I have been having many, I decided to look up some insirational quotes to possibly hang aro
A Love Poem
A special world for you and me A special bond no one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And hold us fiercly in its womb Its fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it hold us fast Bonds like this are meant to last And though at times a thread may break A new one form in its wake To bring us closer and keep us strong In a special world, we belong.
Goodbye Because I Love You
Would you leave me because you love me? Because I'm your one and only? Because I make your life complete? Would you leave me then? Would I leave you because I love you? Because I know you love me too? Because you're all that I'm living for? Would I leave you then? I wouldn't leave because I love you. Because I know you love me too. Because you're all I'm living for. I wouldn't leave you then. But, You would leave me because you love me. Because I'm your one and only. Because I make your life complete. Yes, You would leave me then. Written By: Kearra Gurule 12/6/06
A Speech By Me
This is just a speech I gave at the EOP banquet last year after my first year in college. I read it to a few hundred students and chico staff members and is one of my writings that I cherish the most...thought I'd share it with you... Speech for EOP Banquet My freshman year at Chico State didn't start on the first day of school. It started over the summer just getting prepared and attending Summer Bridge and Freshman Year Experience. When I met most of you "exuberant, optimistic, people" (EOP) the first thing you would utter was, "Your pregnant and still going to college?" The first thing that crossed my mind was yea, why not? I wasn't uneducated, incapable or useless. The only thing I saw getting in my way was my huge stomach- kind of hard to squeeze into those lecture sets and sometimes I'd bump into people and have to excuse my stomach. It was like saying, "Your Mexican, Hmong or Caucasian and going to college?" It didn't make any sense? I was immediately stereotyped. I am not
The Ride Home
Driving home I saw an image in the mirror, the person I saw was me... She looked back with tears in her eyes wondering why there's so much misery in her life I looked and saw so much beauty, I couldn't understand why she felt this way... Do you feel that? The pain she asked... I'm drowning within myself Don't worry I said, that break will mend Nope. Not this time. I wake each morning and should be living, but yet when my eyes open my death is approaching I've lost myself and who I am; there is no turning back or a path to apprehend I will sit and wait for my next mistake Until then self...enjoy the scene because tomorrow it may be a dream Written By: Kearra Gurule 12/13/06
To My Fu Family
What A Day
Boy what a day, the Steelers lose to the Jaqs. I can't get laid, and so many mumm's on sex. Wish I could remember what sex was, lol.
Lonly Love
My Love is lost and I don't know how to bring Him back. I try to help but seem to make it worse. I hurt Him and never mean to but in the end it happens. He is angry and it beats on me every time we talk. He is hurt and I cant not repair the damage done. I sit back and watch His slow demise and am helpless to stop it. I would do anything for me Love but don't know what or where to start. He wants me to be something I am not sure I am. I love Him, He has made His way to my heart and I dont know how that happened but it did and that is why it hurts so bad to be helpless. I need to help I need somthing to do. Forever Yours.
Catch My Eye
A beauty stood on a balcony high, Sneezed and lost her blue glass eye. A young man walking down The Strand Caught the flashing eye-ball one hand. Invited up to receive her thanks He drooled on her features, figure, flanks. While dining on champagne and chicken These strangers felt their heart beats quicken, Gazed into each others eyes, imperfections indiscernible, Including the eye-ball that proved to be returnable. Over croissants and coffee in the morning The young man felt suspicion dawning, Said, "Would you do this for just any passer-by?" "Oh no!" she said, "He'd have to catch my eye".
The Paper
At the Folk Fest' in Woodford, In the store, whilst buying butter, I met this Indian bloke, Who came in from Calcutta. He asked of the shopkeeper, When at the counter he did stop, "Do you have toilet paper, Here in your lovely shop?" "Yes, I have lots of brands, On my shelves, mate, look right here. I have Softly's and I have Sorbent." But he said, "Oh no, too dear!" "I need the most inexpensive, That you have in your store, For I come from Calcutta, And I am very, very poor." "Yes, I think I can accommodate you," The shopkeeper then did say, "I have No-Name brand paper, And it's real cheap, mate, eh !" He said, "Oh, that will be the one, I am very pleased to see, Give to me your No-Name paper, And I'll take it home with me." But alas, just three days later, He came back in a fit, "Here, take back your John Wayne paper, I am bloody sick of it!" "No, hang on mate, settle down, It's not John Wayne, you see, This is No-Name toilet paper, That y
Awesome Friend3
Special Pimp Out!!! Special Thanks to my friends who worked so hard to help me try to win my first contest!!! Plz Rate/Add/Fan/Crush/Comment My AWESOME friends!!! '~DJPhilburg360~~ ~Co/Owner of Viper Network Radio~Dirty South Crew~Founder Of Wakan- Tanka Clan~~' @ fubar
The Farmhand
I rang the C.E.S. and said, ďSlap me up an ad I canít run this farm myself, I need some help real bad! So rustle me up a farmhand, one whoís good at fenciní Oh, and he must not drink or smoke or swear, I sípose Iíd better mentionĒ Well I waited home all morning, pacing up and down the floor And just as I had given up, a fist rapped on my door I thought, you bloody beauty, theyíve dug me up a bloke But when I threw the door back, well I bloody nearly choked He stood there in a floral shirt, hands upon his hips Permed hair past his collar, and lipstick on his lips He carried a paisley saddle and a little embroidered bag I thought to myself, Oh my gawd, this blokeís a flamin' f....funny looking farmhand He said, ďHi, my name is Toni, Iíve come here for the jobĒ I stood there flabbergasted, then foolishly opened my gob I said, ďOnly Poofs and Movie Stars wear earrings in their ear.... And I canít remember seeing a bloody movie of yours this year!Ē ďOh, thatís discri
Mother Teresa
Life Current mood: good Category: Life The Final Analysis People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; ...Forgive them anyway! If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; ...Be kind anyway! If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; ...Succeed anyway! If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; ...Be honest and frank anyway! What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; ...Build anyway! If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; ...Be happy anyway! The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; ...Do good anyway! Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; ...Give the world the best you've got anyway! You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway. Mother Teresa 1910 - 1997
Awesome Friend4
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Biracial Hair
Passed Away
My Grandma PHX passed away on the 26th of December. I really don't know how to fell. I really want to cry but I cant. Its hard to explain the relationship with my grandma. Growing up we saw her every spring break and every other Christmas. She was different not the one to hug first or say I love u. She would quilt blankets through out the year and we got quilts every Christmas. The service was held on Jan 3,2008. In PHX. Its was nice to get away and see family but ths is not the way. I'm still drained from the quick trip. All I want to do is sleep but I can't .
New Contest!
PLZ Rate & Comment or maybe even buy me hearts plz?? 'Plz Rate & comment bomb for me!' @ fubar
Help Me! I Am In Hell.
I am about to strangle them both right now. I am so sick to death of the male being a retarded moron and the female always assuming shit about me. A couple minutes ago,she told me that I would like Bullet For my Valentine because they sound alot like Metallica.I for one, cant stand Metallica and sure as hell wouldnt wanna listen to a band that sounds like them. Earlier in the day,Im playing my guitar, and all of a sudden they are both experts at it.Ive been playing well over 20 years these two idiots are telling me how I should play.God forbid they put the bong down and maybe actually learn to play an instrument. They have to be the experts at everything.Once theyve seen anything on TV or read a book,that makes them the end all of all information of the universe.Yet, they cant teach their 14 year old son how to wipe his own ass and to lift the seat up when he takes a piss.Next time,Im just gonna make him clean the seat with his tongue. What amazes me is how these two peo
The Presidents Of The Usa Before Washington
From a BBC article at What? But George Washington was America's first president. Everyone knows that. He was the leader of the American Revolution, the 'first citizen', the father of his country. He was the Virginian on top. Well, no. Based on how certain titles and job descriptions are interpreted, many historians consider the original George-Dubya to be a middle president, leaving to the bookshelf presidents as Peyton Randolph or John Hanson (see below) and whoever the US president is when you're reading this. "1" Washington may have been, according to who you ask, the eighth or fifteenth President. He wasn't even the first Virginian President of the US. The questioning of such a basic 'fact' in American history does require some explanation. The government under which America lives is based on its Constitution. However, this wasn't always the case. First, the same government which declared the United States to be a free and ind
I'm tryin to get more pts cuz one of my friends says guys r better so women show some love and let him know they rnt
Annie Lennox - Sing (please Support This Site!!)
I'm Fucking Pissed
I'm fucking pissed me boss came up with another of his bright ideas to improve productivity of other employees and in the end I get fucked. I used to have fridays and satursdays off now with his new plan I have thursday and saturday off that fucking sucks tit. Why is it every time someone else on my job fucks up one I have to fix there fuck ups and two my schedule gets fucked it's bullshit and I'm tired of it I ain't putting up with it this time i'm going to blow my fucking top this morning.
Home Again
hey all im finaly home hope you all had a great holiday and wishing all a blessed new year
Getting Old
Nobody ever said that getting old would be this fucked up. Along with all the extra baggage you get from being abused and fucked over so much, you get mental problems and your health just goes down the shitter! I have bi-polor disorder along with intermitted explosive disorder, plus depression and suicide tendencyís. I have heart problems, 2 heart attacks count has problems, high blood pressure, and I got diagnosed with Fibormyalgia last year, now I may have to have surgery on my bladder! Basically I am getting tired of pissing myself when I cough, sneeze, laugh, have sex, oh wait thatís something different! Just kidding. I am only 36 and at this rate I will be dead by the time I am 40!! Oh well I have had fun, I just want to keep having fun is all. Damn getting old sucks!
Dying To Get Out..
my eyes are closed trying to seek a love so pure someone to believe in all i am a man i can trust with all my heart and soul to make me a better person to encourage me to move on with my hearts desire follow my dreams and Passions life is full of Pain so i have to find a heart to fill me up stuck in my world i seek my life i live for my children to help them to live in this crazy world how can i do this when i have not found happiness i will do the best i can and be the best person i can be for i am a work in progress....hugs to all my friends
standing here to please You Sir in my collar & blindfold on i also have on my embarrassment ashamed of what i have become shut off from all who care for me look at my soul for it is the true me to seek the whole me not sure where she is hiding. i hope to fulfill desires and Passions but most of all to find myself again put me in the palm of Your hand and teach me about myself for i have lost her in my Journey to be a good Mother, when will i find her? not sure if she wants to be found so put me in Your hand and mold me into the Person i am meant to be....
I Dont Understand And I Wish I Did
I really dont understand why guys deny they have girlfriends and they do, or why they say they aint going out with anyone else n they r. So lets, see and maybe i can get this straight. I feel that if any of this happens its because u dont care about the other person. Now is it wrong if u know their lying and still keep going out with them. U've known this person for years and altho ur not in love with them, u like to go out and have fun. Sometimes it feels like ur in the way and maybe ur the one causing problems in someone else's relationships. I think that there is nothing wrong because clearly the other girl knows that her man keeps coming back, not me going after him. Anyways, i got tired of it and let it go
It's A New Year.....time To Clean Out
Hello. I have decided that it is time for me to clean out my friends list again. Its been a while and I have people on there that I have never even heard from since they were added to my list. If you want to stay, let me know. I will start deleting Jan 11. thanks Hugs Carrie
Get Together
You have set the time and arranged the place. So there you sit in your car at the rest area waiting in anticipation. Wondering if he will show. You look up and see him pulling in to a parking spot. He gets out of his truck and walks toward the restrooms. You exit your car and follow him into the family restroom. Once inside you lock the door. You turn to him and he grabs you and pulls you close for a passionate kiss. He reaches up your shirt and grabs your breast and begins to gently tweek your nipple. Your excitement level rises and you reach down and free his cock from his pants. You drop to your knees and take it gently into your mouth and suck him completely into your mouth. Once he is hard and throbing you stand and turn away. He bends you over the sink drops to his knees and lifts your skirt to expose your naked pussy. He gently laps at you with his tounge lightly flipping your clit. Once you are wet and ready he stands and pushes his cock into your wet and waiting folds. The fee
Our Heros
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Major Decision
A man wakes up in the hospital, bandaged from head to foot. The doctor comes in and says, "Ah, I see you've regained consciousness. Now, you probably won't remember, but you were in a pile-up on the freeway. You're going to be okay, you'll walk again and everything, but..... Something happened. I'm trying to break this gently, but the fact is, your d*ck was chopped off in the wreck, and we were unable to find it." The man groans. But the doctor continues "You've got $9000 in insurance compensation coming to you, and we have the technology now to build you a new d*ck that will work as well as your old one did. Better in fact! However, it doesn't come cheap. It's $1000 an inch." The man perks up at this. "So," the doctor says, "it's for you to decide how many inches you want. But it's something you'd better discuss with your wife. I mean, if you had a five inch one before, and you decide to go for a nine incher, she might be a bit put out. But if you had a nine inch one before, and you d
Omg Read If You Dare
10 Sex Facts...hehehe
1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat ? produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable th an swimming 20 laps, or jogging 20 blocks and you don't need special sneakers! 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. 6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the oppo
Dead Beat Dads!
Be a father, if not, why bother, son A boy can make 'em, but a man can raise one If you did it, admit it and stick with it Don't say it ain't yours because all women are not whores Ninety percent represent a woman that is faithful Ladies, can I hear it? Thank you! When a girl gets pregnant, her man is gonna run around Dissin' her for nine months, when it's born he wants to come around Talking that I'm sorry for what I did And all of a sudden he wants to see his kid She had to bear it by herself and take care of it by herself And givin' her money for milk won't really help Half of the fathers with sons and daughters don't even wanna take them But yet it's so easy for them to make them It's true, if it weren't for you then the child wouldn't exist After a skeeze, there's responsibilities so don't resist You see, I hate when a brother makes a child and then denies it Thinking that money is the answer so he thinks he can buy it A whole bunch of gifts and a lot of pres
I Dunno If I Like This...
Being an adult I mean. ...yeah I bought my insurance yesterday and my bank account is crying. *whimpers* Oh well. Such is life I suppose. I worked this morning. Two whole hours! a woo. a hoo. It's all good though. I have to work again tonight up in Osage Beach. Gonna probably be a somewhat late night. I'm hoping Brad and Co. will be working with me in the morning so I can ride with them. I hope I hope I hope. Anyways... gonna head to Walmart. Leave me some love... I'm feeling lonely. 11 day until I find out if this is a boy zombie or girl zombie!
I Whipe My Ass With Your Bullentins!
Category: MySpace and Fubar I think bulletins are a cool part about myspace and fubar. They can be used to tell you when something is coming up, when someone has new pictures up, cool little chain stories, so on, and so forth. But then again, the bulletin board can be loaded with shit from time to time... Here is some of that shit. Surveys and questions- Now I don't have too much of a beef with surveys, but there are some questions out there that need to be addressed. Question 1: Do you wish on stars? What the fuck is this, a Disney movie? If you want to wish on a star I will punch you in your fuckin head for asking that stupid ass question and you can wish on one of the stars orbiting your skull. Question 2: If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Is asking what your favorite color is too tough of a question? What's with the Sesame Street tone to the question? Read and Repost TO SEE WHO'S LOOKING AT YOUR PAGE- "If you repost this
Just Life
Well, I got a DUI in July of 2007 and I'm finally getting my DL back after it being suspended for 6 months with limited privileges. Thank God! And my mom is gonna help me with getting a new vehicle since the one I had isn't worth fixing up. Things are finally starting to look up. I gotta find a new job though because I'm only working 3 nights a week at the restaurant I'm serving at now, but I don't want to find another job and quit the one I have now until my DL thing is done and I have a new vehicle.
Who Has The Most
who has the most rates againtst their profile picture right now??
For Keith
Sometimes at night, when I look to the sky, I start thinking of you and then ask myself, why? Why do I love you? I think and smile, because I know the list could run on for miles. The whisper of your voice, the warmth of your touch, so many little things that make me love you so much. The way you support me, and help with my emotions, the way that you care and show such devotion. The way that your kiss, fills me with desire, and how you hold me with the warmth of a blazing fire. The way your eyes shine when you look at me, lost with you forever is where I want to be. The way that I feel when you're by my side, a sense of completion and overflowing pride. The dreams that I dream, that all involve you, the possibilities I see and the things we can do. How you finish the puzzle that lies inside my heart, how that deep in my soul, you are the most important part. I could go on for days, telling of what I feel, but all you really must know is my love for you is real. -
Just Like Our First Dinner
A Table Set For Two Candles flicker softly on a table set for two, There's no one on the earth tonight except for me and you. A nice romantic dinner and a bottle of chilled wine, And we are here together in a moment stopped in time. A love so few have ever known and this is its birth night, Alone within our little world, you and I and candlelight. So soon we will set free the feelings that we want to share. And I am held here spellbound by your laughter in the air. Thoughts of love like falling leaves, Swirling in the autumn breeze, Flow in our minds and in our eyes, A tender look and longing sighs, We touch and as the fire starts, That we have kindled in our hearts, We kiss and hear the angels sing, As heavens gift to me you bring, No more to live my life alone, And in your soul I found my home, At peace within your loving arms, Captivated by your charms, And happily I'd die for you, Here at this table set for two. - Written and owned by
I am sorry to burst your little bubbles but all this lounge shit and club shit is ridiculous. You tools dont own clubs or anything. Stop with all the names like Asshole-A.K.A-mememberofthetoolmobfamilybouncertotheredicoulousanduglysisterofthecomsmicmoronic. You think just because you have a few loser friends on a website that makes you less of a tool? You sit all day and wait for a rating or comment on your page instead of doing something meaningful like feeding your kids or working. You bitch and moan about how life sux but you dont do shit to change it. You will always be a Walmart worker if you waste you life on here! You will never be Britney Spears dummies. Just because you have guys that cant fuck a jelly doughnut at 3am tells you that you are a hottie doesn't change the face GOD gave you! Look at the people rating you! If you think they are nasty then why would you get a swelled head about your self? Obviously you would be less then them. Here is a secret, if you were a s
Naughty Parties"the Bikers Way"lounge-prizes
> Hell's Angels On WheelsUploaded by BadBoy88 click pic of bike for lounge CHECK OUT GIVEAWAY FOR NEW MEMBERS
Wana Own Ugly Guy32
i have uped the odds a little so if you wand own an ugly guy click on the pic and be ready to spend some fubucks. i`m not cheap :)
Msmaine Is Pimpin' Out?????
Today I'm going to be pimping out..BABYBOY J. He is such a awsome guy, if you need anything he will do it for you and if he can't do it he will find you sum that can. Please show him sum MAD MAD love. He can make sum kick ass pics. Thanks BABYBOY J...You rock..MWAH MsMaine BabyBoy J{SECURITY OF NBSD}[Member Of Club Far]@ fubar
They Fucking Robbed Me
I have been on Fubar ever since it was Lost Cherry....Well I have worked my ass off to get to where I was at....I was at level 22 as of last night and had 1 million fubucks.....i GOT RANKED #152 even today.....YET they have reset my whole fucking account.....I have no fuckin money and was a level fuckig 0 today.....This is bullshit considering how fucking hard I have worked and all the time I invested to get to where i was at....I am to the point that I may just say fuck it and delete my account......and many others may do the same because of this.....This is by far not fuckig fair at all.....I am irate about all this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
inside this head, brews a thing it makes me screem and makes me sing thoughout my life i've been torn and used between what I want and what to do I try to get all I desire for babies, myself, and all my friends most the, the means, don't justify the ends it is said ALL that is given will eventually be received But I still wait, and try, and give....becoming impaitent to this life passions are building....with out end but what I really want is a best friend some one who can see my heart and is completelty real... from the start one day this life just my return my love and keep pain at bay one day...maybe just one day I will see my will create the way...
Erotica Anyone?
Hello, my little FUBAR freaks! I'm thinking about doing a Fantasy Friday where, every week I'll write and post some of my naughtiness for your viewing...and...personal...pleasure. :P I'd also like to invite all of you to submit to me some of your wickedness and I'll post it as well and, of course, add your name to it for full credit. I would advise to you that you copywrite EVERYTHING as I have so someone doesn't "liberate" your work from you. The easiest way to do this is: 1. Write down or print out your work. 2. I sign and date everything 3. Put it in an envelope, address it to yourself, stamp it and mail it to yourself but DO NOT OPEN IT WHEN IT COMES BACK! 4. Put the envelope somewhere safe. LOL This is legally binding and I have done it with everything I write and even with patent ideas. Ok...SO WHO'S IN??? You can read some of my recent works right here in my Blog, just look for the one's marked "XXX". Tee hee
Need Some Feedback Ladies
have thought bout suicide once. if it does come round again i have 3 options. 1. swallow bottle poison 2.russian roulette wit a gun 3.tying concrete blocks to my legs then jumping in a lake not sure wwhich option 2 choose. any suggestions?
Nocturnal Mistress Contest
If You have been reading the blogs you have seen that Nocturnal Mistress is having a contest is only lasts a week. My sister is in this contest if you would like to stop by and rate and leave her a few comments No Lone Babe isnt a family member she is not able to be as she works to many hours and doesnt have a lot of time online. so if you would like to show her some love I would appreciate it. thank you, Come Luv Me click pic for link
Here, Yet There
Ello ello. Just thought I'd right a little note to say I'm here.. Just joined today. So far so good.
I Am The New Year
I am the New Year ... I am an unspoiled page in your book of time. I am your next chance at the art of living. I am your opportunity to practice what you have learned about life during the last twelve months. All that you sought and didn't find is hidden in me, waiting for you to search it out with more determination. All the good that you tried for and didn't achieve is mine to grant when you have fewer conflicting desires. All that you dreamed but didn't dare to do, all that you hoped but did not will, all the faith that you claimed but did not have - these slumber lightly, waiting to be awakened by the touch of a strong purpose. I am your opportunity to make all things new. I am the New Year! ~ Author Unknown
Im sooo bored right now. Mike has to work flippin sucks I feel like i spend more time waiting to see him, then I do seeing him. I was so tired last night that i could barely stay awake when he got home. It prolly would'nt be like this if Long Island wasnt so damn expensive. Me and Theresa had fun last night. I wish she could hang out today. I hate sitting home by myself. I need a laptop... the Wii blows as far as the net goes...i cant instant message and i cant use the shout out box here. Hopefully soon we'll be getting a laptop. And its Sunday I hate Sunday! God im cranky and tired i think i need a nap.
Without You
Without You My tears are flowing for you As my mind wonders and heart beats My body is nothing without you And as the wetness of my cheek are beginning to dry And my thoughts weaken and try to forget I feel like nothing without you The beats within my chest were real, Something that no one will ever steal When there is nothing without you But as I try to forget you more and more My body grows weaker and begins to wear Mind floats, rises to react
Animations If You Want One Let Me Know
if you want an animation pm me or leave an comment here and be sure to tell me what you want here are some examples
It's All Right Now...
1. What's the last thing you and your sibling laughed about? I'm not sure, actually. 2. What's the last thing you took a picture of? Myself. 3. When are you getting your next new phone? Not for awhile, I like mine just fine. 4. Can you tell the difference between Chinese and Korean writing? Nope. 5. What was the last song you listened to about? A guy killing a girl then she comes back from the grave after him. 6. When's the last time you cleaned out your keyboard? 2 months ago when I spilled alcohol on it. 7. Do you listen to classical music? Sometimes. 8. Why did you buy the last CD you bought? Because it was Avenged Sevenfold's new CD and I had to get it. 9. What did you do for your last science fair? We never had those at school, wish we would have. I love science. 10. If you've seen "A Clockwork Orange", would you volunteer for that "cure" after you saw what happened to Alex? Never seen it, but it's on my Netflix list, lol. 11. Do you like DIY things?
To All The Guys Of Fubar (ladies Can Read It, Too Lol)
There was a mumm recently that asked "Does size matter?" (which that mumm topic has probably came up 3 times daily on here LOL). And I was just floored to read some of the comments and responses left on the mumm. From both men and women. Guys coming off like they have yardsticks in their boxers. And women coming off like that if it doesn't look like a salami stick in your local grocer's deli, you can't do anything to please her. That shit kills me! LOL Like anyone in the world is built like a "one-size-fits-all" store. So fellas, to finally "answer" that age-old question, does size really matter? And the answer is yes, it does matter. But ask yourself this afterwards, who does it matter to? And the answer to that is YOUR GODDAMNED SELF!!!! And after that, the one you are about to have sex with. And THAT'S IT!!! So if you're insecure about your own shit, guess what, DOESN'T MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL IT IS, you are insecure, and that's what you need to deal with. And if you happen to
Atlanta Here I Come!!! Lol
Yes y'all, it's about that time again. Hittin' the road, and headed to the sweet peach state of Georgia. But I will be back next weekend, and I get a whole week off (Woo Hoo, let's have a parade :P). Anyways, I will talk to all you FU-s later!!! Take care :)
To The Blocked Ones
Top Ten Thoughts For 2008
TOP TEN THOUGHTS FOR 2008 Number 10 Life is sexually transmitted. Number 9 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. Number 8 Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. Number 7 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to use the Internet and they won\'t bother you for weeks. Number 6 Some people are like a Slinky ... not really good for anything, but you still can\'t help but smile when you shove them down the stairs. Number 5 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. Number 4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. Number 3 Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200.00 and a substantial tax cut saves you $0.30? Number 2 In the \'60\'s, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and
Tring To Find A Way To Deal
I am having are really hard time accepting the death of my dad. I am not sure if I ever will. I am trying to be strong for my mom because I know that is what my dad would want but, with each passing day it becomes harder and harder for me. Everything reminds me of him, the trees, the sound of the outdoors, my home, his home. I never thought something could be so rough. I am thinking of seeking some counciling because I really do not think I can do this alone. I have to make myself eat, sleep, work or even a fake smile. I have lost interest in a lot of things that I use to enjoy doing. I could care less if I even get out of bed. I try to just do things and pretend I'm not thinking about it but, honestly every moment of every day I am. I have always been close to my dad, he was my hunting partner, my friend and I just don't know how I am suppose to ever move on. To be honest at this point and time I don't really even want too. These last 2 weeks have went slower than any other ti
Why Men Do Not Want To Commit Part 2: Men Are Capable
The title of my last blog was called: Why Men Do Not Want To Commit. I am going to break that down for you. It wasn't called Why Men Are Incapable Of Committing. It was about why they do not want to. You see, women that have gotten the shaft from men like to write it off as guys being shallow assholes who want to stick their dick in whatever they can. It's understandable why these women feel that way too. Thats exactly what it looks like. Men, don not need to be in love in order to have sex with a woman and lets face like to bang. But if you think that is the reason why men don't like to commit, you are fooling yourself, because of what I am about to say right now... When men fall for a girl...they fall hard. It's called being pussy whipped, and it has very little to do with pussy. OK...maybe some. The reason I say it's not about the pussy is because in this day and age, pussy is just not that hard to come by. Men live in a word where single women
I'm Moving
I will be moving later on today to a differnt state so i probably won't be on that much at all after tonight untile i get dsl again. It has been fun and hope to be back soon.
Andy And I
I had just gotten off the computer, tired and unaware of my surroundings. I was oblivious to his arrival. I turn around and there he was. I hugged him and told him I had to clean up a bit. So I headed to the bathroom and undressed myself. As the hot steaming water was reawakening me, I heard the bathroom door open again a few seconds later with the shower door sliding ajar. "Mind if I join you?" Andy inviting his self in, then rubbing his lathered hands on my shoulders and then smooth down my ass. "I guess you answered that question for me," I laughed nervously. Andys hard cock was as vertical as a baseball whacking at the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium. Andy began massaging my back while butterfly kissing my neck, working his way down the small of my back and working his way downwards towards my ass and pussy. I could feel the goose bumps on my wet and sodden skin. As Andy broadened my legs open, he massaged up and down my inner thighs smoothing his hand along m
Faith, is all we have, to make it throught the day. Faith, that when were lost, we will find our way. Faith, in each other, in all that we do. Faith, that our love will always see us through. Faith, in our lord, who gives us a choice. Faith, in our savior, in him we rejoice. Faith, in are church, our family and friends. Faith, we'll succeed, and reap his dividends. Faith, in God's people, that they will do what it right. Faith, we'll be blessed, if we follow the light. Faith, in the future, in those chosen to lead. Faith in God's plan, that we will use to succeed. Faith, in my wife, who stands by my side. Faith, to all, who have suffered and died. Faith, in the meek, who shall inherit the earth. Faith, that he'll come again, a chance for rebirth. Faith, that one day, in his presence we'll be. Faith, that will last, through eternity. Faith, to endure, till the end of time. Faith, as he puts, his hand in mine.
Superman's Rebirth Video
Well in case you didn't know... I took a break from Fubar for a lil bit, but I'm back now... Ok... I been back for awhile... but not really doing anything on here... and I figured since I am back... I might as well do a Return video since I did one when I left... But now that I am back... just wanted everyone to know that I opened my profile comments up again... and I miss getting all the comments I used to get, But just remember I do have a girlfriend... so please tone down the flirty comments... Thank you... Later yall Superman's RebirthAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Maryland Fried Chicken
INGREDIENTS: * 1 chicken, 3 pounds * 1 cup bread crumbs * 2 tablespoons butter * 2 eggs, well beaten * 2 tablespoons water * 1/2 cup minced salt pork * salt and pepper PREPARATION: Cut chicken in pieces. In a wide, shallow bowl, combine beaten eggs, salt and pepper and 2 tablespoons water. Place the bread crumbs in another bowl or plastic bag. Dip chicken pieces in the egg mixture then roll in bread crumbs. Fry salt pork in a heavy skillet until crisp and browned. chicken to the skillet; cook slowly until browned. Season with salt and pepper. Dot with butter; cover and transfer to a preheated 325į oven. Bake until tender, about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
New Year
a new year a new me or maybe just an old me. Tired of the lies tired of pretending to be someone I'm not I have to care, its who I am. I have to believe in something greater, some meaning or else I have no reason to breathe. Why did I ever try to give up my emotions? If being whom I'm supposed to be means that you've won, then I concede defeat. You are the master to all that is cold and dead inside. I can't live that way, not anymore.I have to believe that there is good in everyone even when they can't see it themselves You told me that caring for anyone else dows nothing but cause pain; but not caring makes you feel nothing at all. Why live if nothing matters? I should like to think that yo've learned to care. That somewhere someone managed to break through the ice covering your heart.That you've finally know how to feel. I can't save you not until I learn how to save myself. But I will pray for you and maybe someday I will see you happy.
Just A Thing
Managing Life
managing life Current mood: annoyed i dont know why people have to stick there nose in other peoples busniess. They dont need to know what is going on with other people unless that person wants them to know what is going on. Im tired of hearing people say that you did that to make me do this and this is what happened to me becuase of u. Why can people take control of the own lives and not make other people responsible for it . It is not what they make of your like it is what you make of it.u have to manage your own life. Not let others do it for you 6:30 PM -
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Unattractive People
Alright I know I am far from a 10. But to give me a 4 is kind of demeaning. I make it a habit of giving everybody a 10 regardless of how they look. But there are some people who I wont name any names who arent even 4's who feel the need to low rate me. Not to be mean but these people are unattractive and im guessing desirable to somebody, but who do they think they are trying to low rate me?
please help comment bomb
Frist Contest
New Updated list of contestants in the million dollar fu bucks contest (repost)
Auction 2 Nite Sunday @ 9 Pm Est
Slave Auction Sunday @ 9pm est at Club Poison Rules for the Auction Auctioneer : Ice T Manager of Club Poison Auction is for FUBUX only,proceeds go to the Slave Bidding starts at 500 fubux NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Slave is owned for 2 week, Sunday 9pm est to Sunday 9pm est Slave must greet owner as Master or Mistress Slave must rate all pics, stash, blogs, and repost all bulletins Slave must comment your profile 20 times, this can be 20 picture comments as well. Also slave owes you 1 gift daily. *** Slave is not required to buy any HH, blasts, tickers, VIPs, etc. Nor slave is not required for NSFW pics,or phone sex etc *** Once Highest Bidder chooses their Pick of Slave, the Slave must accept his or her Master/Mistress! Thanks & get your Fubux Ready !! SLAVES TO BE AUCTIONED OFF: ~~ Poison Ivy ~~Owner Of Club Poison``@ fubar Master ToughT FU bodyguard to ICE-T@ fubar drewalicious@ fubar (Į'∑{DJ.FireStorm}∑'Į) MistressTwiztdCherry's FuHu
Perfect Ending
Lingering in the moment, lost in your eyes, Content, I cherish the sweet surprise. Kissing tongues tangle, making me ache, No longer can I wait, for you to take. Laying back, I plead without words, As if hidden lips could somehow be heard, Raising hips high to greet your stare, Hoping to speak to some part of you aware. I Beckon please enter with no hesitation, Yet you stand firm, with no reservation, Taunting me, teasing me, grin on your face, Admiring how you've put me in place. Then suddenly, you grant relief, Knowing now I must have peace. Penetrating with your pride, Charging, you thrust deep inside. Planting feet upon your chest, To brace us both, I do my best, Not to scream loud like before, When places reached cut to the core. Wondering if you're hurting me, You ease mo-men-tar-ily, Slowing, then come "please-don't-stop" pleas, Whimpering I'm at your mercy. Back in our entrancing dance, I catch your ey
Naughty Parties
Hell's Angels On WheelsUploaded by /§t=money.jpg" target="_blank"> click pic of bike for lounge
Come to me, Lay with me, I want to take you all in, Deeply, Steal your air, Smell your skin, Tempt in silent darkness, Bare. Hover, Skim the rims Of my cavern, Fair. Detect for what I protect, Treasure, As you dare to explore for Pleasure. And if you wish for entry, It will be granted, I resist no more, The locks to my door grow weak.
For The Girls
Tips for the ladies in year 2013 1. Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything. 2. If the shoe fits - buy one in every colour. 3. Take life with a pinch of salt... a wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila. 4. In need of a support group? - Cocktail hour with the girls! 5. Go on the 30 day diet. (I'm on it and so far I've lost 15 days). 6. When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal with it. 7. Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just my personality. 8. I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok. They know me here. 9. Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself. 10. Don't get your knickers in a knot, it solves nothing; and makes you walk funny. 11. When life gives you lemons in 2013 - turn it into lemonade then mix it with vodka. 12. Remember every good looking; sweet, single male is someone else's ex-boyfriend! Now smile and send to any girl wasting time at work, suffering from a hangover, or just su
Christmas Divorce
Christmas Divorce A man in Phoenix calls his son in New York the day before Christmas and says, 'I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is enough.' "Pop, what are you talking about?' the son screams. "We can't stand the sight of each other any longer,' the father says. 'We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Chicago and tell her.' Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone 'Like heck they're getting divorced,' she shouts, 'I'll take care of this.' She calls Phoenix immediately, and screams at her father, 'You are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do a thing, DO YOU HEAR ME?' and hangs up. The man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. 'Okay' he says, 'they're both coming for Christmas and paying their own way.'
Just Some Thoughts
sperm banks are a teenagers dream, getting paid to beat off..... -its not my job to be responisble around your kids..... its yours you fucking ignorant shits. -the tv isnt a babysitter.(duh) -breakfast and beer ARE the same thing.( you asses) -if i'm old enough to have fucked your mom, do not card me....ever.( i know for some people that doesn't mean anything, but thats cuz your mons are ho's) -4 wheel drive mean just that, it doesn't turn your car into an all terrain vehicle. -if you think guns are bad now.... just wait until i have my fiery vengeance. -if i pay about 1200 a semester, the least a school could do is teach me something..... that i didn't know before. - a question; is setting someone on fire impolite? i mean yeah it's supposedly illegal n shit but what ever. -minefields make GREAT borders. -we need to deport those illegal Canadians. -but the thai hookers can stay. -if you dont like what i say... you really shouldnt be reading this
Kids In Church
KIDS IN CHURCH 3-year-old Reese: 'Our Father, Who does art in heaven, Harold is His name. Amen.' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A little boy was overheard praying: 'Lord, if you can't make me a better boy, don't worry about it. I'm having a real good time like I am.' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the christening of his baby brother in church, Jason sobbed all the way home in the back seat of the car. His father asked him three times what was wrong. Finally, the boy replied, 'That preacher said he wanted us brought up in a Christian home, and I wanted to stay with you guys.' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One particular four-year-old prayed, 'And forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Sunday school teacher asked her children as they were on the way to church service, 'And why is it necessary to be quiet in churc
Just An Update
Well its been a long time since I wrote a blog. So I figured today was going to be the day. I wanted to let you all know whats been going on around here. This year was the first year in 4 years that my mom was home for Christmas. It was the best day ever. The kids got lots of fun stuff. My mom got sponge bob square pants stuff & J got dvd's, xbox 360 stuff and hockey binder. J got me some puzzles that I asked for and a dvd he also payed for me to get my hair done. I will add some pic's of my new hair today or tomorrow. My mom got me a really nice opal ring and a nose ring to. Today I decided that I am going to start dieting again. No pop or junk food. Going to drink lots of water and eat better food. Even today I noticed myself drinking lots of water. I would like to loss some weight. I also went to look at a house this Friday Jan 4, 08 but it was a dump. It was so sickening I wouldn't have anyone over in that place. The kitchen was so gross I don't think I would have even put
Bids On Hubby
place your bids i am pimpin hubby!
As you can probably see - They gave me back my thigh !!!! They still think my bum is not safe for work though.... My bum has been safely going to work since I was 13 ! Not to meantion swimming in a CONVENT pool with a simialar thong [my godmother is a nun...] and they didn't have any issues with my ass ! Oh Well.... Guess we need some nuns running the place.
Dont Know What To Think
So alot of people know about me and Jeremy. What people dont know is what my guy feeling is telling me. When he left for two weeks to go back home, I knew ahead of time I wouldnt hear from him. But now looking back, he could have tooken the time to call me. He sometimes acts weird around me. Like when i ask him questions and he looks down at the floor instead of at me when he answers. Plus every time he gets a beep its ALWAYS his mom. He never answered kimmy's email asking if we were a couple. I know I need to come out and ask him what he consider's us but im so affraid of the answer. Every since our second date my gut feeling has been telling me theres something not right with him. With all this crap on my mind I woke up this morning depressed and home sick. I never get home sick. I just dont know what to do. I would greatly appreciate the advice.... 8:33 - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos
In my life I often ask myself am I where I want to be, and to me that has always been such a moot point. Where I am, it's where I should be. I'll be content in that place because it is just what is meant to be in a moment. If you want something you work for it. If you think you want it, and you don't work for it, then obviously you didn't really want it did you? Marriages that fail, careers, college, whatever. We all constantly complain and feel sorry for ourselves. I listen to people always saying well, I wish I could, or I wanna. Why do you sit back and just watch the world move around you?? Get up and DO something!!!! You can not just sit there and wait for things to fall in your lap. Oh and ladies, before you get any brilliant ideas, I'm not talking about getting relationships. If a relationship is going to happen it will. So quit waisting your time waiting for mister perfect to come along. LIVE YOUR LIFE! Do what you WANT TO DO. I realize for some of you that may mean having a hus
Come N Rate!~ Me...leave Commnts If U Want
hey friends n lovers !~woot woot... i am in yet..ANOTHER contest..but relax..this time all i need IS for u to come and RATE ME... comments are only neccesary if u wanna eXpress your love...which i totally appreciate..but the important thing in this one are the RATES!~. so....come n rate me...plz!~:)... just click the, rate..n stare...n feel free to tell someone else to rate me too...yay!~ much love n thanx in advance!~
I am who I am, to those who made fun, I didn't falter, I didn't run. I may be what you call a nerd, but that won't stop me, I am who I am, and thats all I will ever be. All those years of torture, through life and school, I wasn't hip, I wasn't cool. But now here I am, as steady as ever, cause I know to never say never. So I say once again, with all my pride, I am who I am, and it was a heck of a ride!!!!
Flowers From Above
As I walk through this garden, I can feel the love. The flowers aren't on th ground, They come from above. I know that she is watching, And I know when she cries, Because flowers fall like teardrops, Right from the clear blue sky. I see her in my dreams, Each and every night, So now I know it will be alright. When I want to think of her, I search deep down in my love, And look to the skies, For flowers from above. For my grandmother who passed on August 19th, 1991. I love you grandma, and I will always love you. God Bless!!!
Morbid Mood...
Restless in her bed at night she lay at her hands stood her fate with her heart a game it played. The future became unsure what shall lie ahead? Only time can tell unless she gives up instead. Her hearts only ailment is that it breaks in her chest knowing the pain love can cause and wondering 'what could be next?' Scars lie on her flesh stories that only she can tell each one with its own tale descriptions of her own personal hell. so many have caused her pain fears and secrets that nobody knows she keeps it all deep down inside letting it all fester, letting it grow. Pain had become her one true friend for in heart she always knew that it would see her to the end.
This picture of happiness lies scattered on the floor smiling faces ripped in half are now cheerful no more. Pieces absorb the pain that accumulates around like a sponge in the water or like water in the ground. These images once optimistic and full of so much trust now fear being framed even fear being touched. The eyes in these illustrations once vibrand and bright now vacant and deceased as if they would hold no sight. This perfect picture of happiness has been frayed and shredded and torn, transformed into the purest of pain torn smiles faded, cursed, and forlorn.
I Am View On The Movie
I went and saw I Am Legend starring Will Smith last night, and I must say....Wow what a movie. I'll try to not give much away, and I will also note any spoilers that I may or may not give away... The movie opens with what could one day be a very realistic scene. A newscaster is interviewing a scientist who has discovered a cure for a notorious human disease. Unfortunately the cure turns to mutate into a new virus that transforms humans and animals that are infected into extremely feral creatures. Will Smith plays the role of an Armed Forces doctor who is trying to find a cure....alone. The movie cuts to day 1001 and one for Will Smith living alone with his dog in what used to be New York. He is very much nearing the edge of a mental breakdown...but wouldn't we all if we spent 3 years completely alone with no human contact? Will plays the role perfectly, showing every human emotion in the book, and really getting into his character. This movie will have you on the edge o
Is It Too Late To Cancel 2008?
Eight rhymes nicely, unlike some other digits. I accomplished the unthinkable: ending my time off. Kinda gives me a waterfall of tears! wah!!! Serves me right! I wanted to propose we skip right past 2008. 2007 was nothing to write home about, but survivable. 2009 surely will be fine. Also rhymes with 69, but that is another blog :) Now that the date ends in "08" not only does that mean it is a leap year - which has February 29 in it, a day which salaried people across the land are not compensated for - but it also has a Presidential election. YIKES!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Yes folks, it's here, an election year. A year when the BS is eyeball deep. There's enough hot air around that helium will be dirt cheap. Traffic will stop in major cities so rich butt holes can get to expensive fund raisers. There will be a clown on every corner. I will get phone calls from Colin Powell and Barack Obama. TV will have so much mud flying that HD will mean heavy dirt. Yes my friends, anot
A girl across the street, sits in the corner, cries, depression sets in, she's empty inside. Never leaves the dark, lights are always off, can't subdue the feeling, it just wont stop. The blinds are drawn, you can't see in, the lies there waiting, for her pain to begin. It will not come, this painful state, for this is her torture, everlasting wait.
Spirit's Den Now Open
Hello We Would Like To Invite Everyone To Come By And Check Out The SPIRIT'S DEN LOUNGE Frindly People Good Music Good Conversation! So Stop By And Hang With The Spirit's
Under The Falling Sky
Nothing matters for life is gone, the facts of life were all but wrong. Pieces fall from the skies above, how could god kill everything he 'loves'? Disease and heartache, torture and pain, if we live to die, then we're here in vain. Clouds can fall and the sun will rot, we're killing ourselves but will we ever stop? Raising children in a world of war, what's different that wasnt there before? Fighting and hate, a world of shame, maybe its time for that world ending rain. Everywhere eyes can see, and everywhere they wont, in everything hands can touch, and everything they dont, there are plots of corruption that lips wont speak, world domination that everyone seems to seek. Two different kinds in this world today, ones who pretend to care and ones who waste away. those that lay around just waiting to die, and those who lay under the falling sky.
ples rate my pic and come and see my pro file
Clouds streak the sky, the sun brightens the day, so many promises broken, as my hopes fade away. Remembering painful memories, that stay in me head, the less painful ones, I think of instead. Blood stains my skin, fear floods my mind, and it seems that darkness is all Im starting to find. I am over come by pain, as it over takes my soul, the silence is so loud, as I go deeper into this endless hole.
Smile (june 8, 2002)
I close my eyes and smile whenever I miss you because I know you're also smiling and missing me too. I can still see your eyes, staring back at me, and I can still hear your heart beating ever-so-softly. Even when Im alone and when you're not there, you have my heart and hold it so please do take care. If you ears really do ring, then the saying is true. They should always ring because I am ALWAYS thinking about you.
Fubar Idiots
i swear lately it must be something in the air but has anyone else noticed alot of plain out rude people on here lately? you add them fan them rate them and their stuff next thing ya know its oh come to this lounge or help me in this contest then if you dont your made out to be an asshole by them. sorry this is a bit forward but damn enough is enough with the crap at least you could return the favor and rate the stuff of the person who is rating you.. another thing.... how hard is it when someone hosts a happy hour to drop in on their page show a little love maybe rate them or add them hell its right on the top of the screen.. ah well just venting for the week i guess..
Hummm.... Makes Ya Think
Don't care if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now.... I dont care if you are a guy or a woman or Michael Jackson.....just read this, it will make a difference..... When she stares at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she starts cursing at you tryin to act all tuff [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignores you [ Give her your attention ] When she pulls away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she steals your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she teases you
Click On The Pic Below To Own Me
Do you want me?? lol click on the pic to own me, bid high please lol I will rate their pics{weekly} and stash during hh's while owned by them, will pimp them in a blog permanently, add them to my profile during the owned period, make a bulletin about them weekly, pimp them in my Mumms... lol... I like to Mumm, will do personal sfw salutes....... if they like legs/feet would do a legs/foot salute, even write a story a story for them {could even add them to family during the month they own me.... but I do not have family only pics either} if bid were to get higher I could add more I think bidding is over on the 12th.
This is really meant just to get the thoughts out of my head. I have been up so long that I cant think and blogging is sometimes a release of what you are thinking but just cannot or do not say. Someone very dear to me had a heart attack last night....this is someone that I have spent 15 years of my life with and until now had very little contact....sad but true. Why does it take something like this to happen before you wake up and realize the things in life you have/had are taken for granted. Why is it so hard for us just to stop and see how fortunate we really are and all the things we have to be thankful for. Why do we give up so easily when things seem hard? Why are we having a pity party for ourselves over such little trival things that really mean nothing in the long run. And most importantly why does it take something so tragic to make us wake up and see that we are never given a second. We are all living on borrowed time so why not live life to the fullest instead of
Fuck Her Gently
Irish Sweetheart
This lovely woman in the link below is one of my very good friends on here. She is 37TH yrs young today! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* IRISH SWEETHEART~FU OWNED BY BRI GUY*DIRTY SOUTH CREW*~CLUB F.A.R.~THE SISTERHOOD~@ fubar Go and show her all the love and it will be returned!! PLEASE REPOST!!!!!!!!
Four More Days.......
Its just four more days to go until the 7th anniversary or the passing of my dad. I miss him a lot and have been thinking a lot about him this year.... because of the improvements I have done here at my house. I cant help but think about what he would be thinking if he were here. Would he have just made the improvements and repairs on the old house or broken down and replaced it. I have walked around here all of this weekend thinking about him. Would he have done this or would he do that.... Maybe I just have too much time to sit and think about things now that the house is done. I miss you dad!!!! I always will!!!
Hellyeah ~ Star
"Star" The way you move,the way you move me, Makes me feel alive The way you look, the way you look at me, Sends chills up my spine I found my star, lost the moon, That star is you. Love the way you love me, You love me Love the way you do me, just like you do The way you touch, the way you touch me Makes me feel alive. The way you melt me, the way we melt together, Melt into my eyes I found my star, lost the moon, That star is you, shining through I love the way you love me, You love me Love the way you do me, just like you do My angel, my anchor, my star... I found my star, lost the moon That star is you, shining through I found my star, you love me. That star is you,shining through I found my star, that star is you, I found my star, shining through You're my star... Ohio is for lovers...
Questions For "god"
1. Why don't you show yourself? You supposedly made us and want us to believe in you, right? Why the big mystery? You're also omnipresent, right? Why don't you show yourself to all of us at once and have a personal discussion with us? You can pick the date and time, we'll all stop what we are doing, I'm sure. 2. Why do you let your followers murder and rape us? Why do you let your Catholic priests sodomize our precious children? I think it's safe to say that we really don't like this. Isn't your Catholic hierarchy hand chosen by you from the top down? Are you afraid to admit to making a mistake in your choices? Can you please admit the mistake and let our children grow up in a normal, ethical and safe environment? 3. Did you really make Eve from one of Adam's ribs? Why didn't you make her from dust just like Adam? And, why do men and women have the same number of ribs if you stole one from Adam to make Eve? 4. Why do you make your followers suff
For All The Stupid Men!!!!
Today I See...
There's another sad song on the radio. I wait for it to end, but it goes so slow. I feel the words in my veins, they know my story. And, still, I think of you. The pain is familiar, I've been here before. I knew my way around once, but don't anymore. Every tear has its reason for falling down my face. And, still, I think of you. There are so many things behind this smile, that you will never know. And I've waited long enough for you, but now it's time to go. My mind is drowned in hopelessness, another sleepless night. And, still, I think of you. I've got my suitcase of memories, I'm ready to be on my way. Maybe I'll see you again, another day. Got all my broken dreams to guide me, I'm ready to go. And, still, I think of you. I promised myself that I wouldn't turn back. But it was the strength you gave me, I forgot to pack. I have second thoughts, I'm so confused. And, still, I think of you. I turn one last time, to meet your stare. And you tell me that yo
New At This
Humm ikay new at this... dont know how to get the pic in back of my profile... hummm can someone help me out with that and ummm lets see i live in hell... and when it ask for my zip code wallago well mmmmmmmm i dont think we have one this far south. ha ha ha Naw i am a native here in Texas :-) I have 2 kids that drive me fucking crazy! and I have a husband that does the same but in a good way lol then there are the inlaws - hate is such a strong word... at the moment i really really really fucking dislike them and my husband is at work for the next 2 weeks so I will be all alone !!! I need a Margarita. Goin to the freezer... Im out Manda
New 08 Auction
Need Sum Help/family Love
Here's Two Contestant's We Are Bombing Right Now Please Show Some Family Love Remember to Rate And Comment The Host's Thank You Very Much And Hope To See You All There,Hippie
Last Nights Happy Hour Giveaways And More To My Friends/ Fans
If you fanned and added me I wanted to let you know that starting today and taking me a few days I will be going through and rating and fanning you. At the same time I will try and rate your stash and pics. I am putting on other giveaways that won't occur during my Happy Hour's. I will post more information about these as soon as possible. Hopefully within the next day or two. Now to Last Nights results: I hosted 2 Happy Hours so 2 different winners. The prize was either a Blast or VIP. Thank you. The First Person Was: ~HOORAY BEER...BOO TEA~BARTENDER @ THE TIGER'S DEN!!! STOP BY AND HAVE A DRINK ON ME!!!@ fubar The Second Person Was: ÜH» ŖŕLL•@ fubar
OK. did it again. got myself into something in Fubar. I'm in "J-Roxx's Hottest MUMMer Contest" Rate Me Leave Comment Or Don't. :-D
1960 by lianello© It was 1960 and my husband and I had just bought a house in an adorable little suburb of Baltimore. I was only twenty one and George was ten years older than me but he looked young and the age difference didnít show. I had a great husband with a great job and now we had a wonderful home. Not being the kind of people to socialize, I was a little worried about the tight group of young couples that always abound in the suburbs. Everyone welcomed us with casseroles, jellies and various other gifts; each couple carefully checking out what their friends had brought. Nobody wanted to have the least impressive gift. We soon discovered that there were several different tribes or factions of friends. Our immediate neighbors were all fine and friendly but we soon found that our interests matched those of another group of families that everyone else seemed to label unsociable. That suited us just fine. After a few months of turning down several barbeque invitations we d
Support Our Troops
Proof of abuse by our troops that the media missed.. Armed American Troops Force Iraqis to Seesaw Until They Talk! Iraqi Child Bites GI In Self Defense After Obvious Torture! GI Falls Asleep On Duty While Using Iraqi Child As Body Armor! GI Overheard to say "Talk or I'll tickle you till you pee!" More Evidence Of Failed US Intelligence Policy. Soldier Attempts to Eat Iraqi Child! Clear Evidence of Forced Labor by Troops! Iraqis Grateful That American Forces Did Not Open Fire During Soccer Game! Soldier Caught At "Tickle-Torture" To Extract Intelligence! GI Forces Iraqi Child To Hang By Fingertips! No comment here. There's nothing funny about this one!!!!!!!!!!
The Key...
There are many locks and with such are many keys with most keys they are returned but with one lock where one key and only one key can unlock it Once that key is given away the key can never be returned It becomes the sole possession of the recipient forever theirs For this is no random key but is a special key This key is not handed to one another lightly but rather earned over time For several years people work to earn this key once given this key, the one key that will forever more unlock not a door to a house or a car but unlock The person's heart forever at that point in time when they give that key they will then for the first time understand True Love
Guys Point Of View
To Woman in relationships: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls >OR TEXTS< you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. let us pay for you! dont "feel bad" We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and sa
Traffic Lights
Why are you letting the red light come between us? When the light was green, I tried to come toward you, but before I got the chance to get to you, the light was already yellow. I can not continue running the yellow light for you....
9 Words Women Use And Why!
9 WORDS WOMEN USE & WHY. 1. Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2. Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3. Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5. Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but it's a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6. That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man.
Faces that make relatives not want to talk to you Having to tolerate family on Christmas time is easy to get around. All you have to do is practice. When you make eye contact with one of your extended family, briefly motion them to fuck off. If the look is subtle enough, they won't know what's going on and turn away. Your disinterest will register in their brain subconsciously. This'll make them feel like it's their fault. That way they keep sending you checks every season. Bad. Too tired. Old people love asking young people "What's wrong?" Bad. Too angry. They'll think you're joking. Bad. Too dumb. Everyone will wanna talk to you because you look like the kind of guy who will laugh really loud at every pathetic joke they'll say. Bad. Having a triangular face is bad news. Instead of giving you money for Christmas, your grandpa will buy you a razor protractor. Bad. Too thoughtful. Gazing blankly attracts all the blowhard old people who ask what you're think
The Love Of My Life
Okay this is going to sound a little weird unless u know the whole story but imma do my best to explain without getting into detail of everything. I had to stand up and be the women of yesterday and come out with myself to my man. He was way comfused about a lot but i told him EVERYTHING. He's not mad at me, and he still loves me with all his heart. Still wants to proceed with a relationship with me. I love this man with all of my heart and wouldn't want anything to mess that up. But i thought what i told him was going to mess my life with him up. Im so greatful god was on my side this day in my life and kept him here with me. So through it all, i get to meet him for the first time ever face to face. I have seen him and he has seen me, he just never realized he seen me in that gas station. But he is going to see that the love of his life is a "Real Person" not just some bitch behind the computer screen. Well as for now. Im going to get off here and call my man for the morning.
What Can I Say
Yeah what is there to say its one of the worst weeks of my life .....most of you out there that know me i health problems a 41 year old man thats falling apart ..well monday was the start of it i had an EMG and im sure there are a few out there know how painful they can be .....(shocks and nedles to your mussles) so needless to say i was very sore after wards during the EMG they started with my right side ran though all the tests then had me flip to do my left well they started my left side....the thest were so low they thought the equement was malfuctiong the couldnt execpt the tests numbers so needless to say they ran them 7 fucking times bringing me to tears it was that painful ..... well they found something after 7 times of putting me though hell i would think they would have found something .......i have nearve damage in both of my arms and neck which acounts for the constant pain i have in my hands there are days i cant grip open our even hold a pen the pain is that much
On And Off
Hey Y'all Just wanted to let everyone know, (and I hope someone cares lol) that I will be on and off here for the next week. My mom is flying in tonight for a week. I bought her a plane ticket for xmas as a gift to her and a surprise gift for my kids. They better love it lol j/k I hope I'm missed a lil bit love you all huggles and stuff TrollDoll Bren
One of the funniest movies I've ever seen. And i needed it to since I was in a cruddy mood last night. I swear if Chris had a daughter, Juno would be it. lol
A Good Guy
This morning I was going thru my normal work out at the gym when I hear a distinctive voice. "well looky there!" It was my friend and regular work out partner, Tom. I hadn't seen him in a month and was becoming worried. Tom is 56, about 5-7 and 160 and pound for pound the strongest man you'll find. He can out work and out lift guys have his age. Tom is the one I met three years ago when I started at the gym. He took me under his wing and showed me what exercises to do and how to do them. He didn't have to do that, he's just like that. Tom never has a bad word to say about anyone, he's always smiling and just has that positive energy about him. "Where the heck have you been Tom? I've been worried about you!" "Been working Randy." Tom is retired from the highway department but still does odd jobs to keep himself busy. "Been helping out on a construction job down at the factory for the last month. Working 5am to 6pm but we got the job finished" "Tom what the heck yo
Kissing Pictures
When Does The Pain End?
Why does life have to be so difficult... I have so many major life choices to make and I'm so confused.... why does it have to be so painful??? Why do people who claim to love you hurt you? My mind is going stir crazy!! Pain pills would make it all end, but that is the cop out way....I'm pissed, I'm hurt, I'm numb, I'm anxious, I'm excited, I'm scared, and so many other feelings going through me right now. I am just so torn and don't know what to do. If I stay, we just make each other miserable and don't know how to be happy... If I leave, I start all over again and struggle fiancially and try to be happy..... plus my daughter is leaving this afternoon.... moving 18 hours away from me....we've never been apart... don't know if I can handle it. I know I need to let go, but I'm not ready for all this!!!
Alright just thought I would give a holler out to all of you and say thanks for viewing my page and leaving me the gifts that you have, you all seem very awesome on here. A Big hello goes out to a really really awesome friend on here Garfield, he is a truly awesome guy and a great friend, I love you my friend take care.
Help Me!!!!
I need help beating this guy on Yearbook. I know I look better than him but he is beating me. Know way. I need all my Friends, Fans, Family to help me beat him!!!!
-Kiss on the stomach; I'm ready. -Kiss on the Forehead; I hope we're together forever. -Kiss on the Ear; You're my everything. -Kiss on the Hand; I adore you. -Kiss on the Neck; We belong together. -Kiss on the Shoulder; I want you. -Kiss on the Lips; I love you. ____________ ____________________ _______ _____ ____ ____ What the gesture means... -Holding Hands; We definitely like each other. -Slap on the Butt; That's mine. -Holding on tight; I don't want to let go. -Looki ng into each other's Eyes; I just plain like you. -Playing with Hair; Tell me you love me. -Arms around the Waist; I like you too much to let go. -Laughing while Kissing; I am completely comfortable with you. ____________ ____________________ _______ _____ ____ ____ -----Advice; Don't ask for a kiss, take one. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love.
Bad Day
well parents seem to think i dont do shit in the house so they are talking my laptop away for awhile. i fucking hate this i feel like im a teen i know since i have to job right now and living at home again i have to go by there rules but wtf. when they are working i take care of my sis(i may bitch but still do it) and clean. but like always not enough. i just hate this i wish things were different. anyways ill stop bitching. and if u dont see me on much you know why hopfuly things will change. well byes
Vegitarian Mania
Ok, so during lent I'm going to have to go completely vegetarian, almost vegan. The Orthodox lent is more strict than eating for Passover. Thankfully I have vegetarian friends that can help me out with all of this before lent begins. The cool thing is I have my handy dandy Ecclesiastical Calendar to keep track of this stuff now. I thought Ben's eyes were going to pop out of his head last night when he heard I was going to follow lent. Hehehehehe. He doesn't eat anything except meat and a bit of bread or pasta here and there. He'd starve. I am meeting with my priest today to go over the vast array of books I've been through over the years. spiritually/religiously speaking. This should be really interesting.
How is thyroid cancer treated? Fortunately, most types of thyroid cancer can be diagnosed early and cured completely, but a thoughtful and comprehensive investigation is necessary. If thyroid cancer is suspected after review of all the information, referral to an experienced thyroid surgeon is recommended. The usual approach is to remove the side of the thyroid containing the lump. If cancer is confirmed, further consultation with the endocrinologist is appropriate. Additional surgery to remove the remaining tissue and radioactive iodine treatment are usually recommended in order to destroy any remaining malignant thyroid cells and to reduce the risk of recurrence of this disease. Radioactive iodine treatment should never be given to a pregnant woman! Small amounts of radioactive iodine will also be excreted in breast milk. Since radioiodine could permanently damage the infantís thyroid, breast-feeding is not allowed. If radioiodine is inadvertently administered to a woman wh
Good Friends
I just wanted to take a minute of everyones time to say thanks to all my new and great friends. I will be out of town for the next few days. My grandfather passed this weekend and I will be going home to say my goodbye. Thanks to all the wonderful friends who have sent well wishes to me and my family. No one handles a death well, but I tend to have a harder time then most. I skip the whole process and go straight to anger! LOL So knowing I have good friends from all over that send love and smiles fills my aching heart!I love you all!!!
Show Me Love
10-20 or more comments needed.... Please show me some love by commenting on my picture. Just click on my link. Please comment many times!!! COMMENT, COMMENT, & COMMENT!!!
Death is an embracement of the life we lived. Death is a gracious moment to come to terms with life. Looking death in the face is like knowing what is to come. Death is an embracement of life and love. Love and death can come to terms with one another. Life without love is death in itself. Death is just another name for a loveless life. Living without love is like living in hell. A loveless life is like a poison that only loveless people take. The poison can not harm one thing... and that one thing is called True Love. And true love is something some people feel. Only the lucky few can feel this True Love. I am one of the lucky few.. I feel true love, which is a remody of this poison. I can not live in hell because I have looked death in the face, And I see my future in my love, my world, my heart, and my soul. And I thank my heart and soul, for bringing me out of hell, and into life. A life with love is heaven, and heaven is life with love.
This Is No Fun!
So here I am trying to be good. I brought plenty of healthy low cal stuff to eat today. As I sit here with my tuna, tomato, and carrot sticks, one of my Co-workers just walks in with a big old greasy slice of pizza. But I will remain strong!!! For today anyway.
Support Injured Pagan Veteran Joshua Hoffman
Support Injured Pagan Veteran Joshua Hoffman Joshua and his mother Silverlily are members of the Mecosta, Michigan Pagan community and need your support. No matter how you feel about the war, we need to support our Pagan soldiers. On January 6, 2007 Joshua was hit by a sniper bullet to his neck. He has had numerous medical complications and is paralyzed from this attack. He has no use of his legs and his family is praying for use of his arms to return. He is currently very depressed and has a long road to rehabilitation ahead of him. Please add him to your healing lists and send him your cards and letters of support. Please send notes and cards to Joshua to let him know that we appreciate and support him and his efforts. If there are disabled Pagans reading this please send him your words of encouragement. He can be reached at the address below: Cpl. Joshua Hoffman Rm 1U-102/3 McGuire VA Med-Cal 1201 Broad Rock Blvd Richmond Va 23249 Let us show our support t
A Love For All Time!!!
A Love For All Time Breathless kisses Burning touches Soft-spoken words of love Urgently spoken words of passion. A woman and a man One complete love Since time began Predestined to be as one. We've been together before In other lifetimes We've fought dragons And have been torn from each others arms Yet our love prevailed. We've walked on this earth many times together Perhaps for a moment Perhaps for years But our heart is one heart And we were meant to be. So when our time on earth Once again comes to a close Have no worries my dear For we will find each other again And again And again. For our love is ageless Eternal A love for all time.
A Tribute To My Mother
A Tribute to My Mother Your hands once busy through the day, You didn't have much time to play. The little games I asked you too, You never had much time to do. You'd wash my clothes and sew and cook And when I brought my picture book And asked you share my fun, You'd say: "A little later, Hun." You tucked me in all safe at night, Hear my prayers, turn out the light, Then tiptoe softly to the door. I wish you'd stayed a moment more. For life is short, the years rush past. A little child grows up so fast. No longer are you at my side, My precious secrets to confide. The picture books are put away, There are no longer games to play, No goodnight kiss, no prayers to hear. That all belongs to yesteryear. Your hands once busy, now lie still. The days are long and hard to fill I wish we could go back and do The little things I asked you to. But that's OK, cause I love you still. I always did and I always will. TODAY I RECIEVE THE LAST LETTER FROM
My Love
My Love My love is like an ocean It goes down so deep My love is like a rose Whose beauty you want to keep. My love is like a river That will never end My love is like a dove With a beautiful message to send. My love is like a song That goes on and on forever My love is like a prisoner It's to you that I surrender.
New Virus Warning
This just in : NEW VIRUS WARNING If you receive an e-mail with a subject line of "Badtimes," delete it immediately WITHOUT reading it. This is the most dangerous Email virus yet. It will re-write your hard drive. Not only that, but it will scramble any disks that are even close to your computer. It will recalibrate your refrigerator's coolness setting so all your ice cream melts and milk curdles . It will demagnetize the strips on all your credit cards, reprogram your ATM access code, screw up the tracking on your VCR and use subspace field harmonics to scratch any CDs you try to play. It will give your ex-boy/girlfriend your new phone number. It will mix antifreeze into your fish tank. It will drink all your beer and leave its dirty socks on the coffee table when there's company coming over. It will hide your car keys when you are late for work and interfere with your car radio so that you hear only static while stuck in traffic. Badtimes will make you fall in love with
Typycal Situation
Ten fingers counting we have each Nine planets around the sun repeat Eight ball will last if you triumphant be Seven oceans pummel the shores of the sea It's a typical situation In these typical times Too many choices, yeah Itís a typical situation In these typical times Too many choices. Everybody's happy Everybodyís free We'll keep the big door open Everyone'll come around Why are you different Why are you that way If you donít get in line We'll lock you away It all comes down to nothing Six senses feeling Five around a sense of self Four seasons turn on and turn off I can see three corners from this corner Twoís a perfect number But one, well Everybody's happy Everybody's free We'll keep the big door open Everyone'll come around Why are you different? Why are you that way? If you don't get in line We'll lock you away It all comes down to nothing It's a typical situation In these typical times Too many choices, yeah Itís a typical si
Sensitivity Part Iii
Have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched, and you turn around and no one is there? Try having it happen in an empty house. I think it was the summer time. I can remember open windows, but being California, that happens year round. I think it took me about 5 years to feel fully comfortable in my house. I had gotten used to the strange noises. It's not that they had gone away; it still happened on occasion, but there was a regularity to them that was at least predictable. And so far, other than the little boy and phantom elephants up and down the stairs, nothing else had happened. Until we bought the green couch. I have no idea if it's coincidence, but I definitely know it wasn't just me this time. My mom and step-dad FINALLY saw something. Now, this couch was art deco. It had a swooped back, no cushions and was dark green velvet. We collected antiques. At one point we had like 75 or so in the house. Needless to say, I wasn't bothered by old stuff
what is a lonely girl to do when her man don't give her enough sex ? does she get some bootycalls or does she leave? please let me know
Don't Take Your Husbands Shopping!
Some ideas for husbands or how to prevent being dragged along on shopping trips!!! Dear Mrs. Fenton, Over the past six months, your husband, Mr. Bill Fenton has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this type of behavior and have considered banning the entire family from shopping in any of our stores. We have documented all incidents on our video surveillance equipment. Three of our clerks are attending counseling from the trouble your husband has caused. All complaints against Mr. Fenton have been compiled and are listed below. Mr Wally Underpants President and CEO of ShopMart Complaint Department ---------------------------------------------- MEMO Re: Mr. Bill Fenton - Complaints - 15 Things Mr. Bill Fenton has done while his spouse/partner is shopping: 1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking. 2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewa
Keeping Your Heart Out Of It
His smile His laugh His strong hands His eyes His smell His number on the phone, calling you up No strings attached The rules were set Its getting easier to not notice His muscular back His kick ass butt The way he makes you feel It's just an illusion He's not really yours But he is for this moment It could be the last You're getting better at this Pretending you don't care Keep it up girl The real one is out there
Madison Pile-up
I realize most of you who read this..if anyone does...aren't from my area. I just wanted to post this so that people know that fog is just as dangerous as other driving conditions. Please think of the other drivers on the road and SLOW DOWN! ********************************************* Jan 6, 2008 10:43 pm US/Central 2 Killed, More Than 100 Vehicles Pileup In Wis. MADISON, Wis. (AP) ― More than 100 cars were involved Sunday in a series of pileups that killed two people on a foggy five-mile stretch of highway just east of the city. The Wisconsin State Patrol shut down Interstate 90 in both directions, causing a traffic backup for miles. Flares lining the interstate's lanes cut through the fog as traffic crawled north of the accident sites. Visibility was about 100 yards. Squad cars and tow trucks streamed toward the accidents as law enforcement agents directed drivers off the interstate. The accidents happened on a stretch of eastbound Interstate 90 running
I Am Perfectly Imperfect.....
My Mother-in-law
My Mother in law just signed up for fubar...Can ya show her some love? Thank you everyone!!
2007 Year In Review
First off HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to 2008 my friends. I have a few things planned this year but I will get back to that in a bit. First though, I'll summarize what all happened in 2007 my way. The beginning of 2007 was sparked with a roller coaster of emotions for me. I was in a bad relationship and struggling in all aspects physicaly, mentally, and financially. I am happy to say that I am doing somewhat better all around now thanks to the support of my friends, family, my new record label, and of course you fans. You all have made possible a long time dream of mine and I am glad that you have all stuck around. In 2007: 1. I released two albums: Ethereal Dreams (10 Track EP) and Twisted (5 Track EP) 2. I was signed by a record label out of Chicago...Andromeda Recordings. I must say that after bitter disappointment with my first label that I am proud to be a part of this label and the family that came with. They are truly an amazing bunch. 3. I finished the year in the t
Fabric Trim At Athena's
Find Gorgeous Fabric Trims at Find Gorgeous Fabric Trims at Find Gorgeous Fabric Trims at Find Gorgeous Fabric Trims at
Stuttering Cat
Subject: The "Stutterin'" Cat A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. 'Human beings are the only animals that stutter', she says. A little girl raises her hand. 'I had a kitty-cat who stuttered', she volunteered. The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become,asked the girl to describe the incident. 'Well', she began, 'I was in the back yard with my kitty and the rottweiler that lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard! 'That must've been scary', said the teacher. 'It sure was', said the little girl. 'My kitty raised his back, went 'Fffff, Fffff, Fffff'... And before he could say 'Fuck,' the rottweiler ate him" ahahaha tell me that isn't funny lmao:)
Just Another Day...
Today the papers are sent to the courts. The divorce should be final in 60 days or so. I have wanted this with all my heart for what seems forever. Now that it is happening, I'm suddenly scared, worried, unsure. Is this normal? I think about going back and I cry. I can't go back to that. I can't go back to the uncertainty, the instability, the lovelessness I feel. I am doing the right thing. Life is good, it is better now than it was. I have to keep telling myself this. Do not let the fear take you back to that aweful life. It is time to look forward with excitement...i have to look forward to the rest of my life. I am free, finally! I will be fine and I am happy, I am happy with me, finally. I love myself and I finally enjoy being me and being around me again lol...sounds stupid, I know. I was miserable. I hated who I had become. Enjoy myself, enjoy my kids, enjoy my life again. I cannot wait to begin!!! Watch me go!!!! :)
Woman Of My Dreams
I want someone that is not going to act like a bitch and spy on me when I am only a one woman guy anyways. I had someone at one time and she turned out to not even care about me and the worst thing is she caused me to have to be put in the Hospital due to being so upset and hurting my vocal box from screaming so much cause of her spying and bitching and other things she did. The best part about it is she thought I was cheating on her cause she called my while I was talking to my father. So now I get to start from scratch with someone new and that person should be funny, smart, beautiful, and some other things that I will discuss with the right person that would like to be with me. However a big thing with me is trust and being lied to cause I can't stand woman that are willing to break those. So if you want you can comment on here or you can write me on the shout box area. Hopefully I can find someone that I can see eye to eye with and have some decent conversations with.
I'm sorry I nevr told you the truth I'm sorry that I never let you comfort me I'm sorry that I never let you help me I'm not sorry for letting you Go I'm not sorry for not letting you get as close to me as you wanted I'm happy your my friend and that you always kept me near your heart! Dedicated to: Billy Rawlings
She Wouldnít Change Anything For The World
Last few days have been crazy but fun. Friday I worked at respite with two teenaged girls, one who's very relaxed, and another who keeps us all running. The second one is probably 18, not really verbal, probably has a few inches and 50 pounds on me. I've worked with her before, and usually end up running after her because she runs into the kitchen and grabs food or grabs other people's food and drink. I guess Friday she wasn't feeling well, and she was at an all-new state of agitation for me, running and jumping and crying. Quickly discovered I shouldn't try to block her as she just about bowled me over at one point lol. Friday night was the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert, which was amazing. My mom and I ended up with really good seats because Ticketmaster gave us imaginary seats. But we got snowed on by a snow-maker, had a laser/light show complete with pyrotechnics. Definitely an awesome experience. Went out with my sister to look at an apartment I was interested in, but tha
Mumms About Eating Pussy
I am seeing more and more mumms about eating pussy. Most are from men, wanting to know what technique is best and they seem clueless. Fucking guys need to learn how to properly eat pussy! It really isn't that difficult as long as you pay attention to detail. Learn the the pussy...EAT THE PUSSY!
My Heart, My Soul, Forever
It all started with a simple hello As we met over the internet. But as our conversations got to be more, Things seemed to change from when we first met. A stange feeling started to over take me Something that I've never felt before. It seemed so strange but felt so good, I craved for that feeling more and more. The innocent way we chatted back and forth Kept us going all day and night long. With the excitement of knowing we will soon speak, Was like the words of a beautiful love song. The more we spoke the better it got And there was no mistaking the way I felt. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty, Every word she speaks my heart begins to melt. This thing called LOVE is starting to overtake me Like the moonlight shining on a bright clear night. When I look up and see the bright moon rays, I think of her and think what a beautiful sight. As I stood out in the field Glancing at the moons shining rays. It made me stop and really think, WOW she's a
Who Is Obama? (please Read....)
I HAVE TO ADMIT, MUCH OF THIS I DIDN'T KNOW....Who is Barack Obama?? Very interesting and something that should be considered in your choice. If you do not ever forward anything else, please forward this to all your contacts...this is very scary to think of what lies ahead of us here in our own United States...better heed this and pray about it and Share it.? We checked this out on ''. It is factual. Check for yourself.? Who is Barack Obama?? Probable U. S. Presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu , Hawaii , to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a black MUSLIM from Nyangoma-Kogel , Kenya and Ann Dunham, a white ATHIEST from Wichita ,Kansas . Obama's parents met at the U niversity of Hawaii. When Obama was two Years old, his parents divorced. His father returned to Kenya. His mother then married Lolo Soetoro, a RADICAL Muslim from Indonesia . When Obama was 6 years old, the family relocate to Indonesia. Obama attended a MUSLIM school in J akarta. H
Blood in dreams is rarely a well-received image, unless it is connected with an anger object. The blood of another in this case may reflect seeing oneself as ultimately victorious. Most times, blood represents depletion, injury, or death. This depletion may be physical, or it may reflect the loss of other essential resources, including emotional or financial assets. Blood can have a kind of direct meaning as life source. In this regard, blood may be seen as a metaphor for becoming one with another person-this type of feeling is conjured from our exposure to Native American blood brother images. Blood also may serve as a sacrificial metaphor-as in the sacrificial lamb or other animal. It also may have occult implications for persons involved with such practices. Draining, drinking, or drawing and/or writing with blood are practices of this nature. Many genres of cult literature often include this type of reference. Whose blood are you seeing in your dream? Can you discern who cau
New Year's Resolution
No more MEN ! Not from Poland!
Dream Sequence 1.0
So what do Jim Brown, Kevin Smith, Kate Winslett, Cheveron, ATM's, King Kong, Ogres, The Titanic, Russian mobsters with Austrailian accents, Arctic Sea, Caves, Africa, and mixmasters all have in common? Well, outside of my disturbing dream sequence I just had...more than likely, absolutely nothing,! But let's try and make sense of this together! K? K! Let's take a little journey into the twisted, dilapidated, mind of a 30y/o troubled youth who let's go of the big stuff but can't seem to shake the small things... Okay, so it always starts of the same way; I'm going to the movies at the same theater I dream of all the time in the same mall I seem to always find myself in. I'm on a date with an unknown (to me) woman and we're going to see King Kong. The theater is pretty much empty but yet we choose to sit at the very top of the theater. We always end up making it late to the movie and it's in mid sequence when King Kong (not Peter Jackson's version either) captures the girl.
You Hold My Heart In Your Hands....
I Will Always Remember Those Tears :( .....
I Am Broken
Irony Of The Rose
The Reflection Of Beauty: Genesis
In the reflection of beauty lies a woman, not like any I have ever known. In this reflection, reality and fantasy merge into one creating lust, passion, and envy. Her attributes, in a reality so dark and gloom, set in desperation and spawned by lack of faith (in love and for love) she becomes our paradise lost, in this desert we call life. In the reflection of beauty lies a woman in which a touch, as soft and gentle as the Down we lay our heads on, that would comfort mind, heart, and body; warming the coldest, darkest recesses of the soul. It would make any man, or beast, humble in the sight of what God had made. In the reflection of beauty lies a woman in which her celestial gaze would exhibit an eminent appearance of endless knowledge and wisdom. One in which we all long to acquire from her, yet knowing we could never bare the burden of truth. It is a history of all that is pure and innocent. In the reflection of beauty lies a woman who bares a love like none other. A love n
It's Been A Long Time
The last time I wrote a blog here was in May 2007, and surely a lot has changed for me in that time. I just seem to be a lightning rod for failures, especially when it comes to relationships. I don't know why it happens, but every woman I've dated has cheated on me. I've had 5 relationships and they all ended for some given reason or another as to why they had to cheat on me. So what do you do? Give up and forget any chance of ever finding happiness? Or just keep trying? Neither would be easy to do, if that makes sense.
...worthless Musings
Flight Current mood: mellow Category: Blogging So I was sitting outside the other morning having a cigarette when a Monarch butterfly started fluttering around my general area...just doing what butterflies do...and something occurred to me. Though open to debate, I'd say a lot of people, if given the choice of a "special power"...would choose the power to fly. I certainly would. To experience the "freedom" that the power of flight would grant, would be nothing short of ...idyllic. To view the world from an elevated see the landscape on a much grander feel the wind touch every part of your body... to hear the quiet noise ...the "silent rustle" of the wind passing over you as you slice through the cool breathe of Mother Earth. The solitude of that blue vastness is very enticing to me, the world would have no "weight" if you could fly. Yet, I realized that without exception, ALL of the earths creatures that DO possess that ability...are not even aware
One Really Bad Day
Sadly, the title to this post is true. I miscarried. Ernest took me to the er saturday night because I was bleeding and cramping really bad. I had started passing lumps earily saturday morn and I just knew something was wrong. The er doc said that it did not look good. I went to the doctor today and its medically confermed, that I miscarried. Something was wrong with the baby and my body caught it before the doctor's would have and did the only thing that it could. If I seem bitchy or distant, its not that I am pissed at you. I am dealing wth whats happened in my own way. So I will only say this once! DO NOT COME TO ME OR CALL ME BITCHING, WHINING, OR COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR PETTY ASS PROBLEMS. I JUST LOST A CHILD, I THINK THAT TOPS EVERY PETTY ASS PROBLEM OUT THERE. Ernest's Kitten Wife, Kirah
Men Are
For all those men who say, Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free. Here's an update for you: Now days, 80% of women are against marriage, WHY? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage. Men are like.... 1. Men are like ..Laxatives .... They irritate the crap out of you. 2. Men are like..Bananas . The older they get, the less firm they are. 3. Men are like.. Weather . Nothing can be done to change them. 4. Men are like.. Blenders You need One, but you're not quite sure why. 5. Men are like.. Chocolate Bars .... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips. 6. Men are like.. Commercials ..... You can't believe a word they say. 7. Men are like.. Department Stores .... Their clothes are always 1/2 off! 8. Men are like ..Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature. 9. Men are like ..Mascara . They usually run at the first sign of emotion. 10. Men are like.. Popcorn .. They satisfy you,
Wrong Email Address
A couple from Minneapolis decided to go to Florida to thaw out during one particularly icy winter. They planned to stay at the very same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years earlier. Because of hectic schedules, it was difficult to coordinate their travel schedules. So, the husband left Minnesota and flew to Florida on Thursday, with his wife flying down the following day. The husband checked into the hotel There was a computer in his room, so he decided to send an e-mail to his wife. However, he accidentally left out one letter in her e-mail address, and without realizing his error, he sent the e-mail. Meanwhile.....somewhere in Houston, a widow had just returned home from her husband's funeral. He was a minister of many years who was called home to glory following a sudden heart attack. The widow decided to check her e-mail, expecting messages from relatives and friends. After reading the first message, she fainted. The widow's
My pain is great,my heart hurt's,then mends and the hurts again.When will it end?I don't want this anymore.I want joy,happiness,pleasure.I want it all not just the pain.I want my head to stop spinning and being clouded with the memory of us.I want to hear the word's you so desperaetly want to say,the words that are lost in you.You have me in front of you,my full just give me more pain.I see it in your eyes.It's there.I feel it,on my skin with your touch but you pull away.I am a fool.I want so to walk away and to stay.I am lost out in a tossing sea and am slowly drowning.My body is cold,in a lonely world.I need you by my side,not to complete me,for I am complete.You are my other half,my calmness,my everything.I don't want anymore pain.take it away
My Hope Angel
On January 4, 2008 at 22:32pm I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I named her Hope Angel. At this time i didn't know I was pregent. I know crazy as it sounds it's true. The Father was a ex bf of mine but doesn't know and won't know about the baby do to the fact that the relationship was abusive. I was 5 and half months along which is 22 weeks. I held her in my arms of 2 and half hours and on Saturday January 5,2008 at one in the morning Hope past away. She was my Giant among Giants and now she walks with the Angels in Heaven. My family was there with me and i was well taken care of. It's been a cfrazy ride this past weekend but one thing is for such a love of a mother never goes away. I have pictures of my baby girl please look at them and tell me what you think. Thank you
Im Too Terrified To Have Sex
Myspace Comments @ I broke up with my man about a year ago. We been together almost 7 years, in which I feel was completely wasted. He asked me to marry him on many an occasion, but I felt that he was a bum not trying to accomplish anything in life, so I gave him chances to change. Well big mistake...thats 7 years gone. But now that I am single, I am so horny from no sex and I am afraid to go out and get with someone because of all the sexual transmitted diseases in this here world, and you never know who has what, and I aint about to catch some deadly disease because I am wanting sex. I just dont know what to do, dildos and toys dont really do the job of satisfying my urges, and neither does masturbation, it only slows it down a while. That's right yall, I wanna do the nasty with a gentleman, but I'm to friggin scared, of the consequences !!! I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, friends. If anyone has any advice, I'm a listening. I have to ad
Fubar Robbing Ppl 4 No Dam Reason
fubar's fucking up bad! Chris ~~~Cobra Chris~~~♥The One and Onlys' Husband♥~~~@ fubar damaged and wounded Damaged and Wounded@ fubar had a party friends over, decided i would invite them too join FUBAR! big mistake because i did it on my computer i was reset i have been here for almost 2 yrs #17262 FUBAR ID i was on level 24, 800 hundred thousand away from god father level its so un fair all y points and levels were taken from me for inviting friends too join FUBAR, ill probably get my whole profile deleted for expressing my self i hope not love FUBAR its my 2nd home for me met a lot of good people here from all over the world well just had too let it out and let you all know dont invite people from your computer its not worth it thank you *JENNY*((((( )))))) hugs Ppl Ask Why It Says I'm Lvl 10 When I Was Lvl 25 Well Like This bully Says I Was Fu Robbed Plain And Simple! Just Mins Before This Happened The Site Glitched Bad! i was on here when it happened i
Dude, The Cops Will Never Smell It !!!
Dude, the cops will never smell it Mon Jan 7, 5:11 PM ET Lakehurst police didn't have to go far to make a marijuana arrest. An officer heading home early Saturday smelled pot burning in the police station parking lot. Authorities said Sergeant Ronald Heinzman asked some other officers to take a whiff. Police said they heard a conversation centered on the irony of smoking pot next to the station from a home separated from the parking lot by a chain-link fence. Police knocked on the door and arrested Benjamin Gordon, 18, of Farmville, Va. ___ Information from: Asbury Park Press,
Fufucked(please Repost)
fubar's fucking up bad! Chris ~~~Cobra Chris~~~♥The One and Onlys' Husband♥~~~@ fubar damaged and wounded Damaged and Wounded@ fubar had a party friends over, decided i would invite them too join FUBAR! big mistake because i did it on my computer i was reset i have been here for almost 2 yrs #17262 FUBAR ID i was on level 24, 800 hundred thousand away from god father level its so un fair all y points and levels were taken from me for inviting friends too join FUBAR, ill probably get my whole profile deleted for expressing my self i hope not love FUBAR its my 2nd home for me met a lot of good people here from all over the world well just had too let it out and let you all know dont invite people from your computer its not worth it thank you *JENNY*((((( )))))) hugs Ppl Ask Why It Says I'm Lvl 10 When I Was Lvl 25 Well Like This bully Says I Was Fu Robbed Plain And Simple! Just Mins Before This Happened The Site Glitched Bad! i was on here when it happened i
A Message To Your Pets
NOTICE TO PETS!! A MESSAGE TO YOUR PETS To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door - nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats, The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing a paw print in the middle of my plate and food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Beating me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help because I fall faster than you can run. I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort. Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hang
Because Of You
Because of you my world is now whole, Because of you love lives in my soul. Because of you I have laughter in my eyes, Because of you I am no longer afraid of good-byes. You are my pillar my stone of strength, With me through all seasons and great times of length. My love for you is pure boundless through space and time, it grows stronger everyday with the knowledge that you'll always be mine. At the altar I will joyously say 'I do', for I have it all now and it's all because of you.
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.
A Dream Id Like To Come To Reality
a clear nights sky, full moon, warm breeze, sitting on the ledge of the shore as the waves crash upon the rocks, cuddeled in a blanket watching for shooting stars with someone very special, a soft kiss and someone telling me how much they love how i am and how much i mean to them and how they would never want to let me go, no matter what.
Buy Me A Drink! Please!! Lol
OK...This is my second fupage and on the first one I stayed shit faced on it...How come on this one I get all kinds of stuff but hardly any drinks? I can't get drunk on here, damn! a girl out, won't you?
Within Myself
What's ever watching I can't see, It does never blink, What does this entity see? Into the head, Down into the heart, Does it see into me? Into us? Clearly or Darkly? I hope it sees clearly Because I can't any longer see into myself. I see only dark. I hope for everyone's sake, the entity sees clearly. Because if the entity sees darkly, the way I do, Then I'm cursed. And cursed again. I'll only wind up dead this way! Knowing very little, and getting that little fragment, of life!
I've been playing guitar for 20 years, and have built up quite the collection. I guess I love them all, but my Rogue Bell Brass Resonator ranks right up there, and then there's my 92 custom Gibson LP w/EMG's for when i really feel like tuning low, and my Dean Dime just begs to shred!!! yet at times my Strat just wants to be caressed so it can let out it's blues before gettin funky. And then I grab my 87 Kramer Striker, which cranks out any sound you could possibly want, and yes, it was made in Korea, which in my opinion slaps together some of the best sounding guitars out there. what do you folks think?
Kid Rock...rock And Roll Jesus
Let me start this out by saying I didn't want to like this cd. Kid Rock's stuff has been so schito lately, I wasn't sure what I was going to get, but I love the song "So Hot" and the cd was ten bucks, so i figured why not. And boy was I surprised when I put it in, because it is a solid cd thru and thru. He finally got the right mix of rock, metal, and country, to where you don't want to scram at him "JUST PICK ONE". But there's six solid songs out of thirteen in my book, and the other seven aren't bad at all. There's just one that I don't really care for, but that's not to bad. I don't want to call this a comeback cd, but it soes sound great. His band is stellar as usual, and his vocals are his vocals. Production is good, with just enough bragging so you don't take him too serious. I like it, and I'll give him 8 ho's out of 10
Tw@t Head
The horizon of my mind blurs with the beating of your hearts! Quickened with the pulse of your soul, lashed and thrashed with shadows of hate lingering closely. Unbound by lustfull thoughts of grandure and unseemingly guilty passions. Smells of fear are sweet on my lips! Death is far from my grasp, held by human bounds, teathered by Worldly Lusts. Your pain is my pleasure, my sex, my home! Die, hate, lust and greed, live and die for me! hell is your home and hate is your wife.
Love From A Big Girl
found this while surfing........... Everlasting... All encompassing... Hellacious... Mind-numbing... Earth shattering... Toe curling... Soul satisfying... All you could ever ask for... Yet, something few can handle
Fufucked Update(please Repost)
fubar's fucking up bad! Chris ~~~Cobra Chris~~~♥The One and Onlys' Husband♥~~~@ fubar damaged and wounded Damaged and Wounded@ fubar had a party friends over, decided i would invite them too join FUBAR! big mistake because i did it on my computer i was reset i have been here for almost 2 yrs #17262 FUBAR ID i was on level 24, 800 hundred thousand away from god father level its so un fair all y points and levels were taken from me for inviting friends too join FUBAR, ill probably get my whole profile deleted for expressing my self i hope not love FUBAR its my 2nd home for me met a lot of good people here from all over the world well just had too let it out and let you all know dont invite people from your computer its not worth it thank you *JENNY*((((( )))))) hugs Ppl Ask Why It Says I'm Lvl 10 When I Was Lvl 25 Well Like This bully Says I Was Fu Robbed Plain And Simple! Just Mins Before This Happened The Site Glitched Bad! i was on here when it happened i
Im Having A Day Surgery Friday!!!
Last January I was diagnosed as having a slight case of HPV Ive been back to my doctors and my papsmear came up being it was more moderate to severe now and a few weeks later they did a biopsy on the abnormal cells they are saying its still a slight case but to be on the safe side my doctor wants me to have the day surgery where they will scrap away these abnormal cells..Today I had to go for a pre-op consult to discuss more about the surgery and the doctor had to check my heart and lungs well today my doctor seemed to hear a heart murmur something that seems to be out of the blue cause nobodys has ever heard me have one b4 so now b4 surgery tomorrow i have to go see my primary care doctor and see if he hears it too and if it will be ok for them to do the surgery friday...wish me all luck and please show me mad love since i am nervous as hell about all of this...I will be put to sleep during the surgery which i am thankful for because i would be anxious as hell if i had to be awake for
Love Sucks.
Why is it that love always comes back when you least expect it? Even if you don't even want it or ask for it, it somehow sneaks back into your life. Like a thief trying to steal a part of you that you try so hard to protect. It leaves you so defenseless because once you're caught in it, your mind, body and soul become exposed. I'm not talking about love where you're kind of vulnerable. The kind of love I'm talking about is the kind that can tear you apart or build you with just a few words from you know who. When you're in its throws you can't help but give in too wherever it takes you. When it hits, it hits so hard you can sometimes literally feel sick in the stomach. Either way, your hands and feet feel like blocks of ice. Your heart beats like an overworked race horse that just can't seem to stop no matter how hard you try. I'm not sure what it is that triggers it. It could be a glance that's dangerously too long, a smile that's more than just a smile,
wow so much BBW Bashing lately on the mums, way out of hand in my opinion, granted a big girl isnt for everybody, but just remember someone does find her beautiful and I have to say to the bashers is remember the saying "those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"
Why Me ????
What Have I Done 2 BE Hated And Lied 2 Everybody Says 1 Thing And Does Another I Do Not Ask For Ton OF Shit Just A Little Help Is That 2 Much For I Guess So Thanks For Nothing
We Are One
I love my Creator, and you say I don't believe in God. I honor all creation, and you say I worship animals. I talk to my Grandfathers and you say I commune with evil spirits. I feel Mother Earths heart beating and you keep building your churches on her. I respect the old ways-- and you say--"come join our modern society". To me everyday is Thanksgiving and you set your birthdays by our calendar. My life reflects my walk and my way; yours is based on conversion to a religion. I see the gathering of nations, and you stick to your denominations. You live this way with no respect for my beliefs-- and you say I am lost.
Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin When he smiled I realized I'd passed it on to him . I thought about that smile then I realized its worth, A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected! Yahoo! Mash Comments @
Good News!!
Well, its official... we found out today that my bro will be back from Iraq, April 28!! And for now its for sure because they have to be back at Lejeune on the 28th!! Hell yea.. road trip in April to go get my bubba and then again in May to go bury my Grandma's ashes.. I Love the scenery in NC!! Gotta love the small town!!
well guys my surgery is scheduled for 6 am running scared now.i feel all alone tho its not a good feeling let me tell you.its like my friends have better things to do than be with me even tho i have always been there for them im terrified.i nevedr realized how much i was till now.. but im used to being let down. so its no big deal anymore. well i needed to vent wish me luck tomorrow guys.and pray they get all this friggin cancer out of me. bye
With No Sleep..........
The sky grows dark. Times fades away. Too many bombs fell today.
I just wanted to take a minute and laugh and let everyone know that OHIO STATE got spanked by LSU..the SEC rocks the house yet another year taking that title chance from ohio state. ALL of you that knwo me know that i'm a GEORGIA fan but i'd rather an SEC team win. And all of you that are TRUE college football fans know that GEORGIA should have really been in this national title game..and OHIO STATE doesn't deserve to be in it at all. Neither team deserves it really but what can ya do? GO SEC FOOTBALL!!!!!! yes i agree mizzou got dicked..i agree georgia got dicked...but Muahahahahah OHIO STATE got spanked. THEY SUCK! hahahahahaha...Ok that's my football rant for the night! GO DAWGS!!!!!
The Service
That morning her Master sent a message summoning her for that evening. Oh the excitement that came over her face.. the tingle that she got all over her body. Now the night before she presented her gift but today it would be a day of just showering him with things that she felt came from her heart and ones that he would love. From the time that she began to the very last touch of the presentation... she thought to herself how wonderful her Master was... how she would do anything for him. She finished and then it was night. Her master was very pleased with what she had done. He said to her .. thank you for all that you have done here today. I am very pleased and grateful that you thought of such gifts. He led her into the bathroom where there was flowers, music, and a tub of warm water and bubbles waiting for her. Her heart began to beat heavily with excitement as he guided her into the warm water. She laid back, looked at her master in the eyes and as if to tell him without words how gr
Fondling In Bed
One night, after the couple had retired for the night, the woman became aware that her husband was touching her in a most unusual manner. He started by running his hand across her shoulders and the small of her back. He ran his hand over her breasts, touching them very lightly. Then, he proceeded to run his hand gently down her side, sliding his hand over her stomach, and then down the other side to a point below her waist. He continued on, gently feeling her hips, first one side and the other. His hand ran further down the outside of her thighs. His gentle probing then started up the inside of her left thigh, stopped and the returned to do the same to her right thigh. By this time the woman was becoming aroused and she squirmed a little to better position herself. The man stopped abruptly and rolled over to his side of the bed. Why are you stopping darling?" she whispered. He whispered back, " I found the remote."
Wax It!
Pissed Off!!!
I think that it is really rude and fu@#ing stupid for someone to brake up a friendship with someone just because they are married. It should not be a big deal with a friend if a person is married or not. I mean you can tell if someone is married or not by two ways. one ask them and two look at their profile. Comeone people how hard is it to make an effort!!!! I mean I say it right in my profile. I am going to screamm if one more person asks me that question agin or trys to offer me sex. read my tpyeing.... I am here for friends. If you don't want to be friends with me because I am married then that is your problem, not mine!!Ialso I hate the people on her that are fake. Don't act like you want to be friends just to score.Don't say it is ok just to be friends when it is not, I hate game players. Also listen to each other!!!!!
I Do
In my lovers arms I ache to be cradled like a child in his protective keep the drum of his pulse in the lobe of my ear his tender touch as he caresses my hair the warmth of his skin the curve of his lashes his respiration slows as his body relaxes we drift and we fade and we soar ever higher fleeting and floating on love filled desire cursing the sunrise still locked in his embrace just a kiss and the whole world melts away a love for a lifetime didn't think it could occur but we'll soon change that with two little words
The Night
It was not a dark and stormy night. There was nothing about this night to distinguish it from any other. The wind didnít gust so much as it meandered, too weak to rustle leaves or slap against windows in contempt. The sundown activity of this small community was listless, as if the sunset were no miracle at all. It was one of those nights that you go to the bar not because youíre looking for fun -- thereís no hope of that -- but because you are trying to anesthetize the boredom. Hemingway once wrote, "Itís awfully easy to be hard-boiled about things in the daytime, but at night itís a different story." He was right. Itís the nighttime when the mind begins to swirl: Where am I going? What has my life become? Itís why bars are for the evenings. But I wouldnít even call this night an "evening." An "evening" has character, some class even. It was simply a night. And this was a bitch of a night. Two guys were playing pool, shooting as though neither c
The Way Life Is.
Life is so hard as nuch as u make it out to be. But if u have the people u love around u and the ones that make u happy life will only get as easy as u make it. so make life as fun and full as u would want someone else to be.
True Love!!!
Ok let me just say that this is not because of any one person, but rather to just clear the air! I am not cold bitter person nor am I so miserable that I just stay depressed all the time. Yes, there have been somethings that I have been dealing with that haven't made me to happy but other than that, I am a happy person for the most part. I apologize if that is the way you see me due to my poems, but if you can only see me the way I described above, then you don't know me at all. I have been writing for quite a long time, yes I will be the first to admit that some of the later ones have been kind of down, but contrary to what some might believe, the things that I write comes from the heart but not all of what I write has a thing to do with myself, but it comes out for others around me. I am a great friend to those that I hold close, when they hurt, I hurt. So with this all being said, I want to wish you a great day/night which ever it might be for you. Thanks for taking th
Eden Conner Odonnell
Was born tonight at 11:58pm in Trumbull Memorial Hospital In Warren Ohio Baby is 6 lbs .02 oz and 19.5 inches long Mom had a long labor and had baby by c section Baby is gorgeous and well and mom recovering .. Please pardon my absense for a few days as ill be at the hospital
Guess What I Can Do The Same.....
I'm tired of people singling people out ,I'm going to start marking pics NSFW just for the hell of it ,I'm sorry if you live in the past or are jealous ,you need to get a life. I've had pics where I'm completly clothed not even showing my bra marked nsfw that bull crap. Haters beware...thats all I have to say.
How Do You Go On?
What do you do, when are sitting there finding yourself, an asking yourself what did i do wrong? Being a 24 year old guy already been married an divorced before 1 year. You dreams an everything that you work so hard to get just seems to be falling apart. An the only person that you though that would be there to help you out no matter what, is dead. An you are left there asking your self how can i keep this up, it seems like for ever 1 step you take head you are taken 20 backwards in its place. An you life seems to be like a book thats just getting dull an you wish it was over with. My questions is this why do it happens to people an how. Is it just that you are getting old or is it that you needs to find something to make you happy or what? if anybody know the answer please let me know i am all ears.
Learn You Some Poetry, Part Deux
You, my ever-gracious throngs of adoring fans, must be eager with anticipation for my upcoming blog about the presidential campaign. The primaries are underway. Mudslinging is in no short supply. Media pundits are in political orgasmic ecstasy. (Eeewww. Perhaps I should not have let my mind stray that far!) In any case, my essay will be nothing short of hilarious, insightful and rather vitriolic. I'm gonna tear a few people some new ones 8-P Be patient. My wisdom and wit is forthcoming, my future minions and underlings ... er, I mean friends, Romans, countrymen! For now, I entertain the masses with poetry courtesy of one of my English courses at The University Formerly Known as Southwest Texas. Enjoy. Remember: it's polite to laugh WITH me, not AT me ;-P LOL Understand a gap is not a nothing the temptation of an open space is to fill it of a silence to break it of a look to speak it and still solitude may foolishly be constructed as loneliness. Was N
White Rose
White Rose by Walter Poe In the storm Stands the white rose tumultuous waves of destruction abound her Yet tall is the white rose strong in the face Of the sensed doom around her And she does not bow down Pure is the white rose In the compost earth growing eternal strength in the nights that so hurt I see not the white rose She is so far away But I long to protect her But only the words can I say So I send her my words And my poets heart To help her when there is hope to see her through Be Strong little flower Your heart will guide true And as long as you want I will always talk to you
One day in the Garden of Eden, Eve calls out to God. "Lord, I have a problem!" "What's the problem, Eve?" "Lord, I know you've created me and have provided this beautiful garden and all of these wonderful animals, and that hilarious, comedic snake, but I'm just not happy." "Why is that, Eve?" Came the reply from above. "Lord, I am lonely. And I'm sick to death of apples." "Well, Eve, in that case, I have a solution. I shall create a man for you." "What's a 'man,' Lord?" "This man will be a flawed creature, with many bad traits. He'll lie, cheat, and be vainglorious; all in all, he'll give you a hard time. But, he'll be bigger, faster, and will like to hunt and kill things. He will look silly aroused, but since you've being complaining, I'll create him in such in a way that he will satisfy your ah, physical needs. He'll be witless and will revel in childish things like fighting and kicking a ball about. He won't be too smart, so he'll also need your advice to thi
im guessing 95% of women on here a liers your cool sub not you realy ive talked to women here then they turn out to be too faced liers im so tired of it realy fucking tired of it fubar is now called lierbar most are fake cheaters sluts rember this isent everyone im going by people ive talk to thought were friends your a bunch of fake asses
Contest Update!
At this exact moment, I need a little over 10,000 more comments and rates on my pic for the contest! Thanks so much to everyone that's helped me! If you want to help more, or have friends that might, feel free! Thanks again everybody!
Danie 101
ARE YOU: 1. Obsessed with sex? At times... 2. Are you tall? Not too tall & not too short :) 3. In your pajamas? Night gown 4. Left handed? My dad is... me not so much LAST: 1. Friend you saw: Darrin 2. Talked to on the phone: Diablito 3. Person to text you: Diane 4. Was today better than yesterday: Ummm not so much... bout the same FAVORITE: 1. Number: 3 2. Season: Spring/Summer QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up? A: Stretched out in the recliner Q: Do you have anything bothering you? A: A lil bit yeah tho its not just one thing... Q: What's the last movie you watched in theaters and who'd you watch it with? A: National Treasure: Book of Secrets; My younger brother, Older sis with her hubby & nephew Q: Where is the last place you went? A: Movies Q: Do you smile often? A: Some days Q: Do you wish upon stars? A: Every once in a while Q: Where did you sleep last night? A: In a recliner Q: W
Lounge Disaster
OMG my friend that was going to help code my lounge dipped on me sooooo.... PLEASE excuse my lounge for now... join and i SWEAR you WILL love it when I am done.. ANYONE who is good with creating them PLEASE feel free to get at me... MUAH To you all, thanks in advance for you support
Able To Feel
I may be repeating this one accidently but its worth repeating.... Able to feel Sometimes your feelings can hurt profoundly. Yet wouldn't you rather have those painful feelings occasionally than never having any feelings at all? Your feelings let you know you're alive. They tell you, in ways that words cannot, who you are. Through your feelings, you discover what means the most to you. With your feelings, you're able to build rich, rewarding relationships. Feelings can indeed be messy and inconvenient, yet they're certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Without feelings, life would be terribly flat and empty. When a feeling seems to be uncomfortable or even unbearable, choose to dive more deeply into it. Somewhere in there you'll find something very positive, comforting and affirming. You feel because you are, and you feel because you care. Those are things about which you can genuinely feel great. -- Ralph Marston
Being In Love
Being in Love Iím in loveóutterly and completely, Without the slightest doubt! It took an awful lot of painful practice; Lots of bleeding, bumps and bruises. Heartache after heartache, Heart growing all the time, Searching feverishly for my one true love; Not realizing all along, I was moving in the right directionó Getting closer each moment, following the clues; Until I finally awoke to what I had dreamed, Just to see that dream come alive with loveó A love that just grows into a future, With few fears; scared but safe, To experience love not from the sidelines, But from the inside out, Top to bottom and front to back; Letting go and giving in to the true love That was always there, Waiting patiently to be seen and taken in And then given back. Loving, from now on, forever and then some; Knowing very well where it a
Coming out of the store and I see a woman take her cart and push it right against the back of my Durango!The cart return was only two more spaces down.She simply turned around and went to her car like no big deal!When she had turned and seen that I saw her, she made no attempt to get the cart or apologize for what she did.What happened to common courtesy and just asking for help if you need it? I of course bitched the woman out which wasn't that polite,but hopefully embarrassed her enough that she won't do that again!Please if you need help just ask and if your going to just half ass something then don't bother!!!
I Feel Like I Am At Coyote Ugly's
Good Morning. I see where an Oregon Mayor is in trouble over a My-Space page she has. Apparently itís a bit too racy for the residents of that Oregon town. The Story: ARLINGTON, Ore. - Some residents of this small town wish their mayor felt like she had something to hide. Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist created a stir with her My Space page, where at one time anyone could see photos of her on one of the town's fire engines, clad only in a black bra and panties. Now only her friends have access to the page, but some people in this eastern Oregon community of about 500 are still upset. No need to go any further, I do agree with her. But, I also somewhat agree with the residents of the town as well. She should be able to have a my-space page, just because you are voted into an office and represent the people it doesnít mean you give up life and liberty which we still each of us have. Although, and I shutter to say this being a man. Perhaps the Panties and Black Bra are a bit racy. GoshÖ I
Findin Out...
Today is the day when I find out if I am pregnant or not...Wish me luck!! I will do a Blog when I find out to let ya know!!
Got Milf
Got MILF... A MILF is a terrible thing to waste
Self Reflective Rant
I am beginning to accept the fact that growing up leads to seclusion. I can't talk to friends anymore about things going on in my life, nor can i ask advice about it, all i get is solutions i've already thought of and disreguarded for one reason or another. It seems I cant even talk to older friends because they feel they know whats best for me even though it doesn't make me happy, or fit who i am. I have no one that i can talk to thats on my level. Friends are supposed to be empowering, helping to bring you up not drag you down right? I feel the need now more than ever to dissapear for a while, but in the back of my mind i know that when i come back i will have no one. Im stuck between leaving everyone behind me and being completely alone to suceed in life, and forgetting who i am, becoming lost in adolesence which will get me nowhere... My friends have always been my life but at the same time, i always carried them through their storms and fought alone through my own. I feel a
.:good Night:.
So much to say, but no words can be put in place to define what needs to be said. The sorrow of the day weighs heavy on my shoulders as I lay down to ease the tension with fairytale fantasies at night. Clinging to the cold steel beneath my pillow I rest easier. The silence grows thicker as time passes, its suffocating. I lay my head atop pillows, drenched in tears shed over causes long lost. Drifting in and out of reality, I fill my head with comforting memories. Facing the door and the window, I invite the warmth of the blankets to my soul, while I watch shadows dance about my room, like fairies causing mischief. Losing the security that drives me to meet the waking hours full force, I drift away.
I Dreamed I Killed God
Dreamed I killed God and woke up I dreamed I killed God and woke up He was begging please, please, please, no dont I dreamed I killed God and woke up Rain on me in my dream, ah and time drive, and time drives my mind oh Im not safe and no one can save you for some reason talk to me I talk to you, I talk to myself talk to someone else oh, yeah, yeah I want you to follow, just follow its only a, its only a dream, its only a I dreamed I killed God and woke up He was lying, bleeding wishing she was, she was here now, yeah, yeah He died, its passing its passing, hopefully hopefully, do what I did I dreamed I killed God, I dreamed I killed God I dreamed I, is he dead I remember thinking so, they said he was, he was, he was dead couldnt have been I dreamt it again Oh,yeah
Best Bombing Family Ever
Want to meet some new friends and family? Have you ever thought about joining a bombing family? I joined FU-Bombers about a week ago and already I have met some great people who are willing to help you out when needed. No more begging for help to level or for comments or rates in contests. We are a huge online family and are there to help each other. We are always looking for new family members. Please come check out the FU-Bombers family and read the blog on our main page. If you are interested in joining, send a friend request telling Peggy that Insane Beauty sent you. Here is the link to the family website. > FU-Bombers@ fubarWhat is bombing? Comment bombing means leaving as many comments as you can on a picture. The comments do not have to make sense. Most of our bombers just hit random letters on their keyboards and hit enter. The most effective bombing is done when you just hit a few keys and hit submit and do this until you are out of comments.I stress that you read the family
A New Day
good morning friends~! I am awake this morning....that's about it. I have no motivation at all. I laid in bed till 7:30 till I HAD to get up and get my daughter to school. My son is no better. I had to go up and get him dressed to go. But we did get her there on time so that is all that matters. We have eaten our breakfast and he is up in his room playing and watching tv while I check the news online this morning. I'll go upstairs later and watch tv or a movie with him. That's about it this morning. Yesterday I made a mumm and asked about my hair......well, I think I am going to get it cut this afternoon. I am on a blood pressure medicine and all this's making my hair fall out pretty bad. I have never had thick hair but now it is even worse. And with having to take chemo in a few months, well, it's gonna fall out anyway. So I'll get a new sassy cut (as some people called it) and I'll make sure I get Jeff to take a pic so I can post my new look. Well, that's
Fubar Baby Pool Contest
EmilyIMAX and BrokenCondom are hosting a Fubar Baby Pool for the date, time, weight, length and gender of the baby we are expecting. This contest will run through January 31, 2008. EmilyIMAXô@ fubar BrokenCondomô@ fubar We are expecting a girl on March 6, 2008. The ultrasound is about 90% positive. There will be 6 prizes: 1. Closest to the exact date wins 50,000 fubucks* 2. Closest to the exact time wins 50,000 fubucks* 3. Closest to the exact weight wins 50,000 fubucks* 4. Closest to the exact length wins 50,000 fubucks* 5. Closest to all 4 combined wins 200,000 fubucks* 6. Closest to all 4 combined plus the error in the ultrasound of having a boy wins 7 day blast or 1 month VIP ~ The pool costs 500 fubucks** to enter for one guess, to either EmilyIMAX or BrokenCondom. ~ Each guess is 500 fubucks, up to 5 guesses per person. Any additional guesses will be removed as will any names that are not recognized. ~ Upon sending your fubucks to either EmilyIMAX
Less Then 7000 To Level!
Can I get anyone to help this guy level? Can You rate his stash at least? Hes got less then 7,000 to level! DJ~ Sike D@ddy~Fu engaged to DJ RoXyĀö~~@razzle nite club"{DSC}{WTC}{SB}@ fubar
Angry Diary!
Nicole's Angry Diary entry: "I'll tell you where to shove your Iron!" (warning: This is Political and all opinion, I donít expect anyone to have or see my personal opinions as I do. I do however want to rant, I do however wish gender rules didnít apply. I do wish people were evolved and had their priorities straight. If this offends you in any way shape or form then don't bother reading this. If you're some radicalism or are going to see that this has some party line drew out in the sand let me tell you straight up that is not the case. I am merely pissed off about some caveman thinking here and this is NOT a right or left wing deal. This is me tired of hearing scenarios of when a woman shows she's passionate, has drive and is dedicated...Knows what she wants and how she wants it she's a bitch. If she shows some sort of emotion she's merely a weak woman. HA) "Iron my shirt!" What you think she couldn't Iron your shirt and run the country at the same time? You've got to be ki
Please Sign
Homer Simpson Quote Of The Day
You know, boys, a nuclear reactor is a lot like a woman. You just have to read the manual and press the right buttons.
No Stealing The Joy!
This is the first morning that I have felt half way awake since I woke up on Saturday afternoon b/c I then left Saturday night to work a shift from 6pm Saturday night until 2pm Sunday with an Alzhiemers client. When I arrived her, there was a new shift person that was there for the first time and it had made her extremely nervous and frustrated. I managed to settle her down that evening and she awoke refreshed and rearing to go, while I awoke with a backache from hell b/c I had slept on the wooden futon bed all wrong. It took me a while to get moving and she hopped in and out of the room I was several times asking me what was the agenda today. Finally, I got her engaged in the Joel Olsteen preacher from Lakewood Church in Houston TX on the television. I told her that he was a powerful speaker and she sat and listened with great intensity. He spoke about frustrations and not letting people get under your skin and get the best of you -- in another words, not to let other people s
A Joke To Make You Laugh
A young woman in a coma is moved to a new room in the hospital. After a few days her nurse notices that every time she sponge bathes the patient around her crotch, the nearby monitor indicates that the patient's vital signs increase significantly. The nurse gets the bright idea that oral sex might just provide the stimulus to bring the woman out of her coma. She calls the woman's husband, tells him she thinks oral sex can revive his wife, and he agrees. When he arrives at the hospital, the nurse ushers him into the room, closes the curtain around the bed, and closes the door. Five minutes later, the husband comes running out of the room screaming that all of his wife's vital signs have plummeted to zero and that she needs a doctor immediately. The nurse, upset that her idea not only didn't work, but seemed to be threatening the life of the woman she had sought to save, asked the man what had happened. The husband replied. "I'm not sure, but I think she c
Mission Possible
Crawling forward, back curved and head slightly down My eyes are lookin up at you...can you see the light? Wearing nothing but high heels & my crown What do you think of this woman in your sight? I'm heading in your direction Hear the miniscule sounds of pulsing, thumping, throbbing Behind these eyes you can see my temperature's reflection Tonight its not only your heart I plan on robbing A mission that must be completed However there's no rush I know how you like & deserve to be treated Oh don't be embarrassed, I will make you blush. Give me your lips, arms, heart, body, soul and that which no one's ever shared There's no inch inside and out that I won't sign Pleasing you in a way that can never be compared Tonight you will be all mine. By: Me 1/8/2008 {To a certain someone}
Laying there beside you - Your fingers trailing along my skin. The anticipation building... I want you again. Body temperature rising, my pulse begins to race. Looking for your eyes, I notice the intensity on your face. I wonder what you're thinking - Will you make me your wet dream? Can I fulfill you fantasies... Be your personal porn queen? Hot breath upon my neck, your teeth meet my skin, Another bruise of lust.. As you bite me once again. I suckle your fingers in my mouth.. I taste myself on your skin. One quick thrust you take me... Forcing yourself deep within. Moments lasting an eturnity, the intensity begins to grow... My body moves in sync with yours, I feel myself letting go. You know how to push my button.. You make me loose control. I beg you to repeat this movement.. Fuck my body!! Tease my soul. :P
Bad Drivers
She Needs The Luv
LuvDalejr.. Had back surgry on Monday Morning, I know it would help her with recovery to see that people care... I dont know when she will beable to get back online..I wish you a speedy recovery.. and soon we will be out drinkin beer and shackin our asses again. ~LuvDaleJr~@ fubar
A Poem I Wrote For What I Did May Of 06
"Pain" 2 go down I feel nothing 5 more go down Still feel nothing 10 more go down Still feel nothing I pick up my phone Dial his number I say Hello He says why are u calling I tell him what I am doing He tells me I am stupid I start to cry harder then I already am He tells me to stop I say I can't He says just shut up Then he hangs up the phone on me I go to my medicine cabinet Find the Tylenol 3 with codeine I hold the bottle in my hand Just looking at the label It says take for "pain" I take the cover off There are 15 left I put them in the palm of my hand I separate them into 3 groups of 5 I take the first 5 Still nothing I take the second 5 Nothing yet Finally I took the last group of 5 Still nothing I go back to the bottle that I started with Which is a bottle of Ibuprofen I started with 200 in the bottle I already took 17 I keep on taking them Until there is 50 left in the bottle At the end I took 150 Ibuprofen and 15 Tylenol with codein
Who Will Control Your Thermostat?
January 04, 2008 Who Will Control Your Thermostat? By Joseph Somsel "There is nothing wrong with your thermostat. Do not attempt to adjust the temperature. We are controlling your power consumption. If we wish to make it hotter, we will turn off your air conditioner. If we wish to make it cooler, we will turn off your heater. For the next millennium, sit quietly and we will control your home temperature. We repeat, there is nothing wrong with your thermostat. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... SACRAMENTO!"* Building codes and engineering standards are generally good things. Updating and improving codes and standards better protect us against earthquakes, for example, as we better understand the weak points and failure modes of existing construction techniques. Requirements that ensure proper handling of sanitary wastes can be largely credited with the increased life spans
Too Funny
i guess this person is having one of those days. or maybe they need to list their location as land of just got this in the bar tab and it gave me a really good case of the giggles: ∑ hittablunt re-rated you a '10' from a '5'! ∑ hittablunt re-rated you a '5' from a '10'! ∑ hittablunt rated you a '10'! ∑ hittablunt just checked you out! now i have to decide whether to be friends or
Even the intellectual understanding of the in-existence of our 'selves' is a rare and bitter attainment which few even attempt. And that is only the elimination round which qualifies us for access to Reality... Intellectual understanding should be not indispensable to a 'simple' mind, but, with our conditioning, it would seem to be an almost inevitable preliminary. - Why Lazurus Laughed by Wei Wu Wei
At Home Sick...
just sittin at home sick as shit... just wanna ask if you all know of any home remedies to cure a cold, if so let me know...... thank you
Just Another Day Of Misery And Sadness...
Another day has gone by since she left...its funny how people tell me to just move on....if they only understood HOW MUCH MORE difficult it is for one sich as me to let go....aside from being bipolar, but also the fact of how I much I truly love her... Just another day...another day of nothingness...loss of interest...sitting or lying in bed listening to sad music thinking of suicide as sweet bliss
Rip Nina Rachel
So today is my Nina's funeral service, it's not a good day, but I we will be driving to Redlands to pay our respects. She was a wonderful women. My Mom tells me that when She was 20yrs and pregnant, Her and my dad came to the US. My Nina was the first and only friend She had here. She always looked out for my Mom. It sucks knowing She is gone, and Im really gonna miss Her. I love you Nina. If there's one thing you do today, let it be that your thankful for your family and for yourself. We never know when its our timeto go, don't let it be too late. xoxo......Laura
Every night and every morning; Some to misery are born. For the crown of our life as it closesÖ. Is darkness, the fruit there of dust? No! Thorns go as deep as the roseís. And love is more cruel than lust. Solitude is restitution for a heart made of glass. Is it heaven, a prison, or an escape at last? As I sit, I smileÖ.. Sometimes reminiscing in the past. I often ponder the reasons as to why love never lasts. Reality hits me like a ton of bricks. My heart, my soulÖ.. Theyíre closedÖ Barely ceasing to exist. I yearn for love, Thatís without a doubt. Yet fear consumes me, quickly I bail out. Emotions are concealed. The tongue always silenced. HmmmmÖ..... I wonder who noticed? *All of these poems have been copyrighted and are published on the Internet as my original work and under my own copyright by The International Library of Poetry ( Copyright ©2004
It Was All Worthwhile
Through all the laughter even after All the tears. You chase away all my fears. You've always been there. I will always care.. No matter where life will lead we will always need friends to help see us through and in the end, I hope that we will always be the best of friends. I'll never stray or be that far away. So for every smile through the miles, know that I am thinking of you. For every seam that comes undone know that I will always be here. So never fear you're not alone, I've always known from the start you'd always be in my heart. Through the laughter and even after all the tears I will always be here to help chase away all your fears, and wipe away all your tears. So for every smile, through the miles i know it was all worthwhile.
A Special Message For You...
Just Listen Baby.... Search Video Codes GoddessOfLight R/L ENGAGED&Fu-Wife&Fu-Owned by HarleyRider70/@ fubar
Hard To Deal
its so hard to deal with the loss of my son, you can believe in heaven, god, better things and none of it takes away the hole in your heart. i smoke my brains out to numb the pain, i want to hold him again, see him again. will i ever feel that kind of love again??? does he know i miss him sooo??? if u have ever lost a child please tell me how u deal, please tell me!! this place is such a good outlet, its a start, its all i can do right now, one minute at a time.
Don't fret too much Cathy. Like a lot of us, you deserve better, and you WILL find better.... I know sometimes, when the pain is intense, it doesn't FEEL like it, but Karma DOES exist, and those of us that are worthy, eventually get what we deserve, and those unworthy, reap their reward as well........... Just hold onand you will seeyou are better offthan he.He was a lesserman and knewHe had no nerveto follow thruYou cannot make himfeel the hurt nowhe won't feel it 'tilyou've long ceased caring...The loss hurts morefor you right nowbut it shall pain himfar longer for his erring....
Plain Wrapper
My Week In The Belly Of The Beast-the Psych Ward
i was hurting myself for a long time--during my recent dark cycle i needed to feel something better than that darkness--so i hurt myself pretty frequently. i went to the doctor -i couldn't hide neither my physical or mental wounds-so she sent me to the psych ward. while i was in the emergency room i went to the bathroom and beat myself bloody cause i was so sad. they upped my meds to a pretty intense level--it takes me a full hour now to--you know. i was not allowed a computer, cell phone, cd player, cigarettes,coffee etc--i needed to 'play the game' to get out on 'good behaviour'and i did just that.i got a big problem with eating in public so i went on a hunger strike the last 2 days. when they asked me why i wasn't eating i attributed it to religious fasting. they put me on suicide watch for some reason the last night there. someone came in and physically removed the belt from my pants. i promised to go to weekly therapy-i played the game-and that hurt-i had to give up my rebel
What Kind Of Sex Do You Have
What Kind of Sex do YOU Have? SOCIAL SECURITY SEX Two men were talking. "So, how's your sex life?" "Oh, nothing special. I'm having Social Security sex." "Social Security sex?" "Yeah, you know: I get a little each month, but not enough to live on!" LOUD SEX A wife went in to see a therapist and said, "I've got a big problem, doctor. Every time we're in bed and my husband climaxes, he lets out this ear splitting yell." "My dear," the shrink said, "that's completely natural. I don't see what the problem is." "The problem is," she complained, "It wakes me up!" QUIET SEX Tired of a listless sex life, the man came right out and asked his wife during a recent lovemaking session, "How come you never tell me when you have an orgasm?" She glanced at him casually and replied, "You're never home!" CONFOUNDED SEX A man was in a terrible accident, and his "manhood" was mangled and torn from his body. His doctor assured him that modern medicine could give him back his
Do I Say It Enough?
Just in Case Ė if I do not say itÖ What do you say when you think ďI love youĒ is not powerful enough to convey what you truly feel for the person receiving the words? How many times is too many to say ďI Love you?Ē One, One Hundred, or One Thousand? Are there never enough times to remind the one(s) we love that we do love them? Well, after much deliberation, I must tell you that ďI love you!Ē Not just a little, but bunches and bunches, and it just seems to be growing. I sometimes find myself sitting, and staring off into space, I know I know, me spacing out, what a ridiculous statement; but for many that know me, very rarely can see inside these hazel, sometimes green, and even more rare, blue eyes of mine. The love that I have inside me, does not feel pressured, pushed, or even worries me that I have this for you. It feels as if the love I do have for you; that it has been here my whole life, no memory of it forming, no memory of it taking shape, as if I have always
Made For Me
Hes Fine Hes Sexy You Just Gotta Love A Baby Face Like That Come Show Him the Love Girls... Woot Woot ~~~Cobra Chris~~~~~~@ fubar
helter skelter
Ferst Nite Back
At last, we're alone. Ever since your return, we've been surrounded. Your friends, my friends, our friends. All day long, I've been looking at you. Relearning the way you look, the way you move. Wanting to have you to myself as soon as possible. Well, now it's possible. We've seen everyone off, and it's bedtime. So now, behind three sets of closed doors, we are alone. We stand by the bed on the cold hardwood floor. I turn off the light and look at you in the cool moon glow streaming through the windows. I've never told you how wonderful you look in your nightclothes, even though you're only wearing a T-shirt and sweats, the same as me. I think you can tell from the look in my eyes how much I love you, how much I've missed having you with me. We move to each other, and my arms wrap around you as yours encircle me. We stand, unmoving, feeling each other's warmth, glorying in having something substantial to hold on to. No more dream-hugs, waking to find my arms clenched tightl
Friggen Gross
Ok I know I'm not that young anymore but come on. I'm so sick of friggen old guys trying to hit on me and by my friend if you are over 40 please dont bother. I dont think we have anything in common. I dont find you attractive and If your closer to 50 that's just gross cause your old enough to be my dad. ok let me fix this since I do have alot of friends that are 40 to 42. Ya'll I don't mind. It's the nasty guys that are like late 40's. Hello I'm just barely turning 29 that's wayyyyyyyy to old for me
Slip into something more uncomfortable, Let me rip my nails down your back. Let me bite into your naked flesh, I know the way you like it. Harder, harder, harder 'til you beg, No more, no more, harder still. I'm a tease, but you love it, I crave your skin, once again. Red dripping down your back, Falling into the bed beneath. Still i bite harder, until you scream, You've had enough, but I'm just beginning. The look of insanity in my eyes, Sends you wild, and you kiss me until it hurts. I push, harder, deeper, wanting more, Then i stop. Abrupt. Dead still. I listen to your breathing, As it shallows, as you calm. Then i attack one last time, ferociously With a look of pure animal. A whole new side of me, A side hidden from all apart from you. I love it, I crave it, I need it, Look at the beast you've turned me into.
Up And Running
My website is now up and running! Check it out!
Im so excited..and I just can't hide it. Im about to lose control and I think I like it! Well if you didn't read lastnights blog.. I won a 2005 Pontiac Vibe on ebay. It has 35, 000 miles..and is grey. I feel like a new momma.. wanting to show it off. So go look.. its in my default pics. I have moved up from minivan momma! So this morning, I was outside cleaning out my van.. ready to get rid of it. lol. Boy, all the junk in it. Anyways.. my new year resolution is to take pride in my vehicle..and to keep it spotless.
Somerset Blows
back in my ol' home town...pretty fucking boooring....need some hit me up ps. cant wait to get back to LA....fuck this shit.
Smart Ways To Use Mozilla Firefox
Read More About: Mozilla ē Mozilla Smart Ways to Use Mozilla Firefox Want to make Firefox jump through hoops? Steve has things to read and add-ons to download. Steve Bass Tuesday, January 08, 2008 10:00 AM PST Recommend this story?Yes 0 VotesNo 1 VotesPlease Wait... My buddy Mike M., from Dripping Springs, Texas, started pestering me. "You're still using that pile of junk browser?" he wrote, referring to Microsoft Internet Explorer. Yes and no, I told him. I'm still using Maxthon 1.0, that marvelous browser that sits on top of IE. It works fine, I said, and no, I insisted, I'm not switching to Mozilla Firefox. It didn't stop him from telling me about two add-ons to Firefox that he finds extremely useful, so I decided to pass along Mike's pearls. The first is CoolIris, an add-on that allows you to preview a page by floating your mouse over a link. Once you're floating, a smaller, resizable preview window pops up, saving you from having to fully open another page.
Big Changes To The Top 30 Fubar Levels 2008
Being A While.
It has been a while since I have got to post a blog on here. Since the end of Dec. 2007 and beginning of Jan. 2008, I have traveled from AZ to my hometown of Richmond, VA. I got here by flying from AZ to Utah, then from Utah to Maryland. My sister then drove me from here place in MD to my parents place in VA. The trip was interesting in that I got to fly both Business/Coach and First class in a communter and airliner respectively. Now at my parents place, It is boring at times since they have no cable tv, dial-up internet and don't go out much. I have suffered from jet-lag and getting adjusted to the cold weather here. Well that is how I have been.
I went away this past weekend... totally unplanned, unprepared, and last minute on everything... and it was wonderful. I came home Sat morning and told the kids... lets go out of town... we packed up... and left. I usually map out my road trips and plan stops for gas, food and such... I make sure directions are given on how to get anywhere I am off to, and this time, I didn't. We just got in the car and took off. I only knew that I take 85S to 65S to 10E and had no idea how far on any of these roads I go. Which exits were where I need to get off... no idea what exits may be good to stop at for gas, food and bathroom breaks... and I just did all this for the sake of sanity to get out... me and the kids. We stayed at Keesler AFB and watched movies that night after eating pizza. Sunday morning we got up and got a late start as we were going to New Orleans... (the price of the room... was way better than I could have gotten in New Orleans... drove in... and then realized I had no
Perfection in my Eyes All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart, And for us to be together, to never be apart. No one else in the world can even compare, You're perfect and so is this love that we share. We have so much more than I ever thought we would, I love you more than I ever thought I could. I promise to give you all I have to give, I'll do anything for you as long as I live. In your eyes I see our present, our future and past, By the way you look at me I know we will last. I hope that one day you'll come to realize, How perfect you are when seen through my eyes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more
I feel your fingers go across my back's skin. I shiver at your lips on neck. You nibble on my ear and i moan a bit. My hand goes up the back of your shirt. You lean in and kiss me hard and strong. I grab your sholders and start to tighten my grip. You then wrap your arms around my waist and drag me down. I giggle at you catching your breath. Am i really that much of a handful? You grab my head and put my ear by your lips. You whisper "Im going to lock you away and keep you all to myself." I feel your hand slide down my side to my thigh. You slide your head inbetween my neck and sholder. You start to move your lips up and down. I shiver at the feel of lip on neck. I arch my body up against yours. Your skin is burning into mine and the passion is intense. I dig my fingures into your back. I want your skin for my own selfish desires. "All mine'', i whisper into your ear as you kiss my neck again
Please Join Us
I look at you and think: I cannot live Without you; you're the person of my dreams. Of course I know I can, but I must give My heart room to tell it as it seems. Romance must have a language fit for feeling More than fits between the earth and sky. For love there cannot be a floor or ceiling: My love goes down too deep and flies too high. So when I say I cannot live without you, Know I can't imagine so much pain; And when I claim to always dream about you, Well, know the moon is happy once again. The sun reveals cold truths for all to see, But I must light my love with poetry.
Cant Fight This Feeling ......
chicago - i cant fight this feeling
*super Package* Give Away
Hey friends!! am currently in a give away. this is a super pack give away which contains 1 year VIP 1 Happy Hour 1-30 day blast 1 ticker package. all of the above for just 140.000 comments. so all i ask for you if you can spare me some comments to help me reach my goal. if not then it's fine if you do it's highly appreciated. just click any of the pics below and try to leave a few comments (1 /2 or bomb if it's possible) ♥HOT Marina♥Lust goddess♥lover to Gary *2nd Alarm Hottie* ♥ Club F.A.R♥@ fubar
To Those Who Came To Help Me Last Week...
Thank you to each and every one of you who came to stand by me and help me last week. I appreciate it greatly, and will not forget any of you. Any time you need help, I am here for each of you. It proves to me that it's the members and some of the overworked and unappreciated bouncers, NOT the admins, that make this a truly great site. I am greatful to, and thank you, all.
Contest Kinda
so im trying to win a 7 blast/ 1 month vip...and since ive not had either im gonna try and win...its first to 25000 if ya read this and wanna help..thank ya!!
My Day Off
What makes people truly happy ?? sex ?? realtionships ?? tell me what makes you happy
I Know You
I know you you were too short you had bad skin you couldn't talk to them very well words didn't seem to work they lied when they came out of your mouth you tried so hard to understand them you wanted to be part of what was happening you saw them having fun and it seemed like such a mystery almost magic made you think that there was something wrong with you you'd look in the mirror trying to find it you thought that you were ugly and that everyone was looking at you so you learned to be invisible to look down to avoid conversation the hours days weekends ah the weekend nights, alone where were you in the basement? in the attic? in your room? working some job? just to have something to do just to have a place to put yourself just to have a way to get away from them a chance to get away from the ones that made you feel so strange and ill-at-ease inside yourself did you ever get invited to one of their parties you sat and wondered if you would go or not for
Thank You God
My sister just sent me a text message, My niece's MRI came back clean and she is still doing well on the meds! Please keep her in your prayers though because it's still gonna be a while before she's in the clear, but things are looking a little better at least! Thank you to all who have been praying for my darling little niece!
Ask A Stupid Question And See What Happens...
Stupid Question.... Stupid Answer Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Yesterday I was buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for Athena the wonder dog, at Wal-Mart and was about to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog. On impulse, I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, and that I was starting the Purina Diet again. Although I probably shouldn't, because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry and that the foods nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story.)
Fear And Loathing In New Hampshire
Now that the caucusses in Iowa are past, we my friends are in the beginning of what is sure to be the Shitstorm of '08. New Hampshire, one of the most conservative states in the union plays host today of thefirst primary. The fear? While true aficianados of american politics no longer place much faith in the substance of the caucusses, Huckabee's win there means republican hopefuls must give a greater ear to, and therfore voice to, ultra-right wing christians. Prior to Huckabee's surge, Romney and McCain were battling it out for the party's more centrist voters but their losses means both now will have to pander to the far right to regain their positions as front runners. Huckabee will most certainly fade from the front long before the party's nominating convention; but, his victory in Iowa will make an indellible mark upon the overall election. The longer Huckabee hangs on, the more power the dogmatic christian 'taliban' will have in determining the repuplican platform for the g
My Life
Ok I'v tried to explain why I am the way I am and people just aren't getting it so here it is in baby steps. A. My mother told me I was a mistake. And later tells me I'm her special little man. So yea I'm confused. I didn't get much love form my mother groweing up so it seems like a vaegu terratory for me. I try my hadest but It doesen't seem to work. The only unconditional love I get is from my Son.....when his mother let's me see him. B. I have had my heart bashed in, broken and shattered 37 times. C. all my relationships I'v been cheatd on and lied to and in my marrage I was beaten and almost killed by theperson that claimed she loved me always and forever. And women wounder why I get depressed and defencive. It's not because I'm looking for pitty. It's hard to get over the lack of love from a mther and beeing used and pretty much treated like you don't exist in a relationship. And it seems the harder I ry in a relationship the worse I fail.
Liars, Skanks, Perverts Oh My
There are lots of dishonest people in the world and the sad part is I am the creator of one of them. That is very sad because she is my daughter. She lies, cheats and steals to get what she wants and expects everyone to conform to her. She is not going to graduate from high school, and her boyfriend is a complete loser that will be here till she figures out he's a loser. To compound my frustration she got arrested last September for shop lifting. I can't believe that this is my daughter. Granted I still love her with all my heart and would lay down my life for her. But I DON'T trust her. That scares me to death. I hope she realizes in this day and age that she can't make it in life with no high school diploma or a college degree. But live and learn she won't know until she tries. I just have to let her make those bad choices and hopefully she will see how bad it really is. The really sad part is .. I call the internet the INTER LIE because everyone on this thing
Fucking Eh
Its like this Iam fixing to drop some F bombs on that ass, you feel me...Anyway alright Iam a fucktard I guess Iam trying to make a back ground thing right? ok well I know Iam I cant figure out how to fucking do it Iam like what the fuck dude are you that fucking stupid you cant figure out how to fucking work a computer you fuck...K so anyone whom reads this if you know how to fucking help me out that would be greatly fucking appretiated, O and I fucking forgot I cant fucking spell thanks for fucking listning..And while you are thinking damn cat is putting in fuck alot I told your ass in the beging..Thanks for the help holla at your fucking boy..
Did I Pop Out Of His Birthday Cake?
I am taking a little break from my work for a few minutes. I have been working more then normal lately. A break here and there is nice. I made a cake yesterday for Peter's birthday and it turned out good! I never bake. When I do, it is always yummy but I always think baking is a pain in the ass. I make these cookies that are to die for but time consuming to make! One time I made a pie that was the best thing we all put past our lips! I made it once and never made it again. I still have the recipe but it was a pain to make the crust by scratch and so on. So....we must live with the memories of the best pie in the world! LMAO! Peter and I went out to dinner by ourselves since one of our kids was still not home and one of them was at his girlfriends house and the other didn't want to go! Nice kids we have! It was nice just going out to dinner ourselves though. I wanted to make him lasagna, something he loves that I make but I didn't have time. I haven't made it in a
Still Wanna Play Cowboy ?????
Help My Baby Level
please stop by and help my baby level she only needs 81,950 Points to be insider. shes so sweet, and deserves to level so please rate her pics and stash WONDER_WOMAN@FUBAR.COM_OWNED_BY_~HUNTER~@ fubar
Yet Another Reason Porn Is Bad
This is a story that happened to me a couple years ago that I have decided to tell everyone about. I am a telephone guy and I make a number of service calls each and everyday. Most are normal, some are strange and few are downright bizarre. People always ask me about experiences I go through when entering people houses. This might not be one of the wildest things that has happened but definitely one worth sharing. Off to my first job, it was a warm summer morning and I was ready to try to bust out some work before it got too hot. All is normal and I pull up to my first house. The order was written to put in an additional telephone line and a jack. No big deal, I do this each and everyday. I knock and to my chagrin, a very cute young woman answers the door. Maybe 23 or 24 years old, not wearing very much. I thought to myself "I love my job, I love my job". There was no need to rush through this job. It was going to get gold plated (telephone man term to stay as long as possible an
The Unhappy Ending
Cocaine Kisses
what is this want? the burning desire to feel your lips on mine i can almost taste your breath i dream of it so vividly your kiss a guilty addiction every other set of lips i kiss a weak echo of yours your cocaine kisses call me so clearly i can feel your lips brush mine the feel of your bottom lip between my teeth and your hair running through my hands as i pull you closer into the kiss i pray for a new addiction to chase your taste off my lips but sadly it is only your lips i dream of and only your kiss that sparks a deep heat inside me
Dealing With Cancer
A few years ago my Mother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgekins Lymphomia (probably didn't spell it right..who cares). My mother is my best friend, this news was really hard for me and my little sister to hear. Dealing with it has been an emotional rollercoaster. Every year we hold or breath, waiting for test results, has it grown any more or is it still a slow prgression or is it getting faster. For those of you that don't know, this type of cancer has no cure and it never really goes into what most refer to has remission. It is either slow growing or fast growing. Now I'm not looking for sympathy or anything like that. Just needed to write this down and share a little. After six years with this, my father was diagnosed with Lung cancer and three months later he died. As all of us (family) were with him when he tok his last breath, that was the absoult worst day of my life. But to tell you the truth, I would not trade those last few moments with my Dad for any thing in this world
WANTED: In the market for new drinking companions, No Experience necessary, Will train the right persons. Sex preferred but not required. Post resume here. LMAO.......
Greek/Roman The recent Disney animated feature Hercules got it wrong: Hades did not buy souls and he was not regarded as evil as Christians, Muslims, and Jews regard Satan as evil. Greeks feared him simply because he brought death, an inevitable consequence of being born. Hades ("the unseen") was part of the Olympian family of gods that included Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia. Following the coup d'etat that deposed the pedophage Kronos, the male gods divided the universe among themselves, giving the sky to Zeus, the sea to Poseidon, and the underworld to Hades. (The earth, itself, was to be shared.) The place where souls went after death came to be known by the name of the god. To distinguish him, the Greeks called him Polydegmon, "the one who receives many guests" because of the steady stream of departed spirits who crossed the River Styx to abide in his sepulchral hostel. He allowed no one to leave his realm (though Sisysphus contrived to escape returning to the
Hindu The black-skinned goddess of strong passions, be they homicidal, violent, erotic, or motherly. Kali springs from the forehead of the goddess Durga when the latter is angry. Mortals see her most often when she appears at battles or upon the burning grounds. They report her as an emaciated figure, whose tongue hangs out between her large fangs. She wears a necklace of of skulls and rotting heads. Her images often depict her trampling her husband, Shiva. One must be cautious about invoking her, even though she is a terrifyingly efficient fighter on behalf of good, because she threatens to destroy all of creation when she becomes drunk with battle lust. Despite these monstrous aspects, Kali is beloved of the powerless in Indian society, especially members of the lower castes who see her as their Divine Mother who loves them and protects them from evil. Feminists see her as the personification of female power. New Agers revere her for her unbridled sensuality. Members of the Thuge
Punxy Phil Calender For 2008
if you've slacked some on getting yourself a new Calender for "08" and wanna grab a Punxy Phil Calender . Go to the link below ( Its the PA lotto Web site ) .. Click on Phil fill out your Info and Wah-La a Nifty Lil Punxy Phil Calender will be shipped to you ..yes they do ship out of state
Can't Read?
Obviously there are some out there who doesn't understand what NOT INTO means. If you only have one thing on your mind when you message me, keep on going. I am NOT on here looking to see how much flesh I can rack up like some meat market. If you are also married and message me hoping for a secret rendevous behind your wife's back, go where the sun don't shine. I DO NOT tolerate cheating husbands, boyfriends, whatever. Not a smartass here, just being direct about why I am here. Dawn
Over The Edge...
he is watching as she looks and she blushes.... seeing the emotion on her face and watches where it rushes. heat fills her cheeks and slide sinfuly down her neck... as his lips brush her ear and hold there for a sec. low rumbling whispers send goosebumps all over... hand brushing her breasts as he pulls away the cover. breathe starts to quicken his hands and his mouth are everywhere thrusts and moans getting louder cries of oh god mingles in with low swears over the edge and crashing together collapsing and breathless tightly holding on to forever light kisses over her face knowing that he at least sent all the hurt she had for away if only for a moment
I Need A Valentine
MY PERSONAL ID# IS 1144706 SO COME ON MY LIL VALENTINES GET ME SOME HEARTS.... ~KISSES This game is NOW OPEN! Kick off the new year and share some LOVE with your fu-friends! I've added F.A.Q. to my blog, click me below to visit my profile and check it out if you have questions! Good luck to all! This game is happily brought to you by Heartistic Soul@ fubar A repost is appreciated!
The Rain
I open my window to the rain splashing upon the window pane. i look down to see the raindrops dancing in a puddle of reflective light on the street i feel the breeze brush along my face as a gentle hand to wipe away my tears. but it is raining so no one can really tell the difference of the saddened fallen tear or the happy dancing raindrop upon my face. do you think hte raindrops know they're happy? i hide behind my window as i watch them fall gently wherever the wind pushes them Some down to the happy lil' dancing puddle on the street, some to my window glass, sliding down so slowly and gently like a lovers touch. i like the rain. it cleanses and refreshes the world around us like the tears do with our souls.
I Can't Do It!!
No matter how hard i post bulletins or blogs, it seems i can't get any of my friends to help me out in a contest. Why do i even bother? May be it's the frustration of how many people i have helped in the past. and i mean before this year began, it just goes to show that most people are on here just for the points... (Just so you know, I am not talking about my Fu-Bomber Family... they have helped me more than anyone else.) Love to my Family!!!
ever get the feeling that sometimes.. people are just to worried about leveling..or moving up the ladder? Sometimes.. you need to stop and think.. which is more important.. friends or points.
Poems Lol
roses are red Lemons are sour Open ur legs and give me an hour Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 10 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You dont multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Hickory dickory dock This bitch was suckin my cock The clock struck two I dumped my goo And dumped her to the end of the block Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style & 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid Sex is evil Sex is a sin Sins are forgiven So stick it in!!! Roses are red Nuts are brown Skirts are up Pants are down Body to body Skin to skin When its stiff Stick it in u opened it so u r cursed for 5 y
This Is So Funny
Hey all I am battling with a Lil Rebel Redneck on yearbook go vote for me would you please
The Most Owned Fubar Lounge Owner.?
The man Who Has Fu lounged the most.. I sat back and had an interview with one Superbeast Of fubar, I orignally thought someone else I knew had more lounges then anyone else on the fu, but That Orignail person pointed me to this man.. and here is what he had to say. SUPERBEAST [Co-Owner] Jessa Farris: hey how meny lounges have you had. that you owned? Superbeast: WHO ME Jessa Farris: yes you Jessa Farris: not co owned but owned Superbeast: 26 Jessa Farris: ohh sh!t. Jessa Farris: ok. hold on. Superbeast: WHY WAT HUN Jessa Farris: can we do an interview.. Jessa Farris: ? Superbeast: SURE Jessa Farris: I would love to cover a story bout Narly aka Superbeast the one man on the fu who has had the most lounges Jessa Farris: you can say no comment at anytime. tod boyer: IVE HAD LOTS OF HELP IN THE PAST FROM THE BIGGEST LOUNGES TOO DATE NOW Jessa Farris: ok. Where did you start at? Superbeast: SHOW STOPPIN RADIO,CLUB BEWITCHED,CLUB DEJAVUE,PHONIEXXX RADIO,DUNGEON RA
20 Rules Of Wva.
THE RULES OF WEST VIRGINIA ARE AS FOLLOWS: style="FONT-SIZE: 7.5pt; COLOR: #993300; FONT-FAMILY: 'Verdana', 'sans-serif'"> 1. Pull your droopy pants up. You look like an idiot. 2. Turn your cap right, your head isn't crooked. 3. Let's get this straight; it's called a "dirt road." I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 4. They are cattle. They're live steaks That's why they smell funny to you. They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? Rt. 50 goes east and west, I-79 goes north and south. Pick one. 5. So you have a $60,000 car. We're impressed. We have $150,000 corn pickers and hay balers that are driven only 3 weeks a year. style="FONT-SIZE: 13.5pt; COLOR: navy; FONT-FAMILY: 'Verdana', 'sans-serif'">6. So every person in West Virginia waves. It's called being friendly. Try to understand the concept. 7. If that cell phone ri
Do You Consider This Drama ??????
Welcome to the classifieds Looking for work on the fu? well here is this weeks lounges that are hiring.. Just remember If you would like to get some publicity via the funewspaper classifieds, then just send me 500fubucks for next weeks edition, any publicity is good publicity right?
I Want This Man!
Don't care if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now.... I dont care if you are a guy or a woman or Michael Jackson.....just read this, it will make a difference..... When she stares at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you [ Grab her and dont let go] When she starts cursing at you tryin to act all tuff [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignores you [ Give her your attention ] When she pulls away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she steals your favorite hoody [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she teases you [ Tease her back an
Fucouple Of The Year Contest
Please help juliet in her contest. You only have to rate the picture. No bombing required. The help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Just Click the link to go to the contest page.
this feeling i cant let go of its something that i feel inside cause every time i touch you everytime i look into your eyes i see the beauty so deep inside and i fall in love with you all over agian you make me feel so alive this feeling that i cant hide and this love i cant deny cause it feels so right every night your in my arms your lips so close to mine, the scent of your skin, the desire i find dancing in your eyes but my feelings for you its something that will never die its something i will hide away deep inside un done
Jan 7th 2008
Well some of you are aware of the troublesome bitch of a ex-girlfriend I am involved with because of my son Daniel. Well back in November during a custody exchange I was accussed of threatening her with 'getting my tire iron and using it to get to her'. Remember that line right there as there will be mention of it a little bit later in this blog. Well she accussed me of it and a warrent for my arrest was done. On the following Monay morning I was arrested by the Wayne County Sheriff's Department at around 715am. She knowing did this in an attempt to have me arrested in front of our son. What she didn't realize was that the sheriff knew due to a previous warrent that my children may be present so they allowed me time to make sure they were off to school. This was much appreciated by me and my parents. Since the warrent was done in Johnston county I was transported to the county line and changed cars to the Johnston County Sheriff. I arrived at the jail and within an hour I was releas
Simthin To Think About
For the record, I am not racist, but something to think about. LE A whole lot of truth here. Settle down Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Get a real job! Robbing their own people! Michael Richards makes his point... Michael Richards better known as Kramer from tv's Seinfeld, does make a good point. This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments in his comedy act. He makes some very interesting points. Proud To Be White Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me 'White boy,' 'Cracker,' 'Honkey,' 'Whitey,' 'Caveman' ... and that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of viol
just click on the pic and rate and comment it please
Liquor manufacturers have accepted the Government's suggestion that the following warning labels be placed immediately on all varieties of alcohol containers: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what the hell happened to your bra and panties. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like a retard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to tell your friends over and over again that you love them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can sing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may
Douche Bag
the keypad needs to come with it own die button you can push when someone pisses you off. i hate thease douche bags. ok you mat return to your scheduled programe. this has been brought to by massingil for that fresh feeling.
Bored Stiff
I have been sitting here on fubar reading and voting on mumms. There is nothing on tv. I wish the writers strike would end! I guess there is laundry to be done and other stuff but I am not feeling very domestic at the moment! So I have been wasting time reading a lot of silly mumms. I am writing this why? No one reads my blogs anymore but 2 or 3 people. I guess I am boring? Or is it that Fubar has become more superficial? hmm? Maybe the later. My battery is about to die in my laptop so I will say goodnight in a few minutes. Kiss Martin........mmmmm ~ciao~
Dreams Come True
Standing By Your Man With A Louisville Slugger
Tammy Wynette once said.. Sometimes its hard to be a woman,Giving all your love to just one man,You'll have bad times and he'll have good times doing things that you don't understand but if you love him you'll forgive him Even though he's hard to understand and if you love him Oh be proud of him 'Cause after all he's just a man Stand by your man Give him two arms to cling to And something warm to come to When nights are cold and lonely Stand by your man And tell the world you love him Keep giving all the love you can Stand by your man tand by your man And show the world you love him Keep giving all the love you can Stand by your man... For years I've tried, god knows I've tried, 11 years of trying but sometimes what Carrie Underwood said a year ago makes me feel better... Right now, he's probably slow dancing with a bleached-blonde tramp and she's probably getting frisky Right now he's probably buying her some Fruity little drink 'cause she can't shoot whiskey Right
Thinking Out Loud
My wounds Lay naked to the world My depth of suffering exposed No longer able to hide what I am No longer able to make it go away I surrender to the Pain I cant fight it any more back into the darkness I go Back to that way I used to be No longer needed I walk into the night No longer nessary I fade into the background I guess its plan to see that I will no longer make the effort is it worth the fight ???? Am I worth fighting for? for some damn reason I cant seem to figure out if it is or am any more. so now I fade into the shadows back to where i came from alone with my demons I might at least find the answers to my qustions. but then again they only lead to more qustions In the words Of Father " eamotions are a weakness and can be used against you " thats it I have said all I have to say
When I Die
When I die I want to be buried face down, so who ever didn't like me while I was alive can KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!
In the midst of your darkness- Feeling lost, alone or in need- Call upon me. A solid shoulder to cry on- A listening ear. One true exemption. No judgment. No criticism. If you let me, Iíll be your nightlight. Iíll be your friend. A soft glow in the shadows, helping you find your way.
Thorns from my black rose of life prick my flesh Slowly Iím bleeding out my sanity. The darkness has engulfed me Iím still searching for the light Iím leading myself into nothingness Iím alone in my world of confusion. Only sticks and stones, no cure. In my corner I sit begging for an answer Lasting impressions and memories Where did they go? Where is the person I once was? I was lead to temptation Now thereís no escape. Iíve quickly slipped under. Just one more fix, and Iíll be done Forgetting you, my son, and everyone Another night of repetition When will this end? I need to bleed my veins I need to save myself. Iím weak.
Nsfw Kiss My Fatness Where The Sun Does Not Shine
I HAD ANOTHER person on my friends list mark one of my pictures not safe for work.. i wish wich ever one of you fart knockers is doing it would block me and get off of my friggen list on your own. KISS MY FUCKING FAT ASS!!!
Rianon 'dallasbabe'
Rianon 'Dallasbabe' Apparently didn't like my tag with the ugly chick that says, Ever wonder if the chick your chatting with is hot? Think again.... View Downrater Block Downrater Leave Comment For Downrater
Cum Get Dirty.
Think Before You Speak
Think before you speak... Here are six reasons why you should think before you speak - The last one is great! Have you ever spoken and wished that you could Immediately take the words back... Or that you could crawl into a hole? Here are the Testimonials of a few people who did.... FIRST TESTIMONY: I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three kids in tow And asked loudly, "How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?" I turned around and walked back out and never went back My husband didn't say a word... He knew better. SECOND TESTIMONY: I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using. After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him and said, "I think I like playing with men's balls" THIRD TESTIMONY: My sister and I were at the mall and Passe
Health Issues
I will try to keep this short and sweet, but I am wondering what the hell is wrong with me. For the last 2 1/2 years I have been dealing with kidney problems. At first everyone including my doctors were thinking the stones were being caused by my pregnancies. Now I'm 8 months post and still having severe kidney pain to the point I still need Percocet once or twice a week, which I hate taking!! Now we see there are no stones in there and the docs are looking at me like I'm faking it. I'm bitching at them to do more tests and to find out wtf is wrong and they still look at me stupid. So am I wrong to keep pestering them and demanding answers or should I just go to the damn ER every time the pain gets so bad I pass out? I mean you can't fake this kind of pain. When you are throwing up and passing out how the hell can you fake it? Anyone have any ideas why a 26 year old female would have severe left flank pain that is mimicking kidney stone pain? I'd really like to know because it radiate
My First 1/9/2008
Lets Rock the Free Fu World!! Join me for My first Happy Hour!!! January 9th, 2008 10PM Eastern, 9PM Central, 8PM Mountain, 7PM Pacific Let's all level Up!!! ~*~DJ LuAngel~*~Ozzfanatic2 RL/GF~*~ Fu-Owned by ЯńWƘƧÜ☆Я@ fubar W.Y.K.D Wicked Storm
The Wave.
the idea was never supposed to be so simple. But through a lathargic thought process, and limited time, it became so before he ever really noticed. His plan was to make her regret leaving him, by becoming everything she ever wanted, needed, and could imagine having. He was going to be the perfect man. The man any woman would desire, especially one as shallow and indignant as she. But on this rainy day, he found a much better idea. A plan that did not bear fruit years from now, but RIGHT now. Granted, it was no best selling book, or an award for best director. But then again, the only reason why people ever achieved those awards, was because they had never found themselves behind the wheel of a car, with their ex-girlfriend standing in front of a very large puddle. Pressing down on the gas pedal and swerving his vehicle in which she had often sat safely inside toward the corner in which she stood, He watched her look down at her cell phone. Perhaps it was the new boyfriend calling. T
No More Mr. Nice Guy
ok i know its the new year but i have only ONE new years resolution and that is that im not going to be nice anymore, i've been nice for far too long and its gotten me no where so from this day forward, there is no more mr. nice guy its a new me, a me who dont take crap and drama from anyone, im sick and tired of being nice to everyone and i get walked on and treated like shit, so now i have a new motto and it is Fuck the World cause all this world has done is fuck me over thanks Brian
Out To Sea
Underway for a couple weeks.....see you all when I get back. Take care!
after 7years as a blonde i am now bak to my nat. hair color i cant believe it lmao CrAzY kinda miss it but im getn used to it lol so leave comments on my new pics "new hair"
The Computer
I'll be on and off sporadically because for the time being I'm stuck with my parents' computer. My monitor's been going for a few months, but yesterday we had a power failure and it's not working at all now. Fought with it all yesterday afternoon. It'll be on for a split second then goes black into a shadow so I can't see anything. Frustrating, I'm ready to kill it.
Good Morning. I chose to forgo ďThe Top Ten Little Black DressesĒ article on msn today. Oh I looked letís not think I have totally lost it. But felt too much of a good thing can make you sterol, just kidding. I did choose however to go with this little gem. Itís an article that most women will find icky to say the least. Itís an article on critters. Well rodents more so I guess. Which leads me to believe once again researchers are not really doing all their research for our benefit. Case in point: If researchers know they have found something that will help the human race out but do not elect to publish it then why on earth are they researching it in the first place. Here is the article. A research team led by Richard Hanson of Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland) has produced a colony of "supermice" whose physical abilities are the rodent equivalent of those of gifted humans. By modifying a single metabolism gene, researchers enhanced the mouse's ability to use body fat for en
Dark Witch
A young wife sat on a sofa on a hot humid day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her Mother. As they talked about life, about marriage, about the responsibilities of life and the obligations of adulthood, the mother clinked the ice cubes in her glass thoughtfully and turned a clear, sober glance upon her daughter. 'Don't forget your Sisters,' she advised, swirling the tea leaves to the bottom of her glass. 'They'll be more important as you get older. No matter how much you love your husband, no matter how much you love the children you may have, you are still going to need Sisters. Remember to go places with them now and then; do things with them.' 'Remember that 'Sisters' means ALL the women... your girlfriends, your daughters, and all your other women relatives too. 'You'll need other women. Women always do.' What a funny piece of advice!' the young woman thought. Haven't I just gotten married? Haven't I jus
Wish To Bleed
Wish to Bleed I could straight throat an entire bottle while feeling sorry for myself, A broken heart is impossible to beat, Though I poison myself with every swallow, In prayers I see my maker at the end of that bottle And behold the pale white horse, and its rider is death, I suffer no more I take its last breath, Sicken to be by mornings light, I awaken my eyes yet still bare sight, I am no coward but I fear to live, As true poison is life, and it maketh my heart sick, May it no longer course its way through my veins, May it no longer run thick I wish to bleed. -Rod P. Stapleton
Amongst The Sea
Amongst the Sea To be the silence and beauty amongst the sea, Feeling free of disturbance, O' how lovely it would be; The gentle tides which cast ashore, To kiss the rocks and spread over grains of sand, O' to be the sea in touch with surrounding land; Like wave reflecting skin to ripple with age amongst the wind, To sail into Spring, to set my way, To find freedom, in silence and beauty amongst the waves, For the peacefulness of the wake to gently take me to my grave. -Rod P. Stapleton
I Long To
I Long To How I long to hear the crashing of the waves with you, to hear the Pounding of them against the lava rock shore; Feeling the Tremendous strength and power, rushing In and Out forever more. How I long to smell the Sweet, Sweet delicate Flower, So fragrant, So dainty, So nice; filling the air I breath with its Sweet scent; No other floral bouquet will suffice. How I long to feel your breaths warmth, blanketing against my cheek; the Heat intensifying as we kiss, leaving my body feeling Weary and Week. O' how I long to Taste the juicy ripe Fruit, hidden secretly and out of sight; its Heavenly Nectar So precious, So delicate to thy Touch O' So right. O' how I long to be where the summer never ends, where the snow never falls; where the cold wind never blows and where winter never calls. How I long to see the Beauty sent from Heaven above, to witness the Angelic glow of starry eyes so blue, the softened lips, the silken hair, the delicate soft skin O' so bar
Might Be Offline Awhile??
I cant seem to catch up with bills after the holidays. So service utilities my be discontuniued awhile .Till i can get to work make a pay check.. hugs all Ill figure this out . diana
Proud To Be An American! This Is For All The Soldiers! Please Repost And Pass This Around!made By My Babygirl Tammy Ty
Proud to be American Music and Lyrics by Lee Greenwood If tomorrow all the things were gone Iíd worked for all my life, And I had to start again with just my children and my wife. Iíd thank my lucky stars to be living here today, ĎCause the flag still stands for freedom and they canít take that away. And Iím proud to be an American where as least I know Iím free. And I wonít forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. And Iíd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today. ĎCause there ainít no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.A. From the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee, across the plains of Texas, from sea to shining sea, From Detroit down to Houston and New York to LA, Well, thereís pride in every American heart, and itís time to stand and say: Iím proud to be an American where at least I know Iím free. And I wonít forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. And Iíd gladly stand up next to you and defend her sti
My Wifey
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Skins For Fubar
my skin has been gone for about a week, and I've searched for more.... specifically BDSM skins, anyone have any idea where I can find something decent? this is getting pretty depressing!
Yahoo Tests Open Id
Read More About: Web Services Yahoo Tests Support for OpenID Yahoo may soon launch OpenID, a Web standard that relieves people of the need to remember multiple passwords to log into different Web sites. Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service Wednesday, January 09, 2008 6:00 AM PST Recommend this story?Yes 0 VotesNo 0 VotesPlease Wait... Yahoo appears close to implementing OpenID, a Web authentication standard that relieves people of the need to remember multiple passwords to log into different Web sites. Yahoo controls a domain, which shows a short message indicating the company will act as an identity provider for OpenID. Code on pages at, owned by Yahoo, could also let a person use their Flickr login and profile for logging into other OpenID-compatible sites. The code can be seen by viewing the source of Flickr photostream pages, and points to OpenID, an open-source project, has gained support fr
Dave Chappelle Vs. Sesame Street
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Job Interview!!!!
That's right! For the first time since November, I finally got a job interview! It seems like it'd be really easy. It's a call center for insurance windshield repair. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers once again, that I can get the job!
Tickle Me Emo/elmo - Mad Tv"
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50 Car Pile Up In Lakeland, Fl On 1-4
LAKELAND, FL -- Authorities say at least three people have died in a 50-car pileup on Interstate 4 Wednesday morning. Nearly a 15 mile stretch of I-4 in Polk County is closed right now. Officials say thick smoke from nearby brush fires and fog made for hazardous driving conditions which may have played a role in several crashes. There are several crashes in Haines City, Polk City and near Lakeland. In the 50 vehicles pileup, officials say more than a dozen of the vehicles semi trucks. There are also overturned tankers on the road. Westbound I-4 is closed at U.S. 27. The eastbound lanes are closed at County Road 557 which is just northeast of Lakeland. Video from the scene shows several burned out semi trucks and dozens of other vehicles scattered across I-4. Several medical helicopters are continuing to land nearby to help victims. Here is a short video of how it looked at 4am this morning during the fog and smoke from a local fire including smoke and fire from the
The Man Song
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I'm Rick James Bitch
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I Am Who I Am......get Over It!!!!
I am so tired of my friend Krista( who is white) getting criticized because she is friends with me and I'm (black). That CRAP is really starting to piss me off!!! I love her because she is a good peron, not because of her color. We are there for each other. None of these things have anything to do with color. Why can't people understand? What others think is not going to stop us from being friends. Krista is my "sister from another mother" for life. That won't change. People might as well......GET OVER IT!!!!
Why Women Cry
A little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm a woman," she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will." Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?" "All women cry for no reason," was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry... Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, "God, why do women cry so easily?" God said "When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that all ows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining. I gave her the sens
Ok everyone this is a song i wrote and i want everyones honest opinion. verse1: Im the thorn in your side, Im the scars you can't hide, Im the pain that won't subside, I am your thorn. verse2: I come when your with loved ones, I come when your alone, I am what throws the stone, I am your thorn. verse3: Im the darkness that can't be lite, Im the part of you that dont give a shit, I am the pain inside, What you cant hide, I am your thorn. verse4: Im the shame you can't hide, I am what scars your pride, The faith you cannot find, What you always hide behind, your thorn
Man Kills Hiker And Avoids Death Penalty
Read the story here: So... just because this murderous son-of-a-bitch tells the DA where to find Meredith's body, he gets to live? FUCK THAT and fuck the state of Georgia. I spit on it. People, what the courts in Georgia are doing in this case is just dead wrong. Letting this subhuman pissrag live another day is too good for him!!! And lucky us, once again we taxpayers get to foot the bill for feeding, clothing and housing this monster until the day he finally has the good sense to die on his own. Fuck the fucking criminal courts AND prisons. Who the hell do they ever protect but the criminals?
Cops: Pair Wheels Corpse To Store To Cash Check
Cops: Pair wheels corpse to store to cash check Pair wheels dead man to store to cash his Social Security check, police say The Associated Press updated 11:44 p.m. ET, Tues., Jan. 8, 2008 NEW YORK - Two men wheeled a dead man through the streets in an office chair to a check-cashing store Tuesday and tried to cash his Social Security check before being arrested on fraud charges, police said. David J. Dalaia and James O'Hare pushed Virgilio Cintron's body from the Manhattan apartment that O'Hare and Cintron shared to Pay-O-Matic, about a block away, spokesman Paul Browne said witnesses told police. "The witnesses saw the two pushing the chair with Cintron flopping from side to side and the two individuals propping him up and keeping him from flopping from side to side," Browne said. The men left Cintron's body outside the store, went inside and tried to cash his $355 check, Browne said. The store's clerk, who knew Cintron, asked the men where he was, and O'Hare told the c
When U Love A Firefighter
ok i know first hand how hard it is . we sit down to dinner and the pager goes off, its 3 am and we are sound asleep and the pager goes off, hes outside rakeing leaves and the pager goes off. im not complaining, not in the least im proud of him.he puts his life on the line to help others in trouble . i do have one rule he is never ever to leave with out saying i love u and good bye. it could be something simple as burned dinner, but it could be worse it could be a fully involved house fire. i dont want to take any chances i need him to know i love him. its not easy to be the wife/girlfriend of a firefighter. it is worry and lots of prayers. its being scared that he will get hurt. or even worse not come need to enjoy the time together. and we do we act like teens in lust most of the time. when we do argue it is over something stupid.but u bet your ass if he gets a call i get my i love u in befor he leaves .and its not only him its the other guys to at the firehouse, i wouldnt
Today Sucks
Seems like my bestest friends are all having tough times and to top it off..... I tried to open the tuna packet I brought for lunch and now I am wearing it! I want to go back to bed.
Twas The Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town, the fire siren echoed blaring its sound. The firefighters came running from far and from near, and raced to the trucks donning their gear. And I in my bunkers my boots and my hat, jumped to the engine to see where the fire's at. Down at the corner of Fifth and of Oak, the dispatcher informed us of a house filled with smoke. Smoke poured from the sides, from up and from down, yet up on the roof there was none to be found. So up to the rooftop we raised up a ladder, and climbed up to see what was the matter. I came to the chimney and what did I see, but a fellow in red stuck up to his knees. Well we tugged and we pulled until he came out, then he winked with his eye and said with a shout. These darn newfangled chimneys they make them too small, for a fellow as I, not skinny at all." With a twitch of his nose he dashed to his sleigh, and called to his reind
Are You Kidding Me?
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Oh So The Drama
LMAO it is strnage really how things pan out If the past few days are anything to go by the next period of my life on FUBAR will be very interesting You try and do the right thing and it is turned round back on you Well let's see what the fallout is shall we
What Is Normal?
Do you ever sit around your home and wonder who it was that got to decide for the whole world what normal is?Did they take a vote and some of us missed it cause we were out shopping?Or did they just let a few "priviledged" in on the committee? In a world where uniqueness should be treasured it is instead frowned upon as it is not "in the norm".Why do we have to be in the norm to be accepted....and why is it that the differences that attract us are the things we try to change?Are we so terribly insecure that we cannot have anything "different" in our lives without feeling threatened? Quite frankly I'm a bit fed up with other people deciding for me if I'm bloody normal or not....I'm normal for me,you're normal for you,and screw the books that say we have to be a flock of sheep so that everyone else doesn't feel threatened by those of us who simply don't fit into the "norm".Love and happiness to the world and may you find a niche that you feel you wholly belong in and the rest of th
Just A Leaf On A Tree..
Just A Leaf On A Tree.. ~You will know my true value When you loose me ~Now you take me as a leaf Amongst the thousands ~Strewn below a tree But that leaf is unique ~Only time will tell you that ~~and when you start to miss me........... remember you let me go.................
Looking Out Into The Night Sky
Looking out into the night sky So many stars yet so many scars. There's a war inside my head, the words have already been said. Never wanted to say goodbye, now all i can do is cry. I fall to the floor as i close the door, my heart is tore. Looking out into the night sky. I wanted you to stay, but instead you went away. How could I have been so blind and in my mind I wish i had one more chance, to make it right, but it is to late. You said goodbye, how could you lie when all i did was try. Looking into the night sky. It starts to rain, I am in so much pain couldn't break the chains, was it all in vain. It happened so fast thought it would last, but now it's all in the past. Looking out into the night sky, you said goodbye, without saying a word all i can do is cry, why did you lie, why didnt you try, instead you said goodbye, now i look into the night sky and wonder why. Looking out into the night sky, it begins to rain. I fall to the floor as
This Is To Everyone!
Look, I know i haven't been around much. There is a lot going on in my day to day life, and with not being on meds, I'm not up for much either.. I am sorry. If you have a problem with it, DO NOT fill my dam shout box with crap. I am blocking people i considered friends because i will NOT deal with fubar drama. Leave it be. I'm trying to get back on meds, and get everything fixed.. I'll talk when i'm a little more stable. TO those that are understanding, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry i've been distant. Kristy Lynn
Lost Time
I lost a lot of time with you. I have not been here as long as you, and yet, I have pushed harder to see you then you have to see me. It's almost as if it would be better if you were never in my life... I don't understand you, and yet no one really understands me. I don't even understand me. I don't get how you can block out the pain you gave me, my sister, "our family". I don't understand how you can just come and go with no feelings at all. You always said I was like you, but I am nothing like you... I am me, Courtney... the girl that has turned into a women and has spread her wings, and stopped needing you a long time ago. Yet, time and time again you have made it clear that you need me, you need us, your just not man enough to say it still to this day. You tried to talk to me the other day... I tried to be kind, but it was so hard... Now I don't know what to do, I'm once again a girl with a broken heart and I can't help but me bitter like you. I lost a lot of time. A
My Comic Book
Name Blackblade Aisle Ben Haywood Weight 270 Height 6í7 Powers Blackblade as the power to control gravity for a sort time and has the power to read minds and he can make his arms shape shift into anything he wants. Bio Ben was raised by his father Frank Haywood his father was a bounty hunter by trade at a young age his father noticed that his son could make things float at will at that minute he. Knew his son was special he started training him to be a bounty hunter as time went on Ben could read his fathers mind he told his father what new power he had when he told him this Benís arm started to change into a long black sword and. His father was shocked at what he could do. But every time he did this his Eyes would change red as the fireís of hell it self thatís when his. Father gave him the name ďBlackbladeĒ as time went on blackblade honed his powers to what they are today. Chapter 1 the origin of BLACKBLADE Blackblade was one of the best bounty hunters o
Tierd Of Pretending
lately i have been so unhappy with my life i've been pretending that every thing is ok but im not im tired of putting on an act i know i souldn't because no one evan really cares how im doing not my friends or my family they're all to much into them selfs that they don't evan care about anyone else but them selfs like nothing else matters so i just go on in my life like there nothing wrong with me just keeping to my self and not bothering with anyone because aparetly im not good enuff to talk to no one asks me how am i doing because they don't care how im doing and they don't care about whats wrong with me there more worried about a guy they like or a girl they like its alway about them i know it soundslike im jelious but it would be nice to be included in things and even though about im sad and depreesed all the time i feel werthless i need someone in my lfe that makes me feel needed someone to hold and love me and someone that i can d
The Story Of A Blind And A Doctor
It was the year 1952. A terrible fog hung over London. It was grey and wet. Buses and cars had to drive slowly and carefully, with their lights on and thei horns continually blowing. People hurried to their homes or waited in restaurant for the fog to lift. ......But the fog became thicker and thicker, and at last all the traffic came to a standstill. Silence filled the streets of the city. In the hall of a big hotel a French doctor was walking up and down, looking at his watch every minute or two. He had come to town in the morning and he had to be at an important conference in half an hour. The place of the meeting was quite a long way off, and he had no idea how to get there in time. No taxi, no bus and the underground railway would only take him to another foggy place where he would not find his way. The French doctor went to the door of the hotel. He could hardly see the steps leading down to the street. Then suddenly, he heard a voice beside him: " I suppose you want to go
Heaven Sent Me An Angel...
Heaven has sent you an Angel. Heaven didn't want her, so they sent her to me. I don't want her so, I'm sending her to you ! No ya can't send her back to me ya have to send her on to get rid of her...
Mumm Comments
Okay this is aimed at all who go OUT OF THEIR WAY to be total subtards on any MUMM that is posted by us FUBARIANS... recently I posted a MUMM that asked if people think FUBAR should decrease or get rid of the Bouncer Checks. I GOT MORE NEGATIVE COMMENTS THAN VOTES! Why do you ppl do that? What purpose does it serve to publicly ridicule someone for being creative enough to even POST on this site? I think I know why... the ones with all the big FUBUCKS and all the points and levels have to keep their reputation up with all the FAKE PEOPLE so they walk all over the little guy trying to make FRIENDS on Fubar! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't delete THIS account along-side the others I've already deleted.....
My Story
Tower The Prisoner The room is dark and I am all alone. I can hear the sounds of the approaching storm. It is so cold, but it is always cold here. With no light to warm the air even the tiniest bit. I have walked this room at least a million times, but always in the dark. The walls are like large cold bricks with a rough feel to them. I have not felt an opening of any kind. No windows or doorways at all. I know there should be something somewhere, but I cannot find it in this darkness and I get so weary of looking around in the dark. The floor feels of a rough concrete always cold to my bare feet. How can I survive in such a place like this? In such a state of barely existing? I can hear the thunder getting closer now, but I will not see the lightning. It never comes; you see no light enters this dreary room. None at all, it is like a coffin. A cold stone coffin that I exist in, but will surely soon die in. As the storm approaches yet again I slowly back my way along the wall t
Special Pick Made For Me By Nightstalker
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She Was There
I held her hand in silence No words could I say I was held in her arms in comfort Chasing my fear and frustration away She knew what troubled me The news had been siad Words we knew that were coming But still ones that we surely dread No excuses could I make For what had taken hold of me Only the strength to move on forward My will was what guided me I looked deep into her eyes A forced smile grew on her face We now held each other close In a deep and true lovers embrace She knew I would not complain Of the news I had received Knowing deep inside my heart All happened for a reason I believed We knew the time that we had now Counting only minutes as they slipped past Was all that mattered to us both Knoing our love in each would last I stood upon my trembling legs to go Taking her hand as we walked Listening to the peaceful words she spoke Easing my frustration as we talked I could feel her love now fill me As she gives me that lst love filled kiss I fade i
I Don't Get It
My friend Richie is on the rocks with his wife but they won't leave each other because he says they are afraid of being alone. That puzzled me. After much thought, it has come to me that the reason I don't mind being alone is that I don't 'get' what other people get from being in a relationship. I really don't. I think some people go into relationships to feel whole. Because they think there has to be someone there to make up what they don't have. Sometimes because they don't have faith in themselves. Sometimes simply as an excuse to not have to be responsible for themselves. I am already whole. I don't ask any one person's permission to exist in this life and I don't expect anyone to ask mine. Whether we want to realize it or not we are all whole, divine, here for a reason and that reason has nothing to do with any other human alive. I think that is why I don't 'get' what other people get from being in a relationship When I look back at my relationships I see huge expanses of wa
Passion Of Love
NuttinButtSexxy Passion of Love Take a seat. Pick up a pen and begin to write upon the blank paper. My passion of love for you must be written for you to always have. Some would never dare to just write what must be said, When words get so lost within words, So here I goÖ. Kisses on your lips are my soul passion to dare love within each moment, I can taste you. These fumbling and trembling fingers pause as I write to think and smile about, All those times they touched your body. How can I sayÖ. You are like liquid fire upon them, a fire that I can never dare walk from. When I look into your eyes, They haunt me with the passion of love that you hold within your heavenly body of love for me. Do these words touch your heart and soul like they do mine? If so, Baby, I want to say this to you. My heart belongs to your passion like life I breathe. Without you, I could never breathe or live again. Cause you are my passion of love that makes me be alive. ©2008 Fires
You Want What?
Today's Kick in the Ass goes to an anonymous person, or asshat, who filed a claim against the federal government for of $3 quadrillion for over damage from the failure of levees and flood walls following Hurricane Katrina. For the sake of perspective: A mere $1 quadrillion would dwarf the U.S. gross domestic product, which was $13.2 trillion in 2007. A stack of one quadrillion pennies would reach Saturn. Or maybe this would be a better way to put it in perspective - compare that to $250. That's the amount FEMA gave residents of my area when in September 2004 Hurricane Ivan dumped 9 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Nine inches is an unbelievable amount of water to come roaring thousands of feet down mountains and into already flooding streams. The result was the worst flash flooding in the history of the area. That's where the "impressive" numbers stop. Because unlike some other natural disasters that gained the attention of the world and the backing of disaster efforts and
Hospital Appointment
Today I have been given an appointment to attend the Neurophysiology Department at Newcastle General Hospital for my nerve conduction studies. I will be attending on Tuesday 22nd January at 2:30pm. I have been told that the tests will last for around one hour. The EMG tests, study how well muscles and nerves are functioning. Small electric pulses are used to study the nerves, if muscles need to be examined, then a fine needle is used. Hopefully for me these tests will be conclusive and then I can have surgery if this is required. The sooner my life is back to normal and pain free the better.
Champagne & Rose's
Champagne & Roseís A table with a bucket on it, Where a bottle of champagne is chilling for night of romance And Some sinful and wicked love we will share later. Roseís petals spread about the floor And Upon a bed waiting for two. Honey, I got everything ready for you on this one special night. Come on get your sweet delight, I plan on rocking your world upon dreams coming true. I got the candles lite. My heart and soul is longing to tell you all I feel for you, Upon your dreams coming true tonight. I got two glasses waiting for us to drink champagne And Taste each other lip to savor the champagne taste, The champagne taste so much better upon your lips that I am dying to taste right now. I lingering here thinking about all the days, I played a patiently waiting game, When we both knew, I had none at all. Because the moment I saw, I knew you were the only one for me. I loved you than with all my heart, But babyÖ Now I love your with all my soul too. You e
Following My Heart
FOLLOWING MY HEART As we all know the human heart is just merely a pump which Is composed of muscle and pumps your blood throughout our bodies at 72 beats per minute. Well let me tell you mine has been working quad droop able overtime lately. Oh I know why, but not sure that I should say it now or wait till I know for sure that what I am feeling is the right thing after all these years. Iím am known to get ahead of my emotions, and I have tired really, really hard not to show them too often. I just canít seem to control them now since I have been chatting with this very handsome and much respected gentleman. I never ever thought in a million years that I could feel like this again. Just goes to show you that never say never out loud for others to hear or even to yourself as for GOD to hear. When I think of him my heart starts to race out of control, and when I donít speak to him for hours I feel lost inside. Then again when I just sit and think of him my eyes light up a
The Beer Prayer...
As I sit here in my room my thoughts fill with gloom I am all alone and staring at the phone I wait for it to ring my tears start to sting I've waited so long for the call slowly I begin to fall I want to go to my safe place vanish without a trace My world is falling apart and I can't fix my broken heart They tell me I must fight back but right now it's strength I lack I just want to curl up in a ball and say the hell with it all I sit and think, I open my eyes and see a ghost of myself, who could ever love me No one said life was fair all I ever wanted was someone just to care I think of all the memories tucked forever in my heart they are pieces of my life which I just can't part Sadly, I face the truth, I am on my own Time to face reality, I am forever alone
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Found Out What Im Havin
went to the dr. to and i found out that i am havin a baby GIRL!!!!!!!!! Im so so so so so so happy... Get More at
I Changed My Email....
if you want my new email address, either email me in here or drop me a comment and i'll give it to ya. ROCK ON PARTY ANIMALS!!!!!!
My Favorite Quote...
"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."
Petition For Treatment Law
I am a HUGE breast cancer awareness advocate and would like to share a story with you In June 2003, Shirley Loewe went to Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, Texas with a softball=sized lump in her breast and was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. She didn't know it, but she had just made a big mistake. Ms. Loewe was uninsured. Under federal law, she could have gotten Medicaid coverage-and saved herself a lot of hardship- if she'd gone to a different clinic less than a half-mile away. But by walking through Good Shepard's doors, Ms. Loewe unwittingly let that opportunity slip and embarked on a four-year journey through the Byzantine U.S. health-care system. It was an odyssey that would take her to five hospitals, two clinics, two charitable organizations, and two nursing homes in two states. She was denied assistance or care at least six times along the way, for reasons that ranged from not being poor enough to not being sick enough. Ms. Loewe eventually g

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