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On The Way Out Again
I really do like my job it is always what I wanted to do but I get so tired of never being at home. Thursday I must leave again for Washington State in the US for more work. The best part about this trip is that from the US I got France for work but my best bud Micah lives there. I will only be there for 3 days and most of the time I will need to work but my job allows me to take the time I need for what I want. Tonight while I am intown I must go to the pub with my friends and drink as much as I can and sleep all day tomorrow.
to all dem jealous Bitches!! Notorious from head to toe, Naughty as hell but I AINT no hoe, u aint worth ma time and can't take ma place, so if you got sumthinig to say, Bitch!say it 2 ma face. I play mah game like monopoly I dare ANY Bitch to land on ma Property, Bitchy? Yeah..I might be slighty... cuz I don't kno how to say FUCK YOU politely Bitch did I just hear you talkin? Yeah, dats right..keep on walkin. 4 dem hoez tryin 2 take ma spot, I got 3 words 4 you..I think Not When Bitches brin Shyt, I'm far from da Calmest.. I aint gun slap u Ima fuck u up *dats a promise* Callin me a bitch? I kno..I kno. But in the words of Ludacris, UZ A HOE juss cuz I flirt dont mean ima hoe unlike you I kon how to say no 2 all da girls starin in ma direction damn Right Bitch ENVY DIS PERFECTION!!! Damn right im fine,sexy, I got hella money Me jealous of you?? HAHA ur FUNNY!!! 2 all da haters:do what you do I aint gott no mo time 2 waste on YOU!!!
My Soul By Dj ~ Belladonna~vamperv Goddess Vdc~last Chance Dj~skitzer69's Wife And Chew Toy~
Despair is all, All I seem to know. And no one can help, but you! You're my all, my everything. No one will ever know, Just what you mean to me. I'm dying inside without your arms around me. I slowly lose all will, All will to live. Why can't they just understand? Why do they fear me so? What will it take, to make them see? My soul can't take this, Being away from your touch, All I know is what I'm feeling, And this mask is letting it slip. This mask that gave me life is fading, And the truth is showing Give me your breath, give me your kiss, Don't let a third spit in our faces. Throw the worry away. Give into the feeling and let's go away, We'll go away, Leave them behind and start a life, (Go away, go away) But it's now just despair, Holding this blanket is hard, Knowing you should be there. Why do they see my soul as black? My soul can't take this, Being
I'm Worth 72.00
here's the deal. You look over the following list and see how many of these things you have done. BUT you have to ADD up the money amount along the way. Then post the amount that you are as the title of the bulletin. PS, the smaller the better! 1. Had sex: $6.00 2. Smoked: $5.00 3. Got drunk: $5.00 4. Went skinny dipping: $3.00 5. Kissed someone of the opposite sex: $4.00 6. Kissed someone of the same sex: $4.00 7. Cheated: $2.00 8. Fell asleep in class: $0.50 9. Been expelled: $5.00 10. Been in a fist fight: $3.00 11. Given oral: $5.00 12. Got oral: $5.00 13. Prank called the cops: $3.00 14. Stole something: $2.00 15. Done drugs: $5.00 16. Dyed your hair: $0.50 17. Done something with someone older (like a few years): $3.00 18. Went out with someone OVER 18 (if your under 18): $4.00 19. Ate a whole thing of oreos: $0.50 20. Cried yourself to sleep: $1.00 21. Said you love someone but didnt mean it: $1.00 22. Been in love: $4.00 23. Got caught doing something t
His Eyes
You know you are in love when you see the world in his eyes, and his eyes everywhere in the world.
Completeing A Thought
ok so sorry my last two posts were messed up for some reason i could not continue to post on the first one. Life will go on either way and my girls will always continue to be number one in my priorities and my life but when your friends dont even follow through on their promises it makes it hard to have hope that one day you might find love again.
Sexy Golf Instructor
Watch this funny prank, they are probably not sure if they came to a golf class or a sex class. Sexy Golf Instructor Prank
"I arise in the morning torn between the desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." - E.B. White
Hurt (another Something I Wrote)
Hurt It's taking over It makes me ache The feeling of lonliness The darkness that seeps into my vains I feel myself changing Into what im unsure I feel numb I feel unwanted I feel broken I feel Hurt!
The Brick
THE BRICK A young and successful executive was travelling down a neighbourhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no children appeared. Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag's side door! He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry driver then jumped out of the car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up against a parked car shouting, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing? That's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why did you do it?" The young boy was apologetic. "Please, mister...please, I'm sorry but I didn't know what else to do," He pleaded. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop..." With tears dripping down his face and off his chin, the youth pointed to a spot just around a parked car. "It'
Maybe Part 2
Maybe if I had been treated well my whole life Maybe if I really knew what love is Maybe if I could only see what you want Maybe if I was kinder Maybe if I saw more grey Maybe if you held me all night long Maybe if I was yours Could I see what you see in me? Could you love me even when I am bloated? Could you speak up for me? Could you hold my hand in public Could you not make a big deal about it? Could you keep driving my car and loving it? Could you keep hating the music I listen to? Perhaps I need this Perhaps I can get used to this Perhaps it just takes me sometime Perhaps it is you that I want Perhaps I can love you Perhaps you could love me Perhaps we could go on vacations together. It appears that I may be to late It appears that I hurt you It appears that I am a fuck up at times It appears that you call me nice things It appears that I run through your mind It appears that I can't get you out of my head It appears that this could maybe work
Lostboy 1
"Being wild is in their blood – Sleep all day Party all night Never grow old It’s fun to be A vampire…" Come see Dj lostboy only found @ Brutal Radio Fuck the rest Join the Best!!!! "Burn rubber does not mean warp speed!"
A Poem From Siranna's Book
" Who am I to live? I cannot live, I am Anastasia. I am a child born out of wedlock. My father a peasant. My mother a Countess. My soul in life means; to renounce God. - I cannot live this way. O' lord forgive my sins. I did not ask for this. Where is my mother? I miss her. Is this a curse? Or is this my destiny? I am Anastasia Bathory. My mother is Erzebet. - I remember her. Her eyes lifeless, her beauty skin deep. O' lord of cats, God of all creations.... Hear my sins. I drink the blood of mortality. I was born with eternal damnation." ~ Siranna Bast (This poem was created by one of my main characters in my book- Siranna Haze a.k.a. Anastasia Bathory.) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (C) 2006.
Why is life so damn difficult?
Well I've got 1,422 points left to go until I level up again. Once I get there, I am going to take my son outside and do a photo shoot of him playing out in the nature. He loves the outdoors! Then I'll upload tons of new pics here. *sigh* I'm tired as hell, my foot hurts like a MF'er... I think I'm gonna go lay down now.. Hugs and kisses all
Give As Good As I Get
i have had to many empty promises and lies to hear not even one more. im not a hater. just no gaming, friends are great to have and hell lets all be honest with one another i have more respect for someone who says the truth. than i do with the ones who want to play a game.... hmm could be why im single huh? try the game with me and guess what i wil show what a bitch i can be...
Choosing A Therapist
Choosing a good therapist for a child with Autism is not easy if you haven't worked with a child yourself. Many experienced parents will actually be able to train their new therapists. Therapists can be anyone with enough energy, enthusiasm, patience and genuine love for children. Those below the age of 18 are often too young and immature (some will actually be frightened!). Mothers with children often don't have the time and energy and often don't like to be told how to deal with children as they feel they are the experts. One applicant told me how she regularly smacked her own children when they misbehaved. There is no room for such people in your home. A good tip is to make a short list of the ones you feel may be suitable and tell them there will be a training period of a couple of weeks during which there will be no payment. Many of them will drop out as working with a child with Autism is very demanding and not suited to everyone.
What's Your Muppet Personality
You Are Miss Piggy A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it. You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less. You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way. Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift! The Muppet Personality Test
I look deep in your eyes. I see there what I feel inside. We share something between us, Neither one of us can hide. I feel your lips touch mine, I loose all my control, All it took was a look and a kiss, To know you were part of my soul. I see your hands on my skin, I want and need you to do more, The passionate look you give me, Tells me heaven is in store. I feel your need against my thigh, I know you will fulfill every wish,. We were made to fit together, And all it took was a look and a kiss. I look deep in your eyes, And I see heaven there inside, You make me feel so beautiful, What I feel for you I cannot hide.
Who I Am Makes A Difference
A teacher in New York decided to honor each of her seniors in high school by telling them the difference they each made. She called each student to the front of the class, one at a time. First she told each of them how they had made a difference to her and the class. Then she presented each of them with a blue ribbon imprinted with gold letters, which read, "Who I Am Makes a Difference." Afterwards the teacher decided to do a class project to see what kind of impact recognition would have on a community. She gave each of the students three more ribbons and instructed them to go out and spread this acknowledgment ceremony. Then they were to follow up on the results, see who honored whom and report back to the class in about a week. One of the boys in the class went to a junior executive in a nearby company and honored him for helping him with his career planning. He gave him a blue ribbon and put it on his shirt. Then he gave him two extra ribbons and said, "We're doing a cl
They Wanted To Up My Insulin
gee they wanted to up my insulin today and i told them to go to hell. im done taking the shots 12x a day. asked for the pump to stop the torture. and they refuse so he didnt like it when i said im not upping it and just gonna sit back without it. anyways im thru taking these shots. eventually they would have no choice but to give me the pump
America In Iraq What The Media Dont Show Dont Be A Pussy Its Marked Nsfw You Been Warned
Try Not To Cry
When you're down to nothing, God is up to something." > > This is beautiful! Try not to cry. > > She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating > > room. She said: "How is my little boy ? Is he > > going to be all right ? When can I see him ?" > > The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't > > make it." > > Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer ? Doesn't God care any > > more ? Where were you, God, when my son needed you > > The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son ? One > > of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to > > the university." > > Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to son. > > She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red > > curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair ?" the nurse asked. > > Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a > > plastic bag and handed it to Sal
Have U Ever
I Have Been Waiting...and Waiting... And Waiting...
Current mood: anxious Hey guys…so I know that it has been way too long since the last post. Reason? Well, I have not had any real exciting news for you. I still don't, but I can at least tell you what I know…and then give you the "hearsay". What I know is this…We have an amazing record finished! We have all the artwork for said record finished! We have a new myspace layout about to drop. (Yes I'm sure, I've seen the proof)! We have new merch! We have some shows booked! (Although still waiting on a tour). Soooo…. When is the record coming out? I honestly don't know. I've been trying to get answers from the label and management, but unfortunately, the business of setting up a record for release and radio is something I know very little about, and is too complex for them to explain it to me? What I can tell you is that there are people working very hard to put this thing together. The thing that everyone needs to understand, and what I need to understand, is that this is a crazy
Can Anyone Find A Better One
Vote For Me
"always Said"
Always said I wuld kno wen to fall in love Always thought I be ready and strong enough But sometimes I just feel like a giver But u came and u change my whole world now Im somewhere I never been b4 Now I see wat love means It's so unbelievable And i dont wanna let it go It's something so beautiful Flowing down like a waterfall I feel I can always be Forever a part of me And it's so unbeliveable To finally be in love Somewhere I neva been....
You Let Me...
You let me talk over you You let me talk for hours You let me hug you You let me want you You let me sleep next to you You let me cry You let me ruin movies You let me be me You understand who I am You understand that I have bad days You understand that I want you You understand that this is hard You understand that I like to rush things You understand that I love big dogs You understand that my kids come first You understand that I'm becoming a better person You will take me camping You will make my grey days blue You will make me enjoy the little things You will hold me during a thunder storm You will play boardgames with me You will hold my hand in public You will buy me icecream You will treat me like gold You are what I have been looking for You are everything that I want You are my golden ticket You are amazing You laugh at my bad jokes You humor me You love my cooking YOu are wonderful.
Check This One Out
Where did VAN GOGH? VAN didn’t GOGH. Instead he said, “VICTOR HUGO” VICTOR didn’t go too, for he saw GAUGUIN For those who are a bit behind (just-in case) ….. Where did Van Go ? Van didn’t Go, Instead He said Victor U Go VICTOR didn’t go too, for he saw GAU Going
Murphy's Law.
Boom. Exploding coffee mugs. Wailing alarm clocks. Prozak martinis. Lost wallets. Neonarcissists. ...allergies. Ten page papers... Made up nobodies. Uncharacteristically unrealistically. It was. It is. It will. Every day I don't need it. Disapointed with me. Constantly. And I just don't have the time. Make the time. Tang in my lap. ...Sugarfree tang. Leafblowers. Beer "cozies". Atomic bombs. Childproof lighters. Shrinkwrap. V-Chips. Nothing. Nobody. Nowhere. Shake to combine. Contents under pressure. I'll be fine. If you're fine. ... .... ..... Where the fuck are my keys?
How many way can you say "it" With true blue feelings you can say "it" When I think of "it" you are in my thoughts " it" is not an easy thing , some times "it" is hard But to live "it" I mean really live "it" I have to have you along so "it" can be The fight I have had with "it", I was stupid Because without "it", would we even be ? with "it" the others will see That "it" is what everyone needs Only one good way to say "it" I LOVE YOU AND THAT IS "IT"
My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table. My wife asked, "Do you know her?" "Yes," I sighed. "She's my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since." "My God!" said my wife. "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?" Of Those Things
My dear god brother was telling me of his first time talking in front of a crowd of a thousand or so. He was asked of the reasons why he wanted to study in his current university and he said "Because I wan to be a sexyful...oops I mean successful person one day" lol
Dog Named Sex?
Everybody I know who has a dog usually calls him "Rover" or "Spot". I call mine Sex. Now, Sex has been very embarrassing to me. When I went to the City Hall to renew the dog's license, I told the clerk that I would like a license for Sex. He said, "I would like to have one too!" Then I said, "But she is a dog!" He said he didn't care what she looked like. I said, "You don't understand. ... I have had Sex since I was nine years old." He replied, "You must have been quite a strong boy." When I decided to get married, I told the minister that I would like to have Sex at the wedding. He told me to wait until after the wedding was over. I said, "But Sex has played a big part in my life and my whole world revolves around Sex." He said he didn't want to hear about my personal life and would not marry us in his church. I told him everyone would enjoy having Sex at the wedding. The next day we were married at the Justice of the Peace. My family is barred from the church from then on. When my
The Door( Poem)
When first we trun the key to see the light from behind the doors we keep many things do we find. From who we are, and what we want. What we need. And were to go. We search for something many finding nothing. Clenching hope while standing at that door. Your heart it tightens Insearch of love. Your eyes they water. from loss of trust. Your friends you choose some honest and true but other pull the knife and repeatedly stab. But at that door. you try to organize. to rebuild yourself with great composure. You find your stregnth you find your will. You you pick your battles that are worth the win. And close that door a wiser being turning the key you once more find the truth fight once again because shit always happens. Life has its shitty moments. there is no denying that. Sometimes you must step back and look at things. and try something differnt giving up is not alway s the wisest choice. Fight when it is worth it, and let it go when its not. If you c
Chicken Smothered In Onions
Chicken Smothered in Onions Commonly called chicken "aux gros oignons" in south Louisiana, this is a dish you won't find anywhere but in a home kitchen. The chicken is browned, then the onions are added and cooked to a golden color. Serve the entree over hot white rice. Credit: Louisiana Real & Rustic by Emeril Lagasse Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 1 large fryer, cut into serving pieces (about 3 1/2 pounds) * 2 teaspoons salt * 1/2 teaspoon cayenne * 1 tablespoon flour * 1/4 cup vegetable oil * 8 cups thinly sliced onions (about 2 1/2 pounds) * 1 cup thinly sliced bell peppers * 1 bay leaf * 1/4 cup water * 1 cup whole kernel corn * 1 cup young sweet green peas * 2 cups sliced mushrooms * 3 tablespoons chopped parsley Directions: In a mixing bowl, toss the chicken with 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne and flour. In a large, cast-iron or enameled cast-iron Dutch oven, heat the oil over medium-
Man What A Long Night
ok, so, me being the super dad that i am, i got wrangled, conned, persueded, whatever, in taking my daughter to see spiderman at like midnight last night. the result being me getting almost no sleep and being shall we say less than sweet today, lol. my daughter, having the luxery of sleeping in because i home school, is sound asleep, even at this very moment. argh! lol. but im not bitter, oh no, lol. which brings me to the movie itself. a mild disapointment. for the purist/ comic geeks. you might go either way. they changed alot of stuff. so much stuff you might be just enough geek to appreciate it and let it go. not me, the original story was fine, no need to mess with it. for the date that gets dragged to the movie. lots of drama, love triangles, and a dance number. thats right, you heard me, a dance number. nuff said. for the motion sick. dont bother, most of the action takes place in the air, spinning, and i almost puked at one point. it was cool looking though.
Bustin Out Pt 3
SHE SKIPPED COURT ,,, probably got herself cracked out of her skull .. oh well gonna suck to be her... so there was the warrant for her arrest cause of the bail being revoked and now its also for skipping court... makes me glad giving a blowjob is a felony here gotta love a crimes against nature charge.. sigh... .
The Bitch
the bitch@ CherryTAP just as a safeguard, you might want to block the friends of this one, because the user is an obvious front for malicious activity.
Withstanding The Storms Of Life
Withstanding the Storms of Life Bishop Keith Butler And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things, which I say? Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like: Luke 6:46-47 (KJV) There is a way to withstand every storm that life throws at you. But it entails letting Jesus be in charge of your life everyday. Jesus said why are you calling me Lord and you don’t do what I tell you? In essence He is saying ‘‘don’t call me Lord when you don’t do what I tell you. The one who does not do what Jesus says is like a man that is without a foundation. He builds a house upon the sand. Then when the flood came to his house what happened? Immediately his house collapsed and the ruin of the house was great. In other words, a storm comes and easily blows his life away. He backslides even though he has been in church 10 years. He’s heard a lot o f Word. But just hearing a lot of Word and being able to quote a lot of scriptures do
Im Single
if any girl in tennessee wants to call me or to meet some were you can call me at home 423-323-1435im single and im in blountville,tn
A Look At Me...
Up until a few months ago, I thought I had my life together. I had a nice place of my own with my boyfriend at the time and my beautiful daughter. The place was decorated really nice by me... I made it look like a home. And it felt like a home..we felt like a family. Until one day when all of that changed.... Domestic violence...Assault...those are the charges I had to press against him...If I could press a charge for ruining my life..I would have done that too.. I am a beautiful, strong, trusting individual, and until the moment he snapped, I had my whole life planned out.. Now here I am... selling my car to pay my bills...going to the government for help--something I swore to myself I'd absolutely NEVER do... So I'm stuck trying to take care of a child...and pay a million bills that I have no money to pay...I've got a job I havent been able to work at in over 3 weeks because I've been in and out of the hospital and they have no idea what's wrong with me...He built
Ask Me No Questions
Ask me no questions For I can’t explain Feelings are feelings No answer can be given My emotions own me My thoughts and words Control by my emotions Nothing will make sense Just how I feel Without explanation But my emotions Displays themselves oddly Almost like a brush off When comforting is needed Ask me no more questions For there is no answer
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
I wish you all the best. But its time for me to go. If you see me as "On Tap" Its cuz I am moving my blogs. And theres over 1000 of them. People you think are you friends are not, they just use you until something better comes along. True friends don't do that. I have had very few "true friends" in this lifetime which is kinda sad. To the few true people on here I will stay in contact with I hope you all find all the things you are searching for. If you wish to keep in contact with me you can find me on the forum.
The Perfect Image
She is the perfect image; Hair is long and black like a banchi a voice like a siran. she is the perfect image. The eyes is so cold with just one look will freeze you where you stand. she is the perfect image. The spirit is strong it's unbreakable with a good and pure soul. she is the perfect image. A touch that is deadly it will turn the heart into dust. she is the perfect image. She have alot of passion and fire in heart that nobody can put out. Love will be the only thing to break her free.
Smoking Aces
I could not wait to rent this movie, and to be honest, I'm not sure if it delivered or not. It is definitely a movie that needs a few viewings to make sure you totally get it. I forsee this getting bought. Where to start? I blame Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino for this type of film. They popularized the jumping around, messing up the timeline style of movie, and this movie has that in spades (pun intended). I like this style. It gives, at least to me, a reason to watch a movie a few times, and not see the same thing every time. It was a star studded cast, from Ben Affleck to Jeremy Piven. Ryan Reynolds played the hotshot FBI agent. I mention him because my wife loves him. A far stretch from Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place, or Van Wilder. The basic premis is that the Feds and the mob both want Ace Israel. He's cutting a deal with the Feds to take down the Mob. The Mob puts a million dollar bounty on his head. This means that every hired killer around wants a shot at
Forgotten Easily
They say, “Let go of the past, Whether commendable or abominable” But is it possible For no matter what It’s a part of you. For instant A first kiss Or A first love They’re something special A new experience Something wonderful And amazing But even, A first fight Or A divorce of your parents Shall be remembered For it’s new So most memories Cannot be forgotten Easily
The Knight
A gothic renaissance Knight in the true sense of the words, he longed to find a damsel to protect, dragons to slay and monsters to destroy for the honor and love of his Lady. He was born to the wrong time, his heart showed he was meant to wear a suit of armor and wield a sword of the truest steel. They watched from afar as he fought internal demons, pillaging and plundering his way through life. Torn asunder by those he loved and chose to give his love to, he shut the world out, built enormous walls around his heart and gave up on his dream. It just wasn't meant to be, what was a dark knight doing in this time? He knew not that his mirror soul lay tormented, lost and alone, a short distance from him. He searched far and wide for his princess, having given up long ago on the common wenches and dark witches surrounding him. Late nights spent teasing and taunting, doing the dance of lust with so many and finding so few worthy of his pledge to honor and love. Blindly fumblin
In The Lamplight
Here in the lamplight, my will is fading So many things that I'm not saying You took my last match And now I'm freezing Rules are for breaking And I can't keep all my promises
Why Men Suck At Relationships girlfriend and I had lunch today...and she tells me this story..i lmao so hard cause its so true....and yet the source is to ironic... Her and her hubby saw a counselor and the counselor asked her to describe how her relationship had changed. She tells him how sweet her hubby was and about the love letters and flowers and all these romantic things that her hubby use to do for her b4 they got married....and when she finished the counselor looked her in the eyes and said to her..."that was not a real relationship....See men are set up to hunt the woman they go all out to win the woman....but once they get her...they dont know what the hell to do with her..." Fuck...that is why so many men suck at relationships...its all about the hunt...and nothing else...Life once again explained..LOL If my view offends you...Well...maybe it hurts to hear the truth....LMAO
911 Loose Change (full-length 1:19:00)
Empty Egg
EMPTY EGG Jeremy was born with a twisted body and a slow mind. At the age of 12 he was still in second grade, seemingly unable to learn. His teacher, Doris Miller, often became exasperated with him. He would squirm in his seat, drool, and make grunting noises. At other times, he spoke clearly and distinctly, as if a spot of light had penetrated the darkness of his brain. Most of the time, however, Jeremy just irritated his teacher. One day she called his parents and asked them to come in for a consultation. As the Forresters entered the empty classroom, Doris said to them, "Jeremy really belongs in a special school. It isn't fair to him to be with younger children who don't have learning problems. Why, there is a five year gap between his age and that of the other students." Mrs. Forrester cried softly into a tissue, while her husband spoke. "Miss Miller," he said, "there is no school of that kind nearby. It would be a terrible shock for Jeremy if we had to take hi
I'm approaching you with a passion on a long day and Ive been driven by attraction in a strong way everything you do makes it all worth while and no matter what you do you always make me smile your the only person that keeps me away from violence without you in my life i would suffer eternal silence i hope you know I'm here to stay and i hope you know i love you more every day
My Sister
If I could change one thing one thing for you; If I could sweep the path in front of you and help you find your way, If I could erase the bitter nights of crying and see you whole again; I would. If I could sacrifice anything, to see your smile again, I would run to deliver this gift to you and then, The world would be a gentler place And you would see a purpose the pain would pass like a midnight dream. My hope, my prayer, my wish Is to know that you are safe.
The War And Ur Bitching.
ok so you all complain about the war, about abortion, about the president and our "suck ass" society. well you know what..MOVE! if you dont like it..thats fine. But being an immigrant works both ways. If our country is so wrong then why do we have thousands of people smuggled in everyday? you can easily get a ticket for another country and LEAVE. Go somewhere and see how much more you like it. We don't have room in this country for people to bitch moan and bellyache about things that are clearly out of our hands. and for all of you who have this big deal against Bush..let me let you in on a well known "secret" HE DOESNT CONTROL SHIT!!! He has a house of congress who finalizes any plans he may wish to carry out. so yea..try bitching about them for a second. Just because he's from Texas doesnt mean he isnt capable of filling his duties. He was obviously smart enough to get him to the position hes in now. And as far as the war goes...if they hadnt of attacked our country then they wouldnt
Wallpaper Love: By Caroline Marie Morrison
I look at you on my computer screen, and all I can do is just sit and dream. What I see when I look into your beautiful brown eyes, is a promise of everlasting love. As I sit and stare I see you reach out to me, took my hand and kiss each finger tip. Pulling me close to you, I feel proud and free. Never letting go of me, you hold me and sang to me. A song of everlasting love, you made a promise that you had to keep. A promise of love that goes so deep, I knew right then you were mine to keep. Yeah, right now you are my wallpaper love, but I know it will be for real when we meet. I love you Lampard and I will never stop dreaming of us being together once and for all.
Book Review On This Book "who Moved My Cheese"
Yes, I do read. Any way. I found very quick short book Called " Who Moved My Cheese?" By Spencer Jonhson, M.D. As Written ont he cover. An A-Mazing way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life. I found That I am the hem but I am moving into the Haw prat of my life. As For work only. As for my poems. the Ideas are there. But I am stuck in a slow-mode. The peoms keep coming to me. But I have not gotten out of my comfort sone to write too publisher of Magazines like poetry magazine or writers Journal. But I have foudn some other book to help me find now Thought on how to work these things out. I jsut now realize I need to read the books Not My noraml books of Sci-fi, Fantasy, Western, And war books. Any way I am ranting here when this is to be a review. Who moved my cheese is finding your dreams and getting settled in then waking up one day to fidn that the cheese has moved on on you. The motivation you or I had at the start of working or living has moved on or chang
To All The Moms Out There
This is for the mothers who have sat up all night with sick toddlers in their arms, wiping up barf laced with Oscar Mayer wieners and cherry Kool-Aid saying, "It's okay honey, Mommy's here." Who have sat in rocking chairs for hours on end soothing crying babies who can't be comforted. This is for all the mothers who show up at work with spit-up in their hair and milk stains on their blouses and diapers in their purse. For all the mothers who run carpools and make cookies and sew Halloween costumes. And all the mothers who DON'T. This is for the mothers who gave birth to babies they'll never see. And the mothers who took those babies and gave them homes. This is for the mothers whose priceless art collections are hanging on their refrigerator doors. And for all the mothers who froze their buns on metal bleachers at football or soccer games instead of watching from the warmth of their cars, so that when their kids asked, "Did you see me, Mom ?" they could say, "Of
Black Hearts Mc(plum Brandy Bikers)-security On Eurock Festival 2007-transylvania
Wild Flower Bouquet
The benefits of exercise are enormous--It tones the body, loosens joints, lowers cholesterol, regulates appetite and gives you a vibrant sense of well being. "Don't Miss Out!"
Dry your eyes and quietly bear this pain with pride For heaven shall remember the silent and the brave And promise me they will never see, the fear within our eyes (my eyes are closed) We will give strength to those who still remain So bury fear, for fate draws near And hide the signs of pain With noble acts, the bravest souls Endure the heart's remains Discard regret, that in this debt A better world is made That children of a newer day might remember And avoid our fate (I've waited all day in the pouring rain, but nobody came, no, nobody came) And in the fury of this darkest hour We will be your light You've asked me for my sacrifice And I am Winter born Without denying, a faith is come That I have never known I hear the angels call my name And I am Winter born Hold your head up high-for there is no greater love Think of the faces of the people you defend (you defend) And promise me, they will never see the tears within our eyes (my eyes are closed)
Gemini You are a master flirt. You know just how to pick up hotties, but it is usually just a one night stand because you are out to have fun. You like sex to be fun. You are not afraid to spice it up with some sex toys, blindfolds and food. Your ideal partner would be open minded, and into having fun too. You have a thing for Nuns and would like to be a Father to each one in your own wicked way saying “who’s your Daddy”. Sex matches: Hotties who can rock your rocks off Take this quiz at
Someone Help Me Out Here
When you have been antisocial for so long, how do you learn to communicate again? It has only been in the past 3 years that I have started socializing and trying to venture out on my own, how does one learn to communicate when the only "thing" you talked to for years was your cat and your pillow?? I need help before I piss off everyone I care about!
I am officially a cherry tap tart... Sign my guest book.
Your Very Own Photos Of Me!
Males or Females! Do you have a digital camera? Would you be interested in taking your own personal photos of me on the third floor where I live? Nudes or Lingiries! Of course this only applies to those who are close enough & of course there is a set price to take the photos..who knows I just might let you touch too :) Let me know!!! Hugs and Kisses Kelly
Gardiner New York
My thoughts and prays go out to everyone that lives in gardiner newyork .what iwas told it was something to do with the wiring. sunday afternoon a fire took out one of the apartments. everyone got out it would be a couple of days for the other people to get back in to there apts . there was no damage to the rest of them just the back apt from what i understand. please keep them in your thoughts. i m feel bad for the ppl that lost everything in the fire in gardiner ny my old house. due 2 wiring the whole back apt is gone. none of the people that live there can get back in there for a month , my exroommate is sleeping in a van across the st from the house . so i talked ralph into finding a new place which i found him just a few mintues ago going to take him 2 look at it tommorow. giving up rosie my dog and starting fresh with new stuff in which . he willing to do that . i feel bad cuz the guy out back and his girlfirend lost everything. i'll see how ba
Site Updated!!!
check out my pitbull site i put some really good videos on it today. if u dont like pitbulls u should still watch the videos they might change your outlook on them sign the guestbook at the bottom of the home page to let me know u stopped in and what u think of the site if u have a pitbull and want pics posted up im goin to make a friends pitbulls page let me know and ill get the pic and any info u want to put on the site with it if u want post the link on your page and tell other people about it. Thanx, Bo
Another One Of My Lovely Horoscopes, Hmmm Things That Make One Go Hmmmmmmmmmm
It's tough to be around big important types without turning into another person entirely. Don't beat yourself up for the impulse; it's to be expected. Just know that sooner or later, it will be all systems normal.
Dear One
Dear one, I know your heart is breaking and I wish that I might say Some tender word or message that Would ease your hurt today. But words somehow seem futile, For wounds that are deep But I just wanted you to know That in my heart I’ll keep: The prayer of a bluebird soon will bring You fortitude and grace To wing your shattered dreams and leave Sweet memories in their place.
Chicken Vesuvio
Chicken Vesuvio This classic Italian-American dish is a favorite in Chicago. Chicken and potatoes are cooked in olive oil, then dressed with garlic, parsley and white wine and finished in the oven. Toss a salad while the chicken bakes, and you're all set for a memorable meal. Credit: Chicago Tribune Test Kitchen Servings: 6 Ingredients: * 1/3 cup flour * 1 1/2 teaspoons dried basil * 1 teaspoon salt plus more to taste * 3/4 teaspoon dried leaf oregano * 1/4 teaspoon dried leaf thyme * 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper * 1/8 teaspoon dried crushed rosemary * 1/8 teaspoon rubbed sage * 1 cut-up broiler/fryer chicken, about 3 pounds * 1/2 cup olive oil * 3 baking potatoes, peeled, cut lengthwise into wedges * 3 cloves garlic, minced * 3 tablespoons minced fresh parsley * 3/4 cup dry white wine Directions: Mix the flour, basil, 1 teaspoon of the salt, the oregano, thyme, pepper, rosemary and sage in
The First Letter Of Your First Name Reveals Your Sexual Identity Mines C Lol
According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? Repost this with the letter of your first name. -A- You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested inaction. You mean business. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is trying to be coy, cute, demure,and subtly enticing. You are an up front person. When it comes to sex, its action that counts not obscure hints.Your mate's physical attractiveness is important to you. You find the chase and challenge of the "hunt" invigorating. You are passionate and sexual as well as being much more adventurous than you appear; however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. Your physical needs are your primary concern. -B- You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wined, and dined. You are very ha ppy to receive gifts as an ___expression of the affection of your lo
101 Carlinisms
1.I don’t have pet peeves — I have major psychotic fucking hatreds! 2.Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. 3.Swimming is not a sport. Swimming is a way to keep from drowning. That’s just common sense! 4.A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff. 5.Have you ever noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff? 6.I wanna live. I don’t wanna die. That’s the whole meaning of life: Not dying! I figured that shit out by myself in the third grade. 7.I used to be Irish Catholic. Now I’m an American — you know, you grow. 8.You can’t fight City Hall, but you can goddamn sure blow it up. 9.If the Cincinnati Reds were really the first major league baseball team, who did they play? 10.Honesty may be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy. 11.If it’s true that our species is alone in
Dad! I never ask for miracles, but today, just one would do, to see the door push open, and see you walking through. If I could have one lifetime wish, one wish that would come true, I would wish with all my heart, for yesterday and you. The things I feel most deeply, Are the hardest things to say, For I your daughter, loved you, I miss you more each day, for life is not the same, since you have gone away. My heart still aches with sadness, and silent tears still flow, for what it meant to lose you, No one will ever know. There will always be this heartache, And often a silent tear. I shall cherish those precious memories, of the days when you were here. Remembering you is easy, I do it every day. But missing you is a heartache that never goes away.
Winter's Roads
I cannot speak for all who stem 'Long roads less traveled as their way, Nor question choices made by them In days long past or nights long dim by words they spoke and did not say. Each road is long, though short it seems, And credence gives each road a name Of fantasies sun-drenched in beams Or choices turned to darkened dreams, To where each road wends just the same. From North to South, then back again, I followed birds like all the rest Escaping nature's snowy den On roads I've seen and places been, Forsaking roads that traveled West. This journey grows now to its end, As road reflections lined in chrome Give way to roads with greater bend And empty signs that still pretend They point the way to home sweet home. But all roads lead to where we go And where we go is where we've been, So home is just a word we know, That space in time most apropos For where we want to be again. For even home, it seems to me, Is still a choice we all must face From d
Common Mistakes New People Make
The number one mistake I see made by those new to D/s is thinking there is a right and a wrong way to go about playing. While there are some safety rules that should be followed, the only people who make the rules are the ones involved in the scene or relationship. If anyone else tells you that you are doing this wrong, tell them to mind their own business. Another common mistake is rushing into things. I know that after years and years of suppressing this desire it is very hard to take it slow when you finally find out you aren't the only one that gets turned on by bondage. But rushing to dominate or submit to another without taking the time to get to know some skills, and each other, is a recipe for pain... that is the bad kind, not the good. When you first get started, take the time to read the literature, join a local organization, and get to know the person you will be playing with. A mistake I often see new subs make is submitting to anyone and everyone who calls themse
My Pics....
I have posted some new pics of my tatt....Just wanting your opinion....Also posted a new pics in my naughty folder. Stop by and check them out...Let me know what you think.....As I will return the favor!!
Low Rated/haters
budda 840 first on my list
Crazy Ex
This weekend was suppose to be my weekend with my daughter. But my psycho ex showed up at my house when I wasn't home and took my daughter. All because I left my daughter with my girlfriend who lives with me now. Two fucking days after we went to mediation about visitation. Now she deems it unsafe for my daughter to go at my house. I thougt I was going to be so over this shit but looks like more drama on the horizon for me. Top it all off the night before she gave me some fucking line about how we need to be friends and nice to each other for that sake of our daughter. ain't that some bullshit? Fuck it Life of a juggalo I guess shit aint never easy.
Just For You!
I was rummaging around photobucket search, and came across this beautiful pic... And I thought I would share it with you my friend.
To All My Friends
Those of you that know me know I've been a good friend with very good qualities. I'm honest, I'm loyal, I do my best to help my friends whenever they're in need. I may have been in trouble with the law on several occasions but that doesn't change the fact that I'm a good man with a good heart. I stand up for my friends and family and I stand up for what I believe in. There are people in my life who try to put me down and make false claims against me but those of you who know me know that I'm true to my word and my promise to you all is I promise to continue to be a true friend to the end no matter what anyone thinks of me. You can put down my name but you can never put down my heart, my spirit, or my faith in God. In the end the only judge I have to answer to is God and as long as I live a life that is true to his teachings I will have a place in heaven with Him. Your friend always, John Chapman
The Saint And Me
It's been quite sometime since I've been able to find time to write on this blog. But since I got laid off from work this week I've had time to dust off the old resume and keep myself busy during the day doing some additional volunteer work around town. One of my favorite things to do is to help Officers "BB St. Roman and Sam Scaffidi" Of the New Orleans police Department Homeless Assistance Unit. I've been working all week with them visiting clients and following up on a few success stories. The following is one such story; Last summer an elderly gentleman by the name of Chris lived at the Wedding Chapel with me. Then one day I woke up and Chris was gone! I asked all around the Quarter what happened to Chris? No one knew. Later that summer I ran into Chris up on North Rampart and discovered he was homeless and sleeping in an alley. I checked him into the Days Inn for a night to shower and wash his clothes. I then told him to meet each Friday at 5pm on a certain corner. Each week
Lovin Youu With Words
Loving you with words Tantalizing words flow onto the page, provoking reactions inside me today. Making me wanton. Driving me wild. I am becoming one with the page, wanting to feel close to each stroke of my pen as pleasure mounts. Merging with words, my emotions start to whimper as my senses react to their heated embrace causing my breathing to accelerate. Visions of kisses, tongues, hands find their way into my mind as sweet rapture spreads delicious heat to every needy place. I come apart as I dot each "I" and cross every "t." Stroking intimate places with intense manipulation wanting to prolong the immense pleasure as I love you with words
Heeey Friends
I love walking in the rain.. because no one knows I’m crying!!! Have a nice week friends!!
Understanding Aspergers Part 2 (all Cases Are Different)
One Of The Best...
and sweetest comments anyone has ever left me.. I didn't want to lose it. You are a beautiful, and amazing woman with a platinum soul and stainless spirit. You're going to do something, and be someone, I know it like I know my own face. And when you get there, and you sit back, and think to yourself "I made it." I'm going to see you, smile, and say "I told you so." I pray one day you can see yourself for who you are in everyone elses eyes, Melly.
Come On In And Have Fun
My Horoscope 4 The Day, Sometimes These Things Are So True, Cause Im Ready For A Change ;)
What happens to goods when they're left in the shop window for too long? They fade! The stars say it's time for a change of pace, a new attitude and some fresh anecdotes so people can really appreciate your fabulousness. Get more @ Have a great week everyone!! xoxox Jen
The 100 Question Purity Test
You Are 20% Pure Pure? Sure, you're about as pure as yellow snow. You're a downright devil. But you're also a pretty delightful one! The 100 Question Purity Test
Daily Horoscope May 21
"You know, of course, that substance is what matters -- but all the better if this person's substance comes with some sexy wrappings. You're feeling pretty magnetic yourself. When the two of you meet, watch out!" Hah! Ain't that the damn truth.
Does anyone know what
Filipinos Who Fought For U.s. Don't Get Benefits
By Dennis Camire, Gannett News Service WASHINGTON — While official Washington scrambles to take care of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, many Filipino veterans who fought in the U.S. Army against the Japanese in World War II are still seeking full benefits from the U.S. government. More than 65 years ago, they fought at Corregidor and Bataan, with thousands walking as prisoners on the infamous Death March, which the Philippines will commemorate Monday with a national holiday. For years after the Philippines fell in 1942, many were part of organized guerrilla units in the mountainous jungles, battling Japanese forces and keeping them from being deployed elsewhere in the war. But shortly after the war ended, Congress stripped thousands of the Filipino fighters of their eligibility for full veterans' benefits in the Rescission Acts of 1946, limiting the veterans to compensation for service-related disabilities or death. "I was terribly shocked when I wa
Body Guard Add On Info
Im gonna make a slideshow on my front page too if you so choose to read the WANTED BODY GUARD blog and bulletin and go through with it!! *hint hint* LOL
Every Night
Every night, when I lay me down to sleep, I want to reach over, to feel your lips so sweet. Although I know I cannot be there, You will always keep me from having any fear. The sheets are very cold; I feel like I'm in a huge hole. What if we never meet? Would my life be any better yet? I long for the day we lock eyes; I want you to be surprised. As much as you may imagine what I'll be, I can only be me. So every night, when I lay me down to sleep, You are in my mind with me. And right before I fall asleep, I wish upon that star for you to be with me.
I feel the need, the need for speed. Getting in the car and driving isn't such a bad thought. I'm watching the Bachelor. Dear Lord, give me strength. I need a sandwich.
Can They Get Any Worse?
So at 4 am this morning im laying on the couch watching a movie on TBS. ok normally they have pretty good movies on this late. but this one sucked. I dont even think if i was stoned and drunk it would be funny. hell i cant even be sure its a movie it mayjust be a show. but ick... the name of it is blotter. and its a generic version of cops. how generic you may ask... well you know b rated films? this is worse than those. its so stupid you cant turn it off because you wonder if it can get any more stupid than it is already. but on the upside i woke up soon enough to hear a song that i used to listen to several years ago on the end of a movie. i just couldnt think of how it went. lol
Com Mon All S*u*p*'s
THEY ARE THE HOTTEST!!! THE COOLEST! LADIES ON TAP! YOU SIMPLY CAN'Y DENY IT!! THIS IS THE BIG CHERRTAP THROW-DOWN CONTEST! WINNER RECEIVES FROM BRYANT MCGILL: $100.00 CASH MONEY (Payable by PayPal Only) A Yacht and a Porsche Profile featured forever at the top of his page as the winner with links to profile. ALSO!!! ADDED!! Thanks to Chris at, the winner also gets their picture and link to their profile on the front page of the site for one month! You can thank Chris for his kind offer here: ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK ON THE PIC AND REGISTER TO VOTE. THEN DO IT! THE REGISTRATION IS QUICK AND PAINLESS I PROMISE!! IT IS TO ASSURE NO CHEATING. SO MAKE SURE YOU ONLY VOTE ONCE FROM 1 COMPUTER ADDY :D XOXO DO NOT CHEAT! HE SAYS HE WILL HUMILIATE CHEATERS! THIS CONTEST ENDS ON SATURDAY MAY 26TH @ MIDNIGHT WEST COAST TIME. HIT IT! YOU CAN VOTE FOR BOTH OR 1 OF THEM. ~~BBG ~~ ~ MIZZ SHADY ~
New Virus
I thought you would want to know about this e-mail virus. Even the most advanced programs from Norton or McAfee cannot take care of this one. It appears to affect those who were born prior to 1965. Symptoms: 1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice. (done that!) 2. Causes you to send a blank e-mail! (that too!) 3. Causes you to send e-mail to the wrong person.(yep!) 4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you. (who me?) 5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment. (well darn!) 6. Causes you to hit "SEND" before you've finished. (oh no - not again!) 7. Causes you to hit "DELETE" instead of "SEND." (and I just hate that!) 8. Causes you to hit "SEND" when you should "DELETE." (Oh No!) IT IS CALLED THE "C-NILE VIRUS."
Good head is so hard to come by thes days but thats why god made me. so i can pleas all that just cant get off! yes my mouth is gods gift to man kind!
Hollla At Me
To All My Friends And Family Come In And Have Some And Talk To Friends
Poems, Poems And More Title Here.
Peering over the edge of reality The wind of change rushes past Blowing thoughts of you out Into eternity where they will last Closing my eyes to forget Tears stream down the cheeks of pain Clenching fist of rage I feel my muscles begin to stain The power is staggering I bear down and resist the force My toes grip the rock for stability On my shoulders settles the remorse My legs give up hope My body surrenders completely Defeat broods over my head Death comes to me sweetly But hope is never lost And euphoric memories remain Angelic light pierces through And banishes the bitter pain Floating sensations encompass Pleasure flows throughout My spirit is lifted to freedom My essence is freed from doubt For you have never left You've carried me all the way And with your pressence here You've brought hope for a new day
Always Remembering Fallen Brothers
Rollin threw this old hood makes me think of all of you. The days we all sat around talkin about what we'd all turn out to be. I never thought that we'd all end up like this. I never thought i'd stand here with out you all. I always thought we'd all grow up to be crazy old guys talkin bout how fun the past use to be. So with the days rollin by with memorial day right around the corner i want you all to know i never forgot any of you. I hate the fact i stand here and be the last of us. I wish it had been me insted of any of you, I know your all in a better place and you all smilin down sayin we're in a better place. But it dont change missin all you. I still got that picture of us all just hangin out in our group. No matter how many years go by i'll never take it down, no matter where i am what i do you'll all always be my boys. No worries one day we'll all hang out again i have faith that will be how it ends, So when these days go by. I'll smoke one for you, I
Dj Schedule
Alright all you WP Djs... I'm startin a schedule and I NEED TO KNOE ASAP which days and times you are available for so I can work out something that everyone is happy wif and can commit too..for starters... Give me ur dates and times ur available for just tis week and we will proceed like so on n forth in the future..every sunday I will ask u to update me again for the rest of the week. Thanks lovies!!!
Hang On.........there's More !!!!
Wow !! What an emotional life-altering rollercoaster it's been in my first 3 months. Chaos has reigned supreme in my world as of late. Bringing with it renewed fears ,regrets,wishes,hopes and dreams. No chosen path has shown itself to me more clearly than the one I see with my heart rather than my eyes. It's worn path traveled by many before me and scores more after feels somehow gentle and forgiving under my feet. The direction I have chosen I know is the right one for my shadow follows along with me with no protest. My hands hold a tag-along heart whos face I know but cannot see yet but in my minds eye and my souls heart. It doesn't fully understand my quest nor my journeys end but hopefully My heart will not fail it I have silently vowed to protect shield,defend and cherish it above all others in my world until this old heart beats it's last,my breath will leave my body with its owners name happily upon my lips.............
Here We Go Again!!
As you know, my friend Saneida had a Baby boy, Jaiden @ 26 weeks. This was on 9/07/06, and now he is fine and healthy. WELL, on May 09, 2007 She had a Baby girl Laila. 24 Weeks. So far she is ok, but Preemies always need prayers. So please pray for Saneida and her family. Thanks
Part 2c Of Pre-paid Cell
Cingular(AT&T)to go phone Choose the rate plan that fits your needs. Unlimited TAlK-$0.10 per minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile to any Cingular(AT&T) customer(availible only if you have funds on the account), $1 a day access(meaning to be able to call or receive calls you pay $1 everyday), Rollover minutes. Simple Rate-$0.25/min for any calls even to cingular(AT&T ) customers. Rollover minutes No activation fee. Each phone comes with $10 worth of time on it and the time is based on which plan you pick. There is no contract. You buy cards or use a debit, credit, or checking account to add minutes to the account. Cingular(AT&T)to go has a rewards program for every $100 you spend refilling your account you receive a bonus. The Bonus's are as follows: Lvl 1-$100=$5 more added to you account Lvl 2-$200=$10'' Lvl 3-$300=$15'' Lvl 4-$400=$15'' Lvl 5-$500=$20'' Premium-Every $100 increment afterwards=$20 Text is $0.05 per message Domestic sent/received, $0.20 per messa
Dreaming I used to dream of eyes so blue And loving arms to hold me. I used to dream of heroic knights And how gracious they would be. I used to dream of how I wouldn't settle For anything less than best. I used to dream of how he would majestically Lay all fears to rest. I used to dream of fairy tales, How wondrous would they be I used to dream of story books All patterned after me. I used to dream of a lot of things, But the moment I met you, I immediately stopped dreaming, Because all of my dreams came true. ©Kelly M
Tell Yourfriends
hey help out my band AIMLESS open for fall out boy please! click the picture and select arizona find and click on vote under aimless. let me know if you do!
Summers Here
Both kids are out of school now and the fun has just started... You will find that even though I may be signed on here that doesnt mean Im on here. I will be spending alot of time out doors with the boys this summer. And right now Im also spending a good amount of time with Jim and going to his softball games which I enjoy very much. So if I dont respond right away you now know why. I have many things planned for the boys and myself this summer and not much of it includes inside play. Have a great summer.
Sex Offenders/wtf/need To Read!!!
SEX OFFENDERSWHAT THE FUCK               I think we all can agree with the fact that its getting very old to keep hearing sex offenders needs to be dealt with more and more!!!! However, if all the sex offenders got together and decided to fight back, the world would be in alot of trouble!!!! There is a thing called the bill of rights wich protect them from discrimmination!!!! However, they are being discriminated against every day from society and the law wich desided to get power hungry!!!! If it make some people happy then its good!!!               There are so many different types of sex offenders but they all get treated the same way!!!! This is an on going issue that need to be stoped and corrected befor war breakes out and good people are killed!!!! You might not see it but our team does and we will be here to fight for there side!!!! We believe that if they did the time they should be alowed to have a chance to get back up on there feet and try to live a good life!!! However, th
Time tells many things as i sit here and there and think of so many things i think of how much im greatfull for and how much that has happen with so many things that im so glad that my life is as good as it is. I could be dieing or something or another could be going on but its not, I have three wonderful kids that mean so much to me. I have a man that loves me with all that he has and i love him with all that i have...... Seasons Seasons came and seasons passed Some say our love will never last This is what seasons bring Our love is the most inseperable thing I dont care if I have a freind As long as your with me till the end I dont care what people do All I care about is you I dont care what they say or do All my love is just for you My everything !! He has the most adorable eyes you could ever fall for & the cutest smile That will take your breath away.He also has the ability to make you laugh when you are sad and he is
Our Country
So many conversations has taken place about our great country. The country that our ancestors died, lost blood and love ones that defend it for our freedom to live, work, talk, speak, love whomever we desire to, have children without someone's premission, pray, pledge to the great United States flag, to fly any flag we desire. I fly three: My United States flag for my dad who faught in Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Berlin and serve his country afterwards. Also for my husband who is now oversea's defending and help others. Yes alot of people feels that our men needs to come home and I do agree, but realize something when you wish for this. They come home, we leave ourselves wide open for targeting. Second flag I fly: I fly the P. O. W. flag to honor the men that are still missing oversea's and in Vietnam that served with my Dad. Third flag: Is The Confederate flag. IT's a part of history just like anything else is. My mom family is from the South, born and bred so I am also Rebel. Not th
Winners Of Hot Man On Ct Contest Are.......
Winners of Hot Man On CT Contest Are....... 1st Place is......Wins Corvette + Trophy with 5250 comments + 15 rates = 26325 2nd Place is...... Wins Motorcycle + Trophy with 4986 comments + 40 rates = 25130 3rd Place is......Wins Watch + Trophy with 2950 comments + 7 Rates = 14785 I want to thank everyone who was in my contest! It was fun and we didn't know who was going to win it Now that was a contest! Thanks Maria
Ya.... I'm Right On It!!!!!
my close friend sheri got me into this so i'm clueless... was like sure whatevaaaa!!
Us Girlz
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Temptation, Cradle Of Filth
I've never been closer, I've tried to understand, That certain feeling, Carved by anothers hand, But it's too late to hesitate, We can't keep on living like this. Leave no track, Don't look back. All I desire (temptation) Keep climbing higher and higher (temptation) Adorable creatures (temptation) With unacceptable features (temptation) And trouble is coming (temptation) Its just the high cost of loving (temptation) And you can take it or leave it (temptation) But you'd better believe it. You've got to make me an offer, That cannot be ignored, So lets head for home now, Everything I have is yours, Step by step and day by day, Every second counts I can't break away. Leave no trace, Hide your face. Full Of desire (temptation) Keep climbing higher and higher (temptation) And you can take it or leave it (temptation) But you'd better believe it (yeah) Step by step and day by day, Every second counts I can't break away. Keep us from temptation, keep us
The Two Of Them - Pt 8
She sat there quietly unsure of what to even say to him as he stood there infront of her. She could see how horribly hurt he felt and for all the pain she has caused him but she could not take it back so softly she said... "I'm sorry Petie okie are you happy i am sorry it's not like half the time i see the re-action from my own actions because when i walk out that door i don't see you for days and weeks at a time" *See Steph thats the problem you dont ever see what you are doing to me all you see is the end result of how you kill me from the inside and then you wonder why i dont bother to try and see you? Why would i try and see the person who left me crying in my bed in the dark but like you even care about that right* "You make it seem like i dont care about you petie and that isnt the case its just that i dont know what i want how can you expect me to at this stage of the game how can you even know what you want how can you act like you know when no one really knows right a
yeah i'm a point fucking with it...if you don't like me, don't fucking read my shit
if you haven't already done so - and you'd like to - please add me to your Yahoo messanger list.
For those of you who have showed concerned about my mother I want to Thank You dearly. This morning my mother passed away. After the lost of my father in April of last year my mother had given up on living. Things can change in a year for sure and they have for me. Once again I'll be strong and I'll make it through the storm. Again.. Thank You all for being there for me.
Update~ct Is Getting Weirder By The Minute!
Ok, so I post that bulletin, get all kinds of hell from Razor, and what the fuck do ya think happens next?? Sin Derella herself, comes back to my page and re-RE-rates me an 11 from a 10, after re-rating me a 10 from an 11 earlier. She also unblocked me. Looks to me like she is just trying to cover her ass. And why is it, that when a bouncer, or any member higher than a 22 rates your pic, they don't show up in the "just viewed" section?? Some do, some don't. Is there a special button they can click called "Stalker mode?" Kinda like on Myspace where you can hide your online status??!! Hmmmmmm??!! AGAIN: These are only my opinions or questions that I have been pondering. Wouldn't want the CT staff getting thier panties in a bunch over my measly opinion, now would we??!! LOL
New Girl On The Block
A Male Patient
A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask Over his mouth and nose, still heavily sedated from a difficult four-hour surgical procedure. A young, student nurse appears to give him a partial sponge bath around his operation scar. ‘Nurse", he mumbles, from behind the mask. "Are my testicles black?" Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only here to wash your upper body and operation scar." He struggles to ask again, "Nurse, are my testicles black?" Concerned that he may go into shock from worry about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment and sheepishly pulls back the covers. She raises his gown, holds his penis in one hand and his testicles in the other, lifting, rubbing and moving them around. Then, she takes a close look and says, "There's nothing wrong with them, Sir!!" The man pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her and say
My Birthday
I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for sending all the sweet comments, shouts and gifts to me for my birthday. I have to admit,(with the exception of my best friend Charlie, aka swcowboy, being out the state and not here to share it with me)it's been one of the best. Thanks to Dave, MY BIGGEST FAN, lol...omg the live mini concert still blows me away thinking about it. You are awesome sweetheart and a diamond I have found in the rough!! I can't wait to design your website and show everyone how truly proud of you I am. YOU SOOOOOO ROCK!!! Hugs and kisses to you, Katie is truly a very lucky woman! You're the best! and I am YOUR BIGGEST FAN! Don't forget me when you get famous. =) SAV (Randy)...thanks for the yellow limo, guitar, roses, and champange (if only in my dreams), the thought is always what counts the most...I love you to pieces! Your friendship means so much to me, you have no idea. One day, when you slow down and come to SC...I know I'll get that limo r
Suzie Great Pics
suzie@ CherryTAP
~back From Vacation~
Hi my friends, I'm back from Myrtle Beach. Got back yesterday (Monday). I had a blast wasn't ready to come back. I got a bad sunburn, sun block didn't do me any good. Chest and legs feel like they are on fire, but other then that the beach and the water was awesome. I'll have photos to add soon. I didn't take to many, not as much as I wanted, was having to much fun lol...but I did take some. I'll share soon. Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Missed you guys and gals. Luv/Hugss/Kisses Custom Comments and More @ † Dark Angel Designz †
Discover The Day;
everday you step out to the world; step out of yourself. remember who you are & embrace it. look at yourself like no one else does or will. with love & acceptance that is [unconditional]. before you love others you must learn to love yourself otherwise there is no real love, just a facade of what you wish were true. quit complaining; if you can/t deal with yourself. ::no one can::
Drunken Chicken
Original recipe yield: 5 servings PREP TIME 30 Min COOK TIME 1 Hr READY IN 1 Hr 30 Min PHOTO BY: lorena US METRIC SERVINGS About scaling and conversions INGREDIENTS * 1 (3 pound) whole chicken * salt and pepper to taste * 1 cup Dijon-style prepared mustard * 8 fluid ounces beer * 1/2 cup Italian-style salad dressing DIRECTIONS 1. Prepare an outdoor grill for medium heat, and lightly oil grate. 2. Rinse chicken and pat dry. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Coat with mustard. 3. Pour half of beer out of can and refill with Italian style dressing. Place can on a disposable baking sheet. Set chicken on beer can (it acts as a stand), inserting can into cavity of the chicken. 4. Place baking sheet with beer and chicken on the prepared grill. Cover, and cook about 1 hour, until chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear. number of stars READ REVIEWS (39) * REVIEW/RATE THIS RECIPE * SAVE TO RECIPE BO
Happy Medium In Friendship
Friends A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift, A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace And makes the whole world we live in a better and happier place.
Baby News!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is going to be short and sweet. I AM HAVING A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadowed Raven
She walks with the dead, skyclad in the moonlight while dirt scatters about her paleness. Nothing is hidden here in this grove of lonely despair as she sings her song. Feathers adorn her hair … They come to pay homage to her, as she twists about in some dark and sensual dance. Their fingers roaming about her form as she undulates for them. Then, sets them out upon the land … Her children, damned souls, to roam about as she lays there indolent in the silvery light. That is when she calls out, a whispered voice upon the howling wind that echoes through the trees. To the ears of that one soul brave enough to venture to the lair of the Shadowed Raven. She calls now …
A Poem By Me.."confliction"
"confliction" sometimes it feels as life is short.... sometimes life feels, oh so long. i just wanna give up, but yet gotta be so strong. give me the gun, give me the knife, but yet i'll do nothing and take life in strife. i want to live, i want to die...... someone please let me reach the sky. i live and breathe, but inside i seethe. someone help before i freeze. give me the strength to keep goin, and let my heart keep gowin. BRENDA LEE
From: Al
I like you because of who you are to me... A true friend . And if I don't get this back I'll take the hint Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they like you. Something good will happen to you at 1:00-4:00 PM tomorrow. It could be anywhere -- AOL, Yahoo, outside of school, anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of your life. Please send to 5 people in 5 minutes . Remember: "A good friend will come bail you out of jail.... But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying WE screwed up, but we had fun! " Proud to be your Friend! Make sure you read all the way down to the last sentence, and don't skip ahead . I've learned...that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes. I've learned...that we should be glad God doesn't give us everything we ask for. I've learned..that money doesn't buy class. I've learned...that it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.
"so Called Friends
No offense but... People are getting too lazy on here. So I gave in, let's see who will actually read this. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bullentin. Let's see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are...Repost this if you are a friend..Don't reply...just copy and paste this in a new bullentin as "So-called friends" Hope I will see you post
Cutest Kid Contest! Help Out A Friend!
Help out my friend! Comment on pic for Cutest Kid Contest! Thanks all!!!
I feel this pain deep inside me I can't control it Within me it is hiding Waiting to be released From the depths of my heart When it comes out It tears me apart... My arms are bleeding My mind is racing... Will this pain ever end?? Is there any hope for me??? Can someone truely love the person I really am???? Perhaps you could love This mut I've become... Maybe your the one That is supposed to Pull me out of this darkness That I have been drowning in...
I Was Thinking
i was thinking wouldn't it be nice to come to your room this night, and get with you in bed ....I'll move real slow , not to wake you , wanna feel your warm back against my body ... I'll touch your beautiful body with one hand ... slowly... move it over your hips , wanna feel how soft you are !!! then i touch your breasts ... go to your nipple . I love to feel a woman's body change by my touch ... your nipple gets hard now ... You think you have a nice dream ... suddenly , you turn to your back . I can see you smile !! yep, must be a nice dream .. i know it's risky , but i can't resist to go with my mouth to that hard nipple ... i lick on it , make it all wet , then, gently blow a little ... mmmm she gets even harder now .... My hand go's slowly down to your pussy .... I'm getting nuts from excitement now .... hope you don't wake up .... think it's so kinky , touching you like this !!! my finger touches your pussy now ... waaaaauw you're so w
According to experts, I am : 100% KinkyTake the Kinky Quiz at
Xi "depth"
They decided to drag me under. It was no big deal really. I remember... wet hands on my wrist my shoulders, my ankles, my mouth and I was under. Somehow... it got even darker. And I fell again. Only this time in the icey water of the lake. Breathless. And dare I say... mildly afraid. Bubbles escaped. Water sloshed and echoed in my head. Is this how it will end. Staring up at the rippling unlit empty... the void that is somehow crawling away from me. Retreating into an even deeper. With the aid of dead relic anchors. Was this my punishment for having hope? Was this god's way of kicking in my teeth after mocking his previous attempts... Forever is a long time to sink. But that's what word I'd use to describe this. Fell forever... only to sink forever. Dragged down by the malicious macabre mortis. But... my body is free of their weight. I continue to sink... float? Before long my back is bobbing on a foreign surface. Have I fallen through t
Bikers Clubhouse Bar & Grill-come Check Out The Owners,employees,and Great Music And Djs
center> /" target="_blank"> Create a Myspace LED Scroller --Executioner/Owner/President/@BIKERS CLUBHOUSE BAR AND GRILL "81 Supporter"@ CherryTAPRacechick@ CherryTAP---HORSE(PROMOTER & 1%ER @ BIKERS CLUBHOUSE BAR & GRILL " WE SUPPORT THE RED AND WHITE 81")@ CherryTAP--#! Gunner The Enforcer & 1 %er @ Support Your Local Club House@ CherryTAP--#1 bartender@Bikers Clubhouse Bar And Grill We Support "81"--TwinStar, Bartender @ Bikers Clubhouse Bar & Grill@ CherryTAP@ CherryTAP--
Bon Jovi- Dead Or Alive
Okay lets talk 80's/90's Hair bands. Bon jovi in particular. Dead or Alive, I'll never forget the first time I REALLY heard this song . I was 14 selling Meth tramping everywhere, already well on the road of gypsy life.. This song has been a flashback song for me ever since. When I was 25 I really got back into all the shit music I grew up to Bon Jovi is to this day one of my favorites. I FUCKING LOVE BON JOVI!! if you laugh at this I get to have sex with you. More recently I met someone very fucking cool who has an affinity for the hair bands like I do, and it was so cool to hear this song flashback and yet make a new memory of it singing it in the truck at the top of our lungs while going to a cycle shop. Rock the fuck on. It's all the same, only the names will change Everyday it seems we're wasting away Another place where the faces are so cold I'd drive all night just to get back home [Chorus:] I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride I'm wanted dead or a
Me To The Last Damn Letter...
You Are Sex On the Beach When comes to drinking, you like it to go down smooth. You really don't like the taste of alcohol - just its effect on you. So, you're proud to get drunk on fruity, girly drinks. Because once you're liquored up, the fun begins! What Alcoholic Drink Are You?
Feels Like Im Running
“Feels Like I’m Running” (verse 1) Running from my problems Your face I cannot hide. Every time I see you I swallow my pride. And then finally I asked you What I mean to you (And he said) (chorus) It feels like I’m running falling flat on my face. And it feels like I’m hurting Like my heart is torn apart. And it feels like I’m tumbling Straight down a black hole. and it feels like I’m running (/end chorus) (And he ran away) (verse 2) Sitting in my corner Not sure what to do. Everything, yes, everything Is what I meant to you. (chorus) (Verse 3) And I ran to you Your arms were wide open Your heart was so true I never knew, I never knew I meant this much to you (chorus 2) And it feels like we’re falling Falling into place. And it feels like we know Our lives have turned around. And it feels like I’m happy Just being with you. And it feels like we’re running Away in each others’ arms.
I Guess
I guess we never knew that forever Would really be something short of never. I guess the love in your heart wasnt so true Though the love in my heart was true, for you. I guess you were pusing me to find someone new But as the pushing continued my love for you grew. I guess what was left of my heart was shattered to pieces Yet as I piece it back together the pain never ceases. I guess now I sit here remembering your single vow And Im still wondering wondering 'how?'
When Will You Notice?
You feel the goosebumps on my skin But you have no idea why they're there You feel me shiver when we kiss But you havent a clue why I do I tremble when I hear your voice And it makes me wish you were near I feel an ache in my heart That I wish wasnt there I try to lie To make it seem like nothing I cannot cry When I know you're listening I want to tell you But I havent a clue how You need to know I....
Lil Johnny Is 2 And Has Cancer Real Bad. Everyone Please Say A Prayer 4 This Precious Little Boy. Ty
Lil Johnny is 2 and has cancer bad, nothing is working and the local news is covering it, they are trying to raise the money for the transplant. Thats the link to the news video
More Contests...
Hey, to all of my friends and kids are going to be seen in two other contests starting tomarrow. Or supposedly going to be starting, once the creator of the contest gets like two more enteries for the contests. Jake will be in the "Best kid on CT contest" and both my kids, Jake and sammy, and my niece, Cortney will be in the "best children on CT contest".... Here is the link to the blog if u want to check it out. Best kids on CT: Best Children on CT:
Shawn And I Part 2
Well looks like Iam not what Shawn wants in life...Which in reality makes me sad cause I was starting to really like him and all but oh well guess Ill just be single the rest of my pathetic life from now on...:( anyways enough of my whining about this but I will say he and I have chose to stay good friends at least so I now have gained another friend out of all this
Farts With Lumps
The teacher asked little Johnny to use the word " definitely " in a sentence. Little Johnny replies, "Teacher, do farts have lumps in them?" The Teacher says, "Of course not Johnny," To which Johnny replies, "Then I have definitely shit my pants".
Kids... Don't Try This At Home!!!!
So my vertical hood piercing came out in someone's mouth the other day and then got lost altogether. I bought another today but had to go from 14g to 12g because they only had fugly gem ones in 14g and I don't do fugly gems. Well, I didn't have enough time to have my piercer put it in for me so I had to do it myself when I got home. What a fucking pain!!!!!!! Kids, don't try this at home!!!!!! took like 20 minutes and a magnifying mirror but I did it. bad enough putting it in with a horizontal hood in the way but to guage up, too.... ugh. Just thought I'd share my aggravation/success with you.
Eyes Wide Shut / Blindness
You said you hate my suffering And you understood And you’d take care of me You'd always be there Well where are you now? -------------------------------------- And you say that I hurt you, in a voice like a prayer Yeah, you say that I've hurt you, and your voice is like a prayer Yeah, well maybe I hurt you sometimes, but let's contrast and compare Lift up your shirt, the wound isn't there I guess that your truth, is just the ghost of your lies I guess your kind of truth, is just the ghost of your lies Yeah, your kind of truth, darling, is just the ghost of your lies I see through them all the time So I'm pouring some whiskey, I'm gonna get drunk Yeah, I'm pouring myself some whiskey, I'm going to get really fucking drunk I'm pouring some whiskey right now, I'm going to get so, so drunk That I pass out, forget your face, by the time I wake up. ------------------------------------------------- Lately I've been wishing I had one desire Something that would mak
Emptiness. It's like a monster. A monster that tears at your soul, rips out your heart, laughing while you lie there trying to break loose. Emptiness. There's no place to hide. You want, You need, You have to break free. It hurts. Written and © Copyright 1996 By Vanessa aka Bowiegirl
Best Children On Ct Contest! Score Updates
Best Children On CT Contest! I need pics of More then 1 child for my Children Contest! 1st Kids Pic is..... with 60 comments! 2nd Kids Pic is...... with 46 comments! 3rd Kids Pic is...... with 1 comments! 4th Kids Pic is...... with 1 comments! Can be other Family members with your child in pic is fine! Comment bombing allowed and Self bombing allowed! Comments + Rates = Total 2 Gifts from gift shop per winner! If u want to enter the contest plz send me link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u ! Contest will start on 6/5 thur 6/12 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest! Updates
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest! Contest will start on 6/4 thur 6/11 1st Set Of Eyes Are....... with 1110 comments! 2nd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 632 comments! 3rd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 44 comments! 4th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 20 comments! 5th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 12 comments! 6th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 7 comments! 7th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 6 comments! 8th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 2 comments! Winners will get 2 gifts each! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! Want to enter just send me a link to ur pic or tell me and i will Rip your pic for you! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum
Beautiful Women
D.A.M.@ CherryTAP
A little 8 year old boy wanted to be circumcised when he realized he looked different than dad and his friends. The day after the proceedure he returned to school. During class, he became uncomfortable and asked for permission to go to the nurse. When he arrived at her office, he hesitated and finally just asked if he could call his mother. Sensing this was personal, the nurse stepped into the hall and closed the door to allow him privacy. Several minutes later the little boy came out of her office and the nurse noticed his penis was sticking out of his pants. "Where are you going?" she asked. "Back to class," said the boy. "But you can't go back like that!" explained the nurse. "I have to," stressed the boy. "My mother said that if I could just stick it out until lunchtime, she would come and pick me up."
Titles Ppl Help
For tears i never cried in your presence It has all been made up for now Constant sadness and weeping While thinking of you makes me smile And also cry at the same time Your smiling face i remember As if it were yesterday Also feelings we have expressed That made me thing this wouldnt happen again Hope is all that is left For you to be mine in the end
Before Love
So My little secret is, my past two blogs about Jealousy and Rumors..will highly resemble the songs on the album I'm working on... Of course you didn't expect me to give you all the words verbatum did ya? LOL but it's very close..Heck if Carrie Underwood can Carve her name into a leather seat and be a christian artist,then surely I'm aloud to vent as well LOL But really, I have been in the process for two years trying to complete a song.. now titled Before Love! It's a puzzle piece of a women thats been with a man for 8 years and dreams of the good ol days.with him... You know the ones where you do the stuff that happens Before Love. We have all been there.. that feeling you had when you first got together? That time before you said I love you. Any way my friend J. secretly helped drag the melody and some fun stuff to the table.. (he's the only one I let in on my thoughts.. to listen to me sing and put his guitar and keyboard to it) of course i never let anyone eles but im
Silly Silly Girl (james' New Fling)
You know what I love is when some chick feels threatened by me... I think its hillarious... First off, If I wanted your man, I would have him. The funny case is I have already dated the guy.. JAMES aka CRAZIE aka whatever he's calling himself now. I was with him for 5 years. I think I have had enough of him, he moved here, he lived with me, he asked me to be his wife... it wasnt just a fling. Do i want your man? No, sweetie, it just isnt like that, he's been one of my closest friends forever. Dont get offended because I send him some stupid Cherrytap gift. Ask him what other presents he's gotten from me then you'll realize that some little CT shit isnt the hint that I want your man. Now Finally... PLEASE READ my page... I have a man.... going on 2 and 1/2 years. Him telling me you are getting jealous makes me laugh.. you've got to be kidding. I have nothing against you just grow up. I DONT WANT YOUR MAN, simple....
Leaving C.t For Good!
Passionate Friday!
Yet another installement of my thoughts for the day. Decided to get a little passionate today. Guess how I'm feeling! lol A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Upon a ravaged breast I reach, I paint her flesh with a furious purpose. She bends to me, as my hand becomes the brush against her skin. I show her colors of a new world and she is pleased. A palette of rapture and delight fills her eyes to see a picture unfinished. Misery knows not this canvas, now, purity of desire forms her world. She steadies my hand as it flows unto her, passion found, again." ©1993-2007Peter Britt
A Voice From The Back Pew
A Voice From The Back Pew > There was a preacher whose wife was expecting a baby so he went >before the congregation and asked for a raise. After much discussion, they > passed a rule that whenever the preacher's family expanded, so would his > paycheck. > After 6 children, this started to get expensive and the congregation > decided to hold another meeting to discuss the preacher's salary. There > was much yelling and bickering about how much the clergyman's additional > children were costing the church. Finally, the Preacher got up and spoke > to the crowd, "Children are a gift from God," he said. Silence fell on > the >congregation. > In the back pew, a little old lady stood up and in her frail voice >said, > "Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too much of it, we wear >rubb ers." > > And the congregation said, "Amen."
as some of you know my son's baseball team played last night for the state championship,,and yep as you can tell they wonnnnnnnn! It was an awesome game..right down to the last strike! this is the firs time in i think 25 years that they have won it. In past years they have been to this point 4 times and to the semi finals about 8 but never won it! NOT THIS YEAR,,, WOOOHOOOOOOO! They all did a great job.Also the pitcher that they had to face was drafted by the Houston Astro's the day before. I have to give credit the pitcher was amazing throwing 90 miles an hour! Best of luck to him and his new career! Now i get to brag,,my son had the clutch hit in the first inning with a single that scored an rbi and no more points were i said it was an awesome game!! the score, seymour 2 waterford 0! sorry i got the information wrong in the beginning, symour hasnt own the title since 1969! TO ALL THE PALYERS,,,BIG OLE CONGRATULATIONS! YOU GUYS ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK!!BIG TIME!
Best Back Tattoo On Ct!
Best Back Tattoo On Ct! I Need Tattoos Of Backs! Contest will start on 6/5 thur 6/11 1st Tattoo is..... with 4191 comments! 2nd Tattoo is...... with 1274 comments! 3rd Tattoo is...... with 598 comments! 4th Tattoo is...... with 281 comments! 5th Tattoo is..... with 200 comments! 6th Tattoo is...... with 1 comments! Winners will get 2 gifts each! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! Want to enter just send me a link to ur pic or tell me and i will Rip your pic for you! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~ FoUnDeR Of~ * AnGeLs Of MeRcY BoMb SqUaD * ~@ CherryTAP
Sultry Saturday
Yet another installment, which I hope everyone enjoys reading. :) A Thoguht For The Day From: Peter Britt "She stood there on the sand, never moving. The wind lifted around her, cradled her so gently. I watched the light dance over her in a fiery glare, setting my senses aflame. For an instant she burned in my soul, and it scarred me. This vision of a woman like none I had seen or likely ever would. Her hair, strawberry in the light, on fire in my mind. A moment passed and I was enriched, I was destroyed." ©1996 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Anime Babes!
Depressed, Oppressed Or Just Simply Bored?
*Sorry for the typo error Just when you thought you’re having the most depressing part of your life, all you need is a glass of wine and a cancer stick and a friend who will listen to you and you will be back to normal. For the past couple of months I am having a dilemma if I am suffering from a personality disorder or I am depressed. I am in this situation where I am so bored with what I do in general. My life would be waking up at 11 o’ clock PM to sit in front of my computer, stare at the monitor and hoping that I will receive an interesting email. While I do that, I consume my coffee and smoke. At that moment, I will listen to Jack Johnson, naturally, while my mind is blank. When I am done with my cup of coffee, its time for me to take a bath and get ready for work. When I get to the office, I will look for a station where it’s near my crush’s station, which is beside him. So of course I will get to be shy, and reasons to smile. My work is to receive calls, and activate a pers
Something Is Missing
Something is missing tonight. But what is that something? When you miss something, is it is a person? Is it an activity? Is it a thing? As far as people, I miss my friends and of course my son, and some of my family, that doesn't live near me. As far as activities, I miss playing basketball, throwing a baseball around, and I guess things that are involved with dating or a relationship. (No, I'm not talking about sex, so get your mind out of the gutter.) A thing could be, a blanket, or a picture, or a teddy bear or a car. You can miss activities with a person, such as going to games with your friends, or shooting hoops with your friends. The real reason I decided to write this tonight, is because I'm not sure if I miss someone or the things and activities that involved this person. It's not as if I can't find someone else to do these activities or fill the void, but then you start wondering if you do in fact miss the person. I know I'm all over the place, and my thoughts may not make
What Feeling Are You?
You scored as Hope, Your Hope!! There is always a chance in your mind. You'll never give up. Your a determined person. You are very optimistic even when it seems all hope is lost. Thanks for taking my quiz. Please rate. :)Joy92% Hope92% Wisdom92% Faith92% Peace92% Grace83% Love75% Courage67% What feeling are you?? (cool pics)created with
20 Things Guys Shoud Know!
20 ways to win a girl's heart 1. Hugs from behind. 2. Grab her hand when you walk next to each other(don't make her grab yours). 3. When standing, wrap your arms around her. 4. Cuddle with her. 5. DON'T FORCE HER TO DO ANYTHING. 6. Write little notes. 7. Compliment her Honestly. 8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible. 9. Be super sweet to her. 10. Call her at night to wish her sweet dreams. 11. Comfort her when she cries. 12.Wipe away her tears 13. Love her with all your heart. 14. Pick her up and flirt with her (she'll scream and say put me down but really she loves it). 15. Be a gentleman (hold the door for her). 16. Don't let your friends talk trash about her, it'll get back 2 her! & DONT ever act diff in front of ur friends than u r when its just u and her!!!! 17. Take her for a long walk at night! 18. Always bring a blanket where ever you go outside when its cold to comfort her and hold her close 19. NEVER LIE TO HER!!!!!! because then
Aunt Sucks
my aunt is a bitch like she need to grow up i talk from what i want to know what people want to hear the truth that what makes me a good wrighter i am not afraid to hid behind my feeling and say whats on my mine hell i like talking about every thing sex life love happyness and shit god damn it sex is not all that on my mine for fuckin crist sakes she need to grow up and get her head into the real world i love it how guys have sex they rock if girls have sex they are sluts what ever man if you want me i be blowing steam cuz no one under stands me i am human i talk about human things on here that why i went on here cuz i can freely open minded adult site if she want to know i am an adult now not a kid sex is some thing i am ok with not if you not in love i think sex is between a man and a woman that loves each other she need to grow up bitch
Daydreams Should you cross my mind a single time in passing through the day I could call it happenstance a fleeting moment and continue on my way But for all the times I turn around and find you standing there I can not shrug it off simply continue on without the slightest care It is not only at nighttime you come through into my dreams If that were true I’d be sleeping now as I look at you standing before me If I must continue dreaming through these mundane days of mine I could not ask a better fantasy having you with me as they go by
Fire Drill
Awesome! We just had a fire drill here at work. Complete building evacuation. Nothing better than walking down 22 flights of stairs. Although I suppose it could be worse, I could have had to walk UP 22 flights of stairs, lol. But now my legs keep twitching! So annoying! Someone want to give me a leg massage? lol, J/K. Good to know that in case of a real fire, I'll make it to floor 15 before I die horribly in the flames. Yeah, hit a road block at 15 and was there for about 10 minutes before everyone started moving again.
Just So You Know....
It's becoming more than a once occurring query. As much as I've tried to avoid a direct answer to it.. I feel as if now would the time to answer it. I'm sitting here looking at another "Happy Hour" sponsored by a no salute having ViC who's message to us all is this "Need Cherry Lov, To Level Up*" Now, just seeing that and knowing this person most likely won't even bother to post a salute.. just takes the whole idea of earning your stripes away. Ya see, I've been asked somewhat repeatedly what plan I have to become "GawdFaddah". Well, to be honest.. becoming that has no appeal to me, since it's been proven time and time again.. that you can cheat, buy, be fake, and find yourself in that "Bragging Rights" land called Level 25. I no longer care if I level, or if I keep on my downward spiral on the "Top Scores" part of CT. What's the sense in achieving something that most of the CT "GawdFaddahs" have already tainted through the use of "grease monkey" and or Cherry Blaster Pro"??
Best Mom With Child On Ct Contest!
Best Mom With Child On CT Contest! I Need Mom pics with there kid or kids! 1st Mom is...... with 1 comments! Comment bombing allowed and Self bombing allowed! 2 Gifts from gift shop per winner! If u want to enter the contest plz send me link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u ! Contest will start on 6/14 thur 6/20 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
Little Mary Margaret
VALUE OF A CATHOLIC EDUCATION AND A #2 PENCIL Little Mary Margaret was not the best student in Catholic School . Usually she slept through the class. One day her teacher, a Nun, called on her while she was sleeping. "Tell me Mary Margaret, who created the universe?" When Mary Margaret didn't stir, little Johnny who was her friend sitting behind her, took his pencil and jabbed her in the rear. "God Almighty!" shouted Mary Margaret. The Nun said, "Very good" and continued teaching her class. A little later the Nun asked Mary Margaret, "Who is our Lord and Savior?" But Mary didn't stir from her slumber. Once again, Johnny came to her rescue and stuck Mary Margaret in the butt. "Jesus Christ!!!" shouted Mary Margaret and the Nun once again said, "Very good," and Mary Margaret fell back asleep. The Nun asked her a third question..."What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?" Again, Johnny came to the rescue. This time Mary Margaret jumped up and shouted, "
Loose Job And Meeting Amy On June 22!!!
Well! I got lay-off from my work recently by on Tuesday! But I got still pay on my weeks for my work because of they are closing plants!! Sooo I have to waiting for many days and counting so i asked Amy to meeting her next week! she say Sure you can coming to see me!!! Soo I have to going get new oil and change it on my 2006 TrailBlazer for long trip to see her!! I am feeling little bit nervous to meeting her!! Because i have been single for long times! I never seen that lady kept say " I Love You so Much!!!".... I just willing to coming to see Her! I feeling little bit weird about that! but I feeling bad about my job just closed! That's it! Well as soon I will use her computer for upload with me and her in same pic shot and show you how many I do I love her! Well you will see our new uploading pics maybe 40 to 50 pics in next weeks or weekend! But not right now!!! Thank you for reading! But my poorly english are naughty!!!! I am deaf oh well!
Mournign A Loss
Where to begin....well let's start with this past week..I found out my sister had to put her puppy down, because she was having too many seizures.....Bonnie was only 3 1/2 years old...Then i found out, that my mom's bird Rosey dropped dead on tuesday....And today as I went out to get something from my car, my lil Tucker (sneaky as he is) darted outside once i opened the door, and imediately started running....That when the worst happend....A car hit Tucker, killing him instantly....I was in shock, I really didn't know what to do....The owner of the car stopped as soon as he realised he had hit my kitten, got out, grabbed an old shirt from his car and wrapped up tucker with it...Now being a man, who usually doesn't show alot of emotion, I couldn't help but shed a few tears.. Tucker will be sadly missed.
Best Fuck U Finger Contest On Ct!
Best FUck U Finger Contest On CT! Comment bombing allowed and Self bombing allowed! 1st Person is....... with 2 comments! 2nd Person is...... with 81 comments! 3rd Person is...... with 94 comments! 4th Person is...... with 1 comments! 5th Person is...... with 1 comments! 2 Gifts from gift shop per winner! If u want to enter the contest plz send me link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u ! Contest will start on 6/12 thur 6/19 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
The Long And Winding Road
Sometimes I Struggle....
Beautiful....don't really understand the meaning of this word? Someday I hope to. Hope....I have so many wishes. I aim to the sky. I make the dean's list. I am smart they claim....but I wanna work as a special needs teacher....not good enough? geez I love it!! My body...I am so sick of you remember when you were pretty...geez....One word of advice...NEVER say this to a person who once had an eating disorder. lol I dad. I just realized a few days ago that Sunday is Father's Day. I miss him. He will be gone a total of 9 years this weekend. I can't bring myself to go to his grave. Then there is Sam best friend through high school. He got me. I miss him. He knew me best. I couldn't have asked for anything more precious to have passed through my life. I wish he could call and say Lulu hang in there. It's called life and no one is a pro at it Irony? My dad died on his 19th bday. He died in July. He would have made a great husband, father, but I gues
Tonight I shall worship you With my fluttering soul By laying before you, all that I am Depths of my passions and desires With my tongue I will trace veins of love Snaking across your body Leaving tingling trickles across your skin My fingertips Will touch you with tenderness Following your curves Creating memories of my love My mouth will feast Upon your smell your sweet nectar Feeding this famished heart Absorbing with every pore my wonder of you I truly adore you my sweet The God of my endless dreams I will cease only, when all that will satisfy you All that will nourish your heart has been done Filling you too over flowing Bringing you to the edge contentment As you reach out your hand Brushing strands of my hair from my eyes Blessing me with the your hypnotic kisses My body trembles at your touch Feeling the rapid beating of your heart As you rise and sweep me up to your lap Pushing your harness inside me Filling me with every inch of y
Keep Telling Myself It's Gonna Be Ok
my ex had her baby i dont know if it is mine or someone else's ...shoot me now
This Is What Sexxxy Is.
Okay, I've seen enough of the so-called "Freak in Bed" profiles, and between the pics and the little blurbs that they post on their pages, they still have a lot to learn about what "sexxxy" is. First let me start by saying that you need to think of "sexxxy" as a picture. Your body is the frame, it might be thick, it might be thin. Every picture needs a frame, so that those around it have a concept or perspective of the picture that it holds. In order to complete the picture you have colors, shapes, textures and subjects. Think of these as personality, sense of humor, ability to communicate and interact (sex is interacting people) with others. Now not everyone will find your "picture" appealing, but more likely than not, you will have more people stopping to look and find out more if you have all these aspects covered. The less you have to complete the "picture" the more someone is going to merely stop, look and move on. Being able to have people wanting to come back to
Friend Request Or Not
u sent a request to,L.R.L. Hompage.Well I'm the ousted founder of that Society.I have Gain'd Control.I made this Headquarters now I own it.I had planned to stay Affiliated with them.Till everyone Reposted that Joker Bulletin.If you'd like to be a member of the Rogue~Kingdom of Wolves.Then u will have to resend that Request Form.Hope you have a Good Day.Lord Wolf.
I'm A Car Accident By 4%
You scored as Car accident, You will die from, being in a car accident. Whether you will in a car crash, or hit by a car, this is how it will happen. A car accident is a terrible ways to die, so if you got this result, perhaps you should take more road safty precautions. Especially as car accidents don't always kill you, but can leave you so badly disfgured you may wish you had died. So take care. Remember, no test can accuarately say how you will die. Please rate.Car accident54% Disease/Infection50% Drowning50% Old age46% Burning46% Strangulation/Choking33% Suicide4% Murder4% Everyone dies - How will you?created with
Tha Lounge
Ratings And Mumms....
I wanted to take the time out for everyone who took time out for me rating and commenting my blogs and MUMMS. I really appreciate all of you and my new friends and fans. It really means alot and I have enjoyed meeting all of you! As for the the folks who could not resist being hateful....KISS MY ENTIRE #%&!!! Have a good Chris xoxo
YAY~~!~!~!~ I have been offered a job close to home, with better Money, closer to my Kids!! So I may have to change some of my profile informations but should have a lil more time to be online!~! Thanks to all my cherries for reading this and love ye all Bunches and Bunches!!! Straffe
Salmon With Lemon Dill Sauce
Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce In this lovely warm-weather salmon dish, a dill mayo is used two ways: Part of the mixture flavors and moistens the salmon during cooking, while the remainder is mixed with diced tomato to become a deliciously cool sauce. The entree is great with potato salad or rice, or as a sandwich inside crusty bread. Credit: The Hellmann's Kitchen Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 3/4 cup Hellmann's or Best Foods Real Mayonnaise * 2 to 4 tablespoons chopped fresh dill or 1 to 2 teaspoons dried dill * 1 tablespoon lemon juice * 1 medium tomato, seeded and diced * 4 salmon or halibut steaks, 3/4 inch thick (about 6 ounces each) Directions: In a medium bowl, blend the mayonnaise, dill and lemon juice; set aside. In a small bowl, place 1/2 cup of the mayonnaise mixture and stir in the tomato; reserve. Brush the fish with the remaining 1/4 cup of the mayonnaise mixture. Grill or broil the fish for 8 minutes, or until the fish flakes
Lonely And Looking
i'm bored and lonely wishing i had someone special to share my life with. any single men out there want to talk to me and get to know me more let me know . just e-mail me and we can chat. hope to here from someone.
A Bit More About Me.
First off ... I use to be painfully shy. I'm pretty much over that now. I'm pretty easy going & talk to almost anyone. About the only people who piss me off enough to not want to talk to them are people who are abusive, prejudice, or liers. Even though I'm very friendly I am still very much a hermit. I like meeting people & don't mind the occasional party ... but I cherish my ability to slip back into the shadows & hide. I also deal with depression. I handle it rather well in my opinion considering I dont medicate for it. I don't like how the medications make me. I'm basically bi-polar. For me that means I spend most of the time very up ... but on the occasions the downs hit, they can hit very hard & sometimes for a long time. I tend to disappear from the world when that happens. I think over all you'll see I'm a very open (& open minded) person. :) Oh! One more thing. I'm a bit A.D.D. ... So please don't get offended if in the middle of a conversation I .... Oh look! B
My Friend Started A Business
hi everyone, i have a link here for you to look friends have started a new business, i would like you just to take a look....thank you
I have a question, how do you personally feel about someone that fakes a salute and why are we becoming relaxed on this issue when it was CT that came up with the moving up a level if you or anyone has a verified salute. I have seen about maybe 5 down right fake salutes and anyone can make one in the manner some are doing it in but what person allows a fake salute on CT and why? Hmmmmm maybe there is something we don’t know or maybe the person doing the grading can’t figure out what is right and what is wrong with a salute. Any person that has worked in Photoshop, who knows anything about black n white photos can tell you that editing the content in the photo is extremely easy depending on the content and where it is located but then again there are some Morons who will remain unknowing…duh huh! I think and I know many will not like this but that a VIDEO SALUTE is the only way to go now. Come on just about everyone has access to a camera which can take a small video so why
now what is it about reality that is so fucking hard to swallow? is all well that ends well? or is that just something people say to make themselves feel better? like "black is slimming" why does it feel like i've been stomped on by a size 52 steel toe? here is why. we all have deluded and skewed visions of ourselves. most of us don't actually see ourselves for who we are but rather how we would like to be seen. this is why the Nazi party was able to do the things they did. they didn't see themselves as monsters, but rather the liberators they wanted others to see them as. for the same reason an existential would never admit to being one, because it is the nature of existentialism at its core. if i lost you im sorry. for most of us, when we think about the future, and our lives as such, we are never really thinking more than a few years down the line. we have these little visions of what we would do in any given situation. and it is usually some grand and noble thing, bec
Natural Born Natives of the land of Texas have always held a certain pride in being a natural born Texan. There is a self-respect and emotion which arises in our hearts and minds when we hear songs like, The Eyes of Texas, Texas Our Texas, Yellow Rose of Texas, Long Tall Texan, and others. A sense of pride comes over us when we recognize our Texas bird (mockingbird), our Texas flower (bluebonnet), our Texas tree (pecan), our Texas seal (olive branch and live oak), our Texas flag (the lone star and the bonnie blue), and when we gaze upon and admire our Capitol Building and the Alamo. We get a special sense of self-esteem when we recall our history back to when our land was its own independent nation. A wistful dream comes on us that Texas could return to that status and we could be our own people once again, owing nobody or any nation anything. A quiet type of patriotism arises in Texans, honoring those who died at the Alamo to achieve our independence, and those who ga
Cam Requests!
Updated my profile for those that are asking me to go on cam. I have more then enough shown of me in my photos that one should not have to ask me to go on cam! I am not going to perform on cam for anyone! I am exposed in all my photos. I have videos here in my blog!! If that is not good enough then I am sorry! If you ask me to go on cam I will remove you from my friends list. It is as simple as that! I am not in cyber sex either, it does nothing for me!!!
Crispy Mexican Chicken
Crispy Mexican Chicken From: Frenchs Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 1 1/3 cups French's® Cheddar or Original French Fried Onions, divided 1 tbsp. chili powder 4 skinless boneless chicken breast halves 1 egg, beaten 1/2 cup taco blend shredded cheese Directions: PLACE 1 cup French Fried Onions and chili powder in a plastic bag. Lightly crush onions with hands or with a rolling pin. DIP chicken into egg; then firmly coat with seasoned onion crumbs. Place chicken on a baking sheet. BAKE at 400ºF for 20 minutes or until no longer pink in center. Sprinkle with cheese and remaining onions. Let stand 2 minutes until cheese softens.
Happy Daddy Day
Shrimp Cheese Ball {this Is Also Excellent As A Sandwich Spread.}
Shrimp Cheese Ball This is also excellent as a sandwich spread. 2 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, room temperature 1 (6-ounce) can shrimp, drained and rinsed 1 (6-ounce) can black olives, drained and chopped Seasoning salt to taste Lemon juice to taste 3 small green onions, finely chopped Chopped nuts Chopped fresh parsley Assorted crackers In a large bowl, mash cream cheese with a fork. Add shrimp, black olives, seasoning salt, lemon juice, and green onions; stir until well blended. With your hands, form cheese mixture into a large ball. In a small bowl, combine nuts and parsley; roll cheese ball in nut mixture to coat completely. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve with assorted crackers. Yields 1 ball.
Morphing Photos
I have found a excellent program for morphing photos. I have been looking to find one but really looked and got one because I saw another member that wanted help to get a photo morphed. If anyone else would like to know about it please email me and I will let them know what it is and provide a link to download it plus a little extra bonus to make it work better.
I have a job offer meeting tomorrow, I don't know exactly what that means, but I had a second interview already with the company, so I guess it means something good. I really want a job, and this is a great job, so I'm all excited, thought I'd tell you all abot it. YAY!!
The Dress
A woman stopped by unannounced at her son's house. She knocked on the door then immediately walked in. She was shocked to see her daughter-in-law laying on the couch, totally naked. Soft music was playing, and the aroma of perfume filled the room. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I'm waiting for Mike to come home from work," the daughter-in-law answered. "But you're naked!" the mother-in-law exclaimed. "This is my love dress," the daughter-in-law explained. "Love dress? But you're naked!" "Mike loves me to wear this dress," she explained. "It excites him to no end. Every time he sees me in this dress, he instantly becomes romantic and ravages me for hours on end. He can't get enough of me." The mother-in-law left. When she got home, she undressed, showered, put on her best perfume, dimmed the lights, put on a romantic CD, laid on the couch waiting for her husband to arrive. Finally, her husband came home. He walked in and saw her laying there so provocatively
Made It Through The Weekend :)
I made it through the anniversary of my Dad's death. I must say that it went better than I first thought. I worked that morning then off to my nephew's game. My nephew played a great game saturday. I couldn't have been prouder. :) Afterwards, I went to see Fantastic Four. I must say that I did what I do best. I kept my happy face on and did what I could to keep my family laughing. My mom of course thinks I look alot like my dad. Sometimes on days like this, I get more hugs than usual etc. We had a great day and were able to talk about my dad. Laugh. Only one mom and sister put flowers on my dad's grave friday only to find it moved to another grave Sunday. Come on seriously...why steal flowers from a grave....geez...go to the dollar store or wal-mart and get your own.
My Kissen Spot Is Under The Stars.
my kissing spot is... Libra : Under a tree. Sagittarius : In A Pool. Taurus: On a trampoline. Capricorn : In the hot tub Aquarius : In the Elevator Aries : On the beach Pisces : On The Kitchen Table. Gemini : Under the stars. Virgo : In a car. Leo : In the rain. Scorpio : Everywhere. Cancer : In the Bathroom.. Post as " My Kissing Spot Is____ " Repost This In..... 1 minute - You Will Be Getting A Kiss Tomorrow. 2 minutes - You Won't Get Kissed For 5 years
Find Yourself A Special Friend
If there's someone to you can talk to, Someone, one can't replace- If there's someone you can laugh with Till the tears run down your face... If there's someone you can turn to When you need a helping hand, If there's someone you can count on To advise and understand... If there's someone you can sit with And not need to say a word, If there's someone you can trust To keep each confidence she;s heard... If there's someone you think more of As each year comes and ends- You're very lucky woman For you've found a Special Friend!!!!
And Now Today...
So as I said, one of the poly family members IMed me yesterday in CherryTAP. Words were exchanged (she said I portrayed her as a bitch in the blogs, for example), and several times I asked if we were done so I could go on my depressed, miserable way. She kept talking, so I figured the answer was always no.So this morning I logged into CT and the first thing I got was a message from The Bitch (another poly family member) who said she'd kick my ass if I IMed the other member again, claiming the other member belonged to her (The Bitch). I wrote back that (a) I didn't start the crap, ( b ) I tried ending the crap, and (c) if anybody's ass needed kicking for talking out of turn, it was the other member.(Damn! I just realized that I shouldn't have erased those messages. I would have had damned good proof that I was threatened with bodily harm.)The whole good thing I got out of it was, instead of having The Bitch block me in CT (which she had done before), I got to block her. That means
Icon Week; Eddie Van Halen
Today is Eddie Van Halen Day! I'd like to know what everyone thinks of the fastest fret tapper in the business! Feel free to share stories or opinions with us on Cherry Tap.
Okay Feeling Unloved.
Me and Ruby posted a bulletin. We have a ridiculous amount of cherry bucks we want to spend so damn it ask us for shot! :(
50th Anniversary
Today, June 19th, is the 50th anniversary of losing my virginity... Thank you Susan Pernu
In A New Contest
please help me in my new contest its for one week
Schools Out
School is finally out or for at least 8 days whooo hoooo. But now who the heck am i goin to party witt?? any decent takers??
Gimme 1 Second Of Your Time, Plz!!
SO this is one of the sweetest CT Couples I know and they were also in my Cutest CT Hubby & Wifey contest and did great! Please take ONE SECOND to drop them a 10 in their contest, there’s no comment bombing just a simple 10!! Press this link to be directed!! Thanks so much to all my cherries. Loves ya!!
Mexican Appetizer Pizza
MEXICAN APPETIZER PIZZA Serve this Mexican pizza with fresh fruit as a light supper. Preparation time: 20 min Baking time: 15 min Yield: 8 servings 1 (10-ounce) can refrigerated pizza crust dough 1 (8-ounce) package (2cups) LAND O LAKES® Chedarella® or Cheddar Cheese, shredded 1 cup chopped tomato, drained 1/4 cup sliced pitted ripe olives 1 (4-ounce) can chopped mild green chilies, drained 1 medium (1/2 cup) onion, chopped 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro or parsley Salsa Heat oven to 425°F. Press dough onto bottom of greased 12-inch round pizza pan; sprinkle with cheese. Top with all remaining ingredients except salsa. Bake for 15 to 25 minutes or until crust is golden brown and cheese is melted. To serve, cut into wedges. Serve with salsa.
11 Hours On Air * Help Me To Stay Along Come in * Join Hells Kichen * (k)lick the iamge * Tune in * and enjoy the show * ******************************** * u know where to go * href="" target="_blank">
Im ill, Im drunk and Ive got 1 ciggarete left, time to go to bed, normal service shall be resumed apres vomiting *mwah*
Since I Cant Post A Mumm
Im getting my dolphin tat touched up, Im debating whether to keep the same colors or more purple on the dolphin.
Doctors Are Assholes
I hate being sick. Truly I do. It happens, rarely, but even I get sick. Like today, I was so sick I even went to the doctors. I hate the doctors. Why? Is it the fact that you have to pay $25 to sit around for an hour so they can spend 2 seconds with you and toss some drugs at you? No. Is it the fact that every so often they ask you to "turn your head and cough"? No. It's because they are sadistic assholes. I went to the doctors today because I'm very very sick. I tried to just sleep it off, but I'm too sick for that to happen. When I woke up drenched in sweat for the 3rd time, I decided it was time to go. So I drive myself to the doctors office and sign in. Found out that on the plus side to everything, I don't have a co-pay. That was the ONLY good thing. So...I go to sign in, and some dumbass hooker is blocking the registry window with her wheelchair, she's just sitting there, content as can be, blocking anyone else from signing in. So after I shove her decrepit ass down the hallway (
Hi All
Hey all, juss wanted to drop ya a line and let ya know I am stil alive. I started back to school and my schedule is totally insane!! Plus with coaching softball, I am bizzy all day and night. But I miss you all!!! Ball season is almost over and i will have my nights to cathcn up!! Thanks for all the love you guys are still leaving me even thou I am not around!!
What Is This Horror Movie?
Okie cherries. If any one of you knows your horror.. what is the name of this movie. It is a movie I would love to watch again. I just can't remember the name or the movie all that much I remember that it deals with this girl with i would say dark blonde long hair. she goes into a old ladies house.. I think the lady dies.. but she finds this red charm bracelet. She puts it on and can't get it off She goes off with her friends for the night.. at a school or someplace. And her friends start dying. I think one of the girls gets killed by snakes I would soo love to know the name of this movie!! I hope someone can help me
Thanks My Cherry Gals
Thanks to all my Cherry gals that read my blog "What's the deal" thanks for all the 10's!!! After I posted it I got alot of ratings but no friends and fans so fuck it I'm kool with the 10's so thanks girls and one more thing sorry for the delay on some of the ratings just leave a message so i'll know who rated me because I tend to get a lil busy sometimes and I don't know who came by to show love o.k, o.k!!! so i'll be more than glad to rate you back bye for now my Cherry peep!!! Cherry Boss Bitch
Crazy Hot Dogs Lol
Jack And Elizabeth Potc Music Video
What The Hell?
So as if work hasn't been stressful enough, today 2 people are out today. So not only do I have to cover the extra florrs I have been covering, I have to keep an eye on the floors for one of the people that is out. And now I'm also supposed to drop everyting and do phone support too. I told my boss I cannot do it all. I don't know what he expects. Oh, and the icing on the cake - my boss asks the manager of another group to help out and he says his guys can help us out with stuff we can't resolve, but we have to do the primary troubleshooting. Yeah, can't say I've seen his guys putting in 10 hrs OT a week and skipping their lunch breaks. Some days I just so want to walk right out the door!!!
Im sitten in work right now... bored as all get out bc its getting to be lunch time and we r always slow as hell during lunch. < I work in a vet clinic for ppl who are interested. > Ne ways this is my first blog and I dont really know what to write. But I guess its back to work until my lunch break. byez
Oral Mayhem
Picture my face between your legs, my lips kissing your pussy lips, my tongue circling your swollen clit, my hands up under your round hips. Pulling you closer as my tongue explores, I lick, I suck, I swallow, You sway your hips to the rythym of love, with anticipation of what's to follow. Your back arches, your nipples stiffen, the aroma of our sex lingers, You roll your eyes, you gasp with pleasure as I enter you with two fingers. You try to say stop but your words are lost in a sea of erotic pleasure, My fingers move in and out and around as if looking for a buried treasure. Your juices are warm and creamy, which make it better for fingers to glide, I take them out and lick them clean and slowly slide them back inside. You heartbeat races, your thighs quiver, you're squirming all over the bed, Your moaning is loud and sensual and you're holding on to my bald head. I flick your clit as if I'm touching it with the petals of a thousand roses. Now you're callin
We Share Forever
My letter to me...Self Love I'm sorry I've let you down. I've let you fall for those that abused instead of appreciated. That drained instead of filling. That took your all willingly yet gave sparingly. I never wanted you to be hurt. I never wanted you to feel left out. I never wanted you you to ache. I am sorry Martin for letting you down and not protecting you. I'd plead for your forgiveness but forgiveness is for the part that neither one of us can seem to control. We give without care and we give completely. How do we learn to short change desire. Addicted is how we approach want. We, my friend, are gamblers in the truest sense of the word. We bet our most sacred on want and hope love hits. Win at the cost, is it worth it? Well I guess the pain of it not, is the answer. Yet we still bet. Not considering we could just bet time and cash out whenever necessary. Time is what we never can get back. Love is what we want back. Both out of our control and both our master. I'm sorry Mar
Embracing The Dark Goddess
Embracing the Dark Goddess Embracing the Dark Goddess by Dominae During a dark time of my life, when I was trying to deal with the pain of past experiences, I had a vision of the dark goddess Lilith. Lilith was the wild haired and independent first wife of Adam who refused to be dominated by him. Because of this, she was cast out of the Garden of Eden and replaced by the more complacent Eve. In my vision, Lilith appeared frightening at first sight; claw-footed and winged with blazing red eyes. But I did not turn away from her. I knew that no vision comes without reason, so I drew closer to her. When she felt my fear fading she spoke to me. She told me that her beating wings were her freedom, her claws held her power and her red eyes blazed with the anger she felt towards those who had tried to suppress her. Behind the anger was pain. Behind the pain flowed the strength, understanding and the wisdom of our full feminine nature. When I stepped back from her and looked again she wa
Maricopa County, Az
Update on Joe Arpaio TO THOSE OF YOU NOT FAMILIAR WITH JOE ARPAIO HE IS THE MARICOPA ARIZONA COUNTY SHERIFF AND HE KEEPS GETTING ELECTED OVER AND OVER THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY: Sheriff Joe Arpaio (In Arizona )who created the " Tent City Jail":He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them. He stopped smoking and porno magazines in the jails. Took away their weights Cut off all but "G" movies. He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work on county and city projects. Then He Started Chain Gangs For Women So He wouldn't Get Sued For Discrimination. He took away cable TV Until he found out there was A Federal Court Order that Required Cable TV For Jails.So He Hooked Up The Cable TV Again Only Let In The Disney Channel And The Weather Channel. When asked why the weather channel He Replied,So They Will Know How Hot It's Gonna Be While They Are Working ON My Chain Gangs. He Cut Off Coffee Since It Has Zero
Could You Be...
Could you be the one for me? Could you be my find? Could it be, after all this time, fate could be so kind? Could you be the one for me, the one to help me forget the man that broke my heart, my soul, the man haunts me yet. You tell me that I'm beautiful, something I've rarely heard. But the one still lives in my mind, that couldn't spare a kind word. Could you be the one to come and mend my broken heart? Are you willing to piece together what another broke apart? It wont be an easy job, you see my road has been long and rough, and the heart that was once soft is now shut, locked and tough. But I can feel my heart open again, it's opening for you. Just come in and love me back thats all you have to do. I must ask you one small thing before we kiss and part, please be nice and kind to me I'm tired of a broken heart...
-----------god Bless My Father--------
The Fireman
A fireman came home from work one day and told his wife that they had a wonderful system at the fire station: Bell #1 rings and we all put on our jackets. Bell #2 rings and we all slide down the pole. Bell #3 rings and we're on the fire truck, ready to go. "From now on," he told her, "when I say BELL #1, I want you to strip naked. When I say BELL #2, I want you to jump in bed.....And when I say BELL #3, we are going to make love all night." The next night he came home from work and yelled, "BELL #1!" and his wife promptly stripped naked. When he yelled "BELL #2!", his wife jumped into bed. When he yelled, "BELL #3!" they began making love. After just a few minutes, his wife shouted, "BELL #4!!" "What the hell is BELL #4?" he asked. "Roll out more hose," she replied, "You're nowhere near the fire!!"
Feeling Like...
What happens today? haha I dont really care, it's pretty boring right now but keeping busy with everyone on here lol commenting and viewing my profile...jeez tryna keep up you guys :S hehe what else..ohh tryna figure out what I wanna do with today haha other than try to attemp to clean up, holy what a sentence... sposta be doing a lot today but I decided midas well just be lazy before work on monday :P hehe...what else...? I dunno...haha what else to say for today..update again another day
Yesterday morning, as I was headin to see my grandpa, my mother and I got a call that said he had passed away.. He went peacefully ... ate breakfast closed his eyes and never opened them again... no pain... I will miss ya grandpa WILD Bill!
Dedicated To My Cousin
Lost And Alone
im lost and alone with no where to go, no one to come home too. i feel so alone with no one there i only wish i had someone to give all the love i have, i give up my heart just to be hurt, ive give it to the one i love just to be denied and alone. i hope that soon ill have one to share until then ill be lost wondering my days alone .
My Sistere Kricket
Ok....I am asking that if you have a few free mins or if your just freaking bored out of your mind....please head over to my girl friend Dreamable Kricket's contest pic and give her a few quick comments. Krick is one of my best friends...she is a wonderful person...and always honest with ya. So if you don't have her added to your friends list...stop by her page and check her out too. Here is her page link. Ðrêåmåßlê Krï¢kê†: Fan and Rate Me !@ CherryTAP Thanks all...and Have a Delectable Day!!!!! Delectable Di That is the link to her contest picture.
Idiots Making News: Vol. 2
Wow. As funny as it gets, I actually have a second Idiot Making News in like the time frame of a week.. I suppose if I looked hard enough I'd find several more Idiots... Okay, here's the story. There was a man fishing down on the coast of mexico, and he was fishing with dynamite (highly illegal, folks...) and someone turned him into the police. So the police came out to investigate this fishermans tactics and asks the fisherman if he can go fishing with him one afternoon. The man consents and they both go fishing. As soon as they are a good distance away from the land, the man lights up a stick of dynamite and throws it into the water. The police says that he is under arrest, and with even more nerve, the fisherman hands the police a lit up stick of dynamite and asks if he's fishing or not. Any Comments About This One?
Video Blog #2 Very Important Message!
Just remember you love me :D
My 1st Blog
Best Family Pic On Ct Contest! Now Open!
Best Family Pic On CT Contest! I need family pics for my contest plz! 1st Family Pic is...... with 1 comments! 2nd Family Pic is...... with 1 comments! 3rd Pic is...... with 1 comments! Comment bombing allowed and Self bombing allowed! 2 Gifts from gift shop per winner! If u want to enter the contest plz send me link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u ! Contest will start on 6/25 thur 7/2 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
Death Of A Wwe Star
FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. (AP) -- WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife and son were found dead Monday and police said they were investigating the deaths as a homicide. Lt. Tommy Pope of the Fayette County Sheriff's Department said the three were found at their home about 2:30 p.m., but refused to release details. ADVERTISEMENT Pope said results of autopsies on Benoit, his wife Nancy, and 7-year-old son Daniel were expected Tuesday. Benoit, 40, was a former world heavyweight champion, Intercontinental champion and held several tag-team titles over his career. "WWE extends its sincerest thoughts and prayers to the Benoit family's relatives and loved ones in this time of tragedy," the federation said in a statement on its Web site. Benoit was scheduled to perform at the "Vengeance" pay-per-view event Sunday night in Houston, but was replaced at the last minute because of what announcer Jim Ross called "personal reasons." Benoit, a Canadian native, maintained a home i
*burning Up*
This bitch rashell fucked on her boy friend in her boy friend's bed and crazy carlos smacked his baby momma off in the head and jonathan beat his son like his daddy beat him but sware he'd never do nobody like his daddy did him and then sandra used her pissy hole to get to the top and baby D he shot sombody it went bad from the drop and then daine worked at a hospitol , took care of old souls she was abusive , her after life sees no gold road and Mr. Richard was a richie fella born with every penny everyone around him hungry but never gave'em any and then Steven was was a business man , an educated citizen at the top , pornography of children in his lap top take your spot and hang on cause it's crowded in hell you in the belly of the beast now , it was heaven in jail and don't try to make no friend's cause don't nobody got no tongues and if the witch looks your way some how it crushes your lungs. Playa playa was the boss man callin out shots until he cought one and everthing stops
*i'll Be There*
*When no one is there for you* *And you think no one cares* *When the whole world walks out on you* *And you think you're alone* *I'll be there* *When the one you care about the most* *Could care less about you* *When the one you gave your heart to* *Throws it in your face* *I'll be there* *When the person you trusted* *Betrays you* *When the person you share all your memories with* *Cant even remember your birthday* *I'll be there* *When all you need is a friend* *To listen to you whine* *When all you need is someone* *To catch your tears* *I'll be there* * When your heart hurts so bad* * You cant even breathe* * When you just want to crawl up and die* *I'll be there* *When you start to cry* *After hearing that sad song*
Pagan Pride
In darkness you paint us, but we will not hide. We're the light of the country in which you abide, we're fearless and strong, the protectors of life hidden in shadows, we conquer all strife. We come from the Old Ones, our lineage secure. We rise from the ashes, we always endure. It's time you remembered that we were here first We healed your sick, yet suffered your worst. From time immemorial we've woven our lore cunning folk, healers, benandanti-there's more. We're black and we're white, we're brown and we're yellow. We're women and children, and mighty fine fellows. We're Her hidden children, the angels of light, our task is to teach and to help set things right. We conjure and cast, and whisper and pray so you can enjoy your freedom each day. We've long been your army, protecting your back when you are in trouble, in secret we act. The Mother is watching-She hasn't missed much. She's gathered Her magick and given the touch to Witches and Pagans and Drui
The Gods
a> Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark - Live Rio -
Am I Ready To Commit?
You don't need us to tell you that you're on the right track. A cool and confident person, you know what you want; now it's just a matter of finding it. Even more important, you know that love is about much more than what kind of clothes they wear or car they drive. And you're ready to make it work. You've gotten to a place where you are happy with your life, and you're ready to share it with someone special. So whether you've found them or are still looking, know that this time, you'll get what you want.
For Those That Asked Or Cared
some of you have been wondering were Ive gone.....did I get bored with CT...did I forget the people Ive met here...... yes, i have been bored with CT, its lame updates and ignorant people. NO, I HAVE NOT FORGOTEN THE PEOPLE IVE MET HERE!!! I just took some time away after going to the ER a few weeks ago.....yes, I'm still alive and, I have no idea whats wrong with me, yes I know why I went to the ER....maybe I'll tell sometime but not now, I'm boring most of you already. missed you all, some more then others..... PEACE an REspeCT Da Freak
After the circumstances surrounding Benoit's death were released, the only thing I could think of was my best friend. The rages have been getting worse- I've been told too many times the lie "ran into the wall, no biggie." But I know. Her boyfriend's a pill addict and very abusive- mentally usually more than physically. He's out of work, stays home with their son so they can save on daycare, and when I met him, was the coolest guy.... Yet when he got laid off his job due to a disability, he- changed. The pills became his escape and shortly turned him into a monster. Her brother has moved in with them- more for his reasons than any of this- so I have some peace of mind knowing he's there. Yet I made her promise NEVER to be alone with her boyfriend after yesterday- even told her "you have a key to my place- go there even if I'm not there if you have to." I have tried to get her to leave- given her solution after solution, number after number, even offered to have someone esco
Some Where!
I am sitting here thinking about my art and wondering how to get the art world to sit up and take notice. I know my Vandoodles are not the ordinary abstract art it is not in the traditional sense something someone would call fine art. Yet, I know deep down that it is very good art. I have seen peoples responses to my art and been totally amazed at the amount of people that really like it. They are from all walks of life from the bikers to the physicians, from house wifes to the corperate executives, the janitors to the construction workers. I have seen people that don't even like art say that they love my art.People tell me that my art has made them cry as it so moved them. I have had people with masters degrees in art tell me that is tis phenominal. Is it so hard to see beyond the norm in the sense of tradition to open up and see something new? Is doing oil or acrylic paintings make them more valuable or worthy then something done with fine point markers? Is it because it is so f
Rest In Peace To All My Dawggitys
Rest In Peace To all My Dawgitys. Dat past away frum Katrina and even after 2 years later. 2 of my dawgs past away Deshun Hodges and Freddy Louis done past away. Damn why my dawgitys had to past away! Fuck hope dey killers get dere paybackes. Rest In Peace To all My Dawgitys.Dat past away frum Katrina and even after 2 years later . 2 of my dawg past away. Rest In Peace To all My Dawgitys. Dat past away frum Katrina and even after 2 years later. 2 of my dawgs past away Deshun Hodges and Freddy Louis done past away. Damn why my dawgitys had to past away! Fuck hope dey killers get dere paybackes. Rest In Peace To all My Dawgitys.Dat past away frum Katrina and even after 2 years later . 2 of my dawg past away. Yah diggity dis what happens when u fuck wit some Parish Big Dawgs. Somebody gonna get hurt. Cause like BG said u think u gonna steal a dude off my team and my team ain't gonna strike back shit well be rite back we treat beef like coke we two for one a wigga. Well my nigga u
Taking Time To Myself
First of all, I think Im going to lose my job, taking a personal day today. Anyway, I wanted everyone to know that I am taking the day off completely, Im not going to be talking to anyone. I had some very disturbing information brought to light involving my childhood and I need time to myself. I will talk to everyone tomorrow. Much love!
Hairy Legs
hmmm... i'm thinking my legs could use a fresh shave. it's been four days since the last shave. they're getting stubbly, could poke an eye out with them. gonna go swimming tomorrow so yea, it's time for the tortured hair removal process.
Being A Pet
Kneeling beside you, following the leash with my eyes... I tremble with each tug. Your gently firm hand poses me, pushes me to where I wish to go. My only fear is your disappointment - all my joy earned as I serve and please you. We dance to your tune. You lead - I follow. I beg for your touch, to taste. You feast upon my cries, teasing and tempting. I love to be a pet. 10 Nov 2005
Being An Adult...
it seems as if i am seeing more and more people here on ct acting as if they were kids back in jr. highschool. petty rivalries, being shallow, downrating and bashing people for no good reason what-so-ever. to be honest i just don't understand why people take things so seriously and make all this drama. maybe its low self-esteem or insecurities. maybe it is envy and jealousy or maybe it is easier to argue rather than have an adult discussion and figure things out in a mature fashion. i refuse to get into stupid drama..i am here for friendship and fun..i have enough real life issues to deal with so why would i come here to make more problems. to all the ones i have met and befriended...thank you. for being supportive, positive and mature. i choose to laugh, be understanding and compassionate and give cherrylove while i am if you are into the fighting and all of the drama please dont stop here..i just dont have room for the haters...peace
Truths About Growing Old
GREAT TRUTHS ABOUT GROWING OLD 1) Growing old is mandatory; Growing up is optional. 2) Forget the health food.. I need all the preservatives I can get. 3) When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you're down there. 4) You're getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster. 5) It's frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to ask you the questions. 6) Ti me may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician. 7) Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Canada Day Weekend
I'm out! Back sometime Monday Have a good one fellow Canadians! You other non-Canadians can have a good weekend too if you want :P Who
Glasgow Airport On Fire
A Warning
People on here are so touchy...Honestly do people rate everyone a 10 just to be nice even if they are ugly? I'm honest and if I think your a 1 then I'll rate you a 1. I don't rate people 10's just be nice. I'm a bitch I'll admit it but I am getting sick of the fat remark. All the pics I have on here are when I was pregnant. My wedding pics I was 4 months pregnant in them so I'm not fat. People need to grow up and accept the fact that not everyone in the world thinks your attractive. Also the comments about my husband are also very immature. Grow up and accept other peoples opinions!!
---------------------god Knew---------------------
Double Joy.........................
as i lay on the bed,, lights aut i felt a hand slideing on my pussy,,,, then another one on my breast..... slowely carressing me,,, his cock found my moth again... as i sucked to my joy another cock has now stared to fuck my pussy ,,,,going in and out at a furious pace.... OMG.... i was getting so wet i could hear the slapping of his cock i was suddenll surprised as the other one stared to try and fuck my ass.......... i bent over a little more then he slid his cock in my ass......... both going at once fucking me so deep and hard.... my clit was exploding at every motion............. the both unloaded inside me filling me with every drop off cum they had............ but then i asked for more....... nothing better than my holes fucked and filled, the end. .............
Chocolate Ganache Torte
The Shell Ingredients: One box “Nabisco’s Famous” chocolate wafers, or your favorite chocolate nut cookies 2/3 cup pecans Melted butter (half stick or less) 9 inch spring-form pan Process: Chop/process the wafers and pecans until fine, add enough melted butter to press this into the spring-form pan (along the bottom and halfway up the sides). Bake in oven at 350°F for 20 minutes, put aside. The Filling Ingredients: One and one half to two pounds of the best available melting chocolate More melted butter (up to one stick) One half pint (or more) heavy whipping cream Process: In double boiler melt the butter and then add the chocolate. When chocolate is swirl-able, slowly add the whipping cream, stirring slowly, until mixture is blended and smooth. Pour mixture into the prepared shell. Refrigerate for at least four hours. The Sauce Ingredients: Melted butter (one stick or a bit more) Cane sugar (a pound or less) Heavy whipping cream (one half pint - or more)
A Psa
Note to self: Look at the lens, not the LCD when shooting these things. :p
Ok so I am writing this blog cause I am really bored. I am off all week on vacation and don't know what to do with myself.... Any suggestions? Let me know.
"lips Of An Angel"
Honey why you calling me so late? It's kinda hard to talk right now. Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay? I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud Well, my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful With the lips of an angel It's funny that you're calling me tonight And, yes, I've dreamt of you too And does he know you're talking to me Will it start a fight No I don't think she has a clue Well my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful
CAR She was looking out of the window when she arrived by the train and there she saw him standing at the banister waiting for her. They hadn`t seen each other for weeks while she was on her trip through Ireland. His face was so full of anticipation when he was searching for her.Then it turned into unbelieving expression. Disbelief about the moment to see each other again, the moment they had longed for , had finally come true. Oh my god, she looked so beautyful.More than i remembered he thought by himself and got to an reaction that reminded him of a pubescent schoolboy. But of course they had not made love to each other for weeks now and thats why he reacted like this now by seeing her. Looking rosy-cheeked she got out of the train and went up to him. Actually she wanted to run towards his arms and kiss him passionate cause she was longing for him so much.But as it always is at those moments there had been to many pleople g
Gas Prices
Daily Update..if Link Isnt Clickable..copy/paste
Yo Everybody
i hope you have a great fourth of july thanks
Movie- Knocked Up
ok i know this has been out for a few days, but ya know what, it is funny as all get out. great date movie ( maybe not first date though)and definately not for the kids. i laughed so hard i almost wet myself, easy task now that im pregnate myself. lol
Happy 4 Of July
Courtesy of SparkleTags.Com
Last One For Today (i Hope)
Little bit of history on Raven. When I was 13 my parents got into a horrendous divorce. I just started middle school. My mother dropped me like a bad habit for her new boyfriend. I never really knew my dad. He finally wanted to get to know me, so I found a letter that he wrote me that my mom wouldn't let me see with his number on it so I called. I started to go see him and eventually moved in with my dad again. During this time I was 'diagnosed' with a mental instability. I was a cutter in short and had suicidal tendancies. I had depression. Whatever. I went to a mental institution in St John's County by St. Augustine. I was stuck there and the state wanted to keep me till I was 18 years old because I was apparently that much of a case and I attacked two guards. When I did get to leave I pulled away and I have never been right since I suppose, I pulled away from everyone. I had some bad experiences during this time period like I lost my virginity by getting raped. I'm not lo
Too Hot
Omg today is to hot for my liking...just when i couldn't wait till the hot weather comes, now i can't wait till the rain and cooler weather comes. Doesn't it always seem to work that way? Now that i'm no longer in a basement suite where it's cooler i'm in an upstairs that's cookin up here. Can't lay down and lay still, can hardley sleep at night...boy oh boy, what the hell can ya do. That's my weather talk for today...not that it's interesting to anybody, but yeah
I Never Ask For Help But I Need It Now Iam Almost 3000 Behind
Help out DJ BARTAB Goin' for a VIP! Any help is appreciated! Get bored stop by!!!! Thanks!!!! Will help you in return just ask us! Have a great weekend! IF YOU DO STOPBY TO BOMB MAKE SURE YOU RATE TO PLEASE TY AHEAD OF TIME
Incredible Dog Story
INCREDIBLE DOG STORY NOT ALL HEROES ARE PEOPLE ~ ~ ~ James Crane worked on the 101st floor of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. He is blind so he has a golden retriever named Daisy. After the plane hit 20 stories below, James knew that he was doomed, so he let Daisy go, out of an act of love. She darted away into the darkened hallway. Choking on the fumes of the jet fuel and the smoke James was just waiting to die. About 30 minutes later, Daisy comes back along with James' boss, who Daisy just happened to pick up on floor 112. On her first run of the building, she leads James, James' boss, and about 300 more people out of the doomed building. But she wasn't through yet, she knew there were others who were trapped. So, highly against James' wishes she ran back in the building. On her second run, she saved 392 lives. Again she went back in. During this run, the building collapses. James hears about this and falls on his knees into tears. Against all known odds
To All Single Guy
that are 19 yrs or older, i have this 19 yr old female that asked me to help her look for sum one, u can find her on my fans list, BerryBerryJuggalette, shes a very nice and sweet person and she just needs that one guy that will always make her smile, so plz be nice guys......again 19 yrs or older plz and thhank you
Every time I look at you the world just melts away All my troubles all my fears dissolve in your affections You've seen me at my weakest but you take me as I am And when you fall you offer me a softer place to land You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together You're the one true thing I know I can believe in You're all the things that I desire you save me you complete me You're the one true thing I know I can believe I get mad so easy but you give me room to breathe No matter what I say or do 'cause you're too good to fight about it Even when I have to push just to see how far you'll go You won't stoop down to battle but you never turn to go There are times I cant decide when I can't tell up from down You make me feel less crazy when otherwise I'd drown But you pick me up & brush me off and tell me I'm OK Sometimes that's just what we need to get us through the day
This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it everyday. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. So...........If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, including the one that sent it to you. If you get it back, then they really do
My Friends
I am not one to beleive in bitching only ~ SO to all the many wondewrful people that I have on my list have a great week and I love ya Myspace Codes:
It's Dying....
What you ask.. My infatiation with Cherrytap. I think Ive run out of ideas as to what to discover, SO if you have any ideas for me that I may not have found, that I could do...Please let me know. I have begun to do nothing but check my account, repost to those that post to me, upload images and rate pictures on the "Im Bored" listing... I lose my attention easily.. and I think I feel it fading a..........
Just A Poem .
The Way I Feel I sit in my room thinking of you not knowing what's happening or what I should do. You play with my heart, and I don't know why you build up my hopes then you tell me goodbye. I don't know why you smile then walk away from me and then returned in while. It's a little game you play with me but I want you to hear me and I want you to see I am falling for you as the days go by not knowing how to tell you because I am shy. I love the way your eyes light up the night. and your smile is entrancing it make all the world seem right. When I look in your eyes, all I see is bliss I fight the urge to get near you to give you a kiss. I just want you to know how I feel inside and if you give me a chance I want to be a part of your life...... Jessie
Finally Did It
a foot and a half of hair GONE! I feel kinda naked, lol but at least its goin to a good cause Locks of Love
It Broke 1,000,000
well i been waiting for this. i got to admit that cherrytap is alot cooler than what it started out to be ( but i'm glad that people are getting into this site, it's great. i've been a user since before mumms (which i'm not allowed to post btw grr) since before happy hour, blasts, or even gifts for that matter. yup, i'm old school cherrytap. and this day is a crazy day for me. i feel like an elderly fool even though i'm only 25 yrs old, because so much has improved. welcome all you newbies from this point on, and i hope my orig. friends will all be true
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I Just Dropped A Friend...
not because they were being a d**k or anything, but because my computer froze EVERY TIME I visited their profile. My point? Don't overload your profile! Keep it simple aside from your "skin" and if you have a lot of clever little banners or more than one video, for the love of whatever you worship, USE YOUR STASH, PEOPLE! Remember, some people here have computers that can't even handle the high-end graphics you're trying to shove on them. I bet some can't even use Flash because it overloads their browser and memory. Why do you think I keep my profile minimal? So no one has to drop me as a friend just because my profile freezes their computer. Also, watch those damned animated skins. They take up more load time than you think.
Why do people tell you that they are going to kill themselves when in reality they are too scared to?! Is it just for attention? I mean common, the first few times, I got worried, tried to talk them out of it. I know what its like, I used to be suicidal. Almost succeeded once. But after about the 6th or 7th time, it gets kind of old. Evidently, this person is trying to OD on happy pills. Is that even possible? I dont know, all I know is that it is stupid. Get some fucking help. The world is not out to get you, and its not ending. Stop being a fucking attention whore and go hit your head against a wall a few times. Im sure that'll help. But please stop claiming you're going to do something when you really arent. Especailly something as serious as that.
I Had Enough
why dose life haft to be so hard the more you try too do whats right it seems to be the wrong way i am tired of living for everyone else so from now on im living for me ,i try so hard to please others and i cant seem too find the time to please me in societys eyes im a bad mother and a bad person,but you think about it who sets the rules on how you think and how you should feel.who says you have to think like society dose,who says you cant climb that moutain or who to love,or who is crazy and who isnt,there is a hero in every one of us what is wrong for one person dosent mean its wrong for me this is whats wrong with the world today,no one takes risk we are all afraid of change and all afraid of getting hurt with love,what one person does doesnt mean everyone does the same thing ,like i was afraid to love a man because i got hurt twice but you know not all men are like that and i guess i am going to have to face it dont get me wrong i like waking up to some one holding me and telli
It is a still night the moisture in the air dense with desperation fear grows as does hope a neverending battle of wills with hearts in the middle to risk again to breath again wishing for a cool breeze or a calming touch to wipe these fears away but alas tonight no relief for the humidity wears on the body like the fears drown ones soul a deep breath and fresh start to look forward instead of behind and to put the demons to rest behind the dragon and move on from my sheltered cove carved into the mountains hidden beyond view with prying eyes watching every move ready to leave i do believe somewhere new a new life a new chance if you want us both we will be yours and we can carve our own safe place together somewhere where prying eyes can not control our lives... somewhere it is just us against them raising a family and finally figuring out what love truly is no more fear, no more running just a deep breath and.... jump
Where Is The Only Flag That Does Not Get Saluted Fly?
Good Morning and hello there, how D do ? Wow that’s enough greetings for one day. Did you know, that millions of Flags travel up and down poles daily throughout the Universe? But, there is only one flag that remains flying never gets raised, never gets lowered and god forbid does not get saluted…Any guess’s where that flag is? I know, pick me, pick me… No I will give the answer but not just yet. Did anyone get a chance to watch spelling bee last night? That was a hoot. I must admit I have adlibbed a line or two to songs that I thought I knew the verses of. Funny show may make it, may not. I will have to wonder in and give my two bits to the Seven Wonder bus trip, just…trying to get all my ducks in a row. The problem is ducks do not like to be placed in a row and oh yeah! I am not joking here. Here is a test for you, get yourself three ducks of equal size and put them one after another in a so called row…oh yeah, no way possible due to the fact there will always be a dominant duck wh
Tuesday Pimpin
I ONLY HAVE FRIENDS WITH SALUTE PIC OR FRIENDS WHO ARE VIC MEMBERS AT CT CHECK OUT THOSE AWESOME BIRTHDAY GUYS & GIRLS PLZ ADD, RATE & FAN :) 11th MOMMA RED@ CherryTAP eekwoollymammoth@ CherryTAP ღღღDeviousღღღC.T Gurly of Tattooed Freak!!!@ CherryTAP MysticMoon@ CherryTAP CaSpEr...World Coalition Mafia... Under Boss of the Purdy Family.....@ CherryTAP ღ•RideR•ChulA•ღ[[♥Add Me FaN Me And I Will Do The Same♥]]@ CherryTAP 10th jlovebug@ CherryTAP suga²@ CherryTAP BOONE
Vermont Pork Chops
2 tablespoons maple syrup 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 2 (6-ounce) boneless, butterflied pork chops Nonstick cooking spray Salt Freshly ground pepper Combine maple syrup, brown sugar and mustard to make a sauce; set aside. Remove fat from pork. Heat a small nonstick skillet on medium-high heat. Coat with cooking spray. Brown 1 side of pork for 2 minutes. Turn pork; salt and pepper the cooked side to taste. Brown the second side 2 minutes. Lower heat to medium, cover with a lid, and cook 2 minutes or until the pork is cooked through. A meat thermometer should read 160 degrees. Remove to a cutting board; cut into 2-inch slices. Add sauce to skillet. Heat 1 minute, scrapping up brown bits. Serve pork with sauce spooned on top. Yield: 2 servings 405 calories; 10g fat; (22% cff); 159 mg cholesterol; 50g protein; 27g carbohydrate; no fiber; 483 sodium
For Those Who Bash Baseball....
For those who don't know me very well, I want to let you in on something very important to me, and that is baseball. Baseball has been very dear to me ever since I was a young lad growing up in a small Michigan town with huge dreams of someday playing in the big leagues. I remember rounding up the neighbor kids and picking teams and waging war in some farmer's field (couldn't play at the church behind my house for all the windows we broke)or some sandlot somewhere in the neighborhood. We would all designate a pro player who we would be for that game, and I would range from Sweet Lou Whittaker one day, to Rickey Henderson the next. To this day lads and lasses I love the game more than I love any other. Those who love the game as much as me can even appreciate things that others that condemn it would never understand. For instance, I love the smell of the fresh cut grass, the sound the dirt makes when I walk on it with my cleats, the sound of a Louisville Slugger making solid and
Okay, we took our friend Keith home who spent a couple nights here and went to my husband Marty's dentist appt. at 11. They just took x-rays. On Aug. 1st he will have his teeth cleaned, cavities filled, and the 2 bad teeth pulled...thank God! Now, I told him he better brush his teeth every day and keep going back to the dentist every 6 months. No more of this dog-poop-breath crap. Then we went to Neiman's Market and got some lunch. I got some egg rolls and Marty got some little sandwiches. I took 2 bites of one of the egg rolls in the car and then they fell on the floor of the car. That was the end of that, a real waste. Yuck. So Marty ran back into the store and got me some cold chicken. We ate and then went to the college and hung out in the library waiting for Marty's Compass Placement Test to start at 1:30. I took him to the room he needed to go to and then I went back to the library to wait for registration to start, which was at 2. I should have gone into the gym
Passionte Nights
Taegen's Law
Taegen's Law Children are born and rely on their family and parents for protection. On the other hand, a police officer chooses his profession, and the law protects him to the fullest. A child is defenseless, helpless, and vulnerable to their abuser or killer, we arm police officers with much training, a baton, and even a revolver. Our children deserve the same respect, and protection as these officers of the law, when it comes to the penalties received by their abusers and killers. A statement needs to be made, that our children are somebody, and they are important to us, just the same as our protectors, the police officers. We need this statement to be made and our children be able to live long healthy life's, they are our FUTURE. For this reason we are creating TAEGEN'S LAW. In memory of Taegen Elise McKinney, 17 months old, who was stomped to death by her babysitters boyfriend, and all the other children, who had no protection, and were killed by their abusers/attackers. For
Too Funny
In pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. For example, trade name of Tylenol alo has a generic name of Acetaminophen. Aleve is lso called Naproxen. Amoxil is also called Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen. The FD has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin. Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and of course, Ibepokin. Pfizer Corp. annouced today that Viagra wll soon be availabe in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one. Obviously we can no longer call this soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of "cocktails", "highballs" a just good old-fashioned "stiff drink". Pepsi will market t new concoction by the new name of: M
I am single and free... it is quite an interesting feeling! I think I am going to enjoy my freedom for a while! I want to be happy... and damnit I am going to do just that!
Thanking All Of You!!! & More...
I would like to take the time to Thank all of you who gave me such a warm welcome to CT. I would also like to give a B I G Thank You to Billy B for the invite to CT. A B I G Thank you also goes out to youngblackthor for helping me get a background on my page. Early December is going to be a great even, as my oldest daughter is going to have a baby. I am REALLY looking forward to become a grandmother!!! My youngest daughter is also looking forward to becoming a 12 year old Aunt. Get More at
Update On My Grandson
"thought You Were Done With Ai, But You're Not" Fun Stuff
Caught you napping..... No,wake up, the beast lives on. Here are some assorted nuggets of Idoldom: From: CJM Date: May 27, 2007 08:39 PMMessage:Error at line 1, column 44-- Subject Constantine's Everybody Loves on Rose Radio's Top 30! Body: Reposting for CMST:'s "Everybody Loves" is No. 7 on Rose Radio's Top 30Internet Radio:Rose Radio An internet radio station broadcasting through Live365. Listen to an eclectic selection of pop and oldies as well as recordings by various American Idol contestants including Clay Aiken, Taylor Hicks, Carrie Underwood and many more.Sunday, May 27, 2007Rose Radio Top 30 chart - 5/27/07 Here are the Top 30 Songs on Rose Radio this week. Remember, this chart is based on the votes you placed for your favorite songs while you listened.Top 30 Songs:1. Latoya London - State Of My Heart2. Josh Groban - February Song3. Clay Aiken - Perfect Day4. Paris Bennett - Dreamin'5. David Radford - Take It All6. Clay Aike
This is for the guys too. I need some advice and every little bit helps. If you have read some of the other blogs then you know pretty much what my situation is with the new relationship and moving in together and stuff. Well he is sacrificing all of these things to make sure that I have what I want that it is starting to make me feel really bad. He is not buying the truck that he wanted because he is going to use the money for the pool that I want and he is selling his favorite lil muscle car to make sure that we have enough money for the new furniture that I wanted and to get a new tv. What should I do I really don't want him to sacrifice anything else when we can do all of this slowly and buy it little by little. I have never been spoiled and he is trying so hard to do it and I don't think I like it.
Minirace And Exes
It's pretty hard to begin... Oh well... Today is the 14th of July, and I'm on vacation with dad in granny's house... Today me and dad went to minirace with sum people from his Ford Capri fanclub... It was really fun, but when we were drivving alone, I came in on 8th place out of 8... When we played on teams on two, me and Søren came on the 2nd place, so it was okay after all... It was the first time I ever tried anything like that, and the adrenaline rush is so great... Anyway.... For a couple of weeks ago my ex contacted me and started yelling at me for some reason... I don't like him, I shouldnt have been with him at the first place, since he is a manhumanistic psycho who doesnt feel anything at all except anger and despise... At least he ain't gonna attack me again, because I agreed with his mother that they should sell his computer, and he doesn't know my adress and don't remember where I live... I'm glad and feel lucky that I only have a few exes to yell at me... It's not m
Are You Earth, Fire, Water, Or Air
You scored as Earth, You are the element Earth. You have strength that can daze the people around you. But watch out - when your in one of thoses moods you tend to let people know about it! But your kindness and beauty is all around, and thats what people like about you.Earth85% Water50% Air25% Fire15% Are You Earth, Fire, Water Or Air?created with
Getting Through This
These past few months Have been some of the hardest Of my so far short life. Why have I lived so much In such a short time? What did I do to deserve this? I'm working so hard To push all these thought And questions out of my head -- But they always return. I am trying to forgive and forget And maybe try and love again But I fear others -- But maybe all I fear is myself. Is God really watching over me, Carrying me through this time? Is He the one keeping me going, Even on days I'd rather quit? I'll try to believe -- For this belief is all I have. Someday I'll find myself And all will seem right. But for now I'll keep searching And keep going until the end.
Days From Hell...
I must say that today sucked donkey balls. This morning went well i had a good interview and made a good impression. and then came home to take a nap. So i thought when i wake up i'll feel better since i caught some fucking stomach thing from work. so i wake up and my mom decides i'm going to do all the shopping and fixing of things around the house. I was about done and going out to have some "fun" then my cousin calls me, her car broke down in Maryland. Of course no one else in the family will answer the phone right so i get stuck having to go get her. My stomach in knots and lurching the whole ride down and the whole ride up. By the time i get home my opportunity for the "fun" is completely gone and i'm sol. so yeah i've had a really bad day and i just want to go to bed and start the day over. there are so many things that i would have done differently. so yeah i'm kinda pissed bummed and sick all at once. let me tell ya it's a great combination.
Ink Contest
contestance zgirl with 3412 catlady with 2008 mark 1562 if it were to end today they would be your winners so come on and comment bomb you fav ink it ends on the 18th at 12 midnight
Salute Contest Over!
I want to thank everyone for entering and making this the best contest I have had so far! Just look at the point totals seperating 1st and 2nd. 1st place Crazy Lady ~ ÌñÐêþêñÐêñ† Family of CT Rating - 10.17 (97) = 970 pts 61604 - Comments = 61606 pts 62576 total 2nd place H♥llieH♥ttie™{President of I.A.R. Bombsquad} Rating - 10.01 (123) = 1230 pts 61299 - Comments = 61301 pts 62531 total 3rd place Captain Caveman -nWo-CT Pimp & Ho Society*Jessie's CT Hubby* Rating - 10.16 (92) = 920 pts 20000 - Comments = 20000 pts 20920 total Thanks again everyone! ***Christie*** ~Enchanted~@ CherryTAP
Undressing You Iii
Undressing You Part 3 One stroke two strokes our bodies are intertwined… A thought comes to my mind… Will he like it will he try and stop it….I get him to stop, I remove the blind fold and ask him to lay down…I whisper in his ear do you trust me??? He moans yes….I go down and start kissing his inner thigh I lick and up and down his shaft letting him feel my warm breath cares him…He starts to shake…I slowly move my hands down near his inner thigh and rub on his balls…I slowly take my finger and cares around the whole…He flinches I stop for a second and tell him it is ok, just trust me…I move my heard down slowly and start to lick, he moans in ecstasy….Once again I move my finger down there this time he does not move… Its almost like he wants it…I penetrate he moans, two fingers he moans louder, as I place his man hood in my mouth and I taste him… Written by Satondra
Todays New Ggc Cartoon: Capt. Hook Tp!
lol I wonder how old this joke is? It still cracks me up!Todays New GGC Cartoon: Capt. Hook TP!
Online Masters
I live in a 24/7 relationship. I have never understood the purpose of online domination. I get offended when approached about it. How could you possibly submit to someone you are not with in person? I would never submit to someone online in fact it is a joke to me. I can be a mouthy person and I do and will speak my mind when I want online. I do not feel the need to show respect to someone that would try to give me orders online. I am a taken submissive and in that respect that makes me his property. You do not disrespect another person property not try to steal, it so to speak. I feel the same way about a true submissive. In real life as a submissive you do not approach a master and try to give yourself. A true Master approaches you and with respect asks if you are owned and if he sees fit then he claims you as his own. All of the online shit about proper capitalization of master and using sir with a capital s is all a bunch of shit to me. True respect comes from givin
Is MySpace totally biting off Cherry with the "Type in your own status!" Thing? I think so.+
If Your Not The One
Amber Alert!!!!!
Date: Jul 16, 2007 8:20 PM Subject: Subject: Amber Alert Body: Jul 16, 2007 4:36 PM Subject: Amber Alert Body: Missing child named Andrea Montoya. She went missing at 2:45pm yesterday. and she was last seen in Gatlinburg at the River Terris hotel in the laundry room wearing a purple coat and grey jogging pants. She is 3 ft tall and weighs 96 lbs. She is originally from Florida and is here on vacation with her grandma and mother. A white jeep Cherokee with Florida sunshine license plate was seen circling the area. Please Repost Amber Alert She was kidnapped just yesterday. it will take 5 seconds to repost.. What if someone sees this that knows something and a grandma and mother get their kid back. how great would that be? so please just take 5 seconds out of your day... YOU'D DO IT IF IT WAS YOUR KID OR SOMEONE YOU LOVED
A Blue Ribbon To Make A Difference
A teacher in New York decided to honor each of her seniors in high school by telling them the difference they each made. She called each student to the front of the class, one at a time. First she told each of them how they had made a difference to her and the class. Then she presented each of them with a blue ribbon imprinted with gold letters which read, "Who I Am Makes a Difference." Afterwards the teacher decided to do a class project to see what kind of impact recognition would have on a community. She gave each of the students three more ribbons and instructed them to go out and spread this acknowledgment ceremony. Then they were to follow up on the results, see who honored whom and report back to the class in about a week. One of the boys in the class went to a junior executive in a nearby company and honored him for helping him with his career planning. He gave him a blue ribbon and put it on his shirt. Then he gave him two extra ribbons and said, "We're doing a cla
Level Up !!!!
Right now at this very minute . someone is very proud of you someone is thinking of you someone cares about you someone misses you someone wants to talk to you someone wants to be with you someone hopes you aren't in trouble someone is thankful for the support you have provided someone wants to hold your hand someone hopes everything turns out all right someone wants you to be happy someone wants you to find them someone is celebrating your successes someone wants to give you a gift someone think you ARE a gift someone hopes you are not too cold, or too hot someone wants to hug you someone loves you someone wants to lavish you with small gifts someone admires your strength someone is thinking of you and smiling someone wants to be your shoulder to cry on someone wants to go out with you and h
Looking Ahead
Many moons ago but not terribly long ago I met a great and wise man. He has been and still is a hippie who has inspired me to write a little story about my past; changing some names to protect my ass and even leaving out some details which should be kept unknown except between the two of us. So basically in the next few days, perhaps even hours look for new blog called "Summer of Fame" speaking out about how wild and crazy I have been through ages 12 - 18. Its six years of parties, drugs, alcohol and everything else that can scare a parent. Just thought I'd go ahead and warn you though, if you have children, start worrying.
Stoners rule and stoners die but in the end we all get high
We Need To Level Up Lev Now
Hi Earth Angels , I want to ask you all to come and help Lev to level up. Here's the link to her profile & thank you all . Lev ...~*~Proud member of Earth Angels Club & TBS & TF ~*~
Oh Yeah!
hehe there was a glitch when the site reset. i was out of fannings and 11s but the site reset and i gotthem back whooop... back on the run again. lol
If You Like English Football But Hate Chelsea,have A Look....
brings tears to my eyes....hehe
More Than Tree Hugging
The more observant readers amongst you (assuming there is more than one of you) might remember that in an earlier blog I mentioned catching people having sex in a tree. The time has come (pardon the pun) to relate the whole story. I will assume that people are familiar with the concept of “dogging” (if you’re not, read this before you go any further: One evening, me and a friend, Dan, who some of you might remember from earlier blogs (Limelight and Lemon Light), decided to go “dogger dogging”, i.e. throw things at voyeurs. We were, I have to admit, a bit tiddly. There was a spot not far from Dan’s house that was very popular with the connoisseurs of this particular pastime, so we headed out to seek our quarry. Our weapon of choice: blackberries, this being during the autumn and there being a plentifully supply. We had been “sneaking” about in the bushes for a while (for “sneaking” read “stomping about in a heavy foote
3200 To Level
SHOW SOME LOVE 317718@ fubar
Being Perverted
On the subject of being perverted i have a few that really get me going. Ever see two dogs fucking and just for an instant you get horny? Or ever see a dog with his toy fucking it to tears and at that instant you get a dirty perverted thouhgt? How about if you see some couples kissing in public and just for a sec you wonder what it would be like to be in bewteen them molesting them, and wanting them to molest you just as much.? Just a thought from my dirty mind..... kisses
Health Food!!
So0o I didn't eat much today and got hungry. So0o I just cooked green beans that were frozen in a bag and a veggie burger. I am eating both plain. Blech!! Tastes like shit! But I have lost 45lbs and am lookin mighty good so0o I'll keep eating this crap I guess!
The Bells - E. A. Poe
THE BELLS I. Hear the sledges with the bells-- Silver bells! What a world of merriment their melody foretells! How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, In their icy air of night! While the stars, that oversprinkle All the heavens, seem to twinkle With a crystalline delight; Keeping time, time, time, In a sort of Runic rhyme, To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells From the bells, bells, bells, bells, Bells, bells, bells-- From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells. II. Hear the mellow wedding bells, Golden bells! What a world of happiness their harmony foretells! Through the balmy air of night How they ring out their delight! From the molten golden-notes, And all in tune, What a liquid ditty floats To the turtle-dove that listens, while she gloats On the moon! Oh, from out the sounding cells, What a gush of euphony voluminously wells! How it swells! How it dwells On the future! how i
Need New Friends As My Friends Dont Rate My Blogs Or Rate New Pics By Cam Derekxxxx
am looking for new friends i am 38 in northeast england fun town two mins walk away from beach just got own bussiness fixing and building computers. am computer literate but not a geek. am high on life lets all the world get high am asking everyone on this site its now a new hour 8.38am here in uk and am asking that it is now hour to rate and fan everyone lets rock this house and take it to he limit there should not be a happy hour but 6hours happy but i think we should be happy all the time. derek top dance lounge. my blogs are rated 10 most are blogs on blogs and the websites need votes. my pics everyone of them are a 10 or plus on there own. now my friends and family here i have new internet only been back on since yesterday got new webpics new blogs rated 10. stashs interesting. blogs on blogs to inhance yiour page to top rated. blogs on anything but anything from my blogbook. lets all on this site join hands and unite as one family as it was in he beginning. am going to
Seven Spanish Angels
True To My Word
True To My Word By Anthony Hunt Did you think I was lying? Have I ever stopped crying? Whithout you I'm just dying. My message ain't underlying. Can't get no sleep late at night. life without you ain't right. My existance a blight. But I'll stay pure as Snow White. Gonna be true to my word I don't care what you heard. You gave all the love that I need. For an eternity. I'm gonna hold to my vow: No more lovers, no how I'll be okay by myself I don't deserve no one else. You were the love of my life I wanted you for my wife But all I did was cause strife Now I'm cut like a knife With no one else I could be It'd be just you and just me. Like one and one making three Another girl? An inequality. It ain't like these words ain't real That's still how I feel. Took my heart as a thief steals And now the wounds just won't heal. Gonna be true to my word I don't care what you heard. You gave all the love that I need. For an eternity. I'm gonna hol
You Are Special
Remember that a little love goes a long way. Remember that a lot... goes forever. Remember that friendship is a wise investment. Life's treasures are people... together. Realize that it's never too late. Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Have health and hope and happiness. Take the time to wish upon a star. And don't ever forget... for even a day... How very special you are.
Rate Me Nsfw!
Why do people rate my pics NSFW? Dont look at them if you dont like them! I dont mark your pics NSFW! I dont complain when I see you trying to put a thong on an ass the size or Japan! I see those tube sock titties and I dont mark you! No more mister nice Guy! How can you mark a picture offensive if it is a cartoon? WTF! The same person that marked me had her beaver walking down the street grabbing small animals and I post 1 pic of a girl with bloody wrists and I get flagged! Maybe I need t post some dude with a big ole hairy sausage! Or maybe 2 big German shepherds humping on the corner! Some chick can post a picture of a dildo the size of a small child's leg going in her ass and I cant post a pic of a dark angel? Maybe it offends me that you keep winter bush all year round! Your page has a link to and I offend you? What about what you did with that donkey and the midget! That's not offending? I dont even want to know what you did with the hamster and the 2 liter bott
It's Finale Time: A Simulblog!...
The sixth season is over. Or it will be in about two hours. And the end is welcomed, but not before we are treated to whatever is in store before we crown Jordin or Blake and certainly not until we've critiqued and criticized every single syllable.Because THIS is American Idol.And this is a simulblog, which means I'm typing as the action is unfolding with publishes at every significant break, so if you're not in the eastern time zone and you want to be surprised, this is not the place to be. But come back and rehash all of the happenings later. It looks as though the shoutbox [again] is down for maintenance on a results night, so please feel free to chat in the comment thread._______Ryan asks if we'll crown the beatboxer from Seattle or the sweetheart from Arizona as the sixth season finale, the "night we've all been waiting for" gets underway.She was just 17, and you know what I mean... It only takes three minutes to be reminded that she's just 17 in the opening duet. The show finally
Robert M Peters
Before i start i apologize for those who are going to see this for the first time. On Friday the 20th day of July 2007, My Father Robert (bob) Peters was in a serious motorcycle accident. He is currently in Grant medical centers trauma unit in Columbus ohio. The diagnoses is less than encouraging but we are all pulling for him. I asking if all could keep him in there thoughts, he needs all the he can get. I am not going to be on line much i am spending almost all of my time with him in Columbus. When there is a change i will let all know through here, thank you for your time and all be safe. Sincerly Chris (psycoalyn)   Ok so i should have updated this long ago but my dad didn't make it he died on the 26th of July 2007 yeah told you should have updated before  
Silence...welcomed yet cursed I sit alone within these walls my thoughts wander over the events that have come to pass Such hatred built up for a time, now just turned to a coldness I never thought I could possess. As every breath is drawn over my lips, another droplet of hope, love, trust freezes over. Icicles forming where my insides once were So cold, yet anger and hatred still burn with such a fierce flame. Rational thought seems to come and go like a gift that cannot be controlled. Most moments are filled with the insanity and rage I never thought hatred would be the foremost of my emotions. It seems to have consumed the others so quickly. Visions and dreams of happy thoughts now overshadowed with destruction and vengeance. So crisp, crystal clear and vivid, it's almost as if I can taste the blood or hear the screams, feel the excitement of retribution. Each day I struggle to suppress the beast that seems to grow within me. Beating it
High School,so Long Ago
Five Things I Now Know...
...after re-watching and web-stalking "The Sound of Music"(1) Edelweiss is not a traditional Austrian song, or even popular there. The song was written for the musical. This is crushing news, as if learning that "America the Beautiful" was really done as a 1870's French rock song.(2) The musical is loosely based on the real Von Trapp Family Singers. There was a real Maria von Trapp?! Yes, there was. And she wrote a whole damn book about it -- plus had two movies done about her story previous to this film. This website gives the real backstory of the von Trapps.(3) Who can forget the stunning blue eyes of Charmian Carr as Liesl? I'd read somewhere that her eyes really are that blue but re-watching the movie, that hue seems unearthly.Charmian pretty much stepped away from films after the Sound of Music -- she too has written a book about her experiences. She became a close friend and interior designer to Michael Jackson -- designing for him a "mannequin room." Yeah, don't ask.(4
Santa's Pickup Lines
10. Hey Babe, when was the last time you did it in a sleigh? 9. Wanna see my 12-inch elf? 8. I’ve got something special in the sack for you! 7. Ever make it with a fat guy with a whip? 6. I know when you’ve been bad or good--so let’s skip the small talk, sister! 5. Some of my best toys run on batteries... 4. Interested in seeing the "North Pole"? (Well, that’s what the Mrs. calls it. 3. I see you when you’re sleeping--and you don’t wear any underwear, do you? 2. Screw the "nice" list--I’ve got you on my "naughty" list! 1. Wanna join the "Mile High" club?
On The Other Hand
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Creative Writing
CREATIVE WRITING AT ITS BEST Judy, a professional genealogical researcher, discovered that Hillary Clinton's great-great uncle, Remus Rodham, a fellow lacking in character, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889. The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows. On the back of the picture is this inscription: "Remus Rodham; horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889." Judy e-mailed Hillary Clinton for comments. Hillary's staff of professional image adjusters cropped Remus's picture, scanned it, enlarged the image, and edited it with image processing software so all that's seen is a head shot. The accompanying biographical sketch is as follows: "Remus Rodham was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory . His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with
To Be Free
Never have I felt so free, As I did the day you left me. I have to admit I did cry, But after a few days I wondered "why?" I never really Loved you. Never really cared. I never had the feeling of till death do us part. Never had that aching need for you in my heart. I know it may sound crazy and I may sound harsh, But I am so happy now that you have left my life. I can move on now, I can live my own life. I will not make the mistake again of being someone's wife. The kids are all I have now, no more worrying of what I did wrong. I finally made the brave choice to not keep stringing you along. So Say your Goodbyes, taste my lips one last time and never look back. You are free to grow now, free to burden someone else. I am so delighted to be all by myself.
Howard R. Lewis Aka Bucky
Howard R. Lewis North Huntingdon Howard R. "Buckey" Lewis, 60, of North Huntingdon, died Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2007. Son of the late Donald L. and Nettie (McComas) Lewis. Husband of the late Luanne (Folino) Lewis. Beloved father of Brittney M. and Brandon L. Lewis. Brother of Donald "Butch" (Jean) and Robin Lewis. Son-in-law of Frances and the late Anthony Sr. Folino. Brother-in-law of Pinky (Dave) Kelly, Anthony Folino and Joanne (Donald) Saula. Also survived by numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. Friends received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday and Friday at ALFIERI FUNERAL HOME INC., 208 Marguerite Ave., Wilmerding, 412-824-4331. Services will be at 9 a.m. Saturday in the funeral home, followed by Mass of Christian Burial at 10 in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. Entombment in Penn-Lincoln Memorial Park.
In Another Lifetime!!!!!!
Do you love me oh do you love me I say so Do you need me oh do you need me God I hope I get this feeling deep inside That somewhere somehow you passed me by I can't put my finger on it but The more that I see you the more that I know Everywhere you go is everywhere I've been You finish all my sentences before they begin And I know that look in your eyes It's like I've seen you before about a million times In another life, in another life maybe, in another life you must've been mine You make me feel so You make me feel so Beautiful It doesn't matter No it never matters if we're out or home We can make hours into years Wherever you go you're always here It's like I've known you from before But I'm just so happy you walked through my door I'm breathing you in I'm breathing you out You're all around me No matter what we do I wanna spend my life with you Only you Do you love me oh do you love me Say you love me oh say you love me And I know that look in y
Im Burnin Up!!!!
Every time that you're walking by I feel the vibe inside There's something about the way you are that's giving me butterflies Maybe the planets have aligned Maybe it's all in my mind So let me just introduce myself before I get too shy I've seen you in my dreams at night to you I fantasize You caught my eye, you're just so fine You caught my eye, you're just so fine I'm burning Up for you I'm burning Up for you I see diamonds in the sky Touch my hand and I can fly All this is a mystery So come on and dance with me I can't believe it's 4 a.m. Where did the time go I could sit here for days and days just hanging with you alone We got an instant history Some supernatural chemistry Can't you feel it, feel it ,oh But I'm giving you my number now before this goes too far It's getting really hot in here And soon it will be hard to say goodnight The times not right so say goodnight Before I die You make me feel Like fire Is this love or just desire You make me fe
Random =]
Don't blow my sunshine... I want the effing HARSH truth, not some pretty lie. And if you're going to message me saying some bull I don't particuarly care about, you're going to receive a few choice words from me. And eventualy be blocked. You're a waste of space on Gods green earth if you're going to judge me from this. I say, grow a brain big enough to comprhend me. Use this context to figure what's going on with my mind... Try to surprise me. Don't try to bring me down. I'll just label you as a loser with nothing better to do than take someone down with you. I don't believe it's lonely at the top. It's lonely at the bottom. There's a reason people are there. I talk way too much for my own good. Off with my head ! I don't believe you can fall in love once. There is no 'one great love' (if you're religious perhaps your love for God) I'm not high maintenance like most people think. I'd rather earn something myself than have it handed to me, expecially by a man. I like to know I
73-chemical Reaction
Can I taste you like candy on my tongue In my mind I have taken you like a sacrament Would you let me take control Show you how you should have been touched Make you slowly burn for my hands, my tongue You need this more than the air you breathe You want this more than life itself Principles of lust and the chemical reaction therein I can feel the heat you hide away between your thighs I can imagine your honey on my lips Your back arches in anticipation of where this leads Your eyes close as you know the moment is here I touch your neck and you moan and tremble Could I kiss down your neckline until I reach your hips Would you whisper in my ear things you have fantasized I am here to try and make those thoughts come to life I am here at your service just let me know what you need And I will give up my soul to see you smile
Living With Lies
Living with Lies(another poem or song I wrote) Current mood: tired Just when I thought That I was alive again My world turned upside down Will my heart ever mend I've lived in my own hate Since the day my life changed Can't turn back the times And there is no one to blame So I sink further and further Away Into the deepest,darkest depths of my hate This anger I have kept deep down inside Was built up through all of these lies Changes in life Are hard to consume But how is it hard To tell the damn truth Honesty was all I ever asked for in life But I never received it And it stings inside So I sink further and further Away Into the deepest,darkest Depths of my hate This anger I have kept deep down inside Was built up through all of these lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies
Down To The Wire!!! Lets Help Hot Momma!!!!!!!
What The Fuck!
i think im going to treat this like my myspace. have it private and only add my friends after a while. not just random people. but im not sure itf thats fun for this site to do that. i dont know. but myspace is getting old. theres a party tonight, i invited sean cause we always go to parties together but we broke up for the 67234673267465784365763856743657864357832746271th time. our 9 month anni was supposed to be tomorrow. but we'll see if this party helps bring us back together. thanks for your gay attention
Seattle Area "friends"
For those who don't know there is a huge block party on Capitol hill tonight (and tommorrow) I highly advise checking it out! If you go let me know , I'd love to hook up!! I'll be there tonight fer sure! Hollar at me!
*chorus Is Stuck In My Head*
"And He Was Laying, In An Overflowing Bathtub Of Red Water. The First And Last Time He Ever Relaxed. And They Said, He Had A Smile On His Face His Final Offer. The Steam On The Mirror Said 'I Got One More Thing To Say' "
Every Woman
Whitney Houston Videos | Music Videos | Davenport vacation rentals
Well..I went to go read earlier, and ended up falling asleep. So I just came back for a quick second to say goodnight. I am going back to bed! Sweet Dreams.
Who Would Have Sex With Me?
What Is In A Name Anyway?
Good Morning. How are you today? I am good. A Name is a name is a name right? Well perhaps not. Do you know and I know before I start I spoke of this before with weird names people choose for their children…I won’t stride down that path again but let me say this. People will pay for a name for their children…OH YEA! Here is the story, some parents feel "unprecedented levels of angst" to pick cool enough names for their kids, with some even hiring consultants, according to a June Wall Street Journal report. Baby-book authors charge clients $50 for a list of "special" names, and half-hour phone consultations go for $95. Another adviser charges $350 for three calls plus a comprehensive linguistic history of the selected name, and one California mother paid $475 to a numerologist to "test" the name Leah Marie for "positive associations." The Journal blames the problem on too much information about names (from the Internet), as well as parents' fear of dooming their child for life by insuff
3200 To Level
Im not feeling well today so ill probably only be watching for level up at happy hour.. show hersome love Woman by Birth Bitch by choice@ fubar
Lets Try Something
its called on top....u post a comment about being on top of the person below u or just put on top...i wanna see how this goes.
Contest Link Bulliten
Sitting at the Lake, I knew it was not fake, Watching the World as we seen it, Knowing we would mean it, Francis leaned back on me, Unlocking my heart and setting it free, Intense was your touch, Feeling i was serching for so much, To start out slow, What a better way to go, The water rippling bye, My mind wondering why, Francis sitting there with me, The tree's and the woods, surrounding us that day, I wish we could have stayed, the deer came out to play, Francis did not stay, Stalked them like a cat, There i watched and sat, Francis got with in a couple of feet, The deer you did meet, a few pics that you took, all i could do was look, i didnt see them much, I was longing for your touch, We left that site, Against all my might, Holding you felt right, Even when we both held each other tight, Francis is so special and kind, Truely a unique find, To have Francis would be grand, at my side i hope Francis will stand, as i drove you home, Francis held my
Mn Friends
Who Wants To Play??
ok.. not what u think... ok.. get ur head out of ur asses lol.. let play lets to get to know each other better. and let have fun.. so let the fun begin...
What Vampiric Power Do You Most Possess?
So true, so beware You scored as Telepathy, You posess the power of Telepathy!! Your mind flows far and wide to touch the one you choose. Perception100% Telepathy100% Shape shift94% Shadow walking94% Mind Control94% Charisma88% What vampiric power do you most possess?created with
Salt & Vinegar
Salt & Vinegar.....Mmm......Salt and vinegar chips! Boyfriend? What ex-boyfriend? Baby, I done drank you off of my mind! LMAO!! Fuck it! I need more alcohol!!!
This Physically Made Me Sick
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC No matter what is going on around me, It's all about the music you see. I can always go back to days gone by, hearing that certain song that makes you cry. A song to put a smile on your face. A song to remind you of a certain place Can't imagine my life without a happy verse. Life would be so much worse. A song for the broken heart. A song for a love about to start. A song to take you down the road. A song for a heavy load. In all the songs that you hear, let there be a song to always make you wish I was near Come the day when I have to leave this place. I hope a song will put a smile on your face chris
48,000 To God Mother
This Is A Good One!
This contest is worth getting excited about..... Im giving away I months VIP & a 3day blast to first place.....But wait,Im also givin away yet another 3 day blast to second place,along with party time gifts of trophies to 1st second and third.....Interested yet??? Send you photo link via private message to me and hurry cause contest begins Friday August 3rd at 700 pm and will end on Saturday,August 11th... Be a VIP for a month & Fubar blast for 3 days..... Rule for contest... 1.All contestants and voters must be a friend and fan,no exceptions(you will not be allowed to vote or enter if not) 2.Rates plus comments = total votes... self commenting is allowed & encouraged 3.Aug.3rd @ 7:00 pm thru Aug.11th @ 1:00 pm is contest duration 4.No downrating or abussive commenting the competition...if caught , you will be disqualified 5.Send your pic via private message,please no nsfw pics,they will not be used 1st Prize: a 1 months VIP & a 3 day Fubar blast 2nd
Hand N Hand
You walked with me hand in hand In the sunset on the sand Down the shore we did walk Shared our feelings as we talked To look so deeply into your eyes Made me shiver to my surprise Butterflies began to stir These are feelings of which I’m unsure To have these feelings Is hard to explain Loneliness is usually my pain Living in this world alone A world of silence Is usually made of gold But to feel your presence By my side Makes me feel Even richer inside Then to lay back In your arms so tight To feel your warmth And love is so right For I never thought I would feel this again To feel the warmth of your heated breath You are one true love I will never forget
The Professor Has A Theory...
The Professor has a theory, about a silly thing It’s all about the hummingbird and why he doesn’t sing He says, “Now take the budgey bird, you wouldn’t call him dumb His song is pretty as can be, you’ll never catch him mum But it is very different with those stupid hummingbirds The reason for their humming is, they just don’t know the words!”
My Trackz
so obviously Im gonna have kmk songs on my tracks listing lol...but im sure when u look at the rest ur gonna be like wtf?? such as maybe my etta james, smokey robinson, and heatwave oh and lil rob and pit bull....sorry thats my mexican side coming besides alot of times when im smoking i dont only just listen to kmk. It is so damn relaxing for me to drink and smoke while my oldies are playing. Thats what I grew up on so its comforting u know....people should try it...educate urself with some of that stuff
One Word Says So Many Things
You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. its easy 1. Where is your cell phone ? desk 2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? none 3. Your hair? long 4. Work? tomorrow 5. Your father? ehh 6. Your favorite thing? art 7. Your dream last night? didn't 8. Your favorite drink? dew 9. joey pedley? what? 10. The room you're in? dining 11. Your pet? alot 12. Your biggest fear? heights 13. Where did you hang out last night? here. 15. What you're not good at? sports 16. Eyebrow rings on the opposite sex? maybe 17. One of your wish list items? cds 18. Where you grew up? cranberry 19. The last thing you did? drank 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. what aren't you wearing? socks. 22. The website (filled with eBay spoofs) dunno. 23. Your computer? compaq 24. Your life? alright 25. Your mood? tired 26. Missing? friends 27. What are you thinking about right now? sw 29. Your work? gay 30. Your summer? good. 31. Your relationship st
May I Kiss You?
I ask if I may kiss you. You just smile; no answer is necessary. My initial kiss is just a flirting of our lips. My tongue lightly flicking - Like I am asking, "Do you want me?" The tip of my tongue runs all around your lips. Touching every part, Inside and out - Over and over again. Tickling you, tickle, tickle, goes my tongue. Now I press my lips gently to yours. Rubbing your lips back and forth against mine. My kisses are hot and fast. I cannot rest long in any one place. I have such a need to go on. I trail kisses of passion all over your face. Then back to your mouth. Our tongues dance together. We are exploring. I circle your tongue with the tip of mine. You echo the pattern back to me. I lick the sides, underside and the top. You echo back. I suck your lower lip. You echo back. We repeat, repeat, repeat. The sensations are driving our emotions. We are wild for each other. You thrust your tongue in and out. The movements are rhythmic and stabbing. S
Big Girls Dont Cry
Artist: Fergie Album: The Dutchess Title: Big Girls Don't Cry Da Da Da Da The smell of your skin lingers on me now Your probably on your flight back to your home town I need some shelter of my own protection baby To be with myself instead of calamity Peace, Serenity [CHORUS] I hope you know, I hope you know That this has nothing to do with you It's personal, Myself and I We've got some straightenin' out to do And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket But Ive got to get a move on with my life Its time to be a big girl now And big girls don't cry Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry The path that I'm walking I must go alone I must take the baby steps until I'm full grown Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay [CHORUS] I hope you know, I hope you know That this has nothing to with you It's personal, Myself and I We've got some straightenin' out to do And I'm gonna miss you like a chi
The Song Of Crazy Horse
The Song of Crazy Horse Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 1973 Published by: Tokala Music You took his land and you ate his corn, and on his grave your land was born. You took his pride and you fed him dirt, you wished him winter without a shirt and you called this red man savage. And after you crushed him you helped him up, to let him drink from an empty cup. You gave him the Navy without the fleet, and made him lick your hands and kiss your feet, and you named this mad dog savage. Well I found a book the other day, so I looked up red and white to see what it'd say. One was a savage the other unlearned, like a look in the mirror the tables were turned, for history has named you - savage. In the year of 65 when I was very young, we watched the dust clouds to the south we knew that you had come. We saw you build your chain of forts along the Bozeman Road, but Red Cl
Diatomaceous Earth
What is Diatomaceous Earth? Diatomaceous earth is a remarkable, all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants. Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring siliceous sedimentary mineral compound from microscopic skeletal remains of unicellular algae-like plants called diatoms. These plants have been part of the earth's ecology since prehistoric times. 30 million years ago the diatoms built up into deep, chalky deposits of diatomite. The diatoms are mined and ground up to render a powder that looks and feels like talcum powder to us. It is a mineral based pesticide. DE is approximately 3% magnesium, 33% silicon, 19% calcium, 5% sodium, 2% iron and many other trace minerals such as titanium, boron, manganese, copper and zirconium. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural (not calcined or flux calcined) compound. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural grade diatomite. However, the continual breathing of any dust should he absolutely avoided. How does it work? To insects DE is a lethal du
Any Bombers Wanna Help
This contest is tight..i wasnt bombing because i had 2 friends close but one has dropped back.So Im going to help WatchER whom is a bomber and leveler..Show him some love
Deja Vu
"Déjà Vu" (feat. Jay-Z) [Intro:] [Beyonce:] Bass [Jay-Z:] Uh [Beyonce:] Hi hat [Jay-Z:] Uh [Beyonce:] 808 [Jay-Z:] Uh [Beyonce:] Jay [Jay-Z:] Uh-huh Ready? Uh-huh [Beyonce:] Let's go get 'em [Jay-Z:] Uh-huh C'mon [Jay-Z Rap] I used to run base like Juan Pierre Now I run the bass hi hat and the snare I used to bag girls like Birkin Bags Now I bag B ([Beyonce:] Boy you hurtin' that) Brooklyn Bay where they birthed me at Now I be everywhere, the nerve of rap The audacity to have me whipping curtains back Me and B, she about to sting Stand back [Verse 1] Baby seems like everywhere I go I see you, from your eyes, your smile It's like I breathe you, helplessly I reminisce Don't want to compare nobody to you [Pre-Hook] Boy, I try to catch myself But I'm out of control Your sexiness is so appealing I can't let it go Oh [Hook] Know that I can't get over you 'Cause everything I see is you And I don't want no substitute Baby I swear it's Deja Vu
Jose Feliciano - "que Sera"
In The Bed
On the bed...All alone Only the street lights shining The sounds of my sweet moans mixed with soft whining I luv the feel of my fingertips Piercing my wet hotness,making me grind my strong hips Slowly rubbing my swollen clit in a circular motion Juices so silky and smooth,feel just like lotion All in between my fingers I stop and wait while the wetness lingers Bringing my hand to my lips for a quick taste Now my pu**y is throbbing with such haste I place my hand back in it's familiar place Thrusting deep in and out,sweat pouring down my face Now it is time to open my wetness nice and wide As my juices squirt out enough to soak my sheets like the beach during an evening tide!
She Says Not Much Fuss.....
Which Star Trek Charachter Am I?
Your results:You are Deanna Troi Deanna Troi 100% Uhura 80% Chekov 50% Beverly Crusher 50% An Expendable Character (Redshirt) 50% Geordi LaForge 45% Will Riker 40% Jean-Luc Picard 40% James T. Kirk (Captain) 40% Leonard McCoy (Bones) 35% Spock 22% Worf 20% Data 17% Mr. Scott 15% Mr. Sulu 10% You are a caring and loving individual. You understand people's emotions and you are able to comfort and counsel them. Click here to take the "Which Star Trek character am I?" quiz...
Rock Interviews
Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read. - Frank Zappa
Thought Of The Day 3
You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat. - Albert Einstein
Dallas Football Schedule For 2007
2007 Preseason Schedule DATE OPPONENT (TV BROADCAST) TIME TICKETS Thu Aug 9 INDIANAPOLIS (FOX) 7:00 pm Tickets Sat Aug 18 DENVER (Blue Star Media) 7:00 pm Tickets Sat Aug 25 @ Houston (Blue Star Media) 7:00 pm Travel Thu Aug 30 @ Minnesota (Blue Star Media) 7:00 pm Travel 2007 Regular Season Schedule DATE OPPONENT (TV BROADCAST) TIME TICKETS Sun, Sep 9 NY GIANTS (NBC) Sponsored By PEPSI 7:15 pm Tickets Sun, Sep 16 @ Miami (FOX) 3:05 pm Travel Sun, Sep 23 @ Chicago (NBC) 7:15 pm Travel Sun, Sep 30 ST. LOUIS (FOX) Sponsored By FORD Noon Tickets Mon, Oct 8 @ Buffalo (ESPN) 7:30 pm Travel Sun, Oct 14 NEW ENGLAND (CBS) 3:15 pm Tickets Sun, Oct 21 MINNESOTA (FOX) Noon Tickets Sun, Oct 28 BYE WEEK Sun, Nov 4 @ Philadelphia (NBC) 7:15 pm Travel Sun, Nov 11 @ NY Giants (FOX) 3:15 pm Travel Sun, Nov 18 WASHINGTON (FOX) Sponsored By DR PEPPER Noon Tickets Thu, Nov 22 NY JETS (CBS) Sponsored By MILLER 3:15 pm Tickets Thu, Nov 29 GREEN BAY (NFL) 7:15
as you all know i am here for drama free fun. that doesnt seem to be happening. i dont apprecate get hounded when i dont feel good about something i said i would do. i thought there were good people out there who actually cared about peoples well being instead of themselves. if this drama and harassment continue i will be leaving fubar.
Just Writing
What was heard day in and day out, you're fat, you're stupid, you are a nobody, and mean nothing. Shut up I am watching t.v. I don't want to hear about it. Birthdays being forgotten, no one caring you're a year older. Feeling worthless and not wanting to be around. Contemplaiting suicide, but to scared to do it. Getting bitched at because you can't speak your mind from all the mental abuse. Shutting down when things get bad and just crying constantly. Fighting tears just to get a word out, and feel like you are sounding stupid and fearing the person you are arguing with thinks your stupid. Not feeling loved and feeling rejected by all. Happiness being a facade so everyone will stop asking what's wrong, being tired of answering the question over and over again. You see them, and think they are the happiest person in the world, but then behind closed doors, you'd never recognize them. Do any of you think you really, truely know the REAL me? With my facade? No one knows the real me. W
When Love Left You For Dead....
If you love them set them free, if they come back its meant to be.... thats the old fable, its tried and true.. But when they dont come back what the fuck do you do? Do you sit there hoping, praying and dreaming? Letting life pass you by while u sit there believing? And what do you do after a long times passed, when you finally decide to get up off your ass? You start partying teasing playing and taunting but in the back of your mind the memorys haunting so you try to move forward but still you digress. back to their perfect Kiss and caress. Back before they put love to the test... Back in their arms in the morning. after making love in the evening.. back before all the tears when they said they were leaving So what the fuck do you do when you cant stop hoping? U just look down at the stash of shit you've been smoking... And what the fuck do you do when you cant stop praying? U think of the game of russian roulette u were playing... u look at the scars on your legs and
Rainbow- Gates Of Babylon
Look away from the sea I can take you anywhere Spend a vision with me A chase with the wind Move closer to me I can make you anyone I think youre ready to see The gates to babylon The power of what has been before Rises to trap you within A magic carpet ride a genie maybe more A city of heavenly sin Sleep with the devil and then you must pay Sleep with the devil, the devil will take you away Oh gates of babylon You can see but youre blind Someone turned the sun around But you can see in your mind The gates of babylon Youre riding the endless caravan Bonded and sold as a slave A saber dance removing all the veils Getting as good as you gave A saber dance removing all the veils Getting as good as you gave Sleep with the devil and then you must pay Sleep with the devil, the devil will take you away Look away from the sea I can take you anywhere Spend a vision with me A chase with the wind Move closer to me I can make you anyone I think youre ready
Blog Review: Blood Will Tell
Blood Will Tell was a bit of a challenge for me. We all know that I'm unfairly picky about romance and erotica. But I read a few of the excerpts and I figured there was no better time to take a chance. Blood Will Tell is a somewhat typical vampire tale with dialog to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, chemistry to make the breath catch in your throat and spicy sex scenes beautiful enough to make you cry and hot enough to steam windows at the same time. Quinn is not satisfied with women who submit at the first sign of a good romp in bed, flowery euphemisms for people parts or titillating actions, nor for males who mistake chauvinism or manipulation for heroism. The characters in Blood Will Tell are vocal, headstrong, not willing to undercut themselves and full of a delightfully yummy need. Blood Will Tell has enough plot to make it more than sex, but not to overpower its true story of two people, caught up in dangerous times and carnal needs. Using a familiar cre
Stare 1:44am Wednesday, May 16
The same smileless face. The same tattered boots. The same shaky hands, delicately pulling on a not-so-special pair of black sock. All in an all too familiar reflection. Stare at him. Stare long and hard. He is no stranger, you think you know him very well. Every scar, every blemish, the lackluster eyes, the yellowing teeth, the unkempt hair, stare. As you blink, recreate the image in your mind, just for a split second. X-Ray imagine you can see the neurons firing. Ride nerves on a highway called memory, do this as you stare at him. His two rings, both quite expensive, both very plain. They mean a lot to him. Remember the necklace she made him. Remember the CDs she gave him. Remember her hand he held. Stare. Amplify the wrinkles in his forehead. Justify his emotionless stature. Hope you are the only one who sees him this way. Stare. The same wide nose. The same closed lips, not pursed, not relaxed. The same chicken legs. The same muscular arms. Inhale deep and watch his chest expand, e
Bwuahhaa Another -moved- 25 :p (floodin The Blogs Floodin The Blogs)
1. I still spin in circles until I get dizzy and fall down. 2. My favorite past time is fishing. Not because I catch anything- but any excuse to spend an entire day drinking beer on a lake is an awesome thing to me. 3. I never catch anything. 4. I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska for awhile , that was cool. Luckily I didnt have to depend on my fishing prowess. 5. I want to go fishing. 6. I've never been Ice fishing. That could be fun. and cold. very cold. {lol} 7. I hate fish {lol} I don't eat the stuff. 8. okay okay I'll get off the fish kick. 9. My jeans are my favorite dress. 10. I don't watch tv- like ever. {lol} 11. I still play dress up with no where to go- I'm not sure why. Typically I'll change into my jeans as soon as I get someplace to go. 12. I used to grow pot for a living. I don't anymore though. (I swear) 13. sometimes I wish I still did. 14. I'm masochistic at times- most of the time. 15. I think blogging is a weird way of soul
Im am so getting irritated by some of the attention whores on here, I dont know why,I just wanna choke the fuck out of some people on here,I mean you aint shit in real life, why you gotta come on here and think your all that? I dont know, read my blog before this one and I guess you will see why Im so frustrated..blah blah blah, I think the heats gettin to me, its 10:50pm here and 90 degrees so I cant sleep, so Im rambling on in a blog.
Running Away
"Running Away" I don't want you to give it all up And leave your own life collecting dust And I don't want you to feel sorry for me You never gave us a chance to be And I don't need you to be by my side To tell me that everything's alright I just wanted you to tell me the truth You know I'd do that for you So why are you running away? Why are you running away? Cause I did enough to show you that I Was willing to give and sacrifice And I was the one who was lifting you up When you thought your life had had enough And when I get close, you turn away There's nothing that I can do or say So now I need you to tell me the truth You know I'd do that for you So why are you running away? Why are you running away? Is it me, is it you Nothing that I can do To make you change your mind Is it me, is it you Nothing that I can do Is it a waste of time? Is it me, is it you Nothing that I can do To make you change your mind So why are you running away? Why are you runni
Ok well last night I sat endlessly looking at a growing list of empty I have thinned out my list some and will be thinning out a lot more to come. Don't like having friends who choose not to try their best to keep in touch with me...seems to be a useless thing to have so many people on a friend's list that I have no clue as to who they are and for those people to not have a desire to get a clue of who I from now on I shall be picky who I add to my friends list....only those who actually show genuine interest in wanting to know me will be there. I true wish blessings upon those who have graced my page and will send blessings to those to come. And those that are on my friend's and family list shall be bombarded with blessings from me! In light and love always, Paulette
Poetry... Misc..... Blagh....
>Untitled< I don't know why I feel this way. I know exactly what to say. The drugs have eaten my brain, And left some lint in it's place. Now I can't forget the pictures of your face. I'll remember the memories of that day. I wish that it could stay this way Forever and always. I don't know why the pain went away. But I know that at the end of the day. That even if I've gone insane I'll still see your face. Now I forget what I say..... I'll remember the memories of that day. I wish that it could stay this way Forever and always. I love you. Oh I love you, And I don't why. I can't explain it but I, Know I love you. Despite what I say, I know I love you. Now I know that I'm on cloud nine I wish that you will always be mine. Forever and always. Because I love you. I'm falling faster down this hole... I know that when I hit the ground, It's cuz I let go, and will you still hear the sound Of my voice... If I've made my choice... Forget what

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