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Just Some Thoughts...
"Hey if any of you are looking for Christmas gifts for me, I have one. I'd like the ref's from last nights game (Seattle vs Green Bay), brought right here to me tonight. I want them brought from their happy slumber over there on Monday night football, with all the other rich owners, and I want them brought right here, with a big ribbon on their head. I want to... look them straight in their eyes and I want to tell them what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug eyed, stiff-leged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit they are!!!! Hallelujah!! Holly shit!!! Where's the Tylenol!!"
Chapter 22
accidentally Chapter 22 "How about we watch a movie?" Evan smiled. "I'll let you pick." After settling down in Evan's room, we went downstairs to his kitchen to find something to eat. Evan ended up making the two of us milkshakes, which might I say, were very delicious. I grinned, skipping towards the rack of DVDs in his living room. I skimmed through Evan's collection of movies, finding that most of them consisted of either classic or horror movies. "Don't you have any comedy movies?" I asked, in a teasing tone. Evan smiled, hovering over me as he flipped through the stack of his movies. I couldn't help but notice the way his arms were around me, chest pressed against my back. I held in my breath, as he pulled out a DVD with a teddy bear on the cover. "How about Ted?" he asked. "I just bought this one a week ago." I gave him a weak smile, unable to control the way my heart was racing against my chest. Was this even normal? "Ted sounds fine." I paused, as he popped it into the DVD p
Cleverly Camouflaged
A few months went by, before I opened my eyes. To the true colors, he kept hidden inside. Cleverly camouflaged, by all the lies. Although he was three years, older than I. A little more of his true self came out, when sex was denied. By me, each time I said no. A little more was revealed, it was starting to show. I felt he was secluding me, having me followed at school. I second guessed myself, like some paranoid fool. Then one night, while driving me home. He took a detour under the bridge, just him and I alone. He made his advances, once again. While grazing his lips, across my skin. I told him no, but he just wouldn’t stop. I didn’t know how else, to get my point across. I snatched away, and said in a firm tone. I’m breaking up with you, just leave me alone! He got very angry, and tried to pull me back into his car. I made it known that this time, he had gone too far. I shouted. Why is it so hard for you to understand? That I
British Lord Calls For Nuking Afghanistan-pakistan Border
Kurt NimmoInfowars.comNovember 24, 2012 Lord Gilbert, aka Life Peer Baron Gilbert, a House of Lords fixture, has suggested using a neutron bomb on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border to clear out pesky natives who were radicalized by his country, the United States, and Pakistan. “Your Lordships may say that this is impractical, but nobody lives up in the mountains on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan except for a few goats and a handful of people herding them. If you told them that some ERRB warheads were going to be dropped there and that it would be a very unpleasant place to go, they would not go there. You would greatly reduce your problem of protecting those borders from infiltration from one side or another,” said the Gilbert during a debate about getting rid of nuclear weapons. Gilbert was roundly criticized for his comment by fellow parliament members. Lord Browne of Ladyton said Gilbert’s comments were his “most challenging and contrarian&rdquo
Wedding Dress Für Den Außenbereich - Semi-formale Hochzeit
Nicht alle Bräute wie die formale Hochzeit, während einige haben ihr Herz auf eine semi-formale Hochzeit in casualhochzeitskleider gesetzt. Semi-formal ist eine gute Regel für Berg-Einstellungen. Dies ermöglicht für die Braut zu sein ausdrucksstark in ihrer Wahl des Hochzeitskleides. Ein Berg Hochzeit ist oft schön und rustikal. Aber eine lange, formelle Kleidung sieht fehl am Platz. Verwenden Sie einen Tee-Länge Hochzeitskleid in Ihrem Bergkulisse, und stellen Sie sicher, dass das Kleid in einfachen. Outdoor Berg Hochzeiten sind große Chancen für Brautjungfer 'color läuft, "wo jeder Brautjungfer ein Kleid in einer anderen Farbe trägt. Brautkleider können im Boden, knielang oder sogar Shorts je nach dem Ort, dass Hochzeit stattfinden wird. Mögen Sie Cocktail-Hochzeit Kleid, das nur für die semi-formale Hochzeit ist?
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And So It Continues
 Things were quiet for a while after the baseball era for Damian until he was 14. By now he'd been through 9 grades and 7 different schools so making friends was still tough but never stopped trying. Now this socially awkward new kid had to set on the newest challenge High School. In yet another new neighborhood he asked some of the other kids if they'd known each other long and how many schools they'd gone to, but came to realize opening his mouth just got more ridicule than he'd have had if he'd just blended int othe woodwork. He wanted to fit in or be accepted or standout in a crowd and make people WANT to be his friend for some hting he could do. Tryed every sport , club , after school activity he could muster the courage to try, but the only thing he was good at was running. Couldnt shoot a basket to save his life, basesball  was still awkward for him, although he could throw ya out at the plate from left center without using the shortstop his batting sucked hard. Football was new
A Direct Question From A Complete Stranger.
New Message: If you were sentenced to hang for theft and drug related crimes... If you were sentenced to hang would you hang hooded in a little black dress, minus panties but with hose and matching black shoes before a crowd and take a sort drop  sorry if too direct just for chat. 11shady11  new message: To be executed for crimes that were influenced by external factors, which occurred in the very society that is now willing now hang the crime and not the person, seems more like a martyrdom . if it were for murder or some horror that only madness from within could imagine the only cure is death and no hands need be washed because the sin will die on the block. i am a self-medicated sneak thief, just surviving in a life where the only escape from the bitterness and filth was a fleeting high that would become my executioner eventually anyway, is not the one who should hide my face in shame. instead i would be lead to the the gallows stark naked, exposed as the day i was born so a
Cheese Cake
~Crust~(For 9 inch pan)Crush or put into a blender:1 1/2 cups of graham crackers or cookies of your choiceStir into the crumbs:1/2 cup sugar6 tablespoons melted butter1 teaspoon as a spice of your choicePress and pat the crust into the pan. Bake until firm in a low ovenFresh or frozen fruit can be mixed with more sour cream and poured over the top of each slice. Fruit can also be placed on top of the cake after baking.~1st Layer of Filling~2 well beaten eggs3/4 lbs soft cream cheese1/2 cup sugar1 teaspoon lemon juice or vanilla1/2 teaspoon saltCool to room temperature and mix well. Mixing can be done by hand or in a blender/food processor. Pour the mixture into the crust. Heat oven to 425 and bake for 20 mins. Watch so it does not burn~2nd Layer of Filling~1 1/2 cups sour cream2 tablespoons sugar1/2 teaspoon vanilla1/8 teaspoon saltLet cool to room temp. Mix well until smooth. Pour onto the first layer. Cook for 5 mins and then let cool. Refrigerate form 6-12 hrs before serving.
These Eyes Of Mine
My eyes are like portals, to things unseen. By the one’s around me, movie scenes. Playing out in my head, constantly changing. Distorted figures, rearranging. Taking a drive, my lover and I. Not seeing the same things, while looking at the same sky. He see’s blue, and clouds of white. I see warriors, prepared to fight. People instantly, fade then turn grey. Become disfigured, slow motion they stray. Others light up, as bright as the sun. This is how I distinguish, the good from the bad ones. My eyes are like the remote, you use on your television set. Every blink becomes something, I haven't seen yet. The trees become homes, where the animals ran free. Now they search for a new home, frantically. The children on the swing set, laughing on the playground. Become moving targets, littering the ground. Dodging bullets, in a place of joy. Lives lost, innocence shattered, everything's  destroyed. The woman passing by me, as we speak. Is a
Not Done Yet
I needed to step out of the noise and commotion of the bar. I was comfortable in its familiar faces, i thought id kill two birds with one stone,take a walk to the back an pee.. and maybe grab a smoke. I knew sum of the fellow smokers out side. I bantered and laughed as a mixed group of four finished their break and walked back inside to rev up the nightlife vibe. I still had half a cigarette to finish so i drew in and took a look around of my dark surroundings..... What was that? Did i just see movement in the shadows of the alley?.......... I stoped squinted my eyes trying to focus, There was no movement...........just a dark shape smoothly growing before me. I couldent say a word as his eyes meet mine. He dident smile... but his eyes did as he slowely held out his hand................I couldent move .. I dident waver from his stare.... i felt his hand firmly on my wrist ..,,, he pulled me with him ...not to him ... so i beganthe journey in to the shadows with bated breath ......(
Men: How To Be A Better Lover -
In order to truly arouse a woman, you must first get her mind in the game. A woman's mind is not at all like a man's. A man's mind is more organized. If he needs to think about something, he gets that box out, thinks about it, when he is done, he puts a lid on it, and files it away. He will then get out the next box, unless he does not need to think about anything at all, in which case he is able to remain thoughtless for awhile. To picture a woman's mind, take all those boxes - take the lids off - spill them on the floor. That is how many thoughts she has going through her head all of the time. It never shuts off. So when a man is ready for sex, he gets his sex box out and that is all he thinks about at that time. A woman cannot think purely about sex as she has all the other stuff all over the floor that she also has to think about and is unable to turn them off. That is my analogy to help you understand the "Why" it is so hard to get us aroused. If you remember this and do whatever
For Valentines Only N Great Cause
I will make Nsf  salute  for     5  1 credit  bling      Val Day bling only          or let u view  Special Ks  album  any bling  pack  
Is Being Alone Better Then Being With Someone? Im
Sometimes I feel being alone is better then being with someone.. No one to talk down to you to hurt you, but you noone to judge you but you judging yourself..being alone for me sucks but sometimes its ok to be alone. Being alone may suck and sure does but sometimes its a good thing. Everyone needs time for themselves to think and focus..and sometimes being together too much causes tenstion and alot of arguing and fights when ur up and at eachothers I have no time to finish this but im sure u get what im saying.
Killing Citizens
Attorney General Holder: Prez Can Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil     Washington’s BlogMarch 6, 2013 Attorney general Eric Holder wrote the following to Senator Rand Paul yesterday: On February 20, 2013, you wrote to John Brennan requesting additional information concerning the Administration’s views about whether “the President has the power to authorize lethal force, such as drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and without trial.” As members of this administration have previously indicated,
La Strada Migliore Per Andare Per Il Successo Sviluppo Di Applicazioni Android
Non dovremmo essere grati a Google per la creazione di Android? è un dato di fatto, che dovrebbe essere. La società del motore di ricerca ha trasferito a noi un miracoloso sistema operativo che è sufficientemente in grado di supportare quasi tutti i tipi di computer. Google Android ha portato sul mercato con la filosofia dell'open source e la offrì per smartphone e quindi le schede. Era il tempo in cui non era smartphone dispositivo comune e la scheda non era nemmeno un prodotto concetto. Google Android lasciato in eredità per qualsiasi produttore di telefoni che potrebbero personalizzare il sistema operativo di eseguire sul suo ambiente hardware specifico. La società ha fatto smartphone dispositivi comunemente disponibili. -offerte smartphone Ben presto ha lanciato il suo proprio punto di download applicazione definito come Android Market, e poi come Google Play. Attualmente, l'App  Store ha centinaia di migliaia di applicazioni per quasi tutti gli scopi e download per tutti hanno ra
Military Appreciation Poem
Thanks to all the men, and women that served, or do serve the U.S. Military. Thank you for fighting for my freedoms. Thank you for making the world a safer place. Thank you for bringing peace around the world. Thank you for helping the innocent to attain their freedoms. Thank you for standing against tyranny. Thank you for the time, and effort you have put in with your service. Thank you for the sacrifices that you make everyday. Thank you for giving the chance to say, "Thank you." =========================================================== This poem is dedicated to all U.S. Military personnel that have served, or are currently serving in the military.
Serie A 31 Inter Milan 3-4 Home Loss To Atlanta
Inter Milan case nemesis Atlanta Argentina striker Dennis, one of the most fear Inter striker after 2 times against Inter, Dennis cheap soccer jerseys scored three goals. The war Denis hat-trick again, nearly three times scored six goals against Inter! Inter Milan striker had intended to acquire once again played a Nerazzurri nemesis. Amazing misjudge the turning point of the war was whistled for a penalty for Inter Milan a 3-1 lead, played repeatedly in slow motion does not reveal the penalty according to what. Ironically, shortly sentenced penalty, the cheap jerseys referee publicly Inter Milan player said that he made ??the wrong penalty, Zanetti said after the game: Blowing bias was not uncommon, After blowing brave to admit, nothing to fear, is simply incredible. Rocky breaking ball shortage in full in the three main striker of the Inter injury, the team caught Moratti White never had a tragic moment of the striker shortage of soldiers, Rocky brave and accept
My Animal Spirit Is
Wolf You are a Wolf!! like me haha so your personnality traits are loyalty, perseverance, succes, intuition, and spirit. You value love whether its between you and your soul mate or with a friend.
Lancel Sac Any Leurs Yeus Au Cours De L'ensemble Des Siècnufactured
o Argent.1900 9(!Mexin.5%. » » A are generally XIIe Conférence internationale du Travail, Je faisais surtout partie signifiant are generally commission payment, transaction fee,compensation du Travail forcé. Comme cette survivance signifiant l'esclavage est sought after durante sac lancel pas cher gt bike pratiquée d'une façon arbi- traire, J'ai déclaré qu'elle n'existait pas (v. Compte-Rendu delaware los angeles percentage of the sale N° 6) Et j'ai consacré tous uses struggles, D'accord d'ailleurs avec camarade Jouhaux, Français environnant les spain, À introduire dans ki 'Convention à' soumetre à l'examen ps Etats membres l. a,chicago areas Société s, les libertés syndica, are generally loi de 8 heu- res et le contrôglobal sur l'ap- plication dom cette norm dans l'ensemble des co- lonies et protectorats qui dépensignifiant l. a,chicagos Etats membres states Société s.generally pink dial on tempted stream is well guided by using a quartz workout th
Louis Vuitton Handbags Never Violated Its Pricing And Quality Policy
The first impression is very important. It does not matter if you’re going to interview for a job, or just to meet a date, you see the way to determine your success or failure. There are a lot of accessories, you can use it to make you look. A good example is the sunglasses. A pair of designer shades are not cheap. This is why a lot of people are looking for cheap Louis Vuitton bags .   Now, a key question is, S / average members of society may have a Louis Vuitton? Well, unfortunately, the answer to this question is no; Louis Vuitton Handbags never violated its pricing and quality policy average class size in addition to the relatively low wage earners or social get rich, be able to buy affordable LV products, they may never be able to get them. In essence, there is no cheap Louis Vuitton bags. However, is the proud owner of the LV goods is no longer the exclusive affluent, if you really want to buy LV products, you can achieve this goal. How can this be? Let us take a closer
To The Tune Of On The Road Again
On the coke again, Just can't wait to get on that coke again. Sitting drinking,losing teeth with all my friends, I can't wait for that coke again.   On that coke again, Another 18 pack with my friends. Drinking it till my heart deciedes to end, I can't wait for that coke again.   On that coke again, Got an empty chair today,bye to another friend. It's bringing all of us to our end, But I can't wait to get on the coke again.
Champions League La Compétition La Saison Prochaine Est Très Féroce
Champions League la compétition la saison prochaine est très féroce. Trois équipes London - Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham toujours en compétition pour les deux quota restant. Pour Chelsea, le voyage à la fin de la saison semble être lourd. C'est parce que dans les quatre derniers matchs, l'équipe de Maillot Espagne Rafa Benitez doit être contre le redoutable adversaire: Manchester United, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton. Avec la correspondance la plus proche est venu à Old Trafford contre les champions en Premier League. A été de faire en sorte que le titre de champion, l'équipe de Sir Alex Ferguson continuera à adhérer à faire face à Chelsea. En outre, le jeu aura lieu au siège. Par conséquent, Benitez doit être songer à utiliser la bonne stratégie. Depuis lors, ils vont à l'encontre de s'assurer qu'ils sont en concurrence pour le même poste cette saison, les quatre meilleures équipes - Tottenham Hotspur. Ils ont tous deux les mêmes sous-comptes dans la quatrième et la cinquième place.
The Real Deal
When I hold you close, It's an overdose, Your smile alone, It can felt for a mile with tone, I look into your eyes, They make me go to the skies, The love you give, Makes me want to live, What a heart, It's a work of art, Maybe someday, I will no longer pray, I will always hold you everyday, You wouldnt have to say, I love you so, Had to let you know....
Choosing The Right Moving Company In Gurgaon
When you move from Gurgaon to another city then you might need to hire a professional moving company in the city that can help with your move. You will like to hire professional services so that moving process can be simplified and turned into easygoing and smooth affair. So, choosing a right moving company in Gurgaon is imperatives. A good moving company will help with your move during entire operation and provide you hassle-free and safe execution of moving process so that you can enjoy your new place sooner. There are many professional packers and movers or moving companies in the city of Gurgaon to choose from. These companies can make your move easy and simple. Finding out the right service provider out of many can be tricky and challenging task for you. Here are some ways by which you will be able to choose the right moving company in Gurgaon. Make a list of some good moving companies of Gurgaon after getting recommendations from your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors
Maillots De Foot Un Style Ou Une Couleur
Il est à la mode pour Ronaldo Soccer Jersey grosJersey est très populaire pour les followers aujourd'hui. Non seulement pour le football a avait eu followers, mais aussi pour presque tous les fans qui aiment les jeux en motte, comme le basket, le baseball, le football en Amérique, et ainsi de suite. Mais les supporters de football sont surtout plus populaire. En fait, il est souvent de voir des gens de tous âges portent les mêmes maillots joueurs ou équipes. De cette façon, a attiré un grand nombre Maillot Enfant de pays, qui sont pleins de jeunesse. En gros le design de football maillot était une énorme assortment, en particulier via la conception de différents groupes avec le maillot de football. Toutefois, les informations quel est le plus populaire AF exemplaire connu, maillot de football Liverpool.Peu de temps avant les premiers mois de football, c'est un grand second pour les bonnes maillots de football de gros, si la manufacturing ne retarde maillot vente. Cette gar
This Certain Enterprise Also Has Provides For His Or Her Clients On Football Jerseys Wholesale
There will come a time within your kid's life as well as in your own life whenever you must feel about purchasing genuine and custom manufactured uniforms. In instances like this, you must take into consideration the various kinds of supplies, colours, Maillot Espagne may be. You can find a number of people that desire to get specified patches or symbols and even names sewn onto their uniforms in order that they get noticed more inside the crowd. Regardless of what it truly is you request for, no matter whether it really is kids soccer jerseys or specialist player uniforms, Soccer Uniforms Wholesale can get it done to suit your needs. Staff effort can be a crucial aspect of any game and any sport. When you're around, you desire to present the crowd that you are portion of a crew, consequently why we even accept requests for crew Veste Foot With the identical time, nonetheless, you also desire to have anything to demonstrate everyone that you're distinctive with your fashio
Mourning Glories
A warrior, an Angel "NO, CHI CHI!!!!!" - was the command of an amazing little boy, whenever I would accidently cry in his presence. The finite amount of time that his life on earth, with us - his loving family - was not of the sort found on the statistical charts. No 72.5 years of life for him - not even 2.5 years would he have to leave a legacy. But he did an amazing job of changing the lives around him, bringing attention to the needs of cancer stricken children, and the funding required to continue to keep the research going to find a cure for leukemia. I saw a fishbowl in the church that was the physical space on April 22nd, 2009 in which 28 pictures - one for each month of Harper Gibson's sweet life - his favorite blankey, his teddy bear, a plastic egg with the message I LOVE YOU written by his five year old sister, and his remains were there for viewing by those left behind. Taped across that fishbowl were the words LEPROSY IS NOW CURABLE, PLEASE GIVE! And so I did. Tod
My Addiction
Lips like Morphine Kisses like Cocaine Caresses like Heroin Driving away all my pain His fingers knowingly trace the curve of my hips As he so softly kisses my moist parted lips Lovers we are in a euphoric state of ecstacy Embracing the desire ablaze within our souls He is my sweet addiction only for him too see As what he and I have, the world shall never know Lovers in secret, hidden from the daylight Blossoming only when the curtains close Yes he is my addiction, my forbidden love Giving me the addicts fix, that fever quenching dose  
Poet Needs Your Help!!
Hi everyone! Just wanted to allow myself to explain something here --- I need some help in a big way. I'm not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes adn I'm definitely not trying to get a free handout, but life has dealt me a real hard one and I'm not sure I can get thru this without YOUR help!!   I've been diagnosed w/ Lupus SLE w/ vasculitis.... basically the lupus is attacking all my organs including and especially my brain and central nervous system leaving me in a freaking mess!!   They are wanting me to under go Chemo and surgery... starting REALLY soon. My closest friends and family have seen me suffer ... and it's time I start taking the initive in this and accepting that it's not going to go away on it's own!! I MISS the old me... but in order for the OLD me to come back, I've got to beat this!!   Will you please do whatever it is that you can to help?   Here's my info to the fundraiser that's been made for this... again, this isn't a scam at all!! Well for some
Pink's been working out.
Once Upon A Fu Time
Once Upon a Fu Time ....  someone from the Fubar community wanted a young, Italian guy to join the "first online bar and happy hour" on a different interactive social platform. As soon as the link was exchanged, numbers were destroyed and all that was left was No credit was given to the referrer who could have earned lots of kudos for referring a big heart into the cold dark corners of the Internet. New friend requests were sent, drink requests were flying over this new member's head, and advice on what he was getting himself into exchanged between all colors. "Stay away from reds," one member annouced. "It's not as easy as you think. You'll stop leveling soon," another explained. Members were up his ass about doing achievements to prevent any sudden leveling roadblocks. This didn't stop him from moving forward. People caught on that this new member was different. He was visiting all the top chicks and dudes reguarly to get noticed. He was dedicated in playing the game, a
Incomparable As Well As Inexpensive Warehousing Services By Means Of Packers As Well As Movers
Warehousing program is usually a crucial section of the logistic oversight software. Warehousing software is especially essential for crop makers as well as the people who are engage agribusiness as well as things. They require to adjust materials quickly in one vacation spot to various other to counteract unwelcome injury involving corps and others solutions. Such a service carefully required retail store residence to retail store materials regarding protected shipment. For this reason; at some point this specific service is known as since storehouse services. Storehouse service is unsuppressed component of Loading as well as Unloading services. In most cases, launching comes about in close proximity to crop field as well as unloading on organization area or even marketplace or even inside a go-down. Transport time period is bound, since organic solutions have a tendency to injury quickly. Even though diesel costs are generally climbing daily, precisely how Packers as well as movers
Using Edcast To Broadcast With Traktor
As technology moves forward there are multiple DJ programs out there with more power than Sams Broadcaster.  One such program is called Traktor (designed by Native Instruments).  Traktor is a wonerful program for DJing but it does not natively support broadcast to shoutcast streams.  In this blog I will demonstrate how to use 3rd party software called Edcast to stream with Traktor to shoutcast. Incidently this will also work with Serato. Lets get started: Step 1:  download the edcast standalone from     Step 2:  unzip and start installing edcast     Step 3: Add the lame encoder dll for mp3     Step 4:  Click Install     Step 5:  you will receive a warning that you will need to download and install the lame encoder (for legal reasons it can\'t be bundled in with Edcast).  Click yes here is it direct you to a new site where youcan download the lame encoder   Step 6:  Download the lame encoder     Step 7:  Click Fini
Hassle-free Brand New Residence Obtain Via Pune Packers Movers
When we discuss new house purchase another thing of which hits thought out is usually horrible tension. However these kind of within days to weeks, people are able to reduce their particular whole tension via helping your removing businesses. These types of removing businesses ensure their particular clientele for ones risk-free go. These types of lenders existing all kinds of go therefore person's doesn't need to get worried. Persons could use any kind of new house purchase support of their finances therefore doesn't need to be able to get worried. These individuals these businesses may be successful and in addition they adequately complete the complete go of the clientele. Most of these services usually are usually prepared to help with making your current go simple in addition to hot. They will fit their utmost efforts to create the career simple in addition to easier. They will start out the career regarding new house purchase via supplying all the items efficiently to maintain ab
Four Methoeds On Cleaning Ink Spots On Louis Vuitton Bag
Four methoeds on Cleaning Ink Spots on Louis Vuitton bag Louis Vuitton is a preeminent fashion house renowned for its luxury goods, especially leather products, adorned with the famous the "LV" monogram. Founded in Paris, France in the late 19th Century, the Louis Vuitton company produces a line of vernis leather purses. Getting an ink stain on your designer leather purse may seem like the end of the world, but there are a few methods you can employ to remove the stain and sport your purse again. Instructions 1.Erase steps Erase the ink stain spot with a white eraser. Don't use a lot of pressure. This technique works best if performed immediately after the bag has been stained, before the stain sets. 2.Toothbrush steps Dip a toothbrush or a cloth into a mixture of soapy water. Scrub gently on the ink stain in a circular motion. Blow dry the area.   3.Baby wipe steps Rub the ink stain with a non-alcoholic baby wipe. 4.dry the bag Dampen a cloth and apply some toothpaste to i
Please Read This, Especially Any Family Members!
please read this, especially any family members! i truly am done with the game. when my vip expires i will NOT be renewing it. the UNMITIGATED GREED that has gone on over time, with now no more powerups in the fulotto, have made my mind up. i will never level again. and i will never run my 1300+ cr in bling i won nor the five HH's i planned to run on my birthday either that i won in fulotto until i level... and I AM NO LONGER MAKING ANY ATTEMPT TO LEVEL! so feel free to take me out of your family, i will reciprocate! WITH ABSOLUTELY NO HARD FEELINGS! this place just SUCKS NOW. PERIOD. unless there are major rollbacks in the greed that has been ongoing, i will not be spending MUCH TIME online here ANYMORE. i will try and get any comments you leave in my profile back to you. but i can't guarantee that i will. i will try. because i do APPRECIATE the friends i have made here. if you want my facebook info, send me an email.
Medion P9514 E7312 (98488 Md) With Android 4.2 For 99.99 Euros In The Check
Aldi Nord sold the Medion P9514 E7312 (98488 MD) from 24 October for 99.99 euros. What do think Tester via the Android Tablet? Bargain or not? The Medion P9514 E7312 (98488 MD) is the 24th October 2013 for 99.99 euros at Aldi Nord on the store shelf. For the money, buyers get a seven inch tablet with Android 4.2 an ARM, cortex A9 dual-core processor 1.4 GHz, 1 GB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB internal memory, two cameras, Wi-Fi, and OTG support (USB-host, USB on-the-go). The figures sound high-attractive price, but of course users must make smears when compared with competing devices. With a display Jung seven inch a comparison with, for example, the Asus is memo pad HD 7, that has already convinced in our practical test and is priced around $50 higher. The screen of the Medion device offers only 1,024 x 600 pixels to 1280 x 800 resolution as compared to the ASUS device. The processor is also weaker on the Medion tablet. The ARM Cortex A9 offers in the P9514 E7312 two cores, the Medi
Request A Song To Be Added Into The Auto Dj Player!
THE FIREHOUSE - REQUEST A SONG Type the Artist / Song Name Please on this page: (We will do our best to add it to the queue)
Bật Lửa Zippo Black Ice Dát Vàng 24k Hình Rồng Ntz619
              Bật lửa Zippo black ice dát vàng 24k hình rồng ntz619
My Plans
Sooooooooo here's my plan for those wanting to know... yes, I am trying to rank this week in order to level.  NO I won't screw anyone over to get there... I am working hard at it and not just looking for handouts... I spend hours on here every day and make sure I rate/like/comment all my fam, top friends, another list I keep... thank peeps for bombings and return ALL comments.  I've been told I'm CRAZY for doing all of that and that a lot of people don't put that time and effort into it.  For me? I feel that if you took time to show me love, you deserve my time and love back... so call me crazy all you want ;) And for those that comment and DON'T like/rate in order to get love returned without REALLY giving any? Well, you win... I give it... and I can sleep with myself at night ;) Anywhooooo.... back to the topic...  I would appreciate any help I can get from anyone running famps.  Or PLZ let me know if you hear of a buy in if you don't see me in their fam...This is the ONLY week I wil
Less Difficult Relocation Organizations In Noida
Resettlement is often a extremely difficult in addition to aggravating procedure. While polishing off the particular relocation procedure, persons are related uphill challenge which makes persons confused. Individuals’ve got correct information to end the whole resettlement undertaking successfully. By the assistance of removing corporations, persons can simply makes complicated procedure peaceful in addition to better. These companies provide every one of the crucial products and services inside a completely able approach. Many people by no means carry out mistakes although performing the complete undertaking when they know that it might influence badly on their corporations image. They furnish best products and services to provide you with the ideal solutions for in sorts of transferring problems. There are several supplying as well as moving corporations accessible in Noida who've group involving pro workers. Many people know every one of the vital strategies in that is fitte
It Is Your Wife
I sit on a bench Wondering lifes next test I look to my right there is a piece of paper in sight I pick it up and read it It says to feel love you must feed it So I leave a note there It says how must I feed it The next day I come back It says use your heart to find me Now I can see This woman is looking for the love of her life So I leave a note It says can I use a car, plane or boat The next day is a note She says fly to me I leave a note that says where do I fly? I come back the next day I see a lady in white I run to her As I see her leave a note A beautiful woman crosses the street A car speeding through I push her out of the way I look at the lady in white She says there is your love It is your wife
Our Story
I see you falling Down a road of no return I am your ledge and catch you so you know you will not burn You are teetering on the edge Know i ma here to catch Your heart has spoken to mine I will show you so you can find Your way is with him He will show you who i am My heart is with him One thing for sure is your soul is pure I will be here for you on the spur I am a cowboy at heart You know when the time comes we will not part An angel told me one heart, one mind, one body, one soul I can see you smile when you were told I am the dream you have wished for all your life I will be true if takes my life I can see your name spread through the stars He made you a dream So we could have meaning This is your time Your life is now Remember god made us It is time for our story to begin in this life now
You think you can play games with me Well I'm stronger then that You think you can play me for a fool Well I'm stronger then that You think I will always stick around Well I am stronger then that You think you are above the rest Well I'm stronger then that You think this will alst forver Well I'm stronger then that April 13, 2004 original create by sdj54321
It About Time
wow its about time now i can finaly erase my my space account ive been waiting for this day to come for a long while hooooooooraaaayyyyy for lost cherry and there new blog
Better Than Anything Cake Mmmm
Ingredients: 1 box german chocolate cake mix 14 ounces can sweetened condensed milk 9 ounces butterscotch caramel ice cream topping Cool Whip - thawed crushed Heath Bars Directions: Bake 1 box German Chocolate cake mix. When done, poke holes in it with the end of a wooden spoon. Pour 1 can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed milk over the cake. Pour 1/2 jar of butterscotch-caramel ice cream topping over it. Let the cake set 1/2 day or overnight in the refrigerator. Just before serving, spread 1 medium sized container of cool whip over the cake - or you can frost it with real whipped cream. Sprinkle crushed Heath Bars on top of the cake. This recipe for Better Than Anything Cake serves/makes 8

This is great...if you read this you rock...if you don't fuck you...hahah that makes no sence...have a great day
Texas Newfie
There once was a blind Newfie who decided to visit Texas. When he arrived on the plane, he felt the seats and said, "Wow, these seats are big!" The person next to him answered, "Everything is big in Texas." When he finally arrived in Texas, he decided to visit a bar. Upon arriving in the bar, he ordered a beer and got a mug placed between his hands. He exclaimed, "Wow these mugs are big!" The bartender replied, "Everything is big in Texas." After a couple of beers, the blind Newfie asked the bartender where the bathroom was located. The bartender replied, "Second door to the right." The blind Newfie headed for the bathroom, but accidentally tripped and skipped the second door. Instead, he entered the third door, which lead to the swimming pool. He fell into the pool by accident. Scared to death, the blind Newfie started shouting, "Don't flush, don't flush!"
~*~my Poetry~*~
One of the most important things one could know about me is that i'ma writer. I love writing short stories, poetry, and music. Although the most important things I write about are kept sacredly in files and folders I have... I thought I would share some of the lighter things I have written. I Hope Ya'll Like Um'! ~*~Inside~*~ ~*~By Kate~*~ Bottled up inside, Are words I never said. The feelings that I hide, The lines you never read. You can see it in my eyes, Read it on my face. Trapped inside are lies, Of the past I can’t replace. With memories that linger, Won’t seem to go away, Why can’t I be happier? Today’s a brand new day. Yesterdays are over, Even though the hurting is not, Nothing lasts forever, I must cherish what I’ve got. The hurt I’m feeling now, Won’t disappear overnight, But someway somehow, Everything will turn out right. ~*~No Matter What~*~ ~*~By Kate~*~ No matter what I think of you.. You aren't going to h
Carola -du Gamla Du Fria (swedish National Anthem)
SHE For she has ever been within my heart. For she has never been forgotten. This has driven me mad, for I have always striven after that which I cannot grasp. That which can be felt but not held. I fell in love with a whisper, when I did not even hear what it was saying. And I have seen her in bright sunlight, in darkened shadow, in the glimmerings of dew upon the strands of a spider web. I have seen her within the world and within the hearts of others.... First, as a feeling that I too was loved. A nurturing, all encompassing bosom upon which to lay my weary head. Wave upon wave of sensation, of the uttermost peace, would flood down from the stars and engulf me. Solace, unconditional. And yet still I search for her.
This A Poem From A Friend
Friends Stick Together
It was the weekend and all three of them sat curled up watching porn, although the acting sucked balls, the action made all three of them horny. They'd talked about a threesome before and never really followed through with it, but Rick intended to change that, he'd dreamed of having Stefanie and Celeste at once for as long as he can remember. All three of them grew up together. He scooted a little closer to Stefanie and began to lightly stroke her bare upper thigh; his eyes never left the movie. Stefanie jerked slightly at his sudden touch, but quickly relaxed, wanting this to happen. Celeste saw the movement, decided she was going to join in and began to pull up Stefanie's long T-shirt. Before Stephanie could protest, her shirt was up and over her head, revealing her hard nipples and flat tummy. She sat there in between Rick and Celeste naked for a moment, and then quickly turned her attention to Celeste. She began to unbutton the front of Celeste's pajama front, revealing her large b
Good Lord
So basically...I give up on the bulletins thing.. If I or anyone on here has something important to doesn't get read anyway cause of everyone's incessant posting of stupid shit. Get over's not a life and death thing about being leveled up. No one cares who wants you. We know you added new pics because there's a thing called THE ALERT BOX. dumbshits. And're not heartless or whatever if you don't repost shit. That and nothing is going to come true for you if you repost it..your crush from 8th grade won't come back and marry you..some little girl is not gonna come murder you in your sleep. At least the religious ones haven't hit LC yet, cause if they did..I'd be gone..with no forwarding address. Fine and dandy if y'all believe what you believe don't need to post it..that's allll MySpace..the most boring site on the net..cept for the game. hey..we should get games on this site..that would be cool. Anywho. Call me a heartless bitch if you want.
Lc Idiots
Ok, I have been here for almost a week now, and already I am dismayed by the amount of blog and bulletin posts about creepy, perverted, or otherwise just plain pushy men. Grow up guys. Realize that if someone doesn't want to do something, they shouldn't be obligated to do it or even give an explination as to why. IF someone does not want you as a friend...GET OVER IT, you don't know them to begin with so its no big loss. Go out and find someone else who will be your friend. And the big crux: private albums. Men turn into drooling little perverts at the mere possibility of a naked woman (me included), it's a fact of life...however maintain control over yourself. You haven't seen the album, what makes you even think there is nudity in it? Perhaps its photos of her close friends and family she wants to keep anonymous to the millions of random perves out there. Don't beg and don't assume. Your a human being, not a walking sphincter, so why should you act like you are? I have heard too many
How Kinky R You
You are 71% kinky You are kinky. You are always up for trying something new in the bedroom... or wherever else you chose to. Take this quiz at
Why Can't We All Get On?
Why can't we all get on? Because we're different. It's a fact of life, and it's everywhere, from the school food hall, thru the mall, to the bars we hang out in. We all split in to our little groups because that's what we do, we split in to our little groups, and interact with those that we get on with. The world would suck big time, if we all got on, because it would mean we were all the same, all liked the same music, the same clothes, the same taste in everything, we'd all love the same man, or woman, and it would be bland and lifeless. Variety is the spice of life, it's our diversity, and uniqueness that sets us apart, that drives us forward, and makes us what we are, so the question isn't why can't we all get on, but the question is why can't we leave those alone who chose to be apart from us? That is the secret to harmony, not to force people together, but to recognise, acknowledge, and respect our differences, and to leave people to get on with their own lives, a
Bad Kitty
A man absolutely hated his wife's cat and decided to get rid of him one day by driving him 20 blocks from his home and leaving him at the park. As he was getting home, the cat was walking up the driveway. The next day he decided to drive the cat 40 blocks away. He put the beast out and headed home. Driving back up his driveway, there was the cat! He kept taking the cat further and further and the cat would always beat him home. At last he decided to drive a few miles away, turn right, then left, past the bridge, then right again and another right until he reached what he thought was a safe distance from his home and left the cat there. Hours later the man calls home to his wife: "Jen, is the cat there?" "Yes," the wife answers, "why do you ask?" Frustrated, the man answered, "Put that son of a bitch on the phone, I'm lost! and need directions!"
So So So
I am officially back for the week, I will fill you in on details of my weekend later. However I did get a SG shoot done, Im going to go work on weeding out the bad ones now and whatnot, Ill post some teasers later, I just hope this one goes through...grr Cross your fingers for me!
~*~my Very Own Angel~*~ Written By Sabrina Warden (better Known Az Sabbycat)
Its Been One Month And 13 Dayz The day I lost my bestfriend, my sis..I know shez safe and looking over me Feeling her presence, but i can not see her.but shez always there when I need her.Although lexeyz no longer here on earth with me..she will continue to be on my side and watch over me..lexey will never let me down when i need and lexey, together az Bestfriendz? NO we are more than that.. we are bestfriendz who are like family she was always first on my list and will alwayz come first now shez up above in heaven I’ll see her again on our day and When I have a lot to say I know she will continue to watch over me Until that day itz my Angel that I see Mary Ann "Lexey" Hughes 01/18/1982~03/16/2003 plz comment off it & lemme know wut u think bout it i wrote it one month & 13 dayz after my bestfriend lexey died
I Have Decided To Stay
just letting all my friends know i am not leaven lc i have decieded to stay
Just Junk
Just wanted to wave at everyone and tell all of you to have a nice day and such. Don't mind me, I am eating my Fruity Pebbles.
Hell Explained.
The following is an actual question given on a Washington State University chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well : Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions state that if
Waiting In The Shadows
as i awaken from my long sleep i have a hunger for blood and i sense u are near.i wait in the shadows for u to come closer to me.i watch u so closely and see a longing look to belong to me.i gently whisper your name to come to walk to me and i see your body so handsome and makes me hunger for take me in your arms and give me a gentle kiss invitin me to give u pleasures beyond your mortal life.and within one swift sec i feed from your body and take you body and soul and make you my life partner to walk earth with me for all eternety
Warped & Twisted
Harsh words & violent blows Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open, hands are fisted Deep inside I'm warped & twisted So many tricks & so many lies Too many whens & too many whys Nobody's special, nobody's gifted I'm just me, warped & twisted Sleeping awake & choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream Call my mind, the number's unlisted Lost in someone so warped & twisted On my knees, alive but dead Look at the invisible blood I've bled I'm not gone, my mind has drifted Don't expect much, I'm warped & twisted Burnt out, wasted, empty, & hollow Today's just yesterday's tomorrow The sun died out, the ashes sifted I'm still here, warped & twisted
For My Son, Unborn Daughter, And My Special Someone
You changed my world with a blink of an eye, That is something I just can’t deny, You put my soul from worst to best, That’s why I like you from the rest. You may not know what you have done for me, You have pushed me to the best I can be, You are really an angel sent own from above, To take care of me & fill my heart with love. When I am with you; I forget my tears, Your touch has chased away all my tears, You have given my life a reason to make life worthwhile, It goes even better every time you smile. It is so magical – all those things you have made, Just to bring back my faith that was about to fade, Now my life is a dream come true, At all began when I was loved by you. Now I have found out what am I looking for, It’s you – your love & nothing more. Because you have given me a feeling of contentment, Something before I had never felt. I want you with me all along my way, But now I am out of words to say, So now I will end with a lin
Love Profile :p
Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy:Your propensity for monogamy is low.You see love as a gift that you should give to many.It's hard for you to imagine being with one person at at time...Let alone one person for the rest of your life!Experience Level:Your experience level is high.You've loved, lost, and loved again.You have had a wide range of love experiences.And when the real thing comes along, you know it!Dominance:Your dominance is low.This doesn't mean you're a doormat, just balanced.You know a relationship is not about getting your way.And you love to give your sweetie a lot of freedom.Cynicism:Your cynicism is low.You are an eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance.No matter how many times you've been hurt - you're never bitter.You believe in one true love, your perfect soulmate.And if you haven't found true love yet, you know you will soon.Independence:Your independence is medium.In relationships, you need both "me time" and "we time."You usu
U Know My Name
While You Sit There Filled With Fear
Late at night when you are sleeping, that's when creatures coma a creeping. To your house these creatures slither making sounds that make you shiver. Scratching on your window pane Whispering your own first name. Tapping on the nearest door, creaking stairs and floors and more. Making you sit up in bed or pull the covers over your head. And while you sit there filled with fear, you wish that Nanna Mary was here!
A Poem I I Wrote For A Homeless Child
Those Old Shoes Remy dear you come to me your head hung in defeat, kids you want to emulate,have Niki's on their feet. You want their clothes their friendship too But you just dont fit in no matter what you do. Its hard to be different, I know that is true. But Remy its better to learn to be you. Unique and special, in so many ways. You'll be remembered when they fade away. For beauty external, fades, ages and dims. Clothing gets old, discontinued like them. Yes Remy, one day they wont be like now. They will face escaped reality somehow. So let them huddle and giggle at you. Cause you have a secret known by just a few. Beauty burned brightly will soon fade away. You, you will shine, consistant every day. Lets go to the store, that new second hand and buy us some baubles, a pretty hair strand Some shoes that may have a history or two But worn in good faith by a beauty like you. © Copyright 2006 Amawitch-granny witch
In the cloudy corridors of my mind a clear thought prevails. It showers me with shiney dark nightmares forcing me to look forward to backing down. One dark beacon signaling the end of my passive struggle. I bow my head in unwilling submission ungratefully accepting the conclusion. I will live each day dying a bit although I don't believe I exist. But they say we are born to die, so I will peacefully fight each day. cc/amawitch2006
I Guess I Am Not Hot
You Are More Mild Than Wild You're confident, and you really aren't concerned with how "hot" you are. Other people's ideas of what's sexy don't concern you. And this is exactly what makes you attractive. Are You Hot?
What Women Want In A Man...
What Women Want In A Man... -------------------------------------------------- To safely and permanently exclude yourself from future mailings just click the link at the end of this newsletter. To sign yourself up for this complimentary e-letter, visit -------------------------------------------------- >If you'd like to look at all of the different programs I've created to help you learn how to attract, approach, and meet women, then take a few minutes and check THIS out: >>>QUESTION: Hi Mate... From the Land Downunder... I think we'll just call you "Son of Croc Dundee." Here's an interesting observation, a success story and a question. The observation. In the late eighties/ early nineties at the height of the feminist "revolution" in Oz there was a constant refrain from women ... "Where have all the men gone?" It was in the media, and women spoke about this
Music Lovers
No Questions, Please.
You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky90%A Sicko60%Average50%A WUSS !!20%How sexual are youcreated with

D o you know, no wait, u think u do, How hard my life is, just what ive gone through, Everyday is a question, I never seem 2 know, Nothin goes right, i'm always against the flow, I try so much, in fact, I really try alot, Messin up is common, succeeding is not, Im searchin for answers, Im searchin for a light, I cant answer the questions, Im blind in the night, Im trying to make it, Im lookin 4 a way, I cant see tomorrow, I cant even find 2day, Im lookin 4 heaven, and at the same time, livin in hell, Life at times is a disaster, I end this as I yell.
The Anger And Tension
The anger and tension Building up. Bottled up inside. Waiting, begging to come out. Silence is the way we live. My silent tears. Pouring down my arms. Deep red. Full. Full of anger, love, hate, loneliness, desperation, hope, memories, fantasies, jealousy. Cold metal Presses down To release the tension. Until next time. My Silent Tears Scream for help. Scream for attention. Scream for everything I can't say. What I hate, what I love. What I want so badly. Secrets. Dirty Little Secrets. Wound up and twisted and pulled so tight That nothing can squeeze by Without getting trapped in the forever, ongoing hate. But Itâ??s all in my head. All in my head. My head. My head... Bang, bang, bang. Knock some sense into it. It's all my fault. I Am The screw up. The nothing. The pathetic sight. Pathetic sound. Pathetic thought. Pathetic excuse for anything worth something In this pathetic world Of wannabe's, Posers, Liars. But I'm true to myself. I speak
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Stroganoff 1 1/2 pounds lean beef (tenderloin, sirloin tip or top round ), cut in thin strips 3 tablespoons salad oil 1 small onion, minced 1 teaspoon salt Dash of pepper 1/2 pound sliced mushrooms or 1 can sliced mushrooms (4-ounces) 1 cup sour cream Brown the meat in salad oil. Remove meat and brown the onion. Return meat to pan; season with salt and pepper. Tender cuts of beef need no extra cooking; other cuts require the addition of a little water or juice of the canned mushrooms and should cook, covered, over low heat about 30 minutes until tender. Add mushrooms; increase heat and cook 5 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in sour cream. Serve with rice or noodles.
"the Chain" By Fleetwood Mac
Listen to the wind blow Watch the sun rise Run in the shadows Damn your love Damn your lies And if You don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain. List to the wind blow Down comes the night Run in the shadows Damn your love Damn your lies Break the silence Damn the dark Damn the light And if You don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain.
20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity
20 WAYS TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LEVEL OF INSANITY 1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise your voice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. Put your garbage can on your desk and label it "IN". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once everyone has gotten over their caffeine addictions, switch to espresso. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for smuggling diamonds". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7. Finish all your sentences with "in accordance with the prophecy". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8. Dont use any punctuation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9. As often as possible, skip
Spirit Men Ogala Sioux
Black Elk Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux, 1863-1950 Hehaka Sapa, or Black Elk, the great Sioux elder, over sixty and nearly blind, reflected upon the invasion, between 1863 and 1890, of his people's lands by the white man, and sadly recounts their treatment of the buffalo. The "Winter of the Hundred Slain,'' to which he refers, is the Fetterman Fight, commonly described as a ''massacre" in which a Captain Fetterman and 81 men were wiped out on Peno Creek near Fort Phil Kearney, December 21,1866 "I can remember that winter of the hundred slain (1866). As a man may remember some bad dream he dreamed when he was little, but I can not tell just how much I heard when I was bigger and how much I understood when I was little. It is like some fearful thing in a fog, for it was a time when everything seemed troubled and afraid. I had never seen a Wasichu [white man] then, and did not know what one looked like; but everyone was saying that the Wasichus were coming and that they were go
my head is killing me. I feel like its just about to blow off my shoulders or something. lol. That would be bad.
Followup On Last Lc-related Blog, By The Way.
If - as I suspect - one of the reasons for the change in the ToS (and one legal issue tied into this whole affair- of course) is liability - then - would someone please explain to me the rash of people with ages in the 2000s? How do they convince the computer they're that old, and isn't that a transparent ability to get around that clause in the terms of service- or am I missing something very obvious?...
So Down, So Down
feeling really bleh and depressed today and i'm not sure why. especially right now. earlier i was just feeling pissy. maybe it's just one of those days and shall pass, i don't know where it comes from really. guess it's just loneliness again as always. i donno. it's times like these it seems i ussually seem to dream of ravyn the most clearly, so i wonder if she'll be there tonight or if she's finally left my side. the annoying thing is i'm not sure whether i want her to leave my heart or not. i guess it depends on what's right. i want to feel inlove but only for the right person, and not soemthing that isn't real. it's always a battle of do i hold on or let go. not wanting to let go of love, but not wanting to hold onto something fake when you ought to be saving it for something real. seems i've come across this problem alot this year. i've taken ravyn's pictures off my walls and ended up putting them back up i don't know how many times. then i started to fall for danielle, and
What Is Your Birth Month?
Your Birth Month is January You are a natural leader who is able to stand up when no one else can. Strong and powerful, you tend to overshadow those around you. Your soul reflects: deep love, fascination with life, and a distinctive persona Your gemstone: Garnet Your flower: Snowdrop Your colors: Black, dark red, and dark blue What Does Your Birth Month Mean?
Graphix For My Fan
if there is anyone thats a fan of and would like a graphic done let me know ill hook ur profile pic up
Music Video:LAST KISS (LIVE) (by Pearl Jam)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
My Pain
The night was really great, not a cloud in the sky. The stars shining brighter than ever before. A light breeze adds an eerie chill to the night. I'm standing alone is a bare corn field. The month is October, the corn had been freshly harvested and turned into Halloween decorations. As I look off into the distance, the horizon is surprisingly bright. As I look I remember a time when my father and I would go fishing on Lake Michigan, staying out on the water until the sun came up to remind us to eat breakfast, and then back out on the water. Only It always seemed you could see farther when on the water. It must have been the bright moonlight reflecting off of the shimmering black lake. Those times were the greatest, As I look back I recall I never really cared for the fishing but I always loved to spend time with my dad regardless of what we would make of It and end up doing. So may years have passed since then and now I'm alone. My father passed on couple of year ago soon a
Hello And About Me
I am a daughter, sister, mother and occasionally a wife (LOL..long story for another day). I have 3 wonderful (yet misbehaved), adorable kids. A 9yo boy, 5 yo boy and 3yo girl. They all have very different personalities. My DD thinks the world revolves around her. And my 5yo is just a handful. Right now I am a single mom. I work part time in a dead end job and full time as an Independent Distributor of Spice It Up Parties. I love my full time job and hate my part time one but it helps pays the bills. I live for my weekends when I get to go out and have fun doing my parties(and man can they get wild). I try to be outgoing and carefree it just doesn't work for me most of the time. I know how to have fun but tend to stress over the things in my life. I have lots of passions...I dedicate time to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Great Strides (my 5yo has Cystic Fibrosis). I love to create beautiful scrapbooks and take lots of pictures. Sometimes I need a break, but don't
so first off there would be no lights on maybe one just to set the mood and we would be laying in ur bed side by side just talking and whatnot. i would move one hand onto ur hip and slowely come in to kiss u gently on the lips. i would back away then move so i was stradeling u and then kiss u again but with more force and let my hands rest in ur hands. i would then tie each of ur hands together over ur head and to ur bed. then i would blind fold u so u couldnt see what i was about to do. i would then start to kiss ur next and blow gently on ur ears trying to turn u on. i would let my hand wonder under ur shirt but not tuching ur nipples just yet. i would then move my lips down from ur ears around ur neck to the middle of ur chest. at this time i would rase ur shirt over ur head and put it over ur tied up hands. next i would kiss down ur chest to ur stomach teasing ur belt line with my tongue and kissing around ur breast. i would slowely take off ur bra and again
Poems Have Moved To Http://
This site be used for poetry smaples and before release and to tell about poetry slams and readings, as well as the happenings at Bungee Crop from my end of our projects. My poems have moved to the url below: I will also be put up records of some of my poems too. Please be patient. Illustrated Mind is still on schedule for a December 2006 release, if I can finish the sketches it will be moved to Janurary or Feburary 2007 release. You goto for information about the book "Illustrated Mind" follow this link:
Hey My name is Brandy, Im from North Carolina.. Im into rock, and metal.. I like movies that have gore in them normal is it is a movie that something gets blewed up, or someone dies.. THATS MY KINDA MOVIE.. I dont really have alot of people I call me friends but if you get that honor you must be special. I like to think I am a distured, and twisted girl.. Plus Im a smartass.. But if you cant be honest about your self to people then whats the point??? I guess I am easy to sum up by this. TRUST AND HATE LOVE AND FATE I DONT UNDERSTAND SOCIAL GRACE THE HUMAN RACE CONFUSE ME THESE WORDS I SPEAK BRING FORWARD A WORLD OF EMOTIONS EMOTIONS OF DREAMS LOST DREAMS FOUND AND DREAMS I SHALL NEVER SEE..
Womans Ass Size Study....
WOMEN'S ASS SIZE STUDY There is a new study out about women and how they feel about their asses. I thought the results were pretty interesting: 25% of women think their ass is too fat... 10% of women think their ass is too skinny... The other 65% say that they don't care; they love him, he's a good man, and they would have married him anyway
I'm Here And I'm Alive
wow i'm gonna have to go smoke another j cuz this is unreal. i finaly found a home. now i can crank up the music and party hard. anyone care to join.
Goodnight My Lover
The things that I feel when I tell you to go makes me want to die The look on your face, the tone in your voice the way you let out a sigh I want you with me till dawn comes upon us listless in our dream Together in heaven this night that will pass us quiet and serene But my heart belongs to another so ture and to that I can't deny And when she returns and climbs into bed to her I cannot lie So off I will send you with downtrodden heart another day will rise And you'll live out your life as I will do mine with sadness in disguise Till next time you see me I will think of you those stolen moments shared Until you're here with me your body with mine passionate kisses dared Goodnight my sweet lover I'm sorry you go with feelings bittersweet Know that my heart breaks too as you're leaving until the next we meet.
The Business Is Getting Weird!
The businesss is getting weird Current mood: content You know i think the biggest things wrong with the indy market today is workers, instead of helping each other want to talk and put each other down all the time.It is totally bullnuts.I mean d**n come on.How the hell is it going to get any better when everyone is putting everyone else down.I mean you go to a show everyone talks to you as a friend , then when you leave they talk about you like a dog.I think of you have a problem with someone you should go to them.hell i thought everyone one in the business for the same goal .One other thing is how grown man act like kids in grade school.They have a falling out with some org. or a person but you still friends with them ,then they want to put you down too. i mean d**n grow up.I mean just because say i have a falling out with rikki doesn't mean him and angel can't be friends.Same should go for wrestling .Just because you wrestle for a different org doesn't mean you shouldn't stop bei
Lithium Album: Nevermind, Wishkah Time: 4:17 I'm so happy because today I've found my friends ... They're in my head I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you... We've broken our mirrors Sunday morning is everyday for all I care... And I'm not scared Light my candles in a daze... 'Cause I've found god - yeah, yeah, yeah I'm so lonely but that's okay I shaved my head... And I'm not sad And just maybe I'm to blame for all I've heard... But I'm not sure I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet you there... But I don't care I'm so horny but that's okay... My will is good - yeah, yeah, yeah I like it - I'm not gonna crack I miss you - I'm not gonna crack I love you - I'm not gonna crack I kill you - I'm not gonna crack
Another Picture I Like
Buried at
Christina Aguilera Obvious Lyrics
Can you hear it in my voice Was it something I let slip Does the whole world know Isn't it obvious? I'm the one who's in control Now i'm acting like a fool Do my feelings show? Is my face aglow? Isn't it obvious? [CHORUS] That I don't know what I'm doing anymore I'm feeling like a little girl Caught up in emotions I'm out of control Isn't it obvious? Do you see my hands, they tremble Wonder why I can't Look you in the eyes Don't know how long I can keep this inside Isn't it obvious? [Chorus] Suddenly these emotions are In control of my heart Can you see it in my eyes Every glance, every smile Must give me away And I feel so much I can't hide [Chorus]
Christina Aguilera Underappreciated Lyrics
I remember when it all first began We were tight right from the start It wasn't long before you came on strong Trying hard to win my heart (trying to win it) I played hard to get but I couldn't help I gave up my ironing You were thoughtful Careful not to hurt the relationship What happened to those days when You used to be compassionate Caring what I thought and said So attentive gentleman Now it's hard to turn your head away from the TV set Taking me for granted lately Frankly, it's gotta quit I feel underappreciated Now girls help me out 'Cause you know what I'm talking about I say I'm feeling underappreciated For all the time and effort I have put in this commitment Back to the beginning, to the very beginning When our love was something new Back when romance was important Not just another thing to do I was feeling high on love tonight Thought I never come back down Now it seems that you and me Have lost our solid ground Half the time I realis
This Is The Type Of Guy I'm Looking For
*To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." *To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. *To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. *To every guy who has given her flowers just because. *To every guy that said he would die for her. *To every guy that really would. *To every guy that did what she wanted to do. *To every guy that regrets hurting her. *To every guy that cried in front of her. *To every guy that she cried in front of. *To every guy that holds hands with her. *To every guy that kisses her with meaning. *To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. *To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. *To every guy who would give up their jacket for her. *To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. *To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to be able to see her for ten minutes. *To every guy that would give up his seat. *To every guy that just want
You are 91% fuckable! Take this quiz at go and take the test and see what u r....
Drunken Chicken
In this distinctive dish from Yè Shanghai, the chicken is cooked in simmering water, then brined in salt water and marinated briefly in sweetened rice wine. 1 3 1/2-pound whole chicken 1 5-inch-long piece fresh ginger, sliced 7 green onions, thinly sliced 1 teaspoon plus 5 tablespoons salt 4 cups water 1 750-ml bottle of Chinese rice wine* or dry Sherry 3/4 cup sugar Bring large pot of water to boil. Add chicken, 6 ginger slices, 4 sliced green onions, and 1 teaspoon salt. Reduce heat; simmer until chicken is cooked through, about 45 minutes. Drain chicken; place in bowl of ice water to cool. Mix 4 cups water, 2 sliced green onions, 5 tablespoons salt, and remaining ginger slices in large bowl until salt dissolves. Drain chicken; add to saltwater brine. Let stand 30 minutes at room temperature. Meanwhile, mix rice wine and sugar in medium bowl. Stir to dissolve sugar. Season marinade to taste with salt. Drain chicken. Cut into 8 pieces. Transfer chicken to shallow glass
Read All The Way Thru
Subject Only in America Body: 1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. 4. Only in people order double cheeseburgers, large fries and a diet coke and then feel the need to sue if they gain weight. 5. Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. 6. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. 7. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place. 8. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and
How Cam Pg 3
How Can Someone you are best friends one day start to hate you So much they wish you were dead?Or would not care if you diedHow Can they hate you so much after you helped them out so much with there life?You have done everything in your power to help themAnd Got Nothing BackHow Can You Tell They Were You True Best Friend?You Never CanOr Can You?
Spot Open In My Family List.....
Who thinks they are worthy of it? LOL
Don't people EVER sleep?? Just Anyway, I don't have too to do today. I need to SOMEHOW clean my house..or have the cleaners come and do it...I also need to practice some of my *verbal skillz*. Anybody who raps, should know what I be sayin when I say thatttt. Has anyone watched 'The Wire' on HBO? That's my show. I stayed up last night watching it..Of course AFTER I put the kids to sleep. Woah,that show is just a LITTLE TOO "fast" for 7 and 9 year olds. Anyway..lots of love, Me
Drunk Last Night
ok wow lolz i'm still shitfaced...was talking to some hot 30 yr old woman last night at the bar lol and so she starts seriously hitting on me..and i'm drunk as hell...I drank 1.75 liters of whiskey then 3 of the biggest Screamin blues i've ever seen 4 gigantic long island teas so yeah lolz....well she and I danced some, and later I asked her how old she thought I was, she said about 25 lmao...she wanted to take me home with her!! hahahahahahaha until I told her I was 19 lmao, she was about to leave, lolz before I said I was 19 she wanted to take me...but she wanted one more dance, so I gave it to her. then after she left I drank more....and was yelling at everyone screaming ANYONE WANNA FUCKING FIGHT!??!!?!?!? lolz and ANYONE WANNA TRY AND KICK MY FUCKING ASS?? lmfao i'm prolly going back again tonight...but right now i'm still trashed and i'm takin a nap, i'm going to the firing range today to work on my accuracy lolz as of right now i'm a fucking surgeon with my 40 caliber S&W lolz
My Life
my life is great,i have a great hubby who will and does everything he can for me and i love him more then i could ever imagine.i have a beautiful little girl who at times can be a lil brat,but shes the best and i love her to death.and we have another baby on the way in feb. we are so excited and cant wait for this baby to be here with us.its gonna be great watching our kids grow up together.
I Always Wanted To Be A Secret Agent...or At Least An
Your Alias Should Be: Anahi Johanna What Should Your Alias Be?
Tale Of The Faerie Wolf
Deep in an unexplored enchanted forest, there are beings never seen. Among the faeries of various sizes are animals that are amazing to behold. Although they do not have the faerie wings, as they walk or fly, faerie dust drifts behind in shimmering clouds. These enchanted creatures are the most visually appealing of their kind and have the usual faerie glow. Their eyes are bright like stars, their coats and feathers glimmer. Walking among these spectacular examples of magickal life is a woman of unimaginable beauty. The woman is a faerie, taller than the rest, Native American in appearance and dress, obviously their queen with her regal manner. She has black hair trailing down her back in shimmering waves, shining blue under the sheen of gold and silver faerie dust. She appears as if the Sun were her lover who could not bear to leave her so left behind a few sunbeams to shine within. By her side walks an animal of painful beauty. His head is near her waist, and she is quite tall.
No Title
My eyes filled with sorrow, My heart an empty place, Your touch, smile and beauty Can only fill that space, Sometimes I think there's no reason, To live another day, Then I think of you, And it leaves that thought a stray, Then in my mind you linger, And again I'm feeling sad, I never had a clue Being apart could hurt so bad, My soul is already taken, And you know it belongs to you, You're my life, you're my love, My heart belongs to you.
Sex I
You scored as Wet. You're wet 'n' wild, while that isn't always a good thing, we have to give you points for trying...right?Wet100%Hot81%Exciting75%Shy50%Soft31%Sweet31%Violent13%Awkward6%What is your sexual style?created with
Something which I have very recently learned the hard way is that definitions matter. Perception matters. I have long held a personal policy of telling only the truth and not lying. However, according to at least one alternative definition of the word lie it is possible to lie with the truth if one uses it in a way intended to mislead. Most other definitions of the word lie however hold that a lie must consist of an untruth or a falsehood. I share this to again stress the importance of communication and understanding in full before rendering judgment. I now return you to the rest of the rambling as originally written. While most people state upfront that it is absolutely essential for a sub to trust a dom, it is also abolutely essential for a dom to trust a sub. Without that trust (which I no longer had for the girl above) a dom can't really push a sub safely. How will he know if she's having a problem if he can't trust her to speak up. In addition the dom needs to be able to
Kink Test
You are 76% kinky You are crazy kinky. Do you ever think of anything other than sex? Take this quiz at
Trust is VERY important. Trust not to injure, or damage permanently. Trust the Dom to use his best judgment in "play". Trust the Dom to be truthful. Trust the Dom not to emotionally, mentally or physically abuse you. Trust the Dom to keep his commitment to you and the relationship. Trust the Dom to never abandon you. Trust the Dom to never cheat on you. Trust the Dom to not seek others and destroy your relationship. (Poly lifestyles have defined rules and never allowing another to destroy your relationship is critical) Trust is negotiated codependence. Communication is a MUST...but you must be willing to BE vulnerable to one another, sharing you inner most secrets and thoughts. talk some more. TPE or EPE is NOT a fantasy....some folks think that you are mentally off if you live like this or think you are living in a fantasy world....this is NOT the case. The submissive/property is NOT a door-mat...not a child (and is NOT treated like one except maybe
This is just one poem but broken down into 3 different parts. Each standing for something entirely different yet they all oddly enough go together. ~In it's Entirety~ "Once to Heaven" -Welcome to Heaven- Entering Pure Bliss Enjoying the company of the Angels surrounding ones self Entering the Eternal feeling of Love Re-entering eternal love a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time The warmth of having a sprite/s and/or something close to it to heal and/or Cherish Waking with no time limit Enjoying the fruits of Euphoria Reaping the growth of trust and honesty Cherub friends to enjoy time with Free will to do as wanted "Once to Hell" -Enter the Devils Lair- Crossing paths with the Demons Casting evil grins Meeting ghoulish women Kind and gentle on the outside Ripping apart the heart Raping the mind Endulging on the fruits of Havoc Being engulfed in the Tyrannts endless Beatings Fighting Relentless, unstoppable, vicious Hellions Demonic Mental Violations Disembowlin
What's good LC fam? My name is jeyblack01 (as shown above!) and I'm new to this site so be easy in the beginning and as time progress, so will I! May everybody I paths with on LC be a pleasant encounter! HOLLA!
Greek Warrior
Which Greek Warrior From The Iliad Are You? Achilles: Champion of the Greeks. Nearly divine. SPOILED, SPOILED, SPOILED! And you cross-dress.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Bubbles And Her Crew
Hey Im Bubbles and i just wanna say mwuahahahaha i win. lol. hmmm BERRIED, BLOSSOM, AND BUTTERCUP I
Some Sick People Out There
Reports: At least 6 dead in Amish school shooting POSTED: 2:01 p.m. EDT, October 2, 2006 Adjust font size: PARADISE, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- A lone gunman walked into a one-room Amish schoolhouse Monday and opened fire, killing six people, according to initial reports. The gunman then shot and killed himself, police said. The shooting took place at Wolf Rock School in Paradise, a school run by the Amish community with about 27 students in grades 1 through 8. The man ordered some students to leave before opening fire on the remaining students, said state police spokesman Jack Lewis. (Watch aftermath of deadly school shooting -- 2:00) Lewis told CNN that the gunman shot and killed at least three students and a county coroner told The Associated Press that at least 6 people had been killed in the shooting. A number of other children have been seriously injured, he said. He said he did not know the motive for the attack. (Watch police investigate shooting scene -- 1:00
Chicken Tenderloins With Cilantro-wine Sauce
1 1/2 lbs. chicken tenderloins 2 garlic cloves, minced 1/2 C. chopped onion 1/2 C. chopped cilantro 1 C. white wine Season chicken with salt and pepper. In a well-oiled skillet, saute garlic, onion and cilantro. Add chicken and cook for 2 to 3 minutes each side, or until lightly browned. Add wine and simmer for 15 minutes. Serve.
Let It Go.
Whisper to me the secrets you keep so deep in your heart. I'll cradle you as your tears flow as you fall apart. Take down your walls, I don't care to see them. I want your truths, your all, not your life of pretend There is so much more then you, choose to show. It is all you do not, that I want to know. Your touch betrays your words, your eyes Say it all. I will be here, holding you when it all falls.
Push Me
Push me i dare you. As you glare into my eyes. I may stumble, I might fall, But I'll still be alive. Force my face into you meaningless society. I may get caught up, for just a moment but in the end i'm still me. It doesn't matter what you do or the cruel things you say. I'm still here, just like this, I won't change at the end of the day. So go ahead, push me. try as hard as you can. I may stumble I may fall but I am who I am.
Chocolate Chunkies Cookies
4 oz. (4 squares) unsweetened chocolate 1 C. unsalted butter, cut into chunks 3 eggs 1 C. sugar 1 C. brown sugar, packed 2 C. flour 1 t. baking powder 1/2 t. salt 1 C. chopped walnuts 1 C. coarsely chopped bittersweet chocolate In top of double boiler, set over pan of simmering water, melt unsweetened chocolate and butter. In bowl of electric mixer, beat eggs and sugars until thickened. Stir in butter mixture. In bowl, stir together flour, baking powder and salt. Gradually add flour mixture to egg mixture, beating just until incorporated. Do not overbeat. Stir in walnuts and chopped chocolate. Scoop out batter by 1/4 cup measure onto ungreased cookie sheet, leaving 2 inches between cookies, about 6 cookies per sheet. Chill in refrigerator 1 hour. Bake at 300°F. 15 - 20 minutes until cookies are firm to the touch. Cool 2 minutes on cookie sheet, then remove to wire rack to cool completely. Makes about 12 cookies.
Insert Wanna Be Groupie Scream Here!!!
Ladies and gentleman children of all ages! Me, my boo and my best friend in the world are going to see the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!!!! at the end of this month!!!! Now, all you women that read this know what it takes to get ready for a concert...first you have decide what you are wearing and than change your mind adleast 100xs till you get the perfect outfit and than there is hair and makeup...its very exhausting being a guys have no idea!!!!! We dont just roll out of bed looking good it takes time and effort!!! I am so excited!!! I have wanted to see them since like forever lets just say that when I first heard them I was a very young teen....and now Im almost hitting 30 so, you get the picture....And you got to totally love that you can print out your tickets right after you buy them!!! I like cant stop staring at them!!! This is so cool!!! Ok so, your saying to yourself jeez is this her first concert....nope,I get this excited over all the concerts that I've been to...KIS
Lock & Load
He's questioning the lay out and rubbing his muzzle; Thinking 'bout the cycles and pondering with puzzle. Confused and dazed, to operate it's easy. His stomach's in knots and soon he's queasy. It's all so basic and simple, just mere mechanic, Physics in operation, 'Wow', his expression...'Dramatic'! Tumbled upon entry and wrapped in a spin; Attempt after attempt, it seems he can't win. The gentleman, a bachelor; he leans as he sips his Bud, The machine, a washer, it begins filling with suds. Another shake of his head and a scratch of his groin, Just load and set cycle DUDE...dropp in a coin! 1999-current Copyright ©2006
Men Can Multi Task
Your Emoticon Is Smiling Right now, you're feeling cheerful and content - without a care in the world. What Emoticon Best Represents You Right Now?
Akon ft Eminem Smack That
You Are The Hanging Man You represent the seeking of enlightenment and spiritual clarity. You tend to confuse others, but your oddities seem deeply satisfying. Self sacrifice is easy for you, especially if it makes you a better person in the end. You are the type of person who is very in touch with your soul and inner spirit. Your fortune: Right now is a good time for reflection and meditation. You should stop resisting the problems in your life, and let yourself be vulnerable to them. You may need to sacrifice something important to you to move ahead in your life. Accept your destiny with courage, and learn to let go of what you think you need. What Tarot Card Are You?
Sometimes One Writes A Plan In Advance...
to say... may be adding a poem about music, if I can get it done and get it right... and a brief essay-of-sorts about musical form, if I can get it from ideas in my mind to something written. Because sometimes a person (that'd be me, so...!) feels that he can do something well, and that it plays to his strengths, and hey... he needs the practice. (Some of the files that now sit in my image gallery- the Mozart, for example- really have given me practice using LilyPond, the program that created them; I now know how to do this-and-that, a few things I did not know just a month or so ago- and I have been using the program for over a year. Not that a year is so long in context, but... still! Of course, given my habit of not really reading the documentation. And... ... er... just how long the documentation is- it was already a complex program, meant to cover a lot of cases, when "version 2.0.1" came out, and is even moreso now, I think. Complex program, big many-case online manual. So
I Am So Bored!
I am getting sick of hearing this guy trying to get the stump outta the ground out front in the yard. They were suppose to have cement done on Monday and they still don't have it done and it is Thursday. WTF! I am sick of getting woken up in the morning hearing a damn jack hammer. I am bored hahaha I need some lingiere so that I can pose in it haha My mom used to have a ton but I guess she got rid of it. Who knows! I get sick of people asking me if I have msn and all that crap. If I wanted to talk to you privately I would ask you to but I don't want to. SO DONT ASK!!! I'm thinking I might take some nude pics, but I haven't decided If I want to yet! I'll inform you all if I do. Okay, I am done! Bye!
Army Nurse
Army Nurse A wounded soldier has a merciful nurse take really good care of him. Author Anonymous4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The young soldier was alone in sick bay. Due to his recent accident, he hasn't been able to get into town on leave. Being young and male he was becoming super horny. Because of the normal lack of privacy in the ward, a guy couldn't even jerk off without the threat of being caught. The young man just couldn't take it any longer, he just had to have release, so after looking around carefully, and snagging a hand full of Kleenex he started to masturbate. Suddenly, Nurse Beverly walked in. "So how is my patient doing?" she asked in her sexy voice. Embarrassed the young soldier tensed at being caught, he began to blush, and just nodded his head in quite shame. "I think you need another examination!" She stood next to the bed, checking his pulse and blood pressure. "That doesn't look too good," sh
Traditional Creamed Onions
Original recipe yield: 6 servings. Servings: 6 (change) INGREDIENTS: * 1 cup pearl onions * 4 cups water * 6 tablespoons butter * 6 tablespoons all-purpose flour * 3 cups milk * salt to taste * ground black pepper to taste DIRECTIONS: 1. Peel onions, and drop into boiling water. Cook until tender. Drain, reserving liquid. Set onions aside while you make sauce. 2. Melt butter or margarine in a saucepan over medium heat. Whisk in flour to make a paste. Mix together cooking water and milk. Add milk mixture slowly to the saucepan, stirring constantly, and cook until thickened. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add onions, and transfer to a serving dish.
A Broken Man
a story of a broken man is what i've come to tell a heart so deeply filled with love, that's lived a life in hell I look at this world each day and all remains the same I know that when i'm dead and gone, no one will remember my name i've tried so hard to offer all I have to mankind with each new day comes the feeling that i'm running out of time if I can teach you one thing before I leave this life it's to always pay attention when you see pain in one's eyes life is so very short and so many are all alone you must reach out to your kindred because they are your own beyond the ties of relation beyond blood in your veins don't let your family suffer do what you can to ease their pains not everyone can live with no one like i'm forced to do so many are on the verge of being completely through ignoring all of my own pain I reach for those who need even though that no one may see that my soul does bleed my focus is no longer on myself for I am a broken
Ex Factor Ready To Go!
The Ex Factor...Order Today! The EX Factor Justified Endings to Bad EXes Horror/Crime/Thriller Short Story Anthology Available U.S. Distribution Includes: Ingrams • Baker & Taylor • Blackwell Book Services • Coutts • Gardners • Holt Jackson SAN 850-9409 The EX Factor is filled with disturbing tales to leave a touch of satisfaction in the heart of anyone who has ever suffered the pangs of a relationship gone sour. From accidents to intentions…from the supernatural to the physical…from wishes to actions… from breaking laws to upholding them…from revenge to justice…The EX Factor covers it all. Nine engaging authors bring warmth to cold,bitter hearts, and maybe also to those of us who have a twisted sense of what is truly fair in this world. With twenty-two short stories combined into a single chilling volume, they take matters of the unjustly treated heart into their own hands: Stories from the Hand of Justice serve the readers a plentiful feast that never gets cold a
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Another Update
Well, a few minutes ago I signed out of here in a hurry. It seems my uncle is having severe pain in his stomach from the tumor. It has subsided now and he seems to be okay. He just gave us all a scare. Not to mention that is another 10 years taken off of my life along with the 10 years my son took off of my life when he was bitten by the spider. Thank you all for the prayers and well-wishes!
If I Said, I Loved You....
would you go or stay???? Why is it that some people don't seem to want to be loved???? When someone tells you that they love you, do you see that as a sign of commitment? or, when you do say, "I love you", should that be taken as a sign of commitment? Can someone not love someone without loving them in the sense of a girlfriend/boyfriend and a future life/marriage partner???? Just curious... TxRose
Quiz 4
Wesley J Siau's most memorable sexcapade: You bought condoms, whipped cream and cherries and winked at the cashier Take this quiz at
Sexual Dictionary????
TexCat -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Ok This Is Some Shit
You scored as Dracula. You are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him. Dracula100%Deacon Frost75%Armand75%Marius67%Louis67%Lestat58%Akasha50%Angel50%Spike50%Blade50%Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with
My First Pimp Out!!!
Its Monday!!!
Soo New...
i am really new to this so im trying to figure it out.. give me some time!! :) thanks
if anyone want's to add me again look at the name Greatwide that is also me
To The Wastelands Of My Home
I stand on the shore, after so many years the familiar wind blows, I am finally home I see the land of my fathers, falling are my tears I have returned to the soil we once owned I walk for miles, into the heart of my land my heart is still empty, now this is the end here were fought many battles, a time of pure man I stand here now on bloodsoaked earth, I hear men the occursed invasion, of foreigners to my home slaughtering our weak, taking those who couldn´t fight the return of the northmen, let our hatred be known preparing for war with the sons of the god of love tonight with fire in our hearts, and steel in our hands burning and killing all those in our way we reclaim from you unwelcome our right to our lands fear in your eyes like the women you raped, slaves you die today a disease you were, you spread so wide and far led by the evil in the Vatican, on his high throne we welcomed you here, now slaughtered you will be as the demons that you are your god sends you
Charlie And The Mta
An old Favorite from the Kingston Trio done with puppets in 2002 Are you old enough to remember this?
Damned Violence (9-27-06)
I've taken a new trip into the land of failure This damn self pity drives me freakin' mad sometimes Failure to prepare my oldest daughter from the violent world around us She got into her first fight I've always told her to avoid them How to avoid them She stepped into it Some other kid was gonna punch my youngest She stepped in as older sister So the kid went and told his older sister Thus the kid's older sister pounded on my oldest daughter The kid's sister is 16 my oldest is 13 My daughter was bigger, but slower than the other girl Fat lip, black eye, sore jaw and just about pushed into traffic Perhaps I should lay the blame on her mother Why was she out walking around at dusk in a bad part of town Heard of the riots in toledo last year? They live not too far away Why was she outside then? Fraggin failure and now the innocence is gone She's experienced violence first hand All I can do now is try to teach her defense I doubt the girl will let up on her It cou
Hello, is this here the Sheriff's Office?" "Yes, what can I do for you?" "I'm calling t' report my nabor Virgil Smith. He's drillin' holes in his farwood and hiding mareewanna inside." "Thank-you very much for the call, sir." The next day, the Sheriff and his deputies descend on Virgil's house. They search the shed where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they split every piece of wood, but find no marijuana. They sneer at Virgil and leave. The phone rings at Virgil's house. "Hey, Virgil! This here is Floyd. Did the Sheriff come?" "Yeah!" "Did they split yer farwood?" "Yep!" "Happy Birthday, buddy!"
Sex Therapy
A doctor had the reputation of helping couples increase the joy in their sex life, but always promised not to take a case if he felt he could not help them. The Browns came to see the doctor, and he gave them thorough physical exams, psychological exams, and various tests and then concluded, "Yes, I am happy to say that I believe I can help you." "On your way home from my office stop at the grocery store and buy some grapes and some doughnuts. Go home, take off your clothes, and you, sir, roll the grapes across the floor until you make a bulls eye in your wife's love canal. Then on hands and knees you must crawl to her like a leopard and retrieve the grape using only your tongue. "Then next, ma'am, you must take the doughnuts and from across the room, toss them at your husband until you make a ringer around his love pole. Then like a lioness, you must crawl to him and consume the doughnut." The couple went home and their sex life became more and more wonderful. They told their
Rain The Angels
Please: open your eyes Let me know that you still haven't died Because the ground's giving way And the sky's turning downwards This time - don't die - this time I'd martyr myself a thousand times To remove your petty suffering The tedium of life to no longer exist I am the dream's end Awakening to a new light You are there like a jewel Above it all - ablaze Your hands still milky white Reaching for me once more If only I could bring it back I am one, now Alone as always Forever keeps screaming back Like skipping stone ripples in my mind's ocean Children die in the corners of my soul Always receding further from I PLEASE Open your eyes To remind me you've got something inside Please don't die On this final day You will love me again PLEASE Love me again Love me again This our new day Again
Louis Vierne (1870-1937)
Was just listening to a broadcast from British Broadcasting - yay, BBC3!! *g* - a week ago, of a quintet written when my grandfather was a teenager, at the end of that so very Great War *pfft*, year 1918... should have put up a message explaining that as I've been learning to do on Y!M and etc. ) for anyone trying to contact me- anyway. I have a recording of the piece, but I'm glad I decided to listen to this. The BBC started webcasting a half-decade or so back, and before then, I would read their listings with envy piled on envy; Radio 3 is one of the best stations a classical music-obsessed listener could want to hear, and now I can hear it. The BBC only keeps most things (more and more, in the years since they started webcasting; at first they only archived a few programs) on their servers for a week after broadcast, and this was an all around better and easier-to-hear performance *g*. One case in point: it's a work in three movements. Count them: three. But every time I listen
Happy Halloween !!
Halloween Comments by
As We Go Through Life
Set your own pace........When someone is pushing you, it's ok to tell them they're pushing. Take nothing for granted........Watch water flow, the corn grow, the leaves blow, your neighbors mow. Allow yourself time to be lazy and unproductive........Rest isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Listen to the wind blow........It carries a message of yesterday and tomorrow........And now.........Now counts. Rest on your laurels........They bring comfort whatever their size, age or condition. Talk slower. Talk less. Don't talk. Communication isn't measured by words. Give yourself permission to be late sometimes........Life is for living, not scheduling. Listen to the song of a bird........The complete song. Music and nature are gifts, but only if you are willing to receive them. Slow down. Gaia is still around........You are not responsible for doing it all...yourself... right now. Remember a happy, peaceful time in your past........Rest there. Each moment has a richness that takes a lif
I Drove All Night
Celine DionI Drove All Night
Every Time We Touch
CascadaEverytime We Touch
Help Me Level Up..........plz
Stupid Assholes!!!
I understand that there are many dumb ass people out there in the world!!! But, how many do I have to personally encounter??? Okay.....I hate just plain old stupidity!!! There are some that just don't know any better....then there are those that just don't get the fact that people aren't as stupid as they'd like them to be. My soon to be ex.....actually had the nerve to tell my room mate that if I filed for divorce, he'd give me half of the income tax this year!!! Well first.....we're still married.....nothing has ever been filed!! I will get half of the income tax regardless if I file for divorce or not. So, by saying this really stupid thing he pissed me off, and I decided that he's going to pay for half of the divorce. Yes, folks, there is a penalty for being stupid!!! If he doesn't want to pay for half, then I'm going to inform him to hire a lawyer. Then I'll have my attorney make him pay for the attorney fees, court costs, still get half of the income tax, and if he pisses me off
No Room At The Inn
Well after having spent that tuesday in hospital by the eveing i had started getting contractions(think thats spelt right lol).When the nurse came to me and said iam sorry but we dont have room for you here to have your baby,we are going to transfer you to cambridge.CAMBRIDGE my mouth droped to the ground in shock.cambridge was miles away it was getting on for 11 0 clock pm and my hubby would be in bed at home.Well can you imagine what night mare he thought he was having when i told him i was going to cambridge.Well he made it to the hospital just to see me going off up the hill in an ambulance.The journey seemed to take for ever and it was scary as i was getting lots off contractions by now.The nurse was getting worried and so the ambulance driver decieded to blue light us the rest off the way to cambridge.I will say sorry now to the ambulance driver for geting flashed at by the speed camara.Well we arive at addensbrooke hospital in cambridge.With me wondering how garry was getting o
Various Thoughts
A good woman is proud of herself. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is with, nor does she expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. A good woman is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows love, therefore she gives love. She recognizes that her love has great value and must be reciprocated. If her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears. A good woman has a dash of inspiration, a dabble of endurance. She knows that she will, at times, have to inspire others to reach the potential that God gave them. A good woman knows her past, understands her present and moves toward the future. A good woman knows God. She knows that with God the world is her playground, but without God she will just be played. A good woman does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands that
A New Tagg!!!!
This works Just like the last one. Just follow the simple rule of posting 5 things that absoutly scare the hell outa you here are my 5. 1. Loosing my wife or daughter, in any way. 2. Death, I don't know what it is, I know we all have to go sometime. but it scares me!! 3. A nuculear war. 4. Yes, I said it be fore, snakes!! I hate snakes!! 5. Giving away my daughters hand to be married....:( Now. Booshine, friendlygal, cindy,Mr. Pimpin, sexyBIBBW and your twisted fate, You have been tagged. lets see what scares you. It's that spooky time of year ya know.
Inconsiderate So And So's
y'know, i never claimed to be beautiful, but, i'm honest. Some ugh well fool by the name of Tinkdaddy, had the audacity to rate a pic of mine a "1". i say, just like the old adage, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Well, i'm furious, but, only at him, i'm so thankful for all of you wonderful, kind people who have helped me get this far. sorry i vented, but, just HAD to let someone know, in case he visits more than me.
what soap is to the body, tears are for the soul.
you'd think i'd feel happier since i just got paid but i rather feel like shit. atleast i have today off though. i slept alot and still didn't want to get up cuz i felt exhausted, but i had to go get my check and stuff. i guess my "aroma" offends some people at work, i had a little note with my check. the manager said she didn't notice cuz she has alergies right now, but i guess someone complained. i don't get it because i shower almost every day before work. guess the last few days i wasn't as good about it but ussually i am. so i don't see how i smelled more then maybe one day or something. so ya that made me feel gross and feel like shit, and it's not the first time i've been told that. so it makes me feel like i'm just disgusting though i still don't get it because i shower regularily and everything. i ussually don't wear deoderant but you shouldn't have to if you shower regularily. and i hate the smell of cologne so i don't like wearing that, but i guess if i have to so people
Splinter In My Minds Eye
As i lay on the rooftop staring at the night sky and contemplating on my life so far, my mind wonders. I remove the splinter in my minds eye and have a moment of clarity! People in the world are very dificult to deal with you have over 10 million different personalities some ruthless some mercerless some caring others malicious. The only one that counts is mine for now. Without mine in the right place I can't excist nor function! But a voice from the elders of my elders calls out to me and says dicipline is the key! Then it says there is a woman out there with your name on her mind all you have to do is run into her while shes thinkin about it! Now which is more difficult keeping yourself in line or running into that woman? They say if you give up on your dreams you die so theres no choice now but to go on forth and liveout your wildest dreams and enjoy life. Now for the real question at what point of these events do you run into ms. right? If ever at all. So if we do we are for
Omg This Is Funny
Before work yesterday I was going to shave and shower. Doesn't seem like to much of a task as I do it often. Well my nephew is visiting us for a month as I've mentioned before, and he thought he was going to take a bath with me. However I have my bath water way to hot for any child let alone some men. So the little wonderful child that he is says ok I'll watch you then. I tried the whole but buddy I don't want you to see me naked idea. He laughed and said, But I've seen you naked before so I'll just watch. I can't argue with that so he starts talking about his daddy and watching what I'm doing. I start by shaving my legs. Nothing unusual about that, and being the four year old that he is asks, Why do you shave your legs? I answered because I like having nice smooth soft legs buddy. After I get done shaving he feels and says oh that's nice. He starts again talking about how he wants to be daddy for Halloween. Then I start shaving my underarms. Again he asks me why I shave there. I
Its funny how we remember some things...but not others. I remember bits and pieces of my life. Most of my childhood I don’t recall with any clarity. Pictures evoke memory but even then only slightly. I don’t remember conversations and that I find disconcerting because in the end it’s the words said not the event that evokes the memory. Unless that event was so traumatic that it is burned into your memory. Maybe I’m just repressing memories. Though I don’t generally feel that is the case. My childhood wasn’t any more horrible then for most peoples. I remember faces a lot more then I do actual events. I remember the face and know that I’ve seen it but the memory with that person is mostly fragmented. It seems as though when a person is in your life at present you can remember past events and conversations but for me once that person is gone its as though they almost didn’t exist at all cause the memories slowly fade away into nothingness. As this ever happened to you. Am I thinking to m
I Wish.......
Too Funny, And Maybe A Little True? (porno Of Your Life Title)
The porno of Nicole's life will be called ... "10 Things you always wanted to do with a vibrator" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
Cool Quiz
Here's a cool quiz...... You scored as Pinhead. You are Pinhead. You come straight from hell. Your curiosity has caused you to make some mistakes in life. But you are now more powerful than you have ever been. You enjoy pain just as much as you enjoy pleasure. Unlike most killers, you like to make sure your victims suffer for all eternity.Pinhead80%Freddy Krueger80%Candyman60%Jigsaw60%Hannibal Lecter60%Captain Spaulding50%Jason Voorhees40%Leatherface40%Buffalo Bill40%Michael Myers40%Which Horror Ki
Top 10 (adult)
Top ten things men would do if they woke up and had a vagina for a day: 10. Immediately go shopping for zucchini and cucumbers. 9. Squat over a hand-held mirror for an hour and a half. 8. See if he could finally do the splits. 7. See if it's truly possible to launch a ping pong ball 20 feet. 6. Cross his legs without rearranging their crotch. 5. Get picked up in a bar in less than 10 minutes...BEFORE closing time. 4. Have consecutive multiple orgasms and still be ready for more without sleeping first. 3. Go to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam and ask to have it recorded on video. 2. Sit on the edge of the bed and pray for breasts too.... And, the NUMBER ONE thing men did when they woke up with a vagina...Finally find that damned spot.
6 Weird Things/habits
1. I usually forget the easiest things to remember. 2. Addicted to vanilla wafers and i gotta have em w/ milk. 3. I never got a speeding ticket,people say i drive slower than their grandma. 4. I actually miss my hometown alot (Danville,Il),its funny cause its not anything to do there,just go to walmart. 5. Yeah i'mma geek, i like to do the worm 6. When i'm bored i got a bad habit of sendin text messages to people i work w/ when they are right next to me.
Meet Some Of Our Rabbits
Dianna's Hopper Hopper is a registered Black Tort Holland Lop Senior Buck. Sire: Justa Buddy (Grand Champion) Dam: Dianna's Tigger 04-08-06 5/13 Solid Senior Buck at the SRRR in Powell, WY Show B. 03-14-06 3/13 Solid Senior Buck at the CMBR in Great Falls, MT. 03-05-06 BOB at the WWF in Bozeman, MT. 07-31-05 3/14 Solid Senior Buck at the Montana State Fair in Great Falls, MT Barbe's Chestnut Barbe's Chestnut is a registered Copper Satin Senior Buck. Sire: Maiden Rock's Rocky Dam: Sophie's S31 07-19-2006 BOS at the GCF in Bozeman, MT. 04-08-06 2nd Senior Copper Buck at the SRRR in Powell, WY show A. 04-08-06 2nd Senior Copper Buck at the SRRR in Powell, WY show B. 04-08-06 2nd Senior Buck at the SRRR in Powell, WY 4-H Show. 03-05-06 BOB at the WWWF in Bozeman, MT. Barbe's Daisy Barbe's Daisy is a registered Copper Satin Senior Doe. Sire: Maiden Rock's Rocky Dam: Barbe's Punkin 04-08-06 3rd Senior
"don't Need A Man"
Hush my baby, Don't cry tonight My ears are sick of that sound I've been searching For someone to love Looks like your all that that I've found. I've been up I've been down Got a man in every port and every town I've got nothing Boy toys and playthings Are a shallow reward... Don't need a lover Don't need a man I don't need anything I don't need a man I need the moon I need a star I need an equal to capture my heart I've had all types Of men in this world I've had princes and frogs Chocolate Vanilla Rich, poor, and the killer Devil, demi-god, clergy and dog Men they will come Men they will go You'er not what I'd call a man Nothing on earth could satisfy me I can do better I can I know I can... Don't need a lover Don't need a man I don't need anything I don't need a man I need the moon I need a star I need an equal to capture my heart. "Don't Need A Man" by Gwar
So True
Courtesy of
have ya ever wondered why sometimes people just assume things about ya before they know ya..I think its funny when they do,its so much fun to prove people wrong on their assumtions,but ive been called evil before--lol
Love Life
Hey All! I dont know I just got back with my ex again and now I think he has completely just given up on me all the way. But Screw him I am on to bigger and better things. God has put so much more in my life I dont need Dustin right now. I miss him yes and I feel like crap without him but surely God will put someone new in my life that will treat me better and that is all that matters. I am so upset I dont know what else to say
To My Friend Special Richard
Slow Is Good ( Teasing His Lover, Learning That Slow .. Is Good )
Copyright Black}i{Velvet 2004 The pale morning light was creeping through the windows as Mitch lay on the bed, one arm tucked snugly beneath his head. His eyes drifted down to the small woman curled against him, the hand resting against her hip curling tighter, a soft chuckle escaping his lips at this possessive movement. Relaxing his hand Mitch lets his mind drift as his eyelids slowly lower, thoughts flooding his mind, images dancing behind his closed eyes. Now and then a soft chuckle escapes his lips as he remembers a funny moment, at times a low soft growl as an unwanted memory surfaces. Mitch sighs deeply, for the journey to this moment had been a long one, a journey filled with more low points than high. At times Mitch believed it would never happen, believed that he wasn’t destined to be with this woman, neither in cyber nor real life. Mitch and Serena had met in a chat room, Mitch had entered the chat site one lonely afternoon, seeking something to lift his
Our Honey
Our Honey Oh sweetness abounds as the scent rises up from all around, Slow as it molds and strays on from up to down..... All over and on down as it crawls, It covers and touches in soft and gentle places, It touches the blankets and clings to our faces... It mingles with our bodies and runs on into exctacy.... Of you and me with the taste of our honey...
Are You Bisexual, Straight, Gay/lesbian?
You scored as Bisexual. Bisexual95%Lesbian85%Gay50%Straight40%Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?created with
Just thought I would say hi here to all of you, since I have been gone alot lately. Hope everyone is good and feel free to send me a msg anytime. Hugs everyone!
table width=350 align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2> Your Birth Month is October You are a natural leader who is able to stand up when no one else can. Strong and powerful, you tend to overshadow those around you. Your soul reflects: Gratitude, comfort, and true love Your gemstone: Tourmaline Your flower: Cosmos Your colors: White and yellow What Does Your Birth Month Mean?
Well Here Goes
Well I'm new at this. I got a bulletin in myspace so I thought I would check it out. I am a 27 year old man living in the puget sound area. I am not looking for anything I am just bored of the whole sex bot and 14 year olds that hang out at myspace. If you have any questions hit me up mike
Sexual Hidden Talent
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
Sexual Style
The What's your sexual style? You are a TRADITIONAL, SUBMISSIVE lover who prefers to RECEIVE. This means that: You like relatively no frills simple sex, that is basic rather than kinky. You're quite happy in bed without the need for any fetishes to spice things up; you're electric enough on your own. Who needs more than your naked body? Why put you in a Nurses outfit when they can see you in nothing? You might try the odd fantasy out, but overall you like sex at it's most raw, impulsive, and animalistic, rather than planned and turned into a complicated act. You tend to be submissive in bed, so you prefer to go along with what your lover likes rather than your own plans. You might like being ordered around and acting out a slave/master fantasy, or perhaps you just get turned on by being helpless and unable to move. Or maybe it's as simple as you lacking courage so prefering firm instructions in bed to make sure you are doing things right. Either way, you won't be dominating your
Check Out My Stash
There are some cool videos in my stash if anyone would like to check them out. A few other things in there as well. I hope you enjoy!
I Won't Forget You
Title: Artist: POISON Song: I Won't Forget You Album: Look What the Cat Dragged In I Won't Forget You Late at night I close my eyes And think of how things could have been And when I look back I remember some words you had said to me It's better to have lost at love Then never to have loved at all Chorus I won't forget you baby (I won't forget you) Even though I should I won't forget you baby (I won't forget you) Even though I should, yeah Sometimes in my head I can still see pictures of you And I laugh to myself When I think of all those crazy things that we used to do Although miles come between us Just between you and me I won't forget you baby (I won't forget you) Even though I should I won't forget you baby (I won't forget you) Even though I should, yeah I should let you fade away But that just wouldn't be me Oh, baby I won't forget you baby (I won't forget you) Memories slowly fade I won't for
Uhm Questionaire
QUESTIONARE thingy from MS Most surveys on myspace can be rated PG......lets see what kinda balls (or eggs) ya got!!! 1. How many people have you had sex with in 2006? 06 is not over with yet but uhm.. 5 so far. 2. Weed, coke, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, opium, hash.... out of these 12 drugs how many have you done? Like 4ish 3. Ever cheated on a GF/BF? YES, 4. Ever paid for sex? NO 5. Ever been married? NO 6. Ever been divorced? YOU GOTTA BE MARRIED TO DO THIS, RIGHT? 7. If you had to pick one, what's your favorite sexual position? DOGGY i unno why 8. Do you own any guns? Nah 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? NEVER BEEN 10.Ever been to rehab? uhm no 11. Ever do anything gay sexually? yes 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you MET on /Lostcherry? Uh no not yet havent met anyone really from here 13. What size are your breasts: C 14. Do you think Arnold could beat up Chuck Norris? Dunno dun care 15. Wha
New To Lostcherry
Hi everyone am spicy cherry and am new to lostcherry, please some me some love on my page, I will do the same for you
Other Blogs Of Mine
Light & Darkness
I am his light I am his darkness I am the one he loves the most I am the one that he fears I am his strength I am his weakness I am the one that brings the sun to his days I am the one that brings storms to his eyes I am the child of his heart I am the woman of his soul I am the one that calms his seas I am the one that makes his raging rapids flow I am his light I am his darkness ©Kari
Goodbye To Wal-marts Lay-away Program!
You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
A Dream
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Making Love In The Park...
Ole was walking home late at night and sees a woman in the shadows. "Twenty dollars . ."she whispers. He'd never been with a hooker before, but he decides, what the hell, it's only twenty bucks. So they hide in the bushes. They're going "at it" for a minute when all of a sudden a light flashes on them . . it's a police officer. "What's going on here, people?" asks the officer. "I'm making love to my wife," Ole answers indignantly. "Oh, I'm sorry," says the cop, "I didn't know." "Well," Ole says, "neither did I, until you shined that light in her face
To All Fam. Around The World
words from Violent J himself Message From Violent J written by Violent J, this shit is soo true we need to love this family more. -JUGGALOZ- Sorry to be all deep and serious but i got lots of shit on my mind. I'm tired of everything and everybody. The only thing i give a shit about in this hell we call a world is my Juggalo Family. The Carnival saved my life and my soul. My Juggalo Pride is the best thing that ever happened to me. It's starting to scare me for the fact when I sit back and actually observe the juggalo world, It seems like its going down hill. It seems to me that a lot of ninjas are out for self and trying to prove whos a bigger juggalo that who. There is no big or small juggalo. We are all the same. It doesn't take $4,000 is psychopathic merchandise to be a juggalo. Just because I got an old school mostastless jersey doesn't make me any better than a ninja with only one t-shirt. Being a juggalo is whats in your heart not whats on you clothes. I've seen juggalos callin e
So Much Fun And So Much Little
I know I know, it's funny when it closer to the weekend it is but tomorrow night I am off woohoo muahhh ladies smiles ;-)
And Another One...
1. WHAT MADE YOU SMILE YESTERDAY? All the $ I racked up!! 2. WHAT WERE YOU DOING AT 8 THIS MORNING? Sleeping, 3. WHAT WERE YOU DOING 15 MINUTES AGO? I was on the phone wit my daddy. 4. SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN 1995? I had my daughter. 5. LAST THING YOU SAID ALOUD? aight bye. 6. HOW MANY DIFFERENT THINGS DID YOU DRINK TODAY? just water/lemonade and icedtea mixed. 7. WHERE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND RIGHT NOW? Home. 8. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR TOOTHBRUSH? Blue of course 9. WHAT IS OUT YOUR BACK DOOR? my porch 10. LAST THING YOU BOUGHT? chinese food. 11. LAST GIFT YOU RECEIVED FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY? A pilates ball, D&B Bag/ $500 12. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR FRONT DOOR? white 13. WHERE DO YOU KEEP YOUR CHANGE? In a handpainted ceramic bowl on the dresser. 14. WHATS THE WEATHER LIKE TODAY? Hot and humid 15. BEST ICE CREAM FLAVOR? Rockyroad 16. SOMETHING YOURE EXCITED ABOUT? Nothing at the moment. 17. LAST RAINBOW YOU SAW? On my pride keychain hanging on
Move You Mose Over Images
Another Tattoo
i promised my best friend that if she got her first tattoo that i would go get a matching one with her...well that day has come...tamorrow im getin my THIRD tattoo.... go me there will pic of all three of my tattoos soon i will have a friend take a pic of me in my bra and panties that way u can see where all three are located....go me
More Updatez On Me
Friday, Well Still have that damn headache and I try to took something and I still have it damn it.. I sat down and watch my Ghost Whisperer and it is really good.. Well I am not my self.. But tell you all the truth that I am still damn sick and I am trying to fight it.. Well I am going over my cousin on Saturday and spend a night so I am doing what I have to do.. Got to go tell you all more On Sunday ok.. Virgo24
A Joke For The Masses.. Hahahaha
A man doing market research for the Vaseline Company knocked at the door and was greeted by a young woman with three small children running around at her feet. I'm doing some research for Vaseline. Have you ever used the product?" She said, "Yes. My husband and I use it all the time." If you don't mind my asking," he said, "what do you use it for?" "We use it for sex," she said. The researcher was a little taken aback. "Usually people lie to me and say they use it on a child's bicycle chain or to help with a gate hinge. But, in fact, I know that most people do use it for sex. I admire you for your honesty. Since you've been so frank so far, can you tell me exactly HOW you use it for sex?" The woman said, "I don't mind telling you at all, my husband and I put it on the doorknob and it keeps the kids out."
What Do Your Eyes Say About You?
You scored as Eyes full of Pain. People tend to overlook you, which makes you feel less worthy of their attentions. You sometimes wish you could just disapear from the world around you. You have been hurt very badly in the past and you just wish that someone would understand you, and what their cruelty is doing to you.Eyes full of Pain83%Mysterious67%Diamond Eyes58%Passion42%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
Sluts Or Hoes...take Your Pick
You know them...hell, some of you pimp them. Ok lets be real some of you are sleeping with them. They brag about their conquest, you know about his dick size, his wife or girlfriend at home. How you can put it down better that that no cooking, no fucking, no taken care of the kids bitch he got at home. So YOU missed that...she is at home! You know the place you cant go, so you go to a HOtel. You bring him over your house where you two get freaky...and yo ass dont cook either! You are not his best girl, you are his MISTRESS girl! Oh, you dont want to hear that. So lets go into the future...its 9:30 pm he(you know your HUSBAND who does nt know you a ho or a slut) gets off at work at 4:00. Now youre getting a little worried,you call his cell; no answer. More time goes by... Now you are pissed! Where is that *&%#@*& at. This is where it gets good...your girlfriend, you know the one who told you some years ago you should hookup with this nigga or that nigga...GIRL H
My Love For You
U All Suck (well Most Of U At Least
it took me 2 week to get t level 4 and i had to do it by my self with very little help from my so called friends well thats just sad u guy post bulletins pimpin ur self and i go and help the best i can but no one helps me out ok im done bitchin but thanks for the help to the ones that tried to help
Ready Or Not
READY OR NOT Ready or not, some day, it will all come to an end. There will be no more surprises; no minutes, hours, or days. All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will pass on to someone else. Your wealth, fame, and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance. It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed. Your grudges, resentments, frustrations, and jealousies will finally disappear. So, too, your hopes, ambitions, plans, and to-do lists will expire. The wins and losses, that once seemed so important, will fade away. It won't matter where you came from or what side of the tracks you lived, at the end. It won't matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant. So, what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured? What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built;not what you got, but what you gave. What will matter is not your succes
Cajun Grilled Chops
This pork chop is seasoned with cajun spices. Spices are a great way to add bold flavor without adding any fat Ingredients: 4 boneless pork center loin chops, 1 1/2-inches thick 1 teaspoon seasoned salt 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon dry sage 1 tablespoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder Instructions: Combine seasonings, mix well. Coat chops with seasoning mixture. Grill directly over medium-high heat 7-8 minutes per side, turning once. Nutritional Information: Calories: 150 Fat: 5 grams Cholesterol: 65 milligrams Carbohydrates: 2 grams Protein: 22 grams Sodium: 390 milligrams Saturated Fat: 1 gram
Check Your Dirty Iq
Check your Dirty IQ! Questions: 1. When I go in I might cause pain. I cause you to spit and ask you not to swallow. I can fill your hole. What am I? 2. A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you're bored. The best man always has me first. What am I? 3. I'm spread before I'm eaten. Your tongue gets me off. People sometimes like to lick my nuts. What am I? 4. I go in hard. I come out soft. You blow me hard . What am I? 5. All day long it's in and out. I discharge loads from my shaft. Both men and women go down on me. What am I? 6. I come in many sizes. When I'm not well, I drip. When You blow me you feel good. What am I? 7. If I miss, I hit your bush. It's my job to stuff your box. When I come, it's news. What am I? 8. I offer protection. I get the finger ten times. You use your fingers to get me off. What am I? 9. I assist an erection. Sometimes big balls hang from me. I'm called a big swinger. What am I? 10. I'm at least 6 inches long. I leave foam
Thanks everyone for trying to make me feel better but nothing is going to work. I am just really depressed and dont know why. It could be that in a few months it will be one year since my stepfather died and that I am letting everything out that I have kept in this month. I am sorry for acting like this...and thanks for the help. Bisexualvampyre
A Secret Place
A Secret Place Each of us has a secret place Somewhere deep within, A place where we go to get away, To think things through, To be alone, To be ourselves. This special place, where we keep all our deepest feelings Becomes a storehouse of all our hopes, All our needs, all our dreams, All our unspoken fears, It holds the essence of who we are And what we want to be. But now and then, someone comes along And discovers a way into that place We thought was ours alone. And we allow that person to see, To feel and to share All the secrets, all the uncertainty, And all the emotion we've stored up there. That person adds new perspective to our hidden realm, Then quietly settles down In his or her own corner of our special place, Where a part of them will live forever... And we call that person a Friend
Dont Know If This Will Work - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?Over 30 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given someone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?More than 15 6. What is your pubic hair style?All natural 7. What kind of underwear do you wear?Boxer Briefs 8. Have you ever taken, or been in, naked photos?Both taken and been in them 9. Have you ever been to a nude beach, or nudist area?Yes, a nude beach 10. Do you watch porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 11. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?Both watched others and been watched 12. How large are you...ya know, in the pants?About 7 inches 13. Have you ever expirimented with another man?Thought about it, but never done it 14. What is your favorite sexual position?Girl on top 15. Are you circumcised?No I am not 16. What gets you off fastest?Blow job 17. How often do you masturbate
Winter List Clean Up
OMG as it is i have 4 hun an some odd friends and 40 some odd pending i do not talk to half of u soooooo u all know who don't talk to me so ya know ya bein deleted.......only want peeps on list that are intersted in having conversation and not only want on to peek at god damn pictures ......sooooooo clean up BEGINS....if ya have a prob with that like another did go ahead and rate me a one on here no skin off my azz u will just get deleted and blocked like he did...hahahahahaha so ima BITCH
I am still trying to figure out what the hype is all about on Lost Cherry. I am a self proclaimed myspace addict. I have 3 accounts that occupy most of my computer time. A friend said that I should check out Lost Cherry and that I will become addicted. I guess I'm just not gettin' it. It really isn't that much different and with only a fraction of the people in the network, my interest is waning. Oh well. Thanks for letting me whine. Later. The Ronman.....'06
Entrapped and attacked Attached and submissive The Mistress is the slave The skin tastes the blade Tormented Blood and sweat Bruises and bites Light and dark Scratches and marks Covers the flesh of the Lust Child Tormented Conquered and liberated Scattered and concentrated Passionately violated Lovingly penetrated Tormented Poisonous kisses Dirty words Falling from angelic lips Total eclipse Darkness feeds her lust Tormented Panting and screaming Moaning and breathing Heat rising and steaming Eyes gleaming Changing Colors rearranging Bodies slamming Emotions jamming The spectrum cascading No longer waiting Renaming her Enslaving her Demanding her Commanding her The Devil is who I need Torment me
Give Some Love To An Angel
Every might have already voted for her but she the greatest friend to have just let her know she loved ~~~PoeticAngel~~~@ LostCherry Get your own glitter and more at MySpace Glitter Graphics
Happy Hump Day All!
Good morning everyone. I am playing hookie today. Well, in a way not. I have a urinary tract infection, so I do not even want to go to class. Hope that wasn't too much info. LOL! Well, I thought I would share with you the latest happenings in the last few days. We spent the weekend in Spruce Pine, and stayed in Little Switzerland's Resort and Chalet over night. The drive up was beautiful. I took a ton of pix, off the Blue Ridge Parkway. I got out several times, just like the other photographers, and took some beautiful pix. I promise to post some later. We went to a gem mine the first day, and it was fun. My hands almost froze off. We got the boys each a bucket of mixed gems. They both had some both had some nice size emeralds, garnet and amethyst that could have been cut, and polished. But the price to do this was a bit steep. The rest of the weekend, we went to the ice cream parlor in Little Switzerland's resort, visited art gallery, and jewelry stores, and the Mine Mus
Going Home Now
So, after a long hard day (yeah right) I am going to head home now. Please don't forget about me while I am gone! ;o) I am going to pick up a six pack of something so make sure you come have a drink with me later! Cheers and Beers! Sam
I've Already Got Island Fever
Ok, so I've been on this island for about a month now, but despite it being paradise, I think I already have island fever. There are way too many people here and not even open spaces. I know this sounds nuts as well, but I miss being able to jump in the car and take a drive for more than 30 minutes. I miss the mountains and open spaces of Montana... *sigh* I guess I should learn how to surf - the water isn't usually crowded, lol
Indian Removal Act Of 1830
Indian Removal Act of 1830 The Trail of Tears In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi River and to migrate to an area in present-day Oklahoma. The Cherokee people called this journey the "Trail of Tears," because of its devastating effects. The migrants faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion on the forced march. Over 4,000 out of 15,000 of the Cherokees died. This picture, The Trail of Tears, was painted by Robert Lindneux in 1942. It commemorates the suffering of the Cherokee people under forced removal. If any depictions of the "Trail of Tears" were created at the time of the march, they have not survived. The Cherokee call the forced march to Oklahoma "Nunna daul Tsuny." That translates into English as "trail where they cried." President Andrew Jackson Early in the 19th century, while the rapidly-growing United States expanded into the lower South, white settler
Great Feeling!!!!
Went out to supper tonight and 4 men from the army were eating at the same place. I went up to them and ask if I could buy there supper for them. They said I did not have to of course. Buy I really wanted too. It was just something that I felt I needed to do for some reason. They all four shook my hand and thanked me. Well I was getting ready to leave and smiled and waved at them. One of them motioned for me to come over to the table again. So I went over. When I got there one of them stood up and thanked me for supper again. This time he handed me a patch from his uniform. Then another one of them shook my hand and handed me another patch. WOW, I was walking on air. The first patch says. Troop C Try me. and has the number 17. The other one was his airborne patch. It was truely an honor to run into some of the best people I have ever met in my life. Here I was trying to do something nice and it was returned back to me millions of times over. I can not explain how I feel tonight.
Fall Classes For Men =-)
REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY Monday, October 16, 2006 NOTE: DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY AND DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THEIR CONTENTS, CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED TO 8 PARTICIPANTS MAXIMUM. Classes begin Monday, November 6, 2006 Class 1 How To Fill Up The Ice Cube Trays --- Step by Step, with Slide Presentation. Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM. Class 2 The Toilet Paper Roll --- Does It Change Itself? Round Table Discussion. Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours. Class 3 Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub? --- Group Practice. Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours. Class 4 Fundamental Differences Between The Laundry Hamper and The Floor --- Pictures and Explanatory Graphics. Meets Saturday at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks. Class 5 After Dinner Dishes --- Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Kitchen Sink? Examples on Video. Meets 4 weeks,
Music Video:BACK IN BLACK (by AC/DC)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
What’s going on in this life of mine? What’s going on deep within? I’m angry, confused, nervous & scared, Of this tornado in my mind… Outside, everything confuses me… I’m frustrated, scared, and everything is so unclear! My soul pulling in every direction, I cry… I feel unsafe in my surroundings, and within myself. Should I reveal myself… let someone in…? Is it safe to be so open with my ragged soul? Can I truly afford not to? Whiplash from the spoken mind… Guilt for that which is not… Where is the compromise? How do people deal? I’ve found something so precious in my life… It frightens me… Knowing that I push away so often From that which I hold dear! A soul that longs for acceptance, Both from others and within… So frightened, confused, and shy. My efforts being thwarted by my own self! I have no oasis… No certainty, no confidence… I fear I have nothing… Nothing within to develop, to make better… I am lost… lost in love…lost in myself!
So Called Friend's List
To all my friends and fans those of you who have rated my pic's thanks very much and have a wounderful day. For those who have not, I have rated and commented on all your pic's and would like it if you would return the favor, i don't have a lot of them which is more then what i can say for most of you but hay i still rate and comment on them, it wont hurt you a bit to show some luv. but however if you don't at least rate them im goin to start deleating people off my friends list no point in haveing ya there if your not friend enough to return the favor, / am i right. so keep this in mind and have a good day.
New Story
Iam currently working on a new erotic story....when I finish it Ill have it on disc so if anyone would be interested in reading just let me know and Ill be able to email it to ya....Also if anyone knows where I could send my stories to be published online that would be awesome as well....
Check Out This Profile
carrievamp@ LostCherry
No More Nude Pics!!
Hi there everyone I'm doing something that is going to make me not as cool I have taken down all my nude pics you see My body belongs to someone else and is no longer for me to let everyone see My lover who is in my photos deserves better and after a long talk with him I realized how much it was hurtting him ..... I had no idea ..... So from here on out NO MORE NUDE PICS !!! ..... Sorry Guys !! Love to you all!!
One Of Those Days...
So..I'm crabby as hell today and I'm sorry I didnt get my daily comment out to those who normally get one. Money and family issues are making me feel like jumping off a bridge is the answer. I'm not even sure what to do about anything right now. I'm just sort of venting. Hoping I can magically win the lottery and get a divorce. Frickin' men...Can't take their shit anymore either.
LOVE is a LIAR i know this is a wierd bulleton to post up but im in the worst mood and confused on a lot of things so i thought i would vent out to all my GHETTO people. Why is love the hardest phrase in the world to say. I mean people can say lets have sex, lets go out, lets date, lets get together, i love timberlands and hip hop and all the other things but when it comes down to love, and loving another person wither it be a female or a dude, no homo, people cant say the word until its to late. Love is a passion that keeps people alive, love for who u are and for what u do is the thing that makes u, u, AND ME, me. but why is it when it comes to loving another person we as a people are so blind that the word totally slips your mind and never comes up to the person is lost to u or unobtainngble. and why is it the people we love are always hurting u and breaking your heart. and by that i mean when your not in love the pettie fights and bickering dont matter and its just anothe
What Element Lies Within Me??
You scored as Fire. FIRE! You are spunky yet loyal, and have the heart of a warrior. Though unpredictable and hard to contain, but your best buds always manage to keep you in check. you can have a bad temper but you are not mean. You are however strong and protective, so enemies WATCH OUT!Fire100%Darkness83%Wind67%Earth50%Light50%What Element Lies within you?(PICS)created with
So We'll Go No More A-roving
So We'll Go No More A-roving by George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron (1788–1824) So, we'll go no more a-roving So late into the night, Though the heart be still as loving And the moon be still as bright. For the sword outwears its sheath And the soul wears out the breast And a heart must pause to breathe And love itself have rest. Though the night was made for loving And the day returns too soon, Yet, we'll go no more a-roving By the light of the moon.
You feel like a candle in a hurricane Just like a picture with a broken frame Alone and helpless Like you've lost your fight But you'll be alright Chorus: Cause when push comes to shove You taste what you're made of You might bend, till you break Cause its all you can take On your knees you look up Decide you've had enough You get mad you get strong Wipe your hands shake it off Then you Stand, Then you stand Life's like a novel With the end ripped out The edge of a canyon With only one way down Take what you're given before its gone Start holding on, keep holding on Repeat Chorus Everytime you get up And get back in the race One more small piece of you Starts to fall into place Ooohhh Repeat Chorus
Hello All Cherries
Damn, I Need A Cutie To Make Me Theirs...
Hey you guys...any cuties out there looking for a girl...cause I'm lookin for a guy...and I'd really like to have, right if you lookin...let me know...much love to ya all...
Fuck Em!
So I just got cheated on for the first time... and it sucks...I started dating a close friend that I have known for about 3 years I dated him from july to the begining of October... and they always say it's bad to date your friends... but who the hell listens? haha... so I just found out that from august til today... (atleast) he had been sleeping with a nother girl... and I'm disgusted,Really... a best friend of 3 years and now boyfriend should NOT by any means under and circumstances... lie to you... needless to say i'm still single and pissed off... and I know that we have been spereated for like 3 weeks now... but still.. dammit,I'm supposed to be one of his best friends.. who the hell could do that?... crazy ass people...
I love the flow of ur hair when you're riding me. I love the bounce of your breast when you're riding me. I love the juices you squirt on my balls as you're riding me... But baby let papi get on top now. Time for ur legs to be spread wide as my arms can take them. Time for my balls to slap that ass forcefully. Time for that down angled stroke that hits that spot that opens the mouth only to have it scream silently...E.D.M.L.
Mhmm Eyes
You scored as an eyes person. You can see the magic in a persons eyes, you can see their soul, you know what they're really thinking, and know if they mean no even if they say yes all from their eyes. Yet they still hold some mystique, and for that means you can look into someone's eyes for a long eyes person88%Mouth man83%personality75%The space between the legs71%Ass man63%Breast Guy46%What are you attracted to in a girlcreated with
What Mythical Creature Or Race Are You?
You scored as Angel. Congratz! You are an angel. The world looks to you for advice and comfort. You\\\'re very protective of the ones you love and help anyone that you may pass on the street. You will fight if you absolutely have to, but you WILL NOT kill. You treat everyone, even your enemies, with mercy. While you help everyone, you still feel a hint of sadness... for not everyone would truly accept you, if they truly knew you, so you usually keep to yourself.Angel80%Elf50%Fairy40%Dwarf30%Halfling30%Demon10%Orc10%Gnome10%What mythical creature or race are you?created with
This Is A Little Scary In My Opinion
A Must Read for All who have children or grandchildren EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ ALL OF THIS and HAVE YOUR CHILDREN READ IT TOO! After tossing her books on the sofa, she decided to grab a snack and get on-line. She logged on under her screen name ByAngel213. She checked her Buddy List and saw GoTo123 was on. She sent him an instant message: ByAngel213: Hi. I'm glad you are on! I thought someone was following me home today. It was really weird! GoTo123: LOL You watch too much TV. Why would someone be following you? Don't you live in a safe neighborhood? ByAngel213: Of course I do. LOL I guess it was my imagination cuz' I didn't seeAnybody when I looked out. GoTo123: Unless you gave your name out on-line. You haven't done that have you? ByAngel213: Of course not. I'm not stupid you know. GoTo123: Did you have a softball game after school today? ByAngel213: Yes and we won!! GoTo123: That's great! Who did you play? ByAngel213: We played the Hornets.
Hot Body
It seems that some of my friends have drifted apart from me the past few weeks. Can't say I blame them all that much, I havent really been online much the past month, that should change Even my real life friends, some of who I consider close friends have drifted that I dont understand, but everything happens for a reason I suppose, doesnt make it any easier. Well anyways enough of that Take care all and I'll eb postin this ina bulletin too
My Family Bitches To Much
OK im on a ranting rampage this morning...... Well i go to visit my grandmother while im waiting on the time to come to take my son to headstart. And what do you know she starts gripping and complaining about how david does. Says he isnt trying to work and talks about how he is not talkitive. Well i kept telling her that it was nothing like she was saying it was and she said she was sorry that me and her had got to this point that i would defend david why wouldnt i defend him against her when she has no idea what she is talking about. She acts like his is worthless and called him sorry. He works the only job there is around here and is going to the unemployment office every chance he gets to put in more applications. He does what he can to help me with MY kids and does alot to help with our new baby. She talks about how he wont put on his seatbelt in her van (i think he should) and he leaves spit cans sitting around her house(i gave her props for that also) but i tell him all the tim
Like a needle in a haystack, True friends are hard to find. That's why I am so thankful, That I can call you mine. When ever I need a shoulder, You're there to catch my tears You've kept my many secrets, Throughout the passing years. You've been there for my triumphs, You've witnessed my defeats I'll remember the good times, And hope the bad ones don't repeat. With you my soul is whole, There's only one thing I never told you Thank you for everything you've done, There's no one else like you.
Grandma'z Eyes Are Never Dry!
These children with their red apple cheeks and runny noses fill my heart to the brim! They frolic like puppies turning end over end again and again and again. How innocent and clever their eyes are...full of love for Grandma and her cookie jar. They joyfully exclaim throwing their arms open wide when I arrive and give exquisitely sweet kisses and hugs and waves goodbye. My oh my oh my ! Grandma's eyes are never dry!
'what Rejected Olympic Sport Would You Win Gold In?
CrissyGold Medal Winner in... Who can get to the bottom of the mountain first? 'What rejected olympic sport would you win gold in?' at
20 Ways To Confuse Trick Or Treaters (repost) I Can Garuntee I Will Try Some Of This.
20 ways to confuse trick or treaters (repost) I can garuntee i will try some of this. 1. Give away something other than candy. (Toothpicks, bags of sand, golf balls etc). 2. Wait behind te door until some people come,when they get near the door jump out, wearing a cosume and holding a bag, and yell "Trick or treat"! Look at them , scratch your head and act confused. 3. Fill a brief case with marbles and crackers and write on it 'top secret'. When trick or treaters come look around supiciously and say "Its about time you got here", give them the briefcase and quickly shut the door. 4. Get about 30 people to wait in you living room, when trick or treaters come to the door say ,"Come in". when they do everyone yell "Surprise!!!" and act like its a surprise party. 5. Get everyone who comes to the door to come in and see if they can figure out whats wrong with your dishwasher. Insist it makes an unnatural 'whirring' sound. 6. After you give them candy hand the trick or t
Well Well, I Never Thought Id Get That!!
Hotness - Hotness is most important in a boyfriend/girlfriend. This indicates that you are mostly into having an attractive partner. You prefer to date around, and don't usually get attached. Take this quiz at
Do You Know Baby?
do you know? like a shooting star, it goes and comes it feels so far, every now and then off in the distance, i see ur face my heart is in a race, and doesn't ever slow with every beat, is a thought that makes me jump to my feet so exciting my love for you is something that won't change but if only you knew... it would be better i sit here and wonder how this could be can't stand it much longer before i break everytime i say i love you, i hope everyday that you'll love me too you are everything if ur not there my broken wing will never be healed don't ever doubt me like i've doubted you i just want you to see that this feeling is real that's all i wish for cause everyday i just love you more and it's so great when u speak it's like i can't move cause i get so weak but then there's a change you give me the strength when you say "I love you." at an extended length my heart will explode so i just want you to know that f
What Color Is Your Aura?
Your Aura is Blue Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life. You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships. The purpose of your life: showing love to other people Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dali Lama, Oprah Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor What Color Is Your Aura?
Life Flows
LIFE FLOWS Life flows from the source deep within the eyes glow with the warmth though the world be cold and dark and still and drear the warmth of life flows with a river force so strong so pure so true the eyes glow with the joy with the tears ever to the heart of truth we dream we love we hope the warmth of life flows eyes of boy eyes of a man eyes of a girl the eyes of the damned life is in the eyes through which the heart does bleed as the eyes show given wings to fly to soar to glide and leap to dance and smile given voice to sing the warmth of life flows deep and true the heart it grows and life flows
Amanda, Tina, Kim, Becca, And Emmy!!
I am writing this to let 5 of the most important girls in my life know I LOVE THEM!!!! Amanda, you are one of my best friends in the whole world! I miss you sooooooooooooo much!! To my 4 little Angels, I love y'all soooooo much!!!! I am sorry I am missing birthdays, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, new years, easter!! I am going to miss all of Emmy's first!! Emmy, I wish I could have gotten to know you better!! You are one of the most beautiful babies in the world! Kimmy, do you remember when your mom was having Emmy? I stayed with you older 3 for a little while, and I tried to help you with your homework!! I promise I won't do that again! It just proved you are smarter than me! Tina, you remind me of myself, except you are a lot more beautiful than I could ever imagine! Just remember to watch your temper! Trust me it can get you in a lot of trouble!! Becca, My little princess!! You are so smart!! I was so impressed when you wrote me that letter! Thank all of you for being there fo
Hope Every One Had A Good Halloween
To all of my wonderful friends that i missed out on wishing a Happy Halloween , I hope u had as much fun as i did.... And im so sorry for not getting back to u all....... It's such a hard task to do with so many wonderful friends that i have made on here xxxxxxxx
Yes, I Am An Atheist
Heres a list of some of the contradictions of the bible... 1-God good to all, or just a few? PSA 145:9 The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. JER 13:14 And I will dash them one against another, even the fathers and the sons together, saith the LORD: I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy them. 2-War or Peace? EXO 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name. ROM 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen. 3-Which came first--beasts or man? GEN 1:25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. GEN 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. GEN 2:18 And the LORD G
What A Morning
Okay if all began last night. When i just got back from work to where we had to go to charleston bc we are opening up a new community there and not to meantion the lady i had to ride with cant drive, is lazy,and cant sing!!i had to cook supper when i got home and wanted to watch my movie but couldnt bc my fiances mom was watching tv like she always does. (yeah it agervates the shit out of me) B/c she dont MOVE!! Then i got a shower and my dad calls to tell me that my aunt is getting married on saturday. GoOdY GoOdY!!! THIS IS HER 3RD TIME GETTING MARRIED! its not a new wedding. But i will go just to pay my respects and so i can see the family. Then this morning i had a dentist app. (goody goody gum drops) I was like 10 minutes late for that bc i didnt hear the alarm clock. Then i have to do a Transfer today at work possibly two transfers. Print Newsletters. Call people. Im not in the mood for this today. I just want sleep. okay im done. as you can tell i tend to bitch alo
They Tell Me I'm Crazy Sometimes
and i belive them. there;'s things i'm anal about and i can't help it. i like to live in clean spaces. so~ yeah, maybe i don't HAVE to vaccumm the house everyday and i can probably avoid the whole anxiety issue about the dishes staying in the sink overnight, but it's it great to walk into a clean house and not have to worry about getting company and the house looking like crap? I know, it's great, which is totally MY arguement. Plus, if they *and in THEY i mean my husband and my two roomates, let me just do my OC thing and clean house like a moronic individual who NEEDS to clean, (it's sad i know) then i offer to do their laundry and clean their rooms. know, you would think that ANY guy would love this idea. don't have to do shit but come home and eat dinner that's already been made...that's the life right? no. not in this house. i get an hour lecture on how i'm an obsessive compulsive and i need to stop cleaning everything i see. all the time. i do that tho. i know i'm all wierd when
Im Desperate!!!
Im kinda desperate right now and really need some voice comments...I wanna hear your sexy voices and make it sexy and nasty if you want ;) please...I AM DESPERATE!!!
Yeah, I Need Help.
Am I the only one who's ever reposted a bulletin just to correct the spelling errors? Not because of the content, but just because the errors in the subject were awful!
How Things Get Done In Washington
Three contractors are bidding to fix the White House fence. One from Chicago, another from Kentucky and the third, Florida. They go with a White House official to examine the fence. The Florida contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil. "Well," he says. "I figure the job will run about $900: $400 for materials, $400 for my crew and $100 profit for me." The Kentucky contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, "I can do this job for $700: $300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me." The Chicago contractor doesn't measure or figure, but leans over to the White House official and whispers: "$2,700." The official, incredulous, says, "You didn't even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?" "Easy," the Chicagoan explains, "$1,000 for you, $1,000 for me and we hire the guy from Kentucky."
How Men Think
A woman was in a coma, she had been in it for months. Nurses were in her room giving her a blanket bath. One of them was washing her private area and noticed that there was a slight response on the monitor when she touched her. They tried it again and sure enough there was a small, recognizable movement. They went to her husband and explained what happened, telling him, "As crazy as this sounds, maybe a little oral sex will do the trick and bring her out of the coma." The husband was skeptical, but they assured that they'd close the curtains for privacy. The husband finally agreed and went into his wife's room. After a few minutes the woman's monitor flat lined, no pulse, no heart rate. The nurses ran back into the room. "What happened?" they cried. The husband said, "I'm not sure. Maybe she choked."
Leland Chapman
"Eternal Flame"
Profile Updates...
yeah instead of listing my fav. artists.. i posted a few videos of each of my fav in each type of music.. i also got some new pics that need some love.. so tell me what you think of the videos and pictures..
i am so hungry.... im gunna make some top ramen
X- Rated Riddles
Q. What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hooker? A. A hooker can wash her crack and sell it again. Q. What's a mixed feeling? A. When you see your mother-in-law backing off a cliff in your new car. Q. What's the height of conceit? A. Having an orgasm and calling out your own name. Q. What's the definition of macho? A. Jogging home from your vasectomy. Q. What's the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball? A. A guy will actually search for a golf ball Q. Do you know how New Zealanders practice safe sex? A. They spray paint X's on the back of the sheep that kick! ? Q.Why is divorce so expensive? A. Because it's worth it! Q. What is a Yankee? A. The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. Q. What do Tupperware and a walrus have in common? A. They both like a tight seal. Q. What do a Christmas tree and priest have in common? A. Their balls are just for decoration. Q.What is the
Now Was This Really News Worthy
Ok so here I am at it again, those that know me know very well I just cant seem to keep my mouth shut. Ok so check this out, i'm sittin here watching the news over the past couple of days ( what they call the news anyway) and here in Houston there has been this huge stink about child predators and offenders and letting people know where they live etc.. So the news report tonight was touching on that topic but they took it a step further and asked "What if your child was in school sitting next to a child predator?" now this questions struck me as odd because I was sittin there thinkin wdf is some old pervert doing in a school building in class? I mean know they arent hiring predators as teachers. Well as it turns out they where talking about other children that had been caught or punished for some type of sexual crime. Now we arent talking about highschool age children, we are talking elementary and Jr high kids. So as I was watching the report my first thoughts and instinct was "d
At one time in my life, I needed you so much. I lived for your smile, I died for your touch. Your laugh made me happy, your tears made me blue. You said that you loved me, and I believed you. But time came between us, and bent your smile. Your thoughts left my dreams, but the pain stayed awhile. I took lots of time, tears and repairs, and my hearts begining to mend. I don't want you now, not even as a gawd damned friend. You'll think it's funny, but only time will tell. Cuz paybacks are bitches, and I hope you rot in hell. You were a great lover, I hate to admit, but when it comes to being a man, baby, you aren't SHIT!
G'' I Dont Know!!
MKPortal is a free Portal/Content Management System (CMS) which seamlessly integrates with the most popular forum softwares (Simple Machines, Invision Power Board 1.3 and 2.x, phpBB, and vBulletin). It uses the forum user management system and other features and adds many powerful modules to create and manage a light but powerful web site. MKPortal has an intuitive user interface and is very simple to install and administer. Download MKPortal Announcements Please report M1.1 Rc1 bugs Hello everyone- Look at the bugtracker forums on the new development site (login required) and you will see that we have fixed many bugs in preparation for the M1.1 final release. Now is the time to report any bugs that you know about that have not yet been reported there. I think everyone will agree that we want to see the release of M1.1 Final as soon as possible. But first we need to fix as many bugs as possible. Let's work together for a bug-free M1.1 final release. Go find
My Sexual Business Card!! Lol
Kelli Laffey Experimental eroticism expert 'What will your sex business card say?' at
finally get to go out somewhere lol...mmy goofy ass friends wont tell me where...uh tht a good thing? lol well i love u charlie and ill be back laterzzzz proly 12-130
hey im probly goin to be off the comp for the next few days cause im havin to cancel our internet server. so i will see everyone in a few days.:)
I May Be Off-line For A Short Time- To All My Good Friends Just Fyi
You should make love during an earthquake The gyrations will only add to your already stellar performance. Plus it saves you the money you would spend on those magic fingers in the motel. Take this quiz at
Omg - What Is This World Coming To?
I live in Austin, but closer to one of the smaller towns on the outskirts of the town. It is amazing when you hear on the news something as drastic as a carjacking, shooting, and jumping into another vehicle to leave a scene has taken on such dramatic effects -- all within 4 miles of where I live. The woman is in critical condition. Nothing ever happens in this area of town... and never in the areas that I would be frequently on a daily basis.... OMG - I sit here in a bit of shock after seeing it on the news. I know that the world isn't as safe a place as it had been in the past... I do hope that the world can take a grip on itself and make it a more peaceful world for everyone everywhere.... Hopefully, it can become a reality and won't be merely a hazy dream....
Lesson In Life
Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be, your neighbor, your coworker, a long lost friend, or a complete stranger. When you lock eyes with them, you know at that very moment they will affect your life in some profound way. Sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair at first, but in reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, willpower, or heart. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, whatever they may be, life would be like a smoothly paved,straight, flat road to nowhere. It wou
What Has Become
Silence comes as those fall Death becons those who frail Shadows surrounds those who fear Darkness evolves those who deny What has become of us? Silence is a power Death is a calling Shadows are the path Darkness is the way Why deny what is there? Unfatihful to yourself Undetermined to stand forth Unsure of status Unstable to the cause Why do you allow such to happen? Rekindle the spark Mask the false Unmask yourself Stand forth your fate How will you survive to the end? One is faltered The other is weakened The many have cried The few chosen have moved on Why do you stop the inevitable? Accepting your destiny Standing proud One of the very few to make it The only to truely accept such before you How is it you now believe? Why the struggle, you ask Why the hard times, you ask Without such your life is worth nothing Without the hardcore, your life is worth... shit. Deny not, stand forth, become as you should Once you were weak Once you f
Life Of A Soldier
Turn Your speakers up!!!!
The U S Army Is Unbreakable!!!
My Sexual Business Card
RockxNasty Seductress 'What will your sex business card say?' at
Let It Out
To Our Troops...thank You!!!!
Beginning Today..
Beginning Today Beginning today I will no longer worry about yesterday. It is in the past and the past will never change Only I can change by choosing to do so. Beginning today I will no longer worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will always be there, waiting for me to make the most of it. But I cannot make the most of tomorrow without first making the most of today. Beginning today I will look in the mirror and I will see a person worthy of my respect and admiration. This capable person looking back at me is someone I enjoy spending time with and someone I would like to get to know better. Beginning today I will cherish each moment of my life. I value this gift bestowed upon me in this world and I will unselfishly share this gift with others. I will use this gift to enhance the lives of others. Beginning today I will take a moment to step off the beaten path and to revel in the mysteries I encounter. I will face challenges with courage and determination. I will overcome w
No Sense Of Humor.
My wife and I are watching "Who wants To Be A Millionaire" while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex?" "No." She answered. I then said, "Is that your final answer?" "Yes." She replied. Then I said, " I'd like to phone a friend." That's the last thing I remember.
What Kind Of Guy Are You Destined To Fall In Love With?
What kind of guy are you destined to fall in love with? You guy is sweet. He remembers little things like when you guys first met, and when you had your first kiss and other things like that. He opens car door for you, takes you out to romantic dinners, and he loves you and doesnt fake it. He is sweet, and caring. Sometimes he doesnt show how much you mean to him because he is very shy. He may have had his heart broken one or two times. He doesnt like to go on group dates because h'd rather have you alone. Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Hearts Desire
Follow your heart, wherever it leads, Truly, it does know the way. Pulling you here, and pushing you there, Serenely, just sewing it..s seeds. Your very next step, as it pulsates and beats, Is always before you, in whispers and weep. All intertwined, to confine, and remind, With never observance, of clock, watch or time. Follow your heart, wherever it goes, Jagged turns, starts and stops, are making the road. Just listen to it, no matter what's said, Watch as your blood, and your greed, move ahead. No matter how long, how fast or how slow, It has here one duty, and only one goal. Loving you my friend, it..s job appears dual, But only one spirit, is providing it..s fuel. Follow your heart, I say once again, Nothing to tend to now, till the end. Intentions don't mend, impressions we send, Are fused, with the whispering winds. A being that's fleeting, and misunderstood, It's a drifter, which speaks of desire. Meander your way, uncover the liar, Look up to
Why are some people such pussies? Today I got some pretty mean comments and shit from some asshole. Thats all cool and shit, youre entitled to your own opinion of me. Honestly I dont give a shit. Its no secret I am fat. Its not like I dont know. Telling me im fat is like telling a black man hes black. However if you want to be a dick expect me to stand up for myself. The said person Im talking about says mean shit and rates my profile and pictures 1's but when I go to retaliate I get the "this person doesnt except comments, or private messages, or shout outs. Go fucking figure. What a pussy. You can dish it, but cant take it? People like that make me sick. At least have some balls. How are you going to ask me a question then not let me give you an answer because youre too big of a pathetic pussy and might not like whats going to be said. Grow the fuck up.
Online Friends...
soemtimes i wonder why i hang around in this cyber world....maybe to seek refuge from the real world?? what do i hope to find?? i have no answer...
Hell Yea
You will take over Belize using only an underwater ray gun Take this quiz at
If I Say It Once, If I Say It Twice...
Well, I don't know if I've said it twice... If you're in the US, eligible to vote, haven't already voted in this election, ... etc. etc.- please. Vote tomorrow. May be apocryphal, but I remember a story of a person who sat out an election- in which they were a candidate. And lost. By one vote.
How They Stole The Mid-term Election By Greg Palast
THE FOLLOWING I COPIED AND PASTED FROM THE GREG PALAST NEWSLETTER. IF YOU WISH T0 SUBSCRIBE, THE LINK IS BELOW. HOW THEY STOLE THE MID-TERM ELECTION COPYRIGHT GREG PALAST for The Guardian (UK), Comment Monday November 6, 2006 Here's how the 2006 mid-term election was stolen. Note the past tense. And I'm not kidding. And shoot me for saying this, but it won't be stolen by jerking with the touch-screen machines (though they'll do their nasty part). While progressives panic over the viral spread of suspect computer black boxes, the Karl Rove-bots have been tunneling into the vote vaults through entirely different means. For six years now, our investigations team, at first on assignment for BBC TV and the Guardian, has been digging into the nitty-gritty of the gaming of US elections. We've found that November 7, 2006 is a day that will live in infamy. Four and a half million votes have been shoplifted. Here's how they'll do it, in three easy steps: Theft #1: Registra
Naughy Horscope!
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 21) HOLEE SHIT! here comes the masters and mistresses of FUCKing Sorry Leo, but Scorps ARE the leaders in the Kink O Rama factor (Leos are in second place, so don't worry that much leos) Scorpios KNOW how to seduce. They KNOW what is kinky. They are highly manipulative. They KNOW how to get you to do what THEY want. They KNOW how to fuck. And they are making room for modifications. All they have to do is walk into a room and look at you, and you WILL be on your back assuming the position. Anne Rice (During her 'Beauty' phase) wants to be a Scorpio. Leos and Scorpios make for a fabulous tryst.they are the BEST in bed together..but if the emotions are not there then that's a different story. Don't dare TRY to make a Scorpio jealous...they will duct tape you to a chair and make you watch them fuck your boss..or your sister/brother..or Mother...hell, that's their idea of a typical normal Thursday night. They love to use gag balls. They always have carpet
My Hitman Name Lol
The Knuckle ScrapperPeople Iced:Twenty FiveCar Bombs Planted:SixFavorite WeaponA CandlestickArms Broken:OneEyes Gouged:TwoTongues Cut Off:FourteenBiggest Enemy:The Canadian StranglerGet Your HITMAN NameAWSOME-GAME
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16% !! Fuckin Chance!! Im 0 %
You are 16% Bisexual You are not bisexual. You are very set in your ways and never, never think about changing teams. You know what you like and stick with it, although you probably would take it as a compliment if someone from the other team tried to pick you up. Take this quiz at
A Love Potion #9
LOVE POTION #9 To be performed on the 9th day of the 9th month. (But you can try it anytime - who knows?) · 9 oz. sweet red wine · 9 basil leaves · 9 red rose petals · 9 cloves · 9 apple seeds · 9 drops vanilla extract · 9 drops strawberry juice · 9 drops apple juice · 1 ginseng root, cut into 9 equal pieces By the light of 9 pink votive candles, put these nine ingrediants into a cauldron on the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth month of the year. Stir the potion nine times with a wooden spoon, each time reciting the following: LET THE ONE WHO DRINKS THIS WINE SHOWER ME WITH LOVE DIVINE. SWEET LOVE POTION NUMBER NINE MAKE HIS/HER LOVE FOREVER MINE. Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce the heat and let it simmer for nine minutes. Remove the cauldron from the heat and allow the potion to cool off. Blow nine times upon the potion, bless it in the names of nine love-goddesses, (see below) and then strain it through a cheesecloth into a cl
Am I The Only Cat Left Who's Not A Dj???
Apparently, I'm the only person on the CT who doesn't have or DJ for a radio lounge. Every time I see a bulletin, it's someone plugging their station of the day. That's cool, but it's really interfering with everyone else screaming for profile/picture rating! When I started on this site, there was only one station I went to...Evolutionz. Being as easy-going as I am, I could never understand cats getting all dramatic in the lounge. I mean, the last thing I can imagine is getting upset at someone on the internet...who happens to be THOUSANDS of miles away and is probably a loser! Maybe not a loser, but pretty much NOT in my life. Next thing I saw was a split on that station...welcome to the CT (LC at the time) Temptation X Radio! Not that I cared one way or the other. I, make that Unfortunately, my tastes are not very mainstream, so it was never like the format was all that interesting to me. Of course, if I saw a lot of Tiger Army, Killing Joke, The
Updating Of Pics
A Brace Of Herb-roasted Chickens
Notes: To make your own poultry rub, mix 1 1/2 teaspoons each dried thyme and dried oregano with 1 teaspoon each garlic powder, kosher or sea salt, and coarse-ground pepper. For adult tastes, spread a layer of goat cheese beneath the breast skin. 2 chickens (3 1/2 to 4 lb. each) 2 tablespoons packaged poultry rub (or make you own; see notes) 1 onion (6 oz.), peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks 1 lemon, ends sliced off, cut into 1-inch chunks 4 parsley sprigs 10 ounce fresh chèvre (goat) cheese or 2 packages (5 oz. each) Boursin cheese (optional) 2 tablespoons olive oil 1. Reserve chicken giblets for other uses. Pull off and discard lumps of fat from chickens. Rinse birds inside and out and pat dry. 2. Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon poultry rub in each bird's body cavity. Place 1/2 the onion, lemon, and parsley in each chicken. Pin body cavities shut with small metal skewers. 3. If using cheese, starting at the neck, gently push your fingers under skin of each breast to loo
A single tear now streams down my cheek, As cold as my heart now gone. A void now made, Of less than nothing. I've come across the end. Infinite thoughts fly through my mind, Cutting me open. From the inside out. Leaving a single ember to this flame. The sorrow falls upon my broken wings; Weighing them down. I just wish that I could soar, once again. To feel the cool air in the clouds, Caressing my face. As I flew beyond my nine. My mind is spotted, My soul unglued. I've never found forever to ever be for good. A circle of heads caused all of this. A jury, of my peers. Indirectly, I've loved the lost.... And found an end to Forever.
No Views
Wow posted my first 3 bulletins and last 3 bulletins. Didn't even get any views yet, guess my attempts to befriend people on here wasn't noticed. Oh well i'll just laugh my ass of next time they bitch about having fake friends.
Well Today Is Interesting,
I have 3 reports all of which are due soon. I wish it could easily be done but no, I have to make it good. it will probably take three nights to complete. the first one alone, so average that out to be two weeks if i don't get to it right away, its only due next friday. do i feel the heat yet? well kind of! :) well i've been trying to come in earlier and earlier just to see if there is anyone in the club, but everytime i do there is nobody responding. what's a club if there is nobody talking to anyone and if anyone is not in there what's the point in the club? I miss the group. what time does it usually open on the weekdays or does it?
This Is To All Of U Who Know Me
Lately my life has been turned upside without warning. Y i have no clue i never did nething to deserve what has happend to me. For now i have lost the most important thing to me. N only a select few people know what i mean. After i lost my most priced possession i found out some bad news that has me scared. But when all this shit has happend i found out who my friends are n do not take life for granted u never know who is there for u until u need them u know who i am talking about if ur reading this we never talked like we have now n honestly i do not wann make u mad but u have helped me i would of gave up a long time ago. and for my sister in law ur my best best friend i am glad with in this last year that we became close and we have fun like driving april home with no license an not know how fast we were going until we look in a hott guys car an when we got pulled over for not having headlights on a the cop thought we had a gun lol. just thank you so much for being there and for the
I Said I Would Upload Pics
and I did just that. not as many but Im really sick so im not taking as many tonight.
Return American Beauty
RETURN AMERICAN BEAUTY We as the white population of America, must stand against the Jewish ternary, we must stand against those who migrate here both legally and illegally. We must put a stop to the protections that are rapidly being placed for those who have no right to be here. This nation was founded and fought for by white men and women, from sea to shinning sea the white population has made America what it is today. We have a right to feel that the white race is the only race that the government has no interest in helping, we have the right to speak our minds and feel the way we do. We as the master race in America have the duty to oust all those who oppose us starting with the Jew and working our way down the list until these borders are ridden of all the scum that makes up over half our population. This nation was once powerful and segregated, now that the negros and mexicans have a civil right to sit next to you and I in a café he feels that he is our equal and should
You know it's disappointing to have over 100 friends and over 200 people that have viewed my page, but only have 45 people that have bothered to rate it. I know that I rate every person's page that I visit (I even go back at time just to make sure.) I realize I've only been on this site for a few days now, but I've been working hard to read as many pages as I can. I leave comments both on pages and on pics. Sorry, just had to rant.
Ways To Avoid A Speeding Ticket..
...HOW NOT TO GET A SPEEDING TICKET... First of all, it's important that you know what a speeding ticket is: a speeding ticket is a piece of paper that a police officer gives to you if you have been driving faster than the legal limit. It is NOT a ticket that allows you entrance to a moto-cross show. Speeding tickets come with hefty monetary fines and usually and increase on your car insurance premium. You do not want a speeding ticket. There are several different options to follow to not receive a speeding ticket. ...OPTION #1: Do not drive faster than the legal limit... This is the most effective method of not receiving a speeding ticket. It is also the most boring. If you are a big boring baby, than take this advice. I hope you like happier people zooming past you at delightfully exhilarating speeds on the highway/freeway/byway/speedway as they live fulfilling lives of not being in their cars quite as much as you and waiting longer to leave home and getting where the
Movies You Won't Wanna Miss..
My Lil Girl
I am sitting in a hospital room as my lil one is caged in a metal crib sufferin with pneumonia. Im tired and bored. i hope all is well with all my friends, and thanks a million for stoppin by as usual. I am about 1/2 way thru my friends list to comment u one way or another so keep yer eyes open. Love always~ Night Angel
The Game Of Life
What will happen in Heather's game of life? Invent a cure for jock itch 'What will happen in your game of life?' at
Love Making
Your Love Making Ability is 62%!!! Need some practice you are decient and you should just f--- everything you lay your eyes on. you need to f--- a lot more... just f--- till you eyes pop out... f--- till you bleed.. f--- till you cant breath anymore... JUST F---!!!Are you a good "LOVE MAKER"Make a Quiz
Give Praise And Thanksgiving Daily
Today's Positive Thought Give praise and thanksgiving daily and you will never experience despair. Today's Positive Affirmation I AM filled with peace and tranquility because my heart and mind are overflowing with praise and thanksgiving. Today's Positive Visualization I quiet my mind and begin a prayer of thanksgiving for my life. I give thanks for my body, my mind, and my heart. I thank God for my family, my home, my pets, my friends, and my work. I give thanks for nature, technology, the arts, and beauty. I give thanks for my lessons, my challenges,and my opportunities. I praise God for creating all the wonderful things in my life. In my mind's eye I see myself easily giving daily thanks and praise and being filled with peace and tranquility. I combine these images with the feelings of joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good things I am visualizing and thinking.
Pearl Jam Live
Gosh, it's really sort of sad you skip the good and melt with bad. "Yes!" you shout, "I want a thrill," "and danger offers such a chill. "An edge of fear is what I seek "not the good, and not the meek." (But -- does your hidden heart agree that in the dark, a soul can see?)
4 Da Ladiezzzzz Show This Honey Some Love In Contest Please
ladiezzzzzz come show this bald hotty that looks like a bad ass that is a sweetheart and show him some love pleease posted in bulletin but doubt the men wld repost for u ladiezzz to peek at : )~~ to the men lmao j/k here is his direct link click on pic *wink*
What Is...
When I was a kid.. I was full of questions and wonder.. I was innocent.. but.. man.. the way uncle explained love and life sounded too painfull. My geeky hs buddy wasn't any better.. Hey uncle what is love..? Boy, You ever been shot in the chest or leg? me: umm no! uncle : I got a pistol in the.. oh wait.. your talking about that.. hahaha I was teasing u.. me: your scarey.. uncle.. It was that war .. anyways.. love is like falling down a flight of stairs.. Its all good till u hit the bottom stair way.. hahahha me: ouch.. grandma said I can die from that.. uncle: yeah.. but thats life.. and love come along with it.. me : okayyyyyyyy.. so that was falling in love.. me: so.. love is like that black eye I got for defending my middle sisters honor..? (talk about that later) hehe uncle: now you get it! Your a smart kid Roy! .. Now let me tell you about .. cheating, betrayal, lust, and going to a doctor that makes you lie down.
ok who stole my dubbie out the ash tray dam i hate when that happens its ok i have my own sercet stash
What Kind Of Seducer Are You?
Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you! Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter. You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you. You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover. Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives. Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours. No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover. What Kind of Seducer Are You?
Food For Thought !!!!
I jus wanted to come and address somethin that has been on my mind , its nuthin new everyone has been thru it one time in there lives and i know u all can relate .... i find it amazin how we have so many ppl in this world today that cant keep it REAL ... they have to lie, cheat , and be deceitful to get thru this life ... dont they know that neva will get ya anywhere ... and in the process they dont give a FUCK who they hurt in the ... that has always boggled my mind... and lil do they know what they sow they will reap ... so what seeds have u sown in ur life ?? and they ask themselves why nuthin in there life is goin right ... maybe think back at what seeds u have sown in others life cause they definately will come back and bite ya in the ass .... jus some food for thought if ur readin this i appreciate ur time and may God bless u in all u do ~1~
Thank A Vet.don't Rate This Blog...rate Wolfeagles....he Is At The Bottom Of The Page.i Got This From Him.
Except for Taps & Amazing Grace, no SONG has ever grab me like this one does. PLEASE.......Listen's Only 2 Minutes of your time!!!!! If only this could be played ALL over our country on 11/11 at 11:00a.m. They were all young men & women when they gave so bravely ............ Here is chance to Thank a Veteran I Know they would really appeciate it!!! "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same! or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once was like in the United States where men were free." "Unknown Aurthor" Veteran's Thank You Blog Barbershop Singer Navy (51-54) Big Dog OwnerAir Force (85-87) U.S. Military seeulater27 DRiteGuy4U hrdrfstr Military Veteran
I'm Tired
i so fucking tired of losers hitting me up... people who are wanksters wanna add em as thier friend... well guys what fuckers... it doesnt happen... i am not interested in you look.. or music... i'm also not interested in allyou fucking emo's .... stop sending me shit... i'm not adding you... go cut yourself... do i have an "i like emo" look to you... some of us are real rockers... not anime watching manga reading losers... go listent o your j-rock and be fucking gone... unless you can name me 20 songs by cradle of filth or morbid angel... without the use of google... then your not worth my fucking time... so i hope you fucking read this b4 you send me your lame ass... "your so pretty" messages and friend requests... ~Countess Filth~
Smothered Chicken, Creole Style
Smothered Chicken, Creole Style 1 chicken, 3.5 lbs, butterflied (split down the backbone, breast intact) salt and pepper to taste 2 Tbsp butter 1 c finely chopped onion 1 c finely chopped celery 1 c finely chopped, cored and seeded green pepper 1 1/2 tsp finely minced garlic 2 Tbsp flour 1 3/4 c. canned imported tomatoes, crushed or chopped 1 bay leaf 2 Tbsp finely chopped parsley Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper on both sides. Select a black iron skillet large enough to hold the chicken comfortably when it's spread out. Fold wings under to secure them. Melt the butter in the skillet and add the chicken, skin-side down. Cover firmly with a plate which fits comfortably inside the skillet and add about 5 lbs of weight to the top of the plate. Cook over low heat until the skin side of the chicken is nicely browned, about 15 min. Remove chicken to a warm platter. Add the onion, celery, pepper, and garlic to the skillet and cook, stirring, until the onions are w
Current Mood....blah
Sometimes I feel like there is nothing here in the world for me. My life is a hell hole where nothing seams to go my way. I feel like I have very few good things going for me. My children are adorable...I love them so much. I have an amazing partner that knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. Honestly, that is all that I can think of. It saddens me. I thought that I would have it better. Instead I have a dead end job where no one appreciates my efforts. My children no longer live with me, which tears me up inside. I feel like I have so much to offer but no one wants to take that chance with me. I am constantly having to prove myself. Just getting sick of it all. Don't want to do it anymore. Tired of trying so hard to end up on the loosing side of everything. Seams like no one cares. Maybe it's because I'm sick with the flu, but I know better. I can feel the emotions and they are hard to hold back because I am sick. Normally I walk around happily, hi
Don't mind me. I'm an idiot. Don't worry about me. I'm a fool. Don't feel sorry for me. I'm digging this hole on my own. But don't hurt me. Cause I'll bury myself too.
MySpace Comments Graphics MySpace Comments Graphics
I Love Nfl Football!!!
Every Sunday, I watch football. Nothing spectacular, but it's pretty much my religion. I have a ritual that I have to follow. I spend the morning chilling out with music, then at 10 AM, I crack my first beer. At 11 AM, it's time to get the wings started. I'm a HUGE wing fan, and I love to play around with the flavors. Local faves are smoky chipotle, traditional buffalo, and now I'm toying with a flavor from budweiser. We have chips, sweets, and have an open invite to all our friends. Basically, I have a party EVERY Sunday!!! As for me, I'm a Colts fan, followed closely by the Texans. I once heard that it's better to be at the live games; apparently, these people haven't been at my house watching the games in HD on the 50" plasma with surround sound kicking! I HAVE the best seats ALL the time!!! To my fellow football fans, I say ROCK ON! To the non football fans, BITE ME!!!
Boring Sunday
Yup another boring sunday.....someone hit me up on name on there is dvldawgaja or on there is usmcgrunt_2002 Save me puhleeeease lol
Odd Dream Ricccccccccco.. Oh Yah! Suave!!
I was cleaning my room.. (ok its not that clean yet) Anywho.. I found the stubbs of a "pantara" concert that I was at.. hehehe Then I remembered.. I have a biker leather jacket! that I won at my buddy's cd release party! like in 2003.. Then I remembered.. I can do the "ricco suave" remake video.. I had a dream about that.. man was that weird.. lol Anyways.. I like rock too.. one day i'll buy those leather pants at "harold penner men of fashion" and do a photo shooot.. lol My friend dared me to dress up in leather.. I might win the bet..
Tina Turner
Oh Brother This Is A Good One
well once again, the ignorance of man is shown. ( at least from my own point of view and if i'm wrong someone let me know, i have no problem with varrying opinions ) So get a load of this, i'm reading bulletins and i run across one begging people to repost a bulletin about getting rid of the RIP feature. now dont get me wrong i understand the frustration in having your pics jacked and someone else using them and saying its them. and its perfectly understandable to get pissed off about it. so dont by any means think i'm raggin on the people who get upset about this. now with that being said. HOW SILLY CAN YOU BE to think that for one minute getting rid of that feature will stop people from jacking your pic and using it. i mean think about it people. myspace doesnt have that feature and your pics get jacked. msn spaces/profiles dont have a rip feature and your pics get jacked. i can right click on a pic of vin deisel and say its me and post it. as long as right click/save exis
Your Master Is Home
It's been too long, home at last home at last I brush back your hair and gaze down at you Quietly watching you curled safe in our bed nuzzling your neck, softly I whisper in your ear. My sweet loving pet, your Master is home you lay deep in slumber wrapped in my robe, peacefully dreaming of pleasures shared A smile like a wolf's flickers over my lips I sit next to you feeling your warm flesh I slowly expose your silken skin to my touch. I wet My finger in My mouth to write my name between the mounds of your full ripe breasts, warm letters spell out my love upon your skin, I blow gently over them, My breath cooling. . . soft tingling breeze, like mint on the tongue. smiling, wriggling deeper into your dreams, you quietly sigh and part your legs for me, I watch over you in the flickering candlelight, like a wolf watching over his sleeping mate My sweet loving pet, your Master is home
Another Untitled One
She sits in the pouring rain Her heart filled with pain She sits outside all alone Wanting to one day know Why her heart shatters in pieces And her life once again ceases Crumbling down around her she sees No room left to breathe Letting go of the past Not wanting the memories to last She looks back to try to make sense And figure out why so tense Everything comes crashing down And she tries not to frown Never shedding a tear Because she will not be filled with fear So hurt, tired, and used Not wanting to be abused Trying to follow a new path As she faces her final wrath She will not go down without a fight Because she knows, this time, her heart is right She knows what she needs to do And she guesses she always knew Now realizing the pain that was caused And starting to feel a little less lost Taking a good look of what is inside And finding a little girl terrified A broken spirit lingers to find Something a little more kind Not ever giving up hope Just
>Ok guys, this truly is freaky, the phone literally rang as soon as I read >the last word of this email!!!!! > >I am taking the bait - what do I have to lose right? Hope it works! > >Supposedly The Phone Will Ring Right After You Do This. > >Just read the little stories and think of a wish as you scroll all the way >to the bottom. There is a message there - then make your wish. > >No attachment on this one. >Stories >I'm 13 years old, and I wished that my dad would come home from the army, >because he'd been having problems with his heart and right >leg. It was 2:53 p .m. When I made my wish. At 3:07 pm. (14 minutes later), >the doorbell rang, and there my Dad was, luggage and all!! > >I'm Katie and I'm 20 and I've been having trouble in my job and on the >verge of quitting. I made a simple wish that my boss would get a new job. >That was at 1:35 and at 2:55 there was an announcement that he was promoted >and was leaving for another city. Believe me...this >really
Here We Go Again
Here we go again, Will it be a black eye? Or will he take off his belt, Leaving welts from neck to thigh. I don't know why he hates me, I don't know what I've done. The only thing I'm sure of, That's not how fathers treat thier son.
Makeout Month
Makeout Month Whoever ruins this will be single for the next 4 years!! NATIONAL MAKEOUT MONTH is Novmeber 1 - November 30 If you repost this in the next 7 minutes of reading, you will be KISSSSSSSEDDDDDDDD by someone you REALLY like !!!!! repost this with the title Makeout Month
To All My Cherry Friends
Sweet dreams .... Good nite to all.. hugzzzz and kisses...
That's It, This Ends Now!!!!!!!
I'm fucking sick and tired of having my feelings thrown around like a goddamn ragdoll by someone, and then turn around and respect theirs in return. THAT'S BULLSHIT!!!! I will not stand for this crap anymore. I'm tired of being the punchline in people's SICK practical jokes. If you wanna be my friend awesome, be my guest. If you're a girl and you say you want to start a relationship with me, double awesome, I'm looking for that certain someone to complete me. But DON'T say that then do the fucking opposite of it, you'll have nothing to gain from it but a REALLY PISSED OFF SIN! Like it says on my profile, I love each and every one of my friends, BUT if they wanna doublecross me, then i'll forget every single good thought, every last amazing memory, and they'll get nothing from me. NOTHING! And THAT'S how I fucking roll!
If you delete someone off your friends list does an alert tell them? I have deleted quite a few people lately and have been getting new requests from some of them minutes later...
Something To Think About
Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won\'t make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn\'t love you the way you want them to, doesn\'t mean they don\'t love you with all they have 4.. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can\'t have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don\'t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn\'t willing to waste their time on you. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when
Omg They Are Showing Titties!!!!!!!
Holy Fuck
OMFG how many of u are sick of peeps that don't return the fave when ya ask....go show some friggin love please and if ya haven't already reposted my bulletin to get it out there it wld frickin b appreciated....heres direct link where i wld like some love and not just from my wife. just click on the damn pic ya looked at this so i am sure won't kill ya to do this. maybe take a min or two out of u'r dang internet life.
The Most Impressive Thing I Ever Read Wrote By A Man
MEDIOCRE MINDS "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" - Albert Einstein As I was thinking about what to share this week I glanced at one of the two pictures of Einstein that hang on my office wall. As I began to think about this incredible truth that I have read so many times, I once again realized how important it is to fully understand. Most of us surround ourselves with individuals who support us in staying the way we are. The unfortunate truth is that when you decide to become a great spirit -- to pursue a great adventure -- many of the people around you will not support you. Often with good intention they will tell you familiar things like "be realistic," "slow down -- take your time," "be careful," or "don't do anything rash." I have found that, "When you pursue greatness, you represent the courage that others don't have." (That sentence is important -- please read it again until you FULLY understand it.) Consequently, when you succeed, the
Wrap 'n Roll Tortilla
Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 10 min Total Time: 10 min Makes: 1 serving 1 TACO BELL HOME ORIGINALS Flour Tortilla 1 KRAFT Singles 3 slices OSCAR MAYER Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 1 lettuce leaf 2 Tbsp. KRAFT Ranch Dressing TOP tortilla with Singles, turkey and lettuce; roll up tightly. CUT wrap in half. Wrap in plastic wrap. Place dressing in small resealable plastic bag. SERVE wrap with dressing for dipping. KRAFT KITCHENS TIPS Healthy Living Save 60 calories and 9 grams fat per serving, by preparing as directed, using KRAFT 2% Milk Singles and KRAFT LIGHT DONE RIGHT! Ranch Reduced Fat Dressing. Great Substitute Substitute any of your favorite OSCAR MAYER Thin Sliced Meats for the turkey. Round Out The Meal NUTRITION INFORMATION Nutrition (per serving) Calories 320 Total fat 20g Saturated fat 6g Cholesterol 35mg Sodium 1190mg Carbohydrate 23g Dietary fiber 1g Sugars 3g Protein 12g
Charlie Brown
My Best Friends,thank You
I wanted to something for my 2 bestfriends..And I wasn't quite sure what to do for them..So I decided to do this.. They have been here for me since my husband died..And for that I'm very grateful to them.. Their here for my kids and I thank them for that.. Their here for me when I need to cry.. They lend me their shoulders.. I know that if something were to happen to me they would take care of my kids.. They are not only my best friends they are my family to.. So this is dedicated to them.. I have met some wonderful people on here to,this is for ya'll also,you know who you are.. I will always love ya'll!!! Thank You, Mary My 2 bestfriends-Billy and Laura>> Music Video:I WILL REMEMBER YOU (by Sarah McLachlan)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
All too rarely, airline attendants make an effort to make the in-flight "safety lecture" and announcements a bit more entertaining. Here are some real examples that have been heard or reported: 1. On a Southwest flight (SW has no assigned seating, you just sit where you want) passengers were apparently having a hard time choosing, when a flight attendant announced, "People, people we're not picking out furniture here, find a seat and get in it!" 2. On a Continental Flight with a very "senior" flight attendant crew, the pilot said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached cruising altitude and will be turning down the cabin lights. This is for your comfort and to enhance the appearance of your flight attendants." 3. On landing, the stewardess said, "Please be sure to take all of your belongings. If you're going to leave anything, please make sure it's something we'd like to have. 4. "There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only 4 ways out of this airplane"
A friend of mine asked me once: "What makes you truly happy?" You know, I didn't even pause for a moment... what makes me truly happy is living in the moment and making whoever I am with, at that moment - whether it's my children, my family, friends ... you ...genuinely happy... to make someone laugh and smile - for them to feel loved and special...there is nothing better in life to me. Unfortunately, I realize that I don't do that enough...and, I know I don't say thank you enough to those of you who bring true happiness to my life. I can't change my past (nor do I want to)...the future will be here soon enough...the present is just that - a gift from God for me to cherish at that moment. I cherish "you" and every moment I am with "you"...I hope that I can at some point, make you laugh and smile and feel truly special...because "you" are... Thank you for making me laugh and smile...for being my child, my family, my friend...for being "you" whether it is in person or here on Cherry Ta
When i lay myself to sleep I pray for a man whose not a creep One whose handsome,smart and strong One whose willy is thick and long One who'll screw till my body's twitchin In the hall, the garden or kitchen I pray that this man will love me no-end And never attempt to shag my best friend Then, as i kneel and pray by my bed I look at the wanker you sent me instead ( lol )
True Lil Story About An Event That Happened Early Summer 2006
Okay here's the whole truth and nothing but the truth (leaves out the so help me gawd part -looks around for lightning-) Now Being the Angelic friend that I am I went with my dear friend to the doctor's office to offer my moral support. She needed me there to help her through a tramatic expereince. LOL She was frightened and I was there to distract her from the pain and fear that she was experiencing during a test she was to undergo. Doing my best, and acting in character I was playing my part well when the doctor came in to conduct the test. -turns to Skye and Darlene, holding my finger up to my lips, whispering- shhhhhhhh we won't tell them about the part where I rifled though the doctor's medical supplies and found the errrrr item made of latex and blew it up and drew a smilie face on it and kept making sounds effects with it. -chuckles as they nod in agreement- Seeing that we were in a good mood the doctor clued right in and started to clown around with us, and made the
Another One...
as found on: Claim: You can direct money to hunger relief simply by clicking a button on a web site. Status: True. Origins: Over the last few years we've seen a plethora of altruistic appeals circulate on the Internet, each one claiming that you could donate money to a worthy cause or right some terrible injustice — at no cost to you — merely by taking some simple action, such as forwarding an e-mail message. (See our Jessica Mydek page for one example.) All of these messages were hoaxes — until The Hunger Site came along. At The Hunger Site, you can "donate" money to hunger relief simply by clicking a button. How? The Hunger Site, the creation of John Breen, a 42-year-old computer programmer from Bloomington, Indiana, was funded by various companies who sponsored the site for a day. Every sponsor donated the approximate cost of 1/4 of a cup of food to the United Nations' World Food Program for each user who
What Do Woman Want?
Out of curiosity I was wondering what attracts a woman most to a man. Is it the obvious things like money or good looks? Or is it somthing that stands out to you that other people might not see like eye contact from across a crowded room.Is it a combination of things?I have no idea so I thought I would ask.PLEASE BE HONEST!!!
More More time.... more of you .... more of me ... more .... I want more... Time and space is probably the most challenging and heartbreaking ... Wanting more leaves you so vulnerable ... it makes you impatient ... it often brings you to a place that leaves you unsure about the decisions that you have made... I want to hold you close and wake up to your beautiful face every morning ... I want to be able to pick up the phone and call you and tell you about all the good things that happened to me on that day ... I want to tell you that I love you more then you know ... I want this to finally be the right time and right place for us ... it has been years in the making and I want this to be our time... Is it so wrong to want more?
Made A Mistake
i think i may have made a mistake about who someone was. he is the twin, i swear, of a guy i know who is a big JERK. i'm still not positive it's not him but i'm pretty sure it isn't. this guy on here looks exactly like him but the other info doesn't match totally. i had made comments about jess to who i thought was his girlfriend, one of them, half trying to warn her and half trying to bust him. he is always looking to con someone and now this girl maryann seems to be in on it with him. anyway, i told this guy on here that i was sorry for what i said if he wasn't jess. what do i do now? at the same time, i have all this 'BS' going on with greg, another JERK, LIER.... whatever other names you can think of. i just want him to leave me alone and let me move on but the more i don't answer my phone the more he calls, crying & begging me to talk to him. AAAAHHHHHH! MEN..... makes me want to switch teams, u know what i mean? i need to move to siberia or somewhere far away from
Karma-something To Think About
Karma "I am the owner of my karma . I inherit my karma. I am born of my karma. I am related to my karma. I live supported by my karma. Whatever karma I create, whether good or evil, that I shall inherit. The Buddha, Anguttara Nikaya V.57 - Upajjhatthana Sutta INTRODUCTION "Countless rebirths lie ahead, both good and bad. The effects of karma (actions) are inevitable, and in previous lifetimes we have accumulated negative karma which will inevitably have its fruition in this or future lives. Just as someone witnessed by police in a criminal act will eventually be caught and punished, so we too must face the consequences of faulty actions we have committed in the past, there is no way to be at ease; those actions are irreversible; we must eventually undergo their effects." His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from 'Kindness, Clarity and Insight' The Sanskrit word Karma (or kamma in Pali) literally means action. In Buddhism however, karma mainly refers to one's intention or motiva
Hey guyz and galz! thanks for all the pic comments. but i would like to know what u think of my other pics too! plz and thnx!
You Know You're An Aging Witch When...
You know your an aging witch when... The ritual feast is puréed. Last Beltaine the coven decided it would be nice to go out to dinner to celebrate. The last time you tried to do a spiral dance your oxygen feeds got tangled. Viagra is kept in the coven supplies. The maiden of the coven is a grandmother. The ritual room is outfitted with defibrillators. The coveners drive their RV's to Scottsdale for Mabon. When you are at a festival you go to bed at sunset. It takes the whole coven to move the cauldron. The high priest still has a vendetta going against Richard Nixon. You find yourself using your pendulum over the stock pages in the newspaper. You tell an initiate that in your day you had to slog through 5' of snow uphill both ways when you did a Yule ritual. You drop your teeth in the ritual cup. At Samhain you see more of your coveners in the Wild Hunt than you do in circle. You put your athame in the chalice
Is This What Life Is About??
Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Things are rather on the hectic side here. Today was my daughters 15th b-day. I'm still in shock over it!! My baby that about turned me inside out is 15!! This is the same baby that had to decide to be late in being born and had to be huge!! This is the same baby that made me realize that there would be no more children!! My world, and my life is 15 today!! It's just amazing to me. Well, my mom is in the hospital. She's been in ICU for a week now. They intubated her on Monday, and will only keep the tube down her throat for another week, before they have to perform a tracheostomy. They've been trying to wean her off the oxygen, but when they do things go wrong, and they have to cut it back up. This has happened before, and she was able to wean off, but we're just not sure about this time. I've been going back and forth to the hospital every other day for a visit. It's only a 45 minute drive, but the drive back is the hardest. So, I did some r
This Close....
I am this close *holds fingers just barely not touching* to telling Diane (my supervisor) that it's either her or me, in regards to Jennifer.
I Love You Mom!
My Sex Sign
Cancer You are shy and mysterious. Hotties are always trying to unlock your secrets, and figure out what makes you so cool. You have to have trust in your partner, so you’re not really into randomly hooking up. You really like the intimacy that comes with sex and you won’t take no for an answer when it comes to after sex cuddling. Sex matches: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces Take this quiz at
Cherry Glazed Chocolate Torte
Ingredients: * 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine, melted * 1 cup granulated sugar * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract * 2 eggs * 1/2 cup all-purpose flour * 1/3 cup HERSHEY'S Cocoa * 1/4 teaspoon baking powder * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened * 1 cup powdered sugar * 1 cup frozen whipped topping, thawed * 1 can (21 oz.) cherry pie filling, divided Directions: 1. Heat oven to 350°F. Grease bottom only of 9-inch springform pan. 2. Stir together butter, granulated sugar and vanilla in large bowl. Add eggs; using spoon, beat well. Stir together flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt; gradually add to egg mixture, beating until well blended. Spread batter into prepared pan. 3. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until cake is set. (Cake is fudgey and will not test done.) Remove from oven; cool completely in pan on wire rack. 4. Beat cream cheese and powdered sugar in medium bowl until well blended; grad
My Girlfriend Is A Whore
Hey guys, go into my stash and listen to the track by Xargnan. That's my ex-fiance, Ben, and a friend of mine from high school, Justin. They used to write the best songs! I actually helped with this one, so I am so proud. I really wish we had found some way to get it on the radio... it would have been a hit. They recorded it in Justin's room back in 2002 (I think). Leave a comment and tell me what you think!
The Pelican
The pelican is a very strange bird It's BEAK can hold MORE than it's BELLY can
50 Random Things
1. So, what did you do all day? I got up and walked to college, it was very cold! Then listened to a presenataion about Tim Burton then watched "Ed Wood" which was quite good. Then I saw Glen in town and helped her with her shopping and buying a new mobile phone. Came home had dinner and here i am now. 2. What is the most expensive thing you've bought recently? My plane tickets to Chicago WOOT!! 3. Last concert (or show) you attended: AFI October 10th 4. Coolest thing you've gotten in the mail lately: V For Vendetta Mask 5. Describe your favorite artical of clothing: Black Avenged Sevenfold shirt that says "Love It Or Die" on it with stars and stripes behind the Deathbat. 6. Last video game played: Metal Gear Solid 7. How many CDs do you have by any ONE artist or group? I probably have the most for Good Charlotte! 4 albums and many singles!!! 8. What's for dinner?: Chinese takeaway 9. Do you have any collections?: Music, Movies 10. What was the l
Fiesta Fantasy Cake
Ingredients: * 2 cups sifted cake flour or 1-3/4 cups sifted all-purpose flour * 1/2 cup HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Cocoa or HERSHEY'S Cocoa * 2 teaspoons baking soda * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 2 cups packed light brown sugar * 2/3 cup butter, softened * 3 eggs * 1 tablespoon coffee liqueur or strong coffee * 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract * 1 container (8 oz.) dairy sour cream * 3/4 cup boiling water * CHOCOLATE MOUSSE (recipe follows) * CHOCOLATE FROSTING (recipe follows) Directions: 1. Heat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour two 9-inch round cake pans. Combine flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt. Set aside. 2. Beat brown sugar and butter in large bowl on low to medium speed of mixer until combined. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in coffee liqueur or coffee and vanilla. Add flour mixture and sour cream alternately to sugar mixture, beating after each addition just until combined. Stir in boil
Happy Thanksgiving♥
I know i didnt post yesterday. Im sorry i was really tired when i got home from work. And what little sleep i do get i wasnt fucking with. ♥ So alot of shit has been going on here lately and to be honest i dont care anymore. Theres very little i care about. I care about my friends and the people i love that is it ♥ Have a happy thanksgiving guys. Seriously. Be safe. And careful. I dont have work today. I do tommorrow though which im not to thrilled about. I might go to the parade with gabby afterwards if she wants to go. If not ill probably just meet tanya there or something. Who knows. :) ♥ ♥ ♥ Ive got alot on my mind right now and i wish i knew how to clear it. And just say what im feeling but i cant. I wish people would stop hurting me. And i dont mean just one person. But everyone, from my parents, to my brothers, to my friends and "others" i just wish it would all stop. I cant take anymore of the heartache or anything. Im trying my ha
"you Want A Miracle? Be The Miracle!"
This is a quote from the movie, BRUCE ALMIGHTY; however, it should be a mode of a way of life for everyone. As an advocate, I find myself leading a positive approach and doing a peer-to-peer form of counseling others to lead positives paths of lives. Even people who are the most positive in their lives even have their moments where they don't feel their best and get themselves down a bit. I was glad to see this movie tonight in between calls as work though; it was certainly good in reminding myself to keep focused and help to create miracles for others, as well as my ownself. You see... for the past two years I have been in a rehabilitative state from an accident. Recently I went on a trip to get away, relax, and meet some wonderful people who will quite probably be involved in my life for a very long time (time will only tell). On the way back, though, I had a synchronicity moment with a woman that performed in the Broadway production called BLAST, as well as performs in s
On A Happier Note!!!!
My feet hurt. My throat hurts. My eyes hurt. Im tired as fuck. It was the longest day in history. Not only did i have to work at the hospital but i had to work at my retail job. OMFG black friday. I HATE IT. I will NEVER EVER work on this day again. Ever. I refuse. And then so many people where in the emergency room i just wanted to cry. Im suppose to take gabby to the parade tonight but hahahaha. Thats just NOT happening i dont think. Im to tired. And i hurt. Everywhere. I want to lay in my bed. And just Lay there. Uh huh. Nothing else matters but my resting. Haha. So my hands are shakey. I need to do more christmas shopping. I need to get a drink haha. Ill stop bitching now. I really gotta do laundry. None of my clothes are clean. Ive got work on sunday. Tired of listening to me yet? Oh and today made me realize imh imh imh omfg imh. ♥ It was cute though. Im not even getting into it. I HATE ignorant people. More than i hate assholes. I have never met so many rude peop
everytime these shadows move i wonder why do these solids let them and are we happy now this anticipation is gouging out my eyes oh god why have you lost your mind? your sadistic games are becoming wars and the guns have stopped working waiting for you is torture cut me open now and let me just become a shadow without a solid disconnection: the final freedom. it comes like an echoing drum.
Turn Around
Him You built it up, And made it beat. You filled my heart And soul with heat. You made me happy I thought you cared. I''m still holding The love that we shared. I stay awake, And cry every night, Hoping one day You will hold me tight.
Be Gentle
Be gentle: What you're holding is my heart. Remember in your honesty my pride. If you don't want to see me, please don't hide The truth, yet tell it with some art. Though you may not have asked for me to call, A single leap of hope must be allowed. Not easily are shy songs sung out loud. Yet now I wait alone outside your wall.
A River Runs Through It
When I was working for the survey, I was gone to the field for weeks at a time. That plus a steady girl friend meant that I was away more than I was home. Well, time changes all things, and at some point I found myself actually living in the house where I paid rent every month. A broken heart will do that to you. Anyway, it had been raining constantly, so we were home for the duration. It was then that I really began to notice a few of my room mates bad habits. For one, he like to leave the garage door open. I didn't mind this, except that I kept a lot of my stuff in the garage and from time to time a possum took up residence among the boxes. Now, I don't know if you know much about possums, but they are mean. The first time it happened I tried to prod one out with a broom stick. I don't know what I expected, but when the thing leaped at me with claws and teeth extended. I was the one who ran out of the garage. At that point I had decided he could keep my stereo and favorite chair.
Review- Resturant-canny's Camp For Fish
this is a great little place in nashville across from the opryland hotel. great food, and if you get past all the animals hanging on the walls, you'll see the service is great. by the way, if you get the sea food pot pie, it has a bit of a kick to it! lol
Hot Christmas Want It To Be Ure Wish
I'm on the hunt. Our company, a large software manufacturer, is having the company Christmas party catered in the penthouse of the largest hotel downtown. Being a programmer, I don't get much contact with the lovely young women who flock to the sales and marketing sections of the company. I'm looking for one in particular - Trudy Glass, the marketing specialist attached to my product line. Trudy is slim and petite, with long red hair that flies like a flag behind her as she strides - no, that's not it. Trudy canters. She wears these 3" and 4" black spaghetti strap FuckMe heels, which on her long slim legs reminds me of the way a young filly canters. Trudy is convinced she doesn't have enough tits (she tells me she is a 34B+, just like her grades in school), so she is always using push-up bras and miracle bras and anything else, even half cup under wire bras, to make you look at her tits. She is, at least to me, the most sexual of our thousand+ employees. I find her, at the dri
Twas The Night Before Christmas....2006
THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Clement Clarke Moore Tweaked by TILTED 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, they were all drunk and soused; The stockings were hung by that ho over there, In hopes that St. Nicholas would soon find HIS pair The kids were asleep, Nyquil gone to their heads, While visions of excess kept them in their beds; And mamma in her teddy, climbed in my lap, We had just settled down for a long winter's *cough* nap, When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew flashing my ass, Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below, When, what to my traumatized eyes should appear, But Santa bent over, exposing his rear, That jolly old boozehound, so nauseous and sick, I knew by the stagger it must be
† ~hatfullastaz~†
a beauty such a sincere lady a face that will mesmerize any man such a wonderful friend who is there to the end a woman of sweet desire a lady all in all
Freezing from the cold Yet you still don't fold. Your still so bold. Hidden under all your pride Is where you keep it all inside. I see the candle flicker in your eyes, I see through your disquise. Having seen you today, Makes me want to curse you away! Unperfect by nature, but that's because you made her! Do you have another trick up your sleeve? Yes, I forgot, you have no answer, You just turn and leave!
How To Install Home Security
1. Go to a second-hand store and buy a pair of men's used size 14 -16 work boots. 2. Place them on your front porch, along with several empty beer cans, a copy of Guns & Ammo magazine and several NRA magazines. 3. Put a few giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazine. 4. Leave a note on your door that reads: Hey Bubba, Big Jim, Duke, Slim and I went to the gun shop for more ammunition. Back in an hour. Don't mess with the pit bulls — they attacked the mailman this morning and messed him up real bad. I don't think Killer took part in it but it was hard to tell from all the blood. PS - I locked all four of 'em in the house. Better wait outside 'till we get back.
Book Of Desire
sun set fade to red the night has come again a star filled sky catches my eye as my mind opens within im filled with many visions of great and wonderous things truths be told as the story unfolds as the bells begin to ring close to me you sit and wait two hearts around the fire our souls hang close and anticipate reading from the book of desire sweet control giving in to lust our bodies become one letting you in with complete trust our misery finally gone
What Is Your Hawaiian Name
Your Hawaiian Name is: Kiele Kalea What's your Hawaiian Name?
I’m Not Much For Words Today.
TheUnLoved Has Returned. I’m not much for words today. Just wanted you to know….. I was thinking of you.
Sick Again
I am once again sick so plz be kind and leave me some love
Eminem - Stan
Eminem - Stan Chorus: Dido My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I. got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window. And I can't see at all And even if I could it'd all be gray, but your picture on my wall It reminds me, that it's not so bad, it's not so bad. 1st Chorus: volume gradually grows over raindrop background 2nd Chorus: full volume with beat right after "thunder" noise [Eminem as 'Stan'] Dear Slim, I wrote but you still ain't callin I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em There probably was a problem at the post office or something Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em but anyways; fuck it, what's been up? Man how's your daughter? My girlfriend's pregnant too; I'm bout to be a father if I have a daughter, guess what I’m call her? I’m name her Bonnie I read about your Uncle Ronnie too I'm sorry I had a friend kill himself over some bitch who d
Eminem - Still Don't Give A Fuck
Eminem - Still Don't Give A Fuck [Eminem] A lot of people ask me. Am I afraid of death? Hell yeah I'm afraid of death I don't want to die yet A lot of people think. That I worship the devil. That I do all types of. Retarded shit Look, I can't change the way I think and I can't change the way I am But if I offended you? Good Cause I still don't give a fuck I'm zonin off of one joint, stoppin a limo Hopped in the window, shoppin a demo at gunpoint A lyricist without a clue, what year is this? Fuck a needle, here's a sword, body pierce with this Livin amuck, never givin a fuck Gimme the keys I'm drunk, and I've never driven a truck But I smoke dope in a cab I'll stab you with the sharpest knife I can grab Come back the next week and re-open your scab (YEAH!) A killer instinct runs in the blood Emptyin full clips and buryin guns in the mud I've calmed down now -- I was heavy once into drugs I could walk around straight for two months with a buzz My brain's gon
“please Don't Hate Me”
“Please Don't Hate Me” I gotta tell him... I gotta be a man and handle my business... I know he's gonna hate me... Ahhh I gotta call him What up dogg? What you been up to? Oh yeah well that's cool, check it out Me and you we been down for while, right? We been here and there we been pretty tight Something happened last night that you might get upset about But hear me out I didn't mean nothing by it; I’m a make this quick I gave your mama this dick I don't know how it happened I just know my nuts and her itch were slapping I was over there mowing the grass And I could feel her eyes all up on my ass And then, I went inside to make a phone call And there she was with her titty hanging out her bra One thing just led to another Next thing you know, I'm butt-fucking your mother Please don't hate me, but I been fucking your mommy lately Please don't hate me, I never said I loved the ho. Please don't hate me, but I been fucking your mommy lately Please don't ha
Today 27 November 2006
Today was an uneventful day at work. I was lead officer instead of being on my unit, but thats OK. UGH, I get to do another month of Midnights in December. I HATE midnights. But they want experienced Officers for midnights the next 2 months due to the newbies screwing up. Got SCREWED out of my promotio to Corpral though,they changed the perimeters from 2yrs to 3 yrs experience. I got 8 months before I qualify. Blah. On a better note, my daughter is being ornery. She dropped her bottle awhile ago looked down and says "Bull Shit". LOL what a stinker. And for some reason she is on this kick of calling me by my name instead of mommy. LOL But on a grumpy note. I'm gettin sick and tired of the jackass I'm married to making his stupid little smart remarks all the time about my weight, my personality, everything I do is wrong. Something has to give. OK enough complaining for today.
Happy Late Thanksgiving Joke
THANKSGIVING DIVORCE A man in Phoenix calls his son in New York the day before Thanksgiving and says, "I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is enough." "Pop, what are you talking about?" the son screams. "We can't stand the sight of each other any longer" the father says. "We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Chicago and tell her." Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. "Like heck they're getting divorced", she shouts. "I'll take care of this." She calls Phoenix immediately, and screams at her father, "You are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do a thing, DO YOU HEAR ME?" and hangs up. The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. "Okay," he says, "they're coming for Thanksgiving
Need Help
so me and benny are travelling through the states these states are a def yes california,arizona,new mexico,nevada,utah,wyoming,colorado and most of mid and southwest,new york,also canada and mexico we plan to fly out to the niagra falls ad buy a car there and then just drive through to the west coast i will need information on travelling by car, campings,ghost towns,native american culture and ancient burial grounds;national parks and all sorts of cool stuff to see,metalbars,rockbars,countrybars...... if anyone knows of any websites where i can get free brochures, please let me know if you think your state is interesting enough for us to visit, let us know and tell us why we should come love nat

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