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Cosmo's Tongue
Hussein Obama is a liar and a fraud. He lied about Air Force I flying low over NYC for a photo op coz the a**hole won't show the pics! He lied about being not being born in Keny coz he will not present evidence to back it up, like a birth certificate and school records.
How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her
Principia Discordia or How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I found Her being a Beginning Introduction to The Erisian Mysterees Which is Most Interesting as Divinely Revealed to My High Reverence MALACLYPSE THE YOUNGER, KSCOmnibenevolent Polyfather of Virginity in Gold and HIGH PRIEST of THE PARATHEO-ANAMETAMYSTIKHOOD OF ERIS ESOTERIC (POEE) HAIL ERIS! KALLISTI ALL HAIL DISCORDIA! Dedicated to The Prettiest One The Upstart of one hand clapping JOSHUA NORTON CABAL - Surrealists, Harlequinists, Absurdists and Zonked Artists Melee POEE is one manifestation of THE DISCORDIAN SOCIETY about which you will learn more and understand less We are a tribe of philosophers, theologians, magicians, scientists, artists, clowns, and similar maniacs who are intrigued with ERIS GODDESS OF CONFUSION and with Her Doings I Tell You: One must still have chaos in one to give birth to a dancing star! -Nietzsche
Yahoo Im
The Rain Lyrics
[singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rainUh.. uh.. uh, uh, uh[singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rainIt's not that we gotta do what we doIt's what we know, so to me it ain't nuttin but bein true but[singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rainIt doesn't have to be the way it is, you say it isJust because for the past 20 years, every day it is[singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rainI wanna be able to walk out my front doorWithout worryin about comin in conflict with the law, cause[singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rainIf I follow Him, they'll follow meAnd I'll speak life into the word that you can see[singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rainWe get away with everyday shit, but everyday shitcatches up to you and when it does you can't say shit![singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rainIf I don't, you will, when I won't, you stealWhat makes it feel like we gots to kill?[singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rainHow many more lives must we lose?H
When One Makes Mistakes.....
in my short 25 years theres is a miistake that even though  i have been forgiven hauntes me to this day , i try not to let guilt get ahold of me but it does, last night i had my first nightmare about my fears and i have never been so scared , im the kind of person whos night mares are so scary that he would rather not talk about them , so how does one deal with a nightmare that is supposed to be normal, i dont kknow but for today it has tated the way i see things,if i had a time machene i would go back in time to fix that one mistake , basicly beat the crap out of my self for that shit i had done, no matter what i cant seem to forgive my self , i hope that thoughs involved with my mistake can under stand that i am a brokemn man and that i am just working to make up for these greves things that i had done i cant say srry enough , but at the same time the meer word does not describe how bad i feel in short to thoughs involved and too thoughs i love i truly am srry , and to the woman that
My Theory
ok, i am new here, so let's get the name calling out of the way. virgin. newbee, rookie, blah, blah, blah. i have been hump'n the internet for over 10 years so i am not antimidated by words via cyberspace. i will say that i did recently get hoodooed by those diet pill adds, damn it! t his place is over whelming to say the least. it pushes the limits in social networking which is the attraction but i will stick to street drugs and decline before paying any  of my hard earned dollars for company and if you understand that then we maybe should talk. the internet is cool and very entertaining but i still prefer life in the real world. i enjoy the senses and although you can enhance sight and sound via the net they have yet to master scent, AKA smell. so, with that i will play along but know i am always thinking, " here in the real world. i am 47, the down hill run, so i have no time for bull ****. good luck and god speed, Kel
Record Store
A woman meant to call a record store, but dialed the wrong number and got a private home instead. "Do you have 'Eyes of Blue' and 'A Love Supreme?'" she asked. "Well, no," answered the puzzled homeowner. "But I have a wife and eleven children." "Is that a record?" she inquired, puzzled in her turn. "I don't think so," replied the man, "but it's as close as I want to get." 
The Wounded Heart Bleeds
The wounded heart bleeds a thousand rivers of torment from my soul into eternity. Leaving a puss filled sore of festering putridness for all to see. I try to hide my face in shame from all that would dare to look at me. I do not want your pity, I only want you. Reckless abandonment of youth has found a home in you and left you cold as ice. Stabbing me in my heart to kill the ugly beast. I cry out for mercy and ask of you just why. All I get in reply is that you do not know why. You may have found another way to release your beast inside. Something better you say then I could ever be. I took this journey so long ago. But I never thought it would return to smite and torment me once again. My dreams are lies and broken promises as the baby wails and dies. Surrounded by the gurgled cries of those about to die. Alone ahead I see a babe all bloody, torn and broken crying for its mother to finally take it home. I reach for it as it turns to say "No not you, you've had your chance. My time is
We Are Rock Hounds!
We Are Rock Hounds! (for the rock and mineral club to which I belong)   We are Rock Hounds, the shapers of stone, petrified wood and calcified bone; rich amethyst and azurite, opals and agates and corpolite; all of the treasures this earth has sewn. Digging through tombs like thieves of reknown, prizing jewels from an earthly throne, prying those jewels from their mantles tight...                                            We are Rock Hounds! We hunt together or all alone, we gather our treasures widely strewn. searching holes or precarious heights for stones to shine all pretty and bright; trinkets we can call our very own.          &nbs
Another Update On Me
Hey everyone, Sorry, i have not been on for so long ,but i have been in the hospital and I still am in the hospital cuz of that surgery I had where it was infected that they went in and debreaded it ,but things are SLOWLY healing its just goin to be a long long process so I will probably not be on for a while unless a friend of mine lets me use there lap top again in a few days or weeks like i'm hopin so that way I can keep u guys updated on whats going on. They have me on bed rest for most of the part ,but I am allowed to get up in my wheelchair 3 times a day for an hour at a time so that gets annoying ,but it will at least help and then they have finally taken me off my antibiotics ,but they are keeping a close eye on my blood count since my blood pressure can not stay up and my temp wont stay down.. But they have me doin a test every day where its called Hyperbarics and its 100% oxygen and thats suppose to help my sores out and it is helping ,but its goin to be very slow process.. I
"Shame" I only see myself reflected in your eyes So all that I believe I am essentially are lies And everything I've hoped to be or ever thought I was Died with your belief in me so who the hell am I? I'm wondering 'round confused Wondering why I try The more that you deny my pain The more it intensifies... I pray for someone to ache for me the way I ache for you... If you ignore that I'm alive I've nothing to cling to I stare into this mirror So tired of this life If only you would speak to me or care if I'm alive Once I swore I would die for you But I never meant it like this I never meant like this no i never meant like this I don't know if I'm real without you What is left of me without you? I don't know whats real without you How can I exist without you?
Current Things That Piss Me Off.
yea my first blog on fubar and its about things that have been pissing me off in any way shape or form.  and the first thing on my list has to be Barack Obama.  this punk is trying to take away our right to own guns.  I know I didnt vote for this tool.  betcha this will get me flamed on quite a bit.  my job would be another thing pissing me off.  stupid walmart does things quite bassackward.  they shitcan people before they have any sort of a replacement for them.  I could easily tell them thats not a smart practice at all.  another thing that grates on me, women who say one thing and then proceed to do another.  For example, when they say they want to meet up and then they change their minds.  Oh and i forgot to mention that my ex gf needs to go jump in a lake.  UGGGHHHHHHHH.  Life.  it really eats....enough said.  now that ive bitched about alot of shit...ill mention something that does NOT piss me off.  Limp Bizkit getting back together and attempting to do something.  i thought the
Go And Join This Group And Enjoy Yourself
Enjoy this Group
"me" Folders That Are Private
agina and again im seeing "me" folders with plz rate and comment but th ucking file is private!   whats with that??    oh oh look at me but wait dont!!  im gonna wear something whorish then tell you im a good girl even though im half naked in my profile picture.   i think most of you girls need stronger meds if you arent already on them.   you know what this site is and what its for.  its like going to the bar and expecting the dance floor to clear just cause you came onto it.  get over yourselves.  seriously  i you wanna privatize nsfw folders awsome but dont ask ppl to rate your pix but mark them private that is the stupidest shit ever (i dont care if thats misspelled).  its these type of girls that say either all the good men are married or gay but you dont let in the guys who wanna look.   guess you can blame yourselves for the loss of most of us good men trying to flirt and be nice when we say you have nice eyes or compliment you.  seriously its like being a stripper and getting m
Were You Born A Idiot?
So many times people fall in love and believe just about every thing their mate says to them. And why shouldnt they right?  Wrong!!  I dont know what it is but some times you just have to wonder what makes a good loving realationship sour. You go through,  many experiences with different mates,  some dont last long,   some just rip your dam heart out,  some just make you want to rip your dam hair out. You put so much into the friendship/realationship only to be handed your ass. You go through  your brain trying to figure out,  was it something I said?  done?.  But you cant find anything that would cause such a nasty break up. Chances are you haven't.  People when they want out of the realationship with you,  just make up an excuse to bail.  They dont have a dam clue as to just be open and honest and tell it like it is.  Sometimes,  you just have to hurt to be kind. Then sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,  you get a poor person that is left holding their heart in their hand and wondering w
The Only Service A Friend Can Render!
The only service a friend can really render is to keep up your courage by holding up to you a mirror in which you can see a noble image of yourself.
Pat I: Lycanthropy Is In My Blood Now
 Ok here's the deal.  I am a lychanthrope.  I know you guys are laughing at me right now and it may be all the cold medicine I'm taking (I'm really sick today) but I really believe I am going through an animallistic metamorphosis (Damn!  That's a lot of big words!  Hope I spelled them right).  Sit dow, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite soft drink and read my story.  I must warn you's not for the faint of heart.  I was at my brothers house the other day playing Risk (Shut Up!!! It's a man's game!) when my 3-year-old son announced he had to pee.  My niece was in the upstairs bathroom and the only one available was in the basement.  Now being the amazingly wonderful father I am I had to go downstairs with him so he could relieve himself because every self-respecting three-year-old knows all monsters stay in the basement waiting for kids to come down there to use the bathroom so they can eat them.  Now I know you're thinking "Gee Doug, this seems fairly harmless to me so
Lol Total Lockdown
What do you guys think? Did he get out of this hold?
Serenadesweet wordsonto paperand dream dreamsof fame with me.Savor thehoney dew dropsof imaginationas my voicepaints a pictureof worldsright beforeyour eyes
Point Around
To go through life so one sided must be nice. To walk around looking and judging. You say you lission to your point of view, but are you really. Take in what i say look at things the way they are. Thats why history is so intersting. Its truth, no matter how you look at it. Thats the point of it. History no longer cares what is the now but then. The only thing is if i were history i would give the world a big ass bitch slap. No one pays attion anymore. The only things that have really changed in the past houndred years is of course tecnoligy. The way people think is still the same the only thing is you cant beat someone in public for being how they are and showing it for the world to see. It still happens though. Everyone is entitled to there oppion. Even when you think that person is wrong. I am someone who can see every angle. It sucks some times. But i would rather do that then walk around with a stick up my ass thinking i know everything when in fact im the clueless person around. L
On Violence
On violence "In violence, we forget who we are." -- Mary McCarthy Andrew Schneider describes violence as an issue of power. People become violent when they feel powerless. Violence is used as an inappropriate way of attempting to re-establish one’s own sense of power over whatever or whomever is perceived as a threat. The antidote to violence in ourselves and in society is empowerment. We need to empower people to live out their best without fear. When people feel strong and able within themselves, they do not see themselves as potential victims. They do not have to struggle against others in order to feel secure. The curriculum for empowerment is learning and loving. "Never use violence of any kind. Never threaten violence in any way. Never even think violent thoughts. Never argue because it attacks another’s opinion. Never criticize because it attacks another’s ego. And your success is guaranteed." -- Mohandas Gandhi
Sh*tfaced Happy Post!!
I am drunk.  YAY.  I came straight home from work, expecting to curl up in bed and watch the Pens VS Wings.  Jenniliz texts me... "Come to the bar... I got you."  "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.  I'm going to the bar!!!"  [yes, I live with my parents, and do not yet live with my  husband.  We don't have the finances and his dad has severe depression issues to deal with, so Ian doesn't want to leave him alone... we're looking into move in together once I get a ft job] So I went to the bar with Jenniliz, her bf Carl, and re-met some awesome people I knew from high school.  They were all shitfaced and I joined them shortly.  I got to the bar around 930.... I left around 10:45 drunk as HELL!  I don't drink all too often.  I've only drank once since I've turned 21 on April 13th.   Sooo... I had 2 jack and cokes, 1 captn and coke, 2 shark attacks [4 different kinds of vodka, 2 different puckers, and sprite], and a screwdriver. Needless to say, I'm kinda fucked up, but I'm still aware enough to ma
Trip 5!
Trip 5! The POEE Baptismal Rite This Mysteree Rite is not required for initiation, but it is offered by many POEE Priests to proselytes who desire a formal ceremony. 1) The Priests and four Brothers are arranged in a pentagon with the Initiate in the center facing the Priests. If possible, the Brothers on the immediate right and left of the Priest should be Deacons. The Initiate must be totally naked, to demonstrate that he is truly a human being and not something else in disguise like a cabbage or something. 2) All persons in the audience and the pentagon, excepting the Priest, assume a squatting position and return to a standing position. This is repeated four more times. This dance is symbolic of the humility of we Erisians. 3) The Priest begins: I, (complete Holy Name, with Mystical Titles, and degrees, designations, offices, etc.), Ordained Priest of the Paratheo-anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric, with the Authority invested at me by the High Priest of It, Office of the Po
Sexy Side">">
After every flight, pilots fill out a form called a gripe sheet, which conveys to the mechanics any problem they had with the airplane during the flight. The mechanics read and correct the problem, and then explain in writing on the lower half of the form what remedial action was taken. The pilot reviews the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews and engineers lack a sense of humor. Here are some actual maintenance problems submitted by Qantas pilots and the solutions recorded by maintenance engineers. By the way, Qantas is the only major airline that has never had an accident. (P = The problem logged by the pilot) (S = The solution and action taken by the engineer) P: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement. S: Almost replaced left inside main tire. P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough. S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft. P: Something loose in cockpit. S: Something tightened in cockpit. P: Dead bugs on windshiel
My Blog Of Fascinating Things
Hello, blogosphere!  I'm starting this blog to share random, off the wall facts about myself.   Hopefully, you might leave your own undeliable remarks on this very same blog.   I'm new to FU and am trying this out for an article to be posted in a emagazine next month.   Maybe you'd like to know which one it is, maybe not.  Doesn't matter.  Could be my own! ha.   I'm trying to see how long it takes to meet new people in my area  and what foundations the relationships are actually built on.  First fact:  I once smoked a whole pack of cigarettes at the same time.  I felt like Wylee Coyote, now i'm old enough to ask how many minutes got deducted from my life and was it exponential 'cause I did it all at the same time???
Lying Cheating Husband Caught
Actual Emails From My Ex-Husband (DH) And His Cyberwhore Skank, with commentary from your's truly... My comments are in Red DH comments are in Black Skank’s comments are in Blue Mon. 10/30/06 1:56 pm DH: it seems that I have trouble with msn. So I switched to aol. I hope this time that I will get all your email. Cheers. MON 10/20/06 3:12 pm Skank: Hi not going to write much need to see if you get this I sent you 10 messages and it seems you have not got them MON 10/30?06 4:03 pm DH: hello so far since we started talking again I have received 5 emails in total from you. Maybe somebody doesn’t want us to talk. lol. Now, by using aol, I am getting all your emails. Pls rewrite everything you sent me before and always use aol. I miss your emails and your sense of humour. After he tries to send 3 or 4 emails with no response, he writes: TUES 10/31/06 3:47 pm DH: this is my last message. I have tried to keep in touch but it seems that you don’t
I've Been Workin Out. :p
Create your own FACEinHOLE
Who Wants To Show Me Around
cant wait to get there
April 29, 2009 And Now
April 29, 2009 Life it seems, will fade awayDrifting further every dayGetting lost within myselfNothing matters no one elseI have lost the will to liveSimply nothing more to giveThere is nothing more for meNeed the end to set me freeThings are not what they used to beMissing one inside of meDeathly lost, this can't be realCannot stand this hell I feelEmptiness is filing meTo the point of agonyGrowing darkness taking dawnI was me, but now He's gone And today Christine has brought my heart back to life. I love you SO MUCH babygirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Words That Make You Bleed
Torturous words utter from thy mouth sending me screaming from within. How many days and hours must I suffer such torment. My brian starts  to weaken and crawl back wityhin itself so it does not have to suffer any longer. I can not take much more of your torment to my weary soul. My world has changed and I have started to feel alive again without you in my life. Why must you continue to haunt and plague my existence with your foul stench of putridness. I can not escape from you anymore because you follow me where ever I go. Your spirit of affliction is one of total despair and it destroys my hope of a bright future. I try to break the bonds of desecration and desolation that you bring to my home but once I get you away and peace resumes once more, something else happens. Why won't you die to your foulness and start to give me peace again? Is it because you love to torture me and bring me down. I can no longer bear to see you destroy your life and try to take me with you because I will
My Tears
my tears  fell like warm rain  upon my hands you sat in the corner  not saying a word my lip quivered  too afraid to say   how much i hurt silent was my pain  as you looked at me  the room was a mess  broken chairs  shrewn like a war hard fought by you  i dare not move  for fear of what you might do next glancing up  only to see you clenching your fist swallowing back my fear  i look at you  with my tears flowing  down across my battered face i ask you with barely a whisper why do you need to hurt me so when all i ever did was love you was there some magic potion  in that bottle you drank from  that changed you  i ask you this now if yo
Help A Bella Out!!!
33k to level!!! If all my friends rated just 10 pictures, I'd level to ROCKSTAR!!! Help me out and go rate crazy!  A special person will get 100 11's!!!!    
" Speak When Your Angry "
Speak when you're angry, and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.
Why The Fuss? Because He Was A Pearl Harbor Hero
John Finn, less than a month from his 100th birthday, is the nation's oldest Medal of Honor recipient and the only living recipient from the 1941 attack, during which he was wounded five times. By Tony Perry June 28, 2009 Reporting from Pine Valley, Calif. -- In a clear, strong voice, John Finn told the group that gathered to honor him Saturday that he did not understand all the fuss being made about him."I can't believe this," Finn told the 500-plus people outside the La Posta Diner. "All I ever was was an old swab jockey. . . . What I did I was being paid for."   Young sailor What Finn did was take control of a .50-caliber machine gun at the Navy base at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, and fire at the Japanese attack planes that violent morning that changed the world, Dec. 7, 1941.Wounded five times, he refused to be evacuated and kept firing at the planes that were strafing the base and its sailors. Watching Finn's courage, other sailors rallied to his side, mannin
New And Exciting Possibilities
Come and Join In on The Fun!!! We would like to Invite to our new home at Heavens Devils. This Lounge has a laid back atmosphere and we are willing to try new ideas so if you see anything in the lounge you think could use some work let us know.  Feel free to come and check us out.  If you are interested in working for our lounge please feel free to contact myself Mama@H.D or H.D.Red Dog Owner at anytime.  I look foward to seeing you in the lounge and please remember the point of haeing lounges is so that people can come in and have fun and enjoy themselves its not a popularity contest.  Here is the link to the room  Hope to see you soon.
Paging Tech Support
In my short time here at Fubar, I've sent 4 messages to the friendly people at the help line.  Number of responses I've received = 0. I can't complain too hard.  Its not like I pay for this service.  I feel kind of lame bitching about something that's free.  Nevertheless, its somewhat comforting to at least know your emails aren't lost in the ether somewhere. So now I need to turn to you, my friends ... Can someone please tell me how to post pictures into blogs?? I assume you need to upload the pics to some sort of image host ... like a Photobucket, Imageshack, Snapfish, etc.  Then I assume you need to paste some sort of html code into your blog.  But this is where I screw it up. I paste the code ... I can even see a picture pop up ... but when I go to hit "post blog entry", I get an "Invalid HTML" error. Somebody help!  I'm old and technology deficient.  I'm also in a wheelchair and require boob pics to get me through the day.
Packing And Moving
Hello everyone,I want to start off by apologizing for my lack of communication here.  I am moving next weekend.  This weekend is my last weekend to pack and get everything organized.I know I have received a lot of music from bands and I just have not had the time to dl the tunes and update and organize the band list.My internet will be shut off on July 8th at my current address and will be turned back on at my new place on July 18th.As soon as I get settled I know I will be playing major catch up with everyone.  I appreciate everyone supporting God's Forsaken Radio and I will get back to each and every one of you as soon as I can.You can also send your music to Mike aka DJ Groundzero.  He is the owner and creator of the radio station.  His email address is:  zground@hotmail.comThank you all for your patience and understanding.Much love and respect,Mindy
Showing A Player On Fubar
Hard Gore Henchmen
Leaving with your life you a lucky motherfuckerMutilation so bad that the coroner's will shudderMake you watch your girl die as we viciously cut herSeeing horror so intense that you're left with a stutterHard Gore be the label, drink you under the tableFound fucked up strangled with electrical cableIlluminati carved deep from your neck to your navelSix hateful henchmen ready, willing and ableKick in the door my saw's full throttleViolent death in one hand and the other a bottleA bunch of crazy hooligans and yes we on the loose againTaking out them tools again, removing flesh and chunks of skinLike a pack of hyenas, we laughin' as we eat youSledge hammer to your temple is how we fuckin' greet youPlastic bag around your head and watch your suffocationMissing limbs and vital organs, permanent vacationI rep the Hard Gore yeah the underground teamIn the underground scene, make you fagot's all screamYou know what I meanYou can't keep up with my crewWe cuttin' up bitches to put in our foodCau
The possibilities are endless Of dreams in continuation If you add thoughts to mine We can share imagination Continue nights with sequels Let your desires flow free Unlocking unending dreams Share the key to creativity Ignite the passionate flames Until the embers glow red Dreams have no limitations Once inhibitions are shed On a blanket 'neath the stars The moon lights the shore Embrace in nights together Each dream reveals more
Wasp - The Idol
Will I be alone this morning Will I need my friends? Something just to ease away my pain No one ever sees the loneliness behind my face I am just a prisoner to my fame If I could only stand And stare in the mirror What could I see? One fallen hero with a face Like me And if I scream would anybody hear me If I smash the silence, you'll see what fame Has done to me Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely I'll never know if love's a lie, ooh Being crazy in paradise is easy Do you see the prisoners in my eyes? Where is the love to shelter me? Give me love, love, love come set me free Where is the love to shelter me? Only love, love, love, love set me free Set me free
Poem Written For Me By An Old Friend...
her love is our addictionher smile a seductionher mind a beautiful paradiseher voice hypnoticher taste sweet as heavenher touch magicshe is all naturalshe is a siren's songshe has men wishing all night long.....
Nother One!!!
Im in another Auction..FFS im gettin Addicted i think LMFAO!   Heres the page!!   Go bid ppl!!!Its over next Monday same time!!   xoxo
hi and hollo bye lol lol lol lol lol..................  
Religious Bitches
Religious bitches must dieThey pray to God in the skyThe Holy Spirit And IClash my truth and your liesI cause the pain that you feelYou think your God is so realBut now you pray to surviveReligious bitches all dieReligious bitches must dieThey pray to God in the skyThe Holy Spirit And IClash my truth and your liesI cause the pain that you feelYou think your God is so realBut now you pray to surviveReligious bitches all dieYou think I give a flyin' fuck about a dead nunI'll put her corpse in the trunk and bump the funkI'll pull her body out ten days in the heatHer rotten corpse smellin' sweet like dead meatI wanna cut up that Christian, incisionsMutilate religion, new visionsFuck a dead bitch, fuck a dead nunFuck the Virgin Ass Mary, give me head, whatI got this motherfucker locked downI put my dick in her mouthThrow the Holy Bible to the groundI burn it up now page by pageShe loves my taste screaming God in vainI'm kinda fiendin' for the flavor of a BaptistFuck a rat bitch Christian Ca
Porcelain Or Diamonds?
  Porcelain or Diamonds? She may look and feel of porcelain... With only one touch, she will capture you. Skin so smooth and flawless and unblemished, undoubtedly attracts that of many a men.   Yet so fragile and seemingly helpless, Underneath her bossum holds more truth. She renders strength beyond her doubts, Attempting to whisper yet is only mute.   Is she breakable, or made of precious stone? Handle with care or she will be broken. Is her looks so deceiving? Maybe precious inside, bright and strong even!     Within her soul all locked away, lying there with sadness. Hidden neatly behind her sultry smile. Fo
Unsuspecting Love
UNSUSPECTING LOVE.................... Words, phrases and sentences of greeting,'How are you?' and 'Having a good day?','Wonderful to see you',And 'Oh. by the way'...Two of us among our friends,Enjoying each others company,Never knowing the bond being created,Aloof to the thoughts of many...Time passes on as days go by,Oblivious and anxious at the same time,Feelings whirling and tumbling,Watching my heart soar so high...You came upon my life,Unsuspecting, open and true,Smiles brightened as names appeared,Drawing colors of a perfect hue...Love rises from deep within,Showering us with emotions,Shivers, breathlessness, warmth and kindness,Hearts quickening in rapid motion...A hug, a smile, a touch, a kiss,Minds and bodies united in sync,Blessed with this newfound love,Wonders what to think...A joy has immersed my soul,Shedding new light,A voice, a mind, a soul, a hand,Creating happiness and deligh
Please Make It Go Away.....
The pain is so strong It's never been this strong It's never hurt like this Why is this time so different? It makes no sense. I feel like a wounded animal suffering There is no peace in my head No relief for my heart The stabbing sensation is just getting stronger. I can't seem to shake it off As I have in the past So why is this time so different? I don't understand None of this makes any sense     Sorry, I tend to ramble when I hurt.   I just wish it would stop.   :(
Party What?
 Woman who is passed around the party for sex purposes = Party Favor      Party Pooper = The male version of the same thing     How wrong is this?
The Great Marijuana Money Mistake
California- $1.27 billionOklahoma- $20 millionColorado- $2.5 millionNevada- $600,000New Mexico- $200,000Grand total: $1.48 billion dollars THIS WEEK ALONE is the amount (and a low count) of money lost to the federal and state governments in eradicated marijuana in the United States. Remembering all those episodes of Cops and other police shows, I imagine the plants will be burned and destroyed. Instead of feeding children, educating those same children, and giving those children adequate healthcare, these plants are burned.Our politicians talk a lot about protecting children. We need to protect them from the evils of drug use; protect them from the neighborhood pedophile; protect them from damaging their brains by using helmets; protect them from major bodily injury in a car by requiring them to sit in car seats or wear their seat belts. Yet when we can’t provide these protections we continue digging the whole that is creating these problems to begin with.We don’t talk abou
Only Wisdom 24yrs Has Given Me
I have learned in life more headaches, lost time and broken hearts are produced when you dont just come out and say what ever the fuck your mind formulated first--I mean for fuck sakes-That 1st thought that pops in may only take a second to get there but the amount of work and energy and processing and organizing and emotional considerations and logistics and assessments and finally verbalization your brain goes through to get it is a damn fucking miracle in and of itself besides I dunno the complete control and function of the your ass simutaniously all the time-That you shouldnt disrespect the damn glob of squishy 8lb grey matter called your brain by making it have to go through all that again--And now twice as fast cuz your dumb ass has to have a convincing retort in the proper allotted time it would normally take you to answer should you have been honest and said what you truly thought cuz if you hesitate just one iota of a second too long said human knows your BS them and forever
So They Say No One Is Real On Here...
cleavage shots. fake and horrible pick up lines. "hit me up on YIM" maybe you'll get their number. talk in the other room at the middle of the night so husbands/wives/girlfriends or boyfriends dont hear..the digital "affair" instant gratification via instant messages? haha now thats fake...thats the matrix with no spoon. what happens when 2 people actually meet through this? hmm... all this time being laughed at for treating people real on this social website. woops...i guess i stuck to my guns and proved the laughers wrong. unless that real person i had such fun with and connected with yesterday is a robot. i'd like to meet the scientist or graphic designer that made this awesome and beautiful female cyborg. they did a great job in making her seem human. a very great job! im 99.9% positive shes real! of course though im a doctor so i'll have to be around her more to make sure. ;)    
Planets, Great Wall, And Solar Eclipse
A Loving Peace From You
  A LOVING PEACE FROM YOU From the glowing embers of your spiritCame a little warmth of your loveTogether we set it in a cozy little spotSafe from the world up above Then a soothing breath from your lungsHelped to ignite the flameOn that lonely candleIn the core of my soul As time passed day by dayConflicts caused great winds to blowBut you cupped your hands around itAnd it just flickered with a brilliant glow They say that nothing is foreverBut I don't believe that's trueThat little candle in my heartIs a loving peace from you
Sly Wisdom
1. There's always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for  it. For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt.2. When I'm feeling down, I like to whistle. It makes the neighbor's dog that barks all the time, run to theend of his chain and gag himself.3. If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.4. A penny saved is a government oversight.5. The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.6. The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.7. He who hesitates is probably right.8. If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.9. The sole purpose of a child's middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble.10. How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.11. If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?12. Most of us go to our grave with our music still ins
I Am So Pissed
Fucking people who steal are the worst fuckers on the planet. YET AGAIN MY FUCKING TOYS HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM ME... The first time was a series of thefts from my home by community members who attended my parties on Triway. Eventhough I was kind enough to put my stuff out to share and took extreme measures to make sure my guests had everything they needed, SOME FUCKERS felt that maybe I had it too good. How were they to know we had to file for bankruptacy? I am sure to the outside world it seemed like we were living large...eitherway those assholes took my shit. The second time it happened was about five years ago when Lord Viper/Kerry packed my shit with his and then locked it in his car so he could leave in the morning to go see his whore. That night in the driveway of our home everything was cleared out. After I told him I seriously questioned his judgement. AND NOW TODAY...I go to get a bag out of my trunk that had all the spices for making chinese food because I was making a hug
"" Live & Learn ""
Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.
Weeds You Can Eat.
I can remember as a kid blowing the fuzz off of a dandelion weed and making a wish. Little did I know that dandelions were nutritious. Dandelion greens are considered a leafy vegetable that contain more nutrition than broccoli. Having a higher content of vitamins A, and C, and iron. Dandelions also contain lots of magnesium and potassium. The best time to eat dandelion greens is in the spring and early summer when the leaves are still young. Dandelion greens should be harvested in early spring, before the flowers appear.  They’re a bit bitter but taste fantastic in a salad. You can also saute the flowers, roots and leaves with onion and garlic, serve them on a sandwich or salad, boil the leaves and serve like spinach or add them to your green smoothies like I do!
My Private Parts
Ask if you want to see  
They sit there and say there is nothing good left. That they cant find a good woman/man. Yet what most people do is overlook the one sitting in front of them. So many people out there looking for the beauty Queen or the GQ man that they loose site of the one they long for standing in front of them. You know it could be that good friend, that stranger that passed you by and said hi. Anyone, it could be. You just have to be willing to open your eyes and your mind. To see things that others refuse to see. Everyone needs to stop looking to whats outside and start looking to whats inside. For when you look inside you just might find what you have been missing.
Just Drumming
Just a disabled combat vet trying to make it in the world Vacuum Cleaner Information Elliptical Trainer InformationGarage Doors PricingGPS Auto TrackerAcid Reflux HeartburnDiscount Golf VacationsSpecial Effects Contact LensesMoving To Belize
Collage Picture Frames
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Myrakaty's Links
Hund Cruise Travel Cruise travel tips alaskan cruise
My Birfday
August Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless.Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride of oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends .
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A good deed never goes unpunished.  -  Gore Vidal
I Dnt Care Wat Ya Say, .....u Want 2 Try This!
Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel " pick up your shovel, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the promised land".     Nearly 75 years ago, Roosevelt said, " Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a camel, this is the     promised land".   Now Obama has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of camels, and mortgaged the promised land.
Teeth Whitening
Hello Everyone,   This is my first time here and I am wondering what the everyday person thinks of the site I am building about teeth whitening.   All and any feedback is appreciated.   Thanks, Stallen
Andrew Jackson, 1832
"One man with courage makes a majority." -- Andrew Jackson, 1832
Daniel Webster, June 1, 1837
"...There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow.  ... Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter.  From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger.  I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing." -- Daniel Webster, June 1, 1837
For Friends
Danzig - Thirteen
Bad luck wind been blowin' on my backI was born to bring trouble wherever I'm atWith the number '13' tattooed on my neckThat ink starts to itchBlack gon' turn to redI was born in the soul of miseryAnd I never had me a nameThey just give me a number when I was youngGot a long line of heartacheI carry it wellThe list of lives I've brokenReach from here to HellAnd a bad luck wind been blowin' on my backPray you don't look at meAnd I pray I don't look backI was born in the soul of miseryAnd I never had me a nameThey just give me a number when I was youngFound me with a preacherman confessin' all I doneCatch me with the devil playing 21And a bad luck wind been blowin' on my backI was born to bring trouble wherever I'm atI was born in the soul of miseryAnd I never had me a nameThey just give me a number when I was youngWhen I was youngWhen I was youngWhen I was young
Important Medical Alert
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The Sonnet or take the test yourself lol :
A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed.He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair, while tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife:"Listen, this guy's an escaped convict, look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck." If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is probably very dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you."To which his wife responds: "He wasn't kissing my neck. He wwas whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked me if we had any vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom. Be strong honey. I love you too!!"
Talking About Death
  The waste   I hunger to be happy but when your just a complete and utter failure and suffering lust after me, where do I belong? In the end I was just a waste and mistake to her.   Jose Hermosillo
Belly Button
  Be thankful it   Wasn't your  kid  who  came home with this one...     
Cannabils And Sears
This was actually on their website. It has since been corrected. See if you notice what's wrong with this ad. If you fail to see it, look under Shop Department.
Under Construction
hi i am gonna make up a new family on the fu still working on it little by little its gonna be one that helps people out after all this is the fu and your supose to have fun and lvl well thiers others on here that do that also i was a member of several of them. SO let me know what you want the family to do and ill try my best to do it but cant make no promises so let me know with ideas in a messege
Medicinal Pot Merits Considered At Hearing A parade of Iowans touted the medical benefits of marijuana at a hearing before the Iowa Board of Pharmacy today, which is seeking scientific input on medical marijuana use. Robert Manke of Des Moines told the board that using marijuana helps with severe nausea and pain from migraine headaches and the results of severe car accidents. "I'm not here because I want to get high; I'm here because I want to stop being sick, and I want to stop being persecuted, and I need your help," Manke said.
Properties For Rent
properties for rent rent to own property
Falling In And Out Of Love
When I say I love you I do But this with you will not do I need someone I can lean on Someone I can count on too Yes you are there sometimes For that I am grateful to you But I need someone there full time And that you can not do You told me once you loved me That I could believe in you I was there when you needed someone Where were you when I needed someone, too? The time has come for me to let go Never to expect you to care again People may come and people may go But my love will never end
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If you are considering studying hypnosis, especially if you want to train as a hypnotherapist, it is important to find a hypnotherapy course that suits you and is of an adequate professional standard. We work hard to ensure that our own hypnotherapy training programme is the very best available anywhere in the UK or elsewhere in the world. When choosing a training course, therefore, we recommend that you consider the points below. hypnotherapy traininghypnotherapy courseshypnotherapy register
Hurricane Rita: I Could Not Save Her
PLEASE COMMENT NOTE:  During Hurricane Rita I did not evacuate:  I saved three ppl and was awarded the Good Hands Award from Allstate Insurance and some other honors.   2 1/2 months later I was here in Vancouver, WA and had an awful dream about this little girl I could not save.   I wrote a poem about it...   4 years later it still breaks my heart to read it.  The little girl is ficticious - yet the dream is real.  This is that dream, exactly as it poetic form   Troubled AwakeningI awoke from a dream a moment agoand my heart is filled with sorrowI was grasping a pole in the heat of a stormknowing there’d be no tomorrowThe winds were fierce in this eerie thingyet I still heard her screamAs I hung on to that little pole and experienced this horrible dreamTerror gripped this little girl and I knew that she’d die tooOh God I prayed as I watched her pleathere was nothing I could doAs I looked up into the skya funnel cloud appearedIt had a clock beside itI knew o
Money-saving Tips For All Brides
Does a bride must wear a designer gown to look pretty on her wedding day? The answer is absolutely: No. if you have decided to walk down the aisle in certain style or design, consulting a local tailor is a good way. Most likely, they are able to find a comparable pattern for you at a fabric store and make the dress you desired at an extremely lower price than what you’d pay if you purchased the same dress at the retail shop. If you don’t want to go outside and you’re just surfing online, you can order a great dress from wedding dress sales website. You can just do a few clicks and one or two weeks later, a excellent dress will be sent in front of your door. It is a wonderful experience, isn’t it? When order a wedding dress for yourself, don’t forget to check the Custom flower girl dress, Custom bridesmaid dresses, Custom mother’s dress  and so on. Especially the mother of the bride dresses, they have become a hot market for dress makers.  Theref
New Beginnings-denise Burley
How do we start again within "The New Begining," what helps to undo and gather all our errors within our mind to release again what truly is ours.Many times we have chosen against our better wishes, perhaps we choose to resist the notion of new beginnings, through fearful patterns of thought that travels within our mind, a thought of betrayal, a wrong doing, that creates room for judgment, so deep and bitter can our dreams be made to look so real and terrifying, and in this dream, made unpleasant towards ourself and others, in the firm belief that the conditions we see are real. If we believe in the reality of suffering.Yet for new beginnings, we must be very willing to let every little step lead us from dreams of judgment to reach for a happier dream of forgiveness, which will lead us away from pain and fear. Much practice becomes habit, and here are the new beginnings taken hold within our mind.
Vancouver Home Mortgages
You may be surprised at how easy it is to qualify for a mortgage as a first-time home buyer.If you are paying $1000+ in rent you could be eligible for a mortgage that doesn’t cost you that much more.Why not INVEST vs spending your money!Find out what it takes to qualify as a first time buyer.Mortgages can be complicated. Knowing who has the best options and the best rates takes time and expertise. Time and expertise you don’t always have. Mike Averbach and the Averbach Mortgages Team can help.Averbach Mortgages is about simplifying the mortgage application process, no matter what your circumstances. Our consultants are passionate about our industry, and can answer all your important mortgage financing questions. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll provide options that work. Vancouver Home Mortgages Vancouver Home Mortgage Loans
Why You Shouldn't Drive And Text
Interessante Websites
Online Shop Verzeichnis Rabattgutscheine Analog Mixing Mein Weg vom 1. Internetbettler zum Millionär Ware gegen Werbeerlaubnis Jede Woche ein Preisknaller
Spain Partying
Spain is a party! Alicante car hireMalaga car hire
Top 10...okay 11...reasons To Go To Work Naked
11. No one ever steals your chair.10. Gives "bad hair day" a whole new meaning.9. Diverts attention from the fact that you also came to work drunk.8. People stop stealing your pens after they've seen where you keep them.7. So that -with a little help from Muzak you can add "Exotic Dancer" to yourexaggerated resume.6. You want to see if it's like the dream.5. To stop those creepy guys in Marketing from looking down your blouse.4. "I'd love to chip in, but I left my wallet in my pants."3. Inventive way to finally meet that special person in Human Resources.2. Can take advantage of computer monitor radiation to work on your tan.... And (drum roll) the number one reason to Go To Work Naked:1. Your boss is always yelling, "I wanna see your ass in here by 8:00!"
Discovery's Rainbow
Hello World...
Wii console Nintendo Wii   Wii Consloe Nintendo Wii
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Men Of Fu Auction Open Now
Come bid on the 21 great people in the auction that just opened today-- there are 20 men and I the auctioneer up for grabs-- come give us some great bets-- and win some great people!! This starts today and ends on sat sept 25th-- thank you it is cash and fubucks bidding :) GOOD LUCK
The Power Of One
Long But Worth The Read
Long but well worth the time and effort to read WOW!!!   How's this for apocalyptic literature. This was written by a pastor's wife in biblical prose as a commentary of current events. It is brilliant. ------------------------ And it came to pass in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land called America , having lost their morals, their initiative, and their will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that person known as "The One." He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but
Sb Chronicles-3-honest Rates
->Marilyn: mmkay Marilyn: okay.. forget it...let's agree to disagre....i'm not gonna beat a dead horse ->Marilyn: if people cannot handle being told that they are not a 10..they shouldnt put the pics up Marilyn: I would'nt rate someon a 7 ...thats just me....e ->Marilyn: to others ya may be a why does it matter..I mean ffs it is a website Marilyn: a 10 Marilyn: I know I'm not just your eyes others I am.... ->Marilyn: because people whoe are average at best get told the harsh reality that *gasp* they are not a 10? Marilyn: no hun.. I am not looking for strokes..... ->Marilyn: why ->Marilyn: I prefer honesty ->Marilyn: they put the pics up..they want attention..I am sure they do it fo
At The End Of The Day...
At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing, where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, is usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we’ve chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them, the people that are still with you at the end of the day - those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need.
Machiavelli The Prince
Machiavelli The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince The Prince cliff notesThe Prince audiobook Machiavelli The Prince cliff notes Machiavelli The Prince audiobook Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince audiobook Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince complete Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince cliff notes
Prevalence On Mother Of The Bride Dress
It’s one of the best moments of any wedding, when you first see the bride walk down the aisle in her gorgeous wedding dress. Custom wedding gowns are collections of online shop, where sell the beautiful wedding dresses from popular wedding dress designers, by made by there own factory. Also include the Custom flower girl dress. Custom-made dress is fashion in these years. It also has some styles in the new collections of mother dresses. Cause we all know mother of the bride is a very import role in wedding. Dressing for your daughter’s wedding is not like dressing on a daily basis. It would need a lot of contemplation and planning also for comfort and uniqueness. Many outstanding designers emphasize on the style of these dress. Mothers of the brides would be a little worry about their dress in the wedding.For they all wanna a perfect dress for their daughter’s special days. No matter the color or the pattern of the dress, they would mind carefully. Most of them wou
Dave Chappelle- Drugs
Beyoncé - Single Ladies Spoof (barack Obama)
My Love
So, the majority of my friends know, I'm hands down, the biggest fan of boobs.  Alot of guys say they are, but trust me, I'm the biggest.  Small, Big, fat, skinny, short, long, doesn't matter.  I love all of them.  And I to prove to everyone that I am the biggest fan there is, I have come up with a way to show you, sorta. So, if there a like a Boob's football team, I would be that psycho devoted fan that you always see wearing a Boob's jersey.  Probably dress up as a boob, got season tickets to all the Boob's games, home and away.  TAILGATE PARTY FOR THE BOOBS!!!!  GO BOOBS!!! YOU'RE THE GREATEST THING ON THE PLANET!!!  See what I'm getting at?  I'm  saying I'd open a Boob's sports bar.  All the waitresses and bartenders would have to wear shirts that say BOOB'S om the front.  Women drink for free if the flash me their boobs, that kinda thing. So you see what I'm getting at?  I love boobs more than any man on the planet.  And to show you again?  I'm going to scour the internet and fi
On Hiatus
i am....dunno when i will be back...
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Thank You, Im Here All Week...
Yesterday I went to the doctors. And I tell him "Doc, I think something is wrong with me" he asks whats going on, and I tell him "All weekend long Ive been singing "Whats new pussycat?" he nods his head and asks if that was all. I say "No, Ive also been singing "She's a lady, and Ill never fall in love again" Ive been singing them ALL weekend long, its driving me nuts. The doc looks at me and says "It sounds like you have a slight case of TJS.  And of course I dont know medical talk, so I asked what that was, he says its "Tom Jones Syndrome" I asked if it was common. The doc said "Its not unusual"
Jake Update
Well My puppy Jake MUST be feeling better cause he just dragged me out of my chair by my hoodie strings to tuck his silly ass into bed! lol
More Interesting Stuff
wedding speeches
Government Rantish
So I had to pause momentarily from re-rating people to to write a blog because I'm one of those people that gets something on their mind and they have to spill. It's not a rant per se, but maybe it could be considered one. As I'm rating, I see amoung the tickers (which all are begging for rates instead of bling now which amuses me) a blue link that says "Obama to world: Don't expect America to fix it all" This really caught my attention because it's something I'ved bitched about to friends, people, in debates for years. I don't agree with the war. I don't support the war. I never supported the Bush administration the 8 years he was in office. EVER. I was very, very active in politics growing up, especially my senior year in high school when Bush was running against John Kerry. I was fortunate enough to have met both of them, and speak to both of them. George Bush was a very nice, kind man by all means. But I've got two fingers and a pan to hit everyone over the head who voted for him
Quit This Job
I am genuine and down to earth person. I love going out and meeting people. I have a very outgoing personality. I am fun to be around. My hobbies are going to the gym, swimming and cycling and my favourite is socializing with my friends. I love to travel with my family Quit This Job
New Share Questions Answered
*****FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG***** 1. You can control the privacy of your albums via your album settings. Your friends and family list will do the rest. 2. Make sure to mark your photos NSFW!   - If we find one that you have shared that is NSFW, you will most likely lose your account.   - If you are crying about a photo of yours that was shared that was NSFW and you did not have it marked NSFW! You do the math!
Recall may have heard that McNeil Consumer Healthcare (the makers of TYLENOL®) is voluntarily recalling certain lots of Children's and Infants' TYLENOL® liquid products that were manufactured between April, 2008 and June, 2008. All products manufactured met internal specifications. However, the company is implementing this recall because during this period, an unused portion of one inactive ingredient did not meet all quality standards. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it was decided to recall all Children's and Infants' TYLENOL® liquid products listed below, which were made during this time. Parents and caregivers who have questions or concerns should contact their child's health care provider or our consumer call center at 1-800-962-5357 (available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time). Consumers can find the lot numbers on the bottom of the box containing the liquid product and also on the sticker that surrounds the p
  driving school mississauga driving lesson mississauga driving instruction mississauga
Shopping Bags
It was very crowded at the supermarket, and the customer in front of me had a large order. As the harried looking clerk lifted the final bag for her, its bottom gave way, sending the contents crashing to the floor. "They just don't make these bags like they used to," the clerk blurted to the customer. "That was supposed to happen in your driveway!" 
Illusted Essenttials Of Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Posterior Deltoid   Orgin: Spine of Scapula   Incertion: Deltoid tuberosity of humerus
Not Always Right | I'm In Your Hubz Burnin Up Your Portz
Me: “Welcome to *** support, how can I help you?” Customer: “One of my computers doesn’t have internet.” Me: “Okay, is it in a hub?” Customer: “Yes.” Me: “Can you try a different port?” (I hear scuffling in the background.) Customer: “It works now.” Me: “Well, great. That port on your hub must be burned out. Just order a new hub from your admin, or use this port instead.” Customer: “But why?” Me: “Because it’s burned out.” Customer: “I know, but why is burned out?” Me: “…” Customer: “I like this port! How could it be burned out?” Me: “It just is. It’s like reaching into a bag of chips and getting that green one: sometimes it just happens.” Customer: “That’s chips, this is a hub! I want to know why it burned out! Tell me why!” Me: “I don’t know! Terrorists or somet
Not Always Right | Not The Crema Of The Cropa
Customer: “Hi, I’d like a decaf espresso.” Me: “Certainly, ma’am.” (I deliver the espresso to the table.) Customer: “Excuse me, but asked for decaf.” Me: “Yes ma’am.” Customer: “But this isn’t decaf.” Me: “I assure you, madam, that it is decaf. We use different machines for decaf and regular.” Customer: *gesturing at the crema* “But I can SEE the caffeine!”
Not Always Right | Now That's What I Call Customer Service
(A customer used to come into the store about once or twice a month. She walks up to the new releases, and then proceeds into the center of the store where we don’t have many security cameras and stuffs the movies into her purse. We knew she had been doing it for quite some time, but we legally aren’t allowed to stop her. However, we got a new manager.) Me: “Just leave her alone, she’ll be gone soon.” Manager: “Watch this.” (The manager walks up to the woman as she finishes stuffing the movies into her purse.) Manager: *smiling* “Good evening, ma’am, can I help you steal anything else today?” (The customer goes white and runs out of store. She never shows up again.)
Funcom Announced The Latest Information
Funcom announced in the company of "Age of Conan," the latest piece of information, the various relevant age of conan power leveling video also released the top piece of new information is the second video is the latest one, tells the story of a fighter into a mixed field confrontation in the glory of war. Players who want to sell gold coins of the game device by price. Transactions players play outside the service who want to sell the game currency exchange AoC power leveling rate can also be carried through the English ship. Ship's Web site is IG911. Some information from the video analysis, a new piece of information is the main enemy of the devil from hell, in support of Direct 10 video game screen in a very real, shields and armor, as well as reflective of the texture, the shadow effect so very careful. Of course, all kinds of bloody battle scenes of violence has also been more disharmony. In addition, This game currency can make a large number of games cd key like AoC power level
M.i. - Muse Ick
Ick looked in to the mirror and beyond. There her sisters were, providing inspiration to mortals that were to bring delights and wonders into the world for the pleasure of the gods. It was an unintended benefit that the works of the mortal artisans often pleasured humanity as well. At least Ick did not think that most of the gods that created, destroyed, betrayed, or uplifted certain mortals did it for anything other than their own sense of whimsy. They were mostly self-absorbed. She thought perhaps one day they might become mere myths to the mortals whose minds they now ruled. Of course that was her job - to be the inspiration of things that generally made mortals and gods alike groan in a sort of uplifted let down. Currently she was working on a sound she called the rimshot. It was definitely going to have a U, and a B, and a D and an M - of course an AH. The order was still unknown - but she spent at least 10 minutes of every day standing in front of her chosen mortal for this rimsh
Contemplate The Night
As the crickets make their music,the fog pirouettes across the fields.While moisture fights cohesionand rolls over the edges of the clouds,dewy-eyed and longing for morning light. Still and melancholy,the lonely ache in silence.Closed off from themselvesand trying to remain hopeful.As time somehow marks time louder once the sun retires. I sit here, awake,as I am so often in thelatest of hours,Thinking about my lifeand all I have yet to discover,While I quietly contemplate the night. Poem By Tammy C.
Ravens Of The Past
An arid wilderness of push upright,Strength is pain and pain is movement.Your radius is a wall.Don't admit there's cracks.Dress up words,Polish phrases,to describe your shadow under the rock. Fancy doesn't detract the truthComplicated doesn't obsecurethe colors of your soulshining thru the cracks. Words fight youBoxes etch you in.You say you walk away to be alonebut we both knowyou walk to discoverthe way out of that tomb. There's no gentle way to bring you down,to change.tragedy hides it's head in saftey.The roar of the oceanswallows all sounds.The way up maytake you down first.The rain of lovewill fall upon all who let it.The ravens of your past,will take flight uponthe dawn of that day. Poem By Tammy C.
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Know About Me
Hi, this is AllynElger. Welcome in my profile. I love music, sports and technology. I have some links these will help you to know about technology. Don't miss it. These are: hepa air filters laptop computer desk Thanks...
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Computer Repair
An office technician got a call from a computer user. The user told the tech that her computer was not working. She described the problem and the tech concluded that her computer needed to be brought in and serviced. He told her, "Unplug the power cord and bring it up here and I'll fix it for you." About ten minutes later she showed up at his door... with the electrical cord in her right hand. 
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DISTRACTIONS             Thoughts of you distract me excite me, confuse me. You put me to sleep and then awaken me causing my breath to quicken. Your unknown fragrance trails me, a puppy looking for eternal, yet often, elusive comfort. Your shadow follows mine, follows me constantly present to tingle and delight. Have we met before it feels so that we have.Will we ever be? For why do our distant movements bring such pleasure, so tantalizing, so erotic. Are we really apart? Perhaps our minds have sought one another Perhaps they know what we have yet to learn. Maybe you have captured "my" mind,do you care? poet
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Faithless Knight
    I stand upon a lonely hill my sword and shield in place my black stallion nearby I'm a dark knight of unknown grace  I am faithless... Black is my armor, black is my soul gray the color of my stance, red is the passion that burns within I'm a Knight worth a second look  I am faithless... I gaze down upon a field of clashing swords, day and night, where lonely hearts long for a lover to have and hold till daylight  I am faithless... I am more than most realize only a few know the real me, even as I mount my horse and charge the fields with courage.  I am faithless My sword is razor sharp my shield, I hold fast lying dead around me are dragons, strange beasts that couldn't last I am faithless... I speak in riddles, a maze to the wise only they will see, far more than a dark knight watching as I slay the snarling dogs I am faithess... Within my blackened heart of courage,Lies a wound that does not heal,There where hope would dwell,Is a fountain that fills thisknight's
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Not Always Right | Getting Your Priorities Straight Part 3
(I work in a store near a drive-through safari. One day, a motorcycle rider comes into the store.) Manager: “Sir, you can’t go through on a motorcycle–it’s not safe for you or the animals. Motorcycle rider: “I’ve been through before in my car and nothing happened.” Manager: “Sir, there are bears, monkeys, and giraffes wandering loose. You could be hurt. We can’t let you got through. We offer a bus service–” Motorcycle rider: “This is discrimination! What kind of place doesn’t allow cycle riders?” (During this time, a group of bus riders is shopping in the store. One of them speaks up.) Bus rider: “Oh, just let him get eaten! That’s a nice bike, and the monkeys and bears will tear it apart anyway.” Motorcycle rider: “They’d do that to my bike?” (He rode the bus that day.)
Not Always Right | Be Scared Of Customers You Will
(At the theater where I work, the new Star Wars movie has just premiered a few days prior.) Me: “Good evening, sir. Can I see your ticket please?” Customer: “The force is strong with this one.” Me: “Okay, I take it you’re seeing our new Star Wars movie? It’s a really good movie, sir.” Customer: “I challenge you to a light-saber battle!” (Suddenly, the customer whips out two light-sabers from under his cloak.) Me: “Sir, I’m actually working right now, but your movie will start in fifteen minutes. If you’d like, you can head into the theater.” Customer: “Challenge you I have. Defeat you I will!” Me: “No, not today sir. Work I must.” *light laughter* Customer: “But…but I have challenged you! I sense the force within you is strong!” Me: “Really?” Customer: *nods* Me: *looks around* “Alright, just give me one.” (He then proceeds
Not Always Right | They Call Me Doctor Diy
(We sell dental surgical products and sometimes have to give instructions on their usage. A doctor calls in from the operating room and has me on speakerphone while they’re operating on a patient, who may or may not be under anesthesia.) Doctor: “The screw is not going in. Which way do I turn it?” Me: “Clockwise.” Doctor: “Clockwise from above or below?” Me: “If you are looking at the head of the screw, then clockwise…to the right.” Doctor: “What do you mean to the right? Move the wrench to the right?” Me: “As the screw turns, and you are looking at the head, the top part will go to the right.” Doctor: “Okay, I think i got it.” Me: “Good. Righty tighty, lefty loosey.” Doctor: “What was that?” Me: “Uh, righty tighty, lefty loosey? That’s one way to remember. You go to the right to tighten, and the left to loosen.” Doctor: “Oh, I see.
Not Always Right | Trial By Hire
(I’ve just been hired as a cashier and it’s my first day. Halfway through my shift, I get called to go to the manager’s office. In the office is another man.) Manager: “Ah, there you are. Thanks for coming over so quickly.” Me: “No problem, what’s up?” Manager: “This here is Henry. I’d like you to help him find the items on his grocery list and help him with whatever he may need.” Henry: “Hello.” Me: “Hey. Well, shall we get started?” (Henry holds up a fake mustache and begins speaking in a British accent.) Henry: “This the best you could hire?! This place is becoming worse every week!” Manager, to me: “Can I talk to you outside for a second?” Me: “Sure…” (We go outside and my manager explains to me that when Henry holds up his mustache, he is British and his name is Hensley.) Manager: “Just take him around and help him get his stuff.&rdq
Not Always Right | Military Intelligence Part 3
Coffee shop | Portsmouth, UK (I work in an English branch of a US coffee chain. Because we’re a naval town, US navy ships always stop here and the sailors come in for ‘a taste of home’…) Me: “Hello, what would you like?” Sailor 1: “One of your chocolate frappuccinos.” Me: “OK. What size do you want?” Sailor 1: “Erm… can I ask you a question?” Me: “Yeah, go on then.” Sailor: “Are your frappuccinos made with ice, like they are back in the states?” Sailor 2: “Yeah, good point man!” Me: “Yes, yes they are made with ice.” Sailor 2: “Is that British ice or do you get it, like, flown over from the States so it tastes the same?” Me: “…” Sailor 1: “Dude! Yeah! Is it going to taste the same as it does at home?!” Me: “Why don’t you try it and let me know?” Sailors 1 & 2: “Yeahhh…&rdqu
Not Always Right | Actually, You Look Like A C-cup
Retail | Minnesota, USA Customer Looking at Batteries: “My friend asked me to pick her up some D batteries, but I’m not sure which ones to get.” (Customer holds up a package with 10 D batteries in it and a package with 12 D batteries in it) Customer: “What’s the difference between 10D and 12D? I don’t want to get the wrong ones.”
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Not Always Right | Higher Education, Not So High Common Sense
Tech Support | Florida, USA (This was a few years ago, when I worked for tech support at my college.) Me: “***** College tech support, this is *****. How can I help you?” Caller: “Yes, I’m having trouble with my e-mail client. I can’t figure out how to set up my account.” Me: “No problem, let me walk you through it.” (I talk her through the account set up screens. Finally, when we’re done…) Me: “All right, click on ‘OK’ and you should be all set.” Caller: “What ‘OK’? I don’t see anything that says ‘OK’.” Me: “There’s a button to the lower right of the window that says ‘OK’, next to the ‘Cancel’ button.” Caller: “I don’t see it.” (This exchange goes on for about 5 minutes. I have the program open on my computer and describe the window to make sure she’s in the right spot, and she is. I
Not Always Right | Low Class, High Class, You're Still An Ass
Retail | Toronto, ON, Canada (A customer is sitting in front of a display, reading a book.) Coworker: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you can’t sit in front of our displays.” Customer: “I have to sit here because the customers over there are sending me bad energy.” Coworker: “Uh, okay…” (Coworker walks over to me.) Coworker: “Your turn.” Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you can’t sit in front of our displays.” Customer: “I’m not low class you know!” (I walk away stunned. After awhile, the customer finally gets up and walks toward the cashier.) Customer: “I have a complaint about two of your staff members. They called me low class. I’m not low class–I’m almost forty!”
Not Always Right | Stupidity Exemplified
Retail | Niagara Falls, NY, USA (I was working in the seasonal section of a large bulk retail chain. It was Christmas time and we sold large sets of decorative houses with lights in them.) Customer: “Hi, I would like to purchase one of these…” *points to a house set* “…but there aren’t anymore underneath it. Where are the others stored?”" (I use my price gun to check the quantities of said item.) Me: “I’m sorry, it appears we are sold out.” Customer: “Oh, well then I’ll just take this one.” *points to the display unit* Me: “Oh, that’s just a display unit. That one isn’t for sale.” Customer: “Why not?” Me: “Well, this is one of those specific items that we are given a temporary display unit from the vendor that we have to send back at the end of the season.” Customer: “So why can’t I buy it?” Me: “Well, it’s not ours t
Not Always Right | A Pain In The Ask
Retail | Santa Barbara, CA, USA (This customer bought a couple packs of white t-shirts and socks.) Me: “Your total is $28.77.” Customer: “Were the shirts on sale?” Me: “Yes, they were $2 off.” Customer: “How do you know?” Me: “…because that’s what the sale price is. See? It shows it here on the register screen.” Customer: “Oh okay. But were they on sale?” Me: “Yes.” Customer: “Okay. Were the socks on sale?” Me: “No.” Customer: “Why not?” Me: “Our sales change weekly and this week these socks aren’t on sale.” Customer: “Why not?” Me: “Because they aren’t on sale this week.” Customer: “But why?” Me: “I don’t know…corporate decides the sales.” Customer: “Oh okay. What’s the total?” Me: “$28.77.” (The customer gives me $40 and
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Shift Today: An Inspirational Video
Wtf?? Seriousl, Wtf??
I see all those GROWNass women in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s make those kindergarten crush typa things pics.   Signs that you are mentally still an 8 year old and your relationship will soon expire:   1) you have a folder called "my love I love him we are in love"   2) its glittery, sparkly, and blings all over. (is this a first grade art project??)   3) you have never met each other, thus pasted your pics together in photoshop  
Happy B-day Usmc
* ALL THE MORE REASON TO JOIN * Hi there, Please come join the best turf ever…Semper Fidelis.   We are with Few but we are most definitely Proud. You will have great friends always there for you when you need help.   Strengthen and build up each others mob..send those invites.   Come chat in the turf Meeting Room and follow whats happening on the Live Turf feed.   Maybe you feel like back-handing someone who attacked you…go for it !!   Take care and hope to see you soon.    
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I Wanna See Kyler
my ex wants me to terminate my rights to my son. she feels that i should not be a part of his life. i rarely get to see him. she claims to be always busy. i try to be flexible with her "schedule" but no go. months will go by and i wont get to see him. i miss him. ok what should i do? she's dragging out court so i cant force her to let me see him. america sucks! the father has no rights non at all until the judge says so.
The Great Equilizer
The ARTS: "O Brother, Where Art Thou" -  (A 2000 adventure film directed by Joel and Ethan Coen and starring George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson, John Goodman, Holly Hunter, and Charles Durning. Set in 1937 Mississippi during the Great Depression, the film's story is loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey.)   Pete: Well hell, it ain't square one! Ain't nobody gonna pick up three filthy, unshaved hitch-hikers, and one of them a know-it-all that can't keep his trap shut. Everett: Pete, the personal rancor reflected in that remark I don't intend to dignify with comment. However, I would like to address your attitude of hopeless negativism--consider the lilies of the goddamn field...or hell, look at Delmar here as your paradigm of hope! [Pause] Delmar: Yeah, look at me.   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Goethe (German writer, philosopher, humanitarian, poet, artist, theologian, science seeker - a man who was a fan of taking in the ideologies of the whol
Todays Ebonic Lesson
Leroy is a 20 year old 10th grader.This is Leroy's homework assignment. He must use each vocabulary word in a sentence.1.Hotel -I gave my girlfriend crabs, and the ho tel everybody.1.Dictate -My girlfriend say my dictate good.3.Rectum -I had two Cadillac's but my bitch rectum bofe.4. Disappointment -My parole officer tol' me i miss disappointment they gonna send me back to the joint.5. Penis -I went to the doctor and he handed me a cup and said 'penis'6. Israel -Tito try to sell me a Rolex. I say 'Man it looks fake.' He say, 'Bullcrap, that watch israel.'7. Undermine -There's a fine lookin' ho living in the apartment undermine.8. Fortify -I axed this ho on da street, 'How much?' She say 'Fortify.'Furthering you education with Today's Ebonic word...Today's word is: OMELETTELets use it in a sentence. -'I should pop ya ass fo what you jus did, but omelette that shit go dis time!
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My Songs
On my Youtube site I have 4 clips with me singing in the background.   They all have copywright concerns but what the heck I'm never going to make any money with my voice.  lol  Here is the link to the page   What'll I do....... Always On My Mind........... The Superman Love Theme...........................This one Warner Bros won't let me put an external link to it but it lets me have it on youtube Younger Than Springtime. ............   The other clips I made or they are of my daughter singing and dancing at dance school or when she was in the play Annie playing Molly.       
You Deserve The Best
This life is yoursTake the powerto choose what you want to doand do it wellTake the powerto love what you want in lifeand love it honestlyTake the powerto walk in the forestand be a part of natureTake the powerto control your own lifeNo one else can do it for youNothing is too good for youYou deserve the bestTake the powerto make your lifehealthyexcitingworthwhileand very happyTake the powerto reach for your dreams Annette
Movie List (as Of 11/27/2009)
  Those of you who know me, know I absolutely adore movies. You know I have seen a LOT of movies and there's still so many more I need to see and own. I thought I'd finally put up a list of movies that (as a family) we have in the house. Be warned, it is VERY long. At the end of the title, if there is a (T), then my brother owns it. (H) is owned by me. Everything else belongs to my parents. The list is in alphabetical order. Here goes: 13th Warrior, The 1408 2001: A Space Odyssey 3:10 to Yuma 300 3000 Miles to Graceland (H) 36th Chamber of Shaolin, The (T) 40-Year-Old Virgin, The 50 First Dates 8 Mile About Schmidt Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The (H) Airplane! Ali Alien Alien VS Predator All Of Me All The President's Men Along Came Polly Amadeus (H) American Beauty American Graffiti American Pie (T) American Pie 2 (T) American Wedding (T) Amityville Horror, The Amityville Horror, The *(remake 2005) An American Werewolf
Interesting Memory..
I like to re-read people's profiles once in awhile. I was scanning Philemon's profile again when I noticed something I could relate to: "I have a horrible sense of humor. Love black comedy, inappropriate humor, etc. I will laugh at the worst things at the worst time. Never take me to a sad movie." Now, I have an overactive imagination. I can't help the points where it pops something into my head at the most inappropiate moment. I did feel bad for this story, but at the same time, it was the funniest thing to pop into my head that I couldn't control. Here's the story: This past year, we got a call from my Uncle Kenny (not my blood uncle, but he's been my dad's best friend since high school). It was not a happy call. We learned that his father died and we were invited to the funeral. Now, I didn't know Uncle Kenny's father at all, but I felt the sadness flowing through my dad and mom that day. Funeral day came. I don't do well around sad people. With the personality I have, or at leas
Lol Me On Cam I Didnt Relize It Was On
Stupid Encounter #30 (please Read Botto To Top Its A Sb)
To shh...ima ...: Naw dude Im Cool Apperently ASU didn't teach you much... who in their right mind hits a bitch up says they want to get to know them without evenreading their profile what you think people write those for their health I mean shit your at work your bored like you got anything better to do anyways right... you want to get to know someone read up on it don't be a moron! shh...ima ...: feeling sad? shh...ima ...: wow ya know i graduated asu with a psych major need someone to get somethings off ur chest? To shh...ima ...: oh well sorry not one preson on this planet you can sum up into a paragraph next time you want to get to know someone do the reserch thats what its there for   shh...ima ...: i jus meant i wanted to put the most minimal amount of effort possible to make conversation cuz im bored as hell at work...i dont feel like reading a offense To shh...ima ...: well den why you say you want to get to know me then... morons I swear they live among us s h
Stab Someone In The Eye??
Grrrrrr, old people should not be allowed to drive after 12pm.  I now understand how people develop road rage.  Good news is I know the brakes on the jeep are good.   My bro's birthday is thursday and I just might stab him before then.  Teh bastard ate one of the layers for his chocolate cake.  I make him a homemade cake of his choice every year for his birthday.  Cept now I can't make a triple layer chocolate death cake. Granted it is his cake but he could have at least waited till i finished it!   Why is the mall always like a 120 degrees when you are x-mas shopping??  Are people really worth extra points if you run them over on the mall parking lot? :P
Drunken Amish Driving! Lmao
Police in central Pennsylvania arrested an Amish man on drunk driving charges over the weekend after he was found asleep in his moving buggy. Police said a 22-year-old man was slumped over and asleep in a slow-moving buggy on Sunday night. An off-duty officer from nearby reported seeing the horse pulling the buggy at a walking pace as it straddled the center line. Police said a breathalyzer test snowed the man's blood-alcohol content was 0.18, more than twice the 0.08 legal limit for drivers.
I’m Dying Without You
Dying to hold you.Dying to kiss you.And to be with you forever.Do you realize how much I love you.Do you realize how much I miss you.Do you realize my heart is bleeding without you. I wake up in the middle of the night just thinking about you.Wanting to hold you close to touch your lips.Wanting to feel your skin.Do you know I’m dying inside without you.Its killing me to see you without me.Do you know I still love you.
Shania Twain - Always
In your arms I can still feel the way youwant me when you hold meI can still hear the words you whisperedwhen you told meI can stay right here forever in your armsAnd there ain't no way--I'm lettin' you go nowAnd there ain't no way--and there ain't no howI'll never see that day....'Cause I'm keeping youforever and for alwaysWe will be together all of our daysWanna wake up everymorning to your sweet face--alwaysMmmm, babyIn your heart--I can still heara beat for every time you kiss meAnd when we're apart,I know how much you miss meI can feel your love for me in your heartAnd there ain't no way--I'm lettin' you go nowAnd there ain't now way--and there ain't no howI'll never see that day....'Cause I'm keeping youforever and for alwaysWe will be together all of our daysWanna wake up everymorning to your sweet face--always(I wanna wake up every morning)In your eyes--(I can still seethe look of the one) I can still seethe look of the one who really loves me(I can still feel the way that you
Nearly Unnoticed
He is lonelyEven though you can't tellHe is reaching outFor what, he doesn't knowHe will continue to sit in silenceAnd hope that someone may stumble acrossHim and all of his emptinessBut they only hope that they do it in timeOtherwise he will have drifted too farAnd he may let goOf whatever grasp of the world he hasAs he slowly fades out of the lives of everyoneNearly unnoticed.
Mon.10, December, 1934
Mon.10, December, 1934 Got up about 8:30 ate a good breakfast unpacked the car and tore my Cigar lighter up. ate dinner about 1:30, Hap, the Madam and girls all went to town. I sat around all eve. folks got back about 5:30 George and Ellen over for the eve. Roy and his wife were here all went home about 8:30 and I am going to bed. Sant bought a tube for the car, 35 cents. Mon. yet I forgot Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brown were here for the Eve. Mrs Brown went to Corsicana with the folks The boys played Dominoes.
Ride On By Ac/dc
It's another lonely evening And another lonely town But I ain't too young to worry And I ain't too old to cry When a woman gets me down Got another empty bottle And another empty bed Ain't too young to admit it And I'm not too old to lie I'm just another empty head That's why I'm lonely I'm so lonely But I know what I'm gonna do - I'm gonna ride on Ride on Ride on, standing on the edge of the road Ride on, thumb in the air Ride on, one of these days I'm gonna Ride on, change my evil ways Till then I'll just keep dragging on Broke another promise And I broke another heart But I ain't too young to realize That I ain't too old to try Try to get back to the start And it's another red light nightmare Another red light street And I ain't too old to hurry Cause I ain't too old to die But I sure am hard to beat But I'm lonely Lord I'm lonely What am I gonna do - Ride on Ride on, got myself a one-way ticket Ride on Ride on, going the wrong way Ride on, gonna change my evil ways Ride on, one
The Big Picture: Haiti 48 Hours Later
Haiti 48 hours later Two days after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck beneath Port-au-Prince, Haiti, some of the massive damage is becoming more apparent. Rescue teams are arriving, aid groups are trying their best to battle huge logistical challenges, bodies are being identified, and some medical care is being given. Rescue teams from all over the world have joined the recovery effort, as the United States pledged $100 million in relief efforts. The Red Cross ventured an estimate of up to 50,000 deaths, as bodies at the local morgues overflowed into the streets. Collected here are some more scenes from this devastated region - see yesterday's entry as well. (34 photos total) Residents watch as heavy machinery razes a destroyed building after a major earthquake hit the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, January 14, 2010. (REUTERS/Carlos Barria) 2 Rescue dogs are seen in their enclosure before leaving for Haiti at the Torrejon military airbase in Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain
Elvida - Lowrider Girls Model
Where are you from originally?I grew up in Hacienda Heights, California, but my family is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. What do you do for fun?I have the most fun at slumber parties with my girlfriends. We play truth or dare and I have the most fun at slumber parties with my girlfriends. We play truth or dare and sometimes the game gets crazy. Last time they dared me to run up and down the street wearing only my Ugg boots. Good times! What would be your ideal date?I'm not into doing traditional, romantic stuff. I like to do adventurous and spontaneous things on dates, like hiking, snorkeling, or parasailing.
Can't Get This Song Out Of My Head
Effin Kickers!!
Effin Kickers.After watching most of the College Bowl and NFL playoff games so far, I’ve decided that I hate all kickers. There have been more missed field goals and botched punts than I can ever remember.Don’t get me wrong, I know that kicking field goals is hard. My personal experience with this involves me kicking the crap out of the ball, only to watch it make a corkscrewlike flight pattern right into the back of the head of the guy who hiked the ball. He wasn’t too happy it. He told me so after he picked himself up off the ground after a few minutes (we don’t wear helmets in Ketch League Football).I also understand that part of the process is mental. It’s difficult to do something accurately when championships are on the line and 80,000 people are screaming about your mom and making fun of your wimpy, single-bar facemask. But the world population is like 6.7 Billion people now. There are exactly 32 people in the world that get to call themselves a &ld
Counting Blue Cars By Dishwalla
Must of been mid afternoonI could tell by how far the child's shadow stretched out andHe walked with a purposeIn his sneakers, down the streetHe had, many questionsLike children often doHe said,Tell me all your thoughts on God?Tell me am I very far?Must of been late afternoonOn our way the sun broke free of the cloudsWe count only blue carsSkip the cracks, in the streetAnd ask many questionsLike children often doWe said,Tell me all your thoughts on God?'Cause I would really like to meet her.And ask her why we're who we are.Tell me all your thoughts on God,Cause I am on my way to see her.So tell me am I very far -Am I very far now?Its getting cold picked up the paceHow our shoes make hard noises in this placeOur clothes are stainedWe pass many, cross eyed peopleAnd ask many questionsLike children often doTell me all your thoughts on God?'Cause I would really like to meet her.And ask her why we're who we are.Tell me all your thoughts on God?'Cause I am on my way to see her.So tell me am
Dj Dark Artist @ Snake Eyes Radio
Sultry Diva
As I stare into her eyes,I wonder of her mind and soul.Slowly I reach a little deeperOf her so much more to know. Her heart,worries,and fears,Will she open these to me.Her laughs ,smiles of her joy,In time I hope all these I see. To me open yourself beautiful,Draw My mind to yours in.Bring my soul near yoursSo we can then begin. We together can walk this path,Enlightening each other on our way.Bringing us smile and wonder,For the rest of our days.
Engine Trouble
A friend, driving home from a fishing trip in northern Michigan with his boat in tow, had engine trouble a few miles inland from Lake Huron. He didn't have a CB radio in his car, so he decided to use his marine radio to get help. Climbing into his boat, he broadcast his call letters and asked for assistance. A Coast Guard officerresponded, "Please give your location." "I'm on Interstate-75, two miles south of Standish." The officer paused, "Could you repeat that?" "I-75, two miles south of Standish." A longer pause. Then an incredulous voice asked, "How fast were you going when you hit shore?" 
Toxic Addiction
Her beauty has eluded me long,And I could not see why.Was she staying hidden,Because I did not try. Today she came to me,And let me know shes here,And it made me remember,Why I should hold her so dear. My friends are important,They do mean so much to me.And beautiful I will try to be better,I'll carry out my word,you'll see.
[plamo's Revenge: Learned A Lesson]
The following is a guide with commentary on a completed kit for my benefit and notekeeping.You can read it if you would like, but seriously, its a process list. You reallyreallyreallyreally need to do a full disassembly on your kit before clear coating. Moving parts and what is essentially a very wet, very reactive glue doesn't mix. Alsohobby knives hurt when they dig straight into your finger.But I already knew thatand I prefer the term precision knife. The clear coat does have some perks though.Like filling up and sealing seams, smoothing nibsbut the problem isin order to get that benefit of sealant you have to leave the limb whole.Thatglues the damn joints. Alsoseriously don't fuck around with this stuff with joints and socketsmakes your life a bit unliveable. I'm going to watch some more tutorials... *sigh* in japanese I bet. The 1/144 is zaku is finished.And simoultaneously ruined.Added surface area to sockets and joints have made some of them less reactive, or downright
Join Me!!!
woke up late but please Join me for my Serene Sunday morning radio show at 7am eastern!!! ((4am SLT) Get connected & happy listening! Of course Stay Nekkid!
mondegreen\MON-di-green\ noun; 1.A word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard.
More Im Fun
me: then get yourself a pump ihatemysmallpenis: huh? me: In reference to your screen name, get the pump ihatemysmallpenis: *laughs* ihatemysmallpenis: i get the funniest stuff from that. i love it me: Actually, it's quite impressive, but enjoy your smallness. ihatemysmallpenis: and its also a joke. i dont think anyone would really advertise that me: *smirks* Sure. You go with that. ihatemysmallpenis: i will. i know whats in my pants. lol me: I'm sure you do. Hope you can find it. Better yet, your partner. ihatemysmallpenis: ouch. she can
Angel Of Newport Beach
Ok. so this person comes to my page talkin smack about I was cutting up with her..and went and fanned and rated her an 11 and the bitch blocks me??  WTF??  Here's the entire from the bottom up: angel of n...: oh but yet youre becomin my fan and ratin me an 11 ★ Ƈяคż¥ Щђ...: LOL angel of n...: whatevers! ★ Ƈяคż¥ Щђ...: LMFAO...oh u smack talking huh? lmfao we shall come back.. angel of n...: that my colts had a touchdown already ★ Ƈяคż¥ Щђ...: srry for what? angel of n...: sorry sweetie
Older Men Vrs Younger Men
Since I have been on here, I have been purchased by two men who are way to old for me. I am at an age where I look for men no more than a few years older than me. I guess it is selfish of me to not want to spend my best years nursing my babies and husband :), but hell my generation is, so I have been told very selfish in our wants and needs. Anyway these two men dumped me because they thought I wasn't excited about their ability to purchase me at a higher cost than most of the men in my age group, am I suppose to be impressed by this?   So here is the question: A) do older men want to get their youth back by scoring on us younger females? or B) or are they trying to one up on the younger men?
Hallelujah By Jeff Buckley
Well I heard there was a secret chord That David played, and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music, do ya? Well it goes like this The fourth, the fifth The minor fall and the major lift The baffled king composing Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Well Your faith was strong but you needed proof You saw her bathing on the roof Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you she tied you to her kitchen chair And she broke your throne and she cut your hair And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Well baby I've been here before I've seen this room and I've walked this floor I used to live alone before I knew ya I've seen your flag on the marble arch Love is not a victory march It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Well there was a time when you let me know What's really going on below But now you never show that to me do you? And reme
Sakurajima Volcano With Lightning
Ring Ring
Create free ringtones at Phonezoo
I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog
Create free ringtones at Phonezoo
Mr Edible Underwear Maker
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Medical Distinction Between Guts And Balls
Thereis a medical distinction between Guts and Balls. We've all heard about people having Guts or Balls, But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, here are the definitions: GUTS - Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the Guts to ask: 'Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?' BALLS - Is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the Balls to say: 'You're next, Chubby.' I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions. Medically, speaking there is No difference in the outcome. Both result in death.
Galaxy Group Hickson 31
The Long History Of Ugg
The sheepskin boots of UGG Australia have unquestionably come a long way. Starting from the shepherds of the country, the boots were supercharged to popularity when they were practiced by war pilots in World War II. These pilots were depending for footwear that could provide them passion and comfort during their high-altitude flights, and they observed it in the Uggs.However, it was during the 1960s when the sheepskin boots of UGG Australia were imparted to a different degree of fame that carried on to step up up to the present. This was when surfers and swimmers postulated over the expend of the footwear and wore them after their cold ocean adventures. This was the first time that the Ugg boots were set out seen being worn in public, after having just been worn close to the home or within the cockpit of a warplane. It was surfer Brian Smith who originated the vogue of affecting the UGG Australia brand mark name well known all over the world. This was because he took home a pair of the
I Am...
i am but what i am.. lost in anguish no hope where are those others the others lost and alone.. solitary life of the unknown dangers hiding from life many people many faces coming into the dark alone eyes seeing, yet all is lost hearing what was never told.  
Thank You By Dido
My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all And even if I could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad I drank too much last night, got bills to pay, my head just feels in pain I missed the bus and there'll be hell today, I'm late for work again And even if I'm there, they'll all imply that I might not last the day And then you call me and it's not so bad, it's not so bad and I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life Push the door, I'm home at last and I'm soaking through and through Then you hand me a towel and all I see is you And even if my house falls down, I wouldn't have a clue Because you're near me and I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life
My Points Are Up For Auction!
My Points for 12 Hours Are Up For Auction Place Your Bid(s) below As A Comment! Highest bidder wins and the points will be given on Saturday Feb 27th @ 12:00 pm (payment must be payed before you received my points)
What Do Guys Truly Expect???
Im just wondering guys? Do u all honestly expect sex as soon as u meet a chick? or wait a few times?
What Times I Had
It's been a weird week all in all. I was in Birmingham last week doing shows and was about to head home by train on the Monday, and then of course I got the news on Saturday night that my comedy friend Jason Wood had died suddenly. So, instead of heading back to Glasgow I went straight to London. I just felt I had to see my best pal Monica and spend some time with her; Jason's death shocked us both to the core. And of course I wanted to attend the wee get together with some of my mates who knew Jason.   So, I brought forward some meetings I had at BBC as well and just spent the past week in London. I do love the place and despite being all discombobulated I had some quality time doing nothing much but sleeping and wondering why someone can die suddenly so young and what that means to us all.   The rain battered London into submission, I even managed to stand on one of those wobbly cracked concrete paving stones that are secretly submerged in a puddle, so when you land on it, you le
The greatest pleasure of life is love.  -  Euripides
Better Bond
the marine that was and will always be in my heart, has gone to       a place no other can go. The father, the friend, the love of my life, I cry for your touch, kisses        and hugs, but I know you left for a better place. Please pain and hurt go away and let me move on to a bigger and         better bond. Opened my heart up to a good man just to have him torn away from          me so fast. I know it was because he fought for this country, but I will always miss           him and always my heart will be there by his side.
One Thing By Finger Eleven
Restless tonight Cause I wasted the light Between both these times I drew a really thin line It's nothing I planned And not that I can But you should be mine Across that line [Chorus:] If I traded it all If I gave it all away for one thing Just for one thing If I sorted it out If I knew all about this one thing Wouldn't that be something I promise I might Not walk on by Maybe next time But not this time Even though I know I don't want to know Yeah I guess I know I just hate how it sounds [Chorus x2] Even though I know I don't want to know Yeah I guess I know I just hate how it sounds Even though I know I don't want to know Yeah I guess I know I just hate how it sounds [Chorus x3]
Binary Black Hole In 3c 75
Yesterdays Wine
I'm the wine-soaked boy,tobacco stained and groggy,Asleep on the couch.
Cudgel thy brains no more about it.  -  William Shakespeare
Computer Upgrades For 2010
COMPUTER UPGRADES for 2010 I really like this one!!!!
I Am Not Super Woman
Here I am just shaking from being over whelmed and pissed off at my family's lack of respect and concern for me. I suffer from depression major, and when I am over loaded with things that have to be done and get no help, I tend to break down and cry my ever lovin heart out. Yes I am on med's but can't always afford them. Yesterday, my oldest son needed to see the dentist, we also needed to get the emissions test done on the car, plus my youngest wanted to check out cell phones. Sooooooooooo, we all got into the car and headed for town. We arrive to get the car's emission test done again for the second time and boom the exaust system is still leaking. Frustrated we go and do the other things we need to do,  My youngest and I go to check out the phones and hes denied only because he doen't have a drivers liecence.  He has a touch of autism and it affected him major. I suggested, pay as  you go phone, and had to drive that home like  4 times...we went and purchased a cell phone and
Looking In The Mirror
Looking in the mirror I ask myself who I was. I walk around with my head up & chest stuck out, is this my problem.?! I look you in your eye when I talk to you, it's hard to lie looking me in this face. I am even a psychopath now from what's told, I am a miss understood person. I stand six feet three & a half inches tall, my weight is two hundred ninety seven pounds & dark as midnight. Fear not what you see from in front of you, but what sits with in that vessel. My cup over flows constantly, I have enough to share. What's wrong with what I see, I have to apologize for being me. I had to take a look and see what you see, scary looking individual. Looking in the mirror I still love me, maybe you should look in the mirror to see what you see.
Easter Surprise
Since its Easter this reminds me of an Easter of easter past. i always love to do something special and this time it was for a boyfriend i had been seriously dating for awhile Though we had problems (he was a major stoner lol) we had  a hot sex life  or  so i though heheheh that easter i decided to arrange to have his easter basket delivered to him along side with me  looking very hot! all decked out I picked up  at this special basket delivery place  a guy  who was like 6"2" in this hilarious rabbit outfit  we drove to my boyfriends house early Easter morning to deliver the goods  When we got there I hid and the easter bunnie rang the door bell  No one answered so since i had a key i though oh well hes probably asleep so me and peter Rabbit  let ourselves in snuck upstairs  to his bed room I told peter to open the door and shout out Happy Easter!!! Happy easter then Id pop out from behind him Well! Peter opened the bedroom door shouted out Happy Easter I popped out from b
Strong Enough To Be My Man......
God, I feel like hell tonight,Tears of rage I cannot lie.I'll be the last to love you understand,Are you strong enough to be my man?My man...Nothing's true and nothing's right,So let me be alone tonight.Cause you can't change the way I am,Are you strong enough to be my man?Lie to me,I promise, I'll believe.Lie to me,But please don't leave, don't leave.I have a face I cannot show,I make the rules up as I go,Just try and love me if you can, Are you strong enough to be my man?Be my man...Are you strong be my man (2x)Are you strong manWhen I've shown you that I just don't care,When I'm throwing punches in the air.When I've broken down and I can't stand,Whould you be man enough to be my man?Lie to me,I promise, I'll believeLie to me, but please don't leave.
Heart "there's The Girl"
You're a polished diamond Now you're feeling kinda rough Yes I know how long you been searching for the perfect touch You better hear what I say I can tell your eyes are just about to give you away Cause there's the girl that you were after Feel your heart beating faster now There's the girl that you were after Can you say that you don't want her anymore Just take my word now Cause you know it's true she ain't good enough for the likes of you You better hear what I say I can tell your eyes are just about to give you away Cause there's the girl that you were after Feel your heart beating faster now There's the girl that you were after And all the time you can't get past her There's the girl that you were after Broken glass, complete disaster There's the girl that you were after Can you say that you don't want her anymore I believed you once When you explained That it wasn't to tough To forget her name Cause there's the girl that you were after Feel your heart beating faster now There'
The Heat Is On
My nose is burned and the heat in Glasgow is mental. I mean its scorching, it's serious - that big burning ball of fire in the sky- 'The Sun' is making a comeback and Glasgow is its opening season.   We haven't seen 'The Sun' in ages, in fact we REALLY gave up on it, much in the same way we gave up on Madonna after she started collecting babies from dead mothers in Africa, we knew she couldn't go back to singing after that. Luckily Lady GaGa made a hat out of a fish tank and flashed her minge whilst singing big songs, she's great.   Anyway 'The Sun' hasn't been on tour in Scotland back last year, maybe August? It was a sell out show back then, everyone came out to see it and people were totally worshipping it, but for some reason - it gave up on public appearances in Scotland and left us for a better hemisphere. We got 'The Snow' - Yes that came and entertained us for a while, it was amazing, I mean it killed, it was a showstopper but we like 'The Sun' better.  
Whats Your Fantasy!
So I have blogged quite a bit on other sites. I definitely have my own style. But I do like to cater to my audience! So what I want to know is........ What are YOUR fantasies? I want to try to make them come alive for you with my words. Anything is game so let me know!
Are You This Man
Day After Day I See My Life Right Before My Eyes, Night After Night Im Alone Always Wondering Why. Im Feeling My Heart Ache As My Dreams Fade Away, I Feel The Lost Of Love Each And Everyday. You Think That We Are Alright Cause You Think My Pain Is Gone, But You Seen The Tears I Have Cried And Yet Im Still Alone. You Are This Man That I Gave My Heart To, You Are This Man But Do You Feel The Same As I Do? Where Are You Now When I Need You The Most? Where Are You Now Are You Somewhere Close? Are You Able To Love Me Back? Or Will You Trun The Other Way? Will You Give Me Your Heart And Make It Easier To Stay? Can You Treat Me Right And Calm My Fears? Take All My Pain Away By Wiping My Tears. Hold Me In Your Arms Pull Me In So Close, Let Me Know Im Loved Thats What I Need The Most. So Tell Me Now And Tell Me True, Are You This Man I Want From You?
My Fucking Band
Take a fucking look at the video I just recorded and uploaded to youtube. It's my band's recording session today and it fucking rocks.   PS, I love sex.    
Toxic Cloud
WARNING: ONLY Read This When You Are Able To LAUGH OUT LOUD.>>I went to Home Depot recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and consumed a massive quantity of my patented 'you're definitely going to shit yourself' road-kill chili. Tasty stuff, although hot to the point of being painful, which comes with a written guarantee from me that if you eat it, the next day both of your butt cheeks WILL fall off.>>Here's the thing. I had awakened that morning, and even after two cups of coffee (and all of you know what I mean) nothing happened. No 'Watson's Movement. Despite the chilies swimming their way through my intestinal tract, I was unable to create the usual morning symphony referred to by my dear wife as 'thunder and lightning'.>>Knowing that a time of reckoning HAD to come, yet not sure of just when, I bravely set off for Home Depot, my quest being paint and supplies to refinish the verandah.  Upon enteri
Why Not...
FIRST REAL POEM I EVER WROTE...DON'T HATE...I WAS LIKE 13...WANTED TO SHARE IT... Sit here all alone tonight all my canles lit incense burning life divine music blaring in my mind a shoulder needed crying time pencil and paper ready to write pictures surround me memories true lost in my own world i'll alwayz be a candle goes out shadows fly tears still falling memories fade fire engulfed my pain i open my eyes see a face just a picture all life erased close my eyes again sleep is soon to come another world to be taken to another life to come.
Let's Just Say.
Suppose you offered your home to a family member, their fiancee, and his kids while they were supposed to be fixing their house so they could move into it. You do this out of the goodness of your heart because you don't want to see the kids homeless. So, a month goes by and NOTHING has been done with their place except more damage in the name of repairing it. The fiancee's sister comes to town and without asking, it is simply assumed that it's OK, she moves into your house as well, with her two kids. Let's also suppose that you ask for nothing in return for your hospitality except for buying food and doing a few household chores. This goes on for 7 months before the manager of the park (yeah it's a trailer pa...err, mobile home community) tell you that having 13 people in your house is not allowed for obvious reasons. Said manager comes to your house one night and informs the 7 others "staying" there that they have until the end of the month to vacate, and the sister, who never filled
My Daughter
We had my daughter to see her back specialist yesterday and it was not good news. WE found out her spine has gotten much worse and that now we have no choice but to start surgery on her. I know many of you on this site hate me but my daughter will need a lot of love and support even from all of you whom she wont ever know face to face. The surgery is scheduled for June 2, 2010. She will have growing rods placed into her spine which will be a 2-3 hr procedure. If everything goes well and she does not develop any complications from the surgery she can come home as soon as June  7th. Then 10 days after surgery she will have to go back to see the drs for a post op check then will be in a back brace for 2 months. Then every 6 to maybe 9 months as she grows they will go back in and adjust the rods to compensate for her growth.    With any and all luck by the time she stops growing she could be very straight and may not require having a permanent rod placed into her spine.     This link
So. We went to the grocery store yesterday. It's a organic healthfood store. Lots of "hippy" type people, young and old who shop here. I'm all for "new life" living and such but............ Walking around the produce section this lady was pushing around a shopping cart with a couple of kids trailing behind her. She had a baby strapped to the front of her in one of those backpack thingies. And she was hogging up the aisles everywhere she went. I was getting ticked off but I dealt with it. I thought I saw something in between her and the baby. Of course I looked harder and kind of stared (and believe me...I wasn't the only one staring). Her shirt was pulled up on one side and her tit was practically hanging out. Not all the way coz it was shoved in the kid's mouth. Now again....I'm all for breast feeding (couldn't do it with my first...didn't want to with my second). I'm all for breast feeding in public because most women tend to cover themselves. But walking around a crowded
Totally Baked
Snob's From Evey Walk Of Life
Now this is something, I will not stand for even from my own children. Hubby and I were invited over to my middle son's house for a visit. I wore a nice black and white out fit. and I actually thought I looked good . Any how,  my son greeted us, and started to show us the house he now is in hawk for. I ask were his soon to be wife was and he said over at her mom's .  I said oh okay. We stepped out side to look at the back yard when one of his neighbours peered over the fence and ask were Stacey was. He said over at her mom's,  his responds was ohhhhhh is that because she doent want to deal with seeing your mom again? My son just shook his head and looked at me.  I just glared. I will give you some information as to why his woman doent like me. One day a few years back they came over and were talking about this 4, 000.00 engagement ring, (victorian)  she wanted so bad. I said isnt that rather expensive for you to dish out chris, it isnt like you have a job that you would be ab
Because I Am Me
When you tell me to comeI want to because I love youI don't because I am my own personWhen you want me to lieI want to because you say soI don't because I am truthful to my wordsWhen you tell me to trust youI want to because I believe youI don't because I am unsureWhen you want me to speakI want to because it makes you happyI don't because I don't have timeWhen you ask me to come earlyI want to because I am faithfulI don't because I am not in a rushWhen you say forget about the pastI want to because that was thenI don't because I learned that you can't
Love is metaphysical gravity.  -  R. Buckminster Fuller
5-28-10 Pt 4
Debby Me (5/28/2010 5:16:33 PM): and that set him offkerry lively (5/28/2010 5:16:34 PM): lolkerry lively (5/28/2010 5:16:37 PM): ya knowkerry lively (5/28/2010 5:16:43 PM): if ya have no feelings for someone.Debby Me (5/28/2010 5:16:44 PM): kerry brb i need some vicks cough syrup lol 1 minkerry lively (5/28/2010 5:16:48 PM): you dont react to themkerry lively (5/28/2010 5:16:50 PM): kkDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:07 PM): backDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:10 PM): no not the vicks oneDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:13 PM): its very mildDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:14 PM): go onDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:32 PM): ive just scrolledDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:35 PM): you are rightkerry lively (5/28/2010 5:18:38 PM): but he still watches everything i do else would he know everythingDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:40 PM): that is what i said to him i saidDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:45 PM): why are you getting into such a knotDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:50 PM): i knowDebby Me (5/28/2010 5:18:56 PM): i have always knownDeb
Not Again.....
Well it seems that Ghana is USA's achilles heel in the World Cup.  4 years ago they eliminated USA 2-1 in group play.  This year they eliminate USA in the round of 16 by a score of 2-1.  This game went into overtime to decide the winner.  USA had a very good appearance in the tournament; but, can't help but feel that if they played defense in the first 10 minutes of games they would win handily.  Congratulations to Ghana.
Uncle Kracker - In A Ltttle While
Artist: Uncle KrackerSong: In A Little WhileHeres to the good life, or so they sayAll those parties and gamesthat all those people playthey tell me this is the place to beall these beautiful people and nothing to seeSometimes i feel likeSomething is gone hereSomething is wrong hereI dont belong hereSometimes i feel like a stranger in townand ive lost what i foundit'll all turn aroundIn a little While i'll be thinkin' about youIn a little while ill still be here without youyou never gave me a reason to doubt youin a little while ill be thinking about you [baby]i'll be thinkin about you [baby]On the other side of a coin theres a facetheres a memory somewhere that i cant eraseand theres a place that ill find someday but sometimes i feel like its slipping awaySometimes i feel likeSomething is gone hereSomething is wrong hereI dont belong hereSomethings are lostSome, left behindSomethings better left for someone else to findMaybe in time i can finally seeI just wonder, wonder if you think a
New Friend
[would You Hire This Man?]
Reeeeeckonaaaaaaa~aaawwooaaaaaaah... sorry I still like In Rainbows.I have updated my resume.It worked for my brother. Maybe it'll work for me >>who knows?Today was bad.Realreal bad.Like... everyone in my unit (about 20 people) submitting written complaints and considering other employment opportunities.I won't get into detail because ... I already have on the phone and at work.Funny thing is people kept turning to me.I helped them submit their complaints.Talked out their rage, and made a few proposals on what else we could do...then I talked to my dadand reallywhen I think about itI shouldn't pursue that COA.The RIGHT thingand the SMART thingare in direct conflict here.The RIGHT thing to do is to FIGHT!Dig in and lead!and fight for this... barely living wage I have here.*yawns*the smart thing to do is to seek other employment opportunities.Sucks... I really do like these people, and I really like helping these kids.Its not worth risking their jobs, and its not worth the stress or the
My Rose...
Beautiful Ride Today
It seems like every day of riding is more beautiful or interesting than the day before. We left our hotel a little later than we liked this morning and had a really relaxing day of riding. Then my husband took a left when he should have hung a right. Forty minutes later we were back on track but a nasty T-storm was looming in the distance and it looked BAD. Well, it WAS bad. Lightning, heavy rain, hail, really poor visibility, and full motels. We eventually found one of the last two rooms for miles around and hunkered down. I'm falling in love with the state of Montana. For all the weather issues, the idea of a little vacation cabin on a river or lake sure does sound nice. Although it will never happen, thinking about it will be fun.
Friday The 13th.
Just watched it with the kiddo.  Still make ya Jump Jump!     Friday the 13th'll make ya... Jump Jump!   Kriss Kross'll make ya... Jump Jump!!!  
To Anyone That Thinks All I Can Do Is Freestyle And Rap-i Do Have A Softer Side, You Know :)
Every breath I breathe / I know you're by my side / You taught me to put on a smile and hide / All the insecurites inside my my mind / Every time I seek I find / A new reason to be alive / When I look into your eyes / I hope you realize / That I'm not telling lies / Every word is true that I am telling you / Please don't fly away / My darling dragon fly / Please leave another day I need you to stay / I don't need another memory / EMBEDDED IN MY HEAD / I have enough of those to last both our lifetimes / So when you spread your wings / Just promise me that you won't leave me behind / You take me to greater heights / Beyond the stars-outta sight-to a different place / Outside of outerspace / I'd swim through the Milky Way just to see your face again / I'd crawl through the depths of Hell just to hold your hand / .......just a thought.  Sittin here high as fuck, bored and hit writer's block on my actual music at the moment, took a break to get my mind off it-write something diffrent hopef
Never Lonely...
ruction\ RUHK-shuhn \noun;  1. A disturbance, quarrel, or row.
What Color Pen Are You?
You Are a Black Pen You are personally conservative and adverse to taking risks. You prefer to do things the conventional way. Of course you have your own personal flair, but you tend to keep it under wraps. You're very professional. You are very concerned about your own image, and you like to be as polished as possible. You have always been quite mature for your age. You grew up quickly and embraced adulthood early. What Color Pen Are You? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
Japan - A Cultural Experience
video below
My Feet Still Hurt
  Where am I? I am home in Glasgow, that’s where. I have been in London for a few days doing some interesting stuff and having meetings etc…nothing too exciting but I did get to perform at Heston Blumenthal’s staff party. For the record he is the nicest man on the planet, despite cooking weird and wonderful food and soup made out of rainwater (he didn’t make that though I suggested it with a puddle pudding on the side, it may appear on the menu) he is very cool.   It looked like the worst gig on the planet, a big bunch of folk of all nationalities in a sodden tent with rain battering down and a microphone that didn’t work. The microphone stand was assembled by me out of two cricket stumps and gaffer tape! There was no stage, I stood on a plastic chair and shouted at people, and luckily I was funny. The crowd laughed at some of the info I had gleaned off the staff.   The next night Heston was presented with an award at the GQ man of the Year as best c
Black Lips
        Black lips black hair candles reflect in  black stare   pale skin so cold to run away scared   an embrace to escape   sharp nails  soft  touch no escape is near   a soul ensnared   cold sheets  a taste of sweat pay the pipers debt   black lips black hair     LOST IN THE DARK  Sept. 9 2010
Which Die Faster
Which die faster?  Uninteresting mumms, or any blogs?
Rant (nsfw)?
I know many have assumptions about me/ 1.  Just  because I am 51 and unmarried doesn't mean i am a koksucker 2. Just because I am a convert to Judaism doesn't mean I know only a little more than born Jews 3. Just because I have a preference for Asian women doesn't mean I cannot find a Jewish woman 4. That I am a wolf because I talk to young women   I know 1, 3, and 4 are contadictory, deal with it     5. Just because I don't mention my employment too often, doesn't mean I am unemployed  6. Because I have a beard I must be hideous looking without it, well actually that is true End of Rant
Help Vi R Us Fight A Disease?
This is Dylan.Dylan is five years old and has a sever case of Hemophilia B. Hemophilia B is a rare blood clotting disorder that doesn't allow for Dylan's body to heal when a blood vessel is broken. Thus a scab is never formed, and blood can poor from the open wound. In sever cases, bleeding can occur for weeks.Dylan has to be very careful about what he does, so he spends most of his time inside with his action figures and video games, because even a small cut could be devastating. October 17th is the Hemophilia walk and Dylan needs to raise $200 dollars before this point. We're almost there, sitting at $71. Care to help?You can donate as much as you wish, and it only takes a couple of seconds.I'll even provide the link! It would mean a lot to me, Dylan, and his family. Thank you.
Auction, Please Rate My Picture Also, I Will Share The Photo, Because I Am Too Inept To Link It, Unless Someone Would Like To Help
In The Demons Eyes
In the Demon's Eyes "Be with me"  Words she wants to hear  Stupid, nieve, weak  Words her heart fears.  Heart worn on her sleeve open  Ready for a fall  What's one more knife through the chest? It hardly hurts at all...  He uses, lies and cheats  Just like the ones before  She's adapted, she has had to  Her heart has a revolving door  Looking up from the ground seems to be where she resides  Being trampled, stepped on, pushed around  Trust you? Nah, you fucken lied. Now he keeps her hanging on  Dangles her from his chain
~the Psychological Impact Of Bondage~
"Master," she said. "Yes," I said. "Why would you bind a woman who is a slave?" she asked. "She knows that there is no escape for her. She is not going to run away. She knows that you may do with her as you please." "It holds her in a given position," I said, "for your leisured work upon her body." "That is true," she said.  "But the primary reasons," I said, "are as you might suspect, psychological, both from the point of view of the master and the slave. She, chained, or bound, is helpless. She knows that she might, at the master's whim, be slit like a larma. This increases her terror, her vulnerability, her desire to be found pleasing. This makes her feel more slavelike and, accordingly, more ready to respond to the touch of the master. From the master's point of view, of course, this is also stimulating. It is pleasant for a man to have absolute power over a woman, to have her bound or chained in a position of his choosing, and to know that she must submit to whatever he choos
Holiday Sickness
It's tuesday and I'm back to work! I feel a litte sick today due to a sore throat and cold. This is because I ate too much ice cream over the weekend. Ya'll know how much I love ice cream. So, I went to visit my parents in Manila and  I saw that Dairy Queen has their holiday flavor of blizzard. Candy Cane Chill. What a cute name right? I just had to try it. It's basically chocolate chips with crushed candy cane bits. It tastes a lot like Christmas. I looooove it. So I started to shop for presents... I bought toys for those who are 3-years and below. I got a t-shirt and a really cute pouch for my 12-year-old niece. I got a coach bag for a friend's mom. Lip glosses for my cousins. And a dotted pink make-up pouch, Rice and shea butter body mist, and Victorias Secret Lost In Your Eyes body mist for myself... Oh and  4 shades of Burt's Bees lip glosses. This is why I love Christmas shopping... coz I also get to shop gifts for myself. Hahaha! Anyway, It slipped my mind that I ate more ice
Which Of The Four Divine States Are You?
You Are Equanimity You seek and maintain balance in your life. You believe too much of anything is not a good thing. You try not to be too attached to particular outcomes, events, things, or people. A little indifference goes a long way for you. You don't let your passions consume you. You know how to connect to the world without being too wrapped up in it. You get it just right. Which of the Four Divine States Are You? Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes Note: hit back before posting your outcome, blogthings has a glitch and it screws with your answers.
::pre-deployment Thoughts::
After not hearing from the mister for a week via the phone, I finally got to hear his voice again tonight. It's funny how in such a challenging circumstance, just hearing his voice can bring me comfort and make me smile. I hear that voice and just hearing it assures me that I'm doing the right thing and that he is worth the wait.....and if this cost me a friendship or two, then so be it. I also know it won't be easy with him being gone, so if you pass a Starbucks and happen to see a dark red-headed chick wearing a "Bauer 2012" shirt that's around 180s lbs with her head buried in a *NEW* Trenta-sized frappucino from Starbucks, just carry on!   MMMMMMMM Trenta sized frappucinos....
Friendships On Fu
I have to write this because it is really starting to irrate me! I have noticed way too many times that way too many people on here get close with people and build a friendship or relationship and then others on here start to run their mouths like we are in highschool and ruin those friendships or relationships built on jealous peoples lies and accusations. Why can't people learn to go and talk to the friend or mate and ask questions instead of just believing the rumor starter? Are we all really that immature to act in this manner? For example I have two people on here I was talking to and I thought building a friendship with and now they totally just do not answer me. WTF is up with that? Ready to hear others opinions!!!
Mom's Tears For Amber
MomsTears4Amber   Why have you left me,oh child of mine?When did I fail to be a mother of love and compassion?What skinned knees and paper cutsdid I not add a bandage and a kiss to make it better?Oh, the fault of course.I keep forgetting thatI freed us from his harsh hands of painand words of contempt.Silly me,I thought we'd be better off without him.I put you in hiding while the paper work was done,no chance for him to take you away in revenge.I found us a better life,a safe and secure life,and even a new man that took you as his daughter.You saw us fight,but this man failed to hit me...and I lost you that day.You came at me with a knife,doing the man's job for him...and the first scars became visible.You saw your father by choice,and let him hurt you in exchangefor money and the good life.Everytime, I begged you to tell meif any of it started again...I can only belive your word 'no'.You never showed bruises,but you became so angry.You'd come home from v
Giving A Flip
So this was on my "fubar list of things to do", so that I can earn all of those extra points, so that I can level so that I can win fubar.  I'm sure by now you've all figured out exactly how important it is for me to level given the effort I put into selling my cock pics for VIP's and trying to get every single person on this web site to enjoy my company and crave more.   All sarcasm aside, I could give a shit less what you think about my blog, and for that matter I certainly don't give a shit about what you think of my general thoughts.  Blogging would totally be useful if I wanted any of you to share your opinion of my opinion.  I'm sure on some level most of you want to be reassured in your path, or at least need minimal support by the general public to "go with your heart" or "do what ever you want with your life" or "seize the day", but I don't need any of your opinion's for anything so....   FUCK OFF
My Son :will I Ever See Him Again
I used to love to watch the little one, So busily at play,climbing trees or in the snow he was an imagitive little booger, his  faces so expressive, As his  thoughts he convey. he  run and shout delightedly, And chase brightly colored balls, And whimper only briefly, If his toddling body falls. for he had a walking impairmen but still he knew now bound,and  the world was his a playground for his entertaimen. he would yell from the swings, To go even higher still, For these forays skyward, Are a great childhood thrill; for him yes he was my little deardivel who knew no  leaps or bounds, never knowing no fear he would listen enraptured, To books with verse in rhyme, Laughing at Dr. Seuss, Time after time.yet always looking for  the answers to his question that only he would know ,no he was not dum but very smart for he had to know everything he played with other quite well, Oblivious of race he knew no prejudicies, Enjoying camaraderie,for you see this st
My First New Block
   Perfec...: who said anyone was selling fam spots to see any body parts?? just wondering about your comment in my mumm thanks 9:20pm fluffy bunny: your former status dur 9:21pm  Perfec...: I never once said anything about seeing body parts in my status 9:21pm  Perfec...: I am running a god mode, the selling of the fam spots were to get people in for the famping 9:22pm  Perfec...: sorry I offer NO pics or body parts to ANYONE on this site 9:22pm fluffy bunny: well than it's just a plain old rip off...  9:23pm fluffy bunny: you won't be getting any of my bling credits you stingie bish 9:24pm  Perfec...: wow...interesting how you judge someone before you know who they are 9:24pm  Perfec...: and this all has to do with rank for the higher levels that know how to play the game 9:24pm fluffy bunny: actually it's not that interesting you're easily amused i take it
My World And Yours
I was trying to introduce you to my world. You were trying to make me apart of yours. That's not how it works for me. We're all born free It's my choose to decide what I want to be, what life to live, who's world I want to be apart of. You're not the one to decide for me. I tried introducing you to my world. You tried forcing me to be apart of yours. I gave you choose and freedom. You tried telling me how its going to be. I don't think so honey. We're either in it together. Or just never. It won't be. You pulling my strings : telling me what you think I want to hear. Might-as-well be trying to make me a homo-queer. Dick not for asshole yo. Shit comes out that hole. I'm human , bitch. Not your pretend doggy walking around with just a stiffy. But that's the world you want me to be of. Hell no mommy I'm out like dove.                                   Peace.
Its A Jugga Douche Morning
To Name Crisis: jugga douche is deleting our comments 6:46am reply Will: im deleting your comments becuase im not here for you nor your glory .. you and your hatin ass can get outta here 6:46am more To Will: not hating...i cant help it your an idiot with a lil dick 6:47am more   6:47am reply Will: see that right there was hatin ... for you to be as old as you are you sure do act childish.... 6:48am reply Will: oh but i get it ... you got your ol lady stoled from you by a lo.... keep hatin people like you make people like me famous 6:49am more To Will: no im wealthy she loves my money not your trailer...btw..your still a lil dicked idiot 6:49am more To Name Crisis: Will: see that right there was hatin ... for you to be as old as you are you sure do act childish.... 6:48am reply Will: oh but i get it ... you got your ol lady stoled from you by a lo.... keep hatin people like you make people like me famous 6:49am
Things That Dont Go Away
Well sometimes it sucks when you are sitting there and something happens that smacks you right in the face of something or someone from the past... I sit here with the sweetest man in the world who makes me so incredibly happy right now that I cant wipe this stupid shit eating grin off of my face...then I came across a few pics of my exes... two exes to be exact...and it slapped my face like the sharp sting of a hand perfectly landed. Both of them were ones that I never thought that I would lose. But surprisingly enough I lost both of them without any warning signs and still to this day I have to say that I miss them and that it hurts to look at the pics and remember everything so vividly of the moment that they were taken... I pray that the man that I have given my heart to now doesnt end the same way... in sadness and heartache... I sometimes wonder what if... but then I stop and realize that what if is not going to ever be known and that all I can do is move forward and close the pa
Kiss Me Slowly
Kiss Me Slowly Stay with me, baby stay with me, Tonight don't leave me alone. Walk with me, come and walk with me, To the edge of all we've ever known. I can see you there with the city lights, Fourteenth floor, pale blue eyes. I can breathe you in. Two shadows standing by the bedroom door, No, I could not want you more than I did right then, As our heads leaned in. Well, I'm not sure what this is gonna be, But with my eyes closed all I see Is the skyline, through the window, The moon above you and the streets below. Hold my breath as you're moving in, Taste your lips and feel your skin. When the time comes, baby don't run, just kiss me slowly. Stay with me, baby stay with me, Tonight don't leave me alone. She shows me everything she used to know, Picture frames and country roads, When the days were long and the world was small. She stood by as it fell apart, Separate rooms and broken hearts, But I won't be the one to let you go. Oh, I'm not sure what this is gonna be, But with my eye
5 O'clock
5 O'clock it’s 5 o’ clock in the morning conversation got boring you said you’d go into bed soon so i snuck off to your bedroom and i thought i’d just wait there until i heard you come up the stairs and i pretended i was sleeping.. [T-pain:] it’s 5 o’clock in the morning, ant i want ya and you want me, don’t ya? i can see it cause you’ve been waiting on me since i said that i would ? in the club something coming up on me and i know you be getting so horny cause you be sending me texts like boy just get your ass up in that car and come get all of this love it’s 5 o’clock in the morning you ain’t got to remind me she already said if i don’t come home on time she might go crazy and she’ll be waiting on me naked with one of my chains on she might come and find me ooh and then ask me kindly ooh do i want her to go crazy? we do this every night and yet we wake up singing the same song [hook:] it’s 5 o’
My Love
Let my lips speak the words my heart longs to say, they show you that I care, in every little way. The feelings I have are over flowing and free, them them surrond you with every piece of me.Day and night your in my thoughts shining bright,showing me a path through the times good and bad.You give me feelings I have never had a love, a life,a happiness when the rest of the world is sad.You are my hope and dreams, my fondest wish come true,there has never been a fariytale, with a princess such as you.Throughout time there has been stories, of love and happy timesbut none of these can compair to the love you helped me find.So with this I close, my heart and soul open to your own,all I ask is a simple task, hold me and never let me go...
Baby Boomers Interested In Better Health
Email my Sponsor Paula Coffey at ---------> Ask whatever health questions you would like She is a millionaire so she does not need to scam you, be without fear, in that she will help you achieve your health goals She loves to chat, make friends, and help others
Some One Eles Star
Alone again tonight without someone to loveThe stars are shining brightSo one more wish goes upOh I wish I mayAnd I wish with all my mightFor the love I'm dreamin of And missin in my lifeYou'd think that I could findA true love of my ownIt happens all the timeTo people that I knowTheir wishes all come trueSo I've got to believeThere's still someone out there Who was meant for only meI guess I must be wishin on someone else's starIt seems like someone else keeps gettin what I'm wishin forWhy can't I be as lucky as those other people areI guess I must be wishin on someone else's starI sit here in the darkAnd stare up at the skyI can't my heart One good reason whyEverywhere I lookIt's lovers that I seeSeems like everyone's in loveEveryone but meI guess I must be wishin on someone else's starIt seems like someone else keeps gettin what I'm wishin forWhy can't I be as lucky as those other people areI guess I must be wishin on someone else's starWhy can't I be as lucky as those other people
Birmingham Airport Escorts Start With Hottest And Best Looking Ones
You can either dislike visiting because it creates you experience single or you can take it as something which is amazing and fun and appreciate it. There are a large number of men who have to vacation for months together and for them, visiting seems to be very single and gloomy but that is only because they neglect their associates and the company of females. However, you can modify all that by getting together with amazing Birmingham Airport escorts and Birmingham Incalls. Every man needs the organization of a lady, whether he is visiting or not and when you are visiting to a location like Birmingham, discovering the organization of a lady is not very challenging. You can experience assured, liked and suitable in the organization of these amazing females. One of the most effective to create sure that you do not experience single or eventually missed when you are on the street is to get yourself the organization of a lady like a Manchester flight terminal carry no issue where you a
Treptaimine Based Drugs ( The Spirit Molecule )
If you are fascinated by prehistoric cave art, research into treptamine based drugs and the therianthropic entities people claim to encounter while under their influence then "Graham Hancock's" book "Supernatural" should be on your to read list. About 50,000 years ago our species seemed to emerge from a cultural coma and exploded onto the scene in art and religion. It is one of the greatest mysteries of archeology. A lot of the cave art in places like "Pech Merle and Altamira" was painted in places that most people would not be able to see so art appreciation for the general public was not likely their motivation. In Supernatural the theory is advanced that psychotropic drugs are the reason that prehistoric man evolved art and religion as it opened their minds to deeper realities. The theory makers go out on a limb by suggesting that our DNA is an ancient storage system that far exceeds our evolution. The DNA molecule stretched out is 120 billion miles in length which i
The Perfect Blend Of Beauty And Religion That Brews In Nepal
With the worlds highest mountain ranges and spectacular scenic beauty stands proud this small landlocked country called Nepal between the two giants China and India. The country of Nepal though small has a very high reputation as it is host to eight of the ten world’s highest mountain peaks. Included in these eight peaks is the world’s highest mountain peak Mt. Everest which towers at a height of 8848 meters. It is not only the highest mountain ranges that add a feather to its cap; this place is also the birth place of Buddhism. Though Buddhism was founded in Nepal the main religion of this country is Hinduism, however the people here follow both the religions with equal respect. With the world’s highest peak and the worlds most popular religion in its arsenal this particular country is well visited by tourists almost the whole year round. When you take a Tour Package to Nepal the sights and sounds will take you for a journey through time. Though the terai region
Why Judge Others?
I hate when people judge others just by what they wear.  Just because they wear clothes that bother you, it doesnt mean that thay are that kind of person on the inside.  I used to dress gothic and it doesnt mean that I was a witch.  If they dress in a tube top and a minnie skirt it doesnt mean that they are sluts. I was always judged by what I wear and felt bad about myself, mostly through high school.  I didnt make many friends because of the clothes I wore and still wear.  Jeans and a regular shirt.  What is wrong with that?   I refuse to wear clothes that I really like because people will judge me.  The clothes that I really want to wear are nice looking but I cant wear them because I dont want to looked at the wrong way.  Wearing hip huggers and spaghetti strap shirts will make many men think I want a booty call but thats not why I would wear those kinds of clothes, I just want to feel good about myself,  thats all.  People are so mean when they judge, why not get to know a person
Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves - Cher
I was born in the wagon of a travellin' showMy mama used to dance for the money they'd throwPapa would do whatever he couldPreach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles ofDoctor Good Gypsys, tramps, and thievesWe'd hear it from the people of the townThey'd call us Gypsys, tramps, and thievesBut every night all the men would come aroundAnd lay their money down Picked up a boy just south ofMobile Gave him a ride, filled him with a hot meal I was sixteen, he was twenty-oneRode with us to MemphisAnd papa woulda shot him if he knew what he'd done Gypsys, tramps, and thievesWe'd hear it from the people of the townThey'd call us Gypsys, tramps, and thievesBut every night all the men would come aroundAnd lay their money down I never had schoolin' but he taught me wellWith his smooth southern styleThree months later I'm a gal in troubleAnd I haven't seen him for a while, uh-huh I haven't seen him for a while, uh-huh She was born in the wagon of a travellin' showHer mama had to dance for th
I think it's time to try my hand at writing a few erotic stories. I enjoy reading others' work as well, so if you like mine, just let me know.   Michael
 Morning and night turn to embraceGolden rays peek out from behind white laceWarm kisses touch the vast landHeaven and earth walk hand in handEveryday the earth greets mornings gloryIt's an unending journey into a fairy tale story
Happy Easter Twats.
Up early today. Hid the munchkins eggs last night and she was at the foot of our bed at about 7 this morning! She found all but the big money one(2 bucks!). I made a pitcher of Mary mix last night and got a pint of vodka for them. Who in the hell knew that it took about a half pint each in a 32 oz. cup? Anxiously awaiting the noon opening to have the next. While I was watching Linds bounce around looking for her last egg, I had the great idea to go to the store to get and hide 5 scratchies for Susie. This is more fun than crack! Anyway, I'm 3-S'd and enjoying my day. Got a turkey going in the oven after I get more Mary fuel. Breakfy is rockin. Listening to Sunday morning blues on the radio. For your pleasure if so inclined: Hit the listen live button before noon East coast time for some good tunes.. Hope you and yours are having a good day. We are. ♥ Love the one you're with. (Jesus, what a sappy fuck when I start this early!) \Later.... Dud
Part One
Went to Asylum today in Sac, meet a lot down to earth people. I wish I could of stay longer to dance and everything. I was just happy that my boyfriend took me. Since part of me has always been into that type of stuff once before joining on fubar and stuff like that. Nice to have someone at least be open to the idea of new things. Music was good, shockingly my boyfriend even like it. The drinks were good. I even had a woman I met there let me taste her drink. 'something mother fucker' tasty as shit. Came home, it was weird because normally in my past with exs. They have always been more Dom than anything with me so I always been Sub that can do twisted shit. It was just shocking from him being the type of guy i see him right now. Doing those things and making me call him Master would be shocking though he wanted to try. Sadly, he got sick in the middle of shit. Sadly it was my fault for getting him sick. so much for sex eh? lol at least I have some pot and a drink premad
Seeing The Angel Of Death.
Seeing the Angel of Death for the first time was not scary at all. I was just curious. One night, I was laying in bed about to drift off into another dreamless sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes and started to feel myself slip away I heard on the left side of my room what sounded like "Uhhh." So I opened my eyes and saw nothing. Everyone else had gone to bed and fallen asleep before me. So I closed my eyes again, then feeling a presence in my room I opened my eyes and saw the Angel of Death leaning over my bed like He was inspecting a dead body. Let me describe the Angel of Death for you. NO he doesn't have wings, NO he isn't a skeleton, and NO he doesn't carry a scythe. Death wears all black, duh, but they were similar to the robes of a Monk. Also, he wears black gloves and a hood. He has no face, because death comes in many forms, right? make sense? ok good. Anyway, Death has always been apart of my life, Ever since I've seen him, He's always stuck around. So just wanted to give y
Silence, He comes in to the room, Calm and Cool as though he knows she is watching. She shutters just to see his smile She wants to here him say her name. It is a secret, Something that musnt be shared. A feeling for him that is just left there. Knowing no one can feel how she feels Keeping her dream to her self and hurting because she cant tell. Hoping that he knows how he makes her feel. Hoping that sum day her dream will become real. Sssh!!! For she musnt say a word. She needs to keep it locked away because every one will say she is a fool To be in love with some so confident and cool. How absurd is it to fall for a dream Man she really needs to face reality. But she loves him and for now that will due. Because one day that dream just may come true.    
I had to make my Fubar id and all twice. I tried to get back on several times. No avail. So, since I was not in the system under my old ID I remade it. How could this happen. Has it happened to anyone besides me? I have not given my password to anyone else. No one used my puter but me?? Is it an Internet fluke or what? I received no termination notice or any thing. Can some one help? What really upsets me is that a friend does not believe me. How can I convince them it is so. I did not delete my account. Thanks
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy
Well you've heard about love givin' sight to the blindMy baby's lovin' cause the sun to shineShe's my sweet little thang, she's my pride and joyShe's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boyYeah I love my baby, heart and soulLove like ours won't never grow oldShe's my sweet little thang, she's my pride and joyShe's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boyYeah I love my lady, she's long and leanYou mess with her, you'll see a man get meanShe's my sweet little thang, she's my pride and joyShe's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boyWell I love my baby, like the finest wineStick with her until the end of timeShe's my sweet little thang, she's my pride and joyShe's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boyYeah I love my baby, my heart and soulLove like ours won't never grow oldShe's my sweet little thang, she's my pride and joyShe's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boy
People say love is a gamble. That's not true. Love is stable and consistent and never fails or changes and doesn't need the other person to be it. The gamble only comes with the lie existence to give your heart to someone instead of for someone. To give your heart to someone gives them control over your life and puts a yoke on them to perform for your love as an action. They have to do things to k eep you happy. They have empowerment to make you hurt. To give it for someone takes the yoke off of them and never empowers then to control your emotions or life. You now don't get hurt by them but for them. You now rejoice for them not because they control your happiness. Jesus, He doesn't do love, He is love.
I Cant Make My Mind Up Need Help
to my friends make my mind up by reading my mumms
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Hardest You Can," Said Montoya
SANDY, Utah -- A shake of the head, a furl of the lip. Andrew Luck Jersey . That was as much disappointment as Jay DeMerit would allow on Friday following the Vancouver Whitecaps 2-1 loss to Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium. But its hard not to imagine the sting of defeat wasnt a little stronger, considering how evenly the Whitecaps played against one of the best home teams in the league. "I think we had enough chances to tie, and possibly win," DeMerit said after Vancouvers fourth consecutive road game without a victory. "Sometimes things dont bounce your way up front, and in the back we made a couple of individual errors." With the loss, Vancouver (9-7-7) remains in third place in the Western Conference but falls six points behind second-place Salt Lake (13-7-3). Alvaro Saborio scored once in each half and Vancouver played the final 19 minutes a man short because of a red card to goalkeeper Joe Cannon. The biggest bad bounce set up a penalty kick and Saborios first goal in the 34t
Answer To A Prayer
Answer to a Prayer   I was sort of hoping That you would come along Like a answer to a prayer And the music to a song Like that kind of thing that happens At a special place in time That will chang our lives fforever Like a fantasy of mine The fantasy was there forever Like a fantasy of mine That fantasy was here before You know, I never knew your name And now that I have found  you We will never be the same So, pardon me if I look at you Please, forgive me, If I stare at you At that fantasy I knew before I saw you standing there For I was always hoping That vou would come along Like a  answer to a prayer  And the music to a song Some day we all will be where we belong Now, I ask, can I have, the, "Answer To A Prayer"?    
Israeli Airstrikes In Gaza
Thursday 15 November 2012  Israeli aircraft attack targets in Gaza following rocket strikes against Tel Aviv carried out by Islamist militants. ddddd There were more than 25 air strikes on Thursday night, according to Reuters witnesses. One attack targeted an electricity generator feeding into the house of the Hamas prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. A police station and tunnels on Gaza's border with Egypt were also hit.Earlier, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired two rockets at Tel Aviv. One hit the suburb of Rishon Lezion, triggering air raid sirens. The other landed in the sea, according to Israeli security sources. No-one was hurt.They were the first rocket attacks on Tel Aviv since 1991. The Israeli armed forces are preparing to call up 30,000 reserve troops, as speculation mounts that a ground offensive in Gaza is being considered.Meanwhile, Egypt's prime minister and security officials will make a one-day visit to Gaza on Friday in a show of support for the Palestinian e
I found u deep in side crying trying to find your way out not knowing where to hide. the lies the power of it all trapped in side reaching out to take your hand but u slip away in to the darkness losing my mind tearing at my soul spinning out of control. I am all alone there is noting to find there is noting to save any more!
Moves The Goldeyes Within A Game
OEIRAS, Portugal -- Juan del Potro won his second consecutive Estoril Open title by beating Richard Gasquet in straight sets on Sunday. Ryan Wendell Jersey . The top-seeded Del Potro used his strong serve to win 6-4, 6-2 on the outdoor clay court in 1 hour, 27 minutes. It was the 12th-ranked Argentines 11th career title and second this year. "I felt it was my best match of the week," Del Potro said. "I felt really confident on my forehand and I grew in confidence every game." The second-seeded Gasquet, who also lost the final here in 2007 to current top-ranked Novak Djokovic, dropped service games early on in both sets. Del Potro didnt give up a break chance in the match while hitting six aces on the way to improving his head-to-head record with his French opponent to 4-1. "Hes very tall and has a good second serve and was hitting the ball very well," Gasquet said. "He was the better player today." Aaron Hernandez Elite Jersey . One day after setting the fastest qualifying time of the
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Leaving the nightclub, Gabriel takes to the streets .. His mind lost Her.... The woman from earlier .. is being eaten alive by a werewolf. She screams for his help... He only walks past.. Lost in himself ... Her dying words are curses to him as her abdomen is savagely ripped apart.. Him walking away is the last thing that sightless eyes fix on and soundless lips call out to..  Unfazed he walks onward... The sound of her mutliating corpse falls o deaf ears.  Up ahead there is a horde of zombies crossing the intersection. Iteresting creatures , the undead.. absolutely mindless killing machines. The armies of the Dark Lady. Easily controled by the vampires and pulled to special things. Stronger than regular people and held together by magic.. Single minded .. what one sees .. they all see. They seem to hone in like birds.  stopping pulled back to reality by the pungent and fetid odor Gabriel stands still.. As silent as the bodies littering the streets around him..  Staying perfectly stil
Super Zinc | Zinc Proline By Angstrom Mineral |
Zinc Proline or Super Zinc is for professional use only! This Zinc is four times the strength of regular Angstrom Zinc. Professional line is needed for metabolism of nucleic acids and the synthesis of proteins. It is an integral part of the human DNA for cell division and synthesis. Zinc Proline or Super Zinc is found in all the body fluids, including the moisture in the eyes, lungs, nose, urine, and saliva. Zinc is also needed for the correct functioning of hormones, like insulin and it also helps to regulate appetite. Zinc deficiency is common among smokers, heavy drinkers, some vegetarians, and those on non-nutritious or very low calorie diets.

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