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Friends Or Making New Friends...
Hello everyone I don't mind add people from time to time with a SALUTE! I am just wanting to look for true people talk once in awhile. If I delete you its just because I am always cleaning out my page of people who don't talk. It's nothing serious its just I am tired of fake people. I have over 1400 on my list again and long time ago it was a lot more then that. As we speak I have over 340 friends requests. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I am rating some of your pictures as I take one at a time. If I deny you don't get mad with me please. Have a great day its Saturday enjoy it. MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts
Iced Earth - I Died For You
Supremely sad song, off of their Dark Saga album I can't believe this now This isn't what I planned I lived and died and now I just can't understand With all the love I feel I could never leave her No matter what the cost My soul's the price to see her [Chorus] Oh how I love you The pain won't go away Oh when I need you You're always so far away I cry for you Leaving myself to blame I died for you I gave up everything The pain was just too much When I finally saw her She's happy and in love In love with my best friend What makes it hurt so bad Is that I love them both And they will never know For love I sold my soul [Repeat Chorus]
Now I Am The Master
I understand being a Star Wars fan, but this is a little much isn't it?
Official: T-mobile's Google Android Phone Launching 9-23
I just got the official invite to the launch party for the T-Mobile G1, aka the HTC Dream, aka the Google Phone, the first-ever retail phone running Google's Android platform. As you can see from the invite above, it's going to be a big deal, with T-Mobile and Google execs speaking and a hideous scrum of reviewers jockeying to get their hands on tethered-down units afterwards. In other words, it's going to be great. We'll cover it when it happens, and we'll have a review up as soon as we can an actual review model. We still don't know when it's going on sale or at what price, though. Want to get psyched?
What Kind Of Sundae Are You?
You Are a Banana Split Fruity, flavorful, and diverse. Who can beat a true superstar? What Kind of Sundae Are You?
15,470 Points To Go!
friend of velvets goldustwoman@ fubar
Yes, Officer!!!
I get home from work late, I look through the house and find you sitting on the bed watching our favorite porno. You are massaging a very large erection, as I watch you masturbate from the doorway, I find myself starting to feel warm all over and the moisture collect between my legs. You still don't know that I'm there.... I burst into the room suddenly and go into full "cop mode". I start yelling about you breaking the law and that you will have to be punished.... I tell you to stand up, you do so very quickly. Your cock looks huge, and all I can think about is wrapping my lips around it, but I need to stay in character.... I tell you to face the wall with your hands on your head so that I can "search" you fully. I start by running my hands down your back, I linger when I get to your ass, I lower my body so that I can feel down your legs. I order you to turn around. Your huge cock is right in my face. I give it a teasing lick on my way back up to search the rest of your body. I ru
What Do I Look Like?! *by Me*
What do i look like? Do i have the word whore on me? When you look in my eyes... Do you see slut written then why do you treat me as so I am a woman A goddess I am not a piece of meat i am not here to entertain i am not here for ur pleassure i a human with a beating heart a broken one yes... But it still beats the same as yours...
Seeing new faces i stop, a picture of u is what i know. You respond with kindness and i wonder why, your eyes, tell me who you are and drive my imagination wild. Wanting and needing to know more. This stranger so amazing, could he be. Questioning why, my heart beats so rapid and thoughts of you linger. True feelings i have acclimated. A picture, how can this be? Nervous, and waiting, to see words from you. I wonder what your thoughts could be. Do you sense it? Do you want more? A genuine heart, honesty, and laughter is my desire. Could i fall? i can see a future, i will keep to myself because of the circumstance. You are a light or is this a shock to my senses from your written words. You are amazing! Think about my words and how you really feel? To feel you; I have felt in my dreams. Not feeling a void but you have me and i don't know why. Could it be, could you be?
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Second Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)ExtremeLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)ModerateLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very HighLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)High
Rip My Jeans Not My Heart
~Rip My Jeans But Not My Heart~ To get on this train r/f/a all members. And in case you're not sure what those letters mean...RATE/FAN/ADD...and you MUST do all three. Let them know that you are joining the "ripped jean" train in your friend request. If they are already a friend leave them a comment like "blue jeans rock" and don't forget to re-rate them. And again my number one rule... NO DRAMA...NO DRAMA...NO DRAMA did i say NO DRAMA When new members add you rate and fan them as well as leave them a comment. They rated you so be kind and rate and fan them back. Rate the jeans folder and you'll get a jeans tag specially made by Vitamin de~. Start with this picture. Leave a comment on the last picture to let Vitamin de~ know that you finished. Don't forget to message Vitamin de~ when you've finished the train to be added....and rate the pict
Country Girls Like 2 Play In The Mudd & Party All Night Long With Friends
im like for the right guy it be cool somebody give me a holdle 2 talk my redneck girl 2 the heart & country girl 2
Team 1 Fu-angels , Les Just Got Her Halo!!!
Tuesday Dod Is Fancy Pants
FANCY PANTS *** member of rating revolution**** greeter for sinful sensations@ fubar
Which Story Would Be Choose
I will take a break from my Northern escapades weekend with those guys… yes we were referred to as one of those guys by the staff at Camelot Country Club. I was going to tell my Coronita and Absolute story that is why an Amish lady let me into my room, however there are a couple of pore souls that need their stories told before. Have you heard about the pore dude that just couldn’t catch a break? Well apparently what he did catch was the hood of a car and the grill of a train…all in one night! A Boulder, CO man was hospitalized after he was hit by a train while walking his bicycle across a railroad bridge in Boulder, Colo., early Wednesday, about six hours after he was hit by a car, local station KMGH reported. Police said it was the second trip to the emergency room in six hours for the man. He is reported in stable condition. According to police, Robert Evans, 46, was struck by a hit-and-run driver on Tuesday night around 10:00 PM, while riding his bicycle at the intersection o
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~let Spirit Flow~
Let your enthusiasm show. Enthusiasm costs you absolutely nothing and requires no special skills. It is yours the moment you choose to embrace it. When you do, your world changes. The problems turn into opportunities and the challenges become fields upon which you can create new value. Enthusiasm infuses you with a heightened sense of purpose. Enthusiasm provides you with a beneficial immunity against any setbacks that may come. Enthusiasm is contagious and it draws other people to you. Because when you're wrapped up in enthusiasm, it feels great. Somewhere inside you there is an authentic sense of enthusiasm, eager to come to life. Let it out and let it show. Allow enthusiasm to infect your attitude, and spread it to those around you. Delight in the feeling as it pushes you forward. -- Ralph Marston
Morning After
Morning After Alas, twenty-to-seven Awakened, the morning light. Sheets, alcohol stained – rendered sweat, Last night’s snow, the purest of white. Passions spent, last evening’s game, Emotions rent – cold breath, no respite Intimate touch? Not the same, Each life’s individual – right? Last night’s intent, softly Traverse your downy path. Defiling your sanctuary Unintentional, yet invasive wrath. Silent fears, Sleepiness washed away, Costly fears, Of what we dread each day. No more the rest Of peaceful breath to share. Bed sheets stressed As we portend to care poet
Please Help!!
Help Hðåkïê-Gïrl become Disciple! She only has less than 800k to go and has auto 11's right now so spank her hard! Hðåkïê-Gïrl £ðµñÐêr 𣠣rïêñЧhïþ Çïr¢lê' ,@ fubar Brought To You By : ♥♥MysticMo0d♥♥ ~ Club United/Rate Swappers ~ F/A/R Me@ fubar (repost of original by '♥♥MysticMo0d♥♥ ~ Club United/Rate Swappers ~ F/A/R Me' on '2008-10-04 02:19:17')
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Day 1
I am currently a fubar virgin as it is my first day on here....I'm adding and finding little by little so come and check me out and see what you see. :)
Labi Siffre - Something Inside So Strong
The higher you build your barriers The taller I become The farther you take my rights away The faster I will run You can deny me You can decide to turn your face away No matter, cos there's.... Something inside so strong I know that I can make it Tho' you're doing me wrong, so wrong You thought that my pride was gone Oh no, something inside so strong Oh oh oh oh oh something inside so strong The more you refuse to hear my voice The louder I will sing You hide behind walls of Jericho Your lies will come tumbling Deny my place in time You squander wealth that's mine My light will shine so brightly It will blind you Cos there's...... Something inside so strong I know that I can make it Tho' you're doing me wrong, so wrong You thought that my pride was gone Oh no, something inside so strong Oh oh oh oh oh something inside so strong Brothers and sisters When they insist we're just not good enough When we know better Just look 'em in the eyes and say I
Happyhour :p
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Money-a Chill Out Tribute To Pink Floyd
Money - Pink Floyd
My Man Hood
I was just wanting to know how many of you women out there would like to get fucked by a cock like mine? This might sound conceded, but I think my cock is pretty big. Im sure I would be able to please all most any of you. So, what I'm really asking is it a good size or is it too small for you. Just so you know, its not the size but what i can do with it that counts!!!!
My First Blind Date
My first blind date I am too old for this Being on a blind date After so many years with one Woman that met my needs Yet here I am and Patti is her name Drinks and dinner Focused on what went wrong With relations past Never listening to each other But our own tired tirades On why it wasn’t our fault I noticed she had freckles on her breasts Exciting as it may be The discussion about her past Husband Scott did not Stir my loins The steak was rare and the 18 Year old scotch was smooth Thank god they night carried on And the coffee aided me Back to the sanctuary of my verse. Patti of the later years I am sorry that you desire not What I want or yearn for The ability to want the simple Act of desire To want To expect To pursuit My mane may be gray But my desire to hunt Has not been supplanted by memories lost Yet searched for And I understand A blind date is just that blind Poet
Mayor In Russia Says He Can See Sarah Palin
Mayor In Russia Says He Can See Sarah Palin Showering From His House (Provideniya, Russia) Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, has said that she can see Russia from her house. Across the Bering Strait in Provideniya Bay sits the town of Provideniya, Russia and its mayor Dimitri Andropov. He says that he can see Palin showering from HIS house. “And it is very nice.” Mayor Andropov added that his small town, like America, is transfixed with the buxom Governor. “We have a shower watchman on duty 24/7. And when the delightful Palin turns on the water and lets down her hair, the alarm sounds, telling everyone to rush to my house for a show. The kids love it.” Leonid Andropov, the Mayor’s brother, said that the ability to see Palin shower has given him and the other men a newfound respect for her. “She’s a very thorough cleaner, which is tough when one is dealing with moose guts, wolf blood and oil…And she doesn’t have a mustache, which is just a big pl
An Illusion Of Surburbia
My first view of Camp Korean Village was darkness. There are very little outside lights in this area of Western Iraq. There's very little anything around except sand. As is usual with the military I arrived at KV early morning a little past 3:00 AM after an 8 hour convoy in the back of a 7 ton armored truck to counteract the ever present IED threat. Upon arrival, the convoy commander simply dismissed the group leaving my group groping around in the dark looking for someone who knew where we could check in. We found them by accident and there in green splendor was Smallpox and a few others waiting for their relief. Never in a life of Sundays would I have ever pictured me seeing my best friend after months in Iraq. Interesting. Korean Village is so named because it was occupied by Koreans (duh) who had been contracted by Hussein to build a road. The place consists of small cabin like structures - almost ranch style- painted off white/tan with an ugly green overhang. Ugly places wit
Missin My Girl ~layla~ Get Well Soon Baby!
I Gotta Take The Time To Thank My Beautiful Fu-Owned Girl })i({Her World})i({ For Helping Me Out And Making This Wonderful And Beautiful Bully For Me... I Just Love It Hun!! This Blog Speaks For Its Self...Please Read It And Take It To Heart, Not Only For Your Own Good... But For Those You Love Too!! And Do Please Send Some Love Layla's Way, Let Her Know You Miss Her And Are Wishing Her Well With A Speedy Recovery...I Certainly Do!!! Please Leave Her Msgs Here Too...She Will End Up Seeing It All, And Would Love For Her To Know How Much She Is Loved And Cared About!! PLEASE...take the time to read this... I want to share with you a Very Special lady to me her name is Layla she is a wonderful woman, beautiful and full of life... You may know her as ~Layla~ She is my Best Friend and she has been away for some time now, but not everybody knows why...and I wanted to take this time to share wit
Cowboy Caviar
Cowboy Caviar 1 15-ounce can black-eyed peas, rinsed and drained 1/4 cup thinly sliced green onion (2) 1/4 cup finely chopped red sweet pepper 2 tablespoons cooking oil 2 tablespoons cider vinegar 1 to 2 fresh jalapeno chili peppers, seeded and chopped 1/4 teaspoon cracked black pepper dash of salt 2 cloves garlic, minced assorted crackers or tortilla chips In a bowl combine black-eyed peas, green onions, sweet pepper, oil, vinegar, jalapeno pepper, salt, and garlic. Cover and chill overnight. Serve the mixture with crackers or tortilla chips.
Crab-meat Spread
1 can (7 1/2 ozs.) king crab meat, drained, flaked 1 teaspoon prepared horseradish 1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice Dash of white pepper 1/2 cup plain yogurt Combine crab meat, horseradish, salt, lemon juice, and white pepper. Fold in yogurt. Cover; chill. Use to spread on crackers as canapes, or use as a dip. Yields about 1 1/4 cups.
Great Garlic Knots
INGREDIENTS: 1 (11 ounce) container refrigerated breadstick dough 1 egg, lightly beaten 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Tie the dough into 12 knots and place them onto a cookie sheet. Brush the knots with the egg, and sprinkle the rosemary and garlic onto the knots. Bake the knots according to the package directions.
Monkey Uses Brain Power To Move Robotic Arm
Caa #43
This is just in from a friend who is asking for prayers for this man that she has met. He is undergoing Chemo right now, so let us send angel prayers and healing that he beats this. Angel strength and support so that we can help him during this time. Doc
Blow It Out Your As$
So I've come to the realization that certain groups of people need to die. I could list all the groups who are worthy of the punishment, but that would take to long. So instead I shall gather them up,and kill them. In my head. Oh what a bloody mess it will be.
Stephen Fry In America
Living Icon, and National Treasure, Stepehn Fry's new six part series showing him driving round the US in a London cab starts on BBC1 on Monday. The man is a certifiable legend, and the show is bound to be excellent. link
Exclusive Food Drop
hello readers thanks for passing by rate the pics and if you get lucky traveling chef drops exclusive food plate at your site greetings traveling chef
Britney Spears - Womanizer
Superstar Where you from, hows it going? I know you Gotta clue, what youre doing? You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here But I know what you are, what you are, baby Look at you Gettin more than just re-up Baby, you Got all the puppets with their strings up Fakin like a good one, but I call em like I see em I know what you are, what you are, baby Womanizer womanizer woman womanizer your a womanizer oh womanizer oh you're a womanizer, you're a womanizer, baby you, you, you are you, you, you are womanizer, womanizer, womanizer boy dont try to front i know just what you are boy dont try to front i know just what you are you got me going you're cold hearted but i can't do it you womanizer boy dont try to front i know just what you are boy dont try to front i know just what you are you said you played me, but that's okay you're nothin but a womanizer Boy, dont try to front I know just what you are Womanizer Daddy-O You got the swagger o
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Boomer@ fubar
Fake People
So i've come to notice there are a few fake ppl on fubar. We'll start with Baby T, owner of Hot and Wild Passion's Lounge. Most of her pics on her profile are not of her, but in fact of a girl that looks similar to her named Jennifer Ellison, I'll bet that if you google Jennifer Ellison just as I did, you will find alot of the pics on Baby T's profile are of Jennifer Ellison. The real one doesn't have the mole on her neck like Baby T. That is about the only difference in the two girls. »-(¯`v´¯)-»ßãßÿ †®èª§üR£ ♥Öwñër♥H☺† & Wî£d P姧î☺ñ'§ »-(¯`v´¯)-»@ fubar Fake girl number 2. Aly Cat, Well she is completely posing as someone she is not. The real person she is posing as is named Alyson Sax, go ahead and feel free to google that name as well, you will see that she is a musician in Canada, not living in Bakersfield, CA like 'Aly Cat' is claiming to be from. The real Alyson has 2 myspace pages, her's and her music one, i've done my homework on this.
To The Hornet's Nest We Go....helmand Province
Well I want to begin by thanking those who take time out of their busy schedules to read these blogs. I know they can be quite lengthy but there’s so much that occurs here on a daily basis I’m trying to fit in as much as I can. Again, many thanks for pushing me to the limit on these blogs, I really enjoy writing them and I’m glad that you enjoy reading them as well. When I first arrived here almost 6 weeks ago, I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t understand my job very well, and to be perfectly honest I was quite nervous. The responsibility with this task is enormous, but I’m up for the challenge. When I first met General “S”, I told him that before we can start making changes to his organization, I wanted to take some time to evaluate the way his organization conducts business, I wanted to evaluate them from the bottom to the top and identify shortfalls and obstacles, and then make recommendations. One thing that I noticed immediately was how information flow from the different
101308 Dilbert
My Only Sunshine
The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arms But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken So I hung my head and cried.
you know what tics me off... when some chick posts some picture of some hottie as her main and i ...being who i am is like "oh..look...a hottie" ...then you click on the pictures to further investigate the hotness and you are bombareded by images of some fatty or other varient of woofer its false advertisement and they should be Fu-sue'd
Two Choices
At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning-disabled children, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question: 'When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection. Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do. Where is the natural order of things in my son?' The audience was stilled by the query. The father continued. 'I believe that when a child like Shay, physically and mentally handicapped comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child.' Then he told the following story: Shay and his father had walked past a park where some boys Shay knew were playing baseball. Shay asked, 'Do you think they'll let me play?' Shay's father knew that
The Polite Way To Pee.
During one of her daily classes, a teacher trying to teach good manners, asked her students the following question: Michael if you were on a date, having dinner with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?' Michael said, 'Just a minute I have to go pee.' The teacher responded by saying, 'That would be rude and impolite. What about you Sherman, how would you say it?' Sherman said, 'I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back.' That's better, but it's still not very nice to say the word bathroom at the dinner table. And you, little Edward, can you use your brain for once and show us your good manners? 'I would say: Darling, may I please be excused for a moment? I have to shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I hope to introduce you to 'after dinner.' The teacher fainted
To Realize
To realize The value of a sister... Ask someone Who doesn't have one. To realize The value of ten years: Ask a newly Divorced couple To realize The value of four years: Ask a graduate. To realize The value of one year: Ask a student who Has failed a final exam. To realize The value of nine months: Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn. To realize The value of one month: Ask a mother Who has given birth to A premature baby. To realize The value of one week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize The value of one minute: Ask a person Who has missed the train, bus or plane. To realize The value of one-second: Ask a person Who has survived an accident. Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when You can share it with someone special. To realize the value of a friend or family member : LOSE ONE.
A guy purchased his lovely wife a pocket taser for their anniversary, submitted this: Last weekend, I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interesr. The occasion was our 15th wedding anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife, Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized Taser. The effects of the Taser were supposed to be short-lived, with no long-term adverse effects on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety...WAY TOO COOL!! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time, I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. AWESOME! Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Julie what that burn spot is on the surface of her microwave. Okay, so I
Sweet Sixteen
"Sweet Sixteen" I turn 16 in 15 day; sweet 16 it's almost time. Most girls would be excited, unlike I. Me, I just want my father to be here. I wish for once, he could be here for something that's important to me! He wasn't here when I first became a teen, He wasn't here when I graduated eighth grade, And now, when I'm finally becoming a young lady, becoming partially independent, Gaining responsibilities I only dreamed of having, The time I get my licenses and first car. All he can say is "I wish I could be there to see my little girl grow up!" He makes no attempt to show up, call, and I probably won't receive so much as a card! Yes, he lives twelve hours away, but for once, instead of me going to him, Why can't he come to me? The day that's supposed to be my best, Won't be as good as I always dreamed! There's the catch they're all just dreams. Dreams that may never come true, No matter how I hope and pray! I turn 16 in 15 days;
A Whole Lotta Nothing
I Dont normally write blogs and actually talk about my life or whatever but i really need to vent.....Shits been really bad lately,for me anyway. This year has been the year of pure hell to say the least, ive lost so much and gained so little . Its hard to hold onto that last little nothing you have just so you have something to live for. Every beginning has an end and im reaching my end. It hurts when i see people have something ill never have....happiness.Im really fucked up..Ive been living in a cloudyness state of mind and i think im just now seeing things for what they really are and its really hard to swallow the reality . Im tired of being like this , Im tired of wakeing up in the middle of the night and reaching for something thats no longer there. Yeah yeah i know....quit yer cryin andrea this worlds too busy to cater to your every little need. Im fuckin tired of being cold hearted and emotionless, I want to feel again..Even if its pain atleast its something ......I dont know
i was sick last night and at the very last minute decided to go to the thunder game...and boy do we SUCK!!! I dont see a championship coming. But i think after last night there will be lots of fighting. So if you like fighting in hockey you should go see them play.
I Am
I am the seed of the apple that can never grow I am the soil on the earth that is so dirty it can never show. I am the sun that shines only threw a pane of glass. I am the four winds that blows on those cold damp days . I am the greed in your heart, when you know others are in need. I am the hunger in your stomach ,you need to be fed. I am the one your mom warned you about somewhere in your head. I am the guilty plee on an innocent face, loving that person without a trace. I am me for all eternity~ What am I you ask ? I am your conscience ~~~!!!! Mystical 10/23/07
Okay I was recently diagnosed with fibromalygia a year ago. But have had it since 1998 after being misdiagnosed with arthritis and RA. Anyone have the same condition as me? What sorts of methods do u use to relieve it? As for me I take Lyrica around 75mg twice a day and i use a water circulating heating machine/pad for flare-ups.No need to reply unless u have questions. Only targeted for those with Fibromyalgia. May god and goddess give you each day the strength to get through this day pain free.So mote it be. Blessed Be Amy
David Archuleta - Crush
David Archuleta - Crush.mp3 - I hung up the phone tonight Something happened for the first time Deep inside There's a rush, what a rush Cause the possibility That you would ever feel the same way About me It's just too much, just too much Why do I keep running from the truth All I ever think about is you You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized And I just got to know Do you ever think When you're all alone All that we can be Where this thing could go Am I crazy or falling in love Is it real or just another crush Do you catch your breath When I look at you Are you holding back Like the way I do Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away But I know this crush ain't going away, going away Has it ever crossed your mind When were hangin, spending time girl, Are we just friends Is there more, is there more See it's a chance we've gotta take Cause I believe that we can make this into Something that will last, last forever, forever Do you ever think When yo
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I-AM-WHAT-I-AM@ fubar 4,400 to Henchman!!
Last Goodbye To A Love Sucking Vampire
Writing endless words on pieces of paper Sending them out in endless letters wondering if you ever read them or just see my name on the envelope and throw them away? this is one you will read see I canged my name and my address so you wouldn't recognize it and i typed it so my handwriting you wouldn't see i haven't heard from you in months so i guess we're through you grew tired of me and decided to leave without any warning or letters explaining that you were leaving what about all the fun we had when we were together we were so in love or so i thought so this is me now hurt and broken blinded by your love at one time yet since i don't have it anymore im starting to see through my own eyes seeing how cold and heartless you really are i hope you know that i hate you for all the pain that you've put me through I never want to see you again this will be my last words ever
Hot Day
Pent up frustrations What is a girl to do There is no man around to seduce Oh well, there is self gratification That just won't do I want a mouth on mine Deep passionate kisses Feel hands roaming See clothes flying I watn to feel a mouth on my warm and wet places I want to cum I want penetration A good hard stiff one deep inside me This frustration is driving me nuts I gotta find someone Breathe deep, pace Waiting....something I am not good at It's time to head out Let's just hope there is no drought I can't handle another hot day and no man to do! 5/6/04
Trip To Virginia Pt 1
Virginia Trip & Time with Nat Part 1 So here I am finally sitting down to write about my adventure(s) last week. It has already been about 7 days since the escapades began. I am afraid I may forget some details as per how much time has gone by since. 10/16 About a week ago I began the journey to VA a lot earlier than it ended up I needed to. The trip was roughly 3.5 hrs and I left around 11am. The trip down was really rather uneventful I guess. There was little traffic and I listened to the first 2 CDs of Obama’s book: “the audacity of hope” and my annoying GPS unit. I arrived just before the check in time of 3pm. I remember after I arrived and checked in at my hotel for the night thinking “ oh great! I planned for everything except for this. I don’t know what to do now, I have more than 24 hrs before I can pick up Nat.” After getting comfortable and acquainted with my room I decided to explore the area, maybe find a way to Nat’s. I ended up grabbing lunch at a local restaur
Pop Up Pancakes
makes 24 muffins or fills a 9×13 baking pan * 1 cup milk * 1 cup flour * 6 eggs * 1/4 cup melted butter * dash salt * Preheat oven at 400* I like to blend all the ingredients in my blender. I have tried to whisk it or even use the electic mixer, but it seems to get the most smooth with a blender. Then grease your muffin tins or baking pan. My mom likes to bake these in a jelly roll pan. Bake them for 15 minutes, or until puffy and golden on top. Use a knife to pry them out, hopefully they were greased well enough and should pop right out. Now they are ready for toppings. I love syrup, powdered sugar, and fruit. You could even use fresh Strawberry Jam. We usually load it all on and dive in.
The Ultimate Orgy Of Homosexuality
(The video is here.)
In The End We Are All Forgotten.
so i don't know whats going on.but i am in one of those moods where i feel like i have all these feelings to express but i don't. im feeling kind of nostalgic but not really. i think of old memories and think of how things were and how things now are. and how it sucks. my friend wants me to come to his show in nov and i want to go to hang with him but while he is playing i have to hang with people i rather not anymore. i feel as though i have grown so much and have more worries and such than them. i hate how people are so fake. i mean people talk so much shit then act like best friends to each others face. how these people are in these relationships but bitch and moan about unhappy they are. for some reason i see the real world and i know it. i think about leaving alot. how much i wish i could take off and no one would know where i was or why i left. but there is this guy. and honestly thats what is keeping me here right now. i mean once he says the words "we aren't going to be togethe
Making Strides...
Please Donate Help me reach my goal. ANY amount will do. I will be walking November 8th. If you live in the Tempe, Az area, join my team and walk with me :) There's no fee. If interested, let me know. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - 2008-2009 -REL
Caa #54 - Update
Please keep in prayers, have been updated on what happened. Seems that their truck was t-boned hitting the daughters side (she was the passenger). Other driver ran a red light. She has cuts on her face, but right now she is still unconscious from the accident. Dr. thinks it is due to shock, so we are waiting, but there does not appear to be anything major for right now. Will keep everyone updated. Doc
^sin^'s Halloween Pimpout
Someone Wants You Would you like to meet some awesome people? Well here they are So what are you waiting for? Rate/fan/add/bling them! easye02476 fu bf to^sin^@ fubar KING KLICK \OWNER OF JENNIFER BITCHES@ fubar Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve!@ fubar THE hubby™ of Ashlea THE Pimp™ of Pu$$ycat Playmates &Pimps FOREVER owned by Memoire&Sweets@ fubar BlondePrincess~*Mark's Wife♥~*Pu$$ycat Playmate*~@ fubar ♥§û£†ř¥™♥Fu Wifey 2 ^Sin^♥Support Our Troops♥@ fubar STIXX@ fubar Phillbilly@ fubar
Miss Anthrope
So I got into a heated argument with my friend. It started off when I mentioned my hopes for a complete market crash, with chaos and dysfunction ensued. Why? Because only a true disaster of a global scale would test a human spirit, weed off the garbage from true matter, take humans off their pedestals. Kinda like slash and burn of humanity, if you will. Starting all over. I have been observing people ever since I was a little child, trying to find their motives to do things they do, what drives people to be the way they are. People really sicken me nowadays. It is a world of entitled, elitist creatures that have been sheltered in their cocoons from the moment they were spawned. A world of hardened, callous thugs that use less than desirable living conditions as an excuse not only to be completely apathetic to the plight of their fellow individuals, most of the times stranded in a same boat, but also to take away what little those people have. A world of righteous pricks
Need A Bling Then Here It Is! Free Free
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Moulin Rouge
Ingredients: * 1 1/2 oz Sloe gin * 3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth * 2 dashes Angostura bitters * Ice Mixing instructions: Stir ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.
Leveling Help 77
MIMIHOUSTON@ fubar 1,300 to level
My Love Life
Well everyone knows from my golf game and family I found a man in Sutton,WV the news is I am happy with him yes its only been a few days but I love his kids and his ex/best friend Lorrie is the sweetest I really like her. So every man in Florida I ask you to back down now is all I ask I am happy, yes I dislike West Virgina there is a happy side to it finding a great person. Have a good week everyone. Amber
Pecan Tarts
PECAN TARTS 1 cup flour 3 oz cream cheese 1 stick margarine 1 egg 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 tablespoon melted margarine 3/4 cup pecans (chopped) Crust: Mix well the flour, cream cheese and margarine. Pat mixture in each cup of muffin tin or form a miniature pie shell. Filling: Mix together egg, brown sugar, vanilla and margarine. Add pecans and pour into shells. Bake at 400 degrees until brown.
Wanna Own Some Pussy?
click, bid, love her..... p.s. still send me your fu-bucks
Cut Short
Dont ever let people cut u short,tell them to take a long hike.....
That was the Illinois number in the lottery the next day!!!! Is God playing with us? Let us know He knows more then we do???
Foub Group Builds Internet-related Businesses
Designing of a new website, Redesign or revamping of an existing website, Maintenance & management of an existing website. Our professional methodology ensures prompt, timely services within your budget.We emphasize on scalable web application development; which can accommodate rapid business changes with ease in future applications. Web Designing,Web Development,E-Commerce,SEO,Graphic Designing,CRM,CMS,Online Marketing
Not Mine But I Love It
Any guy can mess around, it takes a real man to find a girl and stick with her. Any guy can call you sexy, hot, and all that.. it takes a real man to call you beautiful. Any guy can call you in tears begging you to take him back, it takes a real man to not have a reason to be in those tears. Any guy can say I love you, it takes a real man to say it and mean it even if all of his guy friends are standing around. Any guy can drive over to your house to hang out with you, it takes a real man to show up unexpected. Any guy can have sex with a girl, it takes a real man to wait. Any guy can be with you on the best days when everything is ok, it takes a real man to stay by your side for weeks if thats what it takes when it feels like your world is falling apart. Any guy can talk noise with his friends when a sexy girl walks by, it takes a real man to look the other way. Any guy can be sweet and true to your face, it takes a real man to stay sweet and true when you're g
Empty Tank
Here I am again...tired from not sleeping...Sad from not loving. I feel miserable on this plane...Here on this earth. I've done it again...I stayed out all night. I feel it again...I dred this flight. Why? Because I'm sick...Sick of being owned... I write because I'm sick...Sick of being known. If I was normal...Would she like me the same? If I was just a stock boy...Would she still enjoy my name? I'd like to think she does and would...I believe in her and believe in me she should. I'm gonna lean my head against this window...Close my eyes and go to sleep. I'll wake up in the next town...With thoughts beyond deep. The days will go by as I will just act. As the days go by I can only look back...At the good times...the fun. At the bad times...the fun. I wonder if she misses me as much as I miss her...I wonder if she waits to see me...I wonder if she waits? I'd like to think she did and would...I believe in her and believe in me she should. My hear is so curi
It Made No Sense
It was like leather sticks with mushroom coating. Like cow tongue licks with weather side roaming. A naked watch that was watching me. A lever to pull that grew like a tree. Slowly but surely the muscles were fat. Uplifting but low...the owner was a rat. Sold to the corner where the slobber sets in. It's wet and smells bad like a few.....of our friends. It was like a condom... That was made out of stone. A cracker of wisdom that was so damn old. Like crows it was... Washed with no rinse. Like me it was... It made no sense.
Dragons Live
Dragons. Some say they never were, And were birthed from imagination. The same say that fantasy Is the realm of children and the insane. To believe in the magical, the mythical, And the fantastic Is to be as a child or a madman. I am neither and I believe in dragons. The majestic Lords of skie Born of fire. In an averie of flames The eggs lie Warmed by mothers breath. Emerging weak and hungry, Parchment wings Unfurl for the first time. Infant sings For mothers attention. Noble, proud and powerful Lords of the skie Reach the very stars with A thermal sigh And one thunderous wingbeat. Upon the winds they soar Swooping, diving Breaking free from earths hold. Striving Higher, faster, beyond the limits. All nations praise them Emblems adorned And they do not exist? Scorned! Fools, they are about you! Dragon, Wyvern, firedrake Black, white, blue, red The old bronze The nobel silver The regal gold The death dragon The luck dragon Drago
18th Floor Balcony
18th Floor Balcony i close my eyes and i smile knowing that everything is alright to the core so close that door is this happening? my breathe is on your hair... i’m unaware that you opened the blinds and let the city in god, you held my hand while we stand... just taking in everything i knew it from the start so my arms are open wide your head is on my stomach and we're trying so hard not to fall asleep so here we are on this 18th floor balcony we're both flying away we talked about moms and dads our family pasts just getting to know where we came from our hearts were on display for all to see i can't believe this is happening to me i raise my hand as if to show you that i was yours that i was so yours for the taking i’m so yours for the taking and that’s when i felt the wind pick up i grabbed the rail while choking up these wo rds to say and then you kissed me i knew it from the start so my arms are open wide your head is on my stomach and we
Fallin In Love
Interesting Life
So I generally blog elsewhere because fubar is just to superficial to care about much else, but idk, I felt like talking here so stfu and go away if you don't care to read about boring stuff like people's everyday lives. So I have changed alot in the past few months. I am not going to get too specific because the important people already know. Besides, it's fun to talk in riddles. Messes with your head, and that's always a good time. I'm glad I found fubar. Even though it is mostly fake people and whores, and "oh I'm so horny". Oh get a life and go suck a dick somewhere. But this is supposed to be a happy blog, not a rant, so I will save the bitching for later when I care. I'm glad that the events in my life have led me to this point. I'm not happy that I bitched to LTC's...I bet I'll never do that again. But that's the beauty of miscommunication and omission of information between people. When you take someone at their word because you trust that they are telling you the whol
For Darth Venomous
Tired Of Bullshit
You know, I'm so tired of bullshit. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Even if others think your full of shit and you probably are!!! Atleast if your sincere about it and really believe what your saying then that's all that matters. Do away with the kid gloves, beating around the bush, false promises, and unresolved silence and the other 1000 lines of bullshit and show a little respect to yourself and others by being honest for a change! As time go's by, I'm more and more convinced that aside from ones parents , children and siblings (if you are blessed to have genuine family such as myself) most other people are FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look I'm far from perfect and make mistakes daily, and I also am aware there are times that you just don't hurt someone, be it their feelings or physically just because they deserve it or you can. And using a light hand on the situation might be in order. But I will tell you what I think. And won't give you false hope or make promises my heart o
Thoughts On National Security
"The greatest service that can be rendered to any country is to add a useful plant to its culture." -Thomas Jefferson After the world twisted and turned through the turbulent tide of the Twentieth Century, the United States found itself astride the globe as the premier economic and military super-power. Strengthened by its compassion and emboldened by its market force, this radical experiment inspired the dreams of the destitute and the hopes of the oppressed. As the breadbasket to the world, the champion of the weak, the United States sowed goodwill and reaped as its reward the adulation of Nations. Yet complacency, greed and arrogance, hallmarks of a state losing its soul, slowly began their creeping corruption. Now, as the world turns again, this tribe known as America stares with empty and wondering eyes while the winds of change blow away the illusion that what once was always shall stay the same. What remains are empty storefronts and factories rusted shut. The once migh
Yes I Am A Redneck
We have enjoyed the redneck jokes for years. It's time to take a reflective > > look at the core beliefs of a culture that values home, family, country and > > God. If I had to stand before a dozen terrorists who threaten my life, I'd > > choose a half dozen or so rednecks to back me up. Tire irons, squirrel guns > > and grit -- that's what rednecks are made of. I hope I am one of those. If > > you feel the same, pass this on to your redneck friends. Ya'll know who ya' > > are. > > > > > > cid:024b01c8d246$6cd6cfa0$373cce0c@Maschhoff > > > > You might be a redneck if: It never occurred to you to be offended by the > > phrase, 'One nation, under God.' > > > > > > > > You might be a redneck if: You've never protested about seeing the 10 > > Commandments posted in public places. > > > > > > > > You might be a redneck if: You still say ' Christmas' instead of 'Winter > > Festival.' > > > > > > > > You might be a redneck if: You bow your head when s
Bad Dream
Leveling Help 95
~*Sexy*Red2*~*Promoter/Greeter@Sweetwaters*Jade's Dirty Diamond Crew@ fubar 27k to level auto 11's on
I have my MRI scheduled for tomorrow to define my treatment plan. I'm so wiped out... I've spent the last 2 days doing what can only be defined as nesting. My living room hasn't been this clean since I was preparing for last years' xmas dinner. I feel lost. I don't know what to do. The people I need most don't want to talk about it, and it hurts. That's not to say I have no support... just .... oh hell I don't even know what I wanted to say. And I can't stop crying, it was stupid to try to watch Grey's Anatomy.
Own Me! Auction Begins 11/15
temtations playhouse is having its first ever auction JUST CLICK ON THE PIC of the ppl being aucioned to go bid on them MEMBERS UP FOR AUCTION ARE AS FOLLOWS: PASTEL PRINCESS sarab vampgirl daddy joker DJ omg wtf yourillusion cyndijo tempted beauty jnail
Free Kitties!
If you live in north central Ohio and you know of someone interested in cats. Check out our free kitties page....:)
It's Oh So Cute! The Cats Of Youtube.
[momentary Lapse]
I might be too tired and content to write anything poetic vague or silly right now. Maybe it was something i atereadimaginedhoped I'd like to write an epic about a fantasy but i'm in too good a mood. I can only think of a couple things I do in this state. One of them is smile, another is sleep. A wise man in my mirror once said- you can't lose forever. But i realised something tonight, a lot of good things i feel can't change or be taken from me. No matter what. Thats a fairly new idea for me. Unconditional hope I guess. More on these topics later.
Trivium - This World Can't Tear Us Apart
I was so empty Self loathing Before you awoke me Lived in transgression Feasted sin Destroying all I stood for A world with spreading disease Legs up for infidelity They force feed of their stiffened sickness They promised hiding their rings To suck down some of the things That cheat this world into lovelessness All the pain in this world won't stop us now For we have each other All the hate in this world can't tear us apart This love is forever In arms we'll turn away From their ways We'll live like no other Together we're hope Absolute The only thing that matters A world with spreading disease Legs up for infidelity They force feed of their stiffened sickness They promised hiding their rings To suck down some of the things That cheat this world into lovelessness All the pain in this world won't stop us now For we have each other All the hate in this world can't tear us apart This love is forever All the pain in this world won't stop us now
111808 Fluffy Starr Blog
A random late night conversation with your friend Fluffy... Hi. So I am eating Cheerios right now. But not with milk. With peanut butter and chocolate syrup. And yes, this tastes good to me. Seriously. I wish I was only kidding. One time at a party, people were drinking drinks, but there was no food. My friend and I got hungry, so while everyone was downstairs jamming, we went through the cupboards and found peanut butter and chocolate syrup. She already had a banana unpeeled, and we spread peanut butter over it and then I took the syrup and poured it over and we took turns taking bites. Then we quickly put everything away before anyone returned. I don't know what it is about peanut butter and chocolate... But it is good, yeah? I have a problem with it. It has been a busy 4 days of socializing, dinners, parties, shows, and music workshops. Starting Thursday night... I was at this bar with friends. The place is a supposedly 'top bar' in Vancouver. Shee-shee. Ooolala... I won't
Relationships Altered By Fubar
this is more like a u think its right to be on here and u are in a relationship but the man your in a realtionship with is always on here talking to other woman and trying to be captin save a hoe all the time.and thats not all he is showing his body and watchin them.ladies would you want your man doing that to you?oh yea and he dont handle bussiness at home ither.please let me know i need advice i have been going through this for a year.
Sneak A Peek
(repost) Come to Temptation’s Playhouse for chat, flirt, and great friends! One of the hottest new lounges on Fu! Great music, live DJ’s, sexy peeps and great friends! NO DRAMA allowed! Owner: PASTEL PRINCESS Co-Owner: Sarab Co-Owner: VampGirl Station Owner: Dark Angel
Irony is the hygiene of the mind. - Elizabeth Bibesco
Mia Rose
When A Girl Decides She Needs To Move On
You Dont Think The Auto Industry Will Affect You??? Read
MYTH: The demise of the American auto industry won't really affect the American way of life. FACT: What happens to the U.S. auto industry matters on Main Street. From plants to parks. From dealerships to driveways. From gas stations to grocery stores. What happens in the automotive industry affects each and every one of us. In fact, the collapse of the U.S.-based auto industry wouldn't just impact the nearly 355,000 Americans directly employed by the Big Three. One out of every 10 people in America is employed in a service that is related to the U.S. auto industry. If a plant closes, so does its suppliers, the local stores, the hot dog vendors, and the local restaurants. The effect would be devastating in ways of which you never have thought: Nearly 3 million jobs would be lost in the first year alone – with another 2. 5 million to follow over the next two years Personal income in the United States would drop by more than $150. 7 billion in the first year The co
Don’t fear Armageddon demons and devils - ha! the world will end in a whisper if e'er
Turkey Recipe
Here's my Turkey Recipe for you. This turkey recipe also includes the use of popcorn as a stuffing -- imagine that. When I found this recipe, I thought it was perfect for people like me, who just are not sure how to tell when poultry is thoroughly cooked, but not dried out. Give this a try. 8 - 15 lb. turkey 1 cup melted butter 1 cup stuffing (Pepperidge Farm is Good.) 1 cup uncooked popcorn (ORVILLE REDENBACHER'S LOW FAT) Salt/pepper to taste Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush turkey well with melted butter, salt, and pepper. Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in baking pan with the neck end toward the back of the oven. Listen for the popping sounds. When the turkey blows the oven door open and the bird flies across the room, it's done. And, you thought I didn't cook... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Unprecedented, This world in which we now live; For never before, Throughout the ages of Man, Has Tomorrow seemed so close. 10-05-01
Small Request
This young lady needs some help. Shes only 183k from hitting FU-King. Please show her what great friends I have and show her some love ~Sweetness~Owned by BURG@ fubar
Pointer With Arrow
My Younger Days
When i was in grade school my school teacher gave me some after school lessons....MMMMMM she was 3O something i wouldnt say how old i was,,,,thank you so much for teaching me things to remember for life from your favorite student danny to you Mrs C aways will remember you
The Call Me A B**ch
They call me a Bitch . . . When I stand up for myself Or support my own convictions. When I defend someone else Or express my own opinions. When I stand up for those I love . . . And for those, I hate. When I speak my own mind & such Or try to do things my own way. When I work hard for whatever I wanted Instead of having it handed to me. When I am strong willed & determined To succeed in a man's world. . .yet keep my dignity! They call me a Bitch . . . Because . . . I teach my kids "the old fashioned way" In order for them to be more responsible. Because . . . I raise my kids the hard way To be confident & stronger people. Because . . . I teach my kids NOT to be rude, but very polite And why they shouldn't break laws or cardinal sins. Because . . . I direct my kids NOT to be afraid to fight And to stand up tall for what they believe in. Because . . . I tell them to love themselves & ALL humans To respect themselves, their neighbors & each other. Because I won't
Curly Milf In Black Leather Boots Fucking
Hi Everybody A while back I released a scene with me and Naomi outside fucking behind a trailer which you seemed to enjoy Well Naomi is back and looking as sexy as ever and this time she is wearing a red see through dress and black leather thigh high boots! In this scene Naomi is a call girl who I have booked for a afternoon of fun To see the samples use this link or to see a clip of the first scene we did use this link Enjoy James Wildfowler
I Rock
I'm quite conceited at the I'm gonna let my vanity write a blog about some random facts about me. - I give the most awesome massages ever. - I played sax for over 10 years, which has made me VERY good with my fingers and tongue. - I love to give oral to women - I'm an excellent kisser - I know how to turn a woman on, and keep her turned on - I know how to use my smile in many different ways - I'm a workaholic - I'm understanding, and always willing to listen - I know people better than they think anyone does. I'm always the one to surpass the "impenetrable wall" women put around themselves - I'm very intuitive. I hear the unspoken and read between the lines - I play hard to get. I pretend to not know what is obvious - I always succeed in anything I put my mind to - No matter what happens, loved ones come first. I put the one I love above everything and everyone else (including myself) - I am a selfless lover. I rarely cum, but she
any females interesting in looking at my nude nswf pics of me, just add me and i will show u. well talk to u ladies soon.
How Lucky I Am.
How Lucky Are You?You are a Lucky Penny. You lead a pretty regular life, but every so often luck tosses you a penny and you grab it! Sometimes you win small amounts at the lottery, but not always. Although you aren't the luckiest kid on the block you still have a pretty good life.Find Your Character @
You - Evanescence
The words have been drained from this pencil Sweet words that I want to give you And I can't sleep I need to tell you Goodnight When we're together, I feel perfect When I'm pulled away from you, I fall apart All you say is sacred to me Your eyes are so blue I can't look away As we lay in the stillness You whisper to me Amy, marry me Promise you'll stay with me Oh you don't have to ask me You know you're all that I live for You know I'd die just to hold you Stay with you Somehow I'll show you That you are my night sky I've always been right behind you Now I'll always be right beside you So many nights I cried myself to sleep Now that you love me, I love myself I never thought I would say this I never thought there'd be You
7k To Level
only 7k to level....has 176 pics and 10 stash MIKEY fu bf to young mommy@ fubar
It's A Mad Dash....
Procrastination gets you NOWHERE. I am now in a mad dash to find the Wall-E U-Command R/C thingy for my son. Ffs, it's one of the few things he's actually ASKED for, and I can't find it ANYWHERE. Had them call stores within an hour in every direction from me. *grumbles* Son of a b*tch.
Bathing With Crocks...please Take More Then A Chicken With You...
Evil Spirits…Sometimes are not as evil as those who say you may have evil spirits. Case in Point: Locals will not always give you the correct information. 16 players for a soccer team called Midland Portland Cement, who were in Zimbabwe for a match in October, were told that a swim in the Zambezi River is a traditional ritual that would cleanse the team of evil spirits. However, only 15 players made it back, as there are crocodiles in the Zambezi...First off why would a team with Cement as part of their name attempt a swim? Was this a Zimbabwe Mafia hit? Hundreds of visitors a day visit the Muslim shrine of Khan Jahan Ali in Bangladesh, where they bathe in a pond to wash away evil spirits and feed chickens to crocodiles to bring good fortune. "Normally, the crocodiles are very friendly," said a local police officer, but in August, Mr. Rubel Sheikh was eaten while washing away his evil spirits. Ok this has so much wrong with it…for starters how does the Crock’s know when the food sup
8 Things Modern Vampires Could Learn From "the Lost Boys"
This is soooooo freakin' true! LOL Learn here newbie Vamps!
Amee Getting Fucked Outside
Hi Everybody Here are a couple of photos form this weeks update which is called "The hitch-hiker" In this scene see Jadedgirl lost in the middle of nowhere and looking for a ride into town and as luck would have it I am driving home after watching Hull City beat Fulham 2-1 so I pull over and offer her a ride As we are chatting she tells me how much she loves cock and how good she is at giving head so I tell her "talk is cheap" and before I even get chance to pull over she gets my dick out! This scene has a bit of everything form a blow job in the car to fisting and fucking outside with lots of everything else in between Over 14 minutes of video and 90 photos To see the samples use this link Or to see the video clip use this link Enjoy James Wildfowler
You Are Not Alone"
You Are Not Alone" Another day has gone I'm still all alone How could this be You're not here with me You never said goodbye Someone tell me why Did you have to go And leave my world so cold Everyday I sit and ask myself How did love slip away Something whispers in my ear and says That you are not alone For I am here with you Though you're far away I am here to stay But you are not alone For I am here with you Though we're far apart You're always in my heart But you are not alone 'Lone, 'lone Why, 'lone Just the other night I thought I heard you cry Asking me to come And hold you in my arms I can hear your prayers Your burdens I will bear But first I need your hand Then forever can begin Everyday I sit and ask myself How did love slip away Something whispers in my ear and says That you are not alone For I am here with you Though you're far away I am here to stay For you are not alone For I am here with you Though we're far apart Yo
My Friend's First Happy Hour!
A little Indian boy asked his father, the big chief of the tribe, "Papa, why is it that we always have long names? His father replied, "Look, son, our names represent a symbol, a sign, or a poem for our culture not like the white men, who live all together and repeat their names from generation to generation. Also, it is part of our makeup that in spite of everything, we survive. For example, your sister's name is Small Romantic Moon Over The Lake, because on the night she was conceived, there was a beautiful moon reflected in the lake. Then there's your brother, Big White Horse of the Prairies, because he was conceived on a day that the big white horse who gallops over the prairies of the world appeared near our camp and is a symbol of our capacity to live and the life force of our people. It's very simple and easy to understand. Do you have any other questions, Little Broken Condom ....... It's his FIRST EVER Happy Hour! That's right, this virgin is popping
Queen Of The Slipstream--van Morrison
03 Queen of the Slipstream.wma - van morrison
My Dark Lover
come to me my dark lover to be in your arms for all eternity to be in your arms would be to forsake all that i am come to me my dark lover to be held in your arms would be all that is pure but to be held in your arms would be to forsake the ones i love come to me my dark lover to be in your arms for all eternity would be to frosake god to be in your arms i would have to forsake all that i am i worte this one my first try
Rating Pics - Venting!
Ok I need to vent alittle maybe I have been sitting at this computer on fubar for too long tonight but I am getting a little tired of rating people's profile and pics and them NEVER rating mine. Yes, some do but compared to the number of pics & profile's I have rated it is less than 1/3 that actually do. Also being an fuowner of someone you'd think they would take care of you like try to make sure you stay shit-faced etc, right? The people I own I send them gifts buy them drinks and I am getting hardly anything in return. Maybe I should just disown most of them!!
Im Leaving This Site
after 2 an a half yrs of constant drama an headaches, lies an betrayal ive decided i no longer need this site... i have a new man an a good man in my life an i feel like i dont have a reason to stay here... im rarely on anymore anyway an the reason i even kept my page is no longer a part of my life... i no longer feel the need to stay... ive met some really cool people here... im plannin on deletin this page by monday hopefully when i stop bein to lazy to save my pics lol... if the few who still speak to me wanna still talk leave a message an ill give u my yahoo...
The Snack Contest!
The Mission… I know there is not a baker, baker nor cabinet maker in the bunch of ya, however…I will challenge anyone to a snacky duel. A literal Horse-Duvy trot off… Bite size morsel mega face off… oh in laymen terms… File this under snack foods, hors d’oeuvres and appetizer parade. THIS IS A CONTEST …warning proceeding with caution may prove to be very wise I do not lose well. Rules: You may enter one entry for the contest. The entry must be less then 7 ingredients. It also must not take two university professors to complete. Easy right? Not so fast…I am in the contest too…I never loose. I know…I know 7 ingredients is tuff to do due to those special spiced up thing-a-mer-oos however this is a snack contest not dinner making. So no sending in a 55 ingredient puffball that takes 55 hours to complete…that is known as dinner. Entries will be taken anytime from today thru Monday. I will announce the winner, I will judge each entry to find the very best. I will also a
Re: I Ain't Huffy, Scruffy
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Texas Metal Alliance
Texas Metal Alliance are out of Arlington, Texas. The band has a record label with Housecore Records. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE features RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt, GAMMACIDE guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby, GAMMACIDE/DEVILFIST bassist Alan Bovee and DEMONSEED drummer Joe Gonzalez. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE was originally formed two years ago for a one-time performance to play a benefit show for HAMMER WITCH's Wayne Abney. Abney had suffered a near-fatal motorcycle accident in August 2006. TMA's performance for the benefit included special guest members from some of Dallas/Ft. Worth's original thrash bands... GAMMACIDE, RIGOR MORTIS, ROTTING CORPSE and HAMMER WITCH. After the benefit, some of the core members that made up TMA decided to make it a real band. Since then the band has done many live shows around Texas and written a lot of original material. TMA’s current live shows consist of a set list of many new TMA songs and a couple of classics from some of their former bands Ri
A Different Christmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, s
Fubar - A Personal Perspective
Hey, take a look at my profile page and see when I joined this...May 28, 2008. Here it is Dec 14 2008 and I am surprised a little that I am still on here. The only reason I signed on to this is because I had a friend DJing on here and wanted to see how she was doing. Really didn't think I'd be on any longer than two weeks..however the more I was on, I started checking out the lounges meeting some good people (Even have a lounge I started call Think Pink for breast cancer survivors or those that know people who have it)...posting some MUMM's and meeting good friends in a sense on there as well and just checking out the site in general. I have been able to spread breast cancer awareness and meeting people because of it and I can also truly say I have made some good friends, some close friends, and some that I would truly give my life for. While a Happy Hour would be nice one day, I am happy to know that some friends I have made will be part of my life for a very long time. To those of yo
Missing The One
Today i sit here with a great pain in my heart.I know we shall be friends forever but I shall always miss being lovers.When we are together we laugh as if we were never apart and when we are apart my heart vies for your love and affection.When we speak I no longer hear the love in your voice I once heard not so long ago.I know this is for the best my heart longs for you to be my love once again.You were my greatest joy and still yet my greatest sorrow.I will always cherish the love,frienship and guidance you have given me.
Salamat Po
hi im new to this site but having fun as well ... however id like to say thanks to those who have been commenting on my pics and giving me good ratings as well ... i try my best to get back to you so im sorry if i overlook you . doesn't mean i aint grateful about that...
Just A Rant
so, I like to Fuck? What about it? People piss me off! The last time I checked I was Free, Single & I pay my own damn bills! So I can get as freaky as I wanna get whenever, where ever & how ever with who ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other words Fuck off!
The Burning Bush
George Bush has a heart attack and dies. Obviously, he goes to hell where the devil is waiting for him. 'I'm not sure what to do,' says the devil. You're on my list but I have no room for you. As you definitely have to stay here I'm going to have to let someone else go. I've got three folks here who weren't quite as bad as you. I'll let one of them go, but you have to take their place. I'll even let you decide who leaves. 'George thought that sounded pretty good, so he agreed. The devil opened the first room. In it was Richard Nixon and a large pool of water. He kept diving in and climbing out, over and over. Such was his fate in hell. 'No!' George said. 'I don't think so. I'm not a good swimmer and don't think I could do that all day long. 'The devil led him to the next room. In it was Tony Blair with a sledge hammer and a room full of rocks. All he did was swing the hammer, time after time. 'No!' I've got this problem with my shoulder.
We All Need A Tree
If I Mean Anything To You
then do this one thing i ask of you read all my poetry. im seriously considering making a book or something and i want to know wat my best writings are so i can put them in the book.i need everyones opinion.i know im a pain in the ass and can be difficult at time but for those of you who can stand be or choose to stand me you please do this . go to OpenDiary. com search for the_murdering_heart or Lost in Love. And if for some reason your unable to go to the website comment on all the blogs i have written on here OR GO TO MY MYSPACE HERE IS THE URL .PLEASE DO THIS .THIS IS MY CHRISTMAS WISH. THANK YOU
Are You Effing Kidding Me?
why cant us filipinos think of our own stories or concepts to make movies from!!! abs-cbn(a famous flipino TV station) is planning to do a tagalog version of twilight yes on television! and their casting two of my hatest local actors! ugh! filipino movies are so corny! all we do is copy stories from international movies! but most of it are so corny! dont you agree with me, my fellow pinoys? they did the same with gossip girl and now twilight? give me a fucking break!!!! they even copied the poster!!! pathetic pathetic! Cathy Garcia Molina you really fucked up this time. theres even a petition from twilight fans all over the world to stop the production. shame. TA TA!
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Handful Of Rain
Handful Of Rain is out of Cadiz, Spain. The band was formed in 2005 by Tini, Niko, Jaime, and David. Their music takes on the essence of hard rock. Their influences are Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Mr. Big, Guns..N..Roses. Five of their songs were recorded in Josema Dalton studios, “La Factoría”. The band reached Don Dokken, and he put the tracks on Wyn Davis hands who has mixed successfully these five songs. The songs are mixed by Wyn Davis (Dokken,Dio,John Norum,Great White) in the All Access Studios in Redondo Beach, California. These five songs will be included in the first bands demo with which they wish to launch his music all around the world. The band played with Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Great White, House of Lords, Tesla, Bonfire, Y & T (Yesterday & Today) and great spanish bands as Soziedad Alkoholika, Silverfist, Parking Fox and Skizoo. Regarding their experience in the musical scene, its notable the participation in many festivals. So tune into God's Forsaken Radio to he
Best Christmas Song Ever!!
Remember Me
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Yummie Has Auto 11's On
Hey girls Yummie has auto 11's on 12/28 thru 12/29 until 3pm Futime...lets show her some love :) AUTO11sONYummiiε Addiictii0n→ÎÑ-MØŦĪØŅ→DCMember@ fubar
U, Me, And What?
Would you kiss me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] Already Did [ ] Want to a lot right now! ***************************** Am I hot? [ ] No! [ ] OK [ ] Fine [ ] Beautiful [ ] Gorgeous! [ ]Sexy! ***************************** Would you hug me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Already did ***************************** Name one thing you would like to do to me... ***************************** I look like.. [ ] A player [ ] One time thing [ ] Next gf or bf [ ] A friend ....................................... [ ] A friend with benefits [ ] A possibility [ ] Another somebody [ ] A freak ***************************** If you saw me for the first time, would you talk to me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] maybe ***************************** Would you rather... [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Friends................................... [ ] Friends with benefits [ ] Fuck me? ***************************** On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate m
Hey Guy's ;)
Hey guy's come check out my site at and add me to myspace my link is on my site...xo Amy
To Loose A Child
Tears without end Days without nights Night without day Time without forgetting. Food without taste Sleep without rest Sorrow without comfort. Pain without limit Emptiness without bottom Life without Neolani R.I.P NEOLANI MOMMY WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOU IN HER HEART AND CANT NO ONE CHANGE THAT...I LOVE YOU ND MISS YOU
Love Stains
Love Stains Send me a picture So I can see All that you were Before you will be Let that light shine On a clear bright new day Before time decides To take it away Smile for the camera Hold back the years One frozen memory Before all the tears Make it so perfect Let us all see The you in this photo You wanted to be Send me a picture So I can know All of those secrets That you couldn't show One single picture Smiling so right To make me remember When times weren't so tight One perfect picture Is all that remains from all of those memories touched by love stains
What Year Should You Have Been Born Under?
You Should Have Been Born Under: Resourceful and practical, you are a quick thinker. You are very observant - and it's hard to get anything past you! A total perfectionist, you are especially picky about looking your best. You're a big dreamer - such a big dreamer that reality can disappoint you. You are most compatible with an Ox or Snake. What Year Should You Have Been Born Under?
New Years With My Best Friend...
It's 2200 on New Years Eve. My wife went to bed. We're not on the best terms right now anyway. Most people would classify my situation on this celebratory passing of the annum as quite sad. I have, however, one save and grace. My son. We are thoroughly enjoying America's Funniest Home Videos. After this goes off, we will engage in Wii based multiplayer combat. Then, at the stroke of midnight, when the year fades into twilight, and while the whole eastern seaboard raises their drinks and sings Auld Lang Syne, I will hug my son and kiss his forehead. Old acquaintance should not be forgot.
Louisiana Against Putting Gay Couples Names On Birth Certificates
Louisiana plans to fight order to put gay couple's names on birth certificate 02:33 PM CST on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Janet McConnaughey / Associated Press Louisiana officials said Wednesday they plan to appeal a federal judge's order to put the names of two adoptive fathers on the birth certificate of their Louisiana-born son. "The District Court has ordered Louisiana to do more than what the Constitution requires, and we will ask a federal court of appeals to correct that mistake," state Health Secretary Alan Levine said. U.S. District Judge Jay Zainey in New Orleans ordered the state Office of Vital Records last week to put the names of Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith, a same-sex couple who adopted a boy born in Shreveport in 2005, on the amended birth certificate that is standard for adoptions. They now live in San Diego, Calif., but the adoption became formal in April 2006 in New York, where officials decided earlier this month that same-sex couples
This house is not a home I take it out and put it to his dome put a hole in his head big enough to be a home no control take hold it’s a whirlwind of shit this is it its going to be over time to grow some balls while the lifeless body falls you did it its over finished no more stress sigh of relief the turmoil is over clouds are clear now u stand there with tears in your eyes pride had control but that head you turned into a bowl was your fathers skull it had to happen no more threats or fear you had to do what you did or you’d be dead wake up it was all a dream no more time to scheme make hate little time to waste move out before this happens he will eventually take over your new space get things right for a minute it will be tight but you will be okay pray to the lord one day will be your day no more tears little boy grow up that man you call dad will never show up left you at 8 had a hot date with the federal pen came back and didn’t expect you to be a man you own the house your not
Thanks To Those Who Read My Blogs...
love you all...think pink. :)
Karma, Just Happens...along With Fate
Good Morning, the ATM joke yesterday was truly mean…for that I am sorry…however I just seen an un dignified death blurb where a woman was in an ATM line drove up dropped something on the ground opened her door and when the car rolled forward it squished her head in the car door…So perhaps the ATM differences between men and women are not all that far off… I found this in the archives files of Karma will reach up and snatch you into fate file… In 1983, convicted South Carolina murderer Michael Godwin, then 22, succeeded in getting an appeals court to reduce his death-by-electric-chair sentence to one of life in prison at the Central Correctional Institution in Columbia, S.C. Six years later, in March 1989, while sitting naked on a metal toilet and attempting to fix earphones that were connected to a television set, Godwin bit into a wire and was electrocuted. Apparently he should have chosen the prison gig instead, perhaps he would have just been but diddled ever so often by fellow in
Job Impressions
I had always talked about my job a lot at home, and my young daughter had always expressed great interest. So I thought it would be a treat for her to spend the day with me at the office. Since I wanted it to be a surprise, I didn't tell her where we were going, just that it would be fun. Although usually a bit shy, she seemed excited to meet each colleague I introduced. On the way home, however, she seemed somewhat down. "Didn't you have a nice time?" I asked. "Well, it was okay." she responded. "But I thought it would be more like a circus." Confused, I asked, "Whatever do you mean?" She said, "Well, you said you work with a bunch of clowns, and I never got to see them!"
Korn - Bottled Up Inside
It ain't fading Man I gotta let it out Am I crazy? Screaming nothing ever comes out I keep feeling lost I'll never find my way out I'm not thanking them Unless the truth can pour out Give me some courage Beating me down now for some time Are you laughing am I funny? I hate inside, I hate inside. I'll take this time To let out what’s inside Cuz I will break Sometimes I wish you'd die Full of sorrow You raped and stole my pride. And all this hate is bottled up inside My heart's breaking Man you really ripped it out You take pleasure watching as I claw my way out The hurt rising Soon it's gunna to tear my soul out It’s not kosher feeling like I’m on my way out Give me some courage Beating me down now for some time Are you laughing am I funny? I hate inside, I hate inside. I'll take this time To let out what’s inside Cuz I will break Sometimes I wish you'd die Full of sorrow You raped and stole my pride. And all this hate
The Future Is Now
feelin the pain from my feet to my brain feelin the pain from my skin to my soul inside out to outside in, don't even know, where to begin tired eyes soon to slumber, mind slowly moving asunder my soul is gone my words to stay you will remember these words at the end of the day the future is now........
My Second Earthquake
I felt this one
eclectic \i-KLEK-tik\, adjective: 1. selecting and using what seems best from various sources or systems; made up of selections from various sources 2. broad in acceptance of ideas or approval from other sources
The Key Master
The Key Master An about face I took with you. Like lightning instantly I knew In the wind is a breath you blew. Suddenly I felt lives of a fresher air. And automatically I had not one care. Amazingly we both have it all to share Like candy to a baby you certainly are. You tempt me to travel from way afar. I’d swear to God you’re a shooting Star. I will dance with you at midnight on the Moon. Swinging you around but brought back by noon. Your sense of time will be off or you’d be a loon, I will shift you out of balance and knock you over. You will fall into water fountains of my holy clover. But by then you’d be stuck wanting this moreover. What a ingenious trap of footsteps that stood in front of me. An about face I took with thee so here I am and so I shall be. I’m the key master to locksmiths of all eyes that did not see. © Copyright: Ann Rich 2008
Playing Poker The Right Way! : In Depth
Last time we left off we had finished the generalities of the game in short. Heres a few quick steps in certain general situations: 1) Watch the average pop size! This will help you decide and judge when you have a pocket hand that could be great or turn to crap in a heartbeat. An Ace/6 is great if everyone is betting dollars and cents and the flop is only one ace. Its crap when ppl are betting 10's of dollars and the flop is only one Ace........anything can happen from then on, remember a pair of aces is only so good. 2) I'm not fisished!!! As my own rule, I dont raise on the Turn card......your cards could be the best, so why jepordize the other player not betting. On the other hand you could have one more shot on the River....why waist money on somethat might not happen. NOW GO WIN!.......and have fun.
Song Lyrics
"The Devil Is A Loser" - Lordi You wanted power and you begged for fame You wanted everything the easy way You wanted gain without pain Now your bill is in the mail You got stronger but your mind got weak You made a promise that you couldn't keep You had it all - You lost more It's all there in the fee Via hell incorporated (regeneration) 1st you love it then you hate it (you're such a saint) And now you're never gonna make it (bad situation) Get on get on down there's hell to pay Cause the devil is a loser and he's my bitch For better or for worse and you don't care which Cause the devil is a loser and he's my bitch Runnin' into trouble you skitch He's my bitch You wanted riches and a license to kill You got poverty, then you got ill You got poor and you lost your will All your dreams unfulfilled I get my kicks when you blow your fuse No-one got killed but that's no excuse Hands up, I let you know when it's done I've got the only gun Via hell incor
Please Add Me
whats up ppl im new on here will you guys and girls please tell ppl to add me
Really Am Annoyed About Some Things
You know, it's pretty damn sad when your out on the roads and your girlfriend is driving, namely Kate and it's snowing, visability isn't good and we get followed home by some asshole who didn't like how she was driving which was 35mph from US 31 to East Silver Lake Rd. in (Grand Traverse County, Traverse City, MI) and followed us all the way into the park till we get past the mailbox and then the damn fucking pussy decides to turn around and take off like a bat out of hell! IF CERTAIN PEOPLE DON'T LIKE HOW MY GIRLFRIEND DRIVES IN WINTER WHEN SHE ISN'T USED TO IT COMING FROM CALIFORNIA, THEY CAN KISS MY ASS AND HERS BECAUSE BY ALL RIGHTS YOU HAVE AND SHOULD DRIVE SLOW WHEN THE ROADS ARE ICY AND IT'S SNOWING AND VISABILITY IS LOW TOO, IT'S BULLSHIT THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO DRIVE LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL AND PASS ILLEGALLY MIGHT I ADD IN A NO PASSING ZONE OR OVER A DOUBLE YELLOW LINE, ONE OF THESE DAYS, THERE IS GOING TO BE A TRAGIC CAR ACCIDENT WHETHER IT INVOLVES US OR NOT AND SOMEBODY MIGHT N
Mercenary - World Hate Centre
Ok, so the singing may not be to everybodies taste, but the musicianship on this song is near second to none. Now do you feel respectable on the cross? Hanging by the shred of life that we lost Greet the pain, meet the nails That we thrust into your chest Now it's time for you to repay us Never judge me It fuels my hatred Join the searching And lead the bloodshed We will track you down and nail you Unto the cross with thorns We will do this with precision Make sure you'll regret you were born Only when you ask forgiveness We may pretend that we care Yeah sure You my friend represents the sickness And we shall be the cure We shall be the healers of our time Strike back, twice as hard then proceed Can you feel the hate that flows divine And soon the world belongs to me Never judge me It fuels my hatred Join the searching And lead the bloodshed Now you bow your head in shame So where's your power, sinner Your weakening becomes my gain An
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Just A Thought
i would carry you into the living room and start kissing all over your body starting at your ears and making my way quickly down to your pussy. then i would just kiss on your thighs and feel your body jump when my tongue connects wit your sweet tasting pussy. i begin it real slow and then i speed it up like i havent had nothing to eat in two weeks. i feel your hands start to run through my hair, but i didnt pay it any attention cause i was doing what i like, pleasing my woman. i can hear you starting to moan my name and as i stuck my tongue deeper into you, you starting saying 'i'm cummin' but i didnt pay it no mind. i just went ahead and continued to sucking on your clit like i was on a popsicle. you tried to start moving my head out from between your legs and but all i kept doing was pushing your arms out the way. but you waited until you noticed that i was coming up to take a quick breath and you jumped over the couch. so i got up and just smiled at you and walked towards you and yo
You'll Never See Me Cry
I wish people didnt wait for a new president to jump on the lets change bandwagon!!! sounds negative but its not....remember today as if it were everyday... be inspired.... get something to make a difference dont just be cheer leaders!!! no offense to cheerleaders (I am a Coach) But sitting on the side lines of life complaining or cheering doesnt do a thing!!! Jump in. Or just STFU & show me your boobs:)
Nature’s Wisdom
Nature’s Wisdom Author: cswandering Word count: 108 Nature’s Wisdom The Crystal shards of the snowy squall come together in hapless form Emotional turmoil tossed and blown; Rain within this temporal storm. The typhoon of ruined images crash together to form the past An earthquake to shake your soul; Though your praying it won't last Your trying to sift through the wreckage Like catacombs that turn and twist; Trying to locate the light of day Through the pockets of foggy mist. But in the end,you are bound to find The life you'd sought of peace and ease. You'll find within your quiet heart; The beauty of the summer's breeze
Nothing But The Truth!
Girls, are really that fucked up?? I know I'm not the only one. Why is it when a man treats us like shit, we just can't let him go? I'm not fuckin lyin this is totally true. So there you go guys, you wanna know how to keep a woman, shit all over her. (there are some exceptions) I just don't get it, we wine and cry about what we want, but for the most part I'm starting to believe it's bullshit. I think we just want to bitch about something. It's the same for all of us in this situation, you know, theres always that other man who loves you to death, who worships you, and wants to give you the world, but it's not gonna happen, he's always going to be the back up ,"in case of emergency". As soon as we know we have a man like that is it a turn off ?? Too nice secrelety = pussy. This is the thruth for alot of us! Fucked up isn't it??  Oh don't all you nice considerate men worry we won't ever get rid of you, no, no ,no, we want you to be there" just in case", the inconsiderate asshole that
Poison Dart
I held you in my heart, so deep inside, Never letting it out always locked inside Now something threatens to take you away, A cancer that for the time wont stay at bay I never told because friends was just fine, But I have always loved you deep down inside Afraid of my feeling showing through Now your clock is ticking while my heart is breaking in two Time passes and I don’t know what to do When I see you holding back my tears is hard to do Life without you I cant seem handle This all just seems to be a big scandal So smile big and bright for one last time So far away, yet so close a star that shines Forever are memories will last in each other’s hearts Never dieing, never ending with the poison’s dart
Bow before me though I'm not your maker Worship me if you wish Raise no temples in my name I bring you no promises of resurrection I cannot deliver you Redemption is not mine to give All I can offer is what you see I cannot take your pain I know I'll cause you more Resurrection is found through your pain Struggle on the road to your redemption I am no Savior Sinner is more like it I am a breaker of hearts (much regret) A burner of bridges Desolation smile Worship your poison Believe my lie Drown in my acid tears I promise you nothing I am... Worship my pain
Keep Digging...
have failed to do the things a son should I have fallen short, buried in my hate I can't breath here, pain smothers me Turn your eyes away from me now Help me escape my chains I want to walk away from all of this Hate fuels the fires that rage inside me Flames burn away what I was I need to find what I will be I see this world through dead eyes I am a dead man though I can't see it They say the dead feel no pain How did I get here again? I need to get to the top Never have I been this low I've reached my bottom and I'm diggin deeper
Lick It
Lick it slow.... Rub it gently.... That's right.... get it nice and wet.... Don't lose the stroke.... It might taste gross.... But...... ..... .... ... .. . That's how you seal an envelope
Where's The Bar?
So I signed up for this site, Although the 'point' of site still eludes me it has virtual beer and virtual drunkenness, so it must be good, right? Perhaps I'll use this blog to pen my virtually drunken escapades, my adventures in this pixelated world. Or perhaps it will go the same was as MySpace and become a force for evil... ...Stay tuned to find out.
Sensational Feeling
Love is a sensation, Caused by temptation, When a man sticks his inspiration, Into a womens combination, To increase the population, Of the future generation, Do you dig my conversation Or would you like a demonstration.
Caa #78
Need urgent prayers. John, the father of one of my special angels, was rushed to the hospital and they are keeping him for observation. All we know is his blood pressure was way out of whack and they have ordered a CAT scan. Will keep you all in the loop! Love Doc
Giant Toxic Coal Ash Spill Threatens Animals
Kelly Hearn in Kingston, Tennessee for National Geographic News January 23, 2009 It's been called the Exxon Valdez of coal ash—a wakeup call for a fossil fuel industry. But the recent toxic ash spill in Tennessee is greater in scope than the 1989 oil spill, and despite what some conservationists are calling very real threats, the ash disaster has so far inspired apparently little concern for local wildlife. Enlarge Photo Printer Friendly Email to a Friend What's This? SHARE Digg StumbleUpon Reddit RELATED Mountaintop Mining Raises Debate in Coal Country (January 13, 2006) Toxic Waste Facts Coal Mining Causing Earthquakes, Study Says (January 3, 2007) On December 22 a billion gallons of poisonous sludge—largely coal ash, a byproduct of coal burning—broke through an earthen dike at the Kingston Fossil Plant. The torrent half-buried area homes and elevated long-running health concerns over heavy metals in the ash. Those worries, experts say, are not limited t
Mirror Of Reflection
Mirror of Reflection It is one to believe that being real comes from the inner self and what is fake is an outward reflection of a desire to act out to capture the attention of others in a mirror of a lie. What makes the real person strong, is one who can truly stand in that reflection and know that in ones heart they are themselves. By Michael Dougherty
An actual letter from an Austin woman sent to Proctor and Gamble regarding their feminine products. She really gets rolling after the first paragraph... Dear Mr. Thatcher, I have been a loyal user of your 'Always' maxi pads for over 20 years and I appreciate many of their features. Without the Leak Guard Core or Dri-Weave absorbency, I'd probably never go horseback riding or salsa dancing, and I'd certainly steer clear of running up and down the beach in tight, white shorts. But my favorite feature has to be your revolutionary Flexi-Wings. Kudos on being the only company smart enough to realize how crucial it is that maxi pads be aerodynamic. I can't tell you how safe and secure I feel each month knowing there's a little F-16 in my pants. Have you ever had a period, Mr. Thatcher? I'm guessing you haven't. Well, my time of the month is starting right now. As I type, I can already feel hormonal forces violently surging through my body. Just a few minutes from now
I Ain't Missing You
Every time I think of you, I always catch my breath And I'm still standing here, and you're miles away And I'm wonderin' why you left And there's a storm that's raging through my frozen heart Tonight I hear your name in certain circles, and it always makes me Smile I spend my time thinkin' about you, and it's almost driving Me wild And there's a heart that's breaking down this long distance Line tonight I ain't missing you at all since you've been gone away I ain't missing you, no matter what I might say There's a message in the wire, and I'm sending you this Signal tonight You don't know how desperate I've become And it looks like I'm losing this fight In your world I have no meaning, though I'm trying hard to Understand And it's my heart that's breaking down this long distance Line tonight I ain't missing you at all Since you've been gone away I ain't missing you, No matter what my friends say And there's a message that I'm sending out, Like a te
2009 Tax Code
The only thing that the IRS has not taxed yet is the male penis. This is due to the fact that 69% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, 10% of the time it is hard up, 20% of the time it is pissed off and 1% of the time it is in the hole. On top of that, it has two dependents and they are both nuts! HOWEVER, effective January 1st, 2009, the penis will now be taxed according to size: The brackets are as follows: 10 - 12" Luxury Tax $ 300.00 8 - 10" Pole Tax $ 250.00 5 - 8" Privilege Tax $ 150.00 3 - 5" Nuisance Tax $ 30.00 Males exceeding 12" must file capital gains. Anyone under 3" is eligible for a tax refund. ** PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR AN EXTENSION **
In A Stupid Survey Mood
BasicsWhat's your favorite color?PinkWhat's your favorite animal?GiraffeWho's your role model?My momFamilyHow many siblings do you have?0How many people live in your house?1, meHow many animals do you have1, my fishyWhere do you live(trailor, mansion, regular house )?apartmentFreindsWho is your most valuable freind?LexiWhich freind do you look up to the most?LexiHow many best freinds do/did you have?2How many freinds have moved out of your city?None of my friends live hereWould you rather have...coke or sprite?Spritelunch or dinner?Dinnera sister or brother?neither! hahaMcdonalds or Burger King?Chick-fil-aboyfreind or freind?boyfriendhug or kiss?hugpinch or poke?pinchclown or doll?dollTake this survey or other MySpace Surveys at
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Who Can Forgive You If You Cant Forgive Yourself?
For the first time you find someone to live for, someone to breathe for, someone to be yourself for and you fuck it up. For the first time you can't breathe until you hear them say hello, until they are back into your arms, until they are forever in your heart and you keep fucking it up. For the first time you catch yourself smiling because your mind is on them, because no matter how bad the day is you know you get to see them, because they make you feel like you belong and you fucked it up. For the first time you realize that this is it, you want this feeling forever, you beg God to let you feel this way until the day you die and you realize.... YOU'RE A FUCK UP if you cant ever forgive yourself because you've done the worst, then who CAN forgive you? If I was on the outside looking in, I wouldn't forgive you. And if it was me, I'd never forgive myself. So I guess my next question is, whats the next step if there is no forgiveness? No trust
I Like This Saying.
You don't have to be crazy to be my friend but it sure helps! lol
Walking Through Life But Not Living It
once upoon a time i explored i felt i wept i raged now i walk this planet we call home and cant do anything cant explore cant feel cant weep cant rage my life was so intertwined with yours that everything else faded and became obsolete now i must lift my chin up carry my head high and become what i once was.
Random Thoughts While Giving Head
Stopping right before the money shot, I had this undeniable urge to stop and say "so now you know how it feels to get head from a man."
Bling For Pic Rates!!
Key To My Heart
Key To My Heart I had closed the door upon my heart And wouldn't let anyone in, I had trusted and loved only to be hurt But, that would never happen again. I had locked the door and tossed the key As hard, and as far as I could, Love would never enter there again, My heart was closed for good. Then you came into my life And made me change my mind, Just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find. That's when you held out your hand And proved to me I was wrong, Inside your palm was the key to my heart... You had it all along.
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Llama Levelers Home Page@ fubar Smile, have fun todays the Llamas day in the spotlight all Llama Levelers kindly rate the page theres only 94 pics leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks.
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Cause I Love You
i want you to change you life. i will give you my soul. i want you to be happy. i don't mind dying. as long i die for you my love. its start with you. you don't have to be scared anymore. cause im here for you. and i love you. my heart will never change. as long I'm alive. the fear i have is losing you. i will give you my soul. i want you to be happy. i don't mind dying. as long i die for you my love. its cause i love you. i don't want anything to change between us. i can hold you forever. i take all the bad memories you had. as long you are happy. i want you to be happy. cause i love you
My Valentine Wish
For this Valentines day I want to hear you say You love me more Than you ever have before To kiss with with such passion In your most romantic fashion Wrap your arms around me Tell me you'll never leave me be Brush my hair from my my eyes Staring at the starry night skies Cuddled up as close as can be No one to bother us, just you and me Hugs and kisses to the end of the night No one to disturb us, no one in sight Alone, quiet and listening to the sound Of the music of nature that is all around I steal a kiss from before you look away Smiling at me, you have nothing to say Comforted by the sounds of your heart Knowing we won't have to be apart Our love blossoms as the night wears on Watching the horizon for the break of dawn When we see the sun rise over the mountain We will have ended the day and it will start again This is my Valentine's day wish, to be with you Holding one another as we always seem to do Baby, on this special day, one we shall
Honey Im Home
entering the house quietly you wonder where i am the candle glow tells you im in the bedroom standing in the doorway you gaze at the sight before you im on my stomach ,one leg bent in sheer camisole top and matching boy cut panties sliding your clothes off you crouch at the foot of the bed a tickle of my foot causing me to shift legs wider you begin kissing lightly the back of my knees i sift slightly as you caress up the back of my thighs i feel the warmth of your breath on my sheer panty covered pussy this causes me to moan as you begin mouthing my wet swollen lips opening my legs wider to allow you in your hands glide up to cover my breasts as you tease the entrance of my wet pussy arching up so i can feel more of your mouth the bed shifts from your weight as you grasp my hips slamming through the material to enter me hard and deep pinning me to the bed holding my hands over my head as you s
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Miracle Monkey Chief of N.A.P, Founder of Llama Levelers@ fubar We will now begin at the top of the list and go down per day for each person on the family blog as leveler of the day all llama levelers will rate 100 pics. when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
Wiz Good
My Celebrity Look Alike...
Lack Of Specific Gene Plays Role In Autism, Study Shows
Lack Of Specific Gene Plays Role In Autism, Study Shows ScienceDaily (Feb. 12, 2009) — It is estimated that three to six out of every 1,000 children in the United States have autism – and the number of diagnosed cases is rising. Autism is one of a group of series developmental problems called autism spectrum disorders (ASD) that appear in early childhood, usually before age 3. Through symptoms and severity vary, all autism disorders affect a child's ability to communicate and interact with others. It's not clear whether this is due to better detection and reporting of autism, a real increase in the number of cases, or both. That's why researchers at Case Western Reserve University, led by Gary Landreth, a professor of neurosciences and neurology at the School of Medicine, have pulled together a number of recent findings that link a common genetic pathway with a number of human syndromes and a newly-recognized genetic form of autism, publishing them in the January 29, 2009, iss
Pacific Northwest Vocabulary Part 1
Oregon- the state below washington pronounced Oar-eh-gun no are-eh-gun or Oar-ree-gone Washington- the state above oregon it is washington NOT waRshington theres no friggin R in it why cant people say shit right?
This Is The Chit Right Here
I Still Love Him
ok so its valentines day and i am alone. Their is this guy and he knows who he is. I still love him no matter what happened between us. I would take him back in a heartbeat and i would be everthing he wanted because i love him. If your reading this. I love you and i still want to be with you.
Riddles Q. What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hooker? A. A hooker can wash her crack and sell it again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q. What's a mixed feeling? A. When you see your mother-in-law backing off a cliff in your new car. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q What's the height of conceit? A. Having an orgasm and calling out your own name. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q. What's the definition of macho? A. Jogging home from your vasectomy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q. What's the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball? A. A guy will actually search for a golf ball ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q. Do you know how Australians practice safe sex? A. They spray paint X's on the back of the sheep that kick! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q.Why is divorce so expensive? A. Beca
Favorite Fubar Trains
Since FUBAR insists on screwing with the HTML code in the blogs, I placed the table with the trains in this web page . I will continue updating with new trains and more old ones as I locate them.
Pic Rates
why is it if you honestly rate someones picture and they don't like the number they rate your photo a 4 or 5 out of spite. people everyone isn't a ten, in fact there are very few tens (if any) an 8 is a high rating. I am all for half glass half full kind of attitudes but reality should be your barometer.
The Prince...
Give me all your pain Feed me what makes you suffer Pour your poison in my mouth Help my torture tree grow Build me a gallows Make me lie on a bed of thorns Bleed me so that you don't Cut me to pieces Sweet suffering is mine All the hurt of the world is in me Atlas holds a globe of blood May my shoulders strain and bow Bring it all into me I long to be the king I take what you hate Make it my own Annoint me with tears Crown me in thorns Ashes in my mouth so sweet I'll dance on the coals I am the end to all you loathe I am the darkness you fear I am the prince of pain...
How do you pronounce this: Le-a SCHOOL TEACHERS, BET YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD HEARD AND SEEN IT ALL! OKAY. How would you pronounce this child's name? Le-a (written just like that) Leah?? NO Lee - A?? NOPE Lay - a?? NO Lei?? Guess Again It's pronounced 'Ledasha.' Oh yes, you read it right. This child attends a school in Livingston Parish, LA. Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name wrong. SO, if you see something come across your desk like this, please remember to pronounce it correctly. When the mother was asked about the pronunciation of the name, she said, 'The dash don't be silent.'
Crazy Jay
Guess who is causing trouble DJ Crazy Jay is rockin out Click on any Pic to cause some double trouble with us
The Most Functional Word Is....
The Most Functional Word is.... Well, it's shit........That's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. Consider: You can be shit faced, shit out of luck, or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit or decide to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, Buy shit, Sell shit, Lose shit, Find shit, Forget shit, And tell others to eat shit and die. Some people know their shit, while others Can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, Dumb shits, Crazy shits And sweet shits. There is bull shit, Horse shit and Chicken shit. You can throw shit, Sling shit, Catch shit, Shoot shit, Or duck when shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or Serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit Or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, Some days are hotter than shit, And some days are just p
Tag Teamed By Loper And Country.
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I want so bad to be called for jury duty. 2. The song Blue Moon, no matter how many times I hear it, usually makes me cry. 3. I can hold a spider in my hand but if a bee or wasp gets anywhere near me I just about piss my pants in fear. 4. I detest grooming my eyebrows. 5. I'm very attracted to men with bald heads. 6. I hate talking on the phone. 7. I stutter sometimes when I get really nervous. 8. I don't want to be married but yet am scared to die alone. 9. I am terrified of driving, especially at night. 10. I am sometimes embarrassed by how many shoes/handbags I own. Reverend Kevin Ja
If You Are Going To Visit Tampa...
do it during gasparilla weekend...what a party!
Flirty, Factual, Or Fearless...
You Are Factual You are highly intelligent, especially in areas that deal with concrete knowledge and facts. You are amazingly analytical. You can make sense of chaos without involving your emotions. If anything, you tend to be overly logical. It's sometimes hard for you to come to a decision, because you're too busy weighing all the options. People turn to you in times of trouble. They know that they can trust you to give good, well thought out advice. Are You Flirtatious, Fearless, Factual, or Friendly?
Jan-14-09 Voluntold
voluntold The exact opposite of volunteering. Always used in reference to an unpleasant task to which you have been assigned by your boss. Coworker 1: I hear you got a transfer. Coworker 2: Yeah. I didn't want to, but I was voluntold.
So Much Stuff
this man is sexist man alive
Stacie Needs......
So you go to google....and you type in your name and needs in "your name needs".... hit search...and write down the first 10 things..... 1. Stacie needs to get drunk, eh? 2. Stacie needs to call me!!! 3. Stacie needs to let people know that the reason she is what she is is because of God and his help for her. 4. Stacie needs her corsa back. 5. Stacie needs to gain cycling confidence. 6. Stacie needs to stay on longer. 7. Stacie needs to be The perfect roll model 8. Stacie Needs Prayers Prayer Requests. 9. Stacie Needs Ur Number...Again 10. Stacie needs to go fill her car up with gas and leave right now. I'm suppose to tag people...but I'm not. Just do this if you want.
How To......
Im not sure if this is ok to posy or not but I wrote it and I like reading it so I hope the same for you all.... To eat at the Y,its such a great pie. To eat at the Y,I reccomend you give it a try. I start at the lips,she cant wait till I get to the hips. I work to the neck,no need for my prick. Then to the ears,this requires no beers. My hands they do wonders,no worries here there'll be no blunders. Then to the rest,I love me some breast. Then back to the neck,she wont be sick. Then to the belly,someimtes it jiggles like jelly. She is quite stricken,this plot will surely thicken. She garbs my hair tight,this is not out of fright. This is for pleasure,as my lips search her for treasure. I look in her eyes before I go down,there is no doubt I wont see a frown. I slide off her thong,as her bodie moves, to my song. I run my fingers up her arm,she is aware I mean her no harm. I put a cuff upon her wrist,now its taking a delicious twist.
Snow Snow is soft my love is soft the snow is cold my love is warmth it snows I love poet
My Thoughts
im sitting here w/ zach wondering if my life has been a total crazy mess or if this is the "hell before the calm" (if that makes since) last week was so hard for me, Damien turned 6. i cant believe its been 6 yrs since he passed away. 6 yrs of wondering how he wouldve looked, how he would act, how he would smell, how he would feel in my arms..... it kills me. i miss him so fucking much!! noone understands the pain i go thru everyday.... noone understands how hard it is to see other children and wonder if you baby couldve been that way.... i will never know!! my "closest" friends tell me the are there for me... then they leave me and dont talk to me for weeks. WTF?? do you even care that im dying inside? do you even care that my heart is broken and cannot be mended?? do you care that i dont sleep? do you?? you might think i am over doing it.. but how do you get over it?? how do you ever say goodbye?? how do you ever go a day w/ out thinking of that sweet angel?? i cant... i
Can't Find My Way Home--blind Faith
[rinse, Lather]
I did not get a weekend. In fact, I think my stress has compounded. Solution- meditate until you pass out Hot shower in the freezing morning. Work your ass off for ingrates and spazzes. Repeat repeat repeat repeat die. That's all I have to say right now. I'm perpetually exhausted, my nightmares and flashbacks are pretty bad right now and I'm getting tremors again. Anyone wanna take wagers on when I start rupturing blood vessels, losing longer spurts of time, and having narcoleptic episodes? I mean... seriously, that's next. Got the screwed up stomach strangling panic attacks body/muscle/head aches I've seen it enough to watch it spiral into this. Before I'll know it I'm gonna start losing hours at a time instead of the occasional blip did I mention people are dissapearing from reality? Nothing serious but I'll see a woman with a great butt- turn and there's a group of three people where she was supposed to be I slammed on the brakes for a guy that ra
Scale Convention
At the scale manufacturers' convention, people often wanted to weigh themselves on different scales to see if they agreed. However, some visitors abstained, not wishing to advertise their weight. A smooth-talking representative coaxed a woman onto his scale by promising her that he would not look and that she could even cover the digital display so only she could see her weight. She finally stood on the scale, whereupon a loud, mechanical voice from within the machine announced: "One hundred and sixty-three pounds."
Peace And Love..,
Every one- enjoy Life, cause it's soo.. Great. Have fun an Drink up, moderetaly..OK!
Ok,'s Time To See How Crazy I Truly Am
Ok, today my rant/discussion is on the Rabbit from Trix (are for kids)....all my life I've seen these commercials, I suffer through them now all the time because the damn channel is always on a kids channel to keep my little bugs content....well... isn't about fucking time they gave that rabbit some Trix?...sorry, if I were him, I would be ranting.."my fucking picture has been on the fucking box for how long now?...and I never get some?"'s like a well hung, heterosexual stripper not being able to get laid, it just doesn't seem right, or fair..., if I were said Rabbit, I'd go on fucking strike ( no, I am not on any the moment..) I'd be saying, "Give me some damn trix" and if they didn't cave, I'd quit with the public announcement saying "BY THE WAY, I SHIT RAINBOWS!" END RANT.
My Blog Is Better Than Katies
Spotlight Auction - Cherry Bomb, Auto 11, And Me! Fubux Only!
I am trying to get SpotLight SOON and I Needs your FuBux!! So... Sweet Kandy has decided to Auction Off an Auto 11 and Cherry Bomb bling! Please click on the pictures below to bid! And for those of you who don't like auctions, dont have enough fubucks to bid, feel free to donate to me directly. IF you donate at least 1million fubux to me, then Sweet Kandy will give you a 1 credit bling AND a personalized salute to you from me or her! (or both of us if you want two!!) Happy Bidding! And Also.... She's auctioning me off for FuBux! For one month.... Two Pimpout Bulletins One bulletin Stickied (you pick) A SFW Personalized Salute 500 11's during HH 500 Stash Rated during HH Owned by in my name Added to Family as a top friend #1 Friend Miscellaneous Drinks and Gifts Weekly Profile Comments Weekly Personal Pimpout on my page R/F/A up 10 friends of your choice click My picture above to place your bid on me! All auctions will end on
The Scientific And Creative Physics And Philosophical Man That I Am.
Family, family values, love, truth, leadership, teaching, personal growth of my spirit by following God's Commandments and the Ordinances that I am responsible to undertake that has been commanded of me, a constant hunger for knowledge and education, painting, digital animation, music production, a constant receptiveness to learning and intellect, the self growth of wisdom and true knowledge, the understanding of an opinion, the acceptance of other's opinions, the humility of accepting constructive criticism but not insults, harmless debates of an opinionated view on any subject, totally open minded, Here is an oxymoron. I'm fanatical at using my gifted ability for tactics as a decision tree to accomplish any goal with fanatical goal planning and organization, yet totally spontaneous. That's the way I am when it comes to deciding to do something fun that I don't want to regret not doing when I'm an old man. Not having my heart broken, song righter, cooking, the sciences, martial arts,
..More Cool Stuff At ..More Cool Stuff At ..More Cool Stuff At
Otundie Pt 7 ( End Of Story)
Meanwhile the Elders in the village were upset because too many people were spending time at the cave where Otundie was experimenting with his campfire and so they voted and went to see Otundie. They told Otundie that too many were not helping out at the village and wasting time looking at his fire spirit. We want our people to stay united and not divided between two purposes they told him. We ask you to cast your fire sticks off the mountain, we ask you for the sake of tribal unity - they said. Otundie responded " I will bow to the wishes of the elders and shall discontinue what I am doing" he said. But as he was about the cast the wood sticks off of a cliff the earth started to quake again, it shook more so then it had been doing for a while. He then heard screams and saw fear on their faces as they looked up - he turned around to see what had upset them. Way higher on the mountain where they lived in the highlands he saw the mountain exploding with fire, a vo
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So, some people wonder why im not on here constantly ( even before i left) its because i play alot of MMORPG's when im not out and about with the kids. A few i play are; 1. Runes of Magic 2. Shaiya 3. Combat Arms (FPS)  If anyone decides to play any, let me know. Plus feel free to share any with me that you like.
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Just so you all i wont be online much and tomorrow not at all. I will be online soon after that. Will you leave me some love? Take care and lots of love hugs and kisses. BY the can leave me messages if you like. I like to receive those. Will reply most certainly.
Help Me
i need someone to do me a favor i need a .gif of a note a kid would pass in school the do you like me with the yes and no boxes anybody know where i can find one or can you make me one
Here With Me......september 2003
September 2003 As I watch everyone say goodbye to you, I cryed. I cryed because all of our memories together, When I go to the casket I look down at a person, Who touched so many lives, I cant take it, I have to get away. While I watch the put you in the ground, I yearn to be in your spot. I wish the lord had taken me and not you, After everything had passed, I go home and look around at nothing, You arne't here anymore, Why should I get to be? I get a knife and start pressing, Deep and hard but the pain is numb to me, I get a bunch of pills and take them, Still nothing but the numbness of being, Hurt and being alone. I just want to have the numbness go away, I just want you to be here again, I start to cry and realize you are here, You are with me, Your the one preventing me from doing the Idiotic shit I was pulling. I realize its not my time to go But how long will the numbness stay? How long before i can let go? by: Malissa M. Watkins
I Cant Stand......
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Do you ever really feel like no one really understands you? I so feel like that right now. It's a really bad feeling. K well i just wanted to share little. Good Night.. or Good Morning.. whichever..
Omfg This Is So Fubar U Got To See This Hahaha
THIS IS SO TRUE ABOUT FUBAR OMFG HAHAHA found it on friends profile I wanted to share the laugh
libation \ly-BAY-shun\, noun: 1. The act of pouring a liquid (usually wine) either on the ground or on a victim in sacrifice to some deity; also, the wine or liquid thus poured out. 2. A beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage. 3. An act or instance of drinking.
Finish The Sentence....
Finish The Sentence Survey 1. My much better as a friend than a husband. 2. Maybe I should...Sleep but I can't. 3. I love....My friends, they kick ass! 4. People would say that I...Am very sweet. 5. I don't understand...Why people feel tearing someone else down will accomplish anything. 6. When I wake up in the morning...I thank god I am alive another day! 7. I lost...So much stress when I moved away from Delaware. 8. Life is...Nothing short of unpredicatable. 9. My past... Is a long story. 10. I get annoyed when....When people are hypocrites. 11. Parties are...Fun to be at and fun to throw! 12. I wish......That my divorce was final so I could completely move on. 13. Dogs...Are adorable and fun! 14. Cats...Just as adorable and fun as dogs! 15. Tomorrow....Is my birthday! I'll be 29! 16. I have a low tolerance...For blatant stupidity. 17. If I had a million dollars...I would pay off a lot of bills! 18. I'm totally terrified..
The Human Eye Doth Not See
The average human eye is trained to see the bare minimum. But my eyes are trained to see the world in a fashion that many dare not even begin to see it. When people see the trees they think tree, but i think "why do we call this a tree?". The depth of my mind runs deep and gives me a far deeper insight into life. People call me naive for seeming to see the world through rose color glasses but little do they know i lookt through a more real lens than most people will ever be able to. i see through the lies of this hellish life, the lies of the people, the lies of the politicians. Its an art, really, to be able to sift through the bullshit and see the truth. The world, not humanity, but the earth, is a BEAUTIFUL place that the hands of humans are beginning to destroy. Far too many people now see the world as a place to inhabit and to desecrate for the means of their own greed. The earth is not a possession but a very beautiful gift of nature. The trees, animals, plants, grass, mountains,
Is It Real??
Someone tell me how do you know if its real? Can it not be true even after time goes by? Should you stay bc its the easiest thing to do? How do you truly know they feel how you do? If its all falling apart can it get better? I ask these questions bc at times Im so unsure and other times its like wow couldnt be better. I am so caught up and into this person that I feel Ive lost myself. I feel so wrapped up I dont wanna share. I have nothing but pure selfish jealousy love for this person although I try my best to hide it in order to keep him, but I feel alone beings it seems he isnt on the level of love that I have for him. Is this healthy to still feel nothing but complete utter love for this person Ive been w for over a year and have a child with? I just feel Ive found my soul in him. Everlasting love is what I wish to give.
Entertain Me!!
Best Joke About Sleep
I'm Having The Biggest Sale I Will Ever Have....
Hey Ya'll, I'm have a big sale everything in the store is less than 30% of retail. Come and check it out for yourself. We have womens and mens rings, we also have tung, belly, labrets, ear rings. we also have some add ons for your tung rings. Happy shopping. Black Knight Sales
Snowblind--black Sabbath
i have more of it in me than blood. its really windy and crappy out today, and for that i blame witchie and fuck you candi my bff went and bought me the twilight special edition so you couldnt tease me no mo, hes awesome p.s. post boobs
Shopping Remote
"Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. "So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the worst thing I could do to him legally."
Nothin' At All--heart
I am waiting on mine salute approval. So i cant use fubar for 100% as yet
What Tha Fuck?
damn none writes me . this shit is gettin lame
Pirate Or Ninja?
Ninja Pirate Quiz »'s fun quizzes! ~ Barack Obama's IQ ~ Honeymoon Sweepstakes ~ The Dumb Test ~ Quizzes | Movie Trivia & Movie Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quotes
Not Enough
I could write about how much you mean to me. And how much I really care. Or how I feel in your arms. And even more about when you're not there. I could write about your smile. And how it brightens my day. And how holding your hand, Everything in the world fades away. I could write down our memories. Every single moment we've spent together. The times we were silent. And the times that were filled with laughter. I could write everything down. And explain it word for word. And it still wouldn't explain, How much you mean in my world
Mans Speech In Toronto Leads To His Fourth Arrest
Mans speech in Toronto leads to his fourth arrest Publish at Scribd or explore others: Newspapers Periodicals & Report toronto freespeech
A Thank You To My Friends
A THANKS TO MY FRIENDS Thank you for being there when I needed you... and even when I didn't, Thank you for being there through the good times... and the bad, Thank you for being there to encourage my dreams.... and my crazy ideas, Thank you for catching me... before I fell down, Thank you for wiping away the tears... when I was crying, Thank you for cheering me up... and making me laugh, Thank you for all the great memories... and the bad, But most of all... thank you... For being you! copyright jas 2007
For My Friend
FOR MY FRIEND As a friend I do wish you The best of life's blessings And freedom from sickness and pain. May your prayers and oblations, As blooms of carnations, Flourish in sunshine and rain. May the blessings of heaven Be showered upon you With favor from God and from man. May you harvest with pleasure The fruits of your labor To share with whoever you can. May the dew in the morning Refresh and delight you, And your days be filled with great peace. May your nights without number Be filled with sweet slumber; Your dreams filled with hope never cease. May your mate and your children Bequeathed and beloved Be cherished as jewels set in gold. May your joy blend with laughter, Both now and hereafter, As the days of your life unfold. copyright jas 2007
Anthony Hamilton "coming From Where I'm From"
JUST FEELIN THIS SONG TODAY THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE IN BLOGS TODAY HOW I FEEL THROUGH SOME SELECTIVE SONGS Anthony HamiltonComin' From Where I'm From Music Video Codes By Music Hmmmm sitting here guess I didn't make bail got time and a story to tell it started when I was nine years old woke up my daddy was gone I started hustlin they couldn't tell me nothing, frontin in the hood trying to be somebody,my soul was on empty I was searching for somethig, trying to be good, trying to keep from trouble, living to fast, trying to make good for my hustle (chorus) sometimes it gets rough (coming from where I'm from I'm from)times get hard yeah (coming from where I'm from I'm from) Sometimes you gotta walk to work yeah (coming from where I'm from I'm from) sometimes you gotta do a little dirt (coming from where I'm from I'm from) wasn't really looking guess I found it 5 foot 3 light brown skin, coming from the university nice style looking kinda upbeat,
Some Shit I Feel Like Writing Down
Hey, everyone well as you know form my title of this blog and I have some shit that I want to write down. Anyway sometimes it is nice to hear how a guy feels about the person that they are dating because it is nice to know how they feel about you. And pluse the fact that  it make's the person feel that tey actaully means something to them believe or not it actaully dose image that. Anyways it not good to hide your feelings because the person is going to start thinking that they don't mean anything to you because you hide your feelings. And pluse it is also inportant to get over the past and start thinking about the persent because is in the past you can't change what happened in the past and I think you should stop blaming everyone for your miskaks or what to you.Because you can't have a new relionship with someone if you can't let go of the past. And I think I said that in anther blog but all well it is good sometimes because it actually proof's your point that you are trying to make.
Writings March 14th 2009- May 15th
Thunder On The Mountain   Thunder knocking in the distance, craters holding something on  the moonWhispers in the alleys and a show that is starting at noonClowns on the corner throwing dimes at the cups of passing patronsHot stuff that is different everywhere you look   Crying without that tears, they are long gone and so lostClinging to faith every other time,  while others walk down the lineWondering where those shadows are going to go, but they are long goneClearing in the forest and wondering how time got here   Watch that soul expand from the drops that came from that tin canPieces on a puzzle spread out on a table, a heart coming togetherFirst in line but wanting to run away not knowing what the answer says   Thunder approaching, exposing itself wideGypsies dancing in circles around some camp fire falling dizzyA guide that lies and gets everyone more lost, take a look more insideIt is always both sides not that one that is wanted   The pistols clapping and bodies slap
Are You That Weak Minded
Are most men
The Very Girly Vlog
A long time ago We were laying in my bed You looked into my eyes And this is what you said You said, Have you ever envisioned Heaven And wondered what you would see? At that moment I had seen Heaven And in Heavens eyes, was reflected back me You said when you get there There is no pain There are no shadows And nothing is the same I told you my definition of Heaven I told you it was white and blue You said Heaven couldn't be defined And that I didn't have a clue As we laid in my bed I began to imagine this place And as I shut my eyes I envisioned your face For I had seen Heaven And it wasn't hard to see Because every piece of Heaven Was right in front of me Heaven wasn't a place And it wasn't white or blue Heaven is in the shape of a person And this person is you
Am New Here Ladys From Uk Here
hi  any one here from the uk like a chat  ladys plz 21+ get in touch new to the site x   single male 32
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San Antonio Firefighters Honor Hfd's Fallen
SAN ANTONIO -- More than two dozen San Antonio Firefighters will be in Houston Thursday morning to honor two fellow firefighters who died in the line of duty. Captain James Harlow and rookie Damion Hobbs died early Easter morning when they were trapped inside a house while battling a fire. Some of the San Antonio firefighters plan on helping out by volunteering to work firefighters shifts, while others hope their music will help heal heavy hearts. "Firefighters are action-oriented problem solvers, but there's nothing we can do in this situation. By marching in the procession, we can offer some comfort to the family. This is something we can contribute," said Jeremy Walker, who heads up the San Antonio Pipe and Drum Brigade. In the six years since the band was formed, their solemn sound has paid tribute to fallen San Antonio firefighters and police. This will be the first out of town funeral for the band. Six members of the band will march along the funeral procession, but more than
Hello Everyone Im Just Getting My Drink On What Yall Up To
hey ppl bored as hell sitting here watching some crazy shit on u tube
I Need A Drink Can Someone Help Me
Who wants to buy me a drink
Fighting The Department Of Homeland Security
Posted: April 17, 2009 12:00 am Eastern By Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily Radio talk show host Michael Savage has teamed up with the Thomas More Law Center of Ann Arbor, Mich., to file a lawsuit against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. "It is a civil rights action brought under the First and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution, challenging the policy, practice, and custom of the United States Government that targets for disfavored treatment those individuals and groups that are considered to be 'rightwing extremists,'" the complaint announced today said. Become part of WND's re-declaration of our founders' intent to be an independent nation The federal agency recently targeted those individuals in its report called "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment According to the federal government, members of the suspect group of people include those
The Leaving Of London
  I had a late night Saturday. My mate Elaine and I headed off to Oxford Jongleurs, it threatened to be evil. There were nasty stags all congregating and being cuntish. I quickly got them ready for the first act, I was the fastest, microphone mistress in the world.   Susan Murray went on first and slayed them, her no holds barred attitude won them over, we were all pleasantly surprised, and the crowd were fine. Then Anthony King went onto have one of the best gigs that I have seen him do! I love his quirkily intelligent wordsmith creative act and the potentially annoying crowd LOVED him as well.   The whole night was topped off with the energetic Richard Morton, the crowd carried on being lovely and responsive, which goes to show that first impressions aren't always good to judge things on.   Elaine and I went straight from Oxford to Groucho Club in London's West End. Elaine had yet to be introduced to the Groucho and she walked straight into the enigmatic Bernie Katz dancing wi
My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends It gives a lovely light!   ESVM
I Watch You Walk Away...
You walk out of my life Like you were never there You leave me standing here As if you never cared You give me back my heart Like it was never yours You leave without a tear Like you don't care anymore I could fall to my knees Begging for you to stay But I let my heart break As I watch you walk away But its hurting so much To keep it all inside I try to fight the tears But they're so hard to hide And only if you knew How much it hurt that day To watch the one I love... As he slowly walked away
Vibrators Vs Men!!!
Vibrators vs men!!! A vibrator doesn't have an orgasm first and then just stop "vibrating."Vibrators are never too busy watching the game on tv Batteries are cheaper than pick up trucks!! When we're done with them we can stuff them back in the drawer and not hear from them until we're ready. It's happy to keep going until we're satisfied.We can get a bigger one or one that has better options whenever we want without being called a slut.Position is your choice, not his.It always is hard.It doesn't leave a mess behind. You don't have to wear an ill fitting teddy to excite it.It doesn't care that you gained 10 lbs. It doesn't fall asleep and snore in your ear afterwards. You don't have to clean up the apartment before bringing it home. They don't get tired after the first time They never poke you in the back in the morning to see if you are in the mood. Iin the morning you don't have to fix it breakfast. Safe sex without a rubber A couple batteries and you don't have to put up with the sh
Superheros! You need to check this out! LOL
Is This What You Want
is this what you want i didnt come to you willingly so you cast your web of lies alienating me you may capture me but you will never own my heart he has won it  when you kiss me i will feel nothing it will be his lips i think of when you tell me how much i mean to you they will fall on deaf ears look upon me with eyes filled with lust but look deep in mine see the hate i have for you you may have  captured me but what you love bout me and long to own is dead to you ......  
Profile And Pointers
I'm new to FuBar so im still wroking on my profile but in the meanwhile if any of you have pointers about FuBar i'dluv 2 hear form you.
Choosing A Wife
> > A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among> three likely candidates. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and> watches to see what they do with the money.> > > The first does a total makeover. She goes to a fancy beauty salon,> gets her hair done, new makeup; buys several new outfits and dresses> up very nicely for the man. She tells him that she has done this to be> more attractive for him because she loves him so much.> > The man was impressed.> > > > > The second goes shopping to buy the man gifts. She gets him a new set> of golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive> clothes. As she presents these gifts, she tells him that she has spent> all the money on him because she loves him so much.> > > Again, the man is impressed.> > > > > The third invests the money in the stock market. She earns several> times the $5,000. She gives him back his $5,000 and reinvests the> remainder in a joint account. She tells him that she wants to save f
i dont know why i even date or marry, what just to get hurt again? I dont think so..... idk anymore so thats all im saying :(  
So recently I find myself pondering my past adventures with the opposite sex, black men, and a handful of one night stands. Through talking my best friend we thought it would be clever for me to write a little novel that'll never be published, just something for my fellow friends to read, and whoever else would like to read. It'll be 85% fact and 15% Hollywood. Just to keep you interested.  I will detail all of my sexual encounters to date with the quirk and sense of humor that sex should have. People take sex, and sexaul acts too seriously always keeping the taboo subject behind closed doors and under lock and key. Here I am writing my stories of falling off the bed and hand jobs in the hood. Let everyone embrace thier sexuality as a gift and a toy. Enjoy!
Meet My Father In Law Carlise Cullen
Hello my name is Carlisle Cullen I have lived and seen through my years many things but even through many things you still find only one thing that will ever mean anything to you I was born long ago in Italy as a child I was interested in learning and hearing my father was a well respected doctor and we knew many people in the village,My father was strict and obsessed with hunting these creatures he would tell me about creatures to be so fowl that you would wish to be dead than 100 feet near one these creatures were vampires that my father beileved to have been attacking the villages through Italy but there was one particular hunt I helped my father with that hunt would be my last,it was dark and cold when I was coming through the village I happened upon a group of beautiful people standing on the cobble road they stepped out of the dark shadows into the gleam light of the moon and I knew what they were there was no use running I knew very well but I did when suddenly one sprang near a
Ahem, Just Read It :-)
Ten Thousand Tears
Far from the clouds that Covered the home of my youth, (The poet mused with eyes wide open, After thinking for ten thousand years), I have seen much and made sense of it… … Streets bright after the rain, …Mountains which hide the blazing sun, …Black woods where no mortal dwells, …The sadness within the eyes of Death,
Do Not Watch Any Of These's_Fear_Factor.html't_Worry,_I_Got_Band-Aids.html
I Miss The Sky
I Miss The SkyIt hit me all at once, that something I did every day, to catch my breath, no longer works for me. One more thing lost to me. - JohnI miss the sky.It used to be, right there, when I looked up.When I needed a breather, a break from the world,I could just lift my eyes, and see the skyClouds drifting in the breezy sunlit blueSometimes, when I was really stressed,I could faintly hear Hendrix say, “ ’Scuse me, while I kiss the sky….”As I lifted my face into the sun, and blew the clouds a kiss.Peace would come, a moments respite it’s trueToday, I needed a break, a moment of peace, and As I have done countless times in my life, I looked up, I saw the clouds there, floating on the breeze, But all I could see were thoughts of youThen it was I realized, that since you diedWhen I look at the sky, seen through a sheen of tearsit’s just clouds, there, in the air.I miss the sky
A Letter Form A Friend Asking Advice
This letter was written to one of my beautiful girl friends here. Like me she's survived cancer for over 15 years now. You wouldn't know it by looking at her or me but we are here and have to deal with it and all the other bs that goes with long term cancer survival. Her first and only husband left her with two children and cancer to tend to and she asked for some advise as he is leading her on still. Like I always said, "Life is a bitch.... and then you LIVE." Onward.I've been divorced 3 times and not one was easy to get through, but, in the long run I've managed to stay friends with all my exes to this day except for one that died of cancer. It's not easy, like I said, but you have to let go and love the most painful thing completely, ie., losing a very close relationship. It doesn't happen over night and it's best to stay as busy as you can doing something you enjoy to take your mind off of it. Your mind. That's where the secret lies and you controlling your emos not your loneliness
Words are just that. There's no story to be told. Simply a voice when all that's wanted is to be loved. Trying is pointless.. When you know you'll never be as good as the rest. Fear isn't real but instead is change.. When that's the last thing everyone wants. No one wants to understand. All that's there are words... And who needs words when they are just that. No one needs to be wanted, but they want to be needed. Different is nothing but a tale.
"hot Pockets"-jim Gaffigan
I just found out that my x My little girls mom has cancer I dont know quite how to deal being my x and all i am there for both her and my little girl I have been told it looks to have been spreading my x is scard and already to just give up and i am just plain worried about her and the girls.  I was there for them for so many years and noe i am on the sideline just praying for the best She told me that my little girl does not know and i feel so alone on this one I am very strong never give up but she just does not have that fight right now I dont know what i am asking just any thoughts would be good I do not blog much so please if you have something to add or thoughts would be great I lost a friend to cancer when i was 14 she was 16 I did not deal with it than and this time i would like to find out more and what can be done I am looking on line to feed that need But real thoughts and real people make a diferance  
Lifehouse : If This Is Goodbye
And day lights, craving Sunshine on this frozen heart I am wishing you well Wondering how you are If you and I are going under Maybe we can both recover And find forgiveness for each other Even if this is goodbye And time heals But these scars keep on tearing us apart And sometimes ending is the only place to start If you and I are going under Maybe we can both recover And find forgiveness for each other Even if this is goodbye If you and I are going under Maybe we can both recover And find forgiveness for each other Even if If what we had is really over If fate is out there we discover Let's find forgiveness for each other Even if this is goodbye (Second best song ever... Just wish he could forgive me)
My Life Lyrics
[Intro]Punk ass motherfucka!Bitch ass nigga!What were you gonna do? Kill me in my sleep u bitch ass nigga?Tupac, Biggie shut the fuck up!Fucking dogs, they barking shit...Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me!Fuck you nigga![Chorus (Lil' Wayne)]And I'm grindin' until I'm diethey say you ain't grindin' until you dieSo I'm grinding with my eyes wideLooking to find,A way through the dayThe life for the nightDear lord you've take so many of my peopleI'm just wondering why you haven't taken my lifeLike what the hell am I doing right?[Verse 1 (The Game)]Take me away from the hoodlike a state penitentiary.Take me away from the hoodin a casket or a Bentley.Take me away...Like I overdosed on cocaine,or take me awaylike a bullet from Kurt Cobain.Suicide.I'm from a windy citylike do or die.From a block close towhere Biggie was crucified.That was Brooklyn's Jesusshot for no fucking reason.And you wonder why Kanyewear his Jesus pieces.(My life!)Cause that's Jesus people,and Game he's the equal.Hated on so
The Art Of Acceptance!
The art of acceptance is the art of making someone who has just done you a small favor wish that he might have done you a greater one.
Set me free to be at deaths side where all my feelings will subside I hate all these feeling I hold inside they always eat away at my mind Wether its love or hate I already know my fate A lonely life I have led to only end up in deaths bed A bed of comfort A bed of peace where I will get my sleep no more tears to sting my eyes I close my eyes and say my last goodbyes Goodbye cruel world for at last I'm free Free of all this misery     BY Smokeyvamp
Songs Through The Years (1967 Top-100
The Top 100 Songs of 19671.    I'm A Believer     Monkees2.    To Sir With Love     Lulu3.    The Letter     Box Tops4.    Ode To Billie Joe     Bobbie Gentry5.    Windy     Association6.    Groovin'     Young Rascals7.    Somethin' Stupid     Nancy & Frank Sinatra8.    Daydream Believer     Monkees9.    Light My Fire     Doors10.    Happy Together     Turtles11.    Hello Goodbye     Beatles12.    Kind Of A Drag     Buckinghams13.    Respect     Aretha Franklin14.    Incense And Peppermint     Strawberry Alarm Clock15    Ruby Tuesday     Rolling Stones16.    All You Need Is Love     Beatles17.    Love Is Here And Now You're Gone     Supremes18.    The Happening     Supremes19.    Penny Lane     Beatles20.    Snoopy Vs The Red Baron     Royal Guardsman21.    I Heard It Through The Grapevine     Gladys Knight & Pips22.    Soul Man     Sam & Dave23.    Dedicated To The One I Love     Mama's & Papa's24.    Little Bit O'Soul     Music Explosion25.    The Rain, The Park & Other Things     Co
Attractive to both sexes.
Hiphop Shows
ok whats up with people ? i noticesd that when you put your blinker on peoplr speed up to keep you from getting in ..why ! well that my rant of the day o well
He never saw her open the door with a master key, slowly closing it behind her.  Taking off her uniform, she slowly and quietly started creeping up to his bed, her back arched in a panther-like predatory pose. Looking at a streak of light falling on his face, she smiled and licked her lips. He had no idea that he was about to fall prey to her, basking in a dreamworld of carelessness and utopia.  She looked at his body, lying there motionless spread out on top of a blanket, trying to escape the summer heat. At his strong arms and legs, entertaining the thought of him being so unaware of her presence...for now. Then her eyes fell on his semi erect cock nestled between his legs, and laying to the side.  She extended her hand, and touched it.  And then... he opened his eyes.   "WTF??! Who the hell are you?!" He screamed in startlement, covering his nakedness.  Like a panther, she leapt forwards, and put her hand over his mouth and another over his cock, squeezing its head in a palm of
Darkness surrounds me  I cannot find the light  My life is filled with perpetual night I long to have you whispering softly in my ear  Have no fear for I am here  I try to sleep and instead just weep  In my heart, we are never apart You are always near and I hold you so dear Wanting you here to calm the fear Your gentle hand that understands  Your gentle touch that means so much  Without you here, there is no love  I am like a caged dove  Longing to be set free from inside of me The door is locked, all exits are blocked
Unexplainable Perfections
 UnexplainableThe times are growing, the moments are clambering, the very strenght of the human race clambers to the harden times once before. Our world is in shambles, so much history made everyday for the dreams of those in our past. the dreams that they would be so proud an of that the outcomes of what happens when people work togheter. The very strenght of people, they show everyday with the actions they do upon others an themselves. The constant growing person fights for an stands for one difference in this world. Each person hold a differnet story an different path. Within each person, each story, each difference; they behold a power, an a strenght that will impact good upon or within others that will take the time an detication to learn an understand those around them. Learnings that not any average place can teach, no amount of money or gifts can truely reward or relativly give any real meaning to others, than the actual person behind it. The learning that guide others, show ot
Education Is!
Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't.
Celldweller-:best It's Gonna Get" Demo Clip
ok heres the thing, I always enter auctions but never host them. So I'm really thinking about hosting one. If i do the enrty fee would be 50K and will run for 2 weeks. I just want an idea of who would be interested in entering.
Get Double Teamed By These Two!!
Who doesnt like to get double teamed? I know you do so heres the deal You got a Princess and a Bratte wanting to double team you!! thats double the spankings, double the sweet loving and even double the fu-luvin. All you have to do it is "help us Spread our Wings"which is not that hard to do right? while your there A/F/r if u havent done so already After that the lovings will begin!!Trust me when i say this." you will not regret it at all" this is the best 2 fus around!!! ♥ஜ♥þrïñ¢ê§§ Ìrï§hï§hê¥ê§♥ஜ♥ ♥Bratte♥ Owned By ♥Photobug & Devilrocker♥ Show them both some love! let the spankings begin . lol
Arousal from being buried alive.
The Five Fingered Hand Of Eris
= THE FIVE FINGERED HAND OF ERIS = The official symbol of POEE is here illustrated. It may be this, or any similar device to represent TWO OPPOSING ARROWS CONVERGING INTO A COMMON POINT. It may be vertical, horizontal, or else such, and it may be elaborated or simplified. The esoteric name for this symbol is THE FIVE FINGERED HAND OF ERIS, commonly reffered to as THE HAND. NOTE: In the lore of western magic, the \/ is taken to symbolize horns, especially the horns of Satan or of diabolical beasties. The Five Fingered Hand of Eris, however, is not intended to be taken as satanic, for the "horns" are supported by another set, of inverted "horns". Or maybe it is walrus tusks. I don't know what it is, to tell the truth.   "Surrealism aims at the total transformation of the mind and all that resembles it" Breton
Speak Oh Speak
From the depths of the seemless void my soul begins to fall towards the sirine call of your words of a familiar ring. Speak oh speak my angel for a soul that was dead, into it life was fed and now looks foward to another day. Speak oh speak of a jubilant mind though some have been unkind and you chose to stay not to run away from a world of immeasurable pain.
Lookin 4 Someone Special
whatsup ladies just got out of 14 yr relationship about 2 months ago lookin 4 someone new 2 hang out with
[son Of A Mcbastard]
Alright... I'm seriously kinda out of food right now.I had fish lentil soup with taco shells and ice cream ffs tonight. My point being? *shrug* I need to come up with something good, so, what do we have in the inventory for lunch tomorrow?And yes... shopping is futile right now, we're going to ye ol hometown tomorrow night. We got lentils, chickpeas, red beans, onions, garlic, fish...flour... And we're running very low on rice. Very very low.And 1 mango. wait... damn it I can't even do a fry batter, I have no bonders. Milk and eggs are out. Man what I would do for a big plate of pancakes fried eggs and some peanut soup... and some bacon... and some sausageand someFOOD I mean, jesus, lentils might be one of the most nutrtionally efficient foods on earth, but it leaves something to be desired in the flavor, texture, filling... EVERYTHING department I'm out of $ again, but I'm pretty sure I can live for a bit on these beans and random pastas. But man... peanut soup would be grea
Priory Priority
The 104-year-old building that had served as the priory and primary student residence of the small Catholic university where I work was about to be demolished. As the wrecker's ball began to strike, I sensed the anxiety and sadness experienced by one of the older monks whose order had founded the college. "This must be difficult to watch, Father," I said. "The tradition associated with that building, the memories of all the students and monks who lived and worked there. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you." "It's worse than that," the monk replied. "I think I left my iPhone in there." 
The Music I Like This is what I spend most of my time on and I got 3 other people to play agenst isint It (Awsome) Ü If you dont buy this game you will have nothing to live for   I got alot to live for now its matallica and my 3 others
Reefer Insanity!
  This coral just sold in an online auction for $1738.00     HOLY FUCK!
You Hold Me Up
I love you; I love you more than anything in my life I’m addicted to and I would give anything to be your wife I can’t wait to hug you and look into your eyes I love you like no other, you’re different from the other guys     My sister says I’m stupid but that’s because she doesn’t see That ever time I wake up, I think of you and me We are so different but so very much the same When I am in math I find myself doodling your name     Don’t get this mixed up it’s far from puppy love Every time I think of you I know there’s a god above Because you are a blessing that I, I have received I could never turn away; it hurts too much to leave     Thinking of you makes me smile, it makes me glow inside And I’m so very happy to have you on my side I hold you in my heart because you’re so far away But one day well be together, I anticipate that day     We talk about everything, our lives and our dreams And no
My Life, My Heart Without U
My life,my heart  while you are far away?!!I can’t describe it my loveWhat use would be of describing it?It’s like a dear departed his homeLike a knight without his armorLike a blind without his stickLike a baby without his motherLike an orphan with no helpI have nothing but you to talk aboutI complain and wonder the love it selfI always talk about how prettySweet and soft you areI don’t stay awake without youThere is no night without youThere is no moonlight without youThere is no life to describe without you----------------------------------------W.B: FM
"days Are Scrolls"
Days are scrolls: write on them only what you want remembered.
Stupid People Shouldn't Breed
Seriously...WTF is wrong with this mother?!?!? Victorville, Calif. (AP) -- Investigators say the mother of a 15-year-old Victorville girl allowed the teenager to have sex repeatedly with a parolee. San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies, acting on an anonymous tip, allegedly caught 25-year-old parolee Anthony Vaux and the teen in the act on Sunday at the Travelodge hotel. Vaux has been booked for investigation of felony unlawful sex with a minor and his parole has been revoked. Investigators say the teen's mother was aware her daughter and Vaux had been having sex regularly in recent weeks and she allegedly allowed it to occur. A complaint regarding the mother's actions is being sent to prosecutors.  
Blocked Again For Not Understanding Psycho Babble
read from bottom to the top   -> DAMIAN: I don't know what you are talking are talking in riddlesDAMIAN: you know exactly!!!!!!!!!!! what im talking about im not an imbcile-> DAMIAN: um ok, no clue what you are talking about stillDAMIAN: go pl;ay the fubae game on somone else you are a psycho-> DAMIAN: WTF are you talking aboutDAMIAN: SHARE NOTHING I WILL NEVER PIMP YOU Aour bomb you again-> DAMIAN: share whatDAMIAN: PLEASE SHAREDAMIAN: NO .... YOU MISDUND ME IM MSORRY-> DAMIAN: stop what? you are talking in riddlesDAMIAN: STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-> DAMIAN: huh?DAMIAN: GOOG NIGHT AND BE SURE TOO TELL ALL THAT HAS ANY POWER T ALLLLL-> DAMIAN: ohDAMIAN: sorry my sb is effing up-> DAMIAN: you lost meDAMIAN: ypu lknow exactly what bi mean-> DAMIAN: huh?DAMIAN: im just not worthy of tour beauty am i?
Bah Humbug
I know it's not Christmas, but just read. I will likely have a repeat of this very experience this year. It never fails.   'Twas the weekend before Christmas.... I am already a somewhat antisocial person by nature, but this time of the year amplifies my aversion to bustling crowds, their screaming offspring and the overall cheerfully sickening atmosphere. Don't take me for a Scrooge, now. I'm more of a second cousin. I realize this is my fault for being the procrastinator I am. I never ever buy a single present before December. So, I really set myself up for these holiday horror experiences when shopping. To begin with I wore the wrong shoes. I did not worry as I never intended to be out for more than a hour. Four hours later, I'm limping through yet another department store. After I slowly make my way through the store and gather a few gift items, I make my purchase and decide to give my poor tootsies a rest. I find the most secluded, scarcely populated table in the little food
Destroyer Of My World
My body once burned for you But how was I to know That someday So would my soul My heart raged with a passion So free and so wild I loved and trusted you With the naivety of a child I was young back then Now I feel so old You tore my heart from my chest Left me hollow and cold I know it hurt you too You couldn't bare to look into my eyes To see the pain circle my heart like a vulture The tears crawl down my face like flies Part of me died The day I saw you with him Buried and left to decay I'll never love like that again I'll never give my heart so freely Like an innocent little kid It's cold an grey like a tombstone And behind an iron gate it's hid I want to hate you but I can't For you were just a girl Innocent The destroyer of my world
Cunnilingus Licking & Eating Pussy - Part 6
Cunnilingus Licking & Eating Pussy - Part 6 Cunnilingus PositionsLaying FlatThere are a lot of sub variations on this particular position, as you can situate yourself many different ways to give cunnilingus to a woman who is laying on her back. A great beginner position is to have her laying flat on her back with her legs completely spread. Approach from between her feet and lay on your stomach between her legs with your lips at clit level. Another great one is to have her lay on the edge of the bed with her legs up in the air. Approach from the floor and as you put your head between her legs, let them drape over your shoulders. She can also try putting her feet up in the air, depending on how what is more comfortable.StandingWith her standing facing you, kneel directly in front of her and position your lips at clit level. This is a great position to use your hands and fingers as they are freed up to explore. Try a little anal excitement with your fingers while your tongue is busy wor

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