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What You Have Given Me
I fell in love with you b/c you were kind, loving, and gentle. You are there for me when no one else is, you never judge me, you give me the strength to get through each day, you always know just what to say and how to say it. You are there for me no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how much you are hurting. You always have time for me. You have made me feel things i haven't felt in a very long time. You make me want things i didn't ever think i would want again and most of all you have given me something i thought i would never have or want again from a man and that is your love. Everytime you look at me the way you do, so tender and loving, my heart melts a little more, when you say " my baby " you get another pecie of my heart. Everytime i hear the words " i love you baby " i love more every day. I want to give you all the things you want, I want to make you the happiest man in the world, i want to be there for you, take care of you, baby i want to love you more tha
Mixed Martial Arts.
Am I To Old? I am featured  in the Daily News of New York City. I am a fighter. I am pictured pounding out morales and also getting knocked out by Adam Nadler at a later date. Do I plan to lay down and give up ? Hell Know. Yes I am 48 years old. Take care I will see you all at the next fight for Underground Combat League. Four Fighter. Kevin Wall.    
BILL HICKS . Chicks Dig Jerks Oh man... Oh, Hitler had Eva Braun Manson had Squeakie From Ted Bundy got lots of dates I wonder what I'm doing wrong   I don't pretend to understand Women's little quirks Just one thing I know for sure Chicks dig jerks   Well, if I meet one more single mom Whose true-love has up and gone Tells me on a trailor porch About that man that still carries her torch Sure he came home drunk each night Beat the kids and her in a fight But man she loves him so, It's so hard to let him go   Well, I don't pretend to understand Women's little quirks Just one thing I know for sure Chicks dig jerks   Well, I'm sure there's some out there Who can relate Take the young man without a date See some jerk, some fine-fine babe, Go driving away   Well, is that a new bruise You got on you What does it say? That he loves you? Sure he beats you But afterwards he cries 'Oh baby, I could die' Honey, I don't think that's anything to be proud of
Aurora's Fall
Aurora breathed deeply, focusing her mind on the task at hand.  Eyes closed, she sat cross-legged on the mat in the dimly lit room.  She cast her mind into the emptiness, searching for the presence she had felt only once before… Little did she know that someone was watching. Black eyes glinted in the dim light.  She’s so close, so close to me….  I can almost touch her again… her long golden hair, her soft white skin… her pure soul of light… He had never felt this way about a mortal before.  He knew it was not allowed, but what did he care?  He was Belial, Prince of the Sons of Darkness, Lord of Trickery, the Angel of Lawlessness… to me, nothing should be forbidden, the creature reasoned.  Especially something so beautiful, so pure.  I deserve to experience something unsullied, he told himself.  Light has been denied me for much too long. Aurora sank deeply within her own spirit, using her power to draw the worlds of the seen and unseen
Who And I
I has a friendHer name is WhoWhat and Why didnt know HowBut How knew Who which she knew IWhat asked why "who is who?"The asked Me "Where is I?"Me said "I is with who."Nobody knew where or why.
All We'd Ever Need
Boy it's been all this timeAnd I can't get you off my mindAnd nobody knows it but meI stare at your photographStill sleep in the shirt you leftAnd nobody knows it but meEveryday I wipe my tears awaySo many nights I've prayed for you to say[Chorus]I should've been chasing youI should've been trying to proveThat you were all that mattered to meI should've said all the things that I kept inside of meAnd maybe I could've made you believeThat what we had was all we'd ever needMy friends think I'm moving onBut the truth is I'm not that strongAnd nobody knows it but meAnd I've kept all the words you saidIn a box underneath my bedAnd nobody knows it but meBut if you're happy I'll get through somehowBut the truth is that I've been screaming out[Repeat Chorus]I should've been chasing youYou should've been trying to proveThat you were all that mattered to meOh you should've said all the thingsThat I kept inside of meAnd maybe you could've made me believeThat what we had girlOh that what we had, w
Lmfao..weight Loss At What Cost?
So my BF of 23 years called me and we were talkin about weight loss ...she said she had tried that "Alli" stuff..and that it really worked but it causes anal of course now everytime I se Wynona Judd (one of the spokes women for ti) I just think yeah but her ass leaks. So I was wonderin if it is just my friend that had this happen or if it really is that common of a side DOES list that as a possibility  on the label...but I am thinking wow..nothin worse than a fat chick with a grease stain on her pants..
Star Wars 3 Parody
Soul Secret
Soul Secret................................I want to be the inspiration that wells up inside you;the sweet-scented tulips that blossom for you in spring.I want to be the joy that fills your heart with simple things I do,the reason for that smile that only true love can bring. I want to be why you shiver when you hear that special song;be the sunshine that fills your world with warmth and light.The reason for those days when you think nothing could go wrong,the reason you'll give thanks when you close your eyes tonight.I want to be a part of everything your heart desires;be the reason you stand again if you should fall.To fill your life with love and lust, and all that fuels your passions fire;and to consider you, my love,my greatest blessing of them all.I want to be your soul secret, your lover, and your friend,to fade into forever with you, together hand in hand."
Ways Of My Life
Every time something good happens in my life, another parts fucks up. I wish I knew what my purpose in life was. I'm tired of the pain....tired of the hurt and tired of the ANGER and RAGE......If I missed my purpose in life, then why am i still here? I ask that everyday. As I watch the storms outside my window, I also think of the storms in my life. Seems like they hardly ever go completely away. I never get to see the "silver lining" everybody else speaks of. Sure I'm happy for a while but then the bad shit of my past sneaks up on me and pulls me back into that abyss I can never seem to get out of or get rid of. I battle my demons every day and am getting weaker everyday in fighting them. One day I will not have the strength to battle the fight anymore.
Done With It All
[man Strikes Bus]
Do what you love long enough, and it can become what you hate. Struggle long enough to get started, and you'll never get far enough to quit. I lost it today.I mean, I completely fell apart. A screaming, midconversation wigout. And while I was pondering this, and hoping with all hope to spiral into a fresh new depression, Tree called. That girl is awesome.  
gravid \GRAV-id\, adjective:Being with child; heavy with young or eggs; pregnant.
first time to join the in the US,study in the US However,come from China
You are the Tiger personality/spirit. Wow. Tigers are extremely adaptable and strong personalities. They don't just cause sensations: they make waves. When people see a tiger, they pay attention: that applies to both the animal and you. Tiger spirits are normally naturally born leaders, people that everyone looks to with no particular reason why, just because they are that type of person. You can make ties with people but for the most part, like the tiger, you like your alone time, where you can think and plan. You are very smart and very capable and most people generally don't mess with you, though everyone wants ot BE you. You are fierce when protecting the people close to you which makes you an awesome friend, but sometimes a slightly intimidating/controlling and jealous lover. Stay away from Eagles and other Tigers. Your best matches tend to be Horses or Foxes.
"i Missed You..."
He walked through the door, to find her standing in nothing but a long black lace nightie, candles glowing behind her. Her long brown hair still a bit damp, flowing so beautifully. He smelt something Italian simmering, but his eyes weren’t looking at anything but her. She walks up to him, closing the door with their bodies pressing against it hard. Her breasts, so divinely hugged into her negligee’, leaning down he sucked each nipple through the lacey fabric. She pulled his hair a bit, as he nuzzled her close, cupping her breasts he leaned up to kiss her intoxicating lips deeply. Their tongues swirling inside each others mouths‘, so hungry for each other. “I missed you, sweetheart.. “ She whimpered softly, kissing him tenderly. God, he needed her so, just to feel her body against his, her sweet smell lingering just right as he kissed her back. Her hands ruffled through his hair, her body fit perfectly in to his. His hands roamed all over her back, feeling
You Are Sooo Cute!
Do You Really Know
God has abandoned you, the shepherd slaughtered the sheepDon't ask, don't tell, don't listen, don't leakInformation of what's really going on over thereFollow blindly, let the two faces lead you thereBelieve everything that the tv feeds to youPrimetime lies cover up everything trueEveryone of their lies turns to ash exposing truthHow can there be a God above in life, I want proofWhen everyting is corrupt and judgementalFrom schools to churches, the police and hospitalsThey dumb us down to retards and they work us like slavesTo line the Christian pockets as we sit broke in our gravesMan made God to rule over the remindedThey say the USA is under God but you're just blindedEvery bridge of government and every major corporationAt the end of the day, they give their praise to SatanWho you working for, do you really knowWhy don't you ask the President he's up on idiot rowGod or the Devil, who's really in controlScreamin' Hail To The Chief until they toss you in the holeWho you working for,
I have always been against war. It should be done as a last resort. Not the two dumb wars we are in now and previous. Marvin Gaye said in a song "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER ONLY LOVE CAN CONQUER HATE" Also Edwin Starr said in a song "WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR! NOTHING!!!!!
Scientist At Mount Etna
Solo Ascent
A Little Truth
So I'm genuinely sorry that people died and stuff but holy fuck if I hear Thriller one more goddamn time I'm going to go on a murderous rampage. Also, I'm so proud that Leia approves of me... · ╚»Princess.Leia... became your fan! · ╚»Princess.Leia... rated you a '10'! Along with a can of fuweiser was this message: "I stopped by to re-rate your profile and fanned you in the past. If you could take a sec, and rate my profile and fan me, great! Have a great week! Click the pic below to access my pics. 'Princess Leia luvs bling -Laurie" She's lucky I just don't have the energy to be a cunt tonight.
Kuala Lumpur At Night
The use of stinging plants to stimulate the skin.
Lighthouse By Rod Mckuen
LIGHTHOUSE Because imagination sticks get caught settles in as we grow older finally there is only one long, silent hour even if it lasts a day. Have we been living all our years for this? It may be so. It well may be the size of life is measured by the hours, years and days it takes for each of us to turn within the circle of the slowest dance. Where then and why how does the eagle or the falcon fly ? And if the rabbit runs does he run forward                    or run back? The eagle and the falcon too are foragers,                but self-propelled. Lucky rabbit always running to its lair and always, always                    finding something there. I think perhaps that we are running, yes. Always away and not toward. I think that we are looking not quiet for the end but for a slow dance done upon the killing ground. The damage we inflict in love or hate or any other name it’s given is usually beyond repair. What then can we give
penury\PEN-yuh-ree\ , noun:1.Extreme poverty; destitution.2.Absence of resources; insufficiency.
Linkin Park-"points Of Authority"live In Hd
rampart\ram-pahrt\ , noun:1.A fortification consisting of an embankment, often with a parapet built on top.2.A means of protection or defense; a bulwark.verb: 1.To defend with a rampart.
New Group
Ohio Chainsaw Art Add a group message come give ideas, ask ?'s or comment Add a group message Ohio Chainsaw Art Add a group message come give ideas, ask ?'s or comment Add a group message
Suitor Approval
A good friend of mine warned me that, as my three daughters became old enough to date, I'd disapprove of every young man who took them out. But when the time came, I was pleased that my friend's prediction was wrong. Each boy was pleasant and well mannered. Talking to my daughter Joanna one day, I said that I liked all the young men she and her sisters brought home. "You know, Dad," she replied, "we don't show you everybody."  
About Me And May Be Too Much For Some Have Fun!!!!
so its about me im 25 been married twice if that scares you i dont care its not my falt  that men are assholes to me and i only find the roughten ones lol  im trying to do the best i can i stayed with one for 8 years getting mah ass beat . and the other 6 years with him acting like a woman and saying he had a headake when it came to sex so i dont think i look bad so idk what his problem was but enough bout that i like to hunt hike play ball shoot pool and just hang out like real folks i hate fakers players and hters of all kinds so if you are any of the above dont even try it  but as for the rest lets just have lots of fun ????????
 Ed McMahon died this week. He was a great entertainer, butprior to his stage accomplishments he was a distinguished Marine Corpsfighter pilot in WWII earning six Air Medals and attaining the rank of Colonel.He was discharged in 1946 and was later promoted to the rank ofBrigadier General in the CA Air National Guard.    Farrah Fawcett died this week after a long career in Hollywoodas an actress.  After she was diagnosed with cancer, she became anactivist for cancer treatment and devoted her last remaining yearsencouraging people to seek treatment.  She documented her plight on film and used itto encourage others to stay positive and upbeat despite their diagnosis andsuffering.     Michael Jackson died this week.  He was perhaps one of thegreatest singers of modern time.  He will also be remembered for his eccentriclifestyle that included sleeping with a chimpanzee, living in a carnival-likeatmosphere at Neverland, his fascination with Peter Pan,
Sweet Julie's Ecstasy
Touch Me   Touch me Make me feel your warmth Wrap your legs around me Dig your heels in, pull me close Let me feel your moistness Taste your essence Hear you murmur soft cooing As I enter your spirituality Your womnahood Touch me Make me yours Let me feel your ecstasy Until I am spent
If you were to lay every vein, artery and capillary in a humans body end to end, that person would probably die..
First Blog...
And I have nothing for you. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because I'm tired and kinda sore. Perhaps my blood sugar. Perhaps I'm still a bit outta my tits over the shooting that JUST took place in my parking lot45 minutes ago. But then again, perhaps I'm not as creative as I'd like to pretend I am. Regardless, I should put some things in here. So I decided to just give you some silly news stories, along with my take on them. Wait...don't go yet! I haven't started! *sigh* Fine...okay. so how many are left? Show of hands? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? WHY I LOVE MEXICO Seriously...where else can you read about fake fighters getting done in by fake hookers? Bonus points for the faux fighters being midgets. God bless you, Mexico. Hungry Hungry Hookers You want more proof that people have little standards? There ya go. Or maybe the chips help the jizz go down easier. Anyone have any thoughts? Owwww! All I can say is that THIS dude is more hardcore than Terry Funk, Mick Foley, and Sabu c
Mothers Killing Babes
I saw a news story today about a woman who smothered her baby with a blanket.  Why?  What in the hell was she thinking?  She was frustrated.  That's it.  She was frustrated!  What kind of lame ass excuse is that?!?  The same thing happened several years ago in Houston, Texas.  A mother drowned her three children in the bath tub.  Just before she killed them she telephoned her husband.  She was frustrated too.  Parenting is hard.  Everybody knows that.  Those that don't have serious issues.  But what do I know...  I'm just a guy.  I can't know what it's like being pregnant or raising a child.  Men don't change diapers, warm bottles, or play Peek-A-Boo.  I got a surprise for ya...  I was a live in nanny for 4 years.  I was with the family through the pregnancy and beyond.  Their first child passed away due to SIDS.  I stayed on for their second child.  They were my friends.  I was also a children's entertainer for 15 years.  So I know a little about children.Kids are tough to figure out.
In da house, yeah, what you got,fireman and hoes, bling and gold,walking the streets, sexy femalesto meet, no surrend no retreat,this is Beeb.Will pimp your ride, give it bodyworkand style, my touch your drive, walking the laps, taking no crap, meand my homees, you will get it straight back.Drugs and smack, whats up withdat, having none of that, cansmell a rat.With me and my boys, there is onlyone choice, listen to the voice, feelthe noise.
women today seem to be nothing but whores and liars...must be a full moon coming   /end rant
Built For Sin
There's a train leaving town if u hurry up i think u just might make it Damn it i hope u make it Conscience is a faint, unpleasent sound, You've worried enough, here's your chance now take it Damn it A heart attack is sleeping in your chest, waiting until the timing's best So make a move, while you're still breathing Say so long to innocence From underneath the evidence You taste like Heave, but God knows you're built for sin There's a lie, for every truth, If you take these pills, I think you just might make it Dammit I hope you make it When you were mine, was I for you, Just one cheap thrill just to help you make it Dammit I hope you didn't fake it Hypocrisy has really aged you well The white on your nose is your secret to tell So you should speak, while they're still listening Say so long to innocence From underneath the evidence You taste like Heaven, but God knows your built for sin You can scream out loud But your panic falls on deaf ears This is where you've brought yoursel
Chapter 6: Heart’s Desire (pg-13)
Harry and Fawkes apparated into an unused second-floor classroom.  Sitting there, as it had in his first year, was the Mirror of Erised. No Sorcerer's Stone, no Quirrell, and no Voldemort this time, he thought.  But I have to know for sure.  What will I see this time? He approached the mirror.  Fawkes landed on the floor behind him and opened a magical link.  Harry, absorbed in the mirror, didn't notice. At age eleven he saw his parents in the mirror, but when he showed the mirror to Ron, Ron saw himself winning the Quidditch Cup and as Head Boy.  Ron did the former last year while Harry was under his "lifetime" ban from the sport by Umbridge, but the latter appeared to be out of reach now with the school closed. I probably will have that lifetime ban lifted this year, since that bitch isn't here anymore.  Besides, she never specified what lifetime the ban was for-mine, or hers when she actually gets one!  Harry smirked.  He looked in the mirror, Dumbledore's words from minutes bef
Hells Gate
Heaven open a gate for me It let me walk through to see That I have the potential to be Something greater then even I dreamed I was floating on clouds Soreing on the winds Of an angle song When all of a sudden Hell opened up and said Your not done You still Have a torture of a journy to travel We cant let you go till your done So now my wings of joyous song is over Till the death of this Hell is gone. I travel this world alone With only my heart in sorrow Trying to make it on my own With two kids to carry and care for What a hell of a road to go After my journy is done After the pain has gone I will still stand tall and strong Knowing I have taken myself To the top of the clouds on my own.   written by AimeeBuchanan
When I Rap
When I rap, I make trees collapseShake the street like a tank perhapsWhen I sing, I clear cloudy skiesReveal the truth among a million liesWhen I spit, I make ugly hotSlot machines stop and hit jackpotWhen I rhyme, I like the darkHungry passion from the heartWhen I rap, the freekshow appearsDo in three seconds what takes two yearsWhen I sing, you can feel the windWe in three d and time can bendWhen I spit, it's like power onTotal staleness becomes the BOMB!When I rhyme, the sun shines overAnd the moon appears that much closerWhen I rap, I defy impossibleLeap right over it like every obstacleWhen I sing, volcanoes erruptI turn twenty cents into fifty bucksWhen I spit, we reach high elevationYour head recieves mass educationWhen I rhyme, everybody can flyGoals get reached on they very first tryWhen I rap, the carnivals in townFour leaf clovers all over the groundWhen I sing, the hat can singToys come alive and it ain't pretendWhen I spit, I spin the planet fasterWe skip tragedies and dod
Dead Tone
Hey guys you should definitely keep an eye out for this movie! Its a recut of 7eventy 5ive... Definitely worth watching!!!    
King Of Pop
Michael Jackson was unquestionably the biggest pop star of the '80s, and certainly one of the most popular recording artists of all time. In his prime, Jackson was an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed of all the tools to dominate the charts seemingly at will: an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility, and loads of sheer star power. His 1982 blockbuster Thriller became the biggest-selling album of all time (probably his best-known accomplishment), and he was the first black artist to find stardom on MTV, breaking down innumerable boundaries both for his race and for music video as an art form. Yet as Jackson's career began, very gradually, to descend from the dizzying heights of his peak years, most of the media's attention focused on his increasingly bizarre eccentricities; he was often depicted as an arrested man-child, completely sheltered from adult reality by a life spent in show business. The snickering turned to scandal in 1993, when J
Uh Huh. Just As I Suspected!
When Burr Oak Cemetery went up for sale in 2001, the Illinois comptroller's office found money missing from trust funds at both the Alsip cemetery and at a Calumet Park cemetery owned by a company seeking to buy Burr Oak, a state official confirmed Saturday. The comptroller, which does some regulation of cemeteries, was alerted to the alleged irregularities in a maintenance trust fund at Cedar Park Cemetery, which was operated by Perpetua Holdings of Illinois Inc., office spokesman Alan Henry confirmed Saturday. Perpetua was seeking to buy Burr Oak at the time. James E. Becker, a former Perpetua employee, had sent a letter asking the comptroller to investigate his claims before clearing the sale of Burr Oak to Perpetua. The comptroller's office scrutinized the trust fund practices at Cedar Park and Burr Oak cemeteries, Henry said. In addition to uncovering "minor'' violations at Cedar Park, Henry said, an audit revealed that the former owners of Burr Oak had made $400,000 in illega
Asking For What You Want
Cocreating with the UniverseMost people don’t always fully realize that we all have within us the ability to cocreate our lives with the universe. So many of us are taught to accept what we are given and not even to dream of anything more. But our hopes and dreams are the universe whispering to us, planting an idea of what’s possible while directing us toward the best use of our gifts. The universe truly wants to give us our hearts’ desires, but we need to be clear about what they are and ask for them.To ask for something does not mean to beg or plead from a place of lack or unworthiness. It’s like placing an order—we don’t need to beg the salesperson for what we want or prove to them that we deserve to have it. It is their job to give us what we ask for; we only have to tell them what we want. Once we have a clear vision of what we desire, we simply step into the silent realm where all possibilities exist and let our desires be known. Whatever metho
The Storm Tonight 07/20/09
What Is Love
What Is Love?.............................Love is free, love is kindlove is yours, love is mineLove is here, love is there love is simply everywhereLove is ours, love is yourslove is stiches, love is scarsWhat is love we might say, Can love lead us far astray? Can love take us there or here, Can love bring us anymore near? I love you and you love me, why can't we just agree? Our love is for everyone to seeI love you and you love me.Life goes on and we must leave, and remember and always believe me
Removed For Lack Of Bling.... Lol
Well, a new low for Fubar.... I became friends with ♱§ШεεŦѼĈħε®®Y♱Pìε-MemberofCandyShop- Page can be found here... Started talking the normal how are you's ect. further into the convo she found out I do not put money on fubar, thus could not buy her bling... She then removed me from Friends lol Here is the Convo... remember read bottom to top.....   (UPDATE She has now Blocked me)     >♱§ШεεŦѼĈħε...: Wow.... ♱§ШεεŦѼĈħε...: ok thanks bye ->♱§ШεεŦѼĈħε...: I am sorry, I do not put money on here, much rather spend it on my Nieces and Nephew or other more important things ->♱§ШεεŦѼĈħε...: Why are you wasting my time? ♱§Шεε&
Brand New Day
  A BRAND NEW DAY Rest your head and close your eyesEverything will be okayFor when you wake with the sweet sunriseIt will be a brand new dayTurn down the lights and pull me closeFeel only the beating of our hearts as we layFor when you wake with the soft morning breezeIt will be a brand new dayRelax your body and caress my soft hairLet all of life's worries melt awayFor when you wake with the warm summer scentIt will be a brand new dayFall fast asleep and dream with meWhisper "I love you, I'm here to stay"For when we wake in each other's armsIt will be a brand new day
Iowa To Re-schedule Marijuana?
  Iowa State Capital (Iowa State Website) Iowa’s Board of Pharmacy Examiners is holding a series of meetings over the next few weeks to let the citizens of Iowa decide if marijuana is really a Schedule I drug. The results will then be presented to legislature in an official request to change the classification. Read the proposal here (pdf).Currently, marijuana is a schedule I drug according to the Uniform Controlled Substances Act. This means it has, “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.”Does it mean that if the drug does become a medical treatment, this alone would negate that drug from being a Schedule I substance? I mean technically it does say to have no currently accepted medical use, but it doesn’t say by who. Shouldn’t the fact mean something that thousands of doctors, who are the ones that use something medically, have been taking advantage of marijuana’s ability to treat medical conditions?I guess I am just
Ok whats the name of the NIN song, ugh, I want to f&ck you like an animal?
Certain Someone
I know this will probably get deleted, but I feel like warning people about a certain someone on here that alot of people started up friendships with. I dont want to start up drama, but I have to in order for no one to get hurt. That person was pretending pretty hard to be my friend for a very long time, trying to pry himself into my pants (which he now vehemntly denies, calling me ugly in process :) Upon being told that even if I was single, he wouldn't have had a chance for various reasons (main was that I didn't trust him from start), he got really butt hurt and went as far as to create a fake profile named RussianSlutt, posting all my private info in it, inculding pics. Ofcourse he denied doing so, even though the profile's IP address was traced to his computer.   He managed to uncuccessfulyl lie about his past, thinking for some reason that lying about being in prison and having a kid shot in a drive-by would score some sympathy points. It didn't, since I could smell BS a mile
The Summer Of Hate
(News)All those things that happened that August in Los Angeles are identified as the Manson killings.(Manson Speaking)Well I just thought you might not like what I have done and want to do something about it. I can do anything I want to you people at anytime I want to. Believe me, if I started murdering people there'd be none of you left.I fuckin' hate you, I've got your name on my shit listLike a mafia hit, it's a body found headlessI'll shake your fuckin' foundation, smash your fuckin' faceBreak you like a sledge hammer slammin' into a glass vaseYour weak bitch, you don't want none of StitchI've got a killer itch to leave your cranium splitAnd all your brains and shit, spilled out in your mommas ditchBecause all you do is talk, well you learned to talk the talkWell if you do survive you'll have to relearn how to walkOr have a portrait of yourself drawn in the street with chalkYou're dead, don't pray to your God it's too lateIn fact his carcass is spoiling in the heat of the summer o
Considering my past, ive dealt with alot of hurt..! ♥ I have been betrayed by the onez i love the most az well az my closest friendz..! ♥ When i was at my worst, they have been many timez that i was kicked down when i was already weak...! ♥ Ive learned not to completely trust anyone to the fullest extent...! ♥ I learned alot about myself and someone who i thought i could go to with any and everything...! ♥ You learn the hard way and itz alwayz you that endz up with the heartache...! ♥ I Never before believed that you could love someone unconditionally but now i know you truly can & no matter what happenz, you will love them regardless of the pain they have caused...! ♥ Ive realized to never trust someone with your heart...! ♥ Alwayz gaurd it & let them in slowly...! ♥ Dont give more than the equal amount...! ♥ But everyone in life getz hurt, heartbroken, scared, lonely, walked all over & taken advantage of...! &heart
Vanilla Or Dom/sub
You Scored as Submissive You are a natural submissive, and live to please your partner. While you have a will of your own, you enjoy challenging yourself if it gives someone you care about pleasure. While you are smart and decisive, you enjoy "letting someone else drive" at times. You are a rare and beautiful creature, and will be *extremely* cherished when under the care of the right Dominant. [ Submissive 70% (Wow...neck & neck with being a Dom almost) Dominant 65% Vanilla 38% Sycophant / Doormat 25% Abuser / Jackass 15% Vanilla or Dom/Sub
Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People To Drink? A new book explains how we're steering people away from cannabis and toward the use of a very harmful and deadly substance: alcohol.
Cartoons For Twisted People Lol
Cartoons for Twisted People
No Closure
A day after the four former employees were indicted on new charges, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced that authorities were concluding their investigation at Alsip's historic Burr Oak Cemetery and were turning the property over to the court-appointed receiver. In doing so, investigators conceded that they still don't know for certain the name of a single person whose remains were disinterred, meaning identifying the bones will almost certainly never happen. "Unfortunately, the closure that a lot of people expect and have grown to expect from television shows quite frankly, you're not going to get here," Dart said. There will be no DNA testing on the remains, according to Thomas Trautmann with the FBI. "Even if we could have obtained the DNA profile from a bone or bones or fragments thereof, then we would have the problem of, who do we compare them with?," he said. Officials have been on the property for nearly a month, after word broke that as many as 300 graves were dug up s
The Deep Silence
Interesting News Current affairs Pakistan News Muslims against Terrorism Allegations against Islam
Custom Dresses Become Popular In Those Years
With the fast development of the society, weddings in nowadays differs from the traditional ones in many aspects a very obvious change is that more and more custom wedding dresses appears. Every bride would like their custom gown wearing stand out their individual beauty. This totally caters the women taste. The custom wedding dresses website also sells some bridal series things, like invitation, shoes and so on. The custom prom dresses which ordered with other accessories you will obtain a discount. Certainly, every website can guarantee. Custom wedding dresses arrive in time, there is no worry.    Wedding dress is a high profit field. As this fact known by more and more people the custom wedding dresses have rose in modern society. When comes to its advantages, there has three points to say. One is its price very reasonable, photographic studio always a suit custom wedding gowns charged you a certain money, and if you would like to wear others you must pay for extra money for it. Add
Blood in my mouth - I bit my tongue Before I could speak For so long I've wanted To make you see Inside my mind, Into my soul, Set aflame. I am nothing. I am made of kindling So frail - I snap easily. I am hollow. I burn effortlessly. Blazing eyes of hot coal, Sparks fly from my words, Heat rises from my passion. I am nothing. I hover over the valley of madness, Teetering at the brink. I wish I could spread my wings and fly - But they are broken and worn. Psychosis is an everyday disaster - I am weak - I still fight. And so I will till the end of my days When I will lie in a pool of crimson Every drop drained from within. I am nothing. I am everything.
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September Rain
Cold September rain Falls with a ghostly appearance Covering up crying tree With Reflected Sadness Grey Skies of mourning angels Seeing your choice reflected in water Precipitation falling like icicles Piercing shouts of intense lies Consciousness broken like glass Truth clouds all judgment Pain defined by a single moment Vision Fades to white
Field Of Dreams...
Silent Voices travel Across this field of dreams Fading in and out Looking for the rarest truth Stuck wondering the truth Tears flow with bursting emotion Falling Coldly on the green beneath Slipping out of sight Yearning hands Stretch through the white mist A warm embrace Wishing to be held To make this mist disappear Pull the sun out from hiding Turning these dreams away from fantasy Feel the dirt under my bear feet Voices finally heard Seeing your image become clear To tell me to smile In this field of dreams
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Bert Rand
"People who think of government as the institution to entrust with enough power to right all the world's wrongs seem to never consider that they must thereby give it enough power to do wrong to all the world's rights.  In fact, they seem NEVER to consider what the founders always thought was obvious:  that the 'good guys' will NOT always be in charge!" -- Bert Rand
Will The New Era Of Warhammer Come
After 15 years of leading Mythic Entertainment, my time with the studio (and EA of course) I co-founded with Rob Denton has come to an end. Early in May, Electronic Arts let me know that they wanted to make some changes within the Games Label and as a result of those changes I have been out of the office (and out of touch with the team, game, etc.) since that day. So, please accept my apologies if you have tried to reach me over the last couple of months but please know I wasn’t ignoring you. Well, unless you were a gold seller making me an offer I couldn’t refuse in which case my email automatically deletes your message (would be nice if it could do that wouldn’t it?). To describe these past two months as difficult would be a great understatement as change is almost never easy. I have helped shepherd Mythic through good times and bad, through near bankruptcy and through our many successes. During my tenure there my duties have run the gamut from being CEO/GM to doing
bowdlerize\BODE-luh-rise; BOWD-\ , transitive verb:1.To remove or modify the parts (of a book, for example) considered offensive.2.To modify, as by shortening, simplifying, or distorting in style or content.
Your Age By Chocolate Math
Don't tell me your age; you'd probably lie anyway-but the Hershey Man will know!  YOUR AGE BY CHOCOLATE MATHThis is pretty neat.DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST!It takes less than a minute .Work this out as you read ..Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (more than once but less than 10)2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)3. Add 54. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator 5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1759 ..If you haven't, add 1758.6.. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.  You should have a three digit number The first digit of this was your original number(I.e., how many times you want to have chocolate each week).The next two numbers are   YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!) THIS IS THE ONLY YEAR (2009) IT WILL EVER WORK, SO SPREAD IT AROUND WHILE I
Fading And Dying Life
  Lone wolf syndrome   The words of a saddening burden that seem to Forever haunt me, “Am paralyzed by the fact that am all alone, terrified by the fact that I’ll die all alone“. one seems the only number I can do, for I have the syndrome of the lone wolf.       Jose Hermosillo
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Sonata Arctica- Shamandalie
In good old times, remember my friendMoon was so bright and so close to us, sometimesWe were still blind and deaf, what a bliss?Painting the world of our own, for our own eyes, now?Can we ever have what we had then?Friendship unbreakableLove means nothing to meWithout blinking an eyeI'd fade, if so needed,All those moments with youIf I had you beside meOne cloudy day we both lost the game?We drifted so far and awayNothing is quite as cruel as a childSometimes we break the unbreakable, sometimes?And we'll never have what we had thenFriendship unbrokenLove means nothing to meWithout blinking an eyeI'd fade, if so needed,All those moments with youIf I had you beside me nowI was unable to cope with what you saidSometimes we need to be cruel to be kindChild that I was, could not see the reasonFeelings I had were but sham and a lie?I have never forgotten your smileYour eyes, oh, ShamandalieTime went by, many memories diedI'm writing this down to ease my painYou saw us always clearer than meH
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~thursday August 20, 2009~
How can I? Everything around me is crumbling, everyone near me, I push away or hurt.  I'm a plague, that does nothing but eat away at anything I touch.  I feel like people are better off, as I just cause misery.  If you don't want to continue reading, I understand.  I'm not here to entertain, or ask for forgiveness.  I am here, because I have no where else to turn to. Even now, as I type this, it kills me to share my feelings, and know that it only digs the hole deeper as I'm obviously feeling sorry for myself.  And that, in itself, is proof that I'm a failure.  Hell, I understand why people don't want anything to do with me anymore, I don't want anything to do with myself.  I can sense it...even now, as you read this, you wonder why did you even bother with me in the first place?  That's why you're pulling away, and I don't blame you. I put these thoughts down, to release the pain, the misery, the anguish that I hold inside.  Every day, I wake up hoping, really hoping, that I c
Everybody Has Something...
I know it seems most everyone on Fubar has something they deal with.. and why not? After all..FUBAR IS (fucked up beyond all recongition) is it not? soft smiles. I have explained this to several friends and it has gotten to the point it is so drawn out, I will just put it here and you can read it ya wanna! lol. All I ask is your prayers...NO pity please..I am NOT a drama queen and I despise pity. Empathy is one thing.. to feel love and compassion for someone.. but Sympathy is only for those who have lost loved ones.. not for me!! So here is my lil story! In 2002, I was diagnosed with Ecosophillia (spelling is not quite right) Granuloma of my lungs. This was found when doing a biopsy and my lung collapsed. Now this is caused by asbestos, which I am sure I contracted through the old ass school I attended and then worked in for 17 years..but I couldn't afford to fight the BOE and their I just do what I gotta do. I am doing well with this.. for about 6 months I ha
Some Things Go On Forever
I look to the sky at night and admire the beauty of the stars.I stand in awe of their brilliance,They are as shining and constantas they have been since the beginning of time.They light the heavens and fill our hearts with wonder.When one burns out, another takes its place,for they are eternal.Wherever you are, they guide you from their home high above the earth.At times, they seem close enough to touch, as they transport your dreams far away.Their magic compels us to offer up wishes for their consideration.They make us realize that even when the sky is the darkest,a tiny beacon of light still shines through.They are a reminder to us that some things really do go on forever. Poem By Tammy C.
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Just A Rant
Holy Shit!
I might be on a TV show. LMAO On what? Paranormal experiences on Alcatraz! LOL
Never say "I love you"If you really don't care.Never talk about feelingsIf they aren't really there.Never hold my handIf you're gonna break my heart.Never say you're goin to make this workIf you never plan to start.Never promise me the world If all you do is lie.Never say foreverIf your forever makes me cry...
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Dreambox 600s
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Upon Reflection
I make really shitty decisions.... I do not blame anyone but myself for them...and tha makes the reality of them that much harder to swallow I will not censor myself no matter how many times fubar slaps my dick for misbehaving we live in a free country and I have the right to say what i have all seen me take my fair share of why is it different when I attack?   I find the hypocrisy a lil disgusting to be honest   I value those of you whom I have had real convos with..and those of you whom never fail to make me smile..probably far more than I am wiling to admit   so do not forget that there are real people behind these default pics   *end rant*
Poker Book Reviews
My own Poker Blog, J.S poker. I write Poker Book Reviews there, check it out if you want. Checkout my Poker Blog with Poker Book Reviews also!I also play alot of poker. For the Best Poker Books I've read, Checkout my Poker Blog .
We Will Never Forget.
Video Production
Video production and marketing companies offer a viable alternative for advertising your business. Developing a commercial, infomercial, or digital video for television advertising or online marketing is a great way to enhance and flaunt your business. There are many video production companies to choose from and you will need to do your research to find the production company that can offer you the best service available. Your goal should be to uncover the services which offer quality delivered at a reasonable cost. The goal of a video production and marketing company is to provide you, the customer, with a marketing tool that will utilize the video market to the fullest potential. They will have a creative team that will work with you in choosing the correct platform for your advertising campaign. This will be done with there expert advice and should cater to your individual needs as a consumer. Weather you are making a video to show at a trade show or perhaps a commercial to be sh
Promotional Video Production
If you'd like to know more about about how to create a promotional video production then you likely already recognize what an asset Webvideos are as a means of attracting visitors to your site. It doesn't really matter if you are an an experienced marketer, a musician, an innkeeper… it makes no difference - Webvideos are a way to assure that your website or blog gets plenty of hits; that adds up to an easier way of getting your product/service noticed… more product sales, more email list subscribers, and more people seeing what your site has to offer them. You should understand that there are a variety of techniques and requirements which are essential to learn about and understand if you want to succeed on the web through the use of this high-performing marketing tool. For instance, you need to find out how to transform your digital movies to web format, (a new concept for the majority of site owners), which display settings - size, resolution, etc. - will work best, th
My Interests
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It's Like This...
There is no sign posted on my door that says rates returned. There is no sign posted on my door that says fans returned. There is no sign posted on my door that says only pretty people allowed. So, please, if you feel that you must be so bold as to come and tell me to fan you or rate you... Save us both some time and DON'T. I do not owe anyone a rate or a fan or a salute. I do them at my own leisure. I do them when and if I want. If you are only on my list for what points you might get, please, fuck off now.  
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Liar, Liar....pants On Fire!" target=_blank>$heWantsMoney">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar Drew Duns...aka...So Far So Good So What...aka...She Wants Money is a cheater.  He cheated on me last summer while I was pregnant with his baby with a girl he met on Fubar.  He said it was the biggest mistake of his life.  He said he  would never do it again.  He said he loved me.  He said he wanted to marry me. Well must have all been lies...cause here is is again after promising not to go on Fubar or chat with women anymore.  I actually believed him!  Ha ha ha ha, stupid me!  Actually stupid him.  I wrok all day, take care of him, let him live with me 4 free and love him.  I make 3 times the money he does.  I buy him whatever he wants, have sex with him whenever he wants!  Suck his cheating cock whenever he wants.  I am an awsome cook, a hard worker, a beautiful intelligent woman.  I have a good job and
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cognoscente\kon-yuh-SHEN-tee; kog-nuh-; -SEN-\ , noun:1.A person with special knowledge of a subject; a connoisseur.
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Farewell, fair cruelty.  -  William Shakespeare
Logo Mats
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Love , Life Wtf !
  Accusations of what will never beUndeniable truth that you didn’t see Unquestionable message you weren’t able to receiveUntouchable thoughts only for you to completeUnbearable pain torturing the insidePinning my heart down from the outsideStabbing constantly with all forceBurning me everywhere like a flaming torchGigantic tear drops that I wipe away myselfBurden of you not here makes me meltCrushing through the boneRight to the only zoneThat holds the thoughts of youdon’t want any of this to come true
Not Always Right | It's How Old Folks Say I Love You
(I’m ringing up a young man’s order. There’s an older regular customer drinking coffee at a table across from our counter.) Me: “Okay, your total comes to $5.63.” Young man: “Oh, all I have is $5. I left my wallet at home.” Older customer: “What’s he short, a dollar? Here, I’ll give him a dollar. Come here kid.” (The young man walks over to the older customer’s table to get the dollar.) Young man: “Thank you, thank you so–” Older customer: “WHY DON’T YOU GET A F***ING JOB?!” Young man: *runs out of the store*
Not Always Right | In-conceivablt Kooky
(A little old lady approaches me as I am tidying up some shelves.) Customer: “Excuse me, miss, but I can’t find your Columbia Crest Cabernet?” Me: *I point to the shelf above me* “It’s right there.” Customer: “Oh my, I feel so foolish!” Me: “Not at all. It’s a big store and can get a little confusing, even for me.” Customer: “Now what about some Hess Cabernet?” Me: (I walk her to where it is and take the bottle down for her.) Customer: “I LOVE you!” Me: “Hehe, no problem!” (I see the check-out lines at the front of the store are full, so I follow her up to help at the registers.  After a few customers, she comes through my line.) Customer: “You can take my money too?! Amazing!” Me: *laughs* “Yes, I have many skills.” Customer: “What are some of your other talents?” Me: “Well, I can sing!” Customer: “You can CONCEIVE?!&
The Way I Feel About Life!
Friendship is like a rare stone, precious and different in every one. True friends are bonds of unbreakable trust and understanding. love is more powerfull then any man made thing, yet doesn't have to be showen to be known. Peace is within the knowledge of truth. Cherish the stones which you carry, strengthen the bonds you will create, feel what you feel cause it is whats true but let no one convice you other wise.
This Is God At Work - Listen...
AND WHY DO WE GIVE - BECAUSE CHILDREN NEED TO LIVE.      Songwriter: Chris Cornell I don't mind stealing bread From the mouths of decadence But I can't feed on the powerless When my cup's already overfilled, But it's on the table The fire is cooking And they're farming babies While slaves are working Blood is on the table And the mouths are choking But I'm growing hungry I don't mind stealing bread From the mouths of decadence But I can't feed on the powerless When my cup's already overfilled But it's on the table The fires cooking And they're farming babies While the slaves are all working And it's on the table The mouths are choking But I'm growing hungry I'm going hungry    
Not Always Right | Mind Over Biodegradable Matter
(I work in a very environmentally conscious salon. We provide mugs for people to use for their coffee so that no garbage is created.) Me: “Hi! My name is ***. I’m going to be cutting your hair today. Tell me what you would like to–” Customer: “Do you have a styrofoam cup?” Me: “We have mugs right here. would you like some coffee?” Customer: “Are you crazy? I can’t use a public mug, I’m a doctor! Do you even know what kind of germs are on those mugs?!” Me: “I assure you that the mugs are perfectly clean. Also, we don’t believe in using styrofoam because it is bad for the environment.” Customer: “Are you for real? You don’t have a styrofoam cup anywhere in this whole place?” Me: “Yes, I’m sure.” (I get her away from the coffee discussion and start cutting her hair and making small talk.) Me: “So, what kind of doctor are you?” Customer: &ldquo
Not Always Right | Tasting Is Believing
(The pool I work at is run using a salt water system instead of chlorine. I am in the process of adding salt to the pool when a hotel guest shouts at me from a poolside chair.) Hotel guest: “Miss! What are you putting in that pool?” Me: “It’s just salt. It’s not dangerous to you or anyone swimming in it. In fact, it makes the water that much safer.” Hotel guest: “Salt? That makes no sense! No one puts salt in a pool! They put chlorine! Why are you lying to me?” Me: “Sir, I assure you that this is nothing more than food grade salt.” Hotel guest: “I don’t believe you! It has to be chlorine! Get over here!” (I walk over to the man with my bucket of salt, where he proceeds to stick his entire hand in, pick up salt, and eat it.) Hotel guest: “Oh…I guess it is salt. Can I have a glass of water?”
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If My Love Is Dirty...
When you came to me, I was alone. I stood unbarred, like a fresh soul caged within a miasma of hate – a soul full of colour in a world full of grey. You came and permeated the steel walls of my heart and you kissed me with your metallic tongue. You took my breath away. You dove headfirst through the keyhole in the glovebox of my car. I had to pull over, we laughed so hard! Your bloodied hand stroked my face and I kissed your tears. We drove on, silently, through the suburbs – streets filled with the chills of wanton stumbles home – the shortcut through the back of the field, where we first held so tight to these fantasies – I in your aura and you in mine. A night of stars and fears and chilled breath and whispers. I loved you and that’s where I went wrong. You never stood for love – prophesised it would kill us all. You were right when you said it should never have begun. Things that don’t begin have no chance to end – mistakes that d
You Sleeping
I paused to watch you as you slept, thinking about how beautiful and peaceful you are, and about how lucky I am to be with you. You were lying in a fetal position on your right side, your legs pulled up, you arms folded in front of your stomach. The sheet was pulled between your legs, allowing an unhindered view of your silky smooth thigh. The scene ignited the fire inside me. I bent to kiss you on your thigh. As you stirred, I spread kisses along your neck, then to your nipples where I lingered, gently teasing each one. You awoke and smiled at me as you ran your fingers through my hair. Then you rolled over onto your back, and I tugged the sheet away to drink in your beautiful body. my lips eagerly returned to your neck, shoulders and nipples each one. You were so excited that I could feel the rhythm of your heartbeat steadily climb as I continued to explore you, my hand between your thighs, teazing you. Your long sexy legs opened for me, and I slipped between them, thrusting deeply a
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Problems In Life
life is really hard right now everything is going wrong. ppl are telling me shit i dont believe but history says other wise. but i dont know what to do or listen to. i have to puit my two sons above all other things...... my 22nd birthday and i dont hAve have anyone who really cares. my 2 sons i take care of on my own. well i lost my two best friends on the count i had to choose either them or my fiance and kids... i chose my faamily..... i hope i did right
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Fly AWAY! Far AWAY! You only survive so many times until. You fly away, far away. You trip and hit the ground. Took a wrong turn at a cloud. NOW NO ONE is AROUND. Silent sighs and naked noise. A room full of arrogant boys; The life you lead is not your own. You're the life-size model of a half-size clone. 030499kmp
Down Right Funny
Here is pop sensation Rihanna leaving a record studio in NYC yesterday (left) and a goat seen in a Gaza market before a religious sacrifice in late 2008 (right). Neither one performed at the Grammy Awards in February. We're just sayin'.
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Nov. Poem A Day Challenge
I'm debating whether or not I want to participate in the Nov. Poem A Day Challenge that starts tomorrow. The last time I did it (last April) I wasn't in school and I think I might be a bit too busy with that to bang out a new piece every day for a month. On the other hand, I really love doing it and could always use more material. I'll probably give into temptation and do it. LOL For anyone who's interested in trying it here's the link.
Not Always Right | Getting Your Priorities Straight Part 2
(A customer comes in with four very young kids.) Customer: “Does [R-rated police drama] have any nudity in it?” Me: “No, but it’s incredibly violent.” Customer: “…but there’s no sex or nudity, right?” Me: “No, it’s just really violent and bloody.” Customer: “I’ll have one adult and four kids, please!”
Not Always Right | If The Brew Fits...
Coffee Shop | California, USA (We’ve run out of flat lids for our large cold drinks, so we’re using the domed ones instead.) Coworker: “I have a large iced green tea ready.” Customer: “Does it LOOK like I want whipped cream on that!?” Coworker: “I’m really sorry, ma’am, but unfortunately we are all out of the flat lids for the venti sized drinks. I have to put a dome lid–” (The customer points to small-sized flat lids.) Customer: “Those are flat lids!” Coworker: “Actually, those only fit our small iced cups.” (The customer rolls her eyes, grabs a small flat lid, and tries to put it on her large cup. Because it’s smaller, the lid falls into her drink and spills tea all over the counter.) Customer: “WHY WON’T THIS FIT!?”
Not Always Right | Who Needs Math When You Can Sue
Pizza | Philadelphia, PA Pizza Customer: “I ordered a pizza, half pepperoni, half sausage … and half plain.” Me: “Lady, there’s only two halves in a whole.” Pizza Customer: “I know there are only two halves in a whole! I’m a lawyer; this treatment is unfair and I demand satisfaction!”
Not Always Right | The Futility Of Signs
Pizza/Arcade Combo | Flagstaff, AZ, USA (One customer complains about a game that is not giving tickets. Upon looking at the game, I discover that a fuse is blown. I place several “Out of Order” stickers over the coin slot and refund the customer. Two minutes later another customer approaches.) Customer: “I just put a coin in this game and won tickets but none came out.” Me: “I placed an ‘Out of Order’ sticker on the coin slot. Is it not on there anymore?” Customer: “You mean these? They were in the way so I removed them. Can I get a refund?”
What I Miss About Having Someone.
Its just the things that one  takes for granted when your with someone. Having someone there for you when you come home,when you need a good tight hug to comfort yourself when your down,a person who'll listen to your every word if needed or just being able to say shes mine! The lil things about her like the way she smells after a shower,how soft her skin feels when you touch her,how it makes you feel with just a smile and the sparkle in her eyes when she looks at you or the way you feel like the luckest man in the world to hold her in a passionate embrace like theres no tomorrow! Yeah its just the lil things that I really miss about having someone!
Not Always Right | Listen For Manager At The End
Pizza | Illinois, USA (I work at a well known pizza chain; let’s call it Daddy Jim’s.) Customer: “I’d like a large sausage and ham pizza and a large Italian Meats Trio.” Me: “Alright, your total is $**.**. We’ll have it out there in about 45 minutes.” (An hour later as I arrive back from the delivery, the store receives a phone call from the same customer.) Customer: “Yeah, hi. I ordered an Italian Meats Trio pizza, and you guys got it wrong.” Me: “How did we get it wrong?” Customer: “Well, it has sausage, ham, and some other sh*t on it.” Me: “Is the ham kind of orange?” Customer: “Yeah.” Me: “Is the sausage peppered and brownish-orange?” Customer: “Uh….yeah.” Me: “Is the other stuff salami?” Customer: “Yeah! What the hell?” Me: “Well, the orange ham is Italian ham, the sausage is Italian sausage, and you
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Not Always Right | Someone Isn't Getting Any Tonight
Optical | Nashville, TN, USA Customer: “I like these glasses. They make me look more smarter!” Customer’s boyfriend: “Yeah, well looks can be deceiving.”
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Being Single Sux
Is there really any nice woman left on this earth?? Been burnt yet once again by a so called "Nice Woman"  huh huh  whatta joke
Falling Down Down Down..
So yea..  I called the roller rink and Dominic said he had just hired 4 new people. Sorry. All I ever hear lately is the word sorry. He's sorry, I'm sorry, my life is sorry.  *crawls under a rock*
Be With You
  Monday night, and I feel so low,I count the hours, but they go so slow.I know the sound of your voice, can save my soul.City lights, the streets are gold.Looked down my window to the world below.Move so fast, but it feels so coldAnd I am all alone, Don’t let me die, I’m losing my mind,Baby, just give me a sign.And now that you’re gone, I just wanna be with you.(Be with you)And I can’t go on, I wanna be with you.Wanna be with you..I can’t sleep, I’m up all night.Through these tears, I try to smile.I know, the touch of your hand, can save my life.But don’t let me down, come to me now,I got to be with you some how.And now that you’re gone, I just wanna be with you.(Be with you)And I can’t go on, I wanna be with you.(Be with you)Wanna be with you.Don’t let me down,Come to me now.I got to be with you some how.And now that you’re gone,Who am I without you now?I can’t go on, I just wanna be with you.And now that you&rs
Tears (by Me)
The tears are falling like falling rain the screams are loud like the clash of thunder the thoughts are filling inside my head i just want out to feel no pain any longer looking out the window staring into space thinking of you and seeing your face hearing the sound of your voice in my head and feeling the pain inside and emptiness again I look into the sky, and ask for his help asking for peace the way i once felt getting no answers only sadness remains wondering what I have done to stay in pain "am i being punished"? I have asked, still no answers then i think of the past the things that was good once upon a time then i look into the future and see no light thoughts of wonder about happiness enters my head wondering what it's like, my heads such a mess friends reach out and try to help i shut the door and sit by myself all i want is for you to want me as much as i do you i never asked much of you other than to love me true i get a part of you, that is not enough i need all of yo
All I Wanted Was Chicken Nuggets...
I was on a trip, with my high school, going to an orchestra contest, because I wasn't cool enough to be in band.  One night, my buddy and I developed a hankering for some tasty chicken nuggets.  So we ventured out to the local McDonalds where there just happend to be a little person working behind the counter.  When I noticed him I thought to myself "That midget is gonna hook me up with some mother fucking chicken nuggets." Now my buddy, for some reason, lacks the ability to have a thought and keep it to himself,  when he notices the midget he says:  "OH MY GOD!!! ITS AN OOMPA LOOMPA!!!!"  Apparently, they find this to be more offensive than my buddy realized, because this little guy lept over the counter like Yoda using the force, grabbed a nearby broom and chased us out of the store.  Yeah, you're laughing, but the little person didn't think it was so funny, and I never got my chicken nuggets.
Ngc 981
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Oh You've Got Jokes
A catholic priest and a rabbi are driving down the road one day when they happen upon a little boy riding his bike. The priest looks at the rabbi and says, "Hey, let's fuck him!" and the rabbi smiles back at him and says, " Yeah....out of what?"   ****************** what did the blonds right leg say to the left?nothing, they have never met ******************* A doctor in the maternity ward takes a baby from a cot and starts spinning it around by its ankles, smashing it into walls, drop kicking it down the corridors, etc. The mum runs after him, hysterical, screaming and crying and asks him what the hell he is doing. He says "Aah April Fool! It was dead anyway!" ******************* A sadist, a masochist, a murderer, a necrophile, a zoophile and a pyromaniac are all sitting on a bench in a mental institution, bored out of their minds."How about having sex with a cat?" asked the zoophile."Lets have sex with the cat and then torture it," says the sadist."Lets have sex with the cat,
Fu-owned Auction November Update
      Just want it give a big shutout to everyone for checking out last month auction . (Fu-Owned Auction 9)   Also want it to thank SLDC for her help on awesome photoshop graphics, and Minou for co-hosting with me .               Have A Great Weekend ! Twaune Valentino    
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Not Always Right | Fast Food For Fast Thinkers
Fast Food | Maryland, USA (I am working as a cashier and two customers come in talking loudly about how dumb minimum wage fast-food workers are. One of them decides to prove it…) Customer: “Let me ask you a question. What’s 7 times 7?” Me: “49.” Customer: “What’s 8 times 8?” Me: “64.” Customer: “E equals MC squared?” Me: “What about it?” Customer: “What does it mean?” Me: “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” Customer: “Uhm…” Me: “Would you like fries with that?”
Be Stress F R E E; 5 Principles
Be STRESS  F R E E; 5 principles Stress is the root cause of many illnesses. In fact, how we deal with stress can make the difference between health and illness, life and death. It may alter the way we look at the world around us. It affects our feelings about ourselves. Coping with stress can increase our productivity. It can make us healthier. And it can result in fuller, happier, more relaxed lives. Here are the five simple principles that can help you to a stress-free existence in the New Year:   1. Be who you wish to be. Whenever you find yourself contemplating the idea of becoming, stop and repeat the phrase, “I do not need to become, I will be this person beginning right now.”   2. Solve the problem. It is folly to lament the fact that you have a problem. What you must do is decide on a solution and try it.   3. Concentrate. Whatever you do, put everything into it. If you decide to be lazy, be lazy, concentrate on your laziness! When you relax, really rela
Follow Up National Wreath Project 2009
On behalf of John and Susan McColley and the SGTMAC Foundation, I would like to thank everyone who volunteered or donated to the SGTMAC Foundation for this year's Wreath Project. With your assistance, we were able to place 800 wreaths on gravesites at Gettysburg National Cemetery and 2,200 wreaths at Quantico National Cemetery where Sergeant Eric McColley of Gettysburg is interred.  I would also like to thank Giant Food Stores, ABF Freight Systems, Gettysburg Agway and Jacoby Transportation who all provided substantial logistical and/or financial assistance. On Friday December 4th approximately 75 people showed up at the Giant Store in Gettysburg at 0800 to put stickers on the bows and tie the bows to the wreaths. At 1300 we reassembled at the Gettysburg National Cemetery and placed the wreaths of the gravesites - starting on the section closest to Baltimore Pike. We placed them until we ran out. The following day, December 5th, my wife - Candi, Corporal Je
The contents of my old fashion are frozen to the side of the glass.Sooty alchohol and stiff parts breaking off in the chill.All new, redesigned custom tailored hell of a flop house and a broken-down furnace.On the upshot, there's a metal garbage pale and plenty of bad poetry to burn.Scribbles thick with charcoal for starter.Hues tanins stains and smudges smolder for a brief flirtation of warmth.The things I loved intensely for a few hours at a time.Moments. Flawed curvature. Siren.How I hated her for being so perfect today.Hair down, like cool sunlight gliding down her shoulders.Pixy smile, impish, coy, perfect for a precision nipand a few thousand sunday mornings.Reclined, and exposed to every clumsy compliment and stumbling second-guessed advance,it was trust.Not surrender, not extortion, not begging, bargaining or hurled glass.You've had that same look in your eyes every time you have a minute for me.Like sweet unburdening life support.That wasn't there before.I think the first time
Im Humor
I so love going to the Yahoo Chat Rooms. They suck ass but ya know, but I'm a glutton for punishment. I have a specific account that I use for chatting in the rooms. Don't need every freak of nature knowing my screen name and email addy that I regularly use. I'm one of the odd people that have actually taken the time to fill my profile out. Even odder still, I look at someone's before I drop them an IM even though 9 out of 10 have nothing there. Anyway, this guy from Italy IMs me. No biggie. Fun to chat with people from other countries. Well, this dude made a classic error. He tries to play off that he's actually looked at my profile. This REALLY annoys me. If you didn't look, so be it, but don't make off like you did cause sooner or later it's gonna bite you in the ass and I'm gonna rip on ya for it. This guy asks me if I was the person in the pic in my profile. Legit question since people will put up pics of models and claim to be them. However, I know he didn't look at it cause m
Learn How To Generate Electricity With Solar Power
Home solar power systems have been very popular in many parts of the world, mostly because of the combination of concern over environmental protection and the rising price of conventional energy sources like oil and natural gas. Since solar energy is so abundant, it does seem to be the natural place to go when one is looking for new energy sources and as the years go by and solar technology becomes better, cheaper and more efficient in terms of capturing and processing energy, the options for someone looking to install home solar power systems continues to get better. Click here to read more - DIY Home Building and Earth For Energy It is not the cheapest option in the world to use home solar power systems such as solar panels and solar water heater, but if you save up for it you can certainly get it done within a few years of starting to save if you make an average amount of money. However, some people just don't have the ability to save or do not want to, preferring to use their mone
Peach N Cream
To be the hand,That touches that face.To behold such beauty,With all her grace. I can only wish,Imagine if you will.Exactly like,How wonderful it must feel. For now,a dream all I have,To enter into each day.And with the luck of God,Someday may you come my way.
Swing First Imma Destroy
hmmm. i haven't been on here in a while. i suppose ill just say that tech n9ne is fucking amazing and everyone should check out the new shit. oh and i am soooo glad tomorow is my day off! fucking siiiickkkk yo. yuhhhh.
Orianthi Lyrics » According To You Lyrics
I'm stupidI'm uselessI can't do anything rightAccording to youI'm difficultHard to pleaseForever changing my mindI'm a mess in a dressCan't show up on timeEven if it would save my lifeAccording to youAccording to youBut according to himI'm beautiful, incredibleHe can't get me out of his headAccording to himI'm funny,irresistibleEverything he ever wantedEverything is oppositeI don't feel like stopping itSo baby tell me what I got to loseHe's into me for everything I'm notAccording to youAccording to youI'm boringI'm moodyYou can't take me any placeAccording to youI suck at telling jokes cause I always give it awayI'm the girl with the worst attention spanYou're the boy who puts up with itAccording to youAccording to youBut according to himI'm beautiful,incredibleHe can't get me out of his headAccording to himI'm funny, irresistibleEverything he ever wantedEverything is oppositeI don't feel like stopping itSo baby tell me what I got to loseHe's into me for everything I'm notAccording to
To My Love :)
It's always been a hard thing for me to tell how I feel. But with you it's something new, comfortable and amazing. I can't tell you the way my heart beat when you first told me you loved me Mindi but I hope on the day that I get to hold you, that you will understand. I haven't been so shy around another person since the day that I realized that I loved you, truely and entirely. Hearing your voice, saying your name, even just thinking about you brings me a level of joy that I never thought I would ever obtaine in this life time. I don't know where we will go as time goes on but I can swear to you even now , dspite how freash and young our love is, that I wouldn't mind dedicating every fiber of my being to you. You bring out parts of me that I honeslty never thought were real, in short Mindi I love you truely and entirely and I know you fel the same.
I Quiver
I want to smell your scent   As it linger's on the pillow   and remember how you looked at me only hours before   and I quiver....   I close my eyes and smile   For I am grateful that we share such   unbridled lust that cast's out the   demons of the day   your hands caress my body as soft as a whisper   Eyes that hold mine with such ease my breath's   tempo rises then halts in anticipation of your touch   Lips seek to claim my own and the fit is perfection   as if they are the only one's that would   Lost in an aura that removes me from reality   the heat of our love fills the air with it's own dance   as we move in sync as one...and I quiver   my lips whisper words of love that are caught between your lips   and become an echo of content.......and I quiver   fire in my body consume's me as I give myself to you   and it's as if each time with you is the first time   renewing our promise of a life time   as our eyes never falter from eachother'
Arousal from play with spiders.
I Wanna Know...can You Show Me??? Can You????
Whatever you do, I'll do it too. Show me everything And tell me how. You know me something, And yet nothing to me. I can see there is too much to learn; It's all so close, And yet so far. I see myself As people see me. But I just know there's something bigger out there... I want to know, can you show me? I want to know about the strangers like me. Tell me more, please show me. Something's familiar About the strangers like me. Every gesture, Every move that she makes, Makes me feel like never before. Why do I have this growing need to be beside her? There are some emotions that I never knew, Some for the world far beyond this place. Beyond the trees, above the clouds, I see before me a new horizon. I want to know, can you show me? I want to know about the strangers like me. Tell me more, please show me. Something is familiar About the strangers like me. Come with me now To see my world, Where there's beauty beyond your dreams. Can you feel the things
To be in her heart,This is a dream for me.Throughout this world,Her beauty is all I see. If I could bring her closer,Have her hold me in her arms.I would promise this one forever,And never cause her harm. For now she is a dream,A wish entrenched in my mind.Someday,somehow to her heart,A way I hope L can find.
Phantom Menace Plot
I saw this today and couldn't help but laugh.  There are 7 parts, but its worth it for a good nerd laugh.  
I believe that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.  -  Unknown
Lets Get Nekkid!
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Moody Ass Pregnant Woman Of Mine
So yet once again the GF is pissed at me...all because of the below reason   So yesterday im sitting in line at the local grocery store waiting to pay...this Morbidly Obese woman is in front of me on one of those lil electric wheelchairs to haul her fat ass around throughout the store to get her snacks....and she is bitchin up a storm about how the McDonalds straws are way too thin....So in my most humble of voices i say..."oh for fucks sakes lady...just pay and roll your big ass outta my way..and dont forget your diet coke too"...   apparently im an embarassement to be out in public with....
Hurt By Johnny Cash (original By Nine Inch Nails)
I hurt myself today to see if I still feel I focus on the pain the only thing that's real the needle tears a hole the old familiar sting try to kill it all away but I remember everything what have I become? my sweetest friend everyone I know goes away in the end and you could have it all my empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear this crown of thorns upon my liar's chair full of broken thoughts I cannot repair beneath the stains of time the feelings disappear you are someone else I am still right here what have I become? my sweetest friend everyone I know goes away in the end and you could have it all my empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt if I could start again a million miles away I would keep myself I would find a way
Not Always Right | Cookie Cutter Response
Tech Support | Perth, Australia Me: “Tech support, how can I help you?” Customer: “Why are you holding my website to ransom?” Me: “Sorry?” Customer: “I pay you good money every month and now you’re holding my site to ransom to sell your cookies!” Me: “Pardon me?” Customer: “I went to my site and when I tried to add to cart, it came up saying I couldn’t until I bought some cookies! I never agreed to this and I’m going to sue!” Me: “Sir, cookies is just a computing term. What you saw was the page explaining that you have cookies switched off and telling you how to turn them on.” Customer: “Cookies! Blackberries! Well I don’t know these kind of technical things!”
Pretty Damn Scary!
If you follow my STASH you have seen this already....   This left me with that empty feeling in my stomach...
Hey Everybody
what going on people so far im alittle tired from work and hope everybody doing ok in here
I Just Wanna Be Mad By Terri Clark
Last night we went to bed not talking Cause we already said to much I face the wall you faced the window Bound and determined not to touch We've been married 7 years now Some days if feels like 21 I'm still mad at you this morning Coffee's ready if you want some I've been up since 5 Thinking about me and you And I've got to tell you The conclusion I've come to [Chorus] I'll never leave, I'll never stray My love for you will never change But I ain't ready to make up or get around to that I think I'm right I think your wrong I'll probably give in before long Please don't make me smile I just want to be mad for awhile For now you might as well forget it Don't run your fingers through my hair Yeah that's right I'm being stubborn No I don't want to go back upstairs I'm going to leave for work Without a goodbye kiss But as I'm driving off Just remember this [Chorus twice] I just want to be mad for awhile I just want to be mad for awhile I just want to be mad for awhile
The Irony Of It All By The Streets
Hello, Hello. My names Terry and I'm a law abider There's nothing I like more than getting fired up on beer And when the weekends here I to exercise my right to get paralytic and fight Good bloke fairly But I get well leery when geezers look at me funny Bounce 'em round like bunnies I'm likely to cause mischief Good clean grief you must believe and I ain't no thief. Law abiding and all, all legal. And who cares about my liver when it feels good Wwhat you need is some real manhood. Rasher Rasher Barney and Kasha putting peoples backs up. Public disorder, I'll give you public disorder. I down eight pints and run all over the place Spit in the face of an officer See if that bothers you cause I never broke a law in my life Someday I'm gonna settle down with a wife Come on lads lets have another fight Eh hello. My names Tim and I'm a criminal, In the eyes of society I need to be in jail For the choice of herbs I inhale. This ain't no wholesale operation Just a few eighths and some Playstat
Not Always Right | All Signs Point To No
Smoothie Shop | Oregon, USA (A customer pulls up and parks in a handicapped spot in front of the store.) Me: “How can I help you?” Customer: “I’ll take a fresh squeezed orange juice.” Me: “Oh, I’m sorry sir, we just cleaned our juicer and the chemical that we use had to dry or else it’s toxic. We won’t be able to squeeze any juice until tomorrow.” Customer: “What the f***? This is the second time this has happened.” Me: “Well, we clean it a half hour before we close–” Customer: “You should put up a sign!” Me: “Oh, um. Well, I’ll mention that to my manager–” Customer: “PUT UP A SIGN!” Me: “Sir, I don’t have the authority to do that, but I’ll–” Customer: “JUST PUT UP A SIGN!” Me: “Oh, and you’re parked in a handicapped zone.” Customer: “THEY SHOULD–” Me: &ldqu
Kimberly Dawn
Her smile to me so amazing,My eyes from it cannot look away.Her beauty so mesmorizing,One look brightens my entire day. I so lucky this beauty shown to me,I don't know how I lived before.But to go without her now,It can happen nevermore. Kimberly I wish for your smile each day,And your beauty that will forever shine.And always beautiful Kimberly,A warm heart would always be mine.
prevaricate\prih-VAIR-uh-kayt\ , intransitive verb; 1.To depart from or evade the truth; to speak with equivocation.
Todays Comment #1
Her feelings run deep. Deeper than her skin. Judging on beauty alone. For me no way to begin. To touch her mind. Find out whats in her heart. To actually become a friend. This is how I would start. Her beauty goes beyond. Her soul may be just as deep. Maybe soon she will call me friend. And I will be one she keeps.
Fu-mafia Tips
Here are a few tips I have come across and or learned in playing Fu-mafia.  1.  Mob members - get as many as possible never stop recruiting from the New Players list (when you are on and waiting for your stamina to build is a good time to do this), from those who you lose to in an attack or who attack you and win, and if you belong to a turf make sure you mob request all members of the same turf as well as all the members of any turfs that your turf has an alliance with.  The maximum number that can be taken into a fight is 750 if you are new to the game it will be considerably less but when you reach level 150 you will be able to take the full 750 into the fight.  Always accept Mob Request from others, you can never have too many in your personal mob, after all they have no real ties to you in game play they are just numbers.  Also be aware that you can not attack anyone in your mob and they can not attack you. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND THOSE THAT CAN WHOOP YOUR ASS CLOSER. 2.  We
Beware the barrenness of a busy life.  -  Socrates
Seeing Things By The Black Crows
I find it hard to shed a tear You brought it all on yourself my dear Wrong, yes I may be Don't leave a light on for me 'Cause I ain't comin' home It hurts me baby to be alone Yes, it hurts me baby A hundred years will never ease Hearing things I won't believe I saw it with my own two eyes All the pain that I can't hide And this pain starts in my heart And this love tears us apart You won't find me bent down on my knees Ain't bendin' over backwards baby Not to please 'Cause I'm seeing things for the first time I'm seeing things for the first time, oh yeah I'm seeing things for the first time In my life, in my life I used to dream Of better days that never came Sorry ain't nothin' to me I'm gone and that's the way it must be So please I've done my time Lovin' you is such a crime You won't find me down on, on my knees Won't find me over backwards baby Just to please 'Cause I'm seeing things for the first time I"m seeing things for the first time Seeing things for the first time Oh I'm
She smiles as she climbs into bed without Him...hoping He sleeps well yet has the sweetest visions of her. She shall dream of His caress, His tender but strong. Taking all of her just from her lips. How she craves Him................Everything about Him. In her mind she bids Him goodnight...............
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2/5/10 Dilbert
Ngc 2440: Cocoon Of A New White Dwarf
Woot Woot
I am picking up my ride today, it's a 95 blazer not much to talk about I mean body is in some what good shape an it runs & drives good but damn what came with the thing drop my jaw to the gent is leaving his system in there along w/a few sub wolfers & they fucking rock so hard, I'll be bouncen all over the place in this bad boy, tee hee...
Hold Me To Your Willing Heart
Hold me to your willing heartAnd let me - help me - weepThat I of need might fall apartAnd then at last might sleep. Let the truth slice into meThat I might finally bleedAnd purge myself of agonyI cannot now concede. For I have bound myself in lightThat I might live in joy,And cannot - will not - let the nightMy bonds of love destroy. And yet I know if I would gainThe peace for which I pray,I must allow the floods of painTo wash my love away.  
I never liked you, and I always will.  -  Samuel Goldwyn
quixotic\kwik-SOT-ik\  adjective; 1.Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals. 2.Capricious; impulsive; unpredictable.
Music Monday 20
Not my best work...I feel like these are all starting to sound alike.  I will try to branch out next week.  
Since When Is This An Electronic Device?!
I get an email from today telling me about the Top 10 Electronic Items I MUST have. Item #10? A back pack! Um, when did those become electronic?
I Wrote It On The Bus Ride Home...
im late again i missed my ride,just because i found a guide.One to help me say my piece,Then enjoy what excitement reaps.treating it with gentle wordhonest feeling so absurdwish it was more, but glad it's notthe safety of distanceSO FUCKIN HOT!how then did my mind get sprungis it because i kno hes hungJust thick enough and hairy as wellim not surprised at why i fell.i know it sounds like im talkin dick,and u know it's one i'd lickI must express i swear im not. Its not the reason hes so fuckin hot.the kinda guy i think of and drooli even rubbed one out at schoolalready comin outta my shellhe's saved me from my sexless helland tho hes miles and miles awayhes touched me in a most lovely way.Caressed my mind and blushed my cheeksenough to make me smile for weeksat least enough to make me wetim so very thankful for the internet.
Losing Friends
Heart breaking, however it happens.. Yesterday I seen a good friend of mine just up an left FU an he has not told me why, now I've lost another one do to him not noticing me as if I did not exist. I' have always rated his photo's an helped him out but never got any love in return, what the hell is wrong with people an this site? I mean com'mon I'm not the worst person in the world as my page states I'll talk to just about anyone willing to befriend me, if you/yourself can not handle that then there's something wrong with ya. I do not play head games if your wanting to become friends thats kewl I can respect that in every way however fuck me over then you can kiss my ass thats all there is to it, I'm sure people el see this an say yeah she's a BITCH but ya know something you maybe right just getting sick of people disrespecting.
Love This Scene
Happy Hour
Tomorrow morning at 9am [est] I will be having a Happy Hour. Not much else to say, just wanted to get that out. Bah!  
Beauty so surrounds me,But blind now are my eyes.No longer throught salted tears,Can they even cry. Dry like a dessert,With them went my heart.Maybe with them away from me,I can make a brand new start. Put away all my wonders,Thoughts and silly dreams.And know now this is my reality,Lifeless as it seems. Now through this wasteland,That used to be my soul.Forever without my love,Forever I will go.
Please Help If You Can. This Is Not Spam Or A Hoax!!
This family is very good friends with my family and they are in serious need of help. This is not a hoax or spam. This is very true. Something that is not mentioned in the article is that the son worked from home building websites on his computers to support them. They lost everything in the fire, except the family Bible. Including the son's ability to work and provide for his family. The computers were a total loss. After the fire, the doctor's gave them even more bad news concerning the son's fiance. Any help that anyone can give would be very appreciated. The donation information is below the photo in the article. Thank you so much!!
[everything Got Quiet.]
All the rage got out.Now I'm just a limp empty balloon.Kinda feels nice. Maybe its the tea. Maybe its the dull gray sunday morning.Or the long sit on the edge of the bed. The fact that date 5 is on the way? I dunno...My mom called last night mid-breakdown.And I only answered because I knew she'd calland calland calland calland call And it all came out. Every single aspect of my life is pissing me off. My brother didn't get the job in this region.My friends are twats.I'm artistically dehydrated.I've had this same upper head cold for 2 1/2 weeks.My dog is cunty and in heat.My family is supportive but ceaselessly irritating and poking into my life.What so many people are willing to erroneously call a relationship is constantly riding the brakes.I'm getting a financial foothold, I'm even going to write the check to pay off my folks next week and not bat an eye-but what that also means is I need to take another step, I'm secure but I need to be earning at least twice this. I need to m
I Wish I Was Your Lover
You know I got this feeling that I just can’t hideI try to tell you how I feel I try to tell you but I’m meWords don’t come easily When you get close I share themI watch you when you smileI watch you when you cryAnd I still don’t understandI can’t find the way to tell youI wish I was your loverI wish that you were mineBaby I got this feelingThat I just can’t hideDon’t try to run awayThere’s many things I wanna sayNo matter how it endsJust hold me when I tell youI wish I was your loverI wish that you were mineBaby I got this feelingThat I just can’t hideI wish I was your loverI wish that you were mineBaby I got this feelingThat I just can’t hideOh I need is a miracle Oh baby all I need is youAll I need is a love you giveOh baby all I need is youBaby you I wish I was your loverI wish that you were mineBaby I got this feelingThat I just can’t hideI wish I was your lover ( I wish I was your lover)I wish that you were mineBab
Kellie Pickler - "didn't You Know How Much I Loved You"
I remember the way you made love to me Like I was all you'd ever need Did you change your mind Well I didn't change mine Now here I am trying to make sense of it all We were best friends now we don't even talk You broke my heart Ripped my world apart Didn't you know how much I loved you Didn't you know how much I loved you, baby I gave you everything, every part of me Didn't you feel it when I touched you Didn't I rock you when I loved you, baby Baby, tell me Didn't you know how much I loved you I can't get you out of my head I still feel you in this bed Left me all alone You couldn't be more gone From falling apart to fighting mad From wanting you back to not giving a damn I've felt it all I've been to the wall Didn't you know how much I loved you Didn't you know how much I loved you, baby I gave you everything, every part of me Didn't you feel it when I touched you Didn't I rock you when I loved you, baby Baby, tell me Didn't you know how much I loved you One day justice will com
cacophony\kuh-KAH-fuh-nee\noun; 1.Harsh or discordant sound; dissonance. 2.The use of harsh or discordant sounds in literary composition.
Very Very Sad
Shout Shout Let It All Out!!!!
ShoutShoutLet it all outThese are things I can do withoutCome OnI'm talking to youCome onIn violent timesYou shouldn't have to sell your soulIn black and whiteThey really really ought to knowThose one track mindsThat took you for a working boyKiss them goodbyeYou shouldn't have to jump for joyShoutThey gave you lifeAnd in return you gave them them hellAs cold as iceI hope we live to tell the taleShoutAnd when you've taken down your guardIf I could change your mindI'd really love to break your heartShout
A Big Mistake Chaper 2
"That's not begging!" Missy snapped at Larry. "I don't think you really want my pussy. Convince me!!!" "Pleeeeeeeeease may I have your pussy." Larry pleaded. His cock was rock hard from the scent emanating from the folds of her uncovered sex just inches from his nose. "Please may I have your pussy Mistress!!" She corrected him Larry already felt a tinge of humiliation. How could he be here? Just a week ago, he was the one making the woman beg him for his cock. He didn't need this. He could have Claire's pussy anytime he wanted. However, her daughter who stood in front of him commanding him to beg for her snatch, had the sweetest tightest pussy he had ever felt, and he did want it badly. Discounting his shame, he again pleaded for the right to have it. "Please may I have your pussy Mistress." "This pussy?" she asked, spreading the lips so he could see her clit. "Do you want this sweet pussy?" She slid her finger inside to coat it with her juices. "Yes Mistress." Larry
Silence Isnt So Golden...
My hands are tied and my mouth sewn shutthe silence they put me in keeps me stuckthe more i try the more i diewondering what i did wrong and whythe thoughts that i have are made by youmy anger flowing forth like a flood its truelock up my soul and silence my heartwhen will you all see that its black and darktry as i may to get myself heardsilenced again when i shouldnt be hurtmy say in life has never been truebecause in the end i am to you but a foolbut the pain you cause me just to be rightkeeps pushing me furthrt into the nightstill i keep silent for tis a golden rulestupider i get for listening to youi see the world for the evil that it bringsbet when i share it away they all springmy soul entrapped needs to be set freeyou wont like it when my mind can seeyour true faces of doubt and shamein the end it is you, not I to blame
Pa Artist Climing To The Top
  Local Artist featured at Marisa’s Boutique A Huge Success! By Ann Marie Mulhearn The works of artist Jamie Decker were showcased at Marisa’s Boutique in Nazareth on March 25th. Boutique owner, Marisa Snyder, opened her shop in the evening for a special "wine & cheese" event featuring Jamie’s hand-painted eggs. Jamie is an artist and her specialty is hand-painted and blown eggs. She also paints slate and blue stone. Her eggs are unique and can be personalized for any occasion. They make wonderful Easter, Mother’s Day or special occasion gifts. Jamie is a young mother of two small children living in Bangor and is currently struggling to provide for her family. Her talent was recognized during a client holiday party hosted by Slate Belt Pregnancy Support Services, Inc., a local pro-life ministry providing free services to infants and women such as Jamie. Jamie came to the party with gifts for each of the volunteers- her beautiful hand-painted eggs! Th
Lost in the universe, thats more frightening than fear,Lost in the Earth, where i feel as if nothing is near,Lost as a person, Lost as man,Needing to find myself, but i dont think i can.Lost to all feeling, that is felt inside,Lost to the sea, and its longing tide,Lost to the people who really care,All these people, never lost but always there.Lost somewhere, all alone,Lost with the world, and its pityful moan,Lost in love, lost in hate,Just waiting for a chance to lead me with fate.Lost for words, that i should say,Lost for thoughts, even when i pray,Lost in mind, lost in hope,Help me lord, i cannot cope.
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Seems Like Years Ago
i was painting feverishly! like it was a drug that i needed or i'd get dope sick. my entire body was connected to these lunatic creations...smoking cigarettes with gallons of coffee it seems, to the end of the night til day...just to get another "infection" made. no thoughts of love or life or hate or money...just paint fatboy paint! and i did..with whatever has moved me...solidly drawing,painting,sculpting,gluing,magnetizing,CREATING! now i sit here almost still day to day because i dont have that drive anymore...not that its going to kill me but like that drug i want to "calm" me down, i flip out. i write and write and write til notebooks are bent in half but thats not what i want. i stare at my full cans of krylon wondering who theyre for sometimes now. like it was years ago that i used them...but it wasnt. maybe a year...but before that i was hooked on it...i wouldnt stop for anything. not food, not phone calls, not ex-girlfriends or friends. it was the virus that cursed
Then Came You
I was so alone that I didn't know what to do. I was lost to despair... and then came you. You dispelled the darkness of a life that was harsh and unkind, and you gave me the strength to leave the shadows behind. Your every word holds magic that makes my heart shine, and I'm so thankful for the day I met you online. 
Just A Few Thoughts On Juggalos
OK before I get started I just want to make it known that I love my juggalo family. I have met people I know I'm going to be friends with until the day I die. But for real, ya'll need to stop tripping on the fact that ICP is getting made fun of (i.e. Aqua Teen Hunger Force & SNL). I see comments bitching about how they're making fun of juggalos and what we're about and yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah SHUT UP! Who cares? People make fun of what they don't understand. And haven't any of you  ever heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Who cares that they're making fun of ICP or juggalos? Why get mad about it? What is the point? I found all these parodies hilarious. I think what most people are getting upset about is the fact that these parodies are making ICP and juggalo's look dumb. I can understand people getting mad when their intellegence is threatened. But guess what it's a joke. Nothing more nothing less. Like the current outrage is the "Miracles" video by ICP.
Goddess In Heaven
Goddess in Heaven, the one I adore Before you I kneel and humbly implore Look not away at this slave at your feet Nor cast me out in the cold, empty street The thought of your power teases my brain The thought of your beauty eases my pain I long but to give you My  body and soul And let your desires Take their toll I've nothing to give you but all that I am
I Am One
I am one With the dirt which I walk upon With the sun that gives light With the moon so powerful With the air I breath I am One With humanity that surrounds me With animals so beautiful With the water that encompasses me I am One...   _________________________________
Lover Mine - Oh My Freakin' God!
Yeah, okay. So I should be sleeping but I'm finishing off Lover Mine by J.R. Ward. Holy freakin' hell!  I am just sitting here blown away! I knew of one twist that more or less has taken place since the first book, but fuck if I wasn't prepared for the shit that went down in this one! Seriously, one of the best 512 page micro mini print hard covers I have read in a really long time. If you're looking for a series with guys to drool for with blood, guts and sex...check out the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! *goes back to reading the last few pages*
You look, but nothing is there.You fight the urge to blinkfor fear that whatever it iswill become harder to find.You search the mirror, but come up empty.You know it's something.You can feel it.You ask your friendsif they can see it. They just throw arms up in the airand walk away.You look back,trying to remember how it all started.Was it carelessnessor a wreckless throwingof caution to the wind?Or was it just the winddoing what the wind does?Time stops while youpace the floor,caught betweenneeding to know what it isand wanting it to go away...this unrelenting burn,persistent gnawing, scratchinglike a thirst you can't quenchor a tear you can't cry.Until finally, there's nothing leftto do, but give up on it.Let go of the needing to know...the who, the what, the how, the why. The meaning of life. Poem By Tammy C.
Daydreaming Lost In My Head
dreaming i keep wondering what will come to i bold enough to make the next move . what move it is for me for take . as i sit on my lovely arse . thinking all day and into the night . i cannot sleep when something isn't right. my mind is filled with so many thoughts... i try to read , and i try to chat .. but my mind will have none of that .. it tired to do its own thing .. i lie awake on my pillow .. my eyes sore from lack of sleep as the hours and minutes pass by so slowly .. and the next feel so tired .. i wish i could change it but for now .. it is what it is .. pure and honest stress and life is what you make it but i keep my head help up high , as i fight against the urge to be depressed ..   i continue to look foward int othe future of the things in life i want to do so badly , the places i want to go . I stop to smell the Roses and all the other flowers around me .. I'm luckier then some .. and i'm grateful for what i have .. i'll live every day l
[clowns Will Most Certainly Eat Me.]
Still waiting on that hummer. Ugh. I even went to eat indian food... with other people around just so I could see the christian. *nods his head a couple times and drifts off* I really keep forgetting how hot that girl is. She's got this modest demeanor and this body that just -pops- on my eyes in all the right spots. and then I almost passed out on the table and died- but I made it about 50 minutes longer than I had expected. It made me ... very dissapointed in how things had turned out with her, oh ... and my life in general. I remember the last time I filled out a medical history clipboard, a lot of questions about the quality of life and the level of your weeeehappies. Maybe I should ammend those sections a bit from my typical answers. When was the last time I had someone kiss down my abdomen? And when was the last time I looked this good? ... Highschool? >> what? Pre-surgery I had more muscle mass. That was right around then. Damn pedos. Twenty five.Twenty fucking fiv
Happy Monday...grrr
So, I drop my car off this morning thinking I need nothing more than to have my front brakes done. AH HA HA HA HA HA HA Yeah, thanks to the fucking potholes around here, it appears there was a bit more damage than I had expected. To the tune of roughly $600 worth of damage! HOORAY! Granted, I have an older car but it's a Toyota. Always regular maintenance stuff. *sighs* Is it too early for a drink!?
Friends So Romantic
You are friends with someone from a small. You fly kites together, mocking each other but also to defend each other. But you realize your feelings have changed. How can you convey this without damaging the friendship? Glamour Magazine gave some tips for you: 1. "Oi, call names dong, sir!" The term 'yo', 'oi', 'bro', 'Coy', 'gan', 'sis' or other calls that include the category of 'friendship' may be convenient to use, but will send the signal you just want to be friends. Occasional call by his first name and see his reaction! 2. Change routine Create the opportunity to cast a romantic atmosphere. Leave a basketball and then have dinner.3. Dress up Keep being yourself, but every now and then, try to exchange shirts with vests, short-sleeved shirt. Dressed differently to show you regard the meeting as something special. 4. Do not shut down Dating someone else who also likes you. Nothing wrong with healthy competition, and competition will probably accelerate the feeling he realizes the sa
One Republic
Tree Day
I worked in 30mph gusts on Tuesday in a 90' cottonwood. I knew at the time it was a good blow but I pushed through cause my daughter was flying in early afternoon. I got home to see trees on power lines everywhere on the local news. Kinda grateful to be safe at home. Bagged work today in the face of 25mph gust this morning. Couldn't pull the trigger. Guess I'll have something to do tomorrow.
The Lazy Blogger's Is Back
Yes, forgive me people for I have sinned, it's been 6 days since my last blog and I am guilty of being lazy. Am not a Catholic but that sounded like I might get three hail crazies and a how's your father for that bad behaviour.   Anyway, where did we leave off? Oh, yes I was in Barcelona and heading to Madrid! Yes- I recall now, the train journey to Madrid was lovely and speedy, they even had air conditioning on the train, I felt spoilt.   The shows went really good in Barcelona so I was full of optimism for my Madrid sojourn and the weather was hot! Me and the promoter Stephen checked into our hotel in the bust main street somewhere in Madrid, I don't know exactly where as I was only there for one night.   We had a heap of fun, walking in the sun and then we happened upon really grumpy, maudlin, gloomy hookers, who to be honest weren't that hot or hooky and I believe they shared my aversion to stupid men, I realised that if I give up comedy, there will always be a place for me i
Go, and never darken my towels again.  -  Groucho Marx
Always Remember
Always remember, and never forget. You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose.  But don't dare pick your friend's nose.
As the candle burns , the air becomes thick and hot .. the light is soft , like my porcelain skin . it makes me draw in my breath and swallow hard , as i think of a thirst i can not quench . my lips become dry , as i wet them with my tongue , almost trying to taste the air . The room is dark , almost too dark to see , i only see the pretty silhoulette of the things around me . the dark erie shadows are cast about the place . but still the candles burn brightly in the corner , almost like a symbol of hope and romance . some where out there ... i look at candle and smile softly for a moment .. the stillness and glow creeping slowly across my soft features ,as my  hazel eyes shine in delight  .. almost remembering a past life .. some where ...somehow and then suddenly and abruptly i'm taken  backto the harsh realities of modern life , the candles the only reminder of the the romance i once felt long ago .    
Why do those who think they know something about Judaism, insist there is no hell or heaven in Jewish theology? No permanent hell it is true, but a place of purging sins of the soul for eleven months.  On the other hand Gan Eden, or heaven is generally permanent unless one needs to be reincarnated. Yes, Orthodox and Chassidic Judaism does believe in reincarnation, although it is not stressed.
Stop Making Things So Damned Complicated!
In order to make the world "healthy" again, we each need to do just THESE things: Live each day with courage. Take pride in your work. Always finish what you start. Do what has to be done. Be tough but fair. When you make a promise, keep it. Ride for the brand. Talk less and say more. Remember that some things aren't for sale. Know where to draw the line The "Cowboy" ethics is a good place to start. Do you agree?
The Forest
  Wallpaper to Your desktop
Black Dawn: The Next Pandemic
I'm Yours
Well-a you done done me And you bet I felt itI tried to be chill but you're so hot that I meltedI fell right through the cracks now I'm trying to get backBefore the cool done run out I'll be giving it my bestestAnd nothing's going to stop me but divine interventionI reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn someBut I won't hesitate no more, no moreIt cannot wait, I'm yours Mmmmhmmm-Mmmmhhmmm, Mmmmmhmmm(Heeeeey, heeeey, Heeey, heey)Well open up your mind and see like meOpen up your plans and damn you're freeI look into your heart and you'll find love, love, love, loveListen to the music of the moment, people dance and singWe're just one big familyAnd it's our God-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved, loved, lovedSo I won't hesitate no more, no moreIt cannot wait, I'm sureThere's no need to complicate, our time is shortThis is our fate, I'm yours(Scatting)Do you want to come on?Scooch on over closer dear,and I will nibble your earWo-ooo-o-oh who-oo-o-o-oh, ah, ha, mmmmmI've been
"I don’t care if you’re an atheist, a christian, a buddhist, agnostic, a wiccan, or any of those other religions. I don’t care if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or anything like that. I don’t care if you’re black, white, latino, or any other race. I don’t care. As long as you’re nice and just an all around amazing person, I will be your friend."
Marvel Comic Movies That R Going 2 Suck In The Year 2011-2012
The movies that in the works for 2011 & 2012 are going to bomb and this is going to be why....... Captian America the 1st Avenger...... You cant have another marvel comics character from another movie play another character Chris Evans played the human torch in both of the fantastic four movies and is now playing captain america in this movie, even thou tommy lee jones and samuel l jackson are in this movie as well it will bomb........ And in the Thor movie scedueled to be released in 2011 is also going to suck cause they got a bunch of no namers playing the gods in here.... Chris Hemswroth as thor, Tom Hiddleston as loki, and even with anthoney hopskins as odin this movie will also bomb in theaters....... also they have Ray Stevenson playing Volstogg part of the warriors three who played the punisher in punisher war zone again another marvel guy playing another marvel character..... And as for the new x-men movie in the works i dont thnk its going to make it either, the new spider-man
Its Serene Sunday, Lets Get Nekkid!
Join me for my Serene Sunday show at 8am est (5AM SLT).  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
[the Purple Berries Part 3]
I kinda just want to go somewhere and read the classifieds (as pathetic as they ALWAYS are) and smoke this cigar I've had for a couple months. Funny how much you miss public smoking after its taken from you.Ass bags.One of the last saving graces of this town was that it hadn't bought into thatHIPPYbullshit.Parts per MILLION people... moving on.Y'know, every now and then I get the chance to voice my concerns about my job, about my life, about my time left.Every time I say I'm doing twice the work of others, there's a look of surprise that comes across my audienceapparentlythat's a bad thing.I dunno... this is just a warmup. A resolve check.Before I force myself to go outside... and possibly buy a bunch of shit I don't need. Maybe even talk to strangers.Course... if I walk out on my job that'd give me all the time in the world to write my resume, look for a house, and look for a job.Maybe not all in that order...Alsothat live version of In Rainbows is better. Just saying."starting positi
I Don't Understand Something About Women
Yes, I know that sounds a bit odd coming from a woman but it's true. I was in the store earlier this evening and there happened to be a pregnant woman. All of the sudden you hear squeals from other woman Ooooohhhhhing and Ahhhhhhhhing and rubbing this pregnant woman's stomach. Seriously, what the fuck? Do you even know this person? She's big as a freakin' house and probably hotter then hell. Like she really wants you groping and fondling her stomach! I just don't understand it. If someone could explain it I would really appreciate. Because truthfully, if I was the woman, I would have cold cocked their asses.
spoor\ SPOHR \noun;  1. A track or trail, esp. that of a wild animal pursued as game. verb:   1. To track by or follow a spoor.
Some One Tell Me Why?
Can anyone tell me why guys with great bodies. OR even guys that have average or bigger bodies but are still so hot, want girls that can afford and have skinnier physical appearences. Girls who can dress them selves up good in the hights of fashion and also dress them selves down in the hights of fashion. Not us girls who dont wear what everyone else is, who cant afford newer clothing, or fancy, expensive lingerie. What do girls like them, have over girls like me. Us down to earth, not that eye catching type  girl who walks around the store and see's girls that have the blonde and pink or blonde and black hair, and nice bodies, and size 5 jeans, and hip adidias tennies. Girls who's parents can afford high fashion clothes. and think, is that all guys want? What do girls like them have over me? a natural beauty in normal, everyday work environment clothing? Some one please tell me. Why?
Rescue Me...
So Delicate The Flower...
Pure Serendipity...
Where Johnny Goes...
Wedding Dress Trends - Top Styles For The Modern Bride
Weddings are all about personal style. Reflecting the overall trend of breaking away from tradition and steadfast rules, modern brides are choosing wedding gowns that reflect their personality rather than that of their grandmother's. The only rule for wedding dress style these days is to choose one that suits you, whether that means a gold gown, trouser suit or sundress. And even if you are more traditional and inclined towards the fairy princess in a white satin ballgown, you need not worry about being perceived as old fashioned or "not with the times." The modern "rule" for wedding dress style is to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful on your most special day. The 21st Century Bride - That said, although certain traditional dress styles are always popular, bridal fashion does follow mainstream fashion to some extent. So if you are looking for something a little more contemporary or "now," consider turning to the catwalks for inspiration.The currently popula
Driving as a Second Language?   If the girl in the driver's seat isn't your 15 year old daughter with just her learner's permit...   Turn in your man card!!!
Another One
He was wondering how to make his girlfriend feel sorry for him
Not Apologizing
I am mot apologizing for blocking, or writing mumms or blogs about anyone.  If you have a problem, contact me, obviously you don't believe me, so (fu)!
The Tapestry Of Odette, Part Ii (excerpt)
She wasn't sure of the exact moment that she slipped into slumber, but suddenly she found herself standing before a wall of tumbling colour. Reds, metallic hues, deep purples, soft greys, all rushing together in a cacophonous waterfall of brilliance. She stood entranced, just staring at it, as every shade known to man and bees rushed before her eyes, constantly changing and shifting. It put any rainbow she had seen to shame. Nothing was faded here, it was all bold and brilliant, dripping from the canvas of the gods before her enchanted eyes. It all mixed and swirled together, churning and pounding like the rapids of a river. Orange, forest green, bright pink, dun, differing shades of black, colours she couldn't even imagine, all tumbling together. It was awhile before she even noticed the ground beneath her feet, which was some sort of soft sucking mud. The two walls that angled away from the colour wall were both pitch black, made of shiny obsidian. They met together somewhere in the
Is This What Love Is?
Is love the desire -- no, the need --  to be with that person, whatever the cost? Does it cause the rise of rage when you see that person with another? Does it make you ache to hold them, to whisper things that sound foreign and strange to your tongue? Does it make you wish for the things you know can never be? I haven't the answers. In all that I have learned over the years, no one has ever mentioned a force such as this.
Another Douch
DJ MAYO aka Mayo James Staley was telling me that he wanted to be with me and then confessed undying love for some old ugly woman in his status. Just be warned ladies that this is not a REAL man and has some growing up to do! If you are in his family or ranked on his page you have been blocked from mine and are not reading this anyway. I really don't care anymore. I am making sure that I don't have anything to do with anyone close to him! I'm done with his whole lot of miscreates.
Suicide---a Comedy
(This is a true story. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.)   I should have known that my first marriage was over when my wife was disappointed I came back from Desert Storm alive. Generally, that is ominous enough to make a man consider his situation, but I slogged through for another three months before she left and took the kids and headed back to Arizona.   Overnight I went from a devoted dad in a nice three-room house who was a Sunday school teacher in a nice church to a pariah, a statistic, alone. Instead of a nice house with a huge yard where I could play with my 4 year-old daughter and 2 year-old son, I got shoved into a three-man room with two of the most insane 20 year-old skirt chasers the Army had ever seen. Mud, the young black guy from Yazoo, Mississippi, used to hang from the lighting fixture for hours doing pull-ups to increase the size of his arms. Sweet Lew, his partner, used to bounce a basketball against his locker over and over again, until the s
Fuck It
FUCK IT Coming or going  Massive confusion  My head hurts from the uncertainty  Too much to think about  Too much to decide  Too fucken much of a burden....  Just want it to be over want it all to pass  Wish i could jump ahead, skip this shit  I want the transition to go by fast  I'm making lemonade from these sour lemons but the sweetness is not there  Silly girl where'd you get yourself? Why'd you make your world what it is...  Now you cry and complain...pout and mope  Over what? when you caused your own pain....  Going forward...moving on  Getting the fuck away  Turning pages, moving mountains...  Well hardly but taking a step anyway  Choosing a path but treading lightly  Staring fear in the face
History Of The Tiny Dark Gown And Comfy Shoes To Run With Your Puppy
Puting On Comfy Shoes To Run With Your Puppy While puppies are man's most beneficial friend, they will count on that you carry them on their everyday walks. with regards to walking your most beneficial friend, you will wish to put on comfy shoes. Christian Louboutin Sale You certainly not know when your puppy will all of a sudden wish to run. for those people who are putting on improper shoes, this could turn into an unpleasant situation. You do not wish to be that human being that is operating following your puppy inside a pair of heels. Just since you are putting on a pair of tennis footwear or operating footwear does not indicate they are comfortable, Christian Louboutin Shoes or even the perfect walking shoes. Walking footwear are unique from operating footwear attributed towards unique kind of make contact with your foot has using the ground. if you are walking your foot, is regularly for the ground. As opposed to if you are running, and there is usually a split area when your f
Again...just Random Shyton My Mind
So i was thinking, what the hell am i on fu? Like seriously why am i on fu...i have nothing in common with like 99.7% of the people on here, of the 300 plus people i made friends with i only talk to like 5 of them(ok maybe a little more but not by yeah its great seeing free boobs and all but i have wifeys, and online why the hell do i get on fu. then it hit a ton of bricks...just BAM...(think emril )....survey says: because i like having the chance to meet new people. now i know i am not the great conversationalist most of these smooth gentleman are on here, and i know about 60% of the people i am friends with only have me to make their numbers look good( i accept that). i know, i am married so i am limited as to how "serious" i can take this or as to how far i can push the envelope(computer or not, females on here still have feelings and emotions so ....respect is paramount). flirting is fun, and i can flirt alot on here.....hmmmm***wondering is anyon
13 days and I will be in Vegas to see my hunnie. So excited. can't wait. First time on a plane here we come lol. Not sure what to expect in Vegas. Cept a damn good time.
She Smiles (life Through The Eyes)
Spring dew glistens on a bended reed Turns her green eyes blue Bright eyes glance up to greet the morning sky And the world can’t help but smile And in the summer she sings Of fairy tales and song bird songs Morning innocence hides its face As the world sings with her She cries tears of pity As the fall of leaves reveals a barren landscape But instead of mourning She makes of mural of their beauty And the world paints with her Snowflakes shimmer on her lashes She reveals the beauty that diamonds bring Tosses her head lightly And brings a million stars falling to the ground Saying that one day she wants to sparkle the same In the morning she greets the day with a smile And as darkness descends, she smiles, shining through When the sun is high, she is happy When clouds float in, she names them And she plays a game with the world Flowers are her decorations And the world is her playground In one smile, she will have the world By it’s little finger And the world will compl
Icing On The Cake
Or in this case, snow on the ground, enough snow on the ground Monday night with an approaching storm front with Minot at its epicenter to prompt calls of a blizzard warning until seven p.m. Wednesday night.  It wasn’t quite the anticipated sixteen inches in our area, but snow was bad enough all over the state of North Dakota to prompt closing of several highways as well as our area schools and a number of churches yesterday.  Pretty much when schools close that’s a sign the town will shut down … the kids and I had to pick up Martha shortly after three on Tuesday.   It was my day off so I could do this; where I work closed at two o’clock Tuesday and was closed all day Wednesday anyway) and about the only places that stay open – it seems no matter what – are department stores like Kmart where Mary works.  (Wal-Mart closed once when it wasn’t scheduled to due to snow accumulating on its roof.)  Trinity Hospital where Martha works as a courier
Up There
And she drove home high.High off the drugs,High off his touch, the wrong one.Not illegal, just unexpected.A hug. Simple.So high, that she wanted to jump.To feel the air cut her skin.To make him feel her pain,But apologize for his.High enough to get sent to jail,And to stay there.Maybe she'll never see him again.Maybe a year and somethin' from now,He'll need a ride home.Maybe what just happened never happened.She's high enough to write,To have an out of body experience.She's high enough to feel inspirationWhen it slits her throat.And with every breath, she's higher.Striving for tomorrow night,For last night,For right now.Higher.
I'm supposed to set an example.Be strong for you, and for me.Smile and laugh and hold you.Press your lips against mine,Breathe into you...Make up for the breath you don't have.Fill you completely---with me.I'm supposed to be an example.The optimistic, exciting side of our love.The never-ending, never-tiring side..Of our love.Radiance, brilliance, a masterpiece.Fear, agony, a disaster.I've never had a hard time...Writing of you.Not until now.We weren't perfect, but lying--we were.It was easier that way. Until you let it slip.I let it slip, but you went there first.Screaming cries of agony.You couldn't hear a thing over the beating of my heart.I gave you so much of me, I let you take everything,You thought we'd be okay.That nothing you would do could...Could slip between us.
The Important Things Of Life.
The truly important things of life however, are those which cannot be encountered by the physical senses, purchased with money, or placed on a shelf. Accept life daily not as a cup to be drained but as a chalice to be filled with whatsoever things are honest, pure, lovely, and of good report. Making a living is best undertaken as part of the more important business of making a life. Give the best you have received from the past to the best that you may come to know in the future. Every now and again take a good look at something not made with hands A mountain, a star, the turn of a stream. There will come to you wisdom and patience and solace, and about all, the assurance that you are not alone in the world. Meditate on the "intangibles" as you spend this time alone with God. Take a moment to stare out a window or sit in a garden, and undertake the important business of making a life. Oni Noquisi  *aka*  JD
Copy Of My Work From My Facebook
this is something i worte...I am 20 years old so my views on relationships may be different than that of someone who is older and who has expericened much more in life than i have. So please keep in mind that these are the views and they are that of a 20 year old women. Thank you i hope you enjoy.   The what if's   If i tell you i love you will you listen to reason, If i tell you, you are my soul will you see reason. If i could tell you these things life would be the way its ment to be. If i told you, you carry my heart with you where ever you may go would you understand?   If i told you that no matter what happen in life i will always be there even if you don't see me, even if you don't care.   If i told you, you were special in my eyes and that nothing could have changed that, would you have noticed your own strength?   If i told you i could have lived by our conversations, the late nights, would you have been able to have comprehended that.   If i had told you any of
Getting Sprayed By A Skunk Is No Joke!
Very early every morning during the work week, I get up at 4:45am so that I can take my Jack Russell Terrier for a walk.  During this early morning walk, I let him be off leash because it's quiet and there is really noone else around.  We only go a couple quicks blocks but it's nice to let him run ahead and he really digs his early morning walk. I've been working with Peanut to get him to stop chasing cats and for the last couple of months, he's been doing really well, walking past the kitties and leaving them alone.  But this past Friday, June 24th, he took off after a 'cat' that turned out to be a SKUNK and Peanut got sprayed.  As soon as I saw him circle way out around the skunk and shaking himself all over, I knew that the skunk had got him.  As Peanut came towards me, and was still at least 12 feet away from me I could SMELL him and I instantly felt like I was going to throw up! I've never smelled anything so vile, to putrid, so strong and over powering. OMG it was awful. I coul
Welcome To Club Aura! Message From The Promotions Manager
    Hey! What's up? My names Dorothy Rose. I'm Club Aura's Head Promoter. You can call me Dottie,Dor,Dorothy..whatever you're comfortable with. Anyways, again Welcome to Club Aura, the hottest lounge on Fubar!  Hmm...what to say about Club Aura? Well you'll find things done different in here than most lounges. We are a DRAMA-FREE lounge, we have an AMAZING owner named Jen. I'd like to say she did an awesome job with the lounge & I wish her the best & hope the lounge does well. We have amazing staff & djs. We have the best family on Fubar.   Want to help promote the lounge? That'd be awesome! The only way to promote is to let people know about our lounge. If you don't know how to promote, that's okay. If you know how to make graphics, that's a plus! That alone would be fine, just contact Jen & tell her you want to help out with the lounge.  There are very simple rules in order to becoming staff. Respect all staff like you want to be respected. If you can't respect us,we won't t
Choosing What Color Of Wedding Dresses Is Perfect For You
It's official: coloring is among the hottest trends for wedding dresses! What began about a decade ago with Amsale's legendary blue sash gown has expanded and evolved into wedding ceremony gowns with very much a whole lot more multi-colored accents. no subject whether your design is normally a hint of pink or an all red-colored extravaganza, verify out these fantastic suggestions for putting on a multi-colored Cheap Wedding Party Dresses. The most current bridal collections are blessed with an abundance of pale pink (especially the Platinum selection by Priscilla of Boston). Pink Wedding Dresses are normally a organic selection for any wedding ceremony gown, since it could be the essence of romance and femininity. The gentle hue is perfect for brides who adore the concept of attempting a little something other compared to conventional all bright wedding ceremony dress, but who do not want an in-your-face explosion of color. When a bride goes straight down the aisle in a very pale pink
Teaching You How To Have A Cheap Wedding
Wedding is frequently a large matter not just since it begins marriage lifestyle but in addition it could possibly be expensive and be stressful. people today go with caterers and wedding ceremony planners to help save by themselves strain so they are able to just take satisfaction in things. But several couples are over a tight budget. wanting to help save income or possess Cheap wedding dresses will need to bring about added stress. But it's completely doable and it's uncomplicated if you ever do it right. There are several methods to minimize expenses and help save money. But generally, retain your wedding ceremony simple, casual & personalized, DIY as significantly when you can and purchase at cheap. Let's see extra thorough ideas. Ceremony Save within the venue by not picking a regular wedding dresses, if you ever go to some church, some churches have good deals or you could possibly even not need to spend to hire it. My good friend experienced hers at her mother-in-laws church
Updates On Porky
Porky didn't need stitches. We have to give him shots twice a day for 10 days, pain meds for 3 days, and another oral med for I think 5 days.    Most pet birds don't survive cat bites, Porky only has a 25 percent chance of surviving. It's been 1 day so far, and he looks good. He's eating, but he refused the food at the vet's office. He gets fruit blend along with Vita-Mix food. Picky SOB.
Tonight @ The Atrium 6 Pm
My friend talked me into going to this POF dance, it's all old guys judging by the list. Sigh! Oh well, I'll go to have fun.   7 dollars cover fee.
Love Alone
Love Alone I know it hurts I know you’re bruised But it’s only on the inside I know you’re lost And you’re confused It’s only on the inside I see you walk And you’re dragging your feet But it’s only for a moment Stuck at the part Where you’re feeling complete Yeah, it’s only for a moment It’s not too late to walk in my direction When honey everything you’ll needs in your reflection Who’s gonna walk you home And who’s gonna hold your hand When you’re heavy like a stone And there’s trouble where you stand No I won’t tell your heart where to go Or make it feel something it won’t You could rearrange the stars And make them all your own But you can’t fall in love alone I know you’re torn And in between dreams But it’s all you’ve ever known And I know you’re worn out at the seams Yeah, it’s all you’ve ever known Well there’s no place left f
I Caught Fire
Seemed to stop my breath My head on your chest Waiting to cave in From the bottom of my... Hear your voice again Could we dim the sun And wonder where we've been Maybe you and me So kiss me like you did My heart stopped beating Such a softer sin... (I'm melting, Im melting) In your eyes I lost my place Could stay a while And I'm melting In your eyes Like my first time That I caught fire Just stay with me Lay with me Now Never caught my breath Every second I'm without you I'm a mess Ever know each other Trust these words are stones Why cuts aren't healing (why cuts aren't healing) Learning how to love I'm melting (I'm melting) In your eyes I lost my place Could stay a while And I'm melting In your eyes Like my first time That I caught fire Just stay with me Lay with me (Stay with me lay with me now) You could stay and watch me fall And of course I'll ask for help Just stay with me now We could take our HATS off stay in bed and just make love that's all (stay in bed, just make love
Love sometimes leaves you as dead as yesterday. Love comes and goes from your life without notice. It teaches you lessons in pain, strength, loss, forgiveness. The human heart has the capacity to keep beating and striving even though deep within most of us we have our own personal struggles. I have made new friendships and lost people closest to me who were and still are near and dear to my heart. No one can take that which my heart holds onto. Memories are always cherished, as are the new ones made daily. I have learned tragically to step back and take life in... all of it! Its all a huge lesson.... a fucked up one at times but with tradgedy there is beauty and hope. Hope that the people in our lives take what they have and appreciate it. You may complain about your life now but just remember to be thankful for what you have! Because even though you may be struggling with your own bullshit. That person who you walked by you may have an even stronger struggle than the little things goi
all i want to do is to c u laugh n enjoy urself bc life is way to short first u live then u die but i rather c u enjoy life b4 its to late
What A Pig!!
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Stopping The Hands Of Time - Spiritwind Wood
  So long I dreamed of you like thislyin' next to me hereas I run my fingers through your hairwhile I feel your warm soft lipsfrom a gentle kiss fall upon my facelooking at your beauty shinewhen we embracestopping the hands of time.
Women Have Different Symptoms For Heart Attacks, Study Says
A new ground-breaking study about heart attacks found that womens' symptoms are different than mens' and that women are more likely to die- mulberry bags . "The fifth time I went back I was having severe pain in the chest and I said I am not leaving this hospital another time," she said. "By then they started treating me like I was having mental problems." But she wasn't losing her mind. The tingling was a warning that something was wrong with her heart. A doctor finally agreed to take her to the Cath Lab where they slipped a camera through an artery in her groin up to her heart- mulberry sale . A new study of more than a million heart attack patients found women are less likely to have chest pain. Of those women, 19 percent were under 45 years old. "If you have a big family history of heart disease, take that seriously," said Dr. Besser. "Did a group of these symptoms come on all at once, are they more severe than ever before?" Heart attacks kill more women than breast cancer or
Rock Me To Sleep - A.p.c.
Backward turn backward o'time in your flight, make me a child again just for tonight! Mother come back from echoless shore, take me again to your heart as of yore. Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care, smooth the few silver threads out of my hair. Over my shoulders your loving watch keep, rock me to sleep, mother rock me to sleep!   Backward flow backward oh tide of the years, I am so weary of toil and of tears. Toil without recompense, tears all in vain, take them and give me my childhood again. I have grown weary of dust and decay, weary of flinging my soul-wealth away. Weary of sowing for others to reap, rock me to sleep, mother rock me to sleep!   Over my heart in the days that are flown, no love like mother love has ever shown. No other worship abides and endures, faithful, unselfish, and paitent like yours. No one like a mother can charm away pain, from the sick soul and the world weary brain. Slumbers soft calms over my heavy lids creep, rock me to
Midnight Storm
Midnight Storm by Kenneth Matlock on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 1:08am Raining showers cloud our greeting But it will not throw off our meeting Jungling beats out to the rain Something sweet filled with pain Silky skin slides between the hour Soaked and wet now from the shower Glowering bulbs flash in the night Not bright but dim like candlelight Black, blue, green and red Covering the dark spots round my bed The dark cave where you've been led You'll find a place to lay your head Soft still jazz sweeps the room Here in the bubble free of doom No people, cars, or end in sight Just tiny spots for me to bite Kiss along the curve of your spine Thin wet trails to know your mine.   Sopping clothes stripped to the floor. Barely made it through the door. Ripping cloth and peach skin too. Groping things that I just grew Swelled ripe and tender flesh So entwined now in a mesh Hot breaths escaping to the air. Watching every lustful stare. The bass is
Vent.... Emotions Eating Away At Me.......
Sunday March 25th 2012   Ever feel locked in you own body Trying so hard to escape? Ever feel like are your Own Monster? I feel like no one knows the real me.  But then again I don't even know the real me.  I'm so sick of pretending to be happy.  So Sick of Living Life. Any One Ever Feel Like ME?   I need help.... I take Abilify and Citaplam every day, i'm physically active, I talk to My Husband and have a counslor that I see.  WHY Do I keep feeling this way?   I want to live - I've gone through way to much shit to not want to live, but lately my mind is killing me.   My Anxiety is absoluty way out of control - I have a panic attack and anxiety attack over the littlest of things.  I keep popping  Lorazapam but I'm afriaid the evil side of me is going to take over and take a whole bottle.....   April 5th would of been my Moms 51st Birthday but she's not around no more and it's SSSOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo Fucking Unfair!!!!!  June 26th will be a year that she's been gone and all
True To Who? Me. The Rest Falls In Place. Watch You'll See.
I go through my life letting people in. I be who I am to the fullest extent. Sometimes my way out there personality will trip them out . Then everyone realize thats me.there is no doubt. I hope to meet people as real as I.Just because I go with it doesn't mean I believe people who lie...all the time. I always listen to what people have to say with no kind of doubt. If they turn out to be full of it I know i'm not missing out.
Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile trough the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.
Lose 14 Pounds In 2 Weeks - Guaranteed
Here’s the raw truth … Losing 14 pounds in 2 weeks - guaranteed may not be possible for everyone. But if you follow my FREE information I’m about to reveal to you, then you’ll be on your way to getting “High-School Skinny” in no time flat! Access 7 Secret Weight Loss Strategies For FREE! To Your Success And May God Bless You In Losing Weight, George St.Germain
I find myself lost searching for something that is missing in my life.  The dark shadows of night haunt me.  I am surrounded by evil, though I feel safer now than I have ever been. I find myself at the edge of a cliff. DO I JUMP? Do I turn and run back into the shadow filled hallow night? I catch myself turning back and wondering what is at the bottom of this dark hole.  Thinking will he be there to catch me? CAN HE CATCH ME? WHAT IF I JUST FALL? I turn and look back into the shadows. Saying to myself "DO I KEEP RUNNING AND HIDING?" Staying away from thing that haunt me. I cant fight the evil that lurks anymore, I close my eyes, Take one last deep breath, Whisper I love you into the air, hoping you can hear it. Then I take on last look in to the cold dark night and I JUMP. I dont feel myself falling, I hear screams and crying in the distance, Realizing it is the cries of hearts I broke, loves that I have lost and people that I have hurt. I can not repent what I have done in my past.
Think For A Second About The Dumbest Person You Have Ever Met.... Now Realize That 90% Of The Population Is Dumber Than That!
I can be a bit of a ranter... and at times, hard to handle.... I know this. But people are so fucking stupid sometimes it kills me! I had a lady and her kids come in for dinner the other night and all they did was sit and make fun of every other person in the dining room.... calling them trailer trash, or whores, skanks, probably homeless....YADA YADA. I bit my tongue (as a waitress, I have too) But it really got me thinking.....   Sometimes when you look at someone, your first impression can be so off that you judge someone solely on that impression and you miss out on meeting a really great person. When you look at why this is, you can tell in an instant that it is a society based misconception.   When you see a rugged looking fellow outside of a grocery store with a cup, most Americans today would assume that A, he's homeless and B, the cup is for begging for money. However, this can be one of our largest misconceptions ever. First of all when you look at his exterior, societ

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