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Oh, And....
i also love vaginas. just sayin. 
On Any Sunday
I have been thinking about Salutes and how some of you have special "trademark" type salutes... well since i have coined as you were in blogs and mumms and such, I am requesting some of my own special salutes.   the request: Simply make a salute for me with the words "as you were" on the paper. It can be just that, or with Deacon on it too.    and since i am so lazy about making salutes, I will offer a shit face or buzzkill for whome ever you like, yourself or someone else.   some of you might get a return salute cuz I owe some anyways..   so like always     as you were :)
Where Do I Go From Here
What do you do when you dont even know whats right or wrong, whats real and whats not.  Its so hard to watch the one you love, love someone else. It hurts so much to be played with and to have your heart ripped out like it was nothing. I feel like such a bad person I want him to hurt as much as I do and thats just so wrong.  I dont now how to pick up the pieces and keep moving. Everything seems to take great effort. What am I supposed to do? How do you just forget someone that was such a big part of your life? I wish I had that magic wand and could make everything better and nothing hurt. I feel so numb. I want to put all my feelings and my heart in a box and lock it away and never open it again. I dont want this pain. I know I should be thankful that I had love in my life some people never experience that but right now I dont feel very thankful. I just wish I knew how to stop hurting
The Perfect Whore
  her scent was of jasmine and rose potent enough to arouse my desire when i kissed the back of her hand such a soft, delicate, feminine hand inspiring the need to caress expanses of silky skin of her calves and thighs long lashes fluttered flirtatiously as seductive eyes bejeweled with glitter flashed a secret fire that openly belied all the discreet words formed between plush rose petals of her full pink lips lips that left me breathless with lust to taste deeply, possessing completely spiced flavor of her mouth and tongue round crest of luscious breasts beckoned
Rado Watches Have An Esoteric And Mystique Charm
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So Yeah.....
I am still trying to think of other things about me that are pretty cool. I thought of some more.... I have no children. I would like to have some but let's face it. I want it to be with the right person.  If I am going to do something as lifelong as have a baby or two I need to make sure I got the right person at my side. Of all the things in the world why kids? Because I think kids are awesome. Not all of them but most are. More background info; I grew up in not the worst family ever but it was ugly. My parents split up when I was 6 I think and it was for irreconcilable differences. Loosely translated it means things were not on the up and up for my family. Part of it was my mom's issues, the rest was my dad dealing with serving without post deployment readjustment stuff. Anyhow they split and got re-married. The stepparents had their own liked to tell me I was crap, the other smacked it out of me when I mouthed off in frustration. After I ended up a Ward of the Court
My Music On My Page
OK...LET ME TRY THIS SHIT AGAIN...   I just fucking embedded a sexy new recording of me KICKING FUCKING ASS on my profile in the "about me" section just above the fucking video of me...what do you know...kicking fucking ass.     The song is called "COCKSUCKER" and I know you will all love it....just like I love all of your TITS.  
Lies & Goodbyes & All Hope Dies.
  Should have went with instinct ,From the start one big lie.   Oh no fuck this! Fuck you! goodbye!   Lost everything ! Myself my family  and friends .   Threw your final stab,and thats where it ends.   You with your Far fetched ,just cant stay true.   Dont give a damn bout anyone but you.   walk away ,,can't face the truth!!   Fuck you !I lost my youth!!    Over time my ripped up mind and health,    Hope it was worth it to gain your wealth,,    Then kept pledging the whole time along   You'd be the  one .When everyone was gone.    caught again in a lie ,final one i could take.    upset all day..sick shock to take.    Pulled your ass out of a gutter, Vow i'll put you back in    my patience right now gone paper thin.    Prevent you and keep you from causing self grief     Crawling on belly,, you fall beneath!!!    Showing me what you are ,What you've always been,   Angry,,from  seeing pain that you put others in.   Life aint a game and none of us toys..     self cen
I Answer Random Questions :d Enjoyyy
Is the person you have feelings for at least a bit cute? VERY!   When's the last time you deliberately skipped a class? This semester, ALREADY.   Anything you're avoiding? Doing my readings for uni.   Last time you were truly upset? last week, when I was sick :(   Does everyone deserve a second chance? Depends   Have you ever lost someone who meant a great deal to you? Yes   Are you close to your father? Kind of   Are you thinking about a certain person right now? Well now I am   Honestly, do you hate the last boy you were talking to? No wayy!   What do you wish about at 11:11? nothing, it's dumb.   Are you emotionally strong? Nooo.   Do you act differently around the person you like? I'd say so   Are you one of those people who hate crying in front of others? I can't do it, It's like my biggest fear   How would your parents react if you got a tattoo? My mom hates them, my dad would think I'm crazy as well. My family is very posh.   You see the
Sumtimes We Get Dissapointed..
Because wen u jump into luv headfirst...later on u can find it hard to accept sumone was not who they thought they were..even worse many of us waste countless amount of energy and time..waiting for them to be all they said they would be..Trust me they will not change and the gut feeling u had...which u ignored will leave u kicking ur own ass for a bit....You may be so emo attached to this refuse to see their day they leave u for dead and move on..and u???? well u change for the better but u won't see it at all at first.
Come To Me
  Awake me from this dream show me what it has to offer walk me to this place of my dreams tell me this is what I have waited for is this what I have waited for all this time must I take it from you like this or must I kill you for it is this what you wish then so be it if this awakes me from my sleep to be free from its hold then I will be free no one will hold me back when I will spill your blood and look at your dieing face. 
What Color Should You Stay Away From?
You Should Stay Away From Pink You are a strong person who doesn't back down when times get tough. You're ready to take on challenges. You are honest and open. You love rational, logical discussion, and you're turn off by anything too emotional. The color pink sometimes represents weakness and inhibition. By contrast, you pride yourself on being bold! Pink can also be a bit claustrophobic, and there's nothing you seek more than freedom. What Color Should You Stay Away From? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
Conversations At My House
Me: I think I bit the kitten too hard and it hurt her. Karen: And why were you biting the kitten? Me: Because she got in my lap! Karen: Do you hear yourself sometimes?
Ensign: A Better Idea
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                8 October 2010   “The earth cooled ... its surface scum hardened into continents ... oceans fell from the sky ... and if you believe most biology textbooks, life emerged from nutrient-rich puddles of ‘organic soup.’  There’s only one thing wrong with the organic-soup hypothesis: it's almost certainly false ... and most scientists know it.  But, in the absence of a better idea, they have held onto this one.”  (Larry Gonick, “The Cartoon History of the Universe”, volume 1, 1990)    In the absence of a better idea … wow, that’s got to take a lot of faith.  Personally, how long the earth has existed – there are old Earth and young Earth proponents and this is no more a d
Time stands still as memories of yesterday flood the imagination.  I sit and ponder all that has transpired through time interrupted.  I loved and lost and still I've gotten no where.  Children become only memories that can never be recovered.  Pain holds it's self like glue to a fly trap.  Within the lost soul I begin to lose control.  I've lost a way that only I knew.  So many years ago I laughed and played and now I just sit pondering yesterday.  I don't know what has went wrong.  I don't know how I went astray.  I've lost the way just like when Angels wings break and they fall.  I don't know where to go or what to do any more.  Every word that lingers on the wind has become mysteries in the end.  My mind is flooding with tears of emotions.  Nothing seems to be able to save me now.  I see what is, what was, and what will be and only fear stops me from shattering the glass that is beneath me.  There is no breeze to carry me on and help show the way.  I guess in the end a lost soul I
Wanting You For Desert
  Paralyzed from your gentle touch on my skin, Fingertips move over me as I begin. My body comes alive and breathes, You bring out passion deep in me. Inside my mind is screaming for more, As you slowly take me to the floor. Every sensation in my body is revived, For the first time I feel as though I am alive. My heart is now beating like a drum, As your fingers undo my buttons. My essence is flowing out of my chest, I am paralyzed watching you undress. Your hot breath excites every inch of my flesh. The sensations send feelings tingling and fresh. My soul screams out for you to take me now,
We Spend Our Years As A Tale That Is Told
July 2, 1997 …   Ezekiel 1                                                                                                          July 2 See God’s glory when it doesn’t shine                                                    9707.02   And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went, and they turned not when they went.  12   [With the caption “North greets South”, I’ve got a news photo pasted here of two widows of Civil War veterans – one Union, one Confederate – shaking hands.]   Jus
Go Play A Game Of "hide And Go Fuck Yourself"
I was sitting in a McDonald's late one cloudy evening, having just enjoyed a fairly formidable meal, a rare occasion indeed, when I decided it would be wise to go outside and light up a smoke. The dark blue sky was a scene for many grey puffy clouds to display their fine features, yet the floor below was ridden with litter and sticky sensations, left by sexually frustrated teens in a hurry. I looked up and sighed gently as the cool breeze washed over me, inhabiting my skin with goose bumps and other ill creatures from Mother Nature. I was enjoying my low cost, high tar cigarette as much as one possibly can after a long and tiring month of dealing with everybody's bullshit including my own. Just having time to sit and wallow in the world's sense of simple beauty, was enough for this cat to live and let live at any strangers walking by spouting their contempt for me smoking.Of course, it never used to be like this, not too long ago everyone smoked where permitted; in bars a
howling wind sends chills down my spine your tombstone stands tall up ahead even in death, you dominate i stop not sure if i am strong enough to go on it has been such a long time though it seems like yesterday when you were taken from me memories of you - blocked out almost entirely i have a new life now a life that doesn't include you the moon is full and shining brightly down on me as i stand there frozen trying to decide what to do should i go back to the land of the living or continue down this path my pretense at confusion is meaningless
Real Life...fu Life
Well it seems someone has to show people the difference between real life and fu life because it seems people  have forgotten.  Here on fu we lie, we cheat, we steal, we beg, and nothing else seems to matter cause its just a website anyways. In real life we work, we pay bills, we live our lives to what we can and do the best at it. Now it's when you bring em both together seem to get things twisted and butthurt over. If you have a relationship in real life then it shouldnt matter what people think on here, if someone writes about you on here does it really matter in real life? Not really cause its the net and people don't give a damn. Seriously people get a damn life and know the difference this place is for fun for us to get away from real life. If you got drama leave it before you come on here or thats all you will get. Now go back to your fu lives and have fun :p 
Favorite Holiday
It's December!!! My 2nd most favorite month. Haha! (November is my very most favorite in case you're wondering... its my birth month) I'm really excited this weekend coz I get to go shopping with my mom. It's something I havent done in like a year since I moved to a new house. Coz it's like 2 hours away from my parents house. I can't wait to shop for gifts for my friends, family, especially their kids! Haha! And speaking of gifts, we're having an exchange gift at work. I have to come up with a cartoon character alias by Monday. I'm thinking of going for Hello Kitty but it's gonna be too obvious since everybody knows how much I love the color pink. So I dunno, maybe I'm gonna be Patrick Star or Squidward Tentacles. Haha! What do u think? I also wanna give out books this Christmas to encourage everybody to read more. Since I work in the IT industry, everybody's just relying on the internet for their information and entertainment. Nothing beats reading a good book on a cold weather sipp
Never Untie
The tender words are spoken Each body and soul bared Told secrets over endless days Often doing more than dared   New world beyond my door With intrigued and intensity Now we have shared our hearts A bond now made it permanently   Facing our days made easier Despite any type of weather Each other's heart felt deeply Both happy we stuck together   It took us little time and effort The bonding as strong as glue I now promise never to untie The strings I have tied with you   The understanding of each other Breaths to take, we breathe the air
So Cold
Crowded streets are cleared away one by oneHollow heroes separate as they runYou're so cold, keep your hand in mineWise men wonder while strong men dieShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryIf you find your family don't you cryIn this land of make believe, dead and dryYou're so cold but you feel aliveLay your hand on me one last timeShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryIt's alrightIt's alrightIt's alright
love isnt just a word thrown out when u fuck ur lover, its word used so she will know u dont ever want to live with out her... love is patience and attention... not hey lets sit in silence 5 feet apart, babe shh my shows on... love isnt what u felt for me is it?? love is what u used to get me... and kept using to keep me...  
Life Of A Vampire Never
when the sun go's down and the moon pop's up all the vampires come out to play ....we hunt till dawn then we lay down for a few hrs up again then the nasty dawn comes up and do it all over again the life of a vampire never ends till a zombie try to kill you off .
"inside The Fire"
"Inside The Fire"DevinWon't go to heavenShe's just another lost soul,About to be mine againLeave herwe will receive herIt is beyond your controlwill you ever meet againDevinOne of elevenWho had been rendered unwholeAs a little child,she was takenand then forsakenyou will remember it allLet it fill your mind againDevin lies beyond this portaltake the word of one immortalGive your soul to meFor eternityrelease your lifeto begin another time with herEnd your grief with methere's another wayrelease your lifetake your place inside the fire with herSeverNow and foreveryou're just another lost soul about to be mine againsee her, you'll never free heryou must surrender it allIf you'd like to meet againFireFor your desireAs she begins to turn cold for the final timeyou will shivertill you deliveryou will remember it allLet it fill your mind againTake it awayGive your soul to meFor eternityrelease your lifeto begin another time with herEnd your grief with methere's another wayrelease your lifeta
No Name
All those things you said to meFeel like some fucked up dreamBut it shouldn't come as a surpriseThose words come at quite the priceSee these scars? They will never fade awayEven though I tryBlare the stereoIm taken back to those daysOld habits though temptingI refuse to let you be one more scarSome things can't be forgivenI will never be normalI will never have that type of relationship with youI used to die to be freeBut now freedom is knowing, I can surviveBut the damage has been done& I know you'll never apologizeBecause that shows weakness& we cannot be weak, even in our darkest hourWe lash back in an
I Write I Just Write
ok  all  this one was really hard for me because one im a male  and 2 it brings back a lot of hurt and sick memmories but today i talked to a friend  that had a  simmilar problem  and it made relize  im not the only one with pain or problems,its not about  me its abouut a sick world were theres no pejedousy its the same  no matter what if your male ,female, young or old its still therer and sicker then ever...I do not need to name the persone i speak of they know for whom i speak but all the same thank you my friend for reminding me its not just me this ones for both of us... I am 48 years old,but many years  ago i was sexualy raped  by one i looked up to and it was a male we were working in the garage  and he called my name  when i turned around he hit  me with a pice of wood it knocked me off my feet he quickly kicked me into uncotiousness when i came to he had enterd me from behind and taken what he wanted i was 13 when that happened and i rememberit well..this is my thoug
Father's Day
Breakfast: Omelete and O.J. made by my son Cards Gifts Lunch: Hot dog and beer halfway through 18 holes of golf.  Dinner: Grilled Salmon and wine Ping Pong Volleyball Shower, foot massage by daughter then son.  A Perfect Day.  
Finding Your Dreaming Wedding Dresses For Your Wedding Party
Wedding is really a special moment for couples who fall madly in love. From first meeting and first to searching intently arouse which increases impression, such as the wedding once for couples to got married. That's why wedding moment has beautiful and impressive for guess particularly for married people. Each wedding ceremony planning have nice stacked and excellent, to ensure that wedding to take nice fluent. Are not only seen among the well planning like wedding vow, reception place, food, or ride. But other activities should be planned, for instance invites souvenirs, guest chairs, comfortable rooms, and wedding gowns. To select beautiful wedding gowns is a touch difficult, dress is essential factor in wedding, but it is among effective factor from wedding vows. Selecting the best and nice wedding gowns should be appropriate with wedding theme that people choose, if couples choose right wedding gowns to got married they're going to have a harmony and synchronize wedding situati
Indian Bridal Wedding Gown Nowadays
An Indian wedding is finished just with the standard Indian bridal wedding gown that represents the wealthy culture the individuals have. Since wedding days are a special event that's celebrated religiously through the Indian people, it is just right the bride should look good in her own Indian bridal wedding gown. Today, you'll have the ability to find an array of Indian bridal wedding dress on the internet. Some happen to be serving the necessity of the brides to appear their finest. The gathering from the Indian bridal wedding gown they have is supposed to result in the bride shine on valentine's day. Indian bridal wedding gowns happen to be through a variety of changes and development through the years. Nowadays, you will find more shops that may focus on the option and colour of the cloth that'll be accustomed to result in the Indian bridal wedding gown. Your competition among textile companies is making the costs increasingly more affordable. Many designers are mixing th
Some Suggestions For Locating An Ideal Summer Time Wedding Gown
If this involves finding the right deal on the summer time wedding gown you will find certainly lots of styles to select from. You should understand what to search for inside a wedding dress, and also to look around whenever possible to be able to obtain the best possible deal. Using Wedding Guides That Will Help You Discover The Type Of Your Wedding Gown The initial step to locating that perfect wedding gown for your perfect summer time wedding would be to browse around for many ideas. If you're like many brides-to-be, odds are good that you have plenty of wedding ceremony planning guides, bridal magazines along with other guides laying around already. These wedding focused guides could be a terrific way to research a whole lot summer time wedding gown ideas very rapidly. Think About The Formality And Also The Location When Looking For Your Cheap wedding dresses It is necessary too to think about the character from the marriage ceremony itself when looking for an excellent wedd
Hear This Today And Thought....
When will I see you again? It's a question I ask all the time. It's now the last time till the end. All I need to see is a sign   It's starting to wear me down, Little by little. Feeling like a sick dog. Everything's gone wrong.   Tell me what it takes, To make it like yesterday. One thing that is true. I'll be waiting.   If I only knew what was right. I'd do it in a second to calm down. Oh baby, when day falls to night. My heart always ends up on the ground.   When will I see you again? It's a question I ask al
Jeremy Lin's No. 17 Jersey Is Nba's Top Seller
    Jeremy Lin, the first American-born NBA player of Asian heritage, is getting rock star level attention among Chinese basketball longchamp handbags fans. The New York Knicks sudden star has seen his Twitter following explode to more than 200,000 as of Monday morning, but that doesn't tell half the story. Lin has picked up longchamp outlet nearly 850,000 followers on a Chinese version of Twitter known as the Weibo microblog, according to cheap longchamp Agence France-Presse. That's impressive, but his followers on China Tencent and Sina microblogs are more than 1.5 million, with more than three-quarters of them coming since Lin dropped 38 points on Kobe Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers. China's state television CCTV has changed longchamp sale its NBA broadcast schedule to include more Knicks games this week. Although NBA commissioner David Stern is appreciative of Lin's popularity, he's not ready to compare the Knicks sensation longchamp bags to Yao Ming. "I don’t think another
Bon Jovi - Bed Of Roses
Sitting here wasted and woundedAt this old pianoTrying hard to captureThe moment this morning I don't know'Cause a bottle of vodkaIs still lodged in my headAnd some blonde gave me nightmaresI think that she's still in my bedAs I dream about moviesThey won't make of me when I'm deadWith an ironclad fist I wake up andFrench kiss the morningWhile some marching band keepsIts own beat in my headWhile we're talkingAbout all of the things that I long to believeAbout love and the truth andWhat you mean to meAnd the truth is baby you're all that I needI want to lay you down in a bed of rosesFor tonite I sleep on a bed of nailsI want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost isAnd lay you down on a bed of rosesWell I'm so far awayThat each step that I take is on my way homeA king's ransom in dimes I'd given each nightJust to see through this payphoneStill I run out of timeOr it's hard to get throughTill the bird on the wire flies me back to youI'll just close my eyes and whisper,Baby blind love is t
We All Need A Little Counciling Once In A While
We all must learn to live with drama, but not me. I dont. want to know how?:    well after years of violent mental torture i was used as a scape goat by my christian family. (they think they are), so i did exactly what i should of done before!! i choosed my own scape goat!!, what more perfect one is there besides LINDSAY LOHAN (LI LO) yes i blame everything that i get blamed for on her, and to tell you the truth it really does work! so therefore its all because of that chic that just refuses to get her life together and go down the wrong path, thx LI LO!!!!
Live A Little, Love A Little - 292
For you I will try, the situation is do or die. I will try till I am dead, its all good like so many people have said. Don't party till you drop, take a little and learn when to stop. Socialize with friends and lovers, on top and below the covers. Take a walk with them in the park, don't be frightened in the dark. Great things can take place, is that a smile I see on your face?? Live a little, love a little okay.... go ahead and try it this way.
Complimentary Gucci Watch & Handbag
When You Say Nothing At All - Alison Krauss
Its amazing how you can speak right to my heart without saying a word you can light up the dark try as I may I could never explain, what I hear when you don't say a thing.   chorus The smile on your face lets me know that you need me there's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me the touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall, you say it best when you say nothing at all.   All day long I can hear people talking out loud but when you hold me near you drown out the crowd Try as they may they can never define what's been said between your heart and mine   chorus 2x You say it best when you say nothing at all you say it best when you say nothing at all   The smile on your face the truth in your eyes the touch of your hand let me know that you need me   repeat chorus   You say it best when you say nothing at
New Data Fuel Debate Over Prostate Cancer Screening
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - mulberry bags Updated results from a long-term study concludes that regular prostate cancer screening cuts the risk of death from prostate cancer. "On the other hand, the main downside is overdiagnosis," Schroder told Reuters Health by email, referring to the dozens of tumors that would be detected by screening, yet would never have become deadly if left alone. Men with prostate cancer have different treatment options, ranging from a wait-and-see approach to radiation or surgery. The invasive treatments may have complications and often lead to impotence and incontinence- mulberry sale . In an editorial, public health expert Dr. Anthony Miller of the University of Toronto, said it would be "unwise" to intensify PSA testing. "I think it would be advisable to follow the preliminary recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force," he wrote- mulberry bags for sale .
Running From An Angel - Hootie And The Blowfish
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth Don't try and tell me what they're talking about Those things you're dealing with, you're living a lie Everytime I see you it makes me wanna cry The times we laughed and talked, seems like yesterday Then you let the white horse come and take you away They came to get you it was coal black The wheels were in motion, there was no turning back chorus: Running from an angel Running to the devil, devil yeah Running from an angel Running to the devil I gave up on you a long time ago Well, there's something I want you to know Your lying and cheating really tore us apart Please don't come home if you're gonna break my mama's heart (chorus) Running, running, running Don't make me cry again 
Wonderments Of A Mind
I am sitting at my ex-girlfriends house thinking while she went and got us a bite to eat. Things should be good right now, but I find myself here. Thinking outloud. She was the love of my life . I wished I could get back there, but I don't think I can. Not sure how to handle this at all. I want her sexually, but I also know what will be expected if I do. I just am not sure if I can take that road again with her. Love wtf. I am not even sure why I am writing this here to be perfectly honest, I have over 10 thousand so- called friends or people that ask me to be there friend to only find out it is a game to them. If I could delete all at once instead of one by one and start over I think I would. It is sad in a way. That people think more of the game than feelings. If you are running something that can rack up some fucking points they are all over you, even people you have never seem before all gather in and as soon as it is over they are gone. I came here with a true heart and have
Slaves Creed And Oath
~slave's creed~He is Master, and i am slave,He is owner, and i am owned,He commands, and i obey,He is to be pleased, and i am to please.Why is this?Because He is Master, and i am slave.
Naughty Alien Lol
An alien cam down here from Venus. 'Not a girl, but a guy (had a penis). With three eyes in between, Pointed ears that were green. He was obviously not of our Genus.    He landed at old Johnson's farm. An arrival that caused some alarm To old Johnson's daughter. Who thought if he caught her. He might want to cause her some harm    Now our alien wasn't too bright. He forgot to bring something to light The night and his way Through the field filled with hay Took a left instead of a right.    Now things didn't turn out like they aughter He did not meet up with the daughter Instead he found Bessie And now things get messy. He not only found her but caught her.    "My Dear you have beautiful eyes!" "Big and brown like Venutian Creme Pies" "I can't wait to show motherYour soft silky utter." (You're going to be such a surprise.)    From behind the clouds came the moon, As the alien continued to spoon. And old Johnson's girl Let the curtains unfurl To a scene t
Best Services From Web Hosting Company
A website hosting company becomes famous for the great quality services. It is solely depend upon the web hosting provider to provide the customer with great services at affordable prices. Quality and fewer service charges are very rare combination for any business. It is not that, if we really search for a reputed web site hosting company, we can’t get it. If you search it on Google, there you will get a vast list of website hosting  names. Again it is really difficult to select one of the best companies from the list. For this very reason, in this article we are going to discuss about the most important criteria’s which one should follow before approaching a website hosting company. Bangalore is the one only city where you will get such reputed web hosting provider, who provides great quality services at affordable prices. It is not only about the quality, we have to think about our budget as well. If we are searching for great quality services, it doesn’t mean that
My Best Friend's Home
A dear friend of mine, just moved into this old house. I stopped by after work, to have a look around. I began to hear voices, as I was venturing through. My friend asked me. "What's wrong with you?" I didn't have an answer, for I didn't know myself. I didn't quite understand what was happening, couldn't explain how I felt. Although no one was there, but she and I. I could feel the presence, of someone else inside. The history behind the house, remained unknown. I began searching for answers, but none were shown. It was as if the house, did not exist. But yet it was there. Why is this? I thought, and began to ask around. Somethings are better left, un-found. A brother and sister, had died there years ago. And an eight year old little girl, while riding her horse in front of the house in the snow. My friend began to hear footsteps, coming from upstairs. Things were being rearranged, while she wasn't there. She began to record them, and we'd listen to
Forced-sex Roleplay Fantasies
I won't call them "rape fantasies" but these kinds of fantasies started for me a long time ago. At first, I thought it was just me and that I sounded crazy or psychotic, but then I discovered this kind of thing is pretty common. Experts say these taboo fantasies let us explore dominant/submissive desires without feeling guilt or responsibility. No apologies. It works for me. In my case, my fantasies have no limits. Nothing is going too far. In fact, my biggest problem is finding guys who are comfortable with going "dark" enough for me. But I also discovered, with a partner I trust and pre-set limits and boundaries with safe words, I could even take these fantasies beyond the playground of my mind and into real roleplay experiences. In some ways, I still like pure written erotica best because it allows me to to explore more extreme taboos that I would never try to simulate in real life, but also because arranging real-life scenarios has its limits and challenges (and dangers). So inb
Metres Per Second. Jamaica Teammate
KRAKOW, Poland - Italy forward Antonio Cassano said Tuesday that he hopes there are no homosexual players on the national team at the European Championship, and he then used a derogatory word to describe gays. A.J. Hawk Jersey . After being told by an Italian reporter that there might be some undeclared gay players on the team, Cassano appeared at a loss for words before responding. "Thats their problem, but I hope not. ... But I dont know," he said, then added that he hoped his answer sufficed. "Because if not, you know Ill be attacked from every direction." The question Tuesday was asked by an Italian journalist citing Alessandro Cecchi Paone, who co-wrote a book earlier this year with a title that can be translated as "The champion in love. The banned games of sport." The journalist also suggested that there are a couple of metrosexual players on Italys squad. Italy coach Cesare Prandelli wrote the preface to Cecchi Paones book, in which he supported homosexuals in sport. Another It
Heels Put Their Size Advantage
PHILADELPHIA -- While the Phillies have been looking for answers as theyve struggled through the first five weeks of the season, Cole Hamels has been one of their most consistent pieces as they look to climb out of the cellar in the NL East. Elvis Dumervil Womens Jersey . Hamels was stellar on the mound in his return from a five-game suspension, extending his winning streak to five games with seven innings of one-run ball Sunday to help Philadelphia beat another last place team, the San Diego Padres, 3-2. The Phillies have now won six straight games in which Hamels has started. "Its nice to get some runs. Obviously when you get runs you can win," said Hamels. "I know if I just go out there and I battle and try to pitch deep into the ball game and we put up some runs, then I can get wins. If were able to score early then I just have to work off that. Theres been a few times where we scored late. I think its helpful just being able to go out there and know that your team is going to come
How To: Improve Your App Store Rating
How To: Improve Your App Store RatingYou may recall a blog post we did a few months ago about how Google Play is taking steps to allow developers to respond directly to their reviews in hopes of receiving more information. This new feature is designed to help developers troubleshoot any issues user’s may have with the product. We hope that Apple’s App Store will do the same, but in the meantime, here are some tips and tricks to prevent negative reviews from getting posted in the App Store in the first place.Read More -
Evening. You Can Watch The Game Live On Tsn
Andrei Kostitsyn may not be returning to the NHL if theres a season to be played. Andrew Luck Authentic Jersey . Russian news website reports that the Belarussian winger has agreed to a one-year contract with Traktor Chelyabinsk of the Kontinental Hockey League. Kostitsyn has 16 goals and 36 points in 72 games with the Nashville Predators and Montreal Canadiens last season. The 27-year-old right winger had spent most of his seven-season NHL career with the Canadiens, scoring 99 goals and 111 assists in 379 games. The Habs drafted him 10th overall in the first round of the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. He enjoyed his best offensive season in 2007-08 when he set career highs with 26 goals and 27 assists, appearing in 78 games. He became an unrestricted free agent on July 1, making $3.25 million last season. Reggie Wayne Youth Jersey . Tannehill returned to his old high school position of quarterback halfway through the 2010 season and caught the attention of NFL scouts despite starting
Mesut Oezil In The Area. "the First
DUBLIN, Ohio -- Almost two weeks before hell play it with a U. Seattle Seahawks Wilson Jersey .S. Open on the line, Tiger Woods tested his game at The Olympic Club on Tuesday. Then, he sat down on a comfy red couch and mingled with a group of hand-picked fans in an online chat that touched on everything from if he can regain his winning ways to whether hes still having fun playing golf. "Were excited about what were working on. I hadnt played well in a couple of weeks but we know what it is," Woods said of problems in his swing that have been addressed by him and swing coach Sean Foley. "Its a matter of getting reps in and getting the trust in it." Woods took questions from several fans including a sergeant with the Ohio National Guard, Olympic triple-jump hopeful Erica McLain and others. NBC golf analyst Roger Maltbie also participated in the 34-minute chat -- called a "hangout." Woods practiced at Olympic earlier in the day. He said he hit a 9-iron into one green on the Lake Course t
The World Cup Final Only
GREEN BAY, Wis. J.J. Watt Womens Jersey . -- Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings has had surgery to repair the torn abdominal muscle that has sidelined him for much of the season. Jennings said on Twitter on Thursday that "surgery went well tweeps!!" and posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed. No return date has been given, though Packers coach Mike McCarthy says it would probably be a minimum of a few weeks. The surgery was originally scheduled for Tuesday in Philadelphia, but had to be postponed because of Superstorm Sandy. Jennings has missed the last four games with the injury, which occurred in the season opener. Green Bays No. 1 receiver has 12 receptions for 78 yards and a touchdown this season. Tim Jamison Jersey . Even worse, runners would disappear, and not in a good way. Too much thinking. Not enough attacking. "Certain guys got up and I would think about it, What if this happens? What if this happens?" McDonald said. Kevin Walter Youth Jersey . -- Michael G
Ah, Where Do I Begin... :)
    I made the best decision of my life on June 5th 2006. It was an ordinary day that started with a phone call from a very angry guy I was seeing at the time. He pretty much blamed me for making his mother mad enough to run over his cat. The reason was I wasn't treating her son "right". See, prior to this I had been the main bread winner and had supported him and his endevors for several months. Tired and frustrated that I didn't have a dime to name, I grew weary of feeling underappreciated. Plus, he had turned abusive...both physically and verbally. This had finally reached his boiling point that morning once I received that phone call. I did the only thing a girl can do...hang up the phone. I got dressed, grabbed my keys and headed into town.    I stopped at a local coffee shop and explained to the waiter why I looked so grim. He could only shrug and shake his head in disbelief.     Once I left, I headed towards my car, only to run into an old friend of mine. She had a gang of fr
Caledonian Flower
Some woman complained I was an old, nasty man into boobs, so she wouldn't accept my friendship request.  Are boobs so terrible?  Anyway I took most of those pics down and made others for friends or family.  Did I cave too easily?
Top 100 % 100 % Totally Free Seo Resources For Enhancing Tasks On Google
The enjoyable element of growth of a website is such as up the content. The not-so-fun but simple as important element is called SEO promotion. 80 to 90 percent of individuals find your website by using a search engines look for engine. Google completely can account for 70% of traffic to some sites. After such as up the content, you must demonstrate a SEO routine that confesses the use of online SEO sources. Basically online SEO sources are 100 % free. These sources handle your site's performance in the search engines and provide you information you require to alter your website for maximum search engines look for fatigue. Some of the basic 100 % free SEO sources, like those got on, guarantee keyword and key term and key term solidity, look for words recommendation for your pages, handle your position in several search engines, and say you your weblink building online. A brief summary of each system ruminates its requirement in SEO maintenance. Selecting the suitable look
The True Seeker
 To begin i must first tell you of Baha'u'llah (1863 AD) who is the messenger of God for our time.  Baha'u'llah means "The Glory of God." Previous messengers of God before him are Krishna 3000 BC, Abraham 2000 BC, Moses 1350 BC, Zoroaster 600 BC, Buddha 400 BC, Christ 26 AD, Muhammed 600 AD, and The BAb 1844 AD. Baha'u'llah founded the Bahai faith in the middle of the 19th century.  the Bahai Faith is an independent world religion.  One of the most illuminating of Baha'u'llah's utterances in a book of Certitude called the "Katab-i-lquan is to be found in those passages concerning the qualities and attributes of a true seeker. These are HIs words as He addresses the uncle of the Bab.   But , Oh my brother, when a true seeker determines to take the step of search in the path leading to the knowledge of the Ancient of Days, he must before all else, cleanse and purify his heart, which is the seat of the revelation of the inner mysteries of God, from the obscuring dust of all acquired kn
United Nations Global Arms Trade Treaty
The bad news… Individuals 55 and older would lose their right to keep and bear arms under a provision that’s expected to be included as part of a comprehensive United Nations Global Arms Trade Treaty. The good news… The treaty is opposed by a majority of the U.S. Senate, which must ratify the treaty in order for the United States to be a party to it. Perhaps the UN should ban anybody over 55 from participating in their activities….seems to me they all have attenuating cerebral faculties.
Features Of Micromax Mobile
Are you wondering why so many people are opting for a Micromax mobile these days? In less than three years, Micromax has become the third largest handset manufacturer and the twelfth largest in the world. And because we want to help you choose the best, here is a Micromax Mobile Price List. Whether, you are in the market for a personal mobile or a business mobile phone, Micromax has something to suit all needs and budgets. Micromax embraces over 60 models today, ranging from QWERTY to touch enabled phones, dual sim to 3G Android smartphones. Basically, Micromax focusses on fabricating innovative designs and astonishing features at an inexplicably affordable price.The range of A-series mobiles launched by Micromax, recently, is a huge success. Micromax Superfones A100 Canvas HD and Canvas 2 A110 have received great reviews and have been highly applauded. Also, Canvas 3 A120 is now one of the most anticipated mobile of the year. Micromax caters the need of a varied audience, mostly tar
My Talk With God
  A Talk With God “I feel dizzy...” “You'll be okay.” “I can't walk...” “Then take a break.” “I feel lost...” “You'll find your way.” “My heart is gone...” “Just have faith.” “Faith in what? That she'll be back?” “Have faith in the love that you still have...” “Have faith in the promise that you both made, that your love for eachother will not fade...” “Have faith that she wll find a way to be with you again some day...”“It was not her choice, she had to leave, to protect you for the time being...” “She is strong and right now she hurts, just let her know you'll still be hers...” “That it's okay she did nothing wrong, her hand was forced but not for long...” “Let her know that you will wait, that you won't give up. You still have faith. Because your love will give her strength and help h
First Layer
  First Layer   The first layer is easy, it took no effort. I wont penetrate deeply Ill apply little pressure. The scar it will leave it signifies pain it helps me remember what I lost yesterday. I sharpened the blade, the handle feels smooth. The purpose issimple it helps me accept that I lose. It reminds me I'm living but inside I'm dead it helps me stay focused and never forget. About why I should never allow myself to be vulnerable by giving in to my emotions and getting my heart broke. The first layer is easy, it takes It takes little effort. I won't penetrate deeply I won't apply too much pressure. The scar it will leave it signifies pain it helps me remember what I lost yesterday. But the blade had been sharpened it cut deper then intended, I meant to just graze the skin but the blade cut with intentions. It wanted to save me it wanted to end it. Now the blood is my scar the blade is my witness. It watches me bleed far more then intended. The first layer was easy, the ot
I thought you was the one for me , I prayed for you constantly treated you like a queen to all of the finer things yet a dog is how you treated me. I thought you was the one for me but here i stand once again lonely and neglected prying up to the heavens asking what I should do, so im wrappingup my feelings and putting them in a box to burry em Im fucked up...
Total Arsenal Has Ever Been A Terrific Football
Arsenal Football ShirtOne of the most well-known North London football club, Arsenal Football Club based on Emirate Stadium. Arsenal FC is among the most profitable Maillot Espagne first division and premier league title and 10 FA Cups. Arsenal is renowned with it younger player which has substantial talent in practice wonderful foot to foot football. A number of people state that Arsenal FC would be the most eye-catching games in English Premier League but some complain also come due to the fact the youthful gun do not possess a mentality to win the league. Total Arsenal has ever been a terrific football club in millennium. Like other large club, arsenal also adjust the jersey to compete in new seasons. The primary jersey is still domination with red and Fly Emirates still be the principle sponsor . Arsenal Football Shirt also change the logo. The 2nd are cyan color. I will overview them to suit your needs. 11-12 Arsenal Residence Shirt Solution Description The Gunners'
No Name
Just when I thought I'd had enoughJust when I thought I couldn't be toughI redefine.What does forever ever really mean?Could I change it by being obscene?Does tomorrow ever matter?Does a heart ever fully shatter?Likely not.Battered and bruised and perfectly complete.A window in time to all those you'll never meet.It's about the nothing between the everything.The moment when there is no meaning.Just feeling growing and gleaning.It's not enough just to taste.There's no reason to make haste.Slow down everything until you can pick apart the seconds.Snatch up a memory and hold it until your hands are ash.I am everything I always was,Nothing more, but everything less.Proud failure is rare, but nobody aims for the bottom with a head to the heavens.Though you can fall facing up.A finger or a wave?Neither.  Just the infinite silence and eternal stares.Are you real?  As real as I am at least.I hope the dreamer wakes with a smile.For everything I've done, was for the sake of amusement.Those aroun
I Should Have Known Better By Now!
Same old story....boy meets girl. Girl falls in love...boy bails. So what makes a man go looking for a relationship with a woman, when he's not able to commit? When he doesn't really know what he wants? *sigh* This is a sad situation and always ends with the girl getting her heart broke. This time the story has a slight twist.      I'm 45 years old and have been single for almost 10 years. I've tried the marriage thing twice and I've come to the conclusion, that I'm just no good at it. I have never looked for anyone on the internet but twice, someone has managed to "find" me. This last man is still in my life...or should I say, he's lingering....simply because he lacks either the courage or the heart to break up with me. So we dated for 4 months. He told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He deleted all his old accounts (online dating accounts that is) and we settled into a relationship. About 2 weeks ago, something started bothering me. I noticed that he
Lined With Pockets And In A Broad Range Of Sizes
Winter Warmers - The benefits of Winter Football ClothingThere is something magical about attending a football match at your house stadium on the cold frosty winter night. Regardless of the freezing temperatures, the avid fan nevertheless Maillot Angleterre over an additional warmer jumper, before putting his football jacket in excess of the leading. Wrapping his scarf all around his neck, he then pulls on his team's woolly hat and sets off to the stadium to show his assistance, through his wardrobe of group colours and emblems. Also as providing group encouragement, football clothes also has an extra bonus of helping to fight off the frostbite throughout these chilly winter months. With Christmas just weeks away, football hats, jackets and scarves make the ideal gift. Sitting while in the stadium, surrounded by chilly northerly winds or flickering droplets of rain, what far better approach to keep Veste Foot components than to wrap up within a woolly hat, scarf and waterp
Children's Or Grownups Sizes Fits To Ensure That There Are No Problems Afterwards
The Secure Way to Acquire Football Shirts On the webThe Protected Approach to Buy Football Shirts OnlineThe 2010 FIFA Planet Cup is above but football fever will by no means die and each yr a huge number of football fans in the Uk and throughout the globe purchase maillot de foot 2012 2013 favorite soccer teams official football shirts on-line. So what are the most effective web sites to work with for purchasing English Premier League football teams' jerseys like Liverpool soccer shirts, Guy United, Chelsea and Arsenal football tops. Effectively in terms of purchasing football tops like every other solution you will find suggestions that you just must stick to.For all of the football shirts you desire regardless of whether you happen to be looking for La Liga soccer jerseys, Bundesliga or Serie A football tops the initial thing you've to check is whether or not the web site you're going to acquire maillots football is really a safe ecommerce site. A sure signal of a safe web
Looking For Porokia Love In Dhaka City
Dear gilrs from Dhaka. Myself Shafiqeue , looking for my sexual match in Dhaka. Age between 24-34. No matter married,religion or nationality. I just need a GF to fuck with. Any girl looking for sexual love contact me freely.
She Is Always There
Within my heart I still feel her lingering.  I hear her whispers with every wind.I feel her kiss as the sun beams down upon my face.I feel her arms around me like a warm embrace.I know she is always there.For within my heart her memory soars.
Packers In Addition To Movers Give All Sorts Regarding Transfer Solutions
These businesses, the nearest dock, in addition to intercontinental move solutions principal deliveries regarding products concerning towns, the official goods, freight, insurance plan solutions, air solutions, automobile transfer support going, packaging, residence products in addition to activity regarding products gives numerous solutions in addition to significance, transfer freight, the package exchange support factory change through the jobs of some other for this train support contract inside home in addition to presentation goes. Most of these packers and movers in delhi agencies, possesses superior technology in addition to experienced workers to do the full process with care in addition to consideration. Mover Sun light Packers Organization is additionally furnished with better technology to undertake all sorts regarding move solutions in the straightforward method. Packers Mover some of the businesses are offering warehousing facilities to be able to clients Pune. They may
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Angel Or Demons
Angel or Demon? This could be one of the most important decisions you ever make on fubar. When you hit the Godfather level (25), you will be given a choice of going the good or evil route. Once you become an Oracle (Level 28) you'll be given special abilities! The list you see below is by no means complete. We will be introducing new abilities from time to time and the side you pick today will affect which abilities you will be able to use in the future. Choose wisely. NOTE: it will cost you 5,000,000 fuBucks to make this choice!   Level 25: Get a new status option: 'Good'   Level 28 Ability: Get the ability to increase the capacity of your friends' fuFamilies by 3 slots for 1 hour!   Level 30 Ability: Reveal those who have crushes on you!   Level 31 Ability: Give all of your points to another user for 12 hours!   Level 33 Ability: Get the ability to boost someone else's points by 5 percent for 1 hour!   Level 35 Ability: Let somebody rate profile and photos as fast
My Current Situation
Ok.. So here is the situation.. I have quit my job. More on that later. In the meantime, I have all my tax information and registry information ready to go for college. Oh, I am going back to school. More on that later. The conundrum... I am too late for FAFSA to approve my grant before fall quarter starts. I can start in the fall provided I come up with around 1500 bucks. So, I am posting this in search of odd jobs; really, any job, that you would be willing to pay me for. I am willing to work hourly, by the job, or whatever other scheme we can come up with as long as it is cash. I am good with computers, plumbing, and yard work. If you need a lawn mowed, something cleaned, raked, a sink unclogged, a drain fixed, a roof re-shingled, a WoW character power leveled, a fence built, or whatever you can think of; I'll do. Pass the word along and let me know if you need anything.
Dreaming Of You!
DREAMING OF YOU     I lie on the ground,and stare into space,the stars start to move,into the shape of your face.I see you there now,looking down at me,with that cute little smile,that I like to see.You say "close your eyes","tell me what you see",I see only two people,just you and me.We're walking the shoreline,with our feet getting wet,the horizon turns pink,as the sun starts to set.We make love through the night,on that white sandy shore,
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Boys Are So Silly.
Clear HistoryClose thunderbolt Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Disciple (26) Gender: Male, ? Location:     10:35pm thunderbolt: hi 10:37pm  Cannib...: hi 10:39pm thunderbolt: hi sweetie how r u ? 10:41pm  Cannib...: i am well, and you?
Group And Also Move Your Goods In An Effective Way
Within the earlier days, people still find it too baffled to transport the merchandise from one spot to a different spot seeing that it is not an individual guys do the job in addition to it requires lots of men’s to try and do the position. But now packers and also movers Delhi creates switching much easier since it supplies lots of professional men’s to try and do the particular moving, therefore clients only have to take a seat nonproductive and also loose time waiting for the merchandise to get altered for their desired destination. They will change your own merchandise within a safe and secure way. Certainly, as soon as a single can feel secure and also reputable after that every person can follow the particular services given by the particular packers and also movers businesses. packers and movers delhi supplies a variety of products and services using the desires and also prerequisites from the clients. At this point people don’t still find it load to try and
The Official Rock The Fu Games Christmas Contest On!!
The Official Rock the FU Games Christmas Contest on!! Win one of four (4) Sony PlayStation 4s being given away as part of this social media contest!  Entrants must use ONLY this link to enter: Sign Up Now! There are four (4) Sony Playstation 4 game consoles being given away as part of this contest and three (3) different ways to win. Two (2) PS4 consoles will be given away as part of a Viral Recruiting Contest One (1) PS4 console will be given away to the player with the highest FuMafia level One (1) PS4 console will be given away to the player with the highest FuMafia hitlist price  Official Rules:  All entrants must be new accounts, current members will not be considered valid entries! All players must join as a mercenary in FuMafia, using the referral link above All players must be level 5 or higher to qualify for any prize All players must have a primary photo, whether of themselves or something else All players must have a unique
Relocation Created Simple Together With Expert Noida Packers And Also Movers
Transferring residence derived from one of destination to one more is called non commercial separation or residence adjusts. The method involving residence adjusts or non commercial separation is just not a great job at all. It can be really monotonous and also challenging undertaking to suit your needs. It is because it truly is difficult and also complicated enough for making anyone very weary and also stressful. This creates chaotic situation and plenty of complications. On the subject of transfer residence derived from one of destination to one more this fuses a lot of undesirable problems and plenty of problematic functions. Definitely, transferring will be complicated and also stressful however on the subject of transfer residence through Noida to be able to some time or transferring in your area within the area, the process turns into easier and also less difficult. It is often doable together with professional providing and also transferring providers which is available from a
Demands Linked With Packers Along With Movers Within Relocating
The exact repositioning companies just before transforming different merchandise and possibly they are often as well as realizing be sure as well as staff the full physical objects by making use of fineness component performing stuff. The exact packers along with transporters are usually amputation companies along with recommend component performing as well as blending together investigates in a number of kinds of repositioning circumstances. The exact transitioning shall be linked with various ways equally attributes repositioning, small business transfer, marketplace move, dwelling different, conjugal transfer along with world-wide transforming. You will find loads linked with treatment businesses Throughout Parts of Asia holding onto that you can proffer any wide-ranging facts inside overall repositioning requisites. The exact treatment companies are usually prepared at the same time to produce separation incredibly easier along with snicker. The exact packers along with movers Gurg
The (true) Story Of How Zepman Met Jimmy Page
"HOW I MET JIMMY PAGE" This is Zepman’s fantastic-but-true story of how a business trip to England led to a definite highpoint of my life, actually meeting Jimmy Page (my favorite all-time guitarist and songwriter) at his house in Windsor. CHAPTER ONE By the summer of '99, I had already done many favors for the Director of Product and Customer training at the last company where I worked, filling in for other instructors when they couldn't make it for customer classes that were imminent and couldn't be rescheduled or cancelled. Besides my normal job responsibilities with INRANGE - installing and servicing Channel Switches, Directors, Channel Extenders, Data Comm Matrix Switches, etc. - I also was assisting the training department by conducting product training at customer accounts all over the US. Just before the Director left the company, a choice training class request came in for an overseas customer, the Royal Navy, located at a NATO base just north of London. She re
Exaltation Of The Goddess
I Believe in She who is; Goddess of the Earth, Mistress of the Moon, Queen of the Universe, Mother of all that Lives, Beloved and One with the Divine Creating Energy, She who is Half of All that ever was, that is Now or ever shall be! Thus it ever has been, and thus it shall remain until there be an end of all time and eternity We pray and beseech Thee to join us Goddess, in this our worship of Thee, and Bless us with thy Presence. I (We) most humbly welcome Thee* and Thy Consort to this your Rite**given as we have been taught by Thee. Her will be done. So mote it be.
My Goddess
Some say the Goddess is a myth Well, guess who I've been dancing with? When e'er the Moon is full and bright and blossoms fragrant fill the night, a hush befalls the forest scene as all await the star-kissed Queen. Tiny lanterns light the sky Would you believe that fire can fly? A flicker here, a flashing there. Blessed be, they're everywhere. An opera house it seems to me could not better lighted be. A fat green frog upon a stump loudly sings his measured "Grrump" ever fearful he might miss his one great chance to steal Her kiss. A handsome Prince he would be. "Just you wait, you'll see", says he. There calls the owl from yonder oak to summon forth the fairy folk, Like fiddles fine their voices sweet A string ensemble quite replete. This score of music they shall play t'will ne'er see the light of day. A clangorus sound rudely arose from tiny musicians drawing their bows. The reeded horns like Banshee wails shrieked while trumpets practiced scal
A Perfect Love
A PERFECT LOVE You whisper words of love in my ear And ever so gently touch my cheek; You quietly help me To find the things I seek. You're always there to help me celebrate And when I feel blue; It seems you're always at my side- We're like one, not two. You guide me so patiently With so much tender loving care, It seems as if you were made for me- We are the perfect pair. You know my moods, I know yours, Together our love grows To that world of happiness Only perfect lovers know. Our love will never die, I know this to be true; Cause every time I look at you, I fall in love anew. WRITTEN BY: © VICKI JOINER COPYRIGHTED: JANUARY 14, 2002
My Eyes
Look deep in my eyes What you see will not lie This is the passion of jesus The heart of a lion The love of an angel I will stand and show you love Give me one moment alone I will find a way to your heart My life will not tear yours apart You will be my joy You will be my love You will be my pain When I lay you down and you die at a ripe old age You will get the wish of never see me suffering My suffering is my joy My suffering is my love My suffering is my pain My suffering i would not miss for the world I had one moment in your eyes WHile you were looking in mine
I Love Everything About You
I love your soft kisses. I love your soft touch. I love the way you bite your lip. I love you soooooo much. I love the way you look at me. I love the way you smile. I love the way you're shy sometimes, Every once and a while. I love it when you look at me, When I'm not looking at you. You think I do not realize it, But really...I do. I love the way you cuddle. I love the way you sleep. I love the way you rub your neck, when you are thinking so deep. I love all of you, Your nose, your lips, your eyes, your feet. I will never stop loving you. You are so amazingly sweet. I love that I love you. I have loved you from the very start. I LOVE ALL OF YOU, I now hand you the key to my heart.
To ask us why we to turn from bad to worse Is to ignore from which we came You see you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals On the contrary We would all celebrate its tenacity We would all love its will to reach the sun Well We are the roses This is the concrete And these are my damaged petals Don't ask me why Ask me how
Her Good-bye
a crimson rose clutched tight at hand the thorns biting deep brining forth drops of life a girl on bended knee with hand upon the trigger barrel pointed at her temple the note she wrote laid out in front slowly she lets it all go BANG the gun falls upon the carpet her body slumped against the closet door the rose dripping it's color the note that was written splattered with blood penned by a wavering hand stained by tears sealed with one last kiss was her good-bye to him and their lost love
You And Me
Tears stain my muddy cheeks as I scramble along The night swallows me whole taking away my vision Slipping and sliding as thorns tear at my flesh With all my strength long gone, I collapse to one knee I call out your name into pounding rain Out of nowhere you appear And draw me to my feet, into your warm embrace Weeping silently as you run your fingers through my hair Everything seems to slowly slip away But you and me
The Seasons
There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away. The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in summer, and the youngest son in the fall. When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen. The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted. The second son said no, it was covered with green buds and full of promise. The third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms that smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful, it was the most graceful thing he had ever seen. The last son disagreed with all of them; he said it was ripe and drooping with fruit, full of life and fulfillment. The man then explained to his sons that they were all right, because they had each seen but only one season in the tree's life. He told them that you cann

Hey baby girl, this poem is for you and these words cant get anymore real, Sissy, I love you so much and I get goosebumps whenever I talk about the way I feel, You mean so much to so many people, especially me and ur lil' brother, Even though mommy and daddy are 4ever done, you'll always have me(ur daddy) and you'll always have ur mother, I know u don't understand now 'cuz mommy is gone and we will never know why, But don't worry hun, 'cuz daddy will be here to laugh with you when ur happy and hold you when u cry, 2 watch you and Nathan, fills my heart with joy 'cuz you guys are best friends even when u fight or when you play, Korinn, you are 1 of 2 reasons I live and i'll protect and love you everynight throughout everyday, The thought of not having you in my life just makes me start 2 shiver, it would drive me insane, I love when you run up 2 me and hug me or say I love you, it's a feeling i can never explain, As I watch you grow up Korinn, you make me so proud
Laws Of Computing
1. When computing, whatever happens, behave as though you meant it to happen. 2. When you get to the point where you really understand your computer, it's probably obsolete. 3. The first place to look for information is in the section of the manual where you'd least expect to find it. 4. When the going gets tough, upgrade. 5. For every action, there is an equal and opposite malfunction. 6. To err is blame your computer for your mistakes is even more human, its downright natural. 7. He who laughs last, probably has a back-up. 8. The number one cause of computer problems is computer solutions. 9. A complex system that doesn't work is invariably found to have evolved from a simpler system that worked just fine. 10. A computer program will always do what you tell it to do, but rarely what you want it to do.
When Did This Happen?
Interesting to see I don't log in for how long, a week perhaps, and when I do log in, I see something about blogs! Whoo hoo! I'm a blog freak. Don't know if you get points for it or not, but it's interesting to say the least. Anyways, not much going on. Just wanted to get started on working on this blog. More to come soon, I'm sure.
She's Still Trying
Frustrated, complicated, nothing makes sense Squirming and sweating; her body seems tense So many loud noises drumming her ears Some may have wondered why she is still here This story tells not of the girl who walked away She is one so prestigious and strives on each day One who looks past all her hopeless fears It isn't so easy, for with it comes tears And everyone seems fooled, by her perfect smile Each victim to this girl's unintentional guile Ironically she cries a bloody river and sea Look forth for she's still trying! and that one girl is me
So So So Awful!!!
My Cousin Is Having Heart Surgery On Tuesday!
Well Today I woke up to find out that my cousin is in the hospital and is going to have sergry on his heart. My cousin that I am talking about is only 9 years old. I am so scared that he my not recover. His Aorta which is a main Artery has narrowed and has made his heart excellerate. Poor little Scott, I hope he pulls out of this. Here are a couple of pic's of Little Scott please pray for him! He kind of resimbles my son Andrew....   Update 4-24-06: Scott is out of the hospital untill he gets over the pneumonia then he has to have sergery on he has a heart condition called Narrowing of the Aorta it is one of the main Artories that run to the heart. He has lived with this his whole life and we never knew it. I will post more updates on his condition as I have them...Thank you all for the prayers. Update: Scott is getting surgry on the 19th of August I hope everything goes well. He is only 9 years old. I am scared I don't want to lose another family member. Please everyone pray
I have a blog. Oh joy.
Can't Fight The Moonlight
Under a lovers' sky I'm gonna be with you and no one's gonna be around if you think that you won't fall well just wait until til the sun goes down underneath the starlight - starlight there's a magical feeling - so right it will steal your heart tonight you can try to resist try to hide from my kiss but you know but you know that you can't fight the moonlight Deep in the dark you'll surrender your heart but you know but you know that you can't fight the moonlight no, you can't fight it it's gonna get to your heart there's no escape from love was a gentle breeze weaves it's spell upon your heart no matter what you think it won't be too long til your in my arms underneath the starlight - starlight we'll be lost in the rhythm - so right feel it steal your heart tonight you can try to resist try to hide from my kiss but you know but you know that you can't fight the moonlight Deep in the dark you'll surrender your he
Boyfriend Aplacation
******************************************************************************************************************** ****** THEZE ARE ALL RANDOM QUESTIONS I FOUND ALL OVER THE PLACE FOR******* ****** ANYONE WHO TAKES THE TIME TO ANSWER THEZE THANK YOU SO MUCH******* ********************************************************************************************************************* BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: Fave Color: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/
You say I love you Does not tell me whats in your heart YOu tell me you will have a 3some Does not tell me whats in your heart You send me nude photos Does not tell me whats in your heart I want to look in your soul See a person that is whole I want to see forever Deep in this endevour I want you to kiss me Tell me it is ok I want to hold you WHen I need you I want to see the heart and soul as one Not given to another one Give me your eyes I will tell you no lies Give me your heart I promise we will never part
Some Days
Ya know, somedays you wake up and you think the world is your oyster. Then you have days where you wish you could crawl under a rock because you can not please anyone you love. I have been on such an emotional rollercoaster lately. And I want to tell all you great LC friends that I'm not ignoring any of you, just trying to figure out a few things that are terribly important to me. ~*~Bites & Kisses~*~
Lost Mind Found Heart.
I've lost my mind, time and time again, you've staid by me over and over again. Thick and thin, the bad and the worse, things seem to just become overwhelming and burst. Yet you've been able to lift this feeling of me being cursed. Your lips have touched me in many ways, and I've returned these feelings with a feeling that you seemed to have appreciate. I'm grateful to have you here, everyone can see how much i love you dear every time they come near. I will never give you up to the stars, i will never surrender you to the flowers or anything else for you are what matters to me. you are my Charm, you are my loving heart. you took a chance, after i only took one good glance. you are my morning, you are my evening and you are my midnight Sky's that allow me to close my eyes and rest with no stress, baby thats why you are the best! I wish you were real, i wish you could truly feel, my heart swell with joy, my body warming with every touch, my eyes glimmering in the darkness because of yo
So You Can You Tell Me Why I Torture Myself??
I have this increably nasty habit, of getting myself hurt, weither it be from being clumsy, or from falling for the wrong guys. See i was raised very old fashion, from a very backwards community, where when you went out on a date with someone they where then forever known as your boyfriend, or if someone asked you out it was no different, you where with that person exclusivly. oh we had friends that we hung out with, but it was an unwriten unstated fact, that the man holding your hand was the one you where with. He didnt use you for sex, he didnt use you as a pawn in his little head game. It just seems like so much has changed. See i never dated around, it was exclusive relationships, my whole life, they may not have last long, but everyone knew we where together, but now that im 26 i have a few kids, and im starting over, trying to find someone to commit to, things have changed to much, to the point that i have an incredable fear of dating and men. Sure i know how to flirt, i know how
First Post
well, never used the blogs on here, i post on myspace mostly though i think i need to start writing certain entries somewhere else because of people who read my blogs. seems my life often makes others be in pain and such :/ just because they care about me and such, so maybe to keep from them reading and being hurt best i write those certain things here and be more guarded about what i say on my other account though i hate the idea of being closed off or dishonest or soemthing. my friend michelle and some others who are in love with me read it though and talking about my feelings for other people probably doesn't make them feel too good :/ it seems this summer everyone has fallen inlove with me and yet i've remained alone and with nothing to do most of the time. 14 year olds especially have been falling for me, especially girls in michigan. 3 girls in michigan like me. one of them carved my initials in her wrist the other night and ended up in the hospital. tho i still hope its some
A Story You Might Enjoy
Cupids Quits You humans have a lot of gall. You pick one day of the year that you expect to celebrate the day of love, and, you invoke me from my retirement to don my old wings, bow and arrows and create miracles that I am just too fed up with to get involved in. Well I gotta tell ya, Psyche and I are tired of it. Do you even know what I have been through in my everlasting life? Do you even care. I have been responsible for some of the most awesome love affairs in the history of humans. But do you listen. No..... You just satisfy your wanton natures and at the first sign of trouble you split, without even trying to work out the problems. Now I am not with out feelings myself, don't get me wrong. After all I went through the most harrowing experience to win and keep the love of my life, Psyche. I mean mom was pretty jealous of her beauty and so when I said she couldn't look at me, and she did, I had no choice but to ban her. Talk about deep and traumatic pain!!! But in t
This Was About A Teen Patient I Had For A While.
Silent Shout You stood in front of me so forelorn Your eyes spoke loudly to my soul. Beseeching me to please just listen To the silent keening of your pain. "I don't know why I do it, I can not tell you why. Don't say that I can help it Sometimes I just want to die." My heart broke as I listened to you. So young and full of dispair. I wonder that you stand so tall Carrying it all on fragile shoulders. "My parents do not care to know. My friends just think I'm nuts. My teachers are professionals Who only see the cuts. " My human response is normal. I want to undue the damage That life could reek such havoc On such a young and untried life. "The doctors give me pills. The councilars nod their head. When all I really want to do Is sleep all day in bed." I open my arms, offering to you my compassionate heart, my shoulder. I promise to listen without critique. A friend, a connection, some solice. "Thank you for not s
Okay... now we're rating blogs... so this mean all my SEXIE readers are gonna start going through my blogs and leave me some 10's huh.... come on.... if you feel you're SEXIE hit that 10th cherry!!! you know you wanna... ok this is just an entry because I just noticed the ratings thingy up there... will post another Fabulious entry soon!!! *Hugs n Kissies* *~*PurteeLadee*~*
Your Monster Profile Creepy Goblin You Feast On: M&Ms You Lurk Around In: Las Vegas You Especially Like to Torment: Priests What's Your Monster Name?
Feeling Like Dieing...... Blah
Hmmmm Today I'm feeling very very errr terrable more so now .... exaustion beyond belife .... poor spelling .... eyes feel like they are poping out of their sockets.... the god awful head aches .... is it my hyper tension.... monster energy overdose.... lack of masterbation.... oopse tried the masterbation thing didnt work ... Just another day at the office ..... Another week wasted away .. oooh well here is another link to another picture album .. hope you all enjoy....
i did this while i was waiting for a friend. fifteen is an age or just in between no immature habbits should ever be seen no alcohol served at your table at night dont act like a child your in peoples sight act like an adult or go to your room stay daddys baby dont grow up too soon never show people just how you feel do what your told and eat up your meal you're old enough now to make up your mind your still very young to your elders be kind you're much too young yet to go out to that place you're not going out with that stuff on your face i state my opinion it was sex that was said you say i dont know and send me to bed i jump up and say my voice not so mild at fifteen what am i An adult or child?
I Say This Is Very True Lol
Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burnes 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard ........................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor.................8 cal With Differe
ok, this is day 2 on here. So far I've met a couple people but seems they were too busy to chat. I'm getting ready for my boring job that I do on weekends and then I'll likely come home and go to bed. Ya, well life is usually more exciting than this but I have alot of crap happening in my life right now. There's some good and some bad and I just deal with it day by day and try not to panic when the well runs dry. I like to go go go until I run outta steam but I'm feelin old lately. I think I need to have a sleep before work lol but I'm outta time cause I spent it on here tryin this thing out. Ya dialup sucks... just ask me.. I didn't say I sucked although if she's cute I'll at least give her a lick. lol anyways..enough of that stuff... The sun is shining and the birds are chirpin but summer has come to an end and it's getting cold at night. My kinda weather btw... All I need now is a nice lookin lady to warm my heart before it freezes and shatters. ok.. I'm gettin outta here.. mayb
A Song Fave
Just one of my fave 80's songs. If I find a vid or soundbyte I'll add it later "High School Confidential" is a song by Canadian new wave band Rough Trade, from their 1981 album 'Avoid Freud'. The band's breakthrough Top 40 hit in Canada. She's a cool blonde scheming bitch, She makes my body twitch. Walking down the corridor, You can hear her stilettos click. I want her so much I feel sick. The girl can't help it She really can't help it now Teenage brandos stalk her in the halls They tease her with cat calls She's a combination Anita Eckberg, Mamie van Doren Dagmar high school confidential High School High School Confidential High School High School Confidential What's the principal doin' with her who's that girl Is she screwing with her What's her perfume: Tigress by Faberge She makes me cream my jeans When she's coming my way High School High School Confidential High School High School Confidential She drives a candy pink cadilla
Fiona Apple - The First Taste
I lie in an early bed, thinking late thoughts Waiting for the black to replace my blue I do not struggle in your web because it was my aim to get caught But daddy longlegs, I feel that Im finally growing weary Of waiting to be consumed by you Give me the first taste, let it begin heaven cannot wait Forever Darling, just start the chase - Ill let you win but you must Make the endeavor Oh, your love give me a heart contusion Adagio breezes fill my skin with sudden red Your hungry flirt borders intrusion Im building memories on things we have not said Full is not heavy as empty, not nearly my love, not nearly my love, not Nearly Give me the first taste, let it begin heaven cannot wait Forever Darling, just start the chase - Ill let you win, but you must Make the endeavor
Just Another Ramble
well another weekend come and almost gone..had the grandbaby with me all weekend....hmmm just rambling here...looking forward to when gramma here can take off for a weekend of relaxation by myself
Lol I Like This One
HOW TO CLEAN THE HOUSE 1. Open a new file in your PC. 2. Name it "Housework." 3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN. 4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN. 5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want To delete Housework permanently?" 6. Calmly answer, "Yes," and press mouse button firmly...... 7. Feel better? Works for me!
My Poemy Thingy
There was all these feelings I felt i had to hide I was scared to tell you, and how you would react, and when i opened up and spilled out my heart, you broke it in two, and never looked back. Do you even care? Do you think of me? Did you even feel for me? All this pain it fills inside cause i knew they where feelings i should hide, I've learnt my lesson well and true, So this goes out to the old me and you! by claire.
Telemarketer Revenge
Telemarketer Revenge The phone rang as I was sitting down to my evening meal, and as I answered it I was greeted with "Is this Karl Brummer". Not sounding anything like how my name SHOULD be prounounced, I realized I did not know this individual. I asked who was calling. The telemarketer said he was with The Rubber Band Powered Freezer Company or something like that. Then I asked him if he knew Karl personally and why was he calling this number. I then said off to the side, "get some pictures of the body at various angles and the blood smears", I then turned back to the phone and advised the caller that he had called a murder scene and must stay on the line because we had already traced this call and he would be receiving a summons to testify in this murder case. I questioned the caller at great length as to his name, address, phone number at home, at work, who he worked for, how he knew the dead guy and if he could prove where he had been about one hour before he mad
Our Day
OUR DAY it is our day today, so let the singer sing. let the song be of the joy in our hearts, and what this day brings. it is our day today; i give you this wedding band. let the circle symbolize our pledge of eternity, as i place it on your hand. by the power invested in the preacher, from the lord up above. let him join us in holy matrimony, as we declare our love. everyone has gathered both family and friend. let them witness our bond, which will never end. it is our day today, the one dreamt of our whole life. today we stand together, as husband and wife. the smiles on our faces show the joy in our heart. let us always be together, and never grow apart. may the lord bless us and keep us, in this we pray. there will be many days to come, but this is our day today.
I Have A Rare Condition
A man and woman are seated next to each other on a plane. After takeoff, the woman violently sneezes and excuses herself to go to the bathroom... so the man stands up to let her out. She returns, and 15 minutes later she sneezes again big time, and again excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She returns again, and immediately sneezes, excusing herself to go to the bathroom. The man, a little tired of jumping up so often...asks her: "You keep sneezing, what's the problem?" The woman replies: "I have a rare condition...every time I sneeze I have an orgasm." He says, "Oh... what are you taking for it?" She says: "Pepper."
Lilly@ LostCherry
I'm Just Like A Book!
Hows it going.I had to get past issues out of my head.I could have put these blogs at other places where I belong but for some Insane reason I posted them hear.I was going to unload my issues of Drugs an Alcohol at tonights NA meeting.Unfortunately I posted this Fucked up reading here.9 days today with out a up the pot is going to be tough cause most all where I live use it.I haven't bought any in 2 months,but was told last night I had better buy some this month.that screws up my plan's to escape from the temptations of Drugs.Prescription drugs are my only vice now,The past 9 yrs that I was with my Ex,I didn't do any Coke or nothing hard just weed that we both injoyed.Since we broke up I proberly snorted it 5 times.all done with it.All the yrs. that I preach against it.Made a hipacrit of myself.I just didn't want my friends to Fuck up there Lives like I had done.I'm very close with my Friends there Brothers that I never had.An I Love everyone of them,an they Love me as wel
Least In Sight
just letting all my friends know i'm sorry i haven't been around as much but i've been having some medical issues. well after tests everyday for the last week and a half all they know is my kidney is enlarged and i have to have more tests to find out why. gotta luv doctors. anyways, i'm hoping to find something out soon so they can fix it so i'm back to my old self. ~hugs~chrissy~
Everyone Needs Someone There......
everyone needs sone ther to talk to......everyone needs a frined that will listen to them about problems......everyone needs someone there to cheer them up when they are down ........everyone needs someone there that wont let them do anything that would be wrong to do....... from:tasha
Christina Aguilera Infatuation (interlude) Lyrics
Yo te contare una historia De como un puertoriqueno me robo el corazon Nunca mas he vuelto a amar de esa manera Quizas jamas lo hare Es la historia de mi primer amor Era buen mozo con grandes y profundos ojos marrones Un bailarin Juntos nos perdimos en el ritmo del amor Asi es como comenzo
What Peircing Are You?
You scored as Dirty Piercings. AH!!! You dirty person you! Put that away!!! Who did that for you!? Your the kinkiest of the kinkiest and probably think you're hot stuff. Well, maybe you are but that's kinda nasty. Ew. Weirdo.Dirty Piercings100%Cartilage Piercing90%Belly Button Piercing80%Tongue Piercing80%Earlobe Piercing80%Labret Piercing70%Nipples70%Lip Piercing60%Nose Piercing40%What Piercing Are You?created with
How Well Do You Understand Men?
You Have Your PhD in Men You understand men almost better than anyone. You accept that guys are very different, and you read signals well. Work what you know about men, and your relationships will be blissful. How Well Do You Understand Men?
I Died Pg 6
I Died On the longest night I Died The First time you made me cry I Died When you told me you hate me I DiedWhen I couldn't Have You I Died After you told me I don't Deserve to live I Died When my Make Up wore offI Died When you removed me from my Box I Died When I Was Locked Away I Died And You Will Never Care
My Rapp For All U Hood Ratz
my song "Hood Ratz" a hood rat could rap better than a ball cap when shes bustin caps in ur ass for tha cash in ur pocket so watch it dodge it block it then go for ur gat and fuck chuck it just dont buckle under my uncle.. my rats love my ass cuz i give them grass when they ask as long as i get a peice of ass for the work i use to make the cash to keep them by my side they no that they have no need to hide as long as they down to ride.. ride a dick suck a bitches clit play with ur tit, naw fuck that shit, bitch all u do is use me and confuse me, so dont acuse me of being like this i told u how i am from the get go so dont trip ho, go blow some guy so that u can have another place to go,and thats fo sho..... i sit back and see u kick back with ur click and all u guys talk about is how much u love to suck dick, but bitch all i see is that u are a lezy, says me... bitch get to steppin all u have done was messin my heart when to u and u ripped it and gave it back to
What The Fuck
i'm me. that's something I've been having a hard time with...past present and future...all three converge to be me. not sure i care for that much... bad time...bad fucking time, my apologies alice, if you happen to read this, in regards to my lack of grammatical structure and punctuation but lately, with a lot of things, my give-a-shit o-meter is running on the low side...blah blah blah
Not Depressed Maybe More Let Down
You know today kinda got me thinking(scary huh) Anyways It seems like when i dig a woman Something always happens ( Example i become the big brother or what not) Or they go im not looking for a realationship and boom 3 weeks later there w someone and yes i know wasnt ment to be a song pops in my head is by Def Leppard Here I am, I'm in the wrong bed again It's just a game I just can't win There you are breathin' soft on my skin Still you won't let me in Why save your kisses for a rainy day Baby let the moment take your heart away Have you ever needed someone so bad, yeah Have you ever wanted someone You just couldn't have Did you ever try so hard That your world just fell apart Have you ever needed someone so bad And you're the girl I gotta have I gotta have you baby There you go, midnight promises again But they're broken by the dawn You wanna go further, faster every day baby But in the morning you'll be gone And I'm alone Every dream I dr
I feel like barfing again. Its gross man. =/ I don't like it no more. I don't like the pain in my tummy no more ither. And And ugh. Nothing. Blah. Be my guardian angel.
Hidden Talent
I stole this from Thanks... looks like I'm like you hahaha Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
What Would The Porno Of Ur Life Be Called
The porno of Scarlet's life will be called ... "A porn stars diary" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
I just started school this year after twenty years. I am doing really good in school getting A's and B's pretty excited about that. At this time I am not dating anyone hmm hoping to change that sometime. Well that's all for today laters!
Unfinished Poem Man I Hate Writer's Block
Ever since we met, you've put a smile, on my face. That even now, I don't think time, could erase. Having you near me, holding me tight. That's how I sleep, through the night. On sleepless nights, when you are gone. The thought of you, still lingers on. Its only then when i drift, off to sleep. That my heart tries to tell, this secret that I keep. Wanting to tell, you so badly. That its for you that, my heart truely aches. Your gentle touch and, your sweet kiss. Your handsome face, that's what I miss.
Another Name Thingy
Elect Babyhuey! Revolution starts with M.E. - Missiles Everywhere 'What will your campaign slogan be?' at
Hot Sexy Bbw
I Cant Live
Lowering Your Risk Of Colon Cancer
By: Karen Barrow Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States, and well over 100,000 people will be diagnosed with the disease this year alone. And while it is the second and third leading cause of cancer death in women and men, respectively, more and more people are being successfully treated and cured of colon cancer because of improved screening methods that can detect the cancer in its earliest stages. “One of the most powerful weapons in preventing colorectal cancer is regular colorectal cancer screening or testing,” writes the American Cancer Society (ACS) on its website. Since it takes 10 to 15 years for an abnormal cell to develop into colorectal cancer, regular screenings can help identify and remove abnormal cells before they ever cause a problem. The ACS recommends that those at relatively low risk for developing colorectal cancer should begin having routine colonoscopies every ten years beginning at age 50. If you have a family history of the d
Lion King
What Lion King Caracter are you? You Got Simba He is Always getting in trouble. Even though he is the future king he doesnt act it. You seem to be on the wild side and have a crazy sense of humor.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Creep By Radiohead
When you were here before, Couldn't look you in the eyes You're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world I wish I was special You're so fucking special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here I don't care if it hurts, I wanna have control I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul I want you to notice when I'm not around You're so Fuckin' special I wish I was special But I'm a creep I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here, ohhhh, ohhhh She's running out again She's running out She runs runs runs runs... runs... Whatever makes you happy Whatever you want You're so fucking special I wish I was special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here I don't belong here...
1st Short Story I Wrote....
i meet this hunky man who Ive only talked to online when r eyes meet u can feel the sexual tension we embrace & the feel of his hot breath on my neck sends chills all the way to my toes when I look back into his eyes, he kisses me softly, gentle so I am left wondering if r lips really touched at all he runs his hand down my face & turns my chin up to look at him in that moment nothing else matters, just the two of us, the only man & woman on the face of the earth, like time is standing still, everything is holding its breath waiting to see what r next move will be I want him, I want him so bad I can already taste him but I am scared to give in, I have so much to lose if I give into him, but I know if I dont give into him I will roam the earth the rest of my life with reguit. The look in his eyes tells me he wants me to, but he's waiting for me to decide I dont wanna live with reguit so I lift my arms up and around his shoulders pulling him to me the minute r lips touch I f
Secret Sigh
Breath, sweat and lust. The taboo in which is trust. Bodies linger, fingers touch. passion, she has never such. Tender kisses on wanting face. Clawing desire warm,lost place. This, the secret sigh. These nights get her by. Clinging to his sweaty chest. to walkaway would be best. Breath in, inhale love Breath out exhale, goodbye. this the secret sigh. The evening slips away. speechless nothing to say. to touch his gorgeous face. tell him how she feels. She would lose it all much to close to call. She dresses and starts the car looking up at crystal stars. how she wishes she could fly In this the secret sigh. never say goodbye. always a secret sigh.
When It's Better
When it's better the clouds fade My tears dry friends remade. When it's better I'm stronger I find I need you no longer . When it's better I can see you there Holding her, but I don't care. When it's better My smiles are real No more hiding open to how I feel When it's better I will be okay. When it's better started today.
Nameless Once I was a happy face a smile to catch the eye. I have been reduced to a sanctuary silence, just the dark in mind. I shiver from the cold. slinking into my heart. I am a solitary note that lingered and faded in the dark. Once I was light and kissed with golden sun. I shake from violent dreams, where voices laugh and shun. Who will be awaiting me, when i reach the other side? a place where I will find myself and regain my pride. So I will slink now, beaten. into bewildered misery. and hope that I will conquer and stay there for eternity
Take me I am here now how long must I wait to feel joy. Will you shun me forever in your hollowed anguish of the past? Dare you touch me cut me, bleed me dry with your sorrow? Damn you, you and your sheltered innocence, your pondering thoughts, of the thoughtless. You enjoy my touch, my kisses and our endless conversations of incidental things left unsaid. yet you push me, you punish me for your sorry whores who could not make you happy. You dwell upon, the little things that could be the past if only you would try to let them go. You let beauty sour upon your sunless patio of hope and desperation. Take your rotted corpses of the past, I am alive and real And I would give my soul. Yet, I will not be placed amongst your graveyard of petty tears and pretty bitches. Take me, for I am here waiting for your awakening.
Waiting I hide in The distance Until you give me An answer I try to wait Pant icily But it getting harder As the weeks Go on I still do Love you But if you Make me Wait To long I will disappear From your life Forever I wait By the river Thinking things through The things I did Wrong And trying to Change who and The way I am I am slowly changing And waiting for An answer The time we Spend apart Is becoming My strength To change As I stay Here Waiting For you September 25, 2006
Someone Please Explain
Okay I am not going to whine about this, I just want an answer. I have 133 friends (i know it's not alot compared to some of you) I am fan of 137 people because i am fans of ALL my friends why else would I have them as friends? BUT i only have 42 fans!?!?! this is just not right, why is it okay that I am your friend but you can't support me and be my fan? I try to take time out of my day to leave comments for people, but I am getting to the point to why should I because I rarely get anything in return. I am usually not one to think this way because I am a giver not a taker and when I give i don't except anything in return, but I am thinking that this just a big joke just like Myspace. I appreciate the people that do care and take the time to leave the comments and everything, but those are only a selected few. And I appreciate the shouts in my shoutout box, but if you are going to say thank you to me for leaving a comment why not take the extra minute to tank me on my comments s
My Stripper Name
Exotic Dancer Name Is... Skye Exotic Dancer Name Generator
Glutton For Punishment
Oh I certainly am, got the second class of Yoga in about ten minutes, wondering whether its going to be as sore this time round as it was last time, anyway back later to report the damage.
Dirty Poems Part 2
Lady named Rhoda There was a young lady named Rhoda, Who lived in a Chinese Pagoda. The halls and the walls, Were festooned with the balls, And the tools of the fools who bestrode her. Lady named Jill There was a horny young lady named Jill, Who fucked dynamite sticks for a thrill. They found her vagina In North Carolina And bits of her tits in Brazil! Dear Nancy Dear Nancy, on children she dotes; Took in five of them, feeling her oats. When her boyfriend came over, She said, "Not now, Rover; The kids will all watch and take notes." Old Man of Ely There was an old man of Ely Who spoke to his wife in Swahili; For as she could speak Only English and Greek, He could use it to swear at her freely. Barmaid in Sale On the chest of the barmaid in Sale Were tatooed the prices of ales And on her behind, For the sake of the blind, Was the same information in braille. Man from Cheaney There once was a man from Cheaney Who spilled so
Level Up
Im almost there anyone want to help?
Venetian Butter Cookies
These tender cookies can be found across Veneto, if not throughout Italy. Not too sweet, they are nice served with coffee after dinner. :Makes 3 Dozen 2 Cups All-purpose Flour 2/3 Cup Sugar 1 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 8 Tablespoons, Or 1 Stick Of Softened, Unsalted Butter 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 3 Egg Yolks 1 Teaspoon Lemon Zest, Finely Chopped 1 Egg White Beat the butter together with the sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg yolks one at a time, and then add the vanilla and lemon zest. Beat in the flour, salt and baking powder on low speed just until mixed. Shape the dough in a ball, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for one hour. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Lightly butter and flour two baking sheets. Cut the dough into 3 dozen pieces, and roll each piece into a 4 inch rope. Shape the rope into a circle, and pinch the ends closed. Place the cookies on the baking sheets 1 inch apart. Once all of the cookies are shape
Work. Tiredness, Ect
im rather tired tonight. i had my first day of work and worked from 8am to 3pm. i did rather well i thought. i was showed how to use the register in less then 5 min then started to use it. only took about 5 min for me to get the hang out of it and start to memorize where the diff. buttons. there were a couple things that confused me a little at first and im still a little confused with, but only had a couple problems. for the most part i ran the register by myself from 9 till 2. then i did some stocking for the last hour. i worked the entire 7 hours with out really taking a break. i bought a sandwhich that didnt taste too great for lunch but still kept working while i ate it. did better then i thought i would i was surprisingly comftorable. seems my social anxieties are pretty much gone which is nice. think ive done alot of growing over the last 3 years. i know its still gonna be hard to do this every day and such since i am introverted and people drain me. but i will make myself b
Man Got His Job Back.
well make it short. well my man got his job back finally after 4 months and he is on cloud nine. he had lost his job cause he got hurt on the job and they fired him cause of it. if u want to know more just ask.
Okay, Im amazed...Just saw a bulletin from someone who is giving cam shows for contest ratings...How fucking sad.
Big Girls
As you all can tell Im a big girl....I suffer from low self esteem at times. No matter how many times a guy hits on me or tells me Im beautiful there is still that little voice inside my head laughing saying surely you dont believe their bullshit, they just want to get you into bed, use you for what you got then leave you cold. Yeah there may be a man out there that wants me for me, for who I am on the inside not for what I look like. I always hear oh I like big women, then Ill catch myself asking why. Why would a man like a big girl? My first answer (and maybe it comes from experience) low self esteem, they think that if a girl is big then automatically she has low self esteem and that means shes easily controlled. They find a girl that will do everything they tell them to without question. Or the sex, shes easy...shes a big girl shes not getting any because no one really wants her so she will settle for just sex. Second answer, maybe they are attracted to the curves and the ro
Ok, These Are A Few Things That Drive Me Crazy...
Ok, I will do add ons from the top, that way you will see it, rather than looking for it. Oxymorons...... December 11. 1.Is it good if a vacuum really sucks? 2.Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand? 3.If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know? 4.If Webster wrote the first dictionary, where did he find the words? 5.Why do we say something is out of whack? What is a whack? 6.Why does "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing? 7.Why does "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean the same thing? 8.Why do "tug" boats push their barges? 9.Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game" when we are already there? 10.Why are they called "stands" when they are made for sitting? 11.Why is it called "after dark" when it really is "after light"? 12.Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected? 13.Why are a "wise man" and a "wise guy" opposites? 14. Why do "overlook" and "oversee" mean opposite
Moon Shine
ahh the big old Moon shining in the sky Bright with light then dark as can be! The phases of the moon new, quarter, half and full! The days in which you can see her plain as can be in the daylight reminding us we are not alone! Maiden Mother Matron the wise women in the moon guiding us teaching us. Learn her lessons well if you can even hear them that is. For she affects us one and all ahh the phases of the Moon! So when you see her up in the sky pay her honor and respect and learn her lessons well!
immortality lies within the memory of do you want to be remembered?
Please Please Help
IF YOU DIDNT VOTE FOR ME CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT,,THIS IS MY FIRST TIME IN A CONTEST,,IF YOU WOULDNT MINE PLEASE RE BLOG THIS TO YOUR'S AND HELP ME OUT,I WILL PAY EVERYONE BACK THAT HELPS ME OUT I PROIMSE,THE NEW PPL I JUST ADDED I WILL GET TO YOUR PICTURES AND RATE THEM,,SOMETIME THIS WEEKEND,, THANK HUGS N KISSES DORIS The eight ladies listed below all need your votes! You may leave as many comments as you wish for anyone. That's right, unlimited. The 1st place winner will be the pic with the MOST number of comments. Be smart, voting once for everyone will get you and them nowhere. 2nd place goes to the highest number of ratings. The value of the rating doesn't matter...1, 4, 10...whatever. So...what are you waiting for? Go vote now! Pics are listed in the order they entered. HOSTED BY: Stixxx@ LostCherry Please repost this to help all these sexy ladies out! Thank you!
Indian Summer
Etsironhiaen-Bienvenue sur le site Entreprise Indian Summer. La Nation Huronne Wendat est un des Premiers Peuples du Canada. Les tisanes ont toujours fait partie de sa culture millénaire. Pour la préparation de nos recettes, nous avons utilisé les connaissances traditionnelles des Hurons Wendat. Les herbes ont été sélectionnées selon les traditions et mélangées avec minutie afin de créer un riche arôme d'un breuvage qui peut être dégusté autant chaud que froid. Seulement des ingrédients biologiques certifiés ont été utilisés dans leur fabrication. Nous vous invitons, dans la Paix et l'Amitié, à partager en bonne compagnie cette expérience unique.
Friends Fighting
Nothing hurts so much as watching your friends fight. Normal fights you get to take sides, but when friends fight, everything becomes grey and you can no longer see what is right or wrong clearly. My heart is almost breaking tonight watching them fight, knowing if I take sides or even say anything, I risk losing a dear friend....
Pre-cana Day 2
clucas6416It's 6:20 AM in the morning. I most really love Kathy, the weekends are only days I get to sleep late. I'm up about to walk out the door, to go back to finish for the second and last class 9AM to 5PM. I hate the weekend train Schedule, after 9 years this better be worth it. Men, I paid for ManagaNext and now out that money, I be their Sunday. All this for a Certificate to be Married in the church. 9 years...the even of next year will have been 10 year together and the almost a full into our first year as a married couple. So long time to be with the same person........
Waltz Of The Watersprite
Cascades of water crash upon the rocks It's mists lingering in the air. Such a powerful sound comes from the impact of water overtaking all beneath her. Nothing compares ... Yes ... I am a water spirit living within the mists. I create the faint rainbows that rise from the droplets of water. I am the sound that draws lovers close. And calms the anger of the one filled with bitterness. I am the water sprite flittering back and forth unseen by those of the mundane world , but visible to those gifted with the sight. I perform my dance of indescribable joy. Hoping that those feelings will somehow permeate your being. I will continue my dance until time is no more. Rendering you speechless as you stare in awe at the waltz of the watersprite ...
Creation Myth
In the beginning there was neither matter nor energy, neither was there space nor time, force and form were not. Yet there was Something. Poised between Spirit and Void, without form or qualities, pure potentiality, the first physical manifestation had existence. Scientists call it the Primordial Singularity, occultists call it the Cosmic Egg. It changed, and the first moment of time came to be. It expanded, and space was born. Not the space we know, but one of many dimensions, and that space was filled with the first Force. So intense was that Force that space itself altered. Dimensions folded back on themselves, while others expanded mightily. The first Form came to be. As the infant universe expanded it changed subtly, and as naturally as snowflakes forming in the air, the first material manifestation precipitated out of nothingness. Neither matter nor energy as we know them, but yet both. The Element Fire was born. The universe continued to expand, and the one Force became two for
My Love Element Is
Your Love Element Is Earth In love, you have consistency and integrity. For you, love is all about staying grounded and centered. You attract others with your zest for life and experiences. Your flirting style is defined by setting the scene, creating a unique moment in time. Steady progress and stability are the cornerstones of your love life. You may take things too slowly, but you never put your heart at risk. You connect best with: Fire Avoid: Wood You and another Earth element: need each other too much to build a good foundation What Element Is Your Love?
Help Please
I am so bored, I am stuck here on a Saturday night doing homework. So please keep me awake. I have this crappy psych 3 paper due on Monday (10 pages no less) and I am having the worse brain fart. Good thing I have my old friend Corona here to keep me company. lol So anyway please stop by and say Hi.
Through Glass
I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed Oh God it feels like forever But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home Sitting all alone inside your head How do you feel, that is the question But I forget you don't expect an easy answer When something like a soul becomes initialized And folded up like paper dolls and little notes You can't expect a bit of hope So while you're outside looking in describing what you see Remember what you're staring at is me 'Cause I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed All I know is that it feels like forever But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head How much is real, so much to question An epidemic of the mannequins contaminating everything We thought came from the heart, But never did right from the start Just listen to the noises no more sad voices Before
Listen Up!
> > > > ~CLANDESTINE >
What Will Ur Sex Bussiness Card Say!
Canadianmeany Sexpert 'What will your sex business card say?' at
Bell Four
A man who worked for a fire company came home from work one day and told his wife, "You know, we have a wonderful system at the fire station. Bell 1 rings and we put on our jackets. Bell 2 rings and we slide down the pole. Bell 3 rings and we're on the trucks ready to go. From now on we're going to run this house the same way. When I say bell 1, I want you to strip naked. When I say bell 2, I want you to jump into bed. When I say bell 3, we're going to screw all night. The next night he came home from work and yelled, "Bell 1," and his wife took off all here clothes. "Bell 2," and his wife jumped into bed. "Bell3," and they began to screw. After 2 minutes his wife yelled, "Bell 4." "What's this Bell 4?" asked her husband. "More hose," she replied, "You're nowhere near the fire!"
More Poetry...
Sedated As zephyr in sprinting feral over the dry land. Chaste aquamarine of ocean deep and the zeniths of unseen trees. An undomesticated tide in the rivulet that is captured in a stone garden of insane. He is willow in night that bows back and forth but never separates with strain. In crisis he suggests the hand of morality even when others would crave to go the effortless turnpike. He is the hand that mentors me in rejected night a friend with no voice but a boulder to encompass. As wind is native, he is routine and pliable. A loyal sapphire solider of the tranquility who helps me to remain solid. Undomesticated by union but dauntless in ways of understanding. He is the willow that stands peaceful in the eclipse. Serene but forever there when you need him.
*why Pay 4analysis....part2*
Your Dominant Intelligence is Musical Intelligence Every part of your life has a beat, and you're often tapping your fingers or toes. You enjoy sounds of all types, but you also find sound can distract you at the wrong time. You are probably a gifted musician of some sort - even if you haven't realized it. Also a music lover, you tend to appreciate artists of all kinds. You would make a great musician, disc jockey, singer, or composer. What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have? **************************************************************************************************************** You Communicate With Your Ears You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker. What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions. You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself. Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod. How Do You Communic
Quiz 11
The porno of Wesley J Siau's life will be called ... "Raw Discovery Channel footage" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
Sitting here at my computer on a Sunday at six PM. Concert in the park out the back window. Good group - late sixties music - Ain't Too Proud To Beg, Hold On I'm Comin', Mustang Sally, My Boogie Shoes, Shotgun. Sax man is good - singer needs a bit of help but he seems to stay on key. Linda's brother just got out of surgery. I work with Linda. He took a thirty-eight to the gut a few years ago - drug deal gone south. He spent some time in the slammer for armed robbery - hit bottom - trying to make a comeback. After a year or so in the anonymous groups, I've known a lot of people who returned from the dead. I wish them all well - except for that cross-dresser. Never cared much for him. Called himself Bill on some days - Janice on others. Ever seen a 6' 7" guy in high drag? I'm not sure whether it's funny or disgusting. Walter was a flamer - reminded me of Truman Capote. Walter was scheduled for trial on a solicitation charge. I think it was his third or fourth b
Top 16 Chapters In "sex For Dummies"
The Top 16 Chapters in "Sex for Dummies" 16. Evolution 101: Why Dummies Might Actually Make Poor Sex Partners 15. Troubleshooting for Do-It-Yourselfers (NOTE: Memorize this chapter *before* you go blind.) 14. Oh, God! Yes!! Oh, God! OH, GOD!!!: The Missionary Position 13. Am I a Tab A or a Slot B? 12. Engineering Secrets of the Bra: Removal in 14 Simple Steps 11. The Face: How to Tell Your Lover Apart from All Those Other People 10. Chapter 4: No, You Don't *Actually* Blow 9. Stop Masturbating, She's Real! 8. You're Britney, I'm Strom: Introduction to Role Playing 7. Foreplay: Not Just for Her Birthday, Chester 6. Putting the Condom on a Banana is Just for *Practice*, Dumbass 5. Crouching Doggie and Hidden Missionary: A Guide to Sexual Positions 4. "Alternate" Lifestyles: Pokeman? 3. Hey! Watch Those Teeth, Vampira!! 2. Sexual Physics: The Round Peg/Round Hole Theory and the Number 1 Chapter in "Sex for Dummies"... Chapter 1:
I'm new to this so i hope to meet new people soon. so if how ever reads this wants to be my friend let me know.
Ramalama - Roisin Murphy
Could a body close the mind out Stitch a seam across the eye If you can be good, you’ll live forever If you’re bad, you’ll die when you die Hearing only one true note On the one and only sound Unzip my body Take my heart out 'Cause I need a beat to give this tune Taking a picture of Taking a picture of Taking a picture of Oh the body swayed to music Oh the lightning glance If I would give it all and all Maybe you would hear me Ask for half a chance Hearing only one root note Planted firmly in the ground Undo my heart, unzip my body and Lend to my ear a clear and a deafening sound Unzip my heart And if I need a rhythm It’ll be to my heart I listen If it don’t get me too far wrong And if I And if I And if I need a rhythm It’s gonna be to my heart I listen If it don’t take me too far gone Everybody smile please Nobody pay no mind to me Finger in position on the switch A little flash photography Taking a
My First Time. . .
Well. . . It's my first time writing in one of these things. I am suffering some writer's block, lately, and I figured that I would just start doin' this to get my fingers goin' on the keyboard, again. Today is day two on, for me. It's kinda' cool. I don't understand the point of racking up the cherry points, but it sure is addictive. I'm not a very good whore, though. I try, but I don't do that well. I kinda' like these social sites, though. was a bit too trendy for me. . . Xanga just never did it for me, either. This one I liked because a hot chick pointed me too it, I guess. I'll do anything for the hot chicks. I'm shameless, I tell ya'. It's a burden. Well, that's it for this short entry. I'm gonna' try to do more of this in the future, so keep your eyes open. And all of you ladies can feel free to stop by my page and rate me. I'll do the same for you. Gotta' get those cherry points, after all.
Breaking Benjamin Rocks My World
Steeping Into My Mind......
OK.... Why the name "The Evil Monkey King?" That is actually quite easy.... First off it is NOT a rip-off from "The Family Guy." I should sue them for strealing it from me. I know Seth Green drugged me with a laced banana and stole it with the help of the Underwear Gnomes. The real genuis of the name comes from the old saying "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.... Have no fun." I always saw the last monkey as an Evil Monkey. At an early age, I adopted that phrase. I did anything I thought i could get away with (But that didn't always work LOL). My mother knew I loved that saying so she would sometimes call me an Evil Little Monkley. From there, the name just grew. I think when I hit puberty and found a stack of magazines and movies buried in my parents closet, I became "The Evil Monkey King." I think all guys become Evil Monkeys when their balls drop. It's like a "Right of Passage" thing. Well that's that for this. Until later...... DON'T STEAL MY BANAN
"you're Such A Comfortable Liar"
does anyone actually read my dribble...i know its always blah blah blah...I know you've got to be thinking shut the fuck up you whiny lil bitch don't go away the sun will set ending the day don't go away the night will come i will lose my way don't go away the light recedes I'll never survive don't go away for tomorrow you make me strive don't go away leaving me here alone and crying don't go away lost in the night broken and dying
So if you're a "Family FUCKING member", is that incest?
Most Days
When in the company of others, I constantly think how the very event would feel the same if I was completely alone. I find comfort in this.
This Is Great One....second One Of The Day
THE OLD MOTOR > > He's 80; she's 20; both white. > > It was the stir of the town when an 80 year old man > married a 20 year > old girl. > > After a year of marriage she went into the hospital > to give birth. The > nurse came out to congratulate the fellow saying: > "This is amazing. How > do you do it at your age? > > He answered, "You got to keep the old motor > running." > > The following year the young bride gave birth again. > The same nurse > said: "You're amazing. How do you do it?" He again > said: "You've got the > keep the old motor running" > > The same thing happened the next year. The nurse > then said: "Well, well, > well!!! You certainly are quite a man!" He responded > again, "You've got > to keep that old motor running." > > > > The nurse said: "Well, you better change oil. This > one's black."!!
Your True Birth Month Is January Loyal Social Logical Easily jealous Loves children Rather reserved Highly attentive Likes to criticize Needs close friends Ambitious and serious Smart, neat and organized Hardworking and productive Loves to teach and be taught Quiet unless excited or tensed Sensitive and has deep thoughts Knows how to make others happy Searches for the greatest romance Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds Romantic but has difficulties expressing love Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses What's Your True Birth Month?
Oh Yeah Baby!
You Are Sex On the Beach When comes to drinking, you like it to go down smooth. You really don't like the taste of alcohol - just its effect on you. So, you're proud to get drunk on fruity, girly drinks. Because once you're liquored up, the fun begins! What Alcoholic Drink Are You?
A Little About My Thoughts Right Now
I am so ready to move out of the dorms here. I love being on my own, but I detest having to room with another person. Its not that I think that they are bad people, I just dont want to have to beg someone to do the things that I want to. I WANT A PLACE OF MY OWN! I want a place where Dustin can sleep next to me everynight and I can have anyone over whenever I want. I want a place where I can cook dinner everynight and take a shower at my leisure w/o someone strange in the next stall. The only downside is that I wont be living on campus; therefore it will be more difficult for me to be motivated to go to class. I have been working. I am so happy to be earing my own money, but the job sucks hard. I get the amazing opportunity to clean up after stuck-up jerk-off college kids. But a paycheck is a paycheck; now I will get to buy the things that I want and need.
Aguement Bout Sex
A man and a woman were having drinks when they got into an argument about who enjoyed sex more. The man said, "Men obviously enjoy sex more than women. Why do you think we're so obsessed with getting laid?" "That doesn't prove anything," the woman countered. "Think about this... When your ear itches and you put your little finger in it and wiggle it around, then pull it out, which feels better-your ear or your finger?
To Rise And Fall
Broken you raised me into hope with words of love in those drunken moments when i was allowed to see the man you hide inside you let me see the beauty deep and walked away let me see and think that it could be real that perhaps i was worth anything and then you were gone so now you may witness the rise and fall of my heart and sanity
True Friendship
True Friendship Are you tired of those sissy-ass "friendship" poems that always sound good, but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship: 1. When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. 9. This is my oath..... I pledge it to the end. "Why?" you may ask; "because you are my friend".
Goth Toon Pic
Buried at
Come Let Me Bite You
come here so i can bite you please
I May Not Be Perfect...but I'm Always Me.
As I sit here and think bout things.And wonder how things in my life have changed so much in the past year.Here I am tryin everyday to make things better when it just seems to hang there. I know I shouldnt have to prove nothin to no one. And if it wasnt for the certain friends I have made I dont think I couldve made it through all the shit I have been through. Dawnie isnt out to impress no one or so forth. Dawnie wants to be herself and if no one can accept that !Guess what thats just to damn bad! I'm here to make myself happy and live my life being happy. People that dont know me have no right to judge me. Maybe I need to stop bein so nice HmMmMmM but like someone told me if I do that it would make me look fake and thats not me! And hes right! Im not some bitch so I dont need to be commin off like that.All I gotta say is at least I keep it real with people and be honest with everyone !! I never in my life tried to be someone I'm not!! So to ya'll who cant accept me for who I am And
::what Letter Are You::
According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? -A- You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested inaction. You mean business. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is trying to be coy, cute, demure,and subtly enticing. You are an up front person. When it comes to sex, its action that counts not obscure hints.Your mate's physical attractiveness is important to you. You find the chase and challenge of the "hunt" invigorating. You are passionate and sexual as well as being much more adventurous than you appear; however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. Your physical needs are your primary concern. -B- You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wined, and dined. You are very happy to receive gifts as an ____expression of the affection of your lover. You want to be pampered and know how to pamper
Emergence By Steven Johnson
Emergence: The Connected lives of Ants, Brains, Cities and Software I found that once I picked it up I couldnt put it down and I am normally put off books and found it fascinating and enlightening and it led to me exploring further how things were connected and to understand how things emerged.
Path Number :)
I agree with all of this except for the first paragraph.. :) Your Life Path Number is 11 Your purpose in life is to inspire others Your amazing energy draws people to you, and you give them great insight in return. You hold a great amount of power over others, without even trying. You have the makings of an inventor, artist, religious leader, or prophet. In love, you are sensitive and passionate. You connect with your partner on a very deep level. You have great abilities, but you are often way too critical of yourself. You don't fit in - and instead of celebrating your differences, you dwell on them. You have high expectations of yourself. But sometimes you set them too high and don't achieve anything. What Is Your Life Path Number?
Internet Chess
So Google just bought UTube for a billion dollars. Fox bought Myspace. Now Yahoo is looking at Facebook. What does this all mean? Well it depends on who you ask of course. But I think it is the start of a big change in the internet. If these large companies own the largest sites, they can test new programs, but they can also dictate internet markets. They can also make sites like Myspace and UTube paysites. Dont worry, LC is nothing compare to Facebook and Myspace. Dont let the total users number fool you. There is no way there are 300,800 active users on LC. There are that many profiles, but not active users. Anyway, slowly but surely the internet is becoming more and more like an intranet. Makes sense to me, if I own Google and Utube, Id want the two integrated. But what does that do to the smaller companies? It makes them get bigger or go away. Slowly it will change our internet experience. And as fast as technology changes, it wouldnt suprise me to see Microsoft snatching up
Great Friend
I met this guy from myspace we have been talking bout a yr on here...but few months ago we met..and he is such a sweet and nice guy to me..he don't force me to do anything that I dont' want to and I like that..he loves my kids..he said that he wants to be in my nad my kids life and I hope he does cause I really do like him...well my kids r going to be one yr old next month on nov. 30..they r growing up so fast on me...well that's bout to ya later... Julie
How Will You Be Defined In A Sexual Dictionary?
DarkJediMasterChas -- [adjective]:Extremely dominant 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Whoo Hoo!!
I can see the big dipper from my patio :) I can see TONS of stars from my patio!! I SO LOVE IT HERE!! No big city lights to drown it all out YAYAYAYAY!
What To Do
what do you do when the pain consumes what do you do when the hate consumes what do you do when the fear consumes what do you do when the love consumes All i know is fear all i know is hate do i know love what is love, i think love is dreaming, knowing when to say goodbye, love is compromise, love is not being able to breath till i know your ok, love is not knowing what will happen tomorrow but being ok with that as long as your with me, love is not caring what you did yesterday but caring what you've done since we met, love is no matter where you are your still in my heart, love is painfull but im willing to deal with it, love is fear, love does not have any name but yours, will love consume me will love overtake my pain and hurt my fear and my hate love knows no time but i will have to wait and see.
Sweet Momma's Birthday !!
Yes its her birthday....lets give her lots of birthday love....Family help me out here...shes my best friend!!!!!add her up and bomb her show her REAL family ya denise sweet momma@ LostCherry
Everyone Look At My Page
So yeah every one should check out my page cuz i need friends :)
Fortune Cookie
My fortune cookie, tonight, said "you will make some changes before winning". Things that make you go, hhhhhmmmmmmm.
New Memeber
Well this is my first time on this thing and so far it seems interesting...I hope that I can talk to other people from my area. Message me if you wanna talk
The Next Chapter In This Slaves Life:
The Next Chapter In this slaves Life: After I learned all Master figured I could of being a good sub, Then the training to become a slave started. Let me explain that the road to becoming a sub was not an easy one. Let me also explain the difference here between being a sub and being a slave as what they mean to me. SUB: Is a person who imposes her limits on her Master. She/he is still new so has lots of limits and lots of learning to go. Slave: Is one who has her limits given to her by her Master. Meaning that even if she likes something and it is a limit for her Master it is now also a limit for her. Most slaves have moral limits, such as no kids involved, no breath play, and no broken bones stuff like that to mention a few. Training to be a slave was the hardest training I would under take this far. There were times when I felt totally worthless and would sit in a corner and cry. There were even times I doubted myself worth. But with Masters help I ma
...and a bead of sweat fell from my brow, to rest upon your chest, like a glistening jewel, a symbol of the moment, the passion, the love. A diamond might be forever, and this might have been, just for the blinking of an eye, but it's value was that of a million gemstones, of rubies, emeralds, and opals. And I closed my eyes again, taking in a deep breath, sucking in the thought of you, as the pleasure overcame me, and once more I found myself moving down upon you, your face looming up towards mine, your warm breath upon my neck, and your smooth, moist skin, pressed against mine. It was a thousand nights of paradise, rolled into one micro-second, a fleeting moment of animal passion, but it was our moment, and no one could ever take it away from us.
Some Strange Thing Going To Happen :-p
Well, some strange thing(s) going to happen if I keep up with new picture but don't worry it will be more picture of me comin soon if I can keep it up and keep adding me and I will return a favor ;-)
Woman (rough Rough Draft)
Rough draft idea - Woman Current mood: en.amor.ed She had fire in her heart, and danger in her eyes. Standing next to her reminded me of driving fast on a desert highway. Touching her was like standing up through the moonroof with hands overhead and screaming. Not touching her was like pulling over for a break and realizing that even though you've stopped driving the desert winds never stop. Her touching me was like a sudden dustdevil, tearing at my desire like the wind of a funnel tear at the clothes of a lost traveller. Her look is passion, is daring, is dripping pure. Her figure is such that you drink it in gulps. You're full, but you want more. She is the clouds racing above your head, the power that moves your feet. Pursuant Noir. Her feminine is powerful, and hidden. She is Woman, That mysterious Goddess.
This And That
No new fun stories about my nephew but I'm sure before he leaves there will be more lol. Watch for updates here and there. He is just a bundle of laughs, when he isn't being evil and that is pleanty of times. In case I didn't mention it I'm feeling alot better now. I really think that the blues are tied in with Aunt Flow lol. I am still very tired though. I think that is because of the weird shift known as third. Anyone who wants my shift and I'll take yours I accept. Now if you can just tell my boss that they shouldn't work me so hard lol. Or tell customers it's not yet Chirstmas and to NOT shop so much. I have this horrible cough right now and I can't seem to shake it. I've done the cough syrup and cough drops. I'm looking for any other suggestions. I am really hurting because of this cough so please help me out here. I know if I get sick it will clear alot of the problem up. I just really hate throwing up is all. Oh well time will tell how it'll clear up. I hope you all hav
It's nearly the end of 2006 and I'm just starting my first blog! How behind the times am I? Never really seen the point in having a blog as I've nothing in particular to say, but I'm a bit bored today so here it is. Ummm...that is all. Move along now, nothing to see here! :P
Read And U Will Understand
there r tow kinda ppl in the world ppl u can trust to have ur back when ui need them to have it and then there r the kinda ppl who will always leave u out to dry who r never there 4 u when u need them. they r not ur true friends but the ppl who u can trust r ppl who r ur real friends the only way u can findlout who those ppl r is by goin out and looking for them.
My Cat, Spooky
Hey family and friends! My kitty Spooky is in a cute pet contest. Come leave her some clown lovings with ratings and comments. MCL and leave some love for Smokey Hazel Ice for holding the contest Smokey Hazel Ice@ LostCherry
Philosohphy Of Love
"To love is not a question or theory. It is an emotion caught on fire."
Personal Love
"If my heart had eyes, my body would be filled with tears."
Fury accompanies what little is futile in a fertile land of fertile stones, wrought in the fashion of old kings bent on providing a bounteous future for their unbound cattle made of bottomless greed and insatiable hunger-- in the style of him which will forever tinge what little can be with less-- that flocked and flanked the sanity that encompassed the people's hearts, what little could be accredited to sorrow was left up to the hands of bounteous bludgeons, such as one could find in the hands of a killer whose life has been threatened by the Merciful-- the ones who carry Light in their hearts and have sought Beauty over gore-- offering their ever-growing Love to his soul, which stares blindly downward, where his grave should be forgotten, since his life has been meaningless and his Love Empty, full of a deep Void as was once written in a forgotten tongue that spoke valiantly of what could be offered by an extended hand and a heartfelt grin of desperation tha
Nice To Meet You All
There's been alot of talk about angels these days and about all the things people say they can do. It's not always easy to know what to believe but it certainly would be nice to have a few angels in our lives. I picture them as being near us day and night and especially whenever life seems trying and difficult. I to like think that angels are taking special care of you always you may not see them but they are there. I hope that you can feel their gentle hand upon your shoulder day and night. I have a lil boy who is my angel he is what gives me momentum to cary on even when my life seems like its shambles. When my husbands sick and in the hospital my little boy sits beside me and gives me a soft hand and shoulder to cry on just because he is not present in mind body and soul he is there I just cant see him but I can feel the minute he walks into the room. Yeah you can call me crazy but I feel a sense of his presence when he is beside me. To my son I miss you lil man
Real Steve Video, :o Rx8man Is Fake... Lol
ok lol i messed up on the last blog, so many fakes and names confused. Anyway... This is STEVE, not "dean".. "dale".. or whatever it went by on here. The faker was/is rx8man. ok, it went by the name of "tyler" :) Thanks to Abbie for getting this. :) Code For Video Generated At Vice Girl he's fake.. you can argue until youre blue in the face over it but it's REAL. Did you hear that?..... He's NOT on =shocked face= LOL
Hosted By
Happy Tuesday To All My Friends I luv WWE.....
Chk It Out !
Taurus You are very stubborn, and your withdrawn nature makes you irresistible to hotties. You like sex to be romantic and passionate, and you know just how to make it that way. Your partners cannot resist your spontaneous and gentle nature. Sex matches: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn Take this quiz at
Gah.. My Ears.
Yes..I recently got 6 cartillege piercings at once. What fun. And only one of them is infected.. so far. I think. Good thing I have pain meds. And Bravery.
I Am Looking For Serious Feed Back
Ok I have my interview with walmart today, and well I was told i wasnt experienced enough. I know this is nothing to get upset over cause its only Wal-mart, BUT NO FUCKING EXPERIENCE TO DO ANYTHING!!! What the fuck Well if they want to know my ENTIRE JOB HISTORY maybe i should tell them. It begins like this, when i was youngers i had jobs like the obvious, shovling drive ways and raking yeads (to younge to get a real job:P) Then i was working on a Coors beer truck off the books as well with a land scaper, Then i worked at a local super market, 2 times, then at the local movie theater then 4 yrs in the MARINES, then when i got out shit hit the fan with people telling me some bogus shit like i dont have experience this or bull shit that so it was back to the movie theater, then i worked for another landscaper, then to a job that basically hires mentally challenged, then to UPS offloading the planes, then to pepsi then to a state seasonal job, well lets see i prolly done everything th
Just To
Let ya'll know I'm still around, barely, havent been comin around as much lately, been ina funk, but hey thats life right? Work's goin well, makin the money ya know. Social life can use some work, but eh, it always has needed that, hope everyone is doin a ok and havin a ball. Peace
Your Love Life Secrets Are Looking back on your life, you will have a few true loves. Although you may have been hurt before, you tend to bring very little scars into new relationships. You expect a lot from your lover - you want the full package. You tend to be very picky. In fights, you love to debate and defend yourself. You logic prevails - or at least you'd like to think so. Break-ups can be painful for you, but you never show it. You hold your head high. Your Love Life Secrets, Revealed
More Updatez On Me
Tuesday I woke up with a really bad headache and I called my aunt and told her that I can't come because of this headache and it was bothering me all day long.. So what I did is eat something and I forgot to take my meds I should never do that so I took a nap and end up waking up at five something ate dinner and put dishes in the dish washer and washed the pots.. So I got done with the Kicthen.. I am still not feeling to good at all.. Right now I am washing my clothes because I don't have nothing clean to wear.. So I am doing laundry tonight, and probably be busy for the rest of the night.. Wednesday is my show Jericho and I am not missing it so I will tell my aunt I am still not feeling good at all.. But Thursday I will be ok.. I know so.. Friday I may have to spend a night, so that won't be a problem at all.. Well I am hoping to get a DVR before Friday.. Yay.. lol.. Well I will give you more updates on me ok.. Virgo24
Something New!!!
I hope you like!!
Enneagram (personality Type)
(Moved from my profile) The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test The Helper Helpers are warm, concerned, nurturing, and sensitive to other people's needs. How to Get Along with Me Tell me that you appreciate me. Be specific. Share fun times with me. Take an interest in my problems, though I will probably try to focus on yours. Let me know that I am important and special to you. Be gentle if you decide to criticize me. In Intimate Relationships Reassure me that I am interesting to you. Reassure me often that you love me. Tell me I'm attractive and that you're glad to be seen with me. What I Like About Being a Two Being able to relate easily to people and to make friends Knowing what people need and being able to make their lives better Being generous, caring, and warm Being sensitive to and perceptive about others' feelings Being enthusiastic and fun-loving, and having a good sense of humor What's Hard About Being a Two Not being able to say no Havin
Un Wfp Fight Hunger Viral Video Contest
Fight Hunger is a division of the UN World Food Programme set up to help end child hunger by 2015 which is part of the first Millennium Development Goal. There are currently 350 million hungry children and one child dies every five seconds because of hunger. We're trying to be upbeat and inclusive about our approach to this global problem. To that end we have just launched a Viral Video Contest. We're looking for an upbeat viral video to help spread the word that it's time for child hunger to end. The winning prize is to visit and film a WFP School Feeding Project in a developing country. Find out more at this link:
Another One For The Wth Department..
Goodbye To You
Michelle Branch-Goodbye To You Of all the things I believe in I just want to get it over with tears from behind my eyes but I do not cry Counting the days that past me by I've been searching deep down in my soul Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old Looks like I'm starting all over again The last three years were just pretend and I say Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew You were the one I love The one thing that I tried to hold on to I still get lost in your eyes And it seems like I can't live a day without you Closing my eyes till you chase my thoughts away To a place where I am blinded by the light but it's not right Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew You were the one I loved The one thing that I tried to hold on to Ohhh yeah It hurts to want everything & nothing at the same time I want whats yours and I want whats mine I want you but I'm not giving in this time Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew you w
Viva America.
Why I am fed up of America.:-------------------------------- From the very beginning my wife and children told me that medical help is not available in USA. Doctors are not readily available in states. And in general so many rules and regulations to follow that one becomes fed up sort of. The non availability of medical practitioners is so ingrained on our mind that mind began to think why go to America? Medical help is available but the cost of it is prohibitive. Amol tells me that Kashmira’s birth cost him nearly $ 60,000/--. From the very beginning I was debating the idea of going to America. But desire to see and to love Kashmira was overpowering. At last two old Indians alighted on the shores of San Francisco. Slowly it was realized that apart from this medical misconception everything else was just fine with America. We got accustomed with American ways in due course and began to consider American ourselves. But the fear of medical fraternity is still
I love you when your happy ! I love when your mad ! I love you angry! I love you when your sad! I love you when your tearful! I love you when your blue! But the real reason for loving you is , because you are just you xxxxxxxxx
Relationship Questions YOU OPENED IT.. NOW YOU HAVE TO DO IT .. AND BE HONEST 1) Single, Taken, or Crushing? SINGLE 2) Are you happy with where you are? MOSST OF THE TIME 3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast? No 4) Have you ever had your heart broken? Yes 5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok? No 6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you? NO 7) Have you talked about marriage with another person? yes 8) Do you want children? HAVE 2 9) How many? CAN'T 10) Would you consider adoption? Sure 11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to let you know? Just tell me 12) Do you want someone you cant have? YES 13) Do you believe love at first sight exists? YES 14) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries? YES 15) Do you believe that you can change someone? NO 16) If you could get married anywhere, money's not an object.....? IN ENGLAND
Need A Computer?
An unemployed man is desperate to support his family of a wife and three kids. He applies for a janitor's job at a large firm and easily passes an aptitude test. The human resources manager tells him, "You will be hired at minimum wage of $5.35 an hour. Let me have your e-mail address so that we can get you in the loop. Our system will automatically e-mail you all the forms and advise you when to start and where to report on your first day." Taken back, the man protests that he is poor and has neither a computer nor an e-mail address. To this the manager replies, "You must understand that to a company like ours that means that you virtually do not exist. Without an e-mail address you can hardly expect to be employed by a high-tech firm. Good day." Stunned, the man leaves. Not knowing where to turn and having $10 in his wallet, he walks past a farmers' market and sees a stand selling 25 lb. crates of beautiful red tomatoes. He buys a crate, carries i
Mystery Lover.
Tonight was a night I knew I'd get no sleep.Very horny and no relief in sight.So hot the temperature reached 110 degrees and my airconditoner broke down.My husband was out of town on a business trip.Finally after tossing and turning for two solid hours and soaked in sweat I fall into an exhausted sleep.I 'm having a really sexy dream of a mysteryman.So sensual and masterful.His hands everywhere on me.He is wearing black slacks and a white shirt unbuttoned halfway down.My hands pulling his head to me as he drops kisses all over my stomache and chest.I'm totally naked and writhing in need such as I have never known before.His tongue swirling on my belly and moving lower.I'm begging him not to stop.He reaches my womans core and his hands part my nest of curls his tongue wreaking havock with my senses .Driving me absolutely wild.He brings me to climatical delight then stands so he can remove his clothes.His body well chiseled and sexy.,Long black hair and silvery blue eyes perfect facial
Hello to everyone that reads this.. My name's Joel, as you may have guessed by now. I'm 27 and I live somewhat near Atlanta, GA. I know, I know..most of this is on my profile but I just thought I'd write something to get my blogs started on here. I have plenty in my head that I need to get in some form of writing, but I just haven't had the time. I'll be sure to do just that in the next few days. Some of you may think I'm an ass with some of the things I say, but hopefully I won't come across that way and I can get some feedback from what everyone thinks of the things going on in my life right now.
I feel so Happy today :) There are some lil things that make us sooooo happy :) I just wanted to share my happiness hehehe
Have A Great Weekend
Hey my LC family I just wanted to say have a great weekend, and I am not sure when I will be back online.Long Story. I put some more pics on file, please check them out and leave me some clown love. I also put the buddy map, please place urself on the map so i know where everyone is. And last but not least, if u have free long distance, leave me MCL on my new voice comment thingy on my profile. MCL and please don't forget while I am gone. MMFWCL!
Darkness blankets the sky No stars to draw the naked eye Into the night, I toss my heart So long have I been lost Endlessly my emotions tossed No guiding light, no start Adrift upon the eternal sea Of wishes and dreams and glee A longing formed within my breast All it did was left me wanting Shadowed, ceaseless haunting Searching, wanting, restlessness Into the din of rage and hate My soul was lost of hope and fate Upon the night escaped a sigh It mattered not, the wanton ache Nothing here, my hurt to slake No one here to see me cry
My Family Guy Character
You scored as Stewie Griffin. Congradulations you are Stewie. One of the best characters on the show and the crowd favorite. Because you are stewie you prob are one evil sick bastard.Stewie Griffin75%Lois Griffin63%Peter Griffin50%Glenn Quagmire50%Joe38%Brian Griffin38%Cleveland Brown25%Meg Griffin13%Chris Griffin0%Find out what Family Guy character you are. (pics included)created with
Porno Of My Life
The porno of Eric's life will be called ... "Eric Does Dallas - the Musical" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at lmfao-rofl
My Pet
adopt your own virtual pet! THIS IS HOMER MY BABY ......LOL
Something Written For Me
Like a powerful mighty tiger Thy hunger piercing through mine eyes As I am planning my move Feeling the heat on the the back of your neck Thy Strength as The tiger grips your body Giving in...He is devouring...Tasting Your every last morsel The desire increases with each taste of flesh... Every dropp of sweat The mighty tiger once he has tasted the meat Tames Him He will hunger for Her always The one that knows the truth of love for him The Lioness will be part of him Her taste will forever remind him thought out time,knowing that she is there no matter what happens. No other will satisfy Wandering through Life Craving... For His One Love
Good Morning!
Good morning everyone!!!! I hope everyone is having a good day! Mine is going good so, far knock on know I am one of these people whos tries to let people be who they are and I try to accept them for that...well let me tell you I got pretty ticked off yesterday...there were some goths in the store where I work and I just love them to death they are just very cool people ya know? anyways there was some other people in the store make faces and whispering about them which I know I live in a small narrow minded town but, come on can we not learn acceptance people? Also, why is it that when two guys see two girls talking they almost always assume lesbians? Or maybe its just guys in my town but, good grief it is sooooo annoying!!!! I mean I dont go around assuming that just because two guys are together that they are gay! Anyways!!! I just hope everyone is having a good one! smoochies
Hey Guys
iam a lil lost wit this any help..tanks
I Thought I Already Put A Damn Title
I'm really getting tired of the way my family is treating me. Here I am in a high risk pregnancy and I start having severe pains and spotting the other night. So I call John and tell him. He tries to get ahold of his family to take me to the hospital since my car wasn't working. He wasn't successful at first so he suggested I call my mom. Well for those of you that know anything about my mom know that was a mistake. She told me that I need to get a tougher skin and deal with the fact I'm pregnant and I'm going to have aches and pains. Ok she's right you do have your share of aches and pains during even a healthy pregnancy. However I'm on restriction and any change at all I am supposed to report immediately to my doctor. So I called the doctor's exchange and sure enough the doctor on call wanted me to to be seen at the hospital. They couldn't find out what was wrong but I think now that I have an infection that I will need to get checked out. (They didn't check for that at the hospital)
My Hips Don't Lie.....
Your Spicy Score: Medium You are hot enough to make a lasting impression, but you strike a balance. You know when you're being too fiery, and you also know when to bump up the temperature. Naughty and clever. Sexy yet down to earth. You know how to work both sides of your personality. Men find you hot yet approachable - the perfect combination! How Spicy Are You?
hope u all have a great night and sweet dreams hugs and kisses for u all GOOD NIGHT & SWEET DREAMS
Message From Rev Casper...
Family Values 1. A Juggalo does not Hate/ Discriminate 2. A Juggalo does not steal from his/her Family 3. A Juggalo does not covet his/her ninjas significant other 4. A Juggalo keeps his/her Drama in hand, but out of sight. 5. A Juggalo avoids Cliques and keeps his/her Family whole 6. To a Juggalo Everyone is Equal 7. A Juggalo does not initiate Religous Battles fore that leads to Hating 8. A Juggalo should always try to have fun 9. When a Juggalo has Beef with another ninja he/she keeps it between them and doesn't involve the rest of his/her Family 10. A Juggalo doesn't have to Lie to be Down. 11. Above all a Ninja is proud to be a Juggalo A message to all Juggalettes-- You're a juggalette, and all juggalettes are fuckin matter what anyone says. In my eyes, as it is or should be in every "True" Juggalos eyes, all Juggalettes are fuckin beautiful and they should be told this every fuckin day for the rest of their lives. Even if t
Regarding My Mood Shift When I Walk Through The Door..
Yeah, I'm Queen of the Smart-Ass Writings at work.... "Are you a happy, carefree woman at home or amongst friends? Are you an idealist and optimist, believing the best of people? Do you become a raging bitch the moment you walk through the door at work? Do you hate everyone and everything and believe that all others are stupid and only put in your way to crush? Then you might be an Insta-Bitch™! Join our ranks! Submit a picture of yourself in full Insta-Bitch™ mode and You might be selected for our new calendar!"
Christmas At Arlington Cemetary
Arlington National Cemetery Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held. Peace, peace, and farewell... Readers may be interested to know that these wreaths -- some 5,000 -- are donated by the Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington, Maine. The owner, Merrill Worcester, not only provides the wreaths, but covers the trucking expense as well. He's done this since 1992. A wonderful guy. Also, most years, groups of Maine school kids combine an educational trip to DC with this event to help out. Making this even more remarkable is the fact that Harrington is in one the poorest parts of the state. Please share this with everyone on your address list. You hear too much about the bad things people do. Everyone should hear about this.
Naked Pain
Haunted eyes Silvery cries White Lies Can you take away my pain? Distorted reality Altered morality Obvious frailty Can you silence the screams? Enslave me Try to break me Remake me No I will not die! I am a slave to my naked pain
Yay I Am Home!
Ok So just wanted to let every one know I am back from Jamaica, had an awsume trip, drank way to much rum. Hey is there such a thing as to much? LOL! Just wanted to say thanx to every one that poped in while I was out. I will be buisy doin my best to get back to you all krap there were alot of ya, oh and who ever it wwas that poped in and drank all my ROOT BEER I will find you and when I do I am gunna block ya, lol. Well hope you all had a great week while I wasw gone. hope to here from ya soon and hey leave the key under the mat I may just pop by later to say hi. till then LUV YA ALL S~E~X~Y! P.s I have an idea for a contest I just have to tweak it a bit then I will be announcing it so keep an eye out you won't want to miss it. {:)
You say u have my back Friends and lovers forever right? wrong you forgot about that last night we fight all the time cant get along in the end you and me have changed we aint the same as before yeah you call me a whore bitch ill just walk out that door im better then this you've changed i dont need your shit i got my own back you make me sick go suck a dick oh you say i don't care about you or what you do shit i used to be yourlover and your bestfriend I know you better then most so i guess if you wanna fight fuck it im better then this good night
Written By"erotica
I Look Upon Her I look upon her face lying on my pillow Lit by the light of my bedroom window Wrapped within my gently arms Knowing she will come to no harm I look upon her hair, soft and fair Unable to find the words to compare Answers she has given me in times of pain That love and hope will visit again I look upon her lips, moist and red Giving me life when all was dead She restored my heart when it was lost Melting what was covered in frost I look upon her breasts, firm and strong Knowing that love could not be wrong Slowly moving with every breath Always knowing she was not like the rest I look upon her hips, round and smooth Gently touching not daring to move I fix the sheets with delicate care But a gentle kiss is all I dare I look upon her face staring into mine Filling my body as if it were wine I close her eyes with gentle kisses For she has answered all my wishes.
Charateristics Of Earth Angels
Charateristics of Earth Angels There are characteristics that apply to all of the Earth Angels, and also those that are unique to each of the 5 realms. 1) Feeling different, separate, or alienated from others: For all of the realms except the Wise Ones, this characteristic continues into adulthood. Many Earth Angels have been teased or verbally abused because of their different appearance, interests and behavior. 2) Intense sensitivity to other people, chemicals or violence: Earth Angels tend to have difficulty in crowds. They are bombarded by the overwelming emotions and physical sensations coming from other people. Earth Angels are sensitive to or even allergic to harsh chemicals in foods, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. They are repelled by any form of violence, including arguments, violent movies, and negative news reports. This sensitivity is a Sacred Gift that Earth Angels bring to this planet, to allow them to intuitively know where their service
Naughty Coupon
I hate headaches, Working late in the day, And the cold. The end.
Anyone that would like a morph made, that I havent made one for yet , just send me an pvt msg that you would like one and I will make one for you T
hi everyone it's me rosie wishing you all a great evening.
Night Fires
NIGHT FIRES (ADULT ONLY) night my night so dark and deep feel the breeze as it speads over silky smooth skin like a leaf in a whirlwind the storm is found my head does turn from side to side yet all seen is black on black and echoed desire heedy in it's ancient demand call of the wolf hungry to mate the scent of your skin turning me on tangy and sweet the smooth of your thigh quivering now under my soft satin palm bodies in space do glide along my sin against yours as we explore the treats taboo that taste sooo sweet the glide of lips upon soft muscles so firm shivering quivering delivering warm dripping ecstacy lips upon lips at a secret bloom ahhhh yes right there ohhhhhh don't stop beautiful it feels sooo good feel your way my body demands more hands grasp hair sweet whispers in my ear "enjoy it baby it's all for you" the deep intake of breath and a low husk
A Little Something I Wrote
Be true to yourself… When you are honest with yourself You can see how you really are inside And just what it is others will see about you If given the chance to really know you What you show them is what they base Their opinions of you on Friendships can be built upon this Emotions will form and only if you are honest Will they be worth something to you Or to the people you have allowed in Don’t be ashamed of who you are inside Beauty is in the eye of the beholder What you see isn’t necessarily what Anyone else will see about you True happiness will only come from within And that is easiest to achieve with honesty Know that if someone tells you They love you, they most likely do. Embrace it or push it away, the choice Is for you and you alone to make No one else can make these choices for you Be true to yourself and never lose Sight of what is most important to you May you always find contentment in life. A. Boudreaux 2006
Blind Dates
Piece Of Ass Application
The Ultimate Application for a Piece of Ass Warning: Fill out this application of your own free will…it will not be shared with another living soul…and I stress living, so if someone wants to tell their dead granny that you have a small penis or fake boobs…that means you will be laughed at when you get to the pearly gates, and not before. Be honest…don't try to lie if the person you are sending this to knows the truth…and plus its not as fun if you lie. Enjoy! Name: Address: Age: Real Age: Hair Color: Real Hair Color: Eye Color: Contacts: Dentures: Weight: Height: Waist Size: Bra/Penis Size: Marital Status: Please highlight or circle all that apply 1. Married 2. Single 3. Divorced 4. Swinger 5.
i missed u all here is all my love and hugs and kisses friends for ever kisses and ugss
Would You??? Busted.... Lmao =-)
Would you marry again? A husband and wife are sitting quietly in bed reading when the wife looks over at him and asks the question.... WIFE: "What would you do if I died? Would you get married again?" HUSBAND: "Definitely not!" WIFE: "Why not? Don't you like being married?" HUSBAND: "Of course I do." WIFE: "Then why wouldn't you remarry?" HUSBAND: "Okay, okay, I'd get married again." WIFE: "You would?" (with a hurt look) HUSBAND: (makes audible groan) WIFE: "Would you live in our house?" HUSBAND: "Sure, it's a great house." WIFE: "Would you sleep with her in our bed?" HUSBAND: "Where else would we sleep?" WIFE: "Would you let her drive my car?" HUSBAND: "Probably, it is almost new." WIFE: "Would you replace my pictures with hers?" HUSBAND: "That would seem like the proper thing to do." WIFE: "Would you give her my jewelry?" HUSBAND: "No, I'm sure she'd want her own." WIFE: "Would you take her hunting with you? HUSBAND: "Yes
so i was at the bar last night just minding my own business, and this lady started talking to me. she was nice, but kind of made me feel like i had to fit into a box because that was her belief. anyway, i was talking to her, and it came out that i don't really have a preference as to guys or girls sexually, because i can talk all i want, i think sex is dirty and i hate the way i feel when it's over. but i have this hypothesis that women are crazy and men are stupid, and that i'd rather deal with crazy than stupid. so she asks if i'm asexual. i don't know. i really don't know anymore. i've identified myself as a lesbian... put myself in a box. but maybe i'm just looking for a person i can connect with on some level i haven't found yet and it doesn't matter what gender they are. i'd like to be able to have an intimate relationship with someone and not feel gross about it. see, i'm aesthetically attracted to people... "oh, he's cute," or, "wow, she's gorgeous." whatever. but not sexually.
Diary Of Feelings
my life seems to be falling apart and its not a good feeling..they say i'm strong willed but at this moment i feel so weak..they say i'm a a crazy woman full of life..right now i feel i have no life and the crazy is supposed to numb my feeling and maybe i wasnt that crazy afterall..if me spilling my heart out about how i feel makes some happy..then u have no heart..and i have no fight left in me..
Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face You told me how proud you were but I walked away If only I knew what I know today I would hold you in my arms I would take away the pain Thank you for all you've done Forgive all your mistakes There's nothing I wanna do To hear your voice again Sometimes I want to call you but I know you won't be there I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do And I hurt myself by hating you Somedays I feel broke inside but I won't admit Sometimes I just want to hide 'cause it's you I miss You know it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this Would you tell me I was wrong? Would you help me understand? Are you looking down upon me? Are you proud of who I am? There's nothing I want to do To have just one more chance To look into your eyes and see you looking back I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do And I've had myself If I had just one more day, I would
Hell Of Heaven Or Heaven Of Hell
Hell Of Heaven Or Heaven Of Hell Did you ever stand with open arms, When a cold shoulder is what you achieved. Have you ever trusted with all your heart, For then to be deceived. Did you ever have someone smile at you, For then to put a knife in your back. Did you ever see a shining star, Turn into a wrack. Did you ever feel the sweetest love, Transforming into pain. Did you ever bless the shining sun, For then to be left in the rain. Have you ever enjoyed a company, For then to loose your desire. Have you ever spoken with honesty, For then to be called a liar. Have you ever made a crucial decision, To later find it was wrong. Have you ever felt secure and safe, For then to realize it’s gone. Have you ever inhaled a breath of fresh air, And discovered a toxic smell. Did you ever have a vision of heaven, For then to wake up in hell. Copyright © 2006 by C Hottran
Your The Inspiration ~~~ Chicago
I Just Had To Add This One! It Means The World To Me! Many Deep Feelings Associated With This Song! Chicago - You're the InspirationAdd to My Profile | More Videos
I'm A Noob!
I have no idea what i'm doing but leave me insanely cool comments. cuz i'm awesome. Much love! Manda
Stop Child Abuse
=== 'Eve' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-26 19:52:35'.. > > Know that one person can make a world of difference for a child at the hands of an abuser. Maybe even the difference between life and death. Speak out. Better to be safe than sorry. > > Read the following lyrics > > My little girl met a new friend, > just the other day, > on the playground at school > between the tires and the swings > > But she came home with tear-filled eyes, > and she said to me "Daddy, Alyssa lies" > > Well I just brushed it off at first, > 'cause I didn't know how much my little girl had been hurt > or the things she had seen. > I wasn't ready when I said "You can tell me" > > and she said... > > "Alyssa lies to the classroom, > Alyssa lies everyday at school, > Alyssa lies to the teachers > as she tries to cover every bruise" > > My little girl laid her head down that night to go to sleep. > As I stepped out the room, I heard her say a prayer so s
What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You
You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change?Passion100%Mysterious50%Diamond Eyes42%Eyes full of Pain17%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
Sipping Vodka
SIPPING VODKA This is too funny – I still have tears in my eyes! Finally, a chain letter that I don’t mind forwarding. It’s funny (don’t break chain) A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak. After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done. The monsignor replied, “When I am worried about getting nervous on the pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to get nervous, I take a sip.” So next Sunday he took the monsignor’s advice. At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink. He proceeded to talk up a storm. Upon his return to his office after the mass, he found the following note on the door: 1)Sip the vodka, don’t gulp. 2)There are 10 commandments, not 12. 3)There are 12 disciples, not 10. 4)Jesus was consecrated, not constipated. 5)Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his ass. 6)We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C. 7)The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are
Sipping Vodka.....
SIPPING VODKA This is too funny – I still have tears in my eyes! Finally, a chain letter that I don’t mind forwarding. It’s funny (don’t break chain) A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak. After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done. The monsignor replied, “When I am worried about getting nervous on the pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to get nervous, I take a sip.” So next Sunday he took the monsignor’s advice. At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink. He proceeded to talk up a storm. Upon his return to his office after the mass, he found the following note on the door: 1)Sip the vodka, don’t gulp. 2)There are 10 commandments, not 12. 3)There are 12 disciples, not 10. 4)Jesus was consecrated, not constipated. 5)Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his ass. 6)We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C. 7)The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are
How To Meet Women Online?
When I first started learning how to meet women, one of the tools that REALLY helped me a lot was... of all things... the INTERNET. I found that having email and instant messenger conversations allowed me to "slow down" and focus on thinking through each comment, question, and response. I could literally SEE it as I was creating sexual tension and chemistry... and I had the advantage of being able to meet women on a "level playing field", and lead with my stronger qualities - my personality and my humor. I've met amazing models, actresses, dancers, and other "impossible to meet" women... yep, you guessed it, online. Not only can you meet women and talk to them LIVE anytime, day or night... but you can also use the internet as a "real world simulator" of sorts. You can practice all of your conversation starters, Cocky & Funny responses, and other ATTRACTION BUILDING concepts with REAL WOMEN. And the best part is that it's essentially FREE. If you've b
Westlife Feat. Diana Ross- When You Tell Me That You Love Me
Barry White - Honey Please, Can't Ya See?
Honey Please, Can't Ya See?
Little Bear
Which Constellation Are You? Ursa Minor/Little BearAs the legend goes, when Callisto was changed into a large bear (Ursa Major) and began roaming the forests. Her son Arcas chanced upon her one day and was surprised when the bear started to charge her. Arcas drew his bow to slay the bear, but Zeus interfered so as to save Arcas' mother. Thus Arcas was changed at that moment into a little bear and thrown into the sky with his mother where they would both be immortal. You are very headstrong and brash; sometimes you act before you think. Just be careful not to hurt the ones you love. Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
The end of last week I put my kite into the trees for the first time and managed to put a hole in it. Well, since doing that the wind has not dropped below 12 knots with outgoing tides most of the day. Today, 20-25 knots. still no kite!!! posted a pic, some guys on a cat snapped some rigging so I took some rope down and helped fix it. Instead of calling it a day though and suffering kite withdrawal, I said I would help sail the cat back with them. So, here I was ploughing through the surf, stoked to be on the water, when a kilometre out to sea coming down after hitting a wave, CRACK! the alloy bar across the bows snapped in half and the mast was one wave away from falling. As luck had it, I got to it first and managed to tie it off. Now all we had to do was to surf this 14foot baby back to shore in one piece which we managed to do and all ended well. So as I now sit here on the computer and look out the window it is still windy and I still have no kite but at least I got my wind dose f
Great Balls Of Fire
You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain Too much love drives a man insane You broke my will, oh what a thrill Goodness gracious great balls of fire I learned to love all of Hollywood money You came along and you moved me honey I changed my mind, looking fine Goodness gracious great balls of fire You kissed me baba, feels good Hold me baby, I only love you like a lover should Your fine, so kind I wanna tell this world that your mine mine mine I chew my nails and I tweedle my thumbs I'm really nervous but it sure is fun Come on baby, drive me crazy Goodness gracious great balls of fire Well kiss me baby, feels good Hold me baby I only love you like a lover should Your fine, so kind I wanna tell this world that your mine mine mine I chew my nails and I tweedle my thumbs I'm real nervous 'cause it sure is fun Come on baby, drive me crazy Goodness gracious great balls of fire
A Dream Come True
that once were hidden Are now expressed to you. Days that once were stormy Are now the brightest blue. Times that once were lonely Are now filled with pleasure. All that once was mine alone Are now things we both treasure. Nights that once were cold Are now comforting and warm. Fears that once were very real Are now gone with the storm. A heart that once was broken Can now finally mend. A person once alone in life Can now call you a friend. Dreams that once were longed for Are now all coming true. The love I once thought was gone I have now and forever in you.
The Real--mike Shannon™/ Semi-retired Air Personality/
SEE MY ENTIRE HEADING HERE??? Even though it had lol in it, it's too be PC Politically Correct lol oh that's twice OH MY MY! Oh well someone said that my main pic here I looked like Ringo so I can say "OH MY MY" ;)"Mike Shannon™/ Semi-Retired Air Personality/NAME YOUR $ I NEET SOMEONE TO DO THE FOOTWORK LOL/ I CAN'T BREAK THE GLASS CEILING AT CLEAR CHANNEL!! GRR!.LOL I also have no means of producing a tape. So I would EVEN go back down to doing BOARD WORK, Oh Gawd! But if I could land on a morning or evening show, I might be part of it. YES I TRIED. Stephanie Miller's people (They are really GREAT and FUNNY!) at KTLK 1150 am PLUG PLUG-JONES NETWORK Are a 4 person show! ON AIR AMERICA! HEY AL FRANKEN I WILL WORK CHEAP!!! Then Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly would stop the rumors about AIR AMERICA going under I work CHEAP For the CAUSE! SEE I AM REALLY TRYING TO SAY AIR AMERICA AS MANY TIMES HERE AS AL DID HIS NAME ON THE NEWS ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! Hmmm maybe I cou
Its My Birthday Bitches!
Tomorrow - is my 20th birthday WOOOOOT! i am going out tonight to the Docks in Toronto for the Destiny666 Freakout rave ;) fuckin stoked man i'ma get FUCCCCCCCKKKKEDDD UPPPP
My Brain Patern
Your Brain's Pattern Your brain is always looking for the connections in life. You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first. You're also good at connecting people - and often play match maker. You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white. What Pattern Is Your Brain?
How Much Lust Do You Have?
Your Lust Quotient: 33% You are a fairly lustful person, but nothing out of the norm. You usually keep your lust under control, but sometimes it gets the better of you. How Much Lust Do You Have?
I Work Too Hard For This!!
Im in a bad mood at the current moment. My boss screamed at me this morning in front of another co-worker. She had told me the night before that a certain vendor could not come until 6. Now one would assume that being the manager she would have called him and let him know that. Well, I was wrong and she didn't. The guy came and I explained to him that he couldn't come until 6. He tells me that he can't come back this way and the milk will go bad. I understand they have a schedule to keep so I told him I would let him this time, but he would have to come at 6 from that point on. Well, my manager shows up this morning and finds out I let him work. I told her what he told me and she just yells at me, coping a sorry attitude. Out of all of the ppl who work for her, I am one of the hardest working. She was irresponsible in the fact that she didn't inform the vendor. It really pissed me off. I thought maybe she thought I wasn't capable of counting anymore or something. I have to deal with ve
My Brother
hey people my brother came to live with me and tyanna. my mom and dad said "ruby, ur brother is going to live with u and tyanna now and he has to go to school still so u two take care of him." i think thats gay! why would my parents do that to us! weres he going to sleep? we only have one bedroom! hes going to SLEEP WITH US and WE DONT LIKE IT!
This Is Mostly True
APRIL=SWEETIE Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Shy towards opposite sex. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves travelling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Having many children. Hardworking. High spirited.
Show My Friend Some Love, Be Her Friend Shes Great :o)
sweetashoney79@ CherryTAP
CUTE HALLOWEEN JOKE A little boy and girl go trick or treating. They knock on the door of this house and the man who answers it says, "Well,you two are awful cute. Who are you suppose! se to be?" "We're Jack and Jill" she replied. The man says, "You can't be Jack and Jill, you're black!" So, they go off and a while later they come back dressed differently. They ring the doorbell and once again the man opens the door."Well now, that is just too darn cute.Who are you this time?" "We're Hansel and Gretel" says the little boy. "Well, I hate to disappoint you son, but you can't be Hansel and Gretel because you're black. Heads hung low, they leave. Not too much later the man hears the bell ring again. This time when he opens the door, there stand the two children, but this time they are BUCK NAKED!! "Oh my! And just who are you supposed to be now?" he asks. "Chocolate M&M's," said the little girl. "I'm plain. He's got nuts."
The Map
THE MAP - THE MAP A father wanted to read a magazine but was being bothered by his little girl,SHELBY. She wanted to know what the United States looked like. Finally,he tore a sheet out of his new magazine on which was printed the map of the country. Teating it into small pieces,he gave it to Shelby,and said,"Go into the other room and see if you can put this together. This will show you our whole country today." After a few minutes, Shelby returned and handed him the map correctly filled together. The father was surprised and asked how she had finished so quickly. "Oh,"she said,"on the other side of the paper is a picture of Jesus. When I got all of Jesus back where He belonged, then our country just came together,"
:( Sad
today is a sad day. alot of peoples spouses, fiances, and friends left today for iraq. God Bless the Troops and bring them home safely.
I Wonder...
Ignorant Bliss Is there such a thing? What is a tortured soul? I think I know. If I had a choice Would it really have made a difference? Is ignorant bliss, Or a living death? Is a Tortured soul Truly living? I wonder...
What Would You Say....
Say today was the last day of everything..... The world ended and you found yourself standing toe to toe with St. Peter himself. As he sat there and read the bad things you did, could you tell him "At least I made someone smile every day." Could you say "I helped people I never met in a bad situation." Could you say "I did everything I could." Could you say you meant what you said in all honesty?
A man entered a restaurant and sat at the only open table. As he sat down, he knocked the spoon off the table with his elbow. A nearby waiter reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out a clean spoon and set it on the table. The diner was impressed. "Do all the waiters carry spoons in their pockets?" The waiter replied, "Yes. Ever since we had that efficiency expert out, he determined that 17.8% of our diners knock the spoon off the table. By carrying clean spoons with us, we save trips to the kitchen." The diner ate his meal. As he was paying the waiter, he commented, "Forgive the intrusion, but do you know that you have a string hanging from your fly?" The waiter replied, "Yes, we all do. Seems that the same efficiency expert determined that we spend too much time washing our hands after using the men's room. So, the other end of that string is tied to my penis. When I need to go, I simply pull the string to get my penis out, go, and return to work. Since I don't actually t
A Mother
A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her family when her daughter walks in. “Mother, where do babies come from?” The mother thinks for a few seconds and says, “Well dear, Mommy and Daddy fall in love and get married. One night they go into their bedroom, they kiss and hug and have sex.” The daughter looks puzzled so the mother continues, “That means the daddy puts his penis in the mommy’s vagina. That’s how you get a baby, honey.” The child seems to comprehend. “Oh, I see, but the other night when I came into your room you had daddy’s penis in your mouth. What do you get when you do that?” “Jewelry, my dear. Jewelry
Prayer From The Dark Side
I shall wrap myself in the flag of my country and hold high a bible in my hand. My songs of reverence and righteousness will be heard throughout the land. I will align myself with those of power and wealth, forsaking the downtrodden and unfortunate and proclaim my actions to be in the best interest of all. Because the uneducated and ignorant are more easily governed, I will divert funding from the education of our youth, saying to my critics that our children will be given the care that they require. I will repeal legislation that protects the citizenry from environmental pollution and deny their right to judicial process. And I will say that it is necessary for the common good. I will invade foreign powers, categorizing them as evil, and imprison and torture their people. And this, I will say, is justified in that we bring hope, freedom and democracy to the conquered. I will take from the impoverished, the elderly and the infirmed and they will believe that this is righ
I Have To. (goodbye)
I Have To Say Goodbye To Him...For this reason... I Gained some weight over the last 9-12 months...Im working really hard on losing it again...I even became a vegetarian...But he made it clear he dosen't like girls with "extra weight". He didnt know i gained weight..SO he wasent trying to hurt me... Maybe i shouldnt have put my older pics on here...I guess they were deceiving. Goodbye, You Know Who You Are. -Ash
Sex & Christianity
So that one can fully understand the obscurantism and obtuseness of Christian moral, here are some passages of the moral code regarding sexual relationships: 1) No sin is committed if the married couple have sexual intercourse without feeling pleasure. (casuistry) It was following this precept that women, in order not to commit the sin of lust which they would have to confess, (it is probable that there are still some today), during sexual intercourse recited: “ I am not doing it for my pleasure but to give God a son 2) “.If during sexual intercourse either the husband or wife passionately desires the other, he or she commits mortal sin. (S. Geronimo – theologian). 3) The fondling preceding sexual intercourse is to be considered venial sin if it is limited to simple caresses and becomes mortal sin if the mouth and genitals are kissed especially when the tongue is inserted. (Debreyne – Theologian) 4) Husband and wife should not have sexual intercourse more than four t
Yet Another Dumb Video To Brighten Up Your Day!
From A Special Man And Friend
DONE BY CRAZYDAVE --- > > Dear Friend, > When u feel like me. ! . ! . ! > I dont promise that I will make u laugh, > but I can cry with u. If one day u want to > run away dont be afraid to call me. > I dont promise to ask u to stop...... > but I can run with u. > If one day u dont want to listen to anyone..... > call me. > I promise to be there for u > but also promise to remain quiet. > But one day if u call...... > and there is no answer..... > come fast to see me. > Perhaps I need you. > > ____0000000000______0000000000_____ > __000________000__000________000___ > _000___________0000___________000__ > 000_____________00_____________000_ > 000____________________________000_ > 000___________THANKS__________000_ > _000____________FOR___________000__ > __000__________BEING_________000___ > ___000__________MY_________000____ > _____000______FRIEND______000______ > _______000______________000________ > _________000__________000_________
Amor Prohibido
Music Video:AMOR PROHIBIDO (by Selena)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
My Plight - Erotic Infactuation
My Plight > Bewitched by your beauty and under your spell, > I find my heart and mind, spinning in hell. > Knowing that we shall never be able to unite, > The distance of age and location, my plight. > My wants and desires shall never be shared, > The loss of your respect is my primary fear. > A vision of you will remain in my mind, > Slightly askewed with leathers that bind. > You are a princess as my fantasy unfolds, > My deepest desires can never be told. > So I leave with the passion that I have shown, > And my wish of one day, you could be my own. Written for a friend as I read her profile in October 2006.
More Updatez On Me
Wednesday, Still have that headache, grandma said last night I could go in town with her and she turn around and said I could not go.. It got me really highly pissed right now and I still have that headache.. I was looking forward to go in town and get what I need.. So now I stuck with this fucking headache and it is driving me nuts.. Right now I am not talking to my grandmother because she lied to me and I don't like that.. I think it is bullshit what goes on in this house.. Now I can't get my flu shot so I am screwed that is for sure.. So now I don't know what I am going to do now.. This is really bullshit how she treats me that is for sure.. I am tired of what is going on in my house and I am not going to do anything for nobody in this house.. I do what I can do for me for now on.. Well I will give you all updatez on me ok.. Have a really great day.. Virgo24
Relationship And Sex With Scorpios ~~ Darskide Horoscope
SEX! Obsessive, Relentless, Illicit Admit it, there's nothing you won't try, is there? Brightside and Darkside, you are the zodiac's Lizard King. You just love sex - lots of it, at any time, anywhere; straight, deviant, and downright weird - because you know that sex is power. Your tuning fork is in permanent harmony with the bat's squeak of desire that you know drives the world, and a serious seeing-to recharges your batteries, and plugs you into the power source of the universe. Sex with Scorpios is intense, passionate, erotic (alright, alright, it's hard to see the Darkside here), but the rest of us should be warned: you are just the same when you're on your own. It's the sex you love, not the one you're with. Of course, while you are often almost blind with lust, you are always in control in any relationship, and sex is on your terms. You might want serial one-night stands. You might want intense, constant, obsessional sex with a single lust-slave. You might even wan
Best Sex In 50yrs...
BEST SEX IN 50 YEARS An elderly couple is enjoying an anniversary dinner together in a small tavern. The husband leans over and asks his wife, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years ago? We went behind this tavern where you leaned against the fence and I made love to you." "Yes," she says, "I remember it well." "OK," he says, "how about taking a stroll round there again and we can do it for old time's sake?" "Oooooooh Henry, you devil, that sounds like a good idea," she answers. There's a police officer sitting in the next booth listening to all this, and having a chuckle to himself. He thinks, "I've got to see these two old-timers having sex against a fence. I'll just keep an eye on them so there's no trouble." So he follows them. They walk haltingly along, leaning on each other for support, aided by walking sticks. Finally they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence. The old lady lifts her skirt, t
A Guy's Eating In A Restaurant
A guy's eating in a restaurant and spots a gorgeous woman sitting all alone. He calls over his waiter and says, "Send that woman a bottle of your most expensive champagne, on me." The waiter quickly brings the champagne over to the woman, and says, "Ma'am, this is from the gentleman over there." She says to the waiter, "Please tell him that for me to accept this champagne, he better have a Mercedes in his garage, a million dollars in the bank, and eight inches in his pants." The waiter delivers the message, and the guy says, "Please go back and tell her I have two Mercedes in my garage, three million dollars in the bank, but I haven't even met why the f*** would I cut off four inches?"
as i lay you down to sleep, i kiss your forehead and say im yours to keep. if i die before you wake, toss my body in the lake. dont ask me why just do as i say, and i'll be reborn for another day. i have this love, i have this passion. i write in a funny fasion. but i do know that i am true, and i love to write peoms for you. the smiles i see keep me at bay, and i love the vouches i receive each day. you cant imagine how i feel, but do know this prince is real! now im waiting at the gates of hell, mad as fuck with a story to tell. why am i here if all i brought was joy, while the torture i had since i was a boy. dam all i ever wanted was to be loved, but i got knighted and stuck in this cove. yes i know you dont understand but im just me a fucked up man. lost in heaven with the purest soul, lost in hell with no where to go. all caught up in the scene, fuck i hope this is a dream.
This Is Not My Home
Music Video:HOME (by Three Days Grace)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY, NEVER SATISFIED! THIS IS NOT A HOME, I THINK I'M BETTER OFF ALONE! YOU ALWAYS DISAPPEAR EVEN WHEN YOU'RE HERE! THIS IS NOT MY HOME I THINK I'M BETTER OFF ALONE! HOME! HOME! THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME! HOME HOME THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME! HOME HOME THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME!... I THINK I'M BETTER OFF ALONE!!! my song of the moment and cut up lyrics...adrenaline rush...urge to scream, to break, to smoke, to get high, to rebel, to die, to leave... in case you didnt hear, i've changed now...out of necesity to not get hurt again. i'm coldhearted, i dont give a fuck anymore. i chased away friends when i was the way i was before, so why bother having friends now? i talk to guys i like, guys i want to at least be friends with but then as soon as they hear i wont go along with their hormonal needs, they drop me and it hurts. i'm FUCKIN TIRED of it all!! i'm tired of co
What Am I
Large groups of people board me, yet they know with full knowledge that they are going to end up at the same place from which they started, and that there are no stops. They know that they will see very little if any at all of the local areas of interest or any rolling landscapes on me. They pay money for the trip, yet my managers have received very few complaints about the route covered. I have been running for a number of months, but I am due to close down soon. I will re-open in the same location next year, to follow the exact same route. I operate many times a day, normally taking different groups of people each time. Some people may take the journey more than once in the same day. What am I? Again private message me if ya know the answer.
Wana Know More About Me! Well Here It Is! :-d
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST , I WANNA KNOW... I want to know 20 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. You are obviously on my list, so let me know with whom I am friends! JUST HIT REPLY. 1.Your Middle Name: Elizabeth 2. Age and Zodiac Sign: 19 aries 3. Single or Taken: single but wishin i was taken he knows who he is hehe 4. Favorite place to hang out: hmm probely my best friends house haha good times there lol 5. Favorite pet/animal: tigers are awesome maan, but for pet is my baby romeo 6. Favorite Band/Artist: pretty open with music don't have a favorite 7. Favorite Movie: fast and the furious, the notebook and billy madison haha 8. Tattoos and/or Piercings: 2 tats (know of 4 more i wana get) 5 piercings HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 9. Whats your philosophy on life? oh boy, ya know i was asked that question today and didn't know what the
Long Time
I know I haven't been here in a long time. I am fine, just been really, really busy.
Pcw Tonight Arlington, Tx
Huge show tonight as I challenge PCW World Champion Mace Malone for the PCW Title Tonight. Let the ass kicking begin.
Kewl Quiz
You scored as . Bomb100%Suicide100%Disease93%Disappear80%Stabbed67%Posion67%Suffocated60%Accident53%Natural Causes47%Eaten33%Drowning33%Gunshot27%Cut Throat
Important Survey
NASTY SURVEY Welcome 2 the Nasty Survey. Are u daring enough 2 answer this 4 this person? if so, message them your answers!!! rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self! 1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u want me 2 do u in? answer: 3.Would u wanna taste me? answer: 4.Would u want me 2 sex u hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 10.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 11.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 12.Where would u do me @? answer: 13.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 14.Would u do me again and again? answer: 15.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 16.Would u mind if we did it like porn stars? answer: 17.Woul
My Myspace Address!
For those of you who are reading this and may be interested I do have a myspace too! It's I go back and forth from this site to that one. So you know if you can't catch me here, you'll probably find me there! lol I have a msn and a yahoo messenger too! Hope to chat at ya soon
Well I love to cook...wish I had a guy to cook for but anyway. I wnet to my fathers house to cook lunch and I found out that I cant make a pizza to save my life. I can problem but in the pizza department that is My sister felt sick after and I felt more sick so I wont me makin pizza any more. I loved pizza too and after this I dont think I want pizza for a I will stick to cooking other stuff and stay away from the pizza...I will leave that to the pros of pizza makin aka Dominos or Pizza Hut and others lol. Vamp
What Are You ?
Cucumber! You are definitely kinky, and clearly the cucumber has many alternate uses. So why not bring one into the bedroom and see where it takes you. Take this quiz at
Before Your Love ~~~ Kelly Clarkson
Little Johnny , Just Beautiful
One day, during a lesson on proper grammar, the teacher asked for a show of hands for who could use the word "beautiful" in the same sentence twice. First, she called on little Suzy, who responded with, "My father bought my mother a beautiful dress and she looked beautiful in it." "Very good, Suzy," replied the teacher. She then called on little Michael. "My mommy planned a beautiful banquet and it turned out beautifully," he said. "Excellent, Michael!" Then, the teacher called on little Johnny. "Last night, at the dinner table, my sister told my father that she was pregnant, and he said, 'Beautiful, fucking beautiful!'"
Okay Time For Me Hit The Hay And Good Night Ladies Of Cherrytap ;-)
Well I said already so good night all the ladies of CherryTap muahhhh xxxXXXxxx
Pestilence drips off my tongue, I’m a holy man of war Brutality tickles my blood, makes me so hard that I’m sore I don’t care about the war, only here for the battle I don’t care about the outcome, only grey matter splatter Travel in mist, I spit piss, my eyes water from my own stench The machine stops, inspect the cogs, I’m the wrench inside the engine Shoot your best friend in the face, I’m the faulty trigger mechanism When I swipe I do not slash, I amputate with each incision Black, white, gay, strait, man, or woman, all I see is meat You want me mad, I’m only pleased by appeasement of my savagery Remove your eyelids, forced to witness, as I begin to feast Scream and choke on your own vomit, at the sight of the tendons stuck between my teeth
"the Criteria Of Emotional Maturity"
"The Criteria of Emotional Maturity" by William C. Menninger, M.D. The ability to deal constructively with reality. The capacity to adapt to change. A relative freedom from symptoms that are produced by tensions and anxieties. The capacity to find more satisfaction in giving than receiving. The capacity to relate to other people in a consistent manner with mutual satisfaction and helpfulness. The capacity to sublimate, to direct one's instinctive hostile energy into creative and constructive outlets. The capacity to love.
German Chocolate Upside Down Cake
This delicious cake, made with a cake mix, makes its own topping. INGREDIENTS: * 1 cup coconut * 1 cup chopped pecans * 1 package German chocolate cake mix * 8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature * 1/2 cup butter or margarine, room temperature * 1 pound confectioners' sugar, about 3 1/2 cups unsifted PREPARATION: Grease and flour a 9x13x2-inch baking pan. Put coconut and pecans in the bottom of the pan. Prepare cake mix according to directions on box. Pour over nuts and coconut. Combine cream cheese, butter and confectioners' sugar; drop by spoonfuls on top of cake. Bake at 350° for about 45 minutes
Fall Classes For Men
AT THE LEARNING CENTER FOR ADULTS REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY Friday, October 30th, 2006 NOTE: DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY AND DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THEIR CONTENTS, CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED TO 8 PARTICIPANTS MAXIMUM. Class 1 How To Fill Up The Ice Cube Trays --- Step by Step, with Slide Presentation. Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM. Class 2 The Toilet Paper Roll --- Does It Change Itself? Round Table Discussion. Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours. Class 3 Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub? --- Group Practice. Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours Class 4 Fundamental Differences Between The Laundry Hamper and The Floor --- Pictures and Explanatory Graphics. Meets Saturdays at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks. Class 5 After Dinner Dishes --- Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Kitchen Sink? Examples on Video. M
The Creed
Dont Tread On Me
A Soldiers Ballad
I Don't Think This Is A Good Thing
If Steven were a drink they would be: 3 parts nasty2 parts cheater3 parts jealous Get Your RECIPE Here!
Time To Tickle The Funny Bone Again
Recent Quips from Late Night "These activist judges are at it again. The New Jersey Supreme Court says homosexuals actually have the same civil rights as straight people, which means they can marry. See, this is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats want gays to get married. Republicans know congressmen need to be able to play the field." --Bill Maher "Insiders are now saying that Hillary Clinton has had millions and millions of plastic surgery. They say she's so good-looking that actually, earlier today, her husband hit on her." --David Letterman "Officials said Tuesday that Iraqis have agreed to develop a timetable for progress in stabilizing Iraq. So there you have it. There's now a timetable for establishing a timetable. Welcome home, boys!." --Amy Poehler "According to the Census Bureau, earlier this month, the country's population hit 300 million. And Al Gore is blaming it on 'global humping.'" --David Letterman "Many say that London has r
Ok Folks....goodnight
I have no access to CT anymore from work so I will only be on during the late afternoon and evenings. I miss you all and love you all! Please feel free to leave me a message or comment and I promise to make sure and respond the next time I'm on. Until then...Cheers and Beers!!! Sam
**r U Sure???**
What type of person do you attract? Your Result: You attract artsy people! Those free spirited artists with great imaginations find you interesting. They are usually interesting themselves, so its not a bad thing, but they CAN be a bit wifty and choose odd goals. If you like life to always be a bit 'different' from the norm, but not too extreme in any one direction, these are the people for you. If you seek logical decision making skills and good money management, you may want to change something in the way you appear. Artsy people are fun for adventure and exploring, so, have fun! (smoking weed helps too)You attract unstable people! You attract geeks! You attract rednecks! You attract models! You attract Yuppies! What type of person do you attract?
My Mans 33
well my man just turned 33 on november 6 and i am very happy. we have been together for 11 years and i love him alot. for his birthday bash we had a very large party and he got his wish and that was me and another girl in bed and it was great. i love women and it was great and very sexy shit happened. well i am going for kknow talk to everyone soon.
Pagan Questionnaire
Pagan Questionnaire: 1. How long have you been on your path? Since inception. 2. What where you seeking when you started your path and what are you seeking now? Truth, integrity, balance and humble human existence. 3. What powers are natural/strong points for you? I am a natural healer, an empath, as well as communal with nature (plant, animal, vegetable and mineral). Not being limited, am also a voyager amongst that which lies within the veiled world, (can see, hear, smell, and sense what is not apparent) along with a plethora of “unusual energy occurrences” by those not willing or able to understand and/or pay attention to. 4. Powers...What do you find hard to do/ doesn’t come easy or can't do at all? Hmmmm…. Not much that I have tried and not been successful in attaining once I set my mind to it. 5. What fascinates you the most with spirituality? Knowing that I am just a small, but integral part of a “whole” – the cycle and gift of life. 6. What scares yo
When Life Is Over
Hopeing and wishing love will caress your face, You find its not easy shit just dosnt work out, You remeber your first love and smile and laugh, Then cry at the way your heart would brake. Then befor you know it right befor your eyes your ture love appers the light, the air the soil of your soul the beat of your heart the voice you never had the eyes that are deeper then the sea you give everything you are and all your are to be and then they call it quiets. your heart is broken once again and your heart crys all is dark now and all you can say is This is what its like when life is over....
Talk Dirty To Me ;)
Hey ladies, I need some help right now,if you know what I mean ;) so do me this huge favor when you have a sec: Tell me a sex story with you and I in it and give details of what will happen blah blah blah and make it hott cause that would be awesome...make it sexy ;)
Ok Yall Gooooooooo Vote 4 Yer Fav Angel
*THE ORIGINAL White Tiger*@ CherryTAP
Our Love
Our love is something we have built From passions, hopes and dreams. It's safe from any passing moods, Secure from all extremes. It's something real and special, Something solid, something pure. It's something we can always count on, ringing sound and sure. It's something grounded in the heart, Emitting confidence. It lives in our emotions; It is something we can sense. Our love remains a binding force, Resistant to all strife. Amidst the outer pressures, it's our anchor throughout life.
Bad News
Last night got a call from my sister-in-law. My brother-in-law passed away last night. Novemeber does not seem to be a good month, my wife passed away 3 years ago this month too. May not be too active on here the next several days.
I love movies. They are just so fun to watch and they take you away from the craziness of life into a new world. I dont like horror or war movies though on the most part. I get scared easy like by ET :/ o well anyway, My fav movies are action, adventure, and fantacy. I like Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, all the Supermans from Christopher Reeves on, Mel Gibson films but since Im part Scottish I cant bring myself to watch Braveheart again too sad of an ending. I also like disney, Veggie Tales, Lazy Town (which is a tv show actually), and other such movies.
Pecans In The Cemetery
PECANS IN THE CEMETERY On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big, old pecan tree just inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled up a bucketful of nuts and sat down by the tree, out of sight, and began dividing the nuts. "One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me," said one boy. Several dropped and rolled down toward the fence. Another boy came riding along the road on his bicycle. As he passed, he thought he heard voices from inside the cemetery. He slowed down to investigate. Sure enough, he heard, "One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me." He just knew what it was. He jumped back on his bike and rode off. Just around the bend he met an old man with a cane, hobbling along. "Come here quick," said the boy, "you won't believe what I heard! Satan and the Lord are down at the cemetery dividing up the souls." The man said, "Beat it kid, can't you see it's hard for me to walk." When the boy insisted though, the man hobbled slowly to the
My Seduction Style
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Has The Fight Been Lost?
Has the fight been lost? Have we, the white community of the world seen our fight lost? Every day more and more laws are being passed to further the oppression of the white community, and I for one am getting sick and tired of seeing the black brown and jew profit form the labors of the white man and woman. It is time that we take a stand and express our views on subjects such and immigration and freedom to those who have no right to be in our countries. I come from America where we are still allowed to express our views in a more open environment without fear of police action. I know that I have many more freedoms, but I am still looked down upon in the community of which I live for the views of white superiority, because I am proud of my race and heritage I am viewed as a racists but I have no problem with that. I just can't stand that I am viewed in such a way but when a nigger or a spick is proud of the color of their skin it is acceptable but I being a white man am viewed
If You Are..
I Need A Hubby!
Alright guys, I need a CT Husband!! Someone told me to hold a contest to see who should get the honor..I dont think I'd get enough guys to enter...Care to prove me wrong??
Secret Name
You scored as Ida. Your name is Ida, which means : Industrial and A Hard Worker. You want to accomplish things in life, but you know that accomplishements don't come to you on a silver platter. You aren't afraid to work for what you want, and are very efficient in all that you do. People are inspired by your determination, and feel as ease knowing you are handling things. Felicia100%Ida100%Anastasia96%Rosamond92%Sylvia83%Euphemia75%Juliette67%Doloress21%What Is Your Secret Name ( girls only )created with
What Is A Taurus
Your Alcoholic Horoscope by Sign.. too funny ARIES (Mar 21- Apr 19)Drinking style: Impulsive Aries people like to party and sometimes don't know when to call it a night. Their competitive streak makes them prone to closing-time shot contests. They're sloppy, fun drunks, and they get mighty flirty after a couple of tipples. Getting Aries people drunk is a good way to get what you want out of them, should other methods fail.Aries can become bellicose when blotto, but they will assume that whatever happened should be forgiven (if not forgotten) by sunrise. They can be counted on to do the same for you -- so long as you haven't gone and done anything really horrible to them last night, you sneaky Gemini. TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)Drinking style: Taurus prefers to drink at a leisurely pace, aiming for a mellow glow rather than a full-on zonk. Since a truly intoxicated Taurus is a one-person stampede, the kind of bull-in-a-china-shop inebriate who spills red wine on white carpets and tel
(1)Maria, Maria(2)Just Feel Better(3)Smooth(4)Black Magic Woman(5)Oye Como Va(6)Shake Your Moneymaker-Evil Ways
And We Want To See Your Bazoongas By Friday.
So... When I get even the itty bittyiest tiny littlest upset over anything.. I always find a way to get myself progressivly more upset, mad and/or aggiteted by it... with in minutes. Grrr. blehhh. But... yeah. Someone should come hang out with me tonight =]
What Kind Of Sex Do You Love? Omg! Roflmao
You scored as Anal Sex. Damn you lubricated vagina, damn you to hell! Butt seriously you like to try a "hole" ASSortment of things in bed..Oral Sex100%Anal Sex100%Phone Sex100%Cyber Sex100%Normal Sex83%Orgy83%Gay Sex67%What kind of SEX do you love? (pics)created with
Who Is The Immigrant!!!!
Ok im bored...anyone got AIM or yahoo messenger???
Can Somebody Tell Me...
Why everytime I'm chatting with a nice guy (friendly but not sexual) and mention my husband I never get more than a one word answer from them again? Are guys that intimidated talking to a married woman? Puzzled and confused.
Review- Food
we went to white buffalo road house for dinner before the concert. this one id mixed review. my daughter said it was the best chillil cheese burger ever, but my steak sucked. the service was fair. and the ambiance was desent. family orianted. so my take on it, just dont order the steak.
Neil Young
What Kinda Kisser Are You?
What type of kisser are you? Romantic kisserThis kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by Romantic kisser: This kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.
What Comes To Mind
Here I am twisting in the wind Ruining what I had with those that call themselves my friend It seems always to turn out this way I always fall into this hole and push them all away I am like a tornado tearing through their lives I dont know why I do it, it makes me feel so unalive They put up with me as long as they can bear But they'll soon give up on me is what I fear I hope and pray that they'll help me through this hell Maybe they'll stick with me until I am well Then I can show them all how thankfull I am I'll give back all the kindness and friendship that any person can They will know that they can count on me more than anyone else When they need some help to find themself
Just A Poem I Like
i came across this poem a few semesters back in the union square, always liked it and thought i would share. como besas how will you kiss lift your lips our lost breath intermingles synchronizing our sighs as lazy hours ease by waft coca hazelnut scents around me tremble with me in paralyzing pause i may no longer breath without breathing you in
Fingers All this stupid ranting and raving I do: the whining, the bitching and moaning: “my knee,” “my boy,” “the ex,” “I have no money,” and sometimes, it’s all such a lie. And then, when all I need is to let the roar out, to let it escape into the black night and the infinite sky and the eight million and twelve stars; when all I need is to find moist damp fingers kind enough to capture my own; when all I need is to find some diamond eyes so crazily cut, so oddly set, that there is some crack or crevice that I can settle into, only then does everything crumble like a tide-old sandcastle built just not quite far enough inland to avoid the eroding, corroding, decaying, demolishing Poseidon’s hand of tide and current and undertow and everything is the moon’s fault. It sings to me and like a child enticed by the Pied Piper’s melody, I will worship Pan, dance to his overwhelming flute, rejoice with his kindred spirits, like Dionysus,
Weird to see how easily people can show the ass only to collet points! hahahah Too bad it is not the same in real life....would be a life full of flash! wow! ciao belli!
Weight Loss Tips
Independent Articles About: 1. Lose Weight Fast 2. Diet fads & Dieting 3. Long Term Weight Loss Lose Weight Fast - Six Sensible Tips for Long Term Weight Loss By Sacha Tarkovsky In this article we are going to show you some sensible PROVEN Ways to lose weight fast. The good news about the diet tips enclosed are they do not involve starving yourself, or using fad diets that can actually be bad for your long term health. 1. Drink water Water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off longer term. Water acts as an appetite suppressant by keeping your stomach full and fending off dehydration which can lead to false cravings/hunger. Water also helps your body metabolize stored fat by helping the kidneys flush out waste. When you don't drink enough water the liver which works to provide stored fat for energy helps the kidneys eliminate waste and becomes less effective at metabolizing fat. Drinking water ice cold burns
Tell Me What To Do
This Is Funny
A friend sent this to me had to share it Loved it!!!! Your naughty girl..Lorie
Accepting Who You Are And Not Creating Fake Profiles
Accepting Who You Are and Not Creating Fake Profiles One has to feel sorry for the people that feel that they have to use someone else's photos to represent themselves. To feel so bad about one's self that the person feels compelled to resort to dishonesty i.e. deception in order to get attention in the non real world of cyberspace. Because that person will have shown that they can't be trusted (since they developed their relationship based upon a lie), do they honestly (no pun intended) believe that they will be able to meet anyone from cyberspace in the real world? I wonder what it is that they ultimately hope to acheive? I have been here for 3 weeks and now I have found that someone who has been in contact with me here (and a lot of other people), is using 68 photos of a very beautiful model, by the name of Jon Mack. The profile who is using "stolen" photos to represent themself to everyone here is "purentencitysgirl". If one looks at all of the profile views "purentenc
Getting Laid
i am a slightly overwieght horny college guy who is looking to get laid. Any advice on how to achieve this.
**me & Ash Score Alike Again!**
You scored as Nyx. Your Nyx! Night time is your favorite. Your the controler of dreams and nightmares. You are also a sign of mystery and darkness. Thanks for taking my quiz. Please rate. :)Nyx81%Inanna56%Diana44%Freyja44%~Which goddess of the moon would you be? (sweet pics)~created with
Totally Pissed
Alright I'm completely pissed at this stupid fuckin site tonight. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm going to drown in nyquil. Not sure what to do. I'm not redoing the contest. No winners, sorry if someone was winning..I dont have the cherry buck because I was relying on the contest to earn me enough. Grrr..I'm angry...
1 True Love
As I awaken, each and every day, Thoughts of love turn to you. An unbreakable bond between us two, A special love ever so true... The warm glow in your eyes, The sweet smile on your face; Makes me want to hold you, Forever in love's tender embrace. The gentleness of your touch, The sweet passion of your kiss. Just a couple of many pleasures, I longingly so miss... The sound of your voice, Is like a song in my heart, Always bringing me happiness, As it has done from our start. We've shared many joys, And also felt some sorrows, Yet our future is filled, Of wonderful tomorrows. So, until that bright day, Far away such as it seems, You shall always be my one true love... The woman of my dreams.
No Kid Should Have To Go Through This
My name is Kelly I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlies bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door Hes already l
Angel Eyes
Girl, you're looking, fine tonight, and every guy has got you in his sights. What you're doing, with a clown like me, is surely one of life's little, mysteries For tonight I'll ask the stars above, "How did I ever win your love?" What did I do? What did I say, to turn your angel eyes my way? Well, I'm the guy who never learned to dance, never even got one second glance Across a crowded room was close enough, I could look but I could never touch For tonight I'll ask, the stars above, "How did I ever win your love?" What did I do? What did I say, to turn your angel eyes my way? Don't anyone wake me, if it's just a dream 'Cause she's the best thing, ever happened to me All you fellows, you can look all you like, but this girl you see, she's leavin' here with me tonight There's just one more thing that I need to know, if this is love why does it scare me so? It must be somethin only you can see, 'cause girl I feel it when yo
Please Dont Drink And Drive, Check This Out And See Why!
I have been guilty of it, but I got arrested without incident and learned my lesson solely from the embarrassment.. Now that I have seen this I am glad a made different choices after getting in trouble with ever causing any of this.. Please realize the risks you take and put others in when you do do it.. A designated driver or a cab is always the way to go.. If I live near you call me and I will pick you up and get you home! Please let this sink in.. I posted in bulletins too so repost and get the word out! Cinaliscious! From: SEXUAL TYRANNOSAURUS Date: Nov 14 2006 12:36 PM This is Jacqueline Saburido on September 19, 1999. This is her and her Father, 1998. This is her on Vacation in Venezuela. Birthday party as a child. At a party with friends. The car in which Jacqueline traveled. She was hit by another car that was driven by a 17-year old male student on h
100 Friends !!!
i did it !!! 100 sexy ladys !!!! love you all !!!!
See I New There Was A Reason I Always Called Vodka Vitamin Per Requested...come On People Give Me More Ideas
as found on: Vodka and Diabetes? It is known that a glass of wine daily can be beneficial to one's health and, more specifically, heart. But what about a shot of vodka? Well, some Italian researchers have found (in a preliminary study) that drinking a shot of vodka at dinner could help prevent Type 2 diabetes. The following press release can be found at ITALIAN RESEARCH COUNCIL AFFIRMS ONE SHOT GLASS OF VODKA DAILY KEEPS DIABETES AWAY Rome, Mar. 23rd (Adnkronos) – A drink during the main meal of the day could keep diabetes away. Not only has red wine been found to be “heart –friendly” but now also vodka in moderate amounts is said to be “healthy”. In fact, it seems that vodka is useful against diabetes, especially to ward off mellitus diabetes, or non-insulin dependent Type 2 diabetes. This was discovered by the researchers of the Biomedical Engineering Institute of the National Research Council (CNR) of Padua, in co
Right Now
i just wanted to let you know if you read my blogs a lot of em are when I am having the worst times in my life I dont remember being so dark or dramtic but i guess i look at em now and i realize they were therapy so thanks for your support i appreciate it
For Love
A Burning Touch Of Love My love, Are you still mine? Cause there many… Fantasies thoughts Going through my head, As all I do is think of you… As I`ve hungered, For your loving burning touch, As I need your love so badly, Now till the end of time, I am waiting for you with open arms To embrace you with wings of love, To hold you deep within my soul, To kiss you without control. Just being near you, And be able to behold your touch, Takes me to another dimension, But, time just moving so slowly, To feel the heat of your passions. I do want you to know… I will always love you, That you are all I have ever long for, And crave, and yearn… That you are the ANGEL of my dreams, The one I have search all my life, That every day, more and more, I`m falling deeply in love with you!
Things To Not Think So Much About..
Things that matter.... — Thursday, November 16, 2006 Or actually things that don't matter. I got real drunk lastnight. It seemed like the thing to do at the time kinda. Things that people seem to care about but aren't really a big deal to me. 1- Matching your sox. What difference does it make if they match anyway? How much attention do people pay to your feet, and if you have sox with a grey toe, and sox without a grey toe, and you wear one of each, most of the time, it will have little or no impact on your life. Yet people spend time making sure their sox match. 2- Silverware. Seperating it when you put it away. Why? Why take the time to do that? it's not like it's hard to find a fork, or whatever you are looking for when you open the droor. Or atleast it's not hard for me. 3- exact spelling and grammer. They are for sheep anyway. They only matter cuz their are condascending pieces of shit who will judge you because you don't follow the rules some guy made up
Honey I'm Home!
Well I'm home. Nuff said. Well - Maybe not..Who is gonna piss me off today? I went easy on the person that done crossed me, because I didnt feel good, and it was late. Its still very early, and I feel quite fine tonight - And I WILL chew ya ass out tonight. Be Warned. FussyCodes - MySpace Generators, Images, Icons, Templates, Glitter Images and - You Got Crush On Someone?Danity Kane Lyrics Shania Twain Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes By VideoRoll
Yado, Alright, another night at the bar complete. I've only got one thing on my mind right now, or actually ringing in my mind. That little friggin tone in your ear when everything is quiet, it drives me nuts. I feel like my brain is giving me that emergency broadcast signal and any moment it's gonna tell me, "Smoke 'em if you got 'em, 'cause you're fucked. Hell, it's part of the reason I drink, so I can pass out and sleep(Look How good it works, here I am almost twelve and I'm here.) Zado
The Second Coming Is Backwards
The second coming is backwards. Only the innocent die and everyday there is hope, because without Hope there is no future. No signs or miracles. It is up to You to have FAITH! Satan is your savior (Temptation), passes Judgment onto god. So deceptive he will sometimes turn back to his original origin “An Angel of Light”. Fear God... WHY? Because when God showed signs & miracles, ”The Left Behind” created Religion. They said if you don’t go to church and pay us MONEY that you will go to hell. The church out of greed made its people go out and recruit new members for their religion and insist there religion is the right one. RELIGION has caused most Wars, Hatred, and Deaths!
How To....
How to say 'I love you' in 25 languages... .. English I Love You Spanish Te Amo French Je T'aime German lch Liebe Dich Japanese Ai Shite Imasu Thai Phom rak khun Italian Ti amo Chinese Wo Ai Ni Swedish Jag Alskar Alabama Arkansas Indiana Nebraska Oklahoma Texas North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Tennessee Missouri Mississippi Montana Louisiana Virginia West Virginia Kentucky parts of Florida Nice Ass , Get in the truck
Ever Wonder Why?
Why do people send friend requests only to then delete you from their friend's list? Just curious.
I Dont Understand!!!!
Ok, Someone Help Me Here!!!! Why Is It If A Married Person Cant Return The Same Feelings About The Same Sex That Likes Them.....They Get Upset And Think U Mean???? I Tried To Be Nice About It And This Girl Is Really Beautiful, But I Am Not Into The Same Sex...Ddont Get Me Rong I Am All For The People That R And I Am Not Dogging On It But Its Not For Me No Matter How Pretty A Girl Is....Someone Plz Tell Me What I Did Wrong...I Feel So Bad For Hurting Her!!!
Hope All Is Having A Good Weekend
hey just chilling and doing laundry.Hope everyone has the best weekend ever.
Luv My Birth Month!
Your Birth Month is September Tolerant and inspirational, you are wise beyond your years. You are universally sympathetic and a great humanitarian. Your soul reflects: Devotion, light, and love Your gemstone: Sapphire Your flower: Morning Glory Your colors: Brown and deep blue What Does Your Birth Month Mean?
Is This Really That Suprising?
as found on: Claim: The Mississippi state legislature removed fractions and decimal points from the mathematics curriculum of public secondary schools. Status: True. Origins: First Alabama tried to redefine the value of pi to 3. Then Kansas removed the requirement for teaching evolution in its public schools. We thought it couldn't get any worse, but then Mississippi came along and proved us wrong: 13 August 1999 Jackson, MS -- Bolstered by the state of Kansas' recent measure removing the requirement for the teaching of evolution in public schools, yesterday afternoon the Mississippi legislature passed a bill eliminating fractions and decimal points from the mathematics curriculum of all public secondary schools in the state. "Despite the coincidental timing of the measure, this was no whim," asserted Mississippi state senator Cassius de Spain. "We'd had the issue under consideration for several months now." The
Second Part Of The New Guy As Promised
To continue with my story if I haven't bored you enough yet lol. This part of the story D doesn't understand exactly how to riser. Now to catch you all up to date with what a rise's the very top shelf that has a whole bunch of hodge podge on it. This is were we put over stock to get to easier once the product is empty on the shelf. There are safety rules you have to comply with when you put anything on the riser. No higher then 24 inches and nothing can have over the side. Now that you are all caught up lets move on with my story shall we? Once you open a box you take it to the shelf to see if it can be put out for people to buy. If it goes on the shelf that's wonderful more for the customer to buy. However if you can get some of it on the shelf and have a few left over, you should look up at the riser and see if there is room to put it up there. If not then you need to either make room buy filling the shelf with the things on the riser, or not put the product up at all an
ok damn it where do u get off bad mouthing people for what they listen too huh are you really that retared, for shit sakes just goes to should u dont know good shit if it hit u in the mouth. an like ur stupid ass games are anybetter?? at least we aint filling out head of shit an losing our selves in games fricken moron!
Today In History 11-19
November 19 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address on this day in 1863. The speech was considered so insignificant at the time that coverage was limited to the inside pages of the newspapers (page one coverage went to a speech by Edward Everett). 1895 - Frederick E. Blaisdell of Philadelphia, PA patented what he called the paper pencil -- a paper-wrapped pencil with a string for revealing more lead, like those china markers you buy these days. 1928 - After five years of publication, TIME magazine presented a cover portrait for the first time. Japanese Emperor Hirohito was the magazine’s first cover subject. 1932 - Halfback Joe Kershallo scored 71 points to lead West Liberty State College of West Virginia to a staggering 127-0 win over Cedarville College, Ohio. Heck, Kershallo was in the highlight film; he should have won an Academy Award! 1943 - Stan Kenton and his orchestra recorded Artistry in Rhythm, the song that later become the Kenton t

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