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My nose is sore :( I want it to snow. And i gots pizza! LOL im an odd ball and anthony says i need help :P i do not :P anyway rate my blog =] oh and my pictures :P ill return the love
Rick's Ct "beauty With The Best Bootie" Contest
Greetings to Mel and the fans just a public announcement here since I know that Mel is still having some issues with logging on to CT ( Cherry Tap) Melanie has entered herself in a small contest I'm running on my profile page which the Link is here : The theme of the contest is "Cutie with the Best Bootie" This contest will run until Feb.18th 9PM EST. Here Are the details for the contest: First event to be held by Graphics By Rick will be the Cutie With The Best Bootie Contest. 10 Ladies Are Required.You will need to submit or direct me to one image of yourself from the back showing off your perfectly shaped bottom.(this must be a full sized image of yourself no cropped pics!) (Cherry Tap Prizes Are As Follows) 1st Prize A Diamond Ring ( plus your winning image on my homepage) with the caption of "Winner Hottest Beauty With A Booty On Cherry Tap" 2nd and 3rd Prize winners will receive a pair of diamond earrings and will win the s
Feelin Shitty Feel My Pain
A yall i juz got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled so im feelin dizzy and my vision is blurry and i been spittin blood all damn day and cant eat shit but can soup and barely could eat dat and i want some pizza and cereal so bad but cant eat dat man diz shit got me and i couldnt even sallow my pills cuz my mouth is so damn num aw man all i wanna kno is WHY GOD WHY
7 Day Blast
pls help me by comment bombing me on my 7 day blast pls i need lots of help. i need less than 800 comments pls help ty all and love ya all :)
This Is Going To Be Fun!!! ;)
OK all I have DECIDED about what to do for my Lovely B-Day!! Of all the places to choose from Iv DECIDED what place is the best BANG 4 THE BUCK!! lol So Have You Guessed It Yet?.... WHEN??.... Friday Feb. 16th The Best Time To Show Up Is @ 9 And Best Thing Of All Is!... The Best Cover Band Iv Heard In A Long Time!! Is Going To Be Playing That Night!! "Who Might That Be?" You Ask!!!
Why Me
well lets start things off by saying i am having a rather shitty month i get transfered from one store to another store the new store gives me all overnight shifts and i am over tiard then my mechanic moves which means no more cheap repairs lol so i am tring to finance a car imagine that haveing a terrible time with that who wants to make payments not me then my work schedule is so f up i dont see my man but maby one a week when i come in he is going and our only day off he volenteres to babysit wtf i guess no fun for me well what else could go rong
I Dont Know
im lost when its new like this cherry tap
Deleting Folks!
Well Some folks have not been on my page since the day that I added them. Therefore I'm taking action and removing those people that just used me for points. I'm hoping to cut my list in HALF. Hopefully I don't lose interest in doing this friends cut. I will also be around to pages to fan and rate those of you that I have not done thus far. Good Day.
Some One Save Me From My Nightmare
Ever have one of those days were things are ok and then its like a smack across the face things start to turn upside down and u want to scarem for bloodly murder... Well here is my call SOS someone save me i have no clue what has come over me but i feel like i have lost control with everything ...Im normaly open minded and can say whats on my mind but when it comes down to something i cant seem to bring myself to do it and dammit to hell its agervateing me to no end...Can someone save me...Well hell i just want one person to save me but it feels as he has lost controll him self and dont see that i am even at this point ...I wonder why i bother why i fight to keep trying If i yelled who would hear me...If I cried who would hear me...If I were to walk away who would wonder were i was at...Would I even be missed ( yeah some ppl would miss me) i know that much.... Im needing my SoS...will i get it idk but to be honest im starting to think that i wont because im looked at as this s
A Man In My Imagination
As I lay here in my bed, thoughts of you run through my head My hand slides down, my mind wanders off I imagine us together, i start feeling hot Oh to be with you, for it to be real Chain me to your bed, make me FEEL Your lips, you tongue, anything just dont stop All night we have...its going to be hot!
There Comes A Time
There comes a time in a persons life that they must take a long hard look at who they are. I have had to do this recently. I didn't like who I saw. It may be too late to correct the wrongs that have been said and done. While I will not take total blame for the current situation I played a major part in it. I have realized that after I was injured on the job and told I was permanently restricted to lifting no more then 50lbs, I sank into a state where I felt too sorry for myself to realize I was hurting the feelings of those around me. The reason I am putting this out on the web is my attempt to remove my hard shell and let the world know that if you keep your problems to yourself it doesn't make you strong or tuff. It will make you hurt and that hurt will be passed on to those around you. If you have someone who is willing to talk with you and help you through your issues then you r blessed. Jealousy and discontent will ruin a family, break hearts and shatter souls. If it i
Sparkling Dirt
Plunge into me and rock the earth with a quake That shakes the temple out of its foundation And obliterate me with your temptation Make me look massacred by the time we reach completion I wanna fuck like demons, without regard for well being Or reason Need to feel you on top of me stopping me from going any where And slowly start nibbling away until my skeleton is bare Drive my face into the mattress with a fistful of hair Pull my waist into the air brutalize me without care The dirty wet dream that shatters away my nightmares Unhinge my jaw with a word and a stare Dislocate my hips with a fetishist’s flare Feel me constrict around your nimble pale You be the stallion I’ll be the mare Go ahead go for more then a pair Don’t be scared, I’m not going anywhere You know… I fucking love the way you Rape me There is no escaping Rape me This is not enough C’mon Violently Rape me
Silly Boy. Pirates Don't Like Ninjas!
*I have a sexy Ninja friend. *We play in the snow. *He thinks I am shallow. *Sometimes he smiles...but, it hurts too much. *He likes toast. *..... I like toast. *He compares me to a fat kid who likes cake. *He is pretty cool. *We will make sexy pirate-ninja babies. *That is all. *End. *♥
Mad Cow Disease
A female TV reporter arranged for an interview with a farmer, seeking the main cause of Mad Cow disease. The Lady: "Good evening, sir. I am here to collect information on the possible source of Mad Cow Disease. Can you offer any reason for this disease?" The Farmer stared at the reporter and said: "Do you know that a bull mounts a cow only once a year?" The lady reporter (obviously embarrassed): "Well, sir, that's a new piece of information, but what's the relation between this phenomenon and Mad Cow disease?" The Farmer: "And, madam, do you know that we milk a cow twice a day?" The reporter: "Sir, this is really valuable information, but what about getting to the point?" The Farmer: "I am getting to the point, madam. Just imagine, if I was playing with your tits twice a day and only screwing you once a year, wouldn't you get mad?"
Seeing Is Beliving
Gods I am tired. Dealing with labor and industries is enough to make anyone crazy. So there you go. Haven't posted for a couple of days cause the whole scenerio at work has me pretty much in the dumps. Do to know what I mean? So yet again I am on that constant thrill ride ( sarcasm noted here) that is my job. Yet again I am asking myself WTF am I still doing here? The job depresses me to the point of not wanting to do much else, and I don't see that changing any time soon. What to do what to do. All I see them doing is bleeding me dry again.. I want that to change.
help a technoweenie out. how do I navigate this site??
I GOT MY COMPUTER IS BACK!! YAYYY!!!! hehe Just letting everybody know who didnt see my bulletin, thanks and hi to everybody who already said hello!!! Its not completely fixed and I got some stuff t do to it, but Ill atleast be around again!! Ive missed ya all...and I hope to talk to ya all soon..... Say hi anytime!!! Luv ya guyz!! ~Cindy
Perhaps Ill Stay
im staying for the people who are nice... but im not showing myself naked just to get a comment... if you like me its gonna be for me not my body or my looks...because im more then that just got to get to know me ..
Princess Of Cherrytap
Do you love despots? Are you looking to please a dictator? If so, make me the Princess of CherryTap (yep, Princess) by commenting the shit out of me in this contest. Thanks!
Why Me??
Tonight I got back from a "coffee break" with Eddie when I got a shout from some guy calling himself "lovingbear" I said to Eddie.. uh oh I think I have found another perv on CT .... I had no idea! ___________________________________________________ lovingbear: hi sexy ->lovingbear: hi lovingbear: how r u? ->lovingbear: fine and yourself lovingbear: im ok i guess ->lovingbear: you guess? not too positive there lovingbear: well i am single and lonly ->lovingbear: so find someone to snuggle up with lovingbear: i dont know where to look for one ->lovingbear: i hear the library is a good place to meet smart women.. the bars are a good place to meet loose women lovingbear: i dont go to eather ->lovingbear: so start lovingbear: but i dont think i can find the type of woman that i need ->lovingbear: ok I will play the game.. what kind of woman are you looking for? lovingbear: who would act like a mommy to me ->lovingbear: If you want a mom
Another Fuckin Reason To Take Some Time Off
Error: sorry, you're commenting too fast -- the comment has been dropped. please don't flood our servers!
Nothing But Hard Work Here
im not the most popular person on this site by far, but i dont cheat and ive never used a script its just flat out hard work it wasnt easy getting to this level but ive it all with a little help from my friends haha ok crack jokes about the song now yeah ok now back to the subject just because a couple have to have it all your punishing everyone on the site now come on at least myspace is upfront bout their shit
Please Read And Give This Some Thought (thanks To Lucky Charm For The Inspiration)
In recent years, pit bulls have gained more than just a foothold in the public awareness. Unscrupulous breeding and negative media attention have resulted in many apartment complexes, neighborhoods and even counties imposing bans on the breed, citing them as "inherently dangerous" to the public. But did you know that pit bulls, despite the fact that they were originally bred to fight with each other, were also bred to be trustworthy and friendly to people? These dogs actually earned the nickname "nursemaid's dog," because they were so reliable with young children. Today, however, the breed often attracts the worst kind of dog owners--those who are only interested in them for fighting or protection. It's a shame what has happened to this loyal and affectionate breed-but as the pit bull population has increased so rapidly, shelters are now struggling to deal with an overflow of image-plagued, hard-to-place dogs. And despite its illegality, people are still training and breeding pit bulls
Are We Too Politically Incorrect?
im not going to rant here, just a general question to everyone. are we TOO politically incorrect?? everyday there is some news story on about someone who is getting offended by something. are we all living with our head stuck too far up our own ass??? your thoughts
Tuesday Feburary 20th 2007
Okay, first workout blog for this site =D 1.5 hour workout today: 30 minutes on biceps with 50lb weight, and 1 hour of crunches with 60lb weight. Tomorrows workout: Triceps, and Hamstrings and calves. Enjoy your nights all =)
Advice 2
"If you meet an intelligent American who smokes and isn't completely MAF (mad as fuck), shift automatically into friend making mode. It's sure to be worth your while" James Hawes, 'A White Merc With Fins'
My First Contest!
first one to 100000 wins! :) VOTE for me in the Super Sexy! :) xx
Ok I Bitched So Now I Will Tell You What I Love
I love happy hour, i don't know why I love meeting new people and making friends I love my close friends you know who you are and you each hold a special place in my heart I love reading blogs and writing them Thats all the nice you get today :)
Hell Explained By Chemistry Student
The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well. Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions
So I'm gonna devote my evening to making salutes for friends...anyone want one??
U And Me
1.)How many times a day would you kiss me? > > > 2.)How many times a day would you just want to hold me? > > > > 3.)Would you take me places? > > > > 4.)Would you love me? > > > 5.)If we went out on a date would you have me pay for it? > > > 6.)Would you take me anywhere special? > > > 7.)If I was sick... what would you do? > > > 8.)If we had sex...what would you do afterwards? > > > 9.)If one of my friends tried to get with you what would you do? > > > > 10.)Would you tell me? > > > > 11.)Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? > > > > 12.)Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? > > 13.)Would you care about what I wore when we go out? > > > 14.)Would you go to the club with me? > > > 15.)If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? > > > > 16.)If someone tried to fight with me in front of you what would you do? > > 17.)If a girl/guy tried to talk or dance wit
The Life We Live
Everyone has a path, so it seems, some choose a map and don't stray, some can't find the map, some can't read the map, for those who don't know their own path, what happens? I was asked to do something that is so wrong by someone who will say anything. I hate him for that, i think hate is a wasted emotion but this time it feel right. I never hate forever, i only hate out of anger, how dare he, the words, love, care, compassion, he know what they are, just can't apply them to life. It all about me fits.....
Beware:dave92100 **alert**
just want to warn all of you,for what ever reason, a friend of mine was treated extremely rude,on a shout this morning!! dave92100 approached her on the shout,and told her she was ugly and small!!and to go back to her husband!!all this I understand because he was "stroking himself" and wanted to to have cam sex!! she said she wasnt interested,and it seems he didnt like "refusal"!! another lady was confronted yesterday,by this same man!!treated the same way!! so just be very careful who we talk to,and who we add!!!there are SO MANY WEIRDOS AND JERKS,on every chat site. hope you dont get attacked too!!!
Is it just me or is cherrytap running rather, slllllllllooooooowwwwww tonight?
Getting Pissed
Gotta love the day i have tomm, i have a harbour cruise around Sydney Harbour (which really is beautiful if you havent seen it) with 5 or 6 of Sydneys best hardcore /punk bands, then after the boat we go to another gig which has 11 of the best Death/Grind/Gore bands in Sydney. Killer fuckin day. Horns up m/.
A Struggle
You know, you always read about how people wander around submitting themselves to all sorts of arcane or strange rituals to cleanse themselves. I mean that is what Scientology preaches about in case you were ever curious. Yes, I read that damn Dianetics book. Anyway, the central idea that I am trying to convey here, is that I feel better when I write about my past or emotions. While the majority of men adhere to the silent, brooding type that tend to self-destruct, I like being emotive. Heck, I am of Italian descent! Did you expect anything less? So, that being said, it is time to share a long standing pain. I have shared the most embarrassing moment in my life, the deepest regret, and now I feel that it is time to share something that I struggled with since I was a teenager. This is not easy for me to write about and only two people know the depth of my struggle. So, I am not too sure how this will be accepted, but I need to end my hiding so that it may help others should they ever
Babysitting Again Tonight
Well dr said 2 more weeks till the baby gets here YIPPY, thank goodness cause i'm honestly sick of being pregnant. HAHA. well today is gonna be slow till Diana gets here then just sit and watch cartoons more than likely Cause i don't have any toys for her to play with here mom keeps forgetting to bring her toys over, even though i remind her all the time. Randy is off doing laundry, yea i know the man doing the laundry so he doesn't ever let me do it, believe me I have asked before and he still says no, well i guess that is enough bloggin for me today, we went and saw ghost rider last night... VERY RECOMMENDED TO GO SEE in my books, well until tomorrow fellow cherries, and fellow blog freaks... NIGHT
New Modeling Contest
$25,000.00 CASH PRIZE For 1st Place Winner. 2007 CalendarDOLL Contest 1. Become a Contestant, Its FREE 2. Upload your Photos. 3. Network Friends on MySpace, Yahoo, AOL, Post, Blog, and E-mail Friends To Vote For YOU. s 4. Most Votes WINS $25,000.00 CASH And A Trip to Destination Daytona 2008 Bike Week, valued at $1,000.00 We are a Tastefully Wild Voting Calendar Website NO NUDITY Tell Your Friends That Each Time They Vote For You, THEY Get A Chance To Win a CUSTOM MOTORCYLE Valued At $30,000.00. Everybody Gets A Chance To Be A Winner To enter, visit the website:
Something very weird is happening in my place of work. Vending machines seem to be multiplying. A couple of months ago there was one that I knew about. Now there are six. I've never seen anyone delivering these things, and they all look EXACTLY THE SAME. Are vending machines capable of asexual reproduction? Has some one been cloning them? And why do we suddenly need six of them, when we'd managed with one for so long? I have a sneaking suspicion that they might be aliens and they're planning to stage an invasion. When all their troops are in place, they'll attack. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid. I have taken a lot of drugs (not recently though, maybe that's the problem). I'm gonna keep a big fucking stick handy either way. And a pocket full of change.
Updates About Shay
3 hours after we posted this shay had to get another MRI and she is not able to speak they are getting her to form words now but not much words just her name and what she needs so she ha been writing everything down she has finally stopped seizureing after she had 6 seizures today.. they doctors think if everything is good for the rest of the night and into tomorrow that she will be able to come home. they say she might still have problems talking but other then that if everything is good she will be able to come home tomorrow. Shay has told me to tell every one that she loves you guys and misses you guys. and to tell everyone at SSR that shes loves you guys momma, bigdaddy, winny, X, and babi phat and she misses you guys like crazy! and she will try to listen to you guys DJ when she can and she wants Bigdaddy and Momma to know she will be fine!! So thank you everyone that has been praying and keeps on praying for her!!
Private Album Open For A Short Time!
I'm bored and it's Monday so I decided to open my private album to all my friends. Have a great Monday!
Lookie Lookie
people, if you like photography....... go look at mine on my profile and please comment on them :) k thanks
Thee Passions
Three passion's have governed my life: The longings for love , the search for knowledge, And unbearable pity for the suffering of [ humankind]. Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness, In the union of love i have seen In a mystic miniature the perfiguring vision Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined. With equal passion i have sought knowledge, I have wished to understand the hearts of [people], I have wished to know why the stars shine. Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens, But always pity brought me back to earth, Cries of pain reverberated in my heart Of children in famine, of victoms tortured, And old people left helpless, I long to alleviate the evil, but i cannot, And i to suffer. This has been my life, I found it worth living.
How very simple life would be If only there were two of me A Restless Me to drift and roam A Quiet Me to stay at home. A Searching One to find his fill Of varied skies and newfound thrill While sane and homely things are done By the domestic Other One. And that's just where the trouble lies; There is a Restless Me that cries For chancy risks and changing scene, For arctic blue and tropic green, For deserts with their mystic spell, For lusty fun and raising Hell But shackled to that Restless Me My Other Self rebelliously Resists the frantic urge to move. It seeks the old familiar groove With hearth and home dear prisonment That habits make. It finds content, With candlelight and well loved books And treasured loot in dusty nooks, With puttering and garden things And dreaming while a cricket sings And all the while the Restless One Insists on more exciting fun It wants to go with every tide, No matter where… just for the ride. Like yowling cats t
Would You
Would YOU? LOL. Be desriptive if you want to be ;-) here u go bigboy..these r the answers for u anyone answering this for me if ur brave enought to answer then post it on the comment box below..private messages dont count haha.. 1. Would you have sex with me? i think we would have to meet first lol 2. What positions would u want to be in? im a freak i do it all 3. Would u suck/LICK me?yes aint that part of the fun 4. Would u sex me hard? yes love tiring my men out lmao 5. Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? if i wanted yes 6. Would u let me pull your hair while i did you? thats what hair is for aint it 7. Would u do me in the shower? yes 8. Would u handcuff me or tie me up to the bed and then do me? yes u been a bad boy 9. Would u have 3-some with me? depends on the other person 10. What about me makes u want to have sex with me? ur ideas and words are erotic a turn on for me 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we sexed? yep
Ok I Figured It Out
I am lazy....when it comes to cleaning, i love for my house to be clean but why in hell do i need to do it. My bathroom looks like estee lauder exploded in there and don't get me started on the rest of the house. We are remodeling and that helps soooo much in the cleaning, muddy shoes in and out all day etc. I just want to wake up in the morning and the house be clean the laundry don't mind so much it everything else. I say fuck cleaning and I just wanted to bitch about it so there i did. Wasting space that could be used for anything else. Sorry nothing insightful in this blog just a complaint and something else that ran through my mind i needed to say to someone.
Not In A Good Mood Today...
Jake I hope you are happy! You got what you wanted now go away forever plz an dont bother with me... Time for me to move on...
Asian Panda Death Flu
Apparently, I caught the Asian Panda Death Flu (as explained to me by Vlos). I've had chills, sweats and a high high fever. Also, I've coughed so much my throat is raw. Which led me to sound like a chipmunk on the phone with Julie. She was highly amused. Its subsided to just malaria today. Still have a bit of a fever, but no chills. Still sweating a bit. Eww. That explains why I've been kinda away from the site.
~somethings Missing~
Something's Missing Current mood: ~pretty fucking sweet~ Category:Writing and Poetry Each day i live my life The best way i know how I think i'm in control, i'm on top of my game Things are the way i like them And i'll be walking down the street And the feeling that i forgot something Or somethings missing, will strike me I'll look around trying to figure out what it is i lost or cant find And eventually i'm reminded I have lost you ~patrice~
I Feel Like Fuckin
Tainted Lies
Nice dreams float within your eyes All it's color mesmerizes me You love me throwing off all other guys Just to sit and let me see All their selfish tainted lies I've always wanted to see you But I can now see you cryin' Little boys have left you blue But you can see I am tryin' With what they never knew No one saw the stars in you Letting you give away all hope Leaving you with nothing to do Seeing all your trying to cope Loosening and drowning yourself too All love was tumbling down It crashed well before it dies Keeping your heart and leaving a frown Sipping lust and leaving tainted lies Putting on your forget me gown Thinking of your smile It's time to discover things Whispering like a child Thinking of you again
what 4 animals do u see after sex????? ?????????????2 tired asses,1 wet cat, and 1 dead cock!!!!! hmmm
Knitwear Two: San Marcos.
my knitwear collection inspired by basilica di san marcos was a huge success! i got rave reviews and was told it was best in the class. the only downside? i got to school yesterday to find some fucking douchebagcuntrag had placed a bleached out thumb print in the fucking middle of my rendering. how is that possible when it is so damn high up on the wall? someone must really hate me. either way, thee vivienne westwood is coming to my knitwear class on sunday! holy shit dude. i have to re-render my drawings now. FUCK! she better actually come or else i will be pissed that i re-rendered my work just for her! SHITPOOP!
Oh, Happy Day!!
Apparently my mantra didn't work, school is canceled today! I'll deal. Dakota is already demonstrating his skills at Powerpoint for me - now that is just sad!! I haven't even figured that out yet. By the way, he's the 12 year old, lol!! Said something about learning how to do it in Keyboarding class at the Middle School. How things change over the decades, lmao!!!! Back to the weather! We've got rain and thunderstorms at the moment. Care to place bets on what comes down the Pike next?! Guess I'll provide updates today, lol! Gentlemen, place your bets!! I'm feeling a little punch drunk this morning. Went to bed a little early for me, so naturally I was awake at 1:30 a.m. Yep, I was online here at the TAP until about 3 a.m.! Amazing, I always meet new people when I show up at that hour, add a friend or two! Nice!! Kind of fun, actually. Yes, I am easily amused, lol! OK, I've started a small war here. Enough ESPN! I want music! Changed the channel to a Nine Inch Nails concer
Rules For Men
The International Rules of Manhood: 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss's car. (d) One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying Game". (e) When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birthday is stri
Amish Men
you may think that we dont have soda but we got faygo ho! and we are all juggalos living forver!but its all cool check me out im at the labary lol
The Joys Of Ax Handles.
60 Things Guys Don't Want Girls 2 Know
-Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them! (oh're not "popular" if you've slept with more than 5're a HOE) --"Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone. --Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. --Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes. --Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. --Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. --Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-an d-then-have-her-rea lize-how-wonderful-and-nic e-you-are method. --A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. --Boyfriends need to be reassured often that th
Bacon And Eggs
A little boy comes down to breakfast. Since they live on a farm, his mother asks if he had done his chores. "Not yet," said the little boy. His mother tells him no breakfast till the chores are done. Well, he's a little pissed, so he goes to feed the chickens, and he kicks a chicken. He goes to feed the cows, and he kicks a cow. He goes to feed the pigs, and he kicks a pig. He goes back in for breakfast, and his mother gives him a bowl of dry cereal. "How come I don't get any eggs and bacon? Why don't I have any milk in my cereal?" he asks. "Well," his mother says, "I saw you kick a chicken, so you don't get any eggs for a week. I saw you kick the pig, so you don't get any bacon for a week either. I also saw you kick the cow, so for a week you aren't getting any milk." Just then, his father comes down for breakfast and kicks the cat halfway across the kitchen. The little boy looks up at his mother and with a smile says: "Are you going to tell him, or sho
After Parti
if u on there add me boo kitty"s home page on afterparti
Right On
yes its true little john is comming home monday. he will be on a monitor and some caffine drops but he will be home. safe and warm with his family im so happy that im crying. i got the great news this morning. and i want all my cherry tap friends and family who ave stood by me in this time of hard ship to know he will be home at last and to say i love all of you and thank you so much. ill keep you updated
The mirror opposite yet close she stares into glass why is she backwards confusion must pass she sees a smile her heart feels a frown she picks up her soul it falls right back down trapped in her skin bleeding dreams that are fake killing the real world for her sanity's sake the mirror then speaks telling her shes insane the voices she hears are all born in her brain they want her to fly as she wishes she could don't tell them to hush like the mean mirror should she looks at herself watching rain in her eyes missing the stars as she breathes her goodbyes she hates the mirror so she set herself free and became the voice that is speaking to me
Growing On Me
When I first came to CT in October, I thought "well, there's no need for it since I already have Myspace". Most of my good friends are on myspace and I talk to them all the time. I post blogs there, so that they know how I'm feeling. Lately though, I'm going to admit, I'm hanging around CT a lot more. I met a couple of people I actually really enjoy talking to or sending messages to. Nice people. People who are easy to hang around. I thank you. I'm noticing I even have a few people read this. One of the thing I always emphasize on my blogs of Myspace, is that I'm always grateful to have someone interested enough in me to read my blogs and find out how my mind works. I may not be much to talk to face to face, but what I write here definitely reflects what's on my mind. It's a good release, and I must admit that it's better than playing Tetris. :) Cherry Tap isn't as bad as I once thought, once you get by all the popularity crazed people who only seem to live for r
Please Be Patient With Me For Now.. Lol
Please be patient with me friends... I am new to this.. and will take me a bit to figure everything out. If I don't reply right away.. I will eventually. lol PLUS.. i'm out here in the woods.. still have dial-up internet access.. and it takes forever for stuff to load.. Amy
Quick Like Turtle!!!
Just To Be Funny
Morph Contest
President Bush
Liberals claim President Bush shouldn’t have started this war, they complain about his prosecution of it, One liberal recently claimed Bush was the worst president in us history, lets clear up one point. We did not start this war on terror try to remember, it was started by terrorist before 9/11 lets look at the “worst” president and mismanagement claims, Franklin Roosevelt lead us into WWII, Germany never attacked us, Japan did, from 1941-1945, 450,000 lives were lost, an average of 112,500 per year Harry Truman finished that war and started on in Korea, North Korea never attacked us, from 1950-1953, 55,000 lives were lost an average of 18,333 per year John F Kennedy started the Vietnam conflict in 1962 Vietnam never attacked us Lyndon Johnson turned Vietnam into a quagmire, from 1965 – 1975, 58,000 lives were lost, an average of 5,800 per year. Bill Clinton went to war with Bosnia without us or French consent, Bosnia never attacked us, He was offered Osama bin Ladens h
Chili Contest
Chili Cook-Off > > > > If you can read this whole story without laughing, > > then there's no hope for you. I was crying by the end. > > This is an actual account as relayed to paramedics at a chili > > cook-off in Texas. > > > > Note: Please take time to read this slowly. If you > > pay attention to the first two judges, the reaction > > of the third judge is even better. For those of you > > who have lived in Texas, you know how true this is. > > They actually have a Chili Cook-off about the time > > Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion > > of a parking lot at the San Antonio City Park. > > > > Judge #3 was an inexperienced Chili taster named > > Frank, who was visiting from Springfield, IL. > > Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a > > judge at a chili cook-off. The original person > > called in sick at the last moment and I happened to > > be standing there at the judge's table, asking fo
Ran My First Marathon Today...
As you can see from some of my pics, back in the day I was a lean, mean running machine. Mostly my teenage years, from 13-18, I was known for my dedication and success from running. Fast-forward to present. Well, now I'm 38 and approaching the big 40 quickly. I decided last yeah (April) that I wanted to make a statement to myself and to the world that I still have the spirit and the heart of a champion. Tipping the scales at about 248 pounds, I made the commitment to get a great body back. You can never lose with that accomplishment, because it's good over-all for your life. I began to run. I ran like crazy. My working out was already familiar from my early days as a lad. I quickly started shedding the pounds... 240, 232, 225 (was stuck in my 220's for a bit), 215, then I reached 207. By July, YES 3-4 months, I was looking lean and getting the attention because of it. It was last summer when I decided to run the Los Angeles marathon to put an exclamation point on my renewed
Damn The Army
Okay this one is important. So I need you to pay attention. I am now on one of the military bases here in country. And I see the source of most of our problems here. I know what you are thinking; I have spent a great amount of time in Afghanistan, so why didn’t I have the inside track a while ago. It is because I didn’t have access to this information a while ago. Or maybe it was that I was so used to it, that I hadn’t had a different experience to compare it to. So here we go, this proves the military is wasting resources and hurting the war effort. What am I talking about? Single ply toilet paper, yes I said it, single ply toilet paper. What the hell? Seriously, what were they thinking? Don’t give me some crap about wanting to save money; the Army isn’t the best penny pinching organization out there. In fact they are all about wasting money. When an artillery general came to one of the major bases in country the arty unit there fired rounds all day long. It was a sustained ra
The Why's Of Men & Women
The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T MEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) And my personal favorite: 6 WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) The Why's of women 1. HOW DID WOMEN BECOME SMARTER BEFORE SEX? (she didn’t or she would not be in the position she is now) 2. WHY DO WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (she is counting in my case) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (she was driving all over the white dots, now why do you think it takes so many) 4. WHY DO WOMEN NOT SNO
The Highwayman
By: Alfred Noyes The wind was a torrent of darkness upon the gusty trees, The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas, The road was a ribbon of moonlight looping the purple moor, And the highwayman came riding-- Riding--riding-- The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn door. He'd a French cocked hat on his forehead, and a bunch of lace at his chin; He'd a coat of the claret velvet, and breeches of fine doe-skin. They fitted with never a wrinkle; his boots were up to his thigh! And he rode with a jeweled twinkle-- His rapier hilt a-twinkle-- His pistol butts a-twinkle, under the jeweled sky. Over the cobbles he clattered and clashed in the dark inn-yard, He tapped with his whip on the shutters, but all was locked and barred, He whistled a tune to the window, and who should be waiting there But the landlord's black-eyed daughter-- Bess, the landlord's daughter-- Plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair. Dark in th
I Have Feelings
I have feelings You pinch I poke You bite I pull Don’t fuck with me I have feelings You lie I cry You yell I scream Don’t fuck with me I have feelings You cheat I walk You beat I sock Don’t fuck with me I have feelings You say goodbye I won’t cry I’ll close the door And you’ll know Don’t fuck with me I have feelings Now you know Don’t fuck with me
Well Its The Monday Nite Ritual!!!!
yeppers thats right, bath nite in the house tonite!!! so off to get that done, 4 kids, and loads of towels yikes!!!!! oh and i have less then 70 points to the next level!!!! so come by and help me out!!!! have an awesome nite!!!!
Funny Video
Ive Been Busy!~
hey guys havent been on in a few days ..Ive been working at the new job, getting things situated and ready for the surgery and later I will have to post the info about my surgery. i got some real exciting news. Chris has photo's next week and I got him a little suit with a red tie. I cant wait to post the pictures. have a good day everyone i have to get ready to work!
Chili Cook Off
For you foreigners, Chili Cookoffs are a tradition in Texas and you haven't lived until you have enjoyed one. If you can read this whole story without laughing then there's no hope for you. I was crying by the end. Note: Please take time to read this slowly. (I've read this probably 5 times and it never fails to reduce me to tears of laughter ). Hope it does the same for you!!! If you pay attention to the first two judges, the reaction of the third judge is even better. For those of you who have lived in Texas, you know how true this is. They actually have a Chili Cook Off about the time Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at the San Antonio City Park. Judge #3 was an inexperienced Chili Taster named Frank, who was visiting from Springfield, IL. Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cook-off. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table ask
I'm generally a law-abiding type. I admit it. OK, I speed (generally 15 mph over the speed limit), but not because I enjoy breaking the law. I'm just impatient. Generally, I push my speeding to the edge of what might be termed "acceptable speeding" but not further. Sitting at a stoplight with a No Right on Red sign in the middle of the night, when there's no traffic, always causes me agony. Do I comply with the (stupid at that hour) law and wait patiently the three minutes it takes for the stupid light to change, or do I do the illegal thing and turn? Typically I wait. But, as with speeding, it's not because I feel I have to adhere to the law (i.e. No Right Turn, or speed limits). It's more that I'm scared of getting caught if I violate the law. As it turns out, I don't always follow laws because I believe in those laws. I believe in the concept of a speed limit, but somehow feel it doesn't really apply to me. Do I always speed 15 mph over the speed limit? Well, no. I
Wow Hurt My Feelings Why Dont You
ok im really tired of being nice i guess i need to go back to being the blunt bitch i usually tired of fucking heifers like this .. 'heather_cooley' this is what she told me "you looked like a man....i acutally thought you were a tranny at first".. so i told her "how the hell do i look like a man" i should have told her "wow at first i could of sworn your face looks like my dogs ass" thats why i was born and girl and have a fucking vagina and boobies you fucking cunt. goshdont except to send me a comment like that and me not be a bitch.
years ago my nana was my inspiration she tuaght me to be kind to whom deserve it but yet keep level minded i know at times i slip from her teachings but yet she lives on in my life she was the biggest example to me of how some one should be, honest, respectible, and upfront always and willing to show kindness and forgivness. well she passed when i was 7 years old it killed me inside slowly watching cancer consume her but she always remained soft and kind not once did she speak harshly. An the day i heard she passed my heart was stricken with pain but i let it hide that day at the wake i walked around a 7yr old comforting everone when i was dieing inside years passed and i grew bitter and more withdrawn from life then more years came and i grew from my breaking points her words came back to my ears and my heart and for the last 5 years ive been trying to live by her example , I love you Nana, may you watch over me
Come Help Me Out In The Best Dragon Tattoo Contest!!!!
ATTENTION ONE AND ALL!!!! THE DRAGON TATTOO CONTEST IS NOW OPEN AND WILL RUN FOR 5 DAYS... ENDING MONDAY 3/12.... There will be 2 winners... 1 winner will be determined by most comments and the other by most rates. AND HERE ARE THE CONTESTANTS: Please come vote for BeerQueen!!!!! Help me out guys!!!! ***kisses*** BeerQueen Sam~Beer Queen~
Wow What Happend To Today?
Wow, I cannot believe that I spent the entire day on this thing. I have met some great and interesting people and have learned the basics of how to do all this. Its amazing though, I couldn't believe I spent the whole day on this. I mean I have a myspace but I only use it to keep in touch with friends so me using it consisted of loggin on, checking and replying to messages then loggin off. This has more interaction and you get to know your friends. In myspace I never added people I didn't know my mentality towards it with different. This site more encourages it which is fun. I just hope I can fit enough time in for this between my social life and school. Anyways I hope I can keep all my new friends entertained, its what I do. =) Anyways I just wanted to say thanks to the people who added me and who accepted my adds, today and in the future. Hope to get to know you all well. I am especially interested in people from my area who like to smoke, nothing more satisfying in life then meet
Can A Muslim Be A Muslim-american?????????????
Have you ever thought -- Is Muslim-American really an oxymoron? Can a devout Muslim be an American patriot and a loyal citizen? I forwarded that question to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years. The following is his forwarded reply: "Theologically, no. Because his allegiance is to Allah, the moon god of Arabia. Religiously, no. Because no other religion is accepted by his Allah except Islam (Quran, 2:256) Scripturally, no Because his allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and the Quran (Koran). Geographically, no. Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day. Socially, no. Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews. Politically, no. Because he must submit to the mullah (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, the great Satan. Domestically, no. Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobey
Here Comes The Sun
Small Steps Of Joy....
Over the past couple of weeks, I have felt lousy and even came down with the dreded virus last week. Working on regaining my voice back although I am feeling much better on the whole. Frustration can get the best of me, but the other day (Tuesday), I was driving to work and finally was able to sing along with the radio singing Rich Mullin's "Step by Step". The lyrics, for those who aren't familiar with the song goes as: Oh God, You are my God And I will ever praise You Oh God, You are my God And I will ever praise You I will seek You in the morning And I will learn to walk in Your ways And step by step You'll lead me And I will follow You all of my days Oh God, You are my God And I will ever praise You Oh God, You are my God And I will ever praise You I will seek You in the morning And I will learn to walk in Your ways And step by step You'll lead me And I will follow You all of my days And step by step You'll lead me And I will follow You all of my day
Whats Up
Hey, how is everything? I just want to let people know that I wont share teir info if they post to my blog--just wondering what people think about when it cums to sex....
Melancholy Ramblings
And then,brooding. Perched upon the tomb of fallen heros, Like an unholy remnant of a new Dark Age. No need to wear black when one's soul already IS. I play the Game of Souls. I play because I don't have one anymore. Madness is only the beginning. And I fear,I fear there never is an end. You call me "death obsessed"? If I could remember how to laugh,I would. No,you see,death isn't an obsession. It's more like fine wine,to be savored. Bring me the souls of the Lost. I need the company. Bring me the Damned. And I shall be their King. Hail to the King,baby.
Drama Prevention!
Life is too short for drama & petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, Love truly and forgive quickly!
Zac the mention of my name may induce puke worse then the father of a jedi named luke get choked to fucking death without ever touching you deploying wave after wave of storm troops but i'm not going out in some exceptional act of good i would have slaughtered my master years ago and start enforcing my own rules more ruthless then lex luther just not bald and i don't have a kryptonite ring because i don't need a ring to make you pussies sing bitch piss yourself at the scent of my intent apologize for nothing and curtsy as you exit stage left the joker was practically fashioned after me because with all the horrible things i do i can't stop fucking laughing i get giddy and ecstatic thinking up ways to harm humanity and make fun of people grieving over dead families i'm the leader of the deceptacons; megatron we're stealing all the energon put it all back where it belongs in the bow of our ship we're gonna fuel up, take hits and then we're taking over this shit
R U Ready 4 Latin & Blues Music??
My new album "Latin Bird" will b released soon.. a mix between my latin origins (spanish & italian) and Black music (that Smoke from Playa brings..) Hope u will like it all ciao!!
Find Another
After several attempts as lovers We've finally reached the end Now lets wait and see If we can be just friends If that don't work Well, life goes on Hopefully they'll be No lasting harm But if a heart Has to break Look at it As a mistake For down the road You'll find another That you'll take As your lover
One Wild Night
So it started out like anyother night me, my girls, drinkin, dancin, havein a kick ass time. But ya know after one to many cherry apple bombs yea lets just say things got a lil ummmmmm wild... HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!! Kimy should soooooooooo not be allowed downtown without adult supervision lmfao but it was a blast love ya Lina love ya Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!
What Starts With F And Ends With K?
What starts with F and ends with K ? Current mood: indescribable Category: Life A repost : Thanks Crow and Amanda Rose! A first-grade teacher, Ms. Brooks, was having trouble with one of her students. The teacher asked, "Harry, what's your problem?" Harry answered, "I'm too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in the 3rd grade and I'm smarter than she is! I th ink I should be in the 3rd grade too!" Ms. Brooks had had enough. She took Harry to the principal's office. While Harry waited in the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was. The principal told Ms. Brooks he would give the boy a test. If he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the 1st grade and behave. She agreed. Harry was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he agreed to take the test. Principal: "What is 3 x 3?" Harry: "9." Principal: "What is 6 x 6?" Harry: "36." And so it went with every question the prin
Life In General
Different Equipment That I Have Been Traing To Ride And/or Drive To Help The Community Of Conowingo Maryland
This is equipment i have been driving for the fire company that i have been running with the last 7 years and have a blast help the community of Conowingo Maryland, and also the surround areas the area of Port Depoist where the Main Station is located on the Susquehanna River that runs from the upper east coast of the united states to the mouth of the Cheaspeake bay.
This Will Be A Continous Thing
The Last Letter
This is beautiful! Try not to cry. She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy ? Is he going to be all right ? When can I see him ?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer ? Doesn't God care any more ? Where were you, God, when my son needed you ?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son ? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair ?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it m
List Of Gifts For The Most Creative Pic Contest
Here's a rundown of the prizes for the most creative pic contest: 1st place Rolex A dozen roses 2nd place Diamond ring or men's ring A dozen roses 3rd place Diamond earrings and a dozen roses or Men's bracelet and a shot of Jagermeister Higest rating 2,000 cherry bucks in gifts of your choice Most rates 2,000 cherry bucks in gifts of your choice As I said before, any contestants that may not win will also be receiving a gift for participating. I may decide at any time to add more gifts to the existing gifts listed above. If you haven't already gotten into this contest there is still time. Any creative pic you have that you may have just snapped, a pic you've taken and enhanced in photoshop or elsewhere, or a pic/graphic you've made personally. (Do not use professional work you may find on the web.) I still have plenty of spots open and would love to have you join us in this contest. I'll be notifying the participants with a link to their photo and as
I believe in angels, The kind that heaven sends, I am surrounded by angels, But I call them friends.
well its 11:03 pm i sit here staring at my monitor wishing so muc i had something to do. i came home from work today and slept from 5pm till 9pm so sleep for now is pretty much out ofthe question. its tuesday night so theres not a whole lot going on anywhere,, im sure south beach is dead and ft lauerdale is probably not much better. would love to go for a ride but WHERE oh where to go ?? ive updated a few photos and played on myspace (which as usual SUCKED) so now im just writing down alot of bullshit in my blog which i can not even figure out how to change the " place in blog" title lmao .... oh welllllllllllll guess ill go back to checking out peoples profiles and shit ,, so ummm yeah this took up a whole 3 minutes ~~rolls eyes~~ man am i bored as fuck
Fire Department Friends
CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Get upset if you're too busy to talk to them for a week. FIRE DEPARTMENT FRIENDS: Are glad to see you after years, and will happily carry on the same conversation you were having last time you met. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Never ask for food. FIRE DEPARTMENT FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. And Mrs. FIRE DEPARTMENT FRIENDS: Call your parents mom and dad. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. FIRE DEPARTMENT FRIENDS: Would be sitting next to you saying, "Damn...we screwed up...but man that was fun!" CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry. FIRE DEPARTMENT FRIENDS: Cry with you CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. FIRE DEPARTMENT FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long they forget it's yours. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Know a few things about you. FIRE DEPARTMENT FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what
Confucius Says
Confucius say, virginity like bubble. One prick - all gone Confucius say, man who do business in whore house get jerked around Confucius say, baseball wrong. Man with four balls not able to walk Confucius say, panties not best thing on earth, but next to it Confucius say, war not determine who right. War determine who left Confucius say, woman who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house Confucius say, man who fight with wife all day, get no piece at night Confucius say, it take many nail to build crib, one screw to fill it Confucius say, man who keep feet on ground have trouble putting on pants Confucius say, if you want pretty nurse, you got to be patient Confucius say, passionate kiss like spider web, soon lead to undoing of fly Confucius say, better to be pissed off than pissed on Confucius say, man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day long Confucius say, couple on seven day honeymoon make whole week Confucius say, woman who go camping must beware of evil
I just feel like whining and complaining. I'm sick as a dog. I've got mono and strep with an ear infection blooming. Not to mention the body aches and it feels like I've been stabbed in the throat. Kids can smell weakness and whenever I'm sick they act even nuttier than usual. They are driving me to an early grave, I swear! I sure hope I start feeling better tomorrow. This is sure getting old. It's hard enough being sick when it's just you but when you have others to take care of you feel like you'll never get well.
Mel's Interview By Dj Rhumble
Mel's interview by DJ Rhumble - Direct link: Check it out when you've got the chance.
Because It's A Silly Pun
and not because of any knowledge of the person involved that would lead to malice or any other reaction - I don't know this person- anyhow, I was thinking this: that xilense has good reasons for holding onto his name:his rivals, otherwise, will be united in their pursuit of ex-xilense. (Ok, now I go'bed.)
Amen To These People
Posted by: Eleschia - London 8:58 AM Mar 15, 2007 I fully believe the public, not the social services department in Kentucky, is going to have to demand our children are protected. There were too many people that knew about this child's life that did not do enough to save her life. I do not want to see the tears of the parents, I do not want to see the tears of the neighbors, I do not want to see the tears of the grandmother who lived next door. I don't want to hear excuses from Social Services. I want to see action from our citizens. Our taxes are supposed to fund protection for our children. Posted by: Rebecca - Mount Sterling 9:22 AM Mar 15, 2007 I have seen incidents of social services step in when there is not a need and no abuse involved but they allow sick people like this to continue to be parents. The grandmother did nothing but stand by and allow it to continue. It's a little too late to step up now and act concerned. These people need to suffer and feel the pain tha
Me No Snob :p
plz dont think i am ignoring any of u it taking me 15min for one page to load up just got network problems keeps stalling stupid thing - just bought song off itunes and it will take 12min to download 3.4mb WTF?? got some new pics but cant upload them hope u r all safe n well gettin ready to get blind drunk saturday HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY --> just an excuse for us non-irish ppl to get drunk :D {hugs n smiles} ps... my aunt doin good thx for the well wishes x
What Is Your Seduction Style?
Your Seduction Style: The Charmer You're a master at intimate conversation and verbal enticement. You seduce with words, by getting people to open up to you. By establishing this deep connection quickly, people feel under your power. And then you've got them exactly where you want them! What Is Your Seduction Style?
To Thank You...on Behalf Of Mccaylah
I want to say a Great Big Thank you To Everyone Especially Rosie for Being Here for Myself and Sweet Little McCaylah who has now gone to her Resting place & Because of Each and everyone of Us who Had this Moment of Silence & Was there with her In SPirit she has Now Gone to Rest and Was lifted up with Love and Peace... I couldnt have done this and Made it thru this even as hard as it still is right this moment without Friends Like you all... I Thank God For sending Rosie to me For without Her going all out for me With all this I couldnt done it She went above and Beyond without Being ask to do anything.. & Everyone Made Little Things wrote Poems Made Tags for us all To Use as our Primary .. My heart is Fluttering right now and Tears are falling and I Just cant find the words to say To each and everyone of you for Being here for this Precious Child & Using her Tag made by Amity and all the Beautiful Beautiful Tributes and The Candlelight Vigual Rosie made and Held I just cannot find the
My Gift To You!
A Little About Myself...
"the Vampire's Kiss" (copywritten 2001, Don't Rip)
“The Vampire’s Kiss” I licked my lips and pressed them onto her wrist. I could feel the tooth marks from where I’d just been and underneath, the slow, warm, pulsing of her vein. I held her arm to my mouth and ran my bottom lip over her skin and she uttered a sound~almost a cry. I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of cry for help, or of submissive ecstasy, or a little bit of both. I looked at her face and she was a stunning vision. Rose petal eyelids closed softly and her beautiful lips parted slightly into the shape of a heart. It was the kind of relaxation you really only see when a child’s asleep. Total trust and sheer abandon. It was at that point, the only vision I had was to pierce her flesh and taste the metallic, salty richness of her coursing blood. That moment in time that we were sharing….stopped. It was the kind of beauty you can’t even wrap your brain around. The only way you feel to comprehend the emotion is to drink it in…make it part of you…to live in yo
Happy St Patricks Day!!!!!!!!!!!
Courtesy of Happy St Patrick's day all!!!!!
You Just Never Know
A married couple went to he hospital to have their baby delivered. Upon their arrival, the doctor said he had invented a new machine that would transfer a portion of the mother's labor pain to the father. He asked if they were willing to try it out. They were both very much in favor of it. The doctor set the pain transfer dial to 10% for starters, explaining that even 10% was probably more pain than the father had ever experienced before. But as the labor progressed, the husband felt fine and asked the doctor to go ahead and bump it up a notch. The doctor then adjusted the machine to 20% pain transfer. The husband was still feeling fine. The doctor checked the husband's blood pressure and was amazed at how well he was doing. At this point they decided to try for 50%. The husband continued to feel quite well. Since it was obviously helping out his wife considerably, the husband encouraged the doctor to transfer ALL the pain to him. The wife delivered a healthy baby with virtuall
Beer Type
You Are Heineken You appreciate a good beer, but you're not a snob about it. You like your beer mild and easy to drink, so you can concentrate on being drunk. Overall, you're a friendly drunk who's likely to buy a whole round for your friends... many times. Sometimes you can be a bit boring when you drink. You may be prone to go on about topics no one cares about. What's Your Beer Personality?
There is too much hate in the world There is hate in the human heart Too many people hate based on appearance Too many people judge Too many people hate There are too many crimes of hate The word hate is too strong and too common
If This Is The Begining
So if this is the begining, I don't want to see the end. I don't want to lose out on you in my life, your words, your humor, the way you hold me while I sleep. The way I try to get comfortable while i try to hold your larger frame in my smaller arms. You make me want to be a better person. You make me want to learn how to live, a happy almost bliss like existance. I'm getting there with you in my life. My friends see the change, as does my sister. I'm healthier now than I have ever been. It's not all you, a lot of it is me. I've learned who I don't want to be anymore, what I will not settle for, and what I am willing to do for that type of amazing love I spent my teen years reading about. That love poem worthy love, that you get when the day starts and continues. You get dizzy inside of your own body, not being able to see straight, not being able to think of anyone or anything other than that one person. That person who holds your hand when you need it, and that person who
Grown To Fast
You will all have to pardon me while I have minor break down ... My son is enlisting ... He is grown and it is time for him to have his own life but I am still his mother and I'm not taking it so well... I am VERY PROUD of my son, I am also very AFRAID for him ...
Myspace Bulletins Survey
A different kind of SurveyTAKE THIS SURVEY!Take this surveyHi, my name is:MaggieNever in my life have I been:ContentThe one person who can drive me nuts is:my husbandHigh school was:wonderfulWhen I'm nervous:my heart poundsThe last time I cried was:last nightIf I were to get married right now my maid of honor would be:I am still marriedMy hair is:waist length and grayWhen I was 10:I broke my ankle.Last Christmas:was strange, almost nonexistentI should be:happyWhen I look down I see:a floor that needs vacuuming, lolThe happiest recent event was:the birth of my niece Maria's third little boyIf I were a character on 'That 's Show' I'd be:?????By this time next year:I will be single, againMy current gripe is:these teenage guys don't help with the housework!!I have a hard time understanding:intoleranceThere's this girl I know that:will dreadlock my grandson's hair for me!You know I like you when:I hug you!If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:I'd blog it on CherryTAP, lo
anyone wanna add me on myspace?
Easy Baby!!!
Make it last Baby We need more than a little time to fuel the flames of hot desire and make our temperature climb Take your time with long kisses fiery, sweet and deep We’ve got all night, Sweet Man I need love more than sleep Be slow, deliberate and tender as you cradle breasts in hands A real man knows a woman’s wants and her heated need understands Be gentle yet forceful as you touch, taste, tease and please I’ll take all you offer me Baby You don’t have to say “Please” Take it easy Baby Take it easy and take it all Tickle of beard between silken thighs as hot, honeyed love potion falls Take the tight fitting darkness Of my warm, wet glove of desire Sheath it to the hilt now and let me quench your hard sword of fire !! *KISSES*
Return To The Boxing Ring.
I have been doing a lot of thinking about getting back into the boxing ring. I started boxing on dec 21 1987 and stopped on may of 1994 due to a injury. But i deeply thinking about it. After my neck gets better. I am gonna look into it again. When i lived in nyc i did box like 2 times a week. I wish i still had my pics of myself in my boxing gear. Lost them when i moved. So i am 37 and still think i could do it. These youngings wont be able to handle my skills ;)
Proud Of My Daughter
wow i am so prooud of my daughter today she found out her grade point average WOW ITS A 3.50 AVERAGE AND SHES ONLY 13 i am so proud of her keep up the wonderful job love mom
A Fantasy
I wish I could pick her up and bring her to the bed. I’d pick her up and lay her gently down on the bed. Then I guess I would start kissing her and perhaps then I will start getting undressed and start undressing her. The whole time that is going on we will still be kissing. I will be her slave in the love making. Or perhaps we’ll be true partners. It’s up to her how it goes. I love her so much. I just adore her and I want to show her that.
Wrote This For A Special Lady In My Life.
I would watch the sky with you Scan the stars for super novas Trace castles in the clouds Count the degrees of the sliding moon. It will be warm with a breeze That draws us closer. The world will melt All sound but our breath, stop. Time cease. We will be a universe born Building empires from atoms. We will know us There would be no doubt. Some primeval memory Will wake us Take us dreaming. The curtain will rise The crescendo build We would fall spinning In white light, then silently Like leaves We will fall asleep Honored and placated. Wishful thinking. The truth will be stinking Of stale alcohol. thick black cloud Block out the sky you will fall unconscious and I would say goodnight. But I would crave That edge of madness That blissful fall. Deaf blind, and dumb Hovering in mortality. If I am cut I will bleed your blood. So like some bloodlust hunter I stalk your footsteps Paces behind you unseen You turn to see a landscape And me a dot, camouf
From Saint Patrick's Breastplate
Christ be with me Christ before me Christ behind me Christ in me Christ beneath me Christ above me Christ on my right Christ on my left Christ where I lie Christ where I sit Christ where I arise Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me Christ in every eye that sees me Christ in every ear that hears me Salvation is of the Lord.
I Spiral
I spiral I work my way through the curves and I slip on the slopes I build myself up and then I spiral down and crash my hopes I see this maze of twisted ways and means I trip myself up and forget all my dreams I spiral so far down that I can't even remember up .the way I see things is not half but more like an empty cup. I dust it all off and start again. I smile in your face and tell you I am a friend but.............. I spiral
You have no idea how many times you kept me from drowning, even though my head was already under my reality check, when I couldn't find my own, a good kick in the head always knocks you back You'll never know what you mean to me.....
Tell me, am I a waste of your time Sitting here writting down what I feel inside Can you feel the hurt in my mind. Would you know, if i layed here and cried. Time, it ticks away the hours of my life Taking all that i am a little at a time Time, cutting into me, sharp is her knife I want to live..with you...thats not my crime. As another day starts and the past one ends I look at my time to see whom i have touched I've told you I love you, I tried to make amends Does it matter,....It really matters so much Time, it ticks away the hours of my life Taking all that i am a little at a time Time, cutting into me, sharp is her knife I want to live..with you...thats not my crime So when i am gone, and my time here is done Dont shed a tear, my next life has begun Look back on my words, let them ease your pain I'll be back in time to love you again.
Death Of An Uncle. Not Going To Be On As Much
Hi All, Over the weekend my Mom's brother past away over in Ireland from a heart attack while having his leg amputated due to blood clots. He was in his late 60's and had diabetes but still a very young age to go. We also think he passed away due to a broken heart as he wife died from cancer just 10 years ago this month. Please keep my family in your prayers. I won't be on here as much the next few days. Thank you for your understanding. Irish, just a saddened teddybear.
Heavier Than A Nun's Cock.
Just a list of movies I need to watch again... ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST CITIZEN KANE ERASERHEAD LOST HIGHWAY (as soon as it arrives) BLUE VELVET A CLOCKWORK ORANGE 2001 DR. STRANGELOVE NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS IGBY GOES DOWN THE WALL TOMMY LIFE AS A HOUSE AMERICAN BEAUTY CRUEL INTENTIONS And I need to start writing some shit...... like hard core. I need to get back to my writing. Like a motherfucker. And photographing. Woot. And guitar... and yeah. Shit like that. I need to get the fuck off the 'puter and the fuck out of bed. And I need to quit fucking myself.... PS. I also need to quit fucking around and evolve already....... I need to quit doing what I'm doing, and start doing what I'm not doing. I need to get back to where I was two years ago. Somewhat stable, mentally, and fucking doGlike. scratch around the brim. i let my mind give in the crowd begins to grin but they seem to scream when darkness fills my eyes BUT most of all, I need to wri
Suduce Me
She stood there in front of the mirror. Beads of tiny water drops inching down her body. She reached for the lotion. Smoothing it over her neck, then down and around her Beautiful breasts. Down her navel to her legs, working and smoothing down to her tiny feet. Taking down a perfume bottle she mists her body. The sweet smell lingers in the room. Candles flicker and dance in the darkness. She slips into a black satin negligee, which caresses her skin softly. She pulls back the crisp red linens on the bed. Now she awaits her seducer.... ...I am here my love
Testin The Ride Here!
Wow, what a fun place!! I love all the cherry lovin... So many hot men and women...Thank you to all who have stopped by to comment and thanks for the adds!! Im gonna love it here once I get the hang of things. I used to live on Cherry St when I was a I wonder if that wasnt a sign. LMAO! MMuuuuaaaahhh!!!
Wanting And Needing
In the darkness of night i wonder what you are doing how you are spedning your night. If you are thinking of me or someone else. I want you and I can't deny this much longer as my whole face shows it. I dream of touching your face. OF holding you in my arms. I want more but I do not deserve more. Why can't I be with you? My dreams are filled with images of you and my every waking moment is filled with you. I want to snuggle up to you and spend the night talking and laughing with you. If things progress then all the better but I want you.....
Another Day Another Friend Made
so here it is another day. I cant say im surprised about how things have turned out. Yet again I am put to the side and made a friend. I dont think it will happen again. I have learned my leason well and am not trusting another man with my heart. any ways have a great day
Increasing Faith
This was sent to me by a friend and I felt that you might enjoy reading it as well. Keep up your faith!! Increasing Faith John Ogden, Sr. So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. (Romans 10:17) Much is said about having faith. Many sermons have been preached on faith and as a young man I would leave church and wonder, “How can I have more faith?” I’d hear well meaning people say, “Just leave it at the altar.” At one point in my life, when I was going through a very desperate situation, Ms. Becky (my wife) said, “Just leave it in God’s hands.” I was trying to! Everything within me wanted to take this situation and put it in God’s hands and go skipping down the highway of life. But, it seemed much easier to say it than to do it. Have you ever been there or maybe you are there now. As I began to pray and seek God’s face I discovered Romans 10:17. As I read it and reread it and meditated upon it, I began to see that there are times when we need
I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call. But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. Oh I can't take another heartache Though you say you're my friend I'm at my wits end You say your love is bonafide But that don't coincide With the things that you do And when I ask you to be nice You say you gotta be Cruel to be kind, in the right measure Cruel to be kind, it's a very good sign Cruel to be kind, means that I love you Baby (you gotta be cruel) You gotta be cruel to be kind Well I do my best to
Why They Call It Falling By "lee Ann Womack"
Love is Like this : It's like jumpin It's like leapin It's like walkin on the ceilin It's like floatin It's like flyin through the air It's like soarin It's like glidin It's a rocket ship you're ridin It's a feelin that can take you anywhere So why they call it fallin Why they call it fallin Why they call it fallin I don't know There was passion There was laughter The first mornin after I just couldn't get my feet to touch the ground Every time we were together We talked about forever I was certain it was Heaven we had found So why they call it fallin Why they call it fallin Why they call it fallin I don't know But you can't live your life Walkin in the clouds Sooner or later You have to come down It's like a knife Through the heart And it all comes apart It's like someone takes a pin to your balloon It's a hole It's a cave It's kinda like a grave When he tells you that he's found somebody new So why they call it fallin W
My Husband Is Coming Home
hi everyone my husband is coming home in a few weeks and can't wait to see him again. I have missed him so much and it will be nice to cuddle with him.
Sometimes i wonder if i could just escape. Go somehwre and finaly be free and happy. Life is never fair in fact its like a chain and noose around u slowly choking the life out of you while fully conscious of the hurt inside. Its so easy to slip into something that numbs the pain temporarily but in the end it only tightens the chains around you making you hurt even more. Just about everything you ever loved leaves you. Friends, family, things you were once good at. You find yourself so desperate grasping the last bits of them and it completely slips away. The pain from that loneliness can eat you away. Until thers nothing but a shell an empy husk that only knows pain.
Friend And Family
What up all, this is cool but harder then myspace.
Me And Being Different
all my life i have never fit why i because i am different. I have been short all my life, been the one with the odd since of style, the one with the so called forbidden sexual orientation, the one with the disability, the one look at as the outcast , the freak,the one in school everyone shunned , yeah thats me. all my life i have struggled to find where i fit in. i try my hardest to help everyone out, i try to be a friend , i try to be there for my friends , i put everything i have into whatever i feel strongly for, i give have both emotionally, spiritually,and physically and i know no other way to do it. i give it my all until i have nothing more to give , but even then i keep going why because i care and when i care thats just who i am and what i do. despite doing all that it always ends up the same way, with me being tossed aside like a useless piece of trash. the reality is i was never cared about never respected and nothing i ever did was ever appreciated, it was nothing mo
Moments In Life
MOMENTS IN LIFE There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real! When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one, which has been opened for us. Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile, because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human and enough hope to make you happy. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along t
Hey Y'all Check Him Out..... Sweet Cherrilicious
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Squirrel Nutz Radio Lounge
Novel Writing...
So...writing a novel is alot more complicated than it ever should be... I thought hey I'm going to get my novel published and I thought it would be really super easy because I already wrote it... I was wrong. I am now on my second rewrite and I am adding a bunch more shit, it scarcely resembles the thing I wrote when I was 18, blah. Eck... my sister is moving in June :( which means I guess I really do need more friends... who wants to be my buddy... warning though I am completely batshit insane... and so is my boyfriend.
Goodmorning Sunday Again
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
Don't I Feel Stupid
As usual, my therapy is writing while I am mildly agitated. How ironic is it that after some major issues in my personal life, I find myself in love with a person who had been part of the issues in the first place. How nice. Also ironic is the fact that, as usual, when I turn towards this person, they are turning away. Am I destined to love someone who will never love me?? I feel the fool as I have always had to beg for the affection I need; yet this person gives affection freely to others. I long for the special words that give verbal indication of the importance in his world and he in mine. Those affirmations go to someone else. Why? I wish I had a fucking clue. Apparently, I am not worthy of positive thoughts or words or even affections. That sounds utterly self serving and pathetic. The soft underbelly of my emotions has been exposed; the part I never show to others. Yet now, here it is, wide open for all to see. I hate focusing on the negative. Yes, I am not nai
Best Beer Pic Contest!
I will be starting the contest soon! If you want to enter you need to send me your pic asap! If you know any girls that have a pic that would work, convince them to enter! I know there are girls out there with great beer pics!!! Show your face! lol I've only had one girl enter! C'mon girls! Show your beer support! BeerQueen ************************************************* Ok, the new contest that I am going to hold is Best Beer Pic. It has to be a picture of you and a beer. :) I need to be able to see at least most of your face (so I know it's you) and most of your beer. I don't care what you are doing with the beer as long as it's SAFE FOR WORK. No freakiness or abusing the bottles please. lol There will be three winners. 1st place- ONE DAY BLAST as well as all pics rated 2nd place- 10,000 cherrytap gift as well as all pics rated 3rd place- 5,000 cherrytap gift as well as all pics rated No DRAMA! If it gives me a headache then it's drama in my boo
89 Ways To Piss Off A Cop
1. When you get pulled over, say "What's wrong, ossifer, there's no blood in my alcohol?" 2. When he asks why you were speeding, tell him you wanted to race. 3. When he talks to you, pretend you are deaf. 4. Touch him. 5. If he asks if you knew how fast you were going, say no, my speedometer only goes to...... 6. When he asks why you were speeding, tell him you were rushing home because you realized you forgot your helmet. (Particularly good in those Helmet Law states!) 7. Ask him where he bought his cool hat. 8. Refer to him by his first name. 9. Pretend you are gay and ask him out. 10. When he says no, cry. 11. If he says yes, accuse him of sexual harassment. 12. If the cop is a woman, tell her how ugly she is, but in a nice way. 13. If he asks you to step off the bike, automatically throw yourself onto his hood. 14. When he asks you to spread them, tell him you don't go that way. 15. When he puts the handcuffs on, say "Usually my dates buy m
I'm Searching For A Goal My Goal Is Happiness I'll Cry For It I'll Fight For It I Guess I'll Die For It.
new pics
Where I Can Be Reached!
well folks it like this if u want to talk to me then fine. just send me an im on my yahoo messenger or email me! yahoo id: pagan.queen email: yep u can contact me there if i am not on here. so for those that want to talk to me here is a big fat wet juicey cherry kisss MMMMMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! and for those that don't oh well i will not loose any sleep over it! any ways have a cherry evening or day whichever it is when u read this if u read it! pagan!
New Pisc
Okay I keep getting my defualt pic rated..I guess that's cool and all umm...okay now I'm bored Dirge of Cerberus time!
Alright I tried starting this entry almost six hours ago and have been so many distractions that I am actually posting this on the 5th, but who actually pays attention to their calanders anyway... Although we had a lot of things happening around here today, everything was rather uneventful. The morning started out with the phone ringing rather early, I was too tired to even answer... Thank God for caller id and voicemail. Not ten minutes later my cell phone rang, this time I got up thinking it may have been someone trying to let me know Grandma had fallen again, I didn't recognize the number so I just let it go to voicemail. Turned out to be the Dr... After the excitement of the ringing phone, I went back to bed to try and rest... I didn't accomplish this as the exterminator knocked on the door ready to get to work. He baited and sprayed and such to get rid of our insect problems, spiders and the sort. After about an hour of working all over the place, he finally left. I lai
Getting Ready To Leave
Ok all you lovely cherry peeps. I'm hopping off...possibly for the day. Not sure. May be on for a few later. Tomorrow I probably won't be on at all. As you read in my previous blog, gonna be at the Rangers game! The afterwards....well let's see, me and hubby and no figure it out. LOL SEND ME A MESSAGE if you want. My comments drop off the page so quick it's hard to see who came by and I definitely want to return the love! Be good and Be safe! BeerQueen
New To Here
anyways im so bored this is my first time on here... anyone wants to talk hit me up!
Some Personality Thing
1. You are not alone. You are walking in the woods. With who? - Someone who wants to be walking with me 2. You are walking in the woods. You see an animal. What kind of animal is it? - An elk 3. What interaction takes place between you and the animal? - He looks at me and my companion and then acknowledges that we know what he is doing and then he struts away 4. You walk deeper in the woods. You enter a clearing and before you is your dream house, what kind of house is it? - A little stone cottage 5. Is your dream house surrounded by a fence? - No 6. You enter the house. You walk into the dining room and see the dining room table. what do you see? - A half eaten sandwich sitting on a plate next to a glass of melting ice with a slight trace of brown coloring in the bottom 7. You exit the house and a cup is on the ground. What kind is it? - A silver goblet 8. What do you do with the cup? - Look at my companion and then down at the goblet and decide to leave
Military Acronyms.. This Aint Right Lmao
ACE: Ask Chief Everything! ARMY: Arn't Ready to be Marines Yet! ARMY: AF Rejected Me Yesterday BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again! BOSS: Being On Ships Sucks! BUFF: Big Ugly Fuckin' Forklift! CRS: Can't Remember Shit! CUNT: Cilvilan under navel Training CYA: Cover Your Ass! DEH: Don't Expect Help! DICK: Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer. DILLIGAF: Does it look like I give a fuck! EUSTIS: Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks! F.A.R.T.: Flatulent Airborne Reaction Team FIDO: Fuck It, Drive On! FIFO: Fit In or Fuck Off! FIGMO: Fuck It, Got My Orders! FILTAB: Fuck it, let's take a break! FLIF: Falkland Islands Laundry Facility FNG: Fuckin' New Guy! FRED: Fucking Retard Extra Dumb. FT EUSTIS: Fuck This, Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks! FTA: Fuck The Army! FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair! FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition G2G: Good To Go! HMFIC: Head Mother Fucker In Charge. HUOA: Head Up Ones Ass! I&I: Intoxication and Intercourse. K
Unbelievable Math Problem
Here is a math trick so unbelievable that it will stump you. 1. Grab a calculator. (you won't be able to do this one in your Head) 2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the Area code) 3. Multiply by 80 4. Add 1 5. Multiply by 250 6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number 7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again. 8. Subtract 250 9. Divide number by 2
April 6, 2007
Wtf.. Heavnessence And Demon's Lair Are Gone
He,s given up on friends and loved ones hes given up on love and hope Every day he slips further away and finds himself in a state of euphoria his demons seem to be greater then life and his family his wall is mighty and his heart is calloused his lies seem to overwhelm and consume him while his need grew larger and he slips fruther away the brother i knew and grew up with has wandered aimlessly into the abyss and while on his journey, HE LEFT BEHIND HIS SOUL and came back an empty shell lost and blind.
My Poem
THE GIFT OF LOVE ...................Ever hopeful, filled with dreams, bright new,brand new,hopeful schemes, pastel shades and wedgewood skies, first light of loving in your eyes, soon to dim and then you flee, leaving me alone with me,the things i fear, the things you said burning rivers in my head, bereft of all we shared, my soul so old,.so young, so bare,afraid of you, of me, of life, of men ... until the bright new dreams begin again, the landscape never quite the same, eventually a different game, aware at last of what i know, and think, and am, and feel, the gift of love at long last real.....
Redneck Astrological Signs
Okra December 22 - January 20 Although you appear crude, you are actually very slick on the inside. Okra have tremendous influence. An older Okra can look back over his life and see the seeds of his influence everywhere. Stay away from Moon Pies. Chitlin January 21 - February 19 Chitlins often come from humble backgrounds. Many times they're uncomfortable talking about just where they came from. A chitlin, however, can make something of himself if he's motivated and has plenty of seasoning. When it comes to dealing with Chitlins, be very careful. Chitlins are best with Catfish and Okra. Remember that when marriage time rolls around. Boll Weevil February 20 - March 20 You have an overwhelming curiosity. You're unsatisfied with the surface of things, and you feel the need to bore deep into the interior of everything. Needless to say, you are very intense and driven as if you had some inner hunger. Nobody in their right mind is going to marry you, so don't worry about it. M
Uoy Ccuf
Well, I'm off this weekend. Not much going on. Hopefully Carla calls me. I love her so much.
Poem 8 - My Dreams
My Dreams Dreams are what keep a man sane, They are the one of the only things that can't be taken away. When I sleep I am free, I enter a world that sometimes i wish I cannot leave. Dreams bring me peace and make me exstatic, They keep me in reality and true to myself. Some are good, but some can be horrific, But they are mine and no one elses. They can't be invaded and are of no one elses concern, Dreams are keys to gates unknown. They can take you anywhere you wnat to be, I'm completely in control of what goes on. They can make you the person you longed to be.
I Have The Coast In My Eyes!
Sittin alone I slowly get stoned Jus passin time Until I'm at home I have the coast in my eyes I have the coast in my eyes. Take me away I look up and pray Wishin it done Not a thing left to say I have the coast in my eyes I have the coast in my eyes. Sun on my face feels your embrace Be with me now Hearts all ablaze I have the coast in my eyes I have the coast in my eyes. Mmmmkay!! This was totally off the cuff. I get wierd like that sometimes. hehe You know, ever have a little ditty runnin around in your head ya can't seem to get rid of?! This was my ditty! Hope ya liked it! hehe
Random Rants Of A Madman
Sometimes you just go off on rants and are not sure why. This being my first time blogging(I prefer to see how people react to my random insanities) we shall see how it goes. Unfortunately it's too late to rant to any people and I can not sleep. As you can see what we get. Now to start with I had someone today tell me that we have no right to have our troops in Iraq (no arguments everyone is entitled to their own opinion). However then this individual proceeded to tell me about how much worse off the world is because of the soldiers over there currently. Now needless to say I was at work so had to control my temper (thank god for helping me with that, 9 months ago I would have been out a job). Again I am not one to say anything derogatory about someone's opinion but this quite disturbed me. I mean it makes you wonder how many more people out there believe this? Agreed we are the world's policemen and I agree that Saddam technically was no worse than Stalin(whom for those of you that do
Why Im Single
Some one asked me today why I am single/Well the answer to that is simple/ MEN SUCK/MEN LIE/MEN CHEAT/MEN USE YOU/MEN ABUSE YOU/MEN WANT ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY AND THAT SEX/IF YOU DON'T GIVE IT UP TO THEM THEN THEY THINK THAT YOU ARE A STINGY BITCH/NO SORRY THATS NOT CORRECT/SOME GIRLS HAVE MORALS/ The reason I am writing this blog is to answer that question/So if you don't like my answer then fuck off/I am single because I choose to be/Not that I wanna be or anything/I CHOOSE TO BE/I have been fucked over to many times in my life to want to be in a relationship/It's hard to be in a relationship when you have trust issues/You don't trust anyone because you have been fucked over to many times to count/actually you ran out of fingers and toes to count on/You get cheated on/You get lied too/You get hurt simple as that/You get smacked around/Beat around/Why stand for that/Why depend on a man at all/Men are good for sex/Well maybe sometimes/Men think that they rule the earth/When i
Wow Im A Prick, Lol
DisorderRatingParanoid Disorder:LowSchizoid Disorder:ModerateSchizotypal Disorder:ModerateAntisocial Disorder:ModerateBorderline Disorder:LowHistrionic Disorder:LowNarcissistic Disorder:HighAvoidant Disorder:LowDependent Disorder:LowObsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Low-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! ---- Personality Disorders --
It's Not A Dream Im Always Here For You....
Once upon a time Far far away Once upon a time in a dream Once upon a time I was Daddy's little girl Once upon a time that was me In my dream I was Daddy's little girl In my dream he loved me In my dream we did things together Like ran races Jumped rope I can still feel the cold metal chains of the swing in my hands But that's not real Nope It was once upon a time that Once upon a dream Far far away That was me In my dreams I was Daddy's little girl In my dream he loved me He took me places Like ice cream shoppes and baseball games I can still hear the crack of the bat He took me places like roller skating and Broadway plays What do you think of that?
Check This Out!!!
Do this! seriously :D 1. Go to 2. Click on Maps. 3. Click on Get Directions. 4. From: New York, New York. 5. To: Paris, France. 6. Then, read line #23. 7. Laugh
My First Time
So, just trying to feel out the special world out there. No one really reads blogs anymore... ok, no one really reads mine. Usually b/c I write too much, but its just easier for me to explain in written words what is going on in the world around me. However, for my first intro, I will keep it brief and short just to get the feel for it. Here's the warning... This is my shortest blog I will ever write. :D
Recently alot of family has been fighting amongst themselves for one stupid reason or another. I have watched this happen over a long period of time and I am finally getting sick of it. I am tired of watching ppl tear each other apart over stupid reasons, for misunderstood conversations and even things thathappened in the past. It gets really hard when you a dragged into the middle of an arguement then made to have to choose a I would never say these things to my family but I feel like saying it here....I AM NOT GOING TO PICK SIDES....MY FAMILY IS MY FAMILY AND THAT IS THAT....I am messed up enough without the constant drama and fight that everyone wants to whole goal in life is to make others happy and that is what I will keep on can either respect that or move on and let me alone....Getting caught in a war of words is not my idea of fun
How I Feel...
I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. He is a very very good person that cares about me and his son. He loves me cause for one i care about his son, two i care about him, and three i love him and thats all that matters...
These Messages Gotta Stop
i needed a place to save things like heading.much easier to paste in than I erased this marked elegal blog for this that I want saved. easier here than swinging in an out of myspace with this stuff.I used to keep all saved things there.But this is the Best Motivational Bombing heading of all time.Now some in my COF no from past House Cleanings I don't fuck around.Like the Time I kicked to the Curb 100 club F.A.R.'s.After that heated Arguement with maniacal Bliss of her Sticking up for a Downrater of my Webdude Morph.Steph was a very good friend of mine.Downraters of my Morphs are a Cardinal Sin.That Story is in a Blog. #1.*Lord_Wolf*Angel needs Bombers for her Contest>>or Friend Liquidation will Occur' #2.
The Right To Kill
THE RIGHT TO KILL? Do we as a people have the right to preach with one hand that it is wrong to kill and yet take a man who has killed in the heat of the moment or as a result of mental illness, and cold-bloodedly order his death? Our laws say that to take a life is wrong, yet, we see every day someone who has committed some heinous crime being sentenced to death for their actions. How is this man any different from you or I? What makes his actions any more reprehensible than our own? In screaming out for vengeance, does this not make us just the same, Or worse than him? At least he can be considered mentally ill. For to go so far against the laws and take a life wouldn't that be considered mental illness? Any person could be considered mentally ill if they are a lawbreaker. SO!! Are we somehow correct in murdering this man, or are we also mentally ill to even consider this as a just way to treat another human. Why don't we just remove these people from society if they are
I Was Pissed Off At The World
a few months ago i wrote this Well shit on me !!!! You know something else that really pisses me off? Ingratitude that’s what!!! Some people you work and work to try to help,,, and it doesn’t seem to matter to them until you cut them off from the help, at which point they get mad and want to know why you’re punishing them. Well it’s not punishment, it’s just no longer being willing to be used. I am tired of believing what is told me by certain people and then they turn around 180 degrees and do the total opposite. Well I’ve stood all I’m going to stand, and it is now over babies. So make your own way in the world and try to get along without me. I hope you make it,,, I really do, it’s just not going to be with my help. I’m not into scat and I wont be shit on any longer,, maybe the next person who tries to help you will get a little more respect and caring from you because of this. Dan
Is wrong with Americans...I can say that shit because I'm still Canadian, for now anyways. But American Idol was complete garbage. How are people voting for Sanjaya? Ughhhh If he makes it to the top 4 even I'm never watching that show again...complete Bullshit!!!
Ok Go On Its Nearly Friday :o)
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This Is Beautiful
She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the Universi
Hey just for those of you that haven't seen yet I have some new pics up so go check them out!
A family is at the dinner table. The son asks his father, "Dad, how many kinds of "boobies" are there? The father, surpised, answers, "Well, son, there's three kinds of breasts. In her twenties a woman's breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her thirties to forties, they are like pears, still nice but hanging a bit. After fifty, they are like onions." "Onions?" "Yes, you see them and they make you cry." This infuriated his wife and daugher so the daughter said, "Mom, how many kinds of "willies" are there?" The mother, surprised, smiles and answers, "Well dear, a man goes through three phases. In his twenties, his willy is like an oak tree, mighty and strong. In his thirties and forties, it's like a birch, flexible, but reliable. After his fifties, it's like a Christmas tree." "A Christmas tree?" "Yes, dead from the root up and the balls are for decoration only."
Chaparral On Saturday
I cant wait to go to Chaparral this weekend. I need to ask them several questions. I plan to get a quad here soon after we buy a truck, plus I'm thinking about trading in my bike, so I need to see what all could be done, etc. I also want to see if I can find someone to ask about sponsorship. Never hurts to ask. I could use the discounts. So, Saturday we are going riding with my cousins, then off to Chaparral!
Please Come Help Me Out,,,,bomb My Contest Picture!!!
I Have been entered into the best tattoo contest,, it will not start till 10pm tonight here is the link.... Please feel free to bomb it as many times as you like,,, thanks in advance fer all the love!!!
I hope everyone is doing fine! I start college on April 16th at University of Phoenix online.
..................................Now ....................that your waves of grace ...............brushed upon the shore of my life ..........and made me freed myself from all ego become Love's homeless beggar .........I am standing here with the purest heart .........not to seek your beauty for my pleasure ......................but to offer you my life, soul ....................................I ....................................W ....................................A ....................................N ....................................T ....................................T ....................................O ...........................~lift~ . ~kiss~ .........................~love~ . ~hold~ .............~trust~ ~feel ~ . ~heal~ ~want~ ......~ believe ~ ~tease~ . ~touch~ ~whisper~ ~look at ~ ~understand~.~ appreciate~ shine on ~ ...............................~ONLY~ ............................
Losing all I can see. nothing remains. Dripping slowly away the tides recede and I stand alone. I look down from the precipice that is my life and wonder where the tides go. Will they return to fill my gaping soul? Or will the waters dry to flow no more and leave me standing and breathless? All I can do is wait. Watching from my precipice, all I can do is wonder.
Monday Bitches
Small Towns And Bigger Problems...
Have you ever had that feeling like you were someplace you didn't belong? That perhaps you had stopped someplace you weren't welcome? Well that's how our hero felt. With a quick, uneasy glance around, he made his way into the dilapidated station to get something to drink and empty his bladder. The theme music to Deliverance began to play in the background as a few of the locals glanced at our hero, sizing him up. Now for those of you who have never been to a small town in the Bible Belt, I will break down the way things are... Segregation is still very much alive. Perhaps it's not as openly shown but it is very much there. Of course I'm not talking about the segregation that is already so prevalent in our lives under the cloaks of oh I don't know.... Say BET? How about CMT? Si' TV? Anyone who tells you segregation is gone from our lives is either stupid,or blind, or both. Our hero smiled and nodded to an elderly black woman who was working at the counter. This did not pleas
I’ve drawn from you your bits The fragrant pieces of your kaleidoscopic soul, pieces of you that glitter a hovering aura that licks the spirit from the mold. A delicate memoir of all the pasts you’ve been and a savor of what you shall become. The scent of your emotions clinging to your hair. I’ve felt your weight in my skin, when you stand beside me yet, I’ve not met you we’re passing through a crowd, or watching for a table; driving on some highway on a still, lonely night. I feel you drawing some of me through the windows upward, dispersing as you inhale your next breath.
Happy Tuesday
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Ventrue From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Ventrue are a fictional clan of vampires, associated with the Camarilla, from White Wolf Game Studio's Vampire: The Masquerade, Vampire: The Dark Ages, and Vampire: The Requiem books and role-playing games. Their symbol is a scepter. The Ventrue are the rulers, leaders and politicos of the Camarilla, sometimes known as the Patrician Clan or the Kingship Clan. In Ancient Rome, they were generals and warlords of the Empire, and in the Dark Ages, they were knights and barons, leading crusades and conquests. In modern times the Ventrue still have great ambition and see themselves as conquerors, but their ways have changed, using courts and companies instead of feifdoms and mighty armies. Targets for Embrace by the Ventrue have always been people in positions of power, whether these people were aristocracy or company CEOs. The Ventrue perceive themselves as the most powerful of the vampiric clans thanks to their wealth, social influen
This Is Funny And For Real A Link To A Funny Video
this video is hillarious check it out if you like will ferrall
3rd Destination - Rome, Italy
OK, I'll leave France on Tuesday night, and take a 10 hour train ride to Rome. I resevered a spot on one of those sleeper cars so I won't have to have a room for that night. When I wake up, I should be in the Eternal City of Rome. I got three days here. Damn, where do I began? This is a place so rich in history and architecture, dating to before the Dark Ages. We're talking about arguably the center of the world for almost a thousand years. There are palaces built upon palaces... ruins that tell of a time of luxury and splendor that some say has never been rivaled. In keeping with my architecture adventure, I've got to see: THE COLOSSEUM, THE ROMAN FORUM, THE PANTHEON is a MUST, VATICAN CITY, the SISTINE CHAPEL, ST. PETER'S CATHEDRAL. Also, I'd like to see the TREVI FOUNTAIN. I'm not sure if my funds will allow it, but I really want to hop on a train and go down to the bay of Naples, take a hydrofoil or ferrie to the island of Capri, then visit one of the most beautiful sites
What Have I? Vi
Where was I, what was I? I felt nothing from the waist up. Everything dangled limp...wasted. Torn. Ruined. Gone. Feeling Thinking Knowing. There is... Just be... When have I... Carry me. I fear I can't watch. I think I can't walk. I know I can't wait. I did this to me. For you. I did this to me. Did you see it? Collapsing in the dawn. Dieing with the hum. A four letter word. The most reviled. Help. Because I know you can. Fear Hate What Fake Love Fall Find Fate Dear Free Fuck Part Well Have Near Feel Know Help
My Day My Life A Little More In Depth About Me The Hbic
Alrighty then so as I told you I have two beautiful wonderfeul children...Mileena is the youngest of course I told you that also but anyways, Mileena ended up being diagnosed as blind a little while back. It's kinda upsetting but I am definately coping with it and infact I believe it has made me a stronger person. I am making something of my self slowly. I know i am missing out on the best years of my life but the way i actually look at it i am having the best years of my life because i have tow wonderful children that entertain me more than any party or bar could. they are my everything. I am a very random person. I will most likely post poetry on here but who knows. when i have the time i will
Lord Byron, The Vampyre
A turban carved in coarsest stone, A pillar with rank weeds o'ergrown, Whereon can now be scarcely read The Koran verse that mourns the dead, Point out the spot where Hassan fell A victim in that lonely dell. There sleeps as true an Osmanlie As e'er at Mecca bent the knee; As ever scorn'd forbidden wine, Or pray'd with face towards the shrine, In orisons resumed anew At solemn sound of "Alla Hu!" Yet died he by a stranger's hand, And stranger in his native land; Yet died he as in arms he stood, And unavenged, at least in blood. But him the maids of Paradise Impatient to their halls invite, And the dark Heaven of Houris' eyes On him shall glance for ever bright; They come---their kerchiefs green they wave, And welcome with a kiss the brave! Who falls in battle 'gainst a Giaour Is worthiest an immortal bower. But thou, false Infidel! shall writhe Beneath avenging Monkir's scythe; And from its torments 'scape alone To wander round lost Eblis' thr
A Soldier
For all the free people that still protest, you're welcome, We protect you and you are protected by the best. Your voice is strong and loud, but who will fight for you? No one standing in your crowd. We are your fathers, brothers, and sons, wearing the boots and carrying the guns. We are the ones that leave all we own, to make sure your future is carved in stone. We are the ones who fight and die. We may not be able to save the world, well at least we try. We walked the paths to where we are at and we want no choice other than that. So when you rally your group to complain, take a lookin the back of your brain. In order for that flag you love to fly, wars ust be fought and young men must die. We came here to fight for the ones we hold dear, if thats not respected, we would rather stay here. So please stop yelling and put down your signs, and pray for those behind enemy lines. When the conflict is over and all is well, be thankful that we chose to go thro
My Way I Now Open Pages
well the new Check you out feature is actually a big step forward well done Baby J (Mike) keeping CT right up there with the trend setting site we have come to know .so i now have changed how i broswe profiles here now LOL I know tend to open read profiles much more than previous ,so with that in mind all you should consider how much ya fill you page up with tunes and Vid clips it really does make opening them very slow and also a Very important note is How readable your page is with selecting background text etc to make it easy on eyes to see read and understand you more so with that said Cherrytap has now made it more important to OPEN Profiles fully now the new mail concept is also fantastic a huge advance what can be done there attach fonts colours amazing what the message format is now congratulations CT Development team now eagerly waiting on the rumoured feature coming the ability to change the look of home page to a choice of what i have
The Final Inspection
THE FINAL INSPECTION The Marine stood and faced God, Which must always come to pass. She hoped her shoes were shining, Just as brightly as her brass. "Step forward now, Marine, How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To My Church have you been true?" The Marine squared her shoulders and said, "No, Lord, I guess I didn't. Because those of us who carry rifles, Can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays, And at times my talk was tough. And sometimes I've been violent, Because the world is awfully rough. But, I never took a penny, That wasn't mine to keep... Though I worked a lot of overtime, When the bills got just too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fear. And sometimes, God, forgive me, I've wept many tears. I know I don't deserve a place, Among the people here. They never wanted me around, Except to calm their fears. If you've a place for
Why Our Gov't Doesn't Care...
Ok now, maybe I'm sane, (I doubt it) but it seems to me that people here are missing the obvious about life. I was just watching some 'Save the environment' program on TV, and I realized why nothing is really done to protect or save the environment by the government. You see... The bible says that god will come and destroy the earth. (For reference on this please refer to The Bible:revelations) So...knowing this... our good christian government doesn't waste time trying to protect things that are going to be destroyed in the long run. It's gods will...of course that also applies to the rest of us who will also be destroyed. Now I know... some environment laws are pushed through parlament... most of them have little to do with actually saving the planet, most deal with restricting business practices and creating more chaos and confusion in the masses. Order through Chaos Bullshit Baffles Brains Simple Misdirection Look at it how you will... These are my thoughts... B
Part 3
The above picture was taken just weeks before I transferred from my first ship. When I left the USS Forrestal, we had been on deployment, having already had a port visit in Marseilles France and Naples Italy. This time, we were anchored off the shore of Palma de Mallorca Spain. At the wee hours of the morning, several of us boarded a helicopter for the trip ashore. They could have used a liberty boat, but oh well. From there we boarded a C-9 cargo jet to Rota Spain. We had to spend the night, then fly aboard a commercial jet to Philadelphia via one of the islands of the Azores for refueling. I still remember the flight because it was in the 70's on that island, then in the teens when we got to Philly that night. Most of us missed our connecting flights so we had to camp out. We all were in military dress uniforms, and I struck up conversations with an Air Force Sergent and two Army Private First Classes. The next day I flew to Jacksonville Florida to get my truck out of sto
Very Interesting
Your hidden talent is psychic You are able to foresee certain things, and prevent bad things from happening to yourself. It could just be a lot of common sense, but it’s probably something a little more. Take this quiz at
I Won't Be On.
I won't be online until Tuesday guys. So hit me up an leave me some messages an shit.
I should have learned months ago, that words spoken have to be proven... I thought I learnt that, but I guess I was wrong... I hear/see the words spoken,... maybe I just wanted to believe them... I still want to believe them... I honestly want to believe them... but, can I? I don't know anymore. How can you believe something, when other things "point" to something different? A very dear friend told me months ago that words have to be proven... That actions speak louder than words... So ok, yes, there are a few little "actions" that helps me to believe in some words that were spoken... yet, as I said before, other things point to something completely different.... How can these words be proven to me?... That is something I do not know, or else I haven't figured it out yet... Maybe as this is read, the person it is meant for, will see how much inner anguish I'm in and try to set things right... If not, then I guess it wasn't meant to happen. I have never been a pe
The "outing"
So, we got back late Saturday night. I'm still tired. Health Food Bitch is still here but been talking to her daddy. Now, he wants me to go golfing with him this afternoon (I thought golf courses were closed on Mondays). Anyway, he wants me to meet some of his buddies. I hope he has a bottle of Jack in his golf bag, cause that's about the only way I'll play. This should be interesting. HFB is trying to get serious into this relationship. I may have to do something drastic. comments and opinions greatly appreciated. dusty It's 6:15pm, I've been on the golf course with three older men since 1p. I'm pooped, these guys don't drink. I told health food bitch when I walked in the door to rush a jack n' coke IV up to the office post haste. She thinks I should take a shower, wonder if she's game. back later dusty
Which One Belongs To An Environmentalist?
LOOK OVER THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE FOLLOWING TWO HOUSES AND SEE IF YOU CAN TELL WHICH BELONGS TO AN ENVIRONMENTALIST. HOUSE # 1: A 20-room mansion (not including 8 bathrooms) heated by natural gas. Add on a pool (and a pool house) and a separate guest house all heated by gas. In ONE MONTH ALONE this mansion consumes more energy than the average American household in an ENTIRE YEAR. The average bill for electricity and natural gas runs over $2,400.00 per month. In natural gas alone (which last time we checked was a fossil fuel), this property consumes more than 20 times the national average for an American home. This house is not in a northern or midwestern "snow belt," either. It's in the South. HOUSE # 2: Designed by an architecture professor at a leading national university, this house incorporates every "green" feature current home construction can provide. The house contains only 4,000 square feet (4 bedrooms) and is nestled on arid high prairie in the American south
Happy Hour?
Down to 38 minutes now
Classic Raven: Ecw World Heavyweight Championship 1996 - No Rope Barbwire Match V.s The Sandman
you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy friends/family/cherrytappers passerbys. when skies are blue you never know dear cherrytappers how much I love you.
Hitting Up Manhattan Tonight!
I'm in NJ as I type. I'm here for work but later today it is going to be PLAY TIME! I'm heading to Manhattan around 4pm to go partay! Anyone in the city? I'm meeting up with a girlfriend of mine who lives in Queens. We are definitely going to be having a good time. I'm excited! I haven't been to NYC in years! Yay! I'll drink one....or ten for all you! BeerQueen
I Needed You
Why is it that you said You would be here for me when I needed you the most Yet you were never there to make it better I needed you But did you care no Why do you still hang around Expecting me to forgive you And be there for you When you were never there for me I feel as if we are drifting apart into two different worlds So why can't we just give up on what we had Find new lovers to help us with our needs You want us to hold on Stay together because you say You will change and be there for me But I know you wont I use to love you but Now I don't know what to do Since you said You would be there for me But were you there no So what should I do
The snake is a difficult dream symbol because it is so widely interpreted among various cultures. Interpretations run the gamut from blood-curdling fear to wisdom and peace. These options are determined by literary history and folklore from different cultures, as well as personal experience. In waking life, it is not uncommon to be afraid of snakes. For some people, this fear is disruptive and pathological, even to the point that a photo of a snake represents an oppressive threat. For these people, snake dreams are almost universally bad. If the dream includes someone who handles snakes, whoever tames the object of the fear is likely a source of wisdom and control in the dreamer's world, and may be a representation of some aspect of themselves or someone else they know. Among Asian and Native American cultures, the snake is a wisdom symbol. The idea of wisdom comes from the snake's ability to shed its skin and renew itself. If one dreams of snakes from this perspective, it is a dre
Confused About The New Changes? I'll Help You
click on "my profile, then look for homepage style near teh bottom and select from 3 different options
One more day and I can have fish and wine. Probably another bottle of German wine (but not the large bottle of Riesling ... not just yet anyways) i think I might just buy another bottle of kabinet or Leibfraumilch. Anyways... tonight no wine or beer. Only Ginger ale.
My Sons Deployment...
wow its been a long day and to finish it off i just found out my son is deploying to iraq april 30...i really dont know how to feel...i am very proud of him but very worried and sad at the same time... my boy is mad at me right now...over some very petty issues...mostly because i cry when i talk to him and ask him when he is coming home alot...havent seen him in a year and five months. I miss him so much and hate the fact that i wont get to see him before he leaves. please keep him in your prayers ... you know it is ironic how as parents we raise our kids watching them go through stages and always wishing they were old enough to do this or that...then before you know it they are gone...grown up it seems like overnight. and that is when we start wishing they were young to understand being a parent...
Something Different Today :o0 I wish you all a great day :o)
Down Sizeing!!!!!
Make A Birthday Wish Come True For A Dying Child!!!!!!! Please Read!!!!!
125,000+ Birthday Cards Received! 33 Days until Shane's Birthday Add Glitter to your Photos Shane Bernier is a courageous seven-year-old boy from Lancaster, Ontario who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was only five. On June 6th, 2006 Shane and his family received some unfortunate news: Shane experienced a relapse after completing 108 of 130 weeks of treatment. However, despite the bad news, Shane has managed to keep a positive outlook on his situation and has made a heart-warming wish... He hasn¡¯t asked for money or toys or anything of the sort. Instead, his birthday is on May 30th and he would like to break the world record for the most birthday cards ever received. His goal is 350 million cards. With every card, Shane¡¯s courage grows. Something as simple as sending a birthday card could be enough to help Shane find peace and joy in his current circumstances. Please take the time to send a card to Shane and make his dream become
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Sometimes a love holds on Long after all hope is gone Can't Hide the Pain now that I know how I went wrong Lookin back I guess I see it now How Losin you puts it all… together some-how That's why my heart keeps choosin you Every night when the lights go out You're the last thing i dream about And the first thing that I miss when I wake up Broken hearts and Broken chains Broken promises all the same And I know this time I'm the one to blame You say I've changed, that I have no heart Right about that It's been torn apart I gave it away to sumone I loved For that i am to blame Cause now it hangs on a broken chain tucked a - way dark Just like the one I just can't seem To let go of right now The only piece of a memory Of the day you said that you'd always love me don't want that old heart back Til it quits wantin you Broken hearts and Broken chains Broken promises all the same And I know this time I'm the one to blame
So Ok Here I Go Agine I Hope People Listen
Me Chele, My Belle
You see your thoughts Swirl around you Like Saturn’s rings When allowed inside I dive off the cliffs Above your eyes Not knowing the depth But never touching The drain You show me things You could not Explain Memories of surviving Knowledge providing Strength All in that galaxy That revolves Around the gravity Of your soulshine Your mind makes you A stunning beauty Yet it is holding you Behind You will learn To trust your Heart again And turn off The mental rewind
Hmm Not!!
I Will Always Love U
I can't imagine living one day without you, I'd rather just lay down and die, Cause all I care about is what I mean to you, I'll always want you in my life, I can't explain the way I feel, You are the rhythm of my heart, And every beat you give is how I make it, I swear nothing else could matter, Just stay here in my heart, And I'll always love you, Theres not a feeling in this world that can describe, All the joy that you bring to me, I can't believe you found a way, I want you to stay here in my life,
First Time
ok so this is my first time on here i just want to say a few things I am obsessed with saosin I like to make new friends I'm soooo gangsturr!(no im not );lolz :( sooo leave me a comment sometime and i will get back to ya!!**wink wink**
The Adventures Of Midgit And Juggies
yes thats right midgit and juggies hahah she and i are going on an adventure and we shall get stuff heheh for my apartment isnt that kean ?lol
Do Not Read If You Are Squeamish!!!
I wish to share with everyone something that took place in a small school unknown in the South somewhere. Do not read if you are squeamish!!! There was a Teacher doing a study testing the senses of young children which involved the so called “taste test” of first graders using a bowl of lifesavers. It was reported that the children began to say: Red for a Cherry life saver, Yellow life saver was Lemon, Green life saver Lime and Orange life saver Orange Finally the Teacher gave them all HONEY lifesavers. (Hold on to your tummy) After eating them, none of the children could identify the taste. "Well," the Teacher said, "I will give you all a clue. It's what your mother may sometimes call your, father." One little girl looked up in horror, spit her lifesaver out and yelled, "Oh, my God, they’re ass holes! Heheheheheehehe gotcha!
This Is Me
Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 Sagittarius, the ninth Sign of the Zodiac, is the home of the wanderers of the Zodiac. It's not a mindless ramble for these folks, either. Sagittarians are truth-seekers, and the best way for them to do this is to hit the road, talk to others and get some answers. Knowledge is key to these folks, since it fuels their broad-minded approach to life. The Sagittarian-born are keenly interested in philosophy and religion, and they find that these disciplines aid their internal quest. At the end of the day, what Sagittarians want most is to know the meaning of life, and if they accomplish this while feeling free and easy, all the better. It's the Archer which represents Sagittarians, although in this case it's a Centaur (half man, half beast) which is flinging the arrows. Centaurs were the intellectuals of ancient Roman mythology, and Sagittarians are quick to consider themselves their modern-day counterparts. Those born under this Sign are clear th
Dreamland awaits you, Close your eyes, Imagine you and I, Close as breath, Skin upon skin, Lips touching, For you taste of Raspberries, sweetly irresistible, The fragrance of you, Takes my breath away, I am burning inside, A torch of fire, Burning fuel of passion, For you are my desire, My heart beats with every breath, You are my destiny, Your eyes evade me, deep, dark, mysterious, I am your slave, Your love has captured me, Grab my body, Pull me close, Show me your love, In ways I could only dream. Wake me I must be dreaming, This is a fairytale.
I'm Happy.
i'm so in a good mood now. :D i feel like i could run for miles and miles!
My Cat Gives Birth
Solo gave birth to three kittens today but one was still born. The other two look healthy and mother and kittens are resting comfortably.
Well today was wild. I went to an office building to make some appointments I saw a girl giving me the eye... and Im not wearing panties so I decide to be naughty and bend over to pick up my pen. I knew she saw my wet pussy cause her jaw dropped. I walked over and asked her to show me where the bathroom is and winked. She blushed and came with me hehehe. When we got there I pushed her in the stall and made out with her and putting her hand on my pussy... I knew she liked it cause she slipped a finger in lol. well long story short we were in there for 30 minutes cumming and cumming and cumming. god I was such a mess when I left... but it was worth it hehehe. later
Rip Henry
My head feels like its going to explode. Why does shit have to happen like this? Why does my life have to be a giant fucking Murphy's Law(Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time)joke? All my thoughts and energy have gone into putting the fish tank together for the last 48 hours. Setting up a 29 gallon tank, rinsing 30lbs of gravel, water, decorations. $200 in new fish stuff. So now, ive got a pretty new fish tank, no Henry and Im still short $300 for my personal property tax. I woke up this morning and he was dead. I feel like I should have left him in the leaking tank and let him die so atleast I could hate myself for being a bad Mommy. But instead I spent money I didnt have(owing 300$ in personal property taxes) trying to provide for something i took responsibility of. I must have done something, I dont know what Karma brought this around, whatever i did must have been bad. I wish i could just get all this bad to stop. "Im always wrapped up in thin
Dark Dreams
Darkness Strange feelings of sorrow Hands wet with life Hungry Craving for something Noises Ticking of a mind clock Anger, pain Satisfaction Longing for sanity Jealous Need to be out of the game Lights flashing red and blue Sirens screaming Freedom
Consuming Jealousy
Consuming jealousy I'am jealous of the air you breath, of the soap that cleanses your body,I'am jealous of the rain that pours on your face, and the sun that warms your winter days, I'am jealous of the way you love the flowers and the vase they wear,I'am jealous of the clothes your bed wears that can touch every part of your skin,I'am jealous of the mirror that can see your face every morning day and night. I'am jealous yes I'am, even when you let my winds fly free and they traveled to many seas,I'am still there facing my awe, consuming my flesh, and my body speaking a language i can't even comprehend, like a black rose,that lies on a empty vase, what do you do? when the life you had, is gone and the one you were living for is no longer there, what is there left? where do you go, what Doctor can cure an injured heart,A Doctor love is just a tale, theres no cure for an injured heart, nor is there for an empty vase. Elena Toledo Copyright ©2007
Thank You Everyone!
I would like to thank everyone that has taken a peek at my profile and/or added me as their friend. A very special thanx goes out to the best friend anyone can have, prostreet71ss for inviting me to this site over the weekend (hugs and kisses to u dear)!
Harata Evol
i teg ot ees harata worromot uoy era lla os yrev gnikcuf suolej ew era gniog ot od yrev ythguan sgniht i evol reh a hcnub i o5la teg oot teem yr b dna ym stob retsis ti lliw eb os hcum nuf i lliw etadpu uoy lla no hcu5 5tneve ta a retal etad HAUM
There’s Not A Soul Left In The Bar To Tell My Troubles To
I could try to find a bottle or try to find a priest Salvation won’t be traveling either road I take
Bestest Best Friends
OK Ya'llI thought I would "pimp" out some of my closest friends tooThe following people are the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowingSo go check 'em outFan Rate and Add if you likeYou will not be disappointedI GARAUNTEE IT!!!The first person on this list is my father...yes REAL LIFESo go show him some LoveAlong with all the other wonderful people on this listRandy~nWo~Add Yourself To My Guestbook~@ CherryTAPI_Killed_Justin_Timberlake@ CherryTAPHollywood -nWo- CGW Security & Eyecandy@ CherryTAP~So You Never Forget Me~@ CherryTAPAchilles@ CherryTAP~Memphis Mom~nWo~Big Sexy's Wifey@ CherryTAPghostwalker -nWo-@ CherryTAPEmanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones@ CherryTAP" archangel "co-owner of the angel family" #2 of shadys S*U*P/F-A-R member@ Cherry
Another Relationship
well i thought that i would try dating someone and actually see if people could be real. well that did not last long. i hate dating. i hate when i am told you are so beautiful, why cant they just say hey can i f**k you. i think single is best because i dont want to go through the hassle of figuring out what is a lie toi get in my pants and what is actually from there heart.
What Now?
well, my hubby's gone. off to fight the endless fight again. i'm so tired of this war. i hate being here without him. matter of fact, i hate being anywhere without him, but especially here. i guess i'm gonna start planning to stay busy now. i'm exhausted just thinking about it...
Are Bikers Being Taken Advantage Of?
I am reposting this from an article in Thunder Roads Of Indiana and Northern Illinois magazine. I have to agree. How about you? Pat Savage Are bikers being taken advantage of? Poker runs, Charity rides, fundraisers, Bike nights, and much much more. It seems like the number of events are growing every year, bars and restaurants that used to shun bikers are now having poker runs every weekend. Is it all just a growing concern for charities and people in need or is it people taking advantage of us biker folk? My opinion is of course that it is both. There are bars and bikers that have held poker runs for years and many of them have a direct connection with the charity they choose to help. Over the last couple of years I have seen more poker runs put on by non-motorcyclists and for some reasons that just shock the hell out of me. There was one poker run to raise money for a girl that wanted to travel to Europe as part of an exchange program, hell I want to travel
Evolution Of A Juggalo
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Chakra Reading
Sun in Aquarius: Your Sun-sign of Aquarius rules your spinal cord and therefore gives you unusual access to the higher energies in your aura. You are readily able to see how the body, mind and spirit all work together as one. Aquarius also rules your calves and ankles - a part of your body that has very good flexibility of movement, allowing your mind to direct your body to turn in any direction where you decide to step. Aquarian universality is also seen in the fact that Aquarius rules the oxygenation of every cell of your body through deep breathing. In fact, breathing exercises would be very good for your health, to improve your circulation on the physical level and to inhale prana (a subtler form of astral energy) along with the oxygen. In order for your spinal cord to carry the energy currents within your spine, it is very important that you keep the vertebrae in your spine properly aligned, so that there will be no block to the flow. You also need to maintain a healt
Valaries Wicked Weekend.....
She hadn't the foggiest idea why he wasn't at the bus stop. He had given his word that he'd leave campus for a long weekend so he could spend some quality time with her. Here it was already seven--two hours after his bus had arrived--without him. She sighed. It wasn't like him to build up her hopes and then drop her like a lead cookie. Valerie decided to take one walk back to the ticket window and check the arrival times of subsequent buses. Maybe he'd be on the next one. She hoped he hadn't run into any problems back on campus. Could he have had car trouble on the way to the bus station? Winter roads made Massachusetts travel very difficult. Hearing bad news about Tony would devestate her. Blinking her eyes, she did her best to dispel such bad thoughts. Be positive, she told herself. He'll be here. By ten o'clock she had given up on him. It was Friday night; the three nights they had planned to be together were not to be. Shrugging her shoulders, she headed towards her white Vo
Soldier Boy
how do i get denied to do mumms b/c i said one lil thing and i've seen mumms that ask worse stuff thats bullshit
Blogged V.1.00whogiveashit
Ok now this is a once in a site time thing i'll never post another blog nor read a blog due to the fact that Blogs are one of the Worst fucking things ever invented. Please bear with me for a moment before you stop readin and think over what I'm saying. Blogs contain "personal" stuff, ie feelings, what you did last night, who you like, etc... Basically a blog is a place for a person to be the biggest dumbass and loser at the same time. People alwasy wonder how child predators learn about their prey well all i have to say is Look At A Fucking Blog And There Is Your Answer. Thank you for allowing my blog to waste however long it took you to read it hopefully i changed your opinion on blogs.
Get Some Tissues! This Is Incredibly Sweet!
Got this from a daughter! Thanks Sarah!! :) Prepare to get some tissues! Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. >While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind >me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed >one of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. > >? ? ? ? ? ?? Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their >camos.? As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost >everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. > >? ? ? ? ? ?? When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being >applauded and cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only >red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops >and their families. > >? ? ? ? ? ?? Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these >young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us >so we can go t
Erotica: Yardwork ;)
It was one of those perfect summer days in the Northwest. Morning clouds giving away to afternoon sunshine with the temperature in the low 80's. My wife and kids left for the day on a field trip to the zoo. I had the whole house to myself. Of course most people would just sit on their arse and do nothing. Not me, I want to catch up on some much needed yard work. I got started early. As I was picking weeds out of the bark dust, my next-door neighbor Kelly popped out of her house to do some yard work herself. Now Kelly is no beauty queen. She is a bit on the chubby side. Her best feature is her incredibly large tits. Any time she works in the yard, she wears tight licra shorts and a swimsuit top that barely holds those big guns in. I can't help but stare. I know she's caught me on a few occasions, but just smiles at me. "Hi Brian." I hear as I try to pretend I haven't see her. "Oh, Hi Kelly." "What are you doing home today," she asks. "I needed to get some yard work done
Happy Mothers Day 2 All My Lady Friends On Ct :)
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi I hope all of you, have a safe and blessed Mothers Day!!! Big (((((((Hugs))))))) Luv, Jen
Iam Board And Commenting Myslef I Need Help Please
Just For Fun
A Russian woman married a Canadian gentleman and they lived happily ever after in Toronto . However, the poor lady was not very proficient in English, but did manage to communicate with her husband. The real problem arose whenever she had to shop for groceries. One day, she went to the butcher and wanted to buy chicken legs. She didn't know how to put forward her request, and in desperation, clucked like a chicken and lifted up her skirt to show her thighs. Her butcher got the message, and gave her the chicken legs. Next day she needed to get chicken breasts, again she didn't know how to say it, and so she clucked like a chicken and unbuttoned her blouse to show the butcher her breasts! The butcher understood again, and gave her some chicken breasts. On the 3rd day, the poor lady needed to buy sausages. Unable to find a way to communicate this, she brought her husband to the store...
Hello everyone.How is everyone doing this week? Im good.Monday i was cleaning out the car port and i cut my leg open on some glass that was sticking up out of a box.well by wensday it was infected so I had to go to the doc and get a tetnus shot and im on these pills for a week BUT Im almost done cleaning out the car port.My next project is to re paint outside.Yeah I know boreing shit lol Well mothers day is comeing up fast.I had a great mothers day last year and im sure this year will be just as great.Im so lucky that i get to be a mom.When i was 13 i had docs starte telling me i couldnt have kids cuz of problems i had with my overies.It wasnt easy to have dylan.It took me 8 months to get pregeant and sadly i lost that baby.But one month later I found out i was preggo again.and it was hard.there was a few times it looked like he wouldnt make it.Then haveing him almost killed me.But I would do every sec of it all over again in a heartbeat.ill i have ever wanted is to be a mom.Its not
"...being Goth, for me, is seeing beauty, and its coming destruction, at the same time. For me...It's the last dance as the walls are crumbling around you..."
You Know You're A Mom When...
You Know You're a Mom When... In celebration of Mother's Day, here's a list of some of the funniest 'symptoms' of motherhood. By Angela Jones 1. You plan your day according to when Sesame Street is on. 2. You have signed a check with a crayon. 3. You find Goldfish crackers in the glove box of your car. 4. You wipe other kids' noses. 5. You have accidentally brushed your teeth with Desitin. 6. You have caught spit-up in your hand. 7. You leave for a date with your husband carrying a diaper bag instead of your purse. 8. You have memorized the entire lineup of Saturday morning cartoons. 9. You have finally paid for all of your groceries and are heading out of the doors when you realize one of your kids has lost a shoe somewhere in the store. 10. You can recite Goodnight Moon and Green Eggs and Ham by heart. 11. You let your baby sit in his dirty diaper until Oprah is over. 12. You have shared a fifteen-minute conversation about your baby with a complete stranger at the gr
Gold is the universal symbol of purity and wealth. The acquisition of gold may be a display of power or wealth. The source of the acquisition as a conquest, gift, or discovery is important. Equally important is the sacred element that comes into play. How is the gold used and what kind of wealth or power does it represent in the dream? It may be that you get a golden helmet, similar to Don Quixote's. This is an archetypal form of sacred power for completing a mission or hero quest. Did you find, lose, give, or receive an article that is made out of gold? Did the object make you feel better or worse?
In Memory Of Lcpl James Bullen Of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Love Survives
Time to share is always there I peered thru life Ever avoiding strife But now am undone My barriers broken For one has found me Reached in and unbound me His love has burst my bonds And set music to my songs His need for me And mine for him Has made my Winter Spring A new start With hammering heart We color the world with our dream Nothing is as it did seem He - my rising sun.
Because Of You
Because of you my world is now whole, Because of you love lives in my soul. Because of you I have laughter in my eyes, Because of you I am no longer afraid of good-byes. You are my pillar my stone of strength, With me through all seasons and great times of length. My love for you is pure boundless through space and time, it grows stronger everyday with the knowledge that you'll always be mine. At the altar I will joyously say 'I do', for I have it all now and it's all because of you.
More About Me
So many of you have asked me what I am looking for in a friend and in a relationship. Loyalty is the most important thing to me. As far as what I am looking for in a relationship is hard to answer in words. To me it's in how two people click. You don't necesarily have to be physically attracted to someone, you can talk to someone for years and have a mental attraction. What I mean by that is this. You can meet someone online and never had met them before develope feelings for them based on personality, and the things you have in common. When you finally do meet you already have feelings, that I think the anticipation makes you physically attracted to them already. Now sexually is a different story. You can have all the above and not be sexually attracted to them wich falls under physical also. So to me I want this: Honesty, loyalty, and the rest falls in place. I am not one to just sit around the house and do nothing. If the weather is nice, I have to be outside. I don't like to ha
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Ac/dc - Dog Eat Dog
Check Out My Myspace add me if you like but make sure you tell me your are from tap
Trying To Hint At Something
A LETTER FROM A COLLEGE STUDENT The parents of a Northwestern student who just headed back from holiday received this letter: Dear Mom and Dad: Univer$ity life i$ $o wonderful! Cla$$e$ this $e$$ion are intere$ting, my cla$$mate$ are the be$t! But after $pending all my ca$h on Chri$tma$ pre$ent$, I am in a little need for $ome $pending money for book$ and $uch. But don't want to $end the wrong $ignal$ home. Love Your $on After deliberating a while, this was the draft of their appropriate response: Dear Son: NOt much to NOtice here on the NOrth side of town since you left for NOrthwestern. NObody doing NOthing Noble. Enjoyed having you home for Thanksgiving in NOvember and Christmas. NOthing is the same since you left. Loved your NOte; write aNOther one when you have time.We think EcoNOmics and TrigNOmetry are suifficient to keep a graduate student busy. Have to go NOw. Mom & Dad
The Rules Of A Blow Job For Girls And Guys!!!
The Rules of a Blow Job for Girls and Guys!!! WHAT A GIRL HAS TO SAY ON THE SUBJECT 1. First and foremost, we are not obligated to do it. 2. Extension to rule ..1 - So if you get one, be grateful. 3. I don't care WHAT they did in the porn video you saw, it is not standard practice to cum on someone's face. 4. Extension to rule ..3 - No, I DON'T have to swallow. 5. My ears are NOT handles. 6. Extension to rule ..5 - do not push on the top of my head. Last I heard, deep throat had been done. And additionally, do you really WANT puke on your dick? 7. I don't care HOW relaxed you get, it is NEVER OK to fart. 8. Having my period does not mean that it's "hummer week" - get it through your head - I'm bloated and I feel like shit so no, I don't feel particularly obligated to blow you just because YOU can't have sex right now. 9. Extension to ..8 - "Blue Balls" might have worked on high school girls - if you're that desperate, go jerk off and leave
Froggy Style!
Since i put that up on my page every1 wants ta know wht froggy style iz, so here i'll let u n on it.Ta me Froggy style iz a lil better than doggy, Tha woman lays on her stomach n tha position of a frog & u match her on top of her u enter lock fingers & rap yr legs aroung each other, woman lift yr ass just lil n tha air (if u use a pellow that works 2)men u enter her at a angle ( i put that on everythang u will hit her spot everytime u enter & exit), now dont do it stiff only use yr lower part of yr pelvic. Start out wit a slow windin grind, ladys u grind wit him, but n tha other direction.Men durin tha grind pull yrself back all most ut of her but not all tha way leave just tha tip n & then sink yrself back n2 her az deep az u can go until u hit tha back off her walls, repeat this motion a few times..& then thats when u speed uphittin hard & fast, now keep it up dont stop faster harder & just when yr both r about ta cum ( let each other know thats key " baby im getin ready ta cum")grin
Hey everyone i am hostin a NSFW contest for females only no males... so go read my bulletin to find out how to get in the contest
Hello, New Life!!
Before you read this, please read my previous blog entry Goodbye, Old Life to get some context. Well, I went down to the dealership, traded in my old automotive baby, and bought myself a new one. The whole occasion was a bit sad -- saying goodbye to my old car. And of course my ex-husband had to be there as well, to sign off on the trade-in, because his name was still on my car (as mine is on his). We sat there and chatted for 45 minutes as they did all of the paperwork (and of course there was a lot). We are friends, and we enjoy talking with one another, and we hadn't seen each other in a couple weeks so we were catching up on things. The lady doing the paperwork even said, "I don't mean to be nebby, but you two are divorced?" (Side note: "nebby" is a uniquely Pittsburgh term meaning "nosy.") When we nodded our assent, she said, "You two are the sweetest divorced couple I've ever seen." Hehe. So it really was a send-off to my old life, in a way. Goodbye to my car,
Lets U In On A Lil Freak Knowledge!
Hello Everyone , I am here to tell you a lil bit about how to reconize a FREAK. Being a Stone Cold True FREAK is no easy job unless it comes natural. You can't just turn into a FREAK over night. Being a FREAK is deep down within you. This is how you can determine a STONE COLD FREAK: 1.) We are mentally as well a Physically CREATIVE in all that we encounter. 2.) We don't care about what others think about our FREAKINESS. 3.) We can provide you with MANY Mental as well as a Physical ORGASMS. 4.) We are Understanding, Open-Minded, Out-Spoken, Intelligent and Caring Individuals. 5.) We believe in totally Pleasuring our partners to the fullest extent. 6.) We are visually inclined to seek out the Pleasure in all humanity. 7.) We are Erotic, Wild, Wierd, Warm Blooded Beings. 8.) We seek others just like us, For Total Full-Fillment. 9.) We are never desperate, Always driven and bound by Desire. 10.) We see what we want, we go after it and Will obtain it at
why do i still have feelings for my ex? even though we broke up last year, i still have some love for him. just when i had thought i had gotten over some of the anger and i guess denial and whatever else from it, he shows up again on the one thing where i least expect it but i knew he was saying that he was going to be back on Socom2. i know i have to move on but once i saw him and heard his voice again last week, the feelings of how i felt and that before we broke up came back. i guess the feelings from a first love will never leave and hold a special place in my heart and the way it sounds like that we may not try to date each other again.
No Child So Go Through This
No Kid Should Go Through This So sad, but so completely happens... My name is Tabby I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door Hes already locked it And i start to bawl, He takes me and throws
India Arie - Ready For Love
Active Atlantic Hurricane Season Seen By Christopher Doering
Active Atlantic hurricane season seen By Christopher Doering Tue May 22, 6:13 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The 2007 Atlantic hurricane season will be more active than normal due to warmer ocean waters, with as many as ten hurricanes, and three to five of them could be major, the U.S. government's top climate agency predicted on Tuesday. ADVERTISEMENT "We are right now in ... a period of more active hurricane seasons," said Conrad Lautenbacher, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "It just takes one hurricane to make it a bad year for everyone here." NOAA foresees 13 to 17 tropical storms this season, with seven to 10 developing into hurricanes. Three to five could be major ones of Category 3 or higher with winds over 110 mph (177 kmh), the agency said in its annual forecast. An average Atlantic hurricane season brings 11 tropical storms, of which six reach hurricane wind speed of 74 mph (119 kph), including two major hurricanes, NOAA said
A Poem Titled :~my Friend~
~My Friend~ You was always there, Wiping away tear after tear, Listening to my sorrow and pain, I realized then,you was My Friend, Counting on you to be there for me, That was something I could not see, And now I'll miss you forever and a day, Now that you have gone away, I'll always remember the smile upon your face, And hope that you are in a better place, I'll rejoice in the day I see you again, Until then,I'll miss you My Friend, ~R.I.P.~ Written By : ~CH3RR13L10US~ I wrote this poem in dedication to my late step father,I loved him dearly and may he rest in peace.
How Much For A Miracle
>>> A little girl went to her bedroom and >>>pulled a glass jelly jar >>> from its hiding place in the closet. >>> >>> She poured the change out on the floor >>>and >>>counted it carefully. >>> Three times, even. The total had to be exactly >>>perfect. No chance >>> here for mistakes. >>> She waited patiently for the pharmacist >>>to >>>give hersome attention, >>> but he was too busy at this moment. Tess twisted >>>her feet tomake a >>> scuffing noise. Nothing. She cleared her throat >>>with themost >>> disgusting sound she could muster. No good. >>>Finally she took a >>> quarter from her jar and banged it on the glass >>>counter. That did it! >>> >>> 'And what do you want?' the pharmacist >>>asked in an annoyed tone of voice >>> >>> >>> 'I'm talking to my broth
The Real Ten Commandments
The Real Ten Commandments By Richard Carrier I keep hearing this chant, variously phrased: "The Ten Commandments are the foundation of Western morality and the American Constitution and government." In saying this, people are essentially crediting Moses with the invention of ethics, democracy and civil rights, a claim that is of course absurd. But its absurdity is eclipsed by its injustice, for there is another lawmaker who is far more important to us, whose ideas and actions lie far more at the foundation of American government, and whose own Ten Commandments were distributed at large and influencing the greatest civilizations of the West--Greece and Rome--for well over half a millennia before the laws of Moses were anything near a universal social influence. In fact, by the time the Ten Commandments of Moses had any real chance of being the foundation of anything in Western society, democracy and civil rights had all but died out, never to rise again unti
May 15, 2007 JOLIET -- Police are asking for the public's help in finding out who shot a man at a party late Saturday. Devron D. Weddington, 19, was killed after shots came through the window of a house in the 300 block of East Benton Street. "There was a large party going on at the house when someone fired into the house from outside," said Deputy Chief Pat Kerr. Kerr said 40 to 50 people were in the house at the time. No one else was injured. Weddington was shot in the head and pronounced dead at 12:11 a.m. at Silver Cross Hospital, about 20 minutes after the shooting. Investigators say some guests argued shortly before the shooting. "It does not appear Weddington was involved in the altercation, and it's uncertain if he was the intended target," Kerr said. While police had no suspect information Monday, Chief Fred Hayes said they have learned of a possible motive. "The investigation has indicated there are gang overtones to this incident," Hayes said. He said it do
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Chemistry between two people is an amazing thing, isn't it? It can crop up in the most unexpected relationships, and fizzle in the ones you'd expect. When I was in college, I used to travel on an occasional weekend up to another college in the Cities (Twin Cities, that is). I originally hung out with my MUD (multi-user dungeon, i.e. online) friends up there. But one weekend, through them, I met a guy named Brian. Brian was tall, very lanky, with a shaved head, piercings, lots of tattoos, and pants two sizes too large for him (before the pants, piercings, and tattoos were trendy, mind you, as this was 1992). Brian grew up in the ghettos of St. Louis and ran with a gang there, but had gotten out by working hard in school and getting a scholarship. I was then an upper-middle-class white chick from a very sheltered background -- very innocent of the world. (OK, so not much has changed.) But for some reason, Brian and I hit it off. There was something about the two of us that
From You
From you I have understood Something of the silence of gods How they tire being the first cause Of every quarrel How they shrink From sweaty importunity. Even the skies these days Are full of junk in orbit Be less like the wild gods, LOVE!
Make Love To Me..
I dropped my robe from my hand, As I gaze into his eyes, I have never known such a man, Whom without a sound can hear my cries, And as I gaze into his eyes, He makes me feel my heart once more, I can feel a yearning within my thighs, A feeling unlike the one's before, As I feel the yearning in my thighs, From my face flows a stream of tears, He pulls me near and holds me tight, And his gentle kisses washes away my fears, As He pulls me near and holds me tight, I feel his warm breath upon my skin, And upon love's wings my heart takes flight, He kisses me and my love rides on the winds. As my love rides upon the winds, And he is in my arms, I can feel my heart as it mends, This is one of his many charms, As our bodies become inner twined, And our spirits are set free, As we become one and our spirits combine, I whisper in his ear "Make love to me" Written by slave for Master Hell
Blog Readers
to all my blog readers. when you read my blogs or any one elces blog please at least rate it even if you dont leave a comment. its polite to do so.meny of us spend alot of time writeing them for your pleasure.please show your suport. thanks.. zz..
My Trials......
As of tonight my friends, I will not be on until July 24 for reasons not known to some, but to others that know me very well. I will endure 60 days of trials and great tribulations. I will be persecuted like the lamb being brought to the slaughter. To those that do know me very well, you have my cell number. I will answer as often as I can, but to the those that dont have it, pray for me....... In Christ the king's name Ryan.....
Why Is Love So Hard To Get Out Of?
Why Can't You Fall Out Of Love The Minute He Makes You Cry Or When You're Hurting So Much You Want To Just Crawl In A Ball And Shut The Whole World Out... Why Does Being In Love Feel Like I'm Being Punished For Wanting To Love Someone... I Want To Stop Loving You Everytime You Hurt My Feelings And Everytime You Make Me Feel Like Im Not Good Enough For You... I Wish I Had The Strength To Just Shut You Out Of My Life And Never Think About You Again... I Dont Want You Constantly On My Mind I Don't Want To Think Bout You Every Minute Of My Day... I Want You To Be Gone From Me With Only Memories To Prove You Even Existed In My Life... Why Do You Always Know What To Say To Me To Make Me Forget About Wanting To Hate You... How Is It That No Matter How Mad I Am At You And How Much I Want You Gone From My Life You Always Know How To Get Back In My Heart... In All Truth I Never Wanted You Out Of My Life Or My Heart I Just Don't Want You To Hurt Me Anymore... I Want To Be The Gir
Nsfw - My Rant
------autumn Is On The Way-------
Through The Ages...
Music has come a very long way. From classical to classic rock, and rock & roll to heavy metal. However, our opinions on them have always been different. Some folks like to live in the past where others seem to find their santcuary in the new music. There will always be debate upon which music is better and which is really just crap. It will never change. However, how people see the music of today can actually be altered, since it seems the music has decided to take a step back...way back. There have been several occasions where bands have kept with the "old school" sound, which, nowadays, couldn't be beaten. Of course, this is just an opinion. Am I wrong?
Eulogy For A Fallen Hero
Eulogy for a Fallen Hero Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the Gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the mornings hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight, I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die.
21 Rifled Respect
21 Rifled Respect Superstition once to scare the devil Began upon past war’s battlefield. Volleys to signal death rites given, Then the living back to battle. Tradition dictates the ceremony, Three sets of seven round honors. Coincidence honors our fallen heroes, 1776, Independence; digits adds to 21. Those now past who served so well, Three volleys, respect given, life goes on. Honors without cannons but rifles rowed, 21 soldiers with arms raised, poised. Unsung, undefined tradition’s purpose, Honors given . . . the 21 Rifled Respect. Fire ! . . Fire ! . . Fire !
I Love You Both
I am losing everything that matters to me and I dont know what to do but stop feeling and go numb. I dont want to be numb again I spent most my life that way. I love the two people that I am about to lose and it is killing me inside. I hope they know I will always love them and that will never change. I also hope that she is raised right and with nothing but love.
Pissed Off People.
I met this woman yesterday and we talked for a while then she left. I thought I had made a new freind. what do I find this morning when I sign on she's pissed off at me and has blocked me. I have no idea what I did or said. and now she won't tell me. it may be me but if i was pissed at someone I would at least tell them why I was pissed at them.
Rate This Lil Baby For Meee Please
All she needs is rates. But you can comment if you want to.
Public Information Broadcast
Celebrity Worship/ Deification Sickens Me
The Perfect We bared our souls and our teeth today For your love and adulation While the fawning throngs of worshippers Looked on with envy and admiration We fucked you in your back seats today For our mutual gratification And though tomorrow we will fade away For today we are cherished Because we all Want to be worshipped And we all Want to belong to this phenomenon Want to be three-day-gods and pop icons In your minds and on your t.v. screens We'll be your heros and you beauty queens And the world still fucking turns And your hearts still bleed and burn For The Perfect We raped your morals and your minds today And birthed our fetid squirming children And when the cameras came on we smiled And your hearts simply melted We watched your families and lives decay And numbed you with cathode-ray medication And when the cameras went off we grinned And watched you posture, dance, and mimic And the world still fucking turns And your hearts still fuc
When A Girl Misses You!!!! This Is Soooo True
This is very true, so pay attention girl facts: When you catch a girl glancing at you, she wants you to look back and smile When a girl bumps into your arm while walking with you she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart she still feels it when you run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds, she is not at all fine When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are playing games When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever When a girl says she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future When a girl says, "I miss you," no one in this w
As your lips take mine to play Hands roam free over Silken skin Electricity sizzles on this cloudy day As we take each other in Touches bring heat That fan the flames Of such newborn desire Fingers trace along lines in lace Surging to life this burning fire Your brown eyes piercing As you steal into my soul I feel you fill me so completely Threatening to consume me whole
Another Poem By Me...untitled
for all my old friends..and my new ones too, just remember ive always tried to be so true. ive hurt alot of people,including myself,& kids, but i wont anymore cuz im calling it quits. im dying inside and none can help, im putting all my love up on the shelf. its up for grabs for anyone to take, cuz now im gone & noone can wake. the hurt, pain and all the misery, cant anyone really see. im leaving now and think itll be better, take my life and put it in the shredder. ill miss some that have no clue i will, then others that will love me still. my best to all of you,near and dear or not... but my hearts & my loved ones will not deal with anymore knots. BL 6/15/06
Guest Book
I finally created my guestbook. please stop by and sign it when you get the chance. thanks
Donno Why I Bother Sometimes
That's all I gotta say.
What A Buzz
What a Buzz As the bee buzzes through the air. He buzzes too and fro avoiding what may be. He goes to land and the buzz becomes louder. Until the bee becomes charred and buzzes no more.
Can Someone Please
If anyone catches my blast could you capture it and send it to me? I just would like to see it. Thanks
Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet(vid Included!)
Manson Rocks! She's made of hair and bone and little teeth and things I cannot speak she comes on like a crippled plaything spine is just a string I wrapped our love in all this foil silver-tight like spider legs I never wanted it to ever spoil but flies will always lay their eggs Take your hatred out on me make your victim my head you never ever believed in me I am your tourniquet prosthetic synthesis with butterfly sealed up with virgin stitch if it hurts, just tell me preserve the innocence I never wanted it to end this way but flies will lay their eggs
Girl Dancing
Clowns It was a bright sunny day in July Todd, Steve, Robby and I Road our bikes past market square We saw a sign, stopped and stared "Circus Coming :Acrobats, Live Animals, and Clowns! Why the looks in our eyes and the excitement in the air Of seeing the clowns and the fun we'd share Cutting grass, and working on farms of all places The joy of earning our money, the different clown faces The day had come and we all scattered round The big top was here, here in our town We saw Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my! Daredevils, and acrobats performed way up high Then all of a sudden the lights all went out The crowd became silent and not a noise heard throughout All of a sudden the center stage became lit With hundreds of clowns, our money well spent We laughed and chuckled until we could laugh no more The excitement we shared, our minds did soar Twenty years later as I pass from town to town I'll never forget that hot
Trying To Find A Better Way
Whenever I say "I love you", It just doesn't seem to be enough. Trying to find a better way, I know it's going to be tough. Looking deep into my heart For the emotions I don't always show. Trying to find a better way For the words you already know. Wrestling with my emotions, Digging deep into my heart. Trying to find a better way But I don't know where to start. The words don't come easy, Trying to tell you how I feel. Trying to find a better way To tell you my feelings are real. So now I dig deep into my heart With words that are so few Trying to find a better way, But there is none better, I LOVE YOU....
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A Walk At 8am
Women smartly dressed for work dash by with a focus, with an intent. You can tell that those that work the night shift at the hotels are taking their coffee break before they make their way home. She decides to grab an espresso, a double. In line are two people, a female and a male. They are talking with passion about, umm, she can’t make it out exactly, but she dubs them Eco-Warriors and lowers her gaze. ‘What is happening to me’ she seems to say as her head darts around seeing her reflection in the glass and not escaping an answer. You could call it primal. A primal pull with an unseen rope tugging a self confessed city girl out of the glitz. Where was she going? It was a mystery to her as she walked and sipped. Some people never change. Some people radically change, she had read the stories in Marie Claire. To progress out of the sleek sophistication of her local haunts toward a timeless indefinable, well, it was not in her nature or so she thought. Lately, pseudo-friends woul
Its A Hot Here ..muggy
to hot to soon! strange to say.. Global Warming? Hmmm or is it just Change.. gonna be a hot year all around.. the globe is spinning differant magnetic fields switchN..all these things happen..evry thousands years So get used to it ..and dont Pollute....give A hoot dont pollute..its life
Best Of The Fighter Pilots
Free Video Hosting
These Little Girls Need So Much Help!
Lohan prays, Hilton pays, Spears frays June 5, 2007 Just six months ago, they were charmingly dubbed "The Three Bimbos of the Apocalypse." Now, Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, Paris Hilton is in jail and Britney Spears is posing in an unflattering thong bikini while cavorting on a beach in Mexico. Here's the latest on the troika of tragedy: Lindsay is entering her second week at the Promises rehab center in Malibu, Calif., although it seems she's not exactly in lockdown at the "intensive medical rehabilitation facility." During the last few days, she's been snapped venturing out to the gym and church (hey, it's not like exercise and praying can be done just anywhere). And what is LiLo's mom-cum-manager-and-club-hopping partner Dina Lohan doing while her mess of a meal-ticket daughter is popping in and out of treatment? If you guessed "dropping everything to be by her obviously troubled offspring's side," you'd apparently be wrong. The New York Post claims Dina, who once
Top Ten Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women
#10. You can trade an old 44 for a new 22. #9. You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you're on the road. #8. If you admire a friend's gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times. #7. Your primary gun doesn't mind if you keep another gun for a backup. #6. Your gun will stay with you even if you run out of ammo. #5. A gun doesn't take up a lot of closet space. #4. Guns function normally every day of the month. #3. A gun doesn't ask , "Do these new grips make me look fat?" #2. A gun doesn't mind if you go to sleep after you use it. And the number one reason a gun is favored over a woman.... #1. YOU CAN BUY A SILENCER FOR A GUN
My Trip To California~~first Update
California is beautiful but wow me being from small town USA I am shocked at how big the City is!!!!! LMAO I know blah blah blah!!! I"M NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE TOTO!!! LOL!!!!! The first flight I had booked had mechanical problems and soo they switched us to a different airline which sucked cause they put us on a small azz plane that was totally booked and I believe the pilot got his license out of a cracker jack The got into phonix made it all the way across the airport thinking we had enough time to check the time grab a bite to eat then board the plane...welllll nope we got there just in time to board the plane...which this flight was much better and a lot shorter...better pilot too") I talked to the girl next to me who ironically just came from Topeka visiting her fieance!!!! We had a good conversation and before I knew it the flight was over. Then we got shuttled to the hotel where they told me about the restraunt next door that was open 24/7. Me and Vinnie and our friend
Another Night Without Sleep ^_^
You ever get the sense that you’re falling and for some reason you’re mind just will not except that it is you’re fault in the first place? Well I’m having one of those days right now it’s 4AM and I just can’t sleep I really tried to as well I slept until 3AM then just could not get back to sleep something woke me but there was nothing there but something tells me something was in my room as my dog started to bark just outside my window so here I am writing my thoughts and drinking a shitty tasting RED EYE (POWER) .... I made some very shitty diction lately you know! Mmm first I screw up a friendship I was actually liking and believe me I did the royal screw job this time! there is no way of saving my ass from that one.... but well I don’t know I had a feeling like it was going to end and for the first time I am sorry to see it end there was something there that I just liked you know.. That kind of connection I have yearned for .... (Sigh) ah well its all good I guess... I’m damned an
What Happens When We Dream? (mine)
tonight i thought of you, dreamed you were here, dissappointment set in when i realized it was a dream. if it isnt wrong can it actually be right, can wanting you daily lead to possibly having you at night? moments ago i dreamed peacefully that loving you was enough but again that only happens when we sleep
Another Poem I Wrought Intittled The Darkness In Side
i can not breath i can not hide from the things i keep in side i keep to my self the darkness inside .i see the world there is a warm glow but i feel like iam in the universe's under tow pulling under holding me below iam consumed in the darkness inside of me i feel as if iam the cosmos's prank the gods whiping boy is my fate the tears i have noone can relate to the darkness inside iam alone that i have made that is constantly cold i carode in the darkness inside my fate is sealed i have now soul to steal love is fleeting me evermore because of my darkness inside , i hate my fate this thing that happen to me as of late i can not wait for the long dark sleep to kill my darkness inside and when iam gone i pray that no other one will feel the same with the darkness in side
So I Was At 7-11 This Morning Listening To My Ipod When This Chick Says...
"hey, is that save ferris?" and i was like "yea. you reconized the horn section?" and she's like "i reconized everything about it." that was pretty damn cool. never talked to someone who knew who save ferris were, before.
Be Scared... Be Very Scared.. Read At Your Own Risk
Charcters: Cracker from hell Chinese Fighting muffin French Fry from the Twilight Zone Empress Moo Moo Lord Idaho Flying Moo Moo of death Liquid revenge Ideas: "all hail potato" Potato's sacrificing themselves by jumping into a boiling pot of water to make a larger french fry army "do you want a cracker? well do you?" Reason for attack: families are torn apart and eaten water cannon-> juice box interview of a capitve, with light shingin in the face,"we know you helped make the muffins!" "No i didn't!" "then why do you have flour on you?" cracker rebellion Spud Mafia "beware the spud mafia! They will butter you, put you in tin foil... and make you sleep with the fishsticks!!" "Have you seen this spoon?"
Real Friend Test
REAL FRIEND TEST ! This is GOOD..I expect it back too! I especially like the last Sentence!!!!!! A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens Your Refrigerator and helps himself (and doesn't feel even the least bit Weird Shutting your 'beer/Pepsi drawer' with her foot!) A simple friend has never seen you cry A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A
Update On Dad #4
You know there is something to be said for " there is power in those that pray in numbers". Last night, they pulled the tube out of my dad that was collecting all the drainage. The Dr. came in this morning and told him that he looked a lot stronger and he wanted to release him to go back to the hotel. He still has to stay around the area for a while to make sure there are going to be no problems; but atleast he gets to get out of that hospital bed. He has been there for a month now. He is going to then be sent home. He has decided that he missed home so much that he wants to take his initial 6 chemotherapy treatments here at home; because the Dr. said that he would get the same standard treatment with those anywhere because there were certain guidlines that they have to follow. Then he will Go and take the rest of the treatments (28 of them) in North Carolina at Duke University. I can not even begin to tell you how mentally draining all this has been on us all. I find myself gettin
Random Thoughts.
I feel like I have been looking for something. I have felt that way since middle school. Looking for something that I cannot quite put my finger on, but looking nontheless. It could be a person, a time, a place, an object, who the hell knows... even a thought. I want to understand things. I try. Listening, watching, waiting. For something, anything. Then again, if I understand, what will I do with the rest of my life? Of course, not knowing when our time will expire, would it not be better to know sooner rather than later? I do believe that I am one of few on this never ending search for... something. In our capitalist society we are so absorbed with what we have, and in fact we are more absorbed in what we don't have. This selfishness leads to thoughts only of money and notoriety, and shows of pride and envy, all of which I hate, which leads me to my main topic. Ever since I could remember I have believed that people are naturally good, that left alone to their own devi
2nd Driving Lesson
I just finished my second driving lesson (on the road this time). I as traveling at about 55 mph and 25mph and 35mph. I still need to work on my steering. I stay focused when I get nervous. So outside of trying to not pay so much attention to other cars and keeping from swerving into them I think I am doing rather well. I hope i can get another lesson in tomorrow. It may be a morning lesson as well.
Oh Noes, A Noob!!
Thanks for the warm here and learning the ropes! Looking forward to upping some new pix when I get home (I'm hangin' with my soul sister!), and checking everybody out! :D
Dale Is Leaving
IN SOME WAYS I DONT GET IT. HE HAD THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO GOTO RICHARD CHILDRESS AND MAYBE DRIVE THE NUMBER 3 BUDWIESER CAR AND HE CHOSE THE ENEMY. I UNDERSTAND HE WANTS TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS AND THAT HMS IS A GREAT PLACE TO GO. HE NOW HAS TO WAIT 5 YEARS BEFORE HE CAN LEAVE AGAIN.. WATCHING HIM BE A TEAM MATE OF JEFF AND PUSSY JIMMY WILL MAKE ME SICK. WHAT WOOD DALE SENIOR THINK. WOULD HE HAVE LET HIM DO THAT. HELL NO.. NASCAR TO ME WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.... ---------------------------------------------------- The day that Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans never thought possible arrived Wednesday. That's right, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson haters, Junior went over to the other side: Hendrick Motorsports. After all the years Junior Nation has spent casting verbal and oftentimes profane aspersions on the drivers of the No. 24 and 48 – not to mention all the beer cans and other trash that have littered race tracks each time the duo crossed the finish line ahead of their heartthrob in
A Fallen Angel
Sometimes things happen you have no control over. You could be anywhere at any time and see things you'd never thought possible. Perhaps your at a car show and walking around and you see it in the corner of your eye... The most amazing thing you've ever seen. The sweetness of her lips, the type of eyes that you could get lost in, even if just for mere seconds. Just so happens their eating an ice cream cone and you catch them off guard. In time, talking and seeing each other remotely, you may start to develop light feelings for them and in your prayers at night, you ask for the chance they feel the same as you do. In your dreams, anything is possible. Let your heart run wild and reinact what it may be like when you do finally get to meet an angel that fell from the Heavens above and you must protect her and never allow a tear fall from those precious eyes, or else if a tear falls, the world will become forever cloudy and dismal! For it is up to you to show everyone that you are capable
Haha My Thoughts On Alex Rodriguez Aka Pay-rod
okay...ALL YOU PUSSY ASS BITCH YANKEE FANS STOP CLAIMING A-ROD HE LIVED IN NYC TILL HE WAS 6 FUCKING 6 YEARS OLD HE SPEND MOST OF HIS LIFE IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC...AND WHAT HE DIDNTED HE LIVED IN THE FLORIDA..SORRY TO BREAK YOUR HEARTS BUT ALEX RODRIGUEZ HAS BEEN SHIT SINCE 2000-2001 SEASON..his first year with the TEXAS Rangers...wanna know how i know this and remeber his first year with texas because he was a Seattle Mariner WE GAVE THAT DUMB FUCKER A START....WHEN HE BROKE HIS UGLY ASS JAW....not only was he GREAT IN SEATTLE HIS FIRST FEW YEARS but he was a nicer guy...To this very DAy if he walks to the batters box in Safeco Feild THE BALLPARK fills with boos...JUST LIKE IT WOULD IF ALEXANDER LEFT THE HAWKS NEST AKA QWEST FIELD...I BOO HIM IN THE STADUIM THO..Look at his rookie Stats compared to what alex rodriguez has now..he thinks hes a home run hitter...hes deprived his glove and his quickness...he stole bases like no other..And he had a bad ass arm..but for the last 7 years
W0o W0ot
I"m back I'm back!!
Nasty Poem (lmao)
Lemons are sour Open your legs and give me an hour Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 10 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happened If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You don't multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Hickory dickory dock This bitch was suckin my cock The clock struck two I dumped my goo And dumped her to the end of the block Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style and 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid Sex is evil Sex is a sin Sins are forgiven So stick it in!!! you opened it so you are cursed for 5 yrs. you need to read it ENTIRELY!! roses are nice violets are fine. i'll be the six if you be the nine. eat me bea
The Wounded Current mood: contemplative The Wounded….what you ask do I mean by that? Tell me, how many walking wounded are out there? I'm not talking about battle wounds. Well, I guess maybe I am but not the kind you are thinking about I'm talking about those who've endured and survived the carnage of the relationship…What makes someone dedicate themselves to that one woman? Overlooking even the obvious faults and warning signs. What makes one forgive anything, no matter how hurtful? What makes someone endure blow after blow to someone's self esteem delivered by the one held so dear and close to the heart?...Love? would seem that love does in fact mean you never have to say you are sorry. What makes someone do things so cruel and torturous to those told they are so dear? How do you watch as the one who loves you suffers at your hand? How do you treat with such, ambiguity the one who claims and has proven time and time again their undying devotion? How do you sleep a
Yep ...40 Years Ago Today
yep ...40 years ago today..In monterey California...june 18th 1967 Jimi Hendrix plays ..last gig after the who" what a time then ..hendrix becomes legend after monterey pop festival.. and now he's hall of Fame... gone ..not forgotten..Hendrix Well check it out ..Jimi Rocked then!! and changeed the whole view in Music, rock wow! time where did it go..yep..those were the days in hair Sanfransico...1967...Flash Back "wild thing" hendrix burns guitar..
Confessions Of A Liar
Confessions of a Liar Looking, I see reminders, Reminders of things long past, Reminders of us. I try to block the memories, But it's hard to ignore the loss of... Such a wonderful person. So I say I don't care, Because sometimes caring, Does more harm than good. I say I don't care, Because it's the hard way out, Disguised as the easy way out. If I don't care, Then I don't have to deal with it, But if I don't care, why do I feel this way? You broke your promises, And for that you are a liar, But I'm also a liar for lying to myself. I want you back, But wanting you and not having you is worse than anything, So I try not to want you. But it doesn't work, Because my love was true love... True love never dies, it just hides. So I can lie to myself, And I can lie to you too, But I guess that it makes me no better than you. So when I act like I don't care, Remember t
MOUTHOLOGY Q. What is your salad dressing of choice? A. Italian Q. What is your favorite fast food restaurant? A. Burger King Q. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? A. Olive Garden Q. On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant? A. at least 2 bucks Q. What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick off of? A. any kinda pasta Q. What are your pizza toppings of choice? A. bacon & mushrooms Q. What do you like to put on your toast? A. apple butter Q. What is your favorite type of gum? A. juicy fruit TECHNOLOGY Q. Number of contacts in your cell phone? A. 81 Q. Number of contacts in your email address book? A. 40 Q. What is your wallpaper on your computer? A. elephants Q. How many televisions are in your house? A. 3 BIOLOGY Q. Are you right-handed or left-handed? A. right Q. What’s your best feature? A. my tig 'ol bitties Q. Have you ever had anything removed from your body? A. Yes Q. W
The Marine
I got this from another site & I'm proud to send it along as far as i can. Keep it going, to support our troops!!! THE MARINE We all came together, Both young and old To fight for our freedom, To stand and be bold. In the midst of all evil, We stand our ground, And we protect our country From all terror around. Peace and not war, Is what some people say. But I'll give my life, So you can live the American way. I give you the right To talk of your peace. To stand in your groups, and protest in our streets. But still I fight on, I don't bitch, I don't whine. I'm just one of the people Who is doing your time. I'm harder than nails, Stronger than any machine. I'm the immortal soldier, I'm a U.S. MARINE! So stand in my shoes, And leave from your home. Fight for the people who hate you, With the protests they've shown. Fight for the stranger, Fight for the young. So they all may have, The greatest freedom you've
Altered Bulliten Code
Click on the picture above to go wild with Dj karma you know you want to
U Want To Know?
well im 6'0 make swords small knives armor i speak 4 languages practioner of pagan beliefs /druid no new world wicca spent 31/2 yrs in u.s.n. in eod bombsquad/seal team 2 i ride super motorcross outlaw class in the mountains im single have to much goin on in my life for a wife and i already tried that once i hate liars and cheaters i party like to have fun like meetin new people but im also brutally honest so u dont like my opinon oh well thats just me otheer than that you want to knkow more send me a note ill tell you i got no fear never have never will i hope everyone has a good day good blessings and good tidings to you all
For My Familia *~club F.a.r~*
Hey my lovely and loving familia, i hope everything is really going great for all of you... This blog is to let ALL 400+ members of this grand family know that I will definately get to each and every single one of you...i will rate and fan every one and everything on your profiles... But the purpose of this blog is to let all of you know that i am going thru a really rough period in my life right now (working 2 full-time jobs) and i am trying to move to a totally new state i really am going to take long in returning the love but i WILL return it please be patient with me, especially while i move and get my new computer also(my old one got busted with a very nasty virus)...... SO A VERY BIG HUG AND A HUGE KISS GOES OUT TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF MY FAMILIA.......
Good Sex Or Bad Sex????
Hey Guys and Girls!!! Thank you so much for all the support you have given me. Just so you know - my pics are all fixed and all of my videos are back. The videos are each posted as individual blogs. That way I can mark them NSFW and they won't get deleted. I have also started putting them on my own "Krystal Player" served from my own server - so no one can delete them. ( Like happens with YouTube, MetaCafe, etc... ) AND... My web site is just about done!!! All of the initial content has been shot and the design is complete. We're just running it through testing and putting a few finishing touches on it. YAY!!! Thanks again, I luv all of you! :-) ~Krystal~
Woot Good Morning! Important Info Inside!
OH DAMN ITS EARLY BUT IM UP AND YUP ON AIR!!!!!!bring coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee and get in here!!!!!
Where Animal Crackers Some From.
Mange La Mode
A friend of mine is involved with this group to explore with her fashion designing and modeling. I am so proud of her for taking the leap of faith and exploring the realm unknown. Check out the site Mange La Mode and let me know what you think.... It certainly isn't for everyone, but it can spark a few imaginations.... :D
Life Without You. First Writing Ever
-:-Life Without You-:- She couldn't stand the silence, She couldn't stand the tears , She couldn't stand her life , After only fourteen years. He was her entire world, She gave him all she possessed, He did the same in return, They were thought to be obsessed. Their love couldn't be reached, Couldn't be touched by any other, From two they become one, They made each other whole. They filled each others voids, They fill each others souls. Everything was perfect, Everything was great, Til one damning day , They were told they'd have to wait. Her parents were moving her to a distant place, They'd be torn apart, Couldn't see each others face. They swore they'd make it work, Vowed to stay together, Didn't care about the distance, They'd be together forever. She gave it all she had , She did her very best, But he still slipped away, He didn't pass the test. While she was thinking of him, He had found
Tough Times
After talking with Lynn and Crystal, I think I may just go to the benefit. They want me there. It feels good to know that people still want me around. They said something that brought me to tears tonight... "them" (10:35:57 PM): I'm sorry you live so far away "them" (10:36:03 PM): And we can't be there for you "them" (10:36:08 PM): The way we'd like to "them" (10:39:03 PM): Lynn said she loves you I think I would seriously fall apart... like fall apart and never get back together if it wasn't for them. Crystal and Alec had a falling out, and I've been disappointed on more than one occasion by her but those words... made me feel like I was still cared about. Alec asked me if I was still going to go. I told him I didn't know. He asked if I wanted to ride with him and her. The offer was nice... but I told him that if I go, I would not be comfortable being in a car with her. *shrug* not right now. I don't know if I will ever be comfortable with it, but right now - no. I'll dea
Killthecat! On Tap
Hi guys and girlz, I hope you all are doing good...finally I found the right site do to this so now I can share with you all some of our songs...I am talking about my first band named KILLtheCAT! (we don't really hate cats...our name has a political meaning and if you ever come to italy and see our politicians, can easily understand what we mean with this name: our politics are like cats: they are useless, they are lazy, they sleep always they do not do anything for anything...I believe you understand me. By the way, please, feel free to leave comments about our it is:
True Or False......
1. Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. 2. Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a belly button. 3. A pack-a-day smoker will lose approximately 2 teeth every 10 years. 4. People do not get sick from cold weather; it's from being indoors a lot more. 5. When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop, even your heart! 6. Only 7 per cent of the population are lefties. 7. Forty people are sent to the hospital for dog bites every minute. 8. Babies are born without kneecaps. They don't appear until they are 2-6 years old. 9. The average person over 50 will have spent 5 years waiting in lines. 10. The toothbrush was invented in 1498. 11. The average housefly lives for one month. 12. 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. 13. A coat hanger is 44 inches long when straightened. 14. The average computer user blinks 7 times a minute. 15. Your feet are bigger in the afternoon than any other time of day. 1
Daddy Hurts Him
My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work
Wow !!!!
We just meeting her from cherrytap! and she really loves me lot but it is real person! I guess she is Mrs. Right for me!!! I met her parents and family! Soon!!! I will show them that I really loves her so much! She learning so fast for sign lang! Whoa!!! I am so happy I got her from last Feb 2007!!! We just starting talking till summertime we met and wonderful loving!!!!! AS Sooner I will getting more of pics of US!!!!! Thanks Mike
I Still Believe
so this is what i read Benoit is believed to have strangeled Nancy on Saturday, then smothered his son in bed sometime on Sunday before hanging himself in the weight room of their home on Monday. no matter what Chris did no matter what happened...which in all honesty something was wrong.Something was seriously wrong in Benoits life..I will always Respect the man who gave every fan his all
Oh... Yes. I Almost Forgot.
Hmmm. How to say this. And I know you're going to call me conceited, or at least think it. I get pleasure from being watched. I don't mean in the weird peeping tom voyeuristic thing. But what really gets me is those that know they'll be caught looking - at my new pictures, at what I write. They remember what happened, but maybe never knew why. And so they continue to watch what I do. Looking for clues. Hey... and I told this to Eric the other day - "With guys, when its over its over... when we turn that page we don't go back and none of us can ever explain why. Sometimes we turn the page immediately after that first time. And we make up some lame excuse about having to be "up early". Other times, two years go by and BAM! in an instant you went from forever material to spitting up in the back of my mouth." I don't know why and whoever he was doesn't know why. So don't ask. But back to what I was saying, I notice everything. As much as you didn't think I kne
Help For Sultry
Luvin' Feelin' Just Don't Fade..
====================================================================== It is the end of June '07 . . . it is the first anniversary . . . Last June… I gave my heart away… and I had eyes for her.. and at times she for mee.. why do I try? Why do I cry? I still cry, damnit! She is my friend now.. and I don't pass up a good friendship. It is said to 'let go' . . . hell……… I'm hanging on for dear life! IN GOD I TRUST! ====================================================================== Now it is the end of July.. I do cry.. 0n my own.. 20/20 hindsight.. If I'd known.. My feelings shown.. Wore my heart on my sleeve..
Married For One Night
A man and a woman, who have never met before, but are both married to other people, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a transcontinental train. Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly...he in the upper bunk and she in the lower. At 1:00 AM, the man leaned over and gently woke the woman saying, "Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you, but would you be willing to reach into the closet to get me a second blanket? I'm awfully cold." "I have a better idea," she replied. "Just for tonight, let's pretend that we're married." "Wow! That's a great idea!" he exclaimed. "Good," she replied. "Get your own damn blanket!" After a moment of silence, he farted.
History Of The Leader, Jesue.
"The Greatest Man in History Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master. Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. I feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us! If you believe in God and in Jesus Christ His Son . Write this on 10 peoples walls or just ignore but remember that Jesus said ... "If you deny me before man, I will deny you"
A Different Kind Of Funeral
A woman was leaving a convenience store with her morning coffee when she noticed a most unusual funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery. A long black hearse was followed by a second long black hearse about 50 feet behind the first one. Behind the second hearse was a solitary woman walking a pit bull on a leash. Behind her, a short distance back, were about 200 women walking single file. The woman couldn't stand her curiosity. She respectfully approached the woman walking the dog and said, "I am so sorry for your loss, and I know now is a bad time to disturb you, but I've never seen a funeral like this. Whose funeral is it?""My husband's.""What happened to him?"The woman replied, "My dog attacked and killed him." She inquired further, "Well, who is in the second hearse?"The woman answered, "My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my husband when the dog turned on her." A poignant and thoughtful moment of silence passed between the two women."Can I borrow the dog?
Snickerdoodles Recipe
Makes 18 servings.. adjust as org recipe is for 6 dozen lol INGREDIENTS: 1 cup shortening 1 1/2 cups white sugar 2 eggs 2 3/4 cups sifted all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons white sugar 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease cookie sheets. 2. In a medium bowl, cream together the shortening and sugar. Add eggs one at a time, mixing after each. Sift together the flour, baking soda, cream of tartar and salt; stir into the creamed mixture until well blended. 3. In a small shallow bowl, stir together the 2 tablespoons of sugar with the cinnamon. Roll the dough into walnut sized balls and roll the balls in the sugar mixture. Place cookies 2 inches apart on the prepared cookie sheet. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven. Cookies should be slightly golden at the edges. Remove to cool on wire racks.
I Salute You!!! Just Click On The Pic
What We Do And Mean.
Being in the Army is about much more than being physically fit. It is mental and emotional strength. It is the confidence to lead. It is the courage to stand up for your beliefs. It is the compassion to help others. It is the desire for lifelong learning. It is making a difference for yourself, your family, your community and our nation.Strong is about much more than being physically fit. It is mental and emotional strength. It is the confidence to lead. It is the courage to stand up for your beliefs. It is the compassion to help others. It is the desire for lifelong learning. It is making a difference for yourself, your family, your community and our nation.
I did not realize how the rating thing worked. Appologies to all that I offended
Holy Shit
My ass is never home on a Saturday night, WTF? I think I drank too much moonshine today....
To The Founding Fathers...
Your light still lingers in our distant morning, A star that we perceive across the void. We chart our passage by your words, still burning Long after your bright core has been destroyed. No longer do we speak of "natural" rights, Nor can we think that Reason guides our will. We've been through far too many gruesome nights To hope we have reduced our lust to kill. Yet hope remains the engine of our fire, Hope that someday all of us will be Happy in the least that we require: Well-fed, well-housed, safe, secure, and free. This dream we still pursue. Though darkness come, Your wisdom, hope, and courage through us run.
Title: Thoughts
Whose thoughts are these? They are not mine. Mine are to please Not to resign. Dark thoughts dont belong in my mind. My thoughts are to be of another kind. Of love, and light, and stars so bright Of songs of praise that fill the days Where have these bright thoughts hidden? On someone elses synapses ridden? Stolen from me like a thief in the night So all I can feel is this eternal plight. Arrest this thief and return what was raided? It's too late, for now Im jaded.
Hard Weekend!
Just need to say this. This past weekend sucked, not because of the job site, but because of the firm I work for. Will detail later ... maybe. I am worn down to the point of exhaustion. Artist: Lyrics Song: Save the People Lyrics [JESUS] When wilt thou save the people? Oh God of mercy when? The people, Lord, the people Not thrones and crowns, But men Flowers of thy heart O God are they Let them not pass like weeds away Their heritage, a sunless day God save the people Shall crime bring crime forever Strength aiding still as strong? Is it thy will, O Father That men shall toil For wrong? Oh, no, say thy mountains No, say thy skies Man's clouded sun shall brightly rise And songs be heard, instead of sighs God save the people! When wilt thou save the people? Oh God of mercy when? The people, Lord! The people! Not thrones and crowns, But men! God save the people For thine they are Thy children as thy angels fair God save the people From despair God
For Everyone Who Prayed And Wished Me Well
I came home from the hospital Sunday afternoon by my since in me staying there when what i need to recover now is rest and we all know you dont get that very well there with all the noise..I am brused from head to toe pretty much and broke my right arm in the car wreck I've had a miscarage so there wont be any baby but as far as my body goes I'll be ok mintaly it may take a long would thinki'd be used to itby now since this makes child #8 but i guess you never get used to the ideal of losing something that could have been so preshies guess all i really meant to say was thank you all and i didnt mean to rambel here Blessings and thank you ~~~kiss~~~
Who Are You? Do You Really Know?
What I am about to say must be understood by those who mind & body are one with each other. If you would like to learn more about my study's please fan me or buy me a drink. REMEMBER!!! a reflection of your self always and forever be two sided . The question is which side do you see ?
Guy Acted Like A Girl
this is just fucking stupid and im going to bitch about it, if you dont like it..delete me.THIS IS A GUY, A MALE, HE HAS A PENIS OK!Devils Playthings@ CherryTAPhe's using pictures of some nasty ass porn star to bring guys to his profile so you can rate/fan and add him with the promise of seeing NSFW pics of other porn stars pics that you can find anywhere.please dont fall for this shit. its so fucking lame. i see all these guys leaving him all these messages saying when can i see you on cam sexy? and omg you are so hot. WHY? why why why? read the profile!! my suggestion is, if youve rated his profile go back and re-rate it. if youve fanned him, go unfan him and take him off your friends listits sick and disturbing really, its the same thing as dressing up as a girl, going out to a bar and trying to pick up guys.
To My New Friends
Thanks for all the love! It may take a while, but I will respond to each and everyone of you. Love this place so far. Don't forget to sign my guestbook!
Off The Boat
Gift Game
Wanna know how hot you are??? You're OK-----teddy bear You're CUTE----red rose I'd Do Ya!!----any spicy gift You're SEXY----dozen roses
Angel And Demon
She cries each night for his life He plays around on the Devil's playground She's his only happiness to get away from his sadness He drinks his beer to get away from the pain She is his sunshine and without her, he's alone in the rain Their love is strong, though he is weak She dreams about him, he never sleeps In his stoned eyes of darkness She tries to see inside him She would stop breathing if he asked her to Anything to prove her love is true Though his life is under the Devil's sweet spell He rests in her Heaven, she suffers in his Hell.
I Must Protest!
To offer Klingons safe haven within Federation space is suicide. Klingons would become the alien trash of the galaxy. And if we dismantle the fleet we'd be defenseless before an aggressive species with a foothold on our territory. The opportunity here is to bring them to their knees. Then we'll be in a far better position to dictate terms.
To My Wife Tammy I Love You Babe
Cabby & The Nun
A cabbie picks up a nun. She gets into the cab, and the cab driver won't stop staring at her. She asks him why is he staring and he replies, "I have a question to ask you but I don't want to offend you." She answers, "My dear son, you cannot offend me. When you're as old as I am and have been a nun as long as I have, you get a chance to see and hear just about everything, I'm sure that there's nothing you could say or ask that I would find offensive." "Well, I've always had a fantasy to have a nun kiss me." She responds, "Well, lets see what we can do about that; #1 you have to be single and #2 you must be Catholic." The cab driver is very excited and says, "Yes, I am single and I'm Catholic too." "Okay," the nun says, "pull into the next alley." He does and she fulfills his fantasy with a kiss that would make a hooker blush. But when they got back on the road the cab driver starts crying. "My dear child," says the nun, "why are you crying?" "Forgive me Sister,
Dis Eez For Ma Hunnie
Skeeramaninkadink kadink Skeeramaninkidoo I love You Skeeramaninkadink kadink Skeeramaninkidoo I love You I love you in the morning and in the afternoon I love u in the evening Underneath the moon Skeeramaninkadink kadink Skeeramaninkidoo I love You I love You I love you!! Boop Boo Boopoo Beedoooo Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
Great Day
So today I got up went to my cousins baby shower and got to see my family and they all got to see my little boy.I am so happy that he is getting big.Cant wait till he crawling.I love my little boy.Eric was at home cause I didnt know what time I would be back and didnt want him late for work.He got to play his games and enjoy so quiet time.That hass been my day. If yall read this fan me or add me as a friend I want some more friends.
How We Met
I was surfing CT one night about a month after joining CT, and I spot this hot chick going by the nickname "cheeko". We were both UF Gator fans, so we hit it off pretty good, pretty quickly. For the first 3 months we knew each other, I was going through some pretty tough personal struggles. Over those first few months, "cheeko" and I became best friends, able to tell each other anything without the fear of shock or being judged by the other. We helped each other through troubling times, and before long, neither of us could deny that we were feeling things that normal, sane people shouldn't be feeling about someone they've never met face to face. In June, we finally met in person, and all the chemistry that had been there online was still there and amplified. I consider myself the luckiest man in the world to be the object of this incredible, sweet, intelligent, precious woman's affection! I love you, Jennbug!! BANANAS, BABY!!
Have A Lovely Sunday....
I'am Canadian
Hey, I'm not a lumberjack, or a fur trader.... I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dogsled... and I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada, although I'm certain they're really really nice. I have a Prime Minister, not a president. I speak English and French, not American. And I pronounce it 'about', not 'a boot'. I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack. I believe in peace keeping, not policing, diversity, not assimilation, and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal. A toque is a hat, a chesterfield is a couch, and it is pronounced 'zed' not 'zee', 'zed' !!!! Canada is the second largest landmass! The first nation of hockey! and the best part of North America. My Name is Nancy & I'am Canadian
My Son Is Coming Home...!
well they still have not turned off my internet..when they will i do not know but it will take some days before it is back on and i am not looking forward to not having net access. anyway my son is coming home on july 27th...him, my daughter-n-law and two grandbabies will be home for about 16 days. it has been a year and a half since i last saw my boy and being away from him has been the hardest thing ever. I am soooo excited to see my son and family but i am also having some anxiety about it. my daughter-n-law had wrote some letters to me about some things and i dont know how i feel about it still. and i am having doubts and insecurities about them coming home to what they left. all things change and i know my son has went through the last year becomming a man..i just dont want him to be embarrassed of me. i dont have alot of money and material things are not really that important to me. but i know at 20 years old they are important to him. i just hope the man that is coming home is s
Please Take The Time To Look Here
Hello to one and all, I am writing because I learned a good friend was involved in a bad wreck and is now in a coma with a failing heart. All I am asking is that if you believe in prayer please say a get well prayer for him. He is a good friend to those who know him. He enjoys making new friends. He has an account here it is Jhon Thanks for your time.
Looking For Someone
i cannot find any information on someone that i am desperately trying to find. Does anyone know how i would go about finding this person other then the usual people finder? i am looking for a address with no results!! The last known address is one i already have i just have come to a dead end and was hopeing someone out there could help!!! thanks
Good Practical Case Study
Good Practical Case Study: Once Japan 's biggest cosmetics company received a complaint that a consumer had bought a soap box that was empty. Immediately the authorities isolated the problem to the Assembly line, which transported all the packaged boxes of soap to the delivery department. For some reason, one soap box went through the assembly line empty. Management asked its engineers to solve the problem. Post-haste, the engineers worked hard to devise an X-ray machine with high-resolution monitors manned by two people to watch all the soap boxes that passed through the line to make sure they were not empty. No doubt, they worked hard and they worked fast but they spent whoopee amount to do so. But when a rank-and-file employee in a small Indian company was posed with the same problem, he did not get into complications of X-rays, etc but instead came out with another solution. He bought a strong industrial electric fan and pointed it at the assembly line. He switched the fan
See What 50 Years Can Do
See what 50 years can do? Scenario: Jack pulls into school parking lot with rifle in gun rack. 1956- Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jack's rifle, goes to his car and gets his to show Jack. 2006- School goes into lockdown, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. ++++++++++++++++++++++ Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1956- Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. Nobody goes to jail, nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2006- Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1956- Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by Principal. Sits still in class. 2006- Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a z
Absolutely Fabulous Birthing
On The Out Side...
Living on the out side always looking in,,seeing all the things i can not touch,seems to be a way of life for me....I once remember a time when i had a small stream of sunshine hitting down on me,,it was a window, a window of hope,but lasted just i second or two..a tease you might say,,,life laughing back at me....being on the out side always looking in, meens a freedom that most don't have,,but the price we pay is a lonley and some times bitter place to be from day to day.. I tell my self that some day i'll know how to fit in, but for now it seems being on the out side ,always looking in will be the lonely life i'll lead...
Chinese Proverb...
Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.
My Order
Two eggs, over medium, hash brows, English muffin with mixed fruit jelly and butter, tomato juice, and coffee, black, with a side of turkey sausage, and I think I will go with French toast this morning. Just send it to my room. Thanks!
Thank You Friends And Fans
Hey all, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for the fantastic profile comments and love you've shown me. I also want to say thanks for all the gifts I have received. I wish I had more hours in a day but most of all more time to show each and everyone of you the same love in return. You don't know how much it has touched my heart all the love you all have shown me. As you all know by now, I got a new puppy so with my already busy schedule that has added more of my time. I'm in the process of house breaking her. As of now I have 21 new friends request and just cleared 13 of them in the last 2 days. Please be patient, I am trying to get to all of your profiles but like I said I need more time in a day. I may not make it to your profile or return the love immediately but I have noticed the love and I will get to you as soon as I can to show you the same love back. Again, thank you for all the beautiful comments and love, you all mean so much to me & I'm glad to hav
Please Read
the birth order of children Current mood: chipper Category: Life Your clothes: 1st baby: you begin wearing maternity clothes as soon as your OB/GYN confrims yor pregnant. 2nd baby: you wear your normal clothes as long as possible. 3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes. Preparing for the birth: 1st baby: you practice your breathing religiously. 2nd baby: You dont bother because you remember that the last time breathing didnt do a thing. 3rd baby: You ask for an epideral in your 8th month The Layette: 1st baby: You pre-was newborn's clothes, color-coordinate them,and fold them neatly in the baby's little bureau. 2nd baby: you check to make sure that the clothes are clean and discard only the ones with the darkest stains. 3rd baby: boys can wear pink, cant they? Worries 1st baby: at the first sign of distress-a whimper-a frown- you pick up the baby. 2nd baby: you pick up the baby when their wails threa
What Is Lupus?
Lupus is an autoimmune disorder, in which antibodies mistakenly identify the body's tissues as foreign substances and attack them, causing infammation and pain. The disease most often strikes women in their childbearing years; only 10 percent of people with lupus are men. Lupus is a rare condition, but as with other autoimmune disorders, the number of incidents has been on the rise in recent year. There are two forms of Lupus, Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE) and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). The only symptom in DLE is a scaly red rash that spreads across the cheeks and the nose, and sometimes the forehead and the scalp. The rash is butterfly shaped or in a pattern much like a wolf's face, hence the name lupus, which means "wolf" in Latin. Suffers of SLE may also experience a rash, and their disease, like DLE, goes through periods of remission and activation, but the two disorders stop there. Systemic Lupus,as the name implies, affects not just the skin but the entire body. T
My Favorite Albums
In response to GenFX's blog, I'm writing, in this age of singles, about my personal favorite albums -- albums that I listen to from start to finish and enjoy as a cohesive albums. OK, here's mine: Pink Floyd -- Momentary Lapse of Reason OK, so Roger Waters had left. And there are some that consider him the "genius" blah blah. But Roger Waters without the rest of Pink Floyd is inaccessible, and even The Wall showed us a bit too much of Roger Waters' inner turmoil and a bit too little of the genius music that Floyd was capable of. No, I'm sorry, I have to go with the first post-Waters album as my favorite cohesive Floyd album. (Dark Side of the Moon? Got a bit self-indulgent. I know, I'm weird.) Sarah McLachlan -- Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Before she became famous, and the face of Lilith Fair, she put out my personal favorite album of all time. Her lyrics are, admittedly, a bit overly florid, but her voice is lovely, and her songs are gorgeous and more varied than in later
Stay Free
We met when we were in school Never took no shit from no one, we weren't fools The teacher says we're dumb We're only having fun We piss on everyone In the classroom When we got thrown out i left without much fuss An' weekends we'd go dancing Down streatham on the bus You always made me laugh Got me in bad fights Play me pool all night Smokin' menthol I practised daily in my room You were down the crown planning your next move Go on a nicking spree Hit the wrong guy Each of you get three Years in brixton I did my very best to write How was butlins? Were the screws too tight? When you lot get out Were gonna hit the town We'll burn it fuckin' down To a cinder Cos years have passed and things have changed And i move anyway i wanna go I'll never forget the feeling i got When i heard that you'd got home An' i'll never forget the smile on my face 'cos i knew where you would be An' if you're in the crown tonight Have a drink on me But go easy...step

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