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9/11/2008 Tough Day 4 All.
Today I remember those who lost their live to the horrible events from the hands of the evil. I sit here with tear running down my cheeks. First I grieve for those lost and second I pray for those serving. As a mother of a young woman who is serving today my heart aches. The mixed emotions Im feeling today are those of Extreme pride for her yet fear for her. In my heart I know what she is doing today is what she needs to do as a woman, a soldier and as a AMERICAN! I love her and miss her dearly!
i just got my tat finished and it hurts. look for my pic
Stuff I Wanna Save
Don't You Hate It When...
Don't you hate it when you meet new people... and you find they aren't who they seem to be? and they make excuses for their actions? and they tear you down just because they find it 'fun'? and they blame other people for their inability to act like an adult? and you find out they are a Democrat? and they don't consider your feelings at all? and they just want to lie about everything?
> > Charlotte, North Carolina > > > >A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive > > cigars, then insured them against, among other things, fire. > > > > Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of > > these great cigars and without yet having made even his first premium > >payment on the policy the lawyer filed a claim against the insurance > >company. > > > >In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost 'in a series of >small > >fires.' > > > > The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious > > reason, that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion. > > > > The lawyer sued and WON ! > > > >(Stay with me.) > > > > Delivering the ruling, the judge agreed with the > > insurance company that the claim was frivolous. The judge stated > >nevertheless, that the lawyer held a policy from the company, which it >had > > warranted > >that the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure > >them > >again
Don't Touch Me There!!
This little bastard. I saw him earlier in the evening walking along. He was minding his own, I was minding mine. I was gonna be nice and take him outside, but I lost track of him. I'm sitting at the computer when I feel this pain in between my toes! I look down, little fucker is trying to burrow into my flesh! I scream bloody ass murder and kick/fling him across the room. I have yet to find that little bugger and step on him. Yeah, fuck being nice now :P -REL ::UPDATE:: Found him dead RIGHT BY the back door. Karma's a bitch, isn't it my dead friend :P Wow! I'm hateful! hahahahaha
Blog Away....
I think at somepoint this week i figured out fact from fiction....sad but true...can i state i effin love my C.N.H.F family and altho i havent given you most time ima bout too...I had to look inside me and see whats best for dee. what makes me smile what makes me tick...I gotta get shit together for me this babygirl needs better..deserves more, needs to love thyself above all others...i sit here and cry that twisted godess has always gave good advice she altho is my age is like my big sister motherly figure...knows whats best for me...this is mearly a websight it isnt r/l she tells me over and over...Miss your right..I may dedicate my strength that i have left to you...ty twisted lemme let you know about me I do cry I do laugh sometimes the two melt together i fuck up shit. break shit, swear, loss my temper, make mistakes, have good days, and bad ones... i live to breath and breath to live sometimes that is about all each day i make friends to have friends i keep them and if i ma
My Dark Side ...a Long Time Ago...
All of my demons come out in the dark, no matter how hard I try I miss my mark. Sitting there not being able to sleep, thinking about my past my demons make me weep. People think im just like all the rest, but everyone I ever met make me look best. Trying to remember all the times although they were bad, when it comes down to it they were all I had. All of the attempts to suppress the demons,nothing is more powerful than my demons. Now it is dark and she is still not here, guess im going to have to face my fear. Nothing good ever came out at night, sometimes it gets better with the coming of the light. When it is so dark I feel like im falling into the abyss, everytime I think about it everything is amiss. Never thought life could feel this way, but until a few hours ago I had a place to stay.Of course this news came to me at night, anything done after dark is never right. I don't know if I can take it anymore, what do I deserve all this for.I know she is sick but so might I, at ni
Italian Chef is about 84k from leveling. Plz help this a$$h*le. :p Italian Chef@ fubar
Master's Slut Ii..............
-Are You a slut, Kitten-? His dark eyes locked with mine, as His voice calmly spoke. I had no idea what to answer Him, because I was not only a slut. I was also a lady and a playful girl in a perfect blend with the hungry and sensuous slut. He looked at me and smiled -Answer my question in this way, then; I want you - today - to prove to me and to yourself what a hungry, wicked slut she is. Email me the ... results. My eyes widened as I heard those words. My first task, my first assignment from One I know has a lot of power over me. From One that both frightens me and entices me...because of that power – and One that I simply need to obey – because it is the right thing to least in this stage of my life...a stage of exploring, learning and finding out more about who and what I am. Hungry, wicked slut...indeed. When I go wet just by seeing You ~ when I balance on the edge of a release merely by a gaze from Your eyes or a light touch from Your hands...I am most certainly
Some tree can be very tall some can be small then some can be different colors.Then some may have leaves on them and some long stomp that go into the ground they u can grow some too But if u do that u would have to water them two. and if it say to give it food u would have to it or it will die. The End
I am new to fubar, and I cannot figure out how to send instant messages to my friends, and i love to meet new friends...the more, the all is welcome; just drop in to say hi, or send me a friend request!
Just Thoughts.....
Finding My Way Around
Hey everyone. Looks like a great place to hang out and I'm working on finding my way around. In the meantime, if I don't answer a message or return the Luv--it's probably because I'm having a little bit of trouble navigating in here for some reason. I'm sure I'll learn the "ropes" and be able to come a little closer to keeping up soon. Never sure what to put in a blog so I guess that's it for now. More later maybe LOL.
Economic Recovery Plan
Economic Recovery Plan Hi Pals, I’m against the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout of AIG. These People put us in this position in the 1st place because of there Greed Instead, I’m in favor of giving $85,000,000,000 to America in a We Deserve It Dividend. To make the math simple, let’s assume there are 200,000,000 bonafide U.S. Citizens 18+. Our population is about 301,000,000 counting every man, woman and child. So 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up.. So divide 200 million adults 18+ into $85 billon that equals $425,000.00. My plan is to give $425,000 to every person 18+ as a We Deserve It Dividend. Of course, it would NOT be tax free. So let’s assume a tax rate of 30%. Every individual 18+ has to pay $127,500.00 in taxes. That sends $25,500,000,000 right back to Uncle Sam. But it means that every adult 18+ has $297,500.00 in their pocket. A husband and wife has $595,000.00. What
Happy Birthday
To My September Fu friends and fans.... For those of that don't know I was evacuated for Hurricane Ike. More on that later.Since then I have been sick with bronchitis. If I missed your Birthday I am truly sorry. I love to celebrate Birthday's and I try to send y'all gifts or comments or both. So Today I'm wishing all those I missed a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE TO YOU!!! If you let me know I missed you I would like to send you something.Much Love to you all!!! God is my Driver ride with HIM sometime!!!
I finally have it figured out, I think. I was watching the movie High Fidelity earlier, and something clicked in my head. I had an epiphany. I finally understand the idea of fantasy vs. reality. Ok, before you think I am a crack addict, hear me out. In its most basic form fantasy and reality are not too hard to explain, unless you are a paranoid schizophrenic, if so, I am sorry. Lol. I have recently found myself asking why do men go to strip clubs? Why go to a place with naked women who rub their junk all over you, that you have to empty your wallet for, when you can theoretically get this same thing free elsewhere? I think I understand now. In the movie john Cusack was explaining how he no longer wanted the fantasy, and he wanted the reality. And a thought occurred to me. That’s why they go. People go to strip clubs, or hooters or any other type of place where the opposite sex is objectified to engage in fantastical thinking. While there are some who truly believe it is re
When God Made Paramedics
When God made paramedics, He was into His sixth day of overtime. An angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one." God said, "Have you read the specs on this order? A Paramedic has to be able to carry an injured person up a wet, grassy hill in the dark, dodge stray bullets to reach a dying child unarmed, enter homes the health inspector wouldn't touch, and not wrinkle his uniform." "He has to be able to lift three times his own weight. Crawl into wrecked cars with barely enough room to move, and console a grieving mother as he is doing CPR on a baby he knows will never breathe again." "He has to be in top mental condition at all times, running on no sleep, black coffee and half-eaten meals, and he has to have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of way." "It's not the hands that are causing me problems," God replied. "It's the three pairs of eyes a medic has to have." "That's on the
For All The Libra On Fubar And Freinds Here A Train Born In This Month!
Rip Lee- Can't Believe It Happened
My ex-fiance died last Saturday. I had not seen or talked to him in two months. And now I miss him like crazy and will never again see or hear from him. He was good at acting goofy to make me laugh- but usually after he made me cry. I don't understand why God just couldn't let him live long enough to let him get back on his feet. I really expected to talk to him again, but he made me stressed and I just thought that in a year or two we could be friends again. Guess I thought wrong. When I look at his last blog it breaks my heart to hear what he said about me. But now I would try harder and love stronger. Guess it's something you just can't fix :(
House Season 3: Valley Girl Version
I Friggin Love You All
Done By Lil Old Scooby Doo Nothing Fancy Ha Ha
Please Vote!!
so ok i feel so awful right about now.... the guy i really like well he is with someone else.. and he knows i want him back so bad but then he goes and gets engaged to another girl... i feel bad because well me and him can be the best of friends and really care bout each other ...and then i am not allowed to really be with him how i would like... i barely see him anymore... he was the first guy i really liked like this and now i feel like i am not good enough to ever get anything good... it seems like every time i try something good or get something good i always fall further behind... i wish i knew what to do... i mean like i have no hope left and i have a feeling i am never going to be happy...
How To Launch A Motorcycle
I will be racing my Motorcycle the next 4 weekends.So I probably won't be around towards the end of the weeks.Friday I have to tune my bike,make shock adjustments,Change tires,Make my fuel mixture.And get the bike loaded on the trailer.Saturday I drive to the track have my bike Tech inspected,I get 3 dial in runs on the track.And after all the bikes have got their dial in's done.Then we start racing,But the cars go before us.So we have to wait.Then it's just process of elimination.You win,you move on.You lose you're done for the day.SATURDAY 10-4-08.Yesterday I smoked every race through the Quarter and Semi Finals.I got to the Finals last night.This morning I had 5 races and came in first place in Pro Stock.I got a 4 ft Trophy and $1,000.My last and final race I cut a 4/1000 sec. reaction time off the line.That's about the same as your odds of winning the lottery.I wish I could say that was skill.But it was more like 50% skill and 50% luck.You have to have Ice water in your veins to pu
Undercover Of The Night
10-5-1986 Undercover of The Night Posted on 05 October 2008 by Kevin Today in history, October 5, 1986, Sandinista rebels from the country of Nicaragua shot down a plane and captured the pilot, Eugene Hasenfus, who confessed to his captors that the he and the CIA were transporting military supplies for use by the Contras. This news hit Washington and Congress like a ton of bricks, because the U.S. backed Contras were an anti-Sandinista force that had operated outside the Constitution and the Boland Amendment that had been passed by Congress two years earlier in 1984. The Boland Amendment had strictly forbidden the CIA or any other agency from supporting the Contras. And although President Ronald Reagan believed that the Sandinista government of Nicaragua was a puppet of the Soviet Union, he had secured funding for the Contra rebels in 1981, but he had signed off on the Boland Amendment. So If the story of pilot Eugene Hasenfus is true, then President Ronald Reagan had b
The Big Oc: Orange County And Sports
I haven’t followed sports for quite sometime but i was absolutely elated that boston beat anaheim in game two of the playoffs right there in orange county last night. Orange County is called the Orange Curtain, and it is the home of xenophobic white flight. I lived there for 14 months, so I will narrate a classic story of the mindset, the ignorance and the utter myopic and linear thinking of these drones(as a collective). anyway, i just hope that the little OC kids aren’t crying too much and mommy and daddy have prozac for their malaise after the angels lost. it’s pathetic how people get so emotionally wrapped up with a team to where they almost cry. as i said to one of my friends (pom pom anaheim die-hard), “it’s only a game, and you aren’t getting a dime from this, and no girls are coming over to your house, so try not to let it ruin your day”. but hey, some people cry and get scarred over different things. back to the oc story. my buddy told me “i was ready, i was ready i
Need A Pimp Out??
OK..Here's the deal... i LOVE to rate peoples stuff to help them level up, and to get them some points... i prefer to do the major stuff during happy hours so we BOTH get more points... but, if you want all your pics and stash rated leave your comment here! once i have done all of those, i will expect the same in return... and i will post a daily pimp out bulletin with the names and links to those that return the love! Don't return the love, and you will end up FOREVER in my LOSERS blogs and bulletins! PEACE LOVE N CHICKEN GREASE SABBY > > Goodies - ciara
My Mother's Portrait, Verses , Finding Prejudicism!
I finally recieved my mothers portrait, on Sept 22. I was so happy I even cried.I was so happy. On top of it a apologize letter from the tribe! I was so happy I shared the picture with my .or was girlfriend/ Not just that right after this ,day later. She asked "if we broke upwe would be friends?" I said" I can you ask this question,may I ask do you want to break-up, I have not even thought at that subject." Yet She asked it again Sept 25th . I said why? I have not even thought of it! Now that evening I was looking at my New Playboy, An she knew since day two that I have had a membership since 1986. She made a agruement I showed my stack she went to bed . She was angry the whole night finding myself not able to sleep then she face to face over the my desk arm chair pend me an yelled at my face that I was cheating on her! an we were thru.! I said that she was not honest, an she was be adbusive of yelling me an penning me in my chair an get out! . I did say I will not be treated lik
Think You Know Me? :p
Back In Afghanistan
I got back into Afghanistan a few days ago. Man leave sure was short. It seems that my 18 days sure flew by. The good thing is I am about halfway through with this deployment and I will get back to family, friends, and riding. I managed to ride about 2000 miles while I was home this time. Went to Alabama a few times and took a trip to Memphis. I was also able to take part in a toy run. Well that is all for now, Take it easy and keep the shiny side up and just get out and ride. James
50 Of Your Favourite Words
"Lots of sesquipedalians out there, judging by the response to our feature on the man who reads dictionaries for fun, Ammon Shea. We asked for your favourite words and were overwhelmed with nominations. Here we list 50 of the best. " Source : BBC online Full story here.
New Owner Anyone?
Yes..I am in another auction... the link to my auction pic.. Don't all you jump at once.. LOL
Want To Own Lil Ol Me!!!
yes i did it again i joined yet another auction. So look on my page and in my other blogs and see who were my previous lucky owners. i would make pictures up like i normally do but i cannot do that here at the library neways it starts at 10 AM EST. Also Show The Host Love The Link
Ummm... Point Whoring Again...
Ok so I see the same chicks that are asking for bling packs and shit then turning around and bling all these dudes... don't these dudes realize that they are blinging them with another man's money... I dunno to me that just seems a lil wrong... but I guess to some its ok... those guys are the ones that think.. whateva I ain't the sucka that bought the bling pack... I don't know I feel like these bitches need to be brought out but I think I would lose half my friends if I were to start naming names lol
20 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator
20 Fun Things to do in an Elevator - Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: "Shut up, dammit, all of you just shut UP!" - Whistle the first seven notes of "It's a Small World" incessantly. - Crack open your briefcase or purse, and while peering inside, ask: "Got enough air in there?" - Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator. Wear yours upside down. - Stand silent and motionless in the corner, facing the wall, without getting off. - When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act embarrassed when they open by themselves. - Greet everyone getting on the elevator with a warm handshake and ask them to call you Admiral. - Stare, grinning, at another passenger for a while, and then announce: "I've got new socks on!" - Meow occasionally. -Bet the other passengers you can fit a quarter in your nose. - Walk on with a cooler that says "human head" on the side. - Make explosion noises when anyon
Crazy Video Hott!!!!!!
My Role Models.
You might have to refresh the page till the video shows up. I don't know why I keep having this problem when I upload vids from Myspace :/ Mom & Dad 35 years and still going strong. I'm so blessed to have role models like this. Because I know one day I'll have what they have. Excuse my old man laugh. I had been choking earlier on a piece of bread. Screwed up my voice. Huh, Jae? :P -REL
My Weird Lame Poll
i can't decide what i like more.... boobs or bling feel free to give me both i feel like showing off my bewbs tonight
Linkin Park- Bleed It Out
Yeah here we go for the hundredth time Hand grenade pins in every line Throw 'em up and let something shine Going out of my fucking mind Filthy mouth, no excuse Find a new place to hang this noose String me up from atop these roofs Knot it tight so i won't get loose Truth is you can stop and stare Run myself out and no one cares Dug the trench out laid down there With a shovel up out of reach somewhere Yeah, someone pour it in Make it a dirt dance floor again Say your prayers and stomp it out When they bring that chorus in [Chorus] I bleed it out digging deeper Just to throw it away I bleed it out digging deeper Just to throw it away I bleed it out digging deeper Just to throw it away Just to throw it away Just to throw it away I bleed it out [End Chorus] Go stop the show Choppy words and a sloppy flow Shotgun opera lock and load Cock it back and then watch it go Mama help me I've been cursed Death is rolling in every verse
Meet My Fu Mom, My Owner...kat1114
This fantastic lady is my owner, Kat! If you dont know her you are seriously missing out! She is always helping out her friends and does so much for everyone else! So lets do the same thing for her! Fan, Add, and Rate her! I promise you wont regret it! Swing by her page and leave her lots of love~n~stuff!!! Kat1114 {SHADOW LEVELERS} {{Yeahmons Angels}} Owner of luBell240, Dakota21220, YEAHMON& Farscapeca@ fubar
Wanna Own Me?
Oh dear, I've gone and put myself up for auction. And wtf I have no hair in this pic. Feel free to bid, or at least get a laugh out of the offers I made :P Don't let the haters win this one! hehehehehe.....I'm skeered! Click on my picture to bid.
New Song-imaginary Girlfriend
He chatted me up online and by phone I was the one he said he could call his own Imaginary girlfriend so perfect, so kind to make him feel love wasnt so blind Chorus: I can be that if thats what you want I can be the fire in your heart Tell me all of your thoughts are true Your imaginary Girlfriend I can be to you The vision of lust thrilling to think to touch Ill never fight cause Im not really there Chorus: I can be that if thats what you want I can be the fire in your heart Tell me all of your thoughts are true Your imaginary Girlfriend I can be.... When your world gets so crazy out of control You think of me and your heart I stole and then at night before you fall asleep I'll be there in your thoughts when she won't be.... Yeah, I can be that if thats what you want I can be the Life in your heart Tell me everything you say is true Your imaginary Girlfriend I can be.... Your imaginary Girlfriend I can be Your imaginary Girlfriend I can
Please Read & Post As Bulletin!!
This is VERY important everybody please look at it This is for my friend Nate, no its not a fake story, he is real and he is my friend!!!!! He is needing help and he also needs our prayers! If you can help, you would be an angel sent to him from God. He isnt asking much!. So please if there is anything you can do, PLEASE Help. Because of my situation with my cancer I have a year or so left to live, according to the doctors... And as a lot of you know, I am having a real hard time dealing with this stuck in my house all the time because I don't know anyone or have any ways to get out of the house... Well I just set up a fundraiser site to help me collect money to help me pay for my fines to get my license back... Cause in all honesty that is all I want right now. By getting this, it would give me the ability to get out and do things while I am feeling well enough instead of being stuck in the house so much thinking about this... So if you all could spread the word around for m
Lost In The Dark...
It started out by seeing a search crew...looking for a murdered female/her killer. It was in my backyard...looking similar to a graveyard...without headstones. They stumble across this one underground room, with steep stairs about 3-5 inches apart from one another, quite hard to walk. In this room there is merely a nasty old toilet, sink, and bathtub. They state "yeah, she was killed here". I went back inside. Later on, I had to for some reason unknown, I went outside...and ran to the underground w.c. I then went to grab for some toilet paper...and there was a girls outfit on top of it....the next thing I know, my dog comes running down the stairs, all excited like...I was overjoyed with the whole scene being a bit overwhelming and scaring the shit out of me. Not two seconds later I hear these noises coming from the yard...I am still in the I sick my dog on these shadows...turns out...they had a huge great dane...who probab
Take A Little Time To Understand
An angel's eyes in an angel's face, Solumn words on pouty lips. Sychronicity in such a place, Harsh history can't eclipse. Bringing down a thing you can't understand, You hide in fear again. Running from a trusting hand, Hiding from the "where?" and "when?" Alone forever if you can't accept, Lost in a vast sea. Solitude is the friend you kept, Afraid of the real one you found in me. You were 2 good 2 b true, Which makes me 2 good 4 u.
Cinnamon Cream Syrup
CINNAMON CREAM SYRUP 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1/4 cup water 1/2-3/4 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 cup evaporated milk In small saucepan, combine corn syrup, sugar, water and cinnamon. Bring to boiling over medium heat, stirring constantly. Cook and stir 2 minutes more. Remove from heat and cool 5 minutes; stir in evaporated milk. Serve warm over pancakes or waffles. Keeps well in the refrigerator. Makes 1 2/3 cups
Should Canada Have A Right To Vote For Us President?
Canada had a mock poll to vote for Obama or McCain and Obama won by a landslide!! What do you think?
Bid On Me Please Xoxoxo
Leveling Ppl With 40k Or Less
every member pls update their points in a comment here links to all members: ~*~cutemommy82~*~ I'm his diamond and the queen of his heart!!! love u baby@ fubar $$$$-MyStA BiGzZZ-$$$$$~PU$$YCAT PIMP~@ fubar YOU AINT KNOW~ALA'S MOST WANTED~@ fubar Mr.&Mrs.Sykes°°°fu-owned by puddy°°@ fubar PaPa_D@ fubar ~Miss Dee~@ fubar Xenobies_world $$~LEVEL POUNDER~$$ Wife of Fuji_Wan & fugirl to Ashton@ fubar ~LiPz~aka~HiPz~@ fubar ~~sPyDa~~@ fubar XKrazyLilQTX*fu-wife to D*@ fubar **DJ Navy ** ¢¾ Fu-Engaged to xoxoflirt ¢¾**Member of the Level Pounders**@ fubar
My First Hh!!! Happy Remembrance Day!
PARTY’S ON MJ TODAY! HAPPY HOUR 6pm ♫GroovyLady♫ The Basement General Manager (repost of original (repost of original by '♫GroovyLady♫ Basement General Manager' on '2008-11-10 21:15:00')
Up For Auction... Need Pic Rates!!!!
Place your bids to own me. If I get to expensive, please rate the pic. Person with the most rates gets a Bling Pack. I need your help to see how far I can get. All bids are welcomed. If for some reason you cant afford me now, there will be a second fubucks only auction in Dirty Deeds Radio Lounge to be announced. Please make sure you show our Auction Hostess, DJ Nilla, some love while you are there. Bulletin Brought To You By: ♥¶HØÊчX ♥R/£ GF & FµWîƒè tº Jè®bèå®♥@ fubar
Yep, That's Right
So lately I haven't been able to get a hold of my girl, not answering the phone and what not... now I find out she's blocked me on some messengers and obviously I'm quite torn apart by this as we are or should I say "were" engaged. If this turns out to be a big miss understanding that would be great but if not then I swear to NEVER love again. Hope everyone who reads this gets a kick out of it.
Ima Hottie Wit A Body
Ok This Seems Wrong
Hey great a new option but wait.... not all of us want it if your gonna steal the owned option f4rom other websites how about stealing the whole thing and give users the option to shut it off? oh wow what a novel idea huh? While were at it give us the option to shut the creepy as hell crush option off if i dont know them why the hell would i want them crushing me as far as family adds now whoa wait can u beat me to the punch line (PERMISSION) thats right if your gonna add me to your family shouldnt their be permission granted for it hell i didnt ask that 400 pound chick with the 3rd row of teeth to add me there now did i noooo i dont think so Now everyone knows i love the site (god only knows why) but the users should have the option to be stalked=crushes embarased= family adds humiliated= sold or maybe im wrong why dont u guys tell me! oh and for 1 last fat sonny complaint if im in your family list and u dont talk to me do me a small favor and delete me k thanx
Tasting Your Passion
Can I tougue your skin? Tasting tasting your passion. Kissing and licking beads of sweat warm and wet sweet and salty iwth intensity. That drenchest and quenches my tongue and thurst into warm rivers, flowing thru quivers, as your body delivers causing waves to crash and moisture to splash all over my tongue as I taste your passion.
i am just letting everyone know that if i rated you a 1 or anything else but a 10 like i always do, i am so sorry..someone has hacked into my account and changed some things on here,and i have already had people tell me that i have rated them a 1, and i am sorry, it wasn't me, so just wanted to write this just to let all my friends know and everyone else. so if anyone else has ever had someone hack into there account please let me know so i know what to do about it..thank you
Can you go insane so slowly that it isn't noticeable by anybody? Am I doing so?
Friggin Ow!
That is all.
Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized
Liberty: people deserve freedom to use marijuana. The first and most basic reason that marijuana should be legal is that there is no good reason for it not to be legal. Some people ask 'why should marijuana be legalized?" but we should ask "Why should marijuana be illegal?" From a philosophical point of view, individuals deserve the right to make choices for themselves. The government only has a right to limit those choices if the individual's actions endanger someone else. This does not apply to marijuana, since the individual who chooses to use marijuana does so according to his or her own free will. The government also may have a right to limit individual actions if the actions pose a significant threat to the individual. But this argument does not logically apply to marijuana because marijuana is far less dangerous than some drugs which are legal, such as alcohol and tobacco. SUMMARY: Individuals deserve the right to decide whether or not they should use marijuana. The governm
Butt Hole Or Not To Butt Hole
Sarah wants to cam with me tonight, should i show her my brown eye or not? p.s. auto 11s are on cause i'm a point whore :p
One Last Cigarette
One Last Cigarette One last cigarette Shall I burn? This lonely night No where to turn But phantom Dreams To hold me tight In the silent misery Of this lonely night One last cigarette It’s time to burn In hopes of morning I long an yearn Of sunlit fields And mountain streams A place to rest My weary Dreams One last cigarette Smoke in my eyes Obscures these visions Of clear blue skies To hold me captive Here in my room Beneath a starless sky And an empty moon One last cigarette The ember red I think of things I’ve left unsaid Frozen regrets In the dead of night Wishing I had A second sight One last cigarette A swirl of smoke A tear withheld In a bitter choke For time spent lost On a frivolous quest As I strove to be My very best Hear this lament For forgotten Dreams For wild hopes And noble schemes For all of that Which I have yearned And this last cigarette Which I have burned
The Royal Family
The Royal Family For the Queen? Errant ways For the King? Consistency pays For the Princess? Who can say For the answer? Upcoming days...
Have You Ever?
Have you ever wanted to tell me somthing ..but was afraid to? Or just figured I should know? Yes or No? Just kinda curious.
Leveling Blog 142
Armyboy's Shorty Angel(Greeter@Hot and Wild Passions)Fu Wifey to Armyboy@ fubar 24k to level
Dream Of Dragons... Posted Origanally By Firewalker
Sleep the sleep of a child, And dream of dragons soaring wild; Bright of eye and wise of thought -- The Ancients and their magicks wrought. Lay within a warm cocoon And dream of dragons as they commune; Graceful neck bowed as tales are told Of dragons borne in a time of olde. Dance within the dream's embrace, And dream of dragons -- this star born race. Wise and mighty with immortal soul; Their greatest treasure -- the hearts they stole. Smile sweetly; the heart beats deep, and dream of dragons till dawn does creep. Our souls they soar on wings above, As the dragons vow to forever love.
What Am I Thankful For?
I know I'm a little early...but I've seen other blogs by friends giving thanks for this and that. It made me sit down and ponder. I don't have a lot to be thankful for right now, but at the same time I do. I know I'm early...but, it's always better to be early than late. I'm thankful for my parents. Even when I don't understand them, and even when I don't agree with them, they are always looking out for me. They give me advice that I disregard, and when I fall on my face for it they rub it in. They try to teach me, and of course I don't listen..I've always been rebellious, but they take that as a matter of course. They did the tough love with me, convinced me that no matter what happened and no matter how much I needed it they would never help me again. I was thoroughly convinced. But when push came to shove, they were there in a heartbeat to help me. They have never doubted me, they have always had faith that no matter how much I screw up I will always turn it around. And because o
Bad Joke
the delivery lady at work likes to be funny, so she's often telling dirty jokes. she's about 66....doesn't wear a bra or put her teeth in. you'd have to see her to truly appreciate her classiness. anyway, todays joke: When you are finished having sex, there are four animals in the bedroom. What are they? 2 tired asses 1 wet pussy and 1 dead cock in my case, cock resurrection is always my hope. she also told me all i need is a rich, ancient guy that would be content just to rub my back.... i asked her: but who will scratch my itches?
The Horror Train
Hes Back (The Man Behind The Mask) - Alice Cooper welcome to THE HORROR TRAIN all you do is * rate these photos / then: * rate * add *fan * comment if they are already your friend * add if they aren't your friend yet (joining the Horror train) then send a PM to VolfiremaninPa L.U.V. Club Co-Founder, Honorable Society of Wolves Family Member@ fubar
Love is both pleasure and pain,joy and sorrow. It has long been held that what you can love, can hurt you, in almost equal reciprocity. The more you love, the more you can get hurt. The more you love, the more you stand to lose. Yet the point of love is not to clam up, to refrain from ever loving. Each and every person has the potential to love so deeply, so strongly, with such passion and intimacy, with romance, and to receive back the joy of that same love. The truth is, the joy of love is so much greater than joy that can be derived elsewhere. Money does not give joy. Material wealth does not give joy. It gives convenience, yet often takes away love. How many rich people seek so hard and far for love, yet never find it. Sex does not give joy, unless it is enjoyed as a part of love. Loveless sex would make one feel as empty as a broken earthernware pot. My love for you is deep and true No matter what you do I'll always be there
Dylans Jødiske Projekt For å Lage Et Mega-israel Av Uz
Dylans oppvåkning om Egypt, Israel og nazismen har sin funksjon som dannelse av en ny fastlåsning av Isis. En kapring av Gudinnen har den fordelen at den muliggjør fastholdelse av makt. Og det Bob gjør på 60-tallet er på en måte å bli ferdig med den gamle historien for å kunne starte en ny, men allikevel nøyaktig lik historie. Med nye aktører. Han får kong David fram som ny superstjerne. Han dreper Jesus i forskjelige varianter. Han skaper et brukbart bilde av Isis i Uz med Janis Joplin. I tillegg gjøres sviket som var grunnlaget for GT's historie om til et nytt ideal. Bw er den uttalte stjernen for den tankegangen selv om han antagelig samtidig desperat kjemper mot Dylan og Uz. Og Yoko har på samme måte opprøret mot Uz' verdenherredømme som sin overbygning samtidig som hun er FASTSETTELSEN AV DEN NYE LOVBOKEN. Splittelsen i verden som skjedde med mordet på Isis med Davids blinding av Goliat i GT har fått sin nye variant ved å gjøre Isis døv. Isis eksisterer idag kun
I Laugh At The Past Hahahahaha
ok so where do i start as i sit here with a big ass smile on my face cause iam pretty amused right now about what iam going to write just jamming out to lady gaga's just dance. so u know who u are lmao and i think this hole fucking thing is funny as hell cause u got what was comeing to u and now it happing to u and what did i say in my last blog about u i siad that u wouldn't have me to run to when it all falls apart for u and what do u do? u go and try to message me about some shit that u need a friend news flash buddy IAM NOT YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE U FUCKED IT ALL UP MEBER LMAO. I told u to never talk to me again after we broke up wow u fucking listin so well or your just that damm dumb thinking u can just come back in to my life and pick up where we left off like u never did any thing wrong, WOW WHERE U SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING WRONG I MEAN WHAT I SAY AND I SAY WHAT I MEAN GOT IT AND I TOLD U BEFORE ANY THING EVER WENT WRONG WITH US WHEN WE WHERE STILL AT A GOOD POINT I SAT U DOWN AND TALKED
Leveling Blog 164
Tigerchief $$Fu-owned by Strawberry$$@ fubar 92,300 to Godfather
Merry Christmas
Why do stores feel the need to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. The only holiday that has been around longer is Hanakah and almost everyone celebrates Christmas. Those that don't shouldnt be offended by someone saying it.My Jewish friends tell me to have a happy Hanakah all the time and it doesnt offend me in the least. So to all my Fubar Friends I say Merry Christmas, and for those that wish.. Happy Hanakah, Or Happy Quanza. For those that Celebrate all three.... Happy Merry Christmaquanzakah.
Updated Pimp Out...12.13.08
Bully Thanx To SexyBlueEyedBella (Cherie') Want to know what we are all about??? Dangerous Curves Mission Statement It is the main goal and focus of this group to bring together a group of friends, that can confide, lean on, and trust each other to be there for support, confidence, and guidance... Although there are other groups that claim to be all girl but headed by a male, our group is solely women and is based on your average woman's needs. We are coming together as mothers, full time employees, housewives, single, married, and by all means confident and sexy in individual ways. Sound like something your interested in being a part of? Give us a try and contact any of the 4 founders for details on a membership to the group. Founders Carrie Flirt Paula SexxxyBluEyedBella
it seems that i fucked up last night yeah, hard to imagine huh? in a certain mummettes blog last night(i`m not gonnna name names but she lives in canuckizstan and has a deli and import store) i guess i showed my evil prejudice when i made a comment about tanning beds must be illegal in canada. i now realize how such bias can be harmful and will be enrolling in a class to get me over my hue and tint discrimination after staying up all night drinking tequila and thinking of this subject i know i need to apologize to this great woman of low pigment hopefully she can find forgiveness in her pale heart for me does anyone think this will stop her from photoshopping the hell out me? have to toss this on too just cuz CUNT
This Is Me
Hello Im Sheila and I have 2 kids a girl and a boy. My daughter is 17 and she will graduate next year, Im so proud of her, me and her are so close. My son is 13 and hes in the 7th grade. But hes a special lil guy, you see because he is autistic and right now hes my world, Im working with him to become independent of me. Right now I have to do everything for him but hes learning that he can to things for himself and Im so proud of him for learning that, It a big step for him. If you have questoins you can ask me ok?
A Little Easy Math
Once upon a time a man appeared in a village and announced to the villagers that he would buy donkeys for $10 each. The villagers, seeing that there were many donkeys around, went out and started catching them. The man bought thousands at $10 and, as supply started to diminish, the villagers stopped their effort. He next announced that he would now buy donkeys at $20 each. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching donkeys again. Soon the supply diminished even further and people started going back to their farms. The offer increased to $25 each and the supply of donkeys became so scarce it was an effort to even find a donkey, let alone catch it! The man now announced that he would buy donkeys at $50 each! However, since he had to go to the city on some business,his assistant would buy on his behalf. In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers: "Look at all these donkeys in the big cage that the man has already collected. I will sell the
Can You Say The C Word
Can you say (Shoshonni ) can't take the heat? wow this classless broad can dish it.. but can't take it.. she is off her meds obivously with rants of thinking others are jealous and hate.. Here is what she wrote to me in a MUMM Your obvious hatred for any woman who can be attractive without being a whore who flaunts her fat thighs in her status is palpable. The fact that you dislike or do not respect women who are obviously of a better class than yourself never goes unnoticed. Do jnot fear, I'm sure the manwhores are in abundance tonight and shall be shortly invading your shoutbox shortly. In the meantime - try to contain your raging lust for my fuckable face and stay the fuck off my page and shoutbox because frankly while the "boys" may find you a fun gal to dick around with .. you're vile and repugnant to me
(sanskrit: विशुद्ध, Viśuddha) Throat Chakra Activation Meditation
another throat shakra video
Spicy Sweet Cheeks & Freckles Sugar Butt Havin A Ho Down!
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...
5 days until Alannah's first Christmas. I've had her gifts all bought for well over a week now. There is one more thing I'd like to get her but I don't know that it will happen. Will have to check my bank account and figure what may be able to wait until next paycheck. Mom's gifts are all done too... every one else is having to wait until after the holidays. Work's been going ok I guess. Been busy. 40 hours in the office last week, in 4 days. Next week is going to be much of the same. Since I have permission to have the 40 hours I'm going to do my damndest to get there. 80 hours on a check will make for a good check right when I need it. Anyways. today Mom and I are heading to Springfield. Gotta pick up Alannah's Christmas pictures. Might head to the mall and get her picture taken with Santa. Ah well... gotta get off of here and find my glasses before my head explodes.
This Christmas, Think Of The Deceased In Iraq
While we are safe at home, please think of all the troops and civilians that have given their lives in this war. Direct death tolls are over 700,000 and indirect death tolls are over 300,000. What, you thought the US had only lost 4,000 people? I'm not talking about the US. I am talking about the 1,000,000 people we have killed, most of which were civilians. So, while you are carving up your Christmas meal, feeling patriotic, try to remember a family like yours that has nothing to do with the war, sitting down for dinner and getting the door kicked in, getting thrown around and searched and yelled at in a language they don't understand. Maybe you could be one of the many lucky families where the father gets shot, the mother gets slapped around, and the daughter gets gang raped by soldiers. But they do that all for you. Merry Christmas.
Anticipation Is it binding When eyes blindfolded Can be released As easily as a tug? Silken scarves Loosely tied Yet hands free Leave eyes encumbered. Skin lightly touched Yet not, never knowing Not desiring Knowledge of the next caress, But wanting, needing Feed my ravenous hunger For what is not known Be it ice trailed Loose, circled about my nipples, Or the brush of fresh strawberries Scented lightly on my lips - Just a bite Sucking your thumb I scream my need In whispers begging Of what may be. I feel your excitement To be released When it may be Is but anticipated. I want But not know When wants To be fulfilled Become fulfilled. The hunger In anticipation Of the feast Is sweetest. poet
Believe In Urself
Believe in urself - in the power u have to control ur own life, day by day. Believe in the strength that u have deep inside, and the faith will help show u the way. Believe in tomorrow and what it will bring, let a hopeful heart carry u through. For things will work out if u trust and believe - there's no limit to what u can do
A Palindrome by Demetri Martin. Palindrome - a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, I'm Adam or Poor Dan is in a droop "Dammit I'm Mad" by Demetri Martin Dammit I'm mad. Evil is a deed as I live. God, am I reviled? I rise, my bed on a sun, I melt. To be not one man emanating is sad. I piss. Alas, it is so late. Who stops to help? Man, it is hot. I'm in it. I tell. I am not a devil. I level "Mad Dog". Ah, say burning is, as a deified gulp, In my halo of a mired rum tin. I erase many men. Oh, to be man, a sin. Is evil in a clam? In a trap? No. It is open. On it I was stuck. Rats peed on hope. Elsewhere dips a web. Be still if I fill its ebb. Ew, a spider… eh? We sleep. Oh no! Deep, stark cuts saw it in one position. Part animal, can I live? Sin is a name. Both, one… my names are in it. Murder? I'm a fool. A hymn I plug, deified as a sign in ruby ash, A Goddam level I lived at. On mail let it in.
A Lesson
Some things are so hard to accomplish. So hard to have to tell yourself to man up. To trust those feelings you get, telling you dont do it. Masking yourself to look as stable as possible. To look like you dont give one bother to the world for what they did. Not to let others down because of your selfishness. Putting a smile on to hide your frown. Looking that person straight in the eye, and not letting your guard down to give them the satisfaction. Believing that your going to move on. Remember those good memories. And those bad memories. Forgiving but never forgetting. You thought you could never go on. And you did, with ease, and no mercy. Those sleepless nights, days of wondering, never knowing what was going to be thrown at you next. Taking what you hear, see, and experience. And looking at it as a lesson you learned. And that you will teach in the future. Finally you got your request. To feel the best you ever have in your life. Because you proved to yourself t
Just Another Night
You promised me something. That I thought I could believe Thinking my wish might..have come true That i wished on that late september nite Sitting outside wondering if you were looking at the same star I was... As I wait patiently as i promised I finally got my chance That late night talk I told you everything ..And you were thinking the exact same thing Or as i thought you did. I told you every drop of detail...that i had been waiting to express to you Laying so close to eachother we could feel the tension Those times we had caught eachother staring back My body shaking because i was so scared... to be so happy and to believe what you were saying I actually thought that i had finally got my wish That harmless kiss on the cheek That long stroke down my back Laying by the fire Not giving a thought to what other people had said once before Both of us saying never to leave eachothers side And to never look at someone else as you look at one another. I was so happ
Merry Christmas
Just wanted to take a few moments to wish every one at fubar: My Rate Spankers, family, friends and fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's to a great 2009! For those of you who have children or just want to have a little fun, you can track Santa's travels with Norad.
A Different Christmas Poem
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old, Perhaps a
Holiday Baking Tip
> > Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies !!! > > > > Ingredients: > > > > 1 cup water > > 1 teaspoon baking soda > > 1 cup sugar > > 1 teaspoon salt > > 1 cup brown sugar > > 4 large eggs > > 1 cup nuts > > 2 cups dried fruit > > 1 (750 ml) bottle tequila (Jose Cuervo or your other favorite > brand) > > > > > > Directions: > > > > 1. Sample the tequila to check quality. > > 2. Take a large bowl; check the tequila again to be sure it is > of the highest quality. > > 3. Pour one level cup tequila and drink. > > 4. Turn on the electric mixer. > > 5. Beat one cup of but ter in a large fluffy bowl. > > 6. Add one peastoon of sugar. > > 7. Beat again. > > 8. At this point it's best to make sure the tequila is still ok, > so try another cup just in case. > > 9. Turn off the mixerer thingy. > > 10. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of > dried fruit. > > 11. Pick the frigging fruit off the
Why Settle For I Guess?
It seems that as life goes on, we go from a want or like stage to an I guess stage. The thrill of life seems to get lost as we settle for less than our expectations or hopes. I'm curious as to some examples that you have of keeping your life fun and exciting. When was the last time you found yourself smiling for no reason? Just because we age, doesn't mean we should lose our right to make every day of our lives as exciting and fulfilling as possible! Thoughts, ideas, examples, pictures?
Just A Blog
We are moved and so far settled in, sorry i am not around much but i jsut have a lot of things going on all at once. Well they are very personal so i am not going to post them here. I am around but just not as much . Not as much i as i want to be either. I want to wish everyone a merry christmas and Happy new year. Kepp in touch i will check in here a few times a week so whom ever gets itchy cause i havent benn here To Bad deal with it ........ Otherwise we are moved to Washington state no commment on that right know i dont think i would have anything nice to say .......... so i am keeping it zipped. Anyways this was a qucik chekc letting everyone know i do think about them . Hugs Bouy
New Years Auction Come N Buy U Somebody
Here are all people in the NEW YEARS AUCTION come and get you one or more of those sexy Fu's as your private Slave!!!! Kid SyN Owner @ Hypnotiq DJ Southern Style Owner of Hypnotiq ankit ~LiPz~aka~HiPz~ ***Brazen***Mizz_J*** ~Grlskikass2~ Picins420 $$$$-MYSTA BIGZZZ-$$$$$ ~*~cutemommy82~*~ ஐSexySarahஐ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Mdi@ Assistant In-Motions K E N O Fiesty0ne Goddess fu daughter to flanman have you worshipped your goddess lately??? DSC
Visions Of The Night
The vision of you so close makes me want to reach out and touch you but then I awake and know it was a dream. I want to be able to touch you and feel you next to me. To hold you close and to feel your breath on my skin. Just to feel the warmth of your loving touch make my heart skip beats. So if only the moments of silent night is where I our love exits I will keep the night as place to revisit. For our love is like the night filled with nothing but hopes and dreams and then when morning comes we must awake. For I know that the night will come again and we will revisit the embrace of each others arms. For this we know is where we belong together forever love.
How To..
If your here, you are here for the levels, gifts, and perks given from one fuMember to the next. I am talking bling, bling packs, Happy hours, fuBucks, and the ride range of gifts and drinks. I want you to understand that I am willing to give those who earn it what they want. We all know that money must be spent for the worthwhile things here on this site. And most of us who have been around for awhile know what each is worth. I do enjoy the view provided by this site. I am looking for personalized views for myself though. Send me a private message with what you want, what your willing to give, and we'll go from there. I would like Grape Ape somewhere in the picture or a message to me. I am not talking only NSFW pictures. Use your imagination. There are hidden benefits and pitfalls. Some things will instantly get you a HH and tons more and some things that will get you blocked. Oh, if you instantly think you know what those are, you don't know me and are probably wrong. fu-Own
New Years Eve Headlines: Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Adios Rochester And Cape Cod - Listen To O&a On Satellite! Jim Norton In Allentown Tonight, Down
This is the L A S T update you'll get from us until 2009, which (technically) is tomorrow morning, so umm... big F-ing Deal, right?. Even though it's New Years Eve, and the show isn't live, we can still wish you a Happy Whip 'em Out Wednesday ... especially to the Lovely ladies on Paltalk, who, when they have no pressing plans, have been known to flash a bosom or two on their webcams. Oh, who are we bullshitting? They're usually naked, on their webcams, showering, sleeping, screwing, or smoking. If you can manage NOT to be a pushy douche, they might just keep doing it. Look, we're realists. 90% of you are on PalTalk to see CHICKS GETTING NAKED ON CAM, so just fess up, Chesterfield...log in to your Paltalk and check out the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room to see them now!... and umm, Happy New Year. Since the Opie and Anthony Show ins't live again until January 5th, we have some carefully-crafted 'Worst-of' programming (courtesy of our own EROCK) for you to enjoy. If you want
Al Di Meola-"libertango"(live)
Empty Cold and dark is the morning Bitter and fringed is the day The silence of the passing people On there journeys through out the day Dreaming of a conversations with warmth and love Is nothing more then a haze? Leaves me longing for consideration However, an empty home is I stay.
Help Sunfirelab Level Please
Let's Show her FU-LOVE!!! She's going for Fu-QUEEN!! Under 100K to level This Pimpout brought to you by ☮Kevin☮ Show Sunfirelab some love She have tons of EZ rates availiable too She is always around to help anyone when they need the help to level So can we get her leveled to Fu-QUEEN?>
A Life In The Day
ya know i'm not one to be little anyone. i have always seen the brighter side of the coin but in recent months actually this last year has been the year from hell. dec 27, 07 my dad passed away under curios circumstances. my husband and i moved in with my parents when i had to have my first back surgery. i cannot remember my husband helping me at all. i can't even remember hardly any of those days being strung out on percoset and oxycontin. my days for like 2 months were lived by tying to find a comfortable position from the excrutiating pain i was in. i did everything i could to try and maintain a good relationship with my husband. he was an alcoholic for many years. i begged for him to get help. help he got through AA. he was a changed person for the better. he took better care of me and my kids than he ever had. then things started changing. he spent more and more time at meetings, 2 meetings a week turned to 2 meetings a day, more on th weekeneds. when my oldest start
Jackass Is Begging For Money
So I get this shout today: red moon(C...: READ MY ABOUT ME AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO BABY. Being Curious I check out his profile and this is what his about me says: "If you want to talk this is my number, 9312669408. i need money so I can do somethings and excuses come last. 4103 Dixie Rd. Ft.Campbell K.y. is where you can send me somthing if not just a letter of a friendly greeting and what you about.The name on the money order would be Andre Towns. Make smiles happen for me.Give me the privilage of being that speacial one because you prioritized my exsistance with funds to reach dreams seldom seen. Yall know what real is. Delete me or don't accept my request unless you can handle my mind. Take affirmative action cause life is no joke around my way. It's precious so I'm sincere when I tell you have a nice day.I need money in a major way and since I'm human I have to have love." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's right folks! With our failing economy he wants us to gi
Shakin'--eddie Money
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
One Word Answers Only
It's really hard to only use one-word answers! Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. 1. Where is your cell phone? Desk 2. Your significant other? Kenny 3. Your hair? Reddish 4. Your mother? Hero 5. Your father? Deceased 6. Your favorite thing? Money 7. Your dream last night? Strange 8. Your favorite drink? Tea 9. Your dream/goal? Marriage 10. The room you're in? Bedroom 11. Music? Mp3 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive 14. Where were you last night? Here 15. What you're not? Selfish 16. Muffins? Warm 17. One of your wish list items? Ring 18. Where you grew up? Pittsburgh 19. The last thing you did? Dinner 20. What are you wearing? Snuggie 21. TV? News 22. Your pets? Cats 23. Your computer? Dell 24. Your life? Loved 25. Your mood? Tired 26. Missing someone? Yes 27. Favorite Store? Wallmart 30. Your summer?
Sarge's Bad Girls Lounge
Thanks To Blue Eyed Brat For This Idea..We Should Start Using Our Lounge... Having Meetings In There And Just Going In There To Hang Out At Times..And Even Putting Cams In There For Those That Would Like To Get On Cam In There.. So If Anyone Likes Those Ideas Or Has More ..Feel Free To Let Me Know By Commenting Here.. Be Sure To Join The Lounge At This Link Everyone Join The Lounge So I Can Start Sending Out Messages To Everyone.. TY Cams Have Been Set Up In The Lounge.. Blue Eyed Brat Is The One To Go To For The Cam Info If You Want To Be On Cam.. Welcome aGEM4life as our new DJ.
Leveling Blog 266
♠ZOMBI♠@ fubar
God Speaks Quietly
Have you ever heard a quiet voice deep down within your being, A voice so soft, still, and calm, it stops and sends fear fleeing? It comes in times of trouble, when things appear most grim. Other times it comes for no other reason than to let us know it comes from Him. God tells us things so simply stated, it's hard to misunderstand. Yet the things He speaks go against the flesh, but exposes His loving hand. He sometimes gives us answers, for which we desperately seek. Other times, He gives the words He wants us to earnestly speak. Have you ever been utterly confused not knowing which way to go, Then suddenly the choice becomes so clear, you wonder how you didn't know? Has there ever arisen a crisis, leaving you anxious with an unresolved need; Only to have things suddenly go into reverse and from the crisis you're freed? Not only does God speak to us in His still small voice, He actively moves to accomplish His will; giving us reason to rejoice.
So, Ive decided to be Molotov Cocktease for the next Halloween.
Love Sucks
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE SUCKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Youre out on the streets and you dont know what to do, youre in love with a girl thats not in love with you, so tell me now what the fuck are you gonna do? You think about suicide every second of the day, but thats not what you really want, you just need a girl and a little time to play. Youre world is falling apart and it seems like its only happenig to you, and why its happening you really havnt got a clue. Love sucks thats just the way it works, nothing ever goes right and I tell you it really hurts. She writes you a letter saying that she loves you too, and when you get back you find out that its not true. You dont know what to feel, you just feel sad and blue, Love sucks or maybe its just not for you. Love sucks it sure does, it can ruin your life or bring you up above. But its not happening not the way you planned, your life sucks shit and its going in the can. ~ stray (c)1985
Not-so-random Survey
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Adam Birthday: February 26th. Birthplace: Lowell, MA Current Location: Work Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Bald, but strawberry/sandy blonde normally Height: 5'8" Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: Irish/Polish/Seminole/French-Canadian/English/German/Austrian/Russian. Full blooded American baby! The Shoes You Wore Today: Harley-Davidson boots Your Weakness: Im a sucker for a pretty face and a mischievous spirit. Your Fears: Failure Your Perfect Pizza: Not terribly picky. No anchovies or olives though. Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Gotcha Your Best Physical Feature: Shoulders Your Bedtime: Typically 11 Your Most Missed Memory: Sailing up the coast of Europe Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi MacDonalds or Burger King: BK Single or Group Dates: Whatever Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee Do you Swear: What the hell kind of fucking question
The Great State Of Michigan Funny
The Great State of Michigan Aug. 12 - Moved into our new home in Mich. It is so beautiful here. The hills and river valleys are so picturesque. I have a beautiful old oak tree in my front yard. Can hardly wait to see the change of seasons. This is truly God's Country. Oct. 14 - Michigan is such a gorgeous place to live, one of the real special places on Earth. The leaves are turning a multitude of different colors. I love all of the shades of reds, oranges and yellows, they are so bright. I want to walk through all of the beautiful hills and spot some white tail deer. They are so graceful; certainly they must be the most peaceful creatures on Earth. This must be paradise. Nov. 11 - Deer season opens this week. I can't imagine why anyone would want to shoot these elegant animals. They are the very symbol of peace and tranquility. I hope it snows soon. I love it here! Dec. 2 - It snowed last night. I woke to the usual wonderful sight: everything covered in a beautif
Auto 11's This Friday
THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE and Both have Auto 11's at the same time!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the press, so your saying and both will have Yes it is true Stryk and 5150 Jane will both have an auto 11 on starting Friday @ 3 o'clock pacific time. If you haven't already, Fan/Add/and Rate them both then hit them up. He is at 297K going for Godfather and beyond with about 1800 Ez Rate photo's. She is at 18 million going for Oracle with more then 1900 Ez rate photo's =STRYK=@ fubar ~5150 Jane~@ fubar
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Tortured Soul Better Graces
if you have never been in a state mental institution let me tell what to expect from my nightmares. what brought you here asked one attendant? tell them anything cause they will ask you over and over and over. 7 times I told my story about being slipped a mickey. Can I leave? ................wait..............wait............wait............. here take this (pill) now here is where you have reached a cross road if you take it you are compliant and will suffer from its effects if you do not and say no that is an act of defiance and you will be considered a threat or hostile. so you are faced with comitment or a week of observation renewable by a judge. If you were not diagnosed with a serious mental illness before you are now and the nurses and bouncers (security) will be in to administer your medicine. hours may go by before you notice the affects of the drug if you never had it before. Soon your tongue will start to swell in your throat your neck will twist as you choke into
Networks, Internet Providers, Telecommunication Companies In General. I Have A Message!
Ever get the feeling that television is a dying pastime? Ever get the inkling that internet viewing is becoming more enjoyable? Do you ponder whether television will be around for much longer? God I hope not! With the ever evolving internet and the communities within, and the expanding technology and software production to provide accurate on time, precise, crisp clean streaming videos, What the hell do you need a television for. With the fact Cable and Dish TV are at war over pricing and customer support it’s ridiculous how the customers have to deal with price fluctuations and the constant dehumanizing aspect of customer service. And the increasing voice activated prompt Tele-systems guiding you through loop holes of hubbub yes and no’s to finally get a human an hour later saying, sorry wrong department. (Got to love the industry!) A little hint, Cable TV IS DISH TV only hardwired to you through a (Hub) central server point, or provider (Time Warner, Charter, Road R
Your Possesion Of My Obsession
I Want you, want you, Doesn't matter that you're not here, I forgive all the silences. I want you, I don't care, I know you might disappointme , I'm a willing captive, Why fight? There's no point. I want you, Need to hold you in my arms, Need to smell your sweat, inhale your breath, Need you inside of me, That's where you belong, That's where you were meant to be. I want you,when you get bald, old and ugly, I really don't care, I just want you to be there. I want to open your door, Because I have my own key, I want to come in, Because you too, now want me. I want you to need me, I want to stare in your eyes, I want your promises, I don't care if they are lies. I want your body, Warm in my bed, I want you near me, I want you so bad.
Get Laid
location: fav position: how long You last: and u down or not:
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Come Rock out with the biggest trouble maker on all of Fubar Dj Mischief Live in Ace Cafe!!!
Self Image
Self Image July 13, 2008 Look into yourself, tell me, what do you see? Is this what you wanted? Is it how it should be? Did you settle for second best, was it easier to gain? Or did you strive for your dreams, even if you failed again and again? Did you fake who you are to fit into the crowd, or were you always yourself, always true, always proud. Did you lie and betray to get where you are today? or were you honest till the end, never fully led astray. Did you listen to the taunts of those far below you? Or did you hold your head up high, believing in the truth. Were you selfish and greedy, thinking only of yourself? Or did you reach out a helping hand, even when you're down, always lending help. Did you strive to accomplish all you set out to do? Or did you give up on yourself, thinking you are through. Look back upon your life, did you live it undaunted? Or did the world around you transform what it was you wanted? Were you always true to yourself and those that
This Is Art
One of my roommates has been in Rome since the beginning of the month. I miss her. So today I threw on this song and had a dance party in my head in her honor. Hey... Hey... Yeah Hey... Yeahh Hey, Hey, Hey (Valentino) Woo, Woo, Wooo... (Yeah, Yeahh)... Yea, Yea, Yeaa (Yeah, Yeahh) Woo, Woo, Wooo... (Yeah)... Yea, Yea, Yeaa (Yeahh) Woo, Woo, Wooo... Yea, Yea, Yeaa (Yeah) Woo, Woo, (Yeahh) Wooo... Bobby Valentino [Chorus: Bobby Valentino] When I get up all in ya (Yeah) We can hear the angels calling us (Chea) We can see the sunrise before us (Yeah) And when I'm in that thang, I'll make that body sang (She know what I mean) I make it say... Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee (Wee), Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee (Wee), Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee, (Like a cop car) Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee, Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee (Hey), Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee (Hahaha)... I'll make ya say... [Lil Wayne:] (Yeahh)... Doin a buck in the latest drop I got stopped by a lady cop Ha Ha... she got me thinking I can da
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I'm Slightly Amused By This
Bottom up as always: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ATLBorn-Dre': I stand corrected and your points are validated. Sorry, I didn't read your profile before I shouted u..... sorry to bother u. ->ATLBorn-Dre': theres a BIG difference in telling a woman you think she's beautiful and telling a woman she's sexy ->ATLBorn-Dre': keep it to yourself ->ATLBorn-Dre': don't get me wrong i appreciate it but as i state in my profile i don't want to hear if the men on this site think i'm hot or not ->ATLBorn-Dre': therefore your calling me sexy twice is still just as belittling and equating my looks to sex ->ATLBorn-Dre': sexy is what you call someone that your sexually attracted to which equates to sex ->ATLBorn-Dre': sounds to me like your trying to make crap up so your last statement doesn't contradict your calling me sexy twice ATLBorn-Dre': sexy and sex is differentiated by a "y"...... in my world.....this means "y" associate sexy with
Running A Train On Saturday
Johnny and I are trying to level again like we did when we became Godfathers... In order to help with this I will be running a train for us on Saturday... If you would like to ride the train... Please leave me a blog comment... Johnny will be running an auto on Saturday, and I will be running one on Sunday... So, please stop by and rate us... All help is appreciated...
Dog For Sale
Dog For Sale Free to good home. Excellent guard dog. Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat. Most of them knew him as 'Holy Shit.'
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Dee75 Member of llama levelers !! Fu Owned by Texas Twister@ fubar all Llama Levelers will leave 100 pic. rates each when done kindly leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks.
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The Feline Who Owns Me
moar funny pictures
Leveling Blog #376
That Nikki~Greeter @ Liquid City~@ fubar 50,000 to level
Get You Some...
Ok friends here is the deal. Simply Serenity has her Auto's running and has since last night ya'll and still hasnt even gotten 200k off it. She is down to less than 8rs left and is totally bombing. I know with the new rating system it sux to rate but she has always helped us, i know ive seen her in the ez rates on ya'll's albums. I know the purpose with helping a friend isnt done to expect it back but c'mon she needs our help and i cant do it alone. Please lets make this very sweet woman's Auto 11 worth it and rock her world FRIEND style! ~SIMPLY SERENITY ~@ fubar Thanks 4 Reading
How Could He....
Sulphur convenient store clerk killed at work By Amanda Ward LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Murder shocks the Sulphur community after a man allegedly kills a convenient store clerk for his car. James Richard, 21, is being held without bond and the Calcasieu Correctional Center. Sulphur Police Asst. Chief Glenn Berry said Richard entered the EZ Mart on Highway 90 and Cities Service Hwy and killed Benjamin Mevis, 26. "It's a totally senseless killing that happened here (Citgo), last night. Mr. Richard came in and the only thing we can notice that's missing is Mr. Mevis's car," said Asst. Chief Berry. Amanda: Is there any reason to believe that the suspect knew the victim? Asst. Chief Berry: No, I don't believe there's any reason to believe that. Amanda: So, basically all this for his car? Asst. Chief Berry: That's the way it appears. Just totally senseless. After realizing the only thing missing was Mevis's car, Sulphur Police put out a BOLO (be on the look ou
100 Things To Know About Women
Found these online ... some are true and others are funny, then there is just damn stupid. ENJOY! 100 things to know about women 100. Girls enjoy always having something kind of wrong, like a headache or cramping or something. Remember: No matter how bad it sounds, she’s going to outlive you. 99. Most women will not have sex for the first time with a guy unless their legs are shaved. If your date shows up and you spot stubble, she’s trying to keep herself in line. 98. No matter how much she reassures you, if you can’t get a hard-on she assumes you’re not attracted to her. 97. Beware of your girlfriend's single party friend or gay bud. They want her to be single with them and will encourage any bad behavior as often as possible. 96. Jewelry. Now you always know what to get her for a last-minute gift. 95. The sight of you in your socks and underwear is the biggest turnoff in the world. 94. Never trust a girl who has no girlfriends. She doesn’t get along w
Lost Tears
Tears of old tears of new thats what i see when i see you every day so sad that you keep on going so sad that you not lost but your you and you can not help but to be here so sad to be you so i sit here and look in the mirror and only see my self so who is the truly sad one now. Ash
It Makes Sense
nothing in life is forever including your problems
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Got a auto-11 on for the the next 24 hours. Got bling random giving out and rate folder for 10k for 100 rates. Ramdom folder the have 100 will pay 10k for rates:
I Will Love You-more Ramblings
As long as I can dream.... as long as I can think.... as long as I have a memory.... I will love you. As long as I have eyes to see.... and ears to hear.... and lips to speak.... I will love you. As long as there is time.... As long as there is love.... as long as there is you.... and as long as I have a breath to speak your name.... I will love you.
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I was once sent to Tokyo for work for the period of a year, I dyed my hair red as I received so much grief for being a blonde western woman. The city did not impress me, and the idea of living there for a year seemed a nightmare. So I left after 2 months. 2. In my teens I became a keen writer, and had a collection of poems published at 14. 3. I am allergic to seafood 4. I am medical mystery and have 3 kidneys 5. In my teens I accumulated 8 piercings, none of which was in my ears. Today I have only one remaining and it is well hidden. 6. I am addicted to cherry coke 7. I have only 51% hearing, 50% of which is in my right ear.
New Attack On Your 2nd Ammendment
I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PROPOSED BILL THAT IS IN THE HOUSE NOW. **Blair Holt Firearm Licensing *** **& Record of Sale Act ** **2-16-9*** **Very Important for you to be aware of a new bill HR 45 introduced into the House. **This is the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009. **We just learned yesterday about this on the Peter Boyles radio program. **Even gun shop owners didn't know about this because it is flying under The radar. **To find out about this - go to any government website and type in HR 45 or Google HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009. You will get all the information. **Basically this would make it illegal to own a firearm - any rifle with a clip or ANY pistol unless: **·It is registered ** **·You are fingerprinted ** **·You supply a current Driver's License ** **·You supply your Social Security # ** **·You will submit to a physical & mental evaluation at an
Taking Chance In April 2004, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl, USMC, came across the name of 19-year-old Lance Corporal Chance Phelps, a young Marine who had been killed by hostile fire in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. Strobl, a Desert Storm veteran with 17 years of military service, requested that he be assigned for military escort duty to accompany Chance's remains to his family in Dubois, Wyo. Witnessing the spontaneous outpouring of support and respect for the fallen Marine - from the groundskeepers he passed along the road to the cargo handlers at the airport - Strobl was moved to capture the experience in his personal journal. His first-person account, which began as an official trip report, gives an insight into the military's policy of providing a uniformed escort for all casualties. The story became an Internet phenomenon when it was widely circulated throughout the military community and eventually reached the mainstream media.
So Sick
Upate: Neoclassical
I have planned this up-coming June to start merging baroque/classical to metal---hence, neoclassical...I have been studying baroque/classical for sometime now, about a few years now...I now feel content that my study and playing/pratice of baroque/classical has acheived its purpose---to learn how to play it and thus get the feel of it, so that I can incorporate it into my choice of listening, and thus write my own neoclassical material... Yngva
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South Carolina Here I Come
countdown starts today...4 months from today i am gone to the sun and palm trees...i cannot wait to move!!!!
This Is The Staff Updated
Exam To Enter Into Heaven Joke
THIS IS A RECENT EXAMPLE FROM WWW.BELIEFNET.COM DAILY JOKE SYSTEM. "Entrance Exam To Enter Into Heaven" A Christian, a Muslim and a Buddhist die and arrive at the Gate of Heaven. An angel (or deva) stops them and asks, "Why do you come here? Can you tell me the reasons why you are allowed to enter Heaven?" The Christian replies, "My ancestors disobeyed God, and I sinned all my life: I killed, I lied, I cheated my wife and I was greedy. However, Jesus died for me and all my sins are forgiven. So I deserve to enter Heaven." "OK," replies the Angel. "Sounds good, but I must give you an entrance examination before you can enter." The Christian promptly agrees and the Angel asks him: "How do you spell God?" It is an easy question, and the Christian passes through the Gate. Next came the Muslim, who says, "I did not do any especially good or evil things during my life but I was very devout. I prayed to God five times a day. So, I too should enter Heaven." The Angel
That Special Someone...
Have you ever met that person who you think is so perfect? Well maybe not perfect but perfect for you??? That special someone who can brighten any day no matter how crappy it is... They make you feel so wonderful when your with them... You get butterflies in your stomach when the phone rings and you see that it's them... A smile pops on your face when a thought of them enters your mind... The world just seems better because you know them. Half the people in the world aren't lucky enough to find that person, and then the other half found them but they don't feel the same way about you, if you have then you know what i am talking about. Whether it turned out good for you or bad for you, it was still nice to experience what things you had together. I love everything life has offered me so far... I have met some people so absolutely wonderful. I consider myself lucky. I love you baby!!!
A Poem Called, "when You Love"
When You Love When you love someone, you treat them respect and you honor them and their privacy. The love of your life could be a friend or a complete stranger. Before you can love anyone though, you must believe in yourself then you must learn to love yourself and believe in yourself and the one you lovein order to make things work...... Love is true Love is perfect But most importantly, Love is unchanging Love lasts forever. Most people don't believe in love, they believe in "Friends with Benefits." Love is not like that, though, love is not just about being intimate with the one you love. Love is about truly appreciating him/her for the way are and you don't want to change anything about them. Loving someone is not always as easy as some might think. Love is much harder to comprehend than most other things. Most people think that love is a game, Love is NOT a game, love is the real thing. Love is something that should NOT be taken for grante
OK Folks... first i need to rant... Republicans need to make up their minds and decide what the fuck they want to do with their party. But that dont fucking matter to me that much though because as far as i am concerned most repub's are fucking jackasses (some not all) and the piece of fucking shit called Rush Limbaugh, dont even get me started with what i think about him. All that man knows is hate, but then that is true of most repub's these days. With all these hating jackasses they expect us democrats to take them seriously???? There own damn party dont take them seriously no more. The only people they got left is the christian conservatives (that hate anyone that is not white or straight). Christian conservatives alone dont win elections. HINT HINT....that might be why the ditzes McCain/Palin lost the ELECTION!!! this is 2k9. racism and sexual preference intolerance cannot be a part of any party's future. might be why us democrats are progresing as the dominant par
I Love What I Saw.
Hi dear, I am fully in love with your photos. I would love to hear from u on +2348051800537 or I am waiting.................
So After The Fiasco Of The Last Cpl Weeks.....
mom comes to me YET AGAIN...... not understanding why she couldnt get her program on..... this time, I didnt help her...... she said she was reading the instructions and dint understand them..... I didnt buy that as an arguement..... I said you didnt understand them because you dont want to, because for years its been easier to ask dad or myself to do it for you. I then said, you obviously didnt read the letter i wrote to you or you would have known to not even approach me for help, the day of me helping you are over. She walked away and didnt say anything, but I overheard her complain to dad. To my glee , I heard him tell her the same thing...... its about time she starts doin shit for herself.
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Being Gay
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Recently, on Oprahs widely viewed show, two Christian ministers declared that being gay is a gift from God. It almost goes without saying that thes..., ... Attempts to answer questions on subject such as coming out, homophobia and sex for young males. Includes diaries and forums. Colorado state senator compares being gay to committing murder. On the floor of the Colorado state senate on Monday, Republican Sen. ... Answers such questions as: Were gays made that way? Does homosexuality harm anyone? Is it anyone
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Launch Scrubbed After Slight Gh2 Leak
Wed, 11 Mar 2009 12:34:19 PM PDT NASA officials scrubbed Wednesday’s attempt at 2:37 EDT to launch space shuttle Discovery after a slight leak was detected in a gaseous hydrogen (GH2) vent line. The vent line is at the intertank region of the external tank and is the overboard vent to the pad and the flare stack where the vented hydrogen is burned off. The launch team is resetting to preserve the option of attempting a Thursday night liftoff at 8:54 p.m. EDT depending on what repairs are needed and what managers decide. The Mission Management Team is meeting at 5 p.m. today to discuss the issue.
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Clay Aiken Announces That He Is Gay
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Cleveland Lesbian
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To The One By Brandon Lange
To the one I will eventually spend my life with I know not who you are and I know not where but I do know that I don't care because when you get here Ill will be waiting with my love to share and when you get here we can start a fairy tail together we can ride off Into the sunset and brave the stormiest weather we will share a wonderful love that Is more pure than the the driven snow a better love no one will ever know Untill then I will just sit and wait because I know the best love comes from fait
Untitled....october 15th 2006
October 15th, 2006 You were the one who made me feel needed and loved. You made me feel like I wanted to melt inside and out. Since July and the few times with eachother after wards, I've tryed to forget everything, but catch myself at least once a day, thinking of you. There have been others that attempt to take your place in my heart, but my stuborn ass wont allow it. You have had yours, and I've had mine, You've probably replaced those feelings, we once shared. If I could turn back the wheel I would, So that neither of us would've gotten hurt. I blame myself for everything that went wrong, because when you dont give me an explanation thats how I take it, that I had done everything to make it not work so, I wish I could take back all the fights we ever had, I wish I just could have made you happier. All these other guys who try to come and take your spot, are nothing, none of them compare to how you made me feel, just being around you. I still and will alw
The Pain I Feel Is Real
my tears and fears are real as real as a self inflected knife wound the tearing of the jagged edge againt my flesh the pretty red flow of warm blood dripping from my body feels the need of the constant pain the need to be wanted really wanted the need to just be held my mind racing with so many thoughts as of way the gods have delt me this mental affair roller coaster the constant urge to cut just to have a different kinda pain releses bad pain and brangs a coffy numb feeling to me as the pretty red flow of warm blood dripping from my body is a calming relaxing comfort ladycaiaigh 3/13/09
A Bullet And A Gun
Alone in a dark room He has run out of options He has no one to turn to No one to care He's crying and scared But he must do it This world’s just too cruel No one will notice A man has killed his-self A gun in his hand Black and emotionless This is it The suffering ends tonight The loneliness stops now The fight is over The deed done On the floor he lies Not a breath he takes A gun in his hand And blood running down his face An unsuspecting mother Comes to tell her son good night But she hears a gun shot And is stricken with fright She runs down the hall Horror tearing at her heart She slams open the door And stops mid breath Her only son Dead on the floor His face tell no tale But his note tells much more He had no one to turn to So the poor man lost his mind Alone and scared He decided to take his life A mother heart broken And an only son dead The crime was committed The deed was done A lonely man
Ex-wwe Champ, Andrew Martin, Found Dead In Florida
Ex-WWE champ, Andrew Martin, found dead in Florida TAMPA, Fla. — Authorities say former professional wrestler Andrew Martin, who was known as "Test" and "The Punisher" to fans, has died at his Tampa home. He was 33. The former World Wrestling Entertainment champion was found dead at his apartment Friday night. Police say a neighbor reported that she could see into his apartment window and that Martin appeared motionless for several hours. Police say there was no indication of foul play. A cause of death will be determined after an autopsy. During his time with Stamford, Conn.-based World Wrestling Entertainment, Martin held the Intercontinental, European and Hardcore belts. He was also a tag-team champion. Martin most recently worked for TNA Wrestling under the name "The Punisher."
Worst Birthday Ever
Today was my 23rd birthday...and it fucking sucked. Worst birthday ever, and I am more than glad that it's over
This Is Fn Funnies
Kenny Chesney-me & You
Ordinary? No! I really don't think so, Not a love this true. Common destiny, we were meant to be, me and you. Like a perfect scene from a movie screen, We're a dream come true. Suited perfectly, for eternity, me and you. CHORUS: Everyday, well I need you even more, And the nighttime too. There's no way, I could ever let you go. Even if I wanted to. Everyday I live, (I) try my best to give, All I have to you. Thank the stars above, that we share this love, me and you CHORUS Ordinary? No! I really don't think so, Just a precious few. Ever make it last, are as lucky as Me and you.
Demon Unleashed
Dusk has risen and I arise from my grave in the darkness there is beauty all to save Fog covers the stones the moon full for this night it is abound still, I take a look at myself, and notice there another link was added to my chain for all to bare No mistress of this night, no one to give the order so for this night i take the flight For my hunger needs to be satisfied for darkest delight Whom shall i find who shall my victim be Who wishes for the darkness and truelly see for when i find the one who will satisfy my hunger this night all passion will be her delight while i feed on blood so pure For my hunger stirs and craves still who will offer themselves to me who wishes for all the delight endlessly in this night we shall feel what passions of the night bring what fire must stir
Abunza Web Revolution
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy Abunza offers you two ways to earn your income. The first is through retail sales, though which you earn a 100% commission for every product that you sell to a customer via your Abunza store. (Abunza Web Revolution) The store acts just as an ordinary online store, where a customer picks up a product adds it to their cart and pay for it via their credit card. The second is via wholesale sales, this is where the big money advertised by Abunza is earned. With the sale of a complete digital library package, for $997 you make a generous commission of $797, on the first level and $200 every time the people you sponsored make a sale. The biggest plus point about Abunza is you don't need to make any cold calls or speak to your customers yourself, if you are not a sales person, no problem, the dream team will close the sale for you. In conclusion Abunza
& More Tunes,... Im A Freak About It Ya Know.
I'm Not Girly
below 40 = not girly above 40 = girly above 55 = paris hilton [ ]My fingernails/toenails are almost always painted. [ ] During the summer pretty much the only shoes I wear are flip flops. [ ] My favorite toy as a child were barbies/bratz. [ ] My favorite color is pink or purple. [ ] I did Gymnastics. [] I love skirts. [] Hollister is one my favorite places to shop. [] Tight jeans are the only jeans I'll wear. [x ] I love chocolate. TOTAL SO FAR: 1 [] My hair is mostly always straightened [x] I usually go shopping once a week. [ ] I love to hang out with friends. [ ] I have a real diamond ring or diamond necklace. [ ] I've gone to a tanning salon. [] I've gone to the beach to tan - not to swim. [] I have at least 10 pairs of shoes. [ ] I watch Gossip Girl [x] I change my profile picture weekly. [ ] I wear a shower c
Spotlight Bay-bee
that pierced chick aka pvt. cupcake *hearts* joe dirt!! owned by the amazing zwallyzool@ fubar This really awesome girl needs your help making the spotlight. Every little bit helps, and as we all know, the spotlight prices are getting downright ridiculous. So, if you luvers me lots and lots, go help her out. hugs-n-kisses, bunny
Carbon Copy Pro Team
Carbon Copy Pro Team Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? As someone interested in multiple streams on income online I found Carbon Copy Pro intriguing. Clearly some people had experienced and were experiencing success with the system. My question was of course could I duplicate the same results, and also, how many within the Carbon Copy Pro system were repeating this same success? These were some of my main concerns and questions: Implementing the Carbon Copy Pro system meant purchasing their "Business in a Box," which would be putting in place a duplicate website offered to all new CCP reps. Having a "unique selling proposition" that sets me apart from others would seem to be difficult if my website was a clone of another and was out there amongst thousands (or more) others. How would I fare against my own company reps with the same site? The system also aims to "eliminate the human variable." This is an attractive proposition for people who hate cold calling, prospecting f
Jee's Quiz
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take it RULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! LAST PERSON YOU.... [1] Who was the last person you texted? Amber [2] You were in the car with? My mom-n-law [3] Went to the mall with? My goodness...probably my daughter [4] Person you talked on the phone with? hubby [5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar? A friend........ T/F Only answer with True or False Q:Kissed some one on your top friends? True Q: Been searched By Cops? True Q: Been suspended from school? true Q: Sat on a roof top? True Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? True Q: Broken a bone? True Q: Have shaved your head? True/partly Q: Played a prank on someone? True Q: Had/have a gym membership? True Q: Shot a gun? True Q: Donated Blood? True WOULD YOU RATHER: [1] Eat or drink? Eat [2] Be serious or be funny? A
Wanna Own Me?
I'm in an auction and I'm pretty easy to own. I am offering among daily gifts and shitfacing you everyday among other things, my new owner will get an auto 11 or bomb bling every Friday for a month! Come own your own Average Military Woman!!! Click the picture below!
Going Walkabout.....
I won't be online at all of next week (or as my other personas)...heading out camping in the bush to get away from the yuppies, tourists and rude people at this coastal resort holiday town i call home. No tv, computer, Mp3...just my mobile. Just letting you all know just incase you gave a fuck and noticed.
velleity \veh-LEE-uh-tee; vuh-\, noun: 1. The lowest degree of desire; imperfect or incomplete volition. 2. A slight wish or inclination.
A Poem I Wrote During Hard Times
In times of sadness,sorrow or pain, remember to lose,you also must gain. If only to learn or mayby to grow, slowly but surely,the reasons will show. So use these setbacks as directional guide, for the river of life is rapid and wide. Take each little obsticle that may come your way as a lesson you've learned and may need the next day!!!
Hard Thoughts
everyone talks about what is faair and what isn't. well this is life its not fair and never will be. Though i feel pain as i right this. it is about me and everyone else if this touches you. When people needed you, you was always there for them. but when the tables turn are they there for you?. no instead they are off else where leaveing you to deal with it yourself. All through-out our lives we try to shape who we are but, its the people we keep around us that makes us who we are. and as we get older we all seem to come to these roads keep helping others and risj getting fucked over ( oh an you will me fucked over) or do you become the one doing the fucking over. eventually we have to decide to be the prey or the predator. in many ways we are all both and neither those who have good hearts and good intentions will make it out better in the end but of those owho use will always be the losers. but what of those who have become cold and hateful from the lives we have lead and the
How Much You Mean To Me...
From The Moment I Saw You... From The Moment I Looked Into Your Eyes... There Was Something About You... I Had Found A Once In A Lifetime... And A Treasure Thats Is Impossible To Find...When I'm With You, I'm Complete... To Hear Your Laugh... To See Your Smile... To Listen To Your Beautiful Voice... To Stare Into Your Eyes... Makes Me Complete... All I Want From You Is To... Hug You... Kiss You... Hold Your Hand... Hold You In My Arms... Why... Because You Are Everything To Me... To Me, Your My Friend, My World, My Heart, My Soul... I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With You... You'd Never Know How Far I Would Go For You... I Would Give My Life In the Place Of Yours... I Want You To Know... I Will Always Be There For You... When You... Need Someone To Talk To... Need Someone To Cry With... Need Someone Who Will Listen... Need Someone To Be Mad At... Need Someone To Lean On... Anytime You Need Me... Day Or Night... Know That... I Will Always
Beautiful Is
Beautiful to me is: That little area in the small of a womans back. Ya know where they love to be massaged. Eyes that make me forget what I was thinking. Smiling eyes Olive skin and black hair with green or blue eyes Country girls in Sunday dresses. Boy shorts pulled halfway down. A woman nervously biting her lower lip. That place on a womans neck where a diamond sits just right. Goosebumps on an inner thigh when you kiss it. Blondes with southern accents
No Time
Just wanted to let everyone know that I don't have enough time to do everything, fubar, facebook, drivers alike, etc etc. So I am writing to say, if you want to keep in touch, check me out at: Take care and God Bless.
Tool Tour Update
  Confirmed TOOL Dates   Commerce City,Co - July 18th Jersey City,N.J. - Aug 1st Chicago,Ill - Aug Lollapalooza   Stay tuned as I will be posting more dates as I get them :D
Saturday Morning Funnies...
Tongue2Swe...: thank anyhow you are to ugly anyhow... ->Tongue2Swe...: not a snowball's chance Tongue2Swe...: I open my beach house at the jersey shore the 1st weekend in june can you cum?...I would love to eat....sorry meet you...I think you are sooooo Pretty !!!! Ugh. I'm gonna have to shut my shoutbox down I think...Some men have no shame.
Something Different its not everyones taste. it works though.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
i like kevin james, he is a cool cat. this movie had high reviews but after seeing it i was a bit dissaopinted, i guess it got hyped up to much. it was a funny movie but he plays on being fat to much, and that doesnt sit right with me. it was just an hour and a half long fat joke. but, maybe your into that, safe for the kids to go see at any rate.   ( o ) ( o )                 2 bewbs
My Story
after reading this many of you might ask why i live the lifestyle i do and there is only 3 words i can say  SAFE SANE CONSENTUAL....the difference is even as a slave i ALWAYS have the power to stop a scene AT ANY TIME!  as a battered wife the beatings didn't stop until he was good and ready..... My Story....this is all true Abuse. i was married at one time to a horrible man...Rick was never my master or was plain old vanilla but that is not what made him was the abuse that he dished out almost daily....and it wasn't just physical, it was emotional and sexual also... i never reported him to the police...i was afraid to...he had threatened to kill me many times and he even held a hunting knife to my throat one day and told me that he could kill me and no one would give a shit...and then one night i was a few minutes late getting home from the grocery store and he met me at the top of the stairs with a loaded cocked gun and told me that i was late and i wo
Words From My Heart
If I lost youI wouldn't know what to doYour brighten my dayand always know the right things to sayThrough the good and the badthe happy and sadYou are always there for meshowing me all the good there is to seeYou are my best friendwe have a connection that will never endYou help me deal with all my fearsand let me shed all my tearsEven when things go so wrongyou make me feel like I still belongSome days when I feel like I just can't winyou never let me give inYou have shown me unconditional loveI believe you were sent from Heaven aboveNo one could ever take your placeif you left there would be a huge void spaceYou never leave me outand you trust me without a doubtIn my life you are a huge parteverything I wrote came straight from my heart
Blonde And The Dildo
One day this guy comes to work at a dildo shop. His boss leaves for the day and puts him in charge of the shop.About an hour later a black haired lady comes in and asks "How much for your black dildos?"The guy says "30 bucks""And how much for your white dildos?" asks the lady.Again the man says "30 bucks for the black and 30 bucks for the white"So she takes the black one and leaves.A while later a brunette comes in to the store and asks "How much for your white dildos?"The man responds "30 bucks"She asks "And how much for your black dildos?""30 bucks for the white and 30 bucks for the black" replies the man.So she takes the white one leaves.About an hour later a blonde walks through the door and asks "How much are your dildos?"The guys says "All our dildos are 30 bucks"Then she looks up behind the man on a shelf and ask "How much for that plaid one?"The man responds "Oh, that one is special. That will cost you $250"The blonde agrees and takes it.Later that day the boss come back and as
SOo i have to go to oki  whats exactly there  when i think of oki i think of grain,j/k na oki is awesome when you find out were you wanna go .  na im lying  ive been there before big whoop what eva . well guess i goto go back omg . im so scarewd ha ,ever seen that movie delervernce or some omg  please i dont want that . man im crazy any  i'll like it out there
Where I Stand
I think of the past Asking for another chanceAs time went onYou moved along in your life I walked away crying I smile and hide my emotionsHappy you have someone newKnowing he's a better manUnderstanding I lost It's over I lost all my chances Looking for my heartI don't know where it isAll I know is you own itMaybe one day I can get it backI will always love you,think about you,dream of what might have beenCopyright ©2009
Fighting The Department Of Homeland Security
Posted: April 17, 2009 12:00 am Eastern By Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily   Radio talk show host Michael Savage has teamed up with the Thomas More   Law Center of Ann Arbor, Mich., to file a lawsuit against Department of   Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. "It is a civil rights action   brought under the First and Fifth Amendments to the United States   Constitution, challenging the policy, practice, and custom of the United States   Government that targets for disfavored treatment those individuals and   groups that are considered to be 'rightwing extremists,'" the complaint   announced today said. Become part of WND's re-declaration of our founders'   intent to be an independent nation The federal agency recently targeted those   individuals in its report called "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and   Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment   According to the federal government, members of the suspect group of pe
The Way I Feel At Times..
I feel this way at real life and on here.  I just give up. Why even bother having friends? I get bitched at on here..if I am not talking to just that one person.  So, if I am to devote my attn to only one on here..why bother having friends?
First Auction! Time's Running Out!
Come on people!! What're you waiting for? Come check me out in my first auction ever. Auction ends Friday and I need some new bids!! Take a peek of what I'm offering and make a bid! While you're there, rate me please, they have prizes for the ones with the most rates. Thanks!!        
Repost Bully Please
      Come meet your new Fu Bomber top family Click there pic to show them love get to know them if you have any questions hit them up Tee Fu Bomber Family Owner JamieDawn Fu Bomber OPERATIONS MANAGER WillyMakit *FuBomber Family Manager* burghbabe *FU-Bomber Family Manager* JEWEL OF THE SEA*FUBOMBERS FAMILY MANAGER* NICCI~FU BOMBER FAMILY MANAGER~ if you want to become a fu bomber click here FU-Bombers*READ THE WHOLE PAGE*@ fubar (repost of original by 'NICCI~OWNER OF DEMENTED NAUGHTY ANGELS~FU BOMBER FAMILY MANAGER~KASEY & ADAMS MISTRESS' on '2009-04-23 13:29:12')
Why Did You Leave
I knew this day would come, the day you would go away from me. I patiently await your return but your no where in sight. from dusk till dawn till the early morning light I wait for your sillouette to appear through the fog but i cannot see. i reach for you my vision blurry and my heart racing a mile a minute. when i fell in love with you i fell knee deep in it. now im all alone with no one to love or share my heart with now. i want you back in my life but to bring you back i just dont know how tears are a waste of time crying wont ease the pain i walk in the shadows of darkness looking for slightest bit of rain. but rain wont happen because my heart is in too much pain. i see you will never return now my shirt is all bloodstained. you left me to be in heaven and with out you im absolutley lost. im gonna be with you again no matter what the cost. as i raise my hands to the lord i pray he forgives me for my sins now i leap of he building eyes closed...... death is my goal
Almost 6am and I have not slept yet. I have taken 4 tylenol pm and a few muscle relaxers but for some reason just can't sleep....and now im shivering....i may be dying...someone please hold a fu-neral for me
Dumb Laws In Illinois
City Laws in Illinois Carbondale No one may stand on the sidewalk on the 500 block of Illinois Ave. Champaign One may not pee in his neighbor’s mouth. Chicago businesses entering into contracts with the city must sift through their records and report any business they had dealing with slaves during the era of slavery.   Law forbids eating in a place that is on fire. It is illegal to give a dog whiskey. It is forbidden to fish while sitting on a giraffe’s neck. Kites may n
Blood On The Moon
Blood on the moon and on your hands, Trouble on its way tonight, A party, a kiss, a broken dream, What a lovely, lonely night. Lovers intertwined, a sickening view, The calm before the storm breaks, My hands trace me swollen lips, And then my whole body shakes. I walk with my shadow, hand in hand I feel the darkness ease my pain, I hear echoes of your laughter, How quickly love makes you insane. Are you watching this moon too? As she lies on your bed? Funny how when you close your eyes, It's me you see instead. Friendships shouldn't be broken, Love should last above all, But what if the one that trips you, Only watches you fall? I walk alone amongst lovers, A freak amongst the rest, Am I damaged enough for you now? Did I pass the test? When you finally miss me, I hope you've memorized my face, It's your turn to reach out to me, And feel only empty space. Blood on the moon and on your hands, Trouble on its way tonight, I sit alone, small, tain
~wanna Get To Know A Country Girl~">">
22 Years Old What To Do?
The Winner
Cuddle Slut pimped me out and it brought this gentelman to my shoutbox. :) Enjoy..maybe someone should go hit on him. ;) He seems like a winner.   ShawnOSU**...: oh no !! please dont blog about me!! darn it im so sorry, ur hurting my e-feelings!! nooooooooooooo and dont rate me a 1 either!!!! please GOD!!!->ShawnOSU**...: ROFL that's why you asked if I swing..thanks for the funny blog I'll be posting soonShawnOSU**...: ur Fubar cute, I wouldnt look twice at you at a bar or shopping mallShawnOSU**...: fully clothed my love. (im picky so dont flatter youreself, Im outta ur league)->ShawnOSU**...: seriously you are a dumbfuck..go jerk off to someone elseShawnOSU**...: lol sucker! i got some land to seel ya if youre interested?->ShawnOSU**...: not that its any of your busines..but I do more with the chick than he does have a nice dayShawnOSU**...: oh youll say you dont cuz hes prolly got you so brainwashed at this point that you dont crave other men now. its just funny. he gets what he w
Lil About Me.
God, My Family, and my Top Dogs love me and thats all that matters. I love life and I love to party, If you got a problam with that then look the other way hater I'll blind ya. Im real and I love being me, I an't got nothing to hide. Just ask me. By the way Im a party D.J. If you have an event and your in Georgia just call me on my cell 678 943 2735, ask for shortkut.
Acting Ones Age And Not Shoe Size
While scrolling threw the mumm's you get a sense of understanding how some peeps in here think and operate. I see the put downs,  be littling of others, cant handle the truth when its put towards them,  get all pissy when the bashing is now directed towards them. I could go on and on but you get the picture , I am sure.  And most of the ones that are ripping others apart are always the same peeps.  I am begining to think they have low self esteem or simply just plain ignorant. I doubt very much these wanna be adults will ever grow up and act their age.  They will continue to act the age of their shoe size. Pathetic you know that you have people like this running around shooting off their mouths attempting to hurt others just for kicks I am a firm believer of murphys law,  what goes around comes around .  And I have seen it over and over in here. And I laugh cause its funny,  They get a kick out of bashing people and then the tables are turned and they go whinning to their frien
Zeg Wat Jije
musice             teggno house    i get it     
well i'm another year older and i i can count on 1 hand who wished me a happy b-day. i guess i should feel spiecial, cuz the 1 i love w/ all that i have said happy b-day; but i don't. i miss her so very much but she loves another right now. can anybody help me figure out what i should do? please im me
Help Out Moo
I Waited...
I spent so long waiting Sat here each and every night Your silence screamed at me I saw your face, it haunted me I can't remember how you laughed I could never hide from you You always saw my pain Your broken wings once sheltered me I sit and think of the times we shared You were once my faith Made the world a stage for me to scream I once asked you to heal me You walked away from us Why did I wait so long Because someone I once loved asked me to...
Unspoken Words
Everyone has that one person they love the most. The one that can make you smile just by a phone call away. One that makes stupid jokes but you laugh anyway. It's always that one particular person thats written all over your heart but don't even realize it. At times its that one person that you know you wouldn't be able to love. Watching people love, watching people hurt. Now I realized how much love can stab you like a knife because of these stupid rules that others spread around. Specific things that one can not do because others say they can't. Is that really love? Is it hard to accept truth? Questions building up inside me, making me more confused then I already am. Being stuck in the middle is not always easy. One thing I'd like to ask everyone. Isn't "Love" something that's shared by others no matter how much you dislike that someone or something? One that can learn to move on from previous wounds. One that can accept the truth. Sometimes I wonder how much better life would be if
I Need Help
this would be bad ass if this was in like every store you went in!      
Quote Du Jour 5/16/09
"Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings."
i will also rate all pics for autos /bombs/tickers or blasts just pm me !
Who We Are Who we are you ask We live on our feet, definitely Will not live on our knees. When duty calls We leave everything behind Family, friends everything we love. We will kill for those who cannot kill Die for those too scared to We fight for what many wont We take the punishment and pay the price For all that you enjoy. Fear not our fate, enjoy your freedom While it is not free, we will pay your share Often ultimate sacrifice is the cost. There is nothing you should fear. We have your back, the bullets hit our chest. While people question our jobs, We courageously battle the enemy Off in far away lands We never know if today is the day we will die but, We are not afraid to do so because In our hearts we know, that back at home you will all be fine. Honor, courage, and commitment Hardship along with those training experiences Bond us all together A brotherhood so inexplicable You will never understand, unless you’re one of us. Who we are you ask, We are the fight
Alas, my love, you do me wrong,To cast me off discourteously.For I have loved you well and long,Delighting in your company.Greensleeves was all my joyGreensleeves was my delight,Greensleeves was my heart of gold,And who but my lady greensleeves.Alas, my love, that you should ownA heart of wanton vanity,So must I meditate aloneUpon your insincerity.Your vows you've broken, like my heart,Oh, why did you so enrapture me?Now I remain in a world apartBut my heart remains in captivity.If you intend thus to disdain,It does the more enrapture me,And even so, I still remainA lover in captivity.I have been ready at your hand,To grant whatever you would crave,I have both wagered life and land,Your love and good-will for to have.Thou couldst desire no earthly thing,But still thou hadst it readily.Thy music still to play and sing;And yet thou wouldst not love me.I bought thee kerchiefs for thy head,That were wrought fine and gallantly;I kept thee at both board and bed,Which cost my purse well-favor
Flakers Fakers Dishonest Takers
here's a short blog i wrote for myspace tonight...   O.K. I haven't written anything on here in quite awhile, but I was chatting with a friend tonight and it got me thinking about things. There are just way too many fake, etch a-sketchy, flaky, dishonest people around these days. (especially online). They all want to take, take, take, and give little in return. Those of you reading this are probably the only exceptions, but hey I wanna vent right now! So, my friend Rob and I were talking about how hard it is to just meet a decent person and have a real relationship. I was bitching about all my failed relationships with men, getting ready to kick my anti-male gears into overdrive, when he shared that he had pretty much the same experience with all the women he'd been seeing. We both shared how we'd recently been stood up -- myself by a guy I had dated for 3 months (You'd think he could have made up his mind sooner to flake out instead of wasting all my time. To make it worse he's stil
THE OPENING OF THE TRUNK (BY JIM MORRISO) -Moment of inner freedom when the mind is opened & the infinite universe revealed & the soul is left to w ander dazed& confus,d searchung here & there for teachers friends. tis what happens when i pen my mind tospiritual meditations to ealive my stres in my life
So why is it when a guy talks to me and my weight problem comes up he always asks "well do you want to lose weight?" I always respond "Well, yeah...eventually." then he seems to think he needs to come up with a fucking game plan for me. Jesus! I've lost 100+ pounds...I know what I'm doing, and I know you have to be in a good place mentally. A person has to be very motivated and ready to make changes in their life. Ugh...
12 Year Old Drummer; Britains Got Talent
so.. i got a text message from my sister last night... it said "I GOT MARRIED TODAY!" yay :D She got married at the courthouse.. they are planning a real wedding in july. how fun!
Top 10 Reasons Crotchrockets Don’t Wave Back:
10. They have not been riding long enough to know they’re supposed to.9. They’re going too fast to have enough time to register the movement and respond.8. You weren’t wearing bright enough gear.7. If they stick their arm out going that fast, they’ll rip it out of the socket.6. They’re too occupied with trying to get rid of chicken strips.5. They look way too cool with both hands on the bars or they don’t want to unbalance themselves while standing onthe tank.4. Their skin tight-kevlar-ballistic-nylon-kangaroo-leather suits prevent any position other than fetal.3. Raising an arm allows bugs into the armholes of their tank tops.2. It’s too hard to do one-handed stoppies.1. They were too busy slipping their flip-flops back on.
Same Sex Marriage
Same sex marriage.   I agree with the gay & lesbian community that there needs to be change. Love & commitment is hard enough to find & keep in this world! How can anyone put a restriction on who it should apply too? Obama is making speeches in the middle east about change following the "will of the people", well, isn't equal rights for gay/lesbian community also a "will of the people" issue? I can understand that many people and religious groups will say that the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman. Isn't government supposed to separate church & state? If that is the case, than the decisions made in this issue should be humanity based, not religion oriented. I personally am born & raised Catholic. I personally am not a lesbian. Does that give me some right to tell another person who to love? NO. Does being gay equal not being able to commit to another person? NO. There are countless people in a traditional man/woman marriage that are HORRIBLE to each other! The cheat
Update On Va
After all the run around that we have gotten in the past two years, finally something is going to be done. We had a second opinion appointment in San Diego today. We spent the entire day down there reviewing all of his medical records and getting their recommendations as to what they feel needs to be done to help resolve all the issues with my husband's knees and left elbow. Their recommendation after sending him to Xray to get films on both knees and elbow are as follows: ***The elbow diagnosis is ulnar neuropathy (ulnar nerve needs moved). This recommendation to have surgery needs to be done as soon as possible. ***The left knee needs to have a scope done to clean out the bone spurs that have re-occurred to minimize further damage to the miniscus and prolong having to require a complete knee replacement at this time. ***No longer going to keep adding narcotics to therapy as a "preventative option" to surgery. With all that being said, the specialist that we were originally seei
Loosing My Mind Here Lol
Ok so its been forever since I've been on this site n checkd my page. I 1st want to say thanks for any luv you've given missd you all. 2nd is the topic of this blog. I'm loosing my mind here been living with parents since Feb n that's not easy especially with the bros omg! My man n I see looking for an apartment with a quickness lol. Both are goin through mad crap @ the parents n being in 2 diff households both in hell really drags us down mentaly...(4give me if any spelling is bad I'm on a cell phone lol)...if any1 knows of a apartment under 500 in St Pete or clearwater florida plse hit me up much appreciated. Cus I'm really getting tired of dealin with parental out downs n them puttin their hands on me cus they upset bs! Anyhow much luv n keep in touch. Thanks for reading. Babyharkend
Matt's Graduation Tonight
Matt graduates from High school tonight. long drive to dallas, and back, cause i cant afford to miss any extra days of work. wish me safe travel!
Deicie - Scars Of The Crucifix
Impale the body, Scars of his flesh, Hung up to die on the crucifixion, Bleeding to breathe, Cursing at god... Why!!!!!!! The glory resurrection; live in wounds of recollection, Who take his will unreasoned, naivete inside soul defeated? Lascivious redemption, justify thy vile absence, Propagate his aggression as you use his words as weapons. Lies now have you lost, the worthless cause of the crucifixion. The sanctity, to hang and bleed, and in the form of a human cross. Blind by prophecy, his bible fiend, a bloody sword of his fantasy. Tried for heresy, and sacrilege, to bare the scars of the crucifix. You walk alone with Jesus, in a world of non-believers, Humiliated savior, Is thy son of heavens failure, For ever left undone, on the cross for everyone, His words of god unheard, he is dead and not concerned. God fatality, the life recedes on the cross of his sign, Finality, in search of peace, to beg and plead for the end that will be, The light descends, when suffering, impaled
New Location!!
Excerpt From My Book
     I still hear the water running in the tub in the evenings; the way it always has been when she bathed at night. Sometimes, I still see her sitting on the sofa on the front porch afterwards painting her toe nails or talking on the cell to her mother.         Maybe it’s just guilt. The guilt that it should have been me lying in that grave instead of her. Or maybe selfishness. That’s it! It’s selfishness. Selfish thoughts and questions. “Did she still love me even until the very end?” Did she blame me for what had happened, even though she and I both knew it was simply an accident?”        Somehow my mind and heart need these answers. But, then I talk to her. She never even gives the singlest of clues to me. She talks of all the good times we shared. About how much fun she had at Christmas time when her father paid for us to come to New Jersey to visit.        I don’t, in my heart of hearts believe that she ever blamed anyone for what h
In Her Thoughts
Left to protect herself once again. She doesn't understand, Why love never lets her win. Each time it happens, The wall gets higher, The concrete stronger. It's at the point, That she doesn't give a damn. So long by herself, Why let anyone in. Risk it all to have love, Only to have it turn out to not be love at all. Just a way to use her, Abuse her, Have her be the means to the end. So she takes each day as it may come, Knowing giving up on love, Doesn't make it right. Life is easier without it there, No worries or pain from a broken heart. Yes, she knows it doesn't make it right, To give up on love, Just let it be. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved
Break Time
As some people who are very close to me are aware, my father recently almost died do to medical problems and a condition he has. My father and I have never really been close up until this point, and while it's been a long time coming, the doctors have finally put a time limit on how much time he has left. Because of that, and because of everything else going on in my life, I've decided to take a break from fubar. I'll still be around here and there by any means, but please don't take it personally if I dont respond to a PM or SB. That's what this blog is for because obviously I can't stick all of this in a status message. There's been too much drama going on on fubar alone as it is, and some of you know I've considered deleting it a few times lately. But I've put too much hard work into building my page to where it's at that it's not fair to me or anybody that's helped me. So for the time being, my time here will be limited. My dad needs me right now, and I need him and that's where
So I Like To Look Up People From My Past....................
So I like to look up people from my past for shits and giggles.  I have come to find that most of the people I knew in high school and even before that, childhood, are doing really good for themselves......where the hell did I go wrong??  I mean I have 2 beautiful children that I love to death, but I am still stuck in life.  No matter what I do or who I am with I remain unhappy and feel like my life is going no where. Could I blame my parents for this? Possibly, but won't.  I know its my fault but don't know where to start to correct my situation. If I leave the man I am with, the cycle will just start all over again, and not to mention I will have no where to live for about 3 months because of being out of work for so long now. If I stay with him, I will remain stuck in life because he doesn't want kids and doesn't want to get married because he doesn't believe in the peice of paper that says I get half of everything if we get divorced. I know, I know, before anyone says it,
Fathers Day
happy fathers day 2 all out there
The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
Sparkling grey, They're my own veins. Any more than a whisper, Any sudden movement of my heart. And I know, I know I'll have to watch them pass away Just get through this day Give up your way, you could be anything, Give up my way, and lose myself, not today That's too much guilt to pay Sickened in the sun You dare tell me you love me But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die Honey you know, you know I'd never hurt you that way You're just so pretty in your pain Give up my way, and I could be anything I'll make my own way Without your senseless hate... hate... hate... hate. So run, run, run And hate me, if it feels good. I can't hear your screams anymore You lied to me But I'm older now And I'm not buying baby Demanding my response Don't bother breaking the door down I found my way out And you'll never hurt me again.
Hidden Desires~a Poem By Me
Hidden DesiresNew day dawning.Wake up yawning.Feel it only deepening.No risk of it cheapening.Teasing banter.An enchanter.No words will ever expresswhat my heart longs to confess.© June 22, 2009 by Lori
Rivers Of Sorrow
This is the land of heartbreak,Where the rivers slowly drown in sorrow,The leaves bow their heads in shame,The crickets sing their songs in depression,The clouds sob in despair,The sun refuses to show his face,The thunder bellows out his frustration. This is where I must stay,Stay, till you return to me.And when you do, The rivers will rush,New leaves shall be born,Crickets will dance,Clouds will clear,Sun will shine,Thunder will sleep… And I will smile. Poem By Tammy C.  
Had another bad day. It started first thing in the morning and it's still kind of going. I'll probably not talk to you much. PLEASE don't take it personal. I just don't want to snap at someone for no reason.   ♥
Pimp Outs
Know anyone that needs ability points spent on them to level? Well send them to me! I'm trading and selling my pimp outs to help them as well as help myself. I have a little something planned, hehe. Thanks friends!
First Kiss
FIRST KISS........................ You leaned over and you kissed meI felt my knees go weakYou leaned over and you kissed meI couldn't even speakYou leaned over and you kissed meWith a passion flowing freeYou leaned over and you kissed meSparks flew that we could seeYou leaned over and you kissed meA touch so soft and tenderYou leaned over and you kissed meA kiss I would rememberYou leaned over and you kissed meI'm sure I kissed you backYou leaned over and you kissed meWith the fire no kiss should lackYou leaned over and you kissed meYou left me wanting moreYou leaned over and you kissed meMy soul you did exploreYou leaned over and you kissed meMy heart no longer full of painYou leaned over and you kissed meDarling, kiss me once again.
Fat Chunk Volume 2
  Not only does Jamie Smart make insane comics that make me laugh out loud and shit, he also oversees this anthology.  The first volume "Robots" was pretty good (in all honesty, any anthology will have stuff you like and stuff you don't), and volume two "Zombies" is available from Slave Labor Graphics now.      
(4va) She felt like a wild animal. Tonight was HERS. She wanted what she wanted, and how she wanted it. Not that he would mind. He liked when she got "in a mood". He was lying on the bed nude. He usually sleeps that way. Right now, however, he would not be sleeping! Very nearly growling in the back of her throat, she came into the room. Already naked herself, she climbed into the bed next to him. She was on her knees. He stirred as he felt the tips of her hair brush over his chest. He smiled, eyes still closed, waiting.  Her lips barely touching him, her eyes closed, she brushed her lips over his chest, barely kissing him as she moved along his body.  He tried to slide his hands up along her body. "NO" she said sternly. OK he thought, it was gonna be like THAT! He was already excited at what was coming next. She was HUNGRY for sex tonight! There would be NO cheap novel romance this time. She wanted sex her way, on her terms. She was the preditor, he was the prey, and she was gonna
How I Feel About You?
Here I sit, thinking only of youWondering what is to become of usUnderstanding all you have been throughHoping to slowly gain your trustMy heart aches for you, and also I yearnI want to understand youIn hopes that I will learnYour unique and special qualities amaze meYour smileYour mindYour eyesYour hairYour ability to cheer me upWhen you see that I am downMy feelings for you go beyond that of wordsAnd at first it didn't seem realBut that just taught me a lessonIn doubting what I feelIt seems I dreamed you into lifeAnd the reason for my stareThe bluest skyThe deepest seaDon't even compareYou're so very special in every single wayAnd thoughts of youRun through my headEvery hour of the day I hope that you will understandJust how I feel about youI want to be your guiding handFor all that you go through
Good Blog
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First Impression
Thank Facebook again. I do like that the picture was a bear though =] Guess what?! You love meeting new people and you are good at it. You strike up easy conversation topics you listen attentively. Your personality is very inviting and people are naturally drawn towards you.
New Phone
ok, got new wireless service and new phone service...att sux btw! I got the palm pre...this phone having fun playing with it! the phone pervs!!!   anyone have one?
                   Dreams when the sun goes down on a misty eve i feel alone but yet i am not alone i feel the spirits of those who have passed on i hear them call to me,but i am not afraid cause they help calm my mind when the veil of darkness surrounds me and i travel to places that only i can go in my mind when the sun rises in the morning hours i am back to reality i am again just another person in a world of people but in my dreams,im more im anything that i wish to be and go where i want but is life really life or are our dreams the reality of life that we dont wish to face and we just dream of living
Sex, Drugs And Rocknroll
Got some really bad thoughts,Want to give into the urge,Need to turn it in to reality,So my brain can purge.The lifestyle of sex, drugs,And rocknroll, were beingA player, is forfullment ofA woman soul.Play easy, play hard,Give you some loving,Restrain me, it's hard.Play easy, play hard,You are the one for me,Even if I act crazy,But a little obscene.Sex, drugs and rocknroll,Sex, drugs and rocknroll,Just give me,Sex drugs and rocknroll.
Scared To Death
I know I keep repeating myself when I say I am scared to death about this move. I am having extreme anxiety issues at the moment about this whole thing. I know everyone keeps saying its gonna be the best for me and all, but that doesnt make me any less terrified. I have been *alone* for over a year and a half and being thrown into the community living situation is making me so nervous. I think I am going to apply for the temporary grant to get counseling, hopefully it will help me get back to normal. I really only know how to associate with people online, and that scares the hell out of me, I didn't use to be that way.  Right now I can only dream of being back in my own place, and living under my rules not anybody elses. I cant believe I gave so much up before I went to Germany chasing a dream, I literally gave everything in my apartment away, thus being when I start over, I have nothing.  I have been on antidepressants for a little over a month now and feel no change. The only thin
My Book And Website
Hello, all! I haven't been around for a while. Been kinda busy.  My book "Astral Force Rising" is coming soon from RoseDog Books. Read all about it at my new website: While you're there, stop by my contact page and leave me a message. Blessed Be, Corwin
Sorry For This Inconvenience....
  Hydroxycut may cause liver damage...sorry for this inconvenience...
High School Memories
What school did you go to?Columbi River Who were your freshman teachers? Mrs. Mckinney,Mrs. Mills,Mrs. Miller,Mr. Paola,that cunt Ms. Valeos Who did you like?a few that would be offended if they knew i breathed the same air they did How many A's did you have? F's? 2 A's no F's Were you a nerd? noDid you think you were cool because you were in highschool? at first but then i realized i was an idiotWho was your first boyfriend/girlfriend? my daughters mom was my first gf actuallyHow many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have in high school? 0Did you swear much in high school? like a sailor...still doWho was your favorite teacher in senior year? Mr. O'RourkeDid you have any major crushes? oh yeah...Shannon Ponciano and Erica Sanders(she looked like winney coopers twin sister)Who was your best friend? Jerimiah PorterDid you go to any dances? Senior Prom and thats it...i was always turned down for the othersDid you actually dance? i did actuallyWhat sports did you play? footb
Cool Job Hunting Stuff
My name is Art. I am a recently graduated UCLA MBA student. In this economy, even graduating from UCLA Business School will not guarantee you a job. I have been trying all of my connections to find a great job but seem to have no luck. So I began searching for some great tools on the internet that I could use to either get a leg up on the job Job Interview Videos and Interviews on Video search and came up with some cool websites. A cool place I found was resume video and Video Interviews It’s a great tool to search for upper level management, or account executive jobs. Another great place to find tips, and ideas about how to write a resume, or how to give a great interview is Trust me, these websites are gold! Just thought I would share the knowledge. Good luck everyone!
I Still Remember
I still remember the worldFrom the eyes of a childSlowly those feelingsWere clouded by what I know nowWhere has my heart goneAn uneven trade for the real worldOh I... I want to go back toBelieving in everything Yet knowing nothing at allI still remember the sunAlways warm on my backSomehow it seems colder now
Current mood: content Category: Dreams and the Supernatural   I’m running down an endless Road. I can never get to the end. Shh.... Somethings following me. Running faster, I feel my heart beat throbbing in  my chest. I look back and.... My face hits the hard concreat. I feel it’s breath lingering over me. I look around for somewhere to run, somewhere to turn.  I see an old church... I run inside, it’s dark. _No one in sight._ I hear it behind me again... I fall to my knees with eyes shut and scream, for only God can help me! I open my eyes... It’s gone. I lay on the floor and weap, till I fall asleep. Then I awoke in the morning light, with God now by my side. (Nothing to fear.)
The Starfish Story Original Story By: Loren Eisley
One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticeda boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean.Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?”The youth replied, “Throwing starfish back into the ocean.The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”“Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish?You can’t make a difference!”After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish,and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said…”I made a difference for that one.”
Feels Like Tonight
You, you got me Thinking it'll be alright. You, you told me, "Come and take a look inside." You believed me, In every single lie. But I, I failed you this time. And it feels like tonight. I can't believe I'm broken inside. Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do, But try to make it up to you? And it feels like tonight, Tonight. I was waiting For the day you'd come around. I was chasing, And nothing was all I found. From the moment you came into my life, You showed me what's right. And it feels like tonight. I can't believe I'm broken inside. Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do, But try to make it up to you? And it feels like tonight. I never felt like this before. Just when I leave, I'm back for more. Nothing else here seems to matter. In these ever-changing days, You're the one thing that remains. I could stay like this forever. And it feels like tonight. I can't believe I'm broken inside. Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do, But try to make it
All About Chicken Coops
Chicken Coops For SalePortable Chicken CoopsChicken Coops For Sale
A Few Things About Me
I have the finest collection of free online games & biggest collection of song lyrics!
Repost Im Not Holding The Contest Just Promoting
Mfkn Mouse!
So we went to the pet store to get a feeder rat and a white mouse for AJ to have as a pet.   I have a little plastic cage that I use for the rats and the mouse was in a little cardboard carrying box.   We had to stop at the grocery store for a few things, but I left the windows down and I figured the little guys would be fine.   No, they didn't die.   The mouse chewed a hole in the box and got loose in my car.   We spent a good 20 minutes playing keystone cops trying to catch the mouse as he ran back and forth under the seats of my car.   Now that we've caught the little fucker I swear he has elephantitis of the balls - really - it's quite disturbing.  Maybe it's just massive hemroids from having the shit scared out of him - I dunno... freaky.      Let me see if I can get a pic of that mouse's balls.
Another One For Whoda
Let me tell you about this once certain girl,when I talk to her just take me for a whirl.She does some DJing for this particular show,its the main reason why I go. Her eyes are blue and green, they are deep as the seas.When I hear her sultry voice,it brings me to my knees.Just being around her puts me in my happy place,I just want to see her smiling face. Whoda is what she calls herself ,and I just wanted you all to see.She`s always been nice and comforting to me.I dont want her to take this the wrong way, but I pray to god we will actually meet someday.
Kei Trucks- Best Off Road Trucks
Samurai Trucks can assist you get new or used 4WD Japanese Mini Trucks, or you can pick from their full customization options. They also present Japanese Kei mini trucks with dump beds, heat and air, and automatic transmissions. Kei Trucks are perfect 4×4 Japanese vehicles for hunters, or farms.
Poquer Poquer online Poker
Marijuana: Should It Be Legalized? Part I People have used marijuana since before the beginning of recorded history. It is known to have been used thousands of years before the birth of Christ and its use was legal for the vast majority of that time. It was legal in the United States until the early 1900's, when a campaign of lies and propaganda brought about its prohibition. Recently many prominent people, including California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo have advocated the legalization of marijuana, or at the very least having a national discussion on that possibility. Many people have come to realize that if marijuana were legalized, regulated, and taxed many of the problems caused by its prohibition could be erased, and tens of billions in revenue could be generated. Thousands die yearly in accidents or due to health related problems resulting from the use of alcohol, yet it is legal, and it should be. It is the responsi
My Favorite Blue
I've been living by the rainbows edge. Green and yellow were my favorite blue. Until I saw Red, it was as if an angel had said. Your trusting no-one and it's got to stop. You act like strangers even though your not. When your born you have friends. Where you go from there all depends. Richard LeBlanc (c) 1987
I will be posting some of my personal running blog here. This is one of them:   So Lauren txtd me and asked if I was down with her "short" run. After being achy all day I started to feel better towards the end of my work day so I decided to reschedule the Kelly Drive run and join her. It was a struggle today I admit. If it was up to me 2.5 would have been sufficient. But Lauren had done some "speed work" earlier in the day so I felt compelled to get that next 2.5 done. She stressed to me the imprtance of rest and said since I was ahead of schedule I should rethink when I want to step it up to the 8.37 of Kelly Drive.So, the title of this post is "Clockwork". Ray Kline was a good friend of mine. He was known as Clockwork in the music biz. His production landed on the OuterSpace album "Blood Brothers". We would chat about music in the beginning and then evolved our friendship into a lot of laughs in between speaking beats and rhymes. He lived 2 hours away in a town called Frackville, P
Safe Crusing On The Information Highway
Tampa Computers Always look for the s in https which signifies that your confidential information will be secure (encrypted) when submitting personal information on the web. Computers Tampa
Darkness In Me
i feel like everything is eating up inside of not a sickness well not physical anyways..this insanity growing inside my heart which was once so pure but corrupted from this odd live in this dark insanity is killing me on the inside as it eats on my heart and changes it. i think what am i to do anymore? what am i supposed to believe? mainly what am really to feel? i do not feel like loving i honestly don't know what to do anymore it is not anger i i might be a mean person but only to myself i am mean to...sadness? no i do not really feel that way deppressed? could be but of what? that is truly the question it usually was cause of love and heart ache but i pushed that its something new that is eating me up inside i do not even know anymore. everything is blur to me like i have had too much to drink and i cannot really see straight....this is not something normal...for this is new what i feel it could be depression after all but yet...everything i
The Forgotten
I know that forgetting things happens, forgetting is part of natures way of saying your getting older.     I am being forgotten, am I invisible or am I already dead? Nobody knows who I am, Can someone tell me what I should know? The forgotten needs to know somebody out there cares and loves her, is it too much to ask for happiness? I had somebody who cared a lot about me, he wanted me happy; now it seems I have turned my back on him. Is it too much to ask to be found again? Being forgotten is not much fun, If you see the one that gave that happiness to me; let him know I am sorry for turning my back. The forgotten needs him back again, is it that hard to say how much you really care and love about someone? The forgotten has learned and wants only love and happiness, are you the one that will find me?
Another Day In The Daybed
I love my Daybed - its cozy - got a lot of space - BIG pillows and is fit for a Princess...and I IZ a Princess :-) Just one small thing - it gets to you when you spend hours and days at end in this thing.  No matter how comfy it is - it can get UNcomfy after a while.  Maybe I need to try the floor for a slight change? If I try to go back into my bed - on the other end of my house - I might stay in there and not come back out for a while. I need to set up a library in there and get a tv set up as well.  I have books enough - read all more than one time - I got a tv - heavy shit!  Not gonna even try lifting it.  So I guess I stay where I am for the time being.  Convinient cause : - kitchen to my left - tv straight ahead - remote on the table - desktop with my surround on to my right - laptop on lap or on the table.  Bathroom about 25 steps away.  Both phones within reaching distance. Books in the shelf 4 steps away ( only to be used when Im bored in fubar ) So - to keep me from read
Good Kiss
Turning Point
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Don Be Scared
hold on i fil u kid n i 6it wut u $ayin; i aint to bklam3; this iz ril on ril bka$i$ um not 6oin in$an3; not tryin ta rattl3 wit ya mind C^uz um involv3d wit a 6an6; um tryin to prot3C^t tha futur3 m3 u kno tha part thatz a man; i cant 4-6it abkout u C^uz i liv3 in my nam3; R3ady Or Not (R.O.N.) it'z tha numbka 1 $ayin; aC^C^u$3 m3 dont bklam3 C^uz my nam3 wont C^han63; i 6ot lov3 n hav3 lov3 thatz not tha prinC^ipl3 thin6; onC^3 r3arrang3d my story juz to do it a6ain; mad3 lov3, f3lt lov3, it fl3w away lik3 tha wind; n i wa$$n't afraid to $ay "I @INT @ 10 minut3 man"; i laz 4 hourz mor3 than which u C^an C^ount wit tha handz; $o on $um ril thu6 $hit umma t3ll ya my plan;
Ant the Rant of Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: I sit and watch you front reckless, like third-person perspectives. S-A-double-V - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: I stunt like X-Games, and X you off my checklist... eat a formidable brain for breakfast. My curricular is extra, so check this... my flow is terrorist, hit you where it's least expected. The stratagem, like a nail-bomb... but way more reckless, exploding in every direction. I wear a wrecking ball, as pendant and necklace. Try to snatch my pride and get embarrassed and disrespected... aggression - fuel for my erection. Demolish the facade and resurrect it, lace up game and teach lessons. How do you stop it, if you can't defend it? I rig examples, like presidential elections. I'm a tattoo surrounded by millions of freckles... a grand master who's never been bested. Your antics lack direction, like a chicken runnin' headless. How can you reap success, if the expense has never been accepted? My crew's amused by you - you
When I Think Of You
When I think of you my heart skips a beat I feal as if I am all alone on a empty streat I have this burnig desire to hold you tight To make love to you in the pale moonlite I want to surrender to you in every possible way For my love for you is definetly here to stay When I think of you I want to go that special place Knowing I am the one who put that smile on your face When I think of you tears come to my eyes I need you more than ever and the heart never lies So when I think of you the whole world ceases to exist You are the only thing at the top of my list Today I think of you and I feel that farmiliar pain It tells me to stand in the sunhine and get out of the rain I need you now more than ever before So I think of you now and walk out the door I will think of you till my dying day
Well grandma seiman,You meant everything to me..You were the best grandmother any girl or boy could even have! And i mean that too... But now that you are gone it's kind of hard to even remember what a warm embrace is from something as graceful as what you were. You are so elegant and always smelt really sweet,I can always feel tears go down my cheeks and my eyes will always be red and sore from it... It really bothers me to have heard that YOU died,and i wasn't there to even say "I love you and always will" Before anything happened. You are my grandmother and I will never even think of forgetting about you... ~Avi
This is one way to get to know me what I do come by and visit me.Would like to see and hear what you all thank of my song call (Ice is breaking) Thank You all that do.
Wat Up
hey girls im bigg poppa im 29yrs old im from alabama hit me up on here
Thank You
So I checked in and wanted to thank the following people for making me smile today... Gearhead (h) Robert (h) Kins (h) Ford (h) Take IT Deep (h) Mr Adorable (h) Jude (h) SilverOak (h) DF (h) *Hughie Pooh! (h) I enjoyed checking in today...and now its time to check back out :P hugs and kisses for my friends, and happy bday Dork!!!
Master Code Copy
/** [[Coded Written By: Outlaw Poet]] **/MOTD/* user tooltip */#fixedtipdiv{width: auto!important;background-image: url("");background-attachment: scroll!important;background-position: center!important;background-repeat: no-repeat!important;}/*------------------------------------------*//*------------- ]] Tool Tip [[ --------------*//*------------------------------------------*//* user tooltip */#fixedtipdiv table tbody tr td {background: transparent!important; background-color: transparent!important; width: 100px;border:none!important;font-family: Arial;color: #FFFFFF!important;font-size: 11pt!important;font-weight: bold!important;text-decoration: none!important;}/*------------------------------------------------------*//*------------------ ]] Chat boxes [[ ------------------*//*------------------------------------------------------*//* Say Box */div.new_lounge_shoutbox_enter_data {  border: none;  margin: 10px;  margin-bottom: none;  padding: 3px;  width: 65%;  height: 30px;  Filter:
Bad Day
you know them days when everything seems to be going fine, then shit hits the fan. my work calls and wants me to go fill in for a few days on another boat... like right then...on thier way to pick me up. i have my kids and cant just go, the ex is at work...(i could use the extra money and all) ex wife starts flipping out on me cuz she had plans to go to new orleans and then i go to check my bank account and the fucking landlord never cashed the security deposit chech two months ago... so suddenly im short when i thought i was catching up on my credit card balance...grrr now ill be over drawn. my kids are grouchy today and fighting with each other since dinner and thats about when all this slapped me in the face. i needed to get that off my chest... so grrr
Virgin Vigilante
Once inside Jason wasn't really scared. He'd been around long enough, and in enough battles, to not let much rattle him. But the Virgin was a wholly different place altogether. Lots of leather. Lots of big men with long beards and scraggly hair. And lots of women with nothing much on. The waitresses, in fact, were topless, even though the Virgin wasn't a pole dancing joint. He heads to the bar. The bartender, a woman, asks: "What'll you have? And the menu includes me." Jason: "tempted. But am looking for a man named Roberts, Robbie Roberts." She had a blank look on her face, said she'd be back in a moment and walked back into what looked like the kitchen. Jason had no drink, which he needed. Before he even realized what was happening she stepped out of the kitchen with a sawed off shotgun pointed directly at him. She said: "Ok, cunt licker, what do you really want?" To be continued....
Credit Card Pay
Adult Merchant Processing Dating Merchant Processing Gaming Merchant Processing Pharmacy Merchant Processing Replica Merchant Processing Travel Merchant Processing Telemarketing Merchant Processing Accept Visa, MasterCard or Amex Real Time / Batch Processing Options Daily Weekly Payment Options
Deep Waters Do Not Run Still
Sie will es und so ist es feinSo war es und so wird es immer seinTiefe Brunnen muss man grabenwenn man klares Wasser willWas sie will bekommt sie auchTiefe Wasser sind nicht still
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Horny Babe Slipping A Ball Into Her Hot Tight Ass
Grunt Grunt
  People are messy, creepy and pathetic. I like to state the obvious. The End.     -REL
Barely Legal Twink Loves Dirty Action
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Teacher Banged Girls
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Teen Blonde Playing With Dildo
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Latina Trany In Pantyhose
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Unexpected Love
I love you When I became your friend, I never thought it will be like this, it will be so beautiful........I want to talk to you, I want to share with you, I want to see you.......I wait for you, and when you reply, I feel so good. I don't know, how I got attached to youin so small time......I don't know, how you became so special to me, how i think of you so much, but i do, and i love this feeling, I love to be your friend.......It must be the luckiest day of my life, when i saw you here....And i promise you, I will be there for you, when you need me, and even when you don't......I will be there, to take care of you, to listen to you, to make sure, that you are happy........May our relationship lasts forever, till the end.......Please remember I will love you to the end of time.
Petite Filipino Girl Fucked By Her Boyfriend
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Hardcore Sex In The Swinging Seventies
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Just a little more about whats going on with me. There hasn't been a whole lot of change since last week, just some minor things. Once again my caseworker brought up ChangePoint for me, what that is, Change Point offers an introduction to basic computer skills, career exploration opportunities, and life skills education, leading participants to economic and emotional independence. That would be fine, except I just got a new doctor and will be having both counselling at probably physical therapy through out the week and these classes are M-Thur 9:30 to 2:30. I am still checking out volunteering, I had went down there yesterday but both of the people I was going to talk to were out sick. That I will continue to check back on. I am kind of stressed right now, not sure why but just am..... Right after group I was told to go down and take a UA tomorrow, which is fine but I hate going in front of people... blah. Tomorrow we are also going on a field trip to Green Bluff to get pumpkins an
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The Nobleman And His Daughter
    Once in medieval times in a medieval kingdom there was a nobleman who had many fine sons and one timid daughter named Naomi.  The sons grew up and went into training for knighthood.  The daughter might have been useful as a match for some scion of another noble, but though she was winsome enough, she was so shy that she hid her face when any of that type was present.  Her father despaired of finding a husband for her, but she was his only daughter and she was infinitely precious in his eyes, so he bore with it.    One day a hunting party from a neighboring region passed by.  It asked asylum for the night, as it had wandered astray in the pursuit of game and had too many leagues to travel to avoid nightfall.  The nobleman granted it, and the party rode into the castle.    The hunting party consisted of a young foreign nobleman, four young knights, and a dozen squires, pages, and servants, together with their horses, dogs and falcons.  The castle staff rose to the occasoin.  An excel
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People (by Me)
People come and people go we meet people everyday some as aquaintances some as friends everyone is unique in their own way. never judge a book by its cover you never know what you'll miss that goes the same for the people we meet some really do have a gift. some we can live without yes, that i do know but everyone has some good, even though it may not show i try to give everyone a chance, no matter how hard it is then if they show me it wasn't worth it, i turn my back and go. treat people the way you want treated is how i live and believe give those we meet a chance and if they blow it you tried for people are people we are all different and lead very different lives. we all have different beliefs and thoughts that is the human way don't judge those that walk the path
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There Is A Difference Between Life And Survival
Whatever medical science may profess, there is a difference between Life and survival. There is more to being alive than just having a heartbeat and brain activity. Being alive, really alive, is something much subtler and more magnificent. Their instruments measure blood pressure and temperature, but overlook joy, passion, love, all the things that make life really matter. To make our lives matter again, to really get the most out of them, we will have to redefine life itself. We have to dispense with their merely clinical definitions, in favor of ones which have more to do with what we actually feel. As it stands, how much living do we have in our lives? How many mornings do you wake up feeling truly free, thrilled to be alive, breathlessly anticipating the experiences of a new day? How many nights do you fall asleep feeling fulfilled, going over the events of the past day with satisfaction? Most of us feel as though everything has already been decided without us, as if living is not
Happy Thanksgiving!
Choreographing Your Emotions - 1/15/09
  CHOREOGRPAHING YOUR EMOTIONS - 1/15/2009   Bustling, moving Silence & wonder Where am I? Yes, there I am Sweet darkness into shimmering brilliance Who am I? I am anyone, I am anywhere The applause is my thunder Quieting the storm Easy now, there I am Take a bow.  
"the Bay Window" - An Erotic Story Written By Yours Truly.
I'm staring out the window of the airplane as I barely realize that the airplane is landing at our local, but still very distant airport on this clear and beautiful moonlit night. I'm so distratced that the flight attendant reminds me to prepare for landing. A fairly long business trip has finally ended for me, one which has felt much longer as we've been apart the entire time. Two very long weeks have passed since we were together last Amy. We both have careers where we're apart for as much as a week at a time but this is the longest we've ever been apart. Our passion for each other only seems to increase when we're apart, and my passion for you is now unbelievable Amy, and my passion for you is now undeniable. I've missed your kind words and your gentle nature. I've missed the soft touch of your embrace. I've missed touching you softly. I've dreamed of you every night, and I've daydreamed about you every day. I'm finally coming home to you Amy, and I can only think of you ... from th
C51 - Because I Bought A Fake A Bling Pack (total Freestyle)
Hey Fu Got another one Hope You like it! Sing along if yoow the Words lol! COMMENT!!!! Add Me To You Favorites on YouTube and please Subscribe!!!
Reflecting On My Late Daughter's Third Birthday.
Yesterday would have been Ceilidh's third birthday. She died sometime overnight between the 4th and 5th of December, 2006, and we found out about her death during a routine ultrasound on the morning of the 5th. It was marginally sunny when we arrived, but snowing when we left. Some people might think the snowfall after hearing about our daughter's death was a bit like adding insult to injury, but Jen and I know differently. We love snow, and to us, the snowfall on that morning was Ceilidh's way of brightening an otherwise sad day for us...she was "decorating" Mommy and Daddy's life in her own way. We took that night to absorb the news that we'd lost our little girl, and to make the inevitable and heartbreaking phone calls to family. The next evening we were admitted to Women and Infants' Hospital in Providence RI, to induce labor. Jen was then in labor for the better part of four days, and on the 9th, Ceilidh's tiny little body entered this world. Now, yesterday on her third birthday
The Mistake You Cannot Forget
You say you cannot forgetAnd you aren't ready to forgiveBut I need your friendshipMore than you'll even knowI need you there to liveWithout you by my side todayLife's been going, oh so slowI miss your callsOur endless talksThe places we would goYou can't even bear to look at me,And I know my mistakeFor because of one night,And a few thoughtless actions,When you saw me you ran and hidI know we cannot take it backAs much as we would like toBut we could forgetAnd start all overJust friends, that's me and youIf time is what you need,Then I guess that's what you'll getBut I need you there for me soon,My friend,I hope you will forget.
I Am A Lousy Lottery Ticket!
:)     You Are a Losing Lottery Ticket! Full of hope and promise. But in the end, a cheap letdown. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
How Can I Get Her To See...
I had no clue we had a blog here..Well its like this up until 2007 I was rollling along lifes highway feeling so good..Then the dragon raised his bufugly head..When I got sick well I got sick..Started tx in the fall of that year...It was real bad..First off loosing the money I use to make was bad then this tx crap well hell man whats next? Well suicide attempt was next..The tx had me crazy..I mean truly nuts..I couldnt sleep eat think nothing was the same and since then nothing has returned to true sanity...My daughter was so use to being spoiled the littel brat and having to loose my business due to the dragon well money left us..I live on disability now and well who the hell can live on that tiny bit of cash..So this last couple of years I have lost...So much but  mostly I have lost Savannah..her innocence was taken away due to my sickness..She is so out there it scares me daily..I love this child more than my own breath..She was my late in life child..So needless to say she was unex
Brittany Murphy
LOS ANGELES - The unexpected death of 32-year-old Brittany Murphy, who gained fame in such movies as "8 Mile" and "Just Married," appeared to be from natural causes but police are investigating, officials said. Murphy died about 10 a.m. Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to the hospital. She was transported to the medical center after the Fire Department responded to a call at 8 a.m. at the home she shared with her husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, in the Hollywood Hills. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said Murphy apparently collapsed in the bathroom, and authorities were looking into her medical history. An official cause of death may not be determined for some time, since toxicology tests will be required, but "it appears to be natural," Winter said. He said an autopsy was planned for Monday or Tuesday. Los Angeles police have opened an investigation into Murphy's death, Officer Norma Eisenman said. Detectives and coroner's officials we
Jan 9 - Biggest, Baddest Party In South Florida
  "SURRENDER THE BOOTY PARTY"   BIGGEST, BADDEST, PARTY and BIKE NIGHT IN SOUTH FLORIDA     EVERY SATURDAY STARTING JAN 9   THE PIRATE REPUBLIC BAR (Formerly Shirttail Charley's)    400 SW 3rd AVENUE FORT LAUDERDALE, FL Bucket & Food Specials Live Music by Rough Shot (Rock/Southern Rock) Give-A-Ways Indoor & Outdoor Bars Pool Table Swimming Pool AMPLE ON SITE FREE BIKE PARKING Vendors 2 Floors of Fun...Right on the River THE SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY THAT EVERYONE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT   IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO PARTY...YOU WON'T WANT TO BE HERE!!!!     DIRECTIONS: Take Broward Blvd (East) exit Turn Right On Andrews Ave (over Bridge) Make Immediate Right on 5th Street (first street immediately after bridge) Right on 3rd end   PLENTY OF FREE PARKING - YOU CAN ALSO USE MARINA PARKIN
Magical Sensations
Welcome to the World of Magical Sensations Where I Melanie Lang will be your Personal Undercoverwear agent. Here to assist you in a night of pampering yourself maybe with a nice Hot Dead Sea Salt Bath then slipping into a cozy Lounging outfit to relax for the evening, Or maybe assist yiou and your partner in finding that special something that will ignite the passion between you both, with Style and Sensuality.                  Enjoy Shopping At the World of Magical Sensations                              Please click on the link above or copy and Paste it    Thank you
Blue Moon Eclipse
These days counting to ten takes tons more tenacity than I can consider having. Cigarette burn holes remind me in the morning of my fragile flimsy fast morals. I remember asking once, twice, thrice for you to please stop me. Because these days I just can’t conjure the courage. “I lied.” “About what, cupcake?” “Anything I could.” There should be a title page with that novella of emotion.
Welcome To The Start Of My Blog
Hello my fellow photographers. In this blog I hope to provide some useful and interesting tips and how toos of all kinds of photography. I've had very good luck with my system of photographing the relaxed portrait as well as items for selling in online services like eBay. I'll be adding images to this blog to show how I achieve my resoults. I'm sure this blog will contain useful information for all leavles of photography skill so, Please check back if this sounds like this blog might be of interest to you Read More
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Like Father, Love Son
I happened to find this through my usual net browsing, and it just made my day. I want to share this with you all. It looks a bit long, but it's sooooo worth the time, trust me, so please, go on.      "If you can touch it, you can catch it !! " encouraged Dad, with his characteristic enthusiasm literally dripping all over the pavement in front of 430 Donegal St. in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. The year is 1978 . Today's lesson in football basics is "the buttonhook ." "3, 4 , HUT !!!" Dad bellows with all the excitement & spirit of a Superbowl, or Memorial Cup, into my 10 year old ear. I am off like a shot 8 paces, where I am instructed to pivot on the 8th, where Dad has already rifled the football a millisecond earlier, so that when i "buttonhook", it is already in my arms "like a loaf of bread " , is how I am coached to hold it. Then I am off again towards Brock St. to an imaginary goalline, where I can possibly get a touchdown if I can only catch the ball.  Easier said than done
Lover Style
  Your result for The Lover Style Profile Test... The Suave Lover 45% partner focus, 52% aggressiveness, 35% adventurousness Based on the results of this test, it is highly likely that:You prefer your romance and love to be traditional rather than daring or out-of-the-ordinary, you would rather pursue than be pursued and, when it comes to physical love, you concentrate more on enjoying the experience rather than worrying about your performance.This places you in the Lover Style of: The Suave Lover.The Suave Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, and is reminiscent of some of the most classic lover figures of all time, such as Casanova or Don Juan, or more recently James Bond (several of the "Bond girls" fit this type, too). This shouldn't be confused with a "player" or someone who is solely interested in physical love, but someone who is looking for an incredibly elusive thing: a worthy partner. The Suave Lover is a treasure to find, but can be incredibly difficult to hold on to, once
Un-needed Attention
Why is it that whenever we are in a relationship we come across more interested suiters than when we are alone? Does this just happen to me??? Or does it seem to happen to everyone!? Haha! Why does this happen? Is it a test of some sort? I would like some feedback ...
so this weekend i have a track meet a smaller one then my other ones cause nebraska was a hard meet and so was southern MIssouri. so im excited cause ill finally make finals. i already made nationals and im ranked 10th in the nation right now. then after this meet i have a big meet in iowa im nervous!
How To Please A Woman -----comment And Rate-------
What Happened?
I keep looking back to myself and wondering what happened? I remember; I was a happy go lucky guy and never down or sad. Thetruth is, that is how I used to be. Suddenly in the summer of 08 when everything changed, I don't even really know why.I remember walking back to my room after 12-14 hours of work in theheat, tired both physically and mentally wishing that one year would fly by. Wishing that I would wake up and a year would be gone. Before then I never felt that way. I loved every minute of my life not matter what was happening. I never wanted time to pass because I enjoyed that moment and wanted to enjoy it more.Something happened to me.
My Dragons
How To Flatten Your Stomach In No Time At All (repost)
Instructions Things You'll Need: spare time motivation Step 1 The most important thing before getting a six pack is to ensure a good diet by eating mainly foods with high carbohydrates and low sugars. The best foods are staples like rice, potato and pasta. Try to stay away from all the fatty foods such as ice-cream and chips, and ensure to drink plenty of water! At least 2L a day, the best way to do this is to drink a cup or two every few hours, it all adds up! Step 2 The Work Out. The following program I have developed has enabled me to obtain a six-pack within 14 days. It is very effective and focuses on key areas.It is as follows:- 15 sit ups- 10 star jumps- 15 push ups- 10 star jumps- 20 crunches - to do these lay down on your back, lift and bend your legs so your knees are perpendicular to the ground. Then turn flex your abdominal muscles and rock your body up so your head meets your knees.- 15 star jumps Step 3 Do this every morning when your wa
Against All Gods
We are the youth we're against all GodsWe are Disciples of the watch with a righteous causeSo take heed to the call (we will watch them fall)Take heed to the call (we will watch them fall), yesWe are the youth we're against all GodsWe are Disciples of the watch with a righteous causeSo take heed to the call (we will watch them fall)Take heed to the call (we will watch them fall), yesIt's time to listen this song is a war marchA battle prequel before the real war startsSo take up arms and patiently waitFor the sign that I give in the ministry of hateNo fate but what we make, no room for mistakesTheir plates are full and their lives are ours to takeWith no regrets, no room for sorrowNo room for the fake cause the fake won't see tomorrowPeople are hollow and their quick to followAnd it's shoved down our throats and we're forced to swallowBut not us we're a brand new breedThe seeds are now growing up quick no time for simple beliefsDisciples rise to the beat of this war drumAnd be ready fo
Top Of The World
My Heart Grows Weary!
My heart does grow weary now, it's grown so very tired, always waiting always hoping for that one true love, the one that only exist in my dreams.. I'll search no longer, I'll give it up and hope that maybe someday it will come to me, but then again maybe not.. Perhaps I will find it sneaking in like a silent stranger in the night, there will be no more wearing my heart on my sleeve. If I never in my lifetime catch the heart of another, maybe it just wasn't meant for true love to come to me. All my heart ever finds is the pain of being broken over and over again. Still my heart will always hold a love that waits so eager to be shown. I'll keep it forever to myself, and release it's feelings out into the wind, along life's shore, maybe it will blow my way again someday. Each tide taking a piece of it out to the stormy seas, never to come back and cloud this heart of mine. I've prayed, and I've tried to be all that I can be, and yet only false love finds it's way to me.
A Poem 4 My Love!
“Horribly horribly sad tonight. Accepting that the person you love simply doesnt love you anymore sucks. I have been crying for days, and cant function. It fuels a self hatred fire that drives me to escort. To prove I am desireable, wanted. But then I realize that it can never replace love. Never. There is no comfort in being wanted for sex, but not loved. I think it hurts more. I want to be loved. I want to make love to someone who loves me back, not sell myself to someone who doesnt know my name. But that choice isnt mine to make. I can sell myself, but i cant make someone love me. I used to believe in dreams and love, but i cant feel anything anymore. I think even god forgot about me. I cant even fake happiness enough to pull off a date anymore. I am ignoring it all, wallowing in sadness while the month slips away and i dont have the rent money. Hating every man Ive ever met, but loving the only one who doesnt want me.”
Today Whats On Me Mind
you know once i ws holding my baby as she fell asleep after a short nap she rolled over and gabbed me. we began to kiss passionetly. she mde me fell like i was the only man alive that could be with her and the only one that she wanted. over time we lose that fire . i sooo want that fire back i soo long for her to rol over and go for what she wants everynite. i would give my life for her and she knows it. i  LOVE HER SOOO MUCH !!!!!! SHE HAS BECOME MY BEST FREIND MY LOVER MY EVERYTHING I THANK GOD SHE IS IN MY LIFE. we will get that fire back this i am sure of well i have kept you all long enough gn fu land sleep well
Take peace in my embraceNo words can express our extacyYou will not find me when you wakeJust close your eyes; fall into the memoryI will be a ghost that sooths youturning nightmares into dreamsCall me when you are fallingYou will find me when you are in need
My Yahoo..
If anyone wishes to add me please do name there is hope 2 see ya.
Doctors Subpeonaed
The investigation into tragic actor Corey Haim's death is stepping up. Approximately 20 doctors have been handed subpoenas which will force them to give evidence in connection with the tragedy. "The Lost Boys" star passed away in Los Angeles earlier this month, after collapsing at his mum Judy's house. The cause of death is still unknown, but California's Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. has fueled speculation Haim died from a drugs overdose by revealing the actor had obtained an illegal order for painkiller OxyContin. Haim was linked to a drug ring and could have had up to 20 doctors unknowingly writing prescriptions for him. Officials at the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office have identified the medics and sent them subpoenas, according to The doctors are reportedly from Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County in California. It's unclear how helpful the medics will be to the investigation because seven of them have reportedly claimed they never met Haim or p
Alright, as promised, my update. Last night... *backs up* Monday she asked me to make her and her roommmate dinner. I made marinated lamb- 1/2 cup of tomato sauce1 1/2 tbs tahini pastesplash of balsalmic1/2 a teaspoon of honeya heavy pinch of salta few grinds of peppera dusting of red pepper per pound and a half of cubed lamb meat. 2 cups of couscous in 3 cups of chicken broth chopped shitake mushroomsjulianed red onioncrushed garlicused the remants of the marinade in the cooking liquid You get the idea. Served a cheese plate while I made salad salad was 1:2 ratio balsalmic vinegar:olive oiland 1 tbs of creamy horseradish sauce an ass load of spinach (technical measurement)rinsed dried torn finely minced red onion, finely minced garlic (scant finger fulls)grated goat-goudachiveskalamata olivesfinishing saltcracked pepper And for dessert I diced some mango with the same nice I cut the onions with... and that made an interesting flavor. Then it was story time all around.
They Are On Sale!
I gotta Man who makes me wanna kill.I gotta Man who makes me wanna die.I gotta Man who makes the devil pale.He makes my heart tick.
How To Use Video Chat!
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This Is Getting Ridiculous
I am getting damn sick and tired of not finding a woman who can see that I am worth having around.  True, I am not working, and I am overweight.  Well you know something?  That doesn't matter.  The fact that I am a good man should matter a hell of a lot more than that.  And so what if I am fat?  I am still good looking.  I have a warm smile and great eyes.  Yeah, I have pain issues in my legs and can't work, so that makes me unworthy?  I don't think so.  Not only am I a good conversationalist, cook and singer, but I happen to be a fantastic lover!  And no I am not bragging, nor am I going to start any stupidity about how hung I am.  I am just being frank and honest.  Another reason for keeping me around.  The single best thing about me is that I am a good and devoted father.  But that doesn't matter does it?  Because I don't have six-pack abs (I have a keg) and I'm not a financial success story I am not worth dating?  How the bloddy hell does that figure?    I like having my female f
Wtf Ever. Screw You, My Fu-ckin "friend"
subject: RE: SuperGirl sent you a Shot of Tequila received: 05/11/2010 05:47 am replied: no    Seriously...I can earn points by sending drinks? I could give two shits about points or climbing the fu-ladder. I send drinks to all of my friends just to say hello since they ARE my friends. We have talked in the past and you even gave me your yahoo. Anyway...So, the only way I know to stop the gifts you find annoying is to take you off of my friend list. === 'ANNOYED WITH THE WAY I'M HER FRIEND' wrote the following at '2010-05-11 05:22:16'..>> if u are sending me drinks to earn points for yourself please stop. Its not like we ever talk to each other and the constant notifications are annoying.. > > > === 'SuperGirl' wrote the following at '2010-05-10 23:25:23'..> >> >
When Is Enough Enough??
Read it or don't.It has been awhile since I bothered to even think about a bulletin here. After this, I don't know if I ever want to write another. The end is nigh.Fake profiles, fake pics, fake this, fake that. At the end of the day, who are WE to judge another? People creating their own deaths or illnesses online in order to get sympathy? It's real, that's very damn real!Where does it end, when do people collectively say enough is enough?? I understand that people are entitled to be informed when someone misrepresents who they are in order to gain real cash items online. Fraud is fraud, we all suffer in the end from it.But where do we draw the line in the sand, as people we are drawn to those that we can either relate to as person, or to what we are attracted to looks wise. At least I admit to that, I like a beautiful woman same as every other NORMAL male online. But looks are just that, photos are just that. It is what it is, if the person has no substance, are you going to continue
Brittany Murphy's Hubby Found Dead
LOS ANGELES - The husband of Brittany Murphy was found dead at his Los Angeles home late Sunday, five months after the Hollywood actress died, police said. The preliminary cause of the death of British screenwriter Simon Monjack is natural causes, police spokesman Sgt. Louie Lozano told The Associated Press. "We concluded there no signs of foul play or any criminal activity involved," said Sgt. Alex Ortiz, another police spokesman. Firefighters responding to an emergency call from a woman at 9:40 p.m. found the 39-year-old Monjack dead at the Hollywood Hills residence, police spokesman Sgt. Louie Lozano said. Ortiz said he didn't know who called. Monjack and Murphy had shared their home with Murphy's mother, Sharon. Ortiz said that the Los Angeles Coroner's Office was taking over the investigation because criminal activity had been ruled out, and would provide more details later on the death and circumstances surrounding it. At his wife's funeral in December, a visibly emotional M
Life Or Something Like It
you may or may not have noticed i haven't logged on here in quite some time. it's just life getting in the way of all things fun. i'm in grad school and it totally kicks my ass most days. i still love everyone i know on here and i miss the fuck out of getting on all the time but at some point, responsibility had to kick in.  so what's been going on with you?
Dream Watcher
He is watching me.I look at him,He smiles and speaks.I move toward his voice,He smiles and watches.Sighing... I need sleep.My mind is wandering,I'm so torn.Leave me some peace!He keeps enteringMy dreams and wandering.He is welcome,Yet he is not.
Have You Ever
Have you ever wanted another person so much that it hurts to be away from them? Not knowing when will be the next time you'll hold or even see them again? Of course talking to them doesn't help, it only makes things worse. So what do you do? You try and find someone who can take their place. Someone who makes you feel like that person. Now every person you find reminds you of that person. Looks, personality, voice, whatever it is, you try and find something about the new person that was what attracted you to the one you're missing. Of course, and quite ironically, that makes you miss that person more. It makes you mad and you fight with the new person because they cant be the one you miss, or you take out the pain of missing the person on this new person. So thats bad right? Could it be worse? Yes. So you don't go looking for a "replacement" because you feel that they are gone because they really rejected you. Not because of complications at work or with family that p
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A Gentle Rant, This Ain't...
First off, if you know me you know I don't use the word "fuck" much. I'm old school and, though I love the word, I believe if you use it too much it loses it's power. So trust me when I say, I mean EVERY FUCKING "FUCK" I'LL BE USING IN THIS BLOG. Fucking technology has been against me all fucking week, and I'm reminded of this fucking fact when I just went to post a blog and Fubar's fucking blog toolbar pops up, the fucking piece of shit. Among so many other fucking things this week, I'll bring up only a couple. Never fucking buy a Disney movie with a fucking "digital copy". The fucking thing made me jump through hoops, just so I can fucking throw it on my fucking PSP (PlayStation Portable). And once ON my PSP, it doesn't play seeing it's not on THE FUCKING COMPUTER IT WAS REGISTERED TO!!! "Have a digital copy to play anywhere, anytime" MY FUCKING ASS!!! On to the next fuck, my building supervisor at work... BITCH, I WAS ASSIGNED TO WORK AT THE LIBRARY LAST NIGHT. MY FUCKING
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Good Day
I get to sign my lease this morning and find out what say I am moving... Most likely it will be next thursday! Finally My OWN PLACE!
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The Short Of It..
It's strange that I've even came on here @ all nor even adtempting to do a sorta blog on here as well, but things are as they are.. strange. I've been trying to deside what sort of stories that I should even post on this blog @ all, but I guess that it's just has to be @least a good tale to tell if I do post anything up @ all. The most interesting tale that I've srawld are of those that aren't the most liked @ all, but my more erotic & sometimes pornographic tale's are the most loved or @least most read. Soooo I guess that is how it is in the world. The book that you place out on your coffee table or bookshelf isn't the most read @ all but it's that dirty lil books & magazines that are hidden away in the dark corner of the closet or dresser w/ the sextoy's is the thing you truely enjoy reading over & over again. The next post will be a short tale that may take up afew post's to come but I'll even be posting other tales.
Loveee This Song Right Now
I wanted to believe that I could be anyone. But only when I'm not alone. And obviously there's no danger in having hope, Having hope in anyone but me. On a better day, I would be way more awake. Falling off, I'm losing faith. If it's all the same, I will just take my things anyway. If this is love, if this is love, Then I would run far, run fast, from me. Forgive me if I leave the keys. I knew I would let you down. I'd betray your confidence, how much do you trust me now? No. Well everyone else here sees, your eyes they can't perceive me. I hate the sound of your voice, cause it still haunts me like a ghost. But I know that I'm to blame, cause I've never been anyone else. But I'm not done cause I'm like you Marie Cause I know I'll never change. If this is love, if this is love, Then I would run far, run fast, from me. I never said I was an angel. There's a simple explanation for it all. It's all my fault. The snow melts away, I'm close to the ending now. I don't want to be saved

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