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these r the reasons i break down these r the voices in my head these r my inabilities no more can i hide nothing left inside sacrifices from within r to blame pointed fingers departed ways words to express through an infinite domain fallen thoughts of perfect mistrust guiding the light away now is no better than later but still the same as the alfa an omega.fear is all that is left cold to the touch misunderstood reasons reconcile what once was.
The First Poem I Ever Wrote
Love Love has many powers it can bring you to your knees it can rip your heart like paper then mend it back with ease Love can draw out tears of sadness & also tears of joy love can make you smile at someone whose trying to annoy Love is all around us no matter were we turn love can be so simple yet its so hard for us to learn Love is a soothing feeling that helps us slep at night love makes us grab a loved one and hold them oh so tight Love has many powers as I have said above but the most important thing remember I will always love you

We were meant for each other Talkin all day on the phone, I would call you On my mind 24 hours a day I would miss you You said you loved me, was that A lie or was it true All you told me, all we shared If I knew then, we’d have been through So why the bullshit, you lied You ain’t happy cause of me - I Tried- I gave you my heart, Bitch You fucked me and smiled - Witch- I thought you were different But I was wrong I painted a picture, we had a song I made a pact with the devil For my life to be happy All you had to do was tell Me things were crappy Now I’m fucked up and I Can’t think straight All my hopes and dreams Left out the front gate So fuck you and your happiness Feel what I feel When your life’s a crazy mess I made a choice and you backed it up why, To tear out my heart and stuff it in my eye My life will change cause Of what you’ve done I’ve taken the liberty To purchase a gun It’s all over now I put it in the past When you read the m
okay i never wrote in this one before didnt even know they had so but anyways iam not going to write much cause iam not feeling my best today.. but humm yeah thats about all.. lol.. much love amanda
Complaints Already
Same old shit, different website. I already have a problem with this website as its exactly the same as the shit like faceparty and other sites of that nature : Blokes like to think they can pick up on them. And its fcuking worked, my stupid ex picked up her latest b/f on faceparty. I cudnt fucking believe she picked a perv over me yet again. Why oh why can't something bad happen to her that might just make her see that she should get back with me, eh? She's fucking stupid :)
Thousand Hands
Poem Comming Soon
What A Kiss Means !!!!
*Kiss on the stomach-----"lets do it" *Kiss on the Forehead ----"i hope we're together forever" *Kiss on the Ear ---"I'm horny" *Kiss on the Cheek ---"We're friends" *Kiss on the Hand ---"I adore you" *Kiss on the Neck ---"we belong together" *Kiss on the Shoulder ---"I want you" *Kiss on the Lips ---"I love you" OR "I want you" What the gesture means... *Holding Hands ---"we definitely love each other" *Slap on the Butt ---"That's mine" *Holding on tight ---"i don't want to let go" *Looking into each other's Eyes ---"i just plain love you" *Playing with Hair ---"Tell me you love me" *Arms around the Waist ---"I love you too much to let go" *Laughing while Kissing ---"I am completely Comfortable with you" --Advice-- * Dont ask for a kiss, take one. *If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. --Requirements-- *Post this again after reading!! If you LIKE, LOVE, OR MISS someone right now and can't get them out of your
Thinking About Dancing
So have you ever thought about taking dance classes? I use to take jazz classes when I was younger but, being the only Big girl in the class didn't make it easy. Also when you have a teach interested more in what she looked like in the mirror then her students made a big difference for me to. Anyways lately I have been thinking about going back and taking classes not only to learn something fun but, for a good source of exercise. Anyone got any suggestions about what a fun class to take is? Hugs, ~Nadya~
Dear Vodka
Tag Made For Me By Lady Shannon
THis tag made for me by:Lady ShannonSHes cool,Ask her she might make you one too! >img src="
My 1st Lc Blog
Well this will be my 1st LC blog, I was going to make it short and sweet but then thought ... Fuck that. Then i changed my mind again Ok so i have this monster cold right now, Thanks to my Evil aunt and her SNOT NOSED grandkids. David and Kenedi have had this cold for a couple more days then i have though. So here i am sick as hell, feeling no relief, I finally give in and take a dose of Nyquil only to find out about 5 minutes later Face on fire, Hives breaking out all over my skin that I AM ALLERGIC TO THE SHIT! So not only do i feel like shit, But my skin is now on fire. So i am a lil pissed at the ole Auntie for bringing this fucking shit in my home in the 1st place, I have decided I am going to send her ass a lil care package of cat shit in the mail tomorrow. with a note attached that says " You brought your Shit to my house, I am sending some shit to yours." See how she likes that "Shit"
My Thoughts
So this is the first time i've ever posted something on here about me. Lately I feel like I have no real friends. I mean I have people that I can talk to when im down about stuff but no one who actually has time to hang out and go out with. I know that we all have lives of our own, but what happened? I had a kid and that changed some things, like being able to go out at the drop of a dime. Sure now i have to plan outings a week in advance to make sure i have a babysitter. My phone use to ring off the hook with people calling me wanting to do something, but now nothing...The only people that call me everyday is my mother or my boyfriend. Im not even talking about going out cuz i sure as hell never have the money, but chilling at someones house drinking a couple of beers or just talking and acting crazy. It seems like when i have the actual time or the money no one has the time for me.And it sad that it seems like im losing touch with alot of the people that i use to consider close to me
Awesome Stunt Inspiational
This kid in a wheelchair nails a backflip at a skatepark. The ending is inspirational to say the least. copy and paste the link
The Five Factor Values Test
Your Values Profile Loyalty: You value loyalty highly. You're completely devoted to your friends and family. Even if they totally screw up, you're still there for them. Just make sure they're equally loyal to you! Honesty: You value honesty a fair amount. You're honest when you can be, but you aren't a stickler for it. If a little white lie will make a situation more comfortable, you'll go for it. In the end, you mostly care about "situational integrity." Generosity: You value generosity highly. So much so that you often put your own needs last. There's nothing wrong with having a caring heart... But you may want to rethink your "open wallet" policy. Humility: You value humility highly. You have the self-confidence to be happy with who you are. And you don't need to seek praise to make yourself feel better. You're very modest, and you're keep the drama factor low. Tolerance: You value tolerance highly. Not only do you enjoy the company of those
Nba Or Nfl??
NBA OR NFL? 36have been accused of spousal abuse7have been arrested for fraud19have b een accused of writing bad checks 117have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
Blonde Cookbook Diary
MONDAY: > > It's fun to cook for Tom. Today I made angel food cake. The recipe said > beat 12 eggs separately. The neighbors were nice enough to loan me some > extra bowls. > > > TUESDAY: > > Tom wanted fruit salad for supper. The recipe said serve without dressing. > So I didn't dress. What a surprise when Tom brought a friend home for > supper. > > > WEDNESDAY: > > A good day for rice. The recipe said wash thoroughly before steaming the > rice. It seemed kind of silly but I took a bath anyway. I can't say it > improved the rice any. > > > THURSDAY: > > Today Tom asked for salad again. I tried a new recipe. It said prepare > ingredients, lay on a bed of lettuce one hour before serving. Tom asked me > why I was rolling around in the garden. > > > FRIDAY: > > I found an easy recipe for cookies. It said put the ingredients in a bowl > and beat it. There must have been something wrong with this recipe. When I > got back, everything
Grandpas Driving
Grandpa was driving with his 9 year old granddaughter and beeped the horn by mistake. She turned and looked at him for an explanation. He said, "I did that by accident." She replied, "I know that, Grandpa." He replied, "How did you know?" She said, "Because you didn't say "asshole" afterwards."
It's Contest Time
Hey all you Lost Cherry Ink Lovers it's time to show your INK. That's right if you're inked and think you've got the Sexiest or Hottest one then let's find out what everyone else thinks. So here's how it works... Going to have 2 catagories, 1 for the gals and 1 for the guys. The gals will be the Sexiest Tattoo on Lost Cherry. The guys will be the Hottest Tattoo on Lost Cherry. With the winner in each group to be announced on October 31st, 2006. Yeah Ink and Halloween what better match can you have? Please repost this so it gets around to as many as possible. Entering: Anyone wanting to enter should e-mail me letting me know what Tattoo they want to enter and give me permission to rip the pic to my contest folder. Also include a caption about the tattoo. All entries must be received by Oct 6th. Voting: As we all know Lost Cherry allows us to RATE pics when we vote. Since to me that's not an acurate way to do this I will judge it simply by the TOTAL NUMBER of VOTES
Take Chances Or Not?
Ok so i posted a very intresting blog and got a few comments about dangerous wants, needs...So then i got an intresting reply what if someone thought that the other person was the perfect person? Is there such a perfect person in this world? Does she/he exist? Another question is do people want to take chances or are they content in there "confort zone" and not want to take a chance on anything? My cousin Destiny thought the same thiing she had it all job great friends and wasnt going to go outside the confort zone but when she went to vegas she did the most shocking thing anyone ever thought She came home married after 5 days in vegas, Ya 5 days and all because she took a chance..She is the mom of a beautiful baby boy now and preg again all because she didint follow everyones rules and want her to stay where she belonged and be with someone from michigan and settle down and blah blah She went had fun had an instant attraction and now BOOM...My brother took a chance when he dated so
This Is Just Sick As All Hel!
5 Girls Dead in Amish School Shooting By MARK SCOLFORO NICKEL MINES, Pa. - A fifth child wounded in the shootings at an Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County died Tuesday in a Delaware hospital, state police said. The child who had been taken to Christiana Hospital in Delaware died about 1 a.m., state police spokeswoman Linette Quinn said. The girl was one of seven wounded in the school shooting Monday, the nation's third in less than a week. Three girls, and the gunman, died at the school, in a bucolic area of Lancaster County, authorities said. Quinn said the two girls who died in hospitals early Tuesday had suffered "very severe injuries, but the other ones are coming along very well." Another victim, a 7-year-old girl, died about 4:30 a.m. at Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, hospital spokeswoman Amy Buehler Stranges said. "Her parents were with her," Buehler Stranges said. "She was taken off life support and she passed away shortly after." A 6-y
Far Away
Nickelback Far Away Music Video Code
My New Philosophy
Alot of things about last night bothered me. But that's another whinefest, another rant. One that will likely be private.Because well.. like any human being, showing emotion to the open world is a scary idea. We dont want people to see who we are, we want them to see our mask, our charade.We want them to see us not for who we really are, but who want to be. But I give up. Im done. Not in a "woe is me" my life blows I wanna kill myself kinda way.Far from it. Anyone who knows me knows thats the exact polar opposite of "me". I was home alone and I was thinking... When it comes to relationships... Im done. Not in a I never want to have another one kinda way, but in a ive seen it all kinda way. No im not arrogant enough to belive ive experienced all of lifes joys and hells, so let me explain. I have been in "love" in one of its three biggest forms with three different people.My first love was the chemical, no explanation for it love. The "love at first sight," just couldnt get enough of eac
The Perfect Wal-mart Greeter
The perfect Wal-Mart Greeter A very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walks into Wal-Mart with her two kids in tow, screaming obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. The Wal-Mart Greeter says, "Good morning and welcome to Wal-Mart .... nice children you've got there - are they twins?" The ugly woman stops screaming long enough to say, "Hell no they ain't, the oldest one, he's 9 and the younger one, she's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins?........ Do you really think they look alike?" "No", replies the greeter, "I just couldn't believe you got laid twice!"
Finding Love On Lost Cherry
I joined Lost Cherry as a social outlet... as I don't have many real friends here where I live... so like a lot of you here probably most... it became an addiction... I have met so many wonderful... ppl on here... I know alot of you come here to flirt ...... come here for sex even probably but that's your business!!! LOL Not too long ago ..... I made friends with this really nice, sweet man from Australia.... he was sooo sweet... and unlike most the men on here... no pun intended he never once made a sexual inuendo to me... He was respectful, and I found him amazingly interesting. I love meeting people from different countries... The weird thing was and it sucked... was every time I went to his page I would freeze up for some reason and had to shut down my computer... LOL... but I was so drawn to this man.. that I didn't care .. I still went to his page almost every day... I had never planned to find someone that I honestly thought and felt with all my heart... that I would actuall
Never Piss Off A Nurse
A Big Shot business man had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. He was a royal pain to the nurses because he bossed them around just like he did his employees. None of the hospital staff wanted to have anything to do with him. The head nurse was the only one who could stand up to him. She came into his room and announced, "I have to take your temperature. After complaining for several minutes, he finally settled down,crossed his arms and opened his mouth. "No, I'm sorry, the nurse stated, "but for this reading, I can't use an oral thermometer. This started another round of complaining, but eventually he rolled over and bared his behind. After feeling the nurse insert the thermometer, he heard her announce, "I have to get something. Now you stay JUST LIKE THAT until I get back!" She leaves the door to his room open on her way out . He curses under his breath as he hears people walking past his door, laughing. After a half hour, the man's doctor com
Full Moon And Friday The 13th
This week's Full Moon is the annual event known in the northern half of the world as the Harvest Moon. Its name is derived from the fact that it rises above the horizon faster than usual ... providing farmers with a period of bright moonlight at the end of the day. lately I have found myself being sked what are we supposed to do on the full moon....especially since this ones by Friday the 13...oooooooh no not scarey read the following then all of you who asked will kknow... Much Luv And Blessed Be..MP all This year, the Harvest Moon falls in the passionate and bold sign of Aries -- inspiring us to take action and follow our desires. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries -- almost like a child -- has a tendency to be self-focused and can miss perceiving the needs of others. Impulsive and spontaneous, Aries' "go for it" attitude comes in handy when pursuing a prized goal ... but in close relationships, there's a risk of accidentally bruising a loved one's
Broken Up
how does anyone deal with a break up, when u think that the person u were with, is the so called"one". i have no clue how, but i know that i will get over it, if i keep my mind off of him! so fellas i'm single now,and lookin for sum fun times!
Friday Night Rant
Ok Boys and Girls of LC.... I'm having a rough day. Overall, work sucks and I'm on a lot less sleep than normal. But I think that even if I was 100% rested and in a chipper F*cking mood, I would still post this... I have met some really nice people on here, people who I call real friends. People that when this web-site is long gone, hopefully will still be a part of my life. They are beyond cyber-friends, and translate into people I spend my free time with... Face to face. What good is a "community" if it doesn't bring people together in PERSON? Now there are other people on here that are strictly "cyber-friends" I call them Strictly inside of the box on my desk, but still nonetheless, nice to talk to, and I value them for what they are... Now, for the reason for this rant... I understand LC is all about getting points. That's all anyone ever asks for... "Level me up," or "Come rate my pics." "I voted for you, come vote for me.” I get that, and it is fin
Phone Call (part 2)
I love when he gets aroused, I love the feeling of the power I have over him with my sexuality. By this time I am sure that he is aroused, so I began to rub on my damping pussy though my underwear. I know that I have a horrible habit of not being able to hide what I am doing, but I am not sure that I want to hide it. "MMMM" was all I could manage to say as I began to rub at my wet pussy through my underwear that was getting wetter and wetter by the second. "Baby, are you being naughty?" "No baby, of course not, I am just thinking about how good it would taste to have your dick in my mouth right now." "Oh, tell me about it, tell me what you want to do to my cock." "I want to take your hard cock into my mouth, it is hard isn't it?" "Fuck, yes, slut, it's hard for you. Now tell me what you want to do with that pretty little 18 year old mouth of yours." Now I was getting really aroused and my hand had slipped down underneath my underwear. My hand was slipp
Here I sit, it is almost night, Looking up at the dusky blue of the twilight. The end of today is coming fast, What little light remains won't last. The night's air is becoming chilly. Cover up your shoulders and you'll be ok, really. Tomorrow is a new beginning for us all, Or is it? What if one of us is about to fall? Our days are filled with so many faces; At home, on the street, in all different places. Some of them we know well, others are fleeting. Would anyone notice if one heart stopped beating? How long would it take for someone to say, "Hey, have you heard from so-and-so today?" Not all of us will rise with the dawn. Only morning will tell which of us will be gone. So if there's someone you love in your life, Be it a friend, a sister, a son or a wife, Let them know now how you feel. The sun is setting; Twilight is real. I wrote this after my father died, and I dedicated it to him, and to all of the loved on
Dirty Anyone?
just sittin here chillin at my fav place, drinkin a cold one, chattin with my friends, or anyone else that wants to drop me a line... anyway, i'm leaving town for work tomorrow night, but i'll be online in the evenings, so feel free to drop me a line.... anyone ready to get dirty???!!!!
The Nut Bra For Men
rotflmboooooyou just goota leave me a comment and a rating all......huggies and i hope ya all had a good laugh today "))
Just Thought I'd Get On The Band Wagon
Seems like everybody else on Lost Cherry has a blog and talks about whatever. I don't wanna bore anybody so here's what I'll do. You tell me what you want to talk about or send me a private question and I'll answer them here. Ok, sounds good. Fire away and I will post when I am ready.
Omg I Can't Keep Up!!!
Sometimes it gets REALLY TOUGH to try to keep track of everything going on here; that I feel I might forget there are friends who would want to message or chat with me and I would like to do the same. Anyone who wants to chat, feel free to pull me aside. I'd love to have a conversation with you anytime! Always remember that even if I don't send you a message, it doesn't mean I'm gonna shut you out!
Army Here I Come
well all i am joining the ranks of u.s. pickles... ha ha not so bad not a big disicion. if you cant stand behind your military please stand in front of them
Enjoying Quiet Time
Here I sit its 2:30 am and I should be sleeping... But its quiet time... Everyone is sleeping and it's nice. Earlier I was on pogo. And now I am just writing a blog then I think its beddy time.... Even though I am not working the days seem so long some times.... Its with little things.. Doing stuff for my mom or my neices or playing with Matthew.... Or doing the never ending laundry. I would love a day where I just wake up and I am pampered and spoiled and hugged and kissed. But i feel that Day will never come. Christine
Dive Buddys Wanted!!!!
Looking for an expeirence of a life time? Are you planning to come down to Key Largo, FL? Do you want to meet me in person? Then Follow these instructions: Look up these two websites & Order Your PADI "Go Dive" text book and study it. You can order it on the PADI website Then call your local PADI Office that too is listed on the PADI website. Get set-up with takeing your Open Water Certification Class and do as they direct you. Tell them where you are going (Key Largo of course) Book a trip or If you wish to get your certification class with Horizon Divers their phone #, email, and other info is on their website. If you will be signing up for classes ask for Mike Ryan to be your Instructor. He's the best. Once you complete your class and are certified I will dive with you. As the dive shop gives you free dives after completeing a class. Please DO call or email Horizon Divers & leave me a message here before arriveing, as you will have more
Tantra Is A Mystical Subject
Because Tantra is a mystical subject, it is nearly impossible to define. Tantra is a spiritual, sexual science that is not static in its definition. When we embrace Tantra, we become more "complete." By identifying and stimulating our innate sensual spirituality, we discover parts of ourselves that have been repressed. We can learn to use Tantric energy for sexual pleasure and awareness above all. Familiarity with Tantra can help a person enjoy their sex life to its fullest potential. It can help do away with guilt or fear, and break down self-imposed or limiting cultural boundaries (as is the case in most Western societies). Tantra teaches us to become familiar with our mystical nature, and when we do so, our boundaries (sexual and otherwise) expand. We enter into new realms of awareness. We become empowered and more fulfilled -- and the orgasms experienced in this state of consciousness are not just incredible, they're explosive and potentially unending. it's all about se
I Have Blue Eyes!!!
Blue Eyes- People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome & very good kissers. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why, they are very funny and outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love to please. They can EXCEED your pleasure standards. The best of all. If you repost this and you have blue eyes you will have the best kiss sometime in the next 4 days. -Green Eyes- Sex Addicts!!!People with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, they have long lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the horniest. They long for the touch of another.People with green eyes are very sexy and very attracted towards the opposite sex. You will meet the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with if you repost this- -Hazel eyes- People with hazel eyes are GORGEOUS SEXY and go all out all the time.They have the most unusual relati
earlier i posted a song video of DLG called La quiero a morir (i love her to dead) i told this guy wrote it for her daughter, because of all the love he has for her :) here is the translation i did, not the best but it's all that i could do play the song and read the lyrics!!! (ps. i'm very sick, it's official lol so keep sending greetings to me) I was a lazy man And today I am the guard of her love dreams I love her to dead she can break every thing she sees Because with a blowing breathe she fix it like nothing, like nothing I love her to dead She stops the hours of each clock And she helps me to paint the pain in transparency With her smile And she raises a tower from the sky up to here And she put me wings and she helps me to go up As quick as possible, as quick as possible I love her to dead Choir: She knows well each war Each wound, each thirst She knows well each war of the life and the love also Ehhhh (3x) Quiero (4x) She draws a lands
What Does Friendship Really Mean?
As defined by Merriam Webster: Main Entry: friend·ship Pronunciation: 'fren(d)-"ship Function: noun 1 : the state of being friends 2 : the quality or state of being friendly : FRIENDLINESS 3 obsolete : AID So. What is the definition of "friend"? Main Entry: friend Pronunciation: 'frend Function: noun Etymology: Middle English frend, from Old English frEond; akin to Old High German friunt friend, Old English frEon to love, frEo free 1 a : one attached to another by affection or esteem b : ACQUAINTANCE 2 a : one that is not hostile b : one that is of the same nation, party, or group 3 : one that favors or promotes something (as a charity) 4 : a favored companion 5 capitalized : a member of a Christian sect that stresses Inner Light, rejects sacraments and an ordained ministry, and opposes war -- called also Quaker This all makes me think. I have always considered myself a good friend, but now I'm beginning to wonder. I have to reflect, because the people I
What I'm Sick Of...
Fuckin' DRAMA that's what I'm sick of... To all of the faceless who choose to send messages here, myspace or swdym saying that someone I've known for about 3 years is calling me a bitch behind my back, saying shit like I don't deserve my husband and so on, FUCK OFF!!! If it's true then I'm sure the person won't admit it, but sure I'll ask just like the faceless tell me to do... Just for the RECORD though, I've spent time on the phone COUNTLESS times with this person EVERY time she's needed a shoulder to cry on guess it was all just a joke... As for the "1" ratings that are being given to my kids, whatever... Guess since they're so fuckin' ugly as I've been so rudely told I'll take their pics down... BUNCH OF FACELESS LOSERS!! Not once would I consider giving ANYONE'S kid a "1", UGH!! Yep it pisses me off, give my pics the "1" if you must but not my kids... Ohhhh wait, what you don't realize is that you'd hurt my ratings more if you didn't RATE AT ALL... Even a "1" gives me
2 Days Till Surgery
Well it seems I only have 2 more days till I have surgery. For you all that dont know whats going on I have a tumor in my face and I have to have it removed. They are going to cut my gum and take out my back teeth on my left side of my face. They are then going to remove this tumor. Last time they checked it was 4.5cm big and growing. This was on the 25th of september. This is now october 17th. Tells you how long I have had it. They MIGHT have to remove the bone under my eye and itf they do I MIGHT lose feeling in my cheek all together. But right now I dont really care how they take it out as long as it comes out. See its in my nasle area and it makes it really hard to breath and I cant sleep because of it. But so far everything else is going good everything is still going as it should its just the wait that kills me. I cant feel my chiik any more so it dont hurt. But it does hurt my teeth still so I cant eat much with out it hurting. So as you can tell I want this thing out of my face
Bridges are both spontaneous and simultaneous. They are simultaneously the most Noble the most Needed the most Used and the most Beautiful architectural undertakings/achievements known to ALL Humanity! They are designed to stand up to the Woes and the Wear & Tear of ALL of Nature's Wanton-Wares. Spread 'em! Bridge-makers are the most Noble Profession known to ALL Humanity, for like Bridges themselves, Bridge-makers are Present in every locale in every Profession and in every Place. Spread 'em! No Bridge is un-breakable, but ONLY the Strong can Stand the test of Time. No Bridge is un-makeable, yet ONLY the weak can fold on a dime. Spread 'em! They either Stand or fall... they're either Has-beens or Never-Weres. Spread 'em!
Dark & Dreary Or ?
When fall comes around, we have shorter days, it stays darker longer, people get drepressed, short tempered and so on and so on.....All i ask is that people just look everyday straight in the face and be happy! Life is Short,Please don't spend half of it being cranky and miserable. Look at everyday as if its a beautiful sunny day, because if your alive and healthy,,,its sunny!!!!!! Smile and Wave People Hugs & Tickles
Booty Call Review
Direct quote from Vixen@ LostCherry "OK so yesterday I was feeling like a cat in heat, I just couldn't take it anymore. I called PJ and asked him to come over and he did :D We drank what was left of the wine. Let me tell you something, we had the best romp I have EVER had..... EVER! and remember we've been at it for 4 years. It was wild, crazy, dirty, freaky, upside down, monkey sex. I have never been that bad and felt so gooooooooood. It was like two anmials feeding on eachother. I'm get excited just thinking about it. I lost count of how many times I came, like at least 10 OMGOMGOMGOMG After I regained consicesness and saw his back...... He looked like he'd been draged behind a pickup on a dirt road." And...the back to back me up:
Are You Cool, Or Not!!
Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK] You are Cool! You're pretty cool! People look at you and think.. 'wow.. that person is cool!' Congratulations. Use your position wisely and teach the dorks below you a thing or two. There's nothing like recruiting a cool person. Cool quizzes at
Anvil/phantom-x European Tour
You're Not As Hot As You Think You Are !
im puttin together a new slideshow for my comments if u have gotten a comment b4 from me u know how they are....just wanted to see who my true friends on here are...i have over 500 friends almost 600 and onlyhave 400 and sum rates on my leave me some love on my blog and ill leave u some sexy love on ur page...k
I Can't Make Much Of It Eirther But I Needed To Say
Two teen sit on the floor Eyes closed mouths open Hand running over there bodies One to keep them up Untill he falls on his back She get on him, pet his hair back Kisses him tenderly And get off and snuggles in his amrs Heads turn towards each other "I love you" he wishpers in to her ear "I love you too" He wishpers back PAssion swept them over Eyes shut mouths open Shirts are ripped off Pants are gone But a new love is found Rolling around on the floor Lust gave them courgae Passion and disier were they fuel They body just felt so right to each other Then panting on the floor Laid two teens, one a girl other a boy Sleeping in each others arms After oe long night
My Crystal Heart I am sitting here wishing I was there The feelings I have are rare. My crystal heart has a crack Someone has already given it back The crack runs right through If your not careful it will break in two I want to be yours and yours to keep In love I want to fall I want to fall deep The endless feeling of someone near A happiness that brings a tear To take care of in sickness and health I want love I don't want wealth To have and to hold In the the heat and the cold The love I want is hard to find But it can be where some are blind It goes unnoticed and unaware Usually cries as it sits there My heart is fragile and easy to destroy This is not a game, my heart is not a toy I want to be with you in every way Forever in your arms, Forever to stay.
**people Are So Nice**
So this is my first time being on this site my friend told me about it and not even like 10 min of me making a profile there was like 20 people leaving comments and shit that makes me feel loved THANKS GUYS!!
Looking At Nothing
An empty bed in the corner; A stain on the wall.... Clothes on the floor; Broken heater in the hall.... Phone is ringing; Sun's too bright.... Kids are screaming; Nothing's right.... Shower door is stuck again; Everything's loud.... Need it to end; I want out.... With everything that's going on here; I'd rather be staring out the window, looking at nothing....
Cum And See The Craziest Dj Now On Txr!!
Whats My Ideal Drug??
You scored as Marijuana. The most beautiful, chill drug out there. You want something that's not too harsh on your body, and soothes the soul. It's also not addicting, so smoke it up, baby! And never have to go through withdrawls. Marijuana75%Inhalents69%Alcohol63%Ecstacy56%None!50%Mushrooms44%Cocaine25%What's your ideal drug?created with
Killing Loneiness
i watch friends age change and be heart broken over what others say an think now as any good friend would do i am honest and i give them the best answer i have on the matter matter what it is i'm there ....and i ofter everything i can to help ...wiether its comfort grace praise whatever they need i've seen my friends get married have babies go threw devorices or have a fight with their other friends ....i've always stood at their sides while i've been there for them when it truely came to it i've always been in the shadows never askin for anything . thats just how i am . i am waiting for whatever may come my way lust or death i greet it all with a huge hug and i know i am ready for it all i love the shadow scene anyway so darkness is welcome and i greet it without fear i will always be the friend on the sideline but now its time for me to be found ....
Stained Red
oh the joy.. another sucky poem. Older one tho.
People Seem To Think I Care, That's Just Wrong!
Life is an interesting thing. No one seems to understand it, yet we all live it each day. Bearing the burdons and awaiting the wonders it has placed before us.It has conformed us, yet we all strive to be individuals. But we all still have the same basic needs. It is those needs wich we despise eachother for.We all just want to love and to be loved. But at what costs and who's expense???It is these realizations that have adjusted my way of thinking in my life.I can no longer continue with the path I have so desperatly wanted. I thought that I was not traveling that path alone, but I was mistaken. Years behind I had a follower, but I stepped off that path to follow anew. I only hope that this change of venue will apease all of those that set back my follower.
Gemini Some Features
Ever heard the saying "Been there. Done that?" chances are it came from a Gemini. They are always changing...they are the eternal Chameleon. You never who you are fucking that day. They have had sex. A lot of sex. Probably because they are in a constant state of flux...always looking for the new high. The biggest turn on for a Gemini is: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Here is just a smattering of places that I know Geminis have fucked: In the elevator of the moseleum of Forest Lawn Cemetary DURING A FUNERAL. Wine cellars in nightclubs. Vip Areas of Theatres. Public Parks. The 18th Hole of a private golf course. In the center of a race track just as the flag was going up. On various Gym equipment at numerous health spas. A football stadium during the SuperBowl. A Balcony railing at Mardis Gras in the French Quarter...just to name a few. If it's shiny...they will want it. They are big on DRAMA so be prepared for them to set the mood for sex no matter WHERE you might end up. They WILL take t
To Completely Dissolve.
To completely dissolve, what method is used I cannot sleep, my hands are bruised there's a hole in the wall, torn up anew one dead eye, the colour of you. To vanish for life and promise to stay away from the knowing, bird in a cage i'd give so much for the courage to go if i ask for your help, then you will know. So help me disappear or to believe in a change no way out of here that i can see or the nightmares that burn into my head at night make them disappear so i can breathe. Looked out the window twice, just to be sure that noone was standing outside the door but it's just as calm as it was before they're all gone now, not there anymore. Tia, No laughing at my poems. :/
Change Your Shit
If you are in a folder and it looks empty, you need to change your adult content filter.
Why is it called "HUMP DAY" when most folks get laid on the weekends???...hhhmmm
What Does My Birthday Mean
Your Birthdate: January 31 You're a pretty traditional person. If it's lasted, it's probably good. You seek stability - both in your career and your romantic relationship. In return, you're very loyal and predictable. Which is usually a good thing. Without a partner, you feel lost. Being with someone is very important to you. Your strength: Your dependability Your weakness: You hate being alone Your power color: Midnight blue Your power symbol: Shell Your power month: April What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Thinking Of Leaving Lost Cherry
i have a broking heart
Time Our Celebrities Went On An Eco-trip
2 November 2006 TIME OUR CELEBRITIES WENT ON AN ECO-TRIP Brian Reade (Daily Mirror) THE tipping point for me came on Monday when Oprah Winfrey yelled at her whooping sect-followers: "Global warming is coming!" And she's not the only American big-shot flying the green flag. Angelina Jolie has set up a conservation camp in Cambodia, and on the website Jon Bon Jovi, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Taylor, Christie Brinkley and Huey Lewis warn us of the perils of climate change. Which is why we in Britain must take global warming seriously. Because we are clearly falling behind in organised celebrity action. Suddenly a nation which has led the way in persuading dinosaur rockers to re-write lyrics in the pretence they're curing poverty is losing ground to America. And more will be lost when Tom Cruise brings out the blockbuster Emissions Impossible, and Madonna announces she's adopting the planet (although if there's a cuter one in the solar system, Earth mi
Look In To My Eyes!
Looking in his eyes All i can see Is happiness Like i see in me I look in his smile And all i can do Is smile back and say i love you Holding him cloes Day after day this never gets old This is way i'll stay
Why Can't We Find Local Ppl
when i first got on this site you could do local searches. but for some reason i can only search for ppl that like motocross, or parting...ect.. i would like to know if anyone knows when or how i can search for local ppl...
Friend Of The Day Nov 4
sexyoldrwmn@ CherryTAP Show her some love
Rush through the rusted veins Illuminate the voice of one So I have lied So I'm aware about The consequence I heard the warning About the little compromise Distorted views you had I heard the warning Cold white spring A wordless song I'll sing I, a white cloud All my thoughts are in doubt
I Definitely Need A Miracle
What's the worst news you can get as you're about to head to bed? 5am yesterday I was about to go to sleep and Joe messages me. Asks if I've heard about Wesley. No, I haven't heard anything about that kid in months. In fact, I miss him. He proceeds to tell me that on Halloween Wesley's little brother found him hanging in the garage. He cut him down and gave him cpr. Wesley is at the hospital on life support. Basically braindead. Sunday or Monday.. They're pulling the plug. They are saying, "We'll find out if he can live on his own and if not we can't go on like this." Basically, they're giving up. It will take a miracle for him to be able to live on his own. Miracles happen though. So, It's still possible! If in fact he does pass when they pull the plug, they will then be donating all possible organs. Anyway, I lost a school mate when I was in 5th grade. She was hit by a pizza delivery truck. I didn't understand at the time what was going on really. Nor was I close to her.
That Racist Pig Is Still Here--my Letter To Cherrytap Support a nazi and a racist--will cherrytap tolerate this? it's well known that this sh-t exists here--and frankly--it's very scary and sad. this site rocks hard--i hate to see this crap in the name of 'free speech' thank you (and what was real sad--damn--his 'friends' are warning him that 'they're after you'--thy're fucking warning him damn it--and that fuckin 14-88 damn wasn't that the nazi department in charge of extermination. RALLY TOGETHER EVERYBODY--THIS CAN'T BE TOLERATED love ya's 15 bul-marchesh'van 3457 11/6/2006
Party... Before We Run Out Of Time...
Ok well the last few weekends we have been hanging out with friends quite a bit, as our time here in Florida is running short. This last weekend we spent two nights in a row partying with friends, mostly from poptart's old job... and I must say... they are a very good group of people. I enjoy hanging out with them greatly... and even being a bit of an outsider to start out with... I have been kinda pulled into the group... and have been treated with nothing but acceptance, and the love they show their own. Much appreciated folks... I love that group of peeps =]. Can't wait for us all to hang out again. The nights were just full of funny moments... and anyone that happened to catch about 5 minutes worth of conversation between any of us, was probably in for a real treat. I think the best convo we had was at IHOP though... we touched on everything from panty-cakes... to vibrating beavers... and just about everything in between. Most of it you probably had to be there for... but
He He He
well im trying this blog thing out.... I dunno how its gonna work out but on mysoace my blog is used for my poems.... my friends on there comment on them alot.... i dunno about you all and if you will comment on mine here ... but they are my real true friends from way back in the so lets see if i cant get this up and going
Ripped Pics - How To Handle Problem Members
If you do not want your photos ripped: 1. Do not upload anything that you do not want potentially ripped. 2. Make a new folder and set the privacy settings to your preference. The Tap allows you to set folder's privacy settings so that you can control who views the content of that folder. You have the option to set it for Everyone, Friends Only, Family Only and Only Myself. We do not referee member drama. If you are having problems with someone, please BLOCK and IGNORE them. If someone has ripped a photo of yours and you want it removed, please read our Terms of Service and the following information on how to remove Copyrighted material. Digital Millennium Copyright Act It is our policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the text of which can be found at the U.S. Copyright Office Web Site, and other applicable intellectual property laws. Responses may include removing or di
I Love This Site
Hey everyone just thought I would drop a few line to say how much I love this site. My home gurl got me on here like 7 months ago but I really only started coming on in the past 3 months and have I ever had fun. I have met alot of amazing people on here but one guy in particular. YOU KNOW HOW YOU ARE BABY!! And I have to thank cherry tap for that. Anywyas love ya all.
feeling the blade open to awakein the flow as blood runs down and coats my clothes ignoring the pain and smileing through thinking of only the things you do makeing it deeper and watching it spread as the cut opens and coats my clothes feeling nothing within trapped in this moment as it passing again the darkness covers my eyes giving in to the empty bliss when will it end the terror within
Friend Of The Day Nov 8 06
Cricket ~ Wiccan Family@ CherryTAP Check out her profile and show her some love. Want to be my friend of the day , then msg me and tell me why.
It's not ending whats it to you, Isolate me feel unsure, Tired of waiting please let me go, I'll never forget you please just let me go, My eyes see everything i want them to, I just don't want them to see you, Just the way that you are it's so cold, Safely tortured hiding the scars, No-one knows it just you and I, Little dress up i said i would go slow, I'll never stop this untill i reload, My eyes see everything i want them to, I just don't want them to see you, Just the way that you are it's so cold, Sometimes there is no control, Shut up till i'm done talking, It seems so insincere, It seems you got it all,
Community Site
I am looking for a few people who could help me out with the community site I got for scarybirds. Its based on drupal and I have one or two people who could help me fix it up, but what I am really looking for is people who could help me test it and help me with the development by using it and help me develop the membership profiles and stuff just by using it and tell me what works what doesnt and to develop a wish list of stuff that we could do with it, then I can go back to those that can help with the web stuff so they can fix it up. I would like to set the site up so people could get involved with projects if they wanted to. At the moment there are blogs, forums and a wiki is attached to it and the open source source software Dotproject which is a project management tool. The site itself is based on drupal which is also open source software, I have been given free hosting for it for as long as I need it. So if you would be interested can you let me know its been a bit qui
My Car
who was on my car lastnite they could of washed it.
This Is True
You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE! thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. So..........If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, including the one that sent it to you. If you get it back, then they really do love you. And always remember....when life hands you Lemons,
Can I Have A Hug
The Marine...
The Marine Please don't delete this until you send it on, Let's send it around the world. FRIENDS ARE BORN, NOT MADE This is a poem being sent from a Marine to his Dad. For those who take the time to read it, you'll see a letter from him to his Dad at the bottom. It makes you truly thankful for not only the Marines, but ALL of our troops. THE MARINE We all came together, Both young and old To fight for our freedom, To stand and be bold. In the midst of all evil, We stand our ground, And we protect our country From all terror around. Peace and not war, Is what some people say. But I'll give my life, So you can live the American way. I give you the right To talk of your peace. To stand in your groups, and protest in our streets. But still I fight on, I don't bitch, I don't whine. I'm just one of the people Who is doing your time. I'm harder than nails,
Okay. Now that I've finally got to the freaken blog writing area...gosh, an act of congress to get here. Hahaha. Weeell, my first dumb blog. Nothing interesting, so you can stop reading it at any time...really...stop reading it... Weeell, let's just say I stayed at my Gran's this weekend and My cousin came down with her, I just got hit on by him and it was weird. I'm going to tell my brother about it. I've never felt so uncomfortable about being a woman in all my life...It was extremely odd and I felt scared...go knowing karate.
Your color is so rich and brown it's so hard for me to turn you down The feel of you is so smooth if I have too much I start to groove Cold to the touch but warm all the same without you they would say I was tame You are the last one and for you I will fight They will try to take you but with all of my might... I will hold on to you like there is no other as if you were my sister or my brother So here's to you, my companion and friend for what you do each day, end on end Hops and aging make you tasty and cool Here's to you BEER! Forever my brew.... Sam~From CT~ :o) I had to do it. So much on here is so serious. My first attempt at writing in a looooong time. And y'all KNOW how much I like
Leaving My Baby Again
Well this weekend my boyfriend came back home for a few days and i went down to see him! I drove down to watch the vikings game which as some of you may know sucked... Damn cheese heads.... But beyond that we got to go bowling which was great we went with his brothers and his brothers girlfriend. Got to see his recruiter and hung out with the family. I had soo much fun except when we realized that he had missed his plane because of some miscommunication... I ended up taking my sweetheart to the airport and hoping that he could get on the soonest flight back to GA because he had to be back by 5 or 6 the next day... Unfortunatly the man behind the counter said that the soonest available flight was 7 the next day. BAAAAD seeing as how that would mean awall or however you spell it. which means jail and other stuff i dont understand. But he went back up and talked to him again so they worked their magic and he will be back in GA at 4 tomorrow morning. The silly thing is he was sent to AZ th
What I Find Very Pathetic About Some People...
What I find funny and a little disturbing at the same time is, there is alot of contests on this site, mainly about T&A. So when a friend of mine decided to do a different kind of contest. One that doesn't have to do with T&A or even people at all she doesn't get any response at all to the contest. And here I thought some of my friends in my list would of jumped at the chance to of gotten into the contest since I posted it over and over. But I guess I was wrong. So with that said, I don't want anyone getting their undies in a wad when I won't stop everything that I am doing and go vote for them in the best ass or whatever kind of contest it may be. But on the same token, most who really talk to me know I will bend over backwards for my true friends.
How To Write A Poem
If you need a poem and don't know where to start. Just put your pencil to the page and write whats in your heart.
OMG I am so new to this CherryTAP. Not quite sure ive got it figured out. Im getting aggravated coz my layout is SO not showing up. Ill figure it out soon enough. Plus Ive got like 15 people Im'n me all at the same time. Ever tried, to talk to that many people and learn a new website???
Capricorn Baby :p
Your Birth Chart Wheel Your personalized birth chart wheel is a graphic representation of your astrological profile. This beautiful map of the heavens at the time you were born. Planet Deg Sign Min: Sun: Capricorn Moon: Scorpio Mercury: Sagittarius Venus: Scorpio Mars: Capricorn Jupiter: Leo Saturn: Virgo Uranus: Scorpio Neptune: Sagittarius Pluto: Libra Ascendant: Cancer Midheaven: Pisces -------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3. Your Inner Self and True Nature Though you seem quite soft and sympathetic, deep down you have a very hard headed and practical nature, and you can be surprisingly cool and impassive. You are caring, but at the same time rather detached and unemotional. You have a knack for understanding others because you can empathize with them without getting "sucked into" their problems and concerns. For this reason, you are a good parent. You also can be very shrew
-shakes Head-
I was just looking at my friends list. Realizing that many of you, I don't talk to, haven't talked, or haven't talked to since the day you decided to add me to your list. If you have no intentions of talking to me, tell me, I will gladly take you off my list, I have no problem not being a friend collector. If you don't message me, comment me, or anything of the sort of letting me know you want to remain on my list *unless you are on of the few that I talk to daily* You are coming off my list.
Condoms And Tires.
If you had sex 365 day in year, 3 times a day & melted the used rubbers into a tire, what would you call it. A fucking "goodyear.
just wanted to say thanks for being my friends... and showing yall i care... sorayah/forever
Now A Magic Cherry!
Many thanks to all those who lent a hand: DX IS HERE, ARE YOU READY?@ CherryTAP And : (Can't get her link to work! Show them some love!
Nofx- The Brews
Most Comments Come On I Know U Can Help Me
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. Hope you have a safe and Happy Hoilday. Hope you all can be with family.
Leo In Bed
LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22) If you fuck up just once with a Leo...That's IT. Don't be expecting them to take you back. They are not willing victims, after all, they CHOSE screwed up? They can UN-Choose you just the same. They live for Menage a Trois...or Qua...or Cinco....anything in a group is okay as long as they are in the middle. Leos also like bubble baths. Once you start with a not think you can just turn their emotions on or off like a switch...they demand satisfaction. NOW. All the stress in the world ends up in the Leo neck...They need neckrubs...they feel like they have the entire weight of the world on their head. If its kinky, a Leo has probably done it..You know Madonna's a LEO, right? She masters the Madonna/Whore/Goddess thing pretty well, huh? I wonder why? Could it be cause shes a fuckin' LEO? yep. Valmont was probably a Leo. They probably have the movie at home. Get out your furry gloves and faux mink whips for this kitten. they love soft floggers an
Family Trip
Ok so we will be leaving really early thursday morning. and coming home sunday evening Im so exited I get to spend part of thanksgiving with my sister we havnt been able to do thanksgiving or christmas for about 6yrs this year we possibly get to do both together!!!
Love Is A Big Thing
And When two lovers Woo They still say I love you on that you can rely. The fundamental things apply As time goes by...
WhAt BoDy pIeRcInG r U???(wit pix)gIrLs OnLy PlZ LaBrEt PiErCiNg!!!ROCK ON!!!!!!u kno how to rock out. u like loud music and maybe playing guitar. most of ur friends are probably guys and u get a little worried about that sometimes but its okay most of the girls are jealous because of that.u r extremely loud so u might worry some girls but u will find a friend that likes to rock out as much as u do.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
So Wassup With All The Pictures Of All The Guys With No Shirts On!!!
Uhm, a girl could so get in trouble on Cherry Tap! I mean I'm happily married, but let me tell ya some of ya guys with your shirts off....well you could be cause of some marital discord! And then there are some of ya who NEED to keep your shirt on. You know who you are, your the ones who so obviously are sucking your stomachs in while you're taking the picture. Hunny, if your stomach looks like the roadmap for the jersey turnpike, don't post the picture on the internet. I'm not hating or anything, cause I'm a big girl myself (inside joke, sorry), but you don't see me walking around with big ole belly hanging out. But I will give ya props for posting them, you got balls to do it.
The Scorpion
My life is everything That feeds my thirst that causes sin My wants are all I care No shame and guilt, there's nothing there Look deep into my face I sell deceit without a trace Fear not what I can do Unless you want it done to you, oh-ohhh! As I climb onto your back, I will promise not to sting I will tell you what you want to hear, and not mean anything Then I treat you like a dog as I shoot my venom in You pretend you didn't know that I am a scorpion, oh My self I'm centered in There's nothing else, there's never been And I dream, to be left alone With the sadness, the madness of my own Look deep into my soul It's black as coal like a bullet hole Fear not, get off your knees There's no defense, you'll do what I please, oh-oh! As I climb onto your back, I will promise not to sting I will tell you what you want to hear, and not mean anything Then I treat you like a dog as I shoot my venom in You pretend you didn't know that I am a scorpion, oh As I clim
Cherrytap Shop Says (read To Understand
wow apparently this is what i was told bout my pic that i had up and to think it was boobs that were covered...... here's what was said to me about my pic i believe pic is below take a view.... > One of your photos has been marked as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Please make sure ALL your NSFW photos are flagged as NSFW and placed in an NSFW album. Your photo was marked NSFW because it was either offensive or NSFW in nature. Also, your primary photo and all your background photos may not be NSFW photos. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of the LC. You can define a new primary photo and background photos by clicking on images link. Violation of CherryTAP policy, may result in your account being deleted without warning. > > Click here for reported image. > > NOW HERE IS MY OPINION ON THIS WHOLE DAMN THING I just thought I would let you know that I will be leaving this site soon because it is becoming a site that is allllllllllllll about the teenagers like my space.....
The Maze Called Life
A child- naive, feeble, sweet and smiling- walks carefully inside the maze. She skips through it, trying to find the way out. An ever-loving child, going through the first years of her life. Time goes by and I become a blossoming young woman, the child is still within me; the beautiful, sweet, innocent and loving child. I have searched for someone to live me for a while. But it seems that everytime I give my heart to someone, they just use it it and bend it, molding it to their liking, leaving me colder inside and leading me farther into this maze, this trap. So here I sit, sobbing and huddled against one of the tall hedges that keep me prisoner. I am weak; torn from so much. Then I feel a hand on me; a hand removing my long hair from my tear-stained face, revealing my heaving body. I look up and whimper, seeing a tall man hovering over my trembling body. My innocent eyes have seen so much; my ears have heard many harsh words. My body felt sharp sho
All U Gorgeous Girs
to all the gorgeous girls who sent me a message or a comment add me n i'll get back to u asap n if any one else wants to add me feel free lots of hugs and kisses peace
Major Disaster
just when i thought i was doing really well i now get a Runtime Error when i try to open dreamweaver and i have not got a clue how to fix it something to do with Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library anyone got any idea of what this means?
Ville Is 30 Today.....
This beautiful, talented & sweet man is 30 today...Happy Birthday, dear Ville!
Family Fun
So, we recently made some room in our family and there is a chance that some more room will be made. If there are any of you out there that would like into our family, just let us know you are willing to share pics with us and we will get you in. Space is limited and it's first come, first serve, so let us know soon. Happy Thanksgiving.
Alice's Restaurant
100.1 FM WKQQ NOON E.S.T. (E.T.A. 7 Minutes) Anyone within listening area of that station (or any of it's sister stations) or with highspeed access MUST listen to that song. It's a Thanksgiving Tradition and it's about to happen. Enjoy! -Robert
With This Heart
With this heart, I'll always love you, And forever hold you in my arms. With this heart, You hold the key. So I know it's safe from harm. With this heart, You'll be my passion, That will only burn for you. With this heart, It's yours for keeps, And it will always remain true. With this heart, That you now own, Will love, want, and need only you. With this heart, You'll never feel alone, No matter where you are or what you do. With this heart, You'll never shed a tear, It will always stay close by. With this heart, You'll always feel loved, To make sure you never cry.
A Thankful Thanksgiving
A THANKFUL THANKSGIVING by Jim Rohn You may be wondering why I would call this article a Thankful Thanksgiving. Aren't all Thanksgivings Thankful? Unfortunately, no. As a person who has experienced 70+ Thanksgivings, I recognize that being thankful is something that we have to work at, even on Thanksgiving. If your home is like most, your Thanksgiving day will be very busy, with either traveling to where you want to go or preparing your home to have others over for the day. Either way, that can be very hectic and emotionally trying, which doesn't lend itself to preparing your heart to be reflective and thankful. In fact, Thanksgiving weekend is the most traveled weekend in America. Airports are full, and not always providing much room for contemplation of your good fortune. This means all the more that if we want to be the kind of people who are characterized by thankfulness, then we must make sure that we focus on it, and not just on Thanksgiving Day, but at all times during
If anyone wants to check it out, my myspace URL is It's trippy...
If Ur A True Friend [[not A Stupid Chain Letter]]
ok so right i have a pounding head ache and comes and goes and i can feel my heart. no not my heart beat through my chest but i can feel my heart as it contracts and pumps blood through me...Im extreemly shaky right now its a wonder i can type right now to tell u the truth i have gone back to correct many mistakes ive made in the little ive typed so far..every now and again i get shooting pain through out my body...i feel as though im going to die...everything ive done for the past hour feels like a memory...or a dream...dream is a better having dizzy spells as i basically i just wanted to let u know if im not here tomorrow...if i dont sign on im mostlikly gone. i really do not feel well... ♥Deseo
I've Been Violated And Corrupted
My girlfriend is making me do strange, not! Check out my photo's or her's
A Poem I Wrote A Few Months Ago
You've Taken All Of Me Now Please Let The Rest Of My Body Be I Cant Take The Pain You've Put Me Through Why Do I Still Love You Little By Little I'm Falling Apart Every Time You Break My Heart No Longer Do I Want To Fall But Your Name Seems To Be All I'm Able To Call Late At Night I'll Cry My Empty Tears And Remember The Days When You Were There To Take Away My Fears I Believed You When You Said "I Love You Too" I Believed You When You Said "I'll Always Be There For You" But Now I Sit Here Awaiting The Day When I'll Finally Be Able To Take Away All My Pain The Worst Part Is You're Not Here It's Starting To Seem Like You Dont Even Care
Psp 12
I Think We're Running Out Of Alcohol Tonight I Hate This Fucking Town...
She's such a pretty girl She's always falling down I think I just fell in love with her But she will never remember, member And I can always find her At the bottom of a plastic cup Drowning in drunk sincerity A Sad and Lonely Girl Quit crying your eyes out Quit crying your eyes out Baby, come on Is there something familiar about me The past is only the future with the lights on Quit crying your eyes out, baby She said: I think we're running out of alcohol Tonight, I hate this fucking town And all my best friends will be the death for me 'Cause they will never remember, 'member So please take me far away Before I'm melted to the ground And all my words get used against me you sad and lonely girl -Plus 44- Baby, Come On-
Back Sooner Than Expected.
Hey my Cherry-flavored friends. I'm back sooner than later. So I hope that I wasn't away too long for you all to forget me. I'll have to catch up on my stalk...I mean, visiting all of your profiles again. See you soon and it's great to be back. ;)
There was a puppet named Bush who had an agenda to push deceit destruction and Lies swarmed around him like flyes and oil gushed out of his tush
Destiny I had a dream of our first kiss A precious dream that went like this As we walked by the babbling brook Away from me my breath mistook The world was peaceful and serene Where you were queen and I was king The sky above was a sea of blue A vision of love for me and you I knew right then someday I'd be Asking for your love upon one knee Though just a dream of our first date Inside it seems like futures' fate And if someday we find our souls embraced as if in rhyme Remember this and you will see That our first kiss was destiny! Martin Guy Kays Copyright ©2006 Martin Guy Kays
I destroy homes – I tear families apart. I take your children and that’s just a start. I’m more valued than diamonds, more precious than gold. The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me, remember, I’m easily found. I live all around you, in school and in town. I live with the rich, I live with the poor. I live just down the street and maybe next door. I’m made in a lab, but not one like you think. I can be made under the kitchen sink, In your child’s closet, and even out in the woods. If this scares you to death, then it certainly should. I have many names. But there’s one you’ll know best. I’m sure you’ve heard of me, my name is Crystal Meth. My power is awesome, try me, you’ll see. But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go. But if you try me twice, then I’ll own your soul. When I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie. You’ll do what you have to do, just to get high. The
Last Day Away
13th Jun 2006 1:44 AM Hey guys, just to let everyone know what i have been upto on last few days abroad. headed down to kuala lumpur after we finally said goodbye to koh samui, had a in the arse getting to malaysia though, literally was about 5 minibuses over 15 hours grrrr. then as i go to get the currency i had set asisde for malaysia i find that about 300 pounds worth of cash in various currencies has been stolen!! grrrrr bad is locked all the time and so it can only have been taken by hotle cleaning staff in thailand. not amused! and at the travel agent in surat thani a crazy old thai coupoe came in and started shouting at everyone, then when some tried to take them away everyone starts waving knives about! a bit nervous when your trying to look invisble stanging next to all this and hoping that neither of the knife wielding nutters has any grudges against farang. but once we got into malaysia took a nice vip bus down to kuala lumpur, although the driver had set the ai
Your Perfect Teacher
Life Many of us long to find a spiritual teacher or guru. We may feel unsure of how to practice our spirituality without one, or we may long for someone who has attained a higher level of insight to lead the way for us. Some of us have been looking for years to no avail and feel frustrated and even lost. The good news is that the greatest teacher you could ever want is always with you-that is your life. The people and situations we encounter every day have much to teach us when we are open to receiving their wisdom. Often we don't recognize our teachers because they may not look or act like our idea of a guru, yet they may embody great wisdom. In addition, some people teach us by showing us what we don't want to do. All the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major, conspire to teach us exactly what we need to be learning at any given time. Patience, compassion, perseverance, honesty, letting go-all these are covered in the classroom of the teacher that is your
A Bang To The Head Made Me Go Insane Lol...join In And Make Me Smile Lmfao
My boyfriend was sat very happy doing his art ...which was looking good untill i thought it would be a great idea to get him 2 draw a pig off my socks followed by a elephant and an owl and many more things....the final straw was when i lost it and thought it would be great for him 2 draw a dog posting a letter with a frog sat on some grass.....A great mad idea i thought although rik thinks i am it had to be done and he drew it but he will only post it if others get involved in this 1 also and see what they come up if u r good at art or even not...join in and lets see what madness we can all come up will b fun!I am insane!...get posting and i will post them on here...thanku please
Cookie Plz
i would like a cookie plz
I'm On The Air At Temptation X Radio
I"m on the air now and you can hear me in Temptation X Radio Lounge. Copy this link and go now. And rock out with me. Rocker78
Funky Pussies Lol
His Personal Website
I have created Atticus a Personal Webpage where you can see lots of Pics and updates on him. Its private so if you want to see the page you need to message me for the password but here is the Link Im no good at making a clicky so i cant do that.. If you visit his page please leave him a comment in his guest book! Desiree
Miss Sxy Santa Conest Is Now Open
Come and show these ladies some love and shower them with comments The Conest will end this time next Sunday. Good Luck Ladies If any lady still wants to enter please message me with their photo or link to their photo
Want to thank all the cherries help me become a Cherry. Everyone is Awesome!
Ridin Dirty
Music Video:RIDIN' (by Chamillionaire)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Would You ?????????
Y = Yes N = No M = Maybe Would You? [_] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill? [_] Slap Me? [_] Kiss Me? [_] Let Me Kiss You? [_] Watch A Movie With Me? [_] Take Me Out To Dinner? [_] Take A Shower With Me? [_] Take Me Home For The Night? [_] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed? [_] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions? [_] Lock Me In Your room And Take Advantage Of Me? [_] Let Me Make You Breakfast? [_] Tickle Me? [_] Let Me Tickle You? [_] Stick Up For Me Uf I Was Being Put Down? [_] Instant Message Me? [_] Greet Me In Public? [_] Hang Out With Me? [_] Bring Me Around Your Friends? Do You... [_] Think I'm Cute? [_] Want To Kiss Me? [_] Want To Cuddle With Me? [_] Want To Hook Up With Me? Am I... [_] Smart? [_] Cute? [_] Funny? [_] Cool? [_] Loveable? [_] Adorable? [_] Great To Be With? [_] Attractive? [_] Mean? Have You Ever... [_] Thought About Hooking Up With Me? [_] Found Yourself Wanting A Ki
Fort Saskatchewan. The Drugs
In the city called fort Saskatchewan I had famiy. I stayed with them untill I could get a job. I moved in with my auntie and my cousin who at the time was 14 years young. I gave her my focus, and my protection. She began to explore the world and I did my best to keep her on a good path. She began to try drugs and I just made sure she didn't get hurt. She introduced me to drugs of all kinds. I refused to partake. She rebelled aginst her mother and i and robbed me many times. She hurt me a great deal. I soon became violent toward people who were a threat. I would not bend I would break. I knew every criminal in fort Saskatchewan. I began to hate. I met people who could kill people. i met drug dealers. I had them on my side. I don't know how. But through the years I have gained much confidence and a presence of menace. If i feel threatened I seem to grow. I now know that they feared me. i used it to my advantage to protect my cousin from herself. She
Phenomenal Woman
Pretty women wonder where my secrets lie I'm not cute or built to suit a model's fashion size But when I start to tell them They think I'm telling lies I say It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips The stride of my steps The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal woman That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please and to a man The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees Then they swarm around me A hive of honey bees I say It's in the fire in my eyes And the flash of my teeth The swing of my waist And the joy in my feet. Phenomenal woman That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me Then try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see I say It's in the arch of my back The sun of my smile The ride of my breasts The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal woman That's me. Now you understand Just why my head's not bowed
On The Edge Of A Ledge
well I posted some videos for Still Game - Dial a Bus yesterday to me stash, its about a bus driver played by Robbie Coltrane who goes a bit of his nut. Well today I decided to get the free bus home from work and I thought the driver was going to throw a wobbler, he was driving very erratically and huffing and puffing at the traffic, I thought this was amusing but a bit scary hahahahahaha. It so reminded me of Robbie driving the bus. anyway tomorrow I am off on a two day course for leadership development, been on a couple of these things before but they were a bit fluffy. Not sure about the whole leadership thing as it just smacks of sheep to be honest but it will be a skive and you never know I might even learn something new, I do hope so. Me mate Tania, who does the ethical marketing stuff bumped into a person who i hadnt seen for ages so will be meeting up her with tomorrow night to see what she is up to. Also Stephen who came round last friday has done some stuff for
I Love You More Everyday Honey
22 Ways To Make A Girl Smile 1. Tell her she is beautiful (not fine, or sexy) 2 . Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second. 3 . Kiss her on the forehead . Leave her voice messages to wake up to. 5 . When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you. 6 . Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most. 7 . Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with. 8 . Write her notes. (she loves them) 9 . Introduce her to family and friends . . . as your girlfriend. 10 . Play with her hair. 11 . Pick her up, tickle her, and play-wrestle with her. 12 . Sit in the park and just talk to her. 13 . Tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, or just tell her jokes. 14 . Let her fall asleep in your arms. 15 . If she's mad at you, kiss her. 16 . Give her piggyback rides 17. Bring her flowers 18 . Treat her the same around your friends as you do when your alone 19. Look her in the eyes and smile. 20 . Let her take as many pictures of you as
What shall we become? 12/06/08 Christine Carrigan Socially constructed ideas of perfection. The body becomes the master The heart and soal forgotten. How can our society forsake the true beauty? Manipulating our concepts into unrealistic ideals. Giving up our minds Allowing outside influences to shape who we are This world is going down the drain And there seems to be no outcry for change. What shall we become? Beauty in simplicity and purity. The virtue of quality excels to others in quantity. Beauty is hidden deep within the heart. How can our eyes see into the soul? The mind is where we find our new strength Looking on the outside will no longer suffice. The deeper you look the more you see Try to understand me. Who shall you become?
Looking For Ways To Improve Your Sexual Performance?
Looking for ways to improve your performance between the sheets? Wanting to make sex last longer and be more enjoyable? Do you want to control your sex-life, rather than have it control you? Look no further … Here we have gathered together tips, exercises and products that will help you achieve and maintain the kind of sex-life you are striving for. Kegel Exercises Named after their developer, Dr. Kegel, kegel (KAY-gill) exercises can be used to tone up and strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle). Both genders have this muscle and it supports the following organs in women: urethra, bladder, uterus, vagina, rectum; and in men: urethra, bladder, penis, and rectum. Since the PC muscle is involved in orgasm and ejaculation, these exercises, done on a regular basis, can help correct impotence and urinary problems. Anyone can learn, use, and do Kegel exercise, and the results are always beneficial with enough time and effort. Always remember to try to have fun while you
My Elf Name
Christmas Elf NameMy Christmas Elf Name isGet your Christmas Elf Name at
I Sent This To I Hope Those Idiots Grow A Heart And Brains
To whom it may concern: I got information about your organization protesting at soldiers funerals through a site that stands up for the American soldiers. They all may not agree with the war, but we DO STAND UP for our soldiers. Those men and women fought in the past, present, and future to give US the freedom of speech. It seems to me, that protesting at the burial sites for these MEN and WOMEN who died over there is just absolutely dispectful. That is their job, to protect and serve. It is their job those chose to stand up and fight for what is free here in America. Yes, i dont agree with what is going on over there in Iraq. yes i want them home soon and safely. BUT I WOULD NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE GO PROTEST AT A FUNERAL. It is immoral, disrespectful, tactful, rude, just plain ass stupid.. how you feel if someone was protesting at your funeral cause you were a protestor. how would your family and friends feel? I am pretty sure they would highly be upset and even more hurt. Having to
Livin For You By Al Green
i have to read my employee manual for pier 1 before monday...and i haven't even started yet.'s only 125 pages long but i have to like...STUDY the policies n shit. stupid everything, i just want to cuddle & smoke a joint.
I Belivei Can Fly
I Believe I Can Fly Video - R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
Animal House
Whats Real
why do people have to b so fake i sometimes wonder if this is a conspiracy or something because lately ive been coming across alot of fake peolpe maby its where im at i dont know but i do know people have two faces well not everyone but yeah most and i can see right through that im blunt ill call u out and wont feel bad about fake people theyll always b around my advice observe them first look at their clothes the way they talk how they present themselves study them react to them see whats in there head before u say thats your friend for REAL even fam can b fake and if your own fam is like that just imagine how fake people will b to u if they dont really know so for all my real mamis and papis its been real stay safe and away from phonie people take my advice real will always recognize REAL ON THAT NOTE IM OUT
I Don't Want To Grow Up...
You Are Somewhat Mature You definitely act like an adult sometimes, but a big part of you is still a kid at heart. While your immature side is definitely fun, you're going to have to grow up sooner or later. Are You Immature?
Now I am alone Without you here I'm left only with memories Of the time you were near You left without a word Without an explanation You're gone, nothing to it My heart has no completion You left one day And you never came back So now I'm left With a heart that's black
End Of Quarter!
Well, the end of the quarter for school is finally here. I have one more final exam to take and I get a break until January. First final grade for grad school is.... ACC560 ~ Managerial Accounting... Drum roll please? {ha, ha} "A" WooHoo!!! {does little dance around the room} Thank you for reading this!
Germans Angry
Lovin It
Going Under
Everybody's Fool Video - Evanescence lyricsEvanescence Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
A Tale Of Tease
A Tale of Tease I walk slowly about the darkened hallway, as you are standing there waiting for me by the doorway to the bedroom. The candlelight inside the room flickers invitingly from behind you. The outline of your beautiful body magically leans there against the doorway, and I can barely make out the smile on your beautiful, full lips. The smell of sweet musk floating about me, as I drop my overcoat to the floor on the way towards you. Your arms extend outward to wrap themselves around my neck, as you draw me in for a deep kiss, that has me ignited the moment my lips touch yours. Effortlessly you spin me around, to pin me to the wall, as you start sliding down my body, unbuttoning my shirt with your teeth and tongue, one by one, and with each button freed I hear the sigh of sweet relief. The shirt gets thrown open so that you can immediately start devouring at my chest. The kisses, and the nibbles turn ferociously to biting as your hands have freed me from my pants, and you
How Are We Going To Feed, Clothe & House All Of Those People ?
We seriously need to discuss this critical problem of OVER POPULATION now.
Bryan Adams
Wiccan Troops Deserve Wiccan Headstones
Visit a national cemetery, and you will see any number of federally recognized religious symbols adorning headstones. The Star of David is OK with Uncle Sam, as are over a dozen variations of the Christian cross. Even the atomic symbol used by some atheists gets a thumbs-up from the government. But a Wiccan symbol representing earth, air, fire, water and spirit isn’t recognized by the federal government for veterans’ grave markers. A federal lawsuit filed earlier this month accuses the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs of violating the constitutional rights of Wiccans because the government does not allow its symbol on headstones in national cemeteries. Wiccans worship the Earth and believe they must give to the community. Some conside themselves “white” or good witches, pagans or neo-pagans. Approximately 1,800 active-duty service members identify themselves as Wiccans, according to 2005 Defense Department statistics. Roberta Stewart, a widow of a soldier killed in Afgha
December 9th - 15th
President Bush’s gift list is smaller than last year. Just need to get one gift for England and that’s about it this year. He is now at his lowest approval rating ever. Twenty-four percent. And if a presidential election were held today – John Kerry would still find a way to lose. John Kerry is going to Iraq to visit with the troops. That should boost morale. Lets hope he has some new jokes! Doctor Jack Kevorkian is up for parole this June. He has been approved to be let go as long as he promises not to kill anymore people. It’s the same deal they gave O.J. "Rocky 6” is now in the theater. Don’t kid yourself, Rocky is getting old. In this movie he climbs into the ring and says, "What am I in here for?” Let’s hope Rocky has something left for number 7! I’ve actually seen the new ‘Rocky’ movie and it’s not that exciting. It’s about how Rocky develops a hamburger grill. But it’s interesting, Sylvester Stallone says that he abstained from sex while making his latest ‘Rocky’ s
Wanna Watch A Scary Movie?
Hey. Wow. Three blogs in basically one night! Amazing huh? Lets see. Had some Long Island Iced Tea. lol- only tea I care to drink. Dont like the hot or iced kind, or the sweet or unsweet kind either lol. Did grab a bite at the awful waffle. Now home.Guess its movie time.... so put on ur pjs, grab some popcorn, and lets hang out
Again ..muahhhhz
A Piece Of A Poem I Wrote
...I think it was Thoreau who said most men lead lives of quiet desperation, and it’s true that I verge on the unseemly in my desperation for you. Never to taste your lips in life, I dream of them instead, So soft. A little gentle touch, nothing more, Lying between cool white cotton sheets, eye to eye, legs tangled slanting sunlight through Venetian blinds, slightly angled betrayed by a thousand floating motes of dust drifting to the floor.
Advocacies By The Few....
can become the advocacies of the many. Nickelback sings this song, but watch the video. It certainly strengthens the point that a few can make a changes to the world. Music Video:IF EVERYONE CARED (by Nickelback)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone As such, I continue to do what I can...inch by inch, letter by letter, email by email, stories by stories.... maybe some day.... we'll see the effect of the changes that are pushed by each and every advocate in us all!! :D
Another Scary Movie... Hurry Before It Starts
hmm going to watch a movie i believe. all the shows are reruns. so looking like "the hills have eyes" or "silent hill" Scary.. so going to need a pillow, and a arm to grab.... guess popcorn would be good too. so let me know.. there plenty of room on the couch. I can scoot over... Just took a shower. Other than that not done much. Its my break. taking advantage of it. I believe i might get sun, mon, tue off work. i am thrilled- but that means that the other place will call me and ask me to work those days lol.
Let's Stop This!
Against it. If any of you out there are my friends, I ask you out of the kindness of my heart to repost this. If you're not my friend, I ask you search for the source compassion in your soul and repost this anyway. More importantly, if you're in a position to, DO something about it. This is about California legislation being passed to exterminate pit bulls. If it passes in California, it could be on it's way to anywhere. Someone has to try to make a difference...what if it were your pet? It would be great if Myspace could be used for something good other than getting dates. Please pass the word along and post as many people can see this as possible.
Springtown Teens Use Match To Look In Oil Tank; 1 Dies
SPRINGTOWN, Texas — One teenager was killed and another was injured today when a crude oil storage tank exploded as the pair used a lit match to try to look into the tank, authorities said. Parker County Fire Marshal Shawn Scott said the two were exploring around a pair of tanks when the explosion occurred after the lid was raised and the lit match ignited vapors in the tank. The resulting fire spread to about four acres and a second tank. The explosion occurred late this afternoon. Fire in the tanks was being fed by gas flowing into the tanks. Crews were working to shut off the gas, but the fire was expected to burn through the night, Scott said. Parker County Judge Mark Riley said a shelter in place call went out for residents in about a two-mile area around the tanks. The warning was lifted a few hours later. EnCana officials reported the tank that exploded held 4,000 to 5,000 gallons of crude oil. The tank that caught fire after the initial explosion did not have much o
Boyz Ii Men- It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
All I Want Is You
All I Want Is You by BlueWolf I'll wake in the morning And pray it will be Laying there beneath The Christmas tree There's one thing I want It's not a game or a toy It's all that I need To bring my life joy No, it's not money Not a video game I don't want a fortune And I don't seek fame All that I've desired Each and every night Is to be taken From the dark into the light It's in every thought I have In everything that I do The only gift I'll ever want Is You
Fuck Me Hard
im so hard wiating for a blonde so come and give me some loving
I Will Be Online For A While Tonight...
Holler at me if you want to talk... Please tell me your CT name if you message me i know who you are!! hotmail or Yahoo : ct_argus
It's all about having FAITH! Faith--per Mr. Webster (the dictionary) it is defined as: 1) Allegiance to duty or a person 2a) Belief and trust in and loyalty to God 2b) Firm belief in something from which there is no proof 2c) Complete trust 3) Something that is believed especially with strong conviction Well....anyone who knows me and my life right now, knows that things have been slightly turned upside down in the past few weeks. My best friend Misty has had cancer and is still dealing with it. After lots of treatment, the cancer isn't going away, the damn demon is staying with us. Now, me being a Christian, I KNOW that God does take care of us--no doubt about it. But I have to say, that my faith has been shaken. I'm alittle angry at how or WHY God can do this to a woman--MY best friend, a mom of 3 kids, a wife and a believer. I'm angry, because I can't figure out HOW to get her thru this. After almost 14
Which Norse God Are You?
what are the odds i got the correct one, as i was filling it in I was hoping it would come to this hahahahaha. You scored as Hel. Hel80%Thor80%Odin60%Heimdall60%Loki60%Bragi40%Freyr40%Skadi40%Tyr40%Freya20%Sif20%Njord
Sarah picked the picture of her and her mom off her dresser. Tears threatened to spill over her Cheeks the instant she touched it. Floods of memories instantly started washing over her. Sarah Closed her eyes tightly and mentally shut the memories out. The last thing she needed was Memories holding her back. She had waited too long to stop now.
The Name Chris, Christine
Hello my friends I am fearturing all friends having a name connected to CHRIST. The name Christ in Greek '×ńéóôüň' means "anointed", derived from Greek '÷ńéţ' (chrio) "to anoint". This was a name applied to Jesus (name JESUS)by early Greek-speaking Christians. In Hebrew the word is מָשִׁיחַ “mashiyach” (commonly spelled in English messiah) which also means "anointed". Christian is a medieval Greek and Latin name that meant "Christian". This name comes from Christos. Christian, in medieval was also a feminine name. To ALL The variations of the name join AdlandPRo There are hundreds of names defined. If your name is not there send me a message and I will prepare it. Chris has the most amazing azure eyes. Happy is the girl who sails his sea, Rolling with the wind across his thighs, Immersed in warm and salty ecstasy. So when, I wonder, will he look at m
Happy Holidays
Guitar Hero 2
i got it and just wanted to say so...idk
Love It!!
Name Means
rick -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Photo Shoot Session 2
Help Me Out Please People
kristalee@ CherryTAP i have this new friend on CT and needs to make friends i know her from myspace and i would be very grateful if you help me out from Bruce
Another One.
“Cloud of Darkness” Darkness clouds the mind Fiery breath exudes from the Soul Breathing out pain of knowledge Hidden costs of wisdom Pulling from its depths The obstructed path To escape To free itself Wanderlusting on the inside Unseen Frozen Masked by the roar of silence Spiraling into the Abyss Having brushed the face of Oblivion Now gifted with the knowledge of nothing Surrounded by many Alone Withdrawn from sight Engaging the torrential currents of the mind Emerging scathed and worn Blissful pain cascading to sullen existence Molded Shaped by being Seeking resolution Repeating the Cycle Over and over again.
Caught Snooping (kira And Lexander)
“ Don’t look at me with those innocent eyes they don’t work with me hun. I’m prone to sweet little eyes like that. Now tell me what you’re doing here.” Kira glanced down at her hands trying to ignore the tears that kept trying to flow. She didn’t know why she had risked her life breaking into his mansion only to gain info when there was none. Maybe it had been a stupid hope a stupid dream but at least she had tried to no prevail. Slowly she glanced up at the man that stood there towering over her. “Oh nothing really just looking for information on you…..but to my surprise there is no record of you in the police files. No records of you here…no records of you anywhere. Tell me do you even truly exist?” she questioned. As she glanced up at the man once more defiance in her eyes this time, only to see irritation and surprise mingled together on Lexander’s face. Without thinking twice on it Kira began to slowly back away but before she got four feet away from the door Lexander had a
The Kiss
If I had been given a chance, I would take you into my arms, holding you close to my heart, As I seek your mouth with mine, As I inch my body slowly towards you. - Craving for that ultimate full body kiss, I pray for fiery flames to burn our clothes, As I ache for the caress of flesh on flesh, Our lips, hands and tongues ignited by passion. - Needing to quench this need with the coolness of you, As I lavish you with kisses on your neck and breasts, Giving in to your whispering hunger, Slowly relinquishing to the power of your lust. - Our quivering bodies entwine As a fiery passion excites our flesh. As I savor the warmth of the ultimate full body kiss As all our trepidations vanish, And our entangled bodies become one.
My Link
a href="" target=_blank>stevie@ CherryTAP
Please It For Me
Please help..if nothing else do it as a personal favor to me...your kindness will be repaid. OK A SWEET FRIEND OF MINE IS IN THE SEXY BROWN EYES CONTST . LETS GET IN THERE AND BOMB HER INTO OBLIVION . SHE IS A DOLL AND DESERVES THIS WIN BUT SHE IS ALREADY BEHIND SO LETS GET IN THERE AND DO WHAT WE DO BEST . JUST CLICK ON THE LINK TO GO TO HER PIC AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE . Bob Sinclair Rock This Party (repost of original by 'KING TAZMAN~FAMILY Head of The Rebels of C.T.' on '2007-01-03 11:13:20') (repost of original by '*~*MiSs BiTcH*~*FaMiLy MeMbEr*~*MeMbEr Of K.O.T*~*ReBeLs Of CT*~*HeAd BoUnCeR*~*' on '2007-01-03 11:18:39') (repost of original by 'KING TAZMAN~FAMILY Head of The Rebels of C.T.' on '2007-01-03 11:21:00') (repost of original by 'sexygarednecklady' on '2007-01-03 11:37:33') (repost of original by 'KING TAZMAN~FAMILY Head of The Rebels of C.T.' on '2007-01-03 13:38:25') (repost of original by 'Oral_fixation' on '2007-01-03 13:45:45') (re
Beautiful Destruction
BROKEN promises lovers scream for relief does time heal all wounds LONELY nights like staring into the sun rays of anguish from within SENSELESS acts lead by instinct and abandoning thoughtfullness tears collect on the corner of her pillow STRANGLED breathe suffocation of the soul can't sleep with truth lurking in my dreams BACK from the dead self-torture reverses the roles only so long can you hold on THROWN recklessly into the arms of the next by selfish disregard for emotions FAILED attempts to convince her or maybe myself to save the impossible Wise
Bohemian Rhapsody !
Bohemian Rhapsody (Wayne's Wor Video - Queen lyricsQueen Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Again Please
Here are the links for this one contest rate all pics and comment please ty now what do you need? giggles, kisses
The Final Stone
Too many hands in the pot, Too many lies have been told, No way to prove myself now, The final stone has been thrown; I knew deep down inside, That no matter how I loved him, Miles and lies would play a role. He now loves another. Although it hurts, The love I have for him Still remains and now this must be told. I will never see his face again, Never be able to touch and hold, The man I truly love, Because the lies and miles took their toll. I hope he finds joy in the love he now enfolds; I will keep our love in dreams and in, Stories never told.
Your Favorite Picture...
Since we've got the ball rolling with picture comments, what about the pictures themselves? I'm sure we all know what the men are here to look at, but what about the women? Is a man baring skin a good thing for you? Or are you interested in how he looks in a suit, jeans, t-shirt, etc.? Do clothes matter at all? Hair? Smile? You know where I'm going with this. What would your favorite picture of the opposite sex look like? Inquiring minds want to know ;-).
Chop Suey
System Of A DownChop SueyMusic Videos And Lyrics On Demand
Searching For Harry
Searching by Melissa Susan Hensley When I look into your eyes I try my best to see If I'm everything you dream of, If this love is meant to be. I look deeper, finding questions, And a past of loneliness, But I also see a light, Trying to fiil your emptiness. You want me to understand That you're afraid to fall again. Your heart can't take more pain And I don't know how it's been. But let me tell you something, I've had my share of pain, Yet, through it all I've learned That there are rainbows after rain. Let me be the answer To the confusion of your soul. I'll be the hand that guides you. I'll make your spirit whole. Looking into your eyes I see you need to find A love to mend your broken heart, So, let me give you mine.
I Am.........just As I It Or Leave It
I am a Mother I am a wife I am a sister I am a neice I am a daughter I am a cousin I am a aunt There For...... I am a Cook I am a Maid I am Sweet I am Caring I am Kind I am loving I am Inspirational I am one willing to share what I have if you need it I am a listener I am a talker I am a walker I am a friend I am an acquantance I am a enemy I am a lover I am saint I am a bitch I am an angel I am a joker I am human I am a reader I am an animal lover I am strong I am couragous I am a fighter I am me and that is the way I plan to be. You like me for me or you don't like me at all. Either way I don't give a damn. I don't change for no one, no how, no way. Not any given day. P.S. I know I am a lot but it is boring in life to just be one thing. And don't get me wrong I can be weak at times when times are hard. But for the most part I am Just As I am Like it or Leave it I don't give a Damn.
Metallica - Unforgiven
(lord of the rings movie) 4. The Unforgiven New blood joins this earth And quikly he's subdued Through constant pained disgrace The young boy learns their rules With time the child draws in This whipping boy done wrong Deprived of all his thoughts The young man struggles on and on he's known A vow unto his own That never from this day His will they'll take away What I've felt What I've known Never shined through in what I've shown Never be Never see Won't see what might have been What I've felt What I've known Never shined through in what I've shown Never free Never me So I dub thee unforgiven They dedicate their lives To running all of his He tries to please them all This bitter man he is Throughout his life the same He's battled constantly This fight he cannot win A tired man they see no longer cares The old man then prepares To die regretfully That old man here is me What I've felt What I've known Never shined through in what I've
2007 Begins...
How is everyone tonight? I've had better years, 2007 is a bust so far to be honest, though the semi short term shows improvement as I will be removing some money drain from my life, reducing stress and lending to the possibility of advanced socialization. Basically, I'm dumping cost and heading out soon...I hope. It's kinda hard to say to be honest because so much of what has come my way recently ended up about a million miles from where it was suppose to be… No matter, I live and write; hence you're happy, right? ;-) On the bright side my baby's mama is FINALLY getting into the work force which lessens my stress on my children's financial position plus, I get to baby sit weekends, which from a fathers point of view, is better news than the playboy mansion calling to talk direct to me. Also I've gotten in contact with some good parts of my past. Rachel...I know no one here knows her, though 1 or 2 may have heard of her from me, hard saying. I go through spurts of mushily talki
Eternal Love
FOR EVER YOURS Your love overwhelms the velvety depths of my inner soul with a warmth beyond the realm of conceptualization. Gazing into your stary eyes, exquisitley sculpted by God Himself... a captivating perfection I love to find myself lost in. One gentle touch from your soft hand purifies my heart with an amazing beauty and liberates my spirit to soar through the jeweled heavens where the angels adore our love. Forever and Always; the only times my innocent heart yearns to be intertwined amidst the wonderful sweetness of yours. Eternally in love...Forever Yours
From Theunloved’s Somewhat Twisted Mind.(entry For Jan. 10, 2007)
”I will wipe away the Tears She cries”… And Love Her like there’s no tomorrow… ”But still something stands between Us”… ”And My Desire for a New Life”… ”Bites & Kisses” TheUnLoved® then fades back into the darkness of his life…
How To Put Some Anarchy Into Your Life
How to put some anarchy into your life Think for yourself. Turn off your TV. Write a letter to a prisoner. Grow your own food. Have your neighbors over for dinner. Consume less. Share your car. Go to a rally against the death penalty. Talk to your friends and neighbors about the death penalty and how you can stop it. Advocate that your community spend less money on police. On summer nights, hang out on the front porch of your house and talk to your neighbors. If you don't have a porch, stand out in the yard. Better yet, build a porch, and get rid of your lawnmower. Research your local corporations and find out what they do and how they affect your community. Start your own pirate radio station. Get you friends and neighbors involved. Boycott corporate bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Noble. Support your local independent bookstore, or, if you don't have one, start your own. Don't cross picket lines. Pick up all of the trash
I don't understand some ppl in this world they say they don't want anything to do with someone but the keep going to there pages to see what is going on with them... OMFG it is called get a fucking life ppl and stop missing with other that have made changes in there life for the better..I don't care for you or you family anymore I just want you to stop fucking with my family and my friends they don't need your nasty ass or want your nasty ass fucking with them i haven't said anything to anyone or care to for matter if you would take the time to read the pic that is on my cherry profile it tell you to fuck off pretty take what I'm saying and get a that has been said i hope everyone has a great week cause I'm know mine is going to be really busy Hugs n Kisses to my friend and family out there Jill aka Jelly
The Wedding 1
There were 4 or 5 couples that hung around together in college, but the kinkiest of us all were Jim and his wife. Before they married, they used to try and get one of the other couples to stay at their apartment. This always led to a lot of sex talk, drinking, etc.. My guy would stay at their place whenever he came to town. Gary and I never got to the part where we switched partners with them, but it was obvious to me that Jim really wanted to get into my panties. He would invite me out to his place when Gary was due in town and try to seduce me before he got there. He’d ply me with drinks and rub against me and just leer at me. It used to get me pretty aroused, and I’m sure that he and Adele would watch us fuck later on when we went to bed. We all eventually got married and moved away. Our last friend to get married brought us all back together after a few years. The wedding was in August and it was hotter than usual. Everything was going fine – lots of drinking and partying at
I Love You Just The Way You Are
if my boobs aren't big enough to "satisfy" your needs. I'm sorry if I'm not skinny enough for you to see my ribs. I'm sorry if I'm not tan enough for you I'm sorry if I'm not a playboy model so I can't act like a porn star for you. I'm sorry If i don't have a dream body that turns you on. I'm sorry if im not tall enough. I'm sorry If I can't look "hott" every minute I'm sorry if my hair is not long enough. But most of all... I'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are. If you're a girl and you agree with this letter, repost as "I'm sorry". If you're one of the few GUYS with enough balls to repost, and you would never make your girl feel this way, repost as "I love you just the way you are"
Exercise Routine New exercise routine. If you're over 40, you might want to take it easy at first, then do it faster as you become more proficient. It may be too strenuous for some. Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program! SCROLL DOWN... NOW SCROLL UP.. That's enough for the first day. Great job. Have a Beer.
How Fuckable Are You
You are 82% fuckable! Take this quiz at
The Best Mom Story Ever
A woman, renewing her driver's license at the County Clerk's office was asked by the woman recorder to state her occupation. She hesitated, uncertain how to classify herself. "What I mean is," explained the recorder, "do you have a job or are you just a......?" "Of course I have a job," snapped the woman. "I'm a Mom." "We don't list 'Mom' as an occupation, 'housewife' covers it," said the recorder emphatically. I forgot all about her story until one day I found myself in the same situation, this time at our own Town Hall. The Clerk was obviously a career woman, poised, efficient and possessed of a high sounding title like, "Official Interrogator" or "Town Registrar." "What is your occupation?" she probed. What made me say it? I do not know. The words simply popped out. "I'm a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations." The clerk paused, ball-point pen frozen in midair and looked
Exclusive Mixtape From Amb Coming Feb. 2007
Longer Version Of My Neices Dancing
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My Mom Needs Some Love
My mom is in the sweetiest smile contest . she needs a good bombing . please help her
This Is A Slide Show Of My Fav Team With Music Added
i hope this works but there is music on it there is like 6 songs added to it and to hear them you have to click on the bottom left corner 2 times where that lil speaker is then they will play so enjoy it if you are a colts fan and evan if you aint | View Show | Create Your Own
Dig deep my soul to find the heart... Let the tears drop like rain, let the rain be tears of thunderous songs, more sound then water, for it wails in unashamed pourings. Songs are everywhere, in the rain,in the wind, and in the moan of the bending trees. Fear won't come here, the fear is gone like youth itself all of that anguish I felt,is gone from memory. I am not with you. I can not answer questions of time,place, pain,blood,sanity,or of numbers that need counting.I am safe,locked up inside my daze,awaiting like prisoners do,for final days. I know of a better place. I had to only close my eyes, and the room would spin,dropping away from me But then,there was that painful wander, what is real and not the dream. Get behind me! All torment! I will not relive the accusations.. not even in my head. Or was that too only a dream in life where dreams and reality woven themselves so close together,that one triumphed over the other. What can I say? Wh
Reports From The Road....
I went from 73 degrees and beautiful in Atlanta over the weekend to 10 degrees and butt cold in Detroit in one day. I swear I've been all over the past couple weeks, and this weather has been crazy all over. I was in Pennsylvania and it was 55 degrees, then went to Tennessee and it was 20 degrees. And I have met some crazy ass people. LOL But there are still a lot of cool people out here I keep runnin' into. Kinda cool to get paid to travel all over. It is gettin' kinda stressful on the road. I barely missed the ice storm that hit the plains states, but I'm catching some cold ass weather now. If it wasn't so cold, I'd probably enjoy Detroit a little more, but I'm keepin' my ass warm as much as possible. It's not as bad or dangerous as a lot of people claim it to be (even though I did see a man get shot in Flint. Guess crime doesn't take a break from the cold LOL). Looks like I'm gonna be on the road for a month longer until I get to go home for a break. I'm not too cool with that
Eyes' Of A Stranger !
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A Poem I Love But Did Not Write
I dwell i did dwell i loved a boy i loved him so well he came and took my heart from me and now he wants to set me free he once set a strange girl upon his knee and told her things he didnt tell me i came home that night not a word to my mother was said my fater came home late that night and searched for me from left to right he hit my door which broke he saw me hanging by a rope he said oh my daughter what have u done u took ur life fer one mans son and on the dresser placed a note it said dig a grave and dig it deep place marble stone from head to feet and on the top place a dove to show the world i died fer love. "d
Allow Comfort To Return...
I've decided that I don't do very well in 'bulk living' situations. I have never really had roommates... I have always lived either alone, or with a significant other. I now have 5. This perplexes me. I have no space to stretch out my projects and work on them for any amount of time that is useful. There is always someone in the way. They are all significantly younger than I, so I just don't understand their thinking mechs. Today, They invited me to go with them for a late lunch... one of their boyfreinds manages an eating establishment and was offering a free meal. I said I would like to go, but that I haven't showered yet or gotten ready for my day... they said they were leaving right then and there, so I had to decline, due to the fact that my vanity will not allow me to leave the house unshowered and such... no makeup is fine, but no shower is not. Well here it is, 45 minuets later, and they are still here... so why did they just tell me to jump in the shower and come
Express Yourself LIVE
Valentine Application (copied From Dazzler36)
Valentine Application This is the "Be My Valentine Application." Everyone knows there's at least one person that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Name: Age: E-mail address: Do you Drive: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I started smoking: I asked you on a date: I got into a fight and you weren't there? I asked u to have sex? I asked u out? Have you ever.... Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Wanted to fuck me? Would you ever.... "X" marks the spot [ ]Kiss me.. [ ]Hug me.. [ ]Date me.. [ ]grab my ass.. [ ]Kill me.. [ ]fuck me ... [ ]Love me.. [ ]Hate me.. [ ]Hold me.. [ ]Lie to me.. [ ]Hurt me.. [ ]Sing with me.. [ ]Dance with me.. [ ]Grind with me.. [ ]Cuddle with me.. [ ]Le
Again, Not A Poem, But It Fits Better Here Than Anywhere Else........
Myspace Layouts
You scored as A Slave To BDSM. Admit it, you like being tied up and being told you've been very naughty. You like teasing your partner and making them squirm, and not letting them be able to do anything about it. Some people think what you do is sick and disgusting, but you know it's all in good fun.A Slave To BDSM90%Sex God75%Virgin35%A Romantic35%How are you in bedcreated with
New Pepsi Can
Don't buy Pepsi in the new can. Pepsi has a new "patriotic" can coming out with pictures of the Empire State Building , and the Pledge of Allegiance on them. However, Pepsi left out two little words on the pledge, Under God." Pepsi said they didn't want to offend anyone. In that case, we don't want to offend anyone at the Pepsi corporate office, either! So if we don't buy any Pepsi product, they will not be offended when they don't receive our money that has the words "In God We Trust" on it. HOW FAST CAN YOU FORWARD THIS ONE?
1st Iidx Tatusjin Vid!
Alright, here's my first vid for IIDX. More will be coming out this week.
Queensryche - Miles' Away !
09 Miles Away.wma
You scored as Black. Although black is stereotyped as a very depressing colour, this is not always the case. Black represents fashion, elegance and at occasions, pride. This color shows that you are very serious about life and sometimes like to stand in the background and watch what is happening, but you are not afraid to intervene when you feel the situation needs your help. You are serious.Black94%Purple72%Blue61%Pink55%Red33%Orange22%White0%Green0%Yellow0%Which Colour Represents You???created with
One night a police officer was staking out a particularly rowdy bar for possible DUI violations. At closing time, he saw a fellow tumble out of the bar, trip on the curb, and try his keys in five different cars before he found his. Then he sat in the front seat fumbling around with his keys for several minutes. Everyone else left the bar and drove off. Finally he started his engine and began to pull away. The police officer was waiting for him. He stopped the driver, read him his rights and administered the Breathalyzer test. The results showed a reading of 0.0. The puzzled officer demanded to know how that could be.The driver replied, "Tonight I'm the designated decoy."
Cummon Leave Me Voice Messages....
Nobody ever reads profiles do they :( Cuz I have had this leave a voice message thing on my page and I have only gotten 10 messages and 1 of them is from myself lol (cuz iw as seeing how it works, but yes im a dork too), So why arent u guys leaving me messages, its really not that hard...i would have thought outta my 800 friends i would get atleast a couple more...well i dont wanna be sad about it anymore so after this blog and I dont get any ill just take it off....Thanks to those who did! BYE for now.... Hope to hear from you!!
What Do You Do When All Else Fails?
What do you do when all else fails? What do you do when it seems you have no where to run? What do you do when you are up agianst all odds? Everyone dancing around you happy as can be. They all wearing the pretty little smiles and not showing that they are hurting too. You watch and listen when all you really want to do is scream and hollor out help me. What do you do ? You tell your friends that you are alright. And that you are doing good. But deep down inside it is hurting you. It is eating at you. You don't know what it is But you don't know how to find it out the root of it either. what do you do ? How do you cope? Is there any hope? The kids play and ride there bikes and there happy as long as you don't show that your hurting. They laugh and giggle all day long. They cuddle at night with you. But what do you do ? After there in bed all tucked in tight. Sleeping and off in dream land. It is suppose to be your time to relax and rethink the day. But all you can
Dance Of 2 Blades
Trying to save a love, Two lovers take it, as if it was a saber, One holds the hilt, Another pulls the edge tip. One Pushes it away , Both press hard to own this new love- One drives the handle to the other's chest While the other, points the sharp steel tip, at a once loved heart. And then, the dance begins, as one can not stand holding the edge anymore, Will she take the handle Of another the other she loves, next time and rest no more? One lover will have no mercy or pitty then For the others hands squeezing steel, Unless she has felt it herself. She has no pitty then, for
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An Aussie Love Story
>This is an oldie but a goodie.... Larf & larf EVERYtime! >> >>An Aussie Love Story - >> >>An elderly man lay dying in his bed. While suffering the agonies of >>impending death, he suddenly smelled the aroma of his favourite >>Anzac >>bickies wafting up the stairs. >> >>He gathered his remaining strength, and lifted himself from the >>bed. >>Leaning on the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom, and >>with >>even greater effort, gripping the railing with both hands,he >>crawled >>downstairs. With laboured breath, he leaned against the door-frame, >>gazing into the kitchen. >> >>Were it not for death's agony, he would have thought himself >>already in >>heaven, for there, spread out upon waxed paper on the kitchen table >>were >>literally hundreds of his favourite Anzac bickies. >> >>Was it heaven? Or was it one final act of love from his devoted >>Aussie
I Have A New Video On The World Trade Center
thank you So*Sick 66614 she is my hero she showed my where to find this..
This Is How I Feel About So Many Things
Love can be portrayed as me and you. Love can be described as you and me. Love is a creation only we can see. Love is a fire that burns for free. When I sleep I dream of my love. When I sleep my love dreams of you. When I sleep I love you dear. When I sleep my love has no fear. If love can conquer, it has conquered me. If love can kill, it has killed me. If love is wrong then so am I. If love is heaven I can touch the sky. The love in my heart is yours always. The love in my heart will belong to no other. The love in my heart is yours to keep. The love will remain in your soul down deep. Destroy my love, destroy my world. Believe in my love, believe in me. Destroy my love, destroy my life. Believe in my love, become my friend. I love you always, forever and more. I love you always, yesterday and before. I love you always through laughter and sorrow. I love you always, today and tomorrow. I will love you until God?s angels are sent. I will love you until my life
Kick Ass Band
Wanna hear a bunch of hig school friends jam? Go to: check them out!!!!
does anyone here know of a program i can use to burn movies from my pc?
This Is What Happened To Serenity When She Found Out She Was Old!!
In Memory
In loving memory of Edward. Father, son, brother, ex husband. 1969 - 2007 May you now find peace with the Lord. One night, a man had a dream. He dreamed that he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene he noticed two sets of footprints in the belonging to him...the other to the Lord. When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand and he noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times of his life. This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, You'd walk with me all the way. But I've noticed that during the most difficult times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why in times when I needed you most, you would leave me." The Lord replie
My Yahoo Messanger
my yahoo wont stayed conneced so dont think i`m trying to ignore every one add me to msn
style>.hov:hover{background-color:yellow}Music Video:I JUST WANT YOU (by Ozzy Osbourne)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Body temperature elevated more then enough chest heaves and sweat beads pour out wanting you with a mix of Love and Lust hungered to taste the nectar of your lips down south Body writhing, agonizing, and yearning your touch Craving your secretions that leave me strung out coping with this compulsion to enjoy you is tough isatiable desire to kiss every inch of you with my mouth overwhelming desire to give you this passion's inferno a fiery, intense, consuming, raging, pulsing flame words cant express how i dont wanna stop but GO! Not chevy but hard like a rock! wont stop till you've came A point of satisfaction, pure ecstasy and body elated feeling of an exquisite thrill seeps out every pore the anticipation of this moment my mind couldn't have rated agonizing, with this temp rizin, erection throbbin like never before Chest heaves, with a hot erotic steamy electric breeze rigorous mind action leading to orgasmic reactions let me not ponder thi
Lessons In Life
* I've learned to never be afraid to act silly in public; someone might laugh at you, but without your silliness, they may not have laughed at all that day. * I've learned that sometimes the best advice in the world to give someone is no advice at all; just an available ear, a box of tissues and a warm embrace. * I've learned that we all have times in our life when we fall; it's what we do when we get back on our feet that counts. * I've learned that sometimes ignorance truly is bliss and that if you don't want to know the truth, don't ask the question. * I've learned that you can be in a room full of hundreds of people and feel alone; but true happiness is found when you can be in a room alone and never feel lonely. * I've learned never to leave a project unfinished, for tomorrow you might lose the ability to get it done. * I've learned that the faith and belief from a child is more valuable than any luxury money can buy. * I've learned to never be afraid to sing
A Couple
Repugnant. Withdrawn into the Wasteland. Through the Looking Glass with purple Wallpaper. Lies Alice in her Cups. The Red Queen in her Corset conquers. Intractable. Sordid, Swampy Wasteland Three flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The Face of the Girl fell down. The remaining Two flew Far on. With never a Thought for the Crown. In the Wasteland Velnias sits. Cross-legged, waiting for the Pair. Fly or Fall The One remains Quiescent. --------------------------------------- Instant regret I see a razor and I think of you wanting to rip open my flesh and watch me scream. Your laugh makes me want to rip open my throat. I hate this incarnation; I am only happy when I'm gone, but not truly because I know you will find your way back or I will find my way back to sentience We all hate you but you won't go away... Blessedly alone before madness takes over and you take the fall. You pass me by and I contain my horrible anger for when you do something nauseating. You
I Don't Need You To Tell Me I'm Pretty...
I don't need you to tell me I'm pretty That's something I already know A fact that I sometimes forget But its embedded deep in my soul I'm not going to lie and say it isn't nice to hear it once in a while That when pretty words are spoken that I don't giggle or smile But I don't need you to tell me I'm pretty That my voice is the sweetest sound My skin is soft as spun silk Or my beauty knows no bounds For what you see with your eyes Isn't what I hold true My beauty is not judged with sight My beauty is not judged by you. I don't need you to tell me i'm pretty Cause thats all you see The superficial coating on a magnificent piece of me. By Me.
Accepted Terms
1. Are there any standardized BDSM concepts? All over the world several BDSM concepts are more or less standardized and generally accepted. These are: o Safe, sane and consensual - Whatever you (plan to) do you should be aware of what you are about to enter into and how to perform your actions with relative physical and psychological safety for BOTH partners (safe). BDSM is best compared to extreme sports and full safety as well as trying to exclude or prevent all risks is impossible, which is why the more modern approach is called RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) o Next, what you (plan to) do should be sane. Ordering your submissive partner to jump off a 25 story building - just because you think you can - is NOT sane; hence doing that is not BDSM, but (power) abuse. o A better term for consensual is informed and voluntary (in this order), meaning that both partners should have a reasonable understanding of what they are about to enter into, the potential risks and conseq
I Been Thinkin
well i am once again pregnant && i jus finally got my own place so im movin out my moms this weekend... it will be hard maybe i guess but i think i can do it the only bill i ever had to really pay was my phone bill so i think i can manage my bills and take care of my responsibilities... i want to thank all of my cherrytap friends for leaving me comments even though i havent been on here && commenting u guys... i really appreciate it, it makes my feel like i really do have people out here that do care && my mom && my fiancee has been my biggest support && i love them dearly... without them i dont think i will be were i am today...thank u guys for reading my blog && taking time out ur day to leave me comments
Bill Gates V. General Motors
For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way Computers have enhanced our lives, read on. At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the Computer industry with the auto industry and stated, "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we Would all be driving $25.00 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon." In response to Bill's comments, General Motors issued a press release stating: If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving Cars with the following characteristics (and I just love this part): 1. For no reason whatsoever, your car would crash........ Twice a day. 2. Every time they repainted the lines in th e road, you would have to buy a new car. 3. Occasionally your car would die on the freeway for no reason. You Would have to pull to the side of the road, close all of the windows, shut Off the car, restart it, and reopen the windows before you could cont
Hooker With A Penis
Ok so Tool my favorite band ever is having a presale on tickets today, but to get in on it you have to be a member of their fan club and membership cost 40 dollars. So yeah I paid to be their fan just so I could get in on presale tickets, but now they posted a message saying you must live within 100 miles of the venue. That is fucking bullshit. The only reason I paid to be their fan is so I could get a good seat and since I am willing to drive over 3 hours to go see them they are punishing me and telling me too bad you can't buy a ticket during presale because you live too far away. Don't you think they should have told you that you had to live so close to the venue in the membership package instead of just saying one perk of being a member is presales on tickets?
March Madness Is Almost Upon Us
I want all sports fans to consider the following with college football barely a month removed and with March Madness right around the corner. From Reggie Bush at USC, Corey Maggette at Duke, Chris Webber at Michigan, Nebraska football, and Lou Holtz at South Carolina just for examples. Over and over in college sports it's all about making it to the "next level". I would contend that most "major level" college programs have inherent problems with inappropriate gifts or contact between either boosters or agents and the athletes. The problem is the NCAA knows when and where to look and I suspect that they conduct their investigations after seasons are over, and not during seasons for the simple fact it is the athletes that help generate the money the NCAA uses. They aren't going to slit their own wrists, so they investigate afterwards and punish the school, when they know fully well that the athlete has moved on, but the coach and the booster/agent are still around. Most of the
Black Porn Vs. White Porn
There are subtle differences in our cultures, but there are very few places that show such a difference as porn movies. Man, it's like night and day. In a white porn, first off, the packaging is actually professional looking. The names of the actresses are on the package. And when you fire up the movie, there are previews of other flicks, beginning credits, nice scenery, professional editing and sound, an actual storyline, and women who don't have fresh wounds or stitches. Pity that most of the women in white porn have tits faker than Paris Hilton's hair color, and asses flatter than 3 day old generic soda, but still, good quality. Now black pornos, might actually come in an actual blank video tape cover with the title written in black sharpie!! No credits, no previews, no introduction into a story. A few seconds after you push play and BAM!!! Hardcore fuckin'!! Hell, they're goin' at it, and the camera isn't even in focus yet. You don't know how they met, you don't know what r
Answer In A Blog...
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) ? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 20. How many times would you like to orgasm? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
How Stupid Can You Be ???
Have you noticed how stupid and frustrating some reporters and commentators can be? Example ~~ a man has a bad car crash, he struggles to climb out of the twisted wreck and falls to the ground... a reporter runs over and says " tell me sir , how did it feel to hit that concrete wall at 90mph" would the obvious need to be said... aahhh fuckin hurt... what'd ya think !!!.. Which leads me to the Bud shoot out.... I was pissed before it even started.. I went to a web site to find out the start time.. it stated 8:30... oh really !!! dahhh would that be eastern, central, mountain, or pacific time zone. just a wealth of info there!!!.. Pre race interviews 5 minutes before the start of the race, they ask Junior about his relations with DEI... What an idiot.. I laughed when Junior told him "I don't want to talk about that..lets talk about the race" The look he gave him said it all... YOU FRIGGIN IDIOT !! I used to race and before you climb in the car you don't want to hear or
I Love You
I Love You TO MY HUSBAND ANTHONY BOYKIN The first day we met I knew you were mine, Your sweetness and love was so hard to find. You took me in and gave me such love, Every day I thank the dear Lord above. That you and I are husband and wife, And that every day we share our life. I promised always to be faithful and true, You promised that you wouldn't make me blue. Five years have past and still here we are, Our love has rocketed like two shooting stars. I may not say I Love You as often as I should, But know this now,I wouldn't trade you if I could. I want to be with you for all eternity, For life without you would mean nothing to me. Cynthia Anne Boykin Copyright ©2006 Cynthia Anne Boykin
Phill Collins~~one More Night
Benefits Of Massage Therapy
Benefits of Massage Therapy The Benefits of Massage: Is Bodywork Right For Me? Massage provides relief to people of all agesfrom infants to seniorsand from all walks of lifethe weekend or competitive athlete to the home gardener or overstressed, overworked executive. Treating the Body Massage therapy addresses a variety of health conditions, the most prevalent being stress-related tension, which, experts believe, accounts for 80%-90% of disease. Massage has been proven beneficial in treating cancer-related fatigue, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain, immunity suppression, spinal cord injury, autism, post-operative surgery, age-related disorders, infertility, eating disorders, smoking cessation, and depression, to name just a few. Heres why: Bodywork offers a drug-free, non-invasive and humanistic approach based on the bodys natural ability to heal itself. Massage has many physiological effects, such as: Increasing circulation, allowing the b
Pleasures Of Darkness
Pleasures Of Darkness Current mood: pensive † I feel the Darkness as it entombs me in its pleasures † It strokes me, and my cold black heart begins to race † Faster and faster as my soul is delivered † Into the hands of the Master † Screams for pleasure through the pain administered † On my knees I bow to the Master † Begging and pleading to be next in line † To receive my just punishment to feel the Darkness † once again and become Masters favorite
Christian Rosenkreutz
[edit] Legend 'Well of Initiation', into the interior of the earth; picture shows also the Rose of the Winds over the Templar Cross, the Rose Cross, in "Quinta da Regaleira", Sintra, Portugal (1892-1910) [3].According to legend, Christian Rosenkreuz discovered and learned the Secret Wisdom among Arab sages as a pilgrim to the East, arguably in the 15th century (see section below on Symbolism) ; returned and founded the "Fraternity of the Rose Cross" having him (Frater C.R.C.) as the Head of the Order. Under his direction a Temple, called "The House of the Holy Spirit", was built. It is described that his body was discovered by a Brother of the Order, in a perfect state of conservation, 120 years after his death (which occurred in absolute secrecy) - as Rosenkreuz had predicted - in a chamber erected by himself as a compendium of the universe. It is described that on the Sarcophagus in the centre of the Crypt of Christian Rosenkreutz were written, among other inscriptions, the wo
To The Ladies
Darkness caught the overhang that the mark of daylight had cast. It was then and only then, that I recalled my past, Like lightning when it hit me All over my body it struck me and brought me to one knee. I remember the darkness in the night sky. It hung silenly over me as I wondered why. It had been twenty years to the day of his unmournful death, When the curse finally hit me, stealing my breath. I had slayed his body so long ago, A curse of death was placed upon me, appearently not faux. So there on one knee, I was fullfilling my destiny, While my sins began killing me. Then, I yelled out one last request, Please make this my one and only death! A voice of laughter filled the air, Invisible, It seemed as if it wasnt there. The first night I had died, Was the one and only night I had ever cried. For now I'm used to my eternal destiny, Bound to die every twenty years, knealing on one knee.
Feel So Good, Feel So Numb
Im sore from shoveling too much goddamn snow. I have a million things running through my head from global politics and human rights to fetisha and ct drama. I figure ill use this space to jus acknowledge some of the people on this site who have touched me in some way. Star: youre a great friend and I adore you completely Urban: are the flyers on vacation yet? Princess: uhm.. hi... *waves* Summer: our party... nuff said TLO: *hug* Morrigan: Thank you for the insistance on smiles Captain Cutthroat: next april DJ Dreams: first friend I made on here... love ya and the others who I havent listed yet, check back later... Ill mention you when Im not being a lazy bastard... I'm Your Boogie ManBy White Zombie
How do you love someone, That loves someone else Even though they say they love you, You know deep in their heart, That theirs belongs to another Why do you keep trying, When you can't make them love you, You can't make them forget You sit back and hope, That you are making the right choice, That it's all in your head, That their heart belongs to you, And nobody else Why do you keep trying... Because it's worth it in your heart, To not give up on them, Because you still want to show them, Just how much you love them....
Broken Heart
is it bleeding it must be broken it hurts so much the pain in my heart i feel like you tore it apart what have i done to deserve this are you feeling it too the soreness the lonliness the temptations pick up the phone an call me tell me you love me you say the words but they dont have passion you hold me close yet i am still cold i yern for you to really mean it the words "I Love You" to be held and feel the warmth to be safe to be loved you let me cry now i feel shy you are my waekness my blind eye i havent told you what you mean to me that "i love you and you broke my heart
Comment Bombs Please !!!!!!!!
Ok guys, come on and help me out.....I need comments....I help anyone out that I can, and I would appreciate it if you would take the time to help me out...And I do want to thank each and everyone of you that has helped me so far....THANK YOU..and you know who you are...Just simply click on the pic below and comment away.....Muahzzzzzzzzz
Guys Can Be Cunts Lol
A woman complains to ehr friend that her hubbie is losing interest in sex, and he prefers nights out with the lads to the joys of copulation. Her friend tells her that to win his love, she must make more effort (like watching more footie?) She advises her to cook her man a slap up meal and then send him drinking down the pub with his pals. When he returns, she must be dressed in her naughtiest lingerie and look her most beautiful The following evening, she does exactly as instructed and is dressed to kill by the time her man returns. When he sees her lying on the bed in all her gear he tells her to stand up and take it all off. He then tells her to do a hand stand against the bedroom mirror and open her legs. This excites the woman immensely as her hubbie has never been this erotic before. She does as instructed, and then he puts his face between her legs, faces the mirror and says, " No, no..... maybe the lads are right. A beard wouldnt suit me".
Old Blog From Myspace...
Wow...I never thought... Category: MySpace I could become so jaded...I mean JADED!!! I took a few weeks from myspace...I dont mean I personally boycotted MySpace, i mean I didnt peruse the pages and profiles as I do sometimes. I didnt look for cool bands or dudes to befriend, or pretty girls to persue. I only considered the friend requests I recieved almost every day, and either approved or denied...So the other day I kinda lollygagged in here for a few and posted a blog, read a few bullitens, and started to realize that the way I feel about MySpace and a LOT of the people inthe community, is with distrust, pity, and comtempt. I am so grateful for the few people I really like and respect that I have met here. I have posted about people who mislead, shamelessly self-promote, "collect friends", pimp or whore friends, use MySpace as their platform for narcissistic on and so forth...I mean I got really sick of people who feel that "its all about me". Fuck you. It
Adema - Immortal
A Little About Me
Well, I was born and raised in Saginaw, MI. attended Bridgeport H.S. . I went right into the Navy after graduation as a way to escape an abusive step-mother. I spent 4yrs. seeing the world and my only regret was getting out when I did. I returned to Saginaw and following one bad job and relationship after another I finally joined the Army National Guard and landed a job as a juvenile counselor dealing with juvenile delinquents at a residential treatment facility. I am 5'-10" and 220lbs ( I added a few pounds after I discharged from the Army and quit smoking). I have brown hair(when I let it grow out) and hazel eyes. Any thing else you wanna know, just ask
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10 Inches Of Snow
A lady went on vacation to the Caribbean. Upon arriving, she met a black man and after a night of passionate love making she asked him, "What is your name?" "I can't tell you" the black man said. Every night they met and every night she asked him again what his name was and he always responded the same, he can't tell her. On her last night there she asked again, "Can you please tell me your name?" "I can't tell you my name because you will laugh at me." said the black man. "There is no reason for me to laugh at you," the lady said. "Fine, my name is Snow!" the black man replied. The lady burst into laughter and the black man got mad and said, "I knew you would make fun of it". The lady replied, "I'm not making fun of you. I'm thinking of my husband who won't believe me when I tell him that I had 10 inches of Snow every day in the Caribbean !"
Over 40 And Sexy Mens Contest Results !!!
Over 40 and sexy mens contest Contest has ended. Here are the entrants and the order in which they finished. Also listed are the prizes they earned friends and tens 6345 comments Rolex romantic dinner The Crow 4230 comments Mens Bracelet romantic dinner dragonlord 660 comments Mens bracelet bad4u 102 comments romantic dinner rg 50 comments Yellow rose I want to thank everyone that entered and everyone that showed them all love by commenting. You all teamed up to make this contest a huge success which enabled me to give some great prizes.
2-22-07 07:16
Yet another day, and I still have no idea what has happened to my girlfriend. 5 days and I haven't heard a thing, I can't call her because she hasn't a phone yet at her new place and I'm an idiot for not getting the number of her mom that lives 10 minutes away. I am supposed to fly there in 5 days. but If I can't even get a hold of her to even find out if she still is my girlfriend I really don't know if I want to be stuck in Detroit for a week with virtually no money. well lets wait another day and she if she ever comes back. Cherry Friends!!
Well life has been busy.. I am soooo glad to make time out to nite and see you all.. Thanks for being my friend... I really wish you a great night.. Drop me a line for time to time!!! Your Cherry Friend!! Jeannie
To Day Is A Good Day
Courtesy of Today is a good day , i can feel it in my bones. Ive woken up after a good nights sleep .. My bust are'nt as bad as they've been .. the sun is shining ... and i feel good xx
My Love Profile
Cancer - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You're intuitive enough to know what's going wrong in a relationship early on A total sweetheart - you're often the most caring person anyone knows You are a generous and devoted parter to whoever you fall in love with Your negative traits: Insecurity - you tend to need a huge amount of comforting from your partner You tend to be overly sensitive and easily hurt, which make loving you difficult It's difficult to predict your moods. One minute you're up - the next you're down. Your ideal partner: Someone equally sensitive, who wants to take time to get to know you deeply Dreams of an everlasting love - complete with marriage and a family Loves to take care of you. Being a good cook and masseuse doesn't hurt! Your dating style: Slow. You enjoy dates that last all day, with plenty of time to talk and get to know one another. Your seduction style: Quite tender and loving, once you are comfortable in
I'm Pissing Off Kdt I Guess
Well I called twice yesterday because it's been about a month and no one calls me back from KDT. I asked if my truck was all paid off yet so I could get it back because HELLO I NEED MY TRUCK! And I guess the ONLY one who can find out that information is Stacy not even the manager or Owner can find that information out. So I called back today and they said that they already gave her the message and she would call me back when she got in. Now I have the state paying them and I found out from my friend who it was I need to speak to at the state office for that, So I called her and I told that I need to know this information soon, and told her that no one else could/would give me this information over at KDT. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I hear back from her today. SIDE NOTE: If you live in the area around AUGUSTA MAINE and are getting STATE's AID for anything DON'T GO TO KDT IF YOU NEED YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR SUV worked on because they lose info, never hear you right, or can't
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Thanks 2 A Sweetie In My Life
I wanna Say Thanks to someone who means so much to me..... not only for the silver motorcycle, or the ring or the rolex or the other lil things... But just for being here when i need her...sure we have our days but oh well we manage to get through.... but i wanna thank u for being my friend and more... and for those of u who would like..stop by and thank her for an hr of happy hr yesturday. i am sure she would be thrilled.... thank u sweetie... yur the best....... tongue......
Chalkboard Prank
One day when the teacher walked to the black board, she noticed someone had written the word 'penis' in tiny letters. She turned around, scanned the class looking for the guilty face. Finding none, she quickly erased it, and began her class. The next day she went into the room, and she saw, in larger letters, the word 'penis' again on the black board. Again, she looked around in vain for the culprit, but found none, so she proceeded with the day's lesson. Every morning, for about a week, she went into the classroom and found the same disgusting word written on the board, each day's word, larger than the previous day's word. Finally, one day, she walked in, expecting to be greeted by the same word on the board, but instead, found the words: "The more you rub it, the bigger it gets!"
Sometimes You Just Want To Scream
My life feels like it's in a huge upheaval right now....well it is...and i just want to scream at the top of my fucking lungs and beat the shit out of everything around me becuase i obviously have no control of anything......all the things i want and desire in this life are not ment to be mine, i disappoint and scar the people i hold closest to my heart and i'm just failing everyone, especially myself..... What the fuck is going on??? I feel like i make it out of the rough waters, just to find that my ship is sinking because i drilled a hole in my hold... I'm just a major fuck up and need to stay the fuck away from everybody... everything i touch turns to shit.
And You Wonder Why It’s Over
And you wonder why it’s over ( wriiten for a friend who had a stupid man ) I ask you if you loved me You say to me why what’s up I asked you to make love to me You said baby lets just f#@k I asked you to come home early You said that I was tripping You need to pack your shyt and go Cause baby you are slipping I gave you all the best of me You gave me what you had Compared to all the good I gave What you gave me was bad So now I see what mama said And my daddy said it too They said if you lay down with dogs You’ll get fleas before you’re thru When I got off work late that night I asked you to come and git me I got a ride home Your ass was stoned And all you did was hit me No longer will you hurt my soul You’ll never have me again I should have listened to my heart when it said “Girl don’t let him in ‘ No more hurt and no more pain For me those days are over Get out I said take all your shyt For luck take this four-leaf clover Soon
fukk it i deeleeted deh last blog. wtfcared anwyayz see u all in a few dayz fo sho!
The People Here
Over half of the people here are really fuckin rude! And that's all I'm gonna say....:)
Time After Time
Always thinking of you, wondering how you are, hopeing you are happy, wishing you was not so far, I've laid awake so many nights, with you crossing my mind, thinking of the things we shared, how did we cross this line? I always make the same mistakes, I geuss I'll never learn, same actions lead to same outcomes, Time After Time... Ozzy Osbourne - Time After TimeMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
Can You Imagine This
Can You Imagine This I ask can you imagine this a child born to two very young parents.One of the parents loving you from the first time he held you in his arms; while the other parent ran off and left you lonely to fend for yourself, can you imagine the the woman you call mother filling your baby bottle with drinking alcohol.Then that child laying in a hospital bed as they pump fluid back into his body from dehydration;can you imagine a father standing or sitting and sleeping by your hospital bed side, wondering if he going to lose his only son his pride and joy of life laying there motionless.Then to this man surprise his son awakes to call out to his daddy and his dad there snatches up his child into his arms; then this child and his daddy going home to mom to only realize she aint there for them both or cares,can you imagine this daddy packing up his son and his
Sexual Zodiac
Virgo You are shy at first, and because of that, it is hard for you to find lots of random sex partners. You are very intelligent and very into sex. You will only have sex with clean people, because you are afraid of getting an STD. You are also very kinky and imaginative in the sack. Your partners always have a hard time keeping up with you. Sex matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio Take this quiz at
My So Called Life
This is to all my friends those who know me and those who dont, Those who care and those who dont. I have never asked anything from anyone nor will I start now. This is just so I can take the time to rant and rave about my so called life. I apologize to all of you who i have not talked to latley and those of you who have even realized that I seem distant I aplaude you because I am. For those of you who know me in person you know that my life has been in shambles as of late. I just became a father in december and and the love of my life left me in the begining of November. Those of you who know the "TRUE" me know about our circumstances and the gravity of our love I vowed to her that I loved her from the moment that I met her I loved her people say that they dont believe in love at first sight to those people I say that you just havent met the right person. LOL I met her twice in one night and introduced myself twice, lol not because i was drunk or anything but because I was lost i
All The Weary Mothers Of The Earth
ALL THE WEARY MOTHERS OF THE EARTH (PEOPLE'S UNION # 1) (Words and Music by Joan Baez) Album: Come From The Shadows (1972) RARE,OUT OF PRINT Folk singer Joan Baez was born in New York in 1941 and began performing in Boston as a teenager, first coming to national attention after a striking performance at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival. Baez founded the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence in Carmel Valley, California, participated in the Free Speech Movement at the University of California at Berkeley and in the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 (Lutzow 2000). She confirms, "My foundations in nonviolence were both moral and pragmatic" Baez's dedication to nonviolence and human rights grew as she organized an anti-war demonstration for women and children in 1972 entitled "Ring Around the Congress." Later that year, she traveled to North Vietnam to distribute mail and Christmas presents to American prisoners of war, finding herself in the mid
Need Your Help!!
Please help me win this tattoo contest. I would appreciate any and all help that you guys can give. Just comment bomb the pic. Thanx in advance!! Click the pic below:
German Beer
German Beer Current mood: mischievous Category: Parties and Nightlife I like Bush better than Hiney too btw.. Having spent a couple years in Germany, I can assure you that the Heineken they try to pass off as German beer and send over here is NOT on the top of the hit parade over there. There's a monastery.. near a little town called Wildflecken. It's called the Kloster Kreuzberg they have been brewing beer since like.. the 1600s. It's really dangerous beer. I arrived in Germany, and then to Wildflecken on the 4th of July weekend in 1984. When I got to the barracks ( dorm ) it was like.. Saturday morning early. I got my stuff stashed in a locker and had changed clothes .. was gonna go check out the scenery.. see what was up. As I was just about to leave the CQ ( guard - desk jockey - after hours phone boy ) tells me that my platoon sergeant had called and that I should wait for my squad leader who was coming to get me and take me to a platoon meeting. Oh shit.. now I'm stuck with
What Is Your Fav Position?
What\'s your favorite position??? Wild and RambunciousYou like it any way, standing up, in a chair, anything hot and steamy. You like to have FUN and you don\'t mind a new experimence. You are always looking for something or someone new and prone to Take this test
Sittin Here Figuring Out My Roots, Leaves, And Branches
Its been a few days since I last wrote. I'm sitting here watching Madea goes to jail. I love Tyler and his plays/movies. He always has a moral and old school tactics. Madea was sitting there talking to one of her nephews and explained how she breaks it down about how she classifies her friends. Leaves are basically the ones that come and go. The ones who you say hey that hurts me and they dont change what they doing. Theyre the asshole fakes!!They stay for enough time for you to learn something and theyre gone. Then theres branches. The ones taht stay around for awhile. then when you walk waya nd arent there they snap and leave you high and dry. teh posers. the ones taht act like yer bff and then screw you and leave. Then theres your roots. The ones who make sure you got everything you need. Theyre the ones who are your true friends. the ones who actually care. I gots a few roots. i have a lot of leaves and branchs. I think im gonna cut down my tree and keep my roots
Sex Toy Party
There's a sex toy party tonight and i'm really debating on whether i should go or not. If i do go, My friend who is throwing it.. Well her fucking grandma is gonna be there. lol.
Military Sex
A group of military Officers are standing around talking when a Lieutenant said, "I feel that making love is 80% fun and 20% work." Captain responded by saying, "No, I think that making love is more work than that. I would say that it is 60% fun and 40% work." Then a Major says, "No, making love is definitely way more work than that. I would say that it is 20% fun and 80% work." They are all contemplating these revelations when a private walks by. The officers call the Private over to ask his opinion. The Major says, "Excuse me, Private, we are having a discussion and would like your input. The Lieutenant says that making love is 80% fun and 20% work. The Captain says that making love is 60% fun and 40% work. I say that making love is 20% fun and 80% work. Private, what is your opinion?" The Private smiles and says, "Sir, you are all wrong. Making love must be 100% fun because if there was any work involved, you would have the enlisted men doing it for you."
Wtf Ever Dude Part 2
the drama continues it seems. mr crazy has his little friend texting me now. i don't know if i mentioned this last time, but he had the boy call me friday. That was childish enough. NOW they are really starting to piss me off. How are u gonna go textin me apologizing for your friends behavior (which u were a part of) and then try to talk to me? HELLO!!!! NOT INTERESTED!!! Oh. this is cute. now the crazy one is texting me too! That's it. i'm going celebate. sex apparently is not working for me. hell, i did it before for 3 yrs, i can do it again. Or maybe i'll stick to women. At least with them you know to expect a little crazy now and then. And to mr. Tristan 'cav scout' bryant...if you happen to stumble across this, KISS MY ASS. blessed be lords and ladies :)
Vampire Love Song... Awesome!
Doin Alot Of Thinkin
Woohoo! Another Report Of Nsfw On One Of My Pix!
Got another one! I must be doing something right! Here ya go -- enjoy!
The Rose... (i Was 21 And Heartbroken)
The Rose I reached out to touch a rose today, Growing so beautifully, so passionate As my hand grasped the stem I pulled suddenly away with pain I had closed my hand not thinking On the thorns that grew from the stems. As I looked at the drop of blood on my finger The pain still fresh in my mind I couldn't help desire to Reach back and pick the rose Knowing what happened once could happen again. It was at that moment Deep in my heart and soul It made sense to me I now understood why God created the Rose And why it was a symbol of Love So powerful was my discovery that I felt it burn in my heart. When you look at the Rose what do you see? You see a flower so powerfully beautiful The color so deep red as that of the blood from my finger The petals as soft as flesh itself So wanting to be held and kissed And let's not forget the scent So intoxicating one can ever get enough Yes the Rose is beautiful. But least we forget... the thorns They are all around the Rose Along with it's
I wake up from time to time in a cold dark sweat from nightmares that i can't remember.the only motivation that i have is to look for an answer to a question that i do not have . Now i sit in my room looking around to see what life has given me so far; On my wall there are pictures of people that i used to know... they used to be my friends...most of them either moved away died or went to jail, never to be hurd from again . but thats the price you pay when you play the game... ON my dresser there are over due library books of emily dickenson,kuma sutra,and the encylopida of seiral killers . I love to read when i do im in a diffront world I almost lust for it some days. I can feel the stories the love, the hate, and the lust. I can feel the excitement of when the killers seek there pray the hoorer of when they make there kill.I taste the last blood of the victom was stabed , shot, or strangled. I can feel the knife penatrate there skin and worst or all i can remember there fear it hount
Life Advice
"LIFE .. it's all about ass. You're either tryin to cover it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, tryin to get a piece of it, behaving like one. Or you live with one!"
Missing Chris...
Video under goes with this blog 110%! As I sit here...I miss my husband more and more. I am starting to really hate where I live only because he is not here with me and my son. I have always known that a house is only a home with love in it...but now...I know this a thousand times more. I feel the distance grow day by day and everyday I feel the need to get on a plane to go see him. I am even to the point that I am willing to drive to see him ((I swear sooner or later I can find it...Florida is a pretty big place)). This is only a small part of how very much I miss Chris. We talk on the phone and yet it doesn't seem to be enough, for sooner or later we run out of what to say. We are so busy trying to get ready for us all to be together that we are ALL under exteme stress...and as the stress grows we are trying to shield eachother from a wall begins to build. Yes, it is all done with the best of intentions, we know it is done out of love. For there is nothing I can do t
Sour Music Video Code By Limp Bizkit
Music Video:SOUR (by Limp Bizkit)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Contest Update.
~ The Man In Line ~
I may not say it as good as he does, but ya cut in my line you will hear something pretty dam close :) ~ Think before you Cut ~ hehe
Read This And Beward!!!
We need to be more aware of what our kids are doing... online and offline... here's a link to a very touching story that made me cry... its sad.. what kids will do now a days... please read it and post it, make parents, children, everyone more aware. A little piece of the story: "We found out a few days later, after looking on my computer, that you had been to a website that explained, step by step, how to achieve this unbelievable “high” by cutting off the blood supply for just a little while to your head and then you stand up and it feels so euphoric! " Please be aware. View This Site for More Info On the Choking Game.
What Might Have Been?
When I saw you standing there my heart stopped all events cleared that day I view you as perfect yet un-perfect your movements where like grace I dreamed only that which showed my life altered from one to another In a second there you was not know what was to be and was not to be You was you, and I me lost there on after When you looked at me my heart stopped when you spoke to me I ask how it was relationship never to happen yet my feeling left me here with Nothing How I long to touch your body look down at your eyes and say "I love you" But yet I failed you I disowned you, left you free so much hate but love growing at the same rate it's now that I see who I am and what I lost those day what is to come from this you have your life and I my own I wish you was here Here to listen to my cry of being alone I think about what might have been would it be better then this or will it fail till that day I see you again my heart will only bleed for your love t
Diamond Ring
Lyfe Jennings Cry
Cry [1st Verse:] I done had money I done been broke I done been talked about something awful Done been lied on by so many folks I done even been depressed at times and didn't wanna cry cause my pride was too strong But over the years I thought it over And after struggling for so long and still holding on I figured, can't be nothing all that wrong with crying If anybody says that they're that strong they're lying See crying is like taking your soul to the Laundromat It's like the feeling that you get when you see your Grand-mama smile Or the heavens open up and blessing rain down Go on child and cry Go on and cry, cry, cry We can cry together [2nd Verse:] See I done been a player I done been played I done went for some of the oldest tricks from some of the coldest chicks God done ever made Said I done even had a venereal disease And didn't wanna go to the clinic, all that attention embarrassing me But over the years I've learned to understand that I don
If I Could Turn Back Time
If I could turn back time If I could find a way I'd take back those words that hurt you and you'd stay I don't know why I did the things I did I don't know why I said the things I said Pride's like a knife it can cut deep inside Words are like weapons they wound sometimes. I didn't really mean to hurt you I didn't wanna see you go I know I made you cry, but baby [Chorus:] If I could turn back time If I could find a way I'd take back those words that hurt you And you'd stay If I could reach the stars I'd give them all to you Then you'd love me, love me Like you used to do If I could turn back time My world was shattered I was torn apart Like someone took a knife and drove it deep in my heart You walked out that door I swore that I didn't care But I lost everything darling then and there Too strong to tell you I was sorry Too proud to tell you I was wrong I know that I was blind, and ooh... [Chorus] Ooohh If I could turn back time If I could tu
This Bites!
Today is my mother's birthday...the first one we've had to deal with since she died.Is harder than what I expected.Not liking it.And why is everyone screwing with me today of all days?? LOL...sort of.Just had to vent.I'm just not into being nice and all....but I am trying!If I have ignored you in the last 3 days or sorry and will make up for it.Right now,I just want to sleep...but, that is not what everyone else has in mind for me...oh well....
You scored as Sex God. You are a master at sex. You make your partner weak in the knees, and you know it. You've had the practice, and you've read the books, but don't get too cocky (pun intended) or you'll get put into place.Sex God80%A Slave To BDSM70%A Romantic70%Virgin40%How are you in bedcreated with
So life is great right now..... why cause I got a raise at work I now make 8.50 and going to get another one soon cause it will be my year anniversary. The only thing that is sad is that Dianna one of my dear friends is going to be having a baby soon and I cant be there. Although i do miss all of my friends in MN that include kitten, anners, and kevera I love all three of them. They helped me through some tough stuff and it is hard being so far away from them but I guess i had to grow up and fly on my own. Ick I hate growing up lol. So yeah I got my palms read at a Womans Expo I went to it was kinda lame but interesting at the same time. She told me that I would have a good year and so far I have to admit life hasnt been that bad on me this year. I actually look forward to what might happen this year and I am trying to be smarter. She also said that i wont be alone much longer so not sure what that means exactly but its nice to know that I can hope to find a guy to treasure me.
Against The Music
Urban Legends
McDonalds, Chuck E Cheese, Discovery Zone... Some of you might not be parents, but you may have nieces, nephews, grandchildren or friends with children. This will pertain to you too. As I read the following, my heart sank. I urge each and every one of you to pass this on to as many people as you can. I cannot stress how important this is! This is very disturbing news. In addition to the following true story... One son lost his watch, and was very upset. We dug and dug in those balls, trying to find the watch. Instead, we found vomit, food, feces, and other stuff I do not want to discuss. I went to the manager and raised hell. Come to find out, the ball pit is only cleaned out once a month. I have doubts that it is even done that often. My kids will never play in another ball pit. Now read this: PRETTY SCARY!! Hi. My name is Lauren Archer, my son Kevin and I lived in Midland,TN. On October 2nd, 1999 I took my only son to McDonald's for his 3rd birthday. After he finished
Great, I don't think I've been online this long at one time in months! Now I'm totally addicted to this damn site! Hopefully I don't neglect my bf too much when he gets outta work, otherwise he may blame my Autumn for it lol.... Yes dear, your cuz was here when I joined up and started messing with my profile like, 4 hours ago! Ah well, he works 2 more hours, maybe I'll be done playing be then.....MAYBE..... :)
Bad Thoughts
The Girl in your Dreams Aracely Gaytan At times its not the bad that one needs. Its the ungiven. How much can you give without one knowing, their not getting anything back? It fell on all on one side, to try to make it happen. Only one really trying, to make other exultant. I thought there are two in love? Its gone too far. When do one stop? Still melancholic but now both are meaningless. Im not the girl in your dreams. But, the girl who has feelings and wishes for you. I gave and gave intensity, but to get nothing. I saw nothing. You're not my dream boy but the one I loved. My love stood alone. In silence, I begged for your love. I got abandoned. The most agonizing is the need to know what went wrong. I rather get the worst. Im not the girl in your dreams. I wake up, to do my all for you. All, I long for was that one effortless look from you, that said, Thanks, for trying. I once said, you need the bad, to see the good later My thought
My Guest Map
Come by my page and add yourself to my map...I wanna know where ya at!!
Morning Sex
Morning S-e-x????? John woke up one morning immensely aroused so he turned over to his wife's side of the bed. His wife, Marie, had already awakened though, and she was downstairs preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Afraid that he might spoil things by getting up, John called his little boy into he room and asked him to take this note to your beautiful Mommy." The note read: The Tent Pole Is Up, The Canvas Is Spread, The Hell With Breakfast, Come Back To Bed. Marie, grinning, answered the note and then asked her son to take this to your silly Daddy. Her note read: Take The Tent Pole Down, Put The Canvas Away, The Monkey Had A Hemorrhage, No Circus Today. John read the note and quickly scribbled a reply. Then, he asked his son to take it back to "the lady in the kitchen." His note read: The Tent Pole's Still Up, And The Canvas Still Spread, So Drop What You're Doing, And Come Give M
Mr December.
Ok, so last summer a guy from the education department asked me if I'd be interested in helping to promote men into childcare as it's a female dominated field. I gave him an interview talking about what it's like as a man working with children, the pros and the cons, etc. He then asked if a photographer could come and take some pics of me at work - the pics were to be used in a newsletter. I agreed. THEN I discovered that my image had been put on posters and calanders. Man, I'm still getting stick for being Mr. December. The children's faces have been disguised along with my work ID, etc. I'm sure you'll understand why, heh.
30 Lessons To Learn Bout Sex & Porn
30 Lessons from Porn 1. Women wear high heels to bed. 2. Men are never impotent. 3. When going down on a woman 10 seconds is more than satisfactory. 4. If a woman gets busted masturbating by a strange man, she will not scream with embarrassment, but rather insist he have sex with her. 5. Women smile appreciatively when men splat them in the face with sperm. 6. Women enjoy having sex with ugly, middle-aged men. 7. Women moan uncontrollably when giving a blowjob. 8. Women always orgasm when men do. 9. A blowjob will always get a woman off a speeding ticket. 10. All women are noisy when rooting. 11. People in the 70's couldn't shag unless there was a wild guitar solo in the background. 12. Those tits are real. 13. A common and enjoyable sexual practice for a man is to take his half-erect penis and slap it repeatedly on a woman's butt. 14. Men always groan "OH YEAH!" when they cum. 15. If there is two of them they "high five" each other.(and the
Good Irish Joke 5
Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and says to the first man he meets, "Do you want to go to heaven?" The man said, "I do Father." The priest said, "Then stand over there against the wall." Then the priest asked the second man, "Do you want to got to heaven?" "Certainly, Father," was the man's reply. "Then stand over there against the wall," said the priest. Then Father Murphy walked up to O'Toole and said, "Do you want to go to heaven?" O'Toole said, "No, I don't Father." The priest said, "I don't believe this. You mean to tell me that when you die you don't want to go to heaven?" O'Toole said, "Oh, when I die, yes. I thought you were getting a group together to go right now."
My Daddy
My daddy passed away 3/13/07. He was 78 years old. He was a wonderful man that I admired & loved with all my heart. Rest In Peace Daddy.
Nobodys Perfect
She goes about her day to day and does her duties to perfection, She cries alone and works her way through fears and self rejection. No one knows this angel is carrying around such grief, If they only saw a glimpse of things they'd sigh in disbelief. She seems to be so perfect not one single flaw, Everyone looks at her with envy If they only knew it all. Her heart aches with loneliness and her tears disguised with pride, Why does she care what they think its becoming too much for her to hide. She sits at home and pours her heart out to a man that doesn't really care, He never hears a word she says he looks right through her as if she’s not really there. She is running out of friends to confide in and family's gone astray, Alone and broken hearted, she slits her wrists and slowly fades away.
“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
Sex Were A Drink
Martini! Your sex life mostly resembles a Martini. You are suave, sophisticated and just a little kinky. You have an active sex life, but you only recruit the best to be your sex partners. Take this quiz at
I'm Losing!!!!!
How sad... I'm totally losing!!! Any comments n rates ya wanna throw my way is appreciated... THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH thus FAR!!!! LOTS OF LOVE FATZ!!!
Hot Or Not? This Is An Invite!!!
IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HOT (OR NOT) lol GO TO LINK BELOW TO ADD YOURSELF TO MY "SCOREBOARD" have fun, thanks. -- for being a team player
What Asian Country Should You Visit?
You Should Travel to China China can satisfy your craving for many travel opportunities in one trip. You can hang out in modern Shanghai, walk along the great wall, or visit sacred mountains. What Asian Country Should You Visit?
So yeah I am 6'8" wear a size 18 shoe and play basketball recreationly. I like to play video games every now and then, but what I love the most is Music any type of music I don't care. I have a bro and a sister. I enjoy chilling with my friends, clubbing, and whatever else comes to mind. There you guys know a little about me. So leave comments or other things and add questions to ask me if you would like i'll keep you guys updated. Peace all.
I Have Lost My Soul......
To Soul Calibur III Thank you that is all... .... Time to whoop some ass with my hula-hoop hottie...
My Adopt Lil Sis
3-14-07 Koddah (aka) Dakota died by hangin herself i loved her she was always there for me!!!!! now really need her and shes gone!!!!! I dont ever want to look inside a closet by just the scare of seeing her blue face, bloody eyes, hangin by her throught by a rope!!!! at least i know that i have her watchin down on me...... but im gonna be sad for the rest of my life that since she stayed back last year she didnt even make it to highschool!!!!! she died 23 days before my b-day and i wanted her to come down if i have a party. thats not gonna happen now!!!! i feel sooooo sad and depressed. she was a true friend. That is from my nices here best friend my adopt lil sis hung herself because she got raped and she told her folks about it and they didn't belive her. I will miss you lil sis R.I.P. i see you. I know you will be watching down on us from up above.The thing that hit me the hardest was it happen on my birthday of all things. Your will always be in my heart lil sis no matter wer you
Not Bad Poker Playing
PokerStars Tournament #45175162, No Limit Hold'em Freeroll Super Satellite 3000 players $3000.00 added to the prize pool by Total Prize Pool: $3000.00 Target Tournament #45174927 100 tickets to the target tournament Tournament started - 2007/03/18 - 21:30:00 (ET) Dear honkboy, You finished the tournament in 198th place. A $5.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account. Congratulations! Thank you for participating.
Contest Debacle
Lately I've been entertaining myself in the bulletins--leaving random and/or inappropriate comments on bulletins, posting my own random and/or inappropriate bulletins (such as the one announcing that "I'm getting pretty good at masturbating"). The bulletins have their own crew of users--much like the mummers, but less obnoxious. Anyway, Kira constantly posts bulletins, and sometimes they are fairly entertaining. Lately she's been bulletining about a contest she was in. I forget the name of the contest--it is irrelevant. The point is that she lost the contest to some girl who had fewer comments and rates than her, and so she was fairly irate. The prize was $100, and, after having expended--and I quote!--"HUNDREDS" of hours on the contest, Kira didn't win. The host of the contest chose another girl because of bribes or somesuch. I don't know, and I don't particularly care. So... Kira's moaning about the contest in her bulletins, and everyone chimes in, noting how the con
My First Day On Cherry Tap
Love Lust And Devotion (part Two) Lust:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
there are things that i wished of you and reasons for my absence too see what i wanted was a little more a lady in the streets, but together my whore your rules were no hickies no real kiss so how was i to put you in bliss. just on night i ask of you to show what i'd like to do i'd start out by kissing your lips while running my fingers on your hips then kiss and bite your neck still soft i i know but what the heck as i suck your breast and make your pussy creamy now it starts to get steamy i'll roll my tongue down to your belly button it's just fore play soon will be fucking now at your pussy i suck your clit no no no hands off my dick i'll tie you down so you cant move and eat your pussy i hope i'm not being rude for an hour i'll taste you cum your tied down so i can have fun look at the time that hour is done it don't matter i have a big hungar so i will eat you a little longer your screams entice me one question are you ready i'll untie y
Rambeling On...
Few people know much about me, and I like to keep it that way, If you don't know me can not hurt me. so I'll share just a bit about myself. not enough that you can hurt me. but enough for you to decide if you want to be my friend. 1st.) I Have been, and suppose I still am an abused woman. I married a man who I thought was the love of my life. Only to find out, that in his eyes I was something he could control, own, and baet on at his will, I would always beat back. That is until July of 1996 when he took a metal baseball bat to me and cut me down below from front to back. after 6 months in ICU and a year relearning a lot of things most people take for granted. I walk not well, But I move on my own...I can not run I dought I wil ever run again. Danceing was my love. Now I give new meaning to slam danceing. No it is not the same. 2nd.) I am a mother to a very wonderful but very mixed up young man who is 12, he is the love of my life. I never ever thought in my wildest drea
Update On Life #3
Just figured that u all would want to know how the kids are doing. they are fine. Justin is 8 months and 2 weeks old he is pulling up on the furniture and crawling very fast. I think that in no time he will be walking. Oh, help me now, I am not baby profed yet as it is what is going to happen when he does start walking. Jayden is 3 years and thinks she knows everything. anyways just wanted to let u know that i am still working on homework and working at dillons and also trying to get my house clean. That is my goal for the month is to get my whole house clean before April, I guess I better be cleaning hu. Love you guys/gals, Angel
2nd Story
You come home a little late one night, the house is dark and looks lonely from the outside. Slowly you enter, you have been at work all day, and it feels like such a long day. All you want to do is curl up in bed with a glass of wine and the TV, but I have other plans for you this evening..... You are dressed in a smart business suit, but are wearing stockings and suspenders under your suit as that is what your master insists upon. You drop your bag on the floor and hang up your coat, you walk up the stairs and head towards the bedroom. Before you get to the bedroom you are grabbed from behind, you try to scream but there is a gloved hand across your mouth. Your hear a voice you recognize tell you not to struggle or it will be worse for you. A leather blindfold is placed across your eyes shutting out all light and heightening your other senses. You are told to perform a strip tease, as music starts to play, you try to do as you are told but it is very difficult as you cannot see w
Accident Claim Form Stash Lol
Hi all Accident insurance claim forms ask for a brief statement about how the accident happened. The combination of the finger pointing instinct and the small spaces provided on the forms can lead to some curiously phrased explanations. So i have put them into a stash in my 'dunno' section. Stop by and have a look and please leave me some lurve. Enjoy and thanks Lin xx
Beer Quotes
*Reality is an illusion that occurs due the lack alcohol *Upon being told I have a drinking problem I gave careful consideration and completely agree. I've two hands and only one mouth *I like beer. On occasion, I will even drink beer to celebrate a major event such as the fall of Communism or the fact that the refrigerator is still working *Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza *A woman drove me to drink and I didn't even have the decency to thank her *How well I remember my first encounter with The Devil's Brew. I happened to stumble across a case of bourbon - and went right on stumbling for several days thereafter *Now don't say you can't swear off drinking; it's easy. I've done it a thousand times Beer drinkin' don't do half the harm of love makin' *I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake u
Sex & Music
Sex and music-it's a winning combination and a very old recipe. Going back even further than our rich heritage of Marvin Gaye's greatest hits, those proper sounding madrigals suck as Bolero by Ravel aren't really as proper as you may think. Death lyrics often were euphemisms for sex. Despite my choir nerd background, it never really occurred to me to think of classical music as potential erotic theme songs. It makes sense though-they usually last about 15 minutes and build to a climax, right? Bonus if you can score something with cymbals crashing at the end. More popularly, we're looking at 20th century stuff, not that there's anything wrong with getting your Puccini on, if that's your thing. A friend of mine suggested Lauryn Hill to get your groove on. R&B in general seems to be a pretty popular choice-the music is pretty smooth, high on emotion and not without a good pulse to it. I'm not one to argue with that logic. My only caveat is to look out for lyrics. You may be fe
How Rude
You know i will never understand some people. You contact someone on here and talk then all of a sudden your blocked," what is that". Do these people not even have the common curtosy of telling the person hey i thought i might be interested but it did'nt work out so i would prefer not to chat anymore. No they just go in and block you without saying a word sorry but in my book this is'nt going to make you many friends, Come on people lets show a little more respect for others than that. Maybe not a big issue to some people but to me it is i mean if you don't want to talk, or your not interested, or whatever your reason just tell them we're all adults here sure we can take it. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. xxxxooooo Angel
Be Safe And Blessed
I don't condone the war and I don't post everything asked but I do support the men and women who are fighting the war withthat said I am posting this I been a 1st. Lieutanant For Two Years and I held my positin faithfully, watched my crew and made sure they were safe. I had made Captain last night got the portable radio, the branco, and so forth. Last night I lost 4 of my memebers due to an explosion including my Captain and Fire Chief Which made me Captain.. Can You please post this for me here and here are the names of the fallen members: Peace Be With are Crew: 1.Todd March: Fire Chief 2.Jayson Galadia: Captain 3.Kieth: My Brother 1st Lieuantant 4.Dan: My bestfriend 2nd Lieutnanant My prayers go out to the families
Dear Lord,
Give me a few friends who will love me for what I am, and keep ever burning before my vagrant steps the kindly light of hope... And though I come not within sight of the castle of my dreams, teach me to be thankful for life, and for time's olden memories that are good and sweet. And may the evening's twilight find me gentle still.
I Miss Those Days...
Peter Pan Philosophy MEMORIES, Close your eyes...And go back... Before the Internet or the MAC Before semi automatics and crack Before SEGA or Super Nintendo... Way back... I'm talkin' bout hide and go seek at dusk. Red light, Green light. Playing kickball & dodgeball until your porch light came on. Mother May I? Red Rover Hula Hoops Running through the sprinkler Happy Meals Wait... Watchin' Saturday Morning cartoons or what about legends of the hidden temple, global guts, double dare, and who could forget Snick Fat Albert, Road Runner, Smurfs, Picture Pages, G-Force & He-Man Wonder Woman & Scooby Doo Underoos Playing Dukes of Hazard Catchin' lightning bugs in a jar Christmas morning... Your first day of school Bedtime Prayers and Goodnight Kisses Climbing trees Getting an ice cream off the ice cream truck A million mosquito bites and sticky fingers Jumpin' down the steps Jumpin' on the bed Pillow fights Runnin ' till you were out of breath Laughi
It's Been Awhile Since....
~Gotten myself drunk. ~Sang some karaoke (LoL) ~Been to a bar ~Been to a BBQ ~Stayed at a friends till the sun came up. And even passed that. ~Been to a house party ~Played a drinking game (even though I lose, lol) ~Been to a local concert ~Been to a drunken Birthday bash ~Spilled my beer and made Umpa do the push up's (LOL) ~Danced with the other sexy metal fem's. ~Gotten hugs from everyone that would show up to an event ~Played pranks on the first person to pass out ~Been at a party that was shut down by the cops ~Seen a fight ~Been to a band practice ~Taken pictures with people and post it on Myspace. Then we swap pics afterwards. ~Played pool ~Watched movies with a bunch of people ~Gone to the Drive-In ~Heard the laughs ~Shared the stories ~Known you have people who have you back ~heard jokes ~Witnessed drunk (straight) men saying homosexual one liners (LoL) ~Done or Seen the ole' Kung Fu by the designated p
What Color Is Your Passion?
Your Passion is Purple Sophisticated and classy, you're a bit picky about sex. You're more likely to be turned on by a fancy hotel room than a dirty flick. Sex is fine enough, as long as it doesn't mess up your hair. For you, sex is more about power and favors than actually pleasure.What Color Is Your Passion?
My Blessings In Life 2
The 2nd most important blessing to me is my Outlaw. We started as the best of friends, he was there for me when I was going through a really rough relationship. I never realized how great a relationship that the best of friends could have. My world has been made complete with him as a part of it. The things that i have always searched for in a man I have found all of them in him. I love u Outlaw!
Xanga Entry From March 8
HAHA! ANOTHER PLACE TO INSERT MY XANGA POSTST AT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Thursday, March 08, 2007 Currently Listening Sugar Ray By Sugar Ray 01 - Answer The Phone see related DAMN! I make this blue jacket look good! Commodores Log Stardate 8 March 2007 DAMN! I MAKE THIS BLUE JACKET LOOK GOOD!... rotflol Yeah bitches - the "Fuck You! I'm da bomb" version of me is back (a.k.a. :::punk lowell:::) and to tell you the truth - I'm glad! I got screwed over by my valentine and then g/f (I meant to blog about her a while ago and never got around to it) and well lets just say my bloodlust and fury that I once came to love returned. I found Uncle Tracy's old blue dress jacket that I got from Grandma a while back and started wearing it with colored t-shirts and gothic pants (occasionally black t-shirts and jeans), and my pirate scarf, and baseball cap that says "coyote" in Japanese on it. I started sk8boarding... I've wounded my knees twice now in proccess... I als
Mmm Hmmmm
Leave Me Voice Message.x
Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 0121 314 3538 and enter *3781725. If you get one too, I'll reply.
Wwe Event.
I just got home from seeing the WWE press conference. It was great. I got to see everyone. The best part was when I got to see Trump give McMahon a billinare bitchslap. Lashley bodypressed McMahon too. I had so much fun. I had a perfect day.
Me & You-for Marlee
Me and You By Natalie Limardo When you hurt I hurt and vice versa. I know we have seen good and bad together. We have seen those times before and after we came. We can help each other side by side. CHORUS Me and you love past all others. Our love is like one of sisters and brothers. Me and you is all I long for again. I pick you up when you fall. You shelter me when I call. You make me laugh when I can only cry. I will love you always. When pain is near I see your face and hear “I love you”. CHORUS Me and you love past all others. Our love is like one of sisters and brothers. Me and you is all I long for again. Safe is what you are to me and I hope I am yours. Please remember me when you are in need. For you I will be there always. Our friendship will always be strong in my heart. You are me and I am you.
Vitamin " R"
My Work
Hello Cherry Tap! I am a fun, wild, & Grade A-1, professional, photographer & oil painting artist. I've been looking at a lot of pictures that people put up as themselves. Some really good & some really bad. I've been known to travel all over the United States to get that proper moment captured for businesses, families, pets, children, weddings, and all sorts of other occasions. From realtors, actors, models, & rock stars to the ordinary house wife & kids. You name it ... I shot it. Even photos for web sites. My prices are very negotiable that includes my talents as an artist to use the "Photo Shop" skills needed to turn average photos into wild works of art! So ... For those that can afford me & can use me ... Let me know. The month of June is very busy for me as weddings are a part of my biz. Feel free to contact me if you are serious & need that special image that you want to show the world. Sincerely, Raider Enobrac/Carbone AKA Raider The Pirate
Picture Of Love
Picture Of Love by Nicola In the moment our eyes meet, Blinded by a love so true. A passionate kiss that holds, A lifetime flame forever new. An intimate time in the stars, Nothing can break our spell. Soul mates know our meaning, Though others will never tell. To hold here next to my heart, A special picture of you and I. Everyday together as perfect, Until we have our place in the sky.
remaining sometimes...we get all screwed up. in our heads. really bad. and for the most important reasons, we are intellegent enough to pull it all together, for the better good of what/who we love the most. yet, still, we remain...all screwed up. in our heads. inside. really bad. how do we accomplish the infinite goal - not to remain. :)
If it wasn't for my Tap friends I'd die of boredom up here in Wisconsin.
Something For All My Sweetie Lady Friends
One Flaw In Women (how true this is) By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his sixth day of working overtime. An angel appeared and said, "Why are you spending so much time on this one?" And the Lord answered, "Have you seen my spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have over 200 movable parts, all replaceable and able to run on diet coke and leftovers, have a lap that can hold four children at one time, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart -and she will do everything with only two hands." The angel was astounded at the requirements. "Only two hands!? No way! And that's just on the standard model? That's too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish." But I won't," the Lord protested. "I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can work 18 ho
Sexiest Legs On Ct
Sexiest Legs on CT I am having a sexiest legs contest. Do you think you have the sexiest legs on CT. Prove it!! Please send me a private message if you want to enter. Include a photo link, I will RIP your picture to my gallery. Guidelines 1. Photo must include your legs. 2. NO Downrating 3. Rates DO NOT COUNT Unless there is a tie at the end of the contest. 4. Contest will run one week from the start date. 5. It will open as soon as I get enough entries. 6. ALL Bombing is allowed, this includes bombing yourself. Prizes will be as follows 1st = 7 Day Blast 2nd = 1 Day Blast 3rd = PorscheHere is my profile linkMr.D ( CT-Mafia)@ CherryTAP
My Gripe: The Shoutbox
First -simply- the shoutbox drives me nuts! It IS a nice touch for some INSTANT messaging but seems to have issues. Somtimes I can't even see the spot I'm typing in because something is in the way and other times I'll type a long message and scroll off the screen before hitting SEND and it disappears. Annoying.. BUT.. my gripe is mostly about the messages I get in them and the people that send me them. All day I getthe simple common one liners such as "hey sexy, what's up, you're hot, etc. I typically don't respond to these because the amount of them I get and because of part 2 of this gripe. Most of the time people don't seam to mind that I don't comment back but then I'll always get the psycho who starts on the one liner rampage... Are you there? Hey sexy??? are you not talking to me? (then as if they hadn't even sent a message yet) hey sexy, you there? hellooooooooo???? you must be away Finally I say "have I talked to you before" thinking that I must know this p
Boyz = Trouble.. For Me Ne Way.
Uhhhh!! im such a loser. ii recently started talking to this guy named Brian.. && i like him A LOT.. but it's just.. weird. We have been friends for a while, he used to date one of muh bestfriends, friend.. but we been talkin for a minute now && havent got to hang out yet.. our schedules just clash!! It sucks! && then like, he's always talkin to other females too.. and its not like ii can b mad about it or ne thing cuz we arent 'together' but it kinda makes me upset becuz when im talkin to sum1 'deep' its like all ii wanna talk to is them and it is never tha same for guys.. fuckin sucks. ii just want one guy to make me there everything && make me smile && just b almost perfect. ii dont care if there SEXI, altho it is a plus.. ii just want sum1 to treat me how i women should b treated. Dont get me wrong, Brian is a sweetheart.. ii just dont kno if he's it.. and guess ii wont for a while since im tryin to take things slow. I still wish bookie would come around, but ii cant wait forever..
When A Girl / When A Guy
When a girl bumps into your arm while walking she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart, she still feels it when u run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind. When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply. When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around. When a girl answers, "I'm fine, " after a few seconds, she is not at all fine. When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are so wonderful. When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a girl says that she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future. When a girl says, "I miss you, " no one in this world can miss you more than that When a girl is mean to you after a breakup she wants you back,
My Trip With Prince Charming
So I am back from a wonderful trip. I just spent the last few days in Eau Claire WI. It was so COLD! That is the one thing I am not missing. I got there on tues night I was greeted by one of the most WONDERFUL people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We had a few beers that night and then it was off to the hotel. Wed was a BLAST we went to The Mall of America in Minneapolis MN. We also went out to a cool little bar in Eau Claire(it had the coolest name..Whiskey Dicks) Yet once again back to the hotel :) Wed was a sad day Kinda I was going to be all alone after 3:30 We went about our day but the feeling of being by myself was still there. I had a GREAT day right up until 3:30. We went to the mall had lunch Went in the hot tub ;)(probably one of my favorite thing about the trip) I flew back home this morning and was back in sunny CA by 11:30am. All in all It was one of the best rips EVER! LOVE YOU BABY!
Easter 2
Please Read
my niece was killed in a car wreck saturday morning please keep us in your hearts and prayers she was only six years old and such a fun little girl to be around and she will be missed so much. i hope you will prayfor our family . her pick is in my pic under new if you would like to see her thanks for your love
I stand outside the window looking in…I see you there. You are my only wish in life, you are the only desire that I know will complete me. * The storm inside my soul rages as my heart bleeds for your touch. You are my only wish in life, you are the only desire that I know will complete me. * My breath on the glass builds as I yearn for a simple look my way. You are my only wish in life, you are the only desire that I know will complete me. * My eyes mist over as I watch you holding a collar; I could only pray that it would be for my neck. You are my only wish in life, you are the only desire that I know will complete me. * My finger prints leave running marks as I lower my hand; not knowing how to fix me…how to fix us. You are my only wish in life, you are the only desire that I know will complete me. * The rain hides my pain as I turn to walk away; for know we lost each other again in this life, tears me apart. You are my only wish in life, you are the only desire that I kno
Wiccan Words...
What Wicca Is Wicca is a Neo-Pagan religion with many traditions that date to pre-Christian (and prehistoric) Earth religions. It is based on a deep respect for nature and the certain knowledge that we do not have the right to exploit it for our own gain. Wiccans are deeply concerned with conservation and ecology, and as in all Neo-Pagan religions, Wiccans believe that both animate and inanimate objects possess a spirit which forms part of the Whole. Note that we do not use the term "spirit" in the Judeo-Christian sense of a "ghost," but rather that essence which every object possesses that links it to nature and makes it an inalienable part of the universe. Wicca is a celebration of the life-forces of nature as personified by the Goddess and her consort, the God. Wicca may includes the practice of magic which is defined as the process of causing change through the focusing of our natural powers. It is important to note that magic is natural. There is nothing supernatural about it. We
*when Long Distance Keeps Us Apart*
++ STAIND: SAFE PLACE ++ Another day Inside my world I'm married to you and this road. A road that never lets me sleep . So theres no way to escape the demons I am forced to keep. And then I find you here Through your eyes Everything's clear And I'm home Inside your arms, But I'm alone for now. I mean the best with what I say. It doesn't always sound that way I never learned to Work things out cause In my family all we Ever seem to do is shout But then I find you here Through your eyes, everythings clear And I'm home inside your arms, but I'm alone for now. And when I try to sleep- the drugs I take are killing me - I think of you to ease my pain - but you're so far- Now it's time to say goodbye. I love you baby please don't cry - 'cause then I'll find you here - Through your eyes everythings clear - and I'm home inside your arms - but I'm alone for now. But then I find you here Through your eyes, everythings clear And I'm home inside your a
A) Capt. Joe Fenton Lusk, II age 25, died January 21, 2005 (A) Sgt. Derrick Joseph Lutters, age 24, died May 1, 2005 (A) Cpl. George Anthony Lutz, II age 25, died December 29, 2005 (A) Spc. Wai Phyo Lwin, age 27, died March 2, 2005 (M) Lance Cpl. Christopher P Lyons, age 24, died July 28, 2005 (M) Lance Cpl. Fred Lee Maciel, age 20, died January 26, 2005 (A) Master Sgt. Brian Anthony Mack, age 36, died January 13, 2005 (A) Pfc. Tyler Ryan Mackenzie, age 20, died November 2, 2005 (A) Capt. Michael John Mackinnon, age 30, died October 27, 2005 (N) Seaman Robert Douglas Macrum, age 22, died September 12, 2005 (M) Lance Cpl. Marcus Mahdee, age 20, died May 9, 2005 (M) Lance Cpl. Sean Patrick Maher, age 19, died February 2, 2005 (A) Sgt. Mark Allen Maida, age 22, died May 27, 2005 (M) Capt. John William Maloney, age 36, died June 16, 2005 (A) 1st Lt. Adam Michael Malson, age 23, died February 19, 2005 (A) Staff Sgt. William Francis Manuel, age 34, died January 10, 2005 (A) S
Quizzin Again 1965
You Belong in 1965 If you scored... 1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in! 1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too. 1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all! 1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day. 1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good! What Year Do You Belong In?
Feeling Better
I feel a lot better tonight then I did early this morning. My arm has been itching all day where I was given the allergy test though. So, that sucks. I've been working on my midterm for linguitic anthro most of the day. I have one and a half pages done. Two and a half to go. I'm writing on how language is a social capital and stories of children who were isolated, then later found, and how that effected their speech. Spring Break and I have homework. Loverly. Anthro isnt the problem. I have Math homework too. Yuck.
April 11, 2007
As many of my friends know a little boy flushed something down my toilet on Saturday this is a follow-up to that blog. Monday my boyfriend toke the toilet apart and found a foam letter T. He put it back together and it still wasn't working. So Tuesday my boyfriend and his friend Dan toke it apart again they found all of 0.26cents. Toilet still not working. So Tuesday afternoon I called Sudbury housing they came right over and still couldn't get the stuff out. This morning they came back they ended up having to take the toilet out put a brand new one in and smash the old one to find out what was in it. They found 4 more foam letters for a grand total of 5 letters. I asked my friend Tammy to speak to her son to see if he would tell her what he put in the toilet. He said he didn't do it. So there was her two kids and Tristen that used the bathroom that Saturday afternoon and one of the kids put something in it. The only thing that pisses me off is now I might end up having to pay housing
"Cursed" Why is this forced upon me, everything in my life is for all to see, nothing I do can be a damn secret, and I can tell no one, because no one will keep it, most people love me, and very few hate me, sometimes it feels like I'm a rockstar, all I lack is the money, and the expensive cars, but the way I'm treated is usually the same, people I've never met, greet me by name, how the hell did this happen, and what did I do, I never asked for this, I'm not sure what to do, it's most peoples dream, to be adored like this, but its literally hell, sometimes you cant even take a piss, without somebody talking to you, and tagging along, I've searched the store but so far I cant find the People-Be-Gone, everywhere I go I'm invited to a party or show, and asked to join people I dont even know, when I'm on a stage I know thats what I was made to do, sometimes I feel just like a pay-per-view, because it's like I'm in demand, everywhere I go, I get a new fan, theres
Sexiest Look Contest
it can be both guys and girls Rules: whoever reaches 15k comments win (comment bomb) can't comment your self- If violate this rule then your out just message me with a picture then your in Vash@ CherryTAP
Razor's Edge
I just made a whole new page on my site.... check it out Strong 20 inch Alchemy wallet chain with razor link, split ring, trigger-clip and black leather coffin belt loop. Retail Price: $15.00 Our Price: $8.00 + $8.00 Shipping Black and red 2 in 1 ripped top with Skull Embrace Print. Retail Price: $19.95 Our Price: $14.95 + $8.00 Shipping Short sleeve black t-shirt with an all over print of the Skull Wrap design. Retail Price: $19.95 Our Price: $10.95 + $8.00 Shipping The popular Mortum chain format, with heavy pewter links, but with a razor blade of despair and vitality. Retail Price: $19.95 Our Price: $16.95 + $8.00 Shipping A sturdy black leather, Psalter style ring binder with velcro leather clasp and fitted with topaz cabochonned pewter trimmings. At their centre is a bone-resin disc plaque, available in two versions. Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $19.95 + $8.00 Shipping
Formal Or Slave Collar
The Formal Collar (frequently called the Slave Collar) is the representation of the final stage of commitment between the Dominant and submissive. This collar is offered after the Dominant and submissive have progressed through the 'Collar of Consideration' and the 'Training Collar'. To read more on these prior collars and stages please refer to the articles titled "Collar of Consideration" and "Training Collar'. All three of these collars are given in real life, between live persons actively interacting in or forming serious BDSM relationships. In recent years we have seen the creation of what I can only call the 'cyber collar'. This creation attempts to mimic the real life collar but tends to be exchanged between those who are primarily BDSM cyber fetishers. It is my personal opinion that cyber collars are made of pixel dust, fantasies and illusions. In addition, those using and exchanging these imaginary collars tend to appear and vanish like shadows in the mist, lacking the primary
Red Angel
Mmy 1st Poem.
I thought you said forever, or was it in my mind? cause now your saying "never" and the heart thats broke is mine. What happened to our living, our loving, & our laughter ? For when I die, if I should cry, its only because theres no life after. And if sometime tomorrow I should hear my maker say, "The time has come to meet me, so kneel down and pray." Once that decisions made and theres nothing I can do. Ill ask for just one favor; That I might wait for you, my single ray sun. And if life ends tomorrow, you wre the ONLY ONE!
Hold Your Head High!
~~~~~~~ HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH ~~~~~~~ Standing for what you believe in regardless of the odds against you, and the pressure that tears at your resistance Courage. Keeping a smile on your face when inside you feel like dying, for the sake of supporting others Strength. Stopping at nothing and doing what's in your heart that you know is right Determination. Doing more than is expected, to make another's life a little more bearable, without uttering a single complaint Compassion. Helping a friend in need, no matter the time or effort, to the best of your ability Loyalty. Holding your head high And being the best you know you can be when life seems to fall apart at your feet, Fortitude. Facing each difficulty with thoughts that time will bring you better tomorrows, And never giving up... Confidence. I Believe In You Friend, Have A Great Day Hold Your Head High
I'm Here 4 U
~~~ I'M THERE FOR U ~~~ Our friendship means so much to me, Better friends there could never be! We treat each other with the best of care And feelings in our hearts we share. You cheer me up when I am down, And you can take away my frowns! We can always share a special smile, For our friendship has a special style. The secrets we share we'll always keep because our friendship is forever deep. Our friendship will be always true, You're there for me, and I'm there for you! Have A Wonderful Day An Night Thanks For Being My Friend Hugs Trouble
Posted This Under Wrong Plog Last Time ... Oppsy
How Sinful Are You ?
Your Deadly Sins Lust: 40% Envy: 20% Pride: 20% Sloth: 20% Wrath: 20% Gluttony: 0% Greed: 0% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 17% You'll die from overexertion. *wink* How Sinful Are You?
Wht A Day
today is not my day nothing is going right..... i need to have some good conversations
My Condolences To The Victims And Their Families
Mary Wollstonecraft
Women are systematically degraded by receiving the trivial attentions which men think it manly to pay to the sex, when, in fact, men are insultingly supporting their own superiority. • No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks. • It appears to me impossible that I should cease to exist, or that this active, restless spirit, equally alive to joy and sorrow, should be only organized dust -- ready to fly abroad the moment the spring snaps, or the spark goes out, which kept it together. Surely something resides in this heart that is not perishable -- and life is more than a dream.
There Is A Special Something About You...
There is a Special Something about you... Something...that draws me to you and makes me want to get to know you better. Something...that stirs-up my emotions every time I see you; every time I am near you; every time I hear or speak your name. I really don't understand why I feel this way, or, what this is all about; I only know that my heart tells me ~with each and every pounding beat~ that the Special Something about you... could turn into Something Very Special for us.
Distinctions And Differences, Profiles And People, And The ....
I used to say I rate photos, not the people in them (or their appearance), profiles, not the people who put them up (or their opinions), of course the truth is always between these dichotomies ... now the alerts will have it that people are rating me a ( ) and not my profile, I see... (I won't go so far as to say that nothing is just language. But language is the ocean the fish of thought swim in...)
Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of This & Get Involved....plzzz Read
Recently, a very serious problem has been brought to the attention of several members of cafemom. It is a very heinous website called This website is a safe haven for pedophiles. The heading on their main page reads, "A Celebration of the Splendor of Little Girls". This website includes links to pictures, or "art" as they call it, of little girls, confessional blogs, a directory of resources for pedophiles (for "both boylovers and girl lovers, as well as anybody else looking for information about pedophilia and consensual child love"), as well as many other links. This site has a manifesto, stating demands to the government to legalize pedophilia. The most disturbing, though, is a link to a page title Sugar and Spice that is specifically for little girls who have "fallen in love" with a pedophile. This site is set up to draw in little girls. It looks like any other fun little girly page. It tells girls that it is okay to be "in love" with an adult, and it is okay t
Yada yada new job yadayada not enough time yadayada too tired yadayada it sucks...
Virus Warning
if someone by the name of undretakeker_blackthunder wants to add you to their list DO NOT ACCEPT IT!!! ITS A VIRUS !!! tell every one on your list b/c if somebody on you list adds them you will get it too. it is a early killer and a very horrible virus. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE on your list. right click on the group name of your buddies list and click send message to all. copy and paste this message....PLEASE COPY/PASTE AND REPORT ANY CONTACT FROM THIS PERSON AS SOON POSSIBLE TO YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER OR LOCAL F.B.I. OFFICE..... (repost of original by 'Drkangel6 need down time luv ya gang be back later' on '2007-03-18 10:42:45') (repost of original by 'Sora' on '2007-03-18 10:56:33') (repost of original by 'Twiztid Juggalo 2Dope CT Husband To Twiztit' on '2007-03-18 11:36:32') (repost of original by 'NORMA JEAN MEMBER # 33 OF THE BOMB SQUAD' on '2007-03-18 13:53:11') (repost of original by 'whiteangel2229,lifehubbygranadaghia75,CTWIFEofDixieDarlinfamilymemberof GIT-R-DO
Never Argue With A Woman...
>> One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing >>and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the >>wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, >>anchors, and reads her book. >> >> Along comes a Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside the >>woman and says, "Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?" >> >> >> "Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, "Isn't that obvious?") >> >> "You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her. >> >> "I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading." >> >> "Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could >>start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up." >> >> "If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," >>says the woman. >> >> "But I haven't even touched you," says the game warden. >> >> "That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know >>you could start at any mo
~ Alec Baldwin To His 11 Yr Old Daughter: "thoughtless Little Pig"... ~
God just give me 5 minutes with this Un Amercian abusive piece of shit... Please when 30 Rock and his movies come on just think how much a ASS he is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An enraged Alec Baldwin unleashed a volcanic tirade of threats and insults on his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, calling her a "thoughtless little pig," and bashing her mother Kim Basinger -- and TMZ has obtained the whole thing unfiltered and raw. And we've learned, a family law judge was so alarmed after hearing the tape, she has temporarily barred Baldwin from having any contact with his child.
Man And Moon
I stand beneath the mystic moon, Time does not come too soon For when a starnger comes to me One without an identity. The way I feel it may seem That this may be forever a dream For the man I have in my sight May only be a shadow in the moonlight. He's always under the moon, he's never late Is he the one, my love, my soul mate? All I've ever had was broken promises and lies But all I can see is love and honesty in his eyes I feel that I can trust this mystery man Just in the way he touches my hand I know he'll never break my heart And we'll always be together and never apart. So if I'm dreaming please dont wake me If you can just let me be If I must have to say goodbye Instead of my heart breaking again I would rather die!!
"""Friendship . . . . . . is you. . . . is love. . . . is shared. . . . is forgiving. . . . is understanding. . . . is shared secrets. . . . heals many hurts. . . . is not judgmental. . . . is shared laughter. . . . is slow and steady. . . . can be angry at times. . . . is dependable and true. . . . is more precious than silver or gold. . . . is meant to be savored like fine wine. . . . is not perfect, much like we are not perfect. . . . does not hold grudges or demand perfection. . . . makes all the wrong things in life, right somehow. . . . is meant to be gulped like lemonade on a hot summer day. . . . is always there, through times of trial, happy times and hard times. . . . just happens, but once discovered, needs to be tended like a beautiful garden. . . . is a road to be traveled slowly, remembering the sights and sounds. . . . is strength when you are too weak to notice its there. . . . is a cherished moment of mutual understanding. . . . reaches into y
Good-bye Yaall,cuts Like A Knife
just moments ago i recieved a message about a man ive grown to respect more than any man ive ever wasnt a message to me but to everyone,it simply stated,good-bye ya i read this it cut through me like a was a man id been able to open up to about my times in nam and about my life and he just disappeared.why?all i know is his message was filled with pain,i felt that pain.many a time he gave his own time to address a problem or give me an honest oppinion.he is truely my best friend.its like loosing someone you never got to say good bye to only this is worse,i wasnt there to help him if he needed help,i wasnt there to listen if he needed an ear,i just wasnt there.there arent many i hold in high regard like curt.matter of fact,there isnt any. curt ,if you ever read this,know in your heart you are family,a family i never had.i miss you sir.i salute you.please curt,come home.
Sorry I upset you people! When I rated pics. last time I didn't know how it worked! Now I know & I will try not too piss so many people off okay!?
Blood In Blood Out
The Icp Concert
the show last night on april 27th, 2007 was the shit, ive been to alot of there shows and there all the shit the only problem i had with this one was twiztid only plaayed a half hour and the clowns only played an hour usually twiztids on for lik a good hour at least and the clowns are on stage for at least 2 so on that note i was kind of dissapointed but hey all is well but anyways mcl ninja and mutha fukin ninjettes

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