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Childish Behaviour On Fubar
Why do people behave so fing childish on the mums? I posted a while ago a mum to advertise my contest (see previous blog), however it was deleted and I was given a warning for violating the NSFW regulations... Even tho there was NOTHING NSFW about it... Added to this i have lost the right to post a mumm for some time... no one knows how long.. Now i just saw a mumm where someone was asking if ppl would want to vote for a friend of hers, so far so good right? I mean this is a social networking site which means making friends and helping them reach a higher level right? Well there was this chick who posted that she reported the mumm... WTF???? How childish is this? I mean some ppl were moaning about it not being a bulletin but again WTF?? There are hundreds of mumms posted every day what does it matter if its about a contest or not??? Get real ppl... If you dont like the mumm MOVE ON! Dont respond to it and be so grown up to leave it be... Stupid narrow minded ppl
Have I Ever
Have I ever told you, that as I have sat in silence, that sometimes I can hear a heart beating with mine? Have I ever told you, that when you speak to me through lines and words, I imagine your voice whispering in my ear with every word you write? Have I ever told you. that I wait each day, for just an hour or two or just a second out of time, to feel as close to you as I can? Have I ever told you, how many times there have been, that I ached for you, ached so badly for you that I have sat and cried? Have i ever told you, about the times I have reached out to touch your name, on the cold screen before me, just wishing I could reach out and touch you? Have i ever told you, that after the first time I heard your voice those hundreds of miles away, that I sat up all night remembering the conversation in my mind? Have I ever told you, that I would give up everything I have for just one night, to be able to lay near you,to hear you breathe,to watch your chest rise and fall to know you
Getting Tattoo
Well after very long thinking.. I decided to get a Tattoo.. the tattoo will entail mostly bdsm symbols and will be placed on my shoulder.. might cover up the whole shoulder or just be part of it.. I have given the artist a few sketches and will have to wait what she comes up with but I am very excited.. it will be reflection of the bdsm side of me that is most of the times deeply burried and invisible to most people..
I Am Free
I am finally out of Prison and it feels great. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I Forget???
Can I forget the things, that we have shared? Can I forget the moments, That you have cared?? You use to hold me, In your arms tight. And forget about those, Times we fight.. How can I let you go? How can I forget you?? After all, that was done. And your the only one for me. I'll forever keep you, In my heart... Though time seems.. Unbearable...
Everyone Asks Why
Everyone asks y i love u so much but i cant just say it in a couple of words this list can go on 4ever when im with u i feel like im not alone and u would protect me from any harm i love the way u look at me and that sweet smile i love when we r holding hands they fit together perfectly i love the wormth of ur touch and the gentilness of it i dont care what people say i love everything about u the way u talk and the way u stare i just love u
A Heart submerged into honey. A Heart lost in the maze of candy, A Heart busking in chocolate frenzy, A Heart stuck in some cotton candy fuzzy, A Heart sinking in some ice-cream lunacy, That's how my heart felt when you smile at me...
Love Never Holds Back(poem I Wrote)
Full force, Whole heart, No tears, No fears, Hearts overtaken, Stand by me. Pure soul, One wish, Solid vowls, Always there, One touch, Never let go. One dream, Passion's explode, Three words, One kiss, One life, Never hold back.
One Of A Million Surveys! Lol
1. What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now? Melaleuca - Gold Bar 2 Is there any watermelon in your fridge? Nope 3. Is there anything moldy in your refrigerator? Not that I'm aware of! 4. Are there any dirty dishes in your sink? A few. 5. What would you change about your living room? My couch! 6. Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? Clean, need to empty it!! 7. Do you have a can of mushrooms in your pantry? Hmm, I think so. 8. White or wheat bread? Depends on the day 9. What is on top of your refrigerator? Board Games 10. What color is your sofa? Black 11. What color or design is on your shower curtain? pink 12. How many plants are in your home? hmm, only two right now 13. How many candles are in your home? to many to want to count them!! 14. Is your bed made right now? yep, excpet for a sheet laying on top of it. 15. If you have a coffee pot, what color is it? White 16. Electric or standard can opener? s
Accept Me
ACCEPT ME Please accept me for who I am- And not for how everyone else sees me- Please accept me as a person- Because I deserve to be treated like one- Please accept me- I have a wall that I put up- So no one can see my hurt and frustration- Please accept me- Because I am terrified of rejection- I have feelings too- So please give me the satisfaction- of accepting me for the person- That I am.
A Dream
A DREAM I had a dream- I lived in a world- Where we could do no wrong- I lived in a world- Where hate didn't exist- I lived in a world- Where love never ended- I lived in a world- Where everyone was happy- I lived in a world- Where all dreams came true- I lived in a world- Where nothing could hurt you- I lived in a world- Where children were safe- I lived in a world- That could've only been a dream.
A Letter
A LETTER A letter is the warmest way- To bid a friend the time of day- A keep in touch that brings the smiles- Across the longest miles- And what a feeling of strength and hope- Is tucked inside an envelope- Reminding loved ones that you are- At least in heart, not very far- In no country, state, or camp- The wealth is beneath the price of a stamp- For memories that never age- Are written upon every page- And though it's nice to telephone- One of the sweetest pleasures known- Are the moments shared in thoughts we send- ... That can be read time and time again.
Wearing Red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If the Red shirt thing is new to you, read below... Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with! me right now. He was killed in Iraq; I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do.
Lately my horoscopes have been about right on. I'm talking about the one they show on here in your profile set up. It's been weird because I've hardly ever seen one be right on. I don't normally read them first thing in the morning, but later for more entertainment purposes. Today it says a coworker and I will get into a heated discussion. We DID!!! It was also loud and heated as a joke to scare another coworker, but the topic of it was real. Man, let's see how much longer these things are going to be right.
Ok So I'm Opinionated.
Someone please explain all the complaining to me. I just do not get some people. Ok it was the NSFW bullshit at first. I will say that I think it is worded incorrectly and should have nothing to do with "work" as a warning that it contains adult content. But the fact is it is adult, and yes an adult site, so be the freaking adult and mark it as so. I personally do not care if you want to display your tits, crotch and cock but it should be MY choice if I want to see it. The whole site is about egotistical bullshit. Do people really need a score to make themselves feel better? It blows my mind that anyone actually pays for this shit. I thought it was basically a virtual night club. I would NEVER pay to wear a sign begging for people to like me and look at me, ohh and then judge me while out at a club. AKA a blast. These are the people I would run from,needy fucks always having to hear they are cool. Then you have those who pay to be the cool people with the nifty colored name. WHY do you
LOVE There is no difficulty- that enough love will not heal- No door that enough love will not open- No gulf that enough love will not bridge- No wall that enough love will no throw down- No sin that enough love will not redeem... It makes no difference- how deeply seated may be the trouble- How hopeless the outlook- How muddled the tangle- How great the mistake- A sufficient realization of love- Will dissolve it all... If only you could love enough- You would be the happiest- And most powerful being in the World
I Thought Wrong
I THOUGHT WRONG I thought you were my friend- I trusted you not to tell- All the secrets- That I kept hidden so well- I thought you cared about me- But you made me see- How much you betrayed me- I thought I could trust you- But I can play your game too- I thought you loved me- I thought that you would never hurt me- But you almost killed me- I thought I loved you- I guess I thought wrong.
9000 To Lev El
Needing Anyone?
I am in need of some support from anyone out there that is going through what i am going through right now please help me out. My boyfriend was diagonsed with petit mal seizures and he has been acting distant from me. I am having a hard time with right now as i can't talk to him about him since he won't talk to me and seems to think that this doesn't affect me at all. He says that it is the medication that is making him this way and maybe it is; however, I am having a rough time with it. I don't mean to sound like a bitch and maybe i am, but to suddenly have this thrown on my plate right is more than i can handle and I just want to cry and scream. If anyone knows what i am going through i would appreciate it so very much. I just need to know that I am not the only one that is going through this. Please tell me that this does get better. thank you so very much.
Bad Ass Marine
Somebody To Shove
Mommie Survey
*Age when you got pregnant?* 27 *Are you still with the father?* I LOVE HIM OF COURSE I AM!!! *How far along were you when you found out you were pregnant?* 4 weeks *What was your first reaction?* i was excited...i couldnt wait to tell people *How did the father react?* he was happy *Did you get morning sickness?* No thank god *What were your cravings?* pineapple, corndogs and mchickens from mcds *What books did you read when you were pregnant?* baby magazines *How did you feel about your first ultrasound?* I was excited I WANTED TO SEE MY BABY!!! *Were you happy about the sex of your baby?* I was happy either way..i kind of wanted a boy first but next time maybe *Did you excersice when you were pregnant?* uh no *How much weight did you gain?* 75 lbs *Did you attend any pregnancy classes?* nope *How did you know you where in labor?* my water broke *When did your water break?* may 4th *Did you have an epidural?* no *Wha
My First Song
the first song no my playlist will make you lol maybe piss your self
Drinking A Beer
Drinking a Beer I place one sandaled foot in front of the other, my platform heels echoing on hardwood floors. I enter the kitchen. The floor – sticky; dirty dish pile sink; counters and table littered with overflowing ashtrays and empty beer bottles. I open the fridge, scan the contents, quickly lock on my target. My hand enters the open twelve-pack, grips cold, damp glass, a sweating label. I retrieve a Bass. Using my incisors, I pry the metal cap off the brown glass bottle, then turn on my heel and head to the smoky, debris-filled den where friends and acquaintances are in varying stages of inebriation. I lift the bottle to my mouth, put my lips to the cold glass, tilt back my head, gulp down pale ale like water, like life bottled, swallow greedily, wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, burp and giggle, then lift the bottle again, sipping this time. I finally savor the robust flavor. Then I chug again, and the bottle becomes half-e
I Hate Stereotypes
I really don't fit in to any stereotypes of "Blackness". Apparently those stereotypes are what attract a lot of women to some men. I'm not a thug, I don't drink and smoke weed or any of that...yet I seem to feel constant ridicule for being something I'm not..its the little comments I notice "You don't sound black" or "You are the whitest black guy I've ever met" "You aren't black" What the hell is "being black"? Those are like daggers destroying the very fiber of everything I've worked to not become. I get cold shouldered because I'm not dressed a certain way, or talk a certain way. I get cold shouldered because I don't do things a certain way. What is wrong with bucking the system of stereotypes? Or has society so conditioned us that there is only one way for certain people to act? I choose not to drink, smoke and do drugs, for the same reasons others chose to do them. I am different. I am not a stereotype. So if it means I spend a lot of time be it.
Prayers For Our Troops.
A prayer is needed for Bill and Faby. Bill was in Iraq when he recieved that his son had died back in the states 8-18-07. Our thoughts are with you Bill and Faby for your loss.
Man Of My Dreams
Man of My Dreams *I found him - Echis) I sit here weary and waning, afraid of all I’m not gaining, waiting to be swept off my feet, to be taken on that once-upon-a-time forever-neverland trick-or-treat. Give me Hell’s Night, a bottle of cheap wine, some hash, and a good fight, but promise not to leave my side, because it’s you who lets me come out from inside and stop the hiding inside. It’s sunny and sweet anywhere we meet, a treat, a magical feat, a sensuous affair. Oh boy, it’ll take us somewhere. And “over the rainbow” and all that jazz, too. God, I want someone just like you – someone who’ll tame my wild beast, deal with my torturous heat, keep me from defeat, keep me from beating up every bitch in sight, give me perpetual twilight, tickle me where no one can see, be everything and everyone to me.
Best Friends Contest
Here i am in another contest.I would appreciate if you would help by comment bombing my pic.I will show some definate love back!!!Thank You
Down in Beantown (Boston) for the summer to take care of some stuff and get caught up with some old friends before I go traveling again. This weekend I am out in upstate NY attending my niece's 10th wedding anniversary. She has me doing all of the cooking for about 60 people.
I Miss Her Already...
well i came back from texas, it was a quick week i guess. one word of advice to self, NEVER EVER drive on any trip whatsoever with dad again!!! i would rather put up with the greyhound anyday! more about it later. for now a song to keep me going. my poor sister, had surgery, then found out it was aggressive cancer. they took a tumor out the size of a softball from her liver. the other tumor stuck inside so they injected it with something to kill cancer. i miss her already... i couldn't find a suitable song, so i picked this song for now.Mr. Lonely-AkonAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Todays From Phillip,,,,8/18
I don't believe he's writing these, but it's the thought that counts! You are my heart, my soul, my treasure, My today, my tomorrow, my forever, My everything! from Phillip
All For Dj Darkwarrior
ok so this goes out to one sorry excuse for a man!!! so you think my friends are ridiculous and you think my friends are scorned by you...and you think they just want you...heres a reality arent sh* one cares...and u say you've been wanting me to run out of money and fail...well its not going to strong and i will rise above it all...i certainly dont need you for only wish you had friends like friends in real life and even all of my fubar friends are top knotch and i love them all...i just hope all the women beware of you bc the women you've gotten to on here are well aware of who u are...stay away from my friends....ur a predator is what you are. ok so this goes out to one sorry excuse for a man!!! instead of worrying so much about about your lounge and ur fu groupies you need to start worrying more about taking responsibility for your child. im done playing your "i promise i will and i'll take care of it" games. thi
My Cell!!!!
I Give Up On Love
All my life love has brought me nothing but heart ache and depression and thanks to KIRA, the girl from Japan who I thought I was starting to reach dumped me I never even had a change to meet her. She used to rate some girl's pic and dumped me like a hot potato. I feel so sad and depressed. I'm locking my heart up and throwing away the key, love is just another four letter word to me with no meaning. Since love gives up on me, then I give up on love. If I'm wrong or jumping to the wrong conclusion, please tell me.
My Life, Today
My Life, Today The warmth of a touch, a kiss, a look, the feeling of you inside me, the sun’s caress, the physical jolt of music. Overwhelming beauty: words, lyrics, sentences, irony. The day opening and closing. Everything I know new, intriguing, clean, even when it’s exactly the same as it always is. We listen to The Velvet Underground – Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico, others whose names I can’t remember. I’m always thrilled by sight sound touch, your searching hands on my smooth skin, but no longer is everything weighted by desperate panic, melancholy, nostalgia, moments long since past – things I can no longer have or change. But right here, right now, it is enough, almost way too much at times, and I am in love with it.
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes="_blank" title="Cool MySpace Graphics at">MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
I'm Very Sad
I just found out a couple of days ago that my favorite chat room disabilities-r-us is closing. Because some idiots decided to try to part the chat room and create their own and stab the owner in the back. I HATE people saying that they are going to help someone out and instead the HURT that person. Now, that they decided to stab this poor man in the back I am losing my family of 8 wonderful years. This saddens me and I wish there was something i could do to change it. Not so much the fact that the chat room is closing. Yes it will be greatly missed and it is still dearly needed. But, most importantly I am afraid that the owner does not understand how needed and supported HE is. The hard part is to get that across to him.
Cruise From Hell
8/18/2007 Hello Readers: Well it looks like this Playboy frenzy will never stop with so many people emailing me with their thoughts. Again because I am helping to promote a cruise involving “Playboy” does not mean a few thousands people including myself on this ship are sluts, imbeciles, degraded and doomed to hell. To me it’s one of the best opportunities ever, as those who can afford the cruise are the elites and on top of their professional career. The universe brought me geniuses like Bryant Mc Gill and so many other famous souls from all walks of life for good reasons. I know on the ship, I will make very important contacts that will provide the help needed for my honorable mission to pass on the light to this world. “A magnet will not attract a piece of wood” it’s all about energy, opportunity and growth and I decided to take this opportunity wholeheartedly simply because I know better. CLICK HERE to Get More Information NOW So I have decided to do something ve
Sorry For The Extended Absence, But Now I'm Back
Hi folks. Hello friends. Hello fans. Hello family. Hello readers. Maybe I could stand to give you folks an account of why I've been off "FUBAR" for the past few weeks. Three weeks ago, I had just turned on my old computer and found it stalling and crawling instead of starting up like it was supposed to do. Then I took in to "Geek Squad" inside "Best Buy" and they let me know about a week later that there was nothing left for them to do with that unit. So I had to wait for a couple of weeks till I gotpaid again...and now I have finally gotten a newer unit with an AMD Athlon 1.6GHz processor and finally gotten it to work. It will be a while before I get it to where it feels familiar but that will be taken care of in good time. And then there is the matter of why I'm offline almost more than I am online. As an inventory auditor, click here for my employer, my job has taken me on the road quite a lot lately. Working on a detail auditing Home Depot stores throughout the M
Some Feelings
I was reading some blogs a friend of mine has posted and realized that I shouldn't be ashamed or scared to put out there my experiences of life. I always though, what would my mom think? Would people judge me because of it? I figured out the answers are, "Who Cares?" I am me and if you can't accept it, too bad. I'm sick of this society being so judgemental on other's views, looks, and interests. So I'm not a super model, you don't like? Don't look at me. I'm not feminist and I actually LIKE to learn about cars and work on them. All of you people can fuck off, I don't need you as much as you don't need me. So end it, and go our seperate ways. I used to write alot growing up. Poetry, journals, short stories, you name it. Then I stopped for the fear that I might be judged and I put it on the back burner because "I didn't have time". Writing is my passion so I am going to try to start again. How am I supposed to get my emotions out if I don't write them down or talk about them. Not only th
I got called an angel today so yeah I am feeling a little high and mighty. But I am also just tired. For every one thing that goes right a million other things go wrong. I have such thin skin. I feel maybe more than others... I definitely care more. I take what someone says literally and seriously. I don't mind a two-way street. In fact I prefer it but why does it always seem like my side of the street is paved with potholes and garbage? Right now someone's thoughtless words have me feeling like everything is going away from me. What an awesome power that person has. To make me feel like shit and not even care about it... kudos to you. But that is just one person! So why am I hung up on it? Because even though I have some annoying qualities, I still cannot deal with the annoying qualities of others. I see the good. I appreciate the good. But just a spoonful or in this case a fucking gallon of badness can swallow the good and make it... nothing at all. Just because the w
Baptising A Drunk
A man is stumbling through the woods, totally drunk; when he comes upon a preacher baptizing people in the river. He proceeds to walk into the water and subsequently bumps into the preacher. The preacher turns around and is almost overcome by the "Smell of alcohol," whereupon he asks the drunk, "Are you ready To find Jesus?" The drunk answers, "Yes, I am." So the preacher grabs him and dunks him in the water. He pulls him up and asks the drunk, "Brother have you found Jesus?" The drunk replies, "No, I haven't found Jesus." The preacher shocked at the answer, dunks him into the water again for a little longer. He again pulls him out of the water and asks again, "Have you found Jesus my brother?" The drunk replies "No, I haven't found Jesus". By this time the preacher is at his wits end, and dunks the drunk in the water again, but this time holds him down for about 30 seconds and when he begins kicking his arms and legs he pu
I've made it to VA, hanging out at my parents house. Family is over for the afternoon so of course my mom is happy all her kids are here. Getting viscously assaulted by a 4 1/2 year old, I don't think he wants any cousins... Decompressing, trying to chill out and enjoy this time with family. It's been better this time that it was in June, mainly because I'm at my parents house so they can go about their routine, they always have stuff to do and such so I can stay out of the way and chill. lol Another thing they told us to watch out for is anger. Seems a common emotion for the troops and people coming back. I'm not sure why but I am a wee bit testy but knowing why helps me deal with it. I guess I was doing the anger thing in June and that obviously didn't help things out. Doing much better this time around. So.. hanging out, enjoying real eggs, high speed internet access and my own choice of foods... who could ask for anything more?
Chili Cook Off...
Notes From An Inexperienced Chili Tester Named FRANK, who was visiting Texas from the East Coast: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cook-off. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table asking directions to the beer wagon, when the call came. I was assured by the other two judges (Native Texans) that the chili wouldn't be all that spicy, and besides, they told me I could have free beer during the tasting. So I accepted." Here are the scorecards from the event: ________________________________________________________ CHILI # 1 MIKE'S MANIAC MOBSTER MONSTER CHILI JUDGE ONE: A little too heavy on tomato. Amusing kick. JUDGE TWO: Nice, smooth tomato flavor. Very mild. FRANK: Holy shit, what the hell is this stuff? You could remove dried paint from your driveway. Took me two beers to put the flames out. I hope that's the worst one. These Texans are crazy. __________________________
The Way He Makes Me Feel...
The touch of his hand upon my flesh making me melt deep within feeling his lips against mine fingers on my back whispers of what he's going to do drinking it all in my lips upon your neck hearing your soft moans your fingers undressing me making me purr in passion I feel your arms around me as you pull me close tormenting me sweetly yet letting me know exactly who is in control your touch sending shivers of delight thru me as your lips move over me I hear your whisper and your hot breath against me laying beside you looking into your eyes I know that look you pounce on me like a cat pinning my hands under yours as you pierce my body with yours pounding into me the sound of our moaning and bodies filling the air my legs encircle you as my back arches our lips join in a passion filled kiss as our bodies throb against one another
The Submissive's Prayer
Allow me the strength to answer questions I can't fathom. Allow me the spirit to know his needs. Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts. Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace. Allow me the love to show Him myself. Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him. Allow me the light to show us the way. Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him. Let me be able to show Him each day my love of my service to Him. Let me open myself up to completely belong to Him. Let my eyes show Him the same respect, rather I sit at his side, or kneel at his feet. Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman. Let me learn to please Him, beyond myself. Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely. Give me the strength to please us both. Permit me to love myself, in loving Him. Allow me the peace of serving Him. For it is my greatest wish, my highest power To make his life complete, as he makes mine.
Can't Wait To See This Movie...
Directed by Rob Zombie... Halloween 9 '07 TrailerAdd to My Profile | More Videos
What Is Normal?
I was 16 when i was diagnosed with schizophrenia and i have dealt with this shit like a champ. Crazy messages do bother me, but that's all. Don't make an a** of yourself, unless you have a good reason. Those reasons may include: 1. a hang nail on ur big toe 2. an advanced case of cancer 3. just plain dumb Please take into consideration that with schizophrenia I do hear voices and we aren't afraid to laugh back at you guys. J/K!!! I don't want you to get it confused though, i do have problems and it is no joking matter. One thing that i do understand about most of the CherryTap comments is that, most people live in a box, rarely realizing that they are the only people in. GET IT. An empty box with a body, good as dead anyway right, well that is the vibe i getting from most you CT users. Self control is what you need, that is something i had plenty of training in so i wouldn't spas out and become the worst case senario, namely most of you people. Understand? Good.
Gregs Video
This video !Natas mage kicks ass, I had to steal it!!! LOL Enjoy
After Shock
Well i am just updating everyone on my last blog THINK FIRST on august 12 tammy was killed and on august 14 bob was pulled off from life support and he passed away as well. The police have caught the man who killed tammy but the shock of that is that he was a friend of ours who was at the birthday party with us all. Now we have two people dead and two people charged with the accidents but they were all friends its a very tragic and unbeleivable story but the hardest part of all of it besides losing someone you love is now we all have to go to court and watch someone who we thought was a friend be tried for the death of his own friend. it may appear to some people that its all over but we all (the families of all 4 people) have to deal with the aftershock for a long time to come. So i ask again that everyone please think about what your doing when you drink and drive because it could be your friend that gets hurt or killed.Tammy was cremated and we had her service today. Bob will be bur
115,000 To Godfather
COMEON EVERYONE .. SHES GOT OVER 1200 PICTURES A TON OF STASH .WE CAN GET THIS DONE..TOMMOROW IS MY BIRTHDAY AND I WILL BE TAKING THE DAY OFF THE FIRST DAY OFF FROM LEVELING IN 11 MONTHS,......GO SHOW HER SOME LOVE We have a Fubar close to God father with 4 Happy hours coming up tonight.Lets get her over to a God Mother. Shes got about 115,000 to go..Show her some love. Shes got a lot of pictures and Stash to rate. Show her some love. Pєяĸy Mя. Đ's Wife Owner of the O.C.L Tracy's FU- Mistress@ fubar
Dale Sr
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To Those Who Think They Can't Take It Anymore...
Versus The World "Forgive Me" Red eyes just keep my heart beating Your secret's safe with me Just drive, I've broken our mirror So our past won't look so tempting I never thought it'd feel this good to quit Failure tastes so sweet I'm not afraid anymore, forgive me I'll swing here, I'll hang from this rope Just at least until they've found me Stay close dear, the note on the floor says I wish that you were here I never though it'd feel this good to quit Failure tastes so sweet I'm not afraid anymore, forgive me So long to the future I never HAD A CHANCE ANYWAY SO WHEN I USE MY USES I GET A PROBLEM WITH MY BRAIN THIS IS A PROBLEM SO INTENSE I CANNOT EXPLAIN OVER AND OVER WHICH WAY TO TURN THERE'S NO WAY OUT AT THIS POINT I'M NOT CONCERNED!!!! I NEVER THOUGH IT'D FEEL THIS GOOD TO QUIT FAILURE TASTES SO SWEET I'M NOT AFRAID ANYMORE...FORGIVE ME!!!
Bored And Missin Him
im jus sittin missin him so much......hopin to see him soon....i do love him and i do want him to be mine..forever...we always promised eachother i think its time to fufill it...ill be glad to see him wen i do....i hope he feels the same...he is still my babii boii...and i hope he knows it...
I just wanted to thank everyone for the ratings... I will try to get to everyone as soon as my computer is back online, I am waiting for a new modem from my ISP and should be back online for longer periods on Wednesday.... right now i am using my daughters computer and its tough sharing a computer with another internet addict! Luv ya all.....
Ooh-frickin-rah..."parody To Beverly Hills"
"Indy-Hills" Where I come from isn't all that great My automobile is from '98 My fashion sense is dark and black And my friends are kickass cool like me I didn't go to boarding school Sexy girls never looked at me Why shouldn't they, I am somebody Got deployments in my pocket INDY HILLS THAT'S WHERE I WANT TO BE LIVING IN CORNY-ASS FIELDS INDY HILLS TRYIN' TO BUILD MY SELF-ESTEEM LIVING IN CORNY-ASS FIELDS Look at all those civvy guys Wishin' they coulda been just like me When the girls' legs open up I make them feel good inbetween They wanna live the life like that They wanna be just like Marines Rate my pics, cuz I am cool I'm Indiana's best thing INDY HILLS THAT'S WHERE I WANT TO BE LIVING IN CORNY-ASS FIELDS INDY HILLS TRYIN' TO BUILD MY SELF-ESTEEM LIVING IN CORNY-ASS FIELDS Truth is, they don't stand a chance It's somethin' that you sign into And some just don't belong No they don't, I'm just a high-class Clean-cut king And I will alw
New Pledge Of Allegiance
New Pledge of Allegiance Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word "God" is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the Good Book makes me liable.
It's The Fucking Internet People
I wrote a blog a few weeks back about being over the internet. I joked about breaking up with the internet, that it was boring me and that I was over it. I have to admit that I think that I am really over the internet at this point in time. Well, ok, lemme restate that. I’m over the people on the internet. I’m tired of guys asking how big my tits are, I’m tired of my friendliness being mistaken for an invite to verbally molest me online. I’m tired of idle conversation being taken so seriously. It’s the fucking internet people. Just cause I talk to you doesn’t mean that I’m in love or that I’m even in like. It just means that I’m bored. It means that I’m polite enough to answer your shouts cause I think its rude when people ignore mine (although that seems to seldom happen). It doesn’t mean that I want to date you, meet you, fuck you, suck your cock or let you prove to me that you can make me cum. I don’t want to look at your dick pictures. I don’t want to have cyber sex w
What About You?
so how many of you honestly tell someone what they like to do sexually because a lot of people think about what they want to try but how many of you out there have done it or just tell your partner or partners what you like and like to do so if you do that then let me know yours and repost this with a picture or image of what you like.....this is a little something that I enjoy doing but most women find it nasty or degrading which it's not it's more of a turn on then anything else so lets find out whats yours. I LIKE being forceful big tits face fucking i love when they gag i love the taste of pussy on my tongue i LOVE anal its the best i have a big thing for pregos i love the feeling of my hand on her ass i LOVE slaves and submissives i have a thing for watching girls pee i love tieing up sluts and slaves i love being in control i love incest roleplay i get turned on so much watching girls masturbate i love play
Ooooooook. So I haven't posted a blog in a day or two. So - I thought I would let everyone know...If you don't hear from me at all after tomorrow - That means my fat ass died during the walk that I'm doing tomorrow. The American Heart Association is having a walk in Downtown Cleveland - and I'm going. We had our choice of 1 or 3 miles. We opted for the 3 mile walk. It will be me, my mom, brother, his friend, my moms cousin, and 2 of my friends from work. Between the 7 of us, we raised nearly 1000 dollars from our friends, family and coworkers! Wish me luck, that I make it through it tomorrow!!!! I also wanted to thank each and everyone of you who helped me level up yesterday! I'm still smiling over that! :D
Sorry To All My Fubar Friends!!
Hello to all my Fubar friends!!! First of all "I'M SORRY TO ALL MY FURBAR FRIENDS THAT THINK I HAVE PUSHED YOU AWAY!" I still love all of you!!! OK now, I've got a butt load of emails and shout about not being on here that much lately, I'm very sorry!! I'm sorry that I haven't been on that much in the past few of months. I have alot of things going in my life right now, getting a new job and a new girlfriend. WOOHOO!! ha-ha So, I have been spending a lot of time with her and all. Plus 2 of my life time friends are moving out of state, today, so I've been spending alot of time with them as well. I love spending time with you guys so I'm going to make more time for all of you. I'm sure all of you know how it is when you first start dating someone new, you spend every free minute you have with them. I'm not sure if it is love or not but it's very strong, what ever it is!! DAMN STRONG!! :-p So this is me saying I'm very sorry to all my friends!!!! Love ya all!!! Michael
Well galen and I are at my parents house right now due to the fact that he was in the hospital and I get the third degree about me being there. Their own daughter and I get yelled at. Never mind what he and I have been through or what we are going through right now. My nerves are shot and I can eat or sleep. I am worried to death about him and what we are going to do about his meds and mine. I have an appointment on Tuesday for depression and eating disorder and this just all over whelming right now. I want to bang my head on something or hit something right now. I would have thought that my parents understood what we were going throught, but I guess not. We are going home tomorrow and so this will probably be the last one that i write for a while until we can afford to get internet service at the house. I don't know when that will be though and i just wanted to say that I am thankful for all of that have listened to me. it has meant a lot to me. Thanks from the both of us
This Is Bullshit
I have asked my friends to help me out with this contest because I was trying so damn bad and no one is helping me out fuck this shit.. If you send me a shout in my shout about wanting me to rate your picture or comment crazy for you I will do that and I have been doing what I can and what do I get out of a return fuck you all this is bullshit.. For now on if you are sending me a message to me in my shout out box asking me to help you with the contest don't bother because I am not going to do it no more.. Sorry no can do for you all you all blow it big time.. Hope you all are happy now because I am not going to help no one on contest no more except my friends if you are a friend of mine than my guess is to help out if not than I don't know what to tell you here is the link if you want to help out I don't give a shit no more PS.. The people who comment on my contest I want to thank you so much.. well give you all updates ok.. have a really good one.. Virgo24
All About Me
Since I have no info posted on the front page of my profile, I figured I'd do a small blog and reveal some shit about myself. - I am 26 almost 27 single mother of a 6 y/o son - I am currently attending school with a major in criminal justice ( I wanna be a corrections officer) - I am a HOMEBODY - Love the hell outta video games - I am deathly afraid of clowns - I carry a bottle of hotsauce in my purse:) - I have over 200 pairs of shoes and just about 50 pairs of houseshoes - I can't stand for my hands to be dirty - I am very sarcastic... better be able to throw the shit back - My favorite color is blu - I am 5'7" - Recently stopped smokin (cigerettes) - I love all types of music, but Iam a "old soul" at heart
32,000 To Godfather
Mean So Much
You mean so much to me More than I could ever say And even if you don't believe me I mean it in every way Whenever were together Nothing can go wrong And I'm starting to think That with you is where I belong Whenever we are together I thank God that I'm alive With you by my side I think I can survive You take away my sadness You take away my pain This feeling when I'm with you Is nothing I can explain I wish that I could be with you All throughout each day Therefore the smile on my face Would never have to go away I know you understand That I'm in a constant fight And your one main reason Why my life is worth the fight You’ve always been there for me No matter what I’ve gone through So I just want to take this time to say Thank you and I love you…
Your Smile
Thinking about you, Makes my day, Every moment, In every way, Your smile melts my heart, Like no other, Especially, When we stare at each other, Your face gives me butterflies, Whenever I look at you, It makes me want to blurt out, I Love You, But what turns me on, Is not just you face and your smile, It's your personality, And the times when we talk awhile, Being with you makes me happy, All the time, That I wished you were forever mine, But you have someone else Which hurts my heart, Every time I think about it, It tears me apart, I understand, If you love another and not me, Because the truth is, I just want you to be happy, But what pains me the most, Is when we talk to each other, And all you can talk about, Is her, If she makes you smile, If she makes you glad, I don't want to get in the way, Because I'm not like that, But to tell you the truth, When she goes, I just want to tell you, I love you more then you'll Ever know
Would You???
I just want to say this : I AM SICK OF Selfish, isecure, self-centered, childish people !!!! Ok I am better! Thanks for listening.
Baby's First Visit To Doctors Office
A woman and a baby were in the doctor's examining room, waiting for the doctor to come in for the baby's first exam. The doctor arrived, and examined the baby, checked his weight, and being a little concerned, asked if the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed? "Breast-fed,"she replied. "Well, strip down to your waist," the doctor ordered. She did. He pinched her nipples, pressed, kneaded, and rubbed both breasts for a while in a very professional and detailed examination. Motioning to her to get dressed The doctor said, "No wonder this baby is underweight. You don't have any milk. " "I know," she said, "I'm his Grandma, but I'm glad I came."
Holy wow. I've been attacked by some type of mutated ant. The secret of the ooze has nothing on these guys! My foot is actually aching and we all know how I cry like a baby when my feet are involved... My poor little foot aside, there's a bit of garbage going on at the Sheriff's office, what with the supervisor being replaced and all. Being that I'm the "new" girl, someone thought it'd be really cool to suggest that I have my shift changed so they don't have to...
Fubar's Sexiest Person Contest
Fubar's Sexiest PERSON(man or woman) Contest - Winner gets a Blast and a New Sex Toy ( I sell them Anyone over 20,000 points gets a free NEW Sex Toy!! Anyone over 18 can join - don't get upset if a man is beating a woman...It happens Contest Lasts 7 Days - once your in it you can not drop out. Any age, weight, height, color, etc can join. I keep hearing that your not pretty enough or I can't win. If your on my Friends list YOU ARE pretty and sexy enough. Want to know how to win? in my last contest I saw someone with 220 friends beating someone who had 1,600! And it was a HE! He voted, got his friends to vote, HIS FRIENDS got other people to vote. Self Bombing and Friend Bombing is allowed.
Heres a thumbs up for all friends and fans. We all need to stick together for this world is better place because we are all friends. In a world were friendship is hard to find its as percious as any gem or worth more than any vault could hold.
just tired of everything.....i feel like im a worthless piece of shit that isn't even good enough. i dont know what to think anymore. maybe i should stop trying and just give up period. im tired of this life...i dont even care anymore. im dying on the inside anyway and im just not wanting to care or live anymore. if you hate me for my words...oh well, you just dont understand nor will anyone ever understand or even care. i just can't live with this sadness anymore. it's killing me slowly each and every day! and i dont even know wny im bothering with this blog.
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge headfirst into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely, P. Niss The Response: Dear Penis: After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work 8 hours straight. You fall asleep after brief work periods. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. You leave the workplace ra
Poem (about Angels And God!
The sky slowly darkens around me, The night grows darker with every passing moment, My heart sinks lower as the time ticks by, tick... tock.. tick... tock.. and still I sit here waiting on ur return. Lost in the memorys of you, Lost in restless thoughts of you. Lost in my fragmented peices of time with you. tick... tock.. Will you ever return to me? Can I over come my fears without you? Can I live without you? tick... tock.. Here I wait...patiently.
I am moving this week, and on Friday heading off for vacation to AZ with my best friend. We will be gone for a week. I will not be back online until I get back.
F**kin Lil Boys
For all of you that may think I'm a bitch cause I ignore you or I tell you I don't want to talk. This is why I do it. I have a bf...which is why this asshole got pissed off. Sorry why would I want someone in Mississippi that I've never met when I have someone real here? Kyle Ford: FUCK YOU! sweetnessinevil: you'll never get that chance Kyle Ford: BITCH! sweetnessinevil: thanks I love that compliment Kyle Ford: WHORE! sweetnessinevil: nope not a whore or I'd be dating you too Kyle Ford: WELL TO ME U R sweetnessinevil: that's only cause you're pissed you can't have me sweetnessinevil: lol just like the rest of em Kyle Ford: UR GODAMN RITE IM PISSED OFF! sweetnessinevil: NOT MY FAULT Kyle Ford: I DIDNT SAY IT WAS sweetnessinevil: then stop disrespecting me sweetnessinevil: I have nothing to do with what goes on in your head Kyle Ford: I CANT DEAL WIT THIS N U RITE NOW
To My Best Friend Sherri A True Friend
A FRIEND LIKE YOU © Natasha Everyone should have a friend like you You are so much fun to be with And you are such a good person You crack me up with laughter And touch my heart with your kindness You have a wonderful ability To know when to offer advice And when to sit in quiet support Time after time You've come to my rescue And brightend so many Of my routine days And time after time I've realized how fortunate I am that my life includes you I really do believe that Everybody should have a friend like you But so far it looks like You are one of a kind!
A Broken Heart
A Broken Heart by Cristin Lentine We met one night, we clicked on the spot talking and laughing, our fears we forgot Getting to know one another, could it be true that you finally found someone, the same as you It started out slow, just as friends and we knew that someday it would end As time went on, our converstaions steadied day after day, it soon got hot and heavy We fell for one another, very unexpected trying to keep this a secret, not to be detected You were scared, I was very paranoid all we wanted was to fill the void I depended on you, as my lover and my friend little did I know we were approaching the end A small misunderstanding threw us apart and now I'm left with a broken heart
A Night Of Cyber Or Is It?
A Night of Cyber or Is It? by Mary Elizabeth Erotic words,suggestive remarks Sexual innuendos days and night Erratic behavior,ache in my heart How i want you to be in my side My breast are heavy,soft to the touch Aching to be fondled,be in your mouth My legs are trembling on shaky ground Wishing its real and not just virtual The feelings, the passion ruled by lust The images,the fantasies became a must Power of imagination in full force In every caress, touch and stroke Its wild, insane and so unreal Be motivated in this manner Yet its there in every encounter Sexual tension high in the air.....
A Dot Com Unfullfilled Love
A Dot com unfullfilled love by solambi We are getting so close, And yet too close for me. You scare me By saying You wanna see me. I am not ready For such a big move Maybe I will never be. And that is the truth. My perfect little world Is tumbling down Puzzlepieces scattering around. Nothing is bigger Than the wish For your embrace, Nothing more important Than to touch your face. I am mixed emotion Clouds in my head. I should finally wake up And face the fact, That the love we share Will only be on the net.
Sweet Kisses
Men And Life
Here I go, gotta rant on about this subject. I don't get men, they want to talk to you but have other women on the side lol which is so funny please help me understand that one. There jerks who try to play with girls emotions then when there done or they find a girl like me who will not talk nasty or perverted or fall into there game i become the bad person. I am so tired of men and there games. What ever happened to the real men, the men who arent out just for gettin into a girls pants or seeing them naked and its all sweet talk till the girl says no and boom shes a whore a slut and everything else they can call her. And yes for the guys who are gonna read this WOMEN do it to i am not saying they dont. But the fact remains that men do it. I met this one guy on here he is a sweetheart and I dont want him to think he is classified in this but i cant figure him out either. I have to be honest I am tired of being alone, would love to build a realtionship but hey that takes time and n
Web Cam
I think I got my cam on here, but not sure i did it right, someone please tell me if i did
First Ever Betty Boop Cartoon
My First Block
Well, I discovered CT now Fubar last November. I've made good friends and for the most part gotten along with everyone. Tonight some dude was a total jerk for no apparent reason and I did it, I figured out how to block people. I wonder why some people want to impart their miserable lives on others? Ok..I'm vented; this IS what blogs are meant to be no? Ya'll draw on something positive now and pass it forward...
An Angel On My Screen
An Angel On My Screen by GAGOO I met an angel on my screen So friendly, kind and sweet... She makes me feel so special I long for when we’ll meet... We’ve talked for hours here online And many on the phone... She’s brought such joy into my life When once I was alone. The love I feel within my heart Was but a dream to me... A dream that once was out of reach Has become reality... Ever present in my thoughts Always in my heart... Forever shall I love her And never shall we part. I met an angel on my screen So full of life and love... An angel that was sent to me From Heaven up above... Always with a kind word Her laughter fills the air... Her love is neverending A love that’s always there. So if you ever meet someone My wish for you is this... I wish you all the love I’ve found For it’s the sweetest gift... The feeling that you are so loved No other can compare... To have this kind of special love And someone with wh
Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open! They Are Out There!!!
I recieved this information from a friend and felt i needed to share it with everyone! Keep your self safe! these are the signs: He uses a typical "Nigerian" Love Scam, Modeling Scam or Charity Scam. You can do what you want. But, just be aware that sooner or later he is going to try to steal from you. Scammers are excellent and convincing liars. 1. He will probably tell you that he is temporarily in Africa and will be returning home soon. Believe me, this guy will never get out of Nigeria, Ghana or whatever African country he is in. 2. He is English is very bad and odd. There will be simple words misspelled, very weird grammar, poor or no punctuation, and/or odd words and phrases. A professional does not write like that ever. 3. If you ask him questions about where he lives and his work, he will only give you vague answers. He will hesitate to give you information that a normal person will easily provide­. If you want any details from him about anything, y
He Who Hesitates......
Well my friends, it's been a weird August and really a weird summer. It was hot then it was cool, then it got real hot again. Then I moved out of my house! I left my wife of six years because I felt trapped. Justified, perhaps, but having been out of the house for 2 weeks, i'm just not sure what I was doing leaving and at the same time, i'm just not sure i want to go back home either. Yes I wanted some freedom, and i'm enjoying that but I do miss some things that came with being with someone. Anyway, right now i'm wrestling with some of my own personal demons that I think are keeping me from enjoying being with my wife. And to be honest, if I go through counseling to deal with this and it doesn't work, at least I can say I tried. So bear with me my friends, the next few weeks are not going to be the easiest to go through on mty end. So if i'm not on much from this point forward, at least you'll know why. Love, Peace and best wishes to all of you, Chuck
Cyber Love(to Someone And He Knows Who He Is )
Cyber Love by Yolanda Schiltz What is this thing they call Cyber Love? Seems to be as crazy as this world of push and shove Never to hear your voice only the words you type Longing to meet you but it's only tears I wipe So desperate to see your handsome face anxious to engage in your sweet embrace I dream of your touch to take my breath away Someday I might know but for now I pray I want to Carress , Kiss and Smell your skin Cuddle and Make Love and take it all in To fall in Love under the moonlight To be side by side in the morning so bright I will keep Faith with help from our God above I will meet you one day "My Cyber Love"
Found This Kinda Interesting
Daily Horoscope: Aquarius For August 18,2007 Your mind is solidly on your job and career path right now, so you may as well focus all of your energy in that direction. You may surprise yourself (and others) with your intensity, but you're definitely going places!
Ptrp In The Army
I found this article on myspace and I thought that everyone should read it. This article is really important to me because I was once in this situation. I went to BCT at Ft Jackson for the ARMY in 2005. I broke my shoulder in the 7th week of basic. I was in what you call PTRP for injured solders for 7 months. This article is really long but you need to take the time to read it all. Thank You April 5, 2006 Malevolent Power at Fort Sill The Army Slays Its Own By JoAnn WYPIJEWSKI No IED, no insurgent force, no lurking Talib killed 21-year-old PFC Matthew Scarano sometime between 9 PM Saturday and 4:45 AM Sunday, March 19. He wasn't in Iraq or Afghanistan or even, despite his rank and year-plus of service, in the United States Army, at least as full membership in that force is officially construed. Matthew Scarano died in his bunk, in the barracks of Bravo Battery 95th, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, but he was as surely a casualty of the War on Iraq as any of the 2,318 U
Experience, Strength And Hope
EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH AND HOPE When, I’m at the end of my rope, I rely on my experience, strength and hope. My experience has taught me well. Life sometimes can be heaven and hell. My strength has enabled me to go on. Sometimes, life can be hard from dusk until dawn. Hope reminds me, of a loving spirit that has all power. I am protected even in my darkest hour. My experience has taught me to kneel in prayer. Thru my silent times, I’ve found comfort there. My strength has been made strong. I pray lead me from what is wrong. My hope is that no matter what, I shall not yield. I have, a heavenly Father that, gives me a shield. My experience can be of use to others. I can be a help to my sisters and brothers. My strength can be there to give a helping hand. Sometimes, all I need to do is listen and understand. My hope is, to share a light to those that are in the dark. There can’t be any light or hope, without a spark. chris
A Broken Heart
A Broken Heart by Cristin Lentine We met one night, we clicked on the spot talking and laughing, our fears we forgot Getting to know one another, could it be true that you finally found someone, the same as you It started out slow, just as friends and we knew that someday it would end As time went on, our converstaions steadied day after day, it soon got hot and heavy We fell for one another, very unexpected trying to keep this a secret, not to be detected You were scared, I was very paranoid all we wanted was to fill the void I depended on you, as my lover and my friend little did I know we were approaching the end A small misunderstanding threw us apart and now I'm left with a broken heart
Makes Ya Think...
IF A MAN WANTS YOU If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any di
Guys.....Tonight was the best part of a fathers life. As our day started, we did our running around returning a wireless gateway for my computer that got fired in last night storm. We were trying to get home so we could cook something since we are going to have a bowling party for my son tomorrow. Well, as we went from store to store, we just decided to eat out. The first thing that popped into my mind was Hooters the Restraunt. Well, we got there and we picked out our table and my Fiance noticed that my son was looking harder than normal at the waitresses. We asked him what he was doing and he said just looking. I asked him why he was looking so hard and he told me, which made me almost cry, "The girls are HOT!!!!" Fella's, that brought a tear to my eyes. Then I went on to give him the lesson of how to look at girls and not have them notice it and how to point, but not really point. Man, this little boy is so funny. What a chip off of the ole block.
A Life???
A Life??? by dreamerz she sits in front of the screen waiting....... In hopes he will appear waiting........ Lustful........ At last he is here He signals he is alone Sigh!!! Oops!! he is gone 'She' must be near Switch of a sex change Now they can talk (generically) Lustful...hoping she leaves Using names on others accounts..can't have it on the print out!!! Maybe a life is what i need Find a man who is free
If We Had Sex?
If we Had Sex Game... Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you! Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT! 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15.How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet? 20. Would you mind if i liked you?
My Day,,,
Well today i woke up feeling pretty refreshed...alittle sore but not too bad. I had something to eat blah blah blah lol. Went down to help someone fix their computer cause they couldn't get on the internet, their computer was infected big time so i got down there and cleaned out the computer out. Talked to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to unsuspend their account to find out what's going on with the internet connection. make this i got the IP address of the computer and modem however the ISP was having trouble catching the IP address from the modem. So after bypassing a few times, replacing the splitter, running the connection straight through from the wall to the modem still no luck. So all i could do is have someone come out on thursday to replace the modem. That was the first part of my day. Came home and passed out for a few hours than went to the store..blah blah blah...the rest of the night was a regular lol
Amor Would You
would you write me a love letter just because would you have it filled with so much love would you show in it what your heart desires would you cover it with hearts an flowers would you write me a love letter with every fiber of your being would you make sure that each an every sentence has meaning would you write me a love letter just to say you care would you send even if I was right there would you write me a love letter to say you wont ever leave would you let me know that you would miss me would you write me a love letter just because
Come Tell Me
Come tell me your wildest fantasy Your deepest sexual dream I’m the one in the night Who’s name you will scream Let me take you higher Than you’ve ever been before When I am done with you You’ll be panting on the floor So don't shy away Just come to me an lets begin to play I do know what excites you in everyway So let me bring your passion To its full excite even if it takes me all night
Jokey Joke
Girls have unique magic tricks: they get wet without water, bleed without injury, and make boneless meat hard.......Now That's Talent!
Mythical Phoenix Bird
In ancient Egyptian mythology and in myths derived from it, the phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird. Said to live for 500, 1461 or for 12594 years (depending on the source), the phoenix is a male bird with beautiful gold and red plumage. At the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises. The new phoenix embalms the ashes of the old phoenix in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in Heliopolis ("the city of the sun" in Greek), located in Egypt. The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being almost immortal and invincible - a symbol of fire and divinity. Although descriptions (and life-span) vary, the phoenix became popular in early Christian art and literature as a symbol of the resurrection, of immortality, and of life-after-death. Originally, the phoenix was identified by the Egyptians as a stork or hero
Just To Let Ya Know
If ya see me going to you page and I don't do anything, I'm just checking to see if I have rated and fan'd ya. Just thought I'd put that out there in case any of ya was wondering!!
109,000 To Godfather
I Start
i start college on october 1,2007. im so excited u wouldnt even believe it.. i will graduate sometime in 2009... i am going to college to become a medical assistant. then maybe after ill go to college again to become a rn. i dont know yet.. alls i know is i want to work with childeren who have cancer so i can try to brighten there day.. it would put a smile on my face and brighten my day to know i helped someone who really needed the doctors and nurses did for me 16 years ago..
Aerosmith - Back In The Saddle
The Zoo Trip
Black & White Lemur Ring Tail Lemur Lazy Lemur! Baboons Pengins!!! Bears! This poor guy looked so unhappy Big cats Fishing cat On the carousel
Hey Ya'll!
Taking off (Sunday)till like sometime Wednesday. Have a great start to your week, and I'll be back before you get a chance to miss me! lol :) ::hugs & kisses::
Happy Birthday 2 U!! 8-17-07
East Texas Dragon tree tommyb1963 Division by Zero RoUgH^n^ToUgH bones Budly creamdrinker65 Devilray1337
Help Me Out Plzzzzzzz!!!!
Okay this is my second contest. The last one was a complete flop for me! I am hoping that all my friends come through for me on this one! This is really funny and I think you all really need to check this one out! Follow the link below to help me out plz!
Im In One More Contest Plz Help!
jus one more plz! i need this vip badd cant afford one!!!
Sean Kingston -beautiful Girl
Iced Earth Rule
Just Another Day...........
Cowboy... cowboy Well I'm packin up my game and I'm a head out west Where real women come equipped with scripts and fake breasts Find a nest in the hills chill like Flynt Buy an old droptop find a spot to pimp And I'm a Kid Rock it up and down your block With a bottle of scotch and watch lots of crotch Buy a yacht with a flag sayin chillin the most Then rock that bitch up and down the coast Give a toast to the sun, drink with the stars Get thrown in the mix and tossed out of bars Sip the teajuna... I wanna roam Find the old town chillin fools then come back home Start an escort service, for all the right reasons And set up shop at the top of four seasons Kid Rock and I'm the real mccoy And I'm headin out west sucker...because I wanna be a Cowboy baby With the top let back and the sunshine shinin Cowboy baby West coast chillin with the Boone's Wine I wanna be a Cowboy baby Ridin at night cause I sleep all day Cowboy baby I can smell a pig
Too Damned Funny
All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy, painless removal - The Epilady, scissors, razors, Nair and now...the wax. Read on......... My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: 'Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet.' So I headed to the site of my demise: the bathroom. It was one of those cold wax' kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, I'm not a genius, but I am mechanically inclined enough to figure this out. (YA THINK!?!) So I pull one of the thin strips out. Its two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, my genius kicks in so I get out the hair dryer
Please Comment My Pic In The 1 Year Vip Giveaway!!!
Please Comment My Picture in theVIC GIVEAWAY CONTEST Contest Starts 7/21/07THANKS CLICKHERE
To All Of My Dear Friends~ Thank You Always....
imikimi - Customize Your World
If I Use An Iron Skillet U Think He'll Feel It?? *smirk*
Your Family Is Important...
Your Family is important to TroopPrayers. We do not want you to feel that you are alone in this, so maybe posting here will help others in your same situation to heal and find courage to stand in prayer/to stand in faith. Let us know your experience, maybe we can help you with your struggle. God Bless
Horoscope ~ August 19, 2007
I have been reading my horoscope each day on this site. For about the last week or so, every one of them fits my life so amazingly that it seems as if I am writing them myself. Kinda trippy! Daily Horoscope: Cancer For August 19,2007 A big change is sweeping through your family, and while it's largely for the better, you can tell that it's difficult for some of your kin to go through. Reach out and help them see the long view, if possible.
Shout Box Has Been Turn Off
Ok I had to tutn my shout box off becuase when ever I used it and my alerts for my bar tab went off, the site would freese and my computer would lock up. So you will have to FUmail me from this point on. If you do want to actually chat you can get a hold of me on yahoo messenger at pimp_ride_76. Feel free to add me. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I couldn't deal with my whole system locking up every time my bar tab alerted me. Thanks
In A Child's Eyes......
i was fetching my son the other day, but i was early...the guard says it will not be until an hour more before the grade threes will go there was no other alternative for me but to wait... and while waiting, i noticed a boy, silently crying in a little corner, murmuring...."mama, mama, where are you?". My heart melts for the situation the boy finds himself in...uncertain whether his mother will come to fetch him or not...will he be left there all alone? questions in his minds creeps in,....will i ever see my family again? when will my mama come? have they forgotten about me? what have i done wrong to merit this? why is ma, not here yet? what is she doing? where have she gone? what will i do if she did not come for me? there are so many uncertainties a child faces when they find themselves in a situation like this...i know, i've been there...i know how it feels to be left, to be forgotten, that "i am here, where are all of you gone?"...all the other children had gone home a
The One Below Is The Wrong One This Is The Right One :)
How Good Are You?
You scored as Sex God, You are a master at sex. You make your partner weak in the knees, and you know it. You've had the practice, and you've read the books, but don't get too cocky (pun intended) or you'll get put into place.Sex God78% A Romantic70% A Slave To BDSM60% Virgin28% How are you in bedcreated with
Thought Of The Night..
why would someone chose to hav a kid, when down the road they are just going to decide since the kid isnt perfect they are just going to tell them to fuck off? i mean really.. i dont get it...
New Pics
Im A Woman
am a woman My emotions are crazy and strong Sometimes I get hystericall over anything Sometimes I cry about everything But I still got it going on I am a woman I am a woman I know what I want and how to get it I'll throw a tantrum and just get mad Everything you ever did wrong I'll use against you If I don't get my way you will regret it I am a woman I am a woman My voice is soft but I can scream 'till your deaf. Drive you crazy with my questions And then say "I'm sorry ,baby" And still think "I'm the best you'll ever have" I am a woman I am a woman I can be evil and I can be mean. When I'm bored I want you to entertain me Rub my feet and back when I'm tired Damn I'm worth it!! My ass is the best you've ever seen!! I am a woman I am a woman I'm not perfect or a saint, just like all of you men. I've got my good and my bad days My ups and my downs,my high's and my low's I'm fucking doing the best that I can I am a woman,bu
Omfg So True
BRAND MANAGER, PROCTER & GAMBLE Dear Mr. Thatcher I have been a loyal user of your Always maxi pads for over 20 years, and I appreciate many of their features. Why, without the LeakGuard Core(tm) or Dri-Weave(tm) absorbency, I'd probably never go horseback riding or salsa dancing, and I'd certainly steer clear of running up and down the beach in tight, white shorts. But my favorite feature has to be your revolutionary Flexi-Wings. Kudos on being the only company smart enough to realize how crucial it is that maxi pads be aerodynamic. I can't tell you how safe and secure I feel each month knowing there's a little F-16 in my pants. Have you ever had a menstrual period, Mr. Thatcher? Ever suffered from "the curse"? I'm guessing you haven't. Well, my "time of the month" is starting right now. As I type, I can already feel hormonal forces violently surging through my body. Just a few minutes from now, my body will adjust and I'll be transformed into what my husband likes t
Today's Quote What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be. -Ellen Burstyn
B-day Card For Me From Catch And Release
Long Way To Go
Such A Great Night
ah ... lol ... I am so tired and groggy and thankfully over the worst of that god awful hangover! last night at claire's birthday party was one of the best parties I been to in so very long! in all honesty there were only about 12 people when we were all in full swig but the lack of people did not mean we would be quiet and boring! I bought claire a 10 year old bottle of whiskey, oh it was liquid gold! we got a permanant pen and wrote a time line down the side of this bottle. fucking hilarious the shit we wrote on that bottle. I know I wrote on the bottle at about 2am something like 'what the hell' and 'more' ... but you can hardly read that cos my writing just so so so bad. apparently I was writing to indicate some of the hippies had been drinking our whiskey which clearly had written on the bottle 'claire's piss' lol and about those hippies ... we had the entire aldinga hippy crew down at claire's house! it was great. initially we invited only Anwar but then he invited all the res
True Friends
TRUE FRIENDS True Friends are there for you no matter what. I believe you know when you have one. They will help you when you need it most. They also help you make important decisions even though you may not like them. I know I have two special friends I never thought I would ever have or even any that care for me so much. When I was down they were there, When I was sick they were there, I want to return that favor one day and be there for them in their time of need. The two special friends I have I never would change for anything in this world. I never thought I could have friends that I could trust or confied in because alot of friends I had stabbed me in the back or pretended to like me. These Two Friends Are True, Loyal, and Loving People I Have Ever Me, Thanks My Friends You Know Who You Are........ Written By: Virginia Itri
Dating Guys Younger Then You
This is all you need to know! 95% of females can't cum from sex unless they are on top…and why not unless on top? So they can stimulate their clit by grindin’ on our pelvic bones, which really does nothin’ for them, so the key is to eat pussy first! Make her cum a few times, numb her up, then hammer away or soft and slow with a lot of vaginal teasin’ with your meat thermometer to build it all up in the end, however you like! Now, once you are in between her legs, don't just fuckin' dive in there like a pig goin’ to the trough, take your time! I know that pussy is damned near irresistible, but don't act like it is! Lick her inner thighs, kiss them, kiss around her pussy lips, kiss the lips, etc. etc. Finally, once you've got your tongue on her clit, this is what you do! (you can use your hands to spread apart her lips if you want, that’s all preference! Its easier to make them cum with their lips spread so you can have easier access to their clit!) Roll the tip and somewhat flat par
Morph Maker
I make morphs and if u want one mail me let me know whats up.
For Lola Girl==one Smokin' Cherry
No Regrets
Lucy was 7 and wore a head of blue barettes City born, into this world with no knowledge and no regrets Had a piece of yellow chalk with which she'd draw upon the street The many faces of the various locals that she would meet There was Joshua, age 10 Bully of the block Who always took her milk money at the morning bus stop There was Mrs. Crabtree, and her poodle She always gave a wave and holler on her weekly trip down to the bingo parlor And she drew Men, women, kids, sunsets, clouds And she drew Skyscrapers, fruit stands, cities, towns Always said hello to passers-by They'd ask her why she passed her time Attaching lines to concrete But she would only smile Now all the other children living in or near her building Ran around like tyrants, soaking up the open fire hydrants They would say 'Hey little Lucy, wanna come jump double dutch?' Lucy would pause, look, grin and say 'I'm busy, thank you much' Well, well, one year passed And believe it or not She covered
What Can U Do
What can you do when the weight of the world rests on your shoulders it crushes you like a thousand boulders. what can you do when the reins of control have slipped from your hands it seems like your mind has lost all comand. what can you do when those feelings of sorrow have a hold of your heart they cut , they tear they rip you apart when hope seems lost and you drift far from land just cry on my shoulder take hold of my hand ill listen with my heart and try to understand.
Deleting More People.
Some of you got added because I liked your page, what was said on your page, some of you I just liked your pics, lol. I try to make an effort to talk to everyone I add, or who adds me, so If I haven't yet, that means either I forgot and overlooked you by mistake, or I just liked your pics and that's all I wanted, sucks, huh? lol. Anyway I am going to be deleting some people within the week probably, so if I haven't made an attempt to talk or you don't make an attempt to talk in some way, shape or form within the week then I will delete you. Have fun! :)
Hump Day
"we Grow By Our Willingness To Face And Rectify Errors And Convert Them Into Assets."
Authentically you Causing others to lose is not the way to win. The way to win is to create value where there was none before. What you truly desire you cannot take from anyone else. Your effort and your commitment are what will fulfill your dreams. The mere tokens of success are feeble substitutes for success itself. Real success always comes from the inside and spreads outward. Don't waste your time chasing a fleeting, superficial image of fulfillment. Put your energy into creating and living the magnificent substance of your dreams. The moments you'll always treasure are the moments when you allow yourself to be authentically you. Choose to fill your life with those golden moments. Let go of the self-defeating desire to take what anyone else may have. What you have and what you can do with it are so very much better. -- Ralph Marston
Why I'm Not Here
Well, I wanted to just write a note and let you people know what I've been up to. Not much...LOL. But, I did go back to work on Aug. 6th (I'm a teacher....gets earlier every year). So, that means I'm not here during the day. I also am not getting online much at night as I am exhausted and not used to the routine yet. So, if you've been wondering where I am, that is it. Of course if you want to message me, that's great...but I thought I'd let you all know that my IM name at yahoo is tweetynole813 if you care to add me. I am always a message away :) And now back to your regularly scheduled programming....
Ill Be Alright...
Sarah Geronimo - Ill Be Alright It's time for me to let you know I am so glad that I have you through all these years I am so thankful Now that I've grown I'll always be thinking of you With all the things you've taught me so Always remember Chorus: I'll be alright I'l be ok I will be good learning all the way All from the heart these things I do I'll make you proud because I Love You I'll Be Alright, I'll Be Ok I Will be fine and I'll be good all the way All from the heart these things I do I'll make you proud because I Do I Love You So Bridge: I will stand tall and I'll try not to fall As i reach all of my goals I will go on and I will move one All because of You For You
Hey yall ..... what a sweet welcome you've given me!! I'm tryin to say hi to everyone but more of you keep sayin hello!! Drop me a line and I'll do my best to say hi or hit me up on yahoo ... isabelleisastar! KISSES!!
Sweet Lil Grand Mother
A sweet grandmother telephoned St. Joseph's Hospital. She timidly asked, "Is it possible to speak to someone who can tell me how a patient is doing The operator said "I'll be glad to help, dear. What's the name and room number?" The grandmother in her weak tremulous voice said, "Norma Findlay, Room 302." The operator replied, "Let me place you on hold while I check with her nurse." After a few minutes the operator returned to the phone, "Oh, good news. Her nurse has told me that Norma is doing very well. Her blood pressure is fine; her blood work just came back as normal and her physician, Dr.Cohen, has scheduled her to be discharged Tuesday." The grand mother said, "Thank you. That's wonderful! I was so worried! God bless you for the good news." The operator replied, "You're more than welcome. Is Norma your daughter?" The grandmother said, "No, I'm Norma Findlay in 302. No one tells me CHIT
Lightning in dreams is a pretty flexible image. Some people enjoy lightning and therefore desire it as a background effect. Others are frightened of its power and unpredictability. However, there are many power metaphors that merit attention. You may find yourself in possession of lightning as a resource for dealing with problems. This type of lightning is an asset for handling frustration that could be characterized as a wish-fulfillment. Dream logic: just blast it out of the way. Lightning may also be a warning in your dream. If you have fears about lightning in waking life, a person whom you are with or a building that you enter in your dream may cause a lightning effect. This is the mind's way of offering a dramatic visual warning. There may be an element of judgment involved, as divine wrath is often envisioned as a lightning bolt (personified in the Greek god Zeus and the Norse god Thor). What did the lightning strike, and did anyone get severely injured? Where did th
1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 4. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.. 5. Pay off your credit cards every month. 6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. 7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone. 8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it. 9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck. 10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present. 12. It's OK to let your children see you cry. 13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it. 15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks. 16. Life is too short for long pity parties. Get
I'm Back And Do Fine. So Your All Welcome Back To My Nimare ;) Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Horoscope 8-19-07
The World Is Doomed: Another Must Read Very Funny!
1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. 4. Only in people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a DIET coke. 5. Only in banks leave both vault doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. 6. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place. 7. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. 8. Only in we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures' 9. Only
Fake People!!
I am soooo effing tired of people... people in general...No matter what no one is ever happy... WHY!?...Yes everyone has problems... but you as a person are the one who makes your choices in life... you either choose the right way or the wrong way... either way its your choice ... and whatever may come there after, you need to ready and willing to deal with it...Everything in life is either black or white... there are no gray areas... You can not be in between so why even pretend?! Fake people PISS ME OFF! I'm tired of people pretending to be something they aren't...And I'm sick of this fake glamoured up life that everyone is trying to live... It's overrated and life isn't supposed to be perfect but some people jus can't seem to comprehend that!!
Help Please?
I have been a recoverying Meth addict since May 9, 2006 and I have to say that life is so different. I used for 12 long yrs & I missed out on an entire world of things. I just wanted to let everyone know life is alot sweeter with my head on straight & damn there is no drama N my world NICE..........
Why Not Here?
i'm taking this weekend to think i have been under a lot of stressing situations in the last 3 days and i feel like about to explode i hope everyone can understand if i have a delay in my answers, or in shoutbox as well yesterday was my mom's birthday and today family is comming, so again i want to spend a relaxing time with them and give vacations to my mind i'll be around
I Love Messing With People!
Went to a concert with Persia last night and PETA was there with their petitions trying to get people to sign. Persia reminded me about the last show we went to that they were at. I had a convo with one of the petitioners that went like this: PETA: Would you like to sign our petition against KFC? Me: No PETA: But its to prevent animal cruelty Me: No He didn't know how to respond to that, he was at a loss for words. I guess they just think everyone will automatically sign for them. Sorry, but I don't support Domestic Terrorist organizations.
Pulpeta (cuban Meat Loaf Recipe)
3/4 lb. ground beef 1/4 lb. cooked ham (ground) 4 eggs 3 boiled eggs 1/8 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp cumin 1 tbsp. minced garlic 1/2 tsp minced garlic 1 3/4 cups cracker meal 20 olives w/ pimiento 2 tbsp olive oil Mix the beef and ham together and add two beaten eggs, salt pepper, oregano, cumin, garlic and onion. Mix well, add enough cracker meal to make the meat hold its shap (3/4 a cup or so), and form the mixture into a large loaf. Open the loaf by cutting it across. Place the three hard boiled eggs down the center and line the olives on both sides of them. Close the loaf tightly, roll the loaf in the other two beaten eggs and then the cracker meal three times until all the cracker meal has been used. In a large skillet, brown the loaf in the heated oil. Its suggested that you try to brown the ends of the loaf first. After the loaf is browned, begin prepared the salsa (sauce). Pour the sauce over the
Yesterday.. Yesterday I stopped apologizing. I can't be sorry anymore that my marriage didn't work out, or that I can't take on my friends' problems when my own world is falling apart, or that I can't commit to a relationship when I am still healing from my last one. I can't apologize for putting my emotional survival first before the problems of others and I'm not accepting your drama today. I am not apologizing for my weight, height, hair color, religion or lack thereof, or my past. If any of these things are hurtful or offensive, please leave now and don't worry about goodbye, because I don't need that. The only thing I'm sorry about is that I have lied to myself for so long to make the wrong people happy. I laid down so my ex husband could step on me, I have given unreciprocated gifts to fair-weather friends, and I have given my soul to so many men who didn't appreciate it. I am valuing myself first and foremost today, so if you call me while I'm on the toilet I'm not
I Am Sorry
Sorry I don't have any more "I'm sorry's" left to give I have given away, sold, and thrown away all that I had left I have swept all the little crumbs of my meekest confessions from under my bed I have cleaned out my closet and given all my apologies to charity They don't fit me anymore anyway. I am tired of I'm sorry, and I am tired of being sorry for it I am tired of feeling guilty for being sexy, light-skinned and pretty I am tired of trying to fit in with everyone else's guilt, and trying to squeeze into my own So I am not sorry anymore. I am not sorry if your man wants me, or your girlfriend hates me I am not sorry that I tried, that I was hurt, that I was a lover, a best friend,That I was hurt That three years of loving, fucking, cooking, cleaning, playing doll house for you, laughing, dancing, and just being your woman was thrown back in my face I am not sorry that like lye, I was blinded, burned, injured- From having my time, my l
What To Do....
So Ive been a cook for about 10 years now. Im really good at it and really enjoy doing it, but I my last few jobs have really taken the fun out of it for me. I left my last job a few month ago to stay home and take care of my daughter. Im really feeling it's time for me to go back to work, for more reasons than just money. I really dont know if I want to go back cooking, because I can enjoy cooking at home more. I havent really had much other job exp. except for two years as a sales associate at sears. So now Im just staring at the gets hard to read when you dont know what you're looking for. So unless a lot of mooney just falls outta the sky and I can open my bar, I really gotta find something, and I want to enjoy doing it.....wish me luck :p
Good Deeds And Made Beds
I know the saying. You made your bed now lie in it. And I did! And it was one of the worse sleeps I have ever had. I tried to pull the covers over my head but the monster still got me. It held me close and whispered things in my ear that chilled me to my toes. And when I tried to fight back my cries were unheard and my defense was something incredibly pathetic. I hated my mother for a long time. I did. But now I understand. And while I will never be like her in some ways, in other ways we are just alike. She held my hand on rare occassions and whispered advice to me about the monster. I was stupid though, naive and young. I refused to listen. But now I see that she was right. I owe her an apology. The dance was new to her but the steps were familiar. I have found that I cannot slightly dislike anyone anymore. Now my disgust forms like something dark and sticky until it tries to manifest itself as something violent. Yes, a violent dislike. And I stupidly supress it
I Never Know What To Do.
So.... Here it is. There's a guy I know that I'm really starting to like. A lot. The catch is that he doesn't really live close to me. We have always found ways to spend time together, but that isn't as easy anymore. In my past experiences with relationships that start off as long distance, it always ends up with one or both people getting hurt, or worse. I really would like to see this go somewhere, but my common sense is telling me to go fuck myself. lol. I don't want to ruin what I think is a good friendship, and I value the guy very much. I just don't know what to do. I know people always say that you can't help what you feel, but that doesn't mean I have to go and do something stupid right. I just don't know. I guess that mostly I am worried that I will open myself up just to be crushed. I'm afraid too that if I don't at least try, it'll drive him away, and that would hurt just as much. Either way, I feel like I'm kind of stuck. Please feel free to offer any input that might be
Words Spoken
Seek CodesMySpace Graphics Seek CodesMySpace Graphics Seek CodesMySpace Graphics
Some Random Tidbits
Do you have any pets? Have had dogs, fish, an iguana and now a cat What color shirt are you wearing? Grey Name three things that are physically close to you: A Pen, my advil and an ashtray What is the last book you read? The last battlemage by irene Radford Are you or were you a good student? Depends on what your teaching me :D What's your favorite sport? Like most sports, but probably football Do you enjoy sleeping late? when i finally sleep LOL What's the weather like right now? it's hot, damn hot, hot like the sun.... Who tells the best jokes? Comedians? What was the last thing you dreamed about? Cant remember Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed? yes and yes Do you believe in karma? sure do im waiting for my good deeds to come back Do you believe in luck? yeah cause im proof of bad luck Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up? yes i do, also like poached but prefer over easy Do you collect
My Homie
The homie Bobby gets back from New Jersey today. He going to spend his entire brake chillin for my 22nd birthday. In 6 days he ships back to Iraq for his 2nd tour. Now thats a homie.
Fucking Gangbangers
Last night I got woken up at 2 with my gangbanger neighbors in the alley fighting with a bunch of people. I called 911 then I heard a car window get busted out and a car peeling out. Then my neighbors ran upstairs then came running back downstairs and took off in a car to go after them. then about 20 min later, I heard them come back and go upstairs again, they came back downstairs talking about how they got their guns and were going to go "blast" them.. I want to move soooo bad. It took me forever to fall back asleep. I am sooo tired.
Pre-booty Agreement
Pre-Booty Agreement = Awesomeness This pre-booty call agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is entered into on the _____ day of __________, 2006, by _______________________ (hereinafter referred to as "The Pimp") and ______________ (hereinafter referred to as "My Biatch"). THIS AGREEMENT SHALL COVER THE FOLLOWING RULES AND PRINCIPLES: 1. No sleeping over -- unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning. 2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening. 3. No calls before 9 PM - we don't have anything to talk about. 4. None of that "lovemaking" stuff -- only sex allowed. 5. No emotional discussions (i.e., Where are we heading with this? Do you love me?) The answer is no, so don't ask. 6. No plans made in advance -- that is why you are called the "backup, " unless you are from out-of-town, then it's only a one-time advanced arrangement. 7. All gifts accepted -- money is always good
My Gf Is Behind Please Come Help Bomb Her Pic
My GF is in a contest Great Bedhead Challenge please come help her win link is below please come help her win link is below Rascal FlattsI MeltMusic Video Codes By Music
Never Date A Capricorn
Never Date a Capricorn Somber, demanding, and freakishly logical. Emotions? It's not clear that Capricorn has them. And while it may be flattering for a Capricorn to be serious about you, bad news: they expect you to be super serious in return. Instead try dating: Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, or Virgo What Sign Shouldn't You Date?
Yaaaay 4 Me!!!!
omg so im FINALLY back into my apartment!!! YAAY!! Im thrilled about that. tee hee. And to make things 100x more sweet... i still have internet hooked up, even tho i havnt had a computer to use the internet with for like... 3 or 4 months now. So now i have a laptop, an amazingly clean house, and the internet... my life is great hahaha.... among a few other things that make it great as well :D Anyways im to happy to have actually woke up in my own house again... like... i didnt move out just to be stuck with my family again lol. (well it wasnt MY family, it was my roomies family, but still they practically are my 2nd family so same diff man!!!) Well im out! hugs n kisses. Tedz
Yes I'm New To Fubar
hi there I am new to this site, a friend invited me, didnt really want anymore web pages but...... guess I will stay on for a while and try to figure it out. my buzz is totally dry and I'm thirsty!!! seems like fun. thanks to all who has welcomed me and sent comments, look forward to meeting you all. have a great day out there. dont drink to much! peaches
Why My Life Suck
hi well my life sucks and i dont know where i well be all i know is that i lost my soulmate over 3 mo now im sad all the time and i do lot of crying im trying to move on with life but i well always love her for very i miss her very much she was my life i dont know much langer i can go with life i dont have anyone that i can say i love i dont know how much longer i can go on so what is there left in life to go on with if i not have my soulmate . i well always love her to the end of my life i well never love anyone as much i love her . I LOVE YOU SHERYL and always well
Quote For August 19
Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it. -- Rene Descartes Bonus Quote: "One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.". -- Euripides
Por Que Las Mujeres Son Asi!
the chick by the name on here misfit is a fubar cop
Whats Happens When People Take Mumms To Serious
Comments on this mumm: ~*Ashley*~{Cert... 2007-08-19 11:28:40 #38 of 38 I didnt bash I said " right there saying that you think the theme ghetto cool was lame" thats all I ever said if you cant take peoples thoughts dont post mumms. delete comment please fan and ... 2007-08-19 11:28:40 #37 of 38 u aint liein cuz they aint gonna do nothing to me... all they gonnasay is ignore it! LMAO babythughette 2007-08-19 11:27:57 #36 of 38 ashley just wants to ruin mumms she told me herself thats why i blocked that bitch. please fan and ... 2007-08-19 11:27:55 #35 of 38 Good move on cant nobody stand yo ass "Not Your A... 2007-08-19 11:27:50 #34 of 38 oh boy do we have a tattle tale in the room? honestly....cry me a river. People are people, and this site frowns on racism but allows may other things that are much worse...find something else to do with your time then worry about what other peoples opinions are...geesh please f
Nascar Race
Its raining at michigan international speedway .what are we gonna do drink? Hell yes
What Is Your Favorite Day Of The Week
what is your favorite day of the week
To All My Friends And Family
What Ever Happened To My Life
Youre My Friend
To all my special angels... It's good to have friends like you. Do the stars sparkle when you open this? I await your answer this is really neat You're My Friend Remember to FORWARD if you want the animation to show up. "Replying" will cancel it out You MUST pass this ROSE on to at least 5 people in the hour of receiving this rose.PLEASE You're My friend, my companion,through good times and my buddy through happy times.,beside me you stand, beside me you walk you're there to listen,you're there to talk,with happiness,with smiles,with pain and tears, I know you'll be there, through out the years you are all good friends to me! ! and I am grateful to you.
Most Exciting Time
*Two moon on 27 August* *27th of August the Whole World is waiting for* Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will culminate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again. Don't miss it
11th Kid
After their 11th child, an Alabama couple decided that was enough as they could not afford a larger bed. So the husband went to his veterinarian and told him that he and his cousin didn't want to have anymore children. The doctor told him that there was a procedure called a vasectomy that could fix the problem but that it was expensive. "A less costly alternative," said the doctor, "is to go home, get a cherry bomb, (fireworks are legal in Alabama) light it, put it in a beer can, then hold the can up to your ear and count to 10." The Alabama man said to the doctor, "I may not be the smartest tool in the shed, but I don't see how putting a cherry bomb in a beer can next to my ear is going to help me." "Trust me," said the doctor. So the man went home, lit a cherry bomb and put it in a beer can. He held the can up to his ear and began to count... "1" "2" "3" "4" "5"... At which point he paused, placed the beer can between his legs and resumed counting
An elderly Texas cowhand went to the local drug store and asked the pharmacist for the little blue Viagra pill. The pharmacist asked "How many?" The cowboy replied, "Just a few, maybe a half dozen. I cut each one into four pieces." The pharmacist said, "That's too small a dose. That won't get you through sex." The old fellow said, "Oh, I'm past eighty years old, and I don't even think about sex much anymore. I just want it to stick out far enough so I don't pee on my new boots.
Omg It Continues Lmao Some People
Show header Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 12:19:14 -0700 From: To: Reply-To: Size: 2 KB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GO FUCK YOURSELF YA LITTLE BITCH U HARASED MY NEICE LAST WEEK I AINT EVEN FUCKIN STARTED On 8/19/2007, wrote: omg dude get over it this is harrassment leav eme alone you posted a ? asking opinions I gave mine you didnt like it move on damn On 8/19/2007, wrote: "IM SORRY YOUR SUCH A BITCH "
MEDICARE COVERAGE IN A NUTSHELL The phone rings and the lady of the house answers, "Hello." "Mrs. Ward, please." "Speaking." "Mrs. Ward, this is Doctor Jones at the Medical Testing Laboratory. When your doctor sent your husband's biopsy to the lab yesterday, a biopsy from another Mr. Ward arrived as well, and we are now uncertain which one is your husband's. Frankly the results are Either bad or terrible." "What do you mean?" Mrs. Ward asks nervously. "Well, one of the specimens tested positive for Alzheimer's, and the other one tested positive for AIDS. We can't tell which is your husband's." "That's dreadful! Can't you do the test again?" questioned Mrs.Ward. "Normally we can, but Medicare will only pay for these expensive Tests one time." "Well, what am I supposed to do now?" "The people at Medicare recommend that you drop your husband off somewhere in the middle of town. If he finds his way home, don't sleep with him.
My First Blog About Someone Hating Me Im Loved Lmao
Deep Thoughts For Those Who Take Life Way Too Seriously: 1. Save the whales. Collect the whole set. 2. A day without sunshine is like .. . Night. 3. On the other hand, you have different fingers 4. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. 5. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name. 6. Remember, half the people you know are below average. 7. He who laughs last thinks slowest. 8. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. 9. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap. 10. Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have. 11. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. 12. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines. 13. If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments. 14. How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand. 15. OK, so what's the speed of dark? 16. When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
Fubar The New
myspace only dumber
Need I say more??? “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” ~Socrates “How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.” ~Oscar Wilde “It's not the men in my life, but the life in my men.” ~Mae West “It is easier to know men in general, than men in particular.” ~Francois de La Rochefoucauld “Compromise: An agreement between two men to do what both agree is wrong.” ~Lord Edward Cecil “Men are what their mothers made them.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson “Women encourage men to be childish, then scold them.” ~Mason Cooley
Irish Coffee
Subject: IRISH COFFEE Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 22:39:18 EDT An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to seek his help in reviving her husband's libido. "What about trying Viagra?" Asks the doctor. "Not a chance," she said. "He won't even take an aspirin." "Not a problem," replied the doctor. "Give him an Irish Soluble Viagra. Drop it into his coffee. He won't even taste it. Give it a try and call me in a week to let me know how things went." It wasn't a week later that she called the doctor, who directly inquired as to progress. The poor dear exclaimed, "Oh, faith, bejaysus and begorrah! 'Twas horrid. Just terrible doctor!." "Really? What happened?" asked the doctor? "Well, I did as you advised and slipped it in his coffee and the effect was almost immediate. He jumped his self straight up, with a twinkle in his eye, and with his pants a-bulgin' fiercely! With one swoop of his arm, he sent the cups and tablecloth flyin', ripped me c
Battle Of The Bulge
My introduction to the penis was unceremonious and pretty typical of a five-year-old: I will show you mine, neighbor boy, if you show me yours. By 13, my girlfriends and I successfully came up with all the ways to say penis from A to Z. I’m still trying to remember what we used for "x". Throughout my youth, I was both fascinated and jealous of the relationship men had with their penises. Real men did, but good girls never. No wonder Freud called it penis envy. As a result you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out men are just as uptight about their penises as women are about their vaginas. It’s just a different kind of uptight. A man’s very identity is wrapped up in his penis. It’s both the visible evidence of his virility and his ultimate power symbol. Every known society has shrouded the penis in some form of hero worship. Therefore, if a man is not up to the "social standard" with his penis size, his hardness, his giddy-up or his durability during sex
Women (a Special Edition Blog)
Hehehehehehe.... If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life, she will choose to save the infant's life without even considering if there are men on base. -- Dave Barry A pessimist is a man who thinks all women are bad. An optimist is a man who hopes they are. -- Chauncey Mitchell Depew When a man talks dirty to a woman, it's sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it's $3.95 a minute. -- Anonymous Wild horses couldn't drag a secret out of most women. However, women seldom have lunch with wild horses. -- Ivern Boyett Women are like elephants. Everyone likes to look at them but no-one likes to have to keep one. -- WC Fields Despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a woman want? -- Sigmund Freud Women should have labels on their foreheads saying, 'Government Health Warning: women can serious
Signs Of Child Abuse
signs of child abuse Body: Child abuse is harm to, or neglect of, a child by another person, whether adult or child. Child abuse happens in all cultural, ethnic, and income groups. Child abuse can be physical, emotional - verbal, sexual or through neglect. Abuse may cause serious injury to the child and may even result in death. Signs of possible abuse include: Physical Abuse * Unexplained or repeated injuries such as welts, bruises, or burns. * Injuries that are in the shape of an object (belt buckle, electric cord, etc.) * Injuries not likely to happen given the age or ability of the child. For example, broken bones in a child too young to walk or climb. * Disagreement between the child's and the parent's explanation of the injury. * Unreasonable explanation of the injury. * Obvious neglect of the child (dirty, undernourished, inappropriate clothes for the weather, lack of medical or dental care). * Fearful behavior. Emotional - Verbal Abuse * Aggressive or wit
Thoughts And Views
MY THOUGHTS AND VIEWS AT MOMENT OK first off this may rub some the wrong. but I have things to get off my chest. I AM SINGLE====last time I checked that meant alone not with anyone, no attachment. This means I am free to talk to whoever say whatever or be with whoever. Im single for a reason and somewhat enjoy it. just cuz you got a crush or like me get to know me first before you say lets be together. I believe in friendship first I Flirt. If you have a crush on me COOL, I crush on alot of people. just cuz you chose me dosent always mean I feel the same back or cant feel the same back just give it time So Regardless how I know you from what site or how I talk to you its just that.. I refuse to get involved with anyone when reality is that we will not meet, what is the point. I have many friends that I talk to in special ways thats all so if your jealous or you think there is more DEAL with it. I dont play games If you are talking to me be considerate understand I do talk to
Ophanim Rocks!
~This Is My First Pimp Out~ It Goes Out To A Really Awesome Guy...Words Can Not Even Describe His Kindness...Please Go Show Him Some Love...Fan, Rate and Add Him. He's A Really Great Friend To Have! Click On The Pic Below Ophanim "BLS Mafia SDMF"@ fubar Thank You For Being You Ophanim, And For Being The Best Friend Ever! Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhs! This Pimp Out Brought To You By: ~*Splash*~I.B.I.C.~Dirty South Crew~Club F.A.R.~@ fubar Black Label Society Videos | Video Codes | Atlanta Real Estate
Ky 10 Commandments
Kentucky Ten Commandments Some people in America have trouble with all those "shalls" and "shall nots" in the Ten Commandments. Some folks just aren't used to talking in those terms. So, some folks in Southeastern Kentucky got together and translated the "King James" into "Harlan County" language.... no joke, read on... The Hillbilly's Ten Commandments (posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Harlan, Ky.) (1) Just one God (2) Honor yer Ma & Pa (3) No tellin' tales or gossipin' (4) Git yourself to Sunday meetin' (5) Put nothin' before God (6) No foolin' around with another fellow's gal (7) No killin' (8) Watch yer mouth (9) Don't take what ain't yers (10) Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff Now that's kinda Plain an' Simple, don't ya think? The best way. Y'all have a nice day
"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." ~Lucille Ball "Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity." ~Albert Einstein "All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand." ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox, "Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place." ~Ice T "True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked." ~Erich Segal "Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this." ~Stephen Packer "When you love someone, all your sa
Help Help And Hurry
Please help my friend if you are a friend of mine you know i do not ask for much and i do not enter contest but i have a friend that has and i would love to see her win. so click the link below and bomb away
Toddlers, With Parental Consent, Can Marry In Arkansas
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Thanks to one little misplaced word, it appears that people of any age can legally be married in Arkansas, with parental consent. Lawmakers said a law passed this year would even allow infants to be married if their parents agree. And that may force the governor to call a special session to fix the mistake. The bill's sponsor said the legislation was intended to establish 18 as the minimum age to marry -- but also let pregnant teenagers marry with parental consent. An extraneous "not" in the bill, however, allows anyone who is not pregnant to marry at any age if the parents allow it. A commission that fixes typographical and technical errors in laws had tried to correct the mistake, but a group of legislators argued that the commission went beyond its powers. The Legislature is not scheduled to meet again until January -- of 2009. Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten
Check 'em Out!
Check some of these people out and leave them some Fu-love! Amanda03200@ fubar full throttle@ fubar/" target=_blank>=(¥)=¢åtmån=(¥)= FuBaR HubBy to Mø®ß¡ð P®¡n¢e$$ and 'PuNkGuRrL™@ fubar Koko@ fubar
My First Blog
just wanted to say hi to all in my first blog and tell yall to rate me and comment me and I will return the favor!!!!
Lets Show Them Some Love Please go here and leave at least a vote they can win by most votes or comments.This is a contest for best friends and these two are the closest I have seen!!!!!!!! VOTE COMMENT !!!!!! We have several contest going on in a small family so reaching out to all.We have ashleys who was first among several still going but this one here is on a time the reason I am posting it now.I am trying to sort thru them the best I can by the limits they have on them.So also all family members please understand we are getting to all these.Family members who aren't helping please do so.
There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind
There is a lady sweet and kind, Was never a face so pleased my mind; I did but see her passing by, And yet I'll love her till I die. Her gesture, motion, and her smiles, Her wit, her voice my heart beguiles, Beguiles my heart, I know not why, And yet I'll love her till I die. Cupid is winged and he doth range, Her country, so, my love doth change: But change she earth, or change she sky, Yet, I will love her till I die.
So the point of this game is to post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who, then, have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. No tag-backs are allowed! 1. After 30 years I still have the choreography for the "You Should Be Dancing" segment of Saturday Night Fever, even if I am too old now to do the leg rolls. 2. I had hernia surgery the day Prince Charles and Diana were married. 3. I have traced part of my lineage to the 1600's (a major feat for the Irish portion) 4. I bottom from the top 5. I eat one thing on my plate at a time, starting with the sides and finishing with the main entree 6. I have a mild tourette muttering when remembering something embarrassing. 7. Fabric softeners, and coated tissues make my skin feel stifled. It must breathe. 8. I have a photographic memory when I am not t
I Like These...
But they really didn't fall into a catagory. “Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for. ~Will Rogers "I can't understand why I flunked American history. When I was a kid there was so little of it." ~George Burns “To the people I forgot, you weren’t on my mind for some reason and you probably don’t deserve any thanks anyway.” ~Eminem “Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.” ~Peter Ustinov “Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They're just braver five minutes longer.” ~Ronald Reagan “Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do ‘em all together, I guess.” ~Elvis “Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.” ~ Bill Cosby “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein
Broke Back Bar
A cowboy walks into a bar and two steps in, he realizes it's a gay bar. But what the heck, he says to himself, "I can really use a drink." When the gay waiter approaches, he says to the cowboy, "What's the name of your wee-wee?" The cowboy says, "Look, I'm not into any of that, all I want is a drink." The gay waiter says, "I'm sorry but I can't serve you until you tell me the name of your wee-wee. Mine for instance is called Nike, for the slogan 'Just Do It,' and that guy down at the end of the bar calls his, Snickers, because it really 'Satisfies.'" The cowboy looks dumbfounded so the bartender tells him he will give him a second to think it over. So the cowboy asks the man sitting to his left, who is sipping on a beer, "Hey bud, what's the name of yours?" The man looks back and says with a smile "Timex," and the thirsty cowboy asks, "Why Timex?" The fella proudly replies, "Cause it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin!" A little shaken, the cowboy tu
7 Rules To Live By (for People Who Use Computers At Work)
some simple tips for what to do-and not do-when using your work computer: * Know your company's computer-use policy and comply with it. * Assume you're being monitored,and behave accordingly. * Never bad-mouth your company online. * Don't use personal e-mail accounts or post to a blog. * Avoid transmitting any message that could embarrass you or others if made public. * Don't think instant messaging is less permanent than e-mail. * When surfing the Web, never click on something flagged NSFW (not safe for work)
Lose Control
Things That Make Ya Feel Good
1. Falling in love. 2. Laughing so hard your face hurts. 3. A hot shower. 4. No lines at the supermarket. 5. A special glance. 6. Getting mail. 7. Taking a drive on a pretty road. 8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. 9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. 10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer. 11. Chocolate milkshake (vanilla or strawberry). 12. A bubble bath. 13. Giggling. 14. A good conversation. 15. The beach. 16. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter. 17. Laughing at yourself. 18. Looking into their eyes and knowing they Love you. 19. Midnight phone calls that last for hours. 20. Running through sprinklers. 21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. 22. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. 23. Laughing at an inside joke. 24. Friends. 25. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you. 26. Waking up and realizing you still ha
So the point of this game is to post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who, then, have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. No tag-backs are allowed! 1. I dont like feet . including my own. 2. I have a fear of Deep Water,and drowning 3. I have been married twice , still married to the 2nd one 4. I have a birthmark on my Privet part. 5. I have 2 tattooes one just because some once told me i couldnt . 6. I love nature and animals of all kinds for those of you who got the joke 7. Ihave never been arrested ever ! 8. I shave my pubic hair off cant stand to have it. 9. I met my husband on the internet 5 years ago. 10. I think child molester's should be killed for the crime of mudering a childs inocents. killed because I was molested when I was 5. I'm tagging a few people!
Two More Dog Tracks To Close!
The closing of a dog track is the best possible news for greyhounds, and today we bring confirmation that two more dog tracks will be shut down within days. On August 7, local Kansas voters rejected a proposal to approve slot machines at Wichita Greyhound Park. Within moments of the news, track owner Phil Ruffin announced the shutdown of his struggling facility. WGP will wind down activities within three months time. Two days later, on August 9, the general manager of Florida’s Tampa Greyhound Track also announced an end to live racing. Citing low attendance, track owners will cease live racing operations on August 18. With these closures, 36 operational tracks remain in 13 states. Thanks to the efforts of greyhound advocates like you, six tracks will have closed and an additional two ended live racing within the past three years. This trend will continue, and thousands of greyhounds will be spared if we all keep working.
It Time To Pimp Sum One Out
...I'm Not The Bitch You Spit Ya Game To, I'm The Wifey Type You Give Ya Last Name To...@ fubar GO SHE HER SOME MAD LOVE YOU A GOOD GIRL STAY UP MUCH LOVE 4 SHO THANK YOU 4 THE MAD LOVE HUGSSSS
My Girl...
Help Them Out Please
hello all if you could would u please go to this website and vote it doesnt matter if you have never seen or heard them hammerd is really good friends of mine and this would really help them out and be an awesome favor to me and if your ever in erie chris( the singer) will let ya crash at his house if ya need a place lol below is copied from hammerd's blog PLEASE VOTE thank you for your support Bones Time is running out! This is THE FINAL week to get your votes in for the RockErie Music awards. Voting ends on Sunday Aug.19th at midnight, so it is critical that we circle the wagons and get this fucker done! The Erie Music Awards voting is fast coming to a close and HAMMERD would like to ask for your support in our quest to gain the TRIBUTE Band title. The push for votes is on! We would like to be acknowledged and get to take part in this wonderful event. With your support we may be able to do just that. If you could take a few
Dont I Wish
imikimi - Customize Your World
What Color Orange Are You?
You Are Cameo You are understanding and very empathetic. You don't tend to have acquaintances. Everyone is your friend. And all of your friends tend to be friends. You have a knack for bringing very different people together.What Color Orange Are You?
What Should I Do?
Express Yourself with Gizmoz Video Clips
So the point of this game is to post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who, then, have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. No tag-backs are allowed! 1. I like logic puzzles. 2. I pick things up with my toes when I am too lazy to bend over. 3. I'm allergic to cantelope. 4. I've been missing a front tooth since I was 16. 5. I didn't know the difference between a pork steak and a beef steak til I was 18. 6. I love to sing in private. 7. I am a perfectionist, where I often work so hard on one small detail that I can control, while the big picture gets lost and often overshadows anything I've accomplished. 8. My first job besides babysitting was working in spinach fields. 9. I like to be changing, never the same, able to adapt to different situations. Undefined. 10. I've always wanted to l
Stuff You Don't Care To Know.
What does your mother call you?: Jennifer. How about your friends?: Jen. What day do you celebrate your birth?: January 31st. Where did that go down? (birthplace): Michigan. Where were you raised?: Michigan. Do you still live there?: Yes. Precisely, where are you right now?: In my room. Is that normal for you?: Yes. Back to your mom, what heritage are your parents?: Irish, American, Polish. So that makes you a jew?: No. Height/Weight on your license/I.D.: It's only height, 5'7". Did you lie?: No. Sex?: Chick. Got any Holes? (I'm looking for piercings here): Several in the ears, nose, lip. Had more. How about Tats?: 15. What are you wearing right now?: Blue Tank and blue shorts. Hair style at the moment?: Pulled back. Is this normal for you?: Yes. Best Band of All Time (according to you): All time? Guns 'n Roses. Favorite Song Ever?: November Rain. What about favorite song right now?: Wake the Dead by The Used. Favorite Food?: Mexican. Favorite Place to Eat?: R
What Is It With You Men?
I mean come on, o.k., so my boyfriend decided he didn't want to be with me anymore, so that's cool. I was upset but got over it. I contacted my Master to cry on his shoulder and we ended up getting back together. So anyway, now my ex is all mad at me, i'm like what the hell! He decided he didn't want me anymore, would rather be with someone else, so why get mad?! I guess it's one of those things about men that i'll never understand.
Good Morning Funny!
A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, still heavily sedated from a difficult four hour surgical procedure. A young, student nurse appears to give him a partial sponge bath. "Nurse", he mumbles, from behind the mask. "Are my testicles black?" Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only here to wash your upper body and feet." He struggles to ask again, "Nurse, are my testicles black?" Concerned that he may elevate his vitals from worry about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment and sheepishly pulls back the covers. She raises his gown, holds his penis in one hand and his testicles in the other, lifting and moving t hem around. Then, she takes a close look and says, "There's nothing wrong with them, Sir!!" The man pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her and says very slowly, "Thank you very much. That was wonderful, but, listen very, very closely... A r e - m y
There's No Place Like Home . . .'s kinda a long ways away and all, but...YaY...Just got my tickets to go to New York. YaY YaY YaY. Excited. I am. Woot.
Life Is A Bitch, And So Am I
Why is it always a cruel existence? why does fate take all happiness away in an instant? What makes people think they can just throw me away what makes a person so jealous that they believe the man they love will stray? How can I be the brunt of every joke, yet take the abuse that they inflict? How can I stand to let them say cruel things to me, about me, yet stay silent to avoid conflict? Where am I to go from here, a life that stands still and has no where to turn, Where will my life lead me if I remove the knife of pain in my heart and let it scar as easily as a burn? When will it be my time to shine, my turn to never suffer or worry? When will people begin to see me and understand why I dont want to live my life in a hurry? Who has the right to step all over a person and use them as if they deserved to? Who can help me realize that I am not here to be used by people who say they love me the way they do? My life is cannon fodder for every one else to use. I a
Dang Photo Uploader!
I can't believe the new uploader system that they have. Good: * upload 60+ photos in a relatively short period of time Bad: * sometimes the photos are easy to checkmark to select; sometimes they are not * they don't upload in the order that you check them * they don't notify your friends/fans/family that you have uploaded (if you want immediate notification to others, word of advice -- upload them individually) If you want to see the pictures that I have recently updated from this weekend of venturing to my retreat and back this weekend, go to my photo album entitled "Retreat 0818-081907"!!! I really did enjoy the getaway for a change since I haven't had much of a chance to do much of anything this summer with my Biotech classes and internship going on, as well as trying to work...and fit in sleep somewhere therein in between!! lol....
I Don't Know?
If any body can find out more about this chick let me know here is her name Angela Devi, Big Thanks to who ever fins out more information!
I'm Not Ignoring Any Of You!
ok here's the deal. Somehow my computer is downloading OVER my limit of 425 MB a day. When this happens my internet slows down slower than dial up. We've never had this problem before and I don't know what is happening. That's why I'm not answering anybody. I can't! I try but I can't. I'm not good with computers as far as things like this so if anybody can give me some advice I'd greatly appreciate it. *hugs* ~Melinda
Check Out Gimptastic Live!!!!
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Kinda Sorta.....
1) Single, Taken, or Crushing? single...kinda crushing 2) Are you happy with where you are? kinda 3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast? depends... 4) Have you ever had your heart broken? LMAO IF YOU ONLY KNEW!!!.... 5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok never! 6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you? done it once, but i don't want to do it again 7) Have you talked about marriage with another person? ummmhmmm... :*( *long story* 8) Do you want children? someday......... 9) How many? idk... dont have a number picked out... lol 11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to let you know? Be a little more up front....dont have to say it, just doing little things that let me know he does 12) Do you enjoy playing hard to get? sometimes... who doesnt like a lil chase! lol 13) Do you want someone you cant have? kinda 14)Do you believe love at first
Help Get Hank Locklin In The Hall Of Fame
HELP GET Hank Locklin IN THE HALL OF FAME ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Joe Rucker Date: Aug 19, 2007 12:00 PM This is for those near Nashville as well as those that are out of town.Every year, my good friend Hank Locklin get's passed over for induction into the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Each year, we think he may get in.... each year he's passed up.This man has sold over 32 million records world wide in his career. 'Please Help Me I'm Falling' was #1 for 14 weeks on the Billboard charts in 1960. It went to #8 in the Billboard Pop Charts. It is still released on every major country classic compilation today. It is not common for too many people to have two signature songs. Hank is a rare exception. 'Send Me The Pillow You Dream On' is another classic penned and recorded by Hank. Not only was it a hit for him, but every one from Dean Martin to Dolly Parton, Dwight Yoakam, The Browns, Ernest Tubb, The Whites, Johnny Tillotson have recorded it and
Iam in a BBG's Battle of the sexes contest that starts on the 23rd at 9PM Fubar time.Please Iam asking everyone I have helped to comment bomb me. ~thanks, ~NYC
Show This New Gal What Fubar Friends Are Made Of!
this young lady was wanting to figure out how to get a buncha friends and rates...shes real easy on the eyes to look at and very friendly....any chance any of some friends of mine showing her a lil love?Im sure she will appreciate it and me too...thanks friends (repost of original by 'Metal Ron(lovin you is easy cause your beautiful)' on '2007-08-19 17:08:48')
Barbecued Chicken In A Skillet
Cut up chicken Salt and pepper 12 oz. bottle pepsi 3/4 c. barbecue sauce 1/4 c. catsup Skin pieces of chicken. Season to taste with salt and pepper. In skillet, heat pepsi, barbecue sauce and catsup. Place chicken in skillet and simmer for 30 minutes with lid on. Remove cover and cook for another 30 minutes.
Low Carb Fried Chicken Tenders
6 chicken tenders 1 cup soy flour 1 tbsp. Cajun seasoning 1 tbsp Lawry's garlic salt (coarse w/ parsley) 3 cups of peanut or vegetable oil Put all ingredients in a gallon baggie except the chicken . Shake up to mix. Then add the chicken, Shake to coat and use tongs to get chicken out of bag, shaking off excess breading. Add to hot oil and fry 10-15 minutes. Use ranch, Texas Pete, or mix mayo and mustard together for dipping to keep it low carb. 12 net carbs total in the breading mix. But, you won't use it all, so I estimated for all 56 chicken tenders the total net carbs would be 6.
Blessings Of Beauty
Tattoo Girl had this in her stash and it was so beautiful I wanted to keep track of it as well as also share it with others. Stop by and show her some love if you have the chance. She's awesome ~Tattoogirl God.Iris COS A of F A & S ♫ Poison'd Girl Tattoogirl's Demented Nightmare Owner~Fubar & RL Wifey of Dj Pj~@ fubar
This One Is Getting Published In The Fall
EVERY LITTLE GIRLS DREAM what is the meaning of life? every little girls dream is to grow up and be the perfect wife. what if thats not the way they want to live, but they have undivided love that they will give? every little girls dream is to grow up and have a family of their own, but what if their mind changes when they are grown? every little girls dream is to grow up and have a baby, but what happens when the doctor tells them that possiblity is a maybe? every little girls dreams then falls from their faces as hard as rain. and pain is all that will remain. every little girls heart, was torn out and now ripped apart. everylittle girls dream is to now have their dreams come true, but they dont think that will happen, do you?
Don't Fall For Me....
I wrote this a while back when I was kinda in a bad spot in life, but I still love it! Don't fall for me... Don't fall for me, I am not the one for you. I am a cold heartless bitch, a man eating shrew. My heart is hard as a rock, my blood cold as the glacier snow. If you want to know why just ask my toads they should know . Bitterness has settled where love once lived. Now all I have left is hatered, hostility, and sorrow that can not be hidden. I am quick with my toung for a quick lashing that some might call man bashing. If you don't like what I have to say, butt the hell out who asked you anyway. My heart has be torn, neglected, thrashed, and bruised. It has been beatened, stomped on, broken and more. I will no longer feel the pain of a man, I won't be his lap dog, cook, maid or whore. If a man tries to court me I pitty his soul, for I am not for any man bad good or indifferent. My wall is up, no entrance here. Do not cross the line, do not come near. For if
Pleasuring You
As we lay on the bed, slowly caressing, touching, tasting, kissing each other all over... My hands lovingly caresses your twitching hard manhood, slowly, tenderly, up, down and around... savoring the feel of your skin, the hardness of the muscle and the pleasure I see on your face, the moans that escape your lips... As one hand continues to massage your harden rod, my other hand tenderly fondles your balls, feeling the tightness, yet the softness of the skin... I see the pre-cum drip out of the head of your cock, I lower my head to inhale your musky scent, as my tongue lightly licks your juice, tasting its salty sweet flavor I love so much... Taking my pleasure from the taste of you, I softly kiss and lick the head of your cock as my hands continue to caress and massage the length of you, excruciating slow, feeling your hardness throb, wanting release yet wanting to extend the pleasure... I look into your eyes and know that I can stroke you longer, make
On Friday
im going to see Linkin Park. :D im soooo excited i have pit tickets & ill do my best to get lots of pics.
Try And Try
Try and Try © By BlueWolf aka (Paul Baker) I have always seen life for what it really is. Ever since I was a child growing up, hard times are all I know. I had to sit back and watch my mother work from sunset to sundown. I had to sit back and watch my mother work herself to her grave. Nothing ever came easy for her. She always had a heart and kept a smile on her face. Life is like a newborn baby struggling to come out of its mother's womb, life is a struggle true enough, but after all the struggling you have done, and after all the hell you have been through, there is success. Life is nothing but a big struggle, but just keep the faith and focus on your goals. Don't let life beat you or you will be walking around like zombies. Keep on pushing, keep on trying, life can be whatever you make it to be. But life can also be a bowl of cherries with whip cream and apple pie. I say this again; life is what you make of it. You can achieve or conquer
Cum To Me
The steps creak as he slowly climbs Her heart races at the sound She slowly turns to face the door He comes in with a smile upon his face He speaks not a single word But she knows what he wants She climbs out of bed as she goes to him His fingers slip into her hair as he kisses her Buttons on his shirt get undone Her hands roaming over his chest Shirt slipping unnoticed to the floor He kisses her deeper as they slowly move back The back of her knees hit the edge of the bed He helps her lie down in the middle of the bed Reaching for the buckle to his belt Her hands roam over her naked body The pants thump as they hit the floor He crawls onto the bed with out a thing on Kissing his way up her body as he slowly climbs on the bed Stopping to suckle on one nipple then the other Drawing deep moans from her lips Kissing and kissing he makes his way up to her lips Long smoldering kisses Her body arching into his His hands roam over the same places hers had just been F
Extreme Is Movin On Up To The Penthouse Suite!!!
Just An Update
So as of right now here is what our 3 bombers are at in there contests........... Short and Sweet 3rd place with 712 1st has 2042 2nd has 1660 Ray 2nd place with 4791 1st place has 4805 3rd place has 4386 Kathy 1st place with 4959 2nd has 4638 3rd has 3294 4th has 3844 We really need to be bombing as much as we can.....myself included! Just want to let everyone know where we stand right now! Come on bombers! We can do this! Mama
OMG I swear pets are so hard to handle at times when i got home earlier tonight I instincivly checked my hamster's cage and he wasn't there it would seem the little fuzz ball decided to make a break for it and pulled a disappearing act on me and since my room is so big i can't search it from top to bottom to locate him and i'm gonna have to wait it out and see when he decides to show himself my only concern is if he decides to climb the stairs and go to the main level of the house my friends own a german shepard so if she finds him before I do he's a goner.
Something Real ...
...I've got more than a girl could wish for Live my dreams, but it's not all they say Still believe I'm missing something real I need someone who really sees me I've often wondered if love's an illusion Just to get you through the loneliest days I can't critize it I have no hesitation My imagination just stole me away Still I believe I'm missing something real Love's for a lifetime, not for a moment (so they say) So how I could I throw it away Yeah I'm only human And nights grow colder With no-one to love me that way Yeah I need someone who really sees me And I won't wake up alone anymore Still believing he'll walk through my door He'll reach for me and I'll know it's for sure ...
Moonlight Ride On A Warm Summer's Night
Moonlight Ride © By BlueWolf © In the still of a warm summer's night, I venture towards the barn with saddle in hand. Stirrups dangle and clang with no one in sight, I blissfully tack up my steed for a moonlight ride. We glide together through sweet smelling meadows, Not a care in the world only smiles. Guided by the moon's light and shadows, We quickly move up the hill for another view. Wind in our hair and sparks in our stride, We fly through the hilltop's water mists. There's nothing like this but pride. Our backs to city lights, the other view, We find calmness of the trail. A warm summer breeze upon us, We see a mother and her quail. The barn in sight, we pick up speed. Laughter is in the air, What a ride it's been, And we race on without a care. We proudly halt, and walk into the barn.
New Dean Update
The center of powerful Hurricane Dean is now passing just south of the western part of Jamaica with 145 mph winds; a healthy category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. A Kingston observing site has reported sustained easterly winds to 114 mph and gusts to at least 138 mph. As the center of Hurricane Dean continues westward just south of Jamaica, hurricane-force winds remain in full gear especially across the southern half of island. The top portion of Dean's eyewall will continue to unleash a harsh blow to the island nation tonight. There have been reports via radio of uprooted trees, rooftops torn away, impassable roads, and a mudslide. Moreover, tremendous waves are battering the southern and eastern shore as well and torrential rains continue. Rainfall amounts will be in the 5 to 10 inch range with some areas receiving as much as 20 inches. The heavy rains will lead to life-threatening mudslides. Dean could be the strongest hurricane to strike Jamaica since 1950: stro
So the point of this game is to post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who, then, have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. No tag-backs are allowed! 1. I bite my nails. 2. I like to lay down upside down on my couch to watch tv sometimes. :0) 3. I like to sit in the middle of doorways for no reason at all. 4. I sing along with most commercials. 5. I love to bake food and don’t eat damn near any of the food I bake. 6. I cant stand feet! Not even my own. YUCK! Well my babies have cute toes :0) 7. My mom knocked one of my teeth out when I was a little kid. 8. That same women who I called mom has beaten the ever living life out of me numerous times in my life. 9. I have tried to commit suicide 3 times in my life. Think about it often still. 10. And last but never least…Wh
Just Remember
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Well ...
i am lost in life, but found in love.. they say good things come to those who wait...i never believed it. however the past week, i witnessed it. the guy that i have loved is with me! i am falling in love with him majorly! AND I AM NOT LETTING HIM GO!! i love you baby!
Illegals & Birds
I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed. Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food. But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue. Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tile, the chairs, the table...everywhere. Then some of the birds turned mean: They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket. And others birds were boisterous and loud: They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food. After a while, I couldn't even sit on my own back porch anymore. I took down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone. I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over the patio. Soon, the back yard was like it used to be...... quiet,
Leo Since you are such an attention craver, you are into wearing the sexiest clothes and going straight for the sexiest person in the room. You like secure people who are genuine and have a good fashion sense. In bed, you like to get all of the attention, so you need a partner who can worship you for the hottie that you are. You like to dance and strip for your partner and you enjoy buying the sexiest lingere for yourself. Sex matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra Take this quiz at
Not Perfect
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Hell: Exothermic Or Endothermic?
The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington engineering mid-term. The answer was so "profound" that the Professor shared it with colleagues, and the sharing obviously hasn't ceased... Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or Endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote Proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law, (gas cools off when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: "First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate that souls are moving into Hell and the rate they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let us look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Some of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there are mo
Swallowed By Pain
Testment Xiii Rate And Comment
"To see good in bad is to believe in karma" Wat is end if there is no begining? Is it belief, wat it stands for, is it justice that speculate freedom, perhap sacrifice for love.. for someone.. for something, fear that clouds one judgement with perfection, money that satisify smile in pursuit of buying happinesss blinding relationship lacks logic with hidden truth or lies?? some say its choice that lack strength which also mistaken weakness when decisions brings fairness.. perhaps the heart misread right from wrong in concept with mind body and soul underminding the observary of beautiful beneath deep skin, eyes read the danger signs of ears warning system of sound. mental capablities interceptiog physical handicapablities to overpower emotion stabablity.. a gene that has evolved balanace and unbalance self control powered by the light and shadows of our dormain welcome. darkness is the backdoor pass of ones excape. perhap speed collabrate with sound but vision is faster than moveme
Hes So Sweet To Me !
son e: lol your going to be fun tonight arent you clair: possibly clair: son e: hehe silly son e: he wana know a secret clair: yes son e: ok but its a bout you you sure you want to know clair: yes clair: i dident do it clair: whatever it is son e: lol yes you did actually clair: no way son e: yes way im serious i have proof even clair: WHAT son e: your my world clair: .......................... son e: thats the secret clair: wtf clair: you had me all worried clair: lol son e: lol son e: haha clair: not cool clair: lol
May You Find Serenity And Tranquility
May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand. May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace. May a kind word, a reassuring touch, a warm smile be yours every day of your life. And may you give these gifts, as well as receive them. Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending. Teach love to those who know hate, and let that love embrace you as you go into the world. May the teaching of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less
My College Senior Year Just Started
Well, bought a 1997 Dodge Stratus this weekend to help me get to here, there, and everywhere after my van (1985 at that) died on me. I felt bad that my girlfriend was driving my van when it went out, because it lasted me quite a while (350K miles, Los Angeles to Wichita 3x as well).... Other than that, got my books, found out that at least one of my college professors is a hippy love therapist (no, not exaggerating) and this week will be a good test to get my weekly school schedule under way. Got accepted into a graduate level scholars program as well, and have to hit the books to get a thesis outline to my mentor already! Football is under way, and a big UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) clash meets next weekend, which I am hooked like glue on... Anyone else start college this week? L8er and thanks for your time! ~SkyDreams
Think First
Here is something that you will find on my profile page. It may not be the exact words but it is the general gyst of them. It's very good advice. BEHIND EVERY MONITOR IS A PERSON WITH FEELINGS NOT UNLIKE YOUR OWN. THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE!
Of All The Things America Lost I Miss Its Manners The Most.
Ok, so this is a Rant. It's probably been said before, and will be said again; just read on anyway. I remember a time when it was cool to be nice. It was correct and rewarded to have manners. I miss those times, Like those times it seems manners are long gone. Personally I find the lack of manners, or even politeness, completely ridiculous and repulsive. I know it's my up bringin' that's speaking when I perceive some slight of etiquette, or similar breach of ethical protocol. Frankly we all learned in Kindergarten( or at least SHOULD HAVE) the basic rules for "social interaction", but somewhere between then and graduation, and our eventual release from "scholastic captivity" we tossed those rules to the curb. Chivalry is an anachronistic concept isn't it, and if that concept is outdated and useless, then aren't manners? Manners are what Chivalry was all about right? Uh, no. As weird as it seems American Manners (or apearant lack of them) is Our Calling card as a culture. The
Anal Pillow Talk
I Dont Get Men!!!!
8 More Days
Well there are only 8 more days till I get to hold my love.. I couldnt imagine anything more wonderful.. I feel so lucky I have an amazing man and wonderful friend Chica. Thank you for being so wonderful. I am glad that we all got to mee and became friends.. cant wait to all get together and hang out.but as for you love i am truly blessed to have met you and i am thankful everyday that we are together 8 more days baby then our lives begin!!
Attempting A Life For Me Finally!!
Well, seems there have been a few major losses in my life this year, of course the Greatest was losing my Mom. We were always talking about my finally having the chance to use my talents to break free from the paltry amount of alimony I was supposed to get. Seems such a monumental thing to break into ANY kind of business when people seem to not be interested. I have developed a real sincere love for all things Natural and feel strongly drawn to stones and crystals. Is it so wrong after the life I have survived to wish to make my own way? To use personal talents and loves to become free from a tyrant?? You see, he left me to struggle by on $400 a month, out of which I am to pay my utilities medical help, no insurance or anything. Just the house and that little bit of money, ( while he buys a 3 carat Diamond for his g/f) More Power to him!!, Thanks to the help of friends, I started a Business making all natural and Blessed Jewelry. Love completely what I do and a part of
Space Cadett
Yerrrr Out!
Daily Bible Verse
Better is little with the reverent, worshipful fear of the Lord than great and rich treasure and trouble with it. Proverbs 15:16
I honestly don't know what i would do if i didn't have all my friends in my life... My friends mean the world to me and lately I have had to learn a hard lesson on who my true friends were and for those who are there no matter what I LOVE YOU!!!!. I have been threw a lot in my short ass life some things people couldn't imagine and my friends have taught me that life isn't about what all has happened to you in the past but, what you can do to make your future worth while... I would like to thank Aimee, Kissy, and a few others for making me realize i'm a person full of love, honesty and worth being friends with... Now that i got all sappy and shit I will end by saying Thanks a Million for always being there... Your Friend Cort
Memory Of Us
Two and a half years have gone by and instead of things getting better more and more i feel like i could cry things between us used to be great I thought that we would always be together because what got us here was fate it seemed the only thing that mattered in life was us that was until i realized what we were lacking and that was trust you couldnt trust me and i couldnt trust you and now everyday i sit around wondering what we should do should we stay together should we give it another shot but then i think if we dont have trust what kinda relationship do we got with the way things have been i dont believe it will last and we'll just be a memory in each others past you know it wont work if the trust isnt there so you need to ask yourself is it really fair is it fair to stay with no trust or should we move on and have the memory of what used to be us
Is Your Life Screwed Up.
1. Never smoke weed are do drugs? 2. Never drink or drive? 3. Always be safe before doing it? 4. Have you ever cheated before? 5. Have you ever thinking of killing somebody? 6. Have you been put in jail before from a drug bused? 7. Have you ever been heart broking after someone has cheated on you? 8. You Wish You Could Restart your life all over again? 9. Did your family disown you? 10. How many times you have been called stupid? 11. Do you curse allot? 12. How many times you been stilling money out of your mother's purse? 13. How many beer's have you stoled? 14. Have someone ever try to foresing you to have sex with them? 15. What makes you mad? 16. What happen with you? 17. What did you do this time? 18. Did you try to kill yourself? 19. What stupid thing you just did? 20. Did you just lost your mined?
Just Call It Mood Music Lol
kinda expresses the mood im in right now............. Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know Lyrics I want you to know, that I'm happy for you I wish nothing but the best for you both An older version of me Is she perverted like me Would she go down on you in a theatre Does she speak eloquently And would she have your baby I'm sure she'd make a really excellent mother Cause the love that you gave that we made wasn't able To make it enough for you to be open wide, no And every time you speak her name Does she know how you told me you'd hold me Until you died, till you died But you're still alive And I'm here to remind you Of the mess you left when you went away It's not fair to deny me Of the cross I bear that you gave to me I'm here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away it's not fair to deny me of the cross i bear that you gave to me you, you, you ought to know You, you, you oughta know You seem very well, things look peaceful I'm n
Death And Sexual Offenses...
Dead people are getting easier to deal with, but today, I had a call regarding sexual offenses of a particularly sadistic nature of a young girl. I felt extremely awful as I basically forced the girl's mother to explain the situation. My stomach churned. Inexplicable rage bubbled within me. A terrible thing, caring for the welfare of people you don't know... I'll finish this later, but take a quick note: if you have children, be involved in their lives. If you don't have children, don't "have sex" with other people's minor children.
Fuckin Sarah Mclaughlin
So I'm inside this WHITE HAWT red-head tonight, a sexy little Italian number, undressed in the Gaulish cream of the northern parts of her ancestory: and who do I hear? Sarah McLaughlin. What song do I hear? Good Enough. Who do I think of? The one that got away? The one that I got? The one that I got rid of? The red-head writhing beneath me? NO. The one that I can't touch. The one that keeps me sane. The one tied to the shit-stain that is warmin the bed I should be makin love sober in instead of ruttin' half drunkenly here in. Thank you Sarah McLaughlin, you are an inspiration to pissed off cock-blocked frustrated black men everywhere.
Brown Eyed Girl......van Morrison
Hey where did we go, Days when the rains came Down in the hollow, Playin' a new game, Laughing and a running hey, hey Skipping and a jumping In the misty morning fog with Our hearts a thumpin' and you My brown eyed girl, You my brown eyed girl. Whatever happened To Tuesday and so slow Going down the old mine With a transistor radio Standing in the sunlight laughing, Hiding behind a rainbow's wall, Slipping and sliding All along the water fall, with you My brown eyed girl, You my brown eyed girl. Do you remember when we used to sing, Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da So hard to find my way, Now that I'm all on my own. I saw you just the other day, My how you have grown, Cast my memory back there, Lord Sometime I'm overcome thinking 'bout Making love in the green grass Behind the stadium with you My brown eyed girl You my brown eyed girl Do you remember when we used to sing Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da.
I Stand Alone
Having A Crappy Week...
Ok, so I drive 2 hours to visit with my kids at my ex wife's house. Due to health issues I am required to see them with her there. I drive all the way up there and no one is there. She did not call notify me, or anything else. In the last six months she has tried everything she can think of to get me to stop coming. I find out she was with some guy and I have no idea where my kids were. Some days I wish I ceased to exist. She continues to upset my kids and the only one capable of making it stop means my completely stopping the attempts to see them. What would you do? Some body have any ideas of how exactly I can get past this. Her dating is not my issue her doing things and not presenting the children when and where she is supposed to is.
Its Been A While
And it's been awhile Since I could hold my head up high And it's been awhile Since I first saw you And it's been awhile Since I could stand on my own two feet again And it's been awhile Since I could call you And everything I can't remember As fucked up as it all may seem The consequences that I've rendered I've stretched myself beyond my means And it's been awhile Since I can say that I wasn't addicted And it's been awhile Since I can say I love myself as well And it's been awhile Since I've gone and fucked things up just like I always do And it's been awhile But all that shit seems to disappear when I'm with you And everything I can't remember As fucked up as it all may seem The consequences that I've rendered I've gone and fucked things up again Why must I feel this way? Just make this go away Just one more peaceful day! And it's been awhile Since I could look at myself straight And it's been awhile Since I said I'm sorry And it's been awhile
Stealing From Our Military!!!!
Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers Tony Capaccio Thu Aug 16, 3:16 PM ET Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) -- A small South Carolina parts supplier collected about $20.5 million over six years from the Pentagon for fraudulent shipping costs, including $998,798 for sending two 19-cent washers to an Army base in Texas, U.S. officials said. ADVERTISEMENT The company also billed and was paid $455,009 to ship three machine screws costing $1.31 each to Marines in Habbaniyah, Iraq, and $293,451 to ship an 89-cent split washer to Patrick Air Force Base in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Pentagon records show. The owners of C&D Distributors in Lexington, South Carolina -- twin sisters -- exploited a flaw in an automated Defense Department purchasing system: bills for shipping to combat areas or U.S. bases that were labeled ``priority'' were usually paid automatically, said Cynthia Stroot, a Pentagon investigator. C&D and two of its officials were barred in December from receiving fede
Sex Survey - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?21-23 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?No Answer 6. What is your pubic hair style?Landing strip, a little hair still there 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Nothing At All 8. Have you ever had anal sex?Yes I have 9. What is your favorite position?Doggie style 10. How often do you masturbate?Maybe once a month 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Yes, for sure 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?Yes, I sure have 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Both taken and been in them 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?Yes, a threesome 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 17. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?Yes,
I've not really been on here lately. There have been many,many things on my mind, and among them-My Ex, Gwen. To be honest with everyone, I really wish I had a quarter for every time someone uttered the following: You'll be okay, just give it some time, get over it, let go, move on,forget about her, look for another girl, etc..But it really isn't as simple as it seems. I LOVED her.She spoke of us having babies. In my mind, I still hear those words "I wanna give you babies".. Last night was very brutal for me. very hard. Very difficult. Last night (..Saturday/night)was an anniversary of sorts..It was the first time we met face to face. Up till that Saturday night of last year, we only spoke on the phone, but we did it every night till 5/6 in the am when we both would hysterically realize we had to be at work in a couple of hours,or in her case,class in college. So, when we met, it was a very very long passionate embrace with the most sincere kissing I've ever experienced..Our embrace
A Couple More Sexy Pics Up!
Hope you enjoy! I love the color! Mark and Lina comments always welcome and appreciated!
For Whom It May Concern..
When she gets quiet...millions of things are running through my mind. When she is not arguing...wait..that never happens..(just a joke!) When she looks at me with eyes full of questions...she is wondering how long I will be around. When she answers "I'm fine" after a few seconds...she knows better than to think that i believe that. When she stares at me...I know im busted. When she lays on my chest...I wish that she'd be mine forever.. If she would want to see me everyday... I'd make it happen. If she told me "I love you"...I'd be the happiest man in the world. When she says "I miss you" one in this world can feel more important and special than me at that instant. Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person .... listen to me... I call you beautiful instead of hot I'd call you back if you hang up on me I would stay awake just to watch you sleep Wait for me..want to be the one who... Kisses your fore
And Then There Was You
So cold and dark, so empty and alone, Never knowing what real love was. So fragile and closed, so hateful and cruel, never to open my heart to anyone, and then there was you. So scared, so new, not knowing what was to come, I gave you what little I had left. Hoping that you would want me the way that I am. Timid and frightened, wanting to love again, and then there was you. A little relief from the beating that my heart took, trying to remember what it was like. You showed me that it was real and true, you touch so gentle, you saw right through. All the pain and distrust disappeared that day, the love that consumed me felt so perfect and so right. Still hesitant to let anyone see who I really was, and then there was you. Believing in me, trusting me, loving me unconditionally, letting go of all the fear, anger, and regret. Knowing that it is ok just to be who I am. Crying, laughing, talking, sharing emotions that I tried to hide for so long, All because there was you.
I Want You To Miss Me
There could be fog Or maybe just a mist And inexplicably I'll fade to white Vanish, and be gone Or it could be night And I'll be darkly dressed, Evading easy definition And as your eye's distracted By a falling leaf I'll merge with restless shadows And be gone Then you will discover What emptiness is A space so hollow Even its own walls are swallowed up A quality of missing So intense A lack, a lack Each hour more bottomless than the last Until your heart cries out, A howl of forfeiture But it will be nothing Ashen silence where I used to sing And deafness The howl must strike the right resonant frequency A wail that echoes all to the ends of time To fill the gaping void in whole, looping wave lengths From the well of your soul, such loneliness To make Siberian wolves hang heads for shame In their convivial packs Then, only then Might you detect my footprints, indistinct Marking the morning dew fall Perhaps glimpse a puff of breath in the cold
The Gift Of Friendship
A gift was given to me, Across the distant miles; A package wrapped in laughter, And filled with joy and smiles. I pulled away the ribbons, And took the greatest care; When I reached into the gift, I found friendship waiting there. A friendship like no other, A connection from the start; Not one I could see, touch or feel, Except here in my heart. That gift so rare and precious, Of friendship tried and true; Touched my heart and blessed my life, And is what I found in you!!
Satisfy Your Primal Urge
Ah, yes, making love underneath a gentle waterfall, the sun glistening off of your lover's naked flesh… What could be better? Perhaps on a houseboat 45 miles offshore, a single candle flickering in the cabin, incense burning softly in the background, the smell of the salt air blowing across your lover's navel as you look up into her eyes… Or even gently laying your lover down in a field of wildflowers in early spring, the reds and oranges of the sun reflecting her love for you from her eyes, pressing your body against hers… Making love outdoors – that's what we're going to discuss now. Making love outdoors is perhaps the deepest-rooted of all of our primal urges. And for good reason. Many reasons. The already-powerful emotions of orgasmic bliss can be intensified many times fold with the help of Mother Nature. Mother Nature has something to appeal to all of our senses, something that can greatly add to the emotional and physical pleasure of having sex. From the gentle breezes rac
Promise Keeper
i`ve been hurt a number of times believing that promises made would be kept.he promised to stand by me come what may.he promised he would call me.he promised he would send me a mesage or see me before he leaves.he promised he would always be a big brother who would protect me.promises....promises...promises...i was once told by a friend that i am getting myself into trouble because i trust eaily and i trust too it really wrong to trust? i wish i can keep myself from trusting to cushion myself from being hurt again but i cant.
I Messed Up
It is very hard to loose a friend but it becomes extremely difficult when the harsh reality occurs that you are the reason why things went wrong. I know I tried so hard and pushed to much. I thought I was being helpful, I didn't want to see my friend hurting. I didn't see I was over protected. I wanted to prevent him from hurting and I was the one who hurt him. Instead of being a shoulder to cry on, I became someone he dreaded. I am so so sorry for the things I did and I live everyday with the regret of my actions. I never meant for things to happen. I have no one to blame but myself for loosing a really great friend. I only wish one day we could work things out and am given the chance to prove I am the person and friend I claim to be.
My Blog
Pls provide the comments..!!
August 20,2007
Friends or family members come to you asking for help with an argument. You can play referee quite well, though you may need to make a ruling that irks one or even both of them. Stand by your call!
Why ?
cant we just be at peace with ourselfs ....why do we judge our self on others opions ... or others feelings towards us can ppl let others words hurt them to the point of self distruction why do we as humans have to be weak unless others convince us we are strong ... STAND ON YOUR OWN BE ALONE HAVE PRIDE FOR WHO YOU ARE !
Guest Book
stop in i dont bite. hard
Second Best I try and I try But it’s never good enough I'm just not that tough I'm sick of going with the flow I don't want them to have you I don't want them to know- That I love you And I always will But that doesn't matter, does it? Its just three little words to you But they're three big words for me Can’t you see? The pain you're causing me? I didn't want to say before Because I was scared That I would drive you away And I want you to stay I really do. But it’s hard when you share your heart It’s hard for us to be apart How many would die for you? I would. How many would cry for you? I would. How many would fight for you? I would. But you just ignore the fact That you're gonna make my heart crack I don't want to be the like all the rest I don't want to be Second Best.
To All Friends
hello i will be goin through my friends list. im always showing love to all my friends and there also alot of you who dont give any love back from and theres quite a few that do return the love i know who ya are so if ya wanna stay on friends list let me know. thanks ♣♥♦ ©hΆÖwÑ Bõ®Ñ ÅnÐ ®@Ì$ΣЙ ♦♥♣ -1977
want to write a note, but don't know what to say. I wonder how you would act if I approached you in such a way. I try my best not to stare or stutter when you come around. I'm afraid that if I talk to you, you're gonna put me down. I admire everything about you, from your eyes to your smile. I guess that I'll sit back and just wait for a while. Your caramel skin, your luscious lips, your muscle filled arms. If you were magic I'd buy a locket and make you my lucky charm. I guess that this is silly because it's just a crush. Now every time I see you, my body turns to mush.
This Has Been The Worse 48 Hours In My Life
ok so as all of you know im very preggo and due to pop in a few days, well anyways the last 48 hours have been hell for me and hopefully they'll get better. sunday morning i woke up at 2am with the worse pain in my ribs and stomach i could ever imagine, it was just 1 big pain that wasnt going away when i moved. it got so painful that it brought me to tears when i had to wake my parents up. so i get them up my mom brings me to the hospital and im contracting every 3-5 minutes. they monitor the baby and i and he ends up being ok, im the one that ended up needing 2 shots of terbutiline. they sent me home and told me to rest and take it easy, and i did. and at 11pm last night i had to go to the bathroom and noticed spotting i read over the papers they sent me home with and woke my parents up yet again, i told them what was going on and then called maternity to tell them i was on my way. i get up there the bleeding stopped but they had a hard time monitoring the baby and my blood pr
Nymphomaniac Convention
A man boarded an airplane and took his seat. As he settled in, he glanced up and saw the most beautiful woman boarding the plane. He soon realized she was heading straight towards his seat. As fate would have it, she took the seat right beside his. Eager to strike up a conversation he blurted out, "Business trip or pleasure?" She turned, smiled and said, "Business. I'm going to the Annual Nymphomaniacs of America Convention in Boston." He swallowed hard. Here was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen sitting next to him, and she was going to a meeting of nymphomaniacs. Struggling to maintain his composure, he calmly asked, "What's your business role at this convention?" "Lecturer," she responded. "I use information that I have learned from my personal experiences to debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality." "Really?" he said. "And what kind of myths are there?" "Well," she explained, "one popular myth is that African-American men are the most we
A Little Funny Lol
The Importance of Underwear > >>>> > >>>>UNDERWEAR IS IMPORTANT!! Listen up! If you don't laugh out loud at > >>>>this one, call the morgue and reserve a tray, because you are dead! > >>>> > >>>>Always wear clean underwear in public, especially when working > >>>>under your vehicle... From the Northwest Florida Daily News comes > >>>>this story of a Crestview couple who drove their car to Wal-Mart, > >>>>only to have their car break down in the parking lot. > >>>> > >>>>The man told his wife to carry on with the shopping while he fixed > >>>>the car in the lot. The wife returned later to see a small group > >>>>of people near the car. On closer inspection, she saw a pair of > >>>>male legs protruding from under the chassis. Although the man was > >>>>in shorts, his lack of underpants turned private parts into > >>>>glaringly public ones. Unable to stand the embarrassment, she > >>>>dutifully stepped forward, quickly put her hand UP his shorts, and > >>>>tuc
I Miss You Too Honey
Baby Troubles
Last night I found out my new baby cousin is in the ICU. He hasn't learned to suck his bottle and breathe at the same time. As a result, he wasn't eating well. His temp dropped and so did his blood sugar. He is now in the ICU so they can feed him through a tube. He is resting for a few days and then they will try again to bottle feed him. They say he is doing better, but please pray for him
Gotta Love This Nurse
A highway patrolman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed appendix. The doctors operated and advised him that all was well. However, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs in his crotch. Worried that it might be a second surgery the doctors hadn't told him about, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown up enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable. Taped firmly across his pubic hair were three wide strips of adhesive tape, the kind that takes everything with it when you pull it off. Written in large black letters across the tape was the sentence: "Get well quick..... from the nurse you gave a ticket to last week."
I Owe My Mother
My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE. "If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning." My mother taught me RELIGION. >"You better pray that will come out of the carpet." My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL. "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!" My mother taught me LOGIC. " Because I said so, that's why." My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. "If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me." My mother taught me FORESIGHT . "Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accid ent." My mother taught me IRONY. "Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about." My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. "Shut your mouth and eat your supper." My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM. "Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!" My mother taught me about STAMINA. "You'll sit there
Ever since I was in probably the 6th grade we got calls for someone named Monica Coleman. I am now graduated. I've moved 3 times since then(not because of the calls) and we have a completely different phone number but we still get telemarketers calling for Monica friggin' Coleman! FTW. On a MUCH better note, I gots a job interview! A day after I applied, ho yeah.
Cunnilingus, Or, Tipping The Velvet...
Cunnilingus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Watercolour painting depicting cunnilingus by Achille Devéria Watercolour painting depicting cunnilingus by Achille Devéria Cunnilingus is the act of performing oral sex, using the mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate the female genitals. The clitoris is particularly noted for stimulation as it is the most sensitive part of the female genitalia. The term comes from an alternative Latin word for the vulva (cunnus) and from the Latin word for tongue (lingua). Most women achieve orgasm easily from clitoral stimulation as part of cunnilingus.[1] Contents [hide] * 1 Technique * 2 Cultural and spiritual significance * 3 STD risk o 3.1 HPV and oral cancer risk o 3.2 Prevention * 4 In popular culture * 5 External links * 6 References * 7 See also [edit] Technique Cunnilingus Cunnilingus As in all human sexual behaviour, the variety of techniq
Into Hell
i dwell in this purgatory alone and afraid i can see hell just below me and i think i'm falling the ground is getting hazy my feet are disappearing my screams are muffled buy the thick fog surrounding me i hear you somewhere above me but you can't see how far i've gone i reach up but only feel the damp air i'm sliding down further through the floor and the last thing i hear is my own muffled screams
Satan's Child
christen me with burning desire let me baptise you with carnal fire let me cleanse you as i push you in let yourself submit to our sin as you feel your passion begin to swell i welcome you to my fiery hell the level of depth has yet reached seven as you pull yourself away from heaven the pearly gates close you out as i let temptation swing about my body a temple, the bed is afire as you breathe in my soul entire center of hell is frozen ice you learn as i let my voice entice they say satan was once blessed as you serve me my yearning guest moans reach your throat hot and wild satan was a woman, and i her child eyes black as night, voice as a bell as i welcome you to the seventh level of hell you find your truest, indeed - only fear when one last time you pull me near you feel it there in my kiss and more so in your ecstatic bliss you've one last chance to forsake one last quest, a choice to make appease god, be welcomed to heaven or the goddess in hell, level
Just For A Laugh
* Lawyer: "Was that the same nose you broke as a child?" * Witness: "I only have one, you know." * Lawyer: "Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated?" * Witness: "By death." * Lawyer: "And by whose death was it terminated?" * Accused, Defending His Own Case: "Did you get a good look at my face when I took your purse?" The defendant was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in jail. * Lawyer: "What is your date of birth?" * Witness: "July 15th." * Lawyer: "What year?" * Witness: "Every year." * Lawyer: "Can you tell us what was stolen from your house?" * Witness: "There was a rifle that belonged to my father that was stolen from the hall closet." * Lawyer: "Can you identify the rifle?" * Witness: "Yes. There was something written on the side of it." * Lawyer: "And what did the writing say?" * Witness: "'Winchester'!" * Lawyer: "What gear were you in at the moment of the
My Valued Memories
i say i love you and maybe i believe it maybe it's true maybe i just think it has to be said i don't see myself falling in love i'm scared hold me close to your heart as i push you away from mine can you hear the sound of my voice as i run from yours i'm lost... i'm scared... you say you love me and i guess i believe it maybe it's true maybe you just feel it has to be said i don't see myself the object of love i'm confused... i'm lost... i'm scared... help me, and don't let me go as i throw you to the ground on your knees can you look into my eyes as my gaze drops from yours i'm hopeless... i'm confused... i'm lost... i'm scared can you blame me?
you say you love me don't question yourself i am not ready that's me, not you you ask what's left what can't i say you say nothing's changed i've changed it's easy to be faithful no on tests your fatih i say i love you do you question me i would, were i you but i don't i feel more than before i don't apologize for it... what i've done i apologize to you for what i've done to you i did not lie i did not lie i want you to believe but were i you, i wouldn't thought i'm not, so i do can you blame me? say yes, i ask you i beg of you if yes is truth... i told you i fear commitment i did not lie i did not lie i say i love you do you question me? say yes, i dare you end this now ask me to escape with you a: you are not there b: you are not escape you cannot escape life with love you cannot escape love with life ask me why can you see it? the answers they swim for hours in my skull i let them not escape why? i did not lie i did not lie you s
My Heart Goes Out To Those In Dean's Way
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't relieved that Dean didn't bare down on us (Houston), but my heart goes out to those that will have endure it. I'll say a little prayer to the sea and the wind, that they may find peace and rest easy again.
fear runs through me deeper than it hath before fears of love fears of loss can you taste the sweetness of the nectars of heaven and break yourself from the source or must you then drink forever though temptation be corrupt and shall, indeed, murder you in your lust if the pain of corruptivity is the sweetness shall you endure or break in fear my pain entwines my sweetness that look in your eyes though it maketh the tears begin to flow from mine own is none other than that which makes my body shiver in complete desire.
Just boasting a little .. We just got back from A Hockey tournament in Tronto and My sons team won it all. They went 6 - 0. My son played 3 of the games and recorded 3 shutouts!!!!!!!!! Just really proud I had to share
Just A Little More Help
Tina needs only 544 more comments to get her blast. lets finish this thing up
Go Get Em Boys..........
The Pentagon announced TODAY the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the : United States Redneck Special Forces (USRSF) All they were told was.......... 1. The season opened today. 2. There is no limit. 3. They taste just like chicken. 4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus. 5. They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt. The Pentagon expects the problem in Iraq to be over by Friday.
I Keep Slipping Farther
Stone Sour- BotherAdd to My Profile | More Videos
well, i am gettin ready...soon off to OzzFest...this is like number 6 for me...=) i might post some pics if i get any...=)
Long Trip Alone
i think i found love. it came at my doomroom this morning and asked if she can use my phone,after that i keep recieving calls from her every sec,just to thank me and to see if i got plans this weekend.
Wasnt Expecting This One
I broke up with matt like 2 weeks ago. Wasn`t expecting that, he`s now waiting to go back after his birthday this week. It just wasn`t there, I couldnt torture him or myself with it anymore. I feel bad bc he left everything and bc the little one is attatched but I wouldn`t have changed my decision to end it.
Is The World A Better Place With Or Without The Government
Well hey fubar freinds i was wondering about how our government treats us citizens.... I think they should have had a better judgement in the new laws in tennessee you cant even drink and go five steps without getting arrested and ciggarrettes you cant even go ahrdly anywhere without getting fined 200 dollars is this bullshit or what hit me up if you think this is...
Just An Fyi
A friend just forwarded this to me so I thought I'd share it. We actually received a call last week from the 809 area code. The woman said "Hey, this is Karen. Sorry I missed you--get back to us quickly. I Have something important to tell you." Then she repeated a phone number beg inning with 809 . "We didn't respond". Then this week, we received the following e-mail: Subject: DONT DIAL AREA CODE 809 , 284 AND 876 THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION PROVIDED TO US BY AT&T. DON'T DIAL AREA CODE 809 This one is being distributed all over th e US . This is pretty scary, especially given the way they try to get you to call. Be sure you read this and pass it on. They get you to call by telling you that it is information about a family member who has been ill or to tell you someone has-been arrested, died, or to let you know you have won a wonderful prize, etc. In each case, you are told to call the 809 number right away. Since there are so many new area codes these day
Web Site
Hey just been browsing this site for last couple days man some really hot video's post by couples on this site. Love it. Any porn hounds give it a try
An Englishman and a Scotsman are driving head on, at night, on a twisty, dark road. Both are driving too fast for the conditions and collide on a sharp bend in the road. To the amazement of both, they are unscathed, though their cars are both destroyed. In celebration of their luck, both agree to put aside their dislike for the other from that moment on. At this point, the Scotsman goes to the boot and fetches a 12 year old bottle of sherry. He hands the bottle to the Englishman, whom exclaims " May the Scots and the English live together forever, in peace, and harmony". The Englishman then tips the bottle and gulps half of the bottle down. Still flabbergasted over the whole thing, he goes to hand the bottle to the Scotsman, whom replies: "No, thanks, I'll just wait till the Police get here".
THE RIDE TO LOVE My heart wants to rush in where the Angels fear to tread, you've brought to life feelings I thought long since was dead.. No longer do I wish to take things nice and slow, I want to ride this wild ride where ever it will go.. I'm like a kid again upon the ferris wheel, you make me laugh out loud with your magical appeal.. I feel like a spinning ride amid this wild rush, imagine how I'll feel when first I feel your touch.. No control is needed I do not wish to stop, I'll ride this ride to the end and pray it never stops.. A wild rushing dance like a ride with no control, reaching for the brass ring that will make my life whole.. I'm spinning and twirling in a rushing sea of stars, riding across the night to where ever you are.. Just the thoughts of your touch sends goose bumps down my spine, from all the Erotic thoughts I have I'm about to lose my mind... Written by: Veronica Lee May 17th, 2007
Gone By Sept 1
My goal is to be off of Fubar by Sept. 1 If any of you would like to keep in contact with me, please email me ASAP at I want to make sure everyone who wants to remain online buddies has an opportunity to let me know if they want to keep in touch, here's your opportunity! Going once... Thanks to those who regularly kept in touch through fubar. To everyone, I hope you have a great life! Hugs, Retro/Trish
Im Cheating On You With This Man....(atleast When I Dream)*drools*
The Cherokee Path
Alone with the moon, my spirit cries For the lives of my people crushed by whate men's lies. Taken by force from our mountain home, Robbed of freedom, hearts heavy like stone. The path was long and littered with death, Alone with the wind, my spirit does not forget. The blood of my blood left on that cursed trail, With the young, the old, the fragile, the frail. Forced to march into the unknown, For my proud Cherokee family my spirit now moans. But we did not die, Our souls are still here Walking in spirit on the trail of the tear. MARTHA MOONGAZER BEARD NOV. 2005 I didn't write this.. but i thought it was cool, so i posted it! Kudos to Martha Moongazer Beard!
Phillip Strikes Again....
Today from Phillip, CHERIE Your eyes, your smile. Your touch, your kiss. Your promise, your words. Our everlasting bliss
Cleaning House
so ya im bout to clean out my friends on here.. so if ya want to continue being friends then ya better get to signing my guest book and leave me some pic love... pic comments make me smile:).. ok love yas ttyl or maybe not :P
Rules Of Love
1. You must love yourself first. Your relationship with yourself is the central template from which all others are formed. Loving yourself is a prerequisite to creating a successful and authentic union. How you perceive and treat yourself is how others will perceive and treat you. 2. Partnering is a choice. The choice to be in a relationship is up to you. You have the ability to attract your beloved and cause the relationship you desire to happen. 3. Creating love is a process. Moving from "I" to "we" requires a shift in perspective and energy. Being an authentic couple is an evolution, from connection to commitment. 4. Relationships provide opportunities to grow. Your relationship will serve as an unofficial "lifeshop" in which you will learn about yourself and how you can grow on your personal path. 5. Communication is essential. The open exchange of thoughts and feelings is the lifeblood of your relationship. 6. Negotiation will be required. There w
Alrighty Then
I knew I wasnt being mean today!!! LOL pornstar: oh shit sorryi clicked the wrong shout lol ->pornstar: who is that pornstar: why you be mean to sara
Wtf..ding Dong Ditch
Ok so i was sleeping.. and then i get woken up by the doorbell( and my doorbell is really fucking loud).So I wait by my window to see who it it.Because whenever they come out from the doorway i can see them.So i wait for a good while and what do u know i see these two kids running to ring my doorbell. so i go outside and just stand in my grass facing there house.and then i decide i was going to wait by my door so that if they did come i would talk to them. Wow to my amazement they did and so i flung the door open and like looked this little girl right in the eye and was like "DO U HAVE A PROBLEM?" and she was like scared.and shes like "No" soo..after that they walked i didnt have any PITY on them whatsoever because they knew what they were doing..So i called my mom..and i was like really mad or sad or whatever. because i was saying things but couldnt say it i guess because my heart was like pounding really hard and fast.well i told my mom and shes taking care of it.isnt that gre
Man Found Dead In Bear Cage During A Beer Fest
Body Is Found in Bear Cage at Serb Zoo By Associated Press 2 hours ago BELGRADE, Serbia - The lifeless body of a man was found in a bear cage Sunday in the Belgrade Zoo, an official said. Zoo employees found the body during a routine check of the cage, which has no roof, Belgrade emergency service doctor Nada Macura said, without giving details. The Beta news agency, citing doctors, said the man was 22 years old and had injured his head, abdomen and legs, but that it was not immediately clear if the injuries were sustained from the fall or were inflicted by the animals. The Belgrade Zoo is located within the ancient Kalemegdan fortress in the city center. A restaurant is located just above the zoo, and thousands have visited the fortress this week for a beer festival. Local media speculated he might have fallen off a wall into the bear enclosure during the night. Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast,
`seduce Me In Another Way~
The day is full of anticipation…..every Friday is. …..our night when we used to make fantasies come true. It’s been too long now. Will we be able to meet tonight? The days creep by until Friday arrives, the nights are endless, sleepless…..tormented by dreams of you. I long to feel you harden at my touch ……weave a spell of desire for you. Will tonight be the night? Will you cum to me tonight? I imagine your stubble tickling my thighs. Diving deeper for a taste of me. Will you seduce me in another way? The night I’ve waited for? Pure ecstasy to feel you probing my dark gate. Hot tongue lavishing my rosebud with honey juice. Your gentle caress assures me there is nothing to fear. Taboos forgotten as I submit to your tender touch. A new sensation very pleasurable. Desire turns to hunger. Cum to me tonight. As you do in my dreams. Feed my hunger. Seduce me in another way.
11,000 To Level
STOP BY AND SHOW HIM SOME LOVE AND LEVEL HIM UP "CARNAGE" Energizer Bunny arrested! Charged with Battery! ... Sign my Guestbook !!!!@ fubar
Licks Crazy Adventures Lol
so i took a road trip that i have needed for awhile and omgggggggggg lol ummmm yeah let me just say yep i went just a tad mental imagine that haha..i went to calgary, edmonton, jasper, banff, and grande prairie..yikes lol um went into a bar met the owner lmao that i thought was bullshitting lol needless to say i told him with the help of tequila lmao yeah buddy i heard that fkn line yesterday go get a new one as he kept on telling me he owned the bar..yep he said il prove it to u takes me to the office and of course me and my alcoholic mouth told him fk buddy all staff can take me to the office..yep so me and the barmaids were having fun that night i asked them who is that .. oh oh guess what he is the owner lmao he comes up to me u know no woman have ever talked to me like that..he said ur not from here r u..yikes lmao it was in a country bar and well we became buddies and he even got them to play my ACDC for me so haha i got some new friends on my travels.. wahoooooo was a hell of a
This One?
Me On The News
Check out my amazing story on the news. Worth it!;jsessionid=DFC5363741EF72087036345727874CB4?contentId=3968930&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1
Lie Awake
I used to lie awake in the dark wondering, wishing that you would come home to me. Wishing i would feel your sweet embrace. Hoping I would hear your voice whisper, "I'm home baby, now go back to sleep". Every night the same thing over and over it played like a movie in my head. Finally I realized no not tonite, you won't be home tonite. Days lead into weeks. I get a phone call, "I'll be home tonite" you say you have to go I beg to stay. I just want to hear your voice, In the that very same second I hear "baby come to bed." You hung up with out another word. I cried myself to sleep that nite while watching the blood drip down my hand. My last thought....He won't be home tonite.
how many are you allowed too have on here
Well I made it to Baghad two days ago and hate it already. I'm already having bad dreams and flash backs from what I've already seen and done since I've been over here. I have alittle over 100 and something days until I get to go home for a few weeks and I can't wait!!! I have a wonderful girl at home waiting for me. :-) She is the only thing keeping me going over here. Well I just wanted to update every one. I hope every one is doing ok back there in the states. Matt
Sentimientos (think I've Posted This Before , But So What ....
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Remember and think about the closeness of Wanka-Tanka. If they live in this wisdom, it will give them endless strength and hope." he value of staying close to the Creator is the immediate help we have available to us when ever we need it. I can listen to the whisper of my heart for this is the place He communicates with me. Staying close helps me remember that we are here to serve Him and to help other people. The Grandfathers are my direct access to wisdom. He who has wisdom has everything. If we have wisdom, then we will see our lives become more effective in the areas of jobs, relationships, family, friends and finances. My Creator, today grant me the wisdom to seek Your wisdom. Help me to Walk of the Red Road. In our prayers we hold a connection that cannot be broken. Creator knows us all and therefore sees what we are in need of and supplies us with our needs but not our wants. It is not good to ask for things that are not necessary to survive,it is like winning th
Whatt You Like On Your Hambruger
what you like on your hambruger
Damn Haters love haters and down raters and who the fuck is this chick to down rate anyone hahahahaha stupid people kill me · MissLynn343 rated your photo a '5'! 25 min ago
Johnny Cash And Bob Dylan
You're especially thoughtful today, and ought to find that people are more willing to give you the space you need to figure out what's really going on in your family. Your intuition should be right on. i dont even know what thats supposed to mean. i watched For Keeps today. prolly not the smartest thing i could've done. kinda messed my thought process up a lil bit. gee...colour me surprised there eh? ha. maybe its more of... its the final countdown. 3 days. i cant even process that. ima bundle of ever spreading nerves. i like things are gonna go how things are gonna be i like to know the answer before the question. when something is residing in the world of 'gray' instead of my safety 'black & white' such things just arent possible. if there was a way for me to just accept that.. i think i'd prolly do it. but thats...just not me. and i'd rather be me... i think... no im pretty sure. sure theres things about myself i dont like but as a w
She Is Gone, But Not Forgotten
She is gone, but not forgotten Her memory lives on Trisha, you were a blessing Who fulfilled our lives for so long. Now our eyes are filled with sorrow For without you is how we face tomorrow Laughter is how I remember you best Full of faith, sunshine, and happiness. Baseball, friends, family, and cheer Just a few of the things that you held dear. Holidays and birthdays will never be the same Without you there to argue about who's gonna win the game. What will the Patriots do without their biggest fan? They'll probably still hear you yelling as we all know you can. God is smiling down as you watch us from above. Now he has our pitcher with that perfect golden glove. Save a game for me because I'll be seeing you one day, Reunited in Heaven, for eternity we will stay. Our good times are now a memory As you are laid to rest Know that you are in our hearts We love you and God Bless (In Loving Memory...Trisha Lynn heart)
What Do You Do?
If you have a day so shitty that you wouldn't care if the whole fucking world crashed down on your head?
My Favo !!!!!
You Know You're A Military Wife If:
This goes out to all you miltary Wives! These are sooooo true! God Bless You All! . . . your kids point to any airplane or military vehicle and say "Daddy"! . . . you remember where your kids were born by duty stations. . . . you refer to friends by where they live (ex: Cindy from TX, Ann in CA, etc.) . . . you have a whole wash load of black t-shirts and socks and another just of camouflage. . . . you can sleep through the sound of fighter planes and bombers on their morning practice. . . . you can tell what is wrong with flight suits or BDU's before the service member does. . . . you know more about re-enlistments and assignments than the personnel office does. . . . you reach for your ID card upon entering a civilian store. . . . you pay $35 to have a baby. . . . your kids point at anyone regardless of race or gender in BDUs and say 'DADDY!' . . . your kids walk around naked with huge combat boots on. . . . your son looks at an MP and says
Check It Out!
I have more skins..some dragon ones and goth ones and a butterfly one. So if anyone wants feel free to rip! and your welcome oh and if anyone wants a specific type let me know I may do one for you!
Thank you to everybody who helped over the weekend and again so far today . I've reached my quota for pic comments again today . I'm maxed . I'll rate stash or pics if anyone wants to leave some comments . Have a good Monday and great week ahead . I don't know how to thank all of you so far . Much thanks . Tom
Gettin Into The Groove
Hey all . just letting ya'll know .. if you dont see me on here .. doesnt mean im avoiding anyone or anything like that im just tryin to get back into the groove of working .. and getting things done around the house . .ill talk with ya'll soon :) have a great week if i dont get a chance to come on and see you all :) Be well . Be Safe .. take care Xox Wen
"Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History"
"Not all who wonder are lost"
" Some Morning's it just doesnt pay to Gnaw through the leather straps" Emo Philips
We had been talking on the phone for a couple of months. I don’t know what the hold up was but he finally got up the nerve to come meet me. My threats to stop talking to him on the phone until we meet probably helped him along. Anyway, he came and picked me up and we just went for a ride and got some smoothies. The conversation was cool and we vibed pretty good. He seemed nervous but that was to be expected during a first meeting. We came back to my house but I could not invite him in because my kids were home. We sat in the car and talked for awhile and I decided to go in. I was going into the house through the garage. When I was halfway into the garage, he called out my name and jumped out of the car. “Hold up”, he said as he came up to me in the garage. He boldly stepped into my space, took hold of my arm, just behind my elbow and whispered into my ear, “Let me come in.” As he began to nuzzle my neck, I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I laughed nervously and told him th
Men Suck.
it's funny to me that all my blogs seem to be about men but I don't have a steady man in my life. I'm starting to think I don't want one. Have you ever just thought...that you sucked at being single? I suck at being single. I've never been a cheater so sleeping around is a foreign concept to me. Although, my number of partners has increased in the last 7 months since the husband and I separated. I hate the idea of NSA sex. Is it ever really that? I think guys are able to be that way and there probably are some girls that I just don't think I'll ever have it in me to not want ANY strings. Sex is more than that to me...and since I'm not a whore it's not easy for me to just give it away to random people and not expect or want anything. There have been a couple people that I just wanted to have "relations" with, if you will...because I didn't want THEIR drama. But they wanted more. And the people that I DO wanna get mixed up with...only want to get laid.I wish there was a
Keep Them Safe
A Lesson From The Third Horseman
2 Kings 7 picks up right where the previous chapter (2 Kings 6, which I posted the blog entry "An Axe Chops Through It" about last week) left off. Let's set the scene: Samaria, the capital of the kingdom of Israel at this time, is under a state of siege. A Syrian army surrounds the city and nothing's getting in or out, trapping King Jehoram, the citizenry of Samaria, as well as the LORD's prophet Elisha inside the city. Elisha is already on the Syrian king Benhadad's hit list because what Benhadad has been planning in regard to the kingdom of Israel has gone from his lips to Elisha's ears via the LORD. Benhadad wants to be sure that Elisha will not elude him a second time, as he did once in Dothan (again, though divine protection), that he marches from Syria through Israel's territory to besiege the capital. The siege has lasted long enough -- or the people of Samaria were not prepared enough -- that cannibalism is now taking place. This so despairs Jehoram that he sends a messen
Level Me
Buy Me A Drink
I need to get drunk show some love
You are a true friend if u are there thru good times and bad times.
Sassy Laurie
I need people to come out and support me. Please look at the rules. They are very important. Sexy girl blonde has asked that everyone fan rate and add her before they comment on me... This is her link for you to add fan rate her and the rules follow. *SEXYGIRLBLONDE* OWNER OF *THE DYNASTY CLUB* src=""> @ fubar This contest will run for 10 full days and there are some rules that MUST be followed before you decide to support a contestant. RULES!!!!! You and anyone that will be helping you in supporting me: must rate, fan, and be on Sexy Girl Blonde's friends list to enter or comment in this contest. She will be checking everyone and the folder will be set for friends only to comme nt so anyone that you want to help you comment bomb you need to let them know they must rate, fan and add her to do this. Please make sure to let all your friends know ahead of time so that I can be ready before the cont
I Leave
FOR TEXAS TOMMMROW !!!!!!!!!!!!! wish me luck !
Will You Tell Me When You Get Horny
will you tell me when you get horny
So the point of this game is to post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who, then, have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. No tag-backs are allowed! 1. i sleep with a baby blanket. 2. i cant swim 3. i cant whistle 4. I cant wink 5. i say the stupidest things all the time. 6. i was afraid of the dark until i was 14 and sucked my thumb until i was 16 7. some men can drive me absolutley batty 8. my longest relationship has lasted 10 mnths. 9. i have to sleep with music on. 10. i have had open heart surgery before. I'm tagging a few people
For The Scorpios
Just Moved To Florida
ok so I just moved to florida this past thursday, 8/16/2007. I have maniged to find one new friend so far. I really never thought I would live in a more beatiful place in my life. For the people on here that know me, I miss you all back in j-vages north carolina!!!!! and for everyone that doesnt know me in florida, here I am and here I stay...
I'm Home
Just wanted to let you all know that I am back home. Got to spend a lot of time with my dad which was nice. We had a picnic for him yesterday at the nursing home. Alot of the family came up and we were able to go through some old family photos it was nice doing that with him. Anyways I just wanted to say hello and thank you to everyone who have been sending well wishes. There has been no further changes in his condition. loves and hugs to you all missy
i just had a bad day and my niece might need surgery on her legs cause their bowed out and ones bowed inward and i have a bad headache and im kinda just upset at the world so i think i need to go to bed
Guilty Or Innocent
Do you support Micheal Vick? Do you think he should get jail time?
To All Of My Friends
I just wanted to update everyone why I'm not on here much anymore. I apologize for not being contact with all of you. I have also moved from Clearwater to St. Petersburg with roommates and now moving to largo permantly. There were issues & circumstances in Clearwater in which I had to move. I am sorry for not being on. If you want to get ahold of me please email me at: and I will respond to you.
All Must Attend Very Important
good evenin family i hope all is doin well, we need to have a meeting this is very impostant i like to see all here 9pm est , if u cant come plz go to other memeber will inform you rubia
The Fubar Generic Picture
Has anyone else but ne noticed that there are a lot of the fubar pictures on the "viewed my profile" area lately. In fact they are appearing pretty deep in the list of pictures. I believe it might just be former members that have removed all their regular pics and said good bye. What a surprise.
Help Me Out Too Lol i need rates and comments for the next week and 2 days tyvm
Dr ,s Were Wrong Im Ok . It Was Wrong Meds.
i dont have vasculitis , I have hypertension that is low and hight at times but low for me at others: there is a name but I forget it.. , I have to take diretics and potassium. I was so weak and sick and getting worse so went back and it was a wrong diagonisis. thank you My lord , you are ;always watching out for me. IM so relieved..........I have Dr,s that will follow up with me know. Ekg fine all test today fine.. hugs.. i cried ,,, diana
Your Stash Entry Has Been Removed!
Your stash entry has been removed! Show header Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 16:02:52 -0700 (PDT) From: To: Reply-To: Size: 1019 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An entry in your stash has been removed by the 'fubar' admins. This stash entry was removed because it was either offensive or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in nature. Please read the Terms Of Service. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of 'fubar'. This stash removal has been recorded and your account will be deleted if it happens again.
Oh Yeah
The doctor says i am half way heeled, what the fuck ever then let me go back to training.... god i hate ft jackson
I just signed up for a CNA is 15 weeks long and starts in September and will certify me nationally. Not what I really want to be doing, but its a foot in the door while I wait to get in my RNA program. IM SO EXCITED!
Want Some Dog Soup?
August 16, 2007 8:08 p.m. EST Nidhi Sharma - AHN News Writer New Delhi, India (AHN) - In an attempt to get rid of countless stray dogs lurking around roads, the city council in the Indian capital of New Delhi has proposed a new idea of shipping them to Korea, where dog meat is widely consumed in soup. The problem of stray dogs is so widespread that the council is also planning to drug the canines to make them sleep through out the day, so they do not hinder traffic movement. If this was not enough to make you wonder about the future of stray dogs, the officials also expressed their desire to send all the dogs to neighboring states, so that "Delhi can be saved." The Hindustan Times newspaper reported Thursday that it is not clear which of the ideas would be implemented in the city. The council chairman has also asked the veterinary department to look into the growing problem of stray dogs and come up with a better solution. Bosintang is a traditional South Korean soup tha
This Past Weekend
So I was out and about running wild for the weekend. Since I have no job and was looking for someone to support that is a joke. I can support myself. When I on saturday night I went to an after party. And who would be there other than the one man/boy I didn't want to see. The one who ruled my heart and soul for nearly two years. I wasn't such a strong person than and it turns out I am not as strong as I would like to believe cause I ended up reliving that old hurt. But it opened my eyes to see him as he truly is and not as i want him to be. Hes young about 21-22 and he dosen't understand the power he could have over me and I am thankful for that. But he still has power over me and that is what pisses me off. Do this don't do this stand here wait here. Get over just doing as were told by the strong party. I love him and hate him at the same time.
Officially Spanked
I have officially spanked by Fubar for posting NSFW. And what's funny is that I am the one that flagged it, because I hadn't labeled it NSFW when I had uploaded it. Oh, well! LOL "An entry in your stash has been removed by the 'fubar' admins. This stash entry was removed because it was either offensive or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in nature. Please read the Terms Of Service. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of 'fubar'. This stash removal has been recorded and your account will be deleted if it happens again." (not said: "affectionately, Fubar!" lmao)
The Worth Of A Woman
THE WORTH OF A WOMAN… Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They'll drive, fly, walk, ru
Great Story :d
One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?" Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the day off of work to spend time with her. We went out to a nice lunch and then went shopping at a big, big unnamed department store. I walked around with her while she tried on several different very expensive outfits. She couldn't decide which one to take, so I told her we'd just buy them all. She wanted new shoes to compliment her new

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