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When You Thought I Wasn't Looking,
I found this on someones yahoo360 page and liked it and thought i would share it. A message every adult should read because children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one. When you thought I wasn't looking saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals. When you thought I wasn't looking, saw you make my favorite cake for me and I learned that the little things can be the special things in life. When you thought I wasn't looking I heard you say a prayer, and I knew there is a God I could always talk to and I learned to trust in God. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick, and I learned that we all have to help take care of each other. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you give of your time and money to help people who
Drunk Still
well i went out lastnight to a house party and i got really drunk. I went with my boyfriend and my girlfriend went a house party and i got fucked up big time. i ended up getting into a fight with this guy to. This guy was bothering the girls so i had asked him nicely to stop and he called me a slut and then hit me so i pissed off and i broke his nose and the because we were loud the police came andvarrested this guy and told me that i did the right thing by defending myself. I have a black eye cause of it and it hurts and my man was like wow she is pissed off. My man was going to take care of it for me but i was like no i am and i did. The cops laughed at this guy cause i broke his nose. I was so pissed off after cause i wanted to do more to this guy but he was taken to jail for the night. I am so sore now i have ice on my eye and i am going to get some sleep now. So i will talk to everyone later on or tommorrow i have to party again tonight lol. I am very tired now. love hotchic
Discussion On "what Is A Soul? "
In a recent mumm the question was asked What color is the soul? I responded Mutlicolored: It is as brilliant as a sunbeam on a warm summer day. As red-orange as a blazing fire amongst the logs of the campfire and sometimes as blue as a cold winter early dawn morning as day just barely breaks right after a snow fall. Lifes journeys give us the beautiful hues so our soul isnt bored as it grows and learns. This blog will explore and hopefully generate a discussion on what is the soul.
My 1st Time Drunk
so the 100 days party for all the seniors was cancelled (sucked). my friend hannah threw a mini get-together instead consisting of thomas, her, me, nate and two of his friends. it was the first time i'd ever been drinkin to get drunk. so hannah mixed me a drink wit coke and i drank it. then we had a shot of something than she got from the cabinet. nate's friend, douglass wanted to smoke some pot so we went to nate's car but couldn't find a lighter so douglass grabbed the beer from the trunk and we went and smoked pot on the porch in the backyard. then we smoked some cigarrettes and i went back inside. douglass found out i'd never been drunk before so he mixed me a drink wit sprite. nate made a few passes at me and i was returning them. i remember kissing him outside, twice. i called a few people and nate had to go find his second friend to bring him back to the house but before he left, he mixed me a drink tellin me that after i finished the drink i had (the one douglass
51% Barbie, A Little Scary Lol
i am barbie Body: [ ] You own over 10 bottles of nail polish [ ] You own a designer purse [x] You own perfume that cost over $60 [x] You had/have fake nails [x] You have more body/hair products than you can use [ ] Your pet is a chihuahua/Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier/Siamese [ ] You have/had clothes/shoes/accessories for your pet [x] You have enough clothes to cover an entire refugee camp. [x] You have enough pictures to create your own wallpaper. [x] You have/had a pink comforter, carpeting, walls or sheets. Total: 6 Do you: [x] Have a hair color that is not your natural color [x] Have "blonde moments" at least once a day [x] Buy stuff because it's awesome and then never wear it [x] Constantly keep your phone at your side [x] Dance around in your room when nobody else is home [ ] Have a name for your car [x] Know what celebrity is dating who and who broke up this week [x] Refuse to go out in public without makeup [ ] Prefer to be called "princess" Total So
Dog And Cat
Do You Remember When
Coming To The Shop-o-torture!
Pre-Order now!
I'm Making Playing Cards
Well, I learned me some Photoshop this week and I am making CherryTap playing cards. It's a work in progress. If you want one (it'll look like the one I got on my profile), lemme know. Or at least lemme know what ya think of it. Happy March!!!!!!!!! (p.s. I'm just learning, ok?)
Hello, I know you all don't like to be called sweety or sexy all the time. If that is the case with you then give me a name, any name it doesn't even have to be yours. Just tell me what to call you. And PLEASE don't cuss me I would never do that to you!!!!!
My Daughters Car
My little girl is about to get her first new car. I'm scared to death, I know she will wreck it. I just hope she is smart enough not to drink and drive. Because if she does she won't drive again until she is 30.
Its cold today again, but, we have finally had some nice weather here! It's about freaking time, March is here! We need spring so we can ride!
Fuck It
I thought this time would be different. But I guess I was wrong. I got hurt by you not once but twice. The first time did not bother me that much but the second time it feels like my heart shattered. I just wish i did not have to feel the pain and hurt. I just wish i was anywhere but here and did not have to deal with the pain.
Ok Ladies Its Party Time!!! We're Getting F@$ked-up!! All On Me!!cum Join The Party!!!cum Fan Me
Marriage Contract
I, the undersigned, a female accepting a marriage proposal, agree that... Section 1. In the unlikely event of my not having an orgasm after you've drunkenly rolled on top of me and pumped away for five *whole* minutes, wheezing like an old man with emphysema, I shall politely fake one. Section 1.01 And it'll be a really good act too, with me saying stuff like "So THIS is what hot monkey love is all about!" and howling like a cat that's being repeatedly jabbed with a pin. Section 1.02 I will never ask for more *foreplay*. Section 2. I fully understand that a woman's main role in any relationship is to take the blame. So when you stub your toe in the bathroom or your football team loses, I agree that by some complex scientific equation incomprehensible to woman, it will be my fault. Even if I wasn't there. Section 3. Whenever my friends and I get together for a girl's night out, I will tell them that you are better
I feel like talking about whores, online ones mainly. The type of girls who trash themselves then contradict themselves. So they bitch about the size of their chests in comparison to other girls and how theyre looked down upon. They complain how it`s all tits and ass on these sites, yet they have pictures of their own asses exploited all over their own pages. Then when you simply go into a lounge you walk right in the middle of that persons cyber session that they have with all the guys subscribed to the lounge, talking about swaying their ass to the music and stripping as one of the guys out of the bunch talks about kissing her ass. She feels so badly about herself I`m sure. These are the types of women that give the rest a bad fucking name. I look at these women and compare the age gap. I may be 21 but apparently I`m a hell of a lot more mature then how these 30+ yr old women are acting. They act like little teenagers on a pity trip looking for attention because they need to b
Anna Gone Whats Next?
Well now that Anna has been put to rest and the remainder of her friends and family take the legal fight to what she left behind we can move forward. RIP Anna. The Democrats still fighting the Republican president for their share of the power has decided to use the United States military as a key pawn in the game. It is not like the men and women that are now serving have enough to worry about, firefights, IED’s, Iranian backing and now our own political leaders. The talk went from cutting off funding to the military that was quickly silenced because of the unpopular response from key political supporters who decided that cutting off the supplies would lead to a higher number of losses that could be blamed on the current administration, but may end up falling back in their own laps. The military health care system is now the key target. This would be a great time to bring up the facts as known by everyone who has served and uses these facilities. They are understaffed, overrated
Vote For A Beautiful Lady. Help Her Win!
COMMENT BOMB MY PIC!!! PLEASE REPOST SO I CAN GET AS MANY COMMENTS AS POSSIBLE!!! THANKS!!! ˘ľ (repost of original by 'Ashme' on '2007-03-03 11:04:46')
I Like This One!!!
"Have you ever noticed that if you rearranged the letters in mother in law, they come out to Woman Hitler?"
I Wonder....
Why is it when we talk to God we are praying, but when God talks to us we are put into the loony bin?
How I Got My "other" Nickname
So there's this much younger man...we've known each other for a while now. He and I have had this little flirtation thing going on between us for a while now. It started when I was managing a store inside a location he worked at. He'd stop by and chat and flirt. Back when he was 17 he gave me a hug and said "You know, it's only illegal if I tell." I laughed and reminded him that it would be illegal if I knew. I'm not like that. Then he turned 18 and he gave me a hug and whispered, "You know, I'm legal now." And still I hesitated. I thought about it, I won't lie...he's intelligent, he's hot, and he's charismatic... He's a bit of a redneck, he fills out a pair of jeans beautifully. He's going on 20 now. I've still not given in to the temptation, but I've recently told him that if he wants anything to happen, he's going to have to be clear and be sure...not to mention make the first move. Personally, I see it as inevitable...but I'm not in any rush. And i
If your name is Mr. Crunch, and you joined the Navy, would you eventually be Captain Crunch?
Open Minded ( I Love These Things)
You Are 80% Open Minded You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out! Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand. You don't have a judgemental bone in your body, and you're very accepting. You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself.How Open Minded Are You?
Does It Count.....
Does it really count in court when an atheist is sworn in under oath using a Bible?
Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at a serious blog. While I have only been on this site for a short while it has come to my attention that there is a lot of support for our troops in Iraq. Im glad that there is, as I think they are incredibly brave young men and women doing a great job under incredibly difficult circumstances. That said I myself am opposed to the war in Iraq. That is not to say I think we should pull out now....that would be disastrous....but I do think we need to question our leaders judgement in sending our troops there in the first place. It would seem that over time it has become clear that we were all, or most of us "hoodwinked" into believing we had to send troops to Iraq. At a time when we still hadn't finished in Afgahnistan. I believe we were right to tackle Afgahnistan. They have supported and harboured terrorists both before and after 9/11 and as such needed to be brought to account. Iraq however is different. While we all would no doubt have bee
It has taken me 4 months but I gotten my Niece away from her dad.He's not the smartest apple on the tree.He was saying that she was the cause of the family and their marriage break up and she was the reason for her mothers death.
Got lots done this week! Met with my attorney (shes one cool chick) again (about harrassment etc), go back Monday to sign all the paperwork to start the seperation agreement until we get past the 30 day mark, then on to divorce proceedings if (and I say that with a huge SIGH) IF he will be cool & compromise on property and custody issues. Itd certainly make things so much easier on both of us. Then I went and got my apartment, and I love it! Everything is new...nice, clean, spacious....location, location, location! The bad news its going to take at least a week to two to get it ready for move in (new complex). I love it there because they are only one story units so no one over us or below us! So im personal things, the girls stuff, im just ready to go. Its time to move on...and get away from here as soon as humanly possible. I am a little worried about his mother, she seems a tad bit unstable. Since she is only a few homes away from mine she thinks its
Im Playing On My Cam
any want to chat im me my yahoo sreen name is nine_inch_nails12986.
For My Friends
For my friends To all my friends And we will be friends until the end I thank you Through and through All of you are dear to me I hope you all can see All of you have a place in my heart Some of you have been there since the start I would do anything for you That is so true You all make me smile It can be seen for many a mile A few of you Have gone beyond the call of friendship That is true I thank you so much for defining the word friendship To all my friends And we will be friends until the end I thank you Through and through dedicated to all my friends by Kevin L Swartz 03/03/2007
The trill of the bird song lilts within the trees sending streams of sunlight and promise into the wood. Laughter accompanies the brook whose water pours across cool stones. Alone is not alone in this place invitation beacons; I am satiated. The breeze carries a scent of morning and the woodland creatures speak one to another, though outsider; I am welcomed into the fold. Never enough daylight to stand and to enjoy. I must suffice myself with the promise, That in the morning I return again.
Al Gore For President
Al Gore For President Cool Slideshows Click below to Help Al Gore .... CLICK HERE To Check Us Out Today "
There's A New Puppy Mill About To Get Started In Virginia
New puppy mill in virginia. sign petition to stop They have many kill shelters in this area, they have more than enuf dogs. please sign to stop. THERE'S A NEW PUPPY MILL ABOUT TO GET STARTED IN VIRGINIA LETS STOP THIS NOW!!! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION, WILL ONLY TAKE A SEC AND THINK OF THE LIVES IT MIGHT SAVE!!!!! CLICK HERE TO SIGN!!
Quick Like Turtle!!!
Female Masterbation..hope This Helps
"How do I know if I've had an orgasm?" My answer is always "If you don't know if you've had an orgasm, then you probably haven't." I hate that answer, but it's the only accurate response I've ever heard to that question. Simply put, orgasms are rarely something that slips by you when you aren't looking. When you have them, you (and sometimes the neighbors) know it. "How do I have an orgasm?" Wish the answer had to do with some simple trick, method, or masturbation technique..everyone is different. Masturbation and Your Body One of the most important aspects of female masturbation is that it gives you a chance to learn your body. Once you learn it, you will not only be able to give yourself pleasure, you will also be able to teach someone else how to please you as well. Every area of your body is a potential pleasure zone, but in order to figure out where, you must explore yourself with an open mind and without shame. Every woman's body is beautiful, so don't fixate on those
An 18 year old girl tells her Mom that she has missed her period for 2months. Very worried, the mother goes to the drugstore and buys a pregnancy kit. The test result shows that the girl is pregnant. Shouting, cursing, crying, the mother says "Who was the pig that did this toyou? I want to know!" The girl picks up the phone and makes a call. Half an hour later a Ferrari stops in front of their house, a mature and distinguished man with gray hair and impeccably dressed in an Armani suit steps out of the Ferrari and enters the house. He sits in the living room with the father, mother and the girl, and tells them: "Good morning, your daughter has informed me of the problem. I can't marry her because of my personal family situation but I'll take charge. I will pay all costs and provide for your daughter for the rest of her life. Additionally, if a girl is born I will bequeath her 2 retail stores, a townhouse, a beachfront villa and a $2,000,000 bank account. If
Subject: The Blind Pilot
> Subject: THE BLIND PILOT > > > A woman was flying from Seattle to San Francisco. Unexpectedly, the plane was diverted to Sacramento along the way. The flight attendant explained that there would be a delay, and if the passengers wanted to get off the aircraft the plane would re-board in 50 minutes. > > Everybody got off the plane except one lady who was blind. A man had noticed her as he walked by and could tell the lady was blind because her Seeing Eye dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of her throughout the entire flight. > > He could also tell she had flown this very flight before because the pilot approached her, and calling her by name, said, "Kathy, we are in Sacramento for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs?" The blind lady replied, "No thanks, but maybe my dog would like to stretch his legs." > > Picture this: > > All the people in the gate area came to a complete standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk
I'd Love To Photograph Some Break Dancers
I'm lookin' for some breakdancers, I'd love to shoot some action shots. Muah!
Love Defined
What is love, but an emotion, So strong and so pure, That nurtured and shared with another All tests it will endure? What is love, but a force To bring the mighty low, With the strength to shame the mountains And halt time’s ceaseless flow? What is love, but a triumph, A glorious goal attained, The union of two souls, two hearts A bond the angels have ordained? What is love, but a champion, To cast the tyrant from his throne, And raise the flag of truth and peace, And fear of death o’erthrow? What is love, but a beacon, To guide the wayward heart, A blazing light upon the shoals That dash cherished dreams apart? And what is love, but forever, Eternal and sincere, A flame that through wax and wane Will outlive life’s brief years? So I’ll tell it on the mountaintops, In all places high and low, That love for you is my reason to be, And will never break or bow.
To Every One Who Knows Me And Talks To Me
an you all know who you are i just wanted to thank every one for accepting me an being a friend you guys are wonderful people an i wanna say thanks for being my friend an i respect you all for that
If Passion Of The Christ Had An 80's Sounds Track....
Please Help
Love what is it? love why is it? it just is. its the feeling of longing the need for one person for the rest of time the knowing that no matter what worng they may do you will stand beside them te hope that one day you will have no ealse to answer to but the god or goddes you worship.the feeling of being acepeted no matter what the trust and quiet often the miss trust.the lovemaking in the strangest of times . what is love well im not sure any truly knows all the parts but atleast we know how to feel it !
In Loving Memeory Of My Mother
This is for my mother. It's been 10 yrs since you've been gone you've left the memories to pass on. I have done something that you would be so proud of I know your in heaven in the sky above. /">
Pancake Day...?
Know what I've figured out lately? Foreigners are weird. For England they have Pancake day. A day devoted to the glorious eating of....pancakes. Hmmm, kinda makes you wonder. As an American, I suppose we're not too different. I love pancakes, I just don't have an entire day set aside for such wonderful delights. The closest thing we have to pancake day is Thanksgiving...but at least we cover up our lust of turkey with wishes of family time and love. did this day get thought up? I think I have it. Early in the 20th century (circa 1910 for the chronologically challenged), Betsy Crocker was a cheap whore. She'd sell out her baked goods for cheap..and one day she grew tired of this. She decided she'd mass market, but how? Well, the pilsbury doughboy whispered in her ear, and between the two of them they decided that they were going to conspire upon a new holiday, and sell it to the British. And hence: pancake day. I don't really know what all I wanna s
Can someone tell me what this is please?
Nascar Fans
~I'm A NASCAR Fan~ Don't give me diamonds they aren't my friend, gimmie the Fox Crew and my MRN. Richmond and Bristol racing under the lights, rush hour with intense speeds hey, it's just what I like. I'm A NASCAR fan !! The smell of burning rubber is such a sweet thing, fourteen second pit stops makes my heart sing. From turn three at Daytona to the wrenches turning in the garage, getting your team in the lead this isn't no mirage. Fans cheering for their driver buying their diecast cars, keeping your eyes open on the fastest new superstars. I'm a NASCAR Fan !!! Heading to the track.. for a three day weekend, meeting old and new friends while making memories that will never end. Sitting back to reminisce of the good ol' days, from who was the toughest to the one with the intimidating ways. I'm A NASCAR Fan !!! From Watkins Glen in New York
And Now For A Dedication:
What Personality Type Are You
Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP) Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive. Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.How Rare Is Your Personality?
My Pain Is My Pleasure
everyday i bleed black for you and still i soar high...the pain of not being able to touch you kiss your lips wake up next to a saint and go to sleep next to an angel....i hurt everyday and yet u pain me more because you dont see me at mayb thats the way it has to be me and the crimson harmony i bleed....after all my pain is my pleasure and my heart is in a box inside my chest the thing is i have the lock but who got the key?
This Is Sad But Oh So True !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love him or loathe him, he nailed this one right on the head.......... By Rush Limbaugh: I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die serving our country in Uniform are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11. Well, I can't let the numbers pass by because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentalit y of this country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million. If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry. And there's a payment o
I am in need of dental work and if anybody can help or suggest anything that would help, I'd be GREATLY appreciative. *not sexually so don't be a jerk*. thanks. off to go pout a little more and snuggle with kitties. . . . . . . . . . PS: notice I NEVER really smile in my pics... my face was meant to smile... :( . . . later.
I covered a basketball game today for the newspaper I contribute to. I get 15 bucks for each photo. I was on the floor behind the line near the 3 point arch and I was looking down at my pics and deleting the bad ones, when a losse ball took a stupid soft bounce and bounced right on my flash unit. It split the hot-shoe mount and now the flash won't work. I bought this camera a few months ago for $6,000.00 and now I have to send it out for repair. I am guessing it will be a $500 dollar fix for a lousy $15 job. Somedays it just doesn't pay to go to work ........ If ya care you can show me some luv and make a bad day a little better Kevin
The Courage To Be You...
The courage to be you You are unique, with your own special beauty and value to give to life. What a terrible shame it would be if you were to let that beauty be hidden behind your fears. When you worry that you're not good enough, you allow others to control you, and their domination will soon make you miserable. Or when you fool yourself into thinking you're superior to everyone else, you deny yourself the exquisite joy of offering your own special gifts to life. It takes courage and faith, effort and initiative to be who you are. And it is so very much worth the effort. Though no one else can do it for you, you have what it takes to be magnificently successful at being you. From the deepest secrets of your soul to the face you put forward to the world, every bit of you is meant to be the authentic and original person you are. Listen to that quiet, persistent voice inside that you know is always right. This is your opportunity to fulfill and express the real and lasting
All You - Drummers Out There - This Is The Most Incredible Thing You Will Ever See
i cant stop watching...and i dont even play the damn drums! this mf'r is the shit! comment on this guy - i wanna know what drummers think watch the whole thing! (this clip does not infringe...on this site) Beatbox Meets Drum Solo Artist Assaf Seewi - Watch the top videos of the week here
I did not know miss Laurie, For adulthood she will never see, She was cut down in the prime of her life, And all because of anger and strife. Her death she did not deserve, And to what purpose did it serve? And we'll never know the reason why, She thought Laurie deserved to die. Laurie was only sweet sixteen, But an early death she has only seen , I think it was going, way beyond mean To tie a rope around her neck and slit her throat, Just like she were as low as a goat. Both of her killers got life without parole, And I hope they sit there, grow old and rot, For I think they deserved what they got, For thinking she slept with her boyfriend, Is the stupidest reason to make her life end. Michael John Juneau
I Love My Friends!
Holy shit, I'm half the subjects on my bulletin board right now! You guys are insane, and I
Funny Stuff
Why The Change?
Wow very different profile isn't it? There is a reason for the big change, one... I was bored with my other one.. second.. I've recently had a life changing experience and I have a totally different view of the world we all live in.. Which is the reason for my lack of communication with my True Friends. I haven't forgotten about anyone I promise.. just please..All I ask is that you please be patient.. and I ask for your support. If you don't know what I'm talking about.. ask and I might tell you. It truley depends who you are. Still here and fighting.. ~*Ann*~
never was a man never aspired to be one never was much of a person even though i've been raped by some but i am a drug are you a cure or an addict? do you have enough blood to cop your habbit? are you swift enough to catch the white rabbit? i can cause enough traffic static to make sure you never catch it it's tragic and manic do you think you can hack it? or will you fall under the weight of your own mortal panic? find some fucking humor in these acts of self malice i'm laughing my way right out of god's palace break into the compound burn down the barracks cool, smooth, serene, bombastic hollocaustic genocidal antics spit "devil" if you want i don't argue semantics you can go ahead and argue all you want while i'm being encased in molten plastic i'll paint you another tableau of fuck and excite you into someone else's satisfaction a groan escapes the gaping maw enter a bone grinder of my meticulous construction i'm salivating but my tongue is dry and rou
~~donate Body For The Troops~~
Fuck !!!!
i got all kindz of more shit to write but all at once i can't be here bye
President Bush
President Bush got out of the shower and was drying off when he looked in the mirror and noticed he was black from the neck up to the top of his head. In sheer panic and fearing he really was turning black and might have to start working for a living, he called his doctor and told him of his problem. The doctor advised him to come to his office immediately. After an examination, the doctor mixed a concoction of brown liquid, gave it to President Bush, and told him to drink it all. The President did and replied, "That tasted like bull shit!" The doctor replied, "It was, Mr. President. You were a quart low."
The Darkness
the darkness by bedrock the darkness of all mankind, will be reborn in the souls, of all the chosen ones, they shall walk amongst the undead, to bring the plague of death to all mankind, the death will sweep across, all of gods creatures, the day will come, when the orange moon rises, from the depth of your soul, for all enternity, be warned, the night is near, when the moon turns red, the blood of all souls will cover the moon, on the 40th night hell will be reborn, it will be unleashed, never forgive, never forget, you have been warned.....
Deep Inside {erotic}
I've thought about you all day And what I'm going to do to you When we make love tonight How I'll spread your slinky legs And lick and bite your inner thighs Driving you crazy as I move up How I'll put my thumbs on each Side of your pussy to open it Pushing my tongue in and tasting you Listening to your breathing deepen Relaxing to the strokes of my tongue It’s as if you're in a trance of pleasure Waiting for me to move my mouth up To your firm breasts and kiss them Gently at first then harder, harder Your little scream of delight as I Nibble at your neck drives me wild Close your eyes and feel my hard. Throbbing cock go inside Deeper and deeper until it's gone Completely inside you as we begin To move in a fiery rhythm of lust Your wild breathing makes me harder I feel you getting hotter and wetter Let's come together, ride me baby Harder and faster so close to coming Rising to the head ready to shoot Deeply into you as I feel your cum Running down my leg,
Moment By My Warrior Princess
When we lock, In our embrace, Everything slows, And stops in place, For just that moment, I hold you near, Time resuming, Is what I fear. Test and trials, To overcome, As time passes, Will never be done, But in that moment, I feel free, Because I love you, And you love me.
i get to bring my son home tuesday. finally, it was a relief to hear the good news now im second doubting myself thinking that i wont be able to care for him the way the nurses at the hospital did. hes coming home with a monitor and medicine he was born at 31 weeks. im scared something might happen to him while hes home. i have 2 other kids but hes diffrent. i just wish i could calm my fears and know that ill do just fine with him.
Broken Hearts...
The last few days has been rough for me.. I went with a friend to take her son to go see his aunt, that had cancer and they only gave her at least 24 hours to live. While we were there she passed away. That is the 2nd person I had seen pass away and it has taken a toll on me.. Memories flashed back when I dealt with my aunt passing away and it hasn't been easy for me. My heart goes out to the family. Right now I just feel so torn and heartbroken.
Well Kick Me In The Teeth
Fuck all the comments Bombers, they help who they feel will win after I asked these people, begged these people if they would please help they posted things for others and I helped the others too, this is a big fuck you to me, and I have no idea why,I wanted to be in the comment bombers, they said sure then they fucked me, by acting all that and getting all up in my face when I didn't see one of the Zillions of posts these people made day in and day out so I said fuck them, so I decided to join the CT MAFIA and for a whole 1 day they made me feel like I belonged to a group that made me feel like family then I see the guy on the same team as me get post after post that he is behind come on rah rah rah this guy I might also add is using the other comment bombers too they are also posting rah rah rah go team member WTF!!! look I shower everyday and I am a decent person but i will not use someone for personal gain and when its all over toss them aside until the next contest and thats exact
Bring Your A Game.
Okay so here is the deal, I am sick and tired of every idiot who watched the news six months ago wanting to discuss the war on terror, or the war in Iraq or whatever international issue without knowing what the heck they are talking about. You want to play with me, you have to bring your A game. This is big dog stuff, all little dogs need to stay on the porch. If your argument can be reduced to a sound bite, you are most likely wrong. If you have to be told by the television or the media what to think, you are not at my level. And I don’t care if you are liberal or conservative I don’t want to hear your BS argument. Here is what you need to do, look at both sides of the argument before coming to talk to me. Your one quarter in a poly sci class does not make you an expert in anything, and even though you were the captain of your high school debate team does not put you at the level of people who really know the topic. This is also where I should address information versus educat
Birthday Boy
happy bithday to the one who makes me smile who hold my hands and talks for a while im sending a hug just to let you know i am thinking of you wherever i go from my soft lips im sending you a kiss to keep in your pocket from your little miss i love the way you make me giggle and kiss me neck and make me wiggle my words are the truth on that you can bet you have a key already to my heart that is set happy birthday again i hope its gone well i didnt trip over you know that i fell...
Going To Get My Best Friend
someone has to keep me sane
Deletion Petition. Copy And Repost.
Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)-- Let the games begin! Libra will try anything once. Twice to make sure they liked it. Three times to be absolutely sure. Do not touch a Libra's head during oral sex...that may work with an Aries, but not here. Libras LOVE giving oral - They LOVE getting it , too. But don't feel like they get enough...too bad, because they sure as hell are getting enough of everything else. They will buy toys to make YOU use it on THEM. Libras are mental creatures that believe in living and fulfilling fantasies that they haven't done in real life...which is rare because they have done almost EVERYTHING. They have no problem sploshing. To them, sitting in a pie COULD be fun. Porn? Bring it on! Sex, video AND food? ALRIGHT! They are heavily exhibitionistic by accident. They are accident prone, they lose bras, underware, condoms....they also accidentally end up in bed with people. Amazing how THAT works! They like to cross dress. Both sexes do this quite well, actually. Male
Still Here *sigh*
I'm coming to the conclusion that I may be going insane. Yeah...I know...if you think you're going insane, you're not. It could be because I'm in the process of going through menopause (though I've been looking forward to this since puberty). I do know this is part of the Path I need to be on with my search for the Goddess. It could be that I'm 'touched' by Her. I am going to put more of 'ME' in here, for I have found that this is a journey and a search for the answer of 'Who am I?, 'Why am I here?' as well. I realize this may put more info here than some would want. I also realize I will more than likely make myself more vulnerable. This is part of the process I must go through. This is going to be intersting for me in some cases as a few of my Friends here I also know in real time. Why they are a part I don't know. I invite anyone to come along on my journey here. It won't be smooth for me at times and it will deffinately a rollercoaster ride at times. But who knows, maybe someone ca
Stuck At 99.99%
My stupid points thing to go onto the next level is stuck on 99.99% damn thing.
Tattoo Contest
HI all just needed to blow off a little steam here, I'm in that Sweetest Tattoo contest and I find it rather disheartning, as when my friends really need my help I try to be there for all of them yet when I need a little help only about 12 of the 250 people on my friends list show up with their support and believe me I truely appreciate that. I guess it's all about popularity instead of quality, well I guess I'm done ranting thanx for liatening and if you have a little time the link to the contest is below. thanx again Scooter
I thought I would fail at this one! You Are Not a Dumb American You got 7/10 correct. You know a good deal about American history, but there's some basic facts you have wrong. Time to go back to history class!Are You a Dumb American?
Big Trip!
Just had to take a break during my last day of packing to let you all know what I'm up to. As of tomorrow, I'll be away from the TAP for over three weeks as I embark on my dream adventure. With a group of old & new friends (some so new I haven't even met them yet!), I'll be navigating nearly 230 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Fucking Canyon!!! I've wanted to do this since I was a kid & learned of the canyon & it's history, long before I ever even considered becoming a whitewater raft guide. But now, with 10 years of river experience under my belt and a few good connections, I feel more than ready to tackle the challenge! We've all put so much hard work into getting all the logistics worked out for this expedition that, although not everything has worked out exactly as originally planned, I've got tons of faith in the others who'll be helping me lead this trip and we'll be sure to have an amazing time! Well, gotta finish packing! I'll be thinking of all my new Cherry fri
On Love...
Body Parts Sent To Wrong Address
Body parts from China intended for a US laboratory have been mistakenly sent to a Michigan home by a delivery firm. The recipient, in Cascade near Grand Rapids, said her husband opened two packages - one containing a liver, the other a partial human head. "He started the second one, but stopped as soon as we saw the ear," she told the Grand Rapids Press newspaper. The delivery company, DHL, said it was not immediately clear what happened but the labels were reportedly in Chinese. The company says it is co-operating with investigators. The authorities believe 28 more bubble-wrapped human organs could have been dispersed across the country. The body parts - which are preserved - were for medical research, police spokesman Roger Parent said. "There will definitely be a shock to people if they see these things, but there is no hazard to health," he added.
Psalm 23
Psalm 23 - - EXPLAINED  This is an eye opener... Some probably never thought nor looked at this Psalm in this way... even though they say it over and over again.
Morph Contest
Why Do I Even Try Anymore?!
why do i even try to love to have someone i care about and spend the rest of my life with? Why is it worth the time the effert the heartache when i already had that perfect one that mr right and i let him go for someone not so perfect not so right? I had mr right but i let him go for someone i knew in my heart wasnt mr right. Now, I have no chance at all in ever getting him back. It hurts, its the worst pain i have ever felt. So, why bother trying to love again when i know i found mr right and i let him slip right threw my fingers? its just not worth it anymore! So, because of my stupidity it looks like ill be single for the rest of my life.
Hate You (poem)
For letting us fall apart For the hurt in my heart For all the tears cried For everytime you lied For the promises unkept For the nights I never slept For the dreams we won't see For not caring about me For leaving me all alone For this broken home For taking away my soul For treating me so cold For all the s*** I went through For every memory of you For the feelings of betrayal For putting me through hell For taking all I had left For making me wish for death For all the times untrue I f***ing hate you
My Second Blog Of About Me
I do not judge color of skin.I judge heart and soul.I love all in my family and I love all of my friends.Anyone that ever knew me and really knows me now realizes I am a real loving and fun going person as long as they don't cross me.So lets keep friendship based on heart and soul not color it would make this world a better place to live.
Phobias And Phantoms
It's a bit of arrogance really, that I keep blogging. I enjoy it that people seem to want to read what I write, and perhaps that is a bit of egoism on my part. But when I write, I hear God laughing, and so I keep writing, thinking that even if I am never published, at least He laughed, and that's why I do it. To make God laugh. Most people just want to get into Heaven, and there's nothing wrong with that. But I want God to laugh. I want Him to be happy with me, to enjoy my mistakes, to laugh at my silliness, perhaps to think of me as one thinks of a beloved pet, whom one has taught a new trick. Dogs aren't so stupid after all you know. But like all people, there are some things that terrify me. I'm not afraid of snakes, having spent four years in Africa, and another three in the mountains of Iran. Here in Nevada, we have rattlers that would terrify anybody. I am not afraid of wild things, but house spiders really do upset me. I can't even kill them. How can somethin
Got A New Back Ground
hey everyone i got a new back ground my friend csc made it for me thanks hun. if you like please comment and rate on it its awsome looking
It's Not Just The Number's
Hey you, yeah your the one, you know who you are right! Look would you go to someone's house and not say anything at all? It is so rude to just go to someones pg, look and just leave. If you dont want to rate or add fine but you could at least say hello, be civil would you now. But the ones that get me are the one's that keep coming back because you have a different pic up, thinking your someone else I guess, who knows. Just look at the pic's and then you'll know. And look here, let me tell you something, and you really know who you are here now, just because you think your cute ( and you may be ), that is besides the point, not everyone is on here to play the hook up game, some of us are really just here to meet new people, you know, as in friends. Now to all of the wonderful people I have met on here, You are some awesome beautiful people and I am so glad I met you. To all of you who are trying to hollar and get your feelings hurt I am sorry, perverts nee
Invisible Invisible to this world I know, Since so many years ago. I come and go, here and there; A glimpse, hoping to ensnare. I cry and weep at people's feet, My solitude, damned to repeat. Lost, lonely, so alone; life I do bemoan. Wanting waiting anticipating, only to find life dissipating. Life's purpose led me to wonder, alone and broken, all asunder. Find a place without a face, noone to reject my embrace. I find a dark and shining spot, Waiting only for life to rot. Standing near a blackened sea, I see someone staring back at me. The face of grace, eyes of steel, Can this person be real? Is it possible to be seen? Even with unknown mien? Hope for just one moments touch. Am I asking for to much? Gone like the wind in my aching soul, The wants of sweet cajole. Out of nowhere, I found you, I just can't bid adieu. Michelle Denise King Copyright ©2007 Michelle D King
So Whats The Deal?
So, I join this contest .. and all the peeps out there that said mmm baby so hot dont even go and vote for me .. all you have to do is Comment bomb me .. hell it is happy hour you even get more points for it .. Yet nooo noone else chips in .. I am literally having to vote for myself in a sexy contest.. where is all the love that you have been talking about???? All the comments on how sexy and cute I am and now you cant even shout out to me in a contest to say I am sexy? Maybe it was a lie and I am not sexy .. in your eyes.. Well if you think that then dont go vote.. I get it .. that is your opinion :) But if you are reading this and you are like hmmmm I could go for voting for her .. then get your ass over there and show me the love!! Hugs and Kisses Mellie
Nice Guys
I'm sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your
Hello All: Yesterday afternoon around 140 or so my daughter had a baby girl. Her name is Brandy Janelle she was almost 8 lbs and almost 21 inches. Mom and baby girl are doing fine today and should be coming home tomorrow morning.
Curing Cabin Fever Ryan Style :)
Did a little bow shooting today :) Set up a 10 yard range in my house LOL. I wouldn't use my recurve doing this but i figured at 10 yards how could i miss with the compound right? :) My turkey season is the 3rd week in April so should start getting ready for that. I've gotten a couple with shotgun, but have yet to get one with a bow and arrow...maybe this is the year huh? anyway, here's a few pics of my afternoon fun in the house LOL
Religious Freedom
I believe religious freedom is not the tolerance of religions, but the separation of yourself from a bureaucratic religious system. I believe all religions have truths and misconceptions. Catholicism I'll start here, because I was brought up in the Roman Catholic Church. I believe in a god; a supreme being, the chairman of all things. I believe in the afterlife, but not the Catholic afterlife. I do not believe the pope has a direct line to god; he is not truly enlightened. I do not believe clergy should remain abstinent, unless it is by choice; sexual energies can be and are constructive. I believe in a moral path; Jesus preached love and respect. He is an inspirational historical figure. I believe Jesus was a son of god as we all are. Judaism The ten commandments are a good moral guide except for the constraining of worship; we must be free to express our own beliefs in god. I believe Moses had a vision, probably not from god; morals are universal and the burning
Never Forget
Never Forget Your presence is a present to the world. You're unique and one of a kind. Your life can be what you want it to be. Take the days, just one at a time. Count your blessings, not your troubles. You'll make it through, whatever comes along. Within you are so many answers. Understand, have courage, be strong. Don't put limits on yourself. So many dreams are waiting to be realized. Decisions are too important to leave to chance. Reach for your peak, your goal and your prize. Nothing wastes more energy than worrying. The longer one carries a problem, the heavier it gets. Don't take things too seriously. Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets. Remember that a little love goes a long way. Remember that a lot . . . goes forever. Remember that friendship is a wise investment. Life's treasures are people . . . together. Realize that it's never too late. Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Have health, hope and happiness. Ta
New One
You Know?
Those E-surance ads are hella lame. Just sayin'. "Quick! Get in the hybrid!" Pfft. Nigga please.
Sexy Story1
On this particular morning it was a warm day and Lauren was on her way home after a two mile jog. When she approached Ms. Booth's home she saw her puttering in her front yard and smiled as she approached. Ms. Booth waved and stood up and approached the sidewalk. Lauren slowed down and as she reached her, she started running in place. She was dressed in a powder blue jogging suit that consisted of silken shorts and a tank top. They were sweat stained. She had a terrycloth towel around her neck and she used the end to dry her face as she greeted Ms. Booth. Every time Lauren went past Ms. Booth's home and she was working in the yard they would talk for a few moments. They developed a casual relationship over time that allowed Lauren to reveal her feelings to her. They lived in one of the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. It was a nice neighborhood with tree lined streets. The old trees over hung the streets so much that when trucks drove down them th
I want some damn Razzles! Cuz they are CANDY and GUM
Chinese Proverbs
CHINESE PROVERBS *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Virginity like bubble, one prick, all gone. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run in front of car get tired. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run behind car get exhausted. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with one chopstick go hungry. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails. * ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who eat many prunes get good run for money. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Panties not best thing on earth! But next to best thing on earth. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Where I've Been
As some of you may have noticed I havnt been on here much the past couple to few weeks .. Its not that im ignoring you all .. or even doing anythign all that exciting ..I've been having Doctor appt after Doctor appt .. and Trying to get everything settled for Mikes Graduation coming up before I know it .. with Family coming in from out of state .. Trying to keep things here calm .. quiet and lackin in arguements .. UGH .. its been a tad bit loopy to say the least This week ive got my fathers 69th birthday coming up My mother having surgery,Ive not one but Two appts with a Cadiologist ..supposed to have an appt with my Neurologist .. UGH .. and thats just the topping .. Ive got a lot of personal stuff goin on and am finding it hard to bust out of this wall ive built around myself .. So please .. If I dont seem to be all that social for a lil whiel .. Dont take it personal . You know I adore you all .. You give me smiles and laughs I just couldnt find otherwise Xoxoxox to you all
Can I Hurt You
You turn your head in disgust yet you wet your lips with lust. You are blinded by the pain but it only shows you the truth, as you begin to crave this malevolant rain that pumps ecstasy through your veins. It is you who has gained an obsession with this carnival of sin! I only fed the beast that was within. Now it tears and thrashes at your soul and only with the pain can you grab hold of whats left of your sanity. But why do you fight it, let the ravenous beast consume youy humanity. For only then will you truly be free from the pain of insanity. Now as your hand is held firmly by mine I look into your eyes and ask,"Can I hurt You?"
Hotel California?
this is just a couple of peoples opinion on what the song means: Ever since I first heard this song I was intrigued, and many times I have gone in search of it's true meaning. When I listened to the lyrics initially I thought of a hotel which sexually serviced males, but then I thought only certain aspects of the song fitted in with that interprestation. Many other thoughts as mentioned by others on this site such as drugs and rehab, falling in love, cancer etc, have come to mind. But inevitably, I don't think there is really one way to interpret this masterpiece of music. As Henly suggests the meaning is broard and was not meant to be broken down and defined into one category. Each person can interpret the sory behind "Hotel California" in their own personal way. I believe it is just a metaphorical explanation of 'life', its positive and negative aspects, its highs and lows, its smoke and mirrors, its ecstasy and seduction and the unescapable notion that it could be heaven or it co
Do you want to come with me? To a place of indescribable pleasure Where I can fulfill all your fantasies? Take my hand and walk with me Down the path of desire That is ultimately your destiny. Where desires that are taboo And forbidden are my deepest wishes To make come true for you. Kisses so animalistic and deep Full of raw erotic hunger The memory invade your sleep Touches that will burn your virgin skin Leaving you craving for more You will wish it would end. Then just close your eyes and let your imagination take over… To be con't... Melissa 03/2007
Don't Be Afraid That Your Life Will End,be Afraid That It Will Never Begin.
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end,be afraid that it will never begin.
In The Moonlight
I Will Never Get Bondage . . .
You know, I am a pretty "open" person when it comes to the bedroom. I do not have a lot of "limits" in what I am willing to try or like. Recently, a freind and I were talking about bondage. She asked me what are my limits when it comes to BDSM, so I started thinking -"What are my limits?" I told her I would get back to her. I had done research on this topic for some of my erotic stories - talking to persons into the lifestyle about things that they do - but I never asked what went through their mind or got very specific on the truly "hardcore" equiptment and/or toys that were used. After thinking long and hard (no pun intended) for about a week now and thinking back to past experiences, I have come to the conclusion that I am not against restraints and/or handcuffs, nipple clamps, blindfolding, role-playing (to a degree) or occassional spanking (NOT BEATING!). I am also not averse to being dominated (actually quite liking it), but not to the point of humiliation. Sure,
March Madness
Gotta love my basketball. It won't be into true effect until this weekend. Pretty much excited about Maryland going in. I know most are like... urgh basketball but hell.. it always makes me remember when I played rec league. It wasn't as good as HS volleyball but it definitely was fun. I just wish it was more than just Sundays and i wasn't such a spaz. Oh well..ya grow out of that shit eventually. Nothing really much else to say. Anything good for you? ~Timmy~
Will Make Pics
I WILL MAKE PICTURES FOR YOU IF YOU REQUEST THEM!!!! I HAVE MADE 2 SO FAR. Tell me how they are, and remember, all u have 2 do is ask if you want me to make you a pic.
Plz Help
plz come and help me win my first contest ill help u wit anything
Brief Opening Statement
This continues the first penguinBlog(); ;). (No, I am not Otherkin or Therian. I just like Penguins.) At least one but I think several friends of mine in their daily journaling have taken to noting among other things their physical health, irritability, and other overall qualities. Observed personal irritability today - this is meant to be as objective a statement as possible or at least, as from-without which is ... not very... way high. So... I put on some music, I eat a bit, I lie down. I may be back in a bit, or tomorrow morning. This calls in my opinion for a bit of space more than sympathy (for tea, though, quite possibly, yes. Tea is helpful and I will go prepare it me.) Yes, I do tend to introduce bits of French and German grammatical structures- and words, and this and that else- into my sentences when they feel happily put there. One of my odd habits, I will not say odder or less odd.
Important Cell Phone Facts We Should All Know.
THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW YOUR CELL PHONE COULD DO. There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it: FIRST Subject: Emergency The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked.Try it out. SECOND Subject: Have you locked your keys in the car? Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their cell phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your hom
So I Wait...
alone and wanting i wait for you to kiss me sweetly waiting for that moment where time stands still and life carries on without us in it i wait for you my knight in shining armour to ride up and carry me away and caress me tenderly and promise to keep me safe for always i wait for you to send shivers down my spine with your featherlight kisses and to touch me with your warmth i wait for you to catch me as i fall never to let me go and hold me like this forever i wait for you to bathe me in water lathering me sliding your body against mine cleaning me i wait for you to take my hand to hold holding you tight just the way u like i wait still for that one moment when you look into my eyes and say i love you and then i'll know im trully loved
My True Feelings
i've been on here for a while and i got to say eather i just to weired or ugle but i have tryed to make friends that i can chat with. i have stopped and commented on your pages . i have shouted out to you but i feel that i'm the guy that gets to be used on here. i know i dont have any good pics and all but all i see is people getting mad because there not being rated or faned . so people when you are in my shoes you should have something to be mad about. so just think of the person that just rated your profile and pics. they could be your best friend on here and would do anything for you .
Ok..i Need Comments..bad..i'm Losing!!
Please loves...I need those comments bad!!! If you have time please comment bomb the hell out of it...Thanks loves just click on the pic below
Need More Guys And Girls For The Sexiest Cherry Contest
Think you have the sexy look? Have the guys told you ladies that you are the bomb? and for the Guys have the ladies told you that your a hottie. If you think you got what it takes to Be the Sexiest Cherry Get me those pic links. Im going to be starting a contest more then likely on wednesday where the winner in each gets a Porshe.. the second and third prize will be determined when i get enough contestants. If you think you have what it takes, Get me those Pics. Please No NSFW pics. Lets have fun with this one. ~Devil In Cuffs~Mistress of Seduction of Lestats Dark Covenant Family@ CherryTAP
She Touched Herself
Song She's much too young To be so alone Much too sweet To wait by the phone She's so full of anger But so sad inside She's so full of joy But part of her has died She craves a touch She craves the care But not too much Just someone there to be continued, I just write...I dunnooo
Sand And Stone....thanx Mix!
Made By Rosie
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Nothing I do will ever be good enough.. And I will never be appreciated..
Lesbian Pride
Me and my girlfriend are deeply in love. Some people might think that it is wrong, but how can loving someone be wrong? Love knows no gender, knows no limits, and when two people find a deep, heartfelt love, then it can't be wrong. We are planning on getting married in june, I am so very excited! So whether you agree with lesbian or gay marriage, please show support for those of us who do.. Thank you and remember support gay marriage!
I Hate The Flu!!!!!!
Well, I am sick with the freakin' flu! My whole body hurts and my head is hot and feels like its gonna explode. I am debating whether or not I should go to work in the morning. Bah! Anywho, despite me being on fire and hacking my lungs out, I am clearing out my mess. EVERYTHING must go! My friend Tam came over Friday and we trashed a whole bunch of stuff. I doped myself up with flu medicine and was about half dead but it felt good to know that I don't have so much crap. Now I'm searching for doctors in Jersey that can take care of me like the doctors here did. I love my doctors here in Austin, they know me inside and out. I wish I could pack them up and take them with me. I truly need out of here. I need to see new places and know what it's like to live in other places. I know all my fears will disappear when I get there. Thank you Tanya for being there for me. You are my guide and as cheesy as it might inspiration. (please don't start singing that cheesy 80s song
We're Fighting With The Ones We Love
we sleep in different houses yes we do we sleep in different houses
Friendz Profilez
Down below is my friendz profilez Go to them and be their friend and be there fan and rate them and comment on their pictures and comment on their profile plz and thank you.. HarmlessLinda@ CherryTAP ~*RobbiezGurl*~@ CherryTAP xXxGuardianxXx@ CherryTAP silvarob222@ CherryTAP Amber20@ CherryTAP Daniel@ CherryTAP victoria_golden2000@ CherryTAP usher267@ CherryTAP I AM A PROUD FATHER! Taste of Heaven@ CherryTAP QueenofWolves@ CherryTAP GeminiTwin1@ CherryTAP
Deep Thinkin
for you, i awake when the sun sets and the moon rises, wisedom as ancient as the devil himself for mayb you are are woven unto me like stars in the sky...and i see in your eyes different low and highs....alot had come to pass since u have been sleepwalkin the line...but sure enough life goes on by and by....dont worry itll come to pass one day when all the anguish and aggravation gets washed away...till then ill be round if u need me in any way... cut all the people down whove put you in pain....a vicious cycle in all its disdain...but listen to me my gorgeous king...ull soon enough sing...for when they all find out wat they have lost....and know how much shit to u its cost...theyll be starin up from their backs cause with me around they wouldnt last
At Wits End...
i give up... nothing in this world was ment to go right for me period. ive given up, i dont fucking care anymore, everyone can go fuck themselves cause i dont need anyone... im starting to wonder why i keep fucking breathing. fuck the world, fuck you, and fuck me too. we're all shit, thats the only real explination as to why life stinks.
friends should stick by friends...i mY NOT BE THE 10 BUT DONT COUNT ME OUT AS UR FRIEND
i set my friends on fire and you'll like it yes you will and you'll scream for more
A Dream Come True.. Kind Of
Ok some of you know of the ultimate dream name for my son. For those of you who don't its Lando Calrissian. When Taryn got pregnant of course this was my first choice for a name but then I got thrown the curveball of a penisless offspring. No biggie did some thinking and talking and came up with Terra, now the original namesake for her is HHH since his first gimmick many years ago was Terra Ryzing. Well tonight I came across a translation thing and decided to translate things into polish.. being as I am part polish.. ok mainly polish probably closer to 60%. And just for the hell of it typed in Lando Calrissian and well it turns out that Lando translated into polish comes up to none other than.. that's right you guessed it.. Terra. So even though it was inadvertenet and took me almost 5 years to find out I do have a child that can be called Lando, this took my once crappy day over my lack of being able to find a Wii in town and made it pretty good.
Hullo One And All
After a several week time out from this place I've decided to bounce back here from a fresh perspective. Its gonna take a few days to get back into it, sort out my pic albums again, redo some skins and get round a few people to say hello. I've also been busy with some new 3D software, so on top of the old 3D landscapes I'll be adding new scenes and other renderings. Its good to be back and speak to you soon. Lots of love to the real people (and lots of genital warts to the fakers)
Tiny Moments
Life is built of tiny moments. One small movement in the right place can knock over a tower of granite. One small rain drop may cause a flower to blossom. One word and an ego can be lifted or crushed. These tiny moments hold so much weight. One stiff breeze and the last leaf of Autumn falls to the ground, and winter is upon us. Happy Spring to you, my foe Frost just found me.
Just Want Everyone To Have A Wonderful Week!!
I do hope everyone has a wonderful week!! Be careful and do your best!!! My hopes, thoughts and prayers are always with everybody!! Take care, Jeremy
Will You Give This To My Daddy?
Will you give this to my Daddy? Last week I was in Atlanta , Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest act's of patriotism I have ever seen. Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camo's, as they began heading to their gate everyone (well almost everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families. Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear or reprisal. Just when I thought I could not be more proud of my country or of
Bumped My Head.
outside the rain fell dark and cold, lost in timeless pondering on this irresitable pastime, never looking for an answer for the questions that keep my mind from focussing on the the thin air of my surrounding orbit of the moon. i don't stare too long at the immense distance between real and surreal. hopeless enthousasim abounds the binding forces of my malcontent. freedom from this evolving pain of my own design. i need more weed.
so why is it, when u say no to a guy, he doesnt take it lol, no is no, just let it be already, im not gonna change my mind lol
Michael Buble - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
I can think of younger days when living for my life Was everything a man could want to do I could never see tomorrow, but I was never told about the sorrow And how can you mend a broken heart? How can you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining? What makes the world go round? How can you mend this broken man? How can a loser ever win? Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again I can still feel the breeze that rustles through the trees And misty memories of days gone by We could never see tomorrow, no one said a word about the sorrow And how can you mend a broken heart? How can you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining? What makes the world go round? How can you mend this broken man? How can a loser ever win? Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again
Some times i really dont get men but ohhh well... i will be ok he did this b4 and i learend clearly it would happen again.... so here i am again.... but do i ever need a hug
Gwot Part 3
Okay so here is my new thing. I think that I should be allowed to carry a cricket bat and hit anyone who says something stupid like, "this isn't a combat zone it is garrison." If it isn't a combat zone, why do I get hazard pay jackass? Or anyone that does anything to hurt the effort to fight the war. This is why we are fighting the war on terror, and not winning it. So if you are an assclown, I should be allowed to hit you with a cricket bat. Where I hit and how hard I hit will be dictated by how big of an assclown you are or the level of assclownery what you said or did was. Here are my recent examples. Yesterday I was walking along one of the main roads on post and saw a Lieutenant Colonel stop a Sergeant because he was driving his gator without safety goggles. There is a war on, and all he thinks it is important enough to stop this guy, yell at him, and force him to park his gator on the side of the road and walk back for glasses. If you have nothing more important to do then me
Damn The Army
Okay this one is important. So I need you to pay attention. I am now on one of the military bases here in country. And I see the source of most of our problems here. I know what you are thinking; I have spent a great amount of time in Afghanistan, so why didn’t I have the inside track a while ago. It is because I didn’t have access to this information a while ago. Or maybe it was that I was so used to it, that I hadn’t had a different experience to compare it to. So here we go, this proves the military is wasting resources and hurting the war effort. What am I talking about? Single ply toilet paper, yes I said it, single ply toilet paper. What the hell? Seriously, what were they thinking? Don’t give me some crap about wanting to save money; the Army isn’t the best penny pinching organization out there. In fact they are all about wasting money. When an artillery general came to one of the major bases in country the arty unit there fired rounds all day long. It was a sustained ra
This is a little cheeky A little old lady dies and goes to heaven. She is chatting with St Peter at the Pearly Gates when all of sudden she hears the most awful bloodcurdling screams. "Don't worry about that," says St Peter, "it's only someone having the holes bored in their shoulders for the wings." The little old lady looks around very uncomfortable. Soon there are more bloodcurdling screams, worse than before. "Oh my goodness! Now what's happening?" says the little old lady. "Not to worry," says St Peter, they are just having their head drilled to fit the halo." "I can't do this," says the little old lady, "I'm off to hell." "You can't go there," calls St Peter, "You'll be raped and sodomized!" "Yes," says the little old lady, "but I've already got the holes for that!"
You Make My Body Blush
you know i was just wondering how many men out there actually enjoy eating a girls pussy a lot of men sure do talk a lot of shit about how they can stay there for long periods of time just munching down girls u know what i mean they say all that but then fall short of the job oh but the MEN that can handle their business i salute!
The Why's Of Men & Women
The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T MEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) And my personal favorite: 6 WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) The Why's of women 1. HOW DID WOMEN BECOME SMARTER BEFORE SEX? (she didn’t or she would not be in the position she is now) 2. WHY DO WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (she is counting in my case) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (she was driving all over the white dots, now why do you think it takes so many) 4. WHY DO WOMEN NOT SNO
So here it is on Monday 5, 2007. At 4:31 a.m. Dreading tomorrow.. I would rather crawl under a rock an die but i sit here contemplating my life. What have i done with myself? Another year has come an gone already, an I'm still sitting here thinking about life. I know everyone is sitting here thinking.. How old is she turning.... I'm gonna be 24 tomorrow. an a year closer to 25..then to 30.. then 40. I try not to think about all the bad things that have happened to me over my years...thinking about writing a book by the way. The only good things that come to mind are... my kids for sure... my man when he gives me attention... brad...well what can i say about brad. He will always be there. Terrence my Jamaican hot. first internet friend an love. Will never forget you. Made those cold lonely nights up here in Canada more bearable. The list could go on an on but i won't. But i want to say thanks to all the people that i have met on CT. your all awesome people, an your a
9 Reasons Why It Sucks Being A Super Villain
1. Costumes never fit right They are always tight around the crotch area. This is a problem for both the heroes and villains. In the old days they used to take time outs from fighting each other to adjust themselves. You just don’t find that kind of common courtesy anymore. 2. It’s hard to find decent help Regardless of how many background checks you run, you will always be surrounded by inept fools. It doesn’t take much schooling to get a good job in the henchmen racket. The upside is they are all going to get killed anyways, so you don’t have to worry about any of them being around long enough to get on your nerves. The downside is that for the short time they are alive they will manage to screw up every key point of whichever evil plan you are using that day. 3. All the good themes are taken Some of them are even done to death. Good luck trying to find anything original that is actually respectable. Animal and skull themes got played out 15 years ago. Go with anything too c
Final Part Of Fibro And Me
after reading this many of you might ask why i live the lifestyle i do and there is only 3 words i can say SAFE SANE CONSENTUAL....the difference is even as a slave i ALWAYS have the power to stop a scene AT ANY TIME! as a battered wife the beatings didn't stop until he was good and ready..... My Story....this is all true Abuse. i was married at one time to a horrible man...Rick was never my master or was plain old vanilla but that is not what made him was the abuse that he dished out almost daily....and it wasn't just physical, it was emotional and sexual also... i never reported him to the police...i was afraid to...he had threatened to kill me many times and he even held a hunting knife to my throat one day and told me that he could kill me and no one would give a shit...and then one night i was a few minutes late getting home from the grocery store and he met me at the top of the stairs with a loaded cocked gun and told me that i was lat
The Sex Fairy
The sex fairy ? This is hilarious! Be sure to read the warning at the bottom. I didn't change a word! I'm not messing with the Sex Fairy! 1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. ============= 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. ============= 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. ============= 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you don't need special sneakers! ============= 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. =============
It Begins....
The Tastycake commercials bother me. It's the butterscotch crimpets or whatever the hell they are. There's something wrong about that. And somebody mailed us a brick.
Cherry Love
Saying Hi
just sayin hi to yall.... now back to the beach lol :D
Hotti Contest
hey everyone ..please go to my bulletin and vote me for the hotti contest... much love angelleigh
Letter To The Family
To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door - nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats, The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing a paw print in the middle of my plate and food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Beating me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help because I fall faster than you can run. I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort. Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out the other end to maximize space is nothi
Another Busy Week
Meetings, meetings, meetings.... so many meetings. Another meeting day today... I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get back to my nursing... lol.
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My Dreams Of You Will Come True
I Knew It.
So I knew eventually he'd pop back up again. I'm a little angry because I had to find out from my BFF who found out through a friend of his. The "I love yous" "I miss yous" will start shortly. *Deep breath*
A couple of monthes ago, this modeling agency came to my hometown. I learned about it from the radio. They were looking for women between the ages 18-25. So I figured I'd go. Not knowing that after a couple of pics being taken and 4 months later, I would get a an airline ticket to L.A. and a letter stating for me to come up there to sign my contract! I am sooo excited. I really hope I have it takes. What do ya'll think?
Name: Adam Date of Birth: 7-10-80 Birthplace: Reading, PA Current Location: Mohnton, PA Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Height: 6'6" Heritage: Dont know Piercings: no Tattoos: Not yet ( cant decide on what I want ) Favourite: Band/Singer: I like all different kinds of music Song: Who knows Movie: Too many to choose from Disney Movie: Cars TV show: Scrubs Color: Red Food: Pasta Pizza topping: Steak Ice-Cream Flavor: Coffe Drink (alcoholic): Amaretto and Coke Soda: Mountain Dew
My only regret is that I don't remember how I got this metal plate in my head. Come to think of it... I don't remember much of anything before the plate appeared.
Offline This Week!
Hey everyone, just wanted to say i'm gonna be offline probably a good part of this week. I'll be staying at my new house as of tonight and I will call to get the cable and internet turned on later today. We all know how the cable Company is. LOL :) Please don't forget about me! XOXO Jackie
John F. Kennedy's Assassination
He came to Dallas just the other day, He rode thru the city in a motorcade, He went on by without being aware, Of the guns on the hill, And in the buildings up there. And then Mrs.Connelly said to him, You can't say Dallas doesn't love you Jack, You can't say Dallas Doesn't love you. Kennedy was a great President, But we'll never know where his assassins went, And the government says Lee acted alone, When not one gun did he ever own, When not one gun did he own. The crowd roared by when the shots rang out, But they didn't know what the noise was about, Six seconds later he slumped on down, Never ever again to move around. The man in front of him had seen him fall, And yelled Oh my God! they're gonna kill us all! In nineteen hundred and sixty-three, Five shots killed Mr.Kennedy, They shot Lee dead and denied him a trial, And they established a code of denial. As I think of what happened in sixty-three, I think Oswald was a patsy. The funeral lasted
The Death Of Martin Luther King Jr.
He had a dream that one day, His people will have an equal say, That the blacks can live out the year, Without persecution or fear. Martin was a great man, Who came from God's holy hand, They shot him down out of fear, Because his message rang too clear, His family lost a man who was dear. It's too bad Martin didn't live to see, The day when the blacks would be free, For I think they'll always have the right, To know how high they want to set their sights. Martin's son went to his father's killer, And asked him did you kill my father? And when Martin's killer had said no, The seeds of his innocence were sewn. By Michael Juneau
Quadruplets Laughing Video
Quadruplets Laughing Video
Hey All
i am back.....been away for awhile....will send out comments to ya all sooooon
I'm So Happy
Hello all friend and fans!!!! Just wanted everyone to know I got to accepted TOP PRIVATE MAKEUP SCHOOL IN CANADA since 2002 it’s for this summer. I’m moving from home for two months so I can become a credited makeup artist. I’m so excited and nervous but this is just the started of my career. Then I hope I’m accepted to a college in New York. Which I’m applying in August wish me Luck …hehehe xoxoxoxox Shea
My Angel
I Have an Angel I have an angel. Not in the sky, but here, on Earth. He keeps my head high. I do admit, he brings me pain. But he's the only one, That keeps me sane. He makes me laugh. And makes me smile. As long as I have him, The pain is worthwhile. If I were to wake up. And he was to disappear. I don't know what I would do. Losing him, Is my biggest fear.
If Ur My Friend Please Read This!
soft at first spirit waking bring together moving deeply vivid trembling at his touch in common is our first new found prussian blue bordering on risque desires thus in lavish endeavor....... a pool of your sweet kisses
Touching You Touching Me
Show Me Some
It's a fucking beautiful day outside here. Like, crazy nice out. ...and oh yeah. I got fried chicken. :D!
Tattooed In Black
THIS POEM CAME FROM A FRIENDS OF MINE.... MY DARK PRINCE.. She walks right in and sits right down Smooth, cool woman in a long black gown Those ice-blue eyes, lips cherry red She's enough to wake the living dead She's at the bar, band's playing loud, As I fight my way through the crowd I reach her side as she stirs her drink I looked at her arms all covered in ink She says to me, "you see something you like?" She knew right then I was ready to strike So we got right up and left the bar, And she promised me paradise in the car Tattooed in black, from head to toe When she slipped off that gown, My tongue was touching the ground Devils and demons, tattooed everywhere Jet black, just like her raven hair Tattooed in black, the Devil's maniac Her lovin' will give you a heart attack Hot, smooth legs and long spiked heels My hands a shakin' on the steering wheel As we sped off , she leaned on down And in my lap she went face down Oh-my-oh-my, the devil's
This Would Be The First.
This would be the first blog I've done. I'm really not into the blogging much, but we'll see how this goes. I am currently in Kansas, helping my sister out. Those of you who pray, please say a little prayer for her, she's going through some things right now that are really hard for her. I, however, no longer live in Kansas. I'm living in Missouri for now. We are talking about moving back to Texas, but we will see what happens with that. I'm a Stay at home mom to two little munchkins. I've been married for 3 years.
Wicked Eden
"Wicked Eden" Multi colored lights are flashing Pounding rhythm on the floor Body swaying as she's dancing All alone but wanting more He's standing in the corner Watching every move she makes She feels his eyes upon her She's there for him to take Come into my wicked Eden Come and taste the fruit I bear I'm saving it up for you, baby There's so much here to share Come into my wicked Eden Slip into the forbidden zone And before I'm finished, baby I'll make you weep and moan Can you feel my flesh is burning Run your hands all over me My body's shaking and turning While I'm dropping to my knees Spread my wings and take me higher Make my water flow endlessly When it's time feel your fire Baby, you won't forget about me Come into my wicked Eden Come and taste the fruit I bear I'm saving it up for you, baby There's so much here to share Come into my wicked Eden Slip into the forbidden zone And before I'm finished, baby I'll make you weep and moan
Duck Stepping
Three women die together in an accident and go to heaven. When they get there, St. Peter says, "We only have one rule here in heaven: don't step on the ducks!" So they enter heaven, and sure enough, there are ducks all over the place. It is almost impossible not to step on a duck, and although they try their best to avoid them, the first woman accidentally steps on one. Along comes St. Peter with the ugliest man she ever saw. St. Peter chains them together and says, "Your punishment for stepping on a duck is to spend eternity chained to this ugly man!" The next day, the second woman steps accidentally on a duck and along comes St. Peter, who doesn't miss a thing. With him is another extremely ugly man. He chains them together with the same admonishment as for the first woman. The third woman has observed all this and, not wanting to be chained for all eternity to an ugly man, is very, VERY careful where she steps. She manages to go months without stepping on any ducks, but one day St.
A Not Emo Blog?
The six guns loaded and im about to take a drive through the past on the road to redempotion. I ate subs today. They tasted ubber good. Yes i said ubber. Gotta problem with it, put it in the complaint box, i think its close to the north pole. Im entered in this contest for the sexiest male musician, Yall are gonna vote for me right? Even though im the fugliest you should vote for me cause your my friend and goonies never say die, or goonies never dont vote for their friend. somthing like that. Im not sure when the contest starts, but i will be sure to let you all know. Speaking of knowing, did you know that long island is the largest island in the continetnal united states! its true, my snaple cap says so.
My Hekate statue and necklace came in ...I ordered them on Friday... Sweet :)
Just To Make Ur Flight More Exciting
Airplane Sex Guide For your own safety, comfort, and that of your fellow passengers and crew, please observe the following regulations when engaging in in-flight sex. Sex while Seated Regulations require that you keep your seatbelts fastened at all times when seated. Therefore, only oral and manual sex are permitted in the main cabin. If you desire privacy, you may request a blanket to conceal your activities. Autofellatio This option is always available to our passengers who prefer to self-suck. To avoid head injuries, make sure your tray table is secured in its upright and locked position. Hand Job To initiate a hand job, open the fly of the passenger seated immediately next to you, freeing his penis. Grasping the shaft firmly, use a brisk up-and-down motion until climax is achieved. Flight attendants may provide moist towelettes for cleanup. Hot towels are available to our first-class passengers. Blow Job To initiate a blow job, open
Recipe How To Be A Good Friend
Recipe How To Be a Good Friend 1 tongue that does not slander 1 heart, generous and kind 1 dash of wit 2 eyes, overlooking others faults 1 dash sunny disposition 2 ears, closed to gossip 1 mind, full of tolerance 1 large dash of smiles 2 hands extended to help others 1 dash of cheerfulness Blend together and form into one being and serve in generous portions daily to everyone you meet.
Lol Its Funny
Thought I Should Write Something Here
So as I write this I'm brand new to the Cherry Tap, and don't quite get it.. or I mean I get it in part but not in total.. lets put it that way. So far it seems like a wonderful way to fall to ones more base libidinal drives.. which is not a bad thing in my book.. or doesn't have to be anyway.. It's just that I like my base libidinal drives to play well with other, less base, drives.. and I'm not sure the Cherry would engage those so much.. or something, I don't know.. In the mean time.. well I'm recovering from the weekend.. I should be going out on a hike or something.. maybe I'll go for a walk latter.. and I should sit down and try to learn all this stuff... and work on my resume.. but the Cherry has abducted me.. though I don't think this will last much longer.. for soon I'll grow bored.. and then its on to other things..... In the mean time I wish I had better base libidinal... I'm not sure the word.. ah well..
Whispers After you fall asleep I enter our room I stand there and watch you sleep knowing that I am on your mind by the way you smile I pull back the covers and I see that you are hard waiting for me I softly lay down beside you I start giving you soft kisses every where but your special spot is calling me so I give in and take you in my mouth I hear you moan in your sleep I wonder how long you will stay asleep I kiss and lick your cock and balls I feel them building in my mouth To my surprise you grab me and roll me over You smack my ass alittle Then you tease my opening with your cock then you plunge into me I met you thrust for thrust I feel myself dripping down your balls I begin to cum and feel as if I would collapse You are holding me up as you continue to thrust into me Suddenly you let out a moan One final thrust I feel your cum shooting deep into me I start to move again Yes I greedy and want all your sweet milk You lean forwar
Fantasies From My Mind.
One day Alex decided to take a walk in the park just across from where he worked, the day was sunny, warm and in the 70’s. Whenever he went for a walk, he takes this trail lined with trees and benches. This day as he was walking he saw a beautiful woman sitting, Alex went over and sit by her, she look over and smiled, hello my name is Alex, It's a great day to be to be sitting here. Yes it is she answered. They were talking and having a great time. She looked down at her watch, and said, I need to get back to work, it was very nice talking to you Alex; hope we can do it again. As she got up, she said nice meeting you Alex, oh and my name is Jessica. Jessica turned and started walking away, Alex said, before you go, would you like to have dinner with me Saturday night, Jessica turned and said yes, that would be nice, she wrong her phone number and as she handed it to Alex, she said talk to you soon Alex. That evening Alex called Jessica to ask about having dinner
It hurts to breathe because every breath I take proves I can't live without you. UNRETURNED FEELINGS. Love, Its Beautiful, Its Blinding, The Way You Feel When You Are With That Special Someone. The Beauty Of It. And Then You Lose It All. The Pain it Brings. The Tears That Fall. Oh How Dreadfull. The Emptiness It Causes. You Know They Arnt Coming Back This Time. You Feel All This Sorrow. And Know They Dont Feel The Same.
Always In Our Hearts
Just For U Men
I Have Feelings
I have feelings You pinch I poke You bite I pull Don’t fuck with me I have feelings You lie I cry You yell I scream Don’t fuck with me I have feelings You cheat I walk You beat I sock Don’t fuck with me I have feelings You say goodbye I won’t cry I’ll close the door And you’ll know Don’t fuck with me I have feelings Now you know Don’t fuck with me
Defining Friends
Friends, hopefully we all have the pleasure of having friends in our lives....but ever wonder what defines a good friend.... I got a phone call a couple of mornings ago 4am....those calls give me a chill, first though is what has gone wrong... This call was from my oldest friend who lives in Australia and I've known since I was 4 (yes several decades ago lol)We seldom chat on the phone probably because of expense and the convenience of email.However she was alone and her dog was dying and she needed a friend to talk too...I wiped the sleep from my eyes and spent the next hour mostly listening to her all the while feeling honored she chose me to be her friend though her difficult night....Some folks pop in and out of our lives filled with flirt n me these are fairweather friends....others are there through the turmoils in our lives ....I found out who my true friends were when I became a widow True friends,best friends, flirty friends,fairwether friends, cherry'
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If I Aske A Hundred Men.
If i had a poll going and asked a Hundred Men a question like this, If you met a person that would make you happy and make all your desires come true, yet they lived thousand of miles from you would you make the effort to be with that person? What Would be there answers Be? Yes I would make the effort . No because of the distance.
It's hard to be a mom. Sometimes it's hard to be his mom. I know it sounds bad, but everyone who knows me knows that I am brutally honest. It's just so stressful and tiring. He'll be starting speech therapy 3 times a week soon on top of the developmental, occuapational, and physical thery he already gets each once a week. He fazes out of EI in 6 months. Which means it's all up to me to continue his progress after that. Then we start special education and that shit. Then will come the emotional trama of other kids making fun of him. God I am just terrified. When do I get time to be me? When can I just be a 21 year old?
Dirty Roomates - Counter Strike -
This is a real story. If you play counter-strike you will love it. Its still funny if you don't. One of my roomates is hella dirty.. well actually they are all dirty and i clean up after them// but one guys room is Particularly dirty.. and its so filthy that when he opens the door it smells up the entire house.. so this was the first time he left it open and went somewhere i guess.. my other roomates were at home.. i grabbed 2 big cans of aerosol sprays and screamed "Fire in the hole!" and ran into his room.. I sprayed the entire contents of both cans.. By this time my other roomates had come down to his room cuz they were wondering wahts going on.. It was all smokey cuz of the sprays and I walked out slowly, both empty cans in my hands and as the smoke cleared a little, i said "Counter-Terrorists win"
~You broke my heart~ I gave you the love that was left in my heart, But when I gave it to you, you tore it apart. I loved you more then anyone else, I even waited for you at home by my self. You kissed my lips when I asked you too, But when you say I love you I wish it was true. Then one day you came in crying, You said that you felt just like you were dying. Still crying you fell to the floor, so I panicked and ran towards the door. So I ran to the car to get to the phone, While dialing the number I said you never alone. When I came in the house you lie there dead, So I looked back at some things I shouldn't have said. I didn't mean all the bad things I said, Now all the bad things that come to me I really dread. I gave you all the love in my heart, Now that I think a bout it it was me that tore it apart.
Is It Normal...
Is it normal for me to want my ex bfs to be miserable?
Friday afternoon. Went to classes til noon. Called about my glasses. Nope. No dice. Got my shit together. And left for Phoenix around 1330. Pulled in to Phoenix around 2100. (Topped my car out at 100mph a couple times! w00t!) Samantha and I went to dinner. And for their "Famous salsa" it sure was crap! Lmao. Guitar Hero 2 on Co-op for a bit, then we watched The Wall and went to bed. =P. Saturday. We decided to go out again. We went and saw the Bodyworks exhibit! W00000t! Have you ever questioned your mortality? Or made you question your own empathy? THis exhibit. Just. Wow. From there, some KFC, a show on Rameses II, and then to Roberts to chill and play Apples to Apples and eat Lasagne with Good beer. =D! From there, we went to a Coffee/Hookah place and relaxed for a while. Went back home. Watched Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels. Passed out. Sunday. Woke up. Went to Kyoto Bowl. Got some good food. And then I drove home. =/. Whew. Good weekend. =D! zOMG!!!
A Great Friend(a Poem I Wrote)
We started talking and it was without seeing each other looked liked. We talked for awhile and got to know each other by hobbies,likes,dislike and stuff. You have listened when i was sad, a smile on my face I always felt happy again. Just not sure how to say your Great Friend to have and to have in this world. I want you to know I will always be here for you forever and always. So i can help you they way you have helped me. Your the Greatest Friend in the World. written by: Doris Huddleston 9/26/03
Walk Away (remember Me)
Walk Away lyrics I'm gonna remember you You're gonna remember me I'm gonna remember you You're gonna remember me You gonna remember me boo I'm gonna remember you too I can't forget all the crazy shhh.. we used to do You was doing to much I wasn't doing enough That's what your friends are saying You got a man anyway I can't explain it neither I ain't never wanna leave ya Hell ya its hard to walk away when I see ya When I see ya I remember the day You put your shoes on and moved on Before I could say I saw you with your new girl just yesterday And I feel that I must confess Even though it kills me to have to say I'll admit that I was impressed Physically just short of perfection Gotta commend you on your selection Though I know I shouldn't be concerned In the back of my mind I can't help but question Does she rub your feet When you've had a long day Scratch your scalp When you take out y
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Poem V2
The little boy wakes up to catch the plane, for now he is off to train. The Sgt yells, the little boy obeys, for now the little boy trains, Months go by, the little boy has grown, into a man, His training is done, now time for fun as this soldier gets his gun. He ends up married he couldnt be more happy Until that call comes up, The soldier cries as he hugs his wife goodbye, for he is going to war. Months go by he continues to cry as the little boy comes forth. The funs is done the soldier is gone as the little boy cant take anymore. Twelve months later, the little boy leaves as he comes home from war. He gets praised and shunned for acts that he hasnt done, Could this be fair. He sees his wife and kisses her, for he is home from war. The little boy struggles And she understands, Her man has come home from war.
I Am Through!
I am done with letting you hurt me! i have given you plenty of chances to change. i have looked past everything that you did in the past, but what you just did this weekend is the last straw! I have taken too much abuse: physical, mental, verbal, emotional abuse. I am not going to sit here and let you do this to me! you sit there and tell those that youi work with not to mess with me because i am bipolar and could snap at any minute. well, guess what?! I DID SNAP!!! i massively snapped! I'm done. I'm going back to my old ways! ENJOY IT!!! BECAUSE I AM A TOTAL BITCH!!! THE SECOND YOU STEP OUT OF LINE I AM GONE!
A Guys Point Of View: Only U Guys Can Tell Me If Its True!
A Guys Point Of View: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. ____________________________________________________ Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning, we fucking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. ____________________________________________________ Yeah, you can quote me. Push us down on the couch and make a move once in a while. W
Marcia sat with her head resting on her hands, staring at the driving rain out of her large bedroom window. Wistfully, she though of lying on the cold metal flooring of the veranda outside the window, feeling the flesh of two gorgoeus females pressed against her as she felt the rain thrashing against her oh-so-sensitive body. This was one of her favourite fantasies. In fact, it was one of her many, more-and-more-frequent-of-late fantasies involving members of the same sex. Marcia was a wilful, headstrong girl, and she was not used to being denied what she wanted. What she wanted right now was to experience the touch and the taste of another female, but what she could have was exactly that. Marcia had to keep up the charade of her happy little rich daddy's girl life, even though it was killing her, and she felt the ever-deepening frustration growing within her day by day. Marcia knew without a shadow of a doubt that if the press got hold of any kind of scandal involving h
A Must Read
To all those on my friends list have a great week and please if you havent already add yourself to my guest book. Thank You all.Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
Iraq My Nephew And A Crazy Woman
Folder: INBOXSENT from: EMTPRINCESS date: 2007-02-07 17:42:46 subject: EMTPRINCESS sent you a Dictionary read receipt: No replied: No block user "Look up the word freedom and thank GOD there are men and women who will defend it for you. If you don't like our soldiers then get out of the country and live with the terrorists!!!!!!!" Click here to return the favor! Click here to see this gift on your profile. Reply | Delete MESSAGE 2 from: EMTPRINCESS date: 2007-03-05 12:03:55 subject: apologize read receipt: Yes replied: No block user I want to apologize to you. I am sorry for the comment. God watch over your nephew. === 'Scott and Jami the wreckers' spewed forth the following at '2007-03-02 15:37:43'.. > > I come from a military family, my dad is retired army and my 18 year old nephew is on his way to iraq so because i dont like soldiers sweetheart has nothing to do with the military i think she
Can You Feel My Flow?
Can You Feel My Flow? Can you feel my flow? Kissing you nice and slow Hands gliding up and down Touching you all around Against the wall or on the floor I’ll have you begging for more In the bedroom or in the shower Making love to you hour after hour By soft candle light Or under the full moon out of sight Holding your body close to mine Licking every inch and taking my time Right down to that special spot Having you beg me not to stop Tasting you like a fine bottle of wine Teasing your body making it mine Over and over will come together as one For early night to the morning sun With me I will show you the true meaning of the word fun Can you feel my flow? Rocking your body nice and slow Grinding all night long Song after song Beat after beat This summer we make our own heat Can you feel my flow? Poetry In Motion “Mario”
Driving (or Trying To) In Corrupticut
Your Driving Style Is: 77% Male, 23% Female According to studies, you generally drive like a typical male. [Oh my father always wanted a son] You're confident in your driving skills, and hardly any situation gets the better of you. [Yeah, just get the fuck outta the way] And while you may have a few tickets under your belt, you're still a very good driver. [Ha yeah, right] Do You Drive Like a Guy or a Girl? So this is my job, driving. About 200 miles a day. OK, so allow me to vent. Anyone who drives/has driven a lot can relate, i’m sure... Minivans are God’s curse on the earth. They are. And a minivan with a handicapped tag on the rearview just plain needs to be blown off the road. RPG. I swear, they have to be handicapped from a car crash, cuz they can’t drive for shit. And seem like they’re on a mission to make as many people as handicapped as they are. White tops (the lovely elderly people who can’t seem to make it up to the sp
The Awakening (part One) An Erotic Story
The Awakening (part one) An Erotic Story I remember the first time I saw her it was at this hot little fetish club down town. My god she was so beautiful. Standing about 5’4 and wearing this amazing red and black corset with black booths and collar with the word slave on it in red. She had long raven colored hair down to the middle of her back. And she was holding a silver chain in her hand And I knew right then and there that I wanted to hold her in my arms and make her submit to my will. I wanted to be her master even if it was only for one night. But just how was I going to go about doing this? What should my first move be? These were some of the questions running through my head. I mean I only really came to this club tonight as a joke with a few friends just to see what it was all about. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d find someone that would bring all these feelings out of me. So for about the first hour I just hung out with my friends and watch
The Awakening (part Three) An Erotic Story
The Awakening-- An Erotic Story (part three) As I lower my head I find myself asking, “What are you going to do to me?” She slaps me “That’s not what I asked, you was it?” she repeats, “Are you ready to be punished slave?” And, before I had time to think, she states, “The only word that should come out of your mouth right now should be 'yes'” “Yes,” I uttered sheepishly, but knowing full well I wasn’t ready. Here I am helpless, looking at this beautiful goddess as she’s walking over to me, ready to “punish me”; so petite, so tiny. And I am at her mercy, a mercy that I can only hope for. Although it was an amazing turn-on for me, at the same time, I was starting to become afraid, wondering what I have gotten myself into. Without any words said, she unlocks my hands from above my head and takes hold of my leash as she begins to force me to my knees. With leash in hand, she walks as I follow behind like her pet, crawling on my hands and knees. She leads me ove
The Healers
i lay here in white waiting for the time when i am surrounded by healers they will take me to the place of steel they promise to take away my pain they promise to heal my broken body but cant mend my broken heart slowly counting i will fall asleep and the healers will start they will cut out the growing invader and try not to make me less than what i am a woman, scared and unsure a unbearable pain will greet me when i awake telling me i am still alive if i wake to feel no more pain and see darkness surrounding me i will know he has come i wait for the pain and not the dark i have too much left to give too much to left to do so i will lay in waiting for the healers to mend my broken body but not my broken heart
Question 1
What is a hater? What is your interpretation of a hater?
Doin Alot Of Thinkin
Female & Male Versions Of Prayer
Female Prayer Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door, Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to "how big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend. Amen ******************************************************************************* Male Prayer I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a liquor store and a bass boat. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit. Amen
Voted Women's Favorite E-mail Of The Year
A man was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed home. He wanted her to see what he went through so he prayed: "Dear Lord: I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife merely stays at home. I want her to know what I go through, so please allow her body to switch with mine for a day. Amen. God, in his infinite wisdom, granted the man's wish. The next morning, sure enough, the man awoke as a woman. He arose, cooked breakfast for his mate, awakened the kids, set out their school clothes, fed them breakfast, packed their lunches, drove them to school, came home and picked up the dry cleaning, took it to the cleaners and stopped at the bank to make a deposit, went grocery shopping, then drove home to put away the groceries, paid the bills and balanced the check book. He cleaned the cat's litter box and bathed the dog. Then it was already 1 P.M. and he hurried to make the beds, do the laundry, vacuum, dust, and sweep and mop the k
whats up everyone how many ppl will read this? i have nothing to say but hey y not try this thing out.....blah................... we all need to get high sometime....
I had just posted this on a bulletin. But this is a better place I think. I don't want anyone offended, but I've removed all but 1 of my family members. I do not believe that I have ever talked to them but once. And that was when I had thanked them for the add. Friends are one thing. But I believe to be true to myself, I should add the people I talk with, here on CT, as family. Thank you for the understanding
My Work-no Sunshine
Say What?
Now... what the hell? To get your car registered, you have to have insurance, but in order to have insurance, you have to have your car registered... what's up with that?
why is it that when all my friends and family ask me to rate there pics i do but if i put up new pics only a few rate me wuzz up!!! does any body els get this or is it just me??? to the ones who do rate me thank you,and to the rest wtf???
Slut Quiz
SLUT QUIZ Congratulations your a OFF OF THE SCALE MEGA SLUT You have given more rides than a second hand bicycle When you hear the word "Slut" you think someone is addressing you! You have been banged more times than your screen door! Your Motto: "Your TURN!" Your Sign: "Please Take A Number!" * Don't forget to pratice SAFE SEX! Better stock up on condoms and lube! And at your rate I am sure you can get volume discounts!Take The Slut Quiz Now!"Slut Quiz - Female" is available here***starXtest v2.0***
Marco Borsato , Zij ...
Marco Borsato met Zij de blik in haar ogen verandert de kleur van mijn dag the way she looks changes the color of my day het is niet te geloven zo zwart als ze boos is its unbelievebel so black when she's angry tot blauwer dan blauw als ze lacht more bleu than bleu when she laughs de zon hangt voordurend verliefd om haar heen the sun hangs all the time with a crush around her en de maan laat haar nooit een seconde alleen the moon never leaves her one second allone een woord van haar lippen kan telkens weer wonderen doen a word from her lips can always do wonders het is niet te voorspellen soms klinkt ze als onweer it's unpredictable sometimes she sounds like thunder en soms als een zonnig seizoen sometimes as a sunny season maar hoe hard het ook vriest but how hard it might freez ze is zo weer ontdooid she's melted like that zolang ze bij mij is verveel ik me nooit as long as she's with me i wound get bored want zij zij is de zon en de maan voor mij
Yes This Is How I Feel
Everything dies. Someone buys you flowers. In a couple weeks they wither. The flowers die. You grow to love something and it dies. You buy a pet that you grow to love. One day something happens and you have it put to sleep. The pet dies. There are people in this world you love that die. You have known your grandmom your whole life. She gets sick. One day she goes to sleep and never wakes up. Your grandmom dies. It seems that everytime something speaciall comes into your life that once you realize just how much you love it or them this something speacial is riped out of your life. Everything dies.
You Bastard
Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, "You magnificent bastard?" Well, you were wrong.
Just Dreams
Sweet dream do you even know The words you write and what you sow How you affect my thoughts to be How you stir things deep within me Hope does fill me and so does fear Yet I seek you , your voice to hear For pains of the past built my wall And now you come and they fall You go where none have been let in And you stir my lusty thoughts of sin Passion that pulls me in your way My mind fills with you more every day Thoughts of the taste of our sweet kiss I wonder if your mind fills like this If you are drawn to me as I am to you This is something in me long over due Would you dream as I do of sharing life Would you share both the joys and the strife Face hand in hand all that will ever be Link your soul and mine through eternity It is clear we share much of the ways we see This world and of what we think it to be We share a passion for life and we feel You seem like a dream yet I know your real So I know this so deep and know it is true What will be will be ! Li
Love You
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Being Away ....
I am almost 3000 KM away from the woman I luv and I am crawling out of my skin to just be with her. There is so much that distance does for a relationship to make it that much stronger. I for one do not recomend it unless your sure of where you stand. But for me and my girl its like gasoline to a fire... It leaves us burning with desire! I sit out front of a Motel in Small town Perth ONTARIO. Stealing the wireless letting me proclaim to the world how much I feel for my girl. ~KUTIE~ you fill my days with happiness and I thank you for the luv we share. If it was not for you I do not know where my emotions would be at a time like this. You ground my thoughts to those of being with you and the good things to come. THANK YOU HUN!
Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants. I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with "Guess" on it So I said "Implants?" She hit me. How come we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America ? I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place! When I was young we used to go "skinny dipping," now I just "chunky dunk." Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference. Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over? AMEN, AMEN !! Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison? Wouldn't you know it.. Brain cells come and brain cells go, but FATcells live forever. Why do I have to swear on the Bible in court when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed o
Bram Stoker from Dracula I was afraid to raise my eyelids, but looked out and saw perfectly under the lashes. The fair girl went on her knees and bent over me, fairly gloating.There was a deliberate volutousness which was both thrilling and repulsive, and as she arched her neck she actually licked her lips like an animal, till I could see in the moonlight the moisture shining on the scarlet lips and on the red tongue as it lapped the white sharp teeth. lower and lower went her head as the lips went below the range of my mouth and chin and seemed about to fasten on my throat. Then she paused, and I could hear the churning sound of her tongue as it licked her teeth and lips, and could feel the the hot breath on my neck. Then the skin of my throat began to tingle as one's flesh does when the hand that is to tickle it approaches nearer-nearer.I could feel the soft, shivering touch of the lips on the supersensitive skin of my throat, and the hard dents of two sharp teeth, just touchin
It's Almost Over!!!
Today is his birthday, and it's almost over! Please go show him some love!!! firehawk@ CherryTAP
Hey The Contest From The Other Day....still Going On...i Am In Two Contests....
If I get 10000 comments my friend will buy me a cherry blast!!!!!! Please go to this link and comment over and over and over again....Help me win this blast!!!! > > > > Go to that link, copy and past, then comment, please!!!!! > > > you could just comment 1, 2, or somthing like that over and over jsut please please hlep me win....and get yoru friends to, if I win I will give you credit!!! ALSO, DON'T FORGET TO READ MY BLOG FOR THE OTHER CONTEST I AM IN.....LOVE YOUR VOTES.....
Reasonably New
Ok so im reasonably new to this site.. thanks to a few friends i know who got me into this i dont really know wat im doing just feelin my way if i dont reply straight away bare with me i am after all only an Aussie gal with a nice set of well i think yall get the drift.. anyways have fun
I Think I Broke Something...
Is it just me or does Cherryland exist in a ultra HOT, totally cool and hypersexual vortex? Everytime I'm here it's like flipping the switch...or pressing my button...tee hee! "I'm really not bad, I'm just drawn that way." ~Jessica Rabbit
A Prayer Request
If you've any faith at all .. even if you dont .. whatever your religon . whatever your beliefs .. If you could find it in your heart to plase say a Prayer .. or just keep my mother ( her name is Grace) in your thoughts tomorrow . she's going in for surgery tomorrow early afternoon .and im nto able to get back home to be there for her . she's by far one of my best friends in the world and I have to admit .. I'm worried . So please my friends . Past Present and Future . please keep her in your thoughts and prayers .. Thank you Xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxox
I Can Smell You
I can smell you burning, but you're so far away I can't make out the words on your face Have stregnth goddess, you were built to burn at the stake Just as I was built to be run through on this pike Both bombarded with rocks until the dwindle of light It's distressingly beautiful the way you scream without sound As your hair ignites, floats up as ash, and disapears before it hits the ground My ability to watch you is interrupted by a rock to my eyebrow There's nothing but blood in my vision as I look around I've already lost so much blood, it won't be long now These peasants think they end us here, but they only send us to another realm Where we can outertwine, gaining stregnth And return to haunt this fucking town
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now :)
well things have come to an end as most of you might have seems like I dont have any luck with men but I think I will try once more...I got a new name lol lost angel and I think I will keep it... LOL its kind of funny how I put a section in about domestic voilence when I was going through it myself...I saw some red flags and thought geez girl ur looking way too hard and not giving him a chance...but after some verbal threats (then saying he was joking)...u dont joke with someone who was abused about things like that... weather joking or not...we arent the same as someone who hasnt gone through the same thing as we have...I was talking to my therapist about things going on and he felt that I was seeing "the red flags" and I knew what I needed to I wouldnt let him talk...I talked about everything and when he tried to talk I said no wait let me finish...blab blab blab and finally I told him what I was planning on doing...he kind of snickered and asked me why I was
I am sitting here, just hanging out seeing what is happening. Looking for new people to meet. Let me know if you want to be friends. ROCK & ROLL
Bill Would Reinstate Unnecessary Gun Ban..gun Owners Unite!
On Feb. 14, U.S. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., introduced H.R. 1022, a bill with the stated purpose "to reauthorize the assault weapons ban, and for other purposes." What she means by "assault weapons ban" is the Clinton gun ban of 1994. Congress allowed the ban to expire in 2004 for multiple reasons, including the fact that federal, state and local law enforcement agency studies showed that guns affected by the ban had been used in only a small percentage of crime, before and after the ban was imposed. With the nation's murder rate 43 percent lower than in 1991, and the re-legalized guns still used in only a small percentage of crime, reauthorizing the Clinton gun ban would be objectionable enough. But McCarthy's "other purposes" would make matters even worse. H.R. 1022 would ban every gun banned by the Clinton ban, plus millions more guns, including: • Every gun made to comply with the Clinton ban. (The Clinton ban dictated the kinds of grips, stocks and attachments new gun
If U R Going Thou Hell By Rodney Atkins
Well you know those times When you feel like there's a sign there on your back Says I don't mind if ya kick me Seems like everybody has Things go from bad to worse You'd think they can't get worse than that And then they do You step off the straight and narrow And you don't know where you are Use the needle of your compass To sew up your broken heart Ask directions from a genie In a bottle of Jim Beam And she lies to you That's when you learn the truth If you're going through hell Keep on going, don't slow down If you're scared, don't show it You might get out Before the devil even knows you're there Well I been deep down in that darkness I been down to my last match Felt a hundred different demons Breathing fire down my back And I knew that if I stumbled I'd fall right into the trap that they were laying, yeah But the good news Is there's angels everywhere out on the street Holding out a hand to pull you back up on your feet The one's that you've b
Feeeling Lost
OKay.... Things have to get better from here.... I got my own place now with new and my 2 girls. Got a job that i have had 4 EVER or at least it feelsthat way. I can make it on my own and shit that is not the problem...I knowI can and am not scared of it I am actually happy to embrass it!! The problem is the X!! The father of my girls... He want the impossible!! Wants us back to gether HA HA The fucking lying cheating asshole bastard!!! I will never no matter what I will never take that sorry ass back! I hate him I loath him he makes my skin crawl...God to even just have him gets my rocks off is hard... The feelings are not there. The man has no soul, no heart nothing he is an empty shell that says he has feeling he doesn't the man doesn't even dream!!! WTF!!OOPPSS Sorry I just think about him and I go off!! The sorry ass doesn't get it... thats my problem I can talk I can yell I could even if I wanted to beat the shit out of him but he doesn't get it .. he is living in a fantasy w
Your Hand.....
If Your hand held the future Would You open it and see What was to become? Or let What was to be,be?
Freedom Of Expression
What is it, by defining representation, do we deem freedom of expression to be? By all accounts, expression of thoughts, or the exposing of our desires in such a way, as to bestow upon others an enlightened awareness for something that we cherish, is expression. Freedom is something that, (though it lacks dimensional form), it can physically touch upon you a feeling of being able to make decisions, to have the right to choose, if you feel so inclined. Combined, the freedom to express is the ability to choose by some method, (though it matters not what that method is), the conscious choice to create something that did not, in fact, exist until that moment. Too often, personal opinions of moral conscious stand in the way for freedom of expression to exist. When a person is persecuted in the sense of being ostracized or ridiculed because another person finds their creation to be offensive, the freedom to express is daunted. When books are banned from readers because somewhere, somebo
Marty Playing The Drums' Live To Rush - Force Ten! Neil Peart My #1 Idol!
MARTY PLAYING IT L...Hosted by eSnips
Pretty Sores
expand tickle my capillaries airborne infection that spreads like wild fire a rash breaks out in a very specific pattern flesh-eating disease eat my flesh baby cover me in jagged purple flowers blast this infliction it kills me and i need more it's in the air it's getting close i can feel it playing with my open sores the burn is so warm long for the day i can drink from the source but for now we whisper viral strains back and forth in this petri dish discourse mutating from isolated incident to full blown pandemic with no attempts to cure it only aggravate and inflame it push tongue at the abrasions with the desire to better taste it it tastes great don't ever change it
we sleep in different voices.. uh huh
Cooking The Chicken
what cooking my chickens the chicken is cooking yes it is
Marty Playing Rush - Force Ten Live On Drums'! This 1 Is Converted So No Download/sorry I Messed Up And Forgot To Convert Last Time! C/t Rocks'!
Now! With music!!!! :D
Yes It's The Naughty Horoscope
Yes it's the naughty horoscope. repost this bulletin with your horoscope ;)) Aries (March 21-April 19) LIVES for head massages. ANY part of their head: Lips, Eyelids, Eyes, Tongue, you name it! Aries also likes to fuck in public places during business hours. You need to be open minded with an Aries...If you don't feel like being duct taped to a wall and beaten with live ferrets: Tell Them. Be warned! IF you don't want to be kinky, don't be with an Aries. If you say 'No' too often to them you may lose them as a lover forever. Aries Idea of Heaven Is: Participating in live sex shows for money. Having their favorite human toy win first place in a pony boy/girl race. Fucking as an art form on display in a gallery. They secretly crave to be strippers or Annie Sprinkle. Aries LIVES to be jealous...they also like to coordinate other people fucking. Secretly desire to be fluffers. Aries owned a Violet Wand before it was popular. They are also Sadists. The best gift to give an Arie
get off the tracks teddy your gonna get yourself killed but i don't wanna get off the tracks
Im Back
for them that have missed me im back,i have to get my lapyop fixed love you all rose
Just Call Me Negative Nancy.
DATING ADVICE! Except not really. Well, maybe a little. Confused yet? Well, seems all my monogamy-loving friends want advice from me. I know, why would you ask some one who was on and off with the same guy for 3 years, only to find out he was sleeping with her best friend? Well, since we're still friends, I don't see the harm in me bashing all your relationships. Here it is.: Dating Advice, from Me! The not so censored, Miss Clementine ComAtose. -People who cannot maintain a relationship where they are apart from their signifigant other for a short period of time. *ALRIGHT, seriously. I understand attachment. It's a part of being a human. If you have blood running through your veins, you are probably attached to someone or something. BUT JESUS CHRIST! Stop relying on the other person to feel good about the relationship. Just because they want to spend 1 hour apart from you doesn't mean they hate you, or their sleeping with your best friend. If he/she comes home with a condom
I believe - that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe - that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while, and you must forgive them for that. I believe - that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. The same goes for true love. I believe - that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe - that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe - that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe - that you can keep going long after you can't. I believe - that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe - that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe - that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better b
~for My Darlins.~
When i first saw you open your eyes it was as if someone captured me through and through. You blinked once or twice and frowned trying to adjust...I truly fell in love. Taking you in my arms was the sweetest thing I could ever imagine...nothing was worth waiting for until I held you. I knew from that moment on nothing would even compare. This was new and foreign to me, but at that instant so completely natural and heartfelt~ Watching you sleep tonight lifts my soul a notch and I tuck those blankets a little closer to hug your small bodies.... If there's anything worth fighting for in this chaos it's most definately you. I've been told maybe one day I'll just grow old Because you've always been my number one, your hopeful eyes, I wake just to see your eyes peering in my face, both excited to see Im up too. :)- If everyone could feel the way I do then truly they'd say it was worth it too. Finding a new meaning to fight on my own, It's a step Im learning to walk... I
The Greatest Thing About The Justice System!
YOU GET ROYALLY SCREWED IN THE ASS WITH A BIG FAT FUCK YOU! lovely eh? thats about how i feel right now.. so yesterday i go downtown.. and my nerves are totally shot because i thought i might have to face the guy who hit us, that so faithful day back in may of 04... thankfully i didn't but that doesn't make me any less fucked up over the whole situation.. then i find out what they are offering me.. yeah... 35 thousand... after everyone gets their damn slice... i get like 10.. i told my mom i would pay her back for everything.. so basically... yeah... i get jack shit.. i don't understand how someone can burn their tongue on coffee from McD's and sue for half a mill... or someone can be discriminated against and get 400,000 from an airlines? when i first started this case.. i was told we are going to try for 250,000... it was more than i had ever dreamed of having.. but then, how do you put a value on someone who hurts you, and you will have to live with the hurt, and injury f
Justa Tuesday In The Mind Of Marty
Good Morning. How are you? I am good myself. I am in desperate need of springtime weather. Summer, I will not complain if that comes before spring either. Beggars can’t be choosers. I must admit if there was a place like a tanning salon, day spa you name it, that could house you in a room and make the obeisance as if you were at a beach, sunshine, warm breeze what have ya, I would pay kindly to have that one day in the sun. What is the saying? Every dog has its day… Well not saying I am a dog but, I think I have had my fill of winter for one year. You know. I bet a place that would give you certain feelings you were there and away from bitter cold would do well in today’s culture. Oh well someone will get rich if not already on that idea. Have you seen the new Aflac Commercial with super duck? Oh, it’s beyond funny. But perhaps it’s just cute and my sick and twisted mind finds it hilarious. You ever realize people when they talk about their child having a baby it’s not just a boy o
If She Only Knew
I'm sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your
Get Ridoff The Wrinkles.......easy Way
WRINKLES Some women see them as the bane of their existence, and they actually go through all means they could possibly afford just to get those wrinkles off their faces, the means ranging from expensive creams to Botox to plastic surgery and facelift. Our culture and society is so youth-oriented that wrinkles, especially on women, have become totally undesirable Why do we get wrinkles? Wrinkles are mostly associated with aging. As we age, the cells of our skin become thinner and lose elasticity because of the decreased levels of collagen production in our body. The skin cells also divide more slowly, thus delaying repair and renewal of the skin. Also, as we age, the fat cells just under the outer layer of our skin, which makes the skin look supple, get smaller and lose their ability to fill out whatever gaps created by the damage that occurs in t
Todays Reading
Your Daily Tarot Today's Card Image - copyright 1998 Lo Scarabeo S.r.l. The Justice card suggests that my alter ego is a portal to a Reality Check, whose access to where truth lies is guarded by the superpower of my Karmic Credit/Debit Card. The verdict or results are in and I will get the payoff or payback I deserve today through the natural laws and cycles of accountability, reward, truth and consequences. But the "return on my investment" will diminish or intensify until I finally notice or reap the message sown loud and clear. Whichever way it comes in, at least it happens for a reason and keeps my life in balance. So today when it comes full circle, whatever the result, I accept that I will use it as an opportunity to either try again, make amends or make it right. Let it come around in its own time, keep my hands off the Wheel while this ride is in motion, or impose my brand and risk paying the price.
Making Love!!
This is what I want: I want to feel your mouth on my mouth, and I want to feel your tongue against my tongue, and I want to feel your teeth with my tongue, and I want you to feel all the parts of my mouth with yours. I want to feel your fingers pinching and squeezing my nipples gently. And I want to feel your tongue twirling around my nipples. And I want to feel your mouth sucking on my nipples, too. I want to feel your hands on my ass. And I want to feel your hands squeezing the cheeks of my ass. I want to feel your fingers on my snatch, and I want you to feel how wet you make me get when you are near me. I want to feel your finger on my clit, twirling it around and rubbing my clit in circles. I want you to make me cum and cum and cum and cum and cum. I want you to go down on me like you never went down on any woman before. And I want to feel your tongue on my sweet snatch, and I want you to lick and suck my clit, like you never licked and sucked before. And I want you to
We'll see about this.... (Capricorn) Daily Overview March 06, 2007 It's time to clear the air. Once your feelings are out in the open, you can stop holding your breath and get on with the business of living your life. Your loved ones will be grateful you had the courage to speak.
Cellular Tricks.....they Work
Subject: Things i never knew Message: THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW YOUR CELL PHONE COULD DO :) There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it: FIRST Subject: Emergency The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. Try it out. SECOND Subject: Have you locked your keys in the car? Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their cell phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about
Like A Boy
Pull up your pants (Just Like Em') Take out the trash (Just Like Em') You can dig cash like em' Fast like em' Girl you outta act like ya dig (What I'm talkin' bout') Security codes on everything Vibrate so your phone don't ever ring (Joint Account) And another one he don't know about Wish we could switch up the roles And I could be that... Tell you I love you But when you call I never get back Would you ask them questions like me?... Like where you be at? Cause I'm out 4 in the morning On the corna roll'n Do'n my own thing Ohh What if I? Had a thing on the side? Made ya cry? Would the rules change up? Or would they still apply? If I played you like a toy? Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy Can't be get'n mad! What You Mad? Can't Handle that! Can't be get'n mad! What you mad? Can't handle that! Girl go head and be... (Just Like Em') Go run the streets (Just Like Em') come home late say sleep like em'
Im Getting Old
god another birthday lol im getting old
Tried This Out And Look At Who I Look Like
Ebay Hates Me!
I just had 3 auctions ended by ebay because they can not tell the differance between extinct fossils and modern animals. This is the tenth time tehey have done this to me. it realy fuck with my income. eBay Listing Removed: Animals, Plants, and Wildlife (=PS &12363 JM94429554 I listed a auction that included 3 types of elephant, rhino, whale,lots of differant shark, deer, dugong, ray, 2 types of horse, glyptodont, giant armadillo, dolphin, turtle, shells, rodent, mosasaur, 2 types of sawfish, garfish, gator, & crocodile fossils. It's a whole freakin premade collection that I spent a while puting together for a nice ebay auction, took over a hundred photos of to give it the best views. and the just cancled it as people started biding. So fuck em! I'll just put it in my bulletins and see if anyone is interested.
Heaters,tons Of Blanket, Fireplace And More
omfg the wind here is horrible.its -1 here as well. last night it was snowing,which quicky felt a white blanket on the ground.the news this mornin said try not go out side at all. and that ya can get frost bite very quickly today.ihave the heaters tons of blankets, which helps a little. my fingers cold and london county which i live in . got slammed the hardest.go figure. try and have a good day.
Heheh I Love Banana's! Nsfw Content, Be Warned!
I was just having a snack, yeah thats it a snack! lol A little tribute to DaBoss! haha this will be you very soon! haha
Tuck And Bug--- Short Story
“Tuck and Bug” Tuck sat down on his thinking rock to reflect on his day with his little brother Bug (Tuck called him that because he was always bugging you with his questions). The day was a pretty darn beautiful one considering he had to help his brother Bug, with just about everything. When they got up this morning Bug, started asked the same old tired questions again. The same ones Tuck had answered a bazillion times already. Before they left for school, he’d helped him get his shirt on right instead of backwards. Then, right as the bus came to pick them up for school, he had to punch Woody Benson in the nose for picking on Bug. After they got to school, Tuck had to remind Bug which class he was supposed to be in, because he forgot again today. Then as if that weren’t enough, he had to help Bug get his chores done when they got home from school. Boy, sometimes being an older brother was the pits. From time to time Tuck thought he’d r
Lady Victoria Is In A Contest!!!
Shes in the best friend contest and really really deserves it!!
I don’t think I’m a typical girl. I thought about that last night after an incident brought to mind another from years ago and a conversation at work a few weeks ago. At work we had been discussing having had houses or cars broken into. When I was in high school our house was broken into and we were upset. When I first moved here…actually about a year after my car was broken into. Now Nickey said when her car was broken into she felt violated. Me, I raged in the parking lot for about thirty minutes swearing and ready to kill the people who had done it. So last night I get home and as I walked in the door I thought I heard water running in the laundry room. I wondered if perhaps the sink was leaking or maybe the toilet was running. I dropped my bag from work and headed into the laundry room. Upon opening the door and stepping in I found my self in a lake with a waterfall. My water heater was gushing, and I do mean gushing, water from the front and the top. Th
Top 6 Smartass Answers
Top 6 Smartass Answers SMARTASS ANSWER #6 It was mealtime during a flight on Hooters Airline. "Would you like dinner?" the flight attendant asked John, seated in front. "What are my choices?" John asked. "Yes or no," she replied. SMARTASS ANSWER #5 A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat, she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub." SMARTASS ANSWER #4 A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" The stock boy replied, "No ma'am, they're dead." SMARTASS ANSWER #3 The cop got out of his car and the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. "I've been waiting for you all day," the cop said. The kid replied, "Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could." When the c
My Little Girl
hey all, well on friday we brought lilianna to the ER cuz she was running a high fever and had a really bad cough, come to find out she has RSV its basically an upper respitory infection for those of you that dont know what it is. lol. and so yesterday she still had her fever even tho she had been on antibotics (so it should have gone away) since friday, so we had to take her back in. Well now she has pnemonia, a small case of it :( so now not only is she on amoxicilian and prelone, she is on zythromax, and an inhaler too. we have to keep a close eye on her in hopes she doesnt get worse. If she does we need to bring her back to the ER and have her admitted to the hospital. anyways just needed to get this off my chest. i am a worried cuz pnemonia can be some bad stuff! just 2 months ago my son had it and was admitted, luckily just over night. but in babies its worse. so if ya all could pray for us that would be wonderful! thanks for listening you guys are awesome! Jessi~
The title says it all. I still have another 6 hours at work and only 6 items in my inbox, where i'm used to seeing at least 20-40 at a time. Ok I lied, 5 and soon to be down to 4 because I dealt with another issue. I wonder if they would notice if I went for a nap? Out of my boredom I deleted 150 people this morning and plan on deleting more. I don't need a huge list of people that I never even say hi to...what's the point ya know? Anyways I suppose I should try find something to do...
Dam I Want Some Of That Beer
Bored Dude Funny Video
Having A Great Time!!!
i am having the greatedt time since i have been here on C.T. i have met some really great guys and gals!!!!you guys are really the sweetest around!!!thanks,cherries!!!!!!thank you T.J.!!!you rock for turning me on!!!
Drowning Yet?
I'm trying to keep my grasp on reality right now, but what exactly is my reality? I seem to have lost all control of everything. I don't know if I'm happy or sad, excited or mad, or have I just become a mess of emotions that are dont mean a thing to anyone but myself? I dont write anymore, I dont sing. My outlets have been blocked and I'm drowning. And no one is here to listen to my pathetic shit. I'm being pulled in all different directions, and with things coming to an end in a short while, I havent done a damn thing. I want my independence more than anything, I want my own ideas and thoughts, I want to be the person I want to be, and I'm not. I'm smothered. I concern myself with everyone else's problem, and giving love to everyone else, while receiving none of it. A close friend told me that it wasnt always lonely to be alone, and maybe hes right. Maybe love is worthless. It only brings pain. I'm tired of being destroyed, and rebuilding just to be destroyed again. I'm going to stop.
The year's "Best Comeback" line If you ever testify in court, you might wish you could have been as sharp as this policeman. He was being cross-examined by a defense attorney during a felony trial. & nbsp;The lawyer was trying to undermine the policeman's credibility.... Q: "Officer -- did you see my client fleeing the scene?" A: "No sir. But I subsequently observed a person matching the description of the offender, running several blocks away." Q: "Officer -- who provided this description?" A: "The officer who responded to the scene." Q: "A fellow officer provided the description of this so-called offender. Do you trust your fellow officers?" A: "Yes, sir. With my life." Q: "With your life? Let me ask you this then officer. Do you have a room where you change your clothes in preparation for your daily duties?" A: "Yes sir, we do!" Q: "And do you have a locker in the room?" A: "Yes sir, I do." Q: "And do you have a lock on your
Can't Go On Like This Anymore..
I once thought I knew what love was because I was young and foolish. I've stayed with him because of my kids. They look up to me and I love them so much but it's killing me to stay in this relationship. He makes me feel like a prisoner and a child. He won't let me make any decisions on my own. And now there is someone else in my life. I love him and very much want to be with him. I feel like I never have before, but how do I tell my husband? I've never been more scared but I've never been more sure of anything either. Is anything in life ever easy? I've been known to be suicidal and I'm afraid to go down that road again but I know I will if I stay here. I just can't go on like this anymore..
A filthy rich South Texas man decided that he wanted to throw a party and invited all of his buddies and neighbors. He also invited Leroy, the only redneck in the neighborhood. He held the party around the pool in the backyard of his mansion. Leroy was having a good time drinking, dancing, eating shrimp, oysters and BBQ and flirting with all the women. At the height of the party, the host said, "I have a 10 ft man-eating gator in my pool and I'll give a million dollars to anyone who has the nerve to jump in." The words were barely out of his mouth when there was a loud splash and everyone turned around and saw Leroy in the pool! Leroy was fighting the gator and kicking its ass! Leroy was jabbing the gator in the eyes with his thumbs, throwing punches, head butts and choke holds, biting the gator on the tail and flipping the gator through the air like some kind of Judo Instructor. The water was churning and splashing everywhere. Both Leroy and the gator were
Night 2... Continued
Ok, so I was watching tv for a long while and I saw The Ringer, Mallrats, and Lorenzo's Oil. Can any of you guess which movie(s) got to me?? ALL OF THEM!!! So any way, as some of you might have guessed, I wrote a few blogs last night as well as watching tv... I also walked around the park for a good 2 hours as well. Maybe I'll be more constructive with my time tonight. I think I'll organize the garage... Yes, I'm going to organize the garage in the am of my birthday. Fun huh? Depending on what happens tomorrow, I might try to call it an early day. I'm not writing any of this so anyone will feel sorry for me, that's the last thing I need right now dammit! Any way, another day at work, hope all of you who read this (and those that don't) have a great day.
March 06, 2007: Headphone Syndrome
When someone is wearing headphones and speaks very loud because s/he tries to speak over the music. Mike: Hey man how's it going? Joe:I'M FINE, WHAT'S UP WITH YOU!!!!!? Mike: Whoh man, watch it you're suffering from a little bit of headphone syndrome
Men Are Happier **for The Guys**
Men are Happier Men are just simply happier people, and here is why... Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car Mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You dont have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100. People never stare at your chest when you are talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes dont cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conservations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A 5 day vacation re
Ct And Nsfw
You know what i don't understand? NSFW. First of all we are all adults and have the freedom to make choices. To post or not to post something. To view or not to view something. We are all adults there shouldn't be anything we haven't seen as far as sex goes. But it's NSFW? Why not rate it as adult? Wait don't we all have to be 18 years old to gone in the first place? And if stuff on Cherry Tap is NSFW why are you on Cherry Tap at work in the first place? Are you being paid to work and not to check out Cherry Tap? You should be on Cherry Tap at work at your on risk not make it my job to make sure you don't get in trouble. If you want to stay out of trouble at work then maybe you should be working and not rating someone's pics. Just a few thoughts -David
Finger Fuckin Deliscious
omg... well i just finished doing a "show". that means someone actually put money in my paypal account and i then did everything he told me to for the next 20 minutes.. on my web cam of course. sometimes even 20 minutes can feel like a lifetime, but today i actually wished there was more time, since i was really in the groove of things. my orgasm was incredible and sweet... mmmmmmm
Someone asked me this morning why I'm so loving to my friends and family. They asked me if I thought that my friends would be there for me like I am for them. My Reply, they already are, their my friends. I don't have to see someone every day to love them, I don't have to talk to someone every night to know they care. I don't have to buy things for them or send cards all the time for them to know I care. My true friends know, in the thick of the fight, I'm beside them, not behind them, in times when they have a heavy heart, mine is right there with them, no matter how far they are away from me. When things are good and we're busy, I know they're there, with my in heart and spirit to share my joy and happiness. I tend to be the person who can read an other and be there to let them know I care. I on the other hand disappear off the face of the earth when things get to be too much. I go take photo's, write, read, but I need to be on my own to work it out. My friends know this ( they hate
Fell In The Mud
Well walking to the store before. I take this small hill to get to the store. Well i slipped on some mud and fell back. Well i got mud all over my hands, Jackie, pants and shirt. I couldnt walk back cause it would took me a bit and the store was right there. I thought maybe there was wash room in there but nope there was and i had to walk through the store really quickly while people were snickering at me. I got hope took everything and washed it. I had some small pain on my side and there was a small piece of glass in my side that i could see. Just having a really bad day.
I'm Off Hard Liquor
I've been having a hard way to go lately and until I figure everything out, its only a glass of red wine for me..I'm not going to say a glass a day, lol...but red wine isnt bad for you as long as you dont abuse I guess maybe whenever i feel like having a glass..I will..but the hard liquor goes bye bye for now
Rip Dave
All of your bitterness, gathered like wet wood in a dark and foreboding forest, falls across me with the desired effects. Sweeping in eddies and undertows, it blows over my downcast self as an angry storm over low lying ground. I'm not permitted to speak, not permitted to disagree, but as you rant and froth with the fevered pitch of a rabid dog, my 'other' self moves on, away and onward. Spittle wets my face and I make no move to wipe your hate away, suddenly elsewhere in my mind's eye, standing silently in the bedroom that we share, watching as you sleep. I see you. You're peaceful here, right now, asleep and spent of all traces of anger and annoyance of everything I say and do and think. I see you. You're a child. Tantrums and spitting fits, perfected over a lifetime of immature musings, dwell deep within you, buried from sight but always ready to erupt to devastate the landscape. The heat of your infantile madness sometimes boils from you like bubb
Plz Rate =^hellcats^= Blog She Do So Much For Her Friends Her Blog Deserves To Be In The #10 Top Blogs !! Xoxo
Shoutout Box
I dont know if it isn't working or what but I can't see anything in my Shoutout box. Even if it is me typing to someone. Is it broken or is something else happening?
The Dark Side
The Dark Side is so quick and easy And it moves so seductively Once released it becomes an addiction You start to feel the pinch of the force It wraps it's tendrils around your throat Then you begin to wheeze,cough and choke And you fall dead at the Dark Lords feet. The Dark Side is the way of vengeance Of cold venom anger which never relents Once you start down the path of darkness Your destiny it will always dominate It causes you to create lies and treachery Becomes irresistible to even a Jedi Master. Once you feel the pull of it's power you are never ever the same again But thats what happens when you get sucked in It creates fear,anger,aggression and hate Makes your own father cut off your other hand Only to learn the painful truth The Dark Side is very hard to see It pops up when you least expect it It makes you think you can stop death If you believe that you're a lost,naive,fool Death is a part of the cycle of life Creates a lust for absolute po
Satan, The Prince Of All Darkness
They say Lucifer is right here on Earth, And I can see that is true, He likes to cause death and destruction, And he thrives on hate and frustration. I believe that he is right here on Earth, The place where God banished him, And I know the reason why, he thought the evil in him would die. Lucifer has no particular sign, And he is no friend of yours or mine, And then one day he will be destroyed, For all of Gods angels will be deployed And that will be the end of lucifer's reign, And the end of all our suffering and pain. His biggest lie is telling mankind, That he never existed,if that is true, Then why do we do things that are twisted? And why do we make our friends sad and blue? Michael Juneau
What This Blog Thing Is All About.
Me. My songs, my lyrics, my poetry. You can check out the sound at You can buy the music here. The sound quality's not the best, because I'm doing it all on my own, but I'm trying to raise money to get into a studio. That's all, folks.
When Someone Annoys...this Is What Sam Does...
This is a good one, but you would probably get arrested when you stop. If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you on a plane,train or bus: 1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case. 2. Remove your laptop. 3. Turn it on. 4. Make sure the person who won't leave you alone can see the screen. 6. Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky. 7. Then hit this link:
My Tainted Soul In Words (cause Of U)
Justin Timberlake ... All I have is a massive hole in my soul where u once stood The one love of my life is adding darkness and anger to the void Where u were. Where part of u will always be In me Like I was in u In a way I supose my life force courses threw u Use the power u have to look out for yourself Cause Im gone and will never be the same again or probably near u... To many lies To many mind games To much control To much to much eveything but equal and love back Funny shit I see That people might actually belive u after all my old hacked spaces words Im done with dictators and control If I wanted a dictator Id vote. Soon we will all be free. Im fighting with my soul to keep my anger and hate out of reality. Im losing I thought u were my everything but now I see the things that I continue to lose My soul/My mind/My patience/My ability to love So many things..Im broken Im sure if we ended for good on ok terms and u left like I a
The Letter
Did u ever just have one of those days, that everything seems to go soooooooo wrong?? today was 1, c i got this letter in the mail.......not a good one, no return address, no name, dont no who it could b. It was wrote in black ink, cut around the way whoever wrote it must really hate me, they put me down, made me feel like im nothing..........mayb i am nothing.......mayb i have no reason 4 being. all i no is if who ever it was wanted to make me feel like ending it all.........they sure did come close..................................
I'm Official!!!!
I am an official Suicide Girl now. I don't have a lot of picture up, but they thought I was good enough!! Wish me luck!!
Just A Crazy Idea From Me
if u dont like someones mumms or blogs or stashes they put up on here..just a lil brain storm why not just go to people that create some u like instead of complaining or getting all butt hurt at the ones u dont like..nowwww thats just a lil crazy i know but far be it from me to be all sane on im an adult and its called freedom of choice and enough said on that everyone have a temptingggggggg tuesday cause hell i am wahoooooooooooooooooo
Last Flight
Last Flight February 17, 2007, 0350 curbside at 24th and M, Washington DC. 16 Degrees with a light breeze. Going home after my second week of freezing temps to my home in SoCal. Fly my aircraft, ride a horse, climb a mountain and get back to living. I'm tired of the cold. 0425 paying the taxi fare at Dulles in front of the United Airlines counter, still cold. 0450 engaging the self-serve ticker machine and it delivers my ticket, baggage tag and boarding pass. Hmmm, that Marine is all dressed up early. Oh, maybe,,,Hmm, Good Morning Captain, you're looking sharp. Pass Security and to my gate for a quick decaf coffee and 5 hours sleep. A quick check of the flight status monitor and UA Flt 211 is on time, I'm up front, how bad can it be? Hmmm, that same Marine, he must be heading to Pendleton to see his lady at LAX for the long weekend all dressed up like that. Or maybe not? Attention in the boarding area, we will begin boarding in 10 minutes, we have some addi
Let's Get Some Shit Straight (you May Wanna Skim This & See If Anything Applys To You)
Ok I wanted to address a few things here since they seem to keep coming up & I hate (HATE!!!!) repeating myself.... 1) The "Are U Single?" question: I generally look at this question (& roll my eyes) like its on some piece of government that case Yes I am single. I have never been married, nor am I currently married, and I do not think I will be married in the forseeable future. But then again this question may be asked about my "real life" (which for the rest of this post will br mentioned as "RL") status. The answer is the same but I will get to the difference in just a moment. As I understand it once you become "CT married" u change your name to reflect check out the name folks! The question also comes up about why I'm not married (in RL) & to answer honestly I think marriage is silly in this day & age. Basicly you are telling the other person that if a fight ever gets to heavy to handle you can have a judge require me (or the other person) to gi
The Hashbrown Incident
Ok, first of all, I can not take credit for writing this series. A girl I work with has composed these from her experiences over the last few months. They just make me laugh my A$$ off so I had to share. 1/27/2007 Got screwed by Mickey D’s again they are up to their old tricks. Had a horrible day yesterday. I broke my tooth on a Sausage McMuffin by biting down on one of those mystery microscopic bones in the sausage. It’s going to cost me $800.00 to get a crown put on. They screwed me out of 1 hasbrown to top that off. Today I got the nerve up to order 4 hasbrowns because I was starving due to the broken tooth problem and not eating yesterday. Figuring that would be a safe meal. Anyways I pull up and they said it will be a 5 minute wait on your hasbrowns, please pull around and we will bring them out. It was already 7:57 and I have to be at work by 8:00 I said I will just take something else I am not pulling over, they said well you will have to go get back in the mile lon
If only my tears could speak, They'd speak, how my broken heart Is unable to mend They'd speak, about all my fears Weaknesses, and doubts They'd speak, how my heart and soul Have deeply hurt for the few depressing days They'd speak, of all the memories Which haunt me everyday in my dreams If only my tears could speak, They'd tell you, the pain inside my heart And don't know when it heals They'd tell you, about my wishes For once, i could see you and hug you for a litlle while They'd tell you, how my head Is confusing for a lot of things They'd tell you, all my thought of self And my wishes, my life would end... Everyone around me And everything inside All of it is dying, And it's something I can't hide. Anger is stirring, Sadness, pain and fear; Things are flying at me, Is there nothing I hold dear? My friends and my family, I know they're trying to help, But I know I can't do it If I can't help myself. For some reason, though, Some
I Have A Headache...
yeah i got a headache its irritating me an i dont have tylinol.... its hot so im sweaty my palms are on fire literally well not really but my hands are REALLY hot an sweaty -____- i hate my palms bein sweaty.... an its hot lol um yeah im jus complainin cuz i cant take a cold shower so blah damn this construction....
Sleep Of Darkness (happy F*n B-day To Me!)
I'm still on my Adkins diet.. matter of fact I am not eating much of anything lately. I won't ever give up on life. Never fear... the will to fight... to live... is engrained into me since I left home at 12. But today... I lost a lil more faith in people. 2 day is a day 2 vent, and say F*k it all!! (hugs) Even a mountain can crumble... and lose a few pieces at times, U know? Peace@all. (hugs) Now here... after years of slacking off... is my new METAL song. Out of sorrow.. creativity, spreads it's wings, and takes flight... ~~~ Johnny Edman ~~~ 03/05/2007-4:45 p.m EST Sleep of Darkness (Verse 1) Shattered dreams, my heart it breaks. I gave you more, than I tried to take. My soul is dark, my heart grows still. Nothing matters, nothings real. I hear your voice, I see your face. You left a mark, that I can't erase. Cause now your gone, I'm all alone. I'm talking to myself at dawn! (chorus) Did you ever care for me? Was it a game!!! Do you hear my echo'd pain? I call yo
Cover (refined)
Am I Crazy?
So I was having a conversation with my friend's wife who is a psychology major. She said that I may be bipolar. Now at first I was like hmm... na, I don't feel crazy. Then when I read up on it a little more I began to consider it as a real possibility, though not as advanced as the word could get. See, I have always had a form of split personality. One that was usually present in my every day situations and one that would arise in extraordinary situations. Its not really a split just different sets of values, possiblities and priorities. For a little background information of my life. I was born in Mountain Home, Idaho. Was adopted the day after I was born, taken to Anaheim, CA and due to some unfortunate but avoidable situations of my life, still live there. My adoptive parents are one hell of a couple... both are alcoholics, my mom suffers from depression as well as some other forms of psychological problems, and my dad is a workaholic diabetic who doesn't really care bout much.
We once held each other tight Now viewed in a different light We once shared everything Now we became nothing We once said I love you Now only I say it to you We once dreamed our souls forever together Now I dream alone of being together
To The People Who Know And Love Me..
I love ya'll. I have some of the most amazing friends. Always there to cheer me up or make me laugh. I have never claimed to be perfect, or even close. I have many faults..some know this better than others and love me anyway. I do not expect perfection in any form, or anything resembling perfection, but I do expect the friends I have not to lie to me. When you tell me to shut up..guess what, you'll be lucky if you hear from me again. When you lie your ass off and I know it you better believe I'll call you on it and if that messes up your plans..well too bad you shouldnt have lied! When you are a stupid naive woman that will believe anything a man says, simply because he looks good..don't come cryin to me when you learn your lesson after I warned you the first time! Duh! Am I a bitch? Today I guess I am. I have my moments. to everyone else fuck off! **Thought for the day** Don't blow sunshine up someones ass if you're only going to rain on their parade
My Guest Book
Video I Did For My Friend
I gathered pics and thought of a song... hope you all like.. let me know what u think
Passport Hell.....grrrrr
I just spent the most frustrating day in Surrey at the passport about a ton of noncense!!! My son is hoping to go to Mexico on Spring break with his girlfriend and family....So we sent off an application in January at the time a normal application took 20 days and one was to double this so we had over two months thinking we would be sign of passport and after a week of talking to computerized voices telling us the they are too busy to accept our call we finaly get through (after calling at 5am our time!!) to Montreal. Get another birth cert and a new set of passport pix and head to Surrey and the application will be faxed Haah!! Lucky I had an extra birth cert and able to rush down to have new pix taken... Get to Surrey (My God Surrey...I've never come across so many huge pot holes in the road)Stand in blustery cold wind (thank God no rain) for three hours and another hour in the office only to be told that we need to re get the form signed an
Im Sad
my step-grandpa died on saturday night so we all went to the funeral, me, serena, jeff my bro, dan my other bro, my stepdad, and my mom went. i cryed....from a sad speech my uncle made. my step-grandpa got real sick that made him throw up whenever he ate or drank. he was in the nursing home for a week..and died on saturday...., im realy sad and depressed so i might be in the mood to do stuff.....
This may be the only blog ever posted in this title, but I feel I need to mention all of our service men and women and thank them all from the bottom of my heart. They sacrifice their lives every day, every where around the world. And all I ever hear from the people on the street is, "Why are we there?".."Bush bring are troops home now?", "We don't belong there, its not our fight?"...Well I'm here to tell ya folks it is our fight, they attacked us. The people of Iraq want our troops there. They treat our troops well, give them food when in a town or province, kids hugging our troops saying thank you for what you have done for us. The media only wants to show the world the fighting and the death tolls. I think they should show the good we are doing over there too. I'm a journalist by trade (well while i was mortal) and feel that the journalists covering the War in Iraq SHOULD show all sides of the war not just what THEY think the American public wants to see.
Zebra ~ Who's Behind The Door Lyrics
Zebra ~ Who's Behind The Door Lyrics We sailed away We walked 2 thousand miles and then we slipped away We looked so hard But couldn't seem to find just what the world was for Now we know Just what the journey's for Looking out to the stars Think about what you are What do they think of you Animals in their zoo They haven't got the time Landing's not on their minds How do they have the nerve We're animals in preserve They watch us all They're only making sure that we don't trip and fall They look so hard But they can't tell us why they're here and just what for Because they don't know Who opened up the door How can we find out more Who owns the keyless door Where does the circle end Who are the unwatched men Where do we go from here Faith is a fading fear Life is a waiting room I hope they don't call me soon How much more do you really think you know than a flower does about who's behind the door!
My Blog From Yahoo 360
Well here it is...the much anticipated 360 edition of my public persona. It's a bit different than Myspace or Cherrytap, but I'll get used to it I suppose. So what are some of my opinions? Well sometimes they're controversial other times they'll just piss you off. But know what? I don't give a fuck cause they're mine and they're usually right. So if my opinions pisses anyone off. I'm sorry you're offended, but I won't apologize for what I think or believe. Soooo, what do I think? I think the better days of the U.S. have come and gone. I believe in the virgin birth and the resurrection. I believe marijuana should be legalized and that should fund social security. There were wmd's I don't care what you believe. IMF, CIA, and KGB weren't all wrong. Democrats are the biggest fucking hypocrites in the country. We'll butcher babies but we won't believe in the death penalty. God bless the people who bombed them. I don't believe in the death penalty. All life is sacred.
:( Kids Really Do Grow Up Too Fast
My lil angel turned 8months old today..He has 2 lil teeth eating stage 2 baby food & crawling ...Geez it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home & here we are now he 8months old...In four months my baby will be 1yr old.....Oh well i guess i will enjoy it while i can : )
I'm So Bored!!!
I loved it in California. Then I come back to Misery and I am so fucking bored. I'm probably driving my boyfriend crazy. I can't sit still and I'm eating everything in site. Not sure if I could handle seeing the ocean everyday anyway. There was just so much to do out there and nothing here. Why did I come back?!?
My Work
So.. my life's complexities seem to grow.. I haven't done too much work today.. I worked a little on a few podcasts.. I'm about to go out for a walk.. it's looking like the meeting I was expecting for tomorrow might be delayed till the weekend.. if that's the case then there's this other developer's meeting tomorrow, which I should think about going to.. the only thing is I'm also feeling like I've gone to more then enough meet ups lately.. of various sorts.. and I'm ready to just stay home for a little while, you know? Other events are pressing my need to develop are more aggressive plan for how I deal with this here market place.. Up till now I've been planning to learn a few things, and build a few more promotional materials.. before I try and go.. well postal or whatever.. in my quest for ladder climbing.. but perhaps not.. And besides all this.. there are other things to concern myself with... hopefully my walk will give me a good opertunity to think about stuff.
Few Days And I'm Done
i hope that all that care look and see that now i'll be out of the navy within the next few days i can't wait till i get the fuck out so i can go home to the lovly wife and be in her arms once again i love her and i have forsaken all advice to be with her i believe as some put it the juice is WORTH the sqeeze she makes me happy and i will love her till the day i die
Leave A Message
Hello to everyone here on CherryTap I am going to be gone for a few days but i will be back as soon as i get another phone line here i am currently using a friend's phone line and he is moving tomorrow so i will be offline until i get a phone line i will hurry and get back as soon as i can. Danielle as babygirl
Wow Hurt My Feelings Why Dont You
ok im really tired of being nice i guess i need to go back to being the blunt bitch i usually tired of fucking heifers like this .. 'heather_cooley' this is what she told me "you looked like a man....i acutally thought you were a tranny at first".. so i told her "how the hell do i look like a man" i should have told her "wow at first i could of sworn your face looks like my dogs ass" thats why i was born and girl and have a fucking vagina and boobies you fucking cunt. goshdont except to send me a comment like that and me not be a bitch.
I wake up from time to time in a cold dark sweat from nightmares that i can't remember.the only motivation that i have is to look for an answer to a question that i do not have . Now i sit in my room looking around to see what life has given me so far; On my wall there are pictures of people that i used to know... they used to be my friends...most of them either moved away died or went to jail, never to be hurd from again . but thats the price you pay when you play the game... ON my dresser there are over due library books of emily dickenson,kuma sutra,and the encylopida of seiral killers . I love to read when i do im in a diffront world I almost lust for it some days. I can feel the stories the love, the hate, and the lust. I can feel the excitement of when the killers seek there pray the hoorer of when they make there kill.I taste the last blood of the victom was stabed , shot, or strangled. I can feel the knife penatrate there skin and worst or all i can remember there fear it hount
Guess The Body Part Game - Win A Rolex!
Guess which body part of mine these are! -None of them are in the bikini area/no NSFW content. -Most correct guesses gets a Rolex! -Second place guesser gets a Ring of choice! -Next four best guessers each get a Platinum Cherry! -Everyone who puts in a guess for each picture gets a Dozen Roses. -Contest will last one week. -If any pictures have no correct guesses after three days, a hint will be given for each. And you can take another guess. -Repost my bulletin! :) Thanks and have fun!
To Micheal
Old Timer Sex
The husband leans over and asks his wife "Do you remember the first time we had sex together, over 50 years ago we went behind this very tavern where you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you?" "Yes", she says, "I remember it well" Okay he says "How about taking a stroll around there again, we can do it for old times sake." "Oh charlie, you old devil, that sounds like a crazy, but good idea" There was a police officer sitting in the next booth listening to all this and having a chuckle to himself he thinks, "I've got to see these two old timers having sex against a fence." "I'll just keep an eye on them so theres no trouble." so he follows them They walk haltingly along, leaning on each other for support, aided by walking sticks. Finally they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence. The old lady lifts her skirt and the old man drops his trousers. As she leans against the fence, the old man moves in. Suddenly they errup
Conversation Between Me And My Writer Friend.
Katezilla says: So basically Katezilla says: What you're saying is Katezilla says: You're ignoring me to play shadowrun? Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: "...most authorities accepted at Goblinization wasn't a conta-AH! What the fuck!?" Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: No, I was reading while I ate. Katezilla says: You can't read MY text? Katezilla says: MY text isn't good enough for you? Katezilla says: Well screw you! Katezilla says: No love for you! Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: Tell me a story about a dystopic cyberpunk future ruled by corporations. Katezilla says: Once upon a time Katezilla says: There was a guy name Carle Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: Carled? Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: Carlez? Katezilla says: NO Katezilla says: SHUT UP Katezilla says: So Carle Katezilla says: Lived in a dystopic cyberpunk future ruled by corporations Katezilla says: And one of these corporations Katezilla says: Was owned by Robot Chicken Synthetic Humanoid v4.
Kinda Sux When U Think About It
I stopped living life And started waiting for it But before I knew it It was over
She folds her arms up nicely Lays them down Upon the table Wipes her mouth off as she Tries to find another word for love She hangs her skin up by the Window looks to see that all the Doors are open The She sits alone and Wonders where you've gone I counted your lingering I counted time between thunder And lightning I counted into silence, counted chickens, Counted sheep, counted 1,2,3,4,5,6,7... Upstairs she hears the space Between the words you never said She licks the tiny stone she gave herself And swallows all her worry Won't you leave me forever, won't you leave For good?
I Rule Ok
Dads rules! lol grrrr! Rule One: If you pull into my drive and beep you'd better be delivering a package, because you're sure not picking anything up. Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter. You may glance at her, so long as you do not peer at anything below her neck. If you can’t keep your eyes or hands off of my daughter body, I will remove them. Rule Three: I know that it is considered fashionable for boys of your age to wear jeans so loose that they appear to be falling off. Please don't take this as an insult, but you and all of your friends are complete idiots. Still, I want to be fair and open minded about this, so I propose a compromise: You may come to the door with your underwear showing and your jeans ten sizes to big, and I will not object. However, in order to ensure that your jeans do not, in fact come off during the course of your date with my daughter, I will take my electric nail gun and fasten your jeans securely to your waist. Rule Four: I'm sure you Kno
Az's Smoking Ban.
So there I was today, locked into an arguement on, apparently, those who voted to ban smoking everywhere seem to think they've won a victory, when in reality they have lost in the long run by continuing to give government the authority to violate the rights of private property owners. I will say this real quick as I said many times in the discussion, this is not smokers vs non smokers as some have foolishly suggested, this is about the property rights and the rights of private businesses to cater to the market they wish to cater too. Anyway, read the article and scroll down until you see the comments, I am mike867. I explain it better there.
Can You?
Is it possible to transfer points to another member or recieve points from another member? I don't see anywhere on the site about giving your points away....
Think I'm Gonna Give It Another Try
Yes, I think I'm going to give my relationship another try. Its been hell or high water and we've survived both. Those outside our world don't understand and those close to us think we're crazy and that one of us will end up dead. So be it! Life is too damn short to live to make everyone else happy. I've got to worry about me once in a while after putting my kids first. So, here goes nothing!!! I love those who have helped and stood by me along the way and hope that this decision doesn't make them turn their backs on me but I will be understanding if that's what they decide. For those people who have turned their backs, I'm sorry you feel that way. True friends stay by your side through thick and thin. If you decide to turn your back, guess we were only their for a season or a reason. Either way, I love you like a friend should and hope that you understand. Anyway, I am off to eat my supper finally and get the youngin's to bed. I hope y'all have a good night and safe keeping! Love,
A Kind Heart
A KIND HEART A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and rest awhile. He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital - the clanking of the oxygen tank, the laughter of the night staf
Ya know...lots of people on CT have been really cool since I got on here...Added me, talked to me, helped me win the MILF contest...and I've made some friends! So thanks! To all of you really cool people who have made this so much fun, I hope I've done the same for you! If not, then tell me I need a boot up the ass or something! Love and hope you're all having a good time!
Nice Guys Finish Last
Well it always seems like no matter how nice i am how much i am there for my friends they always say we cant i find a nice guy even tho im the one there at midnight or 2-4 am in the morning when u need someone to talk to. just look at me im tired of being the nice guy and finish last and heartbroken becuase im always the one waiting on u til things get better for u well im here to say im here now someone take me or forget me becuase im not waiting for anyone anymore im tired of being last!
A Sadist's Wetdream.
The Offspring is good at making me all happy even though they write about dysfunction and crap that would depress most people. However, I know when I turn off this facking music I'll be back to my normal thoughts. Which is never good. Mostly because I am frustrated, young and stupid. I'm frustrated because my willingness to bend, tolerate, and go along is wearing thin in the area of Benji C. I hate bullshit highschool games, and he loves playing them. Except I dont think he even knows he's playing them. I hate waiting, I shouldn't be doing it. Mostly because, I'm not one to wait around for someone to grow the fuck up. He's 4 years older. He should know this shit by now. Telling him how I feel is out of the question simply because I get serious about the decision to be with some one or not to be with some one rather quickly. I can see myself with some one or not after conversating maybe a week. However, I know that is not where he stands. So..I move on? Or I stay and wait forever?
Are You Spiritual ?
I have a new site I would like to share with you all it is a very important topic to all of us that are on a spiritual path this is my site and I am helping a friend get her important message out to you all who will take the time to read it Http://
Touch My Nuts
Back Again!
Well, Made it back from California. I am so wore out. Just the getting Dads things packed and loaded and having to deal with my sister. I havent had the break down yet. Sure it is coming soon. Probly when I start putting Dads things in my house. It was hard to leave his home, knowing it will never be the same. Its such a mess from trying to go threw things. Well may take me a bit to get it all together and be back to normal, but sure i will get there soon. My uncle that lived next door to my Dad (rented from my father) passed on Feb 14th. So I really got a double wammy. Just want them both to know, that I love them Deeply!
so this is kinda an update for those of you who have been really sweet and asking about my nephew. i was told today that he is doing better and the seizures stopped :) his fever is down and he is up and smiling now :D so thanks for all of you that were asking about him and asking if i was okay :D. you guys are great ELEXA
Sleep Last Night?
SLEEP LAST NIGHT? Bed a little lumpy... Toss and turn any... Wish the heat was higher... Maybe the a/c wasn't on... Had to go to the john... Need a drink of water... ? ? ? Scroll down Yes. It is like that! Count your blessings, pray for them, Talk to your Creator and the next time when... the other car cuts you off and you must hit the brakes, or you have to park a little further from Walmart than you want to be, or you're served slightly warm food at the restaurant, or you're sitting and cursing the traffic in front of you, or the shower runs out of hot water, Think of them... Protecting your freedom! Message from Iraq The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute To our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq the one way that we could think of doing that is By taking a picture of Baker Company sayi
Katezilla 2: The Revenge
Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: I can handle spicy. Katezilla says: I like spicy food ^.^ Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: I have a gumbo recipe you'll love then. Katezilla says: Gumbo Katezilla says: You're so... Katezilla says: American Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: S'what it's called! Katezilla says: Gumbo.. Katezilla says: Christ Katezilla says: Sorry. Katezilla says: Continue. Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: Do you call sushi "corn"?! Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: No, you call it sushi, cause it's sushi! Katezilla says: I don't think I have ever Katezilla says: In my lifetime Katezilla says: In Canada Katezilla says: Seen gumbo offered anywhere or made in anyone's home Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: Well, it -is- cajun... Katezilla says: It's just like, people say gumbo, and we laugh Katezilla says: "Gumbo" Synthetic Humanoid v4.0 says: And y'all don't have cajuns there... Katezilla says: "Like, rubber boots" Katezilla says: "No, it's food. Lik
Pop Tarts, And Bagel Sammiches...
YAY! That's my dinner... at... nearly midnight...
A Mother's Question
A mother asked President Bush, "Why did my son have to die in Iraq ?" Another mother asked President Kennedy, "Why did my son have to die in Viet Nam ?" Another mother asked President Truman, "Why did my son have to die in Korea ? Another mother asked President F.D. Roosevelt, "Why did my son have to die at Iwo Jima ?" Another mother asked President W. Wilson, "Why did my son have to die on the battlefield of France ?" Yet another mother asked President Lincoln, "Why did my son have to die at Gettysburg ?" And yet another mother asked President G. Washington, "Why did my son have to die near Valley Forge ?" Then long, long ago, a mother asked... "Heavenly Father, why did my Son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem ?" The answers to all these are similar -- "So that others may have life and dwell in peace, happiness and freedom." This was emailed to me with no author and I thought the magnitude and the simplicity were awesome Love to Al
Still Looking For A Female!!!!!!!!
Obviously you are not understanding what we are looking for. We are looking for someone who is going to be with both of us. No strings attached, it is fine if you think i am attractive but you need to understand that this is a fantasy of ours. I am not trying to replace my wife, nor am i looking for someone to cheat with. We are looking for someone who is interested in both of us, and is not looking to hook up with me. You must understand that I am not looking for someone who has feelings for me, or is hoping to be with me in the future. We want someone who is gonna come into it for the same reasons as we are, just bringing a fantasy to life. We are not swingers, for right now this is a one time thing. We would also prefer someone who is experienced at threesomes, but not a requirement. We are very picky so if you reply you must have a recent photo. If you live a distance from us we will travel. We will also consider being with a married couple if they are interested. You can reply to
Sr-71 - Right Now
She clings to me like cellophane Fake plastic submarine Slowly driving me insane But now that's over So what if the sex was great Just a temporary escape Another thing I grew to hate But now that's over Why you always kick me when I'm high Knock me down till we see eye to eye Figured her out I know she May not be Miss Right but she'll do right now I used to hang on every word Each lie was more absurd Kept me so insecure But now that's over She taught me how to trust And to believe in us And then she taught me how to cuss ... that bitch! It's over You know I used to be such a nice boy
its been awhile since my last far i am tired of my job haha who isnt...and im getting ready to live to Columbus to finish my college. I am still looking for that someone yet to fill that last void in my life, so if anyone sees her tell her to look me up...which reminds me that someone still owes me a weekend ;) hopefully i can cash that in soon and meet and awesome girl...(or seems like it) but enough of that hope all is well and feel free to show the page some love if you want...till next time much love to all my friends
Wanna Repost Something?
God Damn I LOVE YOU TALIA ! ! ! ! ! ! ! before this get lost somewhere on the bulletin board........ Talia (T-Ro) said............ Alright, prompted by Sugartastic, the most sardonic-ass coochie on this site, I feel the need to rant. What the damn is wrong with some of you? Why must you post copious amounts of dumbfuckery in bulletins? Why must you feel the need to post some random chain-letter that every other mouth breather on this site has already posted? They're never funny and just serve as a warning to others that you may be the product of imbreeding. Congratulations! Move back to West Virginia and stop wasting my Interwebz. Secondly, asking for people to "comment bomb" your contest pics? Shut the fuck up. Seriously, stop it. No, fucking seriously! I mean it. This shit is ridiculous and you need to get either A. some self respect and self esteem or B. A pistol to put in your fucking mouth. I'll sit quietly and wait... Go on... Pick one. What else? Oh yes!
Come On Guys Help Me Help Him Win!! & For All You Ladies He Has Hot Buns And I Can Prove It!!!!!
> > > Sweetest Tat Wins A YACHT > > Contest starts on February 26th at 9 p.m. Est time > Contest ends on March 7th at 9 p.m. Est time > > 1) This contest is a comment bombing contest .The most comments wins..for this contest. YOU MAY BOMB YOURSELF!!!! along with friends and anyone else YOU can get to bomb YOU!!!! > They are worth one point a piece. > > 2) Rates will be used in case of a tie but they also give u an extra 10 points per rate.... That means you may rate yourself and all the ppl in contest...if u rate a 1 that is still a rate for them so dnt be mean its not gonna do a damn thing. Get your friends and who ever else u want to rate you! > > 3) No harassment of any other contestant is allowed if this happens then you will be taken out of the race. This is for fun so lets try and be nice to one another. > > 4) I know that it is hard to get pictures or salutes up so You must have more than one picture of yourself to be in the contest. > > 5)
Working my ass off. I wish we could all get together and have a big party. I need a break and I want the same for all of my friends. I love you all.
Understanding We always have a choice. You can feel or you could be numb. Joy runs deep, but pain always seems to run deeper. Its not a matter of what we hold closer to our hearts, because it just usually seems to happen that pain seems more everlasting than joy. I was just watching Almost Famous and I always held this movie in a special place cause I felt a unique connection with the boy of this film. I think thats one of the reasons this movie is so wonderful is the way it reaches out to other boys of that age, and age of curiousty, question, hope, and sexuality. I always felt bad for the kid, cause at one point in my life, i felt just like him, in every detail. We all have our own safehavens, enclosures that we set in our heads for us to escape to if need be. That boy had his own safehaven, his house, which is great cause basically for the span of the movie he was leading his other life, when he could have just as easily retreated home to his teenage life where his moth
I Will Not Be Broken
Sex Advice From A Friend Two friends, a white guy and a black guy, both work together. The white guy came in late one morning and his black friend asks where he had been. The white guy says, "My wife gives me good sex every night and she kept me up really late last night". The black guy says "I can't get my wife to have sex with me, no matter what! How do you do it?" The white guy says, "I read her poetry every night." His black friend then asks, "What kind of poetry?" The white guy replies, "Blondie, blondie, eyes so blue, how I want to make love to you." Then the white guy tells his friend to go home and try it - it's a sure thing! The next morning the black guy was about 2 hours late. When he comes in, he has a black eye and his arm is in a sling. The white man asks, "What happened?!" The black man says, "Man, don't ever speak to me again!" The curious white man asks, "Well, what did you say to her?" The black man replies, 'Nappy head, nappy head, ey
From: The Nice Guy
I'm sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your
A Feeling
Cupid's Chokehold Take a look at my girlfriend She's the only one I got (ba ba da da) Not much of a girlfriend I never seem to get a lot (ba ba da da, ba ba da da) It's been some time since we last spoke This is gonna sound like a bad joke But momma I fell in love again It's safe to say I have a new girlfriend And I know it sounds so old But cupid got me in a chokehold And I'm afraid I might give in Towels on the mat my white flag is wavin' I mean she even cooks me pancakes And Alka Seltzer when my tummy aches If that ain't love then I don't know what love is We even got a secret handshake And she loves the music that my band makes I know I'm young but if I had to choose her or the sun I'd be one nocturnal son of a gun (ba ba da da, ba ba da da) Take a look at my girlfriend She's the only one I got (ba ba da da) Not much of a girlfriend I never seem to get a lot (ba ba da da, ba ba da da) Take a look at my girlfriend She's the only one I got (b
A Journey
ill tease and excite with my wit and charm i say sexy things to cause you alarm make you sit up and beg for what i can give an erotic journey is where we begin a scarf made of silk to bind your hands tight a feather to tickle and tease and delight small strokes over your body with lips of blood red small kisses ill place atop of your head a slow dance is in order for only you to see no touching at all the fun is for me with each item of clothing dropped to the floor you rise to the ocassion and cant stand no more you want to be with me inside me and out to feel me and kiss me and make my lips pout make me yours and ill do these wicked things just for you i know that you want me cause i want you too so kiss me and tell me your wicked little delights and ill let you keep me and warm up your nights
Todays Match A 13 Yr Old Challenged Me!
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My 'updated Family Tree' Bulletin
Updated Family Tree Check the Updated Family Link Above, Search for your name,and if you have since made changes to your display name or display picture then comment the blog with a link to ur page i will get the link and change on the tree in the order that it comes..DO NOT SEND ME PRIVATE MESSAGES WITH YOUR LINKS, THEY WILL NOT BE ADDED and MESSAGE WILL BE DELETED...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED New Feature On The Tree When you see this under a persons pic: Some Words When You see the Bat and what ever words may be under a persons pic that is a direct link (that will open in a new window) to send that particular person a private message..all the links so far have been tested and are in working order If you can do morphs,banners,tags, emblems, or anything else that can assist the family in any way, contact any of the one of three ppl on the top tier of the family tree, with examples of what you can do and they will tell me ;) to make the correction as soon as possible E
Happy Hump Day, One And All!
Clouds and snow flurries this morning, but looks like it may clear off. Wouldn't that we a nice surprise, lol!! Announcement!!!!! My niece Maria delivered son #3 at 3 something a.m. this morning. Aidan Edward, a whopping 8 lb. 4 oz., arrived via "water birth"! Nothing like arriving into this world, soothed by nice warm water, soft lighting, hushed sounds! Then, reality sets in, lmao! Little Aidan has two older brothers: Isaic is 7 years old, Elijiah John is a disgruntled 4 years old. E.J. is my little "wild man," so life may be very interesting for Maria for some time to come! Welcome, little one!! Can't wait to get my hands on him, lol!! More impending changes! Damian, oldest grandson, soon to be 20, is looking for an apartment. When he moves, he has asked permission to take Tim, next younger brother, with him. Say, what?! Since I am a realistic person at times, but still rather liberal in my views, we will discuss him taking over the legal custody of Tim! He needs to know that
Im Scared
Hmmmm Mmmm
How is it possible to be sooooo in love with someone but still fall deeper every day that goes by.. I don't know but it's awesome
Bindi Update
Took Bindi to the vet yesterday. He said she is allergic to bugs. Go figure I live in southeast texas which is probably the bug capitol of the world and I have a puppy that is allergic to bugs. He gave her a steroid shot and today she is fine. No bumps anywhere. she is eating and playing like her normal self. Well wanted to let you all know she is fine now. Thank you again for all your love and support.
Boudreaux Goes Fishing
Boudreaux been fish'n down by de bayou all day an he > done run outta night crawlers. > > He be bout reddy to leave when he seen a snake wit a > big frog in his mouf. > > He knowed dat dem big bass fish like frogs, so he > decides to steal dat froggie. Dat snake, he be a > cotton moufed water moccasin, so Boudreaux had to be > real careful or he'd get bit. > > He snuk up behine de snake and grabbed him roun de > haid. Dat ole snake din't lak dat one bit. > > He squirmed and wrapped hisself roun Boudreaux's arm > try'n to get hisself free. But Boudreaux, him, hada > real good grip on his haid, yeh. > > Well, Boudreaux pried his mouf open and got de frog > and puts it in his bait can. Now, Boudreaux knows dat > he cain't let go dat snake or he's gonna bite him > good, but he had a plan. > > He reach into de back pocket of his bib overhauls and > pulls out a pint a Tennessee hillbilly moonshine > likker. > > He pour some drops into de
Hump Day...what The Fuck!!!
Did You
damn did you fuckers forget hoe to leave comments or something lol leave me some damn comments on my poems cuz it was so easy for me to put my personal shit up for everyone to read lol. tell me what you think.
Fighting For State....
Void by Michael Anderson Void, canceled, simply annulled. Endlessly aching, unconsoled. Life without you, cause without reason. Touch without sense, time without season. I face life now facing a cancerous sore, A sordid parasite that eats at my core. All that makes me whole, all I hold deep within, Leaving me lifeless, or at least not livin'. A shallow face, anguished and marred. An empty space, scaled and scarred. Sweetly abiding to a cynical charade. Secretly hiding 'hind a fictitious facade. Still, lost within this heart of glass, This fragile and yet unfeeling mass. Lies the remains of a love that glowed, The gift to you I once bestowed. But honor and pride now bereaved- By your love for me so misconceived, Ripped from my inner depths, impeding- Mind and body and spirit, bleeding; Now's crushed to sand from thy ruthless hand, A cold stare I just can't understand. I feel that somehow, somehow I'm dying, At least my soul and all that's underlying. A si
Today's Appointment March 7
well my doc feels i have some moderate to severe nerve damage in my neck and back causing my arms and legs to go numb on me she is scheduling an MRI to find out how bad it really is from there she will know is therapy or surgery is required
Part 1...
I came in from work total beat with only a bath in mind. When I opened the door with my key, first off I noticed the dog didn't greet me at the door. Since this had been happening for years, the alarms in my head went off. To top it off, the light switch won't turn on any lights, I was very tempted to go to a neighbors and call the police; but the phone was just around the corner within reaching distance, I reached for it and heard. "Don't move, I'm not going to hurt you," I froze. Panic rushed over my body with a cold sweat bringing dampness to my skin. In terror I couldn't move if I tried, I become a nail in a wall. A man's hand was moving in the reflection of the street light just outside, and I could see a blindfold being placed over my eyes. Not one of the tied jobs, but a head fitting cover for the eyes; which brought more panic knowing this guy had done this before. He said, " Your dog is fine, he's out back. I've disconnected the lights, but I'll fix them
Dont Buy Pepsi
Don't buy Pepsi in the new can. Pepsi has a new "patriotic" can coming out with pictures of the Empire State Building, and the Pledge of Allegiance on them. However, Pepsi left out two little words on the pledge, "Under God." Pepsi said they didn't want to offend anyone. In that case, we don't want to offend anyone at the Pepsi corporate office, either! So if we don't buy any Pepsi product, they will not be offended when they don't receive our money that has the words "In God We Trust" on it.
Corned Beef, Carrots And Cabbage With Spicy Mustard Broth
Mary Ellen's Corned Beef, Carrots and Cabbage with Spicy Mustard Broth Serves: 6 * 5-6 pounds corned beef * 4 large onions, outer skin removed, each cut into large wedges * 10 carrots, peeled * 2 ribs celery, cleaned * 2 bay leaves * 1 bunch parsley, cleaned * 1/2 cup Dijon mustard * 1 medium green cabbage * 12-14 small new potatoes, scrubbed * Kosher salt and pepper to taste In a large heavy-bottom stockpot, combine the beef, two onions, two carrots, the celery, the bay leaves and the parsley. Add enough cold water to cover the beef by 3 inches and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cover. Cook for 3 to 3 1/2 hours, turning two to three times. Cook until the beef is very tender, almost shredding when speared with a fork. Remove the meat from the pot and strain the broth into a large bowl. Discard the solids and return the meat and strained broth to the pot. Add the mustard, remaining onions, carrots, cabbag
I Love You
I love the way you make me laugh I love the way you make me cry Tears of joy stream from my eyes As I hear your voice, a loving surprise. I love you when you're angry I love you when you're sad I love you when you're glad When you tell me of the day you had I love you truly I love you deeply Ever since the day I let you meet me I missed you I you left I miss you now more than ever Making a mistake that I regret Hoping that you are a forgiver Without you, my life is strife But now I ask for a second chance Be with me and start a life Together forever, an eternal dance I wait for you as the days go by My love is growing inch by inch I cannot wait to see you again But I wait for you, and your warm kiss I love you
I'll Never Be
I'LL NEVER BE I'll never be good enough for you I'll never be all those things you want me to be I'll never be perfect, or even close for that matter I'll never be the daughter you want me to be I'll never be the one that your proud of I'll never be your sweet little girl I'll never be the reason you want to love I'll never be the one walk down the isle I'll never be the mother you think I should be I'll never be daddy's little girl I'll never be the sparkle in your eye I'll be better!!!! I'll be good enough for others I'll be all the things I want to be I'll be fine with what I am I'll be the daughter I want to be I'll be proud of myself I'll be someone else's sweet little girl I'll be the reason lots of people want to love I'll have my one and only true DAD walk me down the isle I'll be the mother I know I can be I'll be the sparkle in many eyes I'll be me!!!!!!! ok the only reason that i wrote this i
Dont Love One Dont Love Two
Broken Promises
Is It Worth It
My love is so near but she feels so far I fear this love is pointless But, something strong says it's not. Is she really worth fighting for? Is he really worth prayin for? I'm so confused I don't wanna make the wrong decision I love her so much I don't know what to do she wont accept me, she loves me I can tell But, she's too afraid to say It's so hard for the both of us, especially with everything that gets in the way. It's not as easy as I thought it would be what should I do? what should I say? There's nothing else in me that will prove my love for Her!
Apple Drinks
Apple Kir 1 oz. Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila 1/2 oz. Crčme de Cassis 1 oz. apple juice 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice Mix in a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a lemon wedge. Apple Pie 1/2 oz. Apple Schnapps 1/2 oz. vodka 1/2 oz. pineapple juice Dash of powdered cinnamon Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass. Appletini 2 parts DeKuyper Pucker Sour Apple 2 parts VOX Vodka Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an apple slice. Finally, don't forget apple brandy, served straight up in a snifter: Applejack is produced in the United States, while Calvados is made from a variety of apples from northwestern France.
Each Friday night after work, Bubba would fire up his outdoor grill and cook a venison steak. But, all of Bubba's neighbors were Catholic....And since it was Lent, they were forbidden from eating meat on Friday. The delicious aroma from the grilled venison steaks was causing such a problem for the Catholic faithful that they finally talked to their priest. The Priest came to visit Bubba, and suggested that he become a Catholic. After several classes and much study, Bubba attended Mass.....and as the priest sprinkled holy water over him, he said, "You were born a Baptist, and raised a Baptist, but now you are a Catholic." Bubba's neighbors were greatly relieved, until Friday night arrived, and the wonderful aroma of grilled venison filled the neighborhood. The Priest was called immediately by the neighbors, and, as he rushed into Bubba's yard, clutching a rosary and prepared to scold him, he stopped and watched in amazement. There stood Bubba, clutching a small bottle of holy water whic
Yayyy Presents !!!
Well I went to my Po box and found well someone else's mail ...but within all that mail I found I had a notice about having a Parcel .. Yayyy Presents !!! .. and holy heck .. what a BOX .. was pretty good sized .. Humm What could be in there .. Well My Friend Rich ( whom many of you know) Sent me a Very cool keyboard .. ..( Ill post a pic at the bottom) .. Itsneat . its fully Clear . .and the Cap locks Num lock and scroll lock liteup Bright blue .. Thanks Rich .. was very sweet of you to send that to me Xoxoxoxox And here it is .. Isnt it Cool ??
SECRET LOVERS By: Atlantic Starr Here we are, the two of us together Takin’ this crazy chance to be all alone We both know that we should not be together ‘Cause if we’re found out, it could mess up Both our happy homes I hate to think about us all meeting up together ‘Cause as soon as I look at you it will show on my face, yeah Then they’ll know that we’ve been loving each other We can’t let ‘em know, no, no, no We can’t leave a trace Secret lovers, yeah, that’s what we are We should not be together But we can’t let go, no, no ‘Cause we love each other so Ooh…ooh… Sittin’ at home, I do nothin’ all day But I think about you and hope that you’re okay Hopin’ you’ll call before anyone gets home I wait anxiously alone by the phone How could something so wrong be so right I wish we didn’t have to keep our love out of sight, yeah Living two lives just ain’t easy at all But we gotta hang on in there or fall Secret lovers, yeah, that’s what we are We shou
Think Before You Speak, In Other Words, Open Mouth, Insert Foot
Think before you speak... Here are six reasons why you should think before you speak - the last one is great! Have you ever spoken and wished that you could immediately take the words back... or that you could crawl into a hole? Here are the Testimonials of a few people who did.... FIRST TESTIMONY: I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three kids in tow and asked loudly, "How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?" I turned around and walked back out and never went back My husband didn't say a word... he knew better. SECOND TESTIMONY: I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using. After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him and said, "I think I like playing with mens balls" THIRD TESTIMONY: My sister and I were at the mall and passed
New Story. Not Much, But A Start.
They say the eyes are a window to the soul; but as I look deep in these two blue liquid pools; I see a creature so hideous, my whole body tenses. His piercing eyes freeze me in place, I feel suffocated by this monster fighting to escape his fixated gaze. Never before had anyone implanted such a fear inside me. How did it come down to this? Where was the love I once seen glistening from those vibrant sapphire eyes? I wiggle against the coarse rope that bounds my hands behind my back. The friction of the rope rubbing against my bare skin leaves my flesh burning and raw. He is standing above me, his face close to mine, his voice but a mere whisper. His foul breath fills my nostrils causing my stomach to turn, I squeeze my eyes shut, praying this is all some sort of hellish nightmare. Cold metal runs the length of my neck, my eyes open just enough to see his barbarous eyes closely studying me. A look of concentration falls over his enraged features, for a spilt second guilt seems to st
Dropping Like Flies
I've lost another friend today, a victim of their own selfishness. It's amazing how people can change... how quickly they can point the finger. Then the truth smacks them in the face, and away they go. Why do some people choose to play the "Me, Me, Me" card? Don't they know it's unbecoming? One sided arguments always sound so right, atleast until the other side comes into play. Then, we're all bastards for pointing that out, aren't we? That there's another side... another truth, that puts things in perspective... in reality. I've known this person for half my life, and now it seems I've known them half a life too long. As people, once feelings get hurt, all understanding jumps out the window. No one tries, and no one wants to. We just shut down and push away. We don't accept blame... we don't accept our failures... we look for the scapegoat. Because, when all is said and done... it just CAN'T be my own fault., can it? I'm so sick and tired of this mental
Selfishness And Greed
Selfishness and greed. Lately, thats all I see. Murder everyday, when will the stupidity go away? There's so much drama going on. People should grow up and realize they're wrong. People should just be honest and stop forcing their fakeness upon us.
Starting Over, Life Begins Again...
Well as you see my life has been in a major loop. I've recently been hurt by a person i cared deeply for and even when every alarm went off i still had tried to persue a future with him. I got dropped from cop school and have to restart with the beginning of the first phase again, i am still mourning the loss of my friend Tim who died in iraq, and a myriad of other things. But I have been thinking. Life starts again. If he didn't want to be with me then that was his decision but he must realize that this girl would have been there for him no matter what and never left him or cheated on him. I guess it's just reality. All the girls who are good and dont sleep around are the ones who get run all over. We try our hardest to be there for the men we care about and get rejected by them eventually. I realized this week that i will move on. I hurt yes but i move on with life. It wasn't the greatest happening but i have the future to look forward to. I no longer have to worry that my guy will f
You know sometimes I really think all or most men suck ass....I'm going to start guarding my heart more. Maybe I should seriously think about going for girls..LOL
You Are Pretty Happy You generally have a happy, fulfilling life. But things could be a little better, and deep down, you know it. Maybe you need more supportive friends or a more challenging career. Something is preventing you from being totally happy. You just need to figure out what it is! How Happy Are You, Really?
Here Comes The Bride - Cranky, Prego, And Wide!
i am getting married on mondya and finally getting excited about it - i am no longer freaking out. it will be fine or momma and daddy will start kicking ppl out of our yard - i am going to have a great wedding!!! i will be beautiful (and really pregnant) and billy and i will start our new life together and be happy!!! and fuck the whole world if it thinks we wont!
My Mind
Your Mind is NC-17 Rated You're mind is so filthy... you should should be washing every part of you out with soap. If your thoughts can go dirty, they do. Almost everything is NC-17 to you! Do You Have a Dirty Mind?
Why Can't They Just Leave Me Alone!
god now i'm pissed a bunch of people have just rated me a 1 and left nasty comments because of my ex's new boyfriend.. they say i'm not a juggalo and i am a disgrace to them... why does this always happen I AM NOT A HATER I'M IN LOVE WITH HER STILL AND I WANT HER BACK THATS ALL! GOD WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO GET INVOLVED IN MY FUCKING BUSINESS ITS BETWEEN ME AND HER!
We spend so much time loving the other. We learn them, there ever move matter to us. How are u feeling to day love. Is ever thing okay, some thing you want to talk about. Is there some thing I can get for you. Love, thats love for ya. It can make or break you, in my case break. Time after time love kicks my assz. Should I give up on something so right or what. Back to back girl friends, it's time for a break... I got to love me now to get better for me, so I can be me... Love who needs it, If you are reading this Dar. Thanks for the wast of life and all this pain... Cee
My Wish For Us
I wish I could go back in time back to those unspoiled moments in our relationship before hurt ever touched our hearts, before doubt ever entered our minds Because if I could go back and start from those moments once more I would hold you longer never miss a chance to tell you how much you mean to me and I would never, ever hurt you But I know we can't go back to those days I know I can't erase the mistakes I can't take away the questions you must have or the hurt we both feel. But I can assure you of one thing I love you as I did then and as I always will
Which God Or Goddess Are You?
Which God or Goddess are you? Your Result: Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love You are a beautiful seductress. Your first thoughts are always in the interest of love. Your focus is on passion, romance, and sexual escapades. Make love not war is your motto.Dionsyus Greek God of Wine Hades Greek God of the Underworld Ares Greek God of War Zeus Greek King of the Gods Artemis Greek Goddess of the Hunt Which God or Goddess are you?Quizzes for MySpace
Been A Few Days
ok, let's see now....well, i've been on jury duty for the past week (yippy), i had larengitis (i never said i was good at spelling), and right now i have a raging headache... can't wait for the warm weather to finally get here, i'm tired of having to put clothes on to go out on the patio.

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