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New Targets
Hey guys here's 2 new targets for us to help out until  Honorary Member Week starts next week these 2 are really simple first is Smootchie   Sm00tchie Co-Owner @ SINS OF EVIL@ fubar and the second is WowThatsHot. A friend and supporter of the group and of her named Asus is also offering 20k per 100 rates of her pics so when you get done rating her folder just comment on the last pic "folder rated" and when you are done hit Asus up with the grand total of pics you rated and he will pay you here's the link to her page   *WOWTHATSHOT*@ fubar Here's Asus's link to his page to hit him up for payment,he's also offering 20k for per 100 pic rates of him as well so here's an opportunity for some of you fubuck strapped members to make some really nice dough while rating as well. Till Tuesday I hope all of you are having a great,great weekend! 
Drunken Principal In A Hit And Run?
Yep - the 39 year old principal in the local high school was charged with hitting a pedestrian, leaving the scene, and - then being charged with DWI last weekend. The newspaper did not say that he was quitting/being fired, only that he remains commited to providing a good learning environment for the kids. What a train wreck.
How This Work
I still learning so bare with me please
Buggin' 2.0 (8mm Flicker)
*the following was inspired from this single image I made for my profile to look like a bad shutter effect of an 8mm projector.     S-A-double-V - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: Certified Sicktastic - cock the shotty, Ant... yeah, click-clack it. Nightmare on a Silent Hill, all the Residents beyond drastic; Pure Evil, hellish buggin', watch out it's the sequel. Sharpen your meat cleaver - divide the fog, and leave limbs unequal...Ant the Rant of Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: I put it on 8mm, but I'm hold'n 9. Late feature, documents the history of an old crime, the mystery to unfold, told in rhyme, calm, collected, cold and refined, smiling safely, as CSI retrace the, body with a bold line, the killer sits right here and waits, online, hold'n up his call sign.S-A-double-V - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: Berserker rage, it's time - shot released, open-says-a-heem, through the spine. Shells expended, cackle on the pine. Floors, as he Rants through the House of a Thousand. M
ok heres the deal, rate my pics if u want, im not gonna beg for a rating or comments, also i will not give blings just to see ur nsfw pics obviously they must not be very good if u want something that is just a pic of bling,also i had a salute and it got deleted by mistake,so if i have to have one of those to see ur profile or ur pics then may i suggest u move along or u r not worth my time to see ur page,if this offends then click the little in x in the corner and have a good day
Once Upon A Star.
I gaze up at the sky each night and find the brightest star. It's always waiting there for me so close, but yet so far. The star winks in the evening sky and reaches out to me. It magically appears each night for all the world to see. I've wished upon this special star my whole life through, it seems. I've closed my eyes and made my wish of hopes, and plans, and dreams. And then, one day I got my wish for I finally met you. You are that someone special who's made all my dreams come true. So now whenever we're apart I find that same bright star. It makes me feel so close to you no matter where you are.
To Let Go Of The Light
What do you do when you have to let go of what makes you happy when it also makes you cry?   It is possible that one thing can bring you to the heights of pleasure can be the same thing that plunges you into the depths of despair.   I should be used to this, it seems to happen every few months.  I find someone who is everything that I could dream of, everything I could ever want.  But.  There is always a but.    But the distance is too great, But I am not really ready, But I am only looking for a good time.  But, But But.    So I will let another go, because he isn’t really mine to begin with, let him go to those that make him happy and sit back and ask again:   “Why am I never enough?”
The Classroom
The Classroom   A lesson that should be taught in all schools. . and colleges!   Back in September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a social studies school teacher at  Robinson High School in  Little Rock , did something not to be forgotten.  On the first day of school, with the permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she removed all of the desks out of her classroom.   When the first period kids entered the room they discovered that there were no desks.  'Ms. Cothren, where are our desks?'   She replied, 'You can't have a desk until you tell me how you earn the right to sit at a desk.'   They thought, 'Well, maybe it's our grades.'   'No,' she said.   'Maybe it's our behavior.'   She told them, 'No, it's not even your behavior..'   And so, they came and went, the first period, second period, third period.  Still no desks in the classroom.   By early afternoon television news crews had started gathering in Ms. Cothren's cl
Bored Much?
Name something you dislike about the day you're having?I worked today. Everything else has been fine.When will your next kiss be?I have no clue.Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?I'm thinking maybe Jeremy.Are you dating the last person you talked to?NoWho was the last person you talked to in person?ConnorAre you happy right now?SureWhat are you sitting on right now?The couchIs there someone who you instantly smile when you receive a message from?Plenty. I know some people will always tell me something funnyHave you ever wanted someone you can't have?Oh yeah.A random person yells to you "aybaybay." You say..what the fuck?Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night?RonWhat were you doing last night at midnight?I think I was shooting turtles out of cannonsWhere is the shirt you are wearing from?The Boondock Saints online store. =]Are you a mean person?I really try not to be, but sometimes I can't  help it.Does anyone hate you?lol, pro
This game is addicting and spike walls are a pain in my ass.
Flagged Pics
Geting pretty sic of idiots flagging pics that have nothing wrong with them and i have LOT OF FRIENDS WHO ARE HAVING SAME PROBLEMS !!!!! Get a life cos these pics im talking about that have been flagged well if any 1 is offended by them im sorry but you should be watchin Bambie and walt Disney if this offends you cos ur Pathetic  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely pathetic !!!!!!! SO GROW UP AND GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O AND BTW ya betta make sure ur pica are full of Bambie pics too :) idiots on this site make me sic i can say that much !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crushed In A Crash
june 21st 2004 two ten pm don't know how i got out the door 17 years old, life scattered and shattered didn't even see it coming, death hit like nothing mattered put in an ambulance, my clothes cut off if i had been sittin' up i'd had my nose cut off i only reached to the floor cuz i was hungry i heard nothing but crash, then my memory went black with no sound i regained my memory outside the car sittin' on the ground i had blood on my face, gettin' put in a neck brace didn't hurt at all until they had me lean back on a back board i thought i snapped my spinal chord i could move my toes, i asked why they gotta cut off my clothes they said in case i have compound fractured bones a $600 ambulance ride to regional and they couldn't tell me where he'd gone, he got a separate ride. in the e.r. a detective came to talk to me asking the same shit over just worded differently they put me in a m.r.i. checked for internal damage i said that drink was delicious but i think i'll
Lost. . .
  again i loved, and again I lost. . . again I believed, and I'm paying the cost. . . Yesterday I was so happy in love, today I'm falling apart. . . all because I took a chance, and opened up my heart. . . now all my hopes and dreams are gone with the wind. . . So I crawl back into my shell, where lonliness is my only true friend. . . back to the only friend I've ever really known. . . just a empty shell of skin and bone. . . no love, no heart, no spirit, no soul. . . nothing, but a great big black hole. . . no hope, no future in sight. . . Lost in a void, a world with no light. . . a place where my cries are the only sound. . . a place so cold and distant, I may as well be six feet under ground. . .  
Our Soldiers...
You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes weeks without running water.You complain of a 'headache' and call in sick.He gets shot at as other are hit,and keeps moving forward.You talk trash about your buddies that aren't with you.He knows he may never see any of his ever again.You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear,not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his forehead.You get mad at the waiter for getting your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your mad that your class got held 5 minutes over.He's told he will be held over an extra 2 months.You roll your eyes when your baby cries.He gets a letter with pictures of his new baby,and wonders if they'll ever meet.If you dont forward this we will just see how conceited you really are. Just fwd if your supporting the troops.
Modern Massacre
I stand up, wondering what has happened, wondering what I have done, looking down on the bodies below.Staring into the eyes of a body, staring deeper, into those empty eyes.Slain by my own sword, wielded by my two hands. Unable to take the accusing stare... I grab once again the sword, raising it high, stabbing down into the skull of the man, a loud crack is heard.Each body, rising in my mind, accusing me, my delerium grows stronger, as I swing wildly about me, hitting nothing but air. Thinking in my madness that the guilt must come from the bodies,I slash down wildly, in a frenzy, slashing until my arms cannot handle the weight of the sword. Bodyparts lying everywhere in sight. The spirits are still accusing me, I had forgotten about them in the frenzy of mine, the madness of mine... Believing them gone.I raise my sword, focusing on one of them, slashing with all my might. Into a street lamp, Almost cutting through... Almost. As electricity flows into my body, shocking me. Making me f
A small story my boss told me....... During a very cold winter day, a bird was flying across the sky. As it got colder and colder, the bird froze and fell to the ground. A cow walked up to it and crapped on it. The heat thawed the bird out and it began singing. The noise attracted a fox which then ate the bird. Moral of the story-not everyone who shits on you means you harm and when you are in deep shit, you should keep quiet.
Oy Fu Drama Lol
Alright, got fuengaged today as many of you know and apparently I have hurt or pissed some of you off. How many times do you have to be told that I'm a fuckin flirt and a perv and that I'm not going to change? It's understood that this is fu, not real life. So tell me wtf your problem is cuz I can't figure it out. You don't complain when you see me on cam in the loung and showing off ass much boob as I can get away with but you're gonna bitch at me for getting fuengaged. That's real nice. If you know me then you know I'm a perv and a flirt and that's just the way I am. I'm not going to change for you or anybody else no matter what. And once again I'll state this simple little fact that seems to have so many people so confused.   IT'S A FUCKING WEB SITE!!!!! Really if you don't like the way I act, then don't talk to me anymore. But don't get pissed off at me over stupid shit cuz I really don't wanna hear you bitching. I'm the biggest perv and flirt you'll ever meet and I like to play
Thought For The Day 9/23/09
Thought for the Day 9/23/09 Its been awhile, so I wanted to start out by saying hello again, if you missed my blogs guess what, I m back to writing again. Need to put my words somewhere and if you're reading this, hey leave a comment kudo or something say hey...The thought:-------------------------Learn something new everyday whether it be for work around the house cooking, out in the yard, out somewhere else. You can never know too much even though you already think you know it all.My life:-------------------------My life as is, complicated to say the least. I find myself attached to that mobile pda I call a phone, and always looking for a better laptop. You can never have too many friends or too many ppl who you love and love you back. Thats a true friend anyway right, someone you'd do anything for if they asked unless ya really knew em....or sometimes even when ya do.
3 Pimpouts A Day
It Finally Happened...
after being whored out by ninjystars i got hit up by a lounge...  fuck and here i have been off their radar for the last 6 months...  but at least i got to have a little fun with it... ->NaughtyGir...: get back to me when they do till then i have no interest standing around pretending i'm having a blast when you can't even have a decent conversation... i can do that at a bar just fine NaughtyGir...: not yet ->NaughtyGir...: naughty girls on cam showing their bits? NaughtyGir...: and naughty girls lol NaughtyGir...: um no just good ppl -> NaughtyGir...: are there whores there? NaughtyGir...: sure the more the merrier ->NaughtyGir...: is this one of those things i am gonna need lube for? - >NaughtyGir...: what kind of party? should i bring a friend? NaughtyGir...: http:... come and party
Survey, Run And Hide
Last people you hung out with?Tori, Kerry, Ally reverse orderWhen's the last time you were surprised?About an hour agoWhat is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?Starbucks, double expressoDo you prefer pasta, salad, or coleslaw?Pasta! If you could have one wish what would it be?The ability to orb :-)Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?Could I, yeah... but why?Who's bed were you on last?My ownWhen was the last time you changed in front of someone?TodayWould you rather love one person or have many short relationships?Love . . . lets just not go thereLast person you had a deep conversation with was?JohnIs there a member of the opposite sex on your mind?oh yeahDo you like to cuddle?sometimes Has anyone said they love you in the last week?Yup.What's going on between you and the last person you kissed?Much ado about nothingWhere is the person who has your heart? you mean me? :-) once upon a time a long time ago, OK two years, NY... England... hmmmm enny meenn
The Rider Famine
  In judgment I laugh, as the scales are cast; At the wave of a hand, I rot every cache. I will bring empires to rubble, and nations to ash. Thy Kingdom is crushed - from the first to the last. On the black steed I ride, malignant and fast. You will kneel in pain, as the will of FAMINE is passed. A heavenly crescendo harkens, "COME AND SEE!!!" And, the One who is worthy, with seven horns and seven eyes, total dominion and divinity, unleashes the third seal and frees me. It is, as it was prophesied to be. I do not discriminate between prestige, or extreme poverty. I am John Six-Five-Six - The Rider Pale Destiny. The absence of light, is the color of my steed. He whinnies in a mixture of rage, pain and agony, while meter bells jingle rhythmically, Thunder pounds, as we gallop across the Seven Seas. I am here, and I am F-A-M-I-N-E. I raise my scales, and judgment is upon Thee. To all those who lived in blasphemy, who would not repent, who turned their back to
Just My Luck
Just my luck that it turns out my lease is up in November instead of Feb. So that gives me two months to get things figured out. Rich is the one who told me that while I was out of town and he tells me that I need to hurry up and find a place and get things packed, donated or whatever and he hasn't even done shit with his stuff. So why the hell tell me what to do? I've already gotten some stuff taken care of. He still thinks I should take his car...fuck that..I'm not taking his stupid car payments so that he won't have another bill to worry about...a bill that he does poorly with. I'm going to have a lot more bills than him to pay for when I move out. He tells me not to worry about a car right now but a place to move to and whatever. Yeah that's something that was on my mind before but thought I would have more time instead of two months...the whole car thing is still on my mind since he fucked me over and it's like he's still trying to fuck me over. Well that's not going to happen.
Racism Can Be Funny Bastards
Susan Atkins
(CNN) -- Susan Denise Atkins, a former member of the Manson family who killed pregnant actress Sharon Tate during a two-day killing spree in 1969, has died, according to a California corrections spokesman. She was 61. Atkins died at 11:46 p.m. PT Thursday (2:46 a.m. Friday ET) at the California Women's facility in Chowchilla, said Terry Thornton with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Atkins, California's longest-serving female inmate, was suffering from terminal brain cancer. Since she entered prison in 1971, she became a born-again Christian who worked to help at-risk youth, victims of violent crimes and homeless children, among others, according to a Web site maintained by her attorney and husband, James Whitehouse. But Atkins was best known for her actions in 1969 when she, then 21, and other Manson family members participated in seven murders over two days, a rampage that terrorized Los Angeles. By her own admission, Atkins held the eight-months-pregn
Giving Up The Ghost...
Hey guys,  I'm just putting this out there, in case one day soon, I dissapear.  My laptop is on it's last leg, the HD is moaning and grinding.  It's a POS and not worth the time or parts to try to keep it going.  So, I'm going to let her die.  It will take me several weeks to save up enough to buy another one, so don't worry about me, if you don't see me around for awhile.   I'll miss you all terribly.  Maybe I'll get more shit done if I don't let the FU suck all my time....    Love ya!!!!   
U Want My Points For 12 Hrs?
Being a angel I can give my points to someone for 12 hours   I have done this a couple times for friends however the points don't add up unless a auto is running   So here's the deal from now on if you want 12 hours of my points you are gonna have to give a little to get a little   You may either bling me an Auto 11                or   Gift me a bling pack with enought credits to get myself an Auto 11 any credits left will be used during YOUR 12 hours so you get the points from this as well.   ******LOOK I WILL RATE PEOPLE ALL DAY LONG AND RUN BOMBS IF I HAVE THEM ********BUT********* IF I DO NOT SEE YOU HELPING YOUR SELF I WILL NOT DO A DAMN THING TO HELP YOU   IF YOU RATE MY PHOTOS WHILE YOUR GETTIN MY POINTS DURING A AUTO YOU WILL GET 104 POINTS (IF RATING DURING A HH) IF YOU RATE ME EVEN WITH OUT A AUTO YOU ARE GOING TO BE GETTIN DOUBLE POINTS HELLO DO THE MATH YOU BENEFIT EITHER WAY   this is how it will work, I am sorry but i can no longer "give" my points to pe
Been hurt many times by different men in my life many different ways. Physically, mentally, enslaved, knock down, and made to believe that I am not worth much. Always try to give all of myself and more to anyone in my life. I have had many journeys end in sorrow. I am now on a journey now with a wonderful man. Hoping that we will be able to defeat all obstacles in our lives. I know that if you stand together with your loved ones you can overcome anything. I really want nothing more than happiness and to share my life with a great man. I hope this journey turns out to be all that I expected.
A Mans Point Of Few,is It True Men?called Conquest,mistaken For Feelings
Conquest-Mistaken for Feelings A Mans Point of few Thanks Tony for letting me post this: I hear alot of my female friends speak about how sex ruined there relationship. How they had been chatting online and had really developed feelings and when they met, had sex, and didn’t hear from the person of found them cheating...ect., ect.. I want to share (or wake some of you up to a fact you probably know about but don't want to believe)... Men are, by nature, conquerors! And believe it or not, while men are more physical about it, woman have a conquest nature to. However, yours are more mental and spiritual.The truth is, men will sometime tell you, and may even feel it (won't be lying intentionally, or actually do believe) ...that they have deep feelings for you. However, sometimes, it is just the desire to physically conqueror you (aqua: fuck your rains out). It is not a need for some pussy, it is a need to conqueror. Woman do it to the heart, men do it through physical activity.
Where My Thoughts Are Now
For those of you who really care and for the guys who say they love me and want to be with me... Here is how I see it... I have been hurt over and over again with promises made and promises broken repeatedly... Well right now my heart is not letting anyone in... If you want to know why well it is thanks to one person on here he had my heart completely... I was devoted to him and he threw all that away and right in my face... i am tired of being played... I am tired of doing the chasing... So I am going to sit right where I am and stay away from being online as much as possible and for those of you who truely do love me and want to be with me well I guess you will have to be the one who shows up at my door step... There is one guy on here who I care for a whole lot but can't committ to him because my heart won't let me because of the distance but I want to know I am not doing this to hurt him or anyone else... It is how I feel straight up and not sure what to say anymore... You want to
"throwing Away Money At The Mall...literally"
Kid: How come there's coins in the fountain? Mom: People throw them in. Kid: That's stupid. Mom: It's tradition...something people have done before. Kid: What if it was stupid before? Mom: It's not... Kid: Can I throw some coins in? Mom: No. Kid: Why? Mom: (pauses) It's stupid. (mom smiles) -- Overheard in: Fountain S.Hills Mall, NJ --
Fix The Bathroom On Your Way Out, Honey
Woman 1: Ted told me he's leaving. Woman 2: Are you serious? Woman 1: He tells me that every week. Woman 2: What do you tell him? Woman 1: I tell him, leave, but not before you fix the boiler you've been promising to fix for 5 years, and the pipes and that f-ing door that jams every time we close it....
My Friends List...
I just deleted over 2000 members from my friends list. Cleaned it up pretty good. If I offer no apologies as most of these were people I never spoke with. I pretty much just work the site when I'm here and tend to mind my own business unless it's Fubar related. While I AM a Fubar member, I'm a Fubar BOUNCER first. Bouncing takes dedication and keeps me too busy to socialize much.  There isn't an option to turn my orange off when I log on and that's the way it should be. I've been a bouncer for a long time and I enjoy it very much. I'm going to go back through it tomorrow for more deletions, as well as my fans list.  It's a tedious procedure, but it will free up space on the server as well as space on my lists. Have fun and keep the FU alive and growing.
Weeding Out People
OK..we need to find out who really wants to be a member!   Only a few left a comment on the last if you don't leave one you will be deleted as a member!   We really want this group to be a good one..but we need the members to be active!   So please leave a comment here letting us know you want to stay!! Thank you all!!
Struggling With Your Self
Ok.. so did I mention I'm a blogger? According to my stats on this here site.. no one really reads my little posts here.. but on my actual blog.. it's between 100 and 200 visits a day.. closer to the 100.. and I don't know how many of those folks actually read the thing all that much.. or are all that engaged.. but hey, I'm working on it right.. So I posted a new post.. on wrestling with your self.. or more specifically my own wrestling with my self.. a longer thread of some of what's going on in my life is features in adjacent posts should you be interested.. but the point is more just about the process of wrestling with your self.. dealing with your self.. so if  you find your self in such a position.. I don't know.. maybe it might shed some light on stuff? Maybe? Ok.. so with that the link... my post on struggling with the self.  So you know.. tell me whatz ya think
Do you ever get chapped lips, and enjoy biting off the dry skin. Just to have it hurt like hell later on, and get even chappier and dryer?
Im Up 4 Sale
A Flower Is To Wilting As I Am To You
      This plot is pure chaos Missing scenes, missing parts We’ve reached our resolution Before our story starts   The conflict and the fighting The climax of our lives The tragedy of our words Scream we won’t survive   All our sadistic memories Make us who we are All our filthy thoughts Won’t get us very far   We improvise the laughter The smiles they are fake We paint our selves a comedy When reality we cant take   This theme of pain is horrid The irony of our fate This symbol of love is awful Two hearts filled up with hate   Our simile of happiness Like sunshine in the night The metaphor of love A necklace worn too tight   Our dialogue is broken You won’t talk to me My monologue is lost And I’m left my soliloquy   No chance to show my feelings No chance to make amends Misplaced from the beginning No chance of being friends   Your satire is discarded Your act of chivalry This paradox is twisted This life real
Ugh. Just 8
ummm where do i start oh yes im in a bad mood for some reason and i feel like ranting so if you disagree or if i Offend you...Oh well life a bitch and people move on.1. im sick of these skinny bitchez running around in ugg boots and shorts or skirts with sweaters or hoodies dumb bitches are tards and prob. road the short bus..its 30 damn degrees outside put some freakin clothes on and go play in traffic...hookers 2.someone i know recently made a comment that guys who are out with there girlfriends tip better cuz they want them....bullshit...first of all if im with a guy he better tip well regardless if the server is a man or a woman...second bitch you stink and that attitude stinks even worse,not everyone wants ur balls so quit being fool of urself... and why we are on this topic lets discuss....3. when couples go out to eat and dont say a thing to each other the whole time they are eating...what kinda date is this ... i will never not have something to say...and if im pissed
Caa #123
First of I would like to thank all of you for the continues prayers that people have asked me to put up here, they have often told me how much they have appreciated it as I have also.   Now, one for me.  I am going for a new position tomorow afternoon, and think I have a good chance.  Please keep me in your prayers tonight and tomorrow.   Thank you,   Doc
Not Always Right | Dumb, Dumber, Dumberest
(I’m waiting in the movie ticket line and overhear three teenage girls having a conversation.) Girl #1: “What is the mat-in-ee?” Girl #2: “That’s like, a sea creature, right?” Girl #3: “OMG, you are so stupid! Its like when you get a discount because your dad is, like, in the military or something.” Girl #1: “OMG, I’m so stupid!” Girl #3: “Yeah, you should pay more attention to your surroundings!”
Not Always Right | Who's Got The Power Now
Me: “How can I help you?” Irate Caller: “Yes, I just purchased one of your wireless routers and your stupid tech support in India just told me I have to plug it into an outlet.” Me: “Uh… yes, ma’am. It needs to be plugged into an outlet to get electrical power.” Irate Caller: “I purchased a WIRELESS router, so it shouldn’t require wires! Doesn’t it use batteries or something?” Me: “No, ma’am, ‘wireless’ means you don’t need wires between the computer and the router.” Irate Caller: “Wireless means WIRE-LESS! If this thing has to be plugged in with a wire, I want a full refund!” Me: “If the product isn’t what you expected, I suggest you return the device to your local retailer.” Irate Caller: “NO! That’s not good enough! They won’t take it back because it’s been opened! I want you to give me a refund!” Me: “
Not Always Right | Copycat...copy Dogs..copy Sheep
Customer: “I need a book on cloning.” Me: “OK - would you like a book on the ethics of cloning, or maybe the history of it?” Customer: “No, I need a how-to book on cloning animals.” Me: “Um…cloning is a pretty complicated process. You’ll need several years of college education to be able to clone an animal.” Customer: “No you don’t! That’s just what we’ve been told! I read about it, and you can do it with a turkey baster in your kitchen!” Me: “I think you’re thinking of artificial insemination…” Customer: “NO I’M NOT! I NEED TO CLONE MY DOG!” Me: “…” Customer: “I have a boy dog, and I love him very much, but he’s a bad dog. I heard that girl dogs are much nicer, so I want to clone my dog and make a girl dog! STOP HIDING THE BOOKS FROM ME!!!” Me: *points to back corner* “Our science section is that way.
Not Always Right | Airheaded Part 3
Manager: “May I help you?” Customer: “I would like to return these wind chimes. They don’t work.” Manager: “Okay, are they broken?” Customer: “No, they just don’t work.” Manager: “Well, where did you hang them?” Customer: “On my back porch.” Manager: “Well, they should work just fine there.” Customer: “They don’t… my husband and I sit on the porch and no there is no sound from the chimes!” Manager: “Is your porch screened in? That could reduce the wind.” Customer: “No, it’s glassed in…” Manager: “… I believe I know what the problem is.” Customer: “Can you fix it?” Manager: “No, but I can sell you a fan!”
Thoughts Of Days Gone By
Within my head are thoughts that are racing around like rats, trying to find their way out of a maze. I laid my head to rest this evening but my mind was so busy that it sounded like a million people all chattering at the same time. I tried quieting my thoughts, searched for that inner silence but it was like someone had waltzed right into my head from left to right and with it took away the peace. Here I sit, it is 2 a.m. and technically I should be asleep but here I sit with my eyes wide open. Staring at the screen as I write, almost in a daze like state of confusion. Not really sure why I am experiencing these feelings. Hmmmmm feelings, what am I really feeling? For starters, I am frustrated because I can't sleep. I love to sleep. When I sleep my dreams take me places I have never been. I experience another side of life that can only be found through soul travel. God, how I wish I could lay my head down and rest right now but yet at the very same moment I am in touch with what i
A Few Tips For Shoppers
I work at the mall in a very popular lingerie store. And to those of you who have never worked retail before here are a few pointers for you. 1. If you come in the store you are going to be asked by numerous people if you are looking for anything. It is our JOB to sell you stuff. If you tell us you are just looking your going to be asked repeatedly. 2. Please do not be rude to us. Even if you are having a bad day taking it out on sales people will only get you talked about once you leave the store. It makes us feel bad if you are nasty when we are only trying to do our job. Just smile and say "No thank you" if you do not need assistance. Also ask us nicely for help and don't bark at us, we're not servants. 3. If we do not have something in stock don't scream. You only make an ass out of yourself. There is nothing we can do if we are out of stock except call another store. Or (if the store has the ability) order it for you on-line. 4. When waiting in line don't get pissy if you have
Roll Credits
i smile to trick people, with this trait i have no equalthink ya got me figured? to be continued, stay tuned for the sequalor maybe a prequal, the plot will be in your face nothin subliminalpeople out there talkin shit, thinkin i'm fuckin mentalclifhanger ending scene fades roll credits till the endin disbelief, i need relief, i'm blurring reality a place where pain has an endingnot never ending like a circle that you could run around foreveremotion severed, heart tamperd, mind scattered, fuck it whateversay what you say, do what you do imma be alrightfrom daylight to moonlight and brightness from street lightsout on the street lookin at stars every night, prayin one falls while its in my sightswish for happiness for everyone except me cus being depressed helps me writehate pretty little love storys with sexual inuendostake some ambien then proceed to dosethen i dream of a far away landwhere nothing hits you out of nowhere cus everything is plannedand we get the blueprint, and we see h
Crazy World
so its story time, time to think of a plotlinei'll outline situations with verbal visualationsomethin to give you a lil mind stimulationthe story starts with a good dude named tony with a good heartdoin all the right things, parents proud of him he plays his parthe aint street smart, parents kept that away from himparents see the news dont want they son to be like themthey were in the ghetto once upon a time but it never took over himhe's set up for college, yee the dude got knowledgehe's at the moutain top not gettin pushed off the ledgehe was a big brother to a ghetto kid named shawn who was on the edgehe didnt know his family jus had some names of people that were laid to restbut tony, he helped that lil boy, that boy is tryin his besttony showed the boy theres more to life din police arresthe dont have to be like everyone else that he had seentook him out of his enviorment showed him a new sceneso now to go along with the words he had proof from the things he's seeingbeing able to
Do Something!
This was given to me today by my fu-friend Sgthubbard..please read and comment..and all soldiers, add him as a friend..Much love to every one of you!!! HOOAH! VFW's are closing around the country, why? Because the powers that be have decided that veteran services are not that important to the common good. The VFW is a place where vets can go to be around other vets and help each other. One of the greatest things that the VFW does is to have a liaison to the VA to help with the paperwork needed to cut through the red tape. This is how I got my disability. A vet helped me and I have helped other vets. But now they are closing all around the country. "Budget cuts" are the culprit, and do you know where those funds come from? The same budget that gives to schools and to prisons. They are giving more to inmates and taking away from vets! I say fuck that! After someone goes off to fight for their country the US should bend over backward to make sure they have everything the vet needs to be
The 10/3/2009 Spotlight Is Fake. And Busted. Right Here...
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Was fukkin awesome...............go see it   Funny ass shit   dig it
What I Look For In A Guy
There are a lot of different things I look for in a guy. Everyone wants something different. = The guy has to be smart for sure. he has to be able to have a decent conversation, without his eyes glazing over. (yes, its happened so many times) = He has to like to have fun. For example, if I get in the mood to go do something like go play volleyball on the beach, or go out for ice  cream and walking around the park, or rent a lot of goofy movies and lay on the couch and have a maration. He has to be real. = He has to be sensual. I know everyone would be like, Umm...hello, he is a MAN?. Sensual is a lot different from sexual. Sensual means that you can take your time, and be completely consumed in the other person. wanting to pleasure eachother beyond all dreams. Where emotions are involved too, and not just bodies. = He has to understand me. Like if I have a shitty day at work, and then tell him how bad it was, he immediately knows what to do to make me smile, and forget about everyt
Send Me An Angel
Send me an angel to dry my crimson tears Send me an angel to kiss away my fears, to make everything all right Send me an angel to take away these pills To make the pain stop, and replace the way it feels Send me an angel to take the gun from my bed Just in case Im not afraid next time I put it to my head Send me an angel to stop these shaking hands An angel who will help me when I fall, to stand Send an angel to love me for better or for worse To make the pain disappear, even when everything hurts Send me an angel to put the smile back on my face The one which the frown long ago replaced Send me an angel on whose shoulders I can cry An angel who makes me want to live, even when all I want is to die
I am laying on my violin on this
I Request Rates....plz!
UPDATE: contest holder Tornadic Action has opened the photos up to all, you no longer need to be a friend of hers to rate me for the contest. However it is still appriciated by her if you r/f/a first.   Okay....I normaly don't get into these sorts of things, and I hate asking ppl for favors. But if you have a minute where you are not doing anything else I would like you to vote on my picture. First person to 3000 rates wins an Auto 11 or cherry bomb, 3 day blast and a 12 credit bling pack! The photos are private so you may have to r/f/a the contest holder to gain access. this is where you need to go: Here are the additional rules added after the start of the contest:     points awarded as follows   1 rate = 1 rate   20 comments = 1 rate   1 bling credit = 15 rates   17 contest rates + 1 comment when your done = 10 rates   and now   1 ticker = 25 rates I appreciate it...winning is not as impo
Beloved Daughter
A heart is beating,A heart that is not whole.There's something missing,Something I want to hold.She isn't here now,And she won't be anymore.She's gone above now,Gone through Heaven's door.A piece is gone, It's never coming back. I can't be whole again, There's something that I lack.I miss her greatly,But I know it's for the best.I'll be there someday,Singing like the rest.But until then,I'll cherish memories,Remember good times,And forgotten melodies.There is a brightness,A small and shining light.I'll grasp onto it,And hold it with all my might.This rhyme's for everyone,We've all lost someone dear,But I hope that one day,They will again be near.
Film Type Stuff
  At the weekend I watched a film called Kung FU Killer, normally I don’t watch films with names that suggest they are going to be a bit on the naff side but it said it had David Carradine in it so I decided to give it a chance. Anyway, in the film David Carradine plays a monk called Crane who dicides, after his master is killed, that he needs to ninja the people responsible to death.  The thing that confused me was that when he would ninja someone to death he would then look sorrowful as if he had not liked having to ninja them to death but then he would go and ninja someone else to death too.  He also did a very strange thing where he ninja'd someone, but not to death, then said to them "my name is Crane, you will remember that"  then he ninja'd that person to death which makes me think that his statement was a bit pointless. In summary, this was a very silly film.
10/5/09 Dilbert
First Toc Auction
This is our first auction..if interested..there is no entry fee for TOC members...non-members will be 15K entry fee. Please Mail me your details and I will make all the tags for the auction. The auction will start (as long as we have enough ppl) This Saturday. Saturday the 10th at 6pm eastern time and will run for a week, till Saturday the 17th 6 pm eastern time.The person who wilns the bid on you will OWN you for 2 weeks. All cash bids well ride over any fubux bids. SO let me know who all wants in with thier info.  
Domestic Violence Prevention Month
In honor of awareness this month I suggest Women to Learn some form of marshal arts (Aikido: think about controlling every room just by walking into. Knowing that any opponent you stand against will have no chance against you. Whether they small or tall, weak or strong, one or 5 you will be able to control them all without harming them.) or sword play (There is nothing so powerful as a woman who change a man's religion with but a flick of her wrist.).  
Top 20 Songs
Okay guys I am doing a survey on the 20 most liked songs. It can be from any type of music (rap rock country metal...) wed i will be counting up the songs  and on Thursday I will be playing the top 20 picked songs on hellsgate radio .Come in on thursday at 4pm and see if the song you picked gets played (Please  put the name of the song and the band/singer)
'tis The Night Of Full Moon And Fire
'Tis the night of full moon and fireThe Dragons are circling now by our fire.The youngest one of red and gold,His heart is young but his soul is old.The newest one, green of the wood.Still shy and untrusting, but his heart is good.The one who carries our hearts is BlueAll our emotion runs through you.Serpentine black, is my Lord AlastorCarries darkness and light, music and more.And the one who is older than old.Purest white and goldest gold.The Healer of all until the endHe is my teacher, and my friend.Welcome the dragons both large and small.As they protect and watch over us all.     Firewalker6668.............................................
Recent Photo
26 lbs gone....Today I bought smaller jeans than usual
Call Me To Your Dreams Tonight
As you close your eyes tonight, please call me to your dreams see me as the mist sets in and pulls you from reality hold my body close to your's and look into my eyes. feel my lips upon your skin as our essence intertwines Feed my lust filled hungers as I fill your body's needs I'm not here to steal your soul I only wish to feed I promise I'll not take too much while we share this reality. Is this a dream, a wish fulfilled or is it just your fantasy? Some say it's a demon, a temptress or succubus that your mind sees All I know is this is my world my kingdom and my reality So call me to your dreams tonight I'm hungry and need to feed.
Not Always Right | 18 & Under Blunder
Me: “Hello, this ***. How may I help you?” Customer: “Hi, I have your company name on my credit card bill with a charge of $29.99. I’ve never heard of you guys.” Me: “Okay, sir…there’s a purchase of a monthly subscription to our adult website in here.” Customer: “Adult website? What, as in porno?” Me: “That’s correct, sir.” Customer: “This is nonsense! I’ve never bought any porn!” Me: “Sir, we do have the order in your info in here. If you are not satisfied with the content, however, we can give you a refund.” Customer: “I never ordered any porn! This is an outrage! I’m a married man, a father and a family man!” Me: “You said family man, sir?” Customer: “Yes!” Me: “How old is your son, sir?” Customer: *long pause* “I’ll call you back.” *click*
Boys And Girls Are Born Equal But Not The Same
"Equal" is not always synonymous with "the same." Men and women are created equal. But, boys and girls are not born the same. You throw a little girl a ball, and it will hit her in the nose. You throw a little boy a ball, and he will try to catch it. Then it will hit him in the nose. A baby girl will pick up a stick and look in wonderment at what nature has made. A baby boy will pick up a stick and turn it into a gun. If a girl accidently burps, she will be embarrassed. If a boy accidently burps, he will follow it with a dozen more. Girls are attracted to boys, even at an early age. At an early age, boys are attracted to dirt. Most baby girls talk before boys do. Most boys try to avoid speaking. Girls turn into women. Boys turn into bigger boys.
For My Friend Nicole
Double click on video to see full view
Dressed to fulfill your fantasy Cheerleader, nurse, school girl, and more Whoever you'd like me to be I'll surprise you at the door Eyes that shimmer Smile filled with delight Together we quiver At each other's sight You hold me first Embrace so tight I feel your thirst It's a perfect night Your heart beats with mine Our lips lock The clock stops in time Hard as a rock I'm taken away We dare not part As we move united I feel your dart Piercing through me Depths unknown Together we travel Together we moan All our energy consumed We collapse in each other's arms Sweet contentions Our bodies soar Nestled in your arms Peaceful and sound Dreaming of you Until our next round   Written by Dj Sexy Doc MSD
Spotlight Fake Has Returned...
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Me The Unedited Version
ok let me tell u who i am, its not all good but i still think im a good person some may disagree and thats there choice. i love and love deeply if i care for u, u know it.  sometime i love to much.  Im not good at housework or bill paying. i am a bit on lazy side dont see much point in working too hard it all gets messed up anyway basics is good enough for me. I cook alright but out of boxes.  Im forgetful. i love my daugther with all my heart and she turned out good in spite of my downfalls as mother.  oh yeah, i have very little self esteem. even though deep down i know im good person, i think bad about me overall.  im not religious, never will be.  i beleive in more because of the miricles around us. but i dont beleive in religion. i do have days i dont want anyone around me and i have days i want to be held all the time. i never got the drug scene even though im type of person u got to try it to knock it and i tried it didnt like how they made me feel. not much of drinker, dont see
Beautiful, Beautiful You
Beautiful, Beautiful You You are so beautiful, Like a flower in the sun. And you are yet blossoming, Before the day is done. Your lips are so perfect, Like the ones I would like to kiss. And if you give me the chance, It's the one I wouldn't miss. Your hair is that of sunshine, On a warm summer day. And yet I find you perfect, In every little way.
#1 Fantasy
She is sleeping on her side, facing the edge of the bed. She is wearing a t-shirt, no panties. She is not allowed to wear panties when He is home. If He wants to use her, He will, when He wants, where He wants, so no panties. Her cheeks are flushed, she breathes easily in and out of her mouth. She is peaceful. He walks in and looks down at her, sleeping so soundly. He reaches down and tucks her hair behind her ear. She is His.He unzips His pants. He is aroused. He wants her. He doesn't care that she is sleeping. She is His. He takes His hard cock out of His pants and rubs it against her lips. She doesn't respond. She is sleeping very soundly. He slips His hand behind her head. He lifts her face to His and kisses her lips.He whispers to her "wake up, I want you". She opens her eyes sleepily. He gently places her head back on the pillow. He rolls her over onto her back; she looks up at him, blinking the sleep from her eyes. He kneels over her, one knee next to each breast. He places His
Breast Cancer Awareness Contest/drawing
      As most of you know, Baby Jesus is donating $1 dollar for every Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon sold to Breast Cancer Awareness charity. Many of you also may have heard that I am "collecting" these ribbons. I am doing a salute and a pimp out ( if you want the pimp out) per ribbon bought. Now I am sweetening the deal EVEN more. At the end of the month, or whenever the ribbons are no longer being sold, I will be holding a drawing. A drawing for what you may ask? My points, for 12 hours. During which time I will run an auto 11 ( which I will supply and POSSIBLY a bomb. I already have the auto, so that's a guarantee.
Sand And Stone From My Best Friend Februarys Angel :)
One Little Grin
she knows what shes doing,   she aint fooling no one.  with one little grin, my heart comes undone. she has that way, that crooked lil smile.  for that look through hell,  i would walk a mile.  she plays that game, like she's an all pro.  with that sheepish look,  i can never say no. she knows its true... it oughta be a sin. she gets whatever she wants from me,  with one little grin
People Amaze Me.
Late tuesday afternoon, my two year old pug was ran over by a car while walking between our house and my father in laws property. My children, daughter 7 and son almost 2 and myself, were standing not 10 feet from the accident and saw everything happen. The piece of shit that hit him never slowed nor bothered to stop until he had hit my dog with BOTH front and back tires. He stopped shortly after hitting my dog, opened his door, and said.."Oh sorry, I didn't think he would run in front of me." He then closed his door and drove away. Now mind you, I am pregnant, had a HYSTERICAL 7 year old and a HYSTERICAL 2 year old, and an animal at my feet that was severly injured. I thought it was human nature to see a situation like that and offer to help in some way, in ANY way, but the bastard just drove off to his house. All I could do was to ask my extremely upset daughter to go to the house and get thier dad to help me. I had to pick up my dog, whom I had no idea how badly he was injured, and
Online Freindships Suck
it always happpens just when u start to get to know someone shit happens and they or u got to leave net.  then its over.  yeah u give numbers but if they call its rare then tappers off.  do they forget i dont know.  do i.  hell no.  i havent forgot one person that i got close to in anyway.  i sure as hell wont forget him.  bad time for me for him.  but he sure did impact me in way ill never forget.  I will never forget the smiles and the laughs.  hope things work our for him.  i hate that i cant help thats another thing that sux i never can help.  
Shut Your Mouth
I distinctively remember this street – I’m so sure I’ve walked it before. The awkward click of my heels on concrete reminds me where I’m going. A thirteen year old B grade whore. Whisps of hair tickle my back and I remind myself to smile when he opens the door. I check my phone for the time. Five past four. You must be Lisa. Must I? I say I am. I look old enough, but the infantile lilt in my voice tells all. Hayden tells me to shut my mouth unless I’m moaning, so I don’t say much more. He says I can call him Joe but I call him nothing. We can’t do it in the bed – his mum will know when she cleans the sheets. So we do it on the floor. It’s filthy dirty, smells like piss and makes me itchy but I dare not protest in case he doesn’t give me the fifty. He doesn’t wear a condom and he smells like bongs, but at least he’s quick. I often thank God for small mercies. While he cleans up I think of places I want to vi
Death rides with me tonight. She’s dancing on your grave - The end is in her sight. Another soul for keeping, By my dashboard light. Your body’s for the reaping Death rides with me tonight
When The Fuck Do You People Wake Up?
Wonder How Many Of These I Can Stand To Watch... While Ignoring That Pretty Little Perv...
On A Serious Note...
I just finished budgeting my last paycheck and have everything all set aside for the next week. I feel inadequate though. I am sending monies to my babies but I feel like it's not enough. I'm not asked for any support because frankly I didnt receive any when I had my babies with me. But I do know there are things that need to be bought especially food and clothes etc. So I will be leaving shortly to go get the stuff sent and such. Then sneak in a nap before work. I have been working a lot in my time away. It is rather nice to have something to do with my time and get paid for it. This is the season to make all my money for the year (god bless retail hell). Okay enough seriousness. I will be signing out in a bit and don't know when I will be back on fubar. Thanks to everyone who interats with me on here. :)    
Your Last Chance
Its a frightening and depressing thought to realize at any given moment you might take your last breath. I always knew that you never know when you will actually go but attending a funeral of one so young you soon come to a realization that life is so short and precious.Today was my cousins funeral who died at the tender age of 40. Sadly enough his life was over at 19. He was in a car with a drunk driver and they got into an accident. I only hold one memory of him before the accident. Every memory after that consist of the hundreds of hospital and nursing home visits. He spent over 20 years in a coma.His brother blames himself for what happened that night. His brother and the driver of the vehicle forever carry the guilt. Even though it wasn't really his brothers fault. His brother said he should have given him a ride home. Just taken the extra 5 minutes to do it. You never know what's going to happen and you can't blame yourself for the events that took place.I think the hardest part
What Love Is
These three things are to be taken note of: the lowest love is sex - it is physical - and the highest refinement of love is compassion. Sex is below love, compassion is above love; love is exactly in the middle. Very few people know what love is. Ninety-nine percent of people, unfortunately, think sexuality is love - it is not. Sexuality is very animal; it certainly has the potential of growing into love, but it is not actual love, only a potential.... If you become aware and alert, meditative, then sex can be transformed into love. And if your meditativeness becomes total, absolute, love can be transformed into compassion. Sex is the seed, love is the flower, compassion is the fragrance. Buddha has defined compassion as love plus meditation. When your love is not just a desire for the other, when your love is not only a need, when your love is a sharing, when your love is not that of a beggar but an emperor, when your love is not asking for something in return but is ready only to giv
To Late To Say Goodbye
the phonbe rings awaken from a dream i answer its ny sister the conversation is not good i get the news my aunt had died in her sleep omg my aunt no we were close i cant get down to ky to late to say goodbye i had thought of her the day before but didnt call why i wish i would have now but now to late to say good bye as tears well up i scream cursing god why is he being so crude to me what have i done in life to lose so fucking much i sit here now remembering her her tellin me be good bj the spakins i used to get for gettin in her stuff damn i cant even get to ky yo be there i think thats the hardest part whos next every body do the queen a favor tell your fams you love them everyday no matter what cause you never know when or if it will be to late to say goodbye I love you frannie tell mom and dad i love them to damn it why ppls why
I am tired,physically and mentally. My mother can't harldly hear,is blind in her right eye and now can't remember something five mins after she asks you. I don't even know what i am doing half the time anymore. There is no one to talk to about it that sees it like I do. My sisters don't have a medical background and don't see where this is leading. Few of my friends even see her this way. I am supposed to be fine all the time,it's my job. My temper is short with my kids and they are hating me for it. I can't concentrate anymore and I sometimes just want to give up. I can't just take my kids and leave,who is going to take care of my mother? My sister can't do it alone and the other sister is no help. She is too busy off living her life and not giving a crap per usual. I think,maybe I should just go see a therapist,at least when I leave her office,I really wont care that I don't live up to any ecpectations. At least she is listening to me and giving me the advice I need and not the other
A Real Friend
A Real Friend   If I could take a minute To help you understand I am a better person Because, you are my friend.   And it really doesn't matter If we're together or apart For I swept you up into my hands And placed you in my heart.   And if at any moment You ever start to doubt There's a special bond between us That I couldn’t live without.   You truly are the answers To many of my prayers When I told God I needed
Hold Those Close, I Want To Share A Story.
Although there was something else lingering around my mind, my goodness life is precious, enjoy the little moments, enjoy the good times and people you are surronded by, you never know when you will turn around and that part of your life will be gone.....I have a neighbor...wife and husband untill Monday eve, I had become rather close with both, esp her, they were like 2 peas in a pod, I have to say sometimes sitting from afar I wondered about them, so happy, so in love, it just made me smile.  She was always so funny to talk to and well if either one of us ever needed anything, it was just a walk across the road away.  They are the only neighbors I have close to me, there is a vacation home across the field, but they are not in much.  Her and I would just stand and talk for sometimes hours while out and about doing yard stuff on the weekends. I was logging off to fix dinner on Monday going about my routine, I had seen my neighbors mother pull up..  I heard the yell,, and as I was sta
Seems that the only time it matters if there is a fake on here is when it affects someone that is high up. Everyone is just soooo upset because of it. Let someone unknown on here get played and it doesn't matter. It becomes your fault for falling for it. You should have done this and you should have done that. Well,maybe those that are so important to this site should have done the same. People say it all the time...this is the fu....not real life. Guess those that say it,should learn it. Don't put yourself in the positon to call out fake people if you don't want others giving you the names of fakes also. Don't call out someone that you are not positive is fake and blog and bulletin it and the person is real. Frankly,half the real people on here are more fake than the fakes themselves.
Thoughts To Ponder
My heart aches, A part of me is missing. You are my great passion, My great love How clearly you appear in my dreams, You are in my blood, my soul. I cry out your name to the endless sky, Summoning the spirits to assist me. I must have you, I can wait no longer. Return to me, I command thee. An inner voice whispers your name, Visions of your face appear everywhere. The time has come to open your eyes, To see the wondrous life that awaits us. Open your heart, Allow my love to penetrate the barriers. Fly quickly to me, Fall into my loving arms. In your mind, You know we are meant to be together. Surely you must realize, Our reunion is inevitable. Can you not see, How right we are together. Does your heart not ache, When you are alone in your thoughts – thinking of me. Do you not yearn For my gentle ways, my loving spirit. Shed the negative thoughts, That bend your mind, Cast off the bonds that keep us apart, Drum up the co
Another Sb Convo
Danny-Bob ...: you pregnant! ->Danny-Bob ...: what? Danny-Bob ...: huh? ->Danny-Bob ...: who the fuck said I was pregnant? Danny-Bob ...: I did damn it!! muhahah! ->Danny-Bob ...: then you're an idiot Danny-Bob ...: well thats funny shit there..fucking dumb bitch->Danny-Bob ...: Bye *insert block here*
My Weekly "love" Horoscope From
Not sure what this is referring to, but we will see how it plays out. For the Week of Oct 12th, 2009 -- An unresolved issue can touch you deeply when loving Venus encounters your powerful ruling planet Pluto on Thursday. It's better to face the music now than to cover your ears because cleaning up old business is essential to creating future happiness. Take whatever time you need to make peace with the past before you try to get a new relationship going.
Time Heals
There is no holeWhere you were in my heartFor you never leftThough you tore it apartIt's cracked as hellBut time is my glueBut there is no holeThere is only youI'll love you no moreI'll love you no lessWith you as my friendMy life is still blessedI'm not the guyYou need for all timeBut I was thereWhen you needed me to shineDark and lonelyHidden within yourselfI helped you emergeAnd showed you your worthNo harm was meantBut it happened stillWith time as my guideAnd you as my friendI'll go on with lifeMy heart will mendI want you to knowAnd the whole world toSomeday I'll be as happyAs he now makes youBut no matter whereAnd no matter whenI will always be honoredTo call you my Friend
The Meaning Of My Natal Chart
First, let me point out that a person's Moon sign is the biggest factor in a person's personality. The role of the Sun sign is how they make that personality unique.   Name: Jeremy September 16 1969 5:04 AM Time Zone is EDT Monroe, NC Rising Sign is in 27 Degrees Leo You love to be the center of attention and you want to appear strong, confident and dominant. You are very proud of yourself, sometimes quite vain even. When all around you are bedraggled and falling apart, you look like a million bucks! Very dignified and honorable, you enjoy the power and privilege, but not the responsibilities, that come with leadership. You are very idealistic but can also be quite stubborn. Others impress you only if they have integrity (but wealth, power and influence can also turn your head). You prefer rich, elegant surroundings and possessions, and will try to acquire them as your budget allows. Physically, you are very impressive - - at your best you have a regal, charismatic demeanor an
Halloween Costumes For Boys
So, why are there costumes for 'Tween girls but not boys?? There are infant costumes, boys, then nothing til adult. For girls there are infant, toddler, girls, tweens & teen, THEN adult. A girl can get a costume easy, not so much for boys. I bought my son a Mario costume that is size large--10/12. He wears a 12 pants so I was just hoping for the best. The costume was SSOOO small!! I should have taken a pic! It was seriously 1/2 way up his leg!! Now my problem is that there are no larger sizes for boys so we go to adult. I don't get how the older boys  teen boys are sorta left out of the costume thing. Are they all supposed to just be hobos?? I don't know what to do for my 9yr old boy now. Suggestions?
Tell Me The Truth...
Tell me the truth do i mean an thing in here where you left me with the walls dissolving and reappering i can't decifer the codes on the wallsplease tell me what you want i know i think that maybe you might but dont love me confused and bleeding im tiredof your decieving just leave me where you left meand never again darken my doorstep with your perfect lighti cant be taken again by your abiltity to be perfectlybroken sweet words coating venomusmeanings you break my skin and the scralet ribbons drip to the floor looking upat you in a plea you laugh and turn awayam i dreaming this reality i dont know teachme how to learn so that maybe i can be like you taking my leave just when they totally surrender theirsecurity im lost in this box not knowing where to go help me.......
Shadow In The Glades
  Shadow Glades The grass cuts up my fingers as i drag it across the blades,in this little world you've created called shadow in the glades.I search for you for nothing of course your gone by now,you were the perfect actress now take your final bow.I wish you never decieved me because now my heart is torn,lying in shattered pieces you could've hid your horns.The hell you left me to live in burns me to the core,scraping off my fingertips making my body sore.I know your watching somewhere laughing at my pain,hiding behind a corner driving me insane.Why dont you come and kill me take the knife and rip my flesh,how can you leave me here alone with your sins to confess...
Because Of You
I thought once it was over I would be able be freeTo feel the hours , minutes and seconds and  truly seeHere I am in the moment of moving beyond the pastNo more lies , nor do I have to fake a orgasmic blastI didn’t realize how much of myself was givenOr the fact that I that I wasted precious livenAs I am reminded with glimmers that flashAnd no way can I ever do that same dashThe scar of the heart taint my day and nightEven though  I know she wasn’t rightSo ready  was I to be in love that I was takenA fool in love but a heart forsakenWhere I stood before was in a mesh of unknown truthsNow I kneel in hours of mishaps struggling to find what soothesThough I am grateful for one thing after allCause my daughter makes my heart sing even thru this free fall
My sweet and sexy friends...I went away to Roatan an island off of Honduras a couple of weeks ago...I loved it so much that I am going back again for about a week or so, I am leaving early Monday morning...I will try to come on here and have a little Fu-fun if I can...If, I can't than we will chat when I get back the week of the 19th of Oct...I loved all the attention I received the last time I was away, please do repeat and I thank you all very much!...You can leave me Fu-Mail to let me know that you did repeat so I can too when I get the chance...I will miss YOU!!!...Lots of Kisses n Hugs from me to you, Gemma
Descent To The Ridge
The steed knows the footing. Feels it way down. Step over step. Finding the footing. It is slow. Laborous. He winnies, halts, moves again. What he knows, what he hears, is unknown. The wind covers all noise. The hood muffels the wind. I am alone in my thoughts. Moving with the animal. Moving as one. Yet, I am his charge. I am his cargo. I know only the general direction. He knows, or feels, the way.   Now we stop. He sniffs. Ears twitch. Something in shadows. Birds rise in the distance. I will to move in that direction. He wills not too. Step over step. To a flat in the valley wall. An outcropping. A ridge. He is uncertain. I less so that he. Leave no opposition behind you. Make peace. Make war. But cover your back. We pause.   Nothing. A faint sent in the wind. Still nothing. A movement. A noise. A child stand out of no where. A child made of mist. A child there but not. An image of what was. It is I.       
Psychology Course
During a phone conversation, my nephew mentioned that he was taking a psychology course at the university. "Oh, great," I said. "Now you'll be analyzing everyone in the family." "No, no," he replied. "I don't take abnormal psychology until next semester." 
Caa #127
A dear friend and angel lost her mother this past week, after losing her sister also this week.  Please send special angel prayers of healing, love and strength to her and her family.   Love,   Doc
In your voiceI can hear the painof past loves deflatedflattening your beliefthat you are worthy.Your eyesare colored sadnessdarkenedand not wantingto be blue.God, I could love youso easilyhope could be renewedand you'd knowyou are the perfect creationof a mighty maker.Skin to boneand mine to yourshow I'd like to show youelation is possibleeven at our age.Do you believe there is still timeto get caught up in the beautiful complicationsaccompanying love. Consider me, will you,let's track solace down togetherhopelessness is oldand ready to take leaveand I imagine retiringin your arms. Poem By Tammy C.
What Flavor Shake Are You?
You Are a Vanilla Shake Vanilla, yes, but definitely not boring. You are subtly complex and deeply sophisticated. You're the type of person who has always been ahead of their time. You don't fall for gimmicks or tricks. You are drawn to what's true. What Flavor Shake Are You? Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
Kidney Failure
Has anyone had Kidney Failure ? If so, what does it feel like ? I recently had a Kidney Stone. Since then till 3 days ago I would breath deep and feel something pop in my side. Now the popping feeling has been replaced by a constant pain in my side. Which feels like I been punched.
Clown Love...
Now, As I Said, You Must Go On Your Own.
With those words the steed faded. Like the fog at mid-morning he vanished. To say the least I was bewildered. None of this was making sense. I simply wanted to find a place to ride out the storm. This, whatever it was, was not my intention. Still ... as he ... said .... Said. The though hung there. What did he say? He ... who ...? Was I going somewhere? No. This is the backland's of my father's villa. I had awoke this morning, restless, without much to do. Late fall, and all the harvest in. Just a time to wander the estate ... if you call it that. Calling it a villa or an estate was a pleasantry of the language. It was not a rich man's home by any means, nor a rich man's land. It was a working farm. These grasses were left behind as we rotated the cash crops for the year. A field left to return to nature to give it rest from production. A good husband would know too well what he must do. And we were good, if not wealthy. The sun was almost at it zenith. I must have wondered aimless f
Essence Of Existence
I am the sun and moon.I am the air and sea.I am the glory of God,and the decadence of Satan.I am the power of the universe,and the frailty of life.I am the flesh that gives form,and the thought that gives substance.I am the beauty of love eternal,and the filth of hatred everlasting.I am the divinity of birth,and the repugnance of death.I am the embodiment of pleasure,and the exquisiteness of pain.I am all that has been,and all that will ever be.I am deityI am humanityI am Poem By Tammy C.
Couldn't Sleep
This is going to be a real shitty day. I had went to bed around 11pm because I am working a extra day at work day. I couldn't sleep. Yeah, it usualy takes me a while to sleep but for over 2 straight hours, I couldn't stop crying. I tried to calm myself but, I was feeling real depressed. I tossed and turned, thought and cried. I looked at the clock....1:30am...fuck..I have to be up to get ready for work at 4am. I think I might of dozed off a bit but when my alarms went off...I felt I didn't get any sleep. My eyes are sore. I can't even touch my breakfast....I feel like breaking down in tears right now...I am so tired of feeling this way and it's been a real long time that I cried myself in bed that long. I actually even said a prayer to help keep me strong...I hadn't said a prayer since my cousin was on the death bed, who's dead now. I am so pathetic....
Honesty Is Always The Keyword
As we all know I been saying I was bisexual to hide the fact of who I truly am...I am now coming to opening of myself and speaking to the world. I am NOT straight,I am NOT bisexual,I am NOT transexual....I AM LESBIAN!!!! their I said it out loud, I never had a great taste of men,never seemed to even fall in love sept for a few they know who they are...but I always loved woman the hair,eyes,lips,skin, and many more things. As for now I am staying with a friend and have my parents down the road if I need them even though my mom wants me to come home. Truly the way I handle myself and the way I seem to react towards men has shown how I am and who I am. Don't get me wrong I like having men as friends just not as dating material seems more fun having them as friends instead of date wise. Anyways if you want to stay on my friends list go away if you don't shows that you never cared for me, its your choice not mine.Sincerely,Amber M. Kestner
No, I Infact Have Not Been Sleeping Could You Tell?!?
So most of you have noticed I have been more on the emotional side lately. While it's a good and bad thing all at the same time, I'm quite sure there is a lesson that will come out of it. It still needs to stop. I know the weather is having an effect on my mood. Also I think it has a lot to do with my upcoming trip back home. Everyone has family baggage right?!? When did I become this whiney woman?!? I can’t even stand me right now! ARGHHHH, I really need to just get out and have some fun. I have been so driven this year that I think I just need to release for a while. I need to stop being mom and co-worker, and house fixer upper and just be a woman named Carrie for a while. Sad but I really couldn’t tell you the last date I went on. I miss dating. I don’t miss the crap that comes along with it. I hate the games people play. What’s wrong with just being honest? Yes, I realize I need to get some (save the comments guys). Sometimes I just hate being the decent mor
Morph My Ass
I have the MOST KICK ASS MORPH album...............dig it   Even though I am tew lazy to place all them fukkin dots in the morpheus program, does not mean the ART is not intact.............
My Favorite Story
The Black Cat 1841 by Edgar Allan Poe   (1809-1849)       For the most wild, yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen, I neither expect nor solicit belief. Mad indeed would I be to expect it, in a case where my very senses reject their own evidence. Yet, mad am I not --and very surely do I not dream. But to-morrow I die, and to-day I would unburden my soul. My immediate purpose is to place before the world, plainly, succinctly, and without comment, a series of mere household events. In their consequences, these events have terrified --have tortured --have destroyed me. Yet I will not attempt to expound them. To me, they have presented little but Horror --to many they will seem less terrible than baroques. Hereafter, perhaps, some intellect may be found which will reduce my phantasm to the common-place --some intellect more calm, more logical, and far less excitable than my own, which will perceive, in the circumstances I detail with awe, nothing more than an ordinary su
Sub ApplicationName:Age:Height:Weight:Measurements:Turn ons:Turn offs:Handcuffs or restraints?Do you cook?Do you clean?Bush, shaved, landing strip?Applicants must attach two pictures to be considered: One fully clothes, one nude or at the least topless.Serious applicants must put BANANA in the title. Email to
What's Your Best Trait?
Your Best Trait is Friendliness You enjoy the company of others, whether you're at work or at play.You believe that almost everyone has something to contribute to this world, and you treat people with courtesy and respect.You're a natural extrovert, and you have a dazzling charm that is not easily forgotten. You are good at building rapport.You're the type of person who can meet a stranger and feel like you've bee friends for years after a few minutes. What's Your Best Trait?   Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends.     Doesn't sound like me at ALL. :/
What's Your City?
Your City is Buenos Aires You are cultured, sophisticated, and quite old fashioned. You believe traditions are important, but you are still quite vibrant. People don't know you well at all, and if they do, they totally misunderstand what you are all about. You are more interesting and more intelligent than anyone gives you credit for. You are a bit of a hidden treasure. You are creative, ambitious, beautiful, and fun. You may have a rough past, but you are always getting better. What's Your City? Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone
What Email Function Are You?
You Are Archive You are competent, organized, and careful. You know how to stay on task and focus on the most important thing. You like to have everything in its place. Messes and chaos completely stress you out. You have a system for almost everything in your life, and you don't like to deviate from it. Calendars, routines, and having things in a certain order keeps you calm. You don't like to shake things up too much. What Email Function Are You? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Stuff Version 2.
Just random statements or questions. Gotta love 'em.   1. My 4 year old snores. 2. Facebook has too many addictive applications. 3. Snow in October? Seriously? Ugh. 4. If you have Vista and AIM, can you still update to the AIM for Windows 7 and get the new version? 5. If I know I'm going to get heartburn, why do I insist on spicy food without Tums? 6. As always, I love my friends. ♥
  come here, look into my eyes i know u can see, im all u dispise hate me for all that i am i won't play you, I do all i can letting it go, not letting it feed evil has come, planting its seed my mind is lost, my body weary i cant see you, my eyes are teary pain in my chest, bones are weak love is the only thing i seek what is love, why cant it be found finding my heart broken, on the ground what is real, what is fake seems this life is all i can take nothing but a downward spiral into the unknown its hell i feel inside, i feel it has grown so forget me now, im nothing to you i am the fool and i know what to do in this fucked up, intoxicated mind somewhere there is me, i have to find
Fevered (nsfw)
Your Touch (nsfw)
Come On & Check Out Awesome Swagbucks">">
Every morning, every night, sometimes in the middle of the day...Escaping into dark, quiet corners to relieve myselfSometimes calmly, sometimes furiously... shamelesslyThree times again today, is no surpriseLaughing every time... knowing what I'd do to satisfy youI want to take you up on all your offers... let you tryFulfill all the scintillating needs insideHeavenly wings and spitfire tongues taste like lullabies!Swooning Mercilessly,Nakey
My Fu Owners The Bomb Go Luv On Him!
My whole  life ive never been  good enough .......  ....the  fat  girl  who never  fit in  at school  because  she  was into  wierd stuff  then i was the wifey  who was the  stupid bitch  that never let him do anything  ....... no more feels so good to have some one tell you  they think your beautiful and know that they  really  think  it .
I Need Opinions On This Dress!
so im getting married in april and am in love with this dress.    i willl have the gold beading removed and will have a small red veil.  id love some feedback :)
Random/weird Facts About Mz. Iowa!
I was really bored....lol1. I cannot eat a waffle without peanut butter. Period. Pancakes I like peanut butter on too, but I don't need peanut butter. Waffles, there's just no go without it. Yes, I put syrup on them too, and yes, they're amazing. Don't scrunch your nose at me until you've tried it. And don't pick a goofy kind of waffles like chocolate chip or blueberry. Then yeah, that sounds gross lol2. One of my favorite snack foods that I don't eat very often, I call my "swimmer food." When I was in high school, I hung out with the swim team pretty often because I was a swimmer most of my life, and I was dating a guy on the swim team. My best friend and I used to stay after school in the pool area doing homework and watch our boyfriends practice. And we'd get a bag of cheetos and peanut butter M&Ms and mix them together like chex mix, and get a Mountain Dew. I rarely eat it, once in a while it creeps up on me, but I always ate it during swim season, thus why I call it my "swimmer fo
*cough* *sniffle* *snort*
So. I'm home dressed up in layers like a hobo, making a used tissue pyramid and coughing like an aged alcoholic. I had coughing and a runny nose all week, but the fever just hit me today. The lack of sleep the past couple of days,  the smoking and not that many juices might have had a slight part to play. Might. I admit to nothing. As such I'm sipping lemon tea with honey and imagining what kind of kingdom would have used tissue pyramids... Furthermore I have no idea why I'm writing about it. Must be the fever talking. Also to warm my feet the only thing I could find were a pair of slippers (might be the wrong name) shaped like sheep with hearts on them and. yes I kid you not, pierced ears. With silver earings. No. They are not mine. Seriously. I'd rather batter my head repeatedly against the wall and plunge my head in a barrel of napalm than buy such a thing. They do keep my feet warm though. The bastards. I have locked the door in fear of someone seeing me in them or eve
Starting Today -
I would like to try and send alittle something sweet out everyday to my new found friends, in hopes of sharing something sweet and maybe give you inspiration and hope.I know that everyday I cant, But please know your all thought about. What I have realized I need to change most is my idea of how unimportant I am; how little I impact the larger world. I believed that those little things might be nice but weren't that important. My heart knows differently. I may not be able to stop a war or feed the hungry masses but I can say thank you. I can make a difference in one person's life by taking the time to smile at a stranger, send a comment to a friend, or do any of the little things my heart asks me to do. Change is often about taking a risk. Writing this blog is that kind of risk. Maybe I don't have anything to say that rates as important but then again maybe it isn't what I say that is important but that I am willing to say it. So instead of writing pages and pages of thoughts that
Ppl I Leveled For G Levelers
      This  is the ppl i leveled today     jwk5337@ fubar ♥ ♥  Janice ♥ ♥@ fubar  Lividwasteland@ fubar LilSmily09@ fubar  RexZombie@ fubar          October 22th 2009 ppl tp level NOTE IF U ARE IN MY BFFS FAMILY CONTACT HIM G LEVELERS ONLY N HAVE HIM LINK YOU TO MY BLOG  HE KNOWS U ALL BETTER THAN I DO! THANKS LINS       armyguy5050@ fubar Munchkin@ fubar spartan92@ fubar jle672@ fuba
Birth Sign
I'm a PISCES   LIBRA - The Asshole (9/23-10/22) Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. High appeal. Has the last word. Good to find, hard to keep. Fun to be around. Extremely weird but in a good way. *5 years of bad luck if you do not repost.   SCORPIO - The SUPERIOR One (10/23-11/21) Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Best kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. Amazing in bed. *15 years of bad luck if you do not repost   SAGITTARIUS-THE SUPERIOR SEXUAL PARTNER (11/22-12/21) Loves to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. EXTREMELY SEXY. Predict future. Loves being in long relationships. Has lots of friends. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. Also not a fighter, but if they have to, they will also knock the lights out of you if it comes down to it..Cool. . *24 years of bad luck if you do not repost    THIS CAPRICORN - The One that Waits (12/22-1/19)
Horseshoe Look
One day a cowboy walked into a blacksmith shop and picked up a horseshoe, not realizing that it had just come from the forge. He immediately dropped it and jammed his hand into his pocket, trying to act as if nothing had happened. The blacksmith noticed and asked with a grin, "Kind of hot, wasn't it?" "Nope," answered the cowboy through clenched teeth, "it just doesn't take me long to look at a horseshoe." 
101 Things I Look For In A Man
0. ability to communicate effectively1. tactful honesty. not brutal honesty.2. openness. with me. not the whole world.3. intelligence. not to the point of pretentiousness, but having philosophical discussions with me is so sexy.4. a sense of humor. sarcastic humor is even better. or ability to mix different forms of humor.5. as a spinoff to the last one - trading witty comebacks.6. subtle charm. no need to be a player as I can see through that (can't play a player right?), but charisma is great.7. eyes that pierce the soul. (IE: Kurt Cobain, Ewan McGregor)8. dresses well. Yes, straight men CAN dress well!9. imagination. this trait is useful in a lot of areas from determining new things to do together to sex.10. creativity. having at least 1 creative pursuit is always admired by me. to be creative in multiple medias and in general is even better.11. eccentricity. normal is boring.12. willingness for monogamy. 13. wants to get married someday.14. wants to have children someday and shows
A Touch Never Felt
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will always know and feel this I will always hug, kiss and love you Every moment o
Pain In Love
How do you get over someone who you are so deeply in love with but come to find out that they are not in love with you at all. how can you help the pain go away. and how do you begin to trust women again if you have been toyed with by so many of them in the same way every time. please leave your thoughts and help me to move on with my life.
Baby Blog 2
Went to my doc appoint and the baby is doing good. The baby is 3.56 cm long so far and i'm 10 weeks today. My do date is May 18th and my sister is supposed to throw me a baby shower. I can't wait til we can see if the baby is boy or girl. On my ultrasound the baby looks like a peanut ^__^ so awesome they have the technolegy to see the baby before it's born. Any way off to the game I usually play. Oh and my next doc appointment is November 18th. Lots of love to all my friends. Trista ^__^
In the end I’ll annoy you, piss you off, say stupid shit and then take it back, but put that all aside and you will never find a girl that loves you as much as I do………..
Diseases Of Life
A good friend of mine, who I met online and have stayed in contact with for years, IM'ed me this morning asking if I was religious. It was a little of an odd question, but then again I have odd friends. I told him I had my own views of religion and faith, but that I did not associate with any one organized religious belief system. He then asked me if I prayed and I do sometimes. I asked him why. Apparently his father has been diagnosed with cancer, Lymphoma to be exact. It nearly broke my heart to hear that. I would have given him a big comforting hug if he didn't live in Kansas lol. But I gave him what comfort I could through words and thoughts and will continue to do so as much as I can. I do know a little what he is going through. As odd as this may sound, I'm glad it's a disease that his father has a chance of getting rid of. Not many people are in the same boat. My father has been diagnosed with MS, which is Multiple Sclerosis for those of you who don't know what that stands for.
Fleeting focus fading... leaving me irreverent again. Fighting, bleeding, gnashing, bashing. Forgive me if you will, I cannot find it in me tonight to give it all away.   Remember that time when I would pull the stars down for you I would burn and burn just so I could see you smile once... Yeah, those days are gone Gone away.   Lovely lips are lying leaving me with whispers. dying, trying, thrashing, crashing. Follow me if you will, but destruction is all that lies beyond this.   Remember that time when I would pull the stars down for you I would burn and burn just so you would say you loved me once.... yeah those days are gone Gone away.
Caa #128
Angel prayers of healing, strength and love for one of my angels and her daughter who is in the hospital.   Love, Doc
Red Light Green Light
We were friends, we were lovers, we were friendsYou're hot, you're cold, you're warmYou come, you go, you linger aboutI'm showered with affectionThen ignored without intentionYou pull me close, you push me awayYou want me, you don't, but you won't sayOn bright days, you don't need meWhen the dark lonely days come aroundYou reach into the shadowsWhere you keep me hangingto feed from my soulNo MoreI'm cutting the chains with which you have bound meI am setting myself freeI can no longer be your crutchThere is nothing there for meMy best wishes go with youFor your peace, love and  happinessAs I must now move alongTo find some of my own. Sorry but I'm closed. Poem By Tammy C.  
7 Kinds Of Sex
SEVEN KINDS OF SEX Results of a recent research shows that there are 7 kinds of sex. The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex.. * This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone, and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. * This is when you have been with your partner for a short time, and you are so needy you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. * This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine, and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. Th e 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex * This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say 'screw you.' The 5th kind of sex is called: Religious Sex. * Which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. (Very Popular) The 6th kind is called Courtroom Sex. * This is when you cannot stand your wife any m
The Power Of Prayer
I thought this was kind of amusing   When construction began on a bar in a small town, the local church started a campaign of prayers and petitions to stop it. One week before the bar was to open, lightning struck the building and it burned it to the ground. The bar owner sued the church, saying that its prayers were responsible for the loss of his building. The church, through its lawyer, denied any responsibility. When the case got to its first court hearing, the judge looked over the paperwork and said, "I don't know how I'm going to decide this.=========We have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer and a church that doesn't."    
Rest In Peace Ashley
As i type this i find myself in tears once again in shock this has happened to such a great person ashley was the best friend anyone could ask for she never ask for anything but your friendship she didnt care how you looked ,dressed,or where you lived ,she was real!Even with living with spina bifida from birth and unable to walk since the age of 4 she never let life or anyone get her down. Some or most of you didnt even know she was amrried for a short time.Ashley loved lifeher friends and family loved her!! if you knew ash you know a down ass friend , if you didnt you missed out  becouse she was just that never played head games said what was on her mind , she was soft spoken yet a spitfire with a heart of gold .She will be saddley missed in many hearts i talked to her just monday night nad she was full of hope and was takein by the flu. ashley my friend i called my sister now you go watch over us and walk with the the angles becouse you were one on earth for the short time we had you
Happy Birthday Angel
As I sit here in my room,despair, loneliness and pain create my tombhappiness and joy are no more,and my heart is now just sore.People give me such nice wishes,but nothing can replace his missed kisses,I know they mean well,but I am not ready to leave my private hell.Love is lost and gone away,just another sad depressing dayEven nature must feel my pain,'cause I look outside and see the rain.Tears of joy are replaced,now by tears of sorrow,oh, how salty they now taste,as my lips for their new home, they borrow.Eyes all puffy from so many tears,from all that builds up from fears,time is now not my friend,it is just a tick to another hours end.Even the sand in the hourglass,has decided to stop flowing,I pray to God to help with this task,this must be right, for he is all knowing.Sometimes the hardest medicine to swallow,is not a pill, or a sour tasting liquid,but something that makes your heart hallow,leaves you feeling lost and out of control like a kid.The calendar now is just a way to
Come On Over And Help Me To Show Some Luv And Comments To A Dear Friends New Pictures.
This blog is taken from Mistress of Wolves with her permission.. please read and follow the links ^_^ i don’t ask for help ever but i do ask that you be nice and share the love ^_^ Mistress of Wolves Art Sanctuary™@ fubar As some of you know he is working toards being a pro photographer. Last night was his first shoot at a burlesque club. I am asking my friends to please stop by (page link below) & rate a few of these. Please? It would mean the world to me. There's less than 50 pics there in all (just 43). Comments would really be appreciated too. Do this & I will come rate 100 of your pics. Just PM me you have done this. NonSemper_Aestas@ fubar
The Job
I have been working as a PC/QMRP now since September 1st and it has been full speed ahead since day one. I cannot say that I dislike my job but I can say that I dislike the mess left behind for me to clean up. Part of the reason I was given the promotion is the fact that I have a reputation for following policy and being a strong leader. I am currently working many long hours organizing the houses and retraining the staff while attending quarterly and annual meetings for the consumers on my caseload. I have done a move from one home on another team to one of my own and have been informed that I will be opening two new houses by the end of this year. YAY!!! I enjoy the people we provide services to. It is the staff that have me pulling my hair out as they see how far they can set themselves up for failure. I have already made it very clear that I will make attempts to retrain and then if this does not work I will rehire. I have almost filled all the open positions and if I could quit
Please Do Tell Me..............
Have you ever been in love? Been in love where your heart races when you see them. When you ache when they are not there. You only yearn for their return. Have you ever been in love? Been in love when your head can only think about them. Every song reminds you of every special moment you've had with them. Have you ever been in love? Been in love where only your future is all that matters. You see them in your arms forever and ever. Have you ever been in love? Been in real love? Please do tell............
Video Blog! (taking Questions And Requests)
Hey all!   Taking questions and requests for my new video blog!   Send them to me here or PM me there
My Rant For Saturday
:::BEWARE::: This man is married going around acting like he is single then his wife calls the women from his cell.  
You Guys R Killin Me ~ Lol ~
· you have 30+ unread messages! · you have 53 new friend requests! Gimme Time 2 Get Back Wit Ya'll I Have Not Had The Change 2 Do So Because I've Been In An Out Of The Hospital Lately Getting My (REG) Check Up's Ya know?
The Crab Nebula
[hand Hunted Shark]
Alright, I just got done looking over my instructions for the Sinanju... and I can recall with some detail what people have said about this kit generallyits a whore. Big piecesthat's a plusno screwsthat's a bigger plus teensy weensy intricate decaling...shit. Gold penstripe trim on every major body partshit shit smaller than a centimeter decals and technical data disclaimers on EVERY surface FUCK! For right now I'm just going to be proud that I got Gouf done. Too bad Sinanju looks like garbage without the trim and decaling.I'd really like to bypass the bullshit, or just airbrush the fuckerlack the timelack the utensils.Lack the inclination at this exact moment. I really am thinking of buying like... 20 fucking generic cheap zaku's and custom painting em once I get an airbrush kit though.That'd be fuuuuun. Here's Sinanju with full trim work no basecoat or painting aaaaand here's full decal     Custom alternate colors     Flight mode WTF!?         And
Old Woman
This is one my hubby told me today, and I about pee'd myself   Granny is in the nursing home zooming around her hoover chair ... heads on down the way and sees Krazy Karl.  Karl pulls her over and asks to see her drivers license .... she looks in her purse and finds a skittles wrapper, and hands it to him.  He lets her go.   She turns the corner and zooms down the hallway, sees Sucide Sam.  Sam pulls her over and asks to see her proof of insurance.  Granny looks in her purse and finds a Dr Pepper can and shows it to Sam.  He lets her go.   She zooms off and around another corner, and notices Perving Peter.  Peter has his "peter" in his hands ... Granny looks up and says, "Great a breath alyzer test"     LMAO
Eternal Spring
They met in the spring,When nature was at its splendorBirds were singing at their best.Summer commencedThey walked through the heatedTerrain of arguments,Though the heat was offensivethey survived.Then came all consumingAutumn,They set aside all differencesLeting them fall like ailing leaves.Cold winter breezesFlew past.They stood togetherwatching theFalling snow flakesAnd waiting forAn eternal spring. Poem By Tammy C.
Posers Fakes And Wannabes On Fubar.. Yup Im Calling People Out That Screwed With Me N Love To Trash Talk Me!
Where to Start, hmmm could be that its all the fakes on here.. MAybe all the wannabes. Maybe the People that you help and as soon as you do your own thing they have to do some serious trash talk and try to ruin your rep.. haha.  PErhaps its someone that seduces  people and manipulates them with  having them fall for her and then uses em like puppets... Lounge owners that arent real, Djs, graphics people you trust  and they cant tell you the truth but complain and whine about how they dont like where they are.. day in and day out...... LAst but not least, family... they are the ones that  you should trust most right? Your own Blood.. Why is it some family know the truth about some things, yet always choose the opposite side no matter what? Yt those they surround themselves with call this family weak ... Perhaps hes weak, maybe scared, but for gods sake why would family not tell the truth when asked it...  I say to All This.. Seductive Pleasures is Back...... 2 years gone i wasnt going t
Bouncer Mash
Some of your favorite Bouncers havin some fun. you think you can dance with the Bouncers in the pale moonlight?
Fans of 1,427 Fans 1,375 what is wrong with this picture people cum'mon now, I mean I've been a good girl/sweet & kind to all you gimme a break an fan me back please thanks in advance 4 those who do!!!
Not Time For What Ifs...
A lot of people think I sound depressed tonight. I am by no means depressed. I am just deep in thought.You see, a few days I decided to start researching and trying to make contact with my father's family. My father passed away when I was very young. His family however never approved of him marrying my mother. (Just like my mothers family didn't approve of him) Unfortunately a few years later his mother also passed away. Which left little to no contact with his family.I grew up only knowing my mothers family. (Except for a little contact around the age of 12 and 18) Don't get me wrong. I love most of the family I know. I regretted when I was 18 that I lost contact with my aunt and uncle that had randomly popped out of the woodwork. At the time I was graduating highschool, working 2 jobs and getting ready to go to college.Due to the wonders of the Internet and me finally deciding I couldn't fight the urge anymore. I looked them up on MySpace and Facebook. Sure enough like most people th
So Busy
Between school, kids being sick and my great aunt passing away Monday, it's been hectic.  On the weekend I was out of town sanding cabinets for my aunt who is getting ready to paint her kitchen and then I'll probably be back there when she starts painting.  I did learn CPR yesterday, that was cool.  Who wants the kiss of life? Anyone? So far I'm an A student, I'm the Hermione Granger of the group and get teased mercilessly but I don't care. I think it's funny the ex stripper is one of the top students! The women of the administration office asked me to start making jewelry for them to buy so I did and they are.  Not rich yet but I just started last week and it helps with gas money at the very least.  Well I have to get dishes done before I run off to school.  Hope everyone has a great week! K
I Knew You Through Passing...
Written for a friend to read at the burial of his little brother....   Rest In Peace My Friend....   Today, the winds blowing, I heard it from the trees,Today, it hurts knowing, you cant be here to see,But when the wind blows, We're reminded that you're free.The fact we're gonna miss you is always gonna be.But we will always have you with us, The times that we're in need, Your love will fill our hollowsevery time we breath.Your voice is what fills our heads when we ride into the breeze,I know youre riding with us, just like it used to be.These memories live inside us, like you live inside of me.Now be calm and at peace,with what what has come to be..I love you little brotherPlease put your strength in me.
Our Government Is Still Drunk On That Potomac Kool Aid
How can the government pretend that it can manage, overhaul, streamline, and reform the health care system in the United States when it can't even deliver enough flu shots to prevent a pandemic?We have seen the H1N1 virus coming for over a year. It is no surprise that much of America needs vaccination. It was no secret that the flu season was approaching. But, now that it is upon us, we find ourselves pathetically short of shots.One year ago, the government told us that we would have hundreds of millions of vaccinations available. Then, over the summer, the prediction was that 40 million would be on hand by the end of October. Last month, the estimate was scaled back to 28 million. And, as of late last week, only 11.5 million had been delivered, leaving tens of millions vulnerable and, tragically, likely leading to hundreds of preventable deaths. Given the tendency of the virus to strike the young, many of those deaths will be among children.
I'm Back!
So, I moved last month and I've been off fubar since. No time. I have a day job. I'm taking horseback riding lessons and I've been full of life really. Just so much going on. My band is playing out this saturday and I forgot to market it on her, all well. If anyone is in mass and wants to go to a goth concert hit me up before saturday and I will do my best to give details.   I'm dating. Was enguaged but he took it back and told me its was a "promise ring" I'm not ok with that and things may not last. Looks to me like someone has comitment issues and its not me... But shit happens and we move on. I will give him a chance and see if things get better. Home has been depression. I moved in with my bf. And now I see less of him then I did when I lived with crappy roommates. I see him 7 hours a week because of his job. He works 6-7 days a week because hes a head chef and its putting a strain on "us". We don't have sex. We don't cuddle and we don't do anything. Im an affectionate horn dog
Fragments Of Happiness
When April comes When I'm alone He's not here His voice how soft Like his touch The warmth of his lips He never existed Fragments to emptiness This trail leads no where Roses that never existed crumble into the void of dreams Everything he said I believed It was however playful talk Laughs shared Dreams imaginable Hopes bonding us All these laughs dreams and hopes Just memories I try to forget, Memories that never were I lead myself on to believe these beliefs that never will exist And when April comes Inside myself I'm still trapped Inside walls I've built Isolation from others Though my fist beat away The walls don't come downI walk this trail that leads no where Holding roses that only crumble Like our hopes and dreams and all he never said And I'm still alone And he's not here Poem by Tammy C.
Entanlged In The Stars
The earth opened outInto the sky. That night,I felt I mightFall into it,To entangle myselfIn a web of starsThat beckoned to meWith their twinkling fingers.I felt my own soul expandSink into the heavensFeeling the warmth of you beside meThe crisp air on my faceI felt the world would hold meFor a whileMy searching heartFound a universe in yoursSo that I felt I mightFall into itAnd entangle myselfIn the world ofWho you are. Poem By Tammy C.
Talk To You All Soon Blog To Take Affect After Monday ^_^
Hello everyone ^_^ Wolfie here... just need to inform you that i am moving as of this Monday but that is the good news.. the bad is that I have no internet at the new place, so I will be offline allot when I do get on I will be on to talk to my beautiful girlfriend Snaedis Snaedis - Princess Jiggy Wiggy@ fubar and my cute little pet kitty Talia BoDaCiOuS TaLiA~ LiL S3x KiTT3n ~@ fubar tehe and my mummy Mistress of Wolves ^_^ @ fubar Ah I truly love you all and will miss you so much. Think I will use this time to let some feelings out.. I love my girls they are my world and all I care about is there happiness and for this reason I am not going to be in good moods when I cannot talk to them.. Always happens to me. Hmmm well now I am moving in with my mum I will be sleeping in her lounge room... but I have an old friend who wants to share a place so I will be looking into that ^_^ should be interesting and scary.. I need to get to Canada so the first thing I need to do is
Zodiacal Light Over Laguna Verde
It's been a long day, like most days are. A lot has been happening and I have much food for thought and material I could write about. Thus, I'm besieged by doubt; Whether I have something concrete rather than vague to write about. Wether it will again sound pretentious and patronizing as my writing tends to, in my mind. If ,in the end, the result has any value.   I assume all aspiring writers are harangued by their own little potpourri of fears and doubts.   I should set a day per week to write, whether I have something ready or not, I guess. I have all kinds of ideas; from erotic fiction of which I have had a couple of scenarios I'd like to write down, to abstract ideas, to fantasy  and other types of fiction. Insights, conflicts and conclusions. Deductions and experiances.  There is much I'd like staring back at me.  In the end to be able to take all those pieces and attampt to make a whole.   To eke out form and function that reflects the content. To find the chord that
Update 10-28-09
Well I was in that room again and did not want to be when we got a phone call........  Saying MY Aunt Donna has 6 months or less to live :(.....  She has fought all she could but with the spine cancer they just cant do anymore so they are gonna make her as comfortable as they can......... I had the frickin pleasure of calling my brother Bryan.....  I told him and was crying.....  It sucked A$$.......  I just dont see why there has to be fricken cancer in this world...... Hugs Kristina I need all the prayers and warm thoughts and HUGS to make it thru this plz and thank you........
This Is One Theory Of Creation
  My Great Grandpa V used to take me by the hand when I was just a very little girl and walk me towards the lake he lived on, right next to my Grandpa. He would tell me a story about a big whopper of a fish - it was almost as big as the whole lake! And I believed him! Now I take my little granddaughter by the hand and lead her through the Enchanted Woods that I forged from the forest behind my home, and I tell her amazing things about a wood elf, and fairies that dance around the toadstool ring, and the colorful swirling colored bench where rainbows come from, and the Dragon Lair where a very friendly dragon lives and always calls out - HEY LADY!!! (at least that is what I hear when I walk passed it.) There is a rest stop where the grass is as soft as a bed, then a little further on there is a bouncy tree bent to the ground that she can play on. My grandpa used to tell me that I must have found another soft centered nail when the hammer I was using to pound nails into a piece of woo
10 Years
10 years have passed and it still hurts as bad as the first. time is supposed to heal but it seems that things have gotten worse as time passes. i often wonder how different things would be if you were still here. where would i be? would you still act the same? would we be closer? and WHY? still goes through my head.. i guess it doesnt matter why.. I just miss you..always will
Sins Of A Sinner And The Wins Of A Winner
->Kara: wow indeed...Kara: wow LOL->Kara: which sin was this?->Kara: 2 thousand years ago?Kara: no im not your just letting satan win->Kara: tell me this, Jesus... he died for YOUR sins?->Kara: you are brainwashed hahaKara: read the book 10 mins in hell and heaven God is the truth when you lose everything u will see->Kara: Your only hope is to pull wisdom from your belief... but unfortunately I think that ship has sailed.->Kara: the story of Jesus has been recycled countless of times. prior to nearly 2010 years ago->Kara: Your god is a story told to children to keep them content about the inevitable.->Kara: Faith is your crutch not your savior.Kara: God is the truth, I feel bad for your soul when it goes to hell->Kara: children of god... sheesh brainwashed monkey->Kara: listen closely okay? your god is make believe.Kara: wow u shouldnt say bad things to Children of god big mistake u will see->Kara: people in glass-houses shouldn't throw stones->Kara: isn't that just perfect? the mocker
Profile Pimping
Ohh Mr. Myers.... :d
Wnna make my fantasy  come true for me.....   Put on the original Mike Myers costume and chase me around the house acting like I'm your victim....cut my clothes off of me and fuck the hell out of me.........   I have a think for Mike seriously cream myself watching Halloween!  
More Pick-up Lines- You Use The On Me Be Prepared
  I may not be Fred Flintstone but I can sure make your bed rock! Is your dad a thief or something? Because someone stole the stars and put them into your eyes! I've heard sex is a killer. Want to die happy? Excuse me, but I'm new in town, can I have directions to your place? Can I buy you a drink - or would you just prefer the five bucks? I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart. I wish I were a tear so i could start in your eyes, live on your face, and die on your lips. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together. Am I cute enough yet? Or do you need more to drink? You must be the reason for global warming because you're hot. You know what would look great on you? Me. Can I read your T shirt in brail? Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes. You know what? Your eyes are the same color as my Porsche. I think I need to call heaven because they've lost one of their angels. Is your name Gillette? B
Please Pray For Natalie
My baby cousin Natalie was diagnosed with Lukeimia last night at 11 pm. She will be 3 in December. I am asking everyone who reads this to please pray for her and her parents as they go through this hard time. She is just a baby. If you have kids u would ask the same thing if it was happening to your child, so please pray for Natalie...
What A Long Strange Trip Its Been
Wow,My life has been turned around in the last few months.My sister is a heroin addict and I now have custody of my 2 nephews.I love the fact that I can offer them more than they have recieved in a long time from their own parents.I believe they deserve more.Since I have had them,I can see a huge difference in the way they act and they just seem all around happier and that alone just heals my soul.They are like sons to me and will always be a major part of my life no matter what happens with them down the road.They have such good hearts and I honestly think They can grow and prosper with the proper guidence.I will give them my all and make  sure i raise two honorable and respectable young men.Its been a real challenge..especially since my wife and I are expecting our own child in nov. but i would do it all over again without a second thought.
So tired today. Almost fell asleep a few times. Nothing exciting at work. Had that chinese potluck thing and I ate well...a little too well. I came home and weighed myself and said "fuck!!" I don't normally weigh myself in the day time or night, always after I wake up. But  I didn't like that number so I made myself toss cookies in the sink. I got out as much as I could, not much at all, but clogged up the sink...damn, gonna have to get some draino or something later on. Yeah..nasty and not healthy, but I wasn't happy with what I saw on the scale..hopefully I will have a better number after I wake up in the morning. No dinner tonight...not even coffee. Just some Pomegranate Acai berry juice if I get thirsty.
Remember My Last Blog???
Remember my last blog post…the one in which I chided myself about almost sending a not-very-nice email to someone I knew, regarding his virility…or lack thereof. I was very pleased that I resisted, and wondered where that demon which had obviously possessed me for a few moments had come from.   After making the remark suggesting that he attempt the anatomically impossible with the incredibly inadequate, (yes I really honestly truly said exactly that!!) I truly never expected to hear another word from him. Guess what. I was wrong.   Tonight he sent me a message over another web site, saying that it looked like everything was going well for me…which it is….but the astonishing part is that he contacted me at all. I mean, seriously folks, would you?????   I am not going to answer him directly; however if I were. I would say that it is amazing how much better I feel after having purged my life of a narcissistic sadist who treated me as if I were something u
The History Of Romance
The Liberation of Love Nearly 2400 years ago, Aristophanes, the Athenian playwright, gave a memorable speech. According to Plato, in the course of a discussion among distinguished Athenians about the nature of love, Aristophanes created his own myth. In the beginning, said the playwright, there were three types of human creatures, one all male, one all female, and one half male and half-female. At some point, these strange-looking creatures, each with four legs and arms, two heads, etc., were split apart, and ever since, they've been trying to get back together. When they are lucky enough to find the part they were split from, they experience a sense of wholeness and are overjoyed. Those couples who were originally all one sex become gay couples in love, either lesbians or male homosexuals, while the originally mixed-sex creature once "rejoined" is a straight couple. In Aristophanes' Athens, as so often happens, there was a wide gulf between the vision of the poets and philosophers an
Rest My Love We Will Meet Again In Real Life
It is with great saddness to announce the passing of Mickey aka ~§r Då®k Kñïght ~ earlier this afternoon from a fatal heart attack. Here seen with his loving wife, his best friend, his life...HIS ENDLESS LOVE. May you rest in eternal peace. You will be missed by friends and loved ones but never forgotten. Losing a loved one is the hardest thing one can ever go through And Deb is going through some hardship in her time of loss. Please be kind and show your respect to ~Sexy Blōñdĭë~ ~Sexy Blōñdĭë~ and ~§r Då®k Kñïght ~ ENDLESS LOVE... FOREVER Bulletin brought to you by JoJolicious (repost of original by '♥JoJolicious♥ HAPPILY MARRIED TO ☆BULLIE09BLUES☆ Co-Founder of ECS' on '2009-10-29 20:56:16')
Not Always Right | Just Follow The Purple Brick Road
(At the bike rental shop where I work, we usually give customers a map of the area to know the route they’re taking.) Customer: “Which of these routes do we take?” Me: “You’re going to follow the bike path. It’s the purple one on your map.” Customer: “Oh, perfect!” *to her friends* “We just have to look for a purple trail!”
Not Always Right | Totally Plastered
Me: “Alright, your cast is on nice and secure. It should heal within four to six weeks.” Patient: “Really? Only four to six minutes?” Me: “No, four to six weeks.” Patient: “Okay, four to six minutes.” Me: “Sir, it’s impossible for it to heal within four to six minutes. It takes about four to six weeks.” Patient: “Oh, all right.” (I turn around to fill out his form. When I turn back around, he has taken off his cast.) Me: “Sir, why did you take off your cast?!” Patient: “Well, you said it heals within four to six minutes, but you said it was too short, so I waited seven minutes…but it still hurts.” Me: “Sir, your arm is still broken. Four to six weeks is around a month and a half.” Patient: “Well, why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?! A month and a half is five weeks! Why did you say four to six minutes?” Me: “I never said
One Of Greatest Quotes
As I see this as an everyday routine within humanity.I find this qoute one of his amazing words to go by..... " My world shall never be understood by mortals. Such is the way I enjoy it though"  ~Emanon~   Self explanatory
Not Always Right | Understating The Obvious Part 2
(It’s a slow day at the mall when a customer walks our store. Two steps in, she puts her fingers in her ears.) Customer: “Can you turn that music down?!” Me: “Ma’am, I can’t turn it down, but I’ll ask my manager.” Customer: “Okay…” *walks to the back of the store with her fingers in her ears* Me, to my associate: “Can you go ask the store manager if we can turn down the music? I don’t want a customer shopping with her fingers in her ears.” (She eventually returns to my counter.) Customer: “Can’t you turn it down?! I’m the only one here!” Me: “Ma’am, we’re working on it.” Customer: “The bass is too loud!” Me: “We’ll get the volume down for you.” (My associate walks to the back room, and as he opens the door the customer continues shouting until he turns down the music. Satisfied, she eventually buys one shirt.) Cust
Sexy Pic Contest
lets see how bout we have a sexy pic contest!   this is how it will work ladys send me a sexy pic of u of ur choice. the pic that gets the most rates and comments will win!!!!!!!!! send the pic in a pm marked contest.l the contest will run four 2 weeks starting this friday at 8pm my time so good luck and hope to see u in the contest the winner gets a auto or bomb need at least 30 lady to run more would be great!!!!!!!!!!
Smiling Today
Last night I made some awesome new friends. I mean, real friends. I have the best fu fiance I think anyone could have. He loves me to death, and I know this. My owner, bought me from someone who treated me like garbage. I have met a couple other people that just are amazing. I have added some to my top friends..and I feel so blessed. It has taken me a long time to find out who is here for what. Who uses people, who doesn't. But I have had great words of wisdom, and I am so happy anyone took the time to talk to me personally. I really do love the friends that I make, and that is not said wrongly. I will treat you all so well...I know you all will treat me good too. Thank you all so much for actually caring about me and doing things for me...without even asking. I see now that the good ones, you don't need to ask for help or anything, they just do it. I am glad that I know these people. Thank you.
Not Always Right | Sometimes On The John But Always On The Job
(I’m taking a restroom break in one of our single-person restrooms. I am also male. A female customer breaks the flimsy lock and barges in.) Me: “Whoa! What are you doing?” Customer: “I’m trying to use the restroom. Your door handle was broken.” Me: “Ma’am, it was locked, and there is another restroom for women to use right next to you!” Customer: “Huh? I didn’t notice that before.” (She continues to stand there for a bit, while I’m still covering myself up.) Me: “Um, I was hoping to use the restroom. Can you please close the door and let me finish?” Customer: “Actually I was wondering if you could help me find the baking stuff?” Me: “I can’t, I’m using the restroom. Can’t you see that?” Customer: “Good Lord, I’m never coming back here! Your service is awful!”
Pride Prejudice And Zombies Is An Awesome Book, But
So this weekend came and gone,ooooh too fast as always.Weekend started off on a bad foot due to rushing my pup to the animal hospital cus I thought she was choking on something.. only too find out she got an infection in her throat that she caught from another dog at the dog park. sooo 116 bucks for the meds later, she seems to be doing better..but if I would have waited a couple more days thinking it was just a cold.. we wouldnt have our Little miss Harley Quinn.. so brownie points for me. God I was a crying mess with worry:|   anywho sense that was taking care off and shes on too was time too enjoy my 5 positive things for this weekend.     1. 2. 3. 4. 5.   Later days!!
Random Thoughts About Guests To Bars And Nightclubs (long But I Guarantee You Will Laugh)
i wrote this a few years ago when i was managing a large nightclub in my area. i had a terrible night and went home and just vented. this is a MUST read... especially if you have ever worked in a bar or nightclub a message to you, the club head, from me, your doorman: those things on your feet, are made by puma. that makes them sneakers. fyi fucker. and retro jordans? i know they cost alot. so do throwback jerseys, but we dont want you wearing those either. stop bein a pain in the ass and dress right. next year youre gonna look at those and be like, i cant believe i used to wear those. (reference your closet full of von dutch and ed hardy wanna be poser wear) put on some fuckin dress shoes. dont drop names. if you have to drop one, they didnt like you enough to put you on the list with everyone else. now you are gonna inconvenience me to track down your friend so they feel guilty and say "yeah, let em in" just so you can save 10 bucks. thanks for contributing to the excitement of my
And How
If you could touch me Where would you begin my neck, my lips my hands, my hips Would you reach for whatever part was exposed and take what ever I was willing to give... would you make sure that every breath leaving my mouth somehow said your name without words could you steal my heart even for a second... force me into thinkin you are the only one would you push your way into everything I am and take nothing in return except the moisture of my lips would you create a reason to stay just one minute longer only to hear say more in silent stares and heavy breaths would listen for the moment when it was all euphoric and still reach for me only to break me into small pieces of passion and exhaustion If you could touch me Where would you begin my neck, my lips my hands, my hips......
Fuck Sweeny Todd This Is A Fucking Musical
seriously like my new favorite movie.... check it out
Dia De Los Muertos ... Explanation Of The Holiday
  Alot of people have been asking what this is about .. so i decided yo make a blog on it to exsplain exactly what the holiday is about. After this i hope you get a better understaning of this holiday. The celebration marks the day when the spirits of dearly departed loved ones are thought to travel across the dimensions to pay a visit to the homes where they once lived.It is a time for remembering those who are gone with love and reverence, and for celebrating life and renewal. Families honor their loved ones by telling stories about them and by preparing meals and beverages the departed used to enjoy in life.The living relatives usually create a special altar in a designated area of the home and decorate it with items they believe the souls of the departed will find comforting, reassuring and welcoming at the end of their long journey.The offerings - las ofrendas - displayed on each altar may include favorite foods, wreaths or petals of marigolds, candles and incense. The smell of b
Sad Day Today For Me.
I found out this morning one of my best friends was murdered early sunday morning. She had been dating a man, and he started abusing her. She kicked him out, and had a restraining order on him. It did not stop him from kicking in her door and strangling her to death. Because of this psycho I no longer will get to hear her amazing laugh, see her beautiful face. Because of him I will not get to hear her words of encouragement, or sweet understanding. I just can't believe she is gone.
Mysteryquest: Devil's Island
MysteryQuest: Devil's Island This island in the middle of San Francisco Bay has a forbidding reputation. Native Americans believed it to be a place of evil spirits. When it became a federal prison in 1934, only the most violent and difficult prisoners in the U.S. were sent there. It was reputed to be escape proof; only three men have ever managed to get off the island. They left in 1962 and have never been found. MysteryQuest investigates to determine whether they could have survived the icy waters of San Francisco Bay. This is the show my friend Tommy who heads up the San Francisco Ghost Society is suppose to be on. It airs November 4th at 9:00 pm (CST) on the History Channel. If you're interested, please check it out. Thanks.
Not Always Right | Boat, Boat, Boat Your Boat, Gently Down The Stream
Boat Rental | Jasper, Alberta, Canada Customer: “Hello, sir, I am wondering if you can help me?” Me: “Sure, what can I do for you?” Customer: “I’m looking to rent a boat.” Me: “Sure, what kind would you like?” Customer: “A boat.” Me: “Yes, sir, but what kind of boat?” Customer: *confused* “A boat…” Me: “Yes, sir, a boat, but what kind of boat? We have three different kinds.” Customer: “A boat boat!” Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I don’t know what you mean.” Customer: “Stupid Canadians! Don’t know what a f***ing boat is!” Me: “Sir, I’m sorry. I just don’t understand your question, but I will go down to the docks with you and help you choose your boat.” Customer: “Fine!” (We walk down to the dock and approach a row boat.) Customer: “That’s the one right there. A boat. You
Not Always Right | Welcome To People's Pizza, Comrade
Pizza | USA Old man: “Well, I’d like 3 slices, all meat and a Coke.” Me: “Is Pepsi okay? We don’t serve Coke anymore.” Old man: “WHAT?!?!?!?!? YOU DON’T SERVE COKE? ANYMORE? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?” Me: “Well, we used to sell both brands. It was just far too expensive to keep both stocked when most people aren’t devastated by not having Coke.” Old man: “THAT’S ABSURD! WHO DOESN’T SELL COKE! THAT’S INSANITY!” Me: (at this point, I’m egging him on and holding back laughter) “Well…you can go next door. The convenience store probably sells Coke, but I can’t guarantee it.” Old man: “That’s what I’ll do! You won’t get my $0.75!” Me: “Umm…okay. I’ll have your pizza in just a minute.” His wife: “Don’t mind him. He’s crazy.” Old man: “Shut it! What kind of a day and age is
Not Always Right | Someone Needs To Get Out More
Vet | Unknown Location Me: “Emergency veterinary clinic, how can I help you?” Caller: *worried female voice* “My dog has a red thing on him.” Me: “Is it actively bleeding?” Caller: “No.” Me: “Where is it located?” Caller: “On his tummy.” Me: “Can you describe it to me? How large is it? Does it look more like a cut, a rash or an abrasion?” Caller: “It looks like a little stick of lipstick.” Me: “That’s his p****.” Caller: *hangs up*
Not Always Right | A Good Time To Excuse Yourself
Retail | Tucson, AZ, USA (This conversation between a Returns Employee and a customer was overheard by me and others.) Employee: “Hello, how may I help you?” Customer: “Yes, I would like to return this.” (Heaves a large propane tank, the kind used for barbecue grills onto the counter.) Employee: “Why?” Customer: “It’s leaking.” (At this point me, 4 managers, the employee, 2 other customers, and 3 other employees all within earshot, slowly turn their heads towards the leaking tank careful not to make any sudden movements.)
Not Always Right | God Complex
Restaurant | Florida, USA (I hostess at an upscale restaurant in a very nice part of town. I get a call like this about once a night on weekends, which are super busy.) Customer: “Can I get a reservation for four at 7 tonight for Dr. xxx?” Me: “I’m very sorry sir, we’re booked solid from 6 to 10. I can get you a reservation for tomorrow night if you’re interested.” Customer: “But I’m a doctor.”
I am sitting here and wondering what is it I want to do with my life? Then, I remember. I remember what I have strived so hard to start. I think back to the beginning of all this madness. How difficult it was to get started. All the long hours I spent struggling towards my goals. The many hours of sleep I missed out on. And all for what? To have someone tell me that isnt the way to go through life? No, NO I say. I will go on. I will press forward in order to better my life and myself.
Not Always Right | Behind Every Man Is A Brutally Honest Wife
Restaurant | Louisville, KY, USA (I go to a table of four, a mom and dad and two kids who are ready to order.) Husband: “How big are your pizzas?” Me: “They are 10 inch pizzas, sir.” Husband: “Well how big is 10 inches? (And before I can answer, the wife chimes in.) Wife: “You wouldn’t know anything about 10 inches, dear.” (I stood there for a moment with my mouth open, before I ran to the wait station and started laughing hysterically.)
Ghost Sex?
 GHOST SEX A professor at the Oklahoma University was giving a lecture on the  supernatural. To get a feel for his audience, he asks, 'How many people here believe in ghosts?' About 90 students raise their hands. 'Well, that's a good start. Out of those who believe in ghosts, do  any of you think you have seen a ghost?' About 40 students raise  their hands. 'That's really good. I'm really glad you take this seriously. Has  anyone here ever talked to a ghost?' About 15 students raise their  hand. 'Has anyone here ever touched a ghost? Three students raise their  hands. 'That's fantastic. Now let me ask you one question further....Have  any of you ever made love to a ghost? Way in the back, Bubba raises  his hand. The professor takes off his glasses, and says
The Pain Never Stops
the pleasure of painthe pain of pleasurethey are one and the samethe sweet lustto give leave to this temptationand the love of self-mutalation
Not Always Right | Those Heathens And Their Time Telling Ways
Movie Theater | London, UK Customer: “What time does the film start?” Me: “The film starts fifteen minutes after the time on your ticket. There are fifteen minutes of ads and trailers.” Customer: “No, I said what time does the F-I-L-M start?!” Me: “The film starts after fifteen minutes of trailers, so fifteen minutes after whatever it says on the ticket. Your ticket says 3:30 pm, so the film would start at 3:45, okay?” Customer: “Don’t blind me with science!”
Not Always Right | Higher Education, Not So High Common Sense
Tech Support | Florida, USA (This was a few years ago, when I worked for tech support at my college.) Me: “***** College tech support, this is *****. How can I help you?” Caller: “Yes, I’m having trouble with my e-mail client. I can’t figure out how to set up my account.” Me: “No problem, let me walk you through it.” (I talk her through the account set up screens. Finally, when we’re done…) Me: “All right, click on ‘OK’ and you should be all set.” Caller: “What ‘OK’? I don’t see anything that says ‘OK’.” Me: “There’s a button to the lower right of the window that says ‘OK’, next to the ‘Cancel’ button.” Caller: “I don’t see it.” (This exchange goes on for about 5 minutes. I have the program open on my computer and describe the window to make sure she’s in the right spot, and she is. I
She Loves Confrontation
So we drive into the Tesco carpark and immediately head to the "parents with toddlers" spaces coz we have the kids with us.  Unfortunately, the last space is taken, just as we approach, and I swing the car around to try to find another space.  As we pass, Jo notices that two women get out of the car, but no children at all."That bitch just took the last 'parent with toddlers' space without any kids", she growls.  "I'll have her!"We get into the store, get a trolley and head for the produce section.  By now, I had already forgotten the parking incident.  Jo hadn't.  She finds her prey, examining tomatoes, and walks straight up to her, leaving me and my 12 year-old step-daughter with the baby.  "I noticed that you  took the last toddler space and you have no children.  I think that's really wrong!"The woman reels around. "I just lost my father last week and me and my mother have just come to do a bit of food shopping and I wanted to get a space that was close", she explains.Jo retorts, "
Doing The Laundry
Have you ever been doing the laundry and found a one dollar bill in one of your pockets, and gotten extremely excited?  Then you realize you can't buy anything with that dollar so you feel kinda dumb.  Well, last night, I found fifteen million dollars in one of my pockets.  So of course I ran out and splurged on myself by purchasing some of those non-skid stickers for my bathtub.  Why, you ask, did I buy non-skid stickers for my bathtub?  A friend of mine that went with me to pick them up says,  "These will be great for all that sexy fun that you will be having with beautiful women in the shower now that you are rich."  I looked back at my friend and said,  "Nay!  I bought these so that I wouldn't fall when I dance in the shower."
Beautiful Morning
sun beats down thru my window as i awake,one eye opens and you drift from my dreams with me drift to a new day i fight my memory as i pry longing longing to see inside my dream but i only know one thing for sure in my dream you were there holding me close keeping me warm and safe keeping me real without any fear still one eye open i feel you feel you by my side i hold you closer as our hearts beat together this beautiful morning i make love to you make love to you in my mind as you feel so close so warm and exciting you could easily become an addiction your mind so one with mine this beautiful morning i make love to you make love to you in my mind a reality of perfect togetherness waiting this beautiful morning i make love to you
Better Things
How many times do i have to be the one to pick up the peices of others shit. Guess what fuckers theres people out there with bigger problems. Quit your fucking crying and bitching, aww life sucks im not getting my way so im going to sit here and cry about it. Fucking kill yourself, fuck you get a life. Life sucks get over it shit fucking happens. Go ahead fuck your life up. Be a dumbass. You may not like what i have to say, but you know what i dont give a shit. Not my falt you cant face the truth to everything. Open your fucking eyes. Change your life. My life is already fucked, I got my own shit i have to do and kids to raisee, i dont have time to listen to someone elses bitching. Well guess all i can say is go ahead believe those that you dont know. Listen to those that dont care for you. Im not going to stand by and watch you fuck yourself up and i wont be there to help you pick up the pieces. Im a bitch, a cunt, an asshole. I tell you what you need to hear, you dont want to take it
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
I think I'm getting to the point where I'm completely and emotionally drained over my relationship, or lack there of one, with my father. I've spent my entire life trying to be good enough for him to love me. I mean afterall....if my own father doesn't think I'm worth something, how will some guy? *shrugz* I've spent the last 6 almost 7 years fighting to have some kind of relationship after he walked out on us. That's not my job. That's a job and responsibility he took on by having children. Don't fucking have kids if you're not prepared to deal with, sacrifice, and give anything and everything for their happiness...period. He's lead me on so many times, and broken my heart more times than I care to admit. He's hurt me enough to make me cry more times than I care to admit to as well. This up and down, back and forth, left then righ relationship is just taking a huge toll on me. I don't know which is worse anymore; him just not having been apart of my life, or him coming and going and
Parents Start You...
Parents start you off on life but friends get you through it.
Not Always Right | If You Have To Ask, You'll Never Know
Coffee Shop | Canada (A lady walks into the cafe, i just happen to be standing by the counter with my coworker.) Woman: “I’ll have *order* please” Coworker: “Okay, that’s $1.47.” (I make the coffee.) Woman: *leans in and whispers to me* “Excuse me?” Me: “Yes?” Woman: “What exactly is an ‘Emo’?”
Not Always Right | Someone Isn't Getting Any Tonight
Optical | Nashville, TN, USA Customer: “I like these glasses. They make me look more smarter!” Customer’s boyfriend: “Yeah, well looks can be deceiving.”
Not Always Right | Born To Nag
Bakery | Pennsylvania, USA (I was traying up baked goods one Friday night, and around 8 o’clock a middle aged woman walks up to the counter.) Woman: “Hello, excuse me?” Me: “Yes? Do you need help with anything?” Woman: “Yes, I’d like to know if you have baked bread on Sundays?” Me: “Yes…this is a bakery. We have fresh bread everyday.” Woman: “I know! I was just wondering if it was fresh on Sundays! I don’t want to come in and buy stale bread. I bought a stale loaf one time and it was disgusting!” Me: “Well, yes, we do. We don’t sell stale bread, ma’am, or we would get in trouble.” Woman: “Okay, I was just making sure! If there was stale bread I would’ve been angry!” Me: “Well we actually can’t sell stale bread…it’s a health code issue…” Woman: “Well, GOOD! I’m glad you’re finally doing your job
Stupid Encounter #23 From Sb (read Bottom To Top)
To God: right... lmao God: Karma is going to fuck you up... To God: did you ride the short bus to school? To God: did your mom drop you on the head when you were little? To God: your the one doing it God: Stop slandering the name of god To God: arnt you the one doing the slandering? I mean how dumb do you have to be to act as you are God? Oh nvm no salute... thats why God: Christian/Karma? moron God: Karma! God: Yes u really are To God: moron God: How dare you slander my good name, Karma is a bitch... To God: Karma's a bitch and have a nice life in hell for slandering our lord n savior. tc and have a beautiful day bye bye now To God: < christian thank you God: same with artgirl To God: Anyone with the name God... should be shot down now God@ fubar
Why? Why can't people let you love someone? Why do they always try to take your place? Why do we let others decide that? Yet when you voice your concern you become the idiot? When you say hey! I don't like that! You are told "whatever"! The absolute lack of respect for a relationship on here disgusts me already! When you only have the internet for the time being to try and stay close with someone. Its all you have! Yet others don't give a fuck! I don't understand! I don't get it! I am no ones prize! I am a simple girl from Ohio that was lucky enough to find love after 40 fucking years! I will be damned if anyone on here is gonna take that from me! All your friggin blings! All your friggin VIP's and ticklers don't mean a fucking thing! Love can not be bought! Its earned! Through giving yourself to someone! To allowing them to see your faults and downfalls! Its allowing that person to know it hurts! To finally say ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! I am a girl from Ohio who fell in love with a man
Washed Away
I'm falling, sinking way down deep I'm lost, alone and I can't sleep like waves, I rip and get sucked in then crash, real hard and then I spin I'm lost alone and it's my friends I lack you saw me leave but didn't help me back my wall is up and will not drop the pain is strong and will not stop I cry, some tears to void the pain like rain, they fall but I'm still insane I drift, way out and it's too late I'm free, at last! but it's not my fate...
Honestly, what the fuck? Is there are not one single solitary fucking person on this website that is not all about bullshit and getting their fucking ego's stroked? Just one fucking person that isn't full of shit...that would be fucking lovely in all honesty...but I won't hold my breath at this rate.  SOMEONE FUCKING SURPRISE ME!
Pop Rocks & Coke...
I'm old. Like old, old. Like "get off my lawn" old. Like "You don't know how good you've got it, these days" old.   I know this because I didn't have a child-safe gate on the stairs... I was one bad directional decision away from riding the blue bus. I seem to have come out of it okay (ignoring a couple deep facial scars from getting the occasional LEGO house hucked at my head).   And that's the coming of this rant: When the hell did everything become so watered down that fountains aren't child-safe anymore? My cereal cut the shit out of the roof of my mouth. My cartoons featured transient potheads smoking up their dogs and solving crime while high as fuck with a couple dykes and a closet case in the biggest pedophile van of the 70s. My outdoor activity of choice was lawn darts and who laid near the target the longest. Steelies beat marbles if you threw them hard enough to chip the glass. And it was all fun and games...until someone lost an eye. (Someone did, actually. Dway
Tonight is the night it all ends, the person you thought I was the person you want me to be,For trying to give you all of who I am I found Me.. Tonight is the night it all ends, this lonely heart in search of something real , something true,My soul was enlightened I found myself when God gave me you :)
Deadbeat Dads Should Be Castrated!
As the winter season approaches I am reminded what a loser my kids father is. He shares no real interest in their lives and provides not a single penny to their care or support. The expenses rolling into winter are huge when you have two children; winter coats, scarves, warmer clothing, boots, hats, gloves... and not to mention the hugest commercialized holiday known to man. I feel largely overwhelmed and weighed down with my inadequacies as a parent. I should be doing better and essentially be able to handle everything alone but I am infamous for over-extending myself and frequently reminded by my mother that I can't depend on anyone. My kids' father hasn't paid a dime of child support in over a year and hasn't paid consistently ever. He is a loser and thinks that donating plasma is an income... however he doesn't think that he should have to contribute any of said "income" to the care of these children. I am at my wits end. What is more disgusting is that he maintains a myspace prof
Caa #129 - Ft. Hood
Need all the angel prayers that we can get for the victims in Ft. Hood.  A cousin of my daughters friend is in that area and they have not been able to reach them.  Also, a lot of my friends in the local sheriffs dept were called in to help and a lot of their friends and family are not taking this well.   Pray for all the victims, those wounded to heal, those dead for their souls. As well as their families and friends.   Love,   Doc
Ipod Shuffle
Put your mp3 player on shuffle, list the first ten tracks that come up, no skipping through shame, but you can skip if the same artist comes up. 1. 'Ghost Of My Old Dog' - Jason Lytle.  Off of Grandaddy frontman's debut solo album. 2. 'A Dog's Life' - Nina Nastasia. Off the BRILLIANT 'Dogs' album. 3. 'The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room' - Flight Of The Conchords.  Live version from 'The Distant Future' EP. 4. 'The Fire Came Up To My Knees' - Micah P Hinson.  Reduced me to jelly when I saw him do this live. 5. 'Revenge Of The Black Regent' - Add n To (x) 6. 'Hey Mamma' - Kanye West.  Holy hell this is some mawkish shit. 7. 'Fare Thee Well Blues' - Joe Calicott.  Off of the 'Ghostworld' soundtrack. 8. 'Little Rabbit' - Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers.  Off of a rather neat compilation cd that came free with a book of Robert Crumb cigarette card illustrations of early jazz, blues and country musicians. 9. 'I Must Have It' -Vince Giordano's Nighthawks. More 'Ghostworld' joy. 10
Ensign: The Good Black Friday
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                     6 November 2009 [Since I’m trying to spend more time working on a historical novel about the Old Testament book of Numbers (titled “The Book of Numbers”), I’ll be re-presenting some older messages that I’ve sent out during this month.  I need to have fifty thousand words done by the thirtieth and broke nine thousand last night, hallelujah! – David] Especially at this time of year [this was originally written on Good Friday, but I thought it apropos today too] Christians ought to be shouting from the rooftops that Jesus is alive!  Jesus’ return to life after three days dead is THE signature event of Christianity – but it couldn’t have happened without His death.  In a culture that often see
Im Wanting To Hold A Auction, Week Of Thanksgiving...
I want to know if anyone is interested in joining a auction... I dont want to hold one, if the success rate is low... please let me know if you will help me..
Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen
***SPOILER ALERTS*** So we all know this was a huge blockbuster movie.  I was a huge transformer fan as a kid so the movies have been hard for me to get used too.  I finally just let the cartoons go and concentrated on the films.  Shia LeBeuf did an excellent job in this chapter.  He has just the right amount of comedic timing and action star quality to pull it off.  Which is surprising, I thought for sure he wouldn't be able to do it.  Like Megan Fox who besides being gorgeous can't act her way out of a paper bag.  She makes for good eye candy though. The plot was hard for me follow at first, partly because my five year old was there.  He cried when he thought Optimus Prime was dead.  I loved the twins, Skins and Mudflap, no matter what the critics have said about them being racial slurs.  They were funny, and they did an excellent job making Bumblebee feel like a person.  The crying scene was classic.  I also really appreciated the introduction of Jetfire, he was perfect.  So overa
Why? Pt 2
Why can't people take responsibility for their actions? Why do we blame others for our laziness? Why do we wan't everything handed to us? Why don't people say please and Thank You anymore? Why do people think they should automatically be treated as Royalty? Why do people only talk to others when they are given things? Why are people so insecure with themselves? Why are people so blind to the obvious? Why is it everyone else's fault for our actions? Why am I going to go lay on the ground and freeze My ass off today?  
Squirrel Metal
Being a lil obsessed with Finland and squirrels, I couldn't pass this up
Unleashed ( Lyrics)
Declining, all colour fading)(Defining, time coming for me)(Rescinding, my inspiration)(Receding consciousness) Back in the day I can recall thatMy thoughts were outstanding and sageThere was no blackStaining the walls of my memories Now there's a haze pushing me sidewaysAnd leaving me nothing to gainTaking me backLocking me cold in disparityNow there's a haze pushing me sidewaysAnd leaving me nothing to gainTaking me backLocking me cold in disparity Where was I meant to be?I feel I'm lost in a dreamLong for the day I can be myself When I'm freeWhen my sun has setRelease my soul foreverI'll have no regretTo be freeI'll exist againNo more lost endeavoursNothing to contendWhen I'm free Color declines, all that defines meIs falling away far behindNothing to keep me with the timeThe here and now Cure me, free me, help me, see me)(No more worry, no more losing)(Save me, near me, help me, hear me)(No more heartache, no misery)(Cure me, free me, help me, see me)(No more worry, no agony)
The feelings I have are so tender and true,I never knew I could meet someone like you,Girl you Make me smile through and through,No one has ever had the power that you do.The miracles of our very first Kiss,your beautiful smile that I cant resist,the sparkle in your eyes make me at bliss,I never knew I could feel like this.Holding you closely is all I can do,I never ever want to let go of you,what I am saying is so very true,I am so glad I was led to you!Even though we are apart,I can not take back my heart,It was giving to you from the start.Time will come when we are again,Holding each other hand in hand,I told you girl I am your man,Why you keep pushing me away from you,This is something i am not used too,It hurts me truly through and through,But its because I am in love with you.I never knew I could feel like this,It's you I cherish and I miss,All the way back to our first kiss,I never knew I would love like this!
Waiting..what Im Not So Good At
Hello all. Sorry Have not been on so much.  Been very busy with real life..I been working more..exercising more..etc.  Anyways..just a little to tell ya whats been going on in my life.  I have worked the last 2 days.  When I get home, I take my great dane for a 2 mile walk.  Then I am usually ready to just collapse.  My one boy got his grade card. He got all As and a Bplus in reading.  Of course I am a proud momma.  Wed morning he has a awards assembly I need to go to in the morning.  I will be working days monday.  Off tuesday, which is my birthday.  I am not sure what I will be doing then. I work wednesday evening, but wont be on to much due to being at the assembly also.  I went to the Health Dept today to get my boys the vacine shot for H1N1.  They were supose to give these out at the schools but I guess they  changed there minds.I was told ahead of time I should go in real early because they would probably be busy...but I had no clue they would be that nuts.  I just arrived to the
Turisas- Sahti Waari
love it
To Say Goodbye To Mickey
A Big Issue That Has Popped Up On Me
 As some of you know I'm a Nurse. Well I went for my yearly. And they done a Ekg and found some issues with it. And had me go in and have a  echocardiogram done and we found out that my, the  pulmonary or pulmonic valve is between the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery. I've have a leak in it. At this time we are unsure when they will fix it. Or if it can be fix. I have to see another Heart  specialists and then I will know more of when I see him or her. I know alot of ppl have had this kind of surgery and be fine.  Seening that alot of my friends and family are here on Fu. Me and a few others thought it would be best if I blogged to tell you all at once. I will keep you all updated as I know how things are rolling out on this . Thank you .......   And Please don't look at me any differnet I'm still the same camo. Just a sick camo.   muahs
Part Of A Story That I Came Up With.
When I first got there, all I could see was death and decay. Darkness surrounded the area, and the smell of rotting flesh flooded my sense of smell. Nevertheless, there he was standing atop a mound of bodies, the man that started it all. His hair was silver as the moonlight with skin as white as snow and an expression so emotionless. He’s known as the God of Death, he brought destruction everywhere he went. Killing people, ranging from adults to even infants, nothing could stop him. This man has been alive since 1905, he was born a vampire. No one could understand how pure blooded vampires were conceived, but here he was alive and pure blooded. I stood there quietly watching the man; blood staining his white button up shirt as he held his katana out in my direction.
M7: Open Star Cluster In Scorpius
Life Is Funny
Life is funy. It has a weird way of showing someone that we are all human. I am glad that I have the friends that I do have. They have always been there for me when my life has not gone very well. Friends are good to have to remind someone of the fact that there really is something out there that IS worth living for and working towards. Today is today. Hopefully, tommorrow will be better. I have the option of carrying on a grudge towards a person. Yet it is not in me to do that. If I did that then I would not be living life. Thank you for reminding me that I do have feelings and that I am capable of actually caring for someone. Better yet, I am only human with all the faults and flaws of being human. I am a real person with real intentions. Just like I have always said before and I will continue to say: LIKE ME, LOVE ME, OR LEAVE ME. I am still me and always will be. I am Just Me.
Ever have the urge to blog and have all kind of ideas in your head but when you start it, it all goes out the window? That's me. I was sitting here with all kind of ideas on things to blog about and now I can't remember any of it. Maybe I am getting old. I wouldn't exactly say I feel old, just sometimes I forget things really easy. So I'll probably blab about stupid things that none of you all will really care about. So I'm warning you: You will probably be bored to tears so if you want to stop reading my guest.  Seems like people that I write out of my life have tried to come back. All within a week. I'm not sure why. The one that I will NEVER let back in is the one that is the "bravest". He's taken it upon himself to call my cell phone. Then send me a text and reply to my status on Twitter. Seriously? Yeah. Another one just popped back after three months. And another one, we've been friends...not friends...I've blocked him...unblocked him...friends..not friends..and now we
My Biggest Fear!
my biggest fear is losing my nephew to his parents! i have been rasing him sicne he was 2months old.his pareants are alcohalics and both in rehab.he is 7months old now.i put his crib next to my bed at night cuz thats how scared iam.i don't wanna give him back even if they are sober and all better again.they put that child through hell!!! and i had to deal with it all since the day he was born!.i did everything for them. i love my nephew more then my own life! i have nightmares of him being kidnapped and i guess thats why i cannot sleep at night im too busy watching over him sleep so i don't. he is my entire life.
Don't Cry For Me When I Am Gone!
Please don't cry for me though I 'm goneFor in heaven I have made my home.I know you'll miss me through the yearsBut, remember, in heaven there are no tears!Up here in glory I've taken my placeNear the Father where I can view his face.I'll only be gone for a short little whileUntil I greet you in heaven with a smile.I'll be waiting there with arms open wideTo open the gate and invite you inside.We'll sit down at the Marriage Supper of the LambUnited with Christ and all of his clan.We'll drink from the last communion cupAs death and hell are swallowed up.Then we'll drink a toast from the 'living wine'While seated at the table where we shall dine.The angel, Gabriel will blow his Gold Horn As comfort is given for those who mourned.We'll be surrounded by many angel wingsWhile seated with our Lord and our King.He'll read to us from the Lambs book of lifeThe names written in it, His church, His bride.We'll be with all our sisters and our brothersWhile seated there at the last supper.My grave
All I Have To Give
You're the first thing I think of Each morning when I rise. You're the last thing I think of Each night when I close my eyes. You're in each thought I have And every breath I take. My feelings are growing stronger With every move I make. I want to prove I love you But that's the hardest part. So, I'm giving all I have to give To you... I give my heart
Liberty is just a wordthe oppressed say it to rallysome speak of lions and menthe weak run to return againFreedom is conceptthat very few ever knowhiding behind misconceptionsand how they think it will goFear is a great white sharkwhen you swim in the ocean after darksafety is an illusionso many seek in their delusionsFame is a falsitymost seek from animosityhope is fleetingonly good to a heart still beatingHunger is only know to the hungryLoneliness only to the lonely
Want To Date Me? [lol]
so earlier this week my boyfriend and i called it quits. and although i know it was for the best, i'm feeling lonely. i'm looking for someone to casually date and hang out with, and possibly more. only time will's what i'm looking for: *an attractive male 20-28yrs old. *must live close. *must be willing to see me on a weekly basis. *must be down for cuddling, kissing, and watching movies. *must be willing to listen to me talk about everything and nothing [not HEAR me, but actually LISTEN][[dont worry, i don't really talk that much]] *must be willing to hold my hand in public. *must have a sense of humor.   ...and thats about it. =]
Life hands us everything to deal with and we do our best to deal with it.... it is harder than hell do do it but we do it anyways... we don't always do it well but we do it to the best of our abilities. Thats what I am doing now... my life isn't always peachy or made outta gold.... yah my pics always show me smiling for a reason... If you cant go through life looking at the bright side of things you will always notice the bad stuff. I look at everything positive because of everything I have been through... I'm glad where I am at today... it has been harder than anything but I am a survivor and I make it through My friends are everything to me right now because they are all I have... I am greatful to have them in my life and that will never change. If you can't make great friends in your life it will just go down hill in the longrun. So to all my friends.... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
All Gave Some...
i've deleted the prev blog cause it was just pointless
At A Bar
I'm kind of new at this so bare with me a bit.  Anyways I have a little story.  My friends and I had gone to a pretty well known bar in the area and I had a few drinks and then a few more.  I do fine if I stick with beer, not too many can out drink me with beer, but when I hit the hard stuff I'll admit I'm pretty much a pansy.  So eventually I did start doing some shots and I got totaly blitzed.  It was then that I noticed this pretty little petite thing sitting at a table.  So I walked over and sat down beside her.  She didn't say anything so I thought it would be a good idea to start a conversation.  I don't remember what I said but I know me and sober I've been known to say somethings that just shouldn't be said out loud.  Well I did learn two things that night.  One is that I can really piss a woman off and the other is that little petite girls can throw a punch.  My friends had a good laugh and still do The moral of the story is friends shouldn't let friends talk drunk.
Ah The Day That Restarts My Working Life.......
9 am.......... time to get my ass outta bed 1030......... interview at pepsi........ uneventful, but successful 1100......... eat at the wausau mine.......... scrumpdiddlyiscious NOM NOM NOM 100 pm........ drug test and physical (requirements to be hired by pepsi) success!!!! 400........  go to work at part time job for orientation......... and here is where it gets interesting.... ran into a friend of a friend who i swear her teeth get worse and worse every year....... all her front teeth are black yuuuuuuuuuuuuck!........... anyway , 3 orientation videos tonight.......2 of which made in the 70's, 1 made in the 80....... here are brief descriptions of all three. video 1: if anyone remembers the mission:impossible TV series, long before the movies...... the instructor looks EXACTLY, like ethan hunt's character, white hair and all!!!!!  and of course ya got a 50 year old black lady doing all the cleaning. sooooooooooo way to crack those stereotypes!........ old white guy tellin th
I just looked at my friends requests, and there were not even one, but two invalid ID's requesting me. Weird...
My Heart
My heart and body belong to her.... I feel like a vampire with not heart beat cold to the touch.. my body and mind screem for it to be filled with the love she can only give me..... Yet the more I try the more I push her away, ans more I destroy myself, and our love.... I feel hopeless as anything I do or say not enough and that I rath crawl into a whole and die then be without her... I will not long or want the touch of another woman.. only her... the kiss of an angel the body of a goddess....
Be Mine
BE MINE ------- Silent past Same old city Your walls, your streets, Always hiding something Whispering voices in the cold dark night Shims in the thick mist floating over the ditch Be mine like a fire against the cold Let me be safe with you Be mine Put your arms around Don't let me be alone Safe Harbor Storm at open sea So firey, so icey You're both You push me away laughing And then pull me back to you Time seems to fly by, eventho it stood still Let me be safe with you Be my heat against the cold Don't leave me all alone Be mine...
Life Is Always A Price To Pay
You stay up for 16hrs. We stay up for days on end. You take a warm shower to wake up. We go for weeks without running water. You complain of a "HEADACHE" and call in sick. We get shot at, as others are hit and others are moving forward. You talk bout your buddies that are not with you. We know we may never see any of ours ever again. You complain about how hot it is. We wear our heavy gear, not daring to talk off our helmet to wipe our forehead. You get mad at the waiter for getting your order wrong. We don't get to eat today. You're mad that your class got held 5 mins. over. We're over an extra 2 months. You roll your eyes when your baby cries. He gets a letter with pictures of his new baby and wonders if they'll ever meet. If your supporting your troops your freedom comes with a price WRITTEN BY M DAVID
How is it someone out of now where suddenly makes you think. I usually love it when people make me think. But when from no where someone steps in and just blows you away it can be more confusing than if you are still not thinking. I don't know. I just know I suddenly found someone like that in the most unexpected of places and it has me at a loss as to what to do or think at all. Other than just sit an think some more, but about what, to many things have come to mind and nothing at all. So what is the point of thinking if nothing solid comes of it. Maybe in the end something will.
Two Old Geezers...
Key To My Heart
why do i love you you ask me everyday... you know that i do i just dont know how to say. my mind is racing and my heart is pounding too but no matter how hard i try i cant find the right words for you. i feel i know but is it true have i found "the one"? is it really you? from the first time we met i finally know my heart is set and i cant let you go. my love for you only grows stronger we can never part i want you to know... you hold the key to my heart!
Ngc 981
Zombies : What You Should Do
Zombies: What you should do By Bob Bankard PhillyBurbs Special Sections Once again, thanks to the new millenial zombie, we've got to take a good, hard second look at our advice to those who find themselves in the center of a zombie swarm. It's important to represent both sides - the quick and the dead and the good ol' shamblers - in order to optimize your choices if in fact you find yourself in the middle of a crew intent on eating your face. So, let's start right off with the obvious: What's eating you? Are you dealing with the tottering old school voodoo zombie, or the new and improved "Olympus 2000" version? Define your enemy, and act appropriately as per below. The Fast facts on Fast Zombies I start with these guys, because if you're out there with shamblers, you probably have enough time to read through. Cons
What Should I Do?
there's this girl.ill call her. dawn... weve been talking for 7 months.shes in arizona im in the navy in virginia. we started talking she had a bf. she was talking to some guy in texas. she was talking to me. her boyfriend is a douche bag. cheated on her 3 different times. she takes him back. she calls me crying a few times. he cheats on her again she decides to break up. they still live together, share a car, sleep together(who knows), hang out, drink with friends, movies. etc. she was going to meet the guy in texas, she and the douche bag talked her out of it. we started talking more. we use to talk on the phone every day for hours or text. she use to call me before work. get to work then text me. call me on lunch, call me as she drove home. she began looking for new places to live i always played around with the idea she could move in with me. i use to say i love her, she said i was crazy, because weve never met we really didnt know each other. i told her what ive learned about her
The Love Ive Longed For
as i look into your eyes lifes little troubles pass me by just hearing your voice eases my mind my heart was captured in the sparkle of your eyes all the pain before just left my mind and died your words roll over and over in my mind your kindness is the light it was just the right time the gravity of your power overwhelmed me your words draw my heart closer to you transparent to the life i used to live the door open to our reality i longed so long for a love like yours and now i have this wonderful gift i could never be so grateful i love you always
Everyone has heard of the Seven Deadly Sins cause Brad Pitt was in a movie based on it:P and really people tend to be more intrigued by sin. We are supposed to be good and we are judged by our behavior so it is natural to be curious as to what the fuss is about. But, not many people know about the Seven Heavenly Virtues.......go ahead and look'em up....I'll wait a sec....Too lazy? OK....they are Chastity, Temperence, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility. I am not religious by any means but I do believe both of these lists are very well thought out and meaningful, but I wish to only talk about charity today. It is close the x-mas and channachau , kwanza and all the big ones. I think we should hold a thought of charity in our minds at ALL times but it is easy to get carried away by life and stress. But, this is the time when we should exude it. There are people that have less, there always are and always will be. Money isn't everything. used clothes, any food, old toys ca
Dia Sunrise
Ten Times The Normal Size.
The 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Parks, asked her class, "Which human body part increases to ten times its size when stimulated?" No one answered until little Mary stood up and said, "You should not be asking sixth graders a question like that! I'm going to tell my parents, and they will go and tell the principal, who will then fire you!" Mrs. Parks ignored her and asked the question again, "Which body part increases to 10 times its size when stimulated?" Little Mary's mouth fell open. Then she said to those around her, "Boy, is she going to get in big trouble!" The teacher continued to ignore her and said to the class, "Anybody?" Finally, Billy stood up, looked around nervously, and said, "The body part that increases 10 times its size when stimulated is the pupil of the eye." Mrs. Parks said, "Very good, Billy," then turned to Mary and continued. "As for you, young lady, I have three things to say: One, you have a dirty mind. Two, you didn't read your homework And three, one day y
To My Little Sister Who Finally Found Her Peace....
Noone knows why the day turns night Noone knows why the sun still shines Noone knows why the cold wind still blows But I know I miss you   Noone knows why stars fall Noone knows why death follows us Noone knows why people are left in the cold But I know I miss you     Hold me once again Let me rest my head on your shoulder again And hold me once again Gentle run your fingers through my hair like you used to And hold me once again I know it got too much But still I wish you would hold me once again     Noone knows why luck gets blown away Noone knows why flowers wilt Noone knows why I only tusted you But I know I miss you   Don't ask me anything Don't tell me anything Just hold me once again Don't talk to me But please hold me once again   I'm lost for words I wish you would just hold me one more time....
Stupid Encounter #27 From Sb (read Bottom To Top)
To Q&Q: at least you know why Q&Q: guess so To Q&Q: are you single? Q&Q: only to goddess To Q&Q: AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA nice to meet you to... do you say that on the street to? Like to random girls? Q&Q: hi, are u into anal?
LMAO, watch til the end
November 15, 2009Quote of the Day"Pain is a part of being alive, and we need to learn that. Pain does not last forever, nor is it necessarily unbeatable, and we need to be taught that."- Harold Kushner Oh how I wish I could learn this and accept this. I do understand that pain is a part of being alive and in some sake that it doesn't last forever, but, with the depression and the anxiety the pain is intensified ten fold. I have never been very good at dealing nor adapting to emotional pain. So many times I was tired of being sick and tired, there were times I would try to end the pain all together, but failed at being a failure. Then of course the times I would self medicate, but all that did was get me in trouble with the law, so that had to end as well. When I was being verbally abused, there were times I would even cut on myself to just block the pain in one area to cause pain in another area. Other times I would literally hit something such as a wall or a corner of a dresser to c
Welcome To My Hearts Premiere
Welcome to my Heart’s personal premiere,Tonight there is no room for explainable fear.I’m not sure where to start,Maybe I’ll just speak from my heart.But what about my mind? Should I speak from it too?Should I just risk what I already have with you?Your aura is just so amazing,Your mentality is just what I’ve been craving.I could use someone like you,Someone who is too good to be true. You’re just so different, you seem unreal,How can someone like you understand how I feel?I close my eyes and wonder how I was so blessed,As to be given the gift of your presence.You would think I was obsessed,But in fact, I am possessed.Possessed by your eyes, and your ability to be so sincere,How do u make all the negative disappear?When something bad happens you’re the first person I want to call,But as soon as I talk to you I forget it all.When you come around my life is so much better,Welcome to the debut of my Love letter.So many feelings will be unspoken,But I&rs
The Pirate In Me
    I am walking across the deck of the Wolf Lady when I noticed there was another ship off the port side ganing on us. I told my men what I saw and watched as my first officer used the scope to see if they were friendly or not. His face turned white and I know right then and there that they were not friendly.    "Yo Alex ehat may they be, friend or not?"      "There pirates but I do not know that flag Sir, I do not know if they be our friends or not. You better hide your hair captain or else they will know your a women and they may try to take the ship."        I made sure all my red hair was under my hat so they could not see it. We keep going the way the same way hopping that the other pirate ship changes corse. But when I look again I notice that they were still headed towards us. I finally got a look at the other ships name, The Mad Joker. and knew that we where in for some trouble.    "Men I do not think they are friends of ours, I have heard of that ships name and everyone
Coinstar Machines
this is pretty cool info, so for those of us that buy things online, and with christmas coming up. heres a little something i found out about this morning. Coinstar machines, if you dont know, are the machines at the grocery stores and such, that cash in your change. theres usually 10% fee for the exchange, BUT NOW you have the option to select e certificated and gift cards for payment with no fee. if you are like me, theres a old alcohol bottle or a pickle jar full of change sitting around the house somewhere, and have christmas shopping to do.   just a few of the sites that you can get gift cards for are itunes, barns and noble, e bay, lowes, best buy and other major places to shop...   now, good morning people... go cash in your change lol as you were
An Excerpt From The Book Of Numbers
Read this like a funeral notice; for “The Book of Numbers” I’m writing in November for National Novel Writing Month, I wanted something that would make the story from the Old Testament relatable and readable.  I won’t claim it’s bedtime reading, but I want to have fun doing this too … off to write, for my word count is 26,698 by the end of Saturday, David AARON Eighty three years before the Exodus, Goshen, Egypt Forty years after the Exodus, Mount Hor, near the border of Edom   Site of gathering unto his people Upon Mount Hor, near the border of Edom   Officiator Moses   Congregational mourning period Thirty days
I Wanna See Kyler
my ex wants me to terminate my rights to my son. she feels that i should not be a part of his life. i rarely get to see him. she claims to be always busy. i try to be flexible with her "schedule" but no go. months will go by and i wont get to see him. i miss him. ok what should i do? she's dragging out court so i cant force her to let me see him. america sucks! the father has no rights non at all until the judge says so.
Songs That Explain My Life-iron Maiden, Fear Of The Dark
Please Rate This Sexy Fu she needs 100 rates come on fubar we can do it
Great Cover Of "melt Your Heart" (more Jenny Lewis)
I love this girls voice and pared down version of the song. Also, she's so sincere about it it's a bit heartbreaking. Yes, my heart did melt. Nothing is ever as good as it was And what's good for your soul Will be bad on your nerves if you reverse it It's bound to melt your heart One way or another It's bound to melt your heart For good or for bad It's like a valentine From your mother It's bound to melt your heart And we've lost the people we could have loved, and you... What you know you have or what you think you aren't It's never perfect It's bound to melt your heart One way or another It's bound to melt your heart For good or for bad It's like a valentine From your mother It's bound to melt your heart Are we killing time? Are we killing each other? It's bound to melt your heart One way or another It's bound to melt your heart For good or for bad It's like a valentine From your mother It's bound to melt your heart Whe
Nominations: A restaurant menu, listing any and all available noms. Nombre: A male you eat with. Nombo: A combo meal.  
The Fantasy Ive Always Had Wanted To Come True.......xo
~The Moonshines~ (written by me...long ago) Category: Writing and Poetry Soft white sands slipping through my toes and tickling my feet The ocean crashes,calling out my name and then the silence, makes my heart, skip a beat Looking out unto the water and only seeing the white light, the refelection of the moon shines over it ,ever sooo bright Its the only light,just shining throught the stars,creating a layering of crytsals glimmering from here to mars With the faint light from the moon and the deserted private beach ,I swirl around and dance naked, with only  the waves making the sound of a drumbeat Warm breeze blows my hair,cool waters touch my toes,the moon shines over my body,makes me wonder if Im in Heaven,who knows                                                                                                                By:L.A.W.
Meeting Fubar Friends
Just have to get it off my chest, This weekend a fubar friend came to my town. We were very excited to meet. Needless to say it was a disaster. He expected to find love at first meeting, and the slightest things set him off. When i tried to find out what he wanted to do on his visit here, he said i was "trying to hard" to please him. More than 75% of his time here he was asleep. Im not sure what was happening, but on the second day i tried to just say, hey....were obviously not compatible lets just have fun, but he was too tired, and didnt even want to get out of bed to go for a walk on the beach. I have never been treated so badly. And when all was said and done, and off he went, i worried about his trip home, and wanted to make sure he got home alright. I got a text that said, thanks for the wonderful trip sweety. ttyl. muah. LMAO. Wow. WHat a very sad sad ending to what was once a great fubar friendship. Maybe some things are better left a mystery.
When I Return As A Skateboard - 4/23/09
  WHEN I RETURN AS A SKATEBOARD Lauren Zuniga Poetry Workshop   When I return as a skateboard I will reincarnate the birth of practice to the slam death of beast perfection   Taking the dichotomy of my rough sandpaper exterior that only seems to close you out with the smoothness of the symphonic roll of the ball bearings in the wheels that do not discriminate against any terrain   Don’t be discouraged by the injuries of initiation for that ollie will soon soar over racial boundaries taking the 180 kickflip to the derision of elders who have forgotten their youth   For you see my view of the world has expanded along with my skills to boardslide past any insecurities   The world is my skatepark and in seeing past the obvious handrail or curb I will embrace with ease the person of color shake the hand of the guy in the wheelchair because we all cross this ground by foot or by wheel.
Things That Potentially Made Me Retarded
Chewing tar as gum when I was little Chewing lead based paint chips...alot Putting graphite from colored pencils on white gum, to make it colored Falling off the table when I was a newborn eating weird mushrooms as a kid banging my head on the floor /walls when i was younger drinking half a bottle of vodka at 13  
Tired Of Drama
Lately there has been a lot of drama in my eyes. IF you got a problem with someone DON'T involve me with it. Either settle it yourselves or keep it tween the two (or more) of ya.     LEAVE ME OUT OF IT!!!
Stolen From Cyborg
Let's start off blunt, have you done anything sexual in the last 48 hours?Besides the usual masturbation, no.Your phone rings, it's the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?hello? i miss youWhere is the person you have feelings for?with someone elseWhat color are your eyes?blueDo you like the snow?when i dont have to shovel itHave you ever slept on a couch with someone else?many timesWhich did you discover first, myspace or face book?myspace.What/who woke you up this morning?My alarmWhere did you sleep three nights ago?In my bedWhat color is the shirt your wearing?BlueThe past 72 hours have you been under the influence?never...*finished cigarette and beer*What are you doing at this very second?Trying to make someone smileAre you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?no... these are my boxersWhat are you listening to?Talk im becoming my father!If the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?pre summer, when he nights are cool and the days are jus
I Suck At Math
  You + bat + dead horse = Me + bat + you = dead you       -rel
Im not the most social person usually unless im with my very few close friends or my other family ("NO REGRETS") and getting to the subject which has to do with Thanksgiving....This year my family planned on going out of town and i was welcomed with open arms by my aunt whose house its being held at and come to find out my dad has told my mom he doesnt want me to go and it seems he doesnt want me around any family when they do things...its like hes holding my injury and lack of work against me and makes me think hes emabarrassed of me which deep down really hurts knowing i already spend 95% of my time alone because of where i live the drama is so high and everyone has to talk shit about everyone including me and the only way i found to deal with it is to not go anywhere and stay home...Im just really confused as why he feels that way and if i were to say anything to him he will fly off the handle and let everyone else have to see it...Im just not sure what to do
Moving Bye Bye!
I start moving in less than 12 hours. Just finishing a few things up then heading to sleep. It's suppose to rain also...bah! Maybe will get lucky and the rain clouds will go somewhere else.. Until then...I'll be back whenever! Bye bye!
The Toll
Though you never can forget,It's so simple to pretend:Claim that you are not a threat,Promise them that you're their friend,Never showing them your face,Never touch them with your soul.Keep it hidden, every trace;Only you will pay the toll.Gazing through the looking glass, it's there until you die:The darker part of you is standing, covered by your lies.Can you fight it?Can you free it?Are you in control?Or is it you inside of it, your core as dark as coal?Is the shell you hide inside the image that you show?Are you good or are you bad, or can you even know?Don't you wish you could forget?Too bad, 'cause that's your toll.
Nice Guys Finish Last- A Lament
I don't know what I'm more afraid of, Getting my heart broken again ,or the fact that I'm getting used to it. I just want to find a good woman who can keep it real.What the fuck??? I'm always a gentleman who treats women with respect. Why do I always lose out to the assholes? You know the ones who only care about themselves and treat women like pieces of meat. Why do nice guys finish last?If there are any women who like nice guys hit me up? Just please don't toy with me I'm getting real tired of being hurt.To all the girls who look past the nice guysI'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk. I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" you. I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised. I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to impress your friends. I'm sorry That I am actually nice,not an asshole. I'm sorry I like to buy you flowers for no apparent reason.Just because it's tuesday.I'm sorry I don't have a
Ken Ober
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ken Ober, who hosted the 1980s MTV game show Remote Control and helped produce the shows Mind of Mencia and The New Adventures of Old Christine, has died. He was 52. His agent, Lee Kernis, says Ober was found dead Sunday in his Santa Monica home. Kernis says Ober complained of headaches and flu-like symptoms on Saturday night but the cause of his death wasn't clear. Ober hosted five seasons of Remote Control beginning in 1987. Contestants in lounge chairs were asked pop-culture questions from categories such as Dead or Canadian? The show featured early appearances by comedians Adam Sandler, Denis Leary and Colin Quinn. Ober, who was born Ken Oberding in Massachusetts, is survived by his parents and a brother.   RIP
This Is Sooooo Cool
This is REALLY Cool!!!  A new Digital version of the classic game with sound. This is so much fun !!!  Click on the Tic-Tac-Toe link (below) to play.   See if you can beat the computer...  CLICK HERE: ......................TicTacToe 
Caa #131
One of my extended family members lost her mother today.  Please send out angel prayers of strength, healing and love to her, her husband, family and friends.   Love,   Doc
Want To Know About Me??
Just for future reference to anyone who spends the time to actually read my blogs:                   If you think that something I write is about someone in particular come to me and talk to me about it. By going to them before knowing that is who I was talking about you cause alot of hurt that isn't necessary.   I find it sad that people who say they are my friends won't talk to me about something like that. Getting into a fight with a friend who was hurt by something not relating to him hurts me. So by not asking me you added to the pain that made me write my blog in the first place. Thanks.
Stigmata America
 met him by the side of the road, some highway outside a little town. Close to Omaha, or Ohio maybe. Torn cloth and blood on baked skin. He seemed so young to be so beaten. He seemed so worn to be so young. It could have been strange I suppose, but it was just the side of a road, somewhere, near some town. "Have you seen my Father?" he asked. Actually, it was more of a croak, or a cry. I suppose I made out the words through the wonder. "It seems like I lost him in a garden near gethsemane or golgotha. Playing on a tree, wandering. But I swear he was here just a while ago." I reached down, and patted the blood from his eyes with my old black cloth, and began to wash his feet, as I was wont to do. He seemed so young to be so beaten, and so worn to be so young. At least he did when I left him there. See, he was happy searching for his father. Or maybe just searching for the place where he lost him. I wondered once, one day, standing on the side of the road....some road...near Nebr
Plain White T's - 1, 2, 3, 4
  Lyrics:   1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4Give me more lovin’ than I’ve ever had,Make it all better when I’m feelin’ sad,Tell me that I’m special even when I know I’m not,Make it feel good when I hurt so badBarely gettin’ mad,I’m so glad I found youI love bein’ around you.You make it easy,It’s easy as 1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you (I love you) I love youThere’s only 1 way 2 say those 3 words and that’s what I’ll do (I love you) I love youGive me more lovin’ from the very start,Piece me back together when I fall apart,Tell me things you'd never even tell your closest friendsMake it feel good when I hurt so bad,Best I that I’ve had and I’m so glad I found youI love bein’ around you.You make it easyIt’s easy as 1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you (I love you)I love you There’s only 1 way 2 say those 3 words and
It's Been The Worst Day Since Yesterday - Flogging Molly
Well, I know, I miss more than hitWith a face that was launched to sinkAn' I seldom feel, the bright reliefIt's been the worst day since yesterdayIf there's one thing I have saidIs that the dreams I once had, now lay in bedAs the four winds blow, my wits through the doorIt's been the worst day since yesterdayFallin' down to you, sweet groundWhere the flowers they bloomWell, it's there I'll be foundHurry back to me, my wild callingIt's been the worst day since yesterdayThough these wounds have seen no warsExcept for the scars I have ignoredAnd this endless crutch, well, it's never enoughIt's been the worst day since yesterdayHell says hello, well, it's time I should goTo pastures green, that I've yet to seeHurry back to me, my wild callingIt's been the worst day since yesterdayIt's been the worst day since yesterdayIt's been the worst day since yesterday    
Before I start on this, I want all my friends to know I do love each and everyone in a different way. My top friends, I keep you close to my heart, even if I am not close to yours. You may have done something..just ONE thing ..that made you special..different from everyone else, but you are there because you had some heart in you at some time. I am really beginning to feel like complete shit on here. I know it is a game. But do i have to be naked to play? I have two people that will go out of there way to really do things for me. I do not need to mention names, because the people that don't, know who they are. This is not an attack. This is me being really sad. I have serious things happen to one does anything...a girl shows her breasts..she gets a hh. I can't lower myself to that...but it hurts to know i am playing a game...and trying to be a real friend...but no one wants that friendship. They want what i wont show. and it hurts. Just know, if you're on my list, get off if
Out Of Curiosity ?
It is quite noticable that "camming is quite prevelent on fubar between consulting adults. As referenced by those who emphatically state in their profile   " I don't cam, IM or give my number". How many are prepared to own up to having a bit of fun when the opportunity arises? Might be esier if they put "I do cam, I do IM and I do give my number. Dare you own up ? Me ? yes of course I had my moments LoL. Caslad    
Love Is....
  Love is a funny thing. You expect it to be easy. You expect it to be a world of roses and laughs and perfect moments that you find only in movies. You expect her to always say the right thing, and always know exactly how you feel, or exactly how to react to it. You expect her to calm you down when you're yelling or to chase you when you run away. You expect so much that you feel entirely and utterly defeated when something doesn't exactly match up with all your plans. But that's the thing. Love isn't a plan. It doesn't have a certain beginning and it certainly has no end or visible finish line to those deeply in it. Love happens; it is so incredibly messy. People around you can't comprehend why you do the things you do, or why you fight so hard for something that seems to cause you so much pain, because simply, they can't see. They can't see the invisible ring of insanity that surrounds you when you're in love. It's inconvenient and painful and devastating at times, but we can't liv
Saturday Night
Jagerbombs...........RibSteaks and chili............UFC fights   and nipple pics.....................dig it   toodles :)
Helping My Girlfriend. :)
As some of you may know, my girlfriend (who is also my #1 in both the friends and family lists) needs help leveling.  What she needs is to be worth 25,000,000 in fuOwned. I don't have nearly enough fubucks for that at this very moment, so I'm asking for your help.  I'm asking for whatever you can do.  Rates, comments, fubucks donations, anything at all.  Later this week, I'll even be able to offer a 25-credit bling pack to the first person who altruizes me in order to help me do this. As my girlfriend has two children and is doing a damn good job of raising them on her own while working and being a full-time student, she doesn't get to go out and do many of the things that myself and some of you can do.  Fubar is her outlet to chill and have some fun.  Being able to level would mean a lot to her, and being able to help her would mean so much to me.  I love making her happy! :)  That's what a good boyfriend tries to do, right? I thank you in advance for any amount of help that you ca
What should I do I'm just watching you I can't even say a short farewell Your hands slowly slipping away What should I do I no longer held your hands Nor utter a word My heart overwhelmed with tears Barely can I hide my bitterness You are walking farther away The heart that I couldn't hold on to What should I do Don't forget the memories we loved Even if you find another person that makes you smile Even thou this is a painful farewell,I'm glad that it was you For now, this is a journey, I must walk alone Goodbye        
Damn Friends
So, last night my friends took me out for my bday. I'm thinking out to eat and then to a club of some sort. Yeah, we hit a club alright. A flippin' strip club. Then they proceeded to tell the dude there that it was my bday and next thing I know, I'm up on stage TIED to a frigging chair and all of the strippers proceeded to rub their tits and crotches on my face and every other available body part I have. Let's not forget for the finale, they untied me, made me get down on my hands and knees and proceed to SPANK me with a fucking belt. Suffice to say, I woke up this morning smelling like liquor, baby oil and snatch. Fun times.
Off My Chest....
Dear Shallow, I've been thinking of a nice way to put this, but the solution has escaped me, so here goes. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME! I'm so tired of the whispering, lame status's, and conjecture, among you and your judgemental fu-minions.  Seriously, you haven't a clue. And if you'd like the correct information, why not come directly to the source, instead of playing the telephone game like a bunch of children? A lot has transpired in the past several months. None of which is any of your business, at this point. So, it may stand to reason that your information is incorrect.  Just a thought. You know what else would be swell? If you would stop lurking my page, and my friend's pages, to see what I am saying to them. So creepy. You're not really all that invisible. Your passive aggresive is showing. Might want to tuck that in. If you don't care for me, or how I live my life, then please feel free to fuck off. I promise you that I just don't care anymore.  I have plenty of friends, none of
Fogging The Mirrors
I needed release. This was a simple fact, I knew; a result of uncontrollable circumstance. I supposed that everyone knew tension like this on a personal basis, but I wondered as I closed the door behind me if everyone felt as much lust built up with it. I had sat at my desk for most of the day trying to focus on work; but I nevertheless found myself dreaming of your gentle caress and expert touch. An ache had been building within me, bringing a distinct wetness to my nether regions. I knew it as I lit the candles and oil lamps; I knew it as I filled the bath with hot, bubbly water; I knew it as I smelled the aroma of musk permeate the room from the incense. I needed release. As I stepped into the bath, removing my small silk robe and leaving it on a hook beside the bath, the warming touch of the water drew all my tension away. I lowered myself into the steamy water, allowing it to engulf me in its warm and soapy embrace. I sighed. It felt so wonderfully relaxing, my mind quickly drift
Tomorrow I Start
living better. I need to get into shape again." title="from Vinnie Jones, Seth , Jake, FOD Team, and Josh Simpson">Attack Cardio with Vinnie Jones from Vinnie" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">">Vinnie Jones
The Thing About Love
The 24th Is going to be a really hard day for me. I have learned that it's best to tals about how you feel but then again on the otheer hand it's almost like i am scared to talk about it. I have always been like this some stuff on the surface i can talk about but the other stuff i am scared to.
I Was Tagged (by Skifreak)
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   1. Marie is my middle i'm not telling you my first name   2. Sometimes I perfer to be alone   3. my closet is organized based on sleeve length and color....   4.  I've been around horses all my life but I've never been thrown from one   5.  I like a LOT of pepper on my potatoes...   6.  I tried to get my mom to try pot when she was dying from cancer...   7.  I'm cold a LOT   8.  Kids and dogs love me... even if they don't know me.. to the point it creeps me out sometimes   9.  I wanna base jump off Angel Falls before I die  
Random Things About Me
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1)I really am not a Bitch unless I feel I need to be 2)I love my family to death....Even Tater regardless of him forcing me to do this. 3)I am a skinny girl trapped in a fat girls body, and I really don't like it 4)I am turning 31 in about a month....and hate the fact that I am getting old 5)My son is my life 6)I have no patience for stupidity 7)I work way too much, and play way too little 8) I love the fact that PK drives Tater crazy in my absence 9)Im a big flirt.....but guard my heart...too much sometimes 10) I am totally addicted to Fubar The 5 people that are gonna hate me ar
Do You Believe In Powers Of All Sorts?
To start this I would like to ask the reader a simple question, "Do you believe in an individual actually having powers?". Now powers can range from having a sixth sense to actually being able to make things happen with the mind. I have been interested in this subject since I was young enough to actually make decisions of what I like and don't like. My personal opinion, and I'd like to note this is from experience, is that these 'powers' do exist and people have been able to tap into them since the beginning of time. I have had many weird things happen to myself in the last 10 years. Call it coincidence or pure luck, but I have made statements out-loud or even thought of something that has came true within a short period of time. In a later blog I will give a few examples of where I have personally experienced these happenings.
benison\BEN-uh-suhn; -zuhn\ , noun;1.Blessing; benediction
Instructions......       Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   I blame Superman231   1. I don't like eating meat on the bone   2. I love cooking and baking   3. My nose has been broken over 5 times   4. I had the skin removed that holds your upper lip to your gums so I can stick my tongue all the way up to the base of my nose   5. The cup of my bras are larger than my hats *shrugs*   6. I hate foods that taste like orange and grape. They do not taste like orange or grape, or peach either.   7. I masturbate more than any woman I know.   8. My great aunt died 2 days ago. I don't think I told anyone. Death is a part of life, it rarely upsets me.   9. I love to sing.
The End Of Russian?
Well, she's done it now....   attacking YOTD personally and Scrapper, now she gets her account deleted before she even reaches level 3 for nothing at her but for being her.(deleted 4 times in just the last week)   i knew her well!
Tagged By Boo
boo tagged me.    Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   1. If I sit at a booth in a restaurant, I have to sit on the outside with my left side facing out.   2. The only food I DONT eat is runny eggs.   3. I still get nervous around the opposite sex.   4. I love Blue Cheese dressing. On everything.   5.  I have a thing for older women. (Cougars, lol)   6. I have a VERY short attention span.   7.  I think my left eye is lower on my face than my right eye, which it's not.   8.  I get all "glowy" inside when I hold a kitten.  I fuckin love kittens. HAHA   9.  I am very unorganized, seriously.. look at my room.   10.  I swear that everytime I get on here I say that I hate fubar, but I always come back.
10 Stupid Things!
Instructions......                           Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.               1.I'm sick of taking Meds       2.I've been in every state on the East coast and as far as Indiana.       3.I like watching FOOTBALL       4.I've been known to cry at the drop of a hat.       5.I love everything. You name it, I like it, well more so the none.       6.I have to see what time it is before I close my eyes and go to sleep.       7.I still say "ggod night I love you , goodnight"       8.I'm obsessed with a clean house.       9.I like saying penis because it sounds funny. Feels even funnier!!! hehe,,       10.I love you Dud!!
So Random
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. In the real world I am SHY around guys. 2. My real name is not Daisey. 3. Never had chicken pox 4. Was once a BIG BIG girl!! 5. Hate cleaning my house 6. Born a natural blonde 7. Likes to watch teen Disney shows with kids and yes alone to feel like they are home. 8. Loves to sing and dance around house like I know what I am doing. 9. Growing up I was quarterback football player on street team and guard in basketball team. 10. HATE cry babies that say they are leaven FUBAR and then a day or week later they are back!!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. My real name is not Dj Lost Soul LOL!!! 2. I am deathly allergic to bee stings. 3. I honestly hate strip clubs. To me they are a waste of money for seeing something i can see for free by a woman i can actually touch or at the very least see for free on the internet. lol Either way not paying money for that shit plus the booze is over charged. 4. I am the type of person that would do absolutely anything for my friends but I DO NOT give second chances. Done that too much just to get burned again in the past. 5. I am a Star Wars geek at heart. 6. I do enjoy a good chick flick with the right woman. 7. I am a complete romantic. 8. I use to have really long hair in high school... was even told I looked like A
My Lover Sleeps ...
     She looked down at his sleeping form, shadowed in the half light, from the hallway. His breaths were deep and regular in his dreamless sleep. She could hear the blood rushing through his veins, in a rhythm like sex, slow and steady.    She leaned forward, her mouth nearly resting on his sun scented skin. Her face felt hot, and her stomach tightened. Her breath quickened as she hovered over his pulse, breathing deeply, trying to still her mounting desire.   A drop of moisture pooled on the edge of her lip. She could smell it, the blood of her lover. She could feel it in her soul. She could taste it in the back of her mind. She wasn't pretty. She wasn't sweet. She was hungry. She needed to eat...
Not Always Right | In Hot Water For Hot Sauce
Fast Food | St. Catharines, ON, Canada (At my store, we charge for certain sauces if you get them on the side. I have just given the customer his food, but rather then leave he just stands there and stares at me.) Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Was there something else I can get for you?” Customer: “Yeah, I want sauce.” Me: “I’d be happy to get you some they are 25 cents. How many do you want?” Customer: “No, just give it to me for free.” Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. I’d get in trouble sir.” Customer: “I won’t tell you manager!” Me: “Actually, my manager is right there.” *points him out* Customer: “Oh…well, give it to me anyway. You can get another job later.”
The App To My Heart
For My Moma
This is just to let all my friends know, that after a long illness mom passed away this morinh at 5. I ty all fer yer prayers n cocerns it means alot to me n my family. I might not be around as much or answereing call. but i'll return messages as i can. This is gonna take some time folks but bear with me. Love u all
New Primary Photo Policy - Owl's Rant
Make my life easier... Follow this, please. This starts Thursday, November 26, 2009 - Thanksgiving day. Baby J's Blog on the new policy for primary pics For those who don't want to follow the link, in a nutshell, no more bare chests, bras, panties, or lingerie are allowed to be in your primary. My take on it is that too many people decided to see how close to crossing the line they could get, and admin got tired of hearing complaints that someone is marking their primary photos. This will, no doubt, lead to the usual grumbling about free speech and how one person's shots are more classy than others and how people should have the right to show skin on an "adult" site, but bear in mind the following: This does not apply to photos that are not your primary. In other words, you can still be in lingerie, but it will only get marked if it's your primary photo. We are not an "adult" site in the traditional sense of the word. Too many members see "18+" and equate it to "adult," further
I memorized the lines of your warm calloused hands, many times I traced them w/ my finger tips. The strum of your guitar was the music of my life, playing my favorite songs whenever I asked. I can still almost feel the shoulder that was mine to cry on, ever at the ready as promised. Your eyes would water as you comforted me, aching because of my pain. You were my peace. I miss sharing jokes with you, the gentle way you laughed. How we called each other to share our latest feats. I can still hear your "hello, hello" when you came to visit. Our heart to hearts shared while passing a joint. You always listened and understood me. You were my greatest friend. You raised me to be a fighter, to have courage to stand up against wrong, be for myself or someone else. Moving mountains to make the world what it should be, never settling for disappointment or backing down. You were my hero. I never doubted your love for me. Or how proud of me you were. No matter what I did, you were
I Ask For...
    I asked for strength, that I might achieveI was made weak so that I learn how humbly to obey I asked for help that I might do greater thingsI was given infirmity so that I learn to do better things I asked for riches that I might be happyI was given poverty so that I learn to be wise I asked for power that I might receive praise I was given weakness so that I learn how to need   I asked for all things that I might enjoy lifeI was given life so that I learn to enjoy all things
The World Has Changed
Darkness I live my life by the rules, honor, honesty, loyalty and compassion and trust. Rules laid down, 2000 years before I was born in the oldest book ever written somewhere along the line, someone has changed the rules. So does one change. With the times or be a creature of conscience.
The act of eating feces.  Quite a popular activity up until the 1700s.
Meaning (yellow) Rose!
Roses are a perfect way to communicate feelings one may have for another. Each color represents a different meaning. The mixture of their sugary smell along with their beauty has always attracted people instantly. Of every single flower available on the market today, roses are the most common of them all! Yellow roses are easy, attractive, and are a good way to send a message to the person of your choice. Yellow roses are a symbol of freedom, happiness, and love. People who are the receivers of yellow roses from their loved ones know that their partner is happy and satisfied with their relationship. The yellow rose is a great way to show honesty and comfort. Giving a yellow rose to that special someone represents an easy feeling of friendliness that is authentic.Most of the time, yellow roses are usually given as a sign of accomplishment, completion, or execution of a specific goal. Yellow roses are also given to represent strength of mind and motivation to start a new endeavor. It is
Hi Everyone,I'm going to be gone most of December.A new grandbaby will be here Dec.1 and that's where I'll be and going to Florida for Christmas.So I'll probably be in and out but not often.Just want to let all of you know.Happy Holidays! Hugs and lots a kisses!
Are You Walmart Or Target?
You Are Target Like Walmart shoppers, you know how to stretch a dollar when you need to... but you're not exactly stingy. You shop to have fun, and you can't help but be drawn in by all the whimsical things you find at Target. Between red cards, gourmet food, and funky home decorations, you're totally hooked. Plus, you can't help but notice that everyone seems a little happier at Target. You think it's worth a few extra bucks to shop there. Are You Walmart or Target? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
What Kind Of City Dweller Are You?
You Are a Active and Busy City Dweller The city is your natural habitat. You feel at home on a busy, urban street, and you know you'd get bored living any place else. You take full advantage of what the city has to offer. And that means that you're always on the go. You're the type of city dweller that can squeeze yoga, shopping, and brunch in before noon. There are amazing opportunities in the city, and you're determined to not waste any of them. Your feet may be tired at the end of the day, but it's worth it! What Kind of City Dweller Are You? Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes
Ancient Layered Hills On Mars
He Thought Studly. More Like Dudly.
Please feel free to check out Mr. Man here. Here is our chat. LOL phildiddy24: hello how r uTo phildiddy24: hi phildiddy24: ur a cutie u into freinds with benefits? To phildiddy24: *chuckles* Well considering were not friends, nor do we even know each other. Kind of a moot point.phildiddy24: is ur mind mostly in the gutter? To phildiddy24: No, it's in my head. phildiddy24: wjhats ur fav posistion?To phildiddy24: Modified bridge is quite comfortablephildiddy24: watTo phildiddy24: Is that some sort of ebonics?To phildiddy24: I guess so. Have yourself a lovely evening.    
Cam Rules
CK2 NEW CAM RULES EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY !!! 1)On slow nights cams can be used by selected Staff or a Member that has been with us for a min. of 2 weeks at least. On busy nights staff is allowed 1hr max up on cam, Non Staff is allowed 30mins.....Subject to change as needed. Check in with Owner/Manger *if online* for cam Info. 2)Absolutly NO flashing before 9pm Est...Flashing is acceptable after 9pm Est. IF you break our No flashing rule You will lose your cam privliages 3)IF you want to go up on cam ask a Manager so they can make sure there is a cam open for you to go on. 4)IF you do NOT ask a manager and you boot someone off cam you will.... a)get a warning from a Manager b)lose cam rights *for a week or more..up to Owners/managers*
To Aryonna
If only for a moment I could have held her ,And saw the face of love so pure.I cast a dream for only you to know,For never to remember a day of cold.I will walk with you when the time is here..Not an ounce of sorrow we just hold dear.I know your eyes so I saw see..You know my heart for this is me.I cry not tears of sorrow..For our time we only borrow..Now you shall play in a field of butterfliesAnd listen to the sound of a willows cry.   Aryonna was born April-20-2009 She past Nov-27-2009   We love you!!!
Dj Wldwest @ Dirtydeedsradio!
come bye sometime and check out dirtydeedsradio!! check out al the djs and the everyone at ddr! im on from 8pm-11pm eastern time mond tuesday wednesday, and for the after party 2am-5am est. on sunday mornings. check it out and or check me out :) peace!      
Ngc 6992
Bday Love
i would like to THANK EVERYONE  that showed me fulove on my bday its may take a day or to but i will try and get back to everyone crazy how many i got to go through but THANKS AGAIN  so give me time and come buy say hi dont get mad if its takes a fw to answer thanks                                                           super dh
Hey Yall
hey yall...i'm without internet at the i wont be around much for a while...which sucks...i've made some really good friends here and i'm gonna miss talkin to yall daily.  i'm dealin with some stuff in real life and jsut wont be around...if ya wanna stay in touch you can email me at i'll reply when i can...   xoxo, april...yeah, that's my name...some of yall didnt know
If You Want To Know More About Me!!
i dnt care what you've heard about me, i know who i am & if your real with me, you will know too. for those who dont know me;ive seen it all, done it all but i guess its just the beginning. my birthday is on may 25th so dnt forget =] ive been living on my own since i was 18. im portuguese & greek.. cant get any better than that!! i feel that im more portuguese cause i was raised mostly around my mom side of the family. i dont need to pretend im something that im not. i work my ass off for everything i have & everything i want..thats how i was raised & thats how i will always be. i love going out, but id rather spend a night with that special person then go out & party every weekend. theres days where i like to just stay home & movies, get all know. im probably nothing like what you'd ever expect. dont judge me, cause most likely im not the girl you think i way smarter then you think & i have no problem proving you wrong. once you think you know me; ill p
C51 - Because I Bought A Fake A Bling Pack (total Freestyle)
Dirty Jenga--rules & Regulations
Alright, so some of you are interested in what Dirty Jenga is all about. ****Please be advised....this game is not for the weak/prude/self-concious/non-alcoholic drinkers of the world**** As you can tell from the pics in the is quite an amazing/quirky/naughty/dirty game. Obviously, it is a drinking game. Most friends work with beer....some are crazy f*cks and use hard liquor, etc. But that is not always something to your advantage.   The objective of the game, like the original, is to make sure the tower of pegs do not fall. If it does fall....then you have to immediatly down the rest of your prefered beverage before the next game can start.   some of you have also asked me "what exactly is written on the pegs?".....and honestly, i cant tell you each and every single one cuz i cant remember them all (which makes it more fun every time i play cuz not every peg is choosen to be played in every game)   Some of them state drinking comands-- *drink 1-10 (odds you han
Rosette Nebula
Escaping With the Melody Feel those watching eyes as I take a deep breath as the spotlight flashes surrounding me My heart pumps the melody within my soul as my body moves with the start of the song Closing my eyes as i smoothly dance with the piano keys and feverish violin, in sync, as i stand from one knee The molody guides me as i feel the lyrics move my arms and legs, not one step wrong I am free. The audiance a blur as i enter a world of tranquil delight The faces disappear as I get lost in the happiness of the song that consumes my body I dance around the notes that flap their wings around me guiding me into the right light As the chords strike my movements follow, listening to the chirpping sound of the violin as everything in the room gets foggy My heart pounds as the strings fade I am lying on the floor as the noise of clapping increases The keys and strings that have wrapped around my body release me as I awake I stand and bow as I watch the roses rain around me f
Angry Poem...
Lovingly Drained The venom of your toxic lips brush softly against my skin Oh how the pain seeps through my veins and infests my body with pleasure Feeling what you thirst for run along my chin I am frozen in place. Oh how I longed to be your treasure To make this last for all eternity Your anxious fangs dig and your longing lips suck as you greedily drain me I have fallen in the depths of your lies and trickery Blinding me with sweet words and gestures, but before I drown in this abyss, I see You show your true self, a monster hidden under the mask of romance Holding me closely and trapping me in your limbs as you drink my love But I will fight. No longer will i bleed my love so willingly or give you satisfaction for one more chance No longer will the sorrow consume the wound you have continuously opened looking lik
My Sons
Well Im not really around here much anymore. Fubar has lost its appeal to me. Friends that I used talk to all the time have either moved on with their lives and arent on the site anymore, or just dont talk to me anymore. I spend more time with my kids and in the real life, and dont find the need to sit on the site for countless hours anymore. Hopefully next school year I will be attending school to get my LPN and moving into the career that I want to be in. Real life has more value to me now instead of trying to life in a fantasy world I guess. But for those that would like to keep in touch, send me a message and you might get my yim lol not promising though. And those that already have my yim, send me a message once in a while if you feel like talking. Other than that....Have fun.
The Madness Of The Walls
The curse of the Walls come closing in. You suffer from insanity, now it begins. Nothing to do but accept what shall be... Really doesn't matter how much you will plea.   We have no choice. It's in the blood. The madness comes rushing, just like a flood. No matter how much we try to control... Sooner or later it will all take it's toll.   Tired of hiding what we really are... Though derangement haunts us like an ugly scar. How do we stop this from the rest of the line? Do we dare show them even one of the signs?   To prevent the pain that we feel inside? They deserve more than to be outside. Outside of society, like our curse has been. Perhaps a new generation of Walls shall begin.   Stronger than steel this bloodline will start. Not ashamed of the past we seem to impart. They take from that past the strength that we had. They learn to separate the good from the bad.   Passion, strength, and the love we can share. Rising above the pain that we bear! Sorrow so
Take The Lead
I stare into your eyes, behind the love and happiness the demons of your past shimmer like stars in the sky. Late at night I lay in bed thinking about you, wishing I could slay your demons and make you whole again. I've opened the door for you, given you a rock and a soft place to fall when you need to hide from the world. I see a strength buried inside you that you don't see within yourself. You're precious like a lover to me and I wonder how and why anyone could harm you. I feel so far away when your locked inside your pain. All I see is you hurting, wanting to be held and I'm miles away falling to pieces. I don't want to see you bleed anymore Hang on to my voice, the only place we can go is up. I'm not superman strong or invincible but I'll never leave you when you need me. Life's a dance you've been stumbling through, tossed from uncaring partner to uncaring partner let me help you take the lead, and help you slay the demons that haunt your dreams and silence the unw
Stolen...but Fuck Her, She Can Handle It.
The perfect breakfast: Warm Rhum and Honey.   The perfect date:  People still date?? Um...awkward meeting, uncomfortable quip about her outfit. Fantastic food with a great bottle and the sterling realization that she hasn't bothered with underwear, or shame. Quiet conversation laced with double entendre and wit. Readjustments to be sure that all clothing articles still present are covering...again. Broken moments of delight, derision, pleasure and pain. Alot of gasping, the occasional beg and a need to buy clothes with stronger seams. ...Warm Rhum andHoney.   The perfect kiss: Unexpected. Stuttered trepidation and a little-boy-smile...crushing her lips slightly. Lots of biting and an exploring tongue   The perfect argument: I always win.   The perfect man/woman: Breathing, brilliant, broken, breaking, begging.   The perfect shoe: Steel toed ten hole Docs.   The perfect movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind   The perfect flower: Cala Lilies and dead things.   The
Judge Not
Subject: Never Judge Someone....   Never Judge Someone....   "Some people!' snorted a man standing behind me at the long line at the grocery store.  "You would think the manager would pay attention and open another line," said another woman. I looked to the front of the line to see what the hold up was and saw a well dressed, young woman, trying to get the machine to accept her credit card. No matter how many times she swiped it, the machine kept rejecting it.   "It's one of them welfare card things. Darn people need to get a job like everyone else!" said the man standing behind me. The young woman turned around to see who had made the comment.   "It was me," he said, pointing to himself. The young lady's face began to change expression. Almost in tears, she dropped the welfare card onto the counter and quickly walked out of the store. Everyone in the checkout line watched as she began running to her car. Never lo
...and Silence.
A cigarette, and silence.   It's not quite noon, and the day wanes already. Cold and grey outside and in. What is it that makes people so wrong when they're trying to be so right? It's just a cigarette and silence.   I don't dare close my eyes, because it's a cacophony...blinding flashes of terrible thoughts and memories of moments not even hours ago. Every little thing that I didn't say pouring over my tongue like vinegar and cherries. The taste that feels like spitting and grit teeth.   Pushing back. The slide back of the chair isn't any different than the motion of the man in it. So it's going to be a Raymond Chandler evening...but the day really starts inside my head...and right here.   With a cigarette...and a broken silence.
Ok so I'm watching the news which I rarely do these days because it's so filled with tabloid journalism that I can do without.  What pops up is the growing "scandal" on climate change.  I see daily postings on facebook about climategate ranting about sham this deception that and these people will finally get exposed.  Me personally, I believe is global warming.  Its crazy to sit and think that mankind can do what they please on this planet and have no ill effects.  The same holds true for my views on evolution.  I am a person of faith, but my faith does not lead me to ignore the fact that evolution happens everyday.  To do so is ludicrous.  So back to the  How was this critical information on the lies of Al Gore and other "liberals" found?  It was hacked!!  Hackers illegally went into computers and stole information.  The keyword here is "illegally" because when I last checked hacking was a crime punishable by fines and prison sentences.  So the people against global warmin
The Lies People Tell Themselfs Are Never Quite This Good
Nothing can make you Unbeautiful. Beautiful is a state of mind and a point of view. It is not something you can lose or misplace. You are beautiful for everything that makes you YOU and not just like someone else Dont EVER let ANYONE make you feel anything less than beautiful.... Beacause maybe its not you, maybe they have ugly eyesight.
Yes, I said TGIFF. Thank God It's Fucking Friday! This week went by quickly but had some snags. My fucking health insc is trying to say they're not going to cover my surgery (from back in Oct.) without a referral from my primary doctor. But I have yet to even SEE my primary because I was put on an 8 week waiting list. Besides, it was emergency surgery. It had to be done to save my fucking life. Why the hell do you need a referral for something that's already been done and was a matter of life and death? Isn't that what the damn insc is for to begin with?? Ugh, some people. That's the fucking government for you. I still need a damn job. Every good prospect is 30 mins away meaning I'd have to take the commuter which = 15 bucks round trip. I'm starting to run out of things of value to sell. I wouldn't even BE in this situation if I wasn't so damn nice and actually made the ex pay what he should instead of the pathetic amount he does. WHEN he does. Bastard is over 200 bucks behind as
Her Greatest Need
Her greatest need   Silently she kneels awaiting His arrival. Does He even realize her reason for survival? A gentle smile consumes her face. She knows the answer as his arms embrace.   Lifting her from her place on the floor. A caress from His hand! Who could ask for more? A loving touch now, will only be brief. For the darkness in His eyes must be released.   She knows by the look she sees on His face. She will submit to His will with beauty and grace. She wonders tonight what she will have to endure. But she knows the pleasure for both will be pure.   Grabbing her hair with the tightest of grasps. She weakens from His touch as she softly gasps. Giving her very being over to Him. Knowing she must satisfy His every whim.   Proudly she follows where He may lead. To give pleasure to Him is her greatest need. She feels a sting on her ass from His hand. Tears stream down, happy she is in His command.
Stolen From That Tramp With The "down" Syndrome.
10 things you hate about me. 10 things I hate about you created @ 2009-12-05 11:51:41   Name 10 things you hate about me and I will return the favor.   Ready? Set..   Go!         fuck yourself.
Random Useless Information About Me
69 Confession Questions These are my confessions... 1. The phone rings; who do you want it to be? Whoever I've been waiting for 2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Always 3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? Both 4. Do you take compliments well? Yes 5. Do you play Sudoku? I have 6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? Yes 7. Do you like to ride horses? YES!! 8. Did you ever go camping as a kid? A lot 9. What was your favorite game as a kid? Jacks 10. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was married, would you go for it? Hell NO 11. Have you lied to get out of a date? Yes 12. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you? Yes 13. Do you like to pursue or be pursued? Whatever 14. Use three words to describe yourself? Loving, indepedent, worrying 15. Do any songs make you cry? So
Trust is something that I consider a,lie.It deceives,makes you believe things,you wouldn't normally believe.Trust me,Trust me,Trust me.No, What is I don't?What happens if you say that,and I shouldn't have,Trusted you,Trusted you,Trusted you.What if you lied.Then do you still expect me to,Trust you,Trust you,Frickin TRUST YOU!I'm sorry but I don't,I just can't see myself,don't believe,I can trust,anyone at the momentSo,good-bye.Good-bye.Good-bye, my friend,I will believe that one day,If you do no more lying,I might one day,perhaps,trust you.
New Life In Orlando
Just an Update everyone because it's the most commonly asked, How I'm doin so far. Well I drove down in my chevy impala from Watertown NY to Orlando Fl. Just my kid, the dog and I with only the stuff that I could pack into it. My sis helped me find a very reasonable and wonderful community to move into which was ready for me when I arrived. The trip down was such and adventure seeing all the different towns and cities as I passed through them. I really enjoyed it a lot. I couldn't bring my bike with me so I left it with my bestfriend and will get it in the summer when I go back to visit. So far I haven't made too many friends yet but everyone I've met so far seems really nice. Only time will tell on who sticks and who doesn't. I still haven't figured out yet on how i'm going to manage school and work full time because the field I want to study requires a lot of hands on. For those who don't know I want to study Mechanical Engineering. Getting back to what I really love is very i
My Husbands Father
Reason For Loneliness...
  Reason For Loneliness …  I never understoodyour wayshow you couldselfishly indulge yourselfinto emotionally tearingapart others feelingsripping their thoughtsinto tiny little scrapsand scattering them on the floor like lost lego pieceswhy you would squish someone’s heart intentionallylike old jello at a laundromatsorting through the messagesof something you never wantedhow can you call yourself humanwhen in fact you do not feelyou lust for others paincausing it so you don’t feel left outyou wade in your own self-pityjust to deny anyone of any truefeelings for youif ever someone were to get closeyou'd delete their livesas if they were just wordson your computer screen of lifeyou never loved anythingexcept the fact that younever allowed anything tolove youso empty...why did you do this to mewhen in fact you are meso fragile...why have I never realized before nowyou are meand I’ve done this to myselfso a
Twas The Night Before Christmas ( A Soldiers Story)
I Wanna Be The Very Best
Liek no one ever was....
If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.Edward M. Forster1879-1970, British Novelist, Essayistmore famous quotes
If I Knew A....if I Was...?
If i was as hiphop as you thought i was...i prolly wouldnt rock as much...this is the difference..between closed minds and bril-li-ance...I'll do my damn best to forever rock fresh,so you can talk that nonesense an ill show you how its effects this.....i like to keep my styles complete,full spectrum across the board...while type cast emcees tend to leave the crowd standin bored...and yet they still get adored?.. does lack of stage presence reflect the fact you rock fresh? doesnt while the crowds standing thoughtless, wishing upon their want list...come and get yerself some more while i roast'ya like some smores and leave indentions in yer dimensions yer insurence cant sorta the rap borg...resistence is will be assimilated and used while yer so called styles are sent to the trash floor...from my roots.think about it do you really WANT MORE?...     just some thoughts jotted down...
I Made You Cry
I did the one thing i never wanted to do.... i made you cry..... I promised I would never hurt you...I know you say they are happy tears....but they are tears no the less.....I am sorry to have you lose the tears... My love for you makes me tell you the little things you deserve to hear...I want you to know i never want you to cry.... a smile every day....A rose on your pillow every morning to make you smile....A bath drawn when you get home to relax you after a hard day...a back rub to make you feel better.....a home cooked meal to make your stomach warm.....a glass of wine to take the edge off...a sunset to moon lit stroll to romance you......these are the things i want for you in my arms....BUT never a tear to role down your cheek....ill wipe them away and save them in a jar... to show you these are what i want to save you from...I LOVE YOU...Waiting on a woman
frost has covered trees and grasswinds cut like glass between these homesDarkness has fallen, another day pastGray clouds conceil dark skies aboveI lie alone, void of sleeps gentle touchthoughts of you dart, dance, and playmy beating heart bleeds in a rushI yearn to see your angelic faceThis cold expanse between us laughsmocking earth and ocean alikesuffocating, longing for you I gaspShivering I am in blackest nightI want to see you, taste you, hold you closeI want to feel, you smell you, hear your voiceI count the seconds until you are with me once moreI count each tear that make my eyes moistI live for dawn, for morning raysfor birdsongs that echo through window panesAnother night with you has passed to new dayAnd closer I am to reaching youI adore our time ever brief we spendyour words caress my lonely heartI sleep drunk off your love and thenawake to wait once more for darkYou hold my soul, my heart, my future wifeI have faith your heart is true for meI dream we are together for al
Just A Question
Is there such thing a Mr Right... Do u beleive there is one person out there for all of us.....
Response To Miss Friendly's Mumm: Help Me (waaaaaaay Over The 2000-character Restriction)
...the love you have in your heart has nothing to do with the lack of love in others' hearts or their inability to love or to appreciate the love you have offer them...sometimes distance can be used as an excuse not to pursue love (as countless other things can be used for the same purpose) BUT, in my humble opinion, anytime one can FEEL love and revel in its beauty and warm is never a bad time...YOU possess the ability to love and no matter what mode (web, letters/penpals, phone, face-to-face, etc.) the sensations of soaring emotionally into something that can make you helpless and vulnerable has its rewards as it has its "penalties"...and SO WHAT! the heart is resilient and protects us when in "combat" against fools and "gamers" who do not appreciate the value of go out and flaunt your heart to the world, otherwise it'll shrivel up and slowly die from lack of use and being denied the adventures it is made to take us on...give that lil fucker as good a workout as you can
Merry Christmas To All Military Personel!!!!!!!!
You know its not very often you see a solder at home on Christmas.   She gets to sit by a warm fire holding the one she loves not sitting in a cold lonely tower holding her gun.   He's hanging the Christmas lights this year not his laundry on a line to dry.   Now he lights candles to give the room a soft holiday glow not the night sky with gun fire and missiles to protect the ones below.   You know so many of us do so much for the Holidays, but we never stop to remember or think about the ones that are not home enjoying what we get to enjoy. so as you go on with you festive things every time you do something with your family and loved one just remember instead of a solder doing those things with his or her family they are spending their holiday time some where far from their loved one and families to protect  and hold or rights to do these things. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL!!!!!!
Hey ya'll :) Just wanted to say... If you want to talk to me regularly or be in my family, you MUST have a salute. Just gotta know that its really you on the other end. So... if you're real, I know this won't be an issue. Muah!   And a little shameless self promotion since you're already here.... Go here to rate me please for a contest: If you really want to, you can bid too ;)  
Merry Christmas To One And All!
T'was the night before Christmas, He lived all alone, In a one bedroom house, Made of plaster and stone.  I had come down the chimney, With presents to give, And to see just who, In this home did live.  I looked all about, A strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents,
I Am A Fubar Godfather Now
 Ladies And Gentlemen i Brucethe coolsexycat on 12/10/09 or 10/1209 aka 11/12/09 just leveled up to  level 25  godfather  here's the proof: your fubar level just increased to '25' (Godfather)and i chose angel as well i wish to thank my friends and infarred for   the auto  11's bling been active 24/7 to help me get  closer to the new level and leveling up before christmas 2009 it has only taken me 3 years to reach level 25 GODFATHER  and i thank you for helping me out from Bruce oh and i did make it without having a vip as well 
Trapped in this constant reminder, I must escape. Everywhere I look an effigy. Still I hear you call my name.   Forging slowly a new life o'er this past. Every end birthing something new. So I'll take the gifts you've given me, and grace your memory.  
Wish To Win The Lottery
So I went out car shopping again. Looked at one car, test drove it and all. Nice car.07 Nissian. Bit too much though, around 11 grand but it had low mileage...real low. Was there for over an hour trying to figure out payment plans but I really don't think I can afford more than 150. THey kept trying to make deals and all but I still wanted to look around. Seeing how my credit wasn't that great started to get me worried. My credit isn't that horriable but it's not that great. I think the big thing was that house that we used to have, that got foreclosed, which will be haunting me for a long time.I'll go car shopping again next week. If there was extra days at work, I'll take it. I need it. I've been careful which how I been spending my money as of late. I still make decent money at work, just that now that I'm on my own, I have all these bills and stuff I need to buy, it just worries me. I know I worry too much. Dad is still worried about Rich's car. I am too. Both worried that Rich w
I Would Be Lying....
Messier Craters In Stereo
Video Of Me Drunk Right Now Rofl
When Death Replaces Life
Irony....Its been said that "irony it not without a sense of humor". Looking on how I feel at this moment I'd have to agree. How ironic that my favorite song from the band Cannibal Corpse not in lyrical context,but the title of the song is the name of not only this blog,but also symbolises how the past 2 and a half weeks have gone for me. Now before I get into it all,I'm not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me,or saddened or anything,I just need to get this out of me as I walk through the fragments here on fubar of what my life used to be. In the past 2 and a half weeks I've lost 4 ppl that were very close to me,all of them I would've laid my life down without hesitation in a nano second if it wouldve meant no harm would come to them. Of the 4 I lost 3 had passed away,the 4th I lost due to the complications of the stress building up in my life trying to be supportive of someone very important to me's need and support her during her time of pain and grief for her loss a
To Nip Or Not?
As we all know it is days away from winter, though it feels as though it has been here for months. This has been pointed out recently by our nipples reaching out to shake your hand. Though some of you actually attempted to accept that hand shake and got slapped there are those that willingly allowed it. Because lets face it your hands are warm. And walking around groping ourselves while being convenient it is so very sad.  Almost as sad as you getting more action in you’re dreams then in waking life.  But that is a different blog. Okay, back on track. So what exactly is it about women’s breasts that drive men insane? Is it the big ones? The small ones, or the more then a mouthful yet cups well in your hand? Do we like the firm ones, the ones with more bounce or the heavy ones that cause you to tilt forward slightly? Are natural ones hotter then store bought one? Are a lot of cleavage better then no cleavage? And honestly do you have to see the cleavage to have dirty thought
Best Romantic Song Ever
whats the best romantic song you can think of?
I Haz A Mood
to make pic mods.   It's been a while, and I don't wanna lose what few skills I have for them.  Iff'n ya want one, lemme know :)
For You My Dear
one day one night i finally see the light. i want you oh so bad but its something i never had   you are the one for me please tell me you can see how much that i want to be the only one for you and me   i want to hold you near and you can be oh so dear you make me smile when i am blue and all i know is that i want you
B.k.p.s - For The Haters
  -Each1 Teach1-of Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: Saying BKP aint the fliest thing flexin is like saying the government aint lying bout 9-11... Cú Chulainn - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: It's like sayin' Divinity's numeration ain't Seven... or Heaven ain't the seven plus two inch connection to my erection. Don't let the smooth taste fool ya', or judge a tome by it's complexion... it'll take a silver bullet to stop the anaphylactic venom injection. Against a brass knuckle polar bear, I recommend an elephant gun, for ya' protection. Why ya' stickin' ya' neck out? You ain't heard o' Natural Selection? Get ya' Windsor undone, like the tie from a Colombian around ya' kneck'n... I keep steppin', eyes open, awareness beyond your comprehension. It's like misjudging my cultural, historical collection, makin' the first move, lettin' my bishop rebuke you like a diagonal blessin'... correction, lobotomizing your ignorance feels better than sexin'... -Each1 Teach1-of Brass Knuckle Poet
Today I was in the mumms as usual when somebody mentioned the phrase "Children say the darndest Things" and it got me to thinking about some of the things my nieces and nephews have said when they were little. Take my youngest nephew for example. He is 5 years old. One day he and his father were playing catch with a foam little football when he lost site of the football and allowed the ball to hit him in that sensitive boy region. He yells out,"Ohh my peanuts!" My brother (his father) says "Your peanuts?" In which my nephew replies..." know nuts, my balls,my heuvos, my jewels!"   Kids...gotta love them!
Long Or Short
  I can't decide whether to keep my hair long or cut it short again. On one hand, I think that it probably would look better short given that it's leaving me (damn genes). On the other, I have been getting quite a few compliments on it long. To that end, I've decided to ask here. Should I cut it or not? If you have an opinion on the matter please post it in the comments and please be nice.Ps. Yes, I know that I probably should have posted this as a mumm, but I really don't feel like being repeatedly insulted. lol
Shadows Of Another
Everytime I look at you,Hate fills me to the brimm.Everytime you speak, You make me sick again.Your touch,Its burns my skin,Like reliving a deep freeze again.Every day with you is death...Because your not Her.You can't compare to Her,Replace Her, Or ever erase Her.But you'll never know these feelings that I hide,I keep them locked up deep inside.I know you've never done me,Or deserve what I put you through.But would you understand, Why I love Her, but stand by you?
Movies # - Z
1408 13 Seconds 28 Days Later 28 Weeks later Abandon ACDC Family Jewels Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Albert Fish Alien Aliens Alien 3 Alien Resurrection Alien vs. Predator Alien vs. Predator: Requiem Along Came a Spider An American Haunting Animatrix Apt Pupil Armageddon Asylum Beowulf Better Off Dead Bill Cosby: Himself Bill Engvall: 15 Degrees Off Cool Black Snake Moan Blair Witch Project, The
Dear Soulmate
I wrote this a few nights ago on my phone.  I just wanted to write it down.  I suppose it's weird to most folks but thanks ok.  I am weird LOL.  I wrote it so please give me the credit if for some odd reason it appeals to you and you share it.  Thanks! :)   Dear Soulmate, I miss you all the time.  It seems like a millenia since we were together.  Could be, maybe longer.  I often wonder if you remember me, heaven, the love we shared.  I've searched for you in the eyes of a million souls.  But none were you.  I know, I shouldn't've followed you here, I simply didn't feel that I would quite be as at home in heaven without you.  Plus I was afraid you might not make it home for a very long time, if ever, if I didn't come to remind you.  I also remember us wanting to experience human passion together.  Did you land here as a demon/fallen angel, or as a man?  Are you still here?  Have you already gone back home to heaven, and left me here to yearn?   None of these senseless selfish human
The Darkest Day Of My Life
*****This is a posting I made on MySpace a few years ago. I wanted to share with you a slice of my life and what it's like with a child with Down Syndrome****   For most, 9/ 11 is the blackest day in our history. I cried for days after 9/ 11/ 2001. I couldn't understand why we were under attack. And I celebrated my country right along with everyone else in the coming years. Then, 9/ 12/ 2005 happened.   In May of 2005, Hunter went in for his routine well baby check. It was his one year checkup, so I didn't think much of it. He was growing like a weed, stronger and healthier. He had no trouble feeding, he was hitting his milestones, so I wasn't worried. Until the DR had a strange look on his face. You know that look where he either hears or sees something he doesn't like. Well, he was listening to Hunter's heart when he did that. Never a good sign. I knew that Hunter had a murmur when he was born. Most babies are born with a tiny hole that closes up by the first year, and this
Passion's In Fashion
Passion is in fashion and you're longing for what you don't got Or can't have or won't go for or just don't want You're indiscreation aren't teaching you any lessonsOr you just don't want to learn Everyone's so special they're all becoming the same The souls are alright its the brain I wanna blame  
Friends .....
Let's see how forthcoming my FB friends are. Leave a 1 word comment that you think best describes me. It can only be 1 word. No more than 1 word. Then copy & paste this post on your wall so I can leave a word about you. This should be interesting... Wonder if I have 20 brave friends (or more) who will do this............
Why Did We Ring Our Church Bell 350 Times?
Let the bells ring, the conch shells, drums and gongs sound 350 times for climate justice!Since immemorial times in cultures across the world musical instruments like bells and drums have been used to warn people of imminent danger – but also to call people to religious service, marking important moments in worship and seeking to connect to God.Sunday 13 December marks the height of the talks at United Nations climate negotiations in Copenhagen.At 3 p.m.  – marking the end of a high profile ecumenical celebration at the Lutheran Cathedral in Copenhagen, the Church of Our Lady – the churches in Denmark will ring their bells, and Christians around the world are invited to echo them by sounding their own bells, shells, drums, gongs or horns 350 times.We envisage a chain of chimes and prayers stretching in a time-line from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific – where the day first begins and where the effects of climate change are already felt today – to nort
Love Is Strange
Lovers unknowingly searching for each other, crossed paths at the intersection of fantasy and dream land, each cognizant of the other, but neither one had any idea of what was going down, once their spirits met. As the wonders of an internet romance came to fruition, through the miracle that is e-mail, their spirits entwined and became as one. Intoxicated by the passion that flowed from their fingers thru their keyboards and into each others hearts, and libidos, they both found the emotional bliss, both had been seeking for decades, in a matter of timeless hours. He found in her, all the qualities lacking in many past lovers, her invisible embrace offered him the emotional sanctuary he had sought his entire adult life. He could sense her lips kissing and sharing their sweetness in a manner most men craved but would never find. Her succulent body, thru his imagination, clung to him in an extreme carnal fashion, and brought forth mind blowing ectasy, which seemed endless. She found in hi
Any Closer And They Would Have Been Twins...
December 6, 2009, my Uncle Gene left this earth. He was 2 years younger than my Father, but you would swear these two were twins.They came from a huge family down state Illinois. They lived in a tiny town on the outskirts of farmland. Both Gene and my Dad over the years of their youth had a variety of jobs. They did just about anything and everything. Both of them excelled in school, went to college and had been in the military. Gene had met a wonderful woman on a blind date named Fran. She was NOT the blind date but the other girls room mate. The room mate decided she didn't want to go so Fran decided she couldn't let that poor guy (Gene) be stood up...and it was love at first site. Gene was stationed in Germany for a while and had Fran come live with him for 2 years.They all eventually moved from the country to the suburbs of Chicago. For years the two families blended. 4 girls with Fran and Gene and 5 kids from Evan and Wilma. The 9 of us kids were very close and still are. I always
Because Cyborg Posted Hers
Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you?She did at the time...was my girlfriend she's just an ex. Tears are falling from your eyes, what's the reason? Intense sadness and anger. If you got paid 5,000 dollars would you stick your hand in an elephants ass?Not if the 5,000 is actually in it's ass Has anyone ever promised you forever?Yes Do you get high?NopeSomething bothering you?Not really. Has someone told you they'd always love you then went for someone else?Yup. What made you happy this weekend?Nothing...I've had a content weekend.  When was the last time you cried?About a month agoWhat color shirt are you wearing?Forest Camo Last thing you ate? brownies. Where did you sleep last night?In my bed. Are you happy right now?I am content   Who/what do you hate/dislike currently?Nobody.  What's something you're wanting right now? I wanted to correct the misspelling of the word you're in this question and i did. (was spelled your)Who makes you the hap

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