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Gfr 27
DJ Sadistic Dragon @ Gods Forsaken Radio Sadistic Dragon has been influenced by metal since he was a child. He finds comfort in heavy riffs and loud bass since he is a bassist. His favorite bands are Fear Factory, Helmet, Tool, Judas Priest, Lamb of God. The reason he likes being a DJ is to make your ears cum. So what are you waiting for come and rock out with DJ Sadistic Dragon @ Gods Forsaken Radio!!!!!
Written Monday, September 10, 2007 Missing loved ones that seem so far from me and why? A continuous cycle made by random wheels of reason. It hurts. The tears stream down my face like acid rain, pooling beneath my chin and crashing upon my chest. The ache of my heart continues to shatter my soul day by day. I wonder what must change in order to become whole again. I recall similar sensation in times of tragedy but today's case is seemingly un-provoked; merely another dreadful day in the life of someone virtually lifeless. The calming comes as my words highlight an inevitable path toward hell. Turmoil has become home; as sacred and comforting a place as I will ever find. /self-pity ©LittleO™
Super Important
2:08pm So I was in the lunch room with a few co-workers. We were watching a show called Kidnapped, which was airing on VH1. It brought some of us together as far as the things that most adults went through as children. I started to get into it because I was a victim myself. well... not 100% but I lived through a couple of situations, which I am not too proud of. At least, as an adult, I can say I was one of the lucky ones... When I was 7 yrs old, I was almost raped. Yes... I'm coming out and saying it. It sucked because it was in an apartment building and there were a lot of children outside. I don't know how I happened to be the lucky one... It sucked and it hurt then as much as it hurts now. Anywho, I remember I was out and about playing with other children. I mean c'mon, I'm 7 freakin years old, so I knew better but at the same time I didn't. So I was outside, playing with other children, and watching over my baby brother. I remember everyone crowded around sudde
Checking In With Stuff Thats Been Going On
First i got to say that fubar i'm doing real good at that by making an lounge call lover lane thats makes me happy because i just got more people in there and i'm working on posting stuff, then i'm rating pics for othere people and moving up level but the level i was just on took like an month or so to move up then i made it finally then people r helping me move up. so i'm so happy that everybody is helping me out. then i'm trying to rate other people too.then with me ans josh its going alright i guess its kk when he being nice to u i guess but josh is always have something going on with him.
Den Standiga Resan
The Perpetual Journey When I think of the perpetual journey through life When it always feels like autumn The wind moves slowly to the north And the flowers die Rain falls in my dreams I must travel again and search for comfort I must search again for the voice of tenderness I must travel again to next autumn The perpetual journey to next autumn When I wander on the stony road through life When it felt like I carried a sorrow Then the sun hides slowly in the clouds and [indisinct] goodbye Soon the snow falls in my dreams I must travel again and search for comfort I must search again for the voice of tenderness I must travel again to next autumn The perpetual journey to next autumn Oooo the perpetual journey to next autumn [Den Standiga Resan-Opeth]
So Bored
Ugh this town is soo goddamn boring. I wish i had something to do granted there are 4 bars here but they are dead on the weekdays and lame on the weekends. Note to self, if plan A doesnt work, plan B should
Love Song #2!!!!
Music Playlist at BLUE OCTOBER INTO THE OCEAN I'm just a normal boy That sank when I fell overboard My ship would leave the country But I'd rather swim ashore Without a life vest I'd be stuck again Wish I was much more masculine Maybe then I could learn to swim Like 'fourteen miles away' Now floating up and down I spin, colliding into sound Like whales beneath me diving down I'm sinking to the bottom of my Everything that freaks me out The lighthouse beam has just run out I'm cold as cold as cold can be be I want to swim away but don't know how Sometimes it feels just like I'm falling in the ocean Let the waves take me down Let the hurricane set in motion... yeah Let the rain of what I feel right now...come down Let the rain come down Where is the coastguard I keep looking each direction For a spotlight, give me something I need something for protection Maybe flotsam junk will do just fine the jetsam sunk, I'm left behind I'm tre
Are you right for me, do you want me all to yourself, tell me why and what makes you more qualified for the position... Position you ask, why my fubar G/F that is. Who knows maybe more will come of it, never rule anything out... PLEASE SEND ALL RESPONSES IN PRIVATE MESSAGE... Thank You, Jamie
Episode 82- The Teeth Shattering Movement
Last night, was our biggest fubar audience to date. During the announcements we mention that Hellermoon landed a job, my coaching status, and the temperature of late. Nightshade was next up with our Hellcast news. Then was our Dumb Laws of Israel followed by our Top 10 Things you can learn about sex by watching the Olympics. Our musical year in review is 2004, but for our first break, we played "Eternal Flame", dedicated to Nightshade from an anonymous source. Next, Nightshade did his weekly haunt- Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio. Redlar's Good Deed of the Week was next, about the peanut butter recall. Then our King of the Hill was next, featuring Nickelback and Hinder going at it. did our movie review about Paul Blart Mall Cop, just before your Hellcast Trivia #3. More details about the trivia in its own blog post. Next up was TMI's sextalk, followed by our Mad Lib- Job Opening, leading into our Fractured Fairy Tale- The Crusade Begins. Country of the week was Seychelle
Quote Of The Week
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
Russian Slutt
I guess there is no flattery like imitation; especially if its someone stealing my pics and making a second profile for me. THe name is changed a little bit, to a Russian Slutt, which I might or might not find decide. That person was someone close to me, since he knows some of my info. Am I mad? Uhm, not really...more like a lil disgusted and almost flattered that someone would go to those great lengths to mess with me. I don't really feel like investigating, bwah. I guess if someone asks me why I agreed to give them a BJ behind a dumpster, and now acting all high and mighty, Ill just have some explaining to do.
El Perdon De La Hija De Nadie
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Should I Drink Or Not
My sexy lover doesn't like me drinking. I enjoy drinking. I don't do it often but when I do I usually get wasted. Should I drink? I really love him and don't like upsetting him. Maybe there is a way I can compromise. Let me think. I know I will only drink at home. Of course I could get drunk on fubar!!! Love you babe!!!
Trivia #4- Episode 83
This seemed to be the hardest trivia to date. But here are tonight's point totals: Mchgn- 38 Sheena- 30 Punkette- 30 SweetAngel- 28 Sassy_Jen- 27 Strega- 27 Spliff- 27 AnitaDick- 26 Nightshade- 21 Mamma Helle- 20 Lost- 19 Grave- 16 Redlar- 10 Mallory- 0 WTF!!! how did Mallory NOT get any right?? lol so sorry hon... And Now.... The all important Cumulative totals: Sheena-----------102 Mchgn-------------82 Mamma Helle-------63 SweetAngel--------55 Strega------------50 StacyDawn---------50 Redlar------------39 JPletch-----------31 Punkette----------30 Sassy_Jen---------27 Spliff------------27 AnitaDick---------26 Nightshade--------21 Sunnastein--------19 Lost--------------19 Grave-------------16 Forgetful61-------16 Mallory-----------15 OP_free76----------9 AngelaBowers-------3 TWillis------------1 Sue----------------1 We neeed to thank the 7
How Simple Life Gets
From early years we are taught the limitations we put on our selves. But as we grow we seek new experiences and beginnings. Life takes us through paths we have and havent crossed before. Only to explore the next step in ones life is to fully understand that no one person will give you a promise, a committment nor there understanding as to your own path. They too have a path which may lead towards you and intersect or may continue in the opposite direction. Leaving the nest, the living domain where ones birth place and being raised and nurtured til of age, you find yourself thrown to the wolves with early enployment, fending for yourself and making a start in this world. You are tossed into the society we call life amoung us. We prosper and seek love and romance and only have that too burn up in your faces. Open your mind body and soul to only have multiple people walk all over you like last weeks snackbar menu. We pick ourselves up from the floor and carry on as best we can but in t
Goodbye To Fubar
Yes it is true I will be leaving fubar for a while to pursue my education...I recently started classes at borough of manhattan community college and I decided that my time needs to be spent more on my studies than here...Don't get me wrong my friends are important to me but school comes first and I also am getting things in my life together..I'm working on my relationship as well so that is something that will be taking some of my time For now this is the best thing for me and at some point I will profile will still be up and running just that I wont be on it often If anyone would like to keep in touch outside of here just hit me up with a note and I will give you my yahoo or aol screen name thanks to all that has made my fubar experience a good one Oh and you will see a bulletin asking to make me godmother please feel free to get me there while I am away sonce I have been trying to for the past few months lol But anyway this is my goodbye for now take care keep in tou
Trying To Make Heads Or Tails...
i am starting to realize that being 24 and still young isnt all that its cut out to be...what does that mean? wellI am tired of going to the bars and going with someone and being ignored...tired of getting walked all over and not having the balls to stand up for my convictions...i am realizing to get through this life I need to find my inner strength and channel it out...this is hard and I just cant seem to find out how this works. I know through time I will get it but its hard
Revolutionary Petunias
i recently checked out some pics posted by a fu-friend of mine that made me think heavily about the socio-political state of this little planet called earth and i've come 2 the conclusion that the revolution so hoped for and covertly fought by the conscious proletariat is being lost, not to capitalism, but to the collective lack of sagacity and /or perspicacity.My question is this; where have all of the che guevaras, bar khokbas, dhu al quarnayns, and jonatha jacksons gone ???
Story Of My's To Us, Girls!
Here's to all those girls who used to be his Number one. The ones who waited all night for him to call, only to check your cell phone the next morning and be disappointed. The ones who made it through that bitter break up, dried your own tears, and moved on with your life, only to have him walk back in it months later like nothing ever happened. Those of you who cried on the first day you talked again because you knew exactly where this phone call was going. The ones who listened to him say, "I only want to be your friend", one day, then listened to him say that he loves and misses you and the next when he doesn't want to be anything at all. Here's to the ones that took him back, hoping that maybe this time, he was different, hoping that maybe people really do change. We listened to our friends tell us that we were stupid for even thinking about giving him another chance, got crap from our parents, and even snuck around to see him even for a while. We went through the great stage with
I Am Up For Auction....can You Handle My Spankings?
"Nobody Important" is up for Auction It is time for me to find a Owner and to spank them hard!  As those on my friends list know I love to spoil those I spank!   My offers are as follows for starting bids! SFW Salute #1 Friend and Family for a month "Owned by" in my name for a month Rate all pics and Stash during HH "every week" Then will ra
Sunil Is Shocked................
wat to say bla bla bla.............ha ha ha......
Great Sentence
Read this sentence closely and have a blessed day. Courteous of God Concentrate on this Sentence 'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.' When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.' Something good will happen to you today; something that you have been waiting to hear. God Bless ALL my friends!
A Great Poem.. I Liked It Anyway..
WHEN FIRST I LOVED by: Taj Mahjomed HEN first I loved, I gave my very soul Utterly unreserved to Love's control, But Love deceived me, wrenched my youth away And made the gold of life for ever grey. Long I lived lonely, yet I tried in vain With any other Joy to stifle pain; There is no other joy, I learned to know, And so returned to Love, as long ago. Yet I, this little while ere I go hence, Love very lightly now, in self-defence. TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH BY LAURENCE HOPE (1865-1904) "When First I Loved" is reprinted from India's Love Lyrics. Trans. Laurence Hope. New York: John Lane Co., 1906.
Healing Heart Poem
Shattered heart forced to heal as greatness unveils thine soul. Hope whispered in the distance, to recover thine lost love. 'Tis night brings tender passing, healing thine soul with glorious blunder. Caus' not one or two, but dissipated nights of dreams. Sadness comes to end, happiness conquered hate. Love sprouting -- sadness shrinking, hope has come again.
Fetish And Freaks??
I am willing to do anything in return for some nice woman to step on my face. I love being crushed and watching my stuff get crushed under your shoes. if you are interested please reply asap ------------------------------------------- i am a lonely, white, married guy,48, looking for a lady that can make me feel `special` again and in turn make her feel `special`. me and my other half have drifted apart over time. need a lady to hold... to touch... to kiss... and to `love`. i am easygoing, caring and a gentlemen. i am real... no games... i am sincere. hope to hear from you. ------------------------------------------- hello all i just want some panties to jerk off with will pay for shipping only so please help me and no professionals panties unless they are free!!! ------------------------------------------- TY Craigslist. You provided me with the break from school work that I needed so desperately.
Shows 2/11-2/15
I will be performing at Stanford & Sons Comedy Club located in the Legends Shopping Center in Kansas City Kansas Tonight through Sunday. So for any Fubar members in and around that area, I have made a deal with the club that all you need to do is go to the box office and say you are a Fubar member to get 4 free tickets to any of these shows. Showtimes are 7:45 pm tonight and tomorrow, 7:45 and 9:45 pm Friday and Saturday and 7:00 pm Sunday. Come on Out for a great night of Stand up Comedy!
Weak & Hopeless...
Ok, ive been keepin this pent up anger for a bit now, Weakness. –noun 1. the state or quality of being weak; lack of strength, firmness, vigor, or the like; feebleness. 2. an inadequate or defective quality, as in a person's character; slight fault or defect: to show great sympathy for human weaknesses. 3. a self-indulgent liking or special fondness, as for a particular thing: I've always had a weakness for the opera. 4. an object of special desire; something very difficult to resist: Chocolates were her weakness. —Synonyms 1. fragility. 2. flaw. See fault. 3. penchant, passion, hunger, appetite. —Antonyms 1. strength. Now that the meaning of Weakness is clear, I am so Effin' frustrated with all of this relationship bullshit, that has been surrounding all of my wonderful girlfriends and some family members ( I do not need to say your name.) All of this, emotional distress, because of their fear of loosing something they believe is truly theirs. Now being 20 losing, is
Poems Of The Emotions
Free Agency
I’m in my first week and 3 days of boyfriend free agency, what is kind of kool to be in! Now I can talk to team aka girls I like. Reading ESPN boyfriend magazine and boyfriend center showing my OVR at 95/99. Some of the teams I mean girls I’m talking to are, my ex, Maryia from az and kyoko from japan. My ex we are just friends so I’m not going to be joining that team anymore lol. So I’m talking for fun and I’m down to two. It’s kind of hard but one is winning and going to take me out of free agency. But I kind of want to stay in and do my try outs for teams. Why do I put dating into some kind of sport or League. It’s fun to think of it like one. Because I’m my dad’s last son who is not married off and had kids. So I want to fun with it. I let everyone know what happen to me.
This Is Awsome!!!
I'm a proud member of theWebcam Chat Community
Keep Fighting Baby Bunny(allison)
Allison Winokur was hit my a SUV Monday Feb 9th 2009 around 8ish.. It was a hit and run.. but we found the guy which is someone allison works with. She has head truama..two fracture spinal bones which is not harming her spinal core. and fracture pelvis bone. They say one thing that is going for her is her age and they still don't know what the outcome is.. They also say it may be a year for her recovery. I don't know if she is going to remember herself.. me...or anything. I'm talking to everyday even if she can't hear me.. I was yawning today.. it was really cute and still makes me sad b/c i really miss hearing her voice. This past week she started moving her arms and opening her eyes but she still not responding. The first car had stopped to let her by, but the suv went around that car and thats who struck her.. She was wearing bright clothes, white and tan..She was almost on the other side. Allison and me went home together..i was starting dinner..heating the water in the pot and t
Our Brother Our Friend Rip Jesse We Will Miss You
Venus Fly Traps
Woman are like venus fly traps: their beautiful, they'll lure you in, then when you least expect it they'll Kill you.
Come on baby I ll be you lady If you want To be loved Long long long Time I am the woman You been dreaming Of ………….. Come on baby I am not crazy Once you have my love You want Ever crave Another lady I be The one You want forever I am the lady You’ll be thinking About all the time Many ladies Will come around Claim there love Is so much better Than mine But you’ll be So addicted To my love You want even Want to sample Any other dish Cause you know Their just snacks They cant fill you up Come home to me I am the 1st 2nd and 3rd Course, plus a workout Plan that keeps you In shape Come on baby You know I am your lady No other Can touch This baby I am Everything Plus So much more My love Can cure the soul I am can be your Lady Them other girl Be acting shady You know Where home is So Come on baby Cause you know I am Your lady Come on Come on Baaaaaabyyyyyyy
New To This
Hello everyone.. Hope everything is gravy in your neck of the woods, as you can see I am new to this website, I see trying to get the name out there sorta speak and get friends .. I am always up for suggestions on how to be better on here.. Please fell free to add me
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you
Angels By Within Temptation
Sparkling angel I believe You were my savior in my time of need. Blinded by faith I couldn't hear All the whispers, the warnings so clear. I see the angels, I'll lead them to your door. There's no escape now, No mercy no more. No remorse cause I still remember The smile when you tore me apart. You took my heart, Deceived me right from the start. You showed me dreams, I wished they'd turn into real. You broke a promise and made me realize. It was all just a lie. Sparkling angel, I couldn't see Your dark intentions, your feelings for me. Fallen angel, tell me why? What is the reason, the thorn in your eye? I see the angels, I'll lead them to your door There's no escape now No mercy no more No remorse cause I still remember The smile when you tore me apart You took my heart, Deceived me right from the start. You showed me dreams, I wished they'd turn into real. You broke a promise and made me realize, It was all just a lie. Could have been forever.
Just Facts
Life is not all beautiful.It comes with alot of ups and downs.So live life day by day to fullest.And when your gone someone will say they really lived.Inspire those around you to love with every fiber of there being.We all have enough enemies in this world and we dont need to beat ourselves up.
Playin' For The World--stand By Me
This Site
does this site have a chat? i dont see one, maybe im blinded lol
Everybody Hurts
When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone, When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on. Don't let yourself go, everybody cries And everybody hurts sometimes. Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along. When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on) If you feel like letting go, (hold on) When you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on. Everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends. Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand. If you feel like you're alone, No, no, no, you are not alone If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long, When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on. Well, everybody hurts sometimes, everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes. And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. {Everybody Hurts, REM}
V Is For Vendetta
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Van...gonna make this tough 2. A four letter word: Vain 3. A boy's name: Van 4. A girl's name: Vanessa 5. An occupation: Valet 6. A colour: Violet 7. Something you wear: Vinger rings (Dutch) 8. A food: Veal 9. Something found in the bathroom: Vinegar 10. A place: Virginia 11. A reason for being late: Vehicle Malfunction 12. Something you shout: VEGANS SUCK!!! 13. A movie title: V is for vendetta 14. Something you drink: Vodka 15. A musical group: Van Halen 16. An animal: Vampyroteuthis 17. A street n
I was talking to a friend who has a 3 yr old son who has brain damage. He has had this condition since birth but the attending doctor altered the records otherwise. My friend has spoken to several attorneys who "won't touch it" because the records were altered. The baby has had 4 surgeries and still has at least 3 more in the near future. The whole point of this I guess is....someone needs to take responsible for this baby boys injuries but without an attorney it would be a lose-lose battle. Plz comment if you know of an attorney who he can call!!! Here's the link to the babies photo.....
The Woman I Love...
The Woman I love The woman I love is in the arms of another Though apart of me is still with her Time and tide will never change how I feel Inside my heart I know my love for her is real Tonight she is far apart from me And my tears she will never see Alone in this empty house I sleep Knowing her love I could never keep The woman I love, loves another Even though I thought we'd always be together Though tonight I must except defeat Without her in my life I will never be complete The woman I love is gone With her life she moved on Into the arms of another man Though he could never love her the way I can
Something Yall Should Know..
Tired Of Mutes And Friends Who Dont Speak?
Some People
to let everyone know, i'm not one to call anyone "friend" from the beginning. i have to feel i can trust you before i'll use that word. with that said, here goes. i'm extremely frustrated that i have had 3 people in the last 2 months flip on me. now, the first one was my ex girlfriend who broke up with me on jan 1 this year, 2nd was a co-worker who has a very controlling/jealous boyfriend, and 3rd was a co-worker who i was starting to get to know better away from work. the first stings a good bit because i kinda saw it coming but didn't think it would really happen. the second was kind of a shock because she had told me that they had an understanding and that she and i could text whenever. now, the third has really pissed me off because it effects my job. it seems that i'm under "investigation" because of something i supposedly did to this co-worker. none of my supervisors (sargents, captain) will tell me what i did to be in trouble. i was told i would have to talk to the chief to find
Can't Figure It Out
I feel horrible. One of my family members deleted their profile and I can't figure out for the life of me who it is. As soon as I figure it out I'm going to feel even worse. But this is driving me nuts. Ugh. I don't know how to figure it out.
Yod Still Rawking The Fu!
Below is a list of some FuBar Support Blogs I have available. I have included clickable links, so they are easy to find. Please feel free to link through to any blog in this area and also..repost this. The more reposts...the more guidance members have. CherryBomb Bling Options For Site Linking Clearing Cookies and Cache FU Marriage Clickable Pics How to Make Basic Skins SKINS-Ripping/Pasting Code/Generating Simple HTML For Your Bulletins and Blogs Downloading Fonts To Your Computer Site Navigation and Mumming for the New Members
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Dating Advice Tatat
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My Diet Log.... Things I Eat
mon: breakfast:yogurt lunch :yogurt dinner: chicken breast with totmato sauce and 2 scoops of pasta no oil and very small slice of bread drink:tea and jucie tue: breakfast:yogurt lunch :yogurt dinner: chicken breast with eggs white and bread crumbs grilled no oils or butter drink:tea and jucie Wed: morn: half of banana Lunch: egg white fatfree butter and hot sauce dinner: 1 scoop of white rice half a skinless chicken breast and 2 scoops of black beans no oil with hot mustard drinks: hot tea 2 table spoon of sugar and 1 sprite ,grape juice ,water desert:2 teaspoons of pudding thru: breakfast:Yogurt shake and banana lunch: 1 scoop of ramen noodles dinnerhrimp and broccoli and 2 tablespoons of fried rice desert: 6 raspberry candy pieces and 1 bites of bakery cookie drinks: water,hot tea 2 tea spoon of sugar ,diet coke fri: breakfast :half of a cookie lunch: hot tea dinner: bacon cheese burger frys and chesse and gravy and chicken
Life, Ppl, And Dogs
I know i haven't been on for a while but life must go on. things are so damn whatever that i can't think straight. i have always believed that you shouldn't take life serious because your not gonna live through it anyways but, it is hard to not be that way some times. You can't ignore life and expect it to just be right. and ppl are down right nuts sometimes. if we could all be like dogs it would be great they don't care where you go, how much you have or don't all they know is they wanna be with you and are happy when your there. and they get to sit around and lick them selves ALL DAY !!!!
The Obama Deception Hq Full Length Version
Baby Girl Your Mom Misses U So Much
Carbon Copy Review
Carbon Copy ReviewLearn about making REAL MONEY right nowThe headlines read $250,000 first year income potential. Type in almost any keyword about making money online or a homebased business and you will have two, three or more of these "carbon copy" ads to choose from. What is Carbon Copy Pro? Who is Jay Kubassek?Jay is currently part of the executive committee of Wealth Masters International. He has had internet success in the last three years and has established Carbon Copy Pro as "the" system to automate wealth generation online. Basically, the Carbon Copy Pro system acts as a funnel to generate leads into Wealth Masters International. While this company has some marketing power and name recognition, with a base sticker price of $1995 - $19995 the average person will not become a part of this opportunity.When it comes to making money through a home based business you have to do a lot of research to discover who is doling out a load of false statistics and who is actually making a p
SLIM - DJ MANAGER King Slim?Outkast?DJ MGR@Exotic Radio~~R/L BF 2 HYPNO~@ fubar HOOLIGANS - DJ MANAGER THE Lyrical Leprechaun HOOLIGANS DJ MANAGER E.D.R.@ fubar DIRTY HEATHER - ASSISTANT DJ MANAGER ?DiRtY HeAtHeR?AsSt Dj MgR & eXoTiC AnGeL@eXoTiC DrEaMs@ fubar SPARKY - DJ DJ SPARKY DJ@EXOTIC (R/L BOYFRIEND OF NORTHY)@ fubar 808 PLAYBOY - DJ DeViousOne~ Pebbles Bam Bam~DJ & GUARDIAN OF EXOTIC DREAMS~*Chief Enforcer of theFu Luv BombSqau@ fubar PSYCHOTIC FREAK420 - DJ ~D.J.~Psychotic_Freak420~ Exotic Angel of Exotic Dreams
Ohhh Noes Mister Bill!!!!!!!!!
Cradled In Your Arms
Cradled in your arms, held close to your heart, this dance will never end, once you let it start. Step away with me, follow where I go, our loves takes us to places, that only we can know. Lost within a dream, we drift away in peace, passionate souls united, our hearts feels its release. This dance is never over, in your arms eternally, we hold each other closely, our spirits are set free. Love may sometimes stumble, but ours will never fall, for what we feel within, is the greatest love of all. I hear the music play, lost in its melody, we dance throughout the night, together, you and me. When I hold onto your heart, and you nuzzle close to me, holding each other together that’s the way its meant to be. For as long as I shall live, my hands reach out to touch, as we share the love we give, and we give so very much. As we dance into the night, and the night time fades away, I will be cradled in your arms, in your arms, I will stay.
Vampiric Lust
Sweet sweet blood Giving me lust. There is no one in this world besides you that I trust. Vampiric wanting and vampiric loving Blood pours down the waterfall Open your mouth Reveal your fangs Make me want you the way I know you want me. Pierce the skin Reap the soul Take the blood Pay the toll. Caress the body Destroy it in mesh Suck the honey From the flesh. Kiss tenderly Make my lips bleed. Let me drink you the way you drink me. Empower me, deflower me.... Dark black eyes pierce my mind Dark black hair, both of ours intertwined. Take a knife Slit my wrists Drink my wine like a kiss. Let me cut you here You cut me there Between the two of us we will cut everywhere. Turn me on Turn me off Turn me any way you like... Make it rough. Vampiric lusting...vampiric lust Continue this all throughout my life. Thrashing about in a pool of our blood Let's roll around till time ends Transform me into what you are Now I am what I so desire. Now to n
Every Picture Tells A Story Don't It!
Yes, and so does every song... I have a story to tell. Take a listen to one of these tunes...
God Bless...
May Lovelle Mixon rot in HELL!!!! How did our Justice system ever let a monster like this out into the world? POLICEMAN'S PRAYER The policeman stood and faced his God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining. Just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now, Policeman. How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To my Church have you been true?" The policeman squared his shoulders and said, "No, Lord I guess I ain't, Because those of us who carry badges Can't always be a Saint. I've had to work most Sundays, And at times my work was rough, and sometimes I've been violent, Because the streets are awfully tough. But I never took a penny, That wasn't mine to keep, I worked a lot of overtime When the bills just got too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fear. And sometimes, God forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deserve a place among the people he
The Window
The Window Looking through the window, I see the life I want to live, I can smell the sweet existence, I can feel the sun on my skin, Cannot look long, I must avert my gaze. I see the mirror, I see my true self. I do not like what I see. I do not like what I hear. I see... I know I am a failure, Now that I stop and look I see it clear. Someday, somehow, someway, I will look in the mirror, And see what I saw through the window. Someday, somehow, someway, I will look in the mirror, And see what I saw through the window. That day won't be today, That day won't be tomorrow, But, that day will be soon, And when that day comes, I know who will be by my side, Those I call friends... Those I call family. Someday, somehow, someway, I will look in the mirror, And see what I saw through the window.
Life Is One Big Argument.
So yeah, here it is. You go through each day, and there's always at least one argument you either have, or privileged to be near when it happens. Now, typically I just semi-iggy(ignore)the ones I'm just lucky enough to pass by. Now a good intelligent argument is awesome, sitting around a table drinking Starbucks whatever. :D The ones I wind up involved in, though, are the ones that make life a ball of fun. First, I have to stop doing what I gotta do. Then, defend my view of the world and what it's taught me. This is just to satisfy some goofnut who either doesn't get it or needs OMG attention (yawns). How is it, that some people never have a thought of their own. They have to jump on someone else's popularity wagon, but when it's their turn to be confronted on it. They look like a complete moron and waste everyone's time, all because they just want to be little lost sheep following every other lost sheep. Too lazy to decide for themselves and make their own story.
Personatlity Profile From
Hmmm.... What Do You Think About This????
As I walked in the door of the garage tonight about 605pm, I hear my pager going off. I think well crap what is it that could be so important to bother me on a Sat. evening .... well this story I pulled off of yahoo news at 330am will tell you what it was...... Wash. police: Father kills 5 children, himselfBy PHUONG LE, Associated Press Writer Phuong Le, Associated Press Writer 2 hrs 27 mins agoGRAHAM, Wash. – A father apparently shot to death five of his children, ages 7 to 16, at their mobile home and then killed himself near a casino miles away, police said Saturday.Ed Troyer, a spokesman for the Pierce County Sheriff, called it a domestic violence situation and a murder-suicide."We believe they all died of gunshot wounds," Troyer said.Police found the father's body early Saturday in his still-running car near the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, about 30 miles south of Seattle. He had apparently killed himself with a rifle, although no note was left in the car, Auburn Police Sgt
In a college classroom, they were discussing the qualifications to be President of the United States.It was pretty simple - the candidate must be a natural born citizen of at least 35 years of age.However, one girl in the class immediately started in on how unfair was the requirement to be a natural born citizen.  In short, her opinion was that this requirement prevented many capable individuals from becoming president.   The class was taking it in and letting her rant, but everyone's jaw hit the floor when she wrapped up her argument by stating, 'What makes a  natural born citizen any more qualified to lead this country than one born by C-section?'Yep, these are the same 18 year olds that just elected the new President of the United States. Amazing...
Helpin A Fellow S.e.r Staff Member
Hello! Trying to help out a Hot sexy Mami! Come help me!  all she needs is one Rate That is it! just one! How easy is that?  To see the Hottie Im talking about and the pic you need to rate,
Holding Hands
I never thought I'd ever hold handsI don't hold hands anymoreThe memory of holding handsMy friend dies as I can't save himIt's my job and I failI can't believe I was such a failureHe looks in my eyes As he fades awayI tell him he's not aloneI hold him closeHolding his hand tightbecause I failed at my jobI get the body bagSlide his tags in his teethand attach one to his bootMy friend he died I'll never hold hands againThe last one died I failed himI can't hold hands again Copyright ©2009
It Happens
Missed my alarm clock ringingWoke up, telephone screamingBoss man singing his same old songRolled in late about an hourno cup of coffee, no showerWalk of shame with two different shoes onNow it's poor me, why me, oh me, boringThe same old worn out, blah, blah storyThere's no good explanation for it at allChorus:Ain't no rhyme or reason No complicated meaningAin't no need to over-think itLet go, laughingLife don't go quite like you planned itWe try so hard to understand itThe irrefutable, indisputable fact isIt happensMy trusty-rusty had a flatI borrowed my neighbors Cadillac"I'll be right back," going down to Wally WorldThat yellowed light turned red too quicklyKnew that truck the moment it hit meOut stepped my ex and his new girl("Sorry 'bout your neck baby")But it's poor me, why me, oh me, boringThe same old worn out, blah, blah storyThere's no good explanation for it at allRepeat Chorus twiceYeah, the irrefutable, indisputable, absoluteable, totally beautiful fact is...pshhhhh, it h
Ok So I Need Some Help With Money
ok well im asking everyone for their help in paying for my wedding and possible my rent...we are 3 months behind and if we get kicked out we will have to live on the streets with our two i have set up a paypal account if you would like to help us out just a little bit... send me and email at and give me your email and how much you would like to contribute....     thanks much love nici
Sacramental Maiden
Sacramental Maiden On dewey breast doest wisdom lie; Psyche freed our hearts bid flyFruit of Sidhe O' magick's snareour souls delight when chance we dareMeaty flesh of maiden's fareourselves we lost when bodies pairThoughts released and tongues be bound When Goddess gift at first we foundAbandon now your will to be this sacred flesh has set us free
The Age Factor
Okay here it goes.  About 5 years ago in the other chat I belong to.  I met a friend whos like 12 years younger then me. We chatted and became friends.  Hes my rock most of the time.  Knows all about my depression and my mood swings when I am over whelmed.  And I know all about his physical disabitys with his spinal biffida, etc. He knows how to bring me out of my dark space and get me laffin again.  I go to visit him once a year,  we  go shopping and do the resturant thing,  go to shows you name it.  Its a blast. Yet!!!  Even thou we are just good friends,  I feel out of place some time and honestly un comfortable.  I see people starring at us and wonder what are they thinking. He tends to hold my hand when we are sitting and chatting,  why dunno and I dont mind. I am very honest with hubby never do I hide a dam thing from him.  He even speaks to my bud and laughs and carrys on a convoe. But I cant help think,  sometimes my budd needs to find a young lady and start a relation
Exposa' "the Walk Of Death I Walk!"
"The Walk of Death I Walk!"I have started just a spark, only vision as sound pounded did abound.Not that I did not be before as I never noticed, I had, and even not bad.As I wondered if at galactic war, I woke to fear and another face of front.Still the stone of carve and marks that cause one scares, play they upon.As years and marks have past a scare, now carves and maker starts me.To see if all is all and what should be, be...then to death like life I maybe.So to walk ant not to see, all that math and reason, such things mean to me.I think that many as if a period could be are now lessoning, while lessoning.This step it seem to me not of the walk that's long, I walk a walk but no you.Come see me darkness, seeming not to be...if only vanquish, not back to thee.If all of it seems squirming, lost to sense, see it so seamy; "walk of death I walk."Logic and numbers and all the gains and yields it will all become you and death.To beat the simple logic it is best to take what it offers, nev
I See Old People!
Just when I thought I found a nifty lil site through some mutal party animal friends.. I find my EX on here.. I mean, shouldn't there be an age limit or at least a background check!! Holy Lord this SUCKS!! I'm not gonna name names, however...WATCH OUT.... You never know who you date until you find their parole box...NICE. I may have done stupid shit to him, but damn did he put one over on me... Two years I lived w/ this person and had no clue he was on paper.. I'd rather be a crazy fucked up biatch then a complete loser! He comes across as a friendly charmer...but WATCH OUT! WEIRDO!! Who the hell comes to a site like this at his age?? LAME!!!!! Anyway... don't worry guys.... You're lucky you'll never have to meet him in real life! I love my party friends. You ROCK!! Kisses, Sandy  
Meet My Mother Esme Cullen
I was born in year 1895. I lived near the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. When I was Young I was always outside wich my friends hanging out in the nature and going shopping with my best friends. I met Dr. Carlisle Cullen for the first time when I was 16 and had just broken my leg climbing a tree. He soon moved out of town, but I never forgot the experience because he was so cute and he was a totally lovely man. I had great grades and I was not a teenager who always interest myself for Makeup and good looking clothes. So I wanted to study and become a school teacher. While I initially wanted to move West to become a school teacher, I was pressured by my parents to remain and marry. At the age of 22, I married Charles Evenson, hoping to please my parents and willing to attempt to be happy, but soon realized my husband was an abusive man. I never really loved him but I just wanted to make my parents be happy and I didn't want to be lonely anymore. My parents coached me to keep face, and much
Before I Go...
Before I go just let me say... I never wanted to hurt you I gave everything I had Looks like it wasn't enough Did I ever truly make you smile? Others are always asking why Why did I even try? I'm done with the pain Maybe someday we'll meet again Things may be different then How often do I cross your mind? I never could stand to see you cry I'm gone today I'll leave a smile for you I don't belong here in your world This is my final declaration I feel I've slipped too far I don't even want to fight I cant be the strong one Just let me fade away...    
My Wreck (the Newspaper Cliping)     Wednesday May 6, 2009 Police news: Family injured in collision in Danville A woman and two children were injured in a one vehicle collision Saturday.   Police said Stephanie Cline lost control of her 1996 Saturn and struck a concrete barrier on a bridge while rounding a curve on South Third Street.   Cline was transported to Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center with possible back and neck injuries.   Police said Cline's sons were also transported to the hospital with possible injuries.   Copyright:The Advocate-Messenger 2009
Im Not Fooled By Her Batting Eyelashes Anymore...
Dont give Pk,Kp,"Papercutwhateveritisthisweek" fucheddar.Send them to me.I always give her my fumonies(like a good babydaddy) and she wont give me shit.So I say eff her and her effin spotlightness.I cant even afford my fu-rent and she wants to go off and get spotlight.Fuck this shit.How can you trust her with your fumonies?She doesnt even know her own name.What is it this week "Princess Immatakeurmoniesnpride"?   Dammit.....     This is my bog for the minute.I will post more cause I cant do anything else.Cause she took all of m fuscratch and pride.She is the devil.                 Ok,maybe not the devil,but if you spell her name backwards it is Ah Satan....   Decide for yourself.
How To Throw A Lightning Bolt   Duality or triality based molecular resonance with surrounding water molecules. Potential reality becomes entangled with the frequency of triggering of the fight/flight response mechanism within your sympathetic nervous system. Sequence of reality follows mandlebrot set pattern into an opening vortex of infinite possibilities, in any given situation you'll have a flight response, a fight response or another tangent of response entirely. When one utters a Holy Word, they are actually referencing an aspect of Pi and thus closing the information feedback loop on that particular sequence of reality.  The Greek Alpha Numeric of Jesus is 888, the hexadecimal of pi is 3.243F6A8885A308D31319... A single sequence of 3 888's within an infinite sequence serves as a reference point/constant,
Quote Du Jour 5/10/09
"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." -twilight.
hey hey look at me up on fubar ima figure out this shit works eventually!!! lmao!! fuck it!!
Welcome To A Redneck Nation
Want To F This Week?
I want to fuck this week. I work day shift and off all weekend. I want to fuck any evening and anytime during the weekend;) I love sex and I want to play alot.  I'm horny as hell. 5-16-09  just let me know if anybody wants to play and fuck and party;)
New Moon Soundtrack(possible Tracks)
Soundtrack Comments Stephenie Meyer’s Official New Moon Playlist While we don’t know yet what will be on the movie’s soundtrack, these are the songs that Stephenie Meyer thought were appropriate when writing New Moon. Note that the B, E and J indicate whether they are from Bella, Edward or Jacob’s perspective. Here is a link to the complete playlist on iTunes so you can check out the tracks if you haven’t heard them. “Do You Realize?” by the Flaming Lips (B) (mp3) “Paper Cut” by Linkin Park (B) (mp3) “Hyper Music” - Muse (B) “Apocalypse Please” - Muse (B) (mp3) “Time Stands Still” - The All-American Rejects (B) (mp3
Who Can Tell Me?
What if I switched?   I have had the wirst luck with men.What if I am wrong? How do I come to terms with the fact that women may be better for me? I don't know if that is the answer or if I am just tired of the whole game. I like both but don't feel the passion the same. Am I just incapable of finding the right one reguardless of gender?
Auction House Preparing To Open!
I am going to host my first auction!   I have been in multiple auctions and co-hosted one as well..... now I am doing one myself! =)   *50k to enter *PM me your offers: See my Auctions folder for ideas *Auction will run from May 27-June 3 *Entry cut-off May 26th @ midnight EST *For every entrant you refer, I will offer you either an additional free bulletin pimp out for the auction (up to one) and/or I will take 5k off of your entry fee. *I am not responsible for ensuring obligations are met. Entrant chooses their winner and the winner and entrant are responsible for making sure everything is paid/taken care of to one another. *I will provide one free pimp-out bulletin. You can repost it as you wish and are free to make your own. If you want me to make you another one it will be 5k per additional bulletin. *I will make the tags for the auction folder. The cost for this is in the entry fee.   Let me know if you want in!
Playing For Change
Angel Kisses
Someone who cares about youthought you could usesome angel kisses.Angel kisses have the power tomake you feel better and give you hope.Just one angel kiss will makeyour troubles disappear,and you'll suddenly have the motivationyou need to complete a difficult task.Run to your loving angelto receive your angel kiss.and you'll feel a sense ofwarmth and happinessthat will last the whole day.Even if it's rainy outside,nothing but sunshine willcome your way.
You Are Everything I Ever Wanted
You are everything I ever wanted.On you my future happiness depends.Unless I'm with you all my thoughts are haunted.After seeing you, my unease ends.Reason warns me that I am in danger:Eventually, everything must fade.My love, like yours, is flammable in anger.Yet my trust is such, I'm not afraid.Something in our love's more than emotion,Underneath each thought and each desire;Not even all the water in the oceanSeems up to putting out this one small fire.How could this be? Within our love is somethingImmeasurable, infinite, and good.Nothing in all life can match this one thingEach other passion would be, if it could.
Who Wants To Play A Game?
I'm going to be bored soon, because someone hot and sexy and awesome is going to work. So who wants to play a game?   Ze Game: Werewolf   Ze Idea: We are all villagers. (To be played on IRC, because, I have a bot for it.) One or two of the villagers are... DUN DUN DUN... WEREWOLVES!  :oSo then it goes in day-night cycles. Night cycles, everyone "sleeps", except the werewolves, who EAT PEOPLE! OH NOES! So we wake up and find a person dead each morning, then have to figure out who the werewolves are, while the werewolves try to make everyone think (subtly) that it isn't them. Then, at the end of each day-turn, we lynch someone. If we lynch the werewolves before there are more werewolves than people, the villagers win. If not... the werewolves win.There's also a seer, who can, while asleep, have a vision about one villager per turn to determine if they are or are not the werewolf... but admitting to being the seer means the werewolves will eat you faster, so it's VERY hard to use t
Till Then
Let me roost upon the feathery grass, Lie prone among the flowers And while away the beautiful day, Feeling your love for hours. Let fairies purvey your Angelic kissesAnd arrange them on my cheek, Let all thoughts of wondrous moments Into my daydreams sneak. Let the arms of nature embrace usProtect from Winters chill.Release from us our burdens, Let life and time stand still.  Let me bask in rays of sunshine And feel the morning dew. Let me lay among the flowers Till I can be with you
Paper Gangsta
Midnight rush with a pen in my hand. Dinkin, linking, sanscript with a fan. Remembering me before we began. Sometimes I feel so def in the jam. But the ones who loved me told me to stop. Like homegirl cant catch shit if it drop. A superwoman chick you know that I am. Some shit dont fly by me and the man. 'Cos I do not accept any less than someone. Just as real, as fabulous. Don't want no paper gangsta. Won't sign away my life to. Someone who's got the flavor. But don't got no follow through. Don't want no paper gangsta. Won't sign no monkey papers. I don't do funny business. Not interested in fakers. Don't want no paper gangsta. Oh Ohhh Don't want no paper gangsta. Oh Ohhh Don't want no paper gangsta. Got something so shiny to start. Want me to sign there on your Range Rover heart. I've heard it before, yeah the dinners were nice. Till your diamond words melted into some ice. You should have been rapping to the beat of my song Mr. California paper gangsta raw. I'm looking for love, not
Sexual arousal from deformities in others.
I really have no desire to answer to messages that simply state how hot I am.  If you want to chat that's fine but conversations that start with "wow you're hot" aren't going to get more than a ty.  Just saying.
Ns.f.w. Pics
Yes I enjoy all the comments.Makes a girl feel good. have alot of ppl asking to see my n.s.f.w. pics,so here it is.The prices are as follow.This will get you added to family for a day. 1. $150,000 fu$$ 2. A 14 bling pack 3. A V.I.P. and $25.000 fu$$ Other prices to follow as I learn more about the site.Ty very much.
We Often Forget
We often forget those who need a hand. those who have fallen in the sand. We often forget those we have lost track of along the way. So much you want to say. We often forget the tears that have been shed. You just closed your eyes and went to bed. We often forget the pain, that someone else is going through. We often forget the heartache that friends go through. We often forget who we really are. We often forget don't you think it is time to be a friend, to remember what they have gone through for us. We often forget I think we need to remember, Let us not close the door and lend a helping hand, give a hug to those in need of one. Lend a ear when they need to vent, cause i know I wouldnt want to be left out in the cold by someone i cared about. Let's not forget.  
Famous Quotes !!
# "Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself, and where they are they should be changed." Jimmy Carter - Former U.S. President
Broken hearts, love's deceit, pieces fall down to my feet. Broken promises, love's a lie, puddles form from tears I cry. Broken dreams, love's illusion, sorrowed cause of your intrusion. Broken hope, love's a game, doesn't last, ends the same. Broken sleep, love's the cause, digs at me with sharpened claws. Broken spirit, love of sorrow, stolen now is my tomorrow. Broken life, love is lost, Broken now and that's the cost.
Best Of Me
Woke Up From The Sound Of Pouring Rain Smell Of Wet Sand Reminded Me Your Skin Cool Breeze Raised My Burning Desires And Once Again I Fought With My Will Within Slept Again With The Sound Of My Tears As My Lullaby Same Stained Pillows Embracing My Swollen Eyes Nothing Has Changed, Another Year Has Just Passed By And I Wonder If You Could Ever Hear My Dying Cries Cool Breeze Wash My Tears Away When I Walk Down Your Street Again Time Stands Still When I Look At Your Door And My Heart Cry Out Your Name In Pain There's A Long Way To Go Before I Reach The End And I'll Keep Walking Even If Forever I Stay Alone I Am Not A Weak Man To Follow Any Suicidal Trend But I Have Been Too Much Hurt Since You Have Gone Weird Feelings Passes Me By So Frequently Now Sometimes I Wish My Heart Had A Bone This Life Has Just Turned Upside Down Somehow Since My Heart Became A Rolling Stone Ruptured From Your Love That Now Stink I Had So Much To Tell You On Your Face Realities Be
Omg-i Want This Car!!!
Making Money Could Not Be Any Easier I Swear, Its Crazy That's Its Legal!!
Making Money could not be any easier I swear, its crazy that's its Legal!!Please just take a few minutes out of your time and LOOK this OVER.....just $6 dollars people....At first I thought this was too good to be true, how wrong I was!!I decided to give it a go, it was only 6 dollars, so why not?Well I was astounded!! Money has, and still is coming to my account.As Seen On OPRAH & 20/20 - TURN $6 into $24,600! (or more, that's just what he made)Earn money using PAYPAL as seen on Oprah & 20/20THE PAYPAL $6 DOLLAR MONEY-MAKING METHODAS SEEN ON OPRAH EARN HUGE $$$$Ok this is all you need:1) An email address2) A PayPal account3) then POST, POST, POST, POST, POST, POST..........THIS IS A 2009, CURRENT EMAIL LISTEver since the internet became popular, the word "scam" has become a daily term.I have never once tried any money making "system"outside of this because of that very reason. However, after reading reports on the validity and reputation of this money making system as seen on Oprah, C
A Night With You
When we are far apart Can sorrow heal our broken hearts? I love you baby, yes I do! Sleep is sweet while dreaming of you. All of you is like a rose, Night has come so I must doze. With you I leave one thing in mind: You must read the first word in every line!!! ?????                                                  Chellie Maye
Curiousity Kills Cats 1
Title: Curiousity Kills Cats 1Characters: Gavin, George (NPC bartender), VirginiaTime: 21 Jan, Near Midnight Location: One Eyed Eddies, the docks and streets of Crescent IsleOne Eyed Eddies, a bar right on the waterfront, was quiet for a weekday night. George, the owner and bartender, had a little extra time to mingle and talk with his regulars. One in particular had been more regular lately."You go out today?" George asked, inquiring about whether he had taken his boat out on a fishing run. George was really wondering if Gavin would settle the tab he had been running. Gavin was captain and owner of the Glastonbury Tor, a fishing boat that catered to the Crescent Isle tourist trade.Gavin looked up from his drink. He had switched from the dark rum of the last few nights to Killians Red, a detail that had not gone unnoticed by George. "Yea, first time in days.""Time heals, glad to have you back with the living." He patted the shorter Celt on the shoulder, "You'll get over her.""I always
What Love We Share
Sad And Gone
I'm not in a good mood right now. All day today I was great. Getting excited about my trip, finding out I got my laptop fixed WAY earlier than they told me, and finding out that I have Saturday off now. Then I sign on here tonight and see the status message I blogged about earlier. Right after that I start talking to someone in my shoutbox that I'm really starting to like. Next thing I know..they "bother" me. They don't. I love talking to them. I really wish we could talk more. When I tell them they don't bother me at all and ask them why they think that..I get no answer. It's great finding out that you suck at being a friend.   I think I'm just going to go and call my friend and see what's going on with this possible trip. At this point it's the only thing left to go wrong today.
Sexnstuff Pt.2
  June 23, 2009 @ 5:07 pm #9 of 9 -- Sex Survey 1) What turns you on the most? kissing and looking in her eyes when she cums2) Does size matter? if not i also have flawless technique,lol 3) Most times in one day? 5 but i faked the last one 4) Most orgasms in one session? 2 5) What do you think about during sex? lol,silly,guys don't think during sex all the blood has left our brain. 6) Ever had a Three-some? lol well,yeah!!!7) How often do you masterbate? does using someone elses hand count as masturbating? 8) Do you like oral? mmmmmmyessssss 9) What's better, someone you care about or a one night stand? a one week stand
In true fantastic fashion from my mother... I no longer have someone to pay for my college.. so... i don't know what I am going to do. I may be able to get some grants.. but i don't know since she makes a lot of money.. the only other option that i have is to change my degree and go to the technical college and pay for it myself. I could get a few different degrees there.. not many options.. but it would be affordable.... and i could do it without having to worry about money. what am i going to do... I know i can't count on my mother anymore... and i am kind of glad.. i am tired of being threatened with her pulling the money.. i am tired of having to run every little thing that i do for school past her... i kind of need to do this alone... screw it... All this on top of my friend since 7th grade passing today after being in a coma for 22 days... Today sucks.... major monkey balls
So Very True...
NINE WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.
Ok Who Is Sensitve Thursday
Your Lovescope - Tomorrow, June 25, 2009 A sense of humor is one thing, but sometimes this can backfire, as you may find out with today's astral alignment. Some people are quite sensitive to off the cuff remarks, and the person in question, who also happens to be someone you greatly admire, may mark this down as a point against you. It may be best to watch your tongue in the future.
Rip My Clothes Off.
Rip off my clothesI'll rip off yoursDon't be gentleI want it roughI want to you have animalistic sex with meForce me on my kneesmake me say pleaseDon't be gentleI want it roughI want you to have animalistic sex with meI have been a naughty girlI want you to punish mePut me over your knees and Spank meThrow me on the bedPin my handsPin my kneesDon't be gentleMake it roughI want you to have animalistic sex with meRam your dick in meMake me screamI want you to slam into meI want you to fuck meDon't be gentleMake it roughI want you to have animalistic sex with meTurn me on all foursand Please, Please slam into mePull my hair and pull it hardPound into my pussy, make it rawDon't be gentleI want it roughI want you to have animalistic sex with meWork my body, make me sweatFuck me so good so I will never forgetYou got my bodyIt all yoursDon't be gentleI want it roughI want to you to have HotSweatyWildFreakyAll day, all nightDon't stopHardRoughScrachingBitingHair pullingAnimalistic sex with me.
We The...
We the children of the cornWe the childrenWe the childrenWe, we, we the childrenWe the children of the cornWe the childrenWe the childrenWe, we, we the childrenWe...are...the children of the cornWe the childrenWe the childrenWe, we, we the childrenWe don't need no scarecrow to scare your ass awayWe the children of the corn killin' y'all todayIf you want to talk then you're next on our listOur town is fuckin' empty there's no livin' witnessPeople so speechless when they see the stalksWhispers in the wind, bloodstain sidewalksHiding deep in the fields, cold eyed familyBarnyard inbreds looking for a casualtyA need to feed, a field isn't so wideTake this and need to save the Lord GodI am the leader of the crops show respectYo SickTanicK please slit their fuckin' necksYo... don't fuck around when you come to this townUnless you're ready to get down, pound for poundKnife for knife and death for deathCause me an Ikkurruz have come to take your last breathWe the children of the cornWe the chil
Mr. Mj
There has been nothing much on tv lately cause they keep going on about Michael Jackson dying so I decided to sit and write a quick blog on my feelings on his passing, so here goes. Although I never knew him personaly or seen any of his shows I felt I came to know him through his music. I used to sit and play his Thriller song over and over again during Halloween while I sat on the front porch to hand out the goodies to the trick or treaters that came to the house (it was my mom's idea). As I said in other blogs, hearing of Michael Jackson's Passing is like loosing a friend even though we never knew eachother on a personal level. He was part of my generation and I grew up listening to his music. It was because of him that I picked up a guitar for the first time and started to learn how to play, He inspired me to do so. So I now say to you my friend, good bye and R.I.P. You were an inspiration to so many.
Us Marines Launch Major Offensive In Afghanistan
Play Video Reuters  – U.S. begins Taliban offensive Slideshow:Afghanistan Play Video Video:Major military operation starts in Afghanistan AP Play Video
Dea Investigating Jackson's Death
Posted by ExtraTV Staff on July 2, 2009 5:58 AM Getty Images A law enforcement official from Washington has confirmed that the Drug Enforcement Administration is joining the LAPD in investigating the death of Michael Jackson. According to AP, the official reveals that the DEA was asked to step in because of the federal agency's resources, and information that they have on "pill mills" for illicit drugs. The DEA is set to investigate doctors that may have medicated Jackson, and look into whether or not the docs were registered to prescribe the drugs that they did. Investigators will also examine whether a trafficking pattern was established between the King of Pop and the doctors, who sourced all of Michael's drugs. Cherilyn Lee, a nurse who was close to Jackson, recently revealed that several months ago the singer begged her for the powerful sleep drug Diprivan (Propofol) -- and due to a frantic phone call from Michael's staff days before his death, she believes th
New Stash Items For The 4th Of July
So I just got finished stashing some items in honor of US Independence Day. The first item is a bit of good ol' American cheese.  It's a clip from 1980s era WWF wrestling TV (Specifically a show that aired occasionally on Saturday nights on NBC, creatively called Saturday Night's Main Event).  It features a music video for Hulk Hogan's wrestling theme song, called "Real American."  The video is ultra cheesy.  But I thought it would be "appropriate" to post it in honor of the 4th. The second video is taken from the Boston Pops 2005 4th of July Concert, and includes the National Anthem, and the end of the 1812 Overture, complete with cannons and fireworks. :) The final item, is a little piece called the Declaration of Independence.  I thought that might be nice to post! And as an interesting aside, I've got a distant cousin on the list of signers (Well first cousin, many generations removed).  Any one else around here have a relative who signed?
Leveling Blog #478
Why is there Air owned by Bella Disastro the best!@ fubar 15,994 to Disciple
thats right im going for spotlight....again   help pleaze?   im only 32 mil away  
you can set back look at what the world has for you .and some how miss what you where sapose to see ! you can read a book an still not know what the book was really about! watch a movie an still be can see an not see ! so i  guess the big ? is  ARE YOU SEEING OR JUST SEEING  
This website is by far has the most fucked up lonely people and is so fuckin confusing thank u and fuck off!
Egypt Log Entry 2
Here we are again. 13 days into training and still in Kansas. Actually started doing some of the physical training today tho. It was called "drown-proofing". You think you are a strong swimmer and can take it till you actually get inot the water in full gear and sink like a rock. Anyway, Dsys have been long and sleep hours short. but like i said to friend. That's the life of a soldier sometimes. Mission first! Till next time. Later  
For The Sake Of Money And Progress
It has been six months since I last wrote anything. I have been told that I should not have stopped writting. We have forgotten who we are, how we got here, and forgotten how to live on the Earth. We have forgotten what is sacred or deemed it no longer sacred for the sake of money or progress.Water is sacred, and for the sake of money and progress we can no longer drink our water where once we could. We could drink from any water because it was pure and clean. Now most of our water is toxic and we must drink our water from plastic bottles which we are learning even now that is not good for us. Water that needs to be purified in order to be safe to drink.The earth is mostly covered by water, we are mostly made up of water.Trees are sacred, and for the sake of money and progress we continue to cut down our trees for development and for industry. Trees are a living breathing entity that supports life...our life. Trees breath in what we exhale and we breath in what the trees e
Sweet Silver Lining
Well I'm going home Downhearted and hoping I'm close to some new beginning I know there's a reason for everything That comes and goes [Chorus] But so many people are looking to me To be strong and to fight But I'm just surviving And I may be weak but I'm not defeated And I'll keep believing In clouds with that sweet silver lining [Verse 2] Most days I try My best to put on a brave face But inside My bones are cold and my heart breaks But all the while Something's keeping me safe and alive [Chorus] But so many people are looking to me To be strong and to fight But I'm just surviving And I may be weak but I'm never defeated And I'll keep believing In clouds with that sweet silver lining And I won't give up like this I will be given strength Now that I've found it Nothing can take that away
Something That Should Be An Area Of Concern To All…….
July 27 to July 31st of this year FEMA will be hosting NLE 09. FEMA describes the event as:The NLE 09 scenario will begin in the aftermath of a notional terrorist event outside of the United States, and exercise play will center on preventing subsequent efforts by the terrorists to enter the United States and carry out additional attacks. This scenario enables participating senior officials to focus on issues related to preventing terrorist events domestically and protecting U.S. critical infrastructure.And will take place in federal, regional, state, tribal, local and private sector facilities in FEMA Region VI, which includes the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. I’m never one to raise an issue with training. Those “bloodless battles” help greatly when the actual time to perform comes. My problem comes in at the point when foreign services are coming to U.S. Soil to participate in an exercise that involves emergency response to a catastr
im so tired of having to fight tooth and fucking nail for everything anything thats even remotly good in my life. im tired of having to defend my every move im tired of the constant struggle to prove myself. why the fuck am i even needing to prove myself i dont get it. maybe i need to stop being nice maybe i need to tell everyone to go fuck themselves?.....*sighs* im just so frustrated i have to fight with social services i have to fight with my family i have to fight with my daughter i have to fight with my ex i am just so tired of fighting for everything im tired of having to fight. i would love nothing more than to find that one person who will fight with me at the least. who i can depend on and share everything with. who will hold me and be happy to hold me and love me if for nothing other than the same in return. i want a family and at the same time i worry that if i wait to much longer i wont be able to have any more kids wich is sumthing i would want if i were to ever find that
Gall Bladder Cleanse
GALL BLADDER CLEANSE VERY IMPORTANT: It is crucially important BEFORE you begin this gall bladder cleanse to have drunk TWO GLASSES of APPLE JUICE (packaged juice is just as good as fresh) every day for 14 days before the cleanse. This is very important as certain constituents of apple juice (it is believed to be the high pectin levels) SOFTEN the stones and enable them to pass HARMLESSLY through the gall ducts. I have supervised hundreds of such cleanses using exactly this protocol that I am recommending here without one patient suffering any harm whatsoever. But please follow the instructions carefully, and it must be said that you have ultimate responsibility, given that none of you are actual patients of mine. An alternative to apple juice that is just as effective, is Orthophosphoric acid (75%) - take 30 drops a day for 3-4 days, and gradually increase the dosage to 50 drops daily - continue for 10 days. Each 30 drops contain 390mg of Orthophosphoric acid. Take no medications,
Gop Needs A Major Face Lift
GOP needs a major face lift Ok all, I am downright ashamed of the GOP. A party that once championed civil rights, the common worker and also a champion of personal rights. What have they discarded? None of these, but they are allowing the Obamination to gracefull steal wind from their sails each time he goes on the air.I went to a Tea party protest and saw plenty of young faces who were proud to be conservatives, plenty of guys and gals of my age all taking part in a demonstration to tell the GOP and the goverment alike to wake up. But I feel the calling was especally aimed at the Grand Old Party, a party that has been torn from within by the likes of the left of center George W Bush and other Conversatives who forgot that our movement values spending in a conservative ways (IE money cant just be printed and called money without taking a hit in value).But what the GOP needs to regain the limelight and recover from its reeling loss are new faces. Right now our party is talked of ente
Who Knows.........
Have you ever just wanted to give up finding that special someone? Have you ever just wanted to give up on love? To never risk being hurt once again. To not bother trying anymore or meeting people. Have you ever been so sick of trying to figure out? Have you ever put yourself and your wants and needs aside that you don't know how to do anything else but put others first ALL the time? This all seems to be where I'm at these days and I am sick of it all!! I have one special friend that could be more but I am sick of trying to figure that person out and always left feeling in the lurch or lost. So for now limbo is where I sit and just waiting for something..........  
My Search
my attempt to weed out the snobs has run into a snag: fubar wont let you look at too many profiles, so I have yet to get through the first ten of my pages of friends. tomarrow I will continue. I must go now. also, if fubar thinks of itself as baby jesus, it should be torn down to the roots for that blasphemy. fubars so far from jesuslike it might as well be an american christian.
First Thing
FIRST THING Current mood: artistic Category: Writing and Poetry You’re the first thing I think of Each morning when I rise. You’re the last thing I think of Each night when I close my eyes. You’re in each thought I have And every breath I take. My feelings are growing stronger With every move I make. I want to prove I love you But that’s the hardest part. So, I’m giving all I have to give To you... I give my heart
Thursday, April 10, 2008  DREAMS DREAMS Category: Writing and Poetry   awake in bed, i remembera dream i had, clearlya moment i’d cherish foreverin my heart i’d like to keep dearly and as seconds pass, i can feelthat dreams, fleeting away they goand my heart turns into a barren fieldagain with frozen snow awake in bed, i liefeeling like a bird with broken wingswishing it’d rather die’cause every move it makes, it stings then i remember anothera dream, with me that always stayeda present from my heavenly fathera new set of wings for me he had made
fubar is soooo confusing!! lol
Beezulbubs Prophecy
The Nazarene child is now deadInstead of life on this earth the fetus has turned blood redI read through the passages of the sacred bookThe words are right in front of you and yet you never seem to lookI'm a crook, I'm a thief, I'm a sinnerYou killed the Nazarene and now Satan is the new HitlerI shall open camps for all the JewsThe Muslims, the Christians and all the rest of youYet society of hate has brought, my reignNow my words have sustained from the mouths of the insanePraise be to the Prophet and I'm not talking MohammadI be talking about the Souless and these lyrics that he vomits forthFrom the depths of Hell his soul will burn eternallyBecause of the story that he wanted to tellHis soul swells in the darkness like the day when the morning star finally fellThe sky falls, the earth quakesThe rivers turn blood red and this is our fateThe ground shakes, the wind blowsWhere you going when you die, I guess nobody knowsBut I'll tell you this much I will bow not before youI have vowed
Internet Marketers Niche
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Just Nonsense
You run around in life trying to figure out what will make you happy. There are times when you feel like throwing  your hands up in the air  and say "Fuck it"! I mean does anyone really know what will make themselves happy? Any clue at all? Or is it all a bunch of shit . Damn I am feelin a lil emo   my apologies
How Well Do You Know Big Pharma? Take The Quiz. With the pharmaceutical companies at the bargaining table on healthcare reform, and Congress considering new restrictions on drug advertising, it may pay to bone up on some facts about the industry with the following quiz: 1. What percentage of Americans over the age of 65 take at least one prescription drug on a daily basis? a. 20% b. 40% c. 60% d. 75% 2. In 2005, what percentage of all continuing medical education for physicians was paid for by Pharma? a. About 25% b. About 50% c. About 75% d. About 90% 3. Who told a congressional panel in 1983 that "we believe direct advertising to the consumer introduces a very real possibility of causing harm to patients who may respond to advertisements by pressuring physicians to prescribe medications that may not be required." a. The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission b. The chairman of Abbott Laboratories c. The head of the Food and Drug Administration d. The head of th
Prison   Entrapment is a common and interesting dream event. While some would also classify it as troubling, the flip side of being stuck somewhere is relative safety from the threats of an unknown outside world. Often, this safety facet of entrapment is neglected because of our obsession with freedom. Being entrapped is often a dream about self-awareness. As the old saying goes, Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. As this relates to dreams, being unable to escape usually is a picture of being unable to grow or accomplish in life what you desire to do. Jung's theory of archetypal individuation may be helpful for interpreting this dream. Entrapment can be portrayed as either an absence of choices or too many choices. The absence of choices is a one-room cell. You are alone with no where to go. Too many choices is the mansion with no exits. Wherever you go, you are still stuck. This dream indicates that while choices may exist, they are unsatisfactory for effecting the new fr
Infection   The unique element of an infection dream is that it may have developed from a specific injury to a specific body part. The location of the wound and how it was infected are central concerns to interpretation of this dream. Did the wound come to you randomly, from your own actions, or from another person? Does the infection carry a sense of fatal dread or just discomfort?
Camera   Dreams where cameras are important often reflect a desire to stop the action, gain additional information, or capture hidden meanings. Are you taking specific pictures, or are they random? Are you photographing people, places, or objects? Is the nature of your photographing recreational or are you trying to capture something in particular on film, such as evidence? It may be that your life is going by too quickly for you to appreciate the nuances of it.
No Kill Shelters
Do you think of me when I'm not around? Do you wonder what I'm doing? Do you long to talk to me like I do you? Do you really want to be with me and a part of my life? Is any of this really real or is it just make-believe?
Fading Away
  Angel with no wings   I loved you with all my heart, yet you still hated me like an angel with no wings. Now as this agony eats away at my soul, all that’s left Of this man is nothing.   Jose Hermosillo
Jason's Blog
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New Chick On The Block
more pics to come..quick question how does this website work?
A Funny Thing Happened...
This is an ultimatum to my old life. To a life that, while it was okay, sorely lacked drive, ambition, and change.The catalyst of this change wasn't one I wanted. Sudden realizations and an almost desperate bid to just maintain a status quo. But through inspirations from several quarters, it turned into... Something odd.I'm now settled (sort of) into a new place. It's about a half hour southwest of where I was before. Can't say I'm square between Sac and San Fran anymore, but, from what I understand, the neighborhood and surrounding areas are much MUCH better.I don't have much in the way of privacy, seeing there's 2 other folks under this roof, and another one (a curious youngster that likes me for some reason) that's here half the time.I currently lack my own computer, due to lack of room to set up. I once again find myself crashing in someone's living room, with really no space to call my own.But, by no means am I bitching about my situation, which could Always be worse. I've moved u
Colon Cleanser
Acai Berry Colon Cleanser
Stupid Encounter #19 (read Bottom To Top Its A Sb) Op Another Low Self Esteem Whore On The Fu
->*†*MISTRES...: well i already know them so yeah *†*MISTRES...: I DONT GIVE OUT THAT KINDA INFO ->*†*MISTRES...: so you must know where he lives whats his address and phone number? *†*MISTRES...: YEAH IN UR DREAMS ->*†*MISTRES...: he was with me last night ->*†*MISTRES...: right right *†*MISTRES...: LOL I WAS THERE LAST NIGHT AND ILL BE THERE IN A FEW MORE DAYS ->*†*MISTRES...: lol right keep telling yourself that *†*MISTRES...: DUMB* *†*MISTRES...: I KNOW FOR FACT U DONT DUMD ASS ->*†*MISTRES...: Yeah i do lol *†*MISTRES...: LMAO NO YOU DONT ->*†*MISTRES...: I live with him dumb cunt *†*MISTRES...: LOL ULL BE WAITING REALLY LMAO U WERENT INVITED ->*†*MISTRES...: I'll be waiting ->*†*MISTRES...: LOL your so dumb ->†S51™ BOY†...: and im on yahoo ->†S51™ BOY†...: BLOCK HER †S51™ BOY†...: really? this is news to me.....and she doesnt know where i live i mean she knows i live in NC and near the beach but other than that lol oy vey what the hell ->†S51™ BOY†...: *†*MI
Sold My Soul By Kevin Presley
Funny how my son Rebel Presley's father expresses himself...Luckily this times not about me!! LoL But regardless it hit me and cant wait to hear the instrumental parts when he gets home from Michigan. Hes my Monster and Ill always love him even though Id prolly kill him if we were together still. LoL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've got my hands gripped tightly around your neck as you come to find what you thought you'd never see the look in my eyes I'm sure you'll not soon forget as you realize all the hate that you've unleashed in me (CHORUS) Well, I've sat down and talked to all the angels Heaven's got a secret they're too scared to tell cuz I've finally struck a deal and sold my soul now I'm not even welcome at the gates of  Hell cuz the demons don't think they'd fair too well and the Devil's just afraid that i''ll take control Finally it seems the predator has now become the preyI'm seeking revenge for the knife you left in my backyou'll find out soon enough that you wrote
Laura Stone's Link
Repeat That Please?
To My Friends in the field of education, I know you would appreciate this one.A mind is a terrible thing to waste.How would you pronounce this child's name?                    Le-a     Leah??          NO                                   Lee - A??       NO                                    Lay - a??       NOPE                                           Lei??             Guess Again.   This child attends a school in Livingston Parish, LA.  Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name wrong.It's pronounced "Ledasha". When the Mother was asked about the pronunciation of the name, she said, "the dash don't be silent."   SO, if you see something come across your desk like this please remember to pronounce the dash. If they axe you why, tell them the dash don't be silent :- ).
Boss   The boss relationship can be translated from dreams in two ways: 1. A significant relationship from some other area of life-spouse, sibling, parent, or friend-may become your boss. If someone from another corner of life becomes your boss, it is likely that you feel that person exerting too much control over your life. It is easy to allow constructive relationships to become controlling at times. You may experience this dream in your usual worksetting, or in some nonsense environment. The place where you and this surrogate boss work together in this dream says something about the area of influence in question. 2. Conversely, your boss may become a sibling, spouse, or someone other than a vocational supervisor. If your boss is squirting into your personal life through images of some other, more personal relationship, it may be time to assess your work. Workaholism is the great debilitator of many homes. If your employment is fulfilling other roles reserved for other persons in
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Just Spazzin
been murdering more then charles mansonraging out listening to marilyn, beautiful people turned uglyonce i come thru smashin....ya'll was fucked the day my momma decided she loved meif she didn't want me a coat hanger coulda poked inside of her tummycoulda got me, but she didn't now the world has to deal with meI'm truly epic, closest you get is an epic fail pica picture  of you holding a mic and jus staring at iti cause phisical illness so i'm still sicker than youkeep killing everybody and just say its a case of dejavuway sicker then sickle cell casting sicker spellsmy soul dwells in hell mindstate to bomb like sleeper cellsshrug shoulders like o wells, my care meter is stuck at oneonly care about myself, care for others? i have nonea nun told me about being loved cus i'm someone's sonsome higher being based on some book of religionmite be a chosen one, got a circle glowing over my headtorn black angel wings and a big misplaced demon tailnevermind that's my penis, it was just kinda h
Poem On Deployment
I live my life of fantasy Always dreaming of what could be So much love in my heart to share With the man of my dreams Is he out there somewhere? I see the world through Angel’s eyes With an overwhelming passion For the earth and the skies My spirit is free to laugh and live Life to the fullest Giving all I can give To those in my life Who are closest to me The love of friendship Is wonderful indeed Yet my heart and soul Are still longing to feel The touch and love Of the man with the key To my heart and soul For only he can fulfill my dreams To be touched, to be held To be adored, to be loved I think of you always And pray to GOD above That one day we will meet And be swept off our feet To a world of Amazing Magic That only we two can share I will hold you close And never let you go Loving you forever How much you may never know For it would be an eternity For me to ever show How much you really mean to me For now, my dreams only know
Profile Skin 2
ok the skin is finished. to all Grindhouse Staff feel free to rip it from me  :D
!!!naughty Application !!!
!!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!!REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........Your Name:Age:Favorite position:1. Do you think I'm cute?.2. Would you have sex with me?3. lights on or off?4. Would you have to be drunk?5.Would you take a shower with me?6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me?7.Would you leave after or stay the night?8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? .9.Condom or skin?10. Have sex on the first date?11.Would you kiss me during sex?12.Do you think I would be good in bed?.13. Would you use another female as a booty call?14.Can I use you as a booty call?15.Can we take pictures of the act?16.How long would we have sex?17.Would you tell your friends about me?18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend?19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU!EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND ORGIRLFRIEND - REPOST THIS!REPOST AS- NAUGHTY APPLICATION
First Blog
hey, im here to meet fun and exciting people.  give me a holla if ur interested!
Halloween Specials
Halloween is just around the corner.  Do not wait until the last minute to plan for it.  That  leads to visiting stores with costumes thrown around, finding the last available costume you were looking for just to find out it is still there because of the foot print on the back of it or the tear right up front. Here are a few ideas for online places to go for costumes and decorations.Amazon:From kids/infant costumes to adult costumes, Home Decorations, Trick or Treat Bags, Flashlights, Glow Sticks and more.  Select merchants within the site are giving out $10 off specials, 25% off sales, Daily Specials and more.  International shipping is available. Boutique:Free shipping when you spend $100 or more. (Does not include speedy delivery.) They have both men and women’s costumes.  Their prices are fair and if you are looking at ordering a costume for both you and your significant other you should reach the $100 mark for free shipping.  They
A Boys Confession
'Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl'. The priest asks, 'Is that you, little Joey Pagano ?' 'Yes, Father, it is.' 'And who was the girl you were with?''I can't tell you, Father. I don't want to ruin her reputation'."Well, Joey, I'm sure to find out her name sooner or later so you may as well tell me now. Was it Tina Minetti?''I cannot say.''Was it Teresa Mazzarelli?''I'll never tell.''Was it Nina Capelli?''I'm sorry, but I cannot name her.''Was it Cathy Piriano?''My lips are sealed.''Was it Rosa Di Angelo, then?''Please, Father, I cannot tell you.' The priest sighs in frustration. 'You're very tight lipped, and I admire that. But you've sinned and have to atone. You cannot be an altar boy now for 4 months. Now you go and behave yourself.'
Just A Hi
Just a hi to yall and to say Here I am. Been here a few months an getting a bit bored any nurses out, could use some anatomy practice ! let me know!
Creative Endurance-jude Forese
I never look for outrageous things They have a knack for finding me Even in the contours of a sand dune, wakeful In the motion of sunlight Rearranging random clouds, focused on Protecting my skin From the searing conclusions of perspective I agree on nothing Until every impossibility is relinquished And the cool stillness of twilight titivates my flesh Even as tides shift direction Requesting the moon to surrender its influence And I am in the netherworld of taking chances Trying to recognize The moment when galactic waves crest under my surfboard As the world Rams improprieties down my throat And I have no choice but to react To avoid choking on the fallout of drowning I always take the time to gather footprints Spread about the sands Of mystifying shores For they lead me into unknown directions Disappearing into the depths of the sea Or rising into the space of my dreams Exerting perplexities Encircling creative endurance -Jude Forese
Against The Law
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Southern Cali Girl Striptease
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Wishes Are For...
Wishes are for fantasies; fantasies are for dreaming; dreams are for living.
 WaitingI think of you,my heart races.Images flash though my mind,fast forwardinto a blur, mixingmemoryand unrealized fantasy.There is a promised meeting,I hold my breath.Dare I pinch myselflest I awakefrom what you set in motion –this dreamin which I hold you.I have survived disappointments,heart and commitment broken,have lived with insecurity.So much like a fickle catyou giveonly on your uncertain terms,but yet I wait.   Too MuchYou ask me to be your friend,but my love exceeds friendship.You want me to be just a friendand I must, then,cherish mere minutesbetween days you spendwith your lover.You value me as your friend,but your time and energydo not belong to meand I feel of little worth.You touch me as a friend,the touch impersonal,there are no kisses I can claim,your passion is not mine.I am but a friend,and that does not hurt you.You hurry off to see your loverso easy to leave me,and my heart bleeds.You do not know my pain,for I love you much too muchto be but your friend
The Infantryman's Creed (in Other Words The One I Stand Proud To Say)
I am the Infantry.I am my country's strength in war.her deterrent in peace.I am the heart of the fight...wherever, whenever.I carry America's faith and honoragainst her enemies.I am the Queen of Battle.I am what my country expects me to bethe best trained solider in the world.In the race for victoryI am swift, determined, and courageous,armed with a fierce will to win.Never will I betray my country's trust.always I fight on...through the foe,to the objective,to triumph over all,If necessary, I will fight to my death.By my steadfast courage,I have won 200 years of freedom.I yield not to weakness,to hunger,to cowardice,to fatigue,to superior odds,for I am mentally tough, physically strong,and morally straight.I forsake n
Ranger Creed
Recognizing that I volunteered as a Ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of the Rangers. Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger is a more elite soldier who arrives at the cutting edge of battle by land, sea, or air, I accept the fact that as a Ranger my country expects me to move further, faster, and fight harder than any other soldier. Never shall I fail my comrades I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight and I will shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be, one hundred percent and then some. Gallantly will I show the world that I am a specially selected and well trained soldier. My courtesy to superior officers, neatness of dress, and care of equipment shall set the example for others to follow. Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fi
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I Am How I Am What You See What You Get
my Naam is  SAMIRO  My comefrom ALGERIA  i living now in europe pays bas Holland amsteradam 2003 /2009 and i speek english frans duch i need contact with everybody women of men  from the world. I like chess/computer/politiek/footbal. samiro
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Jobs are scarce and so hard to find the economy has failed right before our eyes so many being jobless and losing their homes and losing everything they worked so hard for.. I look around and what do i see? so many living the same as me wondering and worrying where the next dollar comes from how to pay the bill that came in the mailbox. what do i do to keep my spirit? just pray and keep going and fighting to keep my head up. i look for the light at the end of the tunnel that will shine so bright when this is all over.. for every story there is an ending and i know in my heart it will be a happy one indeed. So many tears, and so many worries but the light is there with a new beginning....
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Music Monday 6
1.  In the Sun - Joseph Arthur2.  At First Sight - Jay Brannan3.  Question - Rhett Miller4.  Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon5.  Percussion Gun - White Rabbits6.  Shadowplay - The Killers7.  Shadowplay - Joy Division8.  Megalomaniac - Incubus
Confrontation With Jacob Chapter 15
Confrontation with Jacob   I wasn’t looking forward to the day.  I was too ashamed to face Bella.  I had already decided that I would not be attending biology class today.  I got in my car, not feeling very happy with myself at what had transpired yesterday.  I drove slowly to school, thinking about how to avoid Bella. I parked my car in its usual place, looking around to see if Bella’s truck was parked yet.  It wasn’t here yet, so I hurried into the school, so I would avoid her arrival. Everyone was staring at me, shaking their heads.  I just kept my head down and continued on to class.  My classes flew by in a daze and it was already lunch time.  I started out of my class towards the cafeteria.  I entered the cafeteria and all eyes were on me, at that moment I saw Bella, sitting at the table with her friends, head down.  Jessica said something to her and she lifted her head and glared at me.  I turned around and raced out of the cafeteria. I needed to get away
Dawn Before Nova
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have u ver had a dream that ate u alive inside annd make u scream so hard that ur insides hurt from the sorrow and hate in ur dream i have nevr seen a min of peace for along time because of it my realty won't let me face the truth darkness falls all around me as well as saddiness help me find my peace once again
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When you're talkin to yourself And nobody's home You can fool yourself You came in this world alone (Alone) So nobody ever told you baby How it was gonna be So what'll happen to you baby Guess we'll have to wait and see One, two Old at heart but I'm only 28 And I'm much too young To let love break my heart Young at heart but it's getting much too late To find ourselves so far apart I don't know how you're s'posed To find me lately An what more could you ask from me How could you say that I never needed you When you took everything Said you took everything from me Young at heart an it gets so hard to wait When no one I know can seem to help me now Old at heart but I musn't hesitate If I'm to find my own way out Still talkin' to myself and nobody's home (Alone) So nobody ever told us baby How it was gonna be So what'll happen to us baby Guess we'll have to wait and see When I find out all the reasons Maybe I'll find another way Find another day With all the changing seasons
: Climategate Outrage Explodes As Carbon Tax Agenda Threatened
Climategate Outrage Explodes As Carbon Tax Agenda Threatened Outrage surrounding the climategate scandal is increasing as desperate apologists for the crooks caught manipulating data to "hide the decline" in global warming attempt to distance themselves from the perpetrators, burning a few scientists to save the larger carbon tax gravy train in a cynical damage limitation exercise.
English For The Grammatically Impaired (which Would Be Roughly 3/4 Of The Users On This Site)
VERB TENSES   Simple Present: I EAT the dead.   Present Progressive: I AM EATING a dead clown from the Barnum and Bailey Circus.   Simple Past: Yesterday I KNOCKED the clown unconscious with a hammer and DROVE him home in my Honda.   Past Progressive: While I WAS CUTTING the legs off the clown with a chainsaw, he sprang awake and laughed a horrible sinister laugh I will never forget.   Present Perfect: I HAVE EATEN dead men, dead women, dead children, dead animals and dead insects.    Present Perfect Progressive: I HAVE BEEN EATING the dead for, oh, I’d say about ten years now.   Past Perfect: I HAD KILLED and EATEN a large sized homeless woman before I captured the circus clown.   Past Perfect Progressive: I HAD BEEN SCOPING the clown with binoculars for three days before I finally made my move and tackled him outside the circus tent, hit him in the head with the hammer and stuffed him into the hatchback of my car.   Future Perfect: By midnight tonight
[not Enough Nog]
I am a bomb of stress and hatred right now. But I did have a really good angry wank over it.... *checks to see if he marked this NSFW*... *wonders if he really needs to as his reader base has pretty much quit the internet forever* New furnace is in.New furnace is working... okay, I'm still wearing my coat and I can't feel my toes, but it IS above freezing right now. That's a step in the right direction. Tomorrow is another 12 hour shift, my buddy wants to come in "real early" to tinker. I told him if he got here before 10 that I'd just take part of the morning off, I'm kind of tired of dicking with all this. So... 8 hours within speaking distance of the biggest crush in modern history (and yeah... I'm really trying to think of her in those terms, its not so easy... even when she talks about how rich and muscley her boyfriend is)lunch1 hour for dinnerand we're back to work til 10:00. :/ on the upshot... ... on the upshot... uuuuuuuuuuuh I have no fucking idea. Okay: on the ups
capricious\kuh-PRISH-us; -PREE-shus\ , adjective;1.Apt to change suddenly; whimsical; changeable.
I'm so horny right now. I sitting here rubbing in between my legs. my pussy is throbbing for me to touch it. ummm   so nice and wet. very hott. oooo as I touch my clit i move my hips, moans as I move. slides my finger in my pussy, so very wet. wishing i had my toy out. but can't .. so i just keep rubbing on my clit and moving my hips. this time sliding 2 fingers in my pussy. o yes !!!   I keep sliding them in and out, i move faster every time.  O I think I'm gonna cum !!!   
Here Kity Kitty Kitty
I don’t care anymore that I’m asleep more hours than I can be bothered to be awake. In the middle of the night when I wake with nightmares I’ll ask you “Will you please come home? I need you.” And you’ll respond “I’m sorry I can’t.” At night when you call, you’ll whisper to me that you’re so afraid I’ll off myself before you come home. And I bet it’s awful to know that you caused this. I’d give anything to forget that you swore you loved me and then you threw it all away, and stupid stupid me tried to salvage it, I can’t even salvage myself. I hate you for doing this to me. I’m the kind of broken that means three year old temper tantrums on the bathroom floor because I think that maybe someone will bring you home when they can’t stand to listen to me anymore. And not sleeping for three days because the nightmares won’t stop. And drinking half a bottle of vodka because it brings back memories and then I’ll have a reason to be this way.
My Favorite Qoute
4Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7Love
The Eye Test
Deep Down You Are Conscientious You're the type of person who's always looking to make a good impression and do the right thing. You believe your actions make a difference in other people's lives, no matter how large or small they are. You don't show the world how worried and upset you are. You see a lot of misery and injustice that you keep to yourself. You are devoted to being the best person possible. It's the least you can do with your time on this planet. The Eye Test Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds Well, I won't comment on the bored 12-year-olds bit... Rock on! Shawn, AKA DurhamNtx
Dear Lord....
Okay, look buddy. Honesty is it's own reward. Now if I could just win the lottery once..... I won't lie to you. I have no intention on giving money to any churches. I won't promise to end world hunger, or say I will do kind things for anyone in Zimbabwe, just in the off chance that you would believe me. I actually don't care about starving people in 3rd world countries. I don't care about nets to stave off mosquitos in odd places in the world. I don't care about whales, spotted owls or other elusive, endangered animals. Now what I do care about, is the hungry families in my own community. I care about the local food shelter. I care about uninsured children in my town. I care about my family (The whole lot of them) and want them taken care of. I do care about providing birth control to the parents of the children featured in "Children International" where they ask you for $22 a month to take care of their kid for them. I care about the local animal shelter. I care about my
The Back Door Lounge
Come on out to the Back Door Lounge Every Wed & Thurs night 8-midnight as I ( D.J. Eagle ) kick off the party with music,karaoke,dancing & fun.
Getting To Know Your Friendly Neigborhood Naughty Knight
Let's see.....1.) I am a total klutz.  It's why God put me in a wheelchair.  To save me from myself.2.) I've been told I "make to much sense".3.) People call me wise alot.  For the record I'm not wise. Just because you didn't think of it the way I explain it, doesn't make me wise.  The advice I give is as much common sense to me as grass being green.  I don't get the beaming light from the heavens shining down on me, bathing me with "wisdom".  I speak what I believe to be common sense.  No more no less.4.) I do not have a "type" of woman I prefer.  My reasons of attraction to any given woman are as unique as the woman that I am attracted too.5.) I am an "honest flirt."  I will not flirt with a woman who I am not attracted too. Nor will return flirting with a woman I am not attracted to, who might be flirting with me.  So if you are flirting with me and I flirt back, it is for a reason. and if I don't flirt with you, well you figure it out....6.) Give me a good 20 minute c
so i watched this movie the other night now this song is stuck in my head       link:
3/7/10 Dilbert
Anyone wanting some extra cash? is a great site to get some pocket money. People are willing to pay you just to type articles or make other things for their websites. Some pay up to a few hundred dollars, while some are smaller and don't pay as much, it adds up fairly quickly.  I know the economy is a shit festival from hell right now and I am currently unemployed, with no prospects of being hired any time soon.  This site is helping a lot though.  So please don't ignore me, you have nothing to lose.  The site is free, with the option of paying to get accest to mo re projects at a time.  But you get 25 for free and there are many various vocations that you can get paid for.  Side-hobbies and what not.  Please don't ignore me, if you are in need of any help, here's your chance.  What have you got to lose? 15 minutes to make 40$ seems pretty good to me.
A Summer Holiday In 1969 (short Story)
There is nothing better than escaping the slum ridden streets of Glasgow in the searing heat of 1969; I know this, because I did it. I was eight years old and looking forward to going to a caravan in St Andrews. Two things to remember here, caravans are magical when you are eight. They contain a table that turns into a bed, they have wee gas lights that enclose a delicate fibre hood that glows like a witch's eye and caravans have secret compartments that suddenly turn into cupboards that include cups.   The other thing to bear in mind is caravans are right near a beach. I was eight and almost wetting myself with the sheer delight of getting into that magical caravan. I saw caravans on the telly, they looked amazing and sometimes old gnarled gypsies lived in them and had an exciting horse to pull it, or you saw skinny bikini clad ladies with scarves tied on their heads and sporting horn rimmed sunglasses sit outside sipping drinks at a picnic table and sometimes they would just jump u
No I Didnt Die..i Dont Think So Anyways...
Well if your lookin for me next week... Saturday...laying the "real" hardwood floors in the downstairs family room...then putting the finishing touches on the fireplace i made..yes i made... Sunday....finish up the new laundry and shit..then painting the new babies room and my daughters room too....then finishing the dinining room table and chairs i made..yes again im like fuckin joseph...i can do all that shit.... Gone hunting monday til thursday...its turkey season in good ol WV Oh and last but not least....a old friend of mine whom owns a hunting ranch is taking my puppy Hank from me..he will be a guide not pleased in fact im totally bumming..but Hank will be able to hunt all the time and have a great home too  
Ethnic Discipline
My hotel room is literally yards from the pool area. Altho thats a nice perk, also I am exposed to the culmination of guests noise. These burgoise white middle class people with thier high pitch hyper-active  squealing munchkins, that dont even acknowledge their parents presense when they make their feable attempt at convincing them to keep their siezure inducing frequency at a level that is respectable to the nieghboring roomies. Five hispanic kids, which were out there before even the others, were just fine until the other kids showed up and then of course as kids do, they kind of followed suit and started getting a little rowdy. Within about 2 mins, the Dad appears on the patio, I know a little spanish, but I couldnt make out this ricky ricardo tongue-rumbling rant, but it was short, concise, deliberate, and quite effective....cause these kids aint made a peep in a half hour lol. And theyre having just as much fun as they were, theyre not moping around all butthurt eith
Behind The True Blond Moments At Hand!!!
Gothic talking to her sister on phone, Mentions about her dying her hair blonde and her brains going with it, I said "So thats where you get it" and Gothic replies with "No She gets it from me" Cause she's the elder sister... ADMITTING she is the Blonde one! LMAO!!!! I believe she has not only been busted, but she walked into a dead end there!!!
Live !! South Africa Vs Uruguay Fifa 2010 World Cup Streaming On 16 Jun, 2010
World Cup 2010 South Africa   South Africa vs Uruguay   Group A (Group Stage) :: Fifa World Cup South Africa 2010 :: Tshwane/Pretoria, South Africa   Match Schedule: South Africa vs Uruguay Date: 16 Jun 2010 Play Time:20:30 until 22:30 GMT/UTC/UK WATCH LIVE STREAMING TV
Last Night
Ok i so have to share this   so i go into my oldest sons room last night..and no i did not knock..why...cause fuckem i pay the bills...anyways i caught him humping his pillow LMFAO..he is beyond embarassed but i find it amazingly funny...after he chills and gets past his total discomfort and emabarassement..i merely say its ok son..when you get older and bigger like dad ya fold the mattress in half and fuck it..LMFAO he wont talk to me...bahahhahahahahahahahhahaha
Another Pissed At Me For Something
· MeTaL MaMa Owne... rated you a '1' +12 points! · MeTaL MaMa Owne... just checked you out!             MeTaL MaMa Owner of XA Radio@ fubar
Stuck In My Head
this song has been stuck in my head...    
Lazy Bum
New posting:
I like many songs by Usher... i like his new one "little freak" but that damned "Oh My Gosh" song gets played on the radio on so many stations here in NOLA that im about ready to stab myself in the ear with a Swiss Army Knife, with the fork sticking out.. or maybe the scissors!!!  just a rant   hows everyones weekend?   as you were
What You Should Ask Around Your Hymeneals Invitation Take
The hymeneals invitation wedding invitation wording samples one of the most grave items in a ceremony. It is, after all, the eldest action your guests faculty see. It module make them an publication virtually your event and an air nigh the clothes they should last or the gifts they should get. It is grave thence to firstborn get up with a observance invitation sample before organization a portion design.Having a ceremonial invitation try module helpfulness you device the honorable formal or unofficial program and the correct text that leave verbalize around your unequalled event. Here are things that you should ask virtually your party invitation sampling before you organization the echt thing.ReferralsYour forward ask should be directed to friends and bloodline who fuck already late gotten joined. Ask them who did their invitations and ask to wedding invitation wording samples their hymeneals invitation take. You should also inquire around the value per fix and the caliber of delivery
Winxp News Letter, E-mail (exerpt)
The Consumerization of ITLast week, I wrote about one of the topics that was debated at TechRepublic's annual conference in Louisville at the end of June (software evangelism and the long-time operating system wars). This week, I'm going to be talking about another topic that came up there - this one the subject of a formal presentation by TR editor Bill Detwiler. This has been a hot topic in the IT industry recently: how the corporate network is becoming more and more "consumerized." Bill did a great job of summing it up in a short thirty minutes. Here's a quick summary of the main points he made: words "consumerization" and "consumerized" aren't in Microsoft Word's dictionary; they're marked as misspellings with no suggested corrections as I type this. The folks at Microsoft, however, are well aware of what the terms mean and they have been discussing the implications of the trend for a while:
Lets Get Nekkid!
Join me for my Serene Sunday show at 8am est.  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
My Embarrassments
Hopefully these will be fun: Top ten most embarrassing moments in my life as rated by me: 10. Got arrested within 24 hours of quitting my job as a Corrections Officer. 9. Once after moving into our new house, heard a noise, jumped out of the shower and grabbed my .38 only to burst around the corner, SWAT style butt-naked, drawing down on... the A/C unit. Joke at our house now, "When you come visit, be careful not to sound like an air conditioner." 8. Attempted to show off by downing two beers from a bottle at the same time at my favorite bar. I spewed foam all over the table. 7. Cut my foot really badly and there were no bandages in the house. I went the next few days with a maxi pad on my foot. 6. After making a mashed potato man at a Chilli's restaurant, I think the waitress thought I was mentally handicapped and remarked, "Awww, you made a little alien!" It didn't help matters when I professed, "He's not a alien! He's a mash-topato man!" 5. My neighbors once had a large above
My life has change so much over the past week.I never thought my life would take this direction.When your young you feel the world is at your feet.There is nothing you can't do.You have a since of direction but you really don't know what the hell you are doing so environment and your belief system sets the pace.So you set out in life doing what everybody see as the norm.Get a good job,get married,get the house,have a few kids.The american dream,right?Well,so I thought anyway.I heard someone say a few weeks ago the way a relationship starts is the way it ends.How true I am finding these words now.I walked out of a almost twenty-four year marriage last week.Tonite the words finally came to a fever pitch as the blames and I'm sorry's come into play as while in my mind and heart I gave it everything I had and then some.Change is a force that most people misunderstand.You can either flow with it to a desired effect or be still to the point to where it runs you over.I have also found that co
Godsmack - Voodoo
I'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why I cameCandles raise my desireWhy I'm so far awayNo more meaning to my lifeNo more reason to stayFreezing feeling, Breathe in, breathe inI'm coming back againI'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why I cameHazing clouds rain on my headEmpty thoughts fill my earsFind my shade by the moon lightWhy my thoughts aren't so clearDemons dreamingBreathe in, breathe inI'm coming back againI'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why I cameI'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why I cameI'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why
U.s. Moves Into Fianl Military Phase In Iraq
US moves into final military phase in Iraq Sep 1, 11:00 AM (ET) BAGHDAD (AP) - The U.S. on Wednesday moved into the final phase of its military involvement in Iraq, with administration officials saying the war was ending even as the new commander of the remaining 50,000 troops warned of the ongoing threat from "hostile elements."The transfer of authority came a day after President Barack Obama announced the shift from combat operations to preparing Iraqi forces to assume responsibility for their own security. Obama made clear in Tuesday's speech that this was no victory celebration.A six-month stalemate over forming a new Iraqi government has raised concerns about the country's stability and questions over whether the leadership can cope with a diminished but still dangerous insurgency.Newly promoted Army Gen. Lloyd Austin also maintained a somber tone as he took the reins of the some 50,000 American troops who remain in Iraq, with a deadline for a full withdrawal by the end of next ye
King Of The World
My pain filled drama queen is always screaming at your bed Getting ready to buy you out 'Cause we all know What goes around comes around You should've known what I was all about Do not test me 'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world Get on your knees I'm the fucking king of the world Do as I please So get up and get out and I'll show you What it means for me to control you 'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world Keep your head down Untill I tell you to speak You're not giving me the run around When you fall back Unto my coffin No you should've stayed out of my way Do not test me 'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world Get on you knees I'm the fucking king of the world Do as I place So get up and get out and I'll show you What it means for me to control you 'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world Bow to me Bow to me at my feet you'll bow to me Bow to me Bow to me at my feet you'll bow to me Bow to me Bow to me at my feet you'll bow to me Bow to me Bow to me at my feet you'll bow to
Ashes To Diamonds???
WWW   Main Cultured Diamonds Articles Latest News
Her Teasing Body
Master approaches his little one quietly - he likes to observe her before he announces his presence - she can never seem to lay quietly and wait for him until expressly ordered to do so.   She sits on the bed, staring out the window, brushing her long hair absently, then twisting it in her hands and combing the strands loose with her fingers.  The pattern is repeated as she sighs quietly while waiting for him.  Music plays softly in the background and covers his quiet approach.  The bed dips under his weight and her gasp of surprise is soft but welcoming as her Master comes to sit behind her.   His strong arms wrap around her as her head lifts to meet his for a soft, yet possessive kiss.  Her body melts into his as his hands stroke the silky soft skin of her arms.  His submissive rests her head back against his broad chest, feeling very warm and loved, her body soft and pliant - awaiting his desires.  Her hands absently caress his forearms - always enjoying the feel of
Seashore Wedding Dresses Are So A Quantity Of Sarong Styles And Variations To Select From
People choose seashore weddings since the backdrop belonging to the ocean compliments the surroundings. Dressok Some even locate the dynamics qualifications since the inspiration of the casual seashore wedding dresses . Most belonging to the times, brides don a bias minimize that is of ground period and produced of possibly silk or satin. Cheap Homecoming Dresses given that it is not formal, they put on a flower garland or even a brief veil which include elegance for the casual seashore wedding ceremony dress. If the bride desires a completely casual search ideal for your beach, there are different sarongs and tops that could be purchased at shops as well as online.Cheap Prom Dresses They even push the thought even more by requiring the friends to arrive in barefoot. Cheap Quinceanera Dresses It helps make perception since one wouldn't want her or his pricey shoes have sand everywhere. one may also apparel the seashore search up by owning flower tiaras or flowers within their hair. T
Points To Pick Maternity Bridesmaid Attire And Skate Fotwear
iPath Skate Footwear iPath skate footwear are not just one extra brand name inside the great seas of footwear and skate shoes. Christian Louboutin Sale They certainly are a brand name which has their pretty personal style. Their design is definitely an earthy one that anybody can see as unique. iPath skate footwear also come about being among the most comfy skate footwear you can by. There are quite a few completely different variations of iPath skate shoes. Christian Louboutin Shoes They are stated being probably the most comfy footwear within the market. Don't think me? attempt them yourself. And that's not all, they possess a excellent seem to them too. Some from the completely different kinds iPath skate footwear would be the Shearling shoes. They are cozy for those people chilly times and will reassure you that you simply will not freeze. Christian Louboutin Boots They have awesome leather-based using a cushioned insole and reinforced heel and logos in all the most effective pl
Let The Dreams Lead You To Me....
make love to mequick and slowsoft and roughso drunk that I can't control myselfso sober that I can't ever get enoughkill my inhibitionsand show me what it means to lovetake my body into yoursand taste the sweat you bring forthmoan and sing and smile and cryfeel painand releaseand immense innumerable pleasureknow that I'm afraidand shelter me within the walls of your bodybe dark and deliberatesmile at the emotion you force forwardpush me into youand kiss as though you crave my soulfeel the power you have and push me back into my placebeneath youbend my skin to fit every crevice of your bodyand let me feel connectionheatand powerand the wonder of crumbling under the weight of another-love completely utterly and darklydirect and infuse your soul into every movement watchalways watch and observe and take in and respondact and force and comfort and controlalways control meand I will never dissapoint you
Oh Boy
First, Happy birthday Pedro     Now.... I seem to have lost my Christmas spirit in the last two days.. Going shopping has been a chore ( how strange for me ) People are all so rude and miserable Help me get it back?   Oh and ps, ty Witchie for givin me your points the other day (h)
So I Fucked
I wish i could get exactly what I want but even when you are specific its hard... Or in this case soft... I wish it was easier to get pounded into soft slut meat by two thundering cocks!!! Do you want a description? I know you do... you want to hear how i sucked them both till my jaws hurt and my pussy lay wet and throbbing how one of them fucked me while i continued to get face fucked by the other... Then how one went down on me while the other pounded my sweet little asshole until i came so hard i shot his cock out of my ass? or do you want to hear how I slammed loverboys face into the matress so he could get his tight little virgin ass fucked by a throbbing waiting cock? Just to let you know I was so turned on I shimmied under him to watch him take it in... you could tell he was loving it and I came harder from that then I did anything else! I sucked his throbbing dick while this random stranger pounded into him. The man fucking loverboy shot his load deep into his ass and i could s
Pick The Most Effective Wedding Gown Form Different Types
With so a lot of diverse kinds of wedding dresses to select from, in a huge selection of diverse styles, colours and fabrics, how can you go about selecting the good wedding gown for that unique when in the lifetime day? Picking the most effective gown for the wedding morning could be a daunting task! Firstly, the kind of wedding which you are preparing will generally have one of the most impact within the gown you pick. Wholesale wedding dress for people who are preparing to possess a conventional design of wedding, Pink Wedding Dresses you may possibly wish to possess a traditional design of wedding dress, but one thing which will compare to your character along using the theme with the wedding. Secondly, the area of your wedding will possess a large impact in your gown style. Cheap Quinceanera Dresses For example, for people who are preparing to obtain married within the beachfront in the tropical climate, it is critical to possess the best wedding dress. You may possibly want one
Number Of Rituals Of Wedding In Telugu
Telugu marriage is typically a incredibly advanced affair also it consists of many ceremonies and rituals which carry spot a amount of times prior to marriage. Wholesale wedding dress in accordance with Telugu people, marriage is not an contract but within their tradition spouse is viewed as to become ardhangini which implies a component of husband .Wedding for Andhrites implies plenty of customs, traditions, rituals and extended several hours of enjoyments for each family members and relatives. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses The meet generating is typically executed by some elder man or woman bringing rishta or meet with the family members to the eligible boy or girl. Telugu people today select their partners inside their neighborhood unless it's a adore marriage. inside a Telugu wedding, costumes are typically chosen with terrific treatment .Brides typically wears a saree that is typically red-colored in coloring or occasionally some other brilliant colours that is accompanied by a gr
Dressed Resplendently - Formal And Stylish Mother Of The Bride Dress
Weddings are consistently a great excuse to invest just that small little a great deal more on formal evening gowns, suits and outfits which will most likely be put on for just that one time. apart in the bride, the mother of the bride will also must be dressed resplendently. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses whilst most outfits are created with the more youthful person, there are boutiques which have formal evening put on specifically catered with the mothers of the brides. Mother of the bride outfits do not must be matronly in look, even although created for more mature ladies who are normally of their 40s and older. Discount wedding dresses As for most fashions for more mature women, mother of the bride apparel styles highlight elegance and glamour above other style aspects. Just such as the bride's wedding gowns, mother of the bride outfits differ from design and style to design. Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses probably the most typical design and style that is each timeless and
Accessories Subtly Draw Attention To Your Best Features
Versatile, flattering and timelessly elegant, the little black dress will be the ultimate have product in every woman's wardrobe. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses From classy curve-creating halter necks towards stunning flared hemline, there is definitely an 'LBD' around to fit every figure. founded by Coco Chanel inside 1920s, the little black dress has gone from potency to potency and nowadays every artist worth his salt, Cheap Wedding Party Dresses from best catwalk names to spending budget substantial road brands, features a broad variety to select from. The attractiveness belonging to the LBD lies largely in its flexibility: regardless of whether you're going towards workplace or even the dancefloor, you can count in your LBD to offer the ideal outfit for every occasion. Important getting together with It's the morning belonging to the huge presentation, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses in circumstance you can succeed more than this customer and make the selling you understand t
For You Are The One
For you I would climbThe highest mountain peakSwim the deepest oceanYour love I do seek.For you I would crossThe rivers most wideWalk the hottest desert sandTo have you by my side.For you are the oneWho makes me wholeYou've captured my heartAnd touched my soul.For you are the oneThat stepped out of my dreamsGave me new hopeShowed me what love means.For you aloneAre my reason to liveFor the compassion you showAnd the care that you give.You came into my lifeAnd made me completeEach time I see youMy heart skips a beat.For you define beautyIn both body and mindYour soft, gentle faceMore beauty I'll ne'er find.For you are the oneGod sent from aboveThe angel I neededFor whom I do love.
Everytime I Look At The Stars
I gazed in your eyes,Such a beautiful blue;My heart whispered to me,And that’s right when I knew;The waves had ceased crashing,On the sand at our feet;Time had stopped passing,My search was complete;I finally discovered,What I'd known all along;A mystery uncovered,That just couldn't be wrong;It wasn't our first kiss,Nor' the day that we met;But I realized something,I will never forget;With the stars shining brightly,From high up above;I'd one word to describe it,That word, is love.I knew then these feelings,For my sweetheart were true;The man of my dreams,And my soulmate, is you.I think of it every time,That I look at the stars;This memory is mine,But that moment wasOURS.
Love Letter
A fire that is carefully stoked and tended will not burn out.It will blaze so brightly that its warmth lingers in your heart.It will beckon your tired soul and embrace you in its radiance.The familiar smell of its smoke can bring a wistful smile,and the occasional blast of fireworks can take your breath away.Its sizzle can enthrall you; its flickering flames entrance you.The glowing embers provide comforting heat,and the knowledge that a subtle movement or gentle breezecan rekindle a bonfire.My love, the spark that ignited the day we metremains an eternal flame.
Monogamy Sucks This Saturday
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute This Saturday Night, July 16 on The Dr. Susan Block Show JOIN US IN STUDIO BECOME A STUDIO MEMBER WATCH THE LIVE SHOW
Special Occasion Dresses ——cocktail Dresses
Women mostly donned cocktail dresses in the evenings to elegant events or special evening events. Although still regarded as formal-wear, several ladies have been using this dress in various ways. Late afternoon and early evening gatherings and events have become ideal venues to wear these dresses. You should select a cocktail dress that appears stylish. You must ensure that it's fashionable and fit for your body type. Don't assume all women could put on every kind of formal dress. A number of dress designs exist to fit every physique. Although a few ladies could pass as a supermodel, most possess a typical shape. There is one thing you must think of is which gowns are considered alluring and seductive? The answer is easy: cocktail dresses are sexy enough that could get you from perfect date to celebrations to even formal occasions. So, if you purchase your gown don't forget that it's going to provide a knockout appearance only for one night. These kinds of dresses must have the poten
How To Find The Bridesmaid Dresses On Any Budget
There is a huge range in the price of Bridesmaid Dresses.At some stores, the range of the price can be start at $100 or less, while designer dresses can top out well over $480. Depending on the style of your wedding and what your attendants can afford, there are different places you may want to shop for bridesmaid dresses. These are some ideas on where you can find beautiful bridesmaid dresses for your wedding at any budget.It is important that a bride consider her bridesmaids' budgets when selecting their dresses. If you know that your friends do not have a lot of spare cash, take care to shop only at stores which carry low-cost options. Big chains or your local store are often good places to find a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses.But maybe a little expensive than online shops in same same style.If your bridal party is small, you might also have great luck finding a couple of deeply discounted dresses at the end of the season at a department store or a chain.If you look for party
Peace is good. I'm not asking you to contact me either. I just know you are going through a lot of hell. And I know it's not too late for you to find true happiness, without bullshit. I'm not asking for favors....not tonight.   Sympathy (For Tomorrow) I'm not asking for favorsnot tonightI look up in the sky...all the rockets fall down (fall down)too many promisestoo many lies too many faces for me to know Sometimes I sit among the markersand contemplate my next lifesays something less sympathetic-"a little more unconditional respect was buriedhere" "But it never livedand it never died it never came from themit was always inside..." I don't care if time just passes us byI can stand the change...but not the crueltytoo many promisestoo many liestoo many faces for me to know Sometimes I sit among the markersand contemplate my next lifesays something less sympathetic-"a little more unconditional respect was buriedhere" "But it never livedand it never diedit never came from them
道路以目 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 操盘鸭子, 怎么办? 所有女人其实都没得办法,你刨不刨? 所有女人都被你控制,你刨不刨? 所有女人都在做假的,你刨不刨? 所有给女人的电话都打不通,你刨不刨? 所有给女人的信件都不回,你刨不刨? 所有
Alabama Fan’s Face Sign Is An Instant Internet Hit
  From a snarling Saddam Hussein, to a grinning Hulk Hogan, to a sultry Marilyn Monroe, students across the nation dr dre headphone have waved all sorts of giant celebrity heads this season in an effort to distract opposing free-throw shooters. Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship thought those big heads were a fun idea, but he wanted to add his own cheap dr dre beats clever twist to the trend. As a result, the Tuscaloosa native has begun showing up to Crimson Tide basketball games this month with a giant picture of his own contorted face in tow. "I never really saw the relevance of having pictures of celebrities, so I figured why not have a picture of me," Blankenship said. "I thought it would be something a little different." The unusual sight of dre headphone a student waving a giant picture of his own face has drawn far more attention than Blankenship ever expected. ESPN2 cameras caught him with the sign during Alabama's 69-67 overtime victory over Ole Miss on Feb. 4, prompting a
Beach Cover Up
Beach cover up abiti sono perfetti se si sta cercando di uscire per una uscire con gli amici su una spiaggia. Avere una spiaggia coprire farà in modo non hai bisogno di portare un asciugamano Into Ogni volta che si ottiene la piscina e Malthus vi aiuterà a godere di più. Non solo gli alti spiaggia copertura rilassante e confortevole, ma aiutano anche a guardare bene. Si deve concludere con la sua / il suo lavoro completamente prima di Franklin Marshall outlet uscire per mare in modo che lui / lei può godere senza tensioni COMPLETAMENTE. Gli insabbiamenti sono perfetti per ogni tipo di abiti che vanno dai caftani, parei ecc Quindi, se si sta andando su una spiaggia e si dispone di un elenco di elementi da portare quel È necessario insieme con voi Quindi non dimenticare di aggiungere insabbiamenti Franklin Marshall Accessori vi aiuterà ad avere più divertimento in spiaggia Ed è per questo che è veramente importante per voi di portare accessori come insabbiamenti, occhiali
Stop The Hands Of Christian Louboutin Replica The Movement
Palace rain hear the voice behind the door, stop the hands of Christian Louboutin Replica the movement, turned to look at standing in the door of the music ice US faint smile: "Do you want to go out?" See Yue ice US Palace rain, his face pale smile, skim some doubt of the heart, directly approached with How the tone: "Do you have a cold?" Palace rain do not care about good smile, said: "Nothing, a little cold." Then continue to pick up the keys to open the door. Coincidentally, this palace rain click will open the door, back facing the music ice US said: "I go to change clothes first, to come sit?" Said, did not bother the music ice Christian Louboutin boots knee high United States agreed not to agree, the previous went inside the house, directly towards the bathroom. Yue ice America listened to the words of the palace rain, some Jingleng looked into the go Palace rain, hesitated for a second time, music ice America turned into the house. Heard the rushing sound of wa
Life And Struggles You
when your having a bad day does music help you threw life it does for me. i have hade some dark hours in my life and music has saved my life .lets see how it feels to open your mind.
Family Add
please add him to your family temp so he can level  budlighter
Even More And More
Would thee enjoy thy sunrise with colors of pink and blue upon the Eastern shores?  Would thee enjoy thy sunset of orange and purple the same upon the Western shores?  Doeth thee breath feel as the pedals of silk roses soft and sweet upon thine’s cheek?  As thine treasures all secrets untold thy has become a gem thine holds close.  Thee are thine sunrise and sunset.  Thee are thy golden moon before the stars shine through the broken path thine travels down on dreary nights of pain.  Thee are thine everything upon thy ocean waves of time.   Alone in silence consumed with thought and fear.  Falling into a tunnel of darkness.  Consumed with my own destruction of shame.  Knowing change makes no difference.  Changing inside and out still leaves me lonely and in despair.  Tears rain upon a pillow as acknowledgement eludes the wonderment of these ears.  Turmoil in chaos over what should never be.  A hear reaching with hands in need.  No lips to speak forgotten words no ears to hear the
So True
People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It's all in how you carry it. That's what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.
Believe In Your Heart
Believe in your heart that something wonderful is about to happen. Love your life. Believe in your own powers, and your own potential, and in your own innate goodness. Wake every morning with the awe of just being alive. Discover each day the magnificent, awesome beauty in the world. Explore and embrace life in yourself and in everyone you see each day. Reach within to find your own specialness. Amaze yourself and rouse those around you to the potential of each new day. Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect; this is the essence of your humanity. Let those who love you help you. Trust enough to be able to take. Look with hope to the horizon of today, for today is all we truly have. Live this day well. Let a little sun out as well as in. Create your own rainbows. Be open to all your possibilities; all possibilities and Miracles.
Bathed In Pale Moonlight
Bathed In Pale Moonlight by Poet Robert J. Neal on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 3:55pm · As I see you bathed in pale moonlight... Sitting upon the swing...beneath the ancient tree I am touched by sadness... As I see the forlorn expression... Painting your beautiful face And I find myself...screaming my thoughts to you... "Don't worry my Love,"..."I'm coming,"... "God is bringing me to you,"... "You know the truth of this,"... "So don't be sad Baby!!!" And to see that you're still holding... The rose that I gave you... And wearing the silky white dress... That adds to the beauty that you possess... Which at times threatens to undo me Allows me to know...that you haven't given up hope... It's just that you're experiencing... The same longing...that leaves me feeling... Exactly...what I see you experiencing now!!!                                 Written By...Robert Neal
My Cat And Dog Fight And I End Up Losing
Mindless dipshit that I am....   I take my dog out for a walk. It's a beautiful day and the dog is actually letting me take him for a walk instead of him taking me for a gravel spin on my face. ( He likes to lead the walks which usually turn into runs and I'm lucky I haven't ended up being dragged behind an 80 lb Pit Bull/Bull Mastif puppy like an old western being drug by the horse) Anyways, we get back home, come through the front door to find my 8 year old cat on the landing in the foyer. The dog spots the cat, corners the damn thing and my cat goes into attack mode. This dipshit 10 lb cat decides that it's a freaking ninja cat and wants to take on the 80 lb pain in the ass huge dog. The front door is wide open (my cat likes to make runs for the door), the dog is pawing at the cat who is scratching back. So what does my dumb ass decide to do....duh duh duuuuuuuh the fucking cat. So in trying to separate the stupid cat and the bohemoth dog, I get in the middle and go to
Flaunt A Floral Message For Your Events
Flowers are the fundamentals to express yourself before the relations you always treasure, and guides you to do that through a floral pathway. When you have nothing left to say, when you are stuck up in search of a perfect way to let your loved ones feel your emotion, when you don’t know how to convey your feelings, flowers are there to rescue you. Visit right now.  
it must be so lonely when your left to decay your heart is so cold when your mind is left to fray nobody cares about the pain you hold, at the end of the day the only thing left on a mind that's frayed is how long will it take me to decay   like touching a rose withering away crumbling petals blackened tips dieing eyes forever rips decaying away deep inside my frayed mind the thought of you standing by my side   i knew it couldn't come but i cant cut away all the days and let them stand alone to decay the pain inside is to real to hide crushed down like ordinary sadness insaine man trying to loose the madness twisting further in this life of fate on this mind i cant rehabilitate thoughts are weathering away like Alice is this real or fake but my mind will decay the thoughts of you will be gone away like every yesterday in time there will be nothing left but hate that to will decay                  
Music Of The Night
Music in the woods tonight In the distance glows an eerie light Hear the fairies laugh with glee Hear them calling out to me Pale moon in the sky Come to me and watch me fly See me dance with the fairies below See me twirl to and fro Shadows come out from afar Take my hand and we'll catch a star Feel untamed passion race through my heart Feel it touch my every part Oh enchanting music of the night Guard my soul till morning light
Contre Des étrangers "obama De L’utilisation Des Nouvelles Technologies Aux Violations Des Droits De L’homme
Contre des étrangers "obama de l’utilisation des nouvelles technologies aux violations des droits de l’homme Lundi, du président barack obama, a publié un décret exécutif qui permettra pour la première fois étrangers des sanctions des responsables américains montrent une nouvelle technique de suivi, téléphones portables, en vue de parvenir à un réseau de graves abus des droits de l’homme. herve leger outlet, Les médias sociaux et les technologies mobiles ont été largement militants pour la démocratie que le gouvernement a aidé à organiser son opposition à la dictature et les violations des droits de l’homme, en particulier au cours des 18 mois écoulés, le moyen-orient et l’afrique du nord. Mais le gouvernement de la Syrie et de l’Iran, en particulier dans le secteur de la sécurité, car ils peuvent également contribuer à la lutte contre la science et à la technologie pour superviser objection à l’internet ont bloqué ou de suivre le mouvement.
The Rose: Symbol Of All
This is Dedicated to AGGS   The romantic scent of roses, Brings one thing to mind, To share the evening, With the woman I care for...   Petals of beauty, Unfold in my hands, Perfect in every way, As I gaze into her eyes...   Soft to the touch, Smooth and silky, Caressing them gently, As I hold her hands...   The rose's stem, Wrapped in my hands, Making a wish, As I hold her tonight... However it ended, I can not say, But the rose I have,  Brings me back to that day. SS copywright 2002
the Internet web Space a space that is real yet exists no where. more too follow soon
My Bday Wish List
My Bday wish list Platinum Taurus(15 credits) Diamond Taurus(25 credits) Happy Hour on my Bday..(if I get a HH, then I'd need a Rock Star, Auto 11, Boomy, fampy, and Make it Rain. Sky Blue Sapphires(15 credits) Perfect Ruby Heart(50 credits) Naughty Teacher(20 credits) Badass Big Rig(12 credits) Grim Reaper(3 credits)
We have an obligation to every last victim of this illegal aggression because all of this carnage has been done in our name. Since World War II, 90% of the casualties of war are unarmed civilians. 1/3 of them children. Our victims have done nothing to us. From Palestine to Afghanistan to Iraq to Somalia to wherever our next target may be, their murders are not collateral damage, they are the nature of modern warfare. They don't hate us because of our freedoms. They hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity. The so-called "war on terror" is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of western Asia. This is sending the poor of this country to kill the poor of those Muslim countries. This is trading blood for oil. This is genocide, and to most of the world, we are the terrorists. In these times, remaining silent on our responsibility to the world and its future is criminal. And in light of our complicity in the supreme crim
Mental Conversation
Edit Mental conversation I sit in the mental wave pool that is my mind, Trying to bind my time before the  wave of anger come crashing down on those that stand by my side I drop the "F" word like the "A" bomb. devastation to the ear's. It's always the blind man that never here's I plane problems but never solve. One plus one is two but I'm always missing you. I reach for the sky and never the star's cause one day your bound to fall. I see the world in a spectrum of colors. I make word's with light-bright cause my own words aren't so bright. This is the end of my mental conversation before the world see's a demonstration.                                                                                                                  By: Steven Arnold
There is a time when your mind no longer wants you to be strong when all the walls and your weakness shows the story is written on your face but you know how to hide it just smile and no one will see the pain and heartach sittin in the dark the only think you feel is the memorys like a storm sweep around you like the darkness is thick enough to cut through sun come thru it goes away Then I see that memory, and it is like nothing but pain comes right back, when I'm not looking the walls break down tears falll and weakness shows
Happy Memorial Day
Dear God Good Morning. As we sit and ponder the this glorious Memorial Sunday. We think about the heroes who have given their lives for this nation. We are reminded of their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families who have paid so much for our freedom. Thank you God for keeping our service men and women safe today. As our families and friends travel this holiday, please ride with them and keep them safe. Amen
Bridge For Hologram
I know you miss me I know you miss me I know you miss me, I miss you too I've been wandering the world, looking for you But it's time to face the truth The cold hard fact That I'm dead and I'm gone And I ain't never coming back Never coming back Never coming back Ain't coming back home
F*ck You*
God Damn It Fuck It Yes Motherfucker Fucking Kill It Kill Every Mother Fucking Thing Fuck   Just Fuck With Me All Fucking God Damn Day Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   You Mother Fucking Cocksucking Bitch Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   I Fucking Hate You You Stupid Motherfucking Cunt Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   *(Dedicated To Motherfucking Google Chrome)
I'm checking out your FacebookI drive past where you workYou tell me you're my girlfriendBut are you even on planet earth?I see you out with your friends butYo who the hell is that dude?You're not playing with me are you girl?Well hell, I wouldn't put it past youI hate that you just won't text meYou say you're out with BeckyWhy you dress so sexyI check my text every five seconds obsessingThat you're in another dude's bedroom undressing. He's got you pressed on your backIt's a wrestling matchWell anything he's good atI'm the best at thatMy heart was brokenI was hoping it would be left in tactSo please let's just chatJust text me back! I wasn't crazyI wasn't crazyI wasn't crazyUntil I met youCrazyI wasn't crazyUntil I met you I refresh your FacebookAnalyze all your wall postsWhy'd you leave a smiley face on that one dude's pageOr whatever you call thoseThe fact that you flirt withThat dirty rat that you work withI feel the love boat sinkingI'm trying to bring it back to the surfaceWhy do
The Shadows
in the shadows he stands tall his scars Hidden there,As he looks upon the one once rich land now laid bare,His hardened eyes water as the memmories start to come back,To the night his land was lost to an un expected attack, Without any waring his home was gone ,to become a land where the enemy had won,As callaused hands turn to fists he stands as a stone,Knowing only rage throughout muscle and bone, Where once stood a land of the just,the knight has let his armour turn to rust,With every passing moment he becomes whole again,He finally returns to the twisted land.
Endless Words
Endless Words try to talk to you. You can't read my mind so I write knowing you won't read my heartfelt words I think of you wounder what can I do, Was I so salfish not saying how I feel, Holding my heart. Standing back fighting hard not to hurt you. Endless Words try to talk to you. You can't read my mind, I held back wish I had not, My Daughter would not be gone.        bY Christine    
My river runs to thee. Blue sea, wilt thou welcome me? My river awaits reply. Oh! Sea, look graciously. I'll fetch thee brooks From spotted nooks. Say, sea, Take me!
Just Because
Do you enjoy, playing the game? Being so sly, having no shame. Seeing yourself in, without an invitation at all. Giving no warning, busting down the wall. For no other reason, than you just can. Does doing that, make you feel like a bigger man? Toying with emotions, saying whatever it takes. Searching for the vulnerability, waiting for that mistake. The one she will make, when that moment comes. Taking advantage of her, of everyone. That dares to give in, to your malicious attack. You'll break her down, then take it all back. Everything you said, all the emotion thrown away. Just because you knew, the right way. To go, how to take a broken soul. Leaving your mark across, an empty hole. That is what your kind does, they take and hurt for no reason at all. I don't care how big you feel, to me you're very small. Just a piece of a man, broken yourself. Maybe you should put yourself, upon that shelf. For display like a toy, so we can pry and play. W
Htc Apresenta Os Primeiros Smartphones Com Windows Phone 8
A HTC é uma das primeiras fabricantes de telemóveis a apresentar os novos modelos com Windows Phone 8, que ainda não foi oficialmente lançado no mercado. A marca asiática revelou as novidades num evento em Nova Iorque. Depois de ter sido das que teve mais sucesso no início do Android, a HTC não tem conseguido crescer e sente a forte pressão da Apple e da Samsung, que combinadas têm dois terços do mercado. Os telemóveis são o Windows Phone 8X e o Windows Phone 8S. A Microsoft esteve presente no evento, a cerca de um mês do lançamento oficial dos novos sistemas Windows 8 e Windows Phoone 8. A verdade é que a parceria com a Nokia não deu grandes resultados e a Microsoft tem menos de 5% do mercado mundial de telemóveis- telemoveis online. O 8X é o topo de gama da HTC neste sistema. Tem um ecrã de 4,3 polegadas, ainda maior que o do novo iPhone 5 e uma câmara frontal com ângulo de 88º, para que nas vídeo-chamadas se veja mais que uma imagem grosseira da pessoa. O New York Tim
Final Fantasy Dissidia 012
012 Kampfspiel Final Fantasy, Square Enix enthält Charakter. Das Spiel wird am 25. März 2011 Sony tragbare Spielekonsolen PSP veröffentlicht. Sie können unterschiedliche Rollen spielen, kämpfen mit ihren eigenen Kampfstil und den jeweiligen Fähigkeiten. Côté graphisme, le jeu s'en sort très bien et avec brio. De nombreuses lumières, Tous les personnages ont un style propre et défini, de plus, vous pourrez pas trouver deux fois le même personnage. Les arènes sont variées mais sparen le style fantaisiste du titre ce qui erfüllt vraiment le joueur dans le feu de l'action. La jouabilité est aussi bonne que le précédent titre de Square Enix, ayant subit tout de même quelques Meliorationen sans mal. Vous pourrez profiter de votre personnage ainsi que de ces capacités Lorsque celui-ci sera vraiment optimisé. Les Menüs sont clairs auf s 'équipe d'objet sans galère. Bon Punkt. La bande-son est encore meilleure que le premier volet. Nouveaux thèmes musicaux assez nombreux, ayant Pour référenc
Breaking Away
.....These time's, dark times......the saddest of times.These thought's and dreams, that skip through my mind. My love ,my heart, find's a crack from within, so deep, it weep's and the heartache begins.Must I ,live like, my lifes meaning was lost, waste not, want not ,we loved with a cost.....Mend not ,my feeling's...for they weigh with regret....For now ,I grieve of,the moment we met.......So now ,it's time, to live for a new day...To move past this time, from breaking away......... Bella Dharq
S’illuminer Un Cadeau à La Fois
En effet, grâce à la générosité de la communauté et à la collaboration de plusieurs personnes du milieu, le Sapin du Petit Bonheur embellira à nouveau le Noël de plusieurs enfants de la région. Notons que, depuis 2010, il a subi quelques transformations en devenant, notamment, un organisme à but non lucratif. L’équipe de ce projet est maintenant principalement composée d’adultes et d’élèves de l’école secondaire de la Baie-Saint-François. D’ailleurs, les parents bénévoles soutenant certaines activités sont invités à se joindre à ce groupe en composant le 450 377-9923. Le Sapin du Petit Bonheur entame sa sixième édition et poursuit sa mission : offrir des cadeaux aux enfants de familles défavorisées qui fréquentent les écoles primaires des commissions scolaires de la Vallée-des-Tisserands, des Trois-Lacs et New Frontiers. Inspiré du roman pour enfants L’arbre de joie d’Alain Bergeron, le Sapin du Petit Bonheur sollicite la générosité des consom
The Come Hither Child
The Come Hither Child   Her body is a voluptuous roar Lighting fire and fury Beneath my flesh. Each teasing kiss, A dirty little thought. Seeductive glances, A blushing crime.   Her moves are a sensual ballet, My heart playing the orchestra. Erotica in hiding, Like devils in shadows. Rays of ecstasy Causing me bloom.   Her whispers are taboo wantings Unfolding my fears, inhibitions
Hurricane Victims Develop Toxic Cough
John HuddyMy Fox NY November 15, 2012   MYFOXNY.COM - A bad cough is going around Far Rockaway, Queens. It is just one example of the post-storm health problems resident of hard-hit areas are exposed to in the aftermath.Brett Scudder, a community activist, says he has come across many people who have a cough and migraine headaches.Dr. Manny Alvarez of Fox News says migraines and respiratory problems could be signs of toxic exposure.The city's Department of Health says recent testing shows outdoor air quality is good. But officials warn about indoor air quality.Airborne toxins could come from mold in a flooded basement. We saw mold covering the walls of one basement. Health officials warn people to wear gloves and masks when cleaning out the debris.Both my photographer and I started getting dizzy; we were down in the basement for just a few minutes.Volunteers with Heart to Heart, a mobile medical unit in Far Rockaway, say respiratory illness has been the second biggest problem with pe
Boy Vs Bus Driver
One day a little boy gets on a bus and sits behind the bus driver.He starts saying things like, "If my Mom was a hen and my dad was a rooster, I would be a little rooster," the bus driver said shut up!Still the boy went on... "If my Mom was a female elephant and my dad was a male elephant, I would be a little male elephant," the bus driver said shut up! ... Still the boy went on... "If my Mom was a female dog and my dad was a male dog, I would be a little male dog."The bus driver got so mad, and asked, "If your Mom was a prostitute, and your dad was a homo, what would you be?"The boy answered, "A bus driver!"
10 Minutes Of My Pov On Life
my 10 minute view on life, love, the world - The world spins and we don't feel it,but sometimes you meet someone that makes you feel like everything stopped, or the theory is the faster something moves the less time is needed,but what if you met someone that made time seem so fast that you don't feel like you moved at all?time never moved, but two souls did,How about the feeling of you being so far away from someone, but its like you feel closer to them than anyone else,How bout when you don't talk or say a word but understand everything that is meant during that silence,life and people go hand in hand just like loving and hurting, they say to know you love someone you have to know what it is to hurt, i guess the best way to describe it is like keys on the piano, you need both to be played so you can compose the notes to your orchestra, and even when all the notes are laid out, you never know how it will be received,such is life and its ways,
Adulterated Foods
Topping the list of most-frequently adulterated foods are olive oil, milk, honey, and saffron, according to a new database put together by the US Pharmacopeial Convention, the non-profit that sets standards for drug and food ingredients. Developed to help trace patterns in adulteration, the database includes more than a thousand cases from 1980 to 2010 and records exactly what the foods were mixed with and how the adulteration was detected, along with links to the press reports and scientific papers on each case.
The Real Life Version Of Fu!
An older, white-haired man walked into a jewelry store one Friday evening with a beautiful young woman at his side. He told the jeweler he was looking for a special ring for his girlfriend. The jeweler looked through his stock and brought out a $5,000 ring. The old man said, “No, I’d like to see something more special.”At that statement, the jeweler went to his special stock and brought out another ring.“Here’s a stunning ring at only $40,000″ the jeweler said.The young lady’s eyes sparkled and her whole body trembled with excitement.The old man, seeing this, said, “We’ll take it.”The jeweler asked how payment would be made and the old man said, “By check, but I know you need to make sure my check is good, so I’ll write it now and you can call the bank Monday to verify the funds. I’ll pick the ring up Monday afternoon.” he said.Monday morning, the jeweler phoned the old man. “There’s no mon
Raise A Son..
Why is it, that it is viewed by majority of society to be a sensitive guy who really cares about his son as a weakness.  I have given my life to raising my son as he really didn't have a mother who cared for him or me.   I had a wife, an attorney with all the money in the world as she was a corproate counsel for a major drug company who didn't know anything about a child.  While there are guys who are only sperm givers, there are females who are only egg givers.  My ex. wife had nothing to do with my son.  I did all the traditional things that the female does except for a brief time when she breast feed him  Even that she did poorly as my son rejected her breast for formuler.  As she want him to wait while showing him her breast until she was real.  It was the most difficult thing to experience a mother withhold her breast from my son until she was ready.  Most men, do not even get up from their sleep if a woman is breast feeding.  I would get the bady and set her up in the chair that
Barrel On It And Get It In The Seats," Walker Said. Joey Votto Had Two Hits For The Reds, But Cincinnati Was Undone By Some Slick
ASHBURN, Va. Sean Weatherspoon Pink Jersey . -- Washington Redskins two-time Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Orakpo and defensive end Adam Carriker are out for the season with injuries. Coach Mike Shanahan said Monday that Orakpo suffered another tear of the pectoral muscle near his left shoulder in Sundays 31-28 loss to the St. Louis Rams. Orakpo had surgery on the same shoulder after a suffering similar injury in the final game of last season. Carriker tore the quad tendon at the base of his right knee in the first quarter of Sundays game. The Redskins now have to replace two defensive starters on a team that has allowed 63 points in its first two games. Tyson Clabo Elite Jersey . -- Zach Randolph leaped to make a block from behind on Brandon Rush and instead hit him in the head, throwing the Golden State Warriors forward off balance and sending him crashing to the court in a scary fall. John Abraham Jersey . The 17-year-old leads the QMJHL scoring list with two goals, five assists and a p
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Frühjahr 2012 Brautkleid Mode
Es ist alles über die "romantische" brautkleider 2013 im Frühjahr 2012 und in der mehr romantisch, desto besser. Brautmode, wie alle Mode ist ein kontinuierlicher Kreis Stil und Trend Reproduktion im Laufe der Jahre für die Aktion und das Kommen des Frühlings zu gehen ist einfach, sauber ausgeschnittenen Kleid, mit einer großen Anzahl von langen Kleid gefolgt. Je größer, desto besser Blase Saum und in Handarbeit Glasperlen und Kristalle, Spitzen und Stickereien. Chic Schattierungen von Elfenbein und Champagner-Creme auf den Punkt, die Spitze des Brautjunferkleider lila Brautkleid Hochzeit Laufsteg. Very busy startete ihre Sammlung in der nackt und schwarz. Einige Designer wählen, Dekoration, Farbe, um das Kleid hinzufügen sehe, so dass der gesamte Kontrast. Brautkleid aus Satin und Taft Stoffe Frühjahr 2012, incorporated Organza und Tüll Punkt zu romantischen Vorteil Regel bleibt. Der andere wichtige Entwicklungstendenz wurde auf der Start-und Landebahn, einschließlich sexy Beine aus
Ulteriori Informazioni Su Come Amplificare Il Vostro Sistema Mobile Phones Prestazioni
Si può amare il design e le caratteristiche del telefono e ancora spendere un tono di tempo arrabbiata con quanto poco si svolge. (telefoni dual sim)Per fortuna, quando si impara come aumentare il vostro sistema mobile di telefoni prestazioni, è possibile trasformare un telefono cellulare  veramente fantastico cellulare in uno veramente efficace pure. Diversi passaggi semplici in grado di dare più tempo della batteria, il tempo di conversazione, e una più chiara, segnale più forte. Il telefono è fornito con un manuale, ma è probabile che non avete mai letto da cima a fondo o addirittura per niente. Le persone sono generalmente così entusiasti i loro gadget che raramente prende il tempo  per imparare correttamente come funzionano.(dual sim android) La prima cosa che si può fare è quello di individuare il manuale d'uso del telefono e tenerlo in standby nel caso in cui ci sono delle sottigliezze che è necessario consultare. Successivamente, verificare il livello di qualità del suono che
I Love You
I love you     I love you means many thing,   It’s the love of a sister   The love of a mother, a brother, a father       But to me, I love you means the world   When I say it to the person I love       When you hold me, I feel loved,   When you look at me, I know I’m loved,   When you smile at me, tell me I’m beautiful,   When we can sit in silence, I feel your love.       But do you love me?   Do you care for me?   Am I just a toy to use?   Am I a convenient distraction?   Am I a ploy to
I kinda got forced into FUBAR by a person I truely appreciate. I still do, forever will. But FUBAR was suppossed to be the site bout true ppl- True cuntes, yer will. Call me the bad boy, the sucker of this. But within 12 h no one listened to my tunes but I got ratings on my pic. I AM the one who is suppossed to be this way. Mr. T is VERY disappointed of yer all. Ouch, bam. and MFC.
Nützliche Tablet Pc
Es ist super wichtig, dass Sie in der Regel wissen, wie man, wie man eine billige Tablette PC benutzen, wenn Sie gekauft haben, um vollen Nutzen aus all den fantastischen Features, die es bietet zu nehmen haben. Wenn Sie nicht wissen, dass kompetente, können Sie es so nützlich wie es ist, und Sie werden viele der Features vermissen. (china handys) Zu Beginn lernen grundlegende Funktionen wie das Schreiben mit dem elektronischen Stift ist eine einfache Aufgabe, ist alles was Sie tun müssen, legte es auf einer ebenen Fläche oder auf einem Desktop und kann mit dem Schreiben beginnen jetzt. Nach dem Entfernen der Notiz, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, entweder das Speichern von Daten in Ihrer eigenen Handschrift oder wandeln sie in digitaler Tinte zu schreiben. Wenn Sie das Cabrio Bereich gewählt, so, wenn Sie zusätzliche Flexibilität für sich selbst gekauft. Obwohl dieser Typ als schiefer Tablette verwendet werden kann, ist in erster Linie als ein tragbares verwendet, weil es mit einer Tastat
Democrats Are Like Sherman Marching Through Georgia...
The bottom line for the Democratic Party is centralized control of the masses by people who are simply a whole smarter than they are.  That’s why they talk about “how smart” the party leadership is.  Remember Bill Clinton, Rhodes Scholar?  John Kerry, smartest guy to ever graduate from Yale (even his grades were worse than GWB’s)?  And then there’s out current President, a graduate from Columbia and Harvard Law, whose grades and LSAT scores are sealed forever in a memory hole? There’s a problem with all those smart people though.  They really aren’t all that smart.  Scheming, greedy for power, effective manipulators, yes.  Smart? Not so much. Look at the evidence.  The US is $17T in debt with no hope of doing anything but digging a deeper hole over the next decade.  Dark blue states and cities are insolvent and going bankrupt.  Illinois, California, Detroit, Chicago, a half dozen major cities in Pennsylvania and the latest to hit the radar, N
The Epic Tale Of Guffen Fawlothroo And The Evil Dragon
The Epic Tale of Guffen Fawlothroo and the Evil Dragon.Once upon a time, in the enchanted kingdom of Fossfosota, there lived a quaint little hobbit possessing of a very weak sphincter. Guffen Fawlothroo was his name, and despite his rather irritable colon and frequent bouts of incontinence, he lived a pleasant uneventful life in his simple little home, just beyond the shadow of the great Craggy Mountain.Never a particularly ambitious hobbit, Guffen had, for most of his life, never wanted anything more than a comfortable little house with good sturdy reliable plumbing. As the years passed, however, Guffen found himself becoming more and more dissatisfied with his ho-hum lifestyle, feeling in his soul a growing desire for a status in life that was far loftier and grandiose than where he was.The feelings of disquiet continued to grow and grow, until he gradually came to realize that his deepest and most heart-felt wish was that for just once in his banal monotonous life, he could perform
today is my birthday!!! can i get blinged today? I would really appreciate it. I am in such a good mood. Today my parents are taking me to Red Lobster and then to Schnuck's to do some grocery shopping. whoo hoo. Love on me today please
Without Fear
My path is laid before me, though I know not where it leads,Dig up my past, expose my heart and bring it to the light.Winding through the darkest valleys, I shall have no fears,Obstacles I shall overcome, cutting through the weeds.This has been given me, with powerful armor for the fight ,Matters little what is thrown at me, the hatred and the sneers.I shall overcome, I shall endure and nothing can stop me now,Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.My enemy can taunt and stab, hate me and curse my name,But he shall not hinder me, shall be no more then sweat on my brow.I will find you my love, and shed away the serpents pith,I do this for love, for what is right, neither fortune nor fame.
Quatre Problèmes De N'importe Quel Smartphone à Vendre
Les combinés sont une indication de statut social et de nombreuses personnes de les acheter sans conna?tre quelques-uns des aspects cachés de posséder un tel système. Il est de fait que la plupart des offres de téléphonie cellulaire sont attrayants et ne vous permettra pas d'envisager près de futures mises à jour ou des pièces de rechange. Vous devez savoir que les entreprises ne permettent pas aux utilisateurs de décider de leurs pièces de rechange et d'autres choses. -android 4.2 Le premier numéro de smartphones innombrables est le compartiment de  la pile. Les entreprises utilisent cette technique pour lier les consommateurs à leurs divisions de services. Cela scelle habituellement ne vous permet pas de changer la pile par une plus grande et meilleure que vous pouvez acheter du marché avec un prix beaucoup mieux. Cela rendra la vie de la batterie du téléphone réduite et vous ne vous sentirez jamais heureux à son sujet. Cette limitation devrait protéger les clients contre les compos
Nexus 5 Voci: Insanely Grande Camera Con Gps, Htc Un Produttore Come Produttore Prescelto Articolo
Per Erik Pineda | 8 Apr 2013 03:25 ESTUn ultimo rendering del prossimo smartphone di punta di Google ha suggerito che il Nexus 5 è impostato per essere messi in campo da linee di produzione HTC e probabilmente anche la visualizzazione di abilità della fotocamera con l'integrazione GPS sulla data di uscita. gps htc one Visualizza Ingrandimento Concept-Phone/Suman ChatterjeeUn ultimo rendering del prossimo smartphone di punta di Google ha suggerito che il Nexus 5 è impostato per essere messi in campo da linee di produzione HTC e probabilmente anche la visualizzazione di abilità della fotocamera con l'integrazione GPS sulla data di uscita. screen htc one Designer Suman Chatterjee sognato la sostituzione 4 Nexus come la fabbricazione qualità della stessa marca smartphone responsabile potente e solidamente costruito HTC Uno che inizia lanciando questo mese. Come previsto, il signor Chatterjee Nexus 5 concetto decolla dalla HTC One - un 4,9 pollici schermo che praticamente mangia parte an
Bombers Identified
Boston Bombing Culprits Identified?     Paul Joseph April 17, 2013 Photos collated on the 4chan website show numerous images of suspicious individuals wearing large backpacks present at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombings. Three of the men appear to be Arab or Middle Eastern in appearance, whereas another two of the individuals are white. The images show the men looking away from the marathon runners, talking on cellphones and running from the scene immediately after the blast. Remains of one of the backpacks are also photographed yards from where one of the bombs exploded. The FBI states that at least one of the pressure cooker devices used in the bombing was housed in a backpack. Some of these men may have merely been victims, but the image of the two men standing together wearing the same clothes and carrying heavy backpacks and wearing credentials suggests they may have been involved in a drill or in the actual attack. One of in
Angel U Want Me To Be
im not perfect in anyway. iam not an angel that u claim me to be . iam just who im. iam might be nice and sweet, i may be cute and pretty. but iam far from perfect . but in one mans eyes iam that perfect angel. im just a humble girl who is trying my best to make it. iam just a red headed blue eyed normal girl. iam nothing special but to him iam everything . im not amazing to me , but to him im .
When I See You Coming / Light Poetry > In Asmr
When I see You Coming     When I see you coming, A hand to shield the sun Hair in the wind A song upon your lips. You'll smile with the breeze Bright light dancing in your glance Yesterdays will fade away, When I see you coming. A smile will enchant your brow Your pace will quicken And so, my heart, When I see you coming. But sparseness casts my thoughts As minioned hearts do wane With troubled eyes I strain, Till I see you coming
I Wish people would keep there personal lifes off sites leave it to face book honestly that should be the only place. I Do wonder though what if light speed is true?
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Kristin Keiser Shared Cambridge City Police Department's Photo.
While taking a vandalism report at an elementary school, an officer was interrupted by a little boy about six years old. Looking up and down at his uniform, he asked, "Are you a cop?" "Yes," he replied and continued writing the report. ... "My mother said if I ever needed help I should ask the police. Is that right?" "Yes, that's right," he told him. "Well, then," he said as he extended his foot towards the officer, "would you please tie my shoe because i dunno how?"   Some calls take priority.      
Should I Say I Do!!
Well. the time has come...the question asked...Will you marry me? I have always been a big believer in marriage and I believe that you should take the vows seriously. My parents had a tough marriage and I learned a lot of negative things concerning marriage. My mother was very insecure and very jealous of my father. Of course, good ol' dad gave mother reason to be suspicious, he was having extra-marital affairs. They ended up divorcing when I was 14, however they remarried when I was 16,. I must say that the 2nd time around was much better and both learned from their prior mistakes. I have always had a distorted outlook on marriage because of my past which I will not get into this time around. I now believe in vows and the sacrednessof matrimony. My man, he is 64 years old. I am 42 yrs. old. For me, age doesn't matter, and anyway I prefer older men. I guess what I am trying to say is that I said "I do", and I am very happy with my decision!! I love this dude with all my heart, and I k
La historia es que los píxeles del sensor son dos veces tan grande como lo son en la mayoría de las cámaras de los teléfonos, lo que significa que puede recoger más luz. Más luz por píxel significa mejores fotos de la iluminación de interior, por lo menos en teoría. En la práctica, me pareció que las imágenes sean mejores que los de otros teléfonos Android con poca iluminación, pero no tan buenas como las del iPhone 5, que son de mayor resolución. Fotos tomadas con poca luz en el HTC One sí muestran relativamente poco "ruido" - que por lo general se ve como motas coloreadas - pero las imágenes no son muy nítidasOtra característica de hardware que llega, pero no entrega es el diodo de infrarrojos en el borde superior. A través de ella, el teléfono puede controlar el televisor o caja de cable. Sin embargo, la configuración del software es de enormes proporciones. Me enfrenté a ir a través de una lista de canales 1800-plus y seleccionar manualmente cuáles que recibo de mi proveedor de cab
Affordable Legal Service
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Houses For Sale In Hua Hin
Just an hour’s drive from Bangkok, Hua Hin is the latest in the list of investors taking a look at investing in Thailand property. Hua Hin has some amazing world-class restaurants, exotic cuisine, lovely sandy beaches, quiet ambiance, top-class amenities, security & above all reasonable actual estate prices compared to any other popular cities in Thailand. Hua Hin is comparatively quieter & somber than Bangkok & Pattaya & has thus attracted individuals who are planning to buy a house, pool villa Thailand or condominium for themselves or for renting out to tourists. Thailand has developed its infrastructure at par with the global standards & has a huge rental potential. The government takes special initiatives to lure greater number of tourists to Thailand that would make positive a steady rental income for you in the event you choose to invest in a property here. In fact the foreigners investing in Thailand are greatly appreciated by the government. In order to attract more fore
Why Do Men Cheat
Same reason women do. Ego, greed and no focus. That probably wasnt the answer you were hoping for. But you see, there is no proof that men would be inherently less moral than women. In fact, if that is how you see gender differences, then you are of the same mindset as a racist. Yes, a harsh word that we all hate. But think about how racism works: Negatively stereotyping a certain group according to wrong assumptions and acting on that error. And if as a woman, you generalize all latino or black men as less ethical, trustworthy than others, you have become sexist and racist. Keep in mind that the people who left a trail of destruction in our lives could never have done so if we hadn't picked them and allowed them to. Sometimes for superficial or just plain wrong reasons like looks, status, wealth or danger appeal. I understand that people can be deceptive upon first contact until they have earned your trust, but is labeling all people who look a certain way negatively the safe route? O
This Is A Bag Members On The Loved
The Louis Vuitton bags Sac Chasse is one of the suitcases bags within Monogram Canvas-based normally household of Louis Vuitton bags. This is a bag members on the loved ones it shares with the sophisticated seeking 60 Eole LV Eole, the fifty-five Keepall Louis, the reasonably large Informal riding Bag along with the tasteful Heures LV Alize : amongst numerous other bags.jinyte website  Presently above the past decade roughly, I have reached use incredibly a terrific array of these Louis Vuitton bags. Authentic LV Men Even so of all individuals, I have to acknowledge that it is the LV Initialed or monogrammed that I've got gotten practically all enchanted employing.If you established your eye on Louis Vuitton bags Sac Chasse for your 1st time, the within the starting matter you observe about this is going to be its dimensions for that is incredibly a remarkably considerable Louis Vuitton bags. Connected with program, this is exactly what you will be organizing on of a 'luggage' - which
" Illusions Of Beauty "
" Delicate Illusion "  April 26, 2011 at 10:30pm  As I gaze into my mirror , I marvel at what I see , A delicate beauty laughing back at me , Where did you go ? My question was thought , Where do you think ? Was all I got . As my lips turned up in smiles that I felt , And with a gentle lift of her brow , She bowed , You are Woman , she sang , You know how to Love , You give with your heart but when is it returned ? Never change who you are , for you are right with the Giving Power . The music will ring in your heart every hour , you'll dance on the clouds , And we'll win the War ....... For love comes sweeter with the passing of time , The more Love you give , the more Love you'll find .  
Cast A Shadow
Some people say do the best you can and do what feels right. Stand up for what you believe in don’t take any shit from anyone. Keep doing the best you can and pray that others will follow in your footsteps. Live everyone moment like your last but live it the best you can! Don’t have regrets if you live a selfish life, don’t complain when compassion isn’t shared. If you have a thirst for love but you only dish out hate then its misery that you’ll be drinking. What creature that is man? Is it warm? Compassionate? Or is it cold and hatful? Out of all the animals in the kingdom we’re the only ones who kill each other over race, beliefs, and cruel hatred. Since when is proving your better than someone else the logic in life when we are equal in the eyes of God? Since when does money, a car, and job define a man? Was it supposed to be ethics, kindness, passion, respect, and peace and propriety towards your fellow man? We replaced it with things that don&
The Football Shirt May Be The Only Genuinely Customizable Component Of The Football
Football has typically been a game that invited creativity and bright colors in its shirts. Teams like to show their originality by way of progressive styles which contain huge blocks of colour, stripes, or uncommon patterns. Most teams make entirely new collections of jerseys for every season. You'll find truly typically two house jerseys, two away jerseys, along with a special jersey to the Maillot France means that youl discover quite a few options for any group to mix points up and produce new searches for virtually each and every game. Men, ladies, and youngsters all seem to get pleasure from showing their group pride via wearing a fashionable colbert hamels jersey. Since the shirts are designed to hold gamers comfy throughout the game, they are Soldes Maillot de foot wonderful for followers to put on although doing exercises or taking part in amateur sports. In fact, it not uncommon for smaller sized amateur leagues for little ones adults to purchase a staff jersey in
Genoa Local Food Specialties
Genoa for their own local traditions and proud of these traditions inherited with the changing time and space down, and now locals is committed to the re-development of their value, and strive to rediscover those who have lost something. Basil sauce pasta In addition to the basil dedicated a chapter (see Basil Park), AC Milan?jerseythe locals hope of better understanding the specific foods and food selectively introduce pure, delicious and natural wine cooking varieties, as well as sausage, cheese, sweets, edible oil, apple. Genoa local food specialties plus basil pasta sauce (la pasta al pesto), green basil sauce with delicious pasta from the visual and taste gives the appetite. Liguria is a wide variety of arts and crafts, making unusually fine, even veryBarcelona jersey good sales outside the Region. Liguria crafts people are always very clever to use their own region or by maritime trade and other ways to reach a large area of raw materials to produce the exquisite handicrafts.
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 32
{DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED ŘẽΆÞẼř ™ and collected a bounty of $671,178,829,068, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED RuDe BoI & RoZe ™ and collected a bounty of $30,830,508,120, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED {HB} Raven and collected a bounty of $29,876,937,527, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED *TRUE* *M* *P* and collected a bounty of$272,263,556,063, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED Sass and collected a bounty of$57,942,316,511, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ĐϴǸŦ-ĦƛŦΣ™ and collected a bounty of$183,104,299,062, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Bill just KILLED ✠§ωǻǥǥ³✠ and collected a bounty of $48,804,937,830, with
Dad Xxx Videos
Dad (352 XXX Videos)
Everyday Life Pt 1
A man sits and watches the world go by, He used to be part of it, he used to be someone. He would often walk this road to work and Look at the people who were not like him, Wondering what their story was. Each one was different he knew, but how many a time he wanted to stop, To inquire about each one. He never did. He felt for them, knowing he would also never be one of them. Yet, here he is, cold, alone. Seeing people look at him, the same way he used to do. No one stops, they all just stare. He begins to think, wondering how he fell so hard So fast.
Dance With The Devil Lyrics
Here I stand, helpless and left for dead. Close your eyes, so many days go by. Easy to find what's wrong, harder to find what's right. I believe in you, I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies. I won't stay long, in this world so wrong. [Chorus] Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight. Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight. Trembling, crawling across my skin. Feeling your cold dead eyes, stealing the life of mine. I believe in you, I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies. I won't last long, in this world so wrong. [Chorus] Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight. Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight. Hold on, hold on. [Chorus] Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight. Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight. Hold on, hold on.
*** Close To My Heart ***
Close to my heart, but not in sight... Will I get to hold you again? Will I ever get to look in your eyes and say I love you? Over and Over in my head all I can think about is what you meant to me. What I meant to you.... So many places we have been together... we laughed and carried on I think about them places... songs we said were ours.. and that still are The symbol that describes us I will wear for the rest of my life I pictured us together happy , for a longtime, holding hands.... I still listen to our songs ... I still wear our symbol How can a true love slip way? did it? Why did I let it slip away? Why did you let it slip away? Is this fate? Is this meant to be? Close to my heart you will forever be. Dede
Holding On
With you in my arms you feel no harm Sometimes time just slips by With out us knowing why We sit on the deck Early in the morning This is our one last cup of coffee The lake is so beautiful as I hold you The passion between us Is indescribable to most You said Alaska is where you wanted to be It is where you wanted breathe We gave up everything SO you could live your dream The rain is so soft I can feel it falling on us This moment will last In my memories of the past I remember you dancing I can see the whole world watching They look and say What a beautiful couple they make They did not know the pain you were feeling inside you though You said you are losing the man of your dreams You were definately my queen So as the cancer eats I have one last request please Move on with your life Make some man a happy wife My time with us is about done I wont be far away so have fun The angels have spoken WIth one last breathe Your dreams were mine My time with
I Know
I know he’s an angel looking down on me I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad was the best dad there ever was I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad was all there was to be which is why I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad was everything to me I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad was anything I wanted him to be I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad the best thing that ever happen to me I know he’s a angel looking down on me My dad was all that he could be I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad he was no dreamer he made me a strong believer I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad was the best dad anyone can ever have I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad always made me proud I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad always made me smile I know he’s an angel looking down on me My dad never made me wonder why I know he’s an angel looking down
I have really been enjoying my time here on LC. Today I had a rather bad experience. Since I have started here I have read bulletins stating that nudity shots were not permitted. That as long as there was some least around the general area that it was okay. Today I look up to the people online and see an upfront open view pussy shot. It really irritated me that women have to think that that is the only way they can get attention. It also irritated me that she felt the need to have everyone look....even those that wouldn't look to begin with. I am here for the friends and the company of people to talk to. I would rather not look at the T & A. I think people should have a choice. Put it in a folder...mark it private or with a label for people to know what it is. That way they have a choice to open it or not. To have it as a primary pic...that is ridiculous. much for ranting...Just needed to get my point across.....
Gossip 2
Remember who I am? I am written on every wall I am softly whispered in every classroom My name overflows off everyone's lips They all know me They know all about me I ruin lives, reality, dreams and relationships There is nothing like me I can drive you to your very grave I can make you bring harm to another I have no feelings, I am shallow in every aspect I cry no tears, shed no emotions...they are useless Maybe I am true, maybe matters neither way I am repeated, spread worse then a disease Each time only growing and bringing more pain Feelings mean nothing to me, not now nor ever People hear me and will never second guess
Thoughts (published)
Thoughts Thoughts   Deep within this aging body I tend to drift to years gone by Did I do all that I  wanted Or did I let life just slip me by The waterfalls still await For my nightly encounters Always waiting for the night To claim the spirit fountains Remember, all those who dream Of life and days gone by That even if your days grow short Your memories are still alive Hang On !  I say Hang On! And never give up hope For tomorrow is not a promise And yesterdays but a rope Today is all we have And all we are ever given A life of love is opened And needs never to be forgiven
travis my boyfriend is having so touble with his confidence he needs some help what should i do
How I Feel
outside i smile............inside i bleed and die
To Be Notice!
To Be Notice! Thru out my days and years I always looked out for you best interest, not because I was you friend and companion to talk to but in my eyes I wanted more from you, Cause in my heart it always had seem right that you would be here with me tonight, Thought you felt different about me never toke the time to notice me, Now I move on and went always you wonder to yourself what you did?.. For I wish things was different between me and you, Our love between us would have been so true, But in another life time it could be, Until then you are nothing but a memory....
"Dont frown, you never know who is falling in love with your Smile"
Lord's Prayer For A Military Wife
Lord grant me the greatness of heart to see, The difference in duty and his love for me; Give me the understanding to know, That when duty calls he must go! Give me task to do each day, To fill the time when he's away. And Lord, when duty is in the field, Please protect him and be his shield. Amen My mom wrote this i think she did a great job, don't you?
Hi Are You Today?..
..What do YOU say..when someone askes you this question??.... Seriously...if you are having a bad day..and someone says to you.."hi are you today?" do you say..through gritted teeth.. "yeah..i'm great thanx..couldnt be better!"... ..or do you tell the truth.. ..and say.. "Well..actually..i feel pretty crap today..i hate the kids are playing up...i feel like a failure...i don't feel appreciated...i just want to sit and cry my eyes out...!!"... well....the answer usually from most "hi..yeah..i'm great thanx..everythings good...." and WHY?? BECAUSE WHEN PEOPLE SAY "HI THERE..HOW ARE YOU TODAY??" they dont ACTUALLY want to know..or to listen..its just polite to ask..and they are used to doing so... all they want to know is that u are ok coz then their life is easier and they dont have to deal with you SO.... you smile sweetly...and say your ok..and hold it all in....!!! DEPRESSION IS A VERY LONELY , MISUNDERSTOOD AND IGNORED ILLNESS
hey guys...its shavonne leave me some comments and stuff so I can get my rank up...Id be glad if you did.... Love yall Shavonne
I Should Be ..
Doing homework. Or cleaning my room.. Damn lack of concentration. Oh well.. This place is fun! =)
Once Upon A Star
I gaze up at the sky each night and find the brightest star. It's always waiting there for me so close, but yet so far. The star winks in the evening sky and reaches out to me. It magically appears each night for all the world to see. I've wished upon this special star my whole life through, it seems. I've closed my eyes and made my wish of hopes, and plans, and dreams. And then, one day I got my wish for I finally met you. You are that someone special who's made all my dreams come true. So now whenever we're apart I find that same bright star. It makes me feel so close to you no matter where you are.
Why I Hate Mondays
Why is ist Monday mornings always start the same, You over sleep, your hair never goes right. You can only find one stocking to go with your susspenders...... And on top of all that the dog has been sick ,ARGH ............So come on over and show me some good Monday loving , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
See Ya Later Everyone Its Time For Me To Go
hey all if u are readin this i just wanted to say bye for awhile i have to get outta here and get to work but ill be back laterz!! have a great day all and ill see ya tonite!! muahhhzzzz and love to everyone!!
Wanna Bet? Ch. 06
Kerry put the dreaded strap-on onto the table again, grinning, "Same as last week," she told him, "I win, I get your cherry." Derrick gulped, but countered valiantly, "Fine... but if I win, I get yours." The obvious challenge didn't make her hesitate an instant, she'd known what she was getting herself into the moment that she'd even brought anal into the picture. It was something she'd always been rather curious about anyway, even though it was something that she thought was kinda dirty, the naughtiness of it had always turned her on. And fair was fair if she was making him bet his ass, she might as well have hers on the table too. ********************* Derrick trudged upstairs heavily, following Kerry's swaying ass. Cold comfort that he might have had that if he'd won... he was very unsure about how he felt about this. On one hand, yeah it was with a girl, on the other hand, he'd never wanted anything near his ass. Social stigma maybe, but it was also supposed to hurt and
Wanna Bet? Ch. 08
"So, if I win today, I want to tie you up and play with you." said Kerry, her eyes twinkling as she winked at Derrick. The idea of being totally at her mercy was both frightening and breath-taking... but he had his priorities too, "If I win, I get your ass cherry." And he leered at her. He was dying to take her in the ass ever since she'd had him, and although last bet he'd lost had ended up being thoroughly enjoyable, he still hadn't been able to stop thinking about winning. After all, Kerry did have a fantastic ass, and since she'd taken his cherry it was only fair that he took hers. This time, as they watched horse-race, she climbed onto his lap and let him play with her tits as they watched, her ass grinding down into his dick. He could feel her firm cheeks between the clothe that separated them and was very very hard already; pinching her nipples tightly he listened to her moan. There was also something exciting about losing, he'd have no control over what she did to him and
wow wut an awesome place to be..such kool nice...i am enjoying this new sight...such warm greetings.. ty everyone..special thanks to statiklady for sending me the link...
Great Song!!
"Wait For You" I know you're trying to get around me baby I know you've got me in your heart baby I know that you could love me If you only had a guarantee When I look at your face it's so empty I know I could fill you with love baby Your soul is dying for me Can't deny our energy And you're far I'm near you're there I'm here you're hurting for me I can see it in your eyes Some of the hardest things are easy to achieve with patience I'll wait for you until the heavens fall I'll wait for you until the end of the world I'll wait for you until I no longer breathe I know that it's not impossible I'll wait for you until you finish your fight I'll wait for you until the timing is right I'll wait for you until you knock on my door Cuz right now it's feeling just like a movie yeah yeah... Just like a movie I know that this is hard for you Want you to know that I'm feeling it too It's taken some time but now I see everything It's so clear to me I can't give up yo
Ok, Sounds Right...
You scored as Very horny. You are very horny. You have a lot of desire. You get hard or wet very easily. Be careful to not let your sex drive go too far. Please rate and comment and tell me what quiz this is when you do!Very horny81%Super Horny63%Normal Horny63%A little horny38%Not horny6%How horny are you? (with pics)created with
For My Fans
Drink til she looks good.. Make sure you post comments
Above(another Ian Original)
We press onward towards an end predicted yet unseen. Blindly many are led into the darkest regions of their hearts, minds, and actions.The world is abounding with the plagues of both our actions and innactions. Days fly by with so many commiting evils upon eachother and the world around us. Nights pass with nary a mention of the plagues that we commit unto eachother nor a word spoken against them. How then do so many live with themselves. For truth they do not. For spiritually they die and rot with each corruption they lay upon themselves and allow to come to pass. Time marches on unredeemed for few take it upon themselves to repent for their misactions or to aide others in their struggles against the inner darkness that seeks to overtake us all. Where are the heroes of old who stood in righteousness? Where are the meek who once rose with one voice to right injustice? Alas the will of many is dulled or led astray by the corruptions and deceptions we continue to allow.I however shall n
Out With The Old And In With The New
I had a sudden bout of sadness/depression at work today, and I'm unsure of its exact origin(s). Luckily I was alone at the time, because my eyes welled up for awhile. I had to blink furiously to clear them. I still haven't completely shaken it from my system.
How U Touch Me!!!
The Mistake You Cannot Forget
The Mistake You Cannot Forget by Ashlie You say you cannot forget And you aren't ready to forgive But I need your friendship More than you'll even know I need you there to live Without you by my side today Life's been going, oh so slow I miss your calls Our endless talks The places we would go You can't even bear to look at me, And I know my mistake For because of one night, And a few thoughtless actions, When you saw me you ran and hid I know we cannot take it back As much as we would like to But we could forget And start all over Just friends, that's me and you If time is what you need, Then I guess that's what you'll get But I need you there for me soon, My friend, I hope you will forget.
Company by Tina K Where are you going, where have you been? My dear, close, and quiet friend, As we sit in the soft springtime Saturday's end Taking comfort in each other once again. Tell me your stories and I'll tell you mine; And so we will pass a few hours time With the quaint and the comic and even sublime - Silently searching for that elusive sign. We'll fashion the future and polish the past, Allowing the memories to amass; While the grains of sand slip through the glass 'Til a tranquil lull pervades at last. Conversation fades with the eve's golden light, We cannot go on, try though we might; So you gather me an embrace so tight, And we wistfully, longingly say goodnight.
A Poem
How do you let go of all the love you knew? How do you let go of the life you once knew? How do you let go of all the happiness you had? How do you let go of the one ting that made you smile? How do you let go and forget all the memories? How do you let go and try to move on? How do you let go of the love of your life?
Anyone On Here Vegetarian Or Vegan?
There was this one time I didn't eat meat for 2 hours. I ended up harpooning a whale and eating it raw.
Hey ALl this is my First Blog On here I am new to this as of Sept if ya like leave me some comments or whatever...
The Ending Of A Day...
With a sigh I see another day pass, for when the crow settles and the owl is a hunt, then that which we do not name is about. For even thoe you may not believe, there is more in this plane tween heaven and earth than mankind must or will ever know or experience. Yet in the shadows there is still light from the moon, as she glides through the velvet night, in search of love long past. What are we to do if, at the end of the threads of time, we have left a page unturned, or a drop of water untasted, or a ray of sunshine pooled listlessly in a pothole? Seek to learn the truth, and teach whay you learn that in grace of fate we can outlive our shells, and pass on to the next plane!
Lets Go Do Something Fun...
It is saturday. Had to work which sucked. No plans for tonight. It is rainy and nasty out. No one wants to go out and do anything.... I would settle for a movie or bowling. Oh well... Wanna go out with me? Got some netflix movies in today... so guess i will watch those until something a bit more excitng comes along... which is soon I hope!!
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What Mythological Creature Are You?
You scored as Faerie. Faerie: Aren't you a cute little flying person? Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.Mermaid75%Faerie75%WereWolf59%Demon59%Angel50%Dragon42%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with

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