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Here Cums Santa
Giving you all a whitr X-MAS
To All Wvu Fans
Twas the week before Christmas, In the Land of the Eer's. WVU fans were angry, And some were in tears. The cause of their anger, Was because of a man. Who had been a hero, To each WVU fan. Rich Rod was the coach, Of their football team. He had helped them to reach, For the championship dream. They believed in his wisdom, And trusted him too. He was their leader, What else were they to do? All of his players, Looked up to this man. They followed his orders, And stuck to his plan. They ran the spread offense, Just as he had taught. But they soon were to learn, It all had been for naught. The Mountaineers were successful, And they won the Big East. But little did they know, That their coach was a beast. But then came "Black Friday." When we all were to learn. That Rich Rod was leaving, His bridges to burn. He was going to scUM, To be their new coach. Was this the same man, That they held above reproach? The coach they had trusted, Had
Movie-mr. Mongorium
this was a great movie. makes you laugh and cry. nice efffects. all ages will enjoy it
She's Only A Few Fans Away...
She's a great friend of mine and will return the favor. cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH ~2nd Alarm Hotties~ {Co-owner of Rate Spankers} ~ {Club F.A.R.}@ fubar
The ocean is the place of origin for all life. Especially in Jungian interpretation, this is a place of creativity, fertility, and birth. There is also a lingering sense humans have of rising up out of the collective origins of life in the oceans. It is easy to see the Darwinian influence of these ideas. More importantly, it is easy to see the lack of connection some dreamers could have with this approach to dream interpretation. Given the widespread popularity of boating, scuba diving, and cruise vacations, numerous people have experiences with the ocean that were not available in the past. It may be that the dreamer has one of these connections to the ocean, rather than a general perception of fertility. For some, the ocean can impart a sense of fear and foreboding, especially if they can't swim. Its ultimate vastness, coupled with their lack of swimming ability, can appear in a dream as a reflection of some insurmountable struggle they may be having in waking life.
Merry Christmas To All Of My Gorgeous Precious Friends
Click It, No Its Not About A Fawkin Lounge
wow. check it out its where ya can find me, if im afk from here
From Me To You My Friends
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Dec 25
December 25, 2007 Quote of the Day "I make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes." – Sara Teasdale
X Mas Love
This time of year is like no other day. A time for family, friends, memory's and lots of laughter. I wanted too pimp out some friends that make Fubar a place where we all want too log back in everyday. I wish I could pimp out all of my friends because they are all special. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and look forward too the New year. Stop by leave some love then will return it back too you. Orly? The Official FUBAR Owl ~@ fubar A m N e S i A@ fubar Johnnydevil@ fubar ~yeahmon~[Shadow Leveler]~Please read profile and sign guestbook~@ fubar LilBamaGirl~♪WRR Fan♪~Shadow Leveler@ fubar Ben DoveЯ®™@ fubar ♥ Arkansas Vixen ♥ aka SxyLisa/ OWNED by BhamBuggy@ fubar Jim~D.S.C.~Fu hubby to Mystêfyï~
Sex Is Not Everything.
Understanding that sex isn't everything, people sometimes miss the point. Sex is a huge part of any relationship. It is sometimes the driving force that brings two people together. The complete and utter loss of control that accompanies that feeling of excitement. Yet how is it that a one can live on a realtionship just purely on sex? Can you sit back and not have any mental compatibility with someone after you have just screwed the hell out of them? I have been there. I have had that feeling of complete sexual attraction but no mental compatibility at all. Lately it is coming about that I have lost all intrest in the whole idea of sex just being sex. I want more. I don't want to come home with someone, roll around in the sheets and call it a day. Now don't get me wrong, I love having everything and anything done but I want to be able to talk the next morning. Not that awkward silence that accompanies most times. Tell me that when we wake up you are actually going to carry on a
Ugh, Friggin Bored.
I have no clue where Ruby ran off to. I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee today and I'm still tired. Whatcha'll doin?
Bound & Collared - New Meaning
What made her stay in the marriage? Was it the children? Was it the vows, or worse, guilt? Whatever it was, it trapped her in a life that both gave her joy in children but also chained her to the post. =============================================== Although she wanted to be His and He put forth small gestures to show that He wanted her... this was something she accepted yet left her restless; more alone than ever. Every night she waited for just a little more; a tug of the collar, a demand that denoted His ownership. It was evident though, that this wouln't happen. He hid in the darkness, knew her moves, yet stayed away. She, alit to Him, watching; in her mind, pacing. Her need to be closer made her suspicious, jealous, sad... She felt He knew this, yet still held away. He had His reasons. Reasons she struggled to accept because deep down, she knew, He was probably right. What then did the future hold? Did He really extend the collar that bound her to Him or h
Run For Your Life!
Back to work from 30th. Well, life goes on....but nothing going to change. Its the same old me...back in full swing at thursday & poof at saturdays. Dont know how my poor gprs could support....but, looking forward to it. Cheers. Leo
No One Gets Left Behind
Trailors...parked everywhere Solemn faces...with empty stares Still waiting...for someone to care... Young men and old men...trying to stay warm Women and children...they must keep from harm Suddenly...someone sounds an alarm... They're running, running aimlessly Looking, looking for a sign you see Frightened of what they've become Not wanting to be the only ones... Left behind...Left behind... Trash can fires...flickering high and hot Lonely in a parking lot Still all they've got... Little children...huddle tight... Mommies rocking babies...all through the night Praying, praying...for someone to bring some light... They're running, running aimlessly Looking, looking for a sign you see Frightened of what they've become Not wanting to be the only ones... Left behind...Left Behind... It's you, you who holds the key You, you are the sign they seek You, you can calm their hearts You, you'll bring them a fresh new start Y
My body rested and contoured into my bed, as a long day had left me exhausted. I reached over to the alarm, setting it again to screech its familiar song at 5:30 a.m. As my eyes closed, I heard a sound downstairs. I couldn't tell whether it was exhaustion that made me believe the sound was the back door,.. but I locked the back door... I started downstairs, grabbing the baseball bat along the way. Unless this intruder had a gun, I was going to fuck up his world... I debated again whether it really was the front door as I walked slowly down the stairs. I had just washed the dishes, and left them precariously piled upon the drainer, just asking to fall and scare the hell out of me. I was still thinking this when a large hand wrapped itself around my mouth from behind me, covering my whole mouth, and most of my nose. This was a very large man, who found it very important that I not scream and his large hand was way too close to my throat for comfort. After an initial squeal of
Ten Facts About Pit Bulls Every One Should Know
Ten Facts About Pit Bulls Every One Should Know 1. Pit Bulls are commonly used as therapy dogs. Whether they are visiting a senior care facility or helping someone recover from an emotional accident, Pit Bulls are making a mark as outstanding therapy dogs. 2. Pit Bulls are used in Search and Rescue work. One example of well known SAR Pit Bulls is Kris Crawford and her dogs. Kris and her dogs have helped save the lives of many people during their efforts. 3. Pit Bulls serve as narcotic and bomb sniffing dogs. One Pit Bull, Popsicle (named that because he was found in an old freezer) has the largest recorded single drug find in Texas history. Read more about Popsicle here. Including how he found over 3,000 lbs of cocaine in Hildago, Texas. 4. Pit Bulls are great with kids. They weren't referred to as the "nanny's dog" for nothing that's for sure. 5. Pit Bulls are not human aggressive. The American Pit Bull Terrier as a breed is not human aggres
Why Can't Men Just Listen, Observe And Learn......?
Why is it that when a girl gets upset at a man and doesn't want to talk to them that the guy is always to blind or stupid to see what he did that may have upset her in the first place? No instead they just keep pushing and pushing and pushing until, they push the girl too far. Men need to realize that when a girl is upset it is usually for a very specific lagitamat reason, and there heart or the emotions have been hurt in some way by them....but if they didnt care about them in some small way they wouldn't have been able to hurt them in the first place. Men need to sit back and observe the things that they do and say... the things that effect the girl they are aroung and know that when they make a mistake and hurt her that they may need to just figure out what is wrong themselves and act accordingly, because they girl may not always be able to talk and tell them right away what is wrong...It may just hurt to much at that moment. I am not saying all men are this way, and
If I Cry,Will You Be There To Comfort Me,If I'm Hurting,Will You Be There,To Take Away The Pain.When I Need You,Can I Count On You Being Here... Did I Hurt You In Any Way? "If So",Please Accept My Apology.At Times,When I Couldn't Be There For You,Juz Know That,In Life,We All Make Some Good Choices,As Well As Bad,And I Feel Like,Missing The Chance To Know More Of You,Is The Biggest Regret,I've Eva Experienced,Of Having In My Life,So Through This Learning Experience,I've Humble Myself More,And Appreciate,The Beauty Of Life,Even More Than Eva.I Thank You,"Love" For Entering Into My Life,And,Accepting And Loving EVERY Inch Of Me,From My Private Laid Back Side,To My Business Travels,All The Way Up,In Loving Me Even More,As,You Were Blessed With,Receiving That Naughty,Erotic,And Very Creative,Sexy Side Of Me,That,Only A Few Have Gotten To Taste.My King,My King,Your Queen Awaits You...
When You Are Right
When you are right no one remembers. When you are wrong no one forgets.
Test Your Love Compatibility With A Cancer Person
Test your love compatibility with a Cancer person Quiz Free Fun Quizzes at My Result Was: You seem to be compatible with a Cancer person. Good luck for a great relationship ahead.
Hotness And Sexiness On Fubar
Have You Ever?
have u ever felt like... like your life is going places you dont want it to... like you have no control over your life... like noone is on ur side... like there is NOONE else out there like you... like you are hiding... like everyone is looking at you... but not seeing you... like you have to put on a different face around people... like everyone is making fun of you... pointing... laughing... like you are a ball of rage... with a nice exterior... like you want to hit something... but something is someone... like everyone has someone else but you... like you are friends with everyone... but noones (close) friend like you are just the "friend"... like no matter how hard you try you will never b the guy in the shining armor... like no matter how hard you try u will never get the girl of ur dreams... like everyone else is getting what they want... and u get whats left over... Like ugh! well your NOT alone!
Justice For All On Court Tv
Pre-Paid Legal Media Spotlight Event JUSTICE FOR ALL | ACCESSING THE PROMISE Pre Paid Legal will be featured on Court TV! Justice for all is a nice idea, but does it really happen in our courtrooms when lawyer fees seem to be outside of the average person’s budget? The majority of injustices never find their way into the courtroom. As life happens around us, there are times when unfairness rears its ugly head. The examples are limitless: * a company denies a warranty claim * a service provider overcharges a client * a credit card company takes advantage of a person they claim to want to help * and thousands more… When it happens, perhaps we make a few calls, talk to a few supervisors, but sadly, most of us are forced to pay the fee of whatever injustice that day brought and move on. It doesn’t have to work that way. More than 3 ½ decades ago Pre-Paid Legal became a pioneer in the legal industry and today provides access to justice for common, and n
Um... What?
Yeah. I don't even know what to think. Tonight is... I dunno. I'm not in a bad mood... I'm just... huh? Seriously... I don't really know what's going on. No... no... I'm completely 100% sober. What's that? Well... I don't really know what I'm talking about. Yes, I'm fine. No, I didn't hit my head. What kinda dumb question is that? Voices? I don't hear any voices. What the fuck are you on? You're scarin' me. No, seriously... you need to get on some meds. Oh... you were just asking a question. What? Um... really now... what's with the twenty questions? Dammit... I'm confused. Anyway... what are you doing later?
The Hunt
The cool autumn wind was tugging gently at our skin as we walked. The old railway bed, that we followed, wound its way quietly along the side of the mountain, making a good path for many hikers. I was thankful that this time of the year the people were gone, feeling a lot safer knowing there were not as many people in the woods as in other seasons. I could see thin layers of ice on the puddles from yesterdays rain. The ground crunched under my weight as the frosts had hardened it. I watched the ground for any sign of big game that may have crossed or followed the trail. The sun was still low in the morning sky, filtering down through leaves that were already wearing their autumn colors. In the distance I could hear the roar of the mighty river that followed the old tracks, both parts of the history of the area. My gun laid cradled across my arms, the barrel aimed harmlessly at the ground. My ears paid attention to every sound that was around, filtering out the ones that were meaning
I Want You
So close You are like a mystery Sweetness that I want to taste now Can I just gently touch your lips Oh God, I longed to adore those lips I want you I want to be on top of you Gently lowered myself I want you Kissing me as you filled all of you inside me Pull me in to your world As you make me screams and soaking wet I want you Your strong arms to explore my body Awaken the desires in me With every of your touch Just hold me Wrap me in your passion and set my soul on fire Make sweet love to me Make me your destiny Surrendering to you My sweet love
MY LIVING WILL Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug." So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a witch.
January 1, 2008
so, i just wanted to say happy new year to everyone...i hope you all have an amazing year, best of luck with everything you do, and want to do. *peace*love*happiness* to you all! -♥-always- Miranda :X
My Birthday
When you all read this It will be January 2nd 2008 which is my birthday anyways just thought that I would say something about it later.
Not A State Of Emergency? When Will It Be?
Here is another blog entry that I posted in my Myspace sometime back. ------------------------------------------------- Again, another blog of mine that has the "current mood" set to something on the angry side. A couple of states have declared the their states in an emergency due to the border control problem that we are having here. If anyone seems to think that we don't have a problem, you really need to have your head examined. The part of the state of emergency that I am referring to is not the fact that terrorists see our border control a fucking joke, and that it is an easy way into our own backyard, but the problem with us having to fund the illegals that are running about in our state, much less country. I am sure that every state has a some of these fools to deal with, but I know that Texas has a really bad problem with it. I love this issue with my friend Robin. It is one of the few political views that we both agree on and can really into. Her husband is cu
~~touchin~~play Music While Reading!!
The end of your finger tips~~ Softly circlin' my lips~~ Runnin' your hands through my hair~~ you givin' me a sexy stare~~ With a gentle yet strong touch of a man~~ Down my back goes your hand~~ Feel the softness of my ass~~ This is turnin' me on and I want it to last~~ Around the front you go caressin' my breast~~ I'm breathin' real hard my heart is beatin' through my chest~~ A soft moan & I close my eyes~~ As I feel your hand between my thighs~~ I'm creamy with antisipation that I can't hide~~ Cuz I know you will soon be ~~Touchin~~ me inside~~ KB~~*
Iron is traditionally held as the ore of judgment or power. Thor's hammer was made completely of iron. When Thor wields his hammer of iron, the power is fearsome. If a person is characterized as iron fisted, they are powerful and dictatorial. To dream of iron can mean a dream of being judged or sitting in judgment of others. Either way, the iron object is the power icon for whoever is in control of it. It may also have to do with the building of a home, or thoughts about building a solid foundation with regard to career, relationships, or general perspective on life.
Unfortunate Thing
Unfortunate Thing Here is the tale of Unfortunate Thing Whom I found in our garden shed He’s seven foot two, with shiny black nose And horns on the top of his head Unfortunate Thing wore a fine suit of scales Which hadn’t been polished for years All covered in dust and speckles of rust From endless showers of tears Reclined on a large sack of compost A vision of gloom and despair Alone in the shadows, sat sobbing Needing some comfort and care “Poor Thing” said I, “What’s the problem – whatever is troubling you?” And proceeded to give him a cuddle (….which proved quite a hard thing to do) Whilst blowing his nose on some sacking Still sobbing, he tried to explain How his rather unfortunate features Had caused all his troubles and pain “I love all the creatures of nature – I love all their beauty and grace But they all run and hide when they see me arrive Because of my hideous face” “And oh, when I look at the flowers My ugliness they cannot stand I pick
Harley Queen
hopefully by posting a blog , i won't be freshmeat for too much longer.....laffs
Fan,add & Rate Her She Went From 19 To Freshmeat
ForestRican: When I signed on today I seen that my level was back at freshmeat 0 and I was at level 19 and could smell level 20 lol when I signed off last night. I have all my friends and stuff ...I had like 9 people join and they don't have that listed for me either....I went to the support lounge and there were a few other people in there screaming the same thing...All they said was write to teh support peeps...I cant even rate pics lol I ran out lol I forgot how sorry it is at the bottom... YOU ALL PLZ SHOW SOME LOVE TO FORESTRICAN SHE WAS AT LEVEL 19 THEN FOUND HERSELF THIS MORNING AT FRESHMEAT PLZ AND TY ForestRican@ fubar
If You Don't Like Me, Tough!!!!!
This is just for those in the past and a few now that like to make fun of me for the way i look, act and what i watch and listen to. I like movies that make me cry, so what, does that make me a wuss, i think not! I like soft rock music, not had rock, But for some reason you still mock I like Clay Aiken music, that doesnt make me gay, can u explain how it does, if u may. I write poetry, it calms me down, but those few still brought me down. so i guess i am tryin to say, If u dont like me, then stay away. I don't need that in my life right now, I have too many people who do care, So do me a favor, and get out of our hair. cause when it comes down to importance, My friends are always there, so make fun of me now, if u dare. U may of made my life rough, But now i can say, IF U DON'T LIKE ME, TOUGH!!!!!!!!!
Spirit's Den Now Open
Hello We Would Like To Invite Everyone To Come By And Check Out The SPIRIT'S DEN LOUNGE Frindly People Good Music Good Conversation! So Stop By And Hang With The Spirit's
Update On Queen Contest!
Just a note to inform everyone including contestants and bombers. A picture was reported nfw to fubar and it was replace with a new picture. Please to let everyone know will be watching for any form of cheating thru the duration of the contest! Wish every one good luck........................! CONTEST ON THE 30TH FOR THE SEXIEST QUEEN ON FABUR!@ fubar
I Am Worth Exactly $2,518,824 - Fun Quizzes
Post By Invisible Friend Materialised To Spew On About Chain Mail - Well He Was Neurotic Before He Had Them!
This is a brilliant tongue in cheek dig at people who wish to cause total neuroses and who send Chain Mail. WRITTEN BY ANON. (Whoever anon is) Dear All: My thanks to all those who have sent me emails this past year. I must send my thanks to whomever sent me the one about rat s**t in the glue on envelopes because I now have to use a wet towel with every envelope that needs sealing. Also, I now have to scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason. I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl (Penny Brown) who is about to die in the hospital for the 1,387,258th time I no longer have any money at all, but that will change once I receive the $15,000 that Bill Gates/Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating in their special e-mail program.... Or from the senior bank clerk in Nigeria who wants to split $7 million with me for pretending to be a long lost relative of a customer who died in testate. I no longer worry about my soul
New Virus Warning
This just in : NEW VIRUS WARNING If you receive an e-mail with a subject line of "Badtimes," delete it immediately WITHOUT reading it. This is the most dangerous Email virus yet. It will re-write your hard drive. Not only that, but it will scramble any disks that are even close to your computer. It will recalibrate your refrigerator's coolness setting so all your ice cream melts and milk curdles . It will demagnetize the strips on all your credit cards, reprogram your ATM access code, screw up the tracking on your VCR and use subspace field harmonics to scratch any CDs you try to play. It will give your ex-boy/girlfriend your new phone number. It will mix antifreeze into your fish tank. It will drink all your beer and leave its dirty socks on the coffee table when there's company coming over. It will hide your car keys when you are late for work and interfere with your car radio so that you hear only static while stuck in traffic. Badtimes will make you fall in love with
Doing Well (finding Soulmate Continued0
Things are going well. I am happy. Me and my soulmate are getting along well. We are actually planning on getting married in another year. I am really looking forward to it. In my past I have been engaged but never actually gone through with it. I have always been afraid to take the final step. With my current love that is not the case. He sets me at ease in a way that I have never experienced before. I hope everyone finds this kind of love. And as far as my past partners go?... I wish them nothing but the best and I harbor no hard feelings towards any of them.
Going Backwards To Go Forwards Again. That Is What Happens When You Run Before You Can Walk 20th December 2007.
Going backwards to go forwards again. That is what happens when you run before you an walk. 20th December 2007. Well, it is agreed and a relief really to know what a seizure will be like. This was something that had worried my Husband because he had no idea what would happen if and when I had a seizure again. It was a seizure and my husband had, unbeknown to me, recorded the part from my last black out, which I was unaware of. Following an appointment with my Neurologist it has been confirmed that it was an epileptic seizure due to how my eyes were. They seemed strange on the video when I looked at it and there was the abnormal breathing, if you could call it breathing. It was more like gasping and spluttering. Yet I remember doing that breathing but was unable to actually stop doing it. It seems that following surgery the course of a seizure can indeed change. My Neurologist was straight to the point and said that these seizures needed halting now before the brain got i
Me And My Beautiful Wife
imikimi - Customize Your World
One More For The Road?
imikimi - Customize Your World
My Good Friend....she One Of A Kind...
imikimi - Customize Your World
From A Fallen Flower
a heart shaped box little and light a dozen red petals two sprigs of white pain and love both symbolized the beauty of death is realized twelve young roses early in their life a gift of them was made to your future wife a petal from each my tears did reach and so i have them here though innocence is long betrayed it too inside my box i layed from a bouquet withered and dead from a fallen flower into a terra cotta bed
Tat2ed Bitches !!!
In my sleep I dream of you Picturing the dirty things we do... Wanting more and nothing less In my head... it's you I undress Wanting SO BAD to come home Praying that we're actually ALONE But, the phone ring's off the hook; text coming in... You're some girls crook Lying to them, while you lay in bed with me Your actions seem pretty silly... Why the lies I'll never know You lead them on, and give a good show TO ALL MY MAN'S TOYS, just have you know I'm sucking his dick while YOU'RE on the phone It's me he sleeps with every night though in you he may seem to confide... I brought him here and THAT'S where he's gonna stay... So FUCK YOU BITCHES... GO AWAY
B-day!!!!! Soon!!!!
Hey everyone,, you know my B-Day is tomorrow so hope everyone getting me something for B-Day so gimme all what you got mmm love ya all ;-)
Dark Angel
He looks out over the city, enjoying the silence the night brings, he used to hide his heart so well, hid behind cold stares. Noone saw the man within, only the dark angel he is, he once thought strength was not feeling, now he fights to feel. Where he once was , was cold and harsh empty, he didnt realize how empty, til he felt the warmness overtake him. he slides off his shirt, there are scars no one can see, not visiable to the naked eye, but his wings are there. ppl often wonder what side he is on, the dark tries to claim him, well the light says no he is mine, he is on his own side. He turns and walks to the bed, often wonders what happened, how did he become to feel, to awaken to all. In his mind he is no angel, but to her he is, how can she believe that, he asks himself. for she sees him differently, the man within, his breath stops, his heart skips a beat. he hangs his head covers his face, worries hit him hard, what if
Tell Me What You Think
I was walking along the canal when I came upon the obvious,I am alone in this world!I choose the truth or the lie.Reality is truth.The present this moment, is where truth dwells, lives, resides, is. Anything outside this moment is not truth it is fantasy. Is it insane to dwell outside this moment,That which tries to persuade us to be outside this moment,is it in fact giving us bait to persuade us to go into insanity.The bait can be anything from an attractive person to plan for a later. how many of us accept this bait, leave reality,the present,and go into a fantasy. I was once asked if it is allright to look at a pretty woman? the anserw is yes. it is not right to go into a fantasy about her, now or later. A simple awareness of that person and then the continuation of the task at hand, is what life in reality is. being out of the monent is crazy, is it not? Where do you want to be? We see people being mental often, by walking into things or driving into or over things,just as those mo
Black Forest Brownies
Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 45 min Makes: 36 servings, 1 brownie each 1 pkg. (20 to 23 oz.) brownie mix 4 cups JET-PUFFED Miniature Marshmallows 20 maraschino cherries, drained, coarsely chopped (about 1/2 cup) 3 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate, melted PREPARE brownie batter and bake in 13x9-inch baking pan as directed on package for cake-like brownies. TOP hot brownies with marshmallows. Bake an additional 3 to 4 minutes or until marshmallows just begin to melt. SPRINKLE with cherries; drizzle with melted chocolate. Cool completely. Cut into 36 brownies to serve.
~it's Amazing What Ppl Come Up With~
What A Clip - Click here for funny video clips
Long Live The Flting Spaghetti Monster come on folks help my city grow long live The Flying Spaghetti Monster
The Spirit Den Lounge We are now hiring for all positions, greeters, bartenders and bouncers! Come become part of the staff of the fastest growing lounges on fubar! We will be a 24/7 club, need people for all hours of the day! Please contact! ۞Painter{DSC۞D&DC۞ Owner~Founder Spirit Levelers۞Owner Spirit Den Lounge&#@ fubar Or **BaldPunk**Manager of Spirits Den Lounge-Co-Founder of Spirit Levelers**@ fubar Or simply click the banner and come in to the lounge, someone will be there to help you! Dont forget to bring your friends, family and fans to the fastest growing lounge on fubar! Music Provided By:The Original Fubar Funny Man Jokers Wild & Snake Bite Radio
New Lounge
What's going on? Please do me a favor and come join this lounge? Just join and come in from time to time and no drama.
It's Good To Be Home
After all the shit I had to lay on the line for signing up for the army, they discharged me. My Drill Sgt.s at Fort Jackson filed the paperwork for Early Entry Separation (AKA General Discharge. Why did they do that? I kept getting failing scores on my PT test. They gave me the option to go back in 6 months, but I've decided to head to college instead. I have no harsh feelings towards the Army. They did their part, I did mine. Shit just didn't work out in my favor. I guess it must have been fate, I dunno, but it was worth it. I was able to get back in shape, learned to defend myself better, became a sharpshooter on my weapon, marched for 10 miles with gear, hell they even taught me how to perform a drive-by off the back of a 5-ton truck! It was all a blast. I may not be a soldier, but at least I'm prepared for hell on earth. LOL. It was kinda crazy coming home though. I took a week to get my paperwork processed, they dropped me off at HHC with a mixed bunch of nuts. 1/4 of the g
Wish List.. Album Covers
Where we can set one of the pics within the album as the cover.. For NSFW albums, have a set folder that has "NSFW" on it, so ppl can't put NSFW pics on those covers.. For private, family, or friends only albums, make it so that you see "Private", "Family", or "Friends" on it unless you have permission to view it, that way the person can still have a cover that is ONLY viewable by those with permission.. Then make the albums show up as albums on a whole page with titles beneath them, instead of down the side, including the default album.. That way they can see all of the albums and distinguish them easier.. I just think it'd be a nicer way to display photos for everyone..
It's Getting Hot And Heavy In Here
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Weekend Opie And Anthony Links: Download The O&a Show, New O&a Videos, O&a Podcasts, New Video Online
Happy Sundee, everybuddy! It's time for your weekly dose of weekend goodness, courtesy of a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do. Nice, eh? As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 1/11/2008 (Patrice Oneal, Bob Kelly, Louis CK, Howie Mandell) Download the O&A Show 1/10/2008 (Bob Kelly, and the Donald Trump blow-off) Download the O&A Show 1/09/2008 (WOW, Ralphie May, Angry Video Game Nerd) Download the O&A Show 1/08/2008 (Harvey Levin from TMZ, Rich Vos) Download the O&A Show 1/07/2008 (Biggest Gainer Begins!) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (New cartoons added every week!) NEW O&A VIDEOS ONLINE: Thanks to the speedy work of our own Sam, we have some brand new Opie and Anthony Show video online: AJ POOPIESCHITZ - Live Entertainment Report Louis CK watches '2 Girls 1 Cup' The sexy, tight-abbed Angelina from FOUNDRY CAMS sent us this a
Stoned Moments
Wasted timE Drifting thoughtS Awakening hope springs newfound meaninG Priceless artwork painted by the years of pain and heartache, souled for just one more chancE Perhaps there does lie meaning behind our liveS Even if it is just to lonG The longing is what drives us, every single day, behind the scenes, it pulls our stringS No matter what person, no matter what life, in any situation it is the longing which drives uS
This Is So Funny
Bitch I'm From West Virginia" "Bitch I'm From West Virginia" Body: Somebody from California apparently wrote the top part of this bulletin, but somebody from West Virginia came back and put them on their asses at the bottom. just read all of it! lol CALIFORNIA: - I can wear sandals all year long - I go to the Beach - not "down to the shore" -Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well...Miami can hang. - I say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and I say them often - I know what real cheese & avocados taste like -Everyone smokes weed and its no big deal -We'll roll up 40 deep when something goes down. -I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American's! - I don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear - I know 65 mph really means 100 - When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger and high speed chase cuz w
You're such an inspiration for the ways That I'll never ever choose to be Oh so many ways for me to show you How the savior has abandoned you Your Lord and your Christ Took all you had and Still you pray, you never stray You never You never thought to question why It's not like you killed someone It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side Praise the one who left you Broken down and paralyzed He did it all for you He did it all for you Oh so many many ways for me to show you How your dogma has abandoned you Pray to your Christ, to your god Never taste of the fruit Never stray, never break Never---choke on a lie Even though he's the one who did this to you You never thought to question why Not like you killed someone It's Not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side Talk to Jesus Christ As if he knows the reasons why He did it all for you Thank your God Your lord, your Christ He did this Took all you had an
Hey Ladies.....
shed some light on this for me...dont just rate or read the fucking thing...leave a comment too: now mind you, here is my disclaimer...not all women are like this but i have damn well seen it a lot. here goes.... what gives you the right to be a bitch douche-bag just because you are "engaged"? i notice, especially with young women that you get a big fucking shit chip on your shoulder when you have a boyfriend or a fiance....maybe i am bored and just want to chat. so fucking what. i dont give a flying fuck if you are with someone or not. try this...if you dont want to talk to me then dont. its easy...dont answer...its your loss of course because nickle bag whores comes a dime a dozen. maybe you looked just skanky enough for me to talk to. anyway, a good majority of you ladies are fine upstanding citizens. somebody pissed me off for no good reason and instead of getting in a retarded internet fight i decided i vent on this blog and ask for some opinions. so throw me a fricke
Broke Back Mountain Woman
Broke Back Mountain Woman: A successful rancher died and left everything to his devoted wife. She was determined to keep the ranch , but knew very little about ranching, so she placed an ad in the newspaper for a ranch hand. Two cowboys applied for the job. One was gay and the other a drunk. She thought long and hard about it, and when no one else applied she decided to hire the gay guy, figuring it would be safer to have him around the house than the drunk. He proved to be a hard worker who put in long hours every day and knew a lot about ranching. For weeks the two of them worked hard and the ranch was doing very well. Then one day, the rancher's widow said "You have done a really good job, and the ranch looks great. You should go into town and kick up your heels." The hired hand readily agreed and went into town on Saturday night. He returned around 2:30 am, and upon entering the room, he found the rancher's widow sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine,
37 Reasons Why Men Have It Better Than Women
1. Your ass is never a factor in a job interview. 2. Your orgasms are real. Always. 3. Your last name stays put. 4. The garage is all yours. 5. Wedding plans take care of themselves. 6. You never feel compelled to stop a friend from getting laid. 7. Car mechanics tell you the truth. 8. You don't give a rat's ass if someone notices your new haircut. 9. Hot wax never comes near your pubic area. 10. Same work .. more pay. 11. Wrinkles-add character. 12. You don't have to leave the room to make emergency crotch adjustments. 13. Wedding Dress $2000; Tux rental $100. 14. If you retain water, it's in a canteen. 15. People never glance at your chest when you're talking to them. 16. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. 17. One mood, ALL the damn time. 18. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds. 19. A five-day vacation requires only 1 suitcase. 20. You can open all your own jars. 21. You get extra
Real Love Like Real Life, is Never Perfect. And Happily Ever After only happens in Fairy Tales. Somehow Real Problems always Find Us.... Sometimes Angry Words are spoken. Sometimes we just get on each other's nerves. But the Important Thing to remember is that Real Love is Always There. Full of Forgiveness and Understanding, waiting for more Happy Times to share.*****Real Love is Powerful Stuff**** It doesn't need to be perfect to Survive and Grow. In fact, Real Love probably wouldn't be as Strong as it is if It hadn't Survived a few tough times. You will always get through tough times too. Believe In Real Love...And Trust in Real Love and it will Believe and Trust in You. ..........Peace.
Haha This Is Great!
This is probably one of the greatest videos of all time! I couldn't post it in here cause the owner wouldn't let me. :( But here is the link for your enjoyment!!!
Cold Weather
I work in a street shop. A lovely street shop! Two of the guys have been tattooing together for years and years. Both are amazing tattoo artists, and both have built up a clientele. So they remain steadily booked in advance, minus cancellations or bad weather. Then this is Big G and myself. We are working our butts off trying to build the foundations of such. But for now, we're hit or miss. We'll have insane weeks (sporadically) followed by mediocre ones. It's pretty random and I've learned to sway with the tide. The past two weeks I've been busy as ever. But then the temperature dropped today and I knew things would slow down. So what do tattoo artists do when there's nothing to do? Well, sometimes we catch up on drawings, clean and organize; you know, tighten up that ship. But usually we do something else... 1. Song lyrics are much better when the content is dumbed down to eighth grade level. 2. YouTube, as vast as it is, only holds our attention for about ten minutes
I Love You
If I said I Love You, would you understand? Understand where words come from and what they can with stand. Some things can be said to cause someone to hurt. Even stronger words can tear two people a part. But the words you said keep ringing in my mind. Have I found what I was looking for, or is there still someone to find? All I want is you. Like no other ever has. I will always love you stronger, but you first must let go of the past. I am all you need, besides a little trust. Believe me I will never let you go or leave you in the dust. I will stand by your side through thick and thin. I promise you that from my heart within. We may not always be together, but I will always try. Try to make this work and never let this feeling die. So when I say I love you do you understand? Understand where those words come from and what they can with stand. done by christine
No Woman No Cry.... Well No Man No Cry (hehehe)
bob marley - no woman no cry
Good Luck Chuck
This movie is definitely not for the kiddies. However it was a good, funny, boy meets girl comedy. The penguins are hysterical too...
We Need A Leader Like This
Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote: 'IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS , MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians, as we have never seen before.' 'This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.' 'We speak mainly ENGLISH … not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, then you have no choice but to learn "our" l
I Missed It
i missed college. no joke. i missed my friends, i missed my roommate (even tho we just co-exist), i missed breakfast group, the drama, and stuff. so far, my classes seem pretty good tho wednesday and friday are gonna KILL ME. i'm takin 2 english classes (writing thru lit, and intro to shakespeare - both taught by the same person), latin american studies, and german. to be honest, i really missed my german class. a lot of the kids in my class last semester are still in my class this semester. prof. armster brought up a good point at the end of the year that made me appreciate that class and the people in it more. she told us that we were all friends, in some way or another, there wasnt fightin (much anyway), and she concluded saying "you all respect each other". it was true. outside of class, i could easily have a conversation with anyone from that class. none of them were in my dorm so it was a nice change from my seminar. bill and i hung out today. we got him something
Little Boys Are Silly...
i found this in a bulletin, it made me laugh, out loud, for real. yeah, i can't wait for these days! (sarcasm!) For those who have sons & those who will get a sneak peak into the lives of parents who have sons..... And you also find out interesting things when you have sons, like... 1. A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 sq. ft. hou se 4 inches deep. 2. If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over them with roller blades, they can ignite. 3. A 3-year old Boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant. 4. If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the mot or is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound Boy wearing Batman underwear and a Superman cape. It is strong enough, however, if tied to a paint can, to spread paint on all four walls of a 20x20 ft. room. 5. You should not throw baseballs up when the ceiling fan is on. When using a ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw the ball up a few times before you g
Day By Day
Day by Day Day by day, God’s work must be carried on to the point of self-sacrifice. Day by day, I ponder if am worthy of God’s love… But God always reminds me… Am I worth his time and love? Day by day life goes on without fulfilling…. It’s purpose for all life. Day by Day….. People talk the talk, but yet hasn’t done what they promise to do to make life better for all life upon Earth. Day by day is slowly slipping away. Do we dare to wait another day??? ©2006 Firestar ( Two-Sided Realities
Slow Tears
Slow Tears.... I look up as a tear rolls slowly down my cheek I think about better days and wonder if I'll feel that way again you look at me with those eyes I know so well always serious, so deep and insightful as though you're always in control But not today not now Now you look so scared like for once you don't have the answer I gaze at you looking deep into those misty eyes Hoping to understand why you've said those things you did I wonder for a moment if this is all a dream if I shall wake in the morning and be relieved you look at me with a confusion I have never seen. By ME
New Site
it's been awhile since i just rambled, so forgive me as i need to get it out of the way. another year is over and we're still here. what once started out as me doing podcasts before podcasts were cool to a live and legal full fledged radio station where *we* call the shots. *we* decide what to play and we go by the people who listen and what they respond to. the 24x7 stream is a mix of all shows from euro to icehouse to nites dive into the metal. we're adding a controversial (really, it is! please log in and yell at us and get everyone you know to log in too!) talk show with Chris from Monkeyshyne as he joins the Renegade family. it's been awhile since i just rambled, so forgive me as i need to get it out of the way. another year is over and we're still here. what once started out as me doing podcasts before podcasts were cool to a live and legal full fledged radio station where *we* call the shots. *we* decide what to play and we go by the people who listen and what they resp
Help Help Help
Im up for auction come bid on me win me for a month highest bidder :D CLICK THE LINK AND BID AWAY WIN ME HEHEHE U KNOW U WANT TO HERES WHAT U WILL GET IF U WIN ME :D ok so heres what ya get from me 1.all pics rated 2.all stash rated 3.a salute from me one nsfw and one sfw 4.a mumm posted about u 5.comments daily on ur page 6.pimped out on my main page blog and bully 7.added to my yahoo and family 8.Cam with me for one month 9.personal fone calls for one month 10.your name on mine as owned by so lets do this bid HERE R THE RULES :d
recently i have been struggling with my commitment to writing in my journal every day... either i have been too tired or i just didn't feel like the day held anything worth writing about... but last night i had a dream it was kinda off but for some reason i remember it very vividly.. i was in a random store and it was filled with beautiful journals... some were blank inside with no lines... some had only lines... but the ones i was drawn to were the ones that had decorated pages with prompts and questions in them for you already... things like "what is your favorite childhood memory" or "name two things you learned today" things like that... well as i thought about the meaning of this... i suddenly thought about my high school English classes and how our teacher would give us a composition prompt every day and we would have to write a page... i use to love doing that cuz i wasn't directly writing about my self but learned about my self that way... so i looked around on
Your Changes Follow Me
Your Changes Follow Me Green eyes shone and pearls glowed bright, Like a dagger that pierced the darkest night, But months and weeks strewn along the way Have blocked the path to yesterday. A monument in shades of light is like a cairn to passers-by But nobody will know what I felt, how much I cared or why A forward-moving wave has come to wash away today The misunderstood, ill-spoken mistakes of yesterday. The eyes are darker now, the colors deep, and light Has fled from surface structures to a frame of mind. You see more, know more, have more that you want to be, And though I sit still, your changes follow me.
For Those That Read These.. My Family Excluded
Just so all of you little 20 somethings know.. You won't look like you do forever girls your boobs will sag deal w/ it your hubbys will have hair growing in crazy places. You think your going to look hott forever.. lol good luck guys, as soon as you age past your 20's sorry you will get bigger. YOu willl have hair growing places you didn't think would happen. All of you 20 somethings think your so damn special HA in 10 years you will be the outcasts.. so live it up w/ your little attitudes and shit.. Cause it will change and the people you shit on now you will wish talked to you in the future
Fantasy Story I Wrote
Heres a erotic story I wrote..Rather long but I think its good! My Overnight Fantasy He sent me a message on Thursday afternoon. He said his wife would be out of town for the weekend and would be alone. A smile came to my face and I hoped he was getting ready to ask what I thought he was going to ask. . . “Can you come and stay with me Friday night at a hotel?” he asked. “Of course!” I replied. “Where are you staying?” He gave me directions to the hotel a bit out of town and I jotted them down quickly. When I got offline, I smiled to myself and wondered how I’d make it through the next day! I couldn’t wait to see him! We had talked online and on the phone several times, but we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. I spent the day resting and preparing for our rendezvous that night. After all these years of wanting this, I couldn’t believe it was about to happen! Around 5 o’clock, I started the drive to his hotel. It was nearly 7 o’clock when I finally arriv
Fubarians Wtf
What the fuck is with people on here? Ya try to make conversation, get to know people, make friends and all you get is ignored or after a few lame attempts at conversation they just stop talking to you. I don't get it. I ain't being disrespectful or ignornant to anyone yet I can't even get a fucking hello from anyone. The only exception to this has been a few people from the After Hours lounge. Shit, I can't even get someone I've known for 10 fucking years to reply to me on this fucking site. This is really starting to piss me the fuck off. It only takes 3 seconds to say hello, get off you fucking high horses a be friendly.
Fubar Points
Here Is How You Get Points On FUBAR FUBAR POINTS BREAK DOWN: WHEN YOU DO THE FOLLOWING YOU GET 3 points for rating a profile 2 points for leaving profile comment 1 point for rating a photo 1 point for photo comment 1 pointt for stash rating 1 point for stash comment 0 points for fanning someone THE PERSON YOUR HELPING OUT GETS 11 points for you fanning them 6 points for you rating there profile 6 points for photo rating 6 points for photo comment 6 points for stash rating 6 points for stash comment 5 points for page comment Please keep in mind all points are doubled for you and them during Happy Hour. As you can see when trying to level someone it pays to fan them. Stash and pix rates and comments may be worth the same but some find it a lot easier to rate stash then pix. Also for those of you that may not have realized as you can see its also helping you out when your helping others :)
I Want.....
I guess due to certain recent events i thought it may be in my best interest to actually put down what it is i want. I guess this can kind of work in partner with those getting to know you questions. Yes i am single, no im not looking for a quick one night stand. Yes sex is great and personally i do have a high drive but i won't debase or disrespect myself for a quick lay. I love dancing, going out, and having fun! So i need a guy who isn't a total couch potato or who doesn't want to go out and experience life. I enjoy fine wines and fine food and would love a man that enjoys the same. I do also like the little hole in the walls and even McDonalds too tho! I go back and forth between the two, nothing is off limits. I grew up in a really poor household and i appreciatte everything i am given and that i work for. Do not try to impress me with yur job and your money. Yes i will take it into consideration and be proud of you for what you have done. But what impacts me is the soul of th
This One Has Nothing To Do With The Others
I want to thank you all for the help in building me up with all that you are doing as long as I can keep this up I should make it somewhere in no time at all once again thanks for all that you have done
If I Was Your Girlfriend
1.) How many times a day would you kiss me? answer: 2.) Would you call me? answer: 3.) Would you have sex with me? answer: 4.) Would you take me places? answer: 5.) Would you love me? answer: 6.) Would you lie to me? answer: 7.) If I was sick what would you do? answer: 8.) Would you leave me for one of my friends? answer: 9.) Want to have a future with me? answer: 10.) Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? answer: 11.) Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? answer: 12.) Would you care about what I wore when we go out? answer: 13.) Would you hang out with me AND my friends? answer: 14.) If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? answer: 15.) If we dated and broke up, would you want me back? answer: 16.) If I gave you my heart what would you do? answer: 17.) If I said I loved you would you say it back? answer: 18.) How much do you like me 1-10? answer: 19.) How do you feel about me?
If You Drive With Your Iphone, Police Can Search It
Something to seriously consider, then pass on: If you drive with your iPhone, police can search it Adam Gershowitz, an assistant professor at the South Texas College of Law, raises an interesting point about the iPhone and similarly tricked-out mobile devices: If the police stop you and find some legal cause to arrest you, they are probably free, under judicial interpretations of the Fourth Amendment, to search the device. This means that a standard traffic stop -- say they get you for drunk driving or excessive speeding or any number of other arrestable offenses -- could conceivably lead to a search of your entire Web history, your photos, and potentially even your online accounts at banks or social networking sites. The iPhone is a portable window to your whole world -- and while arresting you for something comparatively minor, the police may get to look through that window without any approval from a judge. Gershowitz's theory, which he outlines in a law review articl
I am from Colorado, and have turned into a Gypsy. I love traveling and do so quite freely. After leaving Colorado 7 years ago, I traveled Europe 6 months and then fell in love with Italy, the men and the language so I stayed 4 years. I speak italian, and one day will go back and open up a B & B, and never come back to the states. After that I came back for reasons you don't care to hear, and got a job on a cruise ship in Hawaii. Nice for 5 months, and then off to Alaska. Now i'm living in Alaska, came for the summer in my 2nd season and wondered what it would be like to stay on winter,, burrrr its cold and snowy, that I like. I'm working for a hotel, and thats usually the type of jobs I do,, front desk, server, I like working with people, hopefully not grumpy ones. So till the end of summer at least i'm living in beautiful little town called Seward, and if this job offers me education and growth, maybe i'll stay longer. Though I want to get to New Zealand, and OZ, that's my next big
Real Id Act
Commentary - Under Real ID, privacy will be nonexistent Printer Friendly | Email | Add to My News | Post comments Font Size: a a A A | Rank: # 11 of 11,978 Filed under: , Melanie Scarborough , Commentary Jan 21, 2008 6:46 AM (3 days ago) by Melanie Scarborough, The Examiner Welcome to Amerika. With its recent issuance of rules for implementing the “Real ID” law - the requirement that states issue driver’s licenses according to federal dictates and link the information to a nationwide database - the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has taken another page from the Soviets’ playbook. Stalin required Russian citizens to carry an internal passport ostensibly because “counterrevolutionaries” posed a threat. Amerikans will be required to show their papers to prove they aren’t terrorists or illegal immigrants. Because an internal passport is the hallmark of totalitarianism, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is trying to play Americans for fools. He insists that Real ID, which mu
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken fried rice is a healthy, one dish meal. Like all fried rice dishes, Chicken fried rice tastes best when using leftover cooked rice. Makes 3 servings of chicken fried rice, or 4 - 6 as part of a meal. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Ingredients: * 4 cups cold cooked rice * 8 ounces cooked chicken (or substitute cooked turkey, etc.), chopped * 2 eggs (more if desired) * 1/2 cup green peas * 1 medium onion, diced * 1 green onion, diced * Seasonings (add according to taste): * Light Soy Sauce * Oyster sauce * Salt * Pepper * Oil for stir-frying, as needed Preparation: Beat the eggs lightly with chopsticks, add a dash of salt (Add a bit of oyster sauce if desired). Chop the chicken meat and dice the onion and green onion. Heat wok and add oil. When oil is ready, pour 1/2 of the egg mixture into the wok and cook over medium heat, turning over once. Cook the other half the same way. Cut the egg
Levelling And The Oh So Painful Wait
Given to the straying hands of boredom, I think I will waste a bit of time by Fublogging! It's the perfect time killer because, as the little screen, on this page, dictates, more people surf for NSFW than there are people reading blogs. Besides, I got so caught up on the idea of getting bumped up from level 10 to level 11, I submitted a really bad cell phone pic, hoping that it will pass as a salute. I had gotten Kathleens' digital cam, out of her car, along with some sort of sedative. But, after spending a fair amount of time primping and posing for a pic, then taking about twenty of them, centering my "salute" sign into the pic, I discovered that, while her cam, and accessories, were in her car, the freaking firewire, for the COMPUTER was not here. DAMN. So it was "grab a cell phone and hope for the best!" It's a crappy pic, so don't judge me by it. I went where the lighting was good, and stopped being concerned with background, in hopes that the salute info would be legible.
Naughty Application
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 14.Condom or skin? 15.Have sex on the first date? 16.Would you kiss me during sex? 17.Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Would you use me as a booty call? 19.Can I use you as a booty call? 20.Can we take pictures of the act? 21.How long would we have sex? 22.Would you tell your friends about me? 29.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU! TITLE IT-Naughty Appli
You arnt going to be his First, his last or his only... hes loved before and will again.But if he loves you now, what else matters? He's not perfect. You arent either.And the two of you will never be P E R F E C T, but if he can make you laugh at least once, cause you to think twice, and admits to being human and making mistakes... hold on to him. And give him the most you can. He is not going to quote poetry.hes not going to be thinking about you every moment. But he will give you a part of him. that he knows you could break.Dont hurt him.Dont change him...dont expect more than he can give.Try not to when he makes u happy =] yell when he makes you mad...and... miss him... when hes not there.
Much Better Now Lol
Life has its own way of giving you just enough good to out weigh the bad. Dont you find your self on the edge and man, many times you will see the briefest glimpse of happines. Those are the spots you have to look hard at and enjoy.
I Wish You Were Here With Me
Why did you leave when I needed you the most? Now that your gone, I sometimes see and feel your ghost. Are you really here with me or is all thats left of you a dream? Sometimes I hear your laughter in the quiet nights. Can I Leave you behind and forget all that we shared? No, that would be impossible; I would never dare. Promise you'll never forget me, what we did, hear and see. I can close my eyes and rememeber the times we shared. Sharing in the joys and sorrows, we knew each other cared. I wish that I could hold you again at least one more time To tell you how special you were, one of a kind. Maybe one day, I'll get you out of my mind But until that time - I'm so glad I was yours and you were mine.
Aqua Pura
aqua pura When the end of the world as we know it comes there will be one consolation; every home in suburbia will have a freezer compartment full of ice which will turn into potable water after the power goes off and we plunge a portion of a century back in time. There will be no cholera or yellow fever to contend with since the water will be as clean as modern man has been able to produce. We will be remembered by the survivors, our progeny, as being the first and last generation to conquer water born diseases. Death by simple dehydration will occur about three days after the crash. Then, almost everyone will die. Limited numbers of us will survive. The ones with bottled water will last three days after their water runs out. People with access to wells will survive until their food runs out. They may last as long as several months, depending on their ability to forage and the carnivorous tendencies of their neighbors. Within a finite number of days everyone will eith
To Big For Their Britches
To big for their britches, I've notice that there are people here that once they've reach a certain level here on fubar, that they change their whole attitude, even to their friends that's known them before they've even join on here. They'll shoot up thru the ranks so fast that they become egotistical and start making demands that they wouldn't have ever thought of making when they first sign on to fubar. I just lost a friend like that tonight, because she shot right on up and now she want fubuck for certain acts and when I asked her about this tonight, she just told me to go ahead and delete her and then she blocked me. I feel sad for her, because all in all, this is only a virtual world and it seems like her true personality has come to light because she got to big for her britches. But who'll be there for her if she tries to take this type of attitude out in the real world, her fubar friends? I don't know if there's really that many in fubar like myself, that actually does care for
Somthing To Do In Pa On Feb 8th & 9th
Your Invited To The PARTY!Celebrate Fetzer Music Managements' Birthday!We are 1 Year old&Official Release Party For"C & B Booking & Promotions"2 Nights / 2 Cities12 Great Bands1 BIG PARTYSEE YOU THERE!
Super-sensitive People's my first blog on here. Why are people so f-n sensitive on here? People ask a question and get offended when people don't answer a certain way. Here's the story. No names were changed because I'm not scared to use them. cajuncandie posted a photo. Her comment for the picture was something like "I really like B&W photos. Don't you?" Well, I don't. I prefer color photos. I gave her picture a '10' rating and I left a comment that said something like "I don't really like them. B&W photos are overplayed." She sent me a shout and said that she liked them. I told her that she asked a question and I gave my opinion and there was no reason to get offended. She said that she was offended and blocked me. Now mature is that? Blocking someone because they answered a question that you asked. Really now. What makes people so sensitive that they can't take it when people have a different opinion than they do? How can someone that sensitive function in the real world?
Pizza Pinwheels
You'll want to pop as many of these little pizza wheel treats into your mouth as will fit. Crescent roll dough provides a mouth-watering crust. Try experimenting with different types of cheese to vary the flavor. Prep Time: 20m Cook Time: 12m Ready in: 32m Yield: 16 - pinwheels Ingredients 1 (8 ounce) can refrigerated crescent roll dough 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese 24 slices sliced pepperoni sausage 1 (14 ounce) can pizza sauce Directions 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). 2. On a large baking sheet, pinch the 8 crescent roll dough triangles into 4 rectangles. Layer each rectangle with 6 pepperonis and even amounts of mozzarella cheese. Roll tightly lengthwise and slice each into 4 or more pieces. 3. Bake in the preheated oven 12 minutes. or until golden brown. Serve with pizza sauce for dipping. Nutrition Information Servings Per Recipe: 8 Amount Per Serving Calories: 235 cal Total Fat: 13.1 g Cholesterol: 21 mg Sodium:
My Bully For Djing
hello DJ CK1 hear! I LOVE WOULD U LIKE SOME? WELL THEN COME ON IN ! G.O.H. THE GAURDIANS OF HELL! & HAVE A TASTE! maybe some devils food cupcake ? me and the tunes are sweet and just a click of the pic below away! (repost of original by 'LunarLupin K.O.P.E. Tiggs! insatiable one! CO.OWNER of G.O.H.' on '2008-01-29 11:56:47')
Page 9 Of 20 On Polyamory
So, why? What do you get out of this? Besides shagging a bunch of people, I mean. For starters, being polyamorous dosen't mean you're shagging a bunch of people. It may mean that you only have one other partner. But that's beside the point. The answer to this question actually addresses who we are as human beings. Why do people get involved in interpersonal relationships at all? Why become romantically attached to anyone? The answer, of course, will vary from person to person, but at the end of the day we're all social animals. People are happier when they're romantically involved with someone than when they're not. Intimacy adds to the quality of your life Fine. But why is'nt one person enough? What would you say if you had a child, and you decided you wanted a second child, and your first child said "But why am I not enough" The question itself dosen't really make sense, once you understand that it isn't about what's "enough" Let's start with th
Happy 34th Birthday, Devin!
Please show our resident Airforce Rate Spanker some Birthday love with 34 photo/blog rates/stash rates/comments. SuperValiant@ fubar
Bubba And The Shrink
Bubba went to a psychiatrist. "I've got problems. Every time I go to bed I think there's somebody under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy." "Just put yourself in my hands for one year," said the shrink. "Come talk to me three times a week, and we should be able to get rid of those fears." "How much do you charge?" " Eighty dollars per visit, replied the doctor." "I'll sleep on it," said Bubba. Six months later the doctor met Bubba on the street. "Why didn't you ever come to see me about those fears you were having?" asked the psychiatrist. "Well Eighty bucks a visit three times a week for a year is an awful lot of money! A bartender cured me for $10. I was so happy to have saved all that money that I went and bought me a new pickup!" "Is that so! And how, may I ask, did a bartender cure you?" "He told me to cut the legs off the bed! - Ain't nobody under there now !!!" Git 'ER dun!
Lobster Bisque.
INGREDIENTS: * 1 to 2 cups cooked lobster meat, about 1 small lobster * 1/3 cup dry sherry * 1/4 cup butter * 3 tablespoons flour * 3 cups milk * 1 teaspoon steak sauce * salt and pepper to taste * seasoned salt to taste PREPARATION: In a small bowl, combine lobster and sherry; set aside. In a medium saucepan over low heat, melt butter. Blend in flour and cook, stirring constantly, until smooth and bubbly. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly. Continue cooking and stirring until mixture is thickened; stir in steak sauce and salt, pepper, and seasoned salt to taste. Add lobster and sherry; cover and simmer lobster bisque for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Makes 4 cups of lobster bisque.
My Sleeping Angels
it is fast approaching my little girls birthday she would have been 2 and my little boy would have been 1 in memory i would like to post this poem in loving memory They say that times a healer but as the time goes on, I seem to find it just as hard To face the fact you've gone. And today it's the anniversary of the day that you went away, and i'm standing here at your graveside And believe me when i say. You'll never be forgotten And every year i'll shed a tear, But it's only because i love you And wish u were still here
Meet The Bad Girls!!!
COME CHECK OUT SARGE'S BAD GIRLS !!! ADD,FAN,RATE THESE LOVELY LADIES Ecuadorian Goddess BAD DD IMA SLUT BUT NOT YOUR SLUT@ fubar *MISS JINKS* ~ruth~ ~DeViLs PLaYtHiNg~ Tulsa's Angel ^sin^ *~Pokins MILF~* ¢¾Sheez¢¾ RaidersBabe Leggs ~DaNaughtster~ ¢¾ Brown Eyed Girl ¢¾
I have had a huge string of bad luck in the past 2 months. My Car was stolen and located but it was totaled out. Teh new car I get is severly damaged in an accident this week while I am driving (not my fault). Then this morning I get call from my mother to tell me a family friend has died. She was 23. She rejected her transplanted heart after 15 years. The things that are wrong in my life dont see so bad now do they. I am healthy. My parents love me. I have friends that would do anything in the world for me. I have a someone very special in my life and soon I will be able to spend more time with him. My life isnt too bad. The only change I think about is changing the fact I live in a city where I have no friends. No one for me when living alone just gets to be too much. I have truly never felt so alone but things like situations can change and quickly especially in my life. When it comes to it all I truly want in life is someone that I can love and that will lov
I was browsing a friends' blogs and was reminded of something... I lost my sister Julie in 1996 to a 5 year battle with Multiple Myeloma. She was 34. Married to her teenage sweetheart. Two awesome kids. She was the nicest person you'd ever meet... in all her life, I can't even remember her ever cursing, except for once... and that was quite justified... She'd never say anything bad about anyone. Ever. She was the one person in the family that always gave me the benefit of the doubt when I'd mess up as a teenager... She was the one I got along with, when the rest of my family was... well... just not very accepting. During her fight with the cancer, I held a fund-raiser for her at a local club, and my girlfriend at the time and I donated platelets and blood weekly (yes, I know you're not supposed to do that, but in my sister's situation... well... they let it slide). It turned out that out of all the people in my family that donated, the only person who's platelets her body didn't reject
Canadian Poem
It's winter in Canada And the gentle breezes blow Seventy miles an hour At twenty-five below. Oh, how I love Canada When the snow's up to your butt You take a breath of winter And you nose gets frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful So I guess I'll hang around I could never leave Canada 'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!!
A Short Piece Of Shit (poem)
back into reality cancer forms another fatslity this should be one nation step it up for the next generation get bush fuckin out of here dont wait another mothafuckin year alright ive got to go now no time to wait and go bow for the righteous ruler of one needs to be unraveled and undone
The Drunken Sex Chronicles Of +bauer+- Vol. 2
I had being seeing Natalie for about 3 weeks. We hit it off right away. One night, her and her sister came out with my friends and I. We drank like fish. When the night was over, a few of us did some post partying. I went into the bedroom to change out of my bar clothes and slip into a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. As I was changing, I took a header on to the bed and passed out. I do that when I am drunk. I will just fall asleep anywhere. After about 5 minutes of nappy time, Natalie woke me up by giving me a little speech. I opened one eye, and turned out the light. "I love to give blow jobs." She said. "I am amazing at it too, and I can practically cum just by giving one. Will you let me?" Now, I found the speech a bit odd since this wouldn't be the first time she blew me before, and I never got the preamble the other times. But it's Saturday the answer was yes. So she started, and I laid back feeling like a master of the universe. Now, I am usually no
Goin' To Hell In A Handbasket
I love that expression. Not real sure why, it's just fun hehe. But it sorta describes the last couple weeks. Let's see, for one, my paycheck next week is going to be awful. Last Monday was MLK day, and Elmcrest SPICE was closed (the special ed program). Last Wednesday I was sick and missed both Elmcrest and Casey's. I'm having to cancel Casey's on Wednesdays now, because when I got my class schedule I inverted the W to an M, and found out the hard way Monday night that class is Wednesdays. Yesterday I got sent home three hours early from Casey's cuz half the kids canceled. And now, today is a snowday!! Gah! Also, we have a huge situation with my boy at Elmcrest right now. When he got back from Florida, we discovered his left hearing aid isn't working. So that's been home, but we'd been using his right aid along with the FM system. Apparently one of my co-workers doesn't really know how things work when he leaves--we take out his aid, leaving it connected to the loopy-attacher thing
Gold is the universal symbol of purity and wealth. The acquisition of gold may be a display of power or wealth. The source of the acquisition as a conquest, gift, or discovery is important. Equally important is the sacred element that comes into play. How is the gold used and what kind of wealth or power does it represent in the dream? It may be that you get a golden helmet, similar to Don Quixote's. This is an archetypal form of sacred power for completing a mission or hero quest. Did you find, lose, give, or receive an article that is made out of gold? Did the object make you feel better or worse?
Seen You
Love Unknown
imikimi - Customize Your World
Touch Me
Baby please just touch me from my head down to my toes Baby touch me everywhere take your time real slow Oh I love your fingertips leaving a trail of fire Baby please just touch me you are my one desire Trace a path down to my breast how they ache and swell Now my bodies burning up wherever your fingers dwell Now your hand moves lower my legs I willingly spread just to feel your fingers there followed by your head Baby please just touch me see how weak I am and all because of touches from my Lovers hand
Cannot Wait!
In one week from this moment I will be safe in the arms of my lover. I love him so much, I cannot wait....
Glad You Understand
Now that i've pissed you off maybe you can try to learn what a slave is. You are just a sub. You do what you choose to do in accordance with your Master's wishes. You give no regard for his feelings, desires, or concerns. As long as he exhibits control over you, you are satisfied, although that control is not and never will be real. Do not continue to slander the reputation of the slave. You will find yourself punished more than your Master ever could imagine.
Life,love And Getting By
well it has been 9 1/2 months since unholy passed away and it feels like yesterday but it feels like forever ago...if you can understand what i mean sometimes it doesn't feel real and sometimes i am holding him in my arms and hes dying all over agian everyone says things will get better and i guess inevitabley some things have, i no longer cry when i go grocery shopping. i can go to a flea market without completely loosing it..not the ones we went to.. i havent tried that yet but 1 none the less. we use to go every weekend almost and at least once a month he would buy me a new rebel flag shirt well i havent had a new shirt in over a year now and though i love those shirts its not the shirts that boother mne its the fact that he knew i wouldnt buy it for my self i would say i was going to then say forgewt it get you or the kids something but he would make me pick some out..i wear those shirts almost every day..those things are falling apart but its my way to be close to him.. i know
Episode 2
When the Mayor became aware of Shekky and I crossing his lawn he lurched to face us. The pony seeing an opening pony kicked (yes like a donkey kick but smaller) the cross dressing Mayor in the face. The Mayor's only two teeth and consciousness fled rapidly as the hooves stuck home. Seeing the Mayor laying senseless on the porch , Shekky voiced the same thought leaping in my mind. "We paid the rent before it kicked him" he said as he vaulted the large man and went inside. Leaving me alone with the pony , who looked at me sheepishly and side stepped around the corner and into the night. Half an hour later, my belongings stowed, the mayor headed to the county hospital, and Shekky passed out in the kitchen face first in a bowl of cat food.( I know, but I don't judge) I decided to check out the still and it's contents. As the fog cleared from my brain I became aware of my surroundings. I was four feet up in a garden hedge and the pony was licking my face. (Yes I know just
Wealth Masters International Jay Kubassek
Wealth Masters International Jay Kubassek Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? CarbonCopyPRO is a new automated marketing system put together by Wealth Masters International Jay Kubassek. After four years, $400,000 of market testing, and millions of dollars in earnings, Carbon Copy Pro has perfected the most powerful, automated, turn-key, sales and marketing system, possibly on the internet. Home business professionals can now build a lucrative home business without buying leads, cold calling or making another prospecting call ever again. Unlike other opportunities out there, WMI is NOT a 1UP or 2UP type of program, you NEVER pass up sales and will be paid on your very first sale the system makes for you which for most is a good thing. Jay Kubassek, WMI Jay Kubassek, Jay Kubassek Carbon Copy Pro, Wealth Masters International Jay Kubassek, WMI Carbon Copy Pro, WMI, WMI Carbon Copy, Wealth Masters International Carbon Copy, WMI Carbon Copy, Carbon Copy Pro,
SLOTH More than other sins, the definition of sloth has changed considerably since its original inclusion among the seven deadly sins. In fact it was first called the sin of sadness. It had been in the early years of Christianity characterized by what modern writers would now describe as melancholy: apathy, depression, and joylessness — the last being viewed as being a refusal to enjoy the goodness of God and the world He created. Originally, its place was fulfilled by two other aspects, Acedia and Sadness. The former described a spiritual apathy that affected the faithful by discouraging them from their religious work. Sadness (tristitia in Latin) described a feeling of dissatisfaction or discontent, which caused unhappiness with one's current situation. When St. Thomas Aquinas selected Acedia for his list, he described it as an "uneasiness of the mind," being a progenitor for lesser sins such as restlessness and instability. Dante refined this definition further, describing Slot
Second Hand Store
1. Go to a second-hand store and buy a pair of men's used size 14-16 work boots. 2. Place then on your front porch, along with a copy of Guns & Ammo magazine and your NRA magazines 3. Put a few giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazine, 4. Leave a note on the door that reads: Hey Bubba, Big Jake, Duke Slim and I went for more ammunition. Back in an hour. Don't mess with the pit bulls-they attacked the mailman this morning and messed him up real bad. I don't think Killer took part in it but it was hard to tell from all the blood. Anyways, I locked all four of 'em in the house. Better wait outside....Cooter
Give Away
Tag Ur It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love my job. 2. I have 2 dogs. 3. My eyes r not green 4. Love hot coco 5. Smoke 6. My b-day is on the 27 of Feb. 7. My cup size is DD 8. Like beer 9. I've not had a date in 3 1/2 weeks 10. This suck thanks so much lickher469 lickher469, greenbaypacker, peavmister, dobbin, justin2nite
Dad's Second Bout With Cancer And When We Knew About It
Well, the first thing that I have to say in this blog is that I'm sorry. I have been keeping this a secret since we found out, so I have not been fine, having nice days, good weeks or anything like it. It's more like I'm depressed, aggravated, angry, depressed, wanting to kick all those doctors butts, and like my heart has been ripped out and danced on. I knew that Dad was sick before Thanksgiving but I never told anyone until now. He is one day out from surgey and now I tell you guys, well as they say denial is not a river in Egypt. I also did not want to put anymore on your plates than you already had to handle. Dad had his first bout last year and had radiation treatments. He was very sensitive to the radiation and got burns several times. His mouth and his neck. Sometimes these would put off his treatments for a week or once for three weeks and they had to start giving him a lower dosage. When he had gone through the full course of treatments, the doctors did in depth testing
Ty Ty Ty Ty Ty (round 1)
If you don't know already I am saving for the spotlight and with my wonderful friend Nyha's help we have officially set up my Spotlight Fund. The first day I was given almost 600,000 FUBUCKS from my friends and couldn't be more grateful. This is the first Thank You list of many hopefully. I have a second I need to work on as soon as salutes are made as well. If your name isn't on here, it's coming. PROMISE! Please show these people lots and lots and LOTS of FU LOVE! They are selfless and truly the kinds of friends you should have on your list! XOXO Nyha **Mari's Fu~Fiancee**D&DC Co~Founder**Owned by PebblesInAz**DJ 4 PyRat**@ fubar and KELLY 1969@ fubar and Peremalfait@ fubar and Abby♥Normal@ fubar and STITCH!@ fubar and lc@ fubar and
Lobster Parfaits With Teardrop Tomatoes, Hearts Of Palm, And Cilantro-avocado Dressing
1 1/2 cups chopped onions 3/4 cup chopped carrots 3/4 cups chopped celery 4 cloves garlic, smashed 3 bay leaves 1 cup distilled white vinegar 3 lemons, quartered and juiced 3/4 cup salt 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper 2 (1 1/4-pound) lobsters 8 cups mache or a chiffonade of mixed greens Cilantro-Avocado Dressing, recipe follows 1 1/2 cups halved teardrop tomatoes 1 1/2 cups diced hearts of palm 1 1/2 cups orange segments, white pith removed Fresh cilantro sprigs, for garnish Set a 6-quart stockpot with 1-gallon of water over high heat and bring to a boil. Add the onions, carrots, celery, garlic, bay leaves, vinegar, lemons and juice, salt and cayenne pepper. Bring the pot to a boil and allow to cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Place the lobster into the water and cook until red and cooked through, about 7 to 8 minutes. Immediately immerse in ice water to halt the cooking. Once the lobsters have cooled, remove from the water and set aside. Use a chef's knife to crack the she
i'm new to this site not much for anything. forgot what i was going to say. all i remember is falling.
Tired Of The Sporks Bullitens
Guys as much as it is a tragedy a small child was killed by ignorance The bullitens are realy getting OLD the father is caught and the mother is still at large and as much as I think she is a Bitch myself the 24/7 bullitens are getting OLD REAL Fast the police will catch up to her.... She aint that smart. I just Blocked 4 people that posted and reposted this sh*t Let the Police and the courts do thier Job and keep it out of FUBAR. Yea I know if I dont like it dont read it, BUT if you are a friend it is in my bullitens and I still have to see the Title so the next best option is the Block Link......
Ty Ty Ty Ty Ty (round 3)
GOOD MORNING TO ME! This is what I woke up to this morning! $431,500 Can you say "AMAZING FRIENDS"? So, that gives me a little over 3 million fubucks which puts me 1/2 way to being able to snag the spotlight! Thanks bunches everyone that is helping me and much FU LOVE to you all! The following friends left me my morning surprise: Cappy@ fubar *Cappy donated more than 200,000 which gets him a weekly pimpout from me til I get the spotlight and a Thank You on my profile.* PONYBOY1966~~ FNDR & PRES. OF THE INDEPENDENT FAMILY~~OWNER OF PATTIE~~@ fubar ~*Ç£ÃÿMØ®Ê*~ *DEMON CREW* & * W.I.S.E.U.K.F*@ fubar DJ Iceman- *fabulous #4@ fubar ~*~MommaTasha~*~Fu Cherrie Bombers@ fubar Crystal:~Gluttony of the se7en sins~@ fubar Go show them much fu love. Add, rate, fan them and say Thank You from: ~PebblesinAZ~ OwN3d by Domking123~@ fubar
Broken Mirror
I look at my reflection I feel shattered I feel I’ve destroyed all that matters I have never felt so much pain Broken ego Cracked prided My soul is batter and sole Will this pain be here forever more Shattered Life, I hold in my hands Will soon be over like the grains of sand This hurts the pain inside Behind this smiling face I can no longer hide This broken mirror before your feet I will put back together so nice and neat To all in life that I hold so dear I no longer want to be this broken mirror. Copyright@2005
The Wonder Of The Sand!
In a place where I thought is a lonely spot, Where silent makes me deaf and brings sad pasts I tried to escape but still there I always end up. When I feel tired and decided to give up, Because my heart long to be like a hard stone, There I found a wonderful secret. In my dream I am with the sand in the shore. As tiny as the ants that hides in the sea sand, Enjoying to bath myself under the moon up in the sky, And then the water came and washed us away. We swim through the open area of the sea And then lower we drift away. Suddenly something was pulling us like a magnet And we can't resist from it's strength. While I was trying hard to got away from it, I can't understand, the sand was willing to be taken. With my dismay I ask a big, "WHY?" He look at me and said, "Trust, dear," and went away. With curiousity I followed the lead, And in a distance I saw a big oyster shell; It is opened wide and welcoming. "What are you doing? The shell will eat you!" "Follow
I Believe
I believe- That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe- That no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and, you must forgive them for that. I believe- That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe- That you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe- That it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe- That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe- That you can keep going long after you can't. I believe- That we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe- That either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe- That regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its pla
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Here is your chance to Own me. That's right. OWN ME! I'm in an Auction that ends on the 24th. The Rules are simple. You are bidding on me. You can Bid whatever you want. Fubucks. VIPs. Blasts. Happy Hours. Anything goes. One Time Offer! Just Click On My Pic Below. Please Do It. Lets Have Some FUN!!!
Make Me #1 With A Bullet
So yeah, I'm losing my first place death grip on this contest. All I need is 11 more rates. Wanna help??? I'll give you a high five if yah do!!!! Woot! Click Mah Sexy Head!!
Angel Is Only 42k Away...
If Babyj Can Do It So Can I
China Under Pressure Over Darfur
China under pressure over Darfur Mr Spielberg's decision is a high-profile blow to Olympic organisers China faces more pressure over Darfur, following director Steven Spielberg's decision to withdraw as a Beijing Olympics advisor over the issue. A UK daily has published a letter from 80 Nobel laureates and artists urging Beijing to help end the conflict. China has remained quiet on the issue. Neither the foreign ministry nor Olympics organisers have formally responded to Mr Spielberg's move. But US-based diplomats said that it was not fair to link China with Darfur. "As the Darfur issue is neither an internal issue of China, nor is it caused by China, it is completely unreasonable, irresponsible and unfair for certain organisations and individuals to link the two as one," a statement from China's Washington embassy said. OLYMPICS ROW Famous names involved in advising the Olympics include director Zhang Yimou and Kung Fu star Jackie Chan Hollywood stars Mia
Tagged Again
Got tagged again. Let's try 10 new facts though. THE RULES ARE: you have to write a blog with 10 things weird,random, facts habits, etc. about you. then you get to choose who you want to tag next. * NO TAG BACKS * HA HA! 1)I hate Pepsi and love Coke 2)I eat a lot of food throughout the day, just in like 12 different meals 3)I can play the Halloween theme song on a guitar 4)I have asthma 5)I've had braces twice, and still do for another 3-4 months 6)I'm circumsized 7)I want to live in Cairo or Rome 8)I've broken my nose twice 9)I crack my knuckles every 20 minutes 10)I have a hairy ass Tag: DJ Minou Kristen Victoria Lil Hooligan No Signal Robin & Stealin
021408 Fluffy Starr Blog
Happy Valentine’s Day.... Current mood: cheerful I wish you chocolates, and flowers, and (conflict free) diamonds. I was going to make a special vlog, but I'm sick right now. Getting over a cough, which started at the top of the week. Going away now. But still have bodyaches. Not much fun. But it's almost over. What is the best Valentine's Day present you've ever had from somebody? Mine are diamonds, and one year I went on a flight simulator ride. It was so fun!!! Another year I got two dozen red roses and went to this dracula play. A bit weird for Valentine's Day, but it suited me just fine. I was so happy. Teehee! But this year I'm sick, so I'll have to settle for just diamonds I guess....... Wether you have somebody or not, you can still celebrate love. So don't hate Valentine's Day. Love what it symbolizes. Cuz you love your friends, and you love your mom, right? I always call my mom on Valentine's Day regardless! Who else do we love more than our mom? Moms are the be
Boy's From Ebye Singing - 1
Boy's from Ebye singing - 1
Sunday School
Sunday School Little Mary was not the best student in Sunday School. Usually she slept through the class. One day the teacher called on her while she was napping, ''Tell me, Mary, who created the universe?'' When Mary didn't stir, little Johnny, an altruistic boy seated in the chair behind her, took a pin and jabbed her in the rear. ''God Almighty !'' shouted Mary and the teacher said, ''Very good'' and Mary fell back to sleep. A while later the teacher asked Mary, ''Who is our Lord and Savior?'' But Mary didn't even stir from her slumber. Once again, Johnny came to the rescue and stuck her again. ''Jesus Christ!'' shouted Mary and the teacher said, ''Very good,'' and Mary fell back to sleep. Then the teacher asked Mary a third question, ''What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?'' And again, Johnny jabbed her with the pin. This time Mary jumped up and shouted, ''If you stick that damn thing in me one more time, I'll break it in half!'' The Teacher fa
Loyal Bomber #1 - Rip Babygirl
Two die in wreck in icy conditions on Western Kentucky Parkway 02:14 PM EST on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- Police say two people have died after the car they were in slid off an icy highway in western Kentucky. It happened as a winter storm blanketed large portions of central and western Kentucky late Monday and early Tuesday, leaving a treacherous mix of snow and ice. State police say the car overturned early Tuesday after going off the road four miles east of Caneyville when the driver lost control of the vehicle. Police say 19-year-old Haley Scott of Muldraugh and 23-year-old Jennifer Crow of Smyrna, Ga., were thrown from the car. Neither was wearing a seat belt. Police say the driver of the vehicle was 23-year-old Charles Jason Hutchins of Hopkinsville. He was wearing a seatbelt and was not hurt. Good bye Jenn.
This Title Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With This Blog.
i'm really not one to celebrate the holidays. being an atheist means that i don't really get to celebrate any sort of religious holiday but since my family is religious, i sorta celebrate by proxy. which i don't mind really, it gives me some time to reflect on all the sillyness that is the christmas season. this christmas season hasn't been particularly eventful, the days come and go like any other christmas and now i sit here on the cusp of the holiday and i have this overwhelming bout of nostaligia of christmas' past. i can't really explain why or where it comes from, just that it's here and i thought i might share. for those of you who don't know, i have lots of stories to share, it sometimes seems that my life has been one big sitcom, complete with laugh trak and studio audience. the stories around christmas are no exception. there was the christmas that my brother and i found out there was no santa claus by way of my dad, who pretended to shoot santa with a .22 rifle on c
Random Page Comment......#1
Just thought i would molestyour page with a commentIt's Sunday once againLet the bullshit start beginSince you got this commentthen you must be my friendI only wonder are we friends 'til the end?Like Sundays friends come and goBut like a true friend i willnever show you the doorI am the killer of drama whoresand the lover of calamitybut since you got this commenti will leave you to your serenityYea i am boredSo i wrote thisSUE ME lmao
I Dont Know
Hey hey all whats up!?!? im new to all this so help me out with the friends is what im waiting for ok.. so hit me up with the new friends!!
Why Is Life So Unfair
The most horrible thing happened on 2/16/08.. we lost the life of an awesome little man named cristian! He was only 12 years old how fair is that??? his heart just stopped! seriously couldnt his worthless cardiologist have done something to prevent this?? I have never felt pain like this before! it is so horrible! i loved him very much and miss him alot!
Beer-marinated Chicken Tacos
Beer-Marinated Chicken Tacos Many Americans are accustomed to guacamole loaded with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and fiery chiles, but a more traditional version in Mexico and parts of Texas is simply mashed avocados with a bit of salt and lime juice. It’s rich and buttery—a fabulous topping for these juicy chicken tacos. For the marinade: 1 cup dark Mexican beer, such as Negra Modelo 2 tablespoons dark sesame oil 1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic 1 teaspoon dried oregano 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/4 teaspoon cayenne 6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs, about 4 ounces each For the guacamole: 2 ripe avocados 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt 6 flour or corn tortillas, 6 to 7 inches in diameter To make the marinade: In a small bowl whisk together the marinade ingredients. Rinse the chicken thighs under cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Place them in a la
Calling All Leveling Crews
Help her get to Rockstar. She has 30,000 to go yet. ~~Sexie Mami~~ Co-Owner of Jersey Devil Lounge~~ LUV's Bartender!!@ fubar
Not My Time!!
Well, things turn out badly few weeks after I had a broken heart and now glad it's over therefore I will be fine after that!! But again I hate to mention many things to say. But I will manage few things thru my life again whichever I had enough being on bumpy road and steady I go straight forward and looking for new life as hell I wouldn't know! Hope God help me guide the right direction!!! :-) Your truly Wolfie ^_^
Hey Give Me Some Feed Back Yall
Lita Ford - Larger Then Life !
Third Week Survived!
OMG!! Can you actually believe that it has been three weeks of maintaining a regular schedule as a DJ @ Blue Orion Lounge -- or, anywhere for that matter???? We were sorry to hear that DJ Purr's Dad died on Thursday and we have all been extremely supportive of her and my show on Thursday was pretty much dedicated to making her feel better. Many folks were making special requests in her honor, as well as she put in her own special requests. Friday's show was a followup with much of the same working playlist with other songs added, as well as some humor from Zappa and other zanny characters. I am going to miss doing the Saturday show tomorrow b/c I have to attend a mandatory training for one of my jobs about Alzheimer clients and CPR, but I am looking forward to next week's three show week. I am sooooo hyped from the excitement of doing the DJ thing and look forward to the next week ahead. Because of Oscars being on Sunday, I am thinking of a movie playlist theme for this upc
Where Am I?
The first time I typed "Where Am I?" it said title?! Next page - "Subject" I have NO idea what this place is - found this as a referrel. Looks really busy and dark?! Videos? Guess not. Ah HA - photos run like an "Amber Alert" across the top of everything. Did I see you there? WELL - - enough for now. Tried to send a couple of messages in the "shoutbox" and they just flicked away before I could hit "send" What's that all about?!? Guess I'll check back tomorrow and see if I can find out where I am! Be Well!
Wipe That Look Off Your Chevy Chase....
Your Slanguage Profile Canadian Slang: 50% Prison Slang: 50% Victorian Slang: 50% Aussie Slang: 25% British Slang: 25% New England Slang: 25% What Slanguage Do You Speak?
My Mom
THINGS MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME Bert & his mother circa 1941 1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE. "If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning." 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. "You better pray that will come out of the carpet." 3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL. "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!" 4. My mother taught me LOGIC. "Because I said so, that's why." 5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. 'If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me." 6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT. "Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident." 7. My mother taught me IRONY. "Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about." 8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. "Shut your mouth and eat your supper." 9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM. "Will you look at that dirt on the back of yo
Michael Jackson Tour
LOL Got you here didnt I!! A man boarded an airplane in St.John's Newfoundland , with a box of crabs. A female crew member took the box and promised to put it in the crew's refrigerator, which she did. The man firmly advised her that he was holding her personally responsible for the crabs staying frozen, and proceeded to rant and rave about what would happen if she let the crabs thaw out. Shortly before landing in Toronto, ON , she announced over the intercom to the entire cabin, 'Would the gentleman who gave me the crabs in Newfoundland , please raise your hand?' Not one hand went she took them home and ate them herself. Men never learn!
Definitely, Maybe
This was a very sweet movie. The story is of a soon to be divorced father telling his daughter the story of his 3 great loves and she has to figure out which one is her mother. Ryan Reynolds played his character beautifully. He was wonderfully awkward, unsure of himself, and charming. Most of the time romantic comedies focus on the woman's side but this movie didn't. It was of a sensitive man who wanted the love of his life. It is definitely a refreshing point of view. For anyone who loves romance this is a great one to see.
Surgery Update!!!
My surgery went well now I am at home recovering and healing. Thank you all for everything. Much Love to you all. Always, BBD
Hey There My Friends Come Join Me..
See Ya.....
After next week I will be offline for a while....and..Im in a really bad if I do something to offend you...I'm apologizing upfront... make this NSFW...fuckingshitbastardmotherfuckeridiot...ME!
I Will Remember You
I will remember you Will you remember me? Don’t let your life pass you by Weep not for the memories Remember the good times that we had? I let them slip away from us when things got bad How clearly I first saw you smilin’ in the sun Wanna feel your warmth upon me, I wanna be the one I will remember you Will you remember me? Don’t let your life pass you by Weep not for the memories I’m so tired but I can’t sleep Standin’ on the edge of something much too deep It’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word We are screaming inside, but we can’t be heard But I will remember you Will you remember me? Don’t let your life pass you by Weep not for the memories I’m so afraid to love you, but more afraid to loose Clinging to a past that doesn’t let me choose Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light And I will remember you Will you remember me? Don’t let your life pass you by Weep no
Ca Vs Nc
(CA vs. NC) Funny as Hell CA vs NC funny as hell Posted from a California boy: CALIFORNIA: - I can wear sandals all year long - I go to the Beach - not "down to the shore" -Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well...Miami can hang. - I say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and I say them often - I know what real cheese & avocados taste like -Everyone smokes weed and its no big deal -We'll roll up 40 deep when something goes down. -I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American's! -All the porn you watch is made here, cause we're better and thats how it is - I don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear - I know 65 mph really means 100 - When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger and high speed chase cuz we dont fuck around on the road - The drinking age is 21 but everyone starts at 14 (l
The Love Of My Life
I just to Visit Clint from the 12th of March until the 17th of March. I can't wait!! I love this guy so much, I'm lucky to have him back!
Knight Force - Sweet Rock & Roll ! The 1st Old Original Version! Omg Old/ Lol!
01 Sweet Rock & Ro...
Another One Of My Old Favorite Manipulations Of Html
☠☠☠BrightEyedArtist☠☠☠@ fubar
Olivia Newton John - My Love Is Alive ! Live In Japan !
You've seen the pics..... You know by now that my parties get a bit wild.... I got one tonight..... I'm taking requests for pics...... You tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do ;) .......... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
An Old Blog That I Thought Was Funny Enough To Re Post. Enjoy
Does god hang out in bowling alleys? Do you guys remember when your parents would tell you that thunder was god bowling? I was sitting here pondering that....and it dawned on me how retarded this truly was. As the all mighty.....wouldnt bowling be a little too easy. Imagine the senario.....God stares down the pins....good approach, good release....hes a little high in the pocket....ooooo 7-10 split! *bolts of lightning destroy the 7 and the 10 pin, as god walks back to his chair pretending like he had nothing to do with it* For that matter...who would worship a god that couldnt bowl a 300 everytime? Just wouldnt make sense to me. Sooooooo, w.w.j.d. #1) he would never wear those rediculous shoes! #2) he would have one of those cheesy bowling shirts with the name "The Allmighty" embroidered on it. #3) He would eat lots of nacho's! #4) he would soooooooo hustle the other gods in a best out of 5 match. (side note.....budah wasnt keen on this idea, besides...he hates nacho's and hes piss
Damn Fine Evening
Cooking up some shrimp scallops, them little steaks with bacon around em and some of my homemade biscuits, not that junk in a can they sell nowadays. If a man cant cook, he's a dumbass, in fact most of the top chefs in the world r men. Just enjoying this nice weather , got the doors open, letting thice nice spring air in. Just feels great, one of my favorite times of year. Got me frisky almost lol............ So whats everyonme up to tonite? Hope its nice where you live n yall r having a great weekend. Some of yall i anit heard from in awhile, message me, let me know how yer doing. I promise i'll behave............... yeah right lol....trustttttttttttt meeeeeeeeee
Rejects In The Rafters My Friend Jon Who Has Changed Terribly Since He Joined
you turn to leave hugging us first knowing its hard you write a few letters letting us know your okay and you miss us you call when you can thinking its what we need to hear your voice you don’t realize that you are hurting us when you don’t really pay attention we support you and try to stick by you but you are so different we want the you we used to know
Untitled 2...another Dedicated To My Soldier
you're there Im here both alone with no one to hold wishing we were together holding each other tight yet knowing we're on each others minds the miles between us make things hard but I know no matter how close or far we are our hearts are always together and until we can be together again that’s all that really matters
Live Auctions!
Every night @ 8pm to 10 pm EST, i host a live Auction for Members of the Fantasy 69 Lounge Rules are You Must be a member of the Fantasy 69 lounge in order to participate in bidding or going on the auction block, if you wish to go on the auction block please contact me via fumail or in the Fantasy 69 Lounge.
sitting in sarrow , no love ahead of me . All thats ahead of me is more agony and more pain and death the pain of lonesomness i can see the lifeless eyes of death from here which means it wont be long now my time has grown short . it has been said all a man can do when death smiles at him all he can do is smile back. When the time come when i see death smile at me will i be smileing back. T.V.H. 08
Cms Pluxml
Pluxml is a script or CMS to create a site or a blog. No need for programming knowledge or need a database on accommodation, an environment php classical him enough. Pluxml wants to be lightweight and easy to use through a simple administrative interface and the storage of your writing in XML files easily transportable. Pluxml is a creator of the blog to XML Simple and lightweight Pluxml is a particularly lightweight and easy to use. To install simply decompress archive of its small size on your web space and to indicate your name and password. Technology Xml With its technology and XML database without your publications easily saved, restaurables transportable to publish your ideas in all circumstances. Publication assisted With a category management, pagination, flow or Atom Rss syndications and comments (blog version only), Pluxml helps you publish your writings. Image Management Because ideas do not only with the words Pluxml also allows you to
I wake from a dream to the sound of a voice unlike any other that I have heard before calling to me pulling me closer to it. I have never been awakened from such a dream by something like this before and I get chills that run down my spine from the nape of my neck under my long flowing dark hair. I slide out from under my covers to find that my room has grown suddenly very cold and dark. I reach for my candle only to find it's no longer there by the side of my bed as it has been for many years in my life. I start to get scared for the coldness is growing stronger around me as I start to move from my bed to the window to close it and cut off the cold chill that has crept into my room only to find that my window is not nor never was open and yet I still have this coldness around me. I try to let out a scream from the fear that I feeling from all that has just happened to me and I feel a hand cover my mouth and slowly pull back to a figure that is my room on the shadows. T
Want To Fu Own Me, Come Place Ur Bid ;)
Check out these great people up for auction!!! Starting bid must be $40,000 fu-bucks! Cash bids trump fu-buck bids!!! Please keep the drama out of the auction! :D I WILL BE TAKING ENTRIES UNTIL 10 P.M. ON 3/7! AUCTION ENDS ON 3/13 AT 10PM!!!! ~♥ Miss Vee ♥~ ~Kiwichi~ DJ Blackice27***♥ Bubba's Fu-Wifey!!! ♥*** Fishinrod ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~ DJ Willie Owner of Party Pad ~Judi~SHADY'S *S*U*P*~SIXX SLAVE FOR LIFE~
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Never Say "i Love You"
Never Say "I Love You" If You Really Don't Care Never Talk About Feelings If They Aren't Really There Never Hold My Hand If Your Gonna Break My Heart Never Say Your Going To..... If You Don't Plan To Start Never Look Into My Eyes If All Your Gonna Do Is Lie... Never Say "Hi" If You Really Mean "Goodbye" If You Really Mean Forever Then Say You Will Try Never Say Forever Cause Forever Makes Me CRY!!! *By AnArmyOfOne*
"CLOSE YOU EYE!" I close my eyes. "shhhhhh..go to sleep." "OKAY!" he screams. He has one level of speaking and it is LOUD. He lays his head down..but stares at me. "close your eyes Shomari" He closes them, but opens then almost immediatly. "EEEANIE! CLOSE YOU EYE!" "My eyes are closed Shomari...goodnight. shhh.." I rub at his back and fake a yawn. Im peeking out of my right eye, because that is the one that lays on the pillow and I think it is super sneaky. He is staring at me. I bite my cheek to keep from smiling. His fingertips brush against my eyelashes. "EEANIE! WHATS THAT!?" I ignore him...or try too. He pushes against my eye now. and I open them. He jumps back. "Stop. that hurts me. Now go to sleep." I have him turn so his back is to me, I tug at the blanket that he lays on and I pull it over him. "Goodnight Shomari..I love you, Sleep sweet." And after looking at the clock and thinking of all the curriculum I could be doing just th
Home Schooling In California
Can you beleave it? Court says you can not home school your child in California. That is unless you have a Teaching Degree. What in the world is going on in that state? This is so uncalled for. Cause lets say if you are home schooling now in California and caught then you could have your kid('s) taken away from you. All Because the School system out there wants control of your kids. Did I say that California Schools wanted control of your kids? Yes I did and the reason I think this is why else would the courts pass this judgement. You have Familys out there that can teach thier kids a lot better then the school system and they do not want the school system teaching their kids, Like Sex Ed, in the 3rd grade. People in the United State do have morels yet California think they have the right to teach your child Sex Ed at what grade they determine and not you. I do beleave their are other reasons why one does not send thier kids to school and decide to home school them I jus
Drinking From My Saucer
DRINKING FROM MY SAUCER I've never made a fortune, and it's probably too late now. But I don't worry about that much, I'm happy anyhow. And as I go along life's way, I'm reaping better than I sowed. I'm drinking from my saucer, 'Cause my cup has overflowed. Haven't got a lot of riches, and sometimes the going's tough. But I've got loving ones around me, and that makes me rich enough. I thank God for his blessings, and the mercies He's bestowed. I'm drinking from my saucer, 'cause my cup has overflowed. Oh, remember times when things went wrong, My faith wore somewhat thin. But all at once the dark clouds broke, and sun peeped through again. So Lord, help me not to gripe, about the tough rows that I've hoed. I'm drinking from my saucer, "Cause my cup has overflowed. If God gives me strength and courage, When the way grows steep and rough. I'll not ask for other blessings, I'm already blessed enough. And may I neve
If You Haven't Heard My Band's New Tracks...
Then I would REALLY love it if you guys could head on over to the Low Flyer myspace page ( and take a listen. All three songs are brand new recordings that we recorded at Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento with the amazing Eric Broyhill (Deftones, Cake, Quitter, The Mother Hips, Esoteric, 7-Seconds, and my fellow Redding/Chico expatriates, Oddman). "Track 2" and "Leap Day" are older songs that have been around since before I even joined up with Jared and Rico, however "Anyhow, Anyway" is a brand spanking new track that was our first finished song we wrote after our two year hiatus, and is one of our best yet. You can also add us on ReverbNation (, PureVolume (, and on Thanks for the support!! Lou Low Flyer
Sweetmafiaprincess Was Hurt
Get Well Soon If you dont see her on for awhile,she will be back~!She fell on some ice and hurt her back..(She told me she can only sit at the puter for about 10 minutes at a time and the pain pills, heating pad and muscle relaxers are not working) ~~SweetMafiaPrincess~~
Google Shares Jump
NEW YORK - Shares of Google Inc. jumped Tuesday morning after the European Union approved the Internet search engine's $3.1 billion buyout of online ad tracker DoubleClick. The stock rose $16.16, or 3.9 percent, to $429.78 after the opening bell. Regulators at the 27-nation community said the deal will not hurt competition for online ads, and approved the deal over objections that it would give Mountain View, Calif.-based Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ) too much power. The EU said the deal would not squeeze out competitors and said Microsoft Corp. (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ), Yahoo Inc. (nasdaq: YHOO - news - people ) and Time Warner (nyse: TWX - news - people ) Inc.'s AOL provide "credible" alternatives for placing ads on Web sites. The approval comes at a time of tension between Microsoft and Google. The software company had initially objected to the DoubleClick deal, and Google is currently voicing concern about Microsoft's interest in buying Yahoo. Copy
My Obituary...
A bit morbid, but I've been feelin a bit morbid lately... World-renowned Banker David died today in a hospital in Pittsburgh. Doctors are still unsure of what exactly caused the death, but believe it was due to complications after David drove too fast and suffered pains in his chest. He was 33 years old. David was a witty person, who enjoyed everything about life. He was known for his passion for pie, which he often ate 2 times a day. He loved to share pie with everyone, and would even offer pie to strangers. David also enjoyed traveling, especially to historical landmarks, and loved meeting people around the world. On his trip to Austin he even met the president (and yes, he offered him pie). After meeting him, David said the President was bald. David is survived by his partner Eliza, their 4 children, and their pet raccoon named creepy.
If only you knew, how my heart overflows with love for you. If only you could see the way you fill my hopes and dreams. You're the owner of my heart, the ruler supreme. Even in the dark of night, I've only to think about you to feel your loving light and from this world I drift feeling as if I'll never touch the ground again... If only you knew. If only you could guess how I hear your voice when others speak; for you hold the key to my happiness, and it's always you my soul seeks. If only you could feel, how your very presence has the power to heal, all the wounds inside me. You've made me abandon the pain of yesterday, and you've shown me that the past can no longer stand in the way of what I hope to achieve... If only you knew. If only you could realize the way you've shown me that it's better to give than to take, and whatever I do, I do for your sake. I'm willing to give you my all and expect nothing in return. But, oh how I yearn for you...
Winning Choice
For all of you who picked jean skirt, belly shirt, black bra, black thong, black thigh high tights it was a hit. Blake didn't even wait for Mark to give me the drink he had spiked with liquid e. Blake had me on the floor, when Mark decide to hold my nose and pour the drink in me. I love liquid e. Once the drink was all gone. Mark made Blake help him put my feet behind my head and handcuff them. That was follow with a dog collar being locked on me and my feet and hands cuffed to it. Guys seem to like it when my feet are locked to the back of my neck. Once I was all locked up Mark just laughed and let Blake have me. Blake did that the time to use his belt on my helpless pussy and ass. I'm still fucked up from the liquid e.......I LOVE TO ROLL. GOOD CHOICE GUYS.....My ass and pussy have whelps from the belting. I LOVE PAIN, IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD TO BE CUFFED UP AND BEAT. HAVING BLAKE'S COCKED RAMMED IN MY CUNT AND FILLING IT FULL OF CUM WAS JUST TO PERFECT E
Wondering About You~
~~~~~~~~~~~~Wondering About You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Laying in bed last night, I wondered how often you think of me. I wondered how often would we have sex - or maybe I should rephrase that and say I wondered how often we might sleep. There are a million things that go through my head at night, alone in the dark. ~One thing is for sure the next time I am able to have you in my bed I am going to make sure you clearly remember me and keep wanting me. I suppose that I would start out by kissing you. You know those kinds of kisses that make you melt against the other person. The kind of kisses that make you think the world just stopped and it is the two of us. The kiss that leaves you wanting and needing more. The kiss would be the start of things. ~I would relearn your body from head to toe and everything in between. I would kiss your body slowly and softly. Making sure that I would pay attention to your chest and nipples, since I have found out that turns you on. I
This Is Insane...!
Where did this place come from? It grew up like lightning while I was asleep in IRC for 2 years or something. I've got to kill this buzz I've got from all the flashing lights and glitz...and oh did I forget, the free drinks...LOL... Someday I'll web sober up again, Noise...
Firefighter Funeral 03/13/2008
Today is a real sorrowful day for a lot of firefighters. We have lost two brothers due to a fire at a wood mill on 03/07/2008 and they never knew it was coming. Times are hard right now and well people are taking it in different ways. I ask that you keep us firefighter's in your prayers at all times every time you pray. Remember we do this with a passion not as a job
My Very First ..tomorrow Please Read
See this girl right here She is having her VERY FIRST Happy Hour tomorrow Friday the 14th @ 9 am Pst, 10 am Mt, 11am Cst, and 1
A guy dials his home phone number and a strange woman answers. The guy says, “Who is this?” “This is the maid,” answers the woman. “We don’t have a maid,” says the man. The woman says, “I was hired this morning by the lady of the house.” The man says, “Well, this is her husband. Is she there?” The woman replies, “She is upstairs in the bed room with someone who I figured was her husband.” The guy is fuming and says to the maid, “Listen, would you like to make $50,000?” The maid says, “What will I have to do?” The man tells her, “I want you to get my gun from the desk, and shoot the witch and the jerk she’s with.” The maid puts the phone down and the man hears footsteps and then two gun shots. The maid comes back to the phone, “What do I do with the bodies?” The man says, “Throw them in the swimming pool.” Puzzled, the maid answers, “But you don’t have a pool.” The man pauses for a moment and says, “Ummmm… Is this 555-3248?”
Plf2 Download
PLF2 Download Product Launch Formula 2 is HERE ! PLF2 Download - Product Launch Formula is the brainchild of Jeff Walker. Now in it's second edition it has proven to be one of the most powerful and profitable courses for many of the students who have applied it's principles. When launching any product, whether it be online or offline, it is important to have a 'battle plan'. You need a step by step checklist of all the things you need to do to ensure that everything goes smoothly on launch day. Launching a product can be a particularly challenging task, especially for beginners, so it is always helpful to be able to leverage the knowledge of more experienced people to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Before you get ready to sell anything, you need to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place. Make sure that your sales letter is proofread and that your order process works seamlessly. You should also consider letting your merchant account know
.Through the eyes of moon-lit skies we live for the night to feast on the living and bleed them dry_ .Baring fangs to frozen eyes he gathers her in his arms and performs his bestial sin he released his 'kiss' and whispered "You are now my eternal bride"_ .He cradles his prey and made haste to his vault as they approach her final bed she awakens to the horror of his gaze futile pleas fell on deaf ears_ .The lid is shut and terror thrives he gloats in silence at her despair a masquerade of malevolence her screams descend to a whisper_
I'm New And I Want Some Peoples Opinions.
Hey, I'm Paige, and im a writer. I was curious to know why people chose fubar/cherrytap over myspace or bebo or somthing like that? Just a question so I would love to see responses. Thanks so much. Great website by the way. Very interesting theme. -Paige
Any Females Wanna Play On Cam?
Is there a female here on fubar, that would like to have a little cam 2 cam session with me? I love to play on cam ;) Page me on Yahoo: jarly_boy or msn: Just let me know :) "This is only for the girls, no men allowed".
Just A Reminder!!!
Life can be so hard at times. But we get throught it. Sometime it may take awhile to get throught it but we do. The hardest part right now in my life is that my girlfriend right now live in another state. So it suck big time for me. And it also hard no job for me to.
What I Did This Last Year...
Ok, so some of you know me from when I was on here before but you didn't know about the changes that were going on. I had gastric bypass and was going through a major weight loss as well a being pregnant with my baby daughter. I was unhappy with myself and finally took a huge step toward finding happiness and toward becoming the person I wanted to be. Ultimately Cherry Tap (aka Fubar) became hard to keep up with while I was going through all these changes so I deleted my old account. I had been well over level 25 and deleted it all. So here I am, the new me, with my beautiful daughter and a life I'm happy to be living again. :) To those who knew about all this, thank you so much for your support! And to those who have just found me, welcome! :) Love, Wendy ;)
Rush - 2112 ! Part # 1 ! Marty Live On Drums' !
Auction Winners Pimpout
mrhumpy™ DAVIDaKa BAKFROMDISAZTR hell_yea_Ima_princess Smitty TUFFGUY chrishack1269 bronco1 Aussie_Rawhide SWEET MAN
Time To Aint Up
if ur reading this then ive rated some or most of ur pics time to return the favor ive added 140 new pics today come by and check them out thanks
The Democratic Party's Biggest Blunders
I will not take credit for this blog entry. It was authored by a friend of mine named Derek Larsen. But it reflects exactly my interpretation of what the democratic party is doing wrong at the moment and the SEROIUS need to fix the problem before it is too late. In my private life, friends and family are beginning to question my anger at Hillary and the party to a point where I am close to rescinding any affiliation as a Democrat (I wouldn't be the first to do so over this debacle). This possibility is become more clear as the party is within days of changing the rules and scheduling do-overs in Florida and Michigan so that the Clinton Machine will end their temper tantrum over rules that Hillary and Ickes (her chief strategist) signed off on. Let me make my anger over this idiocracy clear: WE NEED TO WIN. In 1976, Gerald Ford and Ronald Regan fought for the Republican nomination all the way to the convention. Jimmy Carter won the general. In 1980, Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy fo
Do You Dream At All?
When you crawl into bed you always pull the blankets too tight you can lay your drunken head on my pillow soft and white it's always black circles around your eyes darker still such dead slumber will get you nowhere in the end do you wish someone was there to rock you to sleep and hold you near? well, that won't be me do you dream at all? i don't believe you do Tilly and the Wall
Happy Easter/blessed Ostara!
Holiday greetings to all my friends, family, and fans. May your Sunday be filled with love and joy, sunshine and all manner of beautiful things! The sun is actually shining here - yay! I am sooo ready for Spring, and some green leaves, etc. I will be off to my sister's home for Easter Brunch in just a little while. Will be back online later this afternoon. Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all! Later! Muahzz!
Ready Darkness cover me! I'm not ready to die, girl Because of what you don't tell me I'm not ready to walk inside of where you're taking me I'm not ready to die, girl Because of what you don't tell me I'm not willing to compromise the man I want to be Think you're a little bit closer To changing me You're never winning me over You're wasting time Leave me be I'm not ready to die, girl Because of what you don't tell me I'm never going to tow the line of your conformity I'm not ready to die, girl Because of what you don't tell me I'm not ready to leave the realm of anonymity Think you're a little bit closer To changing me You're never winning me over You're wasting time Get away from me Think you're a little bit closer To changing me You're never winning me over You're wasting time
Taste My Sweetpinkberries Birthday!!!
DAMN RIGHT YOU DO! Tomorrow, It's Taste my SweetPinkBerries Birthday and we have decided to take over Fubar for her special day! All day long will be filled with Happy Hours so that you can show her love, buy lots of drinks and gifts and even get yourself leveled!!!!! Here is the schedule!!!! imikimi - Customize Your World suave_da_great_1*Fu-Hubby 2 Mizz Trouble Da Great*@ fubar Happy Hour Schedule: 6 A.M, 2 P.M, and 7 P.M Fubar Time hush.... seductively silent@ fubar Happy Hour Schedule: 12 P.M and 3 P.M Fubar Time
Look Whos Turning The Big "30" Today!
Today is Lanes 30th Birthday! Go spank him real hard and tell him Jen sent ya ;) Happy Birthday 2 you! Happy Birthday 2 you! Happy Birthday Dear Lane....Happy Birthday 2 you! Love ya lots! Enjoy ur day to the fullest! xoxoxox sexymedic4u~*~Fu-Owned by Sweet Judy~*~Fu-owner of Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen@ fubar This Birthday Pimpout brought to you with love & many wishes from...... ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~Fu Wife 2 "Goofball" *DSC* Fu Owned by "Photobug"@ fubar
Love Me For Who Am
Try Me...
I wanna know 21 things about you. Fill all the blanks... leave no question unanswered! ANSWER IT AND SEND IT TO ME (comment or private mesage ) THEN COPY AND REPOST IT FOR YOURSELF! 1.Your Full Name: - 2. Age: - 3. Favorite Color? - 4. Favorite Movie: - 5. Favorite Song: - 6. Favorite Band: - 7. Most Embarassing Moment: - 8. Are you a virgin? - HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? - 2. Do you have a crush on me/are you attracted to me? - 3. Would you kiss me? - 6. Would you ever ask me out or go out with me if I asked you? - 8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you: - 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? - 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? - 11. Have you heard any rumors of me lately? - 12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me? - 13. Do you think I'm a good person? - 14. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? - 15. Do you think I'm attract
March 26,2008
If any member of this Family has Ideas how to make this Family a Great Leveling Family please Feel Free to leave a Comment on this Blog. If you have Friends Interested in Joining Please Sign Them Up. We are Taking the Wolves of Wiccan Society out of the Bombing Family Drama Routine.Our New Perspective will be on Leveling.Bombing will be a Personal Option Only. This Account will be Staffed by Either Anna,Stormwomen or Lord Wolf.There Morphs are in Place Ty. Bless Be. We will Also be Issuing Bling Gifts,Morphs,+ Blast's for Levelers that Excell Beyond Normal Exspectations.
Messed Up
I am so messed up. I hate being me. Someone else can live this life. I'm done doing it. I just wanna cry. Inflict pain to myself to cover up all the hurt I have. Always seems to happen.
Basaran's Describe Life Under Fire
wo residents in Basra describe conditions in the city and what they know of the fighting between Iraqi forces and local militia. RAAD, BASRA Smoke rises during clashes between Mahdi Army and state forces in Basra The Iraqi Prime Minister has given the militia 72 hours to leave Basra I think the worst fighting is in Hayania district, it's the poorest area of Basra and a stronghold of the Mehdi Army, but it's a bit far from us to know what's really going on. There is not much fighting where we live in al-Janina district, but we can hear the fighting in al-Jumhouriya - a poor neighbourhood a couple of miles away. The government started this operation without warning, so we were caught off guard. We are stuck in our house, unable to go out and buy food. No shops are open anyway. People have already started to ration their food. The water supply has been cut. I don't know why - maybe it's because the water engineers are staying at home like everyone else. I think th
She is younger than the seasoned veterans of war, younger than the determined artisans of her society, younger than the journeymen, younger than the apprentices. She is as recently nubile as the first days of Spring, small in knowledge and vast in curiosity. And yet despite her lack of years, despite her complete and total naivite, her tale is one as old as mankind itself. Unique powers and hidden forces swirl about her as she walks, a whirlwind of magic and natural mystique escorting her every step. She learns her lessons well, an apt pupil of those who came before, those predecessors that teach silent lessons to all those who will listen. Day by day her powers grow, her spirit rises, her confidence swells. She masters the art of the human heart, Able to elicit at a whim admiration, generosity, courage, altruism, envy, rage, lust. All are merely pages in her book of spells, all accessible at her fingertips. As she matures, so do her tactics and her tastes. Draped now in a black satin
Mad Fu Bomber Initiation Contest Pic
bomb this contest for her to get a happy hour
I am in misery on two levels. 1. Still in pain from the accident, although doing a lot better/healing way faster than docs said I would, but, still got some pain. 2. Being single, and with my left shoulder broken my left hand is limited use, and right wrist/arm broken, ribs broken, I cannot even masturbate, I have not been able to "self medicate" since last Wed and I am going nuts. Everything from the waist down works fine, just top part of the body busted up, I am going nuts here, cold showers dont help, I think my dick is going to explode soon, argg!!!!!!! Anyone wanna lend a hand? lol j/k, well, kinda lol Maybe just leave me some naughty comments on my naughty pics then? lol :)
New Member-dark Desire
New Member, Please Fan, Rate, and add her to your family!! Show her love ~Dark_Desire~@ fubar
Own Me?!?!?!?
The Happy Country Girl has entered herself in an auction. This is your chance to own me for a whole month. Just click on the picture and go make your bid. Even if you are not interested in bidding, please take a moment of your time and go by to rate the picture. There is a prize of 500K fubucks being offered to the person who gets the most rates. Thanks so much for your time. ~~Happy Country Girl~~ Mary
Thank To Everyone For Your Help!
I would like to think everyone that helped push me over the edge and to level 23 today! I hope I didn't miss anyone but if by chance I did miss you just let me know and I will get you added to this. First of a huge Thank You to Scooter!! You are amazing and I am greatful for your help time after time. $ç()øTëR™-(Lori's Hubby){Demon Crew Recruiter}-[Slave to Mz Attitude]{ShadowLeveler}@ fubar A number of Shadow Levelers hit my pics, profile, and stash. You are all awesome! I think it is great how you all do this on a daily basis. ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned by Gary@ fubar 2MUCH(shadow levelers)@ fubar " Archangel director of public affairs dream girlz/nbsd@ fubar MrDiamond ~ Shadow Leveler~Owned by Say@ fubar
I'm In Another Auction .. Come Bid On Me
I'm in the Candy Shop Auction. Come Bid on Me This Time Fu-Daddy & DJ Gator are hosting it. Please Fan/Add/Rate them Both ~~~FU-DADDY™~~~DA PLAYBOY OF DA FU™~FUBAR'S 16TH PROPHET~OWNER OF DA PLAYBOY'S PLAYMATES~@ fubar $$~ÐJ~GĆÖR~$$~$$ †HÈ~ÇÖÖLÈR $$@ fubar Here's My Link. Try you're Best to Own me 4 a Month!! Bought to By: USAMomma2007 {Girlfriend 2 USADaddy2007} aka **SexxyTiger** {Demon Crew Member & Shadow Leveler}@ fubar
Lost Pt 2
Confusion Anxiety Anger and Pain Despair Hatred Isn't it all the same? Turmoil Anguish Pity and Revenge Spurn Condemn When is it going to end? Loneliness Heart ache Must I be disturbed? Desolate Forlorn Will I always be alone? Plz somebody tell me plz?
Please Show My Bro Some Love
This is my real life Brother yes,i thought he really needed some love shown to him then maybe he will come see me @ Fubar more :P Tormentedabuse@ fubar Please friends Rate/Fan/Add him
Let The Games Begin
The Games Will Begin @6:pm CST Today April 1st Accepting Entries Untill Game Time PRESS PLAY! Do you think you have what it takes? Only the strong will survive,it's a game of wits and stratagey. If your feeling's are easily hurt this game isnt for you! OBJECT OF THE GAME. This Contest will be won just like any other,with photo comments and photo rates, "BUT" it has a twist! To win you must have the most photo rates,Now for the twist you need the least photo comments! So while you are having your pic rated you need to be bombing your opponents. At the end of each 24 hour peroid I will close the contest folder and tally all comments and rates and take screenshots. The contestent with the least photo rates and the most photo comments will be eliminated and the folder will be reopened. RULES 1.Most rates and least comments wins. 2.Good Sportsmanship is a "MUST". 3.Anyone can rate your pic. 4.You must be on my friends list and a saluted level 5 to co
Finding Love.....
Im wondering if it is at all possible. For once I would love to meet a guy who makes me his everything instead of putting stupid shit before me. Every relationship I have had I have made my guy number 1, he's my king and yet I always end up getting the shitty end of the relationship. Sometimes I dont understand what I do wrong. I mean what do I do that sends them to go cheat? What do I do that pisses them off?? The major problem is no communication.... I love to talk about anything and everything with my guy...To me doing that is strengthening your bond. I also think a good argument is healthy. Im mexican and when i argue, I argue lol. Maybe thats an issue that can cause problems in a relationship.... I wanna find that guy that has my fire and passion...who will want to argue and scream at one another until our feelings are put on the table and then have the most incredible, hottest makeup sex....thats what its about right? I want laughter, random hugs and kisses, someone t
The Perils Of Being A Caffeine Junkie
i have this coffee cup. i guess it's not so much a cup as it is a small tank. it holds 32 oz of pure, mountain-grown bliss. i fill it up and empty it at least two times every day. i hate the thing. i got it during a moment of desperation when i was driving home from one of my many out-of-state work excursions. it's too big, has really stupid graphics on it, resembling tire tread, and the base is an actual rubber tire. i believe the base is designed so that it won't slide around when you have it sitting on the dashboard of your car. i can't set it on the dashboard because it's too tall, and the windshield prevents it from fitting. so i put it between my legs. i was driving back to work from lunch a little while ago with a newly-filled tank of coffee. i went to raise the tank to my face so's i could enjoy a sip of its divine nectar, but the rubber on the base hung up in my pants. i grabbed the tank by the top so's i could more easily pull it straight up, and the lid popped
Owner's Of Fubar Social Concepts
Social Concepts, Inc. Board of Advisors Jeff Skoll Founder and Chairman - Participant Productions ( Skoll has been a leader in technology and philanthropy for many years. In 1996, Skoll joined eBay as its first President and first full-time employee, and developed the company's business plan. After helping to bring CEO Meg Whitman to the company in 1998, Skoll became the VP of Strategic Planning and Analysis at eBay and led the company's acquisition, community development and new business efforts through 2001. In the months before eBay went public in 1998, Skoll led the company's effort to give back to the community, creating the eBay Foundation through an allocation of pre-IPO shares, an innovation that inspired a wave of similar commitments nationwide. His recent honors and awards include Time Magazine's 100 People of the Year (2006), Wired Magazine's Rave Award (2006), the National Leadership Award for Commonwealth Club Silicon Valley (2004),
Please Welcome Living Dead Girl
Please welcome Living Dead Girl to our group. She has just joined! Stop by and show her some fu-love! ~Living Dead Girl™~ OwNeD by *Gothadelic*
This lovely woman in the link below is one of my very good friends on here. If u want to meet someone with always a smile on her face. Then this is the person to meet then! Cause if ur ever down. U can always count on here to chear u back up with one of her smiles! :D She is 31 yrs young today! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* whatuciswhatuget@ fubar PLEASE REPOST!!!!!!!!
For All Of ~hot Momma~'s So Called Friends!
Im writing this because I am PISSED at the way my Auntie Dawn has been treated by her so called friends! How the hell dare you people! My auntie is there for you guys WHENEVER you need ANYTHING, be it a graphic, someone extra to bomb, a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bitch to. She's there on days that she should really be in bed taking care of herself and not dealing with other peoples drama! She has been gone a MONTH from here, has called SEVERAL of her so called friends because shes in a bad way and needed some "friend" support back that she so willingly and freely given out to everyone else, but do you think the majority of you have fucking bothered to call her back, to see how she is doing? NO! Talk about ignorant, self centered son of a bitches! I know some people are going to get really pissed off reading this and I really dont give a shit because that means if it pissed you off or upsets you then that means 1-your just as pissed off at these ignorant people as I am or 2-your on
First off , let me thank all of you for letting me join....i hope it will be fun. i'm only on here a few times a week, so doi'nt think i have flew the coop if you doint see me on all the time. I will be poping on many times a week i'll be seeing yal ArkAngel
She Is Rockin The Airwaves Again!
Come sit a spell or two. I am on air ready to rock your world.Tell me what you want to hear and if I don't have it I will get it... ^^^^^Click image To ENTER^^^^^
Ppp Music Playlist
Neil Peart Of Rush - Plays' A Tribute Drum Solo Of Buddy Rich ! His Idol & Im A Idol Of Both Of Them ! Beyond Excellent !!!
Socila Security For Illegal Aliens
Subject: Fw: Senate approves Social Security to Illegal Aliens! Social Security Changes It does not matter if you personally like or dislike Bush. You need to sign this petition and flood his e-mail box with e-mails that tell him that, even if the House passes this bill, he needs to veto it. It is already impossible to live on Social Security alone. If the government gives ben efits to 'illegal' aliens who have never contributed, where does that leave those of us who have paid into Social Security all our working lives? As stated below, the Senate voted this week to allow 'illegal' aliens access to Social Security benefits. Attached is an opportunity to sign a petition that requires citizenship for eligibility to that social service. Instructions are below. If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these names. If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to everyone you know. Thank you! To add your
You Know What?
Since I did a blog on random facts about me, and I'm in a mood, today's blogs are things that Mr 7000000 doesn't like. So you know just a tad more about me. I HATE cauliflower! It stinks, and tastes like cheesy ass to me. I don't like guys with very little hair, growing it so that it looks like they have alot...because it doesn't. I don't like things that I have to sit still for. I don't like things that take heavy concentration. I struggle greatly with the last two things. I hate people who say they can't find a job. You can't find a job that pays you for your overinflated opinion of yourself. I hate anything that Tyler Perry presents. I hate Avril Levigne, Oprah Winfrey, and Star Jones...not in that order. I think that anything with Jim Belushi in it should be considered a terrorist plot to bore us to death. I hate to lose. I hate taking the last piece of pizza, and rarely will. I hate confrontation, and I'm very passive/agressive. I hate rap songs where they talk s
What Sher Means You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong. You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know. You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do. You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out. Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia. Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person. You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone. You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together. At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together. You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something. You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense. You definitely are a h
Even The Police Have Ghosts,,..and Chickens In The News
Good morning. Do you believe in Ghosts? Well, in Homestead Pennsylvania apparently the police do… Ghosts are taking over a police station in Pennsylvania. At least that's what the officers who work there will tell you. Now the police department has hired paranormal investigators to look into the haunting. "The door slamming is something everyone at this station has heard." slamming doors and creaky floors are one thing but what police officers, staff, even the Mayor of Homestead say they've personally witnessed in the building that cannot be explained away. We'll start with the phantom typist "there were 20 of us in meeting and the typewriter against the wall started to type by itself." When we turned it on - the backspace key seemed to be stuck? or was it? Others can't explain the attic door that no matter how many times it's bolted springs open. or the bursts of bone chilling air that blows through enclosed hallways and around old cellblocks. "there are always noises
So Little Time To Chat With Everyone...
I hope you don't think me rude, but I'm still finding my way around in here, Where's the best place to go in this place?
Cum Join Me!
Guess He Shut Her Up
The Calling
The Calling By dark of night and screeching owl On flight path old and haunted Slipping past the willows wise A figure scurries ............. On moonlit track past unseen eyes She picks her way Lapping waters call her name She turns ............. From unseen kingdoms arms reach out To set her fetch form free. The hour is nigh as midnight rises, She hurries .................... On stealthy feet and pounding heart A blood taste in her throat Doom or destiny - she knows not what But hears it ............... Betwixt the worlds through thinning veil On dark damp earth she stumbles In pounding rain she hears her name She surrenders ................. In mystic void she knows no fear Her soul no shadow casteth By barrow mound and elder tree She slumbers ................. Yet clasped to breast so innocent The cauldron cup she holdeth By ancient power and magic wrought She waketh .................. And from that dark dam
My Balls
My balls are powdered with a nice dusting, it feels refreshing. Also, I look damn good. going on my date now. chances are ill be home again in an hour ha.
Went To A Party, Mom
WENT TO A PARTY, MOM I went to a party, And remembered what you said. You told me not to drink, Mom So I had a sprite instead. I felt proud of myself, The way you said I would, That I didn't drink and drive, Though some friends said I should. I made a healthy choice, And your advice to me was right, The party finally ended, And the kids drove out of sight. I got into my car, Sure to get home in one piece, I never knew what was coming, Mom Something I expected least. Now I'm lying on the pavement, And I hear the policeman say, The kid that caused this wreck was drunk, Mom, his voice seems far away. My own blood's all around me, As I try hard not to cry. I can hear the paramedic say, This girl is going to die. I'm sure the guy had no idea, While he was flying high, Because he chose to drink and drive, Now I would have ! to die. So why do people do it, Mom Knowing that it ruins lives? And now the pain is cutting me, Like a hundred stabbing knives. Te
Plz Help
So you know i set and watch all the videos and things on autism and say that is so sad im thankful for what i have and u know my heart pours out to the familys who have children with autism! Never to think i would get that call that my son would be one of them! It changes your life in many ways!Im a mother of 4 children and thankful of each and ever one of them!!! Sometimes i ask myself why me but u know what God only gives us what he knows we can handle and im thankful for that!!! I ask that each and everyone out there plz rip my sons photo and put it on there page and show support not only for my son but AUTISM itself !!Hes only 4 years old and u look at him and would think theres nothing wrong but i see it every day i go through it and wouldnt trade it for nothing in this world!!! So plz help and support AUTISM!!! Pic found by clickin the link at the bottom of the page!! THIS IS BROUGHT TO U BY HIS MOTHER: DJ Tesha -Engaged to Dj Bear- -Pimpette to Master-Dj Manger @ Sex Sells@
Little Rough Is Fun
Those Who Know....... > : )
Young, Scared And Strong
I know in my last blog I spoke about being strong, holding myself high and being positive. Well yesterday I spent the day out of town in the hospital for some routine treatments, to have some things taken care of, and also because I am very ill right now. I was a bit humbled by what a new staff member said to me. She was taken aback that I was 'so young' and yet had such an extensive list of health complications and active medications, and was in an obvious amount of pain, yet I was smiling. 13 active medications, she read off. She'd look at me and back at my files, and then at my mother.. "So young"... she said, "and look how bright and pink you are, it brings out your spirit". Pink being my trademark color, of course. A bit later on I had to have some education on a new treatment I am going to be given, and it's high risk of me developing lymphoma because of how advanced my disease is and whatnot. This is the first I've heard of a high risk of cancer for me, but apparently it
Look Whats Happening! ! !
Spirit Levelers,And any other friends or family 3 of the "BEST" people around need your help!So stop by and show all of them who their "REAL" friends are!! ~~Prision Bitch #18~~ aka 'Khandy{"Belongs To Tree Top Flyer"}~~Spirit Den Staff~~Member of Spirit Levelers~~' '*RØX¥*~§PI®IT £€V€£€®§ G®€€T€® H€ÅÐ §€ÇU®IT¥@§PI®IT'§ ЀЙ&¤P®I§ØЙBITÇh#11¤ ~Club F.A.R.~ §HÅЙ€ ¤ÇØ*FØUЙÐ€Я §PI®IT £€V€£€®§¤ aka '¤¶PUЙK™∞HÅЯ£€¥ BÅB¥§ MÅЙ∞¤§PI®IT§ Ð€Й MÅЙÅG€Я¤♫' Have A Great Weekend! ¶PÃIЙT€Я™
Ktob Derby Trainers Dinner
A great chance to rub elbows with noted Thoroughbred horse trainers and other racing industry insiders is the Derby Festival KTOB Derby Trainers Dinner. The event will be held on Tuesday, April 29th, at the Hyatt Regency. The Derby Trainers Dinner is held each year on the Tuesday before the Kentucky Derby and is coordinated by the Lexington-based Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Inc. The dinner was once primarily a “roast” for equine industry insiders, but is now open to the general public and media and serves as a salute to those who have dedicated significant time and effort to the Thoroughbred industry. During the evening, video clips are shown as each Derby Trainer approaches the stage for their interview. An award is presented to the honored guest - the trainer of the previous year's Kentucky Derby winner
Jesus Loves Me!
While watching a little TV on Sunday instead of going to church, I watched a Church in Atlanta honoring one of its senior pastors who had been retired many years. He was 92 at that time and I wondered why the Church even bothered to ask the old gentleman to preach at that age. After a warm welcome, introduction of this speaker, and as the applause quieted down he rose from his high back chair and walked slowly, with great effort and a sliding gate to the podium. Without a note or written paper of any kind he placed both hands on the pulpit to steady himself and then quietly and slowly he began to speak.... "When I was asked to come here today and talk to you, your pastor asked me to tell you what was the greatest lesson ever learned in my 50 odd years of preaching. I thought about it for a few days and boiled it down to just one thing that made the most difference in my life and sustained me through all my trials. The one thing that I could always rely on when
Shitty Art For Mumm Change
i'll make u one of these for 5k, 10k if i add shit to it. 20k
Vip Contest
a friend entered me in a vip contest. i need some help getting my first vip. thanks in advance chele
Naugty Quiz
Nasty Quiz Rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self! 1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u fuck me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u fuck me hard/want me to fuck you hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u handcuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u use desert? answer: 10.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 13.Where would u do me @? answer: 14.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 15.Would u do me again and again? answer: 16.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 17.Would u mind if we did it like .porno stars? answer: 18.Would u have phone sex with me? answer: 19.If i gave u my
Double Shotz!
Double Shot Saturday!! @ WYKD 2 songs - 1 Artist Rockin' Your Fu World!! The Link to the Wicked Storm Lounge (Click the tornado!) W.Y.K.D Wicked Storm
Sexual Fantasies!!
1. On a mechanical bull in public. 2. During a thunderstorm in the back of a pick up truck. 3. In a waterfall, against the rocks, with the water falling on you. 4. In a hayloft. 5. During a nascar race. 6. On the beach with the water crashing into you. 7. Anywhere where you take the risk of getting caught. 8. Movie Theater (thanks to bigman495) 9. In a graveyard (thanks to tattoo freak83) 10. In a cop shop (thanks to PIERCED316L) 11. In an airplane!! 12. On nothing but rose petals!! (the silkiness of the petals against your skin wow)(thanks to citihik07) 13. In a cemetary!! 14. In an elevator! 15. Right after getting a tattoo! 16. At the top of the Sears tower!! 17. On a roller coaster!! 18. While sky diving!! (thanks to HOTASSMARINE)
Help Tink!
So some how my account got deleted this morning I just had my first HH Sat. had another gift one waiting to be used I was at Fu-King and only had about 1,690,000 points to go to Godfather. So I need my friends new and old to come and help me get it back! PLEASE HELP ANYWAY YOU CAN. I am very upset over this and if it wasn't for certain people on here I probably wouldn't have come back. TinkerbellMN84@ fubar
You're really upset; who is the first person you vent to? i dont really let much upset me and if it does i normally think through it, and it is gone within mins, but if i needed to call somebody i guess i would call my best friend berry he rocks If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you? well i think it is very important to tell your friends you love them as often as possible, but if somebody liked me in a crushy way i guess it would depend on who it is... and i.m not really into the relationship mode right now. Does it matter to you if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes? Not at all. Can you do a split? banana yes... lol yes i do yoga Do you get along better with guys or girls? guys mostly but i have a lot of lifetime girl f but they live in england *cries* Last person you texted? oh jeeez em...Bri Do you like shows like Forensic Files and Unsolved Mysteries? yes love true tv, and a@e the first 48, american justice...but rescue me is t
121pm Mtn Time 4/14/08
Special Corner In My Life For These Fubar Top Douche Bags
DOUCHE BAG #1 this here is a special piece of shit hes a user and an abuser a cheater and a scam wont work for nothing and uses the fact that hes a firefighter to try and be a player ~FireGuy~ add me fan me rate me@ fubar DOUCHE BAG #2 THESE TWO GO HAND IN HAND FOR 1 THIS PERSON NEEDS TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL OR TAKE GRAMMER OVER JUST TYPES IN INCOHERENT BLABBER FOR 2 SHE STARTED SHIT WITH MY FAMILY YOU DONT FUCK WITHMY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND YOU SURE AS HELL DONT FUCK WITH MY MOM THIS BITCH IS JUST ONE MORE OF THE MANY FUBAR DOUCHES IN MY LIFE geo121880@ fubar
Rude Comments To The Max!
This F*cker has nerve.....he left all kinds of rude and crude comments on my husbands profile about me! He also rated me a 1 and my defualt pic a 1. He has me blocked already so I can not return the favor....slimy coward. Here is a screenshot of what he left my husband multiple times for a comment.
hello everyone, well druen turns one in one week, hes 20 lbs 8 oz, and 28 and a 1/2 inches, and had his one year check up with the downs expert doctor, and hes well ahead of most downs babies in his motor skills she was so impressed at his progress, im so very proud of him he got his first tooth a week ago and his second is already coming in, he is still semi crawling more of a soldier crawl with one leg stretched out,, my little soldier hes playing peek a boo, and as you saw in his newest pics is in a jumper and is doing great with his leg strength, though we are still concerned over his back muscle tone as he isnt able to sit straight up yet by himself he had his over night sleep study last night and well it didnt go well, he was crying and fighting all the probes, sensors and the tube in his nose, its the most disheartening thing to see a child suffer so, and nothing you can do to tell him its for his best, so we are putting off the surgery til we reshedule and get the over
It About To Get Started The T-shirt And Panti_'s Auction And The Diva Akamrs. T Is In This One! Check It Out!
IT A SEXY DIVA MAMA IS IN A T-SHIRT AND PANT____'S AUCTION! COME BY AND PLACE YOUR BIDS AND OWN ME FOR THE MONTH................ALL OF ME!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE RATE THE PHOTO TO SHOW SOME LOVE TO ME!! AKAMRS. T IS MY NAME............................! BID ON ME COME BY BIG POPPA PAGE TO FIND WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER TO YOU....................................! BiG PoPpA OfFiCiAl OwNeR oF T hE hOt MoMmAs ClUb i DoNt ChAsE ThEmE IrEpLaCe ThEmE So GeT In WhErE Y@ fubar (repost of original by '~THE DREAM TEAM~' on '2008-04-16 10:14:29') (repost of original by '~AKAMRS.T THE FREE STYLE DREAM TEAM BOMBER~ DYLON'S DIVA MAFIA~' on '2008-04-16 10:40:21') (repo
New Child Dianosed With Gan
this is from hannahs webpage. page 1. We are a parent, family and friend driven organization with more passion, determination and love than is imaginable. The mission of Hannah’s Hope is to raise a substantial amount of funding for research to find treatment and a cure for Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN), as well as raise awareness about this devastating neurodegenerative disorder. We were told by a genetic researcher we will likely need about $10mn dollars to get to a clinical trial for a treatment for GAN, and much more than that to achieve a cure. We’ve been told by a GAN researcher the GAN gene pathway is one of the easiest pathways to fix. This means, when a breakthrough is achieved for GAN, doors may open for other more complex neurodegenerative disorders that involve mutations in more than one gene. We have researchers and the best neuroscientists in the world ready to tackle GAN, but they need funding! Hannah’s life, and the lives of so many others afflicted with thi
Dirty Deeds Radio
Wanna be a part of one of the most awesome lounges on Fubar? Want to meet great friends that are there for you when ever you need them? We have some of the best DJ's around. Anything you wanna hear, they will play. Just let us know what you wanna hear.... Come by and check us out and let us know what you think!
(don't) Let Them Eat Cake
Car maker puts ban on chocolate Employees from Honda's Swindon factory helping to unveil the new three door Honda Civic Honda staff say they can only eat certain types of chocolate Staff at Swindon's Honda factory say they have been banned from eating cakes and fruit in their break rooms. They also claim they can only eat certain types of chocolate bars that do not contain a biscuit base. Questionnaires are now being issued by the Unite union to consider what action staff should take. A Honda spokesman said: "Our overall objective is to always deliver the highest quality product and we cannot compromise on achieving this." He added: "Therefore our company standards are an essential aspect of our business." Jim D'Avila of Unite told BBC News: "They've barred things like fruit or any product with a biscuit in it so it's got to the ludicrous state where a Mars bar is ok but a Twix bar, because it has a biscuit base, isn't allowed. "Frankly they've lost the plot. T
Not Gonna Be On Much...
I Know I Have Not Really Been On Here Much L8ly Anyway, But I Have Got To Do Some Things And Will Not Even Be Logged In For A While... Hope All My Peeps Are Well, And I WILL Be Back On When I Get All The Bull$hit Sorted Out... Take Care All And ThanXXX For Any And All Love Or Anything Else That May Get Lost In The Mess.... C-Ya All L8r On... P.S. Am I The Only One That Has The Problem Of Missing Friend Request??? (They Show In The Alerts, But The Are Not There) :-(
MySpace Comments & MySpace Layouts
Google Video Gets A Makeover
Written by Chris Albrecht Posted Monday, April 21, 2008 at 12:42 AM PT Google Video Gets a Makeover Google Video has given itself a redesign, adding some nice search tweaks and a fresh new look. Now when you search for a video, results can be viewed through a regular list, a grid, or a TV view that lets you watch a video while you scan through other results. And if you’re searching for something but have little more than a vague recollection of when it was popular, you can use the new timeline feature, which shows you most viewed, shared, blogged, etc. videos on a linear dateline you can use to scroll back in time. Perhaps this facelift caused the problems people had uploading last week? One problem the redesign hasn’t eliminated is copyright infringers. As CNET pointed out, it was a year ago that Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the company would roll out a means of stamping out piracy at YouTube. And while YouTube launched its Video Identification system in October, cont
Microsoft Predicted To Back Away From Vista
When it comes to technology debacles, every major company has a few (remember the Newton?), but right now one of the top spots has to go to Windows Vista, Microsoft’s clunky operating system that has IT shops and consumers desperately clutching at XP for as long as they can. Jason Hiner over at Tech Republic thinks there may be a light at the end of the Vista tunnel; he predicts IT shops and consumers will have a chance within the next year to upgrade to a cleaner, more modular version of Windows Vista under the Windows 7 moniker. It won’t be a completely new OS but rather a more streamlined version of Vista. He also suggests the pricing for consumers will be lower in an effort to win back those who are turning to Macs. This could be another step by Microsoft toward shedding cumbersome release cycles and creating software that can be updated every year or so via a subscription model. Hiner lays out a nice case, and as a consumer who once was stuck with a laptop running Windows ME
Dj Disturbed In The House (working Product)
Dj DISTURBED...Dj DISTURBED...Dj DISTURBED BACK DOIN HIS THING STOP BY N CHECK US OUT Dj DISTURBED is spinning them hot and WANTED tunes live so come on in sunset cafe lounge and tune in to his hot set!!! Just click a pic and get ready to RAWK all request honored (repost of original by 'Dj DREAM KING STATION MANAGER @ SUNSET CAFE' on '2008-04-22 04:18:30')
No True Love
No true love for me, just not meant to be, no ones heart is burning bright, no prince charming not tonight. Its not in the cards, not for me, love, something the tarot cant even see. Its not in the stars alignment, not even flowing in the words I write. There is no knight on a white horse, that is REALLY just a fairytale of course. Thank God that I am not longer disillusioned, no longer open to love, its just an intrusion. Not thinking anymore, that MY man is going to walk through the door, the man to make my house a home, and to cure me of being all alone. For love is just a lie, and I can say that, cause I gave it a fair try. Love will set your soul a flame, when you seek love, it is YOU, another causality it claims. (c)MadCurves
Energy Alert - April 22 !
I am posting the newest Energy Alert in hopes that those who are interested in this sort of thing will have an opportunity to read it! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for all my family/friends/fans! Greetings! Although this rarely occurs, it has been much longer than usual in between energy alerts this time. The last energy alert was posted on April 3rd. I was blessed a few weeks ago to acquire my dream land here in the red rocks of the same local area of New Mexico where I have been living, and blessed as well to acquire a rare and “very modest” rental home (or rather, interesting shack) directly across the road within a brief walking distance of my land, where I can reside while I am building some kind of structure to live in! The land and the terms of acquisition seemed to be magically orchestrated, all in divine and perfect order for our new energetic space of new beginnings, as I will address further on in this energy alert. In this regard, I have been mo
To Help You Understand
UNDERSTANDING AND HEALING LUPUS If you are reading this because you have lupus, or a loved one does, you know how difficult it is to treat. It is very tough illness, and most of the time what the doctors prescribe doesn't work. Long-term use of their drugs and medications will even make you more ill in the long run. I have written reports on lupus and autoimmune diseases for several years now, and know of several very useful natural supplements that are well worth using if you suffer from lupus. But as to whether they would be what you need, supplying what your body lacks, it was impossible to tell. Because every person is different, with unique body chemistry, so what worked for one person may not work for you. All too often, determining what to do to get over lupus has been a matter of trial and error, a matter of shooting in the dark, hoping to hit the target. You try things that have help others, and hope they will help you too. It can be frustrating, very frustrating, when
this is nothing that u know not of but what has not been...... life is dark as is the cold space i can never escape and never will be able to escape for the darkness controls all and is always but never there hiding behind your soul
Live Auction So Come On By!
Hi everyone.Come check out these awesome people below that are up for auction.If you seen anyone u wanna bid on click on there picture and it will take u to where u bid on them at.Good luck everyone.And plz rate there pics and show them love by commenting on there pictures and bidding on them. DJ~Tammy~ DJ BIGGDAWGG OWNER OF THE ONE & ONLY BATHORYS WEB Dj Edge Owner Q102 THE EDGE Dj Blueyes General Manager @ Aces Up Terrie Manager @ Club Devious Shop BoyzParty Like A Rock Star
Its A Hard Path To Free.
Hey... where am I? The floor is hard, the room is dark. Kinda cold. I can't see my breath, but I can't feel my hands Have you seen my... have you seen the last girl on earth? She's mine y'know. She's my only. She's my... Where the fuck is my grey hoody? and who put this muscle shirt on me? Were we shooting a dirty movie? I feel dirty. I feel watched. Is that what I think it is? Its cold...smooth and flaking. Like old skin. But its dry blood. Hey who's blood is this? And where's my fucking hoody? I loved that sweatshirt. It looked better on me anyway. Y'know. One time, I fell in love with someone. I fell in love with a lot of someones. But at least I had the balls to be somebody about it. You seen my lighter? Fuck was it in the pocket? So were my smokes. You guys suck. I'm outta here. And why am I barefoot? Who's floor is this? The streets are playing my theme music something jazzy and wrong. Something rambling. But its too fu
How Many?
How many times will people that I thought I could trust stab me in the back? I just learned that Mike, Gabriels father, is moving up to the Poconos with Little Man. I'm not talking just an hour away either. He is moving almost two hours away and that is going to make it very difficult for me to see my son. He said that he had wanted to talk to me about it to make sure that I was okay with it. Mike never talked to me about it, and just decided to go. So again, I ask how many people are going to stab me in the back? This will be the seventh person to do this to me. Tami, Dad, Harriet, Kenny, Crystal, Andrew, and Mike! Anyone else want to join the list?
I know we just met and I really shouldn't be asking u. I feel shy but I want it so bad, don't get me wrong it's just that I haven't had it for a long time. I could already feel it going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet. no one has to know about this. I need it. I'm desperate, but your help can be very grateful you must think I have a lot of nerve asking you this, but I can feel my tongue around it sucking all the juice out until there is no more left, this has been on my mind all day long and I hope I'm not being forward. I'm usually not like this, but.............. can I have some gum?
Just So You Know:)
I might be getting WITH someone named KEVIN from gr mi. NOT AN EX OF MINE. This is the good kevin. he makes me smile if you couldnt tell in the newest pictures.... Hes a nice nice guy and weve waited for a time to be together and it just so happens were single so idk we might in time just a forewarning. So there is a different between the GOOD kevin and BAD kevin!
Somewhere I Belong
The Part Of Me No One Sees....
The Part of You That No One Sees You are compassionate, caring, and soothing. You like other people to depend on you... In fact, you don't feel right unless you are helping someone out. Underneath it all, you feel the burden of everyone's problems. Without your guidance, you fear that many people's worlds would fall apart. You like to feel in charge, even if it brings you a lot of stress. What's the Part of You That No One Sees?
You Could Own Me In My 1st Auction
Now's the time to buy me in my very first auction. Highest bidder takes me home as the prize and gets the following: 1. "Owned" in my name 2. Rate all pics and 100 11s at least once per week 3. Thumbs up all stash 4. Comment ALL your photos 5. A permanent blog pimpout 6. Pimpout on my page 7. A big pimpin gift 8. Drinks Galore 9. Added to top family list for the month you own me 10. Top friends list for the month you own me 11. Buy you a 4 ticker message set So...who's my 1st owner gonna be? I'm waiting!!
Photoshop Pics
I've been making photoshop pics for many of my friends. You can check them out in my "I made for others" folder. If you'd like one reply here or send me fu-email with ideas. like things you like, sports, hobbies. Give me ideas on how to represent you best. I'm not charging anything for these. I just like making them.
When I Look At You
I look at you and think: I cannot live Without you; you're the person of my dreams. Of course I know I can, but I must give My heart room to tell it as it seems. Romance must have a language fit for feeling More than fits between the earth and sky. For love there cannot be a floor or ceiling: My love goes down too deep and flies too high. So when I say I cannot live without you, Know I can't imagine so much pain; And when I claim to always dream about you, Well, know the moon is happy once again. The sun reveals cold truths for all to see, But I must light my love with poetry. Larry
Have you ever had something that was coming up and the closer you get to the date, the more worried you became. Thats how I feel now. Lately Ive been having dreams and feelings that Monday will be the last day I have on this earth. It scares me to know that Ill leave my beautiful kids, and the people I love. I have even thought about cancelling it, but if its my time to leave, then its my time. My reaccuring dream begins with me being prepped for the surgery that I am undergoing on Monday. Nothing unusual about that, ive been thru enough surgeries to know what goes on. They do the usual, put me under and during the procedure my heart rate drops, and i lose blood. During the whole thing I have ppl that I love around me, and they are saying that they love me and they need me. I tell them they shouldve said that before I died, that they shouldve let me know. Then there is only white, and there stands my lil angel and my brave son. Thats when I wake up and cry. If youre reading this
A Little Boy
A little boy got lost at the YMCA and found himself in the women's locker room. When he was spotted, the room burst into shrieks, with ladies grabbing towels and running for cover. The little boy watched in amazement and then asked, 'What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a little boy before?'
The Brain.. Where Is It??
Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives... but he never forgets oral sex.. no matter how bad it is.
Avenged Sevenfold- Seize The Day
Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry These streets we travel on will undergo our same lost past I found you here, now please just stay for a while I can move on with you around I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever? I'd do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is done We both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one picture) Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over Newborn life replacing all of us, changing this fable we live in No longer needed here so where do we go? Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death? But girl, what if there is no eternal lif
Fu-king By Birthday Plz
The Boondock Saints Cry
Another Few Pounds Gone!
I went to MRC on Monday and I lost another 3lbs. that means I have lost 17 lbs..a good start. Next few weeks will be rough...I'm going on vacation to Oregon. Eating out is a challenge. I'm sure it will be a great trip. I am looking forward to taking my first trip to the west coast. Wish me luck!! :)
Contest Now Open!
Contest Opens @ 9PM EST on Sunday May 11th! Runs until May 24th @ 9PM EST.The most comments at the end of the two week period wins the gift they chose ahead of time!!!And now for contestants: Zero Kull - is going for the 30 day blast!! Good Luck!! '♥ Tiyaira -=dante=-'s #1 girl ♥' - is going for the 30 day blast!! Good Luck!! shortandsweet35 - is going for the 30 day blast!! Good Luck!! dfd1080 - Going for the 30 day blast!! Good Luck!! '~Skippy Da DoLpHiN LoVeR~' - is going for the one month VIP! Good Luck *DJ -Sub-Zero* - is going for the one month VIP! Good Luck!! Co-Owner/Head DJ @Hightimes Lounge --Fu-Hubby to Sun - going for the one month VIP... Good Luck!
One Of The Realest Guys On Here...
shiloh2000 (Please read about me before you rate...)@ fubar
Fubar Friends Has Fire Next Door Caught Their Roof fubar friends Daved1966 and big mike/boy toy had fire from building next door actually burn part of there roof and Big Mike Boytoy saves infant and toddler by catching them from the 2nd floor
Round 14!
Ok so I don't go broke lol & we can keep playing it's now 2,500 to the first to comment the band and song title! Lie, lie to my face, Tell me it ain't no thing, That's what I wanna hear. Take, a lie to the grave, That's what and old friend told me, Look at what it did for him. The truth hurts so bad, wouldn't you say? So why tell it? If ignorance is bliss, Then I'm in heaven now. Run, you'll never escape, You see you go nowhere (so new you appear), Broke, laid to waste, Turn into sweet nothings, That kiss you goodbye. The truth hurts so bad, wouldn't you say? So why tell it? If ignorance is bliss, Then I'm in heaven now. I keep doin' it over and over again, The neve rending places I never been No one is catching on o rcalling my bluff, The devil made me, only we never met, Watch you do is say it with a smile boy, Makin' us all forget
Yes Im A Virgin...ask My Kids
got you to look
What Is Your Hawaiian Name? Plz Leave Answer In Comments!
MY HAWAIIAN NAME 1. The first 2 letters of your name: CY 2. The first 2 letters of your middle name: CL 3. The letter i: I 4. Double the 3rd letter in your name NN 5. The letter a: A 6. Put it all together: CYCLINNA
This little artwork was my entry to my Website some Years ago.
A Wee Story Challenge (otherwise known as Flash Fiction. A given word limit and a topic.) Topic: Liquid Word Limit: 125 words. “Every hundred drops of rain and a hundred more are not equal to the kisses I want to give you everyday.” I stood outside and waited for that first drop. I felt icy butterflies in my stomach and I looked down at my rounded belly and sighed. Suddenly, a spasm doubled me up in pain, but I couldn’t go in yet. I had to feel those hundreds of kisses first. The first drops finally fell and then a gush of hot liquid down my thighs. Still I needed the rain. Every time it rained he would take me outside to stand and just feel it on our bodies, this even before he knew about the tumor growing inside of him and his baby inside me.
Tomorrow Is Surgery - Then Gone For 2 Weeks
Well, tomorrow is day... I am to be there at 5:30am and surgery is at 7:30am... I have to admit that I am a bit nervous and scared, but with everything that you all have sent me....i will be taking all the thoughts and well wishes with me... That is what this blog is for... To thank all of you who read my first blog on my surgery and were sweet and wonderful enough to have left me a comment. To all of you that did, the new friends I recently made and was caring enough to comment and to the close special ones, the ones who have been there with me from day one checking on me and helping me know things will be alright...(you know who you are)... to you all, I offer my deepest and most warm hugz and kisses for all the sweet, caring and incredibly wonderful words you left me!!! I will be carrying them all with me tomorrow morning!! I will be in Fountain Valley Hospital for 1 week and then will be offline for another week, while recovering... so like I asked befo
***my Diseases & Medical Problems***
I have been asked by several people here what my health problems and medical problems are that have deemed me 100% disabled. So I figured I would do a blog so anyone who wants to know can read this. All of my health problems started in 1986. I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis--A form of Muscular Distrophy. This disease got so bad I ended up in a wheel chair for 6 months. I couldn't do anything for myself of my family. It was so hard to deal with since at that time I had 2 small children and one newborn baby. The man I was married to at that time went to work every day at 7 AM and didn't get home until 6 PM. Therefor his mother would come over to our house to take care of my children for me since I couldn't even lift up the baby without fearing dropping him. I also had a home health nurse who came into my home everyday at 6 AM and stayed until 6 PM to take care of me. She had to help me do everything. I couldn't walk, talk, stand, eat, bath myself, get myself dressed or even go t
Govt Wants Less Mad Cow Testing
Source: Time (WASHINGTON) — The Bush administration on Friday urged a federal appeals court to stop meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease, but a skeptical judge questioned whether the government has that authority. The government seeks to reverse a lower court ruling that allowed Arkansas City, Kan.-based Creekstone Farms Premium Beef to conduct more comprehensive testing to satisfy demand from overseas customers in Japan and elsewhere. Less than 1 percent of slaughtered cows are currently tested for the disease under Agriculture Department guidelines. The agency argues that more widespread testing does not guarantee food safety and could result in a false positive that scares consumers. "They want to create false assurances," Justice Department attorney Eric Flesig-Greene told a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. But Creekstone attorney Russell Frye contended the Agriculture Department's regulations covering th
Pic For The Hot Mommas
Fdic Shuts Down Anb Bank In Nw Arkansas
In this slow economy, even banks are feeling the pinch. The FDIC shut down one northwest Arkansas bank system. Arkansas National Bank, that had nine branches in the Bentonville area was shut down Friday. The bank branches sat quiet and empty after the shut down. Arkansas National Bank had a loan loss of more than $100 million last year, making it a prime candidate for Federal take over. Arkansas Business publisher Jeff Hankins says ANB was already on notice that the Feds weren't happy with their numbers. The northwest Arkansas market had slowed tremendously and ANB had just given too many loans. Hankins says, "We knew ANB was in trouble. Last year out of 17 banking entities that were losing money ANB was one of them, the combined losses was $90-million, ANB was $80-million of that total." Customers faced closed ATM’s over the weekend, but Monday morning were finally greeted with open doors, as another bank took over for the failed ANB. Little Rock's own Pulaski Bank w
• A local ordinance in Atwoodville, Connecticut prohibits people from playing Scrabble while waiting for a politician to speak. • A pickle is not officially a pickle unless it bounces • Balloons with advertising on them are illegal in Hartford, Conn. • Bloomfield, Conn: It's against the law to eat in your car. • Cattle branding in the United States did not originate in the West. It began in Connecticut in the mid-nineteenth century, when farmers were required by law to mark all their pigs. • Devon: It is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset. • Druggists in Connecticut must pay $400.00 each year for a license in order to use alcohol in compounding prescriptions. • Guilford: Only white Christmas lights are allowed for display. • Hartford: You aren't allowed to cross a street while walking on your hands • In colonial times, Hartford, Conn., had an ordinance that allowed any resident to rent the town chain for 2 pence. • In Connecticut any dogs with tattoos must be reported to
Polar Bears Listed As Threatened Species
US lists polar bear as threatened species By H. JOSEF HEBERT – 3 hours ago WASHINGTON (AP) — Government officials say the Interior Department has decided to protect the polar bear as a threatened species because of global warming. The officials told The Associated Press the bears are threatened by the decline in Arctic sea ice. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the official announcement was to come from Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne. He scheduled a news conference Wednesday. The action comes a day before a court-imposed deadline on deciding whether the bear should be put under the protection of the federal Endangered Species Act. The department will cite studies by its own scientists saying the decline in Arctic sea ice could result in two-thirds of the polar bears disappearing by mid-century
The Fine Line Between Good Medicine And 'dangerous Drugs'
A history of the battle between politics and science over the use of marijuana as a medicine. The following is an excerpt from "Dying to Get High" by Wendy Chapkis and Richard J. Webb (NYU Press, 2008). (c) 2008 NYU Press. For many modern critics, the concept of "medical marijuana" is a contradiction in terms. Medicine is standardized, synthetic, and pure; marijuana involves the unrefined and promiscuous coupling of more than four hundred components rooted in the dirt. Medicine -- in its most powerful and privileged forms -- rests in the hands of men, while the most potent form of marijuana is found in the female flowering plant. Medicine engages in heroic battles against death. Marijuana claims only to enhance the quality of life. Medicine presents itself as an objective science safeguarded by the ritual of the double-blind, randomized clinical trial. The therapeutic value of marijuana relies largely on the "soft science" of subjective experience and anecdotal evidence. From
One Spark
One spark is all it takes… One spark can lead a moth to a flame, One spark and burn inside a lover’s brain, One spark can set the world on fire, One spark, can lead to lust and desire, One spark, can trigger a host of emotion, One spark, can kill the deepest devotion, One spark, can bring a house to the ground One spark, can leave you fetal upon the ground, One spark, can instigate a blood letting blow, One spark, can cause your tears to flow One spark, can release the hunger inside, One spark, can cause you to temp suicide One spark, can erase a lifetime of hate, One spark, can seal your destiny with fate. One spark, can fill your veins with lust One spark, fueled with the slightest of touch One spark, can ignite another world war One spark, can make a child beg for more One spark, can lift a an idea to reality One spark, can become a Hero’s finality One spark, gently floating on the breeze, one ember fading into the abyss
For Shell
This means A LOT to me... SOOOO MUCH that I am willing to pay you... **R/L STUFF HERE** VOTING STARTED... MAY 15TH YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY FOR 30 DAYS... i will give you $1000 fu-bucks per vote Click on the bottom of the player and vote.. once you vote message me and I will send you $1000 fu-bucks... PLUS... EVERY 40th vote (from fubar) will receive a 3 day blast ~OR~ bling pack so be sure to message me once you have voted ~~MY FRIENDS KICK ASS~~ I know we can get this record deal.. with a little help from you **THANKS IN ADVANCE** ~~MUCH LOVE~~ SHELL
Sentimental Feelings
Written by Paul Cain My heart fades out just like the sun My hopes were extinguished before they begun Bitterness is all i have left Standing for the moment wasting this gift So many chances ive had and ive lost I guess its a lesson with very high cost Ive tried to be everything that nobody had Only to fail in the end by driving myself mad My prison is dark deep inside my mind Unlock the door to be free Forever wishing everything was fine.
Rip Jody
For those of you that knew him "justin" died in March. I don't know how I feel about this because while he put me through hell I only wished good things for him and I prayed he'd turn his life around before he died. I don't know if he had enough time but I hope he did. Please no negative comments. Link to Obit Jody Lee Cowel Cowel, Jody Lee, 44, died March 22, 2008. Visitation Saturday, 9am-4pm;service Monday, 1pm, Sunnyslope Cemetery, Blue Mound. Survivors: brother, Deon Cowel, Wichita; sisters, Patricia Simonin, Rhonda Elder, Wichita, Evelyn Miller, Park City; parents, Charles & Ruth Ann Cowel, Wichita. All Faiths Mortuary. Published in the Wichita Eagle on 3/29/2008.
12 Types Of Females!
12 types of females! 1. Ms. Gold-Digger Advantages a. You have some one to manage your money. b. She always looks good. c. She makes your other niggas jealous. d. She makes you look good. Disadvantages a. When you get broke she'll be gone and take what you have left. b. She makes sure she has a child by you to sue you for child support. c. Once your nigga comes up she'll be on his arm the next day. 2. Ms. Freak (secret lover) Advantages a. She knows all the right positions. b. She'll try everything more than once. c. You're never unsatisfied. d. She'll do all the things your girl won't do. e. She doesn't mind being your freak, as long as she catches one too. Disadvantages a. Eventually, b/c she's a female, she'll end up catching feelings. b. She starts to act like she's your "main". c. She fucks wit ya boy and act like you in the wrong for telling her that she's a freak. d. Eventually her shit gets old. And you need a replacement. 3. Ms. I
I Need Your Help
For Just A Minute There
For just a minute there We were walking 'long the ocean Together hand in hand When I stopped to write "I Love You" in the sand And when I looked up you were standing Ten miles out at sea And in a sweat I woke up from that crazy dream As I reached to hold you in the morning light It was your pillow I clung to so tight For a minute there I thought it was you For a minute there My prayers had finally come true For a minute there I began again to live What I wouldn't give For just a minute there Five o'clock on Friday Sitting at a light When this angel walked right by me On my right And the cars all started honking As my feet hit the ground And though I chased and called You never turned around Oh the walk, the hair, the perfume Were the same How I wished she would've answered To your name For a minute there I thought it was you For a minute there My prayers had finally come true For a minute there I began again to live What I wouldn't give F
I'll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears You can go swimming when you're here I'll be the rainbow when the sun is gone Wrap you in my colors and keep you warm.
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Umm if anyone wants to add me let me know, i will send you the link! or you can send me yours! thanks =)
If You Came Back As One Of These Two Animals What Would You Be A Dog Or A Cat?
Good Morning, happy Thursday too. Ok against my better judgment I was not going to do news of the weirder then we…well because it seems like I always showcase the clumsiness or stupidest ones I can find…and normally pick on Florida…but my own fine state is catching up…but today I had to write about this one. Mexico come on…what are you thinking? TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, Mexico - A Mexican donkey has been freed from jail after doing time for acting like a jackass. The Televisa network on Wednesday showed Blacky gobbling food from a bucket after spending three days in a jail that normally holds people for public drunkenness and other disturbances. Blacky was jailed for biting and kicking two men near a ranch outside Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of the southern state of Chiapas. Officials freed the donkey after its owner paid a fine of $36 and the $115 hospital bill of the men, who suffered bites to the chest and a broken ankle. Authorities say he also must pay $480 to each man for missed wor
Have you noticed that the only thing the Government hasn't taxed is the penis? This is due to the fact that: 40% of the time it's hanging around unemployed. 20% of the time it's pissed off. 30% of the time it's hard up. 10% of the time it's in the hole. And on top of that it has two dependents and they're both nuts. Well, I am sad to inform you that starting Jan. 2009 the Government has decided to start taxing the penis. And they will tax it according to size: 10 - 12 inches will pay a luxury tax. 8 - 9 inches will pay a pole tax 6 - 7 inches will pay a privilege tax. 4 - 5 inches will pay a nuisance tax. Under 4 inches will be eligible for a refund. They request that you not ask for an extension. Males over 12 inches must file for a Capital Gains Tax.
Know Yourself
It cracks me up .. but being a writer i always pay attention to the meaning of words. And it seems that a lot of confusion has grown between the difference between "hick" "country" and "redneck" .. the result is that then people start using these terms without being aware of what they mean. When you call yourself a "redneck" .. read below to see what you are saying about yourself and decide if this is really what you mean: Unabridged (v 1.1) red·neck Informal: Often Disparaging. –noun 1. an uneducated white farm laborer, esp. from the South. 2. a bigot or reactionary, esp. from the rural working class. –adjective 3. Also, red-necked. narrow, prejudiced, or reactionary: a redneck attitude. Also, red-neck. [Origin: 1820–30, Americanism; red1 + neck] Unabridged (v 1.1) Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006. -----------------------------
Big $
Hello Everyone. Glad to see that everyones reading this. Are You ready to have some real fun & get EXTRA attention & Luv to Your Profile ? It's gonna be an open theme pic contest but no NSFW entries . Well here comes how You can get extra luv all the way around. Contest is gonna start on May 25th(Sun) at 10 am (Pacific)- 1pm(Eastern)& run til June 4th(Wed) at 10 am (Pacific)- 1pm(Eastern). All entries need to be sent to ßlðñÐïe in private message to enter.Link is at bottom to her profile. All pic rates will be worth 10 points over all so theres no need to worry about down ratings of your pics. 1ST Place needs 40,000 comments to qualify. Winner gets 350,000 Fu Bucks. 200-11's to Your profile added. Winner gets to be Pimped out on 3 profiles for a week & pimp out bully for a week. plus a vip or 7 day blast. 2nd Place needs 30,000 comments to qualify. Winner gets 200,000 Fu Bucks. 100-11's to Your profile added. Winner gets to be Pimped out on 3 profiles for
Ship Wrecked
Subject: Ship Wrecked A man was washed up on a beach after a terrible shipwreck. Only a sheep and a sheepdog were washed up with him. After looking around, he realized that they were stranded on a deserted island. After being there awhile, he got into the habit of taking his two animal companions to the beach every evening to watch the sunset. One particular evening, the sky was a fiery red with beautiful cirrus clouds, the breeze was warm and gentle - a perfect night for romance. As they sat there, the sheep started looking better and better to the lonely man. Soon, he leaned over to the sheep and put his arm around it. But the sheepdog, ever protective of the sheep, growled fiercely until the man took his arm from around the sheep. After that, the three of them continued to enjoy the sunsets together, but there was no more cuddling. A few weeks passed by and, lo and behold, there was another shipwreck. The only survivor was Hilla
Cameron Diaz
Hi, From Cancun
Hey everyone, Just got a few minutes to say hi. Yeah yeah I know I have written in a few days. Hey, I'm sunning my well lets say ass in Cancun. My first trip as a non high schooler. Have fun everyone, got to get back to some handcuffs. LUV U Tara
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My Last Blog...ever
as most of you know, this is my last week on fubar, and there are several of you who i will miss greatly, as there are plenty of people, most of whom are already blocked, that i could care less about. but either way, most people have heard a little bit about why i am leaving. i have yet to tell anyone all my reasons, but some of the main reasons are reasons most have yet to here, so here's two: the first being a girl named smore...after coming into contact with her, i instantly liked her and i knew nothing would ever come of it, but i liked her for some reason anyways. well, that's a whole 'nother story i don't even want to get into, but the second reason is cause of my mom and my brother. i spend far too much time on here when i ought to be doing things to show them i'm supporting them. my brother has hodgkin's lymphoma and was diagnosed when he was 18. he's had it for 3 and a half years now. my mom has just recently found out what has been causing her trouble. she's got a tu
Indiana Jones’ Raiders Of The Lost Temple Of Senior Citizens’ Specials
OK, faster-than-light take on the Indiana Jones 4: It's a good popcorn flick. Just lower your expectations that have mounted over the past 20-27 years and set your brains on neutral. It's certainly not the best in the lot, but more engaging than the Temple of Doom. Think National Treasure meets X-Files via the Cold War. But please, no more Indy. He's surely earned tenure as ass-kicking archaeology professor and accrued some much-deserved vacation time. Onto other things - hah hah hah! Fun watching the far righties squirm as of late. John McSame (err, McCain, as in he who votes 100 percent of the time with Dubya) rejected John Hagee's endorsement. I guess those anti-Catholic and other controversial remarks and sentiments of the past will get conservatives only so far come election time. And then former White House press whore Scott McClellan, having just released a book, says he felt his former boss' administration has been one of denial and deception, especially regarding Iraq and K
Some Of Us Will Never Measure Up
I wish I could be The one you want to see The one you want to hear The one you always want near I don't care about the time Just let all your problems unwind I dare To care Only for you You care To snare My heart Only for you When I'm down And I'm blue When the world takes its toll And all my thoughts roll When I feel I can't sleep And I cry, and I weep To sleep in your arms Takes away all that harms Your beauty Your glow What a fascinating show And as I close my eyes to forget it all On our story Once more, the curtain falls
Bane 7
Fu-angels Team 2 Emilyimax Just Got Her Halo!!!
Thanks For The Help
All Of My friends Have Pissed Me Off For The Last Time You Want Some Get It Your Self I Am Done Helping Out From Now On I Do My Own Thing Ya'll Can Get It Yourself The Few That Can Get Something Better Feel Lucky ~ Lost In The Dark ~
I Want To Know About You
I'M CURIOUS.... IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 40 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST!! COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BLOG OR BULLETIN. 1.)Q. Are you currently in a serious relationship? 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you? 8.)Q. Any Tattoos or Piercings? Explain where. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 12.)Q. Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude? 13.)Q. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? 14.)Q. Worst thing t
The Closest One I've Seen To Myself!
Sagittarius is undoubtedly one of the most positive of the star signs. You were born under the ninth sign, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter’s traditional name was Jove, hence your jovial attitude. You’re extremely confident in whatever you do. Being one of the luckiest signs, fortune seems to favour you, whether you plan things or not. That’s also the reason you don’t mind taking the odd risk or two. You feel as if you can’t possibly lose. This almost cocky attitude is something that attracts people to you. You’re also very enthusiastic, and this is contagious — people can’t help but feel the same way in your presence. Because people like you so much, they want to help you achieve your goals. But sometimes your life objectives are colossal — those arrows seem to shoot much further than the eye can see. Your philosophy is to bite off more than you can chew and then chew as fast as you can. People around you will sometimes feel that you’re overly ambitious, and that your
153 Memebers & Counting
�¢¶ FU-Bombers
Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't. - Richard Bach
Clinton Will Quit And Back Obama
Clinton will quit and back Obama Hillary Clinton has seen her opponent maintain his lead Hillary Clinton will withdraw from the race to become the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, and back her rival Barack Obama, her campaign says. On Tuesday, Mr Obama gained enough delegates to win the nomination, after the final votes of the primary season. Mrs Clinton has still not admitted in public that she lost the contest, but on Saturday she will do so "and express her support for Senator Obama". Mr Obama has already announced a team to help select his running mate. Reports that Mrs Clinton was ready to concede came after she made a conference call to senior Democrats in Congress. At a Democratic Party event in Washington, Mrs Clinton will also "express her support... for party unity", her communications director Howard Wolfson said. Earlier, it had been announced that the event would be held on Friday, but Mr Wolfson said it had been delayed a day "to
Marrying Young
My sister, went to the department store to check out the bridal registry of our niece whose wedding was coming up soon. When my sister returned from the store, she tossed the gift list on a table and declared, "I think she's too young to get married." "Why do you say that?" I asked. "Because," she said, "they've registered for Nintendo games."
Just An Idea...
I'm sleeping. I am jarred awake by the sound of my bedroom door opening. However, I do not moving, knowing who is there. I hear you undress and feel the covers being drawn back. I feel you warm body next to mine. You traces you finger behind my right ear and kiss my shoulder. You hands move down my body. As they fish inside my underwear (jungle boxers) I roll onto my back. We share a deep kiss as I lift my ass for you to ease my only clothing off. I kick them off, the kiss is not broken. After a few passionate minutes of kissing you kiss you way down my body. As you get to my stomach you hands caress my thighs, beginning at the knees. As you get closer to my erotic center, which is standing proud and tall, with your mouth you hands work their way up. As you uses one hand to fondle my prick and balls you licks my cock and uses you other hand to massage where my thighs meet my body. You take me in your mouth, deeper and deeper, giving me plenty of tongue action. You hand pumps what is no
Just Because Persia Got Such A Laugh Out Of This
So Persia was telling me about the new Batman rollcoaster. The ad claims "If you are not afraid of the Dark, you will be!" Rollercoasters and Darkness, yeah two of my favorite things. **** Insert extreme sarcasm here **** I told her, yeah, just throw in some spiders and clowns and I'm in!!!!!!!!
Amd Has An Ace Up It's Sleeve
Taipei (Taiwan) - AMD has pulled a rabbit out of its hat to increase the performance of its existing Phenom triple-core (8000-series) and quad-core (9000-series) processors. Six “hidden pins” on the processors and chipsets are the secret, which, our sources told us, will enable simple overclocking through the southbridge – and accelerate the current processors on demand. The name of the game is called “unlocking the multiplier”, which will be played with the SB700 and SB750 southbridge chips. If you are running an upcoming 2.8 GHz Black Edition CPU, a motherboard with the old SB600 model (RD690) will keep the processor cores operating at 2.8 GHz. However, if you have a motherboard with the SB700 chipset, you will receive a free upgrade to 3.0 GHz. And if you get a motherboard with a SB750 chip, your processor will run at 3.2 GHz, which matches the clock speed of the Athlon X2 6400+ - the highest clocked processor AMD ever offerred. We have seen motherboards with 780G, 790FX and 7
I Am In A Auction Can You All Come Help Bid On Me Please
Scottish Cup Final 2008 - Qos V Gers
Scottish cup final 2008 - QOS v GERS
First Sight
It lies not in our power to love or hate, For will in us is overruled by fate. When two are stripped, long ere the course begin, We wish that one should love, the other win; And one especially do we affect Of two gold ingots, like in each respect: The reason no man knows, let it suffice, What we behold is censured by our eyes. Where both deliberate, the love is slight: Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?
A Mature Pussy
A Mature Pussy by LateNiteFantasy© Don't let a few birthdays fool you. Just because she is an older, mature women doesn't mean that she isn't full of passion and desires. The mature pussy knows what it wants and how to handle it; I rather have a mature, older pussy than 100 novice pussies. It is as beautiful as any pussy and as full of juice as a flowing river and knows how to settle in for the long haul. So stand back and let me at the older goddess, the lady with the seasoned pussy.
How I Feel About You....
Well I found this song, was one of my favorites a while back!!!! It actually defined probably one of the best friends I ever had and our relationship!!!! I miss him greatly, though I've come to realize that this encompasses my feelings for all of my friends and the one thing that's the hardest is when they have to go, cause they'll always remain in my heart even if I don't in their's!!!! So to all of you, my friends no matter what you'll always be in my heart, even if it's shattered when you leave!!!! So thank you for being there when you were if you've left me, if you haven't know that I'm always here, well really I'm always here for any one of my friends!!!! If you've left for some reason, please read this and know it comes from my heart!!!! I won't be here soon and for some of you maybe that'll work for you for others I am sorry, i need some time with some things and being reminded of how much my heart hurts isn't helping!!!! Just please read this and know this is how i
Rules To The Train... Very Simple
1) Please R/F/A all exsisting riders 2) No Drama.... Don't bug people because they dont R/F/A You Fast enough..... We are all busy people.... 3) Name Changes Are Optional But Liked! 4) Please repost the bulletins.... Im Only One Person and can reach only so many new people. Well Thats About It.... If Drama Starts And Your The Center... You Will Be Kicked From The Train! Enjoy Your Ride!! ♥SexyMel
Well everyone else is doing it, so i figured so would I. I am putting myself up for auction, if you would like tohave me as yours, send me a message and tell me what you would pay for me. I am running this auction for one week. Will add more details as the week goes on
My Drinking Song
Your drinking song is: Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks
Ninjalo...member Of The Week #11
Please come Fan,Add & Rate me... COME SEE ME... THE RED DRAGON MEMBER OF THE WEEK Ninjalo420 (Enforcer@FarBeyondDriven) *Owned by DJ $CrazyJuggalett*@ fubar Please, if you would be so kind, leave Ninjalo some love by clicking his pic and feel free to stop by the lounge too by clicking the lounge link...Have fun!!
Psycho Mom Bites Her Baby
maybe the baby was hungery and bit the mom saying feed me bitch XD......but real baby does,t no right or worng and doesn,t think mom was not in the right to bite her baby back..
The Link To The Contest Im In
this is the link to the page you can find my pic please come help me out i need to be the 1st one to come up with 30,000 comments so please help a sister fubarian out
Jarah Jane (promo)
Jarah Jane (Promo) Jarah Jane (Promo)
Michelle Branch_are You Happy Now
Michelle Branch_are You Happy Now
Megadeth - Anarchy In The Uk (sex Pistols Cover)
Megadeth - Anarchy In The Uk (Sex Pistols Cover) Megadeth - Anarchy In The Uk (Sex Pistols Cover)
Splendidly by LateNiteFantasy© there is a spot there, at the back of your neck where the hairline ends that begs my lips kiss, bite so I do and every one is nothing more than a prelude to the moments we'll share beyond them when the candles are burning and the sweat on our skin glistens I am alive when the look in your eyes says you are seeing something beyond this existence and the sound of you voice can be read only in sighs and moans I know then that we are both alive and that we are both alive splendidly
This Should Involve You
NOW PRESENTING SOME OF FUBAR'S FINEST PLEASE RATE/FAN/ADD THESE AWESOME INDIVIDUALS THEN REPOST THIS TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ~Ms Taz™~*~Owned & Loved By King Domino~*Fu-Angel*~{SHADOW LEVELER}~@ fubar SHOW THEM SOME MAD LUV!!! ♥HOT Marina♥*Asst Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties* ♥ Club F.A.R Team Tulsa!♥@ fubar THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY GIVE BACK BigDaddySparks@ fubar WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND WHO DO YOU CALL? Jasmine~Protected by Holydiver~~ Fu-owned by Gary@ fubar A FRIEND IS A FRIEND TO THE END spazzy69~~ fuowned by Doc~*The Spanker Family*@ fubar A FRIEND ALWAYS READY TO SCRATCH YOUR BACK Radissongirl ~ OWNED by DJ Army Medic ~ OWNER of Lonely Old Grizzly Bear@ fubar A FRIEND WHO THINKS OF YOU FIRST ♥~MZ.DREAMS~♥CLUB F.A.R *TEAM CAPTIAN**I.B.I.C**@ fubar SHOWING YOU WHAT IT IS TO HAVE A REAL FRIEND
The Happening, Etc.
So last night I decided to watch The Happening, because I'm a huge Shyamalan fan. (Yes, I even liked Lady in the Water.) I have friends who don't like his movies, and I never understand why. He does such a great job of building tension, and playing on human emotion. You weren't blown away at the the end of The Village when the girl scales the wall into modern civilization? Really? The point of this post wasn't to review the movie, I actually wanted to complain about religious types. I get e-mails on a daily basis over the quotes on my profile. Why do religious types feel the need to tell me I am going to hell for my beliefs (or lack thereof) when I clearly don't believe in it to start with? I don't understand why they insist on calling me "misinformed" when I'd almost bet a large percentage of christians have never researched any other modern religions, much less any of the more ancient ones. I know more about religion in general than they do, and perhaps even more about thei
And she is why! I got her a mothersday card for her from my son to be nice and she wasnt even woman enough to return my calls on fathersday so i could spend the 1st one with my 8 month old..she rather have him around a bunch of drunks and drug users like her brother instead of having a father that loves him more than life spend time with him. *Sweetpea Owned by Christopher aka 'Tappinit *@ fubar
Cars-gary Numan
Gary Numan-Cars - Gary Numan
Hosting An Auction
I'm hosting my very FIRST auction! So if your interested, SB me and and a pic link. Good luck to all who enter. I will post a bulletin when it starts so we can get this whored out.
Yay!!! Starts Tonight!!! :)
Only Tough On The Outside
I never show my tears, unless it hurts to damn much People tell me Im strong, and bragg that im tough "No Fear" is what I say When someone asks, "are you ever afraid" Ive been hurt, and abused Raped, beaten and used And somehow I find the strigth to stand alone and fight And find the courage to kiss my babies good night I know when to hold on and when to let go I help everyone through theyre pain, and teach them to smile trough theyre sorrow I look at my life, and say, Its not been so bad Take a deep breath, and find a way to laugh But deep inside, Im so confused I feel scared and alone, broken and bruised My strenght is beginning to whither, at times I just cant take any more I set to cry alone behind closed doors Im not the strongest one that everyone believes me to be But I put on this face and continue to be me Ive found a way to continue, somehow Ive got to survive If not for me, to keep others alive
New Auction
Just One Rate
We have a really good friend in a contest,Just a rate contest,so come on and leave one rate. (Kelly aka '~*~Cotton Candy Kisses~*) It's a rate only contest.Could you please rate her pic.It ends tomorow and she is in 2nd place.We would really like her to win if possible. ^^CLICK ME,CLICK ME^^ Thanx In Advance Chaotic Princess & Bratt (repost of original by '♥~BRATT~♥' on '2008-06-17 15:30:04')
The Dog, The Cat, And The Rat
Extremely Anorexic Girl Talks About Her Disease And Daily Self-torture
Mirror , Mirror
Mirror, Mirror on the wall Will I take that fall Should I try or would it be better to say good-bye Mirror, Mirror on the wall I don't think I like who I see at all I see a tear streaked face, and someone who wants so many things to take place Mirror, Mirror what is fair Why do I even care I should just walk away and save the pain for another day Mirror, Mirror set me free Let me become the person I long to be Mirror, Mirror on the wall I want to become strong and stand tall Help me if you can, try and lend me a hand Mirror, Mirror on the wall....
Murray Letter
Murray letter Body: David Murray This is a letter copied from another Rangers website,Vanguard Bears,on David Murray's legacy at Ibrox. Now I agree with everything written and the treatment of Donald Findlay and Campbell Ogilvie should be added to the list. Anyone else have anything to add to the list or do you disagree with the letter ? As owner of Rangers Football Club you sir are an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to all those men who made Rangers what they WERE. I refuse to use the word in the present tense as you have totally and utterly ruined the club i love and grew up with. Now you may not agree with the "FTP Brigade" as they were so eloquently labelled but there is no denying that your Chairmanship has resulted in Rangers FC becoming a laughing stock and a parasite in UK footballing terms. Getting rid of this element seems to be your sole focus regardless of the damage it does. Let me remind you though that there is a world of difference between the grat
Re: Bbc Set To Launch New Smear Attack On 9/11 Truth
RE: BBC Set To Launch New Smear Attack On 9/11 Truth ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 20 Jun 2008, 19:29 myspace codeBBC Set To Launch New Smear Attack On 9/11 Truth The BBC is set to launch another savage smear attack on the 9/11 truth movement with two documentaries about the September 11 attacks and the 7/7 bombings that attempt to debunk evidence of government complicity and smear doubters of the official story as holocaust deniers, Neo-Nazis, and crop circle fanatics. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/062008_smear_attack. htm
It's Hard For Me
I won't sit here and lie or even try to deny the fact...that I still think of you everyday. How could I not...this month makes 6 years...6 long years of happiness and heart ache. Like some friendships some relationship are just not meant to be forever. You have other stuff that needs to be taken care of now...things on your mind...things that are not of me and what was once thought to be ours. Even when leaving you seem so upset. You said it was because you did not want to go...but I think go you must... It did not take long before more information started to flood my way, of all the days and nites, the reason for the things that you denied, and even more lies if not half truths. I don't understand things that you say or do and it might not be meant for me too...but the pain still lingers a house once home...a heart once filled and now broken. How we always seem to go so wrong from one drastic to aonther...from love to pure hate... There is no forgiving this time..
Vibra Cell.....
This Or That
Food/DrinkMcDonalds or Burger King?Chick-fil-aPepsi or Coke?Caffeine Free Diet CokeSierra Mist or Sprite?SpriteDominos or Pizza Hut?Papa JohnsFridays or Ruby Tuesdays?Ruby TuesdayPancakes or waffles?wafflesHamburgers or cheeseburgers? parardise!Meat or veggies?both!Vanilla or chocolate?chocolateClothingAbercrombie or Hollister?yuck. neither.Boxers or briefs?boxerbriefsCollar: popped or regular?regularJeans or skirt?jeansSneakers or flip-flops?flip flopsMusic*NYSNC or Backstreet Boys?*NSYNC
Practice To Thinking,unlocking Your Life
Ever wondered who has all the answers to all your questions... The answer is so simple,we deny believing it.. The answer is YOU... You have all the answers deep inside you,To all your questions...Your life is set up for you, just you. Your Thoughts, Emotions,Feelings... You create your own life by them... Therefore the practice is like a key, the key of meditation. If we have the right key in our hand, no matter how tightly the lock is closed, when we take the key and turn it the lock falls open. If we have no key we can't open the lock. We will never know what is in the trunk.
Jaimi My 14 Year Old
Well Jaimi is now on the plne to her summer vacation ya I amlost started crying I should hear from her in a few hours.
I look at my reflection in the car window, As I ride. How can I be so old, When I feel so young? How can I be so beautiful, When I feel so coarse and indelicate? Who is it who looks in from the darkness?
Just This Once
Baby being inside of you is what I love the most… Such warmth of wetness surrounding the pulsations of my dick… Can surely have a man like me always hard in thoughts of you… I know what the mornings can bring from a moment spent with you… But baby… “Just This Once…” I long to feel your body pressed against mine as we lay naked together… The feel of your soft nipples pressed tightly against my chest… So that I can feel our hearts beating strong that gives way to “love” Damn I love it when you get nice and wet in thoughts in what I am about to do to every sensual part of your body…damn baby… “Just This Once…” I am yearning at the thoughts of kissing your nipples… Feeling your body arch upwards at the softness of my kissing them… Watching your body warm up as your skin heats up with desire… Damn I can hear your moans start to fill the room… The thoughts of knowing that we won’t have to go
Please Help Me Win This Contest
Toshiba Unveils Laptop With Cell-derived Chip
Martyn Williams, IDG News Service Monday, June 23, 2008 12:20 AM PDT The first laptops to make use of the SpursEngine, a multimedia co-processor derived from the Cell chip that powers the PlayStation 3, will go on sale in Japan in July. Toshiba will launch its Qosmio G50 and F40 machines with the chip, which contains four of the "Synergistic Processing Elements" from the Cell Broadband Engine processor. The Cell chip used in the PlayStation 3 has eight of the SPE cores plus a Power PC main processor. The SPE cores perform the heavy number-crunching that makes the console's graphics so stunning. The SpursEngine SE1000 will work in much the same way in the laptops. The operating system will run on an Intel Core 2 Duo chip and the SpursEngine will be called on to handle processor-intensive tasks, such as processing of high-definition video. This arrangement means the laptop should be capable of some tricks that haven't been seen on machines until now. Among them, Toshiba
Come Hang Out In The Newest Lounge Lost Innocence
Have you ever felt so down that you just couldn't pick yourself up?? You just didn't know how you were going to make it through the rest of the day feeling the way you feel?? Today is just one of those days for me. I don't know exactly what is wrong, but today is just not feeling up to par. It started with the stupid drs appointment. I found out that I have gained some weight even though I'm busting my ass off at the gym. In two weeks, I've only taken one day off from it. I've been there every night and this past week, I've been there everynight...... except last night b/c I felt so down. The dr raised my meds hoping that might help. I hope it does. I hate weighing what I weigh. It just isn't fair. I guess life isn't. I've tried so hard to get down to my weight again. I just can't seem to keep it going. Plus I'm stressed out at home. My kids have been gone for a week and my husband and I haven't been able to sit down and talk. It seems like all we d
Tagged By
Recapping the meme in my own words: Someone tagged me, namely Mistress of Wolves, for this you get 10 facts about me, and I will tag at least 5 people and leave a comment (or gift) with the "Tag!" and directions to this blog. 1. I play conventional and tribal/middle eastern percussion, bass, harmonica, tin whistle and recorder, a little clarinet, piano, mountain dulcimer. 2. I am a Desert Storm Veteran, having serving in the US Navy as a mechanical/chemical engineer in the Nuclear propulsion plants. 3. I am a card carrying, campaign contributing Libertarian, and was formerly the chair of the Greater Charlotte area, a member at large to the State Exec Committee, and an electoral college delegate. 4. I can listen to most music except bubble gum/LCD top 40. I detest Limp Bizkit. But my favorites are those artists and songs that capture your mind and spirit. 5. Psychology and Astronomy are hardcore. 6. I can write a parody song for nearly any situation in minutes to
A Hot Shower
A Hot Shower You don't see me enter the shower The steam in the room Seducing your body like a jealous lover My hands wrap around you Holding your body firmly As you feel the heat of my body press against your back Whether by the pulsating of the water Or the burning of my passion A wet desire consumes you The urge to give yourself completely to me wins over I turn you to face me as I begin to bathe my prince You respond in kind to my intense pleasure As I kiss you, I feel my body lifted Pressed against tile, I wrap my legs around you Moving your hips to temptations you thought long forgotten Steam rising between us Pounding deeply until... Release.......floating freedom in each others arms We towel our bodies off and collapse in bed together In your eyes I see a glimmer of tiger So let loose your inhibitions And let us live again
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