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I don't know HOW or WHY I got into this situation... but I did... Beware... Don't say I didn't warn you...
Bubba And The Psychiatrist
Bubba went to a psychiatrist. "I've got problems. Every time I go to bed, I think there's somebody under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy." "Put yourself in my hands for one year," said the shrink. "Come talk to me three times a week, and we should be able to get rid of those fears." "How much do you charge?" "Eighty dollars per visit," replied the psychiatrist. "I'll sleep on it," said Bubba. Six months later the psychiatrist met Bubba on the street. "Why didn't you ever come to see me about those fears you were having?" asked the psychiatrist. "Well, eighty bucks a visit three times a week for a year is an awful lot of money! A bartender cured me for $10. I was so happy to have saved all that money I went and bought me a new pickup!" "Is that so! And how, may I ask, did a bartender cure you?" "He told me to cut the legs off the bed! Ain't nobody under there now." Who says rednecks are stupid?
1976 Vs. 2007
1976 vs. 2007 Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1976 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2007 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1976 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. Nobody goes to jail, nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2007 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario: Jeffre
Hope You Will Enjoy..
Let Us Not Forget
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Remembering 911
The Concert
Front row and Bono's sweat falling like god's tears onto her while I watched her pretty ass swinging like a hypnotist's pocket watch in front of me - she squeezed in from nowhere to claim the view I paid for and offer one I wanted - then she turned to me and said in a voice like bourbon and cola: Bono makes me want to fuck. Later, on my way home, I forgot the words to all their songs, but I could still taste her and could still remember the rough and raw smell of rock and roll. © All rights reserved
I seem to remember a time not so very long ago when the priority was different. Maybe it was foolish of me to consider that my charms wouldn't or couldn't have worn off so quickly. That the desire of and excitement of words spoken earnestly would last. Hours upon hours it seemed that those words were exchanged, and everything else melted into the background. But now it's so real isn't it? The fact that I'm a fucking nutjob. The complicated bullshit that surrounds my daily existence. And I'm so caught up in it, and I'm dragging you down into it. And I'm bitter that you can sleep and that you are so free. I am jealous that you have choice and that you are not bound. I hate that I have to wait for you. I always have to wait for you. I needed you today, and all I wanted to do was to talk to you. Bad things happened to me today. Bad words said by worse people. And it hurts, and I'm hurting and it won't stop. Then again, what words do I have anymore that are meaningful or attr
Remember 911
The United States is under attack" was all I could hear On the radio and TV, now the nation was in fear. The bystanders looking pointing above their heads Family members calling in hopes loved ones weren't dead. Sirens started blaring, cries were certainly heard "Oh my God" was the consensus of American words. Tears started pouring as the television showed the world The second plane hitting, more like it hurled. Terrorist attacked in hopes to put us in despair Pearl Harbor is the only attack for US to compare The tragedy, the lives lost with no remorse. Al-Quida received our attention from using blunt force. After what seemed like forever, the towers started to fall. People started running, the cameras caught it all. I remember desperate acts of people falling to their death I sat in my living room crying, just holding my breath. "How could this happen, I don't understand Who could be bold enough to touch on our land?" I couldn't conceive of the actions taking pla
Fighting Back The Tears
Wow....I'm sitting here at 12:03.......It's September 11....fighting back the tears and changing up my profile for tribute today...I look at my family list and I am sooo filled with emotion...there is my dear friend VegasCowboy whose daughter is a fine Marine, Sniper the proud vet, sooo much love for my friends...all of them...then I think...omg...there is Mario, friends from California to New York...and my profile pic from F1rstacent...not all Americans but share the same moon, stars and sun..breathe the same people love, kindness and a few brief encounters, yes, even on FUBAR...just may be the start of a little peace and happiness...with that said, Love me or not....I love you...understand me or not...I respect your opinions....because, as the saying goes, one drop of water raises the oceans level.... LOVE PEACE HAPPINESS....
Missouri Friends
MISSOURI FRIENDS FRIENDS:Will stand by you while you piss. MISSOURI FRIENDS: Will shine a spotlight on you while your drunk ass is taking a piss in the bushes. --------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. MISSOURI FRIENDS: Call your parents drunk as hell and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick up ------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home. MISSOURI FRIENDS: Know some wild shit will happen, and set up rally points. -------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. MISSOURI FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you saying, Damn...that shit was fun " ------------------------------------------------------ FRIENDS: Cry with you. MISSOURI FRIENDS: laugh at you ------------------------------
Health Care Insurance
The Importance of Having a Good Health Insurance Plan..... A wealthy hospital benefactor was being shown around the hospital. During her tour she passed a room where a male patient was masturbating furiously. " Oh my GOD!" screamed the woman. "That's disgraceful! Why is he doing that?" The doctor who was leading the tour calmly explained, "I'm very sorry that you were exposed to that, but this man has a serious condition where his testicles rapidly fill with semen, and if he doesn't do that at least five times a day, he'll be in extreme pain and his testicles could easily rupture.'" "Oh, well in that case, I guess it's okay," said the woman. As they passed by the very next room, they saw a male patient laying in bed while a nurse performed oral sex on him. Again, the woman screamed, "Oh my GOD! How can THAT be justified?" Again the doctor spoke very calmly. "Same illness, better health plan." Insurance
I Remember The First Time
Missed Step
missed step so many wrong turns, so many dead ends, where did this journey begin, but its come to the end. and im alone if i could change what i said if i could change what i did i would stop all the tears i would never have hid and im shamefull the wall in my way is gone the heart in my box is out the sins are forgiven the ego lost this bout and im alone so many wrong turns, so many dead ends, where did this journey begin, but its come to the end. and im alone ... and rightly so my stolen angel you are free i stabbed and abused you i made my final plea you are made to soar im throwing back the key and your gone.
So You Wanna Know..... Read This
so i had questions so im going to answer... im single and im looking for a relationship i love having fun hanging out with friends and just being me... i love being outside 4-wheeling and riding motorcycles and target shooting (i have a decent shot guys so watch out! lol) but i like listening to mucic and drinkin a little and just having fun with people that are cool... im laid back sweet fun cute (i think) and i love being on my own... i have my own place and i dont take crap from anyone... wanna know anything else please ask!!! And dont forget rate, comment, fan, or add me!!! Promise ill return the love!!
Just for Shits an Giggles(lol) goes Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. Consider: You can get shit-faced, Be shit-out-of-luck, Or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit, or be asked to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitty. Some music sounds like
Falling Man
I saw twins die on television, crumble into chaos - even after I thought nothing worse could happen. The world did not stand still, had the audacity to keep turning while we were frozen in our living rooms. On the second day, I went back to work; the steady chug of heavy equipment seemed to keep my heart beating - And always, in my head, the image of the falling man, the falling buildings, the falling nation - these things, these thoughts, replaying like a bad movie.. But it was real. Now, after a little time, I search for meaning - I try to put together words to tell of my horror and my pain. But, after all, this thing belongs to no one man; belongs to humanity. © All rights reserved
By Bumpa
I was so touched I had to post this. Thanks I loved it Pleasure, like a bicycle, best when built for two. Wonder why I'm pedalling when I'm not with you? When your smile is with me, I don't have a care. Every waking moment I could sit and stare. Such a lovely lady, way outside my space. Wonder if she'll ever allow me in the race. Run or walk or gallop, hope to win her heart. And for such a treasure, from her I'd never part. by Bumpa
This Is Tore Up
Veteran Pillsbury spokesman, Pop N. Fresh, died yesterday of a severe yeast infection. He was 71. Fresh was buried in one of the largest funeral ceremonies in recent years. Dozens of celebrities turned out, including Mrs. Butterworth, The California Raisins, Hungry Jack, Betty Crocker, and The Hostess Twinkies. The graveside was piled high with flours as longtime friend Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy, describing Fresh as a man who "never knew how much he was kneaded." Fresh rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with many turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Still, even as a crusty old man, he was a roll model for millions. Fresh is survived by his second wife. They have two children and one in the oven. The funeral was held at 4:50 for about 20 minutes.
Allways Remember
New Orleans Baby
give me a king cake baby give me a beignet kiss give me a french quarter morning that looks like this give me the endymion krewe give me the times-picayune give me a drunk and lazy crawfish boil in muggy sticky june give me a six pack of Dixie give me some assorted abita beers give me a city where it only snows once every 10 years give me a green neutral ground give me a mardi gras ball give me a medium rare burger at my grand old Port of Call give me a glittery drag show give me the streetcar line give me House of the Rising Sun give me a Tchoupitoulas sign give me a shrimp and oyster poboy give me lovebug season in May give me my New Orleans- I will definitely stay. Pass this on to everyone who loves this beautiful city we call NEW ORLEANS !!!
Short Or Long???
I have had a lot goingon lately that I prefer not to talk about. I do have a favor to ask everyone. I am in need of some advice. I can not decide what to do with my hair. Its at that impossible stage where it won't behave and needs to be shorter or longer. SO, I am trying like hell to decide what to do with it and can not. I need some advice. In my pictures you will soon see a photo album entitled short or long. Please go into the album and look at the pictures and leave a comment on the haircut you vote for. Thanks for your time!!
Gtr Issues
These are actual yahoo archives and haven\'t been tampered with sealed and delivered to you all by: Sup3rKimb0 ~DJ.Skylar Dawn~: morning son ~DJ INSANE~: MORNING ~DJ INSANE~: NOT A GOOD ONE BUT OH WELL ~DJ.Skylar Dawn~: sorry to hear that ~DJ INSANE~: GET OFF MY CRACKINESS ~DJ INSANE~: OK I GOT TI ~DJ INSANE~: IT* ~DJ INSANE~: YES MA\'SM ~DJ INSANE~: MA\'AM ~DJ.Skylar Dawn~: i hired dj nilla last night , she and a friend came to me for a job ~DJ INSANE~: YES ~DJ INSANE~: U ASK ME TO DO SOMETHING FOR U ~DJ INSANE~: AND THEN U GO DO IT ~DJ INSANE~: IF U WANTED TO DO IT THAN U SHOULDNT OF ASKED ME TO ~DJ INSANE~: I TOOK TIME TO DO THAT FOR U ~DJ INSANE~: AND ITS WAS WASYED TIMEON MY PART ~DJ INSANE~: AND ME AND CHELLE ARE SUPPOSED TO HIRE TOGETHER ~DJ INSANE~: THATS WHAT WE AGREED ~DJ.Skylar Dawn~: are you done being a crabby bitch yet? ~DJ INSANE~: NO ~DJ.Skylar Dawn~: finish when you are i\'ll speak ~DJ INSANE~: U ASK ME TO DO SOMETHING FOR U ~DJ IN
Moms Letter To Her Son
Dearest Redneck Son, I'm writing this slow because I know you can't read fast. We don't live where we did when you left home. Your dad read in the newspaper that most accidents happen within 20 miles of your home, so we moved. I won't be able to send you the address because the last West Virginia family that lived here took the house numbers when they moved so they wouldn't have to change their address. This place is really nice. It even has a washing machine. I'm not sure about it. I put a load of clothes in and pulled the chain. We haven't seen them since. The weather isn't bad here. It only rained twice last week; the first time for three days and the second time for four days. About that coat you wanted me to send; your Uncle Billy Bob said it would be too heavy to send in the mail with the buttons on, so we cut them off and put them in the pockets. Bubba locked his keys in the car yesterday. We were really worried because it took him two hours to get me and your father out
Never Forget (how We All United)
Among the many topics explored by the philosophy of sexuality are procreation, contraception, celibacy, marriage, adultery, casual sex, flirting, prostitution, homosexuality, masturbation, seduction, rape, sexual harassment, sadomasochism, pornography, bestiality, and pedophilia. What do all these things have in common? All are related in various ways to the vast domain of human sexuality. That is, they are related, on the one hand, to the human desires and activities that involve the search for and attainment of sexual pleasure or satisfaction and, on the other hand, to the human desires and activities that involve the creation of new human beings. For it is a natural feature of human beings that certain sorts of behaviors and certain bodily organs are and can be employed either for pleasure or for reproduction, or for both. The philosophy of sexuality explores these topics both conceptually and normatively. Conceptual analysis is carried out in the philosophy of sexuality in order
Breaded Ranch Chicken
Flavorful coated chicken. Ingredients: 3/4 C Crushed Cornflakes 3/4 C Grated Parmesan Cheese 1 Envelope Ranch Salad Dressing Mix 8 Boneless, Skinless Chicken breast halves (about 2lbs) 1/2 Cup butter or margarine, melted print this page!Print me! Just click here to get a printer-friendly version of this recipe. ��Share it: click to send this recipe to a friend! Rate this recipe: Let us know what you think! Directions: In a shallow bowl, combine cornflakes, Parmesan cheese, and salad dressing mix. Dip chicken in butter, then roll in cornflake mixture to coat. Place in greased 13 x 9 x2 baking dish. Bake uncovered, at 350 for 45 minutes or until chicken juices run clear.
Two ladies talking in heaven: 1st woman : Hi! My name is Wanda. 2nd woman : Hi! I'm Kelly. How'd you die? 1st woma n : I Froze to Death. 2nd woman : How Horrible! 1st woman : It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you? 2nd woman : I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV. 1st woman: So, what happened? 2nd woman : I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched, and down into the basement. Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died. 1st woman : Too bad you didn't look in the freezer-
Another Lol
Three women go down to Mexico one night, get drunk, and wake up in jail, only to find that they are to be executed in the morning, though none of them can remember what they did the night before. The first one, a redhead, is strapped in the electric chair, and is asked if she has any last words. She says, "I am from Grace University, and believe in the almighty power of God to intervene on the behalf of the innocent," They throw the switch and nothing happens. They all immediately prostrate themselves; beg for her forgiveness, and release her. The second one, a brunette, is strapped in and gives her last words, "I am from the Creighton School of Law and I believe in the power of justice to intervene on the part of the innocent." They throw the switch and again, nothing happens. Again, they all immediately prostrate themselves; beg for her forgiveness, and release her. The last one, a blonde, is strapped in and says, "Well, I'm from the University of Alabama, Huntsville a
Paddy At The Pub
Paddy had been drinking at his local Dublin pub all day and most of the night celebrating St Patrick's Day. Mick, the bartender says, " You'll not be drinking anymore tonight Paddy. Paddy replies, "OK Mick, I'll be on my way then." Paddy spins around on his stool and steps off. He falls flat on his face. "Shoite" he says and pulls himself up by the stool and dusts himself off. He takes a step towards the door and falls flat on his face, "Shoite, Shoite!" He looks to the doorway and thinks to himself that if he can just get to the door and some fresh air he'll be fine. He belly crawls to the door and shimmies up to the door frame. He sticks his head outside and takes a deep breath of fresh air, feels much better and takes a step onto the sidewalk and falls flat on his face. "Bi'Jesus... I'm fockin' focked," he says. He can see his house just a few doors down, and crawls to the door, hauls himself up the door frame, opens the door and shimmies inside.
9-11 The Attack
These images and voices still send shivers up my spine, take my breath away and make me cry.
Stolen Children My Latest New Video
I Remember....
I remember that 9-11-2001 began as a normal workday. I remember the radio announcer saying that a plane had just hit one of the twin towers. I remember traffic coming to a complete standstill on highway 70 that morning as my fellow drivers looked around at one another totally dumbstruck. I remember standing in the lobby of the bank making the deposit for work and watching a tower collapse. I remember standing there not moving. My mind unable to accept the horror I was witnessing. I remember listening to radio at work as the tragedy unfolded. I remember the White Sox were supposed to play in New York that day. I remember being at work but I don't remember working. I remember driving home still in shock from the horrific events of the day. Dad was still alive and I remember sitting next to him on couch watching the attack on our beloved country on the news. I remember crying. I remember dad holding my hand as I cried and I asked why. And I remember dad's words to me, "You ca
As I sit here in the early morning hours, I remember back to that fateful day. I was getting ready for work when I received the call from a friend who told me to turn on the news. So I did, and what I saw stopped my heart. To imagine someone having so much hate in their soul to feel that it's ok to murder innocent people like that is beyond me. As I sat there watching in total disbelief, the second plane hit. I couldn't move, I couldn't breath, I couldn't do anything but sit there. All the thoughts and emotions that ended up going through me once I did finally take that first breath overtook me. I totally lost it, hate, sorrow, sadness, disgust, and many more went through me. Why someone would deem it necessary to do such a thing I will never understand, and why they feel that they MUST do it is another I don't understand. My heart and soul goes out to everyone that lost a loved one that day, whom they will never get to say I love you, I miss you, you are my world, anyth
My heart is shattered like broken glass things from present and from the past a love that once was ,will never be thats the emptiness, that is a part of me time has moved on since we grew apart he doesnt even know his place in my heart but now hes moved on for someone else he cares a new woman to love, with his life he will share This woman is lucky to have his love What I would give for just one more hug God I pray for his happiness this day, but please, oh please, take my pain away.
Holy Shit Im Back Haha
Whats up everyone? I havent been able to be online for like 4 months now me and my hubby made the moved back to seattle and we had to stay at my moms for almost 4 months, way to long to be with out the internet. just so everyone knows that if you left me a gift a message or a comment i wasnt trying to ignore anyone or anything like that just simply didnt get the internet back till about a week ago then it took me forever to remember my password on here LOL. Well just to all my friends know i am back on talk to ya'll later!
Save It...wear It
In rememberance of those who lost their lives on 9-11-2001.Please rip or save this pic from my folder, and make it your primary pic for the next few days.Below is the pic to click to rip/save and wear!Lets get as many people to have this picas their primary pic!!!!Please repost often!
So Temporary
So temporary…. this life has been to me In reality, it’s everything I’ve seen A careless world, is what we’ve come to be Where have we gone? A life I live, so pretend The angel in which you would send Would have nothing left to defend A world with no song? To want To wait Your wants Can’t wait Continuing to live your life this way No fear of fate No fear nor faith Destiny Sin in me Fear changing God save me I’ve become aware Destiny Sin in me Fear changing Please save me Oh God I am so scared
Never Forget 9/11
I was dicharged from the USAF the day before.The earliest flight home to Washington was at 7:35pm est from Raleigh/Durnam,N.C. with a 1 hour layover in Chicago.It was as I was getting off the plane that I found out that the 2 towers had been hit.5 minutes later as I was calling home,that is when the Pentagon was hit.I didn't leave Chicago until that Friday on an Amtrak train for a 42 hour ride home.Now when I think of 9/11,I realize that I could have been on a plane that could have been hijacked and flown into a building of some sort.I scares me still to think of that.
To Our Heroes Here And Over Seas..
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Remember 9/11
Southern Discomfort Really Needs You. If You Are Alive And Awake Get Your Butts In Here!!!!!
Robert is needing some serious help with this contest. I need all my friends to help.Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!! Diana
Monday 9-10-07
The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination. ~Marian Zimmer Bradley
Tuesday 9-11-07
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. unknown Visit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE!
Missing Work ?
"I was abducted by aliens..." When asked to share the most unusual excuses workers gave for missing work, recruiting managers shared some of their favourite examples: "I'm too drunk to drive to work." "I accidentally flushed my keys down the toilet." "I had to help deliver a baby on my way to work." The employee was not in the medical profession. "I accidentally drove through the automatic garage door before it opened." "My boyfriend's snake escaped from its cage and I'm afraid to leave the bedroom until he gets home." "I'm too fat to get into my work outfit." "God didn't wake me." (Employee didn't believe in alarm clocks and thought a higher power would wake her when she was ready.) "I cut my fingernails too short, they're bleeding and I have to go to the doctor." "The ghosts in my house kept me up all night." "I forgot I was getting married today." "My cow bit me." "My son accidentally fell asleep next to wet cement in our ga
9-11 Open Letter To Ben Laden
As we ponder our own trivial pursuits as the day goes by stop for a moment and give thanks for those of us that are sacrificing everyday for what we stand for Ben Laden has come out with some more videos All I can say to you Fugly is take your videos and cram em gooddd and tight The next thing you pull is going to bring worse wrath down on your ass We are sick and tired of hearing your crap and rants and ravings By the way Get a barber man Christ
My Favorite Comment!
received in my reference to a mumm comment where i said "id sign myself up for Jihad anyday" youve got to respect that, and show some love! ~CELTIC IC...: then u go do that and get the fuck out of here u lameass prick
Bleh, Blah...bleh
Bored. I'm watching "Factory Girl", and though I've always been quite fascinated with the whole 60's art scene of Warhol's New York this movie is not doing it for Me. I did enjoy the book by Ultra Violet, but I wasn't really into the Edie Sedgewich biography, "American Girl". Lately, I sleep most of the day, and have a hard time sleeping at nights, since the heat wave last week. Last week it was necessary, but now that it's cooled off it isn't. I just hate using the air conditioner. I can't stand the noise, and hate things blowing on Me. Bored. bored bored! I may head to the gym soon. It's not that long till sunrise.
Remembering 9/11/07
Just wanted to let all of you know that I appreciate everything that everyone in the armed forces & all involved that I appreciate everything that you have done & everything that you continue to do for our freedom!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!! MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts
Calling All Lounge Lizards Lol
I Know What Nympho's Got...
so yeah, some of you know my wife is Nympho...the original by the way...anyways, she has this private blog that nobody is able to see, not even me. Well, just so happens that i know what is in this blog. I could even show it to you if you wanted to see it. But you probably dont. Plus, if I showed you, you would probably tell her that I showed it to you. Wouldnt you? You snitchin little bastards...lmao...jk. Anyways, Just thought I would scare the hell out of her. (but if you wanna know what it is, let me know :D)...lmao
That Day (on 9/11)
What were you doing that tragic day? I don't think I'll ever forget that day, September 11, 2001. It's forever etched in my mind. It was a Tuesday that will always be, for my generation, my December 7, 1941. I was a young 26 year old, living in El Cajon, California (just outside San Diego). I was in my seventh year of my enlistment in the United States Navy. I worked second shift at that time. I was the work center night shift (navy talk for second shift) Production Supervisor, as well as the work center Collateral Duty Inspector (basically Quality Assurance). At that time I was becoming a seasoned Aviation Electronics Technician Second Class (AT2 / E-5 rank) and close to being the LPO (Leading Petty Officer) of the shop. This, in retrospect, was not too common at NASNI AIMD (Naval Air Station North Island Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment). I was fortunate to be where I was, considering two years prior I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. I was very content
"It's not a great time for intense conversation, as you may get distracted and run off on tangents -- which can be fun, but might get in the way of a heart-to-heart. Keep the mood light, if possible." Fuck you, horoscope. I have shit to handle.
This Day In History
This Day in History On September 11 1789 Alexander Hamilton was appointed by U.S. President George Washington to be the first secretary of the treasury. 1875 "Professor Tidwissel's Burglar Alarm" was featured in the New York Daily Graphic, and became the first comic strip to appear in a newspaper. 1883 The mail chute was patented by James Cutler. The new device was first used in the Elwood Building in Rochester, NY. 1936 Boulder Dam in Nevada was dedicated by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt by turning on the dam's first hydroelectric generator. The dam is now called Hoover Dam. 1954 The Miss America beauty pageant made its network TV debut on ABC. Miss California, Lee Ann Meriwether, was the winner. 1967 The Carol Burnett Show premiered on CBS. 1974 "Little House On The Prairie" made its television debut. 1985 A U.S. satellite passed through the tail of the Giacobini-Zinner comet. It was the first on-the-spot sampling of a comet.
A Day Never Forgotten
9/11/2001 Changed our lives, some more then others, some drastically 9/11 changed my life in many ways, and not just the tragedy in New York, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh, but my home life as well. That is the day my future disappeared. Yes, i knew a person who died in the buildings, but my future, my bloodline as it were (without some form of scientific aid that is) was halted that day. My wife and I had been trying for kids and unsuccessful no matter how much we tried, no matter how much Doctor's told us we should be popping out kids left and right... Well, on that morning... we found out that her tubes were both blocked and having a child naturally was not in our grasp, ever. part of me still holds out hope that maybe someday medical science and insurance companies will agree and let us try but as we grow older and become more selfish in our lifestyle.. I just don't know It's funny, growing up i assumed i would be single, assumed I would be childless, and it wasn't
The Short Bus
7 Buses - 151 Riders - Bus Rider Logo In Default Pics If You Want To Rip. Please Repost Bulletins at least once, Not required but it helps get more people on for the PaRtY Come Jump on Jokers Wild's Small Bus where the only requirement is to have a sense of humor. Unlike Trains and planes this IS A 100% Free Ride. NO RATING REQUIRED NO FANNING REQUIRED NO ADDING REQUIRED NO NEED TO BUY ANYTHING FOR THE DRIVERS You Rate, Add, Comment who you want to and IF you want to THIS BUS RIDE IS ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE When The Bus is full we will add a second one and another one until we have a small bus convoy ! LOL Note: I will be updating once a day riders on the small bus send a FUBAR E-Mail message and I will get you added on the next bus out, I can not keep up with Bulliten,Blog and shout box request I will ONLY take those by FUBAR MAIL and get you loaded Remember Just because you rate someone on this bus is no requirement that they rate you back, Th
For You
"Owner Of A Lonely Heart" Move yourself, you always lived your life Never thinking of the future Prove yourself, you are the move you make Take a chance, win or loser See yourself, you are the steps you take You and you - and that's the only way Shake - shake yourself, you're every move you make So the story goes Owner of a lonely heart Owner of a lonely heart much better than a Owner of a broken heart Owner of a lonely heart Say - you don't want to chance it You've been hurt so before Watch it now The eagle in the sky How he dancin' one and only You - lose yourself No not for pity's sake There's no real reason to be lonely Be yourself Give your free will a chance You've got to want to succeed Owner of a lonely heart Owner of a lonely heart (Much better than a) Owner of a broken heart Owner of a lonely heart Owner of a lonely heart After my own indecision they confused me so My love said never question your will at all In the end you've got to
For Cindy And Ray-09-11-01
9-11-01 WE SHALL REMEMBER AS MY FRIEND WITH ALL THE HORROR GOING ON TWO PEOPLE ALSO FOUND THERE LIFE TOGETHER FOR CINDY AND RAY-HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (I miss him, but yanno Im not sad...Im happy this is a day i remember I knew I LOVED HIM the towers and all is what made us realize we couldnt be without each other and our love)said by cindy imikimi - Customize Your World Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World When Death to either shall come,-- ...I pray it be first to me,-- Be happy as ever at home, ...If so, as I wish, it be. Possess thy heart, my own; ...And sing to the child on thy knee, Or read to thyself alone ...The songs that I made for thee. Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World
My 9-11 Input
For most Americans, there will never be another September 11th that we won't remember the terrible day of 9-11-01. The pain that we somehow hide in hearts is brought back to the surface and once again many of us shed tears for all that was lost on that dreadful day. For quite some time, the attacks brought Americans together in a way that had never been seen before. Neighbors helping neighbors....and people helping people that had never seen before. Sadly though, it seems that the togetherness demonstrated during that time is slowly dwindling away. Why does it take a catastrophe to bring people of different races, ages, backgrounds, states together? Why can't we work together as one at all times? Another point I want to make in this blog and it's not to take away from the lives that were lost on 9-11-01, but when remembering that day, let's not forget the men and women who are still giving their lives daily fighting a war in Iraq. Regardless if we agree with the war or not, the
Just want to take a moment today to remember all those who have fallen. God Bless Visit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE!
To Give Up Life For Others Is What Our Lord Jesus Did For Us
Yes if given a chance to Fight I would , I do , every day of my life , I fight for you ; your souls so Jesus will save you , so you might find faith and the truth ; So you can find faith thur him and, id die for all you If a war or I was placed in a situation to save some one .. if I could to save souls, I would , but I cant Jesus already did this for all you ; He was the annoineted one. No one else can do this > > All I can do ,Im doing now , giving word of God and staying in his love and ,letting him guide me to you to , some how place hope in you or show some love, or twinkle of his light thru me to you all you. but Jesus Christ can give Salavation not me . My Lord paid the innocent price and He, s blood was shed for all you . As you say you, d fight shed blood for those that were lost innocently to 911 . so would I of done this if i could of .. //Amen !!!!!
Today brings us the anniversary of the September 11th attack on the U.S. It's hugely remembered for bringing down the two tallest World Trade Center buildings and a portion of the Pentegon. I lived and worked in New Jersey. The place where I worked at was only a couple of miles from the George Washington Bridge. If the view had been better, I would have been able to see the WTC from there. The morning started off the same way every other morning did. At one point, though, people started filtering into my office and mentioning that a plane had hit one of the towers. At the time I thought it was another accident involving a small plane. That would have been bad, in itself, by not a big surprise. At the time, light planes had been falling on houses. I brought up a news site and saw a picture of the first tower and it had a big hole in it. It hadn't been a small plane at all. I started getting instant messages from my mother who was watching TV. It was turnin
Rick Rescorla
On September 11, 2002 I was asked to speak at a ceremony commemorating the events of 9/11/2001. There was only one person I could think of speaking about and that was Rick Rescorla. We Were Soldiers Once, And Young was required reading at the Infantry Officer Basic Course and we had briefings on the subject from both SGM Plumley and SGM Scott. Two very impressive NCOs, to say the least. That is how I was introduced to Rick Rescorla and his shining example of leadership and courage. This is the speech I gave, which had the good fortune of being blessed by none other than Joe Galloway. It was a small tribute to a man whose exploits I came to admire.............. "I would like to take a few moments to tell you the story of just one of the hundreds of heroes of September 11, 2001 and how his actions, past and present, set an example for us all. Rick Rescorla was an immigrant. He was born and raised in England. He immigrated to the United States at age twenty three. He becam
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Have We Forgotten?
Darryl Worley - Have You Forgotten I hear people saying we don't need this war I say there's some things worth fighting for What about our freedom and this piece of ground? We didn't get to keep 'em by backing down They say we don't realize the mess we're getting in Before you start preaching Let me ask you this my friend CHORUS 1 Have you forgotten how it felt that day To see your homeland under fire And her people blown away? Have you forgotten when those towers fell? We had neighbors still inside Going through a living hell And you say we shouldn't worry 'bout Bin Laden Have you forgotten? They took all the footage off my T.V. Said it's too disturbing for you and me It'll just breed anger that's what the experts say If it was up to me I'd show it every day Some say this country's just out looking for a fight After 9/11 man I'd have to say that's right CHORUS 1 Have you forgotten how it felt that day To see your homeland under fire And her people blo
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Loves Light
Your love is my sun That lights up my day. Your warmth is the reason I live each hour. You light up my life, Keeping the night at bay. I love you, Don’t ever leave, We were meant to be.
Remembering Today
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My Thought For The Day.. Sept. 11, 2007
~Life-Love-Family-Friends~ Love it Hold it Treasure it always for in the morning when you wake... you just might find that you've lost it. ~Candyce~
Where Were You When 9-11 Happened
Where were you on 9-11-01? I was on the bus going into college that morning (seeing the 2nd plane going in) and walking 10 blocks to my college only to find my lounge area looking like a triage zone. This was going to be day from hell. I tried to help those who needed it. And I tried to get some guy who was there who worked the food area to get some assistance for me. My friend grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into a room where the TV was. This room could fit 30 people tops, that day we were 100 or more watching the towers crumble. I knew the day was going to get worse. That day from where my college is located (Central Park) to where the Brooklyn Bridge is (a couple blocks away from City Hall) and over the bridge. Non stop. Was a hike and a 1/2. No cell service, nothing. Mind you my day started at 8:00am, my day ended with me stepping foot in my house at 7:40 Walking over that bridge you could smell burned bodies and death. A day Id like to forget ** A family frie
Home From Nc. Agian
Home from NC. agian I do not mind going home a few times a year but twice this year i went to NC to barrie either friends or family they say it comes in 3 i hope not that would mean one more to come. i sure hope not. And i want my family and friends to know how much there calls and kind words mean to me and helped me though both . I love ya"ll , Thanks everyone that took the time out of there busy life to call me and checked on me your greatttttttttt.
Please Read Me? Important To Me, No Jokes Here!!
I am sorry that I have not been on lately and I hate to bring more sadness to a day that is already filled with bad memories, but I have not been on much due to the fact that my wife had surgery in July to remove a tumor from her spine and is now wheelchair bound due to paralysis. It has been a job taking care of her, due to the fact that our house is not handicap accessible. I will try to keep in touch as much as I can. This is a great guy that is having a rough time right now.. I rarely ask for much and have never asked for you to go to another profile for me. But this hits close to home for me, and i know the Hell he and his family are going through! Everyone drop by and show him some love and support. One loving word can lift his spirits.. And he will pass the love to his wife.. He is a really sweet guy and is struggling with a hardship right now.
How Sad
people an there 911 blogs an mumms trying despertely too look like they care
What a sad day to remember but we must not forget. For it was our country that took the fall. We must always remember the fallen heros. The ones who were scared but still went into a burning building to save another life. We must remember the ones who went in but never came back out. For the ones who survived but will live with it for the rest of there lives. For it was there family. What a sad day sept.11,2001. Get down on your knees today and say a little prayer. many died that day, but there were survivors to that day we must never forget. what a sad day. I was not there but i still feel the pain of those who were. Sept.11, 2001 is stuck in my head forever. There will never be a day that i wont look up and remember the pain the tears that filled the air that day. The skies were silent that day 6 years ago. The silence that could tear a person into a million little pieces. What a sad day to remember but a very hard day to forget. Love your children bec
9/11 Memorial
PLEASE REMEMBER Please rip my pro pic & skin and use it today tyvm
We Gather Together
We gather together on this day to remember the lives that were lost 6 years ago. We gather together to remember friends and family that were lost that day. We must always remember. We gather together as Americans. We gather together with love on this day that we will never forget. We gather together to open our hearts to those fallen heros that that died doing what they love. We gather together to shed our tears. and be thankful for the love that they showed that day 6 years ago. We gather together to say a prayer and remember the painful that destroyed us, but didnt make us quit. We gather together with hope. We gather together to give a hug to the ones left behind the ones that wonder why. to comfort a child that has lost someone that they looked upto but is no longer there. We gather today to remember not to forget, and to take the time to say a prayer. We as Americans must stick together. and as we gather together let's not forget. Hold out your hand
What Rock Band Are You Really? ( Hmmm )
You scored as Rolling Stones, You stand out and like to PAARRRTTTYYY!!!! You are the Rolling Stones!Rolling Stones75% Nickelback75% Red Hot Chili Peppers67% Greenday67% AC/DC67% Pink Floyd67% Jefferson Airplane67% System Of A Down58% Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne58% Meatloaf42% Metallica33% Led Zeppelin
Pop The Cherries!!!!!
Pop the Cherries! (developed by ~~ TheCureForSanity ~~) Copy and paste the Code below anywhere on your Profile or in Blog, Stash, etc. Click here to play or view Children of the Seed! Click here to play or view Rotten Cherries!
9/11..."on Monday"
9/11 "ON MONDAY" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Monday there were people fighting against praying in schools. On Tuesday you would have been hard pressed to find a school where someone was not praying. On Monday there were people trying to separate each other by race, sex, color and creed. On Tuesday they were all holding hands. On Monday we thought that we were secure. On Tuesday we learned better. On Monday we were talking about heroes as being athletes. On Tuesday we relearned what hero meant. On Monday people went to work at the world trade centers as usual. On Tuesday they died. On Monday people were fighting the 10 commandments on government property. On Tuesday the same people all said 'God help us all' while thinking 'Thou shall not kill'. On Monday people argued with their kids about picking up their room. On Tuesday the same people could not get home fast enough to hug their kids. On Monday people picked up McDonald
To The Nice Guy
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what.
Heroes *Written By Darkside Princess* i got this fro her page im really diggin it so she said it was ok for me too post it on my blog i hope yalll enjoy it and really take it too da heart ty i wrote this you can repost it anywhere you like. but at least give me credit thank you © heroes *written by darkside princess © you are my hero. you are one that i will never forget. today is a day of sadness at ground zero. there are lot of things in my life i regret but support you my life and my fellow loved ones lives that is something ill never forget you risked your life for me and my children. a lot of you have lost your life. leaving behind mothers fathers brothers sisters children and wives. everyone thinks what we are doing is wrong but its not its making our world strong. stronger then it has ever been. i wish that our soldiers would come home. but its not gonna happen today or tomorrow but soon while all of our soldiers are away
You Me In My Room Alone
Well, I'm finally done moving....Settled in with my baby and living our life together. I tell ya what though, it's a bit difficult to move an entire house worth of furniture using nothing but a Ford Explorer, HOWEVER, it can be done!! Furniture and all, we managed to get it done in jus 3 days. I'm fucking tired, but it's good to be settled in, and finally feel at home. Drew
We All Must Remember 911!!
god, continue to bless america as you have and keep away anything that has to do with evil!! amen. want to give a shout out to the families of 911; may peace be unto you!! Music Video: Put A Little Umph In It by (Jagged Edge) | Music Video Code by Video Code Zone
To All That Love A Soldier
Please Add And Fan Him Thanks
Hello My Friends Can You Please Add Fan And Rate My Mans Page Hes New To Fubar. I Would Appreciate. Hes A Cool Guy And Im Sure You Would Like Him. Thanks My Friends. Hugs And Bites. deathwish5719@ fubar
Another For Soldiers Wive's
My 9/11 Posting
Forgive me today if I don't post a picture of the twin towers... I was going to, and to write a little something in regards to what happened... but I can't.... while I still feel for the families, and I still mourn the events of that day, I still remember just where I was and how I felt I have a difficult time still focusing on that. Not when I have friends calling me or emailing me, or IM me telling me to call thier wife or gf because they got hitby an IED and can't get through or just to talk about what happened because it's so heavey on their minds and no one else will listen because they're too scared, or it will make them worry too much.... my tribute today will be one to a few of the soldiers lost and wounded the other day.... and to all the ones still fighting... God Bless you, you are constantly in my prayers. God Bless their families who are affected everyday that they are gone, and everyday that they won't come home. You may not agree with the war, you may not agree with the
Lets Take Time To Remember Those Who Fallin On That Sad Day 6 Years Ago
hey fubar today is sept 11, 07 lets all set aside the diffances we all may have towards different things goin on. lets remember the ones weho lost their lives work at ground zero. we shall never forget that cowardly act on that day, when thousands of people lost their lives. some fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. we need to stand together on this day to support our troops who gives us the ability to sleep peacefully at night. we need to pray for those brave men and women that serve our great nation, and pray for their safe return home. sincerely david
Pisses Me Off
Re: ****~9-11 Tribute~****good-bye Blue Sky
Pink floyd world trade center tribute Pink floyd world trade center tributeAdd to My Profile | More Videos Good-bye Blue SkyAdd to My Profile | More Videos ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: bobbyDate: 11 Sep 2007, 08:46
On A Serious Note
Wow, Sept 11th already. This day holds some mixed emotions for me. I lost several people close to me due to this great tragedy. A handful of my friends, ex-marines, police, and firefighters, were in a car driving to New York literally within 45 minutes of the first tower falling. These brave men drove constantly, stopping only for fuel, in a desperate attempt to help their brethren. Only 1 of the 5 returned alive. People often forget that the towers took lives after the attack as well. Among the civilians, police, and firefighters that died on the first day, some were caught in collapses and sustained mortal injuries while in the rescue attempt. My friends were heroes, all of them. Some of my frustration lies in all the theories about conspiracy, and how our own government may have not only allowed it to happen, but actually staged the entire thing. And I must admit, some of the evidence is compelling. However, even if Bush himself was the trigger man, it does not diminish the h
Reasons To Go Nude
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Memories Of 9/11/01
Well...Duke is asleep and I have some time on my hands. I was just flipping through the channels and ran across the coverage that was on back on 9/11/01. It really brought back some sad memories... I had just gotten Robyn off to school...grabbed my coffee and sat down at the computer to check my email as I've done every morning for several years. Danny had just gotten into work...Tonja was there as well. Richard was in the back grabbing a shower. We were sitting there just chatting about a call from the night before. The television was on very low in the back ground. I don't know what it was but I had a sudden bad feeling come over me. I turned towards the tv and it was almost like my heart stopped in my chest. I knocked my coffee over trying to get over and grab the remote to turn up the volume. Danny and Tonja...along with me...just froze where we were. The sight of that first plane hitting was being replayed. It had just happened. I ran to the back and yelled for Richard to hurry
-------------------- Sept 11th Prayer------------
Hey there all I'm kinda new here so hello to everyone, hows it going? Recently I answerd someones mumm with an honest answer trying to be helpful and got shouted at. Which in itself is no big deal, I really could care less everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However those of you out there posting mumms shouldn't get offended when someone tells you how they feel on the subject. If you didn't want to hear what other people had to say you shouldn't have asked. Lots of love to everyone, I'm looking foward to meeting lots of new friends.
Thanks To All
I'd like to say thank you to all who sent pics and comments on this blog and to Lord Wolf. I know that in actuality we shall probably never meet in real life but the way I figure it, we're still a family when ya care what happens to each other. That's one of the reasons I like Fubar, but I damn well don't approve of what they pulled on Lord Wolf and a few others. If they have a problem with me saying that then ya'll all know why my account was don't kiss anyones ass and I damn well say what I think. So man the torpedos and full speed ahead...( WARNING...HAVE MOUTH WILL USE IT)lol. So love, kisses, hugs, and Slurpage to all. Tc and c-yall round the bar.
New Pics
yo ladies i just added some new pics for yall. so get at me
To The End!
A mother ask pres. Bush, Why did my son have to die in Iraq? Another mother ask Pres. Kenedy, Why did my son have to die in Viet Nam? Another mother ask Pres. Truman, Why did my son have to die in Korea? Another mother ask F.D Roosevelt, Why did my son have to die in Iwo Jima? Another mother ask W.Wilson, Why did my son die on the battle feild of France? Another mother ask Pres. Lincoln, Why did my son Die at Gettysburg? And Long long ago a mother ask, "Heavenly Father" Why did my son have to die on a cross outside jrusalem? The answers to all these questions are simiiar.. So that others may live & dwell on Peace, Happiness & Freedom. "If U don't stand be hind our troops, PLEASE, Stand in front of them"! For those of you who have read & understood this. I am in & out today. But I am here if you need some one to talk to! PEACE & God bless! Well, We made it another YR. And no it hasn't gooten that much easier to relive the agony of our losses! However It's nice to kn
-------never Forget In Memory Of 9-11-01----
One Special Girl.....
So I know this girl for only about 2 months or so. We talk to each other online once in a great while, since everytime i go online, she's offline. Well, to be honest, i really like this girl, but there's not even a chance for me to be with her. She's few years younger than me, and she is absolutely beautiful. I really don't know what to do about this situation. I don't know whether I should keep talking to her, or just completely forget about her. I can't really show my feelings to her, since we don't know each other for that long, but I completely feel like she could be the girl of my dreams. Ahhhh... I'm confused. Thanks for listening to my boring thought!
Some Of U May Remember
This will take you back, when you didn't have to worry about a drive-by shootng. This is one of the BEST VIDEOS about 50' & 60's cars I have ever seen. Please watch the complete video...... ENJOY !! Don't forget to turn UP the sound
When A Girl Misses You
When you catch a girl glancing at you, she wants you to look back and smile When a girl bumps into your arm while walking with you she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart she still feels it when you run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds, she is not at all fine When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are playing games!!!!!!!!!!! When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever When a girl says she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future When a girl says, "I miss you," no one in this world can miss you more than that When a
Things That Make You Go Doh!
9:59 a.m.: Cheney Unresponsive as South Tower Collapses Dick Cheney and senior staff witness the collapse of the WTC South Tower. Directly behind Cheney are Norman Mineta and I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby. [Source: David Bohrer / White House] (click image to enlarge)In the conference room of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), Vice President Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and their aides watch the South Tower collapsing on television. [Newsweek, 12/31/2001] Cheney will later say that the WTC coming down “was a shock to everybody—it certainly was to me.” [PBS, 9/9/2002] However, if he is indeed shocked, this is not how Cheney appears to others in the room. One witness who is present will later recall that, as the South Tower collapses, there is “a groan in the room that I won’t forget, ever. It seemed like one groan from everyone.” However, Cheney makes no sound, but closes his eyes for a long, slow blink. The witness says, “I remember turning my head
Somber News.
My grandfather died this morning. Don't worry I'm ok, I don't need to be consoled or anything. He has been fighting cancer for 12 years and was doing quite well until an accident in April which somehow brought the cancer out of remission. Since then he rather rapidly declined in health. He stay in good spirits throughout it all even keeping he trademarked sense of humor right until the very end. He died this morning, September 11th, 2007 at 8:45 am at the age of 85. He had recently celebrated his 63rd wedding anniversary with my grandmother. I just wanted to write it somewhere, Let people know what's going on. That is what this thing is for after all.
Frog Joke
A woman went into a store to buy her husband a pet for his birthday. After looking around, she found that all the pets were very expensive. She told the clerk she wanted to buy a pet, but she didn't want to spend a fortune. "Well," said the clerk, "I have a very large bullfrog. They say it's been trained to perform oral sex!" "Really?" the woman replied. "It hasn't been proved but we've sold 30 of them this month," he said. The woman thought it would be a great gag gift for her husband, and if it were true, she'd be able to avoid performing that burdensome act for her husband. She bought the frog. When she explained the frog's alleged ability to her husband, he was extremely skeptical and laughed it off. The woman went to bed happy, thinking she may never need to perform this unappealing act again. In the middle of the night, she was awakened by the noise of pots and pans flying everywhere, making banging and crashing sounds. She ran downstairs to the kitchen, only to find her husband
Lil Johnny
Six-year-old Johnny is the most gullible little boy in the world. One day, he is out shopping with his mother when he walks up to a mannequin and starts to run his hand up the mannequin's skirt. Johnny's mother sees this and rushes over, saying, "Johnny, don't you dare put your hand under there! Women have teeth up there and you're lucky she didn't bite your fingers off!" Johnny nodded dumbly and swore he would never touch a woman there. Well 10 years later, 16-year-old Johnny is out on his first date with Cindy and after dinner and a movie they find themselves in the back seat getting hot and heavy. After awhile, Cindy finally says to Johnny, "Don't you want to take it one step further? Don't you want to put your hands down my pants?" Johnny immediately says, "Oh, no, you might bite my fingers off! I bet you have really sharp teeth down there!" She starts to laugh and says, "No, I don't." "Yes, you do!" he says. "No, I don't! Look, I'll prove it to you!" she says, and whips off her je
Crossin Thy Fingers!
Well... I went the other day and took four test... and a interview... I am excited about it... I hope that I can get a job... woo hoo... I wont know for a couple of weeks SOOOOOOOO wish me luck! Laterz, Sin.
Pool Party
A rich North Carolina man had a party and invited all his neighbors, including Leroy, the only redneck in the neighborhood. He held the party around the pool in the backyard of his mansion. Leroy was having a good time drinking, dancing, eating and flirting with all the women. The host said, "I have a 10-foot long man-eating gator in my pool and I'll give a million dollars to anyone who has the nerve to jump in." The words were barely out of his mouth when there was a loud splash and everyone turned around and saw Leroy in the pool. Leroy was fighting the gator and kicking its ass. The water was churning and splashing everywhere. Finally, Leroy slowly climbed out of the pool. Everybody was just staring at him in disbelief. Finally the host says, "Well, Leroy, I reckon I owe you a million dollars." "No, that's okay. I don't want it," said Leroy. The rich man said, "Man, I have to give you something. You won the bet. How about half a million bucks then?" "No, thanks. I don't want it," an
One day, a woman arrives home from work and her husband notices she's wearing a diamond necklace. He asks his wife, "Where did you get that necklace?" She replies, "I won it in a raffle at work. Go get my bath ready while I start supper." The next day, the woman arrives home from work wearing a diamond bracelet. Her husband asks, "Where did you get the bracelet?" She replies, "I won it in a raffle at work. Go get my bath ready while I start supper." The next day, her husband notices she arrives home from work wearing a mink coat. He says, "I suppose you won that in a raffle at work?" She replies, "Yeah, I did! How did you guess? Go get my bath ready while I start supper." After supper, she goes to take her bath and she notices there is only one inch of water in the tub. She yells to her husband, "Hey, there's only an inch of water in the tub!" "Yes," the husband replies. "I didn't want you to get your raffle ticket wet."
Cystic Fibrosis
Ads by Google Cystic Fibrosis Disease Learn how CF Mucus Clogs the Bronchi. Learn more at this Website Cystic Fibrosis Testing City of Hope - CMDL: Your Doctor’s Partner In Personalized Medicine. What is cystic fibrosis Breaking News, Expert Tips, Member Support, Treatment Options & More What Is Cystic Fibrosis? Get Answers to Medical Questions Now. Try Today! Web Results 1 - 10 of about 226 from for CYSTIC FIBROSIS. (0.24 seconds) powered by fubar user: Cystic Fibrosis SUX (88159)fubar is the first online bar and happy hour where the part goes on 24-7! Can you handle the fu? Join NOW (it's free!) Once you join fubar, you'll be able ... - Similar pages fubar Blog by CYSTIC FIBROSIS ( 65 Roses): Living With Cystic FibrosisIf you have cystic fibrosis (CF), you should learn as much as you can about the disease and work closely
Ive been sitting here at home most of the day watching it on Tv. Its still hard to believe still that all those lives were lost that day. A country so powerful to let a 3rd world country do what they have done....I know its changed alot of peoples live since then...God bless the souls that were lost and God Bless the USA....
You People And Your Cats...
I'm tired of you whining about how I take pics of your cats and add captions without permission. It's not your damned child, it's your PET! Most people have a sense of humor and don't mind me taking those pics and immortalizing their cats with a joke. Just because you never saw my shout asking if I could take it, it doesn't mean I didn't ask, so if you have a problem with it, PAY ATTENTION and be grateful I'm not one of those sick f***s who rips pics of YOU and makes a fake profile with them. Give it a rest. It's a damned animal, not your firstborn.
What Do You Think About This?
Subject: FW: READ THIS! What do you think about this? Clinton Associates Hillary takes it in 08, any bets on what that body count will be? Food for Thought--------- Just a quick refresher ! course lest we forget what has happened to many "friends"of the Clintons. 1-James McDougal - Clinton's convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr's investigation. 2 -Mary Mahoney - A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown. The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House. 3- Vince Foster - F! ormer W hite House councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock's Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide. 4- Ron Brown - Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A p
Dark Chocolate-blood Vessels Opening Up!!
Eating dark chocolate can make blood vessels more flexible, basically boosting the function of vital endothelial cells that line the inside of blood vessels, a recent U.S. study suggests. Cocoa is rich in a group of antioxidant compounds called flavonoids, which are also found in fruits and vegetables, wine and green tea. Research suggests that consumption of foods rich in flavonoids may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. The study, conducted by researchers at the Yale Prevention Research Center in Connecticut, included 45 healthy people with a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 35. BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. A BMI reading of 25-29.9 is an indicator of overweight, while a reading of 30 or more indicates obesity. The participants were divided into three groups that ate either eight ounces of cocoa without sugar, cocoa with sugar, or a placebo. For six weeks, the participants underwent endothelial function testing. This was done by using
I usually don't like to post social commentaries and what not but today I will make an exception. No matter what you believe, today 6 years ago America lost a lot of innocent lives and a series of horrific scenes followed. I remember where I was that day, and how badly I wanted to leave my job and be alone. Now, I challenge you today. Today, like many others in this nation we remember the horror, but let us not forget the heroic human spirit. Lets celebrate the lives of those lost and those that helped strangers that day with self sacrifice. Here is what I mean: "NEW YORK - On Sept. 11, Kaitlin Ulrich will bring goody baskets to the police and fire departments in and around Philadelphia. 100 volunteers from New York – 9/11 firefighters and family members among them – are going to Groesbeck, Texas, to rebuild a house destroyed by a tornado last December. This is a minute sampling of the hundreds of thousands of people who have pledged to memorial
She's Tellin' It Like It Is
"You're a narrow-minded insignificant little cunt that needs to crawl back up into the hole you came out of." -- Mel LMFAO I ♥ you muchly my dear. You can never leave this addictive hellhole again! (But if you do I hope it's some place we all can go together) :D lol Some people need to be told that regularly! I'm so glad she said it!
We Remember
here we are....6 years later...and still the smell of sorrow is among us...this is the day our country was can someone so horrible live with themselves...and the people of their country praise this evil...what have we done? we lost many fellow americans in the attack...and many of you have lost loved ones of your family....and of a friends of family...MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ON THIS DAY....UNITED WE STAND....AND IN GOD WE TRUST. 2,749 people died at TWC including citizens from 87 countries. 343 were NYC firemen 84 were Port Authority Employes of whom 37 were police another 23 were NYC police Only 20 people were pulled from the rubble....
Connecticut Accent?
So, every once in a while I've been told that I have an accent of sorts... which I've never fully understood since I was born and raised in Connecticut. But then I decided to actually read up on it. I was curious since it just seems so weird to hear someone tell me that. I just assumed that we tend to talk properly (depending on what part of the state you're in) but I ended up reading this article about CT being influenced by NY and Mass. Which makes a lot of sense because Ct is right between them. But at the same time we have different inflections from that of our neighbors. From my part of southwestrn Ct generally our t's and double t's sound more like d's. Like, bottle sounds more like "boddle" or o's and u's tend to sound the same. It's kinda funny dissecting my speech. I'm even doing it now. My friend from Chicago told me that I say "fault" funny. Sounds more like "fult" like there's no "a" in there at all. There's variations all over the state. I just thought it
Riding A Bike
A Catholic Priest was about to finish his tour of duty, and was leaving his Mission in the jungle where he has spent years teaching the natives when he realizes that the one thing he never taught them was how to speak English. So he takes the chief for a walk in the forest and He points to a tree and says to the chief, "This is a tree." The chief looks at the tree and grunts, "Tree." The Priest was pleased with the response. They walk a little farther and he points to a rock and says, "This is a rock." Hearing this, the chief looks and grunts, "Rock." The Priest was really getting enthusiastic about the results when he hears a rustling in the bushes. As they peek over the top, he sees a couple of natives in the midst of heavy sexual activity. The Priest is really flustered and quickly responds, "Man riding a bike." The chief looks at the couple briefly, pulls out his blowgun and kills them. The Priest goes ballistic and yells at the chief that he has spent yea
Enough Is Enough
Well today is sept 11th like anyone could forget. every damn channel is showing all the video of the horrble tragity. And everyone one has a sep 11th pic up and stuff all over school. Now some of you my think I am being mean but not trying to be. To back myself up I did lose a friend in the two towers and I do have family over seas. But enough is enough. why to every damn year have to show all the tragic videos over and over? To me its like someone comeing up to me on the day my brother tragicly died, here is the photos and documents from the accedent and here remember the funeral. of course I will never for the that horrible day but why put it in my face and make me cry and have to see it all again. We dont show videos of vetnam, okalahoma city bombing or other tragitys. if we are going to drag this out then we need to show stuff about other things that have happend in the country. How about the kids that die everyday because of parents that dont give a shit and eather neglect
For those of you who never knew this too shall not pass. We owe to you our gratitude for the things we still grasp. Our freedom rings, Through songs we sing. Our hearts they overflow. The pain you endure for this I am sure. For those of you who never knew I owe my precious gifts. For the choices you made you surely have saved my life instead of you... -I wrote this on 9/12/02 after watching a Father of three interviewed about working at the Pentagon on 9/11/01
fuck this planet,fuck you all, When does this bullshit end?Our lives go round in circles and we don't know who we are.why do we love, or hate or live ?Why do we die?Do we choose when we die,or is it just our bodies following the patterns of eternity?Do we have past lives or do we live and relive the same life over and over?Do we only get one life?Pain is the only thing that seems tangible right now,andI don't want to cut,I stopped a long time ago. I don't know what to choose part of me wants to keep going and see where life takes me and part of me wants to cash the chips in and just lose it,I may go back to my self-destruction but then again I could exert self-control.I just want to feel whole again,I'm only half a person,half a soul.I have nothing,I had everything,and I lost him and I hope he comes back,I feel lost even though I know I can go on.I still would like to be the one by his side.In the end I want to be the one he coes home to. Raksha Soulraven ©2007
Questions Just one time And my body quivers My eyes roll back And it makes me shiver Such an explosion You touch me in disbelief The warmth flows over you To me such a relief I’ve waited so long I want you to know I’m so sorry now Its time for me to go Its time for the question So I can end this ride What is this really about Ecstasy or Suicide
" the more i know men, the more i love my dog! Dogs are loyal and trust worthy!" wanda sykes
Forget The Damn Contests For Remberance Of 9/11/01
Hello Everyone, Today is a day in history that everyone in the United States should not forget. There are men and woman who died 6 years ago because of Terrorist attacks on the USA. We need to take a day not to worry about contest or how many fans, or rates that we get. We should help any of the brothers and sisters here on Fubar that have lost a love one in that tragic day. I am in a contest myself, but today, I am not bothering anyone to come rate me or help me with my contest. I am also not going to go rate anyone who asks today either. I feel it very inconsiderate on a day that we lost so many people. We lost more people 6 years ago today then we lost in Pearl Harbor. Please lets all put a loving hand out to everyone who is morning today. This video is for all the soldiers out there that are fighting for us today to protect our country and our rights. Keep up the good work and my love goes out to you. You are all hero's in my eyes no matter what anyone says. May God Bless Y
Forever Remember 9/11
Always Remember
so i was listening to my brothers favorite song in the whole world...who knows why its his fave song...and then while i was listening to the lyrics it hit me and i heard them and i know why its his fave song and i cant stop fuckin cryin and if u know me u know how bad that frustrates me. and now i dont have my one friend that i wanna talk to online bc he's sleeping or something i guess, and im just in limbo right now. for those of u who havent met my amazing brother or dont know about him lemme enlighten you. my brother is an amazing man and i love him so so so very very much and i miss him so damn bad. he is in iraq right now and its killin me to be so far away from him, and not be able to talk everyday like we used to before he moved to where he was stationed. and not to mention that today is 9/11 and that doesnt help my case any. for those of you who protest the war, i am not trying to take ur rights away but the wonderful, amazing men and women who are over there fighting for ur ri
What I Want In A Man!
Well lets see how to start this.I've been married and in some relationships but they never worked out.I never got what i wanted out of the relationship. And now I'm single and trying to find that man that will make my life complete.But its so hard to find a man that can give me what i need.I want a man that knows how to treat a woman right and that wants nothing more than to make me happy.I want a man to love me and that will drop everything just to make love to me and can't stand to be away from me for long periods of time. One who thinks I hold the world in my hands and will do anything to make my life better. One who will love me and my daughter and my family and will just be here for me when I really need him. All I ever wanted in life was to be loved like I really mean something to them. It's so hard to find a man like this. So if anyone reads this and thinks that maybe they can fill these shoes for me please let me know I want to settle down and make a real home and family for my
Patti Smith - Gloria
Always Remember
Always remember the day the skies were empty, The songs that rang out the day our country was turned upside down. Always remember the fallen heros. The ones that gave their lives to help save the life of a stranger. The ones who died just doing what they do. Always remember that day 6 years ago, when so many tears were shed and still fall today. I cant think of one good reason not to bow your heads and say alittle prayer. Always remember the day the skies were silent. Always remember the price they paid just to save another. Always remember that no matter where you go in life we must all stand together. Give a hug to let someone you care. Help a stranger cross the street. Always remember sept.11,2001 Always remember never ever forget. Always remember your fallen heros and those who are were left behind to wonder why. Remember the tears of a child who just lost someone very special, comfort them. Always remember that day 6 years ago. Sept.11,2001 whe
Women Pirates~ The Legend~
Women Pirates~ The Leneds~ Men were not the only ones who sailed the seas. Women were amongst the sailors that pillaged unsuspecting ships. They were just as deserving of their place in history as the men. Three of the most notorious female pirates are Grace O’Malley, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Whenever the subject of female pirates comes up Anne Bonny and Mary Read are the first names to be mentioned. In Anne Bonny’s case she was the child of a scandalous love affair between her father and the maid. Her father separated from his wife and ran away to Carolina to live with his daughter and mistress. The maid died, leaving Anne the lady of the house even though she is rumored to have had a horrid temper. Though she had many suitors she chose a sailor whom her father dubbed as not good enough for her so the two lovers ran away to the colony Providence in the Caribbean. It was here that she met Captain Jack Rackham who took her aboard his ship to be his companion. One day they found a y
Anne Bonny ~ Famous Female Pirate~
Anne Bonny Title: Ahoy, Matey! That Pirate Has Breasts! Author: Deanna J. Jones (about) Anne Bonny, whether you believe her to have been a woman full of grit and gumption or a conscienceless criminal, is a fascinating historical figure. Amazingly, her appeal is due to what is not known about her as much as it is due to what facts are available. Historical documents support the notion that Anne Bonny was a headstrong, independent woman, and speculation points to a legendary and fearsomely courageous temperament. In any event, it is quite evident that Anne was a woman ahead of her time, for she broke convention during a period in history when women were expected to behave in a sedate, subservient manner. Subservient was a word that simply wasn’t in her vocabulary. The exact date of Anne Bonny’s birth is not known, but it is believed that she was born illegitimately in County Cork, Ireland between 1697 and 1700 to the maid, Mary Brennen, who was in her father’s employ. Her father, Wi
I dont understand how people can look at something someone does that is good and make it like bad on purpose. I mean do people really like to hurt other people intensually?? if so why? is there some great high that they get out of it???
You suddenly remember an appointment or task that must be done, almost certainly with just enough time to take care of it. You might feel the urge to get a bit more organized with your life ------------------------------------------------- Will have to keep this in mind, I have a few bills to pay. Did I mention we got the lead in the contest, a week into it we got the lead and no did not start out the day behind 2,000 I had to pull myself together and keep us in there this morning. Lets get on this lead and not look back.Here is the photo link to the contest: Love you all!!!!!
Dick Tracy You Ain't...
So as I sit here on 9/11 and read the MUMMs, I still see that people want to buy into Conspiracy theories. Now, I find theories to be a good thing - as long as you have SOLID backing for your notions. And that's one thing MOST 9/11 Conspiracists don't have - They only THINK they do. I mean, think about this.. According to Theory, this is all one big US Government Conspiracy. It was all staged, and they used their best and brightest to commit atrocities. OK, with you so far.. But how did YOU find out about it?? Their answer? "Oh, I did research on the Internet." Oh brother. Folks, I'd like you to think for a moment. Governments have ALWAYS had Black ops - And the general public is blissfully unaware, because these are HIDDEN so darn well. They make sure any possible tracks are completely covered - And they do it with a single minded determination NOT to allow it to be discovered. So how is it that somehow 9/11 was done so shoddily IF it were a Black Op? HOW are ther
Dragonforce- Through The Fire & Flames
Steeler Team Arrested....
Breaking news.... Cleveland, OHIO The pittsburgh steelers have been arrested in Cleveland. After the Michael Vick affair, the NFL and all local police agencies are cracking down on dog-fighting. In concordance with such policies, the pittsburgh steelers have been arrested for beating 53 brown dogs. The dogs seemed to have no ability to fight and as such, were throughly beaten by the steelers. Authorities say the beating was so bad, the entire city of cleveland may need counseling. There has been no remarks from the steelers...
Ben Franklin Quote
fish and home visitors smell in three days !!!!!!!
Resident Evil: Extinction
It's a language Personal to mine and yours, Universal around the World (no Translators required ;) you Speak it when you're Little, and Teach it when you're Old Believe it with your Eyes, but Feel it with your inner heart's Soul It's Gifted carefree, and Cherished like no other let your heart's Desire, Speak with Words that never tire Loud and Clear from me to You, a big and Warm I Love You... .......¢¾.................¢¾.................¢¾...............
If I
If I do not write, Don't worry. If I do not call, Please don't cry. If I whisper your name, Smile with joy. If I walk by your side, Feel happiness. If I reach for your hand, Give it freely. If I give you mine, Hold it tightly. If I give you my heart, Will you give me yours? ~JMW~
Nuit Malveillante ( Malevolent Night )
The translation is a little rough but its been a while since i have written in french. The english version is at the bottom and yes this is something i wrote myself. Je la convoitise l'obscurité, quand le mal vient environ. Toutes choses toute feuille pure avec la lumière Ma cruauté est des pensées libres et délié Condamnables grandissent épais dans mon esprit mes feuilles Tachées de sang, ma chair déchirée, la petite mort Les flotteurs d'odeur cuivrés dans l'air Sont Tombés le liquide cramoisi épais glissant en bas mon menton Le ravissement qui a causé le si beaucoup de fuseau La douleur qui est fourni avec le plaisir traînera jusqu'à ce que le jour casse le titillation De l'angoisse délicieuse de l'heure enchanteuse kiss crossbones Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m I lust the dark, when the evil comes around. All things pure leave with the light My wickedness is free and unbound Damnable thoughts grow thick in my
Alvin Left Me...
the only way i can say how i feel are lyrics to a song... Send polyphonic ringtone to your cell phone You took my hand You showed me how You promised me you'd be around Uh huh That's right I took your words And I believed In everything You said to me Yeah huh That's right If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong I know better cause you said forever and ever who knew Remember when we were such fools And so convinced and just too cool Oh no No no I wish I could touch you again I wish I could still call you a friend I'd give anything When someone said count your blessings now For they're long gone I guess I just didn't know how I was all wrong They knew better Still you said forever And ever Who knew Yeah yeah I'll keep you locked in my head Until we meet again Until we Until we meet again And I won't forget you my friend What happened If someone said three y
Truck 4 Vegas
'96 Dodge Ram Dullie 3500 V-10 king cab 4 sale...asking 6,000 obo.....runs just too much of a truck for me a line if u like to see it...........ill post pics on site...thx..........
Funny Car Ad
My Nightmares ....
One Of The Best Songs Ever Written ....
Help Please
Hey i need help in my contest. I need rates and comments. Please stop by and help me out. I have helped several over the few months that I have been on here. THe click on the pic below. thanks Carrie
Ones U Love
2day remember our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice at ground zero,all the innocent lives that perished, the families that lost loved ones.i pray 2 god i never lose u .send to everyone u never want to lose .
Worth The Read!!!!!!!
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar H e shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everyt hing else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes." The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar
King Burger
Just thought i would post one of the characters from the Scarybird mobile game due out at Halloween
Just Read It, Or Not....its Simple
I feel sorry for you.... sorry that your so insecure that you feel the NEED to screw any tramp-bitch that is willing to spread her legs,and lick your nuts! Strong women are offered to you, but you rather have a submissive cunt that will support your sorry-ass. You prefer to tolerate those who comprimise themselves and their personal goals to serve you... Who are you? Captain save-a-hoe....because you think you can offer sexual healing to those that are soooo insecure that they will actually tolertate the abuse you lay on them.... You are capable of so much more, so much better, but the blue-eyed devil tells you differently. You settle for whores who bust down on demand-for what? Come to think of it, maybe ur not better, maybe you never were. Your karma will show you this. All the deciete and immorality will chip away at you until you are as worthless as the tramps you lay with. ENJOY
~ I Am Already There ~ 4 Versions With Our Troops
Here are 4 versions of the same song, but i wanted to share them all in hopes that someone may see some Loved one, Family or Friend
Conspiracy Theory
Empty Future
I look to the future, It is blank for me. Nothing has been written, It is bare you see. Like a tree without leaves. Like the flowers without rain. Just an abyss, Full of emptiness. The futuer is suppose to hold all of your dreams. The only ones I have, Are from days gone by. They say when it is near the end, You hold nothing dear. You do not have dreams, That you want to make real. My dreams are all gone. They are buried in the past. No longer do I hold a love that won't last. Empty and broken. Shattered and torn. My cup is empty, Never again to be filled. I look to the futuer and mine is a blank screen. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved
Screaming Mini
I got this little toy at Kroger yesterday called Screaming Mimi....This is a video i made of me annoying my cats & bunny with! it :)
Please Help A Good Friend Of My Husbands
well is my latest pimpout...he is a good person and had his account deleated some time ago for reasons i am not at liberty to say but i can say i talked to him and he is a cool person so whoever reads this blog can u please go on his page and show him some luv...he only has 55 pics so it should be easy...rate add and fan pleaseb as well as rate his pics...ty very much everyone and have a great is his link...................................... Catch me if you can now@ fubar this pimp out brought to u by the one and only... HOTSTUD262006 founder and Recruiter of The Godfather Family.(Real husband to Angel1111)@ fubar
A Mother's Worst Nightmare
A Mother's Worst Nightmare This is a real life story, actually it is mine. This one has a somewhat happy ending, but alot of stories similar to it do not. My son joined the Army right out of high school in 2000, he was 17 at the time. I did not want him to join, but he told me "at least I will be able to go to college,mom." SO how do you argue at that point. So he joined and went to boot camp in Sept of that year. He did really great in boot camp as well as all of the other training that he had to go through. He was stationed at Ft Campbell,Ky with the 101st Airborne Division. I was really very proud of him and he looked so handsome in his uniform. What mother wouldn't be proud of her son? But then in 2001 life would change for everyone. That day as I watched those towers fall I cried, not only for the people that perished that day but for what I knew was surely going to come because of this event. I knew that my son would be going to war. As with any war I knew t
Another One Bites The Dust Queen
Governor Rick Perry On 911-07
"September 11th will forever be regarded as a day that changed America," said Perry. "We were reminded that the evil in the hearts of men can manifest itself in harm to those people and institutions we most deeply cherish, even in places we long regarded as safe. Today, and everyday, we pledge to honor the memory of these innocents, pray for the healing of their families, and work for the protection of our state and nation. " -- (State of Texas) Governor Rick Perry September 11, 2007
Even in the pure dark of this room, I can see color in your eyes. When your hands touch me just upon my face it is carnal - is it wrong to want the air that has been inside you; to need the echo of your sigh, the shadow that you cast? The depth of this feeling makes me feel small inadequate - but you, by being here, validate, vindicate. Your kiss, right now, right there, gives truth to every struggle leading to this moment. I am humbled by the shape of your lips, the warmth of your breast, even the colors in your kaleidoscopic eyes. © All rights reserved
Grab a tissue. If you have a heart, you will shed some tears when you listen to the little girl talk. Turn up the volume!!!Turn On Your Volume.They'd go to the beach, hold hands, collect shells, and make sand castles. Even though they were young, this was the start of something new. One day after Mandy's 6th birthday, Billy came up to her and asked "Will you be my girlfriend?" and she said yes. They sat there by the pond and they promised forever.They hugged, they kissed, and their parents knew they were perfect.Every day as they grew older, their love kept growing stronger.They became teenagers, and they loved each other more than ever.They spent their summers together,they had sleepovers, they were the best of friends, and more than anything, they were lovers.They loved everywhere,even if they were miles apart.It was perfect. Years passed and passed and finally, they got married.One day, after Billy got home from work, Mandy had some breaking news:she was pregnant with a baby. On Jun
I'm Scorpio
Vietnam Memorial Wall (dc) Defaced Sept 7-8, 2007: Part 1
Park rangers indicated that the clear, oderless oily substance clean up by maintenance and preservation crew was completed Sunday. The incident occured Friday night and there was no permanent damage to the wall. The wall is made of granite... same as the counter tops (sorry if that offends to think of the wall as a counter top) Where it is polished and treated it is very durable. The long term traces come into play where the stone is engraved. It is dry and more prone to absorbing liquids and becoming discolored temporarily. The elements, Sun, Wind, Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail.... will correct this problem and add thier own signature to the character of the wall. As I said in another post, The wall is as tough as the men that fought the war it represents. You can only insult it.... Baring sharp objects scratching the face or something more corrosive, with the exception of certiain types of paint.
Tribute To My Mom...
"Don't live your life waiting for me to die" "You have the right to live your own life." " I love you and will miss you" these were your words to help me get through. Now. mom here's my words to you. You are my rock, my confidant, my best friend. You were the person I ran to. who always helped my heart to mend. I always knew you'd always be there, no matter what troubled my mind. I'd find you sitting in your favorite chair. I need that now, just one more time. I'm coming to realize that you are still here. I see your face when I see my own, it's made me strong to overcome my fears. I know now I will never be alone. You were the one I've always turned to, in all my times of need, but mom your job here is through. I've become the woman you knew I could be.
Please Remember
When I feel like crawling in a hole and hiding the day is so dark, and everybody around you sucks you are surrounded by faces but not one cares or see's the hurt that lies behind the dark glasses and fake smile you want to lie in the water untill you sink to the bottom to drown out the voices and sufficate the artificial care. the superficialness of it all is so much like an eclipse of the moon you are able to see right through it, though most are blinded by it the walls are closing in and I am so tired of the fight why do I keep trying when it feels like im getting nowhere It is all comming round full circle, the love the pain and the anger they say people are put in your life for a reason, it may be just a season, if so it is winter now, bare and lonley. i'll just put my heart in an iron shell and hide it where none will find it away from the predators on this earth and away from my own touch my nature is a self destructive one, to drive those that love me away fea
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: *** SStar *** Date: Sep 11, 2007 12:05 AM We remember..September 11th, 2001."The world saw evil that day.."An image collapsed.The 2,948 confirmed victims of September 11th 2001 included innocent victims from 84 countriesThe youngest victim was 2 years old Christie Hanson - The oldest victim was 85 year old Robert Grant Norton3,251 children lost a Parent on that dayFreedom through Terror.we remember, we will always remember.AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 11,from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center with 92 people on board. AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 77,from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon with 64 people aboard.UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 175, from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, was the second hijacked plane to strike the World Trade Center, plowing into the south tower. Two pilots, seven flight attendants and 56 passengers we
Its Howling
I hate Illinois weather. Today its a high of like 70, with wind blowing like mad. I sit at my desk here at work, cuz i can't leave yet and have nothing else to do, and you can hear it howling. It is so freaking cold in here. Only at JC Whitney can it be 60 degrees inside on a 100 degree day. But as I was saying, I hate Illinois weather. Just a few days ago it was like 90 degrees, the kids were wearing shorts. This morning it was 40 out. I had to dig through all the unpacked bags of junk to find them jeans. That sucked. I do have to say I am ready for fall. The colder it gets the closer it means for Halloween and my birthday (Nov. 15th hint, hint). But the weather here never fails to amaze me. My mother always said that if you can live in Illinois, you can live anywhere. She is right. We go from one extreme to the next, and thats with in 24 hours. Don't get me wrong, I love it here. I am just amazed on how the wind is blowing and you can feel the coolness in the call cente
Never Forget
Peace At Heart
Great tranquility of heart is his who cares for neither praise nor blame. - Thomas a Kempis
Sad News
I got some bad news today. My step mother called me and asked if I had heard from my brother Kevin. I had not. So she tells me that he is getting a divorce. After 15 years of marriage! I know it happens to a lot of people. I know this. I am not naive. It is just that him and his wife who were heavy drug users in the past, made it though that and jail time for drugs, got clean and made it through not being able to have kids have now decided to get a divorce after just buying their first house just last November! I know I don't know all the details. I just worry. I have seen what drugs do to my brother and it is so ugly. I worry that even at 40 years of age, he will slip back into that life style. They seemed to have gotten their act together. She went to school and is now a nurse. He has a great job. They bought a house and bam! It seems like when you think things are perfect, they really aren't. My sister in law is a great person and I hope they can make it with
When The Children Cry
listen to this song it's so true
I Am Sooo Busy
I appreciate all the love I have been getting, but please have a little patience with me. I f I don't get back to you right away I will, as soon as I can. I have had to turn off my shoutbox, so if you want to reach me please reach me in email. Again I love my fubar friends and family, but for some reason I have had more traffic than normal, and once again...I'm getting overwhelmed..LOL sorry...Hugs and Kisses
First of all, Id like to send my condolences to those who have lost friends and family in such a tragedy that never should have happened. Now, that thats out of the way, 9/11 is such a crock. It was all bush's fault that it happened. The Bush family and the Bin Laden family were oil company partners back when Regan was president, and thats where it all started. The reason 9/11 happened is because the cia trained al qaeda to defend themselves when russia was at war with them, so Bush Sr. and Reagan gave them the skills and the weapons to fight for what the believed in, then they turned around and used them on us. Bush should never have been president the first time after Regan, but the american public only knows what the government tells us to know. Why did we go to war with Iraq? Because the government maybe wanted us to forget about his partners? C'mon people wake up! 9/11 didnt happen because of terrorists, it happened cuz bush is a greedy oil comapny man and a fucking idiot... Ple
88 Lines And 14 Words
Long ago in endless time Somewhere in empty space The Gods gave substance to themselves And to this earthly place. Then the sons of the Gods chose the earth To carry on a fight That started in another place Between darkness and the light. Now the Arya were the sons of the Gods And order was their cause, For chaos cannot prosper In the light of Nature's laws. The Arya spread across the earth And taught the Folkish way, And for a time order reigned, But 'twas a short lived day. For darkness had a battle plan And an army all in place. 'Twas stealth and wealth and cunning In the hands of an alien race. The alien brought the darkness To every folkish land, Stole their wealth and heritage With usury's hidden hand. Purchased kings and fostered wars So kindred Folk were slain By those of selfsame kin and blood On every earthly plain. The alien taught the Arya That a Nation's not a Race, Nor culture, nor kin, nor heritage, Nor even similar face. A
Very Appauled
Im no anit american but it seems like everythign has to mark a day were something bad happen to the united states. Right now there is a war going on and all i hear good for them hope they all die, has this society losts its way? The war is happening cause of a few mens decions when it was not that of the people. I do not supports wars but I wam a very kind hearted person no one stops to think about the innocent people in afghanistan dieing for what some men decided what they wanted to do.
Did Mf Die
Grilled Bbq Shrimp
What You Need * 1 (16 ounce) package frozen Market Pantry easy-peel shrimp, thawed and peeled * 1 tablespoon Archer Farms chicken & fish rub * 1/4 cup Archer Farms™ sweet onion or honey barbecue sauce * 6 (10 to 12 inch) bamboo skewers (presoaked for 15 minutes) What You Do * Heat grill. * Thread shrimp onto skewers. Sprinkle both sides of shrimp with seasoning. Lightly brush with barbecue sauce. * When ready to grill, place shrimp over medium heat, cook for 6 to 7 minutes or until shrimp is pink, turning once.
Prayers For Dldg
No Tears
The pain will eat away at me. But I cannot cry. I hurt so much that I can't be. But I cannot cry. I drown in a sorrowful sea. But I cannot cry. The pain won't leave on this page. I pray for the tears to come to break me free of this cage. I scream. I shout. I kick. I rage. But I cannot cry. Everything inside me has dried, So I cannot cry. I wish the darkness to subside. Yet I cannot cry. Somewhere, a part of me has died. But I cannot cry. Sweet tears that never came. That tells me I care, tells me there's an end to this nightmare. Tells me it won't always be there. Why can't I cry? Emptiness has made me hollow. But I cannot cry. The hate's grown too much to swallow. But I cannot cry. You and I may die tomorrow. But I cannot cry. The world has made me numb to pain. I cannot cry.
By the time you read through this YOU WILL > UNDERSTAND TENJOOBERRYMUDS... > > > > In order to continue getting-by in America (our > home land), we all need = to > learn the NEW English language! Practice by > reading the following = > conversation until you are able to understand > the term = "TENJOOBERRYMUDS". > > > > With a little patience, you'll be able to fit > right in with the growing > trend!!! > > > > Now, here goes... > > > > The following is a telephone exchange between a > hotel guest and > > Room-service: > > > > Room Service (RS): "Morrin. Roon sirbees." > > > > Guest (G): "Sorry, I thought I dialed > room-service." > > > > RS: " Rye. Roon sirbees...morrin! Joowish to > oddor sunteen???" > > > > G: "Uh..... Yes, I'd like to order bacon and > eggs." > > > > RS: "Ow July den?" > > > > G: ".....What??" > > > > RS: "Ow July den?!?... Pryed, boyud, poochd?" > > > > G: "Oh, the eggs! How do I like them? Sorry... > Scrambled, ple
Remembering September 11
This brings a tear or two to my eyes
So today is 9/11 as I'm sure you all know (because of the MuMMs and bulletins, at least) and well in medicolegal, we got to talk about mass disasters and how to solve such cases. Now I find it funny that our teacher was tip-toeing around the subject, when in fact, we are in school for forensics. We know that a disaster such as NYC, Pearl Harbor, Glasgow Airport, etc. etc... will happen. So why tip-toe around the subject. We are all adults. We know what we might have to deal with. I just find it funny that the teacher was a little on the nervous side to talk about the subject, when really it wasn't all that bad (for learning that is).
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Love's Possibilities ...
Does love mean different things to different people? How does one perceive and understand all the possibilities with "love"? Can you be in love with two different people at the same time? Is it possible to love someone you have never even met face to face? Is there only ONE right person out there for each of us? ... or can we find "the one" more than once in our lifetime? So many questions ... so many things left unanswered. How do you ever "get it"? Understand it" Trust in it after you've been broken? Well, I tell you what... it's not easy. After someone completely annihilates your heart, I don't know if it's possible to ever really get back to a place where you can give your heart again.. to them or to anyone else. The fear of that pain lives deep inside forever I think. and No one really ever understands unless they have been there before.. and have felt that kind of pain before. You feel dead inside.. like something is always missing ...but They always gotta give it a c
Tired Of Sites .
Myspace sucks ,Tagworld sucks, Tagged sucks, Hi5 sucks ass , even this is starting to suck . Im on leavel 5 and i still don't have a set of decent people to talk to .
Need To Level
My Stripper Song....
Your Stripper Song Is She Wants to Move by N.E.R.D. "Her off beat dance makes me fantasize (Her curves) She's sexy!!" You are 100% sex appeal. As simple as that. What Song Should You Strip To?
Make Love
September 11th Wow it has been 6 years. I remember where I was and how the actions of that day affected me emotionally. I wore a tough skin trying to be strong for others but inside it ripped me apart. I had a baby and I was crying inside wondering why I brought a life into a world so full of hate. I think today we need to remember that the reason for the attack was hate and ignorance. So, when little things happen that annoy you or bug you just remember that hate can start as grain of sand but if you don't work through it you will soon have a dessert. Smile today, do something nice for someone. But most of all remember the people and the strength of all those who have given their lives to help us live free of hate.
The Beginning
Today (this might sound odd) was one of the most important of my life. I changed on this day, 6 years ago forever. The way i felt, thought, lived was never the same. The only thing higher then my senese of national pride was my lust for blood. But for my son being born 3 months later, i would b overseas killing myself. As we fight the very same enemy in Mesopotamia(Iraq), i think we're forgetting what we set out to do on September 12th 2001. Our lives hum along, pretty much unchanged. Everyone forgets how they said "get in Iraq and kick some terorist ass." It wasn't a simple hollywood two week war. How inconveniant for all of us. Well it's time to quit forgetting and support the mission and the troops. We kill them there or they kill us here. simple as that folks. So suck it up. war isn't easy. Bin Laden and every other terrorist fucks say get out of Iraq. The democrats all say get out of Iraq. You on their side? Well get back on my side then. Till the mission you suppor
Bek'ah's Bad'lan Bat-mitzvah
when she became double digit age-the question briefly passed in my mind--shall i pay some synagogue thousands of dollars to teach my daughter stuff of the ritual nature which sometimes even conflict's with G-d's Law--or shall i give said money away to worthy charities and teach her myself of the wealth of knowledge i acquired through a lifetime of study of G-d's Laws - i chose the latter. she becomes 13 in 4 days--i will bat-mitzvah her before sabbath on friday--on a holiday actually defiant to G-d's Law.--THIS IS NOT THE NEW YEAR---IT'S THE 7TH MONTH--IT'S A MINOR FESTIVAL TO SOUND THE TRUMPET--AND IS CELEBRATED FOR 1 DAY--NOT 2--AND TO GET INTO A SYNAGOGUE FOR IT-YOU MUST BUY TICKETS!! -will Bekah's bat mitzvah bre in a synagogue--i don't think so--it will be in the same dinky room i study the bible in--i'll read and teach her from the bible as i have been--not for a day but for a lifetime--teach her about G-d, what and how it means to be a Hebrew, how to pray--all that's good.--a
Update On Me!
went to the doctor today and the doctor isnt going to put me in the hospitol just yet but he wants me to see a heart specialist soon for some more tests!!I am still having a lot of problems breathing and feel very week and sick!!I wanted to thank everyone who sent nice comments and bowls of soup ect!!It really made me feel some one out there does reall care about me!!Feeling sick and week has made me kind of down in the dumps but all the nice comments and gifts are really helping!!plz dont give up on me..I am a tough ole bird lol!!thanks again everyone!!edwin
Holy Rusted Metal Batman!
Oh Dear GOD I'm bored. What r u all doin this fine evening? I think u lovelies should leave me voice comments. Go look in my about me section for the recorder. Oh and p.s. I'm mobile so i cant use my shoutbox.
Never Question A Drunk
A woman was shopping at her local supermarket where she selected: A half-gallon 2 % milk, A carton of eggs, A quart of orange juice, A head of romaine lettuce A 2 lb. bag of coffee, And 1 lb. package of bacon. As she was unloading her items on the conveyor belt to check out, a drunk standing behind her watched as she placed the items in front of the cashier. While the cashier was ringing up her purchases, the drunk calmly stated, "You must be single." The woman was a bit startled by this proclamation, but she was intrigued by the derelict's intuition, since she was indeed single. She looked at her six items on the belt and saw nothing particularly unusual about her selections that could have tipped off the drunk to her marital status. Curiosity getting the better of her, she said: "Well, you know what, you're absolutely right. But how on earth did you know that?" The drunk replied, "'Cause you're u
Harry Connick, Jr. - Jambalaya
Hey, Friend...
Hey, friend, the flowers are all gone, and the sunshine is hiding in the wintery sky, so I wanted to send you a warm hug and some sunshine to let you know you're in my thoughts today. I'll do my best to send you the warmth of summer when winter winds come your way.
Hate People!
Hi all! This is just something that has been lingering on my mind all day. I'm a little sick of people being assholes. Grow the fuck up!! Honestly I'm 20y/o, I goto school full time AND work part time. I don't see where people find it in themselves to be ignorant to someone like me who does a lot on their own. I'm sick of people telling me I'm a whore because I have a daughter and am young. I'm sick of people calling me a WHALE. In all honesty I know I'm fat, but I didn't know I was that fat. I'm sick of people calling me a loser. All honesty again I don't care if I am a loser because I am at least doing something with my life unlike a lot of people I live around. This doesn't optain to anyone on fubar, it was just a place for me to bitch and complain! Have a goodnight!
I'm finally up, almost awake My head is aching for goodness sake What was I drinking in that pub? Did I really go to that club? My memory's weak, I must admit But dream I did, in your arms submit You nipples I was sucking on Your cunt my hands did rest upon My prick was hard you stroked me slow Your gentle motions made me glow You want to fuck? I did ask you A nodded yes, lets start anew You like my tongue upon your clit? I tease it from it's hooded slit I suck it gently, you start to moan A finger in your cunt, I'll roam You taste so good I lap you up Your juices flow, could fill a cup! I spread them to your other hole And lick around that prized goal A finger in your arse I place Two fingers in two holes, a race To make you cum, I finger fuck Both holes, and your stiff clit I suck You're gonna cum you shout at me You want my prick so hard I see I change my finger for my cock I fuck you now I'm like a clock In, out, in, out, you'
Warning: Democrats Will Not Like This.
Former President Bill Clinton: President Clinton: “We Have To Defend Our Future From These Predators Of The 21st Century. They Feed On The Free Flow Of Information And Technology. They Actually Take Advantage Of The Freer Movement Of People, Information And Ideas. And They Will Be All The More Lethal If We Allow Them To Build Arsenals Of Nuclear, Chemical And Biological Weapons And The Missiles To Deliver Them. We Simply Cannot Allow That To Happen. There Is No More Clear Example Of This Threat Than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. His Regime Threatens The Safety Of His People, The Stability Of His Region And The Security Of All The Rest Of Us.” (President Clinton, Remarks To Joint Chiefs Of Staff And Pentagon Staff, 2 /17/98) President Clinton: “Earlier Today I Ordered America’s Armed Forces To Strike Military And Security Targets In Iraq… Their Mission Is To Attack Iraq’s Nuclear, Chemical And Biological Weapons Programs And Its Military Capacity To Threaten Its Neighbors …” (”Text Of Cl
Not Forgotton
spoken by a small child) Hi bubby it's me sissy how are you me mommy and daddy are fine I really miss you bubby I don't have any body to play with since you went away I asked daddy why you had to go but all he does is cry and wont talk about you mommy said you went to heaven cause Jesus needed another angel bubbie are you an angel now I'm waiving at you can you see me your bed room is still the same way so are you comming back soon I'm in school now bubby and it's fun this summer I got to go to disney land I asked mommy if you would be there mommy said no cause your in heaven far far away I miss you so much can I be an angel to so I can be there with you well I have to go to bed bubby do you have a bed time there I have to go bubbie so I'll talk to you tomorrow love you sissy. copyrighted@2001 written by David Warren there will be a vacant place in some ones heart today give thanks to all who have not forgotton tell all you know how much you love them toda
I Often Find Myself
Mmmm! They say a picture of beauty can speak a thousand words of pleasure... Well every time a picture of you comes into my mind...damn I find myself getting lost in so much pleasure and desire...that without hesitation I feel my dark cock getting excited for you... Wanting you, needing you...and when you're not here I find myself touching myself for you... I get lost in the realms of wanting my lips pressed against your our tongues begin to explore the hidden pleasure zones... Damn just sitting here with my eyes closed I can feel how soft and warm you are to I gently let my tongue explore the essences of your soft and warm lips...letting my tongue trace your lips, gently resting them against yours... I can feel your body heat warming up to me...wanting to give into the pleasures you're feeling... "I Often Find Myself Fantasizing About You!" I can see my hands wanting to explore all of your sexy body as you lay next to me...the visions of my hands p
9/11 Sadness In Our Hearts
9/11 Tribute VideoAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Well, it seems as though my story, Xaemyl's Tale is going to be published in the net 'zine Renderotica in either February or April edition. They are still moving up in the world, but currently have 300,000 subscribed readers. Yeah, so... how about that? Guess I ought to get writing more, hmmm?
I'm swimming all alone in a pool of darkness and I feel like darkness is slowly pulling me under I yell for help but no one is there to hear it I begin to see the water at eye level and I kick and flail fighting to stay above the darkness But the darkness won't let go of its hold on me and I slowly begin to give in to the feeling that lies below the water line the waters starts to fill my lungs the lungs that once held so much life yet now they allow the murky water to replace that I know that this path doesn't lead to happiness But why doesn't someone grab my hand pull me from darkness's grasp? because no one knows I stand at the boundary the boundary between light and dark so I give in to the thing that holds me All of the strength and all of the courage that I once held in my heart can't save me from the water So I slowly slip below the world of conscientiousness undetected by the occupants of that world I don't want to fight anymore I've given into darkness
I feel alone… So broken and beaten down It seems as if nothing causes happiness Nothing can lift my spirit, my soul Am I doomed to be left alone, forever? Or is it just me pushing what I have away? Why can’t you hear me screaming? Why can’t you wipe away all my tears? You just don’t care Yet I can’t help myself from caring about you… Leave Me I’m tired of being depressed Sick of all the stress Haunted by your face appearing in my dreams Leave me alone Let me take care of my own Please – Just let me go
Time Stands Still
Time Stands Still By Cursed Cowboy When I look in your eyes time stands still, Like and endless moon lite night. Your touch is soft and warm, Like a summer breeze. I hold you tight so you never forget, Memorize come and go but love is never forgotten. Even the most beautiful rose falls short compared to you. Your smile is filled with love that make the angels sing, Songs fill the heavens for the love I have found. My hands shake when I touch you, The thought makes my heart skip a beat. Time stands still because it doesn't want to leave, It know love when it see it, and you are loved.
It seems like so many people are endlessly searching for someone to be with. I've gotten to the point where I am just living my life and see what comes along. I got sick of trying to look for someone since it seems it just makes you feel depressed and even more lonely. The more I have thought about it the more asinine it seems to look and look for someone when it always seems you find someone when your not looking and least expect it. So I figured why let all the stress and emotions of looking bother me. Just live your life and if your meant to be with someone you will find them one day when it is time for it. Plus it makes living your everyday life a little better when you don't let yourself worry so much.
Great Sex Survey
GREAT SEX SURVEY Name: Jess Age: 28 Current Location: Lasalle, IL Eye/Hair Color: brown Height: 5'5" Ethnicity: white Sexual Orientation: bi Size of penis/breast: they are fucking huge WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN THE OPPOSITE SEX?: Age: between 25 and 35 Eye/Hair:doesnt matter Ethnicity: not too picky Body Type: don't care Whats your favorite part of a guy’s/gal’s body?: eyes EASY QUESTIONS: What kind of underwear R U Wearing? boy shorts Have you ever given/received a lap dance? yes Ever watch a porno? who hasnt? Ever made someone think you were gonna have sex but didn’t? yes Are you into ass smacking?yes but not to hard Are you a Virgin?: NO When did you lose it? 17 How was your first time? it was in the football stadium, what do you think If you had a choice would you have stayed a virgin longer? no Are you an easy “O” or hard “O”? depends Ever meet someone off the internet for sex? no How many dates does it take to get into your pants? a few Do you l
Going Back Home For The Weekend
Well i know i posted this in a bulletin but i think i meant to put it here but no biggie. anyways jenni is sitting her shit faced thanx to rock$tar lol thank you so much cuz I needed it. You are awesome. But jenni not only is shit faced on the computer im getting there at home too. Oh so back to my point I'm leaving to go back to Maryland this weekend so I wanted to let ya all know I may not be on here but if you have my cell phone or yahoo you can most likely reach me on there. If I get on fubar it will be late at night every night cuz I have things to take care of when I get there. I fly early on friday morning and I come back late monday night. So on yahoo you may see me signing in and out that will be cuz I have to drive from BWI airport to my mom and dad's. Well I think thats all my point was so you all have awonderful week an weekend and see ya all soon oh and Matt if ya read this maybe I'll make a pit stop to say hi LMAO. Jen
Well, it seems as though my story, Xaemyl's Tale is going to be published in the net 'zine Renderotica in either February or April edition. They are still moving up in the world, but currently have 300,000 subscribed readers. Yeah, so... how about that? Guess I ought to get writing more, hmmm?
Fuck Off
Angelina Jolie Is Freakin Hott
You Are More Like Angelina Jolie Bad girl with a heart of gold. You are smart, sexy, and strong willed. You aren't against stealing another girl's man... If he's better off with you! Are You More Like Jennifer or Angelina?
Prank Call
I was at Walmart the other day over the speaker,someone announced Amanda Kiss,twice Gee imagine that A Man To Kiss
Eye Love
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Never Forget
please take a minute, turn up your speakers and watch this video!
Damn Ex Gfs
tryed to get back with my ex gf and she was still the same girl controliing me and making me super mad fighitng with me yelling at me and such so i guess im stayign single whatever
Too Funny.. (leave Brittany Alone)
Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World
Reflection, Respect And Rememberance
My husband wrote this blog and i am circulating it here. Leave the hating comments at the door cause i don't need em and won't tolerate them. So, Today I write with all seriousness. The following letter will contain no sharp wit, none of my sad attempts at bad humor, or any of the other qualities that make my usual blogs the laughing stock of the literary world. We mark today as the 6th anniversary of the tragedies that befell our country on September 11, 2001. A day which propelled our military forces into a war spanning multiple fronts across the globe. Most of the attention currently is focused on our larger theaters of operation in Iraq and Afghanistan. As time separates us from the emotional impact we felt on that fateful day six years ago, most people have turned from "mourning" to "moving on". Like it or not, September 11th, 2001, has become yet another turning point in the history of our American Experiment. While many Americans alive today never experienced
Im really having a hard time with something lately. I don't know if it is because I am seeing it around alot more or im a little more sensitive to these types of things then I have ever been. Racism. I am so frusterated and deeply angered at the ignorance of Racism. I am from a family that is deeply rooted in racism in the south and it seriously bothers me. God created us all in his image.God is no respector of persons. God does not say if you are of this race you can not enter into the throne room of grace. instead God says ALL can come unto me. so where do we think it's ok to dictate, to seperate and segregate? This isn't just meerly about blacks/whites. Im speaking of all cultures that experiance racism. I for the first time experianced racism against me about 3 weeks ago and it stung me to the core. I was like man this is how it feels! I feel every race was put on this earth to contribute something. we are all interesting in our own special way. I believe God did not intend for al
It kinda sucks ive applied in like 100 places with no call backs as of yet trying to get into a better apartment then im in right now.still no solid internet but thats really my own fault for thinking with the whole i need a job thoughtsd and the holy shit im fat so imma walk 10 miles a day. but really i miss some people grrr help me find a job oh and ps has wishlists up and my birthday is coming soon (hint hint) blasts,happy hours are good Love Crimson
Just Thought It Funny
Kanye shush! its not about the awards..its about the music. Bwhahah. eh.
Give It A Name Then Let Me Know.
Your heart reaches out like none I've ever seen. It's as big as life will allow, yet you always seem to have room put aside,,,,for someone that needs someone like you. You reach far beyond The things that you do,, Your nature is one hard to find,, But everyone can see the love you hold,,,By looking into your eyes,, You say you're just an ordinary girl,,,But people you know can see,,, There's nothing ordinary about you girl,,,Cause you live as the spirit leads. A smile that would brighten any room,,,With eyes that sparkle like stars,,,You give so much,,,That sometimes you sit and wonder,,, Just who you really are,, But there comes a time in everyones life,,,You must turn your love around,,,And feed YOURSELF,,,,with the love,,,that others around you have found.. So take time each day,,, to reflect on yourself,,,and see just what YOU need,,,so you can be WHO you are,,,and live life as the spirit leads. You're never alone on this road you travel,,,This you will see someday,,,you'
A Full Mouth
My breath on your thighs brings goose bumps to your skin You smile at me, eyes hooded now with desire As I search for the door to the treasure within And the shiver of your knees says you pussy’s on fire You slowly allow me to widen your knees And now I can see the soft down of your hair I can smell your arousal and I yearn now to please Let me lick, suck and nip, let me play with you there I can feel your legs tremble as I kiss your pale skin You are simply delicious, a sumptuous feast As I slide my mouth closer I can’t help now but grin Your innocent virtues have brought out the beast You are moaning so softly as my fingers caress The aroused nub of your clitoris, then your soft outer lips As my lips trail closer I must now confess I can’t want for your pussy and I grab at your hips Your body is shaking and jerking with lust As my mouth sucks your lips, as my tongue slides inside Your breathing erratic, your luscious hair mussed While I lick and I suck, whi
Horoscope For 9/11
You've got more energy than you realize -- and probably more than most of your peers. It's a great day to work ahead and see if you can score yourself a bit of wiggle room thanks to your enhanced productivity. ****yeah right tons of energy, guess my stars didnt see that i was sick lol
I Want You (a Poem)
To Put It Simply, I Want You I want to be your companion and walk hand in hand, your strength enveloping mine. Autumn leaves falling, scuffing feet and laughter, sharing nights, not finished by the dark. I want to be your confidant as you pen your deepest thoughts, as your heartaches bleed and finally break free. Your dreams, I keep as if my own. I want to smile as you smile and giggle with you at nothing at all. I want to be your lover and find the passions that move you to action. I want to be the softness that induces you to trust. I want to be the naughty that makes you come back for more. I want to please you. I want to share your breakfast and your dinner, I want you in the shower and in your bed and with soft steps to bring you coffee (I take mine black) Your strong arms, the legs that power your thrust, your lips of pleasure, these are the fuel of my desire no it is no secret, my love, and to put it very simply, I want you.
Slide Show I Made That Made Me Cry
My grandmother will be gone a yr on the 25th of Sept..for all of you that dont know i moved back to this shit hole town Lawton/Ft Sill to take care of her...this is my tribute to the greatest and most stubborn woman iv ever met...Now you guys know where i get it from lol .
**a Step Closer To Success
EVERY FAILURE IS A STEP CLOSER TO SUCCESS People who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed. Experiencing failure is inevitable on your journey to be successful. Every defeat is merely an installment to victory. You'll find that the number of times you succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times you fail and keep trying. You won't be judged by the number of times you fail, but by the number of times you succeed. Failure is nothing but education, nothing but the first step to something better. You can't be a winner and be afraid to lose.
Reading Profiles
Sometimes I truly have to sit back and wonder do people really read what a person has on their profile page?! I really don't think so at least half the time! I have to admit, I am grateful that although one person did read the entire thing, didn't listen to a word I said on it. I'm usually very set about the rules in my life, and I have now broken every single one of them and for the right reason. That reason will in the near future be revealed but not yet. Most are in for one hell of a surprise!
i decided that today was the day i will never ever burn my self/cut/ take pills ever again... cause my leg has this blister and i dunno what to do and it hurts...
Yes I Do Owe U This
I entered into a contest. It's first to 5,000 for a 7 day blast! I want my first blast, so I'm calling in all favors owed to me! please come show me some love!!!
Ok so the following is something that had to be filled out by two people who are close to me, it is a self-inventory worksheet that i had to have these people do for one of my classes at college....The following are the questions that were givien to one of my closest friends Rob Pede, his answers are listed as keep in mind that he did not take this very seriously lol...enjoy.. Please answer the following questions about: Katie Stang My relationship to this person is: Lover descriptors, describe this personin the following four areas of self using specific words, phrases or sentances.. Mental(abilities, prefered ways of learning, attitude or mental outlook) : She can blow shit up with her mind, Osmosis, Great outlook on life, very optimistic. Physical(apperance,
I just got back from a whirlwind trip to NYC with a good friend of mine. It was the first time I'd been there, and it's one of the few cities I've never visited so it was about damn time. I was uber-excited about seeing him, he and I go back about 15 years or so, and there's this matter of me saving his life back then... (I'm calling in that debt one day) We went so he could audition for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (missed it by 2 questions, but what the hell, right?). Everyone told me, "oh, it's a great city to visit but you wouldn't want to live there.." BULLSHIT! I would move right into the middle of that madness and love every second of it. I think it fits my ADD. So the hotel was 6 blocks from Times Square, and I spent most of my time staring at everything except what was in front of me. Needless to say, I nearly got cabbed more than a few times. Topped the Empire State Building, played the keyboard from the movie Big in FAO Schwarz, saw Carnegie Hall, MoMA, Carnegie de
Yeah Im On A Keith Sweat Kick, Sue Me
"When I Give My Love" When I give my love When I give my love to you When I give my love to you (Whoa...oh...), baby (My baby, baby) I'll show you what love can do ...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah When I give my love to you (When I give, when I give), baby (When I give love to you, baby, baby) I'll show you what love can do (I will show you my love) When I give my love to you Hush, my baby, baby, don't say a word I got so much love for you, girl, haven't you heard Now I'm on a mission, girl, my intuition Says you should be mine, I should be yours When I give my love to you (When I lay, when I lay your body down), baby I'll show you what love can do (I'll show you what a real love feels like, baby, yes, I will, girl) When I give my love to you (And in the midnight hour, baby, in the midnight hour, baby), baby (You're gonna want me, you're gonna love me) I'll show you what love can do (Yes, you will, yes, you will, baby) When I give my love to you Don't you know,
Official Diagnosis
Okay today, it is official, i have Pneumonia, but viral so none should be at risk. I am on the mend, but its going to take time. I am getting better day by day. Now to make sure it doesn't go sepsis on me as I am prone to doing with pneumonia. Just keeping everyone updates. Not sure when I might make it back to fest. Miss you all a great deal! all my love
Another Nail
another nail drop after drop of liver eating elixir my mind wont stop traveling to the sight of this plane crash. with a drink to forget I cant seem to shake it the moment I left you standing alone. forgive all my sins, yours burned to ash much like the blood from my viens tomorrow i'll forget you and never look back just like you have denounced my name so i take this breath a coffin nail my will is broken my mind is stolen so i take this drink a lullaby and i numb this pain, good fucking bye.
10000 To Level
Another person to make friends with! Yea!! Do what you can if you can Click the pic Mark_Murderous@ fubar
My Favorite Song By Akon
Lonely by Akon Album : Trouble (2004) Lonely I'm Mr Lonely, I have nobody, For my owwnnn I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody, For my owwnnn I'm so lonely, Yo this one here goes out to all my playas out there ya kno got that one good girl whose always been there like ya Kno took all the bullshit then one day she cant take it no more and decides to leave I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed my girl wasn't by my side, coulda sworn I was dreamin, for her I was Feenin, so I hadda take a little ride, back tracking ova these few years, tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad, cuz Ever since my girl left me, my whole life came crashin I'm so lonely (so lonely), I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely) I have nobody (I have nobody) To call my own (to call my own) girl I'm so lonely (so lonely) I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely) I have nobody (I have nobody) To call my own (to call my own) girl Cant belive I hadda girl like you and I just let you wa
Nerd Call
5% scored higher (more nerdy), 0% scored the same, and 95% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!! :)
Dimebag Darrell Tribute
6 string masterpieces... this is an awesome website, check it out...
No Matter How Many Times I See This, I Still Cry
They'd go to the beach, hold hands, collect shells, and make sand castles. Even though they were young, this was the start of something new. One day after Mandy's 6th birthday, Billy came up to her and asked "Will you be my girlfriend?" and she said yes. They sat there by the pond and they promised forever. They hugged, they kissed, and their parents knew they were perfect. Every day as they grew older, their love kept growing stronger. They became teenagers, and they loved each other more than ever. They spent their summers together, they had sleepovers, they were the best of friends, and more than anything, they were lovers. They loved everywhere, even if they were miles apart. It was perfect. Years passed and passed and finally, they got married. One day, after Billy got home from work, Mandy had some breaking news: she was pregnant with a baby. On June 22nd, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She grew bigger and bigger, and soon, Mandy fou
Leveler In Contest
Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot
This Is Why I'm Hot (CHORUS) this is why im hot, this is why im hot, this is why, this is why,this is why, im hot this is why im hot, this is why im hot, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot, im hot cuz im fly, you aint cuz u not, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot im hot cuz im fly, you aint cuz u not this is this is why, this is why, this is why im hot (VERSE) this is why im hot, i dont gotta rap i can sell a mill sayin nothin on a track i represent new york, i got it on my back niggas say that we lost it so imma bring it back i love da dirty dirty, cuz niggas show me love the ladies start to bounce as soon as i hit da club but in da midwest, they love to take it slow so when i hit they bitch i watch them get it on da flo and if you need it hifey i take it to da bay cristo to sac-town, they do it everyday compton to hollywood, soon as i hit LA im in dat lo-lo, i do it da cali way and when i hit da shat, people say that im fly they love da way i dress,
..cnn, Abc, Nbc, Cbs, Msnbc
"It appears we have appointed our worst generals to command forces, and our most gifted and brilliant to edit newspapers. In fact, I discovered by reading newspapers that these editor/geniuses plainly saw all my strategic defects from the start, yet failed to inform me until it was too late. Accordingly, I am readily willing to yield my command to these obviously superior intellects, and I will, in turn, do my best for the Cause by writing editorials - after the fact." - Robert E. Lee, 1863
Naughty Test
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU!
We've all Got The Pain Voices Driving Us Insane No Fame To Claim But It Does'nt Matter/It's All The Same Sick Of This Life Sick Of Fuckin' Breathin' As Soon As I Load This Gun Up/I'm Fucking Leavin' I Aint Accomplish Shit 'cept Some BullShit Crime I Hate My Self For Loving You I Dont Think Any One Would Care If I Really Did Now Every One Will See What It Do These Demons I Did Every Wish They Bid Load My Ass Up In That Casket Drop It In The Ground Now I'll Kick It With Some Maggot My Soul Is Hell Bound Seeing My Family Cry Man/It Really Fuckin' Hurts These Tears Ran Dry The Wraith He Doth Lurks Drinkin' Fourties To Chase The Demons Away With A Demoness I Did Lay I Know There's Gotta Be A Better Way Feeling At Fault At The End Of Every Day Out Of This World I'll Go/With a Bang The Sound Of A 12 Gauge It'll Ring In Your Mind 'Till The End Of Time/The Angels/They Hath Sang Another Book/Chapter/and Fuckin' Page The End Of The Pain/The End Of My Love
Blurry lyrics Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake and everybody's empty and everything is so messed up pre-occupied without you I cannot live at all My whole world surrounds you I stumble then I crawl You could be my someone you could be my scene you know that i'll protect you from all of the obscene I wonder what you're doing imagine where you are there's oceans in between us but that's not very far Can you take it all away can you take it all away well ya shoved it in my face this pain you gave to me Can you take it all away can you take it all away well ya shoved it my face Everyone is changing there's noone left that's real to make up your own ending and let me know just how you feel cause I am lost without you I cannot live at all my whole world surrounds you I stumble then I crawl You could be my someone you could be my scene you know that i will save you from all of the unclean I wonder what you're doing I wonder where yo
Nine Eleven
Doesn't feel like it's been 6 years, does it? Happened to look at the clock at 9:11 this morning again, held my breath waiting for something to happen again. Seems that ever since that day, I'm looking at the clock when it hits 9:11 every day. Weird. In '01, was on the way to the vet's office when me & Chuck heard the news that the first plane had hit on the radio. Then the second one. Got there, the vets' brother worked in one of the towers. She was crying. I asked why the hell she was still at work. Got done at the vets & went to pick up the kid at school. It was in a kind of lockdown. Went to her class to get her, was inundated with questions from the kids. The school wasn't telling them jack. Got home & watched the news non stop. Just couldn't tear myself away from it. I think what hit people hardest is seeing people jumping from the towers while they were on fire. And those fuckers were celebrating about it. Still have this sticker on my car Yep, still hate em. Th
Callin All Friends Fans And Family
I entered into a contest. It's first to 5,000 for a 7 day blast! I want my first blast, so I'm calling in all favors owed to me! please come show me some love!!! FOR 200 COMMENTS U GET A SPECAIL TREAT
Have you ever been sick and not known what to do? Have you ever felt life slip away from you? Have you ever had your heart broke and felt the world come beatin? Have you ever had your mind say the same shit over and over again? Can you find the cure to fix all your pain? can you stop your tears from falling like rain? The cure is unknown to most. But to all be known its known from coast to coast. The cure is all over for you to see for him for her for all to love free. The cure to life and all your pain is as pure wind fire and rain. There is only one way to find your cure is to love free. The only real cure is the one that loves you and especially me!
I'm With Stupid By Static X
I'm With Stupid Lyrics
Hello everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I am back to school. I have class every Tues. Wed. and Thurs. evening from 5:30 to 9:30. I won't be on as often as I'd like to be, but just leave me a message and I'll get back to you. Peace, Mindy
Wwe Diva Victoria Lashes Out At Pro Wrestling Web Sites (about The Divas Using Performance Enhancing Drugs)
WWE diva Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Victoria) recently lashed out at pro wrestling web sites on her MySpace page, posting the following message concerning WWE divas using steroids. It should also be noted, nothing from myself was posted concerning divas using steroids. As each diva has said, look at them, they are in no way, shape, or form using performance enhancing drugs. I have no clue where this rumor originated. I'm sick to my stomach about a couple of things, and I want to address them. First, I get some emails today asking me if I'm one of the WWE Divas that "a number of WWE sources" claim are using drugs. Where did that information come from? Where did that quote come from? Wrestling websites. Now this is straight from WWE Diva Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria) So I want to address those wrestling websites... My mom is a wrestling fan. My nieces and nephews are wrestling fans. I have many girls and young women who look up to me. I do not, and have not ever violated the
Always And Forever
Always and forever, Is what I want with you, Always and forever, With not one heart but two. Always and forever, From now till eternity, I finally see in my heart, That this was meant to be. Always and forever, Till the end of time, I was meant to be yours, And you were meant to be mine. Always and forever, Our love has been put to the toughest test, Now we know what our love can do, It truly is the best. Written by me....Little Lee
I had a dream just the other night it was a different and unuasul sight it was sometheing so rare, Something until now,i never knew id ever share, but what it was,was a very beautiful thing. a very prosperous gift,something only god can bring something that hardiy ever happens in our life time. something thats so hard to truly ever find, this somthing is with out any form and it consist of no shape,something i know was born and only contains friendly love,and has no part of hate a real thing like this you should want to grasp ahold never waiting a second cuz it'll slip away and cause you never to know,.....the true potential of a friendship like mine something that will prove to be fruitful if only given your allowed time my friendship hes no end,only forever and like these two flowers id like our friendship too blossum together
You Know You're From Pennsylvania If ...
You know you're from Pennsylvania if ... You've never referred to Philadelphia as anything but "Philly." And New Jersey has always been "Jersey." You refer to Pennsylvania as "PA" (pronounced Peeay).How many other states do that? You know what "Punxsutawney Phil" ( A Ground Hog ) is, and what it means if he sees his shadow. The first day of buck and the first day of doe season are school holidays. You can use the phrase "fire hall wedding reception" and not even bat an eye. You can't go to a wedding without hearing the "Chicken Dance," at least 1 Polka and either an Italian song (sung in Italian,) or "Hava Nagila." At least 5 people on your block have electric "candles" in all or most of their windows all year long. You know what a "Hex sign" is. You know what a "State Store" is, and your out of state friends find it incredulous that you can't purchase liquor at the mini-mart. You own only three condiments "salt, pepper and Heinz ketchup". Wo
Well, as alot of people know, Monday my heart was broken because out to the blue the man I loved broke up with me. I would like to thank all of the great people on here who helped make me smile through my pain. All of the nice gifts and kind words. My friends are the best!
Well as we all know it's 9-11. And now for most people it just feels like another day. If you all remember America was getting real complacent before 9-11. For a while after that day this country was truly in a heightened state of alert. From what i've noticed of late is that everybody seems to be getting a complacent attitude again. I know it's been 6 years since the attack, but the lesson learned that day should have been one that lasted decades. Now don't get me wrong 9-11 should be treated just like any other day. But we should cut out the complacent attitude every day.
What I Want For My B-day
ok my b-day is next month october 31st id either like to level up to a 20 or something or get a happy hour i know i'm what i'm asking for is alot or impossable but it's what i want for my 26th b-day never had a happy hour and would love to get 1 for my b-day :D(this will only be up till my b-day after it's past i'll take this down)
The Mystery Is Solved
Ok I don't think anyone has a clue what the hell Corey Hart is saying in his song "Sunglasses at Night" so here it is...we can all sleep at night now. Artist: Corey Heart Song : Sunglasses At Night Lyrics: I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can Watch you weave then breath your story lines. And I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can Keep track of the visions in my eyes. While she's deceiving me it cuts my security. Has she got control of me? - I turn to her and say: Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no. Don't masquerade with the guy in shades oh no I can't believe it! You got it made with the guy in shades oh no. And I wear my sunglasses at night so I car ` Forget my name while you collect your cla1 so I can And I wear my sunglasses at night so I carim. See the light that's right before my eyes. 1 so I can While she's deceiving me it cuts my security . . . Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no. Don't ma
Please Help Me!!!!! First To 5,000 Wins!!!
Hey all quick update. The leader in the Bra and Panties contest has 3146. I know I have more friends and fam than that to help me out. I love all you guys and would really appreciate your help!!!! just click the link and rate and comment the hell out of me! thanks guys! lovie u I WON 3RD PLACE!!!!!!!! Its a 1 day blast. Thanks to all who helped me take 3rd in the bra and panites contest. I won a 1 day blast! I would especially like to thank Chan812crew for sticking it out with me til the end! You are the best! A big hug and a kiss to everyone who commented and made me feel special! hugz, Nichole
When I say Im country I do not mean that I as raised on a farm and didn't wear shoes all year. I do not mean that I awoke with the chickens and milked the cow. I dont even think I've ever milked a cow....I've milked a goat tho. I mean I was raised in the country. With horses and Chickens and little pigs that we raised and one day ate, and I cried my eyes out when my daddy told me I was eating my bestfriend Pork and beans. I used to whisper secrets to that pig. All about my imaginary husband, that I didn't know was imaginary until someone pointed that out. And i ate him. So i guess i ate my secrets back up. My dad used to take us girls on midnight horserides. And moonlit walks down the middle of the street. We could lay down right on the street and stare up at the moon, while my great big bear of a dad pointed out constellations. We camped out in our backyard and made forts out of mazenita bushes. We knew what to do it we saw a rattle snake or a mountain lion. And we kne
Rude Kids
My daughter started dance school this past Monday.She didn't know anyone else there so she was trying to mingle and say hi to the other girls.The girls didn't even act like she was there,which I found to be very rude.If some one said hi to my daughter and she didn't respond back with at least a hi back.I would tell her it was rude.I felt bad for her, I could tell she felt like the outcast there.Most of the other girls had friends there or at least knew some one else there.Should I move her to another class or see how it goes after a few more classes?
Ops, Infringement
This is to notify you that we have received notice that the following material posted by you via the Photobucket service is infringing: Got this from Photobucket, wasn't smart enough to know I was infringing. So, no more comments changed by me, oh well, it was fun while it lasted, sure didn't intend to steal anyone else's work. I went through and deleted anything that looked like it could be infringement. Curt
Hart Ack
waht do u do when u have not much to fight for and u see your self being a loser u have a huge hart with a huge hole in it and every time u find love it gets riped out all over agen do u try to pick up and move on even thow every thing in u tell u to fight or just give up all together is it wrong of some one to fight for some one they love even thow her hart belong to another
The Dalai Lama Re Religion
"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." –The Dalai Lama
Im This Kinda Real Man To Please Tease And Treat Her Like A Lady Any Takers(local Would Be A Plus.............
IT TAKES A REAL MAN LIKE ME TO PLEASE AND RESPECT A LADY IF YOUR LOCAL HIT ME UP THX......... Body: Body: Any guy can mess around, it takes a real man to find a girl and stick with her. Any guy can call you sexy, hot, and all that.. it takes a real man to call you beautiful. Any guy can call you in tears begging you to take him back, it takes a real man to not have a reason to be in those tears. Any guy can say I love you, it takes a real man to say it and mean it even if all of his guy friends are standing around. Any guy can drive over to your house to hang out with you, it takes a real man to show up unexpected. Any guy can have sex with a girl, it takes a real man to wait. Any guy can be with you on the best days when everything is ok, it takes a real man to stay by your side for weeks if thats what it takes when it feels like your world is falling apart. Any guy can talk noise with his friends when some hot girl walks by, it takes a real man to look the oth
Where's My Trickle? (krugman)
Where's My Trickle? By Paul Krugman The New York Times Monday 10 September 2007 Four years ago the Bush administration, exploiting the political bounce it got from the illusion of success in Iraq, pushed a cut in capital-gains and dividend taxes through Congress. It was an extremely elitist tax cut even by Bush-era standards: the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center says that more than half of the tax breaks went to Americans with incomes of more than $1 million a year. Needless to say, administration economists produced various misleading statistics designed to convey the opposite impression, that the tax cut mainly went to ordinary, middle-class Americans. But they also insisted that the benefits of the tax cut would trickle down - that lower tax rates on the rich would do great things for the economy, helping everyone. Well, Friday's dismal jobs report showed that the Bush boom, such as it was, has run its course. And working Americans have a right to ask, "Where's my trickle
We remember..September 11th, 2001."The world saw evil that day.."An image collapsed.The 2,948 confirmed victims of September 11th 2001 included innocent victims from 84 countriesThe youngest victim was 2 years old Christie Hanson - The oldest victim was 85 year old Robert Grant Norton3,251 children lost a Parent on that dayFreedom through Terror.we remember, we will always remember.AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 11,from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center with 92 people on board. AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 77,from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon with 64 people aboard.UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 175, from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, was the second hijacked plane to strike the World Trade Center, plowing into the south tower. Two pilots, seven flight attendants and 56 passengers were on board. UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 93 from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California, crashed in rur
Life's Curveballs......
Sometimes in life you get thrown a curve ball. It could be something small and miniscule, or it can be something major and life altering. What do you do when these curve balls come your way? Deal with them of course and keep on moving along. I've had so many curve balls thrown at me that I'm getting used to them. This year though, I was thrown the Big Mama of curveballs and I'm still standing and chugging right along. I've had to make some serious changes in my life and more are coming...and they're ALL good. There are times when you have something thrown at you and you DID NOT expect it and maybe even fought it. I don't think you can win when "The Big Guy" has plans for you. You need to just roll with it and accept the changes, no matter how major they are. Even worse, when others are involved...that's when you run into heartache and hurt. Everything happens for a reason, I really do believe that, even if it might hurt. I am the kind of person that only wants the B
I Decided............everyone Read........
You Know You're A Military Wife If...
This goes out to all you miltary Wives! These are sooooo true! God Bless You All! . . . your kids point to any airplane or military vehicle and say "Daddy"! . . . you remember where your kids were born by duty stations. . . . you refer to friends by where they live (ex: Cindy from TX, Ann in CA, etc.) . . . you have a whole wash load of black t-shirts and socks and another just of camouflage. . . . you can sleep through the sound of fighter planes and bombers on their morning practice. . . . you can tell what is wrong with flight suits or BDU's before the service member does. . . . you know more about re-enlistments and assignments than the personnel office does. . . . you reach for your ID card upon entering a civilian store. . . . you pay $35 to have a baby. . . . your kids point at anyone regardless of race or gender in BDUs and say 'DADDY!' . . . your kids walk around naked with huge combat boots on. . . . your son looks at an MP and says
Eh Just More Rambling Outta Me Mouth, Er ,fingers Lol
I just wanna get things off my chest ( no pun intended lol ) ..... I've noticed that I can be a very jealous person, at least in the begining of a relationship that is. lol. I know I shouldn't be and I DO try to work on NOT being so, but dang sometimes it's hard to just bite your tongue and move on. lol. I hope it's not just me alone that has this problem?? lol. I used to never be a jealous person and maybe it's not really about being 'jealous' persay, maybe it's more about , not wanting to be played or bs'd anymore, I dunno. I'll figure it out one day I'm sure though. lol. I know that I've been treated like crap by men over the past few years and I'm not used to being treated quite this crappy by them, so it's really bowled me over with trust issues and jealousy or keeping my guard up big time now. I want to be able to trust , like I used to be able to , but I guess I need more reassurance now than I used to because of things that've happened over the past few years, i
The Military Wife
The Good Lord was creating a model for military wives and was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared. She said, "Lord, you seem to be having a lot of trouble with this one. What is wrong with the standard model?" The Lord replied, "Have you seen the specs on this order? She has to be completely independent, possess the qualities of both father and mother, be a perfect hostess for 4 or 40 with an hour's notice, run on black coffee, handle every emergency imaginable without a manual, be able to carry on cheerfully, even if she is pregnant or has the flu, and she must be willing to move to a new location 10 times in 17 years. And, oh yes, she must have six pairs of hands!" The angel shook her head. "Six pairs of hands? No way!" The Lord continued. "Don't worry, we will make other Military Wives to help her. And we will give her an unusually strong heart so it can swell with pride in her husband's achievements, sustain the pain of separation, beat soundly when it is o
A Military Mans Woman!
This holds so true, and if it doesn't, are you really truly your military man's love?? I still remember exactly how everything felt...... *The average age of the military wife/girlfriend is 20 years old. *She probably never saw herself loving a man who was in the military, but she loves him regardless. *Her penmanship has improved over the last few months, due to the excessive letter writing she has been doing. *She cries a lot,because she misses the man she swore to love. Her life isn't complete without him. *She looks very tired, because of her many nights without sleep, due to a late night phone call that never came or a call that came and kept her up all night, just because she heard his voice, she is too overjoyed to sleep. *As a wife, she is classified as a dependent, but she is totally independent. *She tends to her household, her kids, her school work, and her job, all without her husband/boyfriend. *She manages to wear a smile, even though inside sh
Serial Dater
I was talking to one of my girlfriends this weekend while driving to St. Louis, cause you know it isn't that long of a drive but it can get a little boring, catching up on each other's lives and she called me a serial dater. She laughed when she said this and so did I at the time..after we got off the phone I was pondering what exactly this meant to be a serial dater..and was this something that I wanted to really be. True I do go out when I don't have my kids and it isn't uncommon for me to have more than one date on a single friday or saturday, sunday is reserved for rest hee hee, I don't have much free time and I do have to make the best of it. How else am I going to met people and see what all is out there, I don't go around having sex with these people so it's ok. I kinda strugged the thought off and went about my weekend. Driving home from work tonight I was hit with such an incredible feeling of..for a lack of a better word loneliness. As I thought about it I realized that
Timmys Bedtime Story Part 6
Running through the woods, wondering what to do. She didn't have anyone that she could run to. She knew her house was just on the other side. Her mother would ask her where she had been. She knew she would have to lie. She ran into her house her mother didnt seem to be home. She stopped to catch her breath so lucky she was alone. She went upstairs she had to take a shower. Where could her mother be she had been home for almost an hour. She laid back on her bed she wondered why she had no will. Her mother walked into her room, "Robbie has been killed." She looked at her, her stomache in a pit. What would she think if she knew her daughter did it. You should come downstairs you need to hear this too. They say a new detective is on it, it should be on the news. She went downstairs sat in the chair. She never asked for any of this to her fate was'nt fair. As the news came on they showed the murder scene. "I will find who did this, my name is Detecti
If You
If you If you ever leave me Will you take me with you Ore will you go away Without something to say Then I know For shure The memory's will forever Endure Painthings And flashes One my mind Will be The memory's Of ones You in my live
Pissed Off
i just read a friends blog and it pisses me off they had nerve to make it a point that all poeple in ohio were just standbyers to sept 11 and werent there and need get over it. apparenty this person didnt know anyone who was killed in the towers that day .THEY CANT EFFIN GET OVER THAT! i mean wtf your country was attacked and you dont care just say get over it .aaarrrgghhh!!! i had a friend who didnt make it out of tower one you know I WILL NEVER FORGET , I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT and i really dont give a damn what other people say its stupid and idiotic to feel that way .people who feel like that aint got a fukin heart .
Here's To Everyone
Well I can not thank you kids for all of the support you have been showing not only me, but all of our women and men in uniform. 9/11 was the worst day of my life, and scariest all at once. That was when I got my first taste of reality in the Army. I have lost a lot of friends in the War on Terrorism, as I am sure some of you have as well. Unfortunately, I am good at what I do and will continue to do as much as I can over here. Keep all of the families of 9/11 victims in your mind. Never forget soldiers past and present who gave up there lives just so you can have shit like Fubar!!!hhahahahaha...anyway, you kids rule and dont ever forget it. Love, Peace and Chicken Grease. Jake
Horoscope For 9/12/2007
My horoscope for today... Pisces - You are so screwed! I'd say go back to bed but you could stand to lose weight. Might want to try some raw eggs and hope for salmonella. Romantically, just look in the mirror and you'll see why we need not go there. A friend will stop by. He only wants his drill back though, so don't consider it company. This is the day you should buy a lottery ticket! No, you don't have a chance in hell of winning, but the money goes to education, which is better than anything you would spend it on.
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: DOUBLE TROUBLE ~A.K.A.~ BON Date: Sep 12, 2007 12:29 AM ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: DANA HAMC NOMADS NHDate: Sep 11, 2007 9:05 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: STORM,Date: Sep 11, 2007 8:46 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: DOCDate: 11/09/2007----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Bella 81 SupporterDate: Sep 11, 2007 10:41 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: STORM,Date: Sep 11, 2007 10:28 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: DaveDate: 11/09/2007And a thanks to Pat Savage for "driving it home"----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: DOUBLE TROUBLE ~A.K.A.~ BONDate: Sep 11, 2007 3:36 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Pat SavageDate
Grand Opening Firepit
Click to enter ^^^^^^^^ The Fireside Radio and the Fire Pit Invites to Our Grand Opening Wednesday Night starting at 8 pm Come One Come all .............. If you think You Can Handle The HEAT !!!!!!!!!
Flash Game Embedding Codes
The Games may display larger than in my blogs once you have saved. And also If you DO NOT see this button: To Get Embedding Code then there will be no Embedding Code for that particular Game. SORRY!!!!! Deal Or No Deal Hosted by: Daily Free GamesWho Wants to be a Millionaire Hosted by: Daily Free Games501 Darts Hosted by: Daily Free GamesPizza Passion Hosted by: Daily Free Games
The Truth
Photographers Last Shoot
The following link will take you to a site featuring photographer Bill Biggart. His photos are stunning. This was Bills last photoshoot as he was killed when the 2nd tower collapsed.
Simple & Powerful
Simple & Powerful This is true...makes you think A mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die in Iraq?" A mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die in Saudi Arabia?" A mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die in Kuwait?" Another mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die in Vietnam?" Another mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die in Korea?" Another mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die on Iwo Jima?" Another mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die on a battlefield on a field in France?" Yet another mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die at Gettysburg?" And yet another mother asked President ... "Why did my son have to die on a frozen field near Valley Forge?" Then long, long ago, a mother asked... "Heavenly Father ... why did my Son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem ?" The answer is the same ... "So that others ma
Das Sooo True.....
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because I'm sleepy, but because I want to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than in an expensive resturant... I'm the girl who says, "Okay, but you owe me..." jokingly. Not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you and I care... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you.. I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss.. I'm the girl who you can talk to abo
Marine And Tampons (a Must Read)
Marine and Tampons (awesome story) A friend of mine sent this to me. Tampons to the rescue in Iraq!! Don't worry, it's a good story, and worth reading. It's even humorous in parts. It's from the mother of a Marine in Iraq. My son told me how wonderful the care packages we had sent them were and wanted me to tell everyone thank you. He said that one guy we'll call Marine X, got a girl care package and everyone was giving him a hard time. My son s aid, "Marine X got some really nice smelling lotion and everyone really likes it, so every time he goes to sleep they steal it from him." I told my son I was really sorry about the mistake, and if he wanted I would send Marine X another package. He told me not to worry about Marine X because every time I send something to him, Marine X thinks it's for him too. He said when my husband and I sent the last care package, Marine X came over to his cot picked up the box, started fishing through it, and said, "What'd we get this time
Hey Everyone
I am getting off of here soon. I wanted to say hi to all my friends.
Only In America
1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. 4. Only in people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. 5. Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. 6. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. 7. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place. 8. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. 9. Only in we use t
9/ Can We Forget?
I realize that everybody deals with life in their own way. I am having a hard time understanding why so many have forgotten the toll that 9/11 took on the country as a whole. People lost loved ones, friends, co-workers. We lost great men and women and let's not forget the children. For one day, every year, would it be so terrible to forget about the "contests" and "lounges"? Why can we give a little of ourselves and think about the ones who have lost and gave their lives in this horrible tragedy? I am taken aback by the concern for "rates", "leveling" and "contests". I am actually disappointed and fairly disgusted by the lack of respect that this day is being given. I am greatful and thankful that I did not lose anyone that day. I think the people who did lose their lives and the the loved ones they left behind deserve our utmost respect. That's just my opinion. Jen
InsanityThe act of doing something over and over expecting a different result.I think when it comes to the net that describes my experiences. I started on the net over 10 years ago, and like ALOT of women found out that a sexy pic will get you alot of attention, very little of it positive. I was one of those that had the sexy name, showed my bod and had the audacity to say on the profile that I didnt want rude comments or for a man to not think me Ok I wasn't a slut I only played one on the net. Funny how women get offended when men see the pics, read the words and think Oh! Yeah this one is easy. Of course when you approache her, she states Oh I am not interestes in sex I just want to be a friend.. Yeah MmmmK.. Whatever, if you put it out there that way, don't cry how you only attract horn dogs.I left the net and promised my self I would not fall into the same habits I did before. For the most part I haven't but there are still some areas that need major improvement. I have
How Do You Keep Going When You Don't Know?
September 12, 2007 After yesterday I am still feeling blue. 6 years ago yesterday is a day I will never forget for the rest of my life. And I am sure no one else will either. But on the other note of "Bring them home" what can we do to get our government to listen to us? How many more lives must get ruined to fix this so called terror plot against America? I am tired of all the blood shed. Enough is enough! But you will have people say"If they pull the troops out it will make them look like cowards." I say bullshit! I feel that they have served this country with the best of there ability and knowledge. Children are growing up with out their parents. Marriages are falling apart. Men and women are fighting for our country and yes they may have signed up free willing but, you can't work everyone to death. Each and everyone needs a long break for there on piece of mind. I heard that vietnam vets were discouraged from seeking mental health it would look bad for the military. I say if you
Living Wills .......
Last night, my wife and I were sitting in the living room seriously discussing a Living Will. I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the TV and then threw out my beer. She's Such A Bitch....
Play In The Cosmos
SLide into me with a gentile deep thrust, Ravish me with your soul. Kiss me ever so softly and make me yours. Hold me close so I may breath you in thus taking me to the bitter - sweet end. Let our energy meld into one so we may play in the Cosmos and live Forever in this life we have won.
Blondes May Have More Fun But Redheads Have More Sex.
Blondes may have more fun but redheads have more sex, according to new research in Germany. The study by Hamburg Sex Researcher Professor Dr Werner Habermehl looked at the sex lives of hundreds of German women and compared them with their hair colour. He said: "The sex lives of women with red hair were clearly more active than those with other hair colour, with more partners and having sex more often than the average. The research shows that the fiery redhead certainly lives up to her reputation." He added that women who dyed their hair red from another colour were signalling they were looking for a partner, and added: "Even women in a fixed relationship are letting their partners know they are unhappy if they dye their hair red. They are saying that they are looking for something better." Psychologist Christine Baumanns said however that it may not be the women who were to blame for the better sex lives of redheads. She said: "Red stands for passion and when a man
This Is F'd Up
OK OK OK WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!!!! WTF is up with this shit that there are dudes on here dressed like chicks acting like chicks. Ok that's just fucking wrong. If it says female i expect to see a human being with the born with body parts of a female is over that way----------> AND for you ladies out there...well more in specific lesbians.....ok you are who or what you are for whatever reason you are, BUT this is a C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y website, not a fucking dating site, so for you LADIES ONLY profiles, buy a clue bitch or or are all down the hall to the left------------> and can a nigga get a table dance?!?!?! all i want is a table dance.......some tig ol bitties too!! BOOYAH!! lata
Facts of Life 1. At least 5 people in this world, love you so much they would die for you. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you, in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you, is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you, can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6.You mean the world to someone. 7. Without you, someone may not be living. 8. You are special and unique, in your own way. 9. Someone that you don't know even exists, loves you. 10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 11. When you think the world has turned it's back on you, take a look, you most likely turned your back on the world. 12. When you think you have no chance at getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, you probably sooner or later will get it. 13. Always remember compleme
When I Saw You
When your eyes me mine I knew in time that someday you would be mine Now that day has come and we've begun something that started just for fun. I hold a special place for you in my heart And I can't imagine the day we will grow apart. done by christine .
Head Over Heels
A flutter here a pit-pat there when you hold me in your arms all life seems so fair stumble, trip fall flat on my face feeling so embarrassed, in love I'm such a disgrace a kiss, a peck is all it take to reveal that I have completely fallen head over heels done by christine
Long Hair Falling
I long for your long hair falling into my face as you pin me down and laugh and plant delicious kisses on my lips and eyes and neck. I want to feel the softness of your breath as you whisper to me, tell me things you can't believe you are actually saying - I want to see the blush rising to your cheeks and finally hold you close (so close that we become, for just a moment, one being). © All rights reserved
Within the petals of a fading rose, inside its dusty, pale and wilted bloom, I find my inspiration to compose a lyric that could seal my fate and doom - your flavor and your scent at once conspire to drive me to the heights of this desire. I do concede that nature draws me in - my ears, my eyes, my hands can do no less - my senses are the portals of my sin, the threshold, and the reason I confess: your flavor and the scent of this red rose contain the essence of this sad repose. If it is true that passion is my death, I give a kiss to you with my last breath. © All rights reserved
Once Again!
Another friend needs help leveling, if you can..thanks..:) hotmale@ fubar
4 Friends
FOUR FRIENDS Four friends, who hadn't seen each other in 30 years, reunited at a party. After a few drinks, one of the men had to use the rest room. Those who remained talked about their kids. The first guy said, "My son is my pride and joy. He started working at a successful company at the bottom of the barrel. He worked his way up and now i the president of the company. He's so rich, he just gave his best friend a top of the line Mercedes for his birthday." The second guy said, "Darn, that's terrific! My son started working for an airline, and became a pilot. Eventually he became a partner in the company, and now owns the majority of its assets. He's so rich that he gave his best friend a brand new jet for his birthday." The third man said: "Wow. that's great. My son went to MIT and became an engineer. He started his own construction company and is now a multimillionaire. He gave his best friend a 30,000 square foot mansion." The three friends congr
So try as I might to be rational about things, i really fail in all attempts. I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed, but am desperately attempting to cling to whatever sane part of me still lies dormant within. C'mon sanity, where are you? Well as we all know, I am a married woman. Yeah, I'm not afraid to let everyone in this world know that I AM TAKEN and I have no interests in love affairs or any of that sort. I go on these silly sites for giggles, and have never been fake trying to impress people. My husband also is on this site, which I really have no qualms with, however, he doesn't see it fit to let the world know (even as a common curtesy to ME his WIFE) that he is married. Oh I know, the idea that he's sleeping with me in the same bed at night should satiate my concerns but it doesn't. It doesn't at all. I have rationalized that it's okay time and time again that maybe he still has this hidden incomprehensible feeling to pretend to appear he's available but not re
6 Answers ! Finally !
FINALLY, THE 6 ANSWERS WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: Q: WHAT ARE THE SMALL BUMPS AROUND A WOMAN'S NIPPLES FOR ? A: It's Braille for " suck here. " Q: WHAT IS AN AUSTRALIAN KISS ? A: It's the same as a French kiss, but " down under. " Q: WHAT DO YOU DO WITH 365 USED CONDOMS ? A: Melt them down, make a tire, and call it a Goodyear. Q: WHY WERE HURRICANES NORMALLY NAMED AFTER WOMEN ? A: Because when they come, they're wild and wet. But when they go, they take your house and car with them. Q: WHY DO GIRLS RUB THEIR EYES WHEN THEY GET UP IN THE MORNING ? A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch... AND: Q: WHAT IS A MAN'S ULTIMATE EMBARASSMENT ? A: Running into a wall with an erection and breaking his nose.
Help ~hot Momma~!!!!!
Thats right our ~hot momma~ is in another contest and is behind...She has enetered ~Tracy~ Manager of the O.C.L & Pit Bull Bomber's hobby contest...We all know what ~hot momma~'s hobby is because we all have benefited from it...Its awesome graphic and tags she makes us all!!! LETS SHOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE HER HARD BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!! BOMBS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!
A Love Like This *wrote By Alazia*
A love just like this When i 1st met you i had no intention, of falling in love with you but it seemed like an infection. you stung me with your charm, and filled me with sweet bliss, offering a love so unreal, A love just like this. When you 1st told me you cared, i told myself loving you wasnt fair, becuz you were there,and i was here, we couldnt be what it now is, but here we are entwined in, A love just like this. When you 1st told me that you loved me, i truly knew at that moment we were meant to be, bathing each other in a sweet kiss, Lost in love, A love just like this. When you 1st whispered forever, I hoped you really meant that,and that youd leave me never, I am always longing for you very much, and your touch I do miss, It's all in some kind of dream, In a love just like this.....
Closing My Account With Fubar
just to let all my friends know i am closing my account here with fubar... i am moving and things are alittle crazy here right at the moment. i dont have time for this site right now. as soon as i can i will be back to set one up once again. til then.. everyone take care and have a fun and be safe. i wish all the best of luck. FAITHSMAMA
A wet dream(erotic) we lay angry a little but not too much a warm quiet smile adorned your face as a thought passed by and we embraced our love again it is indeed strange how we are what we are for suddenly we are in a dream of loving each other and we are writing to each other expressing the same desires and a lurking go lingers till the gone gets activated to be connected in this way we can read our thoughts like a open book I’m not sure what makes two people click but my soul can see and feel your soul we like the truthfulness of our thoughts the hunger in our words and the feeling we both share to feel loved always maybe that was what binds us even today at first we felt scared but we have crossed a stage to let fear creep in this is foreplay in words working up to the climax and we always love every moment we share u lie with your eyes closed and let me love you once again i work my way down my tongue meets your hardness slowly the soft flickering of m
Damn Almost Forgot:
My favorite DJ's have switched lounges... ALL of them... so I loyally follow them (but if they move again they best start their own, lol) ... So if you're looking for me, and i'm not AFK, and i'm not in my SB... Like what you hear? CLICK HERE to join BLITZED OUT!!! Ok, i was lazy and cut and pasted that from my profile, but it still works, i think... :p anyhow come check it out, the other dj's there seem cool and my family dj's ALWAYS RAWK! (/love all of you guys) Love, Sin
A Night So Shy With Midnite Eyes
a night so shy with midnite eyes by BlueWolf © Singing to myself when nobody's watching me memories i dare only tell myself but is out there for you to see she came on a night so shy took my heart outright never knew it'd go this high but then it began to shine so bright came back the days i thought had escaped me forgotten by the heart but i let it see seemed like everything we wanted is here and the waves they left nothing more to tear sometimes things just seem so easy at times reasons don't matter so crazy still singing to myself with nobody around but it's getting much too late forgot that the storm was rising could have said that i never needed you well i jumped into the river too many times hoping to make it home again I'm out on my own, drifting all alone and the waves they are getting so high seems like every night we spent are here why must it drift away and die she left on a night so shy left me searching for the reasons should hav
For Our Troop
Prayer chain for our Military.... Don't break it! Please send this on after a short prayer. Prayer for our soldiers Don't break it! Prayer: "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen." Prayer Request: When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops around the world. There is nothing attached. Just send this to people in your address book. Do not let it stop with you. Of all the gifts you could give a Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, & others deployed in harm's way, prayer is the very best one. GOD BLESS YOU FOR PASSING IT ON!
WOO HOO!! I guess this means I can be an attention whore today!!!!! Daily Horoscope: Virgo For September 12,2007 Take a big step away from your normal routines today and make a scene of some kind. It doesn't have to be a tantrum -- it could be wholly positive, as long as you're certain you're the center of attention! YAY!!!:D:P
Naughty Lil Self
Ache... A slow burning candle...I begin to melt from the heat and passion of this flame. Lighting and warming my soul. As a moth to a flame, I can't resist to touch. Tenderly and softly as I move my hand up the inside of my thighs. Melting into thought and fantasy of you. The flame inside growing hotter. Laying back upon my bed, with my legs spread further. Slipping my hand beneath this panty. Soft like silk or the petal from a rose. The need getting stronger, wishing it were your hands upon me now... One hand caressing my breast, noticing my nipple harden as I allow my fingers to penetrate deep inside. Beginning to bite on my bottom lip, from passionate thoughts of you. The flood gates open and begin to drown as I lose all control. My moans now coming from this deep, starving ache for you... Wondering if you think of me in this way and if you were to happen upon me in this delicate position, would you set me free and release this ache within me... Thoughts and
Tonights The Night
Tonights The Night by BlueWolf © Kiss me with those hot pink lips Kiss me deep and long When you kiss me It just make me strong Tonights the night Kiss me in the dark Kiss me long and hard Tonights the night We will just be loose We will just make love We don't care who finds out Tonights the night Just dim the lights Bring it on baby Kiss me all night Because tonights the night Yes tonights the night midnite eyes........
Living Vs. Life -- According To Sir Winston Churchill
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give!" -- Sir Winston Churchill
Please Add!
arncart@ fubarThis dude is way cool, we grew up together! add him rate him and fan him......
Art Project
Hi, I'm David Flower, a Canadian artist from Edmonton Alberta. I work completely in ball-point pen, a relatively new medium for artwork. I've been doing this kind of art work seriously since 2002. Now I've decided that with Canada's 150th birthday coming up in 2017, I should work on a special project for it. Also I figured that this would give me a unique opportunity to keep a journal of the project from start to finish, while introducing the intricacies of using ball-point pen to the rest of the world. The first thing I had to do was to make sure I was using the best paper for the job. So after searching around I decided to use Windpower smooth Bristol from Strathmore. The next step was to decide the dimensions for my project. Not as easy as it might sound. When I do a picture, I completely cover the area I’m working on, all in ball-point pen. So, the bigger the picture and the greater the detail, will greatly affect the amount of time it’s going to take. For this projec
Wanna Get
wanna get gangsta homie? well we can do that lets gamble bet 20 dollaz that u dead in tha scramble ill knock u outcha sandals wit the clips n the ammo shoulda known betta than ta ever go n fuck wit a rambo cuz i snap hoe!!!!! n i can make it get ugly stomp u in the face wit the cleets used in rugby beat yo ass ta death after that make yo bitch love me n why cuz im thugging, wit a nine n the slugs, mean lookin at u wit a grimace like the grinch that stole christmas simply infected wit sickness wicked n livin it twisted wouldnt change a thang-so i suggest you get it in yo brain fo i put it in ya quick like bang- bang thats how i split ya dome- so hater go get the chrome dont go ta sleep and lock the doors to your home when its ohn cuz im comin for you though the window pain... makin sure yo ass never live agayn- or breath agayn hoe its a dirty game so keep yo mind in the right place or be anotha body, in a casket case case i have ta break foos told u
The Dedicated Soldier
The Dedicated Soldier You stay up for 16 hours... He stays up for days on end. You take a warm shower to help you wake up.... He goes days or weeks without running water. You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.... He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.... He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket.... He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.... He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.... He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. You complain about how hot it is.... He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his
Hmmm No One Wants This Shocked!
I Am Bord
I am so flippen bord.ready to just jump off of a bridge....
Panic Durring My Eeg
I had my EEG this morning, with a fallow up appointment on the 24th to talk to the dr and stuff. It went ok for the first little bit, i was a little anxious, but she put all the wires on my head and goo and i did ok untill i had to change my breathing. So i had a panic attack durring the EEG, that musta been neat to watch. it sucked it was like i had to keep my eyes closed for the test, and i had to breath heavily like i just got done running or what not. And i have athsma so it kinda freaks me out to be causing myself to breathe funny. but i manage to get through it without freaking out too bad and shes tells me to go back to breathing normaly and still keeping my eyes closed.And then like i start to panic and cant even open my eyes to make sure im ok and things liek that. Im gasping for air and shaking horribly, She realised im crying[with my eyes closed] asked if i was ok and started to try to talk me down from my panic attack. Idk how long it took but we like stoped the t
My husband, being unhappy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring the other day so he would be able to monitor my moods. We've discovered that when I'm in a good mood, it turns green. When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a big red mark on his forehead. Maybe next time he'll buy me a diamond.
M0n Scotland Kick France Ass
The Clothes We Wear- Are They Safe?
What role does fashion play ith respect to our health. The clothes we wear and the way we keep them clean can actually shorten our life span. In the United States, dyes containing benzidine - a substance that is easily absorbed through the skin - are no longer used because they are so highly carcinogenic - cancer causing. Much of our clothing is imported and does contain these dyes. Additionally, "no-iron" cotton fabrics are treated with formaldehyde resin, the fumes of which can cause allergies, asthma, cough, fatigue, headaches, restless sleep, and skin rash. Your best bet for good health is to wear naturally dyed cotton fabric. Hang Toxins Out to Dry Traditional dry cleaning uses a chemical solvent, called perchloroethylene, to remove stains, the chemical residue of which is toxic to humans. Many people experience such adverse reactions from dry-cleaned clothing as dizziness, headache, sinus congestion, and shortness of breath. Perchloroethylene has also been found t
"a Heart Of Emptiness"
His words are empty, unlike before. His touch, cold, no comfort in the storm. His eyes cut deep, he no longer reassures. Sometimes I feel I can't reach the shore. My arms so heavy, my legs so tired. My mind wonders about his burning fire. Long gone is his resistance to my tears. Long gone is his heart over the years. I see him in the same light gone by. I ask him what he thinks of me...he sighs. Am I asking and wanting to much from him? Am I just wasting the ink in this pen? I've tried to reach him over and over. I've tried to break this cold shoulder. What is there left for me to say? The only thing left to do is pray. I fear deep inside, with all my heart, The only thing left for us is to part. Whycan't he understand the way I feel? For this fire inside of me, I can't kill.
you no what there are so many fake people on this site. i mean come on people start telling the truth.
Banish The Muffin Top--from
Banish the muffin top Posted: Aug 16th 2007 7:51PM by Martha Edwards Filed under: Natural Beauty You might have heard of the phrase "muffin top." If that mention got your mouth watering, you probably haven't been educated as to what the modern-day muffin top is -- it's that bit of flab that hangs out over top of your pants. It's also known as "Dunlap Syndrome" as in, your stomach done lap over your jeans. So how do you get rid of the "muffin top-Dunlap Syndrome"? Well, you start by doing 500-crunches and running a few miles every day for a month, or you could take a more novel approach -- buy bigger pants and looser, longer tops. Also, take advantage of the fact that high-waisted jeans are coming back into style and put your ultra low-rise ones away ... for now.
I Am Going To Be In A Contest
I am going to be in a contest and i am looking for help this is my first contest the contest is supposed to be at 10est on this Sunday your help would be appreciated.....i will post another blog when i get the link thanks
Guest Book
hello to all my friends family and fans would u all please sign my guestbook for me? thank you very much, all my fubar love odinsmomma
Slowly But Surely
im getting back to business....the room mate from hell is on her way out....and im working on getting my net back at home...thanks for all the love..i miss ya all lots..still on at the library till i get this all straight....leave me love!!!
My Funeral
Dear Ded Mike, What do you think your funeral would be like? My funeral's going to be off all of the following: the hook, the chain, the charts, the grid, and most importantly, the wagon. First, I'll have to deal with the most difficult decision a newlydead faces: what to do with my stinking, rotten remains. I don't want to be just lying there surrounded by sweet-smelling flowers— That's why I'm gonna be taxidoimied! Nothing sums up my life's achievements quite like my stuffed corpse— —suplexing a cougar. It'll be kept in a place of honor for all the world to want to make out with. Well, maybe I'll just preserve myself fetal pig-style in a mason jar filled with the salty tears of all the heartbroken private school girls that will pine for me. That way, there'll be something left to re-animate once the zombie uprising cometh. In 2046. On March 31st. At 2:03 pm. And while I'm a big fan of the classic {sings to the tune of Chopin's funeral marc
I Now Work For Avon And I Am Looking For Customers?
I just started today and I have a website for easy access to the brochures for you women to take a look or men for their women but all i am asking for right now is for you to just take a look nothing less nothing more if you would that would be fantasic thank you all very much for your time have a great day
Please Hep Me!
My VIP is expiring in a day and i would love to have another VIP if anyone could help me out please that would be great. Im an OIF vet and im a very good guy and i will help u out anyway i can. I make morphs and tags and things for fun and ill make whatever i can for u. If anyone wants one just mail me and let me know. If anyone can help me out with a VIP it would mean the world to me please and thank you. Blaze
Another Soldier Has Died
My friend Sgt. Nick Patterson was killed in Iraq Monday leaving behind a multitude of friends, family, a wife, and most sadly, a 1 year old daughter. How much more of this senseless tragedy go on before someone puts a stop to it. My sister and her husband are getting ready to head into the same hell hole who killed a friend. It sucks... (WSBT) Remembering his life and coming to terms with his death — an Indiana hero has died fighting in Iraq. Family and friends are now trying to cope. Family members tell WSBT News U.S. Army Specialist Nick Patterson died Monday in Iraq. He graduated from Rochester Community High School in 2001. People there remember him as a great student, a great athlete and a great person, and they say he was a person who had a zest for life with a smile that could fill the room. Perhaps that's why his death is so hard to take. “It's a relationship that you don't think much about until it’s not there anymore,” said Rob Malchow. Malchow taught Ni
What The Hell!!!!
I think that it's funny how people love to play head games. But yet thay say that thay are not. For example, someone tells you that thay still are in love with you, and has a very funny way of showing it. Then tells you that thay will come around to see, and does't show up for days. Then thay tell you that thay want to try to work things, but yet does't keep in contact. So you tell me that it is not a game????? Then of all things has there phone # changed and tells you that thay wiil make sure that you will get the new #. And does not give it to you. There again, that's not a head game???? So what the hell!!!!!! This is to be comeing from someone who clams thay do not lie or that thay are playing any head games????? So you tell what you think??? I there for have been doing all that I can to make this persons life more easyer, yet thay are just makeing mine a liveing hell!!!! So you call this LOVE?????????I keep giveing and giveing and getting nothing in return. Not even as much a
Amen To This!
Dear Civilians, We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation have many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas in which we would like your assistance: 1) The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem .. kick their ass. 2) When you witness firsthand someone burning the American Flag in protest...kick their ass. 3) Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these Veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these Veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a Disabled Veteran kicks their ass. 4) (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress unifo
Zen Words Of Wisdom
1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 5. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. 6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.
Beef And Macaroni Bake
This is a delicious family-friendly main dish for any day of the week. Serve this macaroni and beef casserole with a fresh tossed salad for a full and hearty meal. INGREDIENTS: * 8 ounces elbow macaroni or small shells, cooked, drained * 2 tablespoons olive oil * 1 cup chopped onion * 3 ribs celery, chopped * 1 green bell pepper, chopped * 1/2 red bell pepper, chopped * 3 medium cloves garlic, minced * 1 pound extra-lean ground beef * 2 teaspoons Cajun seasoning * 2 cans (14.5 ounces each) tomatoes, undrained, diced * 2 tablespoons tomato paste * 1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste * 1/8 teaspoon black pepper, or to taste * 2 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese, divided PREPARATION: Heat olive oil in a large saucepan or Dutch oven over medium heat; add onion, celery, green and red pepper, and garlic. Continue to sauté the vegetables, stirring frequently, until the chopped onion is tender.Add ground beef and continue c
Top 5 Lies Women Tell :
Top 5 Lies Women Tell : 5. I'm a virgin 4. He's just a friend 3. I don't suck dick 2. I'm cumn And the 1 answer is 1. IT'S UR PUSSY (LMAO) ;) send me your comments
Surgery Went Fine!!
just thought that I would let you all know that my surgery went fine, I got sick & put back in the hospital for another 3 days but I am home & doing good, still taking it easy for a few weeks!! don't want to go back to the hospital!! thanks for all your support & warm wishes!! take care my friends!! love, Angel Baby BBW
Some Well Know Tidbits...
1) 94% of men lie about their dick size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of men need to use extra large condoms. 2) The average man is 5 inches long when erect (no matter what you have heard ladies, that's the truth). (incidentally the average vaginal capactity is only 6 inches, for you women who think you can handle king dong) 3) 80% of American men are circumsized. Even though Pediatrics say it is not necessary. 4) No matter what all the ads say, nothing can make your penis grow but time (most men reach the end of their growth by the early 20's) 5) There is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size, or nose size. 6) Blue balls does exist! It's technically called "prostatic congestion." 7) Only 16% of men shave their privates. +Some stuff on the ladies+ ------------------------------ 1) Only 9% of women around the globe consider themselves "attractive" (20% of British women do). 43% of women use the term "natural", 24% say they have "
Any Help Would Be Appreciated
hey all, my fiancee was just aressted because his crazy ex tracy had him aressted because she conned him into having sex with her by telling him that she would drop all charges against him and so he pitty fucked her to save his own ass and she put him away again for it, i know i'm new on this site but he's not and if anyone out there can help we'd appreciate it, tracy's screen name is remember faith be warned she's off her rocker and will stop at nothing to bring everyone down, she's claimed to have had 3 misscarrages in the last 3 months but yet now she says she's 4 months pregnant, delete her if you know her she's nothing but trouble, thank you for your help
Bukoski Lyrics (awsome Btw)
Woke up this morning and it seemed to me, that every night turns out to be A little more like Bukowski. And yeah, I know he's a pretty good read. But God who'd wanna be? God who'd wanna be such an asshole? God who'd wanna be? God who'd wanna be such an asshole? Well we sat on the edge of the river, the crowd screamed, "Sacrifice the liver!" If God takes life, he's an Indian giver. So tell me now why, you'll tell me never. Who would wanna be? Who would wanna be such a control freak? Well who would wanna be? Who would wanna be such a control freak? Well see what you wanna see. You should see it all. Well take what you want from me. You deserve it all. Nine times out of ten our hearts just get dissolved. Well I want a better place or just a better way to fall. But one time out of ten, everything is perfect for us all. Well I want a better place or just a better way to fall. Here we go! If God controls the land and disease, keeps a watchf
Not Here
Free Ticker=more Friends?? I Say Yes!
Lmao.... great idea! FEEDINGTHEDESIRE I think they are worth the time invested in signing up for something that I will cancel. Anyhow... thanks everyone for stopping by or adding me! FEEDINGTHEDESIRE Did I mention how much fun these comments are? lol FEEDINGTHEDESIRE
Our Slogan
"The Few. The Proud. The Marines." is more than just a slogan. These three sentences represent who we are, epitomizing the challenge of becoming (The Few), and the reward of being (The Proud), one of the elite (The Marines). Suffice it to say, Few slogans convey such a Proud tradition. Our tagline has been a foundation in the Marine Corps for over thirty years. Now we have the opportunity to immortalize these words into America's civilian culture as well. "The Few. The Proud." has been nominated BEST SLOGAN for the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. The Marine Corps joins a list of 26 other brands that will compete for entry based on total number of votes received online at Whether you are one of the few and the proud, or simply one of the faithful to those who bear the title United States Marine, we ask that you browse to the URL: to vote for th
A Long War...
Well, I'm still in Mississippi, but I'll be leaving soon. Every day is the same, from one perspective. My assignment is to "stay close to my phone" -- not such a chore when you have a cell phone. And yet every day is new. You wouldn't think that lying on my bed talking to my fiancè would be a stressful activity. Neither would I. But I am beginning to realize just what everybody is talking about when they refer to the 'sacrifices' our military folks endure 'for our freedoms'. I have always kind of considered that phrase in the light of those who have sacrificed life and limb to support the objectives of the country they love, and to be the ones who keep evil at bay for the sake of their loved ones and strangers too. But I never considered what I was doing as a sacrifice worthy of honor. And don't get me wrong. I am not fishing for accolades or praise, but I am recognizing that I am sacrificing much in going to 'war.' For instance, the washing machine isn't spinning
Let Me Know What U Think Of It
On Mtv
we just had mtv here taping for there new reality show check out jeff doing piercings
For all my friends on here that have Yahoo feel free to add me on Yahoo under Sabrina_The_Mental_Bitch
September 12th, 2007
September 12th 2007 Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. I got a lot of gifts on here but none in real life. I'm not complaining though but it would have been nice to get a card or something. I haven't written a journal entry for a while so I will give any of my readers a quick briefing of my life for the last 11 days. Besides a few fights with friends and roommates, everything has been quite calm. On September 7th, I met someone that has changed my life completely. Her name is Diana Dawn Pultz. She is an awesome woman that I plan on spending the rest of my life with. She has two beautiful daughters, Beth (7) and Skye (3). Her and I have gone through similar trials and our current situations are the product of broken marriages. We have talked every day since then for hours on end and the conversation never has a dull moment. We have gotten married on fubar and we are planning to wed for real. I believe her to be my soul mate as she believes me to be hers. I have h
Hey All
hi everyone i just wanted all of u to know on here that i talk to im going through some hell right now and im not really on here that much anymore just here and there but to all of u i talk to im doing ok up here in ny and just leave my some mail and i will get back to u as soon as i can love yas xoxoxox
Keeping Your Life Simple
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Rich Date: Sep 12, 2007 8:44 AM Know what is important to you. Ask yourself what really matters in your relationships, your work, and for you individually. Than ask yourself; "Do I spend my time on things that really matter to me? Or do I spend time on other people's goals?" Keep your job and life in perspective. Success at the expense of relaxation and enjoyment is no success. Don't let other people tell you what you want. I don't think God puts us on earth to make a million dollars and ignore everything else. What is the center of your life? Carefully examine where you spend your attention, your time. Look at your appointment book, your daily schedule. This is what receives your care and attention, and by definition your love. Time to readjust your schedule! The little things? The little moments? They aren't little. Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. Don't
Beat No More
There are shadows beneath our souls, Cast out against the cold ground, Singing songs and words without a voice, Of something lost that can never be found, Our blackened eyes are staring wordlessly, Deep into the future shown in the well, Seeing not the struggle and the climb we went through, Only taking in the stumble before we all fell, Our ears are blocked so no sound is ever heard, Apathetically deaf to those in the gutter, Caring not for the broken porcelain bodies, That were discarded like meaningless clutter, Our senses dulled down equidistant from zero, Nothing to love and nothing to hold, Nothing but the tatters of a stranger’s dream, That has withered and now gone cold, Blood stained hands shake amidst our fear, Carving out our nightmares in our skin, Shredding away at our ungodly carcass, Trying to bathe away our stains in sin, Dirty feet tread the road we were told to take, Dancing over broken glass and metal scraps, The dust of our ventures gathering a
I Want To Be Someone's, Baby!
For the last thirteen years I have done some very stupid shit. I have had sex with multiple guys, but I have slept next to only a handful. Right now there is only one I want to sleep with for the rest of my life. I don't want to feel just like the teddy bear that you sleep with, I want to feel the love that goes with it! I want to be someone's, baby!!! I want to be the one you want to come home to, to love and cherish. Not the one you only want to hold when it's comvenient or when it's the only thing you have right now. Do you know what it's like to be someone's, baby? I did along time ago. I used to be someone's baby. They stopped loving me, just like everyone does. I can't do anything right. I can't make them love me, but I can't stop loving them. To be someone's baby is holding on to them for dear life never letting go. Treating them like they are the only one you want. Kissing them goodnight, holding them tight, making love to them not just having sex. Not just having them the
A viberator and a banana were sitting on a night stand. The banana says to the viberator: "Why are you shaking? She's going to EAT me!!!"
Two New Investigations & New Members!
Yesterday we met with the manager of the inn we are going to do the investigation of on Saturday night. While there we had a very pleasant ironic suprise. The lady who works with the haunted tours there came in while we were chatting with the desk attendant about some of the activity there. She said she was sorry but that was interesting to her and mentioned that she did the haunted tours...which I figured cuz of her shirt. lol Anyway, well come to find out she also sets up a lot of the paranormal investigations in New Orleans. Well she just so happened to know a dj that called her this very morning about needing a team to investigate his house. We are actually going to do that one next Saturday. Now here is the really awesome part. Since the lady works for haunted tours they are going to sponsor us on this, and the dj is going to do a promo spot on the radio station for us! That is fantastic news cuz it will hopefully bring us more clients and investigations! We are super excited
Ok I Am Beggin For Help Now
i need members for my yahoo pool league, i promise that its really fun and free, you get to learn different ways to play pool, plus you get to meet some new people and make some good friends. first you should add me to your yahoo messenger my yahoo id is next thing you have to do is go to and click on "Sign Up" , please make sure that your league ID matches your Yahoo ID, once your signed up u will get an activation key in your email be sure to activate your account once your activated you should come check out the pool room where we play click on the beginner rooms then click on the room DONT CRY hope to see you there Buffy HeadAdmin
She pulses beauty like waves of rain, living things are smaller in her presence. She silences me with her eyes turned toward me, but my heart quickens. She must come to me tonight to turn the rain into wonderful splashes in my arms. © All rights reserved
My New Lounge-check It Out Plzzz Tys
Leave Britney Alone!
Pic Graphics
First of all i want to thank 'fotofantom' for making over one of my pics. It rocks. If anyone else is good with photo editing, graphics, colors etc... I'd love to see what you can do. :-)
Cool Friends
Wow the peopole hear make a person feel good.I like that.I am a down to earth country gal>.
The Moment
The MOMENT So long I have waited for this day to arrive To witness the beginning of a dream Inhale the spirit that is you Hear the passion of your breath Absorb the warmth of your touch To see you for the first time is to understand why It is now; I know the true meaning of Love Inches apart, our gaze locked, time stands still Your eyes ask the questions you have longed to realize My stare reflects the answers to your prayers Palms extended, your hands on mine Fingers curl tight as we draw each other near Eyes close anticipating the kiss of our dreams The taste of you, sweetness to my lips Hearts melt into pools of pleasure As we embrace under a sea of trembling tears I hold you close and whisper, I will never let you go jskins
1355 To Level
Toxic Love
Lying in a lake of solitude awaiting my angel’s kiss Songs within my Soul long silenced, the beat of my heart remiss This toxic tug of love, has eaten my esteem Paralyzed my life, melted all my dreams Conversing with myself, confronting all my fears An Idealist who can’t give up the ship will drown in his own tears I wonder if I made you up, to fill a hollow hole? Comfort me when solitude begins to take control Are you just a dream, a nightmare of my mind? I live each day inside a vision to keep us intertwined You answer me at night, before I fall to sleep Tell me to be patient, I count on you, not sheep My sanity is shaken, my courage under fire The ability to withstand your fear is fueled by my desire Time for me to go, I failed to earn your trust I’ll see you when our Souls unite Ashes turn to dust jskins
Bierocks are meat-filled pastries originating in Eastern Europe and will work as a snack or full meal. Ingredients 3 lbs. of lean hamburger or sausage (cooked/drained) 1 head of cabbage (red or plain), shredded 3 lbs. of shredded cheddar cheese 1 med onion 1-2 C. milk 4 cans of cream of mushroom or chicken soup 1 tsp. garlic powder Salt and pepper to taste Crust: 6 C. flour 1 1/2 C. Crisco butter shortening 1 1/4 tsp. salt 4 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. baking soda Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients for filling, and then make up crust dough. Cut out 4" squares from dough. Place up to 2 tablespoons of the filling in the middle, roll them up and place them on an greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. A very good German recipe for a full meal or snack!! Kids love them!!
X'wife Back Again
Omg WTF can I do to keep my X wife away this week she been bugging my family to get in touch wtih me and even came home to find a note on my Door where Her Dad had been by geez over a few pics I took b4 she and i was married of where we was in a car wreck .. i had already sent em to her month or so ago .. seemed ,lioke she was hinting aroung again like she was then .. ugh I admit she and I had our Fun but ..ugh when ya think about the old Bs went through prior to divorce well makes a cold shower way more appealing .. well had to talk wtih her and spend some time with her .. talk about the court case she was needing the pictures for ..meanwhile I hope I am not called as a witness in the case . any How I Hope i have her out of my hair for good . now .. if its on the market I need a can of X spouse repellant .. got something that works let me know please !!1
I Give Goood Head
From the top of the shaft, to the base and the balls. No DICK is too BIG or 2 small. I give good head. Make ur toes curl, and ur body shake. All this mouth, you can not take!!!! I give Good Head. I'll have u sucking ur thumb, when im done, curled up in the fetal position, not knowing how long you been missing......out that is!!!! I give good head. Nice and spity slurp, slurp slurp, I wont stop til that dick jerk. I give good head. The pressure intense, the suction is too great, u cant take it.....ur about to faint. I give good head!! Sucking and sucking, again and again. I wont stop til I cave ur forhead in......I give good head. Cum in my mouth, or cum on my tits....pleasing you is my only wish.....I GIVE GOOD HEAD!!!!
Not An Invitation
don't know about the rest of you but when i check out or rate someone's profile and/or pics, it's being nice or that i think it looks cool and interesting. i'm here to make friends and so far i've found some pretty cool people on here. then there's the some that have been creeping me out. just recently i was given a shout to someone that i just checked out cause i was bored. that person messaged me in my shout box. which is fine until they wanted my yahoo id just so they could show me their excitement from watching a porno. heeellllooooooooo. that is not why i signed up. i was getting a tad bit bored with myspace and saw my r/l bro on this site and decided to give it a try. so far i'm enjoying it better than myspace. but i am NOT on here for that type of attention. if i wanted that, i'd go to a damn chat room. so let me make this clear, i'm only on here to meet new people and for friends. that is it.
When The Assassin Dies
I never heard anyone, So how can you be here? How can you have crept past my senses? How can you be so near? I never felt a thing, So how did your fingers touch my skin? How did you lift away my mask? How can you be so far in? I never saw even a shadow, So how did you creep by? How did you get inside my mind? How did you make me cry? Why are you here? You know you shouldn’t be, Why are you so confident now? Do you no longer fear me? Perhaps I have lost my touch by keeping you far? Is that what made you move forward, Is that what made you blind to my actions, To the face that is hideously clawed? I never heard your breathing, I never heard you open the door, I never felt your fingers touch my face, All I saw was a shadow fall across the floor, I heard only the whisper in my ear when you bent over my sleeping form, Even though my eyes snapped open it was already too late, Your knife pierced my flesh and my heart, And then you kissed m
Mrs. Vodka
Non-point Whoring Contest
Alright this bulletin is about random people, every week I'm going to do the Shwing and Surprise Buttsecks award. The first week is two people chose randomly, every week after that the winners get to nominate two people for the prizes, one for each award. I will blog the selections in their own blogs, just comment the blog of the person you want to be the winner(no points that way). The winners get the next whore out. So this weeks winners (chosen by me): NinjaStars@ fubar Shwing goes to: Surprise Buttsecks goes to: Spankabish!@ fubar This non host point whoring contest is brought to you by the letter S S is for Shwing and Surprise buttsecks The host is Bats of course Pydc Bats@ fubar
If I Knew
IF I KNEW If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time,! I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, Well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right. There will always be another day to say "I love you," And certainly there's
They Deserve The Best!
Today has been a busy day and part of it involved visiting a Vet's hospital. One of my parishioners had surgery yesterday and I stopped up to visit him. We had a great chat and he was able to report he's recovering ahead of schedule. As I was leaving one of the nurses asked me if I had time to visit one other family and patient. The nurse explained the man was dying of cancer, his family was with him and he was just lingering on in pretty bad pain. He had been told nothing more could be done and insisted they do more. Since, I was actually ahead of schedule, I went in to the room of this WW2 veteran. His family all gathered him as cancer was wearing him down from a 200+ pound man to 97 pounds. This once towering strong man lifted a frail, boney arm to shake my hand. I explained that I am a pastor and he opened his eyes, looked up weakly and said, "I'm glad to see you, cause I have some questions." He instructed his family to leave as I sat down and when he was sure they were
Hey Y'all
HI everyone..Im sure most of u have heard Im home Im just very sore. The arm tumor was removed with ease . but the hip was much bigger and deeper than expected and took almot 2 hours alone. So it hurts to sit or walk or lie down on the right side, But Im ok. I still wont be one a lot til i heal a lil more but ill check in periodically...Thanks to the ones wo sent get well wishes! I love ya much and i appreciate it!!! ~*~HUGS N KISSES~*~ Mel
Broken Heart
This has been the worst absolute few weeks that I can remember. I was working for 7 years at our local hospital and got let go. My little man's father had only just moved in with us for a couple months and once he found out I had no job, he abandoned us for the most part. I was in love with him but he did not love me. We have a beautiful son together and I am just flabber gasted that he could just leave and then when he does come around, it was like I wasn't in the room. He speaks to me condensendingly and tells me EVERYTHING is all me and my fault. I am not that kind of person. I took him in when he needed help and helped raise his 13 year old son and this is how he treats me. So, I am here trying to meet people to talk to....have fun with.....and forget about him. I don't want someone that could do something like that. I have no belonged to him and is an old car with over 200,000 miles on it. I'm going to lose my home we live in and my other two kids now.....we a
Worst Enemy
I guess life is a weird thing...... all it takes is one person to f*ck it up. One person to hurt you and you are never the same. You can never trust again, believe again or love the same way again. You are always thinking about the one person who f*cked it up. And of course yourself... what did I do wrong? what can I do for it to not happen again? was I really that bad? ..... and so on..... You are your own worst enemy...... The only person who can make something out of mud.....
I Want You
Makes me think of my darling... ;) I want to feel my body glide across the texture of your skin I want to drink of your eyes, and throw myself in I want to soar to the edge of you & jump off your brim Carve my name across your heart, and let no one else in I want YOU I want to inspire every smile that drips across your face Bring me to your primitive hell, I'll hand you a saving grace Tell me your fantaisies, lets do them... one by one Then we'll lay exhausted, in the brilliance of the sun I want you Dine upon my flesh, I'll set a table for you If you hunger for more I'll heat up my soul for you When night comes along, I'll lay you in sheets of silk and whisper, I want you God I need you: to see you to taste you to breathe you Fuck! I'm on fire I crave I hunger Desire Oooh I want you Pin me down I wont make a sound Yeah...I want you Ravish me slowly, into the ground When we breath too much, too hard, too long When you've torn at my mouth, too quic
Open Apology
Hey folks, I know I haven't been as responsive as I normally would be or, in fact, should be and for that I apologize. My schedule at work has been turned inside out and I'm dealing with some changes there that have me jumping thru some flaming hoops for the next couple of weeks. Be patient with me, and I'll get back to all of you just as soon as I can. Thanks :D
My Crazy Thoughts Brought To You By Niki
Alot has been on my mind so I will just go with the flow and see what kind of mess I can come up with.. First off I will bring up something about last night that made me think.I was approached by someone that said basically hey that is my man.My response was EXCUSE ME.At first I was upset after realizing whom she was referring too,then I thought why am I upset.Yes I and this person had been talking and it would have been nice to see where it went,then I thought to myself.Why is this person so insecure that she felt the need to tell me that was her man.A man she has never met.I am a firm believer that yes you can develope feelings for someone but it just is not a realtionship until you meet.I have seen so many say they are so totally in love with this person and that it is a mutual feeling between the two,then they meet and it is like oh shit..Then it makes me wonder..mmm where did the undying love go.The unconditional love that you can't seem to live without,then you meet and its ov
Newest Family To Fubar
ATTENTION ALL New Fubar Family . AS OF TODAY THERE IS NEW FAMILY ON FUBAR. If You Are Interested In Joining Please Leave Me A Private Message ANYONE WANTING TO JOIN LEAVE YOU'RE LINK HERE OR IN MY BLOG OR On The OWNERS PAGE OR PVT MSG All Club members "MUST DO ALL 3" to all other members. You must take note of those that do not accept a Friend or Add or do not Rate you and report to one of the Owners, so that we may regulate and check members. We dont want to here that you dont Fan Add or Rate people. If there is another member for whatever reason you have a problem with you must address this to SweetBabyGirl. All current and new Members must do the following 1.Add Underground Den Of Desires To Your Name. We dont discriminate, you may also stay in your other families, but if your other families do not want it in your name, We will appreciate if you bow out of the family instead of being removed. You must have a SALUTE pic We expect you to regu
Due In November
I was just letting those of you who know that I am due in November on the 14th. So I will not be around in November for a while due to taking care of my newborn daughter and my pain in the butt son. Just thought that people would like to share in the good news with my and my family.

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