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~ Things To Think About ~
Number 10 Life is sexually transmitted. Number 9 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. Number 8 Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him Without an erection, make him a sandwich. Number 7 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a Person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks. Number 6 Some people are like a Slinky.....not really good for Anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs. Number 5 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. Number 4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. Number 3 Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars And a substantial tax cut saves you thirty cents? Number 2 In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now The world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. AND THE NUM
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Life Indeed Sucks
ok so now i'm back at sqaure one...i have my place but no job in a hell hole... i don't know what i'm going to do i'm about to be drove fucking nuts and i have no one by my side. i really feel alone here in the world again..i wish i knew what to do but then i thought i had control of my life. i guess in the end it doesn't really matter how hard you try to keep afloat only how hard you crash. i want to wallow in my own self pity right now i want a shoulder to cry on and i have none i want and need alot of things right now that i can't provide or find. i feel forsaken......
I Am In A Contest
Do me a favor and message bomb this pic of me in this contest... I would appreciate it. bare 36d hugs, ms. cleavage
Settle back beneath the stars. Listen close in silken Threads. Head to pillow, should you rest. My arm wrapped protectively pulling you to my chest. I kiss your neck once, twice, three times. My way of saying love you with no words envolved. My breath I take deep and know that heaven here belongs to me. My heart has no more tears to shed. Because now theres you to hold my hand. So into the night I let myself drift. Knowing that when I sleep. You there in my dreams I may see. A lover, and friend, a companion true. That someone that I can truely give my heart to.
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Do You Want A Yacht?
America, America Through the years they call Looking for those to take the stand and some to take the fall Here we are, Here we are We will fight for thee And to soldier turns the common man to fight for liberty And here at home, In towers High The world would watch as thousands died This attack meant to cripple us would only make us stronger And we would stand and we would show them, We wouldn't stand it any longer So across the ocean, And across the sea To fall upon the sand Of a white stone desert red with blood Within a foreign land Through the years, We've fought our Wars And the battles of our friends In the solemn and the sacred cause that freedom has no end By Mitchell Zaiman
My Demons + Your Pleasure= Chemical Marriage
I left the dream world with hopes of forgetting you. But to NO avail it isn't working. Your face, scent,taste and the way you felt against my body is over powering. Yeah, Your on my mind night and day. I thought by keeping away and watching from a distance it would make a difference. It hasn't, not one damn bit. Stop looking around the rm you won't see me. But i see you, the way your playing with your hair. while your typing on the comp. I heard something was wrong, but i tried not to seem like i was concern. But i knew i had to check for myself, you didn't sound like yourself, your aura is sad and i don't like that. Watchin you walk to the bed and just sitting deep in thought. All you need to do is drift off in thought and your mine. Gotcha. You can stop acting like your surprised now. Yes, were in my world now. Where i can create any scene esp the one on the beach with us just chillin. I just look deep into your eyes, i see things i don't like, i want to take them away, but all i ca
What would you say to me if we met face to face?
The Shower
How to Shower Like a Woman: 1. Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to lights and darks. 2. Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown. If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. 3. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror - make mental note to do more sit-ups. 4. Get in the shower. Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loopha, wide loopha, and pumice stone. 5. Wash your hair once with cucumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins. 6. Wash your hair again to make sure it's clean. 7. Condition your hair with grapefruit mint conditioner enhanced with natural avocado oil. Leave on hair for 15 minutes. 8. Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes until red. 9. Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body wash. 10. Rinse conditioner off hair. 11. Shave armpits and legs. 12. Turn off shower. 13. Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower. Spray mold spots with Tilex.
Tearing, Ripping, Burning, Pain without love. Consuming, Overwhelming, Torturing, Pain without love. Sickening, Disturbing, Twisted, Pain without love. Love is pain, It always stays the same. I try to change it, I try to bend it, Pain without love. Love is pain, It always stays the same. I try to deal with it, I try to conceal it, Pain without love. Love is pain, It always stays the same. I try to accept it, I try to bless it, Pain without love. It has consumed me to the point of death.
Publishing Opportunity
I received an email from a eroitca publisher asking me to get back to them about a possible publishing opportunity over my stories and their magazines. I replied to them to ask for details and to tell me what the opportunity is. The web site they sent to me was real. So I am waiting now to see what they tell me. This could be interesting.
Fill It Out If U Want To Be Bestest Friends.....
Hey i wanna get to know all my friend better and the ones that dont talk to me at all i would like to heres some basic questions u can repost and reply or u can add anything u want!!! These are my answers if u care to know!?!? > > 1. Can you cook? i can try > > > 2. What was your dream growing up? to be a dancer > > > 3. What talent do you wish you had? > uhhh anything > > 4. Favorite place? > I love any place, but I LUVS CALI!! > > 5. Favorite vegetable? > broccoli ;) nah its really corn lol > > 6. What was the last book you read? > i dont read good > > 7. What zodiac sign are u ? > pisces, Tomorrow is my birthday baby!!! The big 2-1!! Cum Parttyyy > > 8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? > in my ears? > > 9. Worst Habit? > biting my nails :( > > 10. Do we know each other outside of Cherry Tap? uhhh prbably not > > > 11. What is your favorite sport? > Basketball > > 12. Negative or Optimistic attitude? > im optim
Best News As Of Yet
I got the exact date of me getting out of the Navy I finally got it and I can't wait it will be Friday the 16th of March only one week from tomorrow and then I will be back at home with my Beautiful wait a min. not beautiful GORGEOUS and I love her so much and then I will be on my way back to NC with my wife to start my family with her
Comment Bombers Needed In Contest
Outside Competition
Im in a little competition for the cutest pet. Thought some of you might like to know about it so here is the link im in it under my user name here so please show me some love if you go have a look From: Date: Mar 9, 2007 3:52 AM ............................................. Enter Your Pet Today Click Here To Enter
Me And Who I Am
well lets just say i have found love but in all the wrong places im a good man that would do anythinging for anyone but i just want to feel love like i love so if u got my nummber check me out k love ya all .
The Dangerous Choking Game
THIS WAS COPIED FROM THE INTERNET!!!! The Day my Jeff Died This is what I wrote about that fateful day. What happened before, during and after.... Really tough to write and tough to read, too! =============================================================================== I keep flashing back to the day that it happened, November 7, 2004. It started like a regular Sunday morning. You getting up and having breakfast (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and watching cartoons in the living room. Stephen was going to cook a late breakfast of bacon, potatoes, eggs, the whole works. I was putting your new school picture in the picture frame that has every year of schools pictures in it and you and I were goofing about how this picture came out and some of your pictures and how you had a few chubby years, etc... You came over behind me and hugged me and I told ya to watch out cuz I might sneeze boogers on your arm cuz of my cold! I told ya that the internet was taken away again becaus
G-spot By " Wll ̆ G Lk ̆l
There are many ways to use your fingers to make a girl go crazy, and some of the best are to be found by simple exploration - try different things, different numbers of fingers, different parts of her pussy and ass, and be innovative and inventive. Some of the best fingering comes in conjunction with oral... but there is one, shining act which transcends all sexuality, and gives a woman - any woman - the best orgasm of her LIFE. This is not the kind of knowledge which should be bestowed upon predators or misogynists. You should only know this and use this if you LOVE women. Some will tell you that this is a myth: it is not a myth. Trust me. You'll be glad you did. You'll also be considered a stud, without ever having to take your cock out of your pants. Not that you care if women label you as a stud, right? Right? ;-) Here goes: Start by performing a little oral on her inner thighs, labia and clitty especially, to get her nice and wet. For "little oral" read "lots of oral" if
The Big Day
They wake up in different beds for the first time in a while and first thoughts are of each other and wishing they were together. Realizing the day they spring out of bed. She is off to the salon with her girlfriends to get ready and he is waiting for his buddies to show up. As she sits getting he hair done, she starts to feel the butterflies. Her friends try to distract her by talking about him and her. Her hair is done, make up is next. It's almost time. He sits outside relaxing with friends, having a few drinks, joking and laughing. Talking about anything and everything and especially what it is going to be like. He looks at the time. She arrives at the chapel and goes to the bride room. As she openes the door she smells the flowers. As she walks in she sees the iris's all over. She smiles. Time to get into the dress, its almost time. He gets into his tux, best man helping straighten his tie. They climb into the truck and head for the church. As they get closer, the butterflies
Another One
When i win this one i get a blast and whe all know whe need a blast lol thanks in advance for helping me rate and comment bomb me please xxx
If I could catch a rainbow, I would do it just for you And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue. If I could build a mountain You could call your very own A place to find serenity A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles I would toss them into the sea But all these things I'm feeling Are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair But let me be what I know best A friend who's always there.
Dreams Of Wetness
Dreams of Wetness We walk into the restaurant,,you ask for a booth in the back,,the only light is 1 single votive candle on each table. I step in front of you as we walk to the table and feel your hand brush against the back of my skirt. I feel my nipples get instantly hard. I slide into the booth bench first,, you slide in behind me,, I turn to face you,, pullin my left leg up onto the bench between us,, you lean over and kiss me,, after a nice kiss,, my tongue trails down under your chin and I begin to kiss your neck,, unbuttoning your shirt a bit,, nibbling gently but firmly on your shoulder. I whisper in your ear that I need to go to the ladies room,, you get up and let me out. Just as I am leavin the waiter shows up to take our drink orders and leave menus,,, I ask him to please bring some whole frozen strawberries,, I can feel your eyes watching me as I walk away. I leave and soon return,, you stand up and I turn toward the table stoppin long enough to remove your napkin a
Ct Friends Gone
Out of 759 friends that I have, these are gone from CT???? Not a good demonstration of staying power for those on CT. TBD@ CherryTAP3257@ CherryTAP39255@ CherryTAPDawg@ CherryTAPtexasforya@ CherryTAP107506@ CherryTAP==Wants to make friends==@ CherryTAP249505@ CherryTAPthis is not my real name@ CherryTAP262480@ CherryTAPsadness@ CherryTAPBarnet@ CherryTAP287536@ CherryTAPPB&J with a baseball bat! *Roses's fiance*@ CherryTAP
You scored as Vampire. You are a vampire dead and lost. You love pain agony and deathVampire100%The reaper100%Ware wolf100%Which creature of death are you?created with
Trust Me Honey You Will Find Out!! Beware The Elusive Bullshit Artist
You know, if I had one mistake to make, I would have said to myself "If it sounds like a bad idea, it is a bad idea" Let's be real people, if he can't even wait a week, after something as dramatic as abortion, to hook up with a new girl across the country, then he probably isn't a good person. Here I am a week or two into our little "relationship", and I find out I am pregnant, little do I know, the whole time this guy is carrying on a relationship with a girl on cherry tap right under my nose?????? Couldn't he have waited at least until i wasn't pregnant any more??? Sounds like a winner right? To all you cherrytap ladies-watch out-you're probably already talking to him.......
Who Is Working??
The population of this country is 300 million. 160 million are retired. That leaves 140 million to do the work. There are 85 million in school. Which leaves 55 million to do the work. Of this there are 35 million employed by the federal government. Leaving 15 million to do the work. 2.8 million are in the armed forces Which leaves 12.2 million to do the work. Take from that total the 10.8 million people who work for state and city governments. And that leaves 1.4 million to do the work. At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals. Leaving 1,212,000 to do the work. Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons. That leaves just two people to do the work. You and me And there you are, sitting on your ass, at your computer, reading jokes. Nice. Real nice
What Color Is Your Brain?
Your Brain is Blue Of all the brain types, yours is the most mellow. You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles. Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are. You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life. What Color Is Your Brain?
My Second
Posted by: Glenda - Ky 3:48 PM Mar 15, 2007 Hmmmmmm Ok She was burned so bad her skin Peeled off?? ask yourself this Would you step into a tub of water so hot that is gonna make your skin peel off? in the first place whats the water doing that hot.. Second of all she may have been in a tub of water that hot But If she was then they put her in there or forced her in there .. Because They wouldnt step in a tub of water that hot?? So he needs to come up with a better story than I think the burns from the water Killed her and Sure she screamed and probably fell down hit her head fighting to keep from being put in that scalding hot water I mean wouldnt you? Then they went to RedRiver Gordge he says only the 3 of them went where were the other 3 siblings why weren't they taken as well this was a family thing wasnt it?? hmmmm makes me wonder what they had in mind going there
The Leprechaun
The Leprechaun The original Irish name for these figures of folklore is "lobaircin," meaning "small-bodied fellow." Belief in leprechauns probably stems from Celtic belief in fairies, tiny men and women who could use their magical powers to serve good or evil. In Celtic folktales, leprechauns were cranky souls, responsible for mending the shoes of the other fairies. Though only minor figures in Celtic folklore, leprechauns were known for their trickery, which they often used to protect their much-fabled treasure. Leprechauns had nothing to do with St. Patrick or the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, a Catholic holy day. In 1959, Walt Disney released a film called Darby O'Gill & the Little People, which introduced America to a very different sort of leprechaun than the cantankerous little man of Irish folklore. This cheerful, friendly leprechaun is a purely American invention, but has quickly evolved into an easily recognizable symbol of both St. Patrick's Day and Ireland in ge
Gold And Silver Waltz
Shakespeare wrote: If music be the food of love, play on, give me escess of it. I wrote: In beautiful music there is no sin, only beauty and happiness. From a very early age, I wanted to play the violin and become a conductor. But my parents could not afford to buy me a violin or pay music lessons for me. So, I never played the violin and did not become a conductor. But I spent hours, in my house, standing near the record player and conducting the music with a stick. And when I went to parties at my relatives place, for Christmas, New Year and for Birthdays, the music that was always played at that time, was the music of the Strauss family and that of Franz Lehar, especially the waltzes. Instead of dancing with the pretty girls, I stood all night near the record player, conducting the music. I was not at all shy; I just had to do it. This passion for conducting has never left me. I am still doing it today, when I watch music on the television or my music videos
Sex Talk Q&a
Chocolate-studded Shamrocks
Chocolate-Studded Shamrocks Credit: Nestle Servings: 48 cookies Ingredients: * 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour * 1 teaspoon baking powder * 1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine, softened (we recommend Land O'Lakes Butter) * 2/3 cup granulated sugar * 2 teaspoons vanilla extract * 2 large eggs * 2 cups (12-ounce package) Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels * 2 tablespoons green-colored sugar Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Combine flour and baking powder in small bowl. Beat butter, sugar and vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until creamy. Add eggs 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Gradually beat in dry ingredients. Stir in morsels. Refrigerate for a few minutes until firm. Shape dough into 3/4-inch balls; place 3 together to form shamrock shape on ungreased baking sheets. Roll small amount of dough to form stem. Sprinkle with green sugar. Repeat with remaining dough. Bake for 8 to 10
Yeah, I See How It Is.
I got an alert today that said "someone rated your blog a 7!" So, someone, and I don't know who, looked at my page, read my blog, mulled it over a little and then decided, "eh...I think it's a 7..." How does that decision making process occur? What checklist do you use to gauge the rating level of a blog post? Is it how loud the chuckle or how large the tears? Alright, I need to go take a shower and get ready for the Tattoo Expo. I went to sleep at 5 this morning, got woke up by several text messages, then finally got out of bed at 11 and I'm still deliriously tired. But that lower some inhibitions and perhaps I'll get some new work done at the Tattoo Expo. hehe
Suicide By: Dustin W. Dennison Silence is the enemy, and at once, my greatest friend. But when is all this silence, and my fear to end? My struggles have been long and hard, at times, a frantic flight From the dangers in the darkness, seeking light. How does it remain so hard to reach the point of knowing? How can this stagnation end, and my soul rekindle growing? I know that I am weary, for I feel my loss of light. That lets the shadows strengthen in my ever ebon night. The power of my soul to climb above such mortal care Is fading, taking with it the life within my air. So, I breathe deep, with passion, savoring the power That does remain, while I await Death's appointed hour. Now comes the dagger, sharp and sleek, quickly from the mist, And I, from sheer frustration, raise an angry fist. As onward flies the dagger, toward my heart of stone, I know my final words will fall in silence, all alone. And I feel peace, and freedom, as the blade doth
Pain By: Dustin W. Dennison Pain stuffed inside of me Can't let anyone near me Can't let anyone see the real me Can't let anyone even hug me All this pain that's held in me Why can't anyone see the real me Why can't anyone help me Why can't someone just hold me All this pain that's eating me Can't let go of the pain in me Can't get this pain from me Can't get this pain out of me When will the pain stop hurting me Why can't I just feel me Why can't I just be me Why can't someone take this pain from me
dont know.i just dont know
So last night i went to the Sheraton Hotel and met Kristina for the first time in person. I fell in love with her instantly. We were drinking and having fun. And i gave her friends Mary & Colleen advice on how to deal with the men in their lives who were being assholes to them. A little later in the night, i kissed Colleen, Kristina's best friend. Kristina hates me now. And i dont blame her. I do too. I fell in love and ruined it all in the same night. I wanted to show Kristina that i was good enough to have a chance to be her boyfriend. Instead i proved that i am a complete asshole. I dont even know what to do. I cant stop crying. I want to burn. I want to make things better with Kristina. I want to take back the kiss. I cant do any of that. All i can do is be sorry for it and hate myself for it. At least im doing that right. BlueBy Tommy
Weekends Over....
Well had a pretty good weekend...Paul made it home for a couple of hours then had to go on to Texas...Going to be back Tuesday or Wednesday..The puppy have made friends..Crazy Eyes is the same age as Lacey.. But alot bigger..Lacey a midget up to Crazy Eyes..Will post pictures soon of both of them..Had Claire this weekend she is feeling alot better..She been real sick..Had her at the hositpal twice in 2 weeks..But she back to her old self now...She loves the new puppies...Well need to go for now ...Bye and have a Great Week...
Virgo You are shy at first, and because of that, it is hard for you to find lots of random sex partners. You are very intelligent and very into sex. You will only have sex with clean people, because you are afraid of getting an STD. You are also very kinky and imaginative in the sack. Your partners always have a hard time keeping up with you. Sex matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio Take this quiz at
The Sole
The fishes had for a long time been discontented because no order prevailed in their kingdom. None of them turned aside for the others, but all swam to the right or the left as they fancied, or darted between those who wanted to stay together, or got into their way. And a strong one gave a weak one a blow with its tail, which drove it away, or else swallowed it up without more ado. How delightful it would be, said they, if we had a king who enforced law and justice among us, and they met together to choose for their ruler the one who could cleave through the water most quickly, and give help to the weak ones. They placed themselves in rank and file by the shore, and the pike gave the signal with his tail, on which they all started. Like an arrow, the pike darted away, and with him the herring, the gudgeon, the perch, the carp, and all the rest of them. Even the sole swam with them, and hoped to win the race. All at once, the cry was heard, the herring is first, the herring is first. Wh
The Owl
Two or three hundred years ago, when people were far from being so crafty and cunning as they are nowadays, an extraordinary event took place in a little town. By some mischance one of the great owls, called horned owls, had come from the neighboring woods into the barn of one of the townsfolk in the night-time, and when day broke did not dare to venture forth again from her retreat, for fear of the other birds, which raised a terrible outcry whenever she appeared. In the morning when the man-servant went into the barn to fetch some straw, he was so mightily alarmed at the sight of the owl sitting there in a corner, that he ran away and announced to his master that a monster, the like of which he had never set eyes on in his life, and which could devour a man without the slightest difficulty, was sitting in the barn, rolling its eyes about in its head. I know your kind, said the master, you have courage enough to chase a blackbird about the fields, but when you see a hen lying dead, yo
My Fav. Poem
The Oyster There once was an oyster Whose story I tell, Who found that some sand Had got into his shell. It was only a grain, But it gave him great pain. For oysters have feelings Although they're so plain. Now, did he berate The harsh workings of fate That had brought him To such a deplorable state? Did he curse at the government, cry for election, and claim that the sea should have given him protction? No-he said to himself As he lay on his shell, Since I cannot remove it, I shall try to improve it. Now the years have rolled around, As the years always do, And he came to his ultimate Destiny-stew. And the small grain of sand That had bothered him so Was a beautiful pearl All richly aglow. Now the tale hasa moral; For isn't it grand What an oyster can do With a morsel of sand? What couldn't we do If we'd only begin With some of the things That get under our skin. ~Author Unknown~
im new at cherry tap and i just wanted to say hi!
Hey everyone. I am new to CherryTap. I have to say this is very different from other sites. I can't get up with my alerts and am sorry for that. if i don't get right back to you, sorry. i will get the hang of it soon, hopefully:-) take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Writen In Stone.
One Lifemate Maybe it was the beauty of your eyes. But when I saw you I knew. Now my soul is in pain, My heart is no longer mine. It's yours for all time. One heart joined to one other,The souls missing piece found. My lifemate. I love you. Only you. Forever true. Lisa Osburn Copyright 2007 Lisa Ann Osburn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click Here to Rate My Poem
The Knight Of The Old Ways (you Guessed It Another Poem)
i walked in and saw you sitting there with those big doe eyes collar on leash in hand i stopped in my tracks as always mesmerised by your sexualness you stood and crossed the room i snapped out of my trance took the leash from your tiny hand "have you been good today?"i asked knowing the answer seeing the slight glistening of your fingers as you handed me your leash. "no daddy"you whispered in that angelic voice,"i was thinking about your big hard cock and ....well ..... i " "get on your knees" i said sternly you looked me right in the eye i saw the flush of your cheek rising trying hard not to show your pleasure at what you knew was coming. "now you have to undress me "i said you reached down untied my shoes and took them off i reached down between you leggs and put hte leash through and pulled it up behind your back and i heard your breath stutter as the soft nylon slid across your already swollen clit and as you reached up to unbutton my pants and let them fall i
Mary Jane
This case is not isolated , there are many terror stories reported from arrestees this one just happened to be taped ! It is just another example of the failed , the most expensive , and longest running War, the war on drugs! it's time to take a different approach to this costly situation. The drug problem is not a criminal one it's a health issue and should be treated as one ! People should only be punished criminally if they steal, or abuse , kill someone while on a drug then it becomes a criminal offense. If someone is just caught using or possessing a drug then what crime was committed ?? Who is the victim?? Who got hurt ?? That's just it, it's not a crime! People need treatment and a real education about drugs, not jail time! prison is just a place for real criminals to teach the amature the ropes of criminal activity. You come out more of a criminal than when you went in ! It's no walk in the park that's for sure! Well I hope you will repost this for all to hear and know the TRU
Crying Over You
The Endless Search
i reach for you but your not there, i see you and call your name, but there is no answer. everyday i look fr you, but your not there. i sit in this motel room and i close my eyes, searching for the how and whys. i fade into a restless sleep, as my heart continues to weap. i see you in my dreams, you seem so real. i call to you in my sleep, and you gently call my name. i hold you and caress your face, in my dreams i leave this place. i drift back to a white sandy beach, whereyou are within my reach. then as our lips meet, i awake to face my defeat. no more white sand do i see, im back alone,as it was meant to be. as i walk the dirty streets of hell, i know my life is at an endless swell. i look up into the sky, and i remember the nites youd cry. i hang my head and i softly say, ill join you honey,on my dying day. togather once again well walk this earth, and togather our lives well rebirth. but till t
What A Day
well today started at 8 am i had to help my bro move is mother in law well she got to her house she was 2 sheet to the wind. then she had to go to her old house with us and we had to follow her. what should of took 1 hour took 2 and a half. the she had to take us all out to eat another 2 and a half hours gone. well to put it short we got done at midnight
Shining Through The Tears
It's easy to be pleasant when life flows by like a song. But the man worth while is the one who can smile When everything goes dead wrong. For the test of the heart is trouble and it always comes with years. And the smile that is worth the praises of earth Is the smile that shines through the tears.
Pope Willy
You know what... My brain don't always work right. I'll be the first to admit that. Thar are times in my life I has done some amazing and stupid things. My brain seems to go south. I once woke up thinking I was the Pope... Pope Willy. I put on a white bedsheet. Made a hat out of tinfoil and got a tobacco stick. I was Pope Willy. I then walked around the Holler speaking in tongues and blessing everyone I encountered. I was making the sign of the Cross and actually believed I was Pope Willy. I went to the local Catholic Church and drank some of the wine. I commenced to preaching to no one from the altar. Shortly, I was met by Sheriff Earl and his deputies. I blessed them. They thanked me and took me directly to Hotel Nuts. The following day I awoke and was back to my old, normal self. You reckon that might have been an act of Divine Intervention..? Or, just a crazy saga from my sordid past..?
Funny Shit Here.
Cherry Tap Sex Quiz
1. Is there anyone on your friends list you would like to have sex with? Hell Yeah!!! 2. Do they know it? YES!!!! 3. Have you had sex with anyone on you friends list? Yes 4. Do you like making love or having hott sex? Both 5. Have your ever had a 3 some? No 6. What is your favorite position? Any position that makes the woman moan with pleasure. 7. Do you want to have sex with the person who posted this? Possibly 8. Give or receive oral? Give 9. Kinky or sneaky? Kinky 10. Loud or quiet? The Louder the Better 11. Ruff of soft? Depends on the woman and the mood 12. Foreplay or not? Foreplay is a must 13. Do you like to bite or be bitten? Both 14. Spank or be spanked? Spank 15. Condoms or not? Condoms 16. Masturbate or not? Jerk'em if you got'em 17. Role-playing or not? Role-playing is great 18. Are you brave enough to re-post this? Hell Yeah I made it a B
My Friend Knew I Was Sad And Sent Me This Joke To Cheer Me Up...
why cant lesbians diet and wear make up at the same time? kinda hard to eat jenny craig when you have mary kay on your face TY Matt for trying to cheer me up!!! Hugs
Hey All What Cooken
hi im a regualer girl who just wants to meet new friends and have fun i am 28 and all femaile so any single guys out there who want to meet me check out my photo on myspace under and see what u think.
The Stalker
He left a message on the lady I really luv snapvine message recorder claiming I think i love her. I know i do. Frigging jerk.
Kid Rock -- Picture
Livin' my life in a slow hell Different girl every night at the hotel I ain't seen the sun shine in 3 damn days Been fuelin' up on cocaine and whisky Wish I had a good girl to miss me Lord I wonder if I'll ever change my ways I put your picture away Sat down and cried today I can't look at you while I'm lyin' next to her I put your picture away, sat down and cried today I can't look at you, while I'm lyin next to her I called you last night in the hotel Everyone knows but they wont tell But their half hearted smiles tell me Somethin' just ain't right I been waitin' on you for a long time Fuelin' up on heartaches and cheap wine I ain't heard from you in 3 damn nights I put your picture away I wonder where you been I can't look at you while I'm lyin' next to him I put your picture away I wonder where you been I can't look at you while I'm lyin' next to him I saw ya yesterday with an old friend
~before You~
~Before You~ Current mood: sleepy Category: Writing and Poetry I often wonder what was going on in my life before you....... Although i've tried, i can't recall...... Was i happy? Content with my life? Was i searching for meaning every day, as i am now? Each day i wake and can't believe i let you slip through these hands of mine.... At times i feel so damn stupid........ But even i know, that i'm only human....... And sometimes,despite good intentions, i do the wrong thing........ That doesn't stop the ache in my heart, i feel daily for you....... Though i realize you've moved on, and eventually i must do the same... I will always think of you.............. And wonder.......... What your doing this very moment..... Wonder if i ever cross your mind........ As long as i live..... You will live...... In my heart.......... ~Patrice~
I Just Love Kids!
For Nurses Seeking An Experienced Assistant.....
Are there any Nurses out there, who need an experienced assistant.. ?? Perhaps the below can give you some info on my qualifications.. as an unlicensed, but practising Gynaecologist Someone, who has been commended for his exxxquisite pelvic examinations.. There has not been any complaint so far from any of the patients, although many have returned for more examination... iUnfortunately, most of them requested that the lights were switched off... maybe it was due to the fact that others could hear them !!! So those ladies who go to Quacks and complain... Please think again.... I don't and am not aware of the official policies, but you can be assured of a fairly good but extremely satisfactory job... So think again before you go to a quack.... Nurses let me have a feedback please.. Also can be reached at any time.... Frequent patients have been provided with instant telephone access via the below sample.... Call me and I shall come...
It been a good week it went by fast...Start a new job...Good money the hours kind of suck but thats OK...Plus it what I'm use to doing..Working at Pilot Travel Center...Love to work with the public make the time go by fast...Claire doing good growing everyday...Puppies are growing too..Sarah find out she having another baby in Nov...we are hoping for a boy baby this time..Then their done having babies...Im going to have 2 grandbaby that enough for a while...Claire's already a hand full dont know what she going to do with 2 babies running around...Call Nana to come get one LOL...Well have to go have to run after ClaireBear..Bye bye for now..Have a Great Weekend..
Hot Or Snot
Yesterday, at Cyrus's insistence (perhaps to rid me of the notion that giving all 10s is a bad idea), I posted a photo of myself on Hot or Not. He picked the photo, and people quickly stepped up to say I'm a 6.4. I posted a different photo last night, and this morning awoke to learn that I'm a 9.3. I call that beauty rest. Curious about the site, I posted a short profile, and a number of people have sent me messages today. Most are lame, though I admit I've met a couple interesting individuals there. About five minutes ago, though, I received this message: "MMM, Hi there... Would you like to sit on my chest, spread your legs wide and watch me licking and sucking on that throbbing hard, soaking wet clit until you cum all over my face and in my mouth?" No subject line, no introduction. Just, "Hi, I'd like to fuck you with my tongue." People are so FRIENDLY.
Test Ur Sign
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
Late Night Boredom
So this is what happens when you party too hard on Friday night, no one wants to go out on saturday because they are too tired. Well unfortunately my insomnia is getting the better of me so all my guys are sleeping and I am stuck watching tv at 3am, talk about a fun time. So I watched this movie today that really kinda blew my mind. Have yall seen that movie Super Size Me? Well I watched it for the first time tonight and WOW I thought I was going to puke. My friends all kinda laughed because no matter what they see on tv they say they are too busy to cook. Well anyway so I was watching this movie and was discusted at what I had found out about the food that we are so quick to consume. Well I dont want to go on about it all night but its made me think about what I put into my body, I recommend yall to rent it if you havent seen it yet, just a warning though make sure you if you have a weak stomach to cover your eyes at certain parts. I hope you all have a great weekend.
Can't Sleep
2am Sunday night 1st of April..cant sleep..This time a year ago we knew we were losing my dad. He had fought cancer for seven years, had numerous operations..chemotherapy for the whole time, but the shitty cancer kept coming back. And like so many people who face this horrible disease, he didnt complain,he got up everyday and faced it head on. Diagnosed at 59 with bowel cancer which then spread to Liver cancer my dad was amazing. Six months before he died..he packed up mum and their dog and headed off in the car around Australia, calling me on their satellite phone from the middle of the Australian desert where they were staying on a cattle station in the middle of nowhere.Im so glad they did parents are and were amazing..half way through dads years of mum was diagnosed with tongue cancer, she had a massive operation and had part of her tongue removed. Dad stopped his treatments to look after her, and together they fought off this disease...mum has been clear since.
Brain Lateralization Test Results
Brain Lateralization Test ResultsRight Brain (52%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.Left Brain (46%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain Are You Right or Left Brained? personality tests by Left brain dominant individuals are more orderly, literal, articulate, and to the point. They are good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. They can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, they can feel lost when things are not clear, doubting anything that is not stated and proven. Right brain dominant individuals are more visual and intuitive. They are better at summarizing multiple points, picking up on what's not said, visualizing things, and making things up. They can lack attention to detail, directness, organization, and the ability to explain their ideas verbally, leaving them unable to communicate ef
Help Me Please!!!
i need lots of help!!!!!please come comment bomb me!!!!i'm in a contest!!!help,,thanks so much!!!1
Recent Event Has Me At Odds!
"capricorn (a Brand New Name)"
"Capricorn (A Brand New Name)" So I run, hide and tear myself up Start again with a brand new name And eyes that see into infinity I will disappear I told you once and I'll say it again I want my message read clear I'll show you the way, the way I'm going So I run, and hide and tear myself up Start again with a brand new name And eyes that see into infinity I was almost there Just a moment away from becoming unclear Ever get the feeling you're gone I'll show you the way, the way I'm going So I run, and hide and tear myself up I'll start again with a brand new name And eyes that see into infinity So I run, start again With a brand new name With a brand new name So I run and hide and tear myself up (so I run) I'll start again with a brand new name (start again) And eyes that see into infinity (with a brand new name) I will disappear
I Need Points Ppl!
I need yall 2 hook me up rate me all of that stuff and give me some tips on how shit runs!
~ ~ Cerulean Fantasy ~ ~
You enter me in cerulean light Slow and gentle, quick and hard it matters not You're inside I'm open and waiting each night Feel the heat from my body rise Calling you to me Come inside Phantom criminal Ride me like the stars ride the skies Invade my core Sully me in dirty desire Paint that once vapid abyss of darkness Shimmering white Breathe in me against me For me Hold me, body and soul Hostage to your heart As you are held in mine As I dream each night
I Am Sick Of The Bs
If u tell some one to go slow, but they move at lightspeed, and crash is it your fault, if u are not exclusive can u realy be hurt that there are other ppl, well im sick of the shit, im 23, I have a long life ahead of me, im not going to make decisions yet, can u just love me a s a person, huh, not as potential property, why must i be yours, why, I need to step back before my head explodes, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I fucking hate this cause no matter what i feel like shit, why could we not be friends, huh. why is it that i have to be some item in your colection of life, if u love me, them i will still be in your heart, is that not the truth. don't call me a player, cause i didn't play. u played u wanted somthing you couldn't have, at least not when u wanted it. i feel like im loosing my mind over a situation on my computer, let me step back ang gazeat this, am i nothing to you if im not your everything, if that is what u see loveas i do not want your love
You know.. It really sucks when you have to go through what you go through to find out who your real true friends are... I know.. It is life.. Shit happens.. I get that. But when you bend over backwards for your friends, and they turn around and pull shit like this on you, its pretty F-ed up!! You really find out who they really are.. When something doesnt go a certain way, or lets put it this way, when something doesnt go the way ONE person thinks or wants it to go, all hell breaks loose.. Are there any real true genuine people out there anymore ??? How do YOU know they are real and true to their word ?? Let me know :o)..
Women, Power & Choices
"Women. They have the power of generations. Women have the power to have children and not to have children." --Cecilia Mitchell, MOHAWK Now this just speaks volumes about no matter what your circumstances, ethnicity or preferences ... That as women we always have a choice.
The Latest Update On Me
Well its been a while since my last entry and so much has come into play. My children and I have been doing more things together. They started going to church and enjoy it very much. They go with my niece Chantal. It is a good church and I really like the woman who picks the kids up. I have heard nothing but good things about her. I have been teaching them a bedtime prayer and trying to get them to say it every night. Lexis loves saying her night time prayer with me and her brother, Caleb only likes saying his when it is just me and him. Im thinking of maybe going to church every Sunday. Maybe it will help me get through some of things Ive been going through and thinking about. I am almost done with my job. I have until the second week of April to find another which is going to be hard considering jobs are few and far between in this area. Everyone whom matters knows that I have been thinking of moving to Henderson to be closer to my boyfriend whom is the GREATEST EVER!!! I L
Over 40 And Sexy Mens Contest Final Results
Over 40 and sexy Mens contest Part 3 Final Results THANK YOU TO ALL THE CONTESTANTS AND ALL THE FOLKS THAT HELPED THEM WIN FIRST PLACE Wildman55 Comments... 4,639 WON....Motorcycle SECOND PLACE Just Another Guy Comments... 1000 WON....Rolex THIRD PLACE Synergy Comments... 160 Won....Mens Bracelet
What Is Considered A Work Of Art Or Something Offensive!!
TO ALL OF YOU, MY FELLOW CHERRIES!! I WISH YOU A DELICIOUS & WONDERFUL DAY!!!! Right now, I'm so mad that I can almost spit.. I have a beautiful ID Card, that was made especially for me, someone complained that it was offensive, plus it had been in my photos for a while, then all of a sudden, this thing happened.. But I put it in another folder, so whoever want to see it can, go look at the folder marked NSFW (In my pics/photos)and tell me what you think.... (People going around showing partial nudity and stuff, NO ONE GIVES A DAMN! I think it's a work of art......
What Is It?
what is it to give of yourself and ask nothing in return? What is it to please without being pleased? What is it to hold one close with out being held? what is it to hold one up when you are down? what is it to be there when needed even when they are not there for you? what is it to do as asked without question? What is it to help them when they are helpless knowing they would not do the same for you? What is it when you let them cry on your shoulder when you have no shoulder to cry on? What is sacrifice? All of these things have one answer. LOVE - Plain and simple! When a heart truley loves, it does all of these things and never worries about the payment in return.
A Rose In A Dark Place
A Rose in a Dark Place By Cursed Cowboy Peacefull yet in pain, Dying but not in vain. With thee last breath, I give unto you all in my heart I know is true. In the dark I will sit, all alone I will wait. Until my time is near, I am given the grace of fate. I turn slowy from black to red, but not before I my heart bled. Look in my heart see my story, its not of pain and its not of glory. I am but a rose sitting the dark.
A Girl Called Me
Never fight these tears When they refuse to fall, Let yourself be free And you'll get through it all. Just dream these dreams you hold Inside your mind and heart, Keep them close to you Don't let them fall apart. Please keep wishing wishes That you want to come true, And pray for strength and love So they will come to you. Be strong, just be a fighter When a hero you can't be Because you are the hero Who has saved a girl called me.
Humpty Dumpty
Oh Yeah...... My Link... Lol Here Ya Go There ............. LoL That's For My LasT BlOg. LoL
Love And What I Learned
like always... there are few things i learned with the years: 1) the one that really loves you wont make you cry, only for happiness (add a ring here) 2) a man that is proud of his lady will take your hand wherever you are and will show you to the world, no matter who else is there or what friends can say 3) it really offends me when the person i am with tells me i need to lose weight: bodies are just a jar that contains a soul... with the years it will be old and even more ugly, so then what will you do with someone that was only a sexy or beautiful body? 4) love is blind: yeah, i dated guys that you can considere very ugly and they were the most interesant men i talked to... (i dated the ones you can think are Gods but really they were just a body and absolutelly nothing else behind, no brain) 5) love is so powerfull that if you live in the other side of the planet, that will make you do everything to stay with the one you love, and i have many proofs hehehe (friends, family,
Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
I like the way she thinks!!! Right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleach blonde tramp, and she's probably getting frisky... right now, he's probably buying her some fruity little drink cause she can't shoot whiskey... Right now, he's probably up behind her with a pool-stick, showing her how to shoot a combo... And he don't know... That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seats... I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires... Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. Right now, she's probably up singing some white-trash version of Shania karaoke.. Right now, she's probably saying "I'm drunk" and he's a thinking that he's gonna get lucky, Right now, he's probably dabbing on 3 dollars worth of that bathroom polo... And he don't know... That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather
Blocked People
isn't it funny how when you block someone from your profile, they don't get the picture that you don't want them in it. i mean if i wanted them to have anything to do with my profile, i would not have blocked them in the first place. i left myspace because of certain people and guess what not even 2 days later, at least one of them shows up on here... i don't want to have to leave CT because of those certain people. stay out of my profile/life... worry about your own pathetic life/profile..... enough said......... Make your Comments HEARD using
Don Imus(warning: I Say Fuck, A Lot)
Ok... if I am not sick of hearing about this... Al Sharpton and his little fat friend need to step the fuck off. These hypocritical fucktards need to go meet a noose and an oak tree. Blah blah, we were slaves, we're always right... Blah blah blah GET IN MY BACKYARD AND PICK MY COTTON YOU NAPPY HEADED BITCH!! I am so sick of hearing about you... NO one fucking cares!!! It was said as a JOKE... It's called CRINGE HUMOUR you fucking twats! GET THE FUCK OVER IT The FCC does not protect people against being offended! These Rutgers girls didnt even know about it until someone said something to them about it. It did NOT hurt them and it DID NOT affect their lives... IT DID NOTHING TO THEM These fucking niggers are using Imus as a Scapegoat just to get white america in an up roar. Well look what you niggers are doing its gonna back lash! You're music will now be censored! Here goes our right of free speech.. Here goes our first amendment.. You fucking
Looking For Djs
Im In Contest
CUP of Joes Birthday April 26 contest ends that day I need lots lots lots of comments HELP PLEASE will repay those who show thier love THANK YOU
richard's sexual nickname: "Third Leg" Take this quiz at
Advice Please!!
Hello Everyone! I am new to this site, so any helpful information about this site, would be much appreciated. Any mistakes that you made that you could tell me about so I won't make the same. Or if you just like to give advice, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
To All Students Out There
God bless Viginia Tech. may that day never be forgotten. may that day never happen again
In her eyes i seen which thatmade her cry. Through a simple touch i felt the pain that drove her insane. By the sound of her voice i heard the struggle of her soul. From the way she dress and the kolor of her hair you can tell her life is unfair
Why do i screw things up? Why do i give you my heart to break? Why do i always end up in pain? What did i do to deserve this? Why, won't you please tell me? I can't go on like this anymore. Why can't someone save me? Will you please save me?
Poem #31
There's a girl who lives in darkness she strives hard to get out they cannot hear her crying or know what it's about. she lives each day not knowing how she will survive where she'll stay or what she'll eat just to stay alive. the silence it is deafening at times she tries to sleep but nightmares keep returning and fear is what she reaps. each day is her existence in a world thats filled with hate escape is not an option she knows it is too late. the tears roll down with vengence as her fears replaced with hate she laughs out in the darkness how ironic is her fate. love was lost so long ago it stole her heart away this girl that lives in darkness knows nothing is ok.
Chris Daughtry
If you ever get a chance to go and see chris daughtry you should. I went to his concert thursday night and oh my gosh he was amazing....I will see him every time he comes to kansas city.......
Jerk Off.....
On 4/21/2007, "bulldogfire" wrote: > >hey can you help me out. can i look at a pic of you naked while i jerk off? Ya see typical jerk...No offense to some of the men out there but this is what spoils it for most
About Meph
Meph does not write about Meph other than - Things that interest me - DVDs Favorites Goodfellas, Rocky, and ones which remind me why those dvds are enjoyable. Music Decided to love David Bowie around 13 and never looked back. He remains the easiest sell on the planet! Luna creates some of the most relaxing music around, love it! Lit Non-fiction mostly, love Ayn Rand and people she has influenced. More on that later. Thanks!
The Ultimate Sex Survey
The Ultimate SEX Survey Do you like it rough or sensual?: BOTH Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: BOTH How often do you like to have sex?: 3X A DAY Is sex a top priority for you?: NO Do you have sex face to face with your partner?: I CAN! How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: NEVER How do you feel about one night stands?: DONT DO IT! How many one night stands have you had?: 0 What's your favorite position?: DOGGIE Where's your favorite place to have sex?: ANYWHERE Do you prefer to make love or f*uck?: BOTH Have you ever watched porn while having sex?: YES How long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: DEPENDS ON THE PARTNER Do you get off first or do they?: WITH MEN I DO WITH WOMEN THEY DO Do you like kissing during sex?: SURE , Do you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: YES AND IT DEPENDS Do you prefer your partner to be loud
What Kind Of Angel Are You
You scored as dark angel. oohhh....your a dark angel!!! woooo!!! scarydark angel69%Life angel56%Death angel44%Light angel38%"What kind of Anjel are you?"created with
Allow Make You A Shake
I would have love to serve you breakfast in bed my Boo The Menu - something exotic and new A mushroom head a bush of lettuce head A Hot dog Two nuts 2 eggs A firm ripe banana 2 pears Melons an apple Milk or yogurt Whip cream slice bun Looking into your radiant eyes i would prepare you this surprise plunge my firm ripe banana Into your container extracting your milk until its smooth as silk scramble your eggs between your legs Heat up my hot dog upon a hard log with my wooden spatula work up a smooth miture i am sure you get the picture gently stirring my banana in your milky container put my hotdog between you slice bun I sure that would be fun avoid crushing the nuts avoid getting cuts eat as often as you can and don't forget to have fun You can add pints of laughter to last you the morning after so drink your milk shake until your belly ache....
Today has been a trying day and some of my so called "friends" have said some shit to me that has really pissed me off. No matter what I do it seems that people seems to not give a fuck about how they sound to me but can fly off at the fucking mouth whenever they feel the need. I better respect them but they can shit all over me. people come to me with their problems and I try to help out. Sometimes words cannot say how a person feels. Sometimes I am at a loss of words and all I can think of saying is "Oh..ok," or "ummmm...ok." It is not that I don't give a fuck about you or your problem, it is just out of lack of words. But some people react way to fast with their emotions and say any fucking thing to me and I am suppose to just take it? Not no more. So this week I am gonna really evaluate what the fuck is important to me. Who do I want to really get close to? Who do I just want to say fuck off to? Who can I trust to understand me? Who can I trust that actually wants to know ab
My Friend
There's a moth on the window, and it's looking at me, I'm wondering how much of me it can see. Can it see my fat thighs? My double chin? Can it see my rib-cage protruding through my skin? There's a moth on the window, and it's watching each step I take, I am wondering how many moves I should make. Can it see my stomach? My tires and rolls? Can it see my cheekbones? My paleness and hollows? There's a moth on the window, and it's spreading its wings, I am wondering how it sees, all these ugly things. Can it see my kilos? My back-side of doom? Can it see my sickness? My empty room? There was on moth on my window, but it's now flown away. I am wondering why that moth didn't stay. Did it see my fat thighs? My double chin? Did it see me kill myself to be thin?
It Is About Time, This Is Done
Bass Pro landed at last Central Wharf site will be the location of multilevel store After six years of casting its line, Buffalo has finally hooked a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store for the downtown waterfront. The long-sought retailer has signed a predevelopment agreement for a multilevel, period- style store on the former Central Wharf site along the Buffalo River. The 100,000-square-foot store about half the size of the Bass Pro store originally proposed for the nearby Memorial Auditorium site will be flanked by an Erie Canal Museum, 50-foot-wide waterside boardwalk, a public plaza, marketplace and a 300-car parking ramp. Bass Pro President Jim Hagale said the retailer intends to be "respectful of the historical significance" of what he called a "very special location." "Our store design will pay tribute to the heritage and national importance of the Erie Canal Terminus," he said. "I can't think of a more appropriate type of retail business to be l
I read a friend's blog post today that broke my heart. Please read Chelsea's story & help in any way possible. This family needs help, love & support. Chelsea will surely capture the hearts of anyone. She got mine..let her grab your's.. " Please help my lil angel" read our blog help if u can@ CherryTAP Hi I have a severely disabled daughter she has cp/she's deaf/blind and has epilepsy. She just spent a month in the ICU at riley hospital in Indy and she almost passed away. One of her nurses is a old family friend and offered us her timeshare for free in Florida for a week we have never had a vacation and her brothers suffer so much cause of hospital stays and it being so hard to get out and was wondering if you would like to do a good thing and donate to our lil fund for the trip. Her brothers miss out on so much cause of their sister being ill, that we wanna do something good for them for once that's fun. I have plenty of pics and web sites yo
If You Got Time....500 Things About Me...
001. What is your name? Katie 002. Spell your name backwards: eitaK 003. Date of birth: December 10th, 1981 004. Male or female? female 005. Astrological sign: Sagatarrius 006. Nicknames: Buglet, Katiebug (hate) 007. Occupation? Cashier, Soon to be student 008. Height: 5'2''ish 009. Weight: bout a buck fifty 010. Hair color: beige blonde 011. Eye color: blue 012. Where were you born? Chucktown 013. Where do you reside now? Lincoln NE 014. Age: 25 015. Screen names: Scooter69_1999, Twiztednderangedrejectedgoddess and too many to name 016. E-mail addy: one of those @ things 017. What does your screen name stand for? nothing really it was givin to me 018. What is your lj name? no clue? 019. What does your Blurty name stand for? What's a Blurty? 020. Pets: One dog and a Fiancee 021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake? 0 I had cupcakes 022. Piercings? 7 as of now 023. Tattoo's? 0 024. Shoe size: 6 1/2 025. Righty or lefty? righty 026.
Dcr Is Looking For Dj's!!!
Gas War -- An Idea That Will Work
GAS WAR - an idea that WILL work This was originally sent by a retired Coca Cola executive. It came from one of his engineer buddies who retired from Halliburton. It ' s worth your consideration. Join the resistance!!!! I hear we are going to hit close to $4.00 a gallon by next summer and it might go higher!! Want gasoline prices to come down? We need to take some intelligent, united action. Phillip Hollsworth offered this good idea. This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the "don't buy gas on a certain day" campaign that was going around last April or May! The oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn't continue to "hurt" ourselves by refusing to buy gas. It was more of an inconvenience to us than it was a problem for them. BUT, whoever thought of this idea, has come up with a plan that can really work. Please read on and join with us! By now you're probably thinking gasoli
Where Is The Love?
OK...i'm sick of the damn bulletin board cuz my stuff slides down so fast you can never see it anyway so i'm gonna try a new approach..i'm in the battle of the sexes contest...NO comment bombing needed...i just need ya to follow the link, rate the pic and leave ONE comment....see how easy it!!
Am I Not Alone
i awoke this morning to an empty silence. no one there but me and yet i know i'm not alone. i turned and saw her next to me sleeping so peacefully. and yet my heart feels so all alone loneliness abounds from within me. my eyes no longer see the love i once held so dearly. what has changed or disappeared or is it just me. so i am alone - alone...
Random Road Trip
So my friend Amanda and i went on a random road trip last night. We ended up in Ann Arbor to visit a friend of hers. Gas was totally expensive, but we had a good time.
Chinese * Snake* Hmm Thats Me
Diplomatic and popular, the Snake has the sensual art of seduction down. This Sign is an interesting mix of gregariousness paired with introversion, intuitive reasoning paired with savvy business skills. Snakes are considered to be lucky with money and will generally have more than enough to live life to the fullest, regardless of how important it considers money to be; this may be due to the fact that Snakes tend to be rather tight with cash. They're not stingy, they're simply more mentally than physically active. Snakes tend to hang back a bit in order to analyze a situation before jumping into it. Their charming, seductive quality actually belies a rather retiring nature; this Sign is perfectly happy to spend the whole day curled up with a good book and, thus, can be mislabeled as being lazy. The Snake is somewhat insecure deep down and tend to be a rather jealous, possessive lover, behavior that can end up alienating loved ones. Despite these less-than-stellar tendencies, howeve Sticky And Sweet...
MMMMMMMMMM.....The taste of honey on a cock has the best flavor...."honey" coated nuts....mmmmmm
Perfect Day
Monday I flew my first kite! Really! I will be 54 on Friday so it is about time I guess. My 4 yr old nephew had "kite day" at preschool and no one could go with him. His parents both had to work and couldn't get off. It was the perfect day. Mid to low 70's and sunny with a few straggly clouds and the perfect breeze. There I was in a field with about 20 little kids and assorted moms and teachers. (LOL I was NOT the oldest one there). His kite was Winnie the Poo. I started to let the kite out and found the string was tangled so we only could get it up about 30 feet. That was ok because I was worried about tangleing with others. I was so proud of myself that it got off the ground. I gave the handle of the string thingy to my nephew and he held it for a bit. Soon the nearby playground equipment was looking good and he was gone. I sat on a log and worked at the string. In about 10-15 min. I got it loose and started to fly again. Soon the string was fully extended. I felt
~~Curves~~ She has beautiful hips. Her body sways to the music Her boobs ever so beautiful She got a baning body. Her body is kicking She moves that makes her world hot. She got her body grooving to the music Her body gets him hot. Her legs so pretty. He feel so good in her arms He runs his hands on her body He feels on her lovely body. She got a sweet booty. She got an amazing smile She got a grand body Her Curvers are kicking.
Poem: Coming Home To Stay
Looking for someone, as beautiful as you. You can take my days of, old and make them all new. Then you can take, the shining stars at night, and turn them into bright morning light. Now lets dream of us, close in each other's arms. Knowing that there will come a day, when I will be coming home to stay. Sign: Raymond Starns Dated: unknown
Life : Hardships And Happiness (deeper Than The Purple You Wear)
Life is obviously not easy for anybody, I do not hold myself any higher than anybody else despite the wars I have fought within myself just to survive no matter how dark my world seems. I am sorry Cherrytapian this is not the mindless banter that a lot of this site seems to promote. I am writing this for me and thats it. I feel pretty alone on CT anyways just a fucking popularity contest nobody seems to give a flying fuck really. although I met one very special girl on here, but where did that go? Ah...well I guess thats a good place to start, When a lady tells you, I want something real. my question is what is to real?to honest? what emotions are appropriate when you see the deeper things in a person and you know you like them. the only person I know how to be is myself, yet I find that myself is brutally honest and true to my word. I always find first dates impossible because I put up a wall trying not to let myself get hurt and because of that I probably come across as fak
Wanna Know 21 Things About You
wanna know 21 things about you. Fill all the blanks ... leave no question unanswered! ANSWER IT AND SEND IT TO ME (REPLY not REPOST) THEN COPY AND REPOST IT FOR YOURSELF! YOU MAY SEND ME A BLANK COPY TO ANSWER FOR YOU ALSO. Be not afraid to be brutaly honest. 1.Your Full Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite Color: 4. Favorite Movie: 5. Favorite Song: 6. Favorite Band: 7. Most Embarassing Moment: 8. Are you a virgin? HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me/are you attracted to me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out or go out with me if I asked you? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you: 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 12. Do you/have you talk(ed) cra
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Not Gettin Any At Home
is it wrong to look for random ass if ur not getting it at home?? cause i find it impossible to find but yet friends find it erryday.
~*its A Wonderfull Morning*~
Its a wonderfull morning with all that can be happen...Dreaming of sweet feelings and sweet sensation everything is great i have a kind and gental man that loves me and i love him and i have 3 wonderful kids that i love more than anything in this world... Then i have other family that is always there for me and we all love each other My kids and my sweet heart of a man make up my life with the joy i have of watching my kids grow up and the love that him and i share with each other its just all around great! im closeing i just wanted to get something off my chest and i did talk to u all laters ~*Mandie*~ feel free to rate and comment
Last night i had a dream. i dont know what to call it. whether it be bad or good. i was at like some sort of carnival. a guy i still love today, Matt, was there. it was a short dream but a big enough message to make me cry when i woke up. at that carnival he realized that he still wanted to be with me. and he hugged me. and we were together. he loved me once again. i was happy. like i once was with him. it really hurt when i woke up. because it wasnt real. im still crying as i write this now. god it hurts so much. i wish i could get him out of my thoughts. i have tried so hard. and now the dreams are coming. i dont know what to do.
Revelations Of A Thoughtless Being
Quiet child flair your arms, silence alarms. Weeping rose a petal falls, it's helpless calls. A black spot in a white square, A pointless stare. Salvations light so bright and rich, turns black as pitch, to cloak this stitch, that tangles my birth. Mangling earth. Into the stove, creations clay, And so we lay,each passing day. The hourglass starts, stopping out hearts. As we are split,the angels spit. No words are spoken, as wings they are broken. zippered mouths with faceless features, plastured on these flying creatures. symbols for what's right and wrong, these things prolong. Rekindeling life, simplicities chore, fall upon the earth once more. reasons seem to rectify, all these tears, these tears I cry.
Borrowed Time
Borrowed Time One young girls contempt for her life, poor neglected, totally socially rejected. Looked on as an outcast of society, couldn't tell you the ;meaning of sobriety. Drugs and Alcohol her only escape, never worried about the coroner and the yellow police tape. One hit to many; overdose killed her and took her out of her misery, hounds of hell took'er, they made a special delivery. Her parents cried and wondered why she did it, and were sorry that she died. The friends that she never made, used her for and example, so they wouldn't have to pay the price that she paid. Prevention is the key, but information is what they should be offering. Different reasons for your addiction, but the outcome for all are the same. If you don't turn it around we can all make the same prediction. Death is not the answer, life is the dream of the true romancer.
The First
The First Like Sun swept Hues of morning Fire, His touch lights an already Kindled desire. Having faith in his experience, I let him lead my Blissful ignorance. A loving embrace ebbs the pain that I know that I must face. Internal hope flickers in the love that we share, Tender with almost apprehensive care. Bracing for the final stirring of emotion, I give him my heart with full devotion.
How Do They Crack Your Password?
Reader Rich Brozenec writes: I read your story about passwords. I have a question. Almost all my internet accounts (banks, Amazon, credit cards, etc.) have a limit on the number of password tries they allow [before timing out additional attempts]. Your story implies an infinite number of attempts using various combinations of letters and numbers, but is that really the case, or is there a way around these limits? A little backstory on how passwords are cracked is in order. As some emailers and commenters have noted, "brute force" password cracking is probably not the most popular method by which passwords are broken. Social engineering, phishing, and other nefarious methods are actually much easier: All of these involve you willingly giving up your password to a malicious hacker through some form of misdirection and deceit. You may get a call from "your bank" with a problem on your account. Or you may get an email from "eBay" with a question about your listing... which takes you to
How can I forget? Your love was so strong I felt nothing could ever hurt me. But I was wrong. Many nights alone I cried myself to sleep. Wondering where you were, what you were doing or whether you were still alive. You'd come home and Id ask you where you were. Your reply "Out...just out that's all." I never let you see the hurt. You never knew my pain. How could you when I kept silent? Our lives started to fall apart. We didn't talk. We clashed at every turn. One of us had to give so I left. I see you now and I long to be with you. I long to touch you and hold you in my arms. I want to fall asleep and wake up with you near me. My heart melts whenever you smile at me. My body quivers at every touch. No matter how much I want you or long to be with you. I cant forget. The pain never spoken. The pain never heard.
My Lover By Dj~belladonna~skitzer69's Wife, Chew Toy And Soulmate~vamperv Goddess Vdc~
My Lover When I look into his eyes My sadness fades away For his eyes tell me something He doesn't have to say. His tender lips so fragile, They never make a sound When I look into his eyes and I pour my heart out. His shoulders are always there They never seem to break As my tears make them soggy And my heart starts to ache. His arms are there to hold me Comforting me always Telling me he's sorry Though he is never to blame. Our hearts are mend as one now Two should not be this close He'll always be my best friend That's why I love him most.
I Think Im Starting To Get It
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Current mood: accomplished i moved to get away. i thought i had to. i figured it was the only way i was gonna figure shit out and fix myself. i thought i needed to b alone. i thought i needed the silence. ive been here lil over a week now. I WAS WRONG. granted, i have figured a few things out. but for the most part i figured out, i didnt have to leave to fix shit. i just needed to quit listening to everyone else. i didnt have to go so far away to learn. i needed to cut myself off from the people that werent helping. the ones that were making shit worse, and making me question myself. i thought my lyfe was fuckd up beyond repair. but now i realize i instead of looking for others to change it I should have been the one changing it. but im starting to understand now and i belive ive cut out the ones that were hurting me. i belive i still have a ways to go b4 im me again, if thats at all possible. maybe i can only b a part of my former self. i dont know. i do k
Thank You! (no Symapathy Ratings Please!)
I was just venting my frustration and wasn't looking for sympathy rating. But thank you for doing it I will do my best to return. Thanks!
To Whom Of You Know Pimp N Chair (aka) Chris
My best friend in the entire world passed away this morning CHRISTIAN HELLER JR. AKA KRIS, AKA Lil Dragon AKA pimp_n_chair well say a prayer for his family and his friends I love him so much and I know his friends and family did too. So please say a prayer for him just like I say a prayer for you.
Chinese Proverb (a-d)
Add legs to the snake after you have finished drawing it. After three days without reading, talk becomes flavorless. An ant may well destroy a whole dam. Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. Behind an able man there are always other able men. Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one. Better do a good deed near at home than go far away to burn incense. Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. A book holds a house of gold. Butcher the donkey after it finished his job on the mill. A camel standing amidst a flock of sheep. Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking. A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood A crane standing amidst a flock of chickens. Crows everywhere are equally black. A dish of carrot hastily cooked may still has soil uncleaned off the vegetable. Dismantle the bridge shortly after crossing it. Distant water won't he
Drunk And Bored...
somebody entertain me!!!
Interesting Facts About Me
I was adopted by my grandparents. I'm a security guard with the dream of going back to school to be a welder. I love all things vampire(obviously). I'm an eagle scout and proud of it. I sit alone most of the time because I hate being in large crowds thanks to my social anxity disorder. I have dragon tattooed on my arm in kanji. I have my nipple pierced. I plan on more tattoos and piercings. A little over a month ago I became involved with a woman I love very much she's my whole world now and I would do anything for her. Every once and awhile I get a little poetic and have written a few poems here on cherytap to describe my mood at the time. My fav of these is darkness.
Haven't Posted One Of These In Awhile
Now I used to post a fair amount of news of the weird stories from time to time and it recently occurred to me that I hadn't done so in awhile. So, without further ado I present to you not one but two news of the weird stories. Enjoy! In Neustrelitz, Germany, police called a stolen cell phone and told the guy who answered that he'd won some free beer. According to the Portland Oregonian, the alleged thief happily gave them his address so they could drop off the beer. An arrest quickly followed. Then there is the fellow in Minnesota who was stabbed nine times but couldn't identify his assailants to police because he slept through the whole thing. According to the Winona Daily News, the 23-year-old victim became aware of his injuries only when his girlfriend saw he was covered in blood. He will recover.
From This Monent Foward
I am going to have to budget the shit out of everything i get monitarilly. I have got a couple of events i want to go to. And I probably will only be going to one of them. The other even though it's tempting I may not go to. I just don't have the money to go and I realy want get a tattoo sometime soon as well as my drivers license. So after this pay period it's budget budget budget. This is saying for next pay period. So i think I should make out a budget.
I Am A Libra.
Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictions. ** VIRGO - The One that Waits Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always wants he last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. ** SCORPIO - The Addict EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Energetic. Predict future. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Caring. ** LIBRA - The Lame One Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most caring person you will ever meet! However not the kind of person you wanna mess might end up crying... ** ARIES - The Liar Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY adorable. Loves relationship
Happy Mothers Day Melinda
I write this blog today, in concern for one really special person. She is a mother of three really awesome children. She goes out of her way, to make sure that her children are put first in every situation, even at the risk of her own health. She lives her life from day to day not knowing what tomorrow will bring for her, just what she can do to make her children and the people who truly touch her life and heart, to bring them Happiness. She is a mother in every aspect of the word and a woman with a heart of Gold. She has many terrific qualities that make her who she is, not to say she is without her faults as we all are. But I have, learned to look well beyond those faults and see the true inner beauty, of her. That is why I set before you, writing this blog to tell you of a wonderful woman and most of all a mother on this her very special day for just herself..... Happy Mothers Day Melinda...... you are truly a one of a kind mother who puts her self oput there for who children to the
Okay people keep asking me am I throwing gang signs (lmfao) in my primary pic. Which obviously any gangster would know , no. And yet its So Obviously not a big fuck you.. (or is it?) So I decided first person to tell me what is the story of SUFI Gets my phone number. My real one.. No shit. Not what it is... But the story of what started SUFI. and ya just might win me. Starting now.
Mistakes Men Make Online
MISTAKES MEN MAKE ONLINE... 1)Remember those old fashioned manners your mama and grandma taught you?...they most certainly apply to women you cant see as well as ones you can.If you see ANY female online,sexy or not,USE THOSE MANNERS!!!Approach with respect...i dont care if you see a profile with pics of the girl compeltely naked riding a green her the same courtesy and respect as you would a woman dressed conservatively.You dont know her,she doesnt know you.If you want ANYTHING to do with her,beit friendship or more then friendship,you are goi to have to act like a gentleman. 2)WATCH YOUR FREAKING LANGUAGE!If you approach a woman and start talking vulgar right off the bat that could be the deal breaker right there..Its natural to see a woman and think lusty thoughts,but until you have had a chance to talk to her,keep that stuff to yourself..dont IM her out of the blue with things like "i want to f*ck you,my d*ick is this big,i could f*ck you in the a%%...blah blah b
Finding My Way Around On Here.
Hello to all, I hope that you all will bare with me the next few days or weeks . I'm trying to make some albums and still trying to find my way around on here. It's not that hard to do on this site I must admitt but well, I'm blonde to the roots.. Anyways , I have found this site a real change from most of the sites on here that you can join. This one is more up class and a better line of people I think are on this one. Thanks to whom ever started this one , I really have enjoyed it what little time I have been a member. If some of you have some good ideals of what to do with my albums and sugguest for me to use on my profile , I'm open. Wishing all a great up coming weekend and have a great day , Lisa in NC
Dedication To All My Friends And Fans
Thanks for being wonderful online friends and showing me your love!!! I truly love you all!!! XOXOXOX ~Prtyeyes~
This Explains A Lot!
Many will recall that on July 8, 1947, witnesses claimed that an unidentified object with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and cattle ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico. This is a well-known incident that many say has long been covered up by the U.S. Air Force and the federal government. However, you may NOT know that in the month of April of 1948, nearly nine months after that historic day, Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., Hillary Rodham, John F. Kerry, William Jefferson Clinton, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Charles E. Schumer, and Barbara Boxer were born. See what happens when aliens breed with sheep? This bit of information may clear up a lot of things.
Dirty Talk In Chat
Dirty Talk In Chat I was chatting online last night and some babe asked me if I liked to talk about dirty things. What is the internet coming to! She seemed like a pretty nice gal until she started talking like that. I told her I was married and get hollered at all the time about dirty things. Like leaving my dirty socks out, dirty dishes laying around, and how my hands is always dirty!
The Kurt Vonnegut's Commencement Address At Mit
Kurt Vonnegut's Commencement Address at MIT Please note: the following speech has spread all over the Internet as "Kurt Vonnegut's commencement address at MIT". The truth is that Vonnegut had never delivered this address. How did this happen? If you are interested, just click and read my article about this Vonnegut story. "Ladies and gentlemen of the class of '97: Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. I will dispense this advice now. Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they've faded. But trust me, in 20 years, you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as f
Gut Wrenching Fear
I see you lying on the hard forbidding ground. You are in so much pain and no one is around. Am I the only one to save you from death? Can I rush you to the hospital before you take your last breath? I hear someone screaming and realize it's me. I can't stand you lying there broken; it's too much for me to see. I'm holding you now, begging, screaming, please be alive. Baby, I'll never forgive myself if you die. You open your eyes and look at me. Your eyes say "Thank you but it's my time to go baby." NO! I love you, please stay here. Yet his eyes are already closing and mine start to tear. I hear a police siren coming our way. Come on baby, hold on just another day. I feel myself being tugged somewhere by an invisible hand. Then all of a sudden I'm in bed and out of my dream land. Why must I have such horrible feelings inside? I'm always scared someone else will die. Is there going to come a day when that comes true? Are you going to be able to pull through? I know
My Subconcious Mind
The issues on your subconscious mind are most affecting your: Love Life Whether you're in a committed partnership, you're casually dating, or you're single, your love life revolves around your romantic hopes and needs. Perhaps your conscious mind is aware that something is troubling you with regard to it or maybe you just have a vague sense that things don't feel quite right. However tuned in you are to your feelings about your love life, you most likely have deeper issues that affect how you are subconsciously viewing your circumstances. Some issues are isolated to one realm of life, but generally an issue affects several areas at once, and to varying degrees. Your subconscious mind could be preoccupied with your love life because of a wide variety of issues you aren't aware of. The following are some pretty common ones that people have around love. Do any resonate with you? Worrying that you aren't doing a good enough job in your love life. You might feel like yo
Gosh Im Hungry For Attention...
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Not Helping Anyone Else In Contests
if people dont start helping me in a contest i will no longer help them that is just plan wrong. i am always helping someone in contest
Happy Birthday Dad..ur Missed So Much!!
Hey Hi I Lost My Job Today!!!!!
For Friends
Story Of Racism
Story of Racism This took place on a BA (British Airways) flight between Johannesburg and London. A white woman, about 50 years old, was seated next to a black man. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air Hostess. "Madam, what is the matter," the hostess asked "You obviously do not see it then?" she responded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat." "Be calm please," the hostess replied. "Almost all the places on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another place is available." The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. "Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is also no ! seat in the business clas! s. All the same, we still have one place in the first class." Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued: "It is not usual for o
What To Expect From Me As Your Friend
Ok people I seem to be getting more and more of you offering to show me your body parts, wanting phone numbers, wanting to "cyber," or just expecting a little teasing online relationship. So, this blog will be devoted to expressing what you can expect from me relationship wise, friendly or other. What I don't want: 1. I do not plan on meeting anyone on this site for any kind of sexual encounter or relationship (that statement alone will keep my friends list very low) 2. I will not give you my phone number and I do not want yours. 3. I don't want you to friend my just for the hell of it or to collect large amounts of people. 4. I am not going to "cyber" with you or show you anything. But I will damn sure peep at what you flaunt. 5. I don't want to join things outside of this site. I will support you when you need me too but not if you just need people to fill up space on your site or anywhere else. 6. I don't want to feel like I have to be a bitch to get these points across. What I d
For Our Soldiers
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The Song Of Amergin
The Stag Lord, The Horned God of the Hunt, The Lord of the Forest, the Dark God. If you recall our lessons, then you will remember that on Samhain the Dark God or Dark Lord is represented by the dying sun. He is nearing the end of his life-cycle and is seen as a protector and a warrior. He is also Death. The End of Life. He is the Sun God who kisses his Goddess one last time before he is swept away to a new time and place. His Lady lovingly holds him as he prepares to leave. He disappears and is gone when suddenly she sees a white stag standing on the horizon. The stag looks to the sun, and then back at the Lady. He seems to nod his head at her before heading into the horizon with the setting sun. Called Cernunnos or the Stag King, everything we know about him we only guess from the images of him created by the ancient Celts themselves. They made numerous icons of various gods, and over 60 depict Cernunnos. Yet we only know his name because it is carved on a single icon, made by
I have to be awake in a few hours for work, but I'm still at work. How's that for amusing?
Memorial Day History
Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. There are many stories as to its actual beginnings, with over two dozen cities and towns laying claim to being the birthplace of Memorial Day. There is also evidence that organized women's groups in the South were decorating graves before the end of the Civil War: a hymn published in 1867, "Kneel Where Our Loves are Sleeping" by Nella L. Sweet carried the dedication "To The Ladies of the South who are Decorating the Graves of the Confederate Dead" (Source: Duke University's Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920). While Waterloo N.Y. was officially declared the birthplace of Memorial Day by President Lyndon Johnson in May 1966, it's difficult to prove conclusively the origins of the day. It is more likely that it had many separate beginnings; each of those towns and every planned or spontaneous gathering of people to honor the war dead in the 1860's tapped into the
Seriously Awesome Cherry Friends!!!!!!
Please Go and Show My Awesomely Great Friends Some Serious Cherry Luv!!! THEY ALL ROCK AND ARE THE GREATEST EVER!!! I WANT TO THANK THEM ALL AND ALL THE OTHERS THAT HAVE HELPED ME OUT SO MUCH IN MY VERY FIRST CONTEST THAT I'VE BEEN IN YOU ALL ARE AWESOME! ~TAB ~~~Ptrt mrz of CT / / ct fiance of LilBamaGirl@ CherryTAP LilBamaGirl~~Officer In Charge/HR Representative Ptrtmrz Of CT~~CT Fiancee Of ~TAB~@ CherryTAP LadyFire-n-ice~~Ptrt mrz Of CT / ct fiancee of the infamous Jokers_Wild@ CherryTAP Wendygyrl ~~ #16 The Godfather Bombers ~~@ CherryTAP
Turn Signals.
Some of you other drivers need to learn how to use them.
Pleasanton Ca
So I'm going on a Job Training trip down to Pleasanton California. I'll be there from the 29th of May and leaving on the 1st of June. If anybody in the Area wants to hang out, let me know. I'm hanging out with my best friend for awhile while I'm there, but email me and we can set something up. :)
please Read This !!!!!!!!
ok everyone i am going to say this out in the open i am taken by this woman she has my heart and always will we have been friends for a long time and now we are going to be together and hopefully be married i am sorry to anybody who got hurt by my stupidness and i hurt her as well acting like a dumbass but now i am saying it to you all i am sorry and to my baby girl i am sorry and i love now and forever baby
Life Explained
LIFE EXPLAINED: When God created the dog, He said: "Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years." The dog said: "That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give you back the other ten?" So God agreed. Next, God created the monkey and said: "Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I'll give you a twenty-year life span." The monkey said: "Monkey tricks for twenty years? That's a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like the Dog did?" And God agreed. God then created the cow and said: "You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years." The cow said: "That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about twenty and I'll give back the other fo
Someone Wake Me!
Someone wake me! My life is going down stream! All i know and all i see! that my time is running out on me! My son's dad left us when he was two! Worked as a hairstlyist,untill my hands turned blue! So, much heart-ache! So,much stress! I am still looking for the one who will treat me the best! To like me for whom, i am and, Not to judge me for putting up a dam! Easy come, easy go! Always, going to and frow! Each day makes me weak! But, focusing on my son makes me Strive to the to the top of my peak! Someone wake me! Are you the one for me? Who came to set me free? The one who will stand, With me side by side! To be that man! To be proud to call me his bride! Someone wake me! For, now i have paddled up stream! so, much to gain! Just going insane! Who wants to be the one i choose? A fear of having nothing to lose! Someone wake me! My prayers would guide me to see! Hopefully, to find that
Performance Artist To Eat Corgi A performance artist says he will eat a corgi live on a London radio show in protest at a hunt led by Prince Philip. Mark McGowan says the meal is a protest at the alleged mistreatment of a fox which was shot during the hunt on the Queen's Sandringham estate in January. "I know some people will find this offensive and tasteless but I am doing this to raise awareness," said McGowan. After a post-mortem was carried out on the fox, the RSPCA said it had found no evidence of unnecessary suffering. A man had been pictured in several newspapers apparently hitting the animal with a flagpole. He told the RSPCA he had simply turned it with his foot to see if it was dead. "An independent post-mortem examination was carried out and found that the fox died from gunshot wounds - and no evidence of other injury or trauma was found," said the RSPCA in a statement. "The only witness who could have supported the version of events
Her red hair is long and spilling over her shoulders...a long black dress with almost no back...cut very low in the back so her Master will see the suppleness of her...she is impeccably dressed and ready for Him...candles burning to induce the mood a bit...a snifter of brandy in her hand when He walks through the door...she hands it to him and removes his jacket and escort him to his chair...a game of backgammon is set up for a quick game... the smell of dinner cooking is wafting through the air...her perfume is subtle but when he inhales he is able to remember their last intimate moment a gentle but slight kiss on the cheek makes him shiver slightly...a wonderful CD is in the player..playing nice and soft she kneels on a pillow and lay's against him asking him how his day went and gently reaching over to touch his hand "by accident" When she rises to check dinner she runs her hands down her body to straighten her gown...a quick look and gentle smile over her shoulder brings thought
Web Of Lies
As I lay down in my bed and cry I realize It was all a web of lies I was deceived as I misconceived the one identity that I even had to question my own sanity I became a fatality an instant causality of using this facility with hidden negative opportunites called the internet A web of lies spun on the internet Right in the chat room dusted into my corner with a broom I wanted to believe I do not know why hence created a world of my own email addresses flashing me messages as cold as any marble stone The truth was blown When I heard my clowns on the phone Be careful Take care I say with a sigh It was all a web of lies
What A Girl Lol
Saosin - You're Not Alone
It's just like him To wander off in the evergreen park Slowly searching for any sign Of the ones he used to love.. He says he's got nothing left to live for (He says he's got nothing left...) And this time I think you'll know.. You're not alone There is more to this, I know You can make it out You will live to tell She's just like him Spoiled rotten Confused by the lies she's been fed And she's searching for no one.. (But herself) Her eyes turn to green and she seems to be happy That she is her And this time I think you'll know... You're not alone There is more to this, I know You can make it out You will live to tell You're not alone There is more to this, I know You can make it out (There is more to know) We're not alone There is more to this, I know You can make it out You will live to tell.. (So tell me) You're not alone There is more to this, I know You can make it out (Make it out) You will live to tell (Live to tell) You're n
Looking for a second for sharing a Cancun trip~ message if interested
Think Before You Speak
Think before you speak... Here are six reasons why you should think before you speak - the last one is great! Have you ever spoken and wished that you could immediately take the words back... or that you could crawl into a hole? Here are the Testimonials of a few people who did.... FIRST TESTIMONY: I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three kids in tow and asked loudly, "How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?" I turned around and walked back out and never went back My husband didn't say a word... he knew better. SECOND TESTIMONY: I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using. After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him and said, "I think I like playing with men's balls" THIRD TESTIMONY: My sister and I were at the mall and pass
Hilton Sent Back To Jail In Hysterics
She was taken handcuffed and crying from her home. She was escorted into court disheveled, without makeup, hair askew and face red with tears. Crying out for her mother when she was ordered back to jail, Paris Hilton's cool, glamorous image evaporated Friday as she gave the impression of a little girl lost in a merciless legal system. "It's not right!" shouted the weeping Hilton. "Mom!" she called out to Kathy Hilton, who also was in tears. The 26-year-old hotel heiress tried to move toward her parents but was firmly steered away by two sheriff's deputies, who held her by each arm and hustled her from the courtroom. Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer was apparently unmoved by the pleas of Hilton's three lawyers to send her back to home confinement due to an unspecified medical condition. He ordered Hilton returned to a Los Angeles County jail to serve out the remainder of her 45-day sentence for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. The judg
Please Support Me In Walk Now For Autism
Please support me in Walk Now for Autism Subject: Forward to your friends Dear Friends and Family, Autism Speaks is getting ready for its annual signature event, Walk for Autism Research. I am planning to be a part of that Walk and I am asking you to join me in raising critically-needed funds for autism research by making a contribution in support of my Walk. Autism is a complex brain disorder that often inhibits a person's ability to communicate, respond to surroundings, or form relationships with others. First identified more than 50 years ago, autism is typically diagnosed by the age of two or three. Autism affects people of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Few disorders are as devastating to a child and his or her family. While some people with autism are mildly affected, most people with the condition will require lifelong supervision and care and have significant language impairments. Many children with autism will never be able to tell t
Help A Freind In Need!
Please Read
Send to 7 people you love dearly whether it's friendship love or real love. If you get 5 back your spoiled! hugggggsss n kissesssss (`v) `*..* ..*) .*) (. (. . .` _____****__________**** ______ ___***____***____***__ *** ____ __***________****_______***___ _***__________**_________***__ _***_____________________***__ _***________JUST_________***__ __***_____SHOWING______***___ ___***______LOVE_______***____ ____***_______________***_____ ______***___________***_______ ________***_______***_________ __________***___***___________ ____________*****_____________ _____________***______________ ______________*_______________ If you get a dozen, you're loved!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . ** * . . . . .. . . . . .*** . . * . . ***** . . . . . . . . . . .** . . **. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . ***.*. . *. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . .****. . . .** . . . ****** . . . . . . . . . ***** . . . .**.*. .
Lol Actual Poetry This Time
LOVE Crystal water colors in my heart, shine and twinkle and break apart. The moon over virgo does rise, but changes constant like the tides. Fragile and beating, warm but still bleeding. Hold me up but tie me down. I've given a gift, make the kill clean and swift. Then burn and scatter the ashes.
Kiss - Love Gun ! Rockin On Drums' Marty Kays !
My First Contest So Please Vote Or Bomb The Hell Out Me. Vote!!!
Unhappy America.........
If you are not a Jay Leno fan read what he wrote anyway. My respect and esteem For him has really increased. "The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll Data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true given the source, Right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the Direction the country is headed and 69 percent of the country is unhappy With the performance of the president. In essence 2/3s of the citizenry Just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, ''What are we so Unhappy about?'' Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in The summer and heating in the winter? Could it be that 95.4 percent of These unhappy folks have a job? & nbsp;Maybe it is the ability to walk into A grocery store at any time and see more food in moments than Darfur has se
This Shit Is So True
sometimes horoscopes come at the right time and the right moment..LOL Daily Horoscope: Scorpio For June 13,2007 Chemistry is funny. Sometimes it can strike twice, and other times you can have one great meeting and then -- nothing. Just remind yourself that if it can happen a few times, it can happen a lot more. Keep on trucking!
My Love Life!
my love life is so confusing right now, i am dating someone who just told me last night that he is dating someone on the side and i am not mad just confused because i want him to love just me, and he says he doesn't know where things will go between the two of them.
Letter To My Sister
The aftermath of the dreams unfounded, the picture of 3D surrounded, I'm confounded. Thoughts of what family suppose to be, has me hurting, searching for something to fill the gap, that's why I write on where my life lapse. I trap my agony on the trapeze, trying to please from overseas so I moved home, never known, it's just one man against the grain, my brain frustrated wishin for a time to be elated, I created a false realm to grab the helm, the film rolls on, and I watch in a theater all alone, the flicker of the film shown tone the harsh truth, with proof that it's a one man fight and the dim light makes it hard for sight I attrite to the price high cost, and sit here writing knowing it's already at a loss. Not the boss, just the jester falling down from the pressure, I'm the lesser of a factor, the detractor, with father who's passed, I hold the task of blood line gone, compose songs wrong, I long for the right poetical pictures to galvanize my thoughts like scripture, it's a mix
Are You A True Friend/fan.......prove It And Get Rewarded!!!!
WELL........I am shocked that you claim to be a "friend" or a "fan". I have come to realize that you were more interested in some of pics that were and/or are posted. After some thought I have decided to put up another private album with suggestions of what YOU would like to see. To do this all I asked was for you to please take a minute and vote for me for Miss Bounce and then send me a message so I verify the vote and get your request for what type of photo you'd like to see in the album. OK, FRIEND/FAN.......WHAT'S THE PROBLEM THEN. WHERE IS ALL THAT CHERRY LOVE. WHY ARE YOU EVEN ON MY PAGE AS A FRIEND OR FAN. SHOW ME YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE........VOTE!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME LEFT TO VOTE AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY. COME ON NOW, IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE. SUPPORT ME AND BE A TRUE CHERRY FRIEND AND FAN. You can vote by going to the yahoo groups and join CLUBBOUNCE. Then click "polls", then click the Miss Bounce voting title, then clic
Interestin Days Ahead...
Hi Everyone.. well to let u all know.. the next few weeks will be real hectec around here. busy schedule.. i just got home from the lake... today.. celebrated fathers day for my husband, son, n future son in law.. and boom.. i will be gone in the morning again.. I will return for an appt wed.. n another one thursday.. and to.. do a sad venture.. have my puppy dog put down.. :( .. i am sad.. but she is 15... she can't make it anymore.. she is draggin her legs behind her.. and in alot of pain.. with some tumors.. on her back side.. its time.. she will be well missed.. but had a full life in a 1 family home.. then out the door again on friday .. back to the lake.. again... i will be home sunday for sure.. and the following friday morning leave again.. *(THE 28th) leave for a 10 day vacation at the lake.. I will return to the main computer.. *SUNDAY the 10th of July.. to all of my american friends.. HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY!!!! To all my friends.. I will return .. fully relaxed.. n
...till The 29th
BEAUTIFUL ISNT SHE... needs tons of ratings and comments for the contest shes in ... hopefully with our help she will win a 7 day blast.......
The Things You Taught Me I Will Always Know(happy Fathers Day)
The things you taught me I will always know. How could I not? The roots have sunk so deep: All lessons of the heart that I will keep No matter who I am or where I go. Kids learn from what their parents are, and so You are my book of life, the thoughts I reap; Only in your arms I quiet sleep; Under my words your voice sings soft and slow. From you I learned the rules of right and wrong Against which I at times had to rebel, Though with regret I carry with me still. How lucky I am to have been loved so well, Even as I pushed against your will, Relying on a father fair and strong. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We may not shower him with praise Nor mention his name in song, And sometimes it seems that we forget The joy he spreads as he goes along, But it doesnt mean that we dont know The wonderful role that he has had. And away down deep in every heart Theres a place that is just for Dad.....
Isnt She Wonderful??
At last my love has come along my lonely days over and life is like a song Ooh At last the skies above are blue well my heart was wrapped up in clover the night I looked at you I found a dream that I could speak to a dream that I could call my own I found a thrill to press my cheek to a thrill that I have never known You smile you smile oh and then the spell was cast and here we are in heaven for you are mine at last
"for Once" Just A Poem.
A dear friend told me once that his feelings were this. If you love someone,then no matter how bad it gets you always love that person. Or something like that,don't recall word for word on how he put it. Thanks to that I thought I'd truly open up for once and hold nothing back,so here is the blog wrote in that spirit. For once let me be me. You say you'd love me forever. Yet you don't know me. You don't know the soul that lies here. The soul that screams to be free. The soul that has tasted the wind. The soul that has played with the night. The soul that craves for the taste of rain on her lips. The soul that screams for the family that runs in the shadows. For once let me be me. You say you'd love me forever. Yet you don't know me. You don't know the soul that lies here. The soul that howls at the moon. The soul that wanders in the shadows. The soul that craves to ride the waves of life. The soul that screams for release from the li
Sutra Lounge Thurs. June 21st
Hey Guys, I'll be at the Sutra Lounge in Costa Mesa, CA in Orange County on Thurs. June 21st as an invited guest. If you've ever wanted to buy me a drink (Shirley Temples only please; love those cherries!) here's your chance. I'll only be there for a couple of hours just to get out of the house and enjoy some great food and comedy. For location, information and show time visit: and click on events on the left. (See Flyer below) Hope to see you there! Love and licks, Cara Lott
Come One, Come All. (emphasis On The Ladies.) ;)
D.I.R.T.Y. wouldn't steer you wrong. Come check my friends' lounge out. Your Latenight Place to Party!!! Click the tag below and come check us out! The Hottest New Lounge on Tap! Come on yallll... Let's get a party started. Anyone is welcome. We Proudly serve Budweiser
Tough Times
it looks as though I may be going to a homeless shelter soon, as long as they have a room open. My bills are crazy and I cant afford it. Im scared and stressed, but you gotta do what u gotta do. my rent is 268.62, phone bill is almost 250, and the cable and net is 117. Life sucks. Hugs guys, I'm gonna miss u while i'm gone
A Bear Walks Into A Bar ...
A bear walks into a bar in Billings, Montana and sits down. He bangs on the bar with his paw and demands a beer. The bartender approaches and says, "We don't serve beer to bears in bars in Billings " The bear, becoming angry, demands again that he be served a beer. The bartender tells him again, more forcefully, "We don't serve beer to belligerent bears in bars in Billings." The bear, very angry now, says, "If you don't serve me a beer, I'm going to eat that lady sitting at the end of the bar." The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve beer to Belligerent, bully bears in bars in Billings" The bear goes to the end of the bar, and, as promised, eats the woman. He comes back to his seat and again demands a beer. The bartender states, "Sorry, we don't serve beer to belligerent, bully bears in bars in Billings who are on drugs." The bear says, "I'm NOT on drugs." (..You're gonna love this...) Scroll down The bartender says, "You are now. That was a barbitchyouate.
Sniper At The Gates Of Heaven
Monday is my parents 30th wedding anniversary, and that just blows my mind. Ka-boom! There was so much I wanted to type, but I think it's just too personal to share on here. Basically, my mom is a saint. She works so hard, and she's kept the marriage together even though she saw a disease basically cripple the man she married. Not only physically, but he's a completely different person. Once I get enough money I'm sending them on a well-deserved honeymoon to someplace nice, lord knows living in Vegas is the exact opposite of just visiting here as a tourist.
From My Mouth To Yours
R.i.p. Lil Johnny
Please Pray for this family, they have come to an abrupt ending, to a long hard fight. This baby was 4 days shy of living to see his 3rd Birthday. For more info visit the fathers CT profile link below. WWW.COTAFORJOHNNYB.COM 954-696-2392 FOR UPDATES.@ CherryTAP
Quit Crying You Dont Have It Bad
this is the life of a solder You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. ____________________________________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. ____________________________________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. ____________________________________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. ____________________________________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. ____________________________________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. ___________________________________________
Sorry, Virginia, There Isn't A Santa....
at least, that is what Shirley Temple says.... I stopped believing in Santa Claus when my mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph. - Shirley Temple
Today Was Eventful
So like, I awoke this morning to go see my gf before she left for home (she lives out of town). I left an hour early so I could make sure I'd see her. I like live like 10 km's away from her or so (give or take) and it only took me like 1hr to get from my house to hers on foot. Talk about crazy eh... Anyways, after that, after missing her. I ended up walking halfway home and then thankfully I got a ride. After that I ended up checking this out for like 10 mins and...oh yeah did I mention I stayed awkake ALLLLLLL night for this too! Anyways I went back to sleep and then woke up to work for my uncle with his business he owns...That took a while so it was cool. He makes t-shirts and what not...well Silk Screening anyways. Well after all that I'm here on my laptop (which is broken...) Well anyways, I guess thats it. Later
Check This Out. I Just Wrote It! It's Cute I Think.
I don't see what's wrong. Everything felt so right. When you held me tight, The world didn't exist. You said that's right. I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to hurt myself, You said I'd realize in time, That it just wasn't right. . The sun has set, But my minds still awake. My hearts still aching. You left with out me. Left me here to cry. Told me you needed a break. And that it was to late for a change. That the chance has gone. You said I'd realize in time, That it just wasn't right. How can it be wrong It felt so right. You filled my heart with love, I just can't let you go. I know this is right, How can you say it's wrong? You said I'd realize in time, That it just wasn't right... Now I know your right.. I seen you with him today... Let me know what you think!
Be Yourself
Stars Short Report- Love Sex- And All T He Gooey Stuff-
The report was generated with the following birth data: female, born on 24 February 1979 at 9:21 pm in Bremerton, Washington. Your sun sign is Pisces. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Libra, and your Moon is in Aquarius. Enjoy your love horoscope! Ascendant in Libra With your Ascendant in Libra, you have almost an addiction to physical beauty and grace in sexuality. If there is a disadvantage to this position, it is that you idealize love so much that it is difficult for any partner to live up to your expectations, both physically and emotionally. Occasionally you must come down to earth, for otherwise you may set your sights too high for any realistic relationship. In most relationships, you are the one who develops ideas rather than the one who thinks of them. However, you must give your lover plenty of room for personal development and avoid the temptation to be manipulative in order to get your way. If the r
Bears Cut Tank Johnson
Bears Cut Johnson on Latest Legal Mishap By RICK GANO, AP Sports Writer 3 hours ago Chicago Bears defensive lineman Terry "Tank" Johnson enters Cook ... CHICAGO - Tank Johnson was released Monday by the Chicago Bears, who are "embarrassed" by the defensive tackle's legal troubles and say he "compromised the credibility" of the team. Johnson was waived three days after he was pulled over by police in Arizona. He already had been suspended for the first eight games of the 2007 season for violating probation on a gun charge. He spent two months in jail and was released in May. "We are upset and embarrassed by Tank's actions last week," general manager Jerry Angelo said in a statement. "He compromised the credibility of our organization. We made it clear to him that he had no room for error. Our goal was to help someone through a difficult period in his life, but the effort needs to come from both sides. It didn't, and we have decided to move on." Police in the Phoenix s
Watch Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
check this ho out....she had the AUDACITY to rate me as a "1".....i really don't give a shit most of the time as the way that people thatDON'T know me can pretty much go piss up a rope.........but, that shits pretty low...
My Angel Eyes
My angle eyes are as brown as the sky is blue, yet only one lights my day, only one makes me warm, only one is truly real, the real one can also light my night and can give you chills. The real one is also there in my dreams the truest color I can imagine is the brown of my angle eyes.
Femdom Society?
Would there be any interest in a CT FemDom Society? A forum where We can share info, ideas, scenes, training tips and more? I am wanting to put this together as an educational, resource group. Let Me know what you think.. if you have any ideas or want to join such a group Thank You, Lady Karmic Kisses
So Im Gonna Be In My First Movie
This thursday, im going to be filmed in a short film. After 15 years of playing music, and the last few years at doing some modeling, im trying my hand at movies. Im playing a auto mechanic @ a bar. Its a quick scene but the movie over all is only gonna be about 10 minutes. I also have some other acting work lined up. So I'll see where this takes me.
Radical Changes
Blind faith or practical belief? Like a pebble into a lake, that question rippled back decades. Back to times and places when I was introduced and spoke with people. Clearly. This isn't a midlife crisis, this is a midlife change. I've sat back and thought about the last few years and the people that have been there when I've fallen, when I needed a hand, who came out in those wee hours, who did things that have no value but meant everything. So then I asked myself why I am allowing myself to be drained by those that did things for purely for their own ends? I was recently told that a friendship is actually an accumulation of trust that grows over time that must be earned. I tried to apply that since supposedly everyone else does it that way. I was a fool for listening to that rubbish. I believe a friend is someone that you share good times with of your own free will. That no dogma or social circle should demand one's allegiance just because they are a beneficial veh
Why Did The Iraqi Chicken Cross The Road?
Why Did the Iraqi Chicken cross the Road? Coalition Provisional Authority: The fact that the Iraqi chicken crossed the road affirmatively demonstrates that decision-making authority has been transferred to the chicken well in advance of the scheduled June 30th transition of power. From now on the chicken is responsible for its own decisions. Halliburton: We were asked to help the chicken cross the road. Given the inherent risk of road crossing and the rarity of chickens, this operation will only cost the US government $326,004. Muqtada al-Sadr: The chicken was a tool of the evil Coalition and will be killed. US Army Military Police: We were directed to prepare the chicken to cross the road. As part of these preparations, individual soldiers ran over the chicken repeatedly and then plucked the chicken. We deeply regret the occurrence of any chicken rights violations. Peshmerga: The chicken crossed the road, and will continue to cross the road, to show its independence and
Funny Manga Lol
Sexy Naughty Graphics by www.maturegraphics.comSexy Naughty Graphics by
This May Be Offensive To Some Veiwers
Well if there is one thing that i have noticed about places like this it is that the vast majority of people who participate are harsh fakes, posers, andmost of all full of shit!! Thats not to take away from this site or any other becouse of all of them i do really love this one. I geuss what im saying is that its true that people hang out at these sites becouse they want to be something that they are not really in reall life. well I think thats just ripping your self off. You can fake all the shit you want on sites like this and be unsatified with your real life or you can be an ass kicker in real life first then come to a place like this and kick even more ass. all I'm saying is this be true to your self in all things. be proud of who you are regardless of what the simple minded might think, let the world see who you really are and if they dont like it .....FUCK EM!!!!
Sick But Funny
On a hot summer day, a redneck came into town with his dog. He tied the dog under the shade of a tree and went into the bar for a cold beer. About 20 minutes later a policeman came into the bar and asked who owned the dog tied under the tree. The redneck said that it was his. The policeman said, "Your dog seems to be in heat." The redneck replies, "No way dog's in heat---she's cool cause I got 'ER tied under the shade of the tree." The policeman says, "No! You don't understand-- your dog needs to be bred. "No way," the redneck says, "dog don't need bread, she's not hungry, cause I fed her beef jerky this mornin'." Now the policeman gets mad and yells out; "NO! You don't seem to understand, your dog wants to have sex!" The redneck looks at him and says, "Go ahead. I always wanted a police dog!"
what do I have to do to get some fans. What is the whole purpose of the fans anyway? I don't care i just want some more.
Link To My Friends Log
ilv2xlr8@ CherryTAP
Car Troubles
So after all the driving through Ohio, W. Virginia and Virginia.. I get to N.C and things start going south.. including once I get to Chapel Hill my tire goes and it ends up screwing up my front end.. So I had to get my car towed to Raleigh which was almost 200 bucks but my insurance company should be reimbursing it when I make my claims. .. could take awhile though..and firestone isn't open until Monday.. where it's parked at.. but I am at Cherry point now crashing at the barracks.. hopefully things get better.. Connor is miserable right gotta go... goodnight
Im Leavin,hit My Other
im shuttin down this profile cuz i never get a chance to go on it if u wanna hit me up...hit me up on myspace
Ok i am not sure who this person is or why they are going around ripping peoples pictures.But this sux cause now some of the nice people on here are talking about deleating there accounts and leaving ct because of it.I will not let some sad lonely looser chase me from ct just because they feel the need to steal other peoples pictures and use them in a bad way..I mean seriously why give them what they want??There are more nice people on ct than there are people like this a**hole.Have a nice day but beware of this person.I blocked them!You might want to as well. BAND OF BROTHERS@ CherryTAP
First Night On Trip By The Fire!
The scene is by the fire in a remote campgrounds by Niagra. The setting is by a warm soothing fire on a cool night, we have spent all day enjoying each others company by one of the 7 .wonders of the world.. I look into your eyes drinking them in before i move down and gently part your delicate folds with my tounge, Sounds of my loving reach your ears. you shift your ass to accomodate my need to taste your sweet juices, My tongue slides in deeper. My hot wet muscle moves up and down your slit. Your clit is swollen with need. My teeth nibble gently and one of my fingers is slid between your moist lips. I hear "Oh god!" as your body responds to my caresses, releasing more fluid. I can see your head moving right to left with each lap of My tongue. You watch as I move my head back and forth on your sex. A second finger slides in with the first, both begin to slip and slide along my walls carefully finding your special spot. Passion pumps through your veins. Your hips thrust forward, bri
Episode 72: A Beautiful Mess
I really do not understand how it happened in the first place. To start, I'd fallen asleep on the couch watching Kung-Fu movies. I woke up watching Kung-Fu movies...and with an overwhelming compulsion to create tie-dye t-shirts. Laugh if you must but I'm not joking. I don't know what came over me. It was like this desire, this urge to just do something that I've never done before. This is what happens when I wake up too early. I suppose I could have turned in, going back to sleep but I couldn't stop myself. I got up, got dressed, got myself together and braved the daylight to make a trip across town to the dollar store. No need to take the bike, I thought, I crave music. I started out the door, my iPod going strong, thinking of the types of designs I wanted to create. I'd consulted a random website on it and thought about what I would need. T-shirts, rubberbands, gloves, and the dye. This, my friends, is evolution...the monkey, the man...and the gun. The shirts were the ultra che
Justa Dark Poem I Worte Many Years Ago
I am in search of the dark matter that surround's us yet is unseen everyday. You may not know me but you feel me in the air. My word's carry like a song long forgotten in time. I will be a soul for the souless, an orator for the mute, and an angel for the wicked. I am a seeker of unknown knowledge, a soul not yet complete on my journey thru the universes. Come away with me into the arena of the unknown and we will walk together into eternity
The Men Who Signed The Declaration Of Independence.
The Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Five signers were captured by the British as traitors and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured. Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, a
What is the meaning of the word fore? The answer is on the last sentence of this article. Find out the answer quick and you get a prize. For those who do not play golf, the term fore is yelled to warn the players and spectators ahead that they may get hit by an errand golf shot. So, when you hear the word fore, run for cover or, cover your head and duck! Come to think of it, you wont even have time to run for cover since the ball travels so fasttoo fast you wont have time to think which direction you will run too. This is when the umbrella comes in handy. Not only will it protect you from the rain or the sun, it will also serve as your shield. The umbrella can actually serve as a fan as well. If you hold it straight up and pump it up and down, you can feel a little bit of breeze on your upper body. (Another silly but effective tip from me!) The term fore is another word for ahead. Yelling fore is simply saying, watch out ahead. Some believe it originated fr
Things I Been Through
im 22 years old been a gang member been a drug dealer, been an str8 hustler and a robber all that before i was 18. lost one of my good friends to one of the big homies to the set we belonged to, and that was str8 out of high school, stole cars and robbed niggas at school,callled the principal out to catch my fade, i was a fuck up but then i learned when i turned 21,i lost another close friend of mines, 2 of my uncles and my grandma, which she passed the day before i turned 22. life's too short for me to keep fuckin up. but now im 22 the people that cared most about me are gone and now im pretty much on my own everyday i wake up wondering whos next and i stay in the wrong area for my background .
Heartbroken And Unknown
i feel so alone heartbroken and unknown i sit and wonder as my hearts torn asunder am i worth love? or am i just another dove flying through the world as noticed as a flag unfurled i work to much drink to much smoke to much feel to much i cant watch someone in pain but from violence i cant abstain let me take the worlds pain let me take your pain im so tired of everyones hurt i just was sleeping in the dirt i cant help no matter how hard i try for every failure my soul will die let me feel no more let me feel it all let me die away i dont wanna live no more i may be a bastard i may be an asshole i may be a dick but im not a coward
So Let Me Tell You...
It is SOOO emotionally draining to go to a funeral home visitation of a 16 yr old and to leave there and have to go to the next funeral home for another visitation of a 15 yr old. I sooooooo don't want to let my son out of my sight! :( And yes I realize thats impossible. Just the way I feel after this evening.
check out his profile . . . drew@ CherryTAP
I Miss You
I Miss You It's been hours since I last waved at you, days since we last talked, weeks since we last joked I miss the glow in your eyes, the joy in your smile, the closeness and comfort I feel whenever I'm with you You are the distraction from the harsh reality, yet the remedy for my sorrows In other words, I really miss being with you and not just that.. I miss the person who gives me this cheer, and that person is YOU
Day 4 `
i spent 2 on lunch and my checking account money is still safe....thinking abut going out tonight it is 7-07-07 after all i mmight get lucky
Im Posting Now!! Watch Out World...
To be compleatly honest.. i have absolutly nothing to write about.. so, well apologize if you went out of your way to read this.. but i have a question for you.. have you ever had your high heels sink into the mud?
Girls Kissing Is Hot
Picture of girls kissing makes me wet.
Screen Names
I'm sick and tired of girls (and guys too for that matter) having screen names that include the words: sexy curvy kitten/cat/kitty vampress/vampire (You're not a vampire. Stop acting like it.) juggalo/juggalette baby shorty juicy 420 momma/daddy pimp/pimptress honey sweetie cutie hottie babe chick queen hot mami angel empress mistress/master goddess/god dj (unless you actually are a REAL DJ, and I'm not talking about playing CDs for your friends!!) sweet sassy ETC. Or any combination of the above... even if those words describe you. Think of something different, people! Be original. So if your screen name is SweetNSassySexGoddess... don't talk to me.
Once A Marine, Always A Marine2
Once A Marine, Always A Marine Author Unknown _________________________ I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others failed to go. And did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing And reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness, should I fail. I have seen the Face of Terror, Felt the stinging Cold of Fear, And enjoyed the sweet taste of a moments love. I have cried, pained and hoped ... but most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least today I am able to say that I was proud of what I was..... A UNITED STATES MARINE
Mondays Fun
Good evening all. I hope you have had a great week and a good & safe 4th of July!! I just can't believe that is July already. WOW this year is flying by. Well My week has been OK. Had a few rough nights with Kyle, he is getting two or three of his molars in at the same time. I just can't believe it! Andrew got two in at once, I thought that was bad! We got paid on Thursday, but unfortunately the stupid Omega has a dead battery. We thought we had fixed it, but nope! Went out there to start the car, and it was dead! GRRRRRRR That makes me so mad, the last time we charged it it had said battery charged, so we aren't sure if it's the battery or the alternator. Considering that we drove from here to the city and back with the alternator belt off the pulley! Who knows, so not this coming weekend but the next we are gonna have to take the battery and the alternator and have them tested to see which one is bad. Hopefully it's the battery, not sure how much an alternator is gonna be. This weeke
Away For A Little While...
I've been away for a little while. =P He's been in town again this week. (Last visit we'll have before Christmas break. *sigh*) It's official, we've decided that as soon as finances permit, we're relocating me to Virginia. Yay! It'll probably take some time to get everything set up, but the sooner the better, for both of us. Sorry if I missed any birthdays while I've been away, and I hope ya all had a great holiday! *hugs*
New Job
well my new job is going great. starting to love it.
U All Are The Best!
I just wanna say how great my friends/family/fans are.... I have met some really amazing people and your so sweeeet and always showin lots of love! I really appreciate it....u all are really the best So thanks for not fogetting about me and remember to stop by and say hi! I have new pictures for those of you who dont get alerts yayyy!! New pictures- heres one of many hehe Click to check out my pics in my last folder LUVZ YA ALL Thanks again and have a great day/night... ~Cindy
On Iphone, Google Maps, And Beyond
WHERE IN THE WORLD? I'm an unabashed map geek. Have been since childhood. I can't get enough of maps, globes, and all the stuff that people have used them for throughout history. It's been mostly for conquest and control, but that's a whole another story. So of all the dazzling features of the iPhone being described by a gaggle of professional reviewers* over the past 24 hours (see Techmeme for links), this quote from David Pogue of the New York Times jumped out for me:"The Google Maps module lets you view street maps or aerial photos for any address. It can provide driving directions, too. It?s not real G.P.S. ? the iPhone doesn?t actually know where you are ? so you tap the screen when you?re ready for the next driving instruction. But how?s this for a consolation prize? Free live traffic reporting, indicated by color-coded roads on the map."You really have to see Maps in action on the iPhone to get a real sense. We've all seen it a bit, in all those ubiquitous iPhone TV
Rip Spectra And Champs
I just got back from the shelter and my two boys went peacefully. They would have died painfully within 48 hours and I am glad I was able to spare them that pain. Sorrow still remains.
this fucking stupid that people are lazy assholes that have nothing better to do than sit at their computers more than 10 hours a day at cherrytap. YOU FUCK ASSHOLES;
It's That Time...
Okay, so this blog is mostly for my own purposes and my own records. No other real reason. But feel free to read if you like. Sooo... I've been at my current job for four months. One month as a temp, and three months as a permanent employee/owner. So, the time has come for my 90 day review. I'm not worried about it at all. I know I kicked ass. I just hate reviews. And, like just last week, I put in 78.75 hours. Ever hear the saying "All work and no play?" Well, my bank account is happy, so who cares? lol. Besides, I'll have plenty of time to play when the time is right. So, here's a record of what I've accomplished in my time at my new job. It helps that I've kept a record (and back-ups) of everything I've done since day one. Technical Implementation Specialist: QA'd 28 Clients which includes 80 destination feeds I've QA'd, of which I rejected 70 feeds. I've done 2 feed analyses, and built built 9 inbound feeds and 9 optimization feeds. I've also built
Single Man's Prayer
As I lay me down to sleep I pray for a woman, who's very cheap. One who's sexy, blonde and long. Who notices that she's mostly wrong. One who sucks and doesn't speak. And promises to do so, once a week. I pray that she is very randy, 'Cause one like that would come in handy. Opens her legs and lies on the floor, And once I'm done, she begs for more. Oh, send me a woman who will not play with my mind. Who knows what she wants and that's lots from behind! One who'll make love till my body's a twitchin' And brings ME a beer, when she comes from the kitchen! I pray that she'll last right up to the end, And would never complain when I do her best friend. Thanks in advance and you know I can't wait, So I'll screw all the rest 'cause it's never too late. Amen.
Sometimes you give it to the wrong people... amazing when you find out that you can't What's worse is when they say to you that they can't trust none then they stab you in the back... Just a mental note when someone says they cant trust.. means they cant be trusted...
This Guy Is A Downrater Plz Repost
this guy made two profiles cause i blocked the first one after he downrated me and then he did the same thing to my ct wife today i think that babyjesus should delete him and ban him from tha site and i would like to get help on this by my family,friends and fans and any others that see this by repostin this thank you very much for your time
So Far So Good
well, she's been here a day so far and don't want to strangle myself...yet! I really do like it when she comes to visit, but she'll go for years without a visit, then come here and start paying for everything and buying stuff left and right, she even paid for our groceries yesterday! Sure it all sounds good, but after awhile, it's like "woman, I can pay for my own stuff, I do it all the time!" even tried to go get a few things today and she put money in my pocket to pay for it! I wrote a check anyway and kept the cash, lol, maybe I can buy a snack with it or something! Tomorrow we're going to the zoo, so we'll see how much junk she manages to buy the kids while we're there, i'm betting a stuffed animal each along with some snacks and a carosel ride! ok, more later when she drives me more insane, right now, back to my alcohol!
Three Murders
Study Carefully.....the clues are so blatant youwill be kicking yourself if you miss them!Don't look at the answers until you are sure youhave all three right. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mystery one A man was found murdered Sunday morning. His wife immediately called the police. The police questioned the wife and staff and got these answers: The wife said she was sleeping. The cook was preparing breakfast. The gardener was gathering vegetables. The maid was getting the mail. The butler was polishing shoes in the pantry. The police instantly arrested the murderer. Who did it and how did they know? ------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Mystery two A man walks into his bathroom and shoots himself right between the eyes using a real gun with real bullets. He walks out alive, with no blood anywhere and no, he didn't miss and he wasn't Superman or any other crusader wearing a cape
More Of Why We Love Can I Have A Drink Of Water?
A small boy is sent to bed by his father. ~ Five minutes later... "Da-aaad..." "What?" "I'm thirsty. Can you bring me a drink of water?" "No, You had your chance. Lights out." ~ five minutes later.... "Da-aaad..." "WHAT?" "I'm THIRSTY..Can I have a drink of water?" "I told you NO! If you ask again, I'll have to spank you!!" ~ five minutes later.... "Daaaaa-aaaaad..." "When you come in to spank me, can you bring a drink of water?"
This constant state of confusion an utter lack of control As I sit inside my mind I wonder, Who is this all for? I have no ground to stand on no backbone to lean So I hide inside myself no one ever finding the real me. Love is so void trying for it seems only in vain So I stand outside to feel something in the cold rain. Life seems lost without you no sunshine on my face So I explode inside just to fill the space. This seems like a dream perception thrown off So I sit down and write a stupid little blog.
Curse you Guitar Hero 2 you magnificent bastard! You have successfully turned my wrists and fingers to jello. Now I Have to type with a pencil in my mouth hitting one key at a time. You are as addictive as meth but you're legal you son of a bitch. What the fuck am i suppose to do when the 80's version comes out this month, then GH3 and RockBand a few months down the road. I will have no hands left. They are going to turn black and fall off like I had frostbite or something. I will be left with stumps still trying to do hammer ons and pull offs to no avail. You fill me with such rage and joy at the same time, kind of like my ex gf but more joy. Hats off to you Guitar Hero for being possibly one of the best video games ever. Oh and here's some eye candy if anyone managed to read through that shit I just typed.
Helpful Hints
Saw this being reposted on a bulletin and there were several tidbits i didnt know about so thought id share!also a good reference spot for me since my bulletins disappear so quickly! 1. Re-heat Pizza Heat up leftover pizza in a nonstick skillet on top of the stove, set heat to med-low and heat till warm. This keeps the crust crispy. No soggy micro pizza. I saw this on the cooking channel and it really works. 2. Easy Deviled Eggs Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag. Seal, mash till they are all broken up. Add remainder of ingredients, reseal, keep mashing it up mixing thoroughly, cut the tip of the baggy, squeeze mixture into egg. Just throw bag away when done... easy clean up. 3. Expanding Frosting When you buy a container of cake frosting from the store, whip it with your mixer for a few minutes. You can double it in size. You get to frost more cake/cupcakes with the same amount. (You also eat less sugar and calories per serving.) 4. Re-heating refrigerated br
ok so i just got back from the pub and so maybe a little drunk but still tommo and i have a great new idea and with enough money and plaanning it minght just wrk we are going to start or own brewery and import beer comapny i dont know if the beer was talkng or aether it was for real but with a $100 at stake i think iit was fr the best part agood idea still looking to make some monay and after 3 hours this was the best we could think besides the other companies that we we own between us thnink we have got it all sorted stil i hope youa re all having lots of fun out thtere dont forget to drop somew love and i m sure i will get back to do the same stilll to you have fun tp x
100 Pink Lines
There I was 4 Years Old laying in my bed looking at the wall. Crying because I just realized My Mother and my Grandmother were going to die. Someday... I had just watched the news on the Television and realized after asking my Grandmother what the lady meant when she said that two people had died in a house fire the night before .. With a sad look in her face she told me my fate. When I asked what that meant my Grandmother told Me about Death and what it would mean. She told me that we all die and that someday I would. I asked her how long people live and with a Hearty smile she said that some people live to be 100! I remember thinking how long that seemed, and at the same time I was still Disappointed in her answer. I went to bed that night with my pink crayon clutched in my hand, as I Lay there thinking of death I made 100 pink lines with my crayon, next to my bed just under the mattress so my Mother and Grams would not find them while making the beds.
Every time i think im over you i always end up loving you i cant stop thinking of you or dreaming about you i still so much in love with you i dont know if im special too you or if the only one that feels this way i cant resist you i wanna be with you nite and day i wish u can tell me "i love you too" i cant explain why i feel this way
What's With Wilbur
Ya know,it makes my heart plum proud ta see so many people out ta celabrateour country's birthday,yes sireee! Even when ole mother naturetries ta dampen things up a might,folks still got out and wavedtheir flags.Even magot inta the spirit a thingsthis year - took it on her own self ta some celabratin' out on the farm.Yup she bought some flags and streamers ,rounded up some of the youngens from the neighberin farms and some how some how got her hands on some fire works.I gotta tell folks ,it aintever good when ma's got gun gunpowder!still, she did a right fine jobsertin eveything up. the whole day went off without a hitch,That is until the sun went down and it was time fer the entertainment..Reckon se'd been watchen'the tv and figured she she had to handle cause she set lilin' those ole crackers up real neat like-almost like she new what she was doing'. The rest of us were mighty impressed.We hunkered downon the edge of the driveway and could hardly wait.Ya know that ole womenhad bin
Dakota + Lakota Links
Dakota Language Lessons Dakoteyah Wogdaka! Talk Dakota! Lakota Iyapi - Der Dialekt der Lakota - information in German about the Lakota language, including online lessons: Lakota Language - information about and texts in Lakota Lakota Language Consortium Lakota Books Lakhota Sioux Heritage, Culture and Language site ELKDREAMER: David Little Elk - information about the Lakota language, Lakota courses and music: Oceti Wakan - Sacred Fireplace (a non profit dedicated to the preservation of lakota culture and language):
Attention All Nighthawks And Family Members And Freinds
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This Guy Made His Own Ghetto Bluetooth Hands Free Headset
This guy made his own ghetto bluetooth hands free headset
I'm Done With All The Drama And Bullshit ~~ Just Venting
Deep Throat
Circus Oral Sex the Magic of " Deep Throat" Sword swallowers who can swallow a non-retractable solid steel blade at least two centimetres wide and 38 centimetres long are recognised by the SSAI (Sword Swallowers' Association International). While that is impressive, I doubt that it feels very good. In a study of Sword Swallowers' Forty-six SSAI members took part in the study, 19 had experienced sore throats whilst learning, many had suffered lower chest pain following some performances, and six had suffered perforation of the pharynx and oesophagus, one other was told a sword had 'brushed' the heart. While I have received some truly AMAZING head only 1 woman has actually taken me into her throat and gone nose to stomach. It felt great but the shock of the sight of what she'd done was difficult to categorize. It was like watching some of the things Chris Angel does on "MINDFREAK" it is a sight I won't soon forget. Now to the mechanics of the act esophagus, the idea is to like
Joe Arpaio
Why is it that Joe Arpaio can do this in Arizona and it is not done anywhere else? Sheriff Joe Arpaio (in Arizona) who created the "tent city jail": He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them. He stopped smoking and porno magazines in the jails. Took away their weights. Cut off all but "G" movies. He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work on county and city projects. Then he started chain gangs for women so he wouldn't get sued for discrimination. He took away cable TV! until he found out there was a federal court order that required cable TV for jails. So he hooked up the cable TV again only let in the Disney channel and the weather channel. When asked why the weather channel he replied, "So they will know how hot it's gonna be while they are working on my chain gangs." He cut off coffee since it has zero nutritional value. When the inmates complained, he told them, "This isn't the Ritz/Carlton. If you don
Bathing, Working, Posting? (level Up? Photo Max!)
Good Morning! UK time that is. I'm noticing alot of you are from the US. So, think of this one...from THE FUTURE! ahhh. 5 hours in the future that is. I have a conundrum. Apparently I have uploaded too many pictures. I've maxed it out, and can't upload anymore until I reach level 11? This is a a problem, as I took these really sexy pictures the other day, and I'm dying to post them. My question to you, my friends, and fans, on fubar...which set should I take down? The bathtub? Risque? or...white robe? Or should I keep them up, be patient, and wait to level up? Input is helpful! Have a good day!
From The Bulletin Board, Help For Those Who Arent Aware Of How Fubar Works :)
Please be kind and fan and rate all of your friends... First... Someone asked me... How do you rate a page... You go to the person's profile Look to the right side of the page, under the Blast box, and you see this: You then click either the 10 or 11 :D Now, someone else asked me, how do you become a fan... Look to the left side of the page, under the Alerts box (My Bar Tab), and you see this: Click the one that suits what you want to do :)
When It Doubt Take A Test
When in Doubt take a test... 1. Where were you TWO hours ago? In the shower 2. What do you think of your LAST kiss? miss them 3. Are you wearing S0CKS right now? WHy ...yes, yes I am 4. When was the last time you went out of STATE? When I drove from Alaska to TX and back to Phx for my last christmas with family... 5. Have you been to the M0VIES in the last 5 days? Transformers...5 out of 10 7.Whats the last thing u had to drink? open container in the truck, the trooper ,took it away oops 8. What are you wearing right now? Blue collered shirt 9. What was your last purchase? Breakfast tacos 10. Last food you ate? pay attention to #9 11. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Da Boss 12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Nope need to 13. Do you have any pets? just the wild ones 14. What did you do last night? Da Boys r back in town! 16. If you could be anywhere you want where would it be? my bed, cuddl
Im Married!!
Wow today has to be the most happiest day of my life! I married my beautiful new wife today. I knew from the first day that I met her that I would marry her and now 8 years later it has finally become reality. My life is starting to look up. I start a great new job on Monday, I am back in school and now have a great new family. Life is great!!
Crazy? ... Maybe. But that's a good kind of crazy. It's a guy who knows what he wants. Denis Leary
Just Want To Know....
MyHotComments If I gave you one chance to do whatever you wanted with me,what would it be?(and why would it be that?) If you had once chance to see the world threw my eyes would you take that chance? If I told you I was goin to kill myself,would you try to stop me? If I got cancer and was going bald would you still talk to me?
Never Make Someone Your Priority
.....Finally coming to terms, all one way streets sooner or later must come to an end, allowing a relation to be one-sided only lends itself to spoiling beyond recognition, much less acknowledgment. I can neither find fault nor regret the actions or emotions expressed from the relation found at hand. Nor will I ever speak harsh towards her and her actions, as Im at fault for allowing it to be one-sided, being consumed by the attention both given and received. Playing with a double standard of the attention that was demanded beyond seeing eyes, and that to which was visual, can only proclaim disappointment and discourage. .....Either by chance or fate slapping me in the face with reality, I came across this little quote: Never make someone your priority, when they only make you an option! Forgive me for liking you too much, And I'll forgive you for not liking me enough. Forgive me for missing you so, And I'll forgive you for being so cold. Forgive me for the
So I have this life that sucks, well only when it comes to my family consisting of my dad and brother. Here is the story so you can see why it sucks. My story goes like this....I was born in Ohio in 1979 to 2 alcholics, not 1 but 2 and off and on in my life my dad proceds to tell me that he did drugs then so its a wonder im ok, anyways i had a good childhood that i can remember until i turned 7 and my brother was born. All hell broke loose then, things got really bad around home, I remember times of mom and dad beating each other up, the cops there all the time and mo and dad both being hauled off to jail. I got older and things got worse, being of alcholics my parents spent most of their time in the bars and i had to take care of my brother. I had to take him everywhere with me, to band practice, to the store, to my then boyfriends(now my husband) house everywhere. When I turned 17 it was also my senior year of highschool and my paents decided it was time to divorce and then hell brok
Up Date
Asperger's Syndrome : The Definition
Asperger syndrome From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Asperger's syndrome Asperger syndrome (also referred to as Asperger's syndrome, Asperger's disorder, 'Aspergers, or AS) is a condition on the autistic spectrum. It manifests in individual ways and can have both positive[1][2][3][4][5] and negative effects on a person's life. Like other autistic spectrum disorders, Asperger's includes repetitive behavior patterns and impairment in social interaction. However, Asperger's differs from 'classic' autism in that non-social aspects of intellectual development generally proceed at a normal or accelerated rate.[6] The disorder affects people in various ways, but individuals with Asperger's commonly share characteristics such as an ability to focus intensely on areas of interest, hyposensitivity/hypersensitivity to certain stimuli and sensory integration problems, self-stimulating ('stimming') behaviors such as rocking back and forth or verbal utterances, and difficulty interpret
The Cat That Predicts Death
Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die, by curling up next to them during their final hours. His accuracy, observed in 25 cases, has led the staff to call family members once he has chosen someone. It usually means they have less than four hours to live. "He doesn't make too many mistakes. He seems to understand when patients are about to die," said Dr. David Dosa in an interview. He describes the phenomenon in a poignant essay in Thursday's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. "Many family members take some solace from it. They appreciate the companionship that the cat provides for their dying loved one," said Dosa, a geriatrician and assistant professor of medicine at Brown University. The 2-year-old feline was adopted as a kitten and grew up in a third-floor dementia unit at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The facility treats people with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and other
What The Hell
i find that thangs are diffrent and im not even home yet. i hate talking to people online or the phone. every day fells the same and i try to better my self but feels as if im falling to do so , over and over agine. I read the news to stay up on shit at home and i find all is in a downward spin. then being here my friends are die for people who dont even care any more. all was great when the war started, but now everyonr is board with the idea. then you guys say you your with the troops but your not into the war, that is the dumbest shit i have ever heard, if theres no wars theres no us. IF you guys really cared about us and for are lives you would be here, putting your ass on the line every day. some of you dont get this its 24/7 here when were up and when where sleepin. well i guess im just going on about shit sorry
Free Porn!!!
have you ever wanted to get porn for free from images too videos... Nows your chance! Click Here for free porn-See below for directions In this tutorial we will walk you through how to go about geting the free porn First Click Here Now you should be on the site, Please click "Join The Live Community For Naughty Adults!" You should now see a screen similiar to the image above Simple just fill it in like in image with your Email address in both fields. (type it same in both fields) (this is to make sure you put the correct email address, hence confirmation) Now that you enterd your email address twice please put the code shown in box in to the provided box. as shown in the image above. Now once you have done that , Click submit Once you click submit please go to your email program, or open new browser window/Tab and go check your email This is how the EMAIL msg should appear for you on your email account (losers don't bot
The Importance Of Passion
I have found, in most humans, we each have a singular obsession. A topic in which, even if the person we are talking to are only politely listening (if even that) we are just so excited by we will continue to talk about despite any lack of interest. On the surface this is viewed as an annoying trait, a part of the human ego that reveals us to be very self-absorbed people with very little compassion for the other person. For example, when WE are confronted with another person' "obsession", usually we do not relate it to ours, and instead let our minds wander and very rarely try to get excited along with the person. If we can relate to that, why can we not empathize with it? Is the very nature of obsession the thing that seperates us? Even with that being true, I don't think it's a bad thing. Having a passion makes and keeps us human; vibrant; interesting; thinking; exploring. For those unfortunates who honestly have nothing to "obsess" about, they tend to have nothing to talk about,
Wow...good Question...
Another one from Dark Prof Have you ever gotten into an accident with you parents' car? Yeah, but nothing serious....although i did get the bumper hung up in someone's wheel well lol don't ask. Ever thought of just picking up and moving far away? Yep, did it too What's the wallpaper on your computer? a picture of me, KC, and Misty What is the last thing/person you took a picture of? ummm i think it was of Adam. What was the most difficult decision you've ever had to make? to leave everyone i knew and loved behind when i moved. Name a band/artist you like that isn't that popular. no idea What is the first vehicle you recall your parents/guardians owning? ummm it was a big pink buick lol i think You only have $5 for the whole week; What do you buy with it? Food. What was the worst job you've ever had? hmmm i would have to say micky d's Have you ever seen counterfeit money? yup Have you ever lost a pet you were attached to? Several. It is
Sexiest Milf Contest Results!!!
Here are the Sexiest MILFs on Fubar. 1st Place - 30 Day Blast Sweet D Please read my about me before adding me mrz@ fubar 2nd Place - 7 Day Blast LOVLYMOM@ fubar 3rd Place - 3 Day Blast MishNumber1 - I'm Away Until 4th August But You Can Still Show Me FuBar Luv :D@ fubar And The MILF with the most Rates - Yacht AngelEyezTN FAN ME PLZ!!@ fubar Congrats to these ladies 4 ladies. THIS CONTEST WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY .:Coolest Guy Ever (FUBARS FINEST):.@ fubar
New Contest....fubar's Most Wanted
I need at least 10 people to enter. Contest will start when I have the 10 and run for 1 week. The RULES are 1. Must be SAFE FOR WORK 2. No down rates 3. You may comment bomb & rate yourself 4. Must be a WANTED POSTER PIC Winners will be 1st & 2nd for the most comments, and 1st for the most rates. So all you gals & guys get your wanted posters links to me fast. Thanks robisue
Using Green Tea Around The House - 5 Great Ideas
Using Green Tea Around the House - 5 Great Ideas Adapted from The Book of Green Tea, by Diana Rosen (Storey Books, 1998). After youve absorbed the health benefits from your cup of green tea, youll be amazed at how many more uses there are for those soggy tea-leaves! No need to throw them in the trash or compost: you can use them to feed your garden plants--green tea is high in nitrogen--and they will even ward off pests and insects. Green tea is especially wonderful as a deodorant that absorbs offensive odors. 1. Yoga Mats. In the hot, humid areas of Thailand, Burma, and other Asian countries, people sleep on straw mats. This straw is cool and comfortable, but people do perspire. It is quite common in these areas for straw mats to be washed in tubs of water to which tea has been added. The tea works as a powerful deodorizer, leaves a fresh scent, and can even infuse the straw with a delicate sage color. You can use green tea to clean other washable surfaces, such as yoga
The World
This is why Boston Legal is the only TV show I enjoy. James Spader... Or rather, his character Alan Shore. I'm constantly awed by his charisma and confidence. Here is a little video that has been all over the web the last couple of days. It's cool because of the subject matter/views expressed as well as the delightful way those views are presented. Ohh... and Sigur Rs makes great background music!!
HERE WITH ME.... I'm thinking about you again. I miss you badly and wish you were here with me. My soul knows no rest even when I sleep, because I dream about you and imagine how great it would be if you were here with me. Without you, I feel like a part of my heart is missing. I'm in dire need of your tender love and passionate kissing... if only you were here with me. Every day I tell myself to move on with my life, and I try to pretend that I'm happy, but it's just not true. I'm alone and blue, because you're not here with me. At night I get down on my knees and pray for brighter days. I know that the sunshine I need is on the way, because someday you'll be here with me. But until that day, I'll never stop yearning for you, and wishing that you were here to stay, because I love you, and I want you here with me.
Endless Pain
Endless Pain forever suffered, Lonelyness always never uncovered, No one cares not even me, Hope you all don't stop and see, In my eyes it says to all, Help me Help me don't let me fall, Crying at night thinking no one cares, Realizing that feeling never shares.
If You Own A Ford Then You Need To Read This
Ford is conducting a voluntary safety recall involving speed control deactivation switch systems in 3.6 million vehicles. The service action involves the installation of a fused wiring harness into the speed control electrical circuit, or the replacement of the deactivation switch if it is found to be leaking. This is a quick repair, and will be performed on vehicles built between 1992 and 2003. Ford dealers will provide this service to all affected vehicles at no charge to the customers. The company has a sufficient supply of parts to service the affected trucks. The supply of parts to service the affected cars is expected to be available in early October. Owners of all affected vehicles will be notified by mail. While these vehicles are not subject to the systems interaction issues affecting vehicles in the prior recall populations, Ford is taking this action to address continued customer concerns about the potential for fires in their vehicles. We cannot be confident in the
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Angel Food Ministries
Blessings by the box Angel Food is available in a quantity that can fit into a medium-sized box at $25 per unit ($30 in California and New Mexico, due to transportation costs). Each month's menu is different than the previous month and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $50. Comparison shopping has been done across the country in various communities using a wide range of retail grocery stores and has resulted in the same food items costing from between $42 and $78. Generally, one unit of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month. The food is all the same high quality one would purchase at a grocery store. There are no second-hand items, no damaged or out-dated goods, no dented cans without labels, no day-old breads and no produce that is almost too ripe. Also offered are specialty boxes such as steaks, chicken and pork. Many participants in this bonus program appr
Beautiful Fubar Women #2
Very beautiful. Women are a work of art and should be appreciated and not taken for grantedOK now for my second Lady. :DThis picture may not be clear, but it is clear from this pic that she is a very beautiful Lady. She has a very innocence type of school girl look and as you can see she has the most beautifulest eyes and a nice nose and a cute shapely face and I love the way her hair hangs across her face. Also nice teeth and lips.For the second picture of her,she has that naughty school teacher look side of her. very sexy. And once again, it shows off her beautiful eyes and luscious beautiful lips. In her own words she states "When I Get a Little Way Too Excited,I Scratch Backs....Im Such a Bad All I can say to that is, You can scratch my back anytime baby :DOK last pic of her is showing her cute side again and I am just in love with those eyes! Very sweet side to her, but believe me,.. she does have a naughty side to her If you want to see go to her page :D
Watching Her As She Slept
Originally posted Apr 08, 2006 Waking from a dream, I behold a lovely sight next to me She was here, my soul-mate, smiling in her sleep, as she snuggled next to me Brushing back her hair I gaze upon her face I know deep within my soul that it's her Love that I could never replace As I watch her as she sleeps I'm on cloud +9 and climbing oh so high I wonder if she's aware that for her I would lay down and DIE I kiss her soft lips and she lets out a sexy sigh and a tear of joy falls gently from me eye As I watch her as she sleeps she's a dream given life, she's a precious gift without trying she has the ability to set my mind adrift she stretches and lets out a hearty yawn and says, I'd like for you be laying next to me before the coming dawn as I watch her as she sleeps I whisper softly in her ear "you are all that is true" with one eye she squints & replies with a dry mouth whisper, "I love you boo" She loves that I watch over her & She sometimes stirs to meet
Pit Bulls
A man in Grand Rapids, Michigan took out a $7000 full page ad in the paper to present the following essay to the people of his community. It really touched my heart and I hope it will yours too. How Could You? By Jim Willis 2001 When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. You called me your child, and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw pillows, I became your best friend. Whenever I "was bad," you'd shake your finger at me and ask "How could you?" -- but then you'd relent, and roll me over for a belly rub. My housebreaking took a little longer than expected, because you were terribly busy, but we worked on that together. I remember those nights of nuzzling you in bed and listening to your confidences and secret dreams, and I believed that life could not be any more perfect. We went for long walks and runs in the park, car rides, stops for ice cream (I only got the cone because "ice cream is bad for dogs,"
Stupid People
->jukebox Ow...: well your blocked jukebox Ow...: no im not giving up ->jukebox Ow...: whatever go away jukebox Ow...: to be friends couse htat is why im here and would like for us to get along ->jukebox Ow...: what do you want jukebox Ow...: i like talking to a little 2 year old jukebox Ow...: and no im not going away jukebox Ow...: i do ->jukebox Ow...: I dont give a fuck go away jukebox Ow...: im not jukebox jukebox Ow...: do you ->jukebox Ow...: you feel better now ->jukebox Ow...: go away jukebox Ow...: i never done any thing to you so why you being this way to me ->jukebox Ow...: plyin games how I rated you what I thought and moved on get a life
A Lost Feeling Alone And Confused
A look of confusion, a single tear falls waiting and wondering why Security and promises await Love and devotion wondering why Lost in the spaces between a sense of belonging and the feeling of love Who am I to judge it could be true it could really work. Losing in the battle of love and friendship together we fall. The feelings differ from one to the other The knowing I need this I want this The knowing the love a broken friendship? With both the sense of security with both Should I jump at the first chance hang back and stay cool? A lost sense of all feelings a hopeless romantic with a crushed heart Wondering why
It's Just True
Bored????? Well Here Is A Suggestion On How Not To Be Bored!!!!!!!
COME HANG OUT IN THIS KICKASS LOUNGE AND HEAR SOME AWESOME TUNES AND CHAT WITH US SEXY PEEPS: (just click the picture to be directed to the lounge here on FUBAR)
Come On Baby J...quit Treating The People That Make You Money Like Shit!!! we have all of these "new limits on comments" and "bouncer checks"...why can you add these and NOT take away shit like this! If I want to send the same pretty picture to all of my friends and family...that is OUR business!!! I sent this to many of our Military... I got this... Error: you've triggered our anti-spam trap. please stop posting the same crap over and over. ps: if you ride the short-bus and don't understand what this means, please go back to myspace. thanks! Baby J...YOU are a FUCKING don't treat people that are SUPPORTING your space like this!!! If my FRIENDS and FAMILY have a problem with the messages I is up to THEM to tell me...Not YOU to treat US like SHIT. Fascist Bitch and Short Bus... I will remember that the next time your stupid fucking face shows up "begging" for money.YOU make enough money ASS...start treating us with some RESPECT!!!
ok i know i said to a few i was writing a blog about something well going to the store and i will bb to finish it...sorry was on the phone and got booted so i have to re-do it.... bb soon and i hope it des not change the way u think of me when u read my next blog.... thank u..... me....
Oh I Am Getting Old And This Is Great !
Well, this was written by a Woman but I still agree with it. I might not be where I want to be in life (had a set back, that most of you know about), but I plan on being there within a year or two. Then again, plans are not set in stone anymore -- Life is Free!! :) ~~~WolfEagle1499 I thought this was well worth the repost. The music era is a little different for me, but most of what is said is true. I loved it. :) Like I said, there is nothing like being happy with who you ANY age. :) YotD ************************************************* The other day a young person asked me how I felt about being old. I was taken aback, for I do not think of myself as old. Upon seeing my reaction, she was immediately embarrassed, but I explained that it was an interesting question, and I would ponder it, and let her know. Old Age, I decided, is a gift. I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body! I someti
Level Up
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cyanide & Happiness @
Without You [ I Fade]
I feel sick I feel weak Tears roll down my face the sun sets black And I feel so alone So lost So broken and cold Im waiting for you to rescue me but you're no longer with me What am I suppose to do? I cant fight the world without you. I fade away... the ground is dry beneath my feet. I slipped off the edge again and the clouds hover above my head Im a thousand feet down I'll starve before I drown. I feel sick I feel weak Tears roll down my face the sun sets black And I feel so alone So lost So broken and cold Im waiting for you to rescue me but you're no longer with me What am I suppose to do? I cant fight the world without you. I fade away... the water begins to rise not ceasing to my cries I reach out in vain I breathe in , hold my breath And try to stomach this tidal wave. its dragging me, pulling me down like an anchor tied to my feet. I fight to break free I try to keep it from killing me. I feel sick I feel weak Tears roll down
Alexander's Sister
Qty. Ingredients 1 1/2 oz. Gin 1/2 oz. White Creme de Menthe 3/4 oz. Cream Glass type: Cocktail Directions: Mix all ingredients with ice in a shaker. Strain into a cocktail glass
For My Special Friend..
For my special friend.. I know we havn't known each other very long,Though I feel that together we belong,You make me feel so very happy,I don't know what to do, I really don't want to be without you, I know that the love I feel for you is true, I wish and wish all day and night, That you will see the light, Of the feelings I feel for you, And that I wish you had for me too, I care for you as you are, I just wish we weren't so far, Your the sweetest guy I have met, That I befriended on the net..
People Come Into Our Lives
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. when someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.
Meet The Greek Goddesses
Amphitrite - Sea Goddess. Ananke - Necessity. Neo-Platonic-Pythagorean Goddess Who governed the world according to Karmic Law. Aspect of the Triple Goddess with Dike and Heimarmene. Aphrodite - Goddess of Love. Arachne - Goddess of Spinning, Weaving, Thread arts. Spinner of the Web of Fate. Artemis - Amazonian Moon Goddess of the Hunt. Athene - Goddess of Wisdom. Baubo - Greek Goddess of Laughter. Buto - Serpent Goddess aka Uazit. Cer (Ker) - Goddess of violent death. Ceto - Sea Goddess. Circe - Death Goddess, falcon Her bird. Pure Mother Bee. Poppy Her flower. Coronis - Crow Goddess Daphne - Laurel Goddess. Oleander Her plant. Demeter - Doorway of the Mysterious Feminine. Eos - Birth Goddess, Rosy-fingered Dawn. Eurynome - Mediterranean Dove Goddess, Universal One, Pelasgian Creatress Who danced alone on the primordial ocean of Chaos until She brought the elements to order. Eurydice - Greek Mother of Fate, the Orphic name
Name Calling
I just for the Love of me Just do not get it. For a Woman to stoop so low as to Bash a man, But what makes me very sicker is a man that will stoop to an even lower level to Bash her. This is the 20th Century when are people going to get with it and just be the bigger person and just walk away? Don't get me wrong I have done this is my time But learned a valuable lesson the hard way to someone I would have given up life for and loved from the Bottom of my heart. I don't care who the person is nothing is worth saying hateful words to over anything or anybody. Life is Precious and we only live once. Why make it miserable? If you don't love the person then just leave, But don't continue to bitch about it cuz the person that you are bitching about it to just gets really sick of hearing it. There is just no Justification in this world to ever Bash a person NO MATTER what kind of life they lead, Or what kind of the person they are. What a person does in the private life is their business and
Inspired By Madison!!!
I wonder if you knew, how often my thoughts turn to you. As the darkness covers the night, I hold you ever so tight. I am amazed, to say the least, as my eyes upon your beauty does feast. That your surrender, you gave to me, knowing that your trust would set you free. How tender and fragile, you so appear, But your strength inside holds no fear. For though you submit, it's of your free will For inside, unbroken, your spirt remains strong still.
Unhappy Americans
I hope you will all read to the end. Jay Leno puts it into perspective and makes us think about the pathetic negativity. That's right, Jay Leno!! Jay Leno wrote this; it's the Jay Leno we don't often see.... The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true, given the source, right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed, and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the President. In essence, 2/3's of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, ''What are we so unhappy about?'' Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 daysa week? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter? Could it be that 95.4 percent of these unhappy folks have
Worse Things
There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 AM.
My Boring Day!!
i haven't done anything all week.So i'm basically here just thinking of something to do.I went to a dog show on saturday.That was fun.Didn't take my dog cause he needed to be shaved.Were gonna have a cookout and invite my sisters friends.I'm also going to a concert sometime with drake bell corbin bleu and aly & aj i think.As ironic as that is i actually like them.I am 19 though so i would obviously like them.
47 % 1 in 2 women wher i live are raped half the girls where i live half moreover of that 47% 60% will have it happen more then once with differnt ppl or the same its disturbing In BC, sexual assault is twice the national average: Almost 1 out of 2 women in British Columbia have been sexually assaulted (47%). (D. Kinnon, "Report on Sexual Assault in Canada," Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Ottawa, 1981
Fubucks Servey
why is it that every time i try to do one of the servey's i get............ It does appear that you did not qualify for this survey based upon your answers during this study. Don't worry, this is completely normal. Our clients seek to receive a specific number of responses from each group which they have chosen to hear from. Click on the button below to take another survey to get the chance at $50,000 sweepstakes & 10,000 fu Bucks
What Is Love
What does the word love mean to you What does love do for you Why can we say i love you to the ones we love Why is the love there to the ones we show love Are heart are mad up in parts you see For each other and and the one you seek The last part of your heart in the wouldfulest Of the them all is the thing that you will give Is 110% of love you can give
For People Who Responded To Thinking
Thank you for all that replied ti my mumm. Those that thouhgt I was drinking I wasnt and my two year old didnt write it.Thank you for the postive points made on really meet nice people and making great friendships.Those that were mean, you are the people I was talking about just out for points or kicks of hurting someones feelings or to see what they can get. Well I an glad I am not like those people. And a;so I am glad there really are nice people here.
If you ever feel a little stupid, just dig this up and read it again; you'll begin to think you're a genius worthy of MENSA: (On September 17, 1994, Alabama's Heather Whitestone was selected as Miss America 1995.) Question: If you could live forever, would you and why? Answer: "I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever," --Miss Alabama in the 1994 Miss USA contest. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff." --Mariah Carey ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." --Brooke Shields, during an interview t
Your dark sultry eyes, Giving a look of disguise. One moment a look of lust, The next a look of must. Pulling me in, Deeper into that sin I crave to know more of you, And even suck a breath or two. Your eyes entrance my mind, Causing me to lag behind, In thought and in movement. All I do is stare, Wondering how I can get you to share? The deepest part of your soul, I long to discover. But still you hesitate to uncover. Darkness behind those eyes, Life and all its demise. All I care about is knowing, A piece of you and all that you are. Wondering what it is that makes you tick?
My Secret Death.
"My Secret Death" you were the one that always got me to smile, that was really good, but it was only for a while, I really don't see how that could be, someone was always after me, I still wish that it was never really true, butI know deep down inside it is, what can I do?, my happy smile was flipped upside down, them horrible throughs make me frown, I never had no meaning in your life, instead of a razor blade, it could of been a knife, your worring about me would have been done, you could of had all your friendly fun, nobody would of cared that much, all I would of missed is you my crush, nobody would of had to known, because of you that would not of shown, how badly I wanted my life to end, remembering the words 'your my fucking friend", the more those words go through my head, the more I wish at this moment I was dead.
Independent Family Is On The Prowl For New Members
I Am Big And I Love It
I am a very big woman. I know that people say that just because I talk about it that I don't love my self or something because I am fat. So not true. I love being fat and I can call my self fat also. People say you are not fat you are just big boned or something like that people just do not like the word fat unless they are fat them selfs. I know I am fat and I love it. I am a BBW and I am with a man that loves BBW's. I talk to people on a site just for fat people. For all of the women out there that are fat. I am not going to tell you to love your self and all that crap that other people say to you to try to make you fell better. I am just going to tell you to be FAT. Because 85% of people in the world are FAT. Being fat in this world is not wrong anymore. Everyone that calls you fat in a bad way either does not understand fat people or just wants to be fat and have the love for them selfs that we have for are selfs.
If You Support Hillary
The Democratic National Committee is currently polling Americans through the Internet to determine the electability of Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States in 2008. If you would like to show your support for Hillary and encourage her to run for President of the United States in 2008 please click the link below.
No Real Pics,,,,,goodbye
What are considered real pics on here?Are there not supposed to be any decent people on the internet?This "corona" told me I have no real pics but yet when I went to comment on his profile it said I was not allowed to do so.Well my pics are of my kids,family,and myself.No nudes ones I work hard for my money and teach my daughters to have self respect.So Mr.Corona and others out there like that who don't like my pics you can blow it out your tailpipe.
she walks in the door, to see his shirt by the door, she picks it up just to walk two feet and find a bra, she kicks it off to the side walks a little further and finds his pants, she starts to cry as she walks further in the house she can smell them, the aroma has taken over her once peacefull house, the noises seem louder in her head, then they really are,, she sits down and holds her head, the walls are pounding, she cant take it anymore, she stands up and goes to the closet, pulls out her box, and runs to the room... opens the door, and in thier dismay face down a barrel of a .45 .... does she pull the trigger?
The Absence Of......
"You're a Christian, aren't you, son?" "Yes sir," the student says. "So you believe in God?" "Absolutely." "Is God good?" "Sure! God's good." "Is God all-powerful? Can God do anything?" "Yes." "Are you good or evil?" "The Bible says I'm evil." The professor grins knowingly. "Aha! The Bible!" He considers for a moment. "Here's one for you. Let's say there's a sick person over here and you can cure him. You can do it. Would you help him? Would you try?" "Yes sir, I would." "So you're good...!" "I wouldn't say that." "But why not say that? You'd help a sick and maimed person if you could. Most of us would if we could. But God doesn't." The student does not answer, so the professor continues. "He doesn't, does he? My brother was a Christian who died of cancer, even though he prayed to Jesus to heal him. How is this Jesus good? Hmmm? Can you answer that one?" The student remains silent. "No, you can't, can you?" the professor says. He takes
Ranger Down #2
There are a few things that will stop everything in the Army. A Red Cross message, a congressional inquiry, and the sound of a pager that never goes off. The reason it never goes off is because nothing ever happens. There are never any test pages. You sign it out, go off base, have your fun, and turn it back in later. So when the permanently silent pager makes noise, you answer. Scott Darby is sitting back and enjoying the show, literally. Since he is on Red Cycle, he cant drink, neither can his squad mates. So they decide to hit the strip club. Because they are traveling together, only one person has to sign for a pager. When it goes off he reads the message and stands to leave. All he has to do is raise his index finger in the air and make a circle and everyone else gets up to follow him. The rally signal is pretty common and is unmistakable. Of course it is easy to follow the guy who has the car keys when he is leaving. Drew is the only one who didnt see it, of course he
The Story Behind Gordon Kahl And Refusal To Pay Taxes
GORDON KAHL info Well it's tax time people...and for those of you who don't remember... or never heard the story...I thought I might send this along for you to see just how enslaved we are...and what might happen if you fail to pay homage to your master, the federal government. Pete THE UNCENSORED GORDON KAHL STORY In 1968, Tax Protestor Gordon Kahl stopped filing IRS 1040 Income Tax Returns. For 9 years thereafter, the IRS ignored him, but in 1977 after Gordon Kahl spoke on an evening radio talk show regarding the illicitness of the income tax, some 250 phone calls would come into the radio station over the next two days; either supporting Kahl in some aspect, or pledging never to file another tax return. And with that, the IRS came down on Kahl like a ton of bricks. They quickly assembled a case against him and two weeks later threw a criminal prosecution against him for violating Title 26, Section 7203 ["Willful Failure to File"]. Gordon Kahl was a low-income farmer n
We Are Hot
47 Ways To Use Essential Oils
Forty-Seven Ways to Use Essential Oils 1. For good smelling towels, sheets, clothes, etc. place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto a small piece of terry cloth and toss into the clothes dryer while drying. Add 5 drops essential oil to 1/4 cup fabric softener or water and place in the center cup of the washer. You could also place a few drops of oil onto a piece of cotton and place inside your linen cabinet. 2. Potpourri which has lost its scent can be revived by adding a few drops of essential oil. 3. Add a few drops of oil to water in a spray bottle and use as an air freshener. 4. Add a few drops essential oil to a pan of water and simmer on stove or in a potpourri pot. 5. To enjoy a scented candle, place a drop or two into the hot melted wax as the candle burns. (add to wax when wick is not lighted) 6. To dispel household cooking odors, add a few drops of Clove oil to a simmering pan or spray the area with peppermint oil and water. 7. For t
Design A Ritual For Yourself
Design a ritual for yourself. One thing that has been lost in many modern religious traditions is the powerful experience of the personal ritual. It is one thing to know a religious or spiritual truth; it can be quite another to actually experience that truth in a deep and meaningful way. Ritual is perhaps the oldest and most successful way of bridging this gap. Too often today when the importance of ritual is recognized, it is seen with a sort of superstitious awe--as something far removed from the average person and available only through the mediation of professionals. While the sense of tradition and community that can be invoked with these formal rituals should not be discounted, neither should be the personal ritual. To design a ritual for yourself, first start with a goal--healing yourself, healing the Earth, celebrating an event or achievement (no matter how "minor"), seeking strength for the present or the future, improving your relationship with th
Your Beating! Nsfw
A bit of BDSM, enjoy! Please leave any comments you wish. -------------------------------------------------- I toss you the cuffs. Remove your clothing and cuff your wrists together, behind your ankles now. Obediently you begin your task as instructed. As you remove your clothing you can feel the heat well up between your thighs out of anticipation of what you know is to come. A bit of fear and 6anxiousness9 come across you as you drop your bra to the side freeing your breast. On the other side of the room you can see me sitting there, whip in hand. Your panties slide down your legs and you know that it is time for you to bind your wrists. You push back your fear and take comfort in the knowledge that you trust me, and as requested, take the cuffs bending down to the floor and bind your wrists behind your ankles. Very good. You hear me say while you stare at your feet. You sense that I have stood up and that I am making my way across the room and around behin
Dental Surgury
well i know that i told 1 or 2 of you that my daughter was has dental work done today thrue day surgury. im going to tell you she did great and is doing good still. she had gotten 5 or 6 teeth filled and her dentist had to pull 2 of them. but she is fine. so anyways just thought some of you would like to know.
Media Mind Manipulation (tripple M)
It has come to my Attention in these day's that there is a pressure from the media that to be sexy you have to be thin. That is bullshit. I call it Media Mind Manipulation or triple M. Thanks to triple M women who are "fat" hate what they see in the mirror. Frist off: When you pick up a book what matters most? It's not the covor but the story it contains. Never judge a book by it's cover. It's what's inside hat counts. secondly: A beutiful pair of eyes and a wicked smile will get oyu far. thirdly and most importantly : Do not let any guy tell you you are unattractive because you are slightly over weight. I mean with a skinny chick. how you soposed to cuddle with that at night? you might aswell culld with a 2x4 it's all hard and not much to wrap your arms around. No matter where you go or what you do people are goeing to e Judgemental. If they don't see you for who you really are, then fuck 'em (not litterly) you don't need em any ways. and GUy's turning down a chick wh
Thank You (sic) Congress
Subject: $4 Billion Beverly Hills Earmark POTOMAC WATCH Rambo's View Dianne Feinstein's $4 billion earmark for Beverly Hills comes at the expense of America's veterans. BY KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL Friday, September 7, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT Move over Bridge to Nowhere. Congress is back in town, and clearly back to business even uglier than usual. It takes hard work to come up with an earmark more egregious than that infamous Alaskan bridge, but California's Dianne Feinstein is an industrious gal. Her latest pork--let's call it Rambo's View--deserves to be the poster child for everything wrong with today's greedy earmark process. The senator's $4 billion handout (yes, you read that right) to wealthy West L.A. (yes, you read that right, too) is the ultimate example of how powerful members use earmarks to put their own parochial interests above national ones--in this case the needs of veterans. It's a case study in how Congress uses the appropriations process to substitute
Wtf ???
The Mumm I just posted got pulled and I got this: (The one saying I off to Egypt) A mum you have posted has been removed by the 'fubar' admins. This mum was removed because it was either offensive or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in nature. Please read the Terms Of Service. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of 'fubar'. This mum removal has been recorded and your account will be deleted if it happens again. Anyone know why or how this can happen? You seen the problems one person is having with a staker and they are still on Fubar? I'm confussed.
Ok, This Is A Major News Item.....
My old, worn out full size bed is gone, in its place is a new queen size elevated airmattress that I can adjust the firmness on.... can anyone say one step down from concrete? Now, this was purchased by my sis's fiance type critter person, primarily for my back, however, the dogs seem to think they were the reason for the purchase. We (all the human type people critters)figured that a queen size would be more than enough room for me, and the dogs..... HA! actually a DOUBLE HA with a DAMN thrown in. Instead of curling up in nice little spaces like they did on the smaller bed, they now spread out and seemingly increase their surface area dramatically, if not to the infinite degree. I have accused Shadow, my pit/lab cross of disobeying the laws of physics, he cocks his head to one side, pitches his ears forward and gives me this innocent look that gives me the impression he is trying to say, "I never studied law OR physics."
Take A Walk!
Holy crap are we obsessed with food? Get out doors and away from your computers folks! Try some freaking vegetables instead of that Big Mac! Seriously, are all of your mirrors broken? It's an epidemic, don't believe me, then go through all the members here on Fubar, and tell me there's not a problem. I think all the fit ones are either in jail or off fighting for oil! Take a walk, it'll do you good, maybe even save your life!
Sorry I Haven't Been Around
Sorry to everyone for not being around.... I am working through some personal stuff that some of you know about.... Anyway I hope to be back on soon (week or two).... I miss all of you so much....
Pixi Dust
I Wish This Poem Were Pixie Dust I wish this poem were pixie dust To throw into your eyes And make you see the loveliness Beneath my sad disguise. And I would take you in my arms And weave a magic spell That I could utter anytime To make you love me well. But alas my simple words Are like summer rain That drums on hills and fields and hearts, Then vanishes again. And though my love might make you bloom, You turn with fragile grace To gaze in aching loneliness At someone else's face. We lust for what we cannot have, A long, unbroken chain Of lovers who remain unloved And loved who love in vain. While I'm near mad with wanting you As trees must have the sun, You cannot help but find a love Who loves another one. ~ Nicholas Gordon
This Is Free For The Taking
EIGHT GIFTS THAT DO NOT COST A CENT... 1) THE GIFT OF LISTENING... But you must really listen No interrupting, no daydreaming, no planning your response. Just listening. 2.) THE GIFT OF AFFECTION... Be generous with appropriate hugs, Kisses, pats on the back and hand holds. Let these small actions demonstrate the love you have for family and friends. 3.) THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER... Clip cartoons. Share articles and funny stories. Your gift will say, "I love to laugh with you" 4.) THE GIFT OF A WRITTEN NOTE... It can be simple "Thanks for the help" note or a full sonnet. A brief handwritten note may be remembered for a lifetime. and may even change a life. 5.) THE GIFT OF A COMPLIMENT... A simple and sincere, "You look great in red," "You did a super job." or "That was a wonderful meal" can make someone's day. 6.) THE GIFT OF A FAVOR... Every day, go out of your way to do somet
The Mommy Test
> I was out walking with my 4 year old daughter. She picked up something > off the ground and started to put it in her mouth. I took the item away > from her and I asked her not to do that. "Why?" my daughter asked. > "Because it's been on the ground, you don't know where it's been, it's > dirty and probably has germs" I replied. > At this point, my daughter looked at me with total admiration and asked, > Mommy, how do you know all this stuff? You are so smart." I was thinking > quickly. "All moms know this stuff. It's on the Mommy Test. You have to > know it, or they don't let you be a Mommy." > We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but she was evidently > pondering this new information. "OH...I get it!" she beamed, "So if you > don't pass the test you have to be the daddy." > "Exactly" I replied back with a big smile on my face.
Seeking Vocalist For Torn From Ascension (bronx)
New band hailing from the Bronx looking to put the finishing touches to this current 3 piece outfit. We have drums,bass and guitar we're looking for a second guitarist and vocalist. We're looking for someone who is dedicated and will not make excuses, someone who will be there for "all" practices, someone with their own equipment and means to travel, someone with a genuine passion for music. We are working on all original material and we have a rehearsal space. We're looking for someone with a similar sound to Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage and Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory someone with great range who can project clean vocals and screams as well as growls you must also have great presence. We have a very wide range of different styles that we're trying to project in our music from thrash to industrial to swedish melodic death metal to metalcore. If you think you have what it takes you can get in touch with me via my myspace page and we can arrange for an audition. ONLY SERIOUS INQ
I have been on this site for a year and I never what people were talking about the drama that is until it hit me. People have misunderstood me and QUITE talking to me. Someone think that i am on here to talk dirty which proves that they NEVER read my profile. I have someone in my life and he is WODNERFUL! I have no need of some one else when this man fulfills my EVERY need!!!! I enjoy making friends and I have met a few who i have become close to and others played at being friends. I have been hurt but so called friends and no one stood up for me and that hurt for a while, then I forgave them. Where was my defender? I had no one or at the time I felt i had no one. That impacted me and I held hurt and anger for a while. It came out in my conversations and with my kids. I realized that those people had the problem and it wouldn't matter if I lied down my life for them they wouldn't talk to me again. There are woman on here that latch on to a man and keep at him and think
Help A Friend
Hey all quick update. The leader in the Bra and Panties contest has 3146. I know I have more friends and fam than that to help me out. I love all you guys and would really appreciate your help!!!! just click the link and rate and comment the hell out of me! thanks guys! lovie u
Take Me Away
In My Eyes
In my eyes...deep in my eyes, you see the dream you dare to dream The depth of our perception reflects the likeness of love A love that catches the morning sun, coating you in a silken ray of rapture Waves of desire blanket our existence Leaving you helpless to resist my searing will Sprinkles of dew fall from our pleasure soaked bodies Exploding together in a climax of embedded devotion Follow me to the gate of everlasting essence For I will always love you jskins
The Bastards
Ive tried so hard for year after year To just be responceable and kill of this fear but I guess it was not without all that wrong Im just kinda suprised that its taken so long I always figured this life would be rough Its taken the worst, I came out as tough But now with barley a soul still around The bastards have finally wore me down I cant even smile or pretend Im ok The people that know me can tell every day They say "Whats the matter", the answer I've not I drowned it in liquor I killed it with pot I thought that the song would be my salvation They must not be good or I am impatient Ive tried to controll these demons unbound the bastards have finally wore me down I did nothing on purpose but am I all who sees The sweat on my forhead the blood on my knees To occupied with your own little game Ive said it before, Im always to blame Ive grown quite acoustomed to the blackness inside I cant count all the times I wish I had
Thanks A Lot Stupid People!
So much for fubar being a fun place! Because of the whole ordeal yesterday with the rude people on my MUMM, that MUMM was reported, marked as offensive and removed...and now my account is flagged!! Why do people have to be so immature?? It just goes to prove that I've been right about feeling like, at the age of 12, I became more mature than 90% of the people that were 3 times my age at that time. And for the longest time I thought it was only my biological father that I became more mature than. Apparantly there are a lot more people like him. This is completely ridiculous!
Comment My Wifey!!
Click this beautiful pic & comment the hell outta Papercut Kisses. First person to 25,000 comments gets a month VIP & a 7 day blast! :D So click the pic & leave her some love. (She likes it rough.)
Here Is My Pimpout Part 3
ok is a pimpout for not only the people who helped me out in winning my wifes contest but these people r my dearest friends and very please friends and fans go show them some ol fashion fu luvin and hit there page up with some fan add and rates.....ty *~♥ANGIE BABE♥~CO-FOUNDER OF THE GODFATHER FAMILY~*@ fubar ~ Unique Dream ~@ fubar $DJ Baby Boy$ { DIRTY SOUTH CREW}( DSC Bombers')@ fubar babydoll39 Extreme "X" Greeter@ fubar Viper@ fubar *~JustMeMic~* and Myself (ctwife and real life fiance of MikeS)@ fubar ~*MikeS*~and MsMic (FUBAR HUSBAND& REAL LIFE BF/Fiance of Miczhell)@ fubar Fade2B|ack@ fubar One Hot Momma@ fubar Mя. Đ Pєяĸy's Huѕband Owner of the O.C.L & PitBulls@ fubar
Comment Contest
Joined a contest. It's first person to 35,000 comments I doubt I'm popular enough to win but it's still fun to try.
Dear Dad, ...
Dear Dad: It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing to you. I had to elope with my new girlfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with Mom and you. I have been finding real passion with Stacy and she is so nice. But I knew you would not approve of her because of all her piercings, tattoos, tight motorcycle clothes and the fact she is much older than I am. But it's not only the passion... Dad, she's pregnant. Stacy said that we will be very happy. She owns a trailer in the woods and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. We share a dream of having many more children. Stacy has opened my eyes to the fact that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone. We'll be growing it for ourselves and trading it with other people that live nearby for cocaine and ecstasy. In the meantime we will pray that science will find a cure for AIDS so Stacy can get better. She deserves it. Don't worry Dad. I'm 15 and I know how to take care of myself. Someday I'm sure that we will be b
Happy Anniversary
Today it has been 6 months since my new slave Moved in with me. They have been the Best 6 months i've had in over 3 years. A Master Nor a man Couldn't ask for a better woman!! She is what EVERy man wants and desires in a a wife/gf/woman, Fullfilling my every desire need and want and sometimes without even being asked to. slave/angela, i will be one of the few Masters To tell a slave................... I LOVE YOU!!! MIE
I Am In A Contest, Please Help!
I have been chosen for a contest , which is on SEPT. 16TH FROM 10PM TIL MIDNIGHT EST, 7PM TIL 9PM PDT The prize is a 7 days blast or a month VIP for the most commented and rated pic. Every rate would help me to win this. This is the pic: Thanks in advance to everyone who helps me!
Romance And Relationship
As you can probably imagine, I interact with a lot of guys who are having problems with women. And one of the things that I've noticed is that almost every guy that is failing with women has an EXCUSE - a good reason why things aren't working for him. THE SECRET EXCUSE... I have come to believe that most guys who aren't succeeding with women carry around a Secret Excuse for why they're not succeeding... a Secret Excuse for failure. For some it's their height, for some it's their age, for some it's their income... and for some guys, it's a reason outside of themselves... maybe it's the place that they live, or where they work. What's YOUR Secret Excuse for why you don't succeed with women at the level you'd like to? If you can, stop right now and write down your own personal Secret Excuse for failing with women. Then, see if you can figure out where that Secret Excuse came from. Did something happen in your life that led you to believe that your Excuse was REAL
Stupid Bar Tab....
Well I was trying to get to everyone I saw on my bar tab helping me level up and thank you all personally but the stupid thing wiped everything out....I hate it when it does that! So to all of you who helped.....Thank you! You are the best:) Misty
Spank The Hell Out Of Her
Spank the hell out of her she loves it . She is a great friend and person give her some love ty.. She will return it
Dusty Underwear
Dusty Underwear One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife 'Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!' His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. 'What the Hell is this??' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out. 'April,' he hollered into the bathroom, 'Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?' She replied with a snicker... 'It's not talcum powder...... It's 'Miracle Grow'.' 8-P
Hmmm A Few Thoughts...cuz I Need To
I was laying here wondering whats up with alot of my friends and decided that I just was getting myself all upset for no reason. I have had alot going on in my head in the last few days...and as some of you have seen my status has read either sad or down...something to those words for awhile now. I just don't know why people can't take others at their word? why does it seem that there is really no one out there that a person can rely on? Why is it that every time I turn around someone else has issues and I can't just lay down my own problems at thier feet instead of them laying thier's down at my damn feet?? Talk about feeling alone alot of the time... AND still no one out there for me to bitch to, cry to, or any damn thing. It's sad that I have to get hugs online and there is no one around me to just want to hug me because they can... I guess I just don't get it. I lost alot of friendships over the years because I moved away and forward in life.....and yet some of these fr
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry..I'm sorry..if I'm not skinny enough for you to see my ribs.I'm sorry..if I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl".I'm sorry..that i dont want to have sex every minute of every day.I'm sorry..if I'm not a playboy model so I don't act like a porn star for you.I'm sorry..If i don't have a dream body that turns you on.I'm sorry..if i won't drop down to my knees to get you to like meI'm sorry..if my hair is not long enough.I'm sorry..if I'm not the "hottest" girl you have ever seen.I'm sorry..That i try my best to make you like me, then get hurt.But most of all...I'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are.
Albert Hammond - The Peacemaker
Talk Like A Pirate Day: The Five A's
Please Help Jenny
Although my good friend,Jenny,23, cannot make sense of the dream she had Monday evening, its meaning is clear to everyone else who knows her. "I'm in this waiting room, and I'm screaming at this man dressed all in white who can't hear me," said Jenny. Oh yes, Jenny is dating and financially supporting a University of California medical student. "Then, we're at the vending machine, and every time I buy a candy bar, he grabs it. What's up with that?" Jenny also does not grasp what it meant when the man began to have sex with her best friend." Please help Jenny interpret this.
Another One
*Sunnydayz*@ fubar
New Cd's
The new CD by Korn is pretty good, but as usual I'm confused......I can't figure out if it is self-titled or if it's titled "Untitled". The new CD by Linkin Park "Minutes to Midnight" is a mellow one. With the 3rd track "Leave out all the rest" pretty much setting the tone for other songs as well. "I bleed it out" is the reason I bought it, and I gotta say I'm happy with it, when I'm in a writting
hi i would like to find a guy that is nice and is around arkansas
Looking For Leveling Help,for Monday
Listen up Family + Friends. 13,000+ needed to Level,Seeking Picture Love ~Wiccan Wonders~@ fubar
Happy Weekend
Sooooooooooooooo as I leave for the day I wish you all a great week-end! Heading out for my little one and tonight is her first cheerleading for the varisty football team, so my proud mommie pics will follow. I am so excited to see a bunch of 4 year old girls cheer. Its gonna be a hoot for sure. Learned this week if you get happy despite what may be going on in your life, it works and can be very effective. Warm southern smiles to you and yours form me and mine. Huggles and Muahs to you all Laura and Taylor
Here's The Deal
I have watched nothing change on my page for weeks...I don't expect everyone to visit with me daily but i do expect a modicom of contact. I understand busy schedules and life outside the computer...I know I am terrible with comments for most of you as I generally only respond to those posting them to myself...but if you have nothing to say to me or have no time for me even when I send messages asking how you are etc...then please send me a clue so I can set you free from my high expectations of what a friend should be. I am tired of feeling like no one cares. Its silly I am sure as I am silly as they come. But my skin is bare. So stay or bail but let me know either way. p.s. if you have posted anything including just a shout in the last 10 days you are excluded from this as you have made an effort to communicate. thanks!
I Am
I am the Shadow Of man I am the shadow of hate I am the shadow of fear I am the shadow of anger I am the shadow of life I am the shadow of love I am the shadow of good I am the shadow of evil I am the shadow of me I am the shadow of corruption I am the eternal shadow
Off The Deep End??
Most my friends think i'm nuts!! but this is something i've wanted to do for a few years. i'm not happy with the way i look especially with age and the weight loss ive been doing recently. so i heard about this site to get me started on the 3 things i want done to me i joined this late last nyte. Goal 1 is fuller firmer breast.....heh and a slight increase. that with my tummy tuck and a lil lipo...need to earn like 12k for all of it maybe one day....
The Way I Feel Now....
♥ Skylar ♥ Sky's the limit ♥ Thats my jam baby :D
How I'm Feeling Post Will Explain It
THREE DAYS GRACE LYRICS "Pain" Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all You're sick of feeling numb You're not the only one I'll take you by the hand And I'll show you a world that you can understand This life is filled with hurt When happiness doesn't work Trust me and take my hand When the lights go out you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Anger and agony Are better than misery Trust me I've got a plan When the lights go off you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing
So if you have noticed that you can't send me messages through shoutbox it's because I'm not always at the computer that sometimes I get so many messages that the other ones dissapear and I don't know to get back to some if you want to talk to me.. send me a private message then I will for sure get your message.. or leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.. easiest through private message though. family can get ahold of me through shoutbox if you'd like.. and all others send me a message and I'll give you my yahoo info
Still working on the next installment of my story. Damn unfocused mind...I just lost interest and it has so much potential to me. Well, it'll come. It's still here and eventually I'll get hit with inspiration and start typing like a mad woman. I'm kinda feeling odd lately. But it is that time of the yea. I hate work, but it's just the whole burnt out thing. I need something new. I've have decided to start a green day...maybe. I don't know, that stuff is expensive. I decided to make candles for everyone at home for christmas this year. These aren't the crappy kind of candles you can buy for .33 a piece at Walmart, these are candles you actually can't get because I made them. They are made with essential oils (distilled from herbs/flowers/plants) and soy wax both for accented scents and clean extended burn time. They are also made off the basis of aroma therapy. Anyway, the wax, wicks, general supplies are all very reasonable, but I started get
Losers = No More 'risque Pics' For Friends!
So, someone decided it would be clever to bring to the attention that I had "NSFW" photos in my "friends only" folder. I have no idea who this person is, but rather then ween them out and make them confess their idiocy. I've just decided to lock it all down. Doesn't hurt me any. I wouldn't want anyone in my friends list to feel uncomfortable with some cleavage. If you want access to all of my pictures write me a 1000 word essay telling me why you're not a complete douche and should be allowed to see them, and I'll consider it. You think I'm joking. If only. Boo. Jackass. *EDIT* I'm lax on the 1000 word thing. Just write enough so I know you don't care if you're randomly flashed 'NSFW' pics and aren't going to go tattle on me.
Look At Me Now Damn Girl Lol
Gm Strike
So I went today at the time they had designated for me by my last name, to sign up for strike pay. Yeah.. I get there and they say "The international rep isn't here because he's so busy right now, so you won't be able to sign up for a few days at least" and to keep checking the website & listen to the radio for any changes. But I did get assigned when my picket duty is(Friday 8-12) ... yippee skippee BLAH!
Go Away
I never felt so much love in my soul And no one but you loved me Because of you I laughed and cried, I was reborn also What I had I gave to keep you here I know that saying goodbye is best Suffering, I will pay for my mistake Nothing will be the same, I have to accept it And find the strength in me for this goodbye Go away, I can't bear it anymore There is no way to go back in time Forget about me And let me go on alone with my solitude Go away, go on and tell me goodbye And I will resign myself to go on without your love And I will never understand what happened If there's nothing I can do, go away I'm not going to repent for yesterday Loving you and I know, woman For that love, for always being faithful Today I have to be strong and learn Go away, I can't bear it anymore There is no way to go back in time Forget about me And let me go on alone with my solitude Go away, go on and tell me goodbye And I will resign myself to go on without your l
Nsfw Pics
Yeah, this is trying to get people to look, I know, but I just wanted to say I have hot new NSFW pics up.
It Is So True.........
1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't know - it never happened) 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn)
lookin for new friends and folks to talk so if u like tattoos metal country pericngs and drinken hit me up cus we"ll get along fine if not still hit me up being different aint bad
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
I don't wanna lose you, I don't wanna use you Just to have somebody by my side And I don't wanna hate you I don't wanna take you But I don't wanna be the one to cry That don't really matter to anyone, anymore But like a fool I keep losing my place And I keep seeing you walk through that door But there's a danger in loving somebody too much And it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust There's a reason why people don't stay where they are Baby sometimes love just ain't enough Now I could never change you I don't wanna blame you Baby you don't have to take the fall Yes I may have hurt you But I did not desert you Maybe I just wanna have it all It makes a sound like thunder It makes me feel like rain And like a fool who will never see the truth I keep thinking something's gonna change There's a danger in loving somebody too much And it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust There's a reason why people d
How To Catch Wild Pigs
how to catch wild pigs Body: There was a Chemistry professor in a large college that had some Foreign Exchange students in his class. One day while the class was in the lab the Prof noticed one young man (exchange student) who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt. The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country, who were trying to overthrow his country's government and install a new communist government. In the midst of his story he looked at the professor and asked a strange question. He asked, "Do you know how to catch wild pigs?" The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said this was no joke. "You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every
What Is A Juggalo
(repost of original by 'InKsLiNgInLETTE~*~**tat2gothgirl **~*~JuGgaLo MaFiA!**~~FaMiLy4LiFe!' on '2007-09-28 21:32:57') (repost of original by 'THE JUGGLA (colt45jw)' on '2007-09-29 06:01:36') (repost of original by 'NessaLette' on '2007-09-29 07:50:34') (repost of original by 'Tru Wikid Klown' on '2007-09-29 07:58:51') (repost of original by '~DJ FU TWIZTID JUGGALETE ~ G/ F TO 'Sin The Fallen One~' on '2007-09-29 11:07:32') (repost of original by '-(`)- Jennifer -(`)- ~Born Juggalette~THE INDEPENDENT FAMILY!!~' on '2007-09-29 13:04:40')
Want To Be My Booty Call
BOOTY CALL! Please fill out the below application if you want to be a booty call for this person. (To be taken very seriously) RE-POST IF U WANNA SEE WHO WANTS TO BE YOUR BOOTY CALL! Name: ______________ Age: ____ Phone: (____) __________ Occupation: ______________ Height: ______ Weight: ______ Married: ____ Single: ____ Other: _________ Sexual Orientation: ________ How often do u wanna have sex?(check appropriate answer) Daily __ Weekly __ Monthly __ As much as possible: __ How long can u last? (check appropriate answer) 1min: ___ 15min: __ 30min: ___ 1hr: __ all night:___ Do u like Giving oral sex? (Y/N): _____ What could you do for me that no one else could?: Which do u prefer? (check appropriate box) One on one: ____ Doubles: ____ Group: ____ While having sex, what do u do? (place "X" in all appropriate boxes) Faint:___ Cry:___ Moan:___ Wiggle:___ Twist:___ Jerk about:___ Pant:___ Sweat:___ Scream:___ Hum:___ Whistle:___ Just lie there:___ Other:____
Wishing And Hoping For You
In the night sky I wish to fly free Away from everything but you Why cant you open you eyes And see that me and you Are meant to be forever and always? Why are we Cursed like so To be in such Love like this Yet never be together to touch? I hear you cry my name into the night Knowing that I am doing the same Wishing it was easier so we could be I want to hold you in my arms I want to feel the touch of your skin next to mine I want to feel your lips pressed to mine in a firm yet gentle kiss I want us to be together so damn bad I would leave everything behind And take flight into the night air I would gladly drive all night and day Just for a small little glimpse of you So I could finally sleep at night wrote 9~30~07
Get Ur Tatts From Me
tattoo sale visions to reality south toledo ohio 2068 airport hwy ask 4 gene i will give u a deal
Why Won't You Rate My Personal Nsfw Album?
If I'm not hideous like some say I'm not then why isn't any of my "friends" and "fans" rating my nude NSFW pics? This requires an answer, please reply and answer.
Bombs Away
she needs 50,000 comments starts the 3rd....runs for 2 weeks..u must fan rate and friend the host..album set to friends only
Love is a wild animal It breathes you it looks for you It nests upon broken hearts and goes hunting when there are kisses and candles It sucks tightly on your lips and digs tunnels through your ribs It drops softly like snow First it gets hot then cold in the end it hurts Amour Amour Everyone just wants to tame you Amour Amour in the end caught between your teeth Love is a wild animal It bites and scratches and kicks towards me It holds me tightly with a thousand arms and drags me into its love nest It devours me completely and retches me back out after many years It drops softly like snow First it gets hot then cold in the end it hurts Amour Amour Everyone just wants to tame you Amour Amour in the end caught between your teeth Love is a wild animal You fall into its trap It stares into your eyes Spellbound when its gaze hits you Please please give me poison
Woman Suing Irs Over Sex-change
The Associated Press Oct. 1, 2007 01:07 PM NEW YORK - After years of painful soul searching, Rhiannon O'Donnabhain - a former construction engineer from a devout Irish Catholic family in Boston - decided to surgically change his sex to female in 2001. The struggle was equally tough financially - hormone treatments and medical procedures set her back $25,000, a burden she felt could be partially offset by taking a $5,000 tax deduction for medical costs. When she sent in her tax claims after the surgery, the Internal Revenue Service initially issued the 64-year-old former Coast Guard reservist a refund check for $5,000. But soon after, she was audited and ordered to return the refund because the IRS had determined that her surgery had been merely "cosmetic" - and therefore not tax deductible. Rather than return the money, O'Donnabhain opted to sue the IRS. The result has been a riveting case - the first of its kind in normally staid U.S. Tax Court - in which lawyers have just con
I Love You!!
If I forget to communicate how much I care , for this love we share , forgive me it's not fair , when love goes unheard without a spoken word . I Love you . When everyday gets away, because we're so busy doing things . I want you to remember this as we touch, or as a kiss is shared , I Love you . So I want to know everything's all right , when I hold you in my arms , and squeeze you tight , and surrender to you totally unprepared . I Love you .
Angel Of The Night
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I will be cleaning my lists. Now I'm sure most of you could care less but if you do let me know. Cathy
Grace Gale Girlfriend Application
I thought I'd place this on here, in case no one's ever read it. Grace Gale Girlfriend Application or... GG GF A Name: Grace Matilda Gale Age: 7.5 years of age. Location: Effrikah Height: Fun Size Hair (color and style): Bleach blonde with black highlights, mostly worn back in an Embrace The Day Doo-rag Eyes: Patches Piercings/tattoos: Those are for faggots. My body is a temple for Jesus. OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? Breakdown Fest, staying in watching the Breakdown Fest DVD, and hockeygames. 2. Who are three of your favorite bands/artists? Embrace The Day, Lemonheads, and Slipknot. 3. Do you drink/smoke?? How do you do that? 4. Do you like the beach? Oh gosh, yes. 5. If so...would you go with me late at night? Crabbing ;) 6. Do you like movies? Home made preferably 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? Narcoleptic :( 9. If not what would we be doing? I'd be sleeping. What would YOU be doing? 10. Do you play an instrument? y
Pray For Kayliegh
A dear friend of mine needs your prayers. Her family has just found out that her 1 year old niece KAYLEIGH may have CANCER in the lymph nodes in her neck :( Let us all pray for a good outcome!!!! LITTLE KAYLIEGH HER PARENTS KELLY AND ADAM Please send your blessings and well wishes to her aunt (my friend) ~ ♥ ~ V k bg$ Mmm ~ ♥ ~@ fubar Many thanks for your support
Any Angels Friends Online That Would Care To Help
I am in a contest and I have just maxed out of comments for my user level. If there is anyone of my friends, angels club friends, or family that wouldn't mind going to help me out I would be so greatful. You have to be level 5 or higher with a saluted pic. Thanks again Bitchy Babygirl Here is the link
In A Giveaway
Yep ive enetered a giveaway...I need 15,000 comments....So if your feeling bored stop by and drop a few comments! Thank you!!!!

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