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My Secert
my lil secert is............................................................................................................................................................................................................ for Chris... babe I love you!! kisses...... ok I finally told my secert
Betrayed By A Friend
Listen, God, to my prayer! Don't reject my request. Please listen and help me. My thoughts are troubled, and I keep groaning becasue my loud enemies shout and attack. They treat me terribly and hold angry grudges. My heart is racing fast, and I am afraid of dying. I am trembling and fear, completly terrified. I wish I had wings like adove, so I could fly far away and be at peace. I would go and live in some distant desert. I would quickly find shelter from howling winds and raging storms. Confuse my enemies, Lord! Upset their plans. Cruelty and violence are all I see in the city, and they are like guards on patrol day and night. The city is full of trouble, evil, and corruption. Troublmakers and liars freely roam the streets. My enemies are not the ones who sneer and make fun. I could put up with that or even hide from them. But it was my closet friendm the one i trusted most. We enjoyed being together, and we went with others to your
I Ask For Guidance And Help
I offer you my heart, Lord God, and I trust you. Don't make me ashamed or let enemies defeat me. Don't disappoint any of your worshipers, but disappoint all deceitgul liars. Show me your paths and teach me to follow; guide me by your truth and instruct me. You keep me safe, and I always trust you. Please, Lord, remember, you have always been patient and kind. Forget each wrong I did when I was young. SHow how truly kind you are and remember me. You are honest and merciful, and you teach sinners how to follow your path. You lead humble people to do what is right and to stay on your path. In everything you do, you re kind and faithful to everyone who keeps our agreement with you. I always look to you, becasue you recuse me from every trap. I am lonely and troubled. SHow that you care and have pity on me. My awful worries keep growing. Rescue me from sadness. See my trouble and misery and forgive my sins. Look at all my enemies! See
Animation Effects
Today Ive added an album with animation effects you can apply to your photos, there is a total of 49 effects at the moment. As you know I never charge for my graphics and dont intend to start. But cos animations take a little bit longer, if you would like one plz rate all the photos in that album, them PM me with which one you would like and the photo you would like me to use. Once I have done the animation I will place it in a pickup album. Plz rate that and leave a comment that you have picked it up. When picking up the animation dont rip it to your album or the animation wont work. Right Click and save it to your computer. To load it into your album use the little box at the bottom. Here are a few examples, clicking on them will take you to the album.
Merry Christmas To The Love Of My Life
Merry Christmas to the love of my life,The keeper of my heart,And the one who's always on my mind. Merry Christmas to you!!!XoXoXo ~Michael~ Click the above image to rate / rip / comment!
Chargers Wahooo!!!
____CHARGERS CHAR________ __CHARGERS CHARGERS_______ _CHARGERS____CHARGERS______ CHARGERS _____CHARGES_______ CHARGERS_____________________ _CHARGERS_____________________ __ CHARGERS CHARGERS___________ ______________CHARGERS_______ _______________CHARGERS______ _______________ CHARGERS_____ __CHARGES_____CHARGERS______ _ CHARGERS __ CHARGERS______ ___ CHARGERS CHARGE__________ _______CHARGERS ___________ ___________________________ CHARGERS CHARGERS__________ CHARGERS___CHARGERS_______ CHARGERS_____CHARGERS_____ CHARGERS ______CHARGERS____ CHARGERS_______CHARGERS___ CHARGERS_______CHARGERS___ CHARGERS_______CHARGERS__ CHARGERS_______CHARGERS __ CHARGERS ______CHARGERS___ CHARGERS______CHARGERS___ CHARGERS _____CHARGERS____ CHARGERS____CHARGERS_____ CHARGERS CHARGERS
"when Did My Country, Right Or Wrong, Come To 'fuck This Shit'?"
Here is a blog that I posted on my Myspace. Thought it would be an okay one to start out my blog thing on here. ------------------------------------------------- I think that the quote in the subject line perfectly falls hand in hand with a current situation that I just read about in Yahoo News. A young Lt. in the U.S. Army is going to be on court martial tomorrow for refusing orders to go to Iraq. In the article from the, it provides the transcript from the interview with the reporter. It just BOGGLES my mind to know that there are people in this country, much less already in the service, that feel like this. I will spare a long blog that you would have to scroll forever by just giving the link the article. Telling the story is not my intentions in this mornings blog, but merely to convey my feelings on it and what I expect to see coming about it. Check it. It is pretty interesting. I believe that, although he is yo
Love And Pain
3-21-2002 Love and Pain You are always on my mind I'm wishing you were mine Every single day I feel I have to pay For I have lost Something with no cost That is having you by my side With my love as sweet as the tide I'm glad you came But things are still not the same I am alone here While you are there I don't like to see you go Because then I feel low I still want us to be I want everyone to see The love that I feel And my broken heart will someday heal Even with you there And me here I will always have a love so strong That it will last so long
Need 50 K For Hh
Come help Blood'n'Gore win a HAPPY HOUR!!! Just click the pic below and leave him as many comments as you can :) He always returns the love..
For My Friends!
So, I am not around much anymore, and it's been quite a long time since I've been online for a period of time, right? Right. I understand. I'm slacking on my title "Friend". It's a horrible feeling!! So, I've been making graphics and such... In my folder "Stuff I've Made" you can search for stuff for yourself... If by chance you happen to be a guy, and there is nothing for you... Just let me know you'd like some love, too... And, I'll figure something out! But, girls...Keep lookin', there's something somewhere as long as I could find your profile on my friend's list! :) Enjoy everything, everyone! I enjoy making stuff for you lovely friends!!
Help My Owner Out!
Can You all show some love to my current fuowner and good friend. He only needs less then 16,000 to level! HUGS AND KISSES!! Arthur155 Proud owner of ~Phoenix@ fubar
~*~who's Yer Fu???~*~ Own-a-fu!!~*~
Want to Enter? Click On Me Below!!Please note the reason there is an entry fee is because I will be pimping this auction out. *DJ. Rain*~Fu-Owned by ЯWƘƧ☆Я~Owner of WYKD & WSC@ fubar Come See What We Have to Offer and Place your Bids.You don't want to miss out on this!!Just click on the pic of the person you want to see. Shawty Got Class PIA ~G~ DJ Mr. Nice Guy ~ Now owned by DJ. Rain~ Michelle Tanya Not Your Average Girl Shortsweetie82 ~*Mantis*~ DJ Rain & DJ LuAngel (The 2 fu's for 1 special) Mandy DJ Ozzfanatic2
Love Her
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
(1)A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal, its throat was very small. The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was phys ically impossible. The little girl said, 'When I get to heaven, I will ask Jonah.' The teacher asked, 'What if Jonah went to hell?' The little girl replied, 'Then you ask him.' (2)A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's work. As she got to one little girl who was working diligently , she asked what the drawing was. The girl replied, 'I'm drawing God.' The teacher paused and said, 'But no one knows what Go! d looks like.' Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing, the girl replied, 'The
If I Promise You Forever
If I promise you forever, Will it bring you comfort for awhile? Stop all the tears you cry And cause your soul to smile Will it allow your heart to sing a ballad A long forgotten song Of passion and dreams, unforeseen To help your body and spirit be strong Will the memories of all our days Help to get you through All the time while we're apart Oh, how I long to be with you Will the words I speak into the night Find your waiting ear To tell you how my love has grown With each passing year Fear not my force to conquer the days That would tear others apart I have the power of my love, my strength Held deep within my heart Times may come when tears may fall You know I cannot lie But true love survives the toughest of all We still stand under the same blue sky Our hearts, our souls, our essence, our love Will keep us close together As we face the years with our heads held high Would you keep my love, If I promise you forever.
Tw@t Head
The Recap of the year Two Thousand and Seven The Year started off pretty smooth as it was not an indication on what was to come for the following twelve months. The idea of a perfect life was challenged many times though out the year. I made many bad decisions and the directly affected many people in my life, I cannot go back in time and change those things, but I can try and make the future better for me and the people involved in my life. I lost a huge part of my life this year when my brother decided to take his life, I will never be the same without him, he has made me mad at times, but nothing or no one can replace him, he was truly a one of kind. I still have some really tough days, there is not a minute that goes by that I don't think of him, I hope he is looking down on me and seeing how much I loved him, even though I didn't show it a lot of times. I also made some bad decisions that lead me to get arrested and get fired from my job. I hope in the New Year that I can t
Firefighter's Lady
I'm laying in the darkness, I cannot fall asleep I wonder where my darling is, I wish he'd call or beep I saw him leave this morning, the black boots on his feet He said he had to run now, and I know he's on the street You'll know him when you see him, his truck is very loud He has no time to stop now, he doesn't want a crowd A caller said "Please hurry!" - Come quickly if you will A young man with a motorbike is laying very still A mother calls in anguish, her child limp and blue HURRY! Come, I need you, I don't know what to do I hear his key turning, he's coming in the door I hear him drop his boots, then footsteps on the floor I hear him in the kitchen, I can tell from his walk He'll soon come and wake me, and ask if we can talk We'll sit out in the moonlight, and listen to the night He talks about a shooting, a streetgang in a fight A car crash, a drowning, a child hurt at play The things he needs to talk about, the things he did t
This Is Friendship
imikimi - Customize Your World
Between Home And Work
i work at a company that builds kitchen cabinets for lowes and homedepo. the pay aint great but its a job. when i get home i make sure the kids have there homework done. theyre homeschooled. hubby helps thank goodness.i have two boys. so if u message me its not that i dont want to talk. love your comments about me.
In Love With All Your Sins
Im not so sure if it will end Or when it began But im still in love with all your sins Im not sure when But surely one day it will end But for now im still in love with all your sins I know its the only way for my heart to mend So one day i will leave.... And i will hate you and all your sins This torment will not take me over, it will not win So its goodbye now Im no longer in love with you and all your sins
More Is Said Then Done
When everything is said and done more is said then done U try to come to an understanding Discuss motives, feelings, until u can stand no more but nothing changes in the next hour so u wait a day u wait a week U wait a month Shit, u wait a year But when everything is said and done more is said then done the realzation hits u a punch to ur ego so u try to have another talk U try to clarify try to deal with the situation as a mature adult dispite the fact that u just want to cry like a baby and scream from inpatience cause u feel urself going crazy talkin lately is as pointless as the war in Iraq Talkin to u is as useless as President Bush Because after everything is said and done more is said then done....
Help Me?
Hey guys I need some help getting some points I try and rate and comment everyone i can....little help?!
Combichrist-this Shit Will Fuck You Up
I am a bitch How do you want me? From behind? Or on my knees? I am a slut Please hold me down Ill be your noise This shit will fuck you up
I Want This!!
i want this. if you buy it for me, i will love you FOREVER and EVER and EVER.. Psych Season 1 on DVD
Crying From The Bottom Of My Heart
the hand you have the soul you hold is crying for love her tears run cold she misses the days when you had love in your eyes crying from the bottom of her heart begging to keep you two alive she waits for her prince to come home hours upon hours she sits all alone crying from the bottom of her heart and he still hasnt shown no matter waht, she will wait for him season, after season, after season, after season cobwebs build where her heart once beat she is finally admitting the defeat crying from the bottom of her heart she waits for you still to come and love her like before but she doesnt think you will ever show tears dry as the sun sets crows cry and i place my last bet as i am left at the start crying from the bottom of my hear
Italian Sausage
For several years, a man was having an affair with an Italian woman. One night, she confided in him that she was pregnant. Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, he paid her a large sum of money so she would go to Italy to secretly have the child. If she stayed in Italy to raise the child, he would also provide child support until the child turned 18. She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born. To keep it discrete, he told her to simply mail him a post card, and write 'Spaghetti' on the back. He would then arrange for the child support payments to begin. One day, about 9 months later, he came home to his confused wife.'Honey,' she said, 'you received a very strange post card today.' 'Oh, just give it to me and I'll explain it later,' he said. The wife did and watched as her husband read the card, turned white and fainted. On the card it was written: 'Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti. Three with meatballs, two without. Send
My fiance and I have made some amateur ventures in journalism on Associated Content. We've co-written some articles, mostly local band interviews and reviews. If you're interested in checking out our articles, here are links to read them. Faith Introducing Junior Introducing After Has Your Myspace Account Been Phished Introducing Allied Assault
Sunday Thought
Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special. Don't set your goals by what other people deem important. Only you know what is best for you. Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them life is meaningless. Don't let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past or for the future. By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life. Don't give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying. Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect. It is this fragile thread that binds us to each other. Don't be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave. Don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give love. The fastest way to lose love i
You Tell Me...
Look at This and You tell Me. Am I One Lucky Sonofab*tch or what? I have One Hell of a Woman Who Loves Me unconditionally. And I Love Her Just as Much... So all You other guys looking to chase after her... EAT MY DUST!!!! I Love You Connie.... Photo and video editing at
so here i reject this guy nicely, and he goes and creates a mumm about whether i'm a guy or a woman? LOL, whatever right? I ignore him, i thought I blocked him.. but now i see that i get messages from him and his fubar girlfriend.
When Silence Cries
lyrics by Trail Of Tears ---------------------------------------- When Silence Cries... When silence cries... is it what I feel? - or is it what you really long to be? Depression grows again, to you I pledge my guilt Deserted fields I strole - there is no relief The bleeding night, surrounds you like a darkened veil - The echoes wake my sleeping thoughts The distant voice... it cries again - I realise it's not a dream, like a journey in solitude Ignore what I once did say When silence cries... The pleasant feeling of something dying (she said) - Upon the innocent it will rise once again A tear I spill, in silence - Punish the word of wisdom that I once gave When silence cries... A passage of dreams - A passage of dreams and memories Tiny little screams - Feeble yet reveiled Fading now is my Oblivion
New! From Halo Guitars In 2008
Whats Happening In 2008 w/ HALO The questions from everyone have been... What new guitars are releasing at NAMM in January? We are having the "Official" release of the following guitar models. -MORBUS -SQUID -XSI (ten string guitar) -HEAVY METAL COMICS COLLECTOR SERIES -FILM COLLECTOR SERIES (SAW, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT) -DEVOUR (bass guitar) -667 (Joe Fraulob Signature Model) -INVERTED -DS-7 (David Shankle Signature Model) -FANG (Monster Signature Model) -MAD MOUNT GUITAR WALL HANGERS Are we moving the company? Yes, Halo Guitars is relocating in early 2008 to Houston, Texas. We are very excited about this move, and we have been welcomed with open arms by the city of Houston, Texas. We will update you when we have the new facility up and going so that you can stop on by and see the new showroom and USA Custom Shop. What else does Halo have up its sleave for 2008? We will be dabbling in some new ideas including the following; NASCAR, NHRA, MONSTER TRUCK RACIN
Braking Up With Hubby Hard
I am losing him and I dont know what to do any more oh well I will die with out him in my life and his love but he dont know this oh well I am crying right now cuz it hurts so much I want to be with him and he dont want me I will love him always my bad for falling in love I just want to spend time with him b4 I leave but he really dont want to so it makes me just want to sleep my life away I feel bad that I love him and I cant have him he wont even hug me I just want a hug some times and I cant even get a hug I am the worse person in the world I drive every one I love away I should stay single for ever why be in love with some one that just dont under stand me being in love sucks when you are not getting loved back = its bad when you are crying all the time and hiding it from the guy you love he said last night he would spend time he didnt he said it tonight he hasnt when I move out he will for get me and never talk to me again why me I think why
What A Rough & Sad Day!!
My Grandpa passed away tonight. I saw him before it happened. But he was on a ventilator and sedated. I was able to tell him I loved him and hold his hand. He squeezed my fingers when I talked to him. Then 2 hours later he passed away. I went back to the hospital and saw him and he was already in a body bag. I really wish I hadnt seen him like that but didnt really have a choice in the matter. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and told him I loved him again. I wont be around much as I need time to myself. But I love you all!!
Oh Little One Of Mine
Oh Lil One, oh lil one How you ponder my mind I wonder what secrets You hide behind blue eyes In your pure innocence You boggle my mind Always finding joys In the darkest of minds There's a world anew Hidden deep within you Protected by your eyes That are so heavenly blue Oh Lil one, oh lil one How you ponder my mind As we wonder what secrets You may hide behind your blue eyes My little daughter was the muse for this creation of words that flow threw my mind. This is something that is very special to me. So please be respectful towards it. Thank you. Wrote 1~16~2008
Thinking Of You
I sit here quietly and watch the sun set Thinking of someone that I've never met I wonder does she think of me too Needless to say I am thinking of you Wanting to hold you, to see your face To take you away to a better place You feel so right, too good to be true I just can't stop thinking of you My friends say that I might regret Losing my heart to a girl I've not met I say there is nothing I can do I cannot help thinking of you I believe you were made special for me But wonder if that could possibly be I'm tired of being so alone and blue But I always smile when thinking of you
Please! Get Me To 50,000please
can i get a little help from OUR friends... WE have been in this giveaway since before x-mas...WE do have a life outside of thIS site.. WE HAVE five kids... WE really need help getting it done.. thank you to my friends who have helped... .we got 31500 comments ... we need the rest by April 11th... click pic THANKS EVONNE AND TISMOM05
Free Comments & Graphics
Thought For The Day Friday 01/18/2008
A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Gone, but not fogotten hopefully. Gone is where I've been, forgotten is what I've been trying to accomplish within myself, to no avail. No matter how I try to lose myself, I'm already lost, so the losing is not superfluous, the me is. Sullen this day indeed. Ahead, many wonders, but I do not see them now. Only anguish rings true and aloud in my mind this moment. One turn or the other, no matter any longer. The road is paved, and the paving expertly articulated by its engineer. One step deeper, each step I take. Wonderful, the tools used to excavate this heart, and they burrow deeply to remove what remains within. Can you hear the sound of me? Can anyone again!" 2008 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Should I awaken from my slumber To find my dream is torn asunder Then I have dreamed the greatest passion That sets my mind a flow in fashions That come to me from afar Blinded me with your star This nova of my hearts desire Has taken up this lust for fire You reached within my soul so deep Unleashed desires I thought to keep Within... for safety was the bain For which I kept my love in chains From gentle tugs of rhythm deep That sought the reasons that I keep Inside... for you are just my chance To keep intact this here Moondance I need to take..forsake all others For pals are friends but hearts are lovers And which are you, my sweet woman? The pal of spirit or heart in hand Or the form to mold for life... a friend To ever trust ...until the end? The answer is for you to ponder As I gaze to muse but wonder Is this sky of midnight blue... Laced with diamonds... sent from you? I look upon your star tonight... For friends I have but love... I might Just hold s
F**k This F**k**g Vicious Bitch Of A Life Cyle!
im just really fucking pissed off and this is plainly me letting out my frustrations because i feel that if kept in i will explode internally causing me to lash out externally....idk y i put it that way but i figure thats what a shrink would say....ok how can you go through life trying different ways to handle situations only to come up in the same pisses me off because i really dont get what it is im doing worng....yet it seems the most unintelligent human beings have found some form or love or lust whatever the case is...they have someone who chooses to see them every nite....i dont get it...i tried listening to what women want and than i try to provide that...and i get the awe how sweet ur a great guy...oh yea my asshole boyfriend who beats mean and calls me a slut is here to pick me up...or the one girl that got out of a 9 yr relationship and wants to go out and experience life only to have been casually hanging out with you and seeing the ex inbetween...or u fall for t
I Have A Dream - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
I Have a Dreamdelivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.on the steps of the Lincoln MemorialWashington, DC, on August 28, 1963 "I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity. But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languishing in the corners of
It Not Just A Day Off!but A Day "to Remember And To Love One Another"
Good End To A Long Work Week (bi-guys & Straight)
A Good End, to a Long Work Week (Bi-Guys & Straight) It had been a long boring week in the office and being late in the day on a Friday, most of the people had already gone home. Seemed to be just me, in my office and the cleaning crew who were wandering through the halls of the building. I started prowling the internet, for some distractions. I found some sites with erotic pictures and movie samplers. Before long, I could feel my cock waking up. So, I stood up to push the door closed, then back to have a seat behind my desk. I slowly unzipped my slacks and pulled out my half hard cock, for a little stroking time. I found a few good movies of some very orally talented girls, always a favorite of mine. I get into a good rhythm, stroking away, nice slow long strokes. I can see some pre-cum oozing over the thick head of my cock, now. I smear my juices all along the shaft, now well lubricated, I wrap my hand fully around the shaft and begin to stroke i
The Ups Funny
The UPS Man One Monday morning the UPS man is driving the neighborhood on his usual route. As he approaches one of the homes, he noticed that both cars were in the driveway. His wonder was cut short by Bob, the homeowner, coming out with a load of empty beer and liquor bottles. "Wow Bob, looks like you guys had one hell of a party last night," the UPS man comments. Bob,in obvious pain, replies "Actually we had it Saturday night. This is the first time I have felt like moving since 4:00 am Sunday morning. we had about fifteen couples from around the neighborhood over for some weekend fun and it got a bit wild. Hell, we all got so drunk around midnight that we started playing WHO AM I?" The UPS man thinks a moment and says, "How do you play WHO AM I?" "Well, all the guys go in the bedroom and we come out one at a time with a sheet covering us and with only our 'privates' showing through a hole in the sheet. Then the women try to guess who it is." The
Wednesday Opie And Anthony Links: Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Boobs On Paltalk, New Boobs On Ratemywow, New O&a Video, O&a Podcasts, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Check out Opie and Jay enjoying a quiet evening!) Happy Whip 'em Out Wednesday, especially to the Ladies of Paltalk, who are keeping us all drooling with the early morning breasticles! (log in and check out the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room to see them now!) Today on the Opie and Anthony POgram, we're mourning the passing of actor Heath Ledger. Not only was he in the staff's FAVORITE movie, Brokeback Mountain, but also because he plays The Joker in the upcoming BATMAN sequel, The Dark Knight. Thanks to our own Sam, we have video of yesterday's awesome FINGER ELEVEN performance: FINGER ELEVEN performs 'Paralyzer' On the Opie and Anthony Show Last week, the O&A Show said "Adios" to WJFK-FM in Washington, DC. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! COUPLES CHERRY DARTS - WIN CA$H!! The Opie and Anthony Show is looking for COUPLES (guys and
Zippers are a convenient, yet potentially frustrating or painful, invention of the fashion world. Dreaming of zippers is often dreaming of efficiency, convenience or maintaining a well-groomed personal appearance. However, if the zipper is stuck, it can become a dream of being thwarted, feeling incompetent and lacking problem-solving resources.
Sick And Tired
If you are like me, and sick and tired of strippers and other b.s. around the world like corportate lies and idiotic celebraties, then you should visit and lots of peeps are there and lots of posts offer different topics and comments. Come join the discussions.
Ok, so i saw Cloverfields. And i was pretty impressed. I watch ALOT of movies( i have close to 1000 movies or more and i go to the theatre alot) And its rare that you see a movie that suprises you. At first i thought it was another Godzilla movie. Now i guess in some ways you can say it certainly is.. large beast goes runnign around a city raising hell. But for all intensive purposes it is NOT a godzilla movie... i cant ruin it for you so i cant go into detail. But heres the gyst.. the whole movie is taped on a camcorder..adds a nice effect because the whole time you connect more with the characters AND it seems all the more real. I was actually pretty freaked because it just seems like its so possible something like that could happen. It was definitly refreshing to watch this movie when being "original" when making movies these days seems next to impossible this movie deserve some serious recognition.. WATCH IT YOULL LOVE IT
Jan 24
My mind floats freely like a long, dusty road leading back to nowhere. My head tilted back I study the sky looking for the answer I found once in your eyes. With an icy warmth I traced the small smile that fleetingly touched your lips and a small part of the love I have for you burns my fingertips. The moon's quiet glow shines light past my eyes when I can realize the way the night ends. Darkness from this moment is gone forever And you? You have just silently whispered good-bye
Need Some Help Please
Hey everyone, I've never blogged before so here goes nothing. What should I blog about? Do people really read these? Can I be heard? Let me know because I'm really searching here. Tara
I wrote this 1 Year ago today. ...did you know that out of the five senses, smell is the most everlasting, next to touch. Vision, taste, and hearing pale in comparison to the everlasting receptors of smell and touch. Todays blog is about...evrything and at the same time nothing. Try as I might to forget her, which could be the reason i havent called, or met with her before tonight, I cant seem to forget it, though she seems to have far from moved on. I got online tonight and we decided to meet so we could talk, well it halfway worked, she talked but not about what she needed to, oh well, in time she will let it go. She said that everything around town reminds her of him, what am I supposed to say to that? "Oh well, i guess now you know how it feels to have the center of your world ripped from you when your not ready to let it go?" No, I couldnt, and would not, and will not say that. I am better than that, she is in pain, and I did what i always do, I comfort her, or atleast i
My Ideal Sexual Partner Type
Chris, your ideal sexual partner is a Type 2. Type 2 partners have lots of experience, a never-ending reserve of creativity, and the same goal as you: ultimate pleasure. Having this in common opens the door for the two of you to play with all kinds of sexual possibilities until you hit upon combinations that are blissfully and uniquely yours. Like you, the emotional connection and the affection often expressed during sex is secondary to the physical sensations for Type 2 people. That's not to say your match doesn't pay attention to your personal closeness and genuine caring, but it does tend to take a back seat to the physical feelings of pleasure.But how do you spot your Type 2 sexual partner before becoming intimate with them? New research has shown that you can determine a person's sexual type simply by observing subtle cues in their everyday behavior.
In The Memory
ME LOVING YOU I can not hide the emptiness, drowning out my screams. Refuse to even try to deny, the face i see in dreams. He has the eyes of an angel, and the heart of a saint. Visions of passion, with love he does paint. Fine strokes filled with laughter, bold splashes of lust. Within a matter of moments, our vision is dust. Like ashes of the dead, that are sprinkled out at sea. Should we wake up and realize, its just not meant to be. Im not meant to touch you, or feel the heat float off your skin. The thought of losing you arises, then the nightmare really begins. All the little horrid thoughts, that creep inside my mind. All the things we must accept, and those we'll leave behind. Behind in the memory, of a dream that was true. Behind in the memory, of me loving you.
Bee Needs Comments
Great Announcement!
I finally got my website up and running. It still has to have the shopping cart added, but you can at least see the products. I am continually adding stuff so I encourage people to come back again. My URL is:
Weekend Opie And Anthony Links: Download The Opie And Anthony Show, New O&a Podcast, Many New Boobs On Ratemywow, New Videos Online
YAY WEEKEND! We figured before everyone gets all crazy with their Superbowl madness, we'd post some updates for you all to enjoy. As always, if you missed any of this week's Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, you can download the shows in their entirety online via AUDIBLE: Download the O&A Show 2/01/2008 (Louis CK) Download the O&A Show 1/31/2008 (CHERRY DARTS, Adam Ferrara, Russell Peters, Wrestler JBL) Download the O&A Show 1/30/2008 (Bob Kelly, Rich Vos) Download the O&A Show 1/29/2008 (Patrice Oneal) Download the O&A Show 1/28/2008 (Chuck Liddell, Bob Kelly, Nick DiPaolo) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Anthony Shooting his computer!!) Need the O&A Show, but can't find it on your local radio dial?? No problem at all.. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Comedy tour...CLICK HERE FOR JIM NORTON TICKETS! NEW BOOBS ON RATEMYWOW: We have a bevy of new bosoms on RateMyWoW, from all kinds of ladies, in all
Funny Or Weird Images I Found This Week (02/02/08)
Some you may remember that I used to do this funny/weird/interesting image blog once a week on my old Fubar profile. Well, I'm going to start doing it again. Basically, I spend way to much time on the internet, and I run across a lot of stuff that's funny or just plain weird, and I'm going to post what I find from each week in this blog. I don't have the time or interest to make this post inoffensive every week, so if you can't handle a joke, go back to We'll kick off tis week's blog with "An Open Letter to Ann Coulter" from my favorite new person, Henry Rollins.
If yoga is a feature of your waking life, then dreams of it usually do not have substantial interpretative content -- they are merely replays of normal events. However, if you are not a yoga practitioner in waking life, this dream may indicate a desire for more mind-body balance or harmony with the universe. Or, it could indicate some sort of reference to a convoluted situation in your life.
This is what i feel when it come to gurls. That they rip my heart out in throw in the frie and they watch it burn. So i sit on my bed Cry thousands and one tear from these Hurting brown eyes. And inside Cry inside to cuz we Know that noone going to love me. Buy Im superman I can love too. I want to save that gurl and i want to be there hero.Now i sit here and Cry Thousand and one tear feeling empty inside in noone here to save me. What I Do. sUPERMAN
Woo Hoo!!!!! To All My Friends And Family
I just want to wish you a happy Faschnacht day/Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras Day...Whatever you call it..just have a great one!!!!!!! luvya!!!!MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! zoeygrl
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I don't log in here much. Catch me on MySpace:
Rate This Pic- Could Get Me Immunity
Contrail Rainbow
Eminem - When I'm Gone
Got Tagged
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. HEEHEEHEEHEE My 10 things 1. Scared to Death of Rats (Jumping on tables) 2.After 10 yrs of CNA work I had learned one thing, Never ever Underestimate the Strength of an 80yr old woman that is 4ft tall and only 60Lbs, they can and will Kick your butt, LOL. 3. Had 5 "Dads" but 2 legal ones, Yes legally I have 2 Daddies. 4. Oldest of 7 kids but only met 4 Siblings in life 5. My Family is all Diagnosed nut cases but me - try growing up in that LOL 6. Very Paranoid of Child Abuse so my House is always CLEAN 7. Never used any Drugs or been Arrested but have been in Courts many times for other things 8. Alway
Not Again
Instant Armageddon. Image indiscretion. Filth and file-sharing. Standards of attachment, tearing. Two-wheeling through the shit. Oceanside invitation to wander a bit. Hurt clouds my mind, but the hurt's not mine. On to dreamland, she goes. Of the future, who knows? Hopes for better times. Lemons sour and turn to Limes. Energy coursing through my feet, but this race I cannot beat. Nearly spent, almost deceased. Pushing further, pains yet increased. Can I keep going? Must I still roam? How does one rest, when one has no home? My sweetest ideal, I'm afraid. My life for your happiness I'll gladly trade. It's all for you, and I'll be near, wading through, until you're here.
Sporks Charged3
Some saw this coming..some didn't... ...the latest.. Source: Murdered baby's mom in mental institution 05:54 PM CST on Thursday, February 7, 2008 staff report The mother of a baby found murdered in Galveston last week now faces charges in the case, according to an 11 News source. 11 News An unconfirmed source says Caren Kohberger, 27, has checked herself into a mental institution in New York. FBI agents are expected to serve her with an arrest warrant tonight charging her with endangering a child in connection with the death of her son, 3-month-old Alijah Mullis. Meantime, the baby's father, 21-year-old Travis Mullis, remains jailed in Galveston on a capital murder charge.
Knowing Me.....
I am Chris-tastic. There is no one else that possesses this particular quality. I am unique and interesting. I will not allow negativity to creep itself into my personality. I am who I am and make no excuses for it. I am fiercly devoted to those who've earned a place in my life and my heart. Make no mistake, it is very difficult to make the list. I don't allow just anyone in. I have lived more in my time on this planet than most do their entire lives. I have seen heartache and anguish. I've seen pain and suffering beyond what I wish to have experienced. I've also been blessed enough to have experienced happiness and joy. I've seen more of the world than most people I know. I've lived from one end of the country to the other. I've travelled all over this world and still end up back home when I can. I will not tolerate predjudice, hatred or ignorance. I will not stand for those I love to suffer alone. I am a fighter, survivor, giver, defender of the weak and a friend
Tag Your It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love snuggling in the rain. 2. I listen to my love ones 3. I loooooove burning candles 4. If i was to be born a girl... I am a girl...... 5. I try to be kind, loving and intellingent 6. I may not seem like it but I can be naughty too 7. My eyes change color when I am upset. 8. I'm a good listener... and I good friend 9. I like making ppl smile 10. I took a friend home after dinner
Going To See Kid Rock Tonight!
Its feb. 9th and I am going to see Kid Rock live at joe louis arena in Detroit!!! I should be a good show! He is preforming with revrand run of run dmc; and other surprise guests! Ana can't drink but I'm sure I will drink plenty for the both of us LMAO!
Shortly before 5am this morning some one operating a Volvo that apparently broke down left their vehicle in the high speed travel lane of Rt I-95 north in front of the Providence Place Mall and walked off. Moments later a major accident was caused by this abandoned vehicle killing one and leaving one other in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital. Police are still looking for the driver of the Volvo whom may face charges in the death of one, and should the other pass too they may be charged with that as well. As a driver for AAA I work nights and often find abandoned vehicles on the road way, some times in the travel lanes. In a case like this I will hook the vehicle and move it off to the break down lane for safety, and always notify the State Police. Some times the owner is a AAA member and we end up towing them off the road later on. Even if you are not a member of AAA; if your broke down on the highway and you see one of our trucks coming flag us down.
Wildcat's Auction!!!! Check This Out!!
Hey friends!! Wanna be my Valentine for a whole month?? I have entered Wildcat's Valentine auction!! Just click on the pic and go bid on me!! I'm offering lots of good stuff and I might even add to it if the bidding gets REAL good! And don't forget to give the hostess LOTS O'LOVE!!! She totally ROCKS!!! ۞ẈŦ۞WR Ғ Ŧ.M..Ғ.ẈŦ ŦR,R G@ fubar Thank you in advance!!!
I Has Been Tagged, Thanks Papa,j,urby,mo And Daisy:d:|
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1)I collect transformers,video game figures, and comic book toys:D 2)I put ice cubes in my milk. 3)I could stick my head out the window of my kitchen for like 10 mins at a time, just cus the air smells good. 4)my oldest son can kick my ASS in def jam:| 5)I hate hate HATE being called Natasha, but dont mind being called Tasha. 6)I wear black eyeliner.. only cus if I dont..people claim that I look high or just havent slept in 2 weeks :| 7)I laugh uncontrolably at the thought of Chris freakin out if he has to put a wooden spoon in his mouth..I snort even at the though lmao. 8)Im scared shitless of clowns and f
Living In #1 Miserable City In Usa
My Rant
You know what really bothers me, is your so called friends on here that only talked to you when you were single, but as soon as you become "not single" anymore they forget about you.. what the hell is that about? To me that shows you who your true friends are.. fuck all you fake as friends!
Sexiness:enter At Your Own Risk (bully For "i Am A Fukin Princess")
Stop by and show all these sexy guys, mad fu love My fu owner, hes one hot stud Lovable_Perv owner of ღI aM A fUkIn PrInCeSsღJuSt NoT YoUrSღ@ fubar I own all 3 of these sexy guys ~J~LrgrThnhm~@504 Brbn ~*Thrn mbl OwNeD bY DD_DIVA &I m FKN PrNc맧@ fubar TwH72~BncR @ ~504 Brbn TrT Fu-Owned by I m FKN PrNc맧 JT NT Yr@ fubar Mark Murderous ♥ ((Fu Owned By Jeniwren, Mafia Princess, & I Am A Fukin Princess))@ fubar This pimpout brought 2 you by the one and only..... I m kn Prnc맧~JT nT r BrTnR @ ~504 Brbn TrT~I.b.I.C~OwNeD bY LoVaBlE PErV@ fubar
Dark Thoughts,0,6442381.column Dark thoughts intrude on a season of light Lauren Terrazzano | Life, With Cancer December 26, 2006 Article tools E-mail Share Digg Facebook Fark Google Newsvine Reddit Yahoo Print Reprints Post comment Text size: This time of year, the world is awash in New Year's resolutions. People hoping to lose weight, to get a better job, or to be a better mother, father, son or daughter. I have a few resolutions as well. The first is to live. The second, more importantly, is to live well, despite knowing the threat of death is always there. It is the most difficult of resolutions for anyone facing a serious illness. For those of us with cancer, the fear of death lingers coyly. It is always lurking as we plot our futures through doctor appointments, CT scans, biopsies and blood work. It creeps up at the oddest moments, like when it was time to renew my passport and I realized I could expire before the document does
Am I Broken? Or Is It Them?
I have come to the realization that I may be faulty.. yes I may be broken.. Let me explain.... In my life I have had very few friends of the female persuasion... I find it difficult to talk to most females because I find endless prattle about men, shoe shopping, and make up inane, and boring... Who the hell ever said a woman must talk about these things when they are around eachother? So does that mean that I am broken or that they are the ones who are shattered ? Now I grew up in a household with 2 older brothers, an older male friend of the family, ( who would one day be my brother-in-law to my sister), and my dad as an influence.. My sister did not live at home at that time, so my mom never stood a chance of making me into some little powderpuff girl... I spent a lovely childhood, working on cars, and bike engines, helping my dad with his tractor. I can't say as I am sad at that.. but it has left me with something of a problem..Most women that I meet that I take the time to intr
What To Do?
I have been single for a while now and I looking to get back in a relationship. so what should I do find someone out at a bar or club or go out on a limb and find someone in here? I meen think about it you go out with a person spend money and the if you are like me you end up finding them cheating on you with an other guy or in my case my best friend! atleaste on here you can some what get to know a person and what they want out of life before you take it to the next level.
Blackmail From - Party Girl And The Weekend
Hey guys, Any time someone ask for something I'll give it to you all. So anything you want to hear about put it in a comment and you all can enjoy and comment on. I luv you all. Thanks Now, to the update on my blackmail and Mark. If you want to know what got me in this trouble read Party girl and the Weekend (a few post back). The whole thing stared when my friend Mark invited me to hear his band practice. Mark is an old friend. He discover that he could drug, raped, beat, tortured, or what ever he wanted to do to me along time ago. Yes, Mark has beaten my ass more then once to bust his nut in my ass or pussy. Actually Mark was the guy who finally took my ass cherry. Other guys had tried but would stop when i was crying and screaming. Mark didn't Mark was excited by my pain and suffering and rammed it all the way to his nuts in one shot. That was the first time Mark fucked me. Ever since when Mark wants me "I'm going to suffer." He gets off on it, maybe more the I do
F*ck V-day
fucking valentines day can eat shit...what has this day brought to offer me but being hurt over and over again, by different people!! i can't be with the love of my life, cause he left me months ago, only to mind fuck me for the past 3 months, thinking we can get back together, with i love you's still, to go ahead and fuck me over, telling me it will never happen again!! oh, and wait, the one guy that i thought was totally cool, and liked, well i had to end a friendship with him to protect myself, and to protect him, cause i wanted to get close, but it couldn't happen, so, again, i get fucked!!!!! then, to find out this afternoon that my best friend lost his job, oh yeah, valentines day can kiss my fucking ass... so if you want to give in to this fucking piece of shit cooperate holiday, be my guest you stupid pieces of shit, go blow the money, and make everyone else richer!!!! Myspace Graphics Myspace Graphics Myspace Graphics Myspace Graphics Myspace Graphics
She Learned
Many nights of dreaming Many days spent in thought Wondering of making love And what it truly brought The touch of soft lips against her Their caress of her smooth skin A lover had taken her now Her learning this night does begin Gentle hands explore her body Under their caress she feels it respond Deep inside of her she feels a warmth The growing of a special bond Their lips together are now sealed Their tongues dance in love this day Pleasure fills her mind completely No words can she now say Her nipples he now caresses A gentle squeeze, a moan she does release Knowing her lover is taking her The feelings she does not want to cease His hand searches for her nectar Lips of her womanhood he does find Gently caressing the smooth flesh As a fiery arousal slowly fills her mind She feels the warmth of her nectar From her slowly it now does flow The love that he is giving to her Is what she has longed to know She feels his entrance into her now Her womanhood is
Picture Rates...
I ran out of picture rates last night... so there was some people that all i did was go to thier profile and rate that. I need to know who i havent rated atleast the one pic for them.... let me know and i will go to your pics and do some rating :D Have a great weekend everyone!
Cleaning Up Friends List
Hey, what's happening? I'm cleaning up my friends list, because I am tired of the people who never leave me a comment, never send me a message, or even wish me a happy birthday. I know that a friend's list can get long, and people get buried in it. But when I leave a comment on someone's page over and over and I never hear from them......well, it tends to feel one sided. People like the comments I leave for them, because I use quality photos, or great graphics. But when I don't ever hear from tends to make one feel like perhaps this friend doesn't care for me..... since my comments, messages, rates, gifts or whatever go unanswered. If you want to be my friend, then please let me know that you are a friend, and not a friend collector. If you are still on my friends list.... congratulations. But I am also still working on the clean-up. I'm just tired of all the names and faces I have to look thru (to leave a comment to a friend that has gotten buried in the friend'
There Are Just So Many!
Call me immature...but I like to have fun with perves. This particular gem of intelligence starts off with some nice lines to a friend of mine who he doesn't really know too well.. chris cook: then i would remove ur bra chris cook: then i would start to lick ur nipples chris cook: with my wet tongue chris cook: how bad u want it right now So I went to his page, bought him a metrosexual beer (Corona) and threw him a couple 11s. It loosens up his cheeks for a reaming later. ->chris: Hows it goin dude chris: k u ->chris: just chillaxin. recovering from the weekend chris: yea ->chris: You get any this weekend? Valentines..makes people go apeshit ->chris: I woulda probed your prostate good chris: u straight? ->chris: you like ATM? ->chris: I'd rub your balls Naturally he blocked me so I had to resort to sending my point through YIM. What? Why so quiet? Why did you block me? You are so hot to chat dirty that you even resort to ambushing women you barely know out of
Please Bomb Me :) Going For 5 Million Fu Bucks
You will have exactly the time specified from the day your pic is loaded to complete the contest. As your friends need to add me (and rate and fan would be nice too!) before they can bomb you, I encourage you to share my bulletin or you may copy and re-post it as a new bulletin or blog so everyone you want to help you fully understands the rules. Comments count as ONE rate. Any evidence of blasters or other forms of cheating will result in automatic disqualification. No exceptions. Please private message me with any questions or concerns. And remember to PM me when you are finished so I can send you the Bucks! Good luck and have fun! Steph I need 45,000 comments in 6 weeks Just click on the pic below...Tysm :) Dont forget to add, rate, fan the host :)
Auction:)come Bid Please????
click on my pic..
I Love This Man!
From Sheri
A Message From Your Addiction I hate meetings and I hate your higher power. I hate anyone who has a program. To all who come into contact with me, I wish you death and suffering. Allow me to introduce myself, I am The Disease of Addiction. Cunning, baffling, and powerfull, thats me. I have killed millions and I am pleased. I love to catch you with the element of surprise. I love pretending I am your friend and lover. I have given you comfort, have I not? Wasnt I there when you were lonely? When you wanted to die, didnt you call me? I was there. I love to make you hurt, and I love to make you cry. Better still, I love when I make you so numb you can neither hurt nor cry. You cannot feel anything at all. This is my true glory. I will give you instant gratification, and all I ask of you is long term suffering. I have been there for you always and when things were going right in your life, you invited me. You said you didnt deserve these good things and I was the only one who wou
Well its snowing again in Cincinnati area. There not sure whats gonna happen as far as school tomorrow. Typical Ohio weather. If you don't like it, give it 15 minutes it will change. Have a great day to anyone who reads my blogs Tom Get More at
Ok so I'm sitting here enjoying my Happy Hour. Trying to rate a friend's stash, answer people in the shoutbox, etc and when the hour is over I'm going through my messages & find this: WTF?!?! As anyone who is a friend knows I am VERY protective of who views pictures of my kids. I've had people get pissy cause I won't let them view that folder & I sit here trying to wonder who in the hell would be sick enough to want to upset someone like that. Not only did this asshole send me a private message he leaves the same comment on my profile. Of course I removed it cause I know it's bullshit.... but really........who in the fucking hell does this person think he is? I'm not one for drama; if you downrate me; I return the rate; block & move on. I don't send my friends after you but I do alert them to who you are. Now I've pissed off someone who is a really big jerk when he's mad. I know he's made a few accounts & downrated me in his jealous pettiness. But this??? This rea
Drunk Driver Parks At Police Station
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Police in the western Canadian town of Wetaskiwin didn't have to do much work when they arrested a drunk driver at the weekend -- he had parked his car next to their offices and wandered inside. Police discovered the man as they drove by early on Saturday morning to respond to an unrelated call. Although the police office was locked, the lobby was open. "There was a vehicle parked about 10 feet outside our front door. The gentleman had walked into the front lobby and he was displaying many indications of being intoxicated," Constable Mark Scheck said on Wednesday. "So at that point we did take him into custody ... it's pretty unusual," he told Reuters by phone from Wetaskiwin, some 45 miles south of Edmonton, Alberta. The 28-year-old man has been charged with impaired driving. (Reporting by David Ljunggren; Editing by Peter Galloway)
A Favor For A Great Friend
Very Sexy Comments & GraphicsI'm hoping that you will go show a very good friend of mine some love. R/F/A her. She has Done sooooo much for me. If you rate 100 of her stash or 100 of her pics a 10 and send me a msg, I will confirm with her and send you 10k fu bucks till I get too low. With Much Love Muaaah!!! ~*TinkerbellMN84*~Check out some awesome friends in my about me section!@ fubar
Pray For Me
=== 'Tesha♥[LOVER TO NEIL]Taken and Lovein It [MARRIED TO DINO]' spewed forth the following at '2008-02-24 06:31:46'.. > > > > > > Ok for u who dont know i have my surgery wensday at 7 am surgery starts at 9 am they will be removein more cancer masses along with other things i ask that u keep me in mind as i go through this day ugh and i am very very scared but i can do it i know I will be home same day but wont be around my computer for a few days as i recovery so if i dont answer u thats why so keep this in mind and i hope everyone has a GREAT day and week xoxoxoxo > MyHotComments >
I'm Grateful For The Little Things
I listen to the silence I am grateful that in these times of noise pollution I have a quiet room. I breathe the air I am grateful that in these times of air pollution I have a fragrant garden. I take a walk I am grateful that I don't have an illness that limits my activities. I sit quietly with friends I am grateful that in these times of rushing around I can take time out take time off take the time to be grateful for these little things and celebrate my life as a "gift" not as a "given"
Monday Opie And Anthony Links: Dan Naturman, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Coin Cleavage This Week, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch the boys tool on Steve C's old band!) Need the O&A Show, but can't find it on your local radio dial?? No problem at all.. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Comedy tour...he's at The Egg in Albany, NY tonight... see him while he's on the road! CLICK HERE FOR JIM NORTON TICKETS! ...speaking of Li'l Jimmy Norton order 'The Best Of Jim Norton' on iTunes NOW! Good monday morning, kids! For those of you NOT nursing awful colds, the Opie and Anthony Show is broadcasting some fine entertainment for you this morning. Comedian Dan Naturman will be joining the POgram today to hang with the boys. WIN CA$H IN THE 'COIN CLEAVAGE' CONTEST: It's happening this Wednesday February 27th, and this contest is for the LADIES...CLICK HERE FOR 'COIN CLEAVAGE' DETAILS NEW BOOBS ON RATEMYWOW: Thanks again to our w
Sometimes, when we are not think straight, our minds are on other things, we can and do tend to say something we do not mean to say....and sometimes just those few words can have devistating results....*Open Mouth and Insert BOTH Feet Syndrome* and due to such a fact the very people you would never wish to hurt, do end up getting hurt in a very big way to say the least, I lnow as I myself have done just that very thing, to the one person I would never wish to hurt in the slightest, but in the heat of the moment I said somethig I very deeply regret and if it were possible I would give anything to freeze time to before the very second I said what I did so tht things would be different right at this moment in time and I would not feel as bad as I do right now............... To that very person I would like to say here and now, I am truly sorry for what I said, in fact I am not sure if you or any one will ever know just how much I do and will regret what I said and hope in time that
This month has been so very hectic for me... Not only do 2 of my boys have birthdays this month, but I had company that is just one of the most awesome people I have ever met. I love you!!! My grand daughter also had a birthday this month. 1st Shane turned 17, almost an adult, and I'm so very proud of him, he's come so far in life. 2nd Haley turned 2, wow time flies, i don't get to see her near as much as i'd like, but well I guess that's life... 3rd George Is 14 today!!!! Happy Birthday buddy !!! You are great!!!!!! I'm now the shortest person in my house, and the girls just keep calling, lol. George has his 1st school dance on friday and wow that makes me feel really old. To my honey.... I love you sooo much. You make me so very happy and I'm so glad you are in my life. SpinAgain*@ fubar
Had Me From Hello
In Our New Home
We finally made it, all the packing all the stress, was well worth it after all, we are in our new home, now comes the fun part, unpacking lol, I'll be on from time to time, I won't have internet service till next week some time, Hope everyone is doing well, I missed ya all
Top Tier Marketing System
Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system that promotes a "top-tier" direct sales opportunity. This is important because "top-tier" programs that use a direct sales approach probably offer a greater potential to build a substantial income in network marketing as opposed to a "traditional" mlm compensation plan. Two main reasons for this are: - the rising costs associated with recruiting - the very high attrition rates in the mlm industry When the average new recruit in your business only lasts for approximately 3 months, it makes it very difficult to build a reliable residual income. However, when your commissions are paid "up front" as in a direct sales compensation plan, this has much less of an impact on your bottom line. Carbon Copy Pro appears to be promoting the "right" type of business for today's market. Wealth Masters International-Top tier marketing system
Chicken Curry Salad With Apples And Walnuts
Serves 6 / I can usually find some wonderful heirloom apples, such as organic Gravenstein, at my local farmers' market or natural foods store, but if they are not available, try a Cortland or Gala. Serving tip: This salad is also great wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla. 2 8-ounce boneless skinless chicken breasts 4 1/4 -inch-thick slices fresh ginger 1 teaspoon black peppercorns 1/2 cup finely chopped celery 2 green onions, white and green parts, finely chopped 1/2 cup finely chopped red bell pepper 1 heirloom apple, cored and chopped into 1/2-inch pieces 1/4 cup low-fat mayonnaise 2 tablespoons Apple-Plum Chutney, or store-bought chutney 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger 1/2 teaspoon curry powder 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro 5 ounces arugula 1/3 cup toasted chopped walnuts 1. Place chicken in a 2-quart saucepan and cover with water by 2 inches. Add ginger slices and
Hubbies Funn
Please Read!!
If you have or are rating and commenting me on the contest, please leave a message letting me know so I can return the favor!
A Lovers Meeting
My lovers tongue tastes the red passion of my lips. My ear hears, his fast beating drums of his heart. Little whips of excitement, tingle from my fingertips. Seeing stars, my mind explodes. Silky pink, I sigh as I implode. Angels sighs whispering my name. Sweat droplets sliding over my body, thrusting stabs, call to me. Excitement builds again like a blue flame. The roaring of the ocean once again I scream his name
Interview With The Cam Whore
michaella_...: hello michaella_...: hi michaella_...: damn baby... you got it goin on... michaella_...: tanx ...u got ym id? michaella_...: no i don't michaella_...: sorry... dyslexic moment. yes, i have yahoo. michaella_...: pimeson16 on to yahoo we go... Michaella Gracie Chua: u der? Sets Fires: i'm here Michaella Gracie Chua: how r u? Sets Fires: i'm good. and how are you? Michaella Gracie Chua: im fine Michaella Gracie Chua: what do you do for a living? Sets Fires: i work at a chicken plant. i cut the heads off. Michaella Gracie Chua: ahahaha Michaella Gracie Chua: so cruel Michaella Gracie Chua: =) Michaella Gracie Chua: really? Sets Fires: ya really Michaella Gracie Chua: well im used to dat coz here in the philippines i used to strip them up Sets Fires: if i can get my production up to 1000 per day, they will probably make me the team leader Michaella Gracie Chua: wow Michaella Gracie Chua: goodluck Michaella Gracie Chua: =) Sets Fires: i'm al
Mommas Boy
Any of you fit this description? LOL.. I know a couple who do!
About My Son
I've had a decent amount of people ask me about my son. So I figured blogging it and referring people to it would be one hell of a lot easier than repeating myself twenty times. Yes, I had a baby when I was 19 years old. No, he was in no way an accident. The condom didn't break, I didn't forget my pill. We intentionally got pregnant. Because when I first started seeing a gyno, he told me my uterus was unusually scarred. When I turned 18, I went to a specialist about it. He told me if I waited until 25 like I had wanted before trying to concieve, the odds would not at all be in my favor. It was important to us to be parents. So we started trying to concieve that same week. I had three miscarriages before I finally carried a baby to term and had our son, Liam. I had severe morning sickness, but I was as well nurished as I could get with that diagnosis. I did not smoke (I don't smoke period, actually) or drink or use drugs while pregnant. Liam was born with congenital cataracts. He
Beef Or Chicken Fajitas
1 tablespoon vegetable oil 2 small red or green bell peppers, cut into strips 1 small onion, sliced 3 large cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 pound extra-lean beef sirloin or boneless, skinless chicken breast meat, cut into 2-inch strips 1 1/4 teaspoons ground cumin 1 teaspoon chili powder 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup bottled chunky salsa 4 (6-inch) fajita-size reduced-fat flour tortillas, warmed Light sour cream, chopped fresh cilantro and lime wedges (optional) HEAT oil in large, nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add bell peppers, onion and garlic; cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 to 6 minutes or until onion is slightly golden and peppers are tender. STIR in beef or chicken, cumin, chili powder and salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 7 to 8 minutes or until meat is no longer pink. Stir in salsa; heat through. SERVE in tortillas; top with sour cream, cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice. Serving Size: 4
ok i thought i would just get on here and vent, today is the one day that i truely hate, today i turn 24, but is it just me or is it that you only have 4 great memberable birthdays in your life your first, 16th 18th and 21st, and after that 21st and you get older and not only do you feel it you realize it too, and you think back to when you was 16 18 21 and you think about then and where you thought you would be by this time, and you realize that you are no where close, like when i was 16 i thought by now i would be working at a nice computer place, and have my own office would have graduated college, and here i am always on the look for the next best job, still not knowing what i want to do for the next 20 years, by this time most people are either in that job or well on their way. i mean yea i am getting ready to go back in the military for at least four years but who know, knees might give on me again, or i might be 6 ft under within those next 4 years because i dont know if its a
Another One Of My Poems
~~ Flying High ~~ ~~~~~~ Standing on a cliff so high, She wonders if she can fly. ~~~~~~ Watching the crows fly through the air, As a gentle breeze touches her hair. ~~~~~~ Thoughts all jumbled and no where to turn. The pain ebbing to a slow steady burn. ~~~~~~ The sky so inviting. The thrill of the leap exciting. ~~~~~~ Just one step that's all it would take. Feeling as her heart will surely break. ~~~~~~ She jumps not making any sound, Her body soaring to the ground. ~~~~~~ There she lays all broken, Not a word is spoken. ~~~~~~ No longer will she suffer, she took the wrong way out. ~~~~~~ Leaving behind a bewildered family, Who can only wonder Why!!! ~~~~~~ ~~ Copywrited by Carolina Breeze ~~ 3/5/2008 ~~
Thank You Shadow Levelers And Everone That Helped!!!
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that stopped by to help out in leveling me today!! Most were not even my friends! The Shadow Levelers came at me out of now where!! Thank you all so much!!!!!! Please stop by and show these awesome people some love. If you were one of them and I missed you, please let me know and I will add your link. Please repost! Much love ~That Girl ♫LilBamaGirl♫@ fubar I.B.I .C BlondeRage26@ fubar Sexygranny1967~World Cruise Greeter~Dragon Flyer~Coaster Rider~Pirate~of S*U*P* & Shadow Levelers@ fubar ~~~FU-DADDY~~~DA PLAYBOY OF DA FU~FUBAR'S 16TH PROPHET~DA PIMP WITH 31 FU-WIVES"~@ fubar GARY~SHADOW LEVELER~R/L ENGAGED TO BooBoo~ FUMARRIED TO BooBoo~~OWNER OF LILBAMAGIRL@ fubar ♥{KiKi}♥ {{{Shadow Leveler}}}@ fubar Fit To Be Tied!@ fubar ~ Echo Angel ~@ fubar Freak@ fubar ღMiss Heartbreakerღ{Club F.A.R.}{Shadow Leveler}
Just a quick mental note.... I fucking hate lying, decieving, treacherous junkie whores!!! Thank you and have a pleasant day. This has been a message from you local 14/88 sponsor.. SEIG HEIL!!!
Spices For Candle Work
Now you have to do a little homework for your candle magick to be successful. Research, research, research. There are planetary influences, there is whether the moon is waxing, full, or waning; there is the day of the week -- certain days are better to do the kind of magick you are looking for. There is also Moon Void Of Course. When the Moon is void of course, do not do any magick. If you want to do a simple candle magick, the most important thing would be the phase of the moon and the void of course.. There is the oil or oils that you will need. Whenever you are searching for the right oil, you also need a catalyst which gives it that extra boost, like cinnamon. Catalyst herbs need to be in all spells. You need to use catalyst herb/oil along with your intended oil to send it off, to activate it. But just a pinch or drop or so of oil. They are: 1. Dragons Blood - all spells should have this herb. Whatever you put in, you get out. 2. Allspice is good for money. 3. Cinnamon -
About KISS MANIA Tribute Welcome to Kiss Mania!!!! A group of 4 seasoned, Phoenix musicians dedicated to bringing you rock n roll in its purest Kiss form ! Re-live the excitement of that first Kiss concert and experience the energy only true performers can bring to the stage. All four musicians in Kiss Mania are quality lead vocalists. With Kiss-Mania, the vocals you hear on our demo is what you get in our live performance. Quality musicianship, solid lead vocals blended with sparkling harmonies that no other Kiss tribute even comes close to duplicating. Its about time Phoenix and the southwest has a Kiss Tribute Band. That time has finally arrived !!!! Are you ready to ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE ??!!! For booking info and scheduling please contact us at KISS MANIA Tribute's Friend Space (Top 40) KISS MANIA
Sexual Snacks
I have been hungry all day, waiting for you to bring me my snack giving me your feast in your special way, not one morsel of sweetness do you lack. You can be my cookie, submerge yourself in my milk, I will have you saying oh, sookie, sookie as you touch my skin that feels like silk. I find myself unwrapping your Mr. Goodbar, for a oh so sweet tempting treat, I like how its packed full of nuts, none compares by far, filling my cravings with each nut I eat. We have now each had a snack, we have ravished the rack of sweets, we just cured our daily sugar attack, now we just kiss and snuggle as our bodies meet. (c)MadCurves
Friday Opie And Anthony Links: Bob Kelly, Doug Stanhope, Lenny Clarke, Dru Boogie, New Boobs On Ratemywow, The O&a Show Needs Interns, New Videos Onli
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Anthony vs. Tippy Tom now!) Jim Norton's Got TEN CD's Worth Of Material online - order 'The Best Of Jim Norton' on iTunes NOW! Li'l Jimmy's also doing a li'l comedy tour, and he's in Denver tonight and Minneapolis this weekend. You can see him LIVE if you get your tickets now! Today on the Opie and Anthony Show, since Jim Norton in out of town, our pal Robert Kelly is filling in. Because we're coming up on a li'l break, Dru Boogie is in studio playing us in and out of commercials, and Doug Stanhope is also coming back in to hang and plug his Caroline's shows. Finally,
At Happy Hour Plz Hit This Girl
PLEASE HELP LEVEL PEBBLES IN AZ! SHE'S IN A RACE TO GODMOTHER, PLEASE COME HELP OUT, THANK YOU!!!! ~PebblesinAZ~Co-Owned by Tappinit & Emanon! xoxo Co founder of THE FREAK SHOW! Woot! XOXO Read my Bl@ fubar
Cosmo Magazine Is Just Pure Evil : |
I was talking to my g/f, and she was reading Cosmo, and telling me about their 50 "things you should do with/for/to your man" part, or the 21 "things that guys fuck up" section, and I've realized something....The women who write these so-called "informative" articles, are jaded, bitter, delusional individuals. First off, there aren't 50 ANYTHINGS to "pleasing" your man. Usually there are only 4. Food, Sex, A compliment or two, and a moment of silence. All the other stuff is just extra. Besides, if you would just actually take the time to get to know your significant other, you would already know how to, or at least come up with new ways on how to please or excite your man. And the whole bitter list of what guys don't do is written or compiled by women who fucked up or got fucked over by assholes that they always fall for, therefore ALL GUYS are just like that. So they get a whole bunch of pictures of models and celebrities with perfect hair and perfect bodies, along with the airb
Help Save The Seals!
Please check this link out and help save the baby seals! It will only take a few minutes of your time to do something humane.
You Need Some Help Today Guys..
Callin All Friends/family/shadow Levelers
Ever Wondered?
Have you ever wondered why things happen as they do? Have you ever wondered why you make the choices you do? I know the answer is yes and i know i to have done such things. We sometime ponder of things we can not change, not because we want to change them, but we want to understand them. This is a hard thing for anyone to do, and a even harder task to forget. Have you ever wondered what would make you happiest? Have you ever wondered is destiny what has brought us together? I know the answer is yes, as it is for me. This is not unnatural. However some forget that while there may be destiny, there is still choice to seperate that destiny from a dream. We chose what we do with what is put before us. We chose the paths we walk, we chose the friends we make, and most importantly we chose those we love. To me wondering about the past is not something i dwell on, however i do dream about the future. I dream of my own happiness, and what the simplist version of that happiness is for me.
I Have A Stalker
PENGY STALKS ME OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW AT NIGHT! :-O I caught her last night.. staring at me through my window.. licking her lips.. it was kinda scary. The shadow of her figure from the reflection in my window enveloped my room with a sense of a dark purpose.. she was DUN DUN DUN gonna steal my panties again. Surely enough I woke the next morning and my panties were gone! She left a flipperprint on my dresser drawer! I woke up the other night.. and she got into my room I don't know how! But she was humpin the bear! I got scared so I went back to sleep. THEN the next night I woke up.. and she was staring me right in the face! WHAT OH WHAT DOES SHE WANT FROM ME????? Maybe I should just give in and let her have her way with me.. and all this will stop.
Are Humans Meant To Be Monogamous? An Article
News of politicians extramarital affairs seems to be in no short supply lately, but if humans were cut from exactly the same cloth as other mammals, a faithful spouse would be an unusual phenomenon. Only 3 percent to 5 percent of the roughly 5,000 species of mammals (including humans) are known to form lifelong, monogamous bonds, with the loyal superstars including beavers, wolves and some bats. Social monogamy is a term referring to creatures that pair up to mate and raise offspring but still have flings. Sexually monogamous pairs mate with only with one partner. So a cheating husband who detours for a romantic romp yet returns home in time to tuck in the kids at night would be considered socially monogamous. Beyond that, scientists definitions for monogamy vary. Evolutionary psychologists have suggested that men are more likely to have extramarital sex, partially due to the male urge to "spread genes" by broadcasting sperm. Both males and females, these scientists
Did Someone Say They Wanted A Hummer??
CAMP PENDLETON , Calif. Karla Comfort received a lot of looks and even some salutes from people when she drove from Benton, Ark., to Camp Pendleton, Calif., in her newly-painted, custom Hummer H3 on March 2. The vehicle is adorned with the likeness of her son, 20-year-old Lance Cpl. John M. Holmason, and nine other Marines with F Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division who where all killed by the same improvised explosive device blast in Fallujah, Iraq, in December. For Karla Comfort, having the vehicle air brushed with the image of the 10 Marines was a way to pay homage to her hero and his fellow comrades who fell on Iraq's urban battlefield. 'I wanted to let people know (Marines) are doing their jobs honorably, and some of them die,' said the 39-year-old from Portland , OR. 'I don't want people to forget the sacrifices that my son and the other Marines made.' Leading up to her son's death, Karla Comfort had received several letters f
Poems I Sent My Ex Girl
heres a few poems i sent my ex but of course she didn't come back to me so its what i get for making some. i guess feel free to give them to your girls cuz they didn't work for mine good luck guys. ~first one~ Wish I could simply tell you Show you how I feel Take a chance on what feels right Prove to you its real Oh life would be so simple With a heart made out of stone Then love, it wouldnt rule us Like a King sat on his Throne Heartaches one step from heartbreak Im aching for you, my love Please dont break me. ~For You~ I'd die for you Belen cry for you kill for you put my life on still for you I'd fight for you do right by you do anything you want me to I'd leave with you never look back you're my only light when everything is black without you i don't think my heart can beat I've fallen in love with you you've swept me off my feet. and so it goes, I love for you I'd do anything and everything just for you. Belen
Here By Me
I Can Smell You
How does a smile grow, When its shared with a friend. When shared with many, It never seems to end. So if you see a friend, Who seems sad and blue. If you give a smile to them, A smile will return to you. So to you all of my friends, To you my smile,a small gift. May it make your day a little better, And give your heart and soul a lift
My Wife Joined Fubar!
Show her some love and add her as a friend, tell her I sent you. Sable@ fubar
Why Teens Fall In Love
Did you know that every night before you go to sleep there is one person of the opposite sex thinking of you. They want to kiss you, they want to be with you, they are always thinking about you, and this is all true and not fake. If you repost this in 5 minutes the person that is longing to be with you will approach you within one month and ask you out or grab you and kiss you. But if you break this chain no one will like you or ask you out again for 5 years!! Advice... WHEN SHE ACTS SHY -SAY I LOVE YOU WHEN SHE RUNS AWAY FROM YOU - CHASE HER WHEN SHE PUTS HER FACE NEAR YOURS - KISS HER WHEN SHE KICKS & PUNCHES - HOLD HER TIGHT WHEN SHE IS SILENT - SHES THINKIN OF HOW TO SAY I LOVE YOU WHEN SHE IGNORES YOU - SHE WANTS ALL YOUR ATTENTION! WHEN SHE SAYS YOU ARE CRAZY/WEIRD< -SHE IS REALLY CRAZY ABOUT YOU WHEN SHE PULLS AWAY - GRAB HER BY THE WAIST AND NEVER LET GO WHEN YOU SEE HER AT HER WORST - TELL HER SHES BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE SCREAMS AT YOU - TE
Just Thinking
Well it is Easter ... the holiday that represents the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. I am far from a holy roller, but I have a new appreciation of the holiday. Some may say this is sacrilege but Easter has a whole new meaning for me. Some that may know me or know about me but others have no clue. I was in a relationship with a person who I thought was my Anamchara (It's the Celtic word for "soul friend") at least that is what he lead me to believe. In this relationship he contributed very little ... now if it was because he couldn't or didn't want to I am not sure. All I know is now he is gone and I am left to wonder. So on to how this reminds me of the Easter season. Well I my love life was basically crucified when I found out that we did not share the love that would make us grow and be happy. So we parted ways in a somewhat amicable fashion (at least I don't hate him) Now I am left to wonder will there be a resurrection of my love life ...
Rush - Subdivisions' ! Live Drums' By Marty (party) Kays !
Video Games...
you ever start playing a game that you don't really like but it gets addicting, and then the further you get into it the more you like it? yea. so my husband and i picked out this video game that seemed pretty cool. when i started playing it, i hated it. but i figured i would give it a chance and play for a little bit. it got i can't stop playing...and i have like 4 other video games that i am in the middle of but i can't bring myself to quit this game long enough to finish any of the other ones. and looking at the game, well it seems like i might be playing this game for a long long time. i am actually the kind of person who is ocd! and well, i hate playing video games and not playing them until i beat them! i have 8 games i have beaten completely. but then there are 4 that through my husband getting me valentines presents and games we were playing together and games on other game systems, well...they just aren't getting beaten. it annoys the crap outta me but i am soo
He found himself to be in the middle of the forest lashes made him bleed but no matter he kept listening to that voice Myst appeared and blocked his eyesight he can no longer see any direction his mind awakened again and warned him: "Hast thou not been before in this spot? Would thee not awake before thou rots? This creature might be luring thou not think? Look and witness, indulge thine eyes there are others that are led to sink.. Cherubim sat on a rock while the voice chanted still "begone you!! " he suddenly said but the voice kept on rotating as he bled.
Southern Rappers R Better
the south has the best rappers than anywhere else
Rest In Peace Jon We Love You
this is a blog to my freind jon from the serlion stockade. he grew up an orphan with nothing. when jon met me i was in alot of trouble being a single mom and barley surving he knew this and went out and bought me the things i needed to raise my son. apperiantly he bought stuff like that all the time and helped out the unfortiante people so that no other little kid would have to grow up without anything like he did a couple days ago he went into the hospital with carbon monixide piosoning and he never came. out thank you jon you saved thye life of my son and myself and i'll never for get it. we love you rest in peace.
Nobody Dose It Like Family
Well I guess I can only say NOBODY fucks you over like family.... No matter how much you do for them.... I have always helped anyone in my family that I can.... I would give the shirt off my back if someone in my family needed it.... I have and would fight for my family.... I might even kill for my family.... I know if it came to someone doing something to one of my children I would kill someone.... I would and have given the last dollar to my name to someone in my family.... I recently found out that my cousin, whom I have done alot for is wanting to fuck me over in a bad way.... I own a $1,600 camera, with 2 lenses that are worth about another $1,000 between the two of them.... He is planning on trying to steal it!!!! What the FUCK is up with that?!?! I mean he knows that is my life.... But I guess one would have to know and understand that this is a person who has always stole shit from people, including me.... It was always over looked, yeah I always said somethin
Friends Needed-starts Tonight
THIS IS WHERE I FINALLY NEED ALL OF YOU.. WE WILL SEE WHO IS THERE FOR ME.. MY FIRST CONTEST. NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET. WILL RETURN FAVORS TO ANY AND ALL!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU. ♥~BRATT~♥ Please show Bratt & her Daughters some love CONTEST WILL BEGIN MARCH 28th, AT 7 P.M EST & WILL LAST TWO WEEKS, ENDING APRIL 11th, AT 7 P.m. EST Click on the pic below to start bombing. Please leave a comment or two to help out and return the love that she has shown you. She is always quick to help others so let us all help her out as much as we can too.
Break Me Out
You've taken my heart But I don't want it back We're back to the start And my world's turning black The feelings I feel The time left to steal The things that i tell Break my out of my cell (Bridge) Break me out Promise you will never forget me The loveless drought So set me free (CHorus) So Tell me that you're here (remember me) And I dont want to hear (Remember me) Your excuses anymore You know its you that I adore So do me one last thing and remember me Like a single clause In the finest of print The time seems to pause As the sun starts to glint Off of the glass and into the past (Bridge) (Chorus) Why don't you Beleive me Why dont you Trust me To be alone (bridge) Chorus
Hurt Myself
Before you ask no I'm not talking physical injury. I do far worse, i hurt myself emotionally. When it comes to love, I have a knack for doing the wrong thing. I found a woman who loved and cared for me and I let her go. Then I found another woman who wanted to use me and I stayed with her until I was all used up. I've told my desire to go back in time, but sadly I can't. All I can do is try to find another woman who will give me the love I once had or get struck by a bolt of luck and get that second chance.
My 3rd Auction Bulletin
I am holding yet another Auction, trying to save for a Spotlight, so this one like my other ones going to be pretty simpleEntry Fee for this Auction will be 100,000 Fubucks and the minimum bid will be set for 200,000 and to ensure no one is cheated or anything if by some small chance someone who enters doesn't get bid on, and they are offering a good amount of stuff for their auction entry then i will bid 250K for the owning WOO HOO i own you... lmaoLike all my other Auctions you private message me by clicking the link below and send me a link to the picture you will like entered into the auction. I will RIP the pic so that i can know who it came from at the end of the auctionPrivateMessageLinkClick hereStart DateApril 4th5:00 PM EST&Will End onApril 18th5:00 PM ESTWhen i do auctions by myself i always do both men and woman so all are welcome to participate if they want toRULES*Rates are not needed, though appreciated* No Comments Please, Only Serious Bids.*Can bid anything fubar rela
I Was Recently Purchased By Tommyrock
Go show him some awesome FUBAR LOVE TommyRock~owner@ Silver Dollar Radio~*Owner of SWTCHRRYPIE~@ fubar
I Wish I Could Write As Mysterious As A Cat.
A strong argument for the religion of Christ is this - that offences against Charity are about the only ones which men on their death-beds can be made - not to understand - but to feel - as crime. Edgar Allan Poe All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry. Edgar Allan Poe All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Edgar Allan Poe As an individual, I myself feel impelled to fancy a limitless succession of Universes. Each exists, apart and independently, in the bosom of its proper and particular God. Edgar Allan Poe Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears. Edgar Allan Poe Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Edgar Allan Poe Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of the truth arises f
Cat Lover Or Not, This Is Hysterical!
MEEEE OWIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cat Lover or Not, this is hysterical! We've all had trouble with our animals, but I don't think anyone can top this one: Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable. No matter how legitimate my excuse, I always get the feeling that my boss thinks I'm lying. On one recent occasion, I had a valid reason but lied anyway, because the truth was just too darned humiliating. I simply mentioned that I had sustained a head injury, and I hoped I would feel up to coming in the next day. By then, I reasoned, I could think up a doozy to explain the bandage on the top of my head. The accident occurred mainly because I had given in to my wife's wishes to adopt a cute little kitty. Initially, the new acquisition was no problem. Then one morning, I was taking my shower after breakfast when I heard my wife, Deb, call out to me from the kitchen. "Honey! The garbage disposal is dead again. Please come reset it." "You know
My New Owner Milf
WOW WHAT A MILF COME ON CHECK OUT MY NEWEST OWNER RATE /FAN /ADD ..YOU KNOW YOU WANNA AND YOU WONT REGRET IT I'm the MILF you've always dreamed ofFu-Owned by LoLoCrawler and Owner of Be1tinme@ fubarWant one? Go to
Just A Thought & Wanting To See Your Opinion....
I am thinking of pimpin myself out on here... I am REALLY REALLY wanting a Happy Hour and another VIP.. so Im thinking about doing a little bulletin with what I will give to whomever buys me both! Is it a good idea? Will it work? Let me know you guys... I will be making the list at work on lunch break... I will be home in about 8 and half hours... peace!
Good Morning how are your doing today and happy Thursday to all. Wow, that was a fingers full. So whats happening in your world? Not much in mine currently. Bonita and I are in the middle of a dispute argument, well one really cant argue if they are not talking correct? Oh well this will pass Such is life. I did however read about lavish parties thrown for Children who may or may not remember the event. I get a charge out of people coming up with certain ways to have a party but promote it as something entirely off the track. Like these two in Florida. Ah yes Florida Some parents, in exuberant yet inexplicable expressions of devotion to their babies' supposed happiness, stage lavish birthday parties at such young ages that the supposed beneficiaries could not possibly remember or appreciate them. For example, the party by Sheila Chapman and Ray Reed for their precious "Prince" Clayburn Reed in February in Tampa Palms, Fla., celebrating Prince's first birthday, featured 60 gues
Happy Girl
I used to live in a darkened room Had a face of stone And a heart of gloom Lost my hope, I was so far gone Cryin' all my tears With the curtains drawn I didn't know until my soul broke free I've got these angels watching over me Oh watch me go I'm a happy girl Everybody knows That the sweetest thing you'll ever see In the whole wide world Is a happy girl I used to hide in a party crowd Bottled up inside Feeling so left out Standing in a corner wearing concrete shoes With my frozen smile And my lighted fuse Now every time I start to feel like that I roll my heart out like a welcome mat Oh watch me go I'm a happy girl Everybody knows That the sweetest thing you'll ever see In the whole wide world Is a happy girl Laugh when I feel like it Cry when I feel like it That's just how my life is That's how it goes Oh watch me go I'm a happy girl And I've come to know That the world won't change Just 'cause I complain Let the axis twirl I'm
Story Time......
Could you, would you on a log? Could you, would you Read my blog? Would you, could you on a dare? Would you, could you click down there? Would you, could you in a tree? Could you show some love to me? Dont forget to rate to!!!!
Cherry Did It!
My View On Obama And The Whole Pastor Controversy
Clinton can't win my fellow Democrats, read the news. Therefore if you want a Democrat who is strongest and has the best chances of beating McCain then you need to get with Obama unless you want to be in Iraq for another 100 years as McCain said himself and you want the rich to keep getting richer while gas prices skyrocket to 5.00 a gallon. As for this whole Obama preacher scandal the United Church of Christ is a predominately White denomination of Christianity. If the church was so anti-white then they would not be a part of a denomination that has a White majority. Furthermore his former pastors opinion is not the opinion of Obama; we all think for ourselves. Like Obama says his pastor is like an old uncle who you love but sometimes says some things you do not agree with. In the defense of the pastor I can understand his anger. America over the years has gotten further and further away from God. Prayer has been taken out of schools, In God We Trust off the new coins but then when
-Aneminity of Love- I woke up gray, and now feeling blue, It seemed to never end, Until I met you. Your eyes so diligent, Your thoughts so pure, I'll use this towards my sickness to be cured, Invite me to your life, And I shall make you my wife, And keep my life from turning blue, Where thou's love has been made so whole and true. Ps. I will never forget the day I heard your voice for the first time, And I will always love you.
Can Use Some Extra Luv
if you have time we can use some extra luv
Send Me A Cowboy
Dj Trickys Auction
Ok, This Kinda Scares Me... {stolen From Sam *slurpz*}
What Robert Means You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something. You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense. You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun. You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life. You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you. At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself. You are full of energy. You are spirited and boisterous. You are bold and daring. You are willing to do some pretty outrageous things. Your high energy sometimes gets you in trouble. You can have a pretty bad temper at times. You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone. You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together. At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pu
[a Thought Occurs]
Night court is on. Oh jesus, why can I not sleep before dawn? I'm a vampire aren't I? Anyway, some old issues have come up, and I'm pretty glad that they did. (smiling something secret and bashful to himself) Next thought: yes, people owe me money, yes, I wish I had that money- it's mine, no I'm never going to get it, but geeze it'd be nice to have a PS3 (especially a fully backwards compatible one) and some money for my own vacation. More on money, I'm thinking about changing my style up. I'm tired of tshirts and jeans. I kinda want to bring back high fashion and retro-mod kind of clothing, at least bring them back to my wardrobe :P fuck the revolution. Why is male fashion such a fucking punch line these days? [/lolcat] ZOMG! RET RO! IWEARZ A FADED GI JOE SHURT 45$ AND REPRINT!!! NO AUTHENTIZKS! I IZ KOOL! FOR PAYING EXTRAZ FOR PROFESSIONALLY WORN OUT AND SAND BLASTED PANTSSS! ZOMG I IZ METRO HAS A SALMON SHIRT n PINK TIE! ZOMG! I HAZ SCENE Iz NOT GHEY TO HAVE W
What Does My Underwear Say About Me??
What Your Underwear Says About You You like your underwear to make you feel girlish and pretty. Let's hope you're a chick. You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way. The Underwear Oracle ROFLMFAO!!!!
I feel the world like a thorn upon my throne. The pea crammed under a thousand down cushions. A stray whisp on my wet lips down the neck of a new lover. I feel the swarm, the mighty tsunami from the wastes. Burning me up, as if one were to wrap his hand around the infinitely absent sun, and hold it to his heart. Consuming, obliterating, not embracing, not enveloping. From my ashes another will rise, tempered, and impure. Strength from the dross, something so blasphemous and unclean could build such welded durability. Something so imperfect could grant this. But what manner of gift is this? At what cost did my purity come? I feel the world from my cold vigil, high and away, strangled by tranquil solitude forgotten like childhood's frivolity. Empty, but not hollow.
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Law Sisk aka '(`._.[ Rv]._.) **Sexy S.B.G.**' BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB Come Vote For The Insane Clown Posse
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Heavenly Fish, Lightning From Hell
It was the summer of 1965 and I was a happy boy of nine years old. I learned about death a few years earlier when JFK was shot down in Dallas. It was my first experience with death, and mostly what I remember was how everyone around me was so sad. I seemed to feel more badly for those living with sorrow over this event than the event itself. Possibly I didn't understand the concept of death at that young age, but I definitely understood the gloom of sorrow others had. I just wanted to comfort them and tell them it would be alright. My father and mother had both been married before I was conceived. Each had a son and daughter from their previous marriages. But they found each other and decided to have me. My mother was 39 and my father was 42 when I was born. My parents were older than any of my friends parents, although my mother looked 15 years younger than her true age. I remember telling people how old she was and they were always in shock. In fact, my half sister and my mother
Its Just Human Nature...
Everyday we take on the task of fighting what is simply human nature. For example: It's Human Nature to want more than ONE is able to give..... It's Human Nature to desire what we cant have.... It's Human Natue to have the need to love and be loved..... It's Human Nature to become jealous and envious over what others have..... It's Human Nature to become infactuated and stimulated over the physically blessed.... It's Human Nature to sadden over the dissapointing, ill and death........ It's Human Nature to want more than you need...... One of our life challenges is NOT to fight against Human Nature ...but too Control It! Please Take Note... ToniO.(Copy Right...4/10/08)
A Rose
Thank You To All My Friends!
For all of those, who participated in Lessie Thursday, thank you :)
One More Day To Get Bling
Please help. I need about 4000 more comments and I win bling. Everyone already has their bling. Any and all help is loved and will do my best to return the favor. Thank you
I Loove "mississippi":-))
Updated Spotlight
Please take a minute to check these people out! They all have donated to me getting the spotlight and they are great friends to have! So please take the time to stop by and F/A/R them. You won't regret it! Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones@ fubar ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar ~DJ Twiztid~Fu Fiance to SiMpLy AmAzInG~ Dj Mng.@Club Too Sexy@ fubar darkprince75@ fubar nukka@ fubar CrazyPhil@ fubar Lord Garfield * Freedomguy63* Bartender for Unholy Confessions & Space Hotties@ fubar subliminalone76
The Name Says It All
I died in my sleep but I dreamt I was real, in this new life I found I couldnt feel. It was so hard to deal with the world that was real but my dream was the best world I wish it were real. I would steal reality to substitute my own for a life where Ive grown but feelings are unknown. Would I still have shown so little of my own when hearts dont have sensations are they still so reluctant? All my decisions are made with precision to limit my exposure I ended before it was meant to be over. What I could have been remains to be seen what does it all mean, time flows in a stream. In the ebb and flow I still do not know, time passes around me and its sure to drown me. The world, it moves all around me and it too will drown me, in the sorrow and pain lives bent towards material gain. Bankrupting the soul again and again we are no longer men but shadows of men, there and then when when when will it end, will it end, will it end, in a bang or a blast in a fire so fast
My Promise As Your Friend!
1. When you are sad - I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. 2. When you are blue - I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile - I will know you've finally had sex. 4. When you are scared - I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried - I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and tell you to quit whining. 6. When you are confused - I will use little words. 7. When you are sick - stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall - I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. This is my oath - I pledge it till the end. Why, you ask? Because you are my friend. lol ~Larry~
Chocolate Pecan Pie
This delicious treat is served at Churchill Downs and at Kentucky Derby parties everywhere on Derby Day. INGREDIENTS: 3 eggs, lightly beaten 1 c. light corn syrup 1/2 c. brown sugar, packed 1 c. chopped pecans 1/4 t. salt 1/2 t. vanilla 6 oz. package semi-sweet chocolate morsels 1 9 inch deep dish pie shell, unbaked PREPARATION: Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Mix all ingrediaents and pour into pie shell. Bake for 10 minutes and reduce heat to 350 degrees for 35 minutes more. Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.
I Love You
imikimi - Customize Your World Marques Houston Videos | Video Codes
Funny Names
So in the past 5-10 minutes, I've had a lot of people checking me out and rating me and some of these names made me laugh. I thought I would share. Whos your daddy! rated your photo a '10'! Chicks Hate Me rated your photo a '10'! Dontcryemofag rated your photo a '10'! (The last one made me think of Pitbull LOL.)
What A Woman Wants!!!
If you would like your boyfriend or husband to gain a better understanding of "what" a woman really is, "who" she really is and, how a woman should be treated, you owe it to yourself to get thema copy of Peter Britt's book "All That I Am, I Think!". The book contains some very insightful information regarding women and a woman's importance in the world, as well as her incalculable value to herself and others. Don't take my word for it, get a copy for your significant other today!! Click here for Peter's publisher book store Click this link to order the Hard Cover book. $24.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in Hard Cover Click this link to order the paperback book. $19.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in paperback Just click the cdbaby logo to buy That's What Living's For by Peter Britt EXCERPTS "A quote of the heart from Peter Britt" "The passionate wings of a woman have I found shel
Wow Ty Mystical Dreamzzzz
To Best Friends Hanging Around .
without a crush in my life, i wouldn't know what to do
Check Your Water Bottles!!
Check your water bottles!! You may need a magnifying glass to find it but if there is a triangle on the bottom with a "7" in it then that means it contains PBH which is very harmful to your health. Read this pass it on repost if you can.
Why Is It?
Now why is it when ever you ask one person one thing you get an explanation from some one else? Dosen't that seam a bit on the irritating side? To me at least it dose. Guess it's a fact of life huh.
The Day True Love Splintered
At the supermarket, reach to grab a tin A sharp pain wells up from deep within A word you used quite often, appeared and once again my heart is speared Your name seems to pop up everywhere In the middle of the row I stop and stare Sinking, remembering days of bliss This is where you gave me that kiss Tears, uncontrolled, roll down my cheek My reflection shows me to be somber and bleak Shrugging I try concentrating on food Hate this slow drowning, hate this mood Mechanically I put things in my cart I still can't believe that we're apart Numbed yet capable of feeling pain Angry that I start crying again I wonder, what is it that I've done in this life? To be thrown headfirst in this cesspool of strife My heart shrinks thinking of you and your pain Your words pounding relentless in my brain "I need to leave you if I'm to survive All I wish is to make you my wife But 27 years are too much to take Your mind I love, is this love then a fake?" You go on, s
Greta's Thought's
Just wanted to thank everyone for your warm welcomes ,I will learn more about this site as I go along just bare with me as I learn it okay I hope to make many awesome Friends and have many good Laughs and Memories as I get to know each of you ... Hugs Greta~
My Life With A Chronic Illness
Another one of those days.... Not everyday is like this but they are becoming more frequent... such is life. Morning again, another morning that doesn't come creeping in gently on silent cat feet but rushing in with the dull ache of another medication hang over. I groggily rolled over, pried my eyes open and slowly pulled myself to a sitting position. I tried to gather my bearings, time - day - purpose of life, you know the drill. Oh yes, the wonderful world of medicated sleep and it's dreamless, thoughtless, almost lifeless means of being... what I have to do just to get a little peace and sleep. I forced myself awake a bit more and pulled back the covers. I attempted to swing my legs out of bed and to the floor, but wait - they aren't moving - wonderful! It's going to be one of those days again, just what I was looking forward to... With a sigh of resignation I close my eyes and focus my mind and my will, when I was satisfied that I was 'where I needed to be' mentally th
I Want To Fly
The night I met you in words only on a screen I knew I had to have you not only in my dreams! The words that we have shared have caused my heart to care At first I was a little frightened to share myself with you but you showed me ways to make my nights brighten You loved my body over and over again you took me to heaven and made me live again! I have come to want to devour you not just on this place but I want to touch your body and feel you near I want to hold you tightly not just in words but face to face: I want to pleasure you in all the ways we shared, I want to do things to you that others would only dare: I want to make our fantasies all come true for, babe, I want to fly with you.
Stalker List 21 Aprll 2008
Shadow Levelers Members List Here are the members closest to leveling... :) If someone levels, could you please post a comment letting everyone know who has leveled in between updates so that we all know or if you have any suggestions or find any errors outside of points dropping, please let me know. I do this list at various hours and may make some typos. :) I don't always remember the "delete" or "backspace" key... hehe... :) Thanks for all your support with this list. Each one of you are truly amazing!! :) Good Luck!!! :) 7,932 to Level 10 lost in love@ fubar 8,959 to Level 11 (needs salute) truckdriverofhooterville{shadowleveler}@ fubar 11,278 to Level 12 LionRawr{Prowler of the Savana - Defender of the pride} {Shadow Leveler}@ fubar 13,237 to Level 17 laprincesa{shadow leveler}@ fubar 16,780 to Level 12 momofsteve@ fubar 19,096 to Level 15 BEND OVER AND SPELL RUN/1ST MEMBER OF THE J.E.R.K. FAMILY/SPANKER&SHADOW/FUBITCH TO KILLER BLUE EYES@
Feeling Jaded?
The wonderful woman in the link below is so close in getting a spotlight and i was wondering if any of my friends could spare a few Fubucks for her to get this? She will repay all of u right back as soon as she gets it. pretty much u can say it is just a loan for now and that is it. So if u can spare a few for this wonderful girl from down under. that would be awesome!!! Jade.... ♥ Nate's Munchkin ♥ a member of the Dream Girlz ..... @ fubar Thank u all in advance!!!!
30 Minutes
Mama, papa forgive me Out of sight, out of mind Out of time to decide Do we run? should I hide For the rest of my life Can we fly? do we stay? We could lose we could fail And the more minutes take To make planer, or mistakes 30 minutes, the blink of the night 30 minutes to alter our lifes 30 minutes to make up my mind 30 minutes to finally decide 30 minutes to whisper your name 30 minutes to shelter the blame 30 minutes of bliss, 30 lies 30 minutes to finally decide Carousels in the sky That we shape with our eyes Under shade silhouettes casting Shapes crying rain Can we fly do I stay We could lose, we could fail Either way, options change Chances fail, trains derail. 30 minutes, the blink of the night 30 minutes to all of our lifes 30 minutes to make up my mind 30 minutes to finally decide 30 minutes to whisper your name 30 minutes to show her the blame 30 minutes of bliss, 30 lies 30 minutes to finally decide To decide, to decide to dec
2008 . Lansing ,mi . Common Ground Music Festival
so summer is here .. and i am ready to work backstage and hang out with the rock stars .. heres the list whos is playin at the common ground festival............................................Tuesday July 8 Sammy Hagar Capital City Airport West Main Stage Tuesday July 8 Zappa Plays Zappa Pearle Vision East Main Stage Wednesday July 9 REO Speedwagon Capital City Airport West Main Stage Thursday July 10 James Otto Capital City Airport West Main Stage Thursday July 10 Kelly Pickler Capital City Airport West Main Stage Friday July 11 Seether Capital City Airport West Main Stage Friday July 11 Lyle Lovett Pearle Vision East Main Stage Friday July 11 Finger Eleven Capital City Airport West Main Stage
Old Friends
OMG! by the weirdest circumstances, this freaking awesome aussie chick found me while mumming the other day. as it turns out, she is an old family friend who i grew up calling my aunty. who would of thought fubar would have been the place to meet long lost friends and family here in Oz! i dont ask for much from my friends but this amazing lady had a huge part in my upbringing, and that has alot to do with the woman i am today, so please go show her some true fubar love! i can promise you wont be disappointed! Sabbynib@ fubar i love you sabby!!!
"Life without meaning cannot be borne; We find a mission to which we're sworn -or answer the call of Death's dark horn. Without a gleaming of purpose in life; We have no vision, we have no strife - or let blood fall on a suicide knife." -Book of Counted Sorrows-
Feel The Bleed?????
now keep in mind i am a lil out of mine right now but this and try to tell me that you can not sympathize with at least one thing..... Have you ever just thrown your head back or just wanted to and scream what the fuck are we really all doing here...sometimes things just dont feel natural(but then again what is natural anyway?Can you give a true definition of natural and not websters but a real definition?)or nothing falls into place.Maybe for a month a year everything falls into place and then in one fatal swoop your back to questioning why? Just want to scream please just LEAVE ME FUCKING BE!!!! who ever the hell it is pulling the "strings"--go find someone else to have "your fun" with torture,charm, elsewhere cause i am about to break. Ever think that maybe that is the point. We are to whoever is out there bigger and beyond us just like livestock or wild horses..animals...beasts meant to be wore down....our will stripped our pride broken? Huddled masses of a cruel jok
Katman What You Did Was Not Cool..
You all know the from the bottom up... -> Ka...: just let me know -> Ka...: i will gladly paypal you the amount you spent on me for anything (he bought me fu-bling and a vip which i didnt ask him for) -> Ka...: but you just told me to stfu in a mean way, and then have the gall to say i was asking for -> Ka...: I have been nothing but nice to you, and honest with you -> Ka...: I didnt ask for anything -> Ka...: Um no I didnt Ka...: Like you didn't ask for it -> Ka...: i'm sorry Katman I have to go..i cannot handle the way you are talking to was really not nice to tell me to stfu Ka...: Then STFU about him -> Ka...: i am not the type who plays games or tries to make people upset -> Ka...: No I'm being completely sincere Ka...: Are you just trying to piss me off? -> Ka...: for once in my life I feel special to someone..I havent felt that in a long time -> Ka...: he tells me he loves me Ka...: Made m
For The People Who Care
It sucks but is surprisingly refreshing when the smoke clears and you're left with a brighter more enhanced picture; realizing who you're true friends really are. Those that stick beside you; no matter what. Not those people who claim to be your friends and are only around when the mood hits them or when they are looking to fill their own needs. Fuck those people. They are a waste of oxygen. I don't need anymore people in my life that drag me down for their own sick pleasure. Nor do I opt for backstabbing-liars pretending to be my friends; we are no longer in grade school; I am sick of pointless schoolyard flame wars. I send out love to those that have always been there; since day one. You are some of the most amazing people I have ever met and I give thanks and appreciation for everything you've done for me.
If U R Lookin To Join This Is Where U Need To Look
INTRODUCING....THE PU$$YCAT PLAYMATES This is a new fubar fam that was created for sexy women who know how to have fun & who don't take "net life" quite so seriously. It will be kept small & drama free!! PURPOSE: ~To have fun!! ~To help each other as needed (bombing, leveling, etc.) ~To be pimped for fubucks *2 things can be purchased from the Playmates ~Personal salutes (sfw/nsfw) ~The Playmate (daily/weekly) *Please see blog "salutes & rentals" for further details CONTEST & AUCTIONS: Occasional contests & auctions will be hosted on the home page & on the Playmates pages. They will be open for anyone to participate, not just the Playmates. If a Playmate would like to host a contest or auction please let LAST OF A DYIN BREED know so she can notify all Playmates but the Playmate hosting the contest will be responsible for making their own rules and providing their own prizes UNLESS other arrangements are made. LOUNGE: The Pink Pu$$yCat is now open as t
Spare The Rod
Hitting children is abuse. You can call it spanking or swatting or whatever you chose. However hitting a child does change a behavior, it makes them afraid. That is neither desirable nor reasoned. Spanking a child says much more about the poor parenting skills of the "adult" than it will ever say about the child. Just take a look at the people that say, "I was spanked and it didn't hurt me one bit." Children act out for reasons, its best to find out what they are than to assume that they can not control their actions.
Friends 3
Life Is A Gift
There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, "Iif I could only see the world, I will marry you. " One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her, 'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left her in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine. ' This is how the human brain often works when our status changes. Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who was always by their side in
Meant To Be
I sit here upon this time listening to words pass in a slow realization that nothing seems to exist moving like rats in a race words we mention fall, lose grace once I didnt believe yet in my falsehood I fell I too started to live the lie to believe to trust and now I realize my weakness I fell once again I strive to be strong not fall nor lose my stand rather die.. alone.. to never again suffer loves fate.... John K
To Let Everyone Know
I have decided to step down from Fubar Afterhours as a Manager and a DJ. Is After Hours going down, NO. And i would not want that either. I have my own personal reasons as to why I am stepping down. None of which include any problems i have with Ben Dover. After Hours was the only reason I wanted to be on Fubar. And was the only reason I stayed. But like all good movies eventually everything has to end. I need to sit back and really decide what my next move is. Untill then everyone on afterhours will always be my fam!! Love you guys!! Untill next time im out....
Sign Of A Dying Empire
Sign of a Dying Empire A sign of a dying empire: When conscripts are made of men who believed themselves to be free, the State is in decay. For when, in pursuit of glory and empire, the unwilling are made to die for ends acclaimed by Leaders who embellish with words on high, the Spirit has left the Nation and it's soul is barren and dry. Such Empire is doomed to failure for Adventure has it's course, leaving for future generations an archaeological corpse.
Drama And Losing.
This morning some shit went down and I lost my best friend and confidant. It was just something stupid that never should have happened in the first place. Needless to say, this is not helping me think otherwise about that fact that people would be better off without me. My heart hurts because I hurt my best friend and he is very upset. He wants nothing more to do with me. I don't know what to do. I told him how I felt and it wasn't enough. I am done having friends and I am done with everything else. I think I will give my son to his father and disappear. People will be better off without me. My best friend told me that he didn't want anything to so with me. He told me this today and it crushed me. "It doesnt matter anymore When i get back online i am removing you from my friends" I just don't know what else to do. All I do know is that this isn't worth it anymore. My best friend is gone. He made me so happy. I could tell him everything and anything. This is not trying to get my b
No More Tears !!!
No Boy is worth crying over and the one who is wont make you cry...
okay so im seeing this guy we have been together for a week but as i spend more and more time with him i realize maybe he's not the guy for me. He has alot of issues that maybe i am not ready to have to deal with. I am so good at picking them i tell ya. I need help like a matchmacker or something because im obviously not picking good
Carbon Copy Pro Review
Carbon Copy Pro Review Carbon Copy Pro Review - What exactly is Carbon Copy Pro? CarbonCopyPRO is a marketing system that has been developed by Jay and his associates to help solve many problems most people face in a home based business and provide them with tools to succeed. With Carbon copy Pro there is No phone calling. No selling No Cold Calling Many of the mundane things most direct marketers would have to face. What Carbon Copy Pro does is it helps pre-qualify people by having them fill in a questionnaire after they have paid a $49 fee.
She Didn't!
I have reopened my lounge! I haven't really paid much attention to it with everything going on lately! But, I am back! and will definitely pay more attention now! I want to thank my friends that have already joined it! As well as, ask all my other friends to come join me! I will b in there daily from now on! Come hang out, have fun. Share a few drinks! Hope to see you there! I am asking my two fave fu~friends to help me by being co~owners! Check them out! Click each name!
Scariest Places On Earth-transylvania Pt3
The Dog And The Duck
The Duck and the Dog
My Goodbye Pimpout!
Since I had to create a brand new profile just a few days ago. I have had some great friends working hard to try to get me back to FuKing like I was! I can't thank them enough for everything they have done to help me. It's so great to see a group of people come together to help someone and I am sooo flattered that they helped me. I may not be a FuKing again but they made me feel like royalty! I wish I could do more but this is just a small thank you for all of them! I JUST FOUND OUT THAT I AM LEAVING ON MOTHER'S DAY AND WON'T BE ON MUCH AT ALL! I WILL PAY OUT UNTIL ALL MY FUBUCKS ARE GONE TO SHOW THEM SOME FU-LOVE FOR ALL THEY HAVE DONE! For all the details on the reason's I will not be here pls visit my blog... I want you all to go F/R/A all of these people! If they are already a friend take a min and drop them 5 rates! When you finish send me a message that you did it and I will reward you for it! They truly deserve it. They deserve much more really but this is a st
Coke/pepsi Codes Contest Now Officially Underway!
Dedicated To My Mother
It's Mother's Day Today And You're No Longer Here. I've Missed You So Much These Past Few Years. I Know You're In A Better Place And Free From All The Pain. But It Doesn't Stop Me From Wishing You Were here Again. I Miss The Talks We Used To Have I Miss You Cheering Me Up When I Am Sad, I Miss The Meals We All Once Shared I Miss Having Someone Around Who Cared. I Miss You Mom More Than Words Can Say So I Wrote This Little Poem For You. To Let You Know I Haven't Forgotten You. Happy Mother's Day R.I.P. Mom Judy Mae Bethea (08/27/1931-05/16/2000) copyrightpoeticangel
Wonderful Friends
Mother's Day And The Hospital Stay
So my week really turned to shit. Thursday a little after noon I went and woke my daughter up. She was super tired and I couldn't figure out why. She was sweaty and hot with no temp and then freezing cold. I called a couple people, decided to drive to the ER but then she looked at me, her eyes rolled, and she was out. I called an ambulance and we got rushed over, lights, sirens, and all. Haley was pretty uncomfy there, she wouldn't talk or move, but I could tell she didn't want to be there, my boyfriend was by her side the entire time which was nice and after too many hours of not good enough answers about her seizure and shitty nurses who can't put an IV in a baby, we transferred to the Children's Hospital. There they re-evaluated her and came to a couple different conclusions but wanted to run more tests, that was our first overnight. Bryan went home , he had work, and Haley and I talked with doctors for the next day. She has specialists now who she has to go back and see. They asked
Signs Of The Times
n a New Hampshire jewelry store: Ears pierced while you wait. In a New York restaurant: Customers who find our waitresses uncivil ought to see the manager. In a Los Angeles dance hall: Good clean dancing every night but Sunday. On a movie theater: Children's matinee today. Adults not admitted unless with child. In a Florida maternity ward: No children allowed. In the offices of a loan company: Ask about our plans for owning your home. In a toy department: Five Santa Clauses, no waiting. On a Maine shop: Our motto is to give our customers the lowest possible prices and workmanship. On military bases: Restricted to unauthorized personnel. On a display of "You're my one and only" valentine cards: Now available in multi-packs. In an appliance store window: Don't kill your wife. Let our washing machines do the dirty work. In a funeral parlor: Ask about our layaway plan. In a clothing store: Bargains for men with 16 and 17 necks. In a men's clothing sto
Great For Meditating To!!! Seeds Of Light
Older Poem I Wrote...
When I say older, yeah im talkin like 10 years.. lol When Friends Become Lovers The eyes of a child, Thoughts and dreams of Yester-Tomorrow Knights and Castles, Dreams on the sea of love that drowns all Sorrow I moved in, you lived next door, We spent summers together, playing by the shore. Lazy days spent dreaming, just you and me We build sand castles and ruled the sea. Kites soar and Icy winds blew, Autumn leaves fall and flowers grew The seasons pass, year after year From child to adult, I will always be here September came and colored leaves fell Best friends kept secrets, that we would never tell We went to parties and watched movies as friends Hoping that college would not bring the end. The movie ended and in darkness we stared Into the eyes of memories, that we had shared I leaned forward to kiss, and you held my hand My lips touched yours and smiled, Remembering younger days in the sand Sparks lighted fires Love and emotions poured Then as
Arkansas Dumb Laws
A law provides that school teachers who bob their hair will not get a raise. A man can legally beat his wife, but not more than once a month. A voter is only allowed five minutes to mark his ballot. Alligators may not be kept in bathtubs. An Arkansas legislator not long ago proposed that the state provide growth hormones to dwarfs. Arkansas must be pronounced "Arkansaw" At Arkansas State University two people cannot hold hands while standing in a doorway unless they belong to a union. Fayetteville: It is illegal to kill "any living creature". Flirtation between the members of the opposite sex on the streets of Little Rock may result in a 30-day jail term. In Arkansas it is illegal to buy or sell blue lightbulbs. It's illegal to mispronounce the name of the state of Arkansas in that state. Little Rock: Dogs may not bark after 6 PM.; Flirtation between men and women on the streets of Little Rock may result in a 30-day jail term; It is unlawful to walk o
Healing With The Hands (another Lesson From The Master)
Healing With Your Hands All healing must start by getting to the emotional cause of the ailment, or the problem will reoccur or manifest in another part of the physical body. Once established, with forethought that the patient is ready to accept the energy you will channel to them, you are both ready to begin. Healing, using the palms of the hands, is almost instinctual, and is becoming a growing technique, especially with Reiki, as an easy way for anyone to tap in and develop healing skills. When you begin, focus on the palms of your hands, relax, and slowly feel the higher energies filter through them. This may create a sensation of heat or tingling. here's what's going on. You raise your frequency ... bring in higher balanced energy ... transmit it to the other person by touching them, or holding your hands near their body. Some people wash their hands before and after a healing session. Basic skills for healing with your hands Let's first determine which hand works bes
I Need This Pic Bombed Plz We Are Losing Fast
Me Whistling Part Of A Song Performed By Disturbed
More Impressions
standing at lands end my back pressed close to the walls of the old lighthouse. the roar from the ocean almost threating my right to be here, the clap of thunder and the taste of sulpher and salt in the back of my throat .the steady crashes of the broiling see in tempo with my beating heart ,the roiling black clouds taking over the heavens showing mother nature there wrath .the lighthouse and i bathed in the eerie glow only cast from lightings continous strikes. the tingle of anticapation as i realize the lighthouse and i are one against sea and the wrath of the heavens
i needed you and it felt like i was shoved asided, belittled & told i was crazy. i needed a hug and comfort, the same things i Always offer you when You are feeling blue!! instead i got told who i could and could not speak to or ordered by someone who has no right to tell me who i can and can not talk to!! needed my friends and family when i was not strong but got argued with instead of listened to!! i got told i was crazy and got cussed out too!!! what kinds of friends are these especially when im so deeply in love with one of them?
Important Announcement!
I *REALLY* want to go swimming. That is all. :D
Song For A Suicide
Oh, the sea is deep And a knife is sharp And a poison acid burns; But they all bring rest In a deep, long sleep For which the tired soul yearns- They all bring rest in a nothingness From where no road returns.
Practice Pt .5
Tired of those people who does things to you and sets their profiles to private? Heres an example: some chick I'll call WITCHY WOMAN goes to other peoples profiles and rip stuff. Then causes trouble. You block her. She sends someone else after your page to rip stuff so she can rip it from there. Heres someone she uses to do her dirty work. ۞*Balie*۞ Fu*Krew~Founder@ fubar Think thats something? They belong to a family I will call the Fu-Krew. Heres the link to the family pro. Read the rules. Why should they have rules when the members are not following them?? F~KREW~FAMILY@ fubar At first- we wanted only WITCHY WOMAN to pay. By the looks of it. The FU-KREW family are pretty screwed up and they also need to PAY.
What Do I Do ??????
after metting someone I grew to care for and trusted and was led to believe she really cared , come to find out she was seeing someone else and not telling me but playing me too what do you do ? chalk it up to experience learned or forget the liar ?
Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do.
THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW YOUR CELL PHONE COULD DO. There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a lifesaver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it: FIRST Subject: Emergency The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. Try it out. SECOND Subject: Have you locked your keys in the car? Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their cell phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the pe
Don't Stop Talk To Bar
ok stop talk to bar because i can drive and if you are in my way i will run you over to get to bar bebeb 1 time next owww and stout of my way 2 beebee time get fuck out of my way o shit cop you are so lucky next time your dead dudo
Decided to go to the cafe this morning 'cause I was hungry. Ordered Two egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and a fried slice, as well as toast and tea. Point of this is, you ever order something, then halfway through eating it wonder why you're eating it? I mean that fried slice was so greasy it was unreal, was making me ill eating it but being the pig I am I still did, lol. Just felt nasty afterwards. Anyways, that's enough of that
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My Political Views
I was watching Horsefeathers today and I realize Groucho summed up my political views with this song.
Honey I Am Home!
Just a quick update! :D I made it to cleveland! Had a few bumps along the way but I am back home with my fam. All is well the baby loves it! I can't get on here much though. I do have a little more chances to get on yahoo so if u want my yahoo hit me up with a pm n i will get it to ya! KK I miss all my friends. Luv ya bunches! kisses n {{hugs}}
Vip Blingy Contest Open
ok yall it's open lezzz blow it up thanks Painter
Wow This Is For Me Ty Princess For Making This For Me
SHE'S ALWAYS THERE FOR OTHERS AND NOW SHE NEEDS US! SHE'S IN A GIVEAWAY FOR A 30 DAY BLAST AND NEEDS 25K COMMENTS. LET'S GET THIS FOR HER AND SHOW HER WE CARE. ALSO IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU COULD STOP BY HER PAGE AND SHOW HER SOME LOVE. ILL KNOW WHEN HE COMES. HE WILL MAKE NOISE AND HE WILL CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER. Captain 2nd Alarm Ho@ fubar (repost of original by '~Princess~Proud Member of the Confederate Bomber Family~Proud Member of Native American Pride~' on '2008-05-24 19:26:11') (repost of original by 'HELLCAT' on '2008-05-24 19:35:51')
Def Leppard - Foolin'
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Send Lots Of Love
As some of you may know, Mr.Bubba*R/L hubby to Mrs. Bubba is very sick and in the hospital....they are both good friends, so please show lots of love till he is home safe...Their son Jesse is also sick and has a heart murmer, he is going to the heart dr. today....he is only a year old...plz plz show them we are thinking of them!!!! Thanks
Together Again
Together again, I found love A love that loves, yet is not IN love A complicated emotion that brings tears to my eyes Some of pain that has broken my pride Others of joy because still in his heart, love resides Yet he doesnt feel the way I do He cares for me, that, I always knew I just wish that he'd feel the same way To know that Id do anything to make him happy All day, everyday, always! We fight and argue, he doesnt want to cause me pain I cant dare to see him go Memories of him here will always remain He makes me happy in everyway Even though we argue and I go through the pain Id rather go through that each day Than to be without him and go insane And even though I feel as though I just might be Id rather be insane than not have him here with me Then again I might just say this because I know that he's not, but I am in love My love for him is unconditional I'll be there for him til the very end Have him within me, in my heart and soul.
It's Official, I Live In The Sticks...
It's official folks, I live in the sticks. As some of you know, I drive around and locate utilities. This offers me the opportunity to see many things in my general vicinity that many people never will. This morning, I pulled up to a house, and looked across the street, and lo and behold, the house is all decked out in John Deere colors. With all sorts of John Deere paraphenelia about. I thought perhaps it was a place where maybe repairs were done, but NO...a legit house. It was white, and whe foundation was painted John Deere green. If you are not familiar with that color, google John Deere. It is not horrible, but on the "I want to paint my house this color" scale, it is approximately a 3. The shutters are also this color. Other assorted trim is the yellow that is associated with John Deere. It is a smidge more pleasing than the green, but the whole thing is something else. I stared at this monolith for a few minutes, until the homeowner of the house I was locating came o
I have finally changed. The ascension has finally come and I am finally myself again and know where I stand in things. I have let go of so much now and feel so free it's unreal. I've let go of my hatred towards Joel and Rosemary. Let go of the awful ways I see myself. I KNOW I'm a good person and that even though I look like him and carry his blood, I make these looks look damn good and that I will NEVER become him. I've felt so fucking LIBERATED lately, and it's a fucking exhilerating feeling, let me tell you. I've been smiling, TRUELY smiling and laughing at shit, and joking and just feeling good about things again. Even everything with Ashley, it doesn't bother me anymore. I was able to look at her and I barely felt the pull. Almost didn't. I've finally come to terms which was what was holding me back. I just couldn't come to terms with anything and was drowning in my fury and depression. I was either furious and wanting to drive a fist through something or depressed an
Its All About Me!!!!!
How I Feel Bout Most Niggaz!!!
u niggaz aint shyt, u think imma let u hit, well u betta forget it. lets b real doe, wats da deal? tell me how u feel. fareal doe, imma let u kno wat i think, u stink, deep down inside yo favorite color is pink, so imma smear u lyke ink. all u rap bout is money, ho's, cars and clothes, when u take pictures u pose, u havent looked in da mirror lately, cuz i dont think u can see, u fuckin UGLY! no matta wat u do, u will NEVA b my boo!!! u think u can rap, but yo rap game is wack, so step da fuck back.
Hotel Bill?????
A husband and wife are traveling by car from Atlanta to New York. After almost twenty-four hours on the road, they decide to stop at a nice hotel and take a room. They only plan to sleep for four hours and then get back on the road. When they check out four hours later, the desk clerk hands them a bill for $350. The man explodes and demands to know why the charge is so high. He tells the clerk although it's a nice hotel, the rooms certainly aren't worth $350. When the clerk explains that $350 is the standard rate, the man insists on speaking to the manager. The manager enters the conversation and explains that the hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a huge conference center which were available for the husband and wife to use. He also explains that they could have taken in one of the shows which the hotel is famous for. "The best entertainers from New York, Hollywood and Las Vegas perform here," explains the manager. No matter what facility the manager mentions, the man replie
My 1st Brush With Greatness....38yrs Ago.
The first man to greet me into this world 38 years ago was the best and so far, the only politician I have voted for, is Ron Paul. He was my mother's doctor in Freeport, and on the coldest day in June, he welcomed me to my mom and a truly strange world. Just a lil quickey before I had out to lunch and a movie with my oldest friend from Jasper. Its her Birthday on the 4th. Thank you all for the wonderful B-day wishes you have sent me. ~S
Human Cake (after Dinner Snack)
Ingrediants: whip cream chocalate syrup some nuts cherries and a willing body Directions: place body on table,naked of coarse. spread with whip cream (can so you can ice the cake accordingly) place cherries at desire points can even stuff the cake if need to. sprinkle with nuts, Options if it is a birthday cake Please use caution when applying candles can be use later for pleasure. apply chocalate,please use squirt bottle easier for application,best applied to sensitive areas of cake.after ingridients are apply the fun begins.You will want to start at the bottom and eat your way up.stopping to grab a cherry,please eat the whole cake ,you wont want to leave a single peice.Licking is perferred.some gnawing.and a whole lot of sucking.Please enjoy and have fun,oh yes please do take the receipe with you,and see what comes up
My Thoughts..."the Human"
Wednesday 3/5/2008 8:43 AM "The Human" i need to the woods...under the the brook... with my senses...all in tune...with the goddess...with the Moon... i need...for just a moment in be free... of...the human part of me... to breathe breathe out... breathe her in...breathe it out... to taste sweet be safe... within the arms...of pure harmony... if i were to lose myself...who would find me??? who would know??? if i had one would be... please forgive...this human part of me... i keep my faith...wear it close to my heart... i see with open eyes...i know... my plight it the light of others... yet still i call it out to thee...set me this woman...your daughter free... untie my hands... and once again... forgive...this... the human part of me... this prayer from one simple earthbound mother... to the Blessed luminous other... to my Father in the sky...i beg thee... hear your
Sexy Art ...not Pervs
What's Up
Things have been going good with my hubby. But him getting ready to deploy is hard. I'm having to deal with all his work bullshit. The Army blows sometimes.
Nasty Test
Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 Other PPL 1.Would u fuck me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ want me to have u in? answer: 3.Would u give me head/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u fuck me hard? answer: 5.Would u fuck me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u fuck me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and Then fuck me? answer: 9.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 10.What makes u want 2 fuck me? answer: 11.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we fucked? answer: 12.Where would u fuck me @? answer: 13.Would u fuck me in front of people? answer: 14.Would u fuck me again and again? answer: 15.Would u fuck me in the rain? answer: 16.Would u mind if we fucked like ........ stars? answer: 17.Would u have phone sex with me? answer: 18.If i g
I Have Learned
I have learned that even when things fail there can still be friendship I have learned that those that may care about you most may just be to shy to actually say it I have learned that insecurity, we all have, and sometimes it makes us run from what we want. I have learned that those people who really are your friends and really care about you, will always be there for u no matter what u go thru. I have learned that even tho u may give all u have and love with all you have it is never a gauruntee. I have learned that no matter what happens that you should never be afraid to tell someone u love them or need them in your life. I have learned that the wind when listened to speaks many just have to be quiet enough to listen. I have learned that even tho something is doesnt mean it is done. I have learned that those that come into your heart always end up having a piece of it. I have learned that to some fantasy is better than reality. I
My Life Is Slowly Fucking Me Over
Ok so 2008 is the worst year of my life...Thought I was in love :( I had gotten pregnant and engaged in the same month then a month later I miscarried and it really fucked with his head and now he no longer wants to be with me. I am so confused with life and love right now. I thought you are supposed to stick with the one you love no matter how horrible the ups and downs are. :*( Someone talk to me I need some cheering up.
Welcome to Fubar djpee. I rated fanned and added.
The Breakfast Of Champions
The Breakfast of Champions by LateNiteFantasy The Breakfast of Champions As the night tip toed off giving up to the new light of an insistant day, I kissed the morning honey dew from the folds of soft delicate opening petals. ohhhhh my sweet precious flower. Tounge wrestling with that pert rose bud vibrating her being. Awakening that delicate soul until it flowed unto mine and washed over me, bathed me, embraced me warmly, and merged with mine. Debussy's delicious notes danced on the air waves. The aroma of roses and fresh cherries wafted through the air caressing my tenderly probing nose. I inhaled the new morning with unbridled glee. Caressed its bright curves, explored the nooks and crannies, with insouciant leisure. ahhhh yes poetry Poetry in motion. The breakfast of champions. No better way to start the day.
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. - Ingrid Bergman
Weather, And Shopping
Ok ladies and phallus's, we had a situation last night. We've all been there, raiding the fridge, finding nothing, and then making a late night visit to the food market to feed our hunger. Upon exiting the market, something was going on. I watched as a cop runs into the parking lot, and we all know he's top of his force cause he's workin the parking lot of a food market, man must have medals gallore. Anywho, A wind picked up that nobody was expecting, so of course I did the only thing a good American would do in a random situation....I ran. women and children were screaming, as the crowd and myself faced one epic villain; shopping carts.... now now! just listen, carts flyin at 30 miles an hour will leave a boo boo on your ankle like no tomorrow people! But I survived damnit....I got in my van and I was swirving left an right avoiding my own demise. For there is one thing villain bon shopping cart didn't know. I have an edumacation! I went to the school of Chuck Norris! If it
Update On My Move!
Thanks For The Pimpout
OMG did you ever rock me! Thank You Again So Very Much! You all rock!!!! Please show them all much love!! Founder of Shadow Levelers ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned by Gary Co-Leaders of Shadow Levelers ♪łβαмαGг♪ Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler~ And Fu-Owner Of Lady Kate~ Thank you again to the Shadow Levelers Family $()TR-{Lori's Hubby}(DemonCrew Recruiter)[Slave 2 MzAttitude n Ashley]{ShadowLeveler} ~yeahmon~[Shadow Leveler]Please read profile and sign guestbook♥Heart's in Indiana♥ lauria♥Owned by Hopeless Romantic♥Owner of Gary and Hopeless ♥Shadow Leveler♥ ♪♫♥♥Teresa♪♫♥♥ GARY~SHADOW LEVELER~fu owned by Lauria~R/L ENGAGED TO BooBoo~ FUMARRIED AND OWNER OF~ BooBoo~~ Mz Attitude - {Fu-Owner of Scooter - Lori's Hubby} Shadow Leveler & Demon Crew Member
Seamushardcore In A Auction?!?
Check him out :P
No Country For Old Men
This movie by the Coen brothers looked soooooooo good when the previews came out, I could not wait to see it. Unfortunately, in my Podunk area, movies like this rarely make the theatre, or don't last, so of course I missed my opportunity. So I rented it as soon as it came out. It delivered. Josh Brolin plays Llewelyn Moss, and retired welder who, when out hunting, discovers a drug deal gone bad out in the desert. There he discovers some vehicles, a bunch of dead drug dealers, a few guns he picks up, a truckfull of heroin, and a satchel full of money. The one thing about a satchel full of money, when it comes up missing, people come looking for it. And they send Anton Chigurh, played by Javier Bardem. Then the intrigue begins. Tommy Lee Jones plays sheriff Ed Tom Bell. He's just wonderful in the role as a Texas lawmen, bent on getting to the bottom of things, using his wit, but questioning why. Josh Brolin is great as Moss. Ex Vet, Texas hard, set in the 80's not back down t
Metallica-fade To Black
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These Days
I love the rain. I love the cool wind on my lips and the feel of the mist softly slapping my face. My cheeks. My eyelids. It kisses me and caresses. I love the fog. It comes down from heaven and wraps its cool arms around me. Just to simply embrace me. Ony me. The sound of drops hitting the ground is musical. These drops of rain that have gathered and gathered until they are too plump to stay on that small branch anymore and so these drops hurl themselves to the ground. Coming to land on my head. I often wonder where that small drop of rain once was. What it was before it evaporated. Where it had been. The grass that pops up is new. It is shaggy like a newborn babies crown. It waves and bobs in the wind. I love it. I want to lean down and with my fingertips warm from my pocket, I want to graze it with just the tips. I want to pluck out a strand and keep it in my pocket. The clouds up above are so thick and so fluffy that you can hardly see any sky. It is a grey day
Fathers Day Part 2
Okay, so I thought I would have limited blog space, but I guess the higher level the more they let you rant on LOL! I have been blessed to have talked to my daughter, son and grandson today for Fathers Day and hoped that I have spread some good cheer and smiles to people here and in the mumms, and Fubar in general. My children's mother also told me Happy Fathers Day, but the best news of all is that a friend of mine, who hasn't been allowed to see his children in over 7 years, finally talked to his son tonight. He was so overjoyed, as I am, and as I am typing this he is heading out for a 4 hour drive (please keep him in your prayers) to see him for the first time since they were taken from him. No, for those might be thinking (and if you know me you should know better, tst. tsk.), it had nothing to do with him, he is a wonderful, loving and caring man. I know this from experience because he helped my ex raise my two children, and they turned at wonderful. It was a circumstanc
Im Up For Auction :)
Wanna own me for a month? Go to this page and make your offers hehehe"> And if you dont wanna own me, please rate my pic :-D I will be worth it...
Guns N Roses-knockin On Heaven's Door
Mama take this badge from me I can't use it anymore It's getting dark too dark to see Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door (4x) Mama put my guns in the ground I can't shoot them anymore That cold black cloud is comin' down Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door (4x) "You just better start sniffin' your Own rank subjugation jack 'cause it's Just you against your tattered libido, The bank and the mortician, forever man And it wouldn't be luck if you could Get out of life alive" Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door (8x
Another Brick In The Wall-pink Floyd
Truth About Roma Gypsies
I am a tru ROMA GYPSY, my mother is full blooded romanian Gypsy, my great grandparents came from romania b4 WWII broke out when HITLER was doing mass grave genocide and killing the gypsies as he did the jews. Gypsies are an ethnic group. Here is some REAL information on the history of gypsies and to this very day they are still being persecuted and misjudged. ------------------------------------------------- information i am posting is found at the followng link... The Roma (as a noun, singular Rom, plural Roma; sometimes Rrom, Rroma, Rromany people, Romany people, Romani people or Romanies) belong to many ethnic groups that appear in literature and folklore, and are often referred to as Gypsies or Gipsies. The Roma have their origins in India. The Roma are still thought of as wandering nomads in the popular imagination, despite the fact that today the vast majority live in permanent housing. This widely dispersed ethnic group
Innocent Years
Innocent Years Pretty little girl, with a ribbon in her hair, Born out of love, that we once did share. I'll try to protect her, so she'll have no fears, Because these are her innocent years Happy little girl, with a smile upon her face, Plays with no cares, in a dress full of lace I'll do my best to keep her from tears, Because these are her innocent years Sad little girl, with a frown upon her face, Her mommy has left, disappeared without trace. Now it is me that is left, to dry all her tears, what is happening to her innocent years? Depressed is my girl, woe, are the things she keeps inside, She is only fourteen, but imagines how to die. She needed her mom, in her changing years Gone now forever are her innocent years.
Prayer For Understanding
Great Spirit, Give us hearts to understand, Never to take From creations beauty more than we give, Never to destroy wantonly for the furtherance of greed, Never to deny to give our hands for the building of earths beauty, Never to take from her what we cannot use. Give us hearts to understand that to destroy earths music is to create confusion, That to wreck her appearance is to blind us to beauty, That to callously pollute her fragrance is to make a house of stench, That as we care for her she will care for us.
The first time she was loved When it ended it was good The second time she was loved When it ended it was better The third time she was loved She had loved back When it was ended She understood hell She had been taught well Truth and light removed Never look back When it is ended slgm06/13/06
My Pirate Name
Your Pirate Name Is... Black Neck Snapper Ned What's Your Pirate Name?
Monday Monday
I had to work both jobs Saturday, and was a little nervous, but my hip felt great, very loose, very little pain. It was the best it's felt in weeks. Sunday, not as good. Sore, and couldn't seem to get loose. Granted I wasn't on my feet as much, and we did go to the movies, and thats alot of sitting. I'm setting up the treadmill when I get home, and I'm hoping that it will help me get loose when its sore, and I could lose some weight, so double duty. I may call my doctor, and see if he'll give me another round of pain pills. I don't take them all the time, but sometimes I just need them. I do take 2 a day, when I can take up to 4, and I want them as my safety net. Here's hoping.
Really seriously......I can't the damn support i need to take care of our son but you rent to own ur silly TV n PS3 then to rub salt in an iopen wound start your site and go out partying winning things for other peeps how thoughtful!!! HMMMM maybe your son woulda liked the damn deck, GOD ya kno some dads have ex's that wont let them see their kids I bend over backward 2 make sure you see yours....FUCK you make me wanna scream!!!!!
Slipping Away
Slipping Away Deeper and deeper Into the abyss of humanity Broken promises Betrayals in my bed Words of "always" Like smoke in the wind Knowing the light Is not enough To a weak heart Kiss me before speaking Know me by my embrace I beg of you Join me in my castle keep Drink the wine of kings Look in my eyes Ask no questions tonight It's all slipping away It's all up to you now Freely do I give my life And my soul Choose tonight The head or the heart All that I am Awaits...
The Day Thought I Was Dead
The Day Thought I was Dead by LateNiteFantasy I run my fingers over the scar hidden beneath my hairline. A slight pucker A reminder of dangers kiss I still remember the day I thought I was dead. I was swinging higher and higher on the big boys swing. My legs pumping furiously I swear if I'd gone just a little higher my toes could have touched heaven. I let go Just for a moment. I was trying to grab the cotton candy clouds. In that moment I was a bird I was flying Then BAM My reality hit hard as the cement where my head bounced and my neck snapped back I felt the pain an unbearable heat rolling through my body. And before the darkness tears came Big boys weren't supposed to cry, but maybe just this once it would be okay because I could hear angel voices and they were crying too. I didn't know until much later, that the coppery smell in the air, the one that smelled like wet pennies was my blood. Since that day I've always wanted
Hang The Alien
Hangman Game
Top Five "unknown" Hotties
These are my top five favorite hottie actors you may have never heard of: 1. Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings, Hidalgo) 2. Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Opera, Dracula 2000) 3. Oded Fehr (The Mummy, Deuce Bigalo) 4. Aaron Eckhart (Thank You for Smoking, Erin Brockovich) 5. Michael Biehn (Terminator, Navy Seals) Do you have favorite "unknowns"?
Dirty Deeds Radio ~ Wyld West
Show Love Plz
Stop by and check out my new owner he's great... Here's some of his great pics too.. HERE'S HIS LINK PLZ STOP BY AND HELP HIM TO BECOME A GODFATHER.. Guidomedic ~ Fu-Engaged and Owner of pp67~@ fubar
Sometimes friendship isn't what can you do for me.It is the smile you put on someones face,when that someone is having a real bad day.It is a warm hello.It is a shoulder when your friend needs that lift,and a hand outstretch when that same person falls. It's those words that makes all the difference in the way you feel about yourself,and others feel about you.It is knowing that when noone else cares,your friend will always be there for you.It is a light in the dark,that guides you from the cold.The blanket to keep you warm.And never does it let you fall far,and by chance you do,friendship pick you up,dust off the dirt.Wrap its arms around you.Give you a hug,and no matter what never let you go.Because of your kindness and who you are.I have the highest reguards for you and yours. Your Friend Lady Katherine.
How Digg Got Him On Espn And Fox News
How Digg Got Me On ESPN and Fox News Posted on 28 June 2008 by Brian Cuban What is Digg? For those who do not know, I will use the description right off their web site: Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users. You wont find editors at Digg were here to provide a place where people can collectively determine the value of content and were changing the way people consume information online. I will not go into all the ins and outs of Digg. You can read a good article about it here. You basically submit content you find interesting to the Digg Community. The community votes it up or down. If enough people vote it up and not too many vote it down or bury it, your submission makes it to the Front Page which can generate thousands of hits to the submission. Is Digg beneficial to the obscure bloggers of which I
I've Been Tagged By Dave
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 6 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.... 1. I have worked primarily in the medical field for the last 37 years 2. I drove taxi at one time to supplement my income 3. I worked for a towing company 4. I've lived in Michigan all my life 5. My daughters live out of state and my sons live close to home 6. Was involved in girls high school sports before they were officially recognized 7. At one time I wanted to be a nun 8. I have 4 brothers and no sisters, I can take a joke and can hunt & fish with the best! 9. I'm 54 years old and just got my first tattoo! 10. I used to have an assortment of tree frogs and water frogs as pets Now it's y
Reason For Restricted Areas Ffs
AUSTELL, Ga. - A teenager was decapitated by a roller coaster after he hopped a pair of fences and entered a restricted area Saturday at Six Flags Over Georgia, authorities said. ADVERTISEMENT Six Flags officials are uncertain why the unidentified 17-year-old from Columbia, S.C. scaled two six-foot fences and passed signs that said the restricted area was both off-limits and dangerous to visitors, spokeswoman Hela Sheth said in a news release. Authorities were investigating reports from witnesses who said the teenager jumped the fences to retrieve a hat he lost while riding the Batman roller coaster, said Cobb County police Sgt. Dana Pierce. Three security guards were keeping visitors away from the ride on Saturday. Police said the ride was going full-speed when the teen was struck. The ride's top speed is 50 mph, according to the Six Flags Web site. No one riding on the roller coaster was injured, Sheth said. The teen's friend also entered the restricted area but w
Three Wooden Crosses - Randy Travis
Wanting To Write
Wanting to Write by LateNiteFantasy You see I wanted to write something so deep the world would drown in it. Except not really Some the future needs to hear and see this So they freeze my words in time and to be brought back as the revived rebirth of the of lyrical the rhyme cryogenic type shit. Some building blocks for being double helix dioxie-ribo nucleic acid type hype. It would be deep as the ocean then theyd find themselves being birthed out of the amniotic fluid that flows from my brain to my pin to my pen It would be so prolific theyd want to crawl back in just to be born again So I took my pen in my hand and felt my blood circulate the mental command from my neurological land To the fingers that span my writing implement Poets don't sleep they do research, with eyes closed minds open wide, they tiptoe through synaptic creaks and groans sifting through impulse and why why not? electricity, simplicity alive, are we? asl
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have a phobia about touching food that someone else has bitten off of. 2. I can draw cartoons, people etc by looking at the pictures, but I cant for the life of me draw anything that requires imagination. 3. I lock my car doors even if my windows are rolled down. 4. I love frogs. 5. Kiwi and Oranges are my absolute favorite foods. 6. I enjoy cooking but loathe doing the dishes. 7. I am the annoying person who will fix a crooked picture frame on someones wall. 8. I can't ever remember where I park my car, whether on my own block or at a store. 9. I love promotional stuff, if its free, its for me. 10. I always write a shopping list so I
What The Hell Is This??
Ok, just sat here minding my own business when *bam* I get the in the space of about 30 secs... goo--Proud Owne... rated you a '10'! goo--Proud Owne... just checked you out! goo--Proud Owne... (Online) Williamsburg, KY subject: u need something in your eye? received: 06/29/2008 09:41 am replied: no block this member Flag as spam How about some sperm? ---------------------------------------------------- Does he honestly think Im a chick or should I be afraid?
Passions Spellbinding
Passions Spellbinding by LateNiteFantasy How to describe such feeling.... The sky seems bluer, The food tastes better, The music happier. My passion awakens. The feeling in my heart is timeless, To hold you in my arms excites me, Your kiss fills me with passion, I ache in the cold night to feel you near. Passion begins. I long to have you with me through the long darkness, To have your soft warmth next to me, I want to hold you as we sleep, And wake up and smile as I see you next to me. Every night my passion grows. My heart calls to you, I long for you to answer, To respond to my prayers, And let me have your love. Let me have your passion. I have to touch you, Feel your body grow with excitement at my touch, Move my fingers lightly across your back, Kiss your neck as I move down your body, Share my passion. I want only to make you happy, My reward is your love and smile, We belong together, Our love can only grow. Passion becomes love.
Timbaland ~ Feat. One Republic ~ Apologize
Timbaland - (It's too late to) Apologize [ Apologize lyrics found on ] Official Version More interesting, powerful visuals in unofficial version Introduced to me by user 'lirpa' I'm holding on your rope, Got me ten feet off the ground I'm hearin what you say but I just can't make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down, but wait You tell me that you're sorry Didn't think I'd turn around, and say... It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late I'd take another chance, take a fall Take a shot for you And I need you like a heart needs a beat But it's nothin new - yeah yeah I loved you with a fire red- Now it's turning blue, and you say... "Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you But I'm afraid... It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's
Im Back
You Suck At Photoshop #1
Wishing Celticrose And Her Hubby Steve A Wonderful Wedding Anniversary!
I just wanted to wish my very dear friend Lin (Celticrose) and her hubby Steve a wonderful wedding anniversary !! They've been married 18 years! I have been blessed in knowing Lin and her family over 7 years! we have never met, one day I hope we do meet, we get so far and then its either me moving, throwing out rubbish (an ex lol) kids illnesses, or Lin and various family things going on ... but thats what lifes like. :-) True friends as we are take the rough with the smooth, we both realise that life can be difficult and at times we have had gaps of several weeks before we talk again but we start up where we left off. This year has been very difficult for Lin, I won't go into details cause you will all have read her blogs about her Mum ... I dont know how she copes ... she is a very strong person and has also been for me during tough times ... as i am for her now .. You both deserve a wonderful anniversary !! Loves ya both ! Sandy xxx
Syn's On Line
Repost for Syn please!
If I Could Change The Past
if i could stop the tears from falling i would if i could go back in time and warn my heart of the sadness that was about to happen i would if i could tell myself never to fall in love i would if i could tell myself that love wasn't real i would but all that would be lies all that i ever felt or i still feel would be nothing but lies so i can't tell my heart to never to love i can't tell myself that love is not real cause i felt it i know true love i know what it feels to be loved but i know what it feels like to be heartbroken if i could change the heartbroken part i would if i could go back in time and tell my heart to not fall in love i don't know if i could do it
Broken Bandages
You are on my mind What some believe to be too much I lay in bed just thinkin of you Thoughts of happyness from the last time we spoke Those thoughts fade into sadness Cause you arent here with me I'm not in your arms All I want to do is have my body against yours Look into your amazing eyes And say the words that just flow out of my mouth When talking to you " I LOVE YOU" To be able to hear your laugh and see your beautiful smile At the same time would be bliss. To call you mine is what I miss. If I had just one wish It would be to spend a life time with you I hope someday this will all be true BABY I LOVE YOU!!
To All My Family And Friends And Fans
come own a peace of me,,, do it know before it is too late,,, just copy the link,,, higest bidder gets me :P bedrock
Re: Texas Lawyer Takes On Bloodthirsty Cops
RE: Texas Lawyer Takes On Bloodthirsty Cops ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 04 Jul 2008, 11:50 Texas Lawyer Takes On Bloodthirsty Cops The prospect of cops forcibly jabbing a needle into your arm and taking a blood sample on the side of a highway in suspected DWI cases is perhaps the most egregious portend of police state America in history, but one Texas lawyer has taken a stand to denounce the program as completely illegal. http://www. prisonplanet. com/texas-lawyer-takes-on-bloodthirsty-cops. html
Last Chance Before I Am Out Of The Calendar Contest Just Need One Rate
=== '*Redneck Angel*:Club Far,Outlaw$&Pu$$ycat$, DSC,SBG,Lollipop, Redneck Fam & Club United' wrote the following at '2008-07-04 19:30:35'.. > > PLEASE I AM SO BEHIND IN THIS CONTEST....ALL I NEED IS JUST ONE RATE.....PLEASE HELP ME MAKE IT IN THE CALENDAR GIRL CONTEST > > === 'MyZtErY--☆ irtySouthCrew ☆--I..I.C.' wrote the following at '2008-06-22 11:36:50'.. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Hi > > I'm in a calendar contest for rates only. > > Can you help me by clicking the pic > > and rating it for me? > > > > > > > > Thank you in advance > > > > Redneck Angel > > >
Destiny Of Death [page I]
The Truth
They say the truth will set you free but will it ever just let you be or will it be the nagging ache after a bad heart break? Will you ever come to terms with lessons learned or will you keep making the same mistake just to relive that ache? Will you ever make the necessary change so your life won't be so deranged? They say the truth will set you free lets hope it lets you be.
Need prayers for my pup Sawyer he was run over by a truck last night. He's in constant pain. Vet say's he's goona be O.K but may need surgery. I just hate to hear him cryin' all the time and hope he recivers soon I'm really worried they missed somethin'.
Help Him Level Up
He's so close too Disciple. Stop by and show him some love. Help make him a Disciple. Rate bling and help him level. Thanks for all the Fu-Love you show her too help her get there. AMC@ fubar
between Friends
This one isn't written in complete sentences... But I hope you like it anyway... Between friends After a long week at work, roommates, Alyssa and Melinda decide to make it a Girls night in and order in Chinese and watch old movies Sitting on the floor eating Sweet and Sour Chicken, Melinda begins to complain about the krek in her neck So, Alyssa volunteers to massage it out for her Welcoming the relief, she slides in front of her before the couchAlyssa slides her long chestnut brown hair to one side and begins to press her hands gently along the nape of her neck Rolling her head around, feeling the soft but firm pressure of Alyssas hands on her neck, she begins to moan with pleasure It felt so good The soreness was finally starting to dissipate Alyssa moved to her shoulders and down her back Finding a knot under her right shoulder blade Alyssa tells her to lie down so she can do a better job on the knot Gladly, Melinda lies on the floor Alyssa straddles
My Lady Katherine
My Lady Katherine by LateNiteFantasy To Katherine, with All My Love My Lady of the night Aura of moonlight The beauty of your eyes Beyond Paradise A blinding sight My Lady of the night My Lady of the dawn No more am I forlorn I worship so much The beauty of your touch A love reborn My Lady of the morn My Lady of the day Within my dreams you stay Every moment Im awake Into my soul I take The love of you and pray My Lady of the day
Why do husbands and wives fight so much?
George Carlin's Views On Aging
George Carlin on age 102. (Absolutely Brilliant) Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. 'How old are you?' 'I'm four and a half!'You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key! You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. 'How old are you?' 'I'm gonna be 16!' You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life .. . You become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony. YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!! But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed? You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it's all slipping away.
Battle After Battle
The sound of rain pouring down from the skies filled the six ears of those who were about to do battle with each other as the human gunmen reached out for their pistols the vampire was already morphing his vile body into a creature of the unknown the battle began when one of the human gunmen fired a shot towards the vile body that appeared after the shroud of mist was lifted by the wind the vampire dodged the bullet that was flying towards him with a swift step to the left and jumped towards one of the gunmen opening his arms extending his claws as if he wanted to slash at his chest the gunman who was a female dressed in light armor extended her arms on atop the other pistols held sideways and shot 4 times at the vile thing flying at her the shots ricocheted of their target the unaffected vampire did not change his trajectory was flying towards the female gunman when he almost reached her there was a loud bang and what seemed like a gunshot from a very big gun and the vampire was s
Triple 6 Mafia - Last 2 Walk
Three 6 Mafia - Last 2 Walk
Tickle Me Elmo X Tmx Elmo
Tickle Me Elmo X TMX Elmo Dance, Elmo, Dance! elmo and cookie monster
Come Check Us Out!!!! come join the fun! Great Staff great music!!!! Looking forward to seeing you!!!!!!!!!!
I'm For Sale
Wanna own SOUTHERNCOUNTRYGIRL for a month? Click the link and find out what all you get. Place a bid and just maybe I'll be yours for a month!!!!
Your Midget
If you'd like, drop your midget as a profile comment to me. :-)
Put Your Midget Here!
Another Despatch, An Accosting Vigilante And A Memory/intelligence Test.
Ah, another day, another book sale, this time to Norwich in Norfolk. I never thought that I would be sitting, checking through a book and giving it a quick rub over due to the speck maker's chalk dot blobs. I thought I had better do this to give a good impression, because you never know! If it ever takes off on a flight of fantasy I will need it dressed in a smart cover which would save me doing the rubber de-dubber it trick. To cap it all I am not in a happy bunny and I blame the horrorscopers because that is what they said. Oh boy, it seems that a man in a black cloak will accost me if I am not vigilant so maybe he is a vigilante - well they say that Sheffield is a rum place these days. I don't know about that because my poison is vino tinto. Anyway, I have the pleasure of a quizzing today. It is because I have to see the neuro-psychologist who will give me all manner of tests in order to discover my memory capacity. I always think she is trying to trick me which pro
A Rain Out, A Wine-over, Art And A Screaching Cat...mean?
Good Monday Morning to you. The weekend flew by as suspected. However as not suspected the rain dampened the Teddy-Bear fund raiser so it has been rescheduled for August 2nd which will be a good day due to the fact Bonnie will be doing her President duties for Glad-Peach Fest with the Coloma Queen and her court. So normally I end up playing Bean Bag with Phil in a contest of two. The rain came down and down and downLike a cow pissing on a flat rock at timesNow that is coming down! I know now what those pore business owners feel like in Wisconsin on Lake Delton. Well perhaps not because they lost summer business due to the lake over flowing and washing out. Has anyone ever heard of the Wisconsin Dells? Well that business along with surrounding businesss took a huge income hit when the popular Lake Delton was emptied of its water basin. When the recent Midwest rains hit Wisconsin, Lake Delton overflowed and completely drained out, into the lower-lying Wisconsin River, and the owner
Can You Believe This Sh*t - Look Who's Up For Auction
Guess Who's Up For Auction??? ~*SexyBitch*~ That's Who!! Place Your Bid On Her Now Auction Starts On Monday, July 14th @ 2:00PM PT Auction Ends On Monday, July 21st @ 4:00PM PT Click The Following Pic To Place Your Bid .: Brought To You By :. Big Daddy Rate/Fan/Add Him (repost of original by 'DjJOHN OWNER OF CLUB MIXTURE ◊ MEMBER OF THE GIT~R~DONE REBEL BOMBSQUAD ◊' on '2008-07-14 15:19:27')
Deana's Vip Giveaway
Please help D with her VIP giveaway click on this pic to take you there 8,000 comments for a VIP this was brought to you by Micki"Blue Eyes" {Dirty South Crew}Co-Founder of Friendship Circle'----Owned by DustMePink
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...
Gallbladder and I will be parting ways soon. Not sure when it's moving out but it's going to be an amicible split I hope. We aren't good together and it will be healthier for us both not to be together anymore.
a quote from someones page... --------------------------- so before you go and block me, remove me from your list or remove your crush or whatever dumb shit you're going to do, realize it's the i-n-t-e-r-n-e-t and GROW UP! --------------------------- makes me want to tell them the exact same thing. getting mad at people blocking you, being removed from a list, or deleting you as their crush is as childish as they get. GROW UP
Pinks Spotlight Come & Donate! Xoxo
Make this BEAUTIFUL FU... SPOTLIGHT! This sweet, gorgeous, giving Fu gave all she could to help so many others get Spotlight when they wanted it! WELL, now it's her turn! Give big, give small, give everything you can. It all adds up and will help her get there. *Pink0828 *@ fubar If you want a lil BLING, BLING for helping we have options! HEHE! Donate $100,000 FUBUCKS and get a Diamond Bling! Click the Smurf to BID and make it yours! Highest Bidder wins and all proceeds go to Pink! Anyone that donates will be included on daily Thank You Pimpout! So, you can't lose! With Much Luv: PebblesinAZ
Batman Quiz by Fun Quizzes! MySpace quizes | Love Quiz | Fun quizzes Robin Holy heart attack, Batman! You are Robin. The faithful (and quite possibly gay) sidekick. You are loyal and true and have a tendency to crack wise in a sticky situation. You are overeager, a bit naive...and, yeah, a homosexual fantasy.
Check Out Dj Doms@the Real Red Dragon Lounge!
Just When You Thought It Was Safe
Fubar is Cool And All.. But When You Meet Interesting People And Become "Friends" With Them.. You Never Know What's Waiting For You.. An Accident Waiting To Happen! People Just Be Tripping Hard And Assume Shyt For No Reason.. You'd Have To Constantly Argue Daily With This Person Over Something Stupid When It's Not Even Worth It Man! Just Months Ago When I Posted A Mumm Shady Friends And Fake People. Apparently I'm Still Dealing With Them Now. It Never Fails.. But Anywayz.. I Had To Get Some Shyt Off My Chest Cause It's Been Bugging Me.. But I'll Find Some Way To Deal With It Of Course.. So I'll Definitely Some "Deleting" To Do In The Meantime To Set Things Straight Ya Know.. So Whatever Happens.. It Happened For A Reason.. Cause The Drama And Bs Gotta Go.. I'm Not Here For All That.. Just For Friends And Who Knows What Else.. Just Wait And See.. Maybe Something Good Will Come Out Of All This.. Hopefully.. So Peace Out And Much Love!! ~Kidd~
Painted On My Heart - The Cult
EVERYDAY I thought youd be out of my mind And Id finally found a way to learn to live without you I thought it was just a matter of time Till I had a hundred reasons not to think about you But its just not so And after all this time, I still cant let go Ive still got your face Painted on my heart Scrawled upon my soul Etched upon my memory, baby Ive got your kiss Still burning on my lips The touch of my fingertips This love so deep inside of me, baby Ive tried everything that I can To get my heart to forget you But it just cant seem to I guess its just no use In every part of me Is still a part of you And Ive still got your face Painted on my heart Scrawled upon my soul Etched upon my memory, baby Ive got your kiss Still burning on my lips The touch of her fingertips This love so deep inside of me, baby Ive still got your face Painted on my heart Painted on my heart Painted on my heart, oh baby Something in your eyes keeps ha
Traffic Secrets 2 Download
Traffic Secrets 2 Download Click Here for the Top Traffic Secrets 2 Bonus At this point you've seen all the hype and heard the rumors surrounding the release of John Reese's Traffic Secrets 2.0. So you may be wondering... Is it for real? Is it a scam? Can this really help me? Well the answers are no it is not a scam and yes John is one of the biggest authorities online when it comes to generating hoards of traffic to your websites. You will also get the best damn Traffic Secrets 2.0 Download bonus on the planet Traffic Secrets 2, Traffic Secrets 2 download, Traffic Secrets, John Reese, John Reese's Traffic Secrets 2.0, Traffic Secrets Bonus, John Reese Traffic Secrets, online traffic, get online traffic
Its Complicated Sometimes
Do you think your wasting your time on the person you like? Yes. How many people have you kissed in 2008? 3 lol Can you fill this out without lying? Indeed. What's the last thing you put in your mouth? Pepsi Have you ever kissed anyone named Matthew? Nope. Where was your default picture taken? in my room Can you play guitar hero? nope don't have one Name someone that made you laugh today? Drew was making me laugh How late did you stay up last night and why? bout 4am If you could move somewhere else, would you? Duh. Do you believe ex's can be friends? depends How do you feel about Diet Dr Pepper? Anything with the word Diet is gross When was the last time you cried? the other day Where is your biological father right now? on the roof seriously he is lol Where are you at right now? dining room Who was the last
Help Dj John To The Next Level Please
Please help DJ John to the next level.He has 57,207 points to go!Show - him some fu-love to his page please.He would like to be out of level 22 right about now.Here's his pic link to his page.Rate all his pics till he gets to level 23.Rate,fan,add him to please. ♣ DjJOHN OWNER OF CLUB MIXTURE ♣ MEMBER OF THE GIT~R~DONE REBEL BOMBSQUAD ♣@ fubar
Went To The Doctor This Mornin
the last few days. have been have problems with my heart skipping beats. and being really tired and exhausted doing little things. what i have is premature atrial contractions the doctor said it is from stress he prescribed diltiazem so im not sure how often i will be on here. until i start to feeling better.. hugs to all of my friends
Thru The Ashes Recommends
I just loved this Rob so I had to keep it! Muah! Thru the Ashes rocks!!! 9 out of 10 doctors, recommend milk as a part of a daily diet. 6 of them were paid to say it, 2 of them just went along with the other 6, they didnt want to stick out like a sore thumb. 1 of them flipped a coin and the other opposed it, cause lets face it, how often do you hear 10 out of 10 doctors recommend? He drew the short straw so he was the token bad guy. The guys from Thru the Ashes (the band that mom didnt know about) love to have "Milk" in their lives on a daily basis and we werent paid to say that, so take our word for it. If your not enjoying "Milk", your not enjoying life. So make a little time each day for Milk, the other white stuff.
Meet My New Owner Who Likes To Get Dirty!!
He paid BIG bucks for me. So please go by and show him some mad fu luv!! He is a mud bogging fool! So lets get him dirty! Now introducing my new owner 'm K h L ߃ & F Hbb glvl H tt @ J' Ht@ fubar This pimp out is brought to you by: glvl ? Plmt @ lllk69 ? L G, F W & w h@ fubar
072008 Fluffy Starr Blog
VLOG: "Hellboy 2 Review" (spoiler-free) You know how very excited I was to see this movie. And what a big fan of director Guillermo Del Toro I am. So, did I like it? Find out the answer HERE. No spoilers, so it is safe to watch. Having a lazy Sunday today. Back from a walk with Cosmo, where some frazzled overly bleach-haired older lady came running over and asked if my dog was all right, because Cosmo was barking at this other big dog (who she wasn't with, and didn't even see). I politely pointed it out, and told her that he was only a puppy and was nervous of that other dog. Then she became friendly telling me how lucky I was to have such a cute dog. Yet her energy just moments earlier was so meddlesome, self righteous, and highly irritating to me. Oy.... Not all dogs bark because their owner is killing them in public. Whatever... F**khead. But aside from that incident, a very nice weekend. Saw some bands on Friday night. Then went out for dinner and drinks with friends last ni
Autism, Bipolar And Life
So, I always thought my life would be picture perfect. You know....2.5 kids, fabulous career, married to obscenely wealth man, beautiful house with a white picket fence. Well, things didn't go exactly as I planned. I am sure you aren't surprised. They never do for anyone. I got close on a few of those things. What I have really found out is that I was valuing some of the wrong things. I realize now that I am very lucky. See, my life has been blessed by someone with Autism. The way he sees the world is absolutely amazing. In slow steps he is teaching me patience. Since I never had much patience, this is a hard thing for me to learn. Not only that, but he brings me joy every moment that I am with him. Makes the picket fence seem so unimportant. Recently, another person in my life has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I never realized how all-consuming it could be. Learning about the symptoms of this disorder made me realize that not all people think the same
Blatant Stupidity
Cyanide & Happiness @
Monday Opie And Anthony Links: Download The Opie And Anthony Show, Otto In Studio, New Opie And Anthony Videos Online, Traveling Virus Tickets On Sale
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY 'WORST OF' SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Say folks, good day and Happy Monday to each and everyone of you fine folks. Are you ready for a brand new Opie and Anthony Radio POgram? Good. Cuz we are too! As always, if you missed any of last week's Opie and Anthony Show, you can download FULL SHOWS online via Audible: Download the Opie and Anthony Show 7/25/2008 (Greg Giraldo, David Duchovny, Roach Wars) Download the Opie and Anthony Show 7/24/2008 (Mike Birbiglia, Bob Kelly, Bobby Lee) Download the Opie and Anthony Show 7/23/2008 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Patrice Oneal, Randy Couture) Download the Opie and Anthony Show 7/22/2008 (Nick DiPaolo, Scott Rigsby, Mythbusters) Download the Opie and Anthony Show 7/21/2008 (Worst-Of) O&A off in Buffalo? Yeah, it looks like the Opie and Anthony Show may leave the Buffalo airways...BUT it looks like the show may go back on in Syracuse... go figger. YOU CAN STILL HEAR US ON XM, U
Tuesday Opie And Anthony Links: Traveling Virus In Nj This Weekend - Get Your Tickets! Adios Buffalo, Hello Norfolk, Virginia! Jim Norton's Favo
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Happy Tuesdee everybuddy! Today on the Opie and Anthony Show we're going to learn all about haddock, and the many ways it can be prepared for your family, or just as a tasty snack. Or maybe we won't. You'll just have to listen to find out. Not only can you LISTEN to the fantabulous Opie and Anthony Show, you can also watch every move we make...and every booger we consume...just remember to turn on your PalTalk!... you can watch the show LIVE, as it happens. Or, if you're anything like us, you're paying close attention Ladies Of Paltalk, namely that chick with the fantastic ass who derails the show once every fifteen minutes or so... Jim Norton's New favorite website: Earlier today, Jim mentioned a website he was visiting frequently. The website it HOT MOVIES. You can go there, watch as much (or as little) of a title as you want. We often link to Hot Movies in our adult review section. The
Morph 2
If you can't say it yourself why not enjoy the things that others have said? That's right, there is no reason not to enjoy what others who are better than you have said. Their observations about the world and it's people are laid bare for anyone to enjoy; to that end, You should collect some sarcastic quotes ...... especially witty quotes.
Our Night
Our Night Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your loves blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set my body on fire Quench the fire in my blood With sweet caresses Touch my soul with your passion Lay down beside me Feel my body crying for you Let's get lost in each other Touching, exploring, tasting We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss For this is our night Want me, like no other Need you, like the air that I breathe Together, one mind, one soul Fused in the heat of passionate love Existing in this moment Forever
Oil Change
And they say woman spend more money...mmmm Oil Change instructions for Women: 1) Pull up to Jiffy Lube when the mileage reaches 3000 miles since the last oil change. 2) Drink a cup of coffee. 3) 15 minutes later, write a check and leave with a properly maintained vehicle. Money spent: Oil Change: $20.00 Coffee: $ 1.0 0 Total: $21.00 Oil Change instructions for Men: 1) Wait until Saturday, drive to auto parts store & buy a case of oil, filter, kitty litter, hand cleaner & a scented tree, write a check for $50.00. 2) Stop by 7/11 & buy a case of beer, write a check for $20, drive home. 3) Open a beer & drink it. 4) Jack car up. Spend 30 minutes looking for jack stands. 5) Find jack stands under kid's pedal car. 6) In frustration, open another beer & drink it. 7) Place drain pan under engine. 8) Look for 9/16 box end wrench. 9) Gi ve up & use crescent wrench. 10) Uns
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Cho Ping (Eastern Guru) Karma May 1, 2000 Copyright by TM , 2000, all rights reserved ..TR> ..TABLE> Back to Essays ..TR> ..TABLE> Before you know about karma, you must know about ahimsa. Do you know of it? It is simple. It is the rule that you do not cause harm or hurt by choice. It is very, very hard to do. Karma gets so much attention, because people like the idea that there may be revenge towards those who have hurt them. But they don't apply that to themselves. Actually that is not what it is at all anyway. The first thing you need to understand is that ahimsa means that you do not purposely hurt others, and we try to be aware and conscious of what could hurt others so we don't hurt them by accident. This is not just physical hurts. You don't just think to yourself, "I'm not going to hit that man." It goes further than that. It goes to emotions. It goes to things that will hurt someone and not teach them. If you must push a man to th
2009 Chevrolet Corvette Zr1
2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 The ZR1 is a 600 plus horsepower super Corvette. By Shaun Bailey and Photos by John Lamm provided by: Road Track 2008 Detroit Auto Show The ZR1 is a 600 plus horsepower super Corvette, with production is limited to just 2000 units a year. It will likely cost in the neighborhood of $100,000. The cars platform is the already stellar Z06 Corvette that features an aluminum chassis and 505 horsepower from a 7.0-liter small-block V-8. The ZR1 takes the next step and uses forced induction by means of a new Eaton 4-lobe supercharger mounted on a revised 6.2-liter V-8. Horsepower isnt known yet, but claimed to be well above 600. To keep all that power in check are some massive brake rotors sourced from Brembo. In fact, they are nearly the same rotors used on a Bugatti Veyron and barely fit inside the 19-in. front wheels. The rear brake rotors fit comfortably in the 20-in. wheels and are the same as those used on the front of a Ferrari Enzo. The Z06 is
Time Lookin At Me
so confussed, so out in space don't know where to go, don't know what to think life comes at you like a speeding bullet dodging it is so hard to do lookin left and right not knowing where to go sees everyone lookin at you like something is wrong and you don't know what to think, not knowing where to go the heart shows so much that we don't listen to at times when we know we should it shows us the true way to love and care and it's up to us to listen to it
Im In An Auction Bid On Me U Know U Want To~!!!
Corps Values
Corps Values Why are U.S. Marines considered the world's premier warriors? Why? What puts the Marine Corps above the rest? Other military services have rigorous training and weapons of equal or greater lethality. So, why do U.S. Marines stand head and shoulders above the crowd? The truth lies in the individual Marine. He (or she) did not join the Marines. Roughly 40,000 try each year. Those who survive the crucible of Marine basic training have been sculpted in mind and body. They have become Marines. Once he has earned the title and entered the Brotherhood of Marines, a new warrior must draw upon the legacy of his Corps. Therein lies his strength. In return, the strength of the Corps lies in the individual Marine. The character (often defined as "what you are in the dark") of these warriors is defined by the three constant Corps Values: honor, courage, and commitment. Honor: Honor requires each Marine to exemplify the ultimate standard in ethical and moral conduct. Honor i
[ Uuuh...]
WARHAMMER ANNOUNCED LAST NIGHT! 9/18/08 See you fuckbags... NEVER! I'm out if that game's any fucking good. Hahaha. What? It's just like here, only the environment is polygons, and I get to cut things and SMASH HEADS! instead of "comment bomb". Instead of buying blasts or "bling" I'm paying a monthly subscription and working my way toward RULING THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Besides, I was never any good at this game. Not enough strategy and character customization. But in all seriousness... This game has some promise. See you on the blood soaked battlgerounds of your homeland. And if its not any good, it'll at least carry me until Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5, and Borderlands. Dude, I'm set. Just need a job.
Friends aways have a smile saved for a rainy day. Friends believe and stay by your side despite what others say. Friends share their strength when you need someone to lean on. Friends hold on to Faith when everything else is gone. Friends listen when no one else seems to care. Friends are loyal and true, they tolerate us when no one else dares. Friends feel your sadness when you shed tears. Friends show you comfort when you experience fear. Friends lend a hand when you need a lift. Friends are precious and a priceless gift....
Why Do Ppl Have To Be Stupid
Every one needs to chill the hell out and be cool. There is way too much bs and i am tired of all the crap!! Does any one else feel this way?
My Midget
Luna Mystica--angels Of Venice
Family Harmony
A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden. But if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden. - Buddha
Iraqdemands "clear Timeline" For Us Wirhdrawl
By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writer 40 minutes ago BAGHDAD - Iraq's foreign minister insisted Sunday that any security deal with the United States must contain a "very clear timeline" for the departure of U.S. troops. A suicide bomber struck north of Baghdad, killing at least five people including an American soldier. ADVERTISEMENT Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari told reporters that American and Iraqi negotiators were "very close" to reaching a long-term security agreement that will set the rules for U.S. troops in Iraq after the U.N. mandate expires at the end of the year. Zebari said the Iraqis were insisting that the agreement include a "very clear timeline" for the withdrawal of U.S.-led forces, but he refused to talk about specific dates. "We have said that this is a condition-driven process," he added, suggesting that the departure schedule could be modified if the security situation changed. But Zebari made clear that the Iraqis would not accept a deal tha
Drive By Shooting
Fatal shooting in northeast Neighbours watch in horror as man gunned down on residential street on his way to a barbecue Witnesses watched in stunned horror as a man was slain in a drive-by shooting apparently launched by two masked assailants in a northeast neighbourhood yesterday. The victim, believed to be in his 20s, was gunned down around 6 p.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene after being felled by multiple bullet wounds on the front lawn of a home on Marcombe Dr. N.E. Distraught friends of the murdered man, whose first name they said was Kevin, said he was walking up to the house for a barbecue when he was shot. Eyewitnesses said the masked occupants of a dark-coloured vehicle drove by and opened fire. Friends and neighbours rushed to the fallen man's aid as the car, which witnesses added had tinted windows, sped away. An area resident named Michelle, who didn't give her last name, heard multiple shots as she was preparing dinner and rushed outside to pr
Granny Get Yer Gun (the Prequel)
So, as the legend holds, My Maternal Grandmother Had a Love affair with my Paternal Grandfather when she was 17 years old. The "affair" resulted in the birth of a daughter, April. This is up to much dispute at least to those in the outer circle of our family, because my aunt looks nothing like my grandmother's nor my grandfather's family, and she allegedly had sex with some man who claims to be April's father. In fact his entire family claims her. A paternity test has never been done. For the sake of simplicity however, we will assume that April, is indeed, my Paternal Grandfather's Daughter. i begin my story here because of the deep impact this glitch in the splinting of my family tree had on my future. After their "affair" my grandmother and grandfather moved on. Each married and had multiple kids. My Grandmother became a jehova's witness, Married Freddie Bowen, and had 8 children with him. My Grandfather had a lucrative career being a pimp and selling drugs with a woman named Ru
Bernie Mac And Issac Hayes
Help Her Make Desciple
please help Drew level she only needs 535K DREW Owned By Philemon@ fubar
My Special Soulmate
My Special Soulmate Orinal Poem by RedyFrLuv What a search it has been for me A search that has lasted so long A search that has brought some wonderful friends A search that is still in process Where are you, my special soulmate? Are you out there looking for me? Is your heart ready for mine? Just how close are we to each other? Are you ready to be cherished and treasured? Are you ready to be loved and respected? Are you ready to take my hand and walk by my side? Are you ready to share our dreams and make new ones? If you think I am the one you desire...I am here If you think I am the one you desire...My hand awaits you If you think I am the one you desire...My heart is ready for you If you think I am the one you desire...Come to me XOXOXOXO RedyFrLuv
Special Friendships
> > There is a special love within a special friendship between two people. It dwells in each others hearts. A gift that could only be planted by God himself. It gives us the capacity to love each other. It allows us to seek pleasure and happiness with each others company. It creates a special bond that us two can only understand. This bond is gods precious gift to us alone. He gives our hearts the capacity love and share. This love allows us to make dreams come true. By sharing this love, our hearts and desires are combined allowing us to be content with each others company. This special love will bring happiness to each other throughout our journey and walk through life. So be sure to let people know just how much we mean to each other. Take the time to say the words, I Love You. Tke time to appreciate what we have together. Be thankful for the times we spend together. I vow and promise to give all my special love to you and may God bless this special friendship. Very special orig
OK So I have joined this place by a request from an ancient aquaintance who happened to not have deleted me from his contact list. Now I'm wondering if it's worth being on this site at all..... I suppose I'll either drop out completely or become an addict. All I've come accross so far are half naked women and porn bots.... mind you a coupla guys veiwed me and left comments, but when i looked at one guys profile, it was full of naked women and porn bots LMAO. I'll look around when I'm bored but unless I come accross some "real" people, I just really couldn't be fucked.
080908 Dilbert
I Love You!
I Love You. Three simple words. They hold so much meaning, But yet somehow seem absurd. I love you, For the person you are. I love you, For they way you care. I love you, Because you are always there. I love you, Because you are sexy to me. I love you, Because you are beautiful. I love you, Because I am in love with you, Never seems to happen to me. Is it because it is to deep? Or just because most dont know, That you can love someone without being in love with them. I love you without being in love, Always seems to be the love that ends. Just one time, Let me hear one of them say, I Am In Love With You!
081708 Homer Simpson
When I look at the smiles on all the children's faces, I just know they're about to jab me with something.
Please Help Out!
He need 20k in comments 4 a VIP.
Demented Dreams
I walked to my room. I turned on the light. Yes it stung as the bulb flickered and finally came on. I reached for the towel I had left there earlier and wiped off my face and hands. I just sat on the bed and sighed. Agian, it happened I thought for a moment, the last time almost killed me. What could I do? I knew i had to get rid of it, but where? Last time i found a spot to bury it...this time it would be much harder to get rid of it with out anyone noticing. I sighed again and started to walk to the shower. Everytime the lights go out...i still wonder why they come. Always the screams and scratches then the lights go out and i am confronted again. The door bell rings....Damn
Private Pics
i hate wen sexy girls have private pics and they say ask for permission but they nvr message bak
Kat1114" Owner of Farscapecat & Co Owner of AMANDA. {Yeahmons Angels}@ fubar Scarlett{Shadow Leveler}~Proud owner of Passionman71, BooBoo & MissCrys@ fubar J.P. ~Shadow Leveler~Owned by Not telling@ fubar SARCASTK1 {SHADOW LEVELER} Owned by BooBoo@ fubar jenn Shadow leveler & * Fubar Addicted Bombers*Fu owner of sbmo8@ fubar INKMAN876 FU SLAVE TO NAUGHTYSUBPRECIOUS@ fubar ~onecrazymomma~SHADOW LEVELER~(OTS)@ fubar Jk the ke Real Life B/F of Jm- {Shadow Leveler}@ fubar ♡Jm- Real Life G/F ؃ ϟϟJk the kϟϟ {Shadow Leveler}@ fubar Happy Country Girl {{Shadow Leveler}} {{Fu-Owned by Passionman71}}@ fubar ~♥~TEXAS TWISTER~FU~SLAVE TO MASTER P♥~SHADOW LEVELER~♥~CLUB UNITED~♥~
Looking forward to seeing NIN next weekend :)
New Friends
I've only been on fubar a couple of days. It's addicting as hell, BUT it's fun. Where else can you meet all sorts of people and interact with them at the same time. If you've read the about me section, it scratches the surface a little bit. I can't put everything about me in a box. I live without boundaries, so it's hard to describe what I like. To be honest, I find new things to like (and dislike) every day. If you want to ask me a question, or talk to me. I'm really not shy and I'll be honest. I don't believe in games and I don't judge people either. I don't know what goes on in your life and your head and you don't know what goes on in mine. So how can we make judgements about each other. We're all different. Accept it, deal with it and get over it. I can't wait to meet more of you in the lounges and figure out how the rest of the site works. It may take me awhile but I will eventually catch on. Shout at me if you want to talk.... L8R Wendy
Caa 10
Hello Angels, When of our own has a sore throat and is feeling quite bad. Please send angel prayers, love and power so that she can be her normal happy chipper self. Love, Doc
Florida Dream
Somewhere out of Jacksonville, there's a girl I lost somehow along the way In spite of all the tears I cried, there simply was no way to make her stay She wanted to explore, discover all the things she'd never seen She wanted to chase her Florida dream This hometown life was not for her, she said that she just had to get away So she gathered all her courage, packed her bags, and headed east one day A thousand times I begged her, there was something in her eyes I'd never seen She left me to chase her Florida dream And the sun shines in Florida Every night and every day While rain keeps on pouring down Everything that comes my way No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to sleep It seems I'm always kept awake By my Florida dream Solitary love affair locked up in a heartahe all alone A thousand times I've prayed to God But that doesn't fix a love that went so wrong I know it may sound funny but sometimes things just aren't the way they seem I guess that's how
Enter If You Dare. I Wouldn't If You Have Sensative Vertual
"I WANT" "Can i tease you" well really i just want to please you! take you in my room and make a lollipop out of you. I'm horny and i can't wait, my body starting to shake. I want to lick your stomach and kiss on your face, i want to put my hands around your waist bend you over and put my tongue between your space, make you wet, lick you slow and speed up the pace, i want to play with your body and make it my playground. I want to lick the shape of your curves, suck on your breast and hear you make those sexy sounds, i want you girl! turn around, as i grip your thighs i feel my temperature rise, tasting your sweet juices got me hypnotized, my face do you wanna ride? stand up and face the wall lean back and let me taste that waterfall MOOD: HORNY...LOL
Ldc Family
hey all i just wanted you to know i have some pic's for you all to rip if you wish to make tag's out of.there in the folder that says pic's to rip and make as tag's please feel free to do so..... blessed be love you all Lady Snuggles
Mario - How Do I Breathe
"How Do I Breathe" How do I breathe, yeah? How do I breathe, yeah? [Verse:] It feels so different being here, I was so used to being next to you, Life for me is not the same, There's no one to turn to. I don't know why I let it go too far, Starting over - it's so hard. Seems like everywhere I try to go, I keep thinking of you. [Hook:] I just had a wake up call, Wishing that I never let you fall, Baby you are not to blame at all. when I'm the one that pushed you away. Baby if you knew I cared, You'd have never went nowhere (nowhere), Girl I should've been right there. [Chorus:] How do I breathe Without you here by my side? How will I see When your love brought me to the light? Where do I go When your heart's where I lay my head? When you're not with me, How do I breathe? How do I breathe? [Verse:] Girl I'm losin' my mind. Yes I made a mistake. I thought that you would be mine. Guess the joke was on me. I miss you so bad, I can't sleep. I wis
For All You Goddamn Republicans
So now I'm rolling down rodeo with a shot gun These people aint seen a brown skin man Since their grandparents bought one Bangin this bolo tight on this solo flight can fight alone Funk tha track my verbs fly like the family stone Tha pen devils set the stage for the war at home Locked wit out a wage your standin in the drop zone > The clockers born starin at an empty plate Momma's torn hands cover her sunken face We hungry but them belly full The structure is set ya neva change wit a ballot pull In tha ruins there's a network for the toxic rock School yard ta precinct suburb ta project block Bosses broke south for new flesh and a factory floor Tha remains left changed to the powder war Cant waste a day when the night brings a hearse So make a move and plead the fifth cuz ya cant plead the first Cant waste a day when the night brings a hearse Bare witness to tha sickest shot while suckas get romantic They aint gonna send us campin like they di
Luv Ya Guys Thannx 4 Tha Help!!!!
Having Fun With Some Flags
Ah, gotta love Google. I just copied the flags of my ethnicity, and I was wondering if anyone can guess them! Now mind you, some are no brainers, but others are a challenge! Try not to look them up before you answer them, please. Make it fun, make it a challenge! Enjoy!
Gustav Pa #20a
Cajun Moon
JJ Cale, Cajun Moon - J.J. Cale
The News Of The Day
It's not right, it's not fair When storms are created out no where Their is no time to prepare In an instant a whole state or country is in a scare The air the wind and the blue skies that are so Waves are crashing in, the good times are on the go Tension in every hour and minute continue to grow Weather forcasts are predicting severe damage, with maps and radar to show One life, one world and everything comes crashing in When it is all over and if anyone survives how does recovery begin? Many people are in a situation where they cannot win Insanity and sanity is a line at times that can be thin Pack what you can, if you can leave from this danger zone Better leave with family and friends, no one can deal with such events alone Every place is potentially dangerous let this also be known As recent history and the documented past have shown My friends my nation we must stand together forever The world needs to be untied and have it never sever So when moments st
Evangelicals Energized By Mccain-palin Ticket
Evangelicals energized by McCain-Palin ticket By ERIC GORSKI, AP Religion Writer Sat Aug 30, 10:02 AM ET Sarah Palin already has energized conservative religious leaders who had fretted that John McCain would pick an abortion rights supporter as his running mate. The Alaska governor was raised in a Pentecostal church and has called herself "as pro-life as any candidate can be." To Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religion Liberties Commission, Palin is "straight out of veep central casting." Land said he had urged the McCain camp to consider the political unknown. Gary Bauer, one of McCain's most enthusiastic evangelical supporters, said the Arizona senator had hit a "grand slam home run" and that adding Palin to the GOP ticket is "guaranteed to energize values voters." The 44-year-old mother of five, who led her high school chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, was baptized as a teenager at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church,
Chapter 6 - The Crows
The Crows During extreme cases of physical duress or strain or pain, people have been see to accomplish feats of unimaginable proportions. They seem to possess some sort of Superhuman strength, being able to turn overturned cars back over without even batting an eye, bending supposedly unbendable steel with their bare hands, so on and so forth... We've all heard the stories. But also at times like this, the human psyche is Very open to suggestion and outside influence. This is sometimes known as Possession in some parts of the world and, of course, well 'known' to the Catholic Priesthood... The Human mind is capable of MANY things, but it is only able to allow another 'spirit' -like entity like that to enter at such times as this, or if the minds defenses are Already very weak to begin with, like that of a child or the mentally retarded. Crows, on the other hand, carry souls all the time. At any given point in time, The Crows are carrying at least two souls, plus it's own. The Cr
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Would You Like To Be Sarge's Bad Girl Of The Week?
Ok Bad Girls.. I Am Starting Something New..Sarge's Bad Girl Of The Week..I Little Something For Everyone To Try To Get To Know Each Other Better..I Will Be Posting Up A Questionaire.. I Would Like For Anyone Wanting To Be Considered For Bad Girl Of The Week To Answer It By Sending Me Your Answers In A Private Message..I Will Be Posting Your Answers In A Blog Along With The Link To Your Profile Also The Bad Girl Of The Week Will Be My Top Friend For That Week And Pimped Out In A Bulletin.
4 months. She's growing in leaps and bounds. She scoots and growls and blows raspberries. She can turn over from front to back, and back to front. Dr.'s on Wednesday for shots. OH! She plays peakaboo! Well.. sorta. She'll hold her burp rag in front of her eyes and then pull it down- repeatedly. She babbles all the time :) My daughter is absolutely amazing.
An Ex Girlfriend
i am tired of being hurt by her.i think i will take all the advice i have been given and just forget now i am completely single and looking for someone special who will treat me as good as i treat them.
Is There A Weirder Place To Get Hitched?
Good Morning. Where in the world is the weirdest place to get married at? I have seen Underwater ceremonies, Sky-Diving ordeals, Roller Coasters ( I would not know when to kiss the bride if the minister fell off) Hockey Games, Rodeos, Mountain Top, Fields, next to a stream the list goes on, however Saint Joseph Michigan a city to which I am familiar with due to that is where I work now can claim to have the weirdest place to get married unless you have heard of a stranger place. It was Starks Funeral Parlor. It generally has flowers, and a clergyman is often present, but this was a first for a local funeral home. Jason and Rachael Storm held their wedding at Starks and Menchinger Family Funeral Home, where he is a funeral director. Their reception, including dinner and dancing, also was held at the funeral home. "This room is usually filled with sadness and contemplation, but today it is filled with joy and celebration," the Rev. Greg Prather said at the start of Saturday's cere
Ja. Samma Faen
Ja. Samma faen. Jeg har en liten bekjennelse komme med. Tara Browne. Vi snakker om et inflkt mord. Verden vrste krimgte. Brian Jones drepte Tara Browne. Beviset p det er forholdet hans til Hendrix (som Jagger med rette irriterte seg over). Hendrix ble dommeren slik Brian hadde vrt det for Lennon. Now! fra '65 betyr Won! Se p de to siste sangene: Little Red Rooster. Surprise Surprise. Brian var en god venn med Browne. Men det m ha vrt ting som spilte negativt inn i vennskapet. Brian som outcast. Og han var virkelig en outcast, i adskillig strre grad enn f.eks Lennon. Han ble tatt med i fine parties med Browne og det kan ha skapt et nske om en avstandstagen. Browne hadde to ypperlige valg (Frankrikes kunstliv og slaraffenliv og England og trygg og innbringende jobb). Hevnlta var Little Red Rooster. Se for deg at du irriterer deg grensels over din kamerat Browne som du mer og mer intenst nsker langt bort. Du tenker Brownies. Cookies. Sam Cook
Happy Go Lucky Train Updateed 9/5
Everyone has one or two things that bring them euphoria, alter their mind, change their view on things just for a second. To me this is the moment when I come outside of my hotel right when the sun is starting to come out. I take a breath of air, and my mind becomes completely crystal clear. I forget about all my problems, and its just me and the air filling my lungs, tons of clear cool air. Last week I came out, and all of a sudden this familiar smell hit my senses. It smelled exactly like it smelled in our summer village house in Tver', between Moscow and St Petersburg. I used to come outside our log house at 5am and watch the red sunrise light up the forest and the golden hayfields. I would climb on top of the haystack, and lay there watching the clouds for hours. And exactly the same smell was there, outside of the hotel. I stood there for about twenty minutes, with my mind completely crystal clear, and the feeling of a total euphoria filling me up with every breath.
Caa #16 - Update
Just heard from my friend that her friend's biopsy came out clean. Woohooo! But let us not stop keeping her in prayer that she won't ever have this scare again. Thank you Angels and volunteers. Muah! You're the best! Doc
My Favorite Poem Ever
Como (translation)___ As the gentle breeze caresses the draping fronds of the palm, As crystalline waves embrace the silken sand of the beach, As the songs from the birds sweetly rain upon the ears of lovers everywhere... that is how you have touched me ! As the notes from a lament rise from all the dreams that have been broken, As the sigh of a new mother with her infant at her breast, As the wind when it screams with the torture of its loneliness... that is how you have left me! As the heat from the sun with it unequaled brilliance, As the eternal mystery of the pallored light of the moon, As a dancing flame that gives life to the first light in darkness... that is how you have shone within my heart! As the Passion that devours all other passions from the past, As the beating of a heart while it conquers it worst enemy, As the rush of blood as it courses through the vein... that is how you have filled my soul! As the force of a storm while it thrashes throug

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