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Women In Acu's???
Who else finds women in ACU's, and BDU's incredibly sexy?
I Am Who I Am
I am who i am.I cannot change to suit you, or anyone else. It is time to stop hiding it and if i lose friends than so be it.
Sometimes Yah Gotta Laugh
Okay this is only for you if you have a sense of humor....please turn up your speakers and take this for what it is........I'm not debating anything, merely sharing something I made that I think is funny as hell.........
Well..Here I am again all...:P LOL I have had a heck of a week. I was supposed to get my cousin started on a freaking profile but that didn't happen..LOL we got too drunk and looked like hell the next day..LOL So..another time....I think shes nervous...come to find out she has a new man in her life..twerp didn't even tell me..LOL so...had a good time in Indiana. I get back and it seems I have been offered another job. Looks like I might just go with the flow although it isn't something I am used to. I would be working for a major internet company, and don't want to say who, but they are about 1 hour away from here. Thats the only down fall...The good thing is they are willing to pay me 14.00 an hour. Thats good isn't it? I mean..hey...I am used to making more but sometimes you just gotta do what makes you happy instead of jsut going throught the motions right? I am actually in need of advice if anyone has any. Let me know if I should go for 14.00 an hour, if thats like
Fucking Pleasure!!!!!!!!!!
i fuckin love it sucking biting, whipping, spanking,forcing 'oh damn i love it all hold it till the point where I'm choking then release and slap me in the face you cum harder and harder bite my nipples and pull my hair hold a knife on my throat while you fuck my tight ass tie my legs up and fist fuck my cunt smack me around make me hurt make me cry make me suck u make me fuck u fuck me so hard i cant walk use every part of my body make me cum make me bleed suck me and fuck me till i'm black and blue
Nice Guys Finish Last And I'm Living Proof
Nice guys always finish last I know it sounds cleche but in my experiance guys like me ALWAYS finish last. Seems that no matter what I do or how hard I try, I always loose the girl. I'm single, been questioned a few times as to why. And well the answer is i'm nice so I loose the girl. When I get close to a girl, in the back of my mind I wonder from time to time if it's worth pursuing a relationship. Sometimes it seems so damn pointless, since I'm always getting the short end of the stick. But, call me a gluttion for punishment or just a complete idiot because I'll try again and again to get that right girl. Hell who knows maybe I've already met her and I just have to get there. To step up to the plate, look into her eyes and give her a deep kiss that can remove all doubt as to my feelings.
Stinky Beans
LMAO A very good friend and I were trading youtube links....came across this one omg so funny. I needed the laugh so bad it made me cry again lol
Jangl Information - New Feature
This is a repost of the original blog created by Sinderella on the new Jangl Feature: This is a great new feature fubar is now providing for its users. It allows you to leave voice messages for other fubar members without giving out your real phone number. Every member of fubar is set up to receive voice messages from other fubar members using Jangl. If you want to call someone and leave a voice message, Jangl makes that simple as well, using your Jangl account. To call someone and leave a voice message, click on Call Me. This link is located on every member profile, immediately below the member name. Next, verify the phone number from which you will be calling. You must use the phone number of the phone you will be calling from. (Jangl gives you the option to store phone numbers in your Jangl account.) Jangl will have you set up a pin number to use to log into your Jangl account. Make sure you read the Jangl terms of service and check the box that you agree to them. Comple
After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you." The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who had been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my 3 children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What's wrong, are you well?" She asked. My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. "I thought that it would be pleasant to spend some time with you," I responded, Just the two of us." She thought about it for a moment, and then said, "I would like that very much." That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she, too, seemed to be nervous about our date. She waited
Open or closed the image is the same An angels face without a name Where is she Where will she be Only in my eyes can I see Is this a figment of my lonly mind Or is this a love I might just find What is her name, the colour of her hair All I notice are her eyes her stare Is there a story A secret to hear Where is she I want her near I open my eyes the world is bright The image is gone out of sight Back to reality no love to be fed Until i close my eyes tonight in bed.
The Rebels Lounge
No Clue What To Do!!!
So... here I thought that with my mom and brother coming down to visit for the week end we would have a great week end. Just relax, hang out, have fun. Boy was I wrong! See... things wiht my mom have not been good for some time now. I don't know how many of you have read most of my blogs, but a few months ago I wrote about a problem that my mom had. To make a long story short about then... she had hurt her back really bad and had to have some tests done. Well, the doctor gave her some pain meds that she had a really bad reaction to. She would get somewhat violent, lost time, argue about everything. Well, at the time she was also diagnosed with depression. So, she has been on anti-depressants for some time now. Well, she would have her off days but nothing like back then. Wll, apparently she went to the doctor on Thursday and (her doctor is a POS!!! Harldy around and when he is he just doesn't give two sh*ts) he wound up giving her the same pain meds for her back that she had troubles w
Very Deserving!!!
Hit this guy hard.......He give love to all each and everyday. What an awesome person and if you dont have him as a friend be sure to add him!!! GONE FOR THE WEEKEND ~!~ BobbyT645 ~!~ TAKEN ~!~@ fubar
I Wait
Now I'm Doing Good.
I used to mess up on everything I did in life, and now I go 2 School and read a lot of good books meet new friends online and just have a good time. I thank all my Fubar friends who talks 2 me on yahoo and let me know now 2 give up on myself so easy Thank You I Love You All....
Beyond The Sky
One look; thats all it took to make me want you Ive tasted the forbidden fruit and now Im doomed How could I resist something so hot, so inviting? I couldnt help but want more, so I continued writing. My knees started to tremble and nothing else mattered You made me so hot, so moist, and lathered I needed to feel you, didnt care about the result I kept dragging it on when I shouldve bolted. I let my legs fall apart pantie less my swollen lips exposed my body shaking It was then you knew I was yours for the taking You said you didnt want to hurt me again I knew deep down I shouldve just ran. But instead, I stayed, I needed your love I needed you inside of me, us fitting like a glove Our bodies moved together, so perfect, so right At that time, all that mattered was this night. Every time you touched me, I thought I would die From this simple pleasure, taking me beyond the sky I could feel you pulsing; I stopped thinking You saw it in my eyes; you knew I was si
Omg Sin Is Cleaning!
Ok, that's really only funny if you know me enough to know i never cook or clean lol :p anyhow that's referring to my albums, i deleted a couple of them after moving the pictures mainly to default. Why? you ask... Apparently most of you have too much trouble opening SFW albums. Now it's nice and easy, RATE the DAMN DEFAULT! yes, i'm being a point whore... why? because i sit there and make all these pretty pictures for you, and all you give a crap about is seeing anything a bikini would cover. Seriously, RATE THE SFW'S. i also added (mixed sfw and nsfw) to the end of album titles because apparently if it's not a fully nsfw tagged album, you STILL don't open it. no this isn't directed towards everyone, i know there's about .5% of my friends that actually rate everything... (that's not a typo, it really is only about half a percent)... to the other 99.5% of you, please at least rate the default if you're not going to rate the rest of the sfw's. anyone that whines
My Bravo
He pulls to the front of my house in his navy blue car. Stepping out he cautiously walks up my driveway. Coming to my door, he looks around, making sure there is no one watching, and walks in without knocking as I had asked him to. I am sitting in my living room when he walks in. I look up at him as he walks through the doorway. He doesn't say a word. He just sticks his hand out like he wants me to take it. So I do. I stand up off of the couch as he gently pulls my hand and heads toward the door. He leads me through the dining room and into the stairwell. Turning around and facing me, he pulls me in close, putting my hand on his chest, and looks deep into my eyes before he leans in and puts his soft and tender lips on mine. Running his hands down my back as he kisses me, driving his tongue deep into my hungrily awaiting mouth. Pulling the back of my shirt up and over my head, exposing my round, luscious breasts, kept in by a blue and Lacey bra, and allowing my long hair to fall gently
Life Is Beautiful
You know just when you think you got life figured out. You get thrown a curve ball. Just when you think you have youre life under control and your feelings in their place. Someone comes along outta the blue, and sets you afire. Why? cause you never met anyone like them in your life. In a short time they got you all off balance. Weak in the knees, and they are all you can think about.Its true cause we promised to only tell the truth no matter what. So yes its true I cant stop thinking about you. You are so special. I wish things were different. Maybe they can be. Could it be love at first site? Is it really that easy? Is it possible it happens just like that? What if they dont feel the same way? What if they get scared? What if they are just fucking with you? What if they do feel the same way? Then what? oh boy. Now what?
Comment Me?
I am pimping myself. I need 30,000 comments & I'll win a VIP for 3 months :D.
What Am I?
I bring people together. I heal hearts that hav been broken. I am everywhere you look. Even people who hate is filled with me. I am a great gift from God. I am what we all pray for, yet is blind to.
Check This Out...
K, I'm in a contest. The first to reach 30K comments wins! Will you help?!? All help is much appreciated! Here's a link...
Does Anyone Know?
How many points you get per salute that you post? Is it the same for every salute? or do you only get points for the first one? Inquiring minds wanna know! LOL
Men And Women
First Men: 1. All men are extremely busy. 2. Although they are so busy, they still have time for women. 3. Although they have time for women, they don't really care for them. 4. Although they don't really care for them, they always have one Around. 5. Although they always have one around them, they always try their Luck with others. 6. Although they try their luck with others, they get really pissed off If the women leaves them. 7. Although the women leaves them they still don't learn from their Mistakes and still try their luck with others. Now Women: 1. The most important thing for a woman is financial security. 2. Although this is so important, they still go out and buy expensive Clothes. 3. Although they always buy expensive clothes, they never have something to wear. 4. Although they never have something to wear, they always dress Beautifully. 5. Although they always dress beautifully, their clothes are always just 'An old rag'. 6. Although their cloth
My 2 Friends
Ok... I am just doing this blog to squelch some rumours going about... not that I care about rumours but i care about my friends. This man is a friend... a friend ONLY lol Dominate07@ fubar A sweetheart eh? Yes very :P He has been there for me in some tough times, but yes we are ONLY friends so those that seem to get off trying to cause trouble - you are hearing it from me and you already heard it from him. (This blog is for anyone else that has been told this story) Now ... This man is interested in this girl.... and she in him Abby ~*~Screw the roses, Give me the thorns~*~@ fubar Now isn't she sweetheaart? Yes, she is! Now Go Show These Two Some Love .... :D Much Love You Two :D XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Echo Angel aka Krystal
Rest In Peace...
My uncle just passed away. I know he's in a better place but it still hurts.
New To Fubar
I have no idea what to do on this thing, so just give me awhile and ill figure it out lol, bare with me, ive been bombarded with mail and requests and im not ignoring anyone! i promise. justlearining. Talk soon... when i know how lol Thakyou Aimz xxxxxxxxxx :)
For My Son
I LOVE your laughter, your smile your embrace i adore your screwed up face while throwing a tantrum on the floor your humurous nature always trying to be funny your words everyday saying "i love you mummy" your boyish charm the spark in your eye the innocence of a child your dream of wishing you could fly your passion for life your eagerness to learn your intelligent mind always craving for more your determination each day to learn something new your imagination your opinionated views your empathy for others the joy in your heart watching you sleep the beat of your heart your gaze, your stare your outlook on life please always remember you are the apple of my eye but above all else know this is true the most important thing is that I LOVE YOU
Bad Day...
People are assholes. No this isn't a recent revelation just an out right blurted out fact. People are douchebags of the highest order. Seems like I'm the only one with any tact (not now obviously) or consideration for other's feelings. Seems like all these dirtbags gravitate towards me just to irritate the holy living hell out of me. I don't get it. People are mean and I sit there and look at them like their from another planet. There's ways to tell someone something without hurting feelings or insulting them. I'm all for being blunt but do it with some tact, some class, some fucking finesse!! It's like there's this huuuge gap between me and the people in my life. No social skills, no manners, no concept of "other people"! Why? Someone please tell me where all these people came from that I'm the only one with some insight into how you're suppose to fucking act and treat people?!?! Can someone answer this cuz I can't fuckin figure it out. What kills me the most is how they don't get
Midnight Serenade
I love that he randomly rolls over in his sleep, opens his eyes[notices if i woke up when the bed moved] and says "your beautiful", then passes back out and is snoring within moments. Friday night I was climbing over him[we sleep in in my single size daybed] at like 4am to go potty, and I get halfway to my bedroom door and he busts out singing the "Oh Mandy" song, without knowing all the lyrics lol. Sumthing like "Oh Mandy, you came and you blah blah blah blah blah, but you da da da da, oh Mandy!" I giggle, he tells me he loves me and then rolls over and passes back out. He never gets that grumpy look when i accidentally wake him up[i dont sleep well, in and out of bed all night]. He always just smiles. Or if i touch him in his sleep he gets all smiley. Teehee. We were on vacation with his family and his sisters boyfriend [jokingly] rubbed a little bit on his leg while he was passed out and he got a smile and went "Mmmm". it was so cute JB[his sisters bf] was like "aww he think
I Would Rather Drink Period Blood Than A Vodka Cranberry.
The city hates me now because I backed up the sewer system with all the vomit I sprayed into the sink last night. It was the worst night of my life. Just thinking about drinking that stuff makes my stomach want to disown my abdomen and donate itself to science. And by "that stuff," I mean vodka and cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is so tart that you could put one drop in a vat of liquor and consider it a mixed drink. I swear. That stuff goes down like saliva. It looks harmless. So serene and peaceful. Too bad it's the primary components of Satan's bloodstream. I would rather slay a ragged out aging Bronx hooker and drain her decaying uterus into my mouth than take one more sip of vodka and cranberry juice. They say, "Beer before liquor, never been sicker." That's nonsense. I've had many beers followed by many shots and never once did I mistake my roommate for Windows NT. I was so sick last night. I wish I could explain it, but I have no idea what happened. I think
Candy Is Outdated, Give Children Drugs And Beer
I went trick-or-treating last night because my friends made me. Going house to house, all I got was some generic candy and a religious comic strip. The best thing I got was the comic strip; everything else was just a bunch of processed sugar. At least the comic had some flavor to it. I don't understand. If you want food, just go to the store and buy some. Why spend $20 on a used Santa Clause costume and wander around for three hours in ten degree weather to collect $5 worth of candy? It doesn't make any sense. Halloween is stupid. One thing that really got to me was when the people handing out treats would stand there with a bowl with half shitty and half decent candy. Without letting me pick, they just grab one and give it to me. What the hell? I wanted a butterfinger, not a jolly rancher. What a pompous, controlling, disgruntled asshole on a powertrip. Man that pissed me off. Other than that, my trick-or-treating experience was alright apart from two things: the temperature
Ipods Are A Trendy And Expensive Cry For Approval.
Remember when you were little and you really, really wanted that toy? You'd think about it all the time, dream about it, masturbate to pictures of it, all that good stuff? It was the one thing in the world that would solve all your problems. Christmas came along and you got one from Santa. You and the toy were inseparable for a week straight. All your friends loved you. Everybody begged to play with them. They exclaimed, "Wow, that toy is so cool!" which you took as, "Wow, you are so cool!" Times were good when you were hot shit. Soon enough, Jimmy down the street got a newer and better toy. Your friends stopped calling you, depression sunk in, and your precious action figure found its way to the back of your drawer. Optimus Prime transformed into Prime Dust Collector. Suddenly, the answer hit you - get a better toy! That will bring your friends back and make everything perfect again. Over and over, every Christmas. Newer, faster, bigger, stronger toys. After a decade of the that
Healing With Your Hands
All healing must start by getting to the emotional cause of the ailment, or the problem will reoccur or manifest in another part of the physical body. Once established, with forethought that the patient is ready to accept the energy you will channel to them, you are both ready to begin. Healing, using the palms of the hands, is almost instinctual, and is becoming a growing technique, especially with Reiki, as an easy way for anyone to tap in and develop healing skills. When you begin, focus on the palms of your hands, relax, and slowly feel the higher energies filter through them. This may create a sensation of heat or tingling. here's what's going on. You raise your frequency ... bring in higher balanced energy ... transmit it to the other person by touching them, or holding your hands near their body. Some people wash their hands before and after a healing session. Let's first determine which hand works best for you. Hold both hands out in front of you - palms up. Foc
This Just Is Not Right!!!!
I'm Only Happy When Its Complicated
Ok so now I'm coming off the heels of probably the most interesting weekend I've had in awhile. In terms of sports it was almost horrible. The cubs getting swept by the fucktard D-backs and somehow the French beat the All Blacks in the RWC. Go figure the French are worthless in a lot of areas but can field one hell of a rugby team. The sporting weekend was only marginally saved by the Bears managing to beat the Packers. No more undefeated praise for Bret Favre, as if he deserves it anyways. So being as how sports is very important to me the first part of the weekend was rough to deal with. Not as rough as thursday and friday night though. See I went to the bar both nights. Which in itself is a shock since I've now been to the bar more times since moving back to KY almost a month ago than I was almost the entire 7 years or so before that, thanks Jimmy. Well going to the bar only further proved my ineptitude at dealing with the fairer sex in a social situation where I shoul
For Anyone Who Has Not Read My Profile
The Invitation It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain! I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it, or fix it. I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know
The Hit
I work third shift at a place where it's my job to make sandwiches at night. Subs, pizza subs, roast beef sandwiches, things like that. I was finishing up making this huge sub when the door to the store opened and I turned to greet the customer. I saw a man come in w/ a white grocery bag in one hand and a gun in the other. He was wearing black pants, black shoes, black gloves, a grey hoodie with a logo like ECO on it and a black scarf over his face. He was skinny, I'm guessing maybe 140 lbs and the same height as me, maybe an inch taller. 5'7". As soon as he came in the door he ran to the counter and jumped over it like some robbery ninja and pointed the gun at me and told me to come over and empty the drawer. So I did. Everything went into his bag including the $2 bills that sit on top of the alarms (if the $2 bills are removed from the alarm boxes, the silent alarm goes off) As soon as he had what he wanted (all of about $140) he chased me from out from behind the counter
Thinking Of You
I sit here quietly and watch the sun set Thinking of someone that I've never met I wonder does she think of me too Needless to say I am thinking of you Wanting to hold you, to see your face To take you away to a better place You feel so right, too good to be true I just can't stop thinking of you My friends say that I might regret Losing my heart to a girl I've not met I say there is nothing I can do I cannot help thinking of you I believe you were made special for me But wonder if that could possibly be I'm tired of being so alone and blue But I always smile when thinking of you
A Letter To A Special Friend
As I sit back and think back on my life, I am grateful I have a few people I can call dear friends. I never thought it could hapen here though. I have met some great people here, but there is one who stands out. I look forward to seeing you online. My heart skips a beat when you call. You make my troubles seem to fade, and I have a continuous smile on my face when we are together. You have captured my heart, and my life and moved in and made it your home. I would not want it any other way. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all we share(talks, feelings, dreams), and look forward to another incredible time together with you.
How Do You ?
What do you say to the woman that makes your heart skip a beat ? What do you say when she takes your breath away ? How do you tell her she is the greatest thing to ever happen to you? How do you say something words can not compare too . How do you tell her she makes your life worth living and worth enjoyin ? just being in her company is enough to make you the happiest person alive ! I love this woman with everything I have .
Shits And The Internet
Only joking about the gig, only round things i play with are my balls..... anyway I should be in Brazil, but due to a family illness i am in blighty at the moment, still nice to see my family and everything is kinda o.k. now. Oh yeah, i was close to shitting myself to death last week. So i have been doing normal stuff, and i am bored already, so it's at this time i trawl the internet for stuff. What ethnic girl should i date ? How to spot a Katoey (a must read for any male visitors to Thailand) I was saddened to hear that the hamas micky mouse had been being beaten to death by an "Israeli agent", still he was "martyred defending his land" like i always say, you cannot start indoctrinating the children into hate early enough.
Doctor Appointment Update
I went to the doctor today for my follow up after the hospital visit last night. The doctor still isn't calling it a miscarriage, but isn't ruling it out either. They saw something on the sonogram, but aren't sure what it was. They said it's too early to tell just yet. They said that it could turn into a miscarriage, but I could also carry to term. It's possible that there's something wrong with the baby or it's possible that the baby isn't in my uterus. I go tomorrow to get more blood work done at the hospital and hopefully we'll know more either tuesday or wednesday. Then after that I wait until the 23rd and then I'll go back to the doctor for another follow up and should know more then. The doctor said he should be able to see something on the sonogram by then. Until then I still have to take it easy.
Lmao I Really Do!
I am just going to write about a bulletin I just saw that said "We Got Class" It kind of struck me as funny.. I think I have class...Just cause I am not afraid to show my shit, and am proud of what I have for my age...LOL SO there..I do have class...just a different way of showing it..LOL One other should read "We Have Class" LMAO My input for the day...:) Hugs and kisses!
Our Night Together!
Our Night Together We looked at each other and knew, this would be our night together. We walked to each other and as I looked up into your eyes, I could see the lust in yours. Our bodies meet, your hard beautiful body against my tender soft body. As your hands slid up my body, I tensed in anticipation - only to have them rest on either side of my face. I feel your strong hands on my face and turn up to look into your eyes. As you lean over to plant tender kisses on my forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and lastly my lips, My body tenses and I lean against you. I start to slide my hands across your back and fill your hardness up against my body. My tongue flickers and slowly slides into your mouth..I hear you moan...I feel your tongue with mine. My body shivers, I play with your tongue and taste your sweetness. Your body starts to tense against mine and you can feel my soft mound against your hardness. We slide to the ground, still kissing and holding each other. I lay back bri
ok we still dont much more then we did we r thinkin of gettin a second opinion tomorrow , they said if its still swollen in a week they will start test , but it gets bigger every day and now is red and brusied looking ..i wish i had more to tell u all and thank u all for the prayers me nad my sisters appericate it all
I have found myself getting increasingly frustrated with this website along with pretty much everything else in life so those of you who know me but haven't seen me in the MuMMs or anywhere else on here thats why. All this shit does lately is just piss me off to the point where I'm ready to delete my account because I'm just sick of all the bullshit of my real life and my online life. Theres only 1 reason why I even still have a FUBAR and thats my girlfriend. I'm not normally a social person to begin with and it seemed the only place I really felt comfortable talking to people and opening up was on here, but lately a lot of things have changed. Theres a drug dealer after me as a result of my dad and I have the overwhelming urge to murder him. Its pretty much all that I can think about around the clock and I'm not saying figuratively, I mean slice his throat and piss on his body and laugh my ass off about it. Because of this I've been extremely antisocial both in my real life and in my
Daves Cunt Rag
->PhatDave ~...: i sold your girlfriends pussy on ebay for a quarter PhatDave ~...: come here and ill show you who the bitch will be ->PhatDave ~...: your the bitch cuz your cheap pussied morticia adams bitch fights for you ->davesbaby3...: fuck you cunt rag go get your bitch boy back on here im not done ass fucking him davesbaby3...: id like to know when and how you sold my pussy...and u dnt even know ,me so y are you tslkin shit ->PhatDave ~...: it took 2 weeks and i lied said i stuffed it with meth ->davesbaby3...: im bi cunt rag i love the pole nd the hole and your boyfriend loves my cock too davesbaby3...: sure dolove to takl about my mans dick davesbaby3...: are you gay? ->davesbaby3...: not feeling so fresh? stop suckin my asshole then bitch, well it does have your mans load up it ->davesbaby3...: bet your cunt is dead too thats why he wants myc ock ->davesbaby3...: morticia adams,mmmm you look like dead cunt to me ->davesbaby3...: your bi
Since When.....
did it become a good thing to be a slut or a whore? i see tons of girls on here with the word slut or whore in there name....and i dont get it really...maybe i missed something but i always thought being a slut or a whore was a bad thing?
I am looking for the best songs to put on my page so if you have something that I might listen to let me know...I am into pretty much everything.
Hot Sex In Sweden :d
You see a sea of faces, I see an ocean of friends.
Why Do I Always Get Involved With Jerks???
Good Bye Fubar
I am writing this to say Good bye to Fubar... As of October 31... I will be leaving. and walking away.. I want to wish you all the happiness in the world and good luck with everything in the future.... So... good bye Cassie aka Angel
HELLENISM BY Richard Hooker The debate which inspired the innovations of Paul of Tarsus and radically changed the face of Christianity was that between the Hebrews and the Hellenists. For many centuries, that debate has been regarded as a volatile and sometimes violent debate; historians have begun to question whether or not such a conflict even occurred. At some level, however, there emerged doctrinal and social friction between Christian communities composed of Hebrews and those composed of non-Hebrews, mainly Greeks. That conflict, at whatever level it was played out, eventually resulted in Paul's formulation of Christianity as a universal religion and a reorientation from eschatological concerns to concerns over personal salvation. Much of our history of the very earliest years of Christianity after the death of Jesus come from two texts: a history written by Luke, The Acts of the Apostles, and a shorter history written by Paul in his Letter to the Galatians. After
Siren Song
Most of the year I live in this sort of translucent shell if you will...people see me, but whats inside is partially hidden. Does anyone wonder why you get chills when you look into my eyes? I do. It disturbs people, so I reel it back. I tone it down. Most of the year...but then summer days fade like sunsets on the Caribbean Sea.Then the days get shorter, the leaves start dying...and the air smells like somethings burning. And then those wicked urges inspire a blood lust in me... And I shed my shell. I am your aggressive daydream with a happy ending... I want to dream, and fight, and fuck, and be FREE... All others be damned...yes that would mean if you don't like it, get the fuck out of my face! If you do like it well... I pity you...I have a book of broken hearts, treasuring every one... But thats my flaw, I feel too much I make you feel... But you love it don't you? The sinful thrill you get when our eyes meet, and you know I see right through
A Well Much Needed Venting Session!!!!!!
well it is me again. with more drama that people trying to put on me. well here is a msg for u and that drama. if you dont want to talk to me that is fine. i dont care but dont expect me to sit here and believe you when u tell me things n then you come up and do the total oppisite. i am sry that if u cant be truthful to me from the stop then get the fuck off my list andf i am goin to do just that. i am not i say again AM NOT HERE TO PLAY FRIGGING MIND GAMES with grown adults that wants to act like frigging children if i wanted that i would turn to my father which has alsetimers and emphazima. so if any of my freinds read this n you think its aimed at u ill tell u the honest truth all u got to do is grab a set of courage n ask me i will tell u if it is cause of u or not dont be chicken n dont there many that this isnt not to n most of them r on my family so if ur on my family list n u read this dont worry not bout u. now im goin to study ill probily be back to vent again but this time i
Pick-up Lines Gettin Older And Older....there Comebacks Not ;-)
I hope you enjoy this one guys.... Man: Where have you been all my life? Woman: Hiding from you. Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before? Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore. Man: Is this seat empty? Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down. Man: Your place or mine? Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine. Man: So, what do you do for a living? Woman: I'm a female impersonator. Man: Hey baby, what's your sign? Woman: Do not enter. Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? Woman: Unfertilized. Man: Your body is like a temple. Woman: Sorry, there are no services today. Man: I would go to the end of the world for you. Woman: But would you stay there? Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy. Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing. Man: If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put u and i together Woman: Really, I'd put f and u together Man: Oh Baby, you can take every in
Rude Biatch I have no idea what I did to this woman but she came and rated me a 1 and then blocked me..what a rude biatch.....
10 Facts I Found Qi
During his entire life, Vincent Van Gogh sold exactly one painting, Red Vineyard at Arles. Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. In Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector (Anthony Hopkins) never blinks. Lassie was played by a group of male dogs; the main one was named Pal. Around 2,000 left-handed people die annually due to improper use of equipment designed only for right handed people. In the movie "Casablanca," Humphrey Bogart never said "Play it again, Sam." Research indicates that mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas. Glass can be considered as a liquid rather then a solid. It will flow much like other liquids at room temperatures, just very, very, very slowly. Thomas Edison was a fraud. He didn't invent the lightbulb, or anything, really: Tesla did. Edison and his thugs hired him as a partner, then left him on the street with "That's business" after the design was finished and copyw
On Here
why is everybody so mean on here???? No body really cares it"s all play and no one really wants to get to know you they just want a booty call.I think i'll just delete my profile and find somewhere else to go.
Excuses Ive Heard From Ladies
i know many guys have always wonder bout certian things. that the oposite sex saids to them. well i have decided to compose a list of things i have heard females say to me why they not take a chance on how they feel towards some one. 1. your to old 2. oh you to far away 3. you to young 4. im interested in you ( but then they come up and be telling some one else they love them) i have heard all these things and ive been burn so many times but i still dont judge any one by their looks. by how far away they are. and specially of their age. as long they are legal. now ladies i ask you this why would u not let the person know that u not interested instead of them look like a fool. now me personally i will say this if i love someone it is gointo be with my heart not my body parts or how hot or sexy they look or their age now.
She felt her shoulders slump. Again. The same thing, just a different day. Once more, she had come in with a cheerful, hopeful smile, but as she approached her desk, she felt the eyes of her boss bore into her. So she was a few seconds late. The buzzer had just sounded and she was not at her work station. She knew what was coming. A little throb of pressure began to make its presence known behind her right eye. She lifted her hand to her forehead, but was forestalled by a sudden monotonal drawl over her left shoulder. "You forgot to blah, blah, blah," it began, followed with a "He had to blah, blah, blah." No smile, no pleasant "Hello!", nothing to indicate relief or happiness that she had come in at all. After all, another member of the department had called in sick, leaving the rest having to fill in for her. She could easily have done the same, considering the nasty cold she had been nursing for several days. "You also were late. You're going to have to make sure you
Can't Believe It
Well we finally got the word the cancer is back and mom has 2-6 months to live. We had thought she was on the road to recovery but the cancer came back. I guess its hard to think this will be the last of anything for her. So me and my sibling are trying to do the best we can to make this as easy as possible. We're hoping she can at least see another Christmas that is her favorite holiday. She always had a big party at that time. Thanks everyone for your support.
Last Resort...taking Applications..urgent!!!!!
I am taking applications for a nursing position that is available. All the information that I am offering you is that you will be a nurse to Pye and myself. Now you have to leave comments telling what your qualifications are. You are not allowed to ask any questions. Seems that she and I are falling apart at our crooked seems and this is the best idea I could come up with. So come on.....tell me your qualifications.
A Slight Introduction
I have very few people that I communicate with on a daily basis, and sometimes it drives me crazy. Ninety percent of the time, I am confined to my home, and human contact is scarce. Especially now, since I am in the process of healing. I recently was diagnosed with the second of two types of cancer and it has become my world. Initially it was chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which was being easily managed, but after a short remission it was upgraded to an acute case. At the time I really wasn't worried and neither were my doctors. I had a lot of confidence at the time. This all began about three years ago. Still,I was determined to win the battle, I kept up my body, worked out, ate right, and maintained a good mental state. But almost a year ago, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of bone cancer. Ok, I went nuts with all the emotions for awhile, but eventually I accepted it, and listened to my team, went to all the consultations and followed their advice. I put all my
Do You Love Me??
hey guys! first of all i want to say thank you to all who helped me stay in the lead today :) i started my new job, and it was so nice to come home to so much love from yall :D in case you dont know in a contest!! im trying to win a 7 day blast, so please help me out if you can! every rate is worth 5 points and comments are worth 1 point :) its a bombing contest so you can comment as much as you like :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D it goes until sat, oct. 19th, so i will be posting a lot on this :) PLEASE! EVERY RATE COUNTS! IF YOU HAVENT YET...PLEASE AT LEAST GO RATE THE PHOTO!!! CLICK PHOTO TO VOTE! (rate and comment) HERE ARE THE STANDINGS: As of 9:15pm est Rates Shortyseceret: 113 x5 = 565 Comments-> 9959 Total Points: 10524 Rates J-Roxx: 68 x5 = 340 Comments-> 10838 Total Points: 11178 J-Roxx leads by 654
Kissin Is Never A Waste
I don't know why we kissed so long. There were plenty of other things we could have done, laying there on top of each other, naked. I think I know now, that we were not only having sex, but making love. When you make love, it's not about positions, pleasure, or orgasms. Sure, those are wonderful results, but it's more about two people becoming one, loving each other, and already, we both knew we loved each other. We kissed for what seemed like hours, when finally I felt his hand gently sliding up my side toward my right breast. His fingers walked up my body, and I felt him squeeze my boob. "Ohh," I whispered into his mouth. Already I could feel an orgasm coming, just with that one touch. He stopped kissing me to move his mouth down to my other breast, and I closed my eyes as he started to suck. He massaged one and sucked to other. More moans. They were coming from him, too. He was enjoying it just as much as I was. He stopped once again to move down more, kiss
I drive up to a clearing one fall afternoon. I see a Gentleman..long hair pulled back with whisps of his dark hair across his sultry eyes..I get out of my car and he looks at me and says "Beautiful.."We have a long embrace...kissing hugging and feeling each other. His strong hands caress by face and he holds me by my face to kiss me deeply. Feeling as if too much of a crowd is around, we jump into his truck. Me being 4'11 I have to climb up the truck to get in. Off we drive to a somewhat desserted parking lot. We start to kiss..him feeling my body..swiftly undressing me. His lips and mouth sucking my nipples. He glides my pants off of me..being that I never wear panties, he is looking right at my sweet sleek pussy..all wet and pink. His face is burried deep in my pussy..licking and sucking me fevorishly...I am getting cramped in the cab so he gets out of the truck, comes to my side of the cab and flings the door open. His face lost again in my pussy with my legs out the door on th
Wtf Is Wrong With Parents?
ok like the topic says what the fuck is wrong with Some parents these days.... i see absolutely nothing wrong with a baby/toddler/child wearing the cutsey pink and blue onesies and baby outfits thats what they are made for cute lil babies and todler and young kids. dora hell even barney its what kids like.i about died the other day when i seen a little girl not even 5 wearing knee high boots with little heels a tiny little mini jean skirt and a bikini type shirt with fringe hanging down. curls in her hair and she even had makeup on holding her moms hand who was wearing what looked like the 5yo's clothes if not smaller and they were holding matching purses its not like it was a special occasion cuz everytime i see them they are both dressed the same. another time i seen them in walmart mom and daughter had on little tracksuits the mom had a sprts bra type thing on hers boobs all hanging out and the little gurl had a little white lace kiddie bra on and both had their jackets unzipped to
Value Of Your Life
A well-known speaker started off his seminar by: holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands started going up. He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this. He proceeded to crumple up the $20 dollar bill. He then asked, "Who still wants it?" Still the hands were up in the air. Well, he replied, "What if I do this?" And he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants it?" Still the hands went into the air. My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make a
Come Checkout
come check out my fu wife and show her some luv 100% B!tch Fu-Wife of Budwiser (Independent Family)@ fubar
Deceiver Of The Eyes Poem
Innocents of a nice Day How Fast We Breath Touch me first To be scared the Shock of not knowing Fingers, Soft on the silken flesh A formal Gala There is no System For divine Love Is it like a drug Store paperback Are you a camp fire Girl Or a boy scout To live in each others arms To be separated, is to be hurt A phone off the hook An affair of a broken heart I can see a rose forgotten On the floor, in the corner Hope, how does the world work driving or walking lost in the night Where is the understanding The thoughts lost In an instance time A silent candle Write a letter All is fine, worry not Now give me a hug A simple plan of hello Is now gone Deceiver of the eyes Two strangers Meet and smile
To Have Feelings Or Not
sometimes im not sure water to act or show my feelings or not i dont like to feel like i am weak n witch im not but it seems every time i try to say ((hey you hurt my feelings)) i back down i dont want some1 to know that they can hurt me im just like that you know is that a bad thing???
The Great Moonbow Of Cumberland Falls
The Great Moonbow of Cumberland Falls Garment of Spirit Rider Since the beginning of time, when the cosmos was created, and the earth, sun, and moon were formed by the voice of the Great Spirit "YahoWah" and the "Cho-Ta-Auh-Ne-Le-Eh" commonly referred to as the Elder Fires Above, the tradition of the Moonbeam Blessing at Cumberland Falls in southeast Kentucky was held sacred by many Tribal Nations east of the Mississippi River. This special occurrence of the Moonbow was taken as a distinct sign from the Great Spirit to the Native people, and was interpreted as a Great Invocation and Blessing with Great meaning that is very hard to be translated into the English language for non-Indian understanding. This physical geological and Native American spiritual wonder at Cumberland Falls Kentucky came in the universal light form of the Moonbow and was given to all Real Human Beings by the Great Spirit and the Elder Fires Above as a distinct sign of deliverance in the c
Welcome *~ʮt~* Co-owner Of S.i.l. ♥ Demon Crew ♥
Lets add and welcome her to the family. *~ʮT~* Co-Owner of S.I.L. ♥ Demon Crew ♥ Slap Happy Bombers@ fubar Thanks, BlaZe
By You Always
I'll hold a thousand roses, and lie them round your head. Light candles in the darkness and kneel beside your bed. I'll hold your hand in ernest so you can see my eyes. Tell you what I want to say and try to just not cry. I'll sit there in the darkness and look down where you lay. Never leaving you my dear until it's light of day. I'll kiss your lips one last time before I say goodbye. Find a smile though you know I'm hurting here inside. I'll greet your friends as they show and try somehow to be brave. But we both know the tears will come when I'm standing by your grave. I'll stand there while it's raining my cheek against your stone. My god I feel I'm dying too now that I'm alone. But hope is around the corner and I will find it out one day. In heaven where I find you, and in heaven's where I'll stay. D. Cohen
Inconsistencies In The Morning :)
Aside from the usual...breakthrough calls I get from BunnEH. This time it was Johnny that called. And he was quite upset. Okay, so it wasnt really a was more of an exchange over myspace, and he set out to call em. Pleading that he really needed to talk to me. Johnny and Daniel decided to mutually break up. And For the first fucking time, I sat there with my mouth open, sort of half blatantly trying to take in all his qualms. Half whimpering and dazed, he poured his heart out quite literally, my sheer reaction was to half sob with him abit. I could not take him crying really, and what I did was to listen ever so carefully. Johnny was so fragile sounding that it almost broke me. Relationships could be the highest ultimate Au Naturel high you can get, and when the realities and pangs of compromise and mutual compromise and what not.....I just could not bear him cry. I didnt even want to sugar coat the idiot box talking in my head. Daniel needed a break, becaus
I'm Moving
I am moving home to Montana! I've been having a very hard time financially for the past few months, actually been struggling off and on for the last 5 1/2 years since I moved to Washington. And two days ago my car was Repoed :( I called my daughter crying on her shoulder. She called my sisters and talked to my Brother In Law, he called me and asked if I wanted to come home and live with them until I can get back on my feet again and he will help me get a job at the state hospital there... he has worked there for about 20 years and my sister has worked there for about 10 years and the pay is good and benefits. So they will be here tomorrow and we are leaving Friday, so I am packing all day, Yuck! I hate packing LOL I hate to start over again, but what can ya do, ya know? At least I'll be near my family again, I have no family here. I'll be back on line ASAP....don't miss me too much LOL Much Love, Edie
What If...
What if you don't believe in LOVE... then someone teaches you how... Then you fall for her and you believe... but... what if... she's not suppose to love you... Only... teach you. :-(
Please Read!
As you all know by now, Hope has been away because she has been ill. Fubar has caused much stress in her life, and I am referring to one person in particular actually, and if you and Hope were friends, you know exactly who I am speaking of. He caused he very much mental anguish, and has discovered she has heart issues, and panic attacks all caused from the drama she received on this site. I will keep you updated to her progress as I am aware of it, But sadly Hope will not return to Fubar!
Rumors And Lies Are Pissing Me Off
Hello everyone, how's it going? I am really pissed off. Why is it a big freaking deal that I have guy friends? Just because I would rather hang out with guys than with girls, does not make me a whore. It just makes me happy. No I do not screw any of them. I would just rather hang out with guys than girls. Someone named Doug that has a page on here, called my little brother and told him that I was a whore. Well I am not, and if I was, I would have all the money I need to take care of business. maybe he is just pissed off because I don't want him. I don't sleep with anyone but my husband. Yes, I am married. I have always gotten along better with the guys than the girls. My little brother called me and actually asked me if I was a whore. Even though he knows better. I could never be a whore, hooker, or what ever you call those girls that sell themselves. Yes I enjoy hot sex as much as the next person, but I do not hook. I just enjoy hot sex with my husband. He is happy with the way our li
Time For A Change
I made some changes to my profile, pics and friends, family, etc. I't hard for me to look at pictures of ppl that ignore me when I shout/comment/gift to. My page opens to my "Family" list and those are the wonderfully SPECIAL people that do! Those of you in my YIM list the changes won't be appearent to YOU, unless you see that you have to re-add, that means I never hear from you, so no need to be in my list, those of you that only talk to me once in a blue moon are in a diff section I keep closed. If you see me online (YIM) that means I want to talk, I don't log in as "Invisble to all" because you folks matter to me and thats why I want to chat. I know SOME of you make yourself invisible to me when I KNOW your on-line and that is like a slap in the face to me when you can't even say "Hi"! Those of you that know what I have been/am going through know why I am posting this.... those of you that could care less... FAHGETABOUTIT! {Art leaves the blog singing "It's
Time For Me
Life is going round and round Spinnning out of control This is the time to just let go Its not about anyhting but me Time for me that is all I need Work, family, friends, and daily routines I give 100% to everyone around me But never myself Time for me that is all I need So I took time away from my life Tried something new and surprising You will find that it oh so refreshing Time for me that is all I need Runaway from my phone and town left it behind for all I needed was Time for me Because I now know I love me
Bad News
I made the call today to find out what the results were for my tests I've been having done. I was hoping for good news and thought that everything was going to be fine, but instead I got the bad news. I was informed that I completely aborted the baby. This is now my 4th miscarriage. Third in a row, had one in December of 2004, one in March of this year and one now. I'm not taking it very well to be totally honest. I don't know how I'm gonna get through this. I just want to curl up and sleep and never wake up. I wanted this baby so bad and to find out that I lost another baby is like losing another piece of me. I feel so empty and feel like I have no answers for anything that's going on with me. I don't understand why this keeps happening. Anyway, if you have my yahoo feel free to try and reach me on there. If not I'm sure I'll check my fubar from time to time, but I'm not sure I'll feel like talking much for a while. I'm not really up for talking or anything. I am sti
I don't think anything aggrevates me more than when someone mows you down as you're getting out of the elevator. you wanna give me two seconds to step the fuck up before ya come barreling in?! in other news.... WOW LOL!
The paper absorbs the ink- my pen moves across the pages, creating patterns and images, secret designs, rough and smooth, privately my soul is displayed on this paper. The book takes on new meaning- a hard outer shell protects the tender core, the source, the light inside is saved for stormy days Becoming a window- laced with frost and steam, from outside I watch myself grow..... and the picture becomes clearer.
A Passionate Kiss
A passionate night between me and you I can't begin to tell you the things I want to do. First we can dim the lights and get closer..... No, wait, that's too fast, let's go back and move a little slower. I'll kiss your lips that are so soft and sweet, then move on to your cheek that's so smooth and unique. Then I'll move right along that little ear of yours... Whoa... my, my... let me move along your chest... Uh, oh I missed a spot, let me move back up to the neck As I move my tounge around and around you start to feel it as I go down slowly and as I kiss your chest your hands go up ...but I'm not finished yet.... I go further down towards your navel... As I move down past your waist line I begin to kiss .... Oh, I just wake up to realize it's a dream ! A passionate dream fueled by my deep love for you.
Rambling .... Come Down To Me...
I'm beebopping around today and when stuff it hits me I just kind of chuckle out loud and grin to my self... it's all bitter sweet and... Hmmm.... life's roads are just amusing...the thought to ponder... instead of growing from bad relationships... why do we let them keep us stagnant... allow them to have the control to hold us back and be so damn cautious.... JUST LOVE!!!!!!! Yeah sometimes crap hurts but you rejoice in all the goodness there was... in the fun silliness you had and the passionate moments... hold on to those and let the bad go... know better for next time... but don't go in thinking things are doomed to fail.... look at me... maybe I should follow my own damn advice... Somehow after my divorce I found myself again... the bits and pieces I left behind and lost for whatever reason... and I get to crushin on this guy and I throw up every defense I have... from faith, kids, to whatever, I become distant and pull away, and most of all I ASSUME he can't possibly feel the sam
The Kind Of Girl Who I Want, To Want Me.
Ok, so I've spent countless hours, like everybody else... Making a checklist of 'what I want in a girl.' But it finally occured to me, that that's exactly what I DON'T want. So I reitereated by 'checklist' and come up with this... This is the kind of girl I want to go for me. NOT the kind of girl I would go for. Now, Re-read that a few times ok..... then continue. I don't want a 'checklist girl.' I don't want a girl who is looking for a guy to fulfill the correct set of criteria. - i.e. I have the right job. - Make the right amount of money. - I'm the right height and/or weight. - I live in the right area. - My dick is the right size. - I have the right social status. - etc etc. I'm not perfect. I want a girl who likes me, for me. Not because I'm hitting all the tick boxes on her checklist. In my case, I may be looking for something that simply does not exist. I seem to be looking for that magic 'x-factor' in a girl. And the girl won't leave me be
So Tired
So I figure I can vent somewhat here... Im really fed up sick and tired of EVERYTHING! Seems as if nothing is going right nor does it look like things are gonna get better anytime soon! Im ready to say FUCK IT and give up because really Im tired of caring....No matter what I do its not good enough the harder I try the more shit gets fucked up not to mention people and there drama that love to bring me in the middle of it all sick of that shit to Igot my own shit to worry about but does anyone care ? FUCK NO ... Yea people claim to care and give a shit but when it comes down to it they really dont .. Im always there for everyone else no matter what the situation but when It comes to me well its FUCK SUNSHINE let her deal with it on her own we aint got time ... Im so sick of fake people and drama ass shit and my name in people's mouth always talkin shit GET A FUCKIN LIFE!!!
Depression in so many It's always so sad to see The numbers are uncanny Just take a look at me So many in pain unseen As depression numbers rise Sometimes life can be so mean Just look into my eyes Afraid to go home Don't know how to deal You're feeling so alone This is how I feel People don't see what is under my skin They just see the outside, not whats within They dont seem to see the constant pain im in In the battle of emotions, depression will always win This time though the depression is too strong It has to be sudden, it can't take too long I look at my life and where it went wrong However hard i tried i could never belong Did they ever even see me? Notice i wasn't happy? Did they ever try to help me? No, their own problems was all they could see Now it all is over, the battle has been won All these years of torment ended by the trigger of a gun. Lying alone and silent, forgetting those torturous years I kno
Why I Cry
I cry that my world has been torn apart This pain is a stake deep in my heart. Solitude is my only friend As I lay upon my tear soaked bed. Who could help me? Who could I tell? Will I survive this private Hell? All through the night I toss and turn I can't sleep My love I yearn! I wait for My Moon, my Sun & my Star! Wondering what they're doing or how they are. I cry until the night turns into day Still void of my love for another day. I'll wait for the sun to shine on me Until then . . . my life is so empty. This is the hardest time I've ever known I Wait . . . & I Cry For my love to come home!
Can't Stop Loving You
Today our daughter wrote me a letter and said when she handed it to me "this one is on paper mommie" the other was on a paper towel hehe Basically it was same but here is what it read... I love you and can't stop loving you if I did it would make me sad. Please don't do it to me. I tell you that girl is something else. hehe
Home Sweet Home
Well I am finally getting back to my old American self again, its been 38 hours 49 minutes and counting since I got home from Iraq, as I have said to a new friend and you know who you are, I did not know how much I missed the comforts that we take for granted everyday, things like running water, a flushing toilet, BEER of any kind, shit i got all messed up on Pabst Blue Ribbon and Colt 45 malt liquorlol with in 2 hours of hitting U.S. soil, Its funny how much you miss your country men, the silly things they do, hey lets just face it although we are all different, be it skin color, background hell you know what I mean, there are just somethings that makes us American and you dont have to be born here to be American but you soon become American and you miss the hell out of this grate nation when you are in a place where everyones trying to kill you and your crew, and you realize that regardless of who you are you are an American and no matter what they try to do, they will never take
Help Nyha
Help Nyha out, she needs 50,000 comments. You have to add/fan/rate *SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#26*GODFATHER* OWNER OF *THE DYNASTY CLUB*@ fubar Then go to Nyha's pic & bomb it. Thanks :D
Woot.. Finally
So... Ive moved out of the hell hole I called home... aka the Concentration camp my grandma was running... And things are MUCH better... BUT FIRST.. I need to elaborate on some of the details that happened the day of moving :D I had to work all weekend, so I kinda got out of moving furniture and such upstairs. Well the first night we actually got to sleep in the new place.... IT WAS HEAVEN!!! We were all up laughing, and giggling, and watching movies that said bad words (lol dont ever consider doing that at Grannys!!) WOOT!!! The next morning, (Sunday...) My mom gets me up nice and early and decides we needed to go move the rest of the stuff out of the "camp". I'm thinkin to myself... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... DONT MAKE ME GO BACK THERE!!! Off we go.... First thing, we have food thrown at us... I turn it down, grab a box, and start throwing stuff into boxes. I cant even move in that room as it was, but here she comes, with her broom and dust pan... sweepin
76 Years 129 Days
Okay so today I was going through some old pictures and I came across my grandparents birth and death dates. Well for some odd reason I did the math they both lived to be the exact same age. It's weird that even though they died 3 years apart they both lived the exact same amount of days. 76 years, 129 days
Life is good to some to others it is a cycle of disappointments, heartache. I seem to be that one who goes through life giving never expecting anything in return ... then it all becomes apparent I'm nothing, just a pawn, a toy an object to be used and abused..... how can love be so harsh and unforgiving.. why am i so stupid to open my heart my soul, why do I allow another the power to hurt me , to break my much passion is buried begging to be unleashed to be set free, yet there is a slap in the face... water cold and murky pulls me back and washes over me clouding the way... the pain so intense i just want to lie down and feel nothing ... let the darkness seep in and overtake my soul... erase the images that I have seen... erase the warmth I felt in your arms ... just don't let me feel anymore... falling into the dark abyss I pray the lord my soul to take... sinking, reaching deeper into the dark corner I'm crushed falling broken and shattered aware there is nothing more in s
When We Two Parted...
When we two parted In silence and tears, Half broken-hearted To sever for years, Pale grew thy cheek and cold, Colder thy kiss; Truly that hour foretold Sorrow for this. The dew of the morning Sunk chill on my brow -- It felt like the warning Of what I feel now. Thy vows are all broken, And light is thy fame: I hear thy spoken, And share in its shame. They name thee before me, A knell to mine ear; A shudder comes o'er me -- Why wert thou so dear? They know not I knew thee, Who knew thee too well; -- Long, long shall I rue thee, Too deeply to tell. In secret we met -- In silence I grieve That thy heart could forget, Thy spirit deceive. If I should meet thee After long years, How should I greet thee? -- With silence and tears. --Lord Byron (fucker reads my mail).
This I Give You
this i give you it is all i have it has been shattered broken and glued back together i try not to use it i havent in a long time i dont want to use it but .... you just snuck by and took it as your own... this is all i posses it is shattered broken one day to mend i would take it and bury it in the sand.. but it likes you and wants to stay with you.... please take care of it dont break it again i dont think i could stand the pain.... i dont mind if you dont want to give it back... keep it...... forever. this is all i have of any worth to give shattered broken torn to shreds held together with electrical tape this i give you for you are the only one worthy of it in time it will heal i wont force it to it doesnt deserve to be its only flesh a part of me....... it is what i give to you..... handle with care.....
It's hard to hold on to something that you know would never be yours in any way you think of... You just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while some good things never last... Some don't even start... (",)
Great Ppl, Great Lounges, Check 'em Out.......more To Come .......
DIVORCE VS. MURDER A nice, calm and respectable lady went into the pharmacy, walked up to the Pharmacist, looked straight into his eyes, and said, "I would like to buy some Cyanide." The pharmacist asked, "Why in the world do you need cyanide?" The lady replied, "I need it to poison my husband." The pharmacist's eyes got big and he exclaimed, "Lord have mercy! I can't give You cyanide to kill your husband. That's against the law! I'll lose my license! They'll throw both of us in jail! All kinds of bad things will happen. Absolutely not! You CANNOT have any cyanide!" The lady reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of her husband in bed With the pharmacist's wife. The pharmacist looked at the picture and replied, "Well now, that's different. You didn't tell me you had a prescription
What I Am Reading At The Moment....
Do You Know?
""Do you know what the relationship is between your two eyes? They blink together, they move together, they cry together, they see things together and they sleep together, BUT THEY NEVER SEE EACH OTHER... that's what friendship is. Your aspiration is your motivation, your motivation is your belief, your belief is your peace, your peace is your target, your target is heaven, and life is like hell without FRIENDS
Just Became A Vip(not Become)
Well today, I bought my first VIP and I also bought my girlfriend Kate a VIP too, the only reason why I did was because I was at my limit for uploading pics and she was close too, so I said what the hell, buy her one too, anyways, I will only give 11's to the ladies and pics of them whether it be profile pic or any pic of themselves but not the NSFW ones though. I will not give them to guys, (I hate to do that, but it's my choice here, I don't expect them from guys anyhow), that's how I'm using my 11's and I'm sticking to it, ok?
Dont Waste Your Time Clicking On My Blog Unless Your Really Gonna Read It And Comment
i wanna start with how fucking happy i am with my fubar hubby, u so totally rock! now i can vent i need a drink, or a night out away from the fuckin internet and its motherfuckin bullshit i am 2 seconds away from deleting all of my gay ass internet accounts and just disappearing into the real world i dont know how much more fuckin stress i can take, its gotten so fuckin bad this week that i can hardly sleep at night, and last night i woke up fuckin shaking plus my fuckin anxiety is getting worse than what it was last year so dont be surprised if i land myself in the fuckin ER Ok now i am gonna go back to work and hope that the rest of the day is better, even tho i know that unless i stay away from the computer all together, i will not have a good day
My Friend Cristi Lee!
This is my close and dearest friend on fubar. She Dare me to change my name so I did. So Please Everyone Go and Say Hello To Her! Bryan's Little PlayToy~True Friends Bomb Squad~@ fubar
Her Skin
Her Skin Her skin, I love to touch, I love to touch her skin. Soft, succulent, delicious skin on legs, belly, breasts, her folds. I love to touch her skin. Our mouths, with gentle suction, pulling and drawing, Our tongues, entwined in rhythmical dance, sliding, swirling, simulated movements when united. Thick protrusion enters her skin, Her skin, I love to touch.
What To Do??
I am in kinda of a confused situation. Well about 2 yrs ago my grandfater passed away that I was really close to. Since then I have been helping take care of my grandmother that has had 3 strokes and 2 heart atacks..B4 my granfather passed he sat down and talked with my mom, and I. He told us that ever since my grandmother has had these strokes she has not been the same. Well its true cause her memory is worse and all that stuff. Well he told us he wanted us to sell the house and put her in a home or have her into a home because we have done so much, and he did not want to be hard on us..Well everytime she goes to the Dr. for checkups or just test she puts on a big front and tells them everything is ok and she is fine.I don't see how the dr/s can see through this. Well we can not talk to the Dr.s and tell them whats best or move her in a home because she will not give us the power of attorney to be able to make suggestions or to do anything in that nature..SO I am just confused on what
Wanting To Hold A Contest
I am wanting to hold a contest for the sexiest fubarians! First place will be a week's blast second will be three days and third will be one day! Anyone wanting to enter let me know. When I get enough contestants I will make another blog announcing the date it will start.Thank you for reading! Love yall! Smoochez and huggles!
The Carpet Cleaner
The Carpet Cleaner While banging a girl doggy style, tie her arms behind her back, lift up her hips, and run around the room pushing her face first across the carpet. Not recommended with large women.
Oh No... It Is Raining Here
I have 30 miles to drive tonight to get to my next meeting and it just started raining here. Last night I almost hit 4 deer coming home from a late meeting. Now I have rain and deer to dodge on the way home. I just love these late night meetings.
I Like These Kinds Of Blogs...
it's very interesting to see what everyone's response might be.... it's kind of like a mum, but mumm's get kind of boring cause of the people want to be such dipshits about their responses. But to the question at hand... if you could be any kind of movie, what type of movie and title would you be? 1. comedy 2. romance 3. drama 4. science fiction 5. horror 6. documentary 7. action/adventure 8. children for me, i'd definately have to say i'd be a comedy film and i'd have to say the movie that best resembles me would be: Animal House, cause one of the guys in the movie's name is "President Hoover" and that's my real last name hehehe. See how easy it is...this can be quite fun, so please tell me who you are ;)
One day a mother died. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of her bedroom, the Son was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. No more hugs, no more lucky moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, No more 'just one minute.' Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away. never to return before we can say good-bye, Say 'I Love You.' So while we have it . . it's best we love it . . And care for it and fix it when it's broken and take good care of it when it's sick. This is true for marriage .... and friendships .. And children with bad report cards; And dogs with bad hips; And aging parents and grandparents We keep them because they are worth it, Because we cherish them! Some things we keep -- like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, No matter what. Life is important, and so are the people we know. And so, we keep them clos
She Said Yes!!!!!
It's true Fu Love.... with a bunch of real life Love sprinkled in.... Announcing the Fu Engagement of Ozzfanatic2 and LuAngel They may try to tear us apart, and at times we may do it ourselves but here in my heart you will always dwell. Get this widget |
Hillbilly's Life Wisdom
Leveling Up For Pics
I need a blast from someone, I can't load anymore pictures and that makes me sad. I wanted to add my NSFW gifs, so now I am very very sad. Also, if you look at my NSFW, at least rate them, gahhhhhwwdamn, I can only add 20 peeps at a time and if you don't rate, you will be dropped. Hahaha LOVE YOU all Lisa
Please Read Its About Me
This is just something in my mind as im staying up all night yet again hehe... but anyway I have gone through all my life thinking why I'm less than others and it was so terrible to get picked on and mocked, for thinking you had friends when in all reality the truth was the ones you wanted as friends wouldn't give you the attention. To be brutally honest I don't want to sound like a completely arrogant individual but I have lived a very rough life, a life of chaos, envy, jealousy, deceat and so much more. As most of you prolly know the hardest thing to deal with in my life was the day I watched my uncle die at 5 years old he decided his life wasn't worth living, and shot himself right infront of me. Could you imagine the pain and guilt that would put a 5 year old through not knowing or understanding why his uncle shot himself while having his brains on your face ? But from then on my life went down hill, i was molested at 7 years old not even 2 years after my uncle killed himself. and
ok we are awaiting an appointment for kayliegh and test and my nerves r shot as well as most are family its sicking to me that they r lettin this go so long bc she has a state medical they could be letting a pericous life slip from us bc we r not rich and its stressing me so much her grandma is on nitro tabs now after a heartattack from all the stress i also wanted to thank all u for the support and prayers love u all and may god bless u
Waiting To Exhale.....
Look what came in the mail HIM tickets!!!! I still can't believe I am actually going to see my Ville in person...I haven't been able to catch my breath since I was given the chance to still seems so surreal to me...getting to be in the same place where Ville will be breathing the same air...seeing him with my eyes...hearing him sing live with my ears...I am counting down the days...the hours...the minutes...the seconds...holding my breath...
Poem "lovers Sigh"
Lover's Sigh I raise my hand to stroke your face, You kiss me deep; a fierce embrace! I kiss your lips, your cheeks, your eyes, I feel your touch between my thighs... Your moist tongue probes that private place. Empassioned probing sets the pace, Pounding thrusts; a rising tide... I feel your gush as you feel mine! You hold me close and kiss my face, Entwined, we sleep in warm embrace. And as we sleep, a lover's sigh, Escapes my lips unto the sky. by Babs Dahlink
I've got over 1,000 folks on my friends list.. yet I talk to maybe 20 of you on a semi-regular basis. I know lots of you just added me to see my nsfw pics and alot of you honestly wanted to be friends. If i dont hear from you soon I'm going to start deleting you from the friends list. Points and ratings you've helped me with be damned.
Pissed Off..
some of you guys may not wanna know this and I'm sorry, but here goes.. so.. my period has been playing tricks on me all week making me think I started early.. but I didn't. It'd be real light for 2 days, go away, and then come back two days later and be real light again and then go away. It came this morning. cramps suck balls. [I've been on birth control pills for 4 years and my period is just NOW getting screwy. wtf]. I go for my pap next month and I'm going to talk to my gyno and see if she thinks I should switch pills or if she thinks that's weird. I haven't been able to sleep too well for the past 3 days. It's like I've been sleeping, but it doesn't feel like I've been asleep. like I can't get in that deep sleep that I need or something. I don't know, but it sucks. I've been waking up every morning for the past 3 days before Eric's alarm clock goes off at 6am. This morning I woek up at 5:45. His alarm went off at 6 and he hit snooze, went off again at 6:15.. he then reset i
For Some Reason I Feel Hurt
you know how sometimes everything seems to be going the way you need it too and then in the blink of an eye it all changes. I love him more than I can even explain and it hurts to know that he needs someone else in his life even if it is because of something important. I have never felt this way before, I can't breathe when I think about him. He is intense and you know maybe its what I needed to wake me up. I need him though as much as it hurts I need him to love me because without him I feel empty. I can't remember what its like to be without him and I never want to find out because I feel I would get lost in a world of him. Should I keep loving him or should I let the only thing I want the only thing I need, should I let it go? I want him in my life even if it kills me. I haven't made myself bleed in so long, not until this came around and to tell you the truth the razor blade felt warm across my wrist and if I have to let him go its only going to make the cuts deeper and longer. So
Today Is Gonna Suck!
I only got 2 hours sleep last night and Persia has the day off today so she won't be here to keep me company! :(
10 Rules
Ten most important rules. 1) upon waking, put your feet soundly on the ground, and thank god your alive. 2) take a beat...think, then .... open your heart and mind, to all you come in contact. 3) if someone or something causes you anguish, do not hold it and then pass it on to a different innocent person. 4) stop complaining, and do something about it (what ever it is) 5) try to listen to some music, at some point of your day (music is magic of the soul) 6) if you can do a kind gesture for someone you know or don't really know. 7) belive in Karma (cause as John Lennon said... Instant Karma's gonna get you.... 8) Be kind to animals (for their love is one of the purest) 9) Respect elders no matter how old you are... (cause you will be old too one day) 10) start this list again and do it if you can every day... thats it greggace
Before He Cheats....funny Shit!
Hangin Round
ive cheated life and im still here ive lived and died and it made things clear ive been up all night drivin home to you and ill struggle on until its through ill bet you think that its oh so clear when it all comes down its my fault my dear so send me a message written in my blood tellin me goodbye and that its all done and when the morning comes and i see the sun ill grab my things and simply move on
New Update On Dad
Well here is the latest ..things have gotten worse for us is staying now less cohearant and sleeping more eating and drinking less.We know we are now nearing the end with him...Please take no offense if you see my online stats as me being online...My husband will be checking my account as I will be spending more time with dad also If you shout me and get no answer don't be offend.. my husband is not much of a talker..I will try to update more as I can ...Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers at this hard times in family life ... kisses and hugs to you all...
Hurricane Katrina
I wrote a book about Katrina. It's at search Steven Banka. The question is. If I revise the book, make it bigger and add pictures showing the past 2 years, would you be interested in reading the book? Comments
Omgs Lol
Remember guys.. don't be jealous.. it's a fake. LOL!!!
A Dog's Purpose... Through The Eyes Of A 6 Year Old.
A Dog's Purpose... Through the eyes of a 6 year old. Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife, Lisa, And their little boy, Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they Were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the Family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform The euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home. As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience. The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without
I Have To Go
I have to get for a little while, but before I do I wanted to tell you about this girl here. shes too cute..and check out that pic!..Stop by and show her some Fubar Love the way I know you know how..:) ♥ _-*- Curvy_Cutie-*-_ ♥ - ~_*0o - R/L GF TO FM o0 ~_*@ fubar
If I Could
If I could catch a rainbow, I would do it just for you And share with you it's beauty, On the days you're feeling blue. If I could, I'd build a mountain You could call your very own, A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles, I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow, fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend that's always there, And a Love that will never disappear.....
Best Remembered
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Ok since I can't post a MUMM about this I will post a blog. People talk about morals and how people should respect marriage. Really wants the point. You marry, have kids, think you love this person you've been with for years, and decide to go out and cheat on them. This is for man or woman that has done this. Or you lie to your self about your sexuality and marry someone of the opposite sex because society says this is the way things should be. And then it comes to an end. You marry someone then all you do is fight and things end badly with you either beating them up all the time, or killing them. Respecting marriage??? Come on now. I see people talk their crap about others who live their lives open and free. Yes open marriages. Yes I know people can get hurt by this and in the end things end. I know my husband loves me with all his heart. He has his turn ons as well as any person. Just his to others seem sick and twisted. But there are worse things he could be turned
Just Following Suit
There are aspects in people that find to be positive, yet other aspects that find to be negative. Another way of saying it is a like and a dislike. My number one thing that I like by someone, is a person who can keep their word. If I tell someone I will do something, than I will do it. It might take me a bit to get to it, but I will do it. My word is my bond. If I say, I will do this for you today, than I will do it that day. I have known many who tell me they will do something, than just don't do it at all, and it hurts me. As I would do whatever I said I would for them. I do not care for those that believe they are better than anyone else. I do not like a racist or a prejudice person. These people are ignorant, and are not worth my time. What is worse they are willfully ignorant. I love a fellow romantic, someone I can lavish with love and sappy thoughts and actions. I do not like to made to feel guilty, nor do I like to cause that same feeling in another. I hate it when
Important...please Read!
My ex is at it again and has ripped my salute photo (the only picture I CANNOT block to anyone but family and friends.) I am blocking ALL of my pictures to anyone but family for now.I am sorry about this to all of my friends.He just happens to like to send a friendship request and I dropped my guard so I don't know if he has an account on here other than the one of him I just found. I am also NOT going to be accepting any new friendship request for awhile. I am going to be going through my friends and if there is not a salute picture or something that lets me know who you are...I will be deleating. This is for my safety and I am sorry to anyone that this offends. Thank you, Heartsound
Poor Kitty
This is hilarious and if you haven't listeneed to it yet on my profile you have to listen now.>LOL
Friends List
Hi everyone! As I have said MANY TIMES, I think I have the BEST FRIENDS on Fubar! Over the past few weeks I have accepted quite a few new friends. Soooooooooooo, it's time to go through and thin the list down a bit so it stays manageable. Those of us who have kept in contact with each other will be friends for as long as Fubar exists, and probably longer! Those who seem to be either too busy or don't care about the importance of real friendship will be deleted. I need a list that I can go through daily so I can comment to each of my "real" friends as much as possible. Sooooooooooo, my list will become somewhat smaller by the end of the weekend. Manly P.S., If any of you have any questions why I am doing this, please read my "About Me" section on my profile! Have a GREAT weekend!
True Ghost Stories
I want to hear some of your experiences. Why you believe or dont.. its all intrigueing to me... I love the paranormal...
I Like This Was Put Together.. Thought I Would Share
Suspended Mumms
subject: MuMM Suspension post date: 2007-08-25 04:33:44 views: 4917 comments: 388 ratings: 0 ****Do not leave comments asking for them back. Please email me about it. I may not see it. Please read the following information entirely. MuMMers... First off, take a deep breath. Your MuMM suspension was nothing personal. Also, please do not leave me a comment on this blog asking for them back. I might not see it, so email me instead. The automated message you received probably told you it was NSFW. If it wasn't NSFW, it was flagged because it did not meet the MuMM guidelines. The following information will help you better understand your suspension. Also, I do not see 99% of the MuMMs that are flagged. I am just the guy who can help you turn them back on. Please do not shoot the messenger. Please make sure to read this entire blog. 1. I will not debate, argue, discuss or get involved in MuMM drama. 2. MuMM stands for Make Up Your Mind! It is a place for users to post legit
Whose At Fault?
Men or women ? WE both suffer from heart aches and othe stuff that goes with realationships . like cheating ,liyng maybe stealing and so foth. Whose to blame for the last person beeing hurt, troubled or abused. The blame goes from men to women all the time. Im tired of beeing hurt by women who take it out me cause the last guy fucked up but then turns around and gits abused by the next guy or mistreated thrhn try to run back to me say that they should have did it. But reall they want to hurt me some more. Women i know you feel the same way to . but how can you keep going on after beeing hurt so much ? Enough is enough. People should stop playing games with peoples emotions and stop lying on people to .
Come Fly With Me
He took my hand and said "jump" I looked down and saw no bottom He said "I am here with you" I took my first small step forward He said "run with me and jump" I grabbed his hand and ran like the wind over the edge of the cliff we went Down, down, down towards the bottom And suddenly wings began to grow So we soared thru the air towards the sky He and i In trusting Him i learned how to fly He knew i had the strength He knew i could fly He saw so much more than i In the weakness of submission i found the power of "one" united The power of trust in someone else The ultimate release The ultimate love
My Eyes
I have felt like doo doo all day due to a toothache for one, and I can hardly keep my eyes open now, so i just wanted to say goodnight to all my sexy friends..May you have pleasant dreams..:) Profile Graphics -
For Sugar And Spice :)
Fix You Coldplay When you try your best but you don't succeed When you get what you want but not what you need When you feel so tired but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse When the tears come streaming down your face When you lose something you can't replace When you love someone but it goes to waste Could it be worse? Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you And high up above or down below When you're too in love to let it go If you never try then you'll never know Just what you're worth Lights will guide you home And ignite you bones And I will try to fix you Tears stream down your face When you lose something you cannot replace Tears stream down your face And I... Tears stream down your face I promise you that I'll learn from my mistakes Tears stream down your face And I... Lights will guide to home And ignite to bones And I will try to fix you Ty Hun your awesome :D
Down Rater And Hater
this person is harassing my family members and she blocked me i was going to ask her what is going on and she blocked me before i could so i can't get her side of everything please show her how we luv people on here , that do that, it is so funny she is a 19 level ninja and is acting like this . here she is , no pic with it but you can look her up ! thanks everyone!!!!!!!! Name: I'm the Only One.....I LIKE GIR... (Stepped away) Level: Ninja (19) Rating: 10.09 (702) Fans: 308 Gender: Female, 26 Location: Durham, NC Salutes: 2 salute photos! pictures (199) call me! Buzz: 100% -- sh*t faced! SHOUT: SEND
Girls Night Out
Why to Avoid a 'Girls Night Out' After you Are Married. The other night I was invited out for a night with the girls. I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!' Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easy. Around 3:00 a.m., a bit loaded, I headed for home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hall started up and cuckooed 3 times. Realizing my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution (even when totally smashed), in order to escape a possible conflict with him...'cuz 3 + 9 = 12! So smart! The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, and I told him midnight. He didn't seem too upset at all. I was thinking....'Whew! Got away with that...' Then he said, 'I think we need a new cuckoo clock.' When asked him why, he said, 'Well, last night our clock cuckooed three times, then it said 'Oh sh*t!', and cuck
My Dreams
In my dreams It was me in your arms My lips on yours There was only us And the clouds And the stars It was the world and us It was us against the world But in your arms I could take it Anything the world dished out And with your kisses I was strong again In my dreams it was me in your arms My lips on yours
Creepy Coincidences
OK, how's this: after the horrid lucid dream-infested night I had, I read my horoscope and it tells me to listen to what my dreams are trying to tell me... wtf???
My New Webpage Link cum see me....u wont be disappointed... plzz leave comments on wat u think..suggestions are appricated also...tell me wat u like!
Fubar Friends And Family
i just wanted to tell my sexy fubar fans friends and family good afternoon i wante dto know if its ok if i rip a pic of u and put it in my pics because i want to show everybody how much u guys mean to me if not i understand!! just let me know if its ok i love u guys stay safe god bless!!
Here Is How It Goes
I am sitting at working thinking about how I am going to occupy my time. I started at 7am and it has been a slow day. We ran 1 call and it was yet another fire alarm. I am not saying that I want the world to burn up around me or anything but sometimes calls do help you get through the 24 hour shift. I am sure all the citizens in Annapolis, Maryland can rest easy as nothing burns in bedrock or so they say.
Very Bad News!!! :((((
I'm going through a very sad time. I was out taking a walk, got back with a message on my answering machine from the brother of a friend of mine. This friend moved out to California to live near his brother since they were close. Well I called the brother back and he told me my friend died on Wednesday. He was only 46. I asked what happened, the brother said he went to go see him, his tv was on and he wasn't around, but his bay window was broken. He called the police, they investigaed and found him 30 yards from the bay window. He lived in a gated community so noone really could see him from the outside. Noone knows what happened, but it almost looks like he was murdered!! The investigation continues. I am so sad, was crying a lot today after hearing the news!!! I played baseball with this guy and his brother said i was his best friend. Whats worse is he wanted to come back to Pennsylvania but at the time didn't have the money.. I feel numb right now, just keep the family in your
WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED: Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth.. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$ 100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. ! Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase
Sometimes Life Just Sucks.....
Sometimes things happen in life that we aren't prepared for even tho they take place every day. That situation is going on for me at this time and I do not know how much I will be on here for a bit. To my friends, my dad is still completing tests to see what we are dealing with exactly, but a large mass was found in his right lung, other masses in both lungs, on several ribs, spots on his spine and spleen, masses in soft tissue of right hip and both chest walls, a mass in his left kidney and some abnormalities in his lymph nodes. He is in terrible pain. Yes, as a nurse I deal with this every day but it is a little different when it is your own family. So please know that if I don't immediately respond to comments, shouts, messages, etc, It isn't because I don't care about my friends and don't appreciate everything you send to me. It is just with work, taking care of my son, and now trying to work with my dad's doctors to get him comfortable and keep my step mom from freaking ou
Written In 1985
From being left alone to hide From silent torture that resides From wishes never brought to bear On such a soul so unaware From poisoned bottle's fatal hold As liquid torture did unfold From brief love's ecstasy denied And the cloud that did reside
The Cabin (part 1)
It's a beautiful summer evening, the sky is clear, the moon is full. You can see the stars as they stretch out across the landscape. We have finally decided the time is right to meet. We've talked and written over the months all the while the anticipation building.; I want everything to be just right, want you to be pleased, want this to be a weekend that neither of us will forget, the first of many, hopefully to come. We've made arrangements to meet at a cabin along a small lake. the cabin is right along the water but still secluded, surrounded by tall, full trees. The wall facing the lake is full of window, there's a fireplace on the opposite side of the room. Out front there is a spa, a swing that seats 2 & hangs on the porch. The time is approaching for us to meet, I arrive first, parking up the hill and walking down. I place candles that I brought throught out the cabin. I glance over and there's only a few more minutes until you are supposed to arrive. I am getting bu
Another Night Crying
laying my bed crying over you how many more? sleepless nights wondering why u don't call i sit by my phone tears welling up wondering why another night a tear drenched pillow another night crying over you
Lurkers On Fubar?!
Ughh I am so annoyed with some people here that view, your profile, pics, stash or whatever and don't comment or don't rate I mean what is the point???? If you are gonna take the time to look you might as well rate while you are at it!! ARghh gettin on my freakin nerves LOL! LMFAO! I am feelin a li bitchy. STOP lurking it is creepy!!!!
Chinese Cultural Center
Raema,Matthole and I went to the CCC yesterday and I took too many pictures lol. so! I'm putting them on here so ya'll can see them. The center is very very pretty and is in the middle of the city!!! you forget where you are until a car speeds by.
Its Over
I am not with Richard anymore. I broke up with him 2 days ago. Vamp
Someone ask me today: "How many comments for each day of the week I have, and if I make them all?" Well - truthfully I havent a clue on how many ... but I assure you that if I didnt make the whole comment, then I put my own twist into each. They ask How many people see my daily creations: That is subject to change ... being if I've got time on my hands - I'll send anyone that goes bye on the on-line bar the newest one I made that day :) But I have a list of about twenty people who get comments daily So - just to share my comments with anyone who want to see them, I'm going to post them here. If you happen to see a repeat, then I probably was too busy to make one that day ... most likely wouldnt see it again for a few months. Here your find each of my comments daily :) (hit the arrow to watch ME talk) Get your own at So, what did you do while "fubar" was down? I hope your is great, and the up coming week - even ... BETTER!
Pics Of Friends
Hey there I want to make a friends folder of pics of all of you that talk to me or comment me on a regular basis. If you want to be in it please let me know what pic you would like to have in there and sorry no nsfw pics although sexy is! I just want to show appreciation for all my friends that actually take the time out to message or comment me. I will check back on this in a week and then make the folder. Thanks, muahs!
sanity is a rare thing it is found only in those who believe it exists. the poor man on the street will nothing on his back or his feet will mumble simply the truth of life and will still be titled 'insane". the white collar business man with two point five kids will work himself to the death and be called "sane". where do we draw the line? when all is said and done which side of the line will you be on?
Contest Bombing
What A Weekend
What a weekend, wow, amazing how good things feel sometime. I couldn't ask for better. My Dawgs won, my driver won for the second week in a row...Go Gordon, drive for 5. My stalker got all his profiles deleted, Grilled out and I could watch the airshow from my deck and the weather was perfect all weekend. Not to mention I had some great company, spent some time chatting with a few friends, took a bike ride around the lake and got a workout in at the gym. can't wait for next weekend.
Why Sunday Nights Stink, Or How We Try To Escape Depression
Why Sunday Nights Stink, or How We try to Escape Depression Link to article below.... (just want to note I didnt write this but due to having depression myself I am very familiar with these feelings!) by Deborah Gray Sunday, June 24, 2007 Why is Sunday night the cruelest night of the whole week to a person with depression? You would think that all nights would be bad with depression, which is basically true. But I think, without a doubt, Sunday nights are the worst. I remember that when I was depressed, Sunday nights seemed like the absolute pit of despair. They were even worse, in some ways, than Monday morning. The cause boiled down to one thing: escapism. If you work or go to school, weekends are, for the most part, the only time you can use escapism to, well, escape from depression. Everyone has their favorite ways to mentally escape from the world. Over the years I utilized several types of escapism to help me forget about my depression. At the
Days Come And Go
the days come and days go but with out you my days stand still. i feel so lost and alone at times. i know i was meant to be with you but some how i always screw things up. ive worked so hard to be there and do but seems like i fall farther behind . im sorry im the way i am and i wish to change but im a work in progress and hope i can succeed.
Congrats To Bobby & Roxy, We Wanna Wish You Two All The Happiness In The World :)
When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. And for this great Love we have these two Love birds,who met here on fubar they've been talking for about 2 months here and the phone,finally met in person and got engaged Majestic Vision ~~Dirty South Crew~~@ fubar ~!~ BobbyT645 ~!~ TAKEN ~!~@ fubar Please go to their pages,say CONGRATULATION & SHOW THEM LOVE! THIS ANNOUNCEMENT WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY : ۞WLŦ۞WR Ғ Ŧ.M..Ғ.ŦR,R LG, .W..Ғ@ fubar
Rules For Drunk Dialing!
Rules for Drunk Dialing 1. Only drunk dial when you are drunk. Everything else is false advertisement. 2. It is okay to call someone 27 times in one night. If you don't remember it, it didn't happen. 3. If you are going to drunk dial a family member, say something nice. Ex. "Mom I'm in McDonald's and they're playing our song. I love you" 4. Dirty talk while drunk dialing is always preferred. Who doesn't want to hear your best raspy, phone sex voice at 3 in the A.M. asking to you to bend them over something. 5. Voicemails are always better. This way your friend can let their friends have fun at your expense for days, even weeks to come. 6. Drunk texting is alright... If you are prepared to read what you wrote the next day when you are sober. 7. It is definitely a good idea to call all of your exes and remind them that you were the best lover they've ever had and everything they know, they learned from you. This way you can sleep well at night. 8. You can also call this same ex a
Love Is Weird Please Read This New Blog
sometime love is hard but when you don't find the right person it may take forever rules of love do's and never do no 1. do take your time because if you rush into it you will fall on your feet..... no 2. compliment her all the time but not to much. no 3. if your going to have sex make sure before you do it you to have known each other for along time... no 4. make sure you are friends first and you both want each other.... no. 5. take her out to a dinner and a movie and also talk to her like you want to be talked to.... no. 6. make her feel loved and appeciated... no 7. never demand her to do what you want ask her what she wants instead no 8. if you realy like her repect her first no 9. if you care for her let her call you if she doesn't she never loved you and does not want anything to do with you get the pic no 10... MOVE THE FUCK ON this is my way of thinking about it life can trow you curve balls it's how you take it do not's
My Ex
Oct 14, 2007 6:05 PM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ] Subject: RE: No Subject Body: LMFAO! Eric...where you think you're going to watch Kyleigh? You are not going to be taking her from me until someone makes me have to share her with you. You were not didn't do a have been off being you. I wont allow her @ your house. I do not feel that is a safe environment that I'd want my child to be in. So as for her being around there? She wont be if I can help it. You know how I feel about ur house. I'm sorry Eric. I do not feel comfortable allowing her there. You don't have to worry about babysitting for Kyleigh. I'll have all that taken care of. You wanna see her? will wanna...since she'll be born...don't seem to care to wanna now...when I'm carrying her. That doesn't make me wanna jump up and run her right over to you when she's born or anything! And OMG! FUCKING PLEASE! Like you tell girls that hang all over you that you're having a baby. Ohhhh plea
Vid Clip On Immigrants
I Dream
This poem was written for me, Now this is romantic :)
Ugh, Holy Hell.
That's what i feel like after being stuck in a car for two days straight driving to and from shows to see little bro. then to go to some lame ass haunted house shit on saturday in which i had to crawl and shit. i spent all day in bed yesterday and i woke up even more sore today. lol. i'm typing hunched over. i look funny. =]
So my husband thinks I am a fruit loop. Before bed, I was making my side because my daughter made a mess of it when a dice (game dice, only one though) came flying out onto the floor. I didn't pick it up because it was late and I didn't feel like it. Around 1 am I hear the dice bouncing on the floor, no one is there. A little while later, I hear the dresser drawer slam shut, once again no one is there, my husband is asleep beside me and our daughter is asleep in her room. I rolled over about half an hour later and I hear the dice bouncing and rolling on the floor. Mind you, we don't have any animals. By now I am freaking out. I am in such shock, I can't even move. One more time it bounces on the floor. I ended up hiding under the pillows as my arm goes really cold. When my husband woke up this morning he couldn't stop laughing at me, meanwhile I am almost in tears cause I was so scared and had to pee really bad and refused to get out of bed. I did make hi
" You Know Here Is My Thought About What We Put Not Only In Our Profiles But Next To Our Nsfw Pics "
BREW Has been thinking this one over . and in my profile it states , don't ask to see " MY NSFW PICS Their For Me And My Man " Hello what part of the short bus are you's on , other than 1 Horney 2 A Horn Dawg 3 Or Just Plain Asshole 4 I say " Read My Profile " 5 I get the same Shit Why Can't I Then Go Back And read Again All Of the Above , If Not Press 1 for English 6 I said No Leave It At No Have A Good Day & Evening Brew
My Pics
On A Dare....
... and because I fucking RULE I got dressed up like a nun and went outside to smoke. My office manager dared me and my coworkers egged me on. lol. It was so funny hearing, "Excuse me Sister." Yeah I know I'm going to hell but it ruled regardless!
I Need Female Votes On This....thanks
i went to church ysterday with my mom and aunt. i liked it better than i thought and i was there every week when i was a kid and before i learned it was all nonsense. i might go next week to becase theres a hot chick that goes. i listened to the preacher all i could and he made sense except it was always thou shall not thou shall not and i wanted to ask him what can i shall do? it hasnt changed in 30 years and a lot of nonsense but i like church becase i like doing good things. everyone was super nice and shake hands on the way out. the hot chick shook my hand to so i went right home and masterbaited with it.
The Fucking Rat Bastard...
Ugh! I am so goddamned fucking pissed off!!!!! My exhusband took receipts for the groceries he bought his cuntfunky new girl slut to his lawyer and told her that he bought them for my goddamn house, and because he bought my fucking groceries, he should be able to claim one of my children as an exemption on his taxes!!! UGH I want to punch something/one. He has bought not one fucking thing for this house. He is a deadbeat cocksucker who has not done one fucking thing for his kids. He has spent the better part of this asshat year trying to take everything I fucking have because he's deluded himself into thinking he's the fucking woman of the dead fucking marriage! Fuck, I unleashed and I still don't feel better. I want to fucking punch something. I want to bury my knuckles in the front of his fucking empty skull... I'm going to stop now and find something to beat/clean...
Bob Dylan
Negative Comments..rap Still Sucks
Love Quotes
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Bible ~I Corinthians 13:4-8~ "Perfect love is rare indeed - for to be a lover will require that you continually have the subtlety of the very wise, the flexibility of the child, the sensitivity of the artist, the understanding of the philosopher, the acceptance of the saint, the tolerance of the scholar and the fortitude of the certain." ~Leo Buscaglia~ There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open; no gulf that enough love will not bridge; no wall that enough love will not throw down; no sin that enough love will not redeem...
419ing..... Fun Fun Fun
I have been a 419'er baiter for many years, but due to work etc i have had to ease off the action, but in my present situation i need entertaining, so i am back onto it. For those who don't know what a 419'er is we are a group of people who try to reach out the scammers and scam the scammers, anyway you can read all about it here - (419 is the Nigerian penal code for advance fee forwarding, but now is a general code for scams the world over) Also in the news, England getting to the final of the Rugby world cup, BTW for any Americans reading, Rugby is like football but no pads and other sissy equipment. I have been to the caves where the tourist died the other day - they are dodgy places to go, please if you visit Thailand remember, life is cheap there, even yours "farang" Good news for those on a diet, mini pigs, all the taste of a bacon roll and only 1/5th of the calories...
Just Knitting
A policeman was patrolling a local parking spot overlooking a golf course. He drove by a car and saw a couple inside with the dome light on. There was a young man in the driver's seat reading a computer magazine and a young lady in the back seat knitting. He stopped to investigate. He walked up to the driver's window and knocked. The young man looked up, cranked the window down, and said, "Yes Officer?" "What are you doing?" the policeman asked. "What does it look like?" answered the young man. "I'm reading this magazine." Pointing towards the young lady in the back seat, the officer then asked, "And what is she doing?" The young man looked over his shoulder and replied, "What does it look like? She's knitting." "And how old are you?" the officer then asked the young man. "I'm nineteen," he replied. "And how old is she?" asked the officer. The young man looked at his watch and said, "Well, in about twelve minutes she'll be sixteen."
To Whom It May Concern.....
To whom it may concern, this will be my last time on here. I have made a few good friends while I was here. No I'm not deleteing my account. When I get off of work, I am going to give into my deamons and take my life........I have just gotten so tired of life, I can't do it anymore. I hurt everyone who has ever loved me pushed them away from me. I am tired of the phsycal pain the mental pain, I just can't do it any more. I am so tired of everybody getting rid of me because I have problems. I'm not a bad person, just messed up. But every body gives up on me to easy. If someone would just hang in there and help when the stroms come they would see. Maybe they will remember me when I am gone. Goodbye all.
This Prisson
locked up inside, no way out. the prison of hatred, this prison of doubt. this prison of sadness, and all this pain. it's just enough, to go insane!!!!!! i've created a prison, because of my past. wondering how long, this anguish will last?? this prison called life, weaken's the soul. all i need, is that one to hold... by;Paul A. 10-16-07
Please Read Me Just To Let You Know
hello everyone,first thing is sorry not been around much not been feeling myself lately,need abit of advice got on here yesterday and noticed the same person had visited me alot then looked abit closer and saw a pic of me i did freak out thought i had a twin i never knew about,after then been plagued with i love you and marry me comments on my page,my pics getting private messages saying the same things,he is not being nasty but i'm getting abit uneasy about it,i've visited his page a read what it said he reckens he knows me he might do i dont know or he could me some sort of stalker,i dont wanna block him just incase he is a friend from the past i've asked who he is he just says his name begins with g,should i ignore him or ask him stuff only he would know about me if he was a friend, just thought you should know just incase you see my pic on another profile that its not mine ,thank you for listening much luv and hugs xox
My Secret-revealed..
I've always been a bit of an introvert..u know- kinda quiet about personal things... however, Im gonna give away one of my secrets today. Im gonna try to do this once a week... this week its something that one a select few people know.. its nothing major, but here goes... I love BONDAGE.. i like being submissive mostly. There are times when I LOVE being dom too. Its not something I do "regularly" (nor as often as I would like) Its not the humility of it- that part is BS to me... I just like having lack of control; of "the situation" from time to time.. perhaps that makes me strange.. I dont think so tho.. I think sexuality is something women are way too restrained with. I know a lot of women are afraid their guy will think they're crazy if they make an unusual request.. all I can say about that is- it's not true--- in fact, men LOVE that stuff.. and more than likely be grateful for the suggestion! I have more to say, but I have to get to work.. I will come back and add more to this
One Of The Most Amazing Feelings
Baby's In The Bag - Watch the best video clips here
I'm Thinking Of Moving In 6 Months?
Since they will not let me post a mum I'm Thinking of moving in 6 months My choices so far are California Northern Or Florida ..... Would like your input on this Thanks
The Stone Door
A path opens before you, you have come this far, but what next. Do you go towards the cliffs, the door that falls a hundred feet? Or do you turn back, and seek a different route. So you choose, you venture forward.... The fall approaches, the cold brisk wind cuts through you. The colors of the trees do change, from greens to yellows and reds. The forest yet growing colder, has life still. It calls to you, chills you, yet appeases you. Birds chirp in the distance, a pair of chipmunks scamper among some already fallen leaves. You look up and the sky grows gray. One is lost, chilled, uncertain any direction. Straining to hear, a waterfall is heard, a sight one must behold. You venture forward move towards the sound of water trickling down a rock, you move towards that door. The trees do thin out, and rocks beneath your feet become more abundant. It is here a cliff opens before you. You step out on to it, and a view you do see, as far as the eye can see. Multitud
My Life ...
For those who don't know that much about it goes...The first thing I usually tell someone about myself is my children because they are my world! My oldest son, Robert, is 12 and will be 13 yrs old in Feb...He is a very bright little boys- gifted and talented art in school, learning drums- he has a good heart...Joseph is 11 yrs old and alot like ME..he is shy, keeps to himself alot by choice- struggles in school because of attention issues..has a HEART OF GOLD...he is the type of child that will give you the last piece of food he has even if he was starving..he's an angel! He was born a few weeks early with the cord wrapped around his neck twice, he was purple in color and wasn't breathing well...I thank GOD he was born early or he wouldn't be here right now...Matthew Dylan is 10 yrs old and lives up to his name~! He is a hell on wheels type of boy..he faces any challenge head on! He does pretty good in school but would rather be out in the mud playing- a typical boy eh? He is
George Carlin On Life
What a difference a sad event in someone's life makes. GEORGE CARLIN (His wife recently died...) Isn't it amazing that George Carlin - comedian of the 70's and 80's - could write something so very eloquent...and so very appropriate. A Message by George Carlin: The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
ok when ever someone puts a mumm up here do you all have to be so mean now if it was you asking those questions you wouldnt want a mean comment you can answer and person questions with out being mean i have read alot of mumms on here just be nice to everyone damm is that so hard to do and if you dont like this blog oh well get over it
Sucky Days
It's days like this that make me want to crawl in a hole and perish. It started out ok, but quickly went down hill. I was determined to get dressed by myself, and I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for my home nurse and she kept insisting that she help, but I didn't want her help and I yelled at her. I told her to leave me alone and I started crying out of frustration. We were running late for a dentist appointment and that was making matters worse. When we arrived at the dentists office, I stumbled trying to get up in the chair. I asked him to examine me while I was in the wheelchair and the creep wouldn't do it, so I left without being looked at. Some professional he was. After lunch my nurse took me to speech therapy and she took me through a lesson plan where I had to read a childrens book. After all the frustration in the morning, I felt even more humiliated. I threw the book down and cried some more. I left twenty minutes into my hour. I am not seeing or feelin
If My Words Could Speak
If my words can only speak. It would tell you that I am sorry. I am sorry for your sorrow. I am sorry for your pain. I wish I could take away all that confusion. I wish I could heal those feelings. If my words can only speak. It would tell you lets start again. Give me a chance to be in your lives. Give me a chance to make things right. Please trust in me again. If my words can only speak. It would tell you that I am your father. I always will be there for you. Even if sometimes you don't feel it. If my words can only speak. It would say........I love you. FROM YOUR DAD SEAN BATES
To Inform You All
i am letting you all know i am taking some time off from fubar. there was no drama, or anything like that. it just doesn't have it's flare anymore. so i will be on for a lil more tonight and then i won't be around for awhile, if i come back at all. enjoy your holidays and all that jazzy crap.
Some Women Just Need A Reason To Bitch
Its funny how some women on here will put pictures on their profiles that are rated nsfw and honestly expect men to NOT want to look or to even ask to look. Its like putting a big fat juicy steak in front of a dog that hasnt eaten in a week and expect that dog not to try and eat it. (and yes I do realize that I just compaired men to dogs lol). Now I was married to a woman that actually looked for any reason possible to bitch about something, she was later diagnosed with a mild form of schizophrenia. Hmmmm. Well I guess the one thing that we all can probably agree on is that we will never understand the opposite sex. Like why a man would actually want to see NSFW pictures of women or why women would put them out for men to ask to see so they can bitch about it when it happens. Life is a funny thing.
What Fubar Really Stands For!
~Sir steps up to the soap box....~ I just wanted to express my displeasure with this site. I get banned from commenting anything because someone got offended by my comments and instead of just asking me not to leave them they whine to CherryTap and have me banned. So my only course to get points is to rate other peoples pics and stashes.. Well they've been down for 2 days now. I'm a VIP member with no possible way to get refunded. They limit the number of 11's I have each day, fine, but now I haven't been able to use them for 2 days. Do you think FUBAR will let me use the 11's I lost? Hell no.. Thank you for reading My Rants.... Sir Dave P.S. Many of you have asked me what this means... S.N.A.F.U. Situation Normal All Fucked Up & F.U.B.A.R. Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
Embarrassing First Date
Embarrassing First Date This is pretty funny. If you didn't see this on the Tonight show, I hope you're sitting down when you read it. This is probably the funniest date story ever, first date or not!!! We have all had bad dates...but this takes the cake. Jay Leno went into the audience to find the most embarrassing first date that a woman ever had. The winner described her worst first date experience. There was absolutely no question as to why her tale took the prize! She said it was midwinter... snowing and quite cold...and the guy had taken her skiing in the mountains outside Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a day trip (no overnight). They were strangers, after all, and truly had never met before. The outing was fun but relatively uneventful until they were headed home late that afternoon. They were driving back down the mountain, when she gradually began to realize that she should not have had that extra latte. They were about an hour away from anywhere wi
"he said "I dont know why you wear a bra. you've got nothing to put in it" she said "you wear pants don't you?""
Contact Lens, Colored
Touch In a world so absent of love How could you ever twist it so much To fit your definition of push and shove Feel My own grid of concrete and steel Wonder what is beautiful and real What is broken and what cant heal Know The corridors inside my soul What it meant to give up control Find the equation; not fill the hole Love Could I ever give enough Are my edges a little too rough Is my shell a little too tough
Don't Forget Me!
In a few days my internet is being suspended, for a few months.. Its gonna be a tough, rough lonely few months without my darling Fu-friends, but I'm sure I'll cope, somehow. Meanwhile, dont forget to show me love cos I'll be getting out more visiting my mates, and damn right I'll be nagging to pinch some internet time to check on you all! I'll miss you all so much. Take Care Keep Smiling Cheers!
Sick And Tired!!!!
I'm sick of this disease thats called life!!! Tired of people who think only of themselves and give nothing in return!!! It's pretty sad that I have to bend over backwards to cater to someone else's needs just to get a date and then when I NEED someone to talk to, they're busy. I know life is full of obstacles and crap like that...but it's un-fucking-believable that someone can't even squeeze in 10 fucking minutes to answer their phone or respond to a text message. I went out of my way to get a fucking cell phone so I could talk to people. And then when I need someone to talk to, the one person that could cheer me up isn't answering her phone. Then again she never answers her fucking phone anyways, I don't see why she even fucking has it! FUCK YOU ALL!!!
Last Level!
Gunning For Godmother! This is it! I am down to the last level I need to get! Godmother! I need your help everyone! Whatever you can do! Fan Me! Rate me! Add me for goodness sakes! Please! Help me Level! imikimi - Customize Your World
Counting Down The Seconds...
Much Love For These Folks!!!
i wanna thank all these people who rock and just helped me become a rockstar!!! marktheshark@ fubar ~Silver Diamond~Rock My World!!@ fubar INFARRED~DIRTY SOUTH CREW~FOUNDER OF SPIRIT BOMBERS~WTC TRIBAL COUNCIL~D&DC~~ LOVING MIKE ALWAYS~~@ fubar Chemical_J@ fubar RedZ28 - Rate Spankers@ fubar SPIRIT BOMBER'S HOMEPAGE@ fubar NOW GO SHOW THEM ALL SOME LOVE!!!!!!!!!
ppl that go around rerating for whatever reason!!! damn haters... what did i not rate you back fast enough?? i alwyas return 10's with 10's but i guess i didnt get back to this guy fast enough or some shit I donno. he rated me a ten then went back a few min later and rerated me a 4 WTF???? anyways jus thought i would vent a bit cuz ppl like this bug me. i mean if you really think i'm only a 4 then fine but don rate me a ten the rerate me a 4!!! my hell. for all my supporters here is his link:
Should Children Witness Childbirth?
Subject: Should children witness childbirth? Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call. The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while, Connor was born. The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom. Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr old what she thought about what she had just witnessed. Kathleen quickly responded, "He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place... Smack his ass again!" If you don't laugh at this one, there's no hope for you.
Things You Never Knew About Your Spleen.
The spleen is a giant organ in your body. The spleen is much more than a worthless part of your lymphatic system. When properly cared for and coddled, a spleen can lead to a more fulfilling, and often more interesting life. You can have a lot of fun with your spleen. a. Stroke it - a massage is like heaven to a spleen b. Play scrabble c. Take it on walks d. Don't own a basketball? Use a spleen. e. Have breakdance battles with it f. Get it drunk and mess with its head g. Starving? Eat your spleen. You don't need it anyway h. Play fetch. Some people are born with more than one spleen. We all have spleens. However, some of us are fortunate to have parents who did some messed up drugs when they were pregnant with us. This lead them to producing babies with multiple heads, genitals, and possibly two or more spleens. The spleen must be washed at least once a month or it will rot. This is important. Our spleens are very prone to pathogens because of
Pt 3 Monica Wants More Piedaddy
This chick can't get enough of me!! Maybe its love, maybe its not the same girl! Lmao. This chick is relentless and a glutton for punishment. She also gives up easily when the going gets tough. monica@ fubar monica: care to chat??? ->PieDaDDY: hello. what would u like to chat about? monica: anything monica: flirty ->PieDaDDY: where ya from Monica? monica: wanna see me naked monica: from california ->PieDaDDY: oh and how would I go about seeing you naked? monica: vote me on my site??? monica: can you sweetie?? ->PieDaDDY: vote for you? Oh you mean rate your pic on Fubar and I get to see you naked? Thats easy monica: no..not in fubar..on my site ->PieDaDDY: if its your site how come you need me to vote for you? lol Isnt it your site? monica: i mean on our site monica: lol ->PieDaDDY: well what kind of site is it and what am I voting on? monica: can you vote?? monica: all you need to do is to get a member ID as a proof that you voted will get t
Erotic Kiss
EROTIC KISS Antagonizing pleasure Placed upon my lips Where dreams come true In just one kiss! Sharing an afternoon of ecstasy Closing the door on reality Not even the thickest iceberg Could melt the lust I feel inside! I shed my fears faster than my clothes The anticipation begins to unfold My heart begins to pound faster As you come closer Just one look from your eyes And I become hypnotized A river of sins, to which I concede Just one kiss, caused the undoing of me! Your lips gently pressed against mine A silent submission of tongues intertwined My mouth tenderly pressed against yours My voice trembles as you start to explore Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine An erotic dance of passing time My heart's racing as fast as yours My body's craving for something more! Starving and Craving For an evening Of erotic bliss Where dreams come true In Just One Kiss. Author: Unknown
Nobody Wants To Be Lonely...
There you are In a darkened room And youre all alone Looking out the window Your heart is cold and lost the will to love Like a broken arrow Here I stand in the shadows Come to me, come to me Cant you see that Nobody wants to be lonely Nobody wants to cry My bodys longing to hold you So bad it hurts inside Time is precious and its slipping away And Ive been waiting for you all of my life Nobody wants to be lonely so why Why dont you let me love you Can you hear my voice Do you hear my song Its a serenade So your heart can find me And suddenly your flying down the stairs Into my arms, baby Before I start going crazy Run to me, run to me Cause Im dying Nobody wants to be lonely Nobody wants to cry My bodys longing to hold you So bad it hurts inside Time is precious and its slipping away And Ive been waiting for you all of my life Nobody wants to be lonely so why Why dont you let me love you I want to feel you need me Just like the air youre
Show Of Hands ....
Who is really on line right now? I just wonder because ya'all are waaaayyyy too quiet to really be here.
This is called hidden as all my other blogs are adult content. I have to have a normal blog for friends to get to them. I know there are no points for rating or commenting, but I would appreciate any comments on my adult short stories or adult poetry, good or bad. I don't push anyone to read my stuff, however when someone does, i do appreciate any feedback, privately if you want for that matter. I do not have them here as a come on, just hoping that other can enjoy them as I enjoyed writing them. Ed PS one can not use the word E R O T I C in a blog it gives an error.
Too Late
I didn't make it in time, the amount of time spent on a nap on the road was the amount of time I missed by. Funeral will be on Friday.
Who Or What Are They?angels That Is!!!
So what do you believe what is an angel ? is it something we see in films a person with wings being used by god to help others ? or could it be something else ? someone being used in a way they dont understand themselves ok i changed my name a few months ago then everything around me changes to..... I will help anybody that asks if i can i would give my soul to help it i knew it would help im all about my friends ok im sorry i went off the deepend a few months ago but maybe this was all part of what was to come i just dont know .. hell not even sure what im typing right now but maybe someone out there will show me the meaning of my ramblings so once again sorry for bad spellings but it flows better this way Azrael or just call me Rob your call!!
Compatibility Test/ Personality Traits
Self-Confidence As someone with high self-confidence, you feel quite comfortable interacting with other people. Indeed, you find the company of others very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people. Your relaxed demeanor in groups makes people around you comfortable too. Perhaps because you feel comfortable talking about yourself, others tend to enjoy being around you and perceive you as socially competent. The confidence that helps you feel comfortable talking to people also spills into your own personal beliefs about yourself. Although you have several strengths, its likely that you also acknowledge and accept your weaknesses. But unlike some people, you take full responsibility for your actionsyou rarely regret things youve done in the past and are not embarrassed easily. Perhaps the defining feature that sets you apart from most people is the exceptionally high standards that you set for yourself. Your competence in social gatherings as well as at work should provide amp
This Ain't Fuckin Myspace
So this is a bulletin floating around here If you love God and you're not ashamed of him, repost this and see what he does for you tonight... ************************* *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** **888888888888888888888** **888888888888888888888** **888888888888888888888** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** ************************* Repost this saying: "Delete her!!!" Remember, the Bible says: "IF YOU DENY ME BEFORE MAN, THEN I WILL DENY YOU BEFORE MY FATHER Now this is something I would expect on myspace from a bunch of the little teenie boppers there and all of their bullshit. I didn't repost this bulletin cause I rank it up there with the whole "If you don't send this to 20 million people in 20 seconds the stay puft marshmallow man will
Born In 1974!
If you're under the age of shouldn't even read this and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: You can finish this [ice ice _ _ _ _] You remember watching: -Doug -Ren & Stimpy -Pinky and the Brain -AAAAAAAH Real Monsters! -Rockos modern Life. -Gargoils You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!" You just cant resist finishing this . . . "Iiiiiiin west philidelphia born and raised . . ." You remember: -LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!!! -Step by Step -Family Matters!!! -Dinosaurs -Boy Meets World!!!! -Wild and Crazy Kids You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school. You remem
Why... Why do the ones we love hurt us the most.. Why do the ones we love betray us so often.. What am I to do.. Do I tell the one I Love somthing that could change every thing? Or do I keep the trust of a friend..of family, and if I do then do I lose the trust of my Love? I feel things sliping and I have to sit back and watch. If I get to involved then more people get hurt. I hate this I hate not knowing what to do..I hate having to choose my sides.. I should beable to talk to who I want with no problems. But that is not my complaint.. I have no problem talking to both sides I just dont want to walk this tight rope any more. So tell me how can I choose, how do I pick between my Love and my friends and family when we are all sapost to be close. So tell me how..give me a answer please...
Projectile Sharps!
While awaiting the Hooligan & his bad bunny for our random themed date nights I learned how to play darts. My boo hung his Red Lion Wine & Spirits cabinet of cork, chalk, and flying sharps, then proceeded to lay out the basics- note that I spaz a bit and ricochet darts off the porch and zing 1 into the outside stereo speaker. Good job! I begin drinking liberally, and start to ferociously rock out to the 80's hair metal drifting from speakers. When Joan Jet came on I squeed in fan girl-y glee executing the random shimmy jig, and upon my turn become lethal compatant dart girl. WTF? Witness my idiosyncratic glory.
Growing Old Gracefully
There's a mole on my neck that's growing a hair When I was younger it wasn't there A lot of things changed since I've grown older like my fallen arches and this hump on my shoulder Yesterday I noticed a twitch in one eye and spots on my hand that resemble a fly I used to be able to party all night but now to stay awake until five is a fight My breasts used to be firm and quite pert Now I have to be careful they don't drag in the dirt Gravity surely has taken its toll What was once on the surface is now in a hole The backs of my arms are wobbly like jelly and I found the remote tucked under my belly I used to eat steak but now I can't chew it Growing old gracefully. I don't think I can do it Wrote this, because I am 30 and in Fubar standards.. I am over the hill, and ancient when it comes to a female's age here.
Senior Moment
I got up this morning Hurried to make my bed, Went to make the coffee Turned on TV instead; Thought I had the paper Looked but never found, Searched the room, went to the door It was laying on the ground; Went to pour my coffee Forgot to fill the pot; So turned around as I sat down Wondering what I forgot; Wrote myself a little note Forgot what I wanted to say, So turned around went back to bed I'll start over another day. HOPE I REMEMBER TO GET UP!!!!
Zz Top- I Need You Tonight
Round 2
well i just got a cal from her wanting 2 know if i still want 2 be with her and i said i dont care. i pretty much called her a lien _ _ _ _ _ ! she says she can make it all up 2 me. god im such a fuckn dumb ass. the worst thin gis that my boyz have talk 2 her and r attached to her. how can i let a women who lied and used me b around my boyz? im so pissd rite now im cryn, yes i said it IM CRYN!!!!i could just scream but my boys would b so scared. sometime i think they would b bettr off wit out me. but there mom cant even take care of herself. so i got 2 reach down and grab my nuts and keep goin on wit life. if it wasnt for them id run away live in d mountains away from everyone and live off da land and if i died alone. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I GOT 2 JUST GIVE UP A
Set In My Ways
I have be alone for a long while now by my choice. The main reason is I just was tired of ppl using me for a place to stay and support them while they did lil to nothing more than just some of the house work. Keep in mind not all the house work. Any way im just wondering how much should I let go if I were to let some one in. To me its almost like i loose myself if i let some one in and have to give up lil things. Is that really true? Hell I dont know. I have one friend on here that I wish I could talk with because I know thier mine runs alot like mind, but im invisible to this person. Thank you to those who I do talk with its just a hard wired brain thing. I want the impossible, dream for the world, expect nothing, and get worse.
What Quest Are You Destined For
Quest you are destined forcreated with QuizFarm.comYou scored as Quest to save another world. You are generous to risk yourself for another world, but you want little or no thanks or glory, its your task, and you will go about it with a sense of duty that cannot be matched. Way to go!Quest to save another world.83% Quest for self realization.83% Heroic quest72% Save Your own world72% quest for something to do61% Quest for redemption61% Quest for true love.56% Quest for knowledge50% Quest to Evil17% Quest for Power11%
Existence Or Faith
Why do certain things happen in your life? Is it because of our existence and what we choose or is it because of faith and a higher power? We exist in a world where we are challenged everyday to do what is right. What is right and who said that it's right? What is wrong and who died and made them the HIGH being? To challenge anything one must know what is right and what is wrong. Just the same is, what is good and what is evil? To co exist is to live together on this planet we call earth. Now that we have that cleared up let's begin. We exist in a complex world that requires decision making all the time. Those same decisions we make determine many outcomes in life. The question would be do the outcomes come from us and the decisions we make or faith and the decisions we don't make. Sitting here at your computer you notice you got there because you can move your body. Was it your existance that got you on fubar or faith so that we would meet. Some would say faith that you have f
Isnt That The True Dream Of Love?
Standing there screaming things you really don't feel. Words of anger flying everywhere. Hurting eachothers hearts, the same hearts we intrusted eachother with. Why do we do this? Why do we say such hurtful things to eachother? Always wanting to have the last word, Never seeing the pain in eachothers eyes. Searching forever just to find that one special soul. Finding them and envisioning a world neither can live up to. Living your life to protect the one that you end up hurting. How ominous relationships can be, not understanding. Why do we search so long to find that one? The one that possesses everything we have searched for. Only to try to change them. If you have to change them, what did you love about them to begin with? To find the one that we don't want to change, the one that doesn't want to change you. The one that anger doesn't have to exist with. Hurtful things don't need to be said. Love can last a lifetime. Isn't that the true dream of love?
Friends And Fans
Ok you guys.. I was trying to go through my friends list to make sure I had all of you fan and rated. Well that was taking forever and I only got half way through it. So if you did not see me come on your page today.. then that means I didnt make it to you. If you would like me to check and see if youve been rated or fanned just fumail me or leave a message here to let me know. thanks mysti I still have a little over 100 people from my friends list who i have not fanned :(
First of a human a mother..i work hard..i own my own a good friend and would give the shirt off my back to any one that had less than honest...and i have some good friends on here And none of these things
Internet Lingo
I'm really getting tired of all the stupid internet language I see everywhere. I'm talking about the replacements of the letter "s" with "z," particularly in the phrase "OMGZZZ." Really now. You expect me to believe you are saying "OH MY GODZZZ?" That would imply you worship multiple gods, which is polytheism, and since most people who DO say it tend to be monotheistic, I suppose it would be safe to say you are NOT referencing multiple deities. Therefore, you need to stop. It's annoying. Plus, I'm sure your God is getting pissed because you constantly reference these elusive other deities when he specifically commanded that you would have only him as a God. Not only that, but it would mean you were lying, and that's another big thing with God, he doesn't like liars. Same with "lol." My whole life, my family has used "LOL" as an acronym to describe "Little Old Ladies." It works, trust me. Plus it's overused, and now some people use it as filler; they aren't really laughing, the
Lips molten and moist, Branding like red hot irons. Volcanic breath melting away inhibitions. Electric tongues probing secret places, Send high voltage currents to fingertips; Tracing patterns across glistening flesh. Passions caught on the cutting edge, Between pleasure and pain, Like exposed nerves laid bare.
Friends Or Lovers
in my life even tho i am young at 41 or it inmature ??? i just want to know if there is such a thing called Love or will i only be able to find friends -- maybe i do things wrong i don't go to bars to look for Love just to play pool and i want someone to Love me for me !! i know thats what everyone wants but i want to know if i am to old to have it ???? or someone please tell me whats wrong with me!!!!
If you have it...Use it! If you don't...Find it! Please! lol Hugs and Kisses! COUTH couth Pronunciation: kuth Hear it! Part of Speech: Adjective MEANING!!!: Suave, sophisticated, cultured, well-mannered, refined in manner and manners. This is not meant for everyone as I think you all know...please do not take offense! Its meant for some, that seem to think its ok to start a conversation with impolite suggestions..:)
I Got A New Phone
To all of you that had my phone number and would like it again let me know. I just got a new cell phone (FINALLY) This isn't a free for all to give my number out to just anyone. Just really offering it back to the ones that had it already. Let me know! Jackie
People Saying Their Leaving Fubar.
I dont know if im the only one noticing this, more and more people are posting bulletins, blogs ect... saying their leaving Fubar, this has become a trend around here lately and I think its really sad, people that say their leaving then turn around and dont, I think its an attention deal, pretty sad that you have to claim ur leaving so others will pay attention to you. Ive seen lots of shit in my life on the net, but this takes the cake, ive seen more drama, attention seekers on this site then anywhere else. I just had to say something, ive been seeing it more and more everyday, people saying im leaving, then oh my friends talked me into staying cause they showed me love, well yeah you wanted attention, you lied, you got some points now ur staying, hmmmmmmmm a new fubar trend. I THINK SO!
Dj Pixi ♪ Zombie Raido ♫~ Wife to My True LOVE HORSE ~@ fubar
I Just Want To See What Others Would Say To This Or How They Would React To It....
Ok lets say you are dating someone ok and they say this all right here. ( just asking one of my friends on fubar asked me why you were checking his page out and he wrote u a message asking y u keep looking at my friends u should stop and stay out of my bussnes but hun i already to talk to him so please dont say anything to him k hes a good friend of mine i dont want people mad at me k huny) How would you react if you cared or loved her or him? What would be running through your mind? These people know who they are and well I haven't said there names and don't plan on it And Well Lets see where it goes from here cuz my guess is if you get mad at me for this thing it says it all that I wanted to know. I am sorry if it made ya mad at me for this but I am blunt about alot of things and well I am no fool but You need to see my point of view as well as I see yours which by the way I know when I make mistakes and I fix them as I make them too
Dear God Why Me ....
->bisexual_c...: LMFAO .. piss off u sorry bitch bisexual_c...: wanna have cyber sex
Fubar's Lost Art
CONVERSATION Seems like hardly anyone here on Fubar just talks anymore.. A "HI", "How are you doing?", "How was your day?" and "What's your plans for the weekend?" Conversation is a lost, fading, dying art. All Fubar is anymore is a huge popularity contest. Who can make it to Godfather and Godmother the fastest. Who can get the most points. Who can post the most pictures. Ah, you get the point. *Deep Sigh* I think the connection between people, be it online or even off line is just desintigrating. Soon all we will be is just blips in each other's cell phones, ipods, computer screens and all that. I will leave you with this one thought.. ah, nevermind.. it would probably fall on deaf ears anyways. Cassandra.
Misc Quotes
A teardrop is insignificant in a pool of water, but it can touch the soul as it runs down someones face Love can tear you apart... it can kill you. But if youre lucky, it can put you back together The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most We don't love qualities, we love persons; sometimes by reason of their defects as well as of their qualities A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me Together forever and never apart, Maybe in distance, but never in heart In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged. What's meant to be will always find a way. Love robs those who have it of their wit, and gives it to those who have none. Nothing compares with the finding of true love; because once you do your heart is complete.
Do You!!
This one is called DO YOU i havent found the woman i wanna say this to yet..but maybe someday i will... i hope yall enjoy.. DO YOU Listen up babygirl, I'm gonna spill how i feel You take a seat, I'll take a knee cuz I'm askin for real Would u stick wit me baby when the times are rough? Ask yourself is it enough if we just had us? This is a one time membership I hope you dont decline. Think straight, cuz till death do us part is a long time. You and I can pass the years together. Rough times will hit, but they always pass over like bad weather. So today girl, I tell you I'm ready. We match perfect like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly. And it only gets better wit time, every time we talk its like the first time. I still get butterflies. I see little ones callin me dad, and callin you mom. Watch them grow up and send them off to the prom. From the look in your eyes i can tell u see it to. I already know I do but the question
The Worth Of A Woman
THE WORTH OF A WOMAN One Flaw In Women (you will see what it is in the end) Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come i
Ever Wondered Why?
Have you ever pondered and wondered why we are here to exist in this world? Have you pondered, just for a second, why the world is the way it is?? Have you ever wondered, while you sit alone in the dark, if things would be better without you here to mess it all up??? Have you ever pondered, what this world would be like without you interfere in affair that aren't yours??? Have you ever, just for a minute, wondered why you have the feeling as if no one wants you??? If something was wrong with you because of that simple feeling???? Have you ever wondered, would everyone be better off if you simply left???? Would anyone miss you???? Would anyone really care???? Would the ones that claimed to love you, cry or be saddened by your lose??? These are but a few of the many questions that flout within this Raven's Mind. If any care to answer them, feel free to do so. Or if you wish to tell me that I am not the only one with theses questions also feel free to do so. Blessed Be, Merr
So I've always liked anatomy, it's a really interesting subject. Taking it in college is like a dream, I love the class and I love my classmates. I thought the lab would be fascinating. Except for today... We've finished skinning the 3 cadavers that we're going to be using for the next 8 or so weeks. Today we were looking at leg muscles of one of our oldest cadavers. She has a horrible vascular system, meaning her veins and arteries are shot, so the embalming solution didn't preserve her lower half very well. Her leg muscles smelled and looked like raw rotten meat. It was absolutely disgusting. SO while I'm working on separating the disgustingly rotting sections of muscle, my lab group is working on exposing the femoral artery and vein. I look up quick to see how they are doing and what do I see? AN OLD WOMANS DEAD AND DISGUSTING VAJAYJAY. Let's just say this folks. I will NOT be sleeping for a few days, and everytime I close my eyes I will see it and be traumati
Sweet Things They Say
for the sake of privacy, no names will be mentioned' also, im not sayin all guys are insensitive or dont kno or never say good things, but im sayin its nice how som ppl do it wen u need it most _________________**************________________ : your a sweetie, and u have forever to fall in love, your young and beautiful, so relax and enjoy life, no being sad or heartbroken, lifes to short and any guy would be thrilled to have you ___________***********************______________ there is someone who always said wat was needed but thats my story...;(
Hope is the sweet, sweet scent of flowers in the morning Hope is the cool gentle breeze on a warm summer's day Hope is the knowledge of stability Hope is the bright shining light keeping darkness at bay Hope is the calming warmth during a cold winter Hope is the determination of an athelete on the track Hope is the potential of a newborn baby Hope is the love between you and yours Celine DionPrayer (Live)Music Video Codes By Music Hope is a nice word, people use it a lot. Hope has a deep meaning which should not be forgot. Hope to some means, life or death. Hope to others, is to win a bet. To all those people, that do not need Hope. I hope this sinks in, my message about Hope. Shawn is a young father of 3 fighting for his life as he needs a kiney. Let's show him and his family the support i know fu can . the tag i made for shown can be riped on my page for those wishing to pray for him. I made the tag and this blog
A married man goes to confessional and tells the priest, "I almost had an affair with a woman." The priest asks, "What do you mean, almost?" "Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then I stopped." The priest replies, "Rubbing together is the same as putting it in. You're not to go near that woman again. Now, say five Hail Mary's and put $50 in the poor box." The man leaves confessional, says his prayers, and then walks over to the poor box. He pauses for a moment and then starts to leave. The priest quickly runs over to him and says, "I saw that. You didn't put any money in the poor box!" "Well, Father, I rubbed up against it and you said it was the same as putting it in."
Goosebumps Anyone?
A couple of days ago I decided to watch an episode of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps with Mami and Luvy. Of course it was Luvy's idea because she knows that those damn ventriloquist dolls freak me out. Anyway I noticed that that particular episode was the sequel to one of the books I read so I just pretty much spent most of my time hiding under the convers, holding on to Mami for dear life. The point is I think it's pretty cool they've made it into a series considering you can't get children to crack a book nowadays. Anyone else watch it? p.s. tomorrow they're going to give the sequel 'movie' to another book i used to have! :) I'm such a child. lol
What We Are Made Of....
You will never look at a cup of coffee the same way again. :-) A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose. Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to boil. In the first she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil, without saying a word. In about twenty minutes she turned off the burners. She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl. Turning to her daughter, she asked, "Tell me what you see." "Carrots, eggs, and coffee," the daughter replied. Her mother brou
Finally Reached It!
WELL I AM THERE! GODMOTHER! TOOK SOME WORK BUT I DID IT! With all the work came some really big enlightening moments too. I asked for help several times, and I guess everyone was too busy. Unfortunately this makes me sad, cause I really have tried to help everyone I could. So this makes me see that I have to clean house today. Now I do understand that I have been obsessed with leveling for the last few days. I apologize to those that have been by me thru it. I can now relax and enjoy Fubar like I should. So...please don't be surprised if you things differently from this end. Its just a matter of principal to me. Hugs and Kisses to those that give love back!..MUAH THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP THOSE THAT DID!!..:) P.S. I just Love this song!..LOL
Just A Morph Tryingto Reload
for once i wish a woman would accpet me for who i am. for the way i am, and for the way i live my life. im sry that i am a old fashion guy from the sticks. there is one thing i have notice in the past few days. women wants what will make them happy. how bout this ladies how bout you all think bout what would make you and the one that is or willing to try to make you happy. how bout you try to do the same its not that dam hard to share the happiness as one but no its play mind games on the guys. DAM I AM SO FUCKING SRY THAT some guys in the dam world dont give a fuck but for self satisfaction. but i tell yall this i am not nor would i ever be that way. i am sry but i am getting to the point where im bout to say fuck findin ms right cause every time i think i may have found some one i want to get to know they always say this n that. my favorite is oh il talk to you later but that later never comes. God dern why even say crap you not goin to do who the hell you trying to fool. i been tho
Thinking Of You
as I sit looking out the window I can still remember they called to tell me that you went away it was such a cold day but that sunday morning it came without a warning but all that pain I felt inside I just cant forget you I'm feeling so alone so many times I tried cant get you off my mind I'm thinking of you wondering where you are tonight I wish that I could hold you tight I'm thinking of you I wish you could stay but your so far away so far away even though your gone I know your happy where you are I know someday we will be together together again I know some day I will hold you again you and me together again but until that day I'm thinking of you its so sad but its true I'm thinking of you
The Call
When I start to forget It is a sure bet That you will call I can't talk to you at all I hear the phone ring My heart starts to sing But I can't answer that call Or I will surely fall I don't want to be this way But what can I say It is how it has to be Why can't you see The pain will reappear and its this that I fear.
I Hate 7-11!
Every time I go into the 7-11 next to the gym, I get hit on by the clerk. Doesn't matter if it's male or female. EVERY-SINGLE-TIME! The last two times, they were male. Ricky and today was Russell. I walk in there for bread, a snack for Moose, some cheese and a diet green tea for me. I just got done working out. I'm in workout clothes! Ok...nothing very "sexy" about them. Nothing "revealing" just t-shirt, pants, sneakers. Basic...freakin' clothes! Walk up to the counter and start putting my items down. Russell reaches out to "help" me. He accidentally gets tangled in my hair. No big deal... Russell: Oops! I'm sorry ma'am I didn't mean to do pull yer hair... Me: That's fine Russell: I usually like to get ta know someone before I start pullin' on their hair! Me: :O and actually speechless... Russell: So kin I git yer name at least since I done pulled yer hair an all... Me: *thinks he's going to see it on the CC slip anyway...* Maria Russell: I'm Russell Nice to
Soulja Boy for the longest time I keep hearing all this talk about the Soulja boy dance.. and finally my curiousity got to me and I had to look it up.. well I came across a bunch of videos and found it quite amusing how many people are out there trying to get this dance down. here's the instructional video HOW TO CRANK THAT SOULJA BOYAdd to My Profile | More Videos and this video was actually really good.. The one kid can really dance! Soulja Boy 101Add to My Profile | More Videos Do you have a favorite video that you have come across? if so please share!
So Close Now...
In less than 19 hours...I will be standing in front of my Ville...looking up at this beautiful, sweet & talented man...seeing & hearing only him...taking in every precious moment that I will have there with him...into my heart, mind & soul...feeling as I have never before in my life...& never will again...
30 Days Of Night
ok number one if your a fanatic animal lover and a parent who gets FREAKED out easily do NOT watch this movie, now for the ones of us who like to watch those movies full of blood guts n gore, by all means go spend the 10 $ @ the movie theater, and make sure to get some popcorn while your at it and unfortunatly its a love story in disguies but i still say go watch it the movie keeps u on your feet for the entire show, never skips a beat, shadows here people getting snatched there, and the muffin muncher, my personal fav, lol im sure some of yall are like WTF is a muffin muncher, well unless you see the movie youll never know thats my opinion gimmie ur comments if you seen it and or if your gonna go see it
yep, still not happy..... Why does it always seem nights are worse than daytime? is it because my kids are in bed and I'm actually alone with my thoughts? or is it more because I know I'm going to go to bed alone with my thoughts? It aggravates me that I want to see him and talk to him and just be close to him, and I know its just not going to happen. I can't believe that I let anyone have this affect on makes me feel stupid and I really freakin hate it, but what can you do? you can't help who you fall for, right? It sucks more because we were friends for a while before we started seeing each other, and now there is no communication(by his choice I might add) and it hurts because I have always enjoyed talking to him.... Damn, I just miss him......
Labor Of Love.
It's like climbing a mountain. And just as you are nearing the peak...just when you can ALMOST see the amazing view from the top...just when you can feel the wind blow through your hair and taste the sweet flavor of the thin air around you... You slip and fall. Your hands search for purchase. Your feet scramble to catch hold. Your heart thuds in your chest. Your breath is knocked out of you and you gasp, pulling it quickly back in. You are frozen there for a moment, unable to move...afraid to even breath...your fingers gripping the sharp slippery stone. Debris sifts down onto you...into your face, your eyes and if the very mountain itself has taken offense at your ineptitude and has chosen this pummeling as it's revenge. It's a test of stamina. It's a test of will. It's a test of courage. It's a labor of love. breath. Your hand reaches upward and searches. You begin to climb.
Ever Sucked A Man Cock?
Well, as ive made it known, and weird or disturbing shoutbox convos that are had, i will blog them...Nice start to a random conversation, aint it? ================================================= GOATSE These, the above and below, were the links posted in her convo...just incase you wanna go to them THE WILLPOWER ================================================= ->FairyPrint...: thats what i was curious about; if it was someone close, or someone you randomly met REY: a friend of mine why i wanted to see what it was like thats all ->FairyPrint...: curiously, what was the ethnicity of the man whose cock you sucked, and what was his relation to you? REY: so she was on the couch seeing me suck a cock REY: her and i wanted to see what it was like REY: yes my fiance ->FairyPrint...: what prompted you to do it, exactly?...are you currently in a relationship with anyone? REY: i gave a guy head until he came in my mouth yesterday ->FairyPrint...: y
By My Daughter...
My children are all with my parents this weekend, but my mother called me just now to read me a song my 9 year old has written. All of my children amaze me every day...but sometimes they're more astounding than others, and this is one of those days. This is what she wrote: Where am I supposed to be? It starts with a storm wrapped in my arms. It twirls like a ballerina. It feels harsh in my heart. Then it gets softer. Then it gets perfect. Then it's gooooone! Where am I supposed to be?! My heart is empty. My brain's like a locked chest. I can't find the key that's right for me. If I try, the jewels stay locked up inside of me. OK, I might be biased, but I think she's brilliant :D
Figured I'd Move This Lil Blog Over From My Myspace
Thoughts. Current mood: contemplative Personally I tend to go with the flow of life, observe, stand back, and try to keep smiling though it all. I can be too much of a people pleaser, and I can be selfish. I keep my distance fearing rejection but can form deep relationships that also scare me.
Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon? Lisa: No. Homer: Ham? Lisa: No. Homer: Pork chops? Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal. Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.
Lost The Baby
I don't have too much to say right now but I am sitting here in my hospital room in Iowa City Hospitals on one of their laptops, upset because I am having a miscarriage...All my stupid hospital back home was going to do was send me home to lose our baby at home...So since I have been high risk pregnancy anyways they transferred me to University Of Iowa Hospitals early this morning...So I am here so the drs can keep their eye on me to make sure that the miscarriage goes okay & with no further complications...I am going to listen to the doctors orders this time around I have to wait at least 12-18 months before I ever try to get pregnant again...That will give my body time to heal so that I can have a successful pregnancy next time around :( I am sooooooo sad right now more than words can express, the father & I would have loved our child more than anything in the world & this really hurts us both...So now before I leave the hospital I am going to get on birth control so I don't get preg
So I Was Thinking...
But it hurt. So I stopped.
The definition of Love is "a constellation of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness" But what on earth does that mean? Let me put it into simpler terms. Love is knowing you're never alone. Love is having someone to share everything with. Love is being held in his arms and feeling that nothing could ever go wrong. Love is having a sense of strength and stability when your whole world comes crashing down. Love is having a shoulder to cry on when the going get's tough. Love is knowing that space in between your fingers was made for his. Love is being mad for only 59 seconds because you know you can't survive one minute without him. Love is drawing those stupid little hearts on your notebook. Love is that hoodie you find yourself attatched to. Love is knowing you have him when the world has turned their back on you. Love is talking about him even when you're trying not to. Love is never getting him out
Two Weeks
Any Pic You Want Contest Final Standings
Here are the final totals for my 2nd contest Congratulations to all that entered Shortyseceret, Bignuts and Sheena you all did much better then I thought especially with this being your 1st contest Current standing Name Comments Total points 1 J-roxx(the evil twin) 30802 31487 2 Shortyseceret 17205 17835 3 Jenn 10650 10735 4 Bignuts75 - EYECANDY'S stalker 7069 7159 5 Sheena aka John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt 5556 5676 6 The even And 12 4906 5001 7 Candy 3400 3450 8 ac1d_eyez 1678 1793 9 Scott 1243 1303 10 Redpopo 729 784 11 121781 541 571 12 Paradise 240 420
Have You Ever..
..gotten into an accident with a UFO and those little green bastids wouldn't give up their insurance information.. and they pointed and laughed at the dent in your fender.. and then took off with the food you JUST got at McDonald's.. leaving you with a 'wtf just happened' look on your face? Yeah.. me neither. That would be weird. Oh, look! A penny.
To Be A Witch
To be a Witch is to love and be loved. To be a Witch is to know everything, and nothing at all. To be a Witch is to move amongst the stars while staying on earth. To be a Witch is to change the world around you, and yourself. To be a Witch is to share and to give, while receiving all the while. To be a Witch is to dance and sing, and hold hands with the universe. To be a Witch is to honor the Gods, and yourself. To be a Witch is to BE magic, not just perform it. To be a Witch is to be honorable, or nothing at all. To be a Witch is to accept others who are not. To be a Witch is to know what you feel is good and right. To be a Witch is to is to harm none. To be a Witch is to know the ways of the old. To be a Witch is to see beyond the barriers. To be a Witch is to follow the moon. To be a Witch is to be one with the gods. To be a Witch is to study and learn. To be a Witch is to be both the teacher and the student. To be a Witch is to
I Hate Niggers (but Not Black People)
I propose that we make it known that 'nigger' should no longer be used or understood as a racial term. Nigger means 'ignorant,' and that's why it was applied to black individuals in the first place; rednecks thought black people were unusually ignorant, and they may or may not have been right. For years, I've used it as a derogatory slang term for 'ignorant urban-style asshole.' You know; your hip-hopping gang-bangers who should have been a wad that ended up on their Mother's lower thigh and made her a clean 20 dollars. I don't hate black people. I hate niggers. Now, like any one, I've noticed that black people are more likely to be niggers. This is because black people, for several reasons, follow a trend of poverty, as well as a pattern of idiocy (not that white people don't do the second.) The poverty is simply because they were put in that position by the government up until the 60s and the trend hasn't died. The idiocy is because many of their black peers usually pressure
For My Son
Rules For Kod
WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM OF DOLPHINS ~RULES~ (1)NO DRAMA (2)NO BASHING (3)MUST HELP EVERYONE IN THE KOD (4)You are allowed to help others, unless one of the KOD is in a contest or in need of your help. Then you MUST help them as well. (5)One KOD person in a contest at one time please this way you each get as may comments from everyone in the KOD as possible. (6) once a blog is posted click it might be important. (7) Add KOD or Kingdom Of Dolphins in your name (8) Have Fun! have any other questions or rules you think should be here let me know.
Thankk You Everyone........
I just want to thank all my family and friends for all the wonderful, caring thoughts/prayers/ and get well wishes that I have received. I'm home from the hospital, resting and working on getting back to feeling 110% again. I LOVE you all.....HUGGZZZZZZZ
I Wish
I Wish By Anthony Hunt Of all the things I have in this world I value my friends above all. So what can I give to one of them That I only know through a phone call. She's made me smile, she's made me think Even though we ain't met face to face She deserves my all which is hard to give When we're both in such a different place. But I know what I wish... I wish that when you looked in the mirror, you'd see what I see I wish that you knew you already are what it is you wish to be. I wish that you knew you give me a reason to sing. But I wish most of all I had the nerve to tell you these things. I keep telling her to give up that diet She already is to die for. I love to compliment all her outfits 'Cause she doesn't have to dress like a whore. Her smile, her hair, her cute glasses All make her so very unique. And she'd know I thought all of this If I wasn't so God damn meek. But more than that I wish... I wish that when you looked in the mirror, you'd
What A Difference 50 Years Makes
See what 50 years will do. Scenario: Jack pulls into school parking lot with rifle in gun rack. 1956 - Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jack's rifle, goes to his car and gets his to show Jack. 2006 - School goes into lockdown, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. ++++++++++++++++++++++ Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1956 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. Nobody goes to jail, nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2006 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Scenario: Jason won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1956 - Jason sent to office and given a good paddling by Principal Sits still in class. 2006 - Jason given huge doses of Ritalin. Be
Waa Waa Waa
Ok..heres my gripe for the night..LMAO I understand some are a little upset over the referral points being made..well I kind of do. I see it as a bit of jealousy. But thats neither here nor there. I have read some pretty stupid bulletins this evening, and it cracks me up! So here is my thought on the whole...waa waa waa subject...:) 1. Referral points are available to EVERYONE not just a select few! 2. Of course there are some making fake referrals , and know this...Scrappy does know who they are..:) 3. Just because a person levels due to referrals doesn't make the level null and void. A level is a level. 4. Belittling the one that has passed you in level because they did is childish, and the ones doing it should go to myspace. Geez! 5. Another subject. If you don't like the pics that you see and are upset that someone has posted them because they want to get rates and points..Stop looking if its so disgusting to you! Be an Adult For Goodness sake! 6. I love al
Miracle Grow!!!
One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!" His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. "What the Heck is this" he said to himself as a little "dust" cloud appeared when he shook them out. "April," he hollered into the bathroom, "Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" She replied with a snicker... "It's not talcum powder...... It's 'Miracle Grow'."
Ufc 77- Hostile Territory Ppv Results
Here are the results....... Main Event- Middleweight championship. Rich "ACE" Franklin(Challenger) vs anderson "The Spider" Silva(champion) Anderson Silva Wins by TKO Stoppage (Referee) at 1:07 in the 2nd round . Heavyweight match. Tim "The maineiac" Sylvia vs Brandon "The Truth" Vera. Tim Sylvia Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round . Lightweight Match* Alvin "Kid" Robinson vs Jorge Gurgel Alvin Robinson Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round . Light HeavyWeight match. Eric "Ravishing Red" Schafer vs Stephen "The American Psycho" Bonnar Stephan Bonnar Wins by TKO Stoppage (Referee) at 2:47 in the 2nd round . Middleweight Match Alan "The Talent" Belcher vs Khalib Starnes Alan Belcher Wins by TKO Stoppage (Cut) at 1:39 in the 2nd round . UNDERCARD FIGHTS!! Middleweight Match* Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald vs Yushin Okami Yushin Okami Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round . Welterwei
Phone Fun
As I listened to his voice my body quivered. He had me so wet. I could feel my pussy aching just talking with him for the five minutes we've been on the phone. I wanted release and I knew he wanted it too. I just didn't know how to bring it up. We'd never met in person, but had got to know each other really well since we talked almost every night. He'd gotten my phone number from a friend of ours. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, my pussy. That man's voice melted me every time I heard or even thought about it. In the past I'd just wait until we got off of the phone before I 'took care' of the aching. I'd grab my toy and play his voice in my head making myself cum hard. Tonight was different. I wanted him to hear me get off, but was a little shy at being the first to bring it up and he was probably holding back for fear of hurting my feelings. So, I decided to try and play while on the phone, and hide it from him. I started rubbing my tits and to my surprise my nipples were like lit
Pumpkins Anyone want one?
I Believe!!!!
A Birth Certificate shows that we were born A Death Certificate shows that we died Pictures show that we lived! I Believe . . Have a seat . . . Relax . . . And read this slowly. I believe -. . That just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do. I believe - . That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe - . That no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe - . That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe - . That you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe - . That it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe - . That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.
The Three Brothers
(this song is not for the band infurnum, it is to be sung clean. it is dedicated to three men who fought so hard and against all odds. who had their differences but stood by one another. One was a leader. He is remembered and the one who would unify. The other is one who is the guardian of the people. The last is known for his power and his pride. the three brothers stood against another and another. Their stories along with others in the ancient times have been passed down through generation after generation. statues still mark the way to remember them. Please dont rate this unless you wish to comment on it. figure out who the three brothers are. The only other hint i will give you is this. They all met a man who is known as the hidden dragon ) You promised us peace when will it come? The wind blows so cold now the rains are turning over the dust is wetting down The time is almost over Buts its PAIN! PAin I feel as I watched you PAIN I know you fought so hard
hi! im new here, so i dont understand very well how this site works, but im doing my best hehehe. So just stay intouch! and if you can give me a little help! see you!
I have been making bears like crazy, only to fail. The damn things are not selling. Sigh. I did sell all my junk at the Flea Market, os now I have room to store the kids bikes, and a little money to boot! The year before last I was close to 400 pounds! I have been dieting for 2 years now. I was a size 36 in womens--that is = to about a mans 62. I am now down to a women's size 24, that is a mans size 46 or 48. I have lost over 175 pounds! I keep dieting even though I am so fucking sick of salad. I want to weigh about 175, and with my big tata's and round bubble but, that is really thin for me! I am a little lonily. I like someone, but I am not sure if he likes me back. How young is to young for me any how? I am 36 and he is 25.
Your Age By Sex Maths ... Omg It Works !!
Body: Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a lie anyway-but sex math will know!YOUR AGE BY SEX MATH This is pretty neat. DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST!It takes less than a minute .Work this out as you read ..Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun. 1. First of all, pick the number of times a day that you would like to have sex(more than one but less than 10) 2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold) 3. Add 5 4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator 5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1757 ....If you haven't, add 1756. 6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born. You should have a three digit number The first digit of this was your original number(i.e., how many times you want to h
I Lost My Father
It saddens me to say that I lost my father Friday in the early morning. I am happy though that I was with him when he passed, I got to say my goodbyes. I know he will no longer suffer from this disease....... Please keep my family in your prayers as the funeral will be soon and people are flying from all over and driving as well. Hope this finds all in good health. And I look forward to getting on here again when things are no still so hectic. Becky
Women Are Difficult Creatures
I've read how many openings where women either say TALK TO ME BEFORE ADD, or COMMENT on FOTOS.. but yet they dont give it in return. And its almost ALWAYS women that have all pics on private--wats even the point?! Y are women so closed off and hard to get to know... no wonder us men only look for women just to F*ck- cuz to try to find out any more on them is like trying to crack a safe!
Black Sabbath Ozzfest 2005-children Of The Grave
Please Read Other Stroke Blogs & Pray
Please pray for him and his family - the 2 other stroke blogs will explain. Thanks --- Patty
End Of An Era
Today is a very difficult day for me. After 14 years of marriage, my wife and I have decided to seperate. This is not an easy thing to go through, but it has been a long time coming. I'm not even sure if the friendship will survive, but I hope it does. My emotions are torn right now, because 14 years is a long time to be with someone, but it has been over for a while. I'm not sure what is in store for me next, but i hold no animosity towards my wife. I will always love her in my heart. My time on here might be drastically cut short, but to all my close friends, i will continue to stay in contact with. Thanks for listening to me ramble on. Dave
Ron Your The Best My Friend
Oh Dont Worry Im Still Adding People To This List
Before Marriage
My Day
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts Hi Everyone... Just a short note to let you know why I haven't responded to anything today. First off, I am sorry that I haven't, but I will.. Secondly, it has been because of a major headache that has kept me in bed all day.. with ice packs on my head and neck. Third, I hope you all had an amazing Sunday and had a great time watching the games.. some I have missed :( Hugs and Loves... Cassie aka Angel
Bs At Its Best!
Last night I was talking to a Fubar member on the phone for the first time. Oddly this person first messaged me on IM and then it led to several hours of talking. By the end of the convo this person got very quiet and I asked them what are you doing, they told me conteplating suicide. No more than a min later the phone went dead. I called back a couple of times, and then sent them an IM where I asked if they were ok. The response I got back was "I slit my wrist!" and "Im bleeding badly". After a couple of mins i contacted the California Highway Patrol! With nothing more than a First name, city, and cell phone number they tried to locate her. Well........tonight i followed up with the police and even had more info to offer up to resolve thngs if need be. What did I find out! She's Just Perfectly Fine!! How's that for BS. Thank you Atleast somebody has the decency to give a damn about others!!
Need Help Leveling
I need help leveling, good friend. thank's DARKLORD@ fubar
Monday Rendezvous!
Monday Rendezvous he returned to the place they met weekly. he looked around and saw that everything was the same with the exception of their table - it was empty. where had she gone? did she find another? he said at the bar and ordered her favorite drink - apple martini. he remembered how she loved to drink them and would get so giddy but, never drunk - just relaxed. he thought of the last time they had met, here at this same table and she had tears in her eyes when he told her he had to leave her. he remebered how hurt and angry he was when last they saw each other. but, he had been going crazy knowing that he could only see her weekly and never have her to himself - ever. knowing that every night she had to go home to her husband and that He was the one that got to hold her, kiss her, caress her body, and own every inch of her - made it unbearable for him. she had told him that she needed to stay with her husband, that she could not abandon him. but, deep down he had known that s
will this my first ever blog so i hope i do ok im in the hospital for the 6th time this year and im tired being in here my body hurts so much from this surgery they cut me open and did a rectum removel ill spend at least 2 weeks more in here and ill spend my bday in here as well
My Mother
My mother passed away Friday night. She went peacefully and is no longer suffering. Thanks to all that have been very supportive through this time.
Would You?
lay my lips upon yours, I kiss them tenderly, I find myself wondering !!, Can he really care for me? ~ I wonder what your thinking, Do you long to hold me tight? Would you hold me in your arms? Would you keep me though the night? ~ Would you whisper in my ear? Tell me the things I long to hear? Would you assure me all will be right, Would you wash away my fears? ~ Would you call me on the phone from work, Just to tell me that you care? Would you lay your lips upon mine, Would you run your fingers though my hair? ~ If I entrusted you with my heart, Would you protect it with you soul? Would you return this deed with your love, Would you make our two halves whole? ~ If I told you that I need you, Would you run or would you stay? Would you hold me close to your heart? Would you let me know all will be okay? WOULD YOU ?
Robbie's Poem
Darkness falls upon still waters another soul sent back to the father In the ground now he lays tears of pain run down my face another battle lost another soul to pay the cost He smiles at us from above just to remind us of his love He knows this was my hobby I lvoe and miss you Uncle Robby in the arms of angels he shall fly to sit with the lord on high Before any one judges this I wrote this as a ulegy for my uncles funreal thank you
The Raven, with its glistening purple-black plumage, large size and apparent intelligence has inspired man from ancient times. He is regarded as an omen of both good fortune and bad, carrying the medicine of magic. Europeans often associated the Raven with war, death and departed spirits. But the Raven has not always been associated with death, spirits and darkness. Quite the contrary, the Raven was believed by some to be the bringer of light, truth and goodness. It is the brighter side of the Raven, this intelligence and ingenuity, an ability to use cunning this association with light, illumination, truth and goodness, that we bring forth here. The ancient Greeks included a Raven in their mythology. They used the terms for crow and raven interchangeably and in their stories, Corvus, the Crow, is allied with Apollo. It is Apollo whose chariot provides daily passage across the sky for the sun and it is under Apollos influence that life was illuminated by truth and exce
My heart beats wildly Like lavender growing in a field The perfume of his essence Invades all my senses My heart renders its lament My soul cries for his return Thoughts of all we had Erupting with the fury of a volcano My tears fall like raining embers His name like fire on my lips My arms embracing his memory The cravings for him Have captured my dreams As I run this way and that There is no escape Thoughts of him engulf me With hot molten lava I am prisoner to this love That has turned cold as stone Forever enveloped in rock Surveying the desolate mountins That I once climbed with passion Scurried fearlessly its cliffs Driven by hope to its peaks Captured in its Desolation Visit ...
Weekend Not Bad But Dang Everybody's Sick!
Not a bad past couple of days for me but... sister was sick yesterday for most of the day. My brother was constipated for three days (castor oil worked) My mother is sick this morning (throw up sick - too much birthday chocolates it seems - at least i HOPE that's what it is!) sister's baby has the poops. Blech- I'm taking my vitamins!!! I wipe every doorknob as i pass through the house with the inside of my shirt. Been washing my hands - it doesn't take much to get sick, but it doesn't take much to prevent it either. Getting a couple of animal trapping jobs for my brother this morning - there are bats in one high rise condominium (high rise in Naples is 19 stories) - and bees came back at an old site. So he'll be happy to hear about the one, unhappy to hear about the other. Not an exciting life, but it's mine and it's good enough ;-) -- oh, that and the non-egg laying hens I let out of the chicken coop last week and my goat: Fred is okay with the white
Is Bigger Really Better
I have have a lot of people tell me that bigger is lets put it to the test.... Is bigger better than smaller Or is how you use it really the truth?
Another Of My Nephew
No Surgery Today?
We have been here all week-end with very little news, only that surgery is a must, but when we got no clues. Then last night we were told for sure tomorrow, to find out they must put it off again with great sorrow. But they feel it is the best and ordered lots of tests, the results of one might bring bad news, they think he now may be HIV positive. If so it will explain why he's had to have so many surgeries, but it will bring our family many more worries. Mind you I am not talking overall fears, no, I am talking his deterating health and extra medical care. I am talking many more hospital visits, until his body decides to call it quits. The sadness the loss of him will bring the family, but even more, the emptiness it will bring to me. I will be happy for him that he won't suffer any more, but he's been my lofe, so for me what will be in store. Oh well, that is enough of my woes, it is time for tests so I will let you go.
Banned From Wal-mart
This is why women should not take men shopping against their will. After Mr. and Mrs. Fenton retired, Mrs. Fenton insisted her husband accompany her on her trips to Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, Mr. Fenton was like most men--he found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunately, Mrs. Fenton was like most women--she loved to browse. One day Mrs. Fenton received the following letter from her local Wal-Mart. Dear Mrs. Fenton, Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and may be forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against Mr. Fenton are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras. 1. June 15: ! Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking. 2 . July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals. 3. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to
Peter Davison To Return To Doctor Who Role
The BBC has confirmed that Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, who played the part in the classic series from 1981 until 1984, will reprise his role alongside current Doctor David Tennant in the forthcoming Children in Need scene. The mini episode, entitled "Time Crash", was written by award-winning Doctor Who writer Steven Mofatt, and will be transmitted as part of the Children in Need fundraising evening on Friday 16 November 2007. "It is an honour for me to be able to make the connection between the Fifth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor," noted Peter Davison. "However, now is not the time for sound-bites. I can feel the hand of history on my shoulder, even if I can't do the buttons up!" This story has also been picked up by The Sun, with another photo of the duo. Reported at Outpost Gallifrey.
I want to thank everyone who helped me in reached my goal of 50,000 comments. Took a little over 2 weeks to accomplish but without everyones help I would have been there forever! Thank yall all so very very much and if I did not show any luv to you please let me know and I will be sure to return it. I tried hard to get everyone I could get! Thank you again everyone so very very much! Lots of Luv, Jennifer
9hours Left Pleassseeeeee Helppppppppp
I have only 9 more hours to try and catch up in this contest pleaseeee click on this link rate the pic and leave me some comments it wont take you long just a few minutes...
It's What Makes Summer So Good!
Now that the summer is officially over... it's time to reflect on what makes summer so good... did you accomplish any of the following things??? I wrote this at the beginning of the summer... and I think I did pretty well! Frosty Beverages, Lobster, Barbeque, the hot sun and All That is Good in Summer Im gathering my ideas and thoughts and making my list of what-to-dos and what-to-haves for this summer and I think I have some work cut out for me this summer. This time of year we all worry about what we look like because the clothes start to get smaller and tighter. We start looking at those pale parts that havent seen the light of day in several months. And we spend more time outside and complain that we wish the weather was nicer several weeks ago so we could have already been doing this. So, I have thought long and hard and made my list of things to do for this summer. The list is not quite complete, because I have a feeling as the summer wears on I will add sever
Tv Series
SERIES Six married men will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids each for six weeks. Each kid will play two sports and either take music or dance classes. There is no fast food . Each man must take care of his 3 kids; keep his assigned house clean, correct all homework, complete science projects, cook, do laundry, and pay a list of "pretend" bills with not enough money. In addition, each man will have to budget in money for groceries each week. Each man must remember the birthdays of all their friends and relatives, and send cards out on time. Each man must also take each child to a doctor's appointment, a dentist appointment and a haircut appointment. He must make one unscheduled and inconvenient visit per child to the Urgent Care (weekend, evening, on a holiday or right when they're about to leave for vacation). He must also make cookies or cupcakes for a social function. Each man will be responsible for decorating his own assigned house, pl
The Man In The Red Truck
OK, so I go to pick up my daughter at her after-school program. There is a circle drive, and I pulled in along the circle drive to go and get her. I go in, get her, and I come out and there is this old dude ranting and raving about something. It turns out, he was ticked because he had pulled up too close to the car in front of him, and I was too close to him, so he couldn't get out. Now, realize I was in the place for less than five minutes, so it wasn't like he was waiting for forever. I pretty much ignored him and got in the car. I told my usually slow-as-molasses daughter to hurry it up, and as she's getting settled in this dude has the nerve to come up to the window and ask me to back up a little bit so that he could get out, but he was extremely rude about it. I said that I would move as soon as he got her seatbelt on, and he screamed at me "well don't sit there and read a book!!!" I was confused, but then realized that I was holding papers that my daughter had handed me,
The Hardest Part!
I had said in past entries that I was gonna withdraw from school because of my condition and that future treatments are gonna be more intense than the ones I have already had. Today, I started the process of withdrawing from my classes. The procedure is to get each professor to sign the form saying your dropping their class, write a letter to the Dean stating I am taking medical leave and then get my doctor to also send a letter. Sound easy? Actually, it's not as simple as it sounds, and I discovered that today. They say that the hardest thing to do in life is to say goodbye to them. Facing 4 or 5 professors I can do, but what happens when you also have to tell your now-former classmates what is going on? This was hard on me! Most of the people in my Social Work class have built friendships with me or have asked what is wrong with me. My professor asked me what should she tell them. I was heartbroken, but I said I would face them myself - I'd rather they hear it from me.
I'll be moving soon so I won't be on too much the next couple weeks but will be back in full force afterwards! :-) Donna
My Friends
ever since i had came to fu bar i have made some pretty good friends, i would do anything for the following ppl angeleyez (hubba hubba :P) cort kisslady vic922 blood vixen (will always be my viXXXy) chris aka slim kat tina e tina k lisasweet scott tiggerbear winduptoy willie theres a few more but at the moment i cant think lol. if you dont see your name on here then maybe you should take the time and actually get to know like the others have!
Friend Needs Assistance...can Anyone Please Help
Ok friends....another friend of mine needs a little assistance in a contest..please drop by and share some know i appreciate your help and so will she shes a sweetheart...thanks in advance
Fall Tanka
This will be my only Tanka of the Fall season. The last leaves are luckiest As from tree tops, they Take pleasure in the views of The multicolor blanketed Ground and scented breeze.
Don't know if it is a problem with fubar, or a problem with Firefox (my web browser) or with my computer or what. But if I'm typing in a text box, and certain sound alerts (new photo posted, new shout, etc. etc.) comes in on fubar, I can no longer type in that text box unless I click somewhere else and then back into the box. And if I'm typing a shout to someone and I have to do that, half the time, the popup window thing I'm typing in disappears before I can finish typing. highly annoying And even MORE annoying, if I happen to be typing something in another tab (say, typing up a Livejournal entry or comment, or something on another message board) when an alert comes in on Fubar, and I happen to be backspacing at the time, the browser interprets the backspace as a "Back" command, which loads the previous webpage, thus losing whatever I was typing. Pisses me off royally.
Email & Im
IF we chat or have chatted on YAHOO PLEASE send me your screen name &/OR email address. My account was hacked & I have lost everything SO IF you receive ANYTHING from my "old" screen name let me know. Once you respond to this I will give you my new information. I'm really sorry : (
Love Online
They learned of one another, Through chats online. Within his sensitive soul, A caring, sincere heart she did find. Someone who made her feel wanted, Like no other has in quite some time. Nervous as she was, She agreed to meet in person. Her mind raced, her head full of confusion. She wondered if she should continue, And go through with this excursion. She gave in - to her heart she'd be true. Her doubts she set aside, Allowing her curiousity to be her guide. To his door she crept, Uncertain of what to expect. Two complete strangers never felt more comfortable, Than him and her that night. A spark was ignited, That wouldn't soon be extinguished. Author --- Trinity3
I'm Still Treated Like Kid
Do any of you still feel treated like a kid by one of your parents? My mom treats me like an adult, and that's why I love her with all my heart. my dad on the other hand.....still does and always has treated me like a kid, and sometimes he treats me like shit. If I go somewhere with telling him, he gets mad, even if it's during daylight. Well, lately things have gotten pretty heated between us cause of the damn CPS(My niece that lives with us is 11). Somehow, my dad thinks it's my fault for them coming here cause of my myspace pics(just b/c my dress shirts are unbuttoned)...let's dad drinks, smokes, and sometimes walks around the house with just his boxers on...and somehow my myspace pics are worse? Plus, he has told me that my brother and sister are bitching about my pics brother..I doubt sister on the other hand..I'll believe, cause she has made my myspace life a living hell before. I just wish my dad and sister would leave me alone. So, in conclusion...if y
Dad 10-22-07
First let me say that I am not posting updates to gain sympathy or points or anything else. There are two reasons for these posts: First, to update those who are my friends and are concerned. If you don't fall into that category then don't read them. Second, is to help me deal with things as they happen on a daily basis as I am so busy with my dad, and helping my step-mom, my grandmother, and being here for my son as well as working, I don't really have much of a chance to talk to anyone. This is my way of documenting and dealing with whatever happens as it happens. Am sure some will have nothing better to do than make some smart ass comment...And to you I say that I hope it helps make you feel a little bit better about yourself and your day to type hateful words about a crappy situation. Now on to the real reason for this update and I wish I had more to say but today was a little better for my dad...he had less pain finally but is getting enough Morphine to knock out a buffalo
If You Want Me To Love You....
If i dont call you [ Its because im waiting for you to call me ] When i walk away from you mad [ Follow me ] When i stare at your mouth [ Kiss me ] When i push you or hit you [ Grab me and dont let go ] When i start cussing at you [ Kiss me and tell me you love me ] When im quiet [ Ask me whats wrong ] When i ignore you [ Give me your attention ] When i pull away [ Pull me back ] When you see me at my worst [ Tell me im beautiful ] When you see me start crying [Just hold me and dont say a word ] When you see me walking [ Sneak up and hug my waist from behind ] When im scared [ Protect me ] When i lay my head on your shoulder [ Tilt my head up and kiss me ] When i steal your favorite hat [ Let me keep it and sleep with it for a night] When i tease you [ Tease me back and make me laugh ] When i dont answer for a long time [ reassure me that everything is okay ] When i look at you with doubt [ Back yourself up ] When i sa
I Feel This Pain And Yet Am Being Made To Feel I Am Not Allowed
So I have an ex who is technically still my husband. We have been seperated for One year in November. Some really bad things happened that made me leave, In May I decided to give him another chance for the sanctity of marriage and our children. He failed us and betrayed me again. I have decided I dont want to be with him anymore. While seperated I dated a guy who is younger than me 26 to be exact. He decided he wanted a relationship and I was to forget all that happened to me in my four year marriage and what I went through and just commit myself to him and him alone. When I couldnt do that I offered just friends with benefits, he was not accepting of that, I realized I couldnt give him what he wanted so I ended it. Well neither has gotten over it, My ex(estranged) husband expects me to give him another chance and the 26 year old is calling me selfish and decietful and a liar. Where am I the bad person in all of this?? can someone please tell me what I did wrong. Please advi
Life I Beautifull....................comment Please
Life is beautifull, Life is short Now, Internet is a part of life. We are the same person when we take a diner with friends Then when we are on our keyboard If we allow to show our meaned and darkness part on the Net; coz the Net. Then we have a famous problem with ourself without knowing it. (And need a serious analyse.) Life is to short for spending hours on a screen for gratis games and wickedness. The real meaning of friendship is to be real and friendly, understanding and ready to help when real sentiments are the value Its beautifull to have a friend Dont tarnish, dont make dirty this nice sentiment, Just for having fun, playing, manipulate or to take a profite. It is not coz we didnt take a real drink togheter that we have to act like an imaginary
Works Of Poetic Word
My Poetic Beauties are not about one person in general or me in general. I write poetry yes, one as a way to express myself but also as a way to escape he harshness of reality as well. ranted most are Dark and Depressing, but not all are. Nor are they about me all the time. Yes I do write poetry about myself at times or about my friends, but not all is directed towards one person or another. My works are just that, MINE. If you by chance, ind them offencive, then go on with your life and leave me in peace so I can continue to live my life as I wish to. If you have a problem with what is written here, OR how I express myself here, you do not have to stay and read it. Will matter little to me which you chose to do, as long as no drama is spread upon my page or blogs. Now I bide you a good day/night, which ever it maybe for you. Blessed Be And May The Goddess Watch Over You.
It's Me
Hello world of fubar. I wanted to post a blog... but don't really have anything to say, lol. Honestly... I'm an emotional wreck right now... too much drama and trauma in just 1 or 2 days. I have had a break up, the meeting of so many new and great people here that honestly complicate my life more but that I would hate to be without, I thought my grandmother was going to die, school is overwhelming me because I let myself get behind, I am not good at social functioning, and so on and so on. It really sucks... I know that most if not all of the people that I have met here would not give me the time of day had they met me face to face. I dunno... I gotta go work... See ya around. Torrencia
Fun Life
Give A Big Fubar Welcome To Tim " Big Hoss " Andrews
PLEASE ADD IN MY FANS OF, ENJOY HIS MUSIC AND GOOD HUMOR Tim Big Hoss Andrews Biography Contact: 330-592-1342 / I am just your typical 65 300 lb. Stand-Up Comic, Singer / Song Writer who loves fresh air and wide open spacesdepending on where they are of course. I grew up in Doylestown, OH but had to leave because of Urban Sprawl when I heard they were getting a stoplight. I now live in the thriving Metropolis of Litchfield, OH. You may have noticed it on the map. Its where the Mason-Dixon Line takes a hard right North then runs scared back South again. The back yard is trees and the front is a cornfield. Its a great place for my wife and I to raise our 4 beautiful kids. Ive done a little bit of everything in my life. Ill pretty much try anything oncebut I think its safe to say that you wont see me in any dancing competitions anytime soon. I have been entertaining for year
Fubar Passports
So, due in part to my ceaseless insomnia and search for distractions from the failure that is my life, I have developed the idea of the Fubar Passport. I imagine that this isn't an original idea, but haven't yet seen it. And this can be a bit more interactive as compared to the licenses, trading cards and other similar ideas. I'm thinking that if it catches on, people could make stamps to add to the passport for things like Lounge memberships, various achievements, etc.. Well, let me know what you think and if you'd like me to make you one, let me know. Also, if you have a stamp idea you'd like me to make, feel free to ask about that too. p.s. My original passport is in the folder marked Fubar Passports in my pics. Thanks.
My Most Adored
My Most Adored my talk is cheap my thoughts too dirty problems too steep and my backs not sturdy my steps so light not to waken the beast arousal in time to celebrate defeat no comfort in blue and my blacks extreme shadow fades to dark your white just a dream infected by fears given life by my mind stalking me to the end of this life redefined you drag me where its easier to see the damage she's done crimes of apathy and i know what i want i know you wont oblige draw me under your skin my faults now to hide drenched in desire too hot to the touch my envy the crown of not-quite-good-enough my hands are bound my body is worn this cross i now carry of my most adored tell me what you think.....
How Do You Say Goodbye To Someone Who Is Dying?
Today after work, I have to go with another friend of mine to basically say good bye to another friend. She is 54 yrs old and has a rare form of cancer that attacks many organs at the same time, it's just free floating in her body. She has 3 kids at home and a husband that loves her. She is a one in a million woman, but does that mean she really deserved a one in a million cancer? The friend that I am going with told her that she refuses to say good bye, that she isn't giving up on her yet. I can't keep myself together. How am I going to make it through work and then going to her house?? What am I supposed to say to her? What if I start to cry again? How do I walk out her front door and leave without breaking down in front of her?
Life Sucks
I am so sick of people. I hate the fact that i am nice to people. I am too nice. Ok so i do everything for a friend of mine and she helps me out every once in awhile. But what pisses me off she always calls me when i leave and asks all kinds of questions like she has no life. So i texted her earlier and asked her where she was cause i was gonna see if she wanted to come over. Well she sends me a message back asking me why i need to know where she is all the time. Cocking a attitude. So me going through alot lately and having some anger issues not being able to control it, i flipped and yelled at her. SO she says all kinds of crazy shit like i am doing wrong and shit in my life. Whatever that means. And ok so she has been watching my daughter while i work and she was going to watch my daughter while i join the military. Now she is all like you need to find someone to watch your daughter. Even though i have watched her two dogs repeatedly. The first time i charged her cause they are a ha
Why Do People Get So Upset??
The Carver: forget it then ->YOUR FAVOR...: why? The Carver: ok then ->YOUR FAVOR...: my son just turned 40! ->YOUR FAVOR...: --no, i am 58 The Carver: are you 39 then ->YOUR FAVOR...: WHAT MADE YOU WONDER? The Carver: i just asked ->YOUR FAVOR...: NO--LOL,I AM 58 The Carver: are you really 39 ******************************* I just do not understand why so many people on here get their feathers ruffled so easily...this person (above) popped up on my shoutbox with a question for me. I answered him honestly and good-naturedly...then he got ticked at me! Has NO ONE here got a sense of humor? Are they ALL so sensitive?? I didn't say anything mean to him--- Others on here get so jealous or ticked off if they see (per their investigation) that I dare say anything nice to anyone else than them...yet, their double-standard allows their page to be overflowing with flaunting/half-nudes...aaah, life is so confusing... and yet there are people SO SHY here that they can only talk
Daddy's Here
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates, of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees; a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them w
Today my daughter Sierra-Grace turns 5. For those new to my friend's list, this is a miracle in itself. She lost her twin in utero, and was in and out of the NICU unit for the first 2 years of her life. She was diagnosed as Failure to Thrive, and spent several years in physical and occupational therapies. She had also been under the care of a dietition and neurologist. This year we faced another challenge, which was a Leukemia scare. Luckily the testing for that came out negative, but they have yet to determine the cause of her illnesses. She has more testing tomorrow. I just wanted to post a blog to say thank you, to God, or whichever higher power you believe in for another full year with my baby girl. Every day is a miracle, and every year even more so. She asked me yesterday if she was going to be 5 when she woke up, I said "Well if you want to be technical, you won't be 5 until tomorrow night." She looked at me for a second, and said "I don't want to be technical". M
Gay Flight Attendant
My flight was being served by an obviously gay flight attendant, who seemed to put everyone in a good mood as he served us food and drinks. As the plane prepared to descend, he came swishing down the aisle and told us that "Captain Marvey has asked me to announce that he'll be landing the big scary plane shortly, so lovely people, if you could just put your trays up, that would be super." On his trip back up the aisle, he noticed this well-dressed and rather Arabic looking woman hadn't moved a muscle. "Perhaps you didn't hear me over those big brute engines but I asked you to raise your trazy-poo, so the main man can pitty-pat us on the ground." She calmly turned her head and said, "In my country, I am called a Princess and I take orders from no one." To which (I swear) the flight attendant replied, without missing a beat, Well, sweet-cheeks, in my country I'm called a Queen, so I outrank you. Tray-up, Bitch."
Personal Firearm Issue
Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that's it. In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as paradoxical as it may sound to some. When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force. The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gang banger, and a single gay guy on equa
Turn On
I see you from afar, Dark and aromatic.... As I have always remembered you being. I am held in your magnetic gaze, Drawn closer and closer to the radiating heat, Of your form.... Lost forever in anticipation... As I yearn to taste you.... Bitter or sweet, It matters not... For I need you inside of me... Filling me with you your warm, your heat... All the energy, vitality you always bring to me... I am awakened when I have you near. Steam rolls down your form.... As the ravenous rumble of your seductive voice, Intensifies....and intensifies still.... Until you are exhausted and empty... And the deed is done. Taking my favorite mug from the shelf, I then turn you off. As pour myself a cup of pure romance. Who knew coffee could be such a turn on?
Im Done Her Im Sorry 4 Everything Im Workin On Deletin My Page Not Like You Care
take a look most pix r gone i hope they treat u better than i ever did
Adam And Eve
In the Garden of Eden, as everyone knows, Lives Adam and Eve, without any clothes. In this garden, were two little leaves, One covered Adam's, one covered Eve's. As the story goes on, nevertheless to say, The wind came along, and blew the leaves away. At the sight, Adam did stare, There was Eve's treasure, all covered with hair. And wonder came, under Eve's eyes, As Adam's thing, started to rise. They found a spot, that suited them best, A nice big tree, where they began to rest. Her legs spread wider, and wider apart, While thrill after thrill, came into her heart. The head of Adam's thing, peeked into the hold, And filled her with passion, beyond her control. Backward and forward, his thing did slide, And Eves treasure, was all wet inside. The joy was good, she wouldn't let loose, Until Adam's thing, was all out of juice. Then through the years, people did screw, And now it's time, for me and you. So pull down your pants, and lay in the gra
How is that your eyes sees the selfish person inside of me I tried to hide it, I guess not too well Feelings are gone Just dont care about anything anymore LIVE OR DIE its all the same Endless cycle of pain No end in sight When did I become this person? Leave me to be in my dark hole Manipulating minds take over me Cant see clearly Existing never living Black heart Stupid silly ***** Never be anything Fooling no one Demons took my soul I want to lie cold in the dirt Never feeling again Take me away sweet angel Arms open for you I bleed for you I want peace
Sometimes I stay up late... Thinking of things I've done... Wishing that I wasn't here... Desperately I want to run... If I could just go back in time... And change the things I could... Would I still make the same mistakes... Or do exactly as I should... I wonder where I'd be today... And if I would be with you... Would we be the best of friends... And share a love so true... Things didn't seem to go my way... No matter how much time I planned... I'm just thankful that I have you now... I reach out and hold your hand... Forever you'll be with me... For in my heart you have a space... My time with you I treasure... And your love I can't replace...
A Helping Hand
Hi friends , Can you please come & help out my good friend to level up ? She is always there for me & all of her friends . Now shes close to leveling up to level 24 , fu king. So come on lets help her out . Terri ĶŷĜŗĕĕŋĚŷęś@ fubar
My Life Today
I have nothing left in me it seems; All that's real has faded to dreams. The happiness lies deep beneath; I am in the grip of despair's sharp teeth. Feelings evade me - I have nothing to love; I've nothing to hope for nor to dream of. Avoidance of cowardice is what's keeping me here; At this point, no, it's not death that I fear. I would give anything to surface from this; Flailing endlessly in depression's abyss. I implore help from above with my every breath; And wonder if freedom comes only with death... HELP?
Please Help W.t.c Spirit Bombers ,friend's &fans
Would I Be Missed?
I have a feeling and nothing to show otherwise that if i was to dissapear without a trace that no one would miss me no one would care to look and no one would wonder what happened see i have been there for everyone and my frieds but if i need them only few can be counted on even then tough i never know if they are really being serious with me sry for all this but its true thanks for reading
Best Friend Ever In My Life Has Left. :(
This is the worst day of my life. My best friend ever in my entire life, has left. Just that quick. Funny thing, I met her here. All my life every friend that ever meant anything to me just up and left. Michelle was one I thought would be always. Tonight, after she found out the guy she's been seeing lied to her for over 2 years, she logged on, told me she's leaving, and left. I can't believe it. This worse then my divorce 6 years ago. I just want everything to stop, so I can get off. I'm tired of losing friends, family, I'm just tired. I guess always just means until they're done. Fuck, I hate life.
1000+fans Alone
Ive got over 1000 fans and more friends but noone will help but a handful! Whats up? I show the love! I never ask for anything in return. This is the first. Please stop by and show me a little love. Even if its only 10 comments.I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, Lucy
Easier To Run
It's easier to run Replacing this pain with something numb It's so much easier to go Than face all this pain here all alone Something has been taken From deep inside of me A secret I kept locked away No one can ever see Wounds so deep they never show They never go away Like moving pictures in my head For years and years they've played If I could change I would Take back the pain I would Retrace every wrong move that I made I would If I could Stand up and take the blame I would If I could take all this shame to the grave I would If I could change I would Take back the pain I would Retrace every wrong move that I made I would If I could Stand up and take the blame I would I would take all my shame to the grave It's easier to run Replacing this pain with something numb It's so much easier to go Than face all this pain here all alone Sometimes I remember The darkness of my past Bringing back these memories I wish I didn't have Sometimes I t
My Art & Writing
Hi, I haven't been on fubar much lately Mainly because i've been spending most of my time on my writing and Art. A few other things have been taking most of my time, Sorry to all my friends that i use to talk to on a daily bases,But i still love you guys. If you would like to support my Writing And ART ,Please do. This is a link to my art... This is a link to my writing... Read My Writing at & Thanks guys for supporting me, and Being my friends.
I'm Still In Love With Her
I'm Still In Love With Her Since they are no longer together sharing love anymore.He tried other relationships with women and to be alone again;he tried to open his heart up to love them only to feel that it he was in the wrong,he couldn't get over how his heart truely felt cause he only wanted to give his heart to one. Poem By:Charles LaMark Nelson
Stfu Man!
seriously... quit your bitchin'! if you're so sick of all the old friends who you don't talk to anymore, stop whining to everyone and DO something about it. i don't want to listen you your bullshit, especially because YOU burned those bridges with the people you say you miss so much. i was there when you walked all over all of your so-called "friends", and i think you're a stupid cunt for looking to me to justify your actions. i told you the truth: 1. you know DAMNED WELL you fully remember cheating on doug with that one man-whore IN MY BED. you didn't black out, it wasn't rape. and then you tried to pass off the hickey he gave you on me- FUCK THAT. you knew kylie caught you, and then you lied about it, and i wasn't going to lie to her so i told her the truth. 2. if you ever tell someone i consider a part of my family to go slit her wrists, or call her a cunt again... i'm going to inform your poor mom as to how many times you've said you've been with me over the summer when yo
Christopher 'crazygryffin' Donovan
christopher 'crazygryffin' donovan This little bitch rated my pic a 4, I did nothing to him. Whatever. He's a little bitch ass downrater so do what you want about it. View Downrater Block Downrater Leave Comment For Downrater
Thank You Little One!
My girl wrote this about Me....made Me cry... glad to see I am doing something right..... She is a wonderful person. and one of the best Dommes i know. She is who i look up to as my role model. She can be stern but is always fair. i love having the privilege to serve her. She is kind, honorable, She is a lady in all aspects of the word. if this helps you at all. ive had bad experiences in this lifestyle i was collared at 13 and nearly beaten to death, and have had a hard time since trusting people. but i trust Her with my life and would lay my own life down for Her with out question this is a blog i wrote about 2 weeks ago: its titled what i want tobe when i grow up. The other day I was sitting around and got to thinking, what do i want to be when i grow up. i sat there for a few minuets and realized exactly what i want to be. I want to be like my Ma'am (Lady Twisted Karma) She is one of the most wonderful people who have blessed my life. She is a very strong, beautiful,sp
Somewhere Down The Road.....
niNa - sOmewHerE doWn d roAd
Is there something wrong with thinking that one will be alone for the rest of their life?
Oh Hai!
My sister/best friend joined, check her out: Arianne@ fubar
Honest Feelings
Well not to good at this kind of thing but gonna giv it a shot.. Ive found one of the greatest persons in the world.. She alaways makes me feel comfortable when im talking with her.. I can feel at ease being myself with her. Shes alaways got a kind word and alaways willing to listen. I love her personiaity snd sense of humor. And most of all her kind heart.. Ijust wanted to let her know how special she has become to me. Ill alaways be here for her no matter what. Thank you STARFIRE for being such an awesome friend your the best. love ya.. LifehouseYou And MeMusic Video Codes By Music
Girlfriend Application
"GIRLFRIEND Application" 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite Color: 4. Whats your sign: 5. Height: 6. Hair (color and style): 7. Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN: 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you take a nap with me? 16. Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18. Would you dance with me? 19. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY: 1. Personality: 2. Eyes: 3. Face: 4. Hair:
For Once, A Good Morning
Ok, yall that know me enough know my car has been giving me issues. had it to the Cardealer like 3 times in the past 6 months for the same issues-over heating repeatedly and transmission jumpin hard.I have been chewin my fingers off worrying.....transmissions are not cheap, and for an 05 monte carlo*sighs* i was freaking. Finally today i get it back to the shop, ready to chew up one of the technicians if they come and tell me they cant find anything wrong.After 3 hrs of waiting, the guy comes out to tell me it is throwing a code...FINALLY!!!! they know whats wrong... thermostat is sticking....waterpump and some seal or something internally in the transmission.(:()OMFG!! he was like its all covered on ur warranty 0 deductible...(:O went my face) i about shit! AAAAAAAAAAND! AND!he got a rental car authorized(no charge to me)(:O)for me to use til tomorrow when my car should be done:) WOOP WOOP!!! funny part is, i been harassin a very good friend of mine about his "shoebox"....heh well..
It's Not's Me
I used to hear ppl say that and think what a fucking crock of SHIT. But it's really honestly true... Sometimes...i feel like it's i am broken inside...or defective...or just don't work i push people away... I think i finally get that. i was also told...i tend not to push so much as withdraw... hmm interesting
Apparently He Had The Time Of His Life
A husband and wife were scheduled to attend a Halloween party. The wife got a terrible headache and Told her husband to go to the Halloween party Alone. He, being a devoted husband, protested, But she argued and said she was going to take some Aspirin and go to bed and there was no need for his Good time to be spoiled by her not going. So he took his costume and away he went. The wife, after sleeping soundly for about an hour, Woke without pain, and as it was still early, decided to go to The party. As her husband didn't know what her costume was, she Thought she would have some fun by watching her husband to see How he acted when she was not with him. So she joined The party and soon spotted her husband in his costume, cavorting around, On the dance floor, dancing with every nice 'chick' he could And copping a little feel here and a little kiss there. His Wife went up to him and being a rather seductive babe herself, He left his new p
Random Rants #2
Okay so I feel like randomly ranting some more as I just got done reading my last rant. I don't know what I am going to rant about this time but it will probably come randomly like most of the shit that pops into my head. I've came to realize there are really some stupid disgusting nasty perverts everywhere. Was talking to my friend Steven earlier on yahoo and his dad gets on and starts hitting on me. Trying to get me to show him my tits and shit. I'm just sitting there like okay buddy what the fuck? You are old enough to be my dad do you honestly fucking think I am gonna be like the rest of the skankass bitches and show you my tits. HAHA NO! Sorry but I have more respect in myself than to do that shit. Hense another reason why I refuse to put nude pictures of myself plastered on the internet. It disgusts me. I don't see the point in putting yourself out there, showing RANDOM fucking people your goodies. When alot of the time either the person posts the shit no one wants to fucking
Calif State Of Emergency
Please Please Help Me??????
i'm in a bombing contest for the next 2 week's.. PLEASE SHOW SOM LUV?? THANKS MUAH!!
Meet Me
I am sitting here having a drink when you walk into the bar. I come to this spot regularly, just to have a couple drinks and relax. I'm not here looking for anyone or anything. I do get lonely once in a while, but I'm not looking for a one night stand and I believe that is all you will find in a place like this. You sit down beside me and we politely smile at one another. My attention is focused on the papers in front of me. I printed some stuff off the Internet just before I left the house. Some great recipes I found while surfing the web. I've been giving it my all to try to broaden my culinary experience. I am a great cook, but have only a few specialties and I'm a very picky eater. All of a sudden I can feel your hot breath on my neck. It startles me. I quickly look over and you're right there. Our noses are almost touching. Your eyes are so beautiful. I'm stunned by the electricity we share. You lean back and apologize. You tell me that you noticed the recipes
Woohoo 30lbs Down So Far
30lbs down and going strong!!!
To My Global Bomber Family And Friends
Get More at To My Global Bomber Family I Want To Say Thank You For Your Kind Words And For Your Support During This Difficult Time I Have Been Going Through You All Are The Best I Send Love And Hugs To You. To Anyone That Views This That Isn't A Member Of Our Family Check Us Out We Are A Family That Helps Others But More Than That We Are A Family That Truely Cares For One Another We Are Here To Help In Contest And Giveaways But More Than That We Are Here For Each Other Just To Talk If You Need A Friend This Is Truely A Great Family If You Like Give Us A Chance And You Can Really Make Some Awesome Friends. Again I Want To Thank My Bomber Family For Caring And For Being There For Me The Global Bombers And Family Rock Hugs To You All If You Are Interested In Joining Our Family Just Click On The Link Check Us Out Read The Rules And Let One Of The Founders Know Hope To See Ya There!!!!!! This Is The Owner Of Our Group The Global Bombers@ fubar This Is His Lovely Pa
Sittin Here
Here I sit wondering what you’re doing. Here I sit wondering how you slept. Here I sit wondering if you’re missing me like I miss you. Here I sit day dreaming what your doing today. Here I sit all alone wanting to talk to you hoping you hear me. Here I sit hoping you open your eyes realizing I’m not there and thinking of me sitting here thinking of you. Here I sit longing to touch you, touch you the way you touch me. Here I sit alone at my desk hoping you are awaken by my thoughts of you. You are all I think of morning, noon and night. I think of you, I just hope you're thinking of me to.
In case you didn't know it, -even- Has a few fans out there ... Now that's a different story! I hope your day is something to cheer about!
Court Case
I went to Court today, on the Restraining Order case, AND I WON! The res order is good for 3 years. Some of you know a bit of what I've been going thru the past nearly 2 years, and that my X was recently arrested for some bullshit. In fact it was skin head bullshit that got him arrested. I also found out today, that hes looking at doing some time, at least a few years!!! Ive been dealing with two different court cases, against the same guy (restraining order and custody), and since I won today, this helps me very much!!! If I'm really lucky and hes still locked up on the next court date (nov 29) then I'll win that too. He's trying to make it to where I can only see my daughter on weekends and holidays. Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm, and that I'll have to drive 7 hours to pick her up and drop her off. Over my dead body! What judge in any state would take away a 2 month old child from a good, loving mother and give full physical and legal custody to a man with a record a mile long of v
~she Is At Peace Now~
Sometimes I Wonder
Sometime I wonder what I'm doing in life. Maybe I'm the only that feels that way. I have a good life by most anyones standards. I have a high school diploma as well as a BA degree from a univerity. I'm married and own my own home at teh age of 25. I also have a solid career. I have a great family and some of the best friends that anyone could ever ask for. Why do I feel this way sometimes then? I have what I need and even some of what I want. I just sometimes feel like, I don't know, like I'm not really doing anything with my life or that I'm not accomplishing something. I know it has to me but sometimes I just don't know what I'm doing here. Sometimes I truly feel that there is no purpose to my life. I really want to be someone. Someone who helps other, someone who truly matters. Maybe the stress of my job and life are getting me down. I see problems and I try so hard to fix them but feel as though I'm not doing anything. I see family and friends in pain and in need and feel t
Im Sorrys
I bet NO guys will repost this!!!I'm sorry I'm sorry if I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl".I'm sorry that I don't want to have sex every minute of the day.I'm sorry that I'm not a playboy bunny so I can act like a pornstar for you.I'm sorry if I don't have a dream body that turns you on.I'm sorry if I won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me.I'm sorry if my hair isn't long enough.I'm sorry if I'm not the "hottest" girl you've ever seen.I'm sorry that I try my best to get you to like me, but then get hurt. But most of all, I'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are. And I'm sorry that most guys will read this and post it and may agree with it, but after 5 minutes, they forget about it and do the same thing all over again. GUYS!!! Just think about it; About how you treat girls.If you're a girl and you agree with this letter, repost as "I'm sorry..."If you're one of the FEW GUYS with enough balls to repost and you would never make your girl feel thi
My Wife Left Me For A Crackhead!!
My wife left me for a crackhead!! I feel so low. Lemme explain. I am a hard working, loyal man who loved his life. I have 2 children and a stay at home wife who got everything she asked me for. One night I came home to a note that she had to help a friend and the kids are asleep and not to wait up. She went and bailed out this "friend" from jail with the money I work so hard for. She then gave him $100 to get some food and pay a bill. Needless to say, the entire $100 went right in his arm and he was in jail again in less than 3 hours! If I would've had enough spare money in the bank, she would've bailed him out again! Any way, she believed that she was the only one who could save him from hisself and continued to go places with him to keep his mind off drugs and keep him out of jail. Of course, I didn't know that the distraction he needed was sex, but my wife would do anything to get him clean! (Ain't she just muther fuckin' Mother Theresa?) Well, I continued to go broke and saw less a
Sign Of Old Age
Don't get me wrong....maybe its just me I don't know... But I'm sick of seeing kids that shop at hot topic and wear brand new shirts that are of bands that have been around longer than them LOL Like Iron Maiden and Metallica... I mean sure they may ACTUALLY listen to the shit, but Im just tired of seeing it. Plus the fact that they were probably conceived in the back seat of a car while this was on makes me laugh even more.
I Cost $3270 A Night. Any Buyers? Lol
See How Much You're Really Worth!NO CHEATING!!Natural Hair Color:[x] Brown - $100[] Blond - $50[] Black - $15[] Bald - $5[] Other-$75Total: $100Eye Color:[] Brown - $1[x] Green - $75[] Blue $50[] Hazel $100[] Other - $15total: $ 175Height:[] Over 7' - $200[] 6'8" to 7' - $175[] 6'0" to 6'7" - $150[] 5'5" to 5'11" - $75[x]4'9" to 5'4" - $45[] Under 4'9 - $45total: $220Age:[x] 31 to 40 - $100[] 26 to 30 - $75[] 21 to 25 - $50[] 19 to 20 - $25[] 0 to 18 - $100total: $320Birth Order:[] Twins or more than twins - $300[x] First Born - $300[]Only Child - $250[] second born - $150[] Middle child - $100[] Last Born - $100[] third born - $100[] fourth born - $100total: $620Drink?[]No - $400[] Only Holidays - $250[] Sometimes - $215[] YES - $200[x]Only with friends - $300[] Every other day - $50[] Once a day - $15[] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$ [[back to $ZERO]]total: $920Vision?[] perfect vision $300[x] need or have glasses/ contacts but dont wear them - $200[] No correction $100[] Glasse

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