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My First Midget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yule Blessings
Yule is a time of change. Like ancient relatives, we await the birth of the Child of Light. The Mother's womb, dark like the night, has grown to encompass half of the earth. Now the birth is at hand. The water breaks and covers the land with snow. Last years Child has grown and become King. He is now old and vulnerable, waiting to pass his solar flame onto his own Son that he might be born anew. He lovingly holds the hand of the Lady who must endure his death and birth all in the same moment.
Awweeee... From S51
My love for DJ C51 keeps growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. I love you baby and I hope we are together for the rest of our lives. ;) (repost of original by '†DJ S51 Boy† Surreal ♠~Dj C51's Hubby/ Co owner of Catacones~Dad to 5™ & DaMa~' on '2008-12-21 15:28:10')
Not Mine ( A Song) My Mood Right Now!
32 Flavors Squint your eyes and look closer I'm not between you and your ambition I'm a poster girl with no poster I am 32 Flavors and then some. I'm beyond your peripheral vision, so you might want to turn your head. 'Cause one day you're going to be hungry, and eat most of the words you just said. Both my parents have taught me about good will. And I have done well by their names just the kindness that I've lavished on strangers is more than I can explain. still there's many who've turned off the porch lights just so I would think they we're not home. And hid in the dark of their windows 'til I passed and left them alone. God you help you if you are an ugly girl, of course too pretty is also your doom 'cause everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room. And God help you if you are a pheonix, and you dare to rise up from the ash a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy, while you are just flying back. I'm not trying to give m
List For Rating Love! These Folks Helped Us With Spike!
START WITH GOOFYLADY, AND LET HER KNOW THAT CLUB MYSTIC WAS THERE! SHE HAS AUTO'S ON TIL 7PM! ~GoofyLady~ Owner Of Regiment Dragon Bombers & Levelers / Member Of Rating Revolution@ fubar rated 1,585 pics!!! WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED WITH GOOFYLADY, THIS PSYCHO IS NEXT, LOL! IF YOU DON'T KNOW HER, YOU SHOULD! SHOW HER LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE! ONE&ONLY SYCHO~!~ FUBARS RESIDENT PATIENT~!~Rating Revolution~!~/CLUB FAR@ fubar RATED 1,585!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE BLOG UPDATES!!! THANKS TO ALL! ------------------------------------------------- ღ~Sweet Addiction®: ~Beautifully Insane~ღ@ fubar rated 1,495 pics HEAD DJ GHOST (RIDER) of VAMPY'S VAMPIRE CAVE "BAT CAVE OF DREAMS@ fubar rated 1,230 pics! BlueJellibeans69@ fubar only has 175 pics, lets level her up! momba@ fubar *SpecialAngel*Member Of Rating Revolution*Member Of The Love Shack*@ fubar rated 422 pics! ivanturoc-:-~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar rated "a couple of folders" a great guy, show luv!
Me And Zander
Need 100 Rates By Tomorrow Midnight...can You Please Lend A Hand?
I'm in a contest for rates only it starts today and will end at midnight tomorrow night. All I need 100 rates so please take a moment and click on the link below. The prizes are pretty cool...So Please take a moment and rate the picture of the kitties for me. Hugs to all my family and friends. 1,3,5,10,20 Credit Blings 1 Golden Star 1 Month Vip 3 & 7 Day Blasts Plus Bling pack Thanks, Silverpixi
Boobs? Wha....
she's got auto elebens & she's a hottie too KCPilar69™~R/L Fiance 2 CravenMoorehead ~Protected By Bounty Hunter@ fubar and she takes it in the ass, i've seen it :s and cupcakes!!!!!
I Once Met A Homeless Man
I once met a homeless man lying on the walk. I had no intents on speaking with till he spoke up. I thought to myself will these be opened ended rambles or a plead for help, or maybe a panhandling scheme it has yet to be seen. None of the above I was now curiously wrong. Now an inquiry something I had to find for myself. At times it was if he were speaking in tongues but sifting through chaos was a message a theory to ponder. He was not miserable, he was just hungry. He was not cold, he was just bit lonely. In fact at first I would have said that this man was mad a bit dirty and just a bit sad. A man taken by his demons. Uncontrollably forsaken. On the contrary I had soon to find. Though he was here cause of his demons it was because he needed a place to hide.
Como Le Hare - Emilio Navaira
Ce soir il pleut dehors, dehors comme en dedans Oublie ce que je t’ai dit, c’est juste pour voir différemment Tu m’as donné un reve et je croyais tes lèvres Dehors il pleut, je crois qu’il faut se parler de toi et moi (Refrain) Oh Oh reviens-moi , éclaire mes yeux pour une fois Oh Oh reviens moi, comme une reine à son roi Si tu savais comment je me sens, mon cœur éclate comme un volcan Je suis perdue, viens me chercher, je peux te voir les yeux fermés Je sais mes silences te font souffrir, à quoi ca sert de se mentir Jusqu’à se perdre et se briser, donne moi encore l’éternité Refrain Je veux recoller mon corps sur ta moitié Avoir le vertige sans tomber Refrain
Thanks For The Cup!
The irony of commitment is that its deeply liberating-in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.- Anne Morriss Thats my $3.00 advice today! Cause you know I love you!
Trying To Make A
> > Trying to make a dent in the journey to angel!!! There are more than 140k in points and Fubucks available here...Auto 11's will be on @7pm EST (4pm Futime) tonight, through 7pm EST (4pm Futime) Sunday, January 4, 2009 !!!! C'mon over and level up!!!!
Better Than A Xanax Or A Valium, Lol!
Anger Management When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I found the number and dialed it. A man answered, saying "Hello." I politely said, "This is Chris. Could I please speak with Robyn Carter?" Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear "Get the right f***ing number!" and the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude. When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the 'wrong' number again. When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled "You're an asshole!" and hung up. I wrote his number down with the word 'asshole' next to it, and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills or had a reall
Amber Alert Pls Read
ATTENTION: There is an AMBER Alert in your area. Please CLICK HERE to find out more information. Missing From: 417 NORTH LUCAS STREET, WEST COLUMBIA, SC Missing Date: 1/4/0009 12:00 AM Contact: WEST COLUMBIA POLICE DEPARTMENT (803) 794-0721 PMOORE@WESTCOLUMBIASC.GOV Circumstances: AMBER Alert - SUSPECT IS ARMED - SHOTS FIRED DURING ABDUCTION Missing ChildName: ALLIM DAVID DIETZ Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: White/Hispanic Age: 7 Height: 1FT Weight: 20LBS Gender: Male Description: Wearing red shirt, brown pants Suspect Name: DAVID DIETZ Hair Color: Brown/Blonde Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: White Age: 25 Height: 5FT11 Weight: 198LBS Gender: Male Description: BLACK UNIFORM WITH "POLICE" ON BOTH SLEEVES AND BACK. SUSPECT IS ARMED - SHOTS FIRED DURING ABDUCTION Vehicle Information Make: FORD Model: EXPLORER Color: SILVER License State: SC License Text: 516VTY Description: POSSIBLY MISSING A SIDE WINDOW
You Don't Know What You Do To Me
Damn, I mean, I just keep thinkin' about You I mean, I wanna move on but I can't move on It's like You got some kinda hold on me and, I don't know But I'm gonna go ahead and talk about it, listen I'm sittin' lookin' out the window like damn Trying to fix this situation that's at hand You're still runnin' through my mind When I'm knowin' that you shouldn't be Me all on your mind and I'm knowin' that it couldn't be 'Cause you ain't called and I ain't even appalled I still got a lotta pain, I ain't dealt wit it all I been runnin' 'round with others, I'm single and they lovin' it I'm likin' it but I just want the one that I was in love with That's not the end of it, I'm trying to let you go I can't get a grip of it is what I'm trying to let you know You got a hold or some kinda control of me I don't know what it is but I gotta get you gone from me I'm workin' at it and it ain't gettin' no better Just tryna be like, yeah, forget it, whatever Instead
Dear Friend
He tells me good-bye. For him was it ever real? When I was there was I really just alone? When he kissed me was he thinking of me? When we made love was it just a game for him? He loves me, He loves me not, there is never enough petals on the flower The final petal drawn from the stem is never the answer you want 24 hours a day most of them spent thinking of him, maybe I was wrong, maybe I wanted more then he was ready for. These questions run through my head and refuse to let me sleep. My heartaches, my stomach aches, what am I thinking, why am I so upset. We talked about our pasts, and we shared our hopes and dreams. I feel bad for what has been missing in his life and I hope with all my heart he finds what he deserves. I miss you! There is no other way to say it. Do you miss me? Did you care? Was it ever real The feeling of your arms around me as you lay a kiss upon my head made my body melt I was your friend before we heald hands I was yo
Sbg - Your Monday Blues Cure - January 19, 2009
Do You Have Monday Blues? Are your wondering what to do on a Monday? Do you want to rate but don't want to go through the BORED board? Are you tired of only rating only ezrate pics? Well, here is something different, fun, and exciting! SARGE'S BAD GIRLS The BEST bad girls you will ever meet! A listing at your fingertips of beautiful women with great pics. And of course the man that made it all possible. (He has folders of some of our best pics!) Give these bad girls a good old fashioned fu-spanking and don't forget to thank the man that made it all possible. Fan - Rate - Friend - Bling - Comment! You won't regret it! Sarge's Bad Girls Tulsa's Angel RaidersBabe ¢¾ Brown Eyed Girl ¢¾
Renaissance Faire Purity Test
For my Rennie friends! Your Renaissance Purity Test Results You answered "yes" to 89 of 152 questions, making you 41.4% FaireFolk pure (58.6% FaireFolk corrupt). According to the scoring guide, your renaissance experience level is: A Playtron Take the test!
Truth Of The Matter
Someone once asked me if I was the best future for my little girl.Something i thought about for along time.Heres what i decided.No one in this world is perfect. Heaven knows I'm not. But I love her more than anyone else possibly could. In the end, that's all that matters.Shes my chance for something else something better and theres no way am letting that go.
Finally Back
Shit couldn't for the life of me remeber which of my passwords I used here and kept trying to get fubar to send me my reminder..tried the last 3 months and finally tonight they did! Took em long enough...guess they were too busy getting drunk huh? Just wanted to let ya'll know wasn't ignoring ya...just couldn't get back in here. So hope ya'll are having a great weekend peace out! HB
Keeping Safe
Nowadays there are so many crimes happening around us. Killing there, robbing here! Some people are afraid to spent their extra time outside their house. Like, after work, their going home instead of having a stroll or spend a good night in a bar. And sometime even in your house you can't tell if your safe. Is your jewelries, documents or the important goodies in your home are safe? Some home owners have a wall safes in their house. The wall safes are the ones that are designed to be situated into a wall. More people prefer wall safes than the standard safe. Since wall safes are well-hidden, would-be thieves will have to locate the safe first making them worry about two things--where the safe is placed and how to open the safe. But always keep in mind that even you're so damn clever about the safety of your properties, there the some people that are clever that you do. Source:
January 19 Thought
Hello Friends :) I just wanted to tell you all that I miss you! I have been working INSANE hours at my job lately (for what feels like a month straight now). I'm not home much and when I am... I am just too exhausted to even Fu! Imagine THAT! I just wanted you all to know that I haven't forgot you, I'm not being rude by not rating or leaving comments on a regular basis... I'm just being swallowed whole by life at the moment. Hopefully this week my schedule will return to "normal" (whatever that means!) so you should be seeing more of me... lucky you! hehe Have a great week and I love ya! ~Dusty~ xoxo
Come Join The New Sweetwaters
New Member Log
New Recruit from Luckiee7.Ty Sweety Please Add fan + Rate Family luckiee7's recruits went traitor. New Recruit by ButtrflyMom3 cntrystingr___"Kingdom of Rogue's Levelers"@ fubar Lord Wolf Recruit Wolf Women: here is a Comment Bomber for the Texas Wolves.Prior to the Formation of the Texas wolves.Rilla her sister Tami an a few other founders of this Family were Comment bombers for me when I Operated the Kingdom of Wolves.Wolf Women will be very Loyal an Dedicated to our Family.Please show her Pictures some Love Ty wolf woman''texas wolves'~Kingdom of Rogue's@ Lord Wolf Recruit ♥ Angel could be your Fantasy♥ Kingdom of Rogue's@ fubar
Why is it when I hear your name I get happy? Why is it when I think about you I forget all my problems? Why is it when I hear the sound of your voice I become speechless? Why do I worry about loosing you when you told me you love me? Why do I think your slipping away when we don't talk everyday? Why do I get nervous when you get near me? Why do I always think about you even when your right there? Why do I feel that I have to talk to you all the time? Why do I feel like heaven when I look into your eyes? Why is it when you hold me I feel safe? Why is it when we are together time seems to speed up? Why do I seem to float away when you kiss me? Why do I get sad when you stop hugging me? Why do I get chills when u whisper "I love you" in my ear? Why did I fall in love with you?
How GIRLS FLIRT: 1.She calls you by your full name not just a nick name. 2. She hits you softly on the arm and laughs when you say something funny. 3. She flips her hair when she's talking to you. 4. She touches your arm when she talks to you. 5. She says, "No, I'm not telling you who I like!" with a big smile on her face. 6. She asks you who you like or who you would go out with seemingly interested. 7. When you go to the movies with a bunch of your friends and she is almost always next to you. 8. She criticizes you on a girl you like. 9. You catch her staring at you. 10. She plays with your hair or tries to put make up on you. 11. Her friends outside of school and in school know about you, and says she talks about you a lot. 12. She knows your phone number and address. ( stalker much? ) 13. She will try and talk, and spend time with you as much as possible HOW GUYS FLIRT: 1. He stares at you alot. 2. He hits you alot. (just play hitting ) 3. He uses the fir
I Hate It When...
Pet peeve #15364354 When otherwise intelligent people use the phrase "I seen" :/
Got Tagged
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? purse 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? red 4. Your mother? living 5. Your father? heaven 6. Your favorite thing? music 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? water 9. Your dream/goal? soulmate 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? all 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? married 14. Where were you last night? hospital 15. What you're not? complete 16. Muffins? no 17. One of your wish list items? money 18. Where you grew up? VA 19. The last thing you did? work 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? off 22. your pets? doggy 23. Your computer?Dell 24. Your life? incomplete 25. Your mood? happy 26. Missin
Used To Be
I used to be a romantic a heart The world turned gray I fell apart I can not seem to find again I get my release with this pen No one seems to understand That I am not a band I drift through life Lonely yet I have a wife On the outside I have it all Inside I'm locked in the hall I wonder what its like to be free But that is not my destiny lets make the picture clear there is no sense of fear Now it's all wrong The journey will be long Trouble will always face me This is how it must be You will never hear me complain Prepared for the never ending pain This is life inside my head Am I crazy for what I said?
Fubar Support
Below is a list of some FuBar Support Blogs I have available. I have included clickable links, so they are easy to find. If you wish, you may link to any blog. Also, please repost so others can read this. (If you're short the 10 fubucks..i'll be happy to transfer it. ) You're Rating Too Fast Clearing Cookies and Cache FU Marriage Clickable Pics How to Make Basic Skins Simple HTML For Your Bulletins and Blogs Downloading Fonts To Your Computer SKINS-Ripping/Pasting Code/Generating Site Navigation and Mumming for the New Members Blocking and Unblocking...Your Options
Stuff White People Like.
Here is a hilarious website discussing everyones favorite future minority White People. Click Here For Full List Here’s an example from the list: 116 Black Music that Black People Don’t Listen to Anymore All music genres go through a very similar life cycle: birth, growth, mainstream acceptance, decline, and finally obscurity. With black music, however, the final stage is never reached because white people are work tirelessly to keep it alive. Apparently, once a music has lost its relevance with its intended audience, it becomes MORE relevant to white people. Historically speaking, the music that white people have kept on life support for the longest period of time is Jazz. Thanks largely to public radio, bookstores, and coffee shops, Jazz has carved out a niche in white culture that is not yet ready to be replaced by Indie Rock. But the biggest role that Jazz plays in white culture is in the white fantasy of leisure. All white people believe that they prefer liste
Light My Fire
It's simple really - love makes you tick and you enjoy exploring your sensual side. Sex is very important to you and central to your relationship. You know what you like and you're getting more and more confident about asking for it. But having said that, you're still just as happy taking it easy with cutesy cuddles on the couch now and then.
Just One Lil Some Love!!!
Want $500 FuBucks All Ya Need To Do Is Give Me Just One Lil Rate!! Click On The Pic, Rate, And Leave Me A Message It's That Easy!!
My Guardian
my guardian walks with me hand in hand my guardian warns me when in going astray my guardian watches over me as i sleep my guardian holds me close when i weep my guardian is my own personal protector but as good a guardian as she is she must sometimes let me go so that i may figure it out for myself
Wedding bells are ringing and you've been invited!! ~dJ aMeLiA And Fu Schnickens Cooridally invite you to join them today (6/24/08) as they become husband and wife. Please join them for the wedding at 11:30 am PST (2:30PM EST) in the Exotic Resort as they tie the knot. Be sure to also stop by and congratulate them and send them wishes of happiness and love. Please join the couple during this happy time. Click either photo to enter the lounge and be there as the wedding takes place.
Daddy By Beyonce
I remember when you use to take me on a Bike ride everyday on the bayou (you remember that? we were inseparable) And I remember when you could do no wrong You'd come home from work and I jumped in your arms when I saw you I was so happy to see you (I was so excited, so happy to see you) Because you loved me I overcome And I'm so proud of what you've become You've given me such security No matter what mistakes I make you're there for me You kill my disappointments and you heal my pain You understood my fears and you protected me Treasure every irreplaceable memory and that's why?br> I want my unborn son to be like my daddy I want my husband to be like my daddy There is no one else like my daddy And I thank you for loving me I still remember the expression on your face When you found out I'd been on a date and had a boyfriend (my first boyfriend, you should have seen your face) I still remember I caught you crying cause of my tattoo Could have said beyonce I told y
Miss Me
"Miss Me But Let Me Go. When I come to the end of the road, and the sun as set for me, I want no rites in a gloom-filled room, why cry for a soul set free? Miss me a little-but not too long, and not with your head bowed low, remember the love that we once shared. Miss me but let me go. For this a journey we all must take, and each must go alone. It's all a part of the Master's plan, a step on the road to home. When you are lonely and sick of heart, go to the friends we know. Bury your sorrows in doing good deeds. Miss me but let me go."
"upcoming Stars Wanted"
LOOKING FOR SINGERS,MODELS,DANCERS,WOMEN OF SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT,ETC. If you think you have talent, if you think you have a sexy body, if you think you are involved in an exotic sport, If you are already started and simply wish for more exposure,at a club, on tour, self promoted, come and see us. If we see you,we will contact you, and promise you exposure, world wide coverage. EVERYONE HAS TALENT EVERYONE IS SEXY EVERYONE CAN BE A STAR
I's New Here
Whats up peoples??
Mind Your Business Time
This is to the Spy's + Drama Kings & Queens from my Friends List or perhaps Family. You all need to Mind your F in Business.Find someone else to Chatterbox about.Or get a F in Life. I create mostly Masterpiece Morphs & ID's an Auto 11 Tags,in exchange for Rates & FuBlings. I Generate all my Rates in my 3+ yr Quest to Godfather.(Hacked Acct 211368,Sept.6,2006 Join'd) I do not Beg like most on Fubar do for Leveling Help. An Master Jeff, Bows before no one. So if I Blog something you don't like Deleete me Please.I don't desire whiners as Friends. Sally Ass Useless F_ckers.Useless Piece of Sh_ts.Go Create Drama someplace else not on my Page.I don't have Time. Very Busy making Morphs + Things.Showing Morph Love onto others. Nice Venting.
Burning Bridges
Burning bridges of the past Surmises up the future. The past is the past But for some that is not something easily let go of. The past for many effects our thinking Our ability to love, to nurture, and thensome Burning bridges of the present Surmises up a past life. Burning bridges Time to Move forward & conquer them. Burning bridges Make the move towards the future. Learn from the past & work in the present for the future.
Gun Control
Gun Control Anyone that knows me also knows that I am an avid shooter and gun collector. It’s a hobby I enjoy doing simply due to the fact I love competition. I crave it… and will never back down from a challenge even if I know I am going to lose. Although I might lose I will only improve myself with each and every shot. To me gun control is about hitting your target, the safe handling of a weapon and of course the regulation of firearms. Recently a teacher was suspended from teaching because of a picture she had on facebook of her holding a weapon and pointing it at the camera. I have to ask myself why a school board thinks they have the right to suspend a teacher for a picture on a webpage that wasn’t affiliated with the school, teaching or children? This was her personal page that outlines herself and what she likes to do. Social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook and Fubar all have sections for “About Me” where the user lists various hobbies, activities, interests
Auto 11's
Black Joker Wrote Me This How Sweet
I lie awake here in the dark, Listening to my baby’s heart beat, And as I feel my baby’s breath, I began to grow weak. I look at her sleep and thank the lord that Each night that I am the one that holds Her tightly and here by his side, I want her desperately
"the Infamous Mobb Deep"
My Threesomes
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Joel/George (depends on where you know me from) 2. Joelseph 3. Jorge Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. construction 2. Lumber associate at Lowes 3. houseman at a country club Three Places I have lived 1. Export 2. New Kensington 3. Lower Burrell (all in pa near pittsburgh) Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Lost 2. Heroes 3. Sarah Connor Chronicles Three places I have been 1. Iraq 2. Kuwait 3. Germany (I can thank the army for all of them) Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. Mom 2. Neighbor 3. Grandparents Three of my favorite foods 1. Seafood 2. Mexican 3. Italian (not in order Vicki trust me lol) Three things I would like to do 1. Survive Iraq
And Now For Something With A Little Bite.......
You know when you are searching for something on the net, and you find something you’re not looking for but makes you laugh……well here’s something that I found with a bit of bite for you… from the "rapex" website Anti-rape Device to Hit the Market Anti-rape device created by South-African inventor Sonnet Ehlers is about to hit the market after a long time of waiting for patent verification. The female condom-like device called Rapex has fish-like teeth that attach to the penis. This invention stirred a great deal of controversy all over the world. The main concern is whether the Rapex was a medieval device built on a hate of men or it can be considered an easy-to use devise that could help South African women protect themselves against rape. According to Sonnet Ehlers the process of cheking is going to be up on April 10. Sonnet Eshlers publicly announced her invention one and half years ago and shot to international fame as the invention stirred debates about a
I tear my heart open, I sow myself shut My weakness is that I care too much My scars remind me that the past is real I tear my heart open just to feel Drunk and I'm feeling down and I just wanna be alone I'm pissed cause you came around Why don't you just go home Cause you channel all your pain and I can't help to fix myself Your making me insane All I can say is I tried to help you once A kiss will only vise I saw you going down But you never realized That your drowning in the water So I offered you my hand Compassions in my nature Tonight is our last dance I'm drunk and I'm feeling down and I just wanna be alone You shouldn't ever came around Why don't you just go home? Cause your drowning in the water and I tried to grab your hand and I left my heart open but you didn't understand but you didn't understand You fix yourself I can't help you fix yourself But at least I can say I tried I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life I can
The Colonoscopy Journal, Ouch!!!
This is from The Colonoscopy Journal: I called my friend Andy Sable, a gastroenterologist, to make an appointment for a colonoscopy. A few days later, in his office, Andy showed me a color diagram of the colon, a lengthy organ that appears to go all over the place, at one point passing briefly through Minneapolis . Then Andy explained the colonoscopy procedure to me in a thorough, reassuring and patient manner. I nodded thoughtfully, but I didn't really hear anything he said, because my brain was shrieking, 'HE'S GOING TO STICK A TUBE 17,000 FEET UP YOUR BEHIND!' I left Andy's office with some written instructions and a prescription for a product called 'MoviPrep,' which comes in a box large enough to hold a microwave oven. I will discuss MoviPrep in detail later; for now suffice it to say that we must never allow it to fall into the hands of America 's enemies. I spent the next several days productively sitting around being nervous. Then, on the day before my
A Lovely Morning
All that we got is this moment no tomorrow or yesterday to get in our way Just the ravishing beauty of sexual consent conjuring pulsating quivers of our lips giving light to the day Sighs fill the air while I'm nourished by your nectar cradled by the softness of your silky thighs my soul is scrumptiously endulged by your sensual allure as we are entwined in ecstasies cries Capitalizing on the contours of our perfection with every breath taking we're entrenched deeper in love Deepen by the undeniable touch or our affection we glimmer like the heavens above
Crockigator = Crocodile/alligator Combo
I said it all in the subject title. lol.
All The Beautiful Worlds--stevie
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Weren't Meant To Be
Video____1. Click Here Video____2. Click Here Video____3. Click Here Sextoon Simpson Preteen Boy Pic Tight Asshole Public Blow Vintage Cuties Verity Rushworth Nude Tila Nguyen Naked Youtupe Pussy Sussex Mature Vanity Naked Rugrats Hentai Sexy Armpits World Longest Penis Teenmodelsites Soft Porn Free Pussys Teachers Swingdancing Shoes Young Males Nude Pics Xlboobs Tied Up Girls Robin Wright Penn Nude Preteen Bikini Model Shirtless Harry Conick Teen Blonde Shirtless Young Zero Suit Samus Henti Totalporn Women Blowing Horese Tiny Tits School Girl Sex Pic Up Skirt Seduced Video Ray J Cock Size Tall Models Trish Stratos Vikki Blows Naked Shaking Nice Ass Videos Vladmodels Bbs Upskirt Pussy Wives Fucking Strippers Thandiwe Newton Nude Wet Pussy Cams Youngest Nude Pics Xxx Free Clit Video Story Fisting Schoolgirl Toplist Tea Carrera Nude Russian Lesbian Virgins Hard Anal Whitney Able Nude Sexy Hotmen Young Nude
Why I've Not Been Myself
So...this blog I'm not even sure if I should write it...i held off so long but I am just tired of acting happy....something that is so easy to do specially to my friends online. I'm gonna make it short because after finally releasing this ..i mean my offline friends know, and family but It was suggested to me by a family member that I should just write from my heart this way some of you I am close to will realize why I am a acting strange for awhile....And now that i found out my cousin told some of my online friends..i figured it's time i at least wrote a little something. I'm drained from past things...I'm okay from it, i'll never understand it...I am not going to try to understand it anymore I've just sort of been accepting things, trying to be smarter and I guess trying to be the one to be strong... My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after Christmas. It just happend all so fast. I had a close bond with my mom and spiratually still do and always wi
Kobalt Tools 500 At Atlanta Motor Speedway.
2:18 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin and Kurt Busch get the Kobalt Tools 500 under way from Atlanta Motor Speedway Lap 1 -- Mark Martin pulls ahead to lead the opening lap. Kurt Busch falls in line for second. Lap 2 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Reed Sorenson smacks the wall in Turn 1. He tells his crew something broke. He heads to the garage. Lap 6 -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin gets the race back under way. 1. Mark Martin 2. Kurt Busch 3. Jamie McMurray 4. Greg Biffle 5. Juan Montoya Lap 7 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kurt Busch ducks below Mark Martin to snag the lead on the restart. Lap 12 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Bobby Labonte goes for a spin in Turn 3. He lost it going into the turn and tells his crew his machine is amazingly loose. No damage Lap 13 -- Cars head to pit road: • Greg Biffle is "snappy" and over-rotating; chassis adjustment • Kurt Busch gets some minor changes and four tires • Denny Hamlin has a chassis adjustment and is tight • Ryan Newman is out first with a fast s
The Nicest Gesture Ever!!!
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Hurricane (check him out in my Family) for "borrowing" the layout to the bully I made for him and making ME a bully right back! (hehe) Your kind words have touched me... thank you so much!! Hurricane© [SCM #4112] ┌∩┐(◣..◢)@ fubar Ok Dusty it’s your turn.. This girl amazes me, probably the nicest girl i know on fubar... She deserves everything she wants in her life... She always brings a smile to my face, She has the best sense of humor, Just a TRUE FRIEND... Regardless of what I say... I told her not to worry about helping me to Godfather... BUT she went and did her own thing anyway... I can’t thank you enough for trying Dusty... You have managed to force me to break my own rules... LIKE No Point Whoreing... No Auto 11's... Only cuz you'll beat my ass if I argue... he he he She went and made bomb folders for me...
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I Could Fall In Love--selena
I Could Fall In Love - Selena
Gotta Love Racist Asswipes
ϟϟ ssdaddy78 ϟϟ was nice enough to rate me as a "1", but his status says he "doesn't rate darkies, don't take it personal". Did he or did he not see I was a "darkie" before he even clicked to rate? lol I think someone just wanted a closer look at my tits, lol
A Stranger
A stranger appeared before my eyes,i was drawn to him before i could realize. Some people you meet and don't know why,they come into your life,when you don't even try. I met this stranger the other day all i want is to see him someday,the thoughts of him flood my mind. He was oh so soothing,oh so kind it's hard to understand,it's not a joke. We connected even before we spoke the room was crowded but it was plain to see there was noone around just him,just me. We were drawn together like a moth to a flame. Seemed hard to believe i didn't even know his real name. Our screen names alone brought us together,We connected and changed our lives forever. We seemed so comfortable with each other,there was no need to screen,noneed to cover. We had so much in common,so much to say. Neither wanted the night to go away,we talked of ourselfs and soon could see. This brief encounter was meant to be. Some people you find and don't know why ,come into your life and make you fly. We were br
I Hate This
I Hate This... In My Life There Are Only A Few Things That I Ask For... But Time And Time Again, There Is Something That Constantly Prevents My Goals From Becoming Reality. First, I Would Love To Have A Career As A Police Officer ANYWHERE!!! But Apparently You Can't Achieve That Goal Without Joining The Police Academy... Which Costs Money, Which Thanks To An Ex-Girlfriend Who Stole Every Penny I Ever Saved Up, I Don't Have Too Much Of Anymore. Second, Military!!! I Want To Join The Military With All My Heart, But Apparently I Have Had One Too Many Surgeries, And Broken Bones... So They Pretty Much Look At Me Like I Am Damaged Goods, I Have Been Told By Recruiters That They Will Take Anyone, As Long As You Have The Heart. Well I Have Been Shot Down Several Times, So Fuck What Recruiters Say... Its All Bullshit. And Last But Most Certainly Not Least... A Companion To Spend The Rest Of My Life With, I Have Loved And I Have Lost, But For Once It Would Be N
Music Video: Hello by (Evanescence) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone
My Life Would Suck Without You
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What Does Your Taste In Music Say About You?
Your Taste in Music Says You're Wild Your musical tastes are intense and rebellious. You are intelligent... but in a very unconventional way. You are curious about the world. You love doing something new. In fact, you enjoy taking risks and doing things most people would shy away from. You are very physical. It's likely that you're athletic, but not into team sports. You have the soul of an artist. Beauty and harmony are important to you. What Does Your Taste in Music Say About You?
Erin's Pimp Out Bully
12 Things Parents Should Do In Case Of Childhood Obesity
Obesity among children has reached epidemic proportions in many countries. The World Health Organization says that worldwide an estimated 22 million children under the age of five are overweight. A national survey in Spain revealed that 1 out of every 3 children is either overweight or obese. In just ten years (1985 – 1995), childhood obesity tripled in Australia. In the last three decades, obesity in children aged 6 to 11 has more than tripled in the United States. Childhood obesity is also extending to developing countries. According to the International Obesity Task Force, in some parts of Africa, more children are affected by obesity than by malnutrition. In 2007, Mexico occupied second place in the world, behind the United States, for childhood obesity. It is said that in Mexico City alone, 70 percent of the children and adolescents are either overweight or obese. Pediatric surgeon Dr. Francisco González warns that this may be “the first generation to die before their parents
I Remember
after births after deaths after births after years just here, in this place a little closer to you myself a little further
Man Vs. Morality
Want....fuels Greed. Greed....fuels Failure. Until mankind sheds his lust for wealth & power, we will never fully progress as a species, and ultimately destroy ourselves. Need...fuels Love. Love....fuels Passion. Love for someone or something drives us to do what is necessary to go on another day. The boundless passion you can feel for these things is what will make us evolve.
Hamburger Recipes For The Barbeque Grill
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New Auction
Heres your chance to own Ponyboy0827! He's the truest friend on Fubar you could have, honest and dependable. So.. what are you waiting for? Click the picture below and BID BID BID
Fun Facts About Sexuality
Here are some tres interesting tidbits about the most talked about subject in the universe. 1. According to the Kinsey Institute, the biggest erect penis on record measures 13 inches. The smallest tops off at 1 3/4 inches. 2. The most common fantasy is oral sex. 3. 8% of us have regular anal sex. 4. 60% of men and 54% of women have had a 1-night stand. 5. Women buy 4 out of every 10 condoms sold. 6. In 1609, a doctor named Wecker found a corpse in with two penises. Since then, there have been eighty documented cases of men similarly endowed. 7. Men say the average erect penis is 10″. Women say it’s 4″. 8. A female orgasm is a powerful painkiller (because of the release of endorphins), so headaches are in fact a bad excuse not to have sex. 9. 56% of men have had sex at work. 10. Among the Mangaians of Polynesia, 18-year-old couples make love an average of three times a night, every night, until their thirties, when the weekly average drops to a
The Test Says Im A Gangtsa
You have what it takes to make your own path, too. You've been a part of something WAY bigger than just yourself. Be it your local set, crew or chapter... Crips, Bloods, Folks, Hells Angels, Golden Geese, HWU, Latin Kings, etc,. and so on down the line.You're not afraid of the game, infact, you knew that to join, you must be willing to die. You know how the game is REALLY played. People don't fuck with you. RESPECT. Keep it real! Ain't too many of us out there...
my grandma just found out that she has cancer
More Than You Would Ever Want To Know About Me
Rule #1: If you open this you take it. Rule #2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks. Answer Yes or No only. Q: Kissed someone on your friends list? yes. Q: Been arrested? no Q: Do you like someone? yes Q: Held a snake? yes Q: Been suspended from school? no Q: Sang karaoke? yes Q: Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do? yes Q: Laughed until you started crying? yes Q: Caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes. Q: Kissed in the rain? yes Q: Sang in the shower? yes Q: Sat on a roof top? no Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? no Q: Broken a bone? yes Q: Shaved your head? no Q: Played a prank on someone? yes Q: Shot a gun? yes Q: Donated Blood? yes Just be 100% truthful LAST PERSON. 1. You hung out with? Josh 2. You texted? Chris S. 3. You were in a car with? My son Brayden 4. Went to the movies with? Dont remember 5. Person you went to shop with? Brayden 6. You talked on the phone? m
I Have A Question!???
I am battling with post pardumn depression. I need to know what to do for help. Write me i will get it sooner or later.
My Website
I share all my favorite sites categorized into groups on a forum
Fireman's Prayer
When I am called to duty, Lord, Wherever flames my rage. Give me the strength to save some life, Whatever be its age.   Help me embrace a little child Before it is too late, Or save an older person From the horror of that fate.   Enable me to be alert, And hear the weakest shout, And quickly and efficiently To put the fire out.   I want to fill my calling And give the best in me, To guard my every neighbor And protect his property.   And if, according to my fate, I am to lose my life. Please bless with you protecting hand My family, friends, and wife.   Author Unknown
Praise Fubar!
My mumm its sinfull nature is rightfully gone,FUBAR is the greatest place known to man, those in charge are no less then gods decended from the heavens to give us this wonderfull site, everyone here is blessed to be apart of this living miracle,no doubt in due time fubar will deliver to cure for famine,all known viruses,a working solution for the economy and more, my last mumm was blasphamy and i want to repent my sinfull way's please forgive me of my sins oh great fubar gods. mumm question Isn't fubar just a basket full of puppies on a unicorn riding a rainbow kinds of fantastic?
Randomthoughts That Had To Come Out Before Bed
Played, Played out, Plagued with Doubt, Questions unasked Left un answered Seeking knowledge Becoming a cancer Eating away Healthy flesh Riddled with decay Emotionless is easy If you can deal Chemicals shrouding what you feel Clouded thoughts of What was real Where were you when I cried myself blind Where were you when I felt you at my side Why were you a stranger in the night Where were you ,why were you Do you not know that my thoughts are about you Do you not know that my heart remains the same Do you not know I never played a game Do you not know, why don’t you know          
Can You Help Me Support One Of My Favorite Indie Bands Play In Milwaukee This Summer? Just Takes A Few Minutes!!
  Admiral of Black     Chicago, IL   Rock / Hard Rock / Metal Members: Jeremy Bremner, Mike Anderson, Ryan Distel, Brendan Haas   PLAY SONGS      SHARE SONGS      HELP US PLAY SUMMERFEST IN MILWAUKEE THIS YEAR!!! CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW, SEARCH FOR ADMIRAL OF BLACK AND VOTE!   IT'S FREE TO REGISTER and you can vote up to 10 times per day!!!  Voting lasts until MAY 3rd!!!  So do it everyday. http://www.m
I don't know about most of ya, but i always hear "your a great guy and i rather have you as a friend". I hear it every time i try to get with a girl, they say it without giving me a chance mijority of the time or they would just come out and say that they just f**ked two of my freinds then luagh... I know im a great guy but dont use that against me, hell! i might be from missouri but i aint dumb. then there are those girls that take a good hearted men for granted and just use them and kick them while they'er down. dont get me wrong us guys do it to but not all. after all is said and done though i sit back drink and think about what just happened and said... i've been kicked around a few times in past relationships though everybody has, dont get me wrong every relationship has there faults. i could put a girl on top of the world where she is in the hevens, but she'll take it for granted never fells.   for the girls that have given me a chance i thank them then leave on peaceful terms wi
Vote For Me! Need Photo Comments Please!!!!
I need some help!   My salute is currently in a contest. I need your help to help me win! Please click on the picture below to get to the contest picture. I would appreciate it if you guys would help me by rating and leaving me lots and lots of comments.   thanks so much for all of your help!!!!! Thanks!!!!  
Island Girl Auto 11's
As I venture off Into the darkness alone The cold night wind Chills to the bone The emptiness I feel Turns my heart blue Although I have tried I know not what to do So I travel this road Fears isolated from view Keeping them hidden Especially from you Strength is what you need Weakness I can not show I lift you up high Though I feel so low Limbs go numb I feel no pain My tears are shrouded By the falling rain No one can tell The loneliness I feel Day after day alone Behind this wheel Like on a deserted island I cast a single stone I understand why I am destined to be alone For who could love Someone like me Like a solitary captain Asphalt, my sea Every morning I wake To spend another day Lost in this world Not knowing my way Searching for that Which will bring me joy When I find my heart To people, a toy My life twisted A rope begins to fray My existence A murky shade of gray I may not be perfect Not in any way Someti
Oyb Baby
all the people on fubar join oyb the team because it the new thing on fubur and plus we the best
Hope In The Lord's Faithfulness
Lamentations 3 Hope in the LORD's Faithfulness 22 The faithful love of the LORD never ends!*  His mercies never cease.23 Great is his faithfulness;  his mercies begin afresh each morning.24 I say to myself, "The LORD is my inheritance;  therefore, I will hope in him!"25 The LORD is good to those who depend on him,  to those who search for him.26 So it is good to wait quietly  for salvation from the LORD.27 And it is good for people to submit at an early age  to the yoke of his discipline:28 Let them sit alone in silence  beneath the LORD's demands.29 Let them lie face down in the dust,  for there may be hope at last.30 Let them turn the other cheek to those who strike them  and accept the insults of their enemies.31 For no one is abandoned   by the Lord forever.32 Though he brings grief, he also shows compassion  because of the greatness of his unfailing love.33 For he does not enjoy hurting people  or causing them sorrow.
~~about My Illness~~
Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a condition that results in recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder and the surrounding pelvic region. The symptoms vary from case to case and even in the same individual. People may experience mild discomfort, pressure, tenderness, or intense pain in the bladder and pelvic area. Symptoms may include an urgent need to urinate, a frequent need to urinate, or a combination of these symptoms. Pain may change in intensity as the bladder fills with urine or as it empties. Women’s symptoms often get worse during menstruation. They may sometimes experience pain during vaginal intercourse. Because IC varies so much in symptoms and severity, most researchers believe it is not one, but several diseases. In recent years, scientists have started to use the term painful bladder syndrome (PBS) to describe cases with painful urinary symptoms that may not meet the strictest definition of IC. The term IC/PBS includes all cases of urinary pain that can’t be
For The People That Want To Be My Friend..
i might be old fashion but its wrong to have any kind of sex talk to women that your not married to.. so if i dont call women sexy or hot that because im married and i hope that you will understand.... i am only looking for people to talk to online nothing more .........and thank you for being my friend......
When Does The Player Game Stop
when do guys grow up and stop playing , my ex has gone from woman to woman using his hd to survie, when does he and guys like him grow up and find self worth ,is it the life you want and when you die you have nothing to show for it , going from place to place not lasting long . at 19 i found my self worth set goals and went for them , never depending on a man but sharing in the resposablity of the relationship. does it make you feel good really feel good , i think part of him wanted the roller coster to end as when i brought thins that piss me off he tried to change . but then whne a offer from a fat ex comes that she will buy his cigs and his beer again hes gone , im relieved aas i dont want this typoe of man in my life . i had hope for his health reason he see the light and i still do not for me but for his ass. im not a hatful person just dont see since in wasting your life away no self worth , no value in self . blamming others for the reason hes angered , he needs to reach inside
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Just A Little Something To Think About
It seems to me that the best relationships, the ones that last, are frequently the ones rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than the night before, like a switch has been flicked somewhere, and the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with." When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you don't blame the lettuce. You look for reasons it is not doing well. It may need fertilizer, or more water, or less sun. You never blame the lettuce.Yet if we have problems with our friends or our family, we blame the other person. But if we know how to take care of them, they will grow well, like the lettuce. Blaming has no positive effect at all, nor does trying to persuade using reason and argument. That is my experience. If you understand, and you show that you understand, you can love, and the situation will change
My blog is ranked 58th on Fubar...   I have nothing interesting to say...   Sup wit dat?       Oh yeah, check mah status :p     and I have noticed that since I deleted a certain fubarian that some of my so called friends have become nonexistant and some people are going to be deleted.
*pokes Self In Eye*
OUCH!!!!! Damn eye seems to get in the way all the time. Well right now im just killing time intill the eye stop hurting. lol and yes it stings. So hows the real world? Mine?... ha ha ha your funny. I live in the bubble which made me able to go out there once in awhile. but right now the bubble has a hole and the fears are leaking in... Damnit! Why does it always happen? I need a fear away spray... anyone have some? Well anyways.... All i know lately, is people claim to want to help me. But have can they help one thats doesnt help them self or even able to know what help is? I spend most of my time taking care of my grandfather and cleaning up the shop and ranch. Hard work. Hes about 80 and his memory is fading. Papa seems to wonder alot around saying hes looking for something, but when asked hes doesnt know whats hes lookig for.... not sure if he knows or wants to tell. Some day i might find out. I feel like him alot. Looking for something... not knowing what it is.. LOL. Anyways. I
I Hae No Idea
I have no idea of what I'm actually supposed to do on here....anyone willing to help?
Never Be Me Again
Fubar Vs Mario Kart
Okay, this will make sense to only people who have played Mario Kart...Witchie, you may stop reading now...   I came to a realization today that Fubar and Mario Kart are very similar. You only win if you get the good blings. Auto 11's and Cherry Bombs are much like the "Bullet" and "Lightning" on MK. All 4 get you in the lead, but in the end you're still just playing wth your Wii.
A Return To Old Ways
At one time it was kind of funny to see ourselves as the Addams Family a group of "misfits" ... but not any more We are a Family of GOOD HONEST People who value friendships and HONOR our WORD. I want US to hold TRUE to this It would be real nice to hold to what my chats were originally meant to be ... A place where people didnt have to take bullying from others and where EVERYONES ideas and feelings were respected and appreciated... NOT someones ideas of how THEY see things to be  nor will there be anymore bullying of friendships i.e. "if you dont see it my way I will just leave and no longer be a friend" And there will be NO MORE manipulating friendships or insulting others and belittleing them until others decide they aren't liked and leave . I personally will no longer allow ANYONE to manipulate me in order to keep their friendship... NOONE is BETTER than the next... NO MATTER WHAT STATION IN LIFE THEY ARE. I don't care if you have more money than someone else or if you
Flames Of Passion :d
Complete blog available at: Brought to you by: Heartistic Soul@ fubar Thanks for reading! A repost is appreciated :)
  We would be happy to have you all as our guests for the Grand opening of the Cullen Pack!!
What Tattoos Say About Who You Are Antisocial Personality Disorder, & Why Women Regret Getting Tattoos What Tattoos Say About Who You Are Antisocial Personality Disorder, & Why Women Regret Getting Tattoos © Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen Jul 23, 2008 Tattoos & Personality Traits, stock xchange jenikahycc Tattoos may reveal personality characteristics. New research shows that forensic patients with tattoos are more likely to have antisocial personality disorder. This research about tattoos and personality was recently published in the journal Personality and Mental Health. What Tattoos Reveal about Personality Psychiatrists from the Michigan Center for Forensic Psychiatry studied 36 male inpatients, and found a link between tattoos and antisocial personality disorder. Further, these psychiatrists found that suicide attempts, substance abuse, and sexual abuse may be more common in forensic psychiatric inpatients with tattoos. "Our findings suggest that forensic psychiatric inpatients with ta
Cbomb Or Auto 11 For Auction!
  Auction over on Friday, May 22 at 11:59 PM PSTStarting bid is $3M fubucks!GET YOUR CHERRY BOMB BLING OR AUTO 11 BLING (your choice) NOW AND LEVEL UP FU PEOPLE!!!!!
Dundee Utd V Rangers, 13:00 Celtic V Hearts, 13:00
Table Get this content on your MOBILE Clydesdale Bank Premier League : Table 17 May 15:27       | Home       | Away             Team P W D L F A W D L F A GD PTS 1 Rangers 37 15 2 2 44 15 10 6 2 30 13 46 83 2 Celtic 37 14 3 1 48 13 10 6 3 32 20 47 81 3 Hearts 37 11 5 3 28 18 5 5 8 12 19 3 58 4 Dundee Utd 37 7 8 3 25 21 6 6 7 22 26 0 53 5 Aberdeen 37 8 5 5 20 16 5 6 8 19 23 0 50 6 Hibernian 37 6 7 6 23 23 5 7 6 18 21 -3 47 7 Motherwe
WHEN IM GONEWhen im gone Will you still love meOrEasily find someone newWhen im gone Will i be in your heartOr Will your love for me end where it startsWhen im gone Will i be in your thoughtsOr All yur memories of me you put a X acrossWhen im gone Will you cryWill it put a tear in your eyeOr Will u just sighAnd Move on with your lifeWhen im gone
The First Issue
Okay so here we go this is the first issue of *Drum Roll Please* IRISH ENTERTAINMENT~Focus on AmericaIn this we (we being me myself and I) will be discussing the major issues absolving them selves in the various parts of America.Major Issues Included~Naming the Price Lately I have noticed I am getting ripped off by under charging for gigs. This section will cover Pricing and Charges in various regions of the US. Reader Requests will also be covered.~Then There Was One Another BIG thing in the Industry lately has been the rise in artists saying if you even play my song you must pay me. This has been causing me and others in the Industry a whole lot of grief. This section will keep you all in the loop so that you do not get any unexpected Charges in your next License statement. (example: New Metallica Songs are billed at a rate of .30 usd per play)~Legal Licensing Here I will cover the licensing process and explain the benefits to obtaining all of the available licenses even if your only
Couple Celebrate 81st Anniversary
Stories like these always bring a smile to my face and fill me with great hope that one day I'll find the same type of Love one that lasts forever.My parents were together till there 41st wedding anniversay until my dad passed away. Married in a literally bombed out Catholic Church in Bavaria Germany at the end of World War II.My grand parents made it until their 62st.  Married the year my grand father returned from the front lines of World War I "The War to End All Wars."Interestingly enough my Grandparents Adam and Martha gave the same exact advice as Frank Milford (in the story belowl) Adam "If you think its going to be story book marriage happliy ever after your dead wrong. She's going to argue with you, disagree with you and times boil your blood pressure with her stubborness to see things your way. But thats the beauty of it. For in her challenging you and going up against your male ego She makes you a better person for it fore you begin to see the world therw new eyes 'her eyes'
Hi, I just wanted to intorduce myself.  My name is Candy Anderson and I recently became an Avon Representative. I am having a great time with selling some ownderful products. Did you know that not only do we carry make-up,jewlery and perfumes, that there is also a line of men's products and women's clothing? The styles are amazing and I am sure the men's section will give you plenty of ideas for gifts. Besides, who would want their man to smell wonderful and pampered just as you are. Feel free to come and browse my website, I ship every where in the USA but for the state of Alaska. Just follow this link and it will take you straight there, , I hope to see you there.   Sincerely,   Candy Anderson Your Avon Representative
Bad American I Guess..
  YES, I'M A BAD AMERICAN I Am the Liberal-Progressives Worst Nightmare. I am an American. I am a Master Mason and believe in God. I ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles and believe in American products. I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some Liberal governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican! I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way! I think owning a gun doesn't make you a killer, it makes you a smart American. I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything. Get over it! I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English. I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to. My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and Willie G. Davidson that makes the Awesome Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I don't hate the rich. I don't pity the poor. I know wrestling is fake and I d
I was walking around in a Target store, when I saw a Cashier hand this little boy some money back.    The boy couldn ' t have been more than 5 or 6 years old.    The Cashier said, ' I ' m sorry, but you don ' t have enough money to buy this doll. '    Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ' ' Granny,    Are you sure I don ' t have enough money? ' '    The old lady replied: ' ' You know that you don ' t have enough money to buy this doll, my dear. ' '    Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly.    The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand.    Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to.    ' It ' s the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas.    She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her. '    I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her after all, and not to worry.    But he replied to me sadly. ' No, Santa Clau
I've got a curl in my hair, And a strut in my walk, I've got a pucker in my lips, And wit in my talk. I've got ambition in my future, And experience in my past, I aspire to be first, Refuse to be last. I've got a closet full of clothes, And a car that's a thrill, I've got most of lifes' little pleasures, In my house, on the hill. I don't write to boast, About the things that I've got, I am proud of what I have, All of which I have bought. But now the day is late, And I sit all alone. My house feels so empty, Doesn't feel like a home. Every morning I tell myself, That I have everything I need. Then I go to bed every night, Feeling a hunger that I just can't feed. Still, I've got a smile that is bright, And a sparkle in my eye. I take a look at all that I have, But I can't help but cry. So what I have learned, Is what loneliness has lead me to see... What is missing is someone to love, But all I need, is someone to love me.
There are always breaks in your life when everything seems to be going just right. Your happy, but your afraid of being to happy for fear of the bad to come back. Maybe its just letting the wrong one go. Dought is one of the largest things that goes on in your head. Some times those doughts can over ride your brain and it makes it hard to believe anything is the truth. Being hurt and lyed to so many times can wear you down to nothing. Afriad to trust for fear of regection, pain, the constent tears of the constent let down of yourself. The only thing i can say is to be you, or try to. So hard to trust. When is it you let your guard down enough to let someone in, but to have so much dought that all they want is to use. I dont know why dont you tell me let it ride or do what you always do and push away?
Group Of A Circle
just a group of a circlenever so completebut thats our streetyes it runs in a circleand i love the group of a circlenever have to run awayin the cirlce theres no reason no reason to hide for not reasons at allwe always make since even if it doesn't then it doesn'tim just a group of a circleand Im ready to spincuz nothings wrong in a group of a circle
A Flame And An Oath
You throw around I love yous like bread crumbs are thrown to the birds and then you wonder why you get chased away by the crazy lady with the umbrella. I feel sorry for you. You constructed a pedestal out of infatuation that in paper terms would be no thicker than cheap vellum. You glue it together with the words you speak on the first night and the sweat that pools in your back. You wonder why when you stand your desire on top of it; it falls to the floor along with you. You always seem to end up on the bottom and you always seem to stay there way too long. You know how it feels when you're in love? Its like youre on fire and you are burning brighter than ever before. A fire can be very quickly lit but will always go out without the proper care. How does it feel to be nothing more than a step above a right hand? A comfort for uncomfortable times and once you've served your purpose youll go back on the shelf until youre needed again. There are fires starting up all over, its damn near
Thought This Was Neat">Get Your Sexy Name
What Do It Take To Get Out
Hello my fufriends this is my first blog hope I get it right. Well the question is what do it take. This is a wide range of topic but we will take about relationships.  Hit me
Rantings Instead Of Musings Tonight...
June 18th, 2009 10:49 p.m.What a day!! (And not in a good way for most of it, really.) It started out well enough, I blogged/journaled a page, took a shower, talked to Mike a bit via text, and got to work just about ten minutes past ten. That's when my day tried its hardest to shoot itself all to hell~but I managed not to let it get to m,e. It was close at the end, but I survived in one piece and in a pretty decent mood.I swear, it felt as though the store was under an artificial full moon all day and that people were going to transform into werewolves and vampires, attack each other and be done with it!I wasn't even in the department for five minutes before Kathy said something to the effect of "Where have you been? You're supposed to start at ten, not ten-fifteen! I've been waiting to go on break forever, I get here at 7 and haven't had a break yet... yadayadaya..."Well, for some reason reason I'm likable at work, (I know, right?) and I'm constantly stopped by people saying Hi and w
Sometimes U Smile Unexpectedly
somone sent me this...... IF I WAS YOUR MAN... If I were you man And you were my woman You..d have no other man You..d be weak as a lamb If you had the strength To walk out that door My love would over rule my sense And I..d call you back for more he tears you down Says nothing at all But I..ll pick you up When he lets you fall like a diamond And he treats you like glass AND TRUST ME ITS NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU GOT A ASS Damn i see no flaws lovely skin, pretty eyes,loving the hair style thats tight",lickable lips very very kissable. , eye brows laced, fingers touched up and yes your PERFECT for me!!! "Meeting u was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you would be beyond my control. " "True love does not worry about the distance between, for the heart and soul travels through one's words. " Beautiful     this was my reply   IF I WAS YOUR WOMAN if i were your woman and you were my man you'd have no other love that'd make u fly
Also, Why I May Seem Out Of Sorts Today...
We all have laptops at work now, which we keep in locked drawers overnight.  It's hot as hell today, so I was all hot and sweaty when I got in, cos I walk into work.  That's when I realised I left my keys at home.  So I got to do my 25 minute walk three times today. Not happy.
"i have absoloutly no pleasure in the stimulants in which i sometimes so madly has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that i have periled life and reputation and has been the desparate attempt to escape from torturing memories,from a sense of unsupportable lonliness,and a dread of some impending doom"   edgar allen poe-1809-1849
The Return Of ?
An ongoing interest and debate has been Planet X.  This allusive planet has been linked to the myths of the Sumerian Tablets, which speak of the returning of Nibiru (a mythical planet said to visit our solar system once very 3600 years due to its elliptical orbit).  Nibiru is said to be the home of our forefathers; the original creators of the Human race; the gods of the Old Testament.  Is Nibiru real?  The writings of the Sumerian Tablets as translated by Zachariah Sitchin and pre-date any known written history, seem to suggest that it is. Many current day "seers" and "self-proclaimed emissaries of Alien Beings" preach about the coming events, which will include major Earth changes.  I'm sure that even without a degree in Rocket Science, any of us can understand just how the arrival of a planetary sized object would impact the forces being applied against this planet, would have a major impact.  Of late, we're seeing our weather patterns change; major earthquakes reaching
My life has been a rollar coaster. My relationships with guys have been a rollar coaster. But my last relationship with a guy it had a positive and negative impact in my life. The only thing i didnt expect out of that relationship was my heart having walls around it. I knew in my mind my relationship was over with this one person but i didnt know that i had closed my heart off to being open for love again. It wasnt until i got with my current boyfriend that i realized how closed my heart was. The mere thought of losing him scares that crap of me. I have never loved him like i had anyone else i have been with. But i dont want to go back to being how i was before him. who knows anymore. there is only so much i can say or do to tell him how i feel. It is up to him what he wants to do.
Chapter 26: Full Moon (pg-13)
September 9th A week later, Harry and Ginny were enjoying a Friday dinner in Harry's rooms, discussing the day's activities.  DADA classes had been going well, all years on the schedule Harry had laid out, and coming up to speed nicely.  Ginny, for her part, had gotten plenty of hands-on experience in healing first- and second-years who had run-ins with Peeves, Slytherins, and Quidditch tryouts.  After dinner they moved to the couch to cuddle, and she finally had time to remember to ask Harry something. :I've been meaning to ask you this, love.  Poppy wants us to document what happens with our Bond. :Why is that? :Well, since it hasn't happened in almost a millennium, she thinks that documenting what happens with us could be a priceless and unique opportunity for medical and magical research.  I agree with her, but I told her I'd talk to you about it first before agreeing. :Do you know what she has in mind? :Part of it the physical aspects, although when it comes to certain areas
I can say this life is Much better today Everything turns right if Wrong gets in the way Yeah I've got the feeling It's something I find hard to explain See I wasn't looking But girl I'm glad I fell in your way Then she says oh boy, oh boy Count your lucky stars Count what you've been wishing for Oh boy, oh boy Count the life you lead Count how you are now adored I can say the sun Burns much brighter today I can see my path though Clouds darken my way Yeah I've got this feeling It's something I find hard to explain See I wasn't looking But girl I'm glad I fell in your way [chorus] She said she was tired of Watching me just wilt and bleed She said I'm like Jesus I save those who do believe Do you, do you believe?
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes 2
"Mom, I don't want to get married when I grow up" "How come Lauryn?" "Psh. I'm not dumb enough to do that."   rofl.
Inside Edition was just on and it showed a clip of a wedding where the party made their entrance dancing. I figured it would be tacky, but it ended up being pretty sweet and made me ALMOST want to cry. What can I say, I'm a girl. Anyway, I'm thinking that IF I were to ever get married again, I would want something like this. Not the traditional wedding march. Something fun that people would remember. I mean, when you get married, you're happy, right?   At any rate, here is the clip. If it doesn't work...I'll post it in the comments.  
Bad Day
No idea why or what happened to cause it but I've been depressed all day!  So tired of the crude shoutbox comments and point whoring and such.  We ALL are  trying to level ppl! lol...I was told recently that most ppl on here lie about their lives.  All I can do is be myself.  Like me or hate me, I am very real, whether here or any other place you meet me.  I made the decision today and removed my nsfw pics.  I have no problems with anyone having them but at this point in my life, I want to be liked for who i am and not for the size of my breasts.  Anyway, I just needed to release a little frustration I guess. 
Mother Hen Nice and quiet or so I seem,but I can't wait to make u scream. Feeling sexy feeling hot, for a saint I am not. Not hard to choose between naughty or nice,for the bad ones always get laid twice. With both sexes I have been,and with no doubt would do again.For life is to short to let it passby,so there is nothing I won't try. Bite,spanked, or completly bound,for I seek pleasure all around. So before you start talking and call me Mother Hen,bend me over and stick it in.  
Father Time
  Anointed with virtuous symbolism, Draped in gown, with crown and scepter, The liar sits waiting for your acceptance, Seated frozen judging time as it passes, Too obtuse, for your truths, He will not chance at a glace, His eyes peer onward, with the cowardice of his convictions, Too set in his ways, for anything to ever change. 
Never say I love you if you really don't care. Never talk about feelings if they really aren't there. Never hold my hand if your gonna break my heart. Never say you are going to if you don't plan to start. Never look in my eyes if all you're going to do is lie. Never say hi if you really mean goodbye. If you really mean forever then say you will try. Never say forever, because forever makes me cry....
A Poem I Wrote
ok so I dabble in poetry....hoping to get some more of it published...this one seems to be a favorite of all my friends...hope you like it.   ROMANTIC INTERLUDE A touch A quiver A whisper A sigh A moan A hand A breast A thigh A smile A look A kiss A grin Both nervous about Whats about to begin Heat building Passion stirring Windows steaming Bodies purring Tender touches Warm embraces Erotic meeting Seductive gazes Soft skin Sliding in Pressure mounting Heart pounding Hours pass Then at last Relaxing release Cuddles and kissing These are all the things You're missing. -Summer Fry 2006  
Ascending Moons
Descending upon Ascending moons. The often seen stranger asked, "May we speak soon". The Baker, she went for wheat and beer. Too distant I thought, a cake has less than you to fear. Friendships should never depend on love, then we spoke. What a joke.
Open Purty Please
hey wuts up guys?!! well im doing pretty chill just enjoying my weekend and kickin it trying to figure how the hell to use this site that my mother and rooomies introduced me to. if u guys have any tips or pointers, whatever can help me abit it would be totally raid if u can pass what u know down to me, it will help alot.   take care guys and thanks for the love so fast and soon..i love it!   peace&love   alexis
Damn You Fubar
I just moved a bunch of photos, and they went from the album I moved them from, but then didn't appear in the album I sent them to.  And they were ones that people had made for me of, like, my face on a soldier or ona  Hellboy and stuff.  So now they are gone and I don't know where.  And cos I didn't make them, I don't have them anywhere else.  So if you took the time to make me a thing that I ripped, and now it's not on my thing, that's why.  I didn't delete your thing, I swear. :(
Don't Give Tamiflu To Children'
Children should not be given the anti-viral drug Tamiflu to combat swine flu, Oxford University researchers said today. They urged the Department of Health to urgently rethink its policy on giving the drugs to youngsters affected by the current flu pandemic. Some 300,000 people in England, including children and adults, have received courses of Tamiflu through the Government's National Pandemic Flu Service for England. Today's study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), warned that Tamiflu can cause vomiting in some children, which can lead to dehydration and the need for hospital treatment. The researchers said children should not be given the drug if they have a mild form of the illness although they urged parents and GPs to remain vigilant for signs of complications. Parents of children with a compromised immune system or a condition like cystic fibrosis should discuss the harms and benefits with their GP, they said. But overall, the researchers said, children wh
About Nicolas
Nicolas Prudhon, PhD is a professional Google SEO Help strategist, as well as published author.He's dedicated to help people by providing the most current and up to date information as possible through his site. He's also the creator of the popular free SEO training course 21 Days SEO Mastery.
We Are Change Colorado: Military Confirms States Deciding Mandatory Vaccination
Source: Colorado Change While asking questions with the CDC Pentagon representative, We Are Change Colorado was able to get a video confirmation that States will be deciding on the issue of mandatory vaccinations, not the Federal government. We Are Change Colorado attended a CDC meeting held in Denver, Colorado to advise on a vaccination program. They educated everyone at the event on vaccinations and the reality of what we are faced with right now, the Military representative from the pentagon who was there was so frustrated with our objections and questions he left before the meeting was even done. Also, We Are Change Colorado is launching a website dedicated to Vaccination Awareness called where free downloadable fliers and information will be made available as well as videos and so fourth. The website is in development now and will be up soon. It will offer DVDs as well for actions and begin a Vaccine truth day similar to the 11th of the
Broken I lay in bed, with a surrounding fearWhen i close my eyes, I can feel it draw near What looms in the dark, I do not know But when it is light, it does not show Deception, hurt, and years of pain It consumes me like, a never ending rain It blankets my body, heart, and soul What will come next, how will it unfold I prepare for the worst, and hope for the best Soon it will be here, then i will know the rest I fight through each day, with all of my heart Now i realise, it has torn me apart The final strands, and nerves, of a tattered man I dont know how, much more i can stand I lay in bed, with a surrounding fear When i close my eyes, I can feel it draw near.......
Sweet Slumber
Legs and arms entwinedGently caressing Your shoulder as my pillowSyncopated breaths so softDrifting to sleepSkin on skin Vanilla and caramel Bodies warming each otherCurled like spoonsWrapped in your embraceA nuzzle to the neckSweet slumber Just you and I
New Start New Life
 Just to let everyone know if you don't know already I'll be moving to Florida in less than 2 months. I've only ever been once and so this is a true adventure for me. I'm really excited and can't wait to get settled in. For all my fu in the Orlando area leave me a message if you'd like to hangout. I'm not into dating at the moment and only looking for new friends to hang out with. I do have a motorcycle so all bikers in the area are welcome to hangout with me as well.  Funny thing I've been trying to get all my closest friend to move too. I love the heat and the idea of getting out of work and wearing a bikini everyday leaves a smile on my face. Those of you who know me in person locally now I will try and see everyone before I leave.    I put my transfer in on saturday so hopefully i'll here something by the end of the week. I'll keep everyone posted and thanks to all who have shown me true friendship. MUAH 2 All My Fu
New Piks
new piks ya'll check them out will ya? thnx
About Me And Algarve
Tinteiros e Toners Sizzix Big Shot Algarve Internet Marketing Portugal Golden Triangle Properties
When I Say
  I love your kindness I love your friendship I love the way you make me feel When I talk with you   I love your sarcasm I love your wit I love the way you tease me Even just the thought of it   I love the way you trust me I love that I can trust you I love the sound of your voice When you say my name  
Yours was the love that was my strength.Yours was the wisdom that chased away the nightmares.Yours was the touch that freed me from addiciton.Yours was the Life the showed no fear of death.Yours was the laughter that dried all my tears.Yours was the comfort that ended my anxiousness.Yours was the kindness that lifted me when all others were cruel.Yours was the sorrow that could not overpower.Yours was the time that enlightened me.I am lost, confused, afraid for now is my life without you abandoned in the dark
Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride Information
Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride InformationCyclobenzaprine-Hydrochloride.infophone: 877-479-2455email: info@Cyclobenzaprine-Hydrochloride.infoCyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride (Generic Flexeril) is a muscle relaxant, used to treat the pain and stiffness of muscle injuries, including strains, sprains and muscle spasms. The active ingredient in Flexeril is cyclobenzaprine.Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride comes in 10 mg tablets, and the normal dose in adults is one 10 mg tablet three times daily. You should not exceed a total dosage of 60 mg of Flexeril per day. It might be taken with food if stomach upset occurs. Take Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride as directed. Do not increase your dose or take it more often than prescribed.Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride may not be suitable for all individuals. If you have had any of the following conditions in the past, or are being treated for them now, please inform your doctor. In some cases side effects may be minimized by following your doctor's advice, but y
What Do You Think?
You know that each evening......while watching the people scroll by......I am left with the notion; What do people really think when they look at your profile?    I know that most times, people casually rate them.....and quickly scroll through the various photos.   Then comes the real question.......What do they think.........not just think but, really think about what they have seen.   It is hard to get a real sense of what someone is about or what they look like by simply taking a few fleeting seconds and looking at the tings that are posted.   In a way, what people post should reflect their personality and in essence the soul of that person.   What about that those people who just straight forwardly put photos real flashy blingy stuff....just them.   Do you look down on them because they are not so creative?  I have looked at hundreds of sites........and yes I have actually read through each and every one of them.........I guess that makes me either a really b
Dogs Prayer To God
Dear God: Let me give you a list of just some of the things I must remember to be a good  Dog.   1.  I will not eat the cats' food before they eat it or after they throw it up.  2.  I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs,  etc., just because I like the way they smell.   3.  The Litter Box is not a cookie jar.   4.  The sofa is not a 'face towel'.   5.  The garbage collector is not stealing our stuff..   6.  I  will not play tug-of-war with Dad's underwear when he's on the toilet.   7.  Sticking my nose into a human's crotch is an unacceptable way of saying 'hello'.   8.  I don't need to suddenly stand straight up when I'm under the coffee table .   9.  I must shake the rainwater out of my fur before entering the house - not after. 10.  I will not come in from outside and immediately drag my  butt.  11.  I will not sit in the middle of the living room and lick my crotch.  12.  The  cat is not a 'squeaky toy' so when I play with him and he makes that noise, it's usually not a good
The Hunted.
Seated quietly in the corner, the dreaming blonde sat with her legs tightly crossed. She watched him, his hair curling down against his face, and flipping through the newest addition to the photography section. She ran her eyes over his arches, tugging at her pearls and passing them over her lips. His jeans, tight around his hips and thighs, flared at the tips of his green shoes, somewhat worn out with writings of dashboard lyrics. The white stripes on his jacket, depicted the green, covering a black shirt, loosely covering his chest. They’d been talking for quite some time now, and she wasn’t sure how to approach him. They had so many late night conversations together, filled with talks of depression and love, along with a slight sexual agreement. Looking down, she flips the page of her book, in which she had been staring out for almost an hour now. He looked over his shoulder, and noticed, she had finally returned to her reading. He couldn’t believe it was her, the
A man walks into a store and asks "do you have any condoms with pesticide on them?" They replied "Don't you mean spermacide?" He says "No, my girlfriend has a bug up her ass and I'm going after it."
Memories Of 9-11-01
I was one of the lucky ones.  I didn’t lose anyone in the attacks of 09-11-01.   Has it really been 8 years since that day?   Lots of people remember where they were when this happened, I mean how could they not?!   It was strange for me because I was 3500 miles away from my home on business and did everything go into a tailspin.   I live less then an hour’s train ride from NYC.  At the time I was working for an international airline.  A week or so before the event I flew to London for training that my job gives every year – 2 weeks.   I had just spent a great weekend with my sister and her friend who came to London with her Mom to see me on my time off.  There is nothing like treating a 15 year old and friend to a flight overseas to put you in the cool group.  After getting all to London Heathrow Airport to fly home, I got back into a training mind set.    Being 5 hours ahead of New York, the news came in at lunchtime in London.  There were people standi
Roflmao Video
I Stole It From Andy
If you get nothing. I know I'm lame, I just want to see who pays attention to what I have to say when I decide to actually talk lol. 1. What is my first name?       2. What is my favorite color?       3. Am I married, divorced, single or seperated?       4. How many kids do I have?       5. What type of music do I listen to the most?       6. What was my first car?  
Livin' A Treme' Life
Once in awhile, the pain in the ass travel schedule I work with has its perks. As luck would have it, my job requires me to be in New Orleans later this week. If you've read this - - then you'll understand my affinity for the place.So I'll be arriving late Wednesday night and will probably stop off at Frenchmen Street for some jazz. Then Thursday night, off to Vaughn's to listen to Kermit Ruffins.Thursday is my birthday - my real birthday not my internet birthday - so I can't wait to celebrate by listening to one of my favorite performers!Who wants to dance? All aboard!
My Name ... After Three Years
after being on fubar for over 3 years I get this message from Support after being suspended for 9 days by them. Your name was nsfw. You really seem to have an issue understanding what is allowed here. Please read the fubar bible and the tos, talk to a bouncer, etc. Since when is Ms. Cleavage considered NSFW ... what about all the names with "boobs" or "tit's" or "sex" in them ... how come they are allowed to continue using their nicknames and CLEAVAGE is considered as NSFW????  
My Music
"Trust" (quietly) You. You cannot tell. How much your love...  has put me. Put me through hell. The look. The look in your eyes.  They made me believe. Believe that every thing.  every thing every thing was alright. SO How. Baby, tell me how? Can you sleep so sound at night? Making me TRUST.   TRUST everything is all right? How can you make me trust? (quietly) You You walk down the street. Holding my hand. To our friends. Life seems grand. Us. Making memories. Or is that what you want me, you want me to see? SO How. Baby, tell me how? Can you sleep so sound at night? Making me TRUST.   TRUST everything is all right? How can you make me trust? (quietly) You You gave me your trust.  And then thrown it all away. In another persons bed. You went to lay. Building my trust with a lie. Every single day. Every single day. Baby...  every single day. Every si
You Should Never Force Someone Into Doing Something They Don’t Want To Do From 8-21-06
Now that we have come to the final chapter of my blogs about Romance and Relationships, or at least for now. I'll be doing a recap in the next blog on all the topics I have covered. But now, I wanted to touch base on another thing that is important in a relationship. On doing something that is sexual, you don't ever, I mean never, force your partner into doing something that that he/she don't want to do. This is actually one of my pet peeves in life. I mean, this bullshit has always pissed me off, because, first off, forcing someone to do something sexual against their will is rape, even if you are going out or married to this person, it's rape. No questions asked. Rape has got to be one of the worst things a person can do to someone. In my opinion, I think rape is worse than murder. I mean, in some situations, the victim might as well be dead than to live with that agony for the rest of their life. Anyway, I have heard numerous stories about this happening around couples. For instance
Just Curious...
Why are some inter racial relationships accepted more than others?
Hairy Pussy Ebony Girl Stripping
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Fatty Blonde Posing
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When We Learn All We Need To Know...
In May this year my cousin's 5 year old daughter lost a 17 month battle for her life. She had neuroblastoma. After several months of chemotherapy and several weeks of radiation, she received a stem cell transplant. For reasons never known, her blood counts would still not stay up. Finally she suffered renal failure and the end everyone knew was coming close. No one told her that she was going to die, yet she still knew. From her death bed she asked, "Why do little kids die?" Her aunt, who we all considered to be one of the duller of the knives in the drawer, said without missing a beat, "Sometimes when we learn all we need to know here on Earth, it is just our time to go." Again, no beats missed, the little girl says, "Wow, my papaw must not be very smart cuz he sure is old." While of you might not find the story of interest, I will never forget those words of a dying child.
Heres To Ya
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One Of My Favorite Qoutes
" My world shall never be understood by mortals. Such is the way I enjoy it though" ~Emanon~  Now this qoute has alot of meaning to it...Some may understand it..Some may not... Why be understood by people..When they don't care to understand..Such as themselves ponder over it..It is to exhausting and to much work......So yes....Be understood within yourself..Do not worry and work hard for those to make them understand you.      
Snickers Bad Food Bad Service.!
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i finally get what i want, to be shipped out again. that was before i met my best friend. i never thought a woman could make me feel so compelled to be a better man. i'm so damn scared to go now because i don't think she'll be here when i get back and that would really suck ass. i love it when we hang out and watch movies. she doesn't know it, but i never really pay attention to the movies because i'm too busy tracing the curves of her face with my eyes, just daydreaming. i guess it all comes down to this: i'm in love with my best friend, but she doesn't know it and now that i finally found her i don't wanna leave. i don't wanna give her the chance to meet someone better. is that too selfish? should i even tell her? i know she should know, but i don't wanna risk losing her friendship. any advice?
Prays Needed
This past Tuesday, Nov. 17, there was a terrible accident here in my home town of Houma, LA. A crane at EBI ship yardbroke loose of its pedestal and crashed into a building. Inside that building were my brother Adam LeBouef and my brother-in-law Heath Perkins. By some miracle when the crane crased something fell and hit my brother and through him back, This saved his life. Unfortunately my brother in law was killed. A beam feel across his body causing major internal injuries. He left the shipyard alive and died about an hour and a half later. He and my sister have a 1 year daughter and she is 12 weeks prejeant with their second.   When things like this happen you realize just how important life is and the people in your life are. I am most grateful for my husband and my children. They are my life.
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This Is For Ma Chaton
Well now down my memories through nightmares, along lonely roads paved with the fallen. I walk alone, always alone. Forever searching for ma chaton, I pass a way gate and for a moment I scent her, but the wind changes and the scent vanishes. Where is ma chaton? how did I lose her? where can I find her? A sudden change in the wind, nothing but a breeze but a scent is in it. It is HER! MA CHATON! I run, fast and sure, following my nose, through way gate after way gate! through time and space, I claw at the very walls of the void! tearing a hole I move fast into a strange jungle, always following her delicate scent. Through to brush I see her looking alone and frightened I run to her and take her into my arms holding her close as my wings enclosed her protectively hearing her small mew then who content sigh as she snuggles against my chest, I look down the and kisses her deeply before whispering “I will hold you forever ma chaton! And I will never lose you ag
No r/l friends, no friends online that i can even consider real friends as most don't even give two fucks about me.  No job (I'm on disability for severe depression and anxiety)  who really wants someone who cannot advance in life?   I know blah blah blah work for it, thing's will get better if you get out.  Well, its not that easy.  I don't have a single friend.  I don't go to bars or any shit like that as I'll end up drinking alone and besides i think that is a horrible way to meet someone.  5 years of depression and anxiety and just about every bit of drug out there has not helped one bit.  I know that I have to put forth the effort to correct myself but how can I when I feel there is little to live for?  I just want it all to end, this depression.   I want to be able to go out and make friends to hang out with but this disease has consumed me to the point of where I started cutting again.  I don't know what else to do.  This probably isn't even the place to be saying this but whate
After 4 long years I finally had a dream of my ex wife and both my children... It was beyond my imagination... I was, for once, happy... idk what to really think about maybe is because her birthday is coming up on thanksgiving, but she told me in the dream she missed me... idk, maybe its just a dream. but it felt so real... for the first time. i woke up happy. four long years. the first dream... maybe thats why I haven't been feeeling well for so long. this dream made me miss them again...
If Didnt Have Bad Luck, Would Have No Luck At All
Have you ever heard or used that saying ?:jumper: if so what was is about ? ok get this :help: late last week (weds/thurs) my 18mth old mircowave packed it & i notice as well my old fridge/freezer had broken seals & was leaking just a tad to much ! :crying: :crying: so i thought right i'll have new in time for xmas, so pops off to Currys, & try to get a deal , ended up with free delivery on new "fridge/freezer" & removal old one, the mirco id had to take away, put lady said if ask driver am sure he'll take old mirco away! so delivery arranged for 10am/1pm sunday so 10am comes :yay:  phone call driver cant find my farm , is only one on the lane:coma: but gets here , & picks up old fridge & delivers new one , but says , cant take old mirco away as to small & could move about on lorry & bang or break other items, leaves me with instruction on new fridge freezer, :angel:  leave standing for between 3/4 hrs so can settle before plugging into , :angel:  ok so like good boy i wait unti
Somewhere In The Night
Somewhere In The Night by Marilyn       Somewhere in the night a child cries, A woman weeps and someone dies. Somewhere in the night, humanity hides. Somewhere in the night , a soul screams, As people fade and vanish, lost in dreams. Somewhere in the night, reality lives. Somewhere in the night loneliness dwells, As people alone, no sounding bells. Somewhere in the night, she crys alone. Somewhere in the night ... Where is the light?  
I love winter because my life has always been winter and when the ice cracks and things start to melt and bloom I am not used to it this thing they call happiness I always wonder if maybe it is just not meant for me…
Invictus By William Ernest Henley
Out of the night that covers me,Black as the Pit from pole to pole,I thank whatever gods may beFor my unconquerable soul.In the fell clutch of circumstanceI have not winced nor cried aloud.Under the bludgeonings of chanceMy head is bloody, but unbowed.Beyond this place of wrath and tearsLooms but the Horror of the shadeAnd yet the menace of the yearsFinds, and shall find, me unafraid.It matters not how strait the gate,How charged with punishments the scroll.I am the master of my fate:I am the captain of my soul.  
I Never Made It/ Dub Fx
If you havent heard these guys yet...check it out!  I highly recommend :) I NEVER MADE IT I’ve got my eyes open wide to the ceiling I’m lying on my back in the centre of a room I’ve got a voice giving me a funny feeling Its telling me the world’s going to end real soon I’ve got to get a job otherwise I’m unappealing Do my little dance for the man and consume So i let my energy build for the healing So i can reign down with my super sonic boom I’m held down by a fog on my way to the top All clouded and the pressure won’t rise I’m on a mission to the sky with the stars in my eyes Yet the weather won’t compromise Like a ball on a chain that is strapped to my brain I’m a prisoner inside of my dreams So i will appreciate the future of a day Where the clouds open up and scream And i sing now I aint gonna spend my time wandering why i never made it I’ve already made it I aint gonna spend my days thinking about why
Chinese Girls
Lost Hoping To Find
recently i have een trying to find a man by the name of chris heckman for my daughter wants to know where he is i have put his name on myspace and facebook and yahoo and yearbook but no one knows him this my last try if you know him and know his mom by the nam of terry heckmen please email me at thank you
More Poems
by CassandraXVeronicaXONealaXLawsonHe fought for whats rightyou could see it in his eyeshe fought for this landto keep invaders outhe fought forhis pride his family and friendshe fought for you and mehe was a fighting man
The Forest Woods
The Forest Woods    I walk each they invite me deeper and deeper into the haze of the forest woods.......   There is not a sound but my footsteps crunching the leaves and broken branches under my feet.....and the little forest creatures scurrying around as I approach their domain.  I pause for a second to just listen....and I hear the wind gently calling me..........   "Come" whispers....enticing me on.....further into the enclave.   There is a distinct smell......but I cannot place is unique to this place. the woods themselves....calls for me to continue..........   As if whatever it is I am alive in it's being, and tantalizes ALL my senses to conjoin with it......  become a part of it's it wishes to with me.   I am at peace.....yet highly awaken to every fiber of my being.
Auld Lang Syne
Robert Buns penned the lyrics to this traditional New Year's song so so long ago - auld lang syne, if you will. But there are more lyrics to this pram (nods to Monty Python and the egg nog I'm imbibing). Here's the song lyrics in their entirety: Should auld acquaintance be forgot,and never brought to mind ?Should auld acquaintance be forgot,and auld lang syne ? CHORUS: For auld lang syne, my jo, For auld lang syne, We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, For auld lang syne. And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp! and surely I’ll be mine! And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne. CHORUS We twa hae run about the braes, and pu’d the gowans fine; But we’ve wander’d mony a weary foot, sin auld lang syne. CHORUS We twa hae paidl’d i' the burn, frae morning sun till dine; But seas between us braid hae roar’d sin auld lang syne. CHORUS And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere! and gie's a hand o’ thine! And
[all Things Obnoxious]
1. Please do what I ask you to do.2. Do what I tell you to do, after I asked you to do it.3. Do not ignore the terms/consequences I lay out when you ignore what I told you to do.4. Do not act surprised or indignant when I do what I say I would do after you broke my last straw. Now its not a big dealbut don't touch me.Don't touch me if you're 60, 10, 12, 30 or a zombie. Don't touch me. Don't have me explain to you 10 times not to touch me.Don't have me ask your grandmother to "drop the hammer or I'm going home". And yes. This is all in reference to a ten year old boy using profanity regularly and poking me with regularity after being repeatedly asked to stop. Now, I may have high expectations. I may be uncompromising. But I just pulled my keys out of my pocket, held them up and walked out on family christmas zomg. I shouldn't have to be pestered. These kids constantly live without consequences, disciplinary enforcement, or any consistent authority in their life except me. Now
I Had To Run
I had to run I couldn’t see the sun. I had to hide, Thought you were on my side. It has been a tough ride. I built a wall, Thought I heard you call. Thought I was strong, But I was so wrong. Like every rose I watched you grow. I want to cry, Don’t want to say goodbye.
Athlete - Half Light
The sun got stuck as its making its way back downWe find ourselves, in a familiar part of townAnd all that I've seen means nothing to me without youSo when I see you next we'll make the most of it,Tell the sun to start moving again,The taste of your kiss I still got on my lips,And I'll take you there with meHead crashed down, air conditioned myself to sleep,The great night out, that will continue to the end of the weekAnd all that I've seen means nothing to me without youSo when I see you next we'll make the most of it,Tell the sun to start moving again,The taste of your kiss I still got on my lips,And I'll take you there with meIt's you and me connected to a satelliteIt's you and me love through a machineIt's you and me connected to a satelliteIt's you and me love through a machineSo when I see you next we'll make the most of it,Tell the sun to start moving again,The taste of your kiss I still got on my lips,And I'll take you there with me
Suicide Note Pt. I & Ii
"Suicide Note Pt. I"by PanteraCheap cocaine, a dry inhale, the pills that kill and take the pain awayDiet of life, shelter without, the face that cannot see inside yours and mineWhen I'm hiding, when I need it,it lets me breathe,for our handle on this life, I don't believethis timeWould you look at me now?Can you tell I'm a man?With these scars on my wristsTo prove I'll try againTry to die again, try to live through this nightTry to die again.....Forever fooling, free and using,sliding down the slide that breaks a willMothers angel, getting smarter, how smart are you to regress unfulfilled?It's a damn shame, but who's to blame?When I'm hiding, when I need it,it lets me breathe,for our handle on this life, I don't believethis timeWould you look at me now?Can you tell I'm a man?With these scars on my wristsTo prove I'll try againTry to die again, try to live through this nightTry to die again....."Suicide Note Pt. II"by PanteraOut of my mind,gun up to the mouthNo pretension, execution, l
Untitled Poem
I don't care I'm out of your lives - To the world everyone is a stranger. If you're cruel, you're bound to survive, If sincere - in the end you'll surrender. Everyone is a loner at heart, Every place on the earth is forsaken; Destiny, writing everyone's part For the stage, so-called life, was mistaken. Love has never existed at all, It's a wraith of a desperate dreamer. Lovers think they can fly - they just fall, Hopeless liars and naive believers.
Life Would Be So Wonderful
Life would be so Wonderful by Michael Life would be so wonderful when you try not to look For when your heart is open and eyes are closed The one you've longed for is just in reach When your hands touch the mind wouldn't know Ever so slightly holding each other so very close Until your goodbye's are said and gone You wonder if you'll ever meet again Till the time is right you will wait for that day Hoping they'll wonder back into your light Praying for the same excitement from long ago Then and only then will life be so wonderful
The Real Deal
The Ther Nite
Just Joined, Help Me Out And Join My Mob.
Alabama - Close Enough To Perfect
*someone sent me this song lyric this know who you are...i am your angel perfect or not :)* Sometimes her morning coffee's way too strong And sometimes what she says, she says all wrong But right or wrong, she's there beside me Like only a friend would be And that's close enough to perfect for me Now she's been known to wear her pants too tight And drinking puts her out just like a light Heaven knows she's not an angel But she'd really like to be And that's close enough to perfect for me She kisses me each morning, and smiles a sleepy smile She doesn't have to say it, I can see it in her eyes Don't you worry about my woman Or what you think she ought to be She's close enough to perfect for me Sometimes she gets down and starts to cry But then again the lady has the right She's everything I've ever wanted She's all I'll ever need She's close enough to perfect for me She kisses me each morning, and smiles a sleepy smile She doesn't have to say it, I can see it in her
Fuck Your Society
Doors with plasticine handles fail to open. A selfish brand of selfishness renders logic incomplete. Waxwork friends hold company for a life time. Endless designs are littered with deceit. An ugly belief.. It's just an ugly belief. The blood runs from between your fingers as you hold your hand to your face. ... Stereotyped, rubber-stamped and fit to dance with the cL(one)s. The label you wear, you wear it well but a barcode hasn't much of a story to tell.. An ugly belief. It's just an ugly belief. The blood runs from between your fingers as you hold your hand to your face.. Harangue the mycelium but you may as well be 'speaking' in braille. The myriad's grasp of parables wanders lost at the boundaries of the inane. Their minds but washboards for a corporate lie. What an insensate legacy they leave behind when they die. An ugly belief.. It's just an ugly belief. The blood runs from between your fingers as you hold your hand to your face. FUCK YOUR SOCIETY
Robert Culp
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Robert Culp, the actor who teamed with Bill Cosby in the racially groundbreaking TV series "I Spy" and was Bob in the critically acclaimed sex comedy "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice," died Wednesday after collapsing outside his Hollywood home, his manager said. Culp was 79. Manager Hillard Elkins said the actor was on a walk when he fell. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead just before noon. The actor's son was told he died of a heart attack, Elkins said, though police were unsure if the fall was medically related. Los Angeles police Lt. Robert Binder said no foul play was suspected. Binder said a jogger found Culp, who apparently fell and struck his head. "I Spy" greatly advanced the careers of Culp and Cosby and forged a lifelong friendship. Cosby said Wednesday Culp was like an older brother to him. "The first born in every family is always dreaming of the older brother or sister he or she doesn' t have, to protect, to be the buffer, provide the wisdom, shou
Apocalypse 2012
Imagine for a second the affects of a toxinWith widespread panic all around people marchin'In defense of what they serve and protectBut what they serve and protect is full of lies that they disrespectImagine for a second that the people marchin'Were zombies infected with a neurotoxinDeveloped by thoseWho never seemed to opposeThey only seek to have us locked up and treated like animalsThey're hannibals, the political vandalsThe worse kind of people that you have in your scandalsThey're called humans, but I like to call them zombiesLocked inside a world lies their televisions what they watchin'Little do they know the man who stands all up on the buttonIt's just two years as a traitor for our final consumptionWhile the beast is in the sea, he's away in the bayAnd California disappears and we're left in dismayApocalypse year 2012Armageddon approaches because we're all going straight to hellApocalypse year 2012Ain't got no money, that's fine, why, cause you got a soul to sellApocalypse yea
New World Order
I just saw an advance for the new Clash of the Titans on G4 and in it one of the producers suggested it'll be an "entirely new world." This got me thinking; What were the worlds we've already seen? Tatooine Eternia Wonderland (Apparently) my anus The Land of Milk and Honey Middle Earth Lythion Waterworld Wonderful World of Disney Elmo's World World of Warcraft World of Darkness Otherworld Small World Flatland Underworld Counter-Clock World The World According to Garp Afterworld World of Hurt Land of the Lost Legoland Dante's Inferno Bobby's World Dragonland Boobs Zombieland Porno Skankville Neverland Zombieland Oz The Matrix
World's Deepest Known Undersea Volcanic Vent Found/was Posted By Expedition Logo Scientist Rrs James Cook
  LONDON – Scientists using a remote-controlled submarine have discovered the deepest known volcanic vent and say the superheated waters inside could contain undiscovered marine species and perhaps even clues to the origin of life on earth. Experts aboard the RRS James Cook said they found the vent more than three miles (five kilometers) beneath the surface of the Caribbean in an area known as the Cayman Trough, a deep-sea canyon that served as the setting for James Cameron's underwater thriller "The Abyss." Volcanic vents are networks of small cracks that penetrate deep into the earth's crust, where temperatures can reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius). Sea water seeps into the openings, where it's heated to extreme temperatures and expelled into the icy cold of the deep ocean. Minerals in the water precipitate as it cools, creating a smoke-like effect and leaving behind towering chimneys. The spectacular pressure — 500 times stronger than t
The Next Month Is Going To Be Agony...
Everybody gets what they want except me...but that's okay...b/c karma is a bitch. I promised to f*ck off for a the jets, etc. If a 32 year old person can't grow up after that then i don't know... "do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hands? would you get them if I did? no you won't...cuz you're gone gone gone gone gone..." "I don't care what they say...I'm in love with you. They try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth. My heart's crippled like the vein that I keep on cut me open"
Poem- Still Got Me
Can't breath, can't see, damn girl why you have to leave me Gave you my heart thought we had a good start but then you Let me see how you can truely be... you made me cry, not kno why... Why you said what you said, Words you didn't mean. But damn you still got me.... I can't believe you walked out on me With tears in my eyes I can see me and you was a lie And we were not ment to be but damn you still got me... You turned your back and never looked back. For yet you See the day you left made me cry and just wanted to die But i held my head up high to let you see one day you'll miss me... But then that time will come and you will see,
Open Letter To Obama
 By Lou Pritchett,   Procter & GambleA LETTER FROM A PROCTER  AND GAMBLE EXECUTIVE TO  THE PRESIDENT*    THE LAST SENTENCE IS THE  MOST CHILLINGLou Pritchett is one of  corporate America 's true living legends- an  acclaimed author, dynamic teacher and one of the  world's highest  rated speakers. Successful corporate executives  everywhere recognize  him as the foremost leader in change management..  Lou changed the way   America does business by creating an audacious  concept that came to  be known as "partnering." Pritchett rose from soap  salesman to  Vice-President, Sales and Customer Development for  Procter and  Gamble and over the course of 36 years, made  corporate history.  AN OPEN LETTER TO  PRESIDENT OBAMA  Dear President Obama: You are the thirteenth President under whom I have  lived and unlike  any of the others, you truly scare me. You scare me because after months of exposure, I  know nothing about you. You scare me because I do not know how you paid for  your exp
Donate To My Bday Fund
So it's going to be my 28th birthday on June 18. I really want this year to be special. Since i've only had one bday party my whole life, this year i wanna make up for it. So i decided to make a birthday donation Fund instead of getting gifts for my special day. Any donation will help out and will be much appreciated. Thankyou, dina rocks
Free Patch
Here is a I'm famous on the internet patch. I'm giving away up to 10 as of right now of these patches, If the want/need for these grow i will pick up more and give out many more. For the first two patches i am going to give it away for anyone who comments on this post, just post a comment on here and i will use a random number generator to pick out the two winner, please leave a form of contact info in your comment. You have until June 20, 2010 to comment for this give away. there is no specific number of comments you are limited to  
The Thinks With Are Creativs
Im one men with thinks more in the creativity. Imore important for me,because is the form of understandme and understand to you. The love with non have creativiy is low, more pover. The love with creativity givemnews forms of lover.
You And I
You and I are connectedin a way that goes beyond romance,beyond friendship,beyond what we've ever had before.It has defied time, distance,and changes in ourselvesand in our lives.It has defied every explanation.Except one:Pure and simply, we're soul mates.I can't explain, I just feel it.It's there in the way my spirits liftwhenever we talk.The sound of your voice brings me home,in a way I can't explain.It's in the delight I feel, when we laughat exactly the same things.When I'm with you,it's like a tiny piece of the universeshifts into place.A place it's supposed to be,and all is right with the world.These things and so many more,have made me understandthat this is a once in a lifetime,forever connection.A connection that could only existbetween you and me.And deep in my soul,I know that our relationshipis a rare gift.One that brings usextraordinary happinessall through our lives. 
.full Of Wrong Timing.
So to give a little bit of background on this piece.... I was dating someone for a while during my Freshman and Sophomore years of college. I fell in love with him and he decided that he had met me too early in his life, that while he wanted to settle down with me, he needed to join the Marines first... I understood at the time, but then about 2 weeks after we broke up he got his ex girlfriend pregnant. Instead of joining the military and coming back home to me, he decided to "do the right thing" and marry her. They were engaged to be married last August, their daughter was born the previous December... Now, I received a message in April of last year telling me that the unthinkable had happened. Tim had been hit by a car. Absolutely devastated me. So the last bit about always loving him? That's true. I still love him, and I definitely always will and I miss him every. single. day. That's why I have the spoon tattoo. He was big spoon. Okay, now the actual piece of writing haha. I
Internet Spam... It's Silicon And Herbicides...
I love the internet, it's got so many things on it.  Things that make you laugh (Mostly on Youtube... although the TV Tropes website absorbs far too much of my time on the net), things that make you cry (Again, mostly on Youtube... the shit people do to themselves and then make public that I wouldn't confess to a Catholic Priest) and things that make you go... Wait... WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?? I'm still trying to figure out if it's the beard or the glasses... maybe the chest hair and tinkering with cars... I don't know... what I do know is that you'd think, as a guy, my e-mail spam would be of a specific type... and it totally is, just not what you'd think. It never ceases to amaze me just how often I get spam in my e-mail that has to do with bigger tits.  "ENLARGE YOUR BREASTS" and the like.  I don't have breasts, and I keep myself active enough that across my chest I do not have mounds of fat big enough to be classified as breasts, boobs, tits, gazongas, torpedoes, tatas, or whateve
The path i go down sometime i think what am i doing here is this the way life is and the way God wanted it im 27 yrs old brown eyes brown hair 5'9 195pounds and living life the best i can one day at a time
...last Kiss Goodbye...
(Written By; David N Herrera) In Loves Last Embrace,You Held A Gun Too My Head,Kissed me,You Said "I love You"But Not That Way.. .I have waited for so long for you to pull that trigger...In my heart that's all I wanted from you...Kill me so I may shed no more tears of pain......But...You left me standing there.You had no heart...You left me in pain...I was so sure that you felt for me the way I did for you...But in truth....................I was nothing more than an object.A tool...A means to an end...I thought you loved me so much.I thought you would end the suffering before it began...The darkness has feasted upon my bare and naked soul...I am aloneI have stood here waiting for the light to return back to my eyes.I can't see beyond the darkness that has covered me...Were is my god when I need him most???Why must I wallow in the filth that has been left behind after her leaving me behind???I am not strong enough to stand on my own...I am cold...All I wanted was the swift death sh
Flushed Cooking Can Be Truly Fun
Preparation is the act of making content for ingestion, and it consists of a countywide potentiality Revere Ware Cookware Warranty techniques and methods; mish mashing of distinguishable ingredients which adds flavour or edibleness to the content and any else tools as shaft. Or else it can be said that cooking is the activity of combination of ingredients, mensuration and selecting of ingredients in order to get the wanted results. Cookery can add discrimination to any and nigh every typewrite of eatable nutrient items. There are few of the person structure that are mainly misused to ready substance which Revere Ware Cookware Warranty roasting, cookery, hot, stewing, steaming, micro motion and umteen writer at the synoptical measure protective all the nutrients of the content equal proteins, fat, liquids, and carbohydrates.Withal, reasonable preparation can be truly a fun filled activeness but can be vexing too for the working fill but there is aught to fear about, as there are any eas
Bonnie Ceremony Invitation Images Online Don't Back Spirit
When viewing wedding invitation wording samples invitation images online, what you see is not e'er what you get. Here are few tips to secure you don't set a volumed ordering supported on a grazed up party invitation someone, only to be thwarted by the factual entity.Don't Be Fooled By Online ImagesCeremonial invitations are photographed to request to buyers. Afterward, sometimes they're paraphrastic to materialise dinky instead of living.If you are viewing a ceremonial invitation soul online that is set amid a emphasise containing a graceful abode surroundings or blossom organization, think this a red alarum. Most honorable stationers concentration on the hymeneals invitation itself and don't poverty to set up the ikon with environment welter.If you do autumn in fuck with a party invitation somebody online, don't be inattentive by the scene, the being retentive the invitation, or the lovely rosaceous petals distributed some wedding invitation wording samples. Increase the photo and rea
How To Ordination And Statement Your Hymeneals Invitations
As with anything wedding invitation wording samples the cyberspace, you'll condition to do many research? Forward you soul not chosen an invitation/company already, you'll essential to do several in-person search at your localised stationery stores.Lie at the heroic invitation reserves books, and be pettifogging of everything: do you similar the countenance of the printing? How effortful is the medium have? How durable does it see to judge an organisation, and then how lifelong before you lengthened between acceptance of the impression and delivery of the exam invitations? Eventually - how often gift it value for the invitation friendship to do everything you'd like? Can you opt which enclosures to let? Or is it a normal set?Formerly you person a advantageous tune of what you same, wedding invitation wording samples can either search for a moneyman online for the proper invitation you same. When you grow one, wait for their insurance writer -- what are their policies for timing, bringi
My Late Night Rant
Just My Feeling's This Morning.
So.................. I have so many thing's going through my head, so I decided to jot some of them down. I look into the mirror, and I see this body look back at me. Her hair is long, her skin is pale and cold , and her eyes show wisdom beyond her years. They also show a sadness that she doesn't think will ever be removed.... She sees a body desired by some, but rejected by many. She sees a heart beat beneath thin skin, and she wonders at times, why it still does. It is so cold, and can be so hard. She has been called mom, sister, daughter, lover, wife, and BITCH... She has been taken, loved, used, and abused. These eyes have seen death, life, abuse, and care. This body has felt the tender touch of a new born, and the rough skin of an elder. It has felt the gentle caress of a lover, and the pain of someone that wants to harm her. She sees scars that brought life into the world, and also made her feel less of a woman. She wonders how anyone could want or desire what she sees.....She
Today I Feel Lost And Lonely, But Also Angry.
Today, all i can think about is the fact that you're gone. I'm so angry for what you did, but i miss my husband like no other. But you sir, you are not my husband. ~You are not the man who was at my wedding. ~you are not the man who sings a lullaby withme to our son every night. ~You are not the man who makes dinner special even if it's mac n cheese. ~you are not the man who used to kiss me passionately with meaning. ~You are not the man who put his arm around my waist as he turned out the lights for the night. ~You are not the man i love. You are the opposite of the person i married. You have taken him away from me and i'm angry with you. I don't even think you know who you are anymore. Where is my soulmate? Where did the fun times go? Why can't we just smile anymore? Why can't we just laugh? Who is this beast you've become? She's a child. 19 years old. She will change her mind soon enough. She doesn't know what she wants in life, she doesn't know where she's going to be in a
anacoluthia\ an-uh-kuh-LOO-thee-uh \noun;  1. Lack of grammatical sequence or coherence, esp. in a sentence
My Truths, Too!
On September 11, 2001. I was getting ready for a field exercise with my unit in the 10th Mountain Division (that would be the active army division in New York - Fort Drum - about an hour north of Syracuse). We were on the trucks getting ready to go out (I think it was a Monday) when some guys came running down. They had just seen on the news where the Twin Towers had fallen. After that day, I was deployed on four wartime operations. One was for security in the US (Operation Noble Eagle). I've spent nearly 2 years in combat overseas on the other three deployments (which included Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Iraq). I was infantry. My job was to "close with and neutralize the enemy." For layman terms, that means our job is to kill people and blow shit up. Seen some pretty bad shit. It's been 9 years since that day. Nine... Wow. I'm out of the army now. Honorable discharge, of course. So, yeah... I did that. It was pretty amazing to be a part of it. It was pretty trau
[by The Looks Of Things]
It would seem I've been disqualified for unemployment.I haven't received the official"you're fucked" letter, but the information on the website for my weekly claims reflects that I'm DQ'ed.My initial reaction was"oh well, I'll just apply for some jobs and go to intervie... oh rightI don't have a car".Someone had better have good news, or at least a consolation prize.Alsopretty much out of chuggin booze.Next person to say "fuck my life" over a pothole, try my abyss.I'm gonna put a cigar out on your arm.
Bca Auction
'Tis the season for auctions, it appears... Starting October 1st (If I'm lucky), I will be having a breast cancer awareness auction.  I haven't ironed out the details yet, but there will be no entry fee and bids will start with fubucks.  I will have a fubuck to cash conversion, and cash bids will not automatically outweigh fubuck offers. If you or someone you know would like to join, send me a PM with a link to the pic to be used.  I will make the graphic for the auction.   Now for the details... should people come up with what they want to offer, or should I have a blanket set of things bidders will get?
hopscotch\ HOP-skoch \verb; 1. To journey quickly and directly from one usually far place to another.noun: 1. A children's game in which a player tosses or kicks an object into one of several numbered sections of a diagram marked on the ground.verb: 1. To move or pass through something, as a geographical area or a field of endeavor, making many brief stops.
Busily Punching Grommet Holes Into Your Bodice
If you already know what the name with this post means, you've most likely currently been busily punching grommet holes into your bodice all afternoon and so are just getting a break to allow your leather-based aviator hat oxygen out. Dressok If not, you've obtained some studying to do. Steampunk may be a genre of literature and movie that utilizes alternate timelines. Like a rule, Cheap Flower Girl Dresses, testimonies carry spot inside a Victorian globe with some very awesome accessories, Junior Bridesmaid Dresses, like steam-powered robots and Jules Verne submarines and something awesome that's produced away from wooden and brass. (If that seems intriguing, verify out the Japanese animé film Steamboy or Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels.) So what does all this must do along with your wedding? Rather possibly everything. Steampunk style is refreshingly different, incredibly personal, Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses, oddly beautiful, and constantly elegant. Seem
Day 6
Day 06- Favorite super hero and why MY MOMMY OFCOURSE! shes the best literally, &i know....all moms are suppose to be the best, but she seriously is. all the shit i put her though, &she still loves me. all my horrible mistakes ive made &shes been by my side the entire time. words cant explain how grateful i am to have her as a mother, &to explain how much i truely love this woman :)
Career In English Language Training
In the last few years, thanks to jobs becoming global, the importance of English has increased manifold. It has over the years become an important medium of communication, both at the international and intra-national levels. The importance of spoken English is even more, because there are many cases where one knows his subject well, but fails to communicate it properly. The practice of spoken English, therefore, is quite essential. Learning English in a country where it is not a native language, opens a number of opportunities for the individual. In today’s corporate world, the need for effective communication has been recognized and accepted more than the technical knowledge. The language of the corporate world is English. An individual can make strides in the management ladder if he/she can speak English fluently. If your English is poor, even though with brilliant business ideas, you may still find yourself languishing at the bottom of the management ladder. Your productivity
Key To Achieve Success In Telephonic Interviews
KEY TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN TELEPHONIC INTERVIEWS  With the revolution of communication technology and mobile equipments, many activities are executed from remote location. Now is the time when we monitor and control various business activities and professional tasks by holding a mobile handset only. This era of information and communication technology has also influenced the current job market which includes sending interview call letters by SMS, schedule a telephonic interview and even intimation of final result on a ten digit mobile number. Now the Human Resource (H.R.) Department of many organizations is shortlisting and calling the candidates by telephonic conversations. The time is left far behind when there was long wait for the interview call letter to be delivered by the postman. Now, almost every organization believes in the screening the candidates by telephonic interviews rather than sending sealed envelopes with postage stamps. There are many reasons due to which telephoni
idioglossia\ id-ee-uh-GLOS-ee-uh \noun; 1. A private form of speech invented by one child or by children who are in close contact, as twins. 2. A pathological condition in which a person's speech is so severely distorted that it is unintelligible.
Mr. Whaaaaaambulance Driver
My status, this morning: and the drive to 45 plunders on.   There is a special place in my heart and in my mind for each and every one of you*   This site reeks of dissatisfaction. People not leveling fast enough. The bonus multiplier isn't high enough. This bling doesn't last long enough. My blue-shaded name isn't light enough. I'm sure you understand and know where I'm coming from, and could add many things to that list. There are things even in our own lives we all wish were better, but points somehow seem more manageable, and it's easier to channel frustration here. I'm not writing this for anyone in particular. I'm writing it for me. Hell, this blog itself is about my dissatisfaction with the world in general, and how it all funnels down into this microcosm we call Twitter Fubar. Frustration and dissatisfaction drive us to do or seek better for ourselves and/or loved ones. For our friends, and friends we haven't even made yet.   I posted this in "blogs I typed but didn't wa
dirtyd: wats in the private folder 2:17pm Suga Lips: The meaning of the word private: confined to or intended only for the persons immediately concerned; confidential. personal and not publicly expressed. 2:18pm Suga Lips: In simpler terms: none of your damn business. 2:20pm dirtyd: ohhh wow lol ok then just askin geez no wonder god made u soo fuckin ugly 2:20pm Suga Lips: If I'm ugly, why do you want to see my private photos? 2:21pm dirtyd: i didnt ask to see them get ur facts striaght i simply said wat was in it 2:21pm dirtyd: an i was bein nice too 2:21pm Suga Lips: If I don't want to see something, I don't ask what something is. dirtyd: well srry geez didnt mean to bother ya was just wonderin
Curse My Name...
God Forbid I Have A Decent Heart Attack
NSFW cause of you fucks   well it was not a heart attack...they dont think..ffs no bloodclot either actually they have no clue whats going heart rate and bp kept sky rocketting..gave me nitro 3x and the shit would still fly thru the roof. a few CT's and intravenous drugs later...the pain subsides..but only to come back with a vengance around 3am today...gotta get a stress test and a CT with dye injection to check for possible cloggs...   on a fun note: the nurses loved my tat's...and my odd sense of tired of waiting for them to come back in and check on i pull off strategic leads and flopp around as they rush in...hey i got them to come in at least...   Money making opportunity: for fucks sake someone invent the lil sticky tabs they hook heart monitors up to so they dont pull off my chest hairs and make me scream like a canadian having their beaver waxed....OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Through Their Eyes...
Error: You Just Made The Fucking List.
I was fucked up. My mind was experiencing the effects from drinking the sickeningly sweet contents of two bottles of cough syrup. Procured off the shelf, and carefully chosen for a single active ingredient. Disassociative - That's how dextramethorphan "hallucinations" are described by medical journalists who've poked and prodded bits of data shaped like people, into an overly simplistic assessment of its effects. They didn't… weren't able to… extrapolate. All that I'd read and studied from analogues of their data in the form of user-accounts and Erowid dossiers, clearly stated (in my opinion) there was more to it than that. I was also of the opinon recreational use was an act of desparation. My own desparate rationalization being my use was "investigative". Fool that I am. Movie of this fucked up evening - David Cronenberg's interpretation of William S. Burroughs' novel of his own fucked-up-ness, Naked Lunch. Titled by Allen Ginsburg. Or so I've read. Have I ever to
You're A Homo
Yes I know! I’m a homo! Wow, what a genius! This video is fantastic! And the dancers are so amazingly talented! Hmm, I do wonder what Lady Gaga herself thinks of these parodies from Sherry. I bet she agrees with the message of this one!
Marine Pvt. Nolen R. Hutchings
Died March 23, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 19, of Boiling Springs, S.C.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; killed in action near Nasiriyah March 23. He was listed as missing until April 13, when the Defense Department announced his remains had been identified.
Me New Fav,. Song!!
  I work down at Ashberry Hills Minimum wage, but it pays the bills Cleaning floors and leading hymns on Sunday Katherine Davis, room 303 Sweetest soul you ever could meet I bring her morning coffee everyday Chorus: She calls me Raymond She thinks I'm her son Tells me get washed up for supper before your daddy gets home She goes on about the weather how she can't believe it's already 1943 She calls me Raymond, and that's all right by me She talks about clothes on the line in the summer air Christmas morning and Thanksgiving prayer Stories of a family that I never had Sometimes I find myself wishing I'd been there Chorus: When she calls me Raymond She thinks I'm her son Tells me get washed up for supper before your daddy gets home She goes on about the weather how she can't believe it's already 1943 She calls me Raymond, and that's all right by me There's a small white cross in Arlington Reads Raymond Davis '71 Until she can see his face again I'm gonna fill in the best I can Cho
This Is For The Ppl Who Helped Me With My Ability Points If I Missed U Plz Inform Me K Thanks
BURG@ fubar Thank you guys so much for everything i love you Hubby: Xx TRU xX@ fubar Bff Bronze BRONZE xx fe to my BANDIT@ fubar Badgirl xoBADGIRLxo@ fubar Wicked xWicked ZombiexORGYxECS@ fubar Scoop Scoops BabeZNBrewZ Fumarried to Tweety@ fubar RY RY DANGER RYAN@ fubar Dessert DesertOutlaw GFR RL BF to LaceyBunnyTuFFy@ fubar LUcky Lucky Stripe xOrgyx FM2 RL Wife Blue@ fubar Rich RKMrBig
Open Up Take A Chance.......
When I fell in love with you I knew I was taking a chance. When we were together I fell more in love with you everyday! I wish I would have realized then what I realize now. I wish I would have seen that I was smothering you and pushing you away. I understand that now ....... and I am sorry!!!! I am glad that we were able to remain friends. Months went by with no face to face contact and a little bit of chatting online once in awhile. After over eight months of not being with you I was able to go out on a date. You see I thought that I was finally getting over you. Then one saturday night when I was out to dinner you sent me a text asking if I wanted to go out to see a favorite local band. My heart skipped a million beats!! I knew then that I was still in love with you. I just buried my feelings. So.... I figured I would send you a yim with a flirty question. Didnt think you would respond. But you did. Next thing I know we are making plans to meet up and get together. I was both nerv
Mommy, Someone's Calling You!
Now when someone calls my wife Martha on her new cell phone, she’ll hear this in Sarah’s loud squeaky voice!  It’s so funny hearing it played back after Martha recorded it last night.  After my day off yesterday with Sarah and Jeffrey (where the boys went out for haircuts), at least I feel five pounds lighter and, according to Martha, I don’t look like I’m wearing a wig!    That’s a relief … this morning I had to stop back by my house before work, and the kids’ aunt Mary was home with them watching “The Price Is Right”.  One of the contestants on stage was playing the pricing game “Cliffhanger” (which I called “Cliffjumper” before I could recall the name) and Mary GUESSED EVERY PRICE RIGHT!  And she could so use the trip to Rome that the contestant won!   It’s sweet of Martha to still be calling me at work because I have been short-tempered lately over what seems to be several days attacking
We know what they do isn't right we want to say somthing, stand and fight But yet we know the good they do, perhaps not for me or not for you, But for so many that are saved, from the drunk and the depraved so here we are and we are told that we'll never get into the fold, because of mistakes made in the past; so our future has been cast and without voice we are condemend not to be as other men and so our past will always be a shackle on the souls of you and me but yet we too walk with pride because we know what's inside; we're blessed with the help that we received but damned  because we really had the need, they only look at relationships failed just another arrested and jailed; not a word about success only relationships that became a mess; but I would add and not in haste, I know the years were not a waste.    Thought up poetry from someone close to me once this is one I saved over the years.. 
I Will Be Heard
In what has turned into a recent effort to clear up some skeletons and demons for myself and from my past, I am going to start adding more blogs about myself. Trying to share information that I normally may not, and trying to quit being so closed up when it comes to certain things. I have held on to a lot of things for way too long, and realistically - I'm tired of how they are affecting my life. As I said yesterday, things with my anger have affected past relationships and living situations; both of which turned worse for me as a result of the anger. When I care for someone, I mean really care for someone - I tend to take their problems onto myself a little too much sometimes. Same friend I mentioned yesterday tells me that because I get so concerned sometimes, it appears that I'm trying to make things my fault so I know better how to handle them. I don't think I look for things to be my fault constantly, I think I have been in places in time where I was used to that being the case.
Sailor's Christmas
Sailor's Christmas Twas the night before Christmas, the ship was out steaming, Sailors stood watch while others were dreaming. They lived in a crowd with racks tight and small, In a 80-man berthing, cramped one and all. I had come down the stack with presents to give, And to see inside just who might perhaps live. I looked all about, a strange sight did I see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stockings were hung, shined boots close at hand, On the bulkhead hung pictures of a far distant land. They had medals and badges and awards of all kind, And a sober thought came into my mind. For this place was different, so dark and so dreary, I had found the house of a Sailor, once I saw clearly. A Sailor lay sleeping, silent and alone, Curled up in a rack and dreaming of home. The face was so gentle, the room squared away, This was the United States Sailor today. This was the hero I saw on TV, Defending our country so we could be free. I realized the families that I would
无限膨胀  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 小三加气记。 政治老爸和小奶宝为了欺骗全球流动性和我,堪称全球影帝。 政治老爸吼:小三过来,把屁眼翘起。 政治老爸吼:自己的,私人的,具有纯正基因的政宝把加气枪对准小三的屁眼,扎进去,加气,Ó
Last night I had your mom in LAST STAND. I used DEEP IMPACT to DOUBLE TAP that ass. Man, she sucked me like she got IRON LUNGS. So I took her two BOUNCING BETTY'S & pounded them with my JUGGERNAUT. We went all night with EXTREME CONDITIONiNG. Her SLEIGHT OF HAND made me SONIC BOOM all over her face with STEADY AIM. You didn't hear us because  we used DEAD SILENCE.    PASS THIS FUNNY SHIT ON
I Have Not Opposed Manolo Blahnik Leather Mary Jane Pumps Blac
The atmosphere of the meeting suddenly suppressed, close to the Qin Mu Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes Kong Jianguo Liu a great duo looked Qin Mu, then bowed his head a sigh breath. Hou Kyushu is completely standing criticism of the file instructions of the municipal height on the Qin Mu, they have nothing to say, my heart is a little strange, the role of Qin Mu is so smooth and slick, how upstream ignore the higher levels? JI Qiu cough a little, slowly said: "Qinzhen Chang, you have nothing to say?" This meeting has suddenly become the Qin Mu critical, the main leader to become Hou Kyushu. JI Qiu in the maintenance of Qin Mu! Each person's mind flashed this idea, in accordance with the temper of JI Qiu, definitely not to seek everyone's views, even in the bodies Manolo Blahnik replica shoes inside, just go over the field for the appointment and removal of a mayor. Quarter secretary but she Qin Mu for self-defense, there is the taste may be a problem. All of a sudden, the e
I See It Now
The desert, wasn't for me. Yet I found myself there, briefly. It was a step, I had to take. In-order to learn, from my own mistake. I didn't see the mask, the danger within. Instead I saw the good, but yet I still win. Because I seen something else, much greater than him. And that was myself, thanks to a friend. He has been in the shadows, this entire time. Always sweet, supportive, amazing and kind. Constantly telling me, that I am worth more. Than even I give myself, credit for. It has taken years, for his words to sink in. But now I see that I am, beautiful within. I see what he does, and has seen all along. I am no longer waiting, for things to go wrong. I laugh, live and love, each and every day. Knowing he supports me, in every way. I've never had, any of this before. Until I chose, to walk through the door. The door that leads, to so many wonderful things. Bringing a new meaning, and reality to my dreams. It really is possible, to hav
I Am A Man, And I Am Basically Stupid.
I am a man, and I am basically stupid. Yes, this is in fact a confession and a testimony. If this seems too hard to believe, it is only because it has not been done enough for you in your experience. If this seems easy to believe and to accept, it is only because you have done it yourself and you know it to be true. Stupid is: without knowledge and wisdom. Since man was formed from the dust of the earth, man has not had either knowledge or wisdom. Most of history has done well to hide this fact from our view. But history has been completely unable to remove it. The world has taught man most of what man uses as knowledge and wisdom to this day. And man has learned well to deny this fact with the very fiber of his being. Adam was such a stupid man that he could not be left alone for long without God’s watch and guidance. All the time that Adam spent alone with God in the Garden of Eden; never once was he approached by the serpent. Why? Because Adam was too stupid to see anything
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There are many professional moving companies or packers and movers in Noida. Such companies are providing comprehensive packing and moving solution to different relocation needs. They are helping greatly those people who are moving from this city somewhere else or shifting to new residence within the city from one place to another. Professional Noida moving companies have good resources. They are have modern equipments and especially designed goods carriers & moving trucks. They have dedicated team of professionally trained packers and laborers. They provide expert supervision during entire operation from packing at current location to unpacking at new location. They promise their clients for safe and punctual transportation of goods. They also provide comprehensive insurance coverage policy to their clients’ belongings. Professional Movers Packers Noida companies provide comprehensive door to door packing and moving solution. They provide very helpful services; such as packing
[two Nights In A Row...]
Two nights in a row I lost something from either a copy/paste issue, or a browser crash... probably the 8th time this weekI think I'd better start writing in a notepad offline again, and transferring it back here.Puts me in a different state of mind though...less casual.Uh... the pertinent information?I wanted to talk about cuts.Thousands of unseen injuries that you don't feel until the skin splits and you start to bleed.Because I hurt. I picked up a box today that weighed 2/5ths my weight. And the tension of unfinished projects, starting a new job, and estranged friends... and pending legal red tape is leaving me feeling a bit...tested?I'm definitely not myself lately.Because my self for the last two years has been sitting in the dark, full of rage and self-pity, and this self is picking up the pieces again, hell... this self already has all the pieces, a plan, self-drawn directions to put them back in a better form, and a barrel of super glue.... I'm speaking in metaphor.I hope some
Oblaliśmy Telefon – Co Zrobić?
Nie każdy z nas tak właściwie wie, co należy robić gdy zamoczymy telefon komórkowy albo gdy wpadnie on nam do wody w trakcie wakacji. Niemniej jeśli jesteśmy w tym temacie niedoświadczeni, zapraszamy do przeczytania dalszej części materiału, gdyż w sposób czytelny zostanie opisana cała procedura ratowania tak, żeby ustrzec się naprawy telefonów.W pierwszej kolejności, pod żadnym pozorem nie włączajmy sprzętu, gdyż już w takiej sytuacji spisujemy momentalnie go na straty. Bezzwłocznie usuńmy baterię, żeby nie dopuścić do przyspieszenia procesu jej uszkadzania, gdyż im bardziej zwlekamy z czasem, tym pokaźniejsze uszkodzenie sprzętu nastąpi. W następnej kolejności przechodzimy do zdemontowania sprzętu na części pierwsze, w czym pomoże nam prawdopodobnie podręcznik serwisowy naszego telefonu czy t
China Activist Says He Felt Pressure To Take U.s. Deal
China Activist Says He Felt Pressure to Take U.S. Deal   BEIJING — In a series of dramatically conflicting developments on Wednesday, the Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng left American custody under disputed circumstances, and what briefly looked like a deft diplomatic achievement for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton turned into a potential debacle.  cheap michael kors watches Mr. Chen, who was inside the American Embassy compound here for six days as the Chinese and American governments negotiated over his fate, left Wednesday afternoon in a deal that American officials hailed as a breakthrough because it would fulfill his wish to live safely in China. But even as Americans were releasing photographs of a celebratory send-off of Mr. Chen from the embassy, his friends questioned the reliability of any Chinese promises to allow him to live openly in China, and Mr. Chen later said his decision to give up American protection had not been fully voluntary.  michael kors
Ryan Newman Says Kurt Busch 'blew A Fuse Again'
DARLINGTON, S.C. - NASCAR is reviewing a postrace scuffle between the crews of Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch that left a Sprint Cup official splayed across the hood of Busch's Chevrolet.The official had interceded in the shoving match and was trying nike free run shoes$50to restrain Andy Reuger, the gas man for Newman's No. 39 Chevrolet of Stewart-Haas Racing. Video showed that Reuger lunged toward a Phoenix Racing crewmember, and the official fell backward.NASCAR vice president of competition Robin Pembertonsaid the sanctioning body was looking at film of the incident and had talked to Ryan Newman, Reuger andTony Gibson, Newman's crew chief."We're getting all the facts straight," Pemberton said. "Nobody said anything other than (the official) fell back on the hood. We didn't see anything aggressive toward one of our officials. ... There was a lot of people trying to occupy the same space."Asked if punishment was forthcoming, Pemberton said NASCAR likely wouldn't know for a few days. Pena
She follows broken footsteps, toward the rocky ledge. The flames have her surrounded, and she is at the edge. Invisible for all who pass, this girl who gave it all. I see her leaning forward, And then I see her fall. I feel the wind across her, Caressing her once more. I see the water clearly now, To cleanse her, evermore. The fire dances wildly as she soars into her place. Where she will meet the earth  and then feel it's embrace. The mask of who I want to be  is melting to my skin. I feel the searing pain of death This hell on Earth will win.
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Lovely curly hair of the girls a sense ofCute girl a sense of hair and hair accessories with the boys and girls will not refuseCare methodsAll hair with 32mm curling iron, volumeHairline free to separate instyler australia, not straight. To stir up the side of the front of the head hair, ears above the 2 beam, reversing, fixed hair accessoriesNatural random curls, and generous leisureCare methodsThe hair on each side divided into three zonesTwo closest to the face of a district outside the volume ghd iv styler, the region volume, after the outside volume3 bangs folder to make a slight curvature of miniature candy bar(4) run into the hair gel is completeShu Qi's hairShu Qi's hair fresh and a lot of ever-increasing temperatures in early summer is very suitable forCare methods1 all hair in the side of the fish bone braid braided hair braid(2) finishing out with the rubber band fixed, like hair ornaments in the folder onThis step is very important! Will send head of hair strands, make the
Chanel Watches J12 Women,chanel Watches J12 Replica
Chanel watches j12 is essentially a delicate substance. However, with help from the latest technologies, it is now possible to convert it into a highly durable and scratch-resistant material. Such use of ceramic has resulted in the creation of fashionable watches that spell class and elegance and are yet strong and durable.Thus, ceramic, if treated properly, can become the most suitable material to be used in watches. A large number of extremely strong and high-quality watches utilise ceramic in them. Although it is highly strong, ceramic is very convenient to use since it is thin and lightweight. It is considered to be the ideal material for watches because of these qualities.Besides, Chanel watches replica have been in use for more than a decade. The first ceramic watch was introduced by Chanel in 2000. A ceramic watch contained non-scratch high-tech ceramic materials. Since their launch, these ceramic watches underwent several modifications and are presently the favorite among most
For All Need Of You~
Hold me, grip me, let me fight,Pulling. kissing, taking flight,Days lay bleeding away,into the darkest night,Brave is this heart,need to caress this plight.Taking me, bending me, shaping me,Holding me, Desiring me, wanting me,In tears, in painful joy, the Slap!A joke a lovers toy,With my soul left alone,You so far from this place,
Grand Glitter With Flowers For Your Gurgaon Connections
It’s a gratitude that you are to showcase to your loved terms in Gurgaon, and do it in a colorful way. It’s a floral fancy that your celebrations will bank on, and with the collection in place, you are just a click away from getting them, alongside other gifts. Join now.
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However, the price tag on these extravagant footwear designs is what puts most of us off. ralph lauren pas cher You might fall in love with a certain Prada shoe but end up dejected at the knowledge of its actual cost. Showrooms for designer shoes also have other expenses that tag along with the original price of the shoe. Just like having in a example that pertains on what you wear is your personality. As you stand in front of your Boss, she looks every part of you. And what she sees can be almost as important as what you say. Sometimes our Superiors looks on what we wear, they see our style how we carry our office uniforms and through pleasant wearing our uniform, they evaluate us on what we are and who we are. Take the your best look out of office attire with some general fashion do and don't. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts have redefined excellent standards in the world of branded clothing. polo ralph lauren Men can easily have a lot of contemporary Polo Ralph Lauren shirts from
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"This story with Michael Vick is unprecedented. It is really by no means been performed just before and nike tn pas cher is taking a bit of a danger but there's also a superior reward if it operates out for them," said Marc Ganis, president of Sportscorp. throughout the world. The reason why sports clothing and shoes from this brand are very popular is mostly due to the fact that Nike is considered as one of the top brands. Second, these products are fashionable and trendy. Third, the shoes and apparel from Nike offer so much comfort which is lacking in the product line of some brands. Not far behind is the Men's Hyperdunk Basketball Shoe,Nike air max pas cher ideal if you're looking for a top-of-the-line lightweight and supportive basketball shoe similar to what the pros wear. The foam cushioning in the midsole is Nike's lightest foam ever, inspired by images of astronauts bouncing around on the moon. This high profile shoe has a boot like construction that features Flywire t
Under The Gun
The A's have it   This soul of yours is archaic Antiquated by wisdom that ripples in allegiance to other ancients So abstruse in art Defying acrid accolade of undercover admirers, afraid of you and your aesthetic army Audible aristocrat I am assassinated with the arrogant aroma of truth In this i aspire
Give Me The Keys (and I'll Drive You Crazy) - Huey Lewis And The News
I can see you've got your motor running Don't you think you're movin kinda slow If you feel the way I feel Let me get behind the wheel We don't need any destination baby Anywhere you wanna go Give me the keys, and I'll drive you crazy Give me the keys, I'll drive you out of your mind Honey we don't need no registration We don't need no license anymore Let me in the driver's side And we can take a ride We don't need to ask directions baby I know where you wanna go Give me the keys, and I'll drive you crazy Give me the keys, I'll drive you out of your mind Give me the keys, and I'll drive you crazy Give me the keys, I'll drive you out of your mind Maybe we'll just ride into the sunset Drive around til who knows where or when And when it gets a little dark We'll find a quiet place to park And when the sun comes up in the morning baby Do it all over again
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Helen Keller was less than two years old when she came down with a fever. It struck dramatically and left her unconscious. Nike Requin and Nike TN The fever went just as suddenly. But she was blinded and, very soon after, deaf. As she grew up, she managed to learn to do tiny errands, but she also realized that she was missing something. "Sometimes," she later wrote, "I stood between two persons who were conversing and touched their lips. Now with all the shox technology and high quality sneaker, the sole come with nike shox outlet. They're in afresh with the archetypal abundance along with the avant-garde blow of style.These cheap nike shox shoes will be able to provide them with the comfort and performance that they need while partaking in the intense activity of running. One sneaker that is able to provide women runners with what they need is the chaussure nike tn,nike tn pas cher Do you get news about nike shox shoes.If you're the fan of cheap nike shox sale,you
It Was So Easy - 275
I see so much, when I feel your touch.  I find somethings hard to say, must you run away?? I can't see your eyes, but I do feel my heart as it cries. We needed no other, when we found eachother. You had been hurt before, just needing someone to adore. You took my rain away, must  you really go away. You'll stay on my mind, it was so easy with your gentle kind.
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Having problems with over Masturbation? Hashmi Viagreen is the medicine for you. this is a mouth dissolving formula that will see you solve your problems causes over Masturbation. Without having to worry about the many side effects that come with other prescription medicines for Dhat, over Masturbation, Night-fall or night emissions. Another advantage to using this medicine is that it works immediately. This means that you are actually solving your problem in the quickest way possible.
Original Poetry Written By Me
Tonight I was transported to a very specialParadise and Heaven……..One I never thought I would ever seeIt came from a source I would haveNever suspected….It happened when I looked in the eyesOf a most beautiful stranger….As I danced and swayed across aDisco ball lite dance floorBeing in her arms brought meA special warmth and euphoria….Truly felt I entered into a new worldAnd direction of my lifeThis heaven and paradise I know Was fate entering my life…..Life changing forever into timeAnd spaceTwo Heart beats and souls mergedInto oneTwo special lovers destined to spendEternity side by sideFinally in my life truly loved, cherished and treasuredWritten on September 26th 2012By Robert E. DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
La Pantalla Del Iphone 5 No Contará Con Grandes Cambios
Apple ha evitado apuntarse a la moda de las grandes pantallas. Mientras firmas como Samsung presentan teléfonos móviles como el Samsung Galaxy Note, con un extenso panel de 5,3 pulgadas, algunos se plantean la posibilidad de que la compañía de Cupertino presente un teléfono móvil con una pantalla más extensa que la actual. De hecho, hace algunos días te hablábamos de un nuevo rumor que se centraba especialmente en la pantalla del nuevo iPhone 5, el teléfono que en teoría sería presentado por Apple a partir del próximo mes de junio. Estos confirmaban que la empresa podría estar trabajando en una gran pantalla de 4,6 pulgadas, algo que hasta la fecha habíamos declarado como imposible. De hecho, la compañía Apple nunca ha sido partidaria de las grandes pantallas. Así lo indicó Steve Jobs en múltiples ocasiones, de manera que el hecho de mantener las dimensiones vigentes tenía una razón bastante fundamentada.-claro iphone 5 Jobs explicaba que una pantalla de 3,5 pulgadas era
What Events Page Is All About
Welcome to the Orgy After Hours Events page! We will be posting all contest and events on this page. Whatever contest you would like to be apart of just leave a comment on that Promo Tag. Its easier that way to sign people up for the contest and keep track. We will also promote that contest in the status as well and it will be in the default album so people can comment on it easily. It will be open to the public for all to join in on th fun! After all, Fubar is a great social site and we host the hottest contest and events on a regular basis! Lets have some fun friends!!!   If anyone has any ideas for contest or events you can leave a comment here on this blog! We want contest that EVERYONE can join in on! The ladies have their special contest we run on a daily basis. Lets make more for ALL the fubar community to join in on and have loads of fun and the opportunity to win lots of bling!! Lets all have fun together and be respectful of one another!!   ****If anyone is interested in
Etats-unis: Un Tribunal Annule Une Mesure Sur La Vente Du Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Une cour d'appel a annulé une injonction préliminaire États-Unis sur la vente de smartphones Galaxy Nexus de Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, grossiste telephone portable , portant un coup à Apple Inc dans sa bataille contre Google Inc Apple a été une guerre sur plusieurs fronts contre Google, dont le logiciel Android pouvoirs plupart des appareils mobiles de géant coréen Samsung. Dans l'un des signes les plus visibles de cette bataille, essai afin de déterminer si les produits de Samsung violé les brevets d'Apple a expiré en Août avec une victoire écrasante pour le fabricant de l'iPhone. La cour d'appel du Circuit fédéral des États-Unis a statué que le tribunal de district de Californie "a fait un abus de son pouvoir discrétionnaire pour délivrer une injonction préliminaire." La cour d'appel a renvoyé l'affaire à une juridiction inférieure pour réexamen Californie. Le Nexus est un ancien produit de Samsung, qui a une large gamme de nouvelles tablettes et les smartphones sera
Xtreme Labs Leverages Industry Expert For Growth And Innovation In Mobile
Xtreme Labs Leverages Industry Expert for Growth and Innovation in Mobile TORONTO, Oct 10, 2012 : Xtreme Labs today announces that Chamath Palihapitiya, former VP of Growth, Mobile, and International for Facebook and Founder of The Social+Capital Partnership, has personally invested in the company to become a significant shareholder. Chamath Palihapitiya will join the Board and will serve as an advisor to the Executive team as the company moves through its next phase of growth in mobile application development. “Since our inception Xtreme Labs has been a leader in mobile innovation, and with this announcement, we are now better equipped to move forward with greater velocity to become one of the world’s largest, most successful mobile companies,” said Amar Varma, CEO of Xtreme Labs. Chamath Palihapitiya brings extensive experience and knowledge of both start-ups and the tech industry. In addition to his work in growth and mobile with Facebook, Mr. Palihap
I will wake up. I will walk down the street.I will get some money.I will be on a misson....
I Want To Put Beautiful Disaster On My Page By Kelly Clarkson
I think about someone all the time, even though it don't seem right. I am with a person who don't treat me right. It may be wrong but I dream of another. Someone I can't have. I don't understand why I had the dream but it makes me think of this person all the time. I adore this person, who is inspirational to me. I keep this to myself, because if this gets out I can lose alot. In my dream I woke up with them awake staring at me in my bed. Though it seemed so natural, like it was meant to be. When the person im with hollars at me I think of this person, wishing the person I was with was like him sweet hearted, brilliant, georgous. Well anyways about the title this song makes me think of him.
Las Ventas Del árbol De Navidad Aumentando A Pesar De La Débil Economía
Un árbol de Navidad es el centro de todas las celebraciones de Navidad. Y la Navidad es la vuelta de la esquina, así que la mayoría de la gente se ha comprado un árbol de Navidad por ahora, o está pensando en comprar uno. Esta temporada de fiestas hasta el momento, las ventas subieron un puesto tristes del año pasado, impulsadas por cifras de la recesión, la más baja desde 1930. En 2008, el precio de un árbol de Navidad cayó a poco más de $ 36, de $ 41 en 2007. Como en años anteriores, este año también, el aumento de las cifras de ventas en el mercado tradicional, real árboles de Navidad se espera en comparación con los árboles artificiales.-venta de luces de navidad Elige las granjas y corte y vendedores al por mayor, en contra de sus expectativas están viendo las ventas de árboles de Navidad aumentará este año, dicen muchos clientes estaban prefiriendo comprar los árboles más altos. Esta temporada, pre-cortadas de árboles precios comienzan desde $ 25, mientras que el pr
(二),小平压制 1,忠厚老实 也就是说,忠厚老实的邓小平死后,再也没得人能够压制得住它,万山老仙,也就是权力变声怪,也就是权力变身怪,也就是中国土皇帝,也就是政治老泼妇,也就是中国卡扎菲,也就是西瓜太狼,这个人渣,这个泼妇,这个流氓,这个杂种,这个畜生
Finlands National Team
(Sports Network) - A pair of Northeast Division foes will square off for the first time this season tonight, as the Buffalo Sabres take on the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place. Eric Decker Youth Jersey . Buffalo won five of the six matchups between the clubs a year ago and has won four straight and six of the previous seven encounters with the Senators. The Sabres have prevailed in four straight games as the visitors and havent lost in Ottawa since Dec. 16, 2009. Ottawa will resume a three-game homestand and has dropped two in a row since prevailing in six consecutive contests. In a 2-1 loss versus Montreal last night, Zack Smith scored the lone goal and Craig Anderson stopped 24 shots for the Senators, who will also host the New York Rangers on the residency. "We had the puck on the first goal and we didnt have real good support on the wall and it ends up in the net," Senators head coach Paul MacLean said. "On the second one, we go to execute in the d-zone, we had some miscommunica
The Worst Economic Numbers In More Than A Year
  Michael SnyderEconomic CollapseNov 16, 2012 With everything else that is going on in the world, a lot of people have failed to notice that we are seeing some of the worst economic numbers that we have seen in more than a year.  For example, it was announced on Thursday that initial claims for unemployment benefits have hit their highest level in a year and a half.  Hopefully this is just a temporary blip in the data, because initial unemployment claims tend to have a very strong correlation with the overall performance of the economy.  We also continue to see poverty statistics rise.  According to government statistics released earlier this month, the number of Americans living in poverty and the number of Americans on food stamps are both at all-time record highs.  Meanwhile, the Dow and the S&P 500 are both down more than 5 percent since the election and the U.S. government rolled up 22 billion dollars more debt in October 2012 than it did in October 2011.  The unfortunate truth
Happy Bidding
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Never Would Have Been
It would have never been  my sanity slippin' away  and asking myself do I have to deal with today ? alone in the dark with no light Its almost time to give up the fight pack away memories deep inside my mind I will no longer look I will no longer find pain you have became my unlikely friend  hope and care you'll never send
Let S Be Friends
Hey let s be friends and put a smile on your face because smiles are much better then frowns
Swans In Love
Swans In Love Warm compelling mysteries are in an electric cast Fascinating moment that is engaging in human portraits of love that lasts Everything she touches turns into apparatus that is a must Substance does continuous flowing into the next generation in our pure status   This unexplained but truly unexpected warm felt unstable bond is in the heart Prosperity is a dueling spike, that lasts and that will not fall apart Passion is so, handsome but that will reach your doorstep with nine steps into desire Six million times it will come to you, and then it will crack that ice block of distant fire   While the rest of the world is in enchanted times the noble knights will follow the adventures of Tristan The conquers have hung out with heroes of captured hearts of the Saxons Simple sensitive diplomacy do fall into diplomatic actions that will be packed in romance Determinations will endure the hunting down handsome one night stands in moderate time in stance   To the poi
Sony Quer Competir Com Galaxy S3 E Apple Iphone 5
Sony prepara topo-de-gama para competir com Galaxy S3 da Samsung e iPhone 5 da Apple. Detalhes sobre dispositivo da Sony, contudo, não foram divulgados. A Sony tem-se esforçado por se manter no mercado dos smartphones. Apesar de no segmento dos telemóveis de gamas mais baixas a fabricante japonesa já ter sido uma das mais destacáveis, com designs únicos e câmaras de qualidade, a empresa japonesa não conseguiu ainda penetrar a fundo no segmento dos smartphones, especialmente quando a concorrência conta com o Samsung Galaxy S3 ou o Apple iPhone 5-iphone 5 preço. E o que farã a Sony nesse sentido, de forma a não ficar ultrapassada? A julgar pelas recentes declarações de Dennis van Schie, responsável pela área de vendas da Sony Mobile, a solução passa por lançar e criar, num futuro próximo, um topo-de-gama que consiga competir com o iPhone da Apple e o Galaxy S III da Samsung. Tendo ainda em conta que a tendência parece ser a dos dispositivos com ecrãs grandes, não estranhar
I Want To Live My Life
I have been thienking it over.And I know just what to do.I have been thienking it over,And I know I just can not trust my self. I am the Tutonic Prince covered in armor and steel.Hiden away till my time will come.Then my lover exposes me.And I know just what I must do.Know that she has made a dam fool of me I will do what I have to do.I will do what I need to do.I want live my life.I am going to live my life. On the run again just like in the past.But am I the hunted Or am I the hunter.As I lower my pistol of fine German steel.I never thought I would be so down and out haveing what could be my last meal. But i know I can do this.It just took a few years.The time exacute my would be killers is near.As the morning comes I fiend the shadows to hied in once again. Till the people a that made what I am come for me again.For they fear what I know and what I can do to them.I an the seed of there destruction.And One day will striek out and rule them all I will do what I have to do/I w
Declaring His Intention To Remain
CLEVELAND -- Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy says hes preparing to play the rest of the regular season and playoffs without injured star Dwight Howard. Chad Greenway Elite Jersey . Howard will miss his fourth straight game with a back injury Sunday against the Cavaliers. He was diagnosed with a herniated disk last week. Howard will rest the injury for 10 days and then be re-evaluated. Van Gundy said before Sundays game that he would consider it a bonus if Howard or forward Hedo Turkoglu, who is sidelined with a facial fracture, return at some point this season. The playoffs begin April 28. "Were approaching it that the 13 (healthy) guys we have now are who were going to have the rest of the season and in the playoffs," Van Gundy said. Howard joined his teammates in Cleveland, but a team spokesman said he would remain at the Magics hotel during the game. He will accompany the team back to Orlando, where the Magic host Philadelphia on Friday. Orlando, which is sixth in the Eastern Con
Breaking The Standard
They say you can never be too rich or too skinny, but I dont think that is true at all times. Many women get too fanatical, alomst religious, with dieting fitness, and just wanting to look younger like the fakes on TV. But this is an american fashion industry fetish. Women, especially younger ones are being made to feel unattractive if they have hips or a phat butt. Its not like that everywhere though. There are places where plues sizes are the norm and gay people are'nt running around trying to get everyone anorexic to fit the styles they design. Sorry if you got offended by that. But I'm not politically correct either..It's all visual. That's what motivates men. But it doesnt mean that there is no room for variwty. I have dated slimmer women as well. And in fact, I would rather spend time with a slim woman who is kind and friendly over a knockout brickhouse who was mean and rude. But in the meantime, bbw eye candy looks like this...     I like seeing full figured ladies in Je
My Version Of Chess Pie
1/2 cup butter1-1/2 cup sugar1 tsp white vinegar3 eggs1-1/2 tsp vanilla pinch salt8 inch unbaked pie shell reg not deep1 tsp vanilla 4 eggscombine butter sugar an vinegar in sauce pan stir constantly over low heat until sugar is disolvedpour hot mixture over beaten eggs beating constintly an thoroughlyfold in vanilla an salt pour into shell bake at 350 for 30 minutes let cool serve with vanilla ice cream or cool whip or by itself
Indianas Tyler Hansbrough
CHESTER, Pa. J.J. Watt Authentic Jersey . -- Real Salt Lake picked up one point following a 0-0 draw against the Philadelphia Union on Friday night. RSL improved to 13-10-4 and moved just four points behind the San Jose Earthquakes for first place in the Western Conference. RSL entered the game with a 0-3-0 record in league games this month. It also had lost four consecutive road games dating to a 3-0 victory June 16 at Chivas USA. But RSL improved to 2-0-3 all-time against the Union. All three draws have been on the road. The Unions winless streak reached four and this was their second straight draw. Philadelphia hasnt won since a 2-1 victory July 29 over the New England Revolution. Philadelphia played without starting defender Sheanon Williams, who was sitting out due to yellow card accumulation. The Union fell to 7-12-4 and remained in eighth place in the Eastern Conference. Whitney Mercilus Jersey . Kvitova said she wasnt sure what she was suffering from, but that she had a sore th
Female Hormones In Beer
Yesterday, scientists in the United States revealed that beer contains small traces of female hormones. To prove their theory, they fed one hundred men twelve pints of beer and observed that 100% of them started talking nonsense and couldn't drive.
okay so i am woundering is it possiable to find the one person in life that make u happy? okay so am i shallow for knowing what i like in a woman. Being tall athletic and sexy...... hmmmmm....
Perform Overflowing Propertied 2 Cent Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Antonio Gates Are Living
     Look for and use search engines including Yahoo, Yahoo and also Msn nhljerseyscheapca assist you find what you are looking for. It will help with discovering the soccer products more rapidly and even more efficiently. A couple of. Take a look at Big Name Merchants. You can also seek out your current options online at places for example Amazon . com, Supermarkets and Dick's Showing off Very good and also other Big Superstores. You may also specifically uncover the best prices on soccer attire over the off season. Since this will allow a store keepers to decontaminate available online for stock and invite the crooks to reduce their prices and supply superior deal with quality outfits, football tops, shoes plus more! 3. Cause them to oneself.   2 gamers with the same quantity that are elected to the Seasoned Pan can now use precisely the same number with the game. This became not invariably the situation in the past.The 2008 Professional Dish provided a unique instance o
Original Poem Done By Eddie Jr. About He Late Dad Eddie Sr.
The life......which he was given, he lived The life......not easy, simple or to be replaced, he lived The life......he cherished with every step, he lived The life......with obstacles he tackled, he lived The the rough streets of St. Louis, he lived The jamming in the 60's with legends, he lived The life......with the tour of duty, he lived The life......of a hard-working Engineer, he lived The life......where his advice was golden, he lived The life......Loving unconditionally for 41 years, he lived The life......with lessons learned and solitude, he lived The life......being soooooo smoth, soooooo cool and soooooo true, he lived The life......where mistakes were made, then straighten, he lived The life......where he took no mess, he lived The life......of a pioneer with extraordinary excellence, he lived The life......i wish i could have just a little of, he lived He lived, He lived, He lived, He lived A wonderful glorious life he lived
Have Fallen Plan Look-alike Louboutin Sneakers
For excellent natural leather shoes or boots, regularly strengthened elements are utilized on the lining so that you can imagine that out of getting disfigured. The lining items really should be softer, ethereal plus Christian Louboutin Pumps. Large primary shoes are primarily developed about organically grown natural leather as well as pure cotton garment. Several consumers spend quite a lot attention in opposition to vamp materials and also disregard the liner, that is no good strategy.Soon after discern the material, the next difficulty you must take a look at could be the top of the line of making. Regardless of whether the particular sdkjsdkhdsn joints is certainly cool? Regardless of whether there is thread break? Is the inserting stable? If ever the email address details are many Sure, you possibly can relocate on the future.louis vuitton gents work totes a large number of footwear is not even considered for numerous women of all ages. When comparing your rates they'd be ready t
First Time Part 11
First time Marissa meet David was back in July, on a hot summer day. Just thinking back on this day, all most makes her sad . He is not the same man back then, but she is not the same women. In hot July, before David came into her life .Her daughter got Married, this hot summer of July. Didn't go over to well with Marissa family. And she got caught in the middle. She lost her daughter over all the fighting. They did not care for her husband. She wish she could of helped her little girl through this but it's to late. Then she ask her best friend over to stay with her.This is when David came into her life. First he was coming on to her best friend. Anne was a pretty women tall, with light hair and blue eyes nothing like Marissa. There was a big fight this day with Marissa family her daughter was moving out...what a sad day for her she could not stop crying. And now that Marissa thinks back on this day. David had played on this... from the start.. he was not a good man.       Part 11    
"When I saw you I was afraid to meet you. When I met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you."
I Agree With All My Heart And Life Time Of Study
Learn about the Bible There have been hundreds of books written on the subject of the evidences of the divine inspiration of the Bible, and these evidences are many and varied. Most people today, unfortunately, have not read any of these books. In fact, few have even read the Bible itself! Thus, many people tend to go along with the popular delusion that the Bible is full of mistakes and is no longer relevant to our modern world. Nevertheless the Bible writers claimed repeatedly that they were transmitting the very Word of God, infallible and authoritative in the highest degree. This is an amazing thing for any writer to say, and if the forty or so men who wrote the Scriptures were wrong in these claims, then they must have been lying, or insane, or both. But, on the other hand, if the greatest and most influential book of the ages, containing the most beautiful literature and the most perfect moral code ever devised, was written by deceiving fanatics, then what hope is there for ev
Pacers Responded With Six Straight
MIAMI -- Former All-Star third baseman Placido Polanco agreed to a $2. Randy Moss Elite Jersey .75 million, one-year contract Thursday with the Miami Marlins, plugging the final hole in the teams projected lineup following a payroll purge. The 37-year-old, who can earn an additional $250,000 in performance bonuses, battled injuries this year and hit .257 with two home runs and 19 RBIs in 90 games with the Philadelphia Phillies. The 15-year veteran is a career .299 hitter with 103 homers. Other projected starters include Logan Morrison at first base, Donovan Solano at second, Adeiny Hechavarria at shortstop, Jeff Brantly at catcher, Giancarlo Stanton in right field, Justin Ruggiano in centre field and Juan Pierre in left field. Hanley Ramirez played 90 games at third this year for Miami before being traded in July. That was part of the salary purge by the Marlins, who pared $146.5 million in future payroll when they swung a trade last month that sent former NL batting champion Jose Reye
Cheap Business Cards Made Of Plastic
A card is very useful to us especially if we want to advertise our companies and the factors it has to provide while presenting who we are as well. These factors I have described can be done by simply offering them cheap cards developed of upsetting which contain essential information about ourselves like our name and information. Plastic cards are more useful than the regular ones developed of information. The the objective why it is better than the old style information cards are because it is more cost-effective to make and more world useful. Distressing is a non-biodegradable product but we all know that the objective of these cards is for protecting. It does not go straight within a trash can but within a handling cabinet or a pouches. They are better for the environment from the production's perspective. Paper-made cards are developed from plants, plants or unwanted wooden created developed designed segments. Because they use wooden created developed designed, it results in mor
Been To Long!
Oh I can truly say its been way to long since I have been on this site, got caught up in the drama of all these so call friends I had surrounded myself with the last couple of months. All I can say is I am DONE with everyone's bullshit, I'm always trying to be the one person anyone can count on, but when I need someone where are they to be found? NO FUCKING WHERE! OVER IT!! Anywho I have offically declared this year to be a fresh start, and I am all for me now!!   Hope everyone had a great 1st month of the New Year and is staying to their resolutions!   I might be back to write somemore after my hot & super bubble bath ;)
Oasis Wonderwall
Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you By now you shoulda, somehow, realized what you gotta doI don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you nowBack beat, the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is outI'm sure you've heard it all before but you never really had a doubt I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you nowAnd all the roads we have to walk are windingAnd all the lights that lead us there are blinding There are many things that I would like to say to you But I don't know howBecause maybe You're gonna be the one that saves meAnd after all You're my wonderwallToday was gonna be the day but they'll never throw it back to youBy now you shoulda somehow realized what you're not to doI don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you nowAnd all the roads that lead you there were winding And all the lights that light the way are blinding There are many things that I would like to say to youBut I don't know howI sa
Gucci Handbags Cohen Possesses Several Houses With Trump - Cheap Pandora Charms
Cheap Pandora Charms Innovative collocation of the egypt headscarf may change your style involving apparel without delay. Clearly, they will certainly feel and look quite simply just as the genuine designer handbags and additionally designs some people seek to reproduce,Gucci Purses On Sale nevertheless they will probably be a lot more substantially less highly-priced.Armani possesses it again ideal.Air Jordan 3 They have got for no reason also been so sought-immediately upon by just women. Obtaining contacts available on the internet will must pay back enjoying water sports expenses everywhere in the additional for more information on the rate on the subject of goingCheap Pandora Charms to be the the len's For this reason,Air Jordan Shoes issue is the fact that wise to fully grasp more info on pick the lenses from the dermatologist's workspace for more information regarding void going to be the shipping costs.
Con Artist Returns? ... Cmon.
It's been about 2 years since this con artist was exposed here: I see he has returned since I have gotten pms about him. This is why we blog stuff and archive it. Any questions? Peace.
Wann Sollte Ich Kaufe Meine Brautkleid?
Wenn Sie engagiert sich als eines der ersten Dinge, die eine zukünftige Braut den Sinn kommt ist natürlich zu suchen und kaufen ihre perfekte Brautkleid. Ihr brautkleider ist ohne Zweifel eines der wichtigsten Elemente der Kleidung, die Sie jemals zu kaufen, wenn nicht das wichtigste wird, daher ist es zwingend notwendig, um etwas, das Sie sehen und fühlen erstaunliche macht, schön und ganz einfach auf dem Dach der Welt wählen . Egal, ob Sie bekommen, sind in drei Jahren verheiratet, Wochen oder Monaten sind wir zuversichtlich, dass unsere spektakuläre Sammlung von Designer-Rabatt Brautkleider einen Stil auf jede Braut angepasst hat. Alle unsere Kleider sind von der Stange zu einem Bruchteil des Verkaufspreises verkauft und ab einem unglaublichen 150 £. Zu diesem Preis können Sie es sich leisten, mehrere Kleid Veränderungen im Laufe des Tages zu haben, wenn Sie es wünschen! Im Gegensatz zu vielen Braut-Boutiquen, die eine Lieferung und Montage Vorlaufzeit von rund 8-9 Monaten haben,
A New Con To Watch
Well here is our newest Fu Scammer/User/Player/Liar/Fake...and the list goes on.... His FU name is King Hatchet ****NOW CHANGED TO  -You can't daze me-****and link is:  He is promising to run a bunch of famps soon to get into people's families, even asked for my help getting people in my family to add him, um no. Show me the famps, then I will help you out. He couldn't, so I didn't. He promised me 2 HH's for all my guidance and help on fu, showing him the ropes, helping him level with point boosts and altruizations, along with a God Mode. I took it with a grain of salt. Today was the day he was supposed to pay up. Not just me, his fu fiancee (now ex), and the one who made him pic tags and a skin. Suddenly his mother dies according to his status, yet he was online rating after writing that status. SMH.  More info on William, check out his myspace profile for his Juggalo Street Crew (, with his full
Dangers Of Curves
WARREN, Ohio (AP) — Investigators were focused on speed as a key factor in the crash of a sport utility vehicle carrying eight teenagers that smashed into a guardrail and flipped over into a swampy pond, killing five boys and the young woman driving. While citing an unspecified "high rate" of speed, investigators wouldn't speculate on whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash about 7 a.m. Sunday on a two-lane road snugged between guardrails just south of this industrial Ohio community. No one in the vehicle had permission to take it, but there were no theft reports, State Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Holt said. The vehicle was licensed to a resident of Youngstown, about 20 miles away. "I can't believe you're gone," Mariah Bryant, 12, wrote in a message taped to a stuffed bear at the scene in memory of her half-brother, Daylan Ray, 15, who was killed. "I love and miss you so much," said the message, which drew a steady stream of onlookers. The bear was part
7 Things You Must Know About Smartphones
Smartphones sind riesigObwohl sie auch sein mögen kleine zu sehen und passen genau in die Handfläche, ist die Popularität von Smartphones wie ein Lauffeuer verbreitet. Im letzten Quartal des Jahres 2010 wurden mehr als 100 Millionen Smartphones verkauft. Zum ersten Mal war diese Zahl auf mehr als der Betrag, der PCs im gleichen Quartal verkauft. Experten schätzen, dass bis zum Ende des Jahres 2011 mehr als die Hälfte der Bevölkerung der Vereinigten Staaten wird ein Smartphone besitzen. -dual sim handy Internet ist der SchlüsselWährend Smartphones kann riesig sein, ist das Internet größer, und ein Smartphone ohne Internet ist wie ein Hamburger ohne Brötchen. Derzeit ein Viertel der Smartphone-Nutzer nur selten auf das Internet zugreifen anderswo außer ihrem Smartphone. Experten prognostizieren, dass im Jahr 2013, Smartphones wird das primäre Gerät, dass die Menschen auf das Internet zugreifen werden, nachdem endlich PCs und Laptops überholt. Wenn Ihr Smartphone noch keinen Zugriff auf
Wholesale Shoes To Enjoy The Best Asian Fashions
Most wholesalers dealing with cheap wholesale shoes would look at customers known to them for deals and transactions. If you are an individual walking up to these wholesalers for a deal, you might as well forget it. This is because they would want to entertain those who would buy shoes in bulk and not one or two pairs.   Are you curious about designer shoes or mass made shoes? If you don't have a lot of opening funds, then higher-end leather and designer shoes for instance, Italian shoes aren't your niche. The greatest thing about cheap wholesale shoes is of course the cost.  You can buy all kinds of amazing fashions at a price that won't make you think twice.  This is important because it means that not only can you get cheap shoes for yourself, you can really make your business successful with the inexpensive shoes and wholesale handbags.    Wholesalers are more interested in huge orders being placed. And if you want cheap shoes on wholesale price, it's best you place a huge orde
As Though....
DANCEAs though noone is watching~LOVEAs though you have never been hurt~SINGAs though noone can hear you~LIVEAs though heaven is on earth~..
Angel Or Demon
  (info as of 2010)
4/8 To 4/12/13
                                         MONDAY'S JOKES                                            Too Lazy  A site foreman had ten very lazy men working for him, so one day he decided to trick them into doing some work for a change. "I've got a really easy job today for the laziest one among you," he announced. "Will the laziest man please put his hand up?" Nine hands went up. "Why didn't you put your hand up?" he asked the tenth man. "Too much trouble," came the reply.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          Final Day   It was George the Mailman's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same neighborhood. When he arrived at the first house on his route he was greeted by the whole family there, who roundly and soundly congratulated him and sent him on his way with a tidy gift envelope. At the second house they presented him with
Where I Have Been
  This is where I have been.
I guess you could call me a lock smithI like to try and open things that are secreted awayI never take anything unless it’s offeredMy specialties are the locks attached to masksEvery soul has a mask that is presented to the world These locks are most interesting to me, The treasure, special and unique in each personSome locks are easy and fall away with a tapSome are difficult and take a long time to openOnce dropped, what is beneath can be lovely and frighteningSome masks are equipped with a trap mechanism If you are too quick to remove the mask you spring the trapThis can affect you or the prize underneath Caution is the key to removing all masksI work without camouflage, somehow it coaxes the lockI have discovered this to be a double edged bladeFor as it makes mask removal easier it is a beacon to trapsThose with traps are drawn to my naked heartA clever trap was the mask behind the maskThis went on many layers until I held a frightened soulThe most difficult was a very recent
Up Early
Up Early Today I am really up early today , i heard the birds start singing , the felt light of the sun come through my window , and the bitter cold of the morning transand my space. It was so peaceful and till i heard the others wake. Some people are so loud they just have no idea how loud they are. Yelling from room to room , the neightbours must hate us lol .. I bet thier thinking gosg darn i wish they wouldn't be so lound we are trying to sleep up here. or maybe that's putting it too politely thier thinking shut Bleep up already .. Yeah that's probably much more likely .. Or in spanish Otra cosa, es muy fuerte. No es, "la maldita boca" sino, "la puta boca" u algo por el estilo.Cause our poor neighbours are spanish. So they probably think in spanish too at least part of the time .   Well anyway i'm up early today , i'm doing some volunteering with a group of mine , and were going  to make a difference today .I'ts really good to give back not because your told to , but because you
Wichtige Funktionen Des Handys
Der BlackBerry ist ein hoch betriebene Smartphone mit der F?higkeit zur Verarbeitung und Speicherung von Daten schneller als die normale Handy-Gadgets. Die meisten dieser Telefone sind für verschiedene Zwecke verwendet werden, aber der Schlüssel ist Zweck der Kommunikation und Datenverarbeitung und-übertragung. Diese Art von Handy sorgt für eine hohe Qualit?t der Datenverarbeitung und erm?glicht es einem Teilnehmer, um es zu verschiedenen Zwecken zu gew?hnen. Zum Beispiel verwenden die meisten Organisationen Handys in der Lage sein, um mit der Au?enwelt (z. B. Kunden, Interessengruppen und Investoren) kommunizieren und auch ihnen erm?glichen, Informationen intern und extern sehr leicht zu teilen. Diese Ger?te in mobile Ger?te wie auch die Genauigkeit in der Informations-Lieferung und sind immer sehr schnell. -android 4.2 Diese Smartphones haben auch PDAs und Computern als eine Art der Kommunikation ersetzt, weil diese Ger?te sehr Ger?te wie Bluetooth, eine  Tastatur und eine Freisprec
Nobody Special
I do not deserve friends after what I did. I do not deserve respect after what I said. I do not deserve love for being so stupid. I am not good looking to anyone. I am looked at as a pest. I am not wanted anywhere I go. I have brought this all on myself because I am the one to blame for my own mistakes. I have tried to say I am sorry for making my mistakes. I am not even listened to at all now. I have lost a close friend because I was a jerk. I do not know what to do anymore. I am just nobody special.
In Her Eyes
Deep inside her eyes,My whole world could be.Can my words open them,So she will look apon me.In time trust will be given,And hearts can fly across a sea.Inside her them she'll hold mine,And hers deeply locked inside of me.So for now beauty I give you my hand,Together hand in hand,we will grow.And maybe it will become the greatest love,That you or I will ever know.
cheap jerseys"Age is not important, important is whether he has the strength to play the main evolutions 3511, Conti admitted that is tailor-made for Bo Geba, why not? Juventus (microblogging data) the coach stressed: "Now let Bo Geba appearance is a crime." French genius become the main performance in "slow motion" after the game scores, AC Milan (official microblogging data) Lazio and three games in Turin, Bo Geba are players score the highest Juventus (the official microblogging data). It is worth mentioning, this season, has scored five goals Bo Geba even wanted to go beyond the 20-year-old Del Piero scoring record. cheap soccer jerseysItalian media was discussing whether to let go for a transfer fee of 50 million euros Vidal, the reason is that the rapid rise of the Bo Geba. France midfielder superior body, the body of born with a good midfielder, but the "Gazzetta dello Sport" stressed that "Bo Geba body and running reminiscent Vieira (microblogging), but his techno
Update On Me!!
Today has been an excellent day. I almost couldn't be happier. Why you ask? Well....   1. I got my therapy appointment moved up. I start the day after tomorrow. 2. I went to the cardiologist, only to ask a question. He rechecked my levels and said I was fine. I don't go back to him for 2 months!! 3. I can go back to one of my jobs Friday. On light work. 4. I only owe $50 more bucks on my oldest son's braces.   I did ask if it was too soon to move everything up and skip appointments.....the doctor said, "No. That means you're healing just fine and at a faster rate."   I'm so proud!!!   Love you all!!!!
Get Up!
Empath Of Image   And there You stoodA BeaconA MirrorAn Effigyofwicked brokenstars youhave one handedlypluckedfrom an amber MooneskyThe reeling andscreamingnurturesthesutureswithinthat musclethey try tocall aheartThe hours meltedlike the heatof a young loverspromisethat dripped faithinto veins under fleshthat murderandmaddenthe puristof mindsArms raisedin defenseof yourembracesmoke curling century oldtendrils of flamesin your wakeI can still the visionthe Hell You becameas You let go
Author Unknown
Girl/Boy Girl: Do I ever cross your mind? Boy: No Girl: Do you like me? Boy: Not really Girl: Do you want me? Boy: No Girl: Would you cry if I left? Boy: No Girl: Would you live for me? Boy: No Girl: Would you do anything for me? Boy: No Girl: Choose--me or ur life Boy: my life The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says... The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind. The reason why I don't like you is because I love you. The reason I don't want you is because I need you. The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left. The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you. The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you. The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.
Yesterday Is Gone
Yesterday Was Here But Now It's Gone To Bad It Had To Take a Love One Along YesterDay Was Here But Now It's Gone And So Is Daddy After All These Years Of Being Strong Yesterday Was Here But Now Is Gone We'll Miss You Daddy So Long Yesterday Was Here But Now Is Gone To Bad It Had To Take A Love One Along Yesterday Was Here but Now Is Gone It's Now Time To Move On Never Forgetting Him As The Years Go On Yesterday Was Here But Now It's Gone It's Now Time To Move On Never Forgetting Him As The Years Go On Yesterday Was Here But Now It's Gone we suffering but not for long yesterday was here but now it's gone we'll miss ya Lovely face and there will be noone that'll take ya place yesterday was here but now is gone Iam Not Sure How We'll Get On With Out You To Carry Us On Yesterday Was Here But Now It's Gone By Blossom _Rose
When The Hell Did This Happen?
I came home and noticed I had blog alerts on here. I thought I hit my head hard or something. Or Tom from Myspace held the LC people hostage and demanded blogs. either way cool stuff and you people are gonna be reading alot of my ramblings so be warned ;)
Factions Or Families?
Ok on websigtes like this all the rage is being a part of a group calling itself a fmaily. My question is this have you personally met many in your 'family'? Have you chatted off the site with them in any manner? If the answer is NO then how are you actually a family and not just a netowrk faction of folks wanting desperately to BELONG? The group I am in the Posse is comprised of people who have known each other in some cases for 20+ years. To my thinking that is truly a family
Brain Surgery!!
In the hospital the relatives gathered in the waiting room, where their family member lay gravely ill. Finally, the doctor came in looking tired and somber. "I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news," he said as he surveyed the worried faces. "The only hope left for your loved one at this time is a brain transplant. It's an experimental procedure, very risky but it is the only hope. Insurance will cover the procedure, but you will have to pay for the brain yourselves.." The family members sat silent as they absorbed the news. After a great length of time, someone asked, "Well, how much does a brain cost?" The doctor quickly responded, "$5,000 for a male brain, and $200 for a female brain." The moment turned awkward. Men in the room tried not to smile, avoiding eye contact with the women, but some actually smirked. A man unable to control his curiosity, blurted out the question everyone wanted to ask, "Why is the male brain so much mo
Body Meeting
BODY MEETING All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was the one in charge. "I should be in charge," said the brain, "because I run all the body's systems, so without me nothing would happen". "I should be in charge," said the blood, "because I circulate oxygen all over so without me you'd all waste away." "I should be in charge," said the stomach," because I process food and give all of you energy." "I should be in charge," said the legs, "because I carry the body wherever it needs to go." "I should be in charge," said the eyes, "because I allow the body to see where it goes." "I should be in charge," said the rectum, "Because I'm responsible for waste removal." All the other body parts laughed at the rectum and insulted him, so in a huff, he shut down tight. Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the stomach was bloated, the legs got wobbly, the eyes got watery, and the blood was toxic. They all decided that the rectum should be the bo
Nuts On A Fence!!
> On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big, old pecan tree just > inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled up a bucketful of nuts > and sat down by the tree, out of sight, and began dividing the nuts. > > "One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me," said one boy. > > Several dropped and rolled down toward the fence. > > Another boy came riding along the road on his bicycle. As he passed, he > thought he heard voices from inside the cemetery. He slowed down to > investigate. Sure enough, he heard, "One for you, one for me. One for you, > one for me." He just knew what it was. > > "Oh my," he shuddered, "it's Satan and the Lord dividing the souls at the > cemetery." He jumped back on his bike and rode off. > > Just around the bend he met an old man with a cane, hobbling along. "Come > here quick," said the boy. "You won't believe what I heard! Satan and the > Lord are down at the cemetery dividing up the souls." > > The man said, "Beat
This Is For Emma
This Is A Blog.
This is a blog. A blog is what this is. If this wasn't a blog I wouldn't say this was a blog so I'll just say...This is a blog. A blog is what this is... That's all I have to say right now.
Who I Am!!!!!!!
I am a very Sweet Person to know! I'm not evil,not mean to anyone,I can get along with anybody,I am not a pervert, just a good guy who is friendly!I'm not trying to get with anyone,if somebody mention getting together,I promise you it will be you first!So we could be good friend,I'm safe for you!!!!!
Link To My Website
bonez_tuttle@ LostCherry
Help These Guys...
The Marine Corp. Ball, my dear friends in the Marines need everyone's help to help them pay for the tickets to their Marine Corp ball which is $50/pc. To help please email: or buy from an item and let me know so that money goes directly to them! Thanks!
This Is Fucked Up
ok first off, for those of you who don't know me, i am a caring person, especially for my friends, and well for those of you who do (you know who you are) that is kind of fucked up that you trashed me as your friend, just b/c you can't keep your feelings to yourself. well anyways to all my newcoming friends, hope you like me for who i am not who you want me to be so yeah.... PEACE < LOVE > HARMONY much love Lost Witch
The Cherry Bed
You are on a four poster cherry bed looking very small, tied with silk ties to your wrists and ankles holding your limps taught. Blind folded, yet very calm, an air of anticipation about you, you are naked and feel so vulnerable. I come into the room making only the slightest noise and sit on the bed beside you. I take out a soft feather duster and lightly play it over your body, starting at your neck and soft shoulders. I then I play it downward across your breasts, lightly brushing and stimulating your nipples back and forth and around until I see your hips begin to ever so slightly rotate. Then I continue to lightly play it to your tummy and really clean your navel with it. Then I stop and start at it again at your feet, just lightly playing it over them. After I see a visible affect on you I play it up the inside of your legs, slowly oh so slowly, nearer and nearer to a beginning to quiver mound. The feathers hit your now moistening cunny and you have never felt a feeling lik
Seduction Style?
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Signs Of Heathenry
Apple: Apples are seen on altars to the Mothers, a cult of goddesses that existed amongst the Germans and Celts in the early Migration Era. Some scholars see a link between them and the Idesa (Disir). In Eddic myhology it is Idunna that holds the apples that keep the gods young. Boar: Linked to Frea (Frey) and Freo (Freya), the boar is associated with protection from harm in the Elder Lore. To be "under the sign of the boar" was to enjoy the safety and protection of Frea (Frey) and Freo (Freya). Footprint: Found on bronze age rock carvings, the footprint in modern Asatru is associated most often with Njord. The Hammer: Symbol of Thunor and of hallowing, the hammer has come to represent the whole of the Asatru religion. The role it played in the ancient religion is clear enough, an instrument of hallowing or "making sacred." Helm of Awe (Ægishjálmarr ON): Said to strike awe or terror in one's enemies, this symbol has appeared in Northern Europe for th
Revise - Hear Ye ! Hear Ye !
Be it known on this day 9-18-06 Sir Forrest will be taking pictures to be place in his Fair Maidens Album. Blueyed Redneck Angel will approve all photos and the final approval will be done by M'Lady Tina. Fare Maidens , please keep the photos clean. M'Lady Tina Tina@ LostCherry Princess & Judge Blueyed Redneck Angel@ LostCherry Thank you, Sir Forrest
Bitter Tearz
In My Dreams I See Your Face It Takes Me To Another Place Where Everything I ever Felt Was Real. The Times We Shared Now Mean So Much Remembering Your Gentle Touch Will You Please Come Home And Take Away My Fears. As I Awake The Dream is Gone The Nights so Cold Now Seem So Long As I Scream Your Name To Take Away The Pain. How Will I know If You Still Care When I Need You Most Will You Be There To Help Me Wipe Away My Bitter Tearz. Copyright ©2006
The Love Of My Life
The Love Of My Life To my dear sweet husband, this I must say, I'm falling in love with you more each day. I'm waking up happy, just to know you are there, So much love you offer me, along with so much care. We go to work each morning, parting in our own way, With a kiss and a hug, as we begin our new day. A telephone call, when we can find the time, Just to tell each other 'I love you', and 'I'm glad you are mine'. In the evening at dinner, we relax and we talk, Sometimes after we are done, we go for a walk. We talk about our day and express how we feel, The love we will share forever, is a feeling that seems so unreal. Please tell me where you have been hiding, in my past life- You were someone else's husband, I was someone else's wife. Then fate brought us together, a love that was meant to be, Please honor the love I offer you, its a love that's for eternity

FRIEND TO FRIEND As friends oft do for each other, I'm lifting you up in my prayers ... That God be with you through trials; Knowing how much He really cares. As friends oft do for each other, I'll give you a listening ear ... To help you work through your problems So the answer you can quickly hear. As friends oft do for each other, Yes, I'll be there for you today ... Being God's tool to fill your needs So you can help others to find
My Job Sucks Right Now
I am really starting to hate work now. We have two inspections back to back and it pisses me off that we found out at the beginning of this month. Now I have to completely sanitize my room on top of changing over 1300 cages. Plus there is alot of drama going on and it is driving a wedge between all of us to the point were we don't want to come to work.
My Heaven
My Heaven By: Amanda J. Hollis I look in your eyes and see all that I feel. I see the passion, the love, the warmth I see what we have and I know that it’s real. I think of your touch, your kiss, and it takes my breath away... The words you say linger in my mind and I get chills... I dream of holding you close, whispering I love you, knowing that I’ll always feel this way... Feeling deep in my heart, the love we share is meant to be... Smiling everytime I think of your eyes, your voice... Knowing that how I feel about you, is how you feel about me... Heaven has smiled down on me, by blessing me with your love... You've become my comfort, my peace, the one I want to share my dreams with... Am I dreaming, it seems too good to be true, but I know that you are real, you are my gift from above... As long as you'll let me, I'll make your dreams come true... My love is never ending, I will bring you the moon, everything you desire... All this earth has to offer mean
Stereotypes Come From Somewhere
So I was looking at the news last night on about 5 different sites. I was trying to wrap my head around this whole to do about what the Pope said about Muslims and what the big deal was. Turns out he read an old document that basically said the Muslim faith was tied to violent activities. Well the world flipped out! And the guy, Pope rather, cant say sorry because he is supposed to be perfect. (Im guessing he can walk on water too) Well here is the funny part and it really made me laugh. The rest of the news casts, all of them, they talked about the Muslims blowing shit up, firebombing churches, declaring holy war and shooting at people. I guess the Pope was way off in that statement after all huh? Definitely not violent. Im sure they threw firebombs at that church out of love. lmao
Quotes Of Mine(originals By Ian)
"Be true to thine self. But do not shut others out. For the curse of loneliness preys harshest upon those who ignore it." "Let not the ice surround your heart lest ye be lost beneath it. Trapped within the hell of your own making. Surrounded only by your lost dreams and wintered loves." "Judge not others in their times of weakness. For even a weakness may be a strength and in judging others you condemn yourself to be judged." "Within us all there slumbers great power and overwhelming fear. Let not the fear within you control your life. For if allowed it will consume you.Bringing doubt, hopelessness, hatred, and destruction. Let love carry you on gossamer wings and the truth set you free to soar.Embrace those you love and let them into your heart. For friends and true love can be salvation in troubled times and the darkness of the world." "Not all who wander are lost. Some few are there to guide. Most follow but very few follow their hearts. Whenever possible follow your heart.
Addendum To Post From Last Night
Not that I got any sleep or anything (I exaggerate.) I'll be better soon. And right now I listen to a quartet by a favorite composer in a live broadcast, not something I get to hear so very often this piece except in recordings - I have one, which I heard back in college in its LP original and now have in its CD "remaster". Anyways. Checked Mutopia. They do not have a Mozart work I've already begun - his "Hoffmeister" quartet - dedicated to, written for, a publisher friend of his, his string quartet in D major "Koechel number" 499 written in mid-1786. (Net connection decides to go down... whee... now it's back up.) I suppose since I've already begun that one, I'll just have to help them there... (Lovely piece by the way. The article I began about it, changed and renamed since then though with the LilyPond file I added, is here.
Haiy Bodys
Ladys do you like your man to have a really hairy body,maybe just a little,or none at all?
Down The Rabbit Hole...
So which one is it? The blue pill or the red pill? Life goes on around me but my watch has stopped long ago, as the scenary freezes in time. I'm not lost but I don't know where I am. I follow one trail, only to find those who will not give me the answers to my questions. I trust in one to find another, and alas, there too I failed. Why do those we follow only lead us where we started? The real path lies within. Even the questions we ask have already been answered, just can't decipher the meaning. Puzzles and riddles play games in my mind where no one wins; the ever changing pieces move accross the chess board and out of sight. Crazy? Ha. That would seem a lighter side of darkness. Black and hollow is the path to follow, it's how well we come out at the end that matters.
You Know You Grew Up In The 80's Or Early 90's If
I know this is long but, if this is you, you will understand….. You Know You Grew Up In The 80's or Early 90's If: 1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word SIKE. 2. You watched the Pound Puppies. 3. You can sing the rap to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and can do the Carlton 4. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy. 5. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start a club of your own. 6. You owned those lil' Strawberry Shortcake pals scented dolls. 7. You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey on Blossom 8. Two words: Hammer Pants 9. If you ever watched "Fraggle Rock" 10. You had plastic streamers on your handle bars... and spokey-dokes or playing cards on your spokes for that incredible sound effect 11. You can sing the entire theme song to "Duck Tales" (Woo ooh!) 12. It was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. 13. You wore a ponytail on the side of your he

Yippee Hurray with this last storm, it left 10" of snow. At 8,000 ft of course but still, if it starts this early then for damn surely it is going to be one helll of a winter in utah :) This makes me very exited. I cant wait to get out my snowshoes and board :) And they are putting in a new High speed quad at my favorite Mountain. :) ok thats it for now but I'll post some pics later on in the season. You can check out last years hiking in my mtn pics folder? :)
ok just some stuff, cuz I get asked alot of, I am divorced, 6 '2 and 250, short dark blonde hair, and midnight blue eyes, I have 13 tatooes, it's my lucky number, I am a lead guitar player and have worked with almost every kind of band there is, I love all kinds of music, I love to laugh, joke, flirt, and just have a good time, lil things amuse me, treat me right and you'll get the same, do me wrong, and expect it back 3 times over, I dont take anything less from anyone! I love people, I miss cleveland, but kentucky was nice to. there is alot about me that very few know, because it takes a long time to break down certain walls,I am a damn fine cook, and give an awsome massage, I also spend alot of time at our camp at the lake, you can believe what you want but I believe in destiny and fate, that everything happens for a reason, I also believe that we all have a lil magic in us, and that we all have our time to shine
Rice Pudding With Cranberries And Raisins
5 cups milk 1 cup uncooked long-grain rice 1/4 cup dried black currants 1/4 cup raisins 1/2 cup dried cranberries 2 large eggs 1/4 teaspoon salt 6 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract One 12-ounce can evaporated milk 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon In a 4-quart pot, heat the fresh milk over medium heat just until bubbles form around the edge. Once you add the rice, you must watch the pot very carefully to be sure the mixture does not burn or boil over. We cooked ours over medium heat, but if your pot is not as thick-bottomed as ours, or if your stove puts out more BTUs than ours does, you may need to reduce the heat to medium-low or even low. Stir in the rice, cover the pot, and cook, stirring gently every 5 minutes to keep the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot, until the rice is tender and sticky, about 25 to 30 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the currants, raisins, and cranberries. Set aside. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. In a mediu
My 23 Year Old Daughter Is Pergo
she is pergo and the due date is may 12 2007 which by the way is my birthday looks like it will be a good year coming up.
My Song For 2005!
Your 2005 Song Is Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day "My shadow's the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating" In 2005, you bummed everyone out. Like you care. What Hit Song of 2005 Are You?
This Is My Confession
"It seems to me some fine things have been laid upon my table....But I only want the ones that I cant get"...That is my favorite line in the song "Desperado" (first person P.O.V.) And it explains a lot about me..I knwo that I am knew to Lost Cherry...Basically...My life..whatever I want i do not get..I always get the opposite..and why is that...It seems to me that people around me always get what they want..I only want one thing in my life right now and whenever I try to get that it turns black and rots away like a rose in the cold winter air..I usually walk around with a cloud of rain over my head..cause nothing ever goes right..and well to me...That sucks..and it is good...For example..I stay single all the time..well..i have been told that i am a great person with a great personality (cloud of rain) but on the other hand..i sometimes like being single to the extent of freedom in my life.. so i think that i woudl rather have the cloud over my head..because it only stays for a small f
Just A Laugh
One bright morning... in the middle of the night, two dead boys came out to fight. they stood back to back and faced each other drew their swords and shot eachother. the deaf policeman heard the noise and came to kill those two dead boys. If u dont believe my story its true ask the blind man he saw it too!
There was this guy who was sick so he went to the doctor. The doc ran some tests and sent him home with some medicine. The next day the doctor called and the wife answered. "I'm going to have to run a few more tests", the doctor said "I'm going to need a semen, urine and a fecal sample." After she hung up the husband asked, "What did the doctor say?" "Oh the doctor is going to need a pair of your underwear".
It's, It Is
It's, It Is It's.... ....beautiful if it makes you feel good inside. ....honest if it has nothing to hide. ....worthless if you don't need it anymore. ....better if it's more than you expected before. ....true if it's what you choose to believe. ....important if that's how you feel when you bleed. ....special if only you see it that way. ....sacred if no one else can take it away. ....painful if you cannot get out of bed. ....lifeless if all emotion is dead. ....boring if you are prone to distraction. ....exciting if your heart is alive with affection. if you least expect it to happen. ....real if it's not based on manipulation and reaction. ....over if they try to control who you are. ....freedom if you can heal from the scars. ....sad if you feel too numb to cry. ....pointless if you have to ask why. ....meaningless if it must be explained. ....useless if words are spoken in vain. ....passion if it overwhelms the soul. ....obse
The Clover Tattoo
So, most people ask me about my tattoo, and why the clover is pink. Here it goes... I use to kinda live in an apartment with a girl named Daphne. Taylor also kinda lived there and Alan hung out there a bit and a few others. We had a awesome party and after a night of drinking and such, Taylor, Daphne, Alan, and I were sitting on the floor and I realized I had a extra 100 bucks... So I wanted to get my first tattoo.. Now, Taylor had been talking about how he wanted to get a clover, which led to me wanted to get a tattoo, but I didn't know what to get... see where this is going... Daphne wanted a tattoo, Tay wanted to clover and it was his idea, and Alan wanted to get inked too (even though he really wasn't supposed to before going into the coast gaurd)... But a 100 bucks don't buy 4 tattoos... So, we went door to door collecting cans, and after a lot of doors, cans and collecting we had another 120ish dollors, 20 for gas and 100 for the other two, We ended
Okay LostCherry is cool and everything. I come on here daily and check messages and what not, but you guys need fucking FORUMS! If you get some, I'll be whoring it up here more often. As of now, I feel it's kind of boring... There's nothing really to do on here except look at people's profiles and buy them stuff if you decide to. Please make some forums... NOW.
Too Funny
The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71 .Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin.The grave site was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times, he still, as a crusty old man, was considered a roll model for millions. Doughboy is survived by his wife, Play Dough; two children John Dough and Jane Dough; plus they had one in the oven. He is also survived by his elderly father Pop Tart. The funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes.
Just A Quote To Live By
life is like a good novel, full of twists and turns, never knowing what the next chapter holds. but you control what is written
My Grandpa Is Dying
its scary how fast it can happen....just this last wednesday he was up and watching walker, texas ranger and joking around with my mom and i....then a few hours of sleep on everybodys part and it all starts going down hill, he isnt speaking at all now, he cant even enjoy a cig. or a shot of brandy. his eyes remain shut but his chest continues to move up and down. he is no longer there but his body hasnt let go yet. and its hard because all i have is family right now, and what few friends i have....i need a shoulder to cry on or just someone who can help me get away from it...make me .laugh about stupid shit to get my mind off of losing my grandpa. last year it was my grandma this year its my grandpa. :( just needed to vent.
Meeting People
Hi all I'm new to this site is there any women From California
Eh Not Sure Felt A Rant
Alright i am just kind of saying my day went well...i am tired and bored but don't want to go to bed yet. i am semi-hyper and playful, and just kind of if you guys want to chat feel free to give me a post. also i will be trying to get some more pics up for you guys later of just random stuff and some of me so yay^_^.
The Missing Condoms
A young couple with a box of condoms proceeded to burn some rubber. When they were finished, she discovered that there were only six condoms remaining in the box of 12, so she asked him, "What happened to the other five condoms?" His nervous reply was, "Er, I masturbated with them." Later, she then approached her male confidant friend, told him the story, and then asked him, "Have you ever done that?" "Yeah, once or twice," he told her. "You mean you’ve actually masturbated with a condom before?" she asked. "Oh," he said, "I thought you were asking if I’d ever lied to my girlfriend."
What Art Am I?
You Are Expressionism Moody, emotional, and even a bit angsty... you certainly know how to express your emotions. At times, you tend to lack perspective on your life, probably as a result of looking inward too much. This introspection does give you a flair for the dramatic. And it's even maybe made you cultivate some artistic talents! You have a true artist's temperament... which is a blessing and a curse. What Art Movement Are You?
All In The Blink Of An Eye
In The Blink Of An Eye I hold you near, a marvelous site Your rosy cheeks, small blue eyes bright A seductive smile, full of light Stealing my heart from the very first sight. Pudgy fingers are tapering out Legs and body now getting about Excitement soars, as we think about Scouts and schools, I’m grown you shout. The arguments, the boys, the clothes The quick hugs, the joy, the woes Things you feel you cant expose Your growing fast my pretty rose. You found the one, your own true love He’s all you ever talk or think of Sent to you by Her above. Your childhood you now walk out of. And now I hold a bright pink rose New life born under my nose With all her fingers and all her toes. I’m getting old I now suppose. All in the blink of an eye. Hosted by Sparkle Tags cc/amawitch 2005
All New
I am not the exhusband - I am not the girlfriend. I really have no vested interest in the situation. -- Although it's funny as hell as an outsider. So unbunch your panties -- those of you who wear em. I will officially stop observing the freak show -- it's been fun....but now I'm bored. So - you wont see me here again. Peace Out
Learn- Poem
Learn Do you feel what I feel? Do you see what I see? If not then you have no right to judge me. Just because you say jump does not mean I will. Lets accept that and continue our deal. Don’t curse my name in vain, Who is to say that you would never do the same? You can not read my mind, Stop pretending you will know what you will find. Do not try to change me into who you want me to be… That is the closest route to setting me free. Do not grab my heart in fear that you will keep me here, For if you pull tighter I just may disappear. If you listen closely to the words I speak, You may just find the answers you seek. Do not lash out in anger trying to control me. Do not let the tears roll from your eyes, With the intention of getting me to sympathize. Do not try to make me your soul, I have my own I am trying to control. Love yourself before you love me, Otherwise this may never come to be. Appreciate me for who I am. Respect me for what I do. Listen to
North Korea Planning Nuclear Test
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea triggered global alarm on Tuesday by saying it will conduct a nuclear test, a key step in the manufacture of atomic bombs that it views as a deterrent against any U.S. attack. But the North also said it was committed to nuclear disarmament, suggesting a willingness to negotiate. The contradictory statement fits a North Korean pattern of ratcheting up tension on the Korean Peninsula, a Cold War-era flashpoint, in an attempt to win concessions such as economic aid. The strategy has had mixed results in recent years as the totalitarian regime sinks deeper into isolation and poverty, with China serving as its lifeline for food and fuel. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called the announcement "a very provocative act" and urged Asian nations to rethink their relationships with North Korea. South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun called for a "cool-headed and stern" response, his office said. Roh will hold summits with the leaders of Japan and C
Just Wanted To Say Thanks
Hey to all my friends and Fans and those that have stopped my page, this is my first blog, whoo hoo!!! I just wanted to say Thank you all so much for the comments and the compliments. I really appreciate them more than you can know. i have trouble with my computer being slow(I know personal problem) I try to get to profiles and such to rate and comment, but half the time they don't load right or so slow that i get tired, so I am sorry for that. i have been having an awesome time here and met alot of interesting and sexy people. I'll get to the profiles and rate, just might take me some time just don't give up on me please. And again thank you all so much for showing me love and showing me that I'm very welcomed on this site.
Can Sum1 Do Me A Favor
ay can sum1 leave me a voice comment on my page?
By MICHAEL RUBINKAM, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 6 minutes ago NICKEL MINES, Pa. - As the Amish prepared to bury four young victims of a horrific school shooting, they asked to be allowed to do so in private. ADVERTISEMENT National mourning of similar tragedies, such as the massacre at Columbine High School, has been enabled in part by media coverage — something the Amish generally shun and specifically spurned in a statement Wednesday that pleaded for privacy. Instead, the Amish are coping with the slayings by looking inward. They are relying on themselves and their faith, just as they have for centuries, to get them through what one Amish bishop called "our 9/11." The four girls to be buried Thursday are Naomi Rose Ebersole, 7; Marian Fisher, 13; Mary Liz Miller, 8; and her sister Lena Miller, 7. The funeral for a fifth girl, Anna Mae Stoltzfus, 12, is scheduled for Friday. About 300 to 500 people are expected at each funeral, said funeral director Phil
The Dork That I Am
So, I might not be on here much today. I'm attempting to get someone to take me to the hospital. I'm a dork and kicked my own ass. I tripped a couple of times and fell, ribs first, into a wooden chair that my friend has in her room. Hope I'm not hurt too badly, but I'll keep everyone updated. ***UPDATE*** So, I have a appt. set up for tomorrow to see if I broke anything. Working tonight, which is going to suck because the pain is starting to make me feel sick to my stomach. Send me lots of love to make me feel better. That would rock my socks. ***YET ANOTHER UPDATE*** So, the rib is fractured. It's the 10th or 11th rib on my right side. Tbe fracture is close to the sternum. I have to wear a rib brace and they have me on pain pills. Woohoo for my first broken bone...
Innocent Exchange Of An Erotic Confession
I'll gently touch your hand, and you'll give me a look that could enslave the wildest dream. I'll raise your lips to be kissed in vain, and enchant your mouth with the caress of an eager tongue. And if you're angered, I no farther meant than to please you, release you, and receive your innocence. On your electric breasts I'll lay my hands and create light impressions to match and twin the marks of submission which earlier you left on my back. And your breasts, with a kind warm glow, they swell and talk with hardened tips. They stir, and desire to dance under my lips. accompanied by the rhythms of heartbeats and the melancholy moans played by instruments of enticement. And if you distrust me, I no farther meant than to please you, release you, and receive your innocence. I'll keep my eyes on yours, on your soft skin my hands will stay. Look at a face kissed by angels. feel skin envied by queens. All of my senses infatuated with you,
Just Found It
I just found out my best friend of 14 years O.D back in June, We hadn't been in touch for about a year now because of diffrent directions our choices were taking us, and now it's too late to say I'm sorry, I'am sorry Tony for not being the friend I should have been, especially when you needed me the most. I can remember back when you and dan were all I had in this world. We were unseperable.You and dan took me in when I had no where to go, noone to talk to and I'll always remember the time we had the good and the bad....your always in my heart.
Omg Hella Fun!
Britishmom@ LostCherry
Outside Looking In
Once I was on the inside looking out. Now I'm on the outside looking in. Like the little street boy standing in front of the candy store. Staring in the window at all the treats he can't have.
Dont Like
Daddy and I dont really like RAP because of all of the violence and usesless killing.. But this Video is just FUNNY!!! Music Video Codes By Music
Song For My Blue Eyes !!
you know this is fore you!!!!! you know who im talkin bout !!!!! Music Video:BEHIND BLUE EYES (by Limp Bizkit)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Tears Of Hurt
I went for the longest walk lastnight and threwup so many times bc i feel sick to me stomach. I dont know what to do but wait for you to call i want to call u but your so busy and i dont want to bother you but i cant hold back anymore im hurt so much and its bc of what i have done. I tried to sleep and that didnt work my heart is broken and my thoughts are going crazy telling me to not give up and thats what my heart tells me to and its who i am and i wont go down without a fight and i feel so empty and lost not knowing if were are okay, will we make it through all of the trials that life will bring us, bc deep down in my hearti know that it will bc this is true love!! ive been crying for the past two days and i deserve it i have alot of time to think about what i have done and all i can say is tha it was so stupid of me to say what i did and if i could go back in time i would of thought about waht i was writting before i posted it. so thats all for now Piece out David "The
The Music Of Love
Bodies warm with passion's heat pressed together in hungry embrace. Intertwined we move as one, synchronizing to the inner beat of desire's baton. The erotic rhythm of hips in motion thrusting in time with the melody that steals its way from the depths of our most primitive selves. A harmony of sounds unintelligible, voiced only by passionate lovers. Bodies warm with passion's heat, hard dancing to the music of love.
Dedicated To April Kelly Watters
As kids we may not have seen eye to eye, But its still so hard to say goodbye, Talking on the phone and visiting were never enough, telling you goodbye Was still very tough, We may have had some years, But because you are not here, the memories do not help stop the tears. When I heard your voice and you were so sad, I couldn't help but get so very mad, But when I heard your giggle or laugh, I just had to smile, even if its by half, I just wanted to make sure you know, that no matter what life has to throw, You meant so much to me, if I may be bold, more than you could have ever been told, for you are and were the BEST sister and the BEST friend, to that there is never an end, So I wanted you to know and feel the love, I am sending on the wings of your two Angels above, I wanted you to feel their kisses in the breeze, I will stive to remeber and know that life is to be seized, even if its day by day, As you my dear sister will know my love is there to stay. By Angel Meadows 04/22/05 De
Being Elvis
When I became an Elvis impersonator, I did it for love of the music and the persana. What I didn't realy count on was the sex appeal that went with it. I have had only one relationship because of Elvis, but I have had a few nights where sweet older women throw thenselves at me. It was fun. But the most fun was the night I walked thru the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas. Seemed like every bachelorette party we came by wanted to get their picture with Elvis. One day I'll get invited up to their party.
Celtic Horoscope
You Are An Elm Tree You are easygoing and a pleasure to be around. Good looking, you have a pleasant shape and tasteful clothes. You demand little in others, but you tend not to forgive their mistakes. Dominant, you like to lead and enjoy making decisions for others. Overall, you are cheerful, honest, noble, generous, and funny. What's Your Celtic Horoscope?
Yes I Have A Boy Friend
Just to let some of you know on here... It's all good fun to have a laugh and a joke. And to comment on how good we each look .. But at the end of the day , when i close my computer down . I love only one... My heart belongs.. to Mr Brian Wisner ... Known to some of u as Wiz ... Well thats the love of my life .. My dream man .. My knight in armour.. And my husband to be xxxxxxx
At My Haunted House
haha was sooo funny i stand on top of this tv stand thingy...they cant see me and theres a closet right next to it i jump down and scare the chit out of them they backed in to the certian thought there be a wall behind but wham! thell fell its was sooo funny i hade to luagh and not break charecter. i wonder what this weekend holds for me
I Won!!!
I won the bikini contest !!!A BIG THANKYOU to everyone who voted!!!MWAH!!!
A Nun And A German Shepard Walk Into A Bar...
i already have a blog i use, so i won't be putting anything here... but if you want to check it out it's at enjoy!
Ric-lo-x, Tech N9ne, Liquid Assasin, Killa C & More!!!
RIC-LO-X's label GREEN TOOTH ENT. CLICK THE IMAGE My boys Grave Plott are getting ready to drop there BRAND NEW album entitled "The Plott thickens". Read the flyer & also Click on the image. This album features Tech N9ne, Bigg Krizz Kaliko, Splice 1, Brotha Lynch & more Our Strange brother Tech N9ne is getting ready to drop HIS brand new long awaited album entitled "Everready: The Religion". This Album features guests such as E-40 & more. Click on the album cover. "When There's No More Room In Hell Volume I" Featuring RIC-LO-X, GRAVE PLOTT, WOLFPAC, Vanilla Ice, Playaz Lounge Crew, Q-Strange, Scum and many more. Click the image. CLICK HERE FOR MY GROUP A.I.D.S. TRACKS WITH KILLA C & LIQUID ASSASSIN Click on this & check out my boy VOICEOVER's myspace page
A Little Advice To Those That Are In Lover
Help Get Listeners For My Radio
Space Radio To play this station in WinAmp Click Here To play this station in Windows Media Player Click Here This music is brought to you by and!Thank you for your help!Space Cowboy
Losing Sight (my Poem)
Losing Sight The night is covered in blackness with a cold wind blowing, I can’t see anything there is no light to guide me, There’s no sound coming from anywhere to give me something to walk to, All I hear is the sound of my breathing which also leaves me and drifts into the darkness , The sound of my heart beating joins my breath as I begin to panic more, Afraid that I may never move for the fear of not knowing what lies ahead takes control, I fall to my knees my hands on my head gripping my hair in frustration not knowing what I should do, I let go of my hair and I cross my arms across my stomach feeling sick with the feeling of uselessness, The darkness fades away as I see myself and see how much stronger I look, I’m helping others I’m happy I look fearless and full of life, How can this be me while I stand alone in the darkness as I am now, Though I no longer hear the wind for the people talking to me over power it I feel it’s coldness, Everything goes
Well, as usual i'm bored so i decided to post a blog entry.. i'm hoping to meet some new friends, so please feel free to send me a msg or add me to your friends list.. but only if you actually plan to talk to me.. :)
Hello This is my first blog here on LC. I should have some new pics up this weekend. I will be attending a Halloween PArty tommorrow Evening so the pics will certainly be pretty good as I'm going as a Flapper. So keep an eye out for some new pics this weekend. And Thanks to all those who have made my first few days on LC very Exciting!
It's a sad day at my place. One of my best friends past away last night. Larry the Lounge Lizard will be missed greatly. I have a picture of him posted so feel free to swing through and take a look, leave a comment or whatever. Some people wouldnt get it, they dont understand why someone would have such a fascination with reptiles, well some people are just dumb. I love my lizard friends and it's always very sad if something happens to one of them. He was not the most social lizard, i think he might have hated me but we were still friends. So I'm posting this blog to let my friends know whats happened and how i feel about him. Peace. Love ya Larry Nathan.
Disclaimer And Such Information
Greetings This is a roleplaying profile and a fan page for the character of Claire from Heroes, I am not the actress,none of the pictures are of me nor am i in any way involve with the production of the show. On myspace I had a roleplaying profile for the character, since myspace has gotten bad I decided to start roleplaying here, in time perhaps I shall find other roleplayers, if need be I shall create rules, but enjoy!:)
The Mailman
It was the mailman's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same neighborhood. When he arrived at the first house on his route he was greeted by the whole family there, who congratulated him and sent him on his way with a big gift envelope. At the second house they presented him with a box of fine cigars. The folks at the third house handed him a selection of terrific fishing lures. At the fourth house he was met at the door by a strikingly beautiful woman in a revealing negligee. She took him by the hand, gently led him through the door (which she closed behind him), and led him up the stairs to the bedroom where she blew his mind with the most passionate lovemaking he had ever experienced. When he had had enough they went downstairs, where she fixed him a giant breakfast: eggs, potatoes, ham, sausage, blueberry waffles, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. When he was truly satisfied she poured him a cup of steaming coffee. As she was

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