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Im Homeeeee!!!!!!!! Get Your Asses In Here Guys
".. You Are Everything To Somebody
".. You are Everything To Somebody Right now at this very minute----------- someone is very proud of you someone is thinking of you someone cares about you someone misses you someone wants to talk to you someone wants to be with you someone hopes you aren't in trouble someone is thankful for the support you have provided someone wants to hold your hand someone hopes everything turns out all right someone wants you to be happy someone wants you to find them someone is celebrating your successes someone wants to give you a gift someone think you ARE a gift someone hopes you are not too cold, or too hot someone wants to hug you someone loves you someone wants to lavish you with small gifts someone admires your strength someone is thinking of you and smiling someone wants to be your shoulder to cry on! someone wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun someone thinks the world of you someone wants to protect you someone would do a
God & I
GOD & I Today I decided to take a walk. So God & I could have a talk. The faster I walked, the more breaths Iíd take. Which helped clear my head about the choices to make. I can not say what the results will be. But Godís answer was just ďtrust in me ď Though I know He wonít steer me wrong. Itís hard to let go of what Iíve held for so long.
Killing Time @ Walmart!!!
01. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they aren't looking. 02. Set all the alarm clocks in Electronics to go off at 5-minute intervals. 03. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms. 04. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone, " 'Code 3' in housewares".... and see what happens. 05. Go to the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on lay away. 06. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area. ** 07. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department. 08. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask, "Why can't you people just leave me alone?" ** 09. Look right into the security camera & use it as a mirror, and pick your nose. 10. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti - depressants are. 11. Dart around the store
Immaturity, Not Taking Responsibility For Your Own Thoughts, Feelings, And Actions
My main point is- People are responsible for their own thoughts, feelings, and actions. If you are blaming how you feel, or what you do, or think on other people, then YOU need to grow the fuck up!!! Other things: It's not "our" fault. The who wrote this, probably did so, just to get some pussy. lol. Some people can measure to that. It's not really an " up to " sort of thing. The fucker who wrote this, implies that "standard" is higher somehow. He himself, even says that is what's perfect. This person has too little faith in humanity. Maybe not everyone can be like that, but some people can. There are too many generalizations. I don't think all girls are the same way. There are some girls who probably like being called hot, or sexy. It just depends on who is calling them that. The little imperfections of others, are what make the perfect people so special. lol. What if I don't want to be their friend though? What if I don't really like them, and I see their only use to me is a sexual
My Level Is Stuck....again!
My level has been stuck on 99.99% for about a week now! *WAAAAAAAHHH* lol I know, I know..who cares? lol
My obsession is Alabama Crimson Tide Football it has been since i was 10 years started with my grandfather then passed to my dad then to me....Instead of the boys becoming obsessed i became obsessed...Bizarre how things work out but...I became enthralled by all things related to the football program...of course first being taught about the man the legend Paul "Bear" Bryant...As well and the history and pride in the program....I learned everything I could about it...learning stats and all that..In 1993 I was lucky enuff to attend every single home game...and even 2 away games.... There is nothing like walking into the Bryant-Denney stadium and seeing all the fans talking and greeting ppl they never met....Saying Roll Tide as they pass another fan... The overpowering smell of hot dogs and popcorn as u enter the stadium and all the fans wearing Crimson and support our boys on the field...seeing the fans do the wave and all u see are the colors red and white....the
Fu-bomber Name
Ok, I noticed as I am looking through alot of the family members profiles that quite a few of you have the FU-Bomber name in your "nickname" space in your profile where it should be...HOWEVER, to keep down the confusion as to what is the official family home page...I would appreciate you all going back and putting your own Fubar nickname in that space FIRST, then adding FU-Bombers after it in that same space....they can both be in the "nickname part just make sure FU-Bombers does not come first so we have no further confusion....We need to make sure THIS page is home base and everyone finds this page when they are seeking the FAMILY page ok..Thanks FU-Tards :P Luv ya! *Peggy Sue
Whoís A Witch?
Nary a man a Witch can be nor Witch a Wizard, donít you see? For tíwas thus ordained above, this great natural law called Love that from man to woman is the flow and as such, always has been so. Into whose hands are babies born and who gathers the eggs on frosty morn? Tíis she who knows the herb that cures. and guess who, that trusty cauldron stirs. Comes now the Woman of the Moon; itís Her planterís orb in June. By wind and fire, rain and earth, all Godís creatures know Her worth. All that live are born in strife, But Sheís the One who nurtures life. Thank you Goddess for the Witches By just their being, our life enriches. Think not thereís something Iíve forgotten; itís the fact that we Ďre all begotten You see, from that piece of Adamís rib comes the hand that rocks the crib. Surely thereís one thing now we know. "Move over Wizard; itís Her show."
Ghost Rider Needs His Friends
Hey everyone come join the Happy Hour Contest. My girl Sassy here needs you. Ive done bombed her all I can and she could use ur help in the Happy Hour Contest held by SexiGirlBlond. Please come help my girl out. Here is the link to her photo in the contest. So come on over and give a helping hand. GHOST RIDER IS HERE FOR SASSY TODAY AND YOU COULD BE TOO
Contest Updates
Kathy-in second by 1500 Rachel-in 3rd by 4000 Shortnsweet-3rd by 3000 We need to bomb hard guys. Here are the links to the pics we need to bomb .... Kathy: Rachel: ShortNsweet:
Love Iz A Crazy Emotion!
Pain Fear Love
It has become very apparrent to me that most ladies I meet have grown to fear love, they have become engulfed in the worlds mis-guided beliefe of what the true meaning of love is. I am convinced that most ladies whom I have met through various means of communication cant even comprehend what love actual is intended for or if they have ever truly experienced true love and all of its attributes. First off just set aside all you have been taught about love through all of your learned behaviors and all of the sources that have been able to corrupt your mind , heart, soul and spirit. Love is so easy , love is not difficult but we do make it difficult to receive. We have put our own learned boundries on love. We have allowed our instilled thoughts to dissillusion us, we have allowed the purety of love to become tainted by not being able to accept it freely.This usually is the result of a person not able to love themselves thus rendering them selves not worthy of being loved so therefore the
sorry i havent been around alot today. im not feeling the best and think im coming down with the flu. i hope to be back to myself soon
Tired Of Being Played
i thought i found a guy that wouldnt play me yeah i know he is just friend but u just dont do stuff w/ a girl talk to the for the first day after and never talk to the girl again then u will get labeled as a playa so girls /guys give me some input of why he might have played me was it b/c im a nice girl and easy to get long w/
Seekign An Answer To This Message
Hello Every one. thank for taking the time to read this. I seek any help in answering my question over this. Any input can help. But I must give the full message first. I am an embattled Angel, fighting for man's salvation. God has assigned me to help fight the demons and Satans lies. Though you sleep at night I am always there. With my collective brothers and sisters watching and guiding your every move in Jesus name. With God's love we angels sing to God's glory thru time. We angels always ask to help mankind to over come Satan's falsehoods and lies. When mankind calls God answers by having Jesus send us angels to aide mankind. Until God deems it is time for himself to take over. Why else did he give his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your sins. Oh We angels are not with our our faults also. God will Punish us angels also, by sending us to earth as new born childern of mankind. Only the third of angles who sided with Satan will be cast to the pit into abyss like he
For those of you who know me, my sister died one week ago tonight. We buried her on Friday and Iím very sad and lost. I went up to her house today to clean out her belongings along with my other sister and her two kids when I heard this song on the way to her house, Pete Yorn For Us. I like this song and I turned up the radio much to my childrenís dismay. It was very strange going through her clothes and things. We shared a lot of laughs and a lot of tears. I felt like she was in the hospital and I was cleaning up her house so she wouldnít have to deal with it when she got home. I lost it when I realized she was gone and wouldnít be coming back. My son had an eye doctorís appointment so we had to leave early. On my home way home I heard Pete Yorn For Us again. I thought it was a little strange but blew it off. Tonight I had to go out for milk and decided to stop in the bar I always hang out in to see my girlfriend who was bartending. I told her about my day and how sad it was
I'm Sorry
To all my friends and family: I've been neglecting so many of you lately and I'm feeling guilty. As many of you know I am preparing to move from El Paso, TX to the Charlotte, NC area. This is consuming so much of my time lately. My last day of work in EP is 9/7/07 and I start work on 9/16/07 at my new position. I got a transfer with the company I've been with for 10 years. I'm so excited about moving, I will be with John every day finally. But it's hard work prepping a 3 bedroom house to move, as well as an almost vacant weekend home that's 2 hours away. I'm not getting much help from my dogs, lol. Anyway, I do miss you guys and I appreciate your continued friendship. If you have something I should go and see please send me a pvt msg, shout or comment. Much love, Rebecca
I Say It How It Is Like It Or Not. I Speak My Mind.
Re: Writtings From A Soldier Ty Lori Berry
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: SUPPORT TROOPS,The Diesel and Michael & Susan Date: Aug 21, 2007 6:32 PM These are still unpolished and not sure that they ever will be.....Women in the MilitaryI have followed in their footsteps The mothers, sisters, and aunts of our countries pastThey have fought and died on wars bloodied battlefields They have redefined duty,honor, valor, and courage Our daughters, sisters, and neicesknow thier stories and examplesThey understand that a woman dies as a man does With the knowledge that it is for the greater goodFor our future generations for those to have more than we have They give their lives selflesslyas do our fighting men But with more at riskas they are never to be knownor have their name on a wallLori D. BerryUnthanked SentryFor our military personnel. Thank you to My Superman for this.Faceless and namelessSpit upon and MistreatedUnthanked and never appreciated Days never knowing when or if next mealWeeks not kn
New Age Barbers & Hair Dressers
Wow Long Time No See
sory i seeme off to myself tonight not meaning to ignore anyone .. but was enjoying the coversation with a local lady whom . had previous aquaintance wtih in the real world nice when someone who remembers ya for your past and is able to see the differances in where you are and once were ... ya know how most wil always hold old bullshit against yu no matter how much better you a are doing in todays day and time .. her nam is Maggie . originally from California and move over here .. to raise her kids in a mor elaid back envirnment .. it was reall awsome though to catch up on things .. she was sad .. when i told her the bar owner's wife died .last month .. LOL she offered me another house cat .. i might get my whiskers a friend he been seeiming lonly here latly .... i hope the 2 will get along together if i go get her ... been a good night jus to enjoy being just me here . without the presures of popularity ...
I Hate Everything
I hate everything.
I finally came to the realization that life is what you make of it. If you want to be happy then make yourself happy and find yourself someone to shre it with. Let that someone be the one you can love for the rest of your life. And have them love you back for you and not what they want you to be. I think I have found that person, but that person has always been in my heart, he was just away on vacation or something for 4 years. Just Thought I would write down my thoughts. Pixxie
Cry Baby In Shout Box Over Mumms Yet Again
crystal..{...: ok bye ->crystal..{...: waaaaaaa waaaaaa thats th eway mumm swork ->crystal..{...: lol this is th enet not for friends and she stated her opnion dont post mumms if ya cant deal crystal..{...: i didnt post my mumm to get treated like that crystal..{...: what i was trying to get help with is if i should delete them or not,this place is for friends,not rude people like punkin ->crystal..{...: hmm yes u are getting laughed at for carin about what people think of you who are on the net crystal..{...: compare my votes,if im getting laughed at ->crystal..{...: feel free to rate ones all u want ->crystal..{...: i put my pics on private to avoid pervs ->crystal..{...: they dont we were all laughing at you crystal..{...: hey,i thot rates didnt matter,proved my point ->crystal..{...: come to show me some love all my shit is private hahahahah
This Photo Was Marked Nsfw Not By A Member But Apparently A Bouncer.
Id like to know who the person is marking pics, not the members, im talking staff, cause id like to know how in the hell is this pic NSFW??? I dont see nothing showing like a boob etc... If this photo is nsfw this is right down ridiculous, im getting tired of having my pics marked, think they need to have a course on what is nsfw and what isnt, cause this one surely isnt. They need to eliminate the option for people to mark pics and they also need to eliminate nsfw pics (like sex etc..) not like this pretty pic above. They have these people working for them and they arent doing their job properly, which is crap.
Gay Marriage
WHY GAY MARRIAGE IS WRONG 1) Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning. 2) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall. 3) Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven't adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans. 4) Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn't changed at all; women are still property, blacks still can't marry whites, and divorce is still illegal. 5) Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage were allowed; the sanctity of Brittany Spears' 55-hour just-for-fun marriage would be destroyed. 6) Straight marriages are valid because they produce children. Gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn't be allowed to marry because our orphanages aren't full yet, and the world needs more c
A Stalking Ex
Its people like this that are just mental and need help when you want a divorce and want to be left alone ..I have been stalked for months by this asshole and he has multiple warrants ....He is a pussy and hiding behind his mommy..He has numerous assaults against women present and past... He is just a basket case with nothing better to do than make up 100 ids on fubar .... He doesn't work like a man should instead mommy supports him and his woman beating habit... Don't be the next woman to support this woman beating drunk who has no life I did for 3 years too long and have protective orders and police reports to prove it !!!!! I was hoping he wouldn't find me on fubar this was my site until he found out about it now i am ready to leave it... Thanks for being my friends for awhile to those who have....... Raven
Mad/ Hurt
lol i hate life nothin eva goes right
Us Marine
US Marine A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his Chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine
Is It Wrong?
When a coworker walks in and says it's too quite so I decide to throw in one of my super loud screamo CDs? :D hahahahaha! They're awake now!
Beautiful Fairies
Help Find Megan!!!!!!!!!!
My friend Ron (Raincloud-Honorable Society of Wolves) has a friend who's step-sister is missing, please spread the word so that everyone can see the flyer and hopefully find Megan. Endangered Runaway Case Type: Endangered Runaway Name: Megan Elizabeth Francis Welch DOB: Mar 10, 1993 Age Now: 14 Missing Date: Aug 13, 2007 Missing City: LAUREL Missing State : MD Missing Country: United States Race: White Sex: Female Height: 5'6" (168 cm) Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg) Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel Case Number: USMD070078656 Circumstances: Subject is missing from Laurel, Howard County, Maryland. Subject is known to wear a gold chain with a "Star of David". Subject may be in the company of a Hispanic male by the first name of Javier and in a Red Chevy Camaro ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT Maryland Center for Missing Children 1-800-637-5437 (1-800-MDS-KIDS) Howard County PD, 410-313-2929, Det. Markley or Det. Perry Click here
Autumn And Ryan Signing Out :(
goodbye everyone, thaks for the good times! loved your pics and I hope you like ours as well for those of you who have seen
Autumn And Ryan Signing Out :(
goodbye everyone, thanks for the good times! loved your pics and I hope you like ours as well for those of you who have seen
The Hot Dog
Ok, so how should I begin this story. Oh yeah Most of us have eaten hot dogs. It has saved us from starvation when we only had pennies to our name. Hot dogs are a good source of "substance" when cooking mac and cheese..etc. Here is why I will never eat a hot dog again nor feed one to my son: It all began as my son and I were packing and moving into our own apartment. I was moving out furniture when low and behold a hot dog. Now I hadn't given my son a hot dog in several months so this hot dog was in fact an old hot dog. But you would think that a hot dog that's been sitting out for a long time (Several Months) would be molded, stinky and in fact rotting for sure! No No No..not this hot dog. This hot dog was hard as a rock. No sign of mold or deterioration. No breaking down of the hot dog cells after it's been long gone. It was simply hard as a rock. It was also glistening with a oily coat which seemed to be the only thing moving on it. I will never EVER feed my s
I just wanted to update everyone... Friday I went into the hospital for a TIA which is a minor stroke...I wont be on here too much these days....They are not sure why I had one...all the test they did which trust me was alot came out fine.....but I will keep you updated on all of this.
Cool Stuff!!! Look Close!
How many horses in this picture? Should find 7 Look at the middle column. Where does it end? DO YOU SEE FOUR PEOPLE? Who is the tallest? A face? .. Or, the word 'liar' ? What do you see here? Do you see the word "LIFT"? Or, a bunch of black splotches ? FIND THE FACES: FOCUS ON THE DOT!
what is this are we children i thought this was a adult site
Schizophrenic Lover
Here are my latest lyrics, a pretty major departure from my usual style. This is an upbeat pop/rock song (think All American Rejects or Weezer). It's for a very good friend of mine... you know who you are. Schizophrenic Lover I have a schizophrenic lover He is the one man I desire Some days he thinks heís Darth Vader Other days heís a psychic vampire Some people say that heís fucked up Some people say that itís wrong I say that they can just shut up Cause Iím right where I belong Belong He may not be the sanest guy But at least he has an alibi For all the crazy things That he has ever done Nobody else can make me think That we are on the brink Of revolution But we can win this time somehow Hey now, my schizophrenic lover Please donít be too paranoid Come stay with me under the covers I donít care if the worldís destroyed Destroyed Let me be your happy pill Iíll give you all the cheap thrills That I can If youíll only be my man Lifeís full of c
I'm dieing I'M trying I'm crying 'cause i aint got nothing so Dont bother trying to stop me I'm drowning in my own self pity so Stop preaching 'bout livin for a brighter day You know as well as i do Praying never stopped the rain I'ts still rainin on me Im drownin I'm drownin 'cause i aint got nothin so Dont bother tryin to stop me Im drownin in my own self pity so Dont bother wiping these tears away 'Cause at the end of the rainbow it still rains It still rains on me I'm drowning I'm drowning 'cause i aint go nothin so Dont bother trying to stop me Im drownin in my own self pity so Dont bother wiping my tears away 'Cause at the end of the rainbow it still rains Its still rainin on me The hand on the clock keep pointing at me The remote control has a mind of its own I forgotten how long it has been This razor blade feels closer then my own skin Wont someone wipe these tears away It dont matter cause nothing can stop the rain It still rains on me I'm drowni
Thank You
Thank you so much to all my friends and fans who helped me level up...xoxo
Where Dreams Go To Die
This song was hard to write, but I finally finished a first draft today. It's an epic rock ballad a la Bon Jovi. Where Dreams Go To Die These final words I sing to you To tell you that my heartís still true But thereís a distance that cannot be crossed And thereís a gift that had too great a cost I wish that I could give you more I wish that I could still believe But some hopes prove to be in vain And now itís time for me to leave I fought so hard, I loved so long I wrote you oh so many songs I swore Iíd be with you, right or wrong But now Iíll face these endless days And nights alone without a way To tell you all the things I want to sayÖ So one last time I sing these words To put paid to all that must go unheard It wonít be enough, but itíll have to do Till the end of time, I love you Though I leave you with my broken heart Itís time to make a brand new start, babe This is our last goodbye Where dreams go to die. I gave you all my very best And
If God Got Text
I stayed home from work today to sort through some things. I found that I spent the majority of my day laying in bed (which I moved to approximately 2 feet in front of my tv), sleeping and watching dumb things like the price is right and any kind of talk show I could find. So Iím laying there and a commercial came on that caught my attention. The long and short of the commercial was if you text the word ďgodĒ to a particular number then apparently god would put you in his cell and text you back if you had anything you wanted to chat about. I started thinking about thisÖ. If god had a cell phone what would his texts look like? Would he get late night texts for booty calls? Would he get drunk texts from Jesus or Moses? Would God get text spam promising to help him find his true love or sending him his horoscope for the day? Would God get tired of the 20 minutes it takes him to scroll though his phone book to find a number. I wonder what service he has? It sure as hell can
Another Reason Cdn Gov Needs 2 Invest More Into Our Military :p
Help Me Please
Please help me. I am in 3rd place by 7000. I will give VIP gifts and 11's to those who do at least 100 comments. Thanks Here is my link to get your VIP gifts and 11's after you do at least 100 comments. Lemme know and I will give you them after I check it out. Thanks so much. Bisexual_Rachel *FU-Bombers Co-Owner Co-Founder* Memb@ fubar
An Empty Space
God looked around his garden, And found an empty space. He then looked down upon the earth, And saw your tired face. He put his arms around you, And lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful,He only takes the best. He knew that you were suffering, And he knew that your heart was strained, He knew that you would never get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough,And the hills were hard to climb, So he closed your weary eyelids, And whispered "Peace be thine" It broke our hearts to lose you, But you didn't go alone, For part of us went with you The day God called you home
For Tuesday, August 22, 2007
You need to push your boundaries a bit today, if only to stave off boredom. It's a great time to explore new possibilities in your love life or home situation, but go only as far as you're willing to go. Bringing light to my situation......
It Makes Me Mad
People ask for help in leveling up and you spend time and effort to help and they don't even so much as say thank you........
in the end, what am i? ashes of thought a memory of pain and for what? all rivers flow to one end and by the gods graces do i flow gently but it was not always so i remember smokey rooms and fear i remember pain so great an angel thought to stand by me now? now i live in a heaven of sorts, everything i asked for is mine but i never asked for a sound mind a mind free from unreasonable fear i never asked to be able to keep all my body parts was that the cost? sanity and my thyroid? such an odd payment, if you ask me.
Something To Thingk About
"People say when a man begins to talk to God, he's either found his way or lost his mind. I'm not looking for the way and don't care if I've lost my mind. I just want to know if what I'm doing is right or wrong. But no matter how many times I ask I get no answer. Does that mean there is no God or just no answer?"
Omg From My Brother.....
Get Peter Britt's Book Baby! :)
Hi everyone.....Reposting about the book but, to ALSO let you know that my book is now available in the publishers bookstore at a reduced prices directly through them. If you get your book through them however, it will not be autographed as they send it direct. So go get yours today they are The are ready!! Can you tell I'm excited? lol Peter Click here for Peter's publisher book store Click this link to order the Hard Cover book. $24.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in Hard Cover Click this link to order the paperback book. $19.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in paperback Just click the cdbaby logo to buy That's What Living's For by Peter Britt
~~optical Illusions~~
How Women Love To Get Attention
~~Breaking The Boredom Cycle In The Office~~Add to My Profile | More Videos
The Storm
Do you know how I feel, a storm with a single continuous peal, of thunder shout for a soul neglected and ultimately infected with loneliness.
100s' Of Languages
ďThere are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.Ē
Good Morninng
good morning my awsome friends i hope you have a great day and dont forget to smile life is too short
Ima Pro At Surgery...
Another One Gone
Yet another loser from my friends has been blocked. If you are friends with Mystical just tell me so we can get this over quickly. It amazes me how blind people are.
Normaal-oerend Hard.. Real Dutch Country-rock :-)
Little Girl
Little Girl By: MHG a.k.a. Proud Mary Little girl, chortles and giggles while she fools around Envisions herself a fairy tale princess, by her prince she was found Garbed up daintily she's high above the ground Blinded from reality that around her abounds But youth expires and laughter withers Abruptly encountered veracity, her young mind cant figure the castle replaced by a cave so dark and bitter her prince suddenly faded and in place a beast she deciphered Gazes at her feigned magic mirror and grunts awhile theres age in her eyes yet youth in her smile the fairy tale story she envisaged has all been a wile she lives a time she never invited and it came in piles there are still times when the little girl would come out and snigger and plays like a gypsy in a foreign land, alone with no other finicky creatures and happy thoughts of great wonder but often she wakes back in the dark cave she has to ponder not the life she visualized when her
I Hate My Life
Not to long ago I was so happy had everything I ever wanted a beautiful wife and 4 beautiful children then out of nowhere my beautiful wife OF 8 YEARS desided that she wanted to seperate now I Have lost everything that mattered to me why because all I ever wanted was to have a happy family now all I keep thinking about is wanting to end it all. I have lost a part of me and I dont know how to get it back. Im so hurt ,lost ,and confussed I dont want to live anymore I love her so much and cant take the pain anymore Dear Lord Help Me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
hey ya'll just thought id let you know why i havent been on here .. My 14 yr old pulled several muscles in his chest and is in a lot of pain.. it hurts for him to breathe.. We were at the hospital til 1 am this morning. they did a ekg and xrays.. turns out he pulled several muscles in his chest and it feels like numoinia. . i probally spelt that wong but i dont care.. have a nice day..
Screw This!
Why does it seem like when one thing goes wrong everything has to go wrong? I move out here to the freaking country back in May...only to have Josh hurt me worse than I have ever been hurt... so he moves out 2 months ago... leaving me with the new place... fine... I can do this.. YEAH RIGHT! Let's just say I make about $150 short of what I need to pay all my bills. This friggin sucks! I just want to prove to myself that I can do it and everytime I turn around there is someone or something there showing me that I can't!
Children Or Adults
I am a member of many sites on the web. About 5 of the sites I belong to I am on for fun. I had an issue today with a few MUMMS I posted and although everyone is entitled to their opinion why do we as adults feel the need to act like children and insult people who have given them no provocation to do so. I have never encountered the level of childish cattiness on any site like what I have encountered here. I think most of the members on this site need to grow up and find some happiness. Only miserable people who don't have anything going for them insult others for no reason. Are you adults that can play nice, have fun, and just live life. Or are you children that insult, name call, and sit around and wonder where the time went? To the veteran MUMMERS, don't worry. You won't be seeing anything else from me cause I have way to many other things to do than to defend myself to people who don't really matter. I have vented, I feel better, now I can move on.
I'm Back
for all you that thought I was gone for good... I'm back. I missed you all very without your computer sucks.... Hope to hear form you all.. bigs hugs and kisses to each and every one...
How Many Pics
does someone need of thereselfs
The Mind F**k, I Call My Job!
You know...the human psyche is my "thing". I am relatively educated on it's functions, and rationing patterns. I can reasonably direct conversations and I can almost feel ones thoughts in just the blink of their eyelids. My job is to read you. My job is to overcome your objections and to smoke out the real reason you would say "no" to me. In my line of work, I must pay attention to the minute details such as...the way that your jugular pulses under the pressure of our conversation. It may be a twitch or how you knead your hands while you speak. It can be a few beads of sweat above your lip, or the fluctuating tones as you relay verbage. It can be the way you don't look me in the eyes when I try to look you in yours and say "So let me ask you a question...." My job is a power struggle and you may wonder why I am so "Out there". But the answer to that is...because I have to be. I have rubbed elbows with pro football players, Hall of famers, a congressman, a musician, doctors
To All My Friends
I want to personally thank all my friends who have been there and supported me through the BS I've dealt with in my previous job. Doing all the work, filing federally regulated handling papers and what have you. Thank you. I appreciate it immensely. Thank you to the mummers for your comments and the laughs, more to come rest assured. At this new position I won't be logging onto Fubar during the day. Once I get a feel for things and know whether any of my co-workers or subordinates have profiles here then I'll decide on posting a salute. WOW! Then you'll all know what I finally look like. Feels good to have a new start with a company that seems to put value in the people rather than the bottom line. Starting over means no vacation, sick days or holidays since I'll be the new guy, but once the interim period is over I'll have a bit more time for everything. I can't say it enough, to my friends...YOU ROCK !!! Because if I'm saying it, it must be true.
Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?
In his original article, "Fascism Anyone?", Laurence Britt (interview) compared the regimes of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Suharto, and Pinochet and identified 14 characteristics common to those fascist regimes. This page is a collection of news articles dating from the start of the Bush presidency divided into topics relating to each of the 14 points of fascism. Further analysis of American Fascism done by the POAC can be read here. 1.) Powerful and Continuing Nationalism: Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays. 2.) Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights: Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of "need." The people tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations
Desperation Blues
Good Detective Work
Armand - 30 Years Later ....
why is it that there are so many people in here that call themselves,"DJ,this or DJ that"? none of them probably have never even seen a record,or the inside of a studio!....anyway
Freaky Sex Test
How much of a freak are you?The Biggest Freak PossibleCongratulations! You rank right up there with the likes of Lil Kim & the freakiest of them all. You are willing to try anything once. And ALWAYS find pleasure out of the opposite sex.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Since I Can't Do A Mumm....
Since I can't do a mumm yet no matter how hard I keep trying to increase my points (argh!), I'll just ask here. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and they would rather look at porn and jack off, than have sex with you does that mean: A) you are unattractive. Really, quick, grab your paper sack! B) you suck in bed. C) he/she is the one with the issues, not you. What do you think? I'd put on there that he/she is just bored but we'll just say this has been the case throughout the duration of the "hypothetical" relationship.
What Are You Doing Right Now?
smokin and havin a beer
Pat O's
A Cute Poem For A Cute Girl
You changed my world with a blink of an eye That is something that I can not deny You put my soul from worst to best That is why I treasure you my dearest You just don't know what you have done for me You even pushed me to the best that I can be You really are an angel sent from above To take care of me and shower with love When I'm with you I will not cry even a single a tear And your touch have chased away all of my fear You have given me a life that I could live worthwhile It is even better everytime you smile It so magical those things you've made To bring back my faith that almost fade Now my life is a dream come true It all began when I was loved by you Now I have found what I am looking for It's you and your love and nothing more Co'z you have given me this feeling of contentment In my life something I've never felt I wish I could talk 'til the end of day But now I'm running out of things to say So I'll end by the line you al
What's Up??
I was just wondering. Why is it that I have over 1700 friends, but I only have just over 300 fans? Come on my friends, fan me!
Lord I Want To Pray Now And Thank You So Much >
Lord As I bow my Head and pray I want to give thanks for a dear friend whom you watched over to get coustody of his son. he is so thrilled and the battle is over . Thank you Lord > Lord I ask that in Your name you watch out for others too; that need you in their lives now also. Lord thy will be done for all and some cant seem to ask you for help ;so I hope you dont mind it when i ask for them my Lord .. I give you praise and love my Lord and follow you always no matter waht > Amen !
Its Coming :)
Type: Package (MY DAMN XBOX) Status: In Transit - On Time Scheduled Delivery: 08/28/2007 Shipped To: MY HOUSE...haha, US Shipped/Billed On: 08/23/2007 Service: GROUND Weight: 8.00 Lbs Thats my baby right there....on its way back to I can shoot people again..whoot!
I knew it, I knew it !!! > I knew they would finally release the ingredients in Viagra: > > > 3% Vitamin E > 2% Aspirin > 2% Ibuprofen > 1% Vitamin C > 5% Spray Starch > 87% Fix-A-Flat
Untitled wrote on Feb. 14, 2005 (a certain someone will know this is about her if she ever views my blog) its not about love its about sucide that i almost did. When I'm with you I ache for your touch When I'm without you I hurt You make me smile You make me cry I want what I shouldn't want I crave what I shouldn't crave I need where I shouldn't need Like a drug that I'm becoming addicted too. I can't have you I can't live without you Even though we haven't been together I feel you beside me, in me, with me always I fear that I'm falling for you I'm afraid of being hurt What we have is special but dangerous A life lesson we both want A lesson we both need We get closer each day Closer than friends Almost lovers
Please Read My Bulletin...
could everyone read the bulletin re ideas for a tatt i want designed...there is the chance of winning a 7 day blast at the end of it... I have no idea what to get..or where to get it... Im sure you guys have plenty of ideas.. Hugz..Molly xoxo
Driving In Baton Rouge
Driving in Baton Rouge 1. First, you must learn to pronounce the city name. It is Batt'n Roodge. 2. Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Baton Rouge has its own version of traffic rules... Hold on.....and pray. 3. All directions start with, "Get on I-10"...which has no beginning and no end. 4. The Chamber of Commerce calls getting through traffic a "scenic drive." 5. The morning rush hour is from 6:00 to 10:00. The evening rush hour is from 3:00 to 7:00. Friday's rush hour starts Thursday morning. 6. If you actually stop at a yellow light, you WILL get rear-ended. 7. Hoo Shoo Too Road is a real one & can only be pronounced by a native. 8. Construction on I-12 is a way of life, a permanent form of entertainment, and a reason to avoid I-10 as well. 9. All unfamiliar sights are explained by the phrase, "Oh... we are in Denham Springs!" 10. If you actually see someone with their turn signal working, it is probably a factory defect. 11. All old
Want Something?
If you check out my pics of me, and that I have made of friends. Rainbow photos, grey with color, animation pics. If you would like any. Just let me know. You don't have to do anything for em. I just love to do em for people, gives me something to do. Right now I am not doing morphs. But check out "my grey world", "made for friends" and "I luv color" folders and see if there is anything you might like done to one of your pics. Like I said I dont ask for anything in return. I just love doing em! **Some Examples
Down In A Hole - Alice In Chains
Bury me softly in this womb I give this part of me for you Sand rains down and here I sit Holding rare flowers in a tomb... in bloom Down in a hole and I don't know if I can be saved See my heart I decorate it like a grave You don't understand who they thought I was supposed to be Look at me now a man who won't let himself be Down in a hole, feeling so small Down in a hole, losin' my soul I'd like to fly, But my wings have been so denied Down in a hole and they've put all the stones in their place I've eaten the sun so my tongue has been burned of the taste I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth I will speak no more of my feelings beneath Down in a hole, feeling so small Down in a hole, losin' my soul I'd like to fly, But my wings have been so denied Bury me softly in this womb (Oh I want to be inside of you) I give this part of me for you (Oh I want to be inside of you) Sand rains down and here I sit (Oh I want to be inside of you) Holding
Seriously If You Got A Cell Phone Need To Read
> REMINDER....8 days from today, all cell phone numbers are being released >>to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. >> >>.....YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS >> >>To prevent this, call the following number from your cell >>phone:888-382-1222. or go to you get a confirmation to activate this in enail must click the link inemail for it to work >> >>It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your >>time. >>It blocks your number for five (5) years. >>You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. >>You cannot call from a different phone number. >> >>HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS. >>It takes about 20 seconds.
Freinds Fans & Stalkers
do u know there a thin line and there some lines cant cross now the words all mean the same at 1 point of time. i can never fan because the word alone means more. im shock i get added cause i would trun around and take u off mines..i dont know why maybe. i know it mean nothing im 2 deep for this site or need a big hug. now that may sound like a stalker with that statement but it was being a freind. do any1 know i dont like to be judge on how i look judge me on how u can tell that im not all stuck-up. i cant stand stuck-up pplz they got problems and i cant stand ugly pplz who dont accept they ugly but think they freinds fans stalkers are all in the same cause it up to u accept or deny..?
Fubar Women (not All But Some)
Dumbass In Shout Whining About His Bashing From The Mummers
PITBULL: i know ->~Ashley~Mu...: ok if you think so good nite PITBULL: an 2 everytime i see them on here its boo whoo he blocked me PITBULL: they care if they didn't 1 they wouldv'e never did a mumm about me ->~Ashley~Mu...: ok if you think so they couls give two shits about you PITBULL: there the ones with no balls i mean comon i own them they proved it ->~Ashley~Mu...: thats the way of the mumms grow some balls PITBULL: they shouldn't run there mouths ->~Ashley~Mu...: well u must have been asking for it PITBULL: so what they did is no better ->~Ashley~Mu...: whats thats immature PITBULL: shut up
Men Suck!!!
I hate to say this but men SUCK!!!! I cannot stand them right now..ecspecially a certain some one. He is an asshole.This week is a very hard week for me..Some may understand why others dont and thats how it will stay..he barely even acknowledged that i was here..didnt answer my texts..and all i want to do is cry my eyes out..because of him..i should be over him..its been 3 months since i said we were through with him moving and all..but when he comes into town it just feels like nothing was wrong between us and that nothing happend everythings back to normal..its not..i am still hurt and will be for the rest of my life because of him. so guys beware i am on a man hater rampage right now..say the wrong thing and i might snap...Once again men are ASSHOLES!!!!
I Don't Shave
Okay, so I am outting myself right here, right now. I don't shave my legs or my armpits and I like it that way. It's not gross to me and I think it is stupid when people act like normal body hair that is fine for men is ugly on women. I don't want my adult female body to look like a prepubescent child. I shave my bikini line and I keep it tidy but other than that and plucking my eyebrows, I let myself be natural. It's low maintenance which leaves more time for fun things ((!!))and it's soft and never scratchy like razor stubble can be. I never mind when women ((or men!)) choose to shave, but I also must say that it's just not for me. Cheers! happiness to all, whether you shave or not~
Online Relationships
I had thought ppl learned or knew better about online dating, relationships, marriages etc. I have been chatting for the better part of 12 yrs on just about ever forum they have come up with. I have dont it all on chat and have learned that no matter how much u talk online, on the phone or what ever, you can never know the person well enough to truely love them. Spending time together in real life there are so many things spoken and unspoken that go on that can never really be expressed online. Its the things that really matter. I feel that without knowing the real life things you cant truely love someone or say u want to be with that person in real life long term. It is possible to have a close bond with someone and really care about them. I just dont feel that it can be called love. I dont understand how ppl can make a commitment to some one online and never see the person. Is it just the fact they "live" on the computer? Maybe so. I've tried to explain this to ppl over an
If Your Stupid!
ONE Recently, when I went to McDonald's I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets. I asked for a half dozen nuggets. "We don't have half dozen nuggets," said the teenager at the counter. "You don't?" I replied. "We only have six, nine, or twelve," was the reply. "So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?" "That's right." So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets TWO I was checking out at the local Wal-Mart with just a few items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt close to mine. I picked up one of those "dividers" that they keep by the cash register and placed it between our things so they wouldn't get mixed. After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the "divider", looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it. Not finding the bar code she said to me, "Do you know how much this is?" I said to her "I've changed my mind, I don't think I'll buy that today." She said "OK," and I pai
Today Is A New Day
A NEW DAY Current mood: cheerful well today its alil cooler and alil better i am finally on afternoons i cant belive i have been here almost 3 months already and i am doing great i have a good job and a man that i am proud of MUAHZ BABY today is also my brothers birthday HAPPY BDAY BRO my daughter starts school in 2 weeks i cant belive its that time already that means winter is upon us wow i cant belive that where the hell did my summer go oh yeah work work work sleep sleep work lol its alright though i have my own place and i am happy i coudl be happier but its all good i have to go monday to get finger prints for my job i love it i taek care of people and get paid for it now i need a man that can take care of me LOL JK i dont want a man totake care of me i want a man that will stand beside me and i think i may have found one MUAHZ BABY i just want to thank my friends and family for standing beside me while i moved and worked on myself and i now feel s
For Friday August 24, 2007
You're going through a slightly melancholy time, but it's only natural -- things should pick up again in the near future. In the meantime, try not to worry too much about any one aspect of your life. ----------------------------------------------------- Hope it is the near near future, and worrying is not easy with whats happening, I dunno if I like todays reading:(
I Love My Friends,every One Of You
Cool Flash Generators at BLINGCHEESE.COM
Because Of Persia ....
So, talking to Persia last night, I realized there were a lot of bands who I know many of their songs without having owned one of their CDs. Among them are: Aiden Chiodos Kittie Linkin Park Panic at the Disco System of a Down Silverstein ***edit*** Oh yeah, and I Am Ghost! Geez! How could I forget them!
Goingf To See
Linkin Park today. :D im still a little sick but better then i was yesterday. i will have pics up some time tomorrow. someone rate my pics & stash PLEASE i have fallen behind. if you rate all my pics & stash tell me & ill buy u something BIG. thanks
It'll Be A Long Time Before I Do That Again.
yesterday I hugged my father. I spent the duration of the day smelling like Ralph Lauren Polo. Anyone that knows the scent of that knows is super strong. I suddenly got a headache I couldn't shake. LOL
August 24th!
August 24, 2007 Quote of the Day "The best antidote I have found is to yearn for something. As long as you yearn, you can't congeal: There is a forward motion to yearning." Ė Gail Godwin
Well It Starts Monday
It has been over 30 years since High school, and more than 20 years since I had any formal training in the Marine. Well I am all signed up. I will be going to Amarillo College online to get my Certificate in funeral directing. I will be starting out with 11 semester hours this semester, classes in Mortuary History, contempary funeral Services, Funeral Home management, and Funeral Home operations clinical. It should be a lot of fun, and interesting. Not sure how it will go, taking classes like this online is totally new to me. But a lot cheaper than attending school in person. and dang the books were expensive. about 1/3 of my tution. Well wish me luck. My classes will end December 14th, then I will start the next semester. With a little luck I can finish as early as Sept 2008, or as late as June 2009. We will see.
What A Nice Guy
i see alot of posts where people are pimping someone else as being such a wonderfull person in order to get them views adds and points ect. wheres mine !! im awesome and im pretty sure evereyone knows it. sadface.
To Be 6 Again....
Heheh just a funny! No offense guys I know its hard being with a women lol To Be 6 Again... A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife, looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off he asked what she'd like to have for her Birthday. "I'd like to be six again", she replied, still looking in the mirror. On the morning of her Birthday, he arose early, made her a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms, and then took her to Six Flags theme park. What a day! He put her on every ride in the park; the Death Slide, the Wall of Fear, the Screaming Monster Roller Coaster, everything there was. Five hours later they staggered out of the theme park. Her head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down. He then took her to a McDonald's where he ordered her a Happy Meal with extra fries and a chocolate shake. Then it was off to a movie, popcorn, a soda pop, and her favorite candy, M&M's. What a fabulous adventure! Finally she wobbled home with
My Wang's Guest Appearence In Everything ----------- Dago_bastid: gobble Robyn: gobble gobble gobblr ----------------------------- dago_bastid gobble my cock H: What the hell is up with that word gobble? lmao reminds me of thanksgiving dago_bastid idk H: your to cute i'll gobble it, then deep throat it, and have you cum anywhere you want dago_bastid ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggg H: i'd like it in my mouth though push my head down on it hard i have to go get lunch. brb ------------------------ Chela429: lol...... and good afternoon to you too! ->Chela429: gobble my cock ->Chela429: ic Chela429: waveform is back Chela429: sorry sweetie ->Chela429: fuck all shit
For All Mothers Every Where.....
A mother's love is a beautiful thing, Like a beautiful summer morning after the rain, Like a warm apple pie on the kitchen table, Like the smell of Sand & Sable, Like the joys of nostalgic old times, Reminiscing of days gone by, Like hearing your favorite old song being played, Like that mother's day card you hand-made, Like the wonderful scent of your mother's perfume, Like family movie night in the living room, Like slow-churned home-made ice cream, A mother's love is a beautiful thing.
Some Interesting Facts About Me...
Despite the explicit content of my profile, I thought I would let you in on some interesting facts about me: 1. I wear 4 inch heels to be 5'5" 2. I am a blood and platelette donor (and am a bone marrow donor) and that is why I only have 2 tattoos 3. I have a 132 IQ 4. I am NOT sad often 5. I am concerned ALWAYS about my physical appearance and my BMI (Some call it vain, I call it being intent on NOT being a pig) 6. I am in the process of going back to active duty military 7. I have been revived from death twice (Once I fell off of a 35 foot cliff, broke 4 bones and had to be defibbed on the medi-flight to the hospital, the second time, I had internally hemmoraged and required some serious handiwork and transfusions to bring me back) 8. I believe in Karma 9. My threshold for pain is rediculously high 10. I believe that true love happens in its own time, if it ever happens at all. 11. I have 6 piercings in various places on my body. 12. I didn't discov
Snow Leopards And Poachers
Great Cat in Trouble Please donate now to help us run the ad below and help save snow leopards from extinction... Help us run this ad in Congress Daily, one of Washington, DCís most influential publications. Cat Facts The snow leopardís thick, furry tail is almost as long as the rest of its body. At 77-121 pounds, snow leopards weigh about seven to eight times as much as the average housecat.Unlike other big cats, snow leopards are unable to roar.Dear Eugene,Earlier this month, Chinaís Xinhua news agency reported the largest single seizure of illegally poached endangered snow leopards since authorities began keeping records in 1949. Unfortunately, this is just the latest hurdle in the race to save one of the worldís rarest and most beautiful great cats from extinction. Help us convince Congress to save snow leopards. Please donate now and help us run ads to pass the Great Cats and Rare Canids Act -- legislation that supports on-the-ground conservation efforts to save snow
What We Dont Understand....
Since Everyone Wants To Know Here Ya Go ....
This is me .. I am a 40 year old single mom of 37 boys.. Yes i said 37 .. 2 of them are mine and 35 of them are foster boys .. they are all grown but 1 now and i have 9 that are in the military 1- in army 1- in the air force and 7 in the marines .. i am a nurse and have been for 19 years was born in the USAF so im a military brat .. i love makeing new friend and enjoy helping people .. im a very good listern and i am kind hearted but dont get me wrong i can be a biotch if i am backed into a
Damn Teenagers
WTF we need to do better jobs as parents. Sure we teach our kids to respect their elders but then they turn around and treat each other like shit. The way the talk to each other is utterly ridiclous. And the minute they are out of their parents homes the show no consideration for those around them because all they were taught to do is respect their elders. How about we teach them to respect humans as a whole!!!!!
Purple Rain - Prince
This is my 1st and only blog entry. I just need to say a few things before I go. To My Friends: Wicked Lil Girl, Longhair43302, TallDirtyBlonde, BuzzedBK, preroll, Ta2dleo, Angel.Baby, KimbaKat, Dacoob, Xiola, Bakedoutdiva, and ArmyGruntJoe, ms $cashy$... I luv you all and will miss talkin to ya. you all hav made this alot of fun. The conversations, the pix, and everything in between. For all of this I Thank You. However, due to some peoples lack of respect during conversations, I am Logging out completely. This website has caused tooooo much drama in my marriage. Therefore, I am taking the initiative to stop what is hurting my relationship, rather than bitch at every person who makes unneccasary comments. To all listed above, it wasn't you. All comments recieved were cool. I know that i was not 100% inoccent, but i never intended for conversations to go the way they did. Thank You to the people who disrepected my marriage for reminding me that trust should be
Help Me Level Up Please
To all my family ,friends and fans please help me level up finally got salute picture on here and now I am out of comments and rates and my friend needs my help in bombing contest.Please help me level up.Ty all xoxo annie
The Joker's Wild
Have A Wild One!
Everyone enjoy your weekend! I'll most likely hang out with my sister which will be nice considering I haven't seen her since Sunday. you guys rule. see you all on Monday. xoxox
Reward For My Helpers
im way behind can everyone help i will reward all my help
They Removed My Grandsons Poem From My Mumm
because it had one offensive word in it damn
Naughty Application!!!
NAUGHTY APPLiCATiON" ***Best one will get a reply*** 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Email your answers..... SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK T
dago_bastid take my beef prod Robyn I'm not saying anything cuz I'll end up in your next blog
Starting Early?
So I was at the mall the other day and the Halloween Store is already open. Some of the adult themed costumes were a bit racy. Although if anyone actually attended the annual Halloween Parade in the Village, they would actually seem quite tame.
Forever Thought Of
Never more than a thought away, Quietly remembered everyday, No need for words except to say, Still loved, still missed, in every way Forever thought of
How To Make Fubar Kool-aid
1 1/2 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Amaretto 1 1/2 oz Peach Schnapps 1/2 oz Dark Rum 1/2 oz Cranberry Juice 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
I Love My Co-workers Sometimes.
Erica Iorio: i am quitting and going to work with animals- they are better to talk to! Jason: wait now ... Humans are animals too Erica Iorio: no they are mammals Jason: mammals ARE animals Erica Iorio: nooooooo Jason: YEEEEEEEEEEEES Erica Iorio: no they are a different species Jason: you do realize that I am laughing my ass off right now
What Would Be A Good Thing To Do
If someone rates my pic if I do not rate them which I all ways do at least say thank you
Please Help Out
ok ok ok ok i know ive been askin every 1 to go bomb my tatt pic in the contest im in,but if you can please go help out tom,even if it just few mins ......thanx aussie here the link
Can I Get Someone To Help Me Level Up
I make pictures for people and I run out of pic space
Ontario (canada ) "highway Of Heroes"
HIGHWAY OF HEROS There is a petition circulating on the net to have a portion of Highway 401 designated as the "Highway of Heroes". The web site reads Quote Let's officially designate 'Highway of Heroes' In Ontario, when a Canadian soldier dies for his country in Afghanistan they touch Canadian soil at Canadian Forces Base Trenton. From there, a funeral procession leaves the base and heads to Toronto, Ontario taking our departed heroes to the Centre for Forensic Sciences. Along the 172km path of Highway 401 people fill the overpasses to show their support, waving Canadian flags and signs, in a sort of paying their respects to the fallen and their families. It's been unofficially dubbed the "Highway of Heroes" and I personally would love for an official naming of the 401, from Trenton to Toronto down to the Don Valley Parkway "The Highway of Heroes". It's already called that to the thousands of people who line the bridges along the way and it should be remembered as such in
Is This Happening To Anyone But Me?
yeah--i'm loving this site and its predessors for like 13 months--but maybe now my fuse is short--at least 4-5 times a day--maybe more--visiting profiles here causes my computer to terminally freeze. i have no choice but to shut it off and reboot because the program won't end by ordinary means--i lose everything and everything i have been working on. i love this site but i don't need this right now
Am I?
But I ask, if I think not, am I not? I think not. Don't you think?
Pretty Scorp
Why do people have nothing better to do than to ruin other ppl's fun? someone got my mum deleted for having offensive and NSFW content in it when all it said was "Vote A or Vote B" and another said "should i or shouldn't i?" wtf is wrong with ppl? anyone else think its wrong to have ppl's mums removed for stupid reasons without a proper review? please comment!
Mike Vick
He got what he had coming to him! He's going to jail and become someones bitch. He better start practing his d**k sucking. He should have his chicken mcnuggets fed to a pitbull for what he did. They want to band that breed? They should band the f**king idiots who do those things. I wouldn't trade my dogs or my cats for the company of any human, at least with them I know where I stand. Because of "HUMANS" like him I no longer watch sports at all.
What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?
Why on earth did I ever choose to take a demotion at work? The problems at home aren't getting fixed any better than they were before. The only things that are different are that I'm at home more and I have a ton less money than before. WTF was I thinking?
Err On The Side Of Caution
I'm writing this blog mainly to help my Outlaw newbies and anyone else who may need it. First thing I'm going to cover is photos. We all post them, rate them, get them rated and when we don't know it....get them stolen!! I wish I was joking but I'll cite examples of two friends of mine from Yahoo 360. One had her granddaughters pics stolen by a pedophile who then proceeded to make their lives a living hell. The Child was two years old and this sicko had a field day photoshopping her pics into disgusting images. Not pleasant as a vigalante of us went after him with little done by yahoo. Another friend, indeed several, had their identities and photos stolen and fake 360's set up as them to harass others and discredit them and ruin their reputations with some of the most insidious writings and comments. Well, I'm pleased to say that Fubar has a resolution for that. They have NO RIP of images in your albums, if you choose. So first, don't leave your photos in default, put t
Thx For All The Love
Thanks to all my friends who showed love on my page and my pics and stash while I was gone. Unfortunately, most of the comments that were left are already gone. If yours is one of those comments, I sincerely thank you and hope I can make up for it by leaving you another comment soon! manly
Just a heads up - I'll be at the Bellydancing Workshop tomorrow morning. As it ends at noon, I should be home early afternoon. My daughter was released from Jail late Wednesday afternoon. She has been staying with a friend in LaCrosse! They let her out of Jail with no meds!!! I am livid over that - that is totally irresponsible! And she has no way to get her meds until next week. So she will probably go inpatient in the Psych Unit to get her meds back on schedule. She's already going through withdrawal. Good grief! As she really needs forewarning and a plan in place for her release, this just blows my mind! What a mess! Ah, well! She will be in good hands in the Psych Unit, lol. Me? I'm going to dance this mess right out of my head. Luckily, she does have an apartment lined up, thanks to her Caseworker! She'll be able to move in by the first. Enough for tonight! Good night, dear friends! Rest well. Sweet dreams. As a dear friend of mine likes to say, sleep deep! Blessings, l
*sprays perv be gone* lol is it working?
Protect Your Family :)
I just read the following in a Bulletin. This is some good information & wanted to make sure people see it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to bring something to everyone's attention. This won't apply to all, or even many, of you, but it's something to think about. Feel free to add/edit/blog/bulletin, if you so desire. I've been noticing an increase in the amount of people who are putting their family at risk, in my opinion. I've seen pictures in public folders with children holding school certificates w/ their first and last name and the name of their school. I've seen profiles with first and last names, as well as hometown, listed°¶ with pix of children with the child's first name. I realize that the child's last name is not always the same as the parent, but many times it is. Just today, I saw a picture in a public folder of a little boy standing outside of his school. The school's name was in huge letters and the caption read "Eric's f
Ooooook...So I was reading an email I got the other day from Yahoo. They told me that they're going to be closing Yahoo! Photos! Now - Anyone who knew me before LostCherryTapFubar...knews that i had some *cough*porn*cough* in my albums. No - NOT MY OWN! I am deciding if I should just delete it all...or figure out something better. The sites that they offer to host the pictures at - will have my ass banned faster than you can say supercalifrajalisticexpealadocious. Suggestions?
Gastric Bypass Surgury
its not fair. they go and give you all this hope, but then they expect you to do things that if you could do in the first place, you wouldn't take such drastic measures to lose weight in the first place. fuck it! i'll be fat and miserable til i dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *update...12-10-07 so here i am 4 months and 5 clinic visits later to find out i am no longer a candidate for surgery because of the severity of my goddamn mother fucking depression and need to find more intensive therapy.?!?!? WTF??? like i havent tried that for the past 2 years!!! and, im depressed because im soooo fat. im fat because im depressed. back to square fucking 1 !!!
~~the Husband Store For Women~~
Subject: Husband Store A brand new store has just opened in New York City that sells Husbands. When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions at the entrance:- "You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are 6 floors and the value of the products increase as you ascend the flights. You may choose any item from a particular floor or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you CANNOT go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the 1st floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 - These men have jobs. The 2nd floor sign reads: Floor 2 - These men Have Jobs and Love Kids. The 3rd floor sign reads: Floor 3 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids and are extremely good looking. "Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the 4th floor and the sign reads: Floor 4 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and Help with Housework. "Oh, mercy m
Cat Fight In The Church Yard???
OK yall missed it tonight. I just about got in a fight with another mother at the kids practice. Some little brat purposely wiped BLOOD on my son's brand new $30 Hard Rock Cafe Shirt. If this little girl were mine she'd have a sore hiney right now. Yes she's a problem child. From what I understand other parents have had probs with her and her brother. Well what pissed me off is that she told her mother that I used the "F" word with her. Trust me people, as bad as I wanted to I would never use profanity with a child. Her mother was another story. If we wouldn't have been practicing in the church yard I would have let her have it. Let's just say she and her daughter were both put in their place and I don't think I'll be having anymore problems. This is my life people. I honestly think I'm a drama magnet.
My Heroine your hearts out you wimps, and momma's boys, gangstas, and all other pussies......
I just want to say thankyou to the people who visit my site and leave comments and love, for not only me, but for others to see as well. There is a lot of pretending on this site, but I will be as honest as possible with each and every person who wants to be a friend to me. Ask me a question if you have any doubts and I will answer you truthfully. All I ask for is warmth and understanding.....nothing more!!!! Have a beautiful time on here and if you need or want to have a chat with someone......then please give me a yell. Warmth and love to all Ken xxxxxxxxxx
Pm Dawn - I'd Die Without You
Is it my turn to wish you were lying here. I tend to dream you when I'm not sleeping. Is it my turn to fictionalize my world. Or even imagine your emotions. Tell myself anything... Is it my turn to hold you by your hands. Tell you I love you and you not hear me... Is it my turn to totally understand. To watch you walk out of my life and not do a damn thing... If I have to give away... The feeling that I feel. If I have to sacrifice... Oh, whatever babe, whatever baby. If I have to take apart... All that I am... Is there anything that I would not do, since I would die without you... Oh, I apologize for all the things I've done. But now I'm underwater and I'm drowning... Is it my turn to be the one to cry. Isn't it amazing how some things completely turn around... So take every little piece of my heart... Yeah, take every little piece of my soul... Yeah, take every little bitty piece of my mind... 'Cause if you're gone... inside... I'd die without you... I
Had Enough
This Depression Im going through is driving me insane. At this point in time I feel physically ill. the stress and anxiety I feel is causing me to have pain in my chest, neck and I keep feeling dizzy and weird. My eyes hurt all the time, im getting headaches pains in my joints, stomach feels knotted, frighten, I have had other symptoms like paranoid,delutions etc. some have been caused by meds which im coming off. I cant sleep, perhaps 2 or 3 hours a night. Im afraid to say things to people in case I upset them,I Also Feel unloved and cared about. All the people I have phoned I get the voice message. I have txted a few people no reply. guess that what everyone really thinks about me. Everybody wants to get on with there lives and cant do with me and my illness. guess im a burden on everyone. I feel very alone and unloved. Maybe I would be better just dissapearing, or going to my mum. At least I would be at peace and with someone who really loved me. The only one that as shown me any
My First Contest
MY FIRST CONTEST PLEASE HELP OUT! Please repost this bulletin! Hey Peeps! The Contest has started!!!!!!! Must have 2500 comments to qualify for prizes! The contest will run for 2 weeks, ending on September 6th, at 7 PM MST. You are allowed to comment bomb all you like, have your friends comment bomb too! 1st Place: I Month VIP 2nd Place: 7 Day Blast 3rd Place: 3 Day Blast ~~}ĽĽP£PģM•—Tęę{~~@ fubar
Diver's Curse's
when you become a part of a specific world you start to see thing differently. Being a part of a diving community you see how small it is..why? well, its the craziest way of life you could ever imagine. Not to mention fun and exciting. hell, my office is over 60 feet underwater and no one gives a shit what i wear or how i dress or how many tatoos I have. No customer service or people skills just have to have nerves of steel and viens full of gasoline. With a crazy world comes crazy superstition. We call them curse's, some are true and based on physics...other's are based on a he said she said basis. curse number one comes from physics...the number one cause of death to a commercial diver is known as delta all breaks down to a rapid change in pressure, or a rapid flow of cant be stopped or predicted. once it has you..there's no escape...your a gonner. Curse number two is that because of being uder pressure so much your body chemistry and
I Love You Jennifer!!!
i know she cant read this, anyway as you know thursday/early friday jens basement was flooded and she lost everything she had, she was able to save her jewelry box which is great but all her stuffed animals she had and that i gave her she lost. even tho the jewelry costed more than the stuffed animals i am more upset of them being ruined, but its ok i promise her to get her everything i got her again.i know its not the same and i cant ever replace the same sentimental value they had. also she lost her computer and cant get online, which i am gonna try and give her my mothers if its ok, when their basement dries out. anyway i just wanted to repeat myself. I LOVE YOU JENNIFER ANN!!!
Dear Mr. President
Dear Mr. President,I'm about to plan a little trip with my family and extended family, And I would like to ask you to assist me. I'm going to walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico, and I need to make a few arrangements. I know you can help with this. I plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws. I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do here. So, would you mind telling your buddy, Mexican President , that I'm on my way over? Please let him know that I will be expecting the following: 1. Free medical care for my entire family . 2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not. 3. All government forms need to be printed in English. 4. I want my kids to be taught by English-speaking teachers. 5. Schools need to include classes on American culture and history. 6. I want my kids to see the American flag flying on the top of the flag pole at their school with the Mexican flag fl
Finally, The Guys' Side Of The Story.
Finally, the guys' side of the story. We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note... these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! 1. Men ARE not mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are fo
One More Week Then I Am Gone For Awhile
I am not one to Bitch about life , so I won't do that here either. I am also not one to get overly personal with everyone and blab to the world my entire life story so I am keeping this short and sweet . After this next week for reasons beyond my control I am losing my internet till my life calms down . I am gonna leave my Fubar page up not gonna cancel account . I might sign in from time to time on a friends pc and just drop a note of Hi and how I am doing in life . There always comes a time in life when we have hurdles to over come and I am at a mountain of a Hurdle . With that said .... Y'all Take care , I will be around most of this week but after that feel free to leave me notes and I will respond when I can from time to time . Be Safe ! catch you on the Flip Side of things ~~Lill~~
Friday Night!!
Ok so my night was all planned sit at home and relax all night but No I have to get a call from a friend who was drunk as hell. Who asked me to pick them up at the police station! I go cause thats what friends do and low and behold she needed bail money..lmao.... This is what happens when your boyfriend is dating two chicks...his other lady friend found them at the bar. well needless to say the fight was its 4:30 in the morning I havent slept and the bitch who ruined my evening is snoreing in my car cause she is to big for me to move!!!! So how was everyone elses friday night?????? P.S. What pisses me off is I was planning on having a chat online with a very nice Aussie I know!!!
A Touch
A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between them No promises to be kept No lies being told tonight No looking back no regrets Longing to hold each other Such precious little time Both vowed to another Being lonely their only crime Tomorrow bringing sorrow A brief moment of shame With the memory of this one night A release from passion's flames As days of new rise in this time Its you im feeling true YOUR touch so soft and tender In your dreams, you see me too
The only way to LOVE is not finding the perfect person but by loving the imperfect person perfectly. True love doesn't have a happy ending... simply doesn't end.
So I Cant Post I Am Posting A Blog!
well just when shit is going goood i hit a wall agin at my job i got supended because of this shit here on pa tht i went to jail on is on my record so they supended me till they find out more about it hope everything gose well so i can get back to wrk and make up for lost time and money
New Layout
Well apparently, my profile as well as others out there have been changed in that all your plugins from photobucket, picture trail or other places have been wiped out...You might want to check your profile under " View as others see it" and see if yours look ok..Mine now looks like shit..All the headers are there but no plugins... Apparently, I have to restart and apparently, you can't use the HTML code that we used to use from other places now to fix it either as it won't take.. Thanks Fubar for cheering me up
I've Had Enough
Well it appears the one person I ever truly cared about has stopped wanting to have anything to do with me. I truly did care for her any all but it appears she let my family get in the way of us meeting. If everyone wants the truth SHE AND I NEVER MET!!! I WAS SAYING WE DID TO HELP GET PEOPLE OFF HER BACK!!!! I don't know what she really looks like, and frankly I don't care what she does. I loved her because she was the only person who ever looked past the shit I used to do when I was younger and all the problems I have and see me for me. We were planning on meeting while I was on leave in NJ back in March but she never showed three times because she was scared and other reason. We were also planning on meeting while we were both in Iraq but she kept pushing me off because she was smoking pot and she didn't want me to see her as a pothead. I looked past that and hoped that we could meet once I got home from Iraq, but it appears that's never going to happen. I don't understand her reaso
Lol I Love This One
Men Vs Women
This for entertainment purposes only! In other words its only a joke! What is the difference between men and women? 1. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. ******* 2. Men wake up as good-looking as when they went to bed. Women somehow deteriorate during the night. ******* 3. A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he wants. A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't want. ******* 4. A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't. A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does. ******* 5. There are two times when a man doesn't understand a woman- before and after marriage. ******* 6. A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife. ******* 7. To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you mu
Changing And Stealing
i made picture for my good friend kassidy. not knowing she was at the mall. i got a bad respose and rude talkback so i know something was wrong. her name changed and new pics were added stating of a marrage. so i call and text her. things are better now and soon to be changing my status. but the reasons im pissed off is i was threatened by this person who stole her account. and all he can do is block a bitch and say in shout box "im in fl come ove ikll show you better than i can tell you bitch" so i privite message him (still under her name all this time) "dude get a life. get off your ass. get off line. answer your voice mails. and stop acting like a possive child with a toy.all you do is block people and thats spose to do what? make me mad? i dont care. it will alll get straight and settled. and btw im at 1470 airport rd lakeland BITCH" witch is in florida. so i wait..........................................TO BE CONTINUED
Just Wondering...
Have you ever missed a friend so much that you find yourself kinda 'fallin' for em?
My First Vid On
My first attempt to make a vid
Question For Vip
This is my first month using the VIP...just wondering when it re-news itself at the beginning of next month - do we get points another set of points? Also, I am going to be gone (fo really within the hour and won't be home until pretty late tonight....I have 50 11's left - first to respond get's 'em ALL! On your mark....get set....GO! lol
Please Read And Tell Me What U Think On This Situation
a while back i was on the phone wit someone and they was telling me that it wasn't fair that he couldn't find a g/f that all the skinny chicks were taking and that he was jealous of them. so i said okay umm well why u looking for a skinny chick date a big woman and his response was i don't date big woman they ain't f*ckable nor date able. and i was wondering why does he think that u know. so i asked him why judge a woman by her size and all he could say was i am friends with big woman but wouldn't date them. my friend is dating a big woman and i want to ask him why but it would be rude he says. im a big woman and i asked him why did he call me and ask me that he said cause ur my friend. so i had to set there listen to him put big woman down it hurt me so bad i didn't know what to say. my point is that god put us on this earth the way he wanted us to be on this earth. that what i tried to tell him and he kept on sayin aww here is theis speach again. i just dont understand why guys
It's All At The Co-op
Is it fuck as like!!! That is such a big lie in their adverts, I have never seen so little crammed into such a large space. There is better choice at the local garage! Co-Operative Retail Society you suck!
Let Me Touch You~ The O-jays
Lonely Nights
LONELY NIGHTS Staring into the darkness, As sleep escapes once more. I climb out of my lonely bed, And silently pace the floor. Trying not to think of you, But it happens every time. Just when I try to forget for a while, You go drifting across my mind. The thoughts of you are never far, Your memory lingers there. In every song I hear your name, Your face is everywhere. The sound of your voice rings in my ears, I feel the touch of your hand. I feel you pulling me close in your arms, I'm trying to understand. How did I come to love you so? How can I make this love die? I just can't do the impossible, I don't even want to try. So I crawl back into my lonely bed, And wipe away my tears. I look back on the happy times, To help drive away my fears. If all I have are dreams of you, Then I'll guard them like a treasure. For every thought I have of you, Can only bring me pleasure. I pull my pillow closer, Pretend it's you by my side; Then drift away in dr
A Special Birthday In The House
I just wanted to let you all know it's my friend Randy's Birthday today. Please stop by and wish him the best. Drop a Birthday comment, and if you can't find one. I have provided one for you here. I have known him for some time and he is really nice! He will return all love given... Randy@ fubar here's a pic to drop off to him, if you don't have one in mind: This Birthday Pimpout Brought was brought to you by: ~/~Sassy Laurie~/~Please fan, rate, sign Guestbook ~MEMBER OF THE SYNDICATE~@ fubar just a collage note tagged
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Aaaaaaaaaaah Sooo Great
Dating, How Soon Is Too Soon????
Ok 1st off this is a blog cuz I still cant write any mumms....but anyways I'm in the beginning of a divorce. What I want to know is after its all said and soon is too soon to start dating other guys? I want to find a suitable man to play a father role for my son. Now I dont want to rush into anything just yet....but I'm just curious on how you all think. Any suggestions?
So I Have Figured Out
that I could never work at Pilsbury making toaster streudels for I would run from line to line mixing the flavors then I would go home and giggle all night until work the next day :D
For Everyone
just cause im a lil haha a lil wild and love to have fun with you dont mean i wanna fk ya i am so............. in love .......... with................... Myself lmao wahooooooooooooooooo xoxo
How Many Damn "babygirls" Are On These Sites?
Come on ladies... seems every damn one of ya is nicked "babygirl". Its reptitive, lame & played out. This is the first of many rants that will probably piss some people off. I really dont care, stay tuned for further stupid & maybe entertaining complaining
Vampires & Vampire Movies
So I'm watching The LOST BOYS last night. I remember loving it as a teen..and I still sort of do. But there are MANY vampire films that are great. Stuart Townsend was a cool Lestat & Bill Paxton was wicked as Severen. So what is your favorite Vampire films AND which actor do you think was great in a vampire role?
The Love Of My Life
I love you Robert so much. I cant stop thinking of you. And when you hold me close i get shivers all over my body. I just melt in your arms. When i am with you it seems like nothing else matters. You make all my problems just disappear when we are together. The kisses you give me are so gentle on my lips and when you hold my hand , your hand is so warm inside mine. I just want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I LOVE You and always will.
Friendship Quote
Global Fest 2007 Team Canada Live For Firework Competition
Hh Contest,start And End Dates
******SEXYGILRBLONDE's ****** HAPPY HOUR/VIP/BLAST CONTEST IS READY TO START THE CONTEST WILL BE STARTING TUESDAY AUGUST 21, 2007@5PM pacific time, SO THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENTER.RUNS FOR 10 DAYS AND WILL END ON FRIDAY AUGUST 31st@5PM pacific time. YOU CANT MISS THIS..... I am holding a contest and this one you might really want to check out. TOP PRIZE.... A FREE HAPPY HOUR!!!!!!!!! This contest will run for 10 full days and there are some rules that MUST be followed before you decide to enter. I will be taking entries starting now and will take them through the first day of the contest which will start as soon as I have at least 25 entries. When I get the entries needed I will post a bulletin stating the date and time the contest will start. RULES!!!!! You and anyone that will be helping you in the contest must rate me, fan me and be on my friends list to enter or comment in this contest. I will be checking everyone and the folder will be set for fri
10 Turnoffs That Make Good Guys & Great Gals Wave Goodbye: Part 2
This is some advice I wrote after reading my friend WILDCAT's following blog: 10 Turnoffs That Make Good Guys & Great Gals Wave Goodbye This is advice for the women, the second half of the blog. The advice for men can be found: here A lot of men are just as ďguiltyĒ for many of these mistakes as women are. But letís address the womenís mistakes for this blog. 1. Here we go with honesty, again. Especially when you meet local dates online, and meet them in person, finding out that someone is 4 ft tall, has 8 kids, a hairy ass crack and a psychotic ex-lover when they didnít mention it in the first place is quite scary. Okay I over exaggerated those but you get the idea. I often tease women about secretly being a man or something when I meet them online. It gets them laughing and I can get my point across in a teasing and playful way. ďTell me the truth, or you are GONE.Ē In any case. Just about anyone you meet has an emotional pain body that needs to be healed. It won't co
It's You
It's your voice I want to hear The last thing at night It's your arms I want to hold As we turn off the light. It's your lips I want to taste When I shut down my sight I want to smell your sweet breath As we cuddle together tight. It's you I want to be with For the rest of my life You are the world, the love for me
The Electricity Of Lust
Lust electric Gentle nibble Delicate flick Juices trickle Tender mouthful Indulgent sips Spasms sinful Gyrating hips Thrusts entrancing Feverish pace Teeth caressing Deadlock embrace Lust electric Unabated Flesh metallic Liquidated
The Lunatic
is in my pants.
The Break That Could Help Me Out
i have been offered a songwriting contract for my music which im very excited about thnkyou to an awesome wonderful friend on here and he knows who he is...there are no guarantees but atleast this will open otherwise closed my passion, thats what im hoping to very excited about the future..wanted to share my good news with all my fubar and kisses to u
Gem So Rare
A Gem So Rare by Wilomoon 8-26-07 Space stands still, I caress your hair, You close your eyes, Time without care, Moments of bliss, Going no where, Sleepy smiles, Longing stares, Paper promises, My heart laid bare, Fairy tale love, But no room to spare, No happy ending, This tale of despair, How does one breath, When you take away air, Decent into silence, A broken pair, To loose a treasure, A gem so rare.
I Know We Can Make This Quick
Lets go for it guys... Lets give it all we got... lets get this one over with.... We have no active time limited contests currently so I'd hope to see every Posse member going to town on this contest as hard as we can.. NO BLANK COMMENTS ~ NO SCRIPTING ~ AND PROFILES NEED TO BE LEVEL 5 OR HIGHER... Very simple rules there shouldn't be a reason why these are to be broken.. so lets go Posse and give it everything we got.. 250,000 COMMENTS TO THE WIN (repost of original by 'MIZZ SHADY* LEADER*OF SHADY'S S*U*P*' on '2007-08-26 00:38:54') (repost of original by 'BRI GUY / CONFEDERATE BOMBER' on '2007-08-26 01:22:37')
What Is This?
How can a little 4 letter word like "love" be so complicated? How do we know what it is? Is this a feeling? A way of life? The purpose for us being? If love is any or all of those things, then I want to embrace that "life", have those "feelings" and want to wake each morning, taking the first breath of the day next to the one that is my "purpose" for being.
Sunday Morning Wake Up Thoughts
Have you seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? It's a great movie. Really it is. The long and short of the story line is the main characters have their memories wiped of each other. They were lovers who fell out of love and wanted to have all memory of the past relationship and associated pain/grief erased from their minds. How wonderful that would be to have painful memories erased from your mind. Something tragic happens poof! It's gone and you are happily on your way as if it never happened. Except those painful events help to shape who you are now. Those proverbs that people are always sharing with you when your are hurting like "this too shall pass" or "that which does not kill you makes you stronger" they last because they are true. Even though you just want to punch someone in the stomach the next time they say something like that to you. Well, needless to say in the movie the memory wipe failed because the powers that be created events that cause
"the Threat" By Skid Row
I've been convicted with and without reason Tarred and feathered like a piper on a killing spree And felt the anger of generations And been the target of the cheap shots of authority So you think you cut me down to size Well there's something you should realize It's gonna take more than a break in the law To make me smile pretty for the wreckin' ball Won't beg, won't bleed The end of sacrifice is a threat to society Hard line, you'll see Once you've made a mark, you've made a threat to society I wasn't put here to be treated Like some disease you hoped would go away if left alone You can sweep me under the carpet But, I'll still infect your need to use me as a steppin' stone So you think you cut me down to size Well there's something you should realize It's gonna take more than a break in the law To make me smile pretty for the wreckin' ball Won't beg, won't bleed The end of sacrifice is a threat to society Hard line, you'll see Once you'v
Good Morning, Everyone!
Sunshine! Second day in a row! Will wonders never cease, lol. I have to tell you a bit about yesterday's belly dancing workshop with Meleeha! She teaches at the University of Iowa, I believe - dance, of course. I remember seeing her perform at the last workshop - she was fantastic! Since we only had three hours, she mainly worked on technique - proper use of hands and arms, projecting power - yeah, I liked that part; projecting energy, where to look during specific moves to communicate with the audience. And she is such a hoot, very sexy, very earthy! We all felt right at home, very quickly. We spent a full hour on "walking", lmao! That's different types of walking moves to get from one place to another on stage or if you dance at a club or restaurant, lol! I will definitely pay more attention to how I walk, lmao! Amazing, I knew some of this stuff when I was young and single. How did I forget so much - must have been the kids, lmao!! She gave us some killer exercises to st
August 26, 2007
August 26, 2007 Quote of the Day "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." Ė Steve Jobs
he was dying to find out what she tasted like leaning over he brushed his lips softly against hers parting her lips ever so slightly his tongue flicked to met hers was hot and sweet his hand slowly ran up her thigh black stockings felt silky and smooth to his touch playing with the edge of her skirt her hand moved down on top of his moving it up under the skirt until he felt the softness of her upper thigh slowing nibbling on the bottom lip she groans and tilts her head backwards kissing along her jawline and down the middle of her neck
I will be gone sometime in the near future I'm going to Morgantown, WV to have surgery to fix my pressure sores. I do not have the exact date yet but once I do I will leave more information.
Las Vegas
Just to let you know I will be out of towm in Las Vegas from Aug. 31st until Sept.9th. Funeral on the 1st. then spending some time with my mom and family. Just wanted to let you know, probably no computer I'll live just wanted tanyone to know who might actually wonder where I am! Maybe??lol ok ttyl
One Legged Cock Diagnosed With Depression
A woman from Cwmbran, Torfaen took out a bank loan and lived on beans on toast for a year to pay £1,800 in vet bills after her pet chicken injured its leg. Vicky Mills, 24, was heartbroken when Lily, a Rhode Island Red, got her leg trapped in a barbed wire fence. Despite the costs, Mrs Mills told her vet to try to save the limb rather than have her put down. When the treatment failed, she paid for an amputation. Lily was also diagnosed with depression but has now recovered, said Mrs Mills. The chicken's gloominess was thought to have been brought on by being in the house alone while Mrs Mills and her husband Sam were out at work. So the couple now leave the television on all day to keep it company and it is a "happy hen again", they said. Mrs Mills was given Lily, now three-years-old, when it was a two-day-old chick and she now lays up to six eggs a week for her and husband Sam. The cost of the seven operations was "worth every penny", said Mrs Mills, who has fors
I'm Busy Getting My Kids Ready For School & I've Become Depressed Again; Plez Pray For Me!!
My Son is a Drunk now livin w/ the same Woman who abused him. I know that abused children go back to the place where they was abused because they are wanting that acceptance but this is just heartbreakin!! I Love everyone on here & I'm sorry if I've not been responsive to everyone but Plez understand I'm going thru something right now & I can't seem to shake it!! Everyone of my Friends on here are in My Thoughts & Prayer's so I Pray that you'll keep me in yours. Be Well all of you & God Bless!!! I don't know how long I'll be gone but I'll be back once my kids are in School & I'll be able to think again. Please don't forget about me!! Shari
Work With Me Lol
Ok If I dont leave you a comment right away please work with me . Im still tring to figure this place out lol . Slowly but surly i will and than I promise i will leave comments and such ! Thanks Tetisheri (giggles)
Lemon & Butter Sauce
Lemon Butter SauceGreat for Chicken or Fish 1 cup dry white wine 3 lemons, peeled and quartered 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 tablespoon minced shallots 1 teaspoon salt 3 turns freshly ground black pepper 1 dash Worcestershire sauce 1 dash hot pepper sauce 1/2 cup heavy cream 1/2 pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut up, at room temperature 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley Heat a large non-reactive skillet over high heat. When the skillet is hot, add the wine, lemons, garlic, and shallots. Cook for 3 minutes, breaking up and mashing the lemons with a wire whisk. Stir in the salt, pepper, Worcestershire, and hot sauce and cook until the mixture is somewhat syrupy, for about 3 minutes. Stir in the cream and cook for 1 minute. Over low heat, whisk in the butter a few pats at a time. When all of the butter has been added, remove from the heat, but continue whisking until all of the butter is incorporated into the sauce. Strain the sauce, pressing all of t
I Like His Lightsaber.. Haha
So.. on friday night i worked 10-6am.. then went home slept til 9am... At nine i went to Jamis to watch her kids all day.. made 100 hah. so anyways... Her son Lakoda.. is 11.. doesnt know how to piss in a fucking toilet.. still plays w/ star wars and army men and is overweight.. and not too common sence anyways... Her daughter, Cheyanna, is 8... cant read very well, do math very well, or write very well at all.. She is kinda ld it takes her a long time to get something, and you have to pretty much use repetition. Trust me.. its really hard.. i know cuz i volunteered to watch them til noon and teach her how to do things everyday til school starts. so yeah THATS RIGHT i work til 6am drive my ass over there and stay up til noon w/ her... anyways Brian.. jamis boyfriend... believes in tough thats what he is doin to koda.. The other day he was like BECCA!! lets play lightsabers! haha.. and started making all those crazy noises and just waving around hi
Sunday 26th 2007
just been long weekend..just been busy with personal life. Today i'm about to go to my Aunt Bettys for cook out. I hope everyone had great weekend. thanks for those that leaving comments while I was gone. xoxo ~Mary~
The New Job So Far
so some of you may or may not know, that i did finnally get a new job, about a month or so ago. it's at the Travel Centers of America in Troutdale, i do housekeeping. well shortly after i started i talked to my boss and told him i was interested in the bookkeeping job that was open (SOOOO sick of housekeeping) he told me that i can do some filing and small jobs, untill he finds some one to replace me in housekeeping, i said ok. well i haven't really been able to do too much of the filing and what-not cause either they haven't had anything for me, or Lorena (the other housekeeper) hasn't been there, cause something happened with her mom and she had to go to mexico for a week. so i've been doing it by myself and haven't had time to do anything for them. well aside from that, Lorena has the weekends off, and i have tue, and wend. off. well, i'll just say this....WEEKENDS SUCK ASS!!! i have to be there at frickin 8am. NO ONE that stays in this hotel gets up that early! and i really don'
Bestest Friend
I must confess to being a bit scared of moving on my own completely. It's stressful. It's as if someone opened the flood gates and started pouring down bills, all due to be paid at one time, not to mention the actual expense of moving. And then, of course, there is the stress of moving my shtuff from one place to another, trusting that the males I have enlisted to help will be gentle enough not to rough up, bang, nick, scratch or otherwise fuck up my furniture. Oh dear God! I also have no clue as to what I need, as far as the random crap that makes a functioning house. Does anyone ever get all this togehter on the first try? I have no clue, but I feel better. Now, if I could get my stuff to pack itself....
Have I Ever
Have I Ever Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent, sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I ever told you that when I watch you speak to me through lines and cords, and bytes and ram, I imagine your voice, whispering into my ear? Have I ever told you that I wait out each day in anticipation, wanting only an hour or two, just a second in space and time, to feel close to you? Have I ever told you that there has been times, when I ached for you, ached for you so badly, that the emotions overwhelmed me.. and so I sat and cried? Have I ever told you that sometimes, I will reach out, touching your name on this cold screen before me, wishing I could reach in and pull you to me? Have I ever told you that after the fi rst time I heard the sound of your voice, thousands of miles away, I sat up all night, turning the conversation over and over in my mind, examining it
The Benefits On Swallowing Semen.
I love a woman who is good at oral sex, almost as much as I love giving it to her. I prefer the giving. Who doesn't like to eat pussy? But some women don't like to swallow. Not me though, I love the taste of a woman, especially when I get her squirting and she has eaten something that makes her taste like sugar water. The only real risk of women giving a man oral sex is STD's. However, if we cast away the STD subject, there is really no harm in swallowing sperm. In fact, there may even be health benefits: Semen contains prostaglandins and hormones that are reputed to have some positive benefits on depression and even acne. Now, of course, regular 'consumption', say several times a week, might be necessary to reap these benefits! And the scientific research on this subject is not exactly overflowing, so don't rely on semen to improve your health. Semen is the fluid the prostate gland produces to support the nutrient needs of the sperm, which is just enough to keep them a
Yay!!! :)
~LaUrEn & KevDog's Six Month Anniversary!~ LaUrEn♥ § ♣DJ.KevDog's CT wifey & GF♣ § ♠PIMPIN Radio♠@ fubar DJ.KŽvDŲg {LaUrEn♥'s CT Hubby & BF}ęPIMPIN RadioĽ@ fubar MC Magic Videos | Music Video | Seattle MLS
"if I Only Ask " 4 U Sharon
My Friend loved this poem If I Only Ask "Would you My Brave Knight ; Slay a fire breathing dragon for me tonight ? Would you ride up on your white steed trample my enemies in the ground for their evil deeds ? Would you lasso the stars ride the moon to remove my sorrowful frown ? Would you make love to me in a bed of forget-me-not set my body on fire with passion and desire ? Lay spent in each other's embrace would you kiss me again make my pulse race ? Would you hold me in your arms shield me from harm ? When we grow old and gray can you say " I Love You " everyday ? If I laid near death would you give me your last breath ? Would you pray to God above to save me My Love ? Would you lay your heart next to mine through Eternity and time ? Would you hold my hand when we are called to God's Promise Land ? Would you kiss me My Soul Mate; when we walk through the Heavenly Gate? These
Agnes Corbett - Tree Lover And Animal Activist...
Birth is a beginning and death a destination And life is a journey: From childhood to maturity and youth to age; From innocence to awareness and ignorance to knowing; From foolishness to desecration and then perhaps to wisdom. From weakness to strength or from strength to weakness and often back again; From health to sickness and we pray to health again. From offense to forgiveness from loneliness to love from joy to gratitude from pain to compassion from grief to understanding from fear to faith. From defeat to defeat to defeat until looking backwards or ahead We see that victory lies not at some high point along the way but in having made the journey step by step a sacred pilgrimage. Birth is a beginning and death a destination And life is a journey; A sacred journey to life everlasting In memory of my dear friend Agnes Corbett Ė who touched the hearts of many who will continue her light in helping to save the Brazilian Rain Forest Ė even if itís one
Inspiration And Thoughts
Quote of the Day "Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience." Ė Victoria Holt I didnt have a chance to put this in yesterday but man this is so true! Only a few more days till I leave for Germany, I am so EXCITED! Being on this dial up kills me though :( Its a total bitch to rate anything or do anything. Tuesday evening and Wednesday I will be back on a cable modem so I will make sure that I get all caught up with everyones ratings! Blows Dial Up to Shreds!
"fubar = F#@k"
Ok just peachy, I looked at my About Me section, all the pics I'd arranged in there have dissapeared. So until I'm more awake I resized things a bit but now it looks like CRAP!!! Fucking hell I wish they'd stop tweaking pages, fucking w/ codes they haven't tested, using this site for lab tests w/ us as guinea pigs for psyche examinations (ever feel you're being watched, you should), etc & leave shit alone, then just maybe my page would stay constant. This is beyond fucking irritating. One nice thing this isn't a Mumm so we will see if it stays or gets deleted like all the others who say it like it is here & their words somehow just dissapear... Ooops did I say that out loud just now.......
First Day Of College
Okies well its the first day of college tomorrow after my awesome summer. I am ready but not ready. Soo looking forward to it. 2nd year CJ student here i come! lol..
My Pics
my private pics are family only again. dont bitch at me about you not being able to see them, im not in the mood. maybe catch me on a better night and/or year and we'll see what happens.
How can you live without sex in your life....... Sex in the morning Sex in the eveving Sex at night Every minute of the day Sex.......Sex........Sex Sex is great sex is bad Do it hard when you get mad Sex today Sex tommorow Sex everyday when you're in sorrow Sex on the bed Sex on the floor Have it everyday you will want more.
Hmm .. I Dont Get It !
ok ok . WHY IS IT PEOPLE COME TO ME ON MY YAHOO MESSAGER AND ASK TO FUCK? can anyone be honest and tell me the truth! . U can dream all you want about me if u want .. but YOU ARENT GETTING ANY !!!! ok .. I know my OWN AGE and no it doesnt get to me .. it ruins it for others who acutally are a NICE PERSON .. !!
Because You're Beautiful
Because youíre Beautiful This poemís addressed To you Because youíre beautiful No matter what You do Because youíre beautiful The sun rises Every day Because youíre beautiful The mist shrouds a Dreamy day Because youíre beautiful A blossom blooms and holds Its scent Because youíre beautiful Songs sung in your heart Are meant Because youíre beautiful Reflections shine And glint Because youíre beautiful Poems are written Heaven sent Because you are beautiful This is all that this Poemís said Just in case you may have Any doubt This poem's heaven sent To tell you You are beautiful And that is what this poem Is about. I WROTE THIS FOR MY VERY BEAUTIFUL SWEETHEART.
so i get alot of 10's and other numbers which is ok i guess and im not complaining but i think its fair to rate them what they rate me. am i right? like last week i got a 3.. i go on theirs and vote the same then they send me a shoutbox message yelling at me callin me a loser this and that cuz they shudve been a 10... haha get a life and move on..right? maybe im just venting. what yall think about being downrated?
For Her
She is beautiful. She is beautiful with make up on. She is beautiful without it on. She is beautiful when she isn't smiling. She is beautiful when she is smirking. She is beautiful when she is smiling. She is beautiful inside. She is beautiful out. Her hair is perfect. Oh, she is beautiful. I love making her smile. I love your smile.
Bouncer Id Check,
Bouncer ID check, what's this about
F * F By: Joan Jett '
SOMETHING I JUST HAD TO WRITE & SHARE LMFAO!!!! Ok your always hearing how people are fed up with fake friends and throughout our lives we all come across people who start out to be friends yet something happens and changes occur to where their words they once said means nothing anymore, promises are being broken, and lame excuses start to arrise.... However this is LIFE !!! I came across this Kick Ass song and figured this would be one killer blog so just had to put this together.... ENJOY (B)(B)(B)(B)(B) Joan Jett - Fake Friends
My Only End Of Summer Haiku
This will be my only end of summer haiku, so don't bother asking. My long time friend, I have never wanted to call you by name, But now I know I must call you Sorrow.
Goodnight My Dear Fubarians.
Well...I must confess that I was a tad wasted last night and apparently not only took pics of myself but posted them on tap and made a blast. Due to the fact that because of said drunken photos....I have gotten over 200 friend invites in way less than a day.....I think I will forgive myself for my drunken blunder. The ayes have it....the crowd loves it!! I am a little too pooped for me own good's off to hit the sheets. Goodnight world of fubar!! To all my fubarians....sweet dreams. I can only hope I dont wake up tomorrow to more unremembered photos on my page... ha ha ha.
Sex, Sex, Sex
Sex, Sex, Sex Mission for a missionary Missionary quite contrary How does your garden grow A sixty niner is always finer Come on lets go, dont be slow Diggy doggy, bend over And i'll do you, real slow, no really slow We both stand up you pretend Youre looking over my shoulder For a four leaf clover We both pretend that we dont know We sit up and face each other We'll just sit till the cows come home I'll lie on my back, you pretend your at the track You saddle me like you would a colt Ill just lie there try not to bolt Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex
I Can't Sleep
Here I lay trying to sleep,but every time I close my eyes,a beautiful lady I do visualize.In a time I feel she needs someone near,I am to far away.I wish I was there to hold her hand and tell her everything is going to be alright.After I'd say that to her face,I would gently kiss her forehead.I just hope she understands I'm there in spirit even tough I can't be there physically.I hope you know I care so....much and your in my heart.Goodnight and sweetdreams.:)
Without You
My tears are flowing for you As my mind wonders and heart beats My body is nothing without you And as the wetness of my cheek are beginning to dry And my thoughts weaken and try to forget I feel like nothing without you The beats within my chest were real, Something that no one will ever steal When there is nothing without you But as I try to forget you more and more My body grows weaker and begins to wear Mind floats, rises to react I know I'm nothing without you...
You're The One
Is it possible That someone like you Could complete me? You're the only one I want The only one I think about The only one I truly love You've treated me wrong sometimes As I've done the same But everyone makes mistakes And your not one of mine Be with me for the rest of time I'll give you my heart And you give me your mind
Death Trap
Don't fall too deep Into the death trap There is nothing to gain And everything to lose You get attached To people you don't know Only to get hurt For their stupid show Your mind gets boggled With thoughts that aren't there Your heart gets crushed Just so they can snicker The internet is my trap Just like many others Do not fall too deep Into your death trap
Newbies With Out A Clue
I just dont under stand it. Went 2 greet some new members friend and fanned gave a few tips got a few drinks it was cool 4 a while then wham got 1 who i gave the red carpet treatment 2 rated 10, friend request, fan of, shot of jack and a sweet comment. she hit me with a 5 thats real cold. i guess they dont understand it's about making frends not choping your legs off a the knees I remaind polite but felt totaly dissed wish i could have taken the drink back it wasnt happy hour and it should have gone 2 someone who knew why they were here
The Milogram Will Finally Be Done
I Mss Youi
Before you turn your face away And give up on all we used to have Listen to what I have to say Make sure we're on the right track Love, when you left, I died inside But I thought I had made the right choice After you slipped away I tried To keep you while I still had a voice Perhaps I was trying too hard And I should've pulled back But instead I gambled my heart Because never before had it been attacked Like that A lot of time has passed us by And I know we both have our own dreams But I've never known quite why I still don't feel like I'm complete Because I loved you and you loved me We were lost inside a fairytale Beyond this world I could not see Maybe that's why our love failed Sometimes I think out loud And people punish me For even making a sound About you and me We can never be But I miss you, I miss you And I'm not sure what to do Now you're gone I can't seem to find another Like youme too Don't you know That I miss you and only you
This particular chat inspired me to set up a new email address for morons. I am just curious to see whether or not they add it and/or respond. Enjoy. Zin57: kisses Devils Daughter: good morning Zin57: are u married? Devils Daughter: why? looking to marry me? Devils Daughter: No response? Does this mean the marriage is off? Zin57: you are so gorgeous, i like u Devils Daughter: Well thank you. Zin57: tell me who get you and putthe collar on u 1st time Devils Daughter: I'm sorry, can you rephrase that so I can understand it. Zin57: who did u get slave, and who mange to put the collar on u 4 the 1st time Devils Daughter: Thanks for clarifying thatÖ Did you notice the spikes on the collar? Zin57: yess... Devils Daughter: Did you also notice there is no D-ring on the collar? Zin57: though all collars are the same...llol Devils Daughter: No, they aren't. And obviously the collar I have isn't meant for a leash. Zin57: what is ur yahoo? Devils
Is It......
Freaking Tuesday yet???? I cant wait to get my box back :) And my STEELERS LOOKED freaking Awesome yesterday! I LOVE HINES WARD!!! Have an awesome Monday :)
My Luvy gives the best leg massages ever. We were watching TV in my room yesterday and she decided she wanted to paint my toe nails. Did a hell of a job too. Then when they were dry she started massaging my legs. I almost fell asleep... again. LOL She's such a good kid. :D
Thought Of The Day
Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine, into your brain, and that is where the shitty ideas come from!!! haha
Submitted Stories To Forum
Ok... I just submitted 2 stories to the managing editor of Forum magazine. The two stories were: 1. Thunderous Elevator 2. First Class I will now see how long it takes for him to respond back and also if they are worthy of being between their cover. The clock starts NOW.
GOOD BYE Close to the door I paused to stand I took the braclet from my hand All who were watching could not speak as a single tear ran down my cheek Memories of moments when we had fun beneath the shinning sun Remembering only I had to be free how I hurt her when she never hurt me Her deep blue eyes had grown cold I could no longer have her to hold I whispered "good bye" and bent near the words no one could hear could we just be friends? My heart would mend but then I realized this was the end I gave her a braclet a beautiful thing hoping forgiveness it would bring Then I remembered when she gave me a kiss for this special girl I would miss I walked to the curb to sit and cry that was the day I told her "GOOD BYE"
My First Affair With That Older Woman
this is a bukowski poem that i just read...and...i dunno i just kinda ground on me for some reason. so here it is. When I look back now at the abuse I took from her I feel shame that I was so innocent, but I must say she did match me drink for drink, and I realized that her life her feelings for things had been ruined along the way and that I was no more than a temporary companion; she was ten years older and mortally hurt by the past and the present; she treated me badly: desertion, other men; she brought me immense pain, continually; she lied, stole; there was desertion, other men, yet we had our moments; and our little soap opera ended with her in a coma in the hospital, and I sat at her bed for hours talking to her, and then she opened her eyes and saw me: "I knew it would be you," she said. then she closed her eyes. the next day she was dead. I d
U Ve No Shirt?
My Best Friend
I Have To Work On That.
LOL I have got to stop telling my bffs that WE ARE GOING to certain shows and ask if THEY WANT TO GO to them. Of course I'm such a harrasser that I can get anyone to go anywhere. But it's the polite thing to do. :D
CHRIS Chris was a boy that i knew in high school.i thought he was so freakin' hot. the summer that i turned 15 i was dating his best friend Scott. by the time school started we had broken up & i developed a little crush on chris thru out the year. i just admired him from far & told my friends that i thought he was hot. my friend amber didn't know who he was & when i pointed him out at lunch she said "Oh,Jolie..." & i'm like "what?!",thinking she was gonna make fun of me. but to my surprise she said"he's CUTE!" nothing ever came of it becos i didn't wanna suffer the ridicule of Senior Rejection cos i was a Lowly Freshman. both Chris & Scott joined the Navy after graduuation. so they were both gone by the end of the summer that i turned sweet sixteen. in the midst of my sophomore year i spotted Chris in the school hallway & was elated to see him. i talked to him very briefly. he was home for xmas & visting people at school....later that night me & my friends were doing our weekl
Our Night
Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your loves blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set my body on fire Quench the fire in my blood With sweet caresses Touch my soul with your passion Lay down beside me Feel my body crying for you Let's get lost in each other Touching, exploring, tasting We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss For this is our night Want me, like no other Need you, like the air that I breathe Together, one mind, one soul Fused in the heat of passionate love Existing in this moment Forever
A Song I Wrote
Another like her Who's that girl standing over there do you see her the beautiful one with the silky hair all I do is see her when i close my eyes when I'm alone in bed she runs thru my head she's so fine I wish she was mine and there will never be another like her another like her like her, like her the beautiful one with the silky hair I want to show her I care but i can't cuz he's there another like her another like her like her, like her but when will it happen when can I say she's mine god I pray everything will be fine I'm losing my mind another like her another like her like her, like her
Okay, So Why............
Did I just get invited to a birthday party... THE DAY OF MY BIRTHDAY? Sorry i've got some partying of my own to do that day! and Ruby, you're coming down for my bday right?
Just Wandering
is anyone else on here from western pennsylvania? i havent seen to many people on here from around where im at
Would You Lay With Me ?
Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder
Recently, I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D. - Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder. This is how it manifests: I decide to water my garden. As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide it needs washing. As I start toward the garage, I notice mail on the porch table that I brought up from the mail box earlier. I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car. I lay my car keys on the table, put the junk mail in the garbage can under the table,and notice that the can is full. So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the garbage first. But then I think,since I'm going to be near the mailbox when I take out the garbage anyway, I may as well pay the bills first. I take my check book off the table, and see that there is only one check left. My extra checks are in my desk in the study, so I go inside the house to my desk where I find the can of Coke I'd been drinking. I'm going to look for my checks,
"may You Always Feel Loved"
"May You Always Feel Loved" May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand. May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace. May a kind word, a reassuring touch, a warm smile be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them. Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending. Teach love to those who know hate, and let that love embrace you as you go into the world. May the teaching of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wis
My Desire
In the still of the evening Without sunlight to intrude I see the twilight's in your eyes As the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and low While romance fills the air I can't help but feel aroused The very moment you come near You submit to my embrace While candles flick their flame And the smell of sweet perfume Seems to drive my lust insane As I look into your eyes And run my fingers through your hair I taste the sweetness of your neck As I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of love As you answer with a sigh And in a very sexy way Your sweet body comes alive Your the heat of my desire As we slowly come undress I then start to lay you down While you welcome my caress With your luscious sexy curves You have a taste I can't resist And your breast show some response When I touch them with a kiss As I soak inside your love To a sexy love condition Feeling passions start to rise While making love in all positions You give me so mu
Alone to cry Alone to laugh Alone to smile Alone to frown Alone to live Alone to die Alone to wander Alone to discover Alone to learn Alone to live Alone in pain Alone in hurt Alone in joy Alone in the morning Alone in the night Alone in the afternoon Alone in this life Alone in this world Alone in boredom Alone in knowledge Alone in this state Alone with people Alone at work Alone right now Alone when I was born And alone when I will die Alone walking through life Without any pride How can you be satisfied Living your life like you do When you know there is some one out there Who could really use a friend like you No one will know how I live No one will know who I am No one will ever get to know me Because I am destined to spend my life alone I am always alone. Itís no fun to be alone To do everything on your own To live with no recognition To share my pride with no one Wanting to have someone To live my life with But for now I will continue
She's Hawt!
Go say hello and stuff. She rocks!!! Eliza"bitch"@ fubar
Survey But Its Simple Yes Or No
Kiss me: Hug me: Make me laugh: Date me: Kill me: Grab me: Love me: Hate me: Hold me Lie to me: Hurt me: Sing with me: Dance with me: Grind with me: Stare at me: Get under the covers with me and just play around: Cuddle with me: Let me make a move on you: Make a move on me: Play with me: Trade nude pics with me: Watch a movie with me: Get me a B-day gift?: Let me borrow your car: Be there for me: Buy me a drink: Bring me around your friends: Give me a massage: Take me to the club: Ask me out: like me:y Just lay down wit me and chill: Drink kool-aid with me: Hangout with me: What would you do if you woke up next to me: Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good: Hold hands with me: Do something incredibly sweet for me: Tell me you love me: Play video games with me:
Happy Monday
life is amazing. monday is good. everything, and i mean everything, is good. i'm not spending much time on here or myspace or any other space lately, and all is good. i can not beleive just 6 months ago i would have jumped off a cliff i was so depressed, and now i am soooo happy. isn't love amazing? i sat in a sushi bar last week and told the most amazing woman in the world that i was falling in love with her, and she didn't run fact she said she has the same feelings for me...i was pretty sure that she felt that way, but have now heard it outloud, and she has heard me say i love you in a setting away from sex... lol dam life is good :D so why didn't anyone tell me that the beatles were right....all you need is well, hey, later!!
The Angry American Part 10
Ahh damnit, I just had to read another story about how the GOVERNMENT is failing to help our boys and girls coming home from Iraq, and Afghanistan. This story tells of how a young man watched his buddies die in front of him. He was injuried, and was discharged. However, it doesn't end there....Upon feeling that he couldn't 'cope' anymore he went to the VA. Well this young man attempted to work a normal job as a roofer, and tried to make ends meet. He would talk to his buddies that had died, because, after all in his mind they were standing right there. He suffered from nightmares, and anxiety, and a number of other things. Upon finally agreeing to go to the VA clinic, he was turned away even though he was 'suicidal'. This young man felt he could not cope any longer, and took an electrical cord, wrapped it around a suppot in the basement, and hanged himself. This poor young man, cried out for help, and was REFUSED! This young man, like many others had seen things, and bee
My Dear Friends
Just wanted to say thanks to all thay helped me in the contest..I appreciate all the work..I didn't win but it was fun for the most part...contest will end today, and there is no need to comment that pic anymore...Thanks again..I luv you all!!!!...MUAH
Why Why Why????????????
This might offend someone. But, I am going for it anyhow. Why must people ask for blasts, and such? I will never ask you to buy me such a thing. If you wish to spend money on someone go for it. But I will never buy anyone anything with real money. Sorry ........... that is just me!
Welcome New Member Angels
Largest Database of ImagesFor Comments And Profiles at 'EZE *Tsung Lao Clan*'@ fubar
Smile Contest
So yes a friend of mine entered me in a Best smile contest so show me some love hehe Please!!!!!11 I mean now!!!!!!!!! here is the link
Lights And Shiny Chrome Only Reflect My Pain Away
I remember how we first met,through that online dating service,cause being a trucker I didnt really have much time for any other sort of dating,before we ever met in person you told me how excited you were to meet a trucker,I guess like everyone else all the shiny paint and chrome and lights made you happy. So we finally got together and began dating and you eventually came on the road with me,oh how I loved to wake up with you each day and you really enjoyed seeing the country,at 19 years old something you never imagined you would be able to do. As time went on we got married,I remember being in NC just a few days before our wedding date in CO. July,25,2003. But like always I made sure I was there,wouldnt want to be late for this day! Well we didnt really have much of a honey moon cause like always there was freight that needed to be hauled somewhere,so back on the road we went.. as time went on the excitement of the road faded from your eyes,and the look of ..oh this place again took
Oh, for crying out blanking loud, I really blanked up this time - I'm a total blank - I never should have blanked her (should've kept my blank out of her blank), but, no blanking way I was going to pass up those blanks. I'm a blanking idiot, though - I forgot the first blanking rule of blanking: never blank where you eat. Now it's all a blanking mess. Oh, blank, at least I should've wrapped my blank or pulled the blanker out - I'm a stupid motherblanker and, I know for blanking sure I'm fucked. © All rights reserved
Peace One Day
What would the world be like if for just one day we had a complete ceasefire and no violence? A day of peace. At first thought, it sounds downright impossible. But this is the vision of British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, who directed a film called Peace One Day to record his journey to establish an annual global day of peace. I learned from this documentary that in 1981 the United Nations established the UN International Day of Peace, which originally fell on the third Tuesday of September. Jeremyís vision includes not only having this day commemorated by the UN on a fixed calendar date, but that it be a day of action, where people unite globally to hold their governments accountable with a day of ceasefire and nonviolence. A day of peace not only sends a clear message to the world that peace is possible, but more important in the short-term, it allows access to sensitive war-torn areas for delivery of humanitarian and medical aid. Over a three-year period, Jeremy tirelessly met wi
Good New
Heres a change of pace for all of you that actually take the time to read my normally whiny blogs. My boss told me today he was going to try to help me get re-promoted. Woo hoo. Now this might takes some time but for once things are going forward instead of backward for me.
Might Close My Fubar Account
Things are getting to me on here and such.
Is Anyone Comin To The Meetin In 30 Mins???
Limes And Looking
I'm still drinking, sucking drops of gin from empty bottles lined up on the kitchen counter - each one tells a story of a night without her. I'm so tired of tears and limes and looking into the mirror - each day, my pallid skin gets sucked up into me a little further, and the memories fade/come roaring back. Goddamn you, Emily, return because you love me, not from pity; come back because every day without me makes you sober and you need the buzz as much as I do. Don't those days and nights come back to you in flashes of shiny eyes and laughter? Don't you long for the salty taste of us to awaken your tongue from the stupor of cheap booze? Or don't come back, tonight I'm almost dead. © All rights reserved
Ok I'm A
I said I was going to post on a regular basis and well I've been slacking. Work and more Work has kept me pretty occupied; but I try to be on here as much as possible. I adore talking to everyone and some more than others..xoxoxo I hope everyone has enjoyed all the new photos I've posted. I have more I would like to put up but unfortunately I don't have enough pic space yet. I have been thinking a lot lately about settling down with someone and trying to keep a relationship; but the more I think about it the more it scares the sh** out of me. After being married to a real jerk for five years; I haven't really given another relationship serious thought. That has been a blessing but also a curse. I enjoy so many things about being close to someone; but at the same time freedom to do as you please is also a gift I treasure. I seem to have gravitated to military men more than anyone else, because it is a great relationship until they get stationed elsewhere. Then I'm left alone again t
Lucky Day??
She was in the kitchen preparing to boil eggs for breakfast. He walked in. She turned and said, "You've got to make love to me this very moment" His eyes lit up and he thought, "This is my lucky day." Not wanting to lose the moment, he embraced her and then gave it his all right there on the kitchen table. Afterwards she said,"Thanks", and returned to the stove. More than a little puzzled, he asked, "What was that all about?" She explained, "The egg timer's broken."
Be Careful What You Ask For...
Your Score: Mistress You scored 76% Dominance and 69% Technique! Oh my - you clearly have the instincts and the desire to take charge in the bedroom. With your attitude, you probably have no shortage of willing partners. You may not be at the very top of your game yet in terms of execution, but not to worry - the urge to be in control is all you need; the rest will follow naturally :) Link: The Could You Be A Good Dominatrix Test written by powerstruggle on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
Do You Have It In You??
This was on my son's front page (about me),,how much pride would this give you as there father an to see how far he has gone..give me a life time of hope his sisters an brother lead in the same pride of life.. We live in a world that is at war, and this war has to be fought by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You protest our losses, and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know - that our losses, while tragic, probably saved lives; and my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me to fight in this war -- you need me to fight this war. We use words like "Honor," "Courage," "Commitment." We use these words as the backbone of alife spent defending something. You use them as a punch line. I have neither the time nor the inclination to expla
One Horny Night
Dark passions arise evertime I look into your eyes, When I see that crazy grin beckoning to come over there, All I can do is gasp for air. Your love makes my whole body tremor, Causing my complexion to shimmer. Softly I speak your name, Praying this isn't another boyish game. For without you I'm not whole, Making me fall heart and soul, Helded in your strong arms, Sheltering me from all life's harms, Your body close to mine causes arousal. Hoping these moments never fizzle, I continue to work you till you sizzle. Gently I move my hands across your splendid chest so sweet, Softly carassing you to the soles of your feet. Then when I'm done, I go back to where I begun. Back to that cunning smile, That strectches for miles. Softly laying kisses on your face. You grab me in a hungry embrace, Longing to go inside me, I slow done to wait and see, You utter my name from your lips, And my tongue goes and takes a sip.
Pasta With Zucchini And Roasted Garlic
Pasta with Zucchini and Roasted Garlic In this easy and delicious summer dish, garlic is mellowed in the oven with oil and herbs and then combined just before serving with zucchini that's been cooked in the same pot as rotini pasta (or your favorite shape of macaroni). Credit: National Pasta Association Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 8 cloves garlic, unpeeled * 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme * 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary, crushed * 2 tablespoons vegetable oil * 1 pound rotini pasta, uncooked * 3 medium zucchini, coarsely grated Directions: Preheat the oven or toaster oven to 450 degrees F. Lay a 12-inch-square piece of foil on the counter and put the garlic on it. Sprinkle the thyme and rosemary over the garlic. Pour the oil over the garlic and herbs. Draw up the edges of the foil and make a sealed packet. Bake for 20 minutes. While the garlic is baking, cook the pasta according to the package directions. About 2 minutes before the pasta
so my hubby is at work and im bored and just enjoying the peace and quiet cuz the kids are sleeping!! Is it normal for me to feel lonely while he is at work since he did just get back from iraq a month ago??
Wow I never knew how easy I could get frustrated on dial up after living between dsl and cable the last 3 months. The past few days I have been suppose to be packing, well tonight I finally got the smaller of the two suitcases done, and omg is it full. I have SO much to go into the big suitcase that it is crazy! But I have to look at it this way, I absolutely need to have everything done by tomorrow afternoon cuz when my mom gets off work she is taking me back to my sisters for tuesday and wednesday night. Thursday morning I have to be at the airport at 615 am, from Spokane I fly to Phoneix, there I have under an hour till I leave for Philidelphia in Philly I have under an hour as well and then from Philly I leave at 8:20EST to fly to Frankfurt. That is the longest flight of course which will be a total of 8 hours. As I said earlier I have to be at the airport at 615am on the 30th, I land at 1:20am PST on the 31st. That day is gonna be so damn LONG! and then there is me, I am a smoker
So as most of you know, our female cat had babies a few months back. Well I call the animal shelter today, to see about taking them there, now in Indiana, we have a whooping 2 no kill shelters. Both are way to far away to take them there..back to the point. I call the Johnson County animal shelter, get info needed so I can bring the kittens in, and one of the only things the prick says to me when I call is "you do realize the chance of them getting adopted are slim right?" I mean FFS I realize that shelters are inhumane (in my eyes) and have no problem with throwing their animals in an oven after 2 weeks of not getting adopted, but really, is that something that needs to be said? So regardless, me and Kirsten stay in the car while Jason takes the kitties in, then I make Jason feel bad because I of course am crying...yes wikid cried :P bah But yes that was my day, I don't have to clean up after 8 cats now...but I still feel horrible for doing it. Anyways! How was everyone else's day
Found Love
Found Love V1. It happened So fast Smooth with lightning speed In a heavenly instant Yeah, I let my heart lead I just closed my eyes I just closed my eyes Then to my surprise Ch1.I Found Love I found you Oh, Oh, a miracle long overdue You opened the door You Found the Key I Found Love And love Found me V2. You walked on in Yeah, you came right through And this ole heart, yeah Had been abused Your Gentle touch Your Soothing Voice Girl I had No Choice CH2. I Found Love I found you Oh, Oh, a miracle long overdue You opened the door Girl, Found the Key I Found Love And love Found me
Why Why Why?
Why, Why, Why???? Why, Why, Why Do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are going dead? Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough money? Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle? Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him? Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"? If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white? Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale? Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
One of your biggest assets is your willingness to see both sides of almost any argument. Unfortunately, today that could land you in trouble with your sweetheart or someone in your immediate family. ---------------------------------------------------- Bring on the drama, might she stop denying what is happening? Will she tell me who he is?
Everyone, Hold On! Please!
I thank Bob Dylan most deeply for the title for these blogs. I wasn't sure how to name these without them sounding way too esoteric, lol. But esoteric they will be!! For those who haven't read my other blogs about the planet retrogrades that are in the works right now, the inward moving energy is going to be especially hard on men, especially young men in their 20's. I have had a rash of young 20somethings deciding it's time to "check out", leave the playing field, commit suicide. I need some help here, my energyworker friends, lol!!! Please be supportive! Dear female friends, we've been working our issues for ages. Alot of these young ones - this is the first time they've had their issues shoved in their faces! I do not come from a generation, or a mindset for that matter, that considers suicide a viable option. However, I could very easily fade away to another plane or dimension, if allowed that luxury! Sorry, I'm anchored now - it ain't gonna happen, lol! If there is a
Hey Ladies! Check Them Out!!!
These are my Fubar Bro's. Some of the nicest, sweetest guys on Fubar. (Sorry if I'm blowing your rep, guys, but its true!!!) Ladies, show them some love because they deserve it and they give back what they get (and I mean that on either side, so be nice!!!) Restrictive@ fubar November (fubar hubby of Ruby Cairo {SSDC}@ fubar -Odin-@ fubar pip1966@ fubar Mr. P@ fubar Darrell@ fubar
Hey Guys!!! Check Them Out!
These are my Fubar Sista's. My BFFs and Some of the best people I know. Guys give them the love and RESPECT they deserve. :) Persia {SSDC}@ fubar stina@ fubar the M.I.L.F.@ fubar Eliza"bitch"@ fubar Trancy@ fubar Dy@ fubar Maggie@ fubar
Way To Go Johnnie!
Did John Howard really say this? Im impressed if he did. Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday again to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders pledged loyalty to Australia and her Queen at a special meeting with Prime Minister John Howard, he and his Ministers made it clear that extremists would face a crackdown. Treasurer Peter Costello, seen as heir apparent to Howard, hinted that some radical clerics could be asked to leave the country if they did not accept that Australia was a secular state, and its laws were made by parliament. "If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you", he said on National Television. "I'd be saying to clerics who are teaching that there are two laws governing people in Australia : one the Australian law and another Islamic la
Baby Airplanes
A mother and her young son were flying Southwest Airlines from Chicago to Orlando. The little boy (who had been looking out the window) turned to his mother and asked, "If big dogs have baby dogs, and big cats have baby cats, why don't big airplanes have baby airplanes?" The mother (who could not think of an answer) told her son to ask the flight attendant. Therefore, the boy went down the aisle and asked the flight attendant. The flight attendant, who was very busy at the time, smiled and said, "Did your Mom tell you to ask me?" The boy said, "Yes, she did." "Well, then, you go and tell your mother that there are no baby airplanes because Southwest always pulls out on time. Have your Mom explain that to you."
The Stiletto Girls Rock!!!
Please let me introduce you to JJ...the leader of the stilletto girls and one sexy woman...go on by and show her some love...xoxo JJ (Club F.A.R Member) Founder of Stiletto Girls@ fubar
My Thoughts
Hey Dawn. Its Gothic Soldier. I hope you return to us the same loving and sweet person you have been to us all. I work with alot of soldiers but none of them are more of a soldier than you are and have a heart like one. The lounge and fubar wont be the same without you.Take care and God Bless the beautiful women that we have all come to love. In heart and mind i will be there walking your journey with you. Love Ya Sis. To all this is a special person to alot of us. so please pray for her safe return to us all. She has helped and toke us in to her heart as part of her family. She deserves respect as the respect she gives each one of us. If anyone deserves to be called a soldier it is her. B/c she is strong and good hearted like a soldier in a war. So to her the special women. Life here is waiting for you. The walk maybe long and hard but your friends will continue to walk and be strong for you. Your songs Ozzy- Crazy Train and Changes will remind us of you always.
The Pit Falls Of Being Numero Uno
I find life interesting. What I find more interesting is the mechanics of how Fubar operates. My life does not revolve around ratings or contests. I talk to whomever I want or I can choose to ignore someone. Yesterday, I read a friends blog about getting a request to comment on someone. The request came through his shout box. As usual, his blogs made perfect sense. Not like my rambling bit of Chicago ebonics. But the reason I mention this, is to show how vulnerable we are while on here and how others can take advantage of our profiles. Whether for a nice reason or to just be a jerk. In the past week I have been slapped in public because I voiced an opinion. One chick called me a "bitch" because she didn't like my response....and I am just putting her words neatly compacted into one word...To be honest, I don't see myself as anyone's 'ho'. I responded that she put the question out in the open and I had the right to respond. She just got wild with the name calling. So I d
14 Weeks Today
Today is a huge benchmark for me and my baby! I am officially in my second tri-mester and can worry a little less now that the chances of misscarriage are a lot less significant. Thank goodness! 14 weeks: Head to bottom, your baby's 3 1/2 inches long ó about the length of a lemon ó and weighs about 1 1/2 ounces. Her body's growing faster than her head, which now sits upon a more well-defined neck. By the end of this week, her arms will have lengthened and will be in proportion to the rest of her body. (Her legs still have some growing to do, though.) She's starting to develop an ultra-fine, downy covering of hair all over her body (called lanugo). Her liver starts secreting bile this week, a sign that it's already functioning properly, and her spleen starts contributing to the production of red blood cells. She's also producing and discharging urine into the amniotic fluid, a normal process that she'll keep up until birth. You still can't feel your baby's movements, but her hands a
Why Do People Get So Gay About
when you block them christ get over it
This Is What Happens When You Work For An International Company
Someone near me is having something with curry on it for lunch. It smelled so good it made me hungry, so I went to heat up my lunch. Someone else was just heated up theirs and was having something with Ginger in it. Now everyone else's lunch smells better than mine! :(
September is going to be such a busy time of year for me. Im in the process of packing..I will be moving out of this pain in the ass home of mine. Since Ive been here..its been one disaster after another. Plus I need a bigger home since my daughter is going to have a baby in 3 months. Anyways, thats one of the reasons why I have to slow down on doing the titty salutes..Im much more busier than I usually am. I might be offline for a bit while Im moving, Verizon takes FOREVER to hook you up..But I love Verizon, so Ill have to wait. I havent found a home yet, theres a couple I am looking at now..ALOT more expensive *sighs* But I really need to get out of here, esp when the Landlord will do nothing..Right now I am having a flea problem..I have bombed the whole house TWICE..and still having the problem..WELL..The cellar is not is ALL sand..and he wont cement it down there, so he is infested with sand fleas..I told him this, he shrugged it off..hes a "Old School Man" And
Down Raters
I must say a way to NOT make friends on here is to down rate a can someone clue the NEWBIES in on how this all have a person just join...walk on to your page..rate you a 4...all I can say is if you dont like what you see then get off of my page..dont waste your rates!To all of my REAL FRIENDS...YOU ROCK!!!Sorry had to vent..
""" This Was Sent By Sis Karliegrl """"
AND ITS SO TRUE August 28, 2007 @ 11:07 am One day someone special will be gone. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of your bedroom, you might be struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. No more hugs, no more lucky moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, No more "just one more minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away. never to return before we can say good-bye, Or say "I Love You." So while we have it . . it's best we love it . . And care for it and fix it when it's broken . and take good care of it when it's sick. This is true for marriage .... and friendships .. And children with bad report cards; And dogs with bad hips; And aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, Because we cherish them! Some things we keep -like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, No matter what. Life is impor
Fat Sonny For Fubar President!!
FAT SONNY for FUBAR PresidentClick the Picture to go to President Fat Sonny's pageFor a short time President FAT SONNY is opening his add request doors to EVERYONE! Hop aboard before the ship before it sets sail and this offer is gone forever. Any Loyal subject that can RATE and COMMENT "EVERY SINGLE ONE" of President Fat Sonny's pictures get a free paid Gold membership to My Babe Space for the year and a free T-shirt from FUCKING INSANE GOOD LUCK! Remember this is a limited time offer. When President Fat Sonny closes the doors for new adds your SHIT OUT OF LUCK!
Leonard Cohen / If It Be Your Will
The Magus
An excerpt from The Magus, by John Fowles. Stellar book--and it didn't inspire as many murders as did The Collector. "Go and sit at the table. With your back to the sun." In a minute he appeared, carrying something heavy draped in a white towel. He put it carefully on the centre of the table. Then he paused, made sure I was looking, before gravely he removed the cloth. It was a stone head, whether of a man or a woman it was difficult to say. The nose had been broken short. The hair was done in a fillet, with two sidepieces. But the power of the fragment was in the face. It was set in a triumphant smile, a smile that would have been smug if it had not been so full of the purest metaphysical good humor. The eyes were faintly oriental, long, and as I saw, for Chonchis put a hand over the mouth, also smiling. The mouth was beautifully modelled, timelessly intelligent and timelessly amused. "That is the truth. Not the hammer and sickle. Not the stars and stripes.
I Dont Understand This...
these are some articles that i just do not understand. In a clear violation of constitutional rights, administrators at Hanover High School suspended a student Tuesday for sketches of pentacles on her face for the Wiccan Spring festival of Beltane. The student says that necklaces and other forms of the symbol had been confiscated or stolen by other students. Administrators claim the symbols were a Ďdisruption to the learning process.í CEDAR LAKE | For the second day in a row, a Hanover Central High School freshman came to school with pagan symbols sketched on her face and was sent home by school officials. Hanover Superintendent Michael Livovich said the symbols on the girl's face are disruptive to the educational process, and she will be sent home each day if she refuses to wash them off. On Tuesday, Sky Holeman wore a pentagram symbol below her eye to mark the pagan holiday of Beltane, and school officials sent her home. Holeman returned to school Wednesday with more
Little About Me
I'm currently seperated over 4 years now. I sublet a room from my son & his family. They have 2 boys, 0ne 6, one 3. My daughter has two children also. One boy 7, and a daughter who is 5. Those grandkids are the light of my life! :) I recently retired from a 22 yr Law Enforcement career. I'm taking the summer enjoying the grandchildren :) We've been camping 4 times and to Disneyland twice so far lol I'm not sure if I'm going to pursue a new career or just be a "nanny" to the boys for a while as both my son and daughter in law work full time night shifts.
Laugh For August 28
The Special Challenge A guy walks into a bar and notices a sign on the wall. It says "Ask about our special challenge". He asks the bartender what its all about. The bartender says points to two large pieces of meat hanging from the ceiling about three and a bit yards up and says "If you can jump up and touch those pieces of meat then you can drink in this bar free for a year. However if you don't manage to reach them then you have to buy everyone here two rounds each." The guy thinks about it and muses it over. He looks at the meat then at the barman then at the meat then looks at the barman and says "Nah, pal. The steaks are too high."
Hard To Live Without
Our hearts are full of memories, We cherish them with care, The way you had to leave us Will always seem unfair, One thing we have to tell you, Of which there is no doubt, You are wonderful to remember, But so hard to live without.
"If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character, If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation, When there is order in each nation, there will be peace in the world". ~ Lao - Tse - 6th century Another gift from Lady Victoria! You are truly a treasure trove of wisdom, dear friend! Blessings!
In Lifes Spindle
Life will dwindle, in lifes spindle, hopes and dreams washed away, never to come back any other day, broken hearts no longer play, in one place they surely stay, battered and bruised, totally and truely confused, a day turns to a week, no one comes to seek, not even a peep, never wanting to wake from your sleep, life can be cruel, like dieing in a dual, but try to hold your head up high, dont ever sigh, be true to your self and never ask why, friends are good and they can be bad, some will use, and some will abuse, take the bad with the good, as everyone should, please be the best person you can be, and true happiness is what you shall see, always let your heart roam free........
Am I Really As Big Of An Asshole
as everyone says i am
So I found the apartment I want, just I now need to raise the money to move in.... I could MuMM it but I won't.
Pitt Bull & Other Large Breed Lovers
It is the Banning of Leathal Species or BLS now it has been proposed in the great state of Texas and didnt pass, the first time but now because of cetian people on TV ( yall know who I am talking about) its back.And not just in Texas its everywhere. Also most people dont fully understand that is not just for pitts its chows,rotts, huskies, german sheperds and so on. Ok long story short I am asking you guys to just go to this web site and sign the petition against banning my babies! Pitt bulls are miss understood and people are miss informed if you would like more information on the matter just message me @nannerpuddin1983. I would be more than happy to pass on the info! It really is not there fault just like guns dont kill people,people kill people. Dogs are only what there owners make them! The link to the petition is below, please take a minute to fill it out its just your name and e-mail thats it and please repost this and help get the word out! I really dont want to have to hurt th
Falling For ...
I'm falling for you In so many ways I'm falling for you Can't stop thinking of you everyday I'm falling for you And I'm so scared I'm falling for you Wondering if you will still be there I'm falling for you With each moment in time I'm falling for you Hoping you will be mine I'm falling for you More every time we talk I'm falling for you Wanting to be the key to your lock I'm falling for you Hoping it is real I'm falling for you So tell me how you feel....
I Hate You Now
I hate you now... For all you've done. For all these tears I've cried. All these lonely nights. Lies, broken promises and the fairytale life I dreamt of. I hate you now for loving her. Giving her all the things we shared. For pretending I was all you ever needed. I hate you now for forgetting me. Giving up on all I know we could be. Never picking up the phone to call. Acting as if we never mattered at all. I hate you now because I need you to smile. I long for you everynight. Because I want your love no matter how much I try to deny it. I hate you now for stealing my heart, for the fact that I love you more than words can say. Because you haunt my dreams and flood my thoughts. I need you so bad it hurts inside. I hate you because I can't forget and don't wanna let go. Because you are all I want and you don't even know. I hate you now....
For Sexy Gregina!
You know this is our shit biotch!!!!!
Have I Ever Told You
Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I ever told you that when I watch you speak to me I imagine your voice whispering into my ear?Have I ever told you that I wait out each day in anticipation wanting only an hour or two just a second in space and time to feel close to you? Have I ever told you that I would give everything up just for one night to be able to lay near you to feel your chest rise and fall with each breath you take just to know that you are real? Have I ever told you that I dream of you often I dream of you reaching out and touching my hand simply to let me know that you are there and everything is okay What I have with you is worth it. It is worth every lonely night every tear I cry from missing you, and the pain I feel from not having you close. It is worth it because you are my one and only. When I picture myself years from now, I see only you. No matter how painful
In A W Hole Mess Of Trouble
A CATTLEMAN rode into a clearing and saw an enraged bull about to charge a cowboy who had become separated from his horse. Head down and nostrils flared, the bull charged. The cowboy dived into a convenient recess in the ground, and the bull plunged across the hole. The cowboy leaped out, and on came the bull again, madder than ever. Back into the hole dropped the cowboy. The cattleman watched this happen half a dozen times, then yelled, "Why don't you just stay in the dang hole?" Leaping out again, the cowboy shouted, "There's a bear in that hole."
May I
May I kiss you As the tip of my tongue traces around your lips May I kiss you As I press my lips gently to yours May I kiss you As my tongue tickles yours May I kiss you Rubbing lips back and fourth May I kiss you As I suck on your lower lip May I kiss you As we thrust our tongues in and out May I kiss you As you see how much I want you now ...
Butch The Rooster
Butch the Rooster John the farmer was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), called "pullets", and ten roosters, whose job it was to fertilize the eggs (for you city folks). The farmer kept records and any rooster that didn't perform went into the soup pot and was replaced. That took an awful lot of his time, so he bought a set of tiny bells and attached them to his roosters. Each bell had a different tone so John could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing. Now he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report simply by listening to the bells. The farmer's favorite rooster was old Butch, and a very fine specimen he was, too. But on this particular morning John noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! John we
Fed Up
So I have decided that I am officially annoyed. I love how guys are all ok to come to your site and check out your NSFW pics, but when it comes to any others there are barely any (if any) comments or rates. Then, several times a day I decided to take a chance and respond to some of the people in my shoutbox and its always "Do you wanna have some naughty fun" When I said no or tell them that I do have a boyfriend...I am not good enough to talk to. I want to meet some cool people on this site, but I have mainly encountered a bunch of sick perverts who care nothing except to see nudes to wack off to. I am seriously considering making my NSFW pics family only. Don't mind my rant. It's been bugging me for a while now. Everytime i post new pics he response depends on the kinda of pics. Almost all of my shoutbox conversation attempts have been people trying to get me to have cyber sex with them and when I say no...I'm apparently not good enough to talk to. I have dated guys like th
To A Special Friend
the silver bell Your laugh is like a silver bell Clean and light and free Just like the hours of happiness Your friendship brings to me. You're like a room of sweet wind chimes Enlightened by a breeze Or like an open, grassy field Dotted with old trees. I'm grateful for the things you do But more for what you are A breath of clear, bright open sea, Of life beyond the bar. You are to me a very special sun That shines upon a world few ever see A world you are afraid to show to everyone That hides its urgent truth from even me. Without your light it is a world of darkness Its heaven and its hell lie fast asleep With you as sole and sympathetic witness, The words come forth and are for you to keep. So ring that silver bell, so all may hear your inner demons, we will face and not fear Long may we serve each other to give light To all the loveliness that haunts the night.
Pain; Malevolence;poetry
People shielding themselves with an armor of ignorance, Walking around in a malevolent trance, Ceasing to see the path of their destruction, Muddling through each day, they barely function. Never understanding their negative impact on others, Their mothers, sisters, wives, children & brothers, Unfortunately, the children are the most harmed, Noone in this country, however, seems too much alarmed. Lost souls thriving for a place to be, As we overlook those with the greatest of needs, The homeless and abused, Mistreated and used, Like the child who is unloved and unwanted, The teenage crack whore, who will be forever haunted, How about the welfare mother, that can't afford to feed her babies, As we preach all our should haves, could haves, and maybes, No one knows what tomorrow will hold, The future is ours, just left to be told. Donna R. Forrest Copyright dated June 20, 2006
And One More Freakin Thing....
If I sit here to take the freakin time to actually Rate/Fan/Add/Rate your pics... at least take the fucking time out of your "busy" schedules to at least accept my fan request, maybe drop by my page, rate my profile, maybe rate a pic or two, some stash... I take my fucking time to do it to your page, show some consideration. *jumping off the soapbox*
An Old Friends Son Dies......
Dustin Scott Wakeman, a U.S. Army sergeant, died Saturday, Aug. 4, 2007, in Iraq. Funeral: 10 a.m. Monday, Aug. 13, in Laurel Land Memorial Chapel in Fort Worth. Interment: Dustin will be laid to rest in Laurel Land Memorial Park in the Garden of the Apostles with full military honors. Visitation: 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home. Dustin's family invites you to visit the Enduring Memories Booth at the funeral home and record your fondest memory of Dustin. Dustin was born Feb. 10, 1982, in Fort Worth. He graduated from Everman High School with honors and was a member of the math and science clubs, the band and the National Honors Society. After graduation, Dustin attended Tarrant County College and UT- Arlington before joining the U.S. Army in 2004. He served as a medic and paratrooper and was recently promoted to sergeant. His duty stations included Fort Sill, Okla., and Fort Richardson, Alaska. Dustin received many awards while serving our country: Bronze Service Medal, Army
The Dream Of An Incomplete Heart
Did you even think of me while I missed you Your words said long ago echo through my ears The vision of you picture haunts me Your beautiful eyes, warm and loving Looking at me through the miles My heart melts while I look at you My body tingles at the thought of you Feelings dead for too many years Come to life when I hear your name I dream of you Desire you Look forward to loving you But time will tell I will never give up My heart tells me It has been but half a heart Needing you to be complete I am yours I have been yours through a thousand lifetimes I will be yours for a million lifetimes to come
When your gone I feel so alone like this house aint a home like a kid that aint grown like a motherless child like a kid with no future like a man with no worries who's like why bother like one who fallen from grace killing himself before dishonor like a girl being lied to that's coming of age like reading a book that's missing the last page I miss you like Ray missed his eye sight but he learned to live without it still enjoying lives beauty
Three Things
Ha Ha Ha Haha
well he blocked me before I could call him a fuck boy LMAO......BTW this is the dude that got jealous over Greg ->Lexi&heart...: Im far from a lilgirl §ľ«h„’ti«Ľ...: holla at ya trick ->Lexi&heart...: well whatever makes you feeel better §ľ«h„’ti«Ľ...: lol me grow up lil girl plz §ľ«h„’ti«Ľ...: maybe if u had of talk to me instead of ignorin my calls u would have gotten to kno me ->Lexi&heart...: been there done that, grew up ->Lexi&heart...: nah I know your type, aint nuthin new, sweet talker §ľ«h„’ti«Ľ...: when u jus addmitted u was bullshit §ľ«h„’ti«Ľ...: how tha fuck was i playin when i was tryin to get u here ->Lexi&heart...: man whatever, I knew every thing you said was BS, trust me, I know ur type, I just played with you for a lil bit §ľ«h„’ti«Ľ...: ok wha i bullshit u about ->Lexi&heart...: ur a bullshitter, Im not stupid hun §ľ«h„’ti«Ľ...: ididnt get mad didnt really care ->Lexi&heart...: no, you got mad cos I wouldnt come see you §ľ«h„’ti«Ľ
Why Parents Drink
A Mother passing by her son's bedroom was astonished to see that his bed was nicely made and everything was picked up. Then she saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow that was addressed to "Mom" With the worst premonition she opened the envelope with trembling hands and read the letter. Dear Mom,: It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new girlfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with Dad and you. I have been finding real passion with Stacy and she is so nice. But I knew you would not approve of her because of all her piercings, tattoos, tight motorcycle clothes and the fact that she is much older than I am. But it's not only the passion...Mom she's pregnant. Stacy said that we will be very happy. She owns a trailer in the woods and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. We share a dream of having many more children. Stacy has opened my eyes to the fact that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone.We'll be gr
Hmmmm...Where to start? How about what is up with "those people"? Everybody has had some sort of encounter with them. You know who I am talking about, the ones who feel like "Hey I have all day to get to where ever in the hell it is I am going, so I am going to get there in the slowest possible time EVER." I leave my house with plenty of time to spare in most cases, (there are always times when we all leave late for one reason or another) but, for the most part I try to leave with 10-15 minutes to spare. Mostly because I have the honor of living in a community where tractors can honestly cause you to be REALLY late. But thats a whole other rant... I really would like to hear how the rest of you out there in ".com land" have felt about this wonderful group of individuals. Give me a yell and let me know if you agree with me---Should they have to drive ONLY when the rest of the concious world doesnt need the roads or should they just be shaken until their ears bleed?
Political Correctness
>> Subject: Political correctness >> >> >> >> Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America, >> Kentuckians, Tennesseans and West Virginians will no longer be >> referred to as "HILLBILLIES." >> >> >> >> >> >> You must now refer to them as >> APPALACHIAN-AMERICANS. >> >> >> >> >> >> And furthermore >> >> >> >> >> >> HOW TO SPEAK ABOUT WOMEN AND BE POLITICALLY CORRECT: >> >> >> >> >> 1 She is not a "BABE" or a "CHICK" - She is a "BREASTED AMERICAN." >> >> >> >> >> >> 2. She is not "EASY" - She is "HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE." >> >> >> >> 3. She is not a "DUMB BLONDE" - She is a"LIGHT-HAIRED DETOUR OFF >> THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY." >> >> >> >> 4. She has not "BEEN AROUND" - She is a"PREVIOUSLY-ENJOYED >> COMPANION." >> >> >> >> 5 She does not "NAG" you - She becomes "VERBALLY REPETITIVE." >> >> >> >> 6. She is not a "TWO-BI
Peace Within
The Frog Does Not Drink Up The Pond In Which He Lives. There Can Never Be Peace Between Nations, Until It Is First Known That True Peace Is Within The Souls Of Men. We Will Be Known Forever By The Tracks We Leave.
Tired Of all the lies Of all the people that say they care Of all the pretenders Tired Of the people that come into my life that say they care only to have them forget about me when someone new comes along Of putting my feeling out there only to have them stomped on. Of being alone Tired Of struggling every day Of not finishing what I start Of not having anything to show for my LIFE Tired Of the selfishness Of trying to compromise Of the fighting Tired OF THIS LIFE THE END!
Just A Lil Bout Me...
1. Are there any previous relationships you wish could have lasted longer? Yes and No........I know that pretty 2. Whats the most annoying thing anyone could do? act like a stupid dumb ass....there's alot of those around here too 3. When was the last time you saw the last person you kissed? Sunday 4. What is your first name?: Kris 5. Name a quote from the song your listening to: It's really good to hear your voice say my name, it sounds so sweet...comming from the lips of an angel hearing those words it mkes me week..... 6. How is life going for you right now?: it's aight... 7. What is the 10th text message in your inbox and from who? its a shot of tequilla from marsha 8. What about your 5th? "thank you Kris, I m good. and you? hope you re doing very well." ~ from Ece 9. Who was the last person you texted? Kari 10. What do you think of your siblings?: That they are both WEIRD....just like me 11. What was the reason you last cried?
Sometimes the truth hurts when it is slapping you in the face. Sometimes your heart smiles when love gives its special embrace. Sometimes the world turns slowly only for you and me. Then time stops, we turn to each other so that only we can see. People enter your life for a reason, I am not always sure why but it reveals itself in time. It may slap you in the face or it may make you smile, but whatever the reason if it stops time for you and me then it was a good.
What Else Could I Do?
i have a dear friend who i do care about very much and over the years we have seen and done allot together........... i used to be a big meth user hell i have even labled myself a dealer of the drug at one point in time but im differant now, now im clean and not doing any kind of drug at all...but my friend is not so lucky. ive watched her go from smoking the shit to snorting it and now shooting it up in her viens! its now gotten so bad that its all she does its become her whole life (chasing the bag) and its worse then i can really describe in fact. her arms are full of track marks and i couldnt stand seeing her, its made me cry a couple of times. this last time seeing her was the worse, me and other friends have tried so many times to help her out whether it came to advice or help or even a place to stay any thing just to help her out and try to get her to see what she is doing to herself. saddly though, nothing seems to work and now i am sad to say that im now numb to he
How It All Began
A MAN CALLED BANJO My life story in a nut shell ,true fact's about the man you know as Banjo with a little humor added but what the heck you probably will like to read it any how.I enjoy telling it. Here's how it started -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On September 13,1943 the most wonderful thing occured that brought lots of joy and happiness to a certain family,at the time they all thought I looked like a Larry so thats what they named me I was told my Grand Pa Jesse Cline named me . I was Borned in Wyoming Co. in the township of Hanover , a rural community in the south western hills of Wva .Forty miles from the nearest Town and just as far back in a hollar as you could walk on foot . It was in a log cabin farm house belonging to my Grand Pa where I first set foot on this land . I was told that the Doctor came on horse back crossing over three moutain ranges following a Horse and buggy trail th
A Llil Song I Wrote About Life I Have And Ppl In It
___________________Harsh words_______________________ You wanna put me down?, You wanna see me frown? Well this is the last time you'll ever see me around. I was true to you, I gave you my life on a plate, And all i got in return is a life thats full of hate. You once gave me everything and then took it all away, I thought i was your everything what more can i say?. And now i see the truth in you, Your hate it made me see, Deep down inside, what you really thought of me. Im a fuck up, a screw up nothing better than you, Well guess what bitch i got some news for you. Im a better person then you will ever be, and all you are is pissed your not, like, me. i tried and tried more and more everyday. all i got was put down so what can i say? (verse 2 ) All i know is that i grew up. And your just pissed that im not a screw up. Im not like you and i will never be, How could you want that fucked up life for me? Im better than you and i will allways be, So you can go to
Best Cleavage Contest
Shell is in the process of setting up a new contest, best cleavage contest in fact. Here's the breakdown for the contest. (and trust me this will be re modified numerous times, because I can already think of one thing I'm forgetting & Shells offline) But moving on, this will be a contest for best cleavage, so if you (or if you can think of someone) would be interested, hit Shell up A.S.A.P. let her know what picture you want to be entered. Now insert the rules; 1) Only SFW pictures are to be entered (by fubar rules, this means you must have your face in the picture, so no straight boob shoots, sorry) 2) Only the serious should enter this contest. We don't need people joining, leaving 5 comments and giving up, we're not here to waste your time, so don't waste ours 3) You must have at least 5,000 comments to earn prizes. Meaning this; say the person with most comments is 10,000 ahead of you so you want to give up and figure 'oh well, I'll get 2nd or 3rd place' yes this is true,
Goood Morning All You Awsome Peoples
good morning to all my awsome friends i hope you have a great day and ont forget to smile love you all
What Is Asatru
copyright (c) 1995 by Stephen A. McNallen WHAT IS ASATRU? Long before Christianity came to northern Europe, the people there - our ancestors - had their own religions. One of these was Asatru. It was practiced in the lands that are today Scandinavia, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and other countries as well. Asatru is the original or native religious belief for the peoples who lived in these regions. WHAT DOES THE WORD "ASATRU" MEAN? It means, roughly, "belief in the Gods" in Old Norse, the language of ancient Scandinavia in which so much of our source material was written. Asatru is the name by which the Norsemen called their religion. WHEN DID ASATRU START? Asatru is thousands of years old. Its beginnings are lost in prehistory, but it is older than Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or most other religions. The spiritual impulses it expresses are as ancient as the European peoples themselves - at least 40,000 years, and perhaps much older. WHY DO WE NEED
Just a reminder to you all - when you find that special person....the one who laughs with you, the one who cries with you, the one that not only sticks by you in the best of times but is there for you in the bad times, too - don't let that person go. Don't let jealousy or your own personal insecurities suck everything from that relationship. True love is so hard to find and ecspecially in this day and age.....some people wait forever to find it and it never finds them. So when you have it - recognize how lucky you are and hold as tight as you can. It's guaranteed to be worth the ride....
To realize The value of a sister, Ask someone Who doesn't have one. To realize The value of ten years, Ask a newly Divorced couple. To realize The value of four years, Ask a graduate. To realize The value of one year, Ask a student who Has failed a final exam. To realize The value of nine months, Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn. To realize The value of one month, Ask a mother Who has given birth to A premature baby. To realize The value of one week, Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize The value of one minute, Ask a person Who has missed the train, bus or plane. To realize The value of one-second, Ask a person Who has survived an accident. Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when You can share it with someone special . To realize the value of a friend or family member:
Reverse Pin
If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your Pin # in reverse. For example if your pin number is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your pin number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to help you.
Answer My Question
I know this has probably been done so many times it is getting old. So I see it as this.I HAVEN'T done it!! I would like for you to describe what you think of me or bout me? How do you see me? I am not asking you to put it on your blog if you answer this question either. So tell me!!
Could You?
bomb this like it's nobody's business. 8-P
My Bday Boy Is 2 Today!!
I'm Not Doing Well
At the moment, I am not doing well. I don't like being here in this situation. I don't like feeling so alone. I don't want to be invisible. I don't want to get the feeling that I'm expected to wait and wait and wait and wait for something to finally happen. When you get to the end of the rope, you either let go or you try to climb back up. I'm still dangling there... and it sucks
For All The Guys That Don't Know Anything & For The Girls That Knows Everything!!!
Girl Facts When a girl bumps into your arm while walking with you she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart she still feels it when u run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds, she is not at all fine When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are playing games When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever When a girl says she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future When a girl says, "I miss you," no one in this world can miss you more than that When a girl is mean to you after a break-up she wants you back, but shes scared she'll get h
You Just Got Chewbacca Rolled
Im not feeling so well today. I thought it was because i was tired but now im not so sure..... Come by and show me some luv.... help me feel better
Destructochick Strikes Again
Okay for those of you that don't know, I have injured myself in another totally random, off the wall way. Monday night around 10:00pm, my idiot dog, Jack (who is mostly pit) snatched a piece of steak off of my dinner plate. I reflexively popped him on top of the head to get him to drop it. He didn't even notice the contact enough to look up. *I* broke my freaking hand! Just once, I want to be able to say I injured myself in a normal way, like a car wreck or a simple fall. But no. I get things like I broke my foot walking through my own yard, or now, I broke my hand on my dog's head. I officially fail at life. Oh yeah, did I mention school has judt dtarted and I went on Tuesday and took a page full of notes with said hand? Because, without freaking fail, it was my right hand! So, point of the story is I probably won't be on here much for the next few weeks because it is a b!tch to type with one hand and even more of one to use the damn mouse left handed. So, as decreed by The RedRum
Cant Fubar
Ok so i was informed by my boss i need to work more or some shit. So to appease the slave drivers and facist as well as keep my job( i mean hell i get paid great money to do nothing) I can only Fubar for the first few minutes of the day at lunch and when i get home, so i'll have to catch you all at those times or you can catch me on IM (he said internet time not Yahoo time was interefering) This is effective tomorrow..........sshhhhh dont tell nobody
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Words Of Wisdom By Maya Angelou
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .... enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... something perfect to wear if the employer, or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .. a youth she's content to leave behind.... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her old age.... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..... a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra... AWOMAN SHOULD HAVE .... one friend who always makes her laugh... and one who lets her cry... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .... a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal, that will make her guests feel honored... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... a feeling of control over her destiny... EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... ho
What I'm Feeling
When your heart aches, What do you do? Do you try to find that person who made it hurt? Or just try to stop the pain? Do you see ho long it will last? Or wonder if it will ever get mended? I write this for my heart aches. And I can't seem to stop the pain, Are we meant to experience this kinda pain? Or have I just gone the wrong way?
Hugsss Have A Good Day
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I know there are people who are going to read this and not take it the right way. Some will feel it is a time to pounce and move ahead with their own agenda and others will feel it is a slight against them. IT IS NEITHER. it is my confusion and I am just in the mood to write. What do you do if you have feelings for someone but you feel something is missing? Or not neccesaarily missing but not developed. You see a lot of people in relationships and you give advice but you cant seem to get your own head clear. You dont want to mess things up but there are issues that dont get resolved. I see a lot of people on here go through this and it is very frustrating. Is it because we are on the internet? Is it true that you really cant have a relationship of the mind with out the physical being involved. Can you truly not be in Love with someone unless you can touch them? I dont really believe that. And why do people say, after a break up, that they will never do that again? Is it b
so i sit here trying to crack my neck, that since i have had the accident have yet been able to. i begin to realize something, if i do infact end up cracking my neck who is to say it wont get worse? i know when i crane my neck to the side it almost feels like redemption is just waiting for me just past the point where i cant turn anymore, if only i could make my neck go that way again it might pop back in place and i wont have to put up with constant strain. i'm wrong, even if i do crack my neck i will probably be on bed rest for another week or two if not blowing the disc out completely. this makes me think about how people act and react to certain things. is it possible to put enough pressure on a person psyche to make them injur or worse kill them selves? dont ask why, but all my life i have had this weird fasination with controling the human body. i have gone to great lengths to able to do what some might say is incredible. i have pushed pine needles through my bicep, held
What If God Smoked Cannabis? Wwjd?
Its Finally Here!
OK all, Im leaving for NY early in the am so most of today is going to be spent getting ready and then Ill be visiting my Samantha!!! wooohoooo!Im letting you know that I wont be on thta much so if it takes me a while to get back to your email or friends requests please be patient as even though Sam has internet access of course we will be too drunk to do much lol But we might get on cam for everyone to see just how bad I REALLY look if I get drunk enough! Im barely holding onto my rank and its taking me FOREVER to get to godfather so if you could show me some love and maybe pimp my sexy ass out it would be much appreciated!If you want the love to be returned send me a pm as I wont be able to see my bartab very often. I love you all! You know who you are and will miss you but this trip has been a long time coming.I just know Angel~baby has got to be even more awesome in person! We will be sure to take LOTS and lOTS of pics to upload when we return- or maybe even from there! Try n
Yes Another Horoscope Kick Ass!!!
VIRGO - The Perfectionist Dominant in relationships. Conservative. Al ways wants the last word. Argumentative. Worries. Very smart. Dislikes noise and chaos Eager. Hardworking. Loyal. Beautiful. Easy to talk to. Hard to please. Harsh. Practical and very fussy. Often shy. Pessimistic. SCORPIO - The Intense One Very energetic. Intelligent. Can be jealous and/or possessive. Hardworking. Great kisser. Can become obsessive or secretive. Holds grudges. Attractive. Determined. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Can be self-centered at times. Passionate and Emotional. LIBRA - The Harmonizer Nice to everyone they meet. Can't make up their mind. Have own unique appeal. Creative, energetic, and very social. Hates to be alone. Peaceful, generous. Very loving and beautiful. Flirtatious. Give in too easily. Procrastinators. Very gullible. . ARIES - TheDaredevil Energetic. Adventurous and spontaneous. Confident and enthusiastic. Fun.
In Memory of Bailey Amaral I found my wonderful sweet loving baby gental cat Bailey this morning in the back yard laying as if he was just sleeping away. He was not! :( This is a very sad day for me. We have had him for 17yrs now. I know he was old and had a wonderful life but I am going to be sooo lost without my nite cuddler. Bailey, Mommy misses and will miss you forever. You are forever in my heart and soul. Love Mommy...
Somethign From My Heart
ok so like this seriously had to hurt, thought i would just send you something from my heart!
For You My Sunshine And My Earth...
Hayden-Alexis, will you be my Fubar wife and have me as your Fubar Hubby? To love and to hold and cherish you in your most time of need? Always forever and ever...
Burning Desire
My Burning Desire by Laura Tonight, as I lay here in this darkened room, My body helpless as desire seems to consume. My bed so lonely without you laying here next to me, As steaming hot passion burns uncontrollably free. My lips are moistened, with my feverish tongue, As inside my heart, flaming desires are definitely sprung. My breast bare, as the night chill gives them a rush, I begin to moan, but try hard to keep it hush. Tenderly, my fingers dribble down my bare breast, To delicate places, my fingers slowly come to a rest. I circle my nipple, as a chill flows through, Inside of me a passion burns, so deep with thoughts of you. As sweat begins to build, upon my body so well, I linger on to places, that even more feelings can dwell. Down to my stomach, my fingers seem to glide, Down to that spot, where my passion seems to hide. A hot burning desire, I feel the flames flowing so free, As my fingers dip into the deeper depths of me. So wet and flaming the power o
Why Do They Say?
There are literally tons of posts and polls on this topic and being extremely opinionated you should have known I would add my two cents. Why does size matter? To me a guys penis size does not matter unless it is too big to be comfortable to me. If I can't get it all in my mouth it's too big. I don't want to be "speared" when I ride it so I like a comfortable ride. It's also more important to me that he knows how to work what God gave him than how much God gave him. Why is it that some men seem to think that just because they send a pic of a "big dick", their own words, that I'm going to immediately want to jump on it? I've been with men in my life that were all different sizes and varying degrees of thickness and to be perfectly honest the one I got the most pleasure from and desire the most is not the one considered by most standards to be "most endowed." He's not small although he personally feels he's lacking. He always managed to rub the "G" just right every time in ever
You know what? I am not even mad. I mean I am a little bristled. I just have to take deep breaths. Why do I feel so much? The words can either eviscerate me or hug me into a cocoon safe enough for me to finally relax in. I never relax anymore... Anymore? That would imply that I have actually relaxed a day in my life. But I haven't... ever. I am always waiting. I wait to be hurt because I know it is coming and it always does. People come to me with their hands out as if to say "Look, I have no weapons. Can't you trust me?" But then the words! The words. And they hurt so much! They really do. And I seem to be the only one feeling them. Blades that I used to sink into my flesh gave me pain but it was good pain. But these words slice flesh, sever veins, bring forth a hurt that stops my breath and stills my limbs. I sit, I look, I listen to you and I feel my blood slow because it hurts that much. But then you call, or you hold, or you kiss and I forget. Every hour
She Was Only 5
Her dad was a drunk Her mom was an addict Her parents kept her Locked in an attic Her only friend was a little toy bear It was old and worn out And had patches of hair She always talked to it When no one's around She lays there and hugs it Not a peep of sound Until her parents unlock the door Some more and more pain She'll have to endure A bruise on her leg A scar on her face Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear And softly cries she loves her parents But they want her to die she sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is my life always sinking? " Such a bad life For a sad little kid She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did Then one night Her mom came home high And the poor child was beaten As hours went by Then her mom suddenly Grabbed for a blade It was sharp and pointy One that she made She thrusted the blade Right in her chest, "Youeserve to die You
It's Official
I'm done. I give up. There is absolutely no point in trying to make this shit work with my wife. I'm fed up with all the shit she has put me through. I know that I've been a lousy husband. I've done shit that ain't right. I know that. But I've also tried to make things right with her. I've tried and tried, but she will not let me be her husband anymore. I know she says I haven't done a damn thing to make up for what I've done. But that's just because I haven't done the stuff she wants me to do. I know what I need to do, and just because it's not what she wants at the time doesn't mean that I haven't made a fucking effort. For the past year and a half she has done everything she can to distance herself from me, while I have been doing everything I can to get closer to her emotionally. But it's never gonna work. She holds so much resentment for what I have done that she can not forgive me. Not only that she tries to hurt me as well to get even for what I put her through. S
I Can't Believe It's Over
Have you ever heard the phrase "all good things must come to an end"? Well, its that time. I see the end nearing, but you do not. Maybe you do and you fear it just as i do. Speaking it makes it reality, and we'd rather it not be so. You're in my thoughts, dreams, and prayers every night. I thought it would last forever, they said it was too good to last, and it is. I thought i'd stand the test of time, but i couldn't. Everyday i sense us growing farther and farther apart. I realize now i can't hold on to someone who wants to let go. Just as i can't love someone who doesn't love back, or cry for someone who doesn't care. I never knew pain until the day i realized this. Just know that when its over and we go our separate ways, there will not be a time when i don't wonder what it would be like to spend one more minute with you, to share one more laugh, to have one more hug. Life must go on, but as you go on your path and i on mine, cherish the fact that you, and no one else, has m
Burning Bridges By Ghost Machine
It's been a long dark road But I remember well It meant the world to me. It's been a long dark day And a cold, black night And it still gets hard to see. 'Cause they don't know me And they never will. It's been a long dark road. I still remember why It took so much out of me. It's a shallow pond We're swimming in And it makes it hard to breathe. 'Cause they don't know me And they never will. No, they don't know why, Or how it feels to live. It's been a long dark road And I remember skies That weren't so hard to see. It's been a long dark day. I remember nights That made me, me. 'Cause they don't know me And they never will. And they don't know why Or how it feels to live. This song was shared with me by Joe, a new friend in this lifetime, but an old and dear friend from our shared past lives! If you get a chance to hear this song, please do. It really touched me deeply! It's been one of those strange energy days when things touch me i
Letter From Jesus
Letter from Jesus My Dear Friend: How are you? I just had to send you this letter to tell you how much I love and care about you. I saw you yesterday as you were walking with your friends. I waited all day, hoping that soon you'd want me to walk along with you, too. As evening drew near, I painted you a sunset to close your day and whispered a cool breeze to refresh you, and I waited. You never came. Oh yes, it hurt Me, but I just kept on loving you. As I watched you fall asleep last night, I longed to touch your brow. I spilled moonlight upon your face, trickling down your cheeks as so many tears have. Again I waited, but you didn't even think of me. I wanted so much to rush down so we could talk. I have so many gifts for you. The next day I exploded a brilliant sunrise into glorious morning for you. But you awakened late and rushed off for the day. You didn't even notice Me. My sky became cloudy and my tears were the rain. Oh, how I LOVE YOU! Today you looked so sad
Tooi Many Friends Not Enough Talk!
I got TOO MANY!!! people on my friends list and NONE! talk to me! So I want you all to pick 1 person and I will delete them! HAVE FUN!
I'm Crushed
when ya think ya got something good brewin up and then it all falls to shit...isn't that the worst feeling in the world? geez, someone either fuck me or shoot me, whichever's easier.
ok i need 7,991 now to level up to level 23 :D I know that most of you have been to my page and helped me but if you havent can you please just spare a few mins? ♥Shell♥@ fubar Thank you everyone Shell xxxxx
Better Off
i just need to vent. i live with someone i love, want, and need very much. and he feels the same towards me. but despite his denial, i have become quite the burden for him. and sadly, i think hes one of the biggest reasons i cant overcome this depression. i know he doesnt mean to do this, but it seems everytime i start to feel better, he says or does something that brings me down hard. i lost my passion some time ago and now, i only get little sparks of it that come and go very quickly. so when im into something that im actually enjoying, i embrace it. thats when he "knocks me down a few pegs" i want to live alone. and i know telling him this would devastate him, but i really think hed be better off without me.
so here I am when I should be sleepin still in my work shirt need to take a shower need to kill the car alarm outside then it reminds me of whats that guys name the comdiean damnit cant think the laptop is getting hot. too much porn..I'm kidding. hahahaaa..... there can never be enough porn! i'm kidding. it's not even my laptop i cant use it for porn sheesh. I'm going to Ames with Gio this weekend. our first roadtrip. a big 3 hours away. Gonna visit Andy while i'm there. haven't seen him for over a year. Miss that fool. He told me he still wants to fuck me, but haha i know thats not the kind of threesome Gio would want to have. me either. So oh well. Sucks to be him not getting any of this ass. okay Shower time. and then maybe more internet, and sleepy time.
Thank You For The Props, If You Are Interested In One Of My Morphs Please Read....
I have not done many morphs still pretty new to the programs. I am glad that you guys like them so much. I have done morphs for some people in my family list already. I hold these people in my highest regards. I am meeting new people each day and all are asking for morphs. I would love to do them for everyone but I am only one person so it will take some time. I don't like rushing myself. I believe that if I am going to do something I will do my best to have it as best as I can do it. This means that I will be taking my time. All I ask is that you rate and comment some of my pics. Most important are #1 my kids folder #2 the stuff people have made for me show them some luv and #3 my morphs please check them out rate and comment them. I will be making a post in this same blog for people that want my morphs. I will obviously be looking at who interacts with me occasionally. In this blog I will post my guest book so please sign it. also if you have not fanned me yet please do so.
Single Again
I find myself single once again. Even thought she was married, I still loved her, but I felt it was time to move on. Not sure where Iím going because I know sure as hell nobody wants me. Not that I care anymore. When you have been tossed aside as much as I have you get use to it. No matter what they tell me itís always to the same! I was there to fill the void until something better comes along and then like yesterdays newspaper Iím discarded, without any regards for my feelings. I know this break up was my doing, but I got tired of playing second best and being lied to time and time again. You know the ones ďI Love you and want to be with you I just need a little more time!Ē You would think that after five years she wouldnít need anymore time! The sad part is I know if she offered Iíd sleep with her, I am such a slutÖ.hehehe, havenít had any complaints yet. Someday I hope to find someone to love me for me. My grandfather once told me ďyou like someone for who they are, but you love th
I ♥ My Friends!
I am doing a folder in my photos with all my friends that are on Fubar. I only started it tonight, but will continue to add to it. If you're not on it and think you should e, let me know if i missed you....these are the people I talk to a lot and that I have love for.... Oh, and give me time.....I'm still adding people, I just haven't got that far... Anyway, I found out tonight that I will most likely be going to California next August or September....I have never been West of Missouri, so this should be a fun trip! Next weekend i get to meet one possibly 2 people from here....I'm excited about it, I wish I could meet all my friends from here....You all rawk to me!!!!! I ♥ you guys!!!!
If you were mine to always hold If all my things were stolen and sold It would be as if all was gold If you were mine to always hold
Love lies deep within me untouched and rarely sought hardly finding anyone who can truly see these fights have been fought all losing bouts yet to my morals i remain devout to always try and be everything someone may need why can no one see this love that lives deep within me
What Is Trust??
Trust is a fragile thing, or so they say, trust is gained over many years or months but can be distroyed in a matter of minutes. why do people abuse your trust? is it because they think there better than you? Is it out of greed, because you are trying to attain something that they will never have. Is it because there jealous and want to be more like you. Trust is something that should be sacred but alot of people take it for granted and use and abuse the trust that is given to them.
I Want To Know You!!!
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I wanna know you better! Send your answers to me only... And I will reply with my answers for you!!! ============================================= 1.)Q. Can you cook? 1.)A. 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 2.)A. 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 3.)A. 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 4.)A. 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 5.)A. 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 6.)A. 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? 7.)A 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 8.)A. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 9.)A. 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 10.)A. 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 11.)A 12.)Q. Negative or Optimistic attitude? 12.)A. 13. )Q. What would you do if you wer e stu
Hookers And Kuckholds.
soo... .. . just a thought; a girl, ugly or pretty, posts a few pics of herself in skin revealing clothing, even if , those too are just as ugly as her body, she will somehow, obliviously attract this creepy crowd of ppl who sift through photos and profiles just to find a peek of someone elses skin, they undoubtedly think is so "sexy". eh.. makes me think too much from disgust and confusion ... .. . and i was just thinking about a few months ago, when i was approched to live with this couple in cinci, i think they wanted me as a sex slave, but they were wiccan, and had just gotten married, and wanted to add one more mommy to the mix or something, and then i remebered that guy who asked me if i was interested in having a kuckhold. erm. however you spell it. i didnt even know what it was. lol. but. i do now. and uhh.. for facts sake, i dont want one!. altho, living at my moms again sure does make me rethink that couples proposal a tid. lol. ;|
Kiss Me Like You Mean It!
No License Behind The Wheel
SFGATEDebra SaundersHE STATE Senate already has voted 25 to 14 to create a special exemption in state law that would reduce the mandatory 30-day impoundment of cars driven by unlicensed drivers, so that offenders who have never had a valid license can get their cars back after 24 hours. Right now, when officers impound the cars of unlicensed drivers, the mandatory term is 30 days. A new law would keep the 30 days for drivers whose bad driving led to the forfeiture or suspension of their license ó may the courts add whatever punishment they so choose ó but create a loophole to give unlicensed illegal immigrants their cars back overnight. Expect the California Assembly to approve SB626 as early as today. Break federal immigration law, then break California law by driving without a license, and Sacramento wants you to get your car back the next day so that you can continue driving without a license ó and probably without insurance, because you need a license to qualify for it. Itís
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Shadow Mate
You are a cowardly man, Who hides in the shadows of fear. You stand up for no one; not even me. Why do I love a man who doesn't defend my honor or misguided feelings. Living in a state of anger an hurt. Why must you linger on the sidelines. Cheering for the otherside an not defending your queen. I hopelessly forgive for one day you could realize. Who is leading the truth and who is trailing in the lies. I've given you love, and defended my saint. Why must I beg for the same grace. Some Knight in Shining Armor who turns out to be a unmasked cowardly lion. Who hides in the corner hoping to go unnoticed. While time wastes by and I grow hunger.
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Dragon Spirit Country (ty Black Dragon)
Dragon Spirit Country As the morning sun Shines over the land Radiating the warm Colors over the horizon The birds rustling their feathers As they awaken To feed their young and to Sing their songs The sights, sounds, and smells Awaken me to my senses I open my eyes and Stretch to my full length As I stand up My eyes look at my surroundings Searching for that First scene of life I see the rolling hills beyond Full of color and lumptious flowers As the bees swarm around them Taking pollen as needed I see the sparkling lake With the fish swimming about Going back and forth Busy like I see the green plains That stretch beyond my eyes Little creatures buzzing about Going on with their business My eyes wander upwards To the bluest sky ever Feeling the rays of the sun I close my eyes for a minute Absorbing all the nature around me My mind races My heart soars My blood boils I hear a familar howl In the distance The running of paws P
These Are Cool
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You may not have ever seen me But you know that I am here. You can feel me in your heart As you enter each new day. I will always be there for you I am your friend. Someone to share the good times As well as the bad. I make no judgments by what you say I just listen with my heart and Hope to be of help in anyway I can. I will be there for you now and forever And always please remember I am your friend!
A Piece From A Story I Am Working On!
A few more miles to go, just a few, and I will finally get to meet him!! Thinking back to all the phone conversations, the instant messages, my mind races at the thought of what the meeting will be like! I have played it over and over in my mind, but will it be the same? As I look ahead at the road I see the exit sign I need and slowly merge into that lane, ready to veer off into the land where I will meet the one who has expressed his desire to meet so vehemently! Why am I so compelled to meet him? I have longed for this for so long. Over the last few months, we have shared so many thoughts, so many feelings, I felt as though I had known him all my life! In some respects, just from talking to him I felt as though I had met my soul mate! So many things that were coincidental. The finishing of each others sentences, the things we have in common, words that were said to each other that coincided with things we have only dreamed of, feeling each other so strongly that we knew whe
Pissed Off
You need to stop worrying about what other people are thinking (if that's an issue), and just get started on the next big thing. You might have to enlist the aid of a few extra friends and allies. That was my horoscope for today and I found it very ironic because last night and the past few days that is all I've done, is worry about what everyone else is thinking about me. Lately a lot of people have been judging me and without good enough reason. People have not taken the time to get to know the real me, but instead prefer to see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. I'm a good person, or least I've always tried to be. I always try to listen to people when they need someone to talk to. I tend to be open minded, caring and understanding. I'm slowly learning that so many people are different in their own way and that those are the things that make us special and wonderful, as opposed to being things that we should judge and hate. Anyway, somehow I lost my point

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