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I am soooo sick of eating applesauce and soup...maybe some real food tomorrow...and ya know what I havent done in a while? Told y'all to go listen to NoiseCollector
Just Thought I Would Share
When I first Joined LC, I had posted some of my own writing on my page and over time, i decided that it was best not shared with everyone because some chose to criticize ...For that reason I removed all of my writing. Tonight I received a message from someone that has been with me here in LC from the very beginning that asked if I would again post some of those poems so i decided here away from the general eye would be a good place to put them...Hope that you enjoy them. Feel free to comment even constructive criticism is welcome. But please remember that each of these is a part of me...Happy Reading
Caught By A Smile
your voice has travelled miles, pieces of mosaic tile unraveled from its pile and deposited in my mind. each word put down on file as our dialogue stands trial after cracking false denials we hesitate to find. when moments are defiled our silence lasts a while you catch me with your smile I pick up on your designs. you part with grace and style like silt brushed down the nile I stare through the redial and think of you as mine.
Thinking About You!
I miss you come back.... I need your hot tender body close to me to keep me safe in the dark.. and to keep me warm all night while we snuggle and play... kiss and do what all us mammals are suppose to do..... MMMMMMMMMMM babe, I mis you.. Love ya lots UR CHICKY POO
Road Called Loneliness
I heard you call my name today, I just ignored it and went along my way, I found a road called loneliness, now if fate's hand opened, and called me there, would God almighty judge me fair? It's the road called loneliness, and what of fate, now in the essence of prayer, we would know for fact that we never belonged there, walking this road called loneliness...
Kiting Blues
Ever have one of those days? Today was one of the worst kiting days for me EVER!!! I wish I knew what the words "Give Up" meant, because if I was ever to quit in the middle of something, this would have been the time & place. The winds were steady at work, but when I hit the beach, they were very gusty to weak..BUUUUUUT I thought, since I'm here I'll try anyway. I'm such a Dumb Ass. I lauched, but then it would drop like a bag of cement. I would launch again...another bag of cement. Did I quit....hell no. AGAIN...I'm a dumb ass. I get out in the water...dead city & can you say....kite & line inversion....UGH. And yet AGAIN...I"m a dumb ass. To a fault...I'm not a quitter, but yes...I'm a dumb ass. > > My lines are in a friggin bird's nest, & not sure how that happened, except possibly when the damn wind would just die...then the kite would invert on itself when it crashed. Water Starts from Hell. Gusts City. I was really wishing I had a Cabrinah or some other bow or hybrid kite....U
Bright blue eyes that sparkle, So much they seem to shine. They hold tons of emotions. These eyes are mine. They are very deceiving, These eyes that I see. How do I know this? I told you, they belong to me. They are 2 shades of blue, With small flecks of green. Those are the obvious things, The rest can't be seen. The tears kept captive, You can't see all the pain. It does not always work, They have fallen like rain. Sometimes out of joy, Mostly for sadness it seems. Emotions are like roller coasters, Holding on tight sometimes you scream. They say the eyes are windows, To the deepest things in your soul. Will you ever see what I see? If you look long enough tell me, What you think you know.
Dinner Bill
Why is it when we ask for the check in a restaurant they bring us a bill?
Absolutely Fabulous
...ANYBODY REMEMBER THESE GIRLS... ....Eddie, Patsy and (not pictured)..Saffie... well one year me an my mom an my sis decided to do our own version to make into xmas cards... and heres what happened... "whats she lookin at Eddie??" .."yes sweetie..I'm on the phone.." "sweetie..darling...please can we have our pressies??.." "NER NER NER NER NER" "PATSY..PATSY..PATSY.." "..Just one..sweetie..please??.." "mummmmmmm..they're NOT yours!!" *sneaks off to look..* " you think this is mine?..theres french knickers in here..?" "whoahhhh..too much bolly patsy.."
To all of you who are not in my family.. I only post my ventings (in the form of poetry, just comes out that way) in "Just my life..." .. so, if I don't post a regular blog.. then you can pretty much assume... that I'm not doing so, well.. Sooo..umm..yah.. Anywho.. I had a really good night with my hubby two nights ago.. I slept like a baby and that's saying a lot.. because I haven't been sleeping well at all for quite sometime.. but, now I'm back to not sleeping again.. missing my hubby.. he is gone on his reserve weekend..*pout*.. well, that's about it.. talk to you all laters..
Tag!!! Read Now Ppl...
I was chosen by AUTOBAHMS =p....Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: 1.) I L.O.V.E subway! and the ppl there know me...heck the owner knows me now..and my sammich. 2.)I am addicted to ketchup on almost everything. white rice, pizza, eggs, even a sammich if i feel like it =) lol 3.)i am petrified and horrified of zombies. if i see them in a movies i cry or shake usually. but i love being scared. so i never stop watching...but i really hope zombies never eat me...ya 4.)When i was little i used to cry myself to sleep thinkin' i would spontaniously combust...i still am afriad of that. but eh...when you die you die..but wouldnt it suck to burn? geesh... 5.)I genuinly love everyone. Even if you burn me or stab me in the back i'll always have love for you. especially if you were ever a freind. when i reach a certain point in a
I was tagged by blackroses. heres the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag them and comment so they will check the blog for details. Here Goes: 1.Im stuck in the 80's! 2. i hate needles, but crave to get inked! 3. i run like a duck! 4. i shot my self in the ass with a 22. (dont ask) 5. i live to watch the TV show Cops! 6. to me there is no other team then the blackhawks, and the sox!
Losing Sight Of My Soul
Hopelessly sinking down in to a hole, wondering what has happened to my soul. So scared and alone, lost and shaken, chilled to the bone. Living nightmares that never seem to fade away, fears and scars concealed from those I cherish most, terrified to share what bothers me the most. Endlessly searching for what I never seem to find, constantly wondering what is always hidden in the back of my mind. Never truly knowing what I feel in my soul, tired of the lies that help me stay in control. Afraid to loose it all and fade away, trying so hard to live for another day. Memories that haunt a troubled mind, shoved away to deal with at another time. Flooding over in to what was once a happy soul. Now I am left drowning striving to regain control. Lost and broken from within, torn and scattered fighting not to give in. Praying I find a way to escape my pain and fears. Hoping to find peace and a place where I don’t have to hide my tears. Where my soul is free to soar, and my feelings ar
Havent Been Around.
hey all sorry i havent really been on lately.Ive been busy lately.I just wanted to let you know what up.
Color Of Love
Color of LoveAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Code
Would Ya?
I received an email from someone asking for the links to put up my banners on their page. If anyone else would like the banner codes, lemme know, and I'll get them to you! Thanks! cherry
Makes You Think
I do believe life contains infinite possibilities, as inumerable as the array of stars in the midnight sky. My life,and yourlife,have special glittering places in this world, reflecting unlimited potential. author;Lynne Gerard
Sigh... So Pretty
I gave you everything, all I could give It might not have been, the life you thought you'd live I know it feels good, to have you by my side Even though I know you could, just break my heart wide I just have to ask you, one more time. Did I make feel like number one? Did I help you see like stars in the sun? Did I make you feel like number one? Did I make you feel like lifes just begun It's like a puzzle, a piece that just fits You never really needed to look for it In your eyes I see my future and my past And, I never really thought that we wouldn't last I just have to ask you, one more. Did I make you feel like number one? Did I help you see like stars in the sun? Did I make you feel like number one? Did I make you feel like lifes just begun The way I've seen, all the good times and the bad Been waiting for the next part we never had To the highest mountain, yeah I would climb I just have to ask you, one more time. Did I make you feel like number one? D
Lip Ring
My lip ring was taken out because soon i will be joining the airforce... and unfortunatly they dont allow those there, as soon as i can however i will be getting another one. i dont care how old i am when i am able to get it, but i will get it no matter what. ohh yeah, on the subject matter of relationships... I am now officially single, anyone that has a problem with it will and have come to me about it. I am looking for short term relationships, You know, just dating around... thats all. what happens durring those dates are strictly between me and the person im with at that time. anything is lible to happen as is with any date... all in all. IM SINGLE!!! P.S. Im not like most guys... I definatly am not shallow... as i have dated a few... people that even my ex said are, somewhat revolting to the eyes... hell they werent to me, but whatever. anyways i enjoy being around people with great personalities... and love to "do" things with people i know will enjoy me as much as i enjoy
Doctor Part One
every time I have a problem at work before six I slip out and I visit my friends office for a hug, he's a doctor a couple doors down from the store I work in. This man has a thriving bussines, he's always laughing and smiling, he makes the stupidest jokes, he's one of thoose guys that you think is high on life. He invited me to his house for drinks not too long ago and it was the first time I had gone over there, so when I found this private drive off a road I had driven a hundred times I made my way up too this huge house and he had his "roommate" (the guy lives with him) show me the house, it was 5 bedrooms and four baths, beautiful decorating, it was like a house out of thoose magazines, he showed me the backyard it was an acre. one acre not three miles from his office and I got lost on my way there. So I'm sitting there drinking with a friend I had about an 8 ounce glass of malibu on the rocks and the ice melted before I could finish it, I sat there and I watched this man, whom I h
Six o'clock in the morning My head is ready to explode I can't believe I made it home alive I don't remember where I went Or what I was drinking And now it's made me sick And I'm not denying That I get this way When I try to get over you I get this way When I try to get over you Sometimes it hurts So much to lose the one you love Sometimes it hurts So much to lose the one you love I tried so hard to hate you But it only makes it all worse I only end up hating myself And as my hatred grows So do the lies It's hard to face the truth sometimes God I feel so useless God I hate myself When I try to get over you I hate myself Will I ever get over you Sometimes it hurts So much to lose the one you love Sometimes it hurts So much to lose the one you love And after all this time you'd think I'd understand the way you feel But no I only think about myself And it's driving you away I always knew it would one day Sometim
Where Do I Start?
well i have written blogs before and that was on myspace... but now im writng one on the LC and for some odd reason it seems so different... maybe becuz everyone can read them hmmm i dont know... but here goes.. for the past couple months ive been through alot in my life.. some real ups and downs in life.. all i have is one question that i wish i could answer for my self but i cant becuz its way to confusing... why does love have to be so complicating??? i have three very important men in my live that i love dearly... one has had my heart from the first day that i saw him.. when we looked into each others eyes for the first time is was very magical i knew then and there that i woud have a very happy life with him.. and to this day i still feel that...he has been there for me when i needed him...he was there for me when my friend jeff died (R.I.P Jeff) he was there for me when i was having problems with my family.. but when i needed him the most he wasnt there but t
Love Me More
Suck the flesh from the bone You love to taste the pain in me Lick the wounds you filled with Cyanide and Misery Don't you love what you've created A girl so bitter and so jaded You say, You Love Me But it doesn't show The scars you leave, are the only thing I know So spill my blood now You know you really want to Want to want to So this is how you love me Love me Love me
What Creature Of The Night Are You You Most Like? (pics!!)
You scored as You are a Demon. There's no nice way of saying it. You're a Demon!` And you like it that way! You are often called a pyromaniac and keep matches or a lighter on you at all times. Your idea of fun is poking those poor damned souls with your pitch fork. Just be careful you don't get burned in all your fun!!You are a Demon33%Fallen Angel25%Black Witch17%You are a Vampiric Elf!17%Vampire17%What creature of the night are you you most like? (Pics!!)created with
Well I Lost Coun't Of The Days
Hey All, It's been a while since I posted any new blogs so here it goes... I've been busy as hell. We went to Yokohama for the FISITA event, which is the meeting of the Automotive Congress from many countries. It was fun, we had a few different displayes there. Of course I worked the robot display, we also had a display on concept mobility vehicles, (the I-Unit), and on our cars. Many vendors also had displays. Nissan has a future mobility vehicle called the Pivo, which is pretty cool. It doesn't have reverse, the whole passenger cabin rotates 180 degrees, to go the opposite direction, it's is fucking cool as hell. The Emporer's son was also there, he gave a speech, and was part of the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the event! We also visited Toyko while we were there. It was fun, but I couldn't ecape from the group, there we're about 12 of us that went, and check the sights out on my own. After the event, we came back to Toyota City, and it has been non-stop work every day,
i have met so many wonderful guys on here! Wanna thank you all for the love and kindness you have given me! this is for the ones who are rude and crude....i have had to block 3 guys today....not a good thing. Yes my pics are a little risque....but doesn't mean i am open to cam 2 cam.....i dont play with young boys....will not make me feel matter how big you are....i try to be nice about this and invite you to be a fan.....calling me names only will get you blocked to all that have shown me love and respect have a great weekend!! xoxo....Becky
My Mom Was In A Car Accident.
ATTENTION ALL FAMILY & FRIENDS: KinkyScreams my mom. She was in a bad car accident last night. She is going to be fine an was released for the hospital this afternoon. She was returning from a gala in Detroit after a photo shoot for one of her companys she works for. And was broad sided. Totalled her camero she was driven. She has a concusion an is cut up some but will be back. She sends her love to all of you. And misses you. DJ KinkyScreams~~Juggalette Homie~~@ LostCherry Much Clown Love to you all. NEEDLES~Juggalo Homie~ Needles~+~Juggalo Homie ~+~@ LostCherry
Happy Halloween
Its halloween so happy halloween to you all
Do You Like Writing?
I have just stumbled across a site called Papel and its for writers so if you like writing and want to give it a shot then let me know how you get on with it. Papel - creative freedom for writers
What I Do !
Why We Love Mom's
"WHY GOD MADE MOMS" Answers given by 2nd grade school kids to the following questions! Why did God make mothers? 1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is. 2. Mostly to clean the house. 3. To help us out of there when we were getting born. How did God make mothers? 1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us. 2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring. 3. God made my Mom just the same like he made me. He Just used bigger parts. What ingredients are mothers made of? 1. God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world and one dab of mean. 2. They had to get their start from men's bones. Then they mostly use string, I think. Why did God give you your mother & not some other mom? 1.We're related. 2. God knew she likes me a lot more than other people's moms like me. What kind of little girl was your mom? 1. My mom has always been my mom and none of that other stuff 2. I don't know because I wasn't there, but my guess would be pretty boss
my wife thinks its childish to have an obsession with cheerleaders just wondering what every boy else thinks please let me know
My Eq
Your EQ is 127 50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick! 51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese. 71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely. 91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that. 111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt. 131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin. 150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar. What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?
You scored as Demon. Demon: Darkness is your sanctuary. Demons are many and are all different in appearence and rank. The most common are the ones that feed off of human souls. They love to make someone fall into their inner darkness. Blood, wrath, murder... You name it they love it. These beings don't care who you are, if they set their sights on you, let's just hope you know a good excorist. They kill any love within you and pull you toward their side. By any means possible. You wish for chaos and hate, you are the Demon.WereWolf100%Demon100%Dragon58%Mermaid50%Faerie50%Angel25%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
My Honey!
What a Man, kind, funny and Great on cold nights. ya get me :) kisses Izzi Dread Pirate Cyco@ CherryTAP
Favorite Crue Ballad
You say our love Is like dynamite Open your eyes 'Cause it's like fire and ice Well you're killing me Your love's a guillotine Why don't you just set me free Too young to fall in love Run for the hills We're both sinners and saints Not a woman, but a whore I can just taste the hate Well now I'm killing you Watch your face turning blue Not yet a man Just a punk in the street You say our love Is like dynamite Well its no surprise Cause you've got one-way eyes Well you're killing me Your love's a guillotine Not yet a man Just a punk in the street
Take It Of Leave
You Give Good Advice ... Sometimes When it comes to advice, you usually have something helpful to contribute. However, there's been times when your advice was a bit wacky! No matter what, though, your heart is always in the right place.Do You Give Good Advice?
Underground Tunnels of Burlington Wisconsin. What goes on under the feet of the citizens of the Burlington Wisconsin area. Why is the existence of these tunnels denied by local officials. Who are the people that are covering up the secrets of the underground tunnels and are they using them for some sort of sadistic or satanic cult practice? It is up to us to find out..If Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center is not able continue.... to we encourage others to try to under cover this matter. It may be of great importance to those victims being taken down into their depths. If there is nothing go on..then we implore the officials to give us their locations and allow us to go into them to make sure that they are not being used illegally or immorally.
Best Friends.......
Want one? Go to
Candy's Poem For Me
OK NANA! I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR YOU FOR ABOUT TWO WEEKS NOW! I LOVE YOU MORE THEN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!! HOPE YOU LIKE IT! You're one-of-a-kind An inspiration to my life The one I turn to When things get too hard You give me hope And the strength to live on When I lose my faith And I give up on my life You've better helped me In my journey towards God Reassuring me that he is, in fact, Always watching over me I may currently like you A little more than I should But it was your wonderful friendship That has lead this to occur I have never known a friend To care as much as I know you do With so much insight It has left a permanent mark On my heart and soul I love you more With every passing day And I cherish every single moment I get to spend with you I seriously don't know Where I would be at this time If not for your love and care Through all I have been through Although you weren't the only one There through it all What you've done for me Alon
Audi Rs4 Vs. Bmw M3
Get video codes at Bolt.
After Reading This, You'll Never Look At A Banana In The Same Way Again!
Bananas Containing three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber, a banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. But energy isn't the only way a banana can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet. Depression: According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier. PMS: Forget the pills -- eat a banana. The vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose leve
You Are 56% Strange! Based on your score, it seems you do have a healthy dose of strangeness. You aren't THAT far out, but you are somewhat bizarre. Congratulations on being different and having some quirks. It makes you an interesting person!How Strange Are You?Quizzes for MySpace56%
Need Help
Whats Up With That??
can some one tell me why my points are going up thay went from 16258 to 16273 now that sucks let me no what you think and watch yours becouse this is not the first time i have seen this happen to me
Some Love
Chocolate said to a lollipop, "You are damn sweet". The lollipop replied "I'm Not as sweet as the person reading this"! "Ur smile makes me smile"..."ur talks make me glad"... "Ur company makes me happy"..."But ur absence makes me sad"... "Be always with me my dear friend"!!! Send this 2 all ur friends in ur list, and also back 2 me if i am ur friend...
Our American Heros
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Twin Fairys
So Fucking Bored
today is sunday and it is really fuckin boring so i put this up because im really reaaly fuckin bored..... anyone wanna chat?!?!
Dr A - Spooky Pop And His Customs
A while back I had a chat with this guy about the possibilities of making prototypes of the Scarybird Immortal Egos, for one prototype would cost around a 1000 gbp but shit this guy is fucking fantastic, i hope one day he can make models of them for me, here is an interview with him. Dr A - Spooky Pop and his customs also here is a website for Dr A. so you can go have a look at his stuff, i forgot to say i think he did some stuff for Cradle of Filth Spookypop
Again. Other Poem.
Sadness in her heart ( Dying with loneliness) In her eyes you can see pain, And nothing else She tries so hard to defeat the pain Who is so deep and painful She walks through the darkness Trying to find cure for her heart But there isnt Her God left her all alone Without the faith and hopeless You cant feel her love anymore Her love is sleeping so deep in darkness Only true love can wake her love again You can see her sadness in her heart Her tears of sorrow trying so hard to hide them from the everyone She tries so hard to kill her loneliness But she is to weak for fight Every night when she is looking into the mysterious stars Hopping they will show her way All this years she has waited for freedom to come to her But theres no sign Every night you can see how is her pain grow She is just lay down, dieing slowly with her loneliness Her angel is dead in deep silence She is closing her eyes Let the shadows take her innocent soul In their eyes you can see nothin
Like I Didn't Know This,lol
Whats your sex style? Erotic Sex StyleKissing, touching...pulling hair...handcuffs...whatever goes in your bedroom or backyard...truck...neighbors bedroom even! Its lights, camera ...ACTION BABY! Take this test
Myself And Sister
remember.. to vote.. for my sis an i?.. thankyou!!!!
You prefer Rough sex! You like it ROUGH. Hard, great, wonderful slamming sex is your type of sex. More the product of lust than love - and utterly horny - rough sex is what satisfies you. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
My Boy C-loco's Idiocy
i cant believe this im having a really good friday night and then i find out that loco gets himself in a drug deal and such and gets pistol whipped by three different weapons and three different dudes i spent till around three in the morning in the hospital with him.....then i woke up this morning and found out my grandmother is really sick in the hospital......i need someone to talk to or i will flip the fuck out no joke...
Hottest Pussy On Cherrytap-please Repost
Friends Are
You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. >So-If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, including the one who sent it to you. If you get it back, then they really do love you. And always remember....when life hands you Lemons, ask for tequila and salt and ca
I'm Out Soon!(not Offline)
Wassup, like my spot said on my profile da time has elsewhere is here now, i'm out soon da last couple of days especially last night it's been on my mind! i'm just going 2 be out my peeps and fam back in jerzee i'll be cool! i'll holla when i get there and so you'll know, i think it'll be a betta atmosphere, for real on dat, feel me, warm! all yr! not 2 say spokane isn't cool its just time for me 2 be out, it'll help me as far as my mind mentally and body physically! my true fam i know yall have much luv 4 me and sum of my peeps! but trust me i wouldn't pick dis place and wouldn't be out with no gameplan, i know you'll going 2 be like DAMN! buts its all good cuz i know y'all want only whats best fir me! Thanks 4 da luv! and i'll holla soon, but im leavin here just yet so i'll be online! holla! won't be until like da 1st, or 2nd
It's Fucked Up.
People only talk to people who are hott or showing it all. You're all shallow fuckers. That's really fucked up. And no one will read this b/c you're all so interested in nudity and sex. I bet if I name this naked pictures or something like that everyone would read it and then complain b/c there wasn't any nudity. Bastards.
Why do people have to hate? Is it because they are jealous, or just so miserable in their own meaningless lives that they have to make everyone they come into contact with as miserable as they are. Some disguise themselves as your friend til they find some reason to turn on you. I may lose a good friend on here because of a Hater, and it makes me sick to see the lies in the bulletins and those kinds of bulletins get reposted more often than any other kind. Why , brcause everyone seems to like to pass on the bullshit and enjoy the thought of people suffering and hurting because one person got mad, jealous or some other fucked up reason and decided to spew off a bunch of lies. It makes me literally sick to my stomach. What happened to treating others as you want them to treat you. Being Wiccan I follow the harm none, which means not even with words. Has anybody ever heard of if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything? You dont have to love everyone or even like them, but h
Mine I never thought in A million years, you would be there to kiss all my tears ... Or that I would have a love for you like none I've ever known... I know I can't possible ever feel alone again, with you in my life... You have always told me from the start to keep the faith, You always said you only wanted to see happy... I opened up my heart and prayed that someday you would love me to, in the same way ... Through the good times and the bad, the happy times and the sad, we managed to fall in love and still stay friends... I want to lay in our love, feel your sweet embrace, lie in your warm arms, and feel your chest on my lips... I want to lay beside you every night, wake up to you holding me tight for the rest of our lives... I want to be yours and for you to be MINE ... ***Babyyy***
A Society Lost Amongst Itself Fear… Confusion… Is this all we know? Can we even begin to answer the riddle of how we came to this world? Though most of us will not live to see it, the truth shall be revealed To see what is not seen Hear what is not heard To reach out and touch the untouchable And yet, we can’t help but ask these existential questions, which we know no one has the answers to. As a wise old man once said, chance favors the prepared mind… And tonight, our minds are in favor So let the truth be told In the narrow band of twilight… Between fiery day, and freezing night We stand-alone Outcasts, if you will This place grows so quiet, so empty But still we have no peace Our psyches have abandoned us, and we feel nothing Of course, there are no simple answers Only layers of explanations, and fractured continuity Created by the one The one who kindled the stars and set the planets spinning Why do we ponder and brood over such things? Because it
2nd Song I Wrote
i want to say thank you very much to Seeking Asylum for helping me with this song...if it wasnt for you, it would not be as awesome as it is...thank you so much for going over it and revising it to make it 10x for the rest of you here is My Prison of Darkness My Prison of Darkness written by Brad "BoNEs" Crider and Shawna of Seeking Asylum 1st verse WHATS GOING ON INSIDE MY MIND THIS DARKNESS IS ALL I SEE HELD BY THIS CAPTIVE NIGHTMARE INSIDE WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR ME TO BE FREE FROM THIS PRISON OF DARKNESS CONTROLLING ME Chorus IM JUST SO EMPTY INSIDE - LONELY OUTSIDE GOTTA BREAK THE INSANITY OF SADNESS IN MY EYES -- JUST SO EMPTY INSIDE LONELY OUTSIDE GOTTA BREAK CHAINS THAT BIND THE PRISON OF DARKNESS IN MY MIND 2nd verse PICTURES ROLL ACROSS MY MIND OF JOY WHEN I WAS ALIVE I FELT LOVE - THERE WAS NO NEED TO HIDE I KNEW WHAT IT WAS TO BE FREE FROM THIS PRISON OF DARKNESS CONTROLLING ME (prelude to chorus) BU
My First Blog
My name is Michael, I am the proud father of twin boys, Christopher Anthony, and Kain Alexander, they are 10 months old. I am Musician. I play Southern Rock. if theres a way to do it Ill upload some of my music later for yall to hear.
Its That Time!
Wasssup 2 all my peeps well part 1 of handling my biz 2 move is done! as much as i dont want to say this but unforuately i'm goin 2 have give up my computer so i'm not going to be on dat much anymore only during day, my flight leaves mon morn! but i won't forget mone of y'all much luv always and forever tomorrow will be my last day on for awhile if any peeps would like to holla hit me up on my cell, i know i have whole new experience dat i'm going to be dealing with n being so far from where i'm from , i ask dat you keep in ya prayers and wish da best for me! ttyl tomorrow hit me up! 509-443-3797 Ya Boy Yah!
Trivia Challenge
Trivia Challenge First the Trivia, then the Challenge: 1. My three trained hawks are fitted with pilot gear. They seem to like it. They get pissed when I take it off of them. 2. I've been literally accused of being a robot designed in a lab. 3. I once danced drunk for three hours to the same song. The song was "When Doves Cry" and I was, at the moment, misplaced in a gay club. 4. During a seance where we contact Abraham Lincoln, I fed him grammatical errors in his original Gettysburg address. 5. I stopped the great caterpillar infestation of Orlando back in '99 with nothing but a flute and a fresh pair of my own boxers. 6. I broke my leg kicking the remnants of the Berlin Wall. 7. LL Cool J signed my shoulder. It read, "Keep the pimpettes in check, playa. LL Cool J" 8. I slapped my grandma on a dare by my uncle. 9. I won a contest for consuming chicken nuggets at McDonald's. 10. I made wings out of rice paper and balsa wood and jumped off of my hous
[secret] Quick Money Off The Net
Hey there! thanks for following my comment and popping by. I've learnt some cool stuff that I thought a hottie like you could use! apart from posting hot pics of me and my girlfriends, i spend my time on the net doing other cool stuff: including making money! i'm not gonna kid you and say i've some magic trick to sell you that'll give you five-digit figures a day or some other crap, but i'll tell you how i can make $500-700 US Dollars every month armed with just an internet-facing computer - then when you do like I do, invite me to your place and show me a good time! :) If you haven't heard of internet marketing, the idea is that you sell people stuff and earn a commission everytime you make a sale - sounds easy, except for the part that you have to get people to part with their money. Let me get something straight - there are lotsa jerks out there who try to tell newcomers that's its really easy and then try to sell them their latest eBook, membership site, audio/video cd, secre
i catch myself here lately wishin i was back in iraq. even though when i was there last time i was lookin for ied's. my unit was good at it. i dont know if its cuz of not bein around my friends, but i just feel like i should be there. lets face it, i dont have anyone to worry about me besides family. they understand why i do this stuff. even then they dont need to worry, cuz i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers so if i buy it over there im not the only son they will lose. i got my wish of comin to texas, but its not the same as before. hell i dont even know why i get online anymore. most the people i have started talkin to dont even talk to me anymore. maybe its the way i come on too strong. maybe its cuz i have a few faults, the biggest one is im too nice. maybe i should go back to bein mean again. is that what women like an asshole. i mean come on dont mistake my kindness for a weakness. i dont know, maybe its nothin. maybe its everything. i do have a bad habit of pissing off peo
Cutie Contest?
I'm seeing these things all over the place... I had to say something... The "Cutest Face" contest. The "Best Booty" contest. Seems like fun. There's just one problem. The cutest face never wins. Why? Because that's not how the contest is played. The real object of the game is to see who can get the most friends to come over and "comment bomb" the photo they submitted. At the end, you pick a winner, and her photo never played a part. I won't use names to spare any feelings, but just the other day I got a shout from a friend on my list that I tried to talk to several times and eventually gave up. The shout was coming MY way this time though, and it was a mass paste shout asking me to come over and "rate and comment the shit out of" her picture in one of those contests so she could win. I replied, "Is that really how you want to win?" She didn't reply. She didn't ask me to participate in the voting in general, or just come check it out. No, she provides a direct li
To All The Lady's
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Read It Pass It On
Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without a mistake. The average person can't. trust me This is this cat. This is is cat. This is how cat. This is to cat. This is keep cat. This is a cat. This is dumbass cat. This is busy cat. This is for cat. This is forty cat. This is seconds cat. Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the top down and I betcha you can't resist passing it on!
Bdsm Poetry
She lies naked on the bed Tied to the post spread eagled and blind A million feelings fly through her head What sensations would Master let her find Will she feel great pleasure Or the agonies of his cane She knows she's greatly treasured Even given the very worst pain She yelps as he trails ice down her spine Goosebumps as he drags nails across her shoulders She utters not one word, but helplessly whines Shivering when the air grows colder Master so easily makes her every nerve sing She cries loudly, in ecstasy, as her sweet spirit takes wing
Firefighter Stuff
Want To Tell You Lies (c) Kalvere. All rights reserved I want to tell that little boy his Mom will be just fine I want to tell that dad we got his daughter out in time I want to tell that wife her husband will be home tonight I don't want to tell it like it is, I want to tell them lies You didn't put their seat belts on, you feel you killed your kids I want to say you didn't ... but in a way, you did You pound your fists into my chest, you're hurting so inside I want to say you'll be OK, I want to tell you lies You left chemicals within his reach and now it's in his eyes I want to say your son will see, not tell you he'll be blind You ask me if he'll be OK, with pleading in your eyes I want to say that yes he will, I want to tell you lies I can see you're crying as your life goes up in smoke If you'd maintained that smoke alarm, your children may have woke Don't grab my arm and ask me if your family is alive Don't make me tell you they're all dead, I want to tell you
If We Were Reapers...
Author's note: No, I am not crazy. Just got stuck on a cool show, and the idea and imagination behind it. It's called "Dead Like Me". Used to be a show on Showtime. Basic premise is about "undead" people who reap souls. When someone is about to die, the reaper is in charge of taking the person's soul, preferably before they die. This blog entry is just based on imagination running through my head with a non-sensical "what if" type thought process. Read on if you are open-minded and imaginative. If we were "reapers"... What if I died. And despite anything I have ever seen, heard, or believed about the "after-life", I find out my destiny, my "job", after death, was to reap peoples souls. Creepy huh? But also interesting. Just think of all the things I would see, and learn. So many ways to grow. So much more knowledge to absorb. And a chance to help those moving from this world to where-ever people do "go" when they die. I pause for a moment here to smile at how many of y
Something started by a jealous fool who cant help themselves but think of you they want the life you lead today while they go out and party everyday You work so hard to get to the top and they want all that you've got they spread little lies around town until they realize you'll soon find out they are supposed to be your friend through thick and thin but they don't know what a true friend is you have always been there to help them out i've always given her the benefit of the doubt they know all your secrets and twist them around they cant help but want to be you somehow usually slutty and whorish out of spite she's slept with more guys than i have thats right in a 6 month span shes slept with 10 in a 8 year span i've slept with less than that she shows up at your house when your mans home alone and waits to be shocked until you get home shes no longer welcome in my house.... thats right bc she decided to start telling nasty rumors one night
Can You Guess?
Can you guess which of the following are true and which are false? 1.. Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. 2.. Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a belly button. 3.. A pack-a-day smoker will lose approximately 2 teeth every 10 years. 4.. People do not get sick from cold weather; it's from being indoors a lot more. 5.. When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop, even your heart! 6.. Only 7 per cent of the population are lefties. 7.. Forty people are sent to the hospital for dog bites every minute. 8.. Babies are born without kneecaps. They don't appear until they are 2-6 years old. 9.. The average person over 50 will have spent 5 years waiting in lines. 10.. The toothbrush was invented in 1498. 11.. The average housefly lives for one month. 12.. 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. 13.. A coat hanger is 44 inches long when straightened. 14.. The average com
Todays Friend
todays friend is dedicated to a contest he is in... He is in the best Christmas Tag Contest, Please go and bomb my picture with comments You guys rock!!
Fucking Goof
today my ex called and said he isnot bringing back my kids, the cops wont do anything and now i have to wake up and get court papers to go to court all over again. OH well he is going to be sorry now.
Not Much Time Left
There is only 45 hours left in the sexiest MILF over 30 contest, and I really need some votes, leave comments to vote and remember you can leave as many comments as u want.
Please pass on to all your friends/family. Thanks. Something cool that Xerox is doing If you go to this web site, , you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services.
Give It To Me!
Won't you leave me a little somethin'? *wink* Get Your Own! | More Flash Toys
What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?
Your Birthdate: December 15 For you, love is a natural progression from friendship. You are almost always friends first. In love, you are loyal, steady, and honest. You are not a cheater or even much of a flirt. You are likely to stay friends with your ex... and open to rekindling something in the future. Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4 Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 6 You are most compatible with people born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th of the month. What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?
We really have to understand the person we want to love. If our love is only a will to possess, it is not love. If we only think of ourselves, if we know only our own needs and ignore the needs of the other person, we cannot love. ~Thich Nhat Hanh
Tired Of The Holidays Already? (please Repost)
Tired of the Holidays already? These elves should help raise your holiday spirits! Christmas Costume Contest WOW! My FIRST CONTEST EVER!!!! Here are the rules! This contest will count 1 point for ANY rating (1-10). Also EACH comment will count as 1 vote. Comment as many times as you want. Pimp it out all you want. Anyone may comment! 1st place: 2 dinners for two (One for you and one for the Cherry Tap Member of your choice). AND A FREE SKIN MADE WITH YOUR WINNING PHOTO! 2nd Place: 6 bottles or cans of the beer of your choice or = cost of shot or wine... name your poison. AND A FREE SKIN MADE WITH YOUR WINNING PHOTO! 3rd Place: A FREE SKIN MADE WITH YOUR WINNING PHOTO! So click on the links below and comment bomb your favorite: Contest is from 9:30 am EST Friday, December 15, 2006 and will end Friday, December 22 9:30 EST! The winners skins will be ready for ripping on the 22nd just in time for Christmas! ENJOY AND BOMB AWAY!!!!!!!!!!
Milk Shake Girl
12-18-2006 5:25 Am
Do you believe in love at first site? I never use to, but when you meet someone incredibly attractive that just GETS you, your view starts to change a bit. I dont know If I do you. but what about soul mates... when you meet that special someone does your heat imediately recognize it to be so? I dunno, but I am beggining to think maybe so. WOW!!! I dont know what to say lol it just kind of hit me and i am not use to things like that... I am talking about the type of person you imediately open up to. you cant help but to do so you cant hold back because there is nothing threatening about them... this is KILLING ME!!! I am scared. I have known this guy for such a short period of time, but he is genuinely beautiful, both inside and out... I talk to him and I lose all focus on anything else. Like its just him and me. He has the most AMAZING brown eyes. Now I am not saying that I love this man for it is too soon to tell for sure, but I am more than definitely infatuated, and the pot
In Search Of Alternatives (a Somewhat Half-assed Review)
The Cherry is wilting. In a nutshell, since I started working nights (and CherryTAP is off-limits at work, being... well, not safe for work), I'm here when most of my friends aren't. I also noticed the lack of visitors' traffic lately, which may mean it's either time for another blast, or it's time to move on. In an effort to decide which to do, I decided to look around at what else was out there in this big, grand old world of social networking. I went onto and revisited an account I'd actually created earlier in the week. My experiences there were... less than thrilling. Think of xPeeps as CherryTAP without the NSFW policy, the live chat, or the points-starved welcoming committee. Since there's no incentive to welcome new people, it's entirely possible to be there for quite a few days before someone actually gives your profile a view. That leads to my next point. My account's maybe a week old and still has zero views. Now, this leads me to believe I have to a
I Feel Better
So we talked today and apologies were given on both sides and we got things straight. I don't like having problems in my relationship and I refuse to fight or argue over dumb shit. I know Dallas and I have been together now for a year and a half but I still sometimes get thrown back into my past and its hard for me to say what I'm feeling or thinking because thats just the way I am. I'm used to guys who turn everything around and manipulate me so that I'm the one who's wrong and shouldn't feel the way that I do. Every guy that I've been with before has been like that. Forcing me to like what they want while my feelings, wants, and needs are ignored. Dallas ha never been like that and he respects me. Its still new to me sometimes. He had no idea that what he said the other night even bothered me because I just walked away and I let it fester in my head and I can't help it sometimes. I told him that it really hurt my feelings and he felt really bad. And of course I felt
Happy Yule
Valid to my journey actually rediscovered me - I heard it mentioned on the View and it holds so much truth - The Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardship as the pathway to peace. Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. Trusting that He will make all things right, if I surrender to His will. That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever in the next." Tomorrow is a new day afterall... XO, Bam
Cold Kings Christ Mas List!!!
This would be my Christmas list!! 1. Money 2. More Video game 3. Maybe a PS3 or Xbox360 4. Some clothes 5. A girlfriend who will like me for me!
Here We Go Again
ok ppl it takes a weak ass piss poor no game havin lame trick fag to talk shit behind a niggas back.but believe it or not i have an internet CEO talking mean really Boy what ya gonna do?u call me ugly go look in the mirror a mutha fucking internet CEO?lol...wheres ya money bitch..yeah i said it bitch.i wasnt even gonna trip but my dad told me years ago never let a man who wears a dress and sits down when he pee talk shit.u better stick to callin these females whores ya weak ass nobody.get out ya mommas backyard eat ya wheaties then step to me..getting mad cause ya game is weaker than a double shot of sparklin water.u fucking plastic ass gangsta.what u think cause u tell a woman something about me that makes u bitch it makes u weak.a man wouldve told me.but keep hatin because check this out power puff girl the women still laugh at ya dick in the end i win why because ya so fucking tough u cant step to hop back on ya dildo and ride it like we all kn
A Great Song
Music Video:ROMPE (by Daddy Yankee)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
I Dont Fucken Lol
hey everybody can we go use the bathroom pllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz
What is a Life Lesson? To me a Life Lesson is one where you do or say something horrible wrong, that the ramification are astronomical. Well I had One. so with that being said, My words to you are "What ever you do watch yourself close, because if not you will be in for the surprise of your Life".
Well what a wonderful Christmas. My finace bought me a gift card to a place that I've never even shopped at for new clothes......for work. He said, "I went and looked around and thought it had nice buisness clothes for your new job"...or something to that effect. His parents bought him clothes from Hot Topic which is the only place I shop unless I'm shopping for jeans, and I get shirts from fucking Sears from the boring women's department that the 40 year olds shop in. I mean does this fucking job mean I have to fucking lose my damn identity or what? I haven't changed who I am, I've changed jobs! What the fuck!? I mean I don't know whether to yell at Dallas or just fucking cry. Maybe I'm wrong to feel this way but I do. It hurt my feelings that he didn't think more of me than that when we've been together for a year and half and lived together almost our entire relationship. He should know me better than that and I just can't beleive he didn't put more effort into it. I
Leather Boots
Receiving sexual stimulation, Without manual masturbation; Getting such focused concentration With no communication. Doing what I want; When I say I want it now. Like when I tell you in my ass I want to feel you pound. Ropes and Gags, Whips and chains; Just lay back and enjoy the pain. Scream out mercy, While pleading for more. To spank your ass till red and sore. Lick my black leather boots All up the sides. My prey has no need With things like pride. Your orgasm only reached Long after I've had mine. Now burry your tongue In me, deep within side. Sip the nectar that both Our bodies produced. How easily men; us women seduce!! Now that is a night That will take long to forget. Be a good boy now, Swallow don't spit!!
What Is Your Smurf Name?
Smurf NameYour Smurf Name isBipartisan SmurfGet Your Smurf Name at
Fire Fighter Needs Prayers
Calling all fire fighters and friends. A local fire fighter and buddy of mine from high school has cancer. Please pray for him so he can beat it!!!
Disappointment" Promise that have been broken,I should be use to it by now. Walking on thin ice, Falling in the black lake of despair. Screams in pain that can't be heard,Ice so thick that the rain began to pour. Empty winds take my soul away,Ice breaks in on to destroy my life in what ever way. Ice melts away like my happiness, Dark moon comes a riding tonight. Waves crash up-on the shoreline, Freezing waters rush in. A icy chill blows with in, Left behind in a cold cold wind. Despair and disappointment takes my breath and life away, That's, The End.
hi all hmm i love this sight but how can i text my cherrie peps at once arggggggg confusing but hey i love u all terry
What An Ass.
So apparently I'm fat... and apparently it's because I eat meat! Some random ass guy that I have never talked to in my life decided to have this conversation with me in my shoutbox... podurtz: yes i wish i wasa girl! ->podurtz: jealousy is a bitch!!! podurtz: im a cook it my job fatty well go head an go eat peace..fatcheeks.. ->podurtz: whatever, i'm done talking to you, i have more important things to do, like actually having a life. because i don't sit there being an ass to people and taking pictures of food podurtz: i think i could get the time of the day form u..but a cake yaa right!.. podurtz: ahahahahah oh.. ->podurtz: your just mad cause you couldn't get the time of day from a girl like me unless your an asshole. podurtz: 105!aaahahah ur so funny sometimes that was a good one ->podurtz: i weigh 105, that is not fat podurtz: im not fatty fat fat.. ->podurtz: why you being an ass? podurtz: huh ->podurtz: your one to fucking talk podurtz: ur not fat! aaaha
About Me
Well there are very few people that know the real me. I am a shy person believe it or not. I dont let a lot of people get to close to me. I am not really open about myself. The one thing I can say about me is I am honest. Here is what I will tell you about me. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs.... My kids are 14 (a girl) and 15 (feb 23 my son will be 16 then). My son just started driving and that makes me nervous. Anyway, I am sure now I have completely bored everyone. Other than that, if you want to know something ask. If I like you at all I will tell you. I hope soon to have pics of me and my kids on here soon.... Anyway, if you get this far... .thanks for takin the time to read it
10 Most Stupid Questions People Usually Ask!
1. At the movies: When you meet acquaintances/friends Stupid Question:- Hey, what are you doing here? Answer:-Well,it's so hot , there were no cool cabs so I thought i'd watch some advertisements in the cool comfort of the theatre. 2. In the bus: A fat girl wearing pointed high-heeled shoes steps on your feet Stupid Question:-Sorry, did that hurt? Answer:-No, not at all, I'm on local anesthesia..... why don't you try again or should i try this time. 3. At a funeral: One of the teary-eyed people ask Stupid Question:-Why, why him, of all people. Answer:-Why?Would it rather have been you? 4. At a restaurant: When you ask the waiter Stupid Question:-Is the "blah blah blah" dish good Answer:-No, its teribble and made of adulterated cement.We occasionaly also spit in it. 5. At a family get-together.When some distant aunt meets you after years Stupid Question:-Munna,Chickoo, you've become so big. Answer:-Well you haven't particularly shrunk yourself.
Alex And Lexander (diff Lexander Then The Other With Kira)
Alex stood on a balcony over looking the city, her lovely black feathered wings wrapped tightly around her body. Too many emotions that had been dormant for so long were getting to her. She couldn’t take it and it was all because of one man. A man so arrogant, so self centered but yet so much a gentlemen and so giving at the same time. It just seemed so unreal. All she used to love was flying and the rush that came with it but now she felt something else-something for Lexander. Slowly she pushed herself away from the balcony, plummeting towards the rushing city lights. The air wrapped around her in a lovers embrace pulling her closer to the city streets. The air was her haven, the sky held no limit for her- she was free. Slowly and reluctantly she opened her wings, catching an up draft that pulled her back up into the night sky. She was at home and very much alive. “ Father midnight I call your arms my home, protect me from myself forever.” Both the night and day had given birth to her
My Gripe
Hmmm, where do I start? Alight as a black man in America I can honestly say I know the black plight or should I say minority gripe. On the other hand, I as a human being I fully truly and wholly understand prejudice, ethnocentrisms, and stereotypes and all those other stuff that comes with it. I’m not that naïve to believe that, I will see a better tomorrow in my lifetime. I mean I’m bout to write my thoughts on this issue and I myself I’ve got my own little prejudices. I know I’m prejudice, I will not deny it. What I caution myself on though, is the mixing of ideologies and notions that have gone astray. that is: Nazism, fascism, genocides, apartidesm, or whatever "ism" one wants to lump with the ones listed. Basically, I can’t say I’m furious at people who choose to be ignorant and insensitive when it comes to issues of race cuss I’m not. Like I said earlier I’m prejudice. But I do have a gripe about people who openly flaunt swastikas and other monikers of HATE!! On their page or p
Hehehehe. Wow Pictures.
That is Emberlyn and her kitty ChaliChali She's a whore. I mean er.. hunter. *falls over laughing*
Help Me Please!
I am in a bbw contest I need comment bombers.The contest ends on the 18th help me out please.Here is the link.Thanks again,smokingbibbw
This Is Funny, Poor Mouse
LOL this is to muchAdd to My Profile | More Videos
The Creation Story
In the beginning, Muspelheim is in the South. Niflheim is in the North. In between is the great spring Hvergelmir. Hvergelmir is located in Ginungagap, a chasm between Muspelheim and Niflheim. Ginungagap means "gap of gaps." Niflheim is nothing but ice. Muspelheim is nothing but fire. Hvergelmir is a huge boiling spring of water slowly melting the ice of Niflheim is the largest area. The action of the ice melting creates a giant called Ymir. Ymir emerges from the ice and is hungry. A second creature also emerges: Audhumla a cow which provides Ymir with milk. Audhumla licks the ice for salt, and as she licks she revels more beings. From Ymir come more creatures as well. From his legs a race of giants is created. Man and woman are created from his armpit. Audhumla uncovers the head of a god. He is called Buri which means "He Who Is Born." He comes out of the ice and takes a giantess for a wife. Audhumla then finds Borr he too takes a giantess for a wife. They give birth to Odin, Vili, an
My Friends
i need you to all go to uber cherry and comment my pic please heres the link just click the pic
Guilty Pleasures
Okay, so I've gotten caught up in a drama series, which is rare for me. I do not watch soap operas, I don't do the Desperate Housewives thing... but here's a series I can get caught up in... Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series. As far as my reads go, I usually lean towards the more academic choices, expanding my mind and pushing the limits of my own knowledge... But this is a great guilty pleasure and a nice side track. Written by Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake is a vampire executioner, a necromancer, friend to every troubled monster, and a nasty foe to all who oppose her. Her small stautre is offset by her vorvacious appetite for revenge and justice. I love her nasty little attitude. I think my favorite quote is when Anita says "The quickest way to a man's heart is 6 inches of steel right between the ribs". Start with Guilty Pleasures, followed by The Laughing Corpse, Circus of the Damned, and Luantic Cafe... careful, these novels are as infectious as a vampire's glance.
Just A Poem
I wish I had a dream I'd tuck it away Where no one can see There it would stay To hide me from The things I fear Let me have What I want near I'm really scared I'm just a girl I'm not so tough Unlike the pearl Whose life is hard Her home is rough I'm just a girl I'm not so tough The front I use Is a shield you see The rough exterior Isn't really me I'm a romantic fool With a tender heart I like warm springs days Long walks in parks I like to spend Cold winter nights By fire side Without the lights I like poem's songs And music's words The warmth of love That music stirs
My Biggest Pet Peeve...
Flakes. I hate liars too, but Flakes just have NO respect for the people they're flaking on. Why do they do that?
Strangers Passion: Story I Wrote
The strangers passion Amanda sat at home bored, she decided what the hell its a weekend, i`m going to go out and have a good time. She jumped up out the chair, turned her favourite CD on and went for a shower. Fifteen minutes later shes in her room, wearing only a towel wondering what to wear. She decided she was going to wear her low cut black dress, nylons and her very high heels. She did her make up and hair, and walked to the front door, stopping at the full length mirror in the hall. "Fuckin Stunning" she said to herself, smiled and left for the bar. When she got to the bar, she sat on a stool at the bar and sipped on her drink, while she casually looked around the room at all the sexy men, trying not to look to obvious. She finished her drink and ordered another but decided to move to a corner booth. She sat there drinking her drink, when a tall dark handsome man approached her, and smiling said, "Hi i noticed you sitting here alone, my name is John,
Are You The Ultimate Rock Music Lover?
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If Anyone Has A Minute I Am Behind Now !!!!
thanks for the votes you did give !!!! On ly like an hour left I guess !!
New Job
eh.. ok so im just writin this to write one. ha ha. i got a new job. YAY! i get to leave target finally. no more havin to see those damn guest face to face. im goin to dish network. now i get to hear them yappin in my ears. eh guess its better than havin to look @ them. I ger paid more. thats a plus. lol
What's Wrong With Me?
Yeah, okay. I think I have entirely too much time on my hands now. For whatever reason the idea of kung fu kamikazee squirrels just came to mind. Maybe this could be turned into a lame ass cartoon series or something on cartoon network. Maybe it could be pitched as an adult cartoon for late night so there could be gratuitous acts of violence and excessive over animated blood spurts...... Is this funny or should I seek help? LOL
My Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Women Beware!!!!
Bones And Fire
Bones and fire, Fire and bones: We cannot look! It will sear our eyes! Even here is beauty, The ashes of love. To see you truly I would have to die.
Im So Proud Yall Check Out This Photo
What Kind Of Woman Are You?
What Kind Of Woman Are You? (Pictures)
I = WHORE I'm a Whore. Let me say it again. I'm a whore. A whore is what you become when you mix power and pussy. Power is pussy. My feminine energy startles many. They want to control me. Taste me. Wine me. Dine me. Fuck me. Ditch me. Tell a friend we sexed crazy to candlelight on a Sunday night after a three-hour conversation on religion. But they leave that part out. They don't remember the power of my words. But they take with them the power of my pussy and that's what makes me a whore. Whores are everywhere. We're businesswomen, hustlers, holders, molders of minds, lawyers and doctors. Your mother is a whore. So is your sister. We're all whores. Every one of us. At the end of the day, we have something that you want. When you can't get it, you hate us for it. When we give it to someone else, you kill us over it. Or them. Or yourself. And in order to cope with the power we have, you go out of your way to trivialize it and us. A taste of the power makes yo
Final Fantasy Xii
Oh my god. This game is eating my brain. I absolutely adore the 'ell out of it. I have crushes on people in it too already. The graphics on this one are spectacular. Right now though I am not going to play it.. I am going to go outside and build Atarah a snowwoman. ^^
Why I deserve to keep my hair. Christopher Parrish Audience: My DNA It seems my genetics’ are smiting me. At 28 years old I am losing my hair. Not that it’s appropriate at any age for ones own body to defy them, but when it happens to some one as naturally immature as I am it set’s the stage for strange conflict’s with ones self. I deserve to keep what’s left of my hair as I do not yet represent an older man or even a mature one. Yes I’m aware that youth is fleeting. I’m closer to 30 than I like and many have said I should go back to working in an office. I made very good money working in Telecom where balding is still very fashionable. A mature man or a wise man might do just that. Let the ends justify the means, work hard at something unpleasant to save for the inevitable goal of home ownership, spouse and kids. Not this aging post teen. Since my return to this semi urban area I’ve taken a delivery job with no future, fun co workers and inte
A Bit Confused But Good News In The Long Run I Think Lol
Well the past month or so Ive been goin to docs like crazy, more dang test, more pain from the test, and basically just a huge mess. I was told in july of 99 that I had primary progressive multiple sclerosis, and spent time in leg braces and 4yrs in a wheel chair, but been up over 5 yrs now. Was told had severe nerve damage in my legs n lower back, and would never know a day without pain, the pain part well they got that part really right!. Nehow, lately been goin for more test, I had a nerve conduction study done to check nerve damage and also muscle damage, a MRI to see what the degenerative disc n spinal disease had damaged and how badly that they found in an x-ray over a month ago. and tons of blood work ( 187.00 worth!). Well today I go back to the doc, pain management doctor, and he says he didnt see the degenerative stuff in the MRI, dunno where it went but didnt show this time, the nerve test (which was my 9th since prolly 95 or so, showed no damage at all in the nerves or mu
A Deck Of Cards
Please do not delete! You will be glad you didn't. Deck of Cards It was quiet that day, the guns and the mortars, and land mines for some reason hadn't been heard. The young soldier knew it was Sunday, the holiest day of the week. As he was sitting there, he got out an old deck of cards and laid them out across his bunk. Just then an army sergeant came in and said, "Why aren't you with the rest of the platoon?" The soldier replied, "I thought I would stay behind and spend some time with the Lord." The sergeant said, "Looks to me like you're going to play cards." The soldier said, "No, sir. You see, since we are not allowed to have Bibles or other spiritual books in this country, I've decided to talk to the Lord by studying this deck of cards." The sergeant asked in disbelief, "How will you do that?" "You see the Ace, Sergeant? It reminds me that there is only one God. The Two
Rude Ppl!!!
Decapitated - Eternity Too Short
(From the album Nihility, dUh.) The recurrent little guitar part that starts at 1:15(and 3:06)into the song has set up camp in my brain, and I like it. I've begun to push the Viking to learn that part, muahahA.
Good Or Evil
Are you Good or Evil? You are mostly Evil (70%), but still a bit Good (30%) 'Are You Good or Evil?'(
Locked Door Here I stand behind this locked door the one I have locked one thousand times before I say each time I will not come here again then a song, a memory,a scent seems to suck me in I look at the pictures here on the wall graphic details of our love, the rise and the fall When the pain gets to great and I am lying curled up on the floor I get slowly to my feet and once more lock the door
Monday 1.29.07
I have a very busy day today... some online testing for my job, and laundry, and house cleaning. I will be popping in off and on during the day to check my messages here. So...if I don't respond to a shout or a message it is because I am away from the PC. Oh... and I will be writing chapter 3 to my erotic ebook also. I love writing it... makes me so wet. I have already had some new friends who showed me that they do not read profiles or FAQ lists. I edited my profile with a statement at the top of the profile stating READ MY FAQ LIST BEFORE ASKING ME QUESTIONS. I hate to repeat the answer to the same questions day after day for years. That is why I created the FAQ list so many of the questions you may have is answered there for you.
The Angels
Some Paths or Traditions call on the Four Wards, Guardians, Directions, or Elements for protection within the circle at the beginning of the ritual. We call on the Four Archangels: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. We invite these angels to join us in every ritual, and find that their positive energies add much to our workings. We call on other angels from time to time as needed for their unique gifts and properties. We wouldn't dream of doing ritual work without our Guardian Angel! Working with the Angels is calming and rewarding. We encourage you to get to know the Angels. THE ARCHANGELS RAPHAEL "Shining Healer" Color--Yellow Direction--East Element--Air Day--Wednesday Time of Day--Dawn Month--April Planet--Mercury Zodiac Signs--Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Season--Spring CALL ON FOR: Healing, Joy, Love, Grace, Miracles, Protection When Traveling, Courage, Encouragement, Knowledge, Communication, Creativity, Balance, Science MICHAEL "Who is God?" Color
The Beginning Of An End ... If Only ...
This article can be found at I just thought it was interesting among other things. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Home of the Brave? By John Steinsvold (03/14/06) Economists concede that economics is an inexact science. What does that mean? Perhaps it means their economic forecast is better than yours or mine. Recently, economic indicators have been rising and people have their fingers crossed. Economists have given us reason to hope that the job market will improve and that the stock market will continue on a steady climb. Yet, the newspapers continue to report more layoffs and more jobs going overseas. Meanwhile, our economy is getting more and more complex. We associate complexity with progress for some ungodly reason. The following problems, however, have become inherent in our economy. What does that mean? It means they will be around for a while: Needless poverty, unemployment, inflation, the threat of depression,
When We Girls Drink Too Much
Adult Quiz
Want to take a quiz.. 1. Last time you had a date? 2. Last time you had sex? 3.a. Last time you gave a bj? 3.b. Spit or swallow? 4.a. Last time you masturbated? 4.b. Fingers or toy? 5. Ever used food during sex? (Details!!) 6. Sex outside? 7. Most unusual place youve had sex? 8. How many men have you had sex with? 9. Any women? 10. Anal? 11. Ever been tied up? 12. Spanked? 13. Your special sexual skill? 14. On top, underneath or from behind? 15. Would you describe yourself as dominant or submissive? 16. Kinkiest thing youve done? 17. Anything anyone has suggested that you have said NO to?
Life Is A Constant Up And Down Ride, As We Walk Aimlessly Til We Find That One Person That We Want As A Partner For Life. Once We've Found Them It Seems Like Nothing Could Remove Them Or Take Their Place. Its What We're Put Here For And What Makes Life Bright. Hugs And MUAHZZZ To The Sweetie In My Life.
A Prayer For My Cousin
Dear God, I Ask you to send an angel maybe more then just one to watch over my beloved cousin......whom i love dearly more then any other......for he is a good, great, awsome person that i have made part of my life.......please i ask you please do not take him from us...i know he is an angel...truely he is.....he has saved me from myself and made me realize that life can be greater then it is now......he has made me see life in a different persective......and that i have done a thousand wrongs but he made me see it as lessons that has to be learned from.......that everyone makes mistakes in there lives...more then once...he has told me that life is very precious...and that it is up to me to spend it the way i want to.....told me that i can be the greatest person that i can be.....and that it was okay to cry when you want to.....when your happy, sad, mad, confused, and hurt or depressed...... i know that he is doing good by protecting our freedom.....but why is it that the ones w
Where's Waldo?
Where is Waldo? Can you spot him? It should be easy to find him, since he is the only one wearing glasses.
hello my lovely friends, i need your help i entered the most seductive contest go and leave me lots of comments... kisses and hugs.. muah
Cum On Over
Try us bang us screw us do what ya need to do ladys ..........
Oprah Broadcast Of The Secret
To all my supporters: I received this email today and once more I am asking you for your help. THE ONLY WAY FOR ME TO GET ATTENTION and pass on my message is with YOUR help! I have been giving a lot of information and will keep doing so for my faithful readers and I am asking you to give me a few minutes of your time to help me to help the world. Please REPOST this for the many days to come and post this EVERYWHERE you read ANYTHING about the "Secret". I really want to help more people and I hope YOU will help me reaching Oprah Windfrey by posting for me. Read on! ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Michelle Dr. Turi, the Oprah broadcast of "The Secret" will be February 8th. I also just found out that it will be followed by an International Law of Attraction Teleconference. If you want more info go to Also, the more posts that Oprah gets on her message boards about a particular topic, the more incline
Thoughts On Love
What is this thing called love. It comes on so sweetly, so good, so fulfilling. It is wild and free and everything you want. It is a dream that continues into the day, a desire that is met by only one. It's the touch of a hand that sends shivers down your spine and the breath you take in of that one special one whose aroma you want to always be with you. It's the need to hear their voice at odd times during the day for no real reason. It's the feeling of being safe. And then it fades somehow. I don't understand that part at all. Something that promises forever in the beginning, that feels so right and so real and so strong...where does that go? How can it end like that? Why won't it stay and keep you warm and safe? Is love only given to us for a short time (even several years doesn't seem like enough) only to have your heart break in the be sad and lonely and searching for that feeling again...only to have that repeat itself and have the cycle keep going until
TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL SOLDIERS!!!!!!! Brought to you by Dragonfly Graphix Courtesy of WITH LUV & RESPECT!!!!! TINA
Family Guy
Flixster - Share Movies
Dulce Et Decorum Est
Another poem by that great war poet Wilfred Owen, it is an honour to fight for ones country an d beliefs..there is in my mind no honour in death, just the waste of a brave person. If death comes from fighting..then is the death honourable. There is no honour in tearing apart those who put their beliefs and love for home and country from the peace of your easy chair. There is no honour in being a fireside critic. On the contrary..there is nothing but dishonour and shame for those who with no experience or the slightest wish to acknowledge the sacrifice of others in order that the dishonoured can exult in their dishonourable activities. WILFRED OWEN Dulce et Decorum Est - best known poem of the First World War DULCE ET DECORUM EST Bent double, like old beggars under sacks, Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge, Till on the haunting flares2 we turned our backs And towards our distant rest3 began to trudge. Men marched asleep. Many had lo
Rating Pix
Just wanted to let All My Friends&Family Know that I was told last night I had reached my "Daily Limit" on rating pictures for my level. As soon as the BS limit ends I will rate Your pictures.Sorry for just commenting and not rating also.
Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 141 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Umm I Dunno
Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||||| 63% Stability |||||| 23% Orderliness |||| 20% Accommodation |||||||||||||||||||| 90% Interdependence || 10% Intellectual |||||||||||| 50% Mystical |||||| 30% Artistic |||| 16% Religious |||||| 30% Hedonism |||||||||||||| 56% Materialism |||||||||||| 50% Narcissism |||||| 23% Adventurousness |||||||||||| 43% Work ethic |||||| 30% Self absorbed |||| 16% Conflict seeking ||||||||||||||||
Thursday, 15th Feb 07
was remarkably productive. Both appointments went well, and got some work done at the university inbetween. Tomorrow- have to finish my application, then a lengthy (traffic-slowed) bus to Port Authority ("Who's your port..." don't even think it, that's a horrrrrrrrible joke.)
All A Matter Of Perspective
A nice, calm and respectable lady went into the pharmacy, right up to the pharmacist, looked straight into his eyes, and said, I would like to buy some cyanide." The pharmacist asked, " Why in the world do you need cyanide?" The lady replied "I need it to poison my husband." The pharmacist's eyes got big and he exclaimed, "Lord have mercy! I can't give you cyanide to kill your husband! That's against the law! I'll lose my license! They'll throw both of us in jail! All kinds of bad things will happen. Absolutely not! You CANNOT have any cyanide!" The lady reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of her husband in bed with the pharmacist's wife. The pharmacist looked at the picture and replied, "Well now. That's different. You didn't tell me you had a prescription."
* Holograms *
The human body is a living “holographic projection machine”. As the neurological structure processes the DNA codes as electric impulses, the individual will perceive outside of himself - as three dimensional matter - the images and events that were programmed into his DNA. Everything out there is a holographic projection. Consciousness projects. We see the hologram because of what is held within our DNA. (Voyager I – Page 27 and 60) Reality is Thought Construction. The core substance of the cosmos is Consciousness. Thought is an attribute of Consciousness, the filter through which consciousness manifests itself into the Hologram of Form. - The Holographic Template. Nothing is truly solid. All things are composed of Consciousness and their apparent solidity (density) is determined by the relationship between the consciousness observing the form and the consciousness of which the form is made. (The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course - Page 10) The "hologram"
Office Paintball
Office Paintball Flash Game
Charlotte--then --daytona
"tv Play" What Do You Get 2 Blondes + 1 Brunette?
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Tiny Angel Wings
In Memory Of My Granddaughter: My Blessed Angel Abagail Madison Spears Born: Dec 17th, 2006 Died:Feb 10th, 2007 You came to us So small, So beautiful. You filled us with love, life, and hope for the future. I guess God had a bigger plan in mind for you. So he gave you the smallest pair of Angel winds and called you home again.. Our heart are sad, We feel empty now with out you. The love for you will always remain.. The lives you have touched, in you short time among us, We are the ones that were blessed, to have an Angel like you among us all. Love you and miss you, My Blessed Angel Abagail Fe 10th 2007 Written By:D.J.R/djr
Winner Of The Sexiest Brunette Contest
The winner of the Sexiest Brunette Contest February 19 - 24 2007 1st Place AngelEyezTN She accumulated a stunning 5,759 votes. 2nd Place *Sunshine* She accumulated 5,367 votes. 3rd Place starduster766 She accumulated 1,792 votes.   I want to thank all the participants in this contest. They all deserve all the best in their lives. They all are very beautiful women.  
As I look across the sand, thoughts of you run free and gentle. Gaze into you. For the time being it is all mental. In a few weeks it will be alive and sentimental. Though it has been quite sometime since our last discussion. The feelings are alive and true. The love that I want to make to you does too. I can barely wait to have you in my arms. To hold you, caress you and kiss you, And protect you from all harm. Make no comment, just hear me through. The day will come when I gaze into you. The instant I look into your eyes as you into mine. The moment will be sweet and devine. Willing to give up anything to be in your presence. Touching massaging, your silk smooth skin. To be with you is like a child getting christmas presents. For someone like you to be alive and true, Gets through day by day. You're awesome girl what more should I say. I want to walk with you and talk to you. Let me see you do the things you do. When the mood is right, And the moon lit bright
Ya know...if you're gonna be an ass and rate one of my art pieces a 5 then have the balls to stand up and say something....and to the one who rated me a 5 because i wasn't female and naked.......just f^%$^n grow up!
Funny Letters To The Local Goverment
"I want some repairs done to my cooker as it has backfired and burnt my knob off." "I wish to complain that my father hurt his ankle very badly when he put his foot in the hole in his back passage." "Their 18 year old son is continuously banging his balls against my fence." "I wish to report that tiles are missing from the roof of the outside toilet and I think it was bad wind the other night that blew them off." "The lavatory seat is cracked, where do I stand?" "I am writing on behalf of my sink which is coming away from the wall." "Will you please send someone to mend the garden path. My wife tripped and fell on it yesterday and now she is pregnant." "I request your permission to remove my drawers in the kitchen." "Can you please tell me when the repairs will be done as my wife is about to become an expectant mother." "I am still having trouble with smoke in my built in drawers." "The toilet is blocked and we cannot bath the children until it is cleared.
Fuck Jimmy
so i found out more shit about my ex more cheating and such and now hes tryn to marry me and i aint having it!
I'm Crazy About This Girl! (not Anymore!)
Last week at this time I was thinking I had a curse on me. Going through divorce, recently fired from my job due to my health...which sucked this last year. Everything was going wrong. Then one day I get a call to start a new job. Walking in there, I never thought I'd love the place but also, and most important, find the woman of my dreams. Literaly, karma was giving me a long overdue dose of compensation that day. I couldn't have created a more perfect woman. Perfect in every detail! She makes me smile, feel silly and comfortable being myself around her. We have so much in common, and not the easy stuff. It's bizarre stuff like not liking horror movies and...well, i'll tell the whole story... Last night she and I went out to dinner and a movie (I know, I'm lame on the whole romantic date thing). We went to G.W. Hunters in Post falls and were having a great conversation when the waitress came to the table. She asked us what we wanted and she ordered her steak exactl
Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy
hello to everyone that is enjoying life . i think we are here for a reason. to make new friends .love are familys and live like it was are last the world is going crazy. live 1 day at a time always have god in your heart.. and a angel on your shoulder.... god bless
Not The Player Everyone Seems To Think I Am....
Romance and Relationships's the deal...I am told that, upon looking at my page, more importantly, my "Friends List" and comments...that I appear to be a "Player"..... Many people are confused as to what a player actually is, and how a real player should conduct him/her self. I do NOT believe that there are two different groups of people in the dating game, the players and the haters. I believe there are three groups: The players, the watchers, and the confused. The players are those who are actively participating in the dating game. Some may be seasoned players and some many be new to the game, but EVERYONE who is dating people on any sort of level is a player (besides people involved in long term relationships). The watchers are those who do not participate in the dating game, some may try once in a while while others would never even think about it. These watchers are scared to become players because of a wide range of reasons, the most common being: shynes
The Cat In The Hat's Birthday!
Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat was released 50 years ago today, on March 1, 1957. To celebrate, Random House is giving away up to a million books to First Book, a children's literacy program. Here's the deal: they're giving away one book for every birthday card to The Cat that they receive online. Just go to Happy Birthday, Cat in the Hat to fill out a card.
5 Love Variables
Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy: Your propensity for monogamy is low. You see love as a gift that you should give to many. It's hard for you to imagine being with one person at at time... Let alone one person for the rest of your life! Experience Level: Your experience level is high. You've loved, lost, and loved again. You have had a wide range of love experiences. And when the real thing comes along, you know it! Dominance: Your dominance is low. This doesn't mean you're a doormat, just balanced. You know a relationship is not about getting your way. And you love to give your sweetie a lot of freedom. Cynicism: Your cynicism is medium. You'd like to believe in true and everlasting love... But you've definitely been burned enough to know better. You're still an optimist, but you also are a realist. Independence: Your independence is high. You don't need to be in love, and sometimes you don't even want love. Havi
And join me in Hidaway-Raido im chillin relaxin and havin some fun come join me *wink wink* here is the link tell them queen sent ya
Get Ridoff The Wrinkles.......easy Way
WRINKLES Some women see them as the bane of their existence, and they actually go through all means they could possibly afford just to get those wrinkles off their faces, the means ranging from expensive creams to Botox to plastic surgery and facelift. Our culture and society is so youth-oriented that wrinkles, especially on women, have become totally undesirable Why do we get wrinkles? Wrinkles are mostly associated with aging. As we age, the cells of our skin become thinner and lose elasticity because of the decreased levels of collagen production in our body. The skin cells also divide more slowly, thus delaying repair and renewal of the skin. Also, as we age, the fat cells just under the outer layer of our skin, which makes the skin look supple, get smaller and lose their ability to fill out whatever gaps created by the damage that occurs in t
How Fuckable Are You?
" The Punching bag"You are 91 fuckable! Yeah, you're fuckable. Probably fucked, too. You can be so wild sometimes that you may even be, well, how should I put this nicely, easy. Wild and kinky is good, but you should lean to use it in maderation. Hold out a bit when it comes to having sex with a new person. You don't have to let it all hang out! Sure, people want you, but it's probably because they know they could have you. It's ok to play hard-to-get once and a while. In fact, it makes you even sexier! This test tracked 1 variable. How the score compared to the other people's: Higher than 97% on humpersLink: The how fuckable are you? Test written by ShizzleBitch on Ok Cupid
Looking For Dj's
Chillin Radio is currently looking for a few good DJ's for some open slots we have. If you have a good internet connection, a nice music collection, some free time and wanna DJ ... shoot me over a email to and lets get ya on AIR!!! streams ..... High: Low:
I got really bored the other day at work and it turned into me taking like 40 someodd' photos of myself. Now I'm not conceided but I am curious what I look like seeing as how I don't really look in the mirror or take pictures that often. So that explains that, not that I owed anyone an explination...but that's why I call this blog randomness.
Very Hard
It was very hard to say goodbye to my grandmother.I would have hoped to have many more years with her.But i realize it was her time and that she is watching over me and my wife..
Ban The Deed...not The Breed!!!
Okay... So in California, and probably other parts of our the US, lawmakers wanna ban Pit Bulls. FUCK THAT!!! Pit bulls are just like any other animal, and human for that matter... It's all in how they're brought up. If the dogs owner trains them to be vicious, then it will be vicious. Train it to be gentle and loving, then it will be your best friend in the world. BAN THE DEED... NOT THE BREED!!!
*~meaningless Passion~*
“Meaningless Passion” I wish I could save myself from all these Meaningless words. And this empty love That you send my way. I wish you could see How much you hurt me. I miss you every single Moment were together. Empty smiles and blank stares, And yet I still got a lot of love for you. This life that I live with you Brings tears to my eyes. I want to know why You don’t even try. When was it when you Fell out of love with me. The more I love you, The more I lie to myself. How can I love you so much But feel so alone. Broken promises, And empty dreams Are all I see When I look at you. I could never love anyone else. Even when you don’t feel the same. Trapped in your heart With no escape… By: Teresa Abeyta© April 11, 2005
Blonde Logic
Two blondes living in Oklahoma were sitting on a bench talking, and one blonde says to the other, \"Which do you think is farther away.. Florida or the moon?\" The other blonde turns and says. \" Helloooooooooo. can you see Florida????\" CAR TROUBLE A blonde pushes her BMW into a gas station. She tells the mechanic it died. After he works on it far a few minutes, it is idling smoothly. She says \"What\'s the story?\" He replies, \"Just crap in the carburetor\" She asks, \"How often do I have to do that?\" \'\'\'\'\'\' RIVER WALK There\'s this blonde out for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite band. \"You-hoo!\" she shouts. \"How can I get to the other side:\" The second blonde looks up the river then then down the river and shouts back. \"You ARE on the oter side.\" **** BLONDE ON THE SUN A Russian, and American , and a Blonde were talking one day. The Russian said, \"We were the first in space!\" The American said, \"
Random Thoughts
1. Peace of mind is hard to find untill you stop looking for it. 2.Broken homes contribute greatly to the breakdown of society. 3.The ability to adapt is a trait of survival. To conform is giving in and following a trend that is breed on fear. 4.The need for man to have a answear for all creation and an explanation for all actions is just his insecurity that quite possibly we really are alone in this world. 5.I have found that as you become older the amount of time that you have been friends with someone begins to have great value to you, more than ever before. No matter what past or present circumstances the friendship has had. 6.Karma isn't without a sense of humor. Becarefull what you ask for. 7.Racism is a waste of hate. When it comes right down to it the only color people care about is green. 8.To truely be yourself there must be a point in your young adult life when you challenge everything you have been taught by your parents and form your own belief syste
Top 10 Reasons Why Cyber Sex Is Better
TOP 10 REASONS WHY CYBER SEX IS BETTER 10. If the date goes bad, changing your Screen Name is easier then changing your real name. 9. Bathing, dressing, supplying atmosphere is optional. 8. If you get drunk and blackout, you only wake up next to a keyboard. 7. You can exercise your offensive habits without embarrassing yourself. 6. Viagra! Who needs Viagra? 5. Your partner could have more of a personality than your inflatable friends. 4. Three words: No shotgun weddings. 3. All guys look like George Clooney and all women like Pamela Anderson. 2. They never have to know you live in your parents basement. 1. If you catch a virus, only your computer dies.
All I Got Left
It that time of the day time to lock up and close the home down. as the kids are tucked into bed time for me to turn in as always this is the time of the day I miss you even more. All I got left are the memories that we shared. you hold me in your arms making love to me away that no man could ever as my eyes get tried I start to fight because I not ready to sleep all I got left is to worry are you safe are they treat you good. who do I say good night to when I used to say it to you All I got left are pictures hang right beside my bed looking down on me. All I got left is to say good night and I, love you and started dreaming of the day you come home but until that day comes all I got left are the phone calls and letters and visited and all I got left is my love for you April 17, 2005
This Really Upset Me
An Inconvenient Truth (&if You Think I Support Al Gore, You Are In For A Rude Awakening)
For all of you mindless sheep who really believed the farsical "Inconvenient Truth", I roll my eyes at you. If you REALLY want an inconvenient truth, here it is. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING, YOU FREAKIN' IDIOTS!! Throughout the dawn of time, there have been cycles from ice age to hot. They have been tracked, they have been monitored, they have been recorded. Since the dawn of time, when this "heating trend" has happened, there HAVE BEEN NO CARS, INDUSTRIAL PLANTS, OR EVEN ENOUGH PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. WHAT CAUSED IT ALL THOSE TIMES??? Want to know what causes global warming? THE FREAKING SUN, YOU MORONS!! If someone, be it politician or group, creates a widespread panic, such as this, what better way to line their pockets than to get in bed with "solutions" such as certain cars (AHEM) and other things. Can we say KICK BACK?? Are you all BLIND???? If that absolute IDIOT in charge of this load of horse manure was REALLY concerned about such utter nonsense, D
Return To Love
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." ~ Ambrose Redmoon We are born hungry for love and fearless of anything else. Love is our nature while fear must be taught, but once learned, it can cause us to spend our entire lives trying to get back to love. Whenever we face a fear having made the decision to extract from it whatever lesson it brings, we not only conquer it, we take a giant step toward love. Every fear comes with a lesson. It also comes chock full of opportunities to return to our true nature. By facing our fears, we acknowledge that love is waiting on the other side. May you face every fear with your arms open wide to the love it is shielding. And may you always be aware that you are loved beyond measure and a cherished blessing to me. Until tomorrow, May your day be filled with all
Happy Birthday Mom
To My Best Friend, The magic of a mother's love, brings harmony and bliss, it covers like a blanket, And cures boo-boos with a kiss. It always offers protection, from the evils that lurk round, It tames the fears of little ones, And turns frowns upside down. with gentleness it guides, It holds your hand when needed, then lets go with tears of pride. Although those childhood years, in an instant pass us by, The love and magic mom instills, will outlast even the sky... Happy Birthday Mom (*_*)
Safe Journey My Friend
Dear Sgt Berry may you have a journey of great peace and rest from this weary world that we live. You lived for a reason that has been that of many a man but recently you have passed for a cause thank you for your sacrifice. Memories of you will live forever but the pain of your absense will die. Go rest high brother we will miss you
Crystal Meth
I saw this on the bulletns so I copy'd it to my blog because I know first hand what crystal meth can do to a family because my husband of 2years more less died due to meth...he got a tooth infection and the poison ran thu hes body and being he had done so much meth hes body couldnt fight the infection...which ran to hes brain n he slipped into a coma and on Dec 21st of 2005 doctors told us he would neva wake up so we had to pull hes life support.Second cause of death was IV drug abuse..So ya reading this really hit home with me...and I really never share nothing bout my life but this one thing I thought I would share... Crystal Meth! I destroy homes, I tear families apart I take your children and that's just the start I am more valued than diamonds, more precious than gold. The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me remember, I'measily found. I live all around you, in schools and in town. I live with the rich, I live with the poor, I live just d
Don't Like The Drugs...
How Big Of a Druggie Are You I Don't Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like MeHoly Shit Dude I'd Be Careful If I Were You Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Serious Virus From A Hacker
Do not open this email "Life's Is Beautiful" When you do! it says life was beautiful now yours is Fu$#ck't and your system will not operate run no of the above! this email is on AOL, Hotmail, yahoo, and all the other internet serv. tell your friends and family
i sit in my darkened room alone as my tears come falling down my reddened cheeks i sob and cry for losing the one i found that made me feel like i meant something i screwed up with him just like i have done with all the others to make them walk away alone again and frusterated because alone is how i always end up being and that hurts alone isnt as bad as being lonely and i have never felt so lonely in my life i have people i can turn to, but without him its just not enough for me i cant say the words and tell him how i feel because its too much for him to handle i cant reach out and touch him, to hold him and let him know that i am here for him hes a million miles away and yet it feels like he was just here and left walking away from me from life from everything around him to heal his pain i truly believe i helped cause that pain and thats why i feel so alone and lonely i helped to hurt someone i care alot about my friend, one of the best someone i c
i am so bored... there is about 2 people that pay attention to my anythings on here.....just so you know im just ramblin about nothing cuz i am so bored....i should go to bed since i have to work... but why.. why waste your time sleeping.. sleepin is so over rated... wow .. my conversation A D D is kickin in as kimy would say... but then she isnt here... she is out playin... having fun.. wish i had time to have fun.. but then of course family and work kinda get in the way of that...some of us have to work for a living... okay please dont take any of this personally ... i am just ramblin remember... okay ill shut up now.. i guess ill just go to bed.. have a great weekend ... everyone that reads this....
You Are A True Winner!
So yes sir, you are certainly the winner... yeah all the time... thats right... but thats ok I can handle it, because I know that as much as you like winning that is how much I like just playing the game with you.... so here you are sweetie, your very own blog for me to write about you! enjoy it.. and I will be adding to it I'm sure! *kisses*
Beer Boy
beer stand boyAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Just Me
Like I have said before, I may be only one person in this world but I want to be the world to one person. Thats says it all
Need Prayer
hello all my family and friends i am really needing alot of prayer.. My uncle who was only 55 passed away this morning he was like a dad to me and well i been getting sick.. so please all give me the strength to get myself through this i love and care for all my family and friends here .... so i come to you all ... just to say ty all you the best
The Meeting
Ok I have lost the first portion of this tale. I've searched for it all over and I believe it was on my old hard drive and is lost forever! WAH!! I'll rewrite it later, but wanted to share the rest with my friends and everyone else!! Leave me lots of comments to let me know what you think!! Hugs, Shelley Once out of our shower we filtered through our bags to get dressed. You were famished-guess sex drove your appetite! We ventured up the street just a bit to a cute bistro. They sat us in a corner booth. It was quiet and semi-private, making my mind filled with lots of dirty thoughts! The waiter came over and took our orders. He left the table briefly and returned with two long stemmed wine glasses. He filled them with a nice Chardonnay and left us to our own company. "So, how do you like it here so far?" I asked. "I like what I've seen to this point. Of course, you knew I would." "I wasn't that sure, but I hoped!" "Well, don't worry no regrets her
Keep Dreaming
Well my dad had to have back surgury last tuesday and well it was 7 and 1/2 hours long and he lost almost all his blood he almost died and workers comp or w/e is trying to fuck him around and so hes got a lawyer and they are sueing his job and also the person who hit him on new years eve.. Well he hurt his back in o2 working then again in 05 so he had to have a sugury in o5 well they made him work and shit even though he was hurt and made him do things working that he wasnt suppose to be doing so yeah hes sueing and thats good that he is because its really fucked up hes like probally disabled for the rest of his life now because of this bullshit and it really pisses me off and makes me depressed because hes really bad hurting and they are being dicks and gah... anywayz yeah.... ..xx Beejay
So I've been asking god for a sign. Something, anything about whether or not I should or if I'm even READY to start dating again. I haven't been the first to jump up and say "oh yeah lets go out!" Or even if a guy compliments me I just shake my head and say "uh huh ok" and just kinda gloss over it and not believe it. I just don't want to go there again. So anyway this guy asked me out on Friday I said maybe and got his number. I gave him a call on Saturday talked to him for a few minutes and haven't heard anything. It wasn't a big conversation just "yeah just wanted to make sure you weren't giving me the looser hot line or something!" He said he really wanted to talk to me and would give me a call later....Anyone ever seen Euro-trip? Scottie from Ohio, this guys name is Scott..and hes going to school here but hes originally from Ohio... strange I thought. Anyways. Like I said before I have been looking for some kind of sign. So today I couldn't take sitting at my desk anymore so I went
I Have Created A Lounge
crazy land for crazy cherries in the name of my lounge come join my lounge and hang out thanks
Please Stop By And Show This Man Some Love
please go show some love to this man here he is in the sexiest male cherry contest just click his pic and go
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Music Video Code | Nashville Relocation | Beach Rentals
Another Day
I have been on much I'm feeling Ill the past few days.I have had the shakes will bad were it afects my walking and thinking.So please bear with me
Smiling On Outside Screaming On Inside!
it has been a while since ive been here and for good reason about 2-3 weeks ago my son was arrested here in mb for tresspassing,well i sent him to ny to visit his mom , he wasnt there 2 weeks and he got roughed up by the nys troopers and according to witness he did not get his miranda rights read to him , so ive been busy working andpuling hair and favors to get this kid home safely...what a nightmare this has been! so if any of you read this, i am soory i havent forgotten any of you , but its been craxy for me here, wishing you all a safe and happy always..rebel
Im Alone
this is my blog for the day the first one on cherry tap... im thinking of giving up on love ive tried and tried to find it. i either keep screwing it up, finding someone that uses me, even finding someone way far away from where im at, and even finding women that are married, than i have these women that dont know what they want. its crazy.. when is it my turn will it ever happen? i know alot of people say this shit but i really dont think it will happen. i dont know what i do wrong or what is wrong with me but it seems like i cant do it. so whatever its life and life sucks most of the time and this must be the time it sucks cause right at the moment i hate life. i just cant deal with this shit anymore. i spend my holidays mainly by myself besides my family.. have a good day
Say What
You thank you know people, but you know nothing. Their are so many ways to say somthing I say and say hello I say tamayto you say tomotto ( if I am spelling it corect.) I say I like I like youyou, and you say you ?. ?. ?. You say Ok I see what you say has no meaning just words comeing from your mouth. I fall for the trap all the time. It set up and I see it and yet I still walk into it. One day just one day I will catch those two Those who go by the name of Fath and Desten other wise knows as Fate and Desteny. They come into our live and make them the way it should be we chose how to live our lives and they set in moshion. I feail for those who are damed when they stand agenst you. Feair has no meaining until they turn on you then you face their full grount. Ironey has little to no say she stand their and waite she judge only when it left up to her. An you say you wonte to know me yet you do so little to show intres. I like you and you say and do nothing in return.
Travel Schedule And Hating Life In May....
so in mixing with the LA trip to go with rotten... here's my travel schedule: FLIGHT 1···Monday, May 7, 2007 | Cleveland, OH (CLE)···Minneapolis, MN FLIGHT 2···Wednesday, May 9, 2007 | Minneapolis, MN···Los Angeles, CA (LAX) FLIGHT 3···Monday, May 14, 2007 | Los Angeles, CA (LAX)···Charlotte, NC (CLT) FLIGHT 4···Wednesday, May 16, 2007 | Charlotte, NC (CLT)···Cleveland, OH (CLE) so basically i'm shooting 6-8 models (3-4 each in MN and NC) for my sites, shooting 15 models in LA for rotten and trying to sleep in there somewhere within a week... im so going to be hating life when I get back hahahaha
I see you every day, Be it with my eyes or in my hearth. I want to reach out to you, Yet something stays my hand. So where does that leave me? Alone. Lonely and quiet. Left to silently dream and fantasize, Even when such thoughts fill me with pain. I hide behind false smiles All the while yearning for more... For truth...for passion...for love... For freedom...and for you...
Music Video Codes By Music like being in the middle of a seperation wasnt bad enough i had to get sick.. i am finaly out of the hostpital after a long 2 weeks of antibiotics. for a bacterial infection.. that managed to infect my nasil cavity.. any who.. this song is stuck on my brain.. maybe thinking about the one i shouldnt have let go ? eh who knows too much else to worry about than my love life. which went from extramely t.v. pop star entertaining to non exsistant.. but yano what thye say what goes around comes around.. guess this is my come around. any who just popping a quick line to let ya knows i am alive and felling much better to those close to me already know this so smooches ya sexy fucks lady kaos
I Alone
how can a person who says they care about another purposefully hurt them why would a person knowingly attempt to crush anothers spirit I have been hurt many times throughout my life yet I always seem to be dumb enough to allow myself to trust again some say I should act against those who hurt me I wont and cant because i need to understand and I will not return a hurtful action with another I live my life as best I can I love with all my heart I trust I give I try and yet I still cry when hurt. I dont blame others, for I alone control how others effect my emotions I alone am the one who chooses who to allow into my heart I alone am the fool who chooses to trust yet I will still Love with all my heart, trust, give of who I am, and try to be the best I can
100 ?'s Bout Me
100 Things You Didn't Want to Know About Me... [Tell the truth] 1. What is the last alcoholic beverage you drank? ~ Jack n coke 2. Do you follow college football? ~cant say that i do 3. How many miles does your car have on it? ~115K 4. Who was the last person to send you a text message and what did it say? im gonna tell u 5. Last time you went swimming in a pool: ~this past summer 6. Are you happy: ~at the moment yea 7. Where was the last place you went shopping: ~walgreens...cuz i practicaly live there cuz i work too much 8. How do you feel about your hair? ~i want it longer and mabe go back blonde 9.Where do you work?: ~walgreens 10. Last thing you ate: ~mac n cheese 11. Do you wish you were someplace else right now? ~yes in my babys arms 12. Last time you smoked a cigarette? ~just put it out 13. Do you have any expensive jewelry? ~yes,i also have a topaz ring that i got from a passed great aunt that i hafta pay ins on blah 14. AIM or MSN?
Please Help Me Out
I need help from all friends,famly and fans...Help me win a blast....This is my first contest and I would love to win. Thanks in advance for all your help. Please Comment bomb and rate my pic to help me out....
Wooot Woooot Sexy
Satyriasis22@ CherryTAP
If You Love Me
Send This To All Ur Friends, And Me If I Am 1. If U Get 7 Back U R Loved 1-3 u r a bad friend 4-6 u r a ok friend 7-9 u r a good friend 10-& ^ u r a great friend Dear Friend, When u feel like me. ! . ! . ! I dont promise that I will make u laugh, but I can cry with u. If one day u want to run away dont be afraid to call me. I dont promise to ask u to stop...... but I can run with u. If one day u dont want to listen to anyone..... call me. I promise to be there for u but also promise to remain quiet. But one day if u call...... and there is no answer..... come fast to see me. Perhaps I need you. ____0000000000______0000000000_____ __000________000__000________000___ _000___________0000___________000__ 000_____________00_____________000_ 000____________________________000_ 000___________THANKS__________000_ _000____________FOR___________000__ __000__________BEING_________000___ ___000__________MY_________000____ _____000______FRIEND____
What Was The Real Problem At Virginia Tech?
Everyone keeps focusing on symptoms and not the problems. Did the school have the obligation to notify students after the first killings? Did they have the means? Why didn't anyone notice the warning signs? All these are symptoms. How about this one for all you gun toting, 2nd amendment living (which you misread) hillbillys - how come it is so easy for American's to buy handguns? Think about it; countries that do not allow direct access to handguns and have very stiff penalties for possession of handguns have a drastically lower violent crime rate. 39% of American households report owning handguns. We are ranked 8th in violent crimes involving guns out of a field of 32 countries that allow handguns. All the countries that do not allow handguns to be privately owned have violent crime stats so low they do not make any of the international ranks. What are you all so afraid of that you have to own a gun? Zee Germans? Or is it those darn Mexicans coming to take your jobs (like you want to
Would You Tell Your Roomate??
Okay I really don't really have anything much to say today... I am just glad I found a spot to say random things without my stalker reading it cause he is only on myspace!!! Yay.... don't mind me...
what final fantasy 8 character are you?Renoayou love to lead and you love the action. you are a rebal at heart and love to do the hard work.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Love Can
Love can move a mountain, As well as wake the sea. No matter the feelings strength, It's just not ment to be. Though the truth is painful, And unkind, Each other's happiness stands on the line. You may think it's wrong, Or even a painted lie. Though love can move a mountain, As well as wake the sea, We all know these feelings, Are just not ment to be.
In the somber cold, I lay awake. My hear torn, and tears run down my face. Surrounded by the darkness, I though left so long ago. I am torn, between fantasy and reality. The heartbeat just a memory, That made my heart grow sound. Everything torn, ripped at the seams. To die would be the greatest gift, Although I must move on. My soul tired and wiry. My heart torn, and shattered. The somber cold keeps me awake. The sorrow soon just another memory, From the blood and darkness around me. I lie awake in the somber cold. My heart torn, and shattered, While tears run down my face.
I Have Never Felt
I have never felt so alone, Never thought I could disappear, From the eyes of those, I assumed cared. I wish I could still run, Run to them, Hide behind them. I wish I had someone to talk to, Someone to share my fears with. When I needed to cry, I hid From the faces I loved and cared for the most. I hid and ignored feelings to hide what i dread most. I have never felt so alone, Never thought I could disappear, From the eyes of those, Who almost cared.
Box Of Heart-shaped Razorblades
Box Of Heart-Shaped Razorblades I've got a box of heart-shaped razorblades And I want to cut you now I've got a box of heart-shaped razorblades And I want to scar you now It's 5 am, and the sun is down It's cold and so bitter out I'd ask you for a cigarette But I know you'd pass out Babe, I've got a box of heart-shaped razorblades And I ain't afraid to mark you up Babe, I've got a box of heart-shaped razorblades And I ain't afraid to cut you up It's 6 am, the sun is now up It's warmer, it's so hot out I'd ask for a bandage But I know you'd leave me I've got a box of heart-shaped razorblades And I want to cut you now I've got a box of heart-shaped razorblades And I want to scar you now
tiday we had our sons birthday he had a blast if your a friend you can check it out the race this weekend was kinda a success derick finished 7th started 14th nick had problems i spot for nick we brought him in to pit made some adjustments and he was flying through the field then his ignition started acting up. that sucked he probly would had have a top 10 finish if it wouldn't have fucked up. he placed 27th but at least both cars are in one piece our next race is in newton iowa but i won't be there. I will be in grundy county morris IL. not to far from home so the whole fam will be there. O ya nick got a sponcer for our team Dixie Choppers!!!!!!! the worlds fastest lawnmowers. BYE
Gone Out Of Town
I just wanted to remind everyone that today I will NOT be around as I am going out of town. I am going to the Toronto airport to pick my mom up. This is the first time I have seen her since September of 2004. I will not be around much tomorrow if any. I have lots of things to get done around my place help my mom get her stuff in order. I will get my comments done as soon as possible. I hope everyone has a great day and I will be back as soon as I can. I don't think I have ever gone a hole day with out being on ct all the time to check my messages and talk to my friends. Don't miss me to much everyone. Well I am off have to drop Tristen off at preschool then a quick run home to pick up my stuff then I am out of here. Have a great day take care all. Happy tapping Stay at home mom
Quick Update...
TO all my dear friends: I'm sorry I have been absent the last couple days, and will be for at least a couple more. Okay I'm not really sorry, you see for the first time in 15 monthes my baby brother is coming for a visit!!!! (alright I cant really call him a baby...hes 6'6" and 25 yrs old, but anyone with a 'baby' brother knows what I mean) He gets in tomorrow afternoon and I have a million things I want to get done before he gets here. He's coming out to give me guardianship (sp?) of his daughter so that he can go into the army. I obviously have mixed feelings about this...on one hand I am so proud of him for serving our country and doing something with his life but on the other hand, Iraq, hello.... It almost seems like a cruel joke that I am seeing him after 15 long monthes only for him to be leaving again, and this time most likely leaving to end up in harms way... ANYHOW, if it takes me a day or two to get back to you please dont think I am ignoring you, I'
Hey Everyone
Hey peeps; I got some more news on what is going on with my hip. Surgery is near but not near enough, 12 more months or sooner all depends on the opening for to have it. But I do have an day surgery where they will stick a nice needle in my hip to see if there is an infection. Isn't that going to be so much fun. I am not that empressed about it, but when i looked up the precedure on line, i almost passed not cool. Check out the site on what they are going to do for the hip aspiration... and then tell me that thats not going to hurt.....
Bleessed Be
I have found my wicca women she is a goddess too me the one i been looking eve for. shes nothing like the last witch she is a lot better she will make me happy i know.
Patience Please!
Hello to all my friends, fans, and family. I'm presently having technical difficuties! Please stand by! Dexter
Childs Letter To God
Dear God: Why didn't you save the school children at .... Amish Country, PA Cazenovia, Wisconsin Columbine High School Moses Lake, Washington 2/2/96 Bethel, Alaska 2/19/97 Pearl, Mississippi 10/1/97 West Paducah, Kentucky 12/1/97 Stamp, Arkansas 12/15/97 Jonesboro, Arkansas 3/24/98 Edinboro, Pennsylvania 4/24/98 Fayetteville, Tennessee 5/19/98 Springfield, Oregon 5/21/98 Richmond, Virginia 6/15/98 Littleton, Colorado 4/20/99 Taber, Alberta, Canada 5/28/99 Conyers, Georgia 5/20/99 Deming, New Mexico 11/19/99 Fort Gibson, Oklahoma 12/6/99 Santee, California 3/ 5/01 and El Cajon, California 3/22/01? Sincerely, Concerned Student ----------------------------------------------------- Reply: Dear Concerned Student: I am not allowed in schools. Sincerely, God ---------------------------------------------------------- How did this get started?... -----------------
I am a proud mother of 4 BEAUTIFUL kids. I am also married for almost 6 years. Married life is just as I thought it would be. Life is Good...
Welcome Back, Kotter?
First off, who the **** is Kotter and secondly, did we know him well enough to welcome him back? Where did he go? Why did we miss him? When did we start caring about people with demented, backwater names? Thank you, Casey, for your much anticipated load of bull**** for the evening. (See, Steve, this is what happens when you allow rabid wolverines to mate with toasters. - Think about Jonas-) Yeah, so, I'm at the computer. Bored as all Hell and trying to figure out if going to bed or bugging a friend is in order. Hell - both sound really nice. I miss you Floofums. I know you miss me too, even if you said you thought I was a permafrost. Just remember, its you and me versus the MEGABEAST! KILL THE MEGABEAST! Either way, this is just a splooge of uselss information. So, stop reading. ... ... Why are you still here? Did you think those dots secretly said, "Please keep reading this, it will benefit mankind!" Actually... hey did say that in really tiny letters. Lol. Laug
Hi All
I am a big fan of the country singer Lee Kernaghan and i was wondering is any one else that likes him as well
Answer Its Fun
Name: Deana Birthdate: Jan. 23, 196 Birthplace: Caldwell, Idaho Current Location: Federal Way, Wa. Eye Color: blue & green depends on what ia m wearing or my mood Hair Color: lt. brown( going gray YUCK!!) Height: 5'1" Weight: 135-142 Piercings: yes Tatoos: definitely Boyfriend/Girlfriend: not yet still searching Overused Phraze: Ok, Bah-bye! FAVORITES Food: is good Candy: sometime u feel like a nut Number: 5 Color: blue -any shade Animal: black panther Alcohol Drink: malibu rum, orange juice and grenadine Bagel: yup toasted w/ creme cheese Letter: A C D Body Part on Opposite sex: Eyes & Butt This or That Pepsi or Coke: Cherry Pepsi McDonalds or BurgerKing: Burger King Strawberry or Watermelon: both Hot tea or Ice tea: Iced Chocolate or Vanilla CHOCOLATE Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Coffee Kiss or Hug: KISS Dog or Cat: Dog Rap or Punk: Neither Summer or Winter: Summer Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Scary Love or Money: Lov
Perfect For Mother's Day
Here is something that should be a sure fire hit for mother’s day: Whaaaat? Now that is firmly ensconced in your brain… some YouTube time wasting: Tamio Okuda, formerly of Unicorn… one of the most popular rockers in Japan and a collaborator with Puffy. I forgot how much I loved the TV show The Fall Guy…
No Lie Quiz
1. last beverage: water 2. last phone call: mom 3. last instant message: Will 4. last text "THE BULLS SUCKED!" 5. last annoyance: stupid guy telling me I'm his soul mate when he sent the same msg to 4 other females 7. last email: a dirty forwarded one SIX HAVE YOU EVERS: 1. dated someone twice?: yep 2. been cheated on/cheated on someone: yes but never in returned 3. kissed someone & regretted it?: yes 4. lost someone special?: yeah.. 5. been depressed: of course 6. been drunk and threw up?: yep.. LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: 2. silver 3. royal blue THIS YEAR HAVE YOU: 1. Gotten a girlfriend/boyfriend? no 2. Fallen out of love? no 3. Laughed until you cried? yes.. 4. Met someone who changed your life? yes 5. Found out who your true friends were? thats for damn sure. 6. Is there something you want to tell someone? yes but I'm not ready 10. How many people on your top friends do you know in real l
Nightowl (april 5, 1975 - May 8, 2007)
OK, so my hiatus from CherryTAP was somewhat short-lived - only lasted a month. Then I got back and remembered why I didn't really want to be here... Anyway... After some semblance of bullshit happened tonight, I thought to myself (three or four beers afterwards) what my obituary would look like. I came up with the following: Scott M. Archer April 5, 1975 - May 6, 2007 Father of none, uncle of 10, brother of four. Accomplishments: Being abusive without actually laying a hand on someone, putting his heart out there knowing full well it would be a target for people who have no hearts of their own, working to live and living to work. Last seen in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, drinking himself to oblivion. In lieu of flowers, donations should be made to every girl who broke his heart. They'll be glad to get the money. Services will be held in private - instead of burial or cremation, he will be interred in the trunk of his 1999 Oldsmobile Alero, which will be summarily rolled
I'd Eat Her
I am new here to the Cherry Tap, but things seem to be going well and I'm Liking it here. So far everyone seems so nice and friendly...... Just wanted to let everyone know that I should be staying here for a while LOL... Thanks Liz
Life...sunrises Sunsets...and The Dance
A lonely beast I smile in the eye of storm What is life to the one who doesn't know how to smile when alone. Drenched in the pain of who I am, soaking in the glory of all that I shall become I stand staring into the night sky. My dreams becoming so vivid I lose track of hours, and days blur into one. But isn't that all life really is? No one seems to have an answer. I think Friedrich Nietzche came closet to nailing the coffin shut when he stated "You have your way, I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, it does not exist." Songs of freedom surging through my veins today I walk proudly through the decisions I have made acknowledging my mistakes to sharpen my sword upon them. Words to make you weep, thoughts to make you smile, promises of heaven as we dance through hell… life follows your thoughts, it is a shame most really have no idea what they are thinking. Eyes squinted staring at the flashing neon cross reminding me all shall be forgiven for ten perc
Happy Birthday To Me :)))
to day my birthday i want cake :))
Still Here
Sorry been gone so long. Been out of town for a little while but I'm back. I'll try to be on more again, but, been going out of town on business so it may take me a while to stop by and say hi. Keep in touch, I will get back to you all.
10 Min Servay
The longest survey you'll ever fill out! Do the world a favor: fill it out and post it for all your friends. Do this because the person who sent it to you didn't sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff. Starting Time: 6:50 pm Name: gina hall Brothers: 3 Sisters: 0 Shoe size: 8 Height: 5'5" What are you wearing rite now? green military sweats and black tee Favorite Number: 27 Favorite Drink: non alcoholic? Pepsi Favorite Month: december Favorite Breakfast: french toast ***********Have You Ever***************** Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yes Broken a bone: no Been in a police car: Yep Been on a boat: Yes Came close to dying: i did die Been in a hot tub: Hell yeah.. Swam in the ocean: yes Fallen asleep in school: yes, Broken someone's heart: yes Cried when someone died:
Can Anyone Help Me?????
hey i missed american idol can anyone tell me who got booted?? please thanks ~sarah~
I Have Been Really Sick (sorry 4 My Absence)
Hi to all my family, friends and fans sorry it has been a while since i have been on but i have been really sick. I spent 6 hrs last night in the emergency ward of my local hospital suffering from chest and abdomen pains (which i still have) and after many tests and machines it has been discovered that i am suffering from a condition that for all intents and purposes has swollen my heart (its not fatal or anything) to almost twice its size and is making it very difficult to breath and hurts like hell. There is nothing to do for it besides pain killers, anti inflamatories and to let it run its course. I had my fiance with me last night while i got the news of this annoyance (she was very distraught and upset) i do promise that i will still be around and a friend fan and family member to all of u, i just have to get over this problem The nurses and doctors at the hospital nick named me Phar Lap last night and had a lot of fun picking on me and telling my fiance that she was ve
Trully Ticked Off
More Things To Ponder ....
When exactly is Hammertime? What are you supposed to go figure? Would working out help a road with soft shoulders? If a road has no shoulders, how does it keep its arms on? If a bunny is so quick, why do so many get run over by cars? Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?
Selling Dvd Collection To Raise Money After Car Wreck
Due to our car accident we are needing to raise money. The insurance company will be taking care of all the bills but in the meantime we still need to live so if you are like DVDS and can help please help by buying some of these. You can read my blogs to get information about the car wreck. The following list of DVDS are $5.00 Each These DVD are in excellent condition and 99% have only been watched 1 time This 1st set of dvds is in original case with all artwork/inserts. Email me and let me know if you are interested in any of these or if you have any questions. Also you can choose to pick them up at Sunshyne Video store on hwy 411 s in maryville or possibly we can ship direct to you. Your Help is Greatly Appreciated!!! This list will be updated each time some sell or are added to it Stories Of Lost Souls Get Shorty The Deep Detonator Cheech & Chong Up In Smoke Rappin National Lamppons Black Ball National Lampoon Dorm Daze Taxi What About Bob Van Damme
Contigo Otra Vez
Brooks And Dunn - You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl
Spirituality And Marijuana
THEN GOD SAID, I GIVE YOU EVERY SEED-BEARING PLANT ON THE FACE OF THE WHOLE EARTH, AND EVERY TREE THAT HAS FRUIT IN IT." GENESIS 1:29-30 Those words seem straightforward enough, and yet cannabis and most other psychoactive medicine plants are outlawed in our society. Those who use these plant gat eways to other states of consciousness are jailed for doing so. Ironically, the major force for continuing this plant prohibition is a group referred to as the Christian Right. They claim to believe in both the Bible and old Yahweh, yet Yahweh's opinion on the matter is stated quite clearly in the above quotation. This article shows how the Old Testament Prophets were none other than ancient shamans, and that cannabis and other entheogens played a very prominent role in ancient Hebrew culture. THE ROOTS OF KANEH-BOSM The first solid evidence of the Hebrew use of cannabis was established in 1936 by Sula Benet, a little known Polish etymologist from the Institute of Anthropolo
Ultimate Level Challenge
I have the Ultimate level Challenge for you all. I need 150,000 points to level. Anyone that I see needing help i help level and try and bring others with me. So heres my challenge to all my friends.I want to level by Sunday at 9:00 p.m. at the end of my blast Contest.So will you stop by and show some love.If you rate all my pictures or all my stash or both please comment on this blog. This way i can return the love if i havent already rated all your stuff. Also I you are a bomber I have 20 people in my Blast contest come show them some love .Thank you and much love to you all.
My Thoughts For Today
hey fellow cherrytappers hope you are all having a great memorial day long weekend. well its time for one of those thoughts that come to me. first off posting comments on peoples profiles is a great thing but when people start posting comments that are demeaning to people like the one about the cat killing a retard to some it may be funny, but to alot of people that have kids or know of people with down syndrone its not funny then. that i have a problem with if people think its funny. to me everyone is created equal whether they are disabled or have special needs. they are much of a person as we are. they are no different from you and i. and should be loved and treated the same. use your heads people. what if i were to send a comment say to people saying that killing newborns is okay which is not right period you would all up in arms against me for that. not that i am saying i will its just a figure of speech. me personally i have known alot of people with CF, people that are specia
Family Lounge
I would like to invite all my friends, fans and especially family to Lestats Dark Covenants lounge. We would love to see you there, possibly join the closest family on the tap..:P Have a great summer.Be safe in all you do. Rick
Need Help In Comment Bombing And Ratings
The Insane Clown Posse claim that they were visited by the spirit of the Dark Carnival and were shown six revelations in the form of Jokers Cards; the first Jokers Card being unleashed on the world in 1991. Each Jokers Card is more than an album... each has a specific message telling the world to change their evil ways before "the end consumes us all". Will this be the end of the Jokers Cards, of ICP, or "the crumbling of time itself"? No one can be sure. 2004 marked the unveiling of the last of the Jokers Cards, the culmination of the Six. A Calm has settled on Humanity, but they have little time to prepare for what is next in store for them from the Insane Clown Posse! Welcome to the show, the traveling ghetto. No longer will the ghetto just be that slum that you keep your kids away from, that slum that you drive through pointing and gawking at. No longer will the ghetto just be a slum that you hear about on the news. If someone from this hell hole wanders into your neighborhood he
To Sum It All Up
You say you don't want me steppin, But yet your game, just isnt quite right, You say your feeling me like no otha, But yet words say, you have no fight, I cant hold back how i feel, and to be honest, I now think your a dog, That jumps from woman to woman, And plays their hearts all along, You see, im a diffrent type of chick, One that knows the game and can play it well, But i chose to not be that shallow of a person, So to you, this is something i must tell, You weren't quite right with me from the get go, Lack of calls and seeing eachother alike, I'd rather let you go like this, Then end up in an some arguement or fight, I am a one man woman, And deserve the same, from a man in my life, So im saying you don't have what it takes, You lack the things that i like, Im ok believe i don't need you, Though you gave me that extra lil strut, But its over with us, I dont want you, Im sorry, i had to sum it all up! Author: Azalia
Enough Said!
I Want To Eat Pussy
I want to eat pussy and ass!!I love to get a hold of the nice little pearl and flick my tongue across it and suck on it...I love to wrap my arms around the girls thighs while I am eating pussy and lookin up at them.. Then we 69 And I love it when they cum and cum and cum.Then I cum for them...Who wants to??
A Mayonnaise Jar And 2 Cups Of Coffee
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and two cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and has some items in front of him. When the class began, he picked up a large empty jar and without a word, proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked his students if the jar was full. They agree that is was. The professor picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. he shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full, they agreed that is was. the professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course the sand filled up everything else. he asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous "yes" He then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured them both into the jar, effectively filling the empty space be
Everything Test
The Everything Test There are many different types of tests on the internet today. Personality tests, purity tests, stereotype tests, political tests. But now, there is one test to rule them all. Traditionally, online tests would ask certain questions about your musical tastes or clothing for a stereotype, your experiences for a purity test, or deep questions for a personality test.We're turning that upside down - all the questions affect all the results, and we've got some innovative results too! Enjoy :-) Personality You are more logical than emotional, more concerned about self than concerned about others, more religious than atheist, more loner than dependent, more lazy than workaholic, more traditional than rebel, more engineering mind than artistic mind, more idealist than cynical, more leader than follower, and more extroverted than introverted.As for specific personality traits, you are adventurious (100%), religious (73%), intellectual (70%), innovative (64%).
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen (vid Included!)
oooh you gonna take me home tonight. oooh, down beside that red firelight; oooh you gonna let it all hang out. Fat bottomed girls, You make the rockin' world go round. Hey I was just a skinny lad Never knew no good from bad, But I knew life before I left my nursery, Left alone with big fat Fanny, She was such a naughty nanny! Hey big woman you made a bad boy out of me! Hey, hey! I've been singing with my band Across the wire, across the land, I seen ev'ry blue eyed floozy on the way, hey But their beauty and their style Wear kind of smooth after a while. Take me to them lardy ladies every time! (C'mon) Oh won't you take me home tonight? Oh down beside your red firelight, Oh and you give it all you got Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round Hey listen here, Now I got mortgages on homes I got stiffness in my bones Ain't no beauty queens in this locality. (I tell ya!) Oh, but I stil
You Are The Best Ct:)
And It Just Gets Better......
Finally, I have come to the conclusion that my ex is nothing but a baby making machine and he will get so far deep in dept with having another baby on the way....I do believe that that is why his stupid blondie wife was trying to see if she can sell her birth control on just too damn funny. WOW...and they just had a baby in December too. So here I am, just waiting on my child support to get here and my ex again doesnt have the balls to tell me that I will not be getting any support for the month. So, Im calling the NE Child support Enforcement and the agents right and left were telling me that my ex has a credit to his account, when I know damn well that there is "no" credit...and my stupid ex is livin well now knowing that he doesnt have to support his two children this month. And then I hear that my ex and his family go to Atlanta, GA in their big tahoe vehicle...knowing that they are low on cash these days. It hit me today that, they were spending the child supp
Cute- O - Meter
Cute -O- MeTeR Cute-O-Meter *everyboday do it* Post this for your friends to see and watch the answers you get sent back to you in your inbox!! If you don't repost your a scaredy-cat and you will have relationship problems for 5 years. So post it now. -2= Nasty -1= Ugly 0= Not Ugly 1= Almost Okay 2= Okay 3= Average 4= Cute 5= Really Cute 6= Beautiful/Handsome 7= Gorgeous 8= Sexy 9= Incredibly Sexy 10= Breath Taking Which one do you think I am? Repost this as "Cute -O- MeTeR Report as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) [?] Comments:
Bad Mood Busters
>1. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit? >Unique Up On It. > >2. How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit? >Tame Way. > >3. How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest ? >They Take The Psycho Path > >4. How Do You Get Holy Water? >You Boil The Hell Out Of It > > >5. What Do Fish Say When They Hit a Concrete Wall? >Dam! > > > >6. What Do Eskimos Get From Sitting On The Ice too Long? >Polaroid's > >7. What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn't work? >A Stick > >8 What Do You Call Cheese That Isn't Yours? >Nacho Cheese. > >9. What Do You Call Santa's Helpers? >Subordinate Clauses. > >10. What D o You Call Four Bullfighters In Quicksand? >Quattro Sinko. > >11. What Do You Get From a Pampered Cow? >Spoiled Milk. > >12. What Do You Get When Yo u Cross a Snowman With a Vampire? >Frostbite. > >13. What Lies At The Bottom Of The Ocean And Twitches? A Nervous Wreck. > >14. What's The Difference Between Roast Beef And Pea Soup? >Anyone Can Roast Beef. > >15. Where Do Y
See If You Have Sexual Preditors
so I went to walmart to get fish as a surprise present for David...and Karen and I go to his house, and set the fish tank up and start cleaning his house....we open the door for some fresh air, and we see the cat david has been taking care was so cute...Jon comes up, and this drunk guy follows him yelling and cussing...he FREAKED ME out so bad...karen wouldnt shut her mouth though, she had to argue with the drunk guy, and I just wanted to lock myself in the house haha, and then david came up and saved us from the freak.
It's Your Love Video ( I Made This One And The Others)
I'm going to be in Seattle from June 12th through July 2nd. If any of my cherry friends live in or near the area and would be interested in getting together for a coffee or a drink, please let me know. I'm sure that I'd love to meet you.
Every Fathers Day I Cry
Every Fathers Day I Cry I see every Fathers Day kids and moms celebrating a special day for Dad. They give him Fathers Day cards and other things to let him know how appreicated he is; I see the smiles of these Dad's and the joy it bring every year,as for me every Fathers Day I cry cause my kids aren't here to share it with me. Poem By: Charles LaMark Nelson Dedicated To: My Deceased Kids
Age And Ancestry
I do have tendency to confuse a lot of people when I mention just how old I am. If you count my age in the same manner as you would my ancestors, then I am 322 years old. In my bloodline, there are two direct lines to the clan of the wolf in two different tribes. Strangely enough, the story about the clans orgin is the same. You see it happened long ago.... Back when man and animal lived in peace, and the people were in harmony with creation, the great wolf, the first of his kind was hunting near a village. He saw a very beautiful young woman there, and feel instantly in love. He went to the creator. "Make me human, for I love a woman of the people." "I cannot, for you are the father to all the wolf people." "I beg you creator, if you do not, I shall die." The creator granted the wolf's wish, but only for one year. The manwolf went into the camp and quickly won the young woman's heart. And, when it was time for him to return to his own people, she gav
The Wind And The Sun
The wind and the sun got into an argument about who was powerful, the wind said to the sun i am more power than you no you are not said the sun i am more powerful..this argument went back and forth for a period of time, with each element sighting reasons why it is more powerful than the other. still they could not reach a conclusion as to who was more powerful. one day a man was passing, the wind said to the sun-today i shall show you that i am more powerful than you. the sun said show me. the wind said to the sun, do you see that man going? yes said the sun. the wind said i bet you i can make his clothes fall off the sun said prove it so the wind went into action. the wind started blowing, blowing, and blowing the more the wind blew...the tighter the man held on to his shirt. after a while the wind gave up. the sun said to the watch me..the sun rose up to the sky majestically and showered it's ray of light on the got sunny and the man took of his shirt...
Today's Horoscope For Aries...
"It's time to follow your instincts. Be totally spontaneous. You're a free spirit at heart, which means you're a natural to indulge those wilder impulses. Persuade someone special to come along for the ride. They'll love it." There you go. Proof in the pudding..... Just need to find someone to come along for the long ride with see, even my horoscope says that "They'll love it!!"... :D Are you the one to come on the ride with me????
I Am...
I am... I am the face of beauty, and the eyes of seduction. I am the lips of passion, and the vioce of reason. I am the fist of justice, and the hand of mercy. I am the bearer of life, and the bringer of death. I am the smile of hope and joy, and the tear of pain and sorrow. I am dreams made flesh, and nightmares made reality. I am all this and more, for I am the embodiment of my Goddess.
What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory
What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory The Lifestyles and Mental Health Concerns of Polyamorous Individuals Geri D. Weitzman Based on a paper presented at the 8th Annual Diversity Conference March 12th, 1999 ~ Albany, New York Table of Contents * Introduction * Types of polyamory * Benefits of polyamory * Demographic data on polyamory * Therapists’ views of polyamory * What is known about the psychological and social functioning of polyamorous individuals? * Specific concerns of polyamorous individuals, which therapists can help with * Future research and conclusions * References * Appendix A: Ways that therapists can be of help to polyamorous individuals and partners * Appendix B: Polyamory resources * Permission to duplicate this paper * Acknowledgements Introduction In our culture, we tend to assume that people are monogamous. People generally have relationsh
More Quotes
Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. Kiss slowly, play hard, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything, and have no regrets. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Pure love is the willingness to give, without a thought of receiving anything in return. Life is about change. Sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful. Most of the time it's both. I wanna be the girl he's scared to lose, the one where he can't walk away from knowing she's mad at him. The one who can't fall asleep without her voice being the last one he hears, and the one he can't be without. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. The best things in life are unseen, that's why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, and dream. Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the bullshit, take chances, and never have regrets. Because at one poing everything you did was exactly what you
80's Child
You know you're a child from the 80's if: You remember Don Johnson when he was "cool" You know who shot J.R You remember when Michael Jackson was actually considered something of a sex symbol You practice getting in and out of your car through the windows You owned at least one skinny leather tie. Your first Walkman weighed 10 pounds and was the size of a brick. You wore L.A. Gear tennis shoes. You know the meaning of Wax on/Wax Off You're always "in the mood for dancing" If you can "See Better" with sunglasses that have paint splattered all over the lenses. You wore lace gloves with the fingers cut off, bangle bracelets up to your elbows, bright red Reebok high tops and parachute pants to a school dance You need a shopping cart to carry your personal stereo with you. You remember what Michael Jackson looked like before the surgery. You go rollerskating every Friday night (not to skate, but to 'hang out') You still want to take Karate
From The Time I Met You
When I first had met you I said I didn't stand a chance I'd be lucky to even talk to you Or exchange a second glance I filled myself with these thoughts And after what seemed like years I began to get your attention And fill your heart with cheer Your eyes always shined But they had begun to gleam You found that I could fill you up And found out what true love means While we were talking one day You said you'd like to go out The one thought that I was thinking Is what is this all about? Is this some kind of a joke? You want to go out with me? Tell me what this is about! Tell me what this means! I held my thoughts inside Put aside what I wanted to say Gave you all I could give you Went out with you the next day Something must have clicked We surely made a connection And all this time I wasted Fearing your rejection Your no longer that kid Who would never go out with me It's as plain as day We're as happy togethe
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Normally you're very generous, but right now you feel like holding yourself farther away from the madding crowd. Well, what of it? A regal type like you has the right to change your mind -- it's your prerogative. well idk bout the regal part, but the rest of it sounds fine with me ;)
Spice Girls Reunion
Girl power back with Spice reunion! It's a sight their fans never thought they would see - the Spice Girls back together again. Five became one at a photocall in advance of their comeback announcement. Now all in their 30s and with six children between them, the group went for a more sedate pose than they would have done in their heyday. Geri Halliwell, 34, has turned more demure since generating headlines around the world by wearing that now-famous Union flag dress. The mother of one, who quit the band in 1998, was the centre of attention by standing in the middle of the group in a long, flowing boho flower-print dress. After dying her ginger locks blonde, Ginger Spice is now ginger again. Standing on the outside, Posh (Victoria Beckham), 33, wore her trademark super-skinny trousers with a corset-style top. Scary Spice (Mel B), 32, did not look too Scary in a red pencil skirt and corset top. Baby (Emma Bunton), 31, soon to have her first child, covered up
Testatment Xii Comments And Rate Plz
"If love is the most powerful weapon then moralitys profession is no need to exist" They say only the purest shall rule them all but in the light there is no such thing as perfection. Always there will be pathways of hospitality change secrets even burden. the bearer of sin only carries the seed of risk for a purpose but it is meant for strength of survival. the light is in the line between truth and dare but only in darkness can justice been seen with a pasion. Beyond the light invisiblity can only be visible if its meant to become the messenger but to hollar and hear thy name rest assure it only listen. it is said what comes around goes around but in the language of light confidential depends on courage but lacks ethusiasum that bind with knowledge. Belief brings only possiblities and readiness but most important fairness. darkness carries a bigger strength of hidden desire. it is deaf mobile vilgant stable and much more sophisicated. Most knowledge turns to its strength becuase
Just because my tears have stopped falling That doesnt mean my sadness is healing I'm merely feeling the presence of The cowardly side of myself That's settled into my heart But I want to keep believing In the beginning of my little dream Little by little, my heart Is beginning to walk forward Dragging even the pain along with it Even if I lose sight of tomorrow in confusion My thoughts and feelings Will still search for the future I'll tire myself out crying Shedding so many tears it will form a rainbow And at the end of that rainbow I'll be standing there born anew born~Miwako Okuda
well im back wont go on a trip with them anymore thow was not to go fishin like they said i think im cought up on evey on if i missed something just point me in the right diretion will take care of all my friend needs
A Video That Restored My Virginity
The Internet and computing has turned what took some freakish effort for science fiction convention AV dorks to tap that "will never get laid" adolescent nadir... to something less determined dorks can do. 
Usa Independence Day
July 4, 1777 was the day the made America what is is today. That was the day the Declaration of Indepence was signed and that made our country free from tryany and fear. Exactly 232 years ago we became a free nation and we are still free today because of that day and the men and women in our Armed Forces fighting for it. Happy Birthday America Hooah!!!!
A Return is Requested....You'll see why! Breakfast at McDonald's This is a good story and is true, please read it all the way through until the end! (After the story, there are some very interesting facts!): I am a mother of three (ages 14, 12, 3) and have recently completed my college degree. The last class I had to take was Sociology. The teacher was absolutely inspiring with the qualities that I wish every human being had been graced with. Her last project of the term was called, "Smile." The class was asked to go out and smile at three people and document their reactions. I am a very friendly person and always smile at everyone and say hello anyway. So, I thought this would be a piece of cake, literally. Soon after we were assigned the project, my husband, youngest son, and I went out to McDonald's one crisp March morning. It was just our way of sharing special playtime with our son. We were standing in line, waiting to be served, when all of a sudden everyo
The History Of The Vietnam War Pow/mia Flag
The History of The Vietnam War POW/MIA Flag In 1971, Mrs.Mary Hoff, an MIA wife and member of the National League of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia, recognized the need for a symbol of our POW/MIAs. Prompted by an article in the Jacksonville, Florida TIMES-UNION, Mrs. Hoff contacted Norman Rivkees, Vice-President of Annin & Company which had made a banner for the newest member of the United Nations, the People's Republic of China, as a part of their policy to provide flags to all UN member nations. Mrs. Hoff found Mr. Rivkees very sympathetic to the POW/MIA issue, and he, along with Annin's advertising agency, designed a flag to represent our missing men. Following League approval, the flags were manufactured for distribution. The flag is black, bearing in the center, in black and white, the emblem of the League. The emblem is a white disk bearing in black silhouette the bust of a man, watch tower with a guard holding a rifle, and a strand of barbed wire; above
Help Out My Friend she needs your help to get to the next level rate her fan her leave comments
My Desolate Heart
Somewhere within myself there is an oasis. A haven to escape to. Where a lush valley with fragrant flowers and a babbling brook flows quietly in the background. The area of this oasis was a much larger place at one time. Where I could kick off my shoes and feel the grass beneath my feet. Inhaling the intoxicating aromas of exotic fauna that had flourished. To maintain this place beholden to myself was simple, a few moments of happiness. The more bliss betwixt my existence, the more fervently my garden bloomed. Now when I attempt to escape to my secret hideaway, the smaller and smaller it seems. Once the edges were permeated with new growth and shoots of soft blades. Traipsing along the borders of my retreat I am astounded by the emergence of dried patches of ground. The soil that was once rich is now arid and cracked. The desolation is encroaching. How long before this harborage is completely overtaken? With your tutelage my conservatory once throughly covered all
Sex Toys And Novelties
Come check out my sex toy shop. Excellent Service,Great Prices,Huge Selection. You can go to my profile and click on the banner or go to
The Cruise
Maureen O'Connell strolled leisurely down the pier, taking in all the sights and sounds that surrounded the departure of a luxury cruise ship. A native New Yorker, Mo had spent the last several days cruising South Beach and enjoying the Miami sun, and boy, this was living, the middle of February and the temperature had been hovering in the mid 70's! As Mo walked past her, the Molly Dee gleamed sparkling white against the azure blue Florida sky, all 790 feet of her! The brochure that her travel agent had given her didn't do the big liner justice, she looked absolutely fantastic! Mo had been planning this trip for over a year, and now that it was here, she could hardly believe it, so after lugging her suitcase on board, she was met by a the purser, a pretty young woman, who looked at her ticket, handed her a detailed map of the ship, and informed her where her cabin was located. "Two flights up," Mo mumbled out loud, while she rode the elevator to the promenade deck. Walking down a long
A Certain Player
ok so i am writing once again because my prior feelings have taken a turn. i fell for a guy on ct by the name of Dan aka tobad4u.he assured me that i was the sexiest woman and i was all his.all along i realized that i was being played so i played harder. i caught him countless times lying to me about other girls. they would hit my page so i did what everywoman would do ..investigate. he was telling these girls the same thing. instead of fighting we all came together and compared stories. i was so amazed but knew all along. he has like 5 or 6 woman on ct and my space. what does he have to offer any of us no direction in life. yeah hes goodlooking but how far does that get u. so ladies please listen when i say hes a player that dont really know how to play. if u dont believe me...start investigating..u will catch on. pay attention
2nd Official "dirty Little Secrets" Pimpout
Not only are these guys part of my dirty little secrets, but fantastic people to know. This is my way of sharing these great men of CT with everyone who hasn't had the satisfaction of meeting them yet. Each and everyone one of these awesome guys means something special to me and have been there when i've needed them. Would love ya'll to repost this as well. Thanks and much luv, Jackie Boone, Plz sign my guestbook@ CherryTAP blueyedevil81@ CherryTAP RECONDOC _DSC_ eXtreme X (resident comedian){ Security guilty pleasures lounge}@ CherryTAP Hoss@ CherryTAP thrdlife4me@ CherryTAP AllDay4Play@ CherryTAP SWM30Tampa@ CherryTAP justgeo@ CherryTAP buttluster@ CherryTAP DirtyWhiteBoy@ CherryTAP JAK~Fae
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Ron Hill
Ok A Great Opportunity
The Other day i signed up to work from home heres the link I love it i already am making money i nkow it sounds like a scam but if it were iwould not have joined the company i only spent 14.50 to join so far we have great healthy products that are non- toxic di you know that leading baby shampoo has FORMALDAHYDE in it yes its found in baby shampoo now see my company sell bath products for babies-children and salon preformance shampoo we also sell yummy bath products for him or her ohh Do you love Candles we got em too Are you a person who loves to take vitamins or wants too well we sell them to can you believe it we also have cleaning products that the little wont have to be rushed into emergency for see every thing is made from TEA Tree Oil so like i said NON TOXIC so if you would like more info please feel free to email me at or contact me through here i have appointments opening up all time if
Stopped Showing Love
Courtesy of as i was feeling this while my ex was cheating on me and when he left me
F.r.e.s.h. New London
F.R.E.S.H Newlondon is an organization that helps get localy grown organic produce into the hands of the community. We started with a garden that we still operate today. We have also have taken over one of the run-down and dilapidated tennis courts, in the middle of the city and built raised beds. So as the community can come and grow their own food. It makes me proud to know that I was the first volunteer, and it is growing just like the vegetables.
Paramedic's And Emt's Wanted
WANTED EMT'S & PARAMEDIC'S Must be able to work long hours with frequent mandatory overtime. Few holidays and weekends off. Must be able to keep massive amounts of paperwork up to date while making split-second, life or death decisions. Must be immune to verbal abuse and able to neutralize the occasional physical assault. Must display patience, kindness, understanding and caring, even when personal life is coming apart at the seams. Must show no aversion to blood, vomit, oozing infections, or human body wastes. Salary is in no way commensurate with knowledge or ability. Only those interested in dealing with depressing situations on a daily basis need apply.
Can You Help Me?
Am looking for a really good girl on girl pic to email my bf to brighten his day(and mine as!!). Anyone able to help at all??
Guest Book
I have been single for far to long. Almost a year and a half. I think I'm going to start dating again. I was in a relationship for 5 years and engaged. Would it be to soon to get back out there?
Birth Days
while this sunday 24 min after midnight ill be 24 for the first time so i hope evry ones say happy b day to me
Little One
I remember your smile and your laugh Everytime you asked for me. I remember your arms wrapped around As you called me Daddy. Its hard to imagine you else where now But its something i must do. You may not be in my life And im not suppose to think of you. But i cant help but look at your picture And be reminded of how much i love you. You are no longer a part of my life Your mom now is someone elses wife. Maybe one day you will remember me. And all the things i would have liked to be. But if you dont, i dont blame you. There was nothing i could do. I just wanted you to know Even though you cant hear me. I do still love you.
Man I Wanna Go............
Okay So Reggae Rising Is Comin To Cali and I Hella Wanna Go. Damn its like short F****n Notice But I wanna Go Damn........
Sisters Three
We are Goddesses and sisters three, Fighting for unregalled redemption. They call us the Dirae or the Fury, We came without need of exemption. Our Fiery eyes and snake hair, Mark us apart from all of the rest. Our skin is darkened and not fair, We are hunters and are the best. We were born of our father blood, His son destroyed that which made him. Our father is no longer a clever stud, He cannot breed anymore on a whim. We seek revenge for those wronged, Women and mothers who were abused We keep the torture far prolonged, We revenge those we have accused. My eldest sister is Unceasing, I am the middle I am Grudging, Alecto's anger is ever increasing, Megaera (me) is always judging. Our little sister is called Tisiphone, Is the one who is ever the avenging. Her heart is made of blackened stone, Her swift sweet justice is abridging. We are the mighty hunters three, We are impartial and impersonal. Our pursuit is of maximum degree, Release from tort
on a night whan i feel so alone all i do is think of her she puts my head in the clouds my heart pound my skin tingle even though she never hears me i tell her i love you and smile
Fetish Flea!!!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! The Fetish Flea is coming!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be at the Cyclorama in Boston Aug 18 from 12-6p!! And then..... The Winter Flea will be held in... wait for it chillin's.... PROVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I'm gonna be there and I just might have some kinky things to peddle while I'm at it!! Some of my purrrrrrrrrrrsonal friends will be there so check them out and have lots o money on hand:
One Firemans Fate
© By Brian K. Blackden The bell clangs, out of our bunks we roll Sliding down the bright brass pole On the truck donning gear Chanting our claim, no fear, no fear To the call we rush in the night Pull to the curb oh what a sight Flames, embers, people's screams One look now at many shattered dreams Into the fire we rush to save life Dragging our line, axe, and pike Up the steep stairs and through the hot door I step too quick and go through the floor Into the room below all aglow The fires intense my screams so immense The heat is unyielding but then I can see My body from above and what I am shielding It is God's will I went through that door And part of his plan I fell through that floor For my purpose is seen through my own tears I have given my life for one of two years Don't be angry I have lived my life true To the child I have saved I'm glad you will too I was a fireman and proud to be one I know your life's fate you'll be on truck one I kn
i had an insane dream last night. i dont remember the full thing or id relate it all here. Prinny was in it. she was actually a key part of it. uhm. there were 6 of us (her, me and 4 others). we lived in this weird dorm like place. there was stuff about ships and piracy and Prinny and my anniversary. i wish i could remember it all. anyways, i thought it was a good enough dream to mention/preserve here. :P
George Carlin’s View On Aging
George Carlin’s View on Aging Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you’re less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. "How old are you?" "I’m four and a half!" You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key. You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. "How old are you?" "I'm going to be 16!" You could be 13, but hey, you're going to be 16! And then the greatest day of your life. . You become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony. . YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!! But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed? You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it’s all slipping away. Before you know
Hey You, Yes You!
I added some more pictures of my trip to Europe this last time. I have more to add but Cherry Tap will not let me add anymore until I get to the next level, so you have to help me with points and things like that. I am not here for points, i am here to make friends and if I meet a special person or persons on here, then great but in order to share things about my life and my trip to Europe, i need you all to help me get to the next levels so i can share pictures...... thank you.
Woot Its That Time Again!!! Dont Miss Out!
Come party w/ us in Fantasia's No Limit Lounge Dj TEASE ON AIR NOW!!!
Cyanide!) (Drink the cyanide!) This is the hand that will blind your eyes and split your spine This is the blade that'll visit your flesh and release the wine (Play!) You play with toys that have triggers and you hear how the led moves near (Play!) You play with razors and it hurts, it hurts As you face your fears So face the dark and I'll teach you about fire in the blink of an eye (Now drink the cyanide!) The worlds collide and you know it's pure filth that I hide On these plains there's a burning ruin that must be found On these plains there's a demon that sleeps, It must be unbound (Run!) You run for the borders where epistles burn in the arms of man (Run!) You run among bodies and they scream, they scream to bite God's hand So face the dark and I'll teach you about fire in the blink of an eye (Now drink the cyanide!) The worlds collide and you know it's pure filth that I hide So face the dark and I'll teach you about fire in the
Being Spied On
So last night I was walking to the pool. I got a text saying "im watching you" I ignored it and went on. About a minute later I got another text saying the same thing, I replied haha very funny. Then I got another text saying I was being watched walking from my apartment to the pool. So I texted back and told Justin to stop fucking around (cuz I thought it was Justin) I got another text saying this isnt Justin. I looked around and wrote back "whatever" Got another text saying "Dont fuck with me bitch" Yeah I was a little scared but still went on to the pool. I was sitting in the pool when I heard a loud bag right behind me. I got my stuff and ran back to the apartment. Came inside and was about to change when the door slammed open. I grabbed a knife and went running to see what it was. Someone had slammed the door open and tripped over chairs while getting away. Someone was actually in my apartment spying on me!! Now I have to sleep with a knife and bat by my bed. This really freaked m
Security Check
Ok, so I am just sitting here rating pics, minding my own business....hold on, security check...... ok, I'm back. Anyway I was just rating some picsand trying to get points, it is happy hour you know and.....just a sec, security check.....ok, where was I, oh yeah rating pics, just looking around.....hold on security check.....ok just minding my own business.....just a minute, security check...... ok like do they have a trace on my account or something, I can even finish a thought with out.....hold on , security check..... ok, I was.....just forget it!!!!!!!!
7 Kinds Of Sex
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "screw you". The 5th kind of sex is called: Courtroom Sex. This is when you cannot stand your wife/Hubby any more. She/He takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone. The 6th kind is called Religious Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. OOPS. Don't forget the 7
New Erotic Story
While I am gone on this trip I hope to find some time to sit down with my lap top (which I rarely take with me) and rattle out some story or two. It has been far too long since I wrote my last erotic story. Any suggestions on the subject, plot, place, etc., for the next story?
The Lonely Soul
The Lonely Soul The lonely soul wanders Alone in the walks of life No other soul as his companion The lonely soul wanders Alone in the daybreak He does his duties In the walks of life The lonely soul wanders Alone in the life He meets many other souls Who comes to be Unfit for the lonely soul The lonely soul wanders As the days pass by The lonely soul became More lonely, with no other souls as his companion The lonely soul wanders Alone in the walks of life The lonely soul decides Not to die, but to face LIfe in all its hardships The lonely soul wanders anto thermadam
Being A Bi**h!
Well I did earn the title. But it came with years of learning and teaching myself that if you don't do for yourself and protect yourself, who in the Hell will? No one! I've been lucky in my life and unlucky. I have many, many friends through the U.S.A. and wouldn't trade anyone of them for nothing in the world. Some of them I lost contact with between 1995 through 2001 due to an asshole of a ex-husband (now). I have found many of you through yahoo, through msn, and a couple through here fubar, cherrytap, whatever this enjoyable site wants to be called. Now that I have found the majority of them and there's a few and yes the majority of them are of the male species, I refuse, will not allow, and if their girlfriends and wives have a problem with oh well, I won't loose them again. Which no one has ever had a problem with me, because there are lines that I draw and I refuse to let them be cross for any reason. I'm a very nice, honorable, loyal, a southern belle at heart and I do mean wh
Going To Bed Lets See Who Cares
i am goin to bed and want to see if any one cares and who my friends are ? i got so many on my list yet no one really talks to me or reads my bulletins. why add some one if you arent goin to talk to them or anything?
Scars On My Heart
Leave me breathless Forget the words almost spoken My will is bent but not yet broken A minute of your time, one small token Watch me slip and fall away Leave me here to wither and decay Witness me drown in the abyss I reach out, hoping to be saved But you're not there to rescue me But you don't care as you stare While I sink into the ocean of my pain You don't know what it's like How can i make you understand? If you could see what I see Or feel what I feel You'd know this love is real You'd know that I'm dying inside While I watch you with another Giving her all the love once given to me Feel me yearn for your smile As I watch it bestowed on someone else Love is a minefield One misstep and all is lost I search for a place to hide Lick my wounds in secret I gather my strength In an attempt to live again After all this time There's still scars on my heart
Are We Really?
The internet is wow! wide open you have a million options and all the people. As my friends call me the internet junkie. I have met Many men yes some of them have been in person and some not eigther way ones heart can still be broken. Are we really strangers, I think so because although you have someone telling you who they are or what they do, its not always true. I could tell a man that I was a Model and I made X amount of money. Or vise versa, and believe me i have been there enough to know the person is probably full of shit. Why lie you will probably never meet each other and the internet is probably the closest you will ever get to seeing who that someone is or who they what you to think they are.. SO think about it you maybe friends but in the end it comes down to what your mother always told you, Never talk to strangers your bound to get hurt.
Let Freedom Ring
Wednesday, July 04, 2007 Let Freedom Ring Current mood: artistic Category: Writing and Poetry Let Freedom Ring Here i sit amongst the birds and bees Telling my woes to the old oak trees They answer back with the help of the breeze Reminding me these moments are made to seize Let Freedom Ring These words I sing No plans, No commitments to nail me down No one who can stop me from where I am bound No doors or walls to prevent me going as i please So why can't i enjoy or feel this life of sudden ease Let Freedom Ring These words I sing Passing blame is mute for the result stays the same No one to blame me and no one to blame I'll tell you its like mixing water with grease Trying to find someone who's heart and mind i can please Let Freedom Ring These words I sing I'm not over the hill though more then a half century old I'll climb the hill slow with no hand to hold At times I get lonely for a face, voice and ear But in times all alone it
Flidias (long, Celtic Mythos)
The Sovereign Song of Flidias I am deep within the woods of this verdant land We share a bond that all of your mundane mystics Can never slash, burn or tear asunder Was I born of the Earth Mother or was she bourne of me? Ask the scholars as they debate Their academic phallusies, lie like laurel wreaths hung dry and dusty Around my shoulders as I watch the endless invasions. The land is still possessed by my hordes unseen Teeming in the night they breed My wild children of the wood. Nature Spirits, hush, strangers draw near (That's you in case it wasn't clear) I once was loved within the legendary conquests of tribal kings We shared a bed, some bairns, and lives though no eye Could see beyond my guise, illusions Of all womenkind, which names were mine? They are long lost to lecherous lore, or guarded, Sealed within a box of sacristry, Illuminated by the lies of ancient heresies While My children, Shining Ones remained veiled from the Sight Of thine eyes, despairi
I keep on hearing all these things people say that are reasons why Indiana is so great. Yeah woohoo we have freaking corn fields. yay im so freaking happy. We do however have the kick butt COLTS yeah baby lets go for another kick @$$ season. But we also have other things that are wrong, which are about to drive me and others out of the state. We seem to have a government that thinks only of themselfs and their own paychecks other than others and their paychecks. We recently had a major tax increase in property taxes. We have government officials living in very nice neighborhoods and house that i wouldnt even know what to do with so much space. but yet we still have people that are living on the street eating out of dumpsters and they dont even know if they are gonna live another day. Trust me i have seen them. I think that our government needs to get their heads out of their butts. We are paying to much attention on little stupid things. we increase taxes on cigarettes but yet beer pri
Night Prayer
Another poem made by me Across the ocean water In the middle of the night For in the meantime I may be out of sight Just take a pillow And hold it tight Just think of me Until dawns daylight With the rise of the morning breeze You inhale in the air and think it might That in ur heart u believe its right For its a new day to see The future looks really bright by Judy Sancedio August 5, 2007
New Home
Pictures of my new home: My Room My Room 2 My Room 3 My Bathroom My Bathroom 2 My Bathroom 3 My Bathroom 4 The Living Room The Living Room 2 The Stairs Downstairs Bathroom Laundry The Kitchen The Kitchen 2 The Kitchen 3 I'll take pictures of the outside later :P
Yu-gi-oh! Glove
Excellent for card handling. Price: 6.99
A New Day
Alright, last night was the moment of truth, she moved her stuff back in, and it went very well. We talked and there were no harsh words said, by either one of us. I explained how I felt I had been treated and she listened. She explained why she did what she did. (Didn't make much sense to me but then she said she didn't understand why herself) So I helped her set up some stuff and we went to our separate beds. She was up most of the night coughing, and sice I couldn't really sleep anyway I went and bought her some NyQuill. Seeing her sick as she is, and let me tell you she is almost as sick as I have ever seen her, well it made me feel bad for her. Here she is in very poor health telling me she hasn't really eaten in about two weeks, she looks like hell, and sounds worse. I got to thinking about the whole thing, she went and did all this stuff to try and fill some void and it all blew up in her face. Her new b/f went back to his baby's mother and basically left her exactly
The Dream
I finally crawled into bed Late last night. With visions of you still in my head. Anticipation pounding in my heart. All my senses filled with your existence. As I escaped into the dream world I know so well, I took you with me. We walked down the beach together. Our hands touching and our hearts bonding through them. The wind kissing our faces gently. The sand giving way under our feet. The warmth in our hearts that only a poet would understand. Finding an oasis in the never ending edge of the world, We sit beneath the giant tree, on the patch of thick grass that seems to have been put there just for us. We talked for what seems to be hours. Never running out of things to say, feelings to share, thoughts to exchange. I reach out to touch you and you stop my hand with yours. Our fingers touch. Our hands envelop each other. Almost as though they were making love to each other. Our fingers dancing. Our eyes gazing into each others. A soft and gentl
My Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Day
My grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr day Click here for more Deejay Ohh video blogs
New Head Officer And Leader Of Bomb Squad
Help Me Out
Guys i send lots of love whenever i can and i don't ask for much in return. Well i'lm calling in a favor, i got less than 6,000 to go and it's for a bet. I HATE LOSING! it means my hair vs my friends hair. please send any love u can to me
Help Them Out Please
hello all if you could would u please go to this website and vote it doesnt matter if you have never seen or heard them hammerd is really good friends of mine and this would really help them out and be an awesome favor to me and if your ever in erie chris( the singer) will let ya crash at his house if ya need a place lol below is copied from hammerd's blog PLEASE VOTE thank you for your support Bones Time is running out! This is THE FINAL week to get your votes in for the RockErie Music awards. Voting ends on Sunday Aug.19th at midnight, so it is critical that we circle the wagons and get this fucker done! The Erie Music Awards voting is fast coming to a close and HAMMERD would like to ask for your support in our quest to gain the TRIBUTE Band title. The push for votes is on! We would like to be acknowledged and get to take part in this wonderful event. With your support we may be able to do just that. If you could take a few
About Sending Forwards
I can safely admit, yes I was and am guility as charged of sending forwards and stuff but lately it's gotten a bit redundant and ridiculous, the way I look at it for one, sending forwards and that via Yahoo or FUBAR or what have you is a little bit of non-sense, usually all it does is give somebody a computer virus and I don't need that since I'm on a fixed income and I don't think anyone else needs it either so as of now, don't send me anymore please besides I think if you care about me and love me and want to be friends with me, it should be talking to me on here or Yahoo or whatever the instant messenger is and if it isn't going to happen than I know who my true friends are because being a friend doesn't mean send 50 million people the same forward and expect it back or you'll have 7 yrs bad luck or have bad luck with relationships for 7 yrs, it's ridiculous! The way I look at it, is if your friends of mine, where ever it is, whether it be on here or Yahoo Messenger or AIM, you tal
Ahh The First Ever Contest I Have Been Entered Into
Worst Pick-up Lines
Now remember guys pick-up lines are supposed to be smooth. They are supposed to work. They are even supposed to be good and even a little creative. Please, whatever you do, do not use these lines when trying to get a girl. Worst Pick-Up Lines 1. You ignite the fire in my loin chops. 2. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen……today. 3. I’d buy you a drink but the sign says “Don’t feed the animals”. 4. Great dress, ya know where it would look best? The dry cleaners. 5. Baby you’re making me hot….please turn off your blow torch. 6. Did it hurt when you fell? Because it looked real funny. 7. I’d love to see your sexy ass bent over in front of me….plunging my toilet. 8. You have an incredible chest, can it be used as a floatation device in case of a water landing? 9. Damn you’re hot as hell……are you from there? 10. I’d like to take you to the fanciest restaurant I know….and buy you a Whopper.
Just Info For Me
Unique & Special Friends!
Update On Mary - Not Good News
This is my friend you for whom you have been bombing. PLEASE read the note from her daughter!!!! Just a short and sad update on my Mom. This morning at 5 am my mother slipped into a coma. The dr's are doing everything they can for her. For those of you that do care please keep her close in your heart and prayers. Talk to her in your mind!!!!!!!!!!!! Let her know how much we all love her and want her back. I have a friend who entered a contest and was taken to the hospital on Friday. She has been battling cancer for 11 years and has been fighting the good fight. None of us know when she might be home again and I think it would be such a wonderful gesture if we could help her win the contest. I wouldn't ask any of you to do this if she was able to do it on her own, but she isn't! At this point, she is trailing by almost 10,000 comments. The contest ends on Sept. 8. If you would be able to help and even ask some of your friends to help, I would be MOST grateful. Thank you in adva
How Can It Be??
How do you fall in love with some one that you never seen face to face? I mean It amazes me on how much I care about someone but never seen him. I do love him & I do care about him. I plan on going to visit him,but how does it happen? I am very happy it did. BUT HOW????
have ya ever had a period of time where ya feel like a loser, where ya feel like no one wants you? This entire summer ive felt like such a loser, i feel very unwanted by anyone. My friends have all but deserted me because they all have significant others or are married with children or children on the way, etc. I cant remember a summer ive spent more time at home since i was old enough to drive. The dating life isnt going so well lately. I feel so ALONE!! I recent met a girl, been on a couple dates, shes sending mixed signals, but a brownie point for her is shes aware shes doing so and apologized for it, but is that a way of her being nice and trying to let me down gentle or what? I wasnt even looking to date when i met her, i was anti dating, i still am somewhat, but i saw something in her, enough to give it a shot. why do i feel so alone? why is it so hard for a decent looking 27(28 in two weeks) year old guy to go out on dates, have fun, and hang out with women and basicall
In The Army Now
well as of yesterday i have reserved my posistion in the army. I go to MEPS (physical exam) wednsday ... I will be leaveing before the end of the month.. I will be working in water treatment until and animal health care specialist position becomes available... I guess i'm ready to get out of small town east texas and do something with my life i figure i only have to sign up for two years i have money to go to college plus that AWESOME 20,000 dollar cash bonus they are handing out at the moment.. lol only bad part of all of this is i have to lie to my family and tell them i'm joining the airforce so they won't vertualy disown me and worry themselves sick over me.. although they will have no choice but to find out when i send them the packet saying i'm graduating from training in the army .. oh well i feel bad but i know it's for the best.. basicly i'm writeing this on here because i need to get it off my chest and i cant tell anyone ...
Still Loving You
Time, it needs time To win back your love again I will be there, I will be there Love, only love Can bring back your love someday I will be there, I will be there Fight, babe, I’ll fight To win back your love again I will be there, I will be there Love, only love Can break down the wall someday I will be there, I will be there If we’d go again All the way from the start I would try to change The things that killed our love Your pride has built a wall, so strong That I cant get through Is there really no chance To start once again I’m loving you Try, baby try To trust in my love again I will be there, I will be there Love, our love(wrong words, help me) Just shouldnt be thrown away(wrong words, help me) I will be there, I will be there If we’d go again All the way from the start I would try to change The things that killed our love Yes, I’ve hurt your pride, and I know What you’ve been through You should give me a chance This can’t be the end I
My First Contest.....
Im in my first contest please come helpBombs ok, rates count 5Thank you smoochesLucretiaLuangel--Just click my pic to get to the contest area..... **** Extra request please R/F/A my beautiful friend PsychoRainStorm for helping with all manner of things : ) Another Note: I promise to get back to everyone that helps, it may take me a minute but I'll get here.
Promise Me
Promise me that you will... be kind to yourself. take one moment at a time. be happy. make three wishes. hum while you work. look in the mirror and see that you are beautiful. be strong. nurture your soul. seek inspiration. listen to beautiful music. believe in fairy tales. find that dreams sometimes do come true. hug yourself. believe that you have a guardian angel. feel the sunshine on your face. laugh and seek laughter in others. always find hope. love whatever you love with all of your heart!
Please Help Me!!!!! First To 5,000 Wins!!!
Hey all quick update. The leader in the Bra and Panties contest has 3146. I know I have more friends and fam than that to help me out. I love all you guys and would really appreciate your help!!!! just click the link and rate and comment the hell out of me! thanks guys! lovie u I WON 3RD PLACE!!!!!!!! Its a 1 day blast. Thanks to all who helped me take 3rd in the bra and panites contest. I won a 1 day blast! I would especially like to thank Chan812crew for sticking it out with me til the end! You are the best! A big hug and a kiss to everyone who commented and made me feel special! hugz, Nichole
To All Friends!
ok two days left on my VIP so if anyone wants pics rated let me know, anyway thanks for being friends with me. I love talking to some, most or all of you, from time to time... So let me know!
Touch It
Was it unexpected? Not an unexpected gesture between us I guess, but at the moment I did not expect it. My thoughts were elsewhere. My body... I am always trying not to be there, so that when it crumbles, when it goes away, when the badness happens, I can react to it as a story being told to me... because I was not there. So many thoughts. Looks. Like... like a plea. Please notice me. Examine this. Hold it. Be gentle because it can break so easily. And then... was it casual? No. It was personal, intimate, that one gesture. His hand, sliding, pressing slightly, resting where my hand had been mere hours ago, minutes, seconds maybe? My thoughts of despair and defeat and otherworldliness were interuppted. And looking down at his fingers placed so gently I exhaled. I calmed. I relaxed. The smile crawled from my throat, slid past my lips and found his face. Were we both the same? Did the thought, the possibility cling to our minds with each passing second? While
Living Large
HoW lArGe Is LaRge? I suppose it's about the MoNey. WeLL hoW MuCh monEy does it take to be "living Large "? I made a Quarter miLLion neT for a few years, and I'll TeLL yoU, My PrObLeMs WeRe As LaRgE As My income! I make 42,000.00 a yr now, and I Must SaY, I aM Much HaPPiEr NoW! LiFe is So MuCh Simpler noW than ThEn! The StrUggle to Become wealthy takes it's toll, And it's a 24/7 never ending fight All UphiLL. I've Had a good taste of being wealthy. It is Addictive, Overwhelming, And VeRy StReSSfUll! Of course, I'm speaking in terms of Coming From Nothing, To Becoming a high profile Success, thru sacrifice, and hard work, not an individuale Born into Money. I suppose it's a matter of opinion, But I prefer having a couple hundred left over in the bank a day before payday. As opposed to having a $10,000.00 BiLL to pay a day before invoices go out! Any way That's just my thoughts about Living LarGe!
Just Checking In
A minister, passing through his church In the middle of the day Decided to pause by the altar And see who had come to pray . Just then the back door opened A man came down the aisle The minister frowned as he saw the man Hadn't shaved in a quite a while His shirt was kinda shabby And his coat was worn and frayed The man knelt, he bowed his head, Then rose and walked away. In the days that followed, Each noon time came this chap, Each time he knelt just for a moment, A lunch pail in his lap. Well, the minister's suspicions grew, With robbery a main fear. He decided to stop the man. He asked him, "What are you doing here?" The old man said he worked down the road. Lunch was half an hour. Lunchtime was his prayer time, for finding strength and power. "I stay only moments, see, because the factory is so far away; as I kneel here talking to the Lord, this is kinda what I say: "I JUST CAME AGAIN TO TELL YOU, LORD, HOW HAPPY I'VE BEEN, SINCE
Ty U Guys Again
Today's Rank: #258 Rating: 10.1 (775) [?] Profile Views: 4,179 Points: 352,550 [?] fuBucks: 289,055
A Tree Stump Of Anxiety
my moms bf was supposed to show up today between 1 and 2 to remove this stump from her yard, and i was told last night to get the dirt knocked off for when he showed up so it woudl be easier bla bla[she told me a week ago but i didnt have a shovel to do it with] so i brough a shovel home last night from my aunts, figuring ill get up this morning and do it since i had worked all day cleaning out a garage coverd in catshit and it was already dark out. well instead of showing up at 1 or 2, he was here at 10 am and had the nerve to be like "didnt you mom tell you to knock the dirt off this?" im like wtf, i get told last night at 930pm that youll be here at 1. now i feel like an ass[and look like an ass for making a 65 year old guy whos having his knees replaced in a couple weeks do it] and am having anxiety because he showed up early. GAH.
Werewolves Pt.2
ARIBAUD-FARRERE. The Animal of Gévaudan identified. Béziers AAE, 1962 AYLESWORTH Thomas. The story of Werewolves. éd. Mc Graw-Hill, 1978 BLACKWOOD A. Running Wolf. 1921 TO STOP A. The Compleat Werwolf. 1942 BUFFIERE Felix. The Animal of Gévaudan: A enigma of the history. éd. Toulouse, 1999 BURTON R.F. Man-eaters. éd. Payot, 1932 BUXTON R. Wolfs and Werewolves in Greek Thought. éd. Bremmer, 1987 BYRON Lord. Gift Juan. 1824 CAMPBELL G. The white She-wolf of Kostopchin. 1889 CAMUS Domenica. Park in Garou ! Lycanthropie in the strategies. socio-economic. éd. of Author, 1999 CASA D. Lune of blood. 1969 CHEVALLEY Abel. The Animal of Gévaudan. éd. Gallimard, 1936 COHEN Daniel. Werewolves. éd. Cobblehill Books, 1996 COLLECTIVE. Métamorfosis, Misterios of lo Desconocido. éd. del Prado, 1989 COLLECTIVE. Mysteries Transformations of the Unknow. éd. Time-Life Books, 1989 COLLIN of PLANCY J infernal Dictionnaire. éd. Elde
i am lookin for a gf to have my first experiences with, i have never had one before because i have only just come out as gay.
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apparantly my albums are full or i've uploaded my limit on pics ive always resisted uploading a salute pic dunno why - just have i've also noticed that i haven't shifted points since reaching the level im now at do i have to post a salute pic to get things moving again ??
About Me Survey
all about me!!*Basics*name:*Anela birthday:*10.08 zodiac sign:*Libra where were you born:*Oahu [Hawaii] where do you live now:*Big Island height:*5' 7" hair color:*Black eye color:*Brown tattoos:*1 piercings:*2 *Favorites*color:*Green, Black, Blue food:*Hawaiian, Mexican, Spanish candy:*Twix movie:*All comedy and action tv show:*Tyler Perry's House of Payne actor:*Da Rock actress:*Gabrielle Union band or singer:*Too many song:*Apple Bottom Jeans holiday:*None really month:*The months my kids were born lol season:*Winter day of the week:*Wednesday store:*Sears restaurant:*Taco Bell sport:*Volleyball animal:*Doggies flower:*Gardenias & Roses *Have you ever....*danced in the rain:*Yes tripped and had an embarassing fall:*No
Just Reminding
well folks today is going to be my last day on here for a while i will be going for my surgery in the morning and i should be back home any where between the 6th and the 8th. but probably won't get on line till a few days after that. so don't think i left for i'll be on and off here most of the day hugs and kisses to all my friends out there
If U Ever Been Sore From Workin Out
IF YOU EVER BEEN SORE FROM WORKING OUT YOU'LL APRECIATE THIS Current mood: cheerful Category: Life OK, NOW THIS I ACTUALLY GOT FROM A GAL THAT LIVES BY ME I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD I WAS CRYING, THIS IS AWESOME!! Anyone that has ever been sore from working out can appreciate this! Current mood: cheerful If you don't laugh when you read this, we may not have much in common. I laughed so hard when I read this! I love it! Dear Diary For my sixty fifth birthday this year, my wife (the dear) purchased a week of personal training at the local health club for me. Although I am still in great shape since playing on my college football team 45 years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and give it a try. I called the club and made my reservations with a personal trainer named Belinda, who identified herself as a 26-year-old aerobics instructor and model for athletic clothing and swim wear. My wife seemed pleased with my
Winding Roads...
Seasons and times come and go. sheding light on the truths of life, not many know why things are the way they are only that life places a song in ones heart, songs differ from peron to person, some sing songs of love where others only sing the blues, no one can fully understand the path that is set before them, they only hope to make sense of what they see, for many visions cloud there thoughts and memories traping them in a world which once was, seeing no way out they stumble and fall, for others the light shines bright, leading them to a path of peace and love, how does life determine who is destined for which path, maybe its the choises we make as we attempt to figure out or place on this planet, maybe its destin, maybe some are meant to be happy where others are not, Me I believe our choises lead us to our destiny, If we can look past the now, look past the pain, each step we take brings us closer to our destiny. but we cant reach it if we stop to look at the now, all happiness is
Military Wife Basher Exposed
I want to appologize for some low life not having nothing better to do with his life. A man from Woodstock Ga has created a profile using my pics for some kind of sick twisted kick and I have been forwarded this information. I am sorry for him attacking either you, this country, or our soldiers. I am a veteran and have a son in rotc hoping to be a pilot, and by no means do I not support our troops. Whoever this person is gets his kicks attacking soldiers pages and military wives, and using my pics to hide behind, let us please get rid of him by blocking the yellow coward. It is up to all of us, my friends, my fans, and my family to come together and get rid of people like this, please go to my bulletins and repost and lets get the word out. I extend my friendship, and hope as such you will take whatever action you feel is best. please repost if you feel others may need to know. Keith this is the profile I had sent to me using my pics SexyBeyotch@ fubar and here is the re
Pain The scars that never heal The blood that never cools The life you live The heart that hurts The words you can never take back The actions that sting the soul The world that turns it back The love that can never be again Try to make it right Try to love again Try not to let it hurt Try to see a better day Try not to let the world see the pain Tears Lies And a soul that Cries That is what pain is.
I confess to having many lovers. I confess to craving for my lovers lips. To having found more ecstasy in passion, then in prayer. I confess to pray still for my loves warm embrace. To have him in me fulfilling the very core of me. I confess to having yearned for the fire to be set ablaze. I confess to having known love, and in knowing it. Known that I have received it as well. I confess to many things here. Yet I repent nothing. I took the only life that was offered me. You have damned me were I stand. But there is no penance for my crime. Because I have only committed one, and neither you nor God can forgive it. I confess to having love and throwing it aside. For the want of men. Fearing more being owned by one man, then shared by many. I ask no forgiveness from your hypocrisy. I have confessed to being many things. To having welcomed men into my arms and bed. For the sake of loving love. Yet not loving the man. You all of you who have power. Cower from what you see in me. A women th
Must See Movie
I just watch Bug with Ashley Judd, very interesting movie everyone must see it. Makes you think.
I push it away it comes back. I run away it will follow. I try to fight but it wont attack. I am no longer in it's near I feel Hollow. I did not ask for it but it was given. I try to stop it but yet it grows. I am alone but yet Taken. I try not to let this make me full of sorrows. I feel I am alone but I am surounded. I know not where it all started. I will not let it make me blinded I have found what this is and so I have departed.
For Parents In Sussex Co, Nj
I think you should know this if you don't already. Talk to your kids about not talking to strangers and remind them often... There have been two suspicious persons complaints reported over the last two days regarding a white male (longer, grayish hair), driving a reddish/brown pick-up truck. On Monday 10/8, the subject drove up along a 13 year old female at Culver Lake, Frankford and motioned for her to get into the passenger seat of his truck. On Tuesday, 10/9, the subject stopped at the intersection of Roberts Way and Sherman Ridge Road in Wantage and asked a nine year old boy if he would help him look for his lost dog. Both children gave similar descriptions of this subject.
Carpet Commando's Strike Again
See what I mean?
About The Bata Milleage
Ok, this is for my fellow citizens of Traverse City, MI. that are on my list, on November 6th, 2007, BATA(Bay Area Transportation Authority) is asking voter to vote yes on a renewal mileage of .35 mills to keep BATA buses rolling, because if we don't pass this milleage BATA will seize operations and their will be no public transportation for any kids, anyone that is a senior citizen or disabled especially if they are in a wheelchair here too, so if you are a registered voter or an absentee voter, I strongly urge you to vote YES come November 6th, please and thank you
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♡bbG♡@ fubar Stephanie Lynn@ fubar
Fun Life
The biggest lies are those that you tell yourself. learn chinese: boyfriend-nan pun yua
Out For A Week
Thats right peeps I will be out for about a week so don't expect to see my lovely face here lol I will only log on to use up my 11's so who ever leaves me comments here will get the 11's! Love you all
Who Has The Hottes Under Boob Shots??
I'm currently in the running for the Philly's Hottest Underboob:) so please do sign up to be a VIP which cost nothing and vote for your girl Tara Lynn!!! link for my pics: Philly's Hottest Underboob pics home pg: Wmmr Home pg thank you xoxoxoxoxox
I have been talking to this girl that I really like... and I want to meet her but somehow we havent and I really dont know if its me or what... If it is me, what is it cause I just dont know... I dont know maybe I'm paranoid, maybe not ... I just know I cant be crushed again...
This Morning
Lay a little longer this morning There's a robust scent of melon to you this morning So ripe with sweet juices, along with a few seeds so that I don't take your fruit for granted How could I when you drip like you do? Birds outside the window chirping ideas & demands at us as if we were on TRL They know I'll do whatever it takes to get you out of your skin & have you collaborate with them in making enduring moving melodies Let me suck on you a little longer this morning Till your moist sugar dries in unison with the dew on the window pane
As The Years Go By
As the years go by You and I we drift apart your love you give and take from me at will Why do you so much and give so little My love so ture not asking for more then I give As the years go by The void grow so wide Your hate grows so fast You and I grow apart and so the scares As the years go by The pain I feel and the love I feel You grows cold and hateful As the years go by I know its over now and must go on alone Less and less do I need you My heart grows so cold You can not hurt me any more As the yers go by I stand taller with out you I need to be on my own Its time to leave behind
You Never Know About Someone Until You Invite Them In
When trust is lost, how can things move forward? When love is lost, how can friendship remain? When hope is lost, living remains awkward; When fairness lost, most men could turn insane! When wealth is lost, it could be well regained; When health is lost, life is only a bane; When virtues lost, nothing is truly gained; When peace is lost, dialogue must start again. When mind is lost, how can one ever feign? When man is lost, to trace him is quite sane; When Will is lost, no man can live or reign; When God is lost, all things we do in vain. When soul is lost, the fear of Hell awaits, And fail do we to enter Heaven's gates!
Live Tv Channel: ~mtv~ Uber
Live TV Channel: ~MTV~ Uber
Halloween is one of the oldest holidays with origins going back thousands of years. The holiday we know as Halloween has had many influences from many cultures over the centuries. From the Roman's Pomona Day, to the Celtic festival of Samhain, to the Christian holidays of All Saints and All Souls Days. Hundreds of years ago in what is now Great Britain and Northern France, lived the Celts. The Celts worshiped nature and had many gods, with the sun god as their favorite. It was "he" who commanded their work and their rest times, and who made the earth beautiful and the crops grow. The Celts celebrated their New Year on November 1st. It was celebrated every year with a festival and marked the end of the "season of the sun" and the beginning of "the season of darkness and cold." On October 31st after the crops were all harvested and stored for the long winter the cooking fires in the homes would be extinguished. The Druids, the Celtic priests, would meet in the hilltop in the dark oa
Would You?
Body: 1.) How many times a day would you kiss me? answer: 2.) Would you hold me? answer: 3.) Would you have sex with me? answer: 4.) Would you take me places? answer: 5.) Would you love me? answer: 6.) Would you lie to me? answer: 7.) If I was sick what would you do? answer: 8.) Would you leave me for one of my friends? answer: 9.) Want to have a future with me? answer: 10.) Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? Answer: 11.) Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? answer: 12.) Would you care about what I wore when we go out? answer: 13.) Would you hang out with me AND my friends? answer: 14.) If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? answer: 15.) If me and one of your friends argued, whose side would you be on? answer: 16.) Would you give me your myspace password? answer: 17.) If I gave you mine would you read all my mail? answer: 18.) If I said I loved you would you say it back? ans
Such Is The Rule Of Honor
I'm the American dream in action. One of Gods own prototypes, a high powered spirit never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, too rare to die! Whomever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward! Whomever cannot take care of Themselves without that law is both! For a wounded man will say to his assailant. "If I live I will come for you, if I die you are forgiven." SUCH IS THE RULE OF HONOR
November 4, 2007
You have the resources to track down just about anything you need -- even stuff (or people) you thought you'd never see. Today is the day to learn as much as you can and then go searching.
My Bowling Story I've been bowling for about 20 years and I always bowled thru injury. I jus went thru major ankle surgery (re-attaching the achilles tendon) in Sept. 2006 incredibly I'm back to bowling earlier then I should be in the end of Jan. 07. My avg. before the surgery was 205, now I'm at a avg. of 187 dont ask me how. I guess my never quit and never let anything keep me down attitude got the best of me. The surgery i went thru I would not wish it on anyone thats how bad it was. The thoery behind this is u can do anything if u put ur mind to it.
Urine Test
Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a . Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ASS, doing drugs, while I work. . . . Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check ? Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don't. Hope you all will pass it along, though . . . Something has to change in thi s country -- and soon!
Where Are We Heading?
WHERE ARE WE HEADING? The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; we spend more, but have less; we buy more but enjoy it less. We have bigger houses and smaller families; more conveniences, but less time; we have more degrees, but less sense; more knowledge, but less judgement; more experts, but more problems; more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry too quickly, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life; We've added years to life, not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbor. We've conquered outer space, but not inner space; We've done larger things, but not better t
New Amber Alert!!
Hey Friends. This guy is the son of a realtor here in Birmingham. Please repost if you can. (just posted a bulletin) We need to get Ben home and back to his family. Thanks
Ppl Choice
Tired Of Spotlights.
No offence to all the lovely people who get on spotlight all the time, but not only have I seen the spotlight bid go up by like 3,000,000fubux in the last couple of months, but I always see the same faces up there. I cant even remember the last time I clicked on a spotlight profile because its not been someone I haven't already seen. I wish they'd limit how many spotlights you can have so that we'd see some new faces.
"somebody Kill Me"
ADAM SANDLER LYRICS [Spoken] Ok, I just want to warn you that when I wrote this song I was listening to the Cure a lot. [Sung] You don't know how much I need you. While you're near me I don't feel blue. And when we kiss I know you need me too. I can't believe I found a love that's so pure and true. But it all was bullshit. It was a goddam joke. And when I think of you Linda, I hope you fucking choke. I hope you're glad with what you've done to me. I lay in bed all day long feeling melancholy. You left me here all alone, tears running constantly. Oh somebody kill me please, somebody kill me plee-ase, I'm on my knees, pretty pretty please kill me. I want to die. Put a bullet in my head. [Spoken] [Girl:] I liked it. [Guy:] He's losing his mind... and I'm reaping all the benefits
If you have haters read these maybe one will work for you. 1. Let your haters be your motivaters. 2. Behind every successful person is a pack of haters. 3. You can hate on me, because that just means I am 2 steps ahead of you. 4. Thanks to all my haters for making me feel so famous, bcause love me or hate me you still know who I am. 5. Jealousy fueling haters since the begining of time. 6. If you wana hate me it's cool. Take a number and get in line. If you have any leave them in the comments and I will add tham to the blog.
If my nose isn't stopped up it's running. Not to mention that if I cough one more time my brain stem will be jiggled loose. This is fucking gay. I haven't eaten in two days mostly cause my taste buds are fucked. Believe my I want to eat, I think, but I just can't seem to make myself. Don't worry I'm not going anorexic on ya'll it's not a stomach flu or anything it's just a cold but it's the worst cold I've had in a while because I guess people love infecting me. And that's another roll of toilet paper I've used just blowing my fucking nose. I don't think I'd be in this perdicament if our fucking heater hadn't broken or if they hadn't taken so long to fix it. Speaking of which it's not fixed yet. Damn it all.
Anybody Bored?
If so and you live around me u should come over and have a drink. I'm making margaritas! YAY TEQUILLA!!!

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