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The sheets were red, silk and soft. She lay on them, her left leg up, her foot flat on the bed. Her arms were stretched above her head fanned beneath by her hair, black as a night without moon or stars. She stared at me with large browns eyes, twin pools sparkling with desire. I was eager to drown in them as eager as I was to drown in her sex. My gaze moved from her eyes, to her lips, ripe with rouge, glistening like an apple plucked at its prime on a dewy morning. Her breasts rose slowly round alabaster mounds eager for my hands to grasp and massage. They were tipped with rosy nipples, hard and yearning. I touched them, my gaze returning to her face. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as I massaged first her left nipple and then her right and then both enjoying the sweet soft touch of her breasts so warm and soft and welcoming. She moaned and her leg fell flat on the bed. Her back arched and her wet pussy, the sweet smooth mound of milky flesh brushed against my ball
I believe whole heartedly that there is someone out in this world that is ment for us or as close to being ment for us as possible. the question is are we truly opening our hearts and minds to them or are we closing them off and looking past them with just a smile because maybe they don't meet our look standards or maybe they don't have the money in their lives like we want from the other person. Who knows. there are millions of reasons that we can come up with that will tell you why we look away from them with only being polite and having a brief conversation with them or maybe even not looking at them at all. But I know that the right one is no such thing. The real one and the one that we allow ourselves to get to know and open our minds and hearts to and allowing a physical response to happen are the ones that are ment for us. Not "The One"! Sorry. I'm not sure what got into me with that but I agree it must have needed to come out because I didn't stop typing till the end and whe
*˘ľ* Big*˘ľ*SMOOCH*˘ľ* May Life Treat You Kind and I Hope You Have All You Ever Dream Of..˘ľ ..Don't Cry, Because It's Over, Smile:) Because It Happen˘ľWelcome to My page !!
Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator (in Greek, Κλεοπάτρα Φιλοπάτωρ; January 69 BC–November 30, 30 BC) was a Hellenistic co-ruler of Egypt with her father (Ptolemy XII Auletes) and later with her brothers/husbands Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV. She later became the supreme ruler of Egypt, consummated a liaison with Gaius Julius Caesar, that solidified her grip on the throne, and, after Caesar's assassination, aligned with Mark Antony, with whom she produced twins. In all, Cleopatra had four children, one by Caesar (Caesarion) and three by Antony (Cleopatra Selene II, Alexander Helios, Ptolemy Philadelphus). Her unions with her brothers produced no children: it is possible that they were never consummated; in any case, they were not close. Her reign marks the final end of the Hellenistic Era and the beginning of the Roman Era in the eastern Mediterranean. She was the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (her son
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Outlaw Writing
Outlaw writing pushes the boundaries of societal norms and established standards to implant discomfort or alter the beliefs of the reader. Themes inside of American counterculture and unconventional forms of literature qualify as outlaw. These writers are nonconformists who are creating their works with complete artistic freedom and without fear of offending anyone. In George Saunders’ essay, “The New Mecca,” we are introduced to the middle-eastern city of Dubai where capitalism is running rampant. Conspicuous shows of consumption and the pursuit of material wealth mask the hidden underside of their stratified society where the “help” have given up their lives, values and culture to work for wages. Yet complications arise from these underprivileged folk swearing to feel grateful and content for their opportunity to send money home to their abandoned families. Saunders writes: “I say the Middle East seems something like Russia circa 1900—it’s about trying to stave off revolution in
This Is Not Cool
ok i tell you all something very im important this person is on cherrytap his name is xcwhitewolf0172 he has been herassing me on this site but also on my space. But if you what to know what he commented me he said he wish my father would die and my father is a is disabled and he did the most foul thing on my space he posted a bullshit bulliten about and put my home number and my cell number and my address on line so people can herass us so is you know this guy watch you self around him dont message him if he messages you dont message back.
Diary Of A Broken Heart
We were just friends at the start, Always having fun, never apart Then one day, something sparked The next thing I knew, you had my heart. The days flew by, I lost track of time Everytime I was with you, I was on cloud nine. Then one day, I asked you to be my girlfriend I exclaimed, yes you said! and prayed we'd last until the very end. No one could look into my eyes and say I wasn't happy, Happy that I was with you, and you were with me. With me in your arms, you told me you loved me, Then gently I kissed your forehead and you gave me a squeeze. I was convinced you were the one for me, Apart from you, I would never be. Just when I thought all was well, Was when you began to put me through hell. You said, we should just be friends That's when I knew it was the end. I looked into your eyes, trying to find out why, It was all I could do, not to begin to cry. Where I once saw love, I saw nothing, I couldn't believe you no longer felt something. I lay in
Ok I Don't Want To
I don't want to hear it but I haven't been taking my meds the last few days....I'm not feeling like myself...but for some reason i need to write it down...h well continue with your lives
If Anyone Cares To Help?
I want to thank those fans and friends who helped me by rating my pictures and profile so I can advance to the next level and display all my pictures from my trip to Europe. There are still other supposed fans and friends who have not taken the time to rate my pictures and profile. May I ask you to take the time and rate my pictures and profile so I can share with you more of my pictures from Europe. I am sorry if I am taking some of your valued time. Again, thanks and I look forward to talking to you all soon. Pete P.S. Oh hey if you want me to RATE your pictures, make sure i am able to rate ALL your pictures, as in some people I know on here who have ALL their pictures on the private setting. Come on how can I RETURN the favor... sorry for the gripe! Pete
My Life
Well the past 5 days have been the hardest 5 days in my life, including the when my father died. My wife of 17 years and been together for 25 years left me because she felt negleted. She would not tell me how I negleted her. The only way I can see is that we did not have sex very often because I have ED. I am so tore up inside that I have had a hard time sleeping, eating, and working. The biggest problem is that she is my only reason for living. But I am trying to not get depressed. But this is hard to do. I hope to be able to go to work tommorrow. I hope to love again but she was my love of my life.
Heavy metal band Disturbed came together through the matching of a band with a singer. Long-time friends Dan Donegan (guitar), Mike Wengren (drums), and Fuzz (bass) played together in Chicago for some time before hooking up with singer David Draiman around 1997. Draiman had grown up in a religious family from which he rebelled, being expelled from five boarding schools in his adolescence. His anger found an outlet in the thrashing sound of Disturbed, and the band built up a following on Chicago's South Side before a demo tape led to their signing to Giant Records, which released their debut album, The Sickness, in March 2000. The band gained more fans and exposure playing the main stage of the 2001 Ozz Fest, then breaking away to do their own self-described "victory lap" around the U.S. that fall. Also during this period, they managed to record a vicious new version of wrestler Steve Austin's theme song that was so good it managed to receive radio play, and was one of the many bands an
Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots were able to make alternative rock into stadium rock; naturally, they became the most critically despised band of their era. Accused by many critics of being nothing more than rip-off artists, pilfering from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains, the band nevertheless became major stars in 1993. And the influences of those bands are apparent in their music, but Stone Temple Pilots do manage to change things around a bit. STP are more concerned with tight song structure and riffs than punk rage. Their closest antecedents are not the Sex Pistols or Hüsker Dü; instead the band resembles arena rock acts from the '70s -- it's popular hard rock that sounds good on the radio and in concert. No matter what the critics might say, Stone Temple Pilots have undeniably catchy riffs and production; there's a reason why over three million people bought their debut album, Core, and why their second album, Purple, shot to number one when it was released. Following the success
I Miss You
Give me a reason Why I'm feeling so blue Every time I close my eyes All I see is you Give me a reason Why I can't feel my heart Everytime you leave my side I just fall apart And when you're fast asleep I wonder where you go Can you tell me I wanna know Because I miss you And this is all I wanna say I guess I miss you Beautiful these three words have said it all You know I miss you I think about you when you're gone I guess I miss you Nothing's wrong I don't mean to carry on But give me a reason Why I can't concentrate The world is turning upside down Spinning round and round Now give me a reason Why I now understand the beauty and simplicity Of everything surrounding me You got a way of spreading magic everywhere Anywhere I go I know you're always there It sounds ridiculous But when you leave a room There's a part of me that just wants to follow you too Because I miss you And this is all I wanna say I guess I miss yo
Would I Date You
Question #1 You are a Hopeless Romantic...... yes no i don\'t know a little Question #2 Are you a giver or a taker? Definetly Giver Definetly Taker Depends on the person your with a little of both Question #3 Are you short tempered? yes... no... don\'t know takes a lot to get me mad Question #4 When you love it is just for.... SEX TRUE LOVE a little of BOTH I don\'t LOVE Question #5 Do you think you would be good in bed (sex)? yes... no... I don\'t know---never had it never had it but think i\'d be pretty good Question #6 What would your idea of a perfect date? Dinner at a fancy restaurant/a movie Dinner at Jack in the Box & order from the dollar a scary movie go to dollar movies Question #7 How would the date end? with a slap and a hott makeout session makeout followed by a nice slow kiss and Question #8 What turns you on? A HOTT body nice personality Both ( a and b) PORN!!
The Kite
The Kite They walked,their fingers interlaced exploring each others like an ice skaters routine.Her hand warm and soft felt tiny in his.A breeze just slight enough to bow the highest branches a welcoming hello.They strolled to the top of the hill She watched in silent awe,the exhileration showing as the sun reflects off it`s shiny surface.He unfurles the tail first for she loved to make it dance while he assembled the rest.He took his time,he always took his time so he could watch her.With childlike curiosity she would make it dance,swirls,figure eights,loop de loops spinning wildly enough to make you dizzy.Just watching,the only sound was the beat of his heart wrapped in her joyous song.Lovely he thought. He attach ed the tail to the kite,gave her the string and moved backwards never taking his eyes off her.He could barely contain what he felt for her,since their first hello she became his world.Ready he said,ready she replied and with that he threw the kite skyw
Be Who You Are
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
Here To Stay
Gay is more than just a word It's a simple way of life. From Fire Island to the Bay We live, we love we laugh in a very special way. We hurt we grieve, we cry We live, we love we die. So, try as you may We won't go away. Gay is here to stay!
Virginia Tech Tribute
My Batteries died sometime ago Gotta heart shaped box where they must go Corrosion's building everyday My flesh is leading me astray that's why I started to decay and I will slowly rot away but I can't feel that anyway This heart it wants to beat These Lungs they want to breathe These eyes they wants to see Gotta Mouth that wants to sing Desperation Needing U Every last breath I scream for you Shatter me into a million pieces...Make me new Crush me, tear me, break me, mold me Make me what U want me to be I am ur's for U to use Oh, Take and Replace me with U Needing more than just a jump start to get me through My disconnection is now the issue..... I miss my 1st love bad and its driving me mad Just Like a mixed up crazy person out of his head Its been a long long time I've been on the decline I do an a-bout face so I can be replaced.
Standard Lounge Skin
On the left of your lounge u will see "lounge options". Click on "Change motd" & copy & paste the code below. If you want to add a background copy & page the url of the image where it say's "URL TO BACKGROUND HERE". ________________________________________ body{ background-image:url("URL TO BACKGROUND HERE")!important; background-repeat:repeat!important; background-attachment:fixed!important; background-position:top!important; } table{background-color:transparent!important;}tr, th{background-color:transparent!important;} td{background-color:transparent!important;} td{color:white!important} } div.lounge_shoutbox_enter_data { border:2px solid white; border-bottom:none; overflow:hidden; width:600px; height:30px; background-color:white; color: white; text-align:right; padding-left:10px; padding-right:10px; margin:0px; vertical-align:bottom; } div.lounge_shoutbox { vertical-align:top; border: 2px solid black; border-top:none; overflow:auto; width:600px
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At The Disco
Is it still me that makes you sweat? Am I who you think about in bed? When the lights are dim and your hands are shaking as you're sliding off your dress? Then think of what you did And how I hope to God he was worth it. When the lights are dim and your heart is racing as your fingers touch his skin. I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck Than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me Girl I was it, look past the sweat, a better love deserving of Exchanging body heat in the passenger seat? No, no, no, you know it will always just be me Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster So testosterone boys and harlequin girls, Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close? So testosterone boys and harlequin girls, Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close? So I guess we're back to us, oh cameraman, swing the focus In case I lost my train of thought, where was it that we last left off? (Let's pick up, pick up) Oh n
Likeable Or Not
You are 60% likeable You are a likeable person. You are fiercely loyal to your friends and you have a lot of them. You have may have a few enemies but it is only because they don't really know the real you. 'How Likeable are You?' at
Random Nothingness
this is my first CherryTap blog...not really anything to say just thought I would ramble and put various words together to form sentences, coherant or not. lol. How'd I do? hahahhahah Check ya later Fan or Friend me if you want to. Always happy to meet new people
Rates, Fansand And Adds
I've been wondering..whats all this "add me , fan me , rate me .." Are you more interested in the NUMBER of friends you have or the QUALITY ? You can have 1000 friends but if they are all assholes what good is that . If you have a large number but your average rating is say 9.75..what does it mean..some have voted you less than 10 for sure. Me ? Ihave a limited number of real friends my average rating is 10.14 ..what does it all mean . I don't want friends who never even say "hello" every now and then.. just an observation....
I just don't understand how some people can be so friggin' ignorant and feel so horrible about themselves that they have to leave hateful/hurtful comments on people. Does it really make them feel so much better about themselves to leave a nasty message when they don't know the person at all, calling them idiots nd far worse? The fact that posing a simple question literally has people cursing at you. Yes it is an adult site...that's just it. It IS an Adult site, so why the hell don't these people grow up and start acting like one?
Pic Comments!!!
Comment my Pics comment bomb them and ill do the same!!!
Why Does Everyone Have To Lie?
Well, it's been a while since I've last posted one of these stupid things. Not even sure anyone will read this. But, my question is why do people feel that have to lie? Does it make them feel like a hero? A special someone? I may never know or understand it. I have tried my entire life to be the best person I can be. So, tell me has that lesson been forgotten? Oh hell...I don't know what to think any longer. But, I know one and all the people in it suck!!! Because, you put so much into a person only to have it thrown back in your face. Then while your trying to recover from the shock of it happening AGAIN...they make it worst and kick you while your down. With that said, I'm so tired of it ALL! Tired of the jokes, Tired of the lies from EVERYONE, and EVEN more tired of dealing with everyones shit! Memo to self : Trust no one but yourself, Put NOTHING in anyone and most of all believe NO ONE! Life in that case will be easier to deal with. Well, I'll end this one an
What Age Should You Have Grown Up In????
You should have grown up during the fifties You like simpler times when you could go to the malt shop with your sweetie and park down on lover’s lane. You also like change and imagining your bright future. Take this quiz at
Afraid. (quick Release)
Afraid to live. Afraid to die. Afraid to laugh. Afraid to cry. Afraid to see. Afraid to hear. Afraid to touch. And to be near. Afraid to know. Afraid to not. Afraid to recall. What you forgot. Afraid to want. Afraid to need. Afraid to look. For that in me.
I Dont Think I Really Want To Know What Kind Of Tricks She Can Do With Her Vagina... Part 2
in continuation of the previous blogs, this was part of my recent trip to LA... read my last few blogs to get the full story on this one :pshoot day 2: swallow my children ugh so I had to get up at 530 to meet rotten at his room so we can start our day of hell... we roll to starbucks to buy a box of coffee some protein shakes (not that kind sicko) and groggily head to the Tuxford house up off of rt 5... this place is huge... tennis court, work out room, 5 or so rooms downstairs, a movie room upstairs with a huuuuuge screen, a pool, a upper deck with a heart shaped bed on it... and just way more space than I can imagine haahah... we get there and its still chilly and dark out but Chris and the chick from the first scene have arrived when we unpack everything... i scurry around, not knowing what goes where and just try and help out... as far as everything else I just wait to see what hell comes my way that Im sure to fuck up heh... after everyone settles in Johnny Thrus
May 21
Build up the strengths in your life rather than tearing yourself down. It's easy to get caught up in the negative, but it's not inevitable. Focus on your strengths rather than your perceived weaknesses.
I will be adding more to this blog, but for now... im just bummed and venting. the bike ride helped a bit, but didnt cure my weakness. this has nothing to do with love but everything to do with friendship...even though i do love most of my friends.
I Know A Place
Salute To The Troops
As we pass Armed Forces Day and approach Memorial Day, I would like to take time out to our service members who are standing watch while we enjoy our way of life. If it wasn't for the men and women in uniform, both past and present, we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that we have today. Our troops never start a war, but they're always called upon to finish it. When disasters strike, it is our troops that are called upon to step in and lend a helping hand. They are a source of strength for the weak. They are the pride of America. I would like to say thank you to all of the servicemembers in uniform. You're all doing a hell of a job under trying circumstances. Signed, Former Artilleryman The king of battle is artillery....
Things In My World
I would like to take this chance to point out how wonderful my guy is and how much I love him. No matter what is going on I know that I've got his warm hugs and friendly face to go home to. He stands by me through the good the bad and the ugly. Without you I'm just another girl. With you we are a family and we have a place where we belong. So baby, when you read this. Thank you for being you, for loving me and for helping me be a stronger person. Thank you for stepping into shoes that you didnt have to and being the daddy Skye loves so much. Thank you for everything you are and do.
Wake Up Call
Dear God: Why didn't you save the school children at ?. .. MosesLake , Washington 2/2/96 Bethel, Alaska 2/19/97 Pearl, Mississippi 10/1/97 West Paducah, Kentucky 12/1/97 Stamp, Arkansas 12/15/97 Jonesboro, Arkansas 3/24/98 Edinboro, Pennsylvania 4/24/98 Fayetteville, Tennessee 5/19/98 Springfield, Oregon 5/21/98 Richmond, Virginia 6/15/98 Littleton, Colorado 4/20/99 Taber, Alberta , Canada 5/28/99 Conyers, Georgia 5/20/99 Deming, New Mexico 11/19/99 Fort Gibson, Oklahoma 12/6/99 Santee, California 3/5/01 El Cajon, California 3/22/01 Virginia Tech 4/16/07 Sincerely, Concerned Student ----------------------------------------------------- Reply: Dear Concerned Student: Sorry, I am not allowed in schools! Sincerely, God ---------------------------------------------------------- How did this get started?... ----------------- Let's see, I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained She didn't want any
Part 3 Do You Drive Like You Push A Shopping Cart.
Hey there everyone sorry its been so long since I added to this conglomerate of bitch sessions.. been busy dealing with the real source of these... the public. Today i think one of my top gripes is gonna be people who drive small cars and think they must be magic. For those of you who have ever moved a household you understand that when moving you have to transport items from one loacation to another. Most people use a large vehicle, either a truck or a van or rent a semi. LARGE being the opt word. WHY is it that when people go to the store to buy said large items they bring the smallest car they have and not only buy the biggest thing possible but insist that this item and 5 friends who came with them are going to fit back in said car. Case in point: Its weekend before superbowl and you decide you want a larger TV to watch the game. So you hop in the car and drive to your local TV retailer. Since its a big item you decide to take your 3 largest male friends to help carry this
Come On Everyone In My Angel Family And Family
come on everyone in my Angel Family and family and friends and fans plz....... Plz click on the pic and leave her a rate she a very nice lady! Thanks Maria Click on pic to leave a rate!
Who Kils A Child?
Tuesday, May 29, 2007 Posted on Tue, May. 29, 2007 Who kills a child? It’s shocking when death comes at the hands of a caretaker — but more often, experts say, it is parents who kill their own children By ISHMAEL TATE When young children are killed, more than half the time their parents are responsible. It’s “exceedingly rare” for the killer of a child younger than 5 years old to be a baby sitter or caretaker, said Geoffrey R. McKee, clinical professor of neural psychiatry at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. The federal Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics doesn’t even have statistics on baby sitters who kill. That means Columbia has seen more than its share of such investigations in recent years. Gail Cutro was convicted in 2000 of the deaths of two children at her home day care in 1993. She was sentenced to life in prison. Last month, a Columbia woman, 39-year-old Andrea Person, was charged with two counts of
Wtf Is Scooters!?!
Only the hottest Lounge on CT .. That I LIVE IN .. typically if I am on tap but not answering shouts its because Im having too much damned fun in Scooters!! So .. what does this mean?? You should come join in the fun !!! come on , ya know you wanna ;)
Ratings And Downraters
Okay, I've seen where some of y'all get downrated and smack the perp with a 10 just to show that you are better than them. That's all cool, but I'm a bit more ornery than that. I get a few ratings under 10. No problem. I give them what they gave me. And if it was under a 5, I block them too. What I find amusing is when someone rates me a 3 or 4, and I do the same and they get all pissy. Fair is fair.
Crazy Bitch Down The Hall
Well my weekend was interesting! Bob and I just moved into our new apartment and I already got in a brawl. This woman who lives down the hall (well lived shes getting evicted now) comes to our door and when Bob opens it she pretty much just comes on in. She has her kid and another kid from the building with her. This woman is drunk off her ass and after alot of bizarre behavior ends up kicking her 4 year old in the face and punching the 10 year old neighbor kid. Obviously none of this goes over well with me so I went after her. LMAO Bob said I jumped out of my chair and over boxes (we are still unpacking)to get to this bitch. I slammed her into the wall and got her on the floor. I remember dropping an elbow in her face and kneeing her in the kidney among a few other blows I threw. It all went pretty fast and I was beyond pissed. I pretty much had to sit on this broad until the cops got here. She ends up kicking the cops in the crotch twice while handcuffed. This woman was so
May 29, 2007
A Dog Named Sex..
Usually everyone who has a dog would call the dog Rover or something. I call mine "Sex". Sex is a very embarrassing name, but I never knew HOW embarrassing until one day I took Sex for a walk and he ran away from me. I spent hours looking for him. A police officer came along and asked me what I was doing in the alley at 4 o'clock in the morning. I said, "I was looking for Sex." My court case comes up next Thursday. One day I went to City Hall to get a license for Sex. The clerk asked me what I wanted, I told him I wanted a license for Sex. He said "I would like to have one too!" When I said "But this is a dog," he said he didn't care what she looked like. Then I said, "You don't understand. I've had Sex since I was two years old." He replied, "You must have been a strong boy." When I decided to get married, I told the minister that I wanted to have Sex at the wedding. He told me to wait until after the wedding. I said, "But Sex has played a big part in my life and my whole
Nasa Zero-g Sex Tests
XXXXXX Experiment 8 Postflight Summary NASA publication 14-307-1792 by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ABSTRACT The purpose of this experiment was to prepare for the expected participation in long-term space based research by husband-wife teams once the US space station is in place. To this end, the investigators explored a number of possible approaches to continued marital relations in the zero-G orbital environment provided by the XXXXXX shuttle mission. Our primary conclusion is that satisfactory marital relations are within the realm of possibility in zero-G, but that many couples would have difficulty getting used to the approaches we found to be most satisfactory. INTRODUCTION The number of married couples currently involved in proposals for long- term projects on the US space station has grown considerably in recent years. This raises the serious question of how such couples will be able to carry out normal marital relations without the aid of
An Article For Newspaper By One Of My Waitresses On Agent Orange A Must Read
One of my waitresses Shannon Buck age 19 wrote this article I am so proud of what she has and is about to accomplish in her life She is a strong vibrant couragious Girl who no matter what smiles and treats the customers Like family like our Slogan says HillTop Dining where Your treated like family Please read the article it is awesome Posted in the Daily Gleaner Here's the link also Agent Orange the ultimate victor in the end Print this ArticleEmail this ArticleMagnify TextBookmark this ArticleShare on FacebookDigg this ArticleBookmark with del.icio.usLive BookmarkAdd to TechnoratiTOOL HELPBy SHANNON BUCK For the Daily Gleaner Published Friday June 1st, 2007 Appeared on page B7 Your mission to destroy the forests of New Brunswick has become a greater success than ever imaginable. Not only have your toxins damaged the growth of Camp Gagetown's foliage, but in addition, you have succeeded in ruining t
Free 2 Day Metal Festival!!!.... So Cal
Well we had so much fun last year we decided to do it again. Sept 14th & 15th. This will be a FREE show! We are putting it off till Sept cause it was just to hot last year. This year it will be held in the same place as last year, if you need directions just hit us up. Bring out your tent, water, booze, and all your friends cause it is going to be bigger and better this year. For those veterans out there thanks again for coming out hope to see you this year. We look forward to some new talent along with some of the ones that came out last year. We do have a running bet on who will be the first ones to show up. We will be camping out the night of the 13th so feel free to come early and get a good camping spot. Come show your support to these underground musicians or come out and party like never before, either way it will be fun. Till then Party Hard!!!!!!! contact for more info......... see you there!!!!!!!
Lets See What The Average Age Of A Cherry Tapper Is
List below your name and age and we'll see what our average cherry tapper is in years... Brian S.--33
Please Read
2007-6-8 21:33:35 REAL FRIEND TEST ! This is GOOD..I expect it back too! I especially like the last Sentence!!!!!! A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens Your Refrigerator and helps himself (and doesn't feel even the least bit Weird Shutting your 'beer/Pepsi drawer' with her foot!) A simple friend has never seen you cry A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmai
It just amazes me that people simply cannot tell the whole truth. Why lie? Why hide things from others? Yeah, I know, you don't want to hurt the other person's feelings, but think about this.... It hurts much less to find out the truth right away than to find out that you have been lied to all along. Being totally honest up front will hurt much less than the hurt and broken trust that will happen when the person finds out you have been lying to them. Tell the truth, trust the other person enough to tell them the truth. If they run, because of the truth, then either they were not meant to be with you, or it was something they simply cannot live with. But give them the choice up front. Don't hide things. You will just make the situation MUCH worse if you do. Lying breaks trust. Trust is not rebuilt in a day, a week, or a month. It could take years and if you have obtained someones trust, why break it? It takes much LESS effort to tell the truth than to keep up the lies.... BE
I had to work all weekend and now I have dropped from first place to third in the contest I am in. If anyone feels like helping me get back up to first, I would really appreciate it alot! Thanks ya'll!
Nasa Prediction
Hello Readers: First let me take this opportunity to thanks the thousands of you for your incredible support following my last appearance on Coast To Coast. Just reminding you that we are in a “SUPERNOVA WINDOW” and I strongly suggest every one of you to understand and Use the “Universal Code” to avoid penalty. As always the NASA “mental snobs” are responsible for wasting both precious astronauts lives and precious tax dollars when they could easily try my methodology and be very happily surprised with all future missions. Unless you build Cosmic Consciousness you WILL have to pay the penalty, God’s Universal tool were cast aside and replaced by ridiculous religious doctrines fuelling ignorance and fears for centuries and the results are a very disturbed and chaotic world. Mankind is at the threshold of recognizing his Celestial Divinity and raises its awareness and vibrations to the Universal Code. We are fast living the Age of Pisces (ignorance/fears/religions/deceptio
I Need A Vacation!
So, I was supposed to take my nieces home today, but plans have changed. Their mother decided instead of taking care of business, she would go for a road trip and go party. So, I'll have three kids Saturday and I don't know if I'll get to go to the Gay Pride Parade...I'm debating if I wanna take the kids to that. Would I be a bad influence if I took them? Anyways, I'm babysitting Saturday a little monkey man named Tyrese. He's 3 years old, too and he's only 2 days older than Ayanna. They are so f'in cute. My crush hasn't been online in forever and I miss him/her...whichever it may be...I forgot it's a big fat secret! I hate secrets. I'm watching the Emmy's and Ellen Degeneres won! GO ELLEN! I gotta go, I'm just blabbin now...sorry to have bored you...I'm bored too!
Girl Language.
When i walk away from you mad [ Follow me ] When i stare at your mouth [ Kiss me ] When i push you or hit you [ Grab me and dont let go ] When i start cussing at you [ Kiss me and tell me you love me ] When im quiet [ Ask me whats wrong ] When i ignore you [ Give me your attention ] When i pull away [ Pull me back ] When you see me at my worst [ Tell me im beautiful ] When you see me start crying [ Hold me and tell me everything will be alright ] When you see me walking [ Sneak up and hug my waist from behind ] If i dont call you [ Its because im waiting for you to call me ] When im scared [ Protect me ] When i lay my head on your shoulder [ Tilt my head up and kiss me ] When i grab at your hands [ Hold mine and play with my fingers ] When i tease you [ Tease me back and make me laugh ] When i dont answer for a long time [ reassure me that everything is okay ] When i look at you with doubt [ Back yourself up ] When i s
I Love My Mom !!!!
When you were 8 years old, your mom handed you an ice cream. You thanked her by dripping it all over your lap. When you were 9 years old, she paid for piano lessons. You thanked her by never even bothering to practice. When you were 10 years old she drove you all day, from soccer to football to one birthday party after another. You thanked her by jumping out of the car and never looking back. When you were 11 years old, she took you and your friends to the movies. You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row. When you were 12 years old, she warned you not to watch certain TV shows. You thanked her by waiting until she left the house. When you were 13, she suggested a haircut that was becoming. You thanked her by telling her she had no taste. When you were 14, she paid for a month away at summer camp. You thanked her by forgetting to write a single letter. When you were 15, she came home from work, looking for a hug. You thanked he
Whirlpool Of Darkness
The weight of my thoughts pulls at me, I think of all the bad and forget the good, The pain, the heartache, They consume the person I once was, Leaving me an empty shell. My heart and mind wondering what will be. Too much pain, All I see is the down side, I try with all my heart and soul, To find the light, And climb from this dark abyss. But as I grasp for the edge, The pain of my loneliness Pulls me back into the darkness, Which has become as a whirlpool, Pulling me deeper with every stroke I take, Losing strength, losing faith As deeper into the darkness I fall. The weight of the pain, Crushing my heart in my chest. Taking the person that I was, Making me something else, Something that doesn’t know, How to feel, How to love, How to care, How to be me. It all seems to fade, Into the darkness, As I fall all alone, With no one to save me.
Ged Exam Results
Howdy people.I had written my GED exams May 25th and 26th.I had 4 left to write and pass.I got my results back yesterday.I didn't pass any.Nota 1.I've been working in this for 3 years.I am fed up.I think a change is long overdue. I've been looking into other programs in my area and I think I may have found something that interests me.It's called the Workplace Essential Skills program.I'm not sure what it consists of,but it is new in my area and will be taking applicants in the fall. So I guess I'll just wait and see.Have a good evening all hugs.Until next time.God Bless.
Learning How To Fly
falling in love is like learning how to fly at the start youre scared so you keep your wings closed just like you do your heart slowly you let your wings begin to open when you want to fall in love you open your heart at just as slow a pace youre careful and cautious and wonder if now is the right time... finally you take the leap and begin to soar you'll fall a few times but will eventually learn how to keep your heart and your wings open...may not be easy but love isnt either... spread your wings get prepared for take off
Appearantly I've been banned from the MUMMs. How did this happen? That's what I'm asking. I asked the same question I asked in my last blog, no swears, no nudity, nothing hateful. It got over 450 views and some 200 votes and then it disappeared. Shortly there after I received a message from the support team informing me that it had violated the terms of service and that I was now on "the list" and if I did it again, my account would be deleted. Which might be all for the better. I wasn't aware that this site was governed by fascists. We used to have some freedoms in the country, right? I seem to recall something about the first amendment. Sorry, I don't mean to go off on a rant here, but this whole editing shit drives me a bit nuts. Ooops, I just swore. And on a site that's supposed to be for 18 and older only. Well, if my account disappears you know what happened. I guess I'll have to start my own site. The only rule I'm thinking about implementing would be to d
“I am invariably late for appointments - sometimes as much as two hours. I've tried to change my ways but the things that make me late are too strong, and too pleasing.”
Amw--doing A Great Job
Big Ripoff: Con Man Contractor Gets Away With Millions Almost everybody has a story about a bad contractor. But this Saturday night, we'll tell you about a home repair guy so terrible that he’s become one of America's Most Wanted. AMW producer Pete Gillespie reports that Craig Oliver took ripping people off to a new level. He’s admitted to running out on 68 contracts since the mid-1980's, pocketing more than $2.5 million from unsuspecting Washington, D.C., area homeowners. But it didn't stop there. The men Oliver hired to do the work got the short end of the stick, too. "He burned bridges with so many workers," Pete says, "it's amazing it took this long for them to run him out of town." Pete worked in the construction business himself before becoming a television producer, and he knows first-hand that every once in a while, you come across a shark. "This case really hits home for me," he says. "I ran into a few Craig Oliver-types over the years. It's a joy to go after a guy l
Official Fallouts Reminder
Just a reminder that tomorrow is saturday and we ask that all Fallouts wear their Fallouts tag. If you dont have a Fallouts yet please let me know and we will get you taken care of. Remember Official Fallouts Rule #1 1) When we get a tag, we ask that you wear it on Saturday. heres links to get your tags if you arent there let us know please. Team Tagz Old Tagz Thanks Mark Blue Team Manager
Prayer For My Mother
Dear God, Now that I am no longer young, I have friends whose mothers have passed away. I have heard there sons and daughters say they never fully appreciated their mothers until it was too late to tell them. I am blessed with the dear mother who is still alive. I appreciate her more each day. My mother does not change, but i do. As I grow older and wiser, I realize what an extraordinary person she is. How sad that i am unable to speak these words in her presence, but they flow easily from my pen. How does a daughter begin to thank her mother for life itself? For the love, patience and just plain hard work that go into raising achild? For running after a toddler, for understanding a moody teenager, for tolerating a college student who knows everything? For waiting for the day when a daughter realizes her mother really is? How does a grown woman thank for a mother for continuing to be a mother? For being ready with advice ( when asked ) or remaining silent when it is most ap
Kill Them All, Let The Great Spirit Deal With Them!
Holy Shit to the 10th power, and then some. I have just realized that I don't care. Humanity is in the shitter, and it don't bother me at all. Wow. I'm more jaded than I thought. I've lost any remaining respect for life. There are so many people in the world that I wish would just go and DIE, that I no longer keep track. For the most part, individual people are the least troublesome. However, mob mentality generally rules. This concerns me. Take into account the current crop of Iraqi War protesters. The reports of hiring migrant workers and day laborers to protest? What the fuck???!!! And anti-gun freaks? Go die. This great country that you are unwilling to leave was forged with firearms. Take, for example, England and Australia, both countries have enacted STRICT limitations on firearms. Did it help the crime rates in these countries? NO!! Very much the opposite. Crime has risen steadily every year since the limits have been in place. There's a saying: "When guns are outlawed, only ou
If U Wanna See Them, Be Real Nice & Rate & Comment
PLZ Rate,FAN & Comment some other of my pic's, art or other...Ok. There is no Pussy shots...Only tit's.
The Two Of Them - Pt 12
Long after the night of passion came to an end Petie sat outside quietly thinking to himself when he heard someone walking up to the house and low and behold it was his friend Jenn. 'Hey Petie' she said with a smile and quietly he opened the door and stepped outside... "Hey Jenn , what are you doing here shouldnt you be packing for New York?" 'Yea but i thought i would come stop in on you and see how you are doing, I heard about how have things have been with you and steph too' Quietly looking down he took a deep breath and said "there is a complicated situation if there ever was one" Smiling she said back to him... 'I know a steph trance when i see one' "it is deffinitly good to have her back in my life" .... 'Do you feel the sparks' she asked with a smile ... "Well you could never really denie the sparks between the two of us ... When she's around me i just feel more...I feel more alive" "I think people under estimate how important that is" ... 'I think they over
Cuties Kids Contest
My grandson Austin is in a contest, so if you could please stop by and help alittle, we sure would love ya for it. Thanks :)
i need 17 moms for my contest
Help Her Out
All she needs is 6,000 comments she as 3,000 now
Things We Often Forget.....
Crying Over You
Forever, you promised Forever, a lie You promised the moon And the stars in the sky. You'd stolen my heart Then left me alone You were so cold It chilled to the bone. You left me with nothing But tears and a past When you said "I love you" I thought it would last But "I love you" found an ending The 'us' and 'we' no more You said you didn't mean to But you hurt me to the core So I guess that I'm the loser Cause you've found someone new But I'm still here, still all alone Just crying over you...
Anyone Miss Me???
FOR those wonderin where i was at i was in jail for probation violation..but i am back and i wont be on to much..i left a bullitin but i guess no one checks them but hey im going out to enjoy the weather i may be back tonite nor i may not me....tty;
The Night Before...
The night before the burial of her husband's body, Katherine Cathey refused to leave the casket, asking to sleep next to his body for the last time. The Marines made a bed for her, tucking in the sheets below the flag. Before she fell asleep, she opened her laptop computer and played songs that reminded her of 'Cat,' and one of the Marines asked if she wanted them to continue standing watch as she slept. "I think it would be kind of nice if you kept doing it," she said. "I think that's what he would have wanted."
Facing Reality
I've always thought that I am good looking, but recently I have realized that I am not the sought after hunk that I have thought myself to be. Age has caught up to me or something. I've been single for over 6 months now. Only having two dates in that time. Pathetic I know, but it's hard to find a good looking woman being ugly and fat. Yea I am feeling sorry for myself. Not like anyone is actually going to read this so it doesn't really matter what I put in this. I was once told that I am going to die lonely with only my dogs around. I am starting to believe that I actually might be alone forever. Reality sucks sometimes!!
This Man Is Funny
Still On The Look Out For A Contest!!!
the last contest was a fraud and i want to try again, please if ya hear anything or know of any near future contests i can get in on let me know, thank you all for reading and wish me luck on my next adventure,lol. The Beebs
My Girl,ms U.s.a.
Hacked My Yahoo
For those who chat on yahoo with me please contact me for an alternitive chat my yahoo has been hacked
~ Amazing Artist Paints In 2 1/2 Minutes, Happy 4th Of July ~
I'm Back
Well my husband and i just got back from Puerto Rico. I will be posting pics here soon of our trip keep an eye out for them I'm sure my hubby will be putting some up as well
Ipod Help...
yes, PuNkGuRrL should offically recieve the "im a dumb-ass" award.. last night i got my drag cd together (btw im in a show saturday...) and moved around a few music folders.. (yes including the ipod one) ... i wanted to add my new music to my shitty busted ipod and plugged it into my lappy. a box pops up saying that my library is empty and something something something.. well me being the dumb ass i am just clicked the button that said continue or ok or just delete everything and screw me.... (it went something like that) low and behold all the music on my ipod is deleted and my library is empty.. ::sigh:: anyways.... i still have all my music on my lappy and my external hard drive and im not looking forward to adding each folder one at a time to my ipod library. i tried deleting itunes and redownloading it hoping that someone up there (or down there im not picky) loved me and would just do it automatically ... but no.... is there a faster way to do this? ♥
Mouthy Ass Bitches!!
Hey, Well.. Some People on here.. Just don't know how to keep their Mouths Closed! One Person Should Know Who They are... Message me and Ask me about a Certain Person, Then Turn the Tables, and say I was asking them about that Person.. And say I was hitting on one of their Friends!! It's a Bunch of Bullshit if you ask me! I don't Flirt with ppl on the Net. Unless I know them.. I'm not a Big Whore like this Person.. And the Other person, Just won't listen to what I have to say, Even tho They are supposed to be a good friend.. But I guess the Tables Turned on that one too.. So, I guess I just don't know what the Fuck to do anymore.. I can't totally Erase Them from my Mind.. This person I thought was a really good friend, and I could tell them anything. And now they just won't talk to me! So, My life Just typically Sucks right now. Because of this One Individual.. And the Shit they Started!! I hate People!!
Alice And Frank
Alice and Frank were Bungee jumping one day. Alice says to Frank, "You know we could make a lot of money running our own Bungee-jumping business in Mexico." Frank thinks this is a great idea, so they pool their money and buy everything they need: a tower, an elastic cord, insurance, etc. They travel to Mexico and begin to set up on the square. As they are constructing the tower, a crowd begins to assemble. Slowly, more and more people gather to watch them at work. When they had finished, there was such a crowd, they thought it would be a good idea to give a demonstration, so Alice jumps. She bounces at the end of the cord, but when she comes back up, Frank notices that she has a few cuts and scratches. Unfortunately, Frank isn't able to catch her and she falls again, bounces, and comes back up again. This time, she is bruised and bleeding. Again, Frank misses her. Alice falls again and bounces back up. This time, she comes back pretty messed up -- she's got a couple of broken bo
Landlords 4 Pets!!!
Body: - NEW SITE !Landlords -4- PetsFind your new home with ease and bring your furrybest friend along!Dear Pet Owners in Search of a New Home,Welcome to the #1 place on the Internet wherePET-FRIENDLY landlords, tenants, realtors,home owners and buyers meet.With our innovative website, you will no longer be forced to leave your pet behind when moving to a new place.Here, landlords and realtors welcome pets with open arms so YOU could have peace of mind and enjoy your newfound home together with your 4-legged companion.
Show Some Love
i was ask for more pics so please rate i will do the same for u and tell me what u think
My Wwe Faction Yes I Knw Again A Huge Shock
which wrestling faction r u dxwe got 2 words 4 ya..............Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
My Nephews New Song
This is my Nephews new song He wrote it and he also plays the guitar and sings Let me know what you think But really listen to it Get your player at
What The Fuck
ok last night was my 6yr olds first soccer game and her fateher was late going to the game. he then tryed to hide in the back of the park so no one could see him. but if tyou ask him he is the best father in the world. What the fuck is that all about. He tells my husband jake tha he is a loser and a bad fother because he doe not get to see his kid, well first of all what business is it of my ex's in the first place right. he then showes up for the last 5-10 minutes of his girls first game but makes sure he ist at the whole game if his sone was playing. i feel really bad for the fathers out their who tyr to be good ones and don't get the recogination they deserve. WELL I AM TELLING YU GREAT JIOB. KEEP UO THE GOOD WORK AND KEEP YOUR CHI UP. YOU TIME WILL COME AND THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR YOU. AND FOR ALL THOSE DADS WHO THINK THAT MONEY IS WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST THING GROW UP AND GET A LIFE. LEARN THAT ALL THOSE KIDS WANT IS TO BE LOVED AND ADMIRED. IT IS NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH MONE
I Want Pain For How I Love
I Want Pain For How I Love Tossing and turning in my bed I cannot sleep for voices whisper whispering sweetly, darkly poisonous thoughts They want her to call me Yes, thats what they want. They want to hear her cry "I'm so sorry...", I want her to wail to me for leaving your side without words or reason I want to relish in her grief OH how I want to hear that deserved apology, and feel the reciprocation of helpless agony And then the voices stop, and you get out of bed. You can't help but to keep moving Those thoughts lie, for it shall not pass The walls of this dusky sufferage stare back silent, and utterly still Waiting, praying. Hoping. I hold the phone, so tempted to call again. I know I will hear only a message machine. Amazing how history repeats itself A good friend you trust to be there, vanishes Phone calls, keeping in touch, the array of text messages... ceases entirely. Was this her plan? To fully bend to the will of her lover sacrifici
Look In My Eyes
Look in my eyes, what do you see. All I want to do is cry, afraid that you won't see me. Look in my eyes, do you see somebody you know. Look close and you will see no lies, for the truth is all I show. Look in my eyes, as deep as you can. Who ever tries, see's I have been hurt by a man. Look in my eyes, my life has takin a toll. One tear shows that I cry, for I have a worthless soul. Look in my eyes, before I say good bye. You've had too many tries, to save me before I die.
Priceless (a Must Read For All The Guys Out There)
This actually IS true! It was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned it on the Tonight Show. This is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University: It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage at the microphone to talk to the crowd. He said that he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the bride's and groom's families for coming and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a fabulous reception. To thank everyone for coming and bringing gifts and everything, he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift just from him. So taped to the bottom of everyone's chair was a manila envelope, including the wedding party. He said that this was his gift to everyone, and told everyone to open the envelopes......... Inside each manila envelope was an 8x10 picture of his best man having sex..........
Looking Into The Sky
i look in to the sky above. thinking when you come back. will you see what has been done. how we treat eachother. the ones that has fallen from the path. the one that have come back from hardship. the ones that never give up. always working to better themself. always keeping faith in love. never truning there heart to stone. not finding the one true love in ther life. holding on day by day. to the love never givening to them. hurting from the love that was takeing from them.
I Have A New Friend
i have a new friend and his name is karma this friend of mine is a great friend cause i noticed in my life everyone who has hurt me realises what they have done and a ex i was with 3 years ago i can make her cry and feel like shit if i told her what she did to me i kinda starting to think its kinda funny cause i know for all the pain that anyone puts me threw no matter what there always going to feel more pain then i do for it and honestly i'm ok with that cause i can be the nicest person out there untill you hurt me but i do feel one thing that everyone out there deserves a chancee so for you few that reads this never sell your self short if you do only person you are hurting is you when you see a great thing come by in life grab it and hold onto for you never know when another great thing will stop by its not a bad thing to take chances at all sometimes its a very good thing cause those chances that we take in life makes your life the best it ever could i mean if you ever look back o
Birthday In 3 Days!
Alright guys..for those of you who I know from the Maryland area,I will be at the Maryland Line Bar/Grill eeevery evening from thursday-friday for part of my birthday week celebration! Tuesday(my actual birthday evening) I will most likely be up in Red Lion with my friends from work and wednesday in York with my old school friends. So as you can see already...I won't be on here too often this week. I'm going to try to enjoy every bit of this as much as possible cause hey,i'm only going to turn 24 on the 24th of July once in my life. So why not enjoy it? Just giving everyone a heads up on why some of you might not be seeing me on here too much. Birthday wishes of course are always welcome cause well...either way you all know I love getting comments. Hope you all have a good week. *hugs* ~Kelly
Here Is My Link
first to 250,000 if u can hlp thanx no blank comments no one under lvl 5
Whats your sex style?Fierce Sex StyleStraight to it! No time for kissing and touching here... Maybe the heat of the moment...But always great! Leaving them wanting MORE EACH TIME!!!!!!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
My Wall
I have put up a wall to keep from being hurt; to keep from having to admit I have feelings of any sort. It's easier you see to say it doesn't affect me. People come and go you see so why shouldn't I be the first to flee. It seems to be the way it goes in one relationship to the next who's gonna give first no one knows. All my life I have been an observer; the one on the outside looking in and this was my choice of course. I have seen many things go bad in relationships of all sorts and while I'm trying to understand why these relationships seem to fly by. It's hard to keep up with who's with who and which friends have decided how to be a friend they haven't a clue. Backstabbing and lies break many relationship ties. Open and honest you hardly find anymore fighting and yelling is more what they tend to explore. So I put up a wall to keep out the pain, if I don't let anything in I can cast no blame.. Of course I have been hurt once or twice, but behind this wall even friends wi
Are You Feeeling This Pain??
Are you out there? Are you losing a friend? Are you feeling the way I do? Are you feeling the same? Is there anybody out there? Anyone who can't explain? The loneliness that's appearing Filling my heart with pain. I've lost my nights' sleep Lost interest, in anything I do. All I do nowadays, is Just think and think of you. Because time is so short And the end appears near Soon I'd be alone And you'd not be there. To comfort and console me When I am in blue Encourage and inspire me In anything I do. I know its a tough road Rough days ahead of me I feel scared of solitude I wonder what'd happen to me. I often wonder at times The way you became close to my heart In merely a few months It became diificult to part. I knew this's going to happen But I ne'er knew it was so near So soon I'd have to leave you Leave someone who is so very dear. I associate you with my happiness My feelings of contentment, too. Associate you with my recen
I Hurt Someones Internet Bad
BossBitch 2007-07-24 15:42:21 Say Lil Mama I Don't Need Ya Hatin On My mum Ya Heard ~~ ... member is Stepped away 2007-7-25 1:23:29 Well mama...nothing personal and no hating involved..I was just stating an opinion..thats what the mumms are for... Am sure you got more bashing in the mumms worse then my lil comment of "not this crap again"... So tip for you not take the comments personal they are not directed at you ..but the topic of the mumm... Hope you have a Nice day...
Can My Life Get Any Worse?
i cant get a job i got fucked over from cooper standard they fired me cuz i couldnt keep rate well you cant when you when they dont keep you hoses they put me somewhere iv never been before and i didnt know wat I was doing no1 would show me iv had interviews @ other places but they end up lieing to meand not calling me back. I cant get a band.My pepow died not long ago who was the only father iv ever my grandmothers mom is in the hospital dieing. i have no friends the girl i was with for 18 months is back with her x husband they are getting married again she wont give me any of my stuff back. he came in stole her kids from me stole my job and stole my women it kills me i will never be able to get over these 2 things, i donno wat to do no other girl will be with me what do I have left? I just ready to die
30 Things A Southern Boy Won't Say
THE TOP 30 THINGS THAT YOU WILL NEVER HEAR A SOUTHERN BOY SAY: 30. Oh I just couldn't, she's only sixteen. 29. I'll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex. 28. Duct tape won't fix that. 27. Come to think of it, I'll have a Heineken. 26. We don't keep firearms in this house. 25. You can't feed that to the dog. 24. No kids in the back of the pickup, it's just not safe. 23. Wrestling is fake. 22. We're vegetarians. 21. Do you think my gut is too big? 20. I'll have grapefruit & grapes instead of biscuits & gravy. 19. Honey, we don't need another dog. 18. Who gives a dam who won the Civil War? 17. Give me the small bag of pork rinds. 16. Too many deer heads detract from the decor 15. I just couldn't find a thing at Wal-Mart today. 14. Trim the fat off that steak. 13. Cappuccino tastes better than espresso. 12. The tires on that truck are too big. 11. I've got it all on the C: drive. 10. Unsweetened tea tastes bette
Have You Thanked A Soldier Lately?
br />You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket.He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes. H
not really sure what im doing but i really need to do something. I have been married for almost 5 years to a great guy and when we got married i had two boys and he had two boys and two girls, well all along the ex has taken him to court for cutting hair and we have had to help the girls because there grandfather (the exs dad) had molested them and cps still keep giving the kids back to her. It is driving me crazy we are running out of options on how to help the kids. It has stressed me out so much there has been times that i was ready to pack up my kids and leave him to deal for himself because it controls his life, which i understand they are his kids but when is enough ----enough also alot of games are being played between the kids and there parents to see who can get the upset more
Do You Remember Where You Were At?
A beautiful woman loved growing tomatoes, but couldn't seem to get her tomatoes to turn red. One day, while taking a stroll, she came upon a gentleman neighbor who had the most beautiful garden full of huge red tomatoes. The woman asked the gentlemen, "What do you do to get your tomatoes so red?" The gentlemen responded, "Well, twice a day I stand in front of my tomato garden naked in my trench coat and flash. My tomatoes turn red from blushing so much." Well, the woman was so impressed; she decided to try doing the same thing to her tomato garden to see if it would work. So twice a day for two weeks she flashed her garden hoping for the best. One day the gentleman was passing by and asked the woman, "By the way, how did you make out? Did your tomatoes turn red?" No", she replied, "but my cucumbers are enormous."
Rosanne Barr Calls Me A Traitor
I grew up enjoying Rosanne's stand up AND her TV show. I also find her charity work also noble.. HOWEVER... Her recent comments on our President and Vice President, and those who support them are extremely disturbing. She believes that Bush & Cheney are traitors and should be impeached. And Their supporters should be considered traitors as well. Now look... I understand that there are people in this country who are for peace. I am one of them. However, I also know that you can not achieve peace by ignoring world events. And in times like these, when our leaders are actually working to protect us and have been preventing attacks on our soil, I find it dissapointing that some who have a gaggle of fans like Rosanne Barr, would rather incite anger and divide instead of support for protecting our way of life. If ANYONE should be considered a traitor, it should be her. You can read her entire quote here.
They Need Help Plz Guys
i am writing this bulletin in the hopes that someone will be able to help me. i am not doing this for pity or attention, but i need help. about a month ago some friends of mine bought me and my 2 sons(ages4 and 5) bus tickets to come to new york from ohio. they needed help getting ready for their newborn and they promised me that they would send me home as soon as i wasn't really needed around here anymore. for the last week and a half, they have threatened to throw me and my two boys out on the street with no where to go and no money. they have told me for the last week that they are trying to save up the money to send us home, and then they lay a guilt trip on me because i am costing them money everyday i am here. they just got done telling me today that they don't have the money to send us home and that they aren't really even trying to get the money. i am stuck in a state 500 miles from home with no job and no friends. under normal circumstances i would never in a million years co
I'm seriously thinking about deleting some of my so called FRIENDS.I have many but when I log on they are there but don't give answer back when I say hello.I'm trying very hard not to take this seriously but when push comes to shove that's when I take out the garbage.I don't want my true friends to be offended and they know who they are,so if you aren't deleted it's because you are my true friend.
Just Wow
Mother fucker im bored. I wanr a mannnn Someone help me out? Hhahahha funny shit, Me and my Juggalettes went to the mall teh other day to pick on kids and i wore Farie wings and FLEW around the mall HAHAHA Funny shit. I got hit on by Sum random ass guy. Malls are fun to fuck up.
Spyro Gyra 1991 Morning Dance
Some one was posting music videos of live concerts of past so here is some of my favorite groups hope you enjoy them as much as i do!
Kilroy Movie Pt 1 Of 2
Pt1 of 2 of a live concert by Styx Kilroy was here
Our Troops & Starbucks!!
NO COFFEE FOR THE MARINES Their coffee is tasting more and more bitter..... Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some of it to the troops there. Not free mind you? Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone in it, < BR>and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee. So as not to offend Starbucks, maybe we should not support them by buying any of their products! As a war vet writing to fellow patriots, I feel we should get this out in the open. I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting street-to-street and house-to-house for what they and I believe is right. If you feel the same as I do then pass this along, or you can discard it and no one will neve
A New Addition To The Family...
So yesterday my wishes came true and I got a puppy. Awww he is a five month old purebred Boston Terrier who still doesn't have a name but I'm thinking it'll either be Sir Badass Killington, Toby, or Hendrix. But yeah I am so happy right now, yay!
August 8, 2007
You're at the center of a swirl of gossip. It might not be about you, and you might not even be contributing to it, but there's still no avoiding it. Do your best to let it all just wash over you.
Just A Word Of Thanks To All!
Just want to tell everyone that rate my profile and picture and pictures a great deal of thanks! You all are great friends and loves chatting with you all here on the wonderful site. Thanks again! Hugs and kisses: Bethany
Sometimes I Just Want To . . . .
One Way Or Another
One Way Or Another ( Blondie ) One way or another, I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha. One way or another, I'm gonna win ya. I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha. One way or another, I'm gonna see ya. I'm gonna meetcha, meetcha, meetcha, meetcha. One day, maybe next week, I'm gonna meetcha. I'm gonna meetcha, I'll meetcha. I will drive past your house, and if the lights are all down I'll see who's around. One way or another, I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha. One way or another, I'm gonna win ya. I'll getcha, I'll getcha. One way or another, I'm gonna see ya. I'm gonna meetcha, meetcha, meetcha, meetcha. One day, maybe next week, I'm gonna meetcha. I'll meetcha, ah. And if the lights are all out, I'll follow your voice downtown, see who's hangin' out. One way or another I'm gonna lose ya. I'm gonna give you the slip. A slip of the lip, or another, I'm gonna lose ya. I'm gonna trick ya, I'll trick ya. On
We Men Are Funny Some Times .
Subject: Oil Change Instructions Oil Change Instructions for Women: >> 1) Pull up to Jiffy Lube when the mileage reaches 3000 miles since the >> last oil change. >> 2) Drink a cup of coffee >> 3) 15 minutes later, write a check and leave with a properly >> maintained vehicle. >> >> Money spent: >> Oil Change: $ 20.00 >> Coffee $ 1.00 >> Total: $ 21.00 Oil Change Instructions for Men : >> 1) Wait until Saturday, drive to auto parts store and buy a case of >> oil, oil filter, kitty litter, hand cleaner and a scented tree, write a check >> for $50.00. >> 2) Stop by 7-11 and buy a case of beer, write a check for $20, drive >> home. >> 3) Open a beer and drink it. >> 4) Jack car up. Spend 30 minutes looking for jack stands. >> 5) Find jack stands under kid's pedal car. >> 6) In frustration, open another beer and drink it. >> 7) Place drain pan under engine. >> 8) Look for 9/16 box end wrench. >> 9) Give up and use crescent wrench. >
Verses Of The Stars
I lay unadorned for you Desnudo... Descubrir... My beating heart fueled The touch of lyrical lips, fall upon lovers skin. --Inscribe your dreams-- I wait longing for you Esperar... Mariposa... My emotions taste your words Fingertips, found your heart, grasping to make you feel. --Holding on to this reality-- I alone; breathing; beating (heart) Si para el uno... Embracing love; taking --my love-- My precious, mi pricioso Pursue "this" reality... ...exhale. ~*For thoes who need it translated*~ I lay unadorned for you Naked... Exposed... My beating heart fueled The touch of lyrical lips, fall upon lovers skin. --Inscribe your dreams-- I wait longing for you Anticipate... Butterfly... My emotions taste your words Fingertips, found your heart, grasping to make you feel. --Holding on to this reality-- I alone; breathing; beating (heart) Yes for the one... Embracing love; taking --my love-- My precious, my precious Pursue "thi
Episode 79: Of Partisan Stances On Non-partisan Issues...
Let's clear the air before I begin this. First, let me start off by saying that I'm not going to lay into one side (and rather mercilessly) without laying into the other. Each and every side will become a target if necessary because I feel it's time to say what many have thought but have never taken the time to say. Second, I'm not going to suffer anyone's negativity. I'm going to say what I have to say and then walk away. If you have negative comments, you'll be ignored...period. I can tolerate differences of opinion and even intense (though not heated) debate but nastiness will harm YOU more than it will ME. That's the bottom line. Third, I'm asking everyone to stand down from arms for just a moment. Just long enough to hear what I have to say and give it consideration. Let it sink in. I've come, not to offer a rant bereft of solutions but a striking portrait of how our common goal means nothing to any of us at present and how it can mean something again and how we can rise abo
Almost Forgot, My Shameless Begging!
Please all feel free to donate whatever it is to the cause, i make my living off of my webcam shows, and i get my customers through networking (i don't mean i want you all to go run over there to my show, i just like to get to know people and get them to see me for more than just a webcam girl before they get to see me as one) ;).... Anyhow, any help you can give me, whether it's just making your friends come visit my page here, or donating a blast, everything is appreciated ;) for more ways to help me out, you can always visit and glance around there to find fun things like wishlists and such if you're feeling that type of generous :p
Ok Here We Go! Bomberzzzzzzzzzz
my link for 1 week blast help me peeps c ya there- copy n paste link in ur browser thx.
Im in BBG's contest , "Battle of the sexes". To all the people I've help bomb, I need U in this one. Would you please be so kind 2 rate and bomb my pict?The contest starts the 23rd at 9 pm Fubar time. Thanks, ~NYC
10 Weird facts about Me 1. My right leg is a quarter inch longer than my left. 2. I despise all insects and destroy them whenever in my sight. 3. My legs from the knee down are twisted, making me walk penguin-style. This has therefore eliminated all coordination as far as balancing activities, like skateboards, skis and rollerskating. 4. I am so hot-blooded I must have a fan on me from time to time to cool off. 5. I never learned how to swim, due to emphatic phobia of not being able to feel the ground underneath my feet. 6. I have a tremendous fear of thunderstorms, in particular a terror for lightning. 7. I've never met a person thats been interested in me when first meeting me in person, as opposed to on the Internet. 8. My lifetime record for pull-ups is Zero. This includes all grades of school when I was 300 pounds lighter and 5 inches shorter. 9. I've never had a cavity or tooth problem in my whole life and I brush very rarely. 10. I still to
Where I Be
what up ppl i be on my cell on my name there is tony782311 so if you want to chat ill be there have funn ppl talk to you ppl later bye
The Right Path
I know in my heart that one day the person I love and myself will make it together - I dont know when or how exactly but once we get thru the crazy obstacles we might just make it. someday My horoscope for today gives me a lil hope... lol... 8/21/07 You're all fired up and know in your heart that you're on the right path. It might be hard to convince your peers, but time will tell. They're at least watching you with great interest for the time being.
Help My Friend Become The Next Fubar Godfather
Peeps, help my friend become the next fubar godfather. rate his pics, stash, mumms, and blogs. he's put a lot of work into this effort , so lets bomb his site with lots of rates! trout gang@ fubar
To All My Friends
I want to personally thank all my friends who have been there and supported me through the BS I've dealt with in my previous job. Doing all the work, filing federally regulated handling papers and what have you. Thank you. I appreciate it immensely. Thank you to the mummers for your comments and the laughs, more to come rest assured. At this new position I won't be logging onto Fubar during the day. Once I get a feel for things and know whether any of my co-workers or subordinates have profiles here then I'll decide on posting a salute. WOW! Then you'll all know what I finally look like. Feels good to have a new start with a company that seems to put value in the people rather than the bottom line. Starting over means no vacation, sick days or holidays since I'll be the new guy, but once the interim period is over I'll have a bit more time for everything. I can't say it enough, to my friends...YOU ROCK !!! Because if I'm saying it, it must be true.
This Is Me
Just a regular UK guy, work hard and spend 20/7 on a computer. Got animals, dog, cats and geese Don't know how this all works as first day here and still nursing a beer from PurpleHaze (a goood mate) Se ya around
What Is Pretty
Why do people think that to be pretty, it must be in looks. I disagree; you need more. I dont have the looks butI do have a heart,sense of humor, and personality. Why do people, myself included, thinks that looks is all that. I learned tonight that it dont matter about looks , its whats inside that counts.And I am a very pretty person and damn I love myself.
I Was Diagnosed With C. A. A. D. D.
Recently, I was diagnosed with C. A. A. D. D. (Child Activated Attention Deficit Disorder) This is how it manifests: I decide to do the laundry. As I start toward the basement, I notice that there are cheerios all over the floor and my car keys are in the cereal bowl. I decide to pick up the cheerios before I do the laundry. I lay my car keys down on the counter, put the cheerios in the trash can under the counter, and notice that the trash can is full. So, I decide to take out the trash. But then I think, since I'm going to be near the mailbox when I take out the trash I may as well pay the bills first. I take my checkbook off the table, and see that there is only one check left, my extra checks are in my desk in the office/playroom, so I go to my desk where I find a sippy cup full of juice. I'm going to look for my checks, but first I decide I should put the sippy cup in the refrigerator to keep it cold. As I head toward the kitchen with the sippy cup a vase of flowers on the
Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey guys! im in a photo contest...if you have a few minutes stop by and drop some love on my picture :) love you guys! **muah**
Here We Go Again!
I'm not a bitch...really I'm not. Then things happen and I get pissed. I have a LOT going on in my life. and while I realize everyone else has thier own version of things that are going on in thier lives. I must say that I am tired. Tired of being the one that is ALWAYS THERE! So that when I am down and out nobody cares. Tired of being the shoulder to cry on, Cause when I need one, no one seems to be around. I am doing so much on my own and I have so much happening in the next few weeks, like going back to work and trying to get my body back on that schedule and try to spend some time with my daughter, that people are really gonna get pissed when Im not there to lean on anymore!
i just want to let the ladies know im not here to try and get in any of your panties, im here just to make friends. im 53 yrs old, crippled and just lost the love of my life to cancer,in 2004, i have spinal stinoses i 3 parts of my back and can hardly walk im in a wheelchair most of the time so i would be any good to you as a lover so i just want to be step-kids left me after the lost of their mother so now im all alone.thank you for your time and i will try and be on here more my pc keeps acting up. take care and god bless.
Plz. Help Me!
I'm in a Dimples Contest! I need help! Plz. Come by and show me sum luv!
The weekend is here. So much to do and its to freaking hot to do it. Man I need some cool air.
OK, so one thing I HATE to do is talk about myself but for the sake of making sure there are no misunderstandings on here I will do my best. I found fubar through a friend of mine from another chat program and decided to make my own profile here. I see a lot of friends from that same chat program I USED to use that I would enjoy being able to keep up with. Plus.. I do graphics work and yea, I guess I like to show em off from time to time. LOL! Also.. I write a lot. Have my own website where I share my graphics and my poems and writings. Every thing I share on that site is taken from a piece of me, trust me. I write from the heart. And I have actually been told that others can "feel" what I am saying which is a HUGE compliment to me. I enjoy getting to know people and finding out what they are like on the INSIDE. Yes, I have been lied to many times on here, just like a lot of you have.. but I think it's important to say that when I say I like what's inside a person.. I mean it. I'm
The Darkness Wont Go Away Today
there is a darkness in my heart as of late i cannot seem to drive away a sinking, and a pulling i dont know what it means, or where it came from it makes me feel so alone so hurt and dark a little scared sometimes when i cry, i cant stop. i always used to be able to stop i dont know how to tell him how to ask him for help. i know he deals too, he would think i was just trying to make his problems seem less too often am i sitting here at this computer alone it makes it so easy to forget most nights but today.... today it doesnt go away today it keeps coming i cooked three pots of baby food today i made a cake with chocolate frosting brownies and meatloaf with asperagess and stuffing i cleanded the bathroom three times i vacummed twice upstairs and down i cleaned the kitchen i dont know how many times but it still wont go away and i still dont understand and i'm still crying and i hid it long enough for him to take a shower and leave god why did i do th
Ok This!!!
Today while I slept..naked of course...I was given something very cool. I woke to find a message in my inbox, sadly messages are sparse...some of you need to fix that for me..I find great joy discovering items in my box. But not to get distracted here...I want everyone to do me a big favor...because she really is very cool and fun and her gift to me was truly unsolicited and from the heart. Now I will gladly impart as many of the 11's as I can upon you i have been making my way through your albums/stashes/blogs/and mumms already... please go to her page and rate her/add her/fan her/show her a whole lot of love/and get her drunk if you can!!! ~Vixen260~DLCSS~DD~#1 Wife of Never Played Again~@ fubar muchos gracias all!!! thank you very much sweetheart for making me pink again. ♥ xoxox ♥
How Did We Live Through This??
as some of you may already know ... Fenton ,MI which is my Home... was hit by multipal tornadoes on Friday evening... I was coming home from the canceled softball game in Holly,MI and ended up in the path of one of the tornadoes... the Truck is ok but it took a very hard hit to the back and sides from multipal trees and debree being blown through the air.. I am still very shocked that we are all ok and that no one was hurt in this whole event.. I hope that all of you keep Fenton in your prayers.. and that we all get our lifes back in order soon... we just got our power back on late last nite.. Saturday night... we had no power from friday evening till then... we lost all of the stuff inthe fridge before we could get to Ice.. the rds were all blocked with trees and debree... pass this onn and kep us in your prayers.. Michele
Bad Mom?
Today I feel like a bad mom. My son is 5 and it seems like he never listens. Going into other people's houses when he's not suppose too, very spoiled child. All i did today was yell at him and that doesn't help.
Secret Fantasy QuizYour secret fantasy is to date Mrs ButterworthFind out your secret fantasy at
so, ive been told that if you need help, you should yell, 'fire!' instead of help, cause more people will come than if you yell for help. :D:D:D i wonder if it works? :D:D:D anyways :D i really could use some in this contest, and im winning, but second place is gaining on me! every rate and comment helps, so...if you have a minute, or youre just plain bored...come help me, and say hello!! ill be there to chat if you want!! CLICK PHOTO TO VOTE (rate and comment) all my friends old and you guys!!! **muahs** ((((((hugs))))))
well i just found out that i am 6 weeks pregnant and i am so happy i cant wait til i find out what it is but i will keep on making these blogs to keep everyone informed.
Chinese Proverbs
Chinese Proverbs ! * "Virginity like bubble. . . One prick - all gone!" * "Man who run in front of car get tired" * "Man who run behind car get exhausted" * "Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day" * "Foolish man give wife grand piano. Wise man give wife upright organ." * "Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok" * "Man with one chopstick go hungry." * "Man who scratches ass should not bite fingernails." * "Man who eat many prunes get good run for money." * "Baseball is wrong. . . Man with four balls cannot walk!" * "Panties not best thing on earth. . . but next to it." * "War doesn't determine who's right . . . War determines who's left." * "Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house." * "Man who sleep in cat house by day . . . sleep in doghouse by night." * "Man who fight with wife all day . . . get no piece at night!" * "Man who tell one too many light bulb jokes soon burn out!" * "It ta
Sweet Tea
Why does it seem like you can't get sweet tea north of Virginia or west of the Mississippi? Going out to eat and getting a glass of unsweetened tea with ice in it is just wrong. No matter how much sugar you put in it, it just never tastes right and you end up looking like you have a pile of sand at the bottom of your glass. Is it just a southern thing or are we the only ones to figure out sugar dissolves better in hot liquid? I've met people from Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, L.A, and other places who have never heard of ordering your tea already sweetened. Even chain restaurants that offer it in the south don't offer it in other places. Generally speaking I can get it in Atlanta, Richmond, Memphis, Nashville, Raliegh, Myrtle Beach, Louisville etc. but not in D.C., Baltimore, N.Y., K.C., Indy, Boise etc. It just makes no sense. What does everyone else think about this?
Too Funny Nsfw
Today's joke: Two women go out one weekend without their husbands. As they came back, just before dawn, both of them drunk, they felt the urge to pee. They noticed that the only place to stop was a cemetery. Scared and drunk, they stopped and decided to go there anyway. The first one did not have anything to blot herself with, so she took her panties off, used them and discarded them. The second, not finding anything either, thought "I'm not getting rid of my panties..." so she used the ribbon of a nearby flower wreath. The morning after, the two husbands were talking to each other on the phone, and one says to the other: "We have to be on the look-out; it seems that these two were up to no good last night, my wife came home without her panties..." The other one responded: "You're lucky, mine came home with a card stuck to her butt that read, "We will never forget you."
An Eye For An Eye!!!!
I know this should be a blog, but I need to know something from another's point of view, so PLEASE bear with me!!Today my cousin left me a voice message saying that the "woman" that mercilessly took the life of my litte cousin, may she rest in peace, in a hit and run "accident" has FINALLY been sentenced to life in prison without the possibly of parole. For 2 1/2 long and painful years, my family went to every court date seeking justice for the reckless murder of my young cousin, Jodie Anne at the hands of a careless and intoxicated "woman"! This "woman" decided that it was better for "her" to drive home at 2:00 PM from a bar, completely mashed, to "her" home which was 10 1/2 miles away from "her" location!!! This path of destruction tore through a school zone where young Jodie Ann was waiting, with her peers, for the school bus on the sidewalk!! The details are too graphic to explain what had happened next so I'll just say that after it was all said and done Heaven received 8 precious
No Wonder The Cubs Lost???
I think Jeff Gordon better keep his "day" job!! lol.... :)
Tugging On The Heart
When a woman loves a man she gives everything she has and possesses within her including her heart which means everything to her...and yet with hesitation. When a man loves he gives only what he feels he has to offer...sometimes in which is all or only what he chooses to give in fear he will lose it all. My heart will belong to one someday...with whom I am not sure of today. Tomorrow will be a little clearer for I am one day closer to being within reach of him. Today my hopes are full, tomorrow they will be full of content. Yet i must live for today for tomorrow is not promised. Confusing at times and yet so deserving...for the hearts that play will never truely find their way...its the ones who are true to themselves and others that love will last forever... Can you relate? or do you just associate? Love comes from deep within if you dont give all you will never have it all...and someday fall short as to who you may be or you just simply will never know who you true
Life Sucks
The Mountains
The head lights of the old SUV shine on the dirt road as we wound our way up the mountain road. We drive higher and higher leaving the city lights behind. As we near the top there is a turn out and a jet of land sticking out over edge of the mountain about 500 yards. We stop and get out of the car. The sky is so dark the moon shines just on the edges of the distant mountaintops making them only slightly visible. The warm summer air hits my face as you go to the trunk and get the sleeping bag out. “There’s a nice spot,” I say. You take the sleeping bag and lay it out on the soft grassy ground. We take our shoes off and lay back looking at the stars. We can see billions and billions of stars. You start pointing out all the constellations to me. “Which one is that one?” I ask. “H3WPO” “You mean it doesn’t have a more romantic name?” You gently roll over and look me in the eyes. “Like what?” you ask as you lean your lips into mine and kiss me. Gently you lift my blouse a
Please Help Dream Catcher!!!!!
What you are about to read, is for a very dear person to one of my dear friends. Please copy and paste into your own blogs and bulletins. You are needed by so many You are charrished by so many You are the Light in the Darkness And the Darkness in the Light Without you this world is bleak Without you we would be amiss Without you we would give up Without you all hope is lost You bring us a new day You bring us a new hope You bring us a new Light When we need it the most Without you we would be nothing So you must realize this above all You are needed by us all For you give us our everything All my Love, Prayers and Support goes out to you Dream Catcher You need to come back to us. Your Daughter needs you, your Family needs you, your Friends need you.
Can You
Can you feel me as i climb on top??? Can you feel me do you want me to stop??? Can you Feel me as i go up and down, can you feel me as i make that sound??? I know you want it i can see it in your eyes, you want to feel me taste me make me cry... Touch me hold me can you feel me???
Our Next Lil Play Time Is 22nd Sept 2007
Hi there, we hope you liked the party pics from August. Our next lil session will be the 22nd Sept 2007. We have some of our close webcam friends meeting us again for drinks, chat and a lil fun. Last month we did the sushi platter..... this months will be a fruit platter and whipped cream. We will have a masseuse there also to give me a full body warm oil massage. We will post some pics here from the event and of course it will be broadcast on cam for everyone to watch. Wish me luck.... xx Kylie
Stupid Whores
The Midnight Call
We all know what it's like to get that phone call in the middle of the night. This night's call was no different. Jerking up to the ringing summons, I focused on the red illuminated numbers of my clock. Midnight. Panicky thoughts filled my sleep-dazed mind as I grabbed the receiver. Hello?" My heart pounded; I gripped the phone tighter and eyed my husband, who was now turning to face my side of the bed. "Mama?" I could hardly hear the whisper over the static. But my thoughts immediately went to my daughter. When the desperate sound of a young crying voice became clearer on the line, I grabbed for my husband and squeezed his wrist. "Mama, I know it's late, but don't...don't say anything, until I finish. And before you ask, yes! I've been drinking. I nearly ran off the road a few miles back and..." I drew in a sharp shallow breath, released my husband and pressed my hand against my forehead. Sleep still fogged my mind and I attempted to fight back the panic. Something was
Ground Zero 9/11 Personal Pics
Since I am maxed out on my pics here on Fubar, I have a special album of my personal photographs taken at ground zero and rembrance pics on my Care2 network in regards to September 11 2001. Feel free to view them at your lesiure.
Pray For America
I Want To Know You
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I wanna know you better! Send your anwers to me only... ============================================= 1.)Q. Can you cook? 1.)A. 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 2.)A. 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 3.)A. 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 4.)A. 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 5.)A. 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 6.)A. 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? 7.)A 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 8.)A. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 9.)A. 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 10.)A. 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 11.)A 12.)Q. Negative or Optimistic attitude? 12.)A. 13. )Q. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? 13.)A. 14.)Q. Wo
Letter To The Assholes In My Life!
Dear Assholes, I'm tired of the bullshit. I'm tired of the lies. I'm tired of trusting and being let down. Its funny how people can be dishonest and blame their faults on me. I'm not perfect i know, but i do not lead people to trust me and let them down in the worst possible way. I would never intentionaly hurt someone. I'm tired of excuses. The James you all know is lost and i'm not sure he could be found again. If evil is what i'm charged with then evil is what you'll recieve. From now on i'll show you what that side of James is with no regrets. If you call me a dick, an asshole, or a basterd then know that you earned it fair and square. Fuck you and all that you represent. I'm just tired of all of it. I'm done playing this game and i'm done with YOU! -Forever Hate James
Somehow it seems that when the kids need you the most is when you are busy. Ironically that is always when they need me lol. I do want one more tho because when they get older I will then have 3 of them to support me. :D
Gave Up
watched multiple people continue to go through my nsfw's even while the previous blog and stash item were posted. nsfw's are locked. one is not. there may be some nsfw's in the other albums but this primarily applies to the full nsfw albums. that's it guys, you managed to hit the last nerve and this is what you get. my apologies to those that have rated everything. tough and fetish i will give you temporary family access as i know you did rate things. for others, if i see that this is the case, perhaps the same will happen, but again, this is at MY discretion, DO NOT BOTHER ASKING. sin PS. for those of you that want to fucking bitch that i didn't rate YOUR shit, keep in mind, i didn't go perving through your NSFWs and bitch about having a hardon either. PLEASE get the fuck over yourselves.
She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. And her husband is on the back of the milk carton. WOMEN'S REVENGE "Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. "So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally." UNDERSTANDING WOMEN (A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE) I know I'm not going to understand women. I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root, and still be afraid of a spider. MARRIAGE SEMINAR While attending a Marriage Seminar dealing with communication, Tom and his wife Gra
Transformers Halloween Costumes
Transformers Halloween Costumes Shop for super hero costumes by clicking here - fulfill all your costume and party decoration needs! Making your own Transformers Halloween Costume is going to be tricky, especially If you want your costume to transform into a car. Of course if we could easily build this type of technology, we wouldn't be so worried about getting the perfect Transformers halloween costume. So how do you achieve that metallic look in your Transformers costume? You will need to start with some sturdy cardboard boxes, cut them up and glue them together. Make sure you can fit inside of each of the box parts. Once you are done decorating the boxes, have a friend glue the last few pieces together while you are wearing the costume. To add some realism get some shiny metallic paint and spray paint the boxes using your favorite Transformers colors.
Fucking Assholes
Well today fucking sucked like hell.... I got fired from work today cause they said I had attitude problem all because I asked supervisor to let me watch others so I could learn something instead of the one I was sent to watch cause all I got to do was sit at a table by myself soldering scrap boards with messed up parts learning nothing about the jobs we might have to do... After I asked one of the trainers if I could watch her do visual inspections on some boards so I could learn what she is doing and know what to look for and all .. she snapped at me and told me to go back over to what I was doing said she doubt I'd ever be doing that type of job anyhow eventho most of the jobs include a type of inspection of boards to look for defects ... well after that she told the head supervisor that I was refusing to work and that I had attitude problem so they called the temp agency supervisor on site and told them to reassign me to a new job before anyone actually talked to me and got the fac
Rick Warren (remember He Wrote " Purpose Driven Life" )
Rick Warren (REMEMBER HE WROTE " PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE" ) You will enjoy the new insights that Rick Warren has, with his wife now having cancer and him having "wealth" from the book sales. This is an absolutely incredible short interview with Rick Warren, "Purpose Driven Life " author and pastor of Saddleback Churchin California
Aiight I can't write on my actual blog on MySpace because my best friends and family members read that shit. As soon as I write a private blog for a preferred list or to myself - I get shit from everyone..all worried that they did something wrong. So anyway - I duno who I am. lol I come back to England with life breathed into me.. they saved my life over there. I read through my last blog I wrote on here the other day, and told my best friend about the bit where I wasn't sure if she was a sister to me anymore...I have no idea what made me write that- cos I can't remember her upsetting me at all. Then we were talking about when I was an addict, and she explained why she was so upset the night I left for USA - it's because she thought I might never come back. A) By enjoying myself so much or B) I would die over there. This was strange because for some reason - I used to think I would too. I'm definitly a new person - Kaz left a bottle of Jamesons in my room about 3 weeks ago f
New Update
some good news today. his white cells are dropping. the antibiotics are working but he's still a long way from coming home. they're gonna start working with him to get him off the ventilator. they said the next week is gonna be rough.
Going Home
My Kinda Cat.....
A cat died and went to Heaven. God met her at the gates and said, "You have been a good cat all these years. Anything you want is yours for the asking." The cat thought for a minute and then said, "All my life I lived on a farm and slept on hard wooden floors. I would like a real fluffy pillow to sleep on." God said, "Say no more." Instantly the cat had a huge fluffy pillow. A few days later, six mice were killed in an accident and they all went to Heaven together. God met the mice at the gates with the same offer that He made to the cat The mice said, "Well, we have had to run all of our lives: from cats, dogs, and even people with brooms! If we could just have some little roller skates, we would not have to run again." God answered, "It is done." All the mice had beautiful little roller skates. About a week later, God decided to check on the cat. He found her sound asleep on her fluffy pillow. God gently awakened the cat and asked, "Is everything o
Best Ink Contest(expired)
An Elephants Memory
An elephants memory As you well know, I don't usually like these heartwarming fuzzy animal stories, but this one is truly interesting...* *In 1986, a Mike Membre was on holiday in Kenya ( In the Laikipia Region, which is where Taygen and I were last month) after graduating from Northwestern University.** On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air. The elephant seemed distressed, so Membre approached it very carefully. He got down on one knee and inspected the elephant's foot and found a large piece of burnt wood deeply embedded in it. As carefully and as gently as he could, Membre worked the wood out with his hunting knife, after which the elephant gingerly put down its foot. The elephant turned to face the man, and with a rather cu
Hi Friends
I want my friends to know something. I wish I had all the time in the world to comment all of you everyday, but I lead a busy life and cannot. I wish I had the ability to make you smile when you are sad, but sometimes that can be hard. I wish we were not so far away from each other and could actually hang out in person and get to know each other. I love meeting people and making new friends and I don't want people to think I ignore them or just add just to add you. My friends are special to me and wish there was a way to keep in touch with all of you at the same time. Please, don't be a stranger and leave some love...muahhh love you!! Teresa
9-23-07 One Year Ago A Special Friend Passed Away.
I just want everyone to no that 2day is a 1 year memorial since my former employer/good friend passed away. His name was Gerald "Wayne" Welch. I worked as his P.A For over a year during a termenal illness he had, He was a very kind hearted man and I would like a moment of silence 2 day for him. He will trully be missed by many family and friends... REST IN PEACE WAYNE.... WE MISS YOU! LOVE, Sara
Crazy Weekend!
This weekend has had its shares of ups and downs.lets start with friday night...kareoke. It was really fun and upbeat.Eric came and we were having a great time.When I went back to his house for the night he stayed up till three thirty in the effing morning playing halo 2 when i was sitting in the bedroom being bored out of my mind.(dont get me wrong i love playing halo.)i was about to fall asleep and he comes in expecting to get some.In my head i was thinking yeah right,but since i was already there and i wanted some i gave in.after he was done he leaves the room(we all know why) comes back lies down rolls over and falls asleep without saying a word to i go to sleep feeling like shit.Saturday i had a family reunion on sat which was fun/awkward because i didnt know 80% of the people there.and i told my parents i went to my cousins house to spend the night on friday.the problem with that was my uncle and aunt got there before i did and told her i wasnt i had to pull a sto
Passion 3
Dreams what are they are they something you do at night when you sleep? No! dreams are something you want to come true. My dreams of you is what, I want to come true. Cause all I do is dream about you. Hoping you'll come through with making my dreams come true. Is what I want you to do, Make my dreams come true!!! Written By : Crazy Bitch..
Contest I Am In
Please HELP ME I am in my first real contest the link is Thanks in advance Steve The contest runs from 7pm tonight till 7 pm 9-29-07
Making Love To A Friend
Making Love To A Friend by Lisa Ann You were always so perfect to me, so soft and gentle, cherishing you instantly, without a second glance, I never distrusted those eyes, that lied to me continuously, I promised you I'd always try, but slowly you were losing me. I would always have given you anything, just to keep your interest, stopping my heart from remembering, all the pain you caused, I never pulled away from that kiss, that held a painful hint of truth, Maybe you'd be too hard to miss, so I said I was still in love with you. I wanted more than just the infatuation, that you found in me. You said love was only a distraction, that you really didn't need, so I cried myself to sleep, knowing the times we shared must end. You couldn't let emotion run deep, you said you made love to me, as a friend. But eventually, my love, friendships fade, too, and I can't make love and walk away, pretending I don't love you. Never once did I push you away,
Hmm..thursday Night
Wow..catching that Thursday Night Buzz..LOl I just want to tell you all the contest is running smoothly, and if you aren't where you want to be right now...dont give up..:) It aint over till its over...:) I also want to say thanks for the new people that have joined today...You will get the hang of this and if you have any questions just ask..Love you all! Hugs and Kisses MUAH
Thanks for the B~day wishs. I really didn't have a good one but see that you all tried to say something to me and my own Fam forgot it. Makes me feel just as bad as ever. But thanks for thinking about me. Later
a doctor is helping a lady deliver her baby 10 min go by 40 min go by finally the baby is out and the doctor grabs the baby..... slams it on the floor.... slams it on the ceiling...... slams it against the wall.... woman freaks out what the hell are you doing to my baby!!!!!!!!! the doctor replies "I'm just teasing you dear it was already dead
For All My Juggalo Family
we will never ie alone juggalos will carry on swing aour hatchets if we must each and everyone one of us THE WICKED CLOWN WILL NEVER DIE WE WILL ALWAYS BE HERE
Wow Jesus Finds Ways...
Got a call from the hospital transplant coordinator today..She told me that they still have no match for my son...Because they have not and no family left to test they called to ask if I would concider doing a kidney exchange..meaning I give my kidney to someone other then my son and in exchange for a kidney for him...I said yes of course...Jesus answers our prayers in many ways because if this works not only do we save my son but someone else...Please pray that all goe's as planned...If you can and will donate A kidney please contact the hospital at the # listed on my page and in my blogs...God bless you all I will not give up hope....This has to work as I can see My son getting sicker everyday and it breaks my heart....KNIGHTSKITTY
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Pride And Joy
Stevie Ray Vaughan Lyrics "Pride And Joy" Well you've heard about love givin' sight to the blind My baby's lovin' cause the sun to shine She's my sweet little thing, she's my pride and joy She's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boy Yeah I love my baby, heart and soul Love like ours won't never grow old She's my sweet little thing, she's my pride and joy She's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boy Yeah, I love my lady, she's long and lean You mess with her, you'll see a man get mean She's my sweet little thing, she's my pride and joy She's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boy Well I love my baby, like the finest wine Stick with her until the end of time She's my sweet little thing, she's my pride and joy She's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boy Yeah I love my baby, heart and soul Love like ours won't never grow old She's my sweet little thing, she's my pride and joy She's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover
Time For Me To Fly
Hey everyone, I am going to be gone for a good long while, I guess 8-9 months. I will try to keep everyone informed on how things are going from time to time
This Is The Link For The Tattoo Contest. Click on here to help me with this contest first contest on here..Thank you to everyone that helps. Contest starts a 5 PM PST....
1. How many people have you had sex with in 2007? one 2. Weed, coke, speed, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms... of these, how many have you done? two 3. Ever been cheated on? duh 4. Ever paid for sex? 5. Ever been married? yup 6. Ever been divorced? yup 7. If you had to pick one, whats your favorite sexual position? the one that gets me off 8. Do you own any guns? not anymore 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? aaaaaaahahahahahaha no 10. Ever been in rehab? no huh 11. Have you ever had any sexual experiences with the same sex? yup 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on myspace? met? no. knew previously. yup 13. Truthfully… size matters? fuck yeah it does ... too big is painful and too small is a waste of time
Another Lame....lmaoooo
yeah, he tried to hurt my feelings,,,,,lmao as always, bottums up:P PhatDave ~...: i will when we are done baby sitting ->Lexi&heart...: well, you should be fuckin your girlfriend luv PhatDave ~...: but its fun to fuck with people who have no life and take shit serioulsy on here ->Lexi&heart...: no, again, you and the beastiality, hmmmm I see a pattern here, go fuck your "girlfriend" or whatever ya wanna call it and leave me alone, have a nice day PhatDave ~...: sorry i dont need dogs to satisfy me mut it looks like you take the horse cock in the ass ->Lexi&heart...: oh really, you WOULD know about keeping dogs satisfied, you beastiality freak, lookin at you, know wonder you have to resort to dogs, sorry, PhatDave ~...: well it doesn even look like you can keep your neighbors dog satisfied ->Lexi&heart...: hahahahahahahahaha, thats right, I keep my man satisfied PhatDave ~...: thats why im not with you hahahahaha ->Lexi&heart...: then why are you mumming about i
Don't Know Who Wrote But, Love
FOR THE ONES WE LOVE AND LOST.... ~IF TEARS COULD BUILD A STAIRWAY~ If tears could build a stairway and memroies a lane... I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again... No farewell words were spoken no time to say "goodbye".... You were gone befor i knew it andonly god knows why... My heart still aches with sadnessand secret tears still flow... What it meant to love you - no one can ever know... But now i know you want me to mourn for you no more... To remember the happy times life still has much in store.. Since you'll never be forgotten I pledge to you today... A hollowad place within my heart is where you'll always stay!!!
Can Someone Disappear?
For financial reasons & the children, my friend is staying with her cheating husband, but she has had enough!!(he's been caught & has admitted it, it's not just suspicion) She's tried to leave but he manages to track her down. She doesn't use credit cards or a cell phone anymore because they have led him to her in the past. Can someone disappear? What can she do? anyone have some ideas?? oh.. btw her hubby is a police officer!!
Hey All
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Waiting On The World To Change
Waiting On The World To Change lyrics Me and all my friends We're all misunderstood They say we stand for nothing and There's no way we ever could Now we see everything that's going wrong With the world and those who lead it We just feel like we don't have the means To rise above and beat it So we keep waiting Waiting on the world to change We keep on waiting Waiting on the world to change It's hard to beat the system When we're standing at a distance So we keep waiting Waiting on the world to change Now if we had the power To bring our neighbors home from war They would have never missed a Christmas No more ribbons on their door And when you trust your television What you get is what you got Cause when they own the information, oh They can bend it all they want That's why we're waiting Waiting on the world to change We keep on waiting Waiting on the world to change It's not that we don't care, We just know that the fight ain't fair So we ke
Iraq: The Death Of Reason
for my own amusement i have decided to blog the documentaries i have seen.the one i watched today is particurarly points out how this is not a war on terror but a war of points out how the US funded saddam and iran in the 80's to kill each other to weaken both has the evidence that we gave saddam permission to use chemical weapons on iran and his own people when they wanted to overthrow him.It also shows that after the gulf war due to the economic sanctions we implied,many elderly and young children paid the price with their lives.Up to 1.2-1.8 million died from 1991 to 2001 due to our ability to bomb them and prevent them from having clean water,medicine and the ability to have constant electricity.It lays out perfectly how the administration used 9/11 and religion to go through their agenda of genocide for control of the natural resources and global domination.At one point it shows how stupid the average american is when they ask whats it about and the a
50 Reasons Why I'm Better Than You!
lmao!!! oh my god that's funny! i can't believe you actually wanted to read this! xoxo
Last Level!
Gunning For Godmother! This is it! I am down to the last level I need to get! Godmother! I need your help everyone! Whatever you can do! Fan Me! Rate me! Add me for goodness sakes! Please! Help me Level! imikimi - Customize Your World
Much Love For These Folks!!!
i wanna thank all these people who rock and just helped me become a rockstar!!! marktheshark@ fubar ~Silver Diamond~Rock My World!!@ fubar INFARRED~DIRTY SOUTH CREW~FOUNDER OF SPIRIT BOMBERS~WTC TRIBAL COUNCIL~D&DC~~ LOVING MIKE ALWAYS~~@ fubar Chemical_J@ fubar RedZ28 - Rate Spankers@ fubar SPIRIT BOMBER'S HOMEPAGE@ fubar NOW GO SHOW THEM ALL SOME LOVE!!!!!!!!!
Reaching to the heavens with a breath of final hope... I turn to pray for answers as my dreams go up in smoke... Love promises forever and ever more... Though now I lay here bleeding; upon your kitchen floor... Didn't you even stop to think about how I would hurt... When you came walking in with her and in my face kicked dirt... So now you have to deal with me; no longer can you pretend... For in your eyes I take my life; with you I meet my end... Now tears fill your eyes as you begin to see... The lover you gave so much grief; now see the invisible me.....
Random Facts About Me
All Grown Up
As far back as I could remember... I was the one who was different from the others. I always wanted to make people matter what... And go outta my way to make sure it happened. Now... I'm all grown up. Not much has changed...and I like it that way.
My Blast
if anyone see my blast please save and send it to me PLEASE and i will rate add and fan you and show you lots of love
As I Grow In Age
As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game , she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated. Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 40. Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 40 is far sexier than her younger counterpart. Older women are forthright and honest. They'll tell you right off if you are a jer
Lol Wow So Lost For Words My Words Some Words Are Small
I Want Everyone To Know
I love myself the way I am. And for those who think I should change ANYTHING should go to hell. Or if you think about it-- at least don't tell me about it. Who the fuck are you? Don't get me wrong-- I'm far from perfect...But I don't really wna be perfect. So I just want everyone to know-- this is me. Take it or leave it. I don't really care anymore.
Sex Math
Body: Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a lie anyway-but sex math will know!YOUR AGE BY SEX MATH This is pretty neat. DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST!It takes less than a minute .Work this out as you read ..Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun. 1. First of all, pick the number of times a day that you would like to have sex(more than one but less than 10) 2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold) 3. Add 5 4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator 5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1757 ....If you haven't, add 1756. 6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born. You should have a three digit number The first digit of this was your original number(i.e., how many times you want to h
Here We Come Mom
Please Be Extremely Careful Virus Going Around
Please Be Extremely Careful especially if using internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless email with a Power Point presentation 'Life is beautiful.' If you receive it DO NOT OPEN THE FILE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES , and delete it immediately . If you open this file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.' Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC and the person who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password. This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the antivirus software's are not capable of destroying it. The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner.' PLEASE
Foolish Heart
I watched you walk away eyes never turning once my way I heard you mumble and say maybe I'll be back some day I never thought you'd be the one to walk out on me there you go just like the rest leaving me here broken heart in my chest you want time you need your space all this time's been a waste will I ever find someone to take your place I loved you so with all my heart alone again don't know where to start I feel so lame played your game U promised to change my name the ring's still here but its not the same here I am this damn heart I blame this cloud of pain sends rain my way every single eternal day your love is gone to god I pray please take this love away this heart of mine loves you so I just wish I could go back in time to the day you found your way into my heart so I could stop and turn away ~~~~~~~~~Paul Moye~~~~~~~~~
The Power Of Friendship
My soul had been lonely and , and my hope was about to wane and I knew you were waiting , just the same as me and I when I had found you, I would know my search had come to an had lingered in memories not yet made.I had looked for the cure to my sadness in temporary things that had no lasting value and only then I was about to give up and and yet my soul ached to go on, because I was still so blue. I tried making friends to fill this emptinessand made an astonishing discovery one can make a million friends and still not have the bestI had been searching for someone who brought healing to me.In time my my wounds healed and my heart mendedand God did something wonderful for me. He sent me such an awesome friend, and bended were my knees because he sent you to me.Because in you I had found a friend thathad not looked for physical beauty, fame, or fortune and i had simply wanted the best friend to be hadI began to see GOd as a friend, and to Him I could commune.Beauty fades, moneta
Grab her neck when you kiss her, it's a real turn on. Not her butt/boobs. • If she stays with you cuddle with her dont try to have sex with her. • Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything. • When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go then kiss her • When she says she's ok dont believe it talk with her • Never cheat on her because 10 yrs later she'll remember you • Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her • Call her before you sleep and after you wake up • Treat her like a person and not something to show off for • Tease her and let her tease you back. • Stay up all night with her when she's sick. • Watch her favorite movie with her. • TRUST HER WITH HER GUY FRIENDS • Let her wear your clothes. • When she's bored and sad, hang out with her. • Let her know she's important. • Kiss her in the pouring rain. • When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is; "Who's butt am I kicking babe?
My Birthday
yeah so i had a great time...i put some pictures up, i will have more soon....anyways i did have a great night even if i was down for the count 2 hours later!!hahalol drank a lil to much to fast!but hey i was tryin to party!!just ended up pukin alot cause my dumb ass never eat that day....anyways i also punched my boyfriend in his jaw hard as hell....don't remember that but i think it is funny....anyways just writing thoughts...peace......
So confused Not knowing what to do I love you so much But I love him too Most of the time all we ever do is fight I really don't have a clue on how to make it right I want to be with you But he is never off my mind I'm sorry that I am hurting you I'm sorry I'm that kind Why do I still love my ex I ask myself everyday I have you now But I just want to hold him and say I miss you so much You are the love of my life I want to be your wife He would never hurt me Curse at me or lie So that is why I have to say I'm sorry and good-bye.
I Pledge..................
I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG, OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND TO THE REPUBLIC, FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! KEEP IT LIT!! ..KEEP IT LIT! For all of our other military personnel, where ever they may be Please support all of the troops defending our Country. .. And God Bless our Military who are protecting our Country for our freedom. Thanks to them, and their sacrifices we can celebrate the 4th of July PLEASE KEEP IT GOING TO YOUR FRIENDS, DON'T LET THE FLAME DIE OUT! PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING .. We must never forget who gets the credit for the freedoms we have, and for which we should be eternally grateful. ........x=11" width=83> I watched the flag pass by one day, It fluttered in the breeze. .. A young Marine saluted it, And then he stood at ease.. .. I looked at him in uniform So young, so tall, so proud, With hair cut square and
Please! Could Use Some Help!
Hey Everyone! I’m in a contest where the first 5 people to reach 17,000 comments will win a 7 day Blast or a 30 day VIP. So I would really appreciate any comments you can give to this pic… If a bunch of you add a few we’ll reach it really fast! And while you are at it, check out the host, Dawn. She’s a wonderful person! Thanks! Timmy
Is He In Love
everyday I wonder if there is something called love. I get into a relationship and things end up going down hill when someone else has interest in the man you think you have love forever. I want to know what is out there for love. Who can actually love me for me and I would do the same with them.
de·te·ri·o·rate ..> 1. to make or become worse or inferior in character, quality, value, etc. ..> ..> 2. to disintegrate or wear away. ..> In your life you decide the paths you want to take. Weather it be wonderful or bad , it's all about what you make it. When all is is running smooth and working out according to some kind of invisible plan you feel as if your life is begining to make sense. But what happens when that plan is cut off and you come to realize that it wasn't as smooth running or as great as you possibly thought? Do your dreams begin to deteriorate? Trying to concentrate on the positive, you can't help but let the thought of loosing your grasp on something you wanted so intensly consume you. Will you let it eat at you until there is nothing left of what once was alive. Are you holding on to something that wasn't meant to be? Was this just a lesson in life to prepare you for something to come? Are you willing to take that deep breathe
Just wanted to give a heads up to participants in the Last fu standing. Elimination #2 will be Wednesday November 7 @ 6:30PM. For those who aren't aware as to why it wasn't lastnight, i've extended it by an extra few days cause the site was down. Cast your votes
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From Stewie!!
Show Them Luv. Rate Fan & Add Them All!*Girlblink182* ~One Hot Momma~HELLCAT ~Echo Angel~CobwebberMama~Tabie~ **JuJu**Firewater FreĄaThePurestofAngels
Immature Males!
I know that there will always be a few immature males(they don't even rate being called men)out there that think an older large size women is an easy target. Well I would love to be able to slap them up side the head and set them straight. I am not desperate, lonely, or stupid. I don't have time for some idiot to ask me if I want something licked, or poked, or slapped. I don't have time to train some young snot that thinks it is fun to play nasty with the old broad. They don't have the first idea what nasty is. I could have them whimpering and on their knees in less than 5 min if I so choose. And I guarantee they could never survive the total experience. I like my men to have style, grace, maturity,(age is not the deciding factor)even a little talent. And above all a sense of adventure. I have had to block a lot of sniveling little snots lately. Am I asking to much of people to expect something better, or am I just being naive? For the most part the snots have been just a fe
I need all your prayers. My very best friend is in the VA Hospital and was placed in the hands of Hospice yesterday. He is barely holding onto life at this time. I will not be around much the next few days or however long till God takes him home. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as his children need all the support and prayers we can give them. Thanks to all and have a Blessed Day! Love those close to you as you never know when they will no longer be with you. Cherise "Bottoms UP"
Often we find ourselves going in circles. I often find myself doing this. I have been in and out of relationships so many times if I could collect money I would be damn well off. Men come and go the assholes are the ones who hang around and lead you on. They tell you one thing and then tell you another thing. Then when someone new comes along they dump you like a lead weight. Then they treat you like shit. What I get a kick out of is this. I have an ex-bf that treated really good. I did everything for him. Then he broke up with me. Time moved on, he lead me on, then started dating some chick who is older then me and controls him like a little puppet. He isn't allowed to go out without her but she can go out whenever she wants. He can't talk to any of his female friends without her being there. But she can flirt with any random guy she wants and has to stand there and watch. Now I think to myself, WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It didn't take me long to get done and over him. I moved ont
Thank You To All My Friends !!
I want to say thank you to all of my friends for the get well wishes and just overall thinking of me ! This past week has been rough..I have never had pneumonia so didn't know what to expect..well I have now and I don't like it !! I am not even 75% better yet but I am working on it..The pain in my back is just terrible...I was able to sleep last night so wooo hooo for me :P So now to some of those that were like UR STILL SICK ummmm you try it and tell me how long it lasts with you !!!! I bet you won't ever say it again !! So thank you very much again to my friends and family !! It really did mean bunches to me :-) Well I am gonna try to get back into the swing of things today..So have a great day and bigs hugs !! Love ya Angel
Hit Me Up On Yahoo
Hey fubar has been acting up alot lately, if you wanna chat hit me up on yahoo...dixie_chic_girl....Laura
Great Lounge Check It Out
thanks for letting me joi hon hope this heps get you more people not that you dont already im sure hugs ttp://
Hey To All
i just wanted to say hello to everyone, i know i haven't had the chance to talk to anyone latley, but haven't had much of a chance to get on here! things have gone from bad to worse, but life is like that sometimes right? My heart is broke into a million peices right now, anybody got some super glue?! lol to my good friends and family, i miss the hell outta all of you! i hope all is well with you and your families. i send much love and bright blessings!!! hopefully i will be able to talk to you soon, and you know who you are. hugz and kisses!
Come Give Us A Kiss
- Get Your Own
Mg Is Rockin The Air Waves And Its Her B-day
On The Make
i know i keep coming back to the same questions, the same comparisons. fubar itself, of course, even more obviously when it was still called cherrytap, and in an attempt to occupy a position somewhere between the supposedly naďve topology of myspace and the crudely exploitative adult friend finder, has chosen to emulate or pretend to emulate a drinking establishment. if you’ve seen yourself get magically “shitfaced”—100%!—and then watched yourself gradually sober up, without really noticing anything intoxicating nor detoxicating, you start to wonder about this flimsy conceit. what is the bar today, given that it really doesn’t provide the friendly neighborhood “cheers” anymore? what does it have to do with the particularly gendered and sexed pursuits fubar tries to animate? david grazian, a sociology professor at penn has had the undergrads in his research seminars in urban culture write up their weekend exploits in old city and center city philadelphia. living vicariously through o
I just wanted to THANK everyone for the b-day comments, drinks, cards and pics you sent for my b-day. You made it a very good one and i am glad to have met all of you. Thanks Again.....Chaz
Bad Day
so lets start with i'm in the process of coming off of paxil. So that is becoming more of a bitch than i thought it would, i have read up on the withdrawl symptoms and it some what scares me but I know deep down i can handle it. Then after work today my husband of 7 years says he's not happy. He goes through this once a year or when he thinks i need to change something about myself. Its just this year with me trying to come off of paxil it is really getting to me. i love him but damn he needs to get over this self pity bullshit right now. I know it will be ok or atleast i hope it will but in the mean time it's driving me freakin crazy. I need some me time. I really don't feel like babing him right now, i need to be taking care of myself right now not him. I know i'm being a little selfish right now but i think i should be able to right now. I haven't ate anything today, which is one the reasons why i'm going off my paxil it has made me gain 50lbs. i'm use to only weighing only 105 and
tulsa Body: Unfortunately, 97% of myspacers won't repost this. When Jesus died on the cross He was thinking of you. If you are one of the 3% who will stand up for Him just repost this with your city's name.
Thank You
hey ya all i just want to say thankyou to all in the fu's krew family who helped level today and a extra special thanks to balie and chelle (love you guys) who personally helped me level 2 times today.....and on that note i'm passing out for the night.....night all
New Family Member
Ok All here we go again I would really like for you to go show the new Members of the family so love. Make them feel welcome Thanks Tami
Since They Arent Pimpout
Is This The New Fubar Song ?
Is this the new FuBar song ? Think about it.
I Had A Moment Of Grrness In The Midst Of My Thought.
Okay. I have officially decided that I wish to attend a USMC ball. I know, I'm terrible, but think about it! A ball... I'm a girl. I'm allowed to wish to attend a ball. In fact, it's almost expected. Marines look all kinds of charming in their dress uniforms. Of course, attending a ball would require an actual gown. I know I dress nicely now, but it's difficult not to feel overdressed when most girls in the area abhor dresses/skirts. I'm not sure what this kick is about not dressing as a lady, but too many females are on it. I cannot fathom why girls don't like to dress in feminine clothing. When I went over the road with my older brother, I cannot tell you how many times fellows stared at me as if I was something truly rare. It was even worse when my hair was unbound. I just don't know. I'm too old-fashioned or something. I enjoy my femininity. I enjoy knowing that people simply cannot confuse my gender. But back to my original thought. I want to attend a
Our Heros
Soldiers come in all shapes, shades, weights, sizes and states of sobriety, misery, and confusion. a soldier is sly as a fox, has the nerve of a dope addict, the stories of an old sailor, the sincerity of a politician and the subtlety of Mt. Saint Helens. He is extremely irresistible, totally irrational and completely indestructible. A Soldier is a Soldier all his life. You can kick him out of your house, but not out of your heart. You can take him off your mailing list, but not off your mind. They are found everywhere; In love, in battle, in lust, in trouble, in debt, in bars... and sometimes behind them. No one can write so seldom and yet think so much of you. No one else can get so much enjoyment out of a letter, clean clothes or a pack of smokes. A Soldier is a genius with a deck of cards. Brave without a grain of sense. He is the PROTECTOR OF AMERICA, with the latest copy of Playboy or Sports Illustrated or GUNS & AMMO in his back pocket. When he wants s
It takes my pain away! The cool blade against the flesh; Piercing through, making me bleed. Water of life trickling onto the ground: Earth- The place of life and death. Rebirth- A phoenix from the ashes; Spirit soaring free! I am dead yet I am more alive.
A Rose To A Loved One
,)""If you get a dozen you're loved!! ......... , . ~ . ~ , ~ , ........... ......... ).. - ~. . ' ..( ............ ........ ( . . . ...(......) ........... .........| . . . . . ).....| ........... .........{.. . . . .(. . ./ ............ ............ =(.. /.)= ............... ............... -;..;-' ................ .................)|( , ................. ................. || _.-'| ............. ............. , _|| .._,/ ............. ....... , ... ....|| .' ................. ......|...|...,...||/ ................... ..../...| /|., |Y|| .................... ... '-...'-._....||/ ................... ........ >_.-..Y| ................... ............. , _|| .................... ................. || .................... ................. || .................... ................. || .................... ..................||..................... Send this rose to everyone you care about including me if you care. See how many times you get this, if you get a dozen
More Funnies
Kissing is a habit Fucking is a game Guys get all the pleasure Girls get all the pain The guy says i love you You belive its true but when your tummy starts to swell, he says 'to hell with you' 10 minutes of pleasure 9 months in pain 3 days in hospital a baby without a name the baby is a bastard the mother is a whore this never wouldn't have happened if the rubber wouldn't have torn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a young lady called Dawn Who wished she had never been born. She wouldn't have been If her father had seen That the end of his rubber was torn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once a pirate named Yates Danced the jig for all of his mates. He slipped on his cutlas, And made himself nutless, And now he's quite useless on dates. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Said a dainty young whore named Miss
Do Not Read Guys Trust Me Lol
you see i will start by kissing your neack softly then move down your shoulder why i pull your shirt over your head then i will start to kiss your chest while i reach around your back and undo your bra then i will rub my tounge on your perky nippels while i slide my hand to you waist and pull off your pants then i will slide my tounge down your bell to your waist as i go across your panties i will give a warm blow on your clit as my tounge rubs your inner thigh while i pull your panties down then slide my tounge back up your inner thigh slowly moving between your legs as my tounge touches your clit my fingers slide slowly inside you going fast and deeper at every thrust then i slide my big hard cock slowly inside that tight little wet hole slowly and deep i will go pushing and pulling very slow then speeding up as you start to tingle making sure i slide just right hitting the g-spot just right making you scream all so high till you scream the highest scream cause you just got the bigg
In The End
I sit in the pit of dispair, does anyone really care? Broken and beaten down, I sit here bleeding. Physically and emotionally drained Do I go on? So tired of trying to please everyone, and in return to only get threats, lies and betrayal. Tonight, my heart lays tattered and torn, beyond all hope of repair. Is there any reason for me to care? The child I brought into this world, has even turned his back on me. Whether thru the faults of me and my own, or due to outside forces - my so called "family" is neither here nor there. He has been forever lost to me. As I sit here totally alone, debating whether I should live or die. IS THERE ANYTHING, ANY REASON TO LIVE AND CARRY ON? I have helped countless people, both monetarily and emotionally. Will anyone be here for me? Where are they now That I AM THE ONE IN NEED OF THEIR HELP?????? They are sitting in their homes safe and warm, Oblivious to all the pain, suffering and hurt i am enduring. So in the end, DOES ANYO
Mexican Viagra
Warning - Do Not Order Mexican Viagra ! Important Bulletin Many men are buying 'black market' Viagra pills from Mexican mail-order drug stores. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that several of these pharmacies are mixing the Viagra with ground up Mexican Jumping Beans. The results can be horrible. Here is what you get when you combine Viagra with Mexican Jumping Beans. (Scroll down...) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Pass this on. Too funny, to not share a laugh
She walks slowly along the quiet street cars passing now and then a cigarette between her fingers and music in her ears to the left houses (Spanish style) and swaying palms to the right a body of water rolling lazily along all look quiet peaceful yet all hold their secrets the houses full of closets skeletons secrets the water nurturing life of predator and prey and she holds the secrets of her heart tumultuous emotions sugar sweet and blood red crashing together rolling along on the waves of sadness she stops and sits hoping to draw peace from the river not knowing they are the same full of secrets and hidden passions not yet ready for the world to see
you cant trust any one now days you think you know some one and they will fuck you over dont care how long you known them so yeah
New Dig
Greetings All, Well, I am off on another Dig. This time for 3 weeks. I will be working on a "Phase III" dig, like you see on TV with all the meter x meter squares and people working with dental tools, trowels, and brushes. I feel very lucky to have gotten onto this crew. The Dig is under the direction of Dr. Dennis Blanton of the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. Is is being partly funded by a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education. Santa Isabel de Utinahica (ca. 1560-ca. 1640) was a 17th century Spanish mission located in what is in a Telfair County forest in an area known as "the forks," where the Ocmulgee and Oconee rivers converge to form the Altamaha River. The small mission was a part of a series of missions set up in what was then the northern reaches of the Spanish colony of Spanish Florida, similar to the Spanish Missions in California or Mexico. Operating in the early 1600s, the mission was a religious outpost consisting of one Catholic friar sent
Pretty Boys.
There's a guy who's name I won't mention *coughJETSONcough* who thinks himself to be a pretty boy. I mean, yea, he's cute, but his attitude sucks. I gave him some cheek and basically made out to be the only girl who didn't fall under the spell of his pretty boy eyes. The pussy whip blocked me. It's just amazing how people who depend so much on their looks to get attention, drown the minute someone rebells from them and what everyone else thinks. It's weak, and it's what I try and portray in my poetry. After this guy, I think there'll be something dedicated to him. Lol. Fucking pussy.
Never Give Up!
Never gonna give up until I get what's mine Never gonna stop, so watch me shine! I'm not excepting failing again I'm going to make it to the top this time! As I will it so mote it be It's not over til I feel fine. You push me down I come back I'm not going to stay flat You think I'm weak? I'll tell you I'm not meak. I'll show you what I aim to seek! Push me again! You'll see how fast I mend You'll miss how could I could be You no longer hold the key It no longer works. It no longer hurts me!!!!
Atheists' Holiday
I don't know if this is a true story, or not, but I love it! Enjoy! Have you heard about this case? Great answer from the judge! In Florida , an atheist became incensed over the preparation of Easter and Passover holidays. He decided to contact his lawyer about the discrimination inflicted on atheists by the constant celebrations afforded to Christians and Jews with all their holidays while atheists had no holiday to celebrate. The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the long passionate presentation by the lawyer, the Judge banged his gavel and declared, 'Case dismissed!' The lawyer immediately stood and objected to the ruling and said, 'Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and many other observances. Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah...yet my client and all other atheists have no such holiday!' The judge leaned forward in his chair and simply said, 'Obviously your
Anger Begrumpling over nothing Is the heart And Soul. Burning with a hidden Cantankerous need To rage out upon Someone. Fiery within the beast. Furious soul that lives for its Anger. Glowering, wild And Worked up for the ‘wrath’ To Consume you. Anger the evil of what creates Nothing. ©2007 Firestar
Double Standard Illustrated.
The guy that I share an office with is hooking up with the office hot chick. He has been since the summer. As details of their affair come to light because of my officemates now pending divorce the "slut" double standard has been fully exposed in my office. And surprisingly, I couldn't be more disappointed by how the men in the office have reacted. Every one of the females in our office has been negative to the hottie, who does happen to be quite personable, not particularly good at her job, but she is Very, VERY attractive. Distractingly hot, which I suppose doesn't help her cause with the double standard. And predictably, every one of the males in our building has been congratulating my office mate about his conquest. The whole thing annoys me, but especially the males reactions. I'm not one to discriminate about divorce or infidelity -- my divorce was one of the best things that has ever happened for me. But what's with all of the guys in my office being so sopho
Anniversary 11/27/06
I would like to say Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! David You are my Heart & Soul! I hope and pray to God W/we have many many more! W/we have had some ups and downs but i truely think W/we have them worked out now......Trust and Honesty is a major part of a relationship without those two things it falls apart.. Love You Always Your wife lynn
Christmas Poem
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old, Perha
Cecil At The Table
Cecil was an over the hill biker – long hair, beard, leather vest. I'd put him somewhere in his late sixties. He'd been creating a problem over at Tam's blackjack table. Tam don't take no shit and told him to take a hike. So Cecil decides to mosey on over to my table. He was stinking drunk. I'm not sure if he'd pissed his pants before he came to the table or while he was sitting there. Cecil says to me, "Ya wanna know something?" "What's that, Cecil?" "I'm a muthafuckin white man," he says. "Well, I'm sure you must be very proud of that." He tells me to shuffle up and deal. "I got to see some money in the circle first." Cecil checks his wallet. The well was dry. "You wanna know something?" he asks. "Talk to me, Cecil." "I'm a white muthafucka." I could see that this conversation was going nowhere. Then he tries to intimidate me – gives me one of those "I'm gonna kick your ass" looks. I laugh at him. "Go ahead and try something you drunk
Proud To Be White
Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me "White boy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" .. And that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You Have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television) . We'd be racists. If we had a White Pride Day .. You would call us racists. If we had White Hist
Today's The Day
Today is the day I find out what the baby is. My doctors appointment is at 1pm. As soon as I get back, I will let everyone know. I am sooo excited. WOO HOO!!!
Soldier Christmas Vigil
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years o
69th Precint
The 69th Precinct is open for business and ready to protect !!! Are you tired of Downraters degrading you? Are you tired of the DRAMA that occurs? Sick and tired of perverts harassing you and pushing you around? Want something done about it? Now you can!! The 69th Pct. is open and ready to protect and serve! How do you get there? It's simple.....Click on the pic below! Come let us PROTECT you at 69th Precinct Where Bullsh*t is not tolerated and family is honored!!! (repost of original by '
New Job
I just wanted to let everyone Know That I have a new temp. job and won't be on as much. I am working a seasonal position at Toy "R" Us overnights till Christmas, for some extra money. I love you all an miss ya bunches and haven't been around as much. So I haven't disappeared. Just working alot. I'll be back soon. Love ya and Hope ya'll have a very Merry Christmas, love ya Laree
A Soldier's Christmas
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzz
A Christmas Story
'Twas the night before Christmas--Old Santa was pissed. He cussed out the elves and threw down his list. Miserable little brats, ungrateful little jerks. I have a good mind to scrap the whole works! I've busted my ass for damn near a year, Instead of "Thanks Santa"--what do I hear? The old lady bitches cause I work late at night. The elves want more money--The reindeer all fight. Rudolph got drunk and goosed all the maids. Donner is pregnant and Vixen has AIDS. And just when I thought that things would get better Those assholes from the IRS sent me a letter, They say I owe taxes--if that ain't damn funny Who the hell ever sent Santa Claus any money? And the kids these days--they all are the pits They want the impossible--Those mean little shits I spent a whole year making wagons and sleds Assembling dolls...Their arms, legs and heads I made a ton of yo yo's--No request for them, They want computers and robots...they think - I'm IBM! Flying through the air.
How Do You Know If It's A Heart Attack?
Don't expect to feel the classic symptoms attributed to male heart attack victims: chest pain, pressure, tightness, squeezing, burning or heaviness. Debra R. Judelson, M.D., director of the Women's Heart Institute (, says although women may experience these classic signals, they are more likely to complain of shortness of breath. If they feel pain, it may be in the abdomen (as opposed to the chest,) in the back or even in the jaw or throat. Many times, they simply feel bad but are not sure why. Women experience heart attacks differently than men because they tend to experience them at an older age, have diabetes and hypertension and are more likely to be smokers. Not only are a woman's symptoms different from a man's, so too is her response to them, Judelson says. Because women do not generally believe they are susceptible to heart attacks, they will frequently ignore signs of illness, thinking nothing is really wrong. Women come to a hospital with a hea
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide yo LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant. Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.
It's My Bday And I Want To Celebrate!
It's my bday on Dec 12th... lets all celebrate!
Kissing Under The Mistletoe
Actual Australian Court Docket 12659---case Of The Pregnant Lady
A lady about 8 months pregnant got on a bus. She noticed the man opposite her was smiling at her. She immediately moved to another seat. This time the smile turned into a grin, so she moved again. The man seemed more amused. When on the fourth move, the man burst out laughing, she complained to the driver and he had the man arrested. The case came up in court. The judge asked the man (about 20 years old) what he had to say for himself. The man replied, "Well your Honor, it was like this: When the lady got on the bus, I couldn't help but notice her condition. She sat down under a sign that said, 'The Double Mint Twins are Comin' and I grinned." "Then she moved and sat under a sign that said, 'Logan's Liniment will reduce the swelling', and I had to smile. "Then she placed herself under a deodorant sign that said, "William's Big Stick Did the Trick", and I could hardly contain myself." "BUT, your Honor, when She moved the fourth time and sat under a sign that said,
Need Your Comments
UGLY GUY 32 Needs 10,000 comments for a 1 month vip.. come by and help him out!!!!! Click the link below.. thanks for the help in advance. all love is returned!! plez just click on my pic thank you ugly_guy32 (
Fakes Living In A Fantasy World
Win $100.000 Fu-bucks!
Another promotion contest using fu-bucks this time! $100,000 a good amount and money will build as the lounge comes alive! This is a great lounge great music with no staff and so on to help make it into the best lounge on FUBAR! Send everyone to the lounge and have them subscribe and then leave a message at the bottom of the lounge! All these have to be followed to be tracked! Lets get this going! $100,000 fu-bucks at stake!! 12/12- 12-16 now til sunday at midnight eastern time!
State Police....... Hmmmmm Lol
on my way back home last night, after a long day of driving and witnessing my first grandbaby being born, my car got raped by the state police and their dog!! lol they asked me if i was running drugs!! hehehehehehe well, my history of working for attorneys and judges, i was being a smartass (as usual) and told em to search w/e they wanted to and give me a cup to pee in!!! (short version) lol they didn't like me much and i can't figure out why!?! hahahaha after 35 mins of searching in, out, under, etc everything in my car, they had to let me go, reluctantly, and I told them to be safe, and left!! It really was funny to me, I couldn't help but laugh! Don't get me wrong, I love the cops, they do a job that I wouldn't do, for a lot of ungrateful people, and risk their lives for me. BUT HAVING SAID THAT, I've been pulled over once in my life, the day after I got my license, and received a ticket; THAT'S IT!!! The absolute ONLY thing on my BMV record!! Can't imagine what cause
The Thing About The Truth Is That It Doesn't Change And It Doesn't Go Away
You Can't Lie To God
Little Carol came into the kitchen where her mother was making dinner. Her birthday was coming up and she thought this was a good time to tell her mother what she wanted. "Mom, I want a bike for my birthday." Now, Little Carol was a bit of a troublemaker.. She had gotten into trouble at school and at home. Carol's mother asked her if she thought she deserved to get a bike for her birthday. Little Carol, of course, thought she did. Carol's mother, being a Christian woman, wanted her to reflect on her behavior over the last year, and write a letter to God and tell him why she deserved a bike for her birthday. Little Carol stomped up the steps to her room and sat down to write God a letter. LETTER 1: Dear God: I have been a very good girl this year and I would like a bike for my birthday. I want a red one. Your friend, Carol Carol knew this wasn't true. She had not been a very good girl this year, so she tore up the letter and started over. LETT
Looney Toons
Bugs Bunny was sitting at the end of the bar drinking a Caratini (gin, vermouth and carrot juice). Elmer Fudd sat beside him chewing on a cigar and pounding Buds. He was spraying Bugs with dark brown spittle and talking about guns and hunting. Bugs knows that Elmer is a buffoon. But Elmer has his ear and is talking about the classic Winchester rifle and his first Daisy B.B. Gun. Then he starts spouting the virtues of the Aryan Nation and how Rabbits are taking over, and disturbing property values. As would anyone, Bugs became unnerved. A lot of folks running around in bars have a propensity for chewing your ear with mindless banter, or tampering with your safety. Elmer did both. As Lou Reed said: "You gotta be careful who you sit next to in a bar these days." So Bugs, in his infinite wisdom, reached beneath his stool, pulled out an anvil, and dropped it on Elmer’s head… Problem solved. Do you know why Bugs Bunny always wins in his conflicts? Why he always defeats his
Nursery Rhymes 2007
Mary had a little pig, She kept it fat and plastered; And when the price of pork went up, She shot the little bastard. ******************** MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB Her father shot it dead. Now it goes to school with her, Between two slices of bread. ******************** JACK AND JILL Went up the hill To have a little fun. Stupid Jill forgot the pill And now they have a son. ******************** SIMPLE SIMON met a Pie man going to the fair. Said Simple Simon to the Pie man, "What have you got there?" Said the Pie man unto Simon, "Pies, you Dumb Ass" ******************** HUMPTY DUMPTY sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings' horses, And all the kings' men. Had scrambled eggs, For breakfast again. ******************** HEY DIDDLE, DIDDLE the cat took a piddle, All over the bedside clock. The little dog laughed to see such fun. Then died of electric shock. ******************** GEORGIE PORGY Pudding and Pie, Kissed the girls
A Different Christmas Poem (go Troops!)
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled,
More Creepy Guy On Yahoo
mikald24 (12/19/2007 12:09:03 AM): hey Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:09:08 AM): Hi mikald24 (12/19/2007 12:09:20 AM): whats up Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:09:27 AM): Not much mikald24 (12/19/2007 12:09:55 AM): u in the bed Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:10:22 AM): How can I be online and in the bed at the same time? mikald24 (12/19/2007 12:10:43 AM): easy Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:11:08 AM): If you say so mikald24 (12/19/2007 12:11:32 AM): what are u weaing Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:11:47 AM): Clothes mikald24 (12/19/2007 12:12:45 AM): gn then Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:13:02 AM): What else would I be wearing? Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:13:19 AM): Would you mind getting to the point of this conversation? Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:14:34 AM): And what was the point of that? mikald24 (12/19/2007 12:14:52 AM): u didnt like Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:15:14 AM): What was the point? Wendy Yates (12/19/2007 12:15:22 AM): If I came over would you shut up? mikald24 (12/19/2007 12:16:
Thank You To All
Deanna Apology
Prelude: Well this a Public apology to Witoka (Deanna)an to others that This latest Ranting by me might of hurt.We have been doing to many aurguements over Morphs.Well on Fiday night, where I live we had a Pre Christmas Party.I drank enough for many.jagermeifter,white russians,beers.after the Party was over I came to Fubar to Rip the Morphs,I was promised well being 3 sheets to the wind,an Blind I did not see the Morphs in her Photos,or my folder I had asked her to create for me. So I was so Pissed with the Alcohol doing the Talking I told her I wanted an fu Divorce.An when I came on saturday It was Granted. Deanna an I have been Friends on fubar,it seems like forever.She was my last recruit from when I Founded L.R.L. Society of Wolves.Which I kinda lost in a Merge.Then finally Settling on Kingdom of Wolves. I have had many Morphers since doing the Bombing Family.Deanna is Certainly the Best.I Desire the Best Morphs possible for my Bomber
My Friend Wrote This For Me Tonight
Because you’re Beautiful This poem’s addressed To you Because you’re beautiful No matter what You do Because you’re beautiful The sun rises Every day Because you’re beautiful The mist shrouds a Dreamy day Because you’re beautiful A blossom blooms and holds Its scent Because you’re beautiful Songs sung in your heart Are meant Because you’re beautiful Reflections shine And glint Because you’re beautiful Poems are written Heaven sent Because you are beautiful This is all that this Poem’s said Just in case you may have Any doubt This poem's heaven sent To tell you You are beautiful And that is what this poem Is about.
Need Some Help
I need to find me some strippers for my birthday party, but I need help finding the right girls, If you got any info I would appreciate it. I am in Chicago.
Desktop Tower Defense
Happy Holidays And Happy New Year To All
Japanese Symbol
Japanese Symbol Gold Which Japanese Symbol Are You? (pics and translations)GoldYou are gold, pure, rich and rare.Personality-Emotion Quizzes
New Year 2008 !! And Planning Away !
Happy New Year from Me !! Happy New Year 2008 !! Here we are , the first day of the New Year ! Has anyone made any New Years Resolutions yet ? I havent , but I know that I would like to lose more weight !!as always ...LOL I have already started looking at Vacations for this year !!and I am so excited !! Anyone possibly interested in a cruise this year for my birthday again... give me a message back... I am looking at a 7 day cruise out of MIAMI florida going to Cozumel Mexico, Grand Caymen Caymen Islands and Ochos Rios Jamaica price right now starts at $429 per person with only $250 down to hold that price LET ME KNOW ASAP HUGS CAROLINA
Waianae Hawaii Water
Check Me Out!
Hello friends, fans and family! First of all, happy 2008 and hope your new year will be great! I have been having a lot of problems with my profile page for some time. I have lost of lot of stuff on my page and had to start over seveal times. I have now re-vamped it, added skins and a new guestbook and updated my "about me" section. Please when you get time, please check me out and let me know what you think about my changes. If you want to know me better, then please read my updated "about me" section. And since I lost my original guestbook with over 70 guests signed in, please go by my page and sign my new guestbook. It would mean a lot to me for you to sign it! Thank you all for your friendship on Fubar and hope we will continue to be friends always! Peace and love to you! Linda
Which Are You- Happy Go Lucky
TAURUS - The Enduring One (4/20-5/20) Charming but aggressive. Can come off as boring, but they are not. Hard workers. Warm-hearted. Strong, has endurance. Solid beings who are stable and secure in their ways. Not looking for shortcuts. Take pride in their beauty. Patient and reliable. Make great friends and give good advice. Loving and kind. Loves hard - passionate. Express themselves emotionally. Prone to ferocious temper-tantrums. Determined. Indulge themselves often. Very generous. 12 years of bad luck if you do not forward. VIRGO - The Perfectionist (8/23-9/22) Dominant in relationships. Conservative. Al ways wants the last word. Argumentative. Worries. Very smart. Dislikes noise and chaos Eager. Hardworking. Loyal. Beautiful. Easy to talk to. Hard to please. Harsh. Practical and very fussy. Often shy. Pessimistic. 7 years of bad luck if you do not forward. SCORPIO - The Intense One (10/23-11/21) Very energetic. Intelligent. Can be jealous and/or posse
The One And Only
For those that truly know me.. you know that the last few years of my life have been pretty much a self destructive slow ride into the bowels of hell... well, it's true. So I wanted to take a min, or two, for someone who has changed my entire life in more ways than I can mention. I met this man when I was at the bottom of the bottom. He offered me friendship, a caring shoulder to lean on, he offered to pick me up and carry me back up to the top, where he thinks I belong. For once in my life, I have someone who loves me simply for being me. I don't have to try to be good enough. I don't have to pretend. I don't have to hide. Strange, weird, strong willed, hard headed, outspoken bitch that I can be... he loves me anyway. lol.. and then tell me he doesn't understand why I love him. That's easy to understand.. because he loves me.
Rules For Men
This was written by a guy who has years of experience. Believe me, most of them are true about girls.... 1. Whatever you do, don't just show up at her house... she runs around in her underwear and no makeup all the time. 2. DON'T CHEAT ON HER. It may seem foolproof, but girls tell each other everything about everything. Trust me, she WILL find out and you will be mud. 3. Beware of every single male relative and all guy friends. Any of them would kick your ass at the drop of a hat if you hurt her, and a lot of them wouldn't even wait for the damn hat. 4. Never miss an opportunity to tell her she's beautiful. 5. Don't refuse to kiss her in front of your friends. If they laugh at you, it's just because they're jealous. 6. If she slaps you hard, you deserved it. 7. Don't be afraid to touch her if you want to. If she's going out with you in the first place, it's because she likes being in your arms. 8. If you didn't sleep with her, DON'T tell your friends that you di
Slight Name Change......and Life Update
If you hadnt noticed by now... i changed my screen name... its still lover1371--the doormat... but i added a lil bit on the end.... SO YEAH... at the end of Februrary... unless a miracle happens... i will be needing a place to live... and me not having a job right now ... makes it worse.... my life is beginngin to suck even more than it used to... an theres NOTHING i can seem to do to make it not suck.... talk more soon... with someone.. if you think you could help me... lemme know... PM me.... or if you payed attention an have my off Fubar contact info... you can contact me that way.... im off for now...
Random Thoughts Of A Tainted Heart
I’m a dick! No, this is not the famous introduction of a favorite grunting comedian that comes to my mind. I’m just simply a dick. I’ve misled, used, hurt feelings, slept around while single, and showed no feeling, or compassion for many a woman. I cover my actions in the name of honesty. I’ve never cheated and so I’m in the right. Right? But what made me this way? Why do I not trust? Why can’t I find love? To answer this simply is to say “I DON’T KNOW!” I’m no expert on love. I don’t know its entirety. However, I can tell you of what I want, past experiences, and who I am so you may better be the judge of it. Here is a little history on me. I got married at the age of 18. I was faithful, loving, providing to the best of my ability. I am serving in the USAF and at the time was only an Airman First Class. My son was born of that marriage and his name is Riley. At the writing of this he is 3 years old. The marriage was rocky from the start. She was very childish an
4100 To Go To Level 18
MORE@ fubar
A Good Friend !!!! Show Him Love Pls
Here a very good firend of mine ! He is new to Fubar and shy so I am trying to jump start him and help him out with what I consider the best of the best "YOU" my firends. Please go help him out ~ he will not downrate you and will return all love He is very real just has not had time for a salute yet Hugs and Thanks in advance Sweetfox
Desires And Fantasies Will Be Discussed
Drop by Wet N Wild Desire Fantasies Lounge and have a blast...No limit to what is discussed...Click the pic
Do You Give A Fuck About Marines? If You Do Post A Comment!!!!!!!
Take a man and put him alone, Put him twelve thousand miles from home. Empty his heart of all but blood, Make him live in sand, in mud. This is the life I have to live, This the soul to God I give. You have your parties and drink your beer, While young men are dying over here. Plant your signs on the White House lawn; "Lets get out of Iraq". Use your signs and have your fun, Then refuse to use a gun. There's nothing else for you to do, Then I'm supposed to die for you? There is one thing that you should know; And that's where I think you should go! I'm already here and it's too late. I've traded all my love for all this hate. I'll hate you till the day I die. You made me hear my buddy cry. I saw his leg and his blood shed, Then I heard them say, "This one's dead". It was a large price for him to pay, To let you live another day. He had the guts to fight and die, To keep the freedom you live by. By his dying, your life he buys, But who gives a fuck if a Marine
First Steps Into Madness
Just what I need is anouther blog to write in. I don't write in my normal blog. What makes me think that I will write in this one? I could always just repost the entries from older blogs. I mean it is not like any of the people have read my other works. So it is my great honor to present to you the random thoughts that are no longer random.
Darness 2
Forget what they say Forget what I lived Remember my nightmares Remember my fears Forget my cries in the night Forget my pain of life I wish to know the truth Of darkness,truth of death Waiting that sunrise dies When night is born I stood on pale moonlight I wait for the shadow That comes for me I do not resist And follow this death shadow There is ruins of teh secret castle Cold wind on my back The hot desires for teh truth of death Is rising in me In the middle of the ruins There is a black cross From the cross Blood is dripping in the silver chalice Shadow looks at me And tells me to drink I drank from the silver chalice I fall beofre the blood cross My mind is full of images of the past I se before me all the creatures of the night I see the time before light When the demons flied And the people cried The ruins of the secret castle Are dissappearing And the castle is appearing I am in ancient kingdoms of immortals And I see black portals I am a
Thank You Guys You Will Be Missed
bm310@ fubarprmami1 ( Co-Founder of the Flamming Heart & Manager of Total Chaos)@ fubarI WANT TO THANK YOU GUYS FOR GIVING ME THIS PLACE ON HERE I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN AND YOU GUYS WILL BE MISSED THANKS LATINA69
Psychic Protection
Originally posted at Greetings! This is a massive topic and I apologize for the length of this rambling. It isn't something that can be covered briefly however and I'm sure this discussion will still leave many questions. Occasionally, either through a journey in the astral or contact with people in the physical realm, it is necessary to protect or cleanse yourself Psychically. We've all known people who always seem to have a major crisis brewing in their lives right? What happens, is that some never have learned how to maintain their own energy or draw upon natural energies to keep themselves whole and in good condition spiritually as they should. These people continually seek out others that will allow themselves to be attached to. They use a ploy of feel sorry for me, or come to me and I will give you access to the powers of the universe or any number of other pick-up lines that can be very convincing or tug at your heart strings. Essentially, th
Wanna Own Your Own Suga Mama?
Host A Toy Party!!!
I am romance enrichment specialist fro Temptations Parties. I just wanted to introduce myself to you. I am also including some information you may find helpful. The incentives of you hosting a party and what to expect of your party. I look forward to hearing from you. I will contact you by phone in a couple days. Host a Romance Enrichment Party and you will earn: 10% of your party's purchases in free products! When Party Sales Reach these levels, you get: · $750-$999, $30 Bonus! · $1000-$1499, $50 Bonus! · $1500-$1999, $70 Bonus! 10 Purchasing Guests, you get 1 item at 50% off 15 Purchasing Guests, you get 2 items at 50% off 20 Purchasing Guests, you get 3 items at 50% off $20 for each booking, to be redeemed when the party holds! Gather $100 in outside orders and receive a free gift! Additional Customer Incentives: · You will receive $20.00 in free products for everyone who books and holds a qualifying* party when they mention your name! · No place to host a party?
Sinai Beach-to The Church
As you laugh, someone cries. As you live, somebody dies. One will fall but another will rise. Someone loves, someone hates. And as you ascend into Heaven, Others pass through Hell's gates. And let us not lose compassion For those who have yet to be pardoned. May we not forget our fellow man. Mourn with those who mourn, And rejoice with the joyous. May we not forget our past, So if grace was ever given, We would be the first to give it. And let us not lose compassion For those who have yet to be pardoned. And I know, by the grace of God, I roam, And I'll stand before Him naked and alone. And so will we all when death comes to take us home. The world is ours to take, so let's take it. If the world is man's, it is what he makes it. And let us not lose compassion For those who have yet to be pardoned. And I know, by the grace of God, I roam, And I'll stand before Him naked and alone. And so will we all when death comes to take us home.
hey everyone sorry i am not on much have been very busy i have not forgot any of u keep in touch
People On Fubar
all this site is anymore is women trying to get you to pay to see them , or buy them something ,, What ever happend to meeting someone and becoming friends or more , I thought this is what this site was for ...( i guess not )
A Streaker Lose On Fubar :o
Well hearsay is going around that this little lady is streaking around fubar and they only way to stop her is to place a bid and become her Master and clothe her ...LOL..Bidding ends on the 28th. So click the link below and stop the Madness!!!!
Angel From Above
Gazing into his blue eyes when we first met, I knew then he was heaven sent. All I ever dreamed of, and angel from above. He had no idea from the start true love, Id found in my heart. One of a kind, Love that last a lifetime All I ever dreamed of, and angel from above. Still, his smile, my breath it takes away wanting, needing, to hold him, so much to say. All my prayers answered when into my life he came to me, he is everything. All I ever dreamed of, and angel from above. Like the moon, stars, morning sunrise so much beauty, so much grace. He's even more through my eyes. All I ever dreamed of, an angel from above. Together, Forever, I long to be can you see, Youre ever precious and sweet, the only one for me. All I ever dreamed of, an angel from above. Your gentle words, your tender touch, life meaning so much. wrapped tightly in each others arms I wish to be. With you I feel so free. A vow I made, forever, you'll have my love. All I ever dreamed
F*ck, But Without The *
Fuck could possibly be the most underrated word in the entire English language. If you see something that is totally jacked up, you can simply say "FFFUUUCCCKKK", in the right tone, and everyone knows exactly what you meant. A few, maybe, will even thank you for expressing what they, themselves, could not find words to express. See a fine member of the opposite sex? "FFFUUUCCCKKK", with a slightly different tone, same result. Then there's the potential to add other words, for effective "fuck" augmentation. "Fuck me!", "Fuck you!", "Fuck off!", "Fuck it!", "Fuck this!, and the always poetic "Fucking A" are just a few examples of the powerful communication skills that a master of the word "fuck" has at their fingertips. Fuck is also the code name for one of my favorite activities... But that is a blog for a different day! In fact, I didn't even begin THIS blog with the intention of discussing "fuck". The word just happened to pop into my head as I looked at this blank "page"
Into The Night
Soft, was the touch of the wind. Tho’ its cut was as sharp as a knife Collar turned up head hunched down And deeper I venture into the night Gently, snow drifts to the ground Hidden ice at my ankle bites I pause to consider what lies ahead And deeper I venture into the night Quietly, mind drifts to another time While pain holds me to my plight Heaviness upon my shoulders And deeper I venture into the night. Slowly, looking at where I’ve been All that is behind, gone from sight Destiny has made my choice Sadly, I surrender to the night.
In Memory Of A Fallen Heroine,christa Burchett
Everyone in this area have had heavy hearts this weekend as one of our locals,Christa Burchett,will be laid to rest today. So heavy has this been on my mind. I think about what happened...what went thru her mind as this all took place...what about the precious child that she loved so very much...what will she do without her Momma,her best friend. I also think of our nephew,Jeremy. This has been so hard to decipher...He was supposed to work that day,but he & Amy did not have a babysitter for Austin,their infant son,who is also a step brother to Jer's other son,"Big C" as I shall call him. Christa worked that day instead of Jer. He was in shock when the news reached him..."WHY WASN'T IT ME? THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!" Angered,saddened,struck with every emotion swirling inside.....What is one to think about this? IT COULD have been Jer. It WAS Christa. It does make one wonder "what if"...I would never in any way wish anything at all like this from one person to another..NEVER,because I h
Very Sexy Comments & Graphics
Making Godfather is difficult, yes, but so is hitting the coveted FuKing level too. PieDaDDY@ fubar This man here is close to doing that, and he deserves all the help he can get. Hes always helped anyone that I have asked him to, and I am sure hes helped many others as well. PieDaDDY@ fubar So Please! Show Him So Fubar Love and Get Him To Where He Deserves to Be! PieDaDDY@ fubar brought to you by ~ Phoenix ~@ fubar Get this widget
Trapped Inside
Trapped Inside Depression what is it ? Is it a feeling you fear ? Or is it something your brain does to punish you? When, at first thought that you had it all figured out . Why can't life just be easy for once ? Life' S little vacation from our sorrows and grief's. I am the one who will conquer it .I am stronger then the spirits think s. If they think I am going to give in , then they don't know me. I breathe air for my kids, as long as I have them nothing can bring me down for the final countdown. . I devour the pain through the sweet seduction of courage and the ability of knowing the difference . Can you say the same? Sapphire Jewel aka Valarie A Laboy © 2006
This Is Me...
I'm deep and enigmatic. Even those who've known me for years sometimes have no clue how I really feel. When I get that Mona Lisa smile on my face in response to a question, they know they've crossed the line. Where a Leo delights in telling all, I am slow to trust others with my secrets. But I'm also good at keeping theirs. I may be hard to figure out, but I'm loyal to the bone. Others don't realize how sensitive I am, because I hide it well. I have a quiet strength -- so loud yelling and noise in general can quickly stress me out. I also feel tense and nervous when I don't get enough privacy. Deadlines are another source of stress for me: I'd rather take my time than rush to finish things. I need to be sure people know my needs and boundaries so I can negotiate what works for all. *The scorpion is one of the most ominous creatures of the desert. Its threatening appearance is no façade either – its deadly venom is used to subdue and kill its prey. But the scorpion doesn't
Hiccups Be Damned
Hiccups be damned! The anguish, suffering, and tormenting of a mystery I do not understand has overtaken my being this evening. Hiccups, yes hiccups suck! I am being tortured tonight by the most horrible affliction that has ever inflicted man since the beginning of time. So annoying that for years, doctors and mother alike have searched fruitlessly for a cure to the ailment that plagues me now. Being the inquisitive soul that I am, I went to my favorite search engine here on the web, searching for the cause and a cure to this devilish disease I can not comprehend. ARGH, these are the most bothersome little buggers crawling up my windpipe to interrupt conversations, TV shows, and reading alike. Damn. First stop, some site dedicated to explaining to kids about life, ailments, their bodies, and random other crap I flew past. So, get this hiccups are caused by the diaphragm. I discounted this one right off the bat. How on Earth can a birth control device cause hiccups? It's not li
Me On Piano
Listen to cj - none
Silent Night- Bon Jovi
After the smoke clears When it's down to you and I When the sun appears And there's nothing left but goodbyes We'll just turn and walk away How could we let it end like this Just turn and walk away Should we seal it with a kiss It's too late Now you're out and on the run It's too late Held up in love without a gun Silent night We hold up our candle light Silent night The night our love died No words to say And we're both too tired to fight just hold me close... And don't let go It was all so simple when You were to be queen and I'd be king I guess those dreams got lost Cause baby you're still you And I'm still me Now letting go It's always the hardest part to fight When we both know We're just two more victims of the night It's too late Too late to wonder why Much too late To save a love that's died Silent night We hold up our candle light Silent night The night our love died No words to say Now we're both too tired to fight Just hold me close a
so ive been working alot i think today is my 1st day off in like 17 or 18 days of working in a row counting sat and suns lol... anyways i havent been on that much lately... but im pretty bored today so im sure i will be on alot!!
I can't really deny it anymore babe. I really really want to more than anything be able to deny your death and believe it and know it's not true. I waited for that call, that call that never came. That call that would have put a few pieces of my heart back together. It never came, and it never will. I don't understand why. So many why's. And I know some blame is on my head, I accept that. I just wish other people would so I can talk to them about it without hearing "No no no, it's not your fault." It's got to be someones fault and I'm the one who left you. I'm the one that gave you no reason to stay in MI. Before we started dating you were looking into the ARMY, but you stopped because of me. After I broke up with you though you went right back to the ARMY and joined. If I would have never met you, you would have been there sooner (or not at all) and not been on the road where that bomb was; or if I took you back you would have stayed here with me. Your words are echoing
You Wanna Join A Bombing Family
PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING A FRIEND REQUEST AND INDICATE IN YOUR FRIEND REQUEST THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE PROFILE AND DO WISH TO JOIN*********** This is the profile of a Bomber Family, NOT an individual. If you are looking for a family to join, please read below, and if you are interested, send a friend request specifying you would like to join. ONLY members who wish to be a part of the bomber family will be accepted as a friend on this HOME PAGE of the FUS CHERRY BOMBERS . This is a bomber family of people dedicated to fairness and equality. ******************PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT, WILL NOT, APPROVE ANYBODY FOR FAMILY MEMBERSHIP WHO IS CURRENTLY IN A CONTEST SEEKING TO JOIN A BOMBER FAMILY TO GET HELP WITH A CONTEST RIGHT NOW. YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE FAMILY BOMBING FOR THE FAMILY FOR 10 (TEN) DAYS BEFORE YOU CAN ASK ANY MEMBER FOR BOMBING HELP FOR YOURSELF************************************************* ******************PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT, WI
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I bite my nails when I'm nervous. 2. I was my hands before and after anything I do. 3. I brush my teeth like 5 times a day. 4. I have 2 tooth brushes 1 on the sink 1 in the shower. 5. I hate when people touch my face. 6. I write poems. 7. I hate cats. 8. I believe in God. 9. I hate talking on the phone. 10. I made up the name Trell Daddy in 11th grade because I wanted to be a rapper. I tagged Sexxymamma Shannon Ansatsusha Baby B Platinum Jay
Tag Ur It
TAG YOUR IT !! The rules are: Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 5 people to be tagged. List their names and why you chose them to be tagged. Don't forget to leave a comment thats says "You are tagged" on their profile and to read your latest blog. Have fun! 1)I am afraid of lizzards 2)I can't stand it when people touch my pillows 3)I love scary movies 4)I use to be in gymnastics 5)I have 4 peircings other then my ears ;) lol 6)I hate driving under bridges 7)I have a weakness for funny people 8)Sometimes I think I see things that others say they cant see..maybe its just my eyes lol 9)I wear contacts and or glasses 10)One of my most fav drinks is called Turtle piss...its madori..malibu..and a lil bit oj lol I choose Eroticicdreamer because she kicks as* Latenight cause he is like a brother to me Reece because he is my best f
Starbucks - Damn
I like a really great cup of coffee... But I guess I won't be drinking Starbucks anymore!!!! Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some of it to the troops there. Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone in it, and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee. So as not to offend Starbucks, maybe we should not support them by buying any of their products! I feel we should get this out in the open. I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting street-to-street and house-to-house. If you feel the same as I do then pass this along, or you can discard it and no one will never know. Thanks very much for your support. I know you'll all be there again when I deploy once
Alcohol And Brain Cells
A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo, and when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole is maintained or even improved by the regular culling of the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can operate only as fast as the slowest brain cells through which the electrical signals pass. Recent epidemiological studies have shown that while excessive intake of alcohol kills off brain cells, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. Thus, regular consumption of beer, wine etc., helps eliminate the weaker cells, constantly making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. The result of this in-depth study verifies and validates the causal link between all-weekend parties and job related performance. It also explains why, after a few short years of leaving a university and getting
Blind Gifts
There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.' One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her, 'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left her in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.' This is how the human brain often works when our status changes. Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who was always by their side no matter what the situations. Today before you co
~help Me Get My Vip~
To Remind The World
He sits in wonder at the moment of silence, That seems to last for days, And his heart slowly beating, But to what end, he knows not, For the one person he thought Could see him, could feel him, And would really know where he stood Seems to have acknowledge That he doesn't exist. He's only a dream, a memory perhaps, But he's not today, nor tomorrow, And he will never be again. His life, his meaningless life, And his love, the love of yesterday, The love that everyone searches for, But he gave to her, Only to have it revoked suddenly And without warning, She let go of him, And didn't even look back. As if it were not reality- A fantasy- maybe it was his, And he just couldn't see, But now he feels the pain, The emptiness, the hollow echo As his heart beats, but for nothing. His soul, now has been sold, To the highest bidder, And then left behind, Like an old child's plaything- Left in the back of a closet, When the family moves away. Dust covered and
Haha Someone Is Using A Porn Stars Pics
ok i just called out a "woman" that has the pics of a porn star that is real big on the net the "woman's" name on here is GypsyGirl and she says its her pics that she has up i for one know better because ive been to said porn stars web page, and have seen the pics the"woman" is using the porn stars web page is and im sure if she finds out there will be a law suit thrown at the "woman" that is using her pics. tell me what you think.
Something Special I Wrote For My Special Friend
Nicckie Written By Bruce Romanis Nicckie Is and always will be my bestest friend because i have special place in my heart for her forever and she means a lot to me and ever since I joined Lost Cherry in the beginning she was one of the nicest people on the site who would be there for me if I was feeling sad or I just needed a friend to be there for me and i would be truly be sad and depressed and feel like I have nothing to smile about if she wasn't on the site now known as Fubar because as long as I have known her even if the site was known as Lost Cherry or even Cherry Tap or Fubar there's 1 true friend that I totally respect and admire and worship and love and that's my amazing and wonderful friend Nicckie I have known her on the 3 name changes of the site for almost 2 years and I am so happy she's my bestest friend and I wouldn't know what i'd do if I didn't have nicckie in my life even though she's a online friend of mine even online friends can be best friends fo
The Lonely Feelings...
The lonely feelings... The night air is crisp and cold... and your not alone... but you feel out of place... even in your own home... Your in a crowd... lots of folk... but even then... you feel the choke... The need to be alone... is all you feel ... to get in a room... to close and seal... To be alone.. is all I ask.. to sit there... sometimes is the task... To sit and think... and not use my brain... I need the quite... to remain quite sane... But then I need ... the love of friends... the companionship... buds to the end... We should love our time... that we spend alone... but don’t forget... the light friends have shone.... R. Alford Stewart 5 Oct, 1999
The 80s Metal Lounge Rules
Another of my lucky auction winnings. Help me show him some mad FU-LOVE. dat boi@ fubar
The Heart Knows
Go where the heart longs to go Don't pay attention to the feet that want to stay rooted Go where the mind wants to explore Don't worry about the hands that still want to hold on Go where your gut is fearful to go Don't let your body sit in one place Go where your heart knows it should go
Love And Lust Of A Master
24 Feb 2008 Love and lust from a Master Current mood: naughty Love and lust is such a strong word and strong feeling. Now along with love, for some, comes lust and domination. That is, for me, to have a master, to give commands and live on that edge of not doing what you are told in order to get punished. Sometimes that could be a fun and rewarding experience but then again... it might not be. This is also the need to feel the intensity of pain while in a sexual situation..... Domination takes me to an entire new plane… I have no concept of what is going on around me except what is happening to me at that time. Someone today said that anyone could be a master and dominate you. This is not true for me. It has to be someone who I love, yes, love not just lust, trust, and one that I know will not hurt me in a bad way. I have such a master. When we first started out he sucked on my nipples so hard that I thought it was going to fall off. Those actions made me start my thirst for
Jizz On Heads Of State For Posterity... And Fun
Clankdestine mofo... Clankistination..... You know... we all know Stination.... I like stination for our nation, asshole!! You know do you? You know a hole ready... Too prepared to be rammed to be hit... like a tit on the belly. A pig sits down for your lips. Suck the tits and deny your life. Deny your thoughts... Ignore the truth and suck the teats and blow your mind out of your pants... Pretend it doesn't exist and know.. We persist... we persist... We will never die. What dies is that which does not do... To do is to live and to live is to do that which has never been done more than thirty-three times.. we see We saw .. we thought we saw. What you all wanted to be.. Now we know.. You wanted to lived like Bots in the global model Of that which we cannot be.. Cry child... Weep for what you'll never know. Soak your stamps in the tears of lesser men.. and die and wake like hose who are not
Charleston S.c.
We are getting ready to go in a few days now. Is there anything to do down there at all. Let me know what it is pleaseeeeeeee.
Dreaming Of You
Last night, the oddest thing happened I was messing around, my mind Not focused on any specific thing But suddenly a sound pierced my silence The roar of a motorcycle And the sounds of it driving off Followed by a thicker silence Which was only broken by Muffled sobs and sniffs What was going on? What made me miss you so much? I tried to get you off my mind And tumbled into bed But it didn’t work, no relief Came to my aching head Thoughts of you stayed with me I couldn’t forget you, couldn’t Get you out of my mind Exhausted, I finally Drifted into a rest-free sleep But the whole night you Were there haunting me I spent my night and then Most of the days after Dreaming of you.
Puter Virus ..... Humor
I thought you would want to know about this e-mail virus. Even the most advanced programs from Norton, Trend, or McAfee cannot take care of this one. It appears to affect those who were born prior to 1965. Symptoms: 1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice. done that! 2. Causes you to send a blank e-mail ! that too! 3. Causes you to send e-mail to the wrong person. yep! 4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you. who me? 5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment. well darn! 6. Causes you to hit 'SEND' before you've finished. oh no - not again! 7. Causes you to hit 'DELETE' instead of 'SEND.' and I just hate that! 8. Causes you to hit 'SEND' when you should 'DELETE.' Oh My! IT IS CALLED THE 'C-NILE VIRUS. '
Notes To Ponder
1. does god hate iraqis, if so is he ok with us killing so many? 2. if we leave iraq will we stop being free? 3. did saddam want to take our freedoms? 4. saddam was in the proces of taking only euros for his oil...and NOT the doller. 5. saddam was pumping to much oil, (makes it cheaper) so the oil companies wrote up the draft to invade iraq before 9/11 6. iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.. 7. only 4 of the 19 hijackers were from afghanistan, 15 were from saudi arabia 8. does god approve of killing? 9. hitler was protecting the germans from the comunists, same way bush protects us from terrorists. 10. our phones are tapped, our email is spy'd on, we are the suspects.. thats not freedom. 11. Did Jesus, as a human being, really walk upon the earth? 12. Why are there so many similarities between the ancient Egyptian religion and Christianity today? 13. Why does our government tell us that the twin towers were destroyed by airplanes hitting them, when the
Ladys Beware
BULLFROGS & B!*W JOBS A woman went into a store to buy her husband a pet for a Valentine's Day present. After looking around, she found that all the pets were very expensive. She told the clerk she wanted to buy a pet, but she didn't want to spend a fortune. 'Well,' said the clerk, 'I have a very large bullfrog. They say it's been trained to give b!*w jobs!' 'B!*w jobs!' the woman replied. 'It hasn't been proven but we've sold 30 of them this month,' he said. The woman thought it would be a great gag gift, and what if it's more b!*w jobs for her! She bought the frog. When she explained froggy's ability to her husband, he was extremely sceptical and laughed it off! . The woman went to bed happy, thinking she may never need to perform this act again. In the middle of the night, she was awakened by the noise of pots and pans flying everywhere, making hellacious banging and crashing sounds. She ran downstairs to the kitchen, only to find her husband
New Voice Chat
Found out there is a new voice chat on the block that might be worth checking out. There are two good things i have read about it, for those who have used teamspeak or ventrilo. well here we go. 1. Its got ventrilo quality from what i have read. 2. Servers are free for up to 200 users. Those two reasons alone make it worth checking out. But here is the other info. Features Free Voice Communication * Create multiple channels and subchannels * Pick from any of our 12 datacenters worldwide to host your voice server * Full moderation of your voice channel, including the ability to kick/ban users * Automatically save channel settings Friend Tracking and In-Game Chat * View status of your friends online, including information on games they are currently playing and what server they are on * Text or voice your friends instantly — even while playing most games! * Easily log conversations for future reference * Customize your GSC accou
Please Advise
This is where it ends…or is this where it begins? I don’t know anymore. I’ve always been the one with the answers to everything. Why can’t I solve my own issues? I’ve had it all. I’ve lost it all, and now, my scruples are slowly scattering as well. Where do you turn when you don’t know where to look? How do you get started when you don’t know where you stopped? "Everything’s gonna be alright." What is that supposed to help? I need direction. "You need God." Umm, sorry, but I’ll be damned on that one. Been there, done that. I need a break. Not like a relaxation break, but I need my lucky break. Everyone gets one, where’s mine? Did it already pass me by, back when I had it all and was too busy working to keep it to hear opportunity knocking? I actually thought I had it when I found my dream job a couple of weeks ago. They worked me in at entry level, and I knew I had the BIG job in the bag. But, how about the position was eliminated almost as soon as it was
Have You Ever...
This is the feeling i get around this wonderfull woman. I love you with all my heart Hope. You're simply perfect. To really love a woman To understand her You gotta know her deep inside Hear every thought See every dream And give her wings when she wants to fly And when you find yourself Lying helpless in her arms You know you really love a woman When you love a woman You tell her that she’s really wanted When you love a woman You tell her that she’s the one She needs somebody To tell her that it’s gonna last forever So tell me have you ever really Really really ever loved a woman To really love a woman Let her hold you Do you know how she needs to be touched ? You gotta breath her Really taste her To you can feel her in your blood Then when you can see your unborn children in her eyes You know you really love a woman When you love a woman You tell her that she’s really wanted When you love a woman You tell her that she’s the one She needs som
When Mothers Fail
I will be the first to admit I am not perfect, and am pretty good at admitting I am wrong. And yet this time I do not know what I did wrong, and compared to my ex wife, I am damn perfect. My little girl ran away from her mom's house on Tuesday. She's 8. I got the call from her friend's mom asking if it was ok she played over. As I already knew she was "missing", I talked to my daughter and the mother both before deciding it was a good idea that I came and got her to smooth things out as she was brought home. I called my ex to convey this idea, but I was screamed at and told she would get her, because she had been out for almost an hour looking. So in short, this was not about my daughter's feelings, or why she even ran away in the first place. It was about my ex, it's always about her, because she is more important than everything else. Then the boyfriend decided to open his mouth about it, which I admit, if he'd do it to my face I'd respect him more. But he has since apologized for hi
A Poem
She stands alone her petals so smooth I watch the Light hit her - and my heart is moved. Such elegance, such beauty, my eyes have never known- she stands absorbing golden rays, I sit and watch alone. Her silky petals... and tender green leaves... her long narrow stem with its thorns of unease. It bewilders me to think as I watch even now, that rose that I see has been battered somehow. Beaten by the winds and the rains of life, by the thorns of other roses, by pain and strife. Oh! to be the Gardener, and to know the exact way to nurture that rose back to health one day. But the Gardener, I am not, an imitation, I am afraid, simply struggling through the garden on the path that He made. But someday, in time, I will know what He knows, and will walk deeper in the garden and reach that battered rose. And way out where its harsh I will tend to her needs-
Yes A Man Wrote This
You should know....Thanks Steff : ) If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differ
My Soul Mag Inteview...
I'm famous in Greece LOL!!! Check out my interview in SOUL Magazine out of Greece. My buddy Antonis interviewed me for them, and it was alot of fun! I'm sharing pages with celebs like Jude Law and Alicia Keys-who would've thought LOL!!! So check it out and tell me what you think :-)
Bye Bye Verizon
I'm going to be gone for a little while, I'm changing over to shawneelink verizon was costing me an arm and leg, it will be from 2-6 weeks. catch you later. xoxoxo
My Banana Bread Recipe
Banana Nut Bread 5 ripe bananas, well mashed 2 eggs 2 cups plain flour ľ cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking soda ˝ cup nuts (can be walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts) Cinnamon Preheat oven to 350. Grease a loaf pan. Mix the bananas and eggs together in a large bowl. In another bowl put flour, sugar, salt and baking soda. When the bananas and eggs are mixed up good together, I then sprinkle cinnamon in the mixture. I usually put in a enough till it looks right. (I know that’s not very helpful, but maybe about 4 or 5 shakes) You don’t want it to dark. Then I add the nuts. (I use pecans or whatever nuts I get from my folks.) I have used a mixture of nuts. Now add the remaining ingredients (the flour mixture). Mix well. Spoon in loaf pan and cook for one hour. Remove from pan and cool on baking rack. This is a recipe I got from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook and added some changes of my own.
Out Of My Life
They tell me to move on To forget about him Yet for some reason I cant I care for him More than any other But all he does is hurt me Says he cares But acts like Im nothing I wish he would leave me alone Let me move on Hes got her So he doesnt need me I want him out of my life!
Proclamation Signed By Governor Sebilus
Governor Sebilus signed a proclamation on February 29, 2008 naming March as Chiari Awareness Month!!!!!!!! All my hard work and endless hours have finnaly started to pay off!
Just would love to say hello and thank you for all the support to all the *Stiletto Girls* you are all hot and sexy and keep it up........
Rip Arthur C. Clarke
The last of the Big Three of the Golden Age of science fiction died yesterday at the age of 90. Just off the top of my head,some of his stories & books I have: The 9 Billion Names of God The Star The Sentinel Glide Path Tales from the White Hart Rendevous with Rama Imperial Earth The Fountains of Paradise A Fall of Moondust He was instrumental in creating our present network of geosynchronous communication satellites & helped develop radar during WWII. Godspeed,Sir Clarke.
I'll Never....
I'll never forget, the day we met I knew you'de be mine, my heart was set. I had to have you, at any cost now without you, I would be lost. I live each day, with you in mind forever strengthening, the ties that bind I'll chat no more, with other women cause this is now, and that was then. You fill each day, with joy and love you must have been sent, from up above. I thought that god, was so unjust then he sent me you, and regained my trust. The End!!
I Need A Master You Need A Slave
do you need a slave to be at your beck an call? trust me you won't find a better slave
March 22, I See Me Today
Today i look in the mirror and see someone I hate. For years I have been told I am nothing. That I am ugly and wortless. A cold hearted bitch. And today as I look not only at myself on the outside but also with in I hate who I am, and what I am. Call it a pitty party, or whayever you must but I need to vent and so I am. I see a woman I do not like to look at. I have only caused pain and heartache. I blame a lot of it on my life before today. I have been abused mentaly and physicaly my whole life. And I believe that that has a lot to do with who I am today. I see ugly, i see a woman who has caused so many people heartache. why. why do I do this. I have had twp men in my life that have been nothing but good to me. Yet I tore out there hearts and took a huge crap on it. Now I regret it. Can I change it, no. But I feel i deserve what I get. I do not deserve them at all. I deserve the unhappiness. The heartache, the pain. Dealing with this today is hard for me because I usualy just drin
Just Wanna Say This
happy easter everyone wishing u n urs a very happy easter
My Daddy Hurts Me!!!
I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks aren't home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlies bar I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work
Funk Martini's I Swear They Will Plz Ya!!
FUNK MARTINI 1 1/2 OZ. Vodka 1/2 OZ. Triple Sec and a splash of Cranberry juice, and Pineapple Pour liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker with cracked ice and shake well, strain into a chilled martini glass!! now I tend to not be so fancy, lol, and mix the ingredients right in my glass(and i'm not classy enough to use a martini glass anymore lol so i use the rocks glass) I also want to add that this does sound sweet but I promise you will enjoy it has a fruit punch taste that will knock ya on yur butt!!! lol enjoy! ROCK ON DANI!!
Positive Future
I am trying to raise money to get a service dog for my 5 year old son He was diagnosed with depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he is unable to adequately verbally express his feelings he is a cutter and suffers from night terrors He would greatly benefit from a psychiatric service dog they are trained to provide companionship to children with psychiatric disorders they are able to comfort and calm a child where the child is unable to do that for themselves and would prevent my son from hurting himself Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way to provide a postive future for my son.
Milf's And Stud's
Life Sucks...........
Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow lyrics Artist: Suicidal Tendencies lyrics Album: Prime Cuts Year: 1997 Title: How Will I Laugh Tomorrow Print Correct Get How Will I Laugh Tomorrow ringtone on your mobile! [Mike Clark/Mike Muir] Here I sit and watch my world come crumbling down I cry for help but no one's around Silently screaming as I bang my head against the wall It seems like no one cares at all Always an emotion, but how can I explain; how can I explain? Kind of like the scent of a rose, with words I can't explain, the same with my pain Caught up in emotion, goes over my head; goes over my head! Sometimes I got to think to myself is this life or death, am I living or am I dead The clock keeps ticking, but nothing else seems to change Problems never solved, just rearranged And when I think about all the times that I've had Some were good most were bad I search for personality and I look for things I cannot see Love and peace flash thr
New Member Green Eyed Angel
♥GreenEyedAngel© Tyght Whyt **~Pu$$yCatPlaymate~Owner of the Pink Pu$$ycat@ fubar
An Inspirational Poem!
hey everyone i know sometimes life can be one helluva drag and gets us down at times so i created this poem for me and all of you out there whos lives are getting you down. When Life Gets You Down by Jared Kinter When Life gets you down Dont curl up in the corner and cry And certainly dont just lie down and die Pick yourself up Brush yourself off Hold your head high And walk forward with the desire to fight So the woman or man you were in love with left you for something stupid So what! fight to get that person back and if that doesnt work than enjoy the single life and all it has to offer! People are judging you without knowing you hahaha what give them the right people these days are judgemental and that much is true But theres someone out there who loves what you do! You think no understands you Not true! There are many out who going thru almost the same things as you! jobs getting you down? Everyone deals with this only you can chnage that So dont cry Dont d
˘ľYou Can Call Me Ya Shawty˘ľ...Member Of PPP...@ fubar is the link to the **b*tch..i'm sure y'all can show her some fu
Graphix Contest
Proposition 420
Proposition 420 The U.S. H.E.M.P. Act United States Homeland Economic Management Provisions Act I hope that my friends would read this....whether or not you support 420 or not...if you read it completely you will see how it would benefit everyone! Please comment and let me know what you think! if you agree to this blog email this to everyone you can including your Congress Representatives and Senators. Proposition 420 The U.S. H.E.M.P. Act United States Homeland Economic Management Provisions Act A proposition initiative by Kenneth N. Bykerk, Citizen ( Section 1: Medicinal Marijuana PURPOSE: To allow for patient prescribed use, cultivation and possession for personal medicinal use of cannabis products; ---------- The patient should be the one to decide whether or not they need or would like to use cannabis as a medicine of choice for pain management, appetite stimulation or any other ailment which cannabis has been suspected or pro
Shadows On The Wall
Shadows On The Wall In the midst of darkness as it falls I wonder, what are these shadows on the wall? There I view them unalone I call out my name and realize these shadows are one in the same; Why are these images here Is it something I fear? What are these Shadows On The Wall? They're me through various times of the day; When I wake I stand tall When I relax I seem to fall When I am in thought I stand afar Far away from the others I viewed that same day. Why do I have these shadows on the wall? To remind me of who I am most of all... Me! I enjoy these shadows on the wall; For they tell me I am strong and without fear No matter how near or far. Often I may seem distant but really; I am closer than you might realize. For look through your own eyes You to will see these Shadows on The Wall. Imagine these shadows on the wall they depict who we are. Enjoy these shadows on the wall they represent strength, courage, faith, friend, belief, dreams, and
In New Contest Help Me Please With Sugar On Top
I am in a new contest.. I need at least 2500 points to get fubucks and more to get VIP or blast.. Will you help me pretty on my pic below. Thanks
Shadows Of Life
We were born naked but for the halo that burns beneath our skin , like the cloak of eternity itself.We have surpassed all other creatures in this mortal world , with our beauty....savagery and power. We have eaten at the table of every war ; every conflict of word or weapon . we draw our life as the moon draws yide , yet we are drawn to our own weaknesses like a moth 's to a living flame . We burnish our hearts with the cold gleam of ancient furies or melt them in an alembic of overpowering lust......and -consume these word's , as a flame digests the soul of haunting feelings that you thought you had buried in the back of your mind . The illusion is brittle to our own kind , deliriums ; self-imbued to escape the wieght of our own existance . Now the final war is coming like a storm , the winds ringing with our laughter ; with our rage and with our mystical serenades . Some words should have stayed interred forever . Some beasts should have never drawn first breat
Evils Face
there it was right infont of my face right there, i want it stopped i need it to end but i cant its against my nature, the things i want done to such an evil the noise it causes the pain it brings, makes me want to tear off my face, but that is not the answer, i dont know the answer and all i can do is wait for it to leave for good.....her name is becca.....she leaves messes all over the place and yells at us for not picking it up and yells at us for being slobs me and my best friend suffer because of her, he and i are both too nice to tell her to leave but the squeaker toy wont shut up to listen shes too busy making things about herself and forcing my best friend into submission using sex as her back up, the only thing i hate and cant stand is her....
Pick Your Prize Giveaway!! My Very First To Host
I'm Hosting a Pick your Prize Giveaway!! I enjoyed Molly's giveaway so much last month, Ive decided to host one of my own. There will only be one winner per prize--so get your entries in early. All Prizes will be given out at the end of the giveaway on May 2cd. You must fullfill the requirements to get the prize. OMLY THREE PRIZES REMAIN OPEN: AS PROMISED NO INTERESTED IN THE 30 OR THE 3 DAY BLAST HAS MADE WAY FOR 3 NEW PRIZES: (2) 1 MONTH VIPS & (1) GIFT BLING PAK here are the prizes I am offering: (2) 7 day blast--25,000 comments (4) 1 month VIP--25,000 comments (5) 1 gift bling pak-- 20,000 comments Rates will count for 10 yup I said 10 comments!! Thats 11 Prizes-11 entries First come-First serve! So get your entries in asap--just send me a private message with a link to the pic you want to enter--can be any sfw picture you like to use-- and as soon as its posted to my giveaway album--Game on!! Sexygranny1967~Shadow Leveler~ S*U*P*~ & F*W*C* Greeter~Proud
Funny Shit
1. A nursery school pupil told his teacher he'd found a cat, but it was dead. 'How do you know that the cat was dead?' she asked her pupil. 'Because I p * ssed in its ear and it didn't move,' answered the child innocently. 'You did WHAT?' the teacher exclaimed in surprise. 'You know,' explained the boy, 'I leaned over and went 'Pssst' and it didn't move' 2. A small boy is sent to bed by his father. Five minutes later.....'Da-ad.....' 'What?' 'I'm thirsty. Can you bring a drink of water?' 'No, You had your chance. Lights out. ' Five minutes later: 'Da-aaaad.....' 'WHAT?' 'I'm THIRSTY. Can I have a drink of water??' ' I told you NO! If you ask again, I'll have to smack you!!' Five minutes later......'Daaaa-aaaad.....' 'WHAT!' 'When you come in to smack me, can you bring a drink of water?' 3. An exasperated mother, whose son was always getting into mischief, finally asked him 'How do you expect to get into Heaven?' The boy thought it
For My New Friends
Guess I Have Been Away A Spell
I haven't posted in this thing since NOVEMBER...? Geeeez! Well not a too much of anything new with me. Been throwing myself into my artwork. It's helped me deal with a lot of assorted crap that's been flying at me lately. No big deal, after all what doesn't kill you..." etc, etc. Anyways I'll definitely be making it a point to come back more often. I kinda missed the "Fu-ness" Lol1
Hmmm.. Lol
If we spent the night together.. what would be the 3 words you say the next morning?
Fucking Lag
Well the month of April is running me ragged. I have Bridges class this week, Then Job Club next week, Then the week after I have my assesment to see if I should be employed or go back to school. In this I have a court hearing on the 21th for child custody. So the month of April is shit just shit. The only rays of sunlight that manage to break the bleek overcast spanning thru out the month. Is the Birthdays of a few close friends of mine. Whom I care about very much. I love you guys and can't wait to celebrate your day with you.You're wonderful friends
It Was Just A Dream....
Since my mother passed away nearly 4 years ago I've had nothing but nightmares about her telling me she wanted nothing to do with me and that she didn't love me....until today...I laid down for a nap after getting the housework done...The dream started off as me in a place that was familiar but at the same time not...I walked into a room that I remember from my childhood...It was my mothers room from Omena Pl. It looked exactly as it did when I was younger...Green walls green curtains and a big comfy bed with burgundy blankets...My mother was laying there watching T.v like she did when I was a kid...She seen me come in and told me to come lay with her so I did...She wrapped her arms around me and held me close and tight...I started to cry knowing that this was only a dream and when I woke up she wouldn't be there....She told me everything was going to be ok and that she had to go now...I cried and begged her not to leave me...I kept telling her I loved her and I needed her...I told her
The Blizzard Of 06
This has probably been left out of coverage on CNN, CNBC, and Fox News, as they are busy with stories that get good ratings like the latest developments concerning a teenager in Aruba that has not been seen in 6 months, but there is a very importatnt news item here in Mississippi... a blizzard in progress! At least 11 flakes were seen landing in my yard alone, where they no doubt tormented the horde of fiendish fire ants lurking between every single blade of grass in the yard. These flakes quickly melted as they always do, but it remains to be seen if melted snow will put out a fire ant. This intrepid reporter braved the elements until the first flake landed upon him, when he quickly retired to the safety of the kitchen window. The blizzard raged for a good seven minutes or so, and as luck would have it, I did not witness a 47-car pile-up on the street in front of the doubt due to the fact that there was no pile-up to witness as all the womenfolk were busily cann
For Those That Helped:
I would Like to thank all the people that helped Me last night and late last night level and get to be "Mr Insider". I know to some of you this may not be a big deal. But to Me it is. There are those that know that I am not into all this point whoring. I do what I do to advance and then I move on. but I will help anyone that sk for it. And what Someone who is VERY SPECIAL to Me did for Me. Well That Means alot to Me. And for that I want everyone to know just how Special she is. Not only is She a Very, Very Good Friend. But this Lady will do anything for anyone at anytime. Just like she did for Me when I needed over 10,000 points and she got loads of people to come to My page and help get Me over the top to Be "Mr Insider". And for that I Love Her to death. If You ever Need Someone to be there for You then I tell You You couldn't ask for a better person to have in Your corner or on Your Friends list. I'm here to tell You... If You don't believe Me just ask the people that She has helpe
Quizzing Mood ... Wanna Join
Revised Cam Rulez As Of June 2008 - If You Accept - Please Comment - Accepted- Thanks
My True Love
My True Love The night is cool, the stars are bright. Wondering where my true love is tonight. If only I was pretty, or smart. Maybe I wouldn't end up with all these old farts. My life has been hard, this I know. If only it didn't show. With every new man, an expectancy to be hurt. If only I could find a decent man, and feel his comfort. I know I can do everything on my own, I just wish I didn't have to be all alone. I long for the man of my dreams. For now that is where he'll have to stay, in my daydreams. Maybe one day I'll hold my head up high, and realize I'm as beautiful as a butterfly. I would not have to settle for an ole fart, For I would have an open heart. No longer thinking I couldn't do any better. Away has melted the bitterness and anger. Then I wouldn't have to wonder where my true love is, Because I would know, where ever he might be, I would be his.
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Bomb Hell Outta Me Keep Me In Front Please
Sister's Wedding
so.... my younger sister gets married june 7th. she just called me today and asked if i could be a bridesmaid because one of hers backed out. luckily for everyone i'm about a size smaller than her original bridesmaid.... so now i gotta pony up some serious cash on way short notice. i mean of course i was going to the wedding.... but now i have to buy the whole ensemble and the hair..... aaaaaaaack. of course i'm doing it. she's my sister!! i'm just kinda.... meh. i'll get over it. just as a note i was scheduled to be her personal attendant before..... so now i pull double duty. lolz. it's what i am best at..... coming off beautifully under massive stress.
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