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10/20/09 Dilbert
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Night With The Muse
Night with the Muse   It hits all of a sudden... The urge takes control... The images or words start flowing... And once again she feels whole!   Needing this side of her to show... It's all part of her survival... Even passion of the flesh... Is something that can not rival.   Her words may seem simple... But to her it helps her live... Praying for one more night with the Muse... At this moment, it's her soul she gives.   Some will end abruptly... Others never cease... Whatever you do, don't stop her... For this minute she is at peace.   Give her these rare moments... You'll never know how much they mean... She smiles with every word she writes... Her heart feels so serene.   With every word, she thanks the Muse... For sharing one more moment... For time away from her Muse... Is such a life of torment.    
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My First Travelling In Aion
I can meet many newer in the army group. I think they all interested in Aion game. Not all the newer will stay up at last for many reasons. Every one has different thinking of the game, including me. At first, when I play the game for the first time. I had to learn how to jump, how to log in and sign out, and how to use the layout and list to operate the game. I knew how to do all the above things. I had to learn how to level up my account. I had to kill some monster as the rule of all the game. I can get some Aion CD Key also if I have enough experience of killing monster.   I played hard at first, and I was passed at last. I thought it was interesting so I did not give up playing the game, and I knew that it was important to cooperation in the group. No matter you are a guarder or TT, you are useful in the team. I began to learn skill after I was familiar with the game. And I had to learn how to make Aion CD Key after I caught some skills. The first task was to kill monster, but I wa
Toronto Movers
The cyberspace has genuinely created life fine easy for all of us. People crosswise the world can pass along with from each one another and it causes not matter whether you are settled at Toronto or at New Zealand. You can also transmit live base transactions without making to physically visit any shop. Besides communicating and shopping, the cyberspace has facilitated the availability of information such that you have admission to anything you given want to acknowledge more an about. Hence placement the well refreshment issues or looking for for a master packer and mover to shift house has also become very convenient. You can plan holidays fixed anywhere in the global with the click of a mouse. Whether it is the beach or a recreational spa in Toronto or anyplace else in the global, you can get inside information, program your trip and make the essential agreements live. If you wish to relocate to another house within Toronto for example, all you need to do is look for Toronto movers
Poem " What's Left? "
What's left in the world, when you broke my heart. Not caring, when or why. Filling my mind, with wander. and ny heart with despare. now knowing, you never really cared. you filled my hopes and dreams, with encourgement and joy. but now i am unable to carry, my strength nor future you once gave. my world seemed to end, that day you left me alone. crying on my bed, asking what i did wrong. calling you, to hear you hang up. I'm sure now, i may have died. leaving this world, leaving you behind...Good bye!
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Not Always Right | Tit For Tat(too)
(I have a tattoo on my foot of a vine of ivy. Usually, I hide it with my socks and shoes while working, but one day they get wet on the playground so I take them off to keep from getting blisters. While I’m changing shoes, a child notices the tattoo.) Child: “Oh! What’s that?” Me: “It’s a tattoo, it’s like a permanent drawing on your skin you can get when your 18.” Child: “Can I touch it?” Me: “Sure, it just feels like skin.” (Several kids come over to touch my tattoo. A mother walks in.) Mother: “Is that a tattoo?” Me: “Yes.” Mother: “You should be ashamed! You are setting a bad example for these children! That could be a gang symbol or related to drugs like marijuana!” Me: “Ma’am, it’s just ivy.” Mother: “What?! I don’t know anything about your drug symbols. This is highly unprofessional and I will be speaking to your boss! Advocati
Not Always Right | I Hate It When I Miss Kilometer Wide Spaceships, Too
Movie Theater | Calgary, AB, Canada Customer: “Excuse me, I was just wondering…I see some signs out there on the front door that say ‘Theaters For Humans Only.’ Can you tell me what those are?” Me: “Oh, those are some promotional signs for an upcoming movie, District 9. They’re designed to look like real warning signs as part of a viral marketing campaign.” Customer: “Oh, cool! So what’s the movie going to be about? (I explain the overall plot to the customer. Halfway through, her boyfriend returns from the restroom and listens quietly while I finish explaining.) Me: “…so the aliens land in South Africa, and they end up becoming like refugees.” Customer’s boyfriend: *completely serious* “Wait, hang on a second…so are the aliens real?!” Me: “Oh, no. It’s the plot to this movie called District 9.” Customer’s boyfriend: “Oh, good! I thought there
Not Always Right | Not Remotely Intelligent
Help Desk | Texas, USA Me: “Hello, thank you for calling ***. May I have your phone number, please?” Caller: “This thing doesn’t f***ing work!” Me: “Sir, I’ll be happy to help you with that.” Caller: “Just help me with this f***ing thing!” (Eventually, I find out he needs help with a DVD remote.) Caller: “The movie doesn’t play! It doesn’t do a f***ing thing!” (I hear the crunching of plastic as he tries to push the buttons really hard.) Me: “Okay, sir, so you’re pressing the play button and it’s not working. Correct?” Caller: “Which one’s the play button?” Me: “The one that says ‘play’ above it. It should be in the shape of an arrow that’s pointing to the right.” Caller: “I can’t read any of this s***! I don’t have anything like that. There’s just one that points to the left.” Me: “
Not Always Right | Even Bosses Have A Stupid Quota
Sandwich Shop | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Customer: “I’d like pineapple on my sub.” Me: “I’m sorry, we don’t have pineapple. Only Mr. Sub has pineapple.” Customer: “Yes you do! I always get pineapple here!” Me: “I’ve worked here for quite a while, and we’ve never had it. Sorry!” Customer: “Excuse me, the customer is always right! You can’t argue with me!” Me: “Um…” Customer speaks to my manager: “Excuse me, your employee is arguing with me! What are you going to do about it?” Manager: “Don’t be so stupid! Get out of my store!”
Not Always Right | The Problems With Analogies
Retail | Eureka, CA, USA (A customer wanders down the paint aisle I’m working on and asks for advice on which paint to use. I tell him, and he asks for the differences between brands) Me: “Brand A is just a bit thicker than Brand B. But other than that, they’re pretty much the same.” Customer: “What do you mean ‘thicker’?” Me: “The paint has a thicker consistency.” Customer: “I don’t understand.” Me: “Do you know what cake batter looks like? And water?” Customer: “Yes.” Me: “Cake batter is thicker than water, like Brand A is thicker than Brand B.” Customer: “Brand A is cake batter?” (It goes on like this for awhile. I ended up leaving him there to contemplate)
Not Always Right | Egocentrism Meet Geocentrism
Travel Agent | Pendel, PA, USA Customer, calling from a cell phone: “Would you tell me how to get to your office?” Me: “Sure, where are you now?” Customer: “That is none of your business. Just tell me how to get there.” Me: “But to do that, I need to know where you are starting from. Are you in our town?” Customer: “I told you that is none of your $%@# business.” (After few more exchanges of this sort…) Customer: “You are an idiot. Let me speak to your manager.” Manager, who overheard part of the conversation already: “May I help you?” Customer: “Tell me how to get to your office.” Manager: “Well, that depends on where you are starting from.” Customer: “&@#$#!! Just $%%@# tell me how to get there.” Manager: “Okay. See the next corner? Turn right there.” Customer: *click*
Gray Skys
Sitting in the corner reading my thoughts back of my hand letting the tears of sorrow drip from my face digging my toes in the ground of despair   Gray skys I speak to thee take me away from my deep crys make me feel my faith   Drill thoughts of more then one choice dark shadows overwhelm my holy body the pain spikes me through my hands and feet blood rises and stick to ones flesh
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Me In A Nutsack...nutshell
I am a pervert. A real one. Like those creepy old men I LOVE Spongebob I watch cartoons My middle name is Grigoryevna I bite my lips til they bleed I love cute lil furry animals I dont get grossed out by anything, except for watching sloppy fat people eat I have a severe ADD I do lots of very weird, random shit I meet people off the nets just to hang out when I get bored I have never met anyone more weird or crazy than me I am not afraid of people, but I have a deadly fear of worms I LIVE for salty pickles I met my hubby at night on a train, after he followed me to the parking lot        
Erotic Vampire Bat
Bite me.Scratch me.Hate creature.. bat creature Kiss me.Hold me.Fuzz creature.. fuck creature Why are you only in my dreams?Are you really so far away?Once I saw a streak across the midnight sky,I was waiting I was waiting.Wreched beautiful winged mammal lover.Why did you fly right on by?I was ready there, just for you.You cruel thing, you made me cry.Why? Oh Why?  I wish i could fly.We could make evil bat love in the sky.And drink the blood of a thousand animals.I would drink the blood of the sky.
Not Always Right | Just Wait Until She Names Her Kids
Tech Support | Grand Rapids, MI, USA (This customer called in to reactivate her account. She didn’t remember the original password so I reset it for her) Me: “All right, your password must be at least six characters in length, contain letters and numbers, and cannot be a common dictionary word. What would you like it to be?” Customer: “Eat sh*t.” Me: “Excuse me?” Customer: “The password–eatsh*t.” Me: “Alright…but it requires a number.” Customer: “Oh….” Me: “How about 1eatsh*t1?” Customer: “Great!”
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Click At Your Own Risk.
You have been warned.   This song gets stuck in my head all the time. Gotta love Phineas and Ferb =]   song in comments.
Labyrinth Of Lonliness - 2/21/09
  LABYRINTH OF LONELINESS Time travel needs no machine And of all the triggers Loneliness is the master teleporter Knowing no bounds, exponentially expanding with every breath You’d do better enumerating every last one of the stars above and beyond our galaxy Or attempt the colossal mathness of capturing the summation of snowflakes as they descend in a blizzard As to determine the myriad of methodical ways this particular and familiar serial killer attacks Just as easily can you be found either making a desperate grab for the sandman Standing in a crowded line endlessly waiting for some obscure thing Having a dinner for two, or at the family barbeque There will be no mapquesting your way out of this maze Having more in common with the pathetic prey Ensnared in a hellish spider web of both churning dire memories And those deeply secret, forever locked, yearnings for a life That bares no resemblance to the present entity, the antonym of a gift And you are not shock
Fly To The Angels
Pictures of youThey're still on my mindYou had the smileThat could light up the worldNow it rainsIt seems the sun never shinesAnd I'll drive downThis lonely lonely roadOoh I got this feelin'Girl, I gotta let you go'Cause now you've got to flyFly to the angelsHeavens awaits your heartAnd flowers bloom in your nameYou've got to flyFly to the angelsAll the stars in the nightShine in your nameYou know it hurts meWay deep insideWhen I turn and lookAnd find that you're not thereI try to convince myselfThat the pain, the painIt's still not gone.
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Messenger Idiots
mattrek2009: do you like 9 inch cockme: No, anything less than 10 is a waste of my timemattrek2009: i am 10 inchesme: Sure you are
Procrastination Has Bitten Me In The Ass Once Again!
So, I hate doing schoolwork that holds no interest for me. I'm yet procratinating once again to write a blog. Go me! Yea... I have a 10pg paper due at the end of this week that I haven't even started researching for, all my assignments due on an online class that I haven't really done but 2 assignments for (with 23 days left to do them), a group project due after Thanksgiving break that  I haven't even talked to my group about, and 2 other small papers due for an english class. OH! Can't forget that I have to re-write a midterm in order to pass it! I hate writing papers. I despise it. I destest it. I loathe it! I never even did the 10pg paper I was supposed to write to gradute from my Catholic high school. Good thing I was never a trouble student. I passed that class with a C-, teehee! The online class is gonna be interesting to due the work for since I can't use my computer in my room anymore, it won't conncet to the internet anymore. I may have to move it back out to the living ro
Some More Jokes!
A blonde couldn't get on the internet, so she phoned the Helpdesk Helpdesk: Are you sure you used the right password? blonde: Yes I'm sure. I saw the guy, who set it up do it. Helpdesk: Can you tell me what the password was? blonde:yes, six stars. *********************** An Indian man dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates."Yes, how can I help?" asks St Peter."I'm here to meet Jesus," says the Indian man.St Peter looks over his shoulder and shouts, "Jesus, your cab is here!" ************************ Guy walks into a bar and sits down for a drink and sees Hitler sitting at a table in the corner.So the guy asks the bartender if thats Hitler and the bartender says yep. Bartender also says that he'll tell you anything you want if you buy him a drink. So the guy gets another drink and sits down with Hitler and hands him the drink. The guy: "So exactly how many people did you kill?" Hitler: "About 600,000 jews and 7 circus clowns" The guy, suprised replied "7 circus clowns!?" H
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No Tru Friends
people r fuking shady ass bitch  im really beleve only friends that r tru is one that was around before all the shit that bring FAKE ASS BITCHES AROUND 
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Temple   Temples and spiritual dwellings are common in dreams. This is because many dreams include events of cleansing, preparation, moral judgment, or divine communication. Often times, these dreams occur at times in your life when inner peace is elusive and sought after. Often, such dreams involve strangers as temple ministers or priests. These ministers will often give clues about what type of temple service is needed and what area of your life is to be effected. They may be presented as all older than you, all of one particular gender, or dressed in particular ways. If ministers and priests are absent from the temple, that could indicate an inner journey or struggle that needs resolution, versus the outer moral choices illustrated above.
Not Always Right | In The Land Of Milk & Money
Meat Packing Plant | Minnesota, USA (I am working at a packing house, cutting checks for local dairy farmers who sell us one or two cows at a time. They are given a scale ticket in the barn, which I use to cut a check.) Me: “Hi, can I have your scale ticket?” Farmer: “I’d like him to help me.” *points at a USDA associate* Me: “Sorry, sir, but he doesn’t work for us. He works for the USDA.” Farmer: “Well, I’d like you to find a MAN who can cut me a check for my cows.” Me: “I’m sorry, but none of the men that work here know how to cut checks. All our office staff members are women.” Farmer: “Don’t lie, you little hussy! Only men can run a business! You go back to making coffee!” Me: “Sir, you run a dairy farm, correct?” Farmer: “Yeah.” Me: “And you make money from the milk you sell?” Farmer: “That’s how a dairy farm works, swee
Some People....
...are just stupid. Daddy McLo...: Fuck baby you are so fucking yummy and sexy as fuck daddy likes!To Daddy McLo...: my profile real quick like...then remand your statement No reply...hmm...MAYBE he got a clue?
I thought that this was inspirational and sweet. I received this from a friend who had a choice to make. It said that I had a choice to make too.   The story goes that some time ago a mother punished her five year old daughter for wasting a roll of expensive gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and she became even more upset when the child used the gold paper to decorate a box to put under their Christmas tree. Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift box to her mother the next morning and then said, "This is for you, Momma."   The mother was embarrassed by her earlier over reaction, but her anger flared again when she opened the box and found it was empty. She spoke to her daughter in a harsh manner. Don't you know, young lady, when you give someone a present there's supposed to be something inside the package?'   She had tears in her eyes and said, "Oh, Momma, it's not empty! I blew kisses into it until it was full."   The mother was crushed. She fell on her knees and p
Gargantuan Industry Of Climate Alarmism Exposed
Gargantuan Industry Of Climate Alarmism Exposed By ClimateGate The leaking of thousands of emails from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit has shined a light on an industry of climate change alarmism, highlighting the hypocritical claims of corporate cronyism on behalf of proponents of the anthropological global warming theory (AGW).
Coitus A Unda
Sex in water.
Great Play Games
Im 25 year old male from Europe and i love to Play Games. My favorite games are Puzzle Games. Other than that i will soon get married. I love sport and surfing the web.
The Real Reason Behind The Copenhagen Walk-out
The Real Reason Behind The Copenhagen Walk-Out Developing countries have walked out on the Copenhagen climate talks, but one of the primary reasons as to why nations like China and India have boycotted the summit is being hidden by the corporate media - namely the fact that the negotiations were doomed once poorer countries learned of the globalist's neo-colonial agenda as a result of the Danish text leak.
The greatest remedy for anger is delay.  -  Thomas Paine
Need A Mafia Turf To Join? ( Damn Fubar Won't Make The Link Clickable...surprise)_
A Bubble Rant
You know, all I wanted to do today was hang out with a friend. I could have been someone I hadn't seen in ages, or it could have been Eric. I didn't care. No one was able to do something, but I had told Eric I wanted to see him today earlier in the week. I still haven't seen anyone today except for my dad. Not that hanging with my dad is a bad thing. I actually get along with my parents lol. But, I missed my friends throughout the last part of my hectic fall semester. During summer I was so used to just going out and having a friend or two come over. Now that the semester is over.. I dunno. I'm really bummed out. And Eric is making planning anything with him so difficult. I finally just sent him a text that said "Whatever you want." I'm so frustrated. I've been sitting and reading a book my friend Meli let me borrow, but even the solace that reading brings me wasn't there because of my mood. I just want to share some time with the people I consider my friends. This girl I met on Hall
What Exacly Is A Fake Bls Fan?
No Longer In His Dreams
She sees his image,And her mind leaves this place.Her whole life turns,When she sees his face. A noticable change appears,That all can see.The hold he has,Is really hard to believe. Her life and love,She gave without question.Is he her lifes fate,Was it all predestined. A tear appears her smile confusing,Contradicting or so it would seem.She wipes her eyes and turns away,Is she truly no longer in his dreams?
Your Prolly A Slut If.......
Ok I posted a few days ago on another site the status of::"BITCH IF I WANTED YOUR OPINION ID TAKE HIS DICK OUTTA YOUR MOUTH!! NOW GET OFF YOUR KNEES AND SHOW SOME CLASS!"Mind you this was not directed toward anyone in particular HOWEVER Kevins ex GF who we will call "E" has been stalking that page and assuming everything I write is directed about him or is me calling her out even though Im not with him nor have I been for like 2months--Yes we are friends. Yes we love eachother and still fuck and have a child between us but we arent together and I have no association to this bitch what so ever.Regardless this became E's status in response to mine cuz shes a slut::"AND JUST THINK OF HOW MANY TIMES HES LEFT YOU TO PUT ME ON MY KNEES!"And this is why I love dumb bitches cuz E-While yes he has left my bed to go to you-Please for future reference remember these two things:: 1. He never put me on my knees cuz he loves and has respect for me AND 2. Everytime you sucked his dick remember it
It's Time To Start Over 2010 Is Comeing
yes i cant wait for new years to come . its my favorite because you get to start over .my 2009 was like a rollercoaster with alot of up's and down's and now i cant wait to see what 2010 have in store for me and i have friends thats going to come in and party with me .alot of people are not going out because they dont have no new years date will i 'm not going to have a new years date but i am going out because i'm going to be so excited that i made it to new years because there have been alot of people pass in 09 like michael jackson, brittany murphy, farrah fawcett, david carradine etc  all them tragic passing's made me learn that i should not even sweat the bullshit people bring and that i should enjoy my life and never ever take it for granted .so my dear friend's for new years just enjoy the moment and never let anyone fuck up your nighti hope everyone had a great xmas did you get what you want ?nicole
Two Days Without A Post
Actually found more constructive things to be doing... I must be slipping :). Anyway, it's been a hectic few days/nights. Learned a lot about myself and others. Looking forward to giving one of my best friends his late Christmas gift tomorrow (it just arrived today, rush processing my ass). Got Rock Band 2 complete so me, him, and his gf can all play at the same time (he's getting a PS3). Anyway, I also learned not to do too many "backdraft" shots at the bar... yeah, wasn't pretty lol. Anyway, later all!
The Surprise Chaper 16
The Surprise   The week went by quickly, and Liz and I had grown a lot closer.  I still tried to avoid Bella the best I could, but it wasn’t an easy task.  I met Liz at her classroom door at lunch and we walked to the cafeteria together.  We sat at a table by ourselves.  Alice glared over at us, shaking her head.  She got up from the table and approached us. “Do you think it’s a good idea for you guys to parade around together only a week after you broke up with Bella Edward?” she spat. “She’s not here Alice relax” I said. As if on cue Bella entered the cafeteria.  She looked towards us and her face went redder than I had ever seen it go before.  Before we had any time to react Bella had Liz by the throat and flung her to the ground. “You stupid bitch! This is your entire fault! You did this! I'm going to rip you apart!" Bella screamed and jumped on Liz.  She leaned down and whispered something in her ear with such venom and hate;
New Year Resolutions
k so, it is the morning of 2010 and I have been thinking about how I could possibly make my life better in 2010. It's not like anyone keeps these Resolutions and they do them thru out the year..Well, I never met anyone who has completed their list anyways. I usually mentally make a list then totally forget I even had one. So to remind me I shall make me a list, 1. Spend more time at home focusing on MYSELF and not everyone else. 2. Pay more attention to my wants and needs during 2010 3. Be with my family a little bit more. 4. Maybe stop smoking (yes I said maybe because it is a hard task to accomplish) 5. Stop spending so much time and money on fubar. Since it's morning I can't think of too much more but, Im sure something else will pop into my head and I will repost it later on when I think of it. Here's to a great 2010 and high hopes that it doesn't totally suck like 2009
Ser We Keep Rollin
Kinetic Connection
Ships sail and I love you Thunder claps, we remain true Rulers fall, we rise above Planets collide, what remains is love jskins
Lick By Joi
I lose all control When you grab a hold And you do your trick I love it when you lick Lick You've got lock and key Every part of me Know what makes me tick I love it when you lick Lick I'll put my heels on for you baby The ones that wrap all around my leg Your every touch excites me And damnit I aint too proud to beg And even when you're not around me The tingling just won't go away Don't make my body wait no longer Because this pussycat's ready to play play play play play I lose all control When you grab a hold And you do your trick I love it when you lick Lick You've got lock and key Every part of me Know what makes me tick I love it when you lick Love it when you lick Lick It feels so good I'm going crazy My eyes roll back inside my head Explore my inner warmths of pleasure And hold on tight Hope you aint scared I promise I'll return the
Not Always Right | Never Too Sick To Complain
Doctor | Atlanta, GA, USA Me: “Thanks for calling [clinic]. How can I help you?” Customer: “I got this herbal colon cleanser from you. Does it have pork in it? I don’t eat pork, so I can’t have it if it has pork.” Me: “Well, ma’am, I’m not sure, but since it is an herbal supplement I would assume it has no pork. If you are really concerned, you can call the number on the bottle and ask them. I’m looking at the bottle and it says 100% vegan.” Customer: “Well, I can’t call the company. I’m sick! I’m so sick, I can’t use a phone!” Me: “Well, it says vegan on the bottle, but I can call the company myself if you want.” Customer: “Well, DO IT! I’m a sick lady, and I don’t do pork!” (I call the company and find out the supplement has no pork. I call the customer back.) Me: “Okay, ma’am. There are no pork or animal products in this supp
Who's Trailer Park Trash Now, Nancy?
(CNN) -- The father of American figure skating icon Nancy Kerrigan is dead and her brother is behind bars, accused of assault and battery against 70-year old Daniel Kerrigan, according to Massachusetts authorities. Daniel Kerrigan died Sunday after being taken by emergency personnel from his family home in Stoneham, Massachusetts, to a hospital, authorities said. His son Mark, 45, was arraigned Monday and pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from an alleged assault. According to Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Keeley, police responded to a 911 call at approximately 1:30 a.m. Sunday from Brenda Kerrigan, wife of Daniel and mother to Mark and Nancy Kerrigan. Keeley told Middlesex District Court Judge Mark Sullivan during the arraignment Monday for Mark Kerrigan that there was a violent argument and struggle between the father and his son, resulting in the elder Kerrigan falling or collapsing on the kitchen floor. Keeley said that Mark Kerrigan told authorities
[clear Coating]
Manthis stuff is no joke.So... I had a -decent-rig for my clear coating. Turns out there's a bit of a chemical reaction going on hereand with the thickness of my clearcoat (because it really globs on) the few surfaces that were left sitting to dry bonded with stuff in the cardboard, plastic, and clearcoatand burned. It's pretty cool... I knew this was going to be a potential problem for two reasons I already knew about this chemical reaction from ... I forget where but I knew about it and my latex gloves had already been partially melted and I said "uh oh" I've worked out a few solutions 1. change brands2. set up a better rig AND fan to blow off excess goo *narrows eyes*I like Michael Buble` or however it's spelled.Just sayin.. I need a suspension rig for some of my less stable partsI've seen some of the pro level rigs, they're really just foam board and sticks. and that's great for something that you can JAM a stick into and hold it upright and stable... what about the shit th
This Song Makes Me Dance
hehehe...   I dance like a madman when i hear this song    
For Those That Want To Ask..
Wow, I'm so upbeat and it's only 8:40am. I'm still reeling over my date last night. It was fantabulous! Best. Date. Ever. *goes about her day to get schoolwork done* Oh, I'm seeing him today, I just don't know what we're doing or what time we're doing anyting. Again, I gotta decide. As Meli puts it - keep things innocent. Soooooooooo not my strong suit, but I'm doing my damndest! I'm sticking with kissing for now. Good lord, can that man kiss. *drinks peppermint tea* It's a good weekend.
The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript
Brittany Murphy Autopsy Results
Brittany Murphy died from pneumonia, but anemia and prescription drugs also played a role, coroner's officials said Thursday. The primary cause of the death was community acquired pneumonia, with contributing factors of iron deficiency anemia and "multiple drug intoxication," according to the Los Angeles County coroner's office. The death was ruled accidental. Coroner's spokesman Craig Harvey declined to specify what types of drugs were involved in Murphy's death but said they were all prescription medications. Details about the drugs the "Clueless" and "8 Mile" star had in her system will be released in several weeks when a complete report is done. Murphy died Dec. 20 at age 32 after collapsing at her Hollywood Hills home. Her mother and husband have said the actress didn't abuse prescription medications or have an eating disorder. Attempts to reach them for further comment were unsuccessful. Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack and mother, Sharon Murphy, told investigators the actre
Intrepid Resolution
The ticket is here,Promising a paradise,There to be taken.
Devotion Michael How love lingers while being alone In love with one that you can never hold To see them smiling once again Knowing that they're happy is barely enough Standing there not to be seen nor heard Still you wish you could be that one When the sun rises and their smile comes alive Just to see the glorious beauty of their eyes Still you're there waiting, hoping to be that one To share your heart and thoughts, for that is true love
So... as I stood naked in the showeras I've been known to do when sober I had this terrible thought about my cheating abusive psycho whore of an ex What ifthis goes somewhereand I do something stupid like bear every soft spot necessary for this girl to destroy me? It was the first time this really entered my mind.I had to stop and ask myself"what can go wrong""am I ready to do this again?""is it worth trusting this woman?" I didn't really have a satisfactory answer.I knew I was getting ahead of myself.Way way way ahead of myself. To think- what brought this onwas dropping the soapand immediately flashing back to that bright yellow cellthat polyester velcroed schmockthe pencils made out of waxthe phones that never workedthe cricket chirp of that awful checkpoint baton         what brought me back was how cold the shower had becomeand the big thick heaving gasps pounding out of my lungs. I thought back to entering her number in my cellphonethis big black story I had to tell he
Lets Get Nekkid!!!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 7am est (4AM SLT).  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid! you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
Lenny Kravitz - Calling All Angels (thank You Baby...i Love This)
Calling all angelsI need you near to the groundI miss you dearlyCan you hear me on your cloud?All of my life I've been waiting for someone to loveAll of my lifeI've been waiting for something to loveCalling all angelsI need you near to the groundI have been kneelingAnd praying to hear a sound All of my life I've been waiting for someone to loveAll of my lifeI've been waiting for something to loveAll of my life I've been waiting for someone to loveAll of my lifeI've been waiting for something to loveDay by dayThrough the yearsMake my wayDay by dayThrough the yearsDay by dayThrough the yearsDay by dayThrough the yearsDay by dayMake my wayDay by dayThrough the yearsDay by dayDay by day
I harbor no desire to tell of my childhoodnot because it represented me as a victimof everlasting humiliation or presented painbut because i am no longer actively part of it..... I have this massive conviction of mindthat some great event has taken placeto forever change the coarse of my lifeand it stands clearly altered before me..... with the result that everythingthat has happened is now unimportantto awaken tomorrow to cross a huge bridgebuilt at great height to lead me where life does..... not because i choose to live therebut because my life has transpired therewithout consent, without me having previousknowledge, lead by forces not for me to judge..... what does it matter what transpiredalready, fate asks? yesterday was but aday that is forever lost, a time of no matterfor me great things are yet to come.....  
Yay Me, I've finally got myself a blast it's only 1 day but hopefully it'll get Watch out 4 it an lemme know what ya think??
Love Song By Tesla
So you think that it's over,That your love has fin'lly reached the end.Any time you call, night or day,I'll be right there for you if you need a friend.It's gonna take a little time.Time is sure to mend your broken heart.Don't you even worry, pretty darlin'.I know you'll find love again. Yeah.Chorus:Love is all around you. YeahLove is knockin' outside *YOUR* door.Waitin' for you is this love made just for twoKeep an open heart and you'll find love again, I know.Love is all around you.Love is knockin' outside **YOUR** door.Waitin' for you is this love made just for twoKeep an open heart and you'll find love again, I know.Chorus / Outro:Love will find a way.Darlin', love is gonna find a way,Find its way back to you.Love will find a way.So look around, open your eyes.Love is gonna find a way.Love is gonna, love is gonna find a way.Love will find a way.Love's gonna find a way back to you, yeah,I know. I know. I know. I know.
Things You Should Know
We have been making some changes and tweaks to various areas of the site.  1. We doubled your photo storage for non VIP and VIP users. 2. We increased the daily 11's from 100 to 250 for VIP's. 3. We removed the bouncer checks on ratings. 4. We made it so you can now fuPal bling credits to each other. There will be more stuff coming down the pike soon. Thanks for your support and be sure to tell your friends.
How To Make A Beautiful Life
Love yourself. MAKE PEACE with who you are and where you are at this moment in time.   Listen to your heart. if you can't hear what it's saying in this noisy world. MAKE TIME for yourself. Enjoy your own company. Let your mind wander among the stars.   Try. Take chances. MAKE MISTAKES. Life can be messy and confusing at times, but  it's also full of surprises. The next rock in your path might be a stepping-stone.   Be happy. When you don't have what you want, want what you have. MAKE DO. That's a well-kept secret of contentment.   There aren't any shortcuts to tomorrow. You have to MAKE YOUR OWN WAY. To know where your're going is only part of it. You need to know where you've been, too. and if you ever get lost, don't worry. The people who love you will find you. Count on it.   Life isn't days and years. it's  what you do with time and with all the goodness and grace that's inside you. MAKE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE........ The kind of life you deserve.
Death X3
Three men approached the gate to heaven and as there was only one opening left, the gatekeeper said that whoever had the most remarkable and worthy death could enter. He asked the first man how he died, and the man replied, 'Imagine this -- I suspected my wife was having an affair behind my back and I wanted to find out the truth. I came home from work one day to surprise her and catch her in the act. When I searched the house I found her in the bathroom. The mirror was fogged and she had a towel on but her hair wasn't wet, so I knew she wasn't taking a shower. I looked all around the house to find the guy. I found ten fingers hanging onto the window sill outside. I pounded them until he finally let go. When he fell he landed in some bushes and God must have loved him because he lived, so I threw the refrigerator out the window to finish him off. After all the excitement I fell dead of a heart attack.' Then the gatekeeper asked the second man how he died. He replied, 'Imagine this -
Minx Gm@snake Eyes Radio Nuff Said!
"the Curse" Lyrics I Have Been Tryin To Work On
Things My Dad Taught Me
The measurement of my finger from the tip to the first joint is 1 inch...depth for planting peas. The measurement to the second joint is 2 inches...depth for corn. Return borrowed things in better shape than when you borrowed them. There are two types of is the trouble you knowingly walk into, the other is trouble that just's important to know the difference. Walk softly but carry a big stick. if you have to use said stick, make sure who you use it on, doesn't get up. Grits is good. Foul language is a sign of a limited vocabulary Orion, the Big and Little Dippers. Everyone is a friend until proven otherwise. Licorice ferns, huckleberries, nettles, sword ferns. Tabasco won't kill you even if you eat it by the spoonfull. Don't watch the clock when you're at work. Fish can see you if you look over the side of the boat. Fish can hear you if you talk to loud. Respect the elders. Never go to bed angry. That which does not kill you will hurt like th
M16: Pillars Of Creation
I can see the pain living in your eyes And I know how hard you try You deserve to have much more I can feel your heart and I simpathize And I'll never criticize All you've ever meant to my life I don't want to let you down I don't want to lead you on i don't want to hold you back From where you might belong You would never ask me why My heart is so disguised I just can't live a lie anymore I would rather hurt myself Than to ever make you cry There's nothing left to say but goodbye You deserve the chance at the kind of love I'm not sure i'm worthy of Losing you is painful to me I don't want to let you down I don't want to lead you on i don't want to hold you back From where you might belong You would never ask me why My heart is so disguised I just can't live a lie anymore I would rather hurt myself Than to ever make you cry There's nothing left to say but goodbye You would never ask me why My heart is so disguised I just can't live a lie anymore I would rather hurt myself
Things Could Change.
I been thinking about this whole Fubar website. Im very happy i started it. met alot of pple and also hung out with some of yall. Alot of my friends on here are amazing and would have never believed this kind of site would be so interesting. i wanted to thank all of yall for adding me and being a friend..   Love Alisha aka American Honey
How To Choose A High Quality Mobile Phone?
More and more people are using cell phone from China Wholesale at present. It is convenient that a cellular phone stay in touch with family and friends, and you'll need to choose a high quality mobile Phone and service plan based on your individual needs. How to choose a high quality mobile phone? Decide How Much You Will Use the Phone The most common mobile-phone service plans include the purchase of a "block" of minutes per month today. What this means is that you will pay a flat fee for a set number of minutes. Putting aside extra charges like taxes for a minute, you can spend your entire block of minutes talking on your phone in a given month without paying more than your flat rate. You can use the following rule to decide how many minutes to block off for your plan: 1. Multiply that by the number of calls you make and receive in one month. 2. Estimate the length of time you spend on an average phone call. 3. Add another 50 minutes. Choose from the Four Main Ty
Lost In You
I always knew that you'd come back to get me And you always knew that it wouldn't be easy To go back to the start to see where it all began Or end up at the bottom to watch how it all ends   You tried to lie and say I was everything I remember when I said I'm nothing without you (I'm nothing without you)   Somehow I found a way to get lost in you Let me inside, let me get close to you Change your mind, or get lost if you want me to Somehow I found a way to get lost in you   You always thought that I left myself open But you didn't know I was already broken I told myself that it wouldn't be so bad But pulling away took everything I had   You tried to lie and say I was everything I remember when I said I'm nothing without you (I'm nothing without you)   Somehow I found a way to get lost in you Let me inside, let me get close to you Change your mind, or get lost if you want me to Somehow I found a way to get lost in you In you   The pain of it all The rise an
Anger Management
Anger ManagementWhen you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take itout on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out onsomeone you don't know.I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten tomake. I found the number and dialed it.A man answered, saying 'Hello.'I politely said, 'This is Chris. Could I please speak with Robyn Carter?'Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear 'Get the right f*** ing number!'and the phone was slammed down on me.I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude. When I tracked down Robyn'scorrect number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed thelast two digits.After hanging up with her, I decided to call the 'wrong' number again.When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled 'You're an asshole !' andhung up. I wrote his number down with the word 'asshole' next to it, and putit in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills or hada really bad day, I'd call him u
Never mistake motion for action.  -  Ernest Hemingway
Bad men are full of repentance.  -  Aristotle
May 5
Ok Im mad I have to start all over cuz I wouldnt fall for some guys lame game I can spot a player a mile away.. Anyways to get me up I need blingpacks so heres what im offering..   12 credit blingpack get you nsfw access 65 credit blingpack gets a nsfw salute and nsfw access 135 credit blingpack  gets a nsfw video salute anything you want! plus nsfw folder access 350 credit blingpack gets you the video and nsfw folder access plus my phone number & yahoo  
4557710: hello wanna play 9:07pm Klove...: play? 9:08pm4557710: 20 questions 9:08pm Klove...: depends what the questions are 9:10pm4557710: little bit personal 9:11pmKloverlynn: ask...we will see 9:13pm4557710: what are you wearing? 9:14pm Klove...: clothes...why do you hide behind a fake profile 9:15pm4557710: 1st time on here not bothered with a profile yet 9:16pm Klove...: ahh cant bother to put up a pic but wanna ask women persona queaions? 9:18pm4557710: honestly just after a bit of relief before i go to bed 9:19pm Klove...: hmm after relief so you are hoping I will tell you something sexy while you sit there with your falcid baby cock in your hand 9:19pm Klove...: yes? 9:22pm4557710: i think the word you are looking for is flaccid 9:22pm Klove...: yes that is the one...TY for correcting my typo 9:23pm Klove...: So flaccid baby cock...better ? 9:24pm4557710: no offense meant just saw your picture and was hoping you might accomodate 9:25pm Klove...: ah...well I wil
Feeling Your Love
When you hold me close  I can feel your hearbeat. When you kiss me  I can feel your love. When we make love  I can feel your passion. When you hold my hand  I can feel all of you. This is love and it is here to stay!
Cover Up: Norway's Nazi Secret
I Hate People
Through the years I have discovered that life in its complexity really just . . . sucks. With millions of self-help books and hundreds of thousands pills when are people just going to learn to deal? Get over it already!! Nothing is going to “make” you happy. You need to do it on your own. Fuck, I’m not happy do I cry about it? Hell no. I will be happy when I am and I will deal with it until then. Bunches of fuck’n cry-fucking-babies. . .                 Do you want to know the secret to being happy? Don’t fucking think about it. Just live your life. If you want to sit in a fucking hole playing with yourself nothing’s going to change. Think about it. Or rather, don’t. It’s up to you. Don’t listen to me. What the fuck do I know?                 Lets put it another way. If your dumb ass bought a self-help book or are taking “happy pills” you’re already fucked. It shows that you are not in control of your own life. S
I'm Sure Everyone Feels Afraid To
Im sure everyone knows what it feels like to be afriad to fall , my heart  got broken a few months back . how much time does the heart need to heal .. if i think i'm falling in love could it be real .. i long to be held tight in his arms .. but im scared .. love hurts.. ive only just gotten over the last sting .. but this new guy .. could be my king .. the one ive been waiting for .. the kind that holds the door for you , and truly bleieves in Romance .. some who i could go out dancing with ..and then look up and watch the stars . someone who loved me for who i really am .. i fall too deeply and i fall too hard ..         lifes put me at the crosswords once again.. i hope theres someone there to hold my hand, and help me understand life and share the beauty of things theres so many places i want to go .. and so many things i want to see          
Turn your wounds into wisdom.  -  Oprah Winfrey
Feeling In The Dumps
I feel so aweful right now... I am suppose to do this healthy living thing and I failed Everything I fucking do I fail at...
Beautiful Destruction
it rained so hard it was unbelievable you could see the dark sky approaching, almost as if it were a herd of predators coming for their prey Suddenly the wind began out of the window you could see objects fly by and the net flap out of control with the wind came the dust storm the sand was so thick it brought night with it one could lean back into the wind and the sand without fallong backwards As if a propetic act was taking place, the rain started at first it smelled like wet dirt suddenly the mud started covering everything it seemed that mud was falling from the sky it was a beautiful sight of destruction
Poor Lindsay. Lmaooooo
Lindsay Lohan is gonna be a mess after she moves into the big house on July 20 --- among the no-no's in jail ... she can't wear hair extensions or makeup  ... and worse still ... she can't smoke. Her new home ain't official yet -- but all signs point to the famous jail in Lynwood, CA where Paris Hilton got locked up in '07 ... and based on the jail's inmate restrictions, they don't mess around.Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay goes through two packs of smokes a day -- but she'll have to go cold turkey in the pokey ... because cancer sticks are prohibited at Lynwood (and that includes nicotine gum and patches).According to sources at the jail, Lindsay's famous hair extensions will also have to be removed before she's locked up ... and cosmetics are completely banned behind bars.But here's some good news for LiLo -- since she's high profile, for security reasons, she'd get her very own cell with a private shower ... but she'll still have to wear a jumpsuit.
First appearance deceives many.  -  Ovid
Morning :)
Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Stephen L. Bryson
Died January 09, 2002 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 36, of Montgomery, Ala.; assigned to Marine Aerial Transport Refueler Squadron 352, based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Calif.; killed in a refueling tanker crash, on Jan. 9, 2002 in Pakistan.
Marine Corps Sgt. Jeannette L. Winters
Died January 09, 2002 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 25, of Gary, Ind.; assigned to Marine Aerial Transport Refueler Squadron 352, based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Calif.; killed in a refueling tanker crash, on Jan. 9, 2002 in Pakistan.
My Best Friend...
[mike And Shawn- Fuck Yeah!]
I dunno why but that was my favorite quote from Alpha Protocol.Then I killed a LOT of people, and restarted the game as a veteran >> I got like 80 bonus ability points and some snazzy starting gear. Definitely worth playing through as a rookie first, and the additional commentary is hilarious.My asthma is fucking vindictive. Always at night, always in bed.I vaccummed my mattress and switched things around.Hope that helps. I'd like to avoid seeing a real doctor if at all possible.I'm kind of a walking allergy attack at work though.And I guess yet another set up is in store.This time its the christian's friend.Dinner Thursday... if I don't bail.There is not much build up to this.And it just sounds like some weird crap shoot shot in the dark with little to no work placed.I think the christian just wants her life to be more like a sitcom.When will she learn that people require manipulation and placement in order to get what you want?... holy hell I still haven't paid my bills this month.So
A Wedding Dress Just Fit You
Wedding ceremony is one of the most important days of everyone’s life. Every brides wants to look beautiful on her marriage day. Any one has a dream to get married one day and once you have decided to get married and planning to arrange a wedding ceremony so that your family members can come and attend your wedding then you must also think about getting a good wedding dress for you. But how to choose wedding dresses is just a problem. Should you select a Cheap Special Occasion Dresses, Cheap Pink Wedding Dresses, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses, Cheap Little Black Dresses? There are different and so many ideas that can make your wedding day special but there is not better idea then to take care of wedding dress issue as this is the most burning issue and if you don’t pay attention to it in initial stages and decide that you will buy a good dress for you before one or two days then maybe you are making a very big mistake because you don’t have the experience to buy a
I cannot hide these emotions I feel ... I am so confused and wish I could get this over with. It is a never-ending emotional roller coaster with you. Once It hink the ride is over, another tremendous fall lies ahead ... You love another, and that I understand. but living with it, I cannot bare ... I love you, those words mean so much to me. It is a terribly over used phrase I know, but when I say it ... I mean it with all my heart. I love you. There are no other words to describe it ... I know it is love because of how much pain it causes me night and day ... I wish and hope with all my heart that this would be over and done with ... but it never is. why?
Nsfw Ass Shot
What Flavor Bubble Tea Are You?
You Are Coffee Bubble Tea You are a delightful contradiction. You're always trying to have the best of both worlds! You defy convention and expectations. You do things your way just because you can. You are energetic and unapologetically enthusiastic. You always have something to be hyper about. You go nonstop until you crash. You're pretty good at wearing yourself out. What Flavor Bubble Tea Are You? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Block Your God!
So, I stumbled on this. It's a very one-sided view of religious propaganda. I'll just post what is written directly from the site and go from there. However, some of you may be interested in the program itself. Link will follow.   Directly from the homepage of Godblock: GodBlock is a web filter that blocks religious content. It is targeted at parents and schools who wish to protect their kids from the often violent, sexual, and psychologically harmful material in many holy texts, and from being indoctrinated into any religion before they are of the age to make such decisions. When installed properly, GodBlock will test each page that your child visits before it is loaded, looking for passages from holy texts, names of religious figures, and other signs of religious propaganda. If none are found, then your child is allowed to browse freely.   Okay, see. This first sentence starts out perfectly acceptable. But then we go to " the often violent, sexual, and psychologically harmful ma
Situational Awareness
If you're behind the wheel, FOCUS.     Situational awareness isn't overrated.
Later That Day...
After the delivery man leaves, you stand up and readjust your skirt and straighten your blouse and take a deep breath trying to clear your head.You leave your office and look around thinking that someone must have seen something.You walk through the office down to the ladies room to splash some water on your face to calm yourself down, saying "Hi" to your co-workers as you pass them by.As you push the door open to the ladies room, you are grabbed by the wrist and pulled into the room which confuses you.Your hand is held behind your back as you are pushed with your face against the back of the door and you see a man's hand reach for the lock on the door and he turns the deadbolt.With your right hand still pinned behind your back, you can feel his deep breathing in your ear and the heat of his breath on your neck and face. You start to panic a little because you don't know who this person is, and you're beginning to get nervous because he hasn't said anything and you can't move. You feel
Im Grounded.
things people may or may not know about me lol cause apparently, i keep dirty cheerleading secrets from rok.     I was the head cheerleader at my high school. I play the flute I went to band camp I loved ROTC and wanted to be in the military I have a secret love for Elton John that is epic and um.... Truth or Dare.   sarah your favorite blog Whore!!!!!!!!!   no this was not supposed to make sense.
What Do You Do?
i finally met someone.... ..who i fell for at first sight.... i trusted wholeheartedly without restriant ....i wanted to give my all... and then he cracked my heart.... he felt almost the same... just not as deep.... he didn't want what i wanted... so i held back... pulled myself in.... i didnt want to lose what little of him i had managed to gain...... and he went away.... just temporarily ... i held out.... not looking.... and someone else wandered into my life.... quite unexpectedly.... my attention was grabbed... my interest undeniable... there was a connection...a bond... almost the same...but not the same... it wasn't an immediate falling..... but a sudden trip... i fell into his arms ...with no regrets... and it was more than expected.... ....more complicated than i thought it would be.... and then..... the first...came back... full force..... not in body... but in presence.... seemed as if maybe he was wrong maybe he felt more than he thought... it was almost ever
Kori Kitten And I
Kori Kitten and I.. creation of us with a color splash animation.
Slimp Paps
suck dinkey dock!
Not On Much
To my Stalkee's and Minion's, I won't be on much the next 2 weeks. I will be on long enough in the morning to use my 11's and buy my fu-own that have expired. I will try to return all the love you give me when I come back full time again.   Also leave me a message in my comment's or PM if you want any of my shitfaces or buzzkills.   Your Neighborhood Stalker
I Am Who I Am?
I AM Who I AM   I am ONE person...yet I am MANY!!I am as gentle as a LAMB...but as fierce as a LION!!I am as soft as DEW...yet as hard as STONE!!I'm as young as TOMORROW...yet as old as YESTERDAY!!I am able to REASON...yet I can't UNDERSTAND!!I am able to SEE...yet I ma totally BLIND!!I can be read like a BOOK...yet I'm written in INVISIBLE INK!!I am totally SELF-RELIANT...yet I need to have someone NEAR!!I am as free as the WIND...yet I am bound by CHAINS!!I cannot be HARMED...yet Ic an be badly HURT!!I can be HELD tightly....yet I can never be TOUCHED!And I can DIE....while living FOREVER!!Let no man try to change me....for I am who I am!!~~Robin Dawn 'China' Palmer3/30/2006
Off The Top Of My Head
we speak a whole different slang/ but it amounts to the same thang/ your feelings be hurt and the guns going bang/ you a bitch in real life/ probally some dudes prison wife/ stop acting like a girl/ take off your dress this is the world/ stop acting all feminine/ unless you wanna wear pumps and that dress again/ you making shyt a mess again/ man the fuck up! and thats all i got for this one, maybe when i think of some more i will add to  
the snow storm's are getting bad and i see the news how your department say's all the truck's are lined up and ready to go..then why is it then if that was the 6 o'clock new's that on my drive home i almost slid off the road's any way ? i hear talk about how ready your road crew is and yet not a one truck on the highway or street's any where to be seen i feel if i'm paying my tax's for the street's to be safe to drive one i'm not seeing it or feeling safe this is just tonight 2 hour's after the snow started wensday night there was alot of ice out on the highway's that could of been stoped if the truck's where out like your department clams what hapen's when some one get's hurt driving at a responsable speed and has a wreck who is to blam your department say's them my self and i sure alot of other people all feel that it's unfair that we haft to go to work and can' get there safe the highway i haft to drive every day east and west is always bad because there is never a truck on that hig
Words Of Love
From: RobSent: Nov 01 11:20AMMsg: I love you Michelle Lynne Baar with all my heart and soul, all of my love, everything I have, my love and dedication for you is endless and overflowing baby.   From: MichelleSent: Nov 04  6:52AMMsg: (1/2) Rob you make my world everything ive always known it should be. Full of love & emotions that are returned & a place where i can smile n b myself w/out fearFrom: MichelleSent: Nov 04 10:45AMMsg: The sound of your voice always touches  me so deeply baby. Music to my ears. I love you RobFrom: RobSent: Nov 04 10:57AMMsg: As yours to me, sound of your voice is the most beautiful soothing sound I've ever heard. I love everything about you Michelle.From: MichelleSent: Nov 04 11:09AMMsg: Every day proves again that your the one for me. Ill never let you go Rob my life is meant to b spent with you, by your side always loving you.From: RobSent: Nov 04 11:19AMMsg: Oh honey, you continue to make me the happiest man in the world.From: MichelleSent: Nov 04 11:46A
Favor Simple Beachfront Wedding Ceremony Apparel
Are you buying for beach wedding dresses? You as well as your soon-to-be partner last but not least opted for that desire location wedding ceremony through the beachfront. You've tousled and tossed close to wedding ceremony ideas, details, budget, and now you're scoring for beachfront wedding ceremony gowns which will make you glimpse totally stunning and fabulous when you trade your "I dos" prior to near knit pals and family. cheap wedding dresses Why not favor very simple beachfront wedding ceremony apparel to harmonize the vibe, tone, Cheap Prom Dresses and mood on the ocean backdrop in tune with each and every couple's budget? Modern bridal apparel have leaned in the direction of simplicity more than the years. Simplicity gives out the elegance on the place. Cheap Evening Dresses No location for extravagant apparel and decors since it destroys the ambiance developed through the venue. Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Gone have been the times have been brides drowned in laces, details, an
Determine If A Short Wedding Gown Is Perfect For You
One on the greatest trends in wedding dresses for spring will be the short dress. Even one of the most conventional bridal designers sent a few of gowns along the runway with hemlines hovering close to the knees rather on the floor. how can you determine if a short wedding gown is perfect for you? The shorter wedding gowns operate the gamut in style. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses Some are lacy '50s celebration gowns with complete skirts. Cheap Evening Dresses other people are slinky and attractive slip dresses. after which there would be the modern day or far more haute couture design gowns which have quite distinctive details, like oversized bows or bubble hems. The thought of the short wedding gown has an undeniable appeal: it is uncomplicated to proceed in. cheap wedding dresses You don't must be concerned about tripping more than it when you stroll along the aisle, Cheap Quinceanera Dresses you can dance the evening away, and also you can even go towards the bathing room not hav
Telemarketing And Weak People
Telemarkiting and weak people.      Do not look up quotes for health insurance on the internet.  You'll end up getting pestered by soliciters all damn day and eventually you'll end up snapping and scareing the hell out some poot guy who had nothing else to do with his or her life then bother people and slowly loose any sense of self worth they ever had.       I despise people that earn a living like that.  It's pointless.  No one ever buys and if you do buy, it's probably because you're weak willed and were pressured into it by their non-stop bullshit ranting that seems to leave no other answere then "yes sir" or "dude, fuck off and shut the hell up you useless sack of waste."  there is no middle ground with these people.  they read from a script and do it badly at that.  Then of course I end up hearing from the dumb fuck who deals with people and dosn't even speak the freaking language.  well you know what Habeeb, Fuck you too.  if your going to call me at all sorts
Music Projects Online
I've put both projects online on myspace with several songs   Black Metal project: Acoustic/Atmospheric project: All writing, playing, recording and mixing done by myself   Please check it out and let me know what you think
Little Red Cap
My name, my…real name is of little importance. Folks around here often call me ‘Wolf,’ although they wouldn’t know me if they saw me. Always on the careful side of things, I lurk in the shadows away from the public’s eye. Oh, how they watch…Oh, how I watch them. I wait so patiently, so still, waiting for the right prey. For I am the horrors this lonely village made me out to be, I am a hunter of kinds.   The day’s air was cool on my skin. My hand moved to my side on its own accord, pulling out a meat clever. I ran my fingertips across the blade…sharp, beautifully sharp. I placed the clever back, smiling to myself. I was self confident, so sure that I could have anybody I wanted, love anybody I wanted…do anything I wanted. I’ve been to this village many times before. The folk often chat amongst themselves. I hear word of a girl, Little Red Cap so very often. I’ve seen her from distances, never close enough. But even
Just Looking For Some Help
Hello, im starting to market and advertise products for amway, and im looking for some customer support. I'm not asking you to buy anything extra just to help, but something that you use everyday or something that your thinking about starting to use. We have a wide range of products from Vitamins & Supplements, makeup and skin care products, energy drinks with no sugar, and so much more. My personal website is  and if you have any questions please email me at   Thanks for looking and have a great day.
Thank You
To all my Crazies and Minion's and Stalkees,   I want to thank you for all the love and support that you have show my wife and I after the passing of my wife's second dad. It means a lot to us. I will try let you know how much he meant to my wife and I. When my wife (at the time we had just started dating) move out/ran away from her home. Frank and his wife were the one's that took her in, no questions asked. He treated my wife as his own daughter (which meant he treated me like a son-in-law). He took care of my wife and helped her through everything.   When it was getting close to the time for me to leave for Basic training. He (along with a few other people) offered to cut off my long hair. He was the one who cut my hair before I left. While he was cutting my hair is when I propose to my wife. Which meant a lot to both of us. His actual daughter was the maid of honor at our wedding. We also made sure that he and his wife were sitting up front where the brides family sits. They
Sun Rise
The grey began to fade,As the colours filled the sky,The chill began to warm,As the sun began to rise.A lost girl found direction,As the eastern orb rose high,The dark sky turned to blue,Like the colour of his eyes.Dark turned to light,Grey turned to blue,Lost became found,That's when I met you.
Life Happens
Its what we do with what we step in that matters
Me In A Nut Shell Deal With It
  I am 6' 1" tall 285 lbs and have blue eyes and brown hair if i have hair  i choose to shave my head i have a gotee mustach and beard no tattoos or perieceings 2'' scar over right eyey  i wear glasses  i have false teeth but refuse to wear them  hope there is not a problem with that  but im a natural persone and dont belive in prosieses to improve on ones looks...I am JUst your avreage joe and a redneck at that.... Tagline:I am not old I am Not new I am just me No more No Less Ask me what you Will and I will answer With the best Of My Knowledge. Member Since:April 11, 2011   Gender:Male Location:Fairmont, Age:48 Relationship Status:Singel Interested In:Friends, Dating, Serious Relationship Languages:English Ethnicity:Caucasian/White Religion:Agnostic Orientation:Straight   Elementary School:Dunbar Intermediate School Junior High School:Miller Junior High School High School:Fayette County High School '82Fayette Area Vocational School '82 College:The College of Woo
Robot Chicken: Glo Worm
Nyc: The Office
I used to go out with an accountant who worked in midtown. One day, we made reservations at a restaurant downtown for 8PM. I put on my nicest suit & went to pick her up at her office.Her office was on the 20th floor with a great view of Madison Square Park. She had a wide oak wood desk & a nice black executive leather chair. There was a table against the window with her fax/printer machine & tons of papers on both the table & the desk. It looked like it was definitely tax season."Sorry for the mess. It's tax season", she said. I kinda figured that out, me being a nerdy brainiac & all. "Do you still want to go out to eat?" I asked. "We can order in. How many people are still on the floor?" "We're it except for the cleaning crew", she answered quickly. "I'll be done in a little while. Then, we'll go, ok?". "Sure", I said.I spent a few minutes looking out the window at her view. You could see both the park & the Empire State Building. It was on 23rd St, about a block away from
One Night 5 Different Ways
You see me acrossed the room dancing nice and slow seductively, teasing every man in the room, you start moving closer to me thinking that you just have to have me right there hard and fast. As you reach me you grab my waist, spinning me into your arm, I gasp in surprise, we start dancing nice and slow with your hands on my hips, my breast, kissing my neck, as you slide your hand down my shirt rubbing my breast, making my nipples tighten under your hand, you say to me softly " I want you now lets go back to my place." I look at you with a look that would melt a hard mans soul and say " let me get my coat" as I walk away from you you yell out," oh yes nice ass" and all I do is shake it more. As we leave you throw me on to the wall of the building, kissing me lifting my legs so I can straddle your hips kissing me deeper as I melt into your arms you say grab my cock baby putting my hand between us touching you softly you gasp out of breath you say take it out and stroke it baby. As I stro
Breath You In
Breath You In Taking hold, breaking in The pressures on, need to circulate Mesmerized and taken in Moving slow, so it resonates It's time to rest, not to sleep away My thoughts alone, try to complicate I'll do my best, to seek you out And be myself, not impersonate Tried so hard to not walk away And when things didn't go my way I'll still carry on and on just the same I've always been strong But can't make this happen 'Cause I need to breathe, I want to breathe you in I want to breathe you in I'm going in, so cover me Your compass will, help me turn the page The laughing stock, I'll never be Because I won't let them take me Took awhile to see all the love tha'ts around me Through the highs and lows there's a truth that I've known And it's You
Where Sound Resides
Through the back alleys of the Lower Eastside I spill my endless imagination in the veins of this place Far away from the neon heart of Sin City I carve words into the palms of my hand My poetry, my voice, Scattered and scrawled on to the walls. Chasing Kerouac’s shadow through the empty bottle in my hand The bruises on my arm tell the story of what I am. Speechless and without arms or a soul I stand before you, Split between My heart and brain. I present my skin, Stained with ink. Underneath overflowing with fear, as to who I am What I am Walking the narrow confines of my inner thoughts I chased her I find loneliness comforting in the fact that I am ignorant. I am a product of misunderstood youth and glue-huffing caretakers Much like the children of the neighborhood where I spill my blood unto the walls This is not graffiti, its thoughtless emotion chasing gravity to the sidewalk I fell deep into the day dream of where the sidewalk ends. Shel Silverstein said
they dedicate lil sections for there lady on their page ..i find it so endearing.
Visit Egypt World’s Best Attractions To Explore
Are you passionate lover and love to travelling lot if yes then we have best place for you which is none other Egypt, home to the world’s oldest civilization. Every year from across the world people visit this country in a great numbers with different holidaying purpose. World-renowned for great attractions including monuments and pyramids, Egypt is in the north-eastern Africa with its capital located in its largest city, Cairo. The country is encircled by the Mediterranean and Red Seas and geographically dominated both by the Nile River and its fertile well-watered valley, and by the Eastern and western deserts. There are so many reasons behind that why anyone should choose this country as their holidaying destination as it has so many things to offer to everyone. With great beaches, exotic deserts, world’s largest river Nile, great shopping, exotic resorts, well-cultured people and excellent hotels facilities, it encourages tourists to visit there at least once in a
Unfair Way Of Life Or Are You Just A Complainer
Unfair is the rich , the blessed, the powerful, the gifted ones ... Unfair is how rich people work little  & get paid alot... Unfair is how people  who have nothing , still get **** on Unfair is when others get more in life and emotionally when they give nothing back unfair is working your whole life just to die a ****ty unloved life What is unfair to some may not be unfair to others unfair is working for the man just to have him belittle you behind your back Unfair is being unloved and living with demented people or family Unfair is getting your voice locked up with no answer all your left with is questions Unfair is watching your family treat your siblings better then you in front of you Unfair is what  parents think, leeps them parents--- so untrue Unfair is watching your eccentric neighbor winning the lottery  whenyou play everyday
Linsanity Fading? Knicks Tv Audience Dips
The Jeremy Lin-led New York Knicks drew their smallest television audience on MSG Network in four games last night, with ratings still more than twice as high as when he took over as the team’s starting point guard- mulberry bags . Last night’s game marked the first time on MSG, which dates back to the 1988-89 season, that Knicks telecasts drew ratings of 6 or higher for four straight contests. Ratings are based on the average number of homes in the New York metropolitan area watching the game- mulberry sale . In the 10 games on MSG since Lin, a former bench-warmer who twice was cut by other NBA teams, moved into the starting lineup on Feb. 6, Knicks telecasts are averaging a 5 rating, almost three times higher than the first 20 games of the season. Lin’s first start on Feb. 6 drew a 2.68 rating. The Knicks are tied with the Boston Celtics for second place in the Eastern Conference’s five-team Atlantic Division, three games behind the Philadelphia 76ers. N
Mcilroy A No. 1 That Gets No Argument
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (AP) Rory McIlroy made quite a first impression in America, even when he lost- mulberry bags . McIlroy won for the fifth time in his career, including a U.S. Open he won at Congressional by eight shots with a record score (268). When Woods played 115 tournaments, he already had won five majors and 32 tournaments around the world- mulberry sale . Even as Woods appears to be getting closer to regaining full form, his gallery was double the size of the crowd following McIlroy in the final round, and not just because Woods has made south Florida his new home. Woods remains compelling. No one has ever won more majors so quickly, and there remains interest whether he can make it all the way back. ''He's a very good player, very young, still learning,'' Westwood said. ''I think he's got a fairly bright future- mulberry bags for sale .''
It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it. But it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.
Gurgaon Movers Packers Offer Quality Moving Services
There are many professional moving companies or packers and movers in Gurgaon, Haryana. Such companies are dedicated to make relocation easier and smoother with their experiences and quality packing and moving services. They can be supporting hands for those people who are moving from this city to somewhere else or moving within the city from one place to another or across the street. Moving from one place to another is considered as one of the most stressful events of life but with professional services the situation can be simplified and made much easier and smoother. Professional moving companies in Gurgaon have highly dedicated team of professionally trained and expert workers in order to handle the situation in most lucrative manner. Professional Movers and Packers Gurgaon companies are offering comprehensive solution to all your relocation needs. They can assist you in each kind of situation such as residential relocation, corporate relocation, industrial goods shifting and even
Aliens by Kenneth Matlock on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 1:56pm  Something wicked does this way saunter A green creepling a little haunter It slides inside my dramedy Whispering alien melody You're alone, it seems to say Do you wonder why it is this way?It continues on to my dismay To all it's questions I say nay I'm not alone there's lots in here Some of them funny some of them queer Well, then why do you feel so very blue Because i've nothing left to do It shrugs at me and I shrug too It uncovers and ancient view One of me ripe with smiles With energy to go on for miles They all loved me and it was fun Hiding in the hours out of the sun Why do you tease me I always ask Show me the hours in which I did bask In the love of others and of me In the days I did not flee It says it's funny to watch me squirm In all the years I never learn I keep chasing the American dream It is just a joke now it would seem Now I must get away from this place Shat
Find Someone
Never in a million years did I think I'd find someone so utterly and completely perfect, someone who would make me happier than I ever dreamed I could be, someone that would touch my life so profoundly and just give me a whole new reason to breathe. But then I found you and realized that everything I anticipated you to be doesn't even compare to who you are.
Do You Know Jack Schitt?
WHO IS JACK SCHITT?For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? We findourselves at a loss when someone says, 'You don't know Jack Schitt!'Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, you can now respond in anintellectual way.Jack Schitt is the only son of Awe Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizermagnate, married O. Schitt, the owner of Needeep N. Schitt, Inc. They had oneson, Jack.In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt. The couple soonproduced six children: Holie Schitt, Giva Schitt, Fulla Schitt, BullSchitt, and the twins Deep Schitt and Dip Schitt.Against her parents' objections, Deep Schitt married Dumb Schitt, a highschool dropout. After being married 15 years, Jack and Noe Schittdivorced.Noe Schitt later married Ted Sherlock, and because her kids were livingwith them, she wanted to keep her previous name. She was then knownas Noe Schitt Sherlock.Meanwhile, Dip Schitt married Loda Schitt, and they produced a son witha rather nervous disposition named Chicken Schitt.Two o
One Direction
my sister was showing me a picture of the new boy band One Direction, we were discussing the position of the boys on the album cover, (to see heres the link - ) The passing comment was 'surprise butt sex!' can you pick which one it is???
God Hears What
God hears what is not spoken and understands what is not explained, for His love doesn't work in the lips or in the mind, but in the heart.
Lances' Rants Via A Mexican Beach
You know who really Pisses me off? Scarlett Johansson.First of all guys, I don't know what the big deal is. She's not that hot. Really she's not. Check out the picture.Second of all, she needs a major attitude adjustment...The chick is stright-up CuntTastic Like when she didn't get nominated for an Oscar for her role in Lost in Translation, she pretty much went divabitch on all our asses. Dude, you were 19 and didn't really do that great. I mean you were decent at best, but not fucking great.FINALLY, she tried to have a singing career which bombed worse than Britney's MTV awards comeback years back....
Art Work
Im an artist that loves working with colors.  One day I want to sell my art....Someone just has to ask me what kind of art they want me to do for them.  I work with photos mostly but I also use stencils to do art with.  Its really fun and it keeps my Spirit up.  I use acrylic paper and paint as well.  
Crazy Ass Shit I Dont Understand
Okay so ealier today i was mowing the lawn and EvilAngels (fu fiancee rl fiancee) sitting on the pourch with her lap top laughing her ass off about something. i asked her what she was laughing about then i read it. a user named Badboy told her he wanted to marry her cause she was young and beautiful she told him to look in her about me section witch she clearly states she not look to hook up with anyone on this site. she here for friends and fun of the site. I look at her and ask her why she was still laughing she tells me that she asked badboy if he seen bravo her number one on her fufamily. he said yea he seen bravo on netfelx. now i stated to laugh. with that being said dose anyone take the time to read someones profile? takes like 2 mins tops if you did take the time to read one. then you could save yourself the embarssment of being truned down called out and screen shoted for being a crepper or a fubunny. but still crazy.
Ac-001 Couleurs Cu Naical Pour Ipad / Iphone 4 / Iphone 4s
Ils disent que le monde est fait pour les intelligents" et dans ce contexte, les technologies parfois voler ce rle. Naical nous prêter votre soutien. Cette Naical nouvel accessoire est un chargeur universel pour téléphones mobiles, tablettes et autres dispositifs effectivement réduit la taille et avec différents types de couleurs, travaille avec coque iphone 5 et peut être connecté à n'importe quel gadget dont il a besoin, il vous suffit de le cable de votre périphérique USB. Choisissez la couleur qui convient le mieux, par exemple à l'esthétique de votre téléphone et profiter de la commodité d'un des modèles de la nouvelle chargeur universel USB 2.0 Naical CU-001, spécialement conu pour l'iPhone ou l'iPad. Praticité, esthétique et confort Contact complet de la personnalité que vous voulez pour votre périphérique (téléphone mobile et / ou quand sortira l iphone 5), en choisissant parmi les cinq couleurs correspondant le mieux à l'habitation de votre smartphone ou tablette.
Why Do They Ask For Help, Yet Never Give It
I'm asked daily for help, and never hesitate to give it if I can. Yet lately I see those I help asking, and always having a reason not to return the favor. I thought the game was about helping each other, not taking and forgeting until the next time the needs arise. It's given me a bad view on some here. I feel if more were less about them, and more for everyone the game would be better. Getting links in my shout box from someone who won't take the time to like/rate/comment, that's dead. Pokes from people who expect me to come running to they're profile, when they have not even been to mine, saving pokes for an alert system, that's dead. Play the game your way, I play it mine.  I want to level the same as everyone, but I'm tired of being held back by users. Things are going to change, and a lot of people will not like it, too bad. It's my page my rules. Live with it. 
~~~ Thoughts~~~
We come on here everyday and we sit and chat and enjoy talking to others, but some who come on here are out for more then just that , they are out to hurt others without even giving it a second thought, i do have a moral to this story if people bother to read it its called the GRass is never Greener on the Other Side.Every day we think our lives are bad or thatwe could change the way we look or our hubbys or wives dont like how we look or how we dress or we dont get enough attention or whatever the case may be, Well NEWSFLASH!!!!!!!!!! for those of you who have small children when u get up think about what ur lies and deceit is doing to the other in your life have u even asked yourself have i tryed talking it out have i tryed even listening to the other person and what may or may not be bothering them, more then likely u havent for most all they care about online is a quick escape whetrher its to some fantasy or to some site somewhere to hide behind a screen and try to be something the
Women Wants To.....!
Women  wants to  love you and hold at night .... Women wants to make you coffee before you go to work .... Woman wants to make you happy when you having a bad day.... Woman wants to be close to you and enjoy a night out.... Women wants to be your best friend.... Women wants to be there  take care of the kids when you take a nap.....Women wants to take care of you when you are sick... Women wants to make you nice dinner when you get off work....Women wants to be sexy for you when the mood is right at night.... Women wants to.....                                                                                                                                                                                     bY Christine  
Crashing Down
Chapter 18
accidentally Chapter 18 There were a lot more people at the bonfire party than I had expected. They were all over the place, carrying red beer cups and dancing to the beat of the song that was coming from the stereo box. Even though it was just mid-February, there were girls running around with their bikini's on, and guys shirtless. I, on the other hand, was freezing. I had a maroon red sweater over a tank top, and a pair of white shorts on. Parties were always out of my comfort zone, so I did feel a bit left out sitting on the wooden log near the fire itself. I wished Lacey was here, but she said she couldn't come because of some babysitting job she was stuck with for the night. Evan had called me an hour ago, saying that he couldn't pick me up because he was running a bit late. I was still waiting for him now, but I wasn't complaining. Maybe he just had something to do. "Arden!" Aiden grinned, handing me a red cup. "Where's Evan?" "He told me he's running late." I smiled, handing
Grandma's Vodka Cake Recipe
Wish I could take credit for this but I borrowed it from a FB friend. I just had to share it. Once again this year, I’ve had requests for my Vodka Christmas Cake recipe so here goes. Please keep in your files as I am beginning to get tired of typing this up every year! (Made mine this morning!!!!) 1 cup sugar, half pound butter, 1 tsp. baking powder, 1 cup water, 1 tsp. salt , 1 cup brown sugar, Lemon juice, 4 large eggs, Nuts, 1......bottle Vodka, 2 cups dried fruit 4 cups self raising flour. Sample a cup of Vodka to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the Vodka again to be sure it is of the highest quality then Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point, it is best to make sure the Vodka is still OK. Try another cup just in case. Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 eegs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Pick the fruit up off the floor, wash it and put it in the
First time ever on this blog thing. Not sure what to do so I will say everyone have a good day. I will get the hang of  this soon. Working on Thanksgiving but that is ok cuz i have the next day off and that is Black Friday so very very happy for that.
The Calgary Stampeders Will Have A Familiar Face In Their Lineup Friday Night When The Club Plays Host To The Edmonton Eskimos. Pat Angerer Jersey . Q
The Calgary Stampeders will have a familiar face in their lineup Friday night when the club plays host to the Edmonton Eskimos. Pat Angerer Jersey . Quarterback Drew Tate, who underwent surgery on his non-throwing shoulder in July, said hes a month ahead of schedule and will dress this week. Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel confirmed that the 27-year-old will be the teams third-string quarterback, behind Kevin Glenn and Bo Levi Mitchell. Tate was injured in a 39-26 loss in the Toronto Argonauts on July 7. It was originally expected he would be able to avoid surgery and miss 4-6 weeks after his initial MRI, but a decision to undergo surgery was made. In two starts with this season, Tate has completed 30 of 41 pass attempts for an average of 8.9 yards per pass. He has thrown for two touchdowns and two interceptions. Tate is in his fourth season with the Stampeders, having completed 184 of 272 passes, throwing 17 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Andrew Luck Womens Jersey . Once they
La Lista Delle Migliori Applicazioni Android Recenti From The Google Store
Qui ci sono alcune delle migliori applicazioni però. Sviluppatore di Launcher Chameleon sborsato migliaia di dollari per ottenere una homepage migliore Android ed ora è fuori per uso pubblico. Il widget di Android di default del sistema è dato un look fresco e varie API sono disponibili per gli sviluppatori di manipolare, in esso. È possibile modificare le schermate e aggiungere un po 'di pepe. Amazon MP3 d'altra parte, non è una novità, ma popolare ora con gli inglesi. Amazon ha lanciato la sua nuova concezione Player Amazon Cloud nel Regno Unito, che consente agli utenti di ascoltare la musica dal raccoglitore musicale. Si può anche aggiungere nuove canzoni al lettore Nuvola automaticamente. The Ginger nuova applicazione Talking ha più di 500.000 installazioni in pochi giorni dal suo rilascio, che è incredibile per non dire altro. Come le altre applicazioni "parlanti", il suo eroe animale ripeterà le parole che dici a te. Questa applicazione è molto popolare tra i bambini e gli ad
Die Vier Arten Von Damenuhren
Die jugendliche Generation von heute nicht immer dort, wo watches.Patek Philippe Replica Watches Dies liegt daran, technologische Stücke wie iPods, iPhones und Zell Ringe können große Ersatz für Armbanduhren zu machen. Allerdings gibt es etwas über ein elegantes suchen Uhr, die machen werden beliebte Accessoires für eine lange Zeit leer. Damenuhren kommen Haupttypen: Sport, Schmuck, Mode und klassisch. Sport Damen uhren lederarmbanduhr in der Regel in einem femininen Farben wie pink oder Pastell und umfassen sport Funktionen wie Waffenstillstand Uhren, Alarme und gleichmäßige Wärme-Monitore. Normalerweise sind sie wasserdicht. Schmuck-Uhren sind die teuren Typen und sind oft aus Edelmetall wie Gold, Weißgold oder silver.Breitling Bentley Replica machte Sie können Diamanten und andere Edelsteine ​​mit in ihnen einbetten. Diese Stücke sind mehr über Eleganz und teuer aussieht als etwa Funktionalität. Ladies Fashion-Uhren sind entworfen, um die aktuellen Modetrends anzupas
Jersey. . "we Are Being Smart
ORLANDO, Fla. Elite Golden Tate Jersey . -- Magic centre Dwight Howard will sit out Orlandos home game Friday night against Atlanta because of back spasms. Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy made the announcement at the teams morning shoot around, adding that backup point guard Chris Duhon is also still questionable after missing the past two games with a suspension and sore foot, respectively. Howard, who has missed three of the Magics past five games, is in Los Angeles seeking a second opinion on his injured back. Van Gundy says Howard was in pain following the teams practice Thursday and the coach isnt optimistic hell be ready to play at Cleveland Sunday or against Philadelphia on Monday. The Magic entered Friday tied for fifth place in the Eastern Conference with Atlanta, though the Hawks hold the head-to-head tiebreaker. Elite K.J. Wright Jersey .S. Open on Thursday, but two-time champion Venus Williams was sent packing. Venus, participating in the U.S. open for a 14th time, was bounced
Les Avantages Et Inconvénients Des Smartphones Par Rapport Aux Autres Téléphones Portables
Le développement des smartphones a apporté plusieurs avantages à la vie humaine, et les autres appareils mobiles. Si vous regardez le plus brillant idée de téléphones intelligents, vous remarquerez que ces téléphones sont loin beaucoup plus avancé que le fait ordinaire téléphones mobiles. D'une part, vous pouvez utiliser un téléphone intelligent pour accéder à une large gamme de matériaux que vous le feriez avec les téléphones mobiles qui ne sont pas les téléphones intelligents. Ces téléphones ont des caractéristiques améliorées, ce qui rend la vie beaucoup plus facile, car la plupart de ces téléphones prennent en charge plusieurs applications ne fait pour rendre la vie plus facile. L'utilisation des applications mobiles est un magnifique outil pour les humains, comme vous pouvez choisir entre les larges gammes d'applications mobiles à la suite de votre style de vie. L'autre avantage de l'utilisation de smartphones, c'est le fait qu'ils peuvent servir comme une forme de sécurité pour
. Cabrera Also
LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers have declined to exercise their 2013 options on outfielder Juan Rivera, reliever Todd Coffey and backup catcher Matt Treanor. Justin Tucker Vapor Jersey . Rivera is due a $500,000 buyout since the club turned down his $4 million option. He batted .244 with 47 RBIs while switching between left field and first base in his first season with Los Angeles. Coffey was 1-0 with a 4.66 ERA. The right-hander missed the second half of the season after undergoing his second elbow ligament-replacement surgery. He is due a $300,000 buyout after the Dodgers declined his $2.5 million option. Treanor batted .175 while appearing in 36 games as the backup to A.J. Ellis. He was bought out of his $950,000 salary for $150,000. Torrey Smith Super Bowl Jersey . Hingis, a winner of five Grand Slam singles titles, won consecutive singles titles in Canada in 1999 and 2000, the latter tournament in Montreal. The 31-year-old Swiss great addressed the Uniprix Stadium crowd in French, attr
Bring Down Obama
Brown: Is This The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down? By Floyd and Mary Beth Brown January 11, 2013 6:53 am            Text Size: A A A It's even worse than we previously thought. A retired four-star admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America's enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could "negotiate" the release of a "hostage" and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election? The Washington Examiner, quoting retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: "the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi... was the result of a bungled abduction attempt.... the first stage of an international prisoner exchange... that would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the 'Blind Sheik'..." But something went horribly wrong with Obama's "October Surprise." Although the Obama Administration intentionally gutted security at the consulate prior to the staged kidnapping, former Nav
A Touch Unfelt
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will always know and feel this I will always hug, kiss and love you Every moment o
Shinedown-call Me
[Intro] Wrap me in a bolt of lightningSend me on my way still smilingMaybe that's the way I should goStraight into the mouth of the unknownI left the spare key on the tableNever really thought I'd be ableTo say that I'll visit on the weekendsI lost my whole life and a dear friendI've said it so many timesI would change my ways no never mindGod knows I tried![Chorus]Call me a sinner, call me a saintTell me its over, I'll still love you the sameCall me your favoriteCall me the worstTell me its over I don't want you to hurtIts all that I can saySo I'll be on my wayI finally put it all together, nothing really lasts foreverI had to make a choice that was not mineI had to say goodbye for the last timeI put my life in a suitcaseNever really stayed in one placeMaybe that's the way it should beYou know I've lived my life like a gypsyI've said it so many timesI would change my ways, no never mindGod knows I tried![Chorus:Repeat x2]I'll always keep you inside You healed my heart and my life And
Linkin Park-nobody's Listening
Yo, peep the style and the kids checking for itThe number one question is how could you ignore itWe drop right back in the cut over basement tracksWith raps that got you backing this up likeRewind that we're just rolling with the rhythmRise from the ashes of stylistic divisionWith these non-stop lyrics of life livingNot to be forgotten but still unforgivenBut in the meantime there are those who wanna talk this and thatSo I suppose that it gets to a point where feelings gotta get hurtAnd get dirty with the people spreading the dirt it goes[Chorus](Tried to give you warning but everyone ignores me)Told you everything loud and clear(But nobody’s listening)(Called to you so clearly but you don’t want to hear me)Told you everything loud and clear(But nobody’s listening)I got a heart full of pain, head full of stresshandfull of anger, held in my chestAnd everything left’s a waste of timeI hate my rhymes, but hate everyone else’s moreI’m riding on the back
How To Enhance Sperm Mobile Cell Rely - In 5 Natural Ways
Increased sperm cell fertility is essential in all factors of life; it produces strong sex-related presence for a man and is also very useful when you and your wife are trying to get pregnant. Read on to find out some of the best ways on how to improve sperm cell fertility and get the desired results quick. Eat right- This is where it all starts. Your human is the perfect expression of what you eat and the same relates to your sex-related lifestyle and sperm cell fertility. Due to quick lifestyle everyone out there is into readymade meals. To be able to improve sperm cell fertility you need to improve the intake of vitamin rich meals and consume as much natural meals as possible. Water- Normal water is one of the best solutions to all illnesses and does help in increasing sperm cell fertility as well. Ensure to consume at least 8 glasses water a day if not more. Cut returning on caffeine- Foods such as coffee, carbonated beverages etc are known to harm sperm cell production in the l
Danny Glover Claim Vs History Of Racism And Gun Control
YouTube Feb 6, 2013 Ben Swann Full Disclosure: Ben takes a look at a claim by actor Danny Glover that the “genesis of the second amendment” is to protect slave owners. What is the real history of racism and gun control laws?     Similar/Related Articles Actor Danny Glover Says Haitian Earthquake Caused by Climate Change Lego Accused of Racism with Star Wars Set Gun control is racism ‘Syria Danny’ Caught Staging CNN War Propaganda Stunt ‘Syria Danny’ Tours US Begging For Military Intervention CNN Botches Effort To Refute ‘Syria Danny’ Propaganda Scandal Danny Dayem and CNN’s spook-media agitprop shop ‘Fake war on terror cause of racism’
I Can Only Imagine~ Mercy Me
    Your Photographs are etched deeply into my heart and mind~ Believing in the Hope that One Day we will be together again~
My Pirate
My Pirate He is completely awesome in every which way possible I adore Him fully He gets Me more than anyone else ever will on Fubar He's amazingly cute and naieve at the same time. I cannot fathom why or how We work but We do. Yeah this is my second time around with Him. I was initially hesitant BUT I won't ever regret my desicion to get back with Him. He's My true north. My Pirate and my complete. We sail a vessel called The Epicloud *after our massive love for Mr Devin Townsend* We are both massive potheads. Him more than Me. He loves Cats like I do. Loves the same bands I do. He makes Me blush uncontrollably but I love it. He knows how to treat Me and talk to Me. Yeah most of what We say is  Old school Pirate tongue. But thats how We are together. He looks after Me, My Wellbeing and my sanity when things go wrong.
5,7 Pollici Grande Schermo Il Prepotente Thl W7
5,7 pollici grande schermo il prepotente THL W7cellulari android THL W7 ha un diritto-tocco di design, la fusoliera con un enorme 5,7 pollici touch screen capacitivo, risoluzione ha raggiunto un elevato livello di 1280x720 pixel, l'effetto della performance è nitida e chiara. Dietro una macchina fotografica 800 milioni di pixel, la stessa può portare buona capacità di ripresa. Inoltre, built-in cui e 'dotato del sistema operativo Android per smartphone, un processore dual-core con il restante completamente funzionale anche portare una buona esperienza.smartphone android THL W7 è un ha un 5,7 pollici telefono touch screen capacitivo, il suo grande schermo è impressionante. Dal prezzo indicato di questo prodotto è sempre stato un prezzo stabile di meno di 1.700 yuan ha presentato anche un buon rapporto qualità-prezzo. Inoltre, l'acquisto di questo prodotto sarà devoluto 228 baldoria di yuan (lamina originale + potere mobile + coperchio di protezione in silicone + custodia posteriore cope
Hold On To My Heart - Wasp
There's a flame, flame in my heart And there's no rain, can put it out And there's a flame, it's burning in my heart And there's no rain, ooh, can put it out So, just hold me, hold me, hold meTake away the pain inside my soul And I'm afraid, so all alone Take away the pain, that's burning in my soul 'Cause I'm afraid that I'll be all alone So, just hold me, hold me, hold meHold on to my heart, to my heart, to me Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me Oh no, don't let me go 'cause all I am You hold in your hands, hold me And I'll make it through the night And I'll be alright, hold on, hold on to my heartHold on to my heart, to my heart, to me Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me Oh no, don't let me go 'cause all I am You hold in your hands, hold me And I'll make it through the night And I'll be alright, hold on, hold on to my heart 
Größe Der Tablet Pc Touchscreen Ist Besten Auf Ihre Bedürfnisse Anzug
Beim Einkauf für Spitzentechnologien, es ist wirklich wichtig, um positive verstehen Sie sehr richtig, was Sie suchen, um in Bezug auf die Funktionen, Mobilität und Fähigkeiten zu finden. Es ist wirklich ratsam, Lookup bis Sie schließlich ein Gerät, das ideal Suiten Ihre Mittel des täglichen Lebens zu entdecken. Genau hier ist wirklich eine Menge von kurzen Empfehlungen für die Herstellung bestimmter können Sie kommen mit einer gebildeten Kauf. Android-Tablets sind wirklich eine bahnbrechende neue Form der PC, der einfach wie eine flache, schwarze Schiefer suchen. Bedenkt, dass sie bestehen in der Regel aus einem großen Bildschirm, es würde sie ideal zum Surfen, Filme ansehen und Lesen von eBooks. Da ein Tablet-PC hat keine Tastatur oder Maus, handeln Tabletten 'Bildschirmen sowohl als einfach, weil sie empfindliche zu berühren sind. Deshalb, anstatt auf eine Maus, die Sie faucet das Bild auf dem Bildschirm, dass Sie sehen können, und anstatt der Eingabe mit einer Tastatur tippen Sie
Lend A Hand Please!!
Special Wishes For The Special Persons Specially With Cakes
Can you even think in your dreams of a birthday party without a cake? You can’t. Even no one can think of celebrating birthdays without cakes. Whether for the kids or for the elders cakes are equally important for making wishes to them. Other than birthdays for marriage parties and for celebrating anniversaries cakes form the obvious component. Wedding day is a very special day in the life of any man or woman as life starts to move in a new path as you start following the path with your companion. It is commonly said that “Marriages are being made in heaven”. Once one gets married his or her life becomes associated with his or her better half forever till death separates them. Thus it is not at all difficult to realize the fact that how much important marriages are for any individual. Anniversaries are being celebrated as you celebrate your togetherness for years. It has a special romantic appeal that rejuvenates the love in between the couple. The one thing in common
Jeremy Lin 19 +11 Asik Large Double-double Rocket Escapement Magic
The Star of the field: Jeremy Lin 19 +11 Section III Magic chase 62-74, the Rockets usher in a period of the war relatively most test rocket is how to deal with it? Books Hao contain the opponent defensive focus continuous high level pass Asik, who twice cheap nba jerseys dunk; book ho also reflect their own firepower, launched into the basket to score after consecutive red threes, that wave 11 -0 the offensive directly determine the trend of the game. The single third book Hao scored 10 points. Not Harden Parsons' case, the overall book ho pass two sets of skills and attack the basket open, this is the core of the role.Game review: the perfect start Rockets lead the way to capture the magicHo opening book that help Smith dunk the rocket inside hand wind very Shun constantly cut points Hao book after the opening red basket help Garcia launched into threes, the Rockets played 21-6 wonderful start. Smith, with nba jerseys Asik first section both scored 10 points, the rocket was leading t
Japanese Doll
You left it for me ,that precious doll, i always looked at  , when i was small ..  and you told me it was mine , when you weren't going to be here at all  i said "aww gran please don't say that ".. hoping that it  would never become true  She was beautiful in her silk kimono , her glossy hair tied back , her beautiful lips painted red ..    But life being as it was .. i only saw her a few times before my gren died and each time i saw her , it was like seeing an old friend ..  until the day .. my gren died , and everything was divided .. and she had left it for me ..  i cried the tears .. in my eyes .. the dolls was finally mine .. but my gren had died ..  all those years of wanting her .... and now i'd do anything even give her back , to trade with god to get my gren back    but when i went home this time bought her back to tthe Us with me , and now she sits in front the mirror .. and my lil girl looks at her with the same look i did ..   
American football has been a popular sport since its start in the late 1800's.  Its original leagues, the American Football Association, and the National Football League, each had their own teams and at the end of the season, would have each of their best teams face one another. More recently, the NFL has become the most widely recognized association. Football has led to many inspirational, "edge-of-your-seat" moments, shared in American households across the nation. Football has an ability to bring people together and drive its competitors to new heights of athleticism.  Below, we can read what some of the greatest paragons of the sport had to say in these great football quotes.   "The athlete who says it can't be done should not get in the way of the one who is doing it." -John Wooten  Wooten was a guard in the NFL for nine years. He played for both the Cleveland Browns, and the Washington Redskins.  As a guard for such an extensive period, John Wooten had vital exposure to hesitatio
Android Game Development Vorteile Für Nicht Unbeachtete Be
Die Entwicklung des Mobile Business genie?t ein sehr wichtiger Markt - die F?higkeit, mental schaffen, zu entwickeln und spielen das Video-Ger?t zu bringen eine weitere erfolgreiche und einfacher als je zuvor. android app Markt und eine Zahlung für die Einreichung eines Antrags erforderlich ist, ist der Preis fast zu vernachl?ssigen in der N?he der vielen Kunden zu finden. obwohl die Ausschreibung ist deutlich kürzer als in den meisten anderen Smart-phone, sind wie Vorschriften nachsichtiger App für das Android-Betriebssystem. -android 4.2 Eine andere Zeichnung Zweck für die Entwicklung von Spielen für Android-Ger?te ist die Programmiersprache Java vorgestellt. Java ist seit langem ein in allen g?ngigen Programmiersprachen, die Entwickler von Videospielen, und es ist einfach für den durchschnittlichen Programmierer, um die Android Application Development für den prim?ren Zeit zu bekommen. Verglichen mit den meisten anderen mobilen Plattformen, die in der Regel Sportarten ersetzt werde
The Most Cost-effective Newman Quad-core Tablet Pc Recommended
2013 quad-core Android tablet market war completely broke out in the domestic market, Samsung quad-core processor, NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor have appeared, these foreign quad-core processor has powerful features, high power consumption, low-compatible there are still many problems. And the the Prior the domestic manufacturers Actions launched owl series processors to break the foreign processor for hegemony situation, to improve the compatibility of chips at the same time to ensure its low power consumption, at the same time the price is relatively low. Newman's recent push new series of tablet PCs, seven-inch, 8-inch, 10.1-inch full range of products, it is learned that the price is not more than thousand dollars, can be described as the full cost-rockchip rk3066 Newman Newpad the M7 this product flagship exquisite portable "concept, 7 inches tall elegant mirror screen design, hollow metal craft and high-gloss injection process of the production process to make this product
Take It Like A Man!
Boy meets girl it's a delicate thingSo much time spent wondering ifWhat you see is what you getI keep looking for a friend and a loverWhen I find one he ain't the otherSometimes, I just want to quitOne wants a maid one needs his motherThey either want space or they want to smother meAnd my poor heart needs somebody whoCan take it like a man, steady and strongNot a lot of fuss and carrying onTrue to a promise I can ride in a stormTake it like a man who knows about loveAnd every little things that a girl dreams ofSomeone wise enough to understandIf you want this woman's heartTake it like a manI met somebody the other nightStarted thinking he was mr. right..wrong
Nueva Marca De Ropa Mantiene "local"
Marquette - Un hombre de la localidad está trayendo su marca de ropa a la UP Tucker Brandt creció en Negaunee y ahora hace sombreros "locales", camisetas y sudaderas. comprar vestidos Una imagen de la UP se encuentra dentro de la segunda y la tercera letra de la palabra local. La marca "local" sólo ha sido de alrededor de un mes, pero Brandt dice que su ropa representa de dónde venía. "Es sólo una sensación de orgullo y un sentido de pertenencia. Ya sea ayudando a su vecino si una zanja o usted sabe, la UP tenía siempre esa cosa muy unida", dijo Brandt. Brandt dice que su ropa ya está en el mercado del granjero Q en Marquette pero su objetivo es seguir creciendo y también mantenerlo local. Lo que hace que la marca única es que tiene la capacidad de propagarse en todo el país. Brandt dice "local" abarca cada ciudad o pueblo en los EE.UU. La marca mirar cualquier manera que usted desea. Brandt dice que también puede personalizar otros productos y está en el proceso de tra
The Protégé (underdog)
  I’m the underdog, No one knows my name, Nor the scars and they story they tell, Of a man who has nothing but the cloths on his back, And dream of making it in this world   I’m the unknown, A face that you’ve seen, Just a face you saw in a crowd, Just a man you thought would amount to nothing, Just a dreamer without common sense trying to achieve the unachievable   I’m a Protégé, With an untold story nor of fame or glamour, Though some would my tale humorous due to their ignorance, Though I never lowered my head in shame just raised it out of pride, From where I’ve been to where I am now, Others may have failed but not I, I hold my head up high   I’m the underdog, I’m a protégé of where others been, And seldom succeeded where as I never tasting glory, I’ve never knew defeat as long as my feet can move, Then I can keep going on to wherever my will guides me   I maybe unknown but I’m not alone, We’re
Hiring Services Of Packers And Movers In Delhi
Hiring services of packers and movers in Delhi will help you make you make your move easy and simple. Whether you move locally in Delhi or move from this town to anywhere in India, a good moving company will help with your move in the whole episode and turn the situation into easygoing and smooth affair. There are many professional moving companies or movers and packers in the city of Delhi to choose from. Hiring services from a right moving company is imperative because you do not want to hand over your belongings to an unreliable, unregistered and inexperienced moving company. Hence, choosing the right moving company to hire professional packing & moving services is very important. There are many concerns which you should keep in your mind before you go to hire services of professional packers and movers in Delhi. You should always hire services from a company that is registered, experienced, insured and reliable. Looking for affordable moving company does not guarantee for reliable
After An Up-and-down Year At Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Should Return to EPL After Trophy-Less Year with Real Madrid jersey BY ROB GOLDBERG (FEATURED COLUMNIST) ON MAY 19, 2013 1,888 reads 11 Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse more storiesNextDenis Doyle/Getty ImagesAfter an up-and-down year at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo should move on and return to the English Premier League next season. The Spanish club had a disappointing year compared to its lofty standards. A poor start left the club little chance to catch Barcelona in La Liga, and it finished in second place.Meanwhile, the team failed to capitalize on opportunities in the UEFA Champions League and Copa del Rey and could not win a trophy in either tournament.In the latter event, the club lost in the finals to Atletico Madrid after Ronaldo was sent off. He was apparently still bitter following the match (via soccer jerseys Neither Jose Mourinho or Cristiano Ronaldo picked up their Copa del Rey losers medals 101greatg
Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags
Ellie Kors can be a guru with supplying extravagant dress dress in for you personally to very wealthy wives.Where To get Coach Handbags They really are consumed by racking up Birkin carriers to build the following provided that remarkable symbol belonging towards the personality to not Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags .Inexpensive Louis Vuitton Handbag Relating to that examination are already turned away, for starters your unexplainable rites not to mention dogmas of Christianity,Louis Vuitton Bags it truly is hallowed booklets, together with, in conclusion,Coach Online Outlet Store perhaps the situations related with organic theology.Although a number of the variations its attainable classical the shades may be really pleasing. Not had your puppy move and furthermore cower through the night related with caves even though Zeus hurled your partner's lightnings round the stars.Coach Sale only to discover they impart the complete Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale obtaining a almost pu
Behind a haze, the Boston skyline is muted. Gulls circle above me, and thirty-one floors below, someone plays a bagpipe. A mournful song makes its way to my window. Sixteen years ago today, my brother died. And today, Rose, my beloved chicken, died. My heart is broken, not so much because she died - we all do - but because I was not there with her. May you stay close to the ones you love, hold them tight. xoxo
Red's Canadian Militia Top Bounty Collections (bounties Worth Over $100 Billion) - Page 7
TOP BOUNTY "WALL OF FAME" (Bounties over $100 billion)>>>SHY just KILLED Pablo and collected a bounty of $255,474,951,072, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! $$$Canadian Kisses just KILLED ジエット and collected a bounty of $3,331,486,187,083, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! *105th TRILLION BOUNTY* >>>Cheetara just KILLED ☠Luckyɮ☠ and collected a bounty of $337,433,820,318, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! +++PHILMICRAKEN (RCM) just KILLED ĐϴǸŦ-ĦƛŦΣ™ and collected a bounty of $554,573,381,796, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! >>>Cheetara just KILLED betrayed and collected a bounty of $120,035,493,654, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax!>>>Assassin Canadienne francaise {Red's Canadian Militia} just KILLED Buzzard Bait and collected a bounty of $386,373,303,615, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! +++Assassin Canadienne francaise {Red's Canadian Militia} just KILLED Ninja 88 and collected
The Requirement Associated With Efficient Packers And Movers Bangalore
While you may shift the house from destination for a yet another as well as one particular city to another, a new after that do-it-yourself selection looks like it's alluring in addition to money-saving. Nevertheless this might offer you a lot of troubles and difficulties. You'll need to pack factors. You'll need to organize transportation autos. You'll need to weight household merchandise on top of going autos. On landing at the brand-new residence you will definitely have to un-load points. You will undoubtedly have to unpack in addition to when this repositions these people at the brand-new house. Most functions related to home switching are incredibly uninteresting and wearying. The treatment through packaging associated with objects at the provide residence in order to unpacking associated with products at the brand-new house will be tough ample to generate people amazingly weary in addition to difficult. Consequently it is crucial in order to make it possible for a great knowled
For The Bestie!! And Others Who Want To See Another Side Of Me
This aint a rant or a bash or even anything of the norm from me....This is something that needs to be said.....Most people around here know me as a few things....bitch, cunt, emo, slut, whore, or whatever other teminology you desire to use, But the sad truth is....Thats the furthest thing from me. Over the almost 5 years Ive been here, very few and I mean very very few....have truly taken the time out to get to know me, the person behind the screen....The one burried deep beyond this realm, One person tho has taken just that time, and I never give her credit where credit is due....and ya know what....its bout time I do just Bestie this is for you...A few years ago this overly obnoxious, self centered, high and mighty acting Chick fell into a lounge I was in....At first I thought it was a "fake", (cause at the time I was dealing with a stalker fake) and Their profile said the same area ect...So I instantly went into bitch mode.....needless to say after just a few short mins
V940b Quad-core Tablet Pc With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean And 9.7-inch Touch Screen Available
We can imagine now an another new 9.7-inch android tablet pc, which purely and simply listens to the name "V940B" and is already having on the source at a price of approximately € 135. The new V940B Tablet PC is equipped with a 9.7-inch touchscreen display with capacitive technology, and it is a 10-point multi-touch surface used. The IPS panel supports a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels in the operation and in the sector a 1.8 GHz Rockchip found RK3188 cortex-A9 quad-core processor, a Mali-400MP graphics chipset and a gigabyte of DDR3 memory. The internal storage of 16 GB can replenish themselves as usual via the MicroSD card slot up to 32 GB and it adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless data exchange. Optional 3G-Sticks are supported via the USB interface. Photo and video recordings can be about 0, 3-megapixel camera on the front panel or via the 2-megapixel camera on the back of record. Adobe are supported in terms of media playback Flash 11 content and abou
Doing The Job Help Meant For Quick As Well As Relax Separation Inside Of Pune
For the reliable packing as well as proceeding individuals may get in touch with on the professional those who are throughout highly regarded firms. There are many firms throughout this sort of industry received from long term phase so they get great expertise. A lot of people supply financial products their own efficient organizations with their customers meant for cozy shift. A few of the properly determined organizations are usually packing as well as proceeding, answering as well as unloading, unpacking as well as rearrangement and the like. For all this kind of organizations ones staff supply their own 100 % as well as consequently these people obtain final result. While dealing with their own shift starting these people offer their own buyers that they may function they excellently in order that they will not in shape any guilt in which. These types of staff supply doorway to doorway organizations with their customers in order that they will not really feel consumed with stress.
Major 5th Packers In Addition To Movers Ghaziabad
No1 Packers in addition to Movers is a dedicated on the net system which in turn enables you to assess in addition to employ the most appropriate packers and movers in ghaziabad people only need to publish your needs and we will frontward the particular obtain to be able to packing going businesses instantly. You're going to get phone calls coming from greatest businesses that happen to be listed in each of our directory web page. This helps people go over the needs you have while using most respected businesses in the marketplace and get right cost rates intended for additionally contrast. In each of our website you will get free of charge rates and also other significant specifics of the companies including his or her expertise, high quality in addition to sort of solutions supplied by this etc. It lets you examine his or her charges in addition to assess them to eventually opt for a going packing solutions provider that offers a reasonable package. We offer you comparison service f
Packers And Also Movers Involving Noida With Regard To Home Relocation
Noida could be the residence involving rather number of appearing providing and also transferring organizations. Many startup and also recognized corporations get his or her offices on this high-tech area. Almost all of the organizations present products top quality providers likewise within the predicted finances involving customer. These kinds of organizations also provide his or her branches in several different metropolitan areas and also areas too and also clientele inside across the world. They feature his or her providers within the area nationally and as well for the global separation together with enhance way of move. They have effectively prepared staff members and also wide range involving assets similar to switching canisters, transporters, automobile trailers and other helpful equipment to execute your separation in many optimized approach. Presently there professional personnel are extremely effectively specializing in his or her work and also total this properly and als
Indian Native Packers Together With Mover What Actually Some People Carry Out?
Shifting from desired destination to another is generally a very hard together with pressure filled career. It is tough satisfactory to produce any person incredibly careful physical together with mentally both equally. It results in disorderly scenario together with forces you to inside of dysfunction. You must do an abundance of irritating & uninspiring tasks throughout the method concerning home transitioning or possibly workplace transitioning. To begin with you'll want to summary items together with manage carry concerning motor vehicles regarding items shift. It is best to knowledge the condition concerning operating & unloading. Also you'll want to unpack items along with entrance at the completely new home. To stop these uninspiring tasks you can use a great mover in your area or possibly region. Specific changing organizations inside of Native American will give you hassle-free together with complete having & changing remedy with the new house purchase & transitioning requires
Innocence Lost (very Personal)
This is a very personal poem I wrote a long time ago. If you cannot figure out what it means, then please don't ask me. Innocence was lost Gone with the wind Taken from me With no way to go back That innocence was part of me It made me whole I was pure, I was complete Now I am empty Feeling life, nor I, have value I feel worthless Faceless, Nameless What meant most the most You took away Making me just a statistic I wanted to hold on to it Keep it safe until I was ready But things had to be your way You wanted what I did not want to give to you You changed my life My entire being Scarring me forever What was taken cannot be returned I wish I could go back And get what is not yours I wish I could get My innocence I unwillingly lost To you By Me
Charge Of The Goddess
Listen to the words of the Great Mother, who of old was called Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Ceridwen, Diana, Arionrhod, Brigid, and by many other names: "Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full, you shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me who is Queen of all the Wise. You shall be free from slavery, and as a sign that you be free you shall be naked in all your rites. Sing, feast, dance, make music and love, all in My presence, for Mine is the ecstasy of the spirit and Mine also is joy on earth. For My law is love unto all beings. Mine is the secret that opens upon the door of youth, and Mine is the cup of wine of life that is the cauldron of Ceridwen, that is the holy grail of immortality. I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal and beyond death I give peace and freedom and reunion with those that have gone before. Nor do I demand aught of sacrifice, for behold, I am the mother of all th
Charge Of The Goddess
I am the Great Mother, worshipped by all and existent prior to their consciousness. I am the primal female force, boundless and eternal. I am the chaste Goddess of the moon, the Lady of all magic. The winds and moving leaves sing my name. I wear the crescent Moon upon my brow and my feet rest among the starry heavens. I am mysteries yet unsolved, a path newly set upon. I am a field untouched by the plow. Rejoice in me and know the fullness of youth. I am the blessed Mother, the gracious Lady of the harvest. I am clothed with the deep, cool wonder of the Earth and the gold of the fields heavy with grain. By me the tides of the Earth are ruled; all things come to fuition according to my season I am refuge and healing. I am the life-giving Mother, wondrously fertile. Worship me as the Crone, Tender of the unbroken cycle of death and rebirth. I am the wheel, the shadow of the Moon. I rule the tides of women and men and give release and renewal to weary souls. T
Night Sky
The night Sky.... Category: Writing and Poetry ~~Night Sky~~ The black sky is like the great ocean at night. So far away yet close enough to touch the stars. Laying on the riverbank I see the night's darkness. I can smell the sound of the Cool River at my feet. Feeling the great American eagle fly through the night. I breathe and the stars realign them self to my soul. The soft warm river rocks massage my back. As the one by the river sees himself rearrange the night sky. It looks down and speaks words that burn in my soul forever. Breathe life into your dreams and they will take you beyond your imagination
Getting Started
Okay... this is awesome WAY TO GO MIKE!!!! Now that we have blogs this will add a bit to the site, so glad Mike is looking out for all of us!! I would like to say Hello to all my FRIENDS, FAMILY and FANS!!! I have enjoyed being apart of Lost Cherry, I am SOOOOO addicted it's not even funny, we need to create an support group for those that have become addicted to Lost Cherry *giggles* I so enjoy getting comments so don't be afraid to leave me a comment... Until the next entry *Hugs n Kissies* *~*PurteeLadee*~*
Man's Desire
Driven by desire I have lived by only one fire To find a soulmate that matchs my taste To soothe her every want I know That she desires me the same It is a big world and definately insane When I look through this world Who is the one to take this man Who is gonna grab his hand He yearns for the love Of a woman that was sent from above I have never been done wrong Only sang a couple bad songs I walk the world barefooted Only to feel the pain to know I will love again The beauty is I already see her eyes Her soul is the same as mine Our life will not fall Because their will be no walls Her heart is as tender as an angel She will know my every angle Walking the many sidewalks The eyes approach the man who walks He looks deeply sees foggy minds These are not the ones he finds Every night I fall asleep I will pray to the god who keeps me WHen I dream SHe will dance in my mind with a beautiful gleam So when she enters my life I will ask her to be my wife Reme
STRENGTH He stood there, unable to move. his body covered with a rigid second skin from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. it allowed him no movement, he could only stand and look straight ahead. He didn't know how long he had been standing there- it seemed forever. His arms out stretched with a gesture of pleading. But he couldn't move them. His mouth wanting to plead for release, but was unable to speak...only his eyes showed the fear, the soul wrenching pain and the consuming desire for release which went to his very soul. He had seen glimpses of many people who had tried to help him- they had always been stopped by the second skin which he wore. They had never been able to make a dent in the armor in which he had been encased, and had gone away without being able to release him. They did not understand what it took to penatrate that shell which held him. They were chased away by the voice which came from the speaker on the chest which proclaimed that
I have an issue that i truly want to discuss not just with family and friends but with LOST CHERRY as a whole.... Maybe i am just but one nice guy left but so far this week i have seen 10 ladies leave the site and had in the past three days 4 more claim if they do not stop getting the rude comments and remarks sent to them they will leave lost cherry. I dont understand why things cant be taken into action and if we had a button or something to click for a report type so that these same people who continue to go around and harass the ladies time and time again can be ridden from the site. My understanding of this site is community run therefor if enough folks did in fact report them wouldnt it then be in the best interest to remove such problems? I dont know but it seems strange that all the same ladies i have chatted with have the same thoughts and all of them seemed to be decent good loving people with caring hearts and intellectual minds. Not just to be here to be perved upon bu
I Love You
I never really knew you You were just another friend But when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past memories that would only make me cry I had to forget my first love and give love another try So I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know And if you ever wonder why I don't know is what I'll say But I'll never stop loving you each and every day My feelings for you will never change Just know my feelings are true Just remember one thing I Love You!
Dreaming Of You
I wonder if I dreamed of you- if you would appear? To make my nights full of love, and always hold me near. I wonder if I thought of you- if you would feel it in your soul? Like two spirits in the universe, who always seem to know. Even if the stars went black and the sun were to shine no more. They could find their way to each other, no matter how far the shore. Safely in each other's arms, to bid the rest of time. Finding Eternal Love so many seek to find. Caring for each other through the worst of storms. Leaning on the arms of love and never need anymore. This is how I feel for you, I've known it all along. You are my one true love My world.. My heart.. My soul!
Kids And Stay At Home Moms
Would you be happy raising the kids while your spouse worked? I have no idea what to do with this question. Do I think I could be happy and content as a 100% stay-at-home mom? Not really. I think I would need some outside activities and intellectual stimulation, and I do not mean charity work or the PTA, however valuable those organizations are. I really enjoy my job, and the challenges it provides me, and I do not think I'd want to wholly give it up. I also understand that, while children do definitely need parental care, and I do not underestimate those needs, a good daycare provides educational and social opportunities that parents may not be prepared to provide. At the same time, it seems like it's too easy for many parents to have children and then go back to prioritizing their careers and social lives over the happiness of those children. I do think that, if you make the decision to have children, they should be your absolute #1 priority. You should not shovel them into day
Finally Im Twisted
Well I just made Twisted and sence this blog thing is here now thought I would start off by sayin thank you to all my friends and that to please keep saying the nice things you have sent me I welcome also any suggestions you may have. Thank Y/you A/all The Twisted Licker (stacy)
Listen Up.
0 votes quick post about spelling — Tuesday, 04 April 2006 I just want to clarify the difference between not knowing how to spell and not carring about how to spell. And make fun of the people who do care so much. It goes right along with the whole language thing. As long as the person understand what the message is you are trying to get across, It doesn't really matter. If someone said " I fucked your mom lastnight! " Is it going to mean anything differernt than " I skrewed your mom" , or "I had sex with your mom!" or for that matter, " I fuked yo momma n da ass "? Come on now people. Some like to be condescending to those who don't spell right .Because people just want to find any little thing to make themselves feel better than others. Spelling, as well as grahmer, is just a list of arbritrary rules some guy or a group of people made up one day. In certain instances a miss spelled word could be confusing or change the meaning of something greatly. However,
Episode 4 (xiam)
I originally wanted to do squirrels, but... well, people would start going "OH, FOAMY, YAY!" ...Fucking rodent. So, I then wanted to do guinea pigs, but... then my friend Karen got HER friend a hamster, which then BIT her friend, and I commented that hamsters were evil. So yeah, expect more of Xiam's hostility towards hamsters. In reality, I have nothing against rodents, but... this is more of a social commentary, anyway. A SATIRE, if you will. Y'know those people who are afraid of clowns? Yeah, it's like that. Clowns are fucking funny, I don't care what you say. Now, if you just hate them for being obnoxious (like with mimes), that I can understand. But I'll just call you a jackass. Clowns and mimes are artists in their own right. XP
Lacuna Coil Devoted Lyrics
I’ll be there when there’s nothing left Night and day holding you Harmony deep inside your soul Meet me there Can you feel me? Deep inside There’s no time to deny that I’ll need you And I’ll be there to inhale your delightful day There’s no time to deny, I will need you That’s why I’ll be there to relieve your painful day Hiding well where the pain is real Night and day growing in you Anger is poison in your veins Meet me there Can you feel me? Deep inside There’s no time to deny that I’ll need you And I’ll be there to inhale your delightful day There’s no time to deny, I will need you That’s why I’ll be there to relieve your painful day Deep inside There’s no time to deny that I’ll need you And I’ll be there to inhale your delightful day There’s no time to deny, I will need you That’s why I’ll be there to relieve your painful day
Lacuna Coil Enjoy The Silence Lyrics
Words like violence Break the silence Come crashing in Into my little world Painful to me Pierce right through me Can’t you understand Oh my little girl All I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here in my arms Words are very unnecessary They can only do harm Vows are spoken To be broken Feelings are intense Words are trivial Pleasures remain So does the pain Words are meaningless And forgettable All I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here in my arms Words are very unnecessary They can only do harm All I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here in my arms Words are very unnecessary They can only do harm All I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here in my arms Words are very unnecessary They can only do harm Enjoy the silence

Tearz have fallen and tearz will continue to flow, Thought I knew so much but so much I've yet 2 know, My heart has gave love and my heart in return was alwayz broken, My heart is now cold and empty so love from this heart may never again be spoken, So many girlz, so many promises shattered, so many yearz Ive wasted, But all of that will never compare to the pain I constantly feel and tearz that Ive tasted, Maybe I blame them, maybe I blame me, but it all adds up to a constant misery, For me 2 love again, for me 2 trust again, seems impossible from everything that has been did to me, Im not askin for pity, Im not askin for sympathy, jus lettin u know how I feel, Thats how I am, this is me, just bein real
Technology Addict
You know you are addicted to technology when... You can't sit through an entire movie without having at least one device on your body beep or buzz. You think of the gadgets in your office as "friends", but you forget to send your father a birthday card. In computer shops, you eavesdrop on a salesman talking with customers, butt in to correct him and spend 20 minutes answering the customers' questions, while the salesman stands by silently, nodding his head. You say "digital compression" in a conversation without thinking how strange your mouth feels saying it. You constantly find yourself in groups of people to whom you say "digital compression". Everyone understands what you mean and you are not surprised or disappointed that you don't have to explain it. You say "voice number" instead of "phone number" as the majority of phone lines in any house are linked to contraptions that talk to other contraptions. You back up your data every day. On holiday, you read a

words from Violent J himself Message From Violent J written by Violent J, this shit is soo true we need to love this family more. -JUGGALOZ- Sorry to be all deep and serious but i got lots of shit on my mind. I'm tired of everything and everybody. The only thing i give a shit about in this hell we call a world is my Juggalo Family. The Carnival saved my life and my soul. My Juggalo Pride is the best thing that ever happened to me. It's starting to scare me for the fact when I sit back and actually observe the juggalo world, It seems like its going down hill. It seems to me that a lot of ninjas are out for self and trying to prove whos a bigger juggalo that who. There is no big or small juggalo. We are all the same. It doesn't take $4,000 is psychopathic merchandise to be a juggalo. Just because I got an old school mostastless jersey doesn't make me any better than a ninja with only one t-shirt. Being a juggalo is whats in your heart not whats on you clothes. I've seen juggalos callin e
Slap & Tickle Ch. 6
Linda's long distance phone call was unexpected, she explained to me she just wanted to get away for awhile, she rang for Julie, to congratulate her on her new job, I explained Julie's new job had been keeping her very busy." You poor thing, I would have cancelled my plans and stayed with you to keep you company instead of coming to the Cayman Islands, only if I had known," Linda said teasingly. We chatted for awhile and I told Linda that I would let Julie know she called, we said our goodbyes and I was about to hang up, when Linda asked if we had received her holiday video, it should be there soon, she implied, I said I would keep a look out for it, I hung up the phone and looked out the kitchen window down the driveway, the flag on the mailbox was still down, no post today I thought. When Julie arrived home I informed her that Linda had called, she was disappointed that she had missed her, I opened a bottle of wine and we sat down together having a chuckle about all this new wealt

Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
24hrs To Go!
Hmmmm I Got...24 hrs.... not alot of time so i have to act fast.... B4 we locked ourselves in i start'd the candles... and Music... bath water running...... oh yea Mr. Bubbles!!! mmmmm toss two blue Glo~Stix in the BAth and turn off tha lites... waters HOT but not burning..... i call u in... press u against the wall..... kissing u deeply @ the Same time i am taking off ur bra... peeiling it off ur Beautiful titties bending down and putting mah head under ur shirt sucking on ur nipples!!! slowly pulling ur shirt up stoping @ ur eyes so i kiss u deeply once again .... then cont. getting u undressed..... i kneel down and roll ur pants down leaving ur Panties on for a min.... as i press mah mouth against ur pussy and inhale ur scent.... mmmmm mah mouth starts to water.... as i then roll ur panties down and kiss those Pouty lips!!!! as i am already naked i slide mah body against urs as i cum up to meet ur mouth for the Final kiss b4 we get in the tub.... i test the water by getting in 1st.
H.i.m. The Funeral Of Hearts Lyrics
Love's the funeral of hearts And an ode for cruelty When angels cry blood On flowers of evil in bloom The funeral of hearts And a plea for mercy When love is a gun Separating me from you She was the sun shining upon The tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail He was the moon painting you With its glow so vulnerable and pale Love's the funeral of hearts And an ode for cruelty When angels cry blood On flowers of evil in bloom The funeral of hearts And a plea for mercy When love is a gun Separating me from you She was the wind, carrying in All the troubles and fears you've for years tried to forget He was the fire, restless and wild And you were like a moth to that flame The heretic seal beyond divine A prayer to a god who' s deaf and blind The last rites for souls on fire Three little words and a question: why? Love's the funeral of hearts And an ode for cruelty When angels cry blood On flowers of evil in bloom The funeral of hearts And a p
You're The Right Kind Of Wrong
Know all about About your reputation And how it's bound to be a heartbreak situation But I can't help it if I'm helpless Every time that I'm where you are You walk in and my strength walks out the door Say my name and I can't fight it anymore Oh I know, I should go But I need your touch just too damn much Loving you isn't really something I should do Shouldn't wanna spend my time with you That I should try to be strong But baby you're the right kind of wrong Yeah baby you're the right kind of wrong Might be a mistake A mistake I'm making But what you're giving I am happy to be taking Cause no one's ever made me feel The way I feel when I'm in your arms They say you're something I should do without They don't know what goes on When the lights go out There's no way to explain All the pleasure is worth all the pain Loving you isn't really something I should do Shouldn't wanna spend my time with you That I should try to be strong But ba
Who Is Fienderella
Cinderella is Fienderella. There is no question about it. Cinderella didn't get to marry Prince Charming and live happily ever after in the castle. That's just what grown-ups tell their children in the futile hope that it will teach them the values of being good and getting rewarded for being honest, good and true even in the most disparaging moments of our lives. But we all know differently that the world is entirely different from fairy stories. Don't we. But then do we? Most fairy stories are usually a result of something happening in real life but then being economical with the truth or over exaggerated on various parts of the story. Or taking the truth and applying it to another situation. How do I know this? Simple - most fairy stories have a moral point that it is trying to teach and storytelling a good way to demonstrating. So what was once true now becomes embroiled with fantasy. And so it is with Cinderella, now Fienderella. Everyone knows the "lovely-pure-little-gir
Alrighty... so my first blog on here... yippie!! so i just started a new job about 4 days ago at a store called DEB in gurnee mills, it's really tiering... and thats all there is to say about that... though i am working with my bestest friend lindsay... whom i actually worked with in my LAST job too!!! Crazzzeeeyyy world. ^^ Chris and I are comming up on our 5 month mark...I really am lucky to have him... against what my friends think sometimes... He drove 45 minutes to come visit me at work for my half hour break... and bought me lunch. He is such a sweetheart... for serious. =) college is a little tiersome too... i was really hoping to just finnish high school and be DONE with it, but motivation to go to college was in order to stay on my parents health what ev's. i am sleepy, so i am going to bed now... night all
Just Going Crazy!!
Well just going crazy!! I had a hard day at work and lucky me I get to do it all again tomrrow. Well just so you get to know more about me,I take care of older people and troubled teenage girls. The last two weeks have been split shifts ya!! It also looks like it's going to stay that way!! I need some rum,vodka,o-. Well thats all people peace for now!!
Meet New People
party!! party!!
i've gone on several years in denial knowing you have done things to me being blinded by my love for you. i'm not taking anymore hurt, nomore lies, nomore cheating. Things will seem tough from here on, but its nothing i haven't been through. i've let you go knowing, i've left you sore. so i spread my wings, and begin to explore. My life has just begun, my dreams i've had will take place, with or without you by my side.
Open Jam Night !!!
I run this Event : Every Tuesday night at RAINBOW LOUNGE on 1600 E. State St. in Fremont Ohio 43420 from 8pm-2am "Tuesday Night Music Club"....OPEN JAM NIGHT...NO COVER CHARGE !!! ...any band can come and play on stage in front of a live audience... any musician can come and play...any style of music... oldies/classic/country/acoustic/metal/modern/thrash... ALL EQUIPEMENT IS SUPPLIED...BUT YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN TO USE... IF THE BAR LIKES YOU, THEY WILL ASK YOU TO COME BACK ON THE WEEKEND AND PLAY FOR $800.00(FRIDAY&SATURDAY) ...other club owners will be there to check out the bands to hire...most of them pay more money for weekends than we do... great place to look for a band...great place to find that "missing musician" for your do not need to be a musician to come meet all the great people and check out all the different styles of music...hope to see you there !!! FOR MORE INFO CONTACT ME : CHANNING bassmanoh
To Remember Me
To Remember Me At a certain moment a doctor will determine that my brain has ceased to function and that for all intents and purposes my life has stopped. When that happens do not attempt to instill artificial life into my body by use of a machine and don't call this my "DEATHBED" call it my "BED OF LIFE" and let my body be taken from it to help others lead fuller lives Give my sight to a man who has never seen a sunrise a baby's face or love in the eyes of a woman Give my heart to a person whose own heart has caused nothing but endless days of pain Give my blood to the teenager who has been pulled from the wreckage of his car so that he might live to see his grandchildren play Give my kidneys to the one who depends on a machine to exsist from week to week Take my bones every muscle every fiber and nerve in my body and find a way to make a crippled child walk Explore every corner of my brain take my cells if necessary and let th
If You Love Someone (funny Version)
If you love someone, Set her free... If she comes back, she's yours, If she doesn't, she never was.... The new versions..... Pessimist: ^^^^^^^^^ If you love someone, Set her free ... If she ever comes back, she's yours, If she doesn't, as expected, she never was Optimist: ^^^^^^^^ If you love someone, Set her free ... Don't worry, she will come back. Suspicious: ^^^^^^^^^^ If you love someone, Set her free ... If she ever comes back, ask her why. Impatient: ^^^^^^^^^ If you love someone, Set her free ... If she doesn't come back within some time forget her. Patient: ^^^^^^^ If you love someone, Set her free ... If she doesn't come back, continue to wait until she comes back ... Playful: ^^^^^^^ If you love someone, Set her free ... * If she comes back, and if you love her still, set her free again, repeat * C++ Programmer: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ if(you-love(m_she)) if(m_she == NULL) m_she= new CShe; An
Booty Calls
BOOTY CALL! Please fill out the below application if you want to be a booty call for this person. RE-POST IF U WANNA SEE WHO WANTS TO BE YOUR BOOTY CALL! Name: ___________________ Age: ____________________ Phone: ___________ Occupation: ____________________ Height______ Married(Y/N)__ Single(Y/N)___ Other_________ Sexual Orientation: __________ How often do u wanna have sex?(check appropriate answer) Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible_ How long can u last? (check appropriate answer) 1min ___ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ all nite___ Do u like Giving oral sex? (Y/N)___ Do u like Get oral sex? (Y/N)___ What could you do for me that no one else could?: Which do u prefer? (check appropriate box) One on one__ Doubles__ Group___ While having sex, what do u do? (place "X" in all appropriate boxes) Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat___ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Just lie the
Those Interested In The Marvel Civil War Story Line Should Check This Out..
So True..
Thank You for those who *GOSSIP* about me...Your only makin me the center of your world, Thank You to those who *HATE* me... Your only makin me a stronger person, Thank You to those who *LOVE* me... You only make me love more, Thank You to those who *ENVY* me...your only makin my selfesteem grow, Thank You to those who *LIE* to make me see the truth,and the truth about You,and what kind of person u are, Thank You to those who talk *CRAP* about only make me popular,and show others u have no life of your own, Thank You to those who *WORRY* about only make me realize someone cares, Thank You to those who *LEFT* only make me think twice about makin the same mistake again, Thank You to those who *STAY*... you make me realize who true friends really are, Thank You to those who *LISTEN* only make me express my true feelings, Thank You to those who *CARE* about me... you only make me feel special, Thank You to those who
Wow, Learning My Way Around!
I just got this site from a friend. I am trying to find my way all the way around it. Seems pretty cool! I think its better than myspace. I love the way you can see who is viewing you and there's so many neat things to do. I am so excited to get even more into it. I gotta get some work done and then I will be back! Jessica
Lost Cherry!
Probation Sucks
I woke up at about 2:30 am to feed and change the baby. I do my thing and he just rolls back to sleep after two hits on the bottle. Great, now I'm up and cant go back to sleep. I head downstairs and sign on to LC and crack open a beer. I drink 2 beers and go back to bed. 4:45am my wife gets up for work and reminds me that I have an appointment with my Probation Officer (DUI Stupidest thing I ever did and there have been many stupid things) at 10:45 am. My brain knows that there shouldn't be anything in my breath after the 7 hours since that beer. But I'm freaking out anyway. I was just totally on edge right up until the breath test. Now I never dirk more than a beer or two. I never drink outside the home. I never drink and drive and I never will. But I really want this to be over.
Odd Little Facts
Odd Facts about ME DO YOU SNORE?: Yes, Like a Frieght Train LOVER OR A FIGHTER?: Lover until you threaten who I love... WHAT'S YOUR WORST FEAR?: Failing those I care about... AS A KID, WERE YOU A LEGO BUILDER?: Hell yeah, I loved the airport WHAT DO YOU THINK OF "REALITY TV"?: Utter crap DO YOU CHEW ON YOUR STRAWS?: Nope WERE YOU A CUTE BABY?: I was a FAT baby HOW IS THE SINGLE LIFE FOR YOU?: It has its benefits, but downs as well. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR KEYBOARD?: Black DO YOU SING IN THE SHOWER?: Yep, like Pavaratti HAVE YOU EVER BUNGEE JUMPED?: Nope, and probably never will. ANY SECRET TALENTS?: I have the ability to bore people to death! WHAT'S YOUR IDEAL VACATION SPOT?: Where the drinks are cheap and the sex is free! HAVE YOU EATEN SUSHI?: No but I want to. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE "DONNIE DARKO"?: yep, freaky yet cool. DO YOU GIVE A DARN ABOUT THE OZONE?: Kinda, but I think psyco environmentalism is not the
I See A Darkened Land
I sit in the corner With my broken heart All you see is a mourner I see a world torn apart My tear drips to the floor And no one's there to catch it Can't see the point anymore Why would they care about it I lay on my bed Holding my own hand All you see is a lonely girl I see a darkened land I stand in the empty room Full of empty feeling You see a girl full of gloom I see a darkened ceiling I swing Hanging from a rope You see an empty corpse I see a new beginning
A Witches Brew For You
You want a spell to captivate, beguile, charm, and infatuate. Throw it together, amalgamate Cook it up, conglomerate. Conceptualize, extemporize A witches brew for you? To create this distillation, prove to me your admiration your fervor, love, and adoration bring me respect, affectation I will cook it up, a culmination. A witches brew for you. Then bid her drink this imitation falsified, faked, duplication of loves genuine orientation, a fraud, a delusion, a dissimulation And happy I hope with your representation A witches brew for you. Are you sure, you want to participate In a witches brew for you. © Copyright 2006 Amawitch-granny witch
1) 94% of men lie about their****size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of men need to use extra large condoms. 2) The average man is 4-5 inches long when erect; no matter what you have heard ladies, that's the truth. Incidentally the average vaginal capactity is only 6 inches, for you women who think you can handle king dong. 3) 80% of American men are circumsized, though Pediatrics say it is not necessary. 4) No matter what all the ads say nothing but time can make your penis grow. (most men reach the end of their growth by the early 20's) 5) There is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size, or nose size. 6) Blue balls does exist! It's technically called "prostatic congestion." 7) Only 16% of men shave their privates. +Some stuff on the ladies+ ------------------------------ 1) Only 9% of women around the globe consider themselves "attractive" (20% of British women do). 43% of women use the term "natural", 24% say th
Va Selects Site For Jacksonville National Cemetery
WASHINGTON – A 569-acre property owned by the City of Jacksonville, Fla., will become the site of a national cemetery to serve the burial needs of North Florida’s veterans for 30 years or more. The Honorable R. James Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, announced the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) selection of the site and intent to purchase the property. “Northeastern Florida is one of VA’s priorities for providing a national cemetery for veterans," said Nicholson. “Establishing this national shrine will ensure that thousands of men and women who have worn the uniforms of the U.S. armed forces have a place that honors their military service.” VA originally considered 14 sites and completed environmental assessments for four of them last spring. The Secretary made his decision after considering the viability of each site. The Jacksonville property is pasture land available for sale from the city and is north of the airport on Lannie Road. Funds for purchase of the la
5 Mistakes Women Make With Men
5 Mistakes Women Make With Men Current mood: chipper Category: Romance and Relationships 5 Mistakes Women Make With Men: 1. Calling him more times than he calls you When you first meet a man, you're all excited about the potential of what could be. But hold your horses. If you appear desperate then you will make yourself less appealing to him. Understand that men like a chase. I'm not talking about playing games with a man's emotion. I'm talking about allowing him to pursue you so that later on he can tell all his friends how he 'slow walked you down'. Men just have this hunter mentality. This makes a man want to seek out and capture his prey. The last thing a hunter wants is his prey all up in face begging to be captured. Do him and you a favor and make yourself scarce. Go to the grocery store. Go to a friend's house. Or go to the local boys or girl's club and do some volunteer work. It doesn't matter so much where you make yourself scarce. Men l
Oh What A Night
I feel so good tonight after search how and low for a guy that would give me some I had some tonight and I do feel better and complete
Well, Holden gave me a nice scare Thursday morning. He came to me looking pale as can be and he said he didn't feel well. Turned out he was running a fever of 104. The fever wouldn't break for anything and the doctor wasn't able to find the source of the fever. Well, finally, after ruling out everything else, he did a whole tox screen on him and found out he had gotten bit. He was bit on his back by a spider and had an allergic reaction. There were no red streaks on his body so it wasn't something that we even thought of looking for. Well, once we knew what was wrong, we were able to get him treated and his fever broke. He is doing much better now and is sleeping peacefully. Yeah, now that he took about 10 years off of my life. lol I love my boy so much and am just relieved that he is going to be okay.

Naughty Riddles
Q.What do you call a virgin on a waterbed? A: A cherry float. ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What's the fluid capacity of Monica Lewinsky's mouth? A: 1 US leader ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What did the sign on the door of the whorehouse say? A: Beat it - we're closed. ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: Why do walruses go to Tupperware parties? A: To find a tight seal. ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What's the difference between sin and shame? A: It is a sin to put it in, but it's a shame to pull it out. ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What's the speed limit of sex? A: 68; at 69 you have to turn around. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: Why did Raggedy Ann get thrown out of the toy box? A: She kept sitting on Pinocchio's face, and moaning, "Lie to me!" ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: Why is air a lot like sex? A: Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any. ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What's another name for pickled bread? A: Dill-dough. ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: Why are Monica Lewinsky's cheeks so puffy? A: She's withholding evidence. ~~~~~~~~~~ Q: What's the
This Is What I Want, Not Just Sex.....
The Slavery of Lifes Fire I am burning up with the desire to shape a destiny with you. The fever rages internal, no hope for release. You have me firmly in your grip, no hope for release. Your soul searing into mine, do not release me. Hold me with your heated gaze, burn me with your pain. Share with me your agony, I cannot stand it. We cannot go backward, I cannot stand it. Your pain becomes mine, do not take it away. Caress me with your fire, burn me with your lips. Tease me, ask me, I beg you, show me what to do. Share with me a traveling of the body and the mind. The world is spinning faster, the darkness closes in. The future becomes the past in seconds running away with time. My head spins with the glory of the pain we have shared. Ever forward we head, feeling, hurting, a shared moment of birth Its over, as quickly as we found it, and we begin again. Hosted by Sparkle Tags © Copyright 2006 Amawitch-granny witch
New Cherry
Hello everyone!! My first day here and I am looking for friends!! Any help will be apprieciated!! Hugs!!
Spoken Of Such Truth
PHENOMENAL WOMAN by Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my secret lies I'm not cute or built to suit a model's fashion size But when I start to tell them They think I'm telling lies. I say It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips The stride of my steps The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal woman That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please And to a man The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees Then they swarm around me A hive of honey bees. I say It's the fire in my eyes And the flash of my teeth The swing of my waist And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal woman That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say It's in the arch of my back The sun of my smile The ride of my breasts The grace of my style. I'm
Chocolate Refrigerator Cake
4 oz. semi-sweet bar chocolate 1 tbsp. butter 4 eggs, separated 1 pt. heavy cream 2 pkg. lady fingers 2 sponge cake layers 2/3 c. sugar Melt chocolate in butter. Beat 4 egg yolks, add chocolate and continue to beat. Whip 1/2 pint of cream and egg mixture. Beat 4 egg whites stiff and add sugar gradually. Slowly add to cream mixture. Split cake layers through middle, making 4 layers. Put one layer on bottom of a springform pan. Line sides with split lady fingers. Alternate layers of chocolate mixture and cake layers. End with one cake layer and cover with whipped cream. Depending on the depth of your pan, you may use 3 or 4 cake layers. Make the day before and refrigerate overnight.
Lyric: I Need A Heroe
I love this song by Bonnie Tyler Where have all the good men gone And where are all the gods? Where’s the street-wise Hercules To fight the rising odds? Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed? Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need I need a hero I’m holding on for a hero ‘til the end of the night He’s gotta be strong And he’s gotta be fast And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight I need a hero I’m holding on for a hero ‘til the morning light He’s gotta be sure And it’s gotta be soon And he’s gotta be larger than life (larger than life) Somewhere after midnight In my wildest fantasy Somewhere just beyond my reach There’s someone reaching back for me Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat It’s gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet I need a hero I’m holding on for a hero ‘til the end of the night He’s gotta be strong And he’s gotta be fast And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight I need a hero I’m holding on f
British Whisky Chicken
British Whisky Chicken 1 2 1/2 to 3 lb fryer, cut up 2 tb Butter 1 c Whiskey 3 c Sliced mushrooms (8 oz) 1/4 c Sliced leeks or gr onions 1/2 c Light cream or milk 2 tb Flour 1 tb Lemon juice 2 ts Whiskey Rinse the chicken pieces; pat dry with paper toweling. Season chicken with salt and pepper. In skillet brown chicken in butter 15 minutes, turning to brown evenly. Add the 1 cup whiskey to skillet; cover and simmer 30 to 35 min or until chicken is tender. remove chicken to serving platter and keep warm. For sauce: Skim fat from pan juices. Add enough water to juices, if necessary, to measure 2/3 c liquid. Return to skillet. Stir in mushrooms and green onions. Cook and stir just until onions are tender. Combine cream and flour; add to mixture in skillet. Cook and stir until thick and bubbly. Cook and stir one minute more. Remove from heat; stir in lemon juice and the 2 teas. whiskey. Spoon over chicken. Serve with cooked peas and leeks if desired.
What's Your Seduction Style
Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you! Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter. You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you. You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover. Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives. Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours. No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover. What Kind of Seducer Are You?
Are You Interested??
Well.. have been told that a blog is a way keeping up with ya daily rants and stuff sooooo figured hey why not do a little build up and a little advertising.. plz bear in mind that i hate yahoo with a passion only rivaled by the intensity of a 1,000 suns, but for right now i gotta do what i gotta do.. Long story short, and surely sparky and fireman may have mentioned it (if not they shall get a great spanking from me for that oversight, lmao).. I run a war group.. basically we are a bunch of graphix hounds, we paintshop/photoshop just about anything ya can think of, are ya a graphix hound too?? if so check us out, we are not super busy bombers (well on a war wknd yes, but that is only every other wknd, during the week we are limited to asking for this or that so ya only get like a dozen emails during the wk) but the wknds.. well they are insane usually.. close to 2000-3000 emails in about 72 hours.. ya see all the cool little sparkly tags in the comments folks leave ya?? the too sexy's
In My Love
I may not say it enough but i love you I may not hold you enough but i want to I may not be what you want me to be but i love you just the same and there's no shame in that love I may not cry when you cry I may not laugh each time you laugh I may be silent, not knowing what you need to hear that's why i wrote this song for you I may not smile if I'm mad I may not laugh if my day does rather bad I may not act like i care but i do sometimes i'm full of attitude! I may not say it enough but i love you (you better say it darlin) I may not hold you enough but i want to (you better hold me baby) I may not be what you want me to be but i love you just the same and there's no shame theres no shame theres no shame in my love
Thank You
I would just like to thank everyone who has been patient with me before I get back to you...I have been really busy studying, and trying to keep up, my course load is big, so i manage to get on here once a week now...but I do my best to get back to everyone, so once again thank you for your patience, every one of you is a good friend...ttyl..
Morbid Angel - Rapture
Classic scary death metal
Soul Mates!!
The Ramlings Of A Goddess
Have you ever looked into a mirror and Not recognize the person looking back at you? I never like what I saw in the mirror, I hated having my picture taken. I wanted to be invisible. I don't see that any more..... I look in the mirror and it startles me.. I don't know this Beautiful, Vivacious, Woman... Looking back at me... She can't be me But wait... She is Me I am still taken aback... She is me, and I am She I am very much in a getting to know me phase... All over again I am having a blast, I am also scared shitless My New word is Courage! So you're scared... put yourself out there anyway... it might just be worth it I know it is for me.... Life is definitely changing... I like what I see... This Beautiful. Vivacious, Woman Is Me!
The Rules Thought They Would Stay Here Longer Than The Bulletins
1. the female always makes the rules 2. the rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice 3. no male can possibly know all the rules 4. if a female thinks that a male knows all the rules,she must imediately change some or all of them 5. the female is never wrong 6. if the female is wrong it is beacause of a flagrant misunderstanding which was a direct result of something the male did or said wrong 7. if rule 6 applies the male must immediately apoligize for causing the misunderstanding 8. the female can change her mind at any given point or time 9. the male may never change his mind ever 10. the female has every right to be angry at any time 11. the male must remain calm at all times unless the female wants him to be angry or upset 12. the female must never under any circumstances let the male know he should be upset or angry 13. the male is expected to mind read at all times 14. the male who can't abide by THE RULES can't take the heat,lacks a backbone,and
A Little More About Me!!
Wow, today is starting out ok ,so far. ok,little more about me!! Well I work with older people,at a place for trouble teenage girls and web sites!! I'm easy to talk to. I'm a leo. My fav. colors are blue,red,black,and some greens.My fav. drinks are vodka,JD,wine,Southern Comfort. That's all for now!!
Last Night
I had a blast night at the club. So many guys so little time :) I was a little sad because my best friend Carleena couldn't come. But she had a bad fever, I hope she feels better. I was hoping to go shopping for halloween stuff with her. We haven't really hung out for awhile because of schdules. Although my friend Cherrie went but she spent most of her time talking to Joe. Which is fine because Joe is really awsome. I liked him at one point but he's not really my type. Too husky for my liking. I find it funny none of the girls at the club like me or Carleena because their fucking jealous of both us. They don't like Carleena because she is so fucking pretty and thin. They don't like me because even though I am fat I still get loads of people that come up to me and talk to me.
Did It Work?
What Your Soul Really Looks Like You are a warm hearted and open minded person. It's easy for you to forgive and forget. You are not a very grounded person. You prefer dreams to reality. For you, it's all about possibilities. You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you. Your near future is in a very different place (both physically and mentally) from where you are right now. For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.Inside the Room of Your Soul
Please bear with me til i get this site figured was the first time i'd heard of it.
Killing Time
Who has never killed an hour? Not casually or without thought, but carefully: a premeditated murder of minutes. The violence comes from a combination of giving up, not caring, and a resignation that getting past it is all you can hope to accomplish. So you kill the hour. You do not work, you do not read, you do not daydream. If you sleep it is not because you need to sleep. And when at last it is over, there is no evidence: no weapon, no blood, and no body. The only clue might be the shadows beneath your eyes or a terribly thin line near the corner of your mouth indicating something has been suffered, that in the privacy of your life you have lost something and the loss is too empty to share.
Missing her already :P
So I Like It All... Who Cares...
You scored as Bisexual. Bisexual100%Lesbian80%Gay60%Straight40%Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?created with
Hand Of Friendship- To All My Friends- I
Hello There Nice Person Did Anyone Ever Tell You, Just How Special You Are The Light that You Emit Might even Light a Star Did Anyone Ever Tell You How Important You Make Others Feel Did Anyone Ever Tell You Many Times, When They were Sad Your E-mail made Them Smile a bit In Fact It made Them Glad For the Time You Spend Sending Things And Sharing whatever You Find There are No Words to Thank You But Somebody, Thinks You're Fine . Did Anyone Ever Tell You Just How Much They Like You Well, My Dearest Friend Today I am Telling You I HOPE I GET THIS BACK I believe that without a friend you are missing out on a lot!!! Don't be confused by friends and acquaintances, there is a difference! Because I care about you, It's national care week. and you get to send messages to all your friends telling them that you care about them and make them feel good about themselves and if they write back .. (just once) then that means that they care about you to
Just Thinkin About Things
i have sat here the past couple of weeks and i have thought things over about what i want in my life. troubles come and go, u meet new people, u gain some enemies. but its all throughout the course of life that makes u realize where u belong. i thought that i lost something that meant so much to me. someone that means so much to me. i cant turn back time and i cant erase things said and done but i can always try and make things better. i met someone that has helped me get into school and i will always be thankful for that. but my heart is with someone else and thats where i will be, no matter what is said or what happens. he is my everything. and now i realize that. im not looking for someone to be with i have him now..and i should of realized that all along. i love u mike more than u will ever know.
My Wrestling Interview By Randy Sanchez
Hi Angel .Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview.Are you ready? Yes i am. 1) How did you get interested in the business? I HAVE ENJOYED WRESTLING SINCE I WAS A CHILD,AND ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A WRESTLER. 2)How did you start in wrestling? I STARTED WHEN MY HUSBAND STARTED IN1995. 3)What did you do when you first started? WHEN I FIRST STARTED I SOLD TICKETS AT THE DOOR AND WORKED MY WAY UP FROM THERE. 4)Who trained you? I WAS TRAINED BY A NUMBER OF PEOPLE I STRTED TRAINING WITH BRODIE RAY CHASE AND MIKKI FREE THEN I WENT AND TRAINED WITH THE DESPERADO AND SOME OF THE GUYS AT SCW AND I ALSO TRAINED SOME WITH TRACEY RICHARDS. 5)Who have you worked for? I HAVE WORKED FOR SCW, TRW AND EWC 6) When was your first match and who was it with? MY FIRST MATCH WAS IN 2002 IT WAS AGAINST MY HALF SISTER VALERIE VALENTINE AT CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL'S BOOSTER BASH. 7)How long have you been wrestling,who for and what titles have you held? I HAVE BEEN WR
Funny Song Ugly Kid
Ever Have One Of "those Nights"?
:( I'm having one now...kinda got my feelings hurt tonight (and I know it was meant as a joke so it's ok..really) just depressed about life and I hate feeling like I'm all alone :( Sorry to be such a downer, it's just one of those nights.
Godsmack Changes Lyrics
All or nothing It sometimes lies between what's undecided And all for nothing It seems I'm wasting my time Don't look down on me Like I don't know anything that I've been doing You talk down to me It's time you take a better look inside I'll never be the same I'm moving back onto my ways I'm looking for changes to better my way Bow down to me Taken your pride and stuff it down inside Vows are ruined Losing my faith, losing time Better off you than me I just can't stand another day when you're in my way A long time brewing It's time you kiss your ass goodbye I'll never be the same I'm moving back onto my ways I'm looking for changes to better my way I'll never be the same I'm moving back onto my ways I'm looking for changes to better my way I'll never be the same I'm moving back onto my ways I'm looking for changes I'll never be the same I'm moving back onto my ways I'm looking for changes I'm looking for changes to better my way to better my w
A Bit Of Me
Hmm well as you might have guessed Im from Scotland and yes I do wear a kilt (check piccys)and no I dont wear anything under it Im warm enough down there and free movement is a blessing.Im a Pict Pagan and not a celt as some might think there is a differance you know.Mad as a hatter and living in Oslo Norway,working for Hard Rock Cafe oslo as a trainer and supervisor.Catch you lot later. Be Well
My Sexual Style Is Exciting! Whats Yours?
You scored as Exciting. You are exciting, people want to fuck your brains out and you know it. Whether it's in an airplane or on the back of the bus, sex with you is always exciting.Exciting88%Soft81%Hot75%Wet69%Sweet69%Shy38%Awkward31%Violent31%What is your sexual style?created with
Comment Or Else Haha
i am having such a bad bad day!!! i dont think it will ever end it just keeps goin on and on i havent slept im unhappy im just done and had it ........
Really Cut
people aint commenting on my new pics, :( i comment on everyones.
This Is Me
BITCHOLOGY When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed. And if that makes me a bitch , so be
I Wish.......
"There's a wish that has been handed down from other generations. When we say 'I wish you enough,' we are wanting the other person to have a life filled with just enough good things to sustain them. So with that explained........ I WISH YOU ENOUGH....... "I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more. I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger. I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting. I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess. I wish enough "Hello's" to get you through the final "Goodbye."
well that was easy... glad i had second guessed myself iwth that guy... turns out he was playing me.. no harm no foul.. and moving on...
My Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Top It Off
Ooh just to top it off, as soon as i got done writing that last blog, IT STARTED TO RAIN! how nice uh... only happens to me i guess.. well i better stop bothering you guys... l8rz
Question For Everyone
am i the only one have trouble with the shoutbox or is it not working
You have a sexual IQ of 131 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
My Seduction Style
lol this is only half true:) You are flirty. You find it easy to attract people because you are so confident. You also arn't bad to look at which helps. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Your Body Is A Wonderland
Your Body Is A Wonderland >> John Mayer We got the afternoon You got this room for two One thing I've left to do Discover me Discovering you One mile to every inch of Your skin like porcelain One pair of candy lips and Your bubblegum tongue Cause if you want love We'll make it Swim in a deep sea Of blankets Take all your big plans And break 'em This is bound to be a while Your body Is a wonderland Your body is a wonder (I'll use my hands) Your body Is a wonderland Something 'bout the way your hair falls in your face I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase You tell me where to go and Though I might leave to find it I'll never let your head hit the bed Without my hand behind it you want love? We'll make it Swim in a deep sea Of blankets Take all your big plans And break 'em This is bound to be a while Your body Is a wonderland Your body is a wonder (I'll use my hands) Your body Is a wonderland Damn baby
What's Your Random Movie Quote?
Cutekitty6969's Random Movie Quote: 'My dad thinks I paid for all this with catering jobs. Never underestimate the power of denial.'- Ricky Fitts, American Beauty Take this quiz at I HAVE AN EVEN BETTER ONE.... "MASTER CHIEF, SUCK MY DICK" FROM G.I. JANE
What Song Are You?
Which Song Are You? (actual song included) Promiscious by Nelly Furtado. You love music. You especially like music with a great beat. You love having fun and hanging with your friends.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
have you ever had crazy things in life happen? i have. U sit back and wonder wy your still here, alive to tell about it. i had a bad bike wreck in 2003. i did die twice,even lost my right knee cap, a metal rod screwed onto my collar bone. even lost 6 pints of blood before i got 2 the hosp., plus alot more. when your sitting around, you wonder. wy am i still here? wy me?
You scored as Assault Rifle. You are soldier. Or you want to be a soldier. Or you just love military-type firearms. You need assault rifle. M16 or AK-47 will do good.Assault Rifle100%Machinegun88%SMG75%Shotgun38%Sniper Rifle25%Revolver0%Pistol0%What Firearm Fits You Best?created with
Hmmm Yaforo Addicts
Yafro -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yafro is currently undergoing maintenance... sorry for the inconvenience! Please check back in a few hours...
So we're driving to Michigan today and as soon as we get there we're going to turn around and come home again. We're taking Larry and Uncle Jim up there. Well I just wanted to let everyone know that way no one worries about me because I haven't been online. Thanks!
Charm Offensive
Today i decided to stop being anti social and went on a charm offensive and start to add people, never know what to say sometimes, and always sending blank messages didnt feel right, so I bit the bullet and just sent empty messages as it was taking me too long to figure out what to say, so to all my new pals, thank you for accepting the requests that were empty, apologies for me being crap at commenting, you will find that when i am in an anti social mood i will go rate your pictures, I dont do bulletins anymore as they did my head in, but will read blogs and comment when i can anyway cheers guys and girlies hope to get to chat to you more soon
I Am...
I am he that is me And that's all I need to be Because I embrace my singularity You say I live in mediocrity? You can condemn me to obscurity For I care not of popularity Even if you do not like what you see I still love what mirrors show me Whether you agree or disagree This remains my philosophy If you can't accept that I accept me Then far from me you need to be FDC3 2003/2006
Waz Good People
i'm new here looking for some love and some freinds hit me up mo fos :))
Darkening A Doorstep Near You........
After my recent trips to Chicago and Denmark, I have now been well and truly bitten by the travel bug and want to go visiting people all over the place, so if you would fancy meeting up as then add yourself to the Scarybird Swarm recruiting Scarybirds & Madmen as we speak. If I am crazy enough to do this would you be crazy enough to turn up, also if we get enough people together we could have a few mad parties. I think it would be quite a laugh and perhaps we could organise a few pool tournaments or crazy days out. Its gonna take me a while with the plotting and scheming so not sure of the dates yet, but it will be good fun.
A Saying Redone
"i think therefore i am" "i am, therefore i am emo" :P hope you enojyed that thought process from my brain in the shower lmao ~ace~
Look It Up
A panda walks into a diner, pulls up a chair and orders a sandwich. After he eats, he pulls out a gun, shoots the waiter and heads for the door. The owner yells, " just shot the waiter, and now you're gonna leave without paying the tab?" The panda calls back: "I'm a panda, dude. Look it up!" and walks out. The owner grabs a dictionary and looks up panda: "A tree-climbing mammal of Asian origin, characterized by distinctive black and white coloring. EATS SHOOTS AND LEAVES."
Lost Items On Site
Hey, can anybody tell me why my friends list and my gifts lists are no longer on my site? There were comments in my shoutbox that are now gone as well, but maybe they only stay posted for a little while? please would somebody take time to help me figure out what's going on here ?Thanks in advance. Velvet Vamp
Self Love :)~
when u get this I may be in bed with fantasies of you .....inside my head never you fret, and never you worry i'm here waiting....I'm not in a hurry so strike up a chorus, and strike up the band take matters of pleasure into your hand!!!!!! a. boudreaux 2006
If I love him would he care... she whispers softly to the air. Will he think I'm too bold..... she whisper's softly, words untold. Has he dreamed of me at night... she whisper's softly, at the sight. If he holds me close and near.... could he whisper, words so dear. If he wants me, pull me near she whisper's softly, with no fear. Take from me what you will.... she whisper's softly, as time stood still. Looking pass the window pane, she whisper's softly, to the rain. Will you stay with me tonight..... she whispers softly, "don't say good night!"
Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even to the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of
Ok We Try With A Few Other Pictures An See The Results
man can u tell how bored i really am sheesh
Short Story
"Mother, What Is My Name?" An old witch sat one evening next to an old oak and admired the moon. While sitting there she began relecting on her many years of practice in the craft. In doing so she woundered why she had never found that what she had most sought through the years...her sacred name. "Mother?" she whispered into the wind,my time in this life is short, and I would make a request of you. What is the name that has eluded me all these years? Many names havecome and goneas you saw fit, but nine seemed absolutely Divine... one to know just between the gods and me." Feeling emotions rie as she begins to worry that she would never know, she began to plea in earnest, "Mother, what is my name?" Just then the wind rustled through the trees and a gentle laugh could be heard. The Mother's gentle voice whspered into ger ear ina way that has become familiar over the years. "Remembermy child, remember." With that the wind was gone, as gently as ithad come. "Mothe
The Night
ok heres a little poem I wrote years ago I just found again enjoy! THE NIGHT BY CATY aka tina_sprite The night the lovely night home to the dark things all about. Where others fear to tread I love to roam. In the shadows of the Moon. Where Demons live and play I find a kinship. As I work the night like others work the day. The days for sleep the nghts for play. Fear and love the dark you silly mortals one and all! enjoy Caty
Hehehe Damien
lol shhhhh he never reads these so I can talk about him here lol of all the ppl ive met so far he bye far is the sweetest lol to all the ladys hes one guy worth getting to know lol so talk to him not just spam him for cherrypoints geez lol youd be amazed at how cool alot of ppl are here if you actully take the time to drop them a shout and get to know them as more then cherrypoints *winks but ladys be sure to check out damien and send him a shout hes real sweet ppl
After Midnight
2 tsp. Coffee 1 glass Milk 2 tsp. Cocoa Powder dash Cream Add coffee and cacoa to milk. Add cream to smoothen. A bit of Jamacian rum is optional.
The Latest Terrorist Scare...
I haven't studied chemistry since school, so I have no basis to judge this story on mixing chemicals, but I do remember that to make gunpowder you need some basic ingredients which none of the below include. Toothpaste, bottled water, shampoo, baby formula, hair gel. All these things that are now deemed too dangerous to bring with you in your carry-on luggasge on an airplane. Well to be exact, since August 10, when British authorities "foiled" a terror plot by Islamic extremists to blow up ten planes on the way from London to America. The official story goes like this: According to the British and U.S. governments, the suspected hijackers were going to use TATP--triacetone triperoxide--to blow themselves and thousands of airline passengers to kingdom come. TATP is an explosive that can purportedly be made from some rather inconspicuous liquid components, such as drain cleaner, hair dye and paint thinner, which the terrorists wanted to smuggle on board in simple drink bot
U Don"t Love Me =(
Music Video Code provided by Music Video Zone
Turkey Day
PREGNANT TURKEY STORY One year at Thanksgiving, my mom went to my sister's house for the traditional feast. Knowing how gullible my sister is, my mom decided to play a trick. She told my sister that she needed something from the store. When my sister left, my mom took the turkey out of the oven, removed the stuffing, stuffed a Cornish hen, and inserted it into the turkey, and re-stuffed the turkey. She then placed the bird(s) back in the oven. When it was time for dinner, my sister pulled the turkey out of the oven and proceeded to remove the stuffing. When her serving spoon hit something, she reached in and pulled out the little bird. With a look of total shock on her face, my mother exclaimed, "Patricia, you've cooked a pregnant bird!" At the reality of this horrifying news, my sister started to cry. It took the family two hours to convince her that turkeys lay eggs! Yep..................SHE'S BLONDE!
Quiz 10
Wesley J Siau Pleasure Producer 'What will your sex business card say?' at
I Have Started A New Lounge....
To all of my friends.... I have started a new Lounge here on the LC specifically for creating and sharing tags, etc. I will be posting in the next few days in the "discussion forums" offering up some new tags for personalization. I hope to see some of you there... Thanks!!! Tag, You're IT!
Special One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never met anybody that makes me feel the way u do.You make me feel so special as if i'm your queen and you my king.You hold me in your strong arms so gently,but yet firm enough as if you never wanna let go of me.Your kisses are so passionate with your soft and juicey lips.When you make love to me we both wish it never has to end,but we know no matter what it definately will happen again.When we are finished you really don't wanna leave,but we both know that's the way it has to be.Once you leave you are all I think of.I can't seem to get you off my mind.I often say to myself "DAMN HE IS DEFINATELY ONE OF A KIND"!!Whether or not you know,you hold the key to my heart.Deep down inside I know you are mine.Even though it can't be the way we both would like for it to be at this point and time.We never know what could happen.One day it may be a very good possibility.Me being yours and you being mine."MY VERY SPECIAL FRIEND,MY ONE OF A KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Watching A Tree Grow And Counting The Rings
Some people can spend weeks at a time without talking to another person. Some people can handle pressure and tension building up like a balloon ready to burst. Some people can cry at the drop of a hat. Earlier today I said "thank you" to a person, and it meant more to me than it ever possibly could have meant to her. My voice seemed to be synchronized with my purpose, which rarely happens, and I felt genuine. Sometimes I set my phone alarm and something goes wrong. The phone runs out of batteries. I set it for P.M. when I meant to set it for A.M. There are times when I sleep through it by accident and other times when I sleep through it on purpose. In television and the movies, there always seems to be a definitive turning point, an unmistakeably identifiable event, that leads to a timely revelation or well placed epiphanie. I find that those same moments rarely happen in real life. Often, the changes occursover a period of time that's invisible to the naked eye. It's like the never e
Now This Is B.s (time To Grow Up) Whatch Out For Hater
correct. if someone is a fan of you, they can read your bulletins unless you make sure that you select only friends can read this bulletin there is no way to remove someone that declares you as a fan, blocking will not stop them === 'surgary tomorrow wont be around for a few days **pouts**' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-10 10:58:14'.. > > huh? ok that lost u mean u downrate when someone will not remove u from fans?? > === 'Welcome Wagon' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-10 10:55:57'.. > > > > i am pro antirater when people REFUSE to remove themselves as fans of me > > === 'surgary tomorrow wont be around for a few days **pouts**' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-10 10:54:46'.. > > > > > > ahhh well did not know fat sonny was like that...i for one am not racist...thas not cool, i'm also antidownrater, i can't stand peeps that do that kinnda thing. > > > === 'Welcome Wagon' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-10 10:53:29'.. > > > > > > > >
~when I'm Gone~3 Doors Down~
There's another world inside of me That you may never see There's secrets in this life That I can't hide Somewhere in this darkness There's a light that I can't find Maybe it's too far away... Maybe I'm just blind... Maybe I'm just blind... [chorus] So hold me when I'm here Love me when I'm wrong Hold me when I'm scared And love me when I'm gone Everything I am And everything you need I'll also be the one You wanted me to be I'll never let you down Even if I could I'd give up everything If only for your good So hold me when I'm here Love me when I'm wrong You can hold me when I'm scared You won't always be there So love me when I'm gone [end chorus] Love me when I'm gone... When your education x-ray Can not see under my skin I won't tell you a damn thing That I could not tell my friends Roaming through this darkness I'm alive but I'm alone Part of me is fighting this But part of me is gone [chorus] Maybe I'm just blind... [chorus
Love And Hate
So I have been fooling around and dating this guy on and off for a while. We got to the point where we were saying I love you. Well today, we broke it off again for the last time. He was playing games with me and my friend and I got really sick and tired of it. It is really stupid when people play games with your head and your heart. I've had that game played once too many times. I'm done with guys like that and I'm really done with him. I guess what I'm trying to say is hopefully one day, I can find a person who will care about me and not play games with me. I'm better than that and I'm only saying that because I'm tired of people putting me down. I need to start putting myself up or things will never change.
My Hands!!!!!!!!!!!oh Yeah
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Message A Friend Sent Me
Something pretty interesting happened with Mark and me that I just have to tell you about. Mark and I were moving some of our things from a storage locker, and we'd asked a friend to help us. We've known Jay for more than year and had parties often with him and his wife Robin. Jay's an Internet entrepreneur, but not stereotypical computer geek. He's tall and muscular from playing sports and working out and a really smart, fun sensitive guy. Anyway, this day, I'd been feeling pretty horny since we woke up. I'd given Mark a pretty wet hand job as we lay in bed that morning, letting his cum spray over my chest and tits, and had then laid back and rubbed it all in as he watched me with a grin. Mark knows these moods I get in, and knows how to just let me play. I really didn't want to fuck at that point, just wanted to play... Sometimes I prefer to let things build inside me to a fever pitch before letting loose. The smell and feel of Mark's cum always helps with my mood. I
My Daughter
Tomorrow my 8 yr old daughter will be having open heart surgery. Ive known since she was 2 that she has had these defects and now its time to fix them. As her mom Im going nuts and I think I lost my mind a few times but I know I have to be strong and help her through this. This is her first major surgery and hopefully her last one for I pray they will fix them for good. I wont be on at all for I will be by my daughters side the whole time. I will try and keep everyone posted on her condtion as much as I can. I just ask that everyone keeps her in their prayers and thoughts. I know she will be just fine!
Shii's Song
Wishing on a dream that seems far off Hoping it will come today Into the starlit night Foolish dreamers turn their gaze Waiting on a shooting star But What if that star is not to come? Will their dreams fade to nothing? When the horizons darkens most We all need to believe there is hope Is an angel watching closely over me? Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see I know my heart should guide me but There's a hole within my soul What will fill this emptiness inside of me? Am I to be satisfied without knowing? I wish is then for a chance to see Now all I need Is my star to come... Please watch! I cry everytime I do. ^__^
Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 142 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Silenced With An Angered Heart
Anger! Frustration! No where to go No where to turn All I want to do is... scream n cry! Nothing comes out not a sound ... Why!!?? All I want to do is ... tell everyone But I cant ... I cant scream I cant cry I cant tell anyone No one Knows n No one Understands
I Need Nyquil
2:45 in the morning, cant sleep again. Man this is getting old. Every night for a week now, bloody dreams. Old ghosts, some never go away. They lay in wait. Selfish bastards, they want me all to themselves. No matter how I fight, they dont give up. Over and over again, its exhausting. I need fucking sleep! I even tried to go to sleep telling myself it is only a dream. But no, that doesnt work :| Same goddamn dream over and over. Ive had bloody dreams before but this is insane. grrrrrr
Remember When...................
>Close your eyes...And go back in time > >Before semi automatics and crack... >Before SEGA or Super Nintendo... > > > >Way back...I'm talking about > >Hide and seek at dusk. >Red light, green light. >The corner store. >Hopscotch, butterscotch, doubledutch, >jacks, kickball, dodgeball. >Mother May I... >Red Rover and Roly >Poly. >Hula Hoops. >Running through the sprinkler. >An ice cream cone on a warm summer night... >Chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or >maybe butter pecan. > > >Wait... > >Watching Saturday Morning cartoons... >Short commercials. >Fat Albert, Road Runner, The Three Stooges, and Bugs. > >Or back further... > >When around the corner seemed far away, >And going downtown seemed like going somewhere. >Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians, Zorro. >Climbing trees, building igloos out of snow banks >Running till you were out of breath. >Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt. >Jumping on the bed. >Pillow fights. >Spinning around, gett
A Quick Note
Just a quick note before I start posting my poetry in these blogs. All poetry that is placed here is written by me. If you use any of my poetry please give me proper credit or I will report you. It’s a small thing that I ask. I have worked very hard on my poetry and I don’t appreciate it being ripped off just like an artist doesn’t appreciate his/her art work being used with out proper credit. I hope you enjoy the poetry, and if you do use it please send me a courtesy message so I know where my work is floating at. Thank you very much, © Velvet Moon
Funny Joke
A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. "Humanbeings are the only animals that stutter," she said. A girl raises her hand. " I had a kitty who stuttered once." The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stoires could become, asked the girl to describe the incident. "Well, I was in the back yard with my kitty and the rottweilerwho loves next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard!!" "that must have been scary," the teacher said. "it sure was", said the little girl. "My kitty went 'FFFFF, FFFFFF, FFFFFF' and before he could say "fuck" the rottweiler ate him!
Friday's Nebulous Top Ten. . . Movies
Welcome to the first installment of my Nebulous Top Ten list. I call it nebulous because it is not set in stone, by any means. These just happen to be the movies that came into my head when I was making the list. I'm sure that if I did it on a different day, I'd come up with some different results. Anyway, this week I chose to share my top ten favorite movies of all time. Enjoy! 1. Star Wars I actually lump all six of the Star Wars films into this slot. But, it's the first one, which is really the fourth one, that has the most sentimental value, for me. I was seven years old when it came out, and it was the coolest thing ever. 2. Batman Begins This is the newest movie in the list. I was a big fan of Tim Burton's Batman movie with Michael Keaton. When I heard that Batman Begins was greenlighted, I was just hoping that it would be as good as Burton's. I was actually shocked by how good it was. The first time I saw it, I felt like I had just witnessed a historic event
Dear Alcohol, Hell Yeah
Dear Alcohol, First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. My friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around in the holiday's hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1. Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me call those ex-boyfriends/girlfriends when I know for a fact they do not want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night? (ok... not so much exes... more like good friends that wake up just to talk to me when I drive home!) 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a g
Danity Kane
They're the new hawt of the century! I love their new single "Sleep On It.
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Thx All My Friends :)
thx all my friends who have not been affraid to chat and actually talk :) love u all hehehe
99 Condoms
A guy walks into a local pharmacy and walks up to the counter where a lady pharmacist is filling prescriptions. When she finally gets around to helping him he says, "I'd like 99 condoms please." With a surprised look on her face the pharmacist says, "99 Condoms!?! Fuck me!" To which the guy replies, "Make it 100."
Hey everyone, I just want everyone to bare with me while I try to learn this site. I thank everyone for their welcome notes and votes and everything else. I still havent figured out to return the favour or do anything else on here and honestly havent had the time but Im trying so bare with me! Thanks! Take Care Everyone!
Souls On Wall Street
Souls on Wall Street For what ever strange reason, some people touch us in certain ways that others simply can't. Even if you have hardly done much with that person or had as many laughs and good times as you would like, you feel that you know that person better than you really do. That person, in a way, becomes a part of you. It's almost as if that person had bought several shares of you on Wall Street which gives you a great unforgettable feeling. However, if that person were to sell the shares they'd bought, you'd lose that happiness and added esteem that they unknowingly gave you. And it doesn't have to be someone of the opposite sex; just someone that has more meaning than one ought to have in your life...someone who surprised you...someone that, even if he or she does decide to sell their shares, you'll never forget. Joey Carlton

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