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Farewell, Asshat!
Guess the prick couldn't handle the drama he started. Good riddance to him and his bitch. So long! LMAO!!!!!!
Wanna Fu- Own Me???
Wanna Own This Bad Kitty I'm up for AUCTIONS please come and bid on me!!! Here is the link ~☠~. Mistress Bad Kitty .~☠~ Loking For Slave!@ fubar
What Super Hero Are You?
Superhero Quiz by Personality Quizzes!MySpace Quizzes | Love Quiz | Online Quizes.
About My Screen Name
Some of you have asked about my screen name "Gimptastic". Some have even voiced that they are offended by it. Why? I don't know. It is a label that I place on myself. Not anyone else. I would never call someone else a "gimp" or "cripple" unless I knew they were comfortable with such terms. For the record, I am. But it has to come from someone who knows me well enough to know that I am comfortable with such terms and who is close enough to me for me to know that they aren't being demeaning when they make such a comment to me. For those who don't know, I was born with a birth defect calle Spina Bifida. In my case, called Myelomeningocele, it cases paralysis, among other physical issues. For me, it starts from the waist down. Technically that makes me what is know as a paraplegic. But I am also what is called a "high functioning" or "high mobility" paraplegic. I have total muscle control and sensation of everything from the knees up. But I have no muscle control or sensa
Have You Ever Met A Male Angel? If Not Then Do So Now!
Want to know a awesome person? Then check out ArchAngel! Have you met Archangel yet? If not you really should. He is a great guy and a great friend! He is always there if you need someone and always willing to chat to you! If you do not already have him added please go and do so. You don't know what you're missing! Rate, Fan, Add, and Crush him! Also bling him! He loves bling! Tell him I sent ya! Archangel@ fubar This Pimpout Brought To You By! Miss Crys~Shadow Levelers~Owned By ~RobiSue~69Munch~Lil Slavegrrl~Dizzy~Smutt~Dr. Tre~@ fubar
New Tag7
Sitting In A Hospital Bed
well i have a slightly better idea of what's going on, that is until another dr. comes in and tells me something different. what seems to be the problem is my colin is inflamed. they don't know what is causing it, it could be a small hole, perhaps several holes, or it could be abcessed. they are treating me with iv antibiotics and very strong pain meds through iv. they are doing their best not to give me surgery. the doctor said that if i do need surgery its gonna be pretty major, they can't do it as a laproscopy they will have to completely open me up. it seems as tho i'll be here a few more days anyhow and as the dr. put it i am "not out of the woods, as far as surgery goes". its really boring here, all i have is tv and my phone. i was actually pleased to have a visit from my step mother.
Tuesday Opie And Anthony Links: Patrice Oneal, Many New O&a Videos, New Boobs On Ratemywow, George Carlin Tribute, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) The Opie and Anthony Radio POgram is broadcasting LIVE on this somewhat damp Tuesday morning. Our own Jim Norton is out today, so we'll be hanging with the host of The Black Philip Show himself, Patrice Oneal. We're also going to take a look back on the late, great George Carlin, who passed away over the weekend. ...speaking of Mr. George Carlin... we've got some videos to show you... OLD SCHOOL O&A - George Carlin Clips: Also, be sure to check out George Carlin's video clips from his last appearance on the O&A Show, as well as some clips of him on Tough Crowd: George Carlin Returns to the O&A Show - Part 1 George Carlin Returns to the O&A Show - Part 2 George Carlin on 'Tough Crowd' - Porno George Carlin on 'Tough Crowd' - Molestation George Carlin on 'Tough Crowd' - Legalizing Gay Sex George Carlin and Jim Norton do a skit together Thanks to the tireless efforts of our own E Rock,
I feel I am the only one who can actually see this world and everyone else is invisible to my thoughts. Although I know they are visible to many.
Contestsplease Help Me Win Sexiest Eyes Vote And Then Rate My Pic And Then Comment As Many Times As Possisble 10 Or More Would Be Great! I'll Ret
Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow @ Rock On The Range May 18-19
Apollo Declines.
"Do you ever sleep?" I was smoking in the kitchen again. Not fish, not sausage. A big stinkin cigar. Okay, maybe not big, and to me, it wasn't stinkin. The invader was my roommate's companion for the night. I think. I hadn't really ventured out of the lair for quite some time. Only to make a grilled cheese, return to the swampy solitude of my unairconditioned hell. Maybe watch a couple black and white movies. Maybe a couple blue movies. Feel my eyes drip out of my sockets. I think I had been standing there, not attending to the conversation for a full two minutes while I stared at my fizzing concoction. Toast doesn't sizzle. It... fizzes. Gently. Hisses maybe. This is going to be a good sandwich. "Uh... yeah, about every three days." My butt dangling between my teeth, a pool of spit gathering, threatening to dribble down my chin and bare, pale chest. She was staring. I guess I did cut an odd figure. Fuzzy short copper hair, long, absurd cartoony boxers, and c
The Joy Of Not Knowing
Its a joyful experience to not know what is wrong with oneself. To lack the knowledge of what ails you so that you might correct it, or at least accept that an outcome is inevitable. Nothing pleases me more than being helpless and confused about what it is that I suffer from. And in case you missed it, that was sarcasm. I'm feeling pretty pissed right now because there is no reason for why I've had the visual problems I have had recently...the only thing they can say is it sounds like a migraine, but in reverse as far as the symptoms. I have constant headaches, as in 24/7 I think. I really don't know. I'm just venting right now though, I truly feel at a loss of what to do. Supposedly I am fine, yet my eye sight is going to shit, and yet my glasses from years ago are still pretty close to right. It amazes me. I just don't get it. I wish I could understand this. I guess all I can truly do is accept that I don't know and try to be okay with it. In the long run, I can only hope t
My First Ever Blog!!!!!
Sooooooooo I have absolutely no idea what I should write here but I guess I should write something. If anything to get a few views or comments or something. I've probably been on here for about a week and I've found it practically impossible to get anyone to talk to me or leave me any comments. I've been rating people and leaving them comments, but nobody ever seems to reply. So I was just wondering if anybody had any tips, or maybe if anybody wanted to be my friend :) probably not but its worth a try lol
The Lady Dj's Of The Real Red Dragon
Just click the lounge logo and hope to see ya there! HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! WE ARE HIRING FOR DJS...PLEASE LADIES COME!! (repost of original by 'DJ Maha~Fu- Wife & R/L G/F to DJ Mass~GM@ The Real Red Dragon Lounge' on '2008-06-29 03:09:42')
Well, The Week On Insurance Training
This past week was almost like being in college again, only more cramming. As any of you didnt know, I was hand picked to go up to Glenview, IL to get trained to become a licensed Insurance Agent, or they would like to call them Producers. Let me tell you, this past week was nuts. First off, the Sunday I was coming up to Glenview from Kankakee was not too bad, until reaching around 65th St. on the Dan Ryan and it was a complete standstill on the road. I mean, seriously, it looked like rush hour, at it was Sunday! Then, after getting off the expressway, I used some bogus directions I got from Goggle maps and got for an hour! Word of advice, do not ever use Goggle maps. I was suppose to be there between the times of 5:00 to 7:00, and I didnt show up until about ten minutes before nine at night. I thought I wasnt going to be able to check in, but in good faith, the times didnt matter and I got to go into my hotel room. Also, I had a roommate, he was pretty cool, an older g
Love Song
I glide with you behind my eyes Our hearts beat a rhythm that we define Moving against you; I feel you sway Locked in a dance that is our fate The music of us, drowns out all sound Crashing like lightening, it quakes the ground Following along note by note I can't stop the melody-it escapes my throat Your hands glide up and down my spine We move together, blending in time As my muse you inspire the words of our song And we continue dancing as the world moves along The tempo, it flows around us two Pushes us faster till sadly it endsour song is through
Forgotten - Avril Lavigne
Since I can't stash it.... "Forgotten" Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah I'm giving up on everything Because you messed me up Don't know how much you Screwed it up You never listened That's just too bad Because I'm moving on I won't forget You were the one that was wrong I know I need to step up and be strong Don't patronize me Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [Chorus:] Have you forgotten Everything that I wanted Do you forget it now You never got It Do you get it now Yea yea yea yea yea Yea yea yea yea yea Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah Gotta get away There's no point in thinking about yesterday It's too late now It won't ever be the same We're so different now Yea yea yea yea yea [Chorus] I know I wanna run away I know I wanna run away Run away If only I could run away If only I could run away Run away I told you what i wanted I I told you what i wanted What I wanted But I was forgotten I won't be forgotten Never Again [Chorus (2x)] Forgotten Yea
Ladybug8b Just Got Her Halo!!
Well i had never heard about fubar until a casting call for the models of fubar posted on model mayhem. I hope they consider me or I get it! i can be the new face of fubar!! tell me what you think!
Cowboy Is His Name & Other Poems
Near the end of the movie "8 Seconds", Lane, Tuff and Cody are flying over the Cheyenne arena, and Cody reads a poem entitled "Cowboy is His Name." That poem is really a shortened version of the poem "Legacy of a Rodeo Man" by Baxter Black. (Cody's not a poet!) Both versions are printed below, with the permission of Baxter Black. And, below those two poems is a poem called "Freckle's Advice" that Baxter wrote and Lane read at his friend Freckles' funeral. Cowboy Is His Name There's a hundred years of history and a hundred before that All gathered in the thinkin' Goin' on beneath this hat. The cold flame burns within him 'Til his skin's as cold as ice And the dues he paid to get here Are worth every sacrifice. All the miles spend sleepy drivin' All the money down the drain, All the 'if I's' and 'nearly's,' All the bandages and pain, All the female tears left dryin', All the fever and the fight Are just a sm
Ummm... so someone egg'd my houze AGAIN! like second time. Seriously who eggs houses still? Is this like happy days? Is potsie out there running around egging people's houses? As if I would have enemies, I barely talk to the gas attendant when filling up my car! OH CRAP!! I BARELY TALK TO THE GAS ATTENDANT WHEN FILLING UP MY CAR!!! that bitch!
2 (test)
[i Sucked At Titles]
I sit in my room. My dungeon of doom. My only place of silence. I have no tolerance. I have thoughts. things nobody has to be taught. the only two words that come to mind is "do it". so should i pull the trigger? I'm a whore. guys come and close the door. I try to say no but the words stumble out wrong as they pull off my thong. the two words that come top mind is "do it" should i cut the vein of death? When I finally do it will anybody care? will i be remembered? Should i do it? ~again written at the age of 14. i was pregnant with my now 4 yr old. I have struggled with cutting since i was 12. and yes these poems are just usual teenage rants. i thought they were good and im reading them now and seeing how shitty and emo they are~
Damn Kiss :p
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog.You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. My best mate once stabbed me in the hand with a pen 2. I used to be a bully to certain people at school, but only when they deserved it 3. I weigh over 14st (195+pounds) 4. Am 6ft tall or there abouts 5. I used to eat a shit load of chocolate everyday, including more than 5 twix's and 3 milky ways on some occasions 6. I did a paper round everyday for three years, sometimes two on the same day. 7. I'm surprisingly fast for someone my size, especially when I have a reason to run. 8. I make random monkey noises most days (nutcase) 9. My self esteem is pretty low 10. My dad died last year (most of the people I talk to on her
The Bridge
The Coping Diet
THE COPING DIET Only girlfriends can understand this one. This is specially formulated diet designed to help women cope with the stress that builds during the day. Breakfast 1 grapefruit 1 slice whole wheat toast 1 cup skim milk Lunch 1 small portion lean, steamed chicken 1 cup spinach 1 cup herbal tea 1 Hershey's kiss Afternoon Snack The rest of the Hershey kisses in the bag 1 tub of Hagen-Daaz ice cream with chocolate chips Dinner 4 glasses of wine (red or white) 2 loaves garlic bread 1 family size supreme pizza 3 Snickers Bars Late Night Snack 1 whole Sarah Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from the freezer) Remember: Stressed spelled backward is desserts. Send this to four women and you will lose two pounds. Send this to all the women you know (or ever knew) and you will lose 10 pounds. If you delete this message, you will gain 10 pounds immediately. That is why I had to pass it on; I didn't want to risk it.
Sweet & Sour
Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. Just remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour, and I know the sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet. Most of us live our whole lives without any real adventure to call our own. Claim your life. I want to live a real life I dont want to dream any longer. There are no guarantees, but remember: Even in the future, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour. -rel
My Sister
Tried to take her life yesturday morning by taking over 150 pills. By the time the police got her to the ER, it was too late to pump her stomach because the pills had already been in her system for over a hour. She is currently in ICU, in a coma.... She's been like that for almost 24 hours now... My sister and I have not been on good terms for awhile now, and I just wish I could've told her how much her baby sister loves her... I tried to help her, we all did. But there is only so much you can do for a person who wont admit they have a problem. I will be on and off of here in between work, hospital, and working some more... PLEASE PLEASE pray for her & our family. She has 2 children that need their Mommy to get better soon, and miss her very much. Thanks you guys! I will keep u updated!
Why Is It...?
I love tits and ass and general nakedness as much as the next person, but here's something I really don't get. Why is it that there are so many people (both men and women, and certainly not all, but it seems much more prevalent among women) that have no issues with posting the most provocative photos of themselves, then get all pissy if you rate it, comment on it, or even look at it...and heaven forbid if you dare to ask to see the ones that they're NOT showing to everyone. Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't make the mistake of asking to see some random woman's private photos only to be made to look foolish for asking. Quite the contrary, I generally have enough respect, both for others and myself, to get to know someone a little before taking that so-called next step. I'm also not a big supporter of the "she was asking for it..." defense either. But c'mon folks. If you DO post suggestive photos and someone DOES ask to see your private ones, is it really necessary to fly into a r
New 'mum' Update ......
Hi I hope you are well and having a good week. I am still having tremendous support from some really great friends on here so i thought i would give you the latest update on my mum's battle with cancer. She was still struggling with her breathing after the latest chest infection that landed her in hospital but she was coping with the help of her nebuliser which she was using 4 times a week. The thing she was really struggling with though is the terrible fatigue. She is so tired she is fighting to stay awake in the afternoon and evenings and this is getting her 'down'. On Monday the had some bad pains in one of her arms and hand and within a couple of hours she had lost all use of the arm and hand. As you can imagine she was terrified so we got to the hospital but the doctors don't really know why this has happened. Her chemo session was cancelled today because there could be a connection with her chemo but she has to have a brain scan and some x-rays. She will be seeing
Somebody. please buy me a drink. I'm very thirsty.
Surgery Update
Ok I have always been an open, honest person. I can only be me so that is what you are going to get with this update. July 31- I arrived at the hospital accompanied by my dearest friend in the world at 6 am. Signed in and was called back rather quickly. Finished the remaining prep and paperwork. My fiancee arrived just moments before they whisked me back to surgery..(he had a bit of trouble because of the downpour of rain and thankfully was not hurt). I only remember going down the hall and entering room where the surgery was to be done. They moved me from the gurney to the operating table and I was asleep soon after. I woke up in the recovery room, asked for pain medication and went right back to sleep. I arrived in my room. My fiancee, best friend, mom and my best friend's husband were there as well as nurses getting me settled. I honestly felt surrounded by love. Found out that they were able to do the hysterectomy as planned. It was only a partial, so no lifelong meds :)
Looking For Members
i am looking for new members to join my paranormal group here in lawrenceburg or if you think you might be haunted and need help just leave a message with your name and number and i will get in touch with you
The Way It Used To Be
The way things used to be Made me open my eyes and see That those I held so close to my heart Shouldn't have been there from the start At time when you need them around The times when your heart crumbles and falls to the ground The time when you feel you just can't go on Times when you feel it's been too long Too long since you felt good Times you feel you never could Times you feel you'll never find happiness Times when all you feel is emptiness Times when you just need someone to hold Then you realize your all alone.
Kinds Of Sex
Results of a recent research shows that there are 7 kinds of sex. The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. * This kind of sex happens when you first meet Someone and you both have sex until you are Blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. * This is when you have been with your partner For a short time and you are so needy you will Have sex anyw here, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. * This is when you have been with your partner For a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and You usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex * This is when you have been with your partner For too long. When you pass each other in the Hallway you both say "screw you." The 5th kind of sex is called: Religious Sex. * Which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun In the afternoon and Nun at night.(Very Popular) The 6th kind is called Courtroom Sex. * This is when y
Dweezil Zappa
Monday, August 11, 2008 A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA FALL TOUR Category: Music To view an HTML version of this newsletter, click here. - Hand-picked intimate venues - Every attendee will be able to get a free MP3 concert download within a week of performance - Hagstrom guitar giveaway at every show - Submit your song requests for each show object width="425" height="344"> A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA FALL TOUR Category: Music To view an HTML version of this newsletter, click here. - Hand-picked intimate venues - Every attendee will be able to get a free MP3 concert download within a week of performance - Hagstrom guitar giveaway at every show - Submit your song requests for each show Hello Friends, I have exciting news about the upcoming fall tour, called You Can't Fit On Stage Anymore! Please read this carefully, there's a lot going on! It has not gone without notice that many o
My Ultra Huge Thank You Pimpout!!
I still can't believe I made the spotlight!!!! I never would have been able to do it without the help I got from all great friends!! Here is my ultra huge pimpout for everyone who donated even just a couple hundred fubucks to get me there!! Rate/Fan/Add everyone on this list! If you have already R/F/A them, then re-rate them!! TY soooooooooooooooooooooo much again everyone!! whispers420 =^ArCaDe^=Fu-Owned by ImSomebodysPrincess ===Steve===MOODYS MAN*ENFORCER AND OFFICAL MOUTH KICKER@DDR [SHADOW LEVELER] jit73 Enforcer @ DDR DIRTY DEEDS RADIO DJ Kasper692 R/L GF to TIM Greeter @ Dirty Deeds Radio (Fu-Angel) / Fu-Owned by SILENTLIZARD dj nilla~owner of ~DIRTYDEEDSRADIO.COM~ owned by JETT & {}{} ~ **club f.a.r.** joefreedom826/greeter/promoter @Dirty Deeds Radio
Foamy - Drugs In Your Head
The Essessance Of A Woman
Treat a Woman with lots of love, kindness, show her a lot of affection and watch her bloom into the worlds prettiest flower called a rose.
How To Hotwire Your Car.
Found this to be interesting:
The New Lara Croft
Kmp's Contest
go here and drop her at least 30 comments, and i'll rate all your stash. i'll also give you 100 10's. it doesn't take long for 30 comments. EXCEPTION: i do not rate empty stashes. pm me when you're done. i also wouldn't mind a ss of you leaving comments, if it's not too much trouble (this is for ppl i don't know really well, lol). pssssssssst: she's really cute, too. :)
Help Us All
Please Help My dear friend in his VIP COntest -- just a few comments is all I ask... TY in advance
Xciteme's Giveaway
XciteME is always giving away EXCELLENT things... I am in her giveaway. 50,000 comments for a 150 credit bling pack... Will u help me?
Tracy In Her First Auction
You no you wanna own me !!!! I'm in my first auction please bid on me! What i'm offering. ****************** Owned for a month. 300 11's a week during HH for a month Pimpout on my profile page for a month Top friends for a month. Shitfaced everyday for a month during HH Coustom made fubar tag. Added to my name for a month. Pimpout in a bully once a week for a month. Permanent blog pimpout for a month. All stash rated during HH in the month. Daily profile comment for a month. SO COME ON BID ON ME (YOU KNOW YOU WANNA HEHEHE) (repost of original by 'Tracy_shadow leveler owner of summer uk and co owner of pinkladys lapdance club' on '2008-08-21 17:04:28')
Excalibur Rawk Auction
Dreaming/nightmare - By Me
Lights in the distance Screams of resistance Through my head the dreams continue Like runaway logs jumped from the flue Images of horror Coupled with humor Mine eyes have gathered the darkness And my mind turns restless Unreal images of life And distorted tableau of strife The death of innocents The mourning of lives spent Fires and explosions rend And the images bend and blend The fogs clear again As falls a misting rain Standing in a field of black roses A voice says "everyone eventually loses" Orange and blue flame sweep the field My eyes stay open to see whatâ‚„s next revealed Standing on a plain of dark glass Strange colors in the sky and jumbled shapes in the distance I awake with a start Hearing only the beating of my heart
A Sexy Kitty For Sale Come Bid
Thongs To Boy Shorts - An Interesting Transition From 12-08-07
This has been something that actually boggled me; girls going from wearing thongs all the time to wearing boy shorts. Its kind of funny, considering we live in a society where it seems that for women, as far as clothing goes, less is better. Then, all of a sudden, girls begin to wear boy shorts, which is making the change to more coverage. I mean, all of a sudden the trend to bare it all is going away, which I hope is a good thing in this society and I hope its a trend that keeps going for a while. However, the change from thongs to boy shorts doesnt seem to help out the increase of sexual activities in todays youth, considering it seems like its getting worse year after year. As I said before, I can remember when I was in high school, if you had sex with more than one person, you were considered dirty or a slut. Now, having multiple sex partners in high school seems to be the norm, and its beginning to spread into the junior high level! There was a survey done my teenage
Sterling Silver
Pure silver, also called fine silver, is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily damaged so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. The most popular of these alloys is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Although any metal can make up the 7.5 percent non-silver portion of sterling, centuries of experimentation have shown copper to be its best companion, improving the metal's hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful color. The small amount of copper added to sterling has very little effect on the metal's value. Instead, the price of the silver item is affected by the labor involved in making the item, the skill of the craftsperson, and the intricacy of the design. Most high quality Tiffany silver items are stamped with a "fineness" or "quality" mark. This mark designates the precious metal content of the Tiffany jewelry, and under federal law, must be accompanied by a maker's mark or
Fubar Hotel
To Join you must 1.F/A/R all Guest & Staff of the hotel & put I'm staying @ the fubar hotel in friend request. 2.Re Rate if already a friend and in the comment put stayin at the fubar hotel. 3.Must message the owner so she can put you in with the rest of the guest currently residing in the hotel. 4.See the CEO if you wanna become a hotel Employee and what you wanna do for the hotel Currently 37 Hotel Guest join in the fun with us 5. repost all bullys to share this with others HOTEL STAFF Owner and CEO of the Fubar Hotel Tequila Gurl Owner of the Lollypop gurlz Club,Brunette Diva's Club & a frequent flyer@ fubar Assistant CEO of the Fubar Hotel MishNumber1 ♥ Of WISEUKF SUP Insane & Shadow Levelers & SBG. Club FAR Team Captain@ fubar Lobby Manager Silverpixi ~Owner of/by DebiCakes,Ringof Fire, Owned by Mizzzz Brat, ŵĥ &Miss Crys@ fubar Fubar hotel Lounge Manager CinDragon~CoFounder of Thunder&Lightning Levelers~CoPilot of Fantasy Flight@ fu
Who I Am (since Noone Reads Profiles)
Since noone reads profiles, this is here for those who care or who wonder who I am. WHAT I LIKE: I LIke People That Can Honestly Speak Their Mind To Me & Tell Me What The Real Deal Is I Like People That Can Hold A Good Conversation With Me I Like People That Have A Sense Of Humor & Put Up With Mine I LIke People That I Can Trust In I Like People Who Like Me 4 Me & Not If I Look Good Or If I Had Money Etc I Like To Be Treated Like How I Treat Others I Like To Be Teased Because I Give It Back To Them 10 Times Worse I Like My Suzukirf600 (crotch rocket) I used to Like My HondaF4 (stunt bike) lol I Like Men With Morals I Like Men Who Have Intelligence I Like Men Who Dont Try To Change Me I Like Men Who Are Honest WHAT I DON"T LIKE: Wow!! Do You Have Enough Time For This??? OK HERE IT GOES When it Comes To Men If Your ConceidedMouthy Self CenteredGold DiggerArrogant LiarsIgnorantOverly ShyRetards..Players..Fake PeopleMorons..Ghetto.Stuck Up Peo
Have To Vent Out About Liers!!!
Sorry but just need to vent, I have 2 friends that was in ""hottest give away album part 1 starts May 23rd (80) """'' HOT marinas big giveaway, there are 80 in there, and none will get what they deserve, bratt and chaotic princess and their friend paid cash for a lot of blings for their friends to help them , and not counting all their friends time, and now they will lose their vips soon and wont get their 1 year VIP, see even people withVIP'S and salutes are frauds, please be careful fu friends. ♥~BRATT~♥USER#709013 needs 55000 comments for a 1 year VIP ----------------------- Current rating: 10.29 (274) Uploaded: May 13 2008 Comments: 55012 Rips: 0 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ============ ~*♥Chaotic Princess♥*~ USER#1211040 neeeds 55000 comments for a 1 year VIP --------------------- Current rating: 10.27 (224) Uploaded: May 13 2008 Comments: 55004 Rips: 0 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ============ ALL THESE PEOPLE TRUSTED HE
Makes Me Think
Once I wasnt always so plain. I was strewn feathers on a cross of dune, an expanse of ocean at my feet, garlands of gulls. Sirens and gulls. They couldnt tame you. You know as well as they: to be a dove is to bear the falcon at your breast, your nights, your seas. My fear is simple, heart-faced above a flare of etchings, a lineage in letters, my sudden stare. Its you. Its you! sang the heart upon its mantel pelvis. Blush of my breath, catch of my seebeautiful birdIts you.
Please Go Help My Wonderful Friend Luangel
My wonderful friend LuAngel is in a contest and needs our help...she is in a contest and needs rates on her picture. Can you spare just 1 rate..sure you can so just click on the link below and rate. If you are not a friend of Jade Rose you may have to add the hostess...but we can all use some more friends.. JʁWR & DJ @WTWTR~FU-ENGAGED TO SMOKEY THE BEAR*@ fubar Thanks for all your help Hugs, Silverpixi
Thank You Isn't Enough...
As I sit here on my couch, watching a show on t.v. about 9/11/01, I can't help but have tears build up in my eyes. What do you say to the people who lost their lives, or lost a loved one on that day? Thank you? Thank you it was you and not me? I can't help but wonder how many people left their house that day, left their families that day, and didn't say good bye, or I love you befor they left, becuase they would see them again later. How many had a fight with someone, had said things they wished they hadn't, and would patch things up later, and then didnt get that chance? A commercial came on just a few minutes ago with a young girl saying how 43 women had died on flight 93, to keep the plane from hitting d.c., one of them had been her sister. Did she get to say good bye or I love you? I don't know what to say to all those that have lost, and those who are fighting right now for us, but I thank you for your courage, and sense of pride for our nation, and to all that have lost, my love
Truth; From My Love : Harwolf
Truth-By my baby: Wayne ..>..> truth I have often wondered why people make up stories and lies to impress other people. It seems that in order to boost feelings of low self-esteem, insecurity and need to be "accepted" they say most anything to demean and degrade others in order to make themselves look better. When in fact, the only people that believe any of their woven tales are either people that are much the same way or intimidated by them. Also, these people are obsessive and tend to get emotionally distraught, so much so that it can bring them to the brink of violence when others don't do what they say or believe their stories. They are truly just lonely souls with a constant need and addiction to attention and it becomes evident in the rapid making of new friends and the disappearance of those friends with the same speed. Proof of this is disbarraging comments made of former friends, when it is their own condition that caused the disolution of ANY "friendship". Trus
It's Spelled Prayers..
if u are on my friends list i hope u will join me in keep this wonderful woman in prayer she was just rush to the Hospital about 20 minutes ago so please join me in praying for her and her family and that God will put his Healing Hands upon her ty so very much and God Bless ▲►Ĵdəd ņə◄▼~Promoter @ Your Naughty Fantasy@ fubar
Expectations..time To Re-read Them!
SAYING I TRY TO LIVE BY... "In the course of living, many people are disappointed when others do not live up (or down) to their expectations. In order to be happy, some expectations must be dropped. These unrealistic and unhealthy expectations are three of the main culprits. 1. Do not EXPECT appreciation. When others say, "Thank you," or in any way show their gratitude, be happy. It is a gift! 2. Do not EXPECT others to make you happy. They simply cannot do that. Make yourself happy and share your joy with others. 3. Do not expect NOT to be let down. At times, people will simply not come through for you in the way you need. Forgive them and move on. Get rid of these three expectations and you will be getting rid of daily disappointment!"
Master & His Brat Slave
I knock gently on Master's door and hear his footsteps approaching. He opens the door and welcomes me warmly. "Come in, Princess" he says. I smile my sweetest Princess smile and kiss him lightly on the lips. Master gently pulls me by the arm inside his apartment. Once he closes the door behind me his affect changes instantly. He grabs a handful of my hair and brings my ear closer to his lips. Master asks me if I remember what my safeword is and I nod my head while keeping my eyes lowered, my pulse starting to race. "Tell me" he demands and I whisper it to him. Then he asks "Are you ready, Princess?" Master inhales deeply and exhales fiery air on my neck. He takes my hand and traces the line of my spine, slowly, so as not to miss a curve. He makes his way down my back, lower, down over my ass, and rests his hand under the curve of my ass cheek as if he owns every part of me. He traces another line, down my throat, between my breasts, my belly, and finally between my legs.
Will It Ever Be The Same
I sit here crying wondering why it has all changed........I don't know how to feel....what to think or to say.....My heart hurts ....i'm alone n scared....What happened to the good ol days when we had all the fun in the world the bestest friends ever who fell in love you'd think that would be perfect....but it's not it hurts when it all didn't get better it got worse nothing seems to matter anymore...Maybe it's me maybe I'm crazy or destined to be alone I just don't know anymore... my heart is weak What happened along the way to change this ove so much.....maybe it was better left unsaid to save a friendship i hold so dear to my heart.... I just don't know
Obituary For Raymond Miller Sr.
Raymond Ernest Miller, Sr. (June 8, 1918 - September 15, 2008) Sign Guest Book CAMBRIDGE- Raymond Ernest Miller, Sr., 90, passed away very peacefully on Monday, Sept. 15th, at Mayo Regional Hospital, with his family at his side. He was born on June 8th, 1918 in Easton, Connecticut. He was predeceased by his wife, Eva Miller on May 12, 2006 and infant daughter, Sandra. He will be sadly missed by 2 sons; Raymond Jr. and wife, Karen; Arnold, and wife, Sherrie of Dexter; 3 daughters, Gale and husband George, Janet and husband Ricki of Cambridge, Darlene and husband Gene of Dexter; 18 grandchildren; 31 great grand children; 1 great great grandson; several nieces and nephews. Family and Friends are invited to a celebration of his life on Friday Sept. 19th from 6 to 8 PM, at Crosby & Neal, 61 Main St., in Dexter. Graveside services will be held on Sunday Sept 21, at 12 PM at Huntingtown Cemetery in Huntingtown, Connecticut, where he will be laid to rest with his wife Eva. I
How Things Will Change Your Life!!
But I have to tell you, change is great!! I met a wonderful man, a guy that is honest, trustworthy, responsible, downtoearth, dependable, reliable, and just absolutely adorable!! A guy that has completely changed my life, my outlook on things. All in an awesome way!!! I have fallen completely in love with him, and he's shown me that he loves me completely. The way he lights up when I walk into the room, the way he grins at me when he turns over in bed, or just catches me looking at him whenever is absolutely amazing. He just blows me away, is completely by my side, protects me, and never ever thinks of anything unless it's to do with both of us. I never thought I'd find someone like him, never thought I could be so happy,inlove with someone, boy was I wrong. lol. John you're my heart n soul and I love you completely with my entire being!!!
Ode To My Angel!!!
As life begins a promise is made, before you a golden path is laid.One with love and compassion and if lucky with lust and passion.You see my little girl its all in what you see, for it will be love and devotion you see in me.A lifetime of hurt will occur in time, the finer points can be so sublime.I don't want you to ever wonder if I love you so, I love you from the highest high to the lowest low. No matter what you do in life, I will be there for the wonders and the strife. I will stand by you and try not to judge, I will be that protection around you that just won't budge. You can count on me your whole life through, always behind you steady and true.
I Can Feel You
I can feel your hands upon my face I feel myself in your embrace The wind kisses my lips for you I am surrounded by you I can feel you all around me I can feel your icy stare I know you are right here with me I can sense you there I catch of whiff of your perfume The one I always made you wear I knew if I needed you to hold me You would always be there I can feel you still my love Even though you are long gone But as long as there is breath in me My heart will always hold on I miss you my darling With all my heart and soul I cry out for you again And I can feel you take hold I sense your fingers in my hair Lightly touching my tear stained face I wrap myself in your spirit now And die happy in your embrace I've waited so long for you To come and take me to where you are I never lost my memory of you When you died inside that car I watched over all the children I dreamed you beside me ever night I may have married another But you were always i
Some Quirky Facts ......2
Here is the other half 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle; if the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes. Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, John Hancock and Charles Thomson. Most of the rest signed on August 2, but the last signature wasn't added until 5 years later. "I am." is the shortest complete sentence in the English language. The term "the whole 9 yards" came from W.W.II fighter pilots in the South Pacific. When arming their airplanes on the ground, the .50 caliber machine gun ammo belts measured exactly 27 feet, before being loaded into the fuselage. If the pilots fired all their ammo at a target, it got "the whole 9 yards." Hershey's Kisses are called that becau
Im 52% Burned Out
You Are 52% Burned Out You're fairly burned out, and it shows. You probably have been feeling a little rundown and irritable lately. If you can, drop a few of your minor responsibilities and focus on what's really important. You have too much on your plate, and it's catching up with you. Are You Burned Out?
Other Places To See Me!!!
Feel free to visit me at one of the below: Y! my name there is snglgirl276 MySp my url there is becca999 if you can't find me on one of these, then ur not looking hard enough! xoxox
~ You And I ~
~ You And I ~ You and I are connected in a way that goes beyond Romance....Beyond Friendship, Beyond what we've ever had before. It will Defy Time, Distance, and Changes in Ourselves and In Our Lives. And It will defy every explanation ...........Except One: Purely and Simply...We are Kindred. We Are Soul Mates. I can't explain it...I just Feel It. It's there in the way my spirit subtly lifts whenever we talk, how the sound of your voice brings me home in a way I can't explain. It's in the delight I feel when we laugh at exactly the same things. When I'm with you, it's like a tiny part of the Universe shifts into the plac it's supposed to be, and all is right with the World. These things, and so many more.... have made me understand that this is a Once-In-A-Lifetime, Forever Connection that could only exist between You and Me. And Deep In My Soul....... I know that our relationship is A Rare Gift..... One that will bring us an
Life...just Freaking Wonderful
the weekend was ok...god i did so much it flew by.. friday i went to the local high school football game ..we lost as always but its always nice to get out and talk to everyone...saturday i went to a bridal shower for a girl at was long but was all the girls at work and it turned into a wine fest but was a great time..then off to the stock car races for me woohoo..i had not been in a month and it was a blast from the past..after i went to the local bar for Tequila time. well really corona time..but it was a blast also..met up with the other from up the next morning to baseball with a hangover..woohoo what a wonderful morning that was! then i get the phone call that my uncle isnt doing well and i need to get to the hospital which i did..and hes not well at all..hes keeping a good outlook but im really not sure whats going on with him..anyway the big one today i go to work and going to make full circle now and end up in the dept i started im
I Am In Texas Ya'll
hello all my bar revelers! I am in Dallas Texas with the love of my life! I am so happy and I am so in love .........Although I did not meet him here at fubar ): I did meet him on E-harmony so it does work! I still want to be freinds with all of you and continue to have some fun at the fubar!! Cheers mates!!
Our Love
Our Love What is in my heart is very much real even though my brain screws everything up The feelings inside never were so real and I had to ruin everything to understand exactly how I truly feel You mean the world to me, everything is not the same without you with me Fate brought us together in the beginning no matter how hard the road ahead of me is I know that we will be together again. The love we both feel for each other is stronger then anything on this earth and nothing will ever break the bond we share the connection we have to one another I know that I have done wrong in the past and that I can not change what has happened but what I can do is change the future and show you that I am the man I was meant to be not just for you but also for me. Our love can conquer anything because I believe in Our Love. Christopher Rhea Copyright 2008 Christopher Rhea
Congratulations Are In Order!!!
Cool Video
I'm trying to figure out how to put this video I got from a bud who is in Iraq.
Tuesday Tuesday
Yeah a Friend/client comes today! See sometimes I am really lucky and get to have a session with someone I know from the community. On most of those occassions, it is with someone I actually enjoy! Today is one of those days!! I truly love how these are those guys who really read my blogs and actually take the time to follow me. They are the ones who come out of the woodwork when I am the most strapped for cash. They know I will cut them a deal on price, treat them exactly how they prefer and be happy to see them. So at noon today I have to be ready for one such person. He's a very sweet young man. Very tall - 6'4" [remember I am just 5'5"] and likes bondage with some pain. He's got a great disposition. He also has a lovely smile. PLUS he has always adored me. Who wouldn't want to work with someone like that??? And as always when the kitty knows I am having a session he goes into overdrive. This morning he let me sleep late so he could come down here and clean up the kitchen
Help ^sin^ Sin~
Could you please click this picture and rate it for me..person with most rates wins a prize... and maybe even place a bid if you feel like it:D Halloween Theme - Techno Remix (repost of original by '^sin^ Fu wife 2 sultryfu girl to easye02476-FU owned 2 vanessa-LT of Shadow Ops @ Rasta Inc' on '2008-10-01 14:32:43')
Wanna Own Me???
Hey everyone!!! I'm up for auction. Come bid to win ME!!! Just click on the pic below and you'll be directed to the auction!
I Don't Get It
My mom is again trying to control me, I am so angry right now I want to hit something. She wants me to sign a document stating that I will agree to her rules, or she will not sign the mortgage paperwork. She will not sign anything stating that she is choosing not to have a financial interest. So basically she wants me to pay and have her still reap the benefits of it. I am so tired of this...........
A Few Words
They're written by Andy Rooney, a man who has the gift of saying so much with so few words. Enjoy....... I've learned ... That the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person. I've learned ... That when you're in love, it shows. I've learned ... That just one person saying to me, 'You've made my day!' makes my day. I've learned ... That having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world. I've learned ... That being kind is more important than being right. I've learned ... That you should never say no to a gift from a child.
"mail Goggles" Prevents Regrettable Late-night Email
new Gmail Labs feature dubbed "Mail Goggles" has Gmail ask you a series of math problems before allowing you to send out emails late on certain nightslike, say, those nights when you're artificially motivated to tell your boss/significant other/frenemy just what the deal is. You can adjust the bewitching hours and difficulty of the math problems in your general settings.
click!Click!!CLICK!!! LarryB@ fubar DISCIPLE A GREAT FRIEND!!! This wonderful guy here is 968.000 points far from becoming a DISCIPLE! Lets all return the mad love he always shows to everyone and the sweet friendship he always gives to others! You won't be sorry you met him! Bully brought to you by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
Date A Bad Girl For Halloween!
Have You Wanted To Date A Bad Girl? Now Is Your Chance To Date One Of Sarge's Bad Girls. Drop by and Leave Them Your Best Pick Up Line Or Date Idea. They Will Choose Their Favorite Line Or Idea. You Will Get A Minimum Of 100 Rates From The Bad Girl That Chooses You. Here Are A Sampling of The Bad Girls You Can Choose From: Tulsa's Angel Ticha Blueroses Sexy Green Eyes Chaos' Goddess HoneyDew's Princess Vamp Morticia Devil's Advocate aGEM4life Blue Eyed Brat Ecuadorian Goddess
Spotlight Thank You's!!
I would like to say Thank You to everyone who donated to my SpotLight Fund! I have the best friends here on Fubar and because of their kind and generous donations I was able to get the spot light today. These are in no particular order....But thank you to each and every one of you!!! Please stop by and show these folks some mad love. They deserve it and so much more!! ~Wizard3461~Co-Owner of Club United~Member of an Enforcer/Tag Maker for The Rating Revolution~ Mz Twisted & Disturbed aka Mz Attitude~ DCF & Rating Revolution Member~ ~*ǣMخ*~DEMON CREW*SHADOW LEVELERS*W.I.S.E.U.K.F* Fallen Angel ~ Demon Crew Co-Founder~ Member of the Stiletto Girls~ FUowned by Claymore LadyEnchantin~ Rating Revolution
Quick Pizza Breadsticks
Quick Pizza Bread sticks 1 10-ounce package refrigerated pizza dough 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted 1/2 cup grated Parmesan or Romano cheese 2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning, crushed 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper 1 8-ounce can pizza sauce, warmed Lightly grease a large baking sheet. Unroll pizza dough and transfer to prepared baking sheet. Using your hands, press dough into a 12x9 inch rectangle.Brush the dough with the melted butter. In a small bowl combine Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and red pepper; sprinkle over dough.Using a sharp knife, cut dough crosswise into 12 1-inch strips; cut in half lengthwise to make 24 strips. Bake in a 425 degree oven for 10 to 13 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with pizza sauce.
Can Any One Rate My Profile And Pictures
can anyone please rate my profile and pictures and comment me please
My Friends, Big Love (entry 5)
So, the previous 4 entries have been a lil bitch fest of sorts for me. Just had to get those things off my chest. By reading them one may think "so then why are you on Fubar if you're so disgusted with all those things?". Well... those things do burn my ass, but I have also made some really wonderful friends on this site. REAL friends, not just acquaintances. For every 100 weeds I have pulled on this site, I have made one great friend which makes weed pulling worth while. There really are some amazing people out there and I feel blessed to have met and befriended some of them. I do not warm to most people easily and it's even harder for me to let anyone past my hard Cancerian outer shell. The previous 4 blog entries may make me seem like a bitch, and that's fine by me. It's just me standing up for what I believe and speaking freely about how I feel. I think those are admirable traits in anyone, but if you see it as "bitch-like" then I'm proud to be a bitch. Thank you to t
Congratulations Boricua God Daddy
CONGRATULATIONS BORICUA GOD DADDY FUBAR AND CLUB F.A.R'S NEWEST PROPHET YAYYYYYYYYYYY HE MADE IT LOVE YA PETE.. MY BFF ALWAYS....... Boricua God~Daddy * Owner & Founder of Club F.A.R.@ fubar THIS BULLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE ONE AND ONLY ♥Tsisquog'a♥ ♥ Cherokee God Mama♥ R/L Girlfriend To ♥Anubis ♥ Owner of club F.A.R@ fubar (repost of original by '♥ Cherokee God Mama♥ R/L Girlfriend To ♥ Anubis ♥ Owner of club F.A.R' on '2008-10-09 15:47:51')
My Free Mixes
Here are some of my latest mixes. They are free. Download and let me know what you think. Download--->Dj Destruct Mixato Vol. 10 Sept 2008 Tracklist 01. Soul T and Pila - Fiction (audio damage rmx) 02. Phase 3 and The Machine - Fine day (original) 03. Dstylerz - The absence of sound 04. Brian M vs Mc Bunn - Check it out (orig mix) 05. Phase 3 and The Machine - Better world 06. Brian M vs Mc Bunn - Into hell (orig mix) 07. Dstylerz - Just a freak 08. Donkey Rollers - lmpsjnk (orig mix) 09. Francesco Zeta - Maniak psyko 10. Sons of Satan - Prepare (dj yoz remix) 11. Donkey Rollers - Voice of conscience (orig mix) 12. Nagoom - Atmosphere Download--->Dj Destruct Mixato Vol.9 AUG 2008 Tracklist 01. Superwave - Difference (blade masterz rmx) 02. Dark by Design - Stigmata 03. Abject - Rude 04. The Partycrushers - Fear (orig mix) 05. Dj Shane- Bad dreams (shanes tunnel mix) 06. Dj Enhancer - Kashmir (sovjet mayhem rmx) 07. Dj Noby - Dance (zealot rmx) 08. The B
Written For Me By One Of My Most Dear Friends In Cali
Look at your lovely red hair like the fire on the sun it say to me a friend that lasts caring,loving sometimes fun a girl who can get it on They used to call you carrot top or ginger pop,a pretty girl with a flaming mop Freckle face and pale,it never fails your alway a sinner with the angel wings bring sunshine in red the color of yr hair and the blood that seeps in you. Her name is Cheri the Chocolate queen
22 Reasons To Vote Against Mr. Obama And For Mccain/palin.
1. Sen. Obama gives flowery speeches on change and hope. But he's part of one of the most corrupt political machines of all time. And instead of fighting and trying to reform the corrupt Chicago Cook County political machine, he used it to rise to power. When reformers tried to fight it, Mr. Obama refused to help them and actually was instrumental in defeating the reform movement. He preaches a new kind of politics but supports and uses one of the worst political machines in the U.S. 2. He led the battle in the Illinois legislature to assure that born-alive infants would not be treated as persons and would not be entitled to medical care. Instead, if Sen. Obama had his way, such babies born alive after a botched abortion would be left to die, thus legalizing what appears to be infanticide and murder. 3. When he first responded to Russia's invasion of Georgia, he said that aggression was wrong, but the U.S. would be in a better position if we set a good example. Thus he made it cl
Hmmmmm.....interesting To Say The Least!
HE'S ALWAYS PIMPING US OUT AND I THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT TIME THE PIMP GOT PIMPED...YOU KNOW THE DRILL R/F/A AND BLING HIM...LETS GET HIM TO DISCIPLE ASAP...WHO KNOWS ..YOU MAY BE THE NEXT TARGET OF ONE OF HIS PIMPING SPREES *GIGGLES*HE HAS AUTO 11'S ON TOO Party People - Nelly feat. Fergie $Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C}Pimp of the Pu$$cat Playmates Owned by ~ CynzDreams ~& Naughty by Nature~@ fubar BROUGHT TO YOU BY ~ CynzDreams ~Owned by SouthernOutlawBiker~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar
A Great Woman!!
This is FARSCAPECAT!! She is an amazing woman and friend!!! She does alot for all her friends on here!! If she is not already on your friends list.... Well shame on you!!! SHE SHOULD BE!!!! So go Fan, Rate, and Add her NOW!!! You won't be sorry and she WILL return the love!!! She has Auto 11's on right now so go spank her HARD!! Lets see if we can get her a little closer to Disciple!!! She totally deserves it!!! {{This will take you right to her pics}} Go show her how much she is loved!!! ***Thanks*** This Bully brought to you with lotsa love By: JΛmξ R/L G/F of Jkξ Owned By SirRickster Owner of Rock N Roll Chick@ fubar Jkξ Thξ kξ R/L B/F of JΛmξ~Owner of HippyChick~Owned by Carolvision@ fubar
You Neve Know What You Have Till You Loose Them
Never take your mother for granit. be there for them and never disrespect them. I lost my mom in april. she was my mom my best friend i never disrespected her in any way and I was always there for. her But now that she's gone! I know I lost the best person in my life I could ever have so next time you are angry with someone you really love, just sit back and remember they will not be here forever! so cherrish the time you have with them.and create lots of memories you could to look back on when there gone...
Heres To The Past Drink To The Future
So I have decided something over the last few weeks. I have decided to quit dwelling on what has happened in the past and start living for the upcoming minutes of life. I have seen, done and been through a lot things in my life. Although I don't have regrets I do however have lessons learned. It seems that I have learned most of those lessons in the last seven years. I have two very beautiful angels that I would not trade for anything in the world. I would walk through fire to make sure they were safe. I would do anything to make them as happy as I possibly could. Having these two babies has not been easy and the relationships connected to them have not been a walk in the park. I love every minute that I am with them and miss them every minute that I am away from them. I know in their shot lives on this earth I have put them through some troubling and confusing times and I hope they know they are my heart and soul and reason for living everyday. Being a single mom has taught me my wea
Breast Cancer Awareness Train Tags
Black Bashes Obama
TERRY ANDERSON, A BLACK LOS ANGELES TALK RADIO HOST, WENT DOWN A LIST OF THINGS SENATOR OBAMA HAS SAID THAT ARE NOT EXACTLY CORRECT. Obama's Not Quite Exactly: 1.) Selma March Got Me Born - NOT EXACTLY - your parents felt safe enough to have you in 1961 - Selma had no effect on your birth, as Selma was in 1965. 2.) Father Was A Goat Herder - NOT EXACTLY - he was a privileged, well educated youth, who went on to work with the Kenyan Government. 3.) Father Was A Proud Freedom Fighter - NOT EXACTLY - he was part of one of the most corrupt and violent governments Kenya has ever had. 4.) My Family Has Strong Ties To African Freedom - NOT EXACTLY - your cousin Raila Odinga has created mass violence in attempting to overturn a legitimate election in 2007, in Kenya . It is the first widespread violence in decades. The current government is pro-American but Odinga wants to overthrow it and establish Muslim Sharia law. Your half-brother, Abongo Obama, is Odinga's follower. You int
Oct 17-2008
Aries (March 21-April 19): You've probably heard that there's good stress and bad stress. However, just now, you'd be wise to avoid both kinds. Relax and have fun. Taurus (April 20-May 20): Embrace the ideas of those who have far less experience than you. Much of what you hear from these newcomers must be taken with a grain of salt, but there's value to some of it. Gemini (May 21-June 21): There may be a strict set of rules to the game you're playing; however, nobody is enforcing them. Pick and choose which limits you want to honor. Cancer (June 22-July 22): Some people make you feel like you're 3, fighting over a toy. There is valuable learning in these primal instincts. Let the child in you feel however he feels, while the adult you keeps behavior in check. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Mental focus is easier to keep when you employ all of your senses. That's why writing down your intention with pen and paper is so important -- it's a tactile act. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep
Act 1 Scene 2
Act 1 Scene II.. The rules A six foot tall muscular african american woman (Ms.April) leads Zeda through the campus tour... Ms.April: Wake up is at 7am, You are to get dressed, Make your bed and be ready for head count by 7:15. 7:30 to 8 is Breakfast. You are a level Zero. That means you are not allowed to speak to or sit with the other residents. This is the time you are to observe the other residents and see exactly who you should associate with. Ms.April slides a white card through a slot next to the door and pushes the doors open Mrs.April: School is on campus, these are your classrooms. The kids are separated, just like in normal school, you will take all your classes with kids in your grade. This room is english, this is science, and this one is math. Ms.April slides a white card through a slot next to the door and pushes the doors again open Mrs.April: (Announces loudly)Ladies on the Hall!!!! There are a lot of good kids here, and a lot of not so good kids he
Please Help!
Hey all, I am in a giveaway for an auto bling!! Any help you can give would be great!! Rates count as well. I need a total of 15K comments/rates. TY all so much!!
Now Recruiting
Now Recruiting
tears control me .. blood relieves me .. happiness has never met me ... anger consumes me and all i fight for .. the tears ive cried no matter how hard i try the blood always has to drip.. closed fists.. bruised knuckles sliced wrists... being okay just never seems to fit.. bcuz i wasnt god's gift .. i was put here to suffer... my feelings to be muffled.. never noticed but always heard like a whisper in the darkness knowledge of my pain but not enough to stop it. he sees right through me he knows im already transforming .. soon enough itll be over " her pulse is dropping" all i hear is sirens .. a hand around my throat... & it all fades to darkness ........
Shout Me Out
any of you freaky people out there let me hear what you got to say shout me
Once You Are Accpeted....
1) get with Scarlet on YIM and send her a full body pic for your tag. She will send you the clickable link to add to your profile while she is making your tag. 2) add the link she gives you to your about me or interests and if you want to, add VIPER girls to you name. 3) once she makes your tag and thumbnail for the main profile she will send you your tag to add to your pics (if you want the link for the clickable thumbnail now is the time to ask for it). Add the tag to your pictures. 4) get the link to the lounge VIPER Pit and go there and subscribe to the lounge. this is where all official VIPER girl meetings will be held. 5) all of the girls pics on the main profile are clickable and we encourage each of you to visit the other girls and rate/fan/add them and introduce yourselves. this way we all get to know each other. 6) we need to level as quick as possible so we can add more pics so if you can help out with promoting the page a little it would be appreciated but
Being Ignored Sucks
->Classy NOT...: hey wanna fuck? ->johnny: wanna fuck? ->Phillip668: wanna fuck? ->shhell: hey wanna fuck? ->Scarlett{S...: hey sexy, wanna fuck? ->brianday23: wanna fuck? ->Princess o...: hey sexy, wanna fuck? ->Mr. Jeff: wanna fuck? ->Harley~~E...: wanna fuck? ->ALWAYS HOPE: wanna fuck ->Majikman: hey sexy, wanna fuck? ->*~װJ~*: hey sexy, wanna fuck? ->Schadenfre...: hey sexy. wanna fuck?
Barmantx Has Auto 11's On Hit Him Hard Please!!!
Ok lol....My name is Cindy and I am not a Nurse I was playing one on here but........Peeps think I am so I choose 2 change...I do take care of my Daughter and help her w/her diabetes shots doing insulin vials and insulin pump I sorta am at yes I did change it and that is why I did I dont want 2 offend the ones that are a Nurse themselves!!!!!!!!
Repost Often...bully By Brett
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Homesick? 2
I've seen a couple of my old friends and talked to a couple more. I've yet to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing... Some of my old friends, I love getting a chance to spend time with. Our best memories are from before my worst times and we're making new ones after. People like Debbie, Bob, John... these are the people I miss that I know is a good thing. I've no doubt that I can share my life with them and they'd never pull me back down! Then there is this other group... They were a part of my life through some of the same time period, but not all of it. A crowd of people a decade younger than me, that don't know that ten years of me as the others do. There fondest memories of me are memories I've tried to forget! It was a horrible time in my life, the worst. I'd like to build new memories with them, but I don't want to reflect on a lot of the past memories with them. I don't want to be reminded of or have to explain that part of my life. I've tried to move past it and m
Not Being Able To Spell....the Least Of My Worries I Think.
panning to the left and promanading to the right, taking it all in through his nostrils and trying not to fight, the words that he refuses to let spill on the beaten tracks of men. he glares through shaded glasses directly to the face of the sun, and feels, with all remorse, that he has only half finnished a race, weathered and torn out is his half beaten face, no signs of tornment and no relief from grace. the bronze boy sits on a bench beside his sister reading a book outside the library where everything is still, while a man writes the ending to a story never started, smoking a cigarette and drawing blanks from the concrete, in a litirary context that runs down the ear of a well soiled carcase, and i, and my words, just die .
Veiws From A Scattered Mind
I haven't written anything heah for a time. Things are going along... not as fast as I would like but then patience was nevah something I practiced very well. I feel a lot like I am in a limbo state. I have all these things that I practice and are a part of the lifestyle I lead but are things I just can't do right now. I am chomping on the bit to get theah but on the other hand I am working on not pushing myself too much. I am sleeping bettah which will help the healing so much more. Walking everyday we stay home now.. the doc gave me the ok to start that. Just want to get to a point wheah I can start making myself even healthier then I was before. I need to be able to handle what ever life throws at me and becoming as healthy as possible is something that I need to do. I need to keep my focus on getting healthier. I need to keep myself living in the moment. tayled/Patti
First Auction Over, Ty Bidders!! Xoxo
Let me spoil you! I have entered my very first auction! You know DEEP down youve always wanted to own a Dusty. Heres your chance to get spoiled by yours truly! This is a no time limit, no bid limit auction. How far are you willing to go to have me all to yourself for a whole month? *Shivers with anticipation* If you like what you see and want to see more, click on the pic below to place your bid. While youre there, dont forget to leave our wonderful host some love as well! This notice brought to you by: �~Dusty~ *{Shadow Leveler}* Greeter @ Erotic Seductions~Dakota's Stalker~@ fubar Auction hosted by: ღAMANDAღ...aka LOIS LANE@ fubar
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Atlantic Sharks Face Extinction Due To Overfishing And Shark-finning
More than 25 per cent of sharks in the north-east Atlantic are at risk of extinction, a new study warns. By Paul Eccleston Last Updated: 3:17PM GMT 11 Nov 2008 Another 20 per cent have been put in the near-threatened category, according to research for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). And the figures may be an underestimate as there is insufficient data to assess more than a quarter 27 per cent of species. The IUCN Shark Specialist Group (SSG) who drew up the report said it should serve as a dire warning that more needs to be done to protect sharks. Most of the damage is inflicted by overfishing and by sharks caught as a by-product either in nets or on long-lines. But sharks are being increasingly targeted by commercial fishermen for their fins which can fetch as much as 400 per kilo on the Asian food market. Because sharks are long-lived and slow to mature they are not prolific breeders which makes them even more vulnerable to over-ex
It Happens To The Best Of Us
I set out to write a poem that would be inspirational, something anyone could read and be able to relate to. But although everyone has experienced something they consider painful not everyone has been through the same things I have been through. So I decided to write this without the intention of finishing it, I'll tell of my struggles but I'll leave it open ended so that a reader may pick it up and extend it so this poem may eventualy have all of lifes struggles in it. I lived my life alone and enclosed I kept my feelings inside so noone could hurt those, I've been rejected by everyone and everything from friends to girls and family. I experimented with drugs and lost my home, car and job. I've been hurt by my first love and had suicidal thoughts. I learned life is full of ups and downs, its got goods and bads and ins and outs. But these are things god uses to test us, just keep in mind these things happen to the best of us.
A Must Read
No matter what your political convictions are this is an eyeopener....What a thankless people we are!!! David Letterman, on President Bush. (Surprising) David Letterman wrote this; it's the David we don't often see.... 'As most of you know I am not a President Bush fan, nor have I ever been, but this is not about Bush, it is about us, as Americans, and it seems to hit the mark. ' 'The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some Poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true given the source, right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the President. In essence 2/3 of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckledragger I am, I started thinking, 'What are we so unhappy about?' A. Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7Days a week? B. Is
To Whom It May Concern
Hey, Well, lately i've been feeling sad and alone. I've tried my damn best to smile when i shouldn't be. It works but it's not sufficient. I want to be happy. I don't need your bling or drinks.. ..your ratings or compliments. I need a friend. Bullshit aside. Let me love you. i miss you.
All the world is distraught, About a pain the has been brought. Death and war are all around, You can't be conscious of what is found. Love is being dropped at every corner, Those who are left are just the moaners. Sitting and crying for what they have lost, Not even thinking about the cost. Leaving their friends and family behind, Those were the ones that were so kind. Finding the one that you can call yours, Has become such a chore. But when you find them you'll be so glad, For all the pain that you have had, Will be washed away for all to see, Just how happy you can be.
Show Love To The Troops
SHOW LOVE TO THE TROOPS GREAT IDEA!! When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get. When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001
Zero. Six. Seventeen.
What would you do if you had the keys to the world? Would you take a fistful of power, leveling kingdoms, flattening mountains, burning all the seas? Would you build a palace of platinum full of concubines, on top of another palace full of gold and fine paintings, on top of another palace made of ... old ships and your manacled enemies holding up your grand monstrosity, gouging the heavens with gaudy grandier? Don't ask me, you won't like it. Would you grab a napsack full of caviar and champagne, and be carried by steroid infused cheetahs on a most luxurious backpacking tour of Europe, Africa, and Atlantis? Would you have all the world's knowledge, poetry, and trivia JAMMED into your skull by wizardry and super science, with plenty of quantum physics so you could supercede age and anything less than omnipotence? Me? I'd trade the world to grasp my one twinkling star. Even for just a moment. Name her, love her. And hope.
~Some search, never finding a way Before long, they waste away I found you, something told me to stay I gave in, to selfish ways And how I miss someone to hold when hope begins to fade~
Turkey Day
happy thanksgiving everybody.
My New Pics And Friends
Check Out Me And My Friends! Photobucket: ~kittyKat!~
Lots Of Love!!!
I Dropped About 750.000 points tonight :)) I Thank You All SOOOOOO Very Much !!!!!! Will do my best to return the love, just need to start with the first one on the list ... If you feel forgotten, JUST SHOUT AT ME !!!! Or leave a comment here :)) SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE!
Life And Feelings
In the past couple of months i have been feeling like that i could never find true love again. And i sit here and think that maybe i am right. I have one love in my life and that is my son. Sometimes i think bout what my life would be like if i stayed wit his mother. Thank god that i am not wit her anymore. My life was hell being wit her i could not work without her thinking that i was cheating on her. I could not have female friends without her thinking that i was cheating on her wit them. It got to the point to where i stop talkin to everyone and didn't talk to anyone at my job to. There is alot of things that i miss. I miss being able to hold someone at night being able to kiss someone before bed and miss getting up next to that someone in the moring. Everyone may think that i am a thug and that i could never love anyone. But the truth bout that is i am not a thug. I just really don't care what other ppl have to say bout me. I am glad that i have my friends and glad that i have my f
There Are Often Times
There are often times When I face uncertainty About the morrow It is then when detachment Allows me to see better.
Fruity Elf Dance
Send your own ElfYourself eCards You can upload your own pics at JibJab for this, lmao.
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For My Ldc Family, Friends.....
I have not been online for a few days. I apologize for that. My fiance is here from out of state so I have been giving him my full attention along with my kids. I will be back online regularly in a few days. Love to all.....
Every Failure Is A Step Closer To Success.
Monday, December 08, 2008 EVERY FAILURE IS A STEP CLOSER TO SUCCESS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Experiencing failure is inevitable on your journey to be successful. Every defeat is merely an installment to victory. People who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed. You won't be judged by the number of times you fail, but by the number of times you succeed. You'll find that the number of times you succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times you fail and keep trying. Failure is nothing but education, nothing but the first step to something better. You can't be a winner and be afraid to lose. Copyright 2008 Watch The Video => Surviving A Bad Economy Watch The => Skin Care Webinar Check Out The => Skin Care Stories Learn More => Discover Mangosteen
Thickheaded 3
Well, this is about the man rather than the woman in this. Thanatos isn't included in this at all, this is about my children's godmother and the pr*ck she married. She let it slide once, he messed around on her when she was physically incapable of having sex. She let it slide because she understands he's human. Well, this time there was no call. He was an ass all around, and so was her so called friend, whom he got pregnant. She finally left him, and no it doesn't make me all that happy to see her sad, hazards of being friends with your ex, you know that they've been through it before, one way or another. This ex, though, is also one of my best friends. I hate that she married a jerk that didn't know what he had, and I hope to god that he knows what he's lost. He didn't seem too busted up about it, but still, she's surviving, and I hope it's in spite of him rather than because of him. This man didn't deserve her, and definitely didn't deserve her forgiveness. Cheaters are ne
An Amercan Tale
A Japanese company ( Toyota ) and an American company (Ford Motors) decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak_ performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile. The Americans, very discouraged and depressed, decided to investigate the reason for the crushing defeat. A management team made up of senior management was formed to inves tigate and recommend appropriate action. Their conclusion was the Japanese had 8 people rowing and 1 person steering, while the American team had 7 people steering and 2 people rowing. Feeling a deeper study was in order; American management hired a consulting company and paid them a large amount of money for a second opinion. They advised, of course, that too many people were steering the boat, while not enough people were rowing. Not sure of how to utilize that information, but wanting to prevent another loss to the Japanese, the rowing team's ma
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, And Nobody
I love this... This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done
My Sexy Lil Elfings ....
Their HOT Their SEXY Their My Lil' Sexy Elflings schsam ~R/L Boyfriend to: HppyBubbles@ fubar LIL' Hot Mama@ fubar S G *Southern Goddess *@ fubar Eric650@ fubar Tappinit@ fubar
I Like You
I LIKE YOU I don't like biscuits without gravy alright, with lots of butter maybe I don't like okra in a stew but I like you I don't like bells that don't ring birds that don't sing I don't like tales that aren't true but I like you I don't like drinkers when they're drunk rockers when they're punk I don't like lovers when they're through but I like you I don't like dictators when they kill oil rigs when they spill I don't like to see you blue because I like you I don't like flowers that don't bloom a day full of gloom I don't like sport fans that boo but I like you I don't like rappers when they rhyme music out of time I don't like list of things to do but I like you I don't like politicians when they lie good friends when they say bye I don't like celebrities with their own guru but I like you I don't like skies that aren't blue unless it's a sunset with you I don't like the thought of not being two because I will always like you S
The Pentacle
A pentacle (or pantacle in Thelema[1]) is an amulet used in magical evocation, generally made of parchment, paper or metal (although it can be of other materials), on which the symbol of a spirit or energy being evoked is drawn. It is often worn around the neck, or placed within the triangle of evocation. Protective symbols may also be included (sometimes on the reverse), a common one being the five-point form of the Seal of Solomon, called a pentacle of Solomon or pentangle of Solomon.[2] Many varieties of pentacle can be found in the grimoires of Solomonic magic; they are also used in some neopagan magical traditions, such as Wicca, alongside other magical tools. The relationship between the words pentacle and pentagram (a five-point unicursal star) is unclear. The Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition) treats the two as apparently synonymous, but notes that the actual history of pentacle is obscure. In an extended use, many magical authors treat them as distinct. In many taro
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Death Penalty For Child Rape Unconstitutional?
Lawyers for Patrick Kennedy, a Louisiana man who received a death sentence for raping a child has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to have his case heard before the justices. Kennedy's legal team wants the court to declare Louisiana's law allowing the death penalty for child rape unconstitutional. The petition asks the court to consider whether the Eighth Amendment's Cruel and Unusual Punishment clause permits a state to impose the death penalty for child rape - a punishment usually reserved for those convicted of murder. If this is the case, Kennedy's attorneys ask a second question: Does Louisiana's capital rape statute violates the Eighth Amendment because it does not set clear guidelines for juries as to who is eligible for the death penalty? There has not been an execution for rape in the United States since 1964, and no one has been executed for such a crime since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. Lawyers have petitioned the Supreme Court before (1997) over Loui
Quite The Little Talker
okay, first, let me say that I am not all too talkative in person. I don't feel the need to fill empty spaces with mindless gibberish and do think that comfortable silences can be some of the best moments of life. The kiddo's dad is not much of a talker either. Thankfully. Evan somehow takes after neither of us. He talks nonstop from waking until sleep. There are even nights I hear him muttering while dreams play through that creative little brain of his. (I often wonder what the hell is going on during those times). Today, my first real interaction was about a turtle. 'Momma, Momma!! There's a turtle in the floor. the kitchen floor. look. see him? see him on the floor? right there!' 'There's a turtle on the floor? Okay, I'll get him in a minute.' (we have 7 crafty little turtles who enjoy finding ways to escape despite the fact they were roadside rescues. ungrateful bastards). He runs back into the kitchen. Two seconds later-'Momma, he walked. come see him. right now. ho
Relentless One Year #1
HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ~RELENTLESS RADIO~ 12~19~08 Come join the CELEBRATION @ Relentless Radio!! ^CLICK THE PIC ABOVE TO CHECK US OUT^ Brought to you by: MZz HV WR RlTlꧧ *hTg ghTGrl*Jȧ' GRLR*' ~̧* (repost of original by 'MZz HV WR RlTlꧧ *Jȧ' GRLR*' ~̧*hTg ghTGrl' on '2008-12-19 10:19:59') (repost of
Santa Isnt Comin..hahaha
It's A Devilish PimpOut Who Cares If Ur Naughty Or Nice, Cuz Santa Not Helpin Urs A$$ This Year.. He Done Seen Ya All Been Bad... So It's Up 2 The Devilish 1 To Get The Ball Roll! If Ya Dont Knw These Peepers Ya Should There Awesomest Ppl U Could Eva Meet!!!! So Help A Lady Out Give These Ppl Some Holidays Cheer Since Santa Not Visiting There A$$'s This Year! Auto11LordGreystoke422 The Oracle of New Orleans; Lousiana's First Oracle
Why Do Chick's Do What They Do For What What R They Proveing Their Easy So Wht
Warning ladies go into my pic's and look at the pic of the one labeled in there she goes around with ur men if ur in the area I know of 2 of them myself that she has done this too... I happen to be friends' with someone she know's and NO it's not either one of the wife's or the girlfriend's She goes after the one's that's having prombelms in there home life and work's her way in by being there FRIEND!!! so ladeis if u live in our area which is monroe watch out !! As far as I know right now she's working on one again and claiming it's his doing again poor man has a great family at home and from what I know she caused problems all yr long for them intil she got him back in her Pant's and from what I do know is both men had kid's and family's and guess what she has none !Now am a girl myself but why the hell do chick's have to stoup that Low to do to another why dont they just get there owm why cant they just be women enough and leave it alone and sorry ladies but we all say it that the m
If Any Of The Bad Girls Has Me In Their Family ..Let Me Know..So I Can Redo Mine And Add You As Well.
You Must Find Peace
In this life peace you must find. It's not always easy. The world's not always kind. Mistakes will be made. Lessons will be learned. Sometimes you'll get loved. Sometimes you'll get burned. But through all the challenges that you will surely face. You must put away the sadness and let peace take it's place. 02/15/06 .......LOL.....or at least get a piece :)
Turning Forty
Hey everyone! So this morning I woke up 40! I don't feel any different but it's one helluva milestone. 22 years I might not have had if I had died in that accident. I feel pretty good today and am considering letting my hair go gray naturally instead of continuing to color it to hide all the gray. It's my believe that I went gray prematurely because of anesthesia from surgeries and that is why I am so white haired on the temples and sides. I don't really mind it much, but I asked my mom and she said I should keep coloring it. So I put it to you, does hair color really affect your opninion of someone? If so why? I am glad heavymetalmama turned me onto fubar, it's really awesome here! :D Merry Christmas everyone! :D
I'm Back!!!
hey everyone...been away but now I'm back...spread some love and have fun, 'kay?
Bleed Well
I Ask You..
I ask you... why am I a lonely man I am loved am i not? I have traveled all around the land. From sunrise to sunset, keep walking and searching never to rest. My passion is and has been my friends. My pen always in my hand, so as to write down my thoughts my love of poetry sharing ideas love passion and hope. always wanting to then read to my destiny. I know She is somewhere out there. she dances around trees and laughs and plays. Runs bare foot in the rain, beaconing come play with me here. I can smell her perfume and her hair. oh to take in the scent of the woman in love. to be in that heaven- that earth did bare Her image always burnt and glowing in the embers of my imagination. Her everything is my foundation, to cross a thousand miles, over the land and sea, to find a place in her heart, where my love can be. Why then I ask you, please~ Why am I so lonely, tell me Please? ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
People Will Even Take Your Tooth Brush Given The Chance..
Well I learned some valuable info today.. People will even take your tooth brush given the chance.. My daughter who was staying till the last min in her bed bug infested apartment thought she had till 12:00 tonight.. WRONG we left to go get more boxes and while we were not there they came and moved ALL of there belongs to the sidewalk zoes new sewing machine, computer and every stitch of clothes they owned shoes EVERYthing! By time we got there it was all gone! Even there toiletries.. All there meds supposable were flushed (my ass) ADHD meds (speed), Valium, her pain meds for her back, antidepressants Im sure are being sold as I type .. It was one of the most heart braking things to see my daughter and grandchild standing there like a deer in the headlights.. They now have nothing so starting fresh for the new year means starting completely over down to there underwear.
To The Moon and Back She's taking her time making up the reasons To justify all the hurt inside Guess she knows from the smiles and the look in their eyes Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one They're saying, "Mama never loved her much." And, "Daddy never keeps in touch. That's why she shies away from human affection." But somewhere in a private place She packs her bag for outer space And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot to come And she'll say to him, She's saying, "I would fly to the moon and back if you'll be, if you'll be my Baby. I've got a ticket for a world where we belong So would you be my baby?" She can't remember a time when she felt needed. If love was red then she was colour blind. All her friends, they've been tried for treason And crimes that were never defined. She's saying "Love is like a barren place And reaching out for human faith is like a journey I just don't have a map for." So baby's gonna tak
Thanks Everyone
Thanks everyone new so bare with me i have to figure this site out lol..
Desire Is The Starting Point For Success.
Your Daily Motivation Desire Is The Starting Point For Success. Saturday January 3, 2009 DESIRE IS THE STARTING POINT FOR SUCCESS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first thing that will contribute to reaching your goal is that you simply want to reach it badly enough. You must learn how to desire with sufficient intensity to be successful. If you have the desire you have the power to attain success. You can really have anything you want in life if you go after it. But you have to want it. As a drowning soul desires air, as a shipwrecked person craves fresh water, so must you feel that intense, eager, insistent, demanding, ravenous desire for your success. Your desire for success must be so strong within you that it becomes the very breath of your life. It must be your first thought when you wake up, and your last thought when you go to bed at night. You can have anything you want if you go after it wi
Quote Sent To Me 037
Sometimes you dont know why you bother to love. When you know for a fact that itll always be the same story. Chasing a heart that will never be yours and only yours. Begging for affection that will never be given. Sacrificing for a doubtful future and crying for the one who will never love you back. Erlet 01/04/09 2:59pm
Come And Help You Know You Wanna
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Live N Learn
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Say What?!
How the hell did THIS happen and what exactly does it mean???? Today's Rank: #37
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in auction come bid you
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My First Auction
Ok, this is my first auction. Don't rush all at once.....ok, do rush. Make me feel good. hahaha. To quote Napoleon Dynamite, "I've got skills". If I did this right, you should be able to click on the thumbnail and link to the auction house. Leave your bid in the comments. Hurry, rush, bid now!!!
Common Man
So here we are 2009, A year closer to destruction by creative design, A calender forward another step back for mankind, Scientists desperately trying to find, Another way to obliterate the common man, Whose a threat with his capability to unite and stand, Whether it be Wisconsins bitter or Nevadas barren land, With his beliefs he's entrenched in the sand, Using darkness to protect this common man, Inside us all, we'll never fall, cause the common man is the backbone of it all, Unspectacular in every way the eye can see, Uniquely different if ya dig down deep, Though the outer shell is all people want to meet, They have no clue you shed tears over the middle east, And how my nations become this raving beast, Leaving destruction where ever she goes, With my words though i intend to sow, Rays of hope, So my kids can grow, In a world of peace and love, Without fear of destruction from above, So if your mission is to stand, Lets unite and fight for the rights of this co
Danger!!! Terror!!!
Your opinions are baked daily for you by the media and served hot and cold on TV. And you will believe what they tell ya. It's not what you think that matters, but what Larry King, Oprah, Limbaugh, O'Reilly (and other Jesuit stooges) tell ya that does. Their Orwellian "Talismanic" mantras guide your life - Danger!!! Terror!!! We must give up liberty for freedom. Yes, We must! We must! Well, okay, but just remember that the walls that keep the would-be enemies out also keep you in. So much for your utopian "global village." So, run rabbit run, just keep on riding the snake! The tragedy of 9/11 may have shaken you up, but did it wake you up? That is the question.
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Idiot Alert
IDIOT ALERT: We had to have the garage door repaired. The Sears repairman told us that one of our problems was that we did not have a 'large' enough motor on the opener.. I thought for a minute, and said that we had the largest one Sears made at that time, a 1/2 horsepower. He shook his head and said, 'Lady, you need a 1/4 horsepower.' I responded that 1/2 was larger than 1/4. He said, 'NO, it's not. Four is larger than two.' We haven't used Sears repair since. IDIOT ALERT My daughter and I went through the McDonald's take-out window and I gave the clerk a $5 bill.. Our total was $4.25, so I also handed her a quarter. She said, 'you gave me too much money..' I said, 'Yes I know, but this way you can just give me a dollar bill back.' She sighed and went to get the manager who asked me to repeat my request. I did so, and he handed me back the quarter, and said "We're sorry but they could not do that kind of thing.' The clerk then proceeded to give me back $1 and 75 cents in chan
What Do You Do? (fucked Up)
What do you do when your worlds crashing down? when your falling all alone and noone is around? when everything you thought you knew turns right around to bitch slap you? when life throws a curveball and you learn where you stand? the people that you trust on just one hand its crazy who will turn on you when you thought they had your back kickin dirt right in your face just to cover their own tracks chorus- enough is enough, im finally fed up, im going on a rampage and gettin fucked up, the well is boiling over, fillin past the top, this pain is all to real, and im never gonna stop-end chorus who do you turn to when theres noone you can trust? when you wish that all thats left of you is a body in the dust? where do you escape to when real life is too unbearable? with emotions so fucked up your mind is unrepairable? they say your body is a temple and your mind is a maze but what do you do when you cant see through the haze? chorus where do you go when theres nowhere l
Welcome to my new blog stick around I might actually post something..
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Broken Harted Again
All I Can Do...
I am a man, I will lie, steal, and, cheat I'd lie next to you every chance I had Steal every spare moment to spend in your presence I would cheat the morning out of the sun just to warm your heart I know to "never say never" I can never say forever I can't say "I promise" because I don't I know I can't give you all you want I can try to provide what you need I don't have much to offer I offer all I have I offer the freedom to love and be loved I'll do my best even if it's not good enough Gonna try as hard as I can to see you smile
F'd Up People
This is for all my Seattle friends.....girls in general....Beware of a guy on here with the name Seattledoublehelix....He's a whackjob...Whom I believe keyed my car in the last 24 hours after a heated conversation on here last night....Go figure...the argument....and then my car is keyed not even 24 hours later....I've filed a report and given SPD his name and address....Karma's a bitch if nothing else....Just wanted ta warn all my peeps... M
I'm A Walking Suicide
I'm a walking suicide but you'd never know cause' I hide I got too much pride to show my depression I think about dying everyday but never say anything cause' people will stop me rob me from succeeding in my goal. I fold my letter up saying how sorry I am for being a disappointment to my family and you'll be better without me. You'd never think little baby girl would try something so bold didn't know that the mold you made her in turned it's grin and that hell really existed in her eyes and she cries for god to please just let me die and be free from the reality she's facing!! I'm a walking suicide
I Am Amazed!
Well a friend of mine reccommended me to a website where you get free offers on things. Nothing really special,I came accross a free offer on there of 3 free bottles of Acai Berry Supplements. Im thinking.....ok? are you serious? Thought it was just some sort of trickery. My sister in law was talking about those not long ago so i thought what the hay,lets try it and see. Well i just wanted ot share with you all that i did get the 3 free bottles in the mail today.These supplements are amazing apparently.I remember hearing about it on Oprah. Anyway....thought i would share this with u all incase you were interested as well. They have other offers too,, even LUBE..LOL.. Heres the website if you were interested
Death In The Family
So, my bird, whom I've had for years now finally kicked the bucket. Now dove's are pretty fragile and don't always last that long. He had a full dish of food, full water and was alive last night. I held him only two days ago. I'm sad, yes. I'm keeping my composure. Karma is irreplacable and I will always hold him close to my heart. I've decided to celebrate his life rather then mourn his death. He was well taken care of (90% of the time) yes at my mothers there were times I forgot to feed him but since hes been here between matt and I he was spoiled and out constantly. He got to go outside a few times, see the sun in the summer, feel it on his wings. He knew tricks and loved people. He was the gentlest bird I've ever had. Now not to sound like an asshole, I will be getting a new bird. NOT to replace him but because I've had a bird in my life as long as I could remeber. Oscar(my cockatiel) was in my life from age 5 until he passed when I was in college, I got Karma not long after, S
I need some rates and fans!!!!
Looking 4 Friends
im new 2 fubar and i need some more friends so if your already my friend spread the word 2 your friends and have them check me out and add me. thats what friends are 4 right lol. thanx
Judy Star And Mandingo
Parker's Up For Auction
Want a sexy Valentine? Need someone to pay special attention to your page each day? Well... Look no farther... Here he is... Here is what Parker is offering... Just click on the Offering tag and go to his page and make a bid... Auction Open for 2 weeks. Make your bid today! ***************************************** Lovingly dedicated to Parker By Sweet Addiction Please repost Thank you *****************************************
A life of ant bites punctuated by magnetic catastrophe. A beacon of misfortune. A broadcast of misery. An anthem of dry smiles and desert humor. A life of knuckle shaped bruises Immitated, duplicated, admired and despised- Never quite right. Never quite there. Friends named enemy. Love named hate. Hate named self. Beg to forget. Pledge to endure.
Artist/friend Showcase....po Folk
A Dear friend to me made these pics and i wanted to share Brilliant!!!! This man has skills!!!! Now he has me Tatted up!!! ty PO FOLK for the love ppl go by and show him sum love!!! Po Folk@ fubar
One of my pet peeves is people calling me "cutie". I am not a bunny rabbit, or a 12 year old. Pretty much anyone that calls me that doesn't have a chance of me responding to their "hey, cutie". *I'm sure some of you, assholes, will do just that right now ;p
Contests To Bomb
Auto 11s On Come Level With Me
Come hit me hard....lots of choices of pics to rate and u can get towards leveling up. Have fun and enjoy....Thank you to everyone just in case I dont get to you to personally say thank you.
Like the sunshine after the rain. My eyes have opened feeling the strain. To achieve true joy one must first surpass pain. Holding onto you tight for the ride so insane. So much to lose but everything to gain. Perfectly flawed despair flows down the drain. A fiery match so true it can not be explained. Walking side by side,not ashamed by the stain. Many nights I've pondered and never found a name. One thing that's for certain,we can never be the same..
Hello Yall
OK so im a newbie... everyone was when they first came here right... so im looking around and have no idea wheat im doing...but im trying.. im looking for new friends cuz my old ones totally suck.. A friend of mine started a radio station and we are looking for some new faces to get us going in a good direction.. I dj and might i add, im a damn good one too.. soooo i'll leave the link here and if anyone want to check me out when im on the schedule.. feel free to do so.. and let me know where you heard about about me..well. off i go in this fubar thingie... here is the link.. and my yahoo id.. add me please yahoo im is djfreaky4672
Love Is Like The Rain...
Love is like the rain...You never know when, or how much your gonna get. Tomorrow may never come,Love today,for tomorrow.
Name Change
Ok long story short I was listening 2my playlist my daughter made me my x walks in and says "What is that your new Fuck Song" Well here you go Asshole.....that is my name now lol gotta love me huh hugz my Friends.....xoxo
Att Friemds
Its come to my attention that i lie all the time so if im a bad friend or i suck or for any other reason yall think im not worthy ple delete me and if ya wouldnt mind sendin me a pm so i know not to bother u any more cheers sue
When It Rains It Pours, It Pours It Rains Insanely
subject:When it rains it pours, it pours it rains insanely post date:2007-11-17 12:04:37 views: 24 comments: 1 ratings: 0 Ah, the joys and woes of home ownership. As a Realtor, and a lady with big dreams, buying my first house this year was such an exciting begin with anyways! Having a place of my own to decorate, enjoy, and do as I please in was a dream come true, and helped to solidify some knowledge as a Buyer and an Agent. Not to mention the whole emotional security of a personal retreat from all the entropy of daily life! However, if I had had a crystal ball, I might have thought twice about this purchase. I must subconsciously be asking the Universe for shit on a platter, cuz that is what I keep getting! Since I have bought this place, my BF has had trouble getting paid in his new career, the Real Estate market went super soft in my area, my Mother passed away, and every other month, there is a new expensive repair I had not anticipated (this month
It always pisses me off when someone asks me "What's your favorite band"... I answer "NIN" or "Nine Inch Nails"... ...and 98.7% of the time, I get the following reply: "Hell yeah, fuck you like an ANIMAL" which is usually followed by some "high-five" or chest-pounding kind of reaction... *sigh* I fell in love with Nine Inch Nails due to the simplistic piano strokes... ...all the other instruments usually revolve around THAT tempo... "NIN: The Fragile" and "NIN: GHOSTS" in my book are probably the most significant albums since the 70s, but I'm hardly a music snob... Here's Trent Reznor, performing "Non-Entity" which he wrote days after Hurricane Katrina hit his studio...
Instructions......(I was tagged by Bravo and Jacqui dammit! Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have a freckle in side my left eye 2. I love peanut butter,jelly,mayo and ham sandwiches. 3. My right boob is bigger than my 4. I fell out the window into a rose bush when I was 2 yrs old. 5. I have never bowled 6. I was shot in the face with a bb gun and had to have the bb cut out. 7. I'm stoled a car when I was 15. 8. I lived in Mexico once. 9. I love Starbucks! 10. I love subtitled black and white films.
No Foul Foul Allowed @ ~504~ !!
This Is Funny
See what you miss if you don’t attend church regularly…. They're Back! Church Bulletins: Thank God for church ladies with typewriters -- misspellings, bad sentence construction or choice of words all make for fun reading. These sentences actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services: The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals. ---------------------------------------------------------- The sermon this morning: "Jesus Walks on the Water." The sermon tonight: "Searching for Jesus." -------------------------------------------- Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands. -------------------------------------------- The peacemaking meeting scheduled for today has been canceled due to a conflict. -------------------------------------------- Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help. -----------------
Episode 91- Saturday Night Fever
Last Night was a great big fucking blow out of a show! lol.. Granted, the aftershow had hightlights that crossed lines for a couple people, but as i say all the time, DISCLAIMER.... We covered the full array of topics for the show last night: Hellcast News w/ Nightshade Pool League update Top 8 simple rules for dating my slutty daughters Best of the Beast Drink of the week- Chocolate Ravage Haunt of the week King of the Hill- Def Leppard, Linkin Park, Nelly Furtado Rant of the week Hellcast Trivia #12 Classic Sextalk Mad Lib- Summer Vaction The Movie Review- Semi Pro Fractured Fairy Tale- Tales of Redlar 11 Country of the week- Tokelau Slackney's Wisdom Tech Talk On this day Comic of the week- George Carlin 60 second science 60 second psych our musical year in review was 1981, featuring Kool and the Gang, Devo, Oakridge Boys and Queen Drink of the week- Chocolate Ravage 16 oz Vodka 1 1/2 oz Captain Morgan Original spiced rum 1 1/2 oz Captain Morga
Female Driver Compilation
The Darkness... Written By Me
The Darkness Written By Lance Martelli Once upon a love betrayed, a man stands broken and afraid, for something that cannot be saved, a love thats now forgotten. A woman rests her unsure heart, for it is being torn apart, by a force that got a raging start, this love thats now forgotten. He was born a lonely child, with dreams of someday roaming wild, going places always smiled, for this feeling carried with him, and as he grew the days were long, everything had gone so wrong, His hate for love was getting strong, but this feeling still was with him. The life she lived was hard for sure, but something made her push for more, she dreams of love thats always pure, from within a storybook, she wished for love, romance, and passion, that simply came in lovers fashion, one with no regrets to fathom, she was hanging from a hook. When they met her heart was beating, every word he spoke repeating, never thoughts of once retreating, and of staying there forever, he wished
Hate In All Forms
People always say I hate this I hate that Then people hate on others because they have some they want and destroy the things others have I really can not understand why people always got to hate on others Isn't it easier and nicer if we are friend and show love to each other Accept the facts Leave the ones together who love each other and let the past be and move on? I know there are lovers out there who are seperated because of haters I wish them that they will work things out And I wish their haters to just accept it and help them lovers to find their way back to them and not hating on them anymore Help them to find back to their love and stop trying to get them for your own, it is not worth it because it wont last forever Keep the friendship but not the love I heard about a lot of things on here and I see a lot of things here and I am really shocked how ven sweet people can ruin others relationships I never thought that these sweet people are so full of hate that they go
Welcome Bak Passionman
Passionman 71 We Wish To Welcome You Back To Fubar You Have Been Very Much Missed. As You All Are Aware Passionman Hasn't Been On Line For Few Weeks So Please Could You Spare Few Minutes Of Your Time And Welcome Him Back Rate..Add..Fan..Bling..Pimp Him Out..Buy Him Drinks Now Your Back We Would Like To See Alot More Of You Love And Best Wishes From Your Family And Friends Please Click On The Picture Below Shadow Leveler Team Leader~Passionman71~R/L Hubby of ~Farscapecat~@ fubar This Bulletin Was Bought To You By TRǥ {hw Lvlr m Lr} wr ֣ rrm@ fubar ~♡~MMR~♡~hw~Lvlr~ wr~֣~rrm~@ fubar And Your Loving Family ShadowLevelers.only accepting friends from levelers
"friendship Agreement" & Incorrigibles!
For purpose of -- defining "Safe Haven" in Relationship BEFORE major disagree RECONCILIATION "FRIENDSHIP AGREEMENT" for living together without benefit of marriage -- applies to same sex friendships as well? Get them to construct and fill-out such contract and sign-it. 1. What incorrigibles cannot do without? even when split up 2. What pet peeves are immediate grounds for disolvement of relationship w/o hassles UNLESS substitute provided ? 3. In each task area ( TBD what they are ) , about 20: A. Who is in charge ? B. Who calls the shots ? C. Do you want in this area which kind of relnship: I. parallel lives separate II. complementary III. yokefellow IV. joke about it all ? 4. Under what conditions is it legitimate / feasible to change this here friendship agreement ? 5. Where do each of you go while split up ? So no torment. 6. Everyone in household gets votes -- how many
My Girl--oh Yeah--the Temptations
The Way We Were--barbra Streisand
I Has Stoled This From Ninjastars.
RULES: 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF Angels and Girlfriends - Five For Fighting WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? Redneck Woman - Gretchen Wilson [LOL] HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? A Day To Be Alone - One Less Reason WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Crossroads - Bone Thugs n' Harmony IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? 10 Years Today - Bullet For My Valentine WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? Take Me Home Please - Reggie and the Full Effect WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Now or Never - Three Days Grace WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? The Unwinding Cable Car - Anberlin WHAT DO YOU OFTEN THINK ABOUT? Wild One - Billy Idol WHAT IS 2 + 2? It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? This Time - From the August Rush Soundtrack WHAT IS YOUR LI
Not Going To Be On Much
Just want to let all my TRUE friends the ones who actually reads the blogs know that im not gonna be on fubar to much nomore for awhile because i start college on Monday but i will check the messeges and all that when im able to.
So a minor bombshell went off in my life today. Mom said that soon we'll have to move, Me into my own Place and her into a 1 bedroom. don't know the exact date but it's a definite thing. Wow Mom, couldn't you have told me this...say a Month ago when I was working out my budget? And why am I even upset? I really shouldn't be, I guess. She obviously feels it's time to be on her own again. That she doesn't need me any more - no - that's not fair...that I am more hindrance and annoyance then I am of help. I think that's what she's trying to get across. So I have to sit and figure out what to do. What's best. Just survived layoffs at the job, and now need to move...but where...all the places that I will be able to afford aren't built yet or outside of town. Decisions, Decisions - What to do??
Uncrowned Queen Of The Brits (as Written By Al Murray)!
We Brits all know that Al Murrays all time favourite band/music heroes are Queen. Here are who he thinks the Brit awards 2009 should have gone to: BEST GROUP : Queen (without a doubt)! BEST NEWCOMER: Queen (They qualify as they are now called Queen and Paul Rodgers ! BRITISH BREAKTHROUGH ACT: Queen (They sung a song called Breakthru)! BEST SOLO MALE: Freddie Mercury (Even on his own without the band he was better than everyone else)! BEST LIVE ACT: Queen (come on, queen live aid - no ones topped that)! BEST FEMALE: Roger Taylor(in a dress in the I want to break free video, right?) ! OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION : Queen(Nuff said)! CRITICS CHOICE: Queen (no one has been critised as much as queen)! ** Think you can all see Al Murray is an obsessed queen fan, totally biased but a funny read in the paper I had to share .....the mans just too funny lol!! ** HAPPY MONDAY!!
Here's my question you tip at a nice sit down resteruant and you tip cause the waiter/waitress has to serve you and clean up your mess. You tip the pizza guy cause they use their car and their gas to bring you your food. You don't tip at McDonalds cause you go to them at the register then you take your own food and clean up your own mess typically so why does Starbucks have a damn tip jar?
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A Poem For All Of My Friends
A special dinner, That's what he set out to do. To show her how special she was, To show her his love was true. A candle light dinner, He made for them to eat. Looking deep into her eyes, Their souls did meet. After they ate dinner, To the couch they did retire. Curled up together with a movie, And the sweet glow of a fire. So relaxed and content, A feeling of heavenly bliss. On the back of her neck, He placed a sweet soft kiss. It sent a shiver down her spine, And she turned and held him tight. Whispering softly in his ear, Make love to me all night. He said I'll be right back, As he got up off the couch. Into his bedroom he went, Then pulled out a pouch. He pulled out rose pedals, And laid them all over the bed. Hundreds of rose pedals, White, yellow, pink and red. Around the room, Candle after candle he did light. Making a soft glow in the room, That flicked in the night. He went to the couch, And took her by the hand. She glowed lik
My Love--paul Mcartney
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I Finally Made Godfather!!!
First off I want to thank all my old friends and the new ones I have made over the past 2 days. Also a special thanks to the Rating Revolution Crew. I'd never had made it so quick without any of you. Names are too numerous to miss but I'll be sending back the love to as many of you as I can over the next few days. Don't be afraid to message me and ask me to rate if I miss you. 2 1/2 years ago I came to a site called CherryTap. Alot of changes since then. Some good, some bad but always a good place for me to escape the world of real life. I've made many wonderful friends here. I realize there's still a couple more levels but Godfather is all I ever really set my sights on as far as that goes. I'll be simply enjoying my time and rating all my good friends from here on out. Again THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!
So I dont really know what to make of this site. It seems like there are a lot of devoted people on here that really enjoy making there levels go up, I signed up for this to just see what it was all about and so far it has been pretty fun. Up until now. I've kind of come to realize that yes it is the internet and how the hell do you know if people are actually being sincere? You cant, I mean I guess you cant tell in the real life either but people arent just trying to get something out of you just to "level up". What I guess I'm trying to say is I'm looking for the real thing, friendship, companionship, even a beer and a conversation ... I dont care what it is I'm done trying to get it on a website. Not trying to bash here but the real world is looking a little more tempting after all of this. Doesnt mean I'm leaving because I'm sure someone on here could change my mind lol but for now I've got my guard up. Happy Saturday to whoever reads this... if anyone? lol
Caa #94
Need emergency prayers for Mares Dad. The cancer has spread and it is not looking good. Please send angel prayers of healing, comfort and strength. Love, Doc
Fitness: Make It Your Goal!
Whose fault is it that you're out of shape? If you go by what you hear in diet ads then you believe that it's anyone's fault but yours. The big diet companies think that if they put the blame on you, then you wouldn't buy their bogus pills. So they put the blame on your cortisol levels, your modern diet (ie fast food), or your busy schedule instead of where it belongs - which is squarely on your shoulders. Sure, you have obstacles that get in your way - your schedule, your job, your kids, the weather, your knee injury from college...but ultimately you have the body that you accept. I'm going to repeat that so it will really sink in. You have the body that you accept. Embracing the blame for your current weight is not a bad thing - it's empowering. Think about it. If it really wasn't your fault, if it really was due to a long list of variables that you have zero control over, then you'd be stuck. You'd have no way to change. The Secret Behind 'Before and After' Pi
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general.You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take.Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at
Llama Leveler Of The Day
notthatbad * Llama levelers*@ fubar all Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 rates each when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
Carry On Adebayor!! Lol
Carry On Adebayor!Uploaded by Rrrseblogging
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Brandon Flowers Gay
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Butterfly Boucher - I Can't Make Me
I've had this song in my head for sooo long... All the things I want to say but I can't All the things I want to do but I won't Hold me tight Not too tight I'm in knots and you tie me in bows I feel pretty I know that you care You're so sweet You're so so sweet It's not a hurry tha we're in It's the pollen It's the spring I can't make me love you And you can't make me either Patience Boy I need it I can't make me love yooooooou Oh oh oh Paper pen and a piece of your heart I can read it but where do I start? What to do What do I do? An I am going but I'm gonna come back And maybe then this maybe that Hold me tight Not too tight It's not a hurry that were in There's no problem That's the thing! But I can't make me love you And you can't make me either Patience Boy I need it I can't make me love yooooooou Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Everyday there's something new to hold onto toooooooooo a little more of yoooooooouu I Can't
The Tiger And The Zebra
The tiger phoned the zebra and invited him to dine. He said "If you could join me that would simply be divine." The zebra said "I thank you, but respectfully decline. I heard you ate the antelope; he was a friend of mine." On hearing this the tiger cried "I must admit it's true! I also ate the buffalo, the llama and the gnu. And yes I ate the warthog, the gazelle and kangaroo, but I could never eat a creature beautiful as you. "You see I have a secret I'm embarrassed to confide: I look on you with envy and a modicum of pride. Of all the creatures ever known," the tiger gently sighed, "It seems we are the only two with such a stripy hide. "Now seeing how we share this strong resemblance of the skin, I only can conclude that we are just as close as kin. This means you are my brother and, though fearsome I have been, I could not eat my brother, that would surely be a sin." The zebra thought, and then replied "I'm certain you are right. The stripy
Pimped By Johnnydevil =)
> ... Just a reminder that F.o.x.x.i.e below and myself have Auto 11's on until 1am EST... here's the links below to the 250 pic folders for max points PLUS you get an additional 24,000 fubucks...just click & bomb...thank you.. Click here for Foxxie's 250 Pic folder with Autos on Click here for Johnnydevil's 250 pic folder with Autos on Now to the real's been awile since I've done a pimp out..and well, I'd like to introduce you to a few new friends while you're all taking a break from points and all of that fun stuff...take a couple of minutes to check them out, well worth your while most definitely...First off, my beloved ♥....
Foul Mood
Ever had one of those days when you just really wanted to beat someone about the head and neck area? I've been in that sorta place for a couple of days. Nothing really is wrong (besides the normal fucked up shit)but I just am in a really pissy mood. I'm ranting, sorry
The Pegasus Project Mystical Fu's Of The Week
The Pegasus Project MYSTICAL FU'S OF THE WEEK Please show each Lady of our Mystical Family some Mystical Fu-Love!!! Just click their special tag below to go to their profile. ~Tulsa's Angel~ and carolina yankee ~ The Pegasus Project ~ Shadow Leveler ~ This is a great way of showing some Fu-Love this week and making them feel special each day! Show love by commenting, rating, or gifts.... Whatever you chose let these great ladies know they mean a lot to you! This bully brought to you by ~Team Four Leaders~ and ~Pegasus Project Homepage~ (repost of original by 'Fяѕķĕŋ βίτсђTeam Cpt 4 CLUB FAR~' on '2009-03-16 19:29:15')
From My Son Posted On Myspace
I need your prayers!! Current mood: bummed Category: Life On Nov 19 2008, I woke up and climbed out of bed and my legs collapsed beneath me. I was rushed to the hospital and I completely baffled the doctors. My health just worsens from there and at one time my wife was notified that I was not going to make it. The doctors couldn't find the bacteria/virus that was slowly eating me away. The bacteria/virus eat away at my myelin sheath (which is the protected coating on the nerves that run the spinal cord). I spent 33 days in the ICU the doctors found a way to stop the bacteria/virus from spreading. The doctor diagnosed me with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis ( My whole body at this point paralyzed I could barely move my arms and speak. After I was released from the ICU I was moved to another hospital to under take rehabilitation. After a few weeks I started gaining mobility in my arms. Every week as b
Info About Auctions
i like u but i love a men with tractor ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Caa #93 - Update 1
Just heard back and her mother did fine through the cataract surgery. She wanted me to tell you all thank you for your prayers and she loves you for them. Same goes for me! Love, Doc
She Watches Over Me
My baby's up in heaven, not underneath this stone- not buried in the ground, all quiet and alone. She's with the other angels, as happy as can be, and from her lofty window, she watches over me. And so I bring her flowers, she'll see them from above, for, though I cannot see her, my heart can feel her love. This on my little girls headstone...her birthday is April 5th... I miss her...
Cloud 9 Babies
Carbon Copy Pro Leads
Carbon Copy Pro leadsLearn about making REAL MONEY right nowAs someone interested in multiple streams on income online I found Carbon Copy Pro intriguing. Clearly some people had experienced and were experiencing success with the system. My question was of course could I duplicate the same results, and also, how many within the Carbon Copy Pro system were repeating this same success? These were some of my main concerns and questions:Implementing the Carbon Copy Pro system meant purchasing their "Business in a Box," which would be putting in place a duplicate website offered to all new CCP reps. Having a "unique selling proposition" that sets me apart from others would seem to be difficult if my website was a clone of another and was out there amongst thousands (or more) others. How would I fare against my own company reps with the same site?The system also aims to "eliminate the human variable." This is an attractive proposition for people who hate cold calling, prospecting for new lea
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
nothings gonna stop us now -
So Many, Should & Or Is The Excuse For...
Condom Condom ringtone - BBC
Gnbrebs 1 Year Fu-anniversary-show Love
.COM Hey Everyone-GnbReb"Nick" is Celebrating his 1 year Fu-Anniversary Today:)He is a wonderful Fubar friend and also a fellow member of Our Llama Levelers FamilyDrop by and Congratulate him on his 1 year on Fubar!While doing so Rate/Fan/Add/Bling him!Show him Mad Love!Click on his pic and show him some love:) GnbRebel Slave To MZ.BELLE & Proud Memeber Of Carrie's Bad Boys Club & A Llama Leveler@ fubar imikimi - Customize Your World! .COM Congrats Nick:) This Pimpout Brought to Fubar By:JoAnna (repost of original by 'JoAnna{{Llama Levelers Co-Founder}}-{Club Far}-{{Shadow Leveler}}' on '2009-03-25 17:08:21')
Just A Random Question
Whose cruel idea was it for the word lisp to have an s in it?
Several people have written to me, intrigued by my travels, and wondering how it's possible to do it, how one can afford multiple trips to relatively far-flung places. I am by no means a travel expert, but here's my response. Travel to Central America is ridiculously inexpensive right now - particularly to Belize. You can fly from Cleveland to Belize City and back for as little as $347 - your dates are limited, but that's for a 14-day trip, I believe. At those prices, it's hard to justify travel in the US. (Particularly when hotel prices in Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala are wonderfully low - I usually stay in rooms that cost about $15-20 or per night. My favorite is on Caye Caulker, Belize - you can rent a small, stand-alone cabin, right on the beach, for $20 a night.) Food, particularly in Honduras and Guatemala, is quite inexpensive, especially if you stick to local food vendors - which makes for much better food. Even in Belize, which has relatively high food prices, you can f
Hot Fun
hellow...couples n females...we r sexy couple from india.we both like swapping n groupfun. we r eager to meet likeminded couples or females for intimate friendship. r u bold enough ????? my wife is having 42dd natural bigggg b.... she likes to play with females too as her secondary fantacy.
The owl is the archetype of wisdom in many cultures' parables. The owl is often a sign of longevity, as well as knowledge. This knowledge pertains especially to the future and the mysteries of the night. You may be seeking such knowledge or be receiving an oracle hinting that you may be in possession of such knowledge. Is the owl in your dream mysterious or forthcoming? Does the owl speak to you? What does it say?
Dirty Deeds Radio ~ Dj Cru 1
Me And My Owner At It Again
ATTENTION ATTENTION ONE AND ALL! CHECK THIS OUT!!! SHE'S AT IT AGAIN! SHE'S CLAIMED THE DARKEMAN AS HER OWN! So if you dont know this sexy lil Lady please run out and get to know her... shes hot and spunky cute and very sexy... she can make you laff ya A$$ off and shes the greatest friend. OHHHHHHH DAMN CHECK THIS OUT!!!! SOMEBODY WAS ALL LOCKED UP IN THE HOOOOOOUSCOW! and guess who came to the rescue.... that's right... your Onery Nawty-hood DarkeMan... and now shes in the clutches of Damien Darke so now this sexy lady is the Owned and the Owner... damn what will happen next ... hahahahaha so nows the time to go off and make a new friend and meet a really great and sexy lady... just click the pic and get exported away into her world... just becareful cus once youre may not want to leave. MzBooti2Big "HEAD BB TO THE PU$$YCAT PLAYMATEZ OWNED BY D ROC OWNER OF DAMIEN DARKE
Kitteh Kat
So I have a cat. Her name is Dory. She is black and cuddly. Too cuddly in fact. The damn thing won't leave me alone anymore! We've had her about 5 years. She was always kind of standoffish but would allow you to pet her a minute and take off. Was the perfect relationship. Not too much commitment on either side. But now the biznitch won't leave my side. No matter where I'm sitting she's on the arm, or back of all the furniture. She's constantly purring in my ear and begging to be petted. And she likes to lick my elbow. So to put this all in perspective...I have a high maintenance pussy
Just a quickie..... Just got back from the dr... I have a feeling the medical will be approved, not for sure but a feeling. He thinks I need to see the neurologist and if the nerve test shows abnormalities which I am sure it will, then probably do surgery. He had said the prognosis time would be 4-6 months. Fun Fun! I know many people think that I shouldn't be typing, but it is not the typing that sets it off, it is the mouse and a bunch of normal every day things that I do.
Got To Love Walmart
Yesterday I was buying 2 large bags of Purina dog chow at Wal-Mart, for my dog Tosha. I was about to check out when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. What did she think, that I had an elephant? Since I had little else to do, on impulse, I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, and that I was starting the Purina Diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I ended up in the hospital last time. On the bright side though, I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of every hole in my body and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry and that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was enthralled with my story by now.) Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care because the dog
People are fuckin creepy. People play too many mind games. I'm not a fan of either. Mind games literally suck the life out of me. I have no patience and no tolerance. If you're not gonna be real with me, Just go the fuck away. The creeps that like to stalk and talk shit, Seriously, what is the point?? What could you possibly get from checking me out 478534x's a day? or sending me emails or one liners in my shoutbox? This sudden flood of weirdos is just...disconcerting. I don't like attention. Especially not negative attention. I hate this site now. It used to be fun. I know others feel the same. (I'm right behind ya, Jae) Ugh, ignore me, I'm sick and sensitive right now. Fuck off, weirdos :/ -REL
Its Like I See Her Murder
It's just like a dream to meThat some how came to meI see u as I sleepI see u as I rise in the morningI see u as I pass out in bedI now praise that I know uWhen I see u I gaze in your eyesI try to see your thoughtsI wish I can open up more with u but it's hardBecause I'm afraid…Afraid of crying because of what I see and feelThe pain is just too realEvery time I see my mother's murderIt's like I'm getting murderedI'm getting stabbed over and over in the same places as she isI can feel her pain every time the knife hits herI feel how much its hurtsI see her crying and screaming for helpBut it's to late...She is gone She is buriedCarried by the lord up to his world of happinessWhen I first knew she was gone I had hope of her coming backBut as the days increasedMy tears increased And somehow I knew something bad has happened to herBut I still had hope of her coming backSo id sit by the front door crying…Waiting for her to walk throughAnd me to be able to jump into her arms&he
Miss Him
My best friend is at boot camp becoming a Marine. I miss him soo much, but I'm glad that he is doing what will make him happy.
I Love This
Libra-Lovescope Weekly HoroscopePay close attention to your dreams this week, Libra. In fact, you'll be visited, so keep a journal next to your bed and write down any archetypal imagery that floods your mind during the night. The Universe is preparing you for someone who is about to enter your love life. Dream symbolism may give you some insight into this person and his or her intent with you.
On You Chest-love Poem
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.
Ok.. So I'm Gonna Meet Some Fubar Friends..
i can't believe i'm gonna meet 6 of my fubar friends this weekend!! i've have talked to them since Nov and now we are all going to be in the same house togethe! i can't wait! we all are excited!
Promise Me
Will you be my warrior Brave strong and true When my world falls down Can I always count on you Will you lend me your wings When I can no longer fly Will you take me to the moon To help stop me cry When I'm locked in the tallest tower With no way out Will you somehow reach me And be rid of my doubts When all the stars in my sky Have all flown away Will you find them all again So their no longer astray Will you hold me in the dark Always show me the light When I'm feeling lonely Can I count on you to hold me tight Through all the bad times That we may go through Can you honestly say I'll always have you There's so much pain That I always feel So just promise me That you're real
=) for them few i talk to.....yer not forgotten and are mostly missed......dunno all just having a hard time sitting down here=(( now that i got net working again) but goona try and be around.*hugs all around
One Way To Bring A Woman To Orgasm
First of all let me provide a scene for this little intimate conversation.... (above) their now first of all if you a man reading this hey atleast your attempting to find the right combination to keep your lady friend satisfied. If your a woman your opinions are very much valued and appreciated. (Disclaimer: every woman is different) When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So, remember, most dudes can f**k, and those who can usually do it satisfactorily, but the guy who gives good head, he's got it made. Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you've got the world's most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she's going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it's beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but get her to trust you enough to
Last Time To Own Me For A While
Heres your chance to own Ponyboy0827! He's the truest most reliable friend on Fubar you could have. So.. what are you waiting for? Click the picture below and > > BID BID BID This auction is an all type bid auction. Bids of tickers, blasts, VIP's, Bling, HH's are preferred, however, fu-bucks are all welcome. But, cash gifts outway fubuck offers. Auction runs 5pm Est. March 30th - 5pm Est. April 7th.
Forgetting Is The Hardest Part.
It doesn't matter if your heart breaks They don't even know you're there, It doesn't matter if you're shattered, Or If you've forgotten to care. Because the lies all crash down on you now, you can't act like you're happy anymore, You're hurt beyond repair tonight Just leave, walk out that door. The pain it's all too much to take, Try to run away from yourself, You say that goal is too unreachable, But impossible is what you do so well. Drown everything you used to be, What used to shine out of your eyes, Let this hurt over come it. and finally let down your disguise.
The best part of my day after a long hard day at work or the stress we all face and problems we all seem to share weather it be money,family ,or just the everyday bullshit we face i can honestly say my wife is the best part of my day with a careing word or a simple i love you i know we will be ok. I cnt believe all the shit this woman has delt with before me and now with me shes a trooper my energy my breath when i cant breath and my heartbeat when i want to give up shes a little fiesty at times lol those eyes that are so beautiful can show just how pissed she is by a glance ,they also show the loving tifanie who is loyal considerate and goes without and doesnt complain just says baby it will get better she is my world and 6-13-08 was the best day of my life baby you are more than amazing i love you:) she loves pink so baby heres somthing beautiful for you:)
Alone How do you find the will to live When there's nothing more to give Everything has been stripped away Nothing left to hold or save When I look within myself Nothing is there, there's no one else Emptiness is all I see There is nothing left inside of me A gaping wound is all I dream A writhing hell, inside I scream Pain is all I say or do No hope of light to see me thru As day by day I fade away To darkest nights in chains a slave Life itself is killing me each breath I take is agony I once had hope, true love did feel But nowit's gone, this can't be real The die is cast my fate is sealed I've nothing left for hell to steal Everything has been stripped away Nothing left to hold or save
To all who read this. I am on fubar to meet people and make friends. Not interested in cybaring on here or on YM , or any other place. I like to meet , get to know, and hopefully become friends with others. If all your interested in is the other crap don't bother contacting me. Yes! I am a divorced female, but does not make me desperate to have sex or anything like it with anyone. Sorry! My beliefs are if God ment for a man to be in my life it will be from meeting him in person getting to know each other with everything natural to follow. I am a 46 soon to be 47 yrs old. Never been with a guy younger than my children which happens to be 29 and 27. Do not have plans to be with anyone that young. Just goes against every thing I beleive in. Talking and flirting on here is one thing, but That is all in fun. Goes no futher and never should. What others do on here is their business and their life. Sorry! if I hurt or piss someone off . Not my intentions . Just trying to be honest here.
I Dream Of Vestal.
In a veil of white mist, at the temple of Vestal, two of the virgins bathed me. Pretty, sweet things adorned in wraps of loose white linen. The one, with dark hair, seriously seductive, while the other with hair flowing long and blond was playful and sweet - neither uttered a sound from the moment we met. Both were long-limbed with small clever hands, silently and sensuously easing a stress and tension from my body that, until now, I hadn't realised I possessed. Closing my eyes, I lost myself to the heat of the water and wickedly sensual sensations as their hands caressed me beneath the surface. Their lips finding mine as well as each other's - we three lost to these precious moments as steam rose around us. The only sound was the play of water and the soft sounds of my contentment. Dozens of candles spread their golden light about the room forcing back the shadows to dance at the edges of perception across a ceiling and walls of marble painted with frescoes of women bathing,
When Owning A Lounge Is Taken Too Serious
him (4/20/2009 10:56:39 PM): hi me(4/20/2009 10:57:06 PM): hihi him (4/20/2009 10:57:17 PM): was wondering who invited you to kink's me (4/20/2009 10:57:20 PM): sorry im lurking morgans sick me (4/20/2009 10:57:27 PM): kink did him (4/20/2009 10:57:37 PM): ok, if i find out otherwise i will know exactly what is going on him(4/20/2009 10:57:46 PM): but if kink invited you, no problem me (4/20/2009 10:57:52 PM): why would i lie? him (4/20/2009 10:57:56 PM): need to remember who your #1 lounge is though me(4/20/2009 10:58:03 PM): have i ever lied to u b4? me (4/20/2009 10:58:06 PM): i know him (4/20/2009 10:58:10 PM): him(4/20/2009 11:00:33 PM): how would i know, we don't really talk much anymore me(4/20/2009 11:01:27 PM): lol not my fault you are a busy boi lol him (4/20/2009 11:08:46 PM): they are inviting all excito members.. him(4/20/2009 11:08:49 PM): look at their member list me(4/20/2009 11:08:58 PM): really? him(4/20/2009 11:09:00 PM): l has turned v on me him (
Female Feet
you can tell alot from a woman by how they take care of their feet. hat's off to all you women who show pride in taking care of themselves! not to mention, i do have a small foot fetish. 8) love a pretty female, isaid FEMALE, foot. peace out, luv ya.
[how Did I Break Google?]
Well my internet finally got shut I decided to stay up til 8 so I could call my isp and talk to a real person. and I've been up for a while now. Like, a long while. Mango rice was lovely.I think I've been through 2 1/2 mash seasonsa few VERY long sorties on ring of redch.1 of MGS4 about... 20 timesy'know, when its all said and done that game isn't very long with very many variables to the problem solvingespecially when you can ping a forehead with an M-14 the way I can. I even broke out an all pistol's finish and still found myself unchallenged. I say "it's like MGS3 only more shootery" but the fact is, MGS3 was a bigger challenge.Sure, I don't have soloton and a famas in either game, but I also don't have auto environmental camo, and I ONLY had iron sights in MGS3 with a very limited selection of silenced weapons.I could go through MGS2 with 3 shots outside of boss/manditory shootout sessionsYou learn the patterns you learn the sequence.In MGS4 it's even easier because I
A Headsup Fore The Lady's!!!
Every timeyou open your mouths, men look into your minds,and judge you by your words!
just jezabelle in hell addited to your spell. passion crimson the blood runs deep. fallen again to a relation, his soul empowers my heart.
The Shortest Story
Birthday Night
First thing first... I gotta tell people thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday. Dave, CareBear, Funky Munky,Kit, SS, MoW,Lewis, Amykins, Mental, RoadRage, Majik, Starshooter, Dr.C, Coot, NoOne, Reaper, Arkham, Gabe, Trouble, Kins, Mclovin, Crazylips, and MoP all of you... thank you so much for the wishes :D I do appreciate all of them. Now... On to the fun stuff.. Last night. I went to dinner with the hubby, got a new lap top, blahblahblah... real birthday dinner is acutally on tuesday with my mom... THEN I went to this bar I always go to (Luckys) to wait for some friends to get off work.. Addison gets off and meets me and we have a couple of drinks waiting on Laura... Laura gets off and somehow we decide we are going to this bar called Annies... Annies is the dirtiest, nastiest, most white trash STD infested bar that I have ever been to... Luckily, it is actually kinda fun after the nasty rednecks leave and the (younger) crowd comes in. That is when the drunken ka
A Little Sad...
So on the ticker scroll there was an article about Mike Tyson's daughter being strangled by a cord on a treadmill machine...poor child is not doing well...but what made me sad is that the story was started off with telling where the picture of Mike Tyson was taken....he was walking out of court for something else...what does it matter? The poor guy's daughter is in on life support and his past has to be brough up? Just kinda bothers me is all...
The heat is moving towards my fingers Smoke is filling up my eyes This bench is filling up with ashes And sadness is filling up my mind I don't even know what day it is While I sit here all alone The moon above is making me cold And dispair is bringing me home I need to keep busy I need to keep drinking I'll do whatever it takes To try and keep from thinking Because thinking brings sadness And sadness brings pain Physical...emotional... It all feels the same I don't want to die I swear I want to live But I need to keep drinking Because thinking is a sin
This cold room just seems to get bigger or is it me shrinking in the center Since you went away, to where i couldn't follow. I smile and laugh, but still feel hollow. I am just holding on, waiting for you to come home. Home to this little cold room, you can make it warm again. Your things are scattered around the place Your voice on the phone saying You are not alone in being alone The photos i have of you never seem enough Every word written in text, every word spoken on the phone. It won't ever be enough. Only when i can be held in your arms again, to fall asleep beside you, to wake up cradled in those same, loving, warm, gentle arms. To feel your breath on the back of my neck, the thought sends shivers down my spine. To have your eyes look at me, those beautiful brown eyes, like there was nothing else on this earth Just you and me.
Friends Who Need Help With Leveling Ty
~Dj Sexywolf~Rating Revolutions Recruiter Please Help Her Become Disciple TY Also she is lookin to buy Auto's and Cherry Bombs!!
Screw Man
Okay so I have decided that I am going to turn lesbian. I hate the dating world and men are crazy. I thought i understood them very well and i do to some extent.... they only want sex nothing else from you. So yeah I am alittle pissed off at men at the moment and this is exactly why I should turn lesbo!!! Now if that actually happens prolly not but we shall see. Ggggggrrrrrrrrr PS are there any decent men out there?
Alright Now!
the art exchange went a little slower than the last 2 but...the exposure and art was still there. the conversations, the connections, the expression and the culture is growing. i sold paintings for about 30 bucks altogether. to artists! i traded a piece with 3D master Dave Warner and i got a "Frank" piece from Donnie Darko!! some younger people were whining to me that they didnt sell anything. wahhhhhh for them! those same "artists" made more than 200 bucks at the last 2 shows while i made about 60 from all three altogether. and its also funny that im co-partner in this thing and im not giving up from not becoming rich. those people complaining had a prime spot like they jump on every show too. i was downstairs with 2 other awesome artists like last time and hardly anyone came down there...yet between the 3 of us we sold and traded more than the rest upstairs. now...yes i was complaining about the lack of patrons this time around but i was only confused as to why. i wasnt c
Update ... Sexy Legs Contest
me - 281 her - 221 please vote for my legs in thigh high stockings in a contest on Fubar as the sexiest legs... YOU WILL NEED TO REQUEST TO BE FRIENDS OF CANDY SHOP in order to have access to the picture here >>>> the pic is NSFW
I Can No Longer Hold On
Everytime i dream, he's always there. Everytime i see his face i can't explain what i'm feeling inside. Everytime we talk about friendships and things we have, i just want to hug him so tight, and never let him go. I want him to stay with me, by my side all the tim, but how can i ?. Everytime he feels down, i want to pick him up. Everytime he thinks he's alone i want to say, " i'm here beside you all the time". And everytime he tells me what he feels inside, he doesn't even know i love him so much. All the heartachs and qyestions in his heart, i want to say i've been loving you all along. So long that i can no longer hange on.
I Need A God
i'm phuct! i need you to pull something outta your ass
Life Gave Me Lemonade
So life's gotten harder and easier at the same time. I'm currently getting a divorce. Some days I can't wait for it to be finalized and some days I don't want it at all. It's confusing at moment and other's it's not. But I've been learning. Life game me lemonade. I don't have to work at it, I am learning to see it in everything. Since I left my husband I've found life easier on me, I've started to really find myself. I've got myself on medication I need, I'm going back to school. I'm doing all these things that I just hadn't really been able to push myself to do while married. But here I am finding myself working to make myself better. I just hope he can pull himself together then maybe, just maybe we can give it another try before all the papers are final. I really don't belive in divorce.
Killer Cricket Caught!!!
All right, As most know I had a crazy weekend filled with friends/ family in town and birthday parties, all went well and they all found it extremely hilarious that I STILL have cricket! So Saturday, Im driving around getting last min. things for the bday parrty.... and Some how I inadvertently left a pack of diaper wipes open in the truck....... guess what was in the box when i came out of the store?!?!!? You bet ya CRICKETS! I was soooooo excited! In the middle of the parking lot i slowly and quietly took the box of wipes outta my truck and turned them loose on the hot asfault..... THEN .... I smited them with my flip flop. *sighs with content* SO i think i found away to get rid of them,,,,, all friends and fam laughed at my happiness, and so did the crickets..... None of them will get in the wipe box again.... SO im stuck with i think 5 ... untill i find a way to kill them all. Ps, the upskirt no pantie shot Seamus sugeted ... didnt work. 6/11/09 SO the wet s
True Romance....
is killing you're new hooker wife's pimp. that is all.
Pirate Bath 1
Brian stretched out on the sofa. It was a small sofa, dark brown and only about four feet long. As brain was only three inches tall, it was more then enough room for him to stretch out. He heard a door somewhere open and close. He turned and saw Erica walk into his line of sight. She was a lightly tanned, with long black hair. Wearing nothing but a black bikini, he could see her slim slender body and all it's curves nicely. She was five feet five inches tall, or somewhere just under two hundred feet tall to tiny Brian. She stopped and stood in front of the sofa, a small white box in her left hand, and looked down at him."It's time to get ready," she said as she set the box down on the sofa cousion, "Ready for what?" Brian asked"You'll's a surprise. Just get dressed.'' replied Erica. Brian walked over and looked inside the box. Inside was a puffy white silky shirt, blue pants, black boots and a red cap. All the perfect size to fit him. Erica cleared her throat and
Sex Quiz
Welcome 2 the Nasty QUIZ. Are u daring enough 2 answer this 4 this person? if so, message them your answers!!!Rules:Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self!1.Would u have sex with me?answer: 2.What position would u ........ me in?answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out?answer: 4.Would u sex me hard?answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me?answer:6.Give me a naked pic?answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower?answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me?answer: 9.Would u use desert?answer:10.Would u have a 3-some with me?answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me?answer:12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed?answer:13.Where would u do me @?answer:14.Would u do me in front of people?answer:15.Would u do me again and again?answer:16.Would u do me in the rain?answer:17.Would u mind if we did it like ........ stars?answer:18.Would u have phone sex with me?answer:19.If i gave u my heart would u love it or let it go?
Tool For This Shit
Tool is the shit.....For those of you dont know..... Heres a good place to start.... If you know anything about them you know that they are completely spiritual, from their artwork to their music.....its more than just rock....heres a taste... nema : Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see armageddon soon. I certainly hope we will. I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit three ring circus sideshow of Freaks here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LA The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time. Any fucking day. Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona bay. Fret for your figure and Fret for your latte and Fret for your hairpiece and Fret for your lawsuit and Fret for your prozac and Fret for your pilot and Fret for your contract and Fret for your car. It's a bullshit three ring circus sideshow of freaks here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LA The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time. Any fucking day. Learn to s
Stay To The Right Please..
I will someday post a full lenght bitch fit about this but just to voice the thought... Depending on what country you are in.. example I am in the U.S. when you learn to drive you are taught to stay on the right side of the road.. Now granted Most of us can do it and there is a select few that managed to beat the sysytem and get a license dispite not knowing how to drive.. nevermind!! back on track.. Would it not make sense as a pedestrian in sitations such as shopping at wal-mart, cruising the mall.. whatever.. as you are walking threw these places it is a free for all no one is walking in any general direction or side which complicates the situation of "on coming traffic" okay you are walking along the right side of the wall, and someone is heading right towards you.. there already in the wrong lane so you think dodge right.. BUT THEY FOLLOW!! Now you have to do this ridiculos dance to avoid a colision. Thanks douche bag!! can't we all just stay to the right?? Exepct you guys th
Happy Fathers Day To All The Fu-dads
Sexy Men Contest Day 2
Is Everyone On Fubu Sick?
Am I the only non-sick Fubu Member?
4 U
No remorse, no regrets, I feel no sorrowSacrificing stupid fucks like there ain't no tomorrowA faithful servant and I'm always down for youYou ain't even gotta say it I already know what to doI would lie for you, I would die for youI would even cut out pregnant bitches babies for youIf it pleases you, in the quickness for youWe can roll around her guts while we fuckAnd then bust both our nutsIn the name of pain, in the name of hatePlease destroy all of my enemies if they ever cross my waySo I pray that all of you sheep fuckin' dieCause you lied he was never crucifiedI was denied in Heaven so I reside in HellLurking in the shadows I'm that Dead Girl RazakelAnd I'm one with the darkness I'll never be led astrayAnd I say fuck your God cause he turns his cheek the other wayA dedicated killa and death is my gameI Hide a face of shame, no one remembers my nameThis time they will, feel my pain for realIn the name of everything evil, sacrifice and killJust tell me what to do cause I will do it
The Healing Power Of Sleep
A lack of sleep may be harmful to your health. By Dr. Ranit Mishori, PARADE More on this in Health & Fitness 5 Ways to Get Better Sleep 7 Steps to a Good Night's Rest What We Can Learn From Our Dreams Your mom was right: You need your sleep—maybe more than even she knew. She likely didn't know what the research now tells us—that lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, cancer, heart disease, and low immune response. Caught a cold lately? Consider this: A recent study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine showed that if you sleep less than seven hours a night, you have a three times higher risk of getting a cold than if you sleep more than eight hours. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University asked 153 healthy adult men and women about their sleeping habits, then dosed them with nasal drops containing rhinovirus—one of the viruses responsible for the common cold. The virus took hold more readily among the less-rested. Lack o
Vitriol noun - Bitterly abusive feeling or expression. Now some of you may be wondering about all the piss and vinegar in some of my blogs. The thing is, when I'm upset or annoyed about something the best way for me to let it out is to write about it. Just because some of my blogs are of a certain mood, doesn't mean I'm always like that. I write what I'm feeling at the time and then I take a few deep breaths and let it go. Unfortunately, I tend to take things rather personally and there are certain aspects of my life that bother me quite a bit so I take it out on my keyboard. And you all know how it goes, it's easier to say things to a stranger than to people you know. To me, the blog is the stranger (and stranger lol). I don't really talk to my offline friends about a lot of these things so I have to let it out somewhere. I do appreciate comments and the like, but please don't think I'm always as dark and angry as my blogs imply. I hope everyone who reads this is happy and healt
My Damaged Heart
For my heart there is no cure For my heart that once was pure For my heart now beats for you In my heart a new tear has grew In my heart there is a pain In my heart that’s not the same With my heart I cry for you With my heart I never knew With my heart I die in pain Now my heart will never hurt again.
Fireworks Over Baghdad As Iraqis Take Over Cities
BAGHDAD – Iraqi forces assumed formal control of Baghdad and other cities Tuesday after American troops handed over security in urban areas in a defining step toward ending the U.S. combat role in the country. A countdown clock broadcast on Iraqi TV ticked to zero as the midnight deadline passed for U.S. combat troops to finish their pullback to bases outside cities. "The withdrawal of American troops is completed now from all cities after everything they sacrificed for the sake of security," said Sadiq al-Rikabi, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. "We are now celebrating the restoration of sovereignty." The Pentagon did not offer any comment to mark the passing of the deadline. Fireworks, not bombings, colored the Baghdad skyline late Monday, and thousands attended a party in a park where singers performed patriotic songs. Loudspeakers at police stations and military checkpoints played recordings of similar tunes throughout the day, as Iraqi military vehicles
- Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? - Strike a pose and act like you're famous. - I'm going to smile like nothing's wrong, talk like everythings perfect, act like its all a dream, and pretend he's not hurting me. - Its the little things that made me fall in love with him. (: - Sometimes you just have to smile, pretend like everything's ok, hold back the tears and walk away. - I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. - Dear Heart, I met a boy, prepare to shatter. (: - Note to self: it is illegal to stab people for being stupid. (: - But the sad part is, we weren't even dating and he still broke my heart. - Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain. - Side by side or miles apart, friends are forever and close to your heart - A verbal contract aint worth the paper its written on. - The only way to make someone trustworthy is to trust them. - Advice is what we ask for when we already know th
Ask Me.....
YOU CAN ASK ME 5 QUESTIONS::12345__________________________________________________No matter how random, revealing, rude, or pointless__________________________________________________I promise to answer them 100% truthfully__________________________________________________All questions are COMPLETELY confidentialPlease copy and paste in a message__________________________________________________[[[Repost this to see what others ask you...]]]__________________________________________________
Ta Crystal
... so i can see your eyes, their light,so i can ask the love, and the sky sand you for me,so i can know a star, that come on heart to talk with me,soi can kiss your lips, touch your hands, take in my heart,like a done with a divine form, i love you, divine creature, that show to me the real sense of the dreams,and like the dreams appearsi can see you,peace for my eyes !! tp Crystal
Well It's The First Fubar Blog
Well its my first blog here on fubar and I have to say so far I like fubar so much more than any these other social sites which are just bland and blend all in together. Anyway so yeah I'm a 21 year old male, I'm about 5'6" and 140lbs, hazel eyes and auburn brown hair. I work a lot ;( I mean like 50 hour weeks, but you know, work play and play hard. but yeah I don't really feel like filling anything else out right now, guess I'll just have to add more later, peace out everybody
Saying How I Feel
I wanna vent a little bit. I have been in several real life debates lately about some of these issues. I wat to also say thisis NOT an invite for a republicanvs dems showdown I am politically consrvative..but I am rather liberal when it comes to social issues. I am for gay marriage..I feel they should be able to because quite frankly our government should be more concerned about people sneaking into our country and mooching than who is fucking who behind closed doors. I also feel that the goevernment should not have a say over a womans uterus. I ALSO wana ask why religion is such a fucking factor in the government. It is bullshit. Religion is yet another thing they should not be worried not everyone carries the same religous views so how is it in any way pertinent. I am done with the rant..just had to get it out there BTW (h) you fuckers ;)
The Link To My Lady's Deviant Art Account
http://pagan Treat yourself and go check out her creations just follow this link. Copy and paste it into your browser. It's a visual experience, so sublime... Thank You very much...keep on rockin'
Now Hiring All!! Lounge Immediate Assistance/membership Needed
OK Friends, and Fubar Members... I am Looking for any assistance that I can receive. I currently own four lounges. All four are in need of staff members, as well as regular visiting members. I would like for anyone interested in helping with any of, or all of my lounges to please contact me ASAP by Private Message. I have a primary person who wants to DJ, I need some assistants for that person, as well as someone who can help us find a program that will work. I need people to help with promoting the lounges better than I can by myself. I need the bouncers, and lounge control people. Please check them out anytime you like. I have one for NASCAR Fans, one for Motorcycle riders, one for Firefighters, and one for EMT/Paramedics/Rescue people. Thank you very much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you. Branwei Lounge Owner!!!!
Friend Is A Newly-wed
Yeah, my best friend got married last weekend and just got back from his cruise. It's kind of wierd when all your friends and acquaintances start getting married. Makes me feel lonely, but I'd rather be alone than married, lol.
Knocked Down By A Bus
Being knocked downBy a bus, the reactionFrom love, there us onePerson out for me, toFind my queen bee.Been trying to find itSo long, there's beenUp and downs, and thingsGo wrong, left me withNothing, conned.But why does it happenTo me, it's her I see, somePeople can be so mean
Two Wolves...
One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed
Dear Penis Owners
Dear Penis Owners Current mood:angsty Ok, some of this is ripped off from a friend of a friend, and I'm honest enough to give credit where credit is due. However, I had to put my own "flavor" to this, so some of this is actually ME saying these things.DEAR PENIS OWNERS, (and I don't mean lesbians with strap-ons, or women who have their men so pussy-whipped that they are no longer in possession of the their own packages. HOWEVER TO THE WOMEN WITH PENIS' AS BIG AS THEIR MANS, KUDOS SISTERS, KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE.)-Don't send me messages asking for a hook up. I've stated in my profile to get to know me. If I'm not worth your time to do so, then your not worth my time to hook up with, and I DON'T DO HOOK UPS ANYMORE.-Don't ask me to be your MISTRESS (or your sub). If I wanted to do that I would bash you in the head and drag you to my cave like an ahead feminist cave woman.-I am also a cat person/owner. so if you have something against felines "these are not the droids you are looking f
Prayer Of A Soldier
It's time to sleepI've been relievedMy rifle at my sideMy knife in it's sheathLord let me live another dayAs I put myself in harms wayI made my choice, I took the oathI stand for freedom, but I don't boastMy God, my country, my familyThe things I hold so dearWith these all on my sideThere's nothing for me to fearBut if I should fall before my next reliefI will stand before you Lord with honor and dignitySo, while I'm here please make me strongTo fight the battles and right what's wrongLT.David MartinUnited States Marines Special Warfare and counter-terrorismUS Special Operations Command MCSOCOM LT.David Martin
"death, Life"
It stalks the night It stalks the day It seeks out life And whisks it away It's known as death And other things too But it's all the same What matters is you. How do you see it? What does it mean? It's best if you know For death is unseen. It can take you at day It can take you at night Knowing death well Can lend you some light The passage to death Is always unclear And it's best to know That you're very near. For death is at hand It is for us all Know it's face well So you don't stumble and fall Now think hard on death And know that it's near And the meaning of life Will be all to clear And that is to live For your hearts desire Not to stumble or fall But to burn with a fire. A fire for life To live for each day To reach for your dreams No matter what people say Life is a question And death holds a clue Reach not for the answer For your life's not due Live for the moment And die for it too For it's the moment that counts It, and you Now I'm
Doc Called Today...oh My!
So I got the call from the doc Ive been dreading. I have whats called Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. Basically my liver is enlarged and I dont drink. Its not hepatitis either its called that because it is a liver disease. The good news is I can cure it with diet. So begining immediately I have to cut out alot of things from my diet. Im gonna be feeling sick for awile tho it could be up to 2 months before I start feeling better. I just cant beleive this is due to eating everyday things that I thought couldnt hurt me very bad. I still have to go in for blood work to check for the severity. Trust me I feel like it has gotten bad. Ive been sick for about 2 weeks now and I have to endure it for some time until I can make my liver better. The other good news is I dont have to go have surgery like the doc thought originally. Thats awesome cause I hate surgery. I just have to eat like a freakin rabbit for probably the rest of my life which isnt so bad when I think about it. Im gonna go redo m
Current mood: content Category: Writing and Poetry All alone, I wait by the phone. Hopeing you’ll call, why do I have the feeling I am about to fall? Wondering where your at... Wondering who your with... I am beging to wonder if true love is just a myth. I thought I had found Mr. Right, but I am sitting here alone again tonight. I don’t want to yell, I don’t want to fight... I just want you to wake up and see the light. I really do love you and my love is unconditional and true. I don’t want no one else, my heart is only with you. Please, don’t hurt me... Please, don’t ever leave... My heart can’t take being decieved. 1999’
Last Days........
if there was no tomorrow, what would be the one thing u would wana do at that moment? think as if that moment was now, what r u thinkn this moment. wana know my answer? tell me what u think.
This Is What Happens When You Sing On A Table
Dog Adopts Monkey
My Life
i have a bad life and im now in a foster home and need a way out and im now 27 and need help tell me a way out please
Seven Mary Three- Without You Feels
Somebody hold me Hold me down So I don't slip tonight Punch the clocks out punch the walls Still something's wrong with me Without you feels like the end of the world What if somebody had told me I'd be this unhappy? What if somebody had told me I'd be this alone? What if somebody had told me the world would mean nothing? What if somebody had told me before you where gone? Somebody told me this little lie Can't keep me from myself I destroy what I build I thought I was smarter than that Without you feels like the end of the world
'eclipse' Adds 'maria Full Of Grace' Star As Jasper's Ex... Maria!
'Eclipse' Adds 'Maria Full Of Grace' Star As Jasper's Ex... Maria! Posted 22 hrs ago by Adam Rosenberg in News Another day, another "Eclipse" casting announcement. Yesterday Jack Huston was the latest to join the third "Twilight" movie, as Rosalie Hale's old, Depression-era pal Royce King II. Flashback, anyone? Today's newcomer is "Maria Full of Grace" star Catalina Sandino Moreno, who will play Maria, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And if you're familiar with the character, then you know she'll take part in another flashback. Back during the Civil War days, Maria recruited Confederate soldier Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone) to help her build up an army of newborn vampires. Together they swept across the Mexican territories, doing just that. That is until Maria asks Jasper to commit an unspeakable act, and he flees with two of Maria's soldiers in tow. Maria doesn't actually pop up in the modern-day telling of "Eclipse," so it's a safe assumption that it's flashback time for
True Love Is False !!!
What silent place is this, That grasps my heal, my ankle, What onyx hand pulling me down, With guileless solicitation causing me stay, Vacant from your flower bloomed dress, Denying purple, Vacant from your scent, Sparing me touch, This black place without you, Sunless and unblessed, Void from fire as described, What new purity do I sense, Causing my sterile release from breath.
Entry For Aug 15
Sarah shane here. And welcome to my profile. I am a webmaster and focus on mainly health related websites. Feel free to check out some of my articles here: does stretchmark oil work? stretchmarks treatments for stretch marks As you can see, I love the health niches. they seem the most natural to me while writing so I plan to stick with 'em for awhile. Thanks for checking out my profile. I hope you learned something in the process. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! remedies for stretchmarks that work. stretch scar cream, does it work?
Welcome back, me. Let the bullshit begin. After being told I look like a transvestite man with a 5 o'clock shadow & a broken down meth addict skank in my first 2 days back; I have bitches to deal with. In case it isn't abundantly clear: this is an entertainment website. Fubucks aren't real. The drinks aren't real. The gifts aren't real. "Owning" people isn't real. Stop getting your fucking panties in a fucking bunch because I "bought" your online man. Thank you & have a nice day.
Dance Of Terror
Window panes come crashing down Amidst the tears and pain Vanishing hopes are gone and flew away Up above through twilight Shadows cast across the floor Reflections of the past Trembling thoughts of one Dwelling deep within the soul A mystical sense of reality Captured by the craze All in bewilderment Of the shock in the wave Creatures of the dimness Chattering amongst the green Everything slows in stillness What is this we see?
Hlne Je m'appelle Hlne Je suis une fille comme les autres Hlne J'ai mes jois, mes peines Elle au font ma vie Comme la votre Je voudrais trouver l'amour Simplement trouver l'amour Hlne Je m'appelle Hlne Je suis une fille comme les autres Hlne Si mes nuits sont plaine du rve, du pom Je n'ai rien d'autre Je voudrais trouver l'amour Simplement trouver l'amour Et mme Si j'ai ma photo dans tout les journeaux chaque semaine Personne ne m'attend le soir quand je rentre tard Personne n'a fait battre mon coeur lorsque staigne la projecteur Hlne Je m'appelle Hlne Je suis une fille comme les autres Je voudrais trouver l'amour Simplement trouver l'amour Et mme Quand la tl Vous me regardez Sourire et chater Personne ne m'attend le soir quand je rentre tard Personne n'a fait battre mon coeur lorsque staigne la projecteur Hlne Je m'appelle Hlne Je suis une fille comme les autres Hlne Et tout de mes peines Trouverent l'oubli UN jour ou l'autre Quand je trouver
If I am seem stand offish, I aplogize, just having an extremely rough day
Get A Grip Godley!
After the fiasco of having food poisoning and still managing to do my show's am excited it's all nearly over...not my life, the fringe! We are on the home run now people! Had some lovely people come to see my show, some Glasgow Celtic players (who I don't know), Dean Freidman, Jimmy Carr and Roland Gift, his wife Louise and the actress Diane Quick, all lovely! Though Jimmy Carr's distinctive laugh had me giggling throughout my own show, it really is infectious! The crew from BBC Scotland's comedy department came in as well and we all went off for drinks. They are awesome now that they are under the helm of a new head of comedy and it seems they like unusual! Took an English woman to introduce them to me! Maybe one day I will make it onto the Fred McCauley show (he did keep promising, but it never materialised) never mind I was on BBC radio 4 this week with my Comic Fringes Short Story and I did a Just a Minute on BBC radio 4 as well! I spoke to the previous producer o
Mike Andersons Ideas
Bathroom Pedestal Sinks Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
The Latest News For Age Of Conan
Today, in an interview with foreign media, Funcom's director of public relations media who writing the article for age of conan power leveling. Forest (Erling Elllingsen) that will be published next month, when it comes to the age of conanthe development of the online game "Age of Conan" film-to-date information, but it is difficult to imagine this news for aoc power leveling. Prior to the confidentiality of the work done was airtight. When a reporter asked about the information on the specific content of films, the Forest remain tight-lipped, he said that this new piece of information will be in mid to late next month in Cologne, Germany, organized by GamesCom Game Show to meet with the players. And also the goods news for AoC power leveling "We give players a lot of changes and new content, I believe that the players will like it." He added.
Volcano Lust
You are my volcano of lust, I desire you for who you truely are. Your the one I dreamt of all these years, the one I desire for the most. Volcano in my eyes, the very most of the one who falls down on the hot lava as the volcano explodes in the night. the volcano lights my path as I see you floating up with the ashes, you show me the way to saftey. As the hot lava destroys everything in its path you keep me safe from the mouth of the volcanoes wrath. Your the lust that I must have, the very lust that the volcano owns. Your eyes say to me that your the volcanoes daughter, and that you will one day go your seperate ways from this firey tomb you call home. Your father will once more explode and blow up into the nights sky, with ashes and flowing lava. Your mother will understand, and try to help calm your father so you can go safely on your way. This my dearest love will be you one day, and I will be the soothing mother, for you are your father's daughter. I dreamt of this all t
Actual Insurance Claim Statements
The following are actual statements found on insurance forms where car drivers attempted to summarise the details of an accident in the fewestpossible words. Some of these are VERY old, in fact I remember my Mother(who used to work for an insurance company) showing me some of these about20 years ago. I haven't seen them for a long time, so maybe they will be new to you or at least raise a laugh (which is our hope). Enjoy:I pulled away from the side of the road, glanced at my mother-in-law and headed over the embankment.Coming home I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I don't have.The other car collided with mine without giving warning of its intention.I thought my window was down, but I found it was up when I put my head through it.I collided with a stationary truck coming the other way.A truck backed through my windshield into my wife's face.The guy was all over the road. I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him.In an attempt to kill a fly I drove into a tel
Love Block
you say that you believe in love at first sight?that ain't right, lust is possible.... but love doesn't even come over nightif love was that easy i wouldn't have this constant fightgoing on inside my heart about if living loveless is alrightnot sure if it's alright, but it sure does sound cleverpain in heart? ignore it, show no emotion as if it were severedsometimes ya slip up though and let the heart pitter patyou start singing love songs in your head yet try to hold backgot somebody on your mind, love everytime ya'll interactafter some time goes by you mite give into the factthat love can be real ya just gotta know how to actbut it does go deeper then that, gotta be on the same pagerage ensues if you ''love'' but the one you love is in on the ''like'' stagebeen on both sides of the struggle never a good feelingyou don't love the person that loves you is what you're constantly thinkingthe person you love doesn't love you the same and it leaves your heart reelingya'll both try to work
Long Time..since Logg In.
Well it's been a full year since i got divorced. Things are a thousand percent better then they used to be. My bills are paid before their due i have my phne bill and electric bills are paid off. They were supposed to be paid off before now thats what i was giving the X wife my paychecks for. What she was doing with money? i have no idea. But it's all over now and it was the best thing she ever did for me. I truly hope she rotts in hell. If anyone reads this you may think i'm bitter well your FUCKING right i am if you had gone through the bullshit i had you would be to. for fourteen years i put up with bullshit from her mother and here. and for fourteen years i was there by here side when she had several surgerys. I did itall for what? NOTHING.I did it because i loved her with all of my heart and soul. Well it's history now and i'm damned glad to. Time to move on with my life and thats exactly what i'm going to do. I've got a pretty good start on moving on. But i like to vent on
I Hear, You Tell, I Cry
I hear you screaming while I'm sleeping.I hear the noises you make, the mess you left for me.I hear the words you speak, so hateful they are.I hear everything but I fake sleep, don't want to deal with it.I keep my eyes closed, barely say anything.You tell me my animals are gone, I want you gone.You tell me how much I'm a waste.You tell me what you think I am, you are so wrong.You tell me horrible things about myself.I cry because of the words, the sounds you make.I cry because it's the same stuff every day.I cry because I know there's a better life, but I stay.I cry because you never remember what you say, what you do.
Iron Stuff
iron doors iron gates iron railings
Homes For Rent
Find Affordable Homes for Rent and Apartments For Rent in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver Ottawa and more! iRentCanada is changing the way people find his or hers next Apartment Rental. We've made it so simple and easy to use. Search using our advance search features or by map. Most ads have over 15 large pictures, detailed descriptions, maps and so much more. The site is updated constantly throughout the day assuring accurate and legitimate rental properties for you to checkout. Are you looking for Apartments For Rent... apartments for rent in montrealtoronto apartments for rentcalgary apartments for rent
Emo Post #1
I've lived my life the same way for over 15+ years now. I am in my mid 30's now. I am still alive and successful in life with rewards from taking big risks. We have a saying, "Go big or go home". I don't need anyone. I don't need anyone watching my back. I appreciate it when people do, but please, don't feel obligated. I'll be fine either way. I enjoy the company of others, but I won't cry or get sad when I am alone. I just find something to do. Novel concept, self entertainment and productivity... I do appreciate my friends though and love my kids to death. Those 2 kids are actually my weak point and I do everything I can for them. I am not trying to sound hard or cold. I am just very independent and capable. I don't need to cry home to my mommie and stuff like that to get through life. I have a deep connectionwith the universe and she takes care of her favorite little dust mite. My spirit cannot be destoryed. Nothing anyone could do toME, personally,will ever hurt me again. I
Typical "if I Knew, I'd Tell You. But I Don't, So I Can't"
Guy 1: I have no idea what you're talking about. Woman 1: You know. Guy 1: I don't know. Woman 1: You know. Guy 1: No. I don't know. Woman 1: You do. Guy 1: (gets up from table) I'll be back in a minute, after I shoot myself. -- Overheard in: Diner, New Hope PA --
Birthday Present
Today has been cool so far, I got up this morning and went to get two tattoos for my birthday!! From my daughter and my mom! There is a picture of the blue one, the pink one and all three of them together!
Your Song
It's a little bit funny this feeling inside I'm not one of those who can easily hide I don't have much money but boy if I did I'd buy a big house where we both could live If I was a sculptor, but then again, no Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show I know it's not much but it's the best I can do My gift is my song and this one's for you And you can tell everybody this is your song It may be quite simple but now that it's done I hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind that I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song It's for people like you that keep it turned on So excuse me forgetting but these things I do You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue Anyway the thing is what I really mean Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen
Wrinkled Skin
Wrinkled Skin According to African legend, death entered the world in the following way: Long ago, people were able to shed their skins, like a snake. Everyone did this and lived forever, renewing their youth. One time, a woman forgot that she should do this and put her old skin back on, and death came into the world. Dreams of wrinkled skin may be troubling because they create images of age and death. You may feel as though you are wasting your time in waking life and your subconscious is reminding you that life is short. Another version of the wrinkled skin dream is accelerated aging, where your skin seems to visibly shrink or wrinkle in minutes. This dream may be revealing how you feel about your progress towards your life goals. You aren't getting any younger, after all. These dreams can be troubling, but should not be. Dreams of this nature often are your mind's way of saying, Hey, it's time for something new, and encouraging you to take steps in a new direction. Turn in you
My Way Of Thinking Just Way To Bored I Guess
let me start off by saying that this is what happens when I get to thinking and that is has in no way mad me sad or unhappy, just the ramblings of my mind going into detail over every little thing or in this case one thing at a time. it's how part of my mind works to make sense of things. read if you will or brush it off as what you think of it. a little insight to how everything makes it's place in my worldone sure fire way to live; is to let everything fall into its place without thought. but having the ability to let it happen without a thought is a whole other plane, to know where exactly they should lay, doubting where they lay, pondering at what they mean to you as a whole. these little things that make up your existence in this massive world that you live. your every thought put out on a very wide table stretching as far as your eye can see. your every thought you've made in your mind, you see them lined up on the table into categories from most recent to the every first unconsc
Bread Is Good - And Stuff!!
NEVER EVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVERADINFINITUM DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!! I really dislike beer, but I LOVE primal screaming and Rocking - so I figured I would just change the words to BREAD IS GOOD, and then write the recipe that I am just about to make: AMISH WHITE BREAD... INGREDIENTS (Nutrition) 2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C) 2/3 cup white sugar 1 1/2 tablespoons active dry yeast 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1/4 cup vegetable oil 6 cups bread flour DIRECTIONS In a large bowl, dissolve the sugar in warm water, and then stir in yeast. Allow to proof until yeast resembles a creamy foam. Mix salt and oil into the yeast. Mix in flour one cup at a time. Knead dough on a lightly floured surface until smooth. Place in a well oiled bowl, and turn dough to coat. Cover with a damp cloth. Allow to rise until doubled in bulk, about 1 hour. Punch dough down. Knead for a few minutes, and divide in half. Shape into loaves, and place into two well oiled 9x5 inch loaf pan
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First Blog Ever
This is how boring my life is.....I am rambeling on a blog. I know some drama is unfolding around my freinds and all I got to say is I am not taking sides. I am here to enjoy myself and I dont want anything to change that. I know I annoy people but I dont mean any harm. Some people annoy me and I will do better at just ignoring them. how was that for a first blog ever?
My Racing Career 2 Date
10-17-09 Went to drift & drag event, my entry 282, out of 375. In the drift event I ran 7 times. 6 mono runs & 1 tandom. I placed 4 overall in the drift, the highest placing privater at the event!wooohoo!!! In the drag event I was diqualified for safety voilations. I entered the 14sec. class of et [estimated time] drags I ran a 13.99sec at 103mph.My second pass I ran 13.92sec at 105.4mph. Both runs were D.Q.'ed, but they qualifed for a backed up 13.92sec. pass at 105.4mph. which is my personal best to date. Future improvements: 6 point Rollcage,5 point safety harnesses, racing buckets & external electrical shut off. All for the 13sec. class.
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Halloween Striptease
Dean Rusk
JFK'S Secretary of State, Dean Rusk,was in France in the early 60's when DeGaule decided to pull out of NATO. DeGaule said he wanted all US military out of France as soon as possible. Rusk responded "does that include those who are buried here? DeGuale did not respond. You could have heard a pin drop
Shared Dreams
Shared Dreams There are two kinds of dreams that fall into this category: mutual and concurrent. In each case, two or more people dream of similar characters and activities. What differentiates them are the means by which the dreams occur. In mutual dreaming, the dreamers intentionally develop a desire to experience a shared dream through incubation. However, in concurrent dreams, the dreamers had no idea their content would be similar going into the night's rest. Mutual dreaming is an intentional movement toward influencing dream content. This discipline allows dreamers to design psychic meeting grounds for subconscious awareness of one another. This can be a seedbed for finding new facets in a relationship, from the ordinary to the sensual. It is often quite interesting to get together with your mutual dreamer friend(s) and compare dreams. The best way to do this is for both or all of you to write down what you dreamt about the subject in question, then share the essays. Concu
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Angel In My Sky
I once, long ago, saw an angel in my sky.An angel that my life has now been touched by.She caught my eye with loving stare.I looked into hers, such a beautiful glare.She enters my path when danger is near,To show me a new route away from all fear.With her wings of white and her halo of blue.Im not alone with her, she watches over you too.She is the our angel guardian, angel of the city.For eyes too blind to see, i do so pity.She's come from the sky, yet she never touches the ground.She can sing to your heart without making a sound.The angel delivers our messages of prayer to the king.His love and grace back to you, is what she will bring.And by the way, for what it's worth,You can be sure she has been with us all since birth.My little message to my fellow mankind.Keep her by your side, don't ever leave her behind
The End (lyrics)
The EndFuck you!3,2,1 your time is up.Shit out of luck too fucked to think to duck.You're lookin for me?Well, I'm huntin for you.I'm ready to handle some business I'm attendin to.Are you ready for this shit?You better ball up your fist bitch.I'ma show you what I'm all about, ride outAnd do it how we do it in the south so watch out!I've got this disease.So stay away from me.Fed up with all the mistakes that you made.Not sure how much more of this I can take.I know I'm through with you, you say Fuck me?Well I say fuck you too.Heart beating faster than a motherfucker.I black out when we're about to kill each other.Served or be served I don't give a fuck.I'm not afraid to take a beating you're the first to get stuck.Are you ready for this shit?You better ball up your fist bitch.Don't believe me? Swear to God fuckin try me!And I'll be the first to show you what you get little bitch!I've got this disease.So stay away from me.[Chorus]You want a fuckin piece of me?!?
Change Me (lyrics)
Change MeYou can't accept me for who i am I try so hard to get you to understand I don't know if can take this pain anymore cuz myhearts been torn what did i do to be treated this way you keep beating me down but i still ask you to stay and i know thatThat i want to be myself but you want me to be someone else[Chorus]It's just the same thing how you try to change me (change me) so tell me what you want from me why can't you let me be.I just can't go on takeing all this abuse No matter what i do it's never enough for you and I know that im disgusted by theway you think of me. You make me do things that i don't want to do and you don't give a damn about what you put me through.And i know You need to face the truth that im not like you[Chorus x2]Im gonna do what i wanna do you not what you tell me to you say your looking out for me well thats a sad excuse Drop theatitude because in the better news Keep playing with me see what i do what do you get out of messin with me because im justtryi
Quick Facts About Zombie Monkeys
Zombie Monkey Quick Facts Short Compilation of Things You Should Know - Zombie Monkeys caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. - Zombie Monkeys are the only reason France is still a country - Zombie Monkeys created all of the world religions to encourage wars between humans - Zombie Monkeys can change their appearance to look like any living thing. - Every boy band in the history of the world has been made up entirely of Zombie Monkeys. - Advanced as they are, Zombie Monkeys still like to throw feces. - The Easter Island statues are left over pawns from an ancient game of Monkey Zombie chess. - Zombie Monkeys control all of the governments of the world. - There is no known way to kill a Zombie Monkey. - Zombie Monkeys created reality television. - Most natural disasters are just covers for massive Zombie Monkey covert actions. - Surprisingly, Paris Hilton is not a Zombie Monkey. - Zombie Monkeys faked the moon landing - Zombie Monkeys killed Steve Irwin because he was
"My friends are always telling me to move on, to give up. But why? Why should I? They don't see you the way that I see you. They don't look into your eyes and see the world. Why would they understand? They can't possibly imagine what it means to look at your best friend and see all their hopes and dreams come true. I wish for once, just once, they could walk a mile in my shoes. But they wouldn't need to walk that far, they would just take one step and suddenly, they would take back every bit of 'getting over you' advice they had ever given me and realize you're my life, you were meant for me, and that moving on or giving up is simply not an option."
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Farmville Secrets
Exploit how you can play Farmville the smart and efficient way. This way, you will save both time and money. Click here to read more - Farmville Secrets and Farmville Cheats One of the important things to consider every time you plant is the total amount of coins and experience you will receive on harvesting after expenses (i.e. your profit). Many people thing this is very basic arithmetic in calculating how much they will make but in fact is isn't really as simple as it turns out to be. This is where many Farmville players go wrong; many players tend to plant the 4 hour crops such as blueberry rather than the two hour crop raspberry simply because 1 gives experience and one doesn't. This makes the player think that raspberry is purely for gold purposes and not for leveling up at all. This shouldn’t be the wat. Always remember that when you are planting a crop with shorter duration you can also be doing it with more times, which costs 15 coins and nets you 1 experience each tim
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why do people feel the need to be fake i really dont get it so i came to these simply 3 factors your a fat ugly loser your a sick pervert or you are just simply twisted anyway JUST STOP IT
It's Always Sumpin..
My son was driving the truck that wouldn't pass smog, so had Bogus plates. He gets stopped for being "Stupid" had a drug pipe on him, Got truck towed to impound yard. Cost to get truck out? $750. Value of Truck? $500 Got a $500 lil '95 Mazda. New brakes, new tires, oil, tuneup, and various other little things. Took it across the country to my room mates Grandma's 100 birthday. What do you get someone turning 100? You show up. It was a great trip, only got stopped once in Oaklahoma... License plate light was out. Sheesh. After a month and 5500 miles made it back home to discover rif-raff charity case had wasted 80% of the stuff on my computer, and every bit of food consumed. Not even one roll of TP left. Damm, seems no good deed goes un-punished. I'm ok with that anyway as I do believe one should help those who need when you can. Even if the help goes un-appreciated. It's still the right thing to do. So, now paid off the car, got it running and on the way to the
"It is not the critic who counts, nor the man, who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man in the arena, who's face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly...who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the triumph of high acheivement, and who at the worst, if he fails,at least falls while daring greatly" Teddy Roosevelt He speaks of compassion,gratitude and fogiveness...his words screamed out for libertity in the face of adversity...hoping for freedom to live in our lives without judgement being passed..people who stand for peace and love. We all desiire greater...there are those that desire material things..they fight to get their wishes., there are those who deisre love and they too fight...we all fight seperate ways, we shed blood sacrificing so much in the process...lets instead fight for life...for freedom equality. Weaken yourselves to
Darkness forever lingers,Sorrow reaches across these lands.Desolation and waste surround her,Leaving nothing left to stand. In her wake many have gone,Thier bones scattered in empty fields.Behind her chaos and doom,Before her nothing can yield. Her madness cannot be stopped,Till nothing still survives.The riegn of terror goes on,Till they've all given thier lives. She on an endless quest,Forever to walk this path.Till she has them all,And thier breath no longers lasts
Stressed And Scared
So, this is one of the scariest days I've had in a long time. So here is how this started. From the begining. I work at Wally world. All my friends know this. Well. I have this customer that comes in everyday. I see him ever day I work. Which never struck me odd before. You see. I work erattic hours. 6 am some days others in the evening. It's all over the place. Well. He see me all the time. I'm nice because I'm working. He's sweet and nice. Middle aged old man. He never buys anything. Just beelines for me and talks to me. Now, I have a hired ride too and from work. Some how this man knew when my ride had gone to Boston to pick up a friend. Knows my ride is in North Hampton. Knew when I went to NH. Spoke to me about it today. Spoke to me about NH another time. Knew what town I had been in actually. Which didn't throw me off until now because I thought i may have let it slip. He asks me once ever other week if I need a ride home. Knew about last week when I was waiting in subway for
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Kissy Face
What would I have to do,So she would look my way.To sparkle in her eyes,Throughout all of my days. How can I turn her head,To smile towards me.I will be myself to her,And ask her only from her to be. To be true from her,Is really all I ever need.And a real friendship,Will grow from that seed.
Mysto's Bulletin#1
Wednesday Afternoon~~
hi all! How was your weekend? It was pretty fast to me. Of course it didn't help that Serena had me running to Walmart both days &Sunday I wanted to stay home under the covers so bad but she thought she had to go. It was like 5 below when I left.Monday night we were supposed toget up to 1 to 3 inches of snow. But we only got about an inch. I'm glad since I went to Bible study & MITyesterday morning. Thursday & Friday it's supposed to be 40. : ) It'll feel really warm. LOL.Compared to lately anyway. I need to wash my van . It's a frightful mess with all the salt,etc.. all over it.How has your weather been? What is your plans for the week? Here the usual housework ,went to Bible study & Nick is coming this weekend. He turned 16 on the 9th. Hard to believe. Well I need to go. Have a great day. Take care.
You Tell Me Im Wrong
You tell me Im wrong For my beliefs You tell me Im wrong Because of the way I dress You tell me Im wrong Because of the music I listen to I look at you and all I see are sheep Sheep who follow the crowd Sheep that pass judgement on people Because they do not follow the same crowd Just because they choose not to follow that crowd They are treated different They are tormented They are tortured The life you have handed to us isnt right Just because we chose to be different Doesent mean we are not good people A good person is a good person No matter how they dress The type of music they listen to Or based on their beliefs If the world could see its self Through my eyes It would realize How fucked up it is

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