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Happy Memorial Day
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Hey Hey Fkrs
Le Requiem D'un E`tranger
Anyone else ashamed of what they are? The smoke curls around my fingertips. Burned you. Dunno why. Beat your head into a mess of wet meat. Dunno why. Took myself out on myself. Breathe in poison. Try not to smile. Try not to cry. Still okay to scream. Still okay to drag the needle across your brain. Used needles. Crusted over with aborted scabs. Withering away. No one to put all this hate into but myself. No fix until the weekend. Need a hit. So take you out on you. One with none. Comes with instructions. Because... you... I?- can't bear to see her in pain. Hate that pout. Only smiles... please. Only laughter in this house. You know the one... small ranch... yellow sheets. Big orange couch. ...what rhymes with orange? Doesn't matter, I'm not that kind of poet anyway. I'm no kind of poet. I'm no kind. Outsider. Wanting only everything. Tout dans rien. Seulement vous.
So True!!
These things really are spot on for me lately, i just came out of an exam and now i feel like poop, i come home and check my ct and what do i see but: "That saying about all work and no play is truer than you think. The stars say to live it up. And no, that does not mean ordering take-out and watching something different on television. Get outside. Wear something cute." So i put on a cute top and now i'm in my slightly overgrown garden with a home made pina colada :P
Enjoy Your Memorial Day....but
However you celebrate this Memorial Day, never forget those who fought for our freedom and those who are still fighting. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
Chocolate Is Better Than Sex
TOP THIRTY REASONS WHY CHOCOLATE IS BETTER THAN SEX You can GET chocolate. "If you love me you'll swallow that"; has real meaning with chocolate. Chocolate satisfies even when it has gone soft. You can make chocolate last as long as you want it to. You can have chocolate even in front of your mother. If you bite the nuts too hard the chocolate won't mind. Two people of the same sex can have chocolate without being called nasty names. The word "commitment" doesn't scare off chocolate. You can have chocolate on top of your workbench/desk during working hours without upsetting your work mates. You can ask a stranger for chocolate without getting your face slapped. You don't get hairs in your mouth with chocolate. With chocolate there's no need to fake it. Chocolate doesn't make you pregnant. You can have chocolate at any time of the month. Good chocolate is easy to find. You can have as many kinds of chocolate as you can handle. You are n
Just Because
Nothing Personal
*snickers* Yes, I'm wrapped up in promoting my store... Ultra Girly Macrame Choker - rose quartz, amethyst, and blue chalcedony (pictured above) Ultra Girly Macrame Bracelet - rose quartz, amethyst, and blue chalcedony Spiraling Into Control Macrame Choker - snowflake obsidian
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Face Down lyrics by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Hey girl you know you drive me crazy one look puts the rhythm in my hand. Still I'll never understand why you hang around I see what's going down. Cover up with make up in the mirror tell yourself it's never gonna happen again you cry alone and then he swears he loves you. Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground? Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end as your lies crumble down, a new life she has found. A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect every action in this world will bear a consequence If you wade around forever you will surely drown I see what's going down. I see the way you go and say your right again, say your right again heed my lecture Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground? Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end as your lies
Someone Left This Comment On My Page !!!
WOW THIS IS AWSOME AND I'M SO GLAD ... CUZ IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! MADE ME CRY ***PLS REPOST...ShaDoW*** (repost of original by 'HELLCAT' on '2007-05-28 12:02:01') (repost of original by 'Captain Caveman -nWo-Apprentice Pimpand engaged to Jessie' on '2007-05-28 12:05:41') (repost of original by 'DJFawn #1 DJ House of Rhyme ~#4 of the Texas Bombers ~~ Club F.A.R.' on '2007-05-28 12:30:39') (repost of original by 'Just Shizzle-11th DIMENSION F.A.R. nWo H.O.R.(SIK#11)' on '2007-05-28 12:33:50') (repost of original by 'mysticdreams~Owner mysticdreams~ place~Proud member of the confederate bombers family of CT~' on '2007-05-28 12:43:27') (repost of original by 'Devoted Real Life Girlfriend of Archangel~Founder A.O.V~NBSD~Angel Family' on '2007-05-28 13:06:47') (repost of original by 'tempted2try' on '2007-05-28 13:19:08') (repost of original by 'Bi~Babe' on '2007-05-28 13:23:02') (repost of original by '*ŞħãĐØŴ * -Realm of Syn-' on '2007-05-28 13:49:14') (
Footprints In The This !!!
Footprints in the Sand One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there were one set of footprints. This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints. So I said to the Lord, “You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?” The Lord replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand, is when I carried you.” Mary Stevenson
Just Looking For Friends
I have a b/f and yes i'm very happy. I have 4 kids that mean the world to me. I'm just looking for friends. If you want to be friends you can talk to me on yahoo.
Boob Contest Update
...***** PLEASE VOTE *****8AM LEADERS - - - 16 HRS REMAIN 2 VOTE REBECCA - 407 YASHA - 225 DIANE - 100 MEG - 93 PRIZE 4 MOST COMMENTS IS CHOICE of MEN`s or DIAMOND RING this picture link should take ya to contest page ya may need to add as friend for ya get access 2 vote ??? after voting can ya FAN & RATE me please ... THANKS CHUCK ENTRY STILL AVAILABLE
From Buster
A Real Special Hug! I'm sending this hug, Just to say hi, In case you were wondering, The reason why. You are a friend, With a real soft heart. I'd hug you myself, But we are apart. So here is this hug, To cheer up your day. I picked out this hug, And sent it your way. A real special hug, To say that I care. Because you are my friend. And I like to share
Autism History
The word "autism" was first used in the English language by Swiss psychiatrist Eugene Bleuler in a 1912 issue of the American Journal of Insanity. It comes from the Greek word for "self," αυτος (autos). Autism was actually confused with schizophrenia during the early stages of observation. Bleuler used the term to describe the schizophrenics' seeming difficulty in connecting with other people.[16] However, the classification of autism as a separate disorder or disease did not occur until 1943 when psychiatrist Dr. Leo Kanner of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore reported on 11 child patients with striking behavioral similarities and introduced the label "early infantile autism." He suggested the term "autism" to describe the fact that the children seemed to lack interest in other people. Kanner's first paper on the subject was published in a now defunct journal called The Nervous Child, and almost every characteristic he originally described is still re
Breaking Benjamin - Breath
I see nothing in your eyes And the more I see the less I like Is it over yet? In my head I know nothing of your kind And I won't reveal your evil mind Is it over yet? I can't win So sacrifice yourself And let me have what's left I know that I can find The fire in your eyes I'm going all the way Get away please [Chorus] You take the breath right out of me You left a hole where my heart should be You got to fight just to make it through Cause I will be the death of you This will be all over soon Pour the salt into the open wound Is it over yet? Let me in So sacrifice yourself And let me have what's left I know that I can find The fire in your eyes I'm going all the way Go away please [Chorus] You take the breath right out of me You left a hole where my heart should be You got to fight just to make it through Cause I will be the death of you [Bridge] I'm waiting I'm praying Realize Start hating [Chorus] You take the breath right out of
A Girls First Time
Assume you are a girl, (if you are a boy) It's your first time. As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you. He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and you shiver; your body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him - he's done this many times before. His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him ;more room for an easy entrance.You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible. As he presses ;closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way; pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you
Depression, if only it would go away It makes me wonder why I live life this way Why I go from day to day Trying to look for the light But the darkness just pulls me back Pain consumes me And I want to escape Not worth the breath of life I wonder why Im even here Life was just a mistake Just a face lost in the crowd Screaming so loud But its like no one hears I wipe away these tears But more fall Trying so hard to be strong But a silent tear is all I have to show I dont want to face this pain anymore I want to lock myself away from all the world Im so confused Sick of life Sick of the pain Sick of going through this shit from day to day Why must I live life this way? Guess Ill never know Silent tears are all I have to show
Tribute To Jenny
Tribute to Jenny Richards on the Second Anniversary of her Passing > >Jenny was born on March 30, 1959, the firstborn child to Rusty and Amy Richards. Rusty was tenor and lead singer with The Sons of the Pioneers, for twenty-one years. Jenny was lulled to sleep with albums of the Sons, and she heard her daddy sing and play his guitar and she watched him write beautiful songs, and at the age of ten, she dedicated her life to music! And what a life it was! The music just poured out of her! Jenny started singing professionally when she was seventeen at the Alpine Cafe in Silverado, and several places in Laguna Beach. She had written poetry since she was ten, and she wrote songs that were truly amazing and powerful! We are using one verse of her song, " Live My Life Out Loud," on her head stone. (Which has not been set in place, as yet,) Jenny was never satisfied with her work. Her singing moved people to tears, and her writing sent chill bumps up and down your spine,
Tarot Card
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Beegees -words
this song is important because this is what I am. A Knight. I offer a lady no riches,I tempt her with nothing. I all I have is my words,to take her heart away.
Jimi Hendrix Woodstock 1969
Hendrix In Woodstock(voodoo Child)
How Well Do U Know Me???
Create your own Friend Quiz here WANNA KNOW ME BETTER?? CHECK OUT MY BLOGS
Aight so i just wanna say thank you to all my peeps for showing mad love to me.....the comments, the notes, everything,, thanks again,,,
Well i took my physcal fitness test yesterday and i passed so hopefully now i can get promoted to sergent. that would be great but there are many before me that deserve it way more than i do.either way it goes im glad that i passed my pt test. now i can start getting really buff and muscular. when i start getting muscular ill post pictures.
"i've Had Enough"
I've had enough of these fights, That we so often have. I've had enough of neglect, and I cant take any more. I've had enough sleepless nights, Wondering if you love me or not. I've had enough silent treatments, Might as well be alone. I've had enough falling tears, To last a whole lifetime. Enough is enough, And I've finally had enough!!! The one thing I never did get enough of, Was the love I wanted from you. I've been so very miserable, But I won't be anymore, "Cuz I've finally HAD ENOUGH!! BL
The Wolf
Wolves symbolize family, teaching, co-operation, insight, stealth, strength, leadership, loyalty, freedom, individuality, psychic energy connected to the moon (hidden wisdom), sharing knowledge and wisdom, cunning, hunting, seeking, introspection, listening, magic, dreams, They are connection to the moon.
Do You Remember
Told Ya I'm Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!
Your results:You are Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 100% Supergirl 95% Catwoman 85% Hulk 75% The Flash 75% Iron Man 75% Green Lantern 70% Superman 65% Spider-Man 60% Batman 55% Robin 55% You are a beautiful princesswith great strength of character. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test
Have You Ever
given in to your partners wishes to do something different when alone and totally enjoyed it but never told them?
A REAL MAN....... 1.) A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his Woman first. 2.) A REAL MAN raises his kids, not JUST out of pocket either. 3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself. 4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN. 5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises 6.) A REAL MAN calls you beautiful, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck. 7.) A REAL MAN loves you just as much first thing in the morning when your hair is sticking out in a million directions, you have no makeup on, and you haven't showered, shaved or brushed your teeth yet as he does when you're dressed to the nines and ready for a night out on the town. 8.) A REAL MAN CALLS U on a daily basis - NO MATTER HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS. 9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you or what his friends think of you. 10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick
Track 1 - Banished From Sanctuary
In deserts I was preaching The hand of god was with me Baptised with water and I praised The one who came behind me To save us all with the holy ghost -a prophet of the fools I've been lost I'm sure you're there wandering around But do you care for me I'm alone You talk of love not for me In my dungeon cold I could think about All the things you've said But I can't understand your famous son [Lead:Andre] [Ref:] No no turning back I'm banished from sanctuary The darkness in me is filling me with pain There's no way to turn back for eternity In shadows I'm walking and caught in loneliness Deliverance I wait for but how long? Are you the one who should come show me the light in you Or should we wait for someone? Another! [Ref:] No... [Solo: Andre/Lead:Marcus/Andre] Your reich should come to this world Your way smoothed by my blood, friend My might will decrease but you'll get High, yes so much higher be careful of the rats, friend Cause they'll neve
Poetry- Games
Why is it? that everytime i look at you I smile I look up and see you staring at me I think to myself does he like me? or is he just playing me for a fool Playing me for a fool is what he's doing playing with my heart like a nothing little toy He doesn't care if he breaks a girl's heart For him its just a game He likes to play He leads girls on leads them on till they love then drops them with no second thought Why is it? that everytime i see him all i want is for him to hold me but i know all he'll do is play games People say get over him people tell me forget him but i can't there's just something about hhim Games are all he plays I should learn Never to fall for the Games
"i Turn To You"
"I Turn To You" -- by Charlie When i'm lost , you helped me find my way . all the time , everyday . I Turn to you.......... When i'm scared, you're there to comfort me , to let me know that everything will be alright , everyday and every night . I turn to you........ you help me through thick and thin , to lose to win , to shelter me with your arms to give me your heart I Turn To You ......
Thoughts And Prayer
Beautiful Home
something a little more upbeat Here lives a beautiful person beautiful in flesh beautiful in mind beautiful in heart beautiful in soul beautiful in laughter beautiful in sorrow beautiful in silence beautiful in words beautiful streaming from inside out
Who Did It?
Be judge and jury in this short story. This personality test sets a moral dilemma in a love story and a murder. Answer the five questions at the end to reveal its meaning and something about your personality. There is a river with a bridge and a wife and her husband live in a house on one side. The wife has a lover who lives on the other side. The only way to get across the river is to walk across the bridge or ask the boatman to take you. The husband has to go on an overnight business trip in a faraway town. The wide pleads with him to take her with him. She knows if he doesn't she'll be unfaithful to him. The husband absolutely refuses to take her because she will only be in the way of his important business. So the husband goes alone. That night the wife goes over the bridge and stays with her lover. Dawn is almost up when the wife leaves because she must be back home before her husband returns. She starts walking across the bridge but sees an assassin waiting for her
Cool Pirate :)
Let Me Know
Everyone let me know what you think about my new stuff. It is a big part of my life still today and anyone who knows me will tell you that I did my job with all my heart and soul and I did it every well! I retired as LT. Thanks, LT. Armstrong
Part 1
OK...SOME OF YOU KNOW I'M A BOOKWORM..AND SOME DON'T....WELL NOW ALL OF YOU DO.... I've been reading a book called Wild at John Eldredge, and while not usually a fan of "religious" literature, this book has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I'd like to share a bit of it with you.... This book is about discovering the masculine soul, and what it means to be man. Not what society, or your wife, or your boss, or your friends, or TV says a man should be, but why we yearn for the things we do and why we feel the way we feel sometimes. Society has ripped "manhood" away from men. Women for years have complained about having a nice, sensitive,"well trained" man. And in the next breath, they wonder where the real men have gone..... While there is nothing wrong with the afforementioned qualities, there is so much more to the male heart, or soul, if you will. Men are created with a longing for battle, competetion, and danger...It's in the make up of our soul. We wa
I'm Happy
I'm 44 and happily married .My hubbie loves taking my hot-pictures and after some persuasion I had agreed
What You Seek
You look so hard,in every place. for some thing that stares you in the face. You can not see it,yet its there. close enough to touch your hair. The love you seek is close at hand, not some where across the land. each touch, each kiss, each soft caress. A love so strong it will never rest. Just reach out and you will see, the one you seek is me.......Silverthorn...6/12/07
I Am You
I couldn't stand another day , as I watched my self rote , and decay, my soul started too crumble, a faded whisper tellin me too let go, then a angel pulled me back this is something I truely lacked ! An angel from down bellow , that has a sacred glow, she's the one that saved my life, before I ended it with a knife, the will too care , I couldn't bare, she showed me the light, and gave me back my second sight ! Something shifted, mind is gifted, a burning desire, my soul's on fire, energy flowing through my vains, corrupted mind , sharp as fangs ! Angel I call too you, wash the tear's away, for I am here too stay, I once was, now I am found, bound by fate, come too me set me free ! My love is fire, you're heart I truely desire, I am you, you are me, and come too thee, lets set this world together, and last forever ! By Noc
All types of magic running through me, using my projective hand, and the eight elements around me, my journey begins, far a cross the distance, and spaces between us, I travel in different spaces, spirituality , and freely! Unformed_Galaxies of outer space, presents within our body's, sparks of life, which gives us a soul , unknowable force pushes through us, which gives us life!! Feel the earth's power, hear the winds, whithering, watch the sun plunge a new horizon, making a haze over , lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans, reflecting a mirror see the beauty with in, feel life it self transformed, too a for filling experience! An experience un none too man kind, so joyful , and colorful, the powers from the un none, gave us, life!!! By Nocturnal_Goth
Please Offer Him Passion
Jeff is a good man,shame you feel as you do.please do don't bring more shame on him.You have no idea the health issues he has.this family he's trying to do with theresa,is his last hoorar,he lost such a big part of his life when he got that he is sick,he is going for glory of the best damn ct bombing family ever.but weak minded people like u have no clue what he must endure day after day,the pain alone he must live with.I doubt u could even tolerate a micron of it.when jeff returns i will inform him,of how heartless his precious L.R.L. are to him..I hope someone shows mercy on your soul cause i certainly won't. On 6/12/2007, wrote: >FOR YOUR INFORMATION; > I was NEVER notified of any merger meetings, EVER!! So if Jeff wanted me, or anyone else for that matter, in these meetings, maybe he should have mentioned it to us. This whole thing boils down to noone having ANY say in anything. I am not at all sorry for what I wrote, if he had talked with me
Dating Different Nationalities
ITALIAN WOMEN: First Date: You take her to a play and an expensive restaurant. Second Date: You meet her parents and her Mom makes spaghetti & meatballs. Third Date: You have sex. She wants to marry you & insists on a 3-carat ring. 5th Anniversary: You already have 5 kids together & hate the thought of having sex. 6th Anniversary: You find yourself a Mistress. CHINESE WOMEN: First date: You get to buy her an expensive dinner but nothing happens. Second date: You buy her an even more expensive dinner. Nothing happens again. Third date: You don't even get to the third date and you've already realized nothing is ever going to happen. INDIAN WOMEN: First date: Meet her parents. Second date: Set the date of the wedding. Third date: Wedding night. BLACK WOMEN: First Date: You get to buy her a real expensive dinner. Second Date: You get to buy her and her girlfriends a real expensive dinner. Third Date: You get to pay her rent. Tenth Da
The Way You Are
for YOU, i have a life....... u believe it or not, ..... for YOU, this world here....... YOU feel it or not, every moment i m with u, every step i m with YOU, every heart beat is with YOU... ..... in my thoughts just YOU, ..... in my breaths just YOU, ..... in my dreams just YOU, ..... in my smiles just YOU, ..... in my eyes just YOU and YOU only ........ o my sweet love, i say this to YOU only and pray GOD that every life, every step, every heart beat, i ll be with YOU and YOU only..... if U r my LOVE, come and take my heart ..... i ll give U everything that's mineee ..... every moment , every step i m just thinking of u and YOU only
The Hunger...
I feel it. The familiar yearn My brain begins to burn My Guts begin to churn. The hunger... I feel that old fear My other half. My Dark Mistress drawing near Not now, not tonight. The Hunger Grows... I Feel the change. I feel the urge. The power and the rage. The need. The Change... Unbridiled power and rage. The hunt is on. The need to feed. The need to kill. I Hunt... Concrete Jungle Stretches before me. Scents, Sights, Hunger! I hear it, I smell it. Prey Stalking... On the trail. I see his face. I Hear his heart race. He knows I'm here. The Fear... Prey chokes back a scream. Prey runs, thinks its a dream My darkness smiles, fangs gleam. We Give Chase, Mistress and I Chase... Fear gives prey flight. He's fast, but we're faster The jump is quick. We hit the ground hard. Feed... Fangs pierce the fragile flesh. Blood sprays, delectable and fresh. With glee we feed. My Dark Mistress and I Hunger... His heart
Empty Nest...
Well, it's official. I now have an empty nest. My oldest daughter has moved in with my sister so she can go to school down home and my baby is in Arizona with her grandparents. Steven's been at his dad's for months now. I have no more kids at home. After 18 years of hearing 'mom, mom, mom' my house is silent. I really don't know what to do with myself. Talk about lonely... And, we're looking for a smaller house. We sure don't need four bedrooms for just the two of us, eh... I hate moving... Well, I guess for now it'll just be me and my online classes, and of course you guys... what else can I do? (besides cleaning out all the junk we've accumulated over the years...) Wish me luck... I'm already at the brink of insanity, and sliding in... UPDATE: TJ, the youngest at 14, is back home. Man, for quite some time. She and I took a trip to Arizona this summer for five weeks! It was wonderful! Now that our nest is almost truly empty, my husband is going to take a trip out there
Driving Lessons And Work And Other Stuff
Today i had a driving lesson but because I missed a day i got a bit rustic. I need consistency with my driving and to remember that people on the opposite side of road or people need to give me the right of way. If i can figure that out i am good...that and giving others the right of way. As far as tomorrow goes...i am going to have to work second shift instead of 1st which is what i was assuming. This screws up my day tomorrow. I was hopign to get in tomorrow in the morning. I really hate second shift especially when there is no one there. I should be working the morning because next week it will be the same as today..this just fucks everything up. Now i have to explain to my driving instructor that I am not working first shift but second shift and i hae to call my friend and tell her i cannot mow her lawn tomrrow or saturday because i am mowing another lawn so i will have to do it Sunday if that is ok with her. i hate it when this happens. I really
Damn, I've Been Busy All Week!!
Damn I've been busy all week and never stop moving around with sore knee, I mean both knees and what can I do?? Nothing just have to check with the doctor and find out and damn there goes long waiting in line lol see ya around all and love ya !! muahhhhh ;-)
Well, yeah! I'm new at this Social thinger. So it's going to take some time for me to get use to it. This is a lot different than MySpace I'll tell ya. Bubbz
For Fun
Useful Military Warnings
"Aim towards the Enemy." - Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher "When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend." - U.S. Army "Cluster bombing from B-52s is very, very accurate. The bombs are guaranteed to always hit the ground." - U.S.A.F. Ammo Troop "If the enemy is in range, so are you." - Infantry Journal "A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of your unit." - Army's magazine of preventive maintenance. "It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed." - U.S. Air Force Manual "Try to look unimportant; they may be low on ammo." - Infantry Journal "Tracers work both ways." - U.S. Army Ordnance "Five-second fuses only last three seconds." - Infantry Journal "Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid." - Col. David Hackworth "If your attack is going too well, you're probably walking into an ambush."
To My Unborn Child
This I solemnly swear to do... Be your encouragement when you feel you're not good enough Be your happiness when you feel only despair Be your strength when you feel like there's nothing more to fight for Be your heart when you feel you have none to give Be your feet when you feel weary Be your support when you're discouraged Be your cheerleader when no one else stands by your side Be your wise advisor when your path gets dark and troublesome Most of all, I swear to always love you no matter your faults For you are my child in whom I'll always have the greatest of Faiths.
+be Warned : Survey.....
....copied and pasted from this lovely mulatto dame : HardyHarHarmony@ CherryTAP I'm bored as Hell. So here I go : Name: Witch Of Venice Single or Taken: Taken Siblings: older brother Eye color: green. shoe size: 7 1/2 flats, 8 heels Height: I dunno....ungracefully short as hell. What are you wearing right now? empire waisted peasant top with these awesome puff sleeves, skinny jeans and my thong sandals with the studs on the straps. FAVORITES Kind of pants: Denim, low-rise MUST HAVE POCKETS ON THE BACK! Number: 10 animal: dolphins Drink(non alcoholic): Coca-Cola...but I can't drink it. Drink(ALCOHOLIC): Witch Of Venice Sport : Swimming Month: yeah, October. Juice: Tangerine Favorite cartoon/anime character: Trianna Orpheus --------------------------------------------------------------- Have You Ever... Given anyone a bath: yes. Bungee Jumped?: FVCK no. Made yourself throw-up?: Yeah Gone skinny dipping?: Yes Eaten
Marrige Degree
This is for those of you who are married, were married, or are contemplating marriage - under the assumption that men should be trained for marriage. A new two-year degree is being offered at the University of Marriage that many of you should be interested in. That's right, in just six semesters, you too, can be a real man as well as earn an MA degree (Male Arts). Please take a moment to look over the program outline. FIRST YEAR Spring Schedule: MEN 101: Combating Stupidity MEN 102: You, Too, Can Do Housework MEN 103: PMS-Learn When to Keep Your Mouth Shut MEN 104: We Do Not Want Sleazy Under Things for Christmas Summer Schedule: MEN 110: Wonderful Laundry Techniques MEN 111: Understanding the Female Response to Getting In at 3am MEN 112: Parenting: It Doesn't End with Conception EAT 100: Get a Life, Learn to Cook EAT 101: Get a Life, Learn to Cook II ECON 001A: What's Hers is Hers Fall Schedule: MEN 120: How NOT to Act Like a Jerk When You're Wrong MEN 121: Understanding Your Incompet
Monday 06/18/2007
A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Heart in hand extended thee, scarred of lovers past. Ravaged of the selfish beast who takest of the last. Foreboding of the demons call, a lovers cry of night, she calls thee to the darkness to coax thee from the light. Thy heart be given freely, thy punishment secure, thou hast delivered passion, but love eludes thee now. Thy spirit weakened, blood flows freely of the unrighteous heart." © 1999 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Fourth Edition To The Cherry Tap Artists Iist
Ok so this is the fourth addition to the Artists on Cherry Tap. I have added a few and deleted a few. The ones deleted removed thier work or they left CT. I want to say we lost a couple wonderful artists and I am not completely sure why but they will be missed! I so did appreciate Matt and Jeremy......if you see this I want you to know I am thinking of you and hope all is well. Ok, now I have had some problems with my computer this last week and I know there are a couple of you that I wanted to add to this but because of my pc problems I lost track of you. If you know who you are and I told you I would be adding you to this bulletin and you aren't on it ..........that is why and please please PM me so I can get you added to the next one! I hope that anyone who reads this will actually take the time to check out these talented people. It is so very much worth your time! Show them some serious attention and praise for sharing thier talents. It isn't always easy to put your stuff out t
Best Male Newbie On Ct!
I'm doing a Newbie Contest on CT! Best Male Newbie On CT! Comment bombing allowed and Self bombing allowed! 2 Gifts from gift shop per winner! If u want to enter the contest plz send me link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u ! Contest will start on 6/21 thur 6/28 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
I did better on my driving lessons. If i improve how i did today I will be driving (with a license of course hehe ;) ) by Saturday. I went on the road test they give at the DMV and so i must improve that but i think i can do it...i know i can do it....I will do it.
Man Blames Health Drink For Unwanted Erection
29-year-old claims Boost Plus caused condition that required surgery NEW YORK - A man has sued the maker of the health drink Boost Plus, claiming the vitamin-enriched beverage gave him an erection that would not subside and caused him to be hospitalized. The lawsuit filed by Christopher Woods of New York said he bought the nutrition beverage made by the pharmaceutical company Novartis AG at a drugstore on June 5, 2004, and drank it. Woods’ court papers say he woke up the next morning “with an erection that would not subside” and sought treatment that day for the condition, called severe priapism. They say Woods, 29, underwent surgery for implantation of a Winter shunt, which moves blood from one area to another. The lawsuit, filed late Monday, says Woods later had problems that required a hospital visit and penile artery embolization, a way of closing blood vessels. Closing off some blood flow prevents engorgement and lessens the likelihood of an erection. Novarti
Jack Sparrow
ClicK for Preview and code Put the code in your "Music" section of your profile.
Three Burned Alive After Witch Hunt
A lynch mob has stoned and burned to death three women they accused of being witches in a Ugandan refugee camp, police have said. The victims were burned alive The victims were burned alive The police chief of Kitgum district Charles Oumo said the victims were attacked after the mysterious death of a motorcycle taxi driver. Mr Oumo said: "His skin started swelling up and blistering, he had pains all over. "He died in hospital after his condition worsened." Mr Oumo said police did not know the cause of the man's death, but locals assumed he had been poisoned. "They thought he was bewitched by someone who had sprinkled a potion on his boda-boda (motorcycle)," he said. In a harrowing echo of Europe's witch-hunts in the late middle ages, camp elders conducted a "trial" in which they determined who they thought was the witch by secret ballot. The police chief said: "They hunted down the top three and a mob descended on them. "They beat them with stones, sticks and
She Was Going To Be A Nurse
There was a girl who left here in Asheville at 18... She wanted to help so she joined Special Forces Civil Affairs... She Graduated from training and was shipped to Iraq... In Sadr City she was the only female in her unit... Her unit was assigned to augment SF A teams and Rangers... They gave the would be nurse healer a 50 caliber machine gun... And turned her into a killing machine like the rest of us... Everytime I see her downtown now at Joli Rouge or going to Denny's and the Waffle House on Tunnel Road with her BF-She sees me and starts to cry... And thousands other like her are coming home everyday just when congress is cutting funding for counselling for the returning veterans... I love this country-I spent the best part of 22 years fighting for it... However-We have an atrocious record of taking care of our returning wounded soldiers (Both Physical and Mental)...
Be Glad You Breathe
You say you want your life to be interesting.You have a certain amount of benevolenceWhen you compare your life to others.What may seem interesting to you, May be agony for some.You say your life is weary.You yearn for animation.Our issues and encounters is what makes us all unparalled.Just be glad you breathe.
---------------------just Well------------------
Bullshit Breakup
Damnit. Have you ever wanted to be with someone who was in love with another person? Well, if you haven't, then don't. It sucks ass. especially when you know that they deserve so much better and you just want to be there for them. Never let anybody tell you that you can't do something. Prove the motherfuckers wrong. Show them that it doesn't matter what they think, because you know what your heart is telling you. I'm so sick. Actually, I am literally sick. I haven't felt good for almost a week now. And I'm about to have to go to work, where I am going to feel like shit, which is going to piss me off. So, probably in a bad mood again. woonnnnnnnnnnnnnnderful. But I have to go. Because by October, I need to have saved up enough money to get a place in my name, so my mom and I will have somewhere to stay. And I can go hang out with my friends and not worry about a cocksucking bastard ass drunk son of a bitch beating on my momma. So
Easy: A term used to describe a woman with the morals of a man.
The New Pics I Put In My Stash!
well i put new slide show in my stash. one is pics of myself and the other is pics of last night's party at the club! so enjoy and let me know wut u think. i am the fat ugly chick in black dress lol! muah freaky pagan
Merladies For Dawn
My Best Bud Loves Mermaids so These are for Her!!!
My Wish
I made a bet with my mom that i could become rock Star before Canada Day which is July first she doesn't think i can do it. So if all my friends can come help me out i would appreciate it. I will help all of you anyway possible. Thanks so much. Lucy
Traces Of Lace--birthday Monday 6-25-07
Two Souls
Whether thou followest me or I lead Our paths will run alongside For in you I can feel my need Based upon love, not pride. Our spirits will soar amongst the stars Our souls entwined as one There shall be no boundary too far Not the moon, nor planet nor sun. We shall walk this path together An aura that none can divide We shall walk this path forever Two souls as one, side by side.
I Am An Imp
What kinda imp are you?Kind soulyou're not even an imp! your so kind a fairy worships you! when it rains, ants hide behind you for cover! How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Warlord's Castle
In a valley filled deep with myth Far away from where the eyes can see A castle stands as a form of power The king that rules this sacred abyss Holds control to anything within its walls An army of misery and punishment Dealing death to foriegn intruders Awaiting the time To unleash their might to the world. Stone and metal as dark as shadows Light ceases to find a way near his stronghold Hallways and towers speak legend of gold Treasure of many fallen warriors in battle A demon that seems too human for hell He lives within the halls of this sacred realm. Madness and insanity have built a moat Surrounding the mental aspect of closure Hidden from the sun and the glow of light Eternal creature and his legion of destruction Claim the soul of a innocent man Many more shall become his children Puppets to act under his fingers. The god with flames that burn spirits into ashes Darkness corrupts at every corner of his sight Electric exposure to swift conquering A
429657@ CherryTAP
Update: Chris Benoit Double Murder Suicide
FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. - WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife, and son were found dead Monday and police said they were investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide. Detective Bo Turner told television station WAGA that the case was being treated as a murder-suicide, but said that couldn't be confirmed until evidence was examined by a crime lab. The station said that investigators believe the 40-year-old Benoit killed his wife, Nancy, and 7-year-old son, Daniel, over the weekend, then himself on Monday. A neighbor called police, and the bodies were found in three rooms. Lead investigator Lt. Tommy Pope, of the Fayette County Sheriff's Department, told The Associated Press the deaths were being investigated as homicide, and that the causes of death awaited autopsy results on Tuesday. Pope said the bodies were discovered about 2:30 p.m., but refused to release details. The house is in a secluded neighborhood set back about 60 yards off a gravel road, surrounded by stacked stone
Reposting Bulletins As Proof Of Friendship...
Am I Stalking You Or Why All The Luv?
One word. Points! And a little pay back to those that rate me as well. My current scheme is this. If you fan me, rate me an 11 or 10 or rate one of my photos an 11 I: Rate your profile a 10 (all I can) Become a fan of you Rate all the pics in your default folder (bandwidth allowing) On occasion I do this to random people I see go by with an interesting profile pic. Either way I get pretty good odds on those people coming back and rating more and fanning me. Lots of points for everybody. I used to only fan people I thought had interesting pics but started the above to improve the point flow. Now it is confusing as to which fans have the good pics so I'll drop them a friend request too. That reminds me I probably need to go through my fan list and drop a few friend requests. Basically if you not in my family then I really do not know much about you. But then as I see it this site is really all about the points. If you actually think I'm someone you would like to talk to
What A Scare I Had!
Whew! Last Night was a scary night. The storm that came thru Minors Lane really had hit us hard. The wind came thru and knocked several trees over. Lightning hit this tree across the street from us and the transformer blew because the tree caught on fire of course. Well, it knocked out the power. Trees were everywhere. After 2 hours electricity came back on finally on our side. The other side was still out. Well, once it came back on my dad went to turn on his television that was in the living room. He heard a popping noise. Well, nothing that was on the entertainment center would turn on. My dad was beginning to get mad. So I thought I would take a look and see if it was the surge protector that was hooked up. Well, it wasn't that. I tried the outlet in the kitchen and it worked. I had my dads girlfriend unplug this freshener thing that was hooked up. Well, she went to unplug it and a big flame shot out from the wall several times. The flame flew up the wall and back down. It was quit
A Calming Breath
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Remember that not everything will go bad, but rejoice when all is well. I know that at times things seem dull, boring, or tedious, but you must always think of things in the brightest sense. I have always felt that I should never be to far from the truth, but stand right next to it. I hope that others feel the same way.
Searching For The Perfect Name
I was talking to a friend who is trying to talk me into naming a boy after him.Unfortunatley his name is the same of some asshole I dated in middle school. Anyone out there have some good name choices?
Two Nuns...
There were two nuns... One of them was known as Sister Mathematical (SM), and the other one was known as Sister Logical (SL). It is getting dark and they are still far away from the convent. SM: Have you noticed that a man has been following us for the past thirty-eight and a half minutes? I wonder what he wants. SL: It's logical. He wants to attack us. SM: Oh, no! At this rate he will reach us in 15 minutes at the most! What can we do? SL: The only logical thing to do of course is to walk faster. SM: It's not working. SL: Of course it's not working. The man did the only logical thing. He started to walk faster, too. SM: So, what shall we do? At this rate he will reach us in one minute. SL: The only logical thing we can do is split. You go that way and I'll go this way. He cannot follow us both. So the man decided to follow Sister Logical. Sister Mathematical arrives at the convent and is worried about what has happened to
The Washcloth
The Washcloth Ladies this has to be read, laughed at and passed on. There is not a woman alive today who won't crack up over this! I was due for an appointment with the gynecologist later in the week. Early one morning, I received a call from the doctor's office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for that morning at 9:30 am. I had only just packed everyone off to work and school, and it was already around 8:45am. The trip to his office took about 35 minutes, so I didn't have any time to spare. As most women do, I like to take a little extra effort over hygiene when making such visits, but this time I wasn't going to be able to make the full effort. So, I rushed upstairs, threw off my pajamas, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink, and gave myself a quick wash in that area to make sure I was at least presentable. I threw the washcloth in the clothes basket, donned some clothes, hopped in the car and raced to my appointment. I was in the waiting room fo
Whydo people feel the need to lie to people. I guess things are not always as they seem. I guess I should not be surprised at people lying to me. And especially on here. They say one thing and totally mean something else. Is it so bad you look for love and companionship and people have to take advantage of that.Well another week is done and gone. Got the cleaning, laundry and the ironing done. Yes ladies I do iron LOL Thanks to my Mother I learned all of those things and do like to have my dress clothes for work to be ironed with creases. Well the Emergency Operations Center at work asked around if we had pictures of our deployment which I did some of us do take pictures others do not. So I sent them a few and they had one that I forgot was taken. So I will put it in my pictures after I resize it. It was of me doing something I had never done before and that was stand up in front of a lot of people teaching them about the Blue Roof Program. Whew I got over that fast no time to get the
My First Blog
so this is my first blog i never have time to write anyone. got some new pics of up from last nite. totally didnt get any while we were at the bar lol. im getting ready now to meet up with my boss for some mary kay party thing. PEACE
My Favorite Quotes
Wes- Playing Live Eddie Van Halen- Loss Of Control! Incredible!!!
He Turns 1
Wow where has this year gone? My grandson Owen, turns 1 year old July 2, 2007. Seems like only yesterday I was bringing his mother home from the hospital. Now she is a mother with 2 beautiful children of her own. My grandson has made some mile markers this past week, he has starting walking without holding on to anything. His words he is saying is baby but he says it like baaay bayy. Ni ni for sleepy time. mawmawmaw for me yours truly. mum mum for mommy, da da for daddy and pa paaaaa for grandpa Mike. Although they may not be perfectly pronounces we all know exactly what he means. We are so excited about him walking , all the girls walked at 9 months but Owen was born premature, so really he is on time considering his start in life. Today we had his birthday party, there were so many people at my house I didn't even know half of them.( his mom and dad did the guest list) It was a great time had by all I think. Lots of food was consumed ,with all the normal grill out fi
7-1-07 Astrology
Now that you've seen this unhealthy pattern in your life, it's up to you to seek a different path. Lay out your game plan. Try it on for size, then see what changes you need to make. Soon you'll have this taken care of.
Celebrity Pictures
What is up with people on this site and posting pictures of celebrities and pretending they're them? I have a picture of Amy Winehouse in my pictures, but I'm not her. I'm not going to post some hot celeb pic on my page and pretend that's me. No fucking way. That's just dumb. Be who you are - and be proud.
A Combat Soldiers Prayer
A COMBAT SOLDIER'S PRAYER PLEASE REMEMBER THE SOLDIER'S ON JULY 4TH THEY HAVE DONE SO MUCH FOR US AND PLEASE KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS AND EVERYTHING This combat soldier's prayer, Who has served his time in Hell, Is may we learn the lessons of war well, That we not doom future generations, The same old tales of horror to tell, To endure what in youth they see mistakenly as glory. Oh God, do not let our children Repeat the same old story. Make it so that America's babies live to grow old In this land of the free and the bold. Help us throw off the shackles of hate that bind And grow old in a life of a peaceful kind. Teach us that there is no glory in war, Nor honor there that brave men should not abhor. Teach us instead, one for another our brothers to love. Shower us with thine Celestial message from above, That we plant seeds of peace evermore And make war-no-more! Medi Vac Dustoff chopper But if I should die on some far, far away battlefield Know I ans
ok so here i am just looking around and stuff and well lets see i go to the mummm section on here and omfg.... sense i am new on here i do believe a little part of me maybe has no clue as to why people are mean...but ok good lord... change subject. last night i goto the store with my 9 year old and you know those little machines that you can win the 2 cent toys..well he puts like five dollars in to the machine just to try and win me these ear sweet....he finally gets them and tells me these are for you sense i didnt get you anything for mothers day.... see that is what i am talking about...the little things in life that just make my heart melt... well need to get ready to leave soon....
Another Looser Downrater Alert
and hes at level 12 grrrrrrrr Red Rooster: Pi... rated you a '1'! Red Rooster: Pimp of the Henhouse@ CherryTAP
I have been hurt once again. Rebuilding brick walls that took years to fall...the questions circling in my head..too many for me to say...the first person to know a hole in it...was in 2003...I went from being battered to having someone that claimed to really love me in my life. For him to wake up one day and change his mind. I am starting to think that love doesn't actually exist between a woman and a man. Feelings have no factor in a is all convenience and money...of which I have none....I held my wall fast until thanksgiving of 2006..I met a great guy...or so I thought....handsome, laid back, accepted me for who I was...I thought I was finally accepted...finally had the possibility of the dream...I know it exists...i have seen it first hand....20 yrs worth,through one of my best dream was shattered...he decided to go back to an ex that I understand is a horrible person..I don't know I cannot say for sure...but, he told me stories...and I c
All For You
All For You Arousing you was easy, but deliciously slow. We sit now on the bed, nude, lightly embraced, my lips on your shoulder, kissing, my hands on your back, caressing. I can feel your breath, soft and shuddering, in my ear, your nipples, stiffening, pressing into my chest. I kiss you again, carefully, lightly on the lips. I kiss you again, a little deeper, but no less gently, tasting you, the warmth and wetness of your mouth. "Lie back," I whisper. Slowly you slide back from my arms, laying back on the bed. My hands continue their caresses as you move, going carefully from your back to your front, maintaining constant, touching motions over your skin. You settle back into the bed. My hands move lightly over you, tracing the lines of your face, the swell of your breasts, the curves of your hips and surface of your stomach, and the tips of your nipples. You shudder at the touches, almost as if chilled, and a moan and sigh
New Coins
personally DO NOT want this coin in my possession. I will ask for the dollar bill instead. Thanks pass it on. You guessed it 'IN GOD WE TRUST' IS GONE!!! Today I picked up at Bank of America several of the new $1.00 coins with the picture of George Washington on it. To my shock and dismay the words, "In God We Trust", are not on this coin! A quick search of the other coin denominations in my collection confirmed that every one contained these faithful words. The new George Washington $1.00 coin is the first money ever issued by the USA in modern history without the words "In God We Trust". By omitting these words, our politically correct, secularist leaders made a conscientious decision that either; 1) God does not exist, or 2) that God exists, but can no longer be trusted. Who originally put 'In God We Trust' onto our currency? My bet is that it was one of the Presidents on these coins. All our U.S. Government has done is Dishonor them, and disg
Happy 4 Of July
Courtesy of SparkleTags.Com
Dear Friends And Family
I'm in a morph contest, I need help to stay in the lead, Just one vote and comment would help me out greatly, but you can comment as much as you want the link is below: Thank you very much...
I'm Confuckled
Ok whoever is sending me theese gifts can you step up as i have something to say to whoever it is? haha ohhhh boy
Wednesday 07/04/2007
A thought for the day from: Peter Britt This night, the harbinger of delight calls her coming. Her wanton ways within the winds of darkness. Written in the shadows, her name. The deepest blue, hast the stars likened to her eyes. With warmth, the breeze takes pretense to her skin and from the blackest of night, does the moon kiss her lips and recount moments with her. From the purest bliss her voice sings for me alone, her song, a calling to passion. A life reborn. An emptiness, fulfilled. A heart alive, again. © 2007 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Sexual Survey
1. What is the 1st thing you notice on the opposite sex? - Definetly the eyes......then how big the package is. 2. What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex? - Big strong arms. 3. What 1st drew you to your current bf/gf? - I have no current boyfriend. 4. When did you first start liking the opposite sex? - When I realized that woman were crazy at the age of 2. 5. Who was your fist true love? - Trent Reznor.....but I had to stop lusting after him when I found out he was a midget. 6. (women) What is your bra size? - 38DD 7. (men) Have you ever measured your penis? 8. When did you lose your virginity? - When I was 14....and the guys mom caught us. 9. Did you enjoy your 1st sexual experience? - No....I got caught. 10. (women...or gay men) Biggest penis you've ever had? - About an inch longer than a Red Bull can and just as wide. 11. Ever make out with someone of the same sex? - Yep....I like kissing people. 12. Are you straight, bi or gay
The Cat & The Rooster
When a cat falls in the pool, a rooster laughs. Moral of the story, ........................... A WET PUSSY MAKES A COCK HAPPY!!
What A Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my life is seem to worthless doing my best for everything but no ones cares about it.. In return they are the one whos going to hurt you alot... If i ever get the chance to wish something and that is, im not here in this world already.. I put my best in everything but why is it im the one who always suffer like this.. I give too much love for everybody but they are the one whos being abusive... I thought everything will be just fine but still its not... PEOPLE ARE BEING ABUSIVE TO ME AND FOR WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR THEM..what am i suppost to do to make them accept me for what i am??? The problem is that, they are not contented for what they have in there life and used to hurt everybody...
Happy Birthday To Me !
Oh my God ! I'm 3 years time I'll be 30..That's a big number but let's stick to being 27.. I never knew I would make it this far. Seriously 5 years ago I was lost and about doing nothing that brought meaning to my life. Now everything is falling into place. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that care... Although there are some things that I wished were different this year...all in all I'm still thankful to be receiving the stuff that I have. Rather than focusing on what I don't have. Thank you so much Fred, Ruben, Lorenzo, Lee, Max...omg the names are endless...but hell I'm not complaining !!! Thanks so much guys !!! I feel blessed
I watch you sleep in our bed I lay a soft kiss on your head I lie listening to you breath And think of how this came to be How did I get a girl perfect like you One who loves me through and through i hear you sleep and release a sigh I dont want this moment to pass me by I promise i will never walk away As long as you love me here I will stay I swear that I will never let go Beacause your the only one i need to hold I say goodnight and kiss your cheek How do you make me so strong yet make me weak Your my lover and my best friend And i pray to god this will never end
I Made It Through
My surgery went well today. It didn't start until after 1 and was through before 3. I had my sinuses fixed and a deviated septum repaired. I am not in major pain due to very good pain killers. My throat is much more sore than naything from where they intubate you while you are asleep. Thank you all for the get well cards, bowls of Chicken soup and well wishes. I have been in and out of sleepiness with the pain killers and just now took a minute to come back to my addicton. Have a great weekend. I apreciate all of you.
Cancer - Life And Death
While I've dedicated the weekend of July 6, 2007 to my friend. I feel it's too important of an issue to just gloss over and forget in 3 days... Thus the permanent blog... My friend and neighbor, Linda, lost her long battle with cancer last night. Another friends wife lost her battle with cancer almost a month ago. Cancer kills. If detected early you CAN make a difference in your life and your treatment. If someone you love has a lump that they're ignoring... don't let them ignore it any longer... If someone you know is putting off going to the doctors when they just haven't 'felt right' for a while, get them to go. If you are over 35 and haven't had a mammogram... GET ONE. People complain about the tests doctors put them thru during their annual exams... Well STOP COMPLAINING. These tests, these scans, these xrays can save your DAMN LIFE. I URGE you to take care of your health issues NOW! Cancer doesn't just go away. It sits and nibbles at you. At 40, most wou
Read This
Don't delete this just because it looks weird. Believe it or not, you can read it. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?
Work On The Road
Work On The Road... Couple things why bein on the road is gonna suck and some cool shit too..... number one on the shit list is bein away from my family and friends,.... number two ya miss things you planned on doing..... it sucks living out a hotel room and luggage, even if its the Hilton lol.... its rough on your body for sure..... ya miss your pets got some, i got my bearded dragon lol..... there aint no place like home lol! on the other hand, i meet new peoples, see new places i might never have been able to.... experience alone lol....... its rough, but its my dream to be traveling, especially traveling and incorporating my love for music, thats huge to me...... i will be doing alot of production work which is way cool, much better than just humping and building steel lol...... so this will be the longest trip i have made to date, it seems like its only a short almost two months, but its gonna seem like forever til its over than it'll be like damn, where did the tim
Chasing Cars..........
No accident my friend and I were talking about our cars. Then it rolled into me watching the Live Earth concert on tv and see the Snow Patrol perform this song..This sums up everything I'm feeling this week..and forever. This is my current question..... If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? Chasing Cars We'll do it all Everything On our own We don't need Anything Or anyone If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? I don't quite know How to say How I feel Those three words Are said too much they're not enough If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? Forget what we're told Before we get too old Show me a garden that's bursting into life Let's waste time Chasing cars Around our heads I need your grace To remind me To find my own If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget
Rattle Snakes
These two rattlesnakes were photographed east of Laredo Texas in March of this year. They were going thru their mating ritual when they were photographed! If these two snakes are not big enough to make you wear snake boots and chaps when you head out in to the brush, you are a lot tougher than I am.
Cleaning House
Ok I'm Looking At My Friends List And Damn There Is Alot. Some That I Dont Remeber, So I'm Cleaning House Slowly. If I See Someone On My Bulletiens Or Bar Tab And I Dont Remeber Them Or Talk/Get Love From Them I'm Removing Them. So If You Want To Stay Show Me Some Love Or Send Me Something Show Me That U Know I'm Here. Also If Its Someone That Does It Alot I Will Add To Family. I Think That List Needs To Grow. Well Talk To U All Later Hopefully. Special Ed
My Stripper Song
Your Stripper Song Is Closer by Nine Inch Nails "You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I�ve got no Soul to tell" When you dance, it's a little scary - and a lot sexy. What Song Should You Strip To?
When We Least Expect Things To Happen
In the past couple of weeks, we have had to realize that things have a way of making the least likely problems more relevant. Take my mother. She has had heart problems for over ten years, and still will most likely have them for the rest of her life. Then of course there is the fact that a good friend of my husband's passed away on the 4th, and he wasn't that much older than my husband. The problems we face in our lives is almost like unused wisdoms. I don't take my life like a joke. I can't. If I laughed at every little thing that was wrong with me (which right now if you could see my toes wrapped wtih medical tape you would understand the thoughts going through my head right now...) but then again I have had wonderful moments that amuse me more than I can ever have imagined. Luckily for me, I have my friend Colonel_Deckard here at least for a couple more hours before he heads hack to work, but he has been such a great help when it comes to questions I have for him about things I do.
I loved you SO much That I STOPPED lovin ME I gave you my ALL Yet you STILL couldnt see Who I really am And what Im all about How down for you I was You were ALWAYS full of doubt Not seein how good I was You always called me names BITCH & SLUT & WHORE Were words you threw in rage A rage that was UNJUST That I DID NOT deserve When ever you were mad You stabbed me with your words Always pissed off @ somethin That you made up in your head There were MANY times I cryed @ night As we lay there in our bed But you didnt even care You were slowly KILLIN me The more you held me down The less that I could breath You took away my pride I felt less than who I am You put me down & when I cryed You didnt give a damn And then the day you broke me down You destroyed all that I had You laughed in my face @my pain It made you happy that I was sad I opened my eyes and to
Come On In And Have Fun :)
Not too sure what I was really thinking, I had just finished listening to a jazz song so perhaps my inspiration has come forth. anyways enjoy mates. Oh Cindy! I wish you'd send me a letter from Lindy when he flew across the atlantic all these years ago a soulful look from countries in-between cultures wars between families between lovers passion dying out, lust fading away lets hop a plane and head on out meet one another at lake in the sky Tallassee Tennessee Oh Cindy can it be true? have you left me my dear for paris, moulin, london too Send me a kiss one more time let it be known that you were my lover a lost love lost forever don't be my lost diamond I said you were the diamond in my eyes when I gave you the ring Fuck it now its a fueding lifestyle we were never meant to be oh Cindy, how could you do this to me.
Making A Damascus Knife
Many years ago before I was married with children and had a disposableincome, I used to make knives on a regular basis. I started this hobbieby buying pre made blades and parts the basically just assembled andfinished the knives. I later learned thastock relief method and wasmaking my own blades and cutting my own pommels and guards out of bar stock.Around this transition time a good friend of mine and I picked up acouple of nice Damascus blades from a local knife supply company herein Columbus called Koval Knives to make a matching set ofnice Damascus skinning knives. I made up my knife very quickly and gave it to a very good friend for his 50th birthday.Fast forward 10 years when my friend was cleaning out his basment lastweekend and found the parts for the knife he never made. These partshave been passed to me for completion of the project. I'm going to eyeballthese parts for a while and decide how best to proceed. I'mthinking about doing the handle in the Scagel style, and sanding
I Am The Girl...
I am the Girl......... I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because I'm sleepy, but because I want to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than in an expensive restaurant... I'm the girl who says, "Okay, but you owe me..." jokingly. Not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you and I care... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you.. I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss.. I'm the girl who you can talk to abo
My Girl
Ever since I was 12 I've been arounds babies. My sister had her first then. I spent alot of time taking care of her first 4 of 5 kids. I always had a special connection with them. I felt like they were my own. My older niece, my sister's second, was the one I was closest to because just shortly after I got married I had to care for her while she lived with me. It's not the same as having my own daughter. Knowing she's my own and not anyone elses has made me feel like I'm worth something as a woman. don't get me wrong I am worth something as a woman, but this is the one awesome thing that women do to keep this world going, giving birth. My daughter is 2 months and I just love watching her grow and learn. Learning to hold her head up, gain cotrol over her body so she controls it not just reflexes is so awesome. I love it when she smiles at me, especially for no reason. If I happen to glance her way when she smiles and starts to coo makes my heart melt. She is so adorable. I didn't f
There is a guy that goes to work everyday like every one would normally except this guy worked in the basement of a 17 story high buliding he lived in, on the top floor. Every morning he makes his lunch locks his apartment, goes into the elevator to the basement and punches in, off to work he goes! He takes his break and eats in the break room in the basement and goes back to work till the end of his shift. It is then that he goes back into the elevator and goes to the 14th floor and walks up the rest of the way....why?
Todays Horoscope
You feel so close to this person that their joy and pain are yours as well. Sometimes, though, this connection can be a touch overwhelming. It's time to remember where you end and the other person begins. mmmmmmmmmm........sometimes i ask myself some questions..
Father Carl
so far, all my posts have been loosely based on fantasies, involving real people i know (yes, the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent), this one was the first i wrote that was purely a work of fiction. enjoy! please rate and comment, and pass along to your fnas/friends/family, lol. Father Carl and the Naughty Schoolgirl Busy with my daily paperwork, the sudden knock at my door startles me. Looking up I see you standing in the doorway. "You wanted to see me, Father Carl?" My mind starts running, why had a called you down to my office? By my recollection, there has never been a time in all four years you have spent at my school for me to have reason to see you. Motioning for you to enter, I search for the referral form on my desk. You take a seat opposite me at my desk and cross your legs. Not for the first time, I find myself questioning my choice of profession. Some of you young ladies have such succulent bodies that it is difficult at times to remember tha
My Bulletins Aren't Working So Putting In Here..
Please click on the link and listen to the song. No comments are expected I believe he says so clear in the song what so many of the soldiers believe I for one. Please stand behind our military we don't need to hear the negativeness coming from home. Do me a favor enjoy your freedoms and tell everyone to let our military do there job over here. Keep The Home Fires Burning. God Bless You All This Message was from my friend who is now deployed in support of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'. Here is his link.. please stop in and show your support as well - Thank You!! :D Alaska@ CherryTAP
The Emotional Orgasm. (no Longer Private)
I think I understand why women like chick flicks so much. It's kind of like emotional porno. Only way I can explain is just to break it down. You know that feeling you get when you want someone, & they want you, but for whatever reason you both hold back. Maybe you're afraid of taking things too far, or upsetting the other. Perhaps for whatever reason you feel they are unavailable. So you are in this constant state of desire. Feeling like two magnets drawn to each other, but forbidding the moment when you touch. The way your hands almost meet, your lips almost connect. The way you can almost feel their skin, even though it's inches away.The intensity of it all builds up until that moment you first connect. The first time your hands graze, that first nervous kiss where ... even during it ... you almost want to run. When you finally do touch, its like an explosion of electricity all over your body. Your body tingles, your heart races. Like I said ... an emotional orga
People Who Don't Own Up
I am really tired of some one at work who won't admit that they fucked up. They will place the blame on anyone and everyone else. Even if you have them on video doing it. My customer was pissed starting to take it out on me but then stopped them selves when he looked at me and realized that I was in the same boat and was trying to fix the problem. I can only hope that she really offends someone with her getto mating call that they complain to corporate claming racial decrimination. I wouldn't bring up that one if her lack of sales ability wasn't getting anywhere but pissing those of us off who have to clean up the wreckage.
The End....
everything comes to a end good or time on here is now...not what it use to be on here not fun take care everyone be safe...............thank thanks for everything..
"friends" Vs "southern" Friends
"FRIENDS" VS. "SOUTHERN" FRIENDS FRIENDS: Never ask for food. SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Always bring the food. And lots of it. >> >> FRIENDS: Will say "hello". SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Will give you a big hug and a kiss. More than one. >> >> FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Call your parents Mom and Dad, and often. >> >> FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry. SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Cry with you. And for you. >> >> FRIENDS: Will eat at your dinner table and leave. SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Will spend hours there, talking, laughing, and just being together. Then do the dishes before leaving. >> >> FRIENDS: Know a few things about you. SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you. And most of the time know you better than you do yourself. >> >> FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing. SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds' back-ends that left you.T
How Bad Are You Wanted
HOW BAD ARE YOU WANTED Post this and see how many messages u get....don't be scared!! (and i'll reply ) you can choose more than one if you want (1) just friends (2) gorgeous (3) cute as heck (4) hot (5) fine (6) sexy (7) amazingly sexy (8) we can be friends with benefits (9) id take u to my crib (10) i want 2 make u my gf/bf (11) i love u baby (12) you should be in porn
Fon: World Wifi Domination?
Now if there ever was a company working on world domination, it would be FON. They aim to build a global network of Wifi hotspots by selling subsidized routers that have custom firmware. The routers have a private secure WPA based network for you to use, and a public network that has a signup page, for anyone else to use. There is also a control that limits how much bandwidth the public can use. They have a few hundred thousand users, and are now the largest WiFi network by far, but the of their base stations is much more random and less useful than T-Mobile HotSpots.The incentive in the short term is that you can get a high quality router at a very low price. FON has been giving routers away to seed markets and to surround Starbucks stores. The incentive in the longer term is that if you have a FON router at home, you can use any FON router you find on your travels for free.I've had a FON router for some time. I met CEO Martin Varsavsky when he gave a talk at eBay last year, and got
Sweet Poison...
words...honey coated...intoxicatingly sweet... flows so effortlessly from your mouth... a gentle summer breeze... brushing against my heart... seductively enticing...beckoning.. your world of illusions... blinded by the lies...behind the rainbow silk... a movie in slow motion... towards the gaping blackhole of your deceit... for your words...sweet they may be... like wild honey... are just as poisonous... as a viper's venom...
My Feelings On A Disabled Person's Life
Ok, this is basically saying how I feel about my life and I'm sure a lot of other people that are disabled feel the same way, for one, the quality of life should be the best and live life to the fullest, that means they should be invited to take part and be involved that means volunteering or playing sports or video games or just socializing because as long as the rest of the free world sits there and acts like or treats other disabled people like they can't do nothing, that disabled person's quality of life goes slowly but surely down the tubes because they're shoved aside and not included in things in life and it's really sad that people have to act like that, period because the rest of the world needs to know this, that one day, they'll be disabled by some form possibly and then they'll realize what the hell people like me and others go thru day in and day out, otherwise, they don't have a damn clue at all because some people not all of them but some people just don't give a flying
Just When You Thought It Was All Over...think Again!!
~*~ LUSCIOUS♥MAMI’S 3-2-1- CONTEST STILL IN EFFECT!!~*~ Why is it 3-2-1?? See for yourself below.... 1ST PRIZE: ->$300,000 IN PRIZES * 2ND PRIZE: ->$200,000 IN PRIZES 3RD PRIZE: ->$100,000 IN PRIZES (*TOP PRIZE MINIMUM COMMENTS 10,000, PLZ) Stop by and check out my contest, vote for your favorite or just spank me with some rates and comments to help me out since I'm so close to leveling its ridiculous! :P Luscious♥Mami Click here for SMOKE E. DIGGLERA on myspace!
Scared Sensless Funny
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Bloomington Bound
Yep Its That Time Of Year Again, Boogie Time That Is!! I Will Be Gone From Tomorrow Morning Until Sunday Night Sometime!! If You Need Me, Guess You Will Have To Leave A Message And Wait!! If Not Then Your Gonna Have To Go To Lawrence County Recreational Park!! (In Springville, IN) If Anybody Else On My List Is Goin' Hit Me Up, And I'll Be Sure To See You There!!! Have A Good One All!! I Shall Return!! C-Ya L8r All
Thats What It Do! (excerpt)
"If he doesn't want this then he is a damn fool" Dee thinks to herself as she gets dressed. If the tight red BCBG dress and 4 inch matching stiletto heels didn't work, the lace Victoria Secret g-string should do the job. "We've been dating for a month so I'm long overdue for some of that" she giggles, fixing her 36 C breasts so they sit just right. Dee was a 27 year old web developer from Philadelphia. Always sort of a nerd and serious bookworm since she was little, its no surprise she choose the career she did. She damn near lived in front of the computer. Standing 5'6", 135 pounds with ass and tits for days, Dee could have any man she wanted. Her ability to make a man's dick hard just with one glance out of those soulful gray eyes always made her the center of attention. Although she knew this, she wanted a man to fuck her mind as well as her body. Dee had just about given until she ran into James. What can you say about James except dayummmmmm! He was a fine brotha, caramal comp
Wishing Well--good Luck Bro
So I have posted my opinions about people that take car pics and pics on the phone. Here is my next rant, why do people use so much Gaussian Blurr on their pics? Do they think we cant tell? I find it funny as hell that people complain sooo much about other people being fake and yet they have to photo shop their pics before they post them! Umm we can tell that you removed the wrinkles, and if you are 50 you cant look 18 again. you cant get rid of the turkey neck, or the ugly! Congrats to all the people that stay real! BTW try cropping your dirty laundry and messy floor out of the pic. And maybe a rotate or two would help! P.S I drive to my Banks AtM machine today and it asks if I want to use English or Spanish! Umm English because this is the USA! Thinking about it more I wonder if I had selected Spanish would the machine had gave me Pesos?
Come And See My New Site!
I told you all in my about me that I was working on a site where you can see more of me...... I am soooooo excited to tell you it is up!!! Went live today, and I put in my first update for tomorrow too. If you want to cum see some hot pics here is my link. I hope you can come to see me there. I am looking to do member chats at a reg time and would love any ideas or input. Thanks for checking me out, Kisses, Jezabelle
Did You Know
. The breasts and the vulva (collective term) used to describe the visible external female genital organs, extending from the mons pubis (mound) to the perineum (area between the vagina and the anus). The external genitalia consist of the clitoris, clitoral hood, and the labia majora and labia minora.. . . Labia Majora & Labelia Minora The soft external flaps of skin are the labia majora (outer lips). Inside the protective outer lips, you'll find another, more delicate pair of lips called the labia minora (inner lips). There's a lot of variation in appearance. Some women's inner lips are bigger than their outer ones, some are more wrinkled or paler or darker. Clitoris & Hood Between the inner lips, high up, is a protective fold of skin. This is called the clitoral hood. If it is pulled back gently, a tiny, round bulge is exposed. This is the clitoris, which plays an important, positive role in a woman's sexuality. The clitoris is rich with nerve endings and extremely
The Colors Of Friendship
Body: The Colors of Friendship Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel. All claimed that they were the best; the most important, the most useful, the favorite GREEN said: "Clearly I am the most important. I am the sign of life and of hope. I was chosen for grass, trees and leaves. Without me, all animals would die. Look over the countryside and you will see that I am in the majority." BLUE interrupted: "You only think about the earth, but consider the sky and the sea. It is the water that is the basis of life and drawn up by the clouds from the deep sea. The sky gives space and peace and serenity. Without my peace, you would all be nothing." YELLOW chuckled: "You are all so serious. I bring laughter, gaiety, and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, the stars are yellow. Every time you look at a sunflower, the whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be no fun." ORANGE started next to blow her trumpe
Its All About Brett
Well, I went to my sons P.E.T meeting this morning, and got into a big blow out with the Special Education Adminstor. Let me explain.. Brett is NOT good with Change! He regresses sooo bad. And they want to pull him out of his School that hes been in for 8-9 years, and FINALLY making some ground level with him, and now they want to yank him out, and put him in a Public school. Brett goes to a disability school in East Rochester N.H. The State of Maine wants him to transition him there to Maine..its NOT gonna happen!! I already called a lawyer, and I am fighting this all the way! And its NOT about how this will help Brett, its about the $$$ that Maine pays to the State of NH for his education. To bad! He needs it..I guess theres a new program at the High School for Autistic Children...I dont really give a rats ass to be honest. My son just started saying words this yr, they take him from that, he will stop completely, cause they have done this to me before, but had to put him back in
Stop Harrassing Fornicates!!!!
I have really fuckin had it..... I have not had to bring out the reale bitch in me in a long time..... FORNICATES is one of my 3 best friends on here!!! You GUYS stop harrassing her....... Lemme tell you GUYS something... to those GUYS that are harrassing her.... just remember something ... 5.0
It A Joke
FELT LIKE FUCKING YOU TODAY SO... IM FUCKING U HARD! YOU'VE BEEN FUCKED! SO FUCK ME HARDER!!!! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! Keep reading and you will find out that this is not some gay thing. RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! F.U.C.K Stands For:
Larry Is In Room #233
> Larry Is in Room #233 > > > > > >Larry gets home late one night and, Linda, his wife > says, "Where in the > >hell have you been?" > > > >Larry replies, "I was out getting a tattoo." > > > >"A tattoo?" she frowned. "What kind of tattoo did > you get?" > > > >"I got a hundred dollar bill on my privates," he > said proudly. > > > >"What the hell were you thinking?" she said, > shaking her head in > >disgust. > > > >"Why on earth would an accountant get a hundred > dollar bill tattooed on > >his privates?" > > ; > >"Well, one, I like to watch my money grow. Two, > once in a while I like > >to play with my money. Three, I like how money > feels in my hand. And, > >lastly, instead of you going out shopping, you can > stay right here at > >home and blow a hundred bucks anytime you want." > > > >Larry is recovering in room 233 at the local > hospital.
What Women Want The Most!!!!
ladies: this will make you tear up MEN: read it, all of it! 1-touch her waist 2-talk to her 3-share secrets 4-give her your jacket 5-kiss her slowly ARE YOU REMEMBERING THIS? 6-hug her 7-hold her 8-laugh with her 9-invite her somewhere 10-let her be with you when you're with your friends KEEP READING 11-smile with her 12-take pics with her 13-pull her onto your lap 14-when she says she loves you more, deny it. fight back 15-when her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she cant get to her friends. it makes her feel loved ARE YOU THINKING OF SOMEONE? 16-always hug her and say "i love you" when you see her 17-kiss her unexpectedly 18-HUG HER FROM BEHIND AROUND THE WAIST! 19-tell her shes beautiful! 20-tell her the way you feel about her! OH AND ONE LAST THING YOU NEED TO SHOW HER YOU MEAN IT 21-Open doors for her, walk her to her car- it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurt t
What Is My Stripper Name??
What is your stripper name? Belle Take this quiz at
Lou (Founder) Christina (Founder/Recruter) Sexyscorpio Sexyceto Berta Lynnn Wolflover 13 Sexi Mami Klown Luv Mrs.Babycakes Amber aKa CaSpEr Teresa Susan "strawberry cream" tree Dawn~hot momma~ Barbiie Dj Carla Jean "Poeticheart" Justin LostSoul Keesha "WallaBear" mike 'king' Angel Rose Snake Charmer Brittanyy 'So girlishhh' Devil's Advocate Melissa 'Baby-Bugga-Boo' Devilish DD Owner Grand Theft Radio Wolflover roy King Baby Bugga-Boo Devils Lost Soul Justin Darr (LostSoul) Showin Mad Love For All Cowboy From Hell
Ti Amo
In Italian: Ti Amo, Tu Sei il dolce nella mia vita mio cuore batta per te tu sei lunica nella mia vita le nostre cuore sono uno la nostra amore e per l'enterno Translation in English: I Love You you are the sweet in my life my heart beats for you you are the only one in my life our hearts are one our love is for eternity I think it sounds better in Italian
Brie And Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts
INGREDIENTS: * 2 tablespoons olive oil * 1/2 cup chopped onion * 1 tart apple, cored, coarsely chopped * 1 teaspoon dried leaf thyme, divided * 1 teaspoon salt, divided * 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, divided * 3/4 cup apple cider, divided * 4 ounces Brie cheese, without rind, cut in small chunks * 4 medium chicken breast halves, bone-in, with skin (2 lbs) PREPARATION: Heat oil innonstick skillet over medium heat. Add onion; cook until quite tender, about 7 to 8 minutes. Add chopped apple, 1/2 teaspoon thyme, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper and 1/4 cup cider; cook until apples are tender, about 4 to 6 minutes.Remove from heat and let cool slightly, Stir in Brie. Divide stuffing into 4 equal portions. Heat oven to 400°. Run fingers under breast skin to separate from meat. Put 1/4 of the stuffing under the skin of each chicken breast; press gently to distribute filling evenly under skin. Season chicken with 1/2 t
I Am In Need Of Help You All
in a contest and it ends the 31st please help out as much as you can ty.... it may not go any were but i can at least try.
Something For The Femdoms
Some People Here On Fubar.
Cyberspace Romances
What factors lead someone to a cyber-romance? Is it the exotic quality of it? The "exotic" quality of a cyber-romances might be one factor that attracts some people. Using computers is a relatively new way to have an intimate relationship with someone. Because it occurs through this seemingly powerful and mysterious thing call the "internet" or "cyberspace", it may feel exciting to some people. The lover's presence enters your home (or office) without the person physically being there, which feels very magical. On a more down-to-earth level, people are drawn to cyber-romances for the same reasons they are drawn to "face-to-face" romances - either they don't have a "real-life" love relationship, or there is something missing in their "real-life" love relationship. On the internet, they may indeed find what they are missing. Or, because of the partial anonymity of cyberspace, which allows lots of room for fantasy and imagination, they may THINK they have found what they are missing.
Tell Me It's Not True
I Am Sooooooo Frekkin Pisssed!!!!
.......NOW that I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION......LOL...:P :P :O :O This girl is such a wonderful sweeeeet gal.... Sexy as hell. And %100 real and beautiful..... She could sure use some new wonderful friends and family right now.... She is thinking about leaving FUBAr and I dont want her to go.... Please add her FAN her RATE her....... And let her know she is loved and to stay!!!!!! She returns all love right back at ya.... And loves to conversate...... PLease click on her pic or link.... Tell her ....... Midnight Zombie Girl sent you .............. :0) Please click on her pic down below... Or the link.... Thankies... :) Much love.. :) [ photo: 3014836294 ]
"please Read This Mumm"
Please read and give me some read back on it please.....Witchy Woman
People That Hurt Others Is Not Right
shaking My head I do Not understand where people get off hurtig others online or real time is all in the same as far as I am concerned.. there is a real person on the other side of this screen so why do people think they can just throw words around or hearts ? Beleive Me My guard is up alil better now so if Ya plan on getting close to Me ? Ya better try hard and also prove to me Ya are Notttttt a Player shakes head
The Rose
Stephen L. Kossuth
1 DEAD, 1 INJURED IN WESTMORELAND COUNTY ACCIDENT Westmoreland County, PA-Police said the impact of a car that crashed into a utility pole in Westmoreland County was so hard that both the driver and the passenger were ejected from the wreckage. Police said the crash happened at Clay Pike and Mars Hill Road in Sewickley Township just before 3am Thursday. Stephen L Kossuth 21, of Irwin died at the scene. State police said the car crossed traffic and slid off the road. The injuries of the passenger are unknown at this time. MAN KILLED IN SEWICKLEY CAR ACCIDENT A 21-year-old man died early this morning following a car accident in Sewickley, Westmoreland County. Stephen L Kossuth Jr. was ejected from his car during the one vehicle accident on Clay Pike Road around 2:40am, according to the Westmoreland County coroner's office. He was pronounced dead on the scene at 3:35am Kossuth was not wearing a seatbelt, and the car's airbags did not deploy, th coroner's office said. An au
Mummville Gazette
They took my mumms away! Been over a week now. I guess they want us all in the "lounges" but ... damn ... I don't want to try 100 lounges or more just to find I would rather hang in the mumms. They are running the old mummers off. I guess they figured we had taken control of it. Sucks to be in Mummville these days. Power to the people! Up the establishment! Burn, baby, burn! Revolt, Revolt, Revolt ... oh, never mind, we are revolting. Yeash, gross, putting the the Ug in Ugly. Never mind. My bad. GreyHawk
Top 4: I'm The B To Your G...
We've cut the field to four and it's time for the BeeGees, (YAY!). We haven't had a BeeGees night since season two, also during the top four round, so it's long overdue that the kids pay proper respect to one of the best groups in the history of music groups.Because THIS is American Idol.I've had a rough day (funerals make me pissy) so I'll make this brief and to the point.Here they are, subject to review and revision, and as always, from worst to first:Blake Lewis (You Should Be Dancing). Barry Gibb says he thinks Blake's beatboxing will work with this song. I think Barry Gibb is either being nice or he's senile. Blake and falsetto probably shouldn't be used in the same sentence. Randy tells Blake it was like being in a disco in some strange country. That's about the best description. In a word, it was "painful."Blake Lewis (This is Where I Came In). Barry wonders why this song never became a hit, and hopes that Blake can make it one. I doubt that, especially if his video is a dance o
Devil Or Angel?
Which one would you rather perfer?
If We Kissed
IF WE KISSED: what type of kiss [ ] french [ ] peck what position [ ] standing [ ] sitting [ ] lying down if standing where would we be [ ] in a public place like the mall [ ] outside somewhere like an open feild/street [ ] on my/your front pourch/back yard if sitting what/where will we be siiting in [ ] in a car [ ] a room [ ] on my/your front pourch/back yard if lying down what/where would we be lying down on [ ] my/your bed [ ] side walk [ ] a desk/table if we were outside what would the weather be like [ ] rain and thunder [ ] hot..humid [ ] snowy [ ] cloudy [ ] clear skies nice spring breeze where would ur hands be [ ] up my shirt [ ] on my waist [ ] down my pants [ ] in my hands [ ] hugging me [ ] holding my chin up [ ] on my neck/head lastly what would you want our kiss to lead to [ ] a few more short and sweet kisses/pecks [ ] some touching [ ] sex [ ] make out session [ ] a medium to long meaningful kiss wait one mo
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Please Help Out A Friend! I Always Help Now Its Your Turn!!!
I am now in 5th place. Thank yous to those that are helping me, and supporting me. What's in it for me? Many things. For one, I look like I am doing my job and promoting, 2, I might get something if I get in 1st. It will be hard without help, but I am confident!
Gold Digger Friends And Family
Gold Diggers Category: Friends Well I dont know where to start. Ive been around the block I guess you could say and I aint the new kid on the block anymore. But Ive noticed that friends and family seem to be the worst gold diggers there are. I got some family that when my grandfather died they took everything my grandmother owned that they could get. My oldest daughter seems kinda the same way at times she tries to take all she can from everyone she can take from. I guess she gets it honest from her mother ( my ex lot lizard material ). Then I have had some friends who always seem to be your friend when you have some thing they want but when its gone they dont seem to know you .We thank god I only have a few of them left around. But I just wanted to say to my friends that arent gold diggers that Im glad to have friends that are as good as you. As for all the friends and family members that have taken from me and then turned there backs on me. Well here it is for you Your never
I'm Tired...
of being alone.. of being upset... of being ignored... of being used... of being overwhelmed... of being exhausted... of being un-appreciated.. of being un-loved... of being un-touched.. of being un-involved... of being un-knowing.. of being tired... ...of everything...
Idol Chatter: Disco? Duck!
Express' Arion Berger is your tour guide in the world of "American Idol." I WILL SURVIVE: Make way for Gibbs! Barry Gibb, the brother from another era who will be half-heartedly guest-mentoring the four remaining contestants, is a great modern artiste who defined disco with his and his brothers' contributions to the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack. You know what I love? I love disco night! The kids will be singing two songs each, so we can get our full four hours' worth or however long this show is. Melinda: She sings "Love You Inside and Out" (watch it here). She's set the bar so high that the judges kind of yawn and tell her to be even better, not just a stone professional who seems incapable of hitting a bum note, but to remember to pull focus and let her back-up singer training go. Simon is hoping she'll whip it out in the next song. By now, I feel sorry for these poor kids, with their future such-as-it-is fame assured and all. Pimping cars every week and having to deal wit
Lets See How Big The Families Are
I did up a small website earlier and working on it some more. It's a fubar family site. Now i don't know about anyone else but i'm curious as to how big and how many families we have here on fubar. Go ahead and check it out :-)
Something To Consider
HELL EXPLAINED BY CHEMISTRY STUDENT The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well : Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Mos
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Asparagus Packets
Ingredients: * 24 stalks asparagus, trimmed and cleaned * 1/8 ts salt * 1/8 ts black pepper * 1/4 ts dried italian seasoning * 2 tb grated Parmesan 8 slices thinly sliced prosciutto Method 1. Steam asparagus on top of boiling water until crisp-tender, about 5 minutes. Drain. 2. In bowl, toss asparagus with salt, pepper, seasoning and Parmesan. 3. Heat oven to 425 degrees. 4. Spread 1 slice prosciutto onto work surface. Roll up 3-4 asparagus stalks on prosciutto. Transfer to large rimmed baking sheet. Repeat with remaining asparagus and prosciutto. 5. Bake in 425 degree oven for 10 minutes. Serve warm. Notes: If making ahead, cook recipe as noted; cover, refrigerate a few hours. Reheat gently in oven or microwave. Number of servings: 8
Dahlia's Surprise
This is something I wrote awhile back. ENJOY~ Dahlia bought so many things on her shopping trip. A shirt, a pair of jeans and some gift wrap among other things. She bought groceries for a few days. She bought herself a set of decent long pajamas for the fall / winter season. She bought a funny DVD. She even bought ingredients for a cake and some frosting. Oh, and candles too. How could she forget the candles! She double checked her cart several times to make sure she didn't forget a single thing. She was emphatic about it. Everything must be perfect. She paid for her purchases and took them out to his car. He helped with all her things. She was very distracted and didn't talk much on the way home. Dahlia was very self absorbed right now. She realized she had one more thing to get, but it could wait until the next day. There were nearly back home when she apologized to him about being so distant. He said it was okay and again he saw that lo
America's Mexican
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Top 5 Reasons Why I Need To Go To La!
5) I Haven?t Left the Time Zone. Sad, but true. I?ve traveled to Florida a few times, but it was to see my grandparents in Boca, which is really just an extension of New York, so that shouldn?t even count! And just last October, I FINALLY left the country when I crossed the border at Niagara Falls. So it?s safe to say I need to get out more. 4) Um, have you ever been to Binghamton? Let?s just say it felt like -25 degrees a few weeks ago according to If it?s not snowing, it?s raining. In fact, Binghamton is one of the top 10 rainiest cities in the country. Enough said. 3) I want to see the celebrities! Now I?ve seen my fair share of the rich and famous: Sarah Ferguson was 10 rows behind my family and me at The Lion King on Broadway, I?ve interviewed Bob Costas and members of the New York Mets (for those sports fans at home), and I saw Bebe Neuwirth in a grocery store in the city (she?s an actress). Wow. Now that I think about it, I really haven?t seen any c
well... trying to get this business off the ground taking longer and costing a lil but were trying. danielle had her 21st yesterday... gettin shit faced with her on thursday for 5$ pitcher night at the bar... lol.. talk about a cheap drunk that night eh? lol... it should be fun... maybe we'll go for another walk down to the gas station lol... oooh the looks and stares we got that night.. lol.. priceless... im hungry... im gettin some food
5000 To Level
What is the longest a cut rose will stay alive? I am trying to make these last as long as possible but I have my doubts that they will make it a week. Well... another day another dismal selection of television viewing. Working from home has it's perks and it's problems.
Ppl That Crack The Shits Over What They Get Rated!!!!!!
Well Fuck.
i'm single now, after 3 1/2 years. it fucking sucks!
What Every Nice Guy Goes Through.
I've wrote a blog about Nice Guys Finish Last.Now I want to share a little something on why were only friends with women that we want to be with & can never get to 1st base with them. /">MyHotComments/cc/lc/9f/9f1231d465c9373c9adea9e34c99dc11.jpg" border="0" alt="MyHotComments">MyHotComments
Join The Naughty & Nice Crew!!!!!!
Well what are you waiting for there are no hidden fees and each day there are new members pimped out!!! HERE THEY ARE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADD THEM ALL AND REMEMBER TO KEEP AN EYE OUT AS EVERYDAY THERE IS A NEW MEMBER POSTED ON MY ABOUT ME SECTION OF MY PAGE TO GIFT, RATE AND FANNNNNNN! When giving love to the members of the day remember you will be in the spotlight very soon!!!! THE FAMILY Blackblade 2010 Fan me Add me And rate me and sign my guest book@ fubar ADD MY SIS NAUGHTY CHIC@ fubar marine vet@ fubar Naruto"Sierra's Fu Hubby''DLS's #1 Fan"Manager of SOTU/Owner of Darkest Desi@ fubar demonstar@ fubar ·· . .just some gur1. .···· . .rate. .···· . .and. .·· ·· . .fan. .·· ·· . .me. .··@ fubar Sweetlyps4u "CT Wifey of Rafael& Son"@ fubar trout gang@ fubar MAN MEAT@ fubar EVONNE~~~ MEMBER OF CONFEDERATE BOMBERS FAMILY OF FUBAR~~CLUB FAR MEMBER ~~~@ fubar
Visions Got a vision of you in my mind, you’re lying there soaking wet. Are bodies entwined we’re covered in our sweat. Just staring at you, things get quickly out of hand. And, we rock together almost by command. You’re lying on top of me, together we become one. You lie there still after the passion is done. But, only for a moment in time, do we even rest. The passions mount as you slowly move across my chest. My eyes drink you in as you’re by my side. Our desires come rushing back in like a tide I reach out for you to touch you in the dark. As my hand glides across your skin, I can feel a magic spark. I want you again, to feel you and to hold you next to me. I can’t even think of, anywhere I’d rather be I press my mouth tightly upon your lips. I close my eyes as you reach for me with your finger tips Together, we rock and grind forward and back. How many times we made love, I’ve since lost track. Just waiting for that day when, I come thru yo
Oh Well
Ihate it whenreally big girls show off their big boobies. Of course they are gonna be big, everything on you is big. thats no wonderful surprise there. it's great if you have that self confidence to love you no matter what size you are, but no one needs to be a slut about really now. Big sluts, little sluts. They all annoy me. Unless you're a professional slut...
Because Of You
Verse 1: Want to, but I can't help it, I love the way it feels, It's got me stuck between my fantasy And what is real. I need it when I want it, I want it when I don't. Tell myself I'll stop everyday Knowin that I won't. Hook: I got a problem and I [Don't know what to do about it] Even if I did, I don't if I would quit, But I doubt it I'm taken by the thought of it, And I know that much is true Baby, you have become my addiction I'm so strung out on you Baby-boo, but I like it. Chorus: And it's all because of you, And it's all because of you, And it's all because of you And it's all because.... Never givin' up, She's the sweetest touch... Verse 2: Think of it every second I'm thinkin nothin but, Only concern is the next time, I'm gon get me some Know I should stay away from, Cuz it's no good for me I try and try but my obsession Won't let me leave Hook: I got a problem and I [Don't know what to do about it] Even if I did, I don't if I wou
I Just Died
"I Just Died" Staring in the mirror as I Start to carefully contemplate Just really how deep is this thing I have for you It's wearing on my heart And from the start you know I tried, steadily denied Friendship turn to love I know you probably think that I'm so strange - Stuttering on every word when you look my way, why? And maybe it's all in my mind But when we hugged goodbye I had butterflies I just died (yeah yeah yeah) I just died in your arms tonight Don't want nobody to bring me back to life (I just died in your arms tonight, hey) I just died in your arms I just died in your arms tonight, tonight Your finger hushed my lips As I tried to explain maybe why you and I should hide from such a love affair My friends think that I'm so insane To fight this feeling But my life's at stake Your embrace, thoughts won't erase Every now a minute of the day I wait and hope and pray That you might stay And now you're moving oh so closely Killing me so softly, so
Beautiful Girls
"Beautiful Girls" JR! Sean Kingston! [Chorus:] You're way too beautiful girl That's why it'll never work You'll have me suicidal, suicidal When you say it's over Damn all these beautiful girls They only wanna do you dirt They'll have you suicidal, suicidal When they say it's over [Verse 1:] See it started at the park Used to chill after dark Oh when you took my heart That's when we fell apart Cause we both thought That love lasts forever (lasts forever) They say we're too young To get ourselves sprung Oh we didn't care We made it very clear And they also said That we couldn't last together (last together) [Refrain:] See it's very divine, you;re one of a kind But you mash up my mind You have to get declined Oh Lord... My baby is driving me crazy [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2:] It was back in '99 Watchin' movies all the time Oh when I went away For doin' my first crime And I never thought That we was gonna see each other (see each other) And
Ill Be Missing You
P. Diddy I'll Be Missing You Lyrics *** Complimentary I'll Be Missing You Ringtone *** Intro: Puff Daddy Every day I wake up I hope I'm dreamin I can't believe this shit Can't believe you ain't here Sometimes it's just hard for a nigga to wake up It's hard to just keep goin It's like I feel empty inside without you bein here I would do anything man, to bring you back I'd give all this shit, shit the whole knot I saw your son today He look just like you You was the greatest You'll always be the greatest I miss you Big Can't wait til that day, when I see your face again I can't wait til that day, when I see your face again... Yeah... this right here (tell me why) Goes out, to everyone, that has lost someone That they truly loved (c'mon, check it out) Verse One: Puff Daddy Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show I laced the track, you locked the flow So far from hangin on the block for dough Notorious, they got to know that Life ain't always what
Highly Annoyed
I am soooooooooooooo annoyed with the phone company at the moment! I ordered new service for my new digs on the 30th of July and nada yet. I keep getting the run around! First, I am told it will be on the 1st of August...then it was the 2nd...6th...and when I would be turned on's already in the afternoon and no dial tone. Grrrrrrrr. The excuses I got thus far was that they came out here and couldn't get access because a hedge was in the way...then it was flooding in Texas...short staffed and completely booked...then rain again....meh!... Man! Who does a girl have to blow to get a damn dial tone! LOL
Just Figured Something Out
ROFL...well know...I got banned from posting mums thursday...ok...and as odd as sit mum was about wheather or not the people who comments mums had become more sarcastic since starting....rofl.... well anyways..I find myself friday morning in wal-mart with my 76 yr old 13 yr old 8 yr old daughter...and Every other friggin crap ass person that could possably find there way thru the door of wal-mart...Screaming kids...with parents that act like they dont hear them...Old people who wander around lost looking for the person they came with...well you know the drill at the time I got out of there...I was standing in the road between wal-mart store and parking lot..cussing some fat bitch and he husband for loading in a yellow zone..marked no loading...and pointing my finger...and yelling for the security guaard..who was sitting in his SUV with the ac on watching these people load where they shouldnt...Everybody was looking...and I really di
Price Is Right
You walk in the room everyone will swoon Do they know what you do How you make your money They say everything in life has a price You said goodbye to your pride What is the price? What is the night? What is your life! What is the price? What is the night? What is your life! Dancing like everyone is looking Does your daddy know your hooking Selling your ride Thrills for a night They say everything in life has a price You said goodbye to your pride What is the price? what is the night? what is your life! What is the price? what is the night? what is your life! Can you put a price on your pride? Can you put a price on your life? Sleepless in the middle of the night Never think it will ever be right Dancing like everyone is looking Does your daddy know your hooking selling your ride thrills for a night What is the price? What is the night? what is your life! What is the price? What is the night? What is your.............LIFE!
My Score....
How Daring Are You?Congratulations, according to our experts, you scored : 67% which makes you Very DaringYou would make a good contestant on Fear Factor and we bet you are the life of the party. You better make sure you have your heath insurance paid up though.Find out how daring you are at How Will I Die QuizYou will die at the age of 110You will die in a freak accident involving Ryan SeacrestFind out how you will die at Congratulations, according to our experts, you are : 80% CleanTake the How Clean Are You Quiz at
"who Wants To Live Forever" By Queen Aka Saddest Song Ever
There's no time for us, There's no place for us, What is this thing that biilds our dreams, yet slips away from us. Who wants to live forever, Who wants to live forever....? There's no chance for us, It's all decided for us, This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us, Who wants to live forever, Who dares to live forver, When love must die. But my touch tears with your lips, Touch my world with your fingertips, And we can have forever, And we can love forever, Forever is our today, Who wants to live forever, Who wants to live forever, Forever is our today, Who wants to live forever anyway?
My Psycho Poem
You are a disease. As I smell your rotting flesh and hear your screams. I remember my obsession for strange things. As I feel your nails dig into my arms. I see my dream of murdering some one. While your eyes bulge and I feel your pulse I know the time is close.Your relaxed now I beleive I won. I care for you so much that Ill keep you for ever tell the end of days come.
Im Moving On With My Life Without You!
Fucking Suck My Dick Dom's
NO assholes despite what you wish or you want I DO NOT SWITCH. How dare you assume I will find kidding like this from someone here funny? I have friends in the real world that would NEVER disrespect me or anyone like me like that yet you wankers sit here and expect me to laugh it off. Amazing part of this little rant is the ones who do it are the self titles Masters. Yeah Masters with no clue as to the difference in kinky sex and lifestyle Domination. or as I lovingly call them “suck my dick dom’s” You know who you are you’re the ones who demand head whenever you feel like it and consider it serving you. Oh crap you guys need to wake the fuck up. You’re the ones who give this lifestyle a bad name the ones we always have to defend the real lifestyle with and because. Give it a rest don’t talk to me don’t assume I will find you funny and don’t assume you will automatically be taken for this old style lifestyle Dom with me in the first 5 seconds on any chat. Don’t assume shit about me
This Part Of My Favo Movie Makes Me Cry Every Time When I See It ....
Happy Hr
my happy hr starts in ten min ENJOY =]
Leave Me Some Love
As everyone may know by now, I am busy working 2 jobs full time, I don't have as much time to get on here and comment or chat as I used to. I miss you all already. Yet even more so over the next few days, I will only be home to sleep between 5:30pm-10:45pm, barely enough time to sleep and shower and eat, otherwise I am at one of the jobs. I will be back some saturday, but I will look at my comments and messeges a few minutes each night since I do appreciate them, give me some time to respond to any, but the love is appreciated, watch for blogs on how I am doing, rating my pics could help me on the lost points :( Chances are I've rated all yours. Hope everyone is doing well, and let me know you are, I'll be on when I can and on off days, much love to you all, and have a great week. Keith
Saving Lives And Taking Names
taking names and saving people is what i do,, i m a normal human, nothing more and nothing less, I m just me, take it or leave it, all i do thease days is take names and save lives, some people call me a hero, and ill i do is sit here and wonder, what is hero, A hero is someone who helps people in time of need, someone who helps a fellow stranger, somone in the line of duty, well two out of three aint bad. but im no hero,, im just me bedrock
Dr. Visit News
I went Monday to the urologist. I didn't kno that I had to take my MRI/CT Skan films with me-they led me to believe that they had everything..anyway..I sent the films up-they received them about 3 pm Wed and the doctor will b calling sometime today (Thurs) to give me a surgery date which will b within 7 days. I'll b in the hospital 7-10 days so please keep me in your prayers..
Bootie Buddy
THERE IS AT LEAST ONE person ON YOUR friends list!!! WHO WANTS TO FUCK YOU. SO LETS PLAY THE FUCK BUDDY GAME! The rules are simple: If you want to or wouldn't mind fucking the person who posts this, send them a *MESSAGE* saying "I'd tap that shit!" or "I'd ride dat shit" Dont be scared - This is hilarious!! The twist is YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS and see who replies. Repost this as "FUCK BUDDY" even if you are in a happy relationship. It is just a laugh... and you may be surprised
Sex Fairy
The Sex Fairy This is hilarious! Be sure to read the warning at the bottom. I didn't change a word! I'm not messing with the Sex Fairy! 1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. ============= 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. ============= 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. ============= 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you don't need special sneakers! ============= 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphin
Next Time.
You wanna yell at someone here is my suggestion after shoving it up your ass: Contacting the White House [En Español] Mailing Address The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Phone Numbers Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461 TTY/TDD Comments: 202-456-6213 Visitors Office: 202-456-2121
Horoscope! Blah
Your love life is about to take a positive turn, thanks to your overwhelmingly good energy. Whether you're currently single, happily partnered or on the rocks, expect a positive change today. HAHA MAYBE THIS ONE WILL COME TRU!!! SINCE IT GOT FUCKED OVER YESTERDAY!!!!!! ON THE ROCKS LMFAO!! I HOPE THE HOROSCOPE PEOPLE ARE RIGHT!!!!!
Man It Is Hot!!
I am in Key west for two weeks! Its really hot here right now! Tons of beautiful girls! WHAT IS UP WITH THE CHICKENS? theses things are running everywhere! Too funny. Wish everybody a great week. stay cool!!!!!!!!!1 peace out, Drew
Wow! This has changed alot, now if I can only remember how to do this again. This teaches me not stay away for to long. Well anyways, I'm back and hopefully will make more friends.
why is it people you care about irritate you the most sometimes and why is it some of us dont have brains enough to walk away from a situation before we care or are attached to someone to much. i walked away from someone a few says ago because after nine months being told patience and giving i just couldnt take it anymore. i was always there for her when she needed anything and always giving but the more i think i never really got anything in return and i was willing to give her everything i had. i got told half truths and wasnt told the truth about a few things slowly the story changed till i knew what was going on and you know i didnt deserve that
We are all just working ants in this infinity civilization. How I suffer! Time to sin again, I want to sin again. If I breathe, I realize that we are lost in this world, and its gonna end, and when it does, no one will be ready for it. Does nothing ever last forever? I was one of them(govt) now I'm one of them spying on you believing the lies- they are all true! Choking on it all I Want To Sin Again Discover me-breathe me-suit me-now look at me I'm one of you! Hate me-Fuck me-Love me- Don't let them change me They only want to fake us! Don't fall for the sick society routine
Chicken With Papaya (pollo Con Papaya)
INGREDIENTS: 3 whole chicken breasts, skinned, boned, and split in half 2 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons black pepper 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil 2 cups papaya juice 1-1/4 cups light olive oil 1 fresh ripe papaya, peeled and cut into slices, for garnish 1 Season the chicken with the salt and pepper. Mix the basil and the juice with 1 cup of the oil and pour it over the chicken. Marinate for at least 1 hour. 2 Drain the meat and discard the marinade. Heat the remaining oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Quickly sear the chicken on both sides. Lower the heat and cook, partially covered, for 15 minutes, turning the meat once. 3 To serve, arrange the chicken on a platter and garnish with fresh papaya slices.
Just Relaxing Today
Thanks to everyone for their support on my last blog and the hump I had to get over. You are so nice to me and I'm not sure why...lmao All is great here again. Just making through the days, one at a time. I am slowly learning to just ignore people when they decide to be jerks. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. lol Thursday I will have my house back. I can't wait either. Not that he is a bad person, it is just very uncomfortable with him here. I know he still wants me back, but it's just not going to happen. Well, i hope you all have a great day and lots of fun in the following week. I will keep you updated on what's going on. Sweet
Some How I Just Knew It.
You scored as Freddy Krueger, You are Freddy Krueger. You are evil, but enjoy having fun. Sure you made some bad choices in life, causing some parents to attack you, and burn you alive. But hey, you have even more fun now than you did then! You prefer waiting for your victims to fall asleep, so you can have fun with them in your world. But if they pull you out, you dont let that stop your fun! Freddy Krueger75% Jigsaw65% Hannibal Lecter60% Leatherface45% Captain Spaulding40% Buffalo Bill40% Michael Myers30% Jason Voorhees30% Pinhead25% Candyman20%
A Bomb Giveaway
No Do Overs.....
I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the Earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day. I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage. I would have talked less and listened more. I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded. I would have eaten the popcorn in the "good" living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace. I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth. I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband. I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed. I would have sat on the lawn with my grass stains. I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life. I would never have bought anything
Death In My Family
I was sitting here, when I heard the phone ring. I reached over, and picked it up. I saw on the caller ID that it was my mom. Okay, that's weird...she was just here this morning. I answered the phone. me "hey mom" mom "great grandma died" me "what? we were just talking about her" mom "I know. she died about 20 minutes ago" me "wow, okay..." mom "i'll talk to you later, I have to call everyone else" me "k, bye mom" mom "bye" My great-grandmother, a widow of the past 16 years, died today at the age of 99 years old! I'm in shock. When I was young, my great grandmother and I were fairly close. She would tell me stories about her life growing up while she played with my hair. I loved my great grandmother so much. As she aged, she devoloped Altzheimerz. She got to the point where she was mean to everyone, and then where she didn't know anybody. So while my mom was here this morning, she recieved a call on her cell phone and told me to write down the name Jenni
Jealous People And Harassment
Hubby calls today upset the asses under him are bitching saying he don't work. Hubby is an assistant manager for a scrap yard and works very hard. The ones harrassing him are nothing but undercover drug dealers and pissed they will never go anywhere in this company. Not only does the hubby work extremely hard for the money he also fills in security detail when someone needs to be out and still puts in a full day! What can the workers expect outta him til his hand heals? He is trying to work like he always does with his hand cut up and 14 stitches in it. He unloaded a truck today with one hand and these little fuckers want to tell him he don't work? He better hope I don't catch them alone. I'll fuck them up or tip off a cop friend of mine to their extra money making they have going on. You DON'T FUCK WITH MY MAN OR MY KIDS! I'LL FUCK YOU UP SOUTHERN STYLE!
Morning Beautiful
Each morning I wake hoping to hear your voice. A smile forms across my face as I feel the warmth of your skin against mine. As you lay there asleep my mind wanders into the events from the night before. Every moment, every touch, every kiss. You turn over and place your hand in mine as you kiss my neck. Without a word you say "Good morning beautiful." We lay in bed, no need to speak, the silence says it all. Time goes by without so much as a whisper and slowly the rising sun peeks through the window. Neither one of us wants to let go. We cling to each other hoping that time will pause if we just wish hard enough. But it doesn't and I slowly roll to get out of bed. The cold first catches my feet and I sneak back under the covers as you tug my arm. Not just yet. I give you a kiss before I lay my head on your chest. I can hear your heart beat and to me it is the most beautiful sound ever. Some more time goes by and I search for my clothes with
+spanked With The Richter Scale.
I was having an AWESOME hot dream....with this big tall Nordic dude...with long blonde hair. Fvcking earthquake wakes me up. The ground feels SO creeepy when it happens. A big wave of cement that you can see at ground level, and then the wave hits you. Thats what the baby 'Quakes are like. The 7pointer was just..non stop shaking back an forth, no wave. Whatever, it woke me up, and made me all paranoid. Every truck speeding by our house had me running under the table. Measured 3.2.+
Can't Live Without You
My mind fills up with dark thoughts, thoughts of this world, thoughts of my pathetic life. I feel so alone you say you love me, then why do you leave me here out in the cold, in the dark to wait for you, yet you never come. I find you in a place were better people stay, I find you in a place that is full of beautiful people, a place were you belong. Don't stay here with me, you are just wasting your life if you stay with me, I will never amount to anything. I'm just going to drag you down. Please, please don't leave me. I know that you would be better off without m, all I want is for you to be happy. But I just can't live without you...
.hov:hover{background-color:yellow}music Video:nymphetamine (by Cradle Of Filth)music Video Code Provided By Video Code Zone
Music Video:NYMPHETAMINE (by Cradle Of Filth)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
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Monastery Life
Monastery Life A young monk arrives at the monastery. He is assigned to helping the other monks in copying the old canons and laws of the church by hand. He notices, however, that all of the monks are copying from copies, not from the original manuscript. So, the new monk goes to the head abbot to question this, pointing out that if someone made even a small error in the first copy, it would never be picked up! In fact, that error would be continued in all of the subsequent copies. The head monk, says, "We have been copying from the copies for centuries, but you make a good point, my son." He goes down into the dark caves underneath the monastery where the original manuscripts are held as archives in a locked vault that hasn't been opened for hundreds of years. Hours go by and nobody sees the old abbot. So, the young monk gets worried and goes down to look for him. He sees him banging his head against the wall and wailing. "We missed the R ! We
I Used To Push The Envelope Until I Got A Paper Cut !
I walk on water okay, it's really a frozen lake I can part the red seas okay, it's really a blood soaked cake I brought a plague down on egypt okay, it was really just a bad flu I killed all the first born children okay, they were just chickens in the stew I caused the twin towers to collapse okay, it was lincoln logs and the weren't that tall I shot john f. kennedy from the grassy knoll okay, I watched it on tv, it came on after lucille ball I have been everywhere and done everything okay, so I'm a house bound schmuck in my underwear I conquer planets with the greatest of ease okay, one of these days, I'll go outside, to this I swear I hope I've passed the audition
To A Friend
will i be missed when im gone, will i be remembered and not forgotten, will they say he was a friend, till his end, thats what a sweet boy said, when he was laying in his bed, dying from cancer inside, bald and trying to hide, doesnt like to make new friends, hes affraid they pretend, hes only 9 years old, but he has alot to be told, for hes my friend, and will be to the end, hes very smart and sincere, i wish he would always be here, he likes to color in his book, the one i gave him and he took, hes given me a new sense of pride, cause he knows hes on a one way ride, he lives each and every day, cause he knows hes not here to stay, never affraid or upset, never one regret, he asked me why i stay, i didnt know what to say, wish i could take his place, so his life wouldnt be a waste, he wants to see so many things, he has our dreams, his end is too close it seems, but ill be there with him at the end, because he his one special friend.........
Fucking Gangbangers
Last night I got woken up at 2 with my gangbanger neighbors in the alley fighting with a bunch of people. I called 911 then I heard a car window get busted out and a car peeling out. Then my neighbors ran upstairs then came running back downstairs and took off in a car to go after them. then about 20 min later, I heard them come back and go upstairs again, they came back downstairs talking about how they got their guns and were going to go "blast" them.. I want to move soooo bad. It took me forever to fall back asleep. I am sooo tired.
To Get Women's Forgiveness
On their wedding night, the young bride approached her new husband and asked for $20.00 for their first lovemaking encounter. In his highly aroused state, her husband readily agreed. This scenario was repeated each time they made love, for more than 30 years, with him thinking that it was a cute way for her to afford new clothes and other incidentals that she needed. Arriving home around noon one day, she was surprised to find her husband in a very drunken state. During the next few minutes, he explained that his employer was going through a process of corporate downsizing, and he had been let go. It was unlikely that, at the age of 59, he'd be able to find another position that paid anywhere near what he'd been earning, and therefore,they were financially ruined. Calmly, his wife handed him a bank book which showed more than thirty years of steady deposits and interest totaling nearly $1 million. Then she showed him certificates of deposits issued by the b
My Birfday Bulletin From I Love Sporks
Thank you everyone for making this one hell of a birthday. You all have me in big smiles!!!11 go show this awesome lady some birthday love. she spends all her time on here helping others so wish her a happy birthday please! :D ♥BooBoo...KDM'Z AnGeL Founder of Shadow Levelers@ fubar (repost of original by 'I Love Sporks -add me as a fan before you add me as a friend-' on '2007-08-19 16:38:56')
Man V Woman
Man discovered WOMEN and invented SEX, > Woman discovered SEX and invented HEADACHES. >Man discovered the WORD and invented CONVERSATION, > Woman discovered CONVERSATION and invented >GOSSIP >Man discovered GAMBLING and invented CARDS, > Woman discovered CARDS and invented >WITCHERY. >Man discovered FRIENDSHIP and invented LOVE, > Woman discovered LOVE and invented >MARRIAGE. >Man discovered AGRICULTURE and invented FOOD, > Woman discovered FOOD and invented >DIET. >Man discovered COLOURS and invented PAINT, > Woman discovered PAINT and invented MAKEUP. >Man discovered TRADING and invented MONEY, > Woman discovered MONEY and that's when it >all >got f*cked up.
Sevas Tra - My Confession
Current Mood: Hurt, Sad, & Gloomy. My confession: Because I'm diluted, perfectly flawed. I shall live by passion & not by law. And I'm insecure I need aggression to feed the spiders of perception. and I'm supposed to be strong & have all the answers. A cannibal in the new church of cancer. But I'm nothing special I'm not unique. I have many secrets & I eat the weak. And I'm at an end. I'm at an end... and there's… NO WAY OUT!! I need to find my sanctuary Someplace safe Gotta get this outta me This is my escape My confession: I think about it all the time. I'm volatile & afraid to cry. But I'm still not comfortable in my skin. And the anesthetics slowly wearing thin. And I need to talk to someone new. I need a different latitude. And I'm in this void all alone. Feeling needy hungry to go. But I'm suffocating can't come down and... no... THERE'S NO WAY OUT!! I need to find my sanctuary Someplace safe Gotta get this outta me! THIS IS MY ESCAPE!! All I see is sadness
Dealing With Loss
In Memory of Billy As a child my big brother was great to play with. In Houston he was my private bucking bronco until I was bucked off when I was in Kindergarten and broke my arm in three different places. Good thing kids heal fast. In Carrollton I lost my cool with him and was going to kill him with a pair of scissors. He locked himself in the bathroom and laughed at me which made me want to get to him even more. I tried to open the door with the scissors open and almost cut the top of my pinky off. Aw, fond memories. As tough as that seemed at the time, it is one of the many things that Billy and I laughed about as we grew older. When I was a teen and Billy was in College he would come home and visit and we would talk of life and love. He was an honorable man and a virgin at 25 years of age. This troubled him and we sat for hours talking about how it was a good thing. He knew that in his heart but he would say, “It is hard being in College and being a virgin these days.” We sha
Long Lost Pals
Every now and then, I start thinking about some long lost friends I have had in the past. I wonder why we lost touch and why we don't talk anymore. Truth be told, I usually make friends with people I have worked with and when I quit the job, I guess I just don't keep in touch like I should. Unlike some women who are very chatty, I don't like to talk on the phone. I would like to have some more friends to do things with. I like to go out sometimes but I have been trapped in the house mostly due to finances. Not to say that you can't do things without money because I do those things too. Like library, coffeehouses, parks, etc. I just like to find some friends that like to hang out, talk, watch movies, drink and even rock hard to music whether live at bar or club or at the house. So, my whole first point was about missing old friends which really if we don't talk anymore then they would just be aquaintances or ex-co-workers. There is a method to my madness though. I do miss one particu
Come See Me
Music Videos
does anyone know of a good site that you could download music videos for free? Any help would be greatly apreciated
Come Listen To Me Play Some Great Music
click the picture to get to the Manic MOnkey Lounge
The Things I Have Done....
Ok, I know I have done some things in my life that I shouldn't have done. I have stolen things from people and talked about people behind their backs. I have cheated on tests and lie to teachers. I have broken into peoples houses and ate food from their refrigerator and then taken a nap in their bed. I have looted from parked cars on the side of the street and from peoples driveways. I have stolen things from little kids and have skipped school to play rambo. I have run away from home when I was not supposed to go anywhere. I have wathed other people do things that I should not have and I have helped people do things that I should not have. I have abused people in ways that I am not proud of and I have stood by while others have been abused when I possibly could have done something to stop it. I have said things to people intentionally to hurt their feeliings and lied to them to get my own way. I have used people in ways that no one should and I have turned away from those that cared
Is It Over.........
What do you do when something is over? How do you start again? What if you don't want it to end? How do you repair the damage you have caused? How do you help a broken heart to mend? How do you keep from making the same mistakes as you did before? How do you close one chapter in your life and find an open door? How do you prove that you finally see the light? How do show someone that you can actually do things right? How do keep from making the same bad choices? How do you ignore all the negative voices? How can you show that you love someone? How do you change their heart when they say they are done? You can't. You just find a new begining. Every begining has an end. Every end means a new begining. Sometimes you have to take the only door you are given and just walk through it. There is no certainty as to what will be on the other side but if you don't step through you will never know. I am about to walk through a door into what I hope will be the begining of something good. It is
Today when it was raining, I was thinking about you. Standing in that lovely weather, Feeling the rain upon my skin, and Its touch deep within my heart... ...I realised, how lonely i was, With everybody and without YOU. Yes, it does make a difference Whenever you are not around, Even the season I like, The rain i love, Seems, has lost its charm, Without YOU... ...just like that darling Standing in the rain, with My eyes filled with its drops, I came to know, How much ALONE I was, WITHOUT YOU...!!
Everything About You
I adore everything about you. Your sexy eyes, Your sincere smile. When you turn to me and smile, I can only think one thing... How sweet you are. You are wonderful, I cannot get enough of you. Your beauty lays over, It's constant as a generational tale. Each and everything about you Leads to another epic. A description of how marvelous you are. When i thing of you I am at peace You are my home away from home I yearn to be around you Longing for your touch. Awating that day In which our lips will meet Continually reminiscing of you Your true colors And Our LIfe
Autumn And Ryan Signing Out :(
goodbye everyone, thanks for the good times! loved your pics and I hope you like ours as well for those of you who have seen
Sexual Position Number 9
Sexual Position Number 9 lover lover with eyes that shine our bodies and heart entertwine sexual position number nine I liked to do moving on making love to you riding ontop of you arching my back tugging gently to hold yourself back between us deep currents of love chemistry is strong making love literally all night long hold me gently so intimately near feeling your face your lips even your ears gliding your hands across my body complete drawing so slow in and out of me pacing yourself you never do stray sexual position number twelve your smooth body I touch my hands roam you too the passion so strong between me and you you take my legs and sit astride my feet on top of your shoulders they do ride watching you move deeper and slower inside of me sensations of love joy and ecstacy sexual position number twelve we unite with feelings that we can't let go looking into your eyes that holds a tender glow
Help Needed
Testing Bulletin2
Guess What Yall?
Just wanted to let you know I am here for FRIENDS....FRIENDS....FRIENDS...FRIENDS....AND...................YUP YOU GUESSED IT....FRIENDS.... DO NOT ask me out....DO NOT ask to see me naked on cam....DO NOT ask for my address....DO NOT ask to be mine forever....I am here for friends.... If something at some point were to be more then it will happen....If you can't respect this then move on....I am far from easy and will be just as stubborn if you try to (convince) me otherwise. I am not dumb....but yes beautiful.. I also for the record dont like to be called pet you are my Man or we have a connection that can't be denied by both of us. My name is Sarah..Tigress...or yes you may call me sweetie...cause I am! You earn your trust with me and I will tell all you right now that I do not trust you. You will have to earn my trust and that is by showing me you can be and not cause you just say you can be trusted.....I don't tolerate lie
My Baby...
I know it seems to be that I am "too young" to be in love... but, guess what? I am in love with my baby-boi Andrew, there are pictures in my album, because I love him soo much so I thought I would add this... Hes mine, NOT YOURS you dirty WHORES! I LOVE YOU BABY-BOI!! ♥ Charly... xoxo'
had a bad day yesterday that has left me confused and hurt as to what is happening in my life. some times i dont know y i bother trying anymore all i get is hurt when i do try.
From Andrea 8-23-07
My awesome friend Shell goes out of her way to help me and all her friends whenever we need help. Time to show her some love now she only needs 27,819 to level! LSD's SHELL ~WILL ALWAYS PIMP A/LSD & COOLEST GUY EVER~~STEALING SYN~~@ fubar (repost of original by 'Andrea' on '2007-08-23 16:37:44')
Proverb (but Still Worth Noting)
Two people shorten a road. ~Irish Proverb
Elevator Music
Another town on this lonely road, Travelling from where my strife was sowed, Where I had become the walking dead, Yet I still bop to the elevator music in my head. Three times loved, three times wife, Love has failed within my life, To hell with love, I've no more tears to shed, But I will continue to hum with the elevator music in my head. Again I will walk this trail in hopes that someday I will not fail and into love I will not tread. I will resist it with the elevator music in my head. And when it comes time that from my lips, come no more rhyme and I quietly lay within my earthen bed, Visitors may hear my elevator music in their head.
11's date: 2007-08-23 20:32:52 got 47 left to give out whoever wants some with some picture comments let me know, but make sure u comment and rate back ASAP
On The Prowl
Gonna getcha! The kitty is on the prowl tonight! First time in a long time, I slip by ya on the dance floor and chills run down your spine as you watch my tattoos disappear into the crowd... I'm going out tonight... Can you stand it? I can... If you can't stand the heat get out of my fucking kitchen!
I've Had Enough
Well it appears the one person I ever truly cared about has stopped wanting to have anything to do with me. I truly did care for her any all but it appears she let my family get in the way of us meeting. If everyone wants the truth SHE AND I NEVER MET!!! I WAS SAYING WE DID TO HELP GET PEOPLE OFF HER BACK!!!! I don't know what she really looks like, and frankly I don't care what she does. I loved her because she was the only person who ever looked past the shit I used to do when I was younger and all the problems I have and see me for me. We were planning on meeting while I was on leave in NJ back in March but she never showed three times because she was scared and other reason. We were also planning on meeting while we were both in Iraq but she kept pushing me off because she was smoking pot and she didn't want me to see her as a pothead. I looked past that and hoped that we could meet once I got home from Iraq, but it appears that's never going to happen. I don't understand her reaso
Wen Grlz Dnt Put
When girls don't put out (a girl who agrees lol) Body: When girls don't put out!! This was written by a guy... it's pretty damn smart. Girls -- Please have a sense of humor! This is really funny!! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?" Rea
Thank A Soldier !!!!!
Below is a link for a song that EVERYONE needs to see. I dont care if you dont like "rock" music.... look and listen to the vid... I think its cool as hell.... Our troops deserve a little thanks from us all!!! If you just say "thank you" to anyone that you see in uniform.... thats the least you can do. They lay it on the line for us everyday!!!!!!! Show a lil' gratitude!!! BTW... they show a web site.. visit it, and do what ya can!!!!! Case
Good Morning, Everyone!
Sunshine! Second day in a row! Will wonders never cease, lol. I have to tell you a bit about yesterday's belly dancing workshop with Meleeha! She teaches at the University of Iowa, I believe - dance, of course. I remember seeing her perform at the last workshop - she was fantastic! Since we only had three hours, she mainly worked on technique - proper use of hands and arms, projecting power - yeah, I liked that part; projecting energy, where to look during specific moves to communicate with the audience. And she is such a hoot, very sexy, very earthy! We all felt right at home, very quickly. We spent a full hour on "walking", lmao! That's different types of walking moves to get from one place to another on stage or if you dance at a club or restaurant, lol! I will definitely pay more attention to how I walk, lmao! Amazing, I knew some of this stuff when I was young and single. How did I forget so much - must have been the kids, lmao!! She gave us some killer exercises to st
Just One Goal (poetry)
My eternal bliss, Well it would start with your kiss. Your kiss would be welcomed, a pleasure of heavenly sin. To be enraptured by your touch, Would make my head spin. Legs get oh so weak, As our hearts steadily beat, Our lips would then meet, I lay you down on satin sheets. Shaking on waves of passion, With just one goal -- your complete satisfaction.
by Jo 2/07 As I read the words that are before me, a seduction of the mind occurs. Closing of the eyes with each sentence read, gives me a picture like no other on earth. Your in my head as deep as the ocean with the waves of imagination crashing against the shore. Breathlessly reading the wanting, the giving of complete passion and desire that is leaving me needing much more. I can feel your hands upon my skin, your warmth like a soft blanket wrapped tight around me from within. Your lips gliding over me as I shiver thinking of how exquisite it would feel for your tongue to find me. Nectar builds to eventually flow in a stream as I contemplate your tale. You have taken me to the inner most desires leaving me undone but done all the same. Drunken from the wine of a thousand grapes is the feeling that grows when you undress my soul. Lightheaded and panting I cum with a moan but left with no one to hold. Thank you for that passion, the seduction,the intens
Welll Single Life.....
Things are going ok for me here. I have been adjusting to the single life fairly well. Nice to be able to do what you want when you want. But there are times that is still sucks. Kinda need a friend I guess. My bud Mike has been a big help just being someone to talk too, but would be nice to just meet a few more people. But one thing at time. Got my life under control. Now time to just keep moving forward. Take care everyone! And keep smiling!
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry I let you control my world I'm sorry I try to give you the world I'm sorry I get upset over things you consider petty I'm sorry I miss you the moment you're not there I'm sorry I held you while you cried for her I'm sorry I cater to your every request I'm sorry I love waking up next to you I'm sorry I love staring into your beautiful eyes I'm sorry I love the feel of your skin I'm sorry I play the "good friend" too well in public I'm sorry I get along with and respect your friends I'm sorry I can't be mad no matter how hard I try I'm sorry I stay stay up late when I should be sleeping just cause I don't wanna miss a moment with you I'm sorry I let you choose what we do or where we go I'm sorry I give you everything I'm sorry I want you to have it all I'm sorry I want you to see in yourself what I see in you I'm sorry I gave up my lifestyle to conform to yours I'm sorry I get jealous when you talk about her I'm sorry
Is Anyone Comin To The Meetin In 30 Mins???
my wife and i are new to this site so sorry if we have pissed anyone off. and im shure others have been in the same boat as us...well we are here as a cpl not singels we do like to play but only if our other half is there. so all you single guys dont ask... we are open to almost anything but guy on guy ... and im shure there are alot of people on here that have been asked all the same things we get asked and to tell you the truth you should let us get to know you for a bit before you ask to jump in the sack with one of if your interested in us then feel free to try to get to know us then we will see where it go's from there thank you
To All My Friends
I know I haven..t known you very long and I shouldn..t be asking you for this so soon, but I really need it badly. I haven..t had it for a while and I can already feel it going in good and hard and coming out nice and soft. If you would do this for me no one would ever know. I am sure you can satisfy my needs and I..d be very grateful if you would. I am very desperate and I need your help. You must think by now that I have a lot of nerve but I can feel my tongue wrapping around it and sucking out all the juices until it..s very dry. I am not going to beat around the bush any longer so. Do you have a piece of gum
Spare The Rod...
"Spare the Rod, spoil the child." It’s a famous quote, and I think some have attributed it to the bible, but it says a lot. Spare the rod…Spoil the child. Now I grew up at a time when they didn’t spare the rod. I got my share of spankings for misbehaving. I didn’t grow up to be a serial killer. I grew up to respect authority. I learned that there were consequences to my actions. I was not afraid of my parents. I was afraid of doing something wrong that would result in a spanking. That’s what they were for. They taught me to control myself when I was going to do something that would result in a spanking. It was a GOOD THING. It taught me responsibility. It taught me consequences. It taught me to accept that my actions may not always be the right road to follow. It taught me that there were other people, smarter than me, that needed to convey a message to me and when I wouldn’t listen to reason, there are harsher ways. Which leads us to the new wave philosophy of
Dear God Have Mercy!!!!!!!!!
Ok.. Have to comment on this because it really bugs me!!! This has got to be one of my BIGGEST psychotic Hatereds!!! I am all for hip hugger jeans and belly shirts. As a male, well.. you know.. I like them. BUT... If your belly and hips roll over your hip huggers by an inch or more, IT IS NOT ATTRACTIVE!!!!!!! It is not SEXY!!!! It is not even STYLISH!!!!! It's just down right repulsive! Just because they make a Speedo in your size, it dosn't mean you HAVE to wear one! The same thing goes with belly shirts and hip huggers! Noone wants to see your rolls and body fat hanging out over you pants. So PLEASE!!!!...In the interest of those that might be eating as you walk by... If your fat rolls out , please don't display it for the rest of us to see. Some of us may have sensitive stomaches.
First Anual Bike Run
My Homecare worker & God Father to my son is doing a First Anual Bike Run in the benefit of my son Brett. It Starts Sept 22nd..And it will be at the lower Midtown Mall, riding to Portland Woodfords Family services to give the donation in Bretts name..Woodfords is a non profitable Organization, they help Brett get his needs and things he needs ect.. The Run is a donation of 10$$ And end riding back to Bentleys in Limrick..If you do live around here where I am..And your interested in doing a benefit run for my son..I would be touched. And I WANT Shotgun!! :p Theres 1 in 144 children who have Autism..Please make a differnce in it..more people need to know about Autism..and if you have any questions..get back :D Thanx All..Sherry
Does Any Female Want To Chat
I am a bi woman in a realationship that is looking for a woman to join us as friends and see where it goes from there if u do then IM me at,,& or or u could email me here on fubar TTYL P.S. my name is betty ok see ya
Why do people think that just because they live near me, I will add them? Just because you live 20 minutes away or whatever does NOT mean I want you on my friends list. If you didn't write a message with your add request, you will be rejected. I don't care if you live next door. Oh & "Hello from Rochester, Buffalo, Batavia" etc. is NOT an acceptable message either. I don't give a SHIT where you live :).
Female Comebacks
Female Comebacks...I fucking love it! Man: Where have you been all my life? Woman: Hiding from you. Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before? Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore. Man: Is this seat empty? Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down. Man: Your place or mine? Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine. Man: So, what do you do for a living? Woman: I'm a female impersonator. Man: Hey baby, what's your sign? Woman: Do not enter. Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? Woman: Unfertilized. Man: Your body is like a temple. Woman: Sorry, there are no services today Man: I would go to the end of the world for you. Woman: But would you stay there? Man: If I could see you , I'd die happy. Woman: If I saw you , I'd probably die laughing. Man: If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put u and i together Woman: Really, I'd put f and u together
Damn Fubar Virus!!!!!!
/crazycomp/17105o3mnosod00.gif"> ON AIR NOW DJ TIGG
The Hate I Bring
The Hate I bring is not for you It does flare up without a clue. I hold it deep It makes me weep I try in vain To not cause pain Yet I always manage to. The hate I bring is not for you It really is a toxic brew I hold it close A lethal dose The ugly side I try to hide Right in plain view The hate I bring is not for you My suffering overdue LET IT GO Not yet, NO It feels safe In my little place It’s meant not for you The LOVE I bring is for you I wish to show it through and through Unsure how Wanting now To make it right With no spite The HATE I bring, Is not for you.
Why Do I Continue To Live?
I guess I don't understand the "cosmic laws" or whatever the fuck. I missed a successful suicide by 2 seconds, drowning death by 20 seconds, 2 MASSIVE heart "episodes"......The fucker stopped beating and went into fibrilations for about 45 mins. both times!!!! I missed another near suicide by a mere 1/10000th of a second. (Firearm attempt) Now I am all fucked up, crippled, hurtin', and now I have food trying to kill me. High cholesterol, high B.P. spells, and "pre"diabetes. I have had several concussions which have since evolved into brain damage. I had to suffer much more abuse other than the usual clumsy kid shit. I have been beaten pretty bad, knocked around, (my first concussion happened @ age 2 from being thrown into my headboard by my father). Then the molestation started, which quickly evolved into rape. If you know what "REDWINGS" are, I got mine at age 3.5. Just fuckin' peachy, right? I guess I just want to understand why I had to go through MUCH MORE FUCKING BULLSHIT t
Air Magick
Air Magick _Blowing Problems Away:_ Have a problem in your life that just won't go away? Blow it away with this spell: What you need: Flour. What to do: You might want to do this spell outside as it can be messy if done inside. Take a tablespoon of flour and put it in the upturned palm of your right hand. Try to pour it so it's just in one clump of flour in the palm. Gaze at the clump of flour and think about your problem in detail for a few minutes. Pour all your thoughts and feelings into the clump of flour as you gaze at it. Then at it for a moment and say with confidence and determination: "(Problem like harrassment etc.) of mine, I do blow, You out of my life, Air take it, go!" Then take a deep breath and blow as HARD as you can so that the flour flies off your hand and disperses in the air. As the flour disperses in the Air so too does your problem vanish just like the flour. Go inside and wash your hands. Repeat every other day until th
Gum Video Nsfw
Buy You Some Gum (buy u a drank remix)Add to My Profile | More Videos
Leaders Deny Nau Agenda? Deny This!
Date: Sep 1, :43 AM** REPOST ** ** REPOST ** ** REPOST ** ** REPOST **** REPOST ** ** REPOST **Just one example:The North American Development Bank (NADB) is a binational financial institution capitalized and GOVERNED EQUALLY by the United States and Mexico for the purpose of financing environmental projects certified by the Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC). The two institutions work together with communities and project sponsors in both countries to develop and finance infrastructure necessary for a clean and healthy environment for border residents.In case you missed that it clearly states.. "GOVERNED EQUALLY."Tyler a> (repost of original by 'Tyler' on ':18:16')
I Hate Love
"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love."
Horoscopes ~ September 2, 2007
Another one that fits my life. September 2,2007 You might be a tiny bit restless, but that's easily cured -- just jump-start your next big plan! Whatever it is, now is the time to get going, thanks to a good mix of energy and resources that should play out just right.
The One I Love...
No Mercy, No Regrets
NO MERCY, NO REGRETS It’s your fault I’m six feet under, You damned motherfucker! I entrusted you with life, And you misused it. Now I’m back - Time to eat your shit. Through walls I go, Woe will you know. The eternal nightmare in which I exist - I know not the word bliss. I clench my fists to the cold of death. May God have no mercy on your soul, No regrets. It’s too late to repent, You did what you meant. I’m your angel of death You slept with the devil for a golden fleece, Now you’ll never rest in peace.
Bombers Help!!!!!!!!!!
Dont Look Unless You Really Wanna
Touch the Darkness @
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you hang my first picture on the refrigerator and I wanted to paint another one. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you feed a stray cat and I thought it was kind to be good to animals. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make my favorite cake just for me and I knew that little things are special things. When you thought I wasn't looking, I heard you say a prayer and I believed there is a God I could always talk to. When you thought I wasn't looking, I felt you kiss me goodnight and I felt Loved. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw tears come from your eyes I learned that sometimes things hurt but it's alright to cry. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw that you cared and I wanted to be everything that I could be. When you thought I wasn't looking, I looked...and wanted to say thanks for all the things I saw when you thought I wasn't looking. By: Author Unknown
Before Its Too Late
The Lyrics... To All About Us
All About Us Lyrics
The Biker (cpoied From Sweet ) Important
THE BIKER When you see us moving past you quickly: Don't take offense or think we're trying to "show off". Ninety five percent of the time, we're trying to get out of your blind spot or taking ourselves out of a potential dangerous situation that has evolved around us. Distancing ourselves from you does not mean we want to race, but that we're giving ourselves the edge we need at the moment. When you hear our horn: Don't take offense or think we're trying to aggravate you. All we're doing is letting you know where we are in relation to you on the road, and we're more than likely aware of your inattentiveness to us while you're talking on a cell phone, eating, reading or involved in some other distracting aspect to your driving. It's important to us, and you, that you know we're there. When you hear our loud pipes: Don't become angry and hostile toward us. Yes, some are quite loud, but for some, there's a purpose behind being loud. It's about letting you know we're clos
Want A Good Party Go To Extreme X
Stuck Near 5th Level?
If your "level" is stuck near 5 and the red bar on your page says 99.99% (instead of "5,000 to level" or something like that...) you may have to verify your e-mail. To do this, move your mouse pointer to the line "Home - My - Top - New - ..." and hover over My until a dropdown appears, then go to "Profile" and click. (Or just go to the link . If the page that appears does not say that your e-mail is verified, follow the instructions and have something appropriate sent to your mail account. Then open your mail (if you use GMail, for instance, either go to or open Outlook, (on a Mac), or get your Mail some other way!) - hopefully it will arrive in a few minutes. If it doesn't seem to have, it may have arrived- but in the spam/garbage/similar filter - check there. (Or things may be slow...) If the message does arrive, it will have a link in it. Either click the link or copy-and-paste it so that it opens in
If Only
If I only had one life I would live it with you If I only had a dollar Id half it with you If I only had one drink I would buy two straws If I had only one meal Id share it with you If I only had a minute left Id spend it with You
Mistry Thing Called Love!
The Mysterious Thing Called LOVE ... If you find yourself in love with someone who does not love you, be gentle with yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. Love just didn't choose to rest in the other person's heart. If you find someone else in love with you and you don't love him/her, feel honored that love came and called at your door, but gently refuse the gift you cannot return, do not take advantage, do not cause pain. How you deal with love is how you deal with you, and all our hearts feel the same pains and joys, even if our lives and ways are different. If you fall in love with another, and he/she falls in love with you, and then love chooses to leave, do not try to reclaim it or to assess blame, let it go. There is a reason and there is a meaning. You will know in time. Remember that you don't choose love. Love chooses you. All you can really do is accept it for all its mystery when it comes into your life. Feel the way it fills you to ove
Mama I’m Coming Hooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmeeeee
HOME!!!!! Finally after all these weeks, we are going home. I'll make sure that Starbucks gets a visit from me before I unpack my bags, savoring every moment!! The Starbucks over here are SADLY not the same. It will be nice to be back, even if it is only for a few days. I have some friends from UK in town, so I'm go over to hear what they're up to, and hang out for a while. I also what to go to see a few movies, which is exactly what I need right now……sedation for the brain! Here is a recap of our show today. I wake up on the morning of the big of our big show in Okinawa & go workout then I kinda drift through most of the morning until its time to meet up with everyone and get the bus over to the venue. The four of us have a good soundcheck and everything gets dialed in. It's looking like its going to be a very cool show. The actual festival site is on a air field. We all played well, and everyone was on its feet by the mid-point in the set. And I've gotta say that the audience
A Clue
Ok, so Willows computers acting up, so shes using mine yesterday to cruise around Fubar, and check her mail n other things. I am sitting behind her playin XBOX, and we r talking back n forth. When she gets up to get a drink, I look over and in her shoutbox I see....."Wow, your so sexy...I would love to stick my c*ck, well in you." Im not kidding, that was the shout. Oh you smooth talking, silver tongue devil. I wish I could remember your name, maybe get some pointers from you on how to talk to a woman. Has this EVER worked???? Are you that desperate that you just shout out to any and/or all women like that?? Try showing a little respect to ppl, and you might actually meet someone. She said it didnt really bother her, she just blocked him, but cmon guys, have a little couth. ok, quick update... she woke up, and she remembered his name on here......... Uneedatowel?@ fubar
Sliently I stood, Watching as people walked by, Have we really forgotten who we are? Have we forgotten the freedom we fought for? Have we forgotten those that fought bravely for us in a foreign land? Have we forgotten those that die for the name of freedom? Have we been blinded by the society and lost ourselves? Have we taken a moment to think, to remember those that died? On this day, Let us put down what we are doing, Take a moment, join the others remembering, Remember those lives that departed, Remember those that have fought bravely, Remember those that have given up their life For the name of freedom. And,remember those that are still out there fighting, Pray for their safety return.
Seperation can relate to abandonment, marriage, friendship, career, or geographic upheaval. Many times, the subconscious impulses of personality are less mature in their problem-solving than the conscious, waking self. The function of ego is to filter these impulses so they do not get out into waking life. However, since the ego is turned off in sleeping, the immaturity of the id will have us walking away from our marriages, jobs, friendships, etc. at the drop of a hat. Being seperated is different than being quarantined, abandoned, or quitting in that it is often mutual. In dreams, other characters can be more cooperative, since it is our subconscious that is controlling their actions. Who or what were you seperated from in the dream, and did it seem like a permanent or temporary condition? Was the seperation easily decided, or was it gut-wrenching?
Timmys Bedtime Story Part 6
Running through the woods, wondering what to do. She didn't have anyone that she could run to. She knew her house was just on the other side. Her mother would ask her where she had been. She knew she would have to lie. She ran into her house her mother didnt seem to be home. She stopped to catch her breath so lucky she was alone. She went upstairs she had to take a shower. Where could her mother be she had been home for almost an hour. She laid back on her bed she wondered why she had no will. Her mother walked into her room, "Robbie has been killed." She looked at her, her stomache in a pit. What would she think if she knew her daughter did it. You should come downstairs you need to hear this too. They say a new detective is on it, it should be on the news. She went downstairs sat in the chair. She never asked for any of this to her fate was'nt fair. As the news came on they showed the murder scene. "I will find who did this, my name is Detecti
Italian Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
Italian Grilled Chicken Sandwiches Though you can marinate the chicken cutlets and veggies for up to three hours, the flavors develop quickly. That means you can get the marinade going and then light the grill, and dinner's almost done! Credit: Wish-Bone Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 1 cup Wish-Bone Italian Dressing * 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast cutlets * 1 small eggplant, cut into 1/2-inch-thick slices (about 3/4 pound) * 1 medium zucchini, cut diagonally into 1/4-inch-thick slices (about 1/2 pound) * Green leaf lettuce * 1 package (8 ounces) fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced * 1 jar (12 ounces) roasted red peppers packed in oil, drained * 1 loaf peasant bread, sliced and grilled or broiled Directions: In a large, shallow non-aluminum baking dish or plastic bag, pour 3/4 cup Wish-Bone Italian Dressing over chicken, eggplant and zucchini. Cover, or close bag, and marinate in refrigerator, turning occasionally, up to 3
Rev's Death
i lied he's still alive btw.
Just So I Don't Have To Explain This Like 200 More Times Haha...
My life recently... Yay... Haha. I got sick over the weekend and was in the hospital Monday night, so if you ask how I'm doing, I'm tired. Sorry if it sounds like I keep saying that every time you talk to me, but I am. I'm completely ok now, and everything will be fine, I'm just exhausted. Monday I had my first university classes, which was awesome. I'm taking social development studies and my classes this semester are psychology, anthropology, social work, Spanish, and medieval studies. For the million people that just added me (or million it seems like hahaha) Ty so much for the rates and comments and everything *big hugs* xoxo, I'll get to rating all ur stuff soon, I just have to get to it =]. ***muahhhhhhhhh*** Btw, special shout outs this blog to: faceless puppet (miss u sooo much hun! xoxoxoxo), fathert420 (miss ur gorgeous voice like a fat annoying kid with cake), techno demon (*pounces*), and da king dawg (damn straight ur older ;] lol! chillllllll).
Beat No More
There are shadows beneath our souls, Cast out against the cold ground, Singing songs and words without a voice, Of something lost that can never be found, Our blackened eyes are staring wordlessly, Deep into the future shown in the well, Seeing not the struggle and the climb we went through, Only taking in the stumble before we all fell, Our ears are blocked so no sound is ever heard, Apathetically deaf to those in the gutter, Caring not for the broken porcelain bodies, That were discarded like meaningless clutter, Our senses dulled down equidistant from zero, Nothing to love and nothing to hold, Nothing but the tatters of a stranger’s dream, That has withered and now gone cold, Blood stained hands shake amidst our fear, Carving out our nightmares in our skin, Shredding away at our ungodly carcass, Trying to bathe away our stains in sin, Dirty feet tread the road we were told to take, Dancing over broken glass and metal scraps, The dust of our ventures gathering a
New Pics
heyy i uploaded some new pics in my ash.weee album..they arnt that great cuz im sick as hell. x0
Many Thanks All
For all the birthday wishes!!
Funny Clip
Browse through only the BEST videos at!
3500 To Level
SHOW HER SOME LOVE *Daddy's Gurl~Proud Member of the Confederate Bombers Family*@ fubar
Now I Lay Me...
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, If I die before I wake, Please shut off my alarm clock...thanks.
Microwave Popcorn ... Health Hazard?
This is from the Pump Handle blog. So far, all of the attention has been on workers. This is the first case identified of a consumer getting popcorn lung by popping popcorn in his own kitchen. He probably popped a lot more popcorn than the average person, but two questions remain: 1. Is this a single case, or is it just the first (of many) identified cases that family physicians may have been overlooking? >>>>>Aren't these the same questions we've been asking over the years? But the only difference is is that we are dealing with a natural toxin vs a man made one, but at a much greater magnitude with more severe debilitating effects. 2. Where are our public health agencies. Even if this is an isolated case, shouldn't it have launched further inquiries and alerts? >>>>Good question.... Why haven't they? And finally, will this help the case for an OSHA standard? >>>>Well, duh!!! You would think so and we already have it laid out for them, such as the S520. We
** Update **
Hey guys.... just figured id update you a lil... I moved into a different town and the only time i get to check my shit is when i come back to my parents house... i go and get some surgery done this friday * 9*21*07 * thats really bout all... so hope you guys had a good summer i kno mine was ight ..... LondaLynn
Tom Can't Let What Happened Bring Them Down...
New England may be in some trouble but the way they play if they keeep it up they can make it all the way , I wish them the best and well a lot of teams cheat they just got unlucky and got caught so I am not gonna let that keep me from cheering them on 2-2 baby and still going strong we have the whole season to decide thier fate , For my Patriot fans are ya with me lets pray Tom scores once agin next week . GO NEW ENGLAND TOM BRADY I LOVE YOU BABY !!!!!! PATRIOTS ROCK , Lucky
Big City Woman And A Good Ol Small Town Country Boy
Do you think opposits attract comment tell me what are the chances of a small town country boy and a big city girl making it
My Sister Drives Me Nuts!
My sister is trying to find me a man.. I don't want her to find me a man.. I am quite content meeting people for myself and making my own opinions of them. She is one of those women who have been scorned so she is trying to get me to date the kinda guys she wish she dated? (ie with money)..but that's just not how I am.. I date people based on attraction and chemistry. I want someone I feel comfortable with, someone who makes me smile even just thinking about them.. not someone just because they have a decent bank statement.. that just doesn't do it for me.. ugh.. I just wish sometimes she would back off and stop trying to pressure me. Could be why she is 34 and never been
Please Help A Friend
OK friends and fans a freind of mine is in dire need of help...he needs to level up....its only 11,000 points ....if any of you can help him out you KNOW i and He would appreciate your is his link please go share the love
To all my friends and the comments bombers............... My friend need help my friend to get her VIP she need a little bid more help how about 1 rate and 20 comments each one??? I'm sure that will help :P:P:P So please please please people click on this pic and help her out with one rate,and some comments show this great person some love:):):)and tell her that Wild Cat sent you.... luv y'all :P:P have a marvelous day! hugs and kisses WildCat
Friday Links: Miss Paltalk Contest Today, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Rich Vos, Otto & George, Internet Video Of The Day, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Holy moley, we have BUSY Fridee in store for you today, kids... First and foremost, Turn On Your PalTalk and go to 'Opie and Anthony Live, because the Miss Paltalk Contest goes down TODAY, and ANYTHING GOES, LADIES (the winner is going to get $500!). If you've seen the Ladies of Paltalk in action, then you know it's very possible, you're going to see some NUDITY, so hurry your ass up and online! Today on the POgram, we'll be hanging with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is promoting the DVD release of The Condemned. We'll also be talking to The Rock about his new movie The Gameplan. Also, we'll be talking to our comedian pal Rich Vos, who is playing Bananas is Hasbrouck Heights, NJ this weekend. Finally, Otto & George will be in studio promoting Saturday's show at the House Of Blues in Atlantic City. INTERNET VIDEO OF THE DAY: Today's hysterical video comes to us courtesy of Check out Face Taping Passed
Well I am working on getting my butt up the asile. Just thought I would let my friends know that I finally found the man who will make me oh so happy for ever!
Gone For The Weekend
Going to Idaho for the weekend for a Medival Reenactment which means I'll be without the computer for a couple of days lol. I look forward to the expirence though, it's the first time I've ever done anything like this lol. We'll be camping overnight there, another thing I've never really done before....Closest I've been to camping was sleeping in a tent in the backyard when I was younger lol. Hopefully it's not going to be too cold for me lol. *remembers to bring a coat* On another note, changed lots of stuff, layout, friends order (although it's not that big of a rearrangement lol). can tell I've been bored LOL. Heading off to bed for now so I can be up earlier than usual lol. Laters all! *waves*
Cleavage Contest
Hey Friends, I'm going to need your help. I have entered a contest for the best cleavage. Please come help bomb my pic with comments. The contest will begin Sept 26th at 5 pm pst. You will need to fan/rate/add him if he is not already on your list. Here is the link to his page: »†HøĦ姫@ fubar Thanks in advance.
Tonight Only!
Okay gang, here's the deal....I have entered my very first contest and it is night only from 10pm(est) to midnight(est)...that's right folks, only 2 hours to bomb bomb bomb away and get the coach a win!!! :) You guys are the greatest!!!
Visit My Homepage HQ Radios on the internet online music Chose your music Electronic, Hip hop,rock,techno,dance,latino ... about me --->
While just sitting back and observing many members of Fubar i've realized that they are just not happy unless there is drama surrounding them. At first I thought wow these people always have shit going on and the more I participated as a friend to them i've realized that they create this drama in order to exist, get attention and be happy! I unfortunately allowed myself to be a part of this and now am happy I know what the deal is. I don't have time for this nor do I want to participate any longer. My idea of fun on this site is not pitting one another against each other with lies and drama. Good luck to those of you that feel you need this cuz I don't see you getting very far. I see others figuring you out as well and saying "fuck it"! Sorry i'm still half asleep and it's just my vent for this wonderful Sunday.
Eargrif's Walk Part 5
The day-light broke with a crisp and cold wind. The Fleeing night leaving the vast meadow grass drenched in a thick morning dew. Eargrif's mind was still in shambles as he stared at the emblem lying across his chest. He stood as the sun's light shined down through the sparse gaps in the overcast sky. His mind was locked in turmoil unable to comprehend anything in his world or any other. Time meant nothing and what he had come to know eluded his understanding. The only thing he could focus on was the emblem which remand still, mocking him with its existence. A faint laughter proceeded from the fog clouding Eargrif's mind. A haunting laughter that brought the realism of his dream to his attention yet remained just out of his grasp. Thud. Eargrif's mind suddenly righted itself as his senses heightened at the sound. His hands ached and seemed devoid of any weight. Reality tore into Eargrif like the wind that had chilled him down to his bones. His actions now under his control, Eargrif s
Where are they? Have they forgotten me? Have they lost me? Have they just left me? Do they think I am gone? Have I been forgotten? Should I just forget them? Will everyone I loved forget me like a secret hideaway? Will everyone forget me? Or have they already forgotten me? Are they so forgetful That they don't recognize me? Are they so foregetful That they patronize me?
The wetness of my swollen kiss. Erotic abandon to places of bliss. Touches my softness the lightening does bring. The erotic desires together does sting. My heart does cry with thoughts untold. With you my knight the world unfolds!
Penne Alfredo
Penne Alfredo Skip the prepackaged supermarket versions of Alfredo sauce. This is rich, smooth, flavorful... and quick. Be sure to use the optional parsley garnish -- it makes for a lovely presentation. Credit: The Lipton Kitchens Servings: 2 Ingredients: * 3 tablespoons I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Spread * 1 clove garlic, finely chopped * 1 cup (1/2 pint) whipping or heavy cream * 8 ounces penne or bow tie pasta, cooked and drained * 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese Directions: In a 12-inch nonstick skillet, melt I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Spread over medium-high heat and cook garlic 30 seconds. Add cream and bring just to a boil. Stir in hot penne, cheese and, if desired, salt and pepper to taste; heat through. Serve, if desired, with additional grated Parmesan cheese and garnish with chopped fresh parsley.
Come Get Addicted !!!
Yeah, my fav colleague just confirmed that she will be leaving us next month - she's expecting the job offer next week. I hate prying but I found out that she'll be returning back to the IT line *shrugs* i'm biased, i think the publishing line is so much more exciting! *LOL* Found out today that ANOTHER colleague will be leaving us next week. I'm not exactly sorry to see him go but heck, this means my team will be running low on resources. I forsee extra workload coming my way *ROFL* Ah, life ...
Female Foreplay Blunders
Common Female Blunders Men aren't alone, women commit foreplay blunders as often as men. Just Different. What do men complain about? And how can women turn that around?. Boring Foreplay One common complaint men have about women's approach to foreplay is that women just plop there, la-dee-da, as if strapped to a lounge chair on a pleasure cruise, not lifting a finger. Some guys wish they had a more sizzling, less passive lover who enjoyed sex as much as they do, and who would occasionally make fantasies come true. What you can do: First off, be careful what you ask for. Men often fantasize about the hedonistic woman who radiates sexual charisma. She'll love all sorts of sex and may even want to initiate threesomes or naked pool parties to liven things up. Unfortunately, fantasy doesn't always make great reality. The perpetually horny or aggressive woman can place more demands on your body than you ultimately want. That having been said, you can improve things by communic
History Of The Middle Finger
History of the Middle Finger,,,,,,,,,, Well, now . . . here's something I never knew before, and now that I know it, I feel compelled to send it on to my more intelligent friends in the hope that they, too, will feel edified. Isn't history more fun when you know something about it? Before the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the French, anticipating voctory over the English, proposed to cut off the middle finger of all captured English soldiers. Without the middle finger it would be impossible to draw the renowned English longbow and therefore they would be incapale of fighting in the future. This famous English longbow was made of the native English Yew tree, and the act of drawing the longbow was known as "plucking the yew" (or "pluck yew"). Much to the bewilderment of the French, the English won a major upset and began mocking the French by waving their middle fingers at the defeated French, saying, see, we can still pluck yew! Since "pluck yew" is rather difficult to say, the
For Pantera Still Rawks
(¯`v´¯)F£iRT¥»GiRT¥(¯`v´¯)®@ fubarFINGER LICKING GOODNESS !Please check out this BEAUTY (¯`v´¯)F£iRT¥»GiRT¥(¯`v´¯)...YEAH you KNOW what to do! 8-P (repost of original by 'ACHIŁŁES™' on '2007-09-27 14:51:44') (repost of original by 'PanterA STILL Rawks!! ~SDMF~' on '2007-09-27 15:27:31')
Update From Last Nite
i was woke up at 8 am this morning and told i have to be out ASAP. i am so ready to jus lie down curl up and die
Sorry for the sideways business. This is what we REALLY do at school lol We were bored so I did her makeup & hair. Suppose to be a mohawk but it fell :/ Oh yeah, this is my friend Brandy. REL
For Those That May Or May Not Know....
Ok Not sure if everyone knows how to do this but here is some info on how to share peoples profiles on Fubar... It is very easy to do... for whatever reason you may want to share someone.. whether it be because they helped you level and you want to show them some love, are good friends or whatever the case may be. Here is how you share a friends profile.... 1 Go to their profile. 2. Click on the link that says Share This... you can either share it with everyone or select the groups that you would like to share the profile with. This will send an email to everyone that you selected to come view your friends profile. As far as for linking goes... Some of you may or may not know how ppl post blogs with picture links in them.. well here is how you do it... 1. go to the profile you want to link to.... 2. Click on the "link to this profile" Copy and paste the link that shows up into your private Message, Blog or Comment. It will show up like this when it is se
We're A Dying Breed
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured h
Hard Of Hearing Wife
An old man was wondering if his wife had a hearing problem. So one night, he stood behind her while she was sitting in her lounge chair. He spoke softly to her, "Honey, can you hear me?" There was no response. He moved a little closer and said again, "Honey, can you hear me?" Still, there was no response. Finally he moved right behind her and said, "Honey, can you hear me?" She replied, "For the third time, Yes!"
Angel's Tread In The Strangest Of Places
Angels Tread in the strangest of places... Things are looking up as angels touch my life yet again :). Hope and faith bring with them the light of true friendship and helping hands. I walk a path slightly different than others, yet find myself caught in the everyday, with worries and doubts. When things look the bleakest, a glimmer of hope shines through and people show their true colors. Don't wait for a concrete knowledge that what you do in life is right or wrong, look inside yourself. You may fnd that you touch someone deeply, in their time of need. In the smallest of ways, to you, but to them it can be monumental.
Please!!...need Your Help!
Only have 6,210 points to go to the next level... any help you guy could give me woudl be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! Craig :)
This Is Worth Reading
A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him - knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, "What
Amir Diab "tamally Maak"
I've been an Amir Fan many years. I have to get his cds imported..xoxoxo..Amir..Much Love
Oven-roasted Herbed Vegetable Chips (kid-friendly)
(from Weight Watchers) snacks POINTS® Value: 1 Servings: 4 Preparation Time: 15 min Cooking Time: 120 min Level of Difficulty: Easy Roasting brings out the natural sweetness of most vegetables. Try substituting red potatoes, turnips or rutabagas for a delicious change of pace. Ingredients * 4 sprays olive oil cooking spray * 1 medium zucchini, sliced crosswise into 1/8-inch-thick slices * 1 medium yellow summer squash, sliced crosswise into 1/8-inch-thick slices * 2 small sweet potato(es), peeled and sliced crosswise into 1/8-inch-thick slices * 2 large carrot(s), peeled and sliced diagonally into 1/8-inch-thick slices * 1 tsp kosher salt, or to taste * 1 tsp fresh oregano, or to taste Instructions * Preheat oven to 200ºF. Coat 2 large baking sheets with cooking spray. * Place zucchini and squash in a single layer on one baking sheet. Place potatoes and carrots in a single layer on other baking sheet. Coat veget
Here She Goes Again
I've entered a contest for most popular fubarian. Winner gets a one month VIP. I know i can win this with the help of my friends. So please bomb the shit out of me lol. Even if you can just rate, rates count as well thanks. And if you can repost this as well that would be great. Much luv to all my friends! Lucy
Forests can seem magical, daunting, majestic, sacred, dangerous, or phallic. Forests exist in a dream context as something to be enjoyed, embraced, avoided, or traversed. These ideas are central to the interpretation. If a dream is spontaneously set in a forest, then the forest should be considered as a peaceful, benevolent setting or a more dangerous setting. These dreams say something about how the dreamer is experiencing their waking environment. If the forest is somewhere to go, then who goes in and for what purpose (to acquire or avoid something) is prominent. If it is a singular journey made to acquire good, special powers or wisdom from a forest- dwelling hermit, then the forest is a place of trial and transition. A forest as a hiding place may show that the dreamer is reacting against a feeling of being overexposed to technology and modern business. The desire is for a time of renewal and the majesty of silence in life. A mixed-couple (in either gender or orientation) jo
Whisky Lullaby
Dang Happen Again
The Dark
the dark wind will blow and i got alot to know if the foe in the trees sees me as an to him,he thinks he's in and can win.somebody spin dixie on the radio,while i get to know this new ghost.he's the toast of the town,for right now.
A Few More Of My Important Philosophies! *giggles*
*I have no desire whatsoever to be a grown up, and in fact I intend to fight that inevitability with all good faith, form, function and imagination. To put it simply, yes my inner child can beat the hell outta your’s. *I really do have a happy dance; I think everyone has one even if they can't admit it to themselves. It’s a blockage somewhere that inches its way up your spine though I’m quite sure it starts in your rectum somewhere around the age of thirty that tells you- you don’t. I think some call this adulthood, others call it the hill, and I just call it becoming an ignorant asshole. I highly recommend dancing by yourself as often as possible; with your help we can end this tragedy of loss of innocence, spontaneity and simple free fun. *A Dream, is the most often thing wasted. * I am not a fool because I do not see what you see, nor hear what you hear, for you are the fool for thinking I should. * I talk to myself quite often, more often than not and boy, do I have
Preservation Of Molly Ringwald???
A Short Poem
My words come form the heart.. Sometimes lost, Not knowing were to start. Speaking a language that is broken.. Only through my eyes my true words are spoken..
Whats The Deal?
what is the deal with some of these people on here? all i see anymore are people wanting you to rate their pics and leave a comment for each one. i can admit i had done it but im not doing it anymore! some of these people are on my friends list and i go rate their stuff when they post something but i have yet to get any rates back. the ones the rate me are my fu family(whom i will do anything for!!) and some friends i have on my list. so i have decided that im going to start removing people from my list's so if you see it shrinking then you know why. just tired of people wanting something and not returning. oh and another thing, these people who want you to buy stuff for them well they should get off their asses and get a job and buy it themselves lol i have given away 2 tickers since ive been on here but i traded in fubucks for them. ok im done rambeling, you all have a nice day. FU BOMBERS RAWK!!!!
Rosenrot (rose-red)
A girl saw a little rose It bloomed there in bright heights She asked her sweetheart if he could fetch it for her She wants it and that's fine So it was and so it will always be She wants it and that's the custom Whatever she wants she gets Deep wells must be dug if you want clear water Rose-red, oh Rose-red Deep waters don't run still The boy climbs the mountain in torment He doesn't really care about the view Only the little rose is on his mind He brings it to his sweetheart She wants it and that's fine So it was and so it will always be She wants it and that's the custom Whatever she wants she gets Deep wells must be dug if you want clear water Rose-red, oh Rose-red Deep waters don't run still At his boots, a stone breaks Doesn't want to be on the cliff anymore And a scream lets everyone know Both are falling to the ground She wants it and that's fine So it was and so it will always be She wants it and that's the custom Whatever she wants
Guest Book
i have put up a new guestbook plz feel free to sign it thanks
To-wit In And Damned
the good news is,i wont be here long,the bad news is,your you.i am through with this,this nothing left to give crowd,i could be up or down with the seen em smile alive and well in fernandina,in case you wanna meet me.and i need to beat up another person,or worse,juliet mpprehouse,the loud mouth french woman who is in here illegally.
Now I Am Nothing
I awoke to the sound of rain. My preternatural senses told me it was night, but they also told me I wasn't alone. As soon as I realized this, the lid was opened! Before my killer instinct could react, she was on top of me. I had no idea who she was, but she was the most beautiful Child of the Night I have ever seen! Her skin was so pale, if I didn't have these powers, I would still have been able to see her. Dark eyes, like two almonds set in a sea of snow. Dark brown hair, just cut above her shoulders enough to make it form and move with her actions. Not quite full lips parted to reveal that killer smile. Her enlarged canine teeth bit down on her bottom lip as she smiled and strattled me. She drew her own blood as she reached down and ripped my shirt open. Then she kissed me. Having not fed in a while, and tasting her blood, I then went into a frenzy! While she was kissing me I forced us up and tore her shirt open, revealing a healthy bust. We nibbled and kissed as we proceed
Castle Secrets
Please allow me to introduce my lounge to you! Castle Secrets is the first Fubar dungeon, where everyone of like minds can come together and enjoy each other's company without hassle, drama, discrimination, or anything to worry about! Stop in, say hi, and hang out and get to know each other! Promising to be one of the hottest lounges to hit fubar, just click on the banner to enter! Joining or not is strictly up to you! Stop by, say hi, show us some love, and let us know what you think! Introducing Castle Secrets!@ fubar
Trying To Be Nice
i wrote a mumm, and it wasnt bad. now here you go. i just put that there are a lot of nice people that i have met on here, and my GOD have people gotten so rude. well, i dont care cuz you know what, i wont write another mumm. i am going out tonight so bye. i am not going to be nice again.
My Faq List...
Since very few read my FAQ list on my profile I thought I would post here in my blog as well. I am beginning to get many questions all day that the answers are posted in my FAQ. So here is my FAQ list from the profile home page. 1. Married? Yes, very much so with the absolute best man I could ever hope to marry. We are extremely happy and have been for over 21 years. 2. Family? We have 2 sons, 27 and 12. Oldest is in the USAF and is stationed in California. Youngest is in the seventh grade here and wishes he was in college so he could be drafted into the NFL. I also have 3 grandchildren from our oldest son. 3. Occupation? I am a obstetrics nurse at the local hospital. That means I assist with baby deliveries and care for the new mom and baby till they are discharged. I am also what we call the DADDY NURSE for the dads during C-Sections and make sure they dont pass out while they are in the OR for the delivery. 4. Are we in the lifestyle? Not yet. We would
Accidents Will Happen
Accidents Will Happen by decimus © When the doorbell rang I thought it was Kev back early from work. We'd only just moved on to the Reader Estate and I figured that maybe he'd forgotten his keys. I was unpacking boxes but I'd dressed up a bit for him. You know, short skirt, tight top, high heels, a bit of lipstick in all the right places - he hadn't been showing much interest recently. So I just called out, "Come on in!" Then I bent over a box as provocatively as I could. Well, you should have seen the color I went when in walked one of the new neighbors. German she was. Or at least she had some sort of accent. She had a bossy attitude too but she was friendly enough. I think she saw the funny side. Magda, that's her name. She soon got me chatting, found out that Kev was a salesman and away a lot; found out that I used to do a bit of waitressing and bar work. That was when she offered me the job. "We call it the Reader's Wives Club." She said. "But it's only a joke
Again...please Again...
Again...Please Again... by jenyes © Sprawled out over your vanity or dresser. Perfume and brushes and jewelry boxes tosses aside or still under me as you pound me. Your hand wrapped up in my hair, pulling my head back as your hips drive me into the solid surface. Imploring me to fuck...fuck like the bitch i you do all the fucking. I cry out as i orgasm and you fuck me harder. Then as you near you own orgasm, you pull out of my pussy. And in one motion, you slide completely up my ass. Holding there, you breathe in my ear how you are going to bitch fuck me. Fingers gripping my face then three pushing into my mouth. I can see and I watch you in the mirror. Behind me, so domme and proud and hot. Your need to use me consuming you, consumes me. I feel your hips pull back, drawing your cock almost out of my ass before you pound back in swiftly and fiercely. I beg you to fuck me. You now have the measure and you use it. Taking my ass, fast and hard. Both our vo
All In The Black And Pink
All in the Black and Pink by ebonymistress © I had just finished my last semester of college and landed a great job at Garston's Preparatory. I would be the new PR person. I was surprised be getting the offer so soon after graduation, but the old PR person had suddenly found out that she had cancer, and decided that her health was more important for the job. So I went in and interviewed, and well the rest is history. I knew right away that I was going to love the job, first off the salary was almost three times what our professors had told us we would be making upon graduation, secondly I was provided with a new car, and thirdly I was provided with my own apartment adjacent to the school. The only thing in life that I was missing was a man. I had broken up with my boyfriend a couple of semesters ago; when I found out he had slept with my roommate. So in that department I was kind of low, but for everything else I was on a natural high, and little did I know I was going to be gettin
Prayers Needed Please
my family just needs prayer , we were told today that my cousins one yr old daughter might have cancer in the lymph nodes in her neck. her mom is like a sister 2 me so this is really breakin my if u could please keep them in your prayers i would appericate it thank u all for reading this here is a pic of the baby and her parents kelly n adam - her mom n dad kayliegh MAY GOD BLESS U ALL THAT HAVE PRAYED AND REPOSTED MY BULLITEN TO GET MORE PRAYING FOR HER ..IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME THANK U ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND MUCH LOVE N RESPECT TO U ALL
*sings* itsssssss a beautiful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day in the neighborhood...wont you please die??? wont you please die? *stops* yes i realise thats not the way the song goes...but like...this is my world and you're just reading about it so i can do whateva i want. deal. monkeys sitting under my table/desk playing with something she shouldnt be giving me that cheesey baby grin whenever i lookit her at that says 'arent i cute?' yes she is...but she's still wickedly entrenched in the terrible 2s. question of the day. where the ass is my check. this is osmething i'd sincerely like to know...however since tomorrow is a technically stupid holiday...i wont find out til tuesday. they should seriously get rid of columbus day. asshat didnt even discover america. hence the reason we're not called columbia. tards. *shakes head* yay for baseball. yay for new computer games. yay for finally finishing Eldest boo for book 3 not being out. yay for having othe
Self Control
SELF CONTROL I've heard it said don't go to bed while hanging on to sorrow, you may not have the chance to laugh with those you love tomorrow. You may not mean the words you speak when anger takes its toll, you may regret your actions once you've lost your self-control. When you've lost your temper and you've said some hurtful things, think about the heartache that your actions sometime bring. You'll never get those moments back, such precious time to waste, and all because of things you said in anger and in haste. So if you're loving someone and your pride has settled in, you may not ever have the chance to say to them again... "I love you and I miss you and although we don't agree, I'll try to see your point of view, please do the same for me."
Fuck It!
Ok so im gonna fuking vent ya know why cuz i can first of fukin all im sick of being brought into other people's fuking drama! its gettin real old exspecially when it aint got a mutha fuckin thing to do with me all it does is causes fuking problems so from now on dont tell me shit that way i aint gotta worry about it ! Grrrr it pisses me off and i aint losin good friends over some kintergarden ass bullshit kid games ya feel me? i aint got time so do me a favor and LEAVE ME THE FUCK OUT OF IT!
I'm Un-crushed!! :(
I lost a Crush today. I never thought something so insignificant would weigh so heavily on my mind. But it does. I've been losing a lot lately. Not sure why. I don't think I have changed anything. I'm still the same lonely soul I've been for the last 5 years. I don't know. Fuck it. It's just a stupid internet bullshit crush. I even know who it was that un-crushed me and why. He found someone better for him. That's a good thing. It was just the proverbial straw. Another loss for Silver. It just feels shitty. REAL shitty. At least for now.
Hot Sex In Sweden :d
Deny This!!!
OMFG... Now, I am not being a least I don't THINK I'm being a bitch. I'm a very nice person for the most part...unless you piss me off. But, anyway, I should be flattered that I receive so many friend requests--but, I'm not. See...guys just click "add as friend" based on whatever pic they see. However, most do not take the time to check out my profile. If they would do so, they would see that I request that they send me a message....not a blank freakin' friend request. A sweet friend gave me a blast a while back and I am still "recovering" from If any of you have ever had a blast, you know that it can be overwhelming--at least it is/was for me. See, I still have not gotten to the bottom of the pile is that the top? lol Anyway, I just feel like it's kind of disrespectful to just throw a blank friend request out there...but, m/b that's just me. I don't care about rates and all of that shit...If I did, I'd simply click on "accept all"....well, h
Go Show These People Some Love! They Are Awesome!
My awesome RL Husband! Will {RL HUSBAND TO DRKREFLECTIONS}@ fubar My Two very best friends... online AND offline! Go show them some love! They are awesome people! Heartistic Soul@ fubar RogerLee ~Founder of "The Pride"@ fubar And..... A few of my close Fubar friends! These guys rock! Fan/Add/Rate them! They are way cool friends to have! ¤_(¯`•.__♥ M®è§§ Ñåµgh†ý ♥__.•´¯)_¤ ~~ Club F.A.R.~~OCL~~Proud rider of da Short Bus@ fubar Tiny ~WindTalkerBombers~Spirited Member of The Pride~@ fubar Steak@ fubar ~*~DJ Forsaken Silk & Satin Radio~*~R.I.P. Anti-Cupid~*~@ fubar
The Ex!!!
I know this is going to sound stupid....but right now I'm soooo hurt! I just found out about 2 weeks ago that my soon to be ex had another mistress (T). This is the second one. The first one (L) was hard enough, with moving her and her 3 kids into our house in 2001, to finding out 3 days after I told him I was pregnant that he had an affair with her (which btw he callee to tell me). I confronted T back in 2005 because I found numberous calls and text messages in the ex's locked cell phone, she also sent him naked pics of herself. Well I found out last night that T might be pregnant! GREAT! Now mind you I should not be hurt by this, because the ex left me to live with his gf January 1st, 2007. She has been pressuring the ex to get me to sign the seperation papers, so that they can start planning their wedding. We can actually get divorced this January 1st...YEA. I now feel everyting that he ever told me was and is a lie! We have 3 kids together, he gets the kids every weekend duri
This is not reality I am laying on the floor Staring at the wall Like the spider in the window Wish that I could speak Is there fantasy in Refuge God in politicians Should I turn on my religon These demons in my head tell me to I'm lying here in bed Swear my skin is inside out Just another Sunday morning See my diary on the newstand Seems we lost the truth to quicksand It's a shame no one is praying Cause these voices in my head keeps saying Love Just don't stop Reveal the word when your supposed to Withdrawn and introverted Infectiously perverted Being laughed at and confused Keeps us perfectly amused
NASA Studying Possible Wing Problem 9.30.2007- Space Shuttle Discovery has arrived at Launch Pad 39A. Discovery arrived at its seaside launch pad around noon and was hard down at 1:15 p.m. First motion out of the Vehicle Assembly Building was at 6:47 a.m. EDT. Rollout is a milestone for Discovery's launch to the International Space Station on mission STS-120, targeted for Oct. 23. The crew will be delivering and installing the Italian-built U.S. Node 2, named Harmony. The pressurized module will act as an internal connecting port and passageway to additional international science labs and cargo spacecraft. 10 Oct. 2007 NASA is studying a possible problem with the thermal shielding on Discovery's wings that could force a delay in this month's launch. Discovery's seven astronauts climbed aboard the shuttle at the launch pad Wednesday for a practice countdown. At the same time, shuttle managers discussed whether three of the 44 reinforced carbon panels that li
Public Service Announcement For The Ladies...
*AHEM* Ladies? If you are easily offended or a man that doesn't want to read about the sensitivity of the vagina...leave now. You were warned. It's no big deal really. Just an FYI from personal experience. Since our areas are more susceptible to disease (due to the constant moisture and other factors), what products you use for pleasure may have a big impact on your skin and PH balance. Bad skin reactions, yeast infections, Bacterial Vaginosis and just overall comfort. Getting right to the point. I HATE baby oil as a lube. I had a bad skin reaction and it trapped the heat and made me feel like I had swollen up to 3x's my size. Now everyone is different. Use products that are designed for pleasure in that area. Don't get creative or cheap. It makes a big difference. So ladies, take care of your cookie! REL
I Can't Take It Any More !!!!!!!!
Picking Your Friends
Ok, guys if your not old enough to pick your own friends and you let your fu wife/girlfriend do it for you. then please don't contact me.
My Loss!
Today started out as a normal day, getting up, taking the pup for her morning walk, going to work, opening the shop up etc etc! It wasn't until I switched on the computer that my life changed dramatically as I logged into my emails to find an email from an old school friend informing me that my only true best friend of 34 year had past away suddenly almost a year ago! You can't imagine the shock I must have been feeling, not knowing if this was a wind-up or did my truest of friends really die nearly a year ago & I've only just found out! my mind & heart racing, I used the interent to try & find out some information only to find it was true! My true & long time best mate Brian Bowers past away suddenly on the 29th Oct 06, leaving behind him 2 sons Thomas & Liam Bowers, 2 Older Brothers Steve & Paul, 1 twin Brother Andy & his mum & dad, Pam & Ged! How can this happen at only 36, he had so much to give life, his children, his family, why was he taken away before I had chance to s
1.) fine: this is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you are wrong. 2.) five minutes: if she is getting dressed, this means a half hour. five min is only five min if you have been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) nothing: this is the calm before the storm. this means something and you should be on your toes. arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) go ahead: this is a dare, not permission. dont do it! 5.) loud sigh: this is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. a loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing (refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) that's okay: this is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. thats okay means she wants to think long and hard brfore deciding how and when to you will pay for your mistake.
Happy Hour
This is the most amazing person I have met!! She helps everyone out and now its time we return the love. She has family members in contests right now and has not asked for any help from us in finishing up this Happy Hour giveaway!!! That is what I call awesome.... Please click and go leave as many comments as you can......I don't care if its only one each and every one helps!!! Thanks in advance.....I have the very best friends anyone could ask for!!! Muahhhhssss and have a great weekend......
how are u? hiiiii
American Voguing
Americana - VoguingUploaded by VBS_tv
This Man Is Awesome. I Wish More Were Like Him!
This is a statement that was read over the PA system at the football game at Roane County High School , Kingston , Tennessee, by school Principal, Jody McLeod "It has always been the custom at Roane County High School football games, to say a prayer and play the National Anthem, to honor God and Country." Due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am told that saying a Prayer is a violation of Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to approve of sexual perversion and call it "an alternate lifestyle," and if someone is offended, that's OK. I can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by dispensing condoms and calling it, "safe sex." If someone is offended, that's OK. I can even use this public facility to present the merits of killing an unborn baby as a "viable! means of birth control." If someone is offended, no problem... I can designate a school day as "Earth Day" and involve students in activities
My Song For The Moment
To really love a woman, to understand her, You've got to know her deep inside Hear every thought, see every dream, And give her wings when she wants to fly Then when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms, You know you really love a woman When you love a woman, you tell her that she's really wanted When you love a woman, you tell her that she's the one She needs somebody, to tell her that it's gonna last forever So tell me have you ever really...really, really ever loved a woman To really love a woman, let her hold you, Till you know how she needs to be touched You've got to breathe her, really taste her Till you can feel her in your blood And when you see your unborn children in her eyes You know you really love a woman When you love a woman, you tell her that she's really wanted When you love a woman, you tell her that she's the one She needs somebody, to tell her that you'll always be together So tell me have you ever really...really, really ever loved
I'm Thinking Of Moving In 6 Months?
Since they will not let me post a mum I'm Thinking of moving in 6 months My choices so far are California Northern Or Florida ..... Would like your input on this Thanks
Alive? My mind is screaming to my brain Let loose and join the birds I've pushed too far I cannot try But attempt I must indeed New depths come to my strength Compassion won't let me pass The head is numb and legs gone weak Now breath comes once again Come hold me in your arms my friend Slow down my racing heart Confirm my shaken grip on life Our loves that cannot touch
Never Send A Woman For Hardware
Earl was fixing a door and he found that he needed a new hinge, so he sent his wife Mary to the hardware store. At the hardware store, Mary saw a beautiful teapot on a top shelf while she was waiting for Carl, the manager, to finish waiting on a customer. When Carl was finished, Mary asked "How much for the teapot?" Carl replied, "That's silver and it costs $300." "My goodness that sure is a lot of money!" Mary exclaimed. Then she proceeded to describe the hinge that Earl had sent her to buy, and Carl went to the back room to find it. >From the back room Carl yelled, "Mary, you wanna screw for that hinge?" Mary replied, "No, but I will for the teapot." This is why you can't send a woman to a hardware store.
Omgg Red Sox
need i fucking say more?? :( stupiddddddd shit!
Starting Over Again....
Three months ago i met you, yet we still have yet to meet. I told myself that people are fools, that no one can have feelings for a person that they have never met. I now know I am wrong. The Army controls where you are, and it is far away from me, but I know you, and you know me. We talk everyday, trying not to mention how far apart we really are, but like you said if you think about it you get depressed, and we can't have that. I long for you to get back home so I can see you, and touch you, all I want is to be able to look into your eyes as we speak. Is this possible, can you get to know someone so well and have never physically met, i have had my doubts in the past when others spoke of it, but now I just don't know. 3 more weeks where you are, then they are sending you somewhere else, you hope to be home by Christmas, I hope for that too. With all my heart I pray for you each and everyday, and I cherish the moments we get together over the phone. But, i am still confused, still do
I feel so alone I feel like I have no one I feel so sad What have I done? I feel so empty inside Does anyone love me? I feel no love None that I can feel or see I feel so empty I am so sad I’m feeling down I feel so mad I want to be loved But I am alone Alone in this world A heart-broken one I don’t feel anything There is no love for me I feel nothing There is nothing I see I want to feel love Ever so true And all I feel anymore Is just so blue Who I want I can’t have And whom I have I don’t want This is why I feel so alone My heart sinks down low I feel so sad and so empty Away is where I want to go Away with someone who cares And with so much love Maybe heaven sent From up above Then I will have someone My life to share And not be alone And have someone to care Being all alone in this world It is so gloomy and so dark I feel as if love for me Has missed its mark I hope that it hasn’t And one day I will find him
Alright, Sorry Kid
my ex hangs around me/my house/my family a lot. it makes me uncomfortable when i wake up to him knocking on my bedroom door. i understand that there's a love there but it is NOT a mutual thing. i have recently found out that even though we're NOT dating... he told jackie (my best friend) that he wanted to propose to me and even sent her a picture of the ring he wanted to get me. this freaked me out because he's been pushing me to meet his family and i'm NOT, i repeat, N O T going to marry him. so i have to get this notion out of his head before he takes it too far. thanks to a very "creative" fubarian friend of mine... i've decided to tell him one of two things to get him to back off: option #1: i'm working for the cia gathering information on a possible terrorist attack anf he's going to blow my cover if he keeps invading my "life". option #2: i (may) have feelings for someone else and i'm not interested in a relationship with you. i'm sorry if this hurts you but i would'v
welll..... i'm back from court..... it sukt..... i'm putting a hit out... errr....uhhh.... i mean wish it went better..... leaving town tomorrow when i get my check....
And You Learn...
And you learn that love, true love, always has joys and sorrows...seems ever present, yet it is never quite the same...becoming more than love and less than love...So difficult to define. And you learn that thru it all, you really can endure, that you really are strong, that you do have value.
Should I Do It?
hey everybody since my mumm turned into a retard magnet i will ask in here should i go back into djing or just rest it for now i would like your feed back on this subject thank you ~ Lost In The Dark ~ P.s. i got job thing for testing to see if i can get the job or not if i gewt it is is working for boeing ( yes the plane company ) and i can start at $17 an hour wish me luck on this i will wirte a gain to let you know how it went
Kissing Game
Everyone has at least one person on Fubar who would LOVE to kiss you. So... find out who would want to kiss you and WHERE they would like to kiss you. Even if your taken do this!!! 1- Cheek 2- Neck 3- Lips 4- Make-Out 5- Down South (LoL) 6- EVERYWHERE
Sleeplessness Is Making Me Crazy....more.
Rarely do I blog twice in one night. I can't seem to sleep. My heart and my brain are fighting against each other. My heart is longing for love. A real love. Not just some virtual bullshit. I don't have a long laundry list of faults. My heart aches to be touched by another soul. But no one wants to take that risk. I'm slipping deeper into this fucked up depression. I can't find the U-turn back. I need your arms around me. I long for your touch. Your heart beating in time with mine. Wanting me as though life would stop with out me. I must be delusional. Or maybe the fog is just too thick. Just reach out and touch me. I'm not far. My whole life is yours for the taking. Dammit. :(
Rip Kasey My Sexy Baby
one of the best and prettiest woman i know, as of 8:00 am this morning she died in a car crash in oklahoma, so please pray for her family.
Insomnia - The Sequel
I thought I had it beat, but the last week I have not slept more than a couple hours a day, and almost none at night. Like a good scientist I did an experiment this week end, letting caffeine be the independent variable, and sleep the dependent. I found no effect. After no caffeine for over 24 hours I am wide awake still. I think the cause is probably stress. It would really be nice to actually be able to do an experiment but there's no way to go stressless, unless there's better drugs than I have ever heard of. :P
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