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Thanks Be To Soldiers
These are the best The cream of the crop They keep on marching When we would give up Holding their heads And their morals high With honor they bravely Aim for the skies Such courage, amazing And love for their country They serve to protect Our vast wealth of luxeries Thank you, oh thank you For all that you do We all live so freely Thanks be to you! So, what are you thankful for? Make sure those whom you thank know how you feel.
I Was The Girl..=)
i WaS tHe GiRL..=) i was the girl...who loved you..=) i was the girl...who waited for you..=) i was the girl..that thought you could do no wrong..=) i was the girl..who put you on a pedestal..=) i was the girl..who treasured every moment spent with you..=) i was the girl..who wanted to end up with you..=) but...=) i waited...i loved...and where were you...=) now im gonna be the girl you never 4get..=) and you will be the boy...=) who someday is gonna feel some regret..=)
((poetry)) Unnamed
Is it possiable for a love to form. In mists of these rain filled storms. A life of clouds dark and grey. A debt of retribution she is to pay. She dreams of an aluminious light. Angel wings spread to take flight. Her eyes open and the angel has vanished. The unforgiven sin is how her soul was banished. Regrets of this life go to her grave. For her own soul she could not save. She tried to play the hand of god Downing sleeping pills she starts to nod. Slipping into whats after this life. Knowing its wrong but it feels right. With her soul in the palm of his hands. This is where he gave his demands. All around him the angels danced. He returned her for a second chance. I CANNOT PRETEND TO KNO WHAT THIS POEM WILL MEAN TO ANY OF YOU. THIS ONE I MAY HAVE WRITTEN FOR ME. I DO THAT SOMETIMES. BUT I THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE IT. HAVE ANY OF YOU BEEN GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE AT ANY THING?THIS WEEK WHILE I WAS OFFLINE, I TOOK SOME TIME TO MYSELF TO READ SOME OF MY P
Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
On Jeopardy one night, the final question was “How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns?” All three contestants missed it! The following site is an awesome glimpse of the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 1. How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why? 21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary. 2. How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin his return walk and why? 21 seconds for the same reason as answer number 1. 3. Why are his gloves wet? His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle. 4. Does he carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time and if not, why not? He carries the rifle on the shoulder away from the tomb. After his march across the path, he executes an ab
Ill Show U My Pix..
if u buy me a cherry blast!!! ;) lil horny college girl
Far Away
the days have become colder as I think back on yesterday even it has come and gone like every second on a clock quickly passing, slowly learning as I am gaining a clear understanding of where I have been and where I am going I am looking forward to tomorrow with my mistakes today and wisdom gained, now I can see yet, there are still dark areas unknown to me, I know I am better prepared with the light that shined upon my heart waking me from slumber, and now I had enough rest so I stand, with my head held high I can now fight againts the STRUGGLE no more will I hide from my hurts and pain which has become my greatest weapon I use to express and I see where I have fallen and next time will never come around to face me, as I am becomming stronyg like a silent warriorin my heart, fighting an inner beast that took over who I am, I am learning the beast is my friend, protecting me from the outside with that known, now we fight side by side building a peacefull world,
Yes Im A Bitch...=)
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts, or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means that I am free to be the wonderful creature that I am, with all my own intricacies, contradictions, quirks and beauty. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak up against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. I am proud to be a bitch! It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated, and determined. I want what I want, and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp o
Why We Fall In Love
We all want to fall in love. Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens. It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon. But that doesn't diminish its value. Because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives!
About 100 Things I Pretty Much Hate....
I hate being lied to I hate being hot I hate being yelled at I hate being pulled over I hate getting tickets I hate working retail I hate fast food I hate being told what to do I hate breaking my nails I hate stubbing my toe I hate when I trip I hate slipping on the ice I hate getting hurt I hate feeling lonley I hate when my ex calls me I hate when I answer I hate when my mom worries I hate when I work hard for no reason I hate when people don't call me back I hate packing I hate moving furniture I hate missing people I hate saving money I hate waiting I hate loving...and not being loved back I hate leaving I hate saying goodbye I hate when people rush me I hate feeling out of control I hate being disappointed (In myself or others) I hate when people give up (on themseleves or others) I hate when people tell me to be quiet I hate being made fun of I hate when people make me feel stupid (when I AM NOT) I hate cold soup I hate day old french fries I h
How Horny Are You
You scored as Super Horny. You are extremly horny. A little too much for your own good. Don't let it take control of you, try to keep those hormones in check ;) Please rate and comment and tell me what quiz this is when you do!Super Horny88%Very horny75%A little horny75%Normal Horny69%Not horny50%How horny are you? (with pics)created with
As I tip toe through the graveyard I see my own name. Am I dead or have I just gone insane. Dead daisies and tulips surround the grave site. everyone seems so happy, their all dressed in white. Am I really here, I ask in my head. Or are they all just happy because Iam dead.
New Horses
i am now the pround own of 23 new registered horses!
Now This Is Fucking Great
Not sure how true all of this shit is, but there are some very interesting things, that I can agree with, and relate to... Men: 1) 94% of men lie about their penis size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of men use extra large condoms. Hey! I have pictures to prove that my boys shit hangs to the floor! 2) The average man is 5 inches long when erect (no matter what you have heard ladies, that's the truth). But girls that y they invented viagra! 3) 80% of American men are circumsized. Even though Pediatrics say it is not necessary. As far as Im concerned it should be 100% I mean c'mon that thing is UGLY in the first place could u imagine blowing one that wasnt cut! 4) No matter what all the ads say, nothing can make your penis grow but time (most men reach the end of their growth by the early 20's) Again I use this one word VIAGRA! 5) There is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size, or nose size. I would hope not on
There is nothing I would like more right now then to have my mind wander into sex But all that’s on my mind are many faces of death Forensic experts checking dental records after the fire Do you know how similar guitar strings are to piano wire? You don’t get to tit, this is tat for tat Can’t help but giggle over your screams as you get fed to rats Fuck swiping this is a stabbing thrust of an attack Blinded by the sparks that fly as I grind my teeth I find that twine and duct tape make a good handle for a shank I reduce my karmic rank with the horrors I allow free reign in my mind But I just can’t help the urge to twist the shiv buried in your thigh Nothing but blood thrives behind my closed eyes Devising new and improved ways to end worthless lives Half inch vertical cuts in fingertips, throwing darts at your eyes disguise that I’m running from parts of my imagination that are too horrific for even me
Its My Day
On January 13, 1980 at 8:00 a.m. a 7.3 lbs Lee Ira Lench half Irish half European was born.. Four years later Lee Ira Lench was adopted to Linda and Stevan Davs.. and is now Know as Lee Thomas Davis.. Just thought you like to know...
My Music Stash
Sometimes I think my stash is just me and Tube Bar Red sharing stuff we've loved in the past with each other. Thanks to you others for coming along for the ride.
So i just got out of the bath and i decided to be nice and give my boyfriend a kiss on the cheek (hes sleeping)..anyways he turned around and looked at me and said "this dosent look in uniform"..I was like WTF...I think he was dreaming =/
A couple steps forward, a couple steps back, shuffling feet, a few tacky side-steps... It's like the cha-cha only I'm underdressed for dancing. And now I feel like a moron (again) and I'm going to sleep (again).
Did You Know?
Just wondered how many of you knew of the random pic rating link on CT. It's a little misleading as it's named "What's Cherry". Sounds more like a "Who are we" link. You'll find this just under the Logout link, near your profile and home links. just click it and rate a pic to move onto the next one. Of course you may not want to rate one or 2, so click the link again. Problems with this are you can sometimes get a "Private(NSFW)" Image so can't rate it :| Anyone want to join in and get CT to rename this link to something like "Random Cherry"? Get rating those images! you'll find a lot of those users browsing your profile afterwards ;) and that's what we all want! yes?
Isn't That The Way They Say It Goes... Well Let's Forget All That
Just a quick little note to start out my blog (my first blog ever! believe that!?)Dedicated to my two favorite people out here in cyberspace. When I got a link in my email that lead me here, I almost immediately found myself falling for a young woman with one of the sweetest faces and most enchanting eyes I may have ever seen, not to mention a smile that made me melt. Silly of me, I know.Soon after, I got a visit from a fellow geek and nice guy that sorta reminded me of a younger version of myself, before I became such an insufferable cynic (I wont go into the very long story that got me to this point, suffices to say, many failed attempts at love and success), with a great life philosophy and much cooler glasses than me.So, hopefully without sounding TOO jealous, I hope the two of them make like penguins and find themselves close enough to keep each other warm way up there in cold country (brrrr)Just don't act like THESE penguins :D Be more like these two Thanks for bei
Nothing More
i would like nothing more then to actually go to sleep not black out from deprivation at 5 a.m. not recline and stare and kill myself with my mind the mood swings are fine but the timing fuck the goddamn timing
Don't Miss Me To Much....
Love For Our Troops
Yeah, so I finished today with just about 40 hours so all day tomorrow I'm on overtime. Gotta love that shit! It just sucks cause all I do now is work, work out and sleep. My life seems somewhat empty. I guess I'm sort of sick of being single but on the other hand I have absolutely no time to keep up with a healthy relationship. Whatever, I'm just venting I guess.
You Know Who You Are........
Tonight I went out to the bar with my best friend and got a little toasted. As a matter of fact I am just a little loaded right now. I just got dropped off here at home. I felt the immense need to get on here and just spill my guts. I have loved someone for such o long time, someone that I know I can only have with restrictions. This person is the most beautiful person I have ever known. When I look into this persons eyes I see the world. I see love, friendship, companionship, honesty, trust, sincereity (excuse the spelling I told you I have been drinking), kindness, softness, and just mind altering warmth. I see the person that makes me always feel like I can do no wrong when I am around them. My entire heart and soul is in love with this individual. This person thinks they know how much I love them but I don't show it all because I know a future for us isn't to be. I respect this person so much that I would never ever over step the bounderies that I know is there in this persons h
Back In Classes
hello to everyone, just letting everyone know that i am not ignoring anyone, i was on a three week break and tried to catch up with everyone, i will do my best to keep in touch, i am back to hitting the books, so i am wishing everyone a great day/night (depending on when you read this)
Prayer Request
if anyone has a prayer request please leave request on the comment section of this blog and me and my prayer warriors will prayer for those who leave a request wado pastor cougarmoon
Peace All Have Fun
A Contest
Well Got Hurt Again
well once again i got hurt. im so stressed and feeling sick.i give up and never gonna date ever. im through and tired of all this. nobody likes me nor wants me. so why even bother?
Don't tell me about your wounds we did enough of that to one another, I tore at you, you came at me, until thankfull release set us free. I'm sorry, it's over you wanted this way more then me. I'm glad it has ended, there isn't much left, a few tattered flags on the battleground of us. We limp away from each other, ribbons of flesh hanging, go your way, I'll go mine.
How Do I Know
how do i know that i love you so that everything about me leads to you how do i know that this feeling will grow it never has stopped getting bigger by the day i know one thing i can say truthfully since the day we met my heart has truly been yours to have an to hold
Which Makes Less Sense?
She Would Prefer Hell Would You ?
An old lady dies and goes to heaven. She is chatting to St.Peter at the Pearly Gates when all of a sudden she hears the most awful bloodcurdling screams. "Oh my goodness," says the old lady, "what is happening?" "Don't worry about that," says St. Peter, "It's only someone having the holes bored on their shoulder blades for the wings." The old lady looks a little uncomfortable but carries on with the conversation. Ten minutes later, there are more bloodcurdling screams. "Oh my goodness," says the old lady, "now what is happening?" "Not to worry," says St.Peter, "they are just having their head drilled to fit the halo." Shaking her head, the old lady says, "I can't do this. I'm off down to hell." "You can't go there," says St. Peter, "You'll be raped and sodomized." "Sure" says the old lady, "but I've already got the holes for that!"
Thank You, Kat.
The way Ali and I met is already exceptional and I guess the way we both tick, made us friends. I think I can compare her with an expensive oyster who holds a precious pearl. She is rough and hard on the outside, but if you are patient enough she might open up a bit and you can get a hint of the softness. If she really likes you, she might even show you her treasured heart. I¡¦m really grateful to have her as friend. Thank goodess she has a lot of patience with me, when I throw one of my tantrums lol. And that makes it so easy for me to love her. I can really talk about anything with her and know she is not just nodding bored, but really listening and giving me advice or she just let¡¦s me rant and rage till I calm down and can laugh again. She said I went through a lot this year, well she for sure had a rough year and I¡¦m glad she got out of it in one piece, cause I would miss her heaps if she wouldn¡¦t get online anymore ƒº I love you sis and I hope that we can meet someday and h
Questions And Regrets
Is it wrong to regret something in your life? Even though they say that what you have right now is the most wonderful thing ever, but still you feel like it shouldn't have happen. And if your regretting something, will it be good if you still continue with this? Is it ok to get rid of some of the things that cause the emptiness and frustration you’re having? In my case, it’s so damn hard. I’m scared of what’s going to happen after all these things that happened. Is it normal to feel this way at this moment? Is it right if I will just be thinking of myself and not of the two people that’s with me? These two need each other so much. And me, I’m just completely messed up. There’s something wrong with me. It’s sad though because it’s not my choice. Things just start to fall apart… in the other hand, I don’t even think things were built firm enough. Everything happened just like that. Both of us were not ready and now someone is coming and this one did not even choose to be here. Is
How To Live Life
HOW TO LIVE LIFE..... Be Calm... Quiet... Tranquil.... Bloom as often as you can... Stay close to your Family... Explore the world around you.... Enjoy the relaxing rhythm of waves... W A T C H T H E M O O N R I SE ... Spread your wings and take off on your own... Then enjoy the comfort of coming home again...
New Poem
*inspired by poet Guillermo Nodarse and band Greater Grey Greater Gray Early in the morning I rise staring out the window smearing the goop from my eyes Four birds sit up on a wire One turns sideways parallel as if to aspire... One takes off as if in disgust Another bird gives it a try and then the first bird decides to fly... His new friend is soon to follow leaving the fourth bird feeling hollow... He decided not to play that game but then he went just the same... 1.13.07 James C Leveroni
The Ex
My ex was... well lemme see if i can put it into words. We met one night, i was house sitting for my parents, a freind from work called and asked if i wanted to hang out. I told him he could come over, but he needed to bring some chics with him. I was kidding but he took me seriously. My ex came over with him, went to the bathroom in my parents house and changed an 8-ball of coke into crack, and proceeded to smoke it all on my parents patio. This is how i met my ex. I was a safe person to be with so she could do her drugs. This is how it all started off. We ended up sleeping together, and because of the type of person i am, well i tend to put lots of feeling into sleeping with a person. Sex for me isn't 'just sex'. it's a display of emotions, it's a way of showing someone the love that you feel for them. It's (to me) one of the most intimate ways of sharing yourself with someone. Sex is a way of baring your soul to another person. Well unfortunat
Return The Love
If you are one of my friends then you know that i usually show love on your page or have rated most of your pics. If you are a real friend please show some love. I'm tired of friends that i'll rate all their pics and they don't even say hey on my page. I think i'm goin to do like many people before me. It's time to clean my friends list. Show a little love over the weekend or you'll be deleted. The people that have been showin me love all the time have nothin to worry about. ^_^ Peace!!!
It's Your War Ll
I Hate This
Music Video:WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE (by My Chemical Romance)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone i'm tired of being told that i'm loved and then turn around and find out that there are other girls. i'm tired of being led to think one thing and digging up something else. i'm tired of being lied to, i'm tired of my fucked up emotions. i'm tired of thinkin there's a future with someone and then havin it shoved bak into my face. i'm tired of being the one guys go to for sex but cant have REAL feelings for...i'm just tired of everything. i'm tired of pretending to be happy when all i wanna do is die. i dont want emotions anymore, i dont want to be the "other woman" you have to hide, i dont wanna build up a future with you by my side and then realize it would never happen...i dont want to hurt anymore, i dont wanna feel anything. i dont wanna be told that i'm pathetic or sad or stupid or a whore cuz i already know that and i've already had it all thrown in my face be
if I whisper your name would you feel my love if I blew a kiss to the wind would you know the warmth if I say I love you in my thoughts would you hear me in your heart if I look at the sky tonight and shed a tear for my love for you would you see me crying in the stars above would you cry with me too if I whispered your name would you whisper my name....
Needs Your Help
Trying to get a Platinum Cherry and your comments would help. Thank You. Vote on the Pimp Train
The Woman That Love's Me
Inside Your Darkness Where there is no light There are places to touch That make you feel so right Places to explore Where by your rhythm I am led With a tiny visual flashlight In my mind and on my head Inside your darkness I search to find your awesome treasure My probing effort Your Joy Your pleasure Inside your darkness My pursuit is relentless Inside your darkness I drown in your wetness Feeling all of you Feeling what I cannot see Inside your darkness I find my ecstasy
Talk About Being Embarrassed...
Ok. So Donnie has been wanting a XBOX 360.. He pulled 5 dbls on the last pay period in order to have the monet to buy 1..We called around today and GAME STOP said that he could trade his Xbox and his Playstation 2 in for credit towards a 360. The only have a couple left in the store and he really wanted one. So he got the xbox, playstation and all of the games together in a bag. I took him to work and went to trade everything in and to buy the 360. Mind you It is saturady and there is a store full of people. While the cashier, who looks to be about 16, is going through teh bag and making sure everything works he Pulled what he thought to be a game out and it turned out to be a prono.. the kid's face started turning red and the woman who is standing next to me, looks up and saw the porn, her eyes get as Big as silver dollars, her jaw drops and she turns gives me this look and said that I should be ashamed of myself.. I am not ashamed that we have porn in the house, however I did tur
Im A Sagittarius;)
SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 22 Ruling Planet: JUPITER, God of money, luck and good times between the sheets. Sagos are playful, laid back and oh-so fun to party with. They are wild, and may be the BADDEST party people you ever meet! One thing to be wary of is that Sagos like to talk BULLSHIT! Don't believe everything they tell you because they are kings at 'talking it up'.Sagos probably make better friends than lovers, but if you happen to score a one-nighter with them, be prepared to do stuff you've NEVER done before! Sagos are spontaneous and adventurous and most have probably been caught doing it somewhere public. When they find the right lover, they will give it 100% as long as the commitment is returned. FAVE POSITION: They are up for anything. Quality AND Quantity. BEST SEX TOY: Handwrite a sexual fantasy of yours and leave it on their pillow. You'll be surprised at what happens next! SAGITTARIAN MALE IN BED Even if he’s fat, balding and middle aged, he can
Emptiness can make you feel so lost and hollow God could clearly show you the path and you still wouldn't follow Your heart and soul are both bruised and broken Because they all used your true love as a token Written By: Michael James Fry
Deepest Dreams
Too bad you can't just stop, Let all resistance drop, Allow this voice to fill Your mind. Oh what a thrill! But if you could let go, And go down deep, below, Just find that little girl, The one with eyes like pearls. What is she telling you? Why bother feeling blue? Instead, try something else. Just give new friends a chance. Go deep inside your mind. Leave all your cares behind. Wake up tomorrow, now, And looking back on now, Listen to that voice. You've made a pleasant choice. So that you could explore New things in love and war. With me, it's not so hard To just let down your guard. Let something new begin, From deepest dreams within.
Nostalgia . . .
I was just sitting and looking at a few old love letters, cards, and e-mails from my ex-fiance that I have not gotten rid of yet. Looking back I can see towards then end how things started to unravel but neither one of us was ready to admit it. Its still kinda of hard to believe and really understand how you can go from saying to someone that they are the only one you want to curl up naked next to for the rest of your lives to not speaking to them at all and not really thinking about them. It's been a year. It seems like forever, it seems like 10 minutes ago. I didn't even remember the pet name he called me but once I read it again in the letters I cannot forget the way his lips moved when he said the name. Is that because I have blocked it out? Is it just my lack of short term memory? I don't know. I know I do not love him anymore, but I was once loved very deeply and I once loved him. The feelings are still there though they no longer apply if that makes any sense. I guess he will al
Juli -- [noun]:An erotic popsicle 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Lol Us Virgos Wahooooo
us nasty virgos yikes lmao That Virgo virgin thing is a ruse. All Virgos have a secret life and it's frequently pretty kinky. Like the chaste librarian in her glasses. All she really wants is for someone to rip 'em off, and kiss her hard. The key to loving a Virgo: Virgos like to WORK. They want to work. They need to work and furthermore, others need them to work. And this is very hard for non-Virgos to understand. Virgos don't want to lie around. They don't want to vacation for a month. Pulllllease! They need food (healthy food), they need sex (Virgo's an earth sign) and they need to serve (in the same way a bird needs to fly).
Are We Really Who We Say We Are?
Where Do We Go Now...
Well, it's January 13th. Last night around 1:15 am was the third anniversary of one of the best days of my life, the birth of my only daughter. I never knew that anything was missing from my life until that early morning. After all, I was married and had three handsome sons that made me proud. What more could a dad need? Then came this little face, with the palest blue eyes I'd ever seen and what could possibly be called the cutest bald head ever. Tuesday Grace Boyd shone a light into a hole in me that I never knew was there and she filled it completely. She made me feel things that I never felt before. I was only half of a dad before. My Gracie made me complete. The good Lord knows I don't need to have four children. I have a difficult time supporting them, but all things considered, I wouldn't change a thing. Please join me in wishing my baby girl, Gracie, a wonderfully happy birthday today. I think of Gracie every time I hear the song "Sweet Child o' Mine". I think you can see wh
What Is This Picture?
WHAT IS THIS PICTURE? Obviously, it's a picture in a cemetery. What cemetery and whose grave? Sadly, it's the grave of Casey Sheehan. After two years, and a DoD payment of $250,000 to the "Peace Mom", Cindy Sheehan has not had the time or bothered to have a headstone placed on this young hero's grave. And, she doesn't even have to pay for one, the DoD will provide one: "The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) furnishes upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a government headstone or marker for the grave of any deceased eligible veteran in any cemetery around the world. For all deaths occurring before September 11, 2001, the VA may provide a headstone or marker! only for graves that are not marked with a private headstone. Flat markers in granite, marble, and bronze and upright headstones in granite and marble are available. The style chosen must be consistent with existing monuments at the place of burial. Niche markers are also available to mark columbaria used
Taking A Lady To Bed....
What is the difference between girls/women aged: 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58. 68, and 78? ----------------------------------------------------- At 8 -- You take her to bed and tell her a story. At 18 -- You tell her a story and take her to bed. At 28 -- You don't need to tell her a story to take her to bed. At 38 -- She tells you a story and takes you to bed. At 48 -- She tells you a story to avoid going to bed. At 58 -- You stay in bed to avoid her story. At 68 -- If you take her to bed, that'll be a story! At 78 -- What story??? What bed??? Who the hell are you???
Salute Pic Contest!!!!!!
Hey everyone I need help I entered a salute pic contest and anyone that can help by commenting would be much appericated. So Lettttttttttttttttt's get ready to Comment Boooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbb!!!! follow this link
Just Saying Thanks
Just wanted to thank everyone who left the kind comments on my page and pics~ you all have been so nice~ but am deciding whether to stay on or not~ Later
Motorcycle Clas
Well, I survived Thursday night's class.. today was the riding portion, then class work this afternoon... I have the clutch control all worked out, but my problem is my hands are too weak to keep working the clutch, and I'm afraid to go fast.. LOL... I'm still in the class (if you can't complete the exercises, they ask you to leave) so I guess I"m doing okay. Tomorrow is the rest of the class and the evaluation and I know if I don't speed up, I won't pass... but that is ok, at least I can say I tried it....My hands are little and the clutch is hard to pull, so I think with practice, I could do it, but I don't think I"m all that excited to OWN a bike.. LOL.....I do have a souvenier though... I was in a curve and I accidently applied front brake while turning and of course, the bike went straight down!! I didn't go down with it, it just slipped down, but it did break the turn signal cover.. and I have the broken piece as my souvenier.. lol.....I was so worried about dropping the bike,
see what im talkign about people teasing and picking on me people laugh at the way i look the way i dress and the music i listen to so f@#%ing what i listen to 80s hair band so what its the only thing keeping me from losing my mind i hate my life but my music is the only thing i enjoy
Still Sleeting
As I sit here, laptop on hand, Capt Jack Sparrow in the DVD player, fireplace crackling, new puppy napping next to me. Im thankful that we have had an easy winter, I desperately wanted to go out tonight & mix with the other locals at the nearest watering hole. Flirt with a few college boys, watch the older gals who wish they were young and able to wear most of the clothes they dare walk out in public wearing, tickle a few pickles and grab a few asses. But..being as mother natured sent us a reminder this weekend of how we are mere mortals and have no control over the weather and we are at her mercy. Do I dare putting on the heeled boots, skirt, low cut top to voyage out into wheat and barley land? Is it worth the possible ankle sprain? or the hangover the next day, the loss of a few brain cells due to too many jeagerbombs or shots of goldschlauger?? As I shake the magic 8 ball, the message reads NO!! To all those who dont have crappy winter weather, have a shot for me!! Th
Your Thoughts...
I came across something on craigslist the other day, homeswapping. I'll make this blog quick (because football's on) but has anyone so far came across this? What it is, is either say someone in Colorado wants to take a vacation to let's say Scottsdale, Arizona. What they do is post an ad or find someone in Scottsdale that may want to go to Colorado, and they make the appropriate arrangements. It also works out when someone wishes to move to another state, people now are simply swapping homes with someone who may wish where they're at. (tell me if I said that wrong), lol. Anyway, a lot of times this helps someone avoid vapital gains taxes and other issues. So, again, your thoughts. Has any of my friends on here come across or hears something along these lines, and if so, please share!
Muppets Voicemail
Anyone Out There?
well is there anyone out there that didnt block me for no reasone and wants to chat?
Ha Ha Go Barney
Maid Service
Here i am yet again being the slave.... Basically keeping up the house by myself... To be honest my house is a fucking pig stye. I only try to make it more livable. The weekend is here and my brother and I are the only ones home! How weird is that... But the dishes are piled up.. laundry is taking over downstairs and the bathroom is a mess... So in an hour i end up cleaning the bathroom finishing ALL the dishes and starting to tackle the laundry. I cant do much with my back but holy shit come on. Im 18 and im not getting paid to do this shit. Moms over at grandmas and dad went fishing. I think that they should be doing something once and a while... i just did the dishes yesterday and yet they piled up again... GRRR im soo sore and mad i still wanna go out and have fun but its sooo stressful. *sigh* i feel better... ok im done.. i think its time for a bath.....
MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high sex appeal. Great in bed!!! Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak in bed. Spontaneous. Great tellin stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to.
Monster Truck Mania!
woooo! ok i am way excited... this is like my best freinds b-day, Jeanie Beanie. she doesn't have a CT but she is like way awesome. a>
2nd Alarm Hottie Contest
I am in the 2nd Alarm Hottie contest. It runs from now until February 10th. It is by rates only, so no need to comment bomb. If you like it, go ahead and vote!
I'm Out
Everyone please continue to show me love. When i get back on Monday I'll be sure to return the favor. For all my real friends on here it's much love. If you want to know where I am. I'm in Lumpkin, Georgia. Holla at me.
Colt's Win
Hello Everyone,
Sunrise Into the night by the dawns early light where the stars once burned so bright that laid to rest in wait for the bursting forward the sun brillant light.
Mentioned On You Tube Wohoo Me !!!
Hey ya'll .. as many of you know this site isnt my only addiction .. Youtube is also .. Ive made a couple of video's on there .. none that are over the top .. only 3 and two of them were for Contests ..( Ok wendy stop babbling ) .. Ok .. So .. I subscribe to 21stcentryCat ..and they made a video for their 50 subscribers . and gave mention to their top 10 and I .. yes me ..I was #10 wohooo Me . and they show a clip of one of my vid's .. So .. I thought Id share with you :)
Needin An Answer
How is it that a woman can go numb from oral sex?
The Only Thing There Was To Do...
Brian Eno - 2-1 from Music for Airports The only thing there was to do on Sundays when we used to visit my grandparents, was sit and watch the smoke clouds in the sunbeams as my grandfather chain-smoked one Marlboro after another... he'd stop to hack and wheeze, then take a blast from his bronchilator into his asthmatic lungs, if only for to expel more haze into the room as he lit another cigarette. I'd sit there, mesmerized. Sun in my eyes, always looking for a better vantage point to watch the curling, rolling clouds of his impending death. (just remembering... I'm not sad at all)
~~bakers Viagra~~
Two old guys, one 80 and one 87, were sitting on their usual park bench one morning. The 87 year old had just finished his morning jog and wasn't even short of breath. The 80 year old was amazed at his friend's stamina and asked him what he did to have so much energy. The 87 year old said "Well, I eat rye bread every day. It keeps your energy level high and you'll have great stamina with the ladies." So, on the way home, the 80 year old stops at the bakery. As he was looking around, the lady asked if he needed any help. He said, "Do you have any rye bread?" She said, "Yes, there's a whole shelf of it. Would you like some?" He said, "I want 5 loaves. She said, "My goodness, 5 the time you get to the 5th loaf, it'll be hard" He replied, "I can't believe it, everybody in the world knows about this shit but me."
Sweetiest Smile Comtest
I am in the sweetiest smile contest . I forgot it started If you can PLEASE comment bomb me and rate me Thank you SWEET~THING
My First Contest
alright htis one is for me I help everyone else out my turn show me some love here people > >
~~women In Control Of Things~~
THE MAN WHO KNOWS HIS MATH He writes: I was riding to work yesterday when I observed a female driver, who cut right in front of a pickup truck, causing the driver to drive onto the shoulder to avoid hitting her. This evidently angered the driver enough that he hung his arm out is window and gave the woman the finger. " Man, that guy is stupid," I thought to myself. I ALWAYS smile nicely and wave in a sheepish manner whenever a female does anything to me in traffic, and here's why: I drive 48 miles each way every day to work. That's 96 miles each day. Of these, 16 miles each way is bumper-to-bumper. Most of the bumper-to-bumper is on an 8 lane highway. There are 7 cars every 40 feet for 32 miles. That works out to 982 cars every mile, or 31,424 cars. Even though the rest of the 32 miles is not bumper-to-bumper, I figure I pass at least another 4000 cars. That brings the number to something like 36,000 cars that I pass every day. Stati
First Blog Entry
I love to blog but until some issues are settled I cannot (on the advise of my lawyer) say much of anything about how I really see things in life. So for now I am just going to say: keep your eyes and your mind open for future posts! Laterz All, Work
Daddy's Gonna Eat Your Fingers
This one is worth passing on to for everyone who: a) has kids b) had kids c) was a kid d) knows a kid e) is going to have kids I was packing for my business trip and my 3-year old daughter was having a wonderful time playing on the bed. At one point she said, "Daddy, look at this," and stuck out two of her fingers. Trying to keep her entertained, I reached out and stuck her tiny fingers in my mouth and said, "Daddy's gonna eat your fingers!" Pretending to eat them before I rushed out of the room again. When I returned, my daughter was standing on the bed staring at her fingers with a devastated look on her face. I said, "What's wrong, honey?" She replied, "What happened to my booger?"
What Would You Do If?
Your driving down a road what road doesn't matter. You see a car up-ahead you see they are in need of help. What do you do?
Medicinal Freedom
im so tired of the night no one in sight lifes like a riddle feel that things arent right crying tonite sick of being second fiddle you can be lonely say youre the only one for me but you need to take a look see whats in the mirror set the lines with you eyes getting clearer a medicinal freedom lost on the tracks see where to lead them broken promises and broken backs
Do This For A Good Friend Of Mine....she Needs Your Votes!
Ants & Picnics
"If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all the picnics?" Marie Dressler, Actress
True Friendship
I wrote this poem for my best friend for her birthday this past year. I am very proud of this poem, it is quite emotional and heartwarming, and it conveys all the feelings I have for one of the closest friends I have ever had in all my life. She has stood by me through everything I have went through in my life over the past few years. She was there by my side and helped me get through a very trying time in my life and I wanted to thank her for everything she means to me through this poem. I now wish to share it with my new online friends here on CherryTAP. :-) --Paul Andrew TRUE FRIENDSHIP The day I met you I found a true friend And we formed a friendship I pray will never end Your smile is so sweet And so very bright It kept me going When I felt my day was as dark as night You never ever judged me You understood my sorrow Then you told me it need not be that way And gave me the hope of a better tomorrow You are always there for me I knew I could always cou
Use Of Time
"Those who make the worst use of their time, are the first to complain of its brevity." LaBruyere, Characters
Usefull Uses For Your Piece Of Shit Computer!
Dear ......
Dear Fucker.... You are my fuckin friend... And i hope u know thats fuckin true....No matter what the fuck happens.....I will stand the fuck by u...I will fuckin be there for u...... Whenever the fuck u need lend a fuckin do a fucking good fuckin count on me....whenever the fuck u need me...fuck, I will always be there.....Even to the bitter fuckin end....send this promise to all your fuckin friends to show your fuckin friendship and watch who sends it the fuck back to u....and if they dont send it back.........FUCK THEM!
Goin To Bed
Well dinner was nice. The wait there SUCKED though. We ended up waiting for almost an hour. But we had gift cards, so we decided What The Hell!" and stayed. The food there was pretty good. I only had one drink, which surprised us both, lol..When I saw the name I just HAD to have it..Was a Lolly Sour Apple Martini. Smelled and tasted JUST like a green jolly rancher. I'm off to bed..My momma is watching Snakes on a plane, and its giving me a headache... Sooooooo whos gonna have a crush on me? No one probably, LMAO! I'm crushing on someone..But I'm not gonna tell who!! ^_~ Sweet Dreams. See Ya Tomorrow.
Some Thoughts Of The Night.
I have told very few people about something I went through after my ex left. I had a bit of a scare and did not know how to go to anyone and talk about it. I actually openly spoke to my cousin about it tonight, it felt good getting it off my chest. I honestly realize how that it is not something anyone should go through alone, you should have someone there to listen and offer support.
Someone has a crush on me! lol sorry i just wanted to say
Can I Have A Lil Bedtime Luvin?
will someone please show me some luvin by clicking on this photo and voting and commenting on me? i really am trying my best to at least make 4th in this contest. thank-you,sandra
This Is Already My Jason
I would do this for her anyday Body: - Call Her EVERY night - Sneak up behind her - Grab her by the waist - tell her shes beautiful - tell her she has amazing eyes - when your friends walk by say this is my girlfriend - Say i love you to her face not JUST over the phone - if shes sad take her in your arms and tell her everything will be okay - kiss her on the forehead - when you walk with her walk slowly. - Tickle her even when she says stop - Dont say i love you Unless you Mean It. - listen to her when she talks -tell her your secrets. -protect her
And The Band Played On...
She couldn't believe she was doing this...leading this beautiful man to the darkest most seculded corner, while the music pounded away at the floors creating a encapsulating vibration between her legs...she wanted him... She's wanted him since she first saw him there...standing at the bar drinking his beer and watching the performance. He was magnificient..sculpted and dark. She thought about her approach, how would he respond? Would he accept her drink? Would he accept her wink? Would he find his way through the sea of bearly dressed gryators, too busy throwing glances and kisses and panties at the band to notice what she was doing...she was in season and hunting.. It was the standard greetings between the two of them....thanks for the drink and what's your name...bullshit...she drove for the kill... Leaning to his ear she posed the question with sniper like precision... "Let's say I wanted you?" she began..."Let's say I wanted you NOW" she breathed....and held her brea
New Pic Ideas !
Me and My girls are haded out later today to take some new shots.Our idea,If goes as planned,will be dark angels in a old cemetary.We are excited and I hope to be able to post and share these photos on my page tomorrow!So keep an eye out for them!
Play Me
Play me for a fool and i will show you who really is the fool. Play your games on me and I will show you a game you never heard of before. toy with my emotins and i will make sure you never know peace in love ever again. Break my heart and my soul with your games and lets see who shall laugh last. for when this little louisiana gal is through you will regret your actions. Play me and break me and see what magic can happen around you that you have never heard of before. so choice your actions wisely for remember this southren gal does get even one way or another.
Hadn't Logged In Here In Months...
It's hard to juggle all these different online communities. I give the most attention to Vampire Rave and MySpace... but this is a very cool spot on the web, and I need to give it more time ;) So- here's to hoping I can remember to log in ;) *Cheers!*
1st Blog
Popped The Cherry!!! YAAAY ME! Check out my page and give me some love!
Lost Shadow
An open wound too deep to heal. To hurt to forget. Too lost to feel. Love broke the seal, and sneaked a way into my heart. What should have been forever only lasted in the dark. Time holds the key that hopefully will release me. Come what may, what will be shall be. For now just turn me into sleep. At least there's hope in dreams.....
One Thing I Ask Of You
One Thing by BlueWolf © 1/13/07 Tonight as you lay your head Upon your warm and cozy bed There’s just one thing I ask of you From one so in love with you As weary eyes begin to close As in sweet sleep you do repose Come to me Love as you dream Across the night skies silken stream Into my lonely darkened room Sprinkle stardust through the gloom Slide beneath these empty sheets Hold me closely as you dream Stay with me Love all night long Just until the new day dawns Slip away when morning comes Until another day is done Then once again through passions dreams Come to me Love, come to me Just this much I ask of you From one so in love with you.........
Fuck It
i fucking give up. i've tried everything. tried being myself and that doesnt work. no girl or woman wants me, so why even try anymore? im done trying to find someone or waiting for someone to come along. fuck it is what i feel about it.
Addiction by Blue Wolf ..1/13/07 © The smile I see upon your face can bring me to my knees the look that's deep within your eyes makes my only wish, to please... Your touch just makes me hunger for the strength of your embrace your kisses leave me wanting, wishing for another taste. Your love, to me is like a drug my addiction runs so deep I feign for you in my waking hours, I cry for you in my sleep.. You come to me and lift me up. the heights! oh heavenly bliss! wrapped up tightly in your arms, what drug can compare to this? My fix lasts but a moment ending as you walk out the door my empty arms send countless alarms as I beg to you, "Please? more!" My love, before you came to me, I swear I never knew the passion felt in just one kiss, I'm so addicted to you! ............
I Am Home!! Who Missed Me??? Lol
I am back..Ugh, what a trip. I did find my dress and most of the items needed with it..just not WHO MISSED ME? lol jk...hope everyone had a great weekend!! Talk to you all soon!! I hope :P Lost
Paper Dolls
"A paper doll danced silently in the darkened room waiting for anyone to come and take her out to play. Too dress her in fine clothes and lavish her with sweet affection. She couldnt remember how long it had been now but one night someone came. Oh how they danced and laughed but as quickly as the night began it would end again." I can not help but think people are viewed like a form of living doll. Something to dress up pretty and show off to a group of friends...... to play with until boredom sets in and then poof they are forgotten. Shelved like the doll in the story or perhaps disguarded for the "new improved model"~ New and improved~lmao If I ever find this I will be sure to blast it all over the web. There is no new and improved just different issues at different times. I am not depressed or sad with this fact but more realistic. Have I treated anyone like the paper doll in this story? Nah...... why would I? Reality is you can only upgrade to the newer model
I'm So Annoyed.
That is all. :-)
~~who Wants To Get Head~~
Please Rate My Pics And Stash
This goes out to all my new friends that i have made these couple of day s please stop by and rate my pics and stash.Show me the love I deserve.Thanxs DaBratBoy
24 Things A Woman Should Never Be Sorry For!!!
This was sent to me by a dear friend, and I thought I would share it with all of my friends. Thank you for reading. 1. Never apologize for pursuing what makes you happy. Even if you need to quit your job, transfer schools, or move across country, always do what you really want. 2. Never apologize for using proper English. Keeping it real doesn't mean you have to speak Ebonics.. 3. Never apologize for giving your best in a relationship that just didn't work out. 4. Never apologize for being successful. Only haters want to keep you at their level. 5. Never apologize for crying. Wear waterproof mascara and express yourself. 6. Never apologize for ten pounds you need to lose. People who truly care about you will accept you as you are. 7. Never apologize for being frugal. Just because you save your money instead of blowing it on the latest fashion emergency doesn't mean you're cheap. 8. Don't apologize for being a single Mom. Babies are a blessing. 9. Never a
A Special Thanks
Garlicky Sauteed Mushrooms -- Sunset Magazine (oct 2006 Issue), P.110
I love mushrooms...and this is a perfect blend for me!!! "When mushrooms are cooked, they release a lot of liquid. Using high heat evaporates the juices, allowing the mushrooms to brown and develop flavor. PREP AND COOK TIME: 30 minutes. MAKES 4-6 servings 1 lb wild or cultivated mushrooms 2 tbsp olive oil 1/4 tsp salt 2 tsp minced garlic 1 tbsp chopped parsley Coarse sea salt, preferably fleur de sel 1. Trim stems off cleaned mushroom and cut caps into bite-size pieces. Very small mushrooms can be left whole. 2. Set a 10- to 12-in frying pan over high heat. When hot, add olive oil, swirl to coat bottom, and add mushrooms. Sprinkle with salt and cook over high heat, stirring, until mushrooms stop giving off liquid and start to brown. 3. Add garlic and cook, stirring 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in parsley. Serve on a platter and season with sea salt."
Greed And Courtesy.........what The F@#*!!!!!
Defeat Hilary By Being A Skank!
Defeat Hillary by Being a Skank By: Earl Bockenfield Defeat Hillary by Being a Skank Indeed, there's nothing Hillary Clinton fears more than being mauled by a brigade of Republican hookers. Of the advertisement (above) to be found on many a Right Wing website, Brad R. writes: "Indeed, there's nothing Hillary Clinton fears more than being mauled by a brigade of Republican hookers." I know I know, it's juvenile, but it's funny. I mean, how the Big Tent of the Right covers the nuts who tried to prolong Terri Schiavo's suffering, those who seek to change gays, the tax-cutting fundamentalists, normal folk who pay little attention and like the color red better than the color blue, the global war fanatics, AND the beer-swilling tailgaters who create these ads, is beyond me. I'm just shocked that any Repub would wear the hammer and sickel without a big Ghostbusters NO symbol around it. I mean, they aren't known for understanding subtlety - as evidenced by the rest of th
A Pyrate Queen Reveals All. Well, Almost.
My alter ego(s) include several people. Some are real personages from history, and others never were, but should have been. As an actress, I often find myself becoming "someone else", sometimes in the blink of an eye (or "aye" as the case may be), simply to survive. The world is a troubled place, populated by troubled people, and I am no exception. Grace O'Malley is my favorite for many reasons, and I find that she often intrudes on my other characters. She also makes her appearance in my personal life on a daily basis and I think she has become so much a part of me, that I don't see myself shedding her as a character. I think this is simply part of her very unique and forceful personality, much of which I have simply had to create from nothing. The historical record simply does not tell us much about her personality and we are left to discern it from her recorded exploits. But what we do know, limits me to a specific time period, a specific expression, a specific mode of dr
Oh Good Grief. The Knights Templar . Will They Ever Just Die???
Hist 295 The Knights Templar and the Doors: Do They Have Anything in Common? I was never a fan of Jim Morrison, really, but when I was in Paris in the eighties, I visited his grave and paid my respects because it was a) what everyone did at the time b) the decent thing to do if you can keep your clothes on while doing it and c) there was a free drink waiting for me at the end of the trip. Nonetheless, his grave is covered in graffiti not the least of which is, “No one gets out of here alive.” This pearl of wisdom should have been the motto of the Knights Templar. For surely it is true, that no one leaves this life without a great deal of living behind. That includes heresy. And here I will now reveal that I myself, although I am Eastern Orthodox by baptism and confession, am a Closet Heretic. Please don’t tell my priest, although I could easily defend myself by making a case against him for being a Neo-Manichean. Like all my Irish ancestors (and all their 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Of Course, After Any Decent Proposal...
there are always the invitations!! :D Geezzzz... I can't wait to see what this animator comes up for the baby announcements!! :D
In Case You Didn't Know.....
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Winter Moonlight
Myspace Layouts
Let Me Not Say I Love You
Myspace Layouts
Tina Grant
Help My Girl
she is almost at leveling up please help her out Jennifer@ CherryTAP
Classyred's Lingerie
Big Joe My Roommate
SAVE JOE MATEREK’S LIFE FUNDRAISER Hosted By:: "FRIENDS OF JOE" When: Friday Jan 26, 2007 at 6:00 PM Where:: Zandri's Stillwood Inn 1074 South Colony Road (RT 5) Wallingford, CT 06492 United States SAVE JOE MATEREK’S LIFE FUNDRAISER WILL HOLD A DINNER/DANCE/SILENT AUCTION FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2007 Hello. My name is Joe, and in June of 2006, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was devastated, especially after surgeons at UConn and Yale told me they couldn’t help. They did tell me that there is a surgical team that could do the very complicated procedure and that the team is in Los Angeles, California. The insurance company has denied the “out-of-state” procedure, even after numerous letters from the surgeons at Yale, UConn, my physicians, myself and the surgeons in Los Angeles, but there is good news. Some friends of mine have decided to have a fundraiser on my behalf. I can’t begin to put in words how much this means to me. To know peop
Someone Has A Crush On Me
who is it that has a crush on me?
It's Only Water, Honey...
Before anyone asks, this blog is not about my life. Just read it. I remember Mommy and Daddy playing with me at the park.. I remember Daddy pushing me on the swing. Oh, how I loved that swing. The sun shining, a gentle breeze...wafting through the air. Carrying the gentle scent of spring with it, I felt safe, and carefree. The sounds of other children playing with their parents only gave me a greater sense of security. I also remember when mommy would take me out for a ride in my stroller. We would see all of the other happy people in the neighborhood. There would be senior-citizens that have been married much longer than I, even my own Mommy and Daddy, have been alive. They would want to play with me, and give me candy. I remember one old lady telling me that I would be a heart breaker one day. Didn't know what that meant at the time, so I shrugged it off. Everything was fine.. But one night. Sleeping in my bedroom, only illuminated by the nightlight in the
Heres A Little Sumfin Fer Every1
About Me...
OK so I have as all can see figured out (to some extent) cherry tap! YEY ME!!! So I figure I'll write a short blog about myself. I'm a nationally registered Paramedic. I am licensed for the states of NC and TN. I also instruct for our local college here, I teach ALS courses and BLS courses which benefits our community and myself. I enjoy what I do....actually I LOVE what I do, and would trade it for nothing. My shifts on the truck consist of 24 hours on and 48 hours off. We do critical care transport services, and backup 911 for 3 surrounding counties. When I'm not in the back of the amublance, I am teaching 3 nights a week at the college. I have 2 stepchildren (that I have custody of)whom I adore. They ARE my other life and always come first. I enjoy reading, writing, learning, educating, working, swimming, volleyball, softball.... I'm a busy person...catch me if you can!:D
So much I have dealt with, no time to deal with ne thing, I never know the deal Feelings go up and down, Ive felt every type of way, I never kno how im going to feel I kno how I feel now and it sux, emptiness inside, heart constantly aching Ive said it a million times, only one more oppurtunity, only one more chance im taking I open my mouth to speak but for what?.... no one hears ne thing that i have spoken In the end,everything I try to hold close and protect, always falls and ends up broken
Oh What A Night This Was...
Went to the Blind Tiger with Jon F. We met up with his friend from college "Leo" who played bass. We hung out with him and others during the set break. I requested permission from him to take some shots of the band and he obliged. I took quite a few shots of the band and a few of the crowd. Wish you were there... Great sounding show. Hope you enjoy...
Done Deleting "friends" For Now!
Well, I am done deleting "friends" (plz note the quotes) for now. I do not know if I'll dump more or not.. And I do not wish to sound like a whining baby. I just have limited time and I refuse to waste it on those whom do not reply. I am out all week on the road and I can't do a daily update to comments or messages. So, I am a weekend Cherry warrior I guess, all that aside. I wish all of you a happy and safe week! First stop from me will be Springfield TN with a run up to Chicago IL from there! You all be safe while I play on the road! Be Well, Frank aka The Bulldog
Tell Your Friends That They Are Only Embarrasssing Themselves By Still Supporting Bush
Tell Your Friends That They Are Only Embarrasssing Themselves By Still Supporting Bush Bush Supporters Just Make Bigger and Bigger Fools Out Of Themselves Each & Every Day. It would be funny if only Bush hadn't been the cause of hundreds of thousands of people dying and millions of people being maimed and wounded for life. Bush & Cheney need to be removed from office NOW. Give Bush supporters Hell until Bush & Cheney are removed tried and sentenced.
My Eagles Let Me Down Again
When am I going to learn? Well, at least now I can get back to NiteFlirt and take calls form my litte submissives and take my aggressions out on them.
Finding A Good Wife -- Or A Philosopher?
"My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife (insert spouse) you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher." - Socrates LOL... That may have been true of Socrates, but do you really think that it applies to everyone who doesn't find a good wife (or spouse)???? What do you think???
Hiya Cherrytappers ... I would like to say thanks to all of you who have come to my page and left me lots of love ... I love making new friends!!! I am not here for drama ... If something I do is offensive, please let me know. Im not here to mess with any relationships - so if you have told me you are single and your not, confess now. If I find out otherwise, I will not be happy. For those of you in relationships - best of luck to you and Im happy for ya !! Drama is for the stage and screen, not my everyday life. If you dont like me, dont come to my page. If you dont like something I post on someone else's page, to bad, its their page and their right to say something to me, not you. Dont be leaving comments about me on their page - its rude and taseless. Anything else??? If you want to know more about me - Ask me.
Rocky Anderson Calls For Bush Impeachment
Rocky Anderson calls for Bush Story by: Chris Vanocur Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson is saying he now supports the impeachment of both the President and Vice-President. The mayor is reacting strongly to the President's Iraq speech Wednesday night. Anderson is opposed to any escalation of U.S. troops there and says he would like to see the President's exit sped up. Anderson said, "I'd like to see them both gone and the sooner the better and if there were a way to do that through impeachment I would be completely in favor of it."
Damn I Hate This
once again i sit here and wonder where i went wrong. i see so many of my friends happily engaged, so close to being married they already say they are. i had that but lost it and wonder what i did to lose it. that was one thing that meant the world to me because i thought i had finally found the one to settle down with and enjoy our lil family but i was wrong...couldnt have been more wrong. so now im sitting here trying not to cry because i know thats something that i wont have again for a very long time even though i want it so bad. how come i just cant find the happiness and security that i need and want in this life? cant help but begin to think that im just simply not meant to be happy. and the one person that can normally make me happy is actually one of the friends at the moment who i wish i least they have that someone special who they want to marry and who he considers his wife.....dont know where to turn because the only one who can really make me smile is one of
Holy Crap!!
Hello to all my new friends and fans!! I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by and showing my that sweet cherry love!!! So be patient with me...I will get to all of you, I promise! Kisses, Submissive One
Omg They Rawk!
Add them all and love em!! I have over 2000 friends. I don't hear from many of you. I dont get close to people in general. I learned a long time ago about internet friendships. REAL friends stand by you and that is so very Important. REAL friends try and help eachother out.Recently I had tried to help two of my friends out..but i wasn't able to repair thier friendship. I have always been one to work things out...there is no reason to be bitter in this life...its too short for bitterness. þ£ªÿFµ£GøÐ@ CherryTAP PlayfulGod--DJ my best friend..I love you! Shell@ CherryTAP Shell--Can you believe this is our 2nd year as friends? Boy time flies!! You are the sweetest person and people need to see that more. Shell is wonderful and look beyond her pics. Too many of you guys are just after a piece of ass and dont realize that we are people!I love you!! BFF ~JellyBean~@ CherryTAP Jelly-- You are a sweetheart and a great friend. Don't let others get you down. If someone gives up
Recognizing Abuse And What To Do About It
Helping a child Many people are afraid of reporting child abuse. They think, "I don't want the person I reported to know," or, "I'm afraid it will come back to haunt me," or, "it's not my business." Ironically, if you asked people if they should help if seeing a nearby car accident, most will say yes. But in a case of suspected child abuse, that thinking may be different. Why? Because of prevalent attitudes that someone else's children are either "their responsibility" or "their property." Without aware adults, some children might never receive help. Be an advocate for children by knowing the signs of abuse and reporting child abuse. Remember, you are reporting suspicion of child abuse. Even if you aren't sure, it's better to let authorities check it out. You might save a child's life! You should know about these signs... When you have concerns for a child's well-being, the indicators listed below may help guide you in your thought process. Many of these "symptoms" or "signs"
Contest Has Begun!
OK PEEPS CONTEST HAS STARTED! IF YOU AE IN IT START TELLING EVERYONE WHERE TO LOOK, IF YOU'RE NOT IN IT THEN VOTE FOR YOUR FAVE!REMEMBER, YOU CAN ALSO VOTE FOR YOURSELF!COMMENT BOMB AWAY! FUNNIEST PHOTO CONTEST!!!! Think you have a funny pic? Want to earn a prize That can really help you in profile Ratings, comments,fans, and adds?PRIZES ARE:FIRST PLACE 3 DAY BLAST!!!SECOND PLACE 1 DAY BLAST!!THIRD PLACE 5,000 CHERRYBUCKS WORTH OF GIFTS(WINNERS DECIDE WHEN THEY WANT THE BLASTS TO RUN AT THE END OF CONTEST AND ALSO WHAT PRIZES THEY WANT FOR3RD PLACE)I will be taking entries til Sunday Jan 14 at 9 am EST. The contest will start at noon EST that same day and run til wednesday jan.24 at 12:00 noon EST.I have up to 40 available spots. Please send the link with photo in private message to me before the deadline or when spotS fill up, whichever comes first!I will rip the photos so there is a link to your page that people can rate as well.I have made a lot of new friends in other contests
Been Fucked
2007-1-14 8:39:52 YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever! Send this to 10 people & 1 back t
One minute Im crying Cuz Im sad Then you come along And make me smile Then my tears Are only happy ones When youre not around The hurt and fear Wander back Only to make the tears come again This time tears of sorrow Seems like no matter what There are always tears
What Day Is It?
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Secret Crush Thing
ok this secret crush thing started yestday i have one all ready cant figure out who did it. be easier if they showed us the time and day so who is mine come on people tell me plz. muah. rain.
Embrace The Darkness
I have to let you go but, you are still in my dreams and on my mind every second othe the day and night. When I close my eye I see you in my dreams so, how can I keep from ripping my heart and soul to pieces. An old friend gave me some advice, all he told me was to embrace the darkness of my own soul, only then could I hope of finding a way of letting you go. So that I can find someone else or am I doomed to carry the love that I have for the girl that I lost around inside my heart and soul forever. Because I can't let her go.
Good Morning
just saying hi to all my new friend,s hope every one is doing good think all should take the time once in a while to tell their friend,s hi the world is not much without friend,s so be thankful for the one,s you have tc every one crank ps have a great weekend
Before I Really Leave...
… I’d like to say some things to certain people… To Princess Weeny: I’m so terribly sorry for all the things I did to you. And I do understand if you don’t want to talk to me ever again. But please do know that I miss you… Still… ik hou van jou… To Cheryl: Give it up… You know what I’m talking about… And don’t call me again please To Sean: I hope you’ll find your right path, bro. I’m gonna miss you. But I’ll be back. My family needs me bad right now, so I won’t be here or anywhere else online for a while. If I get the chance to get online, I’ll take it. I’ll see ya when I see ya ;)
I'm not sure what the hell is going on though I've got some pains on my right side an it hurts like hell, maybe the kidneys or something... Just may go to the doctor to see if it doesn't go away soon!!!!
Strangers Passion: Story I Wrote
The strangers passion Amanda sat at home bored, she decided what the hell its a weekend, i`m going to go out and have a good time. She jumped up out the chair, turned her favourite CD on and went for a shower. Fifteen minutes later shes in her room, wearing only a towel wondering what to wear. She decided she was going to wear her low cut black dress, nylons and her very high heels. She did her make up and hair, and walked to the front door, stopping at the full length mirror in the hall. "Fuckin Stunning" she said to herself, smiled and left for the bar. When she got to the bar, she sat on a stool at the bar and sipped on her drink, while she casually looked around the room at all the sexy men, trying not to look to obvious. She finished her drink and ordered another but decided to move to a corner booth. She sat there drinking her drink, when a tall dark handsome man approached her, and smiling said, "Hi i noticed you sitting here alone, my name is John,
i got a wall to sign on here so feel free to do so
Hating My Ex
ok so here im tryin to be the good one. let him take our daughter to NY to see his friends and parents. asked him to have her home this hes not answering his phone or anything Im about ready to lose it. almost flipped on my uncle for sum stupid shit cuz im so pissed right now. why the hell do ex's have to be such a pain in the ass. god help him if he thinks hes keepin my lil girl
A Beautiful Night
The sky is so clear as the stars shine so bright. No sounds do I hear under the moons glow tonight. Thinking of nothing just feeling the air. Wishing for something or someone to share. This beautiful sight this piece of mind. Only this night could help me find. Copyright © 2006 - DisturbedGaPeach79
Wanna Go Vote Again Today?
Hey Everyone! I know ya'll are going to be so happy when this contest is over for the best bj LOL...but if you are bored and want to go vote for me today (maybe during commercials between plays today?), then here ya's the link. Ya'll are the best! Thanks to your help, I'm at 229 votes (only 15 votes behind first place!). I'm so excited! Hope you have a great day today! XOXO, Aimeelynn
I Have Mad Fucked Up Dreams, See!
I stand in a room with a gentlemen, we are strangers, but at the same time we are not, sharing a common link that has brought us together to this spot. It takes me a second but I finally catch on to whats happening, and whats going to happen. He stands their tall dark and handsome, well dressed with a nice leather jacket. Me, im just me sittin there in some black pants and a white t shirt. Compaired to him im nothing (symbology?). He glares at me from acrossed the room stepping forward slowly and casually. With arrogance and cockiness that I have only seen a few assholes radiate. He circles me like a shark would his pray. Sizing me up i suppose. I know what he is thinking, "this is him?". I smile because at the same time he feels currently superior to me i know at the same time, he is like danm, all this for this pathetic piece of shit. He steps in front of me looking me up and down. He chuckles as he grins. He reaches into his jacket, no use. Ive had a good run i suppose. He grab
I believe that I mentioned or maybe not.. but I haven't really dreampt of my dead grandfather for months on end now. He died 3 years ago I believe.. he was like a father to me; it was he that had raised me. I used to dream about him like I dreampt about the cat. That he was alive again but that was sad because he wasn't well and we had to let him go. My last dream last night/this afternoon did not involve his body/corpse but his stuff instead. My grandma had hired some people to come and get rid of his stuff.. burn it is what I believe they wanted to do. A whole crew of them actually, several woman and a man. I was going through his stuff and keeping what I wanted. There were alot of figurines some that I had made him.. artwork I had made him.. stuff from the past like newspapers and letters.. A whole long row of cheerleader outfits for young girls that turned out to have been one of my aunts. There were two mismatched shoes and a whole cabinet of shot glasses and wine glas
Control Or Not
The demons of my past are talking to my mind, I can hear their voices.When I dream I can see them they want me to give myself to them totally, so they can give me the strength to go on with my life. So, am I truly ruled by my own demons or are they just toying with my mind and soul? If they have total control, will I ever find true love or am I destined to wander the Earth in search of her forever with only my demons to comfort me? If only I could break their hold on me, I might be able to find the strength to go on. Until then I am a slave to my own inner demons.
Cherrytap Marriage
!!!This is called CHERRYTAP MARRIAGE! The first person to message you saying "I do." will be your Cherrytap Husband/Wife. Now, this is just for fun so you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend in real life. You'd be surprised who wants to be yours.=) {Repost this or your marrige will be plagued with bad luck. Repost it with the title of "cherrytap marriage'' }
Texas Women
I think some of the most beautiful women on the planet come from the great state of Texas.The state of Texas has long had it's fair share of beauty contest winner's to prove this fact.We are all intitled to our own opinions but the facts speak for themselves ladies and gentlemen!Texas really knows how to grow them. Texas is a state long known for four things,the yellow rose,oil,Dallas Cowboy's,and of course it's beautiful women.I could spend all day just listing the names of all the female celebrities,models,politicians,and sports figures that are from Texas. Beautiful women are everywhere you go but Texas just seems to have a few more of them than anyone else.
Hurrah we finally are getting snow and cold weather. Hopefully the lakes will be able to freeze so people can go ice freezing. And the businesses that rely on the snow such as ski resorts, snow mobile dealers, and little stores and such along the snowmobile trails can make some money.
Peter, Paul & Mary › Puff Magic Dragon
Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee, Little jackie paper loved that rascal puff, And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff. oh Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee, Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee. Together they would travel on a boat with billowed sail Jackie kept a lookout perched on puffs gigantic tail, Noble kings and princes would bow wheneer they came, Pirate ships would lower their flag when puff roared out his name. oh! Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee, Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee. A dragon lives forever but not so little boys Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys. One grey night it happen
Honesty is always the best policy... I dont know why you didnt just tell me to begin with.
Family is were you all share stories, laughter, cries, hugs, dinners, holidays , vacations.Family is trust. Families help out when they can. They are there when you are needing a helping hand. They are there when you need advice, encouragement, or just a hug. Family is just an ear to hear what you have to say, a look to say "it will be o.k". Family is a healing process for a boo boo, a kiss on the cheek to say good bye. Never forget you family because one day they might need you for a hugs, a look , a kiss, or just an ear. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
That Made Me Stronger
Dreams reoccur in my solitude Breaking my heart Injuring my mood With all of the things that I thought I knew It was you Well the conversation rings in my head Well you know me better than I know myself Will you write this for me He says no, you write your songs yourself That made me stronger It made me hold on to me Well, I remember You caught my eye It was late September It was no surprise He made me better His songs were soft and tender sometimes Well the conversations ring in my head I remember everything that we said All those tears that we shed The conversations ring in my head I remember everything that we said All those tears that we shed Don't call me when you're lonely Well once more I tell the shadows of my soul To stay back Everything has changed now And I don't want to go back And nothing you can say can change my mind
I Am Back And Ready To Have Fun
Hey guys Iknow a few of you probally thought i dropped off of the face of earth but I didn't I have been extremly sick for about 2 weeks. I am happy to say it is over and i am back time to have fun definetly love the new crush feature they added and will try and get around to viewing the stashes and photos that have been updated since i havenot been here.
1500 To Level Up
hello id like to level up today to see if i can add more pics a few mins of yur time wont kill yeah please ty ty
You Think You Know.....but You Have No Idea.....
Hi my name is Kaviar. Yes, I am aware that the chances that anyone will actually reads this is pretty rare.... and I'm sure already with a quick glance at my music list and my pictures...AND MAYBE AFTER READING A BLOG OR TWO AND THE INCESSANT BULLETINS I KEEP POSTING..... You already have a million and one of your own opinions about me...HOWEVER..... ...I Know Who I Am... least i'm starting to learn... And I don't need an autobiography to tell you that…But I felt I should explain myself any ways…. My addictions include: (and not necessarily in this order) -music -attention -cherrytap/lost cherry -myspace? -Hip Hop -women -sex -porn -sweets -parties I think I may have ADD at times…among a bunch of other things...but…. I'm not ashamed of who I am though. There is a reason why I do the things I do…..I am constantly making the most retarded decisions of my life….I always feel like I'm not saying enough...And then get to th
Older People Games
GAMES FOR WHEN WE ARE OLDER 1. Sag, you're It. 2. Hide and go pee. 3. 20 questions shouted into your good ear. 4. Kick the bucket 5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over. 6. Musical recliners. 7. Simon says something incoherent. 8. Pin the Toupee on the bald guy SIGNS OF MENOPAUSE: 1. You sell your home heating system at a yard sale. 2. You have to write post-it notes with your kids' names on them. 3. You change your underwear after a sneeze. OLD IS WHEN: 1. Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face. 2. You don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don't have to go along. 3. Getting a little action means I don't need fiber today. 4. Getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot. 5. An all-nighter means not getting up to pee! Thoughts for the weekend Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press Ctr Alt Delete' and start all over?
Whats Up
hey i just got a crush and somebody has one on me and i dont know who it coudl be damn it would be nice 2 know so if its u then leave me a comment and say so please lol
Gorgeous Smile
I am putting togethor a gorgeous smile contest. if you wish to be in it let me know. I'll be putting it togethor and hopefully I can open the doors up this weds. if you wish to be in it, send me a message and which pic to put up.
What defines beauty? What is considered Beautiful? I look at some of these women ont these sites and lets be honest they just are not that pretty.But if they are dressed provocatively guys are ont hem like white on rice. I think a woman in a sweater can be beautiful. I do not have a perfect body, or perfect teeth.I am prett damn average. I am writing a paper about how mens have unrealisitc perceptions of women. What they see in magazines and on tv is what they expect to date and well, I certainly am not like any of those women. I suffer from no self esteem, i feel ugly most of the time. I avoid mirrors. I just don't feel pretty. My daily life consists of taking care of the house and kids. I am 30 years old and i am left to wonder this all? In highschool I was never the pretty popular girl. I was pretty much a loner with a small circle of friends. I always did and still do feel less then everyone around me if that makes sense. I guess i just don't understand what defines what is
Say It Right
Say It Right VideoSay It Right lyrics - Nelly Furtado lyricsNelly Furtado Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure Say It Right lyrics In the day In the night Say it right Say it all You either got it Or you don't You either stand or you fall When your will is broken When it slips from your hand When there's no time for joking There's a hole in the plan Oh you don't mean nothing at all to me No you don't mean nothing at all to me Do you got what it takes to set me free Oh you could mean everything to me I can't say that I'm not lost and at fault I can't say that I don't love the light and the dark I can't say that I don't know that I am alive And all of what I feel I could show You tonite you tonite From my hands I could give you Something that I made From my mouth I could sing you another brick that I laid From my body I could show you a place God knows You should know the space is holy Do you really want to go?
will anyone on my friends list that has not rated my photos,please do so
It's so hard to find the perfect breeze, One blowing none too hard nor soft, Carrying a scent of wild flowers, And moving clouds about aloft. It's so hard to find the perfect sky, One blue and deep and bright, Carrying a sense of openness With geese and wrens in flight. It's so hard to find the perfect night, One warm, quiet and unflawed, Carrying a mood of solitude, And a closeness to our God. Yet no perfection's so hard to find As that which you extend And none I'll ever treasure more, Than to simply be your friend
The Best Friend
THE BEST FRIEND Someone to cry with Who knows your tears Someone to hide with Who knows your fears Someone to hold Someone to care One you know Who will always be there Someone of hope Someone of love Someone to share with you All of the above That special person Could be hard to find Someone who will always be In every part of your mind Someone to talk with Who knows what you're saying Someone to depend upon When you feel straying An arm to carry you To help hold you strong Someone to help you No matter for how long A voice of comfort A voice of fun Someone to be with Out in the bright sun The power of faith The power of hope The power through pain Someone to help you cope This is a real person Someone to be there until the end This is what makes someone Your Best Friend
The Barbie Syndrome
This is my writing..PLEASE do not steal it! The other day I asked about the barbie syndrome in a blog. I thought i would share my paper here: In today’s society, women have a hard time with their self image. Many things influence a female’s perception of herself, however it is how a person is perceived by others that makes the greatest impact. From the time a little girl gets her first Barbie she begins to idolize the doll. This subconsciously puts unrealistic ideas in to her head as to what she should aspire to be like. This unattainable image is portrayed on TV and movies, in magazines and music. What does the “ideal woman” look like? If you ask most men, the first thing that comes to mind is a tall, long legged, blonde haired perfect woman with perfect measurements. Boys are brought up from a young age to believe women are to be supermodel pretty, skinny flawless individuals. Why do men and women have such a skewed idea of what women should look like? It is ingrained into their
Ok you kids...I'm gonna go take a bubble bath and read a little while. I'll be back before bedtime.. I promise. To those that'll be snoozing when I get back - Sweet dreams! To everyone good!
My Life
What is freedom, that is the question that I ask, Is it when you put on the clothes you want to where for that day, Is it being able to show the love that you have for someone in everyway Does it involve being able to go and eat when you want to eat, Is it like when your able to drive you car down the street, When your able to hug and kiss the ones you love, Is that freedom when push comes to shove, I wonder why when I lay asleep at night, When I wonder why i was handed down this so called life, I mean I feel nothing but pain deep in my heart, It always feels like my worlds being torn apart, I struggle and fight to live the life I live everyday Yet I cant because someone took away that right to live my way, I dont ask much, I dont ask for money or material things, All I want is the happiness my life use to bring, Everyone tries so hard to reach to my heart and help heal, Though they hit a steel wall everytime because of the way i feel, I have given to many and asked n
Shiny Toy Guns
MySpace Video Codes | Funny Videos
Sex Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) ? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 19. How many times would you like to cum? 20. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Do you like fore play? 22. What is fore play to you? 23. Can we take pictures of the act? 24. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK TO YOU! EVEN iF YOU HAVE A BOYFRiEND OR GiRLFRiEND- REPOST THiS! TiTLE iT "sex APPLiCATiON
My Pics
do to the fact that someone has flagged 3 of my photos.I had to change my profile pic.i wish i could be told which ones were flagged so i knew if my profile pic was ok.i wish instead of them being flagged someone could tell me they are nsfw so i could move them.......
Civilian Vs Military Friends
CVILIAN FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid, when drunk MILITARY FRIENDS: Will post 360 security, so you dont get caught CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs MILITARY FRIENDS: Call your parents Drunk as hell and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick up CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home. MILITARY FRIENDS: Know some wild shit will happen, and set up rally points alpha,bravo,and charlie. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. MILITARY FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you saying, Damn...we fucked up...but hey, that shit was fun as fuck!" CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Cry with you. MILITARY FRIENDS: will tell you,"stop being a bitch and come on!" CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. MILITARY FRIENDS: Steal each other's stuff so often nobody remembers who bought it in the first pl
Taste Test
Well…its time for a question… one that was asked of me and I'm gonna see what you have to say about this topic. I am pretty open sexually and candidly talk about sex if the conversation leads that way. I don't really hide from topic; however, I may avoid topics but I think avoidance and hiding from something is too different things. Ok, I'm veering off and I want to get back on track here... My one girlfriend asks me: Are you still considered bi-sexual if the only pussy you like the taste of is your own? Now, mind you, I am a straight girl who enjoys the taste of her own pussy. I love sliding a finger inside of me and pulling it out and licking off my own juice in front of you or even licking off my pussy juice from your hard cock. So yes, I like the taste of myself (since I know I taste good!) and yet I'm straight. So I'd guess you're bi-sexual if you find yourself physically and emotionally attracted to women as well as men – but then, I'm not really sure if that is a
Martin Luther King
Just My Thoughts Of The Day.
I can never let that day go and out of my head. The nurse asked me if I wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl. It plays over and over in my head just like it was yeasterday. I see you and I know you were not meant to be in this world with your brothers and I see your pretty face looking down and smiling each and everyday. I have a love for you and I will never let it go. I see your hands reaching there so tiny and so soft and I see your eyes just as beautiful as they could possibly be. I know you are healthy and your at peace. I know you wait till the day as much as I do to meet you at last. You are in my dreams and there is not a day that passes that I do not think about you. There are even days that I cry and do not understand why and then I see an image of you and I know why. I keep asking myself what would life be like if God would have let you be mine. I keep asking myself why did he have to take you after all that time. I keep playing the what if game like so
I Give In
i give in I danced in the rain today it wasn't a warm rain more harsh, refreshing i had too to rinse the pain away and to give in to my inner child who just wanted to dance to natures song...and feel free again it was exhilirating barefoot..dancing from rock to rock a leap here...and twirl there.. all sorts of moves from years of lessons all leading me to the biggest puddle in our yard what joy that was! icy water...meeting with cold toes splashing in the freezing water just because i wanted too i kicked and i stomped tension finally released as i danced my way back to the house i smiled at the passing strangers just staring at me my neighbors just smiled and waved back laughing with me because this was something only i would do.. in january.... what fun is there in life if you don't play and listen to your inner child i thought she died somewhere long ago comfort in knowing i am loved by my child if no one else that my friends care.... and hold
why is it when you find a nice sweet girl they are either a nice sweet girl or a total physco? i have a a few relationship and i know i am far from perfect but it seems when i am with a good girl they will do something like treat me like a kid and tell me what to do and when. Yet when i find the wrong girl it still seem right yet i kept getting walked all over. dame it seems to be so hit or mis with finding someone you mesh with. well tell me what you think.
Skin Cancer Please Help
the 14 of feb. i go under the knife to get my skin cancer taken off my face if there is any one out there that has went though this please help me out and let me know how you coped with it in my picks i have two picks of the cancer if there are any of you that need proof.just need some friends out there to help me deal with this thanks for the lov, illbno
Odd Frame Of Mind
an odd place to be an odd frame of mind neither happy nor sad just here healing yet again... i somehow torture myself with demons of self doubt perhaps some guilt, and hatred too I don't act like people expect I will walk away then rather deal with pain or rejection... i am shy and oldfashion... and i will not fight for something or someone that was never mine to begin with... i don't ask for much just respect and friendship but usually that is too much in this world of selfishness and egos no time to play games with you for i have one child to entertain i do not need two i am too easy-going to play games like that anyway too much work and i have better things to do
More Of The Feeling
The Desire Wonder and joy I feel when your near Desire and elation holding you dear Knowing one whose soul is true Finding the heart of love in you Pain in the past long forgotten in your gaze feel of your sweet kisses leaves me in a daze transported into a world we alone share I love to get lost in your eyes without a care electric intensity as our hands touch addiction to the high I want it so much I hold you, you hold me and joy is all I feel My feelings growing stronger they are for real I miss you so much at the end of the day I have a desire and wish I could stay Just to hold you close all the night through and wake to your embrace in a day anew just to see that smile grace your beauty so true I live to be the one who gives it to you By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Demetri Martin. Person.
pillow fights.. Man vs woman = Fun man vs man = gay woman vs woman = awesome man vs pillow = crazy pillow vs pillow = crazy awesome
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry If my boobs aren't big enough to "satisfy" your needs. I'm sorry If I'm not skinny enough for you to see my ribs. I'm sorry If I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl". I'm sorry If I'm not tan enough for you I'm sorry If I'm not a playboy model. I'm sorry If i don't have a dream body that turns you on. I'm sorry If im not tall enough. I'm sorry If my hair is not long enough. I'm sorry If i'm not advanced enough for you. I'm sorry If i'm not ###### enough for you to date. I'm sorry If i stand my ground and won't give it up to you. But most of all... I'm sorry... that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are.
Simply Slipped Away
So many yesterdays that you’ve had to leave behind. Visions of what used to be playing in your mind. Where is that man that you always thought you’d be? The man who never was, the one we’ll never see. In the darkness, your life, it simply slipped away. So many mistakes for which you’ve just begun to pay. You never saw it coming but it happened all the same. And now you’re standing there alone with no one but yourself to blame. We both had our dreams, our visions of the life we’d lead. But it didn’t take all that long for our love to begin to bleed. All that promise, all that we had to share, Gone in a moment. Do you even care? In the darkness, your life, it simply slipped away. So many mistakes for which you’ve just begun to pay. You never saw it coming but it happened all the same. And now you’re standing there alone with no one but yourself to blame. Sometimes, in the early morning hours, I catch a glimpse of what we might have been. But like the most fleeti
I'll Show You Me Yours!
Just Read It
I saw this on a guys page here and thought to myself this is really true every girl has one guy friend that they totally overlook. I'm sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. I'm sorry THAT I AM ALWAYS THE ONE YOU NEED TO TALK TO, BUT NEVER GOOD ENOUGH TO DATE... I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for
Seven Months Of Hell
Ok, this is a bitch blog. A way to get things off of my chest. Seven months ago my husband of seven years walked in and asked for a divorce. I was like WHAT THE FK??? Then I find out a few days later that he had been cheating on me. Well I so totally got over it and let a girl move in with me who totally fk me over financially and all that good stuff. I have to be moved out by the end of the month and was sweatin finding a place to live. Tomorrow I have a huge job interview and I find out tonight that my grandmother passed away. What else, I mean I know that my life could be A WHOLE LOT worse, but damn how much can a person take. Anyway I guess I'll quit the bitch fest now and do somthing more constructive.
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I hear your voice carried on the breeze Silent sweet melody puts me at ease Listening to the spirit that calls from within Wondering if love is ever a sin Now that I have found you no other can be I am so lost in you your all I can see You fill me and are that missing peace You’re the only one who can this soul release I soar upon clouds at the sound of your voice I seek you out for I have no other choice I am drawn to you as a moth to the flame I live for the melody of your sweet name I feel you I think you inside my skin There is a joining beyond flesh’s sin You are that one I sought through all time The rapture of love living ever sublime Perfection in all that I ever had dreamed The one I would kill for and die if so deemed The hand of god is seen in the working of things I will wait another life time and accept all it brings For I will never be whole till I hold you near My muse and mentor the one I hold dear By R. Thomas Dinsmore
How Low Can I Go...........
I have been feeling so low the last few weeks.As some of you know I lost my job as a med-aid,a job I loved.To make ends meet I got a job working at a 7/11 like place and my hubby started looking for work.For a time we both had jobs him a part time and me a full time job.But even with both of us working we still didnt make what I was making befor I lost my job.......Then it looked as if our everything was going to be ok!!!!My hubby got a new job that pay well,but we are very very backed up on the bills may have things truned off.Nothing we cant live with out just the net for a bit...........Then the week of x-mass the owner of the place we have lived in for the last 4 years calls want wants to have someone look at the place b/c he is thinking of buying it!!!!!!!!!!!So he comes over looks at the place and says if he dose buy it we will be renting it to us.After he and the owner go I get to thinking it was all a put on so the owner can have a look at the place to see that we are keeping i
Sweet Dreams
I'm heading off to bed. I want to get an early start to tomorrow, I want to try and visit a lot of pages while I'm on vacation. Thus far - I've been slacking. Sweet Dreams to all...And to ALL a GOOD NIGHT.
My Scott
there is this amazing guy, named scott... now, there are a lot of guys, in real life, on cherry, etc, "fighting for my heart", ready to move across country to be with me, etc... but scott, has stolen my heart... He is an amazing guy... he is so sweet, and so kind, we have so much in common... he understands me... he knows more about me than most people, and despite that, still cares about me... he is gorgeous... he is sexy, romantic, and cares about me... ME, of all people... I feel so lucky to have him as my friend... i don't know that anything will come of this relationship, as he lives 1300 miles from me... but I just wanted to let him know, just a little more, how amazing he trully is...
The Good And The Bad
01-06-07 I'm finially making our big announcement, we found out that I'm pregnant! I'm about 6 weeks along. We are just hoping for healthy. So much has happened I'm still reeling over it. I found out about a week ago that We are expecting, since them I have already got all the appointments and paperwork done for any expecting mom. A few days ago I started cramping andcalled the doctor. We went in and did an ultrasound and saw our baby, and its heart just beating away. Later that night I started spotting so I worried and called the doctor, they said it wasn't common but it wasn't unheard of when you do a vaginal ultrasound for spotting to occur, and that if it got worse or tissue started to come out to go straight into the ER. Well today I took the kids to Wal-mart and got their pictures taken, which you will see in my pictures. I realized that I was bleeding heavily not too long after that and went straight to the ER. I don't know too much right now other than I have been put on
I swear sometimes I just don't understand peoples logic. I guess that is what keeps life interesting. I receieved a text from my ex the other day, and again today I recieved one, yet in his text today he was asking if it was still my phone number. How the fuck would I have answered him the other day if it was not my number? I am really starting to wonder why all a sudden he is trying to get back into my life. Is he afraid of becoming a father and trying to bail on his girlfriend? I would not help him move back here if that is what he wants. I have no respect for cowards or people that walk out on their family. Family is really important to me, and I hope someday to have my own.
YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever!
The Hopeless House Wife..
Oh me oh my Get out of your 1950's fantasy, Your face shines with misery transparently Spew out that sobering Half-assed victim rhetoric Make 'em all squirm While they chew on it It's a secret handshake And a passing wink of the eye As the witches bridge club weekly Meets to pen the tail on the sly But they never ask Why oh why don't we raise our voices to the sky? Instead you're mute And fawn just waiting to die Like some kind of hopeless housewife But you can change while you're alive And let 'em all know At least you tried To kill the demons inside Oh me oh my Damn your transcendental paralysis We can work together And make sense of this Don't be so sure You can chuck it all away You've got to proceed No matter how bad you want to stay It's a natural cause And a comfort zone There in your head And the world turns away As you tap the snooze button in bed But nobody can hear a word you said Your history was never read Instead you're mute and fawn J
Hurah For Grandma, She Is My Kind Of Woman!!!
HURAH FOR GRANDMA, SHE IS MY KIND OF WOMAN!!! Here's a quote from a government employee who witnessed a recent interaction between an elderly woman and an antiwar protester in a Metro station in DC: "There were protesters on the train platform handing out pamphlets on the evils of America I politely declined to take one. "An elderly woman was behind me getting off the escalator and a young (20ish) female protester offered her a pamphlet, which she politely declined. "The young protester put her hand on the old woman's shoulder as a gesture of friendship and in a very soft voice said, 'Lady, don't you care about the children of Iraq ?' "The old woman looked up at her and said, 'Honey, my father died in France during World War II, I lost my husband in Korea , and a son in Vietnam. All three died so you could have the right to stand here and bad mouth our country. If you touch me again. I'll stick this umbrella up your ass and open it." God Bless America!
Why Do People Not Consider Mlk Day A Real Holiday
Ok...I don't usually do this type of stuff, but I read something tonight that really ticked me off. There is a mum on one of my friends page asking if people consider MLK Day an actual Holiday. Now. some of the answers were it should be and some were it should not be because of certain things. Not going to reply to the naysayers, but I have to say this. This is the only Holiday...THE ONLY HOLIDAY...African Americans can consider their own. I'm not racist by a longshot, but I just can't understand why some white people don't understand the importance of this man to us. How many people do u know have put their life on the line for their race just to have them be considered equal to others. And, I'm not talking about in other countries, because it happens all the time. Would U have been able to weather all the criticism, hatred, racial slurs, beatings and all that this man went thru, along with the other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. We celebrate this day because he
Ok What The Fuck Is This
My Family
Black Shadows
The tears that once drifted down my cheeks, raining wind blown statue that was once blood and bone now but mere stone.My empathy binds me tight with stone of marble that barely lets me see the light.The endlessness of unrest, The hunger within, Pain withers my soul.It always seems empty when the stars burn bright in the heavens that be. I now stand quietly stone instead of flesh after my bloody tears weep no more. My cheeks are cracked and brittle, It is as if they won't bleed a drop for evermore. My eyes  closed behind the darkness of the stone where hunger plagues my soul. It is waking days and endless nights of hunger that walk with me with this unrest mortalized in stone.The black shadows of my closed dead eyes begin to feel the warmth in the shadows of the hazy light. A death song that echoes through my being traped in the stone that captures my soul. My being is taunted by  the voices that call forth I hunger for blood inside this body of stone.My journey walks like death beyound
Crying For You (pain Without Love)
Torn and broken, Broken and torn. Torn between the silence that isnt so silent. Broken "Its okay to be broken I didnt need those pieces anyways" Words so fashionably molded into my heart strings. Cant seem to hold back the emo. I would fall before you just once. I would bow and be swept away rather then not hold these moments. I held the lyrics in my throat as it swole. The pulse of a broken heart arose once more. "Pain without Love" Became a new meaning tonight. Reading the inscriptions you laid on the board tore be beyond life. I related to it all. I knew it all. I know it all. I feel it all. Why so far away? This always happens and I cnat seem to keep the far things I want to stay. They never stay and they never say goodbye. I dont want to loose this time. My glass boots found their way on my feet this evening. Walking amoungst the destitute sorrows i wound in a forest of agony. Cracked heals, but still trudging along the way. My motionless body finding its wa
Stuck Between Two
what can i do? Stuck between two? One i have loved since i was just only knee high. the other the one i can trust with my life. Between my shoulder in which i lean and my heart in which leads me. am i doomed to be between the two? I cannot pick which one my heart sings to. Both so strong so sure in their want both hold beyond the words to compair apart. Do i dare? I am stuck between my highschool crush my childhood love and my best of friends i know and trust. to pick one is to disregaurd the other to break a heart so tender. is it a crime to hold them both? in the same spot within my heart? i am a monster this i know for sure for to lose either of them would mean my end.
Kid Jokes
What do golfers use in China? China tees! What kind of hair do oceans have? Wavy! Why did the child study in the aeroplane? He wanted a higher education! In the park this morning I was surrounded by Lions! Lions, in the Park? Well, dandelions! What do you mean by telling everyone that I'm an idiot? I'm sorry, I didn't know it was supposed to be a secret! Why are goldfish red? The water turns them rusty! What is the best hand to write with? Neither - it's best to write with a pen!
Dark Thoughts!!
I sit here and feel my life slip away. Is it because of the cold night or is it because of the ice in my heart. When you left me , I was fine . But now that your gone I'm empty of me. Does that mean I was yours, or is it just another trick. For my heart still beats. My blood still flows. So what is this feeling that I'm feeling. Is it death or is it life. As the wind blows on my pale face. I feel this heat from deep within, is that life's little spark, or is it your knife. As I wonder this, I hear breathing. I turn to see a shadow of you. Your riped and bleeding, yet like me your still here. So this is what it's like to be Death's lover. As Death takes us for a spin. One last dance my love, then forever night. So we spin, as we do more life slips. Until we are nothing but shadows of blood. Who will rise once again, who will be lost in night.
Didn't Turn Out
fid it it init down in it like m y head is a hoel of jelly. Don't you think this is a little unstable stream of conciousness exercises with as ide of insomnia coupled with a heaping dose of FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I'M FUCKED! I'm so fucked fuck I'm fucked fuck fuck fucckkked jabberwahcky likes to eat mysoul sjince I taste like nothing and I aonly breathe air i'm not here i'm just keeping you company till the tip of my iceberg metls and i'm burned for nothing on the stake like some god damn animal i eat rage i shit sorrow. like some kind of recycling machine of real think that will get me far in life or do you suppose i'm fucked i'm still fucked just because i know the meaning of life doesn't mean i know what to dowith tht kind of information like having a key but no door or having no door in you mind's eye, like a gaping maw of the all seeing all feeling crap that is the scum of the earth like that I'm a puppet that dances for you sometimes but only when you're bad to me. abuse
Can We Live Without Them??
This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned Canada that if military action against Afghanistan continues, Taliban authorities will cut off Canada's supply of convenience store managers. And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Bell customer service reps. It's getting ugly out there.
Is That Really Snow I See?!
We finally have snow in western Wisconsin! I bet the snowmobilers will be out in force shortly, lol! This is our first measurable snowfall since November, a very odd occurrence for us! Six inches on the ground with 3 to 6 more on tap. And yes, school is still in session for my guys! What a deal! Lucky for me, I have no clients today *smile*. My sister Carol, who is on a grand adventure in Hawaii, is missing everyone terribly! She has never lived away from family, unlike me, who has spent more time away than close. It's really getting to her! I have a hard time relating to that. I understand, but I was 19 when I first moved across the country. I could move to China right now and not have it bother me all that much! It must just be my personality, or my adventurous spirit - who knows! Anyway, she is taking it one day at a time, the only way you can. Having some issues switching to the raw foods diet, as well, especially the raw meat! Hard to do that kind of thing "cold turkey." Sti
7 Kinds Of Sex
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "screw you." The 5th kind of sex is called: Catholic Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. The 6th kind is called Courtroom Sex: This is when you cannot stand your wife any more. She takes you to court and screws you
Survey, Get To Know Me A Little
-SAD SECTiON- 01. Have you ever really cried your heart out? One time, when my dog died 02. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Umm, no 03. Have you ever cried on your friend's shoulder? Uh, no 05. Do you cry when you get an injury? No, I just try to walk it off. -HAPPY SECTiON- 01. Are you a happy person? Most of time, unless you mess with my taco 02. What can always make you happy? -- Acting at bloodview 03. Do you wish you were happier? -- always 04. Is being happy overrated? -- making myself happy is what I live for 05. Can music make you happy? -- If I like it, it makes me smash things -LOVE SECTiON- 01. How many times have you had your heart broken? One time to many 02. Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them? No.... 03. Anyone besides your friends/family ever said they loved you and ment it? My dog one time...... -RELATiONSHiP SECTiON- 01. Are you in a relationship? -- yes 0
An Experiance Hard To Forget
beautiful over here right now, nice white trees, white roof tops white sidewalks and yards roads still slippery, temperature just below zero in the early mornin. was an ok weekend till sunday came along, was watering my plants by my livingroom window, and alls i cld see was a teen girl jumping over the patio to there house, i watched closer to see that there house was on fire.....knowing theres 5 kids in that house and at least seven adults i got a lil upset called 911 said my neighbours house is on fire please come to yadda yadda, mam we r on our way right away, do you know if everyone got out ok, i said well from what i can see seems that everyone is out but i ain't in there to know. i then threw the phone down told my daughter to watch her brothers. my bf ran outside with an exstinguisher to try and keep some of it down a lil, i ran out there in t-shirt pants and lil summer slippers blankets in hand looking for all the kids from the house....told the momma i was sendin her babies to
Blah Blah Blah
So its Monday. Its Raining. There is no school! I have one week til classes start. I put up a few pics of my computer. Its going to be retired soon. I am having a new one built. Can't believe January is almost over. So how is everyone today? I may take some new pics if it ever stops raining out. Its been awhile. Heres a funny one
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My Day, And Dream.
I'm excited, I start school tommorrow and my birthday is the next day. :) Today the roads have iced us in, can't go no where and my husband has to go to work around 2pm so hopefully it will happen. If not, I get my hubby all to myself again!...its like 17*F outside. I had a weird dream last night about marrying Apu [from the simpsons] and i left my algebra class to go to the bathroom, and ended up by my house, trying to catch the bus to make it back to my algebra room. never made it there. Then i was sexually assulted by some guy trying to steal something from the Queen of england, and Karl was wearing shorts white tights and a cream coloed sneakers. lol. weird huh.
I Have A Dream...
It's Martin Luther King Day... May he rest in peace.. His intentions were pure.. I am not prejudiced in any way as I believe we are all God's children, we breath and bleed the same.. We have our good and bad in every race! I do get tired of paying the price for what our ancestors did but that was then and this is now.. Time's have drastically changed and life shouldn't be about the color of our skin but our abilities and what's inside our hearts! Just my thought for the day... Noone needs to agree or disagree! Jackie
Respect ? !
Hey I am not gonna bitch on but this is getting to me now, It cleary states after my name that I have recently become a married woman and yet men still seem to want what they cant have lol. I will add as a friend most ppl that ask and try to comment you every day (friend with benefits ?) but all I ask is to respect the fact I am now married, and hell return a ty comment occasionly lol I know I have friends that are on my page every day and for that I thank you all you know who you are too many to list lol, I will chat and laugh with you anytime but show me and my husband some respect and dont hit on me all the time, harmless comment flirting is ok but innuendos are not, hell I leave some good pics on yr pages to brighten your days and half the men on here are married anyway ! and if i can respect you that way please show me the same respect back and if you are my friend then go make a friend of my husband too his link is on my profile if any of you bother to read past my boobs lol.
ok i know there are a lot of hot women on here and i love women so come on and hit me up.
Happy Mlk Assassination Day!
TODAY IS THE DAY AMERICA CELEBRATES THE BIRTH OF MARTIN LUTHER KING; WHOSE DEATH GAVE US ALL A DAY OFF FROM WORK! JUST THINK, IF WE KILL FOUR MORE, WE'LL GET A WHOLE WEEK OFF!!!! If Martin Luther King was truly some kind of "great American" why did his family seek - and a federal court order - his FBI file to be sealed for fifty years ater his death? Probably because Martin Luther King was a filthy Communist agent. He was a liar, a cheat, a race traitor who had sex with white women. This guy was a scum bag who got what he deserved: a bullet. With any luck, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and a couple others can get the same thing so the rest of us can get a whole week off work to celebrate their deaths too.
Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream!
I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.
My Soft Side...
These are the words I cannot say But they come from the heart I've liked you from the start I like the way your mind works The way you're so unique And when I'm in my darkest hour I long to hear you speak I like the way you walk The way you slightly smile And when your move close to me You cause my heart to go wild I like the ways you're different I like those mysterious eyes Actually I like everything Even what's inside I long for you to hold me To feel your lips on mine I know it isn't work yet We need a little more time But these are all the things I guess I cannot yet say Like how I somehow manage To think of you all day Yes I'm scared you'll hurt me Just break me and leave I don't want to have to worry I don't want to be deceived How all this can work right now we just dont know But don't turn your back on me yet I'm not quite ready for you to go For these are the words I just cannot say But things will be different Hopefully one d
Virus, Not Online
Im sure if you guys got myspace like some of you do, theres a nasty virus on the bullitens that trying to get you to looko at a link from your friend viewing a pic or click it like my sister did and it trys to get info from you. Our computer stoped the virus....but dunno how it sstill got in. It loops windows start up over and over and over, no stopping or interfering with it. We got that another windows set up now trying to wipe it all but wont allow us, so im gonna be offline for a while till we can get this off our computer, poor lil thing thats now left with only 129mb lol, outta 160 gb. Dont click those things guys, its about $200 for the fix if you take it somwere
About Libra!
Traditional Libra Traits Diplomaitic and urbane Romantic and charming Easygoing and sociable Idealistic and peaceable On the dark side.... Indecisive and changeable Gullible and easily infuenced Flirtatious and self-indulgent About Your Sign... Libra is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others representing either humans or animals. Many modern astrologers regard it as the most desirable of zodiacal types because it represents the zenith of the year, the high point of the seasons, when the harvest of all the hard work of the spring is reaped. There is a mellowness and sense of relaxation in the air as mankind enjoys the last of the summer sun and the fruits of his toil. Librans too are among the most civilized of the twelve zodiacal characters and are often good looking. They have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures that these bring. They have good
One Of My Fave Jokes..
"An escalator can never break; it can only become stairs. You would never see an 'Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order' sign, just 'Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.'" --Mitch Hedberg
Im Just Wasting My Time
I’m a Cadillac tramp at the end of his road A swap meet rat who’s sittin’ on gold yeah baby I’m a guitar gangster without a tune I’m the baseball bat that’s waiting to swing Your loan shark friend with the broken knees yeah baby I’m a penthouse pauper with nothing to do I’m the high rollin’ creep that’s in too deep With the slicked back hair and the silver teeth yeah baby I’m a vagabond king with a stolen crown I’m a jailhouse poet, a genius, a fool I’m the pimp who’s lost his cool yeah baby I’m your first class taste in a second class town I’m a loaded gun pointed at the mirror A drugstore cowboy whose end is near yeah baby I’m a big time schemer with broken down dreams I’m a derelict rebel without a cause I ain’t the cat with the sharpest claws no baby Cause sometimes life just ain’t what it seems I’m chasing nickels and dimes While the rest of the world passes me by I’m just wasting my time I’m just sitting here and wondering why
Hate Them
You know women are very wired. I mean they just get on your nerves. You try to treat them right and what do they do try and fuck you up more than you already are. See women say why are guys so mean and hateful but women can be to. I not bashing all women there are alot out there that are awsome but im just tired of looking and getting fucked every time. I really dont know how many times i can do this i really do. Well i think that is about all for now. Im sure ill vent later well post later *love ya lady's* Marcus
so all my buddys have given me a new name... always single jer... or cant keep a chic jer... yeah they arnt very funny at all.. my buddys have no lives...
Cats Can Stutter
A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students: "Human beings are the only animals that stutter", she says. A little girl raises her hand. "I had a kitty-cat who stuttered", she volunteered. The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked the girl to describe the incident. "Well", she began, "I was in the back yard with my kitty and the rottweiler who lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard! "That must've been scary", said the teacher. "It sure was", said the little girl. "My kitty went 'Fffff, Fffff,Fffff'... and before he could say "Fuck," the rottweiler ate him!"
The Meaning Of,real Hip Hop(take Time And Listen)
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Well....for those of you that may not know, my husband has been working in Iowa since early October...we live in Illinois. Anyway, he was able to take a week and a half off of work for the holidays and we were able to spend Christmas and the new year together...YAY! It goes without saying that the kids had a great holiday. They are kids, what do you expect? I cooked dinner on Christmas and we all survived!!! If I do say so myself, it all turned out VERY well! *pats self on back* lol Anyway....this year I also made out like a bandit! I got a new washer and dryer...the pedestal, front loading types...LOVE THEM!!! Plus, Troy also brought a brand new digital camcorder home for me...YAY...again! I love that little guy too! I carry it with me in my bag everywhere I go! All in all, my favorite present was husband and him being able to come home...although, even if he couldn't, we would have headed to Iowa to spend the holiday with him...we were actually already going to
About Me!
SECTION 1//GENERAL Name: Mahmoud Birthday: september 28th Call me: Moudy, Angel, or wuteva! Height: 5'7" Hair Color: black Eye Color: brown where i'm at?: my room SECTION 2//HAVE YOU EVER?? Peed in your pants? lol.. sure did, when i was a kid..i mean who havent? Fallen off the bed? nope Fallen for a relative? nope Had plastic surgery? nope Failed a grade? say grades :D Failed a whole year? nope Broke someone's heart? yes 'n am sorry Had ur heart broken? yup Had a dream come true? dont think so Cheated on a test? alot hehe Broken a body part? ofcourse lol SECTION 3// CURRENTLY Wearing: gray pj pants and a black longsleeves Eating: nothing... Feeling: bored, headache Reading: e-mails Watching: the monitor i guess lol Craving: good job SECTION 4//DO YOU... Brush ur teeth? yes Have any piercings? nope Drive? nope Love GOD? yes Ever get off the damn computer? only when i eat or go out.. hehe SECTION 5// LAST PERSON YOU... Hugged: ex gf Ta
What Kind Of Candy I Am
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Very popular, one of you is not enough. What Kind of Candy Are You?
: A man was being tailgated by a stressed out woman on a busy boulevard. Suddenly, the light turned yellow, just in front of him. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection. The tailgating woman was furious and honked her horn, screaming in frustration as she missed her chance to get through the intersection, dropping her cell phone and makeup. As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a very serious police officer. The officer ordered her to exit her car with her hands up. He took her to the police station where she was searched, finger printed, photographed, and placed in a holding cell. After a couple of hours, a policeman approached d the cell and opened the door. She was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting with her personal effects. He said, "I'm very sorry for this mistake
Need Ladies For Hottest Cherry Contest
Get your own glitter and more at robisue@ CherryTAP
What Kind Of Soda Are You?
hahaha...and I married a Mt. Dew man! You Are 7 Up Understated and subtle, people warm up to you slowly. But once they're hooked, they can't imagine going back to anyone else! Your best soda match: Diet Coke Stay away from: Mountain Dew What Kind of Soda Are You?
Story Of A Victum( Short Story)
As night crept upon, and the moon lay low. The wind started to howl like a timber wolf's call. The grass started to rustle like papers of sand. Took into torturous and demented hands. The starts retreated into the night, and the moon that shown danced into the clouds. The tress that swayed tapped tapped rapped upon the window pains. Beckoning for something dark to come there way. As the shutter rattled shacking into the wind in fear of what may appear. The floors they protested and screamed in the night as though they were a live and screaming for there life. The Shadows danced a dance of Malice as the candles flame swayed. Holding what once was visible in shadows alive. In bed I lay restless and cold. The drafts of the house did nothing to warm. I listened intently to all the coming sounds, and all of a sudden ... BOOM came a noise. As If some had been smashed hard upon the ground. No screams heard I Just a deep dark laugh, and again came the noise. This time loud and wet. I rose fro
Omg Imma Bitch!!
its ok tho! I embrace it...Love me or Hate me!! They call me a Bitch . . . When I stand up for myself Or support my own convictions. When I defend someone else Or express my own opinions. When I stand up for those I love . . . And for those, I hate. When I speak my own mind & such Or try to do things my own way. When I work hard for whatever I wanted Instead of having it handed to me. When I am strong willed & determined To succeed in a man's world. . .yet keep my dignity! They call me a Bitch . . . Because . . . I teach my kids "the old fashioned way" In order for them to be more responsible. Because . . . I raise my kids the hard way To be confident & stronger people. Because . . . I teach my kids NOT to be rude, but very polite And why they shouldn't break laws or cardinal sins. Because . . . I direct my kids NOT to be afraid to fight And to stand up tall for what they believe in. Because . . . I tell them to love themselves & ALL humans To respect themselves
Coke A Cola
You Are Coke A true original and classic, you represent the best of everything you can offer. Just the right amount of sweet, just the right amount of energy... you're the life of the party. Your best soda match: Mountain Dew Stay away from:Dr PepperWhat Kind of Soda Are You?
hey all im in the sexyiest man in uniform contest come vote for me
Bad I Am
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Lovers Profile
Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy: Your propensity for monogamy is medium. In general, you prefer to have only one love interest. But it's hard for you to stay devoted for too long! There's too much eye candy to keep you from wandering. Experience Level: Your experience level is high. You've loved, lost, and loved again. You have had a wide range of love experiences. And when the real thing comes along, you know it! Dominance: Your dominance is medium. You tend to be the one with more power. You aren't a total control freak in relationships.. But of course you don't mind getting you way! Cynicism: Your cynicism is low. You are an eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance. No matter how many times you've been hurt - you're never bitter. You believe in one true love, your perfect soulmate. And if you haven't found true love yet, you know you will soon. Independence: Your independence is low. This doesn't mean you're
You Are Italian Food Comforting yet overwhelming. People love you, but sometimes you're just too much.What Kind of Food Are You?
How Good A Kisser Are You
Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it. You have the confidence to make the first move. And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best. Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing!Are You a Good Kisser?
I need your help. I have so many wonderful pictures that I want to share but I don't have enough room. I need more rating and fans and adds to level up. Please help me and you won't be sorry. Love Amber
send your boy some love.need to get my ratings higher to post some pics.
Just Be Happy..
Recently, I became aware of the fact that, no matter what the circumstances, I can find joy and peace in my environment. Whenever I am somewhere, I cannot imagine enjoying anything but what I am up to. And yet, I move on. I am either fighting my own nomadic nature, or it is what stirs me forward and onward when I know I can be happy where I am. Something meaningful in this... I need to feel my writing more. I need to write more, in general. If I cannot understand what I am doing, then what is the point in doing it? This mindset has carried me onward for years, and I attempt to make myself as transparent as possible. Who needs misunderstanding and secrets, when clarity is so much easier to maintain? Many people apparently, even myself. I do not know if I present my true self to any; the only ones who can claim to know me are those who have dealt with me for years, and even then their opinions are colored by what they observe, and not by what truths they ignore (or might not notice).
Bless The Broken Road
Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road Lyrics I set out on a narrow way many years ago Hoping I would find true love along the broken road But I got lost a time or two Wiped my brow and kept pushing through I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you Every long lost dream lead me to where you are Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars Pointing me on my way into your loving arms This much I know is true That God blessed the broken road That led me straight to you I think about the years I spent just passing through I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you But you just smile and take my hand You've been there you understand It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true Every long lost dream lead me to where you are Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars Pointing me on my way into your loving arms This much I know is true That God blessed the broken road
Anyone Wanna Talk?? Or Something?
yeah? no? maybe? DO IT!
Japanese Pranks
Damn Yall
well see here is the deal i got 5 girls that like me and want 2 seee me eaither as friends or more and i dont know what 2 do one likes me and i like her but i aint heard from her in a week one wants 2 see me but i havent seen her or tlked 2 her all i know bout here is she is 22 and pretty and fuckable lol and one like me and i like her but she lives in a diff stae so the long distance thing dont work so and one is where i live but i dont know her that well but i'm friends with her brother so i was wondering what yall think cause i dont know what 2 do i'm not trying 2 play anybody i'm not like that but jw if yall have some advice or comments or any insight on this thanks yall
More Japanese Pranks
Off To Bed
Hi everyone im off to bed now cause i have to be up for work at 6am tomorrow morning. Thanks to those who sent me comments and messages today. Hope to see you all again tomorrow. Night Night Willie
Soon To Come!
Courtesy of For those of you that dont know me to well...My eldest daughter is having a baby. She is 6 months along now and due last part of April``begining of May. This will make me a grandmother for the second time around. If you havent seen my other grandson, please go check out my photos. Yes we just fount out she's having a boy. Courtesy of I am really looking forward to celebrating the birth of my newest grandchild```David Joseph waring. I will keep you posted when he arrives...and of course many pictures.
What To Do If You Have Issues With Another User
This is a great bulletin so I wanted to Blog it: ok kids. this is from scrapper himself. DO NOT run to him if you are having a problem with a user. do not run to a bouncer if you are having a problem with another user. Block the person, or put your photos to NSFW if you wish them to not be ripped. Read #7 of your Terms of Service. It cleary states you are responsibly for interactions with other users. not scrapper or bouncers. They are NOT referees. Lets all somehow just learn to block or get along. Number 7 of your TOS is posted below: learn it live it love it. 7. Member Disputes. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members., Inc. reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members.
Phone Sex
You scored as Phone Sex. "Talk dirty to me" describes your idea of a good time. A sexy voice really sets the tone of a good evening for you. Oral Sex100%Orgy100%Phone Sex100%Gay Sex89%Normal Sex83%Anal Sex61%Cyber Sex56%What kind of SEX do you love? (pics)created with
Gateway To Ascension
Birthright, right to kill, Will of vengeful slaughter, Bear mankind so much ill will, In Her name, eternally. Hateful feeling, Murder intent, Justified ending of life, Mankind must fall. So much corruption, Such desecration, A violation, Of She Who Nurtures. All are mortal, Though some cling to afterlives, As though innocence proves a fucking thing. Now man will fall, By my hand their hope dies, Their destruction is my gateway to ascension.
Homemade Wine
22 April 2004, Georgia) At a Cave Springs "convenience dump" where local residents could drop off waste for later delivery to the main county dump, monitors were paid to ensure that residents deposited only allowed waste. One keen-eyed inspector noticed a bottle in the trash compactor that looked suspiciously like homemade wine. He fished the bottle out of the compactor. At this point you may be thinking this is a "man crushed by compactor" story--but no! After safely retrieving the bottle, the gentleman in question and another local man proceeded to drink the "wine". Apparently, neither of them took a clue from the fact that the bottle had been thrown away in a dump, leading to the reasonable conclusion that its contents were undrinkable. This particular vintage was antifreeze. Both men were poisoned, and one died. By coincidence, there is an actual winery called Cave Springs Cellars, located a thousand miles north of Georgia in Niagara, Ontario. Ironically, if the men had a
***You Belong in 1967*** If you scored... 1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in! 1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too. 1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all! 1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day. 1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good! What Year Do You Belong In?
Alabama-the Closer You Get-to My Fireman Love You
The closer you get, the further I fall. Ill be over the edge now in no time at all. Im falling faster and faster and faster with no time to stall. The closer you get, the further I fall. The things that you say to me, the look on your face, brings out the man in Me. Do I see a trace in your eyes of love? Chorus Could I be dreamin? Is this really real? cause theres something magic the way that I feel in your arms tonight. Chorus Keep fallin, oh, yeah, yeah, keep fallin, mm, fallin, oh, yeah, yeah, im Fallin. Yes, Im fallin. yes, Im fallin. yes, Im fallin. Yes, Im fallin. yes, Im fallin. yes, Im fallin. Yes, Im fallin. yes, Im fallin. yes, Im fallin.
What Mythological Creature Are You?
Ok, I don't really agree with this one much at all. I am NOT a water person! lol You Are a Mermaid You are a total daydreamer, and people tend to think you're flakier than you actually are. While your head is often in the clouds, you'll always come back to earth to help someone in need. Beyond being a caring person, you are also very intelligent and rational.
Prayers Please
My future sister inlaw Jess had her masttectomy(spelling)Today...keep her in your prayers for a quick recovery and the strength to deal with the lose of her breast...and prayers to keep my brother strong so that he is able to emotionaly support her...thankyou so much!
Contest #3
Come show me some love in Fat Sonny's NSFW Booty Contest.. Due to this being a NSFW contest I can not post the link to my photo..Therefore you will have to go to Fat Sonny's Page and Go to NSFW Booty Contest.. VOTE for Rebelicious! Much Love =) Heres the link for Fat Sonny's Page
How Can Life Be So Unfair?
So I'm posting this because I have definately learned a lesson in the last couple days that I thougth I would share with everyone. You see...a friend of mine who I love to death found out about 5 and a half months ago that she was pregnant for the second time. She has the most BEAUTIFUL and happy little girl that I have ever met and had a little boy on the way. The perfect family. Her fiance and her were sooo excited for the new baby. On January 13th....4 months early...she gave birth. The baby boy only lived about an hour and a half. I can't even BEGIN to imagine what she is going thru but I know that everyone is just heartbroken. They definately didn't deserve for this to happen to them...they are the best parents in the world. My friend is 19 years old and has lost a's crazy. Don't take shit for granted people. I have learned that you really never know JUST how short life can be. Let your loved ones know every single day that you love them and live each day to
Jet City(seattle,my Home!) Woman !
Our Thoughts!
"We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." -- Buddha Any thoughts????? ;)
Why Do Women Treat Men This Way
why is it everytime men have a female friend there wife flips out.or when we know that somthing is bothring you why do you lie to us and say nothing,but to find out later it was somthing.heres a hint for you if we didnt want to know or didnt care then we would not the next time your man ask you whats wrong dont make him begg for the answer it wont do anything but cause a fight.oh yea and for god sake dont think we dont have a clue.we are dogs but were smart dogs.i know there are some cheating abusive men that aint worth to shits,but some of us are kind hearted and true to our vows....i myself have been married 3 times the first 2 ended when i cought them cheating.i have a good wife now but sometimes i dont get her.sometimes women seam to think men are all answer to that is just keep thinking that...
i just don't get ppl i realy don't i make some friends and get close to ppl and they turn away i mean am i realy that bad *crys* i realy don't understand what i do that is so wrong i mean please be honest with me talk with me and tell me am i realy a bad person and a bad friend or is it cause im fat and ugly i mean please i have been hurt many times already someone being honest and telling me the truth wont hurt me anymore.
My Heat!
A Very Proud Moma
Had Enough
So here it is... It all boils down to this ladies and gentlemen. Your life and movements in life can only be dominated by you.. Whether good or bad you are ultimately the one that says either "Enough is enough" or "Walk all over me,I'm your personal floormat".. I've chosen to close a chapter in my life that has been both painful and stressful in my life. Sometimes when you show a person that you love them and that you will do anything to see them happy; after a while your expected to do everything and anything... Whether you want to or not you become obliged by the other person to pull through. It doesn't matter how you do it, you just have to.. I chose to take care of a person that never took care of me because I was raised by people that taught me that no matter what I should always be bigger. This time around I just can't do it anymore. I have forgotten how to live and do for myself and my kids because the first person to get all the attention and all of me, has consumed me in such
What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss" You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship. You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you Your flirting style: friendly and sweet What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
Repost This Ineed Some Help
come show friedtoad (me) that you read my blog and join this new lounge if you do i'll gladly make a morph for any and all that do hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy all come check this shit out it great at least stop by and check us out were a new lounge trying to get going help me out i'm trying to be the bartender so come check us out
Outrageous Name Generator
Your Outrageous Name is: Connie Lingus Outrageous Name Generator
Just A Little Word! Hahaha
another little morph I made.
What Kind Of American English Do You Speak?
Your Linguistic Profile: 75% General American English 10% Dixie 5% Midwestern 5% Upper Midwestern 0% Yankee
Life Is A Gift
Life Is A Gift Today before you think of saying an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak. Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat. Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone who's crying out for a companion. Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who went too early to heaven. Before you complain about your children - Think of someone who desires children but they're barren. Before you argue about your dirty house, someone didn't clean or sweep - Think of the people who are living in the streets. Before whining about the distance you drive - Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet. And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had your job. But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another - Remember that not one of us are without sin and we all
When Did I Become My Father?
I'm finding that, sadly, as I get older, I find myself doing things my father did/does that, when I was younger I swore I would never do. Ever find yourself having a similar reaction? Case in point, on my way to go see a movie with my friend, Michelle, I see one of those plastic bins you get @ Wal-Mart for stroing stuff in the garage on the side of the road and yell @ Michelle to pull over so I can grab it. And, as someone with common sense would do, she refused. Now, at this point, I found myself thinking "When did I become my father?" And some of you ask "Why?" Because he does that. He'll see something on the street or the highway and he'll pull over and grab it. Most of the tools he has were 'acquired' that way. And here I am, starting to do the same. Somebody save me, please. Paul
Sprawl across your respiratory system Expand in your lungs Into your bloodstream I’m transferred Now for some fun As I beat into your heart And roll through your mind Paw at your frame Bite you from the inside Get comfortable in your veins like they’re mine Spread to all your extremities as far as I can And then converging on your eyes Make you go blind before ripping you sublime Appear floating above you before I dive down Pound Flush all the way through you With claws bared and dragging against your tissue Engorge your nerves Recline in your curves Send you images and words Make your liquids churn Make you stir Burn Get you to implode as you unfurl Your body heaves before it caves As you cave into your self I feel close to you
Don't Be Afraid.......
Don't be afraid to feel the butterflies!! No worries if someone kill them or if they just disappear for a while..... They will always come back!! So, I decided to let the butterflies come in and give me tickles and make me laugh & be happy. I will just enjoy the moment. I'm not afraid to die. Why should I be afraid to love??!! U know!! Just live!!! Live and make it happen.
Are People Truly This Stupid?!!!
In case you needed further proof that the human race is doomed through stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods that can be found today being sold in stores nationwide: 1. On Sears hairdryer: "Do not use while sleeping." (But..., that's the only time I have to work on my hair) 2. On a bar of Dial soap: "Directions: Use like regular soap." (And that would be how. . . ?) 3. On some Swanson frozen dinners: "Serving suggestions: Defrost." (But it's "just" a suggestion) 4. On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom of box): "Do not turn upside down." (Oops, too late!) 5. On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: "Product will be hot after heating." (Hmm . . . .) 6. On packaging for a Rowenta iron: "Do not iron clothes on body." (But wouldn't this save even more time?) 7. On Boot's Children's Cough Medicine: "Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking this medication."
Help Me Chose A Song!!!
I want to record 1 cover song...must be from the 80's or older and able to convert to acoustic... WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD COVER??? JOEKERR
I Remember The First Time....
I remember the first time I saw you. The morning sun shining upon your body. I had to stop, because I was not sure of the vision which my eyes beheld. You hair, flowed down like a mountain waterfall, your breasts were like two grapefruit, exposed for me to see. I looked at every curve of your body, and thanked the man above for allowing me to see you in such a way. I had the urge to wake you, but I decided to let you sleep. I was in a way, afraid to startle such a vision. After all, you were lying on a public park table, passed out drunk, and I just had to let everyone else laugh at your ass!!!
One Wheel Motorcycle
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To Anyone Who Cares
Sunday night I fell down a flight of stairs due to the weather ice everywhere... I was holding the baby and went to walk down my foot slipped on the ice and I had to let go of the rail to hold on to her, because of that my leg went in between the rail and i sprang my ankle, twisted my knee, and bruised my tail bone.. I am laid up for a few days and am already tired of it.... The baby had no injuries i guess my boobs come in handy she was just bounced around on them ...lmao Anyways i just wanted to vent and say ouch my whole body hurts......
i see someone has a "crush" on me.. how cute!♥ one question.... who??? :)
2 Down And 50 To Go...
So far I've survived the first two weeks of 2007... only 50 more weeks and it will be complete... it has been an eventful 14 days... In those fourteen days, my girlfriend walked in and told me that she had been unfaithful to me... and then told me I needed to find another place to live... I crashed at a friend's house on his couch for two nights and then had another friend offer me a room at her place... so, I've basically lived in 3 different places already this year... now I am in Springdale, Arkansas which is about an hour north of where I was living in Fort Smith, Arkansas... My car is still in Fort Smith as it uninsured and unregisterd at this time... hopefully that will be changing soon... I feel so lost without my vehicle... I was working for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service as a Tax Preparer in Fort Smith... I was supposedly transferred to the office up here but they have yet to put me on the schedule... so I am also seeking employment again... Now understand this... I
Bump The Vote :d
Ok ppl, are you sitting comfortably? Stop checking out that cute guy/gal you at the back! yes YOU, I know your habits!! *bitchy*
My Weekend.
My weekend. Had oodles and oodles of fun at Chrissy and B's in Wildwood this weekend. ...healthy cookies and supplement bars... air mattress... World of Warcraft... shitty laptop...meatballs and pasta... hot pockets... fake mountain dew, haha... Discovery Channel... our walk to 7-11 and Wawa at like 3am... index cards... board games that were' far-from-bored' games (our own version of WhooNoo)... for the record-i fuckiing hate Scattegories LOL... Chrissy licking ass in Ames... crazyass pics in Dom's cell phone... our attempt to see Billslut
Love And Live
yall see the realness inthe ones ya love please ...cause before ya wont be able 2 tell them how much ya loved them them how much you,ve change show them how much you want them 2 be proud of you show them how much you cherrish life how much you want them to be proud of being part of live by doin the wright things follow yaheart follow the pad that god chose for all of uss show ya love 1`s....YOU CHERISH LIVE MORE THAN ANYTHING THERE IS AROUND YOU ....the ones ya with cherrish them tell them how much yoou love them show them how much you love them neer go with out saying bye never make a problem of something a poor 1 wouldnt...stop and think that all we here that are reading thiss blog....ARE DEARLY GREATLY BLESSED...WITH LOVE FOOD A HOUSE AND LOVELY FRIEND AND FO`S....SO YALL OUTHERE KEEP YA HEADS UPP LOVE YA LOVE ONES...LIV LIFE 2 THE MAX
Hopefully This Goes Well.
School starts tomorrow and I just signed up for a new class called Teaching ESL Grammer and Writing. ESL (for those who don't know) is an acronym for English as a Second Languge Looking at it now I hope I do not have to know spanish, if so this class could be harder then what I am expecting.... so wish me luck and hope my limited spanish vocabulary gets me through it.
Now that I know The way you feel My heart feels full Now that my heart feels full The happiness seems unreal Like something I never knew Now that I have this happiness I never want to lose it Always want you by myside Now that I know you will always be there Helping me through it all My heart feels full
I thought I gave up Never to believe in love again After all he put me through But now I feel it Stronger than before Hiding deep inside For the fear of coming out Only to be thrown away My wall is up so high I dont think it will ever totally fall Yet somehow you get in Found away around it I wont say "I love you" But I will say this much My love is returning Along with my beleif Of love being real
What is going on? Suddenly what we thought was harmless Has turned into something much more powerful And with much more feeling What do I say? To let you know Just how I feel Without coming out and saying it What do we do? So we dont feel lost Yet dont hurt them Or ourselves What is going on? What do I say? What do we do? The three questions I keep asking myself
Only God Knows Why
Only he knows why I wake up everyday just to live in this piece of shit we all call hell.
Back In Town
Ok so I've been back in good ole Mishawaka less than a week. I've managed to clear a bar (through no fault of my own mind you), I was innocent, just tryin to figure out what I was gonna do to the girl next to me later on. I've met an awesome woman who I think may be the death of me, but hell it'll be a great way to go. And I get to let all the people of Cherrytap know about me, I mean thats the greatest thing I've done right?
Sixth Annual No Pants Onna Subway Day!!
Sixth Annual No Pants! Subway Ride January 22nd, 2006 No Pants 2k6 Team Captains: Agents Kula, Barrison, Kinney, Shelktone, Ace$Thugg Leadoff Riders: Agents Todd, Good, Lovejoy, MacNeil, Shafeek Pants Sellers: Agents Becket, Walker, Gill, Lathan, Arnheiter, Rodgers, Mercer, Loughran, Kodner DV Cams: Agents Shafer, EMartin, Chunk, Cavin, Zeigler Digital Photography: Agents Nicholson, Rainswept, Ries, Winters, Chigirev, Altaffer Door Watchers: Montague, Wright __________________________________________________ Taking off my pants on the subway has become a yearly event for me. It has all of the emotions associated with a real holiday: stress, excitement, joy, laughter. "No Pants" has come a long way since 2002 when for seven consecutive stops on the 6-train, a pantless rider took his pants off in one car, and hurried down to the next car in all his bare-legged glory. We didn't even have our act together enough to take photographs the first year (though the video foo
~sex Video's~
Life, Love And Learning
I sit and stare, With out a care. Life is grand, "Big Book" in hand. Life is great, without the hate. I felt before. That life I live no more. I worry not. This can't be bought. It's all so real. Beginning to feel. Everyday is bright. If I do the things, right. Selfless, grateful, humble. With these i should not stumble. If i do. Start anew. The day is mine. I think i might be fine. I choose not to drink. Just for today i think. I won't use a thing. I will dance and sing. No more fear inside. No more need to hide. Look at the life i had, Hell, it ain't so bad. I do belong here. I don't need dope or beer. Just to cope. I now have hope. The love i get, hard to accept. Still scared to hurt, inside my damaged heart. I feel better everyday. Living life a new way. I care for those I don't know. What a way to grow. From being cold and distant, to loving in an instant. Trying to let people in, to not would be a sin.
So Mean Yet So Funny
New Blog From Marc Klaas!!
Yikes.... It is already happening.The world is judging Shawn Hornbeck. Shawn is alive and we should be grateful. Shawn is safe and we should wish him the best. Shawn has suffered enough; he should not also suffer the barbs of our criticism and judgment. Think about it. Four years ago Shawn was small and vulnerable. He was stolen by a psychopathic monster (my diagnosis, but you will see that it is true).This bully without conscience used every trick at his command to beat down, intimidate and abuse Shawn into believing that he had to remain. That poor boy: the things that must be going through his mind right now. Shawn Hornbeck needs:The love and understanding of his family;The support of the community; large and small;Inner strength;Intensive counseling... and a lot of time. Shawn Hornbeck is alive... and right now that should be enough for all of us to celebrate.Marc Klaas
Avn Awards
I just got back to Los Angels from the AVN convention in Las Vegas. Ill be updating this blog with the stories a little bit at a time. Hope its a good read for you...
Bulletin From The Pentagon
Subject: Fw: BULLETIN FROM THE PENTAGON The Pentagon announced today the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the United States Redneck Special Forces. These Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas boys will be dropped off into Iraq and have been given only the following facts about terrorists: 1. The season opened today. 2. There is no limit. 3. They taste just like chicken. 4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus. 5. They are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the death of Dale Earnhardt. We expect the problem in Iraq to be over by Friday.
The Begining (continued)
I get to the hotel on Tuesday evening.... Check in and haed to the Circle bar in the hotel... I figure Id have a drink and say hi to a few people.... Boy was I wrong.... I get there and it is already packed with porn people... I see a few friends and have a few drinks, then a few more friends show up so a few more drinks. Im sitting there and my good friend Mike South the legendary porn director stops by for a drink, he has it date in tow and I jsut happen to know her from Tampa..LOL.. Now Im a pickle, I tell mike he got my girl and he says " She was my girl before she was your girl and now shes my girl again this week....LOL I meet this girl named Samatha Lucchi... She has red hair and is not hard to look at if you can catch my drift.She is with my friends Veronica Rayne and Jack Vegas a porn couple Im friendly with... I talk to Samatha for a while but I put no move on her, I dont disrespect friends, so they walk off and I never get the hint the firey red heard wants me to
When I look at a beautiful woman, my mind dreams of a passionate love, but when the lust for passion subsides, I am still looking for the beauty in love. Beauty is in the eye of beholder, some sees it in the beauty of a woman, some find it in the glory of nature, some discover it in the unselfish love, some detect it in the revealings of a passionate heart. The color of skin is only skin deep, the sight of a beauty is only eye deep, the inner beauty is real and lies in an intimate heart, the real beauty itself is the reflection of a virtuous soul. The external beauty lasts only for a few years, It gets tarnished by the ravages of time and age, The inner beauty lasts for ever, It leaves its marks on the hearts it touches.
Fuck Its Cold
Its -14 degree's and 5 am and im on my way to work. DAMN IT!
Lost in a world I built myself I'll hold it on my shoulders A place for everyone else Keep you safe as I can Down in the darkness I will stay To hold you in the light. Lost in my world, Wandering the land I shaped. Empty...Lonely...No one to hold Walking away...I watched you go I'll keep to the shadows Not worthy to be in sight Lost in a world I built myself There'll never be a need for soldiers I placed my wants and needs on a shelf For you all I'll do what I can Down in the darkness I will stay No more death, no more fights. Lost in my world Should have left it to fate Love is lost...My hearts grown cold Starving off the scraps you throw I'll keep to the shadows It's better to die out of sight
This Is A New Chapter In My Life!!
I look at these photos of us. I sit and wonder why. I wonder why we tryed so hard. I wonder how much more I can take. I know my heart is black and cold, But it still beats like every ones. I know I was hard to deal with. I know I make it hard to love me. As I look at these damn photo's. I wonder if I'll every be alive again. Will I ever laugh again. Will I ever feel again. Someone once told me, To be numb was a good thing. Now I wonder about that. Been numb so long That I wonder if I ever had feelings. Then I think about you. How you made me feel like a bug in yuor way. Then I think about why I am the way I am. Then I think about this song, That one that you hated. The one where it said The world made her that way. I've been steped on, I've been laughed at, I've been lied to, I've been used, The last one that Did all of these Was you. Now here I am, I've made a word of my own. I'm higher then you ever Thought I would be. Now
Spoiled Rotten?
The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true given the source, right? The same magazine that employs Michael (Qurans in the toilets at Gitmo)Isikoff. Here I promised myself this week I would be nice and I start off in this way. The Newsweek poll alleges that 67% of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed and 69% of the country is unhappy with the performance of the president. In essence 2/3 of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckle dragger I am, I starting thinking, ''What we are so unhappy about?'' Is it that we have electricity and running water 24/7? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter? Could it be that 95.4% of these unhappy folks have a job? Maybe it is the ability to walk into a grocery store at any time and see more food in moments than Darfur has seen in the last year? Mayb
Back In Greener Pastures
Well i am back from my holiday in avoriaz! yay be sure to check out the sunset pics i posted. Pretty much was lookin at a painting at sundown every night! so yeah apart from that erm well nothing much to say, just posting the blog cuz, well i felt like blogging and well here it is. Not sure why but heres the blog yay! blogity blog blog blog! the end! Take it easy ladies and gents! :D *hugs* James
My Crush...
My crush has gone... Now Im feeling sad... :P
Got it back... But now Im curious again...
Pay Attention
PAY ATTENTION ! LOVE THIS Rules for the phone. How ALL business phones SHOULD be answered! GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Press "1" for English. Press "2" to disconnect until you learn to speak English And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.
Am I The Only One???
Is anyone else lonely?? The downfall to my job is having WAYYY to much time to think :( Or am I just a loser?
Most people walk in & out of your life, but friends leave footprints in your heart.
Ever wonder about the abbreviation A.S.A.P.? Generally we think of it in terms of even more hurry and stress in our lives. Maybe if we think of this abbreviation in a different manner, we will begin to find a new way to deal with those rough days along the way. ************* There's work to do, deadlines to meet; You've got no time to spare, But as you hurry and scurry- ASAP - ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER In the midst of family chaos, "Quality time" is rare. Do your best; let God do the rest- ASAP - ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER. It may seem like your worries Are more than you can bear. Slow down and take a breather- ASAP - ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER God knows how stressful life is; He wants to ease our cares, And He'll respond to all your needs A.S.A.P. - ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER.
Home Sweet Home
Well, my sister and I discussed things and we’ve decided to move back home. When we were home for the holidays we realized how much we missed it there and how much we missed being close to the rest of our family. So, once I’m done with classes we are going back home! Woo hoo! Don’t worry, I wont be getting rid of Cherry just wont be in the states anymore is all. I think our city is the prettiest of all the cities in Can but that’s just me. New Brunswick is home. Maybe after I get done with school (massage) I can get in at The Heldrich part time and finish the rest of school. Who knows. Only time shall tell. Well I guess it’s time for me to continue my journey and get my ass to class. Xoxooxox until later, P
My Baby
I just to take this time to say that I love you and and want to be a providing Husband thats why I am about to leave the library and check on sdme jobs
Simple Math
Math Does Not Lie From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this: What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life? Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions: If:A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z is represented as:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26. Then: H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% and K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% But, A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100% And, B-U-L-L-S-H-*-T 2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103% AND, look how far ass kissing will take you. A-S-S-K-I-S-S-I-N-G 1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118% So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that While Hard Work and Knowledge will ge
Room Number
A man bumps into a woman in a hotel lobby and as he does, his elbow goes into her breast. They are both quite startled. The man turns to her and says, "Ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you'll forgive me." She replies, "If your penis is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 221."
Doctors Appointment
One night, as a couple lays down for bed, the husband starts rubbing his wife's arm. The wife turns over and says "I'm sorry honey, I've got a gynecologist appointment tomorrow and I want to stay fresh." The husband, rejected, turns over. A few minutes later, he rolls back over and taps his wife again. "Do you have a dentist appointment tomorrow too?"
Love Me Or Hate Me
JUST THOUGHT I'D PUT THIS UP FOR ALL THE LOVELY FUCKIN HATERS OUT THERE...:) Love Me Or Hate Me VideoLove Me Or Hate Me lyrics - Lady Sovereign lyricsLady Sovereign Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
The Word
so i am making an appointment to see the doctor ASAP cuz i think i may have gotten whiplash from the accident. i am so thankful that i was wearing my seatbelt..if i hadnt i may have smashed my head on the windshield... anyhow later today i am going to upload pix of my crashed car and ill finally get a salute pic so i can level up...stay tuned for the updates
Tips For A Slave
I was looking through some old files on the computer and decided to repost some here for the benefit of those who read here. These works are not by me and the authors are credited at the end. Also i dont agree with every tip but most of them are good. Tips for Slaves · Never, never lie to your Master, even about the smallest things. The first time you lie makes the second time easier, and before you know it, nothing will be real anymore. Work diligently on prescribed chores. Don't cut corners. Don't expect thanks or pat yourself on the back for fulfilling your obligations. · Never complain about your Master to someone else (you will be ashamed of yourself for having done so in the long run.) Learn to pick up after your Master as you do yourself. Learn to pick up after yourself if you need to.) Ask for His advice. Then take it. If you don't feel He is better at making most decisions, why is He your Master? · Ask Him for reassurance when you need it. Unless there is a fire,
People Who Claim To Want To Meet
Seldom do I actually run across a person that goes through with what they say they will ...........MEET. I typically get led down the road of bullshit and then in the end, get trashed by the person. I have no time for drama, nor bull shit. If you aren't real, and willing to meet, don't tell another person that you will. Be real, or get a life and move on.
Shameless Self Promotion (last Day)
today is the day, my birthday. come on my friends show me some love
2008 Continued
So there you have it, The Pastor and the Doggie are running in 2008 on the Common Sense ticket! Who's behind us?!
Weird Sex Laws
A law in Faibanks, Alaska, does not allow moose to have sex on city streets. In Ventura County, California, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit. In Florida it is illegal for single, divorced, or widowed women to parachute on Sunday afternoons. If a police officer in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, suspects a couple is having sex inside a vehicle they must honk their horn three times, and wait two minutes before being allowed to approach the scene. Women must address bachelors as master instead of mister, according to an Illinois state law. A law in Oblong, Illinois makes it a crime to make love while fishing or hunting on your wedding day. In Ames Iowa a husband may not take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with his wife. A law in Alexandria, Minnesota makes it illegal for a husband to make love to his wife if his breath smells like garlic, onions, or sardines. In Bozeman, Montana, you can't perform any sexual acts in the front yard
So some of you on my friends list know from talking to me that I have just started the divorce process. I decided to be nice and tell my husband that he could stay here until he found a place. Well this morning he didn't have to work. He let me sleep in and even brought me breakfast in bed. Which he has never done the whole time we have been together. Why is it that after I tell him I want a divorce he is doing all these sweet things for me? I just don't get it.
Strange Sex Facts
Actual amout of semen per ejaculation: 1-2 teaspoons Average number of times a man will ejaculate in his lifetime: 7,200 Average # of times he will ejaculate from masturbation: 2,000 Average total amount of lifetime ejaculate: 14 gallons Average amount of water it takes to fill a bathtub: 35 gallons Average speed of ejaculation: 28 miles per hour Average speed of a city bus: 25 miles per hour Average # of calories in a teaspoon of semen: 7 Average # of calories in a can of Dr. Pepper: 150 Average length of penis when not erect: 3.5 inches Average length when erect: 5.1 Smallest natural penis recorded: 5/8 of an inch Largest natural penis recorded: 11 inches Largest penis in the animal kingdom: 11 feet (blue whale) Height from court floor to the rim of a basketball hoop: 10 feet Most arousing time of day/season for a man: early morning/fall Best ways to improve sexual function: quit smoking, start excercising, lose weight. Foods that im
What Hurts The Most
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house That don't bother me I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while Even though going on with you gone still upsets me There are days every now and again I pretend I'm ok But that's not what gets me What hurts the most Was being so close And having so much to say And watching you walk away And never knowing What could have been And not seeing that loving you Is what I was tryin' to do It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go But I'm doin' It It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone Still Harder Getting up, getting dressed, livin' with this regret But I know if I could do it over I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart That I left unspoken What hurts the most Is being so close And having so much to say And watching you walk away And never knowing What could have been And not
Stopping By....
i am with the greatest man alive we are very happy and i have a kid that is so great i cant even put it into words how great she is my life is going good
All The Little Things
As we go through life we seem to forget the little things that used to make us all so happy. Like chasing fireflies, walking with our best friends, playing in mud, laying in the front yard making animals and stuff out of clouds. remember thoes days? Now as adults we get excited over a day off work, finding an extra 5 in out wallets, the check book balancing, finding a credit on our utility bill. I miss the days when things were so simple. As i sit here writing this i miss more then teh simple days of could shapes and fireflies, More then the checkbook balancing and a credit on my waterbill, I miss true friends. the people who always seemed to be there when you needed them the most. the one friend who always knew u needed them and showed up. I also miss the friends i had on cherry, ya know the ones who used to talk to you almost everyday, the ones that made sure to get a phone number to keep in touch incase the internet went down. what happened to them?? If your still her
Today is a winding road that's taking me to places that I didn't want to go Whoa (whoa, whoa, whoa) Today in the blink of an eye I'm holding on to something and I do not know why I tried I tried to read between the lines I tried to look in your eyes I want a simple explanation For what I'm feeling inside I gotta find a way out Maybe there's a way out Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer Do you know you're unlike any other? You'll always be my thunder, and I said Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors I don't wanna ever love another You'll always be my thunder So bring on the rain And bring on the thunder Today is a winding road Tell me where to start and tell me something I don't know Whoa (whoa, whoa, whoa) Today I'm on my own I can't move a muscle and I can't pick up the phone I don't know (I don't know, I don't know, I don't know) And now I'm itching for the tall grass And longing for the breeze I need to step outside Just to see if I
What Kind Of Cocktail Should You Be Drinking?
Okay, I don\'t know where this one came from. I do not like coconut at all, in any way, shape or form. Anyone want to get me a better drink? What kind of cocktail should YOU be drinking? Pina ColadaIt\'s not often that you\'re able to get out, so when you do you tend to stick with what you know. You\'re outgoing and social, but not quite club hopper. I suggest you try a coconut and NEW pineapple & coconut hand treatment at my Body Shop at Home party on Saturday, January 27th at 7:00. I\'d love to see you there! If you can\'t make it but would still love to buy some great products, shop with me at Take this test
My Basic Rules
I have a few basic rules I must follow and i thought i would put them here for you all to see. Rule number one: Always speak to Master with respect. This includes using his title and having a proper tone of voice. Rule number two: Never lie to Master weather with words, actions, or by omission. Rule number three: Never speak badly of Master's pet. (i use to put myself down alot and Master has strictly forbidden this) Rule number four: Pet must always show proper homage to Master's cock should she see it unclothed. Pet will not stop until Master has told pet she may. Rule number five: Pet must always be properly groomed for her Master. Pet is required to shave both her legs, her pussy, and her underarms every other day. Rule number six: Pet is never to change her apperance without prior approval from Master. This includes cutting her hair or coloring her hair. There are more and I will add them as I get time but these are some basic ones.
I Bloody Hate These Please Dont Leave These
TAG UR IT! THIS IS A SEXY TRAIN IF U RECIEVE THIS IT MEANS UR FREAKIN SEXY.... IF U GET THIS BACK UR EVEN SEXIERR...SEND THIS TO 10 PEOPLE....IF U BREAK THIS CHAIN U WILL HAVE BAD SEX FOR THE NEXT 30 YEARS.....GOODLUCK _______@@@@@@@@@@_____ ______@@@@@_______________ _____@@@@@________________ _____@@@@@________________ _______@@@@@_____________ ___________@@@@@______ ______________@@@@@_____ ________________@@@@@_____ _______________@@@@@______ ______@@@@@@@@@________ ______@@@@@@@@@@______ ______@@@@@@@@@________ ______@@@@_________________ ______@@@@@@@@_________ ______@@@@_________________ ______@@@@________________ ______@@@@_________________ ______@@@@@@@@@@_____ ______@@@@@______@@@___ ________@@@@______@@___ _________@@@_____@@____ ___________@@@__@@____ ____________@@@@@_____ _____________@@@@_______ _____________@@@@@________ ___________@@___@@@___ ________@@@____ @@@__ ______@@@@@___
Life Before The Computer
My Stalker Has Finally Revealed Herself(must Read)
in my exes account lol seems i get to see everything kady was doin behind my back lol guess hackin my shit isin't fun anymore! go here n u will see
Is This Worthy???
is this ass worthy of a rate or a coment or two????? click on pic for direct link....thanx alllllll
Leave Him Or Not
ok some girls need to get the fuck away and if they want a person and they got someone jsut tell them dont go behind their backs and try to piss them off. cause i've done nothing but love and you two have dont nothing but be complete disrepectfull! so stop being a bitch! a complete bitch!
Blonde With Gree Eyes
I was a 23 year old blonde with green eyes, slender waist, and firm natural C-D breasts with large nipples. I am a very sexual woman, and love men, women, and my toys too. I was also very bored tonight. Everything on TV was reruns. None of my friends were around to go out with. And to top it all off, I was horny as hell. I sat down on the couch, popped in an X rated video and sat back dreamily watching the action on the screen as I let my fingers roam over my body. I ran one hand up under my T shirt to cup my breast, and slid the other hand up my thigh to caress my aching mound. my fingers stroked around in circles, and then pushed my panties aside so I could stroke my clit with my fingertip. I could already feel the moisture building up, and dipped a finger between my lips and rubbed the slickness over my clit. Suddenly I sat up. "Damn it! This just isn't going to do. I want to go out and have fun. I don't care if my friends are all busy. I'm going out!
Banister Of Life
As You Slide Down the Banister of Life, Remember , 1. Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert have written an impressive new book. It's called "Ministers Do More Than Lay People." 2. Transvestite: A guy who likes to eat, drink and be Mary. 3. The difference between the Pope and your boss...the Pope only expects you to kiss his ring. 4. My mind works like lightning. One brilliant flash and it is gone. 5. The only time the world beats a path to your door is if you're in the bathroom. 6. I hate sex in the movies. Tried it once. The seat folded up, the drink spilled and that ice, well, it really chilled the mood. 7. It used to be only death and taxes were inevitable. Now, of course, there's shipping and handling, too. 8.. A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression that he just cleaned the whole house. 9. My next house will have no kitchen - just vending machines and a large trash can. 10. A blonde said, "I was worried that my mechanic might try
What Classic Bombshell Are You?
Ok, I don't change my men that often... What Classic Bombshell Are You? Elizabeth TaylorYou are Elizabeth Taylor! The epitome of glamour. You love diamonds, and you are always the center of attention. You change your men, like you change your underwear but thats okay, you are worth it. Take this test
Ok here it goes, 1. I love curling I don't know why but it's addictive watching damn u winter olympics for only coming around every four years!( was that just one huge run on sentence? teachers anywhere?) 2. I amuse myself because i have a 10 year old sense of humor,which in that case 10 year olds amuse me. 3. I love my video games i almost only play on-line,tiger woods ,madden,splinter cell,and socom-combined assault. I realize it's juvenile and I am an old man but i love it so blah. 4. I RULE
Sexual Dictionary About Ur Name
melanie -- [adjective]:100% kinky 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
You Know You're Horny When....
I couldn't get to sleep last night. Didn't want to wake hubby because he had a massive headache as well as he started work today, so I wanted him to get lots of sleep. Well, I lay there for probably about an hour and just couldn't get to sleep, so I got up to watch a movie. Ended up masturbating and needing sex so bad. Went back in the bedroom and fondled my comatose honey until he got a major stiffy. Then I rode him, anal and pussy, over and over until I finally came. Even though he was unconscious, it was still good. How's that for horny, right?
I thought I finally received a break Only to see the sun fall My eyes will not see what they longed to see My lips will not taste what they longed to taste Why does life have to be like this Full of hatred and pain Instead of joy and bliss by Gary R. Hess
i counted your fingers first as i licked up your arms to your shoulders and along your neck i traced the contours of your breasts and down the valley between to your navel you shuddered but remained silent even as my tongue slide round your labia and clitoris along your inner thigh past your ankle finally stopping to count your toes.
Stringing Your Pearls Along
i watched you carefully drill needles through a hundred pearls and then string them together one at a time. it took you nearly forty five minutes to tie the knot and then you ran the string around your face your neck each nipple seperately then, as if it were wrong you rolled the pearls along your stomach and down to your clitoris where they swirled and whirled while time stopped you shuddered sometime between an hour and a year later and then for the first time i remember you smiled.
This Guy Is The Shit
THOSE WHO KNOW ME KNOW THAT I DONT PIMP OUT GUYS BUT THIS ONE IS THE SHIT HOOK HIM UP FAN HIM RATE HIM SPANK HIM LICK HIM BUT MAKE SURE YOU GIVE HIM A KISS WHEN YOUR DONE PLEASE FOR ME FAT SONNY@ CherryTAP (repost of original by 'hellfighter( ~ Pain Is My Passions ct hubby)' on '2007-01-16 12:42:02') (repost of original by 'FAT SONNY' on '2007-01-16 12:50:34')
What Type Of Candy Are You?
What type of CANDY r u? Gummy bearu r a gummy bear! u r colorful and mysterious but sweet on the inside! u have a talent for listening to others that need help! Take this test
Play Dead
A moth into a butterfly and a lie into the sweetest truth I'm so afraid of life I try to call your name but I'm silenced by the fear of dying in your heart once again I see the seasons changing And in the heart of this autumn I fall With the leaves from the trees I play dead To hide my heart Until the world gone dark fades away I cry like God cries the rain and I'm just one step away from the end of today I see the reasons changing And in the warmth of the past I crawl Scorched by the shame I play dead To hide my heart Until the world gone dark fades away I stay dead Until you veil my scars and say goodbye to fate Before it's too late
Missing Someone
Have you ever missed someone so bad that you are constently thinking of that person? Just thinking what are they doing right at this same minute your thinking of them. Longing for just one more talk, hug, I LOVE YOU from them. Thinking to your self what if things were different? It is hard to let someone go that you love so much, but knowing they are in a different place is supposed to help you get through the pain; But does it really I dont think so!!! You just want to see that person one more time to know that everything is ok that they are happy and better off; but still you wonder what if. What if you could have made their pain go away when they were here with you. What if you could have gone to see them that day. There are tons of What if's out there to consider. But have you ever really missed some one that bad to wonder what if like I have?
The End Is Coming
when the end is coming most people dont know it untill its to late but in my case i know mine is coming sometimes i feel that i can change it but now i feel i cant i have just about givin up and i dont care if it comes but i am waiting for it to come
Friends, You Mean A Lot To Me
Friends, You Mean A Lot To Me If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you, And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue If I could build a mountain You could call your very own, A place to find serenity, A place to be alone If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding Are impossible for me I cannot build a mountain, Or catch a rainbow fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend who's always there
Just A Another Joke
Managerial Mishaps... The manager of a large corporation got a heart attack, and the doctor told him to go for several weeks to a farm to relax. The guy went to a farm, and after a couple of days he was very bored, so he asked the farmer to give him some job to do. The farmer told him to clean up all of the cow manure. The farmer thought that to somebody coming from the city, working the whole life sitting in an office, it will take over a week to finish the job, but for his surprise the manager finished the job in less than one day. The next day the farmer gave to the manager a more difficult job: to cut the heads of 500 chickens. The farmer was sure that the manager will not be able to do the job, but at the end of the day the job was done. The next morning, as most of the jobs in the farm were done, the farmer asked the manager to divide a bag of potatoes in two boxes: one box with small potatoes, and one box with big potatoes. At the end of the day the farmer saw that t
i need a job in a bad kind of way... anyone got any ideas? would love to hear everyones insite!
The Riddle Of Yin & Love
The riddle of Yin and Love I painted a picture of a waterfall and two cranes; but I left it out in the rain. With it faded and ruined, it reminded me of you. That I almost gave you my heart again, till the wall reminded me I don't have the strength to bend. It looked sort of like the poem I wrote you once. After it had dried, after being soaked in all the tears I cried. I'd forgotten how I threw away the letters, that poem, and the feelings. And convinced myself to never again court the pain love brings. Until I saw my painting bleached almost white; waiting for me to draw again beneath the moonlight. All work copyright © Jennifer Pritchett
Choosing A Good Wife...
A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among three likely candidates. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and watches to see what they do with the money. The first does a total make over. She goes to a fancy beauty salon gets her hair done, new make up and buys several new outfits and dresses up very nicely for the man. She tells him that she has done this to be more a attractive for him because she loves him so much. The man was impressed. The second goes shopping to buy the man gifts. She gets him a new set of golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive clothes. As she presents these gifts, she tells him that she has spent all the money on him because she loves him so much. Again, the man is impressed. The third invests the money in the stock market. She earns several times the $5,000. She gives him back his $5,000 and reinvests the remainder in a joint account. She tells him that she wants to save for their future because s
Uncaptured( Poem)
I am a string Knotted and twisted cast out upon the breeze. left to drift upon the streets searching aimlessly for something I settle here I settle there, but never is it long Before with haste I am pushed. I am blown. I am cast out again, and once more alone. A simple touch of a gentle hand Just a meer brush agisnt a loving cheek all so subtle, sweet, and meek, but never long am I to hold before in the the wind I am thrown Because I am like a string twisted Knotted, and tossed upon the breeze never loved long and never held close Just left alone. To be tossed upon the winds of a world grown cold.
Any Ideas Please Help
OK so this may be a strange request but Im at my wits end with my kitten she was born in august so she is still little in the beginning she was using here litter box she stopped using it over a three months ago she started using my hallway rug until I got rid of that rug now she goes on the kitchen floor which is linolium ( or somethin like that ) I have 4 differant types of kitty litter that i am trying i have mixed them all I have 4 differant boxes all around the house even in the spots she like to go she avoids the litter boxes like their poison or something I think I have tried everything if any one has ever experienced this nightmare please comment with any ideas I love my kitty but I cant take this any longer Im running out of rugs and shoes oh ya she also like to use my shoes ive thrown out two pairs already PLease please please help any ideas im willing to try at this point Oh ya and she is caught up with shots so thats not it either >
Does Anyone ?
I have a son who is fifteen months and weighs less than 20lbs. Yes we feed him can not get him to eat tho. He is healthy doing things he is supposed to. Does anyone that has children have any advice the kid needs to gain weight. Scared of malnutrition. Thanks for any help
I'm Back
Been away a while. Been busy with life and other stuff. Yea, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. I've missed my family, friends and fans a lot. I see a couple of you dropped me, but I guess that's ok? :( Anyway, hit me up soon because my page is lonely now that comments and messages get deleted after a time. (What a fucked up thing to do to the site! :( ) Cherry love to all! Gene aka SleepingDragon
Ok...not Being Stalked Anymore
That's a good thing :) I never had a problem in the first place. Just have this tendency to finish things others start :)
Im Stayin For Now...
well i have been begged by a few people who meen a lot to me to stay so ill stay... lol... sorry i was whining.. maybe i was a little depressed and didnt mean to take it out on everyone.. but i feel a lot better now.. plus i got the bitch upstairs kicked out so thats great cuz all she does is make noise and cause me problems (she was driving me nuts.. literally...)so its all good... lol... maybe i can get my friends in there and it will be like one big happy family LMAO... anyway.. just wanted to give u all an update and let u know im doing better today and that im stayin... thanks for viewing my posts and reposting the ones that are important..:) anyway show me luv and ill show u luv:) thanks all ~sarah
Is One In Hand Worth A Hundred In The Bush?
OK...there are thousands of chics on here. Hundreds displaying themselves provocatively, and down right in xxx. Many are willing to have virtual sex with you. Which is better, the REAL one at home with you, or a hundred virtual pussies you've never had before?
More About My Past
Read this bulletin. It is really said. I've sort of been through that in my life when i was a child. To me Men that beat up woman for any reason should be shot, hung, or what ever. I've seen it done to much in my life time. My father beat up my mother right in front of me. He told me to go to my room but i wouldn't go. Until my mom told me that she would be alright. Even though she wasn't though. I was only 4 yrs old and i still remember the whole thing to this day. To this day. I said i would never be like my father and i'm not either. I'm proud to say that too.
I Love You Guys.
However, I'm really starting to dislike cherrytap anymore.. I thought it would have been better than myspace but it's really not...It just seems that none really wanna be a true friend at least one to count on.
Before And After...
Before After
Ill Tell You What
1. Who were you with last night? Mum 2. What woke you up this morning? my alarm clocks 3. Where are you? in the study 4. Is tomorrow going to be a good day? hope so 5. Did you kiss or hug anyone today? had some huggs 6. Who's bed were you in last night? mine 8. When's the last time you cried? i believe about 2.30am on monday __The PAST round__ 10. Ever thrown up in public? yes lol 11. whats on your mind right now.? Alot of things but Dustins a big part at the moment __The FUTURE round__ 13. Would you take a bullet for anyone? yes, for the ones i love 14. Where would you like to live? closer to Dustin 15. What kind of home would you like? a warm one 16. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to work in the media 17. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Working in the media?? 18. Do you like candy necklaces? yeah...just cant eat them 19. When was the last time you fell over or ran into something? few days ago
Awake my sweet,shake the dreams from your head. There are things I yet do not understand. I have seen into the depts of hell my beloved. The demons were dancing while everyone was dying. Awake my sweet from your deep sleep. There are things I yet do not understand. I saw blood on his hands and yes,the hate and self-satisfaction was plastered on his face. I know that the demons were singing while the child was dying bleeding from the blow to her head. My sweet,wake me from this life and let me sleep deep within your dreams.There are things I yet do not understand.What is to become of all the children that are cast to a world full of demons. I have seen into the depts of hell,I saw people dancing with the beautiful angles we call demons. Awake my sweet,take me far from this place,save what is left of me and my sanity.There are things I do not want to learn.This world is completely crazy..Is there no hope for those who just don't belong? Let me sleep.Do not wak
Tell me something to put in a song.
A Friend Wrote This For Me Today
M'lady so sweet and so fair, I want to be here just to tell you that I care, I'm here for you when your down, I'm here to give you a smile when you frown, When you want to just sit down and cry, I will be here right by your side, A true friend you have become to me, Our friendship will last always through eternity, If you ever need someone close to talk to, Remember I am always here for you, So send a message or send a shout, I will always be here to hear you out, In the times of sadness when you are weak, I will be there to kiss your cheek, Remember this not matter what, I am always here for you so never give up, Now I must bid farewell to thee, Talk to you soon m'lady sweet I am always here for thee. Ty Lord Lestat for the poem I love it
Motorcycle Contest Over
Motorcycle Contest RULES Comment bombing allowed You can comment on yourself 10,000 Comments WINS NO DRAMA ALLOWED!I WINNER 1st place winner(most comments)- gets rolex or motorcycle 2nd place(most ratings)- Diamond earings White Gangster@ CherryTAP
I'm Sad For Her
so i found out yesterday that one of my bestfriends who lives out in colorado, her husband is being shipped out to iraq in 3 weeks. she's not sure if she's coming home yet not, it depends how long he has to do. i hope she comes home, but i also hope her husband stays safe. i hope all the soldiers over seas stay safe. ♥
Cooler Surfing With Drunkin Dumb-ass Friends
when going on a white water rafing trip with drunkin, dumb-assed friends. watch out. they can cause you to get kicked out of the same bar twice in one day. what is even worse is that one of them can come up with the idea of cooler surfing. cooler surging= there is a rope at the front of the raft. there is a cooler for beer, food, ect, in the middle of the raft. drunkin dumb-assed friend stands on the cooler holding the rope while going down the rapids. drunkin dumb-assed friend may fall. drunkin dumb-assed friend never seems to get hurt. wish i could say the same for others in the raft. ok so i was a drunkin dumb-assed friend a time or two. dint i mention there was beer in the cooler? there is only one thing you can do about drunkin dumb-assed friends that are cooler surfing. Throw them out out the raft!
How Well Do You Know The Marvel Universe?
MARVEL fans! Test your knowledge here! MARVEL EXPERT!Congratulations! You really know your MARVEL stuff! Possibly better than anyone else! Now go and call up your friends. You\'ve got a world out there to save! Take this test
What We Want In A Man!
What We Want In A Man! What We Want in a Man - Original List (Age 22) 1. Handsome 2. Charming 3. Financially successful 4. A caring listener 5. Witty 6. In good shape 7. Dresses with style 8. Appreciates finer things 9. Full of thoughtful surprises 10. An imaginative, romantic lover What We Want in a Man - Revised List (Age 32) 1. Nice looking - prefer hair on his head 2. Opens car doors, holds chairs 3. Has enough money for a nice dinner 4. Listens more than talks 5. Laughs at my jokes 6. Carries bags of groceries with ease 7. Owns at least one tie 9. Appreciates a good home-cooked meal 10. Remembers birthdays and anniversaries 11. Seeks romance at least once a week Want We Want in a Man - Revised List (Age 42) 1. Not too ugly - bald head OK 2. Doesn't drive off until I'm in the car 3. Works steady - splurges on dinner on occasion 4. No

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