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Need Ideas! New To Area
I am new to the Louisville area really I have never spent much time around here. Now that I am down here I am kind of lost on where to go and what to do. Are there any good places to go during the week? Or is this just a week end area?
Emergence And The Paranormal
One major problem with the paranormal is that it can never be quite explained. Why is this? Is it because, as skeptics maintain, it isn’t there? Or could it be that its very nature disallows a total appreciation of what is going on? To the skeptic, this may seem like a cop-out, but in reality, some branches of science hold these same properties. Typical is particle theory, which includes its own uncertainty principle, giving a limit to what can be known. I’ve previously argued for ‘psychic syndrome’. Here, a paranormal event is made up of multiple causes, citing such known phenomena as cryptomnesia, multiple personality, hallucination, hysteria, split brain phenomena, etc. The process would work through ‘emergence’ – the way complex patterns can arise out of multiple simple causes. Placing a ‘holistic’ tag on such a process, the outcome is usually more than the sum of its parts. Cryptomnesia is vital to the process. When we use our senses we only ‘remember’ what we place
A Crown For My Birthday ?
Hello my friends Its my birthday on the 23rd ( July ), And it would be really great to level to Fu-King. I know its a big ask needing just over 500K but I dont often ask for more than a repost. Thanks in advance for any help you give :) Please leave me a msg to say you've been so I can return the love. Go Well .. Brian ..
Walking Away
You can cry But don't cry for me I can't take it no more That's the way it must be You can't lie You're way back in Back into my heart I won't let it be broken again I took a tumble I started to stumble That's when I fell Into a love A thought came from above I was under your spell The things that mattered Were broken and shattered One by one I was so sad But now I'm glad It's over and done There's just one more thing That I want to say I truly loved you But now I'm walking away I put no one above you That's why I'm walking away
25 Reasons I Owe My Mother
1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE . 'If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning.' 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. 'You better pray that will come out of the carpet.' 3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL . 'If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!' 4. My mother taught me LOGIC. ' Because I said so, that's why.' 5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. 'If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me.' 6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT. 'Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident.' 7. My mother taught me IRONY 'Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about.' 8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. 'Shut your mouth and eat your supper.' 9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM. 'Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!' 10. My mother taught me about
Saturday Night Confessions
* Lies You Told*
* Lies you told* As time pass I think of you and all the lies you told, you love me, you want me, I*m your everything and more, but yet you turn around and say I don*t need you anymore, its me not you then you walk right out the door, you call me two days later then claim you made a mistake, you try to sweet talk me thinking I*m going to go back your way, you claim your world is crashing and you running out of things to say, you said you did me wrong, but you wont say your sorry, since your ego means more to you, you do better by your self and your self only by AZUL
Im Up For Sale
Art Event, If Your Interested
Anybody interested in defacing public property legally? OF COURSE YOU ARE :D, if you're in the Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, or anything Hampton, va area, va beach is having they're annual Chalk the Walk contest on the 26th of June. The theme is totally television, anything on tv within tasteful standards (there's kids man) is allowable. They have 3 distinguishments of Children's, Amatuer, or Pro (pro being anyone who has sold art). So if your in the area feel free to stop by and make yourself known, take it easy and best wishes all, Eayrik
Just When Life Seems Boring...
...New surprises make it infinitely more interesting. When a close friend of fifteen years (who I've been desiring to get with for just as long) suddenly announces that she now views me in an entirely different light (in a positive way), the loops get thrown into my life. She and I have a date on Friday, with no small amount of sexual tension between us being left unexpressed. We'll put it this way... I've been on cloud nine since she revealed her feelings today. I'm really looking forward to Friday, and wish it would come sooner. She and I have both decided that it would be in the best interest of humanity and the space-time continuum, that we leave Friday where it is in the week, even if it is still four days away, which causes each of us much frustration in several aspects. I feel really good about pursuing a real relationship with her, as we already have nearly fifteen years of friendship behind it (I met her my Freshman year of college, in the fall of 1993)
Looong Interview
Marlboro State Hospital 1977 age 18 I was taken by ambulance to JSMC where I tried to escape admission by running across the parking lots with foam slippers and signing in with obscenity's. From there at night I was taken by ambulance to MPH. On the way with the lights going they asked me if I had any last requests, I remembered the mercury poisoning in the lakes north of here and told them all the useful things to do with mercury like thermometers and electronic thermo-switches. As I was bought into the carport they had me stripped and showered and took all m y belongings for state issued hospital wear. They interviewed me and gave me some pills. I don't remember why I was there but did not answer up to drug or drinking inquiries from the male nurse. I was placed in a room with around fifty people who were all waiting to see the doctor most of them in hospital gowns and a few of them showing all. There was a black and white TV playing bugs bunny cartoons Tom and Jerry and stuf
Update 8/3.. Thank You So Much My Friends! I Love You All!
Thank You For Being My Friend - Regine Velasquez How can I ever possibly thank everyone? After getting hacked and deleted in the moring on 7/31, I had a new account up and running by about 6pm Central. If you look in my folder I have screen shots of some of my levels along with the times. I started on 7/31 at around 7pm and at 11:39 I was already at level 16. It's now 8/1 and at about 7:10pm Central you got me to level 19 and at 10pm Central Level 20. Again, I am truly stunned, shocked, amazed and so very thankful for each and every one of you. I have helped many level up and have been leveled myself.. but never like this. I can't possibly begin to thank each of you one by one without missing someone so I want to thank all of my friends and family. I need to thank The Thunder & Lightning Levelers, The Spankers, The Life-Savers, The Shadow Levelers and the friends I still have at Club United. You are all amazing Families and I am proud to know each one of you. If you'
just a quick note.. was taking a little break . Still am some but will be back a little.
Just To Let My Friends Know
Just to let everyone know, tonight will probably be my last night on here for awhile. i have surgery on Wednesday(Aug. 6) morning and i will be unable to do anything for awhile. i might get on here tomorrow night but not sure... my surgery will be at 7am and i have to work til 11:30pm. so i will need my rest. I am having surgery on my shoulder.. i have torn a few things and i really need to get it fixed.. I will miss all my friends.. My heart goes out to a lot of you. dont forget bout me Nate
This Is So True
Paradoxically, we fail to disclose ourselves to other people because we want so much to be loved. Because we feel that way we present ourselves as someone we think can be loved and accepted, and we conceal whatever would mar that image." "Another reason we hide is to protect ourselves from change. . . Still another reason we don't disclose ourselves is that we were never taught how. . . Personal ambitions and economic pressures also give us powerful reasons for concealing what we really are. . . All of us hide behind the iron curtain of our public selves. . . Men hide what prevents them from seeming strong and masculine. . ." "Disclosure is so important (because) without it we really cannot know ourselves. Or to put it another way, we learn to deceive ourselves while we are trying to deceive others. For example, if I never express my sorrow, my love, my joy, I'll smother those feelings in myself until I almost forget they were once part of me.
Copperheads Kr
result image You are shy, but friendly and light-hearted once you get to know someone. You dislike fights, and try to avoid them if at all possible. You prefer other people's company, but try to avoid having too many friends. You enjoy your freedom, and are attracted to birds for that reason. Conflicting Dragons: Darkness, Earth. Compatible Dragons: Water, Light, Fire.
My First Time, Or Was It?
I'd never done it before but she begged me to. So, reluctantly I got off the bed and looked in the small bag she'd brought over to my house. I pulled out a set of fur-covered handcuffs. "Oh yea..." she moaned, her body writhing on the bed. I frowned. She was more turned on by the cuffs than me it seemed. Well, fine. I put them on carefully, ignoring her whispers to make them tight. Soon, her wrists were held at the headboard. I took the opportunity to run my hands over her body, groping everywhere on her that turned me on so much. "More, baby..." she begged. I'd been about to enter her, but... Another look in the bag and I found a leather thing. I quickly figured out that it was a stiff collar. Took me a minute to figure out how to put it on her but once I clipped it shut, she couldn't move her head. Her legs were spread wide, an indication of her enjoyment. I decided to tease her, running my fingers and tongue over her pussy until she was crying out. But it wa
Okay, so I was talkin to an ex of mine the other day and he was totally smashed. And he said some things that really caught me off guard but I knew at one point or another they would have come up in conversation. What do you do in that type of situation? You know in your mind that it would never work between you but at the same time because of the unique situation you arein with him you can't help but wonder if you made the right decision by leaving them behind. What are you supposed to do?
God Father Target
This Is One Of The Many Good Friends I Have On Here He Is Going To Be Away For 5 Days And I Would Like EveryOne To Help Him GodFather !!!!!
Sleepless Freedom
Ok, like 3:30 in the morning, and a fith of vodka later.....i am so bored now. Just started this account thing outta boredom, and kinda ok with it. We will see where my boredom has taken me.
Bling Auction
Bling Auction One More 5 credit Bling is left lets Start the 3rd round!!!! Last Round gonna Run for 3 days come and bid. Is Just ONE 5 Credit Bling You Pick you Favorite, When Bids are OVER PLEASE SEND THE MONEY!!! Don't Wait I will send it a Soon I get Online!!! Any other question Fu-Mail me!!!! Please Click Here on this Picture, to Place Your Bid! 2rd round will Start Today at 12:00 Central Time... Please Come and Bid your Fu-Bucks!!!! I have an SPECIAL THANKS TO Flanman For buying the bling pack to do this Auction Possible Please go and rate him!!! This is Brought to you By: ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~@ fubar On Collaboration With: Flanman ~ Enforcer at Silent Screams Radio@ fubar
You Should Wear Pale Pink Lipstick Sweet, sassy, and a little bit retro. Your look: Innocent Sex Kitten Your signature lip gloss flavor: Bubble Gum What Shade of Lipstick Should You Wear?
Be You
Be you You were born to be real, not to be perfect. You are here to be you, not to live someone else's life. Every day you make some progress and every day you make a few mistakes. Through it all, your wisdom continues to grow and your experience continues to broaden. Be gentle with yourself. Accept who you are, where you have been, and what you have to work with, for in this moment you can make positive use of it all. Reach in and touch the purpose that makes you feel most alive. The world around you is filled with places where that purpose can do great things. It is never too late to offer your unique and genuine gifts to life. Now is the time to do great things, even in the smallest of ways. Choose to fully and graciously live life as it comes. The richest rewards by far are the ones to which you most sincerely give of yourself. -- Ralph Marston
Masters Toy............
I answer my phone and I hear, "Come to me, my pet. I feel the need for release." The time is set and I prepare for our meeting by showering and powdering all the major areas. I arrive at the appointed time. I ring the bell. You answer the door wearing a pair of sweats and a T-shirt. You stand back and invite me in. I walk past you saying softly, "Hello Sir, I am here to please you". I hear you shut and latch the door and then I hear you say "Turn around slut". I turn to face you and I see you have already dropped your pants and that your cock is standing rigid from your body in full glory. You point to the floor and I fall to my knees in front of you. I automatically place you in my mouth only to have you pull away and wrap your fingers in my hair pulling my head backwards. I look up at you only to see your hand falling toward my face. I have no time to react before I feel the blow to my cheek and hear you say, "Did I tell you to touch me yet slut? You will not touch till t
Festering Fvck Up.
I mull over stuff longer than I should. I expect a lot from myself that's why. So when I fuck up, I fester in the fuck up! My good friend, Alex, gave me the above sticky note: It says... I'm stewing in the bigger circle of concern. I SHOULD be in the smaller circle of influence. Don't stew in what I have no control over. I try not to. It's tapped to my monitor as a reminder. Thanks, Alex :) -REL
Joanna's Happy Hour
JoAnna"- Proud Member of the {{{Shadow Levelers}}}" & "Club Far"@ fubar This Pimpout brought to you by: Miracle Monkey Chief of N.A.P Member of Club F.A.R Team Capt. Team Love@ fubar Auto 11's are on come Level up!!
why do we look for love.? Its the thing that brings us the biggest pain, but at the same time, it brings us our greatest joy. Our purpose, to find that one true special someone that we will spend the rest of our life with, but sometimes it seems like you find that person, but something goes wrong. All of us in this world share one common thing. That common thing is love. I dont know why must we look for it. It just seems that we want that feeling in our life. In a sense love is like a drug. You try it and it feels good, and u want more of that feeling, but what happens when that feeling goes away.? Do you go out and fulfill your need for it, or do u just sit there miserable because you dont have the drug.? We pray, wish, and dream of being with the one we love, and it seems to good to be true so you drop your guard. Once you drop your guard is when you begin to get hurt and everything goes from there. I dont know, maybe its just me and my past experiences, and the things I have gone th
Going Crazy
I have been going crazy tearing myself apart over something lately. Its been so bad i'm not even sure what to do with myself. Even worse I know what I should do and I just can't bring myself to do it because it would mean giving up something that means more to me than anything. I've realized that it is just making me crazy because I want something so badly it hurts and I know that I'll probably never have that again but I'm to stupid to just let go of that last tiny glimmer of almost nonexistant hope. I just can't do it. It will kill me because it would hurt so bad to let him go. I know I've been doing the things I have for the wrong reasons. They aren't bad reasons just the wrong ones. Its my head against my heart again and I can't win either way I'll be hurt. If anyone has better advice than I can give myself please tell me because I can't handle this much longer. I'm falling apart at the seams and about ready to just let it happen...........
A Poem For You I have cuts so deep in my heart that were made by you By what you say and what you do I don't know what to beleive anymore, I feel like I'm lost You say that you love me and that you want to be with me but at what cost I turned around to to look for you one day Only to realize that my best friend had want away I used to be able to tell you everything Now I'm afairdto tell you anything You have changed I can tell Yet here I sit still going through hell I never get to see you unless you want something or its night No matter what you say it just isn't right All I want is to be truly loved by you But if you can't so me how you feel how am i supposed to know if what you say is true The day that I told you that I loved you I gave my heart away This you should know is true because it beats inside your chest everyday If I loved you more could you cut me just a little slack Or would you trun around and walk away while I stan
All I Ask Of You
RAOUL No more talk of darkness, Forget these wide-eyed fears I'm here, nothing can harm you my words will warm and calm you Let me be your freedom, let daylight dry your tears. I'm here with you, beside you, to guard you and to guide you... CHRISTINE Say you love me every waking moment, turn my head with talk of summertime... Say you need me with you now and always... Promise me that all you say is true that's all I ask of you RAOUL Let me be your shelter let me be your light You're safe, No one will find you your fears are far behind you... CHRISTINE All I want is freedom, a world with no more night and you, always beside me, to hold me and to hide me... RAOUL Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime let me lead you from your solitude Say you need me with you here, beside you... anywhere you go, let me go too Christine, that's all I ask of you... CHRISTINE Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime... say the word and I will
Calendar Girl Contest ;) Sos!!!!!
Help Me Win a Calendar Contest!! Plzzz ~MzMic ™ ~ TakenByMikey, OwnerOfHideAway Help make me a Calendar Girl!!! WOOT! Bubbly WANTS EVERY MONTH OF THE YEAR TO BE BUBBLY, AND YOU CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN! She's HAVING A BUBBLES CALENDER CONTEST! THIS IS A RATES ONLY CONTEST WITH WINNERS TO HAVE AT LEAST 100 RATES. PERSON WITH MOST RATES AT END OF CONTEST WINS CHOICE OF WHAT MONTH THEY CHOOSE TO BE HIGHLIGHTED ON MY PROFILE IN A CALENDER! YOU WILL ALSO BE THE COVER. 2ND PLACE WILL HAVE NEXT CHOICE OF MONTH AND SO FORTH... Would you please help me out by clicking on the pic below and rate me?? I will return all the loving I get ;) Luvs&Hugs, MzMic ~MzMic ™ ~ TakenByMikey,:p OwnerOfHideAwayCalender Contest While you are there, please rate my other half - you won't regret clicking on him!! :) ~MikeS ™ ~ TakenByMzMic,:p OwnerOfHideAwayCalender Contest and rate my livein DJ!! DJ TANNER!! He's worth ur time to rate, while you are rating him, stop
Lost Words - By Me
Lost words And floating poems Things thought But not written They become diasporas In the mind To mixed and mashed Later to become more Or less In some form redressed And confessed Sometimes cryptic Sometimes blunt But always on the hunt And searching For the word The meaning And the seeing Life spills across the page And onto screens Sometimes to be seen And demeaned Or reveled upon All just words And turns of phrase From another Lost in the maze Pieces of soul drip down Through the pen Glimmers and blurs Of life And strife And the fight against the knife STR 6:30 pm 1-30-05
Bling Contest!
/> its contest time again! i am going to be hosting a contest and will be giving away blings packs! 1st place will win a 75 credit bling pack (must have atleast 25000 comments) 2nd place will win a 25 credit bling pack (must have atleast 15000 comments) 3 place will win a 12 credit bling pack. EACH RATE COUNTS FOR ONE COMMENT! the contest will start at 9 pm eastern time on september 6th and will run for 2 weeks. it will end on september 20th and 9 pm eastern! NO DRAMA NO MORPHS NO DOWNRATING NO SCRIPTING NO CHEATING ANYONE CHEATING WILL BE DELETED NO QUESTIONS ASKED! PRIVATE MESSAGE ME WITH ANY WQUESTIONS AIRBAGS!! enforcer/security for MYSTIC SENSATIONS!@ fubar
Angel The flowers bloomed and the bells rang the trumpets blew and the angels sang In the early morning dawn they sent me an angel of my own but angels aren't meant for earth so it wasn’t long before he had to go home He taught me about how precious is life he showed me the ways of the great light with heavenly music he sang his song of love then on a moonbeam disappeared into the stars above I know there will come a time, I don't know when but somewhere in the stars we will meet again when it's my time, on a moonbeam I will go through I know, my angel, I will forever be with you STANLEY HENDRIX
Not A Blog - Just Something I Like
A Dream Within A Dream -E A Poe Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow - You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand - How few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep - while I weep! O God! can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?
Please Rate!!! And Comment!! Ty
Hey hey Ya All Lets Hav a lil fun in the Sun! Lil Miss Devilish Desire Is in A Summer HH Contest & SHe is in Need of a lil Bit Help.... Comment Bombing Welcome Or Take A Few Seconds & Slap a Rate On Her There Worth 5.... All Love Will Be Returned! Thank You!! RePostttttttttttt plzzzzzz!
Love Of My Life
Like the stars in the sky, I am calling to you. From the heavens above, I am looking for you. In the depths of my soul, I will live and breathe for you. Sadness dwells inside you; You have nothing to fear, for I am next to you. I can feel your sadness; Let me be sad for you, so you will feel love once again. Worry not about life, let me worry for you. You should always love life, for it is a part of you. I'll be there when you fall, to catch you and say I Love You...
The Happy Go Lucky Train
Ok Blogs Are Gone
i'm sorry the blogs are gone
Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.
Hello, and good day. I was born with what you would call Extrasensory Perception (ESP). However, since there is nothing extra about it, as it is all I have ever known, I have come to call myself an Empath. That is to say that I am Empathic by both race and religion. I have a cognitive awareness of the emotional state of all the people with whom I come into contact. Empathy is a higher level of awareness and a higher level of reasoning. It is the next step in human evolution, and I am the natural selection. Throughout the course of human existence, we have had to rely on our instincts in order to survive. Over the course of time, along with the changes in our society, the needs of the individual human, as well as the whole body of humanity, have changed. For instance, our need to hunt for food has diminished to an act done for sport, while the instinct to use extreme violence to protect our young has changed to a need to use a more sophisticated method. Yet, violence has als
Sunday 09/07/08 4:00pm Est
Hello everyone lets see what I can post today. I spent most of my morning catching up with my comments etc etc and then i set to work on updating some of the pages. I added links to the tags page omg the html about killed me to get it right lol. Fubar and Front page are only compatible a bit lol but I think I got them good enough for now. Also updated some of the other pages and took out my little comments that have already been added. There haven't been many new trains today but then again it's early yet nows the perfect time to catch up on some of the old ones we didn't get to do along the way. Keep your eyes out on the comments will add anything I come across tonight in the mean time happy train riding :P New Train Today Birthday Party Train Happy Happy BDay Tat2BunnyLuv hope you have the best ever stop in and leave her some BDay luv
My Computer Went Capooie
I am currently using my buddies computer, my motherboard shot on my computer... It costs $298 plus tax to buy a new tower @ Wal-Mart... I either have to wait til december, in hopes I get a check from ssi for my son.. or wait til january til taxes... or hop on the fu and ask for donations!!! :D I can still check my fubar stuff at my friends house, so please message me if you need my home address to donate to my computer fund... it would be greatly appreciated!
Edjo Fra Buto
Kvinnen ble laget av Adams ribbein. Vi må se den jødiske religionen som et opprør mot Egypt, men også som et forsøk på å løse E's problem. Det problemet handler om kvinnens forhold til Isis, og det vistes i guden Amons vei mot undergangen i perioden jødene besøkte Egypt og Amon var knyttet til solguden Re. GT lukker jødene ute fra Egypt i de forskjellige historiene. Noahs Ark er et bilde på sjøreisen fra Afrika og at alt (dvs troen de rømte fra) gikk under samtidig. Skapelsesberetningen er et bilde på deres nye liv med Jahve. Adam og Eva er selve løsningen og låsen på problemet. Det at Seth benevnes som barn av Adam viser at sviket sees i forhold til deres egen historie, ikke i forhold til religionen de dro fra. På samme måte viser legenden om Kain og Abel at de bruker Osiris og Seth bevisst i den nye oppbygningen. Seth er nøkkelen til kvinnens problem i tilnærmingen til Isis. Kvinnen var nødt til å møte svikets problem hvis hun skulle lykkes med en Amons seier eller virkeliggj
I think it's time for me to take a Fubar Hiatus. I think for all the good that being here has done for me there has been just as much bad. I find myself not really knowing who I am lately or what I'm supposed to be doing with myself and this is very much the result of living a life that isn't really 'real' here on Fubar. I allow myself to believe I am someone who I'm not right now. Maybe I can become that someone someday but not today. I think in order to find out who I'm gonna be I need to refocus on what's away from the computer screen. I've made a lot of wonderful friends here. People who I'd like to be friends with for as long as I live if possible but that friendship will have to be in a different form then this social networking site. Those of you who have become close to me know others ways to contact me if you want to stay in touch. For anyone else I'd be happy to stay in touch through different means so please let me know. I don't expect for people to understand wh
Watching The Wheels - John Lennon
Watching the Wheelsby John Lennon People say Im crazy doing what Im doing Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin When I say that Im o.k. well they look at me kind of strange Surely youre not happy now you no longer play the game People say Im lazy dreaming my life away Well they give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me When I tell them that Im doing fine watching shadows on the wall Dont you miss the big time boy youre no longer on the ball Im just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round I really love to watch them roll No longer riding on the merry-go-round I just had to let it go Ah, people asking questions lost in confusion Well I tell them theres no problem, only solutions Well they shake their heads and they look at me as if Ive lost my mind I tell them theres no hurry Im just sitting here doing time Im just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round I really love to watch them roll No longer riding
Let Us Never Forget !
Let us all remember where we were and what we were doing that faithful day ! And keep in our hearts and prayers all of the victims and their families ! May they someday be at peace.
I'm Up 4 Lease U Wanna Own Me?
Goes Out To All The 9/11 Hereos And Families...ty Military Supporter
You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists...You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes. He wears the same things for weeks, but makes sure his weapons are clean.You go to the mall and get your hair redone.H
Re: Scientists: “unusual Magnetic Forces” Caused Wtc Collaps
RE: Scientists: “Unusual Magnetic Forces” Caused WTC Collapse ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 11 Sep 2008, 20:15 Scientists: “Unusual Magnetic Forces” Caused Twin Towers Collapse One article consisting of five short paragraphs in the London Independent informs us that on this seventh anniversary of 9/11 all the remaining unanswered questions about the collapse of the World Trade Center towers can be “explained away”. http://www. prisonplanet. com/scientists-unusual-magnetic-forces-caused-twin-towers-collapse. html
Re: Olbermann: Bush Admin “allowed 9/11 Attacks To Occur"
RE: Olbermann: Bush Admin “Allowed 9/11 Attacks To Occur" ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 11 Sep 2008, 16:26 Olbermann: Bush Administration “Allowed 9/11 Attacks To Occur” MSNBC host Keith Olbermann perhaps went further than ever before last night in his special comment about the 9/11 anniversary, slamming the Bush administration for their “criminal neglect” in allowing the attacks to occur and identifying the continued exploitation of 9/11 “sociological pornography” as the only reason that Bush hasn’t been impeached. http://www. prisonplanet. com/olbermann-bush-administration-allowed-911-attacks-to-occur. html
Hold On!! Change Is Coming...
Hold On (change Is Coming)By sounds of blackness.. Yesterday, a man step to me, He said how can you smile when your world is crumbling down I said, here’s my secret, when I wanna cry, I take a look around And I see that I’m getting by And I hold on Hold On A change is coming Change is coming Hold on Hold on Don’t you worry Don’t worry bout a thing Hold on Hold on You can make it You can make it Hold on Hold on Everything Everything will be alright Some people like to worry Some people like hide Some people like to run away From the pain inside Now it’s your business Do whatever you wanna do But if it don’t work out Here’s what you oughta do When the troubles of life weigh you down, just lift your head Yea, yea, yea When the love you seek is hard to find, Don’t give up, just keep strong, keep ther faith and Hold on
Pregnant Again
Well ...this marks the 5th time in my short life that I've been pregnant. Thank God, this will be my LAST time as well. I had a great and wonderful relationship ( or so i thought) we had progressed to the point where we moved in and made our two families one. In the blink of an eye, ego's became too big, pride even bigger and sight was lost on what was really important. A few weeks after our split i learned that I am pregnant. Because of this pregnancy I've managed to see life in a different light. But i'm also caused a great deal of stress and worry. Not too sure what the future is going to hold. I'm working in a locksmithing / road side service company now. I no longer stand on my feet and complain about being tired. That's SOMETHING that I have in my favor. I'm just tired of feeling nausiated all the time. ugh! Well... i've got about 11 - 15 more weeks before I find out who it is that I'm having. If it's a boy, his name will be Aiden McGuire. If it's a
Piestory Although history records numerous incidents of objects being thrown at public figures—as early as the first century AD Roman chroniclers were describing how the Emperor Nero was pelted with onions in the Colosseum—the use of the cream pie as a means of political protest is a relatively recent phenomenon. “In the past people have tended to express themselves by throwing eggs, vegetables or rotten cats,” says Barker. “That can be harmful, however. The whole thing about cream pies is that allows you to make your point without actually hurting anybody.” Two figures have been especially prominent in the rise of confectionery as an instrument of political protest. In the U.S. left-wing activist Aron Kay has been dubbed “The Pieman” for a whole series of attacks stretching across almost three decades, and including such victims as right-wing political commentator William F. Buckley, former CIA director William Colby and former New York Mayor Abe Beame. In Belgium, meanwhile
Help Ron Level
Please Help Him Level!!! He has been trying for days to level and hasn't gotten anywhere. So Please help him. Im sure if you go and LOVE him up all Love will be returned. RonaldAnthony74 fuhusband to KickA$$Bi@tch and RLBF of her too she rocks *~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~*/~♥~ Fu Wife & R/L G/F 2 Ronaldanthony74 ~♥~@ fubar
Scooby Doo Mystery Train Is Looking For A Scooby Snack And This Train Has A Second Part 2and You Must Do Part 1 To Get On! Hop On
Dark Betrayal
Around, all around, the angels gather. My dread grows as the stroke of death falls against my heart. It wounds me, and darkly my essence drips to the thirsty earth. In agony I call your name while Death's shadow hovers close. Now alone, my love falls upon darkened eyes. This is because of you
“hoÀn KiẾm”!
1. Lại thêm một lần tôi trở về Hà Nội mùa cuối Đông. Một buổi chiều tôi đi bộ bên Hồ Hoàn Kiếm!. Hồ gươm vẫn đẹp! Công viên ghế đá ven hồ, những thảm cỏ xanh, nhiều cây cổ thụ cao, rợp bóng mát. Gió chiều nhè nhẹ. Nhiều người thanh thản đi bộ hoặc ngồi hóng mát nhìn mặt hồ …xa xăm. Tôi nhìn Tháp bút “tả thanh thiên”!. Đền Ngọc Sơn, nơi ấy có trưng bày Cụ Rùa hơn nửa nghìn năm tuổi nằm trong hòm kính, gắn liền với tên hồ, tháp Rùa và truyền thuyết Lê Lợi trả gươm cho thần Kim Quy. Một truyền thuyết xưa, hình ảnh như còn lung lin
Cause I Promised....
So, I know I promised this for two days, but wanted to sit back before I did this again like I do, thus giving those people the benefit of a doubt. Nahhhhh I gave them too much of my time so as a great person here is a list of the newest non-raters...yes some threatened me with bodily harm whether of their own admission or that of their Yes, it reminds me of the days of CB radios and how the threats come but ohhhh fucking Here are the cool cats out there that dont rate back, but I tell ya how much I gave too... 278 Rated 260 Rated 223 Rated 399 Rated 696 Rated 804 Rated 247 Rated 377 Rated 245 Rated 109 Rated http://fu
Touch Yourself For Your Health
I'm in a walk a thon, seeking sponsors for this very important cause to support Breast Cancer research. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - 2008-2009
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Conway Twitty-tight Fitten Jeans
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Devil Left His Bags
The Devil Left His Bags ======================= You put the devil out, but you let him leave his bags. Never quite looked at it like this before... You got out of a bad relationship because it was bad, but you are still resentful and angry. You let the devil leave his bags. You got out of financial debt, but you still can't control the desire to spend on frivolous things. You let the devil leave his bags. You got out of a bad habit or addiction, but you still long to try it just one more time. You let the devil leave his bags. You said, I forgive you, but you can't seem to forget and have peace with that person. You let the devil leave his bags. You told your unequally yoked mate that it was over, but you still continue to call. You let the devil leave his bags. You got out of that horribly oppressive job, but you're still trying to sabotage the company after you've left. You let the devil leave his bags. You cut off the affair with that married
Sure, It's Just The Economy. Lets Take The Day Off!
WTF? I mean on a normal day in a normal week I'd be all for observing a religious holiday but this is far from a normal day. The U.S. economy is crumbling by the hour and they decide taking a holiday is a good idea???? 777 points in one day is not a small hiccup in the system. This day they decide to take could be the deciding day as to whether we pull out of this shit or not. I mean they seem to be acting like this is no big deal and maybe for them it isn't but everyone else on a global scale this MUST be resolved and fast! Great way to instill confidence in our elected leaders when they are willing to leave us swinging in the breeze another day. Facts are facts, yeah the bailout blows huge but we have NO OTHER OPTIONS! Is nice to know our elected officials have their priorities in line and taking a day off for a holiday most will do nothing religious anyhow. Yeah, great use of time in an urgent and dire moment. Can't you just feel that pride building up inside yourself?
Ben Johnson's "to Celia"
XC. To Celia Francis T. Palgrave, ed. (1824–1897). The Golden Treasury. 1875. B. Jonson DRINK to me only with thine eyes, And I will pledge with mine; Or leave a kiss but in the cup And I'll not look for wine. The thirst that from the soul doth rise Doth ask a drink divine; But might I of Jove's nectar sup, I would not change for thine. I sent thee late a rosy wreath, Not so much honouring thee As giving it a hope that there It could not wither'd be. But thou thereon didst only breathe And sent'st it back to me; Since when it grows, and smells, I swear, Not of itself but thee! [1] Palgrave, Francis T. The Golden Treasury. London: Macmillan, 1875;, 1999. [Date of Printout]. ON-LINE ED.: Published January 1999 by; © Copyright, Inc. (Terms of Use). [2] In all fairness to Vixen, I changed the content, lol!
Makin You Think...
More money is spent on boob jobs & Viagra then on Alzheimer's research! By the Year 2040 the elderly will have perky tits, stiff dicks and no fucking idea why...
New Auction in only for a week. come own a real man
Dj Darkspyre Ω Ser Dj Ω
DJ Darkspyre Ω SER DJ Ω@ fubar
Reasons For Bondage
People who find it erotic to be tied up find it so for a variety of reasons: * The most frequently cited reason is a mental freedom from inhibitions and responsibility since they have, in a way, given up control of the sexual situation to follow. This is sometimes referred to as a "power exchange." * Some like the tactile feeling of restraint, that is, the feeling of pressure or pulling. * Some enjoy the feeling of helplessness for its own sake. Some like to struggle aggressively against their bonds, particularly when being sexually or otherwise stimulated. There are some in this category who play bondage games that do not include a significant sexual component. * Wishing to please their partner, and the stimulation engendered by their partner's pleasure in it * To intensify the experience of orgasm control or of orgasm denial. * Some derive pleasure from symbolic degradation (less common). This can include those who enjoy role playing prison or mental h
Nonpartisan Joke
THIS IS A NONPARTISAN JOKE THAT CAN BE ENJOYED BY BOTH PARTIES! NOT ONLY THAT, it is POLITICALLY CORRECT!!.......and so timely! While walking down the street one day a US senator is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance. "Welcome to heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you." "No problem, just let me in," says the senator. "Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity." "Really, I've made up my mind. I want to be in heaven," says the senator. "I'm sorry, but we have our rules." And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf cou
An Epic Night Of Metal!!!
A Epic nite of thrash/Death/Grindcore/Black Metal Come out and watch my band shredd face and as well the other bands as well, for more info here is my band page Comeout and have fun and drink beer!!
Usmc Marines Hymn Marine Corps Band Halls Of Montezuma
Luv From Nushy!!!
You should really show lots of love to this AMAZING couple... It will definitely be worth it. They are both great, nice and caring people who ALWAYS show love back!!!!!!! The Mrs. L!L' fRe@k$t@R [[[PU$$YCAT PLAYMATE]]] +++owned by MENTAL™+++owner of Bisexcee+++@ fubar AND the Mr. Roger Miah Rabbit@ fubar Brought to you by: Ŋǚ§н¥™ åКǎ ŊűŊů... Pimpette and Co-Owner of the Pu$$y@ fubar
If Life It Self Had A Song?
Would it go something like this? Friends all tried to warn me But I held my head up high All the time they warned me But I only passed them by They all tried to tell me But I guess I didn't care I turned my back and Left them standing there All the burning bridges that have fallen after me All the lonely feelings and the burning memories Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door Burning bridges lost forevermore Joey tried to help me find a job A while ago When I finally got it I didn't want to go The party Mary gave for me When I just walked away Now there's nothing left for me to say All the burning bridges that have fallen after me All the lonely feelings and the burning memories Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door Burning bridges lost forevermore Years have passed and I keep thinking What a fool I've been I look back into the past and Think of way back then I know that I lost everything I thought I that could win
Cindragon's Rants & Ramblings - Plz Read And Respond To Questions In Your Comments...
Good morning, everyone! Ready for the weekend? There are a lot of you that are on the Club Mystic member list, yet I do not hear from you, and do not see you know who you are, probably the ones that don't read and rate the blogs, so if you are reading this, I am most likely not talking about you, lmao! As many of you know, I have been very ill for the last couple of weeks, and I apologize for not being available to you as I feel that I should be...and I want to thank our team captains, SouthernBaby, Gunny, and Mae-Mae, for keeping things together while I have been so ill! I am still not up to par, but will try to do more over the weekend! I am about to update the member list.....and will attempt to contact each member personally over the weekend. I want to know the members of my family, and if there is something going on with you that keeps you from participating in Club Mystic activities, don't just drop out, send me a private message, and do as much as you ar
Costume Dilemma
So I have sorta decided to go as a Russian spy for Halloween. I Am Russian And I do have an accent when I am not forcing myself to speak with an American accent. And I have a striped mini dress that looks semi decent on me, cept for the no cleavage part And a toy gun But have no idea what else to do to make it look like a RUssian Spy. (and no, I hate fur hats ;p)
This is perfect answer to leave those speechless.It is not about my son but about everyone else's... I LOVE THIS COMEBACK... One of my sons serves in the military. He is stationed stateside, here in California . He called me yesterday to let me know how warm and welcoming people were to him and his troops everywhere they go. Telling me how people shake their hands and thank them for being willing to serve and fight, not only our own freedoms but so that others may have them too. Then he told me about an incident in the grocery store he stopped at yesterday, on his way home from the base. He said that several people were in the line ahead of him, including a woman dressed in a burkha. He said when she got to the cashier, she made a loud remark about the U.S. Flag, lapel pin, the cashier wore on her smock. The cashier reached up and touched the pin and said, 'Yes, I always wear it proudly, because I'm an American.' The woman in the burkha then asked the cashier when s
Morning Lovin'
She was standing in the kitchen preparing to boil eggs for breakfast,wearing only the T' shirt that she normally slept in. As I walked in almost awake, she turned and said softly, 'You've got to make love to me this very moment.' My eyes lit up and I thought, 'I am either still dreaming or this is going to be my lucky day.' Not wanting to lose the moment, I embraced her and then gave it my all; right there on the kitchen table. Afterwards she said, 'Thanks,' and returned to the stove, her 'T'shirt still around her neck. A little puzzled, I asked, 'What was that all about?' She explained, 'The egg timer's broken.'
My Yahoo Groups
World Wide Strip Clubs Yahoo Group My most popular Yahoo Group - Breasts and Legs
Be The Change ©cyn 2007
Be the change© Cyn 2007 Pondering life and it's many secrets. When I find it, can I keep it? In this life we're dealt a card, sometimes it's easy, sometimes hard. What you do with it, that's your choice. You must speak LOUD, you have a voice! Be a leader, make a change. Look only forward, rearrange. Speak of truth, take a chance. Don't miss out on lifes big dance. The secret of life is what you choose. Stand up now! You cannot lose! Start out alone, take a stand! Soon others will follow to join the band. A band of souls who took a chance. Who spoke in one voice.... And love the dance! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Making Life Come To Life
Making Life Come to Life: Richard Bach describes soul mates as "A soulmate is someone who has the locks to fit our keys, and the keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we; we can be loved for who we are and for who we're pretending to be. Each of us unveils the best part of one another. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person were safe in our paradise. Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we're two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life. "
Dodging And Deflecting
Let It Roll Off Our Back One of the most difficult challenges in life is learning not to take things to heart and hold on to it. Especially when we’re younger, or if we’re very sensitive, we take so much of what comes our way to heart. This can be overwhelming and unproductive if it throws us off balance on a regular basis. When we are feeling criticized or attacked from all directions, it becomes very difficult for us to recover ourselves so that we can continue to speak and act our truth. This is when we would do well to remember the old saying about letting certain things roll off us, like water off a duck’s back. Most of the time, the attacks and criticisms of others have much more to do with them and how they are feeling than with us. If we get caught up in trying to adjust ourselves to other people’s negative energy, we lose touch with our core. In fact, in a positive light, these slings and arrows offer us the opportunity to strengthen our core sense of self, and to learn
Which Way Should I Go
This is the deal. After being in a commited relationship for 3 years and having it come crashing down around my head, my world is changing. My plans for marriage and moving to another state for his job but now that is not to be. So here I was getting ready for the move and marriage and my plans have now changed. There are not many jobs in this area to be had. Ive had a wonderful job offer about 3 hours from me. I need to take this job but just dont know really what i should do. My son is 13 and he really doesnt want to leave his school but of course will go with me whatever my decision. I suppose living in one place all my life has me a bit scared to make that huge step of moving and doing it alone. Grrrrrr sometimes I wish i could close my eyes and make a wish for this nightmare to end. Do i stay or go, am i going to mess up our lives but rushing off headlong into another state?? Hmmm stay tuned and lets see how it goes.
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The Garage
After exposing myself to the two Christians and finding that I enjoyed letting men see me ‘accidentally’ naked, I began planning my next escapade. My car was due to have its annual maintenance service and I thought I’d use the opportunity to see if I could flash again. I carefully selected my outfit for the occasion. A short denim skirt, white g-string panties and a tight yellow, lycra boob-tube that left little to the imagination. It was a hot summer’s day, so I hoped my outfit wouldn’t look too out of place. After pulling up outside the garage I took a deep breath, trying to settle my nerves and beating heart, and stepped out onto the hot tarmac. The assistant at the service counter, an older man in his forties couldn’t take his eyes away from my chest as he checked his records. “Hi, my name’s Steve. Miss Lethem, you’re booked in for a routine service from ten o’clock. Is there anything special you’d like us to check over?” “Well there is a sort of knocking sound coming from t
Join Us At Snake Charmers
We walk on starry fields of white And do not see the daisies; For blessings common in our sight We rarely offer praises. We sigh for some supreme delight To crown our lives with splendor, And quite ignore our daily store Of pleasures sweet and tender. Our cares are bold and push their way Upon our thought and feeling. They hang about us all the day, Our time from pleasure stealing. So unobtrusive many a joy We pass by and forget it, But worry strives to own our lives And conquers if we let it. There's not a day in all the year But holds some hidden pleasure, And looking back, joys oft appear To brim the past's wide measure. But blessings are like friends, I hold, Who love and labor near us. We ought to raise our notes of praise While living hearts can hear us. Full many a blessing wears the guise Of worry or of trouble. Farseeing is the soul and wise Who knows the mask is double. But he who has the faith and strength To thank his God for sorrow Has
Rate It. None Of The Others In The Folder Only Mine. If I get more rates then the other 7 I win cash
It Happened Again
Well I went to suprise Mitch with a brand new 250.00 cell phone and new bow, and I caught him with a little blond tramp that he forgot to mention. It was his ex. So once again I got cheated on and caught him....Go figure
It's All About Great Music & Friends!!!!!!
Euphoric Radio Come on in lets have fun!! It's all about Great Music Friends & Good Times!! Join Us
Man it sucks other women out there use men they find a sugar daddy nope not me. Im a good girl I work hard and waitress and still don't get by going to school, car, home, and extra's its hard to cut it sometimes I just wish sometimes people like me that have come form so little and such a crappy homelife could maybe make enough to fee comfortable and not having to worry all the time....oh well i will leave it in gods hands that all i can do besides work my tail off sorry i need to complain all little i get tired of the same thing everyday and thats what i do the same thing everyday
Lets Party
Where Should U Have Sex
You should have sex outdoors You are the romantic type and enjoy being spontaneous. You are not that into having other people watch though, so make sure that there is no one else around before getting busy. Take this quiz at
Kind Of Food Resembles U Sexually
Strawberries! You are incredibly seductive and can tempt any hottie. Try using strawberries, and other sweet fruits as part of your seduction. Throw in a blindfold for extra pleasure. Take this quiz at
feel the silence ahh, the silence. I lay in rest finally. No screams, no tears, no pain, it all drifted away with my body. I lie deep beneath the rocks, dirt, grass, and snow, betwean the layers of mother earths crust.The fealing of silence is so great. I no longer feel the worlds angziety, it all drifts away with the sarrow, away with the uncertinty, it is great to feel the silence. I cannot see, i cannot speak, i cannot hear, but i can feel the silence and it is the most peacefull thing i have found and now i can sleep.
Hi Guyzs!
hello there care to chat me this my addy
This Is Some Bs
What Candice Means You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily. You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind. A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable. You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic “Type A” personality. You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts. You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals. You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row. You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace. People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality. You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's e
Completely Filled
A tender touch A warm embrace A precious smile Upon your face A passionate kiss I longing gaze Just tkens of your loving way. I lay you down you stroke my hair I feel th need to taste you there I fill you up you breath me in our legs in twined I caress you skin The night is young As time stand still Two heart as one completely filled
A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all, and special thanks to those I consider good friends. A very simple blog, even though tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., sending the best wishes for a wonderful thanksgiving to all, and a very special thanksgiving wish and love is sent to my close dear friends below. I am very fortunate, and thankful for knowing all of you. xoxo Berry, Berry Quite Contrary@ fubar Year of the Dragon™"@ fubar §lirpa@ fubar ẄỉčҜёĐ₣яίέŋĐ@ fubar ~Poetic_Heart~Manager & Dj @ Flirtations@ fubar lilslavegrrl aka Sweet_One@ fubar ♥Grace Kelly♥~Member of Dangerous Curves~/Owned By Delerius@ fubar ♒Vixen26
Please Rate Want To Level
hi everyone can u please rate me and help me level and also can someone help me with a salute ill like to make one but not sure on how. thnx
Tonight 11/29/08
Come out and meet me see the band Have some fun Pats Roadhouse 157 S Getty St, Muskegon, MI (231) 727-2951 1-click directions
Our Dreams
Our Dreams Dreams I was thinking of us last night And the times we shared How good we were But now we are apart Yet we still have our Dreams For in our Dreams we are together Holding hands on the beach Talking all night under the silver moon Kissing and holding each other tight In our Dreams... For no matter the distance Or the obstacle I will always belong to you For we are meant for each other not only in reality, but also in our Dreams by Surabhi M
More Art
Click the links below the pic to see the whole gallery. Until We Fall by ~TimLaSure on deviantART The Patience of an Act of Love by ~TimLaSure on deviantART
Ok so I thought the fumarriage thing was funny and a nice new addition since people get fumarried anyway. So why not help us out and make it a bit more interactive with fubar and not just something users made up and have been doing from the start. I'm no longer amused by it. I'm more so annoyed by it. Apparently in order to get fumarried you have to dish out $100 yes dollars not fubucks. People have been getting fuengaged and fumarried since before i ever came to the site. You propose, you find a rev in a lounge, have a little fuwedding in a lounge, then throw fumarried to whomever in your name. Some of the reverends on here will even make you a fumarriage certificate. So why spend $100? I love fubar but its really starting to seem like they are trying to get more and more money from us....which is kind of shitty considering our economy right now. Fubar members need incentive for them to dish out their hard earned money. However as always I have a few solutions/suggestions -----
Me And My Big Mouth(fingers)
So I have this problem. I have to write. Whatever is in my head, it has to come out somehow. The issue is that I like when people read what I write so I keep putting it in somewhat public forums. This keeps turning out badly! I would love some suggestions as to how to purge without stepping on toes and hindering my social life (among other things, but that's a WHOLE other story!), but still get the input of some really smart and/or snide people! Have a great day everyone!
First Post
Hi,welcome to visit my fubar blog,tks!
Money Again
Ok there is another for $2500 under the same conditions. Make a comment with info again. First and last name plus email.
Thought Test
Let's test the way you think: Thepenisinmymouth Did you read "the pen is in my mouth" or "the penis in my mouth" I'm willing to bet most on here read the 2nd one.
we lay passionetly in each other's arms staring into each other's eye's while we give one another kisses here and there..... we enjoy each other's soft touches on every curve of one another's bodies ..... we lay and laugh at every little silly thing we share even if it ant that funny .... we whisper sweet nothings in each others ears tell one another blushes in embarressment .... we make all the right moves while we make love in the moonlight .... we slowly fall a sleep in each other's arms after we made the best love we ever made ......
Ok, Some People Seriously Don't Fucking Get Me
Ok, last night.... it became apparent that some of my friends don't get what my situation is. AT ALL! Living at home: Yeah? So. I still do at 25. Whats the fucking big deal? I have several friends my damn age who still do, some even a little older than me. I don't see what the motherfucking deal is about getting a place of your own is... yeah it's a place of your own, but when you're short on money [and yes, I don't work], what other alternative do you really have? In the words of Jeff Dunham's character, Peanut....NONEWHATSOFRICKENEVER! Driving: Yeah, I don't drive. Point being? I know a lot of people who don't drive yet or period, at my age or older. I'm not really ready to drive, yet. But that doesn't fucking mean I won't sometime down the line. But as of right now, I don't think I am ready to do so. Emotional Stress: Face it people, either you wanna or not, we are never ever over what someone else has done to us. People tell us to move on, but when you think about i
A Christmas Story For People Having A Bad Day:
When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure. Then Mrs Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more. When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where. Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered. Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drank all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom. Just then the doorbell ra
We Have Been Asked For Help....
My fu-ownee, and friend, Ms. Sassy, sent me a message... "I have a huge favor to ask of you!! SGT DV (my number 3 friend) has auto 11's on. Can you send some Club Mystic members to her page to rate her? She is going into Cancer Treatment Center of America next week to hopefully find a better treatment plan for her breast cancer and I am trying to help her get as many points as possible before she goes. " This courageous young lady is about to undergo treatment for breast cancer, so plz send her some love today if you possibly can...I have f/a/r'ed her, and let her know that some Club Mystic members will be visiting her page today, plz f/a/r her and let her know that you are a member of Club Mystic, and pray for successful treatment... ~SGT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE~ALWAYS HOT & READY~ASST. GENERAL MANAGER @SOUTHERN RADIO*~~~@ fubar ----------------------------------------- SouthernBaby's auto-11's went well! Thanks to all who rated her pics! She is
Crystal Bowl Chakra Healing Concert Part 1
i decided to start blogging various videos to help ppl find what helps them in a self healing process.. this series deals with using the various ways of useing crystal bowls to help heal the chakras of our bodies, each tone from the different bowls helps the individual chakras. Hope that you find what you need to help heal yourself. BLESSED BE!
~ Open Letter-choices ~
Tell me where you came from and it also tells me who you are at this point....Show me your choices and it allows me to see who you are becoming. Each day is an empty canvas for all of us, irregardless of our past, good or bad. And each day, every decision is a path to a new life...every decision leads to one....not the sum total but every single one of them one makes us angry or sad or hurt....they only do things in front of us and we decide..again, decision....we decide what value to assign to their words or actions. I do not put value in negative, it only empowers others, I try to grasp onto positive and be positive, even in the face of adversity. Our choices, our decisions tend to become 'Patterns of Action' and in turn, those 'Patterns' become us..the way we react and view things...they become "Habits". Habits can be productive or counterproductive...that is our decision. Bad Habits can only be excised and replaced by starting a new and positive pattern of action and us
Devil Dogs Bullie 1
Slipknot Singer Blasts Coldplay's 'viva La Vida'
Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor launched into a foul-mouthed rant about Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and the band's latest LP during a TV interview. The British rockers' Viva la Vida received critical acclaim when it was released earlier this year. But Taylor is not a fan of the record, or singer Martin - and made his thoughts known in a profanity-packed U.K. TV interview. He tells Zane Lowe's MTV show, "That is one of the most self-celebratory pieces of shit I've ever fucking heard in my entire fucking life. "Go suck a fucking dick. Are you watching Martin? Suck it. Go eat a bag of shit. "I fucking hate that album. It's music to wipe your ass to."
Lol Some People....
Where do you all get off on telling me what to do and where to put things lol...if i wanna do a mumm dont tellme what to do w/it and I wont ever post a fucking mumm again and faras blogs no one fucking reads them
Lamb Of God 12/16/08
Ok so last week I went to see Lamb Of God in anaheim at the grove and it was ,in a word, AWESOME!! I fully recommend to any metalhead that hasn't seen them live, yet, to see them. Faceless and Job for a Cowboy weren't too shabby either. The pits were pretty brutal, but oh lordy, the LoG pit? INTENSE and the BEST EVER!!! What an aggression release! It was amazing. I came outta there with a few bruises, but face still in tact, and people lookin at me crazy b/c I'm this little ass asian bitch throwin myself around in this mean ass pit. HAHAHA But yeah, LoG is a must see for any metalhead.
Heart Break Quotes
With what a deep devotedness of woe I wept thy absence - o'er and o'er again Thinking of thee, still thee, till thought grew pain, And memory, like a drop that, night and day, Falls cold and ceaseless, wore my heart away! ~Thomas Moore Ask me why I keep on loving you when it's clear that you don't feel the same way for me... the problem is that as much as I can't force you to love me, I can't force myself to stop loving you. ~Author Unknown Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. ~Author Unknown I thought when love for you died, I should die. It's dead. Alone, most strangely, I live on. ~Rupert Brooke Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell. ~Edna St. Vincent Millay It hurts to breathe because every breath I take proves I can't live without you. Anonymous
New Year
Yes another year is about to arrive & its gonna suck b/c I am alone. Well not really alone alone but without a guy & I can handle that for now as I think I found someone special but he is very far away & for now all we can do is talk on yahoo & thats fine. There are several other guys out there that I have been talking to as well and I really hope I get to meet some of you b/c you seem kewl as hell & I am sure we could have some fun hanging out. To those I have meet & you turned out to be disappointing WTF? But hey thats life you live & learn. Yes I can be jealous & very needy but that goes with divorcing an asshole who never told me I was worth anything. I am learning to deal with it as best I can. So if I piss you off or bother you too much just tell me don't just ignore me! Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! GO GATORS!
My mom came home and told me about these Hershey kisses she had at work today. They were mint and had little hard candies in them. While we were out shopping we found them, so we bought a bag. They are candycane kisses. OMG they are so good! You can't eat just one. I already have a bag of the cheesecake kisses, but these are so much better. I have terrible sinus and allergy stuff going on. I absolutely hate being sick. It makes my crabby to people. I have a short fuse and blow up at people. I'm sorry if I was rude to you at all today. I didn't mean to. I got some severe allergy and sinus headache meds tonight and they seem to be helping. I don't want to be sick for New Years. Boo! Thanks so much to everyone who has donated thus far to the Get Amy in the Spotlight Fund! I've still got a longgg way to go. So any more help would be great. Send your friends here, I promise I won't bite...too hard. I was tying to think of ways to raise funds. One thing I thought of was auctioning o
A Creepy Song With My Name ~shivers~
~Dani's nusery rhyme~ In that cold winter morning You can hear some voices calling They found Dani, and she was sleeping Now the voices started screaming She was laying down on the wet grass Looking vacuous at the pass She was cut in two as a doll And now her smile’s not happy at all Your hungry fingers around her neck Have brought you nothing more than pain But now there’s no turning back You see Dani’s eyes will never shine again Dani can’t walk, Dani can’t breath Dani can’t talk, Dani can’t weep Dani can just smile, yes She can smile until her ears They said Dani was so good May they have not understood? Her white flower was so pure But somebody’s found the cure She was laying down on the wet grass Looking vacuous at the pass She was cut in two as a doll And now her smile’s not happy at all Your hungry fingers around her neck Have brought you nothing more than pain But now there’s no turning back You see Dani’s eyes will never shine again D
Something To Be Said About Bbws And Thick Women...
if you reject them based solely on that, you are missing so much, not only in terms of your own personal character but also the possibility of meeting someone who can either make you happy or be a great friend. If you like women with big breasts, then this is a natural in most cases. While I love women as a whole in general, I am attracted more to women who have something on them. Weight (as well as race, etc, etc) should never be a factor in how you interact with them or feel about them. Everyone (for the most part with exception) has a heart, a soul, a spirit that needs to be nutured and appreciated and excluding a whole bunch of people because of weight issues is completely and utterly ludicrous and needs to be ceased. So next time you see anyone, show them some love and not some ridicule. People are love everyone because life is precious. And also as I would say, always think pink. Thank you.
Could Use A Little Help!
HEAR ME OUT HERE.. So.. times are rough for everyone right now money wise and well i've been wanting an XBox. I did some research and found this really awesome program that ACTUALLY WORKS, saw the videos and everything. I'm 20% done I just need 11 more refferals. There's 2 ways to do the system one is a point system where you earn your xbox all by your lonesome self. another way is via refferals getting other people to join which is what i'm doing. All i had to do to validate that was complete one offer and i did it for a free credit report *make sure to cancel before they bill you!* once you get your link you can do what i'm doing and get your free one to. It's a great program. And you may want to make another email address to catch the spam. Here's the FaQ: 1) What is the catch? Why does this company give out free XBOX? When you complete the offer, the advertiser will pay TRAINN some money. When you refer your friends, the advertisers will also pay TRAINN more money. So, aft
Life - Thought Provoking
Have u ever watched kids on a merry-go-round? or listened to the rain falling on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's eratic flight? or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down, Don't dance so fast. Time is short, The music won't last. Do you run through each day on the fly? When you ask "how are you?" do you hear the reply? When the day is done do you lie in your bed with the next hundred chores running through ur head? You'd better slow down, don't dance so fast. Time is short, The music won't last. Ever told a child, "we'll do it tomorrow?" And in your haste, not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, let a good friendship die Cause you never had time to call and say "hi"? When you run so fast to get somewhere you miss half the fun of getting there when you worry and hurry through your day it's like an unopened gift.. thrown away Life is not a race.. do take it slower Hear the music before the song is over
Just Rambling...
Isnt it funny how we always persue the ones we cant have. And yet we know we cant have them but we still hold hoping maybe someday we can be with them.And most of the time the ones we are waiting for dont even really know we is it that I always fall for the one that i cant possibly ever be with. i want to just stop myself from ever falling in love again, then i would save myself from the hurt and pain that always comes with fallin in love. cuz I dont think I will ever find a man that will ever see me for who i am, and love me for that same reason. maybe I am just destined for loneliness. they say that we are all put on this earth for a reason, and I wonder what possible reason i could have for being here.
Yes 2
Wife : "I dreamt they were auctioning off dicks. The big ones went for ten dollars and the thick ones went for twenty dollars." Husband : "How about the ones like mine?" Wife : "Those they gave away." Husband : "I had a dream too...I dreamt they were auctioning off cunts. The pretty ones went for a thousand dollars, and the little tight ones went for two thousand." Wife : "And how much for the ones like mine?" Husband : "That's where they held the auction."
Vanessa Del Rio
Anyone Wanna Help
we will be traveling down to FL jan 18th. we will be at the fort lauderdale airport around 930am, we will need a ride from fort lauderdale airport to port of miami, then we will need picked back up the 25th from port of miami and taken to somewhere in fort lauderdale. we need to find a cheap hotel for the 25th-26 as our flight home isnt til the 26th at night. any help would be appreciated and we are more then happy to pay for gas and what not.
A Couple Of His Different Looks He's Had
For Orly!!!
THESE ARE SIMPLE THINGS TO HELP YOU LIVE A HAPPY LIFE.....Show up 2.Follow Your Heart 3.Stay Inspired 4.Do Things You're Good At 5.Love Your Work 6.Get a New Perspective 7.Have a Sense Of Wonder 8.Don't Isolate 9.Find People You Love 10.Set New Goals 11.Finish What You Started 12.Help Others 13.Do a One day news fast 14.Dance, Dance, Dance! 15.Pamper Yourself 16. Face Your Fears (I got You) 17. Don't Be a Victim 18.Go To a Museum 19.Any decision is Better Than No Decision 20.Exercise 21.Limit Television 22.Listen to Music 23.Get In Touch With Nature 24.Lighten Up 25.Get a Good Night's Sleep 26.Read Books on Your Spare Time 27.Buy Yourself Flowers 28.Reach Out 29.Set up a realistic Schedule 30.Don't compare Yourself With others (You Are Beautiful) 31.Live In the Moment 32.Don't Beat Yourself Up 33.Accept That Life Has Its ups And Downs 34. Every Night Reflect On The"Good" Things About Your Day 35.Be Open To New Ideas 36.Believe In Yourself 37.Be Kind With Yourself 38.Let People Know how
Happy Bday Scooby Doo
When Love Hurts
Hey Where's My Peeps At!
We are looking for good people who like to hang out and have fun ,good conversation, and meet new people ..Well we have a lounge for you ..Come Join ZERO INC.. Bring your friends ... Every 5th new memeber gets 10 k in fubucks .. so whatcha got to lose....... Nothing! Click the picture to enter (repost of original by '♫♫Blueyes♫♫ Fu/ angel & Chiina Doll' on '2009-01-21 13:26:36') (repost of original by '*Crissy* CoOwner of Zero_Cool---*Engaged to DJ Zero Cool*' on '2009-01-22 05:36:41')
Just Breathe
Breathe in, Breathe out. Move One foot and then the other, and eventually the sceanery will change. I tell myself, everyday, Across a thousand miles But internal sceanery remains the same. I am still walking through the shadow that you cast. Still see before me those eyes that caught me Held me. Like some Le Brea creature Sucked under. Slow drowning when I try to breathe in, breathe out. I tell myself when the banshee wail of a distant train echoes through the lonely night and memory comes calling so convincingly that everything is okay but without the rise and fall of your chest against my back, I suffocate,Unable to breathe in,breathe out. I tell myself to let the pain flow through, my only option, since nothing known to man can ease the pain. Like phantom limb syndrome, I still feel you Long after amputations scars have healed. Long after foot, in front of foot, in front of foot,has taken me away. Poem By Tammy C.
Car Accident
Hey everyone, Yesterday evening, while driving back to my college dorm from my parents house,I hit a patch of black ice and lost control.My car rolled over twice and landed upside down in the median. Luckily I escaped with a few bruises and lots of aches and pains. I wanted to let my friends know that I will be back/forth online or so. Please be safe out there. ************AND REMEMBER GO STEELERS***********
FUBAR'S BOOTY FUGITIVE'S To view who all the fugitives are so far click on the links below PAGE 1 PAGE 2
Aint It A Kick... In The Head?
I keep getting kicked in the face. I'm not sure if its anything I did wrong or if it was a gap in my defenses I might just be too abrupt too direct too used to headbutting feet to solve my problems. I'd scratch my head and nonchalantly tell you I can't help it. I have a high IQ, but I tell you sometimes I can be pretty stupid. ...sorry. Well, I'm not sorry for how I feel. I know I should stick to my good intentions. Not to rush headlong into a blind corner. I'm tipping the soufle'... I know. Putting my cart before my horse. Sorry, I said to wait, I said to know you backwards forwards memorized That's kinda difficult when you're so used to getting kicked in the face. I'm not asking you to love me. Okay... I am, but I shouldn't. It's that pesky dichotomy of mine flaring up again. The part of my soul that wants you is certainly louder. The part of me that does the right thing, through the right channels- I think is on vacation this week.
I was originally going to write a blog involving angst and repulsion. Negativity Instead, I want to write one about inspiration. Positivity. There is too much that is negative in our lives. Some of it we bring upon ourselves. Some of it just seems to happen. But we can’t escape it. Some days it is all you can see and you have to fight for those little glimpses of light that peek through the cracks of this abominable wall that stands before us. Some people can become that light. They can break through that wall and for one moment no matter how long or how brief there is a ray of hope and joy that shines through. There is an essence of humanity. I’m not talking about myself. I am speaking on the behalf of many people that I have never met, never talked to, and I only know of their existence through words of others, assorted news stories and my own assumptions. Their world has come crashing down on them. Their souls have somehow lost their way. Their lives I cannot
A Friend Like You
Everyone should have a friend like you You are so much fun to be with And you are such a good person You crack me up with laughter And touch my heart with your kindness You have a wonderful ability To know when to offer advice And when to sit in quiet support Time after time You've come to my rescue And brightend so many Of my routine days And time after time I've realized how fortunate I am that my life includes you I really do believe that Everybody should have a friend like you But so far it looks like You are one of a kind!
"you Were There For Me"
Words escape me at this moment that seems like the end yet it is only the beginning when friendships are close and dreams are far you were there for me. Tears fill me with memories of both good and bad some nearly forgetton yet all dear to the heart you were there for me. In times of trouble and in times of thanks you stood by my side and held me up. Through your ever-patient ears to your comforting hugs you were there for me. From that first day when I saw you and knew that you would love me for who I was you were there for me. And until the day when we are old and gray I will always know that you are there for me.
Naughty Application
ok ppl i am looking for a naughty friend for Valentines Day. All can apply.(male or female) let's see how naughty u can get..kisses suga 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Her Profile...
HotAssMickey@ fubar
Suggestion For A Solution?
I was chatting with a pal of mine the other night, about what has happened with the slowed down rating system that has been put into place, she had a idea that she shared with me, and that I would like to share with the people of fu-bar and maybe get some feed back, or build on this idea, and propose it to BabyJ. On fu-bar there is only one way to level up, and that is thru rating pictures and profiles, with the addition of a-11's, you are able to level up a little more quickly. What if other ways of leveling were added? in real bars, they have pool and dart tournaments, they have ladies night, blackjack, texas holdem..etc.. could some of these be added to fu-bar? I am not familiar with the making of web sites, so what I am suggestion may be far fetched, or impossible to implement..but I thought if I threw this out there, maybe it would spark an idea, or build on this idea from other fellow fu-barians. Those who enjoy rating can continue to do so, those that are not happy with t
The Canvassers Tale
Poor, sad-eyed stranger! There was that about his humble mien, his tired look, his decayed-gentility clothes, that almost reached the mustard, seed of charity that still remained, remote and lonely, in the empty vastness of my heart, notwithstanding I observed a portfolio under his arm, and said to myself, Behold, Providence hath delivered his servant into the hands of another canvasser. Well, these people always get one interested. Before I well knew how it came about, this one was telling me his history, and I was all attention and sympathy. He told it something like this: My parents died, alas, when I was a little, sinless child. My uncle Ithuriel took me to his heart and reared me as his own. He was my only relative in the wide world; but he was good and rich and generous. He reared me in the lap of luxury. I knew no want that money could satisfy. In the fullness of time I was graduated, and went with two of my servants--my chamberlain and my valet--to tr
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Debt And Loans
I work for we can help you we offer 100% money back guarantee a $300 dollar gas card to you and a 98% success rate of getting your principle and payments down. when you contact us please give my name NICOLETTE we can help you. please check out my other site your future depends on it.. and peace of mind. Nicolette
Today's List 02/12/2009
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Bling Auction (opens Fri The 13th)
Im Really Sorry Ya'll
As Most of ya know I had a Bad motorcycle wreck.. I havent been hitting hardly anyones pages because,Im seriously dope'd up & sleeping most of the time.. Please excuse me for not droppin love n say'n Hi as I really am hurting now.. today I spent 5 hrs at the hospital gettin more X-rays=20 of them & all my staples removed.. I cant wait to go soak in a bath n relax again.. Here in a week or 2 I should be semi Coherent & able to start back being the flirt ya'll love Thanks for lookin Hugs Mark
Cabin Fever 2
Cabin Fever 2 Sat. Feb 28 9pm-10pm Vogel- Direkt influence, Booty house 10pm-11pm Drayko- Direkt influence, NRG/Psy 11pm-12am Egzail/D-Wizz- Direkt Influence, Electro House 12am-1am "The Rider"- microCosm House,PHUNgEYEz Debut techno set 1am-til' he feels like stoppin- D.A.- Fuze, Progressive House ThE EvOl HiPpIe will be appearing with his bag-o-toys for your visual pleasure Scooters Bar located on River RD, Forestport NY No Cover, cheap Drinks 18 – Party 21- Drink
does any one know this song who writes it ( im in love with stacys mom--- )stacys mom has got it going on oo stacy cant you see you just not the one for me blaa blaa blaa
10 Random Things...
1. Last night Doomascus played a battle of the bands. I don't know who the judges were, but they were so harsh it was overly harsh. It was like they were all that Simon dude from American Idol. However, it was a lot of fun. Those dudes are some of the best people I have ever met. It was great hanging with Chris, Justin (and their ladies), Corey/Master/C & B Maximus, and even that Mike fellow who seemed pretty cool and funny. We did meet some nice people in West Virginia, and we also met quite a few unfriendly bands. Apparently our pants were not tight enough for some of them. We love all bands, regardless of pant tightness...but no hard feelings I suppose. 2. I just lost a very important person to me. They didn't die, but to me did something least for now. She probably doesn't even realize what she is losing, and may not even care. It has been tearing me up this last week...and thanks to new friends like Jessi, and old the other Jessi from Dayton...I
"kitten Gets Punished".....
I come back to my room to find you lying on my bed with no shirt on. Your eyes are closed as if you are sleeping, although I know that you aren't. I walk into the room and climb onto the bed next to you, putting my hand on your chest. I nuzzle your ear with my nose, trying to get your attention. You turn your head to the side to look at me, and then push me off of the bed, lightly. I sit on the floor looking confused, and you chuckle. "Strip for Master Darius..., Kitten." I slowly stand up, just in case you tell me to sit back down, but you permit my standing. I'm wearing a white button down shirt with a black bra underneath and a short plaid school girl skirt with a black satin thong under it. I begin to unbutton my shirt as slowly as possible, just to annoy you. When it is finally unbuttoned, I leave it on but open. Then I slide my skirt down to the floor, and slowly let my shirt drop off as well. You stop me and motion for me to walk over towards the bed. Once I'm near you,
Stole This From Sherry
nice...... You Are FAIL You love the internet, but it sometimes gets on your nerves. How can so much of humanity be so stupid? Wait, you don't even want to know. While there are some good aspects to being online, you can't help but notice there's so much fail. You liked the internet so much more in the good old days... before all the idiots found out about it! What Internet Slang Are You?
For The Record...
As most of you know, I'm one of those slacker idiots who Fu's at work. Our work's net filters don't block Fubar per se, but they do prevent any page loading that has too many swear words in it, so please, by all means, if I get on your tits and you want to make sure I can't use Fubar at all, swear lots in my shoutbox so I can't see anything on the site, cheers.
The Naughty Application
NAUGHTY APPLICATION" CUT AND PASTE AND REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN......... 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position ? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Ever had a threesome? 19. Ever used a sex toy? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Can I use you as a booty call? 23. Do you like foreplay? 24. What is foreplay to you? 25. Can
Lookin Fer Love??
U lookin 4 Love?? What R ye lookin 4?? Let us know because WE B FRIENDS!! and maybe we kin help??
When I left the United States back in 2002, I had no intention of returning, as at that point in my life there was little to no reason to ever go back. The years have past and I have been in the North east of the UK all this I have been given a reason to return....My Daughter! Many years ago her father took her from me..and though I fought my best to have her or get her...I always lost...finally one day I gave up trying as it was beginning to impact me both mentally and physically....I met a man....we left for the open road in America and I never looked back....well of course she was always in my heart and in my mind..but I knew there was nothing more I could do at the time.She is now going to be 21 in March and has landed in a situation needing my dirrect Tampa FL here I come....Mommas going to go help her baby girl out. I am a bit worried how she and I will get on after the "honey moon period" wears off...but other than that I am so excited about finall
Just Blah
well i am not in a good mood at all tonight i am new to this fubar don't know how to place a back ground on the profile.....and then men you men are the most stubborn people i know ...i thought woman was worse then men....but no no they are whiney and complainy they just need to pull on there big boy pants and deal with it and grow the heck up lol but so far on fubar i am addicted but still try ing to get used to what i can get points from and how....and then i am really hurting my shoulder has a knot on it the size of texas and its not my head guys lol ....well that is all for now sorry for the ranting
Kanan The Dream Catcher,autos Tonight
'ello Ladies ;)
Hey gorgeous women.... Seems there is a chainsomethinganother going around round these parts.... so, here's the PoStaL spin... I ♥ you all! you are gorgeous, intelligent, strong and unique!!! NOW...HERE'S THE DAMN BLURBISH THANG The lady reading this is beautiful, classy and strong, and I love her. Help her live her life to the fullest. Please promote her and cause her to excel above her expectations. Help her shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love. Protect her at all times, lift her up when she needs you the most, and let her know when she walks with you, She will always be safe. Luv you Girl!!!! I LOVE YOU ....SISTA! ♥ PoStaL
Useless Information
Do you take your phone to the bathroom with you? never What's one thing you've learned this year? that i can relearn what i used to know What did you do today? slept in, got over my hangover, played on the net, danced with my son Are you excited about anything major? excited... no Have you ever been a gymnast, dancer or a cheerleader? all of the above Where do you plan on living when you grow up? i refuse to grow up Are you ever purposely irritating? my goal in life is to annoy every person that i meet... but in a pleasant fun way hehe Do you prefer boats or planes? give me 4 tires planted firmly on the road thnx Do you think you'll be a good mother/father? i hope i already am Are you comfortable with your height? on rare occasions but not often Are there any posters on your wall? can't say as i do Have you ever been called a bad influence? yes i have Be honest, who have you texted today? i've text messaged only bu
Leveling Blog 414
Mechghost@ fubar 12k to level
Dog Not Allowed In School
Here is one that needs some forwarding to others and is all too true. A dog had followed his owner to school. His owner was a fourth grader at a public elementary school. However, when the bell rang, the dog sidled inside the building and made it all the way to the child's classroom before a teacher noticed and shooed him outside, closing the door behind him. The dog sat down, whimpered and stared at the closed doors. Then God appeared beside the dog, patted his head, and said, 'Don't feel bad fella'...they won't let ME in either'.
Losing Your Love
Have you ever been in a relationship where you wish you could have gone back and changed the past and corrected through the realization that you could fix it by fixing yourself? yea.. me too. but fate has a strange way of stripping your heart and soul of any form of love just to show you what you need to change and fix within yourself..that i do not understand. Why should it take a moment in time when your spouse tells you she does not want to be with you anymore that you realize things you should have done? in the process ripping your heart to shreds because you loved the person so much that you would have given them anything to stop it? I know we all have been through this situation, i myself multiple times. But yet, This must be done... I just wish i knew why? Now don't get me wrong, I have all kinds of people telling me that there will be light at the end of the darkness and things will turn around and life will be all grand... and yet here i sit alone and afraid at the real
Wild Animals
Wild animals may reflect an area of our lives that is out of control. Many animals have stereotypical meanings that can tell more of their presence. Think of what the wild animal means to you in waking life to understand the reason for its presence in your dream. Wild animals that are domesticated in dreams may not be animal dreams, but rather dreams of interpersonal success or self-discipline. Many times, making peace with animals is a sign of harmony in our lives and hope for smooth interpersonal relationships. Is a wild animal posing a threat to you in the dream or do you have it under your influence?
Devils Playground Now Hiring (editing)
NOW HIRING FOR & Just click on any pic to check us out or apply
You Are Awesome
i may have missed a few of you, and for that i am truly sorry. but i love you anyways.. here is something special for my friends, you guys are awesome, and thank you for being you! Make an on-line slide show at
True Or Not
Single vs. Engaged vs. MARRIED!! Sipping her drink, the single girl leered and said, "Last Friday at the end of the work day I went to my boyfriend's office wearing a leather coat. When all the other people had left, I slipped out of it and all I had on was a leather bodice, black stockings and stiletto heels. He was so aroused that we made passionate love on his desk right then and there!" The engaged woman giggled and said, "That's pretty much my story! When my fiancé got home last Friday, he found me waiting for him in a black mask, leather bodice, black hose and stiletto pumps. He was so turned on that we not only had sex all night, he wants to move up our wedding date!" The married woman put her glass down and said, "I did a lot of planning. I made arrangements for the kids to stay over at Grandma's. I took a long scented-oil bath and then put on my best perfume. I slipped into a tight leather bodice, a black garter belt, black stockings and six-inch stilettos. I
Looking To Hire Webcam Girls/ Bouncers
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I Dont Understand
I have always tried and failed horribly to win friends and then more sometimes. I am sorry but I have no idea how to approach a woman and have a true relationship. Don't get me wrong I know how to get sex and I have been blessed because I have never caught anything. I am just so very tired of strictly being physical, and NEVER being good enough to be in love. I mean when someone does fall in love with me it always turns out that I am not able to be physically attracted to them as well as emotionally. Am I so wrong for not wanting to allow myself to just settle? I mean, I have tried to do the whole " Be with someone and not care about their looks " routine. I am sorry but it just never seems to work out that way. If I am not physically drawn to a woman I just cannot see myself with them for an extended period of time. I know that I am sounding shallow as anything but I cannot really help that either. Every time that I have just settled for what I could get then I ended up disappointed b
Omg,i Did This Why? Lol
The Reality Of The Situation Is This...
Sup Juggalos, I know that I am backed up on sermons. I've been running around frantically trying to get everything done for my Family and archiving sermons and writing them hasn't been achievable until now. I preached this sermon two weeks ago, live on MyJuggalospace and I really encourage you that if you have the opportunity and you are online to tune in and listen to MJSR on Sunday's to hear the service. Ninjas who've been hearing me preach for years will tell you that there is a big contrast between a sermon that has been preached and a sermon that has been written. But I hope that for which ever way that this sermon receives you that you take from it something positive. My daughter, Lillian Lotus Faanes was born March 5th, 2009. Not only did my Family pull through to help out, but my Juggalo Family really pulled through in our time of need. Rev. Dave, Rabbi Ponix, Deacon Jester and Joker drove 5 hours from Va Beach just to be there for her birth and be there for my wife
What A Demented Fuck I Was.......still It Does Have A Measure Of Truth To It
As I walk through life all alone, I look back and realize That there is nothing left. I’ve spent my life away, On Things that are pointless. Life can never be as it once was. As my heart weighs heavily with the pain of a boy who could Have done anything, The only thing to look forward to is the Thought of living in the pit of apitomey, I’ve made for myself, I know now the saying is true. “You reap what, you Sow!” Suicidal thought are running through my head— Wishing I were dead, wondering who the fuck to blame for me. Death, what is it really? Sometimes I think I’m more afraid of Living than I am of dying. Or the joy I want, Of the pain to come. Yet I think I’ll stick around and pull all the innocent ones into my Dirty little downward spiral. All in all the only ones who know me Are dead in my mind. I can see the flesh rotting from their corpses. They’re all going to die they just don’t know it yet. I told them They should have killed me as a baby!!! Warch
Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Nights In White Satin--the Moody Blues
Women, Art, Inteligent Conversation
I scan through your faces, your breasts, your legs, and your nests, visible through a square on my desk. I see your eyes, your nose, your thighs, your Ohs! and I wonder is this a new form of art? Can it be says he who wonders aloud that this collection of people without frame or wall to be hung, could represent the futures results of a brush, some talent and some time? Or is it just how I appreciate what I see that makes it art? I find beauty in almost everything, sometimes the beauty screams at me like a lost child, sometimes like its on fire. Scream at me I demand your attention! Look at me Im a freshly dolloped flow of paint, I am beautiful you scream, look at me, I am art...and I am in love. My first love was art, my second was me art for I love you with open heart and mind. It is you who makes my heart
When You Feel You Have No One.
Its been a while since a man has hurt me, and the one that hurt me last night I never thought would. But then again I guess that's always how I feel. I tend to trust everyone, even when I know I shouldn't. I've always felt that everyone is good deep down, and that you should look to the future and not the past, but is there a point when you should take into consideration how they were in the past? I guess I did see him slipping back into his old ways slowly, I just hope that his being drunk and treating me the way he did last night isn't going to be how he's going to be from now on. I do care for him and have been proud of all that he's accomplished while he's been here, but if he's going to continue to drink I don't think I can be his friend anymore. I don't drop friends, I've never just stopped being friends with someone. So when do you say that something that happened was bad enough to end a friendship you've always held close to you? Right now I'm hurt and mad, and can't beli
Two Way Mirror
A cold interrogation room Is not intended for sharing of the heart Although we reveal as much by written and spoken language. I wonder long what must have happened to you I know now why But am even more confused. Is what you know of me to you only information gathered. This much you may say you love But when all I hear is silence No affirmation or recognition Just receipts-- that you got it. How do I know you love me. And so how can I return love If I do not even know if it is there Or if I am told where Then why. Where thoughts go energy flows... How can I give love to you If I only know I am in a room Under observation by you, Is safety worth it. One day in panoramic vision You will know The day we find out Who are true family, friends And true loves are. When you receive your panoramic vision Will you be able to say then "I was a good brother"... Your friends will not know you love them Unless you not only tell them But express
A Broken Heart
Sometimes I ponder about what will come next Where will my life turn when it seems to stall? When is the next time I will smile again? and how will I get up, should I fall? Happiness fills me with a touch of sadness. By that I mean I know it can't last. Beauty decays, laughter subsides When will the stones be cast? Tragedy can be measured by the amount of happiness taken away Elusion is our only protection As we fall victim to its prey So when I've reached a fork in life's road and the choices are many or few. I follow the one that leads away from misfortune Thats all I can really do When life is good You have to hold it in your hand You have to close your eyes You have to breathe it in! Happiness may end While tragedy begins Today is the beginning Is tomorrow the end?
Cancer Benefit
March 23, 2007 4th Annual Purdue Cancer Benefit First off, I want to thank each and every one of you for coming here and joining us for this very special event. If you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, please stand. When I first got the idea for this event, I never dreamed it would be this big and make the impact it has in its still very young life. Honestly, I thought of it as more of a dream than an idea, ideas come to life and dreams, don't. I am currently in my first year at Ivy Tech working towards my associate's degree in Biotechnology, which is a four year program at Purdue. I was not aware of this program until searching through colleges, looking for something I could work into my full time work schedule. My goal, when I am finished, is to have my bachelor's degree from Purdue in Biotechnology through IUPUI. With my degree I want to become involved in cancer research and work on finding treatments that are less harmful to the patient a
Riddle One
What is something everyone sees at night but is different?
Come And Bid
these are chas only bids NO FUBUCKS!!!!!!!! still time to get in on the auction so come on and bid on them they really need it
Please Read
If anyone cares to read this, I'm canceling my VIP and letting it expire and taking time off from Fubar. I can't afford to buy myself auto 11s since I can't get one from anyone no matter how much I beg and plead. The most I can afford is a 5 credit bling pack for 4.99. I'm taking off. Maybe get on here for an occasional check up but I'm up to level 26 and that is a good level for me to stick with for awhile. Maybe something will happen while I'm away. laterz!
What Hurts The Most
Sometimes in life you are completely happy, Then there are other times were you just want to die and give on everything and on everyone for that matter   There are things you want to share but you just don't know hw Or the right things to say If you say the wrong thing then you piss the people off you care about the most   Then you push tem farther away When really all you want to do is bring them closer So you can see them smile To have to hold close to you   There are so many things You want to  do Want to say To show how you feel But the worst thing si when you can't   The reason you can't Is bec
Funny Story
An Amish boy and his father were visiting a nearby mall. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny silver walls that moved apart and back together again by themselves. The lad asked, "What is this, father?" The father, having never seen an elevator, responded, "I have no idea what it is." While the boy and his father were watching wide-eyed, an old lady in a wheelchair rolled up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened and the lady rolled between them into a small room. The walls closed and the boy and his father watched as small circles lit up above the walls. The walls opened up again and a beautiful twenty-four-year-old woman stepped out. The father looked at his son anxiously and said, "Go get your mother."
What is the point sometimes! i have been movin every 6 to 8 months now, for the past 3 years. i meet new people jus friends and some people it felt like a little more. i work my ass off all the time and i am never able to get ahead ever.  Now i am heading out west. Suposivily it is supposed to make things better but at the same time i know it is goin to come to me and my brother mike fightin to survive. i am a open person i am will in to try new things to make life a little better. but i am exhausted  i want to settle down stay somewhere and be happy. will it come i dont know. i hope it dose and fast before i give up for the last time. ( iam venting this is not a suicide note)
Thank You
...for all teh lovely Birthday greetings and Welcome Backs and all that.  You guys are a fucking joy, and I mean that sincerely.   xxxx
I Find This Very Interesting!
HATFIELD, England – In the search for Earth-like planets, astronomers zeroed in Tuesday on two places that look awfully familiar to home. One is close to the right size. The other is in the right place. European researchers said they not only found the smallest exoplanet ever, called Gliese 581 e, but realized that a neighboring planet discovered earlier, Gliese 581 d, was in the prime habitable zone for potential life. "The Holy Grail of current exoplanet research is the detection of a rocky, Earth-like planet in the 'habitable zone,'" said Michel Mayor, an astrophysicist at Geneva University in Switzerland. An American expert called the discovery of the tiny planet "extraordinary." Gliese 581 e is only 1.9 times the size of Earth — while previous planets found outside our solar system are closer to the size of massive Jupiter, which NASA says could swallow more than 1,000 Earths. Gliese 581 e sits close to the nearest star, making it too hot to support life. Still, M
A Walk In The Barracks
  Today I went down the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  It was quite the emotional experience for me.  I'm not necessarily the most emotional of men either.  It did occur to me more than once that I was walking in the company of many great men and women.  It was in many ways sobering.  I knew that this particular place was big, but I never knew that it was as big as it is.  It is a sobering thing to see some of the real, actual cost that has been paid for the freedoms that I enjoy...that we all have and enjoy.  It was also a reminder that we as a people have a huge responsibility to take care of these preserve them.    Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. ~John Quincy Adams
Today For Me.....
Hey there!!! It is a new day for me and it is my birthday none the less!!! I am 33 today!!! I am living on my own now!!! I am looking forward to the future now. I am trying to get my life in stright!!! 
i am happy to announce that i am back with my baby. i love him so much. we are also engaged to be married july 12 2009. i am so happy. he means the world to me. he is truly my angel.
Chess Shadow Glass
This was used for my Advanced CSS Course and we had to submit a CSS designed using an external style sheet for our designs.
A New Start On Life
I always say that life is an endless path and which ever way we take on that path is how we are going to live our lives. Some paths take us on enless adventures while others are bumpy obsticals. Whatever decision we make, it gets us to where we are all today. My life has been an endless obstical but rewarding in the same aspect. For those who don't know me as well, I'm a single mother of two beautiful children. They have been my rewarding obsticals in life. I've grown from those choices I have made in my past. My family are a HUGE part of my life and with out them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. My parents are a huge influence on my life and have been with me through thick and thin. No one could ask for better parents. Now comes the time in my life that I do something for them. I was informed today that my father has an awesome opportunity career wise in a whole different location of the United States. The only way he would follow through with this journey is if my children
~guido's Zen On Romance~
Just as I see it..... ~Men always want to be a woman's first love. Women have a more subtle instinct: What they like is to be a man's last romance. ~As a Rose absorbs the nutrients it feeds on and as it thrives to see the sun as it must to survive...... the Rose becomes more beautiful and in turn will provide sunshine to those who can behold it's beauty. Fortunate is the Man who can see the Rose within a Woman. Blessed is the man who this Woman holds to be her nutrient, her sunshine. ~Give her two red roses, each with a note. The first note says For the woman I love and the second, For my best friend. ~Jealousy is the only vice that gives no pleasure. ~As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you. ~Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. ~You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her ~Sometimes the heart
Love And Suicide *wat The Hell Is The Difference? ? ?
Love and suicide are the same to meThey both can cause some serious painLove and suicide if not attempted rightMake u suffer till u know that life hurtsWhen love and suicide go rite They feel so wonderfulI would trade my suicide For loveAnd my loveFor suicideBut which one would u choose? It doesn't reallly matterI think i might go with the less painful one* suicide*Let's just wait and see................
Doesnt Make You A Mommy
if you have spoken or got to know my wife then she may have let you know at some point in conversation that she cant have children and that makes her feel so depressed around this time . i have told her it doesnt make you a mommy because you can give birth it makes you a mom in how you raise and take care of a baby and what kind of values you instill in them for there future i told her if we adopt she will be a great parent she loves kids and thats what counts there is so many woman that give birth and dint really care for there kids and it sucks when a woman whos dream was to have a baby of her own cant so im letting my wife know she is very special and we can adopt a lil one and that baby will have a great mother because you will love and care thats what counts sweetheart,you are a woman weather you can have kids or not a woman is a person who loves nertures and shows compasion for there family and believe me you are all woman and i love you so cheer up you are special:)
The past week or so I have been sent links to mummer moobs, peen, and ass.  WTF :P  Now Cubby sent me a drink and said he is mooning me.  Really I am not a pervert.  However, the pics where nice to see.                   Now shut up and get nekkid :p
On My Way
On my way to Brazil. Will try to post updates as i go. Where am i right now? Check this link   奴 Çålm GðÐÐêSS 奴    
Saddest Poem
I can write the saddest poem of all tonight. Write, for instance: "The night is full of stars,and the stars, blue, shiver in the distance." The night wind whirls in the sky and sings. I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too. On nights like this, I held her in my arms.I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky. She loved me, sometimes I loved her.How could I not have loved her large, still eyes? I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.To think I don't have her. To feel that I've lost her. To hear the immense night, more immense without her.And the poem falls to the soul as dew to grass. What does it matter that my love couldn't keep her.The night is full of stars and she is not with me. That's all. Far away, someone sings. Far away.My soul is lost without her. As if to bring her near, my eyes search for her.My heart searches for her and she is not with me. The same night that whitens the same trees.We, we who were, we are the sa
Sitting here, watching the scroll bar tick by...I've seen at least 3 horribly ugly bras used in pictures. White, 10 year old Playtex bras are the anti-sexy. I'm wondering if I could get Neil Patrick Harris to do a public service announcement to all of the net world to let them know. 
I Need Your Tribute
hello all and thanks for stoppin in....if you are past present or future military...i would like a pic of you or someone you know... i am workin on a special tribute for memorial day and would luv to include you.... ~kiss kiss...your gurl sunshine
And I Want You To Know
I know that you know that I adore you. There is no one else like you. I want to know if you know how much I appreciate you.I know that I don't deserve it,but there was a spot in my heart and I reserved it.For that place you took, but that is okay. but I slowly learnTo take it easy and wait for you, so  i hope your heart I patiently earn. Hey,I really respect the fact that you respect me. I admire your true integrity,complex mentality,distinguised personality,Everything about you that compliments our similarity.If mishaps should occur and I happen to die and there is indeed another life, I pray that I come back with more appreciation, andmore joy for you, and hopefully as your hero.
Grampa's Hands
Grandpa, some ninety plus years, sat feebly on the patio bench.  Hedidn't move, just sat with his head down staring at his hands.  When Isat down beside him he didn't acknowledge my presence.  The longer I satthere I wondered if he was okay.  finally, not really wanting to disturbhim, but wanting to check on him at the same time, I asked him if he wasokay.He raised his head, looked at me, and smiled,  "Yes, I'm fine, thankyou for asking, "  he said in a  clear strong voice."I didn't mean to disturb, you, Grandpa, but you were just sitting herestaring at your hands, and I wanted to make sure you were okay,"  Iexplained to him."Have you ever looked at your hands?"  he asked," I mean really! lookedat your hands?"I slowly opened my hands and stared down at them.  I turned them over,palms up and then palms down. No, I guess I had never really looked atmy hands, I thought, as I tried to figure out the point he was making.Grandpa smiled and related this story."Stop and think for a moment abo
I'm Sooooooo Close I Can Taste The Booty (hehe)
₡ĥᶓ₤₤ᶓɃᶓ₤₤ᶓ Owner-CLUB PHAT ₡ĥᶓ₤₤ᶓɃᶓ₤₤ᶓ Owner-CLUB PHAT Chelle is nearing the end of her journey to Lost Soul. She is so close she can almost taste that booty. A mere one million FuPoints away!!!!!!!!!!! So, what are you waiting for? Let's all jump on that ship and help her to her journeys end!!!!!! Chelle has tons of pics to rate as well as folders for you Cherry Bombers out there and she always returns the love, so let's get hot and get her there! ₡ĥᶓ₤₤ᶓɃᶓ₤₤ᶓ Owner-CLUB PHAT@ fubar Please Repost Often! This Pimp Bulliten Brought to you by: St. Michael ~Member of Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life~FADD Member~@ fubar
What makes us heroes and why do we do what we do! I don't know what drives people to put their lives on the line to save others from death and destruction even when they aren't even worth the effort! I'm going to get a lot of flack for the shit I'm about to say but there is some shit that is eating me up! Maybe it will make me a hero with these words! I blogged on this back on myspace and I'll do it again right now about Prop 8! We need to stop this bull shit and leave the damn gay people the frak alone! We got more problems with missiles and rockets pointing at our heads from other countries wanting us dead. We've got to many damn people dying to save other countries. We need to worry about that and Laura Ling and E. Lee to be returned home to us from North Korea. those are some of the issues that we need to fix instead and worrying about Gay people being married or not! The government of this country suck ass some times. I'm sick of tired of our own country keeping us in th
Well Duh....
Your result for The Are you Dominant or submissive Test... The submissive one You scored ### Based on these results, we can see that you're submissive. You dont sacrifice your own desires for your partner, but you certainly put your partner's needs before your own, and you are relatively obedient. Take The Are you Dominant or submissive Test at HelloQuizzy
Wounded Soldier
Wounded Soldierby: Ashton MullenYour face is straight Your eyes are coldBut stay standing proudBecause you have soul.The smoke is thick Your chains are strongYou will feel sick And your battle will be long.Times are toughAnd you have been scarredThis battle will be roughAnd you'll feel caged and barred.You are a wounded SoldierBut don't take defeatAnd as you get olderYou'll stand on your own two feet.You're a fighter, and a strong oneYou're very determined to winYou're damaged, but don't come undoneCause, you will be born again.Wounded soldier, face this fightHold on to your gun, sword, and prideKeep going even in the black of nightUntil the cannons blast have finally died.So don't give up, even if you're hurtDon't worry, this war will soon be overSo rise up out of this mud and dirtYou are a hero David, my wounded soldier.
Jenniy Is A Robot!!!!
I'm sorry I'm not emotionless like you. I can't just look the other way like nothing is going on. I worry and I hurt. I can't help that I'm not like you.   Ouch, Mom. Please go on. Let's share some more feelings. Good times. Good times... At 7 a.m., I was on I-10 headed to Livingston. The day had kept its promise...sunlight was peering tentatively through the gray. I had just left behind the morning traffic chaos of Baton Rouge and begun my journey across Basin Bridge--20 miles of bridge over low swampy snake and alligator infested waters (or so I assume from the look). I've been driving for over 7 hours now, but I feel good. Free. Hopeful for a positive day. Then the phone rings. Mom. I was hoping this would be one of those checking on me kind of calls. No...   "Have you heard from your brother?" Considering I've been driving all night and tried getting a few hours sleep before I left, this seems to be a ridiculous question, but I just tell her no and ask why. Apparently, there
Ever realize that things in a special family never work like they do when the family is complete? Its strange everyday tasks are completly different than when everyone is present.. sometimes its so hard to raise yourself..
When I Close My Eyes
Every night when i close my eyes, i drift to sweet dreams of you. I dream of the taste of your lips, the feel of your hands in mine, and the softness of your mustach brushing against my cheek. Then suddenly i am strong but yet week from my need for you. When you hold me close and look into my eyes as you whisper how much you love me, i'm carried gently to the clouds. Your love makes me feel so alive and proud of the person i am when i am with you. Yet when the stars dade away as dawn breaks, you kiss me goodbye and i awake needing you even more than i did the day before. I'm missing you so much, and wish you could be here, but tho your not, in my heart you will stay. I will never stop wishing you were beside me every day. I will dream about you and now i escape to the place in my heart where we are never apart. I will love you with all my heart from now tell the end of time. April 7th 2009
Reciprocal, Endless
Aye, those were the days, lads; When we rode high, and served Things best not named. Aye, we were young and stupid then.   But it was a GRAND kinda stupid, kinda had the same elegance a neatly dressed but flyblown corpse does. Were we insane?Look at our eyes. Hell, ask the Wedding Guest.Or even the damn Bird.   But aye.Time passes. We so cocksure in youth, now so..cautious with age? How did we get here?When did age sneak up on us like this? When, by all that's damned, did we become reflections of ourselves?   How can I tell you what painting runes in blood feels like, When I can't even remember what breakfast tasted like today? How do we describe what was stolen, when even WE dinna know what we lost?   All I know is, there's a lad with my face and ancient, terrible eyes out there. Somewhere far beyond, one could say. Yet all too close to home. I hate to refute King, but down here, we don't float. And perhaps, it's best that way.   It's always the same. ALWAYS
Looking For The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone?
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What Is Wrong With This Country?
This is from the A local pastor and his wife claim they were interrogated by a San Diego County official, who then threatened them with escalating fines if they continued to hold Bible studies in their home, 10News reported. Attorney Dean Broyles of The Western Center For Law & Policy was shocked with what happened to the pastor and his wife. Broyles said, "The county asked, 'Do you have a regular meeting in your home?' She said, 'Yes.' 'Do you say amen?' 'Yes.' 'Do you pray?' 'Yes.' 'Do you say praise the Lord?' 'Yes.'" The county employee notified the couple that the small Bible study, with an average of 15 people attending, was in violation of County regulations, according to Broyles. Broyles said a few days later the couple received a written warning that listed "unlawful use of land" and told them to "stop religious assembly or apply for a major use permit" -- a process that could cost tens of thousands of dollars. "For churches and religious assemblies there's bi
Fu-owned Auction 7 Now Open !
Ummmm Unsure
Okay lately i have been dealing with things due to my own stupidity. I am working on fixing it or least trying to anyways. The one person i would think that is on my side i guess is not. Lately i have been getting nothing but fucking attitude from him and i cant figure out why. It really hurts me but i guess there is nothing i say or do will change that. I love this person more then the world. this person is my world my everything and i feel like i pushed him to far and now there is nothing i can do.
Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America, affecting 1 in 6 men. The older you are, the more likely you are to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although only 1 in 10,000 under age 40 will be diagnosed, the rate shoots up to 1 in 38 for ages 40 to 59, and 1 in 15 for ages 60 to 69. In fact, more than 65% of all prostate cancers are diagnosed in men over the age of 65.But the roles of race and family history are important as well. African American men are 61% more likely to develop prostate cancer compared with Caucasian men and are nearly 2.5 times as likely to die from the disease. Men with a single first-degree relative—father, brother or son—with a history of prostate cancer are twice as likely to develop the disease, while those with two or more relatives are nearly four times as likely to be diagnosed. The risk is even higher if the affected family members were diagnosed at a young age, with the highest risk seen in men whose family members were di
Sad, Sad Girl Tonight
Ok, so recently I had to delete my old account and start a new one. Nevermind the particulars at the moment. My problem is that I really liked talking to someone before, and now when I type in his name, I get about 500 different options... and NONE OF THEM IS HIM!!! WTF?!?! I've looked at the list about a million times tonight and I can't find him. :(
I never said most of the things I said.  -  Yogi Berra
Sweet Chocolate Kisses
Rain on me your sweet chocolate kisses.You melt on my lips and I begin to taste you with my tongue MMM you taste so sweet as you swirl around in my mouth and smoothly slide down my throatYour sweet chocolate kisses I am so addicted toand you are just right for my sweet toothRain on me your sweet chocolate kissesLeaving a trail of chocolate goodnesson my neck. Your warm sticky chocolatyaroma is so intoxicating to my sensesit takes me a minute to realize thatI am on a sugar high andI am your chocolate fiendReady for my next fixYou got me licking my fingers so I don't waste a dropThose sweet chocolate kisses have me in a tranceThey are more delicious with every flick and lick.I want you to pour on meCovering me with your sweet chocolate kisshaving me holler for more, more, moreI am like a kid at a candy storeRain on my your sweet chocolate kissesas I close my eyes and feel you slideyour chocolate rod inside and you begin again to kiss my chocolate stained lips and I savor all of your fla
Rehearsal For A Sonnet On Your Body--rod Mckuen
Were I a priest I'd lay you open like a rite and stretch you out across church conversation. I would translate every limb of you from my mother tongue to Latin, Greek, Greek orthodox. I'd mouth your arms as I would Sunday saints in sermon; sword and three-pronged spear to frighten newer converts and the little criminals.                               My lips would linger on your mouth in word only, but with such words devout parishioner has yet to hear. My tongue would curve and turn at talking of the coil and curvature and kindness of your tongue. Were I a cardinal, a pope, a bishop used as pawn I'd do you as a final prayer, then tucking you beneath my arm be gone from church and                catechism contradiction and the dawn.   2. Comes now the taking of the wine and wafers.                       Whose blood and body is it? I leave the altar cowardly as week-old custard crusty and with perspiration round my edges. The choir goes crazy            
Lbb Entry 19
MAD I am so tiered of people who us to be there for me as a friend turn around and till how bad of a mother I am when that person walked out on her frist Kid for Drugs and cant take care of the on she now has and the stupped B-ch is having another one poor kids and her husband has 3other kids he cant even take care of. He also walked out on them for this stupied Cun- I need to get out of here befor I hurt someone it will ether be this person after she has the baby or my loving B-ch of a sister who also says I am a bad mother really do they have nothing better to do.  And all I was trying to do was give the us to be friend some baby clothes so I was trying to help her out wont make the mistake aging. I am smart anuff for that I want help nithor one of them out aging ever they both can rout in Hell.
Friendships Shattered.
I'm here again, frustrated and annoyed. I can't believe I've circled around in life again finding myself alone. I look around me and find that I should have stayed cold and hard. I should have never let anyone inside my walls. Its better to freeze everyone out than to watch them walk out. PPL say that everyone needs someone to talk to, convide in and to share with. That ppl who do not live full and happy lives. Well I beg to differ. I think ppl who trust too many ppl are fools, and are putting their souls out there to be distroyed. Its easier to go through life not knowing what your missing than to spend the rest of your life heartbroken, trying to bury the pain. 
Old Spammers
Photo Slideshows
Old photos of Jax and Vicki events ..6 Hours at the Glen ..Pimp & Ho’s Theme Party
Dreams: Something To Hold Onto
.. Dreams: Something to hold onto Dreams are the key to your survival. They are the key to your awake. Don't let them go you need them. Hold onto them for dear sake. Dreams are only yours. They are always true. No matter how far away they seem, whether good ones, bad ones, old ones, new. Don't set them aside. Don't throw them away. They grow from your heart. And your heart you obey. Don't say it won't be. Just give it a try. In your soul it will stay, never to die. Dreams are precious. Don't let them go. Dreams are your future. Only let them grow. By Vicki S..
A Good Man Is Hard To Find....
I have a girl friend who is always talking about the web site plenty of fish to me and trying to get me to make a profile on it. I have always laughed at her and said hell no I can just imagine what kind of train wreck that would be. She has always sworn up and down I am wrong and there are a lot of fun decent people on there blah blah blah ... Long story short ( to late) I agreed to put up a profile for a few days so she can prove me wrong.Before I delete it I saved some of the messages I recieved and because I hate to laugh alone they are.    (the picture I had up is the same as my default)   WOW if those boobs are real message me back   I am looking for a woman to have children with and you fit my qualifications    I said hello to you and you never replied to me you are rude and a PIG PIG PIG   I am a 22 year old man who loves older women reply back and I will rock your world tonight   you have big boobs   I think we are  both looking for the same thing w
Please join my in boycotting Rockstar energy drink. I have been a huge supporter of this product, untill I found out who is behind it. Michael Weiner, aka Michael Savage: Anti-gay, Anti-lesbian, ultra-conservative radio-talk show host and co-inventor of Rockstar Energy Drink. Wow Is this who you want to support? I have since switched to monster energy drink. They are owned by Hansen juice and distributed by Coke. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Wanna own me? Then go bid!!!!!   I'd love it if you did =]  
The Bubmle Bee Episode
Both of my boys are allergic to bumble bees,wasps and so on. My boys and I had been having an awesome day. Cutting down trees and finding old fallen timber. My sister and I take the boys to the store,this is nothing new. As I am turning onto our street my oldest son sees a bumblebee in the back window. Talk about total chaso insuing! He is yelling bumble bee,the back passanger door flies open,Max(youngest) is now screaming and freaking out. I am now yelling "close the door!" Not knowing his foot is out. I am in the process of stopping the car. His foot is out,dragging across the gravel road.He takes off running across the pasture and finally sits down. Suddenly,he looks down and starts yelling. Sidenote..Max is out of the car and screaming for dear life. Alex makes his way back to the car,I am yelling at him and then...I see the blood.  Max gets back in the car,crying and asking if Alex is going to be okay. I am,of course saying he is fine. How the hell do I know,I still have to drive
The Chicken Nugget Incident - Alternate
“I would also like two orders of fries,” said Skip Bronson, a man who declares he is a relative to a famous director and never will deny it.  Skip, along with his fiancee Missy Burberry, a girl whom her body size equals to her enormous attitude.  “I want extra sauce Skip,” asked Missy in her usual whining voice.  “NO, it costs 20 cents extra for each packet, are you going to pay for it?” answered Skip in a voice as if he lost all his Magic cards in a dare.  “I want extra sauce!  I want extra sauce!” replied Missy jumping up and down.  “Shut the fuck up, Missy,” answered Skip.  Then, in a quick grasp of a sentence, Skip said, “That’ll be all” to the microphone of the drive-thru menu.  The clerk on the other end repeated the whole order to Skip and then he gave the reply, “It’s right”.  Then the total came up and Skip drove to the window without a thank you.      Skip and Missy have been toget
The Forbidden
I dared to touch a forbidden fruit, Lost the being I once was. Yes, I surrendered to the unknown, Now I'm slowly slipping, To the nothingness of my creation. For I dared to glance, At the fading shadows of the forbidden, Promising tenderness it does not have. Broken I stand and stare… Wondering… Scattered letters of paradise,love… Knowing the secrets of the contents, I slowly walk, dragging my broken heart. Warning those daring to touch the forbidden. Poem By Tammy C. 
In this elusive time of solitudeWhen the night is drawnand the wind is at my doorI huddle closer to the fire andremember all that went beforeThe warmth of his embraceThe words of wisdom spokenThe kindness in his face.I allow my soul to touchUpon a love now broken. Poem by Tammy C.
George Jackson
Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it's cowardice.
All Dreamers Understand
  All Dreamers Understand   Our love was a romantic bookfrom the sacred day we met,your gentle charm enthralled mefrom then-on the scene was set:A sunny day, a rainy day,it mattered not to me,if I could see your happy faceand walk and talk with thee. When snow was falling from the skyand chilly breezes blew,were it not for your embraceI'd pine the whole day through.So now we are alone my loveI offer you my hand,to join with yours in wedlockas all "dreamers" understand
Please All Friends And Family And Fans If You Could Vote And Comment My Sister Wicked Wanda   hey all friends family and fans if you could please go vote on my sister wicked wanda and leave her a comment it would be much apprecited blessings sisterskylove           hey
Hang On
"Hang On" Well now I found myself Wish I was someone else My hands are stained with love Wish I could take it away I hid behind the shell In time the pain will melt My heart is stained with love Wish I could fake it I gave my life away There’s nothing left to say I gave my life away You take it in your way You take it in your way My selfish enemy Still has the best of me Empty and feeling numb Wish I could take it away I can’t control the need To weak to not concede Wish I was deaf and dumb Wish I could fake it I gave my life away There’s nothing left to say I gave my life away You take it in your way I gave my life away There’s nothing left to say I gave my life away You take it in your way I can’t pretend we’re the same I can’t pretend we’re the same I can’t pretend we’re the same Oh now I found myself Wish I was someone else My hands are stained with love Wish I could FAKE I gave my life away There’s nothing
About Fat Loss 4 Idiots Truth & Author
Previously I am an obese victim myself and having read what fat loss 4 idiots shared in their fat loss program..I begin getting some nice results naturally and fast up till today.Since then ....I decide to start a blog sharing my fat loss 4 idiots review with anyone in need too.Feel free to read my fat loss 4 idiots review here if You are keen too:=>
Dan Skinner
"Liberty is preserved with 4 boxes: soap, jury, ballot, and cartridge." -- Dan Skinner
Debt Consolidation
debt consolidation
lån forbrugslån banklån kreditkort
Bug Bites And Things That Go Pop
Alright I'm not the best picking out a name for this blog, :). So here it is about 30 minutes before I have to go play in the big sandbox. I am really exhausted, the sand fleas over here are keeping me up at night, along with the heat. I'm use to hot weather, I was raised in the South, but over here it can be quite annoying at times. I see all this sand and no ocean, I'm bummed j/k. Looking forward to my mid-tour leave where I can see more sand, but alas there will be water and trees. I am so wanting to go boating, yep yep many plans. Meet up with friends just relax for a while and hopefully get some sleep. Ok boring blog I know, but it was on my mind... =D. Luv ya Fu-friends.
Rats   Rats are almost universally despised in the modern world. Their reputation as disease-laden scavengers seems to precede them wherever they go. Some people own rats as pets and will, of course, perceive them differently. For most people, dreams of rats reveal concerns of becoming destitute scavengers themselves-friendless and outcast. Another potential scenario is that the dreamer feels his or her social security is being gnawed away. In contrast to theft, when all is quickly and dramatically taken, the rats gradually erode their environment. In your waking life, do you view rats as potential pets or potential predators? In your dream, are the rats a serious threat to your health or possessions, or are they merely an uncomfortable presence?
Movie Scene
This is my favorite scene in Desperado. Yes I know it's the beginning, but I like it. I'm going to try and post it here, but I doubt it will work. If it doesn''ll be in my comments. [edit:] It didn't work. Yes I used the HTML thing to put the code it. I just fail. Can someone tell me how to do it?
Horoskop Na Srpskom Jeziku
Dnevni Horoskop Nedeljni Horoskop Godisnji Horoskop Natalna Karta
These Fuckbags On Fubar!
Okay, heres the deal. I felt almost obligated to blog about this, as soon as it crossed my mindfirst of all, if you take offence to this... Fuck you! So Im browsing randmon people again on fubar... Big suprise right? Anyway. I began noticing this same pattern. These woman put these heart stopping georgeous(sp?) pics on their defaults and then once you dig deeper, they are hiddeous... That dosent bother me... Caus eIm not here for that. What really does bother me. Is when you take the time to read said chicks profile. And its like a ruleset stating such things as "1. I dont wanna fuc 2. No I dont have a cam and wont yata fucking yata." Im sure you all get the picture here. What gets me so rowed up about this, is that these bitches are pigs anyway? Ge the fuck over yourself! At what point in your life did you bump your head and get that confused? Look in the goddamn mirror skeeze. I aint interested.... Meanwhile. You find  beutiful woman on here. With reasonable profiles. And wtf doe sth
They had run for two days, driven on by the enemy and in fear of their lives.  At dawn on the third day, they felt safe sitting in eachothers' arms watching the Sun come.  And in those moments of peace, they realized spirituality and intimacy that a lifetime of searching had not revealed to them.
Just Another Day
well onto another blog nobody will read..:D As I said before, this is my stress relief. Well yes, the 5th did suck, just like I was sure it would, 5 years of marriage down the drain, when I tried to go to sleep this morning I honestly was surprised by how badly it affected me.  I haven't cried in a long time, but I'll be honest I did today twice, when I tried to fall asleep (which didn't really work) and then talking to my parents later about everything.  Of course talking to them about my problems is never a good thing, my mom just decided to tell me how much she has always "hated the bitch" which doesn't surprise me, although some of the reasons surprised me, but then when my dad jumped in the bandwagon it really did shock me.  He had always seemed like he loved her and I had no idea that she had pissed him off beyond hurting his son, but no, he apparently saw her as hopeless and worthless as my mother did.  Now I'm not saying that I agreed with everything they said, but it did put
Sept 11th
In loving memory of our brother's ans sister's who lost their lives on that horrible day. LET"S GO USA
Star Crossed Lovers
It happens every time two people who were meant to be together connect through ways other than face to face. They share the same likes and dislikes. Sexually, they could fulfill each other's dreams without being inhibited or even feeling ashamed. Imagine the feelings they will share when we finally get the chance too connect. With lips locked as their tongue's wrestle each other and bodies molded together breaking a sweat. No one to stop them or keep them apart...I come to you, but then you could come to me. None of that matters now. I have everything set up in a cozy little road side haven. Any toys we might like to use and, of course, you would love to use as well. They are all arranged on the table in the corner. Even ones tied or cuffed to the bed. Nothing between us and no one to catch us, left to our own devices to fill our few days together how ever we want to. Inside the room, I wait impatiently. Long nights spent together online typing and playing on the cam, innocently of cou
'Balls' by the Broken Family Band is one of my favourite albums, I've decided.  Unlike so many albums that I buy, listen to a couple of times, and like, but then put on the shelf, I'm still listening to this one on a regular basis.  Had it on my iPod on the way to work this morning, as it happens.  It's a countryish rocker that, in some ways, I find reminiscent of Clem Snide, in that lyrically it's really strong, and different.  If that sounds like the sort of thing you might like, why not give it a go?  Broken Family Band
Never Gonna Say Goodbye
the day you slipped away I relized it'll never be the same, the days are boring and the nights and restless. Why couldnt I had to chance to say goodbye? why did I have to be punished? Im sorry if i was bad Why cant you wake up, just wake up, Ive learned my lesson , now please wake up.   Youve gone to a place I can never bring you back from and I ahte myself for not telling you I LOVE YOU one last time
News About Wow Power Leveling
Serving the United States and Taiwan recently served successively updated to version 3.2, and this year's carnival will be snow on August 21 held at the site WOW.COM abroad through a number of sources that the carnival will be published in a number of sources, including World of Warcraft power leveling the information on the new film "disaster" of many of the details.       After multi-speculated that following the news more or less proved to be true: "World of Warcraft: The disaster" will be the addition of two optional race, are: the tribe to join the "werewolf" to join the Union, "Goblin." Death Knight in more than half a year after it, everyone is more or less some complaints about this career, and continued through the DK version is also slightly in some occupational balance, if after adding these two career WoW power leveling there will be more worthwhile things to Mining player, and I am sure we all like these two mysterious race, and now the two things mysterious race is uncert
Splitting Up
The ramifications of splitting up never ends The hurt and loneliness never bends We try and move on each day and night We pursue our dreams alone each day with all of our might The family routines are no longer here We fight to numb the feeling with vodka and beer   The financial obligations just keep on The hate at the ex, is nearly gone The disappoint still remains The kids, their wants their needs, their gains Life as I knew it will never be the same Some say it gets better, others pronounce the pain   Birthdays come and Birthdays go Getting older and trying to be happy amidst all the woe A smile here a smile there Trying so hard to hide my despair Camp for the kids, college after that Feeling everyday like a financial doormat Thursday thru Monday every other week add another day is all I get More vodka and beer trying to forget   The tucking in every night The homework I hated and making sure its right I miss those days In all the ways
An Angel Walks Beside Me
An angel walks beside me,I feel him everyday,he helps me through lives ups and downs,and whatever comes my way.He guides me down the road of life,and lights the darkest roads,he picks me up and carries me,when I can not bear the load.He helps to ease the pain I feel,he mends my spirit, too,he holds my hand, and shelters me,and gives me courage and strength, too.He speaks to me with words of love,and he listens to my pleas,he was sent here from the lord above,to guide and comfort me.I know he's always watching,though his form I can not see,its a peace I feel deep in my heart,that leads me to believe.An angel walks beside me,I feel blessed everyday,that the presence of this angel,will never go away
Dedicated To Susieq
write on your ideal woman and what you would do to make the relationship strong with her. what commitment and love mean to you My idea of the ideal woman would be a fun, loving free spirited woman. A woman with great ambition and  love for life. A self motivated woman with firm beliefs and morals. A woman who has a great deal of respect for herself and  that is secure within her own means. I'd like her to be well educated and  cultured in the arts. A woman  who  looks classy weather in fine silk or in denim. She should be passionate and totaly commited to herself and her family. A woman that doesn't throw in the towel when times get tough. I'd like to build a rock solid foundation with her on which to build our dreams. I think that having a clear conscious goal in mind that is realistic is important. I think that I should be a good provider to her. I should be dedicated in my carear and well established within my field. I think it is important to be spontaneous and romantic. I think Is Goin On
I have notice an epidemic around fu lately of peple leavining saying they just cant deal with this place. I understand haveing real life bullshit and not being on much due to it..but leaving because they cant take it here? I adore many of the people doing this so I am sad to not see them for while...BUT I do NOT understand how they can let the idiocy of a website hurt them to this extent *shrugs* wtf *end rant*
The Name Game
If Kitty Carlisle married Conway Twitty, she'd be Kitty Twitty. If Yoko Ono married Sonny Bono, she'd be Yoko Ono Bono. If Dolly Parton married Salvador Dali, she'd be Dolly Dali. If Oprah Winfrey married Depak Chopra, she'd be Oprah Chopra. If Olivia Newton-John married Wayne Newton, then divorced him to marry Elton John, she'd be Olivia Newton-John Newton John. If Sondra Locke married Elliott Ness, then divorced him to marry Herman Munster, she'd become Sondra Locke Ness Munster. If Bea Arthur married Sting, she'd be Bea Sting. If Liv Ullman married Judge Lance Ito, then divorced him and married Jerry Mathers, she'd be Liv Ito Beaver. If Snoop Doggy Dogg married Winnie the Pooh, he'd be Snoop Doggy Dogg Pooh. How about a baseball marriage? If Boog Powell married Felipe Alou, he'd be Boog Alou. If Shirley Jones married Tom Ewell, then Johnny Rotten, then Nathan Hale, she'd be Shirley Ewell Rotten Hale. If Ivana Trump married, in succession, Orson Bean (actor), King Oscar (of Norway),
In The Alley
She returns to the bustling boardwalk gazing at faces of intoxication. An array of emotions stir the otherwise still air. She briefly stops to gaze at a lady holding a sign reading Jesus Saves. Not being able to help herself she offers a smile. A knot forms within her stomach for she perceives herself as condemned. She basks in the radiating light before slipping back into the shadows. She digs into the pocket of her cloak for her pack of dunhills and leans against the brick wall of the alley that offers solace. Peering from the corner of her eyes she observes those who pass by. Turning her attention away from the crowd she now watches the ember of her cigarette and the rings of smoke drifting through the air. Unaware and unconcerned with the time she slips into another realm where none of this truely matters. The shadows carress and dance around her. Flames of an ancient fire heat her skin. Her nipples harden as she becomes arroused. Her hand goes to her throat and with one traces d
Guys Fairy Tale
The perfect Fairy Tale: Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl, 'Will you marry me?' The girl said, 'NO!' And the guy lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles, and went fishing and hunting, and played golf a lot and drank bee...r and scotch, and had money in the bank and left the toilet seat up, and farted whenever he wanted. The end
You are beautiful. Wont you believe this? A color, a shade that doesnt exist. My existence is greater, By your existence. Just when I think I know you, Completely I find out there is so much more, To learn. Could you shine any brighter? Are you of this world or are you simply A dream? Your book is written in a language called Love. Cant you see that I am here, For you. You make the sun burn Brighter. Colors more Vibrant. If you are lost, Let me guide you. If you are losing your grip, Give me your hand. For I will never, ever let you down. I just want to be there With you. Because I believe In you. For you are a rose in a garden of daisies.
Drugs Are Just Drugs, But They Help People
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Weird Guy On Fubar
some guy (no need to mention names right now) asked if we could go out  cuz he close to me in living distance.i said sure, in a public place. I said the name of a shop. He said ok. Last nite at 4:30am, he asked if he could  come over to cuddle. I didnt want to give him my address, I dont know him. Then he asked would i touch his coc*. So I told him I had a gun when I told him I didnt (i dont) and he said he didnt like liars I said "OK", so he would NEVER bother me!!!!! I have knives and sleep w/one too. A butcher knife. He thinks Im a liar, im not but I dont care what he thinks, as long as he leaves me the fuk alone!!!!!! WTF??!!!! Touch his coc*?!! I dont know him!!!!! What would you have done??? BEWARE OF "ANOTHER SOUL" (HIS UERNAME). I JUST THINK PPL SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF HIM)
Halloween Symbols
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   On All Hallows’ eve, the ancient Celts would place a skeleton on their window sill to represent the departed. Originating in Europe, these lanterns were first carved from a turnip or rutabaga. Believing that the head was the most powerful part of the body, containing the spirit and the knowledge, the Celts used the "head" of the vegetable to frighten off the embodiment of superstitions. Welsh, Irish and British myth are full of legends of the Brazen Head, which may be a folk memory of the widespread ancient Celtic practice of headhunting - the results of which were often nailed to a door lintel or brought to the fireside to speak their wisdom. The name jack-o'-lantern can be traced back to the Irish legend of Stingy Jack, a greedy, gambling, hard-drinking old farmer. He tricked the devil into climbing a tree and trapped him by carving a cross into the tree trunk. In revenge, the devil placed a curse on Jack, condemning him to forever wand
Halloween Traditions
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Trick-or-treating and guising Typical Halloween scene in Dublin, Ireland. Trick-or-treating is a customary celebration for children on Halloween. Children go in costume from house to house, asking for treats such as candy or sometimes money, with the question, "Trick or treat?" The word "trick" refers to a (mostly idle) threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given. In some parts of Ireland and Scotland children still go guising. In this custom the child performs some sort of show, i.e. sings a song or tells a ghost story, in order to earn their treats.   Origin of name The term Halloween, originally spelled Hallowe’en, is shortened from All Hallow Even – e'en is a shortening of even, which is a shortening of evening. This is ultimately dervied from the Old English Eallra Hālgena ǣfen.t is now known as All Saints' Day. A time of pagan festivities, Popes Gregory III (731&
Fidelity And Or Not
I have just voted an a mumm left by a young lady in sort of a dilemma.   It seems that the age old problem with Marriage and being faithful has again reared it's ugly head.   Let me lay thin out so that there is no misunderstanding.   If you are truly in love with someone......and happy in your relationship.....infidelity is never an option that will come up.  Being that we as creatures are only human, temptation is always something that you must deal with.  Yet, if you and your other half are really truly in love and in a real relationship......the desire to cheat will never play out to reality.   I can say this after just having been through a divorce after 24 years.  A midlife crisis can and does strike the woman, enough said!   If your other half has been unfaithful in our relationship, there is only but two courses of action you can take.  Either let it pass and play like it didn't happen, forgive (of course it will happen again!), or dump their cheating ass!  You have to think mo
Girl Eat Stiff Dick
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Way Too Long
         Way Too LongHere I am again  just me inside my mindKnowing it necessary to go back in time  not as complicated as I would have it seemBlood paved roads leading to lost dreams  never thought I would have what it takesYet all that time, I never would break  what dont kill you only makes you strongerWell it seems to me it just takes longer  pieces of me are born while other pieces dieRest in peace, and whatever you do, dont cry  fighting, always trying to find my groove Always on the edge, not daring to move  a matter of time before I would fallExquisite pain, meaning nothing at all  thunder and lightning, beatiful blood red skiesCalm before the storm brewing in my eyes  lies dressed up pretty, all home grownSmoke and broken mirrors, all to call my own  my fun house constructed and built of bloodMaking me doubt myself and all I love  new dreams now having me hypnotizedLooking into my mind, I sit mesmorized  trusting myself, the edge around me goneI was locked in that fun house wa
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Staff Needed
looking for staff in hustle and flow promoters  really needed all dedicated staff plz if possible
Poetry 10.21.09
{{♥♥Although you cant be here physically to hold me, I know that you hold me in your heart and that forever means more♥♥}}
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" I Am Enough " By: Chelsea Hellings
"You cannot change what is a part of you." although I've often tried. My body was never thin enough, m imperfections i'd always hide. I smiled when they said I was beautiful, I laughed when they said I was great. But it took a long time to believe in their words, I figured loneliness was my fate. The boys i wanted didn't want me, I was tossed, used and torn. So many took me as a joke, I crawled inside myslef - scared and forlorn. My self-esteem has let me down, My belief in myself was nil. I did not understand where i was headed, could not understand until... I finally decided to believe in me, I realized that I was worth so much. This was when I could see through the storm, When i allowed my soul to be touched when times get distressing and rough. But i know that i will always love myself, No matter what- I AM ENOUGH!
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This Is So True And It Pisses Me The Hell Off
Financial planning 101 for our elected officials - This course should becompulsory!!!You have 2 families... "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal".   Both families have 2 parents, 2 children and live in California ."Joe Legal" works in construction, has a Social Security Number, and makes $25.00 per hour with payroll taxes deducted."Jose Illegal" also works in construction, has NO Social Security Number, and gets paid $15.00 cash "under the table".Joe Legal.. $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week = $52,000 per year.  Now take 30% away for state and federal tax.  Joe Legal now has $31,231.00.Jose Illegal... $15.00 per hour x 40 hours = $600.00 per week = $31,200.00 per year.  Jose Illegal pays no taxes.Jose Illegal now has $31,200.00.Joe Legal pays for Medical and Dental Insurance with limited coverage .. $1000.00 per month = $12,000.00 per year.  Joe Legal now has $19,231.00.Jose Illegal has full  Medical and Dental coverage through the state and local clinics at a cost of $0.00 per y
Mish Mash
I record "Dexter" every week, so I can watch it when the kids are sleeping. I just got done watching it and all I am saying is: "OMIFUCKINGGOD!!! HOLLLLLY SHIT!"   I had more crap to put here and now I can't remember...crap.     Well one thing was: how is it they deep fry EVERYTHING down here, and I do mean EVERYTHING, but they don't deep fry their chicken wings? Deep fried meatloaf, bread & ice cream but not chicken wings.   I am not being "tagged" for that blog thing anymore. :-P I am NOT  that interesting, people. I will add another tidbit, though, just to be nice:   With two separate men, I was the first woman to get them to cum orally. And they have never been the same since. ;)   Damn, I wish I could remember the third thing I was going to put in here...if I remember, I'll edit.   Oh..I love Helly's boobs too.
Omg.........if You Like Porn You Have To Watch This   HOLY SHIT.......   THAT IS ALL.
It's Up Now Baby Whats Up Now ?
Things I Learned This Weeked
1. It's not good trying to watch 'No Country For Old Men' when you're tired as hell from not sleeping the night before and eight hours of baking. 2. Also, being tired and emotional equals crying like a little baby girl at the last twenty minutes of 'Elf' 3. Misreading 'tsp' as 'tbsp' when you're adding eight tsp's of treacle to a cookie recipe is a FUNDAMENTAL ERROR. 4. Stirring Florentine mix is REALLY REALLY hard on the wrist (no matter how much exercise your wrist gets daily), especially when you misread 'tsp' as 'tbsp' etc etc
  "Transition from Arkansas to South Carolina"! Part 1 Current mood:  drunkCategory: Life Dude's, after my divorce I've been lost for the last 6 years.  So after 15 beers, 3 shots of Jager, 2 pints of Vodka, 3 Twinkies and a Snickers bar with a shot of Jack I decided to go on a quest and I figured out it would be a hard one.  After my 16th beer and 8th shot of Jack I decided "Ohh well, I'll take a piss and we'll get this show on the road!"  Unfortunatly my water was shut off, so don't drink the worm...  So I walked to the door and realized that it's 16 below 0 out there and I lost all my clothes in the damn divorce.  Thats when I came to the conclusion that there's still half a bottle of Jack, 2 beers, a shot of Jager, 3 twinkies and half a snickers bar.  So I looked at the dog, petted her, and let her know I needed to take yet another piss, damn worm.  After I peed in her water bowl, thinking it was my bathroom, forgetting I didn't have one (damn worm again!). 
So many things have changed for me since I last logged on here! I have finally found peace within myself! I am Happy; truly happy for the first time in sooo long! My marriage is back on track and I am so in love with my husband again! I feel wonderful and life is amazing! 
The act of inflicting pain or injuries on oneself as a way of causing sexual stimulation.
Are You A Monster?
Are you a Monster? Are you a Freak? Will you be my Friend! Or have you lost your way. With trouble to pay, When you come to your journey's end? Empyrium Lullaby
The Author Of The Bill Of Rights
The Numbering of certain Rights in the constitution Shall NOT be construed to deny OR disparage other Rights retained by the people. ~Amen~ The Ninth Amendment, my favorite!
Why did this happen Why me Why did he have to die Why him Why do they get to live Why them When people make mistakes Why kill When people are corrupted Why lie When people love Why die When people die Why love Why did this happen Why me
Are You More Marilyn Or Audrey?
You Are More Like Audrey Hepburn You are classy, stylish, and charming. You are the true definition of grace.Some people may think you're a pushover, but they have no idea how tough you can be.You tend to draw people in with your mind. You are an intelligent and witty flirt.You are effortlessly gorgeous and naturally appealing. No one would accuse you of trying too hard. Are You More Marilyn or Audrey?   Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist             I was born on her birthday. :)
In My Eyes Weried Shit Beware
sunset arives untold like always it reflects on the water a perfect but up close image we go to touch it to see if it's real but its only water my darling my dear its but a image of what the wrorld sees it doesnt see us if we are not near its pleasent and at peace undisturbed unless moved many forces can move it but not all the forces are liked if the water gets overwhelemed it ask for help by the wind and the seasons it destoreyies everything in it's path its called by lots of names a hurrican a  sink hole or a shift in plates  when water is angry it cleanses away the sun is so bright it raises everyday it doesnt complain it does it everyday the sun is very gentle and very hard to reach it just looks apon the earth and keeps it balanced it controls the weather and helps keep order in this place if you make the sun agry it turns darker shades of red the world gets hotter and the polars began to melt surrounding us with water and having no excape the animals nurt
Alice's Restaurant By Arlo Gutherie
Alice's Restaurant By Arlo Guthrie   This song is called Alice's Restaurant, and it's about Alice, and therestaurant, but Alice's Restaurant is not the name of the restaurant,that's just the name of the song, and that's why I called the song Alice'sRestaurant.You can get anything you want at Alice's RestaurantYou can get anything you want at Alice's RestaurantWalk right in it's around the backJust a half a mile from the railroad trackYou can get anything you want at Alice's RestaurantNow it all started two Thanksgivings ago, was on - two years ago onThanksgiving, when my friend and I went up to visit Alice at therestaurant, but Alice doesn't live in the restaurant, she lives in thechurch nearby the restaurant, in the bell-tower, with her husband Ray andFasha the dog. And livin' in the bell tower like that, they got a lot ofroom downstairs where the pews used to be in. Havin' all that room,seein' as how they took out all the pews, they decided that they didn'thave to take out their g
Online Predators
will i think i just had my first online pradator scam attept. some girl claim to have lost her parents while back. her exboyfriend stole everything she had from her buisness. now she waiting for her inheritance But its going to be a while before she can claim it. now shes staying at a hotel and she has not eatin in three days and she asked me to send her money so she could get something to eat. does that not sound like a scam to you? so guy you to have to be carefull not just the ladies. oh yes this person is on fubar so be carefull. dont let her fool you. please feel free to leave commets about this. do u think men are more at risk for online predators or weman are more at risk?
Saturday, 29th, December 1934
Took Hap to work came home.  No letter yet from Bill or Cill either I wish they wouldn’t do that way.  Damn I am blue.  Mutt got some new prices on his O’coats and suits.  I helped change them, took us until noon.  After dinner went to town sat around the Armory for a couple hours.  Mutt was trying to make some sales, I don’t think he had any luck.  I heard, “The Old Pine Tree” over the radio, back home, took Gedy and Mutt to town, home again.  Now Happ his mother and all of them have gone 8 p.m.  They got back about 11.  I have been reading but I don’t think much of what I read, it was “The secret of the ages” to bed at last:
All The Same By Sick Puppies
I dont mind where you come from As long as you come to me But I dont like illusions I cant see Them clearly I dont care, no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually what you'll do I dont mind I dont care As long as you're here [Chorus] Go ahead and tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything And do it all over again It's all the same Hours slide and days go by Till you decide to come But in-between it always seems too long Suddenly But I have the skill, yeah I have the will, to breath you in while I can However long you stay is all that I am I dont mind, I dont care As long as you're here Go ahead and tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything And do it all over again It's always the same Wrong o
Great Site For Men, Maybe Women Too
About "dead Smile"
Evening was a dead day. Which is falling toward the horizon where the sun every unhappy punishable by redness. Rope hanging laundry fluttering due to wind angry evening, were moribund. Kids playing outside their homes one by one disbanded. Father returned from work. The curtains were covered, lights were lit, dinner was put on the table. The streets became deserted. Although the bank has removed the old pardesüsünün, Carmen still painfully felt by frost freezers. Sped up the steps. Dim and narrow streets, such as a carpet kaldýrýmlý Albanians who had covered dry leaves crunch beneath their feet were. If there would be no good in terms of these babies cold; After all, had only a month. Despite this, the less time to stay on to go to work then Fernando was infuriating. But should work Carmen. Fernando was very little money they have given to the factory. That's why Carmen had found a nursing job last week. Take the money even if much still fe ... Dark street corner on a dead man suddenly
Ibm Lot-987 Exam Free Download
IBM LOT-987 EXAM free download Administering IBM Lotus Connections 2.5 ·         Exam Number/Code : LOT-987 ·         Exam Name : Administering IBM Lotus Connections 2.5 ·         Questions and Answers : 66 Q&As Exam Description It is well known that LOT-987 exam test is the hot exam of IBM certification. Test4Pass offer you all the Q&A of the LOT-987 real test . It is the examination of the perfect combination and it will help you pass LOT-987 exam at the first time!
been sitting here wondering why i have choosen some of the things i have in my life lately.  i love my boo with all my heart yet we cant be together.  i wish there was a away for that yet everything seems against it.  maybe if things were different i wouldnt be so worried about him all the time.  boo i love you... love babygirl
Cisco Certification Benefits For Your Personal And Professional Life
IT industry over the last few years has made progress that is beyond your imagination. There is rapid progress in the fields of windows and networking. While Microsoft leads the windows world, similarly Cisco System, Inc. is on the top of networking service providers list. Cisco with each single day is introducing new networking equipments and data management solutions. Cisco offers three types of certifications for those already in networking field or intent to pursue a networking career in near future.  These courses are available under the heads of Associate, Professional, and Expert categories.  These certifications can be taken according to different networking aspects such as Routing, Switching, Network Security, and Service Provider.  If you want to move up to your networking career then it’s very important to take some Cisco certifications. Cisco exam dumps is a wise choice towards your better future and it brings a lot of benefits for your personal and professional lives
How To Select The Most Appropriate Microsoft Certification
These certification programs do not only provide a new career Include Microsoft Certification to your resume and notice how it helps your career path. Microsoft has introduced many targeted certification programs. choice to those who are in search of a career, but also offers expertise improvement knowledge to those who are employed in different career fields.In case you are a Software Application Developer, you must consider adding MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developed) and MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) certifications to your resume. MCPD will sharpen your skills related to software development on a variety of platforms using Microsoft NET Framework 2.0. Those who want to improve their analyzing and designing expertise must certainly go for MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer). This will let you grab the chance of having complete knowledge of the application lifecycle from analysis through design, testing, development and maintenance.If you are a
Meeting A Special Lady
wanting to meet someone special to talk to \online and text from ym cell mabe even meet sone day, i lik eolder ladies and thick chicks too no need to be shy hit me  up anytime day or nite ill get back to u as soon as i can
Southern Nights
Devils Backbone
Hello my name is Sierra I'm in this great lounge called The Devils BackBone. I'm here to say hi and help make this the best lounge on fubar. It's not there yet but with the staff we got here and all the great people that come in, Devils BackBone will be the best lounge around. It's a small place right now but with the friendly staff and the fun people here your sure to have a great time and some crazy fun so click the link below and join our outragous family.                                  
We had our ups & our downs off n on now 4 over 2 yrs we broke up over cheatin' & drinkin' more frog then prince but he's back again 4 round 3 promises 2 change hopefully this weill be 4 eva this time.
05/09/10 Dilbert
Free Office Stuff
  letter opener free organic note pad  
All In 1 Minute
I look at the clock,it says 1:41,i know thinking of you,ill never be done,you run through my mind,and occupy all my time,wondering why you're gone,and why you're not mine,i think of you constantly,for some reason i cant stop,knowing that for always,you'll forever have my heart,my days go by so slow,cause you run through my head,i said I'd love you forever,isn't that enough said,you also haunt my dreams,if you know what i mean,i wake up often,with sweats and screams,why do i sleep by myself,I'm alone in my bed,i know I'll be thinking of you,till the day i am dead,now still all these thoughts,just run through my brain,cant stop thinking of Chad,i think i'm going insane,i feel i wanna kill myself,people say thats not what to do,but i turn and look at the clock,and it says it's only 1:42.... 
No More Amnesty!
We have been there done that!   1. Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA), 1986: A blanket amnesty for some 2.7 million illegal aliens2. Section 245(i) Amnesty, 1994: A temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens3. Section 245(i) Extension Amnesty, 1997: An extension of the rolling amnesty created in 19944. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty, 1997: An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America5. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA), 1998: An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti6. Late Amnesty, 2000: An amnesty for some illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens7. LIFE Act Amnesty, 2000: A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty, an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens
Zoolander Or Not
Is it just me or does the lead singer of Vampires Everywhere: Remind you of a young Zoolander?
I Made You Up To Hurt Myself, Envy Part Iii
she still hadn't woken up when the bright morning sunlight began to creep over my windowsill. i hadn't slept. i felt awful, my head was pounding the same beat over and over. guil-ty, guil-ty, guil-ty. maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the opportunity, maybe it was chance. but whatever it was, i knew it was wrong. you were coming back in town that day, you'd said you'd be home late. you have a habit of showing up much earlier, i guess that time with your parents tends to get you worked up and you leave in a rush. you never liked them much, they never liked me much. i could feel them strip me down to the immoral and lazy person i truly was, i could see it in their eyes that they didn't approve. they were right. and everytime they smiled, it never reached their eyes. they could hide it well, but i was used to this reaction. now i understand why. this was the first time anything had happened like this, i promise. but now, the anticipation was killing me, i worried my
Votes Needed
Sex My Body Right
Definition Of Soldier: .....
Soldiers come in all shapes, shades, weights, sizes, and states of sobriety, misery, and confusion. He is sly as a fox, has the nerve of a dope addict, the stories of an old sailor, the sincerity of a politician, and the subtly of Mt. Saint Helen. He is extremely irresistible, totally irrational and completely indestructible. A Soldier is a Soldier all his life. He is a magical creature. You can kick him out of your house but not out of your heart. You can take him off your mailing list but not off your mind. Soldiers are found everywhere... in battle... in lust... in bars and ... behind them. No one can write so seldom and yet think so much of you. No one else can get so much enjoyment out of a letter or clean clothes or a six pack. A Soldier is a genius with a deck of cards. A millionaire without a cent and brave without a grain of sense. He is the Protector of America, with the latest copy of playboy in his back pocket.A Soldier.....:When he wants so
New Google Only Searches For Sites That Match Your Preconceived Opinions
Internet giant Google has developed a unique version of the online search engine which will confirm the enquirer's prejudices. Google-ThoughtAsMuch will effectively censor alternative views and second opinions. ‘Designed for the busy opinionate who hasn't got time to think about things, Google-ThoughtAsMuch will make sure that your preconceptions are never challenged,' runs the press release. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, added, ‘ With a single mouse click you can confirm your preconceived opinions are shared by hundreds of other websites'. One of the beta testers, Sarah Palin, had a chance to use the programme yesterday to test her suspicion that Obama was a Muslim terrorist. She found her opinion to be perfectly corroborated by dozens of high-traffic websites. Through deployment of algorithms, Google works out the source of your fears, and matches them to the appropriate comforting version of events. The blogosphere and online forums will be heuristically searched fo
Looking For Love
5 6 few extra pounds fun loving spirit i have a 4 yr  old boy that is my world. im looking for love and i guess its been in all the wrong places. so if your looking for a soul mate or just a friend im here get at me.
Watch Live New Zealand Vs South Africa Rugby Online Streaming On June 17 2010
IRB Junior World Championship 2010 New Zealand vs South Africa Semi Finals - IRB Junior World Championships Estadio El Coloso del Parque, Rosario, Argentina Match scheduled: Play Date: 17-06-2010 Play Time: from 19:30 until 21:45 GMT/UTC/UK
Mahut And Isner Set Record At Wimbledon With Marathon Match
France's Nicolas Mahut (pictured) and John Isner of the United States made tennis history at Wimbledon on Wednesday, smashing the standing record for the longest match. The contest was postponed for a second day after more than 10 hours of play. France's Nicolas Mahut and John Isner of the United States made tennis history at Wimbledon on Wednesday as they set a new record for the longest-ever match.     They surpassed the previous time of six hours and 33 minutes set at the 2004 French Open, when Fabrice Santoro beat fellow Frenchman Arnaud Clement 6-4, 6-3, 6-7, 3-6, 16-14.     "It is reasonable to say that it is the longest official tennis match in history," International Tennis Federation spokesman Nick Imison told AFP, adding that it was certainly the longest in the Open Era records.     "There are not any records to suggest otherwise."     Other records also tumbled in the epic match on Court 18, where the pair were still tussling at 39-39 in the final set of a match c
Cooking Tips That Anyone Can Use To Piddle Cooking Easier
There are Revere Ware Cookware reasons why you may demand to ready at many repair in your lifespan. When you do status to prepare it is e'er a goodness strain to get service with a enchiridion or in other way so that you can instruct how to be a hot ready. One of the things that testament improve you a lot is to grow preparation tips. There are numerous tips for cooking online and offline that give teach you a lot.The statesman preparation tips you make the author you give take. It is ever a just design to correspond felled the tips for cooking or put them on your machine where you can gain them. This is serious because you present find more present Revere Ware Cookware you are cooking that you testament impoverishment to intend backwards to your tips. So always rest them accessible, virtuous in housing.Here are few fundamental cookery tips that you can begin using moral gone when you make. These tips for cookery present aid you expend measure in the kitchen and will also sort cooking
Temperature Conversion Allows You To Groom Comfortably When Motion Abroad
Perhaps you metric conversion table fortunate sufficiency to be travelling to a tepid and wonderful adulterant state in the artificial coming. Before you support on that skim or ocean liner, you leave necessary to acquire a immature bit about the measure group. Unless you are motion to the Federated States, Liberia or Burma, the function system is the measurement slave of deciding throughout the group, and thus decent common with the basics of temperature changeover present secure that you are comfy as you locomote. You can fulfill the maths yourself, or rely on the relaxation of use that comes from a temperature rebirth computer or a temperature redemption table. The unit organisation for temperature is degrees Stargazer, while the Regal organization is in degrees Physicist. To create the temperature shift by accumulation, you module necessary to undergo a duet of mathematical formulas. metric conversion table act the temperature conversion from the many old Physicist to Stargazer,
Idle Thoughts...
Not going to write another poem about your jackass self not going to get all emo and week with self doubt just gonna write a bit  about some funny things the amusements of a tired mind the passings of everything my son does the strangest things as any child does "shaves" naked with a plastic razor  or starts the nuke on fire the smile that he brings to me can never be reduced the love of my child  my shining light can never extinguished my boss is a different kind  of fun and madness too who breaks into a door with a cake knife  and then laughs along with you my friends they all rock my world as any will claim to do but mine really take the prize for putting up with me nothing else in life would ever be the same without these people here by me loving on the way things are even while filled with fear my families kind of... crazy... with one exception still my mother loves me deeply  through all my faults and ill will standing beside me through all my up
Carter Lands In N K
Carter lands in North Korea to bring home American  SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Koreans welcomed Jimmy Carter back to Pyongyang with smiles, salutes and hearty handshakes Wednesday as the former American president arrived on a mission to bring home a Boston man jailed in the communist country since January.U.S. officials have billed Carter's trip as a private humanitarian visit to try to negotiate the release of Aijalon Gomes, sentenced to eight years of hard labor in a North Korean prison for entering the country illegally from China.However, visits like Carter's - and the journey ex-President Bill Clinton made a year ago to secure the release of two American journalists - serve as more than just rescue missions. They also offer an opportunity for unofficial diplomacy between the U.S. and North Korea, analysts say.Communist North Korea and the capitalist U.S. fought on opposite sides of the Korean War. Three years of warfare ended in 1953 with a cease-fire but not a peace treaty,
Working Overtime
Working Overtime It was 4 p.m. and the office was shutting down for the day. Stephanie Thompkins was at her desk looking through the stack of correspondence that must be taken care of in the morning, when the phone rang. It was him. "Be in my office in five minutes," she said and hung up the phone. The thought of having the building's electrician she had been flirting with in her office set her heart racing. Five minutes...enough time to go to the bathroom, freshen up, and give her desk the appearance of organization. Two assistants were killing time in the bathroom when she got there. Their faces blushed red as they quietly picked up their purses and left to go back to their desks. "Got ya," she thought with a grin spreading across her face, "It's nice to be the boss." Stephanie peed quickly and washed her hands. She took a little more time putting her hair back into place as she looked to see if her makeup needed to be refreshed. After deciding that the makeup wou
Just A Start
Ok well if you couldn't tell by my pics, I work at one of the local seasonal haunted houses. This is my 18th year working in them. We have done so many odd things just to get a scare, but it is the scare that counts most.  The one i work at this year has 2 houses with over 1098 ft of walking path. It just keeps getting bigger. We have animematronics, live people, and just all around mess and gore in some scenes. Started working on the rebuild this year in April, so it does take along time just to get it where we want it to be.  We started doing photo shoots for the advertising in July. We always have a blast dressing up and getting crazy doing the shoots. Can't wait until November, so i can take a break until February when we start the rebuild next year.
Losing Weight
Stepped on my scale Monday morning and I was 108 lbs. Today (Saturday) I am only 101 lbs!! So I lost 7 lbs. in only 5 days,most people can't lose 7 lbs. in a week. Not bad for having had 3 kids huh? Will only be a few days and I will be back to 98 lbs.which is just a few lbs. more than what I weighed in high school. SOO happy to be in size 3 jeans again,(although I was only wearing a size 5 or 6 before I lost weight),yay Hope you're all having a great weekend.
[i Have No Access To Music.]
Well I do... but have you heard the speakers on a PSP? Kinda tinny. ... ah yes...thank you auto double-spacing from VISTA/IE. Thank you... thank you. God I hate this fucking laptop. Anyhow. ... and you'll notice that my overuse of spacing and paragraph breaks has taken a brief repose To my dear, loyal readers; Vegas was fun. Could've been a touch more interesting with legalized prostitution and a fully nude strip club with loose interpretations of what exactly is permissable in the "VIP room", but... hey, I had fun and I got to see my brother. Then my sister in law's grandfather died midtrip. COBRA is pretty much out of the question since I didn't get back by the thirtieth and I certainly had no opportunity to get my mail, fill out the paperwork and send it back. Yes... yes, I just immediately told you how someone else's death effected me instead of himself or the family. Well... for the most part my sister in law's family is... twatty. Ultrafundy religious nuts, and her mother,
Saturday - August 13, 2010
I am auctioning off my points for Saturday the 13th of November.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on November 13th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs (On Sale Friday the 12th) - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you....
[oh God! What Did I Just Do?]
I have anun-interview3:30 P.M. Monday.With... my old therapist who is now a head hauncho.I am FREAKING OUT!I really gotta get over this whole...awkward thing.Yes.He's a bigwig now.But I'm not 7, I make eyecontact, and I'm not trying to stab people any more.I am the great destroyer.I will be prepared.*stomach gurgles*uuuugh...okay... I've got a couple days to stop freaking myself out.Just gotta let the initial panic set, and then the performance adrenaline will carry me at the un-interview.What is an "uninterview" I think its one of those... "no promises, but here's what we do, and you might fit in" talks.The whole thing is supposed to be very casual.Very low-key and undressy.I'm still probably going to prepare some questions for this thing, and ... try not to be some babbling fucking idiot.To me this is like ... meeting the president of a company when you're asking to be a mailroom worker.And the president used to know ALL of your secrets.It's daunting.Anyway, I'm gonna try to prepare
Hello The Real Me
Hello the real me.And my misfits way of life.A dark black past is myMost valued possession.Hindsight is always 20-20,But looking back its still a bit fuzzy.Speak of mutually assured destruction? Nice story...tell it to readers digest!!!/chorus/Feeling paranoidTrue enemy or false friend? Anxietys attacking me, andMy air is getting thin.Im in trouble for the thingsI havent got to yet.Im chomping at the bit, and myPalms are getting wet, sweating bullets.Hello me...its me again.You can subdue, but never tame me.It gives me a migraine headacheThinking down to your level.Yea, just keep on thinking its my faultAnd stay an inch or two outta kicking distance.Mankind has got to knowHis limitations./chorus/Feeling claustrophobic,Like the walls are closing in.Blood stains on my hands andI dont know where Ive been.Im in trouble for the thingsI havent got to yet.Im sharpening the axe and myPalms are getting wet, sweating bullets.Well, me...its nice talking to myself,A credit to dementia.So
Five Finger Death Punch-never Enough
I'm so fed up with everyone around me(No one seems to care)I'm just so far gone and nothing's gonna change(I'll never be the same)It's always do this, do that,Everything they want toI don't want to live that way(No)Every chance they get they're alwaysPushin me away[Chorus:]It's never enoughNo it's never enoughNo matter what I sayIt's never enoughNo it's never enoughI'll never be what you want me to beIt's all so messed up and no one ever listens(Everyone's deranged)I'm just so fucked up and I'm never gonna change(Wanna lay it all to waste)They're always say this, say that,Nothing that you want toI don't want to live that wayEvery chance they get they're alwaysShovin me aside[Chorus]I'm Done(I'm done X6)[Bridge:]In the end we're all just chalklines on the concreteDrawn only to be washed awayFor the time that I've been givenI am what I amI'd rather hate youFor everything you areThan ever love youFor something you are notI'd rather you hate meFor everything I amThan have you love meFor so
Last 10 Pieces Replica Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Watches
  After successfully selling high-end luxury watches, cell phones and smartphones, Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches_Ulysse Nardin maxi marine_replica Ulysse Nardin watches has decided to take the route of taken by many of their competitors. However instead of a full-fledged flagship store by themselves, they have picked a existing dealer Bobby Yampolsky owner of East Coast Jewelry to start and run the Ulysse Nardin Boutique at the Boca Raton Town Centre Mall, South Florida. Inviting his VIP client list, the Ulysse Nardin boutique opening party was as much for the Boca Raton area mall visitors as it was for the high-end watch buying clients. Bobby was clever to not only have the opening party in the middle of the mall, but also to do it during prime holiday shopping time when the mall floor would be well-populated. The attendee list included a healthy volume of existing Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches_Ulysse Nardin maxi marine_replica Ulys se Nardin watches brand owners. Sporting their pr
"the Return Home"
I may not be at home like you want me to be but that doesn't mean you're not on my mind everyday. Because that you'll always be... You're in my heart and that's where you'll forever stay.. Just a loving reminder I'll be home one very soon day so have the door open very wide because to you I'll be running quick inside and into your loving arms... Oh yes, that's where I should fall and pray that I never return to lonelness not another time or day.. Most importantly, "NOT AT ALL"... But to stay with you in your loving arms that is where I'll forever remain, to get back all the love I've lost, it shall all be regained...
The G-ki; A Odd But Amazing Vibrator
Now onto the star of this review the G-Ki by Je Joue, a very uniquely designed g-spot and clitoral vibrator.  The G-Ki is fully adjustable nine inch vibrator (five of those inches are insertable) which is what makes it so unique.  It is jointed in two places, one close to the head and the other near the middle with a raised bump that has to be pressed in before the joint moves.  You can customize it to reach just the right place in just the right spot.  It’s adjustability is also what makes it a great clitoral and g-spot vibrator, with it placed into an almost J-shaped it reaches both and makes it easy to rock it back and forth a little giving nice firm pressure onto the g-spot.   To read more of my review and the others check out my adult toy review blog (^_^) hope its enjoyable.      
Sex Story
I'm sat at a bar and i look over and see you sexily teasing a straw with your mouth. You don't notice me at first and im thinking you look hot when you turn your head and see me staring at you. I look away quickly knowing i've been caught, and after a minute or so i look back over to see you with a smile that says 'I seen you watching me'. I'm really nervous at this point but i smile get up and walk over to where you're sat at the bar and introduce myself, at which point i see your drink is nearly empty so offer to buy you one. You smile and accept, i ask is it ok if i sit next to you. I know you're alone and you offer the seat to me. As the evening goes on and we're chatting you occasionally brush my leg with yours just ever so slightly.  As the night goes on and I am starting to relax i offer you another drink, but you decline put your hand on my knee lean over and whisper ' but if you walk me home you can have one at mine' well, my jacket was on so quick and before I knew it we were
Heavy Fillins - 41
Wrong desire aren't new, many had me before you. Please have some heart, don't let me fall apart. Accusations toward me, now thats real heavy. I can no longer deny, just really wondering why. I wanna please you, its a dream to pursue. I felt alot for you, and my heart is so true. Fill me with heavy fill ins, come again every now and then.
Official Launch Today !!!!!
"Knocturnal Ent & Promotions Now Launch Just For You . 24/7 Stream With Wicked Beats & Check The Website For Live Set Times ... Thursday Nights Live To Air Coming SOON !! Interactive Chat (NO sign ups required!) Listen Via Your IPhone & Blackbery ( BB Users Check Group For App ). Listen With a choice of 4 Different Players or directly On The Website 4 Live Cams On The Site!!!! (yes ya can cam too as u listen if ya like) Dj'z From Canada - Germany - U.S.A. Playing All Day & Night Just For You Join The Group Now - Check The FREE Website - Spread The Love And Feel The Bass... Attn All dj'z Wanna Play A Live Set - Contact Any Admin For Info . - CLICK THE LINK AND DANCEEEEEE"
Dreams Of Baby
Lance Hates Stuff! #11 Now With 20% More Gay!
You know what I hate?text short hand.If I say: "What are you up to right now?"And you say: "Jus chillen atm common ova"I read it as: "Just chilling Ass Too Mouth with the common ovaries."I mean, I know that doesn't make sense. But for it to actually mean: "Just chilling at the moment, come on over." is shenanigans to me!!! Let's break it down:Jus=Just: Ok, I can live with that because my 't' is a little sticky on my Blackjack II keyboard so my 'justs' occasionally turn in 'jus.'chillen=chilling: If you HAVE to abbreviate, can't you abbreviate it properly by just dropping the 'g' instead of dropping the 'g' AND replacing the 'i' with an 'e?'atm=at the moment: The first time I saw this one, I had to text the person back and ask what exactly atm meant because atm to me has always meant dick in ass, then to your mouthcommon=come on: GAH! this one is awful on a whole different level because it is a perfectly good word being used as a retarded abbreviation for two different words that have n
Girls And Corpses 2 With Tera Patrick And Joslyn James
With Malin Gramer, Tera Patrick, Corpsy, Joslyn James, Kim Foley, Katie Kinns. Photo: Mad Passion Sex, death, Tiger Woods, epic boobs, rock stars, porn stars and fake cadavers!  It’s another wild, sexy and pseudo-scary Girls and Corpses episode on The Dr. Susan Block Show… Listen Free to Girls & Corpses 2 on RadioSUZY1 FREE “GIRLS & CORPSES 2″ PG PHOTO GALLERY (adding more pix every hour) Video and XXX pix coming soon to the Private Galleries of Ride with Me and the Bonobo Gang to the Girls and Corpses Party this Friday at Meltdown Comics in My Giant Private Motorcoach (used by Obama!).  To RSVP, call 213.670.0066 and ask for David. Featured Guests Tera Patrick: Current Girls and Corpses cover girl, this gorgeous adult superstar-turned-horror-star makes her second appearance on RadioSUZY1 in eleven years.  So good to see Tera again, and she looks stronger yet more exquisite than ever, even just after getting off a plane.  Since winding
Retro Pierced Burlesque
With Billy Antiseptic, Marlo Marquise, Charlie Ninja, AfroDisiac, Lucy Love, Desiree Cantu-Yost, Mindy Cantu. Photo: L'Erotique  10-01-2011  Length: 102:43 minutes  Date: 10/01/2011 Click Here for the “Retro Pierced Burlesque” PG-ish Pix Page… Adding Hot New Pix Every Hour Through Wednesday!  X pix and video coming soon to Though last week at the Speakeasy began with a shocking betrayal (more on that later), things took a sweet turnaround when the Bonobo Gang, friends and lovers stepped out in our big black Obama bus to the 40th anniversary party at the Pleasure Chest, helping men, women and everyone in between hump comfortably since the 1970’s. And though we are still trying to repair the damage left in the toxic wake of our ex-producer’s rampaging exit, it’s nice to be able to take a break from all that to do a stimulating RadioSUZY1 show exploring the fine art of teaserama.  That is, teasing…and pleasin
Wedding Dress Patterns, The Benefits Of Them And Ugg Boots
One way to obtain the Couture Wedding Dress you have consistently dreamed of would be to ensure it is your self or have somebody you already know ensure it is for you. Even if you ever employ out the sewing job, it will most likely be less expensive than really getting that artist gown which you saw some film star put on over a newspaper cover. You would pick a wedding ceremony apparel pattern within the identical way you would pick a Wedding Dress from the boutique. pick a design which you adore and that is fine for the entire body type. a single way you can perform this if you ever are not positive if it will match your entire body sort would be to go to some boutique, come across a comparable style, and attempt it on. The most effective method to come across the really best patterns would be to pay a visit to numerous pattern maker's web web sites or telephone call and request for any catalog of wedding ceremony apparel patterns. In the whole, there are some formal patterns, such
Enjoying The Pleasures Of Simple Things
Just enjoying the blessing of waking everyday to see what new ventures shall meet me good and bad. To be able to smell and sip on my herbal teas as I do meditations. Walking is a park an enjoying nature and all the different scenes and animals moving depending on the time of the day. Have a parent to fuss over and fuss at, the joy just to hear their voice, being able to like some family and stay way from the drama others bring. I LOVE cooking because it let's my creativity flow, from pizza to full course meals. Music and singing along awefully and that's why I try to keep it to shower time or when at home alone. Playing with the cats running and chasing them in the house and them chase me back. Playing with babies in the airport as I wait for my flight. I enjoy reading a good book day or night. Making friends laugh to they pee their pants. I enjoy being different, being myself as much as I can. Simple dreams of life, le
A Tale Of Love Lost
Casualties of War   When it’s over will I cry Will I loose and want to die Will it hurt beyond what I can feel Will I question ,”was it ever real?” Questions that answer themselves too true I know what happened between both me and you The love was real and true love never really does die Distance killed any romance between you and I Three years at war and so far away I return a changed man on that fate filled day I have seen too much and you can’t ever understand Watched men live and die by a far off command Till life and death became one in the same And nothing can change  what I have became People think that death and injury are the toll of war But I know the truth so much better than ever before Loss of a freedom took for granted the next moment we share Loss of wanting to have passion and to let myself care For knowing what  I do can give no one peace And it far kinder still to give one I loved their release For to be loved in this worl
All it took was one look to    see how I felt All it took was one word to     know where I am wanted All I need to know is that     you are the one I want.   You knew what my heart needed      before I did You let me feel what I     have been missing in life You showed me that I    matter to you more when noone else wanted me   You helped me learn & grow     when others were keeping me down You showed me pain & love    dont always need to hurt You gave me pain so I    would learn to love more.
War Criminals Bush And Cheney Can No Longer Travel Outside The U.s. (repost)
Eric Blair Activist Post Everyone in the world seems to recognize the obvious crimes perpetrated by the Bush/Cheney regime. Their overwhelming negative status in the world has now confined them to personal prisons where they can no longer travel abroad for public events. It appears they're only welcome in heavily-secured private dragon lairs for the rest of their waking years. But even those locations are shrinking for these torturers and mass murderers. Cheney, scheduled to speak in Toronto with his daughter next month, had to cancel the speaking appearance due to "security concerns stemming from their experiences in Vancouver in September 2011," according to a press release about the event. The September event referred to in the press release was hardly a public event at all.  It cost $500 a ticket to attend and took place at the Vancouver Club which the Canadian Press called "one of Vancouver's most exclusive clubs." Still, the public caught wind of the event and staged
"WAKING UP FULL OF AWESOME! There was a time when you were five years old, and you woke up full of awesome. You knew you were awesome. You loved yourself. You thought you were beautiful, even with missing teeth and messy hair and mismatched socks inside your grubby sneakers. You loved your body, and the things it could do. You thought you were strong. You knew you were smart. Do you still have it? The awesome. Did someone take it from you? Did you let them? Did you hand it over, because someone told you weren’t beautiful enough, thin enough, smart enough, good enough? Why the hell would you listen to them? Did you consider they might be full of shit? Wouldn’t that be nuts, to tell my little girl below that in another five or ten years she might hate herself because she doesn’t look like a starving and Photoshopped fashion model? Or even more bizarre, that she should be sexy over smart, beautiful over bold? Are you freaking kidding me? Look at her. She is full of awesome. You were, once
This Is A First Lol
    older message >> reply  forward back to folder move to Saved  delete from: FrankW777 Ocala, FL subject: Personal letter for U / Please Read received: 03/29/2012 04:27 pm replied: no   block this member I read your profile its says your engaged cool if anything does happen i would like to pursue a long term relationship with you.this is a just a little about me. Please take this with a light heart but also serious at the same time hope you understand. I am a fun energetic person who also knows how to relax, people would say that i am a deep and intelligent person with alot of great personality traits. i am a strong deep loving person with strict values for trust respect and honesty and expect the same out of my partner. i am hoping to attract an awesome beautiful woman with intelligence that is fun loving highly intimate and one that knows how to make decisions for the best for both of us as well as for herself. my partner
Cherish Your Leisure Time In World’s Beautiful Destination Egypt
Holidays have always been the best way to unwind, relax and the best to spend some quality time with family and friends. The world is beautiful not because there is gold and diamonds buried under earth but it is rich just because of its incredible attractions and magnificent destinations which are extremely beautiful and worth-visiting in a lifetime span. There are several attractions and destinations of tourist’s interest but if you are looking for an exotic holidaying destination then look no further than Egypt home to the world’s oldest civilization. Home to innumerable attractions and fascinating destinations, it is a destination in north-eastern Africa tempts tourists from different parts of the world, all the year round. Every year from different parts of the world, people visit this country in a great numbers with different holidaying purpose be it honeymoon, family holiday, or even adventure too. Home to world’s magnificent pyramids as well as world&rsquo
磬竹难书 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 很多年以来, 单位领导每个月都会把我的工资都故意扣出一大截,叫各种各样的人包括领导自己挑拨我,让我所知道每一个人的工资其实都比我高,无论什么岗位。有时候说是谁把我的工资扣了的,一会儿怂恿我&#
Game Over
This is my final warning I am at my end I bling, shitface and buy drinks I listen to be a friend But yet I continue to get treated like an enemy you see putting on the guilt trip and battling it out with me. I can not continue to do this I'm suppose to have fun in here, not stressed I've made a few genuine friends for those I'm truly blessed. I'm sad to see this all come down as I enjoyed this site but I cant win in these constant battles so I'll wave the flag of white. This is not yet a goodbye but a mere warning you see as I will leave if this continues and say farewell to thee. Obviously I'm not much of a poem writer but I think you get my point. Sad thing is, I've been arguing a lot this past week with people who are in my friend and family list. I dont like fighting and I dont like it when people are angry or mad at me. As time goes on, people tend to become closer and friendships start to develop. Im here to help people and to have fun playing the game, gettin
I Call To Thee
With the candles burning low the lights dimmed down i call to thee, oh wise guardian i call to there for serenity i find myself bored and awkward in this life i find that i am anxous to leave oh wise guardian, show me the way show me the way through my life show me the path to which i should take lead me through all the doors that life opens for me lead me beyond the walls i've built around my soul i call to thee, oh wise guardian keep me safe in life's adventures keep me in the light when all i see is darkness guide my steps with your own so i can safely follow you
How Many Calories To Lose Weight
The number of calories you need each and every day differ from one individual to another and to work these details you'll want to know many parts of specifics about your self that can help make your own calculations. Beneath within our what number of calories should you have a day to burn fat calculator segment we will give you a straightforward description as to ways to have your particular calculations to find out what number of calories you need to have a day. Simply by giving answers to the question 'the number of calories can I require a day?' then you're just discovering the sheer number of calories that the system necessitates to function normally, for almost all the operations that happen in the body daily to happen correctly. The quantity that you receive from that calculation can see you retain the very same body weight for those who take that specific number of calories every day, in case you eat much more you can expect to gain pounds and in case you consume lower than that
Sporks Update...travis Mullis Waives Rights To Appeal...time To Die.
This one's an update for those who remember. To make a long story short, there was a former #1 Top Red Lifetime member here who was too busy on Fubar and gave her kid to her boyfriend at the time because "it wouldn't stop crying." He promptly took the kid out near the Galveston, TX area and stomped its' head in until the baby died. He's finally done something right - waived his appeal rights for his death penalty case. Details here: Let this be a lesson to those with children on here to keep what's important in the forefront. As much as you love Fubar, or drama or whatever, it will be here tomorrow, will your kids?..peace.
Beer Brewing Made Easy
                "Beer Brewing Made Easy;" is a digital program that teaches you how to make your own beer with step-by-step instructional guides and videos. Read More...
We Should Never Forget What Our Parents Did For Us.
Just got off the phone with my Dad who says son we need to keep in touch better cause your still my son even at My Dad is my hero especially with how he has survived with my Mothers disease and he still calls me up and says son you still are my son even at 53 when you coming up to Chicago next, we need to go to pretty much sums it up. I could of moved to California where the weather is warm and the girls are But, I have never move out of the state because I always wanted to stay close to my parents. We should never forget what our parents did for us......We could have been aborted.....but, instead they gave us life and life is now how we make it no matter how we grew up we can effect our lives good or bad by the way we choose to live, work and play and how we want to be treated we must treat others the same way......... A famous person once said, in what is now called the GOLDEN RULE....... Do onto others as you would like t
Herve Leger Lacing And Mesh Dress Black
The display with the ny style 1 week delivers numerous very stars. Hilary Duff, Mischa Barton, Amanda Bynes and Marisa Miller all go to the show. The typical function of those gorgeous stars is their plump figure. They are really satisfaction with this show. From this show, we are able to understand that the plump figure female are fulfilled with Herve Leger Cutout Bandage Rose Dress. "My mum tends to make the quite best barbequed chicken you will actually taste!" appear familiar? How about:" We experienced a good dinner final evening with our family?" Or perhaps this one:" I invested the weekend baking cakes with my grandmother?" Wherever there is food, it looks households are not much behind. The dining table has consistently been a mark of great instances and actually much better company, so it's only organic that some on the perfect moments of our lifestyles are shared more than a warm pot, or close to a baked dinner. So the great time is generally a not just ne
My Live Review For Miles Davis' 'kind Of Blue'
Kind of Blue' by Miles Davis has always been my favorite jazz album. Throughout my life I have turned to 'Blue' like a Christian would turn to a cross. The purity of the sounds that were captured from these sessions were magical & angelic. It doesn't matter if I am happy or 'Blue' either. Earlier this week I threw on my Sony headphones to see if these tunes would take me to that unreachable place in my mind. To be honest I will have to say that it took me even further than before. "IT" was still alive. The beast that awakens from this 1959 recording is amazing. The CD itself had laid there for months, like a hibernating bear. Once I hit play that bear awakened and roared & growled. Listen to 'Kind of Blue' in your car, at home, alone; with a group of friends, it doesn't matter. This is Jazz for me. Davis' and company's genius is prevalent in each tune.My live review of 'Kind of Blue'1) So What.'s like Davis and company are messin
*sigh* 1. When she walks away from you mad[ Follow her ]2. When she stares at your mouth[ Kiss her ]3. When she misses you[ She's hurting inside ]4. When she starts cussing at you[ Kiss her and tell her you love her ]5. When she's quiet[ Ask her whats wrong ]6. When she ignores you[ Give her your attention ]7. When she pulls away[ Pull her back ]8. When you see her at her worst[ Tell her she's beautiful ]9. When you see her start crying[ Just hold her and don't say a word ]10. When you see her walking[ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]11. When she's scared[ Protect her ]12. When she lays her head on your shoulder[ Tilt her head up and kiss her ]13. When she looks at you in your eyes[ Don't look away until she does ]14 .When she doesn't answer for a long time[ Reassure her that everything is okay ]15. When she says that she loves you...[ She really does; MORE than you could understand ] – hazine
Chemises Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Soldes
ralph lauren pas cher When it comes to online shopping it is better to choose a business that assures you on the quality standards and offers a return policy within a certain period so that you can inspect the designer cheap shoes for yourself and analyze its touch and feel and durability factors to stand up to your expectations. Most probably businesses that avail a return policy are the ones that can be trusted since they have already displayed the confidence in their products. When you are assured on the quality you might as well forget about spending hundreds of dollars on a single pair of designer shoes in the showrooms and opt for such wholesale or replica designer shoes that allow you to buy more than a pair for a price that is not even close to the price of the original single pair. Besides, designs are subjected to change and so are the trends. Actually ,polo ralph lauren We can find that in the society today, many of us are not able to afford to pay the big price
Explosion Models Pretty Sandals Shoes Hold Summer Fashion
    It’s entering summer again, and all kinds of sandals shoes are being launched on shop shelves. In the summer of this year which kinds of popular fashion shoes style will be hot? Next wholesale ladies fashion shoes online store offers you several ones of this year's explosion models shoes.   This is a pair of flat sandals with delicate lace decoration. Mint green is as background color, like a breath of fresh, cool breeze injected into your heart. This retro palace style fashion sandals is romantic and beautiful, and can highlight the soft and sweet temperament of young female. Do you are moved by such sweetheart sandals?   Platform sandals are always one of the favorite styles for many beauties. For this designer summer sandals, the collision of mysterious black and pink given rise to what kind of spark. This contrast color stitching sandals, generous style, and simple, strong color contrast brings strong fashion sense that quite thick.   Among
Fubar Is The Best.
Fubar has the best of everything. It has the best people, and activities the internet has to offer and I for one love it alot!
Just Trying To Have Fun On The Hoiday
I'm so happy the sun is shining and every day it does puts me in an instant good mood. Feeling kinda lazy and not wanting summer to go away. I have a special routine I follow every day to make myself feel good and alive. Having a little special "me time" and then working out gives the day a great start.... I love jumping on my trampoline and playing in the back yard. I am gonna put on my favorite tunes and get crazy....I love it. I'm gonna dance around and do gymnastics in the yard and it makes me feel young and happy....I like to feel carefree. I'll talk on the phone with some friends who make me laugh, cuz laughing is like my top priority... I choose to be happy now, and I'm not gonna wait till tomorrow....
Pool Mater
Pool Master, I found myself falling for this sexy man playing pool. There is a art to this game as he dancing around table putting his money down. He plays dam good game. He owns this town every one wants to play him, be him, Ladies falling for him. Pool Master.  bY Christine  
As some of you have read in my status, I'm in pain. I've been in constant pain for about 3 weeks now.  It started my second week of bowling. Just a dull pain in my lower back/upper leg. Now it feels like my hip is popping out of place every time I walk. I know it's not, but that's the best way to explain it. The more I'm up and moving around the better it feels. However today it's decided to rain. The fucking pressure is killing me. No matter what I do it hurts so bad. I've taken medication for it, but it doesn't work. I can NOT take lortab, which my  Mom offered. Those things knock me out. I was prescribed some 5mg a few years back for a hurt shoulder and I took HALF of one, which is only 2.5mg...I was asleep for 2 days. With the said pressure, my wrist and arm are killing me too. I can't put any pressure in my right hand, my wrist hurts too bad. I kid you not. I went to the store today after work. When I picked up the gallon of milk, I almost dropped it. Ugh.   But all is well. T
Friendships And Love
I posted a new blog this morning. Its truly what I have learned and come to believe. I had a wonderful person question what a new friendship or relationship can be. I want to share the importance of this. We all think we know who will or could be our friends. Or lovers! True we can't pic who we love. Any more than we can determine who our children will be. To us or us to them. We try. But this is why it is imposable to know before we meet them or determine what it will be before it is. We prejudge so many people. What they will be to us what we will be to them is yet to be known.   Some friends will always know each other and have before they met. They live for that moment they need each other. Every relationship has its own birth. Has all the new elements of life. There for all prior understanding of oneself and what they would do for this friend, this relationship has its own birth right. The journey begins here.  By pj
Windows 8 Imita Bem Tablets Mas Pode Causar Confusão
A Microsoft está fazendo a remodelagem mais radical no Windows desde 1995 e até os usuários mais arraigados não reconhecerão o tradicional sistema operacional na sua nova encarnação, chamada Windows 8-tablets windows 8, a ser lançada no dia 26 de outubro. Assim que você o carrega, a diferença é visível. Em vez do desktop familiar, você vê um mundo elegante e moderno de grandes blocos deslizantes e aplicativos mais simples de tela inteira, mais adequados às telas de toque e inspirados nos tablets e smartphones. Isso é chamado de Tela Inicial, substituindo o menu Iniciar que todo usuário do Windows conhece. Mas não se trata só de um menu, e sim de todo um ambiente computacional que ocupa a tela inteira, com seus próprios aplicativos e controles separados. A velha área de trabalho e as aplicações do antigo sistema ainda estão lá. Mas, no Windows 8, a área de trabalho é como qualquer outro aplicativo: você toca ou clica no ícone ou botão da Tela Inicial para usá-la.
Don't Worry
Don't Worry by Kenneth Matlock on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 11:50am  Something you have told me Finally sunk in deep It has helped me to see Need a giant leap Maybe sometimes listen Instead of only always being loud Let my spirit glisten Knowing it's not broken only bowed
I Loved U First
"I loved you first: but afterwards you I loved you first: but afterwards your love     Outsoaring mine, sang such a loftier song As drowned the friendly cooings of my dove.     Which owes the other most? my love was long,     And yours one moment seemed to wax more strong; I loved and guessed at you, you construed me And loved me for what might or might not be –     Nay, weights and measures do us both a wrong. For verily love knows not ‘mine’ or ‘thine;’     With separate ‘I’ and ‘thou’ free love has done,          For one is both and both are one in love: Rich love knows nought of ‘thine that is not mine;’          Both have the strength and both the length thereof, Both of us, of the love which makes us one.
(2),体面抽身: 所以毁尸灭迹: 在进行精心逃避责任的周密安排下,在又能保证自己的政绩的情况下,对核武器测试运行的隐患故意眼睁睁不去管理,让隐患问题爆发,就是让一些人故意当睁眼瞎,即有心算无心的情况下,让隐患爆发。 之所以有这些判定,因为西瓜太狼的这些行&
Washing Machine
A man is walking behind his wife and says Baby you are so fat now your bum looks like a washing machine The woman keeps quiet, Bed time the man is asking for sex The woman says I can't start the washing machine for such a small load You'll have to handwash
Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there He wasn’t there again today I wish, I wish he’d go away... When I came home last night at three The man was waiting there for me But when I looked around the hall I couldn’t see him there at all! Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more! Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door... (slam!) Last night I saw upon the stair A little man who wasn’t there He wasn’t there again today Oh, how I wish he’d go away
Enjoy Everything
Enjoy everything, you might not get to experience it twice. Life is a special thing that we should be glad we still have... Enjoy life as much as you can because you only get to live once. You should be thankful for the life you have because you don't know how long it'll last. Life is something you should always smile about, you decide everything you do in it, just live it out to your limit, because we don't live forever. Be mindful of every little pleasure in life, by living everyday like its your last day. I've seen better days, But i've also seen worse. I don't have everything that I want, But I do have all I need. I woke up with some aches and pains, But I woke up. My life may not be perfect, But I am blessed. 
Sanctify Madness
No question, No thought, No feeling Only delusions of reality Nothing brings her to the edge But nothing stops her from jumping Only retaliates from what’s been done No judgement, No fear, No mercy only sacrifice the weakness Nothing show her the truth Nothing magnifies their superficial lies Only Haldol will clear her conscious mind. © 2001
Sri Ram
"You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you." ~ Sri Ram
Heavenly Pecan Pie
8 oz pkg cream cheese softened8 oz cool whip thawed1- 1/2 cup confectioner sugar2 cup pecan pieces1 cup coconut1/2 cup melted butter 2 grahm cracker crustan caramel ice cream toping to top pie withmix together cream cheese cool whip an sugar with mixer set asidemix pecans coconut an butter toast lightly an cool pour cream cheese filling into both pie crusts when pecan mixture is cool place on top pie an drizzle caramel toping over pie chill an serve
How To Assess And Effect Going Quotes
Indeed, going to a new home can be more traumatic than interesting. This is because you will find loads of issues that you need to think about such as the choice of movers as well as evaluating going quotations. It is important to keep in thoughts, though that with the right moving support, your projects can be much less heavy and less traumatic. In which situation, you have to be sure that you properly choose the moving support you cope with to rest confident for a windy transfer. When you are selecting the going organizations, make sure to consider the comfort of the transportation. With the help of a reliable moving support, you can also rest confident of a secure transportation. Moreover, there are measures that can be provided by an expert moving support such as alternative insurance strategy in situation of harm to belongings during the shift. But this does not mean you have to invest a significant amount for the solutions. The following are some recommendations on how you can ge
The Butterfly
Just because your life starts with the shitiest trailer in the park, alcoholic aunts, pedophiliac uncles, uncaring parents, junkie sisters, or brothers in prison doesn't mean that it has to end that way. REMEMBER,  your dreams only need the support of one person: YOURSELF.   No matter how bad, how tough, or how ugly your cacoon may be, never give up...
The Dirty Old Man.
I fantastize about ugly old dirty fat men! I'm only 27 and i date nice lookign guys but one hing that really turns me on is when i fantasize about much older, ugly, fat dirty men. The less attractive the better. Fat, hairy, ugly... something about being with someone disgusting is a big a turn on. I think it lets me be the princess, feeling more beautiful and needed than otherwise.
Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2012
Lowongan Kerja 2013, Lowongan BANK, Lowongan BUMN, Lowongan CPNS 2013, Lowongan PERTAMINA, Lowongan TELKOM, Lowongan KERETA API, Lowongan ASTRA, Lowongan GURU seluruh Indonesia.
How do you hurl? If so, go to and find out.
Il Futuro Di Android è Luminoso
Los Angeles Times ha riferito che il sistema operativo Android, sviluppato da Google, si è consolidata come il sistema operativo dominante nella categoria smartphone, che si trova in circa il 50% di tutti i dispositivi intelligenti nel primo semestre del 2012. I dati si riferiscono ad uno studio della società di consulenza Canalys in 56 paesi nel corso del secondo trimestre in cui è stato trovato che Android è il primo in 35 di questi territori.Android è diventato il sistema operativo dominante nei telefoni di fascia alta in tutto il mondo alla fine del 2010, quando ha superato Nokia Symbian, una società di software in via di estinzione. La tecnologia finlandese è stato sostituito da Windows Phone di Microsoft quest'anno. Apple con il suo iOS, il sistema che gestisce l'iPhone, è la seconda piattaforma più popolare, con una quota di mercato del 19%, mentre la società di Steve Jobs è il più grande produttore al mondo di smartphone.Il momento di Android sembra iniziare. Si prevede che ent
Would You Like To Be There - Ugly Kid Joe
Somewhere the evening sunIs falling down, the day is doneHow I'd like to be there, how I'd like to shareSomewhere the darkness frownsAnd hides behind the ones in doubtWould you like to be there, would you like to shareWith me, 'cause my arms are stretched a mile wideUnder the ocean floor,The sand is crawling up the shoreHow I'd like to be there, 'n how I'd like to shareUnder the western sky,The days are slowly passing byWould you like to be there, would you like to shareWith me, 'cause my arms are stretched a mile wide, yeahThe more you see, the more you knowThe more you see, the more you knowThe more you see, the moreSomewhere the songbird sings, But hears there's no-one listeningHow I'd like to be there, 'n how I'd like to shareOut in the blackened sea, There's unison and harmonyWould you like to be there, would you like to shareWith me, 'cause my arms are stretched a mile wideThe more you see, the more you knowThe more you see, the more you knowThe more you see
Down In Jest As Both Smiled
SAN ANTONIO -- Tony Parker had 25 points and Tim Duncan had 15 points and 10 rebounds and the San Antonio Spurs beat the New Orleans Hornets 99-94 on Friday night. Michael Crabtree White Jersey . Back home after playing six of its previous seven games on the road, San Antonio (19-9) got 13 points from Manu Ginobili and 12 from Boris Diaw. Rookie Anthony Davis had 18 points and 11 rebounds to lead New Orleans (5-21), which suffered its 10th straight loss. Greivis Vasquez added 14 points, Ryan Anderson 12 and Brian Roberts 11. New Orleans outscored San Antonio 33-27 in the final quarter, including a jumper by Roger Mason that pulled the Hornets within 84-80 midway through the quarter. The Spurs responded with a layup by Parker and a jumper by Nando De Colo to regain control of the game. The late rally was in contrast to a sloppy start. The teams were tied 4-4 after the opening 4 minutes, going a combined 4 for 15 from the field with three turnovers. Davis and Duncan both seemed to enjoy
Road Killers
Guys like me are always talking about which women they think are beautiful. And although some might take us as shallow, it is also part of being visual males. Guys look at hot looking cars and probably wonder what it would be like to be driving inside it. Same way they admire beautiful ladies. And I have assembled here some of the best looking cars that I have seen. Im not a snob who thinks that they have to be foreign either...                                                                                   2012 Chevy Camaro SS                                                                                   1970 Chevy Chevelle SS                                                                     
Use Website Analysis To Be No 1 On Google
As it is within all sectors, the Online world, full of web websites, is peppered with its own terms. Get to know the language well and know what it indicates, that way nobody will be able to take the made of wool over your sight. Here are a few important factors conditions to comprehend and observe on a very regular, if not everyday, foundation. Strikes. This is the most misused and incorrectly used determine talking about Web action. You've observed individuals say, "I get 100,000 hits monthly." Be involved as this is a useless number; a hit represents each computer file sent by the hosting server to a Web browser-therefore, if you have a web page that contains many pictures, possibilities are that those pictures plus the HTML computer file assisting them will sign-up as many hits. Due to showing the webpages of your web page, the figures easily get out of hand and you will have no real concept how many guests your web page is getting. Page Opinions. Page views are a more pr
Birthday Famps/hhs
Friday March 8th, is my birthday (yay happy birthday to me! 26! Oye I'm gettin old!) I have scheduled 4 happy hours on that day. Starting at midnight fu time, I will be running 4 famps that day, one every 6 hours. I know peopel will ask, so here's the answer; I do have a number of spots available in my family/boost spots.Some already knew about it and have secured their spot. As for anyone else that wants in, I'm asking for 10 credits. Not a 10 credit bling; 10 credits. And I don't want to hear whining. I am not negotiating at all. Most people charge 3 credits per famp without a happy hour. I'm offering 4 famps with 4 happy hours for 10 credits. So please do not waste your time or mine asking to get in for less. The answer is no. However, I am also accepting the Make It Rain blings. They're 15 credits, so if you decide you want to go that route, I'll throw you AND a friend in for that. Just make sure they aren't already in my family or haven't hit me up yet. ALSO; BEFORE SENDING ME
A Years Time
They say through time and space, There will always be change. But I am certain of one thing, In my heart so stay the same.   An Angel taken from my view, Does never leave my heart. Even if its destined forever, That we would be apart.   You have now flown back, I see you if it was only one day. Just like in my heart,in my eyes, May you now forever stay.
Sit Down First
Recently, when I went to McDonald's I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets.I asked for a half dozen nuggets.'We don't have half dozen nuggets,' said theteenager at the counter.'You don't?' I replied.'We only have six, nine, or twelve,' was the reply.'So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?''That's right.'So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets(Unbelievable but sadly true...)(Must have been the same one I asked for sweetener,and she said they didn't have any, only Splenda and sugar.)TWOI was checking out at the local Wal-Mart with just a few items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt close to mine. I picked up one of those 'dividers' that they keep by the cash register and placed it between our things so they wouldn't get mixed. After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the'divider', looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it.Not finding the bar code, she said to me, 'Do you know
I Have Been Set Up
CLAIM: Boston Bomber Last message on Facebook to his Father – “I have never done it , they set me up”     Infowars.comApril 22, 2013 This picture is doing the rounds online. We are unable to verify its authenticity.   This article was posted: Monday, April 22, 2013 at 5:41 am Tags: domestic news, terrorism Sh
Fantastic Marriage Ceremony Gowns With Regard To Couples-1
Marriage ceremony is actually regarded as an exceptionally auspicious affair with regard to every couple in this world in addition to that's why, that skilled dallas pest control of an marriage ceremony costume is actually enormous without the hesitation. An exceptionally lovely marriage ceremony costume can simply capture your own thoughts instantaneously. Nonetheless, you can very easily obtain your own marriage costume from any retailer however the selected costume must glimpse lovely, cozy in addition to stylish simultaneously. Asked guests should have some thing exclusive to speak about with regards to your wedding day costume. Marriage ceremony gowns can be very easily obtained within organic cotton, polyester, nylon, in addition to woollen fabric in addition to silk in addition to chiffon also. Nonetheless, that selected fabric needs to be cozy, long lasting in addition to must coordinate existing weather factors also. Many experts have noticed which bridesmaid gown
Welcome To The Greatest Stupid Thing Ever
I'm not exactly happy with the great out come of things. Needless to say, I'm even more unimpressed with the turn out of my life. and while you COULD argue this is a pity post. It's not. i don't give a shit about any of that. Although it seems to be the only driving force for a site that screams "LOOK AT ME! i'M A PRETTY BUTTERFLY!" more than anything else I seem to have come across. But that's beside the point. I'm getting older, more annoyed by things that are, by anyother circumstance, normal to most people who've got their act together. Myself? not so much. And while I could simp[ly go out and be awesome, I simply choose to remain indoors like some stupid poor person rummaging through the crap shoot that is there life.  So poor poor me, wah wah wah, fuck off you dumb ass drama queens. Let me have my bitch fest.
Cum Sunt Eu?
 eu sunt un zbor frant dintr-o melodie de aripi neterminat sunt ca un pas descult intr-o palma fierbinte care incetu cu incetu ma alinta sunt un zambet pierdut in surasul tau fermecator eu sunt o scrisoare de dragoste deschisa ,dar niciodata citita sunt o mana ce aluneca incetu cu incetu pe un pian intr-o simfonie a cuvintelor nerostie eu sunt o fereastra deschisa pentru zborul viselor tale,dar geamurile m-au inghetat fara rost in ierni de asteptare iti strang uneori pasii-n priviri si surasul tau fermecator in joc de petale moi si catifelate iti darui zambind si-ti fur amintiri ascunse in soapte domoale sunt zambet si lacrimi peacelasi obraz sunt ras si durere si vise sunt plin de sotii si plin de haz si-s trist cu genele-nchise sunt basmul frumos dorit de orice copil sunt sarutul furat la-ntamplare sunt versul stangaci in nopti de toamna sunt primul si ultimul trandafir oferit in timp de noapte pe patul nuptial plin de dragoste sunt mainile tale tale duioase si moi cu care ma mangai
Qué Se Debe Considerar Cuando Se Busca Un Internet Tablet
Tabletas de Internet ofrecen una variedad de características de comunicación que permite a los usuarios mantenerse en contacto con el mundo de ritmo rápido a su alrededor mientras se desplazan y lejos de su PC o portátil. Hay muchas tabletas de Internet diferentes que se ofrecen a los consumidores de hoy y averiguar cuál es la opción correcta para usted puede depender de lo que usted está buscando.-android 4.0 La primera cosa que usted desea considerar es la forma fácil de usar estos dispositivos. Tabletas de Internet son portátiles y le ofrecen un montón de grandes características como una cámara y dispositivos de grabación. Ver películas y jugar juegos en grandes pantallas brillantes son otras grandes características que se pueden encontrar en casi todas las tabletas de Internet. -android 4.1 La siguiente cosa a considerar al invertir en una tableta de Internet o como algunos otros pueden llamarlo, un Tablet PC, es que usted tendrá que considerar qué tipo de sistema operativo de la
5/3 To 5/12/13
                                          FRIDAY'S JOKES                                     Bill Gates Buys Some Lovin'   Bill Gates meets Hugh Grant at a Hollywood party. They are talking and Bill says: "I've seen some great pictures of Divine Brown lately, I sure would like to get together with her!" Hugh replies: "Well Bill, you know ever since our incident, her price has skyrocketed, she's charging a small fortune." Bill: "Hugh, money's no object to me. What's her number." So, Hugh gives Bill her number and Bill sets up a date. They meet & after they finish, Bill is lying there in ecstasy, mumbling " I know why you chose the name Divine." To which she replies: "Thank you, Bill.....and now I know how you chose the name ..... Microsoft."    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                      Ten Husbands, Still a Virgin   A lawyer married a woman who had previously divorced ten husband
Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself For Technocratic Revolution     Authoritarian, anti-democratic power networks are being re-branded as as trendy, philanthropic-style forums Paul Joseph Watson & Alex JonesInfowars.comMay 13, 2013 Eric Schmidt. Image: Wikimedia Commons The secretive Bilderberg Group is currently undergoing a major transformation that will see it and other high profile networks merge under the banner of Google as the elite accelerates its plan to consolidate its technocratic agenda. This past weekend, Infowars reporters Paul Joseph Watson and Jon Scobie visited the luxury Grove Hotel in Watford, UK, site of the 2013 Bilderb
Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas city chiefs to hire former Nevada a university football coach Chris red for the team's special adviser, ault has carried on the innovation to "pistol attack formation, and it spread to the NFL.Ault agent Bob lamont told the Associated Press on Monday confirmed the news. It is unclear what the oort will be at the emirates team to be responsible for which aspects of the work. In pistol attack formation, the quarterback behind stood in the center of a few yards in the distance, but than traditional shotgun formation closer to center. Pistol formation's aim is to make the quarterback, especially those running ability quarterback after kick-off more attacking nfl jerseysAult university of Nevada, has worked with colin - card together to use this Nick offensive formation, the latter of last season in the NFL, and help the San Francisco 49 ers reached the super bowl. (Aimar)
IRS Demanded Info On Pro-Life Group’s Prayers     Fox NewsMay 18, 2013 The Internal Revenue Service allegedly told two pro-life to reveal the content of their prayers and prayer meetings, according to the Thomas More Society. An IRS office in California ordered Christian Voices for Life of Fort Bend County, Texas to explain the content of prayers “as if they were engaging in highly offensive or criminal behavior,” the Thomas More Society charged. Agents also ordered Coalition for Life of Iowa to provide detailed information about the group’s prayer meetings. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) demanded that outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller answer questions about the incidents during Friday’s House Ways and Means Committee hearing. “Their question, specifica
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