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Pink Gorillas
Why hard? Die Hard!!! (En liten Nancy Drew henvisning igjen) Dere latterliggjør engelskmenn som homser Ux, problemet er at dere falt for tanken på den høflige og galante engelskmannen som underlegen og mottagende i forholdet mellom dere. Dere er riktognok den "aktive" i forholdet. Og der kommer dere til å forbli. Men dere blir ikke mere mannfolk av det gjør dere vel? Det blir selvfølgelig heller ikke muslimene som har kommet med lignende tilbud til meg. For oss som kristne kan det bli en interessant måte å utføre Kristi gjerning. Det kommer imidlertid til å gjøre dem enda mer amerikanske enn de allerede er. Underkastet en kvinne? Kiss my ass.
My Shit
update for the fuck of it: joined a new kung fu school, working full time, dating total airheads and flakes, paying my bills, joined 24 hour fitness, watching kung fu movies from the 70s on netflix, fucked a fat chick the other night because i felt like getting some heat down there :D a marine biologist, i'm saving the whales with my spear.
Kanye West - Through The Wire
I occasionally (once, maybe twice, a month) get an urge to look at nsfw. I do not ask for anyone to give me access that they do not wish me to have. I am very serious about rating and commenting on pics that are available to everyone. I am, however, on dial-up (which is EXTREMELY slow on Fubar) and not leveled very high (I am still new to fubar) but I am learning. Although my goal is FRIENDS,my interests do sometimes get prurient. If that offends you, I apologize but I will NOT apologize for being a red-blooded, Texan, Amercan male who enjoys appreciating the female anatomy. I thank you for reading this and even if it doesn't give me access to 'dirty' pictures, I am gratified that you took the time to maybe understand me a little bit better. Please have a nice day... and a better tomorrow!!!
I Haz New Pussay Cats!
Stripes went missing almost 2 weeks ago. We suspect he was eaten by coyotes. My good friend , Paula, hap0pened across 2 new ones for me.... pics will be coming soon (as soon I can get my mobile pics working again lol).
56...and Very Meaningful To Me Right Now
The betrayal of trust carries a heavy taboo. - Aldrich Ames
Broken Mirror
Its so hard to find a word To say it all Its never the same Knowing what has happened The past seems to be Evolving around our lives Like a shattered mirror The scars live forever I know you've tried hard To forget To put behind the sorrow That has once taken over you Within your heart I know You dwell about it A broken mirror A shattered heart Its never the same Anymore
Yahoo Horrny, Pt Ii
Bottom to Top ->liteitup: i'm always ready for you, I've dreamt about a man like you my whole life. In fact, I secretely think that you were the reason I moved from Russia liteitup: will be ready for me liteitup: week ->liteitup: oh, I can't wait to meet you; you are just fascinating liteitup: i come to chicago next weed end ->liteitup: for you, always liteitup: you single ->liteitup: ofcourse, I always am liteitup: you go be nude ->liteitup: a second liteitup: you go on yahoo
I love How the kind hearted jackasses are out this early on a Saturday morning that they pleasently stop by and show their love!!! This morning it was an old bag tht needs one to cover her head like the Clevland Browns Dog pound...who is this trifling thing that needs a 2 ply permanantly cemented over her mug..... That person is!!! Nah I dont bullshit people and make stuff up thus I'll leave her troll rate her e for ya!! · SWEETPEA *CO O... rated your photo a '1'! 4 hrs ago People like this are those that I describe...they need to hmmmm get a life because they feel that degrading others makes themselves appear bigger. They among the lazy raters who then pose their half naked bodies for attention are a direct reflection of where society has gone
Omg! No Way!
Why should the girls have all the fun? Show this Wicked Master Vampire your devotion Restrictive wants to have the Spotlight Won't you help him out? Rate, add, fan or Bling him Help him get the Spotlight! LETS GET HIM THERE! Restrictive™@ fubar
Get Tested Geezs
i was reading a mumm about a guys friend he been with alot of woman and that he can tell if he get a std after i got done reading that i felt sick soo peeps i dont care if your gay or stright please get your self tested and some bitches think that if they get them selfs tested then that means there a slut no your not its all about takeing care of your self and i know booty calls can be alot of fun but please make sure you know if the guy or girl is tested or not i know for me its not safe to just find someone ass the street so make sure you know that person well hey call up a fuck buddy if anyone watched sex and the city know what i'm talking about lol make sure your safe and the person you are with is safe because you might catch something that will fuck up your life forever stay safe and sex will be even more fun nicole
Those Who Cant Stand Palin
091508 Plato
Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.
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Geneaology Question
When my granddaughter, Ann, was 9-years-old, she was given an assignment by her teacher to write a story on "Where my family came from." The purpose was to understand your genealogy. I was not aware of her assignment when she asked me at the dining room table one night, "Grandma, where did I come from?" I responded quite nervously because my son and daughter-in-law were out of town and I was stalling until they returned home, "Well, honey, the stork brought you." "Where did Mom come from then?" "The stork brought her, too." "OK, then where did you come from?" "The stork brought me too, dear." "Okay, thanks, Grandma." I did not think anything more about it until two days later when I was cleaning Ann's room and read the first sentence of her paper, "For three generations there have been no natural births in our family."
Falling In And Out
Falling In And Out You run through my mind, You are there all the time. Every moment of the day. You walk around in my dreams, Leaving sweet thoughts of you. You are in every inch of me. Some how you have stolen my heart, Something I never thought you could do. Even though I have moved on, There is always something that reminds me of you. Will I met you in eternity, Is that when your soul will open up and see, That we are truly soul mates and meant to be? We have been for many life times, Connecting again and again. We have connected now, But you are blocking me, You don't want to let me in. My soul has no choice, But to let go of you. I will wait for the next life time, And hopefully we will get it right. If not it will happen all over again. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved.
NEEDS TO BURN DOWN OR SOMETHING! LOL Yes, I'm on a rant today. See what happens when you don't get a freakin' cookie?! You snap! Things go OUT OF CONTROL! Anyhoo, I'm not lovin' the FuMall. I'm tried of doing these stupid surveys...getting no points whatsoever and then a crap load of junk email. Okay, that's all.
I'm in an auction..Come and get your Giggles
Another One Of Those Lists
1. What is your occupation right now? Living in a van down by the river!! 2. What color are your socks right now? Who the hell stole my socks 3. What are you listening to right now? The guy in the cell over from me crying for his mommy 4. What was the last thing that you ate? Hansel and Gretel 5. Can you drive a stick shift? Id rather someone else drive it for me...ohh, you meant a vehicle...ooops 6. Last person you spoke to on the phone? The voices, do you know them? They never stop 7. Do you like the person who sent this to you? It just appeared 8. How old are you today? 6 no 5 9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? Butterfly catching 10. What is your favorite drink? Anything on FUBAR... :D
Masters Talented Little Slut
I love the sensation of your freshly waxed pussy against my face. The way it feels against my fingers, lips and tongue is a massive turn on. Almost as much of a turn on is the physical impact of the waxing on your groin. Your cunt looks almost vulgar with the red glow of the after-effect of the wax being torn off your body, especially your lips which look even fuller and a brighter red than usual. Strengthening my desire is the knowledge that the only reason you had it first done was because I required it from you. It pleases me greatly that, like so many other things in the past, you subsequently incorporated it enthusiastically into your life. Your list of new achievements reads almost like a sexual CV: sex in public, be it against a warehouse wall or on a train between stations; not swallowing my cum until given permission; licking me clean after every fuck; taking my cock up your ass; becoming a bondage slut; burying your tongue deep in my ass; finger fuckin
The Story Of The Chinese Zodiac
There are many stories about how the Chinese Zodiac was created and this is one interpretation: Once upon a time, the cat and the rat were good friends, every day they would play together, everyday they would eat together, and life was very happy. One day, the Lord of Heaven told the God of Earth : "I feel that the way we calculate the years is really uncomfortable, so I think I’ll hold a competition for crossing the river between the animals, the first animals to arrive at the finish line will make up the new 12 years calendar". The God of Earth listened, gathered all the animals and published the news. All the animals wanted to participate. The black cat said : "I’m afraid of the water and I can’t swim, what should I do?", the water ox said : "I can’t see very well and I can’t tell the direction, how will I cross the river?", the little rat listened and then told the water ox : "My brother ox, I will be your guide, and you will help me cross the river, okay?". The ox thought ab
Cinderella's Wishes......
Cinderella was now 75 years old. After a fulfilling life with the now dead Prince, she happily sat upon her rocking chair, watching the world go by from her front porch, with a cat called Alan for companionship. One sunny afternoon, out of nowhere, appeared the Fairy Godmother. Cinderella said: 'Fairy Godmother, what are you doing here after all these years?' The Fairy Godmother replied: 'Well Cinderella, since you have lived a good, wholesome life since we last met, I have decided to grant you 3 wishes. Is there anything for which your heart still yearns?' Cinderella is taken aback, overjoyed and after some thoughtful consideration and almost under her breath she uttered her first wish. 'I wish I was wealthy beyond comprehension.' Instantly her rocking chair was turned into solid gold. Cinderella was stunned. Cinderella said 'Oh thank you, Fairy Godmother!' The Fairy Godmother replied 'It is the least I can do. What is your second wish?' Cinderella looked down at her frail b
I Could Be Yours...
Yup! Last and final Auction... Here is My list of offers.. Sponsored in Name 2 Weeks Rate 200 pics a week 11's Rate 250 stash a week Crush 2 weeks Add top friends 2 weeks Add to family 2 weeks (opens up SB) 1 swf salute 2 blings (my choice) Random gifts Permanent Blog Pimp out Weekly Pimp out 1 StickiedIf Cash Bid Sponsorship becomes 1 mo Add 100-11's (300 total) Add 2 blings (4 total) Crush 1 mo Add 250 Stash rates (500 total) Link in profile in mine Auction Hosted By:PebblesinAZ...Hosting New Auction.....Get your Fanny in Here! xoxo@ fubar I did this:
My Other Spot...
Let It Go
There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. LET THEM GO! And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when it's dead. You've got to know when it's over. Let me tell you something. I've got the gift of goodbye. It's the tenth spiritual gift, I believe in goodbye. It's not that I'm hateful, it's that I'm fait
Hows This All Work
Dear Members, This is how we work. A Blog will be sent out saying "leveling help #1 so on" simply go rate the persons pics and stash. Theres no rules you may upload the default llama as your tag and leave it as a comment on there page. All we ask in fairness is just do your best to help your fellow person here on Fubar. Thanks, Dave Founder
Show Some Love
hey everyone cvome by my page and show some love i wanna leavel up,lol fan add rate ,exc,just show some love and ill return the favor amd if u wanna get to know me write me.
Update On My Auction
In Jade Auction am at 250k here the link if want to bid on my ladies I will make worth ur wild In St3ph4ni3 am at 155k come ladies bid on me am worth it. In my auction at 350 come on ladies bid on me
Sitting On A Settee In Celyon And Not A Salon Settee
It is the end of the holiday and what an eventful one it has been. I have sold 7 books, one courtesy of the book data people and probably because of Charles and his newsletter. The others are courtesy of my Marketing Manager who has had a whizz idea for selling copies. She has advertised it in her organization's newsletter in order to raise funds for them as well as sell the book. It is good because from these sales I can now pay her for the work she is doing and there is still enough for the organization to use for charity purposes and there is enough to cover my costs which is fine. At least I have not had to have a bonfire scheduled for the whole lot. This holiday has been great weather-wise because we were due rain but this never came. So we are at a final resting spot and so am I. I am in the hotel reception because that is where the best wifi reception can be had. I am in a bandage because some young drunk on a motor bike decided to loose control of things whilst I was w
Blaik@ fubar
Old Dark Poetry 3
TodesVerstümmelungzerstörung. ---- Tod und Verstümmelung. Korrosion und Zerstörung. Blut und Schmutz zeichnen die Straßen dieses Graveyard. Leichen waschen weg den Nebel mit den knöchernen Fingern, und fleischige Schädel. Mit einer ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Mission im Verstand absolut gehen. Extrahieren Sie die Seele vom inneren Kern, atmen Sie es innen tief. Schwanken Sie von Stein zu den Stein, der zusammen sind die Massen für einen letzten Schlag gegen das Leben corralling ist. Schlechte Zügel unten wie Flut wässert vom geschwärzten Smokey Himmel. Gießen auf die Köpfe der blutigen Körper, die den Boden verunreinigen. Wut der Hölle zeigt seinen häßlichen Kopf. Knirschende Zähne, regelwidriger Atem, heftig gezerrissene zackige Haut, und Haß, der von jeder Öffnung sickert. TodesVerstümmelungzerstörung. Alles geht Schwarzes. Die Masse noch einmal leise und somber. ----------------------------------------------------------
Kelly Bday 2
Elderly Man
lmao this nurse posted this on a website about stupid people that employees deal with... this one is just funny ---------------------------------- AARP Membership Comes With A Few Hidden Perks Hospital | New Hampshire, USA (I was trying to put a dressing on the arm of a VERY confused but cute elderly man.) Me: “Just hold your arm out so I can wrap this around it.” Elderly patient: *reaches out his arm and grabs my right breast* Me: “Hey! You can’t do that!” Elderly patient: “But I like it…” Me: *laughs
"satan On Horseback"
Before I begin my latest installment on this running blog, I want to again thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to read and comment on them. I never imagined this blog would grow so popular and as such, you guys, the readers, are pushing me to exceed extraordinary expectations, again many thanks and I hope to continue to provide insight on what is really happening on the ground in this country. As many of you may be wondering what does the title of this chapter entail and mean, i will dive into all the details shortly. As I mentioned we work with local Afghan interpreters, educated young men who have have put their lives and the lives of their families on the line for helping us Americans by providing a service that we could not live without. These individuals represent the best Afghanistan has to offer, and in my humble opinion, will be the way of the future for this country. They will be the future, Senators, Ministers, and perhaps Presidents. Many of them, h
Up For Auction
~ * Sweet Serenity * ~@ fubar ON THE AUCTION BLOCK Highest Bid atm 700k CAN YOU HANDLE A BBW ?? COME BID ON ME .. I PROMISE IT WILL BE REWARDING! Hugs N Licks In Advance xo UPDATE >> SWEET IS NOW A VIP FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS !! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ?? RATES WITH 11'S AND SPECIAL VIP GIFTS !! xo PS. ALSO OFFERING TO MAKE MY NEW OWNER 3 CUSTOM PICTURES. xo Stop and show this Awsome Lady some Fu-Luvin for Hosting this Auction !! ♫♫DjBlueyes ♫♫ Fu-wife to DjNbK ,Fu-Angel (GM@AcesUp)@ fubar
Second Best
Stand in back and watch as it all passes by, More times then not it will make you cry But the tears will not fall for then they must be addressed, it will also be that feeling you know that you will always be second best. It is now more then just a feeling that you have felt, it is the hand in life that you have been dealt. The knowledge that the love you wanted will put your patience to the test, while living with the fact that you will always be second best! So I will put on a good face so no one can see that the love I want so badly is killing me. One day maybe when all of the pain has digressed, will I finally be more then second best!
My Top Actors
just for shits.... in no order Timothy Olyphant Simon Pegg Jack Nicholson Harrison FOrd Alan Rickman Tim Curry
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We're Up For Auction!!
Wanna Own Us?? Jake and I are up for Auction!!! That's right!! You could own either one of us!! Or if you think you could handle it.... BOTH!!! LoL Happy Country Girl is Hosting the "Feel Some Boobies" Auction So come by Her page and bid on us!!! While your there, show the Hostess some love!! Fan, Rate, Add Her if you haven't already!! Happy Country Girl {{Shadow Leveler}}@ fubar We are offering...... *Click the pics to go bid on us* (repost of original by 'Jãkξ Thξ §Ñåkξ Real Life B/F of JΛmîξ £¥Ññ {Shadow Leveler}' on '2008-10-07 12:56:30')
Bout To Go Under
California to Feds: Got a Spare $7 Billion? The Golden State, which recently scrambled to fill a $15 billion budget gap, still may not be able to meet its payroll without help by Christopher Palmeri and Nanette Byrnes Add the Terminator to the long list of people seeking a handout from Henry Paulson. Late on Oct. 2, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sent a letter to the U.S. Treasury Secretary saying he may need a $7 billion short-term loan from the federal government to help the state make its payroll at the end of the month. The governor's outstretched hand is just the latest sign of the severity of the financial vice squeezing the nation (, 9/29/08). Everyone from small business people to homeowners to the largest state in the nation is finding it difficult to get a loan. "Right now this credit crunch impacts just about everyone who wants to borrow," says Doug Charchenko, head of the fixed-income department at broker Wedbush Morgan Securities. "New
Welcome These Folks
Hi all heres a few of our friends from the area we have invited to Fu and are very new and have no idea what this site is like.. so drop by their pages and say hello, fan em, rate em and help get them over the Fresh Meat part of FuLife.. Pam Paul's Cousin Denine Paul's Cousin Tonia a good friend from Tennessee Jim and Judy.. Great folks from Corbin Area Go to there pages and give em a comment and let them know they are welcome.. they are all new to puters and the net but will be adding some photos and stuff as they learn how the site goes on.. Sondra & Paul
Bean Salad
BEAN SALAD 2 cups canned cut green beans 2 cups canned cut waxed beans 2 cups canned kidney beans 1 large chopped green pepper 1 small (2 oz) jar chopped pimientos 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup chopped celery 3/4 cup red wine vinegar 3/4 cup sugar 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 teaspoon salt dash pepper Drain vegetables, mix all together, let set overnight.
I like to run for the fun of it. If any of you peps like running also I would like to talk about the sport of running with you!
Lets Help Imagine
LETS HELP Imagine BECOME A GODMOTHER IF WE CAN THERES 409 PICS AND SHE HAS SOME STASH ALSO Imagine~2nd Alarm Hottie~Owned By: Fireman 73 & THX1138~Owner of: Mr.Diamond-Rocky4Life-RavinJuggalo@ fubar BROUGHT TO YOU BY $Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C}Pimp of the Pu$$cat Playmates Owned by ~ CynzDreams ~& Naughty by Nature~@ fubar
Ruber Ducky
One day this kid was scared so he asked his dad if he could sleep with him he said "Yea sure but i sleep naked so dont look under the covers" the son looked under the covers and said wats that daddy thats my rubber ducky. can i play with ur rubber ducky. not right now son. the kid woke up in the middle of the night and said "can i play with it now?" the dad was haft asleep and said "yea sure". that morning the dad woke up and said wat happend to his wife and she said ask ur son he said "son wat happend"?he said "i was playing with ur rubber ducky and it spit at me so i bit its head off".
My Sweet Friend Lacey
I just wanted to show my special thanks to such a sweet sweet Friend of mine....LACEY! She did soooo much to help me level to Godfather and I want everyone to know how special she made me feel! Check out the Bulletin she made! WooHooo Bronx has Auto 11 on and he is almost GodFather He is such a sweety and always returns the love So why not help him and help yourself while you are at it Lets Help Bronx GodFather before the night is over You all know the drill Click the pic and lets get to rating BRONX59@ fubar OOOO I did tell you AUTO 11S What are you still reading this for? GO GO GO THANK YOU
Pimpout For Me From My "fuslave"!
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Pearl Jam - Black
Hey... oooh... Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me as her body once did. All five horizons revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn Ooh, and all I taught her was everything Ooh, I know she gave me all that she wore And now my bitter hands chafe beneath the clouds Of what was everything. Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything... I take a walk outside I'm surrounded by some kids at play I can feel their laughter, so why do I sear? Oh, and twisted thoughts that spin round my head I'm spinning, oh, I'm spinning How quick the sun can drop away And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass Of what was everything? All the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything... All the love gone bad turned my world to black Tattooed all I see, all that I am, all I'll be... yeah... Uh huh... uh huh... ooh... I know someday you'
Auto-11's Active Now!!!! Luv Her Up!
Daily Brave.
I did a brave thing today. Brave things aren't always the wisest. But sometimes you have to jump without looking. Or you just won't jump. I'm not sure how far, but the freefall was invigorating liberating. The consequences, I'm not sure. But I need to stand strong when I land. Hold my head high without pride. Was it the right choice? It was a choice. I'm not many things, but I do prefer action. Even if its after weeks of reflection. I love this night. And all the ones like it. Attached, but fractured. Held but at arms length. Afraid, but facing down the wall of twilight hopefully not alone. With my heart I can feel her fingers in my hand. Smell her hair, feel her smile. In truth, the night is azure cold, and the wind promises unseen pitfalls. I will not turn back. Its impossible now anyway. On unknown's edge, I step forward bravely anticipating yet another fall. Will you pull me back, embracing me in the tender familiar of you
Just Got Some Good News
I received a phone call this evening from an art gallery in Columbus. This was a short phone interview, they will be calling me next week to set up an interview at the gallery next month! The gentleman I spoke with did say that this is long term; the gallery sells to places and people all over the world. This could be my dream come true and the only thing that could make it perfect -- would be for Roo and I to end our hiatus and get back to our life together. All I need to do is stop giving away finished pieces and start making a portfolio. Have a great weekend! Stace
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bid and rate!
Kind Of Takeout Food I Am
What Kind Of Take Out Food Are You?Mexican FoodYou love life! In fact, you'd consider everyday a fiesta! That's why Mexican food appeals to you because of the love that goes into the cooking and the fiery taste that comes out. You're a wild and free spirit, which somehow makes it OK for you to be compared to chile pepper. Way to go!Personality-Emotion Quizzes
Army Strong...all Night Long
All My Fu's, I Introduce One of My Amazing Fu-Owners... §êx¥§åvïð® Go show this wonderful guy what you've got! Rate Him! Fan Him! Add Him! Bling Him!
Leveling Help #39
Muggsy77~ aka Chuckles~@ fubar 12k to level
Lost Child's Sigh.
I need a smoke, about as much as I need another night on the floor. I'd cut a deal with a d'jinn if I knew how to summon one. My life is a mess. No, its very orderly, in its absence of content, and its not a train wreck It's still going and its moving much too slow. It's like falling down the stairs in an Escher painting. I'm stuck at the crossroads of an indecision and a foolish commitment. I'm just stuck, having always missed the perfect ride by that much. A day short, and a dollar late. I dunno, maybe I like the bus-stop. A lot of people come and go, pass by, say hi, drift. Maybe I like this grey flavorless mass called hiatus. All trains boarding for nowhere fast...
Galileo Galilei
I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him.
Don't you wonder what life could have been if you did thing right the first time around? Some day I wish I could go back and change everything in my life except my baby boy. If I could go back in time adn take back the time I overdoesed I would. If I could take back me messin up and doing drugs I would. Now I have one thing in my life that I need to worry about and that is my son. He is my everything. If I would lose him I would drive myself Crazy and I would go nuts. I don't think I could bare anyone takin him from me. Do you Blame me? If I could take back the day my ol man then I would cause I would do anything to get him back this day. I would do anything just to have one day with him and have my son there to see him.
And The Mother Of The Year Award Goes To...
Good Morning…Parenting is done differently by all of us, however this mom should be served notice…If you agree with me, then let’s co-rant. Miss Holt, 43, knows Sam drinks but is just relieved that it's not more than a couple of cans of lager a night. And she decided not to get angry about her daughter losing her virginity at 12, instead insisting that Sam uses contraception. Miss Holt, a jobless single mother with two other adult children, told Closer magazine: 'I don't see the point in punishing her. 'If I ground her, I'm just punishing myself because I have to put up with her in the house. Instead, I reward her good behavior by giving her cigarettes. If she's bad, she goes without. 'She's a little comedian. I let her get away with a lot of cheek. It's sweet.' Giving out cigarettes as a reward 'works', she insisted. Miss Holt said: 'There are a lot worse things she could be doing. 'We've all got to die sometime. I haven't got cancer from smoking so she'll probably be al
102308 Celldweller Blog
[10-08] Klayton Was Here... (New Album Drops Next Week, Pendulum Rocks, Blue Stahli/Squarehead) New Album Drops Next Week, Pendulum Rocks, Blue Stahli/Squarehead and The Winner is… YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING… That's what I was thinking when I considered writing the words "New album drops next week…" Well as it turns out, I'm totally not kidding and I've slapped myself in the face three times in the last minute just to be SURE I wasn't dreaming this whole thing up. Now that the right side of my face is twice the side of my left side, I'm convinced I'm actually awake. This is NOT the follow up to the debut Celldweller disc (which I am still working fervently on,) but IS an album of all new material (barring some of the bonus stuff which has never previously been available on CD.) There are already some tracks posted in the Myspace player, but they sound kinda like poop, so better quality versions are on their way to you next week and will be available to you for purchase in the brand
19k To Level A Member
~* SouthernChix *~ Hillbillys Wife~* Clutchs BestFriend *~Rating Revolution~*@ fubar
Barking Cat
S It Okey To Love From Afar
I'm in love with a guy I can only call a friend. We had something once it didn't last long but it was all I needed to fall. Now I sit on the side line.. Watching him in love with someone else. I see how he loves her and I understand. Its like how I love him ..... unconditionally But it gets so hard when I see him when I talk to him why dose it have to be so hard Sometimes I wonder if he knows that I still love him that I will be here no matter what no matter how much it will hurt me. Even when she will break his heart I will be here to comfort him ..... as his friend loving him ...... from afar
Vegetarian Taco Soup
1 can pinto beans 1 can black beans 1 can corn 2 cans diced tomatoes with chillies 1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Mix 1 packet taco seasoning 1 bag Morning Star Crumbles 2 medium raw onions 1 jalapeno (optional) Directions Saute onions, chopped jalapeno (optional), crumbles, taco seasoning, hidden valley ranch seasoning and 1 cup water. Add all other ingredients without draining. Bring to boil and simmer for 30 minutes. May want to add garlic and chili powder.
Are You A Puppet?
The Model Military Spouse – God Created
THE MODEL MILITARY SPOUSE – GOD CREATED Author Unknown The good Lord was creating a model for military spouses and was into his sixth day of over-time when an angel appeared. She said, Lord, you seem to be having a lot of trouble with this one. What’s wrong with the standard model? The Lord replied, Have you seen the specs on this order? They need to be completely independent, possess the qualities of both father and mother, be a perfect host/hostess to four or 40 with an hour’s notice, run on black coffee, handle every emergency imaginable without a manual, be able to carry on cheerfully, even if they are pregnant and have the flu; and they must be willing to move to a new location 10 times in 17 years. And, oh yes, they must have six pairs of hands. The angel shook her head. Six pairs of hands? No way. The Lord continued, Don’t worry, we will make other military spouses to help them. And we will give them an unusually strong heart so it can swell with pride in their spo
Caa #52 Update
Have heard back and Michael has made it through the surgery and is doing okay. Still, there will be need of continued prayers for recovery as this takes a lot out of a person. Thank you from his caregiver and family, and me also. Doc
Mailmans Last Day
It was George the Mailman's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same neighborhood. When he arrived at the first house on his route, he was greeted by the whole family who congratulated him and sent him on his way with a tidy gift envelope. At the second house, they presented him with a box of fine cigars. The folks at the third house handed him a selection of terrific fishing lures. At the fourth house, he was met at the door by a strikingly beautiful blonde woman in a revealing negligee. She took him by the hand, gently led him through the door, which she closed behind him, and took him up the stairs to the bedroom where she blew his mind with the most passionate love he had ever experienced. When he had enough, they went downstairs and she fixed him a giant breakfast: eggs, potatoes, ham, sausage, blueberry waffles, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. When he was truly satisfied, she poured him a cup of steaming coffee. As
My Past Is My Past And My Future Is My Future
When look back on my past it was a blast. But there is a time and place to keep the past in the past. Everyone has a past and everyone has trash and when trash starts to stink you need to take it to the curb. Just like when your past comes back to haunt you don’t let. It is not your future. Looking forward is where you will see what you truly need. My future is my future My future is unclear. But looking back I know it is not there. Looking forward is the only way to see your future. If you keep looking back your living in the past and the past is not the future. The future might be scary but when you look over the horizon the sun is always shining. That is good sign for a bright and shining future.
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To Spend Eternity With You
Midnight looms across the land, Deathly petals lay in my hand. I took them from inside the basket, That lay so gently upon your casket. A tender tear runs down my cheek, My sobs so broken, my limbs so weak. I press my lips upon the wooden frame That holds your photo; my undying flame. The image still so clear, planted in my mind, A stake through your heart, an act so unkind. We'll be together as I promised, I do not disappoint. The weapon lies so polished, with its dangerous point. My pale hands lift it, I'm shaking, I know, Yet I'm brave enough to see that it's my time to go. So I smile as I get ready, ready to depart, With a faint cry I grip on tight, and stick it in my heart. ---Just wrote this one.. don't know what made me write it.. but I think it turned out well..
Major Competitive Contest!!
Hello! I am in a big contest, found out we have another bombing family who decided to make it a contest between the family I belong to and theirs. Would love to have help from any of my friends and family who don't belong to the fu-bombers as well! Anyone who helps I will help them as well, just notfiy me here in a comment or in a fu-mail and I am your slave! (well..a few conditions apply lol) I have to be the first to get 10,000 comments. The link is Thank you all in advance for your help!
Hi, I was invited to join this site by a friend. So here I am. I must state first however that I am gay so I will only respond to messages from male persons. If you are female, don't bother as I will only delete and block you. Also, I do not wish to be bombarded with messages for sex or anything pornagraphic. If you are male and desire to connect as friends on line that is fine by me. I will not partipate in stupid games so don't ask. I will however enjoy exchanging jokes and stories as well as chat about nearly anything. I must warn however that I am highly opinionated and do not care if you become insulted or offended by any remark I might make. I am entitled to my opinions and will not shirk from making myself clear when I so desire. One final note, in addition to being a Curmudgeon I am an Arctophile. Don't know the word? Not familiar with it? Go look it up! Bear.. 32189
I Love My Life
you all dont need to know much about me but iam engaged and lovin it if you know me then you should know about me iam not the one to fuck with when it comes to my people but i am a good person and can get along with any one
Save The Airline Industry!!
Dump the male flight attendants. No one wanted them in the first place. Replace all the female flight attendants with good-looking strippers! What the hell, they don't even serve food anymore, so what's the loss? The strippers would at least triple the alcohol sales and get a 'party atmosphere' going in the cabin. And, of course, every businessman in this country would start flying again, hoping to see naked women. Because of the tips, female flight attendants wouldn't need a salary, thus saving even more money. I suspect tips would be so good that we could charge the women for working the plane and have them kick back 20% of the tips, including lap dances and 'special services.' Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing naked women. Hijackings would come to a screeching halt, and the airline industry would see record revenues. This is definitely a win-win situation if we handle it right -- a golden opportunity to turn a liability into an asset
i've always wondered what it was like to go to a foreign country and spend some time there, well, now i know. it isn't all it's cracked up to be. but, i'm getting some realy good life experiences here, and i'm learning a lot of things that i never would have learned had i not come here. also, i've learned some things i never wanted to, and i wish i could forget, but it's all good, because what one person goes through in their earlier years of life is the mold that shapes and forms what they become later on. i am truly grateful for everything i have been able to do for the past year, and i hope there are many more experiences to come, good and bad, because i don't believe my horizens have broadened enough to say okay, i know enough to start teaching, because you never stop learning, thats what life is, one lesson after another. and so far, my lessons have led me to a place i can easily cope with on a daily basis. i can look in a mirror and say to myself, i am a good person, i have enoug
Hit By Vbied
First off I won't tell you the places this happened at or the names of other people who were involved. If you don't know what VBIED is it stands for Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device or a car bomb. I'm posting these incidents because it helps to get things off my chest so don't ask me where when or who were involved because i won't tell you. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. It's a cloudy day Cars all over the place My team a three vehicle motorcade is rushing through the streets trying to get to our next location. I'm in the passenger seat because I'm the one calling out the treats. my driver is reacting to everything i say coming up to block the vehicles from getting to our motorcade. The roads are packed with cars, trucks, crazy people on bikes it's insane. I'm calling my Threats out. Vehicle left... Car staged right... Vehicle oncoming left side...intersection coming up. I saw the Vehicle it turned quickly through the break in the median. Vehicle oncoming
THE REGALIA The dance outfits worn in the circle during the Powwow are called regalia or outfits. Though highly decorative, these outfits are never referred to as "costumes". The term costume denotes artificiality and wear that is donned for an event that is not a part of one's ongoing life. To the contrary, these Native American outfits are very personal and artistic expressions of the dancers' lives, feelings, interests, family and spiritual quest. Often elements of the regalia are gifts from elders or treasured people in the dancers' lives and are honorings to be worn with pride and responsibility. The regalia evolves and changes as the dancer evolves and changes in life. Each season, changes are made depending on the fashion of the time or the personal change in taste. There is no contradiction in blending historic elements with very modern elements, for example interweaving traditional beadwork with Minnie Mouse braid holders. Since the regalia expresses the life of each ind
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Did You Hear?
There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.' One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.' This is how the human brain often works when our status changes. Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who
Callaway X-22 Irons
From Callaway's X-22 Callaway's X-22 forged Look out for a new series of irons from Callaway Golf in the New Year. The latest X-22 and X-22 Tour irons were launched at the Golf Europe trade show in Munich last week and are set to have golfers drooling. Distinctive with a sculpted cavity back, the X-22, says Callaway, has been designed to enable golfers to take dead aim with confidence, thanks to its forgiving properties which allow off-centre hits to fly longer and straighter. This has been achieved in part by enhancing precision notch-weighting to maintain a low centre of gravity to propel the ball airborne more efficiently. From the left:Hawk, Teron and F7 2 ball putters The X-22 Tour irons, which have also been designed by roger cleveland will appeal to the aspiring golfer able to handle a refined head, narrow sole and a thin top line. ther X-22, currently used by Rocco Mediate and Phillip Price also feature a stylish satin finish. Callaway says i
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Talkin’ Turkey: Aspca Experts Offer Thanksgiving Safety Tips
Friends, family and feasts—the main ingredients for holiday fun can actually result in distress for pets. Not only can too many table scraps set furry tummies a-rumble, but many animals get anxious at the change in household routine. Says the ASPCA’s Dr. Steven Hansen, Senior Vice President, Animal Health Services, which includes the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center in Urbana, IL, “As you begin to prepare for a festive season, remember to be wary of activities that can be potentially dangerous to pets.” The following safety tips will help to ensure a safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving for you and your pets: Talkin’ Turkey: Giving your pets a little nibble of turkey is okay, just be sure that it’s boneless and fully cooked. Raw or undercooked turkey may contain salmonella bacteria, and dogs can choke on bones, which splinter easily. A Feast Fit for a Kong: While the humans are chowing down, give your cat and dog their own little feast. Stuff their usual dinner—with a few adde
i like vip i have all stuff that my friends made me and some comments i save and i like to put up more pics. and if u donot want to i understand its kool so some one like to buy me vip plzz ty muah hug n kiss
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LET'S GET ANDEE LEVELED THIS WEEK! PLEASE RATE ALL HER PICS, STASH, AND BLOGS! THROW HER A BLING IF YOU CAN! SHE WORKS HARD FOR EVERYONE, AND IS ALWAYS THERE FOR US! ~~~andee~~~@ fubar Henchman -----> Insider 435,669 Points to go! I NOTICED THAT NOT ALL OF YOU RATED MERLYN WHEN I REQUESTED THAT YOU DO SO A COUPLE WEEKS AGO... WHY NOT? HIT HIM UP AGAIN, HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN LEVELED! AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED RATING EACH OF THESE MEMBERS! MERLYN....ClubMystic@ fubar Fubarlord -----> Henchman 289,176 Points to go! AS USUAL, ANY BEEFS, GRIPES, QUESTIONS, OR SUGGESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE! THANKS! Home Page Club Mystic!@ fubar Insider -----> Fu-King 341,940 Points to go! Founder CinDragon@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet 8,549,753 Points to go! Team Captains Gµññý-§ @ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 5,518,679 Points to go! ~SouthernBaby~@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 1,325,073 Points to go! Resident Wizard MER
... Socializing ...
Over the coarse of time I have learned there are boundaries that the physical body could never measure. We weigh ourselves through numbers amongst what is known as 'age'. For as long as time has been accounted for, people (society) have brought themselves to a constant age old tradition. This tradition is known as ones birthday. However BIG or however little you celebrate and make aware of your birthday, there is nothing telling/revealing to you how old you truly are. Whatever your beliefs be it religiously, spiritually, or a non believer in any higher power, how broad do your horizons go amongst the universe? ...To be aware that there is one aspect of ourselves that will allow you to know how old 'you' actually are. The Soul... It transcends a deeper interpertation of our lives. It makes aware of who we are and where we've been. Basically it continuously records our on-going esperiences through within, throughout, and amongst LIFE. The life that you have lived upon this Earth,
Bob's Slut
I am married and I have a girl friend also married. She is really hot and she loves showing off. I am posting some pictures of her. It is a turn on for me that she likes to turn on other guys. Hope you like the pictures.
Hi, where 2 start? I am officially married. They say that the paper changes a person and it is true, my old man used 2 give it 2 me all the time now i am lucky if i get it once s week. He is the only guy i know that would turn down getting his dick sucked. He doesn't have 2 ask i enjoy giving head half the time i get off from just giving head. Granted when we do have sex it is good i want it maore i thought with marriage i would get more nit less. eanough venting over that. My 2 1/2 year old Kasey thinks he is all grown up. He has started 2 gather tools and go outside under my 73 nova and proceed 2 say he is "fixing hot rod". We have 2 hide all the screwdrivers and battreies in the hose because if it takes batteris and is not working he will take it apart and replace the batteries. He is my little mechanic. He watches a movie once and by the second time watching he is repeating the movie word for word. He is going 2 be my trouble maker. My 14 year old Jeremy is ready 2 gradu
The Hunting
It all starts with a smell of change in the air. Without even looking at a calender, you know it's coming. You can feel the air become more crisp and clean. The leaves begin their almost instant change, from green to hues of yellow,red and orange. The days become shorter, while the nights cold fingers linger. Autumn has arrived and it's the beginning of the 'hunt'. Thousands of hunters begin their quest for monster white tail deer, wild turkey, or other game. From the wilds of Canada to the Hill Country of Texas, men attempt to get in touch with ancient hunters past. Weapons fired and sighted months before, game trails found and scouted, feeders set up and filled, blinds repaired and readied. They sit in their blinds, or up a tree, hoping for the chance for the mythical 'Monster Buck'. Dressed like a tree or some type of camouflage to give them the best chance of not being seen. All for the hope of capturing their prey. Most times I myself am no different. Except this time I k
Don't Let My Babies Die
Don't let my babies die. My children's screams ring in my ears as the car is filled with fear. It has only been a moment but seems an eternity. Their screams of fear cuts me like a thousand shards of glass. I can only pray to God this won't last. Please I beg in that instant don't let my babies die. Take my life if you must but don't let them be hurt. I can feel their fear like the dark cloak of death wrapping around my heart. Praying for their lives as we hit the ground. Please oh don't let a mothers worst fear come true. This mother is begging you. Don't let my babies die. I hear my heart scream and cry. Lord don't take away all I have without them I would not last. So precious are my children hearing their cries of fear as mere seconds pass. God I beg you please spare their sweet lives and don't let my babies die. On the ground on our side I look around. There they are safe and sound. Please let the door open no it won't. Fea
Damn... Nothing Much ...
SOmetimes, you really confuse me... I never know where i really stand with you, what you're really thinking- how you truly feel... i don't even know what's going on in your life, if you're really okay, or if it's all just a front. nevertheless, i really care about you. i truly do. and it really hurts for me to feel so helpless... i want to make you smile, make all the troubles go away for good, But i don't know what i can do to make you happy, i don't even know if i should do anything at all, or if i even have the right to... Still, whatever you want, whatever can make the dark clouds give way for bright blue skies in your life... okay, i'll do it... no matter what the consequence... no matter the cost. i'll do it willingly, without fear without regret... anything to see the smile that used to light up your face. the smile that had no trace of pain and suffering. of loss...
Healing For Christopher And Lori
please keep my son in your prayer he went to docs for an eye exam and now a virus has invaded his brain so im asking for a healing prayer for my son he's in Air force as a staff segrant hes in Tacoma general in Tacoma washington room 471 bed 1 Please keep him in your prayers We believe in Miracles,they happen every second....
I Shall Wait
My love, I shall wait I long for you, but if not I accept my fate
i'm new to this and quite stuck tbf. i really dont get the jist of it, help me please. i've only uploaded one pic the now to see how this site rates for me :-D anyway, add my msn ;-) i'm quite boredd.
Don't You Just Love Cold Weather And Warm Bodies?
Cold weather brings perfect excuses for very close contact and snuggling. Don't you just love cold weather? Getting close to your lover, arms wrapped around each other, bodies pressed tightly together and soft lips together with warm, wet tongues searching for each other. I daydream of my hands sliding up under his shirt to rub against his warm skin. It makes me wet with the anticipation of having him naked. Sliding each others clothes off slowly with his tongue rolls against mine. My knees are weak with the anticipation of him between my legs, sliding in with slow stokes at first, then working in to a good hard pounding rhythm. Feeling his body push against mine as he moans in pleasure. Knowing that he is going to climax hard while sliding deep inside me. Hearing his moans increase and then to hear that sweet sound of his orgasm. With a final low moan, he collapses on top of me in a warm heap of breathlessness. Feeling his skin on my skin, hearing his breathing decrease and knowin
I Promised Myself
You will probably never read this but I don't care I have to let this out. I sit here and know I may never see you even though we talk everyday by phone but your so far away. You are such a good friend I have told you things I would never tell anyone else. When I was scared and frighten you told me it would be fine. You lectured me when I didn't want it and advice me even though it would make me angry sometimes. In the end you could always make me smile when I felt at my worst. We are after all just friends and that is what I promised we would only be friends but I find myself so confused lately. I dont know what it is or maybe I do and dont want to accept it. Maybe I just care much more then I think I do. I know your trying to find love with someone close by and everyday I encourge you. That she's out there and you will find her even though I find myself smiling on the outside my heart is breaking on the inside. You do the same for me telling me he's out there to go out and f
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Come Help The Most Amazing Woman On Fubar Make Oracle !!
This Amazing Woman is only 3 million from Oracle and she has auto 11s on TONS of EZ Rate picz and is having a HAPPY HOUR @ 1pm Fu Time.. 4pm EST!! Go Hit her page HARD!!! Come level up on her and help her level... Plus you get mega points for the rates too so come on!!! Go show her some serious fu-luvinz.... Fan her.. Rate her... Add her .. Bling her and let's get her leveled up !!! As an added bonus I will pay 5k per 100 rates during happy hours.. just click my link down there and send me a private message me when ur done (I will be checking too) >^,,^< Pet this pimpout brought to you by her fu slave .. ΤhΣ ßîg ΜîκΣ ™.. Fu Owned By >^,,^< Pet
bulwark \BUL-wurk; -wawrk\, noun, verb: 1. to defend or protect, serve as a bulwark; shelter noun: 1. a person, thing, or concept that is a defense or protection 2. an embankment of earth or other material used as a defense against a threat; rampart nounpl.: 1. the sides of a ship extending like a fence above the deck level
Let us celebrate If for no other reason Than to celebrate Let us sing aloud with joy To brighten these winter nights
Here Is A Mandate
Here is a mandate For you, Mr. President; Step down and resign. The edge of town is that way. Pack your bags and get going.
The Word If
If I never met you, I wouldn't like you If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you If I didnt love you, I wouldn't miss you But I did, I do and will
Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy
SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY - FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS I cant stop The way I feel Things you do Dont seem real Tell you what I got in mind cause were runnin out of time Wont you ever set me free? This waitin round's killing me She drives me crazy Like no one else She drives me crazy And I cant help myself I cant get Any rest People say Im obsessed Everything thats serious lasts But to me theres no surprise What I have, I knew was true Things go wrong, they always do She drives me crazy Like no one else She drives me crazy And I cant help myself I wont make it, On my own No on likes, To be alone She drives me crazy Like no one else She drives me crazy And I cant help myself Uh huh huh She drives me crazy Like no one else She drives me crazy And I cant help myself Uh huh huh She drives me crazy Like no one else She drives me crazy And I cant help myself
Dad's Story
DAD'S STORY On July 22nd I was in route to Washington , DC for a business trip. It was all so very ordinary, until we landed in Denver for a plane change. As I collected my belongings from the overhead bin, an announcement was made for Mr. Lloyd Glenn to see the United Customer Service Representative immediately. I thought nothing of it until I reached the door to leave the plane and I heard a gentleman asking every male if he were Mr. Glenn. At this point I knew something was wrong and my heart sunk. When I got off the plane a solemn-faced young man came toward me and said, 'Mr. Glenn, there is an emergency at your home. I do not know what the emergency is, or who is involved, but I will take you to the phone so you can call the hospital.' My heart was now pounding, but the will to be calm took over. Woodenly, I followed this stranger to the distant telephone where I called the number he gave me for the Mission Hospital . My call was put through to the trauma center where I
is the number of Fubucks I have lol. I just felt like writing a random blog entry. I had nothing interesting to write.
Tag Your It
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? here 2. Your significant other? work 3. Your hair? Blonde 4. Your mother? Honest 5. Your father? asshole 6. Your favorite thing? son 7. Your dream last night? sexually 8. Your favorite drink? coke 9. Your dream/goal? money 10. The room you're in? office 11. Music? any 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? hmmm 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? pissed 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? motorcycle 18. Where you grew up? Myrtle Beach 19. The last thing you did? eat 20. What are you wearing? naked :) 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? pitts 23. Your computer? homemade 24. Your life? ok 25. Your mood? chill 26
A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace. And makes the whole world we live in a better and happier place.
Sperm Donors (aka My Dad)
So, not too many people on here know about my dad. Actually, very few. Any who, if you know me at all, you know I hold nothing back. I tell it like it is and I'm not afraid to share my personal information with the public. I have nothing to be ashamed of. On that note, I want to elaborate a little on my sperm donor. My dad is a very bad diabetic who doesn't watch what he eats, half of the time forgets his insulin, drinks entirely too much pop (soda for you west coasters), etc. He bounces in and out of the hospital all of the time with no care in the world. Well yesterday around 9am I get a call from my mom saying that my dad called her and he's really sick. Ok, what the hell do you want me to do about it? I'm still at work! (I get off around 9:15 or so, so it wasn't long until I was leaving.) I called my dad and asked him what was wrong and his blood sugar was up over 400, he hadn't eaten in 2 days and couldn't keep anything in his stomach, not even liquids. At this point, he has t
This is Robert!! He kisses me silly every damn time he spots me online!! He spoils me completely..and is my absolutely fabulous friend!! I would torture him to his toes if I was able..LOL!! many besos for him always!! xoxox Robert@ fubar ♥
I'm Looking For Male Slaves.
Check out My group and please don't join unless you are serious. Thanks! Ms. Jones
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), Russian Writer And Philosopher:
I believe Christ was a man like ourselves; to look upon him as God would seem to me the greatest of sacrileges.
Craigslist Hookers
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I say or do is to taken seriously. I do write the truth from my own personal life experiences. That being said please enjoy laugh and learn. This is an issue I don't address much but as a hobby I go to Look at the personals and erotic services. Looking at the ads make me laugh but the erotic services really make me wonder why is it so much for sex some girls are charging way more than they're worth but $350 for an hour of banging come on now. That’s $350 dollars to rent out your vagina for 60 minutes I almost wish I could get the cash up cause I have good stamina and some length take that then throw some benzocane on my cock you get problems. I'd get one, fuck her until she bleeds and is crying then I'd be like that’s worth $350 then drop another $350 in her face and destroy her ass take her out of the game for a few weeks. and they're not that good looking the hookers I plowed in Europe where 100x better looking then some of these chicks and the
Waiting Patiently
Frozen in time with visions of beauty beyond my reach each passing moment escapes my speech As there aren't any memories being built only the coldness underneath my winter quilt Something about the rain that makes me feel you can hear me as I look for answers for our hearts to decree When the desires and sighs of ecstasy can be set free but my eyes are open to the fact that we may never be If I had one wish come true one kiss in a lifetime it would be your lips and hips that I would climb If but for one spare moment I was blessed with love maybe you would cherish me like the sun above
Poker Joes Freerolls
Poker Joe shas over a 150 freerolss list this week. Comeby and join one of our groups, we have something for everyone.
No Longer Bi Sexual.. And Still Single
Lips & Yes Those Lips
Today I was informed that I have a small cunt. I'm not talking about just a tight cunt hole. I'm talking about the lips. I was asked if I've gotten plastic surgery to make my cunt lips small. The answer: no, I have not. I asked 2 friends this evening. Both have seen their share of cunts. They confirmed the fact that I have small lips. I began to think about it. Have I gone through life with a freakish cunt? Do I have the cunt lips of a midget? How have I got this far in life and not known that I have odd pussy lips? So, after the beginnings of developing my cunt complex, I realized it was all bullshit. I mean, come on. Cunt lips come in all shapes and sizes. Some women have big lips, some have small lips. Some have saggy lips, some have short lips. Mine apparently is tight with small lips. After my friend asked me about the plastic surgery, he pointed out that my lips part to show my clit. Isn't that the point? My cunt has a natural 'arrow' to were it counts. No one should be
The Word Of The Year.. So What!
I'm In A Auction
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Easy Steps For Fubombers
if you find an easier way, post comments here. 1. Copy the link of the picture(you will need it later) 2. Post A comment 3. Keep replying to your comment 4. bouncer doesn't seem to show up as often. 5. every once in awhile paste the picture link in the address bar above 6. repeat steps
"if Life Could Be Better"
If life could be better, which it should since I thought it over many days and nights sober, itching and wishing I re-arrange with the past time I've been given, am not saying my life be different but, maybe without all this neglect I felt, I been one hella' of a child, only if I known what I know now, I say too much to myself deep down like if it made a difference, between my eyes only lords knows Vince, and even then I think I'd been the same, so isolated driven insain, too complex, too hard to explain, to go nineteen years in the making, it be crazy to go back this soon when I never had a revalation, in this time and age am just waiting, so who knows maybe my lifes just like yours, and who am i too judge, death might be behind them close doors, but we ain't knowing, we blind to see where lifes going, the reason why I stay alive, blowing, is my intellectual intentions, my memories I kept that kept on who can you blame living life in the fast lane, need help, fame
A Different Christmas Poem
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the Sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty
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Epa Veils Hazardous Substances
The newspaper examined more than 2,000 filings in the EPA's registry of dangerous chemicals for the past three years. In more than half the cases, the EPA agreed to keep the chemical name a secret. In hundreds of other cases, it allowed the company filing the report to keep its name and address confidential. This is despite a federal law calling for public notice of any new information through the EPA's program monitoring chemicals that pose substantial risk. The whole idea of the program is to warn the public of newfound dangers. The EPA's rules are supposed to allow confidentiality only "under very limited circumstances." Legal experts and environmental advocates say the practice of "sanitizing," or blacking out, this information not only strips vital information from the public, it violates the agency's own law. Section 14 of the Toxic Substances Control Act, the foundation for all the EPA's toxic and chemical regulations, stipulates that chemical producers may not be gr
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Sheer Nightgown
Sheer Nightgown A husband walks into Victoria 's Secret to purchase a sheer negligee for his wife. He is shown several possibilities that range from $250 to $500 in price -- the more sheer, the higher the price. Naturally, he opts for the most sheer item, pays the $500, and takes it home. He presents it to his wife and asks her to go upstairs, put it on, and model it for him. Upstairs the wife thinks (she's no dummy-), 'I have an idea. It's so sheer that it might as well be nothing. I won't put it on, but I'll do the modeling naked, return it tomorrow, and keep the $500 refund for myself.' She appears naked on the balcony and strikes a pose. The husband says, 'Good Grief! You'd think for $500, they'd at least iron it !' He never heard the shot. Funeral on Thursday at Noon . Closed coffin.
My Adult Weblog...
I'm setting up an adult blog, just for the fun of it. I'm thinking of dumping some hard-to-find nude pixs of exotic asians... from is not up yet...stay tune...i'll give the url when it is ready...chow
Ladies Night In The Anti Lounge
Tonight's Special Guest Lil Bear@ fubar Also on cam... DJ LEMY @ fubar So Ladies... Come on in for some good times free drinks and great memories Let's make Lil Bear's birthday special! Join us tonight in the Anti-Lounge Ladies Night Tonight 10pm Eastern/9pm Central You don't want to miss it! Broadcasting live from
Danny Explains It Like It Is
DANNY EXPLAINS IT LIKE IT IS It was written by an 8-year-old named Danny Dutton, who lives in Chula Vista , CA . He wrote it for his third grade homework assignment, to 'explain God' I wonder if any of us could have done as well ? [ .... and he had such an assignment, in California , and someone published it, I guess miracles do happen ! .. ] EXPLANATION OF GOD: 'One of God's main jobs is making people. He makes them to replace the ones that die, so there will be enough people to take care of things on earth. He doesn't make grownups, just babies. I think because they are smaller and easier to make. That way he doesn't have to take up his valuable time teaching them to talk and walk. He can just leave that to mothers and fathers.' 'God's second most important job is listening to prayers. An awful lot of this goes on, since some people, like preachers and things, pray at times beside bedtime. God doesn't have time to listen to the radio or TV because of this. Because he
Sex With Bike
Fubar And Ratings
I haven't been on fubar long, just a few days as a matter of fact, but wanting to get points I have been jumping right on in their and trying to do ratings on people I run across. Therein lies the problem. I'm an honest person, most thing WAY too much so, as a matter of fact. My wife says that I am honest to the point and being cruel and sometimes passing that point completely. But I don't believe in little white lies and I don't believe in calling a pig's ear a silk purse....things are what they are and you might as well accept that fact. There is where the problem is. I have looked all around fubar, rating people and just looking at profiles....mainly of women, since I have no interest in men for either friends nor other distractions in life. What I find disturbs me about as bad as MySpace disturbs me, just in a more adult fashion. To date, I just haven't really found many women on here that are all that attractive and the ones that are, are so stuck on themselves that
Warning....a Bad One..must Read!!!
If you receive an email entitled 'Bedtimes' delete it IMMEDIATELY. Do not open it . Apparently this one is pretty nasty. It will not only erase everything on your hard drive, but it will also delete anything on disks within 20 feet of your computer. It demagnetizes the stripes on ALL of your credit cards. It reprograms your ATM access code, screws up the tracking on your VCR, and uses subspace field harmonics to scratch any CD's you attempt to play. It will program your phone auto dial to call only 1900 numbers. This virus will mix antifreeze into your fish tank. IT WILL CAUSE YOUR TOILET TO FLUSH WHILE YOU ARE SHOWERING. It will drink ALL your beer. FOR GOD'S SAKE, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?? It will leave dirty underwear on the coffee table when you are expecting company. It will replace your shampoo with Nair and your Nair with Rogaine. If the 'Bedtimes' message opened in a Windows 95/98 environment, it will leave the toilet seat up and leave your hair dryer plugged in dang
Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal. Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real. There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface, consuming/confusing This lack of self-control I fear is never ending controlling/I can't seem To find myself again My walls are closing in (without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before... so insecure. Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal. Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real. Discomfort endlessly has pulled itself upon me distracting/reacting Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It's haunting, how I can't seem... To find myself again, my walls are closing in (without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before, so insecure. Crawling in my skin, These wounds they will not heal. Fear is how I fall. confusing what
010408 Dilbert
Founders Message
Dear Members, Theres a few of us that don't know what our requirements are for leveling here they are: 1. the person we are leveling must need 20k or less in pts. to level (I will make the soul decision if we rate someone needing more or less) 2. they must have a valid salute. 3. they must be a level 5 or higher 4. they must have at least 100 rateable pics. 5. they must be online....Why, you ask because we've had problems in the leveling people that are not online no exceptions!! 6. Look for ripped pics on the profiles also too many times we won't help as it slows down time and gets the person being leveled no where as there is no pts. for them It goes without saying that we are leveling people with amazing efforts and I Thank each of you. Several times questions can simply be answered by going to a Capt. or referring to these helpful hints. thats what they are there for. Hope this helps to clear the confusion. Thanks, Dave Founder Llama L
Jay Kubassek Carbon Copy
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Mike Dillard has made quite a "splash" recently in the network marketing world. Many a network marketer has had an inbox filled with videos of Mike touting his expertise in "attraction" marketing.He has intrigued many of us with his cutting edge style of Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike Dillard is quite glib and articulate and certainly seems to know his "stuff."With all that expertise, many of us have wondered if Mike is active with a network marketing business himself. The truth is that Mike Dillard has been highly successful with a network marketing company by the name of "Carbon Copy Pro." In fact, Mike Dillard is the "right hand" man of Jay Kubassek, who is the company's leader. "Carbon Copy Pro", according to Jay Kubassek, will create 100 millionaires by the year 2012! Learn about making REAL MONEY right nowJay and Mike appear together on the company's required informational dvd entitled," Inside Out."The main product line of Carbon Cop
Where did it all go...................
Speeding Tickets
i got a speeding ticket awhile back and i found this site and it help beat my ticket it didnt cost me much and it saved me the price of the ticket and from my insurance going up
add my myspace...
Tell Me How To Earn Your Fubucks For Spotlight...plz
AMANDA IS NOW TAKING DONATIONS FOR SPOTLIGHT... I always said that pigs would fly before I would beg for anything on this site...Little did I know that Porky and his friends were taking flying lessons as I spoke. Yes, friends, Amanda is begging for fubucks. I am within 4.5 million from leveling to Disciple. I would love to have the opportunity to have the spotlight just once before it's too late. I have had a lot of friends send donations already but I'm still lacking in what I need. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, my friends...{{{huggss}}} This Shameless Solicitation For Your FuBucks Brought To You By: ღAMANDAღ@ fubar
1 Of My Favorite Songs
My momma said to stay away from guys like you...She said they were nasty, make me do things i don't wanna do...Stay away from bad boys, they've got one thing on their mind...Their hormones are raging... and they want it ALL THE TIME!! Chorus:And I know, know cuz she said so And I can't just let you go And I know, know cuz she said so And I can't just let you go I love you very much, you're nice to see and nice to touch And I'll never ever ever treat you wrong, I've been waiting for you all along Chorus:And I know, know cuz she said so And I can't just let you go And I know, know cuz she said so And I can't just let you go Never let go. Never let go. I said I want you to know. I said I want you to know right now. I want you to know I said I want you to know...... ***Save Ferris***
Funny, Funny Biker Video..
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Life Deal With It
ISSUES IF LIFE Life is like a hoe house. Eventually you’ll get fucked. They say money can’t buy you love/ happiness. Well fuck them money can buy you one hour of bliss. Life is like being a sexy blonde chick. Someone is always trying to fuck you. Don’t dress and act like a hoe and say I’m not like that because if it looks like a duck.. quack quack bitch you know the rest. Ladies. FYI. It IS your booty NOT your beauty. Ladies. FYI. When he buys you a drink he’s already plannin on gettin some that night. Ladies. FYI. There is no such thing as guy friends. Those niggas are just waiting for their chance to get in those panties. Sad but true. Ladies. FYI. Letting yur man go with your best friend everywhere is a big sign of trouble If people tell you your kids are bad they probably are. Life is like being a toilet. There’s always gonna be someone shittin on you. Life is like being a fence on the american border. Someone is always trying to get over you.
Ten Commandments Of The Cowboy
1. A cowboy never takes unfair advantage. 2. A cowboy never betrays a trust. 3. A cowboy always tells the truth. 4. A cowboy is kind to small children, to old folks, and to animals. 5. A cowboy is free from racial and religious prejudice. 6. A cowboy is helpful and when anyone's in trouble he lends a hand. 7. A cowboy is a good worker. 8. A cowboy is clean about his person and in thought, word, and deed. 9. A cowboy respects womanhood, his parents, and the laws of his country. 10. A cowboy is a patriot.
Putting It In The Universe,,,
I am putting out my "shopping list" in the hopes that the universe can put into motion what I would like. I am aware that what I would like and what will happen are mutually exclusive of each other, but anyhow, it is what I would like. I want a man that is for me. I want him to be a nice guy. By that I mean a man with a soul, a concience and a brain. I want him to be so freakin horny all the time I even get a little annoyed (but not very much). I want him to be sweet to me, to love kids, and be a good guy. I want him a bit on the rough side cuz I love the "bad boy" look, but not the stupidity that usually comes along with it. I want a man that is not still bogged down with so much baggage he can't see the future ahead. I would like to go slow cuz I want us to get to know each other very well so there is something REAL there. Did I mention I want him to be horny all the time? I like sex, I hope to get alot of sex. I want him to want alot of sex too. The good kind too. The kind where
You Are Special
Well this is to all the ladies out there in fubar land. I am here to tell you that you are special no matter what your partner tells you. I know there are alot of ladies out there who know what I am talking about. There are just some guys out there that we thought we are in love with and then once they think that they have you they start trying to control you and keeping you away from the outside world. Well I am here today to tell you that you can get out and that you do not deserve to be in that kind of relationship. There are plenty of nice guys out there that is willing to take care of you and try and give you the WORLD. It has taken me a while to find my one and only but i have found him. So ladies i say this please don't settle for anything but the best cause that is what we all deserve is the BEST. If this relates to any one out there drop in and leave a comment.
I Need Help
I can't figure out how to put the pictures I saved to a file onto my fu-page.Somebody please help me.
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Tempting Enchantress^Llama Leveler^{Sarge's Bad Girls}@ fubar All Llama Levelers will leave 100 rates when done please a comment below that you have done so.
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I hope the whole shit there stops by the time I go there next year to visit my fam.
I'm back to white bitches.
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Facts Of Black History
tagged nsfw so i don't get deleted even though i don't see how anything here sould be really. Facts of Black History Blacks commit 90% of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence that occur in the U.S. each year. Blacks are so much more likely than members of other races to commit crimes that police may be justified in stopping and questioning them more frequently-just as they stop men more than women and young people more often than old people. Whites are victims of over half - 50% of the violent crimes committed by blacks. Blacks are the victims of whites in 3% of violent crimes. ƒnBureau of Justice Statistics Black Commentator says Liberal Media Ignores Millions of Black on White Hate Crimes! The above statistics gathered by the New Century Foundation out of FBI reports have been completely ignored by the Liberal media and Conservative talk radio as well. Walter Williams, a well known syndicated black columnist attended the press conference of the New Centur
I Wish I Could Be Your Color
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It's Not That I Don't Love Ya....
I just seen this on TV, and I think it's cute. Sometimes I feel exactly like this...too bad it's a kids song, lol.
Which Martini Are You?
Which Martini Are You? (with pictures)Deadly MartiniYou are the deadly, poisenous martini...You face challenges and you are brave enough to tell people how you think, your friends may think you have a soft side (which you do) but only around the people you love and adore.Personality-Emotion Quizzes
Week 3
Although your belly is still the same size and shape as it was pre-pregnancy, a plethora of amazing and dynamic changes are taking place despite this fact. Right now your little zygote is already 1.5 – 2.5mm in size. This is quite a change from the microscopic pack of cells you had just two weeks ago. Your microscopic little one is already composed of three complex “germ” layers: the ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm. Although you could hardly see them at this point, these layers are the beginnings of your baby's nervous system and brain, stomach and inner organs, and skeleton and connective tissue. Your baby is also starting to take on recognizable physical dimensions somewhat comparable to a very tiny pear. The round part of the pear will eventually become the head and the pointy part will be the spine. Perhaps the best part of this week is that somewhere around the 21st day, your miraculous little pear will have a beating heart, although the heart chambers and valves will not be compl
Well, my alter ego got deleted. If you are the loser that posted it, contact me again. I know you are a coward, and wouldn't confess to who you are. But maybe you have another fake profile you could use.
Beer Bottle Masturbation
Beer Bottle Masturbation I got so horny watch all the football players. I started to play with myself through my jeans. Before you knew it I was naked playing with a cold beer bottle. I started with the small side making sure to get my sweet pussy juices in my beer. Then I got an idea to put the big fat end in my pussy. OH MAN!!!! Did it feel so good!!!!! There is closeup of my ass in jeans, my huge tits, and my wet pussy with the bottle in it. Cum on over to the member's sextion and see how deep I get it in. Watch for the video that goes with it next week. Till then check out my others. I have 28 to choose from. XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
Right Now....
Here I sit trying to get stuff straight, but it seems that its not happening. I have been waiting to get my BAH (housing allowance) from the Army for over 3 months now, and I talked to them today, the fucking paperwork hasnt been turned in yet, they say I have to change a few things, which they couldnt tell me sooner?! WTF I'm dealing w/ that, my ex wife's b.s., work going in early, and staying a lil late from time to time is wearing me down. I'm exhausted, emotionally, physically, and mentally I am almost to a breaking point because I have a few other personal issues i'm dealing w/ as well so that isnt helping AT all....But i'm doing the best I can, and You have to understand if i'm "moody" or if i "snap" at you or have an "attitude" or "dont make time" for you this is why. I go to shows to get my mind off all of this, it helps for a lil bit, but its still there, i'm doing the best I can, so I'm asking you as friends, and family, bare with me and in due time and process everythin
Been A While....
Well its been a while since I actually jotted down my thoughts so maybe I should get some things out. Where do I start.... Work? After a hell of a busy year last year (2008) this year is a drastic change. It has been so slow this year that it is not only scaring me but gives me way too much time to think about shit! With the failing economy and no union representation... I have to keep thinking that sooner or later the shoe will fall and I will be looking at a pink slip. They leadership says that won't happen.... yea not to them... but the civilian employees that work for the department... what about us???? Are we expendable??? If I lose my job... will I lose my house? All the things that I call my own? Its scary!!! Home....Mom is living with me and its ok. There are things that bug me but in the big picture of life... I get to help her out when she needs the assistance. Zac has been a handful lately, his grades are failing and his social skills to me aren't where I feel they sho
OK last night was the first night in a long time that i felt so horrible that i actually got sick from being so stressed... Some of u that may being to read this may think u know who stressed me out and i can tell you this isnt all because of some dumb aussie lol he has nothing to do with this blog so im not going to give him ne more space in it lol Now where was i... oh yea well lets start with a few days ago at work... I was told that i have to stop unloading the truck after my first break and go and finish the handheld comp work left over from days...everyday... now my crew isnt too happy about this cuz 1 its less work for me and 2 it slows down the prosses big time for us... a job that used to take us until 10 now takes us til the end of our shift at 1230. i know im not saying without me the whole crew would fall apart cuz i would just be replaced and the work would continue to get done... well tensions are running high because of that and last night..well we have one guy on our c
My Free
Hello! I am on this site referred from a friend on The site is basically a way for men all over to help raise money for women who are not so well endowed haha. I happen to be one of them. I am hoping this message can reach to many people! It is a wonderful site and i am hoping to reach my goal this summer! Check it out! If you have any questions feel free to ask me! love, kylie
Sarge's Bad Girls
SBG Tag . bed . wine . angel wings ...Miss Moneypenny SBG TA Leaving Love from Rebel Angel SBG Leaving Love - Leather .. MMP SBG Tag from Sarge ... leaving love SBG Tag from aGem4life angel-devil - showing love - basic from cotton candy Bad Girl from Deb (red straps) Bad Girl from Ticha Angel - Devil - from Tempting Enchantress Rolling spank me
Showing Love (flying pegasus) Showing Love Membership Tag Mystical fu love tag
Rock Me
Your Rockstar Name Is: Angus Stardust Rock on! What's Your Rockstar Name?
Low Ratings
I try to show everyone Love here by rating high rates, and showing respect to everyone, and I was recently rated a 4 (wtf) If that's the best that you can do, then don't bother wasting my time or yours, and just stay off my page!!!!
A Song Can Say A Lot
Sometimes a song can say everything you are feeling... right now... this one says it all!!!!! I told you I'd leave a light on, In case you ever wanted to come back home, You smiled and said you appreciate, the gesture, I took every word to heart, 'cause I can't stand us bein' apart, Just to show how much I really miss ya', Chorus: Every light in the house is on, The backyard's bright as the crack of dawn, The front walk looks like runway lights, It's kinda like noon in the dead of night, Every light in the house is on, Just in case you ever do get tired of being gone, Every light in house is on, If I should ever start forgetting, I'll turn the lights off one by one, So you can see that I agree, It's over, But until then I want you to know, If you look south you'll see a glow, That's me waitin' at home each night to hold ya', Every light in the house is on, The back yard's bright as the crack of dawn, The front walk look's like ru
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Rhema Marx
Hey Everyone, I finally finished the website for Rhema Marx. Check it out and let me know what you think. They are recycled leather clutches and awesome cuffs. Awesome benefit coming up March 12 in Lake Villa, IL ... to support Home of the Sparrow and Zacharia's Sexual Abuse Center. Thank you everyone for the support so far. ciao Swe T
As Much As I Shouldn't Complain... bugs me that it costs more to live where I recently moved to, but it is much nicer here. The drawback is I spend all my time working and now I don't have time to do the things I used to love to do. I grew up around here but it's been so long since I lived here (high school) that I can't find any of my old friends. The ones that I can find are always busy themselves in similar situations. I just feel like I traded free time and poverty for semi-nice and manic-busyness. I hope this doesn't last long, because I'm really not happy with my trade. NTM, the biggest reason for moving was to be closer to my family, and now I'm too busy to see them. haha, it's ironic
I Went To The Therapist Today!!!
yea so my family doc decided that i needed to go see a therapist well who am i to argue with that going and seeing a therapist is a lot better then bottling up all my emotions. i just dont know what to do. i have always been such a good girl growing up. for the longest time i believed that i would not have sex until i got married, yea that lasted awhile. actually it did i held out until i was 19. i thought i was so in love with this guy. i met him through a friend and he would always flirt with me. i had never had a boyfriend even though i had offers, a girl has to have her standards but it was starting to look like i was gonna have to lower those standards to just breathing if i ever had a chance. that was at the point that people told me i would never have a boyfriend becuase guys just dont like fat girls. so i thought i was gonna die a dried up old fat sprinstress. the sister that will always watch your kids cause she has no life. so when i get this cute guy flirting with
This Is Me Who Are You?
well many say i am an a$$ hole and i am fat and ugly well i am randal e matthews and i am me yes im overweight i know im not the best looking but i am me i am my fathers son and he passed on in nov and i am liveing my life as best i can sure i was married and divorced but im still looking for that right one but im still me im fun loveing hard working big hearted man so feel free to tell me who you are
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sit_up_king *rate spanker* {{{SHADOW LEVELERS}}} , Llama Levelers, *club F.A.R. *@ fubar all Llama Levelers will rate 100 pics. when done kindly leave a comment below that you have done so....Thanks
Hell On Earth
LOOKING FOR THE BEST DAMN PARTY AROUND ? WELCOME TO HELL ON EARTH Where the demons run free and drink Patron all night while listening to the hottest DJs on Fubar So if your looking for some fun and a hell of a good time come on in and join us.....IF YOUR NOT TOO SCARED Also looking for DJs,,,if your interested come in and talk to DJ Craig Mac
Are You Leaving Fubar Or Know Someone Who Is?
I really hope no one is reading this becaue personally, this site is full of quality people and I hate to see anyone go. I kinda hope this blog doesn't get any views, however, life happens and life decisions must be made. As most of you know from reading my blogs, I am accepting donations for spotlight for breast cancer awareness so not going to beat around the bush here or be shy in posting this blog, but if you or someone you know decides to leave fubar in the near future, don't let your fubucks go to waste! Instead, consider making a donation here as part of distribution out to your or their friends...I know this is forward, but I feel it is better the fubucks get used for something instead of being unused at all...yes, this is that important to me. Thank you for your attention and cooperation and as always, think pink! Love you all.
Baby Making Cunt
Obviously everyone has heard a story about a baby making cunt, which is a single mother and got turkey bastered in order to get 8 cunt runts in addition to 6 she already had. I sure hope the doctor will rot in jail for the rest of his life. But...there is something else... When you think about a person with 32409584 kids, you think of a homely fat bitch that thinks having a ton of kids will make her more respectable. This one, however, is all of the above, but had a ton of plastic surgery done to her face. Where the fuck did she get the $$$ to get her nose, her lips, and probably something else done?? So that was her priority? I just hope the kids are taken away, and she hops back into the loony bin she worked at.
Kingdom Of Rogue Levelers, Or Any Other Leveler
Ok, lets show my good friend Shayla some love, She's wanting to level before her VIP runs out. So lets kick it for her.
The One And Only
Can't Nobody Be Like Me...
Janie's Got A Gun
As some of you know (you know who you are), I am going to the motherland in a year, for a coupla months. Being used to the safety in the US, I completely forgot what a crazy land Russia is. So...I have decided that I will get a gun once I'm there. While most of my stay will be in Moscow (which is still a jungle), hubby and I will be going to some places that are not safe, esp for Americans (which he is). However...he is completely opposed to this idea, saying that I will get in trouble and they won't let me back in the States. Thats one issue I am a lil concerned about, but since I have a double citizenship, I dont think I have much worries in that aspect. I won't need to get a registration or anything, and there are a lot of places where I can get one, but he is still being paranoid about it. I have no idea how to sway his mind. He is so stubborn! Grr!
Cj Is In An Auction
Babygurl's Dog, Bandit...
Bandit was diagnosed with cancer on Friday Feb 13th... there is a link to the bulletin I posted below.
In the desert I came across a man, naked & beastial who, squattin' on the ground held his heart in his hands, and ate of it. I said; "is it good friend?" "Bitter", he replied, "but good, because it is mine, and because it is bitter."
Im A Man
Im a man with goals Life for me is being a man Southern young gentleman growing up In a house of a single mother of three A Gemini Born in 84' Slanted teddy bear eyes 6'4 Handsome hard working man Name of a strong man with a swaggle And a smile of maturity That puts a woman in the state of mind of comfort Personality that accepts all equally Whom looks at life with a strong heart And passion to be a child of God But flaws of Devilish ways Dreams to be a poem writer as an artist Career based to be an Accountant But hands as a Massage Therapist Ambitious at all accomplishments that brings success to my eyes Laid back conversations that are comfortable and relaxing But quite humorous around the boys Fashion based as America's Next Top Model Im a man Im Rasheed
He Didnt Have To Be
When a single mom goes out on a date with somebody new It always winds up feeling more like a job interview My momma used to wonder if she'd ever meet someone Who wouldn't find out about me and then turn around and run I met the man I call my dad when I was five years old He took my mom out to a movie and for once I got to go A few months later I remember lying there in bed I overheard him pop the question and prayed that she'd say yes And then all of a sudden Oh, it seemed so strange to me How we went from something's missing To a family Lookin' back all I can say About all the things he did for me Is I hope I'm at least half the dad That he didn't have to be I met the girl that's now my wife about three years ago We had the perfect marriage but we wanted somethin' more Now here I stand surrounded by our family and friends Crowded 'round the nursery window as they bring the baby in And now all of a sudden Oh, it seemed so strange to me How we've gone from
Fumarriage Proposals
In the past day I've gotten 2 marriage requests. Don'tcha think that's a bit fucked up being as I'm already Fu-married? What makes you think I spent $50 to get married just so I can spend $25 to get divorced then have to pay another $50 to marry you which I'll then inevitably divorce you costing me another $25?? And you can't use the lame excuse "I clicked on it on accident" because when you click to fu-propose it takes you to a screen double checking if you want to fu-propose to that person. So you knew damn well what you were doing. Not to mention why the fuck would you want to marry someone you've never talked to? It just doesn't make any sense! Fubar needs to alter it so when your married you can't be propose to someone that's already married. Or at least give us the ability to deny the marriage proposals we get. When I get the proposals and click on it so i can decline it says i'm already married to ay bay bay. But it doesn't give me the option to decline the proposals.
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What does being attractive have to do with being lonely? As if attractive people are incapable of being lonely...
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send comments and pictures to my blog. females only !
Feb 22,2009
February 22, 2009 1. PiscesPisces (2/19-3/20) It's a good idea to spend some time thinking about what you want to do next in life -- where do you want to travel? What experiences do you want to have? What people do you want to meet? Daydreaming about your future is free, it's fun, and it's something you totally control. Stretching yourself to imagine what could be will help you lay the groundwork for future goals and future adventures! And you'll have the time, especially later in the afternoon.
Here We Go!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello all, my name is Angelo and I have been working with comp. practically since they came out, I have never bloged or even know what a blog is. If all it consists of is writting what you feel or whatever then let's give it a try. Anyone is welcome to give me some feedback if I am wrong, as a matter of fact I think i am going to leave it at that, again if anyone is willing please let me know if I am doing this right. Until next time have a wonderfull day all.
When i feel life is unbearable I think of things that make me smile I wonder where you are how the sun makes your hair glisten the way you walk under it with such grace how even a simple glimpse of your smile warms my skin I am flush with visions As the day past I know the night will be that much more Walking with all the sense that your rays will guide the way Into a world of where I can feel genuine passion My body your body combust into the truth The reality of looking into eyes with no doubt
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I do not give in to peer pressure, 'cause I posess will. I do not praise meekness, 'cause I posess strength. I have no need for hope, 'cause my assertiveness has no use for it. I do not congregate among te "beautiful people", 'cause I can stand alone boldly. I do not seek to impress you...I only wish to impress myself. I do not bow, 'cause I am equal. I do not seek aceptance from others, I accept myself as I am. I don't dream...I achieve. I can endure buckets full of pain, hence I need no reprieve. I will never concede, 'cause I know I can win. I do not wear masks, who you read of , is who you get...I will not conceal my sins to make you more comfortable in my presence. I am completly unfettered, unrestricted, and untrained. I am wild & free, mentally unchained. I am a man who's fingers double as claws. I am negatively positive.... I am perfectly flawed.
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If I Can't Have You--yvonne Elliman
3/1/09 Dilbert
I Don't Know!
Well I have some shit on my mind and I need to get the thoughts out of my mind and I have said the it before I have to wirte shit down so I wont have to keep on thinking about the thing's that are on my mind. And here gose nothing I have wounderful man in my mind and I pray everyday that the Lord would show me to do the right thing in this relionship that I am in right now and I believe that the Lord was with me when I meat him. When I look at my past relionship's that I was in I think the Lord was with me in all of my relionship and I think he is trying to tell me I need to cool off on what I am doing with my boyfriend and that him and I need to get to one other a little more and not warry about sex and just don't rush in shit that you are not confurtable in doing And I just want to say Thank You Lord for telling me! And Please whatch over me in this relionship!
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Children aren't born spoiled. Get the 10 signs your children are brats and what you can do to set them straight. No child is born spoiled or a brat--it's only indulgent parenting can make them that way, Oprah & Friends Radio host Rabbi Shmuley says. "Naturally, children are innocent and have a cuteness which makes people's hearts warm to them and helps bring out our best qualities," he says. "When we raise kids who are spoiled, we snuff out the child's natural attractiveness." If you are guilty of spoiling your children, Rabbi Shmuley says chances are, you have brats on your hands. 10 Signs Your Children Are Brats: They resort to crying or yelling when they want something. They throw themselves on floor and won't get up. They constantly throw tantrums or even hit you when you punish them. They ignore you when you ask a question. They are rude to other adults and even to other children. They refuse to share toys or treats with other children. They are show-off
Desity Found Ch 2 Pt 17
Crossing the courtyard, down the path, she came to a stop at the bottom of the steps. Michael had followed closely after her, "You okay?" he asked. Looking behind her. "Yes. I think so." Taking a deep breath she started up the steps. "Want me to stay here?" he asked loud enough for her to hear him. Stopping she turned and held out her hand. "No, come with me. I feel better with you around." Giving her a reassuring smile, he ascended the steps and took her hand. It wasn't long until they stood at the altar. Michael hadn't been here since he was a small boy. It reminded him a lot of her mother. It pained his heart at the thought of her. He lowered his head a little. She saw the sadness cross his face. "What's wrong?" "Nothing, just old painful memories" he answered. "I'm sorry. If it makes you uncomfortable to be here. I'll be alright." Looking around the room. Recognizing symbols and words. "It's not that, it's more of a feeling of not having a closure
See Ya
yeah, im hating fubar, ill be on and off, more lurking than anything. so hi
The Things That Do Concern Me. ~it's A Long Story, Be Prepared.~
The girl in the window Lane DeGregory, Times Staff Writer Published Thursday, July 31, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part One: The Feral Child PLANT CITY — The family had lived in the rundown rental house for almost three years when someone first saw a child's face in the window. A little girl, pale, with dark eyes, lifted a dirty blanket above the broken glass and peered out, one neighbor remembered. Everyone knew a woman lived in the house with her boyfriend and two adult sons. But they had never seen a child there, had never noticed anyone playing in the overgrown yard. The girl looked young, 5 or 6, and thin. Too thin. Her cheeks seemed sunken; her eyes were lost. The child stared into the square of sunlight, then slipped away. Months went by. The face never reappeared. Just before noon on July 13, 2005, a Plant City police car pulled up outside that shattered window. Two officer
Eggplant Sale
A grocer put up a sign that read "Eggplants, 25¢ ea.--three for a dollar." All day long, customers came in exclaiming: "Don't be ridiculous! I should get four for a dollar!" Meekly the grocer capitulated and packaged four eggplants. The tailor next door had been watching these antics and finally asked the grocer, "Aren't you going to fix the mistake on your sign?" "What mistake?" the grocer asked. "Before I put up that sign no one ever bought more than one eggplant."
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Setting Adrift on day dreams coming into view there I'll find a sky fo crystal clear blue Along with your sparkling smile beaming beyond the stars captured in awe like winnie the pooh in honey jars Curvaceous stature mesmorizes with just one glance as the rythem of salsa tingles your hips to dance The winds bring your sweet scent across while our hair delightfully comes to toss Time seems to stand still as I gaze into your eyes that silient lucidity induces a pleasant surprise Since there is no doubt of your eternal beauty I'm blessed to have your loving decree
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Next time you think you can't or the odds are so overwhelmingly stacked against you, check out this chick. Kelly Bruno
Changes Again
Things I Hate
i'll be direct to the point. i dislike those fubar members who post nude or other photos that aren't nice to be posted. they're making this site very dirty and i detest that! it's highly degrading.
The Aol News About The Cocaine Cast!!!
Did yall hear in Barcelona a man was apprehended with a cocaine cast and a few other things smart i must say, and by what i read the conclusion i recieve is that someone snitched YA DIGG!
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Let's See Who Is Paying Attention
Lying naked next to you I know you feel it too Your pulse starts to quicken As my cock starts to thicken You roll over and spread your thighs I climb on top and look into your eyes You wrap your arms around me and press your lips to mine Your legs lock tightly around my hips I slip inside, such a tight fit Thrusting slowly in and out, making you so wet As I gently kiss you up and down your neck Pushing deeper as you begin to moan Your panting gets louder as my rod churns your honey hole Getting lost in ecstasy as we move as one Teasing your hard nipples with the tip of my tongue You pull my hair and arch you back as I bury my face between your breasts The room starts to spin as I struggle to catch my breathe I roll over, letting you on top I push even harder as you beg me not to stop Gripping you tightly by the soft flesh of your ass Pushing deeper, harder, faster, with all the strength that I have You scream "I'm ready to cum!" I say "Wait, I'm almost there" The
Who Is The Gamer What Is The Gamer Where Is The Gammer
Most people who see the gamer think of the man player at the bar. the one who seems to be getting all the honeys. Claims to have a gf in every state. Well I'm not that type of gamer. I'm a nerd and geek rolled into one. I play video games and D&D. I work at gaming/comic book store. I collect comics. Play mmos Love girls in glasses yeah thats who I am. I'm not the type to just to friend ya because you message me out of the blue. get to know me then maby we can be friends.
Look Away
Look away Act as if it isn't killing you Ignore the words That are tearing out your soul... Show that fake smile And act as though tears aren't Forming behind your eyes... Let the truth haunt your mind As a lie escapes your lips Pretend for a moment That all is okay That nothing is wrong And then maybe, just maybe... If you pretend long enough... You'll actually believe it
Cause You Love Me Baby
Help Stephie Level Up - She Has Auto11s
ღஐ §têphïê♥§ïzzlês ღஐ ☆ Prðmðtïðñs Måñågêrs @ Fðrbïddêñ ☆@ fubar ღஐ §têphïê♥§ïzzlês ღஐ ☆ Prðmðtïðñs Måñågêrs @ Fðrbïddêñ ☆ Has Autos Running Come and show this sweet and sexy lady some love! Rate Her Fan Her Add Her Bling Her Come spank this lovely lady... She LOVES it!!! Help Stephie level to Godfather (Godmother)!!!! Brick House - Commodores *************************************** Lovingly pimped out by
So, I clicked something to get some points. Ninja or Pirate, who gives a fuck ? Can I beat the IQ score ? Hell Yes I can. Hint, don't enter your E-mail address...
Sexual arousal from strangers.
My Type Is Hardly Typical
My friends give me crap about the “type” of guy I go for. I’m just not a frat boy type of girl. I’m not a rock-hard abs kind of girl. I’m not a country boy type of girl. So what is my type? Here’s a brief list of my preferences: Older men. Preferably 5 to 15 years older than myself. Also, I don’t consider things like previous marriages or children “baggage.” Intelligence. This is a must. Call me elitist, but I know I’m no idiot. Therefore, I have a very low tolerance for those who aren’t intellectually inclined or flat out dullards. Sense of humor. I love to laugh and love people who can make me laugh. Wit and sarcasm are my favorite, but sometimes I like plain silliness. General quirkiness. I’ve come to accept that I’m a little off. It’s much more interesting when the person I’m with is also eccentric. And, as always, dorks are welcome. Eclectic tastes. I love art, music, museums, thrift shopping, sports, movies, travel, Mod, 50s kitsch, pin-up style, 20s style, danc
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Irish Italian Parade
Irish-Italian Parade Route EastBound on Veterans from Clearview Shopping Center to Severn NorthBound on Severn to 17th Street U-Turn SouthBound on Severn back to Veterans East on Veterans ending at Martin Behrman
New Video Clip & Call Me On Niteflirt
Were you patiently waiting to see when I'd pop up to announce that I new clips being added to My Clips4Sale store? Wait no longer!!! Visit and see the new clips I recently posted of a long-time anal slut of mine in "her" porn debut!!! Here's the descriptions for the first of the 3 clips from this scene ... Part 1: Porn Debut of anal slut "Jerk-off Jill" (6 min) In this first of 3 scenes, an all too willing, submissive J. is dubbed "Jerk Off Jill", and becomes a pornstar for Mistress Genevieve's fun and profit. Being a notorious butt-pirate, Mistress Genevieve loves to plunder "booty"; and wastes no time doing exactly that!!!. As the horny little slut lustfully lays waiting and wanking before her, Mistress slops a ton of lube making ass-pussy is extra super wet and messy, and proceeds to work manually work "Jill's" hungry hole. Listen to that whore moan as the Mistress manually fucks her deep inside; pounding that ass and twisting her hand
Who's That Lady--isley Brothers
Bring It On Home--page And Plant
I want to be immersed in your lustful seduction to open my eyes finding myself in an enamor expedition where I can quench my thirst with exuberance and know I'll be captivated with each chance I want you to blackout with passion to be gasping in sultry fashion As sweat drips down off our pulsating distinguish forms heavens gates open as our love surely conforms I want us to experience the eternity of light the delight of a genuine embrace to be held tight Intriguing every step with intoxicating intimacy as our deep emotions climb towards a unequivical decree
Fear Lives In The Future...
"We can't fear the past. Fear is a future thing. And since the future’s all in our heads, fear must be a head thing." -- Tom Payne It helps to understand that fear is usually a projection into the future. We typically fear what MIGHT happen rather than what is happening now. Susan Jeffers notes that 90% of what we fear usually does not materialize. So replace your images of disaster on the TV screen in your mind with awareness of what is really happening. And don’t allow your thinking to change channels. "I have not ceased being fearful, but I have ceased to let fear control me." -- Erica Jong What are you afraid of?
Who Are You !!
~¢¾~WHO ARE YOU~¢¾~ You are not the color of your hair, Nor are you the color of your skin. It makes no difference short or tall; Doesn't matter whether big or small. You are not the car you own or drive; Nor the clothes you choose to wear. You might even have a disability Which causes other people to stare. True, we all look very different Which helps us to know who is who But, peel away the outer wrapping And then you will find the "Real You". You are the smile you give to all, The kindness you show every day. The helping hand you offer to another When things don't go their way. You are the one with kind words When a friend is feeling so down. You are the arms that offer a hug Helping their sorrows to drown. You are God's image in your soul. And His love lives in the heart. We are created with no two alike Only so others can tell us apart. Who we really are comes from within, The things we believe
Find Me On Myspace!!
Here is my author page for those interested
And Then The Dream Crumbles
and the dream crumbles theres this dream i have Whenever I fall in love It always involves me getting hurt Which then becomes reality I love a guy and fall for him deep Then without warning He pulls the rug from under my feet I hear the same lines over and over I'm so sick of them that in my dreams I want to stay My dreams are sweet and full of love But with simple words even in my mind The dream crumbles and I'm forced back into reality i dream this dream every night that starts and stops exactly The same way it always has and I fear always will Every time i see your face and try to touch you The dream crumbles and fades to black And I'm left with the thought of you The face of you is many and numbered From years of love and anguish The face of you is heartbreaking As the memories flood in It always starts the same Even though the faces don't remain And always ends the same With the same bitter taste I don't know if its me I don't know if I need
Lippy, Da Point Whore??!!?
Just to let everyone know I am point whoring tonight at 11pm fu time. *hangs head in shame* I will be sponsoring the HH at that time and I will be activating auto 11's around that time as well. I want to get lots closer to leveling to Oracle. I still have a ways to go before I level but I would like to chip away at some of those points I have a lil over 13 million to go. Cheers!
The Estranged Student Body President And A Younger Me
Sometimes I wish to go back as the woman I am now And revisit a younger self. A memory surfaces sometimes how someone older Did this very thing for someone younger than they were Years ago I learned how to not cry Or at best By reflex I hid my face If tears did fall. I hated the way my eyes looked And swollen mouth. A 15 year old very awkward Unpopular me Sat with Monica the student body president. The cheerleader of all people was my friend. She claimed she wanted someone who didn't care about all that. After all these years I believe her. So we sat in the parking lot at the mall In her 65 mustang. The shopping mall Where girlfriends went to gossip Or in our case confess secrets. One brought tears for me And a barricade of my hands And hair Obscured my face She took my hands down And held my face up by the chin To say "I always wanted lips like yours" She did not say "You're ugly" Or "You have no reason to cry" She just told me I was beautif
Bomber Giveaways - 2.27-30.09 @ 3am Est
WINNERS 1 Mil Fubux Bomber GiveAway & 5 - 100k Consolation Prizes Number of Entries Correlated to Number of Bombs Dropped Grand Prize – Angela Buzzzman GirlCop#1 PlayinHard Sexy Vixen Kari lilsnoop Names Made Random using Numbers Chosen Using Bully brought to you by: Chipper *no no licks*
Delieve Me (sara Brightman
Deliver me, out of my sadness. Deliver me, from all of the madness. Deliver me, courage to guide me. Deliver me, strength from inside me. All of my life I've been in hiding. Wishing there was someone just like you. Now that you're here, now that I've found you, I know that you're the one to pull me through. Deliver me, loving and caring. Deliver me, giving and sharing. Deliver me, the cross that I'm bearing. All of my life I was in hiding. Wishing there was someone just like you. Now that you're here, now that I've found you, I know that you're the one to pull me through. Deliver me, Deliver me, Oh deliver me. All of my life I was in hiding. Wishing there was someone just like you. Now that you're here, now that I've found you, I know that you're the one to pull me through. Deliver me, Oh deliver me. Won't you deliver me.
If I Were A Boy
If I Were A Boy - BeyonceIf I were a boy Even just for a day I’d roll out of bed in the morning And throw on what I wanted and go Drink beer with the guys And chase after girls I’d kick it with who I wanted And I’d never get confronted for it Because they’d stick up for me If I were a boy I think I could understand How it feels to love a girl I swear I’d be a better man I’d listen to her Cause I know how it hurts When you lose the one you wanted Cause he’s taken you for granted And everything you had got destroyed If I were a boy I would turn off my phone Tell everyone its broken So they think that I was sleeping alone I’d put myself first And make the rules as I go Cause I know that she’d be faithful Waiting for me to come home (to come home) If I were a boy I think I could understand How it feels to love a girl I swear I’d be a better man I’d listen to her Cause I know how it hurts When you
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take itRULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!LAST PERSON YOU....[1] Who was the last person you texted?Mikey[2] You were in the car with?Asian[3] Went to the mall with?Meathead[4] Person you talked on the phone with?Taxi man[5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar?Robocop! lolT/F Only answer with True or FalseQ:Kissed some one on your top friends?TrueQ: Been searched By Cops?trueQ: Been suspended from school?TrueQ: Sat on a roof top?TrueQ: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?TrueQ: Broken a bone?trueQ: Have shaved your head?FalseQ: Played a prank on someone?TrueQ: Had/have a gym membership?TrueQ: Shot a gun?FalseQ: Donated Blood?FalseWOULD YOU RATHER:[1] Eat or drink?Drink[2] Be serious or be funny?Funny[3] Go to the beach or mountains?Beach[4] Die in a fire or die getting shot?I'm going down in a hail of gunfire!ANSWER TRUTHFULLY:[1] Sun or moon?Moon[2] Winter or fall?Fall[3] Left or right
The Real Secured Fu
 Dear Fubies, Hi how are you, I'm ok just figures I would put something out for people to read.  First, I read a lot of profiles and I agree with most that if you do not like the content then move on.  This blog is just what I think, and is not intended to be taken as gospel or anything other than what it is, an opinion.  Soooo, if you read my rants and hate them  OH WELL!!, but if you like what you read then enjoy as I rant a little bit.   About me, I am a 35 year old man not some wannabe surfing for chicks.  I am very polite until I have a reason not to be.  If I send you a gift it is not because I expect something in return, but I enjoyed your page etc..  If you do return the favor that's cool if not csa la vie.  I do not post a picture of myself, because of what I do for a living not because I am eccentric or ignorant of how to do it.  It is simply not allowed.   About Fubar, I enjoy checking people out, and sending gifts but I won't spend real money on fake things.  If I want
Sounds, The - Hope You're Happy Now
You can call me a slut You can call me a liar I got so many names now I can't even deny it You can call a thief and put up a fight bury me six feet under the ground But if you think I look mad today You should have seen me yesterday You can call me a beauty You can call me a beast But it's nobody's business what I do or please So this song is from me to you you make me mad and you make me blue Cause when you're looking like I do you know I can see you We dance to the same groove but I got the right move Hope your happy now But I'm not giving in I hope you're satisfied With your bullshit and your lies Hope your happy now But I'm not giving up I hope your satisfied Can't bury me alive They call me a slut Then call me a liar Got so many names now I can't even deny it They call me a thief They put up a fight Try bury me six feet under the ground So this song is from me to you You make me mad and you make me blue You're looking like I do You know I can see you We dance the same groove
I like this song LOL Framing Hanley-lollipop   Its sooo dirty!!!  
Um... You Tell Me What To Put....
Well for thing that I have to write down is that when you really have true feelings for someone that you are fallin for don't keep to yourself because if you do it tells the person that you really don't care for them the way they love you... I think that you should just tell the person stright up and go with the flow and see how things go I mean just lay out your cards out and you never going to know what reaction you are going to get until you  the person how you feel about them. Peace & Love
Out Of Boredom!
1) Is there anyone on your friends list you would have sex with? YUP (2) Sex in the morning, afternoon or night?there is a specific time?(3) Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke?only when i had food poisoning(4) Have you ever taken your clothes off for money?hell no(5) Shower or bath while having sex?done both...(6) Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed?aggressive(7) Do you love someone in your friends list?of course!(8) Love or Money?i can haz both pls(9) Credit cards or cash?depends(10) Have you ever wanted a best friend?i have my best friends (11) Camping or a 5 star hotel?Again... this depends...(12) Would you shave your entire body (including your head)?if i had a good enough reason to(13) Have you ever been to a strip club?yes MANY(14) Ever been to a bar?just got home from like 2(15) Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club?nah.. i am a good girl :D(16) Ever been so drunk someone else had to carry you?nah i am usually doing the dragging(17)
Yet Again..........
she sits alone in a dark room staring into the endless night. wondering when she will find the happiness that she sees so many others have. why cant she have it? what makes her so different that she is undable to find one.....just  one true one. someone who can stand and take notice. who can give her everything she so desires. a loving heart she has yet it is shut out all the time. why does she bother.......she asks herself this question a thousand times a day. when will she get her second chance at do these things co exist in her world or are they seperate? she will never know....for she has given up all hope of reaching her answers. so she sits alone in the dark staring into the total empiness that is there...............
New Rules Add On
New Rule: For all you fubarians, faceboxers, taggers, and myspacers; make a smaller profile. Stop putting all the add-ons like music videos in the About Me sections. About Me should tell who you are. For Christ's sake people, these huge ass profiles are taking up 4 gaziilion terabytes of my hard drive and making my computer jump off the desk and give me the finger as it strides out the front door. I mean, come on...15 minutes on DSL to load a page just so we can see if they're gonna show the oobies!And that's another thing! This is an Adult site people! If you're gonna postnekkid pics of yourself on here, at least open them to your friends list.Jeez, we have to go thru a hoop, buy you a damn Bling Pack, get you drunk, thenbeg for three weeks in the shout box; just for you to open a damn folder with 2pics in it that only show your ass from two directions. If we had wanted that, we'ddownload Google earth and see the whole whole planet's asses.
Heat In The Night
he gently wraps his arms around me gently breathing on mehe begins to remove my topbut also with gentle kisseshis hand moves down the side off my armhe then moves in closer into mewanting to make me feel goodhe then brings his one hand down tomy ass and just with his finger tipsrubs againts my skin,he begins to get a little ruffand it begins to get a little moreintenceeach minute he presses againts meputting my hands againts the wallbiteing me just hard enough to feel good we begin to bump each otherthe blood in r vains move fastermy breathing is so deep and heavyhe takes both hands and puts them on mybreastpushing in to me before he entershe kisses all the way down my backlicks and nibbles all the way downto my....he gently plays and nibbles and looks up at meseeing my face with such intence and sweat comeing downhearing me moan places his hands on to my belly and down my legsstimulateing every sexual nerve, he picksme up from my legs and gently puts me on thebed pushing harder on to
Family Insanity
I dont even know where to begin with this.. I guess I will just say that if you think you have a dysfunctional family, you need to come and spend a day with wait.. an hour will do. My mom has been in and out of mental hospitals for the past month and a half. My parents by the forces above, are finally getting divorced. It's a sad thing, the breaking of a union, but if you could see how unhappy and miserable they were together you would be throwing a party right now. So get comfortable for part one of my family saga, and so it begins.... One beautiful day in September, it would be the 1st day of September to be exact I get a call from my mom, she's distraught and cursing her marriage with my father.. 45 min later she shows up at our apartment. It was business as usual at the Wolf household.. My husband was watching TV, I believe the history channel was on and the only sounds in the house were of Elijah and I playing with some toys in the living room. Tonka trucks are one of th
Missy Dangerous Curves
im still tryna work this site out maybe u can hep me  
My Site
For the moment my site is down. It needs ALOT of work for one, two I need to pay the hosting company to keep it up and I don't have any money at this moment in time. My regular bills come first.   In other news I am now an auntie as of this month and I'm very happy. I have a nephew and he is the cutest baby ever! (corse we all say that about the babies in our respective families). I've also been doing photoshoots and working hard at my jub as a dancer. Life has been a little stressful but I will be ok. I'm hanging in there.
Njured Soldier Gets New Face - And Anonymity
"San Antonio - His first glimpse in the mirror was largely a blur. Sgt. Darron Mikeworth had just come out of a drug-induced coma - his mind was still in a fog and he was so weak he could barely stand. Three weeks before, in Iraq, a suicide bomber had raced up to the right side of his Humvee, igniting a barrel of explosives that tore into the machine gunner's face. He nearly died. Mikeworth awoke in a hospital bed, thousands of miles away. He was relieved he still had his arms and legs. He was thrilled, too, that his ears had survived the blast. But he had wounds he could not see, life-changing wounds. His wife, Dea, helped break the news: His face was in bad shape. His left eye was useless. And there was more. At first, Mikeworth was too groggy to absorb it all. He was caught up in hallucinations of basketball players shooting hoops in the hospital, of cars on the highway floating in air. He didn't know what was fantasy and what wasn't - until he shuffled into the physical thera
Here An Question For All
What the speed limit for having sex its 68 then at 69 u can eat them out.
i think its bullshit when your soon to be ex wife tells her lawyer what she wants out of your settlement and shes lucky i dont go to get house that i paid for and light her ass up she wants my guns, my 990 dvds, and my moms ashes but shes not getting any of it because i sold them all to my step dad for 10 bucks that stupid bitch wants to fuck with me she has no idea who shes fucked with but she will soon find out, when i get my 72" flat screen tv with digital surround sound the sony system and my blue ray dvd player that bitch can go to fuckin hell and i want to send her there
I Lay Myself Bare
Walk away Don't look back I'm laying myself bare For all to see The whispers surround me Like wind through the trees Not understandable But making sense I'm laying myself bare I can't take the hidden shame The bottled up emotions Everything has been inside For far to long Open up your eyes Look at ME Not my face Not my walls ME Just accept me the way I am Not as someone I'm not I can't keep living a lie I can't live as a mannequin A fake doll Having a suffocating Plaster mask Isn't how I was meant to live So I'll shed this skin Like old used clothes I'll shed this person Who isn't ME You all want me to be Someone I'm not I only want to be MYSELF How can I live In a costume? How can I live A lie? So, I lay myself bare I'll finally show the real me I put down this mask It's stifling and unsatisfying I take off this skin It's uncomfortable and fake I lay myself bare For everyone to see Accept ME as I AM For: Dorsey
Not Alone
  I have recently listened to my heart's lament, Inspecting it critically because it's so content Like the feel of warm sunshine upon my face, Creating memories only God can erase Each night we talk and share our day, My heart longs to be with you in every way. I'm afraid of what I do not know, But baby, I DO know I want you so. Our relationship is bizarre, that much is true, We're not alone now, you have me ... and I have you!     Poem by Tammy C.
Fast For Darfur
Even if you want to fast for a single day, you can sign up at: I will be fasting for 16 day for each aid worker agency that is among the 16 that were expelled from Darfur by the Sudanese regime.
Why Is This???
What happens with the person I trust most..When absolute trust, is somewhat of a ghost?What happens when life falls down around you?And theres really nothing I can do...Sometimes I dont really even know what my words meanI seem to just get lost in the daily sceneWhat if everything I thought was realI can no longer even seem to feel?Right now im a complete messDay by day, i feel less and lessI dont even know what im doing anymore.I guess it true what they say, Lifes a whore.Everyone gets fucked in the end...I have so much hurt that I cant mend.At the moment I feel so lost in life..Im caught up in a cluster of strife.I feel like my soul is dyingMore than ever I find myself randomly crying.I know my hearts desire..But everything is burning in an endless fire.So where do things go from here?Im so caught up in an unknown fear.
Swine Flu
Many years ago, well more than 60 years ago, my fraternal grandmother immigrated to the United States, southeast Louisiana specifically. She was looking for a new life, the American dream, for herself and her kids. She immigrated from a bad marriage in Mexico. It’s my understanding that the borders back then were more open.  It was a different time, before overpopulation worries and 911 attacks, when the world could afford to be a little more innocent.   Times are different now. Illegal aliens are running rampant through the state of Texas. There are currently an estimated 22,128,460 illegals in the United States and that number is growing at a rate of an additional 6 illegals per minute. The current Presidential administration seems to be willing to turn a blind eye to this.   Now the threat of illegals is bigger than the occasional Al-Quida that might try to blend in with the illegals. Now we are facing the threat of SWINE FLU.  
When Reality And Make Believe Come Face To Face
Fu-land is an amzing place at times. Then there are the times it bites you in the bum. I have a friend a very special friend he is a real face to face friend. I get to hug him and hold his hand I tell him my worries. In return he gets to hug me hold my hand and we comfort each other. For days an online friend of his keeps coming to me asking personal questions. I answer tentatively and do not feed her curiosity. tonight I get a message from her telling me she is his girlfriend and lover for the past two years. We live cleear across the country he and I in one city she as far away as possible. I tried to explain to her that prostituting yourself on cam is not being a lover and chatting online is not being a girlfriend.... But then i still feel as if even though he is my real life friend somehow I have been cheated and misled... I do not feel jealous or angry just confused at how never meeting someone you can tell a real life friend to stay away from your MAN. How can she live with anoth
*spanish Words Of The Day!*
1. *Cheese*  The teacher told Pepito to use the word cheese in a sentence.  Pepito replies: Maria likes me, but cheese fat! 2. *Mushroom*  When all my family get in the car, there's not mushroom! 3.  *Shoulder*  My fren wanted to become a citizen but she didn't know how to read so I shoulder. 4.  *Texas*  My fren always Texas me when I'm not home wondering where I'm at! 5.  *Herpes*  Me and my fren ordered pizza.  I got mine piece and she got herpes. 6.  *July*  Ju told me ju were going to tha store and July to me! Julyer! 7.  *Rectum*  I had 2 cars but my wife rectum! 8.  *Chicken*  I was going to go to the store with my wife but chicken go herself. 9.  *Wheelchair*  We only have one enchilada left, but don't worry wheelchair! 10.  *Chicken* *Wing*  My wife plays the lottery so chicken wing! 11.  *Harassment*  My wife caught me in bed with another woman and I told her "Honey, herassment nothing to me!" 12.  *Bishop*  My wife fell down the stair so I had to pick the bishop!
Doctor's Orders
Doctor: "I see you're over a month late for your appointment. Don't you know that nervous disorders require prompt and regular attention? What's your excuse?" Patient: "I was just following your orders, Doc." Doctor: "Following my orders? What are you talking about? I gave you no such order." Patient: "You told me to avoid people who irritate me."
Meet My Husband Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
I was originally born in Chicago, Illinois on June 20, 1901. In 1918, my parents, Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen, died while the Spanish influenza was going around, and my mother asked Dr. Carlisle Cullen to "save me." He turned me into a vampire, as there seemed to be little hope of me living. From then on, Carlisle raised me as his son. Eventually, others joined our family. "It’s twilight... It's the safest time of day for us. The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way... the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable..." I'm living in the quiet, tiny town of Forks, Washington. With the exception of my family, this is your average small town. Nothing too exciting happens here. Well at least not until one day, when a new girl named Bella Swan arrived at school. I could barely control myself. I was intrigued by her, and she smelled so good. I tried to stay away from her because I thought I wouldn't be able to control myself, but I was unable t
Angels 0f The Light
Dont Ever Lend A Friend Money
So i had this close friend id bling him and ive even vip'd him... he has returned the blinging back... But he lost his job cause booze was important to him anyways got to the point he had no food... So i sent $40 through western union to him... Then he didnt have the funds to make his computer payment so he said he would repay me so I made the computer payment for him $160... Anyways he has since got a job and new well i guess she isnt so new since the start of march but ive been watching as he is buying both of them auto11 and bombs and bling out the ass... He has given me $75 back and was told yestarday i would recieve the rest now im gettin the sad bullshit storey of oh my IE and FF dont work and he is seeing his kids this weekend and i am i trying to wreck that... Mother fucker i know you didnt!!!!! People need to pay back what they owe and stop fucking around....     *UPDATE* Its been a week and this fucking idiot has avoided me to all degrees... Everyone says I should be luc
The Global Impact Of The Multi-national Pharmaceutical Industry Part 1
Global Impacts of Multi-National Pharmaceutical Industries   Born of alchemists experimenting in an age of newly industrialized enlightenment, the modern pharmaceutical industry has today become a global goliath, a power in and of itself capable of eclipsing Nations.  Having risen from the humble labs of independent scientists in the 19th Century to the multi-billion dollar industry it is today, Big Pharma, as it is often collectively referred to as, has become one of the largest and most dominant industries in the world today. With a global reach, capital unlimited and influence unrivaled in the corporate world, Big Pharma sways international politics, determines the dynamics of global health concerns, alters regional environments and upsets social structures as it works to guarantee its global economic position.  Through aggressive though morally suspect legal and marketing methods aimed at developing a protected, dependent and permanent consumer base for their products, Big Pharma
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Im in a really pissy mood i need cheering up! Someone cheer me up damn it
Come Get Some!
How To Have A Forever Love
Measure me not with your man-made measures …For I would never do such things to you …For I have known the heart of new-love …And it transformed my world anew. How might I prove the truth of this? …That it is in giving that we receive …That it is in loving that we know true-love …Finding no means then
A Blast From Livejournal Past [about Whitney Jo]
So... I do try to keep a livejournal... and god, sometimes the nostalgia nearly kills me. As I write this, I'm reading Whitney's journal... Specifically December 2004. I had introduced her to Daniel and they were beginning their life together [although they wouldn't be married until October and welcome their son Liam til the following March]   And I also read something she wrote.... "Things I Want To Do Before I Die" Have a baby, Go to Ireland, Go to Japan, Get her driver's license... She had her baby.... but... man.  I can barely write this.  Over 5 years Whitney was my best friend, and looking through these... I always have been her best friend from the day we met. From handcuffs to coffins.... She'll always be my Italia. Shine On, You Crazy Diamond. I love you, forever and always, "Tragedy"  
U Dnt Kno Me
Every time I look, I am standing alone. Poetry is all I can call my own. Words fill the page, but don't fill the space That can only be filled with a familiar face. Every time I look, I've lost another friend. Where does this path of lonely end? Tears fill my eyes, but don't heal the pain. Why does life leave this stain? Every time I look, she is still dead. Thoughts of that night rushing through my head. Lies slip so easily, behind this shell. All the things you think you know so well. Every time I look, a stranger looks back. Running, but today there's only one track. You think you know me, but I'm not the same. The girl inside wasn't born with this name.
In My Heart
Mind froze in confusion Each breath toxic to my soul Tears flowing from glass eyes As life drains from the very core ...... Of my heart ...... Let me sleep, the peaceful sleep Take the very breath I breathe If love was meant to hurt this way I shall never love nor hold another ...... In My Heart ...... Please God send me back Where I can find a new beginning Erase the words that cut and bruise Strip me of the pain of betrayal, that aches ...... Within my heart ..... Let me sleep, the peaceful sleep Take the very breath I breathe If love was meant to hurt this way I shall never love nor hold another ...... In My Heart ...... Frozen in this tomb of unhappiness Unable to break the shackles that bind My mind twists and turns, never fully resting Images dance with a smirk, again and again ...... Tearing at my heart ..... Please let me sleep, the peaceful sleep Please take the very breath I breathe If love was meant to hurt this way I shall ne
Lets See...caffeine
Gotta give a shout out to Monster JAVA.....this sh't is just frickin AWESOME....gotta love it. Three hrs. of sleep and three JAVA's an' I'm ready ta party like a f'ckin rock star baby!!! Seriously the people at Monster are diabolical geniuses
Official Bio Stephenie Meyer
Stephenie Meyer graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in English. She lives with her husband and three young sons in Phoenix, Arizona. After the publication of her first novel, Twilight, booksellers chose Stephenie Meyer as one of the "most promising new authors of 2005" (Publishers Weekly). Praise for Twilight: A New York Times Editor's Choice A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year An Amazon "Best Book of the Decade...So Far" A Teen People "Hot List" pick An American Library Association "Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults" and "Top Ten Books for Reluctant Readers" Has been translated into 20 languages "Propelled by suspense and romance in equal parts [this story] will keep readers madly flipping the pages of Meyer's tantalizing debut." — Publishers Weekly (starred review) "The novel's danger-factor skyrockets as the excitement of secret love and hushed affection morphs into a terrifying race to stay alive. Realistic, subtle, succinct, and easy to fo
Renovations: May 24th
Hej Nån Sexsugen Tjej Inatt?
Hör av dig..kram conny
Daniel Got Me Laughing
It was a few days ago and I completely forgot about it until just now. I asked him how many potato chips he wanted. He looked at me and said.."Elventymillion"   I laughed so hard and then thought of Fubar =/
Joke Of The Day
This guy is walking on the beach somewhere in California. He sees a lamp, rubs it, and a Genie comes out. The genie is so happy that he decides to grant one wish to the lucky guy.  The guy thinks about it and says, "I'd like you to build a highway to Hawaii because I am afraid to fly. The genie responds that this can't be done because it would be technologically impossible considering the depth of the ocean and the distance to Hawaii. So he asks the guy to wish for something else. The guy thinks about it and, very enthusiastically, wishes he would understand women. The genie than said, "Do you want your highway to have 2 or 4 lanes?"
How To Be Annoying Online
1. Make up fake acronyms. Online veterans like to use abbreviations like IMHO (in my humble opinion) or RTFM (read the fucking manual) to show that they're "hep" to the lingo. Make up your own that don't stand for anything (SETO, BARL, CP30), use them liberally, and then refuse to explain what they stand for ("You don't know that? RTFM"). 2. WRITE YOUR MESSAGES IN ALL CAPS AND DON'T USE RETURNS SO THAT EVERYONE HAS TO SCROLL ACROSS THEIR SCREENS TO READ EVERY LINE. ALSO USE A LOT OF !!!!! TO SHOW THAT YOU'RE EXCITED ABOUT BEING HERE! 3. When replying to your mail, correct everyone's grammar and spelling and point out their typos, but don't otherwise respond to the content of their messages. when they respond testily to your "creative criticism," do it again. Continue until they go away. 4. Software and files offered online are often "compressed" so that they won't take so long to travel over the phone lines. Buy a compression program and compress everything you send, including
Auction And Also One Of My Redneck Sons B-day May 24th
     I would like to invite you all to come to the REBEL REDNECKS FAMILY bar on May 24th at 9pm we are having a Auction and is also one of my REBELREDNECK SONS B-day and we going to have a great time and party so come have fun with us and enjoy the company. Those of you that dont know the link it is: so what you all waiting for come party with us and get your bids in on all the ones in the Auction if you would like to be in the Auction just get with me either by the bar or yim me at must be in by May 22nd that it the deadline due to the fact I make the tags and that way it gives me time to get them done. Like I have said before I have a awesome great family on here would not change none of them for anything in this world I love them all very much and very portective of them as they can all tell you.
Submission..............part Iii
The moons light streaks in through the opened windows, across the bed where she lays sleeping. She lies, completely nude, her head turned to the side, hair falling down over her shoulders and to her sides, hiding her soft breasts. She lies on her stomach, with her rounded buttocks partly showing from the sheet that has fallen down during her sleep, to grace along her left thigh, and along the juncture of her inner thighs. Her breathing is steady as she sleeps, her arms along her sides, resting peacefully. A warm breeze happens across the room, stirring the light sheet covering her body, shifting more of it off her form as her Master enters the room on silent feet. He regards her for long moments, how she looks so angelic in her sleep, the way her eyelids flutter from time to time. He pulls a chair up alongside the bed, just gazing for the longest time at her body. The hour is early morning, and he, having spent his time downstairs, leaving her here as he instructed her. Slowly, he reac
Bald Eagle In River
Hi   Im bored but I do know what would help amuse me...   MEN, are you brave enough to wear pink and salute me? Its been a while since I got a man in pink salute...   Please :D And I offer nothing but a smie in return lol   
Atmosphere - Scapegoat
It's the caffeine, the nicotine, the miligrams of tarIt's my habitat, it needs to be cleaned, it's my carIt's the fast talk they use to abuse and feed my brainIt's the cat box it needs to be changed, it's the painIt's women, it's the plight for power it's governmentIt's the way you're giving knowledgeSlow with thought control and subtle hintsIt's rubbing it, itching it, It's applying creamIt's the foreigners sight seeing with high beams, It's in my dreamsIt's the monsters that I conjure, It's the marijuanaIt's the embarrassment, displacement, it's where I wanderIt's my genre, It's Madonna's videosIt's game shows, It's cheap liquor, blunts,It's bumper stickers with rainbowsIt's angels, demons, gods, it's the white devilsIt's the monitor, the soundman, it's the motherfucking mic levelsIt's gas fumes, fast food, Tommy Hil' mommy's pillColumbia House music club, designer drugs and rhyming thugsIt's bloods, crips, fives, sixIt's stick up kids,It's Christian conservative terrorists, it's por
so many haters i guess im doing someting right my name at *ick so keep it out your mouth u know who u r
Oral Sex Linked 2 Mouth Cancer
Dam always takin all my fun away!!!!
Spreading Love Effortlessly
Kindness In the quest to create a gentler, more loving world, kindness is the easiest tool we can use. Though it is easy to overlook opportunities to be kind, our lives are replete with situations in which we can be helpful, considerate, thoughtful, and friendly to loved ones and associates, as well as strangers. The touching, selfless acts of kindness that have the most profoundly uplifting effects are often the simplest: a word of praise, a gentle touch, a helping hand, a gesture of courtesy, or a smile. Such small kindnesses represent an unconditional, unrestricted form of love that we are free to give or withhold at will. When you give the gift of kindness, whether in the form of assistance, concern, or friendliness, your actions create a beacon of happiness and hope that warms people’s hearts. The components of kindness are compassion, respect, and generosity. Put simply, kindness is the conscious act of engaging others in a positive way without asking whether those ind
Holla At Me
Wanna get to know me halla at me on a ne on one 1-760-743-6316
Another Weird Thought
i wonder how fast it takes for one to go absolutly insane from solitude, a week a month or years. if the state of inertia is to be an un-interuped state of action, thought , emotion , or a consistancy of property, then is it to be asked when inertia is no longer needed or wanted, if that is the question in the first place , or will the thought of a lone survivour with a mind torn between a darness inwitch you can not escape and a light inwitch surounds and comforts them be a more or less blinding peace of mental inuety ? who will have an answer to shake this annoying inertia of mine? will it be some one expected , or some compleat stranger? i guess that just like a tootsie roll , the world may never (k)now.
Did I Fail Love
Did I Fail Love? Did I fail the man I am in love? I refused to run to him, when I had a chance to run to him. I weep and torn apart. I failed love. I longed to dream of wicked dreams of me and him, He asked me over and over to come to him. Now I am sitting here in tears to the news. I failed him, but mostly I failed myself. I hate myself. I hate the choices I let be made for me and him. Why did I not go to him, when all I wanted was to touch his body and kiss his perfect lips of sin? Did I fail him and me? Did I fail the dream of what might had been or not been between him and me. Now I weep endless since the news. My heart is shatter. My soul is lost. He is all I think, dream and love. Yet I feel I failed the love I hold for him deep within me. I want go to him. Would he be happy to see, if I went running to him? I lingering the darkness of my pain to the news, I am about to lose him from my reach forever. I tumble about my bed. I can’t think, eat or
Section Ii -
When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride, then I get to the bottom and I see you again! Helter Skelter! -John Lennon "Everybody I know who is right always agrees with ME" -Rev Lady Mal THE GOLDEN APPLE CORPS The Golden Apple Corps* is an honorary position for the Keepers of The Sacred Chao, so that they can put "KSC" after their names. It says little, does less, means nothing. * Not to be confused with The Apple Corps Ltd. of those four singers. We thought of it first. The Numeral V sign - Used by Old Roman Discordians, Illuminatus Churchill, and innocent Hippies everywhere. HOLY NAMES Discordians have a tradition of assuming HOLY NAMES. This is not unique to Erisianism, of course. I suppose that Pope Paul is the son of Mr. and Mrs. VI? And also TITLES OF MYSTICAL IMPORT. A Rival Pope Will whoever stole Brother Reverend Magoun's p
So I work as a security agent for a company called Hunt Leigh. I get free flights from continental airlines because of my cousin. I recently broke up with my girlfriend cause she started getting sphyco on me. I make decent money and I am meeting new people from all over the US. So being that I am single, not tied down, free to go wherever I want by plane for free, and looking good I am going to take all this in as an awesome journey in my life...  Look out world I am knocking at your door ready to party
So I kinda love this girl. Her name is Cris.She's real damn special to me.She has the prettiest eyes and smile.And I own her boobs. What more could a girl ask for?She sends me the cutest pictures,which are usually the highlight of my day.But yes. I love my Cris.Just thought i'd share that with you. :)       Oh! And my MisterFeets is back. Yay!!
Shift To New Location With Professional Moving Company
Packing and Moving to new location is not an easy task. It is chaotic and time taking task that no one wants to deal with. People often get stressed looking at the difficult task of packing and moving. So they hesitate to move to new location. But this difficult, if it is done with care and planning it becomes easy and exciting. Packing and moving to new location has to be done with care and dedication. So in order to make this task easier, cost effective and hassle free it is better to take the help of professional moving company. There are several moving companies in the market that offers packing and moving services. You can shift to new location with hassle free hiring the services of professional moving company. People often try to save money by packing the goods on their own. But at the end they mess out with everything and packing becomes more stressful. People often wash out their hands with some of the valuable goods. So in order to make moving to new location easier and com
theres an old irish proverb may the wind be at your back and sun treat you with kindness and the rain give you pleniful crops to share my grampa said this to me when i was little lad.
Caa #107
A very special and caring person to me and my children is going in Friday for a biopsy on a lump they found on her breast today.  Please, send plenty of angel prayers of healing and strength.   Love, Doc
Out Bound Call Agents....omg.....assholes
Well here is a little bit of knowledge for all of you lucky people who havent ever been an "outbound call agent", better known as a telemarketer.....You know, the people who call your house and either try to sell you something, get you to fill something out, or collect on an unpaid debt.  Yeah, you know the people that Im talking about...Anyway...put your listening ears on or your glasses w/e because Im getting ready to give you some knowlege....Heres a clue....WE ARE JUST DOING OUR JOBS!!!  So next time the phone rings and you hear that voice at the other end of the line.....STOP.....Dont be a fuckin ass hole.  We are humans too, we need a paycheck just as much as you do.  And in these SHITTY ECONOMIC take what the fuck ever you can get.  IM SURE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.   IN my case, Im not trying to sell anything....Im just trying to get you the FREE INFO you ASKED FOR..... So stop....Think......and try for once in your life to not be a douche bag.  Oh yeah and if you reques
Lugar De Borrachos???
No se porque me da la impresion de que ando entre puros borrachos jajaja, el caso es que no me ha gustado al final de cuentas ninguno de los espacios en los que he andado . . . ahhh me choca la nostalgia del 360 . . . que tiempos aquellos . . . lo que si es cierto que me pongo unas perdidas en esta pagina que de repente digo . . que carajos hice ! !  ! jajajaja Saludos a todos.  
when eaglesfly over head ,it reminds me o grace and peace of being free from a prison of cruel and insensitive people of this world we live in,of todays time
Ugh!! Pissing Me Off!
It's starting to seriously piss me off not being able to put HTML in our blogs!! No more videos or little flash toys, NADDA! Yet people can still post them in Mumms?! I smell bullshit! *Kicks the piss out of Fu*
A Great Night
cellspacing="0" border="1" background="">  COME JOIN US ~JUNE 14TH @ 7 CST~ IN 'GHOSTRIDERS'          FOR THE WEDDING OF DJ SEXY GOTHY &DJ KNIGHTWING(repost of original by '~G3minii~ Owner of GhostRiders / Mike's lil GTA Girl ~' on '2009-06-13 15:43:05')(repost of original by 'DJ  KNIGHTWING (e)MASTERVAMIRE(60) DJ GOTHY REAL BF@CO OWNER OF GATEWAY TO HELL' on '2009-06-13 16:01:09')(repost of original by '☠ĎĴ ŚĔЖŶ ĞŐŤĤŶ☠' on '2009-06-13 16:10:29')(repost of original by 'DJ  KNIGHTWING (e)MASTERVAMIRE(60) DJ GOTHY REAL BF@CO OWNER OF GATEWAY TO HELL' on '2009-06-13 20:42:59')(repost of original by '
Buy Tramadol Rx Pain Reliever With No Prescription
Buy Tramadol Rx Pain Reliever With No Prescriptionbuytramadolrx.infophone: 877-479-2455email: info@buytramadolrx.infoBuy Tramadol to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain. It also may be used to treat pain caused by surgery and chronic conditions such as cancer or joint pain. Tramadol works by decreasing the brain's perception and response to pain. It also reduces the size or magnitude of the pain signal passed from one nerve to another. Buy Tramadol sometimes for investigational uses: diabetic neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, restless legs syndrome, opiate withdrawal, migraine headache, obsessive-compulsive disorder, premature ejaculation. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information. Buy Tramadol from our online pharmacy and recieve FDA approved tramadol Fed-Ex overnight shipping from a US licensed pharmacy and a US licensed doctor and a free valid US prescription. Discreet unmarked packages, and live customer service 24/7!Tramadol comes as a tablet to tak
No Need For Comparison
  "Nothing is good or bad but by comparison." -- Thomas Fuller We are each unique, so comparing ourselves to others serves no purpose. Even comparing myself to how I was a while back is not usually helpful. Typically, comparison just brings the ego a false sense of either superiority or inferiority. If we let go of comparison and choose instead to completely accept where we are, we can enjoy both peace and growth. "Do not judge and you will never be mistaken." -- Jean Jacques Rousseau
Janey Is Late As Usual
  So London has been such a fucking pain this time. You see here is the truth, I was sick on arrival; I flew into Heathrow last week feeling hot and yucky. I secretly thought I had swine flu; mentally I was plotting my funeral. So, then I just got ready for the gigs and getting myself into gear. The coughing during the night freaked me out so much I had to stop smoking all over again (yes I slipped). So breathing is better since I had stopped again, but seriously I am concerned and need to go get my lungs check. So I called NHS helpline and they asked me all the countries I had visited lately, I gave them New Zealand, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Scotland. She ignored all the exotic locations and dug her teeth into Scotland. “There are big out breaks of swine flu in Scotland” she shouted. After I listed all my ailments she reassured me that I don’t have swine flu but just The Flu. The gigs have been great though, I managed to do an Edinburgh preview which wasn&
Hello Everyone
i am just a average guy  trying to get ahead in life.come on in and say what you want and leave some clever comments.
Leveling Blog 473
  ~*Heather*~@ fubar     11k to level autos on
Simple Plan- I Am Only A Man
its a simple plan todaylet it all goforget the wayleave the trayempty as my cupfill it up overflow with loveaspirations, desiretrampled by the days duskpickin up at days dawnlike a man who's lost it all but im a man simply am mejust sayin the world aint the way it used to besensually taking life one step at a timewishin life away like, drinkin crown todayand at the end of the day we breath life in ways simply ways that make us stray awayaway from lifes today were nothig makes sense and all i am is me nothin but me take me leave me this is what you get like swipe it hate delay it, dont take it
thought it was funny..i chuckled....bbl
The time to hesitate is through.  -  Jim Morrison
Me...ME!?What am I doing?!!,Brooding!...,And sick of those...Those!!!,With constant need of verbal defication,Faceless without explination,Cowardess!!!,Hide behind your facade!,Watching...waiting,Struggling for a reaction,This is all you have around you collapsing!!,You!...You are nothing!!!,Madonna are you not!,Content with the loss of one,So easily forgotten?Though the wound is still fresh,In covering these wounds,She exposes scarred flesh,Flawed!,You shall remain alone,Trapt in your own web of lies,Flawed!!,You shall remain alone,Far from those who would hear your cries,And you are NOTHING!!!,For to my own self,I shall be true,Envoking Karmic debt,A deed I will personally see through!
I Remain
I wish you could have seen my heart,The torment from with in pulling me apart,Demons for which I could not thwart,pushing away my guard never falling,Despite the fact you were calling,Overwhelmed and barely crawling,I hid in this place away from you,Alone I cried missing you,Regeting everything I did to you,Could you not hear the tremble in my voice?!,Did you not know I felt as though there was no other choice?!, Willingly I break your heart and my own,Discarding the only love I have ever known,Dying with in only beginning to grow,To late but only now can you understand?,My unwillingness to stretch out my hand,Emotionally crippled no longer could I stand.Do you really believe I left you bound and raped?,Lost in an illusion without escape?None of these did I create,In hearing this I am left shaken,Have you simply forgotten or merely mistaken,I know there was a time I wasnt there for you,But do you believe there was a time I didnt care for you,Now wishing there were so many things I woul
Seeds Of Doubt
In awe of moments past,Dust begins to gather,For a love doomed to last,Broken promises or a twist of fate?,Peicing together carelessly uttered lies,All to soon I was a little to late,Echoing within my dreams,I thought you knew me?!!!!,Deafening are my screams,Transparently you were supposed to see through me!!!Yet you have seen nothing of me!,How dare you judge!!,You on your pedestal so high above me,Unaware of your own personal brutus,A betrayal of the worst kind,As if you are to her as Jesus were to judas,Trusting in one so shameless?,Where does this weakness sprout?,Gazing upon her garden blameless,Planting seeds of doubt, Keep a weary eye for this ones instruction,For a creator of lies leads to loves destruction.
I Once Loved
I Once Loved I used to love, but not anymore. I have love. But how could I lie to myself for so long. If you love you don’t cheat on your heart, you don’t lie about it, you don’t hide it. If you love, you devote your heart, mind, body and soul into making it work. If you love, you forgive for all the wrong done. Or do you? Is there a point where it is just too much, is love when it is hard to breathe when you are around them? Heart pounding, hands shaking; is that love or is that pain, I think it is both. I fell out of love a long time ago, I will always love I just wont be in love. Maybe someday, I am a somebody I have a heart. Love beat me in round one, I won’t give up on it. I won’t lose next round I am a winner and you may never know.
Your Screams
Crumbling silence, this awakening cloud... All has shaken, even the ground... From distant sight you feel it appear.... Filling in with dark, what was once clear... Running to beat it, but loosing your edge.... As you dodge all the smoke and stay clear of the ledge... How weak you are to this growing power... You hope you can make it through the next hour... Then the screams, the echoing call... It controls all your efforts, to your knees you fall... As it approaches, you can't raise your head... You can't think for yourself because now you are led.... Led by this evil that won't show its face.... This evil that clawed its way into your space... This battle from outside it has chose to begin... But now the real fight starts from with-in.... Ripping and tearing at all your life’s choice... You hear the screams, But now in YOUR VOICE.... Eric Garcia copyright 2008
Chapter 12: A New Family Comes Together (pg-13)
Drinks were passed around.  Ginny changed Harry's hair from red back to black, explaining while the gesture was nice, it just wasn't Harry. Ron stood up, looking a little embarrassed.  "Harry, you're my best mate and all, but I think I speak for all my brothers when I say, you better take good care of my sister!  Here's to you both, you were always made for each other."  Bottles and glasses were raised in tribute. "Albus, I think it's time to explain this," Molly began. Dumbledore sighed.  "Yes, Molly I think it is.  Let me start out by asking Harry and Ginny some things."  He turned to them.  "Harry, would you show everyone your Animagi?"  Harry nodded, then changed into his forms: first the lion, then the greyhound, then the phoenix, then back to himself.  Ginny's eyes went wide with recognition. "So that's it!  I saw that in what I thought was a dream, but it wasn't a dream." She turned to Harry.  "I saw myself as a lioness, then a Saluki, and then a phoenix, but each time I was
Chapter 18: Aftermath (pg-13)
The Daily Prophet Evening Extra carried the news to the Wizarding World. Dark Lord Defeated, on the Run In a series of stunning developments, You-Know-Who attempted to make a statement to the Wizarding World that the second war was underway.  In a three-pronged attack, the Dark Lord's forces struck at Hogsmeade, Azkaban, and the Ministry itself. In each case his forces were routed, led by forces from the Ministry, Aurors, and the Order of the Phoenix, and coordinated by Harry Potter himself. Details are still emerging, but it appears that the Dark Lord's plans were known in advance, and at each location the Death Eaters walked into an ambush. It is now rumored that the Dark Lord, shaken after this decisive and devastating defeat, has fled the country to regroup his forces. More coverage on Pages 2-5... Page 2 Azkaban: Dementors Revolt, Get Destroyed; No Escapes At Azkaban, a Dementor revolt was expected and prepared for, but what no one expected was the complete and utter dest
And The Anguish Continues...
Burr Oak Cemetery was closed Saturday, declared a crime scene by police. But, like each day since the news that bodies had been dug up and their plots resold at the historic cemetery, hundreds of devastated families still came to find out if their loved ones resting place had been disturbed. Investigators have turned their attention to a second section at Burr Oak, known as "Babyland," where most infants and children were buried. At least ten families said they could not find headstones for their children. That's where Gail Cooper's 6-year-old daughter was buried 25 years ago. "That was my baby," Cooper told the Sun-Times as she broke down in tears. "To think that maybe they took her and threw here over in the corner like she was a piece of trash. That disturbs me a lot." Dart said they have not found bones in the area but that records for the area are a mess. "The record-keeping here is outrageous, absolutely outrageous," Dart said. Carolyn Towns, 49, who was the former manager
Heartache Continues
It was a line of people so sad and lost, they might have been refugees from a war, or a natural disaster. More than 1,000 came to Eisenhower High School on Sunday seeking information about loved ones buried at Burr Oak Cemetery -- or so they thought. Stephanie Jackson (left), whose daughter Charrhonda Tisdale Ford, was buried at Burr Oak, said, "I can't go in there and find her. That's my only daughter. My only daughter." A grave-selling scandal at the Alsip cemetery has layered new misery on old grief. Stephanie Jackson was near the graveyard Sunday with a poster that asked: "Where is babyland?" -- the children's section of the cemetery. Her daughter, Charrhonda Tisdale Ford, 4, was buried in the section after a 2001 accident. Sheriff Tom Dart has said Babyland's headstones are gone. "I can't go in there and find her. That's my only daughter," said Jackson, 36, of Posen. "My only daughter." She visited the grave in May and it looked intact. But looking back, "her
Dear Peeling Out Guy ...
Dear “Peeling Out” Guy: You are awesome. That’s all I can say. The way you PEELED OUT from the stoplight today made me just want to bask in the glory that is your awesomeness. Nothing says “Behold my badass self” than a good PEELING OUT. The way your tires squealed … the sounds of 50 Cent pumping from your over-bassed, cracked to hell speakers … the look you gave me just as you were about to “dust” me … I was awash in fail. You are just so fuckin’ awesome. From now on, when I need my awesomeness to be recognized, I’m gonna’ PEEL OUT. Leaving the office – PEEL OUT! Now who’s gonna’ get invited to all the cool guy happy hour events? I should be executive material in no time. Picking up random internet chicks – PEEL OUT! Nothing says “I’m gonna’ rock your world tonight” like a good peeling out from your apartment complex, driveway, or 5th wheel trailer.
I'm Sorry My Master
I've done a bad thing. . . I've made my Master feel as if I am ashamed of him. I want him and the world to know that I am not. I have been reluctant to discuss my Master with the ladies that I work with, both because I doubt that they would understand the unique situation of my chosen lifestyle and because my ex just recently left me and I have been afraid of what they would say about the swiftness with which I have bonded with my Master. In short I have lied about my Master, my lover, my friend, and my fiance. I am so sorry my love. I feel terrible about hiding you. It is something I never should have done. Please forgive me, Love. I will wear my collar without deciet and always take pride in what I am and what you make of me. I love you, my one and only, my darling, my Master, and my lover.
Test Blog! Hello All!
Carry On.
Sense memory of peach blossoms.Underneath the film of the lake.Lays another misfit memory.More the taste than the scent.The sweat on her neck.The sweet intoxication of her pulse under my fingertips.Just below the surface.Reaching out in fine phantomy tendrilsto tickle and tantaliseas she driftslistlessly sinkslike an autumn leaf plucked from the tree.Just in the nick of time.She doesn't reach.Beckonbegthrash nor flail.She smiles as she silently fallsfurther below.The water acts as a wall.I pound stomp and clawI scream against the cool impenetrable force.Not to free herbut join her.
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THE HOTTIES OF FUBAR AUCTION HAS STARTED... PLEASE PLACE YOUR BID!!! IF YOU STILL WANT IN IT... HERES WHAT YOU DO: 1. Send C51 Art Girl the picture of yourself that you want in the auction along with 15K in FuBucks and what your offering! 2. Auctions Starts on Jul. 1st at 12pm Fu Time and ends Jul. 31st at Midnight Fu time! HOTTIES UP FOR AUCTION: (CLICK ON PIC TO BID!!!) 5 Sxy Chik SLC Dorks R Us Firefly TKD: Broken The Rev. Jester: Bronco: Dr Munchies Mizz DGAF Rene the Green Lantern Pimp
Definition Of Burning Love
The Definition of burning love is ----->Reaching for the Ky Warming Jelly in the Dark but grabbing the Vicks Vapor Rubb...  LOL Passed From Mikki 2 Me, From Me To All Of Yall!!
The Flight
I crawled out of my seat and retrieved a pair of blankets from the overhead bin. The cabin was silent and dark, the flight attendants busy in the galley.I sat down next to Scotty and handed him one. Scotty chuckled softly, drawing me back onto his lap. "Good idea". Scotty pulled the blanket around us and worked at the buttons on my blouse. I stared up into your eyes. Suddenly I felt a bit light headed. I think we need more privacy, I whispered. Ill meet you in the bathroom. Wait for a minute or two and then come back. I rebuttoned my blouse and crawled off of you, then tiptoed down the aisle. I wasn't afraid, and that's what surprised me the most. I had spent years being fearful of one thing or another. maybe it was the alcohol, or the altitude- or simply the man himself. But I knew exactly what I wanted-no doubts, no insecurities. A few seconds later Scotty knocked at the door. I opened it without hesitation. I was going to have this man, here and now. And I was determined I wouldn't
Hope You're Interested!!!
Leveling Blog 485
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       4k to level  
We need to change racial attitudes and perceptions of each other as a society. The police and black folks has been a problem long before I ever got here. Now that it  has national attention and the white house attention maybe something can be done. We don't need another Rodney King situation.
You Know You're A Redneck When..
Brand new edition of... 'You know you're a redneck when......1. You take your dog for a walk and you both use the same tree. 2. You can entertain yourself for more than 15 minutes with a fly swatter. 3. Your boat has not left the driveway in 15 years. 4. You burn your yard rather than mow it. 6. The Salvation Army declines your furniture. 7. You offer to give someone the shirt off your back and they don't want it. 8. You have the local taxidermist on speed dial. 9. You come back from the dump with more than you took. 10. You keep a can of Raid on the kitchen table. 11. Your wife can climb a tree faster than your cat. 12. Your grandmother has 'ammo' on her Christmas list. 13. You keep flea and tick soap in the shower. 14. You've been involved in a custody fight over a hunting dog. 15. You go to the stock car races and don't need a program. 16. You know how many bales of hay your car will hold. 17. You ha
For You
As I drop to my knees I giving thanks to my fansMuch love to all Disciples that have given me a chanceI'd die for all of y'all at the drop of a dimeIf I die tomorrow for eternity I might shineThrough the dark of the night, through the raise of the deadI hope my music got you all through the pressure of the painMy whole intention was this spittin' was to find the killer that relatesAnd when they have a bad day, they don't just let it drift awayAnd to all the hatin' bitches tryna hold me downTalkin' shit about me cause I'm comin' to your townTo share communion with Disciples cause now they world wideAnd I'll kill for my Disciples anyplace, anytimeIf you try to hate on me your hatin' on themAnd a Disciple of the watch will put a knife to your chinBut besides all the hatin', I be given praiseTo the killaz that remain and keep me going day to dayIt's because of y'all I don't put the barrel to my chinAnd pull the fuckin' trigger bringing my life to an endThat's really not fiction I want y'al
Suffering Divine
(Speaking)Imagine a world where the body is countless , the body is clay. Your will and mind is the brush and the knife.In this maze I cannot betray my, my feelingsIn these days I'm another Demon, I'm screamingLost in madness, I feel no sadnessWelcome to my living Hell, suffering divineIn this maze I cannot betray my, my feelingsIn these days I'm another Demon, I'm screamingLost in madness, I feel no sadnessWelcome to my living Hell, suffering divineHere I am just a man in HellRepent at night so I'm in this cellI summon Demons, they let me bleed onAnd the reaper in this place bounces people screamingHere I am so I light the candleAnd the result is one I cannot handleAnd now it's me that's screamingAnd now it's me that's screamingAnd now it's me that's screamingAnd now it's me that's screamingStick to my madness filled with my sadness because of your pain the body is numbThe Cenobites come and they tell you're worthy , you will never escape you were caught with the tongueYour life just
Part 3
So after my body settled down and I wasn't shaking so bad my new friend helped me out of the swing and on to the huge bed.He walked to the mini frige in the room and grabbed a water and brought it to me. I drank it quickly cause my mouth was soo dry from all the recent activity. I sat up on the bed and looked at this beautiful man and started to get wet again because of the wicked wicked thoughts that were going through my head. so I stood up and touched him on his arms and turned him around torwads the bed and pushed him down on to it. Then I crawled up the bed and found handcuffs on the top two posts. I grabbed his hand and locked it into place and did the same with his other one along with his legs which I tied with the scarf that was there.This man was now at my mercy to do what I pleased to, this thought made my pussy wetter and my nipples hard. I stood on the bed over him completly naked looking down at him and I seen that his cock was also getting hard with the thought.I decided
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The shooting today in Pittsburgh is depressing because the dude who had women problems went off on other women and killed himself.Can you get that far gone then go to a LA Fitness and explode. Nobody saw that he needed help----this happens way to much in our society!!!
Tv Networks Profit From Pot, But Won't Talk Of Legalization | Pot Marijuana legalization is the hottest topic in the media these days. MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, FOX, NatGeo, and CBS News have presented special features on marijuana business, medical marijuana, and the marijuana legalization movement. Google Trends is showing double the interest in searches and news hits for the term “marijuana legalization”. Showtime’s hit series Weeds, about a suburban mom turned pot dealer, is entering its fifth season. Everywhere you look, corporate media are happy to profit from America’s most popular herb.
Favorite Beauty Sites
Places to shop for women to look their best   women's perfume mineral makeup women's fragrances mineral foundation
Ford The Record
I had reread the paper work for custody court, seeing as I got served with them the day before court. She wants joint custody of my daughter with her having primary residance...   This would split the kids up...   Enable her to recieve welfare service in her county..   Make me pay child support even more than I do now..   Make her look like a good mom with parole...   My daughter had expressed wanting to live with her mom, but wants to see me weekly too. Week here, week there.This is not what her mother wants. The mother also is going to lose custody of her her other daughter to her own parents. She's not stable in the slightest. Before prison, she had moved 10 times in 6 years, for example..     All I got to ask is... IS SHE FRIGGIN' SERIOUS!?
Calling All Artists
I need a little help. I'm looking for someone who can draw these out for me, Theya re tattoos I want to get done and I want a drwan idea BEFORE I go to the artist. I've no problems paying for a commission IF ITS WHAT I WANT ON MY BODY. Im not going to pay someone for a doodle.   1st one is I'm looking for someone who can draw an AMAZING fox. And I'm not saying the animal.I would like a fox woman. Human looking, very pin up. Kind of a transformation of. She needs long hair. With a corset, torn open. Holding a pair of sai one pointing in one pointing out. The idea of this is she is a warrior woman. Please keep that in mind, but very sexy. The 2nd is a tigress seductress. With the libra symbol in the background holding a set of scales. Again, very pin up. A woman with the tiger look to her. Seductive, with almost a see through flowing dress. Very detailed. My biggest goal with this one is as sexy as possible. If you want ot make some gaia cash please post here let me know. If you want
Scent Of Eros Pheromones
Want to learn the secrets of attracting women with human pheromones? The truth of the matter is not all of them work. On the flip side, there are some very powerful pheromone products on the market. This includes liquid trust oxytocin , scent of eros pheromones , and  icebreaker pheromone reviews  . This self-help guide will cover the many techniques used with pheromones to attract the opposite sex. This is one of the easiest ways to attract women - guaranteed.#1. Dab 2 - 3 drops of pheromone to your wrists and neck. Don't go crazy on the dosage as this can have the opposite effect.#2. Have some confidence in yourself. Women don't want to be with a guy who is not secure with himself.#.3 Don't try to be somebody that you are not. It's easy to forget your lies. Take notice to the signals women give you.
Bridging Loans
Popular Insect Repellant Deet Is Neurotoxic The active ingredient in many insect repellents, deet, has been found to be toxic to the central nervous system. Researchers say that more investigations are urgently needed to confirm or dismiss any potential neurotoxicity to humans, especially when deet-based repellents are used in combination with other neurotoxic insecticides. Vincent Corbel from the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in Montpellier, and Bruno Lapied from the University of Angers, France, led a team of researchers who investigated the mode of action and toxicity of deet (N,N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide). Corbel said, "We've found that deet is not simply a behavior-modifying chemical but also inhibits the activity of a key central nervous system enzyme, acetycholinesterase, in both insects and mammals". snip These insecticides are often used in combination with deet, and the researchers also found that deet interacts with carbamate insecticides t
Caddy's First Attempt At Going To The Mattresses (godfather)
Fufuk #1
Ok people, this freakin FuFuk has sent this same message to me TWICE!!  I just ignored it the first time. However, this guy is not even on my friend or fan list.  I do not care what kind of sex life you prefer…but don't solicit me to get your rocks off!!  I am my own person and I am not your damn "slave"…I speak what I want when I want. I have my OWN feelings and YOU will not tame me.  Fukn FuTARD!!!!!!!!!  This dude is now on my block list…   $safe_uid_dname@ fubar your submissive behaviour as good as your outer appearance? i message you, because i have seen you while i was roaming arround the profiles...i am looking for an online-sub. when you are interested in bdsm related chats, cam-to-cam chats, tasks, exercises and when you would like to know more, just send me a message. it would be really nice to talk with you about this...have you ever thought about serving someone? to serve someone mentally or sexually... to take care about somebodys needsto
I am still trying to figure out all of fubar. It takes forever to gets points, its a pain sometimes.
Hangovers Part 2
Remedies Folk Activated charcoal Take one tablet of activated charcoal per drink while you are drinking. The charcoal absorbs the impurities in the alcohol which are the cause of the hangover. The charcoal also absorbs important nutrients, so if you are a heavy drinker, don't use this remedy daily as you will end up with nutritional deficiencies. Apples eaten on an empty stomach the day after drinking is an effective remedy. Bananas One of the quickest ways to cure a hangover is to make a banana milkshake sweetened with honey. The banana helps calm the stomach, and with the honey, builds up the depleted blood sugar levels. The milk soothes the stomach and rehydrates your system. Bananas are also rich in the important electrolytes, magnesium and potassium, which are severely depleted during heavy drinking. B-vitamins Take the vitamins before you go to bed and let them work their magic while you sleep. If you forget, take them immediately upon arising. B-Vitamins are important in
Justice Learned Hand, 1944
“Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.” --Justice Learned Hand, 1944
I Like This Lawyer!
A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loanfor a client who lost his house in Hurricane Katrinaand wanted to rebuild.. He was told the loan wouldbe granted if he could prove satisfactory title to the parcel of property being offered as collateral. The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the Lawyer three months to track down.After sending the information to the FHA, he received the following reply … (Actual text of the letter):"Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note that the request is supported byan Abstract of Title. While we compliment the able manner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must point out thatyou have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property backto 1803. Before final approval can be accorded, it will be necessaryto clear the title back to its origin.." Annoyed, the lawyer responded as follows (Actual text ofthe letter): "Your letter regarding title in Case No. 189156 hasbeen
More Random Thoughts ... Or Getting My Head Straight's amazing how quickly it can be shattered.  How riding high on life one minute can change into a crash the next.Self can you feel like the most beautiful and loved person in the world one day... to seeing how rejected you really were the next.I guess you can sense there is a thread of commonality to my statements (yeah I almost sounded smart there!)So now I need to ask myself, is my confidence and self esteem tied to what others do and think of me?  Why would I allow that to happen?Why is it so simple to let someone else tear you down, and they don't realize they are even doing it?Is it easier to wallow or sit up, get up and move on?I think I am standing at a crossroads yet again.....
Richland Wa Real Estate
Richland WA, Real Estate — Jill Andrus Realtor (509) 521-1882 Jill has worked in real estate for the past 10 years. Her strengths include thoroughness, charm and an eye for a good deal. Most of her clients come from referrals. -Her clients love her! As a former lender, she is especially valuable to her buyers (since she can quickly sense trouble if it exists).  Once she even helped her buyers qualify by teaching the loan underwriter special rules within their own guidelines!  Without Jill, the lender was going to deny the loan! There are many reasons to love Richland, WA.  The winters are tepid, while the summers are perfect!  The high desert climate is almost always sunny and breezy. Richland residents enjoy the local Columbia River with its green-belts, waterskiing, sailing, kayaking and fishing.  There are beautiful orchards throughout the area, fine dining, and nearby hiking (Badger "Mountain"). Richland residents are a couple of hours from good skiing (Hood Mountain and
Home Pregnancy Test
DISCLAIMER: I normally don't spread this kinda stuff around, but it was so absurd that it made me laugh. I apologize beforehand if you're offended.New home pregnancy test for black women. Place a banana in vagina and then remove. If banana is half eaten, another monkey is on the way!
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Perfect People
I realy have an issue on Perfect Perfect,,,(PP).  I understand that some people think they are perfect.  That no once can make a mistake.    Here is a lesson,  I am not perfect, I have never been perfect, and when I do make mistakes, which I do on a daily basis.  I try and corect the mistake.  I AM VERY HUMAN.   But when people put you on ignore there can never be a resolution to any disagreement and future discussions.  So the problem just sits there and never has any resolution, and I am going to say a little/lot bit of resentment.  I guess I will have to chauk this one up to someone elses loss not mine,,,,cause I am here to make friends, not enamies.   Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or wish to make a statement of any kind,,,,feel free.
Smile By Uncle Kracker
Your better than the best I'm lucky just to linger in your life Cooler than the flip sideof my pillow, thats right Completely unaware Nothing can compare to wher you send me lets me know that its ok, yeah its ok in the moments when my good times start to fade You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed Sing like a bird, dizzy in my head spin like a record, crazy on a sunday night You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breath shine like gold, buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild oooo- you make me smile Even when your gone somehow you come along just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack and just like that, you steal away the rain and just like that... You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed sing like a bird, dizzy in my head spin like a record, crazy on a sunday night you make me dance like a fool, forget how to breath shine like gold, buzz like a bee just the thought of you can drive me wild oh, you make me smile

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