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"seek And Destroy" Metallica (just For Fun)
RULES: 1. Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS   IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? "Crazy train" Ozzy Osbourne HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? "Touch-a, touch-a, touch me" Rocky Horror Picture Show (lmao) WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? "I get it" Chevelle HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? "Drop the World" Lil Wayne WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? "Piggy" Nine Inch Nails WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? "Uptown Girl" Billy Joel WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? "Sonne" Rammstein WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? "Fergalicious" Fergie WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? "All I Need" Within Temptation WHAT IS 2 + 2? "Sober" Tool WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? "Ima Be" Black Eyed Peas WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? "Not Afraid" Eminem WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? "Hero" Sevendust WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PER
I'm No Angel - The Allman Brothers
No I'm no angel No I'm no stranger to the streets I’ve got my label So I won't crumble at your feet And I know baby So I've got scars upon my cheek And I'm half crazy Come on and love me baby So you find me hard to handle ... well ...I'm easier to hold So you like my spurs that jingle And I never leave you cold So I might steal your diamonds ... I'll ... bring you back some gold I'm no angel No I'm no angel No I'm no stranger to the dark Let me rock your cradle Let me start a fire with your spark Oh come on baby Come and let me show you my tattoo Let me drive you crazy Come on and love me baby So you don't give a darn about me I never treat you bad I won't ever lift a hand to hurt you and I'll always leave you glad So I might steal your diamonds ... I'll... bring you back some gold I'm no angel No I'm no angel No I'm no stranger to the dark Let me rock your cradle Let me start a fire in your heart Oh come on baby Come and let me show you my tattoo Let me drive you crazy Come
The Hunt
     Soft earth gives easily under my treading claws. Hurried and frantic. Desperate to lose the shadows that seek to end my existence. Breath ragged and hot from fleeing, billows into the cold black night. Softly the sounds of hurried  anger and fear, mixed with taunts of death and worse are menacingly close. I see the blinding light above that is both my curse.  and my pursuers grace for it allows them the pale silver light with which to search for me. My coat, a tattered bloody mess, sheen with the effort of escape, bristles with fear, rage, and pain. Pain so great so deep it rips into the very fabric cloaking my soul. Pain begets the madness to destroy. To kill! To devour! To claim the night with terror only my cries of agony can instill., The smells of marsh, earth, and sweat are tinged with the sting of soot from torches twinkling across the dark valley. Tiny embers that beg to set flame to the tender on which the mortals wish me to burn.
*smiles Insanely*
FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Members?
I have to get new members that are green to send me drinks. It's actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. Offering fuBucks only works on a few of them. Oh well, I'll get it. Ugh.   The thing I'm wondering is why are some new members coming in at level 10 or 11 while others are coming in at level 0. One friend told me it was because they were referred, but isn't everyone referred now? It's an invite only site. If that's the case, wouldn't every new member be level 10 or 11? Just makes no sense to me. I'd ask Mike or Ryan, but neither of them are on. Any of you have ideas????   Love you all!
soupcon\ soop-SAWN \noun; 1. A slight trace, as of a particular taste or flavor.
Why I Didn't Buy You A Drink
I saw this today and thought I would share it. It is the best story I have ever read I think. This man is one like no other. Ladies REALLY pay attention to this story. From Craigslist Salt Lake City 01/12/10:Craigslist: Why I DIDN’T buy you a drink.Here we go again. – m4w – 22 (Downtown)Date: 2010-01-12, 11:55AM MSTReply To This PostSo a couple of weeks ago a put up a post regarding the etiquette of intersexual drink-buying at bars. Lo and behold, this past weekend a friend of mine got burned at the tav by falling for the exact trap that my post warned against. Accordingly, I felt compelled to repost for the benefit of all the beautiful women in Salt Lake who don’t want to scroll all the way down to find the original post. This may be redundant, but I cannot in good conscience let this phenomenon go overlooked. So here it is again: Why I didn’t Buy You a Drink.You: Cute girl at the bar.Me: The guy you chatted with while waiting for our drinks.The Topic: W
Sexygurlsammie... One Irritating Lil Hooker...
OMFG... ok, so we've all done the like/fan/rate thing... I've seen this silly whoever they are twice now.. you rate them, and they hit your SB... both times I was up late, bored, both times she/he/it asked if I have YIM... I'm not really all that shy about it (I know how to use the block button and the delete button) so I give it out, and damned if this girl (?) doesn't, after minimal small talk, IMMEDIATELY start trying to get me to cam, and dropping comments on me that were apparently aimed at firing up my rod'n'tackle so I'd simply forget that I'm in love, in a relationship, etc... I tell her I'm in a relationship, she asks if I'm naughty (after rather remorselessly telling me she dumped her man a few months back)... and commences to telling me she's 1)scantily clad, 2)very wet [apparently guys wearing basic clothing and professing their undying love to their woman turns her on :?] 3) completely clueless to the fact I'm NOT interested [I inferred this one from her lack of response w
Thinking Of You
I have been thinking of you, And the way you make me feel. These feelings are so real,I've always felt it,But it's never been this strong I cannot fall now I've got to hold on.When my eyes are on you It's so hard to look away.When its time too leave youI so badly want to stay.I want to tell youWhat's running through my head Heartbroken and in tears.I want you to know how I feel,I just want to scream it, "its real".These words have been bottled up inside They explain the feelings I hideDon't know where to begin.Deeply confused,Don't know what to do,It will happen if it's meant to be.I really want your heart This is tearing me apart; I don't know what to doI just want to be with you, Make you happy and make you smile.Though times I cant see you for a while, Its only cause my hearts desires can't be filled. It's hard to know we're with someone elseWhen all I want is you here with me,I want to show you what this could be; I don't want to tell youI want you to just open up your eyes and
His Life
Wedding Attire Are In Several Styles And Designs
The moment in time each and every lady impatiently awaits is the actuality that when she will stroll comfortably the aisle flaunting a lovely wedding dress . and also the most amazing component of the wedding party for any bride, other compared to ring ceremony, will be the wedding party gown. Most from the girls previously have particular wedding party attire in thoughts which they would like being noticed putting on within their personal wedding. Dressok If that's the circumstance then the procedure of obtaining a gown could be just a little easy, offered the bride's favorites are not away from date. But once the bride has no predetermined gown design in mind, the procedure could possibly get truly busy heading via all of the newest and trendy attire while in the market.Cheap Special Occasion Dresses In possibly case, the bride last but not least actions for the aisle in an very stylish item of clothing. Wedding attire are out there in several styles and designs . Cheap Evening Dres
The Racist Moment And The Dog Poo
Last week in our car park a few things happened, firstly just to explain we have a communal car park with a gate that never gets locked and it’s in an area full of parking meters in Glasgow’s West End. Every flat owner has a numbered parking space, I know I am starting to bore myself with this wittering….anyway, my point is people who don’t live here park here and usually in my space the minute we go to the shops in the car. I usually lock the gate in the hope that the parking liar will get locked in, but the place is so busy someone is always going out and in and leaves the gate open. Hubby finds an odd angle to park at that isn’t someone’s space till we can get our space back, I don’t bother too much.But last week someone didn’t just park in our space they straddled their car over TWO parking spaces! It was like Dukes of Hazzard and arrived, parked precariously and leapt out of the window. I was so annoyed at that, hubby merely shrugge
boondocks\ BOON-doks \noun; 1. A remote rural area (usually preceded by "the.") 2. An uninhabited area with thick natural vegetation, as a backwoods or marsh.
Soldier Of Fortune
I have often told you stories About the way I lived the life of a drifter Waiting for the day When I'd take your hand And sing you songs Then maybe you would say Come lay with me love me And I would surely stay But I feel I'm growing older And the songs that I have sung Echo in the distance Like the sound Of a windmill goin' 'round I guess I'll always be A soldier of fortune Many times I've been a traveller I looked for something new In days of old  When nights were cold I wandered without you But those days I thougt my eyes Had seen you standing near Though blindness is confusing It shows that you're not here Now I feel I'm growing older And the songs that I have sung Echo in the distance Like the sound Of a windmill goin' 'round I guess I'll always be A soldier of fortune I can hear the sound Of a windmill goin' 'round I guessI'll always be A soldier of fortune
Marine Cpl. Jose A. Garibay
Died March 23, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 21, of Costa Mesa, Calif.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; killed in action near Nasiriyah, Iraq.
Marine Pvt. Jonathan L. Gifford
Died March 23, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 30, of Decatur, Ill.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; killed in action near Nasiriyah March 23. He was listed as missing until April 14, when the Defense Department announced his remains had been identified.
Was It Real? Part Two
Part Two.....   After Tracie moved in, we became even closer than before. It was almost like having my sister here with me. I miss my younger sister a lot, we used to do everything together and I can't wait til spring break when she is visiting me.   Anyway, I broke up with my bf. It really wasn't his fault but ever since that night, every time we had sex I would compare his skills or lack thereof to my dream lovers. It was hard for me to remain aroused and I really don't like faking it. He took the breakup in stride as I have heard he is dating one of the cheerleaders, he'll make a good hubby for one of the whorish cheerleaders.   Classes have been going good, actually they've been going great! Ever since that night, my head seems to a lot clearer about schoolwork and things. I have been trying to broach the subject with Tracie, but it just seems so surreal and I am starting to think she will think me a crazy bitch. But each night when I go to sleep I see images of them
Mini Porn Fantasy..
one day i just had a crazy thought, you were asking me about coffee or something, and it just popped into my head like a lil scene from a porn... i saw me all in black long and see through... with a bodice all of lace... a small whip in my hand ... one knee on the bed...  tied by silk scarves you are naked on my bed.... i tease you with tickles with a long soft feather... tease you and touch you with a soft lick here and there... followed by swats from the whip on my other hand... climing over you to tease you further with little strips of my skirt brushing that skin i licked and i swatted so its tingling again... soft touches like kisses as i move over you... kissing and licking and tickling everything i see... lick bite and suck your nipples and running my fingers through the hair on your chest... just love the rough feel of it on my fingertips....follow it down to that place where my happiness lives... my favoite play toy... where i can lick and tickle with the feather again, rising
Why 90's Kids Are Best :)
Slavegirl K
i want to introduce Slavegirl K, it is the best to give her the possiblity to do that on her own.   written by Slavegirl K: im slavegirl k i am in the u.s. i enjoy many things reading, cooking, camping, swimming ect... i am a country girl,..however i love the city i love to go clubbing, at a coffee shop,...i love to sing and go out to a karokee bar with my cousin. i can be a strong willed person sometimes and i tend stray from the path every now and then but i am happy that i my sir honors me by keeping me in line and helping me through things. i plan on starting college soon and i am glad that sir will be there with me to help, because i know that i will need help keeping to my studies.   a lovely young Slavegirl. a natural servant and nice contact. i don't want to miss knowing her and it is always nice to talk with her. she is eager to learn and does know about her needs and interest a way better then most mature slavegirls do.     isn't that a good
    Why are you letting people tell you what to do?  It's your life to live It's your choice on what you do    ♥ don't let anyone impact your decisions,  don't let them be the reason you miss out on doing something you really wanted to do. Because in the future, you will
I Miss My Sister Stephanie
I Wrote this Before But Almost Deleted My Fubar Account and Deleted The Blog.But One Of The Hardest Things Ive ever Had To Deal With was Losing My Sister To Murder.{Feb 3rd 2006}.From My Mums Sounding so Hysterical when She called Me That Morning.And Crying and Saying My Sister Stephanie was Dead...At 1st When I Heard her I Thought she was gonna say something wrong with one of My Girls-I Couldnt handle that.But She Said Bobby-Stephanie Is Dead. I really couldnt Grasp what was being Said...In The Back of My Mind,I'm Thinking Ok She is Just Hurt Need to get her to the Hospital...But It Soon Was all sinking in That This was Reality and wasnt gonna be right or She wasnt coming back.Went To Greenville.It was a Huge Crime Scene.Roped Off.The Highway That Little Caesars Sat On Was Crowded...I Knew My Sister was In There.And Laying Dead in The Floor...Coroners,Police,Investigators were in there.Taking Pics.or whatever.........Had To Stop Just Thinking bout it Just Now....But its Ok.......Im W
OK, I'm going to go out on a limb here. I do criminal defense investigation, which means that I get to pick and choose who I represent. I've done investigation for murderers, drug dealers, burglars, thieves, liars, cheats & scoundrels... you name it.  YES, I've even done investigations that involve CHILD MOLESTATION!  BUT!!!! in the interview and investigation, I will only defend those that I feel are wrongly accused! This brings me to my point. I spent over 20 years of my life putting scumbags behind bars for wrongs committed to the less fortunate.  I have defended certain people that were accused of heinous crimes that I thought were innocent, and thereby felt a moral obligation to take on their cause. Someone close to me, has been victim to the immoral acts of another.  Unfortunately, the Statute of Limitations has expired.  There are options to cause this deviant, miscreant, scumbag, douchebag, barrag breath grief.  HURT THIS A-HOLE in his WALLET! This should be a MUMM I gues
Too Long In The Wasteland
To my friends and family I want to apologize.  I made a decision to leave fubar.  That decision was based on the actions of one person, who I thought was a close friend.  I thought that person's actions were petty, and frankling baffling.  It just left a very bad taste in my mouth, as I really trusted that person.  But I now consider that in the past. I have received many requests from friends, telling me I should reconsider and stay on fubar.  After much thought, I have decided to stay. The reasons are that I have such beautiful friends and family, who I have grown to love. Let me assure everyone that this was not a ploy to gain attention.  In fact it was quite the opposite.   So I am back on fubar, but without a VIP.  So without a VIP, I sometimes will not have 11s to rate people.  I will soon be posing a question directed at friends.  Would you rather be rated a 10, or not rated, when I have no 11s to use? Thank you and much love to my family and friends.  Martin      
Girls, Gore, Scary Sex & More
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute   THIS Saturday, October 22nd on The Dr. Susan Block Show Celebrate the Erotic Exotic Halloween Season withHOT GIRLS & GORE GALORE!  
"novel Writing Made Easy"
Novel Writing Made Easy-HowTo Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself   It’s not difficult to find information on writing novels.  It’s not hard to find novel writing classes and novel writing books.  But it IS difficult to find a full, step-by-step novel writing system that will lead you all the way from idea to completed book.  It IS especially difficult to find an affordable such system. Most novel writing programs either give you only part of what you need to know to write a good novel, or they cost hundreds of dollars or more. Author Andrea Rains Waggener saw this void in the novel writing information arena and decided to put her expertise to use.  She wrote a set of e-books that lays out a complete, step-by-step plan for planning and writing a novel. The Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself writing system is not just one, but two e-books.  One e-book is a 184-page information packed instruction manual for planning and star
im new here you can message me if     you want ok then if we have willing to help me here or want to talk im here  ok thanks 
Very Cute Twist To A Classic
  Well as I wait for a new SaSi to get shipped to me (bought one over the holidays but it decided to not work so back it went) I figured I'd do my next toy review on this little guy.  The reason the box is nestled inside my bra is that I thought it was a nice color complement (I need to get fabric swatches or something if I'm going to keep this up).  Bzzz Buddies is your basic pocket rocket just with a cute new mascot so I'll try to get the review done tonight or tomorrow and post it up at The Toy Box.
A Knights Letter Home
A Knights Letter Home Dearest  Love,I am putting this to paper now as I have the time, to let thee know How it is with me. I have only just arrived at the point of battle.  It Looks to be not an enjoyable thing.     My commander has given me leave to write to thee, and I find that it is hard to express to thee the   thoughts an emotions that this place, this time, is instilling in me, my Lady, and I am filled with a sense of dread in this hour.      I have returned to this point of this, as I could not see thee before I left.  I was filled with hopelessnes As I found that while I was away last, even though I wore thy  promise, that thou wed another…and left me to my devices….and  I walked away knowing that one who was mine, is and would never be.   And now thee knows as well that My King has ordered me to wed as well,  and I have obeyed  His command.     I do not love her, but will be a husband to her.  As long as I have breath in my body.  Thy marriage has shaken me My L
Relaxed Resettlement Services By Bhubaneswar Packers And Movers
Moving from old place towards new place will requires uphill struggle. One should have to manage the time properly to make their resettlement successful. But now-a-days nobody have spare time to make their resettlement easier. One side the puzzled work of shifting will make people tensed. On the other side people get frustrate because they are not getting time to complete it. All these things affect badly on their personal life. But now no need to worry as several packing and moving companies are working in your area to make your shifting easier and relaxed. These agencies are providing the preeminent relocation services to give you solution for your all types of relocation situations. The workers of the packing and moving companies are really very talented and knowledgeable that they complete the entire resettlement task swiftly. They know the proper technique to complete the entire work of relocation calmly and nicely without any sort of damage. Their employees are well-trained and
A Symphony Of Chaos ( Does Control And Purpose Exist Within Disorder ? )
A symphony is a truly amazing and complex piece of work. Groupings of similar instruments structured for timing and placement, then layer, added upon layer of different classes of instruments in similar fashion on a single landscape of time and space to create an expression of the artist. In our own lives I wonder whether we conciously or subconciously create our own symphonies through the laws of attraction. Could the ability to manifest individually or collectively bring about certain outcomes by connecting unrelated events? The laws of attraction are not judgemental and do not follow a moral code as defined by a supreme being. They simply express the relationship of the individual to the universe and cause it to respond accordingly so what you desire is what you get. That being said perhaps chaos might be defined as events in flux waiting for intelligence to bring to fruition.(sounds like quantum flux) Given the concious or subconcious agendas of literally billions of
 I feel at times as if I am all but lost to this world. Wondering whether the very next day will even allow me to open my eyes to the sun shinning outside. Asking myself if I even truly want them open. Seems as of this life of mine is but only a joke. Never knowing from one minute to the next if I will be able to force myself to carry on, or just let the sands of life slip through mt hands, as I slowly evaporate into dust. Going back unto the earth from which I came. maybe some time in the near future, I can have an answer to the one question that always lingers within my mind. Is this the day I shall actually feel loved and complete????    PJ Page  3/25/2012
神州沉沦  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 千手互博的中国卡扎菲想要显示自己在经济,政治,文化,社会,党建,生态各方面卓越的领导才能,掩饰自己对权力的吸毒,掩饰自己已经深患权毒的绝症的事实,掩饰狡诈的私欲。只想找个传声筒而已或者儿
So Many Years Has Passed And We Meet Again!!!
As most of you know I am from Southern Alabama (Hell Yeah)That will always be home!!! Well here's the thing I have been a member of fubar for quite along time. Also I have a Facebook account for along time, Mainly family and friends I have known personally throughout my life. And its how I keep up with my kids, family etc.. Well about 2 months ago I had a friend contact me on facebook, My best friend I have know since I was 9, Man was that a mind blower and as she come along, along come a few more, Now I have not seen my best friend in over 20 years.....Yeah that a long time. I have let myself go with some of the medical issues I have, But Lately I have been doing things to improve myself. I am not what you call a skinny girl, But I am also not a big girl, guess you can say I am inbetween.. Well I have made plans to see her and some of my long lost childhood friends the weekend after the 4th of july...I am so excited!!! I know she will accept me however I am, But I just want to bet
My Best Friend
One day two friends went walking together, and one said "your my best friend i can tell you anything".the second friend said "sure"."You know all my life i've been looking for the perfect mate" "i'm looking for someone to make me happy, someone that will take me no matter how good or bad everything seems".She continued "i want to find true love, the kind that makes you want to make the other as happy as they already make you"."I keep looking and i cant seem to find anyone, I've looked everywhere". and she begins to cry.After a few moments of silence the friend said "you haven't looked everywhere".He stops and turns her around to face him, " do me a favor", he said."Look now".
yes a great movie for Diane Lane and an out of the box for her.  this movie is creepy and and great at the same time.   you get the thrill of the chase and unfolding new around the corner ... then it becomes personal ... and she goes completely on the defensive and the offensive at the same time.   then an address through morse code and everything ... it's a great movie .. no matter how old it is!!     xoxox Hannah
Relationship Endings
So here's my hair-pulling non-understanding take on this event: WHEN IT'S OVER IT'S OVER!!! For the life of me I cannot comprehend the "let's stay friends" concept. I do understand the need for being civilized towards each other IF there are children involved, but that's it. How and why people choose to stay in a less involved relationship is beyond me. Usually they end badly; name calling, blaming, violence, and general animosity towards each other. And it serves to stunt a persons personal growth and ability to move on. Like they are holding onto a hope that maybe someday if they change that all will be well and they get back together again. For what? To just repeat the same old mistakes and behaviors? I tried this exercise once, and I still beat myself up for it... what the hell was I thinking??? It's nothing more than a constant reminder of how the relationship failed and causes me more anger and frustration and prevented me from learning from that mistake, prevented me from actual
nice rank 911 whats your emergency..... I have imperfections & am being made to beg therefor am desperate for credits to end his agony of being linked to me...terms of service negotiable, pm or sb me plz
Fat Slut
Hello!! as you can see here, a new Slut has done her best to get my attention. I thought she could be an interesting humiliation Toy, to give her beeing a reason.     but i think she could be a usable toy. for sure she does have a big pink asshole.     and such a hole should be stuffed properly.       we will see if that slut will get a new chance to show her usability!
I’m A Huge Sucker For:
The way my boys look at me with tons of love in their eyes. The way my boys look when they are peacefully sleeping.  They still look like such angelic babies. The way my boys hug and kiss me. Mickey Mouse The way the one I love looks at me with a glimmer in his eye’s that was put there just for me. The goosiebumps and butterflies my loved one gives me when he touches my face so lovingly. The feeling I get, deep within my tummy-wummy, from my loved ones hands gently massaging my back. Looks of endearment that you know are going to lead to something spectacular and fantabulous. Kisses that set off fireworks in my mind. Kisses that make my knees weak and tremble while my mind is set off into a whirlwind of whimsy and desire with castles in the sky and all. Animals Good People Good conversation Tons of laughs Dreams and imagination Candles, CandleBox, Jack Johnson, The Eagles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stevie Nicks, Al Green, and Berry White. Day Dreams about night things
On My Yearbook, I Had One Hell" Of A Life !
  Becky T.I. - Whatever You Like [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Source: © 2009 WMG Whatever You Like (video) 35 minutes ago · Comment · Unlike · View You like this. Write a comment...   Becky
Stile Della Scarpa Di Camminata Del Hogan
Per scopo di benessere, le scarpe del hogan è considerata come la forma fisica per consumo umano. Sulla base della progettazione dei vostri vantaggi unici di stile della scarpa di camminata del hogan, del piede umano connessi con salute e della forma fisica. Cioè sono strumenti di forma fisica per coloro che sta soffrendo dal dolore posteriore e desidera ottenere nella forma priva di dovere esercitare molto del loro programma standard. Il singolo, che è utilizzato in questi calzature, fuori con la stabilità del corpo e delle forze voi da equilibrare dentro il mezzo del vostro piede.Tutti adorano lo stile, maggior parte tutti noi necessità di camminare all'interno della prima linea della tendenza. Come vedo, lo stile sottolinea il concetto che bellezza. Le nuove calzature del hogan sono scarpe hogan appena dentro l'occhio dello spettatore. è stato trovato che mentre lo sconto di passeggiata delle scarpe da tennis del hogan sull'irregolare naturale del terreno si sviluppa il muscolo dell
Her name means fire She is my desire Her kiss is what I miss If I had one wish To hold her close to my heart I never wanted us to be apart Cant you see What you have done to me What can I say I live with this everyday She haunts my thoughts I just cant get away From the way I feel about her  
Battle Of The Puget Sound Bands
Applications are now being accepted for Muckleshoot Casino's Battle of the Puget Sound Bands Event in August! Does your band have what it takes? They're giving away $30,000 in cash and prizes. For more information or to download an application go to
Missing Being A Father
These feeling I have I try to hide but it is me they seem to find from time to time they beat me down sometimes they just lead me to cry most the time they make me want to die why why couldn't i see the lies bestowed upon me if only my head was clear you would all still be near sometimes i wonder if you even remember this estranged family member i hope and i pray that there will come a day that i can once again hear you say say that word that makes my heart melt until you i have never really felt anything greater than this feeling there is no other greater than being a father
For An Old Friend And All Other's Who've Hurt Me...
Mood: Miserable Listening to: Fear Factory Final Exit   To those who've hurt me... I'm moving on, letting go of all the pain you've put me through. I have trouble letting go of things long ago, but the recent times don't phase me at all anymore. I'm not who I used to be nor will I be that again. I've changed and grown; I'm stronger than I ever will be. I'm not gonna let you bring me down....I'm grown and living my life in a way that makes me happy. I'm leaving you in the past to stay there and I'm not looking back with no regrets of my decision to leave you there. There is a small amount of love for you because who you are but past that you're nothing to me anymore.For my old friend... May this find you well...I know you're lost and I know you haven't seen it yet but I promise it will be ok. Just don't forget that there's so much out there you can't control and that you will never know. Be safe on your journeys my friend, hopefully one day you'll see the truths you are look
A hundred hearts would be too few. To carry all my love for you. "
Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you.Love isn't just for the smart of talented, but for all the animals God created.True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.Love is fire. But whether it's gonna warm your heart or burn your house down you can never tell.If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours. If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with.Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile
Retro Fresh Style Wedding Dress Leading Trends
    Wedding Dress is deeply favored by artist girls because of its retro fresh style, which reveals a kind of sense of lonely and sad, but there are some fashion ambiance, even with a little taste of nature that very casual and frank. Next follow beautiful wholesale apparel china online shop to learn skills of matching.   Such a simple but tasteful dressing up is elegant girls' favorite style, a piece of fresh without losing the fashion temperament. Casual lace blouses with dark pantyhose, coupled with sandals shoes, elegant and sober modeling, releasing a kind of pure natural flavor.   Pale yellow loose Wedding Dress, and tender colors, relaxed version of the type, generous casual retro Japanese fashion style, filled with the fresh taste. With a white canvas bag, and more fashion sense.   Denim jacket with a Wedding Dress, the usual style of the Japanese fashion, handsome and not a fresh sense of a lot of girls love Oh. In this summer may wish to try the Jap
Metade Dos Smartphones Android Possui Vulnerabilidades
Segundo um estudo desenvolvido pela Duo Security, o número de malwares para a plataforma Android aumentou 41 vezes ao longo do ano. Agravando este quadro, o estudo indica também que metade dos smartphones com o sistema da Google necessitam de patchs de segurança, para corrigir vulnerabilidades. O instituto de pesquisa, financiado pela DARPA (Agência de Projetos de Pesquisa Avançada de Defesa Americana), realizou a pesquisa através do app X-Ray, chegando a este resultado através da amostragem de 20 mil smartphones que baixaram a aplicação. Não, o X-Ray que falamos não é daqueles aplicativos bobos para "enganar os amigos" que seu celular consegue fazer exames de raio X na hora. Segundo o Duo Security, a falha não é da Google, e sim dos fabricantes: muitos param de trazer atualizações do sistema, ou sequer patchs, para manterem seus consumidores protegidos de novos malwares. "Estes números são assustadores, e exemplificam o quanto é importante atualizações constantes e como
Air Jordan 2012
these Air Jordan 3 shoes are in fact the very initial batch of sport shoes that come with noticeable and observable air soles, which can be found near the base of the shoes. Nike Tn pas cher and Nike Air Jordan These air soles are obviously meant to provide an additional benefit for the wearers. All these designs are all standardized for all the soles of these Air Jordan 3 shoes. The colors for these sole designs are in different matching colors with regards to the original colors of these shoes. The end result will only be that these shoes are more strikingly attractive to others. In fact, such shoes are not at all expensive, which were endorsed by Michael Jordan himself. These nike Jordan shoes were a part of the Jordan Air Max Pas Cher and Air Max 90 I series and were available in combination of black and red, which in many ways looked vibrant, catchy, and attractive. The Jordan shoe was colored black on the upper side and it was made from durabuck. Some of the other salient
The Symptoms And Causes Of Mental Alopecia
  Complex reasons for hair loss, hair loss phenomenon, most people are very difficult to accurately determine the cause of hair loss, and thus be accurate and timely treatment, which is the most mild alopecia,ghd sale australia is likely to develop malignant causes of hair loss. In all type of hair loss, the spirit of alopecia which the most flutter Su blurred a. In the spirit of alopecia is present in the mental state of being, it is difficult to change emerged from the body of the specific cause off, and therefore the spirit of alopecia is particularly difficult to accurately determine the following good head hairnet for everyone detailed about the mental alopecia symptoms and cause and hope to be able to help people have a comprehensive understanding of the spirit of alopecia. First of all, in order to understand the spirit of the symptoms and causes of hair loss, we must first understand what is the spirit of alopecia. Mental alopecia is due to psychological factors (
I Wounder
If you had me in a room alone w/ u, And I had to do whatever u tell me, What would I have to do? Shhh!! It's a secret so send it to my inbox Post this on your blog and see what people say. You might be surprised...
I'm Back
Will try to be around more now. Hope to hear from old friends and make some new ones.
I am listening to the 48 hour InfoWars Show right now and what his guests are saying about the next 90 days is frightening.....We will have a total economic collapse after the election. That Obama will have a false flag and attack Iran in Feb. or March 2013.....that Mitt Romney will be worse than Obama.....that people should protect their homes and families with their guns during the coming economic failure and food shortage.....that the police will give the order to shoot citizens who do not comply with the government.....
There are certain dreams that I can remember after waking up.  Is this a curse or a blessing.  Either way, it feels strange to me. Earlier this morning I had a dream about my grandparents.  A dream about how my life could be different if my favorite grandparents raised me.  Would my life be a whole lot different if my grandparents were to raise me? My grandparents have been gone for a couple of years now.  It still hurts to this day knowing that they are gone.  Does it hurt cause I have let them down?  Or does it hurt knowing that I will never see them again?  I think it hurts in both aspects.  Knowing that I have let down my favorite grandparents by breaking a promise that I have made when I graduated from high school.  Knowing that I will never see their smiling faces, especially my grandfather.   Please tell me.... Does it hurt you when you lose a favorite person?  Or does it hurt when you dream about the love one that had to say good-bye?
To Be?
To be me, To be you To be we, Self lost entangled and wrapped. Self gone, Other became and remains. Drowning in us, Ripped apart. Self again. Me, You. End
Why Don’t You Cry?
  All the pain you have felt throughout your life All the hurt that has been placed upon you You have been beaten and mistreated by many Yet you stand strong as if it doesn’t bother you Your innocence taken at such an early age Beaten mentally and physically every day Tossed out as if your life meant nothing to the world Yet you smile and keep on pushing every step of the way Why don’t you cry most would ask to try and understand You have built walls so tough and never shed a tear Why don’t you cry when the world seems to be too tough It’s because you hold something in your heart so dear You turn to God when all else seems to crumble He lifts you high and wipes away all the pain You praise him and follow his direction and word For he will give you a life in which riches are to gain A treasure of love, a blessing of life, a soul so strong Why don’t you cry is because you are blessed an anointed You have been born again and you walk with y
What Will Happen To You?
WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU?You may  REFUSE to believe this explanation of the “Rapture” and warning about the “Tribulation.” In fact, you may  PREFER to believe the explanation given by the “world leader.” He and his staff  WILL DECEIVEmany of you who are left on the earth after the Rapture. He will even demand your worship by the threat of your death (Rev. 13:11-15).IF you find it EASY to believe him, it may be because you neglected or willfully refused to trust Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour 100%, prior to the Rapture. Your present response was predicted (II Thes. 2:8-12). You will probably continue to follow the “world leader” by worshipping him and wearing his identifying mark.YOUR ETERNAL FUTURE IS PROPHESIED:—If anyone worships the beast (Antichrist) and his image and receives his mark on his forehead or upon his hand, he also will drink of the wine of the WRATH of God which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His ange
Regalo De Navidad Ideas De Cambio
¿Cuál es tu parte favorita de Navidad? Cada uno tendrá una respuesta diferente. Un padre trabajador puede decir que es el día de fiesta tan esperada. Un ama de casa puede decir que es las decoraciones hermosas que llega a poner todo su hogar. Y a los niños les dicen (No es difícil adivinar) son los regalos! Pues bien, no sólo los niños, los regalos son la parte favorita de Navidad para muchas personas. Esas cajas bellamente envueltos, esperando a que sus secretos sean revelados, todos los niños preguntando si habían sido "bueno" como para recibir lo que pidieron a Santa a conseguirlos. Una tradición que mucha gente sigue es un intercambio de regalos de Navidad. En este artículo Buzzle, te daremos algunas ideas generales sobre qué tipo de regalos que puedes canjear por Navidad.-venta de luces de navidad Diversión regalos de Navidad a Exchange Hay toneladas de intercambio de ideas de regalos que se pueden explorar para tener un poco de diversión en una fiesta de Navidad. La
I Am Wiser And Stronger Now
 I AM WISER AND STRONGER NOW SO …. Do not ask me to care about you….BECAUSE I WON’T. Do not ask me to need you….BECAUSE I DON’T. MOST OF ALL do not ask me to love you…..BECAUSE I CAN’T.
Barking At Me
Barking At Me    She has a smile that is big as the moon Knowing she is on her way, she will be here soon If only she would be my lucky star She is a winner and that's by far    I am not perfect, and I am not the sharpest tool in the shed I too had to be force fed Things are moist, and the sweat was pouring off of me It was because we were kissing so long, it made both of us so, happy   Wolf-hound moments had made us go all around,thenit sat at our feet This was so, soft and so, very neat!   I wish, you would, stop, "Barking At Me"... 
Double Carte Sim Pour Samsung Galaxy, Les Détails De Smartphones
Aujourd'hui, nous parlons de la carte SIM pour s3 galaxy double, qui offre deux cartes SIM pour vérifier vos numéros privés facilement. La possibilité d'ajouter un supplément smartphones SIM devient une mode qui adhère à sa gamme Samsung Galaxy Samsung Dual SIM. L'utilisation de deux cartes SIM est une innovation qui a lieu le jour la force par jour dans le monde de la technologie. L'avantage d'avoir deux numéros dans un seul appareil, il facilite grandement l'inconfort de transporter deux téléphones en même temps. Protection des renseignements personnels et les entreprises ont aujourd'hui un excellent partenaire avec cette technologie. Samsung, l'un des plus grands dans le développement technologique à l'heure actuelle, a la présentation du Samsung Galaxy modèle Dual SIM, qui relie le dispositif d'écoulement avec deux cartes SIM. Ce type de modèle a d'abord été lancé dans le géant asiatique, la Chine. L'appareil dispose de deux emplacements pour cartes SIM insérées. Avec
I need mercenaries for Fumafia. There are a few rules to be a merc. Imposed by the system not me. Here tey are: 1. Invited fubar user must have no other fuMafia players at time of following invite link! 2. Invited fubar user must have signed up before May 31st, 2012 to be eligible! 3. BOTH parties must have salutes! 4. Understand that your mafia cash bonus is substantialy less with mercenaries that have been recruited internally! 5. Understand that both fubar accounts may be forfeited upon discovery of parties sharing their login information with one another!   If you are interested here is the link:
Igreja Anglicana De Santos Realiza Bazar De Natal
A Igreja Anglicana de Santos, no litoral de São Paulo, realiza um bazar beneficente de Natal no próximo sábado (1º) a partir das 14h. São diversas opções de presentes com preços acessíveis. O público vai encontrar no bazar artesanatos-artesanatos de natal, bijuterias, quadros, brinquedos, utensílios domésticos, artigos de decoração, roupas, calçados e acessórios seminovos. Evento termina às 17h. Bazar será realizado no salão da Paróquia, que fica na Praça Washington, 92 e 93, bairro José Menino. 
Beauty In The Sands
Her smile so amazing, Across sands and skies. Her beauty so overwhelms me, Set so deep in my eyes. If my words to her, Could make her smile one time. It would bring warmth to my heart, Because in my eyes she shines. Tell me of your smiles beautiful, I will send my words across the sky. And forever may they stay deeply, So deeply in my eyes.
We Love All Humane As Jesus Did.
happy christmas to all humane.
Life And Its Challenges
Life is very different in many aspects with different people. No one is perfect and everyone has flaws.  Life has a very weird way of showing you things and then taking them away faster then you received it. Its going to always throw things into your face and kick you to the curb. The best you can do is pick yourself up dust off and keep moving along. There is always someone who is worst off then you and all people do is complain or cry. This is what life is its a lesson and if you can not learn from your past lessons you will never learn. So just because you lost that great job or you lost that great girl. When life closes a door it always opens a window for new opportunities, So look at it don't just sit there and think about it go after it. The more you sit there and think about it the quicker it is gone. There is always something better around the corner. Hope is something you can only really have in yourself and if you dont hve that then you have nothing at all.  So when life
Hi Just wanna to see how your doing. My dad had just past away.
To Commemorate The 50th Nhl Draft Which Takes Place Next Friday In Pittsburgh, Tsn. Fred Jackson Jersey .ca Looks Back At 10 Memorable Storylines From
To commemorate the 50th NHL Draft which takes place next Friday in Pittsburgh, TSN. Fred Jackson Jersey .ca looks back at 10 memorable storylines from the history of the event in 10 days. Today, we look back at the most anticipated draft lottery ever - the 30-team derby for Sidney Crosby in 2005. Every once in a while, a prospect so special comes along that the player alone defines the draft. Guy Lafleur, Mario Lemieux and Eric Lindros were all seen as potential franchise cornerstones before they even played a single NHL game. And in 2005, another such player came along by the name of Sidney Crosby. Stealing the spotlight for years as a teenager at Shattuk-St. Marys and then with the QMJHLs Rimouski Oceanic, many teams knew that a poor showing for the 2004-05 season could mean a chance to lock down Sid the Kid. But things would not go according to plan. When the season was wiped out by a 310-day lockout, the question of how to determine the draft order came to the forefront. The soluti
Cookie Cutters -
It is as easy as 1-2-3. Every one can make wonderful cookies even the little kids as long as you have the Cookie Cutters in hand. We have the most comprehensive range of Cookie Cutters with all the shapes and colors you can imagine, from snowflake, Christmas tree, star, butterfly, shamrock, to hugs and kisses and etc. Our Cookie Cutters can help you to have fun with your children and also cater to your distinctive tastes and different moods in working days or holidays.  
Unicom Angepasste Hero Htc Wird Freizugeben Android-handy
HTC ist bis Android-Produkte-Hersteller in der Welt, wird außerdem ein Low-End-Markt Klicken des Telefons Traum, Magic, Hero Handy. Dopod HTC in China, eine hundertprozentige Unternehmen, wird auch auf dem Festland vergleich android handystest handys test veröffentlicht werden, sie sind die Magic, Hero und klicken sind. Begriff nach den erhaltenen Informationen, Hero behalten die WiFi wird das Ende August sein, maßgeschneiderte China Unicom, zum Preis von 5600 Yuan während China Unicom wird custom-Click, bei 3.400 Yuan festgesetzt. China Unicom eigene Held Telefon wird eine rote Version, sehr schön. China Mobile mit Ausnahme Dopod T6188 (Magic) freigegeben wurde, wird ein TD-SCDMA Handys Beide Telefone die OMS-Betriebssystem verwenden wird anzupassen, gibt es keine irgendwelche Informationen über den Zusatz von diesem Telefon, der Preis unbekannt.     Es scheint, dass Android wirklich in der zweiten Hälfte der Flut als der Zustrom von den chinesischen Markt sein, China Unicom und Chin
Elder Banking
                                                                     ELDER BANKING... PRICELESS!!  Shown below, is an actual letter that was sent to a bank by an 86 year old woman. The bank manager thought it amusing enough to have it published in the New York Times.  Dear Sir: I am writing to thank you for bouncing my check with which Iendeavored to pay my plumber last month. By my calculations, three nanoseconds must have elapsed between his presenting the check and the arrival in my account of the funds needed to honor it.. I refer, of course, to the automatic monthly deposit of my entire pension, an arrangement which, I admit, has been in place for onlyeight years. You are to be commended for seizing that brief window of opportunity, and also for debiting my account $30 by way of penalty for the inconvenience caused to your bank. My thankfulness springs from the manner in which this incident has caused me to rethink my errant financial ways. I noticed that whereas I personally a
Lodha Blue Moon Most Awaited Project @ Worli 09999684166
Lodha Blue Moon Worli                                                                                                       Lodha Blue Moon is a Ultra Luxurious prelaunch Apartments by Lodha Group. Lodha Blue Moon has an unmatched amenities its offer 2/3/4 bhk elite apartments. This milestone assignment promises to redefine New Worli as transcending all potential; it offers you what most can only vision of: a impressive life. Life, as you live it in Lodha Blue Moon Worli, is a state of luxurious well-being, cocooned in beauty, comfort and privilege. You live in a residence that exudes world-class style and splendor, imposing amazing views of the Yeoor hills or the Ulhas river. This development is a rare confluence of the best that nature can provide. Established in 1980, Lodha Group is a premier real estate developer headquartered in Mumbai. Lodha Builders Mumbai is currently developing in excess of 27 million sq. ft. of prime real estate over 30 projects in and around Mumbai, from
The Two Teams
NEWARK, N. Derek Newton Jersey .J. -- The New Jersey Devils played poorly and almost won. Coach Peter DeBoers team looked to turn that into a positive following Wednesdays 2-1 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Kings in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final. The Devils overcame a slow start to send the game into overtime, only to see Kings star Anze Kopitar decide the affair on a breakaway. Thursday was a light day for both teams, with Game 2 not until Saturday. Thursday and Friday night were reserved for concerts by English rock band Radiohead, although the Prudential Center has a separate practice rink attached. After the loss, the Devils were all reading from the same page. "Not playing our best game and still having a chance to win, that makes us feel pretty good that we can play better and be a little more successful," said forward Travis Zajac. "We had our chances in that game," added forward Ryan Carter. "Outplayed or not, poor execution or not, we had our chance to win that game. Weve
Store Cheap Nfl Jerseyantonio Gates Online
    Select the jerseys that has similar color while using team - there are a few manufacturers that produce numerous colors of jerseys of your certain team. Suppose you are going to watch the large game go on the sports center or field you really certain that you're wearing something that looks exactly as the ones utilized by the NFL team and that means you would feel ashamed. This is for you not being left out by the other team supporters.Additionally you need to check if the jersey is made from good quality materials or else it wouldn't go longer. Ensure that the materials from the jerseys are top end and could endure any types of conditions as footballs games are played in any kinds of weather.    Well, criminals are very awful today, which means you must be careful. There are lots of stores over the internet that may provde the fake items.You need to be aware that along with using a great deal of advantages, as soon as you acquire the sports
Cowboy's Prayer
Our Gracious and Heavenly Father,We pause in the midst of this festive occasion, mindful and thoughtful of the guidance that you have given us. We would ask today, Lord, that you be with us in this rodeo arena as we pray you will be also with us in life's arena. As cowboys, Lord, we don't ask for any special favors in this arena today. We only ask that you will let us compete in this event, and in life, as You did for us. We don't ask that we never break a barrier, draw the steer that won't lay, draw around a chute fighting horse, or a bull that is impossible to ride. Help us to compete in life as honest as the horse we ride; in a manner as clean and pure as the wind that blows across this Texas country; so when we make that Last Ride, that we know is inevitable, to the Country Up There.. Where the grass is green and lush and stirrup-high and the water runs clean and clear; You will tell us, as our Last Judge, that our entry fee's are paid. We ask these things in Christ's Name.  
Ben Swann Destroys Piers Morgan’s Anti-gun Argument
Infowars.comJan 9, 2013     Similar/Related Articles White House responds to ‘Deport Piers Morgan’ petition Alex Jones to Debate Piers Morgan LIVE! Fox 19′s Ben Swann: It’s Liberty vs Oppression Ben Swann: The Benghazi Story The Media Isn’t Telling You A Lone Voice in the Corporate Media Wilderness: Ben Swann on the 2nd Amendment Video: Alex Jones Battles Piers Morgan Over Gun Rights Obama Interview with Ben Swann on NDAA, Kill Lists, and Syria Piers Morgan and Guests Discuss Shooting Alex Jones
Eu Launches Public Consultation On Sweetener Aspartame
The EU's food safety agency on Tuesday launched a public consultation on its draft scientific opinion regarding the safety of the artificial sweetener aspartame. AFP - The EU's food safety agency on Tuesday launched a public consultation on its draft scientific opinion regarding the safety of the artificial sweetener aspartame. "All stakeholders and interested parties are invited to comment on the draft opinion through the online public consultation by 15 February 2013," the European Food Safety Agency said in a statement. EFSA experts, using available information on aspartame and its breakdown products, has concluded in a draft opinion that they were safe at levels currently set in Europe. The experts looked at the possible adverse effects of phenylalanine, one of aspartame's breakdown products, on the developing fetus. Phenylalanine is known to be toxic at high intake levels.
Wondering If Maybe Cheat Sheets From Experienced Levelers Would Be A Benefit???
With all the recent changes on this site. The higher levels, the requirement of not just accomplishing achievements to level but achievement requirements for other reasons. There are also now many problems that can no longer be handled in the support lounge due to the complexity of the problems. Compatibility of browser configuration is the number 1 problem on this site. this is no longer something that i can do by myself. However, I have been a leveler for years on this site. I know how to get the achievements. Most can be made w/o usage of bling if you know how to take advantage of fu in old fu ways. Noob drinks and comments very simple, just have to know the secret. Can be done w/i an hr. Cherry Inferno easy just have to know proper way to bomb, browser & shut down of what should not be running for max use. Ranking easy if you know how to use fu to your advantage. So many more very easy if just have the know how. If you think cheat sheets would be useful...plz comment I WILL MAKE T
The New Jersey Bench In Game 4
The (25-24-6) Winnipeg Jets embark on a two-game road trip starting tonight in Washington against the (28-21-4) Capitals. Justin Smith Jersey . TSN 1290s coverage begins with Hustler & Lawless at 4:00. Rick Ralph hosts the official Jets pregame show at 6:00. Colour Analyst Shane Hnidy joins me in the broadcast booth from Verizon Center at 7:00. Needless to say, this is a huge game, as Winnipeg is four points behind Washington for first place in the Southeast Division.  The Jets are five points behind Ottawa for eighth place in the Eastern Conference. Kyle Wellwood and Tim Stapleton are the notable forwards who will not play tonight.  Stapleton, who has missed the last eight games and was injured for seven, is now recovered from injury. However, he has now come down with the flu.  Wellwood is battling the flu as well and did not make the trip. Bryan Little has two goals in his last three games. The Jets are 2-0 when Chris Thorburn scores a goal. The Jets are 0/17 in their last seven gam
Israel Announces “security Zone” In Syria
Kurt Nimmo, February 4, 2013 Israel is considering a “buffer zone” stretching ten miles into Syria “to protect itself from fundamentalist rebels on the other side of the border,” the Sunday Times reports. The proposal, which has been drawn up by the military and presented to Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, is intended to secure the 47-mile border against a growing Islamist threat if President Bashar al-Assad’s embattled regime loses control of the area. The “Islamist threat” in Syria is funded and armed by the CIA and Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Obama administration likes to pretend it is actively working to keep arms out of the hands of al-Qaeda in Syria, but the truth is something quite different – al-Qaeda and its affiliates play a key role in undermining the al-Assad regime. One of the most effective fighting groups inside Syria is Jabhat al-Nusra, a terrorist organization aligned with the Free Sy
Thoughts About Guns?
I have always wondered why when there is a shooting people blame the gun.  Never the person who used it.  The gun is not a BAD thing if it is used properly.  What I think this country is missing is that we have BAD people in this country.  This goes to societal upbringing of those who go on a shooting spree.  We have bad people which is small.  Yet we have to control the guns.  The 2nd Amendment is part of what this country was founded.  A mess of killers(not the gun) take precedence over our Constitution?  Something just isn't right about this debate.  We need BETTER PEOPLE not gun control.
Story: For True Love Was At Stake
when i was little i was read stories of the happily ever after endings,   never really believed as i saw plenty of my own attempts becoming quick tragic ends then that one faithful day i gave it another go hopes high like always, but prepared for the usual goodbye within a few by the time a month rolled around my world had soared into the clouds floating on clound nine, feeling like never before life was good, my furture finally looking bright i made mistakes but worked to change, for true love was at stake every time you forgave and love stayed the months continued on as 22 became my greatest day songs we sang, smiles we showed, kisses and hugs we gave the world was ours for the taking    all signs pointed to you, to a future i had before only dreamnt but are foundations began to shake as i continued to make dumb mistakes the ground cracked as the love began to divide i saw to late, mistakes to great, like a fool i had played the true love that was at stake knowing i
Story: Picture In The Bottle
The wave’s splash upon the beach as the sun sets into the ocean, the water turns from blue to red and yellow from the suns disappearing rays. Lights from the pier flicker in the slow approaching darkness. A man stands at the end of it with a bottle in one hand a picture of a girl in the other. There is no message, no note only the faded crinkled edged picture. He wants to let go, let it join the sea of lost loves. With one final look he puts the picture in the old bottle delectically and secures the cork. With tears he arches his hand back and lets a mourning cry so the bottle flies from his hand splashing into the faint red and yellow water. Calmly the bottle floats as the waves gently carrying it out to sea as the man walks on into the night.  The bottle continues on and is discovered by a mermaid who uncorks the bottle and stares at the picture. A precious tear escapes her eyes, for she will never have the love the man once had, nor will her tear help the man, for his life is
Dj Phantasm
I'm so excited to announce this it deserves a blog. I've been a DJ since I was 15 years old. Got my first gig in a strip club that lasted 2 years. Then it moved into private parties. Honestly, I missed DJing and finally decided to get back to doing it. I plan to spin alot of dirty dubstep, drum and bass, hip hop, and occasionally remixes of top 40 shit. if everything works the way i have it planned I'm going to have one big party in one of the lounges here....hopefully. I don't really plan to tour or anything like that unless I have too. I'm doing this because i love djing and mixing. Also to make the fu-ladies get up and shake that ass. Listen....I am still dropping my hip hop projects this year with no question. I dont know if im going to be an rapper after this year depending on the success of the projects i release. i will not stop making music thats for sure. I plan by summer to have everything ready to go. In the meantime keep coming by and/or watch my status updates. Peace 
Killing 500 People Injuring 1100
Sancha - 2010
Sancha - 2010: Another favorite of mine. A mellow warmth lingers in my throat. A slight dryness after the wine passes over my teeth. Not the honeyed sweetness of Anubus, but there is definately a mild sweetness. Very mild.
La Guerre Silencieuse En Cours Entre Apple Iphone Et Android Téléphones Intelligents
De nos jours, il est difficile de penser à un homme sans un téléphone mobile. La plupart des gens ont des téléphones intelligents car ils offrent de nombreuses applications. Deux téléphones intelligents sont conquérir le marché mobile en ce moment. L'un d'eux est l'iPhone d'Apple et autre Android de Google. Il ya une guerre silencieuse se passe entre ces deux magnifiques téléphones intelligents ainsi que PC tablette Android à base et l'iPad. Deux d'entre eux sont le téléphone le plus aimé de cette génération. Voici quelques comparaisons entre ces deux appareils, selon Lisa, responsable des relations publiques de Dans iPhone, trouver l'option la fonctionnalité est très dur et résistant. D'autre part, il est facile et confortable pour l'utilisateur d'Android. Android applications de téléphones sont open source. Au contraire, l'iPhone est basé sur les applications fermées. Si vous voulez télécharger le code source, il est beaucoup plus facile dans les andro?des plut?t que l'i
Fan Me !!!!!!!!!!!!
Summer, Choose A Good Swimsuit Departure
Recently, Nanjing Tangshan Happy Water Cube Water Park opening, which makes a lot of people like to play in the water heart itch. However, winter is not to lose weight, summer beggar, the beauty of the ladies for themselves or "puffy" or "flat" body fret. Victoria Secret Swimsuits cloth so little, in the end how to wear in order to avoid weaknesses? Reporter visited the Xinjiekou several shopping malls, found swimsuit divided into three categories. One piece swimsuit, which is the most conservative, the most classic swimwear dress, for shy ladies is an excellent choice; second is split between piece swimsuit and bikini swimsuit, not too revealing will not be too conservative to show casual sexy; third was undoubtedly the relatively open bikini, the most visual impact. Three swimsuit for different body design, of course, open to everyone extent, the needs are different. "Introduction of a fashion magazine editor, select Victoria Secret Swimwear swimsuit three points available for refe
Life Is A Beautiful Unending Journey
Life is a beautiful unending journey ~There is a time to be in love and there is a time to move beyond it. There is a time to be related and enjoy the relationship, and there is a time to be alone. And everything is beautiful.
Yeah You Gotta Laugh
Randy staggered home very late after another evening with his drinking buddies. He took off his shoes to avoid waking his wife, Kathleen.He tiptoed as quietly as he could toward the stairs leading to their upstairs bedroom, but misjudged the bottom step. As he caught himself by grabbing the banister, his body swung around and he landed heavily on his rump. A whiskey bottle in each back pocket broke and made the landing especially painful.Managing not to yell, Randy sprung up, pulled down his pants, and looked in the hall mirror to see that his butt cheeks were cut and bleeding. He managed to quietly find a full box of Band-Aids and began putting a Band-Aid as best he could on each place he saw blood.He then hid the now almost empty Band-Aid box and shuffled and stumbled his way to bed.In the morning, Randy woke up with searing pain in both his head and butt and Kathleen staring at him from across the room.She said, ‘You were drunk again last night, weren’t you?’Randy
Bullies & Chinese Food
Chinese food on the way Totally comfortable silence Need to touch even with my toes As he sits at the foot of my bed Entertaining himself while I do my puzzles We decide to watch Bully Beat Down While eating Chinese He says "like an old married couple" Watching Douche Bags get pummeled Humiliated Laughing at their well deserved pain They have never been in a fight Ever Bullies Fun to watch them Grab for the cage As they are thrown around Like a rag doll And TRY to hold on Like a stupid Human That crawls into a Lion cage Drunk Haughty Thinking it's a kitty cat Like the smaller prey that they REVEL in taking from Then suddenly in a flash Bravado not helping this time OH SHIT OK THIS IS WHAT A FIGHT IS Hilarious Laughing at every professional kick At every choke hold Every tap out The look of anguish no longer anger On their swollen bewildered face And eating Chinese food With the man I will marry
Ok... Here We Go...
Damn... I have Blog Block...
A Guy Goes Into A Bar...
An amnesiac comes into a bar. He asks, "Do I come here often?" John Kerry walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?" A guy walks into a bar with jumper cables. The bartender says, "You can come in, but don't start anything!" A man walks into a bar and says, "Give me a beer before problems start!" Again, the man orders a beer again saying, "Give me a beer before problems start!" The bartender looks confused. This goes on for a while, and after the fifth beer the bartender is totally confused and asks the man, "When are you going to pay for these beers?" The man answers, "Ah, now the problems start!" An old lady walks into a bar with a duck under her arm. A scraggly old drunk staggers over, takes one look, and says, “ Jeeeez, that’s the UGLIEST thing I ever saw!” The woman turns her nose up at him and says, “This happens to be a stately creature! Go away, you horrid man!” The old drunk yells, “Lady, I was talkin’ to the duck!” A man goes into a bar with
Wanna Say Fuck You To The Cuntwhore. Let Her Hear You.
So, this is what the cuntwhore proposes at the moment. You want to bitch and complain, leave me messages here. Why? Cause I'm awesome and stuff. Hate me? tell the world how much of a cunt I am. Love me? tell me how much your cock drizzles for me or how much your twat aches for me. I like bullshit like this and now I have somewhere to put it. My music on my page is too important to be tampered with. Make sure to tell me who you are (your lc name). DO IT!!! If you get a busy server, try again later. Someone might be recording. k and thanks. Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage
hey there you all know my name is cheryl,and I love's to party and go out to movies with my girls,looking to meet new peoples and get back to me
I Asked God
I asked God to take away my habit. God said, No. It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up. I asked him to make my hanicaped child whole God said No. His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary. I asked God to grant me patience. God said, No.Patience is a byproduct of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is learned. I asked God to give me happiness. God said, No.I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you. I asked God to spare me pain. God said, No.Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me. I asked God to make my spirit grow. God said, No.You must grow on your own, but I will prune you to make you fruitful. I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life. God said, No. I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all things. I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as He loves me. God said...Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.

1. Slow Clo ... 2. Confuzed Clo .. 3. Cloda 4. BBQ 5. Spanky 6. Chubba Bubba (Jay Come Up With That .. But Ain't Really Used) 7. Cloth 8. Jugs 9. Clo-Earth (Toms Because I Call Him Thomas) 10. Chicken Pie 11. Nelson 12. Close Can You Think Of Anymore ?? :D
blogging, oh blogging. i feel so important when i'm blogging. type, type, typing. no writing. filling space for fun and bordom's sake. but i'm down to no more words now, so blogging ended as quickly as it started.
I Wish...
to have a fuck buddy...applications can start here:
Lol... Online Fun N Games...
So someone please fill me in on what the fascination with the online games is, because I really don't quite comprehend. LOL... inevitably the lie comes to the surface and you get caught. So begs the question, why lie?? Why disrespect the people you call friends by being dishonest with them?? Just a little food for thought on this chilly Monday...
True Friends

BAND GIRLFRIENDS GUIDE TO KEEPING YOUR MAN (By those who know) ======================================================= -Don't try to be the "manager." Do not get involved with band business, that is for the band. -Don't ask his bandmates for relationship advice. -Do not complain when your (insert holiday here) date gets cancelled because a show has been scheduled. Holidays are no longer yours. Even Valentines Day! -It's NOT mandatory that you be at every show. -Do not get jealous when your boyfriend talks to groupies. They are the one's buying the CDs and merch, not you, so let them have their time. And get to go home with him! -Babies don't make men quit bands...especially if you were a groupie. -No, the band does not want you to go on tour with them. Like you're going to sleep in the back of a van and eat ramen for 4 months strait! -Don't make the following introduction: Hi! I'm _____. My boyfriend is in ___
First Post
I'm using myspace as my serious blog ( but sometimes I'll hear jokes and stuff that I'd like to pass on, and being that myspace is kind of weird about content, I'm going to post that stuff here. That being said, I just read this: Hung Chow Hung Chow calls into work and says, "Hey, I no come work today, I really sick. Got headache, stomach ache and legs hurt, I no come work." The boss says, "You know something, Hung Chow, I really need you today. When I feel like this, I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex. That makes everything better and I go to work. You try that." Two hours later Hung Chow calls again. "I do what you say and I feel great. I be at work soon.........You got nice house." ROFLMAO!!!
Boxer Dogs
hey i have created the first free Boxer Dog Club and any one who has a boxer can join ill get more pic's later
To My Friend Who Was Assaulted Over Race
I know you don’t want me with you right now But a part of me always will be A piece of me you took awhile ago That you cant hold or even see But whenever you feel alone Remember that It’s there You have a piece of my heart That with you I only share
Dreamer The first that we met Your name was all I knew But I got to know you better Day dreamer was all I would do Thinking about us talking and long walking Holding hands as we would talk All these things I would miss And all I wanted was a simple kiss Wondering and hoping you just might, Those cute eyes starring down at me Praying that it was meant to be.
Chocolate Cherry Surprises
Sweet and tender cookies with milk chocolate and maraschino cherry centers Cooking Technique:Bake Prep Time:Over an hour Cooking Time:10-20 minutes Yield:about 2 dozen cookies (1 cookie per serving) Ingredients 2/3 cup Blue Bonnet®-stick, softened 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon maraschino cherry juice 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 25 marschino cherries, patted dry 1 cup milk chocolate morsels, plus 25 more, divided Directions 1. Beat Blue Bonnet and sugar in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy. Add flour, cherry juice and vanilla; mix well. Cover; refrigerate 1 hour. 2. Preheat oven to 350°F. Stuff each cherry with 1 of the chocolate morsels; wrap in 1 tablespoon of dough, completely covering cherry with dough. Roll each into ball. Place, 2 inches apart, on ungreased baking sheet. Reserve remaining chocolate morsels for later use. 3. Bake 15 minutes, or until light
Hi all. I'm sick, it sucks. I haven't decided, but I either have a cold... or there's a horrible demon living in my head perched on my brain and burrowing into my sinuses. I'm leaning towards the demon. But in other news... Mall trip tomorrow! Yay! That totally Sucks!! But I promised my little sister I'd take her... so I'm gonna take her. Being nice sucks! Anyway... A recap: I'm sick and life sucks right now. Later!
My Love......
My Love for you is ever strong, the love I feel will never hide, My Love for you is always alive in the nightbehind close door, We have a bond so stong... You Hold me ......... Kiss me ....... Caress my body....... Make long passionate LOVE all night along.... But My Love,we doint do that like we use to ..... My LOve,I am always yours, Never to Stray.. My Love,We have fallen.... Help me come back to you... My Love,I need all of you again......
Bottle Of Merlot
Bottle of Merlot... A gentleman asked a waiter to take a bottle of Merlot to an attractive woman. The waiter took the Merlot to the woman and said, "This isfrom the gentleman seated over there," indicating the sender. She regarded the wine coolly for a second, not looking at the man, and decided to send a reply note to the man. The waiter, who was lingering for a response, took the note from her and conveyed it to the gentleman. The note read: "For me to accept this bottle, you need to have a Mercedes in your garage, a million dollars in the bank, and 7 inches in your pants." After reading the note, the man decided to compose one of his own in return. He folded the note, handed it to the waiter and instructed him to return this to the woman. It read: "For your information, I have a Ferrari Maranello, a BMW Z8, a Mercedes CL600 and a Porsche Turbo in my garage. There is over twenty million dollars in my bank account. But, not even for a woman as beautiful as you
How's Your Taste In Music
Your Taste in Music: 80's Alternative: Highest Influence 80's Rock: Highest Influence 90's Pop: Highest Influence Classic Rock: Highest Influence Country: Highest Influence How's Your Taste in Music? what do i learn from this one?
Heart Ache
I sit here all alone thinking of you, I can feel your touch,but it is not you,my heart aches...... I lay awke at night wanting you to come to me ,but you don't,my heart aches..... I roll over to touch you,you move away from me,my heart aches.... I need youy touch ,I try to wake you,but no answer,my heartaches..... I want your hands on my body , I need your hands all over me, Please to stop the ache,my heart aches.... I stop trying roll over goto cry myself to sleep...
close to the heart is a secret place where dreams are stored away and sturddy candles of life are kept against a darker day and there, too, are the memories the memories of laughter the shared tears the little things that mean so much seen through the mist of years our dearest wishes deepest loves the burdens that we bear the essence of our being lies in what we harbor there to each his own a hide away that has no counter part the treasure of the house of the soull that lies some where close to the heart no im not with anyone its just a old poem
Sea Of Green
All that I see Ever that is meant to be Is a sea of green People that are keen Coming - Coming - Coming Killing - Killing - Killing For it's what we do To defend all of you A sea of green Which only acts mean But is rather polite Enforcers of an amazing sight That sea of green Keeps up like a machine
My Greatest Fear Is:
PART ONE: Today's entry 9:26am Monday Sept. 25, 2006 Most people I talk to tell me that they have no fears of any kind other than the normal "fear of water, or fear of fire, or fear of being smothered" that type of stuff. I think that everyone has some type of fear of that physical aspect of dying that way. I know I have a fear of Snakes, especially boas or pythons that are big enough to eat someone like me for lunch. But those are just your normal everyday fears that basically are like the boogyman, you can usually get over them as you get older, or not as the case may be. It all depends on the person and their state of mind. Some of those fears never go away. For me the snake one will never go away, but that isn't my greatest fear. My greatest fear is, not knowing my greatest fear. Or rather not knowing what that greatest fear actually is. Even though I have an idea that something is not what is seems in the back of my mind, I always manage to push it to the furthest reaches
See What You Like
You scored as Penis. You are attracted to the: penis. You are a penis man/woman.Penis100%Boobs67%Face67%Butt50%Abs/Stomach50%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with
Read My Eyes
You scored as Diamond Eyes. You are full of confidence, just don't let it go to your head. Its great to know your worth it! Isn't it:D Just remember those of us down here. You are probably quite popular.Eyes full of Pain58%Diamond Eyes58%Passion33%Mysterious25%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
The Next Day
My birthday ended up going really well. A guy I'd only met a few times ended up giving me $100 for drinks, then another one for a cab. If I piece together the parts of the night I remember I don't think I could even come up with half an hr total. My DD ended up drinking so thats why we took a cab. I woke up the next morning and thought my car had been stolen, then realized I had left it at the bar. Happy B-day to me!!!!`1
Another Quiz Result.
Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom Athena was the greek goddess of wisdom, skill and war The roman name of Athena is "Minerva" Genealogy of Athena Athena was born during the battle of the giants by Zeus and Metis, Zeus' first wife, who was keeping inside herself all the world's wisdom. According to a prophecy at that time, Metis would bear a son who would pose a sever threat to Zeus, so Zeus swallowed Metis after she revealed her pregnancy, out of fear he would lose his kingdom. Nine months passed by and then suddenly Zeus started feeling a strong pain in his head and asked the Gods' smith Hephaestus to comfort him. Hephaestus opened Zeus' head with an axe and Athena managed to spring out of Zeus' head, fully-armed. From the first moment on, Athena became Zeus' favorite child. Athena was the patron deity of the city of Athens. She was known as "Athena Nike" (Athena the victorious), as she was believed to have given the Athenians the victory during the Persian War. Athena'
U Have 2 Love It
Hello There!
I need to get some money and do a Cherry Bomb cause apparently that's the only way to get LOTS of friends and get lots of points...!! LOL Hope to talk to everyone soon! If you are reading this add me! I'll return the favor! I promise! LOL TTYL Sara
Answers To The Questions
Q1) Sleep with or without clothes on? with Q2) Prefer black or blue pens? black - Q3) Dress up on Halloween? no Q4) Like to travel? yes Q5) Like Someone? yes Q6) Do they know? no - Q7) Who sleeps with you every night? :( i sleep bymyself Q8) Think you're attractive?not really Q9) Want to get married? someday - Q10) To:at this point i dont even know Q11) Are u a good student? yes Q12) Are u currently happy?not really Q13) Have u ever cheated? no - Q14) Birthplace?leominster Q15) Christmas or Halloween? christmas Q16) Colored or black-and-white photo?black and white Q17) Do long distance relationships work? not for me - Q18) Do u believe in astrology? yes Q19) Do u believe in love at first sight? yes Q20) Do u consider yourself the life of the party? some what yes ... Q21) Do u drink?no Q22) Do u make fun of people? if there acting dumb yeah - Q23) Do u think dreams eventually come true? yes but m
One Wish...........
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. If I could have just one wish I, I would wish you were the one I would die with, Knowing you would be with me for the rest of my life, Knowing I would have someone to love for the rest of eternity, Not growing up old and lonely. If only I could have just one wish you would be mine forever.
Life Is Such A Damn Roller Coaster!
I told a very close friend of mine a few years back, that I felt emotionally as though I were on a roller coaster & no one told me wheee to get off at.He told me, very kindly, that even though everything blows up in out lives, doesn't mean it's the end. It is a begining....all of those broken peices are jusr going to fall back into place.(ywah right! We are all Jenny Craig clinets. O couldn't have been more miserablr. For Pete's sake??Who will climb up stores ar the will win. So, wherw do tou live? I know I am full og questions. I'll shut up & help you out.

They say life is made up of a series of singular moments. Most of these moments fade from memory like footprints in the tide, while others remain, in crystaline clarity, like small movies being replayed in the mind. One of these moments was the the afternoon I spent with Jennifer. Jennifer was my first girlfriend. We met in the seventh grade, when she transfered from another town into my class. To say it was love at first sight would be a gross exaggeration. She was pretty, (as twelve-year-olds go) but my seventh grade mentality hadn't yet progressed to the level required to notice these things. She was the new kid, and I, being already the well established man-about-town, was too cool to pay her any attention. By the time we had reached junior high, however, things had changed. Firstly, my awareness of the fairer sex had risen sharply. Secondly, Jennifer had developed from a skinny gawky pre-teen into a beautiful young women, seemingly overnight. Where she had once been
Hello All
Its that time again.But i have nothing to say as i am relaxed and contend with everything at the moment.
i am looking to amke friends on pctures have my grandbaby in them tell me if shes cute or honesty
Another Blog
some thoughts of mine, and some things i have done.. Current mood: calm Category: Life I am sitting here with my cup of BUD LIGHT, and my cigs and i am listening to dep leppard. I just wanted to share some thoughts that are running through my head and some things i have picked up over the years..... 1.All the degrees on the wall dont make someone a decent person, or a smart one either 2. Just because two people fight doesnt mean they dont love each other 3. I have two tattoos: one each on both of my forearms, does that mean i am a bad boy? 4. I once had a friend who was a christian. He was drinking and driving one night and got into a wreck and died. Does that mean that he went to heaven or hell? RIP MICHEAL 5. Which is better? To tell someone how you feel about them and be rejected, or to not tell them how you feel and find out later they felt the same? 6. Everyone needs love 7. Love is 100% blind 8. Life is not fair 9. You can change som
I am new on here tring to get the hang of things, anyway every1 have a good day
1.Beer is always wet. Vagina needs a little work. One point to BEER 2.Warm beer tastes awful. One point to VAGINA 3.A really cold beer is satisfying. One point to BEER 4.If after taking a swig of your favourite beer you find a hair between your teeth, you may vomit. One point to VAGINA 5. If you get home reeking of beer your wife may get mad, make a scene, kick you out, etc. If you get home reeking of vagina your wife may get mad, kick you out, even leave you. There's definitely a point to be had here, depending on your point of view and personal circumstances. I'll just call it a DRAW for the time being. 6. Ten beers in one night and you can't drive home. Ten vaginas in one night and you don't want to drive anywhere. One point to VAGINA 7. If you have a lot of beer in a public place, your reputation may suffer. If you eat any vagina in public, you become a legend. One point to VAGINA 8. If a cop stops you and you smell of beer you may get arrested. If you
I have always loved the outdoors. Growing up in Texas I have spent most of my time outdoors. Now for those of you not from the south,we have some incredible forests here. I travel for work so I get to see most of Texas and Louisiana. The forest is always so alive during day or night. one thing that really makes the woods great is if you dont mind walking in the rain. The rain tends to give the air a bath. It smeels so clean and crisp. I know of a place I have often wanted to take my special someone too. There is a little town in central Louisiana called Natchitoches. It's a beautiful little town dating back to colonial times. It just screams french culture. It's build along the Cane River that meanders though the town and on into the woods. There is a national forest there that is open for all sorts of activities from 4 wheeling and hiking to some "special" activities that they don't list on the brochure. I pick up my date for the evening,telling her to dress for the weather and hik
I wrote this like a month ago, I still like it, tough shit if you don't like the concept... it does make me a lil sad tho I was trying to tell myself it was just the weather, But even though it was raining it was actually a warm day. I know what the real problem is. The real reason why I don't go out with my friends, The reason why I don't feel like laughing, or smiling. The reason why I feel woozy, sad, let alone ugly. And it's the same reason why my eyes are gray now. Shivers, I need a better jacket, Maybe even a better scarf and gloves will warm me up. A cup of hot cocoa... A warm fire to sit by... another jacket or blanket... A smile... a hug... by him... It's not so cold after all
Fun (haha) Little Survey
Name: Ashleigh Nicole Legette Birthday: 03-04-1987 Birthplace: RIGHT here in the capital city! Current Location: home Eye Color: blue Hair Color: brown with highlights Height: about 5'9 Right Handed or Left Handed: RIGHTY Your Heritage: what the hell does this mean? I guess American The Shoes You Wore Today: i'm in my slippers Your Weakness: my man..i love you baby! Your Fears: bugs Your Perfect Pizza: cheese (extra) Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: get a car and work on getting my own place Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lol, yep, and yeppers Thoughts First Waking Up: i wanna go back to bed Your Best Physical Feature: my opinion, none Your Bedtime: around 11pm or midnight Your Most Missed Memory: that one week..god I loved it! Pepsi or Coke: pepsi MacDonalds or Burger King: mickey d's for sure Single or Group Dates: both Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla Cappuccino or Coffee:neither Do you Sm
Damn Ocd
Okay so i have this thing called Obessive compulsive disorder and so it really kicked in today at school while we where doing a project and so i was workin on my project and my teacher thought it would be a good idea to tell me what to do with it and i kinda got mad so we where fighting back and fourth about what we thought would look better and i know my idea was way better and so i freaked out on her for that and plus to add to all that OCD i didnt get much sleep last night so yea i hate having this ocd thing cause everything has to be perfect and when it kick in really bad and someone tells me what looks better when its not makes me mad lol but that was my sucky day
Something That I Found....
that I wrote awhile ago.... On those cold lonely nights I hunger for your touch. I know that one day you'll be there, But tonight I'm alone, With just my imagination, Memories of you, And the recorded sound of your voice, Playing over and over in my mind. For tonight that will have to do. But what will happen When that turns into Not enough? When I long for your touch So much it hurts? I think to myself, Just a little longer. Then your touch will be mine. Just a few more months. That's all. But when you long for something or someone, This much, A few months seems like eternity. But I have to keep telling myself, I can do it. I have to. If not for me, Then for you. So I can wait a few more months. I've already waited this many years, To be with someone like you. What's a few more months?
I Give Up
I cant take it any more. He wins. I'll be switching churches. I cant ask him to leave there, so I'll leave myself. From here down is yesterday's news. Do di do. Off my rant and such. Saturday went relativly well, with the exception that we didnt make finals or anything. The guard and band did wonderful, everyone from my band had fun. There was no wind, no rain, no unbearable hot or cold. I got to listen to little kids behind me say they liked "Hothorn Hearts?" and listened to them all the time. I think this is because I was wearing a slightly (yes I know I'm labeling, get over it) emo outfit. They were little kids, like...maybe 8th grade? Not sure. I left them alone and took my frito chilie pie elsewhere. Teena and David didnt make it to finals either. Hey, at least they got a 1 at reigonals. We got 2s. Bah. The year was a fun one and no one was incredibly depressed that we got absolutly nothing. Yesterday was the Fellowship Meal at church. I was tired. Sis and I stayed and at
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 5. Would you kiss me? 6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 7. Describe me in one word. 8. What was your first impression? 9. Do you still think that way about me now? 10. What reminds you of me? 11. If you could give me anything what would it be? 12. How well do you know me? 13. When's the last time you saw me? 14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?
Tired, Exhausted..outta Here!
Hi guys... I hope everyone had a great day! What did everyone do??? I worked my ass off at 2 jobs I am turning in early! Good nite! leave me lots of luv! hugs and kisses!
Writing & Poetry
Sunset Kisses Current mood: flirty Category: Writing and Poetry Mood: Happy ~Sunset Kisses~ Sunset kisses melt like soft chocolate on a summer evening. You are my symphony that sets my soul and heart to dance. Sunset kisses feel like moistened droplets of love. Your gentile touch feels sensual and erotic. Melting puddles in your depths. Sunset kisses fall and gently splash on my head, trickles down my back, in liquid love at my feet, and warms my delightful soul. Sunset kisses rest on horizon of my brow, lingers there for a moment, soaking in our love. No words tell how love is felt. Sunset kisses fall like rain, washing my soul clean. My smile greets your face, I hear the quickening of your breath, smell of your cologne. Sunset kisses glow, warms my heart and fills my soul. Wrap me in your arms, drink from my body I
Wow, I'm A Chick!
Which Rocky Horror Picture Show character are you?ColumbiaA GroupieClick Here to Take This QuizBrought to you by quizzes and personality tests.
I Think The Japanees Kidnapped My Husband...
I wrote him an email last night and he has not responded. I also called his hotel twice and he was not there. He probably went out drinking again with the guys. They seem to do that alot over there. As for me and the kids we are all geting sick. Everyone is hacking their heads off here and running a fever. I guess it is that time a year again. Other than that it has been a normal day staying in. I can not wait for the weekend to get here. That means I only have one more weekend to go till Fred comes home. So that is about two more weeks. I doubt I will be on much at night when he gets back. *wink wink* If you know what I mean! Yes it will be five weeks since I have had any! Come home soon hubby, my batteries are running out!
How Do You Know Your In Love
ok people i am going to write this just becouse so here i go.....i dont know much about love i dont know how you can tell .i do know if you cant wait to talk to someone or hope they call you.there on your mind all the time.i am gussing thats love for the most for me i work so fuck much i cant help you with this i cant fine anyone myself so all i can tell you is i hope someone who reads this may help you here comes my part what the fuck are you thinking asking me of all people to help you with a love ? i work at a bar.guys grab my ass and tell me shit all night long .i dont know about your love prob. and i cant help you but i can give you 1 thing.treat people good you never know who a what the fuck are you thinking usmcbratt
Live Simply
.....Being a veterinarian, I was called to examine a ten year old Irish wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife Lisa and their little boy, Shane, were all very attached to Belker and they were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home. As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for the four-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience. The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without any difficulty or confusion. We sat tog
Fuck It (i Dont Want You Back)
New One
Friends they start out and, friends they will always be. Her mind wonders with, every thought every sound. In her mind a picture, of his face is found. Searching her heart and, her mind. She thinks of what, she'd leave behind. All of the memories, of the past. But what she wants, and needs could time erase? What she longs for, his embrace. She'll sit and wait, as long as love takes. Her hopes and fears, change every day. But in her heart he'll forever stay.
Interesting, Take It And Reply With It? - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?over 30 2. What is your sexual orientation?Bisexual 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?No Answer 6. What is your pubic hair style?Shaved bald, nice and clean 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Thong 8. Have you ever had anal sex?Yes I have 9. What is your favorite position?Anything that gets me off 10. How often do you masturbate?Whenever I can 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Yes, for sure 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?Yes, I sure have 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Both taken and been in them 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?Yes, a foursome 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, and I own some of my own 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 17. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?Both watched o
I Hurt Myself
i fell out of a chair and almost broke my ankle. show me love that yall even give a shit. thanks people
This One I Wrote After I Left My Ex
I remember how great it was while we lasted, But we are no longer strong, In my heart you will stay, But I know I should move on. Even though you are still right here, I miss you so much still, You are not mine now, And maybe you never will. I remember your voice, And I miss your touch, This hurts so bad, Because you mean so much. It‘s so hard for me, To live without you, Because every little thing, Reminds me of something we used to do. I remember the way, You‘d hold my hand, Or by my side, The way you‘d stand. I remember your kiss, And your words so sweet, I loved you so much, You meant alot to me. I remember how you changed, And anger replaced love, But still you were the only thing, I was ever thinking of. i remember you words, Harsh and stabbed like knives, I don‘t understand why you were so mean, When all I ever was,was nice. But I stayed with you, And put up with all your games, Even though you said you cared, It wasn‘t the same
time to get nostalgic! i just popped on the video Not Now by Blink 182, and its all cuttogeather clips of all their old videos and them on the road and what not, having fun and rocking out- and idk, its so weird watching all these blink videos and listening to their songs and realizing that those guys were there for me every single time i was going through something- good or bad i always had them to listen to, either to cheer me up, mellow me out or make me cry- whatever my mood was. They're comforting, i remember all teh times i would pop them into my CD player and take an early leave for teh bus stop when my parents were fighting, blaring All The Small Things as loud as i could, or Valentine on days when i was Emo (before i even knew what emo was)... its amazing how your memory associates emotion and songs from your past. I can never hear blink without thinking of middleschool, much like i can never hear Less than Jake without htinking of Ross, or Nirvana without thinking of Dre
My Daughter
Lover's In The Sky
Lovers In The Sky (a personification) Tiny fingers long and slender caress the eve with shaded splendor with reverent touch and gentle sway meant to woo her lovers stay. Passions rise steady, hale, and true. create the sweep of lovers who in desperate searching finds release a setting sun she gains her peace. As we explore the romantic scene the lover's dance becomes serene delicate balance of light and dark the close of day leaves her mark
Christ In My Dream...
Today we sat close, my new friend and I Both wondering, talking, trying to decide How to explain, what God meant to us Not even quite sure, whom we could trust He leaned in and whispers, I know he’s inside Both you and I, and all of mankind I nodded and smiled, I knew he was right I knew that the answer, was close to our sight We sat there in silence, as time continued to pass So close to the answer we wanted to grasp I took a deep breath, close to despair, The answer so close, gone in thin air I looked all around and then up in the room There sat a man on a cross, my head filled with doom But his eyes were not sad, instead quite the other They will full of compassion he felt for his brother I turned to my friend, now understanding It’s not about color, creed, or demanding Our Lord came to us, in body and flesh To show us the way that most of us missed He came here and died, not just for believers But for all of the fallen, lost and true seekers Open your mind, an
I usually post my writing in my blogs on another site and perhaps will do that here as well, but thought I'd also use this blog just to post on what's going on with me. Today is such a strange day. I'm in a mood, or rather, was in a mood that I do not usually experience. I believe in having confidence- in fact, it's my thing- I always lecture women on it. I'm always shocked by the number of women that have low self esteem, even well established, physically attractive older women who should know better! I do not care what you look like, what you're good at, what you weigh... everyone should have confidence. Have you ever seen a girl you might not otherwise find attractive but there is something about her that draws a crowd wherever she goes? Her secret? Confidence. There is always going to be someone better, smarter, prettier, etc. than you. You're always going to have some weakness. You have to remember that everyone has weaknesses and the trick to getting over it is bringi
The Car Is Done
Well my 2007 Mustang GT is done.I have posted photos of it.if you want I would like to hear what you think of it.
Gas Problems
The Path Of Druidism
Con Connor runs the Druid School of Ireland for more information here is the link Druid School of Ireland The path of Druidism, Then and Now Undoing the history of disinformation on Druidism The Romans and the Greeks There is a lot of outrageous rubbish written about Druidism. In ancient times Druidism did not have Priests and no Classical writer (Greek or Roman) ever applied the term Priest to any Druid but they did use the term philosopher while also making a clear distinction between "Druid" and "Priest". No Classical writer ever refered to Druidism as a religion. The majority of Classical references consist of anti-Druid propaganda by the spin-doctors of the Roman Empire. Caesar had to "spin" the truth to get the funding and support to fight his battles against the Celtic nations. Hitler and Bush used the same technique to force their demands and got away with it even though many knew that these powerful men were twisting the reality to suit their own agendas. The Rom
What Will Your Epitaph Say?
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Fly Away
Looking Out My Window Looking At the sky, Wishing I could fly Fly Away Fly Away to another place, Another time A Time That Was Happy, Safe, And Kind I Would Laugh There And Not Cry Feel Carefree And Not Tied Down I Could Stay There Forever, In My Special Place If Only I could Fly, If Only I could Fly Away
Final Fantasy
wow I am so excited to be sitting beside final fantasy 12 right now need to get home to play aaaaaahhhhhhh fingers so angry need final fantasy now lol.
Should I Give Him Another Chance?
Just a clear strait warning, don't come into my heart and think you can play with it, cause believe it or not my heart is stronger than you think. Dont come into my life and think you can rule it cause my fist is stronger when it decides to hit your face. So take your time and think it over, Do you really want another chance? Cause i sure as hell aint gona deal with you bullshit excuses. So if you wanna see me think long and hard and if you think you can handle me then Bring It ON!
Hmmm Thank You All
just wanted to give thanks to all of my friends for the love ya'll have gave to me, most fun i have had in a long time.
So As some of you know that I have friends in the armed Forces. I just wish more people would support our troops. Come on people we have to support them. Show them that everyone back home misses them and wants them home safe. I know that not everybody agrees with this war and all that other stuff but we need to show the members of our armed forces some love. i completely support our troops and want them to come home safe. Now that I have finished my little rant I hope everyone is having a good weekend! KiSSES!!
I Am Surprised With Life
I am surprised with life. Surprised by a morning sun that leaps into the sky from the mountains darker side. Surprised by unbidden thoughts that burst with brightness into a Mind I call my own. Surprised by universal rhyme, a circled rise and fall with time; rhythm energies that bend in time to rise and fall again. Surprised to see in you and me, this endless flowing energy; in cycle motion, encircled time, and endless curving curved line. For in the end there is no end, we rise and fall then RISE AGAIN, WITH CHANGING FORM but dying never, life goes on ... AND ON ... forever I am surprised!
To My Cherry Friends....
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Buying A Car!!
Now its something that everyone has to do at one point in there lives! And thats buying a car!! Now no one wants to get ripped off and that I can understand. Let me fisrt take a step back and let you all know what im trying to get acomplished here. Im trying to humanize car salespeople. Being a salesman i must say that the general public seems to think that we are all evil people and we just want to take as much money as we can. Not all of us are like that. I and most of my coworkers get there satisfaction out of helping people get something that they need or want. Whatever the case dont treat us like shit. Remember we are people too. And if you only have $20,000.00 to spend, dont look at something that cost $35,000.00 and think that we are holding out. The fact of the matter is we need each other. We need you to buy cars and you need to buy a car. So why not meet a salesperson that you like, find a car that suits your needs. Dont live beyond your means and talk to your sal
Love Comes In All Sizes
Love comes in all sizes.... Your Friends will support you.... And respect your creativity For thinking outside the box.... They'll be there when you need a Shoulder to lean on.... Or a great big hug.... A true friend takes interest in Understanding what you're all about.... They see beyond the black and white To discover your true colors.... And accept you just the way you are... Even when you just wake up in the morning So make your own kind of music.... Follow your heart wherever it takes you.... And when someone reaches out to you, Don't be afraid to love them back.... They may just be a friend for life.... Practice patience and tolerance..... Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave.... And impossible to forget! Share this with all your unforgettable friends today.... Your mind will give you knowledge.Your Heart will tell you what to do with it.Have a wonderful day.
Spot The Group
Well this is my first Blog so i shall let you know about the music and groups i like!!! I was a young teenager when Punk first hit our radios back in the late 70's. Then it was the Two Tone / Ska era followed by the years of bad disco stuff the of course the Brit Pop explosion. As a scooterist i love Northern Soul, Ska, Punk and anything that has a great beat and tune!!!!! so i have listed all the groups i like in no order what so ever!!!! See if you know any of them!!!!! The Specials, Madness, Bob Marley, The Beat, Bad Manners, King Kurt, The Meteors, Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Faithless, The Vines, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, Billy Idol, Libertines, David Bowie, The Hives, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Muse, Fall out boy, Panic at the disco, Oasis, Blur, Pulp, The Coral, The Vapours, The Damned, Ramones, The Buzzcocks, The stranglers, The Cult, The Jam, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Bauhaus, Iggy Pop, B52's, Spear of Destiny, Primal Scream, happy Mondays, Gr
What Personality Disorder Do You Have?
DisorderRatingParanoid Personality Disorder:LowSchizoid Personality Disorder:LowSchizotypal Personality Disorder:LowAntisocial Personality Disorder:LowBorderline Personality Disorder:LowHistrionic Personality Disorder:LowNarcissistic Personality Disorder:LowAvoidant Personality Disorder:LowDependent Personality Disorder:LowObsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Low-- Take the Personality Disorder Test ---- Personality Disorder Info --
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Billy Currington
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What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
Your Candy Heart Says "Marry Me" For you, love is serious business. You don't take dating lightly. And even if you haven't met the right person, getting married is something you expect to do soon. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic picnic in the park Your flirting style: subtle and calculating What turns you off: short term flings Why you're hot: you're a hopeless romantic with each new relationship What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
More On 'the Matrix Movies' Article
[ The article itself can be accessed by clicking here. ] This article was actually written several years ago, but underwent a re-writing this past week for publication with AC. It was a difficult article to write, not so much because of the subject matter itself (or because I'm scatterbrained, although that didn't help either), but because it holds a more or less central theme with my own religious beliefs. I have a friend at work who is many things - a persistant seeker of debate amongst them. A few days ago he asked me the question, 'Did God invent the mind, or did the mind invent God'? He was obviously trolling for an argument. I wasn't going to give him one. I told him that the mind doesn't 'invent' anything - it creates concepts, and acting upon those concepts is what fuels invention. Since God is incomprehensible to the human mind, it would be foolish to believe that the mind created Him - instead, we create concepts of God that the mind can envision and relate to. We
Incubus Anna Molly
Okay so I just witnessed the new Incubus video and all I have to say is, WOW :D!!! It was totally kick ass, a little dark, a little morbid and a little creepy but fucking kick ass nonetheless. Still not to sure on the release date of the new album but, I am confident that I will be informed soon, through the wonderful wonders of the internet. I'm going to fucking google that shit tehehe. Well just thought I 'd let all of you know I watched the video, not that you care, but hell I love Incubus and its my blog so I can write what I want :p!
My Last Fm Thingy
I'm 30 and I have no my teeth. I like stuff. You can probably see what music I like, that's what this is about isn't it? ...the music? Want to know more? Ask...REALLY! I'm DYING to spill my guts, and make a bloody mess! But who will lick it up?! FUCK! I love, I hate, My left nipple is pierced. I like food, but I don't have any 'cause I spend all my money on music. So I'm skinny. It's a sad state of affairs really. I'm starving to death right by my turntable. Never sleeping...must flip, Laughing, licking my teeth, rocking back and fourth, and flipping records. Even if I wanted to sell them for food, I'm too weak to carry them now. Oblivion is waiting!...It won't be long now!...Mabe I'll try 'an eat that Tenpole Tudor 7" "Love & Food"...
My Daddy My Hero My Best Friend
poem to daddy Love Poem #250581 My Daddy, MY Hero, My Best Friend by Jessica Sedor He's my daddy, my hero, he's my best friend. I'm scared to death to lose him again. I love him so much words can't explain, he might think he knows how much i love him, but he has no idea. No matter what my mood, to my face he brings me smiles. If ever he needs me, i'll always be there. I've shed many tears over him throughout the years,but now that he's here he wipes them away. Every night as I lay in my bed I count up all the times he's told me he loves me that day. Without him I'm nothing, he makes me whole. I love him more than anything, he's the greates man on earth. He's my Daddy, my hero my best friend. Notes From The Author: You may e-mail me with any comments about my poetry. --> S: feedback --> I love you Daddy by your babydoll, Jessica Lynn Sedor
So I go to the doctors the other day right? Well, it turns out I have a sinus infection that could have turned inot a viral bronchial infection which then in turn could have turned into walking pneumonia. The doc said I was lucky I came in when I did. She gave me some drugs to take, a note for my boss telling her I needed the rest of the week off and a pat on the back... I took the note to work and my boss looked at me like I had faked the note. I gave her my doctors phone number so she could call in case she didn't believe the note. I walked out the door laughing... The next day me and some of my friends went to Seattle for the day. Low and behold when we get off the freeway, my boos was in her car right next to me!!!!!!!!!! There must be like oh, I dunno, 300,000 people in Seattle at least? And she had to be there, right next to me!!!! She didn't see me, I don't think. But if she did, she would have called me...
In Your Eyes
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The 12th ~ Neglectful
I haven't been on much the last few days. Nor have I been writing blogs regularly like I mean to. I have been SO busy though. I had a wonderful weekend, and I guess I will tell you about it. So, Friday: -wake up -go to class -eat lunch -go to class -go home AND THEN a boy that I like a lot picked me up and took me out to dinner. We went dancing and had the greatest time, and then we went and got coffee because it was cold. We sat inside the coffee shop and talked until it shut down and kicked us out and then we sat outside on a bench and talked for like two hours. It was pretty wonderful. Then he took me home around 4AM and I crashed into my bed around 5. Saturday: -wake up -eat brunch -go to the airport SO my friend Sam came in from Norway Saturday morning. She is going to be here a while but she stayed with me on saturday and left this morning. We are old friends from primary school and I hadnt seen her in forever. Anyways, we basically layed around, watchedmovies, a
One Of My Dreams
ok this may sound like a silly dream . but I would love to appear ringside with mr kennedy as his guest. i've always been a fan of his. b/c of his style. he isn't afraid to take on anyone. including the deadman himself. or the big red machine. for those that don't know much about WWE. i'm referring to the undertaker and kane.
After It’s as though I were there a second ago but then I come back, back to a life of turmoil and injustice. How is it that life can bring joy and tears all in one breath? Although we try to capture every moment and peaceful glance we know that tomorrow, yesterday is in the past and we will never again see the same light of day we did the day before. What does this mean? Why are we here? What is there to remember? How are we to live full in each day? How are we to go on each day knowing that each day will pass faster and faster like we are turning in circles. Until we finally STOP and realized life will never be the same as yesterday and we have tomorrow to…
Broken Wing
As the tears start to dry Once again she begins to cry Trying to figure out what went wrong While trying to stay strong All hope seems lost Because once again she was crossed Lied to and deceived Much more than she can conceive Pain burning up inside No where to run and hide Living her life day to day As the skies above turn grey The rain starts to pour down Feeling like she is going to drown Full of hurt and confused Her already boken soul left bruised Only needing someone to listen Everything being so distant Not knowing what to do Waiting for something new Nothing seems to appear As more things disappear Into the cold dark night Without a glimmer of light Unaware of what the future will bring Trying to fly on a Broken Wing
Unlimited -anytime - Flat Rate!!
Shit Stirrers, Finger Pointers And Mud Slingers
Can't we all just get along??? Maybe they should call this BITCH SITE...or maybe THE SHIT STIRRING SITE??? I really think that everyone needs to just chill out...smoke a fatty and re-evaluate all this SHIT!!!! C'mon people...this is the internet...a"make-believe" world...A "virtual community"...We are not a bunch of next door neighbors warring or disputing a fence line or a broken window or something.... or a buch of Jr. High kids arguing about He said/ She said..... When I first joined CT...I was amazed at the POSITIVE attitude of the Site and community...It in itself was addicting....People making other people feel better about themselves...Rating, commenting on pics,..and cool profile comments. Has everyone gotten so bored with that philosophy that they have to turn on each other? All of this CRAP is leaving a bad taste (or smell)... All I really see here is a ever growing group of whiners and bitches...all looking to stirr up a bunch of shit.... If I
Stupid Things I Know About
Did you know that the distance between your elbow and wrist is the same as your foot? WD-40 stands for water displacement formula that took them 40 tries to get it right. the statue on top of the capitol building is the godess of the underground Persephani. when you blow on you food your actually making your lips and the inside of your mouth hotter. you can't kiss your elbow. putting sugar into spicy foods reduces heartburn. when you add any two single numbers together the answer is always an even number. the only other creature on this planet that has sex for pleasure is a dolphin. my mothers youngest son(me) was born on friday the thirteenth and her oldest son(my bro) was born on april fools day. snakes can detect the smell of alcohol on you. when you look at a star the light that you see is years old. one out of every six people that you pass by on the street you are in some way related to them. tesla invented the first wireless technology and was
Down At The Crossroads
You been to the crossroads And rolled dice with the Devil. You always get what you want Down at the crossroads. And what you wanted was all well and good For a period of time. But when it all goes south, You realize that the coin in your pocket Has a flip side. And the spiritual lady say She gonna make everything better. And she tries real hard. God Bless her. But there ain’t no help to be had ‘Cause you negotiated in good faith. And you got what you bargained for… More or less. So when you come to a fork in the road Just take the path that seems more sensible. And if you don’t like where it leads, You can always go back and cut another deal Down at the crossroads.
Sandcastles, The Conclusion©
I think there are a lot of fantasies that people have include the beach. Some may dream of the sounds of the waves,others the warm sea breezes caressing their skin. Maybe even walking hand in hand along the shore while the sunsets,painting the sky in vibrant colors of reds,oranges,and pinks. Then there is me...(evil grin). I am a FREEK! I love fooling around in public,especially the beach. Now here I am leaning back on a blanket,my playmates mouth on me,having just swallowed all that I had too offer her and she won't let me go. I am gonna let you,the reader,in on a secret that most do not know. After a man cums,if you keep going,weather it's having sex or preforming oral,HE can keep going. Your man will stay hard and be able to go another round unless he is totally worthless or completely out of shape. Those eyes are holding me captive as she keeps stimulating me with her mouth. They smile at me for she is in her element. She allows me to use her for my pleasure as she ta
- How To Impress A Woman -
Compliment her, respect her, honor her, cuddle her, kiss her, caress her, love her, stroke her, tease her, comfort her, protect her, hug her, hold her, spend money on her, wine and dine her, buy things for her, listen to her, care for her, stand by her, support her, hold her, go to the ends of the Earth for her. - How to IMPRESS a MAN - Show up naked. Bring beer.
|h|a|z|e|l| |e|y|e|s|
People with hazel eyes are very loveable. They are really hot and are awesome to be around. They don't enjoy 'pet names'. They don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and they love to please. They can exceed your pleasure standards. They are very laid back, chilled and love to just be around. If you repost this and have hazel eyes then you will be happy soon with the person who is on your heart.
Types Of Pics That Need To Not Be Default Pics Imo
Here are a list of pics that should not be default pics: -Kissy faces, just plain annoying and makes you women look funny, and makes 90% of the male population laugh, hell and a lot of women too. -Cleavage pics, i dont want to see that shit...i joined the site to meet people, not boobs. -Ass pics, same as above but change boobs to asses. -Make-out pics, i dont want to see you kissing your boy/girl toy. I dont care how happy you are, its gross, put it in a album, and people will look at it if they want. -Licking of lips, i dont want to see your non-brushed nappy teeth behind your ungodly caked on lipstick covered lips with you tongue running over it trying to look sexy...cause its not. k thanks. I think that it should be a requirement that one of your salutes should be your default pic, you face is in it, and not all distorted. thats just me.
Last Night
I fucked up big time last night.i forgot i had taken pain pills, and went out to a club and started drinking.well long story short i was fucked up, so i apologize to anyone who i annoyed last night when i got back on here.
Yeah Ok
I have decided that opening up to people is a stupid idea. No matter how long you've been feeling something or wanted to tell someone something do it right away or not at all. If you possibly find a person that ( wow word's can;t describe the thought's i'm thinking) Don't blow them off just because your not sure how they feel or would feel about something just tell them. I've had a person in the back of my mind that i never told until recently and I didn't know how they felt. But over the past at least two years. I'm sure that i've hurt this person greatly. why couldn't i have realized what was there sooner. Why couldn't i have taken the chance. Yeah my head's getting all jumbled I'm done.
Phenomenal Woman My Favorite Poem
PHENOMENAL WOMAN by Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my secret lies I'm not cute or built to suit a model's fashion size But when I start to tell them They think I'm telling lies. I say It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips The stride of my steps The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal woman That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please And to a man The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees Then they swarm around me A hive of honey bees. I say It's the fire in my eyes And the flash of my teeth The swing of my waist And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal woman That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say It's in the arch of my back The sun of my smile The ride of my breasts The grace of my style. I'm
Ego Ego is the downfall of the arrogant and the sneaking surprise attacker of the complacent warrior. It should not be confused with self confidence or self esteem (which are essential aspects of leadership). In fact, where self esteem and self confidence fly like an eagle to be admired, ego hangs like an albatross around the necks of those who think they are more than they actually are in the eyes of others. In battle as in crises, ego is likely to blind the warrior from the true dangers that exist. When that happens, the warrior's attention is shifted to things that are not true threats. He or she focuses on imagined threats which were stimulated by ego and not awareness. The warrior that carries ego into battle will always face at least two enemies. The true warrior must always be on guard for that comfortable and sly foe, ego. This warrior is fully aware that self esteem and self confidence are earned, while ego is empty, unfulfilling, and sel
There seems to be a lot of confusion over the new rules about innapropriate pictures. Please allow me to clear these confusions up: 1) Nudity In order to be displayed on CT the human body must be fully clothed, coated in 4 inch thick lead sheeting, locked in a steel trunk, coated in cement and buried at the bottom of the ocean. Please note these pics should still be placed in an adult only folder, that can only be viewed by friends who have the some blood group, shoe size and have been issued with thier 634 digit password. 2) Profane/Suggestive/Crude/Sexual Language Obviously here at CT free speach is very important to us and we'd hate to stunt your freedom of expression. Equally we must remember that the majority of our members are younger than 3 or older than 112 and as such are far too young to hear "obscene" language or too old to remember what it is. We appreciate this makes life tough for normal, open minded, adults who don't feel that swearing, curseing, non-v
Friends And Family
I want to wish each and everyone of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING
Private Pics
for any interested.....for a few hrs....private pics have been open to friends....happy thanksgiving to all....hugs, becky p.s. if ya peek would ya please rate/comment....
Your Winter ~sister Hazel
Grey ceiling on the earth Well it's lasted for a while Take my thoughts for what they're worth I've been acting like a child Your opinion, and what is that? It's just a different point of view Ooh, yeah What else, What else can I do? I said I'm sorry, yeah I'm sorry, Oooh I said I'm sorry, but what for? If I hurt you then I hate myself I don't want to hate myself, don't wanna hurt you Why do you choose your pain? If you only knew how much I love you, love you Chorus I won't be your winter And I won't be anyone's excuse to cry We can be forgiven, Ooh yeah And I will be here Old picture on the shelf It's been there for a while A frozen image of ourselves We were acting like a child Innocent and in a trance A dance that lasted for a while, Ooh You read my eyes just like your diary, Ooh remember, please remember, Oooh Well, I'm not a beggar, but what's more Is If I hurt you, then I hate myself, I don't wanna hate myself, don't wanna hurt you Why do you
I Don't Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like Me
You scored as Mushrooms. Shrooms! You're still goin for one of the most natural drugs. You'd like to visit a whole other world, and see things you've never seen before. Fucking trippy.Mushrooms94%Ecstacy88%Cocaine69%Marijuana63%Inhalents63%Alcohol56%None!25%What's your ideal drug?created with
True Feelings
I lost a lot as a kid. I lost my freedom to be another sport playing, hide and seek kind of kid. I've dealt with more adversities and tragedies than I've needed to. My father .. who I truly miss was never around. I met him when I was 17 and posted in a psychiatric ward, I still don't know if he came around because he felt bad or if he just wanted to look death in its eyes. I was diagnosed with manic depression at the age of 7, when I was 16 I was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. I had nothing to live for .. still wonder to this day why I continue to fight. I don't know why I have so much to write about tonight, I think the thoughts are returning and I need to release some of the useless anger and emotion. So .. For the next little while .. I might be off.
If You Thought I Went By Kimmie Because I'm Sweet And Innocent...
Kimmie's secret lucky charm is: "A vile filled with the blood of Jack the Ripper" Take this quiz at
You used to tear me down But now I will tear ou down You will no longer vontrol me You can't control my emotions anymore I WILL CONTROL YOU! You used to tell me you loved me Well now i know that your just a fucking liar You said youd never leave Well where are you now? Chorus You used to control my life Now i will control yours Your nothing to me just someone taking air I used to follow you, i used to idolize you But now... i laugh at you in your face! You will never control me again I WILL CONTROL YOU! I cut my arms made myself bleed for you not just for you .... because of you I have scars...Everyday i look at them Everyday it used to bring me down Now i look at my scars and realize what you did Now i can say i control myself 2 years has gone by and not a word 1 1/2 years has gone by and those were y our years 6 mnths has gone by no cutting no nothing! Im free from you and everthing you bring! Your too scared to call me talk or look at me What
3some Agreement
“3 Some PRE-BOOTY CALL AGREEMENT” This pre-booty call agreement, hereinafter called the AGREEMENT, is made between _________________ and ________________ and_______________three consenting adults. This AGREEMENT is entered into this ______________ Day of ___________, 2005. The following conditions shall apply to both parties unless otherwise agreed to by both parties: 1. No sleeping over. 2. No meeting in public. 3. No calls before 12:00 am. 4. None of that "lovemaking" shit. 5. No emotional discussions. (Example: Where are we headed with this? You know where it's headed - to the bedroom only!) 6. No plans made in advance... that's why you're called the backup! 7. No non-sexual gifts. 8. No baby talk (dirty talk is encouraged). 9. No calling for chit-chat between booty calls. 10. No asking for comparisons with former lovers (in fact, no conversation is better!). 11. No kissing, It's too intimate. 12. No calling each other "friend
What Is Racism
WHAT IS RACISM You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me "Whiteboy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" and that's OK. But when I call you, nigger, Kike, Towelhead, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink you call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET(White Entertainment Television) we'd be racists. If we had a White Pride Day you would call us racists. If we had white history month, we'd be racists. If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives, we'd be racists. If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships, you know we'd be racists. There are over 60 o
Why Do People Hate?
so sum1 went into my NSFW pix this morning and rated em all a 1! wtf??? am i that ugly? :( i just wanted all my friends and fans to know, i rate what u all deserve and so far, its been all 10s! for all u that dont hate on me, luv u guyz... mwuah! sarah
Blood Donations And Why We Shoudl Do It
well here is something that crossed my mind and made me stop and think. it has to do with blood and organ donations and i mean the legal way. tonight i was going through my email and came a across a newsletter from the canadian blood services which is the main group in canada that deals with blood and bone marrow donations. see the reason why i got the newsletter is the fact that i am a blood donor. in the last i would say 12 yrs i have given a total of 25 times. i first started back in high school at a blood donor clinic that was held there. then i stopped for awhile and in the last 5 yrs i have given a total of 24 times plus the one in high school. so in that time my blood has helped tons of people. and in doing so has made me happy. there is always the need for blood cause you may never know when you yourself may need it due to surgery or other things. and knowing that you can make a difference in someones life should count for something. but i find people are scared to give blood.
Young Guys.....
am i missing somethin or just naive....i can't figure out who so many REALLY young guys wanna be "friends" they not read profiles to know that in most cases i am older than their mother....
Jack And Dew
So You'll Go On Doing What You Do!!!
I know you're there because I see you I see you looking at me why are you looking at me? Is it because you like me? Or is it because I like you so I think you're looking at me? Then you smile Are you smiling at me? Or are you just smiling? If you like me then just tell me If you tell me then I'll smile forever Then you lick your lips Are you licking your lips because you want to kiss me? Or are you licking your lips because your lips are dry? I'll kiss you if you want me to but if you don't want me to then don't lick your lips I wish I knew what you were thinking and I wish I knew what you wanted but I don't So you'll go on doing what you do and I'll just sit here being totally confused
Thinking Thinking ahead Am I going to die tomorrow? Am I going to lose you? To lose them? Thinking back All my regrets It wasn't my fault Was it? Could I have changed it? Helped that Or even stopped it... Thinking now I don't want To make the same Mistakes again But yes, Start over Erase my past But if I do, I would be no-one, Nothing I am no-one I am nothing Thinking... I just want My life Back
Love Came Last
A heart has found a refuge, deep inside, A soul that left a hole, that now has crystallized Into a shape of shattered dreams, spun among the stars Looking for a partner, in distances afar. A song of simple pleasures, now, is lost Inside the empty shell of a woman, that love forgot, Forever spinning aimlessly inside her haunted mind Looking for some comfort, forever lost in time. She swore no love would find her, weak, She'd stand against the capture, of her broken dreams And build the wall around her, a stone upon a stone Not caring that, she would live, her life so alone And when love came, last, inside her heart She didn't even recognize it from the very start, She sat upon the tip, of the moon, she knew so well Casting shadows in the light, as the darkness fell. Vacant eyes have searched, the empty soul But love has been so distant, it's left her in the cold, Slumbered pains of heartache, has found no peace within And so she slips among the falling stars a
Shedding Tears
I woke this morning feel like million bucks but time it was 10 am all those feelings began to drain.. I starting to feel tears in my eyes and pain in my soul once again back to feeling all alone.. I look around and see things around me that make me smile and make me gleam.. but when I look in side I see a pain a feeling of emptiness that just will not pass me by.. I have fallen into an abyss of trusting no one.. To living my life alone with out that special someone.. I almost did something I thought I would never do but then again what else was there to do.. No one wants a relationship they want a fuck a lay or something to pass the time away.. I my self at times don't want the headache and aggravation of having someone.. but what do you do when you feel such a void do you sit there and cry or do you keep on walking with your head high.. Love is such a remarkable thing but it more then once almost killed me emotionally.. To give your all and be left with an empty heart or to be cas
Nice Poem
I DIDN'T WRITE THIS BUT I REALLY LIKE SO YEAH. When you take off your dress Having nothing to add I am just in a mess, I am nearly mad… And my reasons are melted On the fire you spread, Since the day when I met you I’ve been losing my head… I am wild like a tiger When I’m feeling your smell, I’m burning beside you Like a sinner in hell… But I bless all these tortures Asking nothing instead… I just constantly want you Being near mad… On my tenderest goddess, Golden hair of yours Is the lasso that holds me But I’m not at a loss… I don’t long for the freedom, I don’t ask for release, And my soul is bleeding When you leave me in peace…
Never Done This Before
I've never really started a blog before, but I figured what the hell, it's here, might as well.
Chainsaw Dissection Hat And Shirt Combo
Omg !
omg guys i think im a lost cherry loser lol i have like 19 friends on this thing and my profile sucks lol i cant figure out how to make it look cool lmao oh my wut shall i do any way im outy laters
Bah Humbug, And Damn Hallmark
I am missing the spirit though it permeates the air Christmas propaganda movies stir up so much dust in my dark cave that my eyes water for unknown reasons and the deepest of sighs I dream of soft kisses some nights I miss that human connection that touch don’t care much for Christmas presents or believe in santa granting wishes but there was a bright star in the pre dawn as I went to work that winked as I thought to why not so I figured what the hell even when I had no faith or no spirit I found my eyes closing thinking what if not much spirit this year no matter the songs playing endless loops in the air a man who never sings I am the words to “oh night divine” falling from my lips behind the shops counter the song muffled by steaming milk and grinding coffee or when all the customers are gone so bah humbug and damn hallmark propaganda who cares about presents or wishes and the spirit of the season is just wrong tjs2k61202
How Red Neck Are You
You Are 50% Redneck You're just about as welcome up in town as a hair in a biscuit. Ain't no hidin' your redneck roots! How Redneck Are You?
Yes I Am Married But I Am Not Dead
As most of you see from my profile I am happily married. But I still have a beating pulse :) We have a very happy open relationship. I have a friend on the side. Who I have also been with for about 7 years. Don't worry it is hard to offend me :). I like sex alot and I hope you do to.
Leave Me A Voice Comment
Send me a voice comment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7800 and enter *2406986. If you get one too, I'll reply.
Cursed Or Just A Bad Run
Well i went to my GYN today for my yearly exam and all be damned if he didnt find something. My doctor says I have fibroid tumors. Not fun thing to find out. They scraped some cells off, which hurt like a bitch, and took 5 vials of blood samples for alot of blood work tests, and scheduled me for an ultrasound next week. Arg as if i didnt have enough to worry about now i have this. Depending on the size and location and the amount of fibroids I may have to have a hysterectomy. Good thing i already have 3 kids or id be pissed. I wonder if all the stress i been under has contributed to this in anyway.
Friends ,do We Have Friends Or What?
You know I help alot of you people out and I get nothing in return I have ask you all to help me out well you know what I'm done helping others out with there Cherry points.You know sometimes it's just not about the points. It's more about people wanting friends and there are people on here that say the only way you can be friends is to add them.
Ummmmmm...what more can I say other than I'm BLAAAAZED the fuck out....HA!
Flatulence Forces Plane To Land
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing Monday morning after a passenger lit a match to disguise the scent of flatulence, authorities said. The Dallas-bound flight was diverted to Nashville after several passengers reported smelling burning sulfur from the matches, said Lynne Lowrance, spokeswoman for the Nashville International Airport Authority. All 99 passengers and five crew members were taken off and screened while the plane was searched and luggage was screened. The FBI questioned a passenger who admitted she struck the matches in an attempt to conceal a "body odor," Lowrance said. She had an unspecified medical condition, authorities said. "It's humorous in a way but you feel sorry for the individual, as well," she said. "It's unusual that someone would go to those measures to cover it up." The flight took off again, but the woman was not allowed back on the plane. The woman, who was not identified, was not charged
Gunna Vote Or What?
Hey! Fifty odd friends and only 10 votes? Where's the love? Seriously, if I don't win it's no big thing, but I'd like to at least make a showing and see some love from those I call friends. So am I a classy cherry? Let me know. Go to the link below, check the CLASSY CHERRY photo album and rate me. You don't even have to give me a 10, just the rating alone is a vote. I chose my friends for a reason, don't let me be wrong :) TaintedJasper@ CherryTAP
Care To Move?
This is my change of address notice: I have moved out from 1 Beggars Alley, located at 2 Poverty Lane at the corner of Bleak and Buster Circle. As of today, I have a brand new home!!! My new address is: Living Well on 3 Abundance Drive, located at the corner of Blessings Street and Prosperity Peak. No longer will I allow myself to travel on Begging Peter to pay off Paul route, located at a dead end Intersection called: I Don't Have. It connects with Borrowers Junction. I no longer hang out at Failure's Place, near Excuses Avenue, next to the Procrastination Point. I've moved on to an Upscale Community called Higher Heights with unlimited potential and opportunities for me to succeed. Look at me, each day that I'm awake, I am thankful to be a product of my new environment. All my clothes are tailor made. I'm dressed in life's finest. Let me introduce you to all of them: Conceive, Believe, Act on, Have Faith, Be Persistent, and Always be Prepared to Achieve. Life is good becau
The Hip Hop Version Of Psalm 23 (i Liked This)
the lord is all that i need for nothing he allows me to chill and keeps me from being heated and allows me to breathe easy he guides my life so that i can represent and give shout outs in his name and even thought i walk through the hood of death i dont back down for you have my back the fact that you have me covered allows me to chill he provides me with back up in front of my player- HATERS and i know that i am a baller and that life will be phat i fall back in the Lord's crib for the rest of my life
As I Cut Away
I want all!!!! I desire so much flesh. Lurking in digital desolation. A void of fire. We the creatures of earthly decadations, roam endlessly down this serpint to the end. Where oblivion takes u like the noose of persacution. DIE.
Thank You Babygirl
Thank you Babygirl for the following poem On your birthday, special one, I wish that all your dreams come true. May your day be filled with joy, Wonderful gifts and goodies, too. On your day I wish for you Favorite people to embrace, Loving smiles and caring looks That earthly gifts cannot replace. I wish you fine and simple pleasures. I wish you many years of laughter. I wish you all of life’s best treasures. I wish you happily ever after! Happy Birthday
Heather(my Babymomma)lol
Heather by Steven Cook Can you recall the night our eyes first met? You were a little down and upset It seemed like the weight of the world was on your shoulders You had just broken up with him and thought life was over Then you stared, gazing into my eyes Which came to me as a big surprise Then you listened with ease as I told you That it's his loss if he doesn't want to hold you A few weeks later I came to your house And still I listened to the words that came out your mouth You were so upset and sad When you talked about Carter not having a dad I was a little confused at the time But still I managed to make up my mind To be a man and a father, or was I led blind By the loneliness that I saw in your eyes?
Football Lingo
A guy comes home from the bar drunk one night around 3am. His wife is sleeping. He is trying to sneak into bed. He's laying in bed for a few minutes and he cuts a fart. His wife wakes up and asks "What in the world was that?" He replies "A touchdown. I am winning 7 to nothing." She thinks to herself "I'm gonna fix him." She lets one loose. He yells at her "What was that?" She replies "Touchdown. Tied score." Now he thinks "I'm gonna fix her." He lays there for 10 minutes trying to work one up. He tries so hard he shits in the bed. The wife asks "What was that?" He replies "Half time switch sides"
A Couple Of Pictures By My Daughter
here are a couple of pictures my daughter did, one in feltip, and the other in oil pastel...i love them, ... "TREE" "HAIR"
Heading Out Of Town!
I wanted to tell everyone what a pleasure it has been to meet so many nice people and also so many hot women (you all know who you are)! I am heading to las Cruces NM for a few days and look forward to getting back in touch with all you sweet, sexy, horn dogs out there upon my return! later-
Heart Broken
yes i am heart broken cuz i really meet this girl and i really loved her alot and she also said that she loved me too but now i dont know what to do with my life and i am really upset about it cuz i dont know if i would ever be able to meet someone else just like her and please comment on this one thank you
Online Dating, You Gotta Laugh At Some Of It
An Open Letter to the Men Who Message Me Through Match (aka “Why Dating in the South is Hard”) 20 Comments Published by charming, but single on 10.11.2006 at 11:34 AM. Dear Men, Thank you for your interest in dating me. I am truly humbled by your decision to wink at me for free and/or e-mail me to comment on the size of my lips in my picture. I DO have Nice Lips, thanks for noticing! I see that you are from a very small town. I do not really know where that is, nor have I been there by choice, I am sure. Feel free to continue pursuing me; however, let it be known that I am probably not going to drive to Podunkville to meet you at some double wide trailer that’s been converted to a bar so that we can listen to Skynard on the jukebox and drink Budweiser. Read my profile. Does it say anything about Budweiser? If we date for several months and I like you, I may make a trip out to the homestead as part of the give and take of a relationship. But if you’re just casually seei
A Soldiers Eye!
A tear drops from a young girls eye as her daddy says goodbye He wipes her cheek kissing her head and says baby pleaase dont cry where will you go how long will you be there are you leaving me forever I dont know where or how long ill be gone but leaving you i will never Why must you leave can i come with you i promise I will be good Im leaving for freedom and ill be back id take you if i could Why dont you cry are you going to miss me will you take me in your heart I have to be strong and I always miss you when ever where apart A tear drop from a soldiers eye as his daughter says goodbye She wipes his cheeck and kisses his nose and says ill be proud but please dont die jw
Add Me Plz
anyone whos has yahoo plz add me
There's nothing as nice as someone who shares, your laughter, your secrets, your wishes and cares, someone who's there through your good times and tears, who stays by your side as your friend through the years.
Honest And Emotional Survey
1. Honestly, what color is your underwear? NAVY BLUE BOXER BRIEFS 2. Honestly, whats on your mind? THIS SURVEY AND WHAT I AM GOING TO DO NEXT, AND TO BE HONEST SOME OF THE SAD ANSWERS THE PERSONWHO MADE THIS BLOG GAVE. 3. Honestly, what are you doing right now? LISTENING TO CNN 4. Honestly, Do you think Johnny Depp is attractive? NO BUT I WOULD GO OUT DRINKING WITH HIM 5. Honestly this is a hard one. HUHHHHHHHHHH 6. Honestly, have you done something bad today? NOT YYET BUT IT IS EARLY 7. Honestly, do you watch disney channel? YES I HAVE A 9 YR OLD DAUGHTER 8. Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone? A BUDDY NAMED ANDY 9. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now? yYES BUT CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR, JEALOUSY IS A HUMAN EMOTION, WE ALL GET JEALOUS IT IS HOW YOU HANDLE IT. 10. Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time? THIS ADMINISTRATION, OLD PEOPLE DRIVERS,LYING POLITICIANS 11. Honestly, do you bite your
Thank You For Your Suppot Again
Once again I have seen something hear that makes me proud to be a member of the military. It’s all (of you) the people who support US the troops that are the real heroes. If it just saying a prayer for those who are in harms way or who do more such as the one who sent this to me. As a member of the armed forces (US) I salute you all. It is you who let US the troops know that we do have the support we need at home to do the job that we must do. As for me I don’t care what branch of the military your in you are my brother or sister. We all need to remember that right now it US united and all the other stuff doesn’t mean anything, and when there is peace then we can have our (This branch is better than that). I know that there are those out there who don’t agree with what’s going on in the world and that’s fine but even you need to support the troops because it them the troops who give you the right to disagree. Last Veterans Day I was in a parade when a women came out of the cro
My New Hurr!
Hurrrrr. I cut and dyed my hair. It's beautiful. Hang out with me and look at it and touch it and smell it. Cause it's soft...And it smells like oranges. God damn it's pretty. -xx-Crystle-oo-
Mondo Topless: Strippers Tell All
I wondered as I searched for sleep What could this relationship be? Am I the one she wants and needs? Could she be the one for me? Restlessly I tossed and turned As thoughts race thru my head Feeling like I belonged with her Yet alone on one side of her bed I turned to reach out for her Yet all I saw was her back Her sexy silhouette lay beside me So I just took comfort in that The evening grew long and weary Sleep was uneasy to obtain I wanted to make love to this beauty And passionately whisper her name The feelings that I felt Has I lay with her next to me Gave me a soothing inner peace The next thing I knew I was sleep. © BlkLuvPotion 2006
Porno Star?!
I just got offered a few bucks to do a movie! Should I?!?!
Circle Of Love
Circle of Love By Maria Sears Before my husband and I purchased a small ranch in Idaho that included fifty head of Herefords, I never really knew much about cows. I used to think they were large, not particularly bright creatures who spent peaceful uncomplicated lives grazing in green fields or napping in the sunshine. But once we started living on the ranch, I started to pay closer attention and learned to appreciate them on a deeper level. I soon began to recognize the cows by their different markings, personalities and habits. I gave them all names, and they became my "pets" - in a wild sort of way. Two of my favorites were Freckles and her calf, Spunky. Freckles first came to my attention early one spring. The cattle had spent the winter months on our lower pasture along the river, but when the cows started calving, we decided to move them to one of the upper pastures near our house. The move was uneventful, except that we discovered that one cow was miss
Movin On
movin to texas talk to ya'll in a couple dayz, gotta be with my boo holly
Bare Essentials
What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Northeast Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.The South Philadelphia The Midland The Inland North Boston The West North Central
Some Of My Favs
Crazy U.s. Sex Laws
-- In Bakersfield, California, anyone having intercourse with Satan must use a condom. (An asbestos one we presume.) -- In Oblong, Illinois, it's punishable by law to make love while hunting or fishing on your wedding day. -- In Minnesota, it is illegal for any man to have sexual intercourse with a live fish. (Apparently it's OK for woman.) -- No man is allowed to make love to his wife with the smell of garlic, onions, or sardines on his breath in Alexandria, Minnesota. If his wife so requests, law mandates that he must brush his teeth. -- Warn your hubby that after lovemaking in Ames, Iowa, he isn't allowed to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with you -- or holding you in his arms. -- Bozeman, Montana, has a law that bans all sexual activity between members of the opposite sex in the front yard of a home after sundown -- if they're nude. -- In hotels in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, every room is required to have twin beds.
Just Thinking
Happy New Year!!!!!!
Kids Off Tap
Poem I Wrote!
“Show me the Love” By; Eric Poile Love is sweet and kind, Love is tender and joyful, Love is fragile and can be easily broken, Show me the Love. I wake up in the morning and ask myself, Where’s the love? Thinking why I am still here, Is it the love that no one shows me, Come on now show me the Love. I don’t have a clue why I am still here, But that makes all the difference for me to live another day, To find out where that love comes from, Come on now show me the Love. I thought I found where that love came from today, But it was just a mistake, live another day, To find out where that love comes from, Come on now show me the Love. I thought I found where that love came from today, But it was just a mistake, I am starting to think there is no love, If there is, Please someone show me the Love… By; Eric Poile
Sara And Our Dead Love!!
Sara hates me for what she doesnt even know. I tryed to love her and tryed to show her but she only wants to make things hard. She throws all my belongings away. Stomped on my heart. She even trys to ly and say I stole from her car. How could I? I have been at my friends the whole time we have been apart. I dont like playing childish games and I dont like being lied to. I never wanted to hurt her but for some reason thats all she wants to do to me!! What does one do to stop loving someone who doesnt deserve it??? I just want to move on with my life and I even offered my friendship to her. Some friendship this has turned out to be. I wanted to be there for her and I thought things were different with her. But for some reason I didnt listen to her friends when they told me she was nothing but a heart breaker. A slut. Someone who soaks all the good and happiness from you and leaves you an empty shell. Why?! Why would someone be like that? Nothing but pain, and pain has a name. Sara!!!!
Words Of Lunicy
i really dont think that being in lasting love exists its a falicy... its a comfortably numb moment but like any drug its effects fade... its an addicting feeling more so then anything else thats why everyone keeps despratly searching for it over and over just to be let down again ....worth it ? it all depends on the hurt that comes from it... its only in the eyes of the beholder
Various Profound Quotes
The Most Important Thing “I always say to myself, what is the most important thing we can think about at this extraordinary moment.” ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld There are no ordinary moments – each moment is new and unique, so each moment is extraordinary. We can fill that moment with extraordinary thoughts, extraordinary deeds, extraordinary attention. We can choose to think of peace, to recognize beauty, to experience joy. This moment is ours, and we can choose what to do with it. A Precious Gift “Let me tell thee, time is a very precious gift of God, so precious that it’s only given to us moment by moment.” ~ Amelia Barr Have you ever watched a television game show? In most of the games, there is an element of time involved. You’re up against the clock. You have 2 minutes to race through a grocery story, or 30 seconds to come up with the right answer. If you happen to be the person playing that game, you realize just how precious each one of those moments are! You focus
I see that you are here. but you really are not.. I see that you pay attention but you really don't I miss you being there for me even though you really weren't I miss talking to you... even though we really didn't I wish that you were here I wish that you could see I see that you still care I wish we could still be I know that you don't hate me even though that's what you want me to think I know that you still care for me I know that you still look I have seen your face a thousand times here and there I have seen your face a thousand times almost everywhere I know that you still look for me I see that you still care so why can't you just speak to me I know you still really do care......
We've come too late, the time has come, I drown my faith in vodka and rum, I turn my back on all I can, I cannot see this master plan, Nobody seems to care anymore, While I'm walking through that door, I'm taking all my things away, I don't look back on yesterday. Sweaty mouse, sticky keyboard, Stained by a virtual whore, Clench my fist and close my eyes, I'm lost in an evanescent paradise. I'm drowned in sorrow, Who can live to see tomorrow, I'm alone, and I don't know why, I'm stemmed by consciousness, rigged to die. Psychadelia rainbow swirl, lock and key and light unfurled, Scene with iron and candle mirth, Giving way to my savior's birth. Deep within, stitched with lace, My eyes, my mouth, my whole face, Cannot see this master plan, End it all, this life of man.
I have made some new friends on yahoo im from this site and I love it because I love making new friends. However, there is a problem with some of my new friends. I AM A PINUP MODEL!! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR PENIS! DO NOT SEND ME PICS OF YOUR PENIS! ( pics will be deleted) I am a lady If your intention is to learn about me and be my friend, 2 thumbs up! PS thanks to all of you that have joined my group!
Idiots Of 2006
Number One Idiot of 2006 I am a medical student currently doing a rotation in toxicology at the poison control center. Today, this woman called in very upset because she caught her little daughter eating ants. I quickly reassured her that the ants are not harmful and there would be no need to bring her daughter into the hospital. She calmed down and at the end of the conversation happened to mention that she gave her daughter some ant poison to eat in order to kill the ants. I told her that she better bring her daughter into the emergency room right away. Here's your sign, lady. Wear it with pride. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Number Two Idiot of 2006 Early this year, some Boeing employees on the airfield decided to steal a life raft from one of the 747s. They were successful in getting it out of the plane and home. Shortly after they took it for a float on the river, they noticed
Nicoderm Patch
My Mom sent this to me in an email....guess where I'm going because I laughed.....ROFLMAO Two priests are in a Vatican bathroom using the urinals. One of them looks at the other one's penis and notices there's a Nicoderm patch on it. He looks at the other priest and says, "I believe you're supposed to put that patch on your arm or shoulder, not your penis." The other one replies, "It's working just fine. I'm down to two butts a day." ...IF YOU LAUGH....YOU'LL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!! *
Best Pet Contest
Sorry For The "neglect" (lol)
Iraq Bs...
it wasnt just about oil,and I thank you for bringing that up, but the main point I want to express is this shit with the Sunnis n the Shiites has been going on for milleniums, how do we think we can fix that? Its religious bs, its not our fight, and we need to realize that... in my humble opinion
What/who Were You In Your Past Life?
Whatwho were you in your previous life? (Many outcomes and pics) You were a vagabond in your previous life! You have an insatiable wanderlust and can\'t seem to tell why. In your last life, you traveled extensively - whether it was for your line of work, or for personal enjoyment, you now cannot stand to be stationary. You\'ll never be happy settling, and you\'ll always need to feel far off. The world is indeed small for you.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
When A Girl....
When a girl bumps into your arm while walking she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart, she still feels it when u run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind. When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply. When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around. When a girl answers, "I'm fine, " after a few seconds, she is not at all fine. When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are so wonderful. When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a girl says that she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future. When a girl says, "I miss you, " no one in this world can miss you more than that When a girl is mean to you after a breakup she wants you back, but she's scared she'll get hur
Quiz Of Kink
What is your Kink score? My score is 506! Guess I'm pretty tame. So, how tame is everyone else?
Other Women
You know, last night I "met" another woman online here at CT. It wasn't cyber sex... it was just chatting. It's funny how this web stuff is. She just made me feel at home and... good inside. Then I stopped at the store. There was an older woman (my age)... and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I wondered how her tongue would feel on my nipples... circling and sucking... damn!!! how does that happen? What makes one person's appearance bring thoughts into my mind?
Read Very Good!! =)
Picture this, it's a slow day in the office, not too many people around so you figure out a way to sneak me in without anyone seeing. You rush me over to your desk and hide me underneath where no one can see me. You run quickly to get your morning coffee and a lil something for me to snack on too.... but there is only one thing I'm interested in eating this morning *wink*. You get back to your desk with your head in the clouds in anticipation of what's going to happen. From my vantage point I can see you approaching. You look SEXY today too with that tight black t-shirt on that forms itself tightly around your boobs. Any tighter and I'd be able to read the label on it and tell your cupsize.... which I already know from having those perfect tits cupped in my hand and those nipples in my mouth sucking on them from before *wink*. The jean skirt you have on is so short and tight, so short that if you have to bend over to get anything today, whoever is behind you is going to be walking a
On Tha Bayou
i am a american indian that lives on tha bayou in jefferson parish which is not far from new orleans. i live in a trailor,i drive a truck,i have 4 children. yes i live tha great life as a bayou boy. update. i just got my 1st house. i wrecked my truk. im still live n a great life. lmao most of the time Hot! Myspace Comments
How Low Can I Go...........
I have been feeling so low the last few weeks.As some of you know I lost my job as a med-aid,a job I loved.To make ends meet I got a job working at a 7/11 like place and my hubby started looking for work.For a time we both had jobs him a part time and me a full time job.But even with both of us working we still didnt make what I was making befor I lost my job.......Then it looked as if our everything was going to be ok!!!!My hubby got a new job that pay well,but we are very very backed up on the bills may have things truned off.Nothing we cant live with out just the net for a bit...........Then the week of x-mass the owner of the place we have lived in for the last 4 years calls want wants to have someone look at the place b/c he is thinking of buying it!!!!!!!!!!!So he comes over looks at the place and says if he dose buy it we will be renting it to us.After he and the owner go I get to thinking it was all a put on so the owner can have a look at the place to see that we are keeping i
Hey Yall
hey just trying to find ppl to tal kso if u want check out my page thanks
Pay Attention
PAY ATTENTION ! LOVE THIS Rules for the phone. How ALL business phones SHOULD be answered! GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Press "1" for English. Press "2" to disconnect until you learn to speak English And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.
Friends Written By Bruce Romanis
You’re so beautiful you are my world and without you in it I am nobody And you might be a angel but also at the same time you might be the Devil and I try to be the same as you but my heart is uncertain where it May lie so I am saying I need you I want to be with you forever but my feelings are now mixed feelings everybody has those at times at yet my life is in your hands and I never know what I want or what I need because when it comes to love it’s a uncertain thing at times but I know in my heart what I want and what I need but to keep a secret like that to myself is a scary thought because it might backfire on the person you might like and the other way around to me my life is uncertain and all I know is that my world contains you in it and that makes me feel wanted and needed at times I know I might feel a bit sad if I don’t speak to you all the time but what it all comes down to is we’re friends forever and to me that completes us even with the distance I alone care
Hatebreed - To The Threshold
This is the sound of the lost, beaten and broken, Rising up and claiming what was been taken from us From the shadows of the past From the depths of our own failures Stepping forward into the light Denying our demise Decimating all uncertainty Bowing to only who can place judgment upon me Give me your broken Give me your beaten I will build them up I will lead them To the threshold Make you stronger Make you believe I am one in the same But now stronger then uncertainty Within this army This is more than a battle cry It's the blood of our lifeline Flowing faster This is the sound of the lost, beaten and broken Decimating all fears Stronger then ever Beyond every dream Ascension into supremacy Now we're stronger then ever Harder then ever We were the broken We were the beaten I was once like you Now I push myself to the threshold Because I am stronger Because I believe Now I spit in the face of defeat Now I'm stronger then all uncertainty
He Left Us So Young
Obituaries Phillip Allen Williams (May 6, 1979 - January 16, 2007) Phillip Allen Williams, 27, of Waterloo, died Tuesday, January 16 at Sartori Memorial Hospital in Cedar Falls. He was born May 6, 1979 in Iowa City, the son of Eugene James Williams, Jr. and Becky Gardner. He is survived by: his mother, Becky Gardner of Waterloo; his father, Eugene (Michelle) Willams, Jr. of Waterloo; half-brother, Brian Williams of Waterloo; his step-father, Leonard Rumpza of Waterloo; grandmother, Doloris Obrero of California; and step-grandparents, Leonard (Dorothy) Rumpza of Waterloo. He is preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Patrick and Betty Gardner and his grandfather, James Williams, Sr. Memorial services 6:00 p.m. Friday, January 19 at Hagarty-Waychoff-Grarup Funeral Service on South Street. Public visitation from 3-6 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.
Agh On The Qt... (anyone Remember Hollywood Confidential The Movie?)
(The author of the book wrote some -very- fine others...) Anyhow, I'm on for a few minutes, no more than that, for health reasons- should be fine soon. The warning about QuickTime is, based on what very little I know, very sensible- I can't install the latest Quicktime myself since it requires OS 10.3.9. Installing OS 10.4 (10.3.9 seems to be quite obsolete) requires hardware installation as expensive as getting 10.4 itself (so, at a guess, a $200+ expense instead of a $120 one), so- maybe not so much a can't as a... maybe wait until OS 10.5 comes out and see how much that costs. ,... so when using this URL or similar ones myself I may very well just turn quicktime off (Mac System Preferences). For those not in my weird situation I advise installing the latest QT. (On the QT.)
Hooah!!! To All My Military Friends
Body: HOOAH! Body: Take it from me..... You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. ______
Hello And Goodbye...
Hello. Yeah, it's been a while. So you probably don't expect to hear anything from me, you know why all of sudden i'm bugging you again. Ever since, i'm the person who would say everything that i want to say and do everything that i want to do. Until one day I stopped... that very day when you told me to stop. I tried, i really did. I wanted to get you out of my head, out of my system, out of my life... For the first few months, i was mad. There were days I thought I was okay, that everything's fine, that, after all, i didnt really need you. I would pretend to have actually moved on and you were just someone from my distant past. For the past months of not hearing anything from you, yes, i have survived. There were times i felt happy, though i was not sure if it was genuine. Then days would come when i feel extremely lonely. I was so afraid of the thought that i will probably not see you ever again. There were days when i would want to call you, to talk to you, to see you... what i
25 Cats Hug
Get Your Sexy Name
Shoulder Surgery
well, after 5 years i got the surgery. 1 yr recovery, after 4 mo be able to get surgery on left. getting somewhat better coordination now, so that means that there will be songs stories and poetry written soon. WOOHOO! anyways more to come soon JJ
Fetish Vs Kink
Fetish vs. Kink By Midori Ever notice that anything to do with adventurous sex and alternative sexuality gets all lumped together? Fetish, SM, Kink and Leather --- they’re all bundled together as if the people, action and words were totally interchangeable. We expect this sort of simple assumptions from media and Joe-Public. But this phenomenon also happens among those of us in these very subcultures that enjoy these sex styles. You’d think, of all people, we would know better. Many of us use words, phrases and cultural references interchangeably, without consideration for the actual distinctions between them. Because all this is about sex, historically we haven’t talked about the distinctions of words, actions and communities except to pathologize the behavior. So we lack nuanced words and finesse of expression to shed light upon our pleasures. A lot of problems arise when you don’t know how these terms and actions differ. If I met you at a bar and we both agreed we lik
Girly Survery
50 girly questions 1. What is your name? Kathrine 2. What color is your bra? Black and Pink 3. Do you straighten your hair everyday? For the most part yes. 4. Do you worry about the size of your boobs? no... i love my boobs. 5. Are you the typical girl who's addicted to gossip? nope. 6. What's your favorite girly magazine? Don't really read magazines. 8. Would you kill for chocolate? nope. 10. Jeans or skirt? both 11. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable? nope... I like to be comfy. 12. Did you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy? nope. 13. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie? Yup. 14. Would you leave the house without makeup? Yes. I hardly wear makeup. 15. What's the biggest turn on about guys? personality and eyes. 16. What about the biggest turn off? being full of themselves... I hate a guy that thinks hes god gift to women. 17. Do you consider making out "unladylike"? Nope... not at a
Mary Meat (pagan Humour)
Mary Meat One and All, I have been lurking here for 26 minutes, and I thought that it was time to introduce myself. My name is Bastet RunningDeer MorningGlory MoonBeam SunSoar. I used to be just Bill, but during deep meditation and astral projection, I met my spirit guide, who I believe is Winston Churchill's mother while I was cooking marshmallows at my astral camp on Jupiter, and he told me this should be my new name. I'm thinking now of legally changing my name to this. What do you think? BTW, there really are giant squid that swim about in the heavy atmosphere of Jupiter. Jovian giant squid are now my totem animal. It just feels right and we should always go with what feels right. Right? Anyway, back to me. I've been officially pagan since last Thursday, but it seems that I have been living my life in a pagan style since at least last Monday. I just didn't know that there was a name for it. I just read "Covencraft" by Amber K and am thinking of becoming a high pri
What To Write? What To Write ?
i have been asked by a few people now why i dont blog.. i got thinking im not realy sure anyone will want to know what im thinking and if they know what im thinking i may freak them out a bit LOL. im not to serious about alot of things, i dont care what people say or may think of me. either your gonna like me or your not. its simple.. im starting to do the mumm thing and its alot of fun, i am learning some cool stuff and some stuff well i wish i hadnt learned. the mumms are like a seperate world. so many different people. like theres one that just seems to hate it here but cant help to stay and make rude comments, she seems mad at life and i can apperciate that. then theres the fun loving one that just finds good in everything. if you hand her a lemon she will make a cake, pie and a drink to boost. then the guys! you got the jerky one that just says the dumbest things why because some of the mumms deserve just that. the insightful guy that seems to have positive imput,then
For Me,nothing Will Show Up For U
(joker) Myspace Layouts by
There you were in a presence waiting I begged, I screamed, I cried, I plead To have you open up my eyes: To a naive world All I need to know To the passioned love That you’d never show To all that I’ve missed And behind what I’ve seen To darkness, to light And to what’s in between Open to life To the future unclear All that used to be And all that is here To analyze not, Just to breath in this air (To) Show me it all And that there’s more out there In an emptiness disappearing, you were gone And I sighed with a scream As I cried with no dream When you opened up my eyes
Crush Project Research Pt. 4
Hmm...I have one crush now...and I'm getting lazy on trying to figure it out. So, this is the end of the project.
A Contest For Sexiest Soldier, In Uniform
Ok, i would like to hold a contest for all of you soldier out there. In order to enter into the contest i need a picture of you in your uniform. This will be kinda like the sexiest soldier. Please contact me ASAP to get your entry into the contest. This is open to male and female soldiers. So if you are in your uniform and wont to compete Then send me a message. Just in case this is being reposted, and you need to search for me. My search name is "BITCH2WITCH&BACK"
Words Of Wisdom
God determines who walks into your's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go. Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option. GOOD, BETTER,BEST,NEVER EVER REST UNTIL YOUR GOOD IS BETTER AND YOUR BETTER IS BEST!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I feel there is no right or wrong, It's just a place in the heart. Peace and blessing be upon you and yours. LJ
Help Me Out
hi cherrytap friends i have new photos rate the and comment them please thank you
Cat Or Dog?
You Are: 60% Dog, 40% Cat You are a nice blend of cat and dog. You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful. And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long. Are You More Cat or Dog?
Do I Disgust You?
Well here is blog 3. I am just wondering what goes thru womans heads. Does it disgust you that I am as blunt as I am? Are you shocked that someone would be this way? I am just trying to be on the level is all. I am not putting up a front. I am not teaseing like some woman do. I put it out there up front and personal. I am not looking for a relationship. I love womans bodies. I love womans naked bodies. All I am here for is a good time. And if you wish to share your pics with me great I appreciate it. Most of you have tremendous bodies. But don't hold out show us more. If you went this far, go all the way. And for all you dudes out there, let them come out to you on their own. Don't harass them. You justruin it for the rest of us. Would love to see all you fine ass woman. You are the greatest support a service man deployed could ask for. Imaginations we have, you need to show a little more and we'll imagine what we're going to do with it. DON'T TEASE! PLEASE!!!!)
I'll Be A Legend In No Time
if it is all about the tits on top legendswell then I'll see you there my pretties
Well, its that time coming up very shortly. It is about 30 mins away and I will officialy become 30 years old. It still feels like yesterday when going to high school and so forth. So, to all people reading this blog. All I can say is... I hope for some ass kickin times at age 30...and it will all begin at RPMs on Friday Arpil 13 in Bridgeville, PA. Later everyone! SL
My Majick....
My Thoughts
Just for today my thoughts will be on my recovery, living and enjoying life without the use of drugs. Just for today I will have faith in someone in NA who believes in me and wants to help me in my recovery. Just for today I will have a program. I will try to follow it to the best of my ability. Just for today through NA, I will try to get a better perspective on my life. Just for today I will be unafraid, my thoughts will be on my new associations, people who are not using and who have found a new way of life. So long as I follow that way, I have nothing to fear.
1: get my dad and the truck ready for his trip to vegas at 4am. 2:make breakfast 3:take my mom to her doctors appointment. 4:appointment at Volt services group 5:orientation meeting at Solar Turbines 6:drug screening at clinic 7:come home and hope to talk to a special someone before it gets to late. (Time difference Sucks) 8:go to sleep at a decent hour. (I Hope) 9:wake up. Wash. rinse. repeat. haha Love Yall.
My Passion Poem
You're my greatest passion; I can't stop thinking about you. Every sunset, and every song reminds me of you and the last time we made love. You're forever in my heart like an eternal flame. I'm a starved soul, always hungry for the precious love that only you can give me. There's never a time when I don't want to be with you. You make me come alive. Life would be meaningless without you and I'd be lost to sorrow and heartache. Say you'll wrap me in your loving arms, and prove that you love me as much as I love you. We'll share a night of sensual passion that could inspire poetry. Afterward, I just want to hold you in my arms and savor being with you.
Cherry Tap Huh...
Do people really read these things? What better place to ask...
Love sucks.... i give up on relationships.... so yea,i just wanted to say that.. Buried at
So good to meet you It's taken so long I'm so glad it's over Why'd it take so long No rules or walls Cant help my pitfalls Time stays so stagnant Take action on pity How long has it been I've missed you so much When will this be over I've cried so much He came out to watch you play And witnessed you running away He only wanted to play Instead he watched you run away Too many tears without intention I hope this was not your redemption How many tears to own your attention You may think that this is redemption I thought that you were hiding You thought that I had run away I swore that you were fighting You simply just went astray
Over 40 And Sexy Mens Contest
Over 40 and sexy mens contest * Anyone can enter that is 40 years old or older * Comment Bombing welcome * You can comment on your own Photo * Prizes will be given to all that enter * Big prizes to first, second and third place * Anyone getting over 15,000 comments will recieve a Corvette * Anyone getting over 20,000 comments will recieve a porsche * Contest will start on February 14th at 8 am * Contest will end on February 21st at 8 pm * Ladies you can enter your man, Picture must come from his page * Send me a PM with the picture you would like to use Please repost this for me so all can have the opportunity hotbostontrkr_loves_sweetlady_tx@ CherryTAP
A Rose Witout You
With this rose, I not only give you merely a rose, but I give you my heart and soul. I send to you all the love I have to give, and anything else that would give me the chance to touch your heart. With this rose, I reveal all my thoughts and feelings about you that I have withheld for so long. I feel when I am with you... I am like a rose, not because of it?s beauty, but because I am able to bloom and grow with you. To me you are like a rose's sunshine, so full of energy and light, that never does it fail to lift my spirits. Just by the sound of your voice and that look in your eye. I could never tear my eyes from you, you are able to make my life worth living. But, without you, just like a rose, I would wither and die. Not all at once, but little by little, petal by petal. Slowly at first, because you have made me stronger and stronger each day you're with me. But eventually, without you, I will loose all those beautiful petals y
What Sarah Said (give It Some Thought)
And it came to me then that every plan is a tiny prayer to father time As I stared at my shoes in the ICU that reeked of piss and 409 And I rationed my breathes as I said to myself that I'd already taken too much today As each descending peak of the LCD took you a little farther away from me Away from me Amongst the vending machines and year-old magazines in a place where we only say goodbye It stung like a violent wind that our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds But I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose than to have never lain beside at all And I looked around at all the eyes on the ground as the TV entertained itself 'Cause there's no comfort in the waiting room Just nervous pacers bracing for bad news And then the nurse comes round and everyone will lift their heads But I'm thinking of what Sarah said that "Love is watching someone die" So who's going to watch you die?..
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage An ancient healing art used in many cultures for centuries. Today, heated stone massage is becoming more and more popular. Its an application of thermo therapy and hydrotherapy. Heated stones are used to enhance a nurturing head to toe deep tissue massage. As stones glide over the muscles, tensions melt away. Penetrating heat radiates into muscles melting away stress, fatigue and anxiety. The combination of heat and presure promote deep relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, causing the brain to produce endorphins. This is also a wonderful form of grounding for the body. When we are grounded, we can become more aware and sensitive to our bodys physical and emotional needs and dis-ease
First Blog
What a day,Just sitting here chillin. on the tube watching a movie. Just wanna say hi and have a nice day.
A man walked into a quiet bar. He carried three ducks, one in each hand and one under his left arm. He placed them one beside the other upon the bar. He had a few drinks and chatted with the ducks, and with the bartender. The bartender was surprised, but experienced and had learned not to ask people about animals they bring into the bar, so he didn't mention the ducks. They chatted for about another 30 minutes before the man with the ducks had to go to the restroom. He left the ducks there on the bar. The bartender was alone with the ducks. There was an awkward silence as they all looked at one another. The bartender decided to break the ice and try to make a little conversation. "Say, what's your name?" he asked the first duck. "Huey," replied the first duck. "How's your day been, Huey?" Great. Lovely day. Had a ball. Been in and out of puddles all day! What else could a duck want?" said the duck. "Oh. That's nice," said the bartender. Then he said to the s
A Nother Year Older
well its time again im am turning another year older. i know i am still young but i wish i had a nother date to have my birthday on becouse v-day and ny b=day sucks becouse i am always single on that day and it suckslet me know what you think
You rated my shit a 1? WTF? Ru jealous or what? Is it the red pantie's? I'll have you know it's hard work being me. So thanks to all that have showed the love! And F-U to the 1 givers.
Why is it so easy for a guy to turn there feelings off and on like a light switch. Why do they play mine games and play with your heart. Is this normal? At 48, You think i would know better to let my heart rule my head. But no once again i got taken and hurt. It makes you bitter toward all men. I know there are some good ones out there, but where. I guess there is a reason for everything, but why? They say love hurts!!! I will say thru all this i have meant some great people and one great freind and she knows who she is. We have been both used and we both know how it hurts. I m sure that we both will come out stronger but alot more cautious. And we both will find happiness, but its hard to forget. I hope that person gets hurt one day and he will know how it feels to be used. Well valentine day is around the corner, hate that day becomes its for lovers. And after going through all the hell the last 8 yrs, this just topped it off. I hope your reading this and right now i hope you have s
Ok this didn't happen to me but damn I can so see this happening..... WAX is Not your Friend This is funny! CAUTION: Be prepared to laugh out loud...I laughed till I almost cried as I could just see this happening! All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy, painless removal - The epilady, scissors, razors, Nair and now...the wax. My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise: the bathroom. It was one of those "cold wax" kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, I'm not a genius, but I am mechanically inclined
V Day
hope everyone has a good valintimes day, to me it is just another day for me to give my kids something special. now i hope to find me something special, or should i say someone special i guess time tells everything you all have a good one
Be Yourself
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone on Cherry Tap! Hope You all have a Valentine for this special day! Hope you all have a wonderful day. Do what your heart says and dont hold back on your dreams, no matter what anybody tells you. Today is about love and caring about that special person. So go out get crazy and just have fun tonight. All my love, Naughty Nikki
Public Parts Of My Schedule In Sketch
tomorrow-- appointments - nutrition, apartment. Friday - travel downstate to the NY City/Long Island area until Tuesday afternoon to visit family, for a doctor appt, and for an Asperger (etc.) support meeting. (may begin PenguinBlog2 soon: I'm greedy and like having your much-appreciated votes count ;^) *g*, and a too-long blog can get unwieldy and difficult of search - admittedly the longest ones here only have 40-45 posts.)
Investing Time.....
why when u sincerly put ur time and effort into meeting some1 and being upfront, no games, no lies being completely honest and up front that person shows intrest and and says things to make u beleive the same thing and when it comes down to it they make every excuse not to meet u or spend time with u??? i experiance it alot these days so many weman say they want a good lookin charming nice honest and loving guy but when it comes down 2 it they just keep playin hard to get... i can see why so many guys are DOGS!!! im almost 2 the point myself, im starting to beleive nice guys do finish last... that really suxs!!!!!! well any suggestions cause i try and im a nice guy and i know it and im not bad lookin i dont think so why do woman just want 2 play games with me??? i dont want 2 become the typical guy but its gettin close...
Got to be in America, we havnt got that many cars in Cornwall. He writes: I was riding to work yesterday when I observed a female driver, who cut right in front of a pickup truck, causing the driver to drive onto the shoulder to avoid hitting her. This evidently angered the driver enough that he hung his arm out is window and gave the woman the finger. " Man, that guy is stupid," I thought to myself. I ALWAYS smile nicely and wave in a sheepish manner whenever a female does anything to me in traffic, and here's why: I drive 48 miles each way every day to work. That's 96 miles each day. Of these, 16 miles each way is bumper-to-bumper. Most of the bumper-to-bumper is on an 8 lane highway. There are 7 cars every 40 feet for 32 miles. That works out to 982 cars every mile, or 31,424 cars. Even though the rest of the 32 miles is not bumper-to-bumper, I figure I pass at least another 4000 cars. That brings the number to something
New Computer
Sometime this coming week, I will be getting a new up to date computer. I am currently using a HP P4 2.66Mhz Laptop. I am looking into a HP with an Intel® Core™2 Duo. A T5500 (1.6Ghz) to T7200 (2.0Ghz) processor I will be shopping around though, but if anyone who reads this has any suggestions? I want to be able to have superior performance but at a decent price.
Banana Cake
Banana Cake Ingredients: 2 Laughing Eyes 2 loving arms 2 shapely legs 2 Firm milk containers 1 Fur covered mixing bowl 1 Banana 2 Firm nuts Method: Look into the laughing eyes. Seperate legs and then sqeeze till fur covered mixing bowl is well greased, checking frequently with middle finger. Add banana, gently working in and out until well cleaned. Cover with nuts and sigh with relief. Cake is well done when banana is soft. Be sure to wash utensils and dont lick the bowl. Caution: If cake rises, leave town quickly!!!
so after loseing his arm to drunk driving less then a year ago...michale died from that exact thing last night. im heart broken. yet surrounded by my good friends sonny michelle and petra...meshulls @home. theyre helping me to the best of their ability but it not really working. cody is talking to me and it kinda getting my mind offa things but i still feel then need to cuddle and cry on someones sholder and well i cut things compleatly off w/ my ex feiance. i dont think hell ever be ready to settle down. weve been engauged off and on for 8 years. i still have both of my rings. i needot getmy high school ring back fromhimand give himhis back!! i cant deal w/ a cheater/liar. thats all he dose. i just feel i need to cut my loses. theres nothing else to do. so much is going on righrt now. wish i could take a break from existing. and on that note nap time.
Arguing With Myself Part 1
Sweetheart My Bo0 My Ni9ga My Home Gurl My Partner-In-Crime My Right-Hand-Chick My Nicole Richie (Cause I'm Paris Hilton ) My Chelsea (Cause I'm Raven) My Notorious B.I.G (Cause I'm Puff)... bad boy baby My Damon Dash (Cause I'm Jay-Z) My Gangsta Til the End My Shorty and My friend My Blood (Cause Water wasn't thick enough) My PatrickStar(Cause I'm Spongebob Squarepants) My Killa Cam(Cause I'm Juelz Santanna) dipset My G-unit (Cause I'm 50Cent) My luny (Cause I'm tunes) we make bangin reggaeton My Lily (cause im Hannah Montanna) My Sidekick (Cause I'm the Hero...LOL) ~Your my world i can't do it with out you in my life~ ~*You aint a MY gurl*~ "Firstly, I want you to know that I love you to death and you will always be my down ass homegirl that I'll love to death and will always be there 4, its hard for me to only pick 25 gals to send this to, so consider yourself lucky ... or is it not lucky? If I dont get this back I understand I have a
You Are A Soap Bubble
Our Adventure In Nashville...
Yeah- so my cousin, Sherri, and I are in LOVE with AFI, so we wanted to go see them in concert. For me it would be my second time seeing them, but for Sherri, it would be her first. Originally, we were planning on going to the Boca Raton show (in Florida)...but my dad was being a douche, and said that our car wouldn't make it there. We thought differently, of corse. --Yeah our car is a HUGE piece, but still- I had faith-the Agnostic kind. ::winks:: Anyway, the Florida thing didn't work out. I even tried to recruit one of my friends, so we could take HER car. All to no avail. After several weeks of constant attempts, we started to give up all hopes of going to see them. We looked on Ticket Master, to see if AFI were playing anywhere closer-the next closest show was in Nashville on 2/6/07, so we decided to try and go to that one. I asked my dad if he would let us drive up there, and amazingly enough-he said yes! ::smiles:: At that point I got uber excited. I ran upstairs and told
Home Sweet Home
Jerry and I got a place together. its just a cute little place for now. we have to wait a few more fews before we move into our new home where we can have pets. its just been going great between us. Wedding is coming up. making BIG plans.
Your A 90's Kid If.....
Anybody under the age of 13 should not read this, and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: You remember watching Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain , and Two Stupid Dogs. AAAAAAAH real monsters. You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE! You just cant resist finishing this... "Iiiiiiin west philladelphia born and raised..." You remember TGIF on ABC. Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, and Boy Meets World. You remember when, 2Pac and Selena died. You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school. You remember reading "Goosebumps" You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school. You remember the cr
Bewitching Jewelry - Talismans, Charms, Amulets
Throughout the ages, men and women have used gemstones and crystals in personal ornaments and body decorations as bewitching jewelry. Wearing them as charms, talismans or amulets, they were believed to possess the power to ward off evil spirits (or attract benevolent ones), keep one safe from harm, or to find love. To this day, many people of all ages and from all walks of life believe in the magical power of certain gems and make bewitching jewelry part of their everyday attire.Take pearls, for instance. In the olden days, if a maiden wanted a man to fall in love with her, she would put pearls ground into a fine powder into a glass of wine and somehow get him to drink it. A pretty costly way to catch a man, that method. Nowadays, wearing pearls is believed to enhance one’s inner character and bring about peace and serenity. Gold is another example of bewitching jewelry. Since time immemorial, it has captured the fascination of all people, and is one of the cornerstones of the science
For Everyone I Know Here
When we come to the edge of the light we know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, of this we can be sure .. Either God will provide something solid to stand on or .... We will be taught to fly. 10 Roses for You. You are receiving these roses because you are a special person! Each rose symbolizes a special wish from me to you. One Rose for Long Friendship One Rose for Unconditional Love One Rose For Financial Wealth One for Everlasting Happiness One for Success One for Knowledge One for Beauty, inner and outer One for Family One for Honesty And the last one for a long and healthy life Send this to all your friends expecting nothing in return but just know you told someone today how you feel about them. It is better to give then recieve Have a great day *smiles*
Lol Scary!!
verna -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Redneck Pickup Lines (ebaum's World)
1) Did you fart, cause you blew me away. 2) Are your parents retarded, 'cause you sure are special. 3) My Love for you is like diarrhea .. I can't hold it in. 4) Do you have a library card, 'cause I'd like to sign you out. 5) Is there a mirror in your pants? Because I can see myself in them. 6) If you and I were Squirrels, I'd store my nuts in your hole. 7) You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away. 8) Man - "Fat Penguin!" Woman - "WHAT?" Man - "I just wanted to say something that would break the ice." 9) I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your bed-rock. 10) I can't find my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he went into this cheap motel room. 11) Your eyes are as blue as window cleaner. 12) If you're going to regret this in the morning, we can sleep until the afternoon. 13) Your face reminds me of a wrench, every time I think of it my nuts tighten up.
Gays, Roosters, And Lettuce
So I haven't told ya'll about my neighborhood yet, huh? "Oh Lawd Kaviar! You gonna talk about Midtown AGAIN?!?!? How many gay jokes do you think we can stand???" I know. I know, ya'll. But I just can't help myself! There is just so much blog-worthy material here! I promise though… no gay jokes! I won't even say…errr, type… the world gay! Ummm.. I just did, huh? For the THIRD TIME already! Ok, ok…. except those previous three times, no more gay shit!! Oops. So I moved into this house that's 1200 square feet of the pure bomb shit. It sounds small for a house, but to my budget and in Cooper Young, 1200 sq ft is on the bigger end. But the true beauty of this crib is its architecture and the view. No lie… my pad looks like some gangsta-ass-Al-Pacino-Scarface-in-Miami-type shit! (minus the "gangsta"… ain't no guns or gators in this muhfukka… and the only coke up in here is that of the Diet variety…*well these days anyway* silver cans
A Preview Of What I Am Writing :)
So far one of the songs I have been writing. It's basically these tabs repeated again and again... |-------------------------------------------| |---5-----------4-----------5-----------4---| |-----0-------0---0-------0---0-------0-----| |-------0---0-------0---0-------0---0-------| |---------0-----------0-----------0---------| |-------------------------------------------| |-----------| |---5---4---| |---0---0---| |---0---0---| |---0---0---| |-----------| |-------------------------------------------| |---5-----------4-----------5-----------4---| |-----0-------0---0-------0---0-------0-----| |-------0---0-------0---0-------0---0-------| |---------0-----------0-----------0---------| |-------------------------------------------| |-----------| |---5---4---| |---0---0---| |---0---0---| |---0---0---| |-----------|
Capt. America's Been Torn Apart...
[IMG][/IMG] Editor's Note: The following story reveals information about the Marvel Comics' "Civil War" storyline and a key character. If you'd rather not know, stop reading now. NEW YORK (CNN) -- He fought and triumphed over Hitler, Tojo, international Communism and a host of supervillains, but he could not dodge a sniper's bullet. Comic book hero Captain America is dead. After close to 60 years in print, Marvel Comics has killed off Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, one of its most famous and beloved superheroes amid an already controversial story line, "Civil War," which is pitting the heroes of Marvel's universe against one another. In the comic series, Rogers was to stand trial for defying a superhero registration law passed after a hero's tragic mistake causes a 9/11-like event. Steve Rogers eventually surrenders to police. He is later mortally wounded as he climbs the courthouse steps. (Wa
To All Those Ladies Out There
for all those ladies out there here is a single male that is looking to have some fun. hit him up.
Flyleaf- I'm Sorry (live)
I'm Sorry I'm sorry. I don't mean to remember. It's true that I dream less often I'm not ashamed of that long december. Your hand's coming down again. I close my eyes and brace myself I only noticed your face No matter what you're gonna build my shell No matter what you're gonna build my shell. I'm falling. I'm shedding my skin. But it's not time I'm told. I am aware of what you mean and by then, I'm only ten years old. I close my eyes and brace myself I only noticed your face No matter what you're gonna build my shell No matter what you're gonna build my shell. My scars are yours today. This story ends so good. I love you and I understand that you stood where I stood. I close my eyes and brace myself I only noticed your face No matter what you're gonna break my shell No matter what you're gonna break my shell. I’m done healing.
Please take a few moments to answer these for me please, you can post here or send me a message. What is it you want in life? What do you look for in a partner? What keeps you held back in life? What strives you to do better? What is your main goal? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What is your Favorite past time? What do you think of when you see your soulmate? What is your fantasy(non sexual)? What is your geatest fear in life? What is your great achievement? Please take the time and answer this and please send me a message with your answer. my plan is to take all my answer received and and write something on it. I will not use anyone names. All will remain secret to me. When I write I take things from real life and express them in the way i see things.
i drank all of it in this town
Who I'd Wish To The Corn Field
Current mood: bitchy For those of you out there who remember the little boy from the Twilight Zone who could wish people to the Corn Field will hopefully have some fun adding to this Blog. I'll start... 1. George W. Bush (and family) 2. Dick Chaney 3. Donald Rumsfield 4. Karl Rove 5. Ann Coulter! 6. Bill O'Reilly 7. Shawn Hanity Ok, I've gotten the obvious out of the way... 8. Men who troll the net for sex 9. Women who troll the net for sex 10.Predators of myspace & the net trolling for kids...
Blonde Guy Joke This Time
The very first ever Blonde GUY joke..... What took them so long! An Irishman, a Mexican and a Blonde Guy were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. They were eating lunch and the Irishman said, "Corned beef and cabbage! If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I'm going to jump off this building." The Mexican opened his lunch box and exclaimed, "Burritos again! If I get burritos one more time I'm going to jump off, too." The blonde opened his lunch and said, " Bologna again! If I get a bologna sandwich one more time, I'm jumping too." The next day, the Irishman opened his lunch box, saw corned beef and cabbage, and jumped to his death. The Mexican opened his lunch, saw a burrito, and jumped, too. The blonde guy opened his lunch, saw the bologna and jumped to his death as well. At the funeral, the Irishman's wife was weeping. She said, "If I'd known how really tired he was of corned beef and cabbage
No Arms No Legs
one day a guy was walking down the beach taking his regular stroll and he walks by this log a huge log as he passed it there is this faint cry so he walks toward the log and see's this female with no arms and no legs. so he asked her what was wrong and she replied well sir with the way i am and the position i have been in i never been hugged before he responded (i can take care of that)so he reaches down and hugges her. he starts to walk away and she cries just a little louder and he walks back quickly(are you ok miss)he asked in a hurry she said well you see it is depressing because i also never been kissed before well this gentleman was getting agravated and says(ok i can help you)so he reaches down and kisses her on the cheek. so he turned around and walks away he gets about 20 feet away and can hear her bawling her eyes out he rushed over in a hurry and with a panting breath he says(ok now whats wrong i hugged and kissed you what now?). she said well with the way i am ive neve
Dont Cha Wanna.................
I've Updated, Give Me Your Opinion
just wanted to let all my friends know that I have updated a little bit, please drop by and show me some luv!
Bomb My Ass Off
im in a contest please bomb me tell ur friens babe,, i will help u out, love you lynn
Hero Contest :(
The other day, someone at a store in our town read that a methamphetamine lab had been found in an old farmhouse in the adjoining county and he asked me a rhetorical question, ''Why didn't we have drug problem when you and I were growing up?'' I replied: I had a drug problem when I was young: I was drug to church on Sunday morning. I was drug to church for weddings and funerals. I was drug to family reunions and community socials no matter the weather. I was drug by my ears when I was disrespectful to adults. I was also drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents, told a lie, brought home a bad report card, did not speak with respect, spoke ill of the teacher or the preacher, or if I didn't put forth my best effort in everything that was asked of me. I was drug to the kitchen sink to have my mouth washed out with soap if I uttered a profane four letter word. I was drug out to pull weeds in mom's garden and flowerbeds and cocklebur's out of dad's fields. I w
Umm hi my name is jeff obviously and I am new to this so i do not know much about here my friend rachel told me about here and just lookin for people to fill up soem space on my page and all that other stuff. Later jeff
Good Luck
Free at
Come close and gently hold me as you never have before. Speak softly of your passion and the places you want to explore. Make the fire grow hotter as you taste my eager lips,and let your hands go searching as they brush across my hips. Tonight I want to love you as wholey as I may,let go your inhabitions and let me have my way. My needs grow deep with longing for your hot breath on my skin. Come close put out the fire that burns so deep within.
My Kind Of Music!!!
Record Setting Dummy
Ok, I guess some people really dont read. Well, for those of you who dont and, obviously, that wont be applying to any of YOU because you obviously ARE reading, you just cant blame me for your ignorance. I say this with a point and as a result of a happening from this morning. Now, similar happenings occur on a regular basis. The most common annoyance are the umpteed fist-time messages/shouts from people saying "so, baby, you got a boyfriend or anything?". Well, to those delightful darlings, I dont even respond. Unless they get persistent I do give them the benefit of the doubt that, at some point, they will actually read, catch on that they came off looking like a dumb-ass, and I let them stay on. However, there are a few who get to the persistent/piss-me-the-fuck off point. Record setting start to delete-and-block case in point: Man shouts to me "Hey, baby, you look hot. I think you'd like to hook up with me the next time Im in Florida". I am happy to ignore him, smiling that
Decomosition Of The Human Race
Decomosition of the Human Race The hopeless, the terrified you're petrified, it's time to die I vomit in the face of the faithful the mislead, the ignorant the ones who are truly dangerous the holy the justice system the president the ones who are truly dangerous it's time to die Decomposition of the human race a warning from beyond the grave out of the ashes and into the fucking flames The souless, the unworthy the undead now walk the earth in pain they hunt you to devour to massacre you to overtake this world the mislead the ignorant the ones who are truly dangerous it's time to die Decomposition of the human race a warning from beyond the grave out of the ashes and into the fucking flames The image of man betrays that which distinguishes him from other animals his ability to observe himself the decay of modern society, leads to doom. turn back the clock retreat into the essence of life but it's to late for you now it's to late for you
Tomorrow Is The Day
It is finally the day before my surgery and I am a nervous wreck... With Short Term Disability screwing me around and feeling like there is something I am forgetting and feeling all alone in a world of stress... knowing all too well I am not alone but feeling it. For those of you that have not seen the 10 or so Bulletins letting you know if you want to know how surgery went and updates... Catch me online sometime between now and 11 AM MST tomorrow. I will give you 2 links to go to if you want the updates ... Also Feel free to sent me Privates even when I am offline I will get someone to help me get online and check those May not be able to type back but will try to at least say Hey Thanks
Grandmas Boyfriend
A 5-year-old boy went to visit his grandmother one day. Playing with his toys in her bedroom while grandma was dusting, he looked up and said, "Grandma, how come you don't have a boyfriend now that Grandpa went to heaven?" Grandma replied, "Honey, my TV is my boyfriend. I can sit in my bedroom and watch it all day long. The religious programs make me feel good and the comedies make me laugh. I'm happy with my TV as my boyfriend." Grandma turned on the TV, and the reception was terrible. She started adjusting the knobs, trying to get the picture in focus. Frustrated, she started hitting the backside of the TV hoping to fix the problem. The little boy heard the doorbell ring, so he hurried to open the door, and there stood Grandma's minister. The minister said, "Hello, son, is your Grandma home?" The little boy replied, "Yeah, she's in the bedroom bangin' her boyfriend." The minister fainted.
My Life
my life is a prison with no bars and all my x's are prison gaurds all my girlfriends are wardens that become gaurds as my heart hardens if life is a lesson that im to learn why does everyone laugh as my heart burns drink a beer with a girl to put out the fire dont fall in love cause there all lairs my walls are cold and made of steel a place for this animal whos heart dosen't feel what can i do to prove that im a nice guy i spent two thousand whats left to buy i moved her here and lost my shop when daddy call it was me she dropped back into my world so dark and cold leaving me with no one to hold i'll never leave thats what they say i just laugh cause they will someday. i was told my life is the twilight zone every door leads to disaster even at home i should end this now i fear cause if i dont i'll drown in my tearsMusic Video Codes By Music
8 Months In The Making...
June 16th 2006 That was the day I fell off of a 15 foot high machine while I was working at the landfill. On the way down I landed face first on the corner of a 77 camaro, right on the side of the bumper. I suffered a fractured nose, deviated septum, and a dislocated knee w torn cartalidge etc in it, among some other scrapes and bruises. I ended up finishing the last hour of the day of work, bleeding profusely...I then drive myself home, get a shower and that was it... The following monday I go to work to report the accident and file a report and see about getting medical treatment. They then try to say they arent going to pay for my medical because they say i JUMPED off of the machine. Yea right. I finally see a doctor who proceeds to put me on medical leave and wouldnt let me work. NOW the company says they arent going to pay for my time off even though I was injured on their job. Oh yea? I get a lawyer, and FINALLY after 8 months of bsing around with them
Picture Raters
You know i go to the new members and rate them all 10s i dont mind helping them. What really pisses me off is these people who rate our pictures low dont even leave their names.If im gonna rate someone im gonna leave my name.I aint chicken to leave my name on a bad rate so why should anyone else be!!!! Show your names we wanna see who you are!!!!
Hugs An Kisses....
to all the friends who helped me level up....private album is open for the next couple of hours....make me blush....leave a comment or two.... xoxo, bec
Need Comment Bomb For Sexy Man Contest
copy the link in broswer and help me win a blast and well return the favor to you when needed
rough weeks Week away covering for vacation, then to Chicago for training with work. Started my new territory the next week. Granma died over the weekend, drove up to Chicago, now packing up for field exercise with reserve. At least got to see cousins, son saw his Nana and Poppa. Wife wore out too from my being gone. She broke century mark with her lap band (100 lbs gone WOOHOO)
Ownting Groups.
I have been the owner of a few groups in yahoo off and on. The part that i find frustrating is people join the groups but then they dont post or take part in teh group. even had some say they want chats but then they dont come to the chats
Does He Really Exist??
I'm the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams. I'm the guy who will text you and tell you "i love you and you make me smile" just because. I'm the guy who will blindfold you and take you to the beach, let you run your toes through the sand and then make you guess where we are. I'm the guy who will show up at your games (or competitions or meets) without you knowing just to surprise you. I'm the guy who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears. I'm the guy who won't pressure you to do things you dont want to. I'm the guy who still thinks you're beautiful with no makeup on, wearing sweats and a big t-shirt. I'm the guy who kisses you on the forehead. I'm the guy who doesn't kiss and tell. I'm the guy who won't lie to you about where he's going or where he's been or who he's been with. I'm the guy who'll randomly tickle you just to hear you giggle. I'm the guy who actually listens to you when y
I'm So Excited!!!
I'm so excited and nervous I feel like throwing up!(sorry TMI)Well I have'nt had a job in almost 2 yrs and I had a telephone interview on Tuesday,then they had me fill out an assessment via intrnet,just got the call today that I passed the assessment(good thing spelling was'nt on it lol)and now I go into LA on Monday to corpporate for an interveiw.I have to dress very professionally I was told(this is going to be difficult)Going to have to shop for some new clothes,seeing all my jobs in the last 13-14 yrs I've worn uniforms to,so I don't have much of a selection in my closet,oh well nothing that can't be taken care of right???Well wish me luck,I'm going to need it.
Happy Easter Lmao
Church Girls????
i just read a mumm, about church girls being more fun than other girls. Now this is not the first time ive heard this...and one of the guys commented in the mumm that he had dated a church girl several years ago and that she was the naughtiest girl ever. So my question is this...whats up with me then?? lol...i am absolutely not a church girl. I was never baptized, and i have been inside a church twice, once for a wedding and the other time...well, maybe we shouldnt discuss that here, lol. But my point is...that I am pretty damn naughty...i guarantee i could give any church girl a run for her money and that i would come out on top in the end, hehe >;} so, i wonder, was i meant to be a church girl?? lol...or maybe i am just naturally naughty and i dont need the strict moral values of a church to make want to be bad... xoxox
Need To Be Reposted Best Poem Ive Read In A Long Time Lets Give The Author Some Credit(its Not Me For Sure)
Before I was a Mom I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations. Before I was a Mom - I had never been puked on. Pooped on. Chewed on. Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts. I slept all night. Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests. Or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep. Before I was a Mom I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew that I could love someone so much. I never knew I would love being a Mom. Before I was a Mom - I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body. I didn't
Why Men Die Early
Keep Your Damn Money! I Dont Want It!
Got this from another military spouse.. pass it on! Something happened today that will affect my family, every person I see daily, and over 200,000 others. If you were watching the news channels about three hours after the stories were posted online around 8pm EDT, you would think we were all affected by Don Imus or even Sanjaya on American Idol. But you would be wrong. The defense secretary announced today that the deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan were extended from 12 to 15 months. Maybe we missed it (we do live in Hawaii) but I doubt it. How in the world is it more important that one man made some sexist and racist remark about a basketball team and got fired? How is it more important that Sanjaya is still on American Idol? The fact is, it's not more important, especially to the three proud Army wives sitting in my living room right now or to the countless others affected by this. Some people will say "It's just three more months" and yes it is just three more months but pu
Yummy Honey!!!!!
Just Click the Pic! (repost of original by 'MysticSnowTiger™... Club Fear Security!' on '2007-04-12 17:08:12')
Dear Lord
Ok eveyone that can read knows that my default picture is in my PS pics my friends made of me folder. I've never tried to pass it off as a real picture of me. My default folder is all me, plus I have 3 Salutes but I keep getting messages & comments from dumbass ho faces like this... her blast... Bertrand@ CherryTAP
My Fantasy
The rain had begun to pound hard against the roof as the thunder and lighting grew closer. He knew what I wanted as he gently grabbed my hand and led me to the balcony outside. As he pressed himself against me I could tell that the rage of the storm has only fueled his passion. He pressed his lips against me as he pushed me against the railing running his hand up the inside of my thigh under my skirt he knew that I would not refuse. The rain began to fall harder as the storm grew closer. I begged him please I need you with a smile he was more then willing to fill my need. the sensation of him throbbing inside of me with each thrust mixed with the hot smell of thunder only heightened my sence of pleasure. I dug my nails into his back as I climaxed over and over again. Pulling my hair back he kissed my neck with a passion as great as the storm, once again causing my body to shake in a massive uncontrollable orgasm. With each thrust I only hungered for more begging him not to stop. His ha
Kongy Pictures
I Just Haven't Figured It Out
Well love comes and goes and its just weird how someone so unexpectedly comes into your life without you actually realizing why they are there. Love and relationships are like that. But I have been through so much in my past. Things that at my age a normal person wouldn't have. I have had so man terrible things occur that I guess most of the time that I assume when I get close to someone or love someone they will be there and then be gone. Its crazy I know. How can I live when I constantly worry about it. Well I have just given up on that and well just decided to let it go, open up and trust that my heart will have made the right decision. I'm sure right now that the one person that I love and adore knows how much I really care and want nothing more than to be happy and make them happy. I am one that usually keeps to myself not because I choose to I just do. There aren't alot of people that I let get close to me and I have reasons for that also. My heart is there and open. I just want
Believe It...
Do you really want this? You tell me you do. Do you mean it? Do I really mean that much to you? Or do I mean nothing? Just like I always do. It's the same with all them. Always building me up. Just to see how far I fly. Before I crash to the ground. And I believe it, Every single lie. And I need it, but every time I die. Is this real enough? Or is it just a fantasy? Am I clear enough? Dont want to be in misery. But I need you now. And your wispering that you need me. But every time. I've heard these words they were empty. But I ate it up. And paid the price for falsity. And I believe it, every single lie. And I need it, but every time I die.... Justin L Weist Copyright ©2007 Justin L Weist
Men Are Such Assholes
ok need a place to vent and this is were. Well there was a certain someone that well ya a connection was starting to be made. however well hell, i go info one thing, and see that a friend of mine is in possible critical condition. and well this certain someone desides that they are going to yell at me on the phone. WTF. This is a friend that might be hurt. And wow they dont care. well fuck you to. your just one of the haters. You should know me enough by now i dont but up with that bull shit. So fuck off!!!
Too Funny
I Love Your Words
I Love Your Words Miss would you repeat that Cause I love the way it sounds When those words come out of your mouth They play in my head a thousand times And I don't wanna let 'em go Don't wanna let 'em slip away When you say I love you I know you mean what you say The words that come out of your mouth They teach, they heal, they sound so real Everytime I hear, I listen, I understand I know exactly what they mean And I don't wanna let 'em go Don't wanna let 'em slip away When you say I love you I know you mean what you say Your words I love I love what you say I love 'em every night Morning and day I love your words
Here I Am...
I landed in Portland, OR at 10:25 am today... I plan to stay until next Wednesday... So - if you don't see me around - I'm out enjoying the scenery and time with my friends. Leave a note and I'll get back to ya as soon as I can. Take it light! ~Rose
About My Primary Pic (please Read)
The reason for this primary is this... my friend NY Yank and his wife lost their their unborn twins. If I have to ask you to repost this.. well wow.. that's just wrong. This is the link to his blog below vv This is the link to his profile. NY Yank@ CherryTAP
1-2-3 Peach Cobbler
Ingredients 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, ground 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoon cornstarch 1 cup(s) peach nectar or apricot nectar 1/4 cup(s) pineapple juice, unsweetened 32 ounce(s) peaches, canned in juice 1 tablespoon margarine 1 cup(s) biscuit mix 2/3 cup(s) flour, all-purpose 1/2 cup(s) sugar 2/3 cup(s) milk, fat-free evaporated 1 tablespoon sugar, brown Preparation 1. Combine cinnamon, vanilla, cornstarch, peach nectar, and pineapple or peach juice in saucepan over medium heat. Stir constantly until mixture thickens and bubbles. 2. Add sliced peaches to mixture. 3. Reduce heat and simmer for five to 10 minutes. 4. In another saucepan, melt margarine and set aside. 5. Lightly spray 8-square-inch glass dish with cooking spray. Pour hot peach mixture into dish. 6. In another bowl, combine pancake mix, flour, sugar, and melted margarine. Stir in milk. Quickly spoon this over peach mixture. 7. Co
Lip Reading Video Cameras, Conspiracy? I Think Not.
All I have to say is wow. If you live in England you should be terrified of this and for the sake of Americans stand up for you rights. Because if we elect another republican president you can bet that these will be coming to America within a year of takin office. Lip Reading Surveillance Cameras To Stop Terror "Read my lips...." used to be a figurative saying. Now the British government is considering taking it literally by adding lip reading technology to some of the four million or so surveillance cameras in order identify terrorists and criminals by watching what everyone says.
My Daughters
today went to the DR., Ariana shes my 11 year old is 5' tall and weighs 73 pounds, Salina who is 9 is 4'9 and weighs 93 pounds. Ariana got 3 shots and Salina 1, both freaked out and cried, poor girls, but they are cute and growing up too fast. gotta love em tho!
Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth. - C.S. Lewis
Title: Hurt The Feeling of pain running through my veins I can't handle it what have you done Like a knife through my heart I'm so cold but you were straight from the start Who knew it could hurt like this love for such a short time but pain to last an eternity Life goes on but pain still lingers on
Day One
May 1, 2007 Well, today is day one with out a ciggerette. I have quit before and I can quit again. Mike is also stopping. Together we can tackle the world so I know we can takle this issue. Anyway just wanted to say im off the smokes. lol

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