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Fun Stuff
provider. you like that they provide the security and luxury while all you have to do is enjoy it. because spoiling you is what make them happy. they love to show you off and to make you happy. they work hard play hard and fall in love hard. they would walk to the end of the earth for you. tresure this love! Take this quiz at
Why Can't I Send A Shout Or Private Message?
If you can't send a shout or private message it's usualy because that user has you blocked or they have it set to only: Nobody Friends only Family only You will notice the settings by clicking the Profile Link
Okay, So I have been with this guy Bobby for the last year and I love him SOO MUCH!!! I would do anything under the sun for this man, everything he asked of me I did. Not because He asked, but because I wanted to.... Anyways, I am gonna take you back thru the last year.... We got together in December of 05 everything was great, until May, when he got scared... (I supose)and cheated on me with two bitches. I left him and didn't talk to him again until August, when we had our lil Ag Days Festival... Well I seen a mutual friend of ours at the beer tent, and I asked about Bobby, and how he was doing, and if he was happy.. Just cause at that point I knew that I still loved him. Anyways, I asked about him... Brian(the mutual friend) Went and found Bobby, to tell him that I was asking about him. I went on about my merry little way.. Next thing I knew there was Bobby, in my face, Kissing me infront of thousands of people. Wow... I thought, He must still care... BUT MY DUMB ASS FELL INTO THE
Makes You Wonder
This world is so amazing, how did we all survive without out what we now call our everyday necessities. I can not imagine not having a computer, my cell phone, any of that for that matter. WOW!!! Who knew that 10-20 yrs ago, we would have these things. Not me thats for sure. I am so thankful though. I have met some wonderful people, that I now call friends because of it. You can NEVER replace them. Doesn't matter what kind of newer technolgy comes out, they're always gonna be a part of me. Some may even be more than just a friend. Time will tell all. All I can do is be thankful for everything that I have gotten, and stay open minded to what lays ahead. It just makes you wonder....
Lord Of The Rings Character
You scored as Aragorn. Aragorn100%Frodo Baggins80%Galadriel60%Samwise Gamgee60%Legolas60%Arwen of Rivendell60%Gimli60%Gollum60%Saruman the White40%Peregrin Took (Pippin)40%Eowyn of Rohan40%Boromir
I never did find the reason, the reason I couldn’t love you, love you with all of my heart share everything I was, or would be. I always looked the other way when you came too close. Scared of things I didn’t know. Afraid of the way things might turn out. I never let fate take its course, I always fought against it. Not wanting to embrace reality for what it was, I let you go. Those times spent wondering, wondering how to get away, I should have listened to every word you said. I should have stayed longer, longer in your arms, longer in your presence, and forever in your warmth. I should have walked with you on those chilly, starry nights. Held your hand and shared dreams when you showed the courage to ask. Now, sitting here alone, still searching for a reason, the only way I can have you is in my memories. Struggling through the flow of tears, I realize with my entire soul and all the feelings I subdued so well, I should have let you love m
Quilts For Charity(domestic Violence)
To All My Friends An Fans
Hello I am sending this shout out to all my LC friends and fans ...I am Going through some health issues as some of you know ...I have a Brain tumer isn't cancer ....but it is going to require surgery ....I will be off from work for some time when I have this surgery ...I have a CD which contains 5 of my original songs on it I will be selling to whom of you that would be interested will be 12.95 that includes shipping and handeling ....It will also be autographed... those interested can contact me and let me know ....I should have my p.o. box by March 10th. I truely appreciate it ....and thank you all for your prayers and sweet comments Sincerely Rhonda
Can You Read This
Dream Lover
Dream Lover by Nina She wakes every morning with a smile on her face. She felt his love in her sleep. Dreamed of his embrace. Although she's never met his body. His heart she does feel. Anytime she has loved before. Has never felt so real. There is no explanation for it. Not one has she yet found. But OMG the feeling she gets when he is around. Although it may end tomorrow. The memory will not fade. For in her heart a life long friend. She feels that she has made. She hopes it last forever. She prays that they do meet. She dreams of the day her online love. sweeps her off her feet.
My Boots
You Are Sexy Black Boots You only look like you could walk all over someone... What Kind of Boots Are You?
My Birthday!!!
Hey all my 20th Birthday is coming up on Saturday. I'm not too excited but a little. Also my 2nd Wedding Anniversary is coming up on the 10th of April...Yay!
hello all.. hope your day went well.. and that your having a good evening although the weather in some places tonight wasnt so nice.. just wanted to let everyone know to feel free to drop by my page and leave comments and rate pictures and say hello if you want.. im a really nice person and enjoy making new friends.. and i will do the same back in return.. bye for now
My New Pics !!!!!
check them out and let me know comment and rate family members!!!!! Your opinion matters!!!!!!!!
Listen 2 The Words Carefully
Irreplaceable ( Beyonce ) by
Pool Party
A rich man is throwing a party and invites everyone out by the pool. He announces, "I have a challenge, The first person to make it across this pool will have access to everything i own for 2 years. Everyone rushes toward the pool when the man yells out,"Wait! Be warned that this pool has been filled with piranha, alligators and other dangerous animals. As everyone starts backing away from the pool the man asks "any takers?". Suddenly there's a yell and a splash and everyone turns toward the brotha racing across the pool. As he climbs up the other side the rich man grabs him yelling "oh my god you did it!!!! Everything i have is yours. My house, my money, My cars.!" The brotha, Panting heavily says, " Man I don't want any off that shit!!! I want the motherfucker that pushed me in that pool!!!!
Ghost Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for Show
Half Way Mark
i told you i'd post the half way mark and the results are so: overall 10 pounds lost, overall 12 inches lost. tada!
Angel In The Darkness
Life through a demented window, what my world has become. I see it all through smeared glass, there's a bustle of activity...all the movement an oddity to my senses. A trickle of light here and there only to be banished moments later by the chaos. What is that lies just out of reach? What is that I can't make out? A puzzle in the corner holds the secrets, pieces lie scattered across the floor. Pieces of dreams, hopes, ambition, and self...pieces that are getting smaller, drifting away with the breeze. Pieces I will never recover from their lost recesses. I just see it different then you do, I see the reality, I see the truth, I choose to see what's actually there, not the facade that we are always putting on for one another. I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!!! Can't you hear me screaming!?! Stone faces still walking notice given. I cry...I cut...I heal. A vicious cycle of mutilation that keeps me focused. What else is there to concentrate on? All we see is the evil, the nasty, our news
After three weeks in the hospital I'm baaaaack!! XoXo -Jason
Haterz Beware
In the name of jesus-no weapon formed against me shall prosper-and everytime they rise against me,judgement thou shall be condemn-for this is the heritage of the service for the lord-and the rightiousness is of me!!!!!
Why We Love Kids!
1. A kindergarten pupil told his teacher he'd found a cat, but it was dead. "How do you know that the cat was dead?" she asked her pupil. "Because I pissed in its ear and it didn't move," answered the child innocently. You did WHAT ???" the teacher exclaimed in surprise. "You know,"explained the boy, "I leaned over and went 'Pssst!' and it didn't move." 2. A small boy is sent to bed by his father. Five minutes later...."Da-ad...." "What?" "I'm thirsty. Can you bring drink of water?" "No, You had your chance. Lights out." Five minutes later: "Da-aaaad.." "WHAT?" "I'm THIRSTY. Can I have a drink of water??" I told you NO! If you ask again, I'll have to spank you!!" Five minutes later....."Daaaa-aaaad....." "WHAT!" "When you come in to spank me, can you bring a drink of water?" 3. An exasperated mother, whose son was always getting into mischief, finally asked him "How do you expect to get into Heaven
26 Apr 07 - Thursday
26 Apr 07 - Thursday Birthdays: 1880 Mikhail Fokine Russia, choreographer/founder of modern dance 1886 Ma Rainey [Gertrude Pridgett] "Mother of the Blues", US blues singer 1893 Anita Loos author (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) 1904 William "Count" Basie jazz pianist (Policy Man, Blazing Saddles) 1906 Gracie Allen Mrs George Burns, comedienne (George Burns Show) 1933 Carol Burnett San Antonio TX, comedian/actress (Annie, 4 Seasons) 1942 Bobby Rydell Philadelphia PA, rock singer (Wild One, Bye Bye Birdie) 1943 Gary Wright Creskill NJ, singer/keyboardist (Dream Weaver, Spooky Tooth -Love Is Alive) This day: 1478 Easter is celebrated for the first time 1721 Smallpox vaccination 1st administrated 1865 John Wilkes Booth assassin, is shot dead near Bowling Green VA at 27 1928 Madame Tussaud's waxworks exhibition opens in London 1941 A tradition begins, 1st organ at a baseball stadium (Chicago Cubs) 1948 The XP-86 prototype for the Sabre Jet first "officially" breaks the soun
Monday Morning
ummm if only the whole week could feel as glorious as this day right here. Man-o-man! I freakin' love it!!! Just another Monday-Friday run through, and someone tells me theres something called the "weekend"?? Never heard of that..but people tell me its awesome. =) Nothing like writing in a online journal so to speak. One that everyone can read at that! well I suppose it would be only right for me to say hi and goodmorning....but tell me what's so freakin good about it? I woke up this morning like hell...took a shower, felt a little better...then got thrown for a loop. I really dislike being a woman sometimes lol. Shit just eats me up errr...choclate tears, choclate tears running down my check.
1st Annual Fucktard Contest
You think you know the biggest fucktard? Well now you can prove it in the 1st Annual Fucktard Contest. Just comment this blog w/the link to the picture you would like to submit & I will rip it. The Contest Will Start at 10 PM Central on May 20th Thru May 27th 10 Pm Central No Downrating No Freshmeat!! Self commenting is allowed Prizes: Fucktard of the Year's sponsor receives ~ 3-day Cherry Blast Second Place ~ Silver Motorcycle Third Place ~ Rolex (Note: Prizes may change to greater value depending on how many contestants I receive.) Not sure what a fucktard is? Fucktards do not just defy common sense, they are pathologically incapable of recognizing the obvious, and are space-and-time bendingly stupid. There is a great difference between an idiot and a fucktard. For example, an idiot might accidentally burn your stove with a grease fire. A fucktard will not only burn your stove, but your cat, concert tickets and wallet. Then they'll wipe their singed han
The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars. As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven Would through the airy region stream so bright That birds would sing and think it were not night. See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand! O, that I were a glove upon that hand, That I might touch that cheek! William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)
The Fight
An elder Cherokee chief took his grandchildren into the forest and sat them down. He said to them "A fight is going on inside of me. This is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One wolf is the wolf of fear, anger, arrogance, and greed. The other is the wolf of courage, kindness, humility, and love." The children were very quiet and listening to their grandfather with both ears. He then said to them "This same fight between the two wolves that is going on inside of me is going on inside of you, and inside every person." They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked the chief, "Grandfather, which wolf will win the fight?" He quietly said, "The one you feed." --The Cherokee Nation
Death I do not fear Why fear the inevitable? I know where it I shall go I shall burn in the flames of hell Burn for all eternity. My soul charred and blackened Blackened by my deeds Though you say I can atoen I am not sure anymore However I could care less For then my soul shall match my blackened heart The nightmares no different than in life The screams I hear in my sleep The screams so loud I want to cover my ears. It scares me that some nights those screams They are music to my ears. A song so sweet, that it makes me smile. One day death will touch me And it will all go away MaLinda Stevens Age 27 5-3-07
Lost Love
I said a prayer for you today..........I asked the lord to walk with you, to hold your hand tight. I asked him to be patient with you and warm up that cold bruised heart. I asked him to send you someone to love, and someone to love you. Someone who would love you unconditionally and accept you for who you are. Someone to hold you when you cry, to stand beside you when times are low and give you a reason to pick yourself up. And when life is in doubt, to give you the desire to aspire your dreams. I asked him to give you the strength to understand you have to work and fight to keep love alive. It takes forgiveness and understanding, we all know no one but him is perfect, we have to love like there is no tomorrow. I asked him to send you someone who will follow you to the end of the world and who will love you and cherrish you to your last breath here on earth....... I said a prayer for me today............I asked the lord to grant me serinity. I asked him to allow you to forgive me fo
My Daddy
Ok I'm a serious Daddy's girl.I mean who doesn't have their favorite parent?Mine is my daddy.he's easy going,non-judgmental.The total opposite of my control freak of a mother. I like the fact that even though he is heading for 63 this year,he listens,really listens to what I have to say.When I am done crying,we talk about all sorts of things.Everything from sex to my kids.I like the fact that he seems to put every-one around him at ease. He came from a very humble back-ground where they had next to nothing,sometimes only each other.ONe of 9 nine kids is my day.Hard to believe he can remeber when shoes were like only 25 cents.Kinda crazy but MEH whatever. One day he's going to leave me and ya I will cry but until then I will continue to be daddy's baby girl. PS Thanks to Daddy I have a
Belated Cancun Trip Report April 28 - May 5
The wife and I met our friends D and R at the Atlanta Airport Saturday morning and took a non-stop flight to Cancun. After some fun with the Apple transport we made it to BBG, checked in, dropped off our bags and changed, and went to the Sexy Pool, where we ran into more of our friends from last year. We drank and talked. Did I mention that the Resort is all inclusive, and drinks are included? That night we went to Nice Shoes, which had a live band. There weren't as many people there as I remembered, maybe 30 or 40. The drinks were good, and I think R was in the cage above the dance floor a time or two, she loves that. We stayed there for a while, there went back to the room for some Channel 12 and some well-needed sleep. (Channel 12 is the hard-core porn channel. There's also Channel 14, the Playboy Channel, which is soft-core, but nobody watches it). Sunday morning started with Channel 12 at 5:30 in the morning. After that we went back to sleep, then got up and went t
A wise man once said "You can't just walk out into the street and find someone to love you..........." Sometimes things fall things can fall into place.........
someday everything will make perfect sense, so for now laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding your self every thing happens for a reason...
Scorpio - The Addict
Once you have opened this e-mail, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictions. Read your sign, then forward it on, with your zodiac sign and label on the subject line, This is real deal, try ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there. VIRGO - The One that Waits Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. 7 years of bad luck if you do not forward. SCORPIO - The Addict EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Energetic. Predict future. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Caring. 4 years of bad luck if you do not f orward.
Stupid Piece's Of Shit
Please watch out for this Man. His name is Luis Gonzalez. He brutally beat a girl i know to death. Here are two of his pictures. Please repost this for everyone to see so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. This is not a joke. It happend May 12th 2007. It happend just because she couldn't get another girl to join them hanging out. Again PLEASE SPREAD THIS AROUND. Please go and show her some luv. I'm sure she could use a lot of it right now. 2FAST4U!! ~{ Cherry Snatcher}~@ CherryTAP This is off of Active Inmate Details - GONZALEZ, LUIS Information PIN: A0105206 Booking #: 0700007612 Location: EC219B Name: GONZALEZ, LUIS MIGUEL Sex: M Race: W Height: 510 Weight: 135 Hair: BLK Eyes: BRO DOB: 5/24/1973 Booking Date: 5/12/2007 4:11:00 AM Charges Code Desc OBTS Bond $ Release Case # Charge # 1 784.041-1 BATTERY | FELONY BATT RESULT FROM BODILY HARM/DISABILITY 4201118149 $10,000.00 07023945 Court Case # Bond Type: SURETY
This A Friend Wrote For Me,,ty
Sexygirlblond, A tender kiss upon your heart, a endearing place for us to start, expanding our horizons for all to see, as our friendship blossoms perfectly, sharing laughter as time goes by, destine to last for you and I, memorable moments as time comes close, a relation that lasts more than most
I Can't Think Well Enough Alone.
i had this amazing thought to write out earlier. but now it’s just empty space. i can’t remember, and i sure as fuck can’t forget. you were my speech bubble. an impending thought. a desperate attempt. i don’t even know where i’m going with this and i know for a fact that i don’t know where i’ve been. or maybe i do? maybe i’ve been all over town. maybe you’ve been all over my thoughts. do me a favor baby, hand me the .38. i know i don’t have permission… but god damn the idea is tempting me. urging me on. toying with me like you do. i can’t complete a thought. i don’t know where you took them, but they are no longer in my head. let’s just fuck so i don’t have to think. i can just move. and just be. you can think for me. fill your head with me… and i’ll fill my womanhood with you. it’s a splendid idea. commence.
My Loving Husband
>> A man breaks into a house to look for money and guns. Inside, he >>finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties >>him to a chair. >> >> >>While tying the home owner's wife to the bed the convict gets on top >>of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. >> >>While he's in there, the husband whispers over to his wife: >>"Listen, this guy is an escaped convict. Look at his clothes! He's >>probably spent a lot of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in >>years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't >>resist, don't whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no >>matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is obviously very >>dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us both. Be strong, honey. >>I love you!" >> >>His wife responds: "He wasn't kissing my neck. He was whispering in >>my ear. He told me that he's gay, thinks you're cute, and asked if >>we had any Vaseline. I told him it was in the
Good Bye Letter
Friends... This is my time to say good bye..Since I posted those up to date pictures of myself.. everyday in my ctmail I have gotten a good bye letter from a friend saying they cant be my friend anymore because of them. I felt like it was a huge mistake posting those. My crush level has fallen.. my fans have fallen and my rantings have gone up. Everything is gone. That only goes to show you that here on CHERRYTAP and in the real world a woman has to look a certain way. I am very sorry I don't. On a site with almost a million people.. I have 4500 plus friends.. over 2100 fans.. and all that ever talk to me now since those freakin' pictures are four people. it is my time to say "GOOD BYE" and fade into my little corner in CHERRYTAP. I have been thinking about this for awhile. I will only be on when those four people are on and I will vanish the other times. As a friend once called me.. "CTs best kept secret" and I guess he is right since no one hardly if ever talks to me. I
Happy Feet Remix - Lil Jon - Get Low (vid Included!!)
Awesome twist!! 3,6,9 damn she fine hopin she can sock it to me one mo time Get low, Get low 2x To the window, to the wall, (to dat wall) To the sweat drop down my balls (MY BALLS) To all these bitches crawl (crawl) To all skeet skeet motherfucker (motherfucker!) all skeet skeet got dam (Got dam) To all skeet skeet motherfucker (motherfucker!) all skeet skeet got dam (Got dam) Shortie crunk so fresh so clean can she fuck that Question been harassing me in the mind this bitch is fine I done came to the club about 50 11 times now can I play with yo Panty line the club owner said I need to calm down security guard go to sweating Me now nigga drunk then a motherfucker threaten me now She getting crunk in the club I mean she work Then I like to see the female twerking taking the clothes off fucken naked ATL. Hoe don't disrespect it Pa pop yo pussy like this cause yin yang twins in this b i itch Lil Jon and the East side boys wit me and we all like to see Ass and
16 Years
16 years it them 16 years and I just got notification that I am being awarded my second Bronze Star. 16 years no wonder they cant get anything done in DC
My Mistaken Friend.
A few weeks ago, an old friend, a girl I used to date who has long since gotten married and raised a family, called and invited me to a party at her place. I said I’d be there. That night, I met a bunch of her and her husband’s friends, one in particular, a girl who had just broken up with her boyfriend. She drank and the more she drank the more she talked….about her boyfriend. She told me how wonderful he was, how much she missed him and how long they had been together. At this point, I was a bit surprised they’re broken up. Most break ups result in anger, hostility and finger pointing covering the hurt, the pain and the broken promises. This one, I didn’t get. I asked what the deal was, "did he break it off with you?" She said “no,” she ended it. Now I’m impressed. What a classy woman. Ends the relationship and speaks well of her ex. I don’t see that often enough. I told her I was surprised given how fondly she spoke of him. I asked her why she broke it off. She e
Bullshit A Plenty
So I've been a part of CherryTap for a little while now, maybe 6 months, actually. Anyway, I've seen my share of bullshit and I mostly try to keep to me and a few close friends. Well, last night, I read a mumm and a page where some tool took it upon himself to release a guys home address and even went further to release a pic of the guy's mother and even moreso, went onto release the addresses and phone numbers of the neighbors. WTF!?! Who does that over an online chick? Isn't there a law against such? Where are these "so-called bouncers"? The mumm was deleted I'm hoping by the bouncers. How does one become a bouncer? Why are there so few bouncers and so many jackasses allowed to run freely on this site? Why do people report some pics, that really aren't, NSFW and others get away with it? Wow @ the people on this site. I appreciate that there are a lot of people who are awesome and carry on as adults should but I absolutely despise that the ones who don't are allowed to do as they do
Imiss You
I dont have my computer right now so i wont be on as often as i was so ill be on every now and then but i miss u all hopefully i get my computer fixed soon i miss you guys keep in touch
I Will Always
2007-7-1 13:32:15
Wonder What Happened?????
To my baby whom I love and and adore So many nights we spent with each other So many nights I cant ignore These memories I cannot smother Looking for your gentle loving touch I get lost in my fears Sometimes thinking far to much Been waiting for this for to many years Dont know where you stand in all this Wondering what your doing when your gone Our relatoinship so many things I wish I've been waiting far to long Wishing your next to me I turn to see But your not always there If so I feel this wretched misery Wondering if you even care These feelings I feel could last a lifetime Tangling my soul with happiness Thinking of you till you make me shine Cannot contain this internal bliss So many nights I go to sleep with sorrow Haunting every timeless minute Wondering if you'll still be here tomarrow My heart so weak I wonder if your in it But in my heart I know where we stand Reshaping my torn soul Please extend
Just Love The Internet
Sometimes i can't walk in 2 my bedroom because i have 2 go right 4 the computer and this caused problems with every 1 who lives in the same house. They have a computer and it's not hooked up 2 the Internet, but mines is because i have a Lap Top and will be on it every change i get. I just love being online it keeps me out of serious, so do that makes me a Internet Junkie or just some 1 who loves computers?.....
Big Boy Rims
I Have No Luck!!!
So, there I was sitting in the courtroom, not ten foot away from this clean shaven kid. His name is called, his attorney pleads "not guilty" for him. I walk out steaming mad. Now, let me back this up. Early Sunday morning, we are getting ready to leave my friends house. All of a sudden we hear this loud boom, it shook the building. I look out in time to see a red car pulling off. I then realized that the car had hit my friends truck and slammed the truck into my car. On the phone with the cops, I am going into detail. I get a call back to ask me to come identify the car I seen drive off. Less than a mile away, we pull up to see a young kid standing outside the car with an officer. The other officer came over to talk to me. He said the kid was saying that it was not him. I told him that I have the kids front bumper, fog light and cell phone back where is wrecked. Yeah, you read that right, he hit so hard the cell phone flew out the window. After the kid realizes that I was there to b
Lets Ride
looking for some thing sweet and sexy on the back of my bike for a week vacation, any one interested ?
Getting Married
I just want to let all my friends know that I have found the Love of my life and will be getting married on the 18th of August.
Dump Ass New Name
CHERRYTAP LOST IT'S CHERRY AND MADE A LITTLE FUBAR! Cherry Bucks to repost this.. $10 Real money to make a sticky.. $5 Seeing everyones face when cherrytap loses it's cherry and becomes fubar... priceless BLOG BELOW sometime next week i'm going to rename the site to fubar. you'll still be able to go to, or both will go to the same place and all the old links will still work. you're probably asking yourself why is babyjesus such a psycho? well, if you've read my blogs you'll notice i've never been a super best friends fan of the name cherrytap...(anyone get that reference?) fubar is also much faster to type. besides, the name doesn't make the site... the people that use it do. before any rumors start: * no the site hasn't been sold to anyone, it's still the same crazy folks running things. * no we're not planning to do anything different on the site after the name change. * we're not resetting accounts or anything.
So, I still dont have internet. Using it here and there at friends' houses. If you want another way to contact me, let me know :) *HUGS*
So yeah.. related to my last post.. I have been feeling rather disconnected the last few days. On the outside looking in, longing but not knowing how to reach out for it. You know.. How do you approach a submissive you are interested in? well it doesn't matter anyways, cause I cant do it like 90% of the Dominant people out there.. thats not me. I'm Old Guard, but also soft and sweet.. i smile a lot and laugh.. I refused to form an image that was contrary to who i am.. and I am kind.. thats all there is to it, I'm kind.. even if I'm fucking twisted and evil.. -grins- so when I was always approached it was either I let them know i was willing, by kneeling at their feet.. or they said 'your mine.' and I said ok.. but the world feels more complicated now.. its no longer 'PC' to go up to some one you like.. and who seems genuinely interested in you.. and say 'your mine.' then your considered one of those foolish newbies who thinks every submissive in their general location, is thei
Nsfw... But, Yummy
the day started out slow and crappy.. tom came home from work and i was just sitting here naked like i always do. he looked at me and said i missed you today baby. i told him i missed him to and asked if he wanted to go at it for a bit.. he said he was really tired and could he take a nap first. i said sure baby but, i am really horny so i am going to play. he said go ahead but, be ready for his cock when he wakes up.. i said sure baby i always want your hard cock. so, i spread my legs over the arms of the chair and started licking my fingers to get me going.. put my fingers on my clit and started to rub ... mmmmmm.... i know how to make myself happy.. one finger pushed through to find my tight pussy hole ready to be fucked. i closed my eyes leaned my had back and began to finger fuck my tight hole..i could feel the wetness coming and hear the noise it made everytime my finger rammed deeper.i soo wished tom was the one fucking me.. but, he was napping..still rubbing and fucking myself.
Shes Back
Well its been awhile since I have been on just thought Id ubdate this blog on my drama. My wife came back. Things were very good few weeks. Of course I always held doubt of her true intentions. I want my wife and I to be happy together in the worst way but part of me remains nervous. Its like I am just waiting fotr it all to end again. I dont want to have to go through that pain again. When she came back she seemed very regretful of her decision to leave in the first place and seemed very sorry she had cause such pain. But Its been a little while now and I think she is going back to her old ways. She is beginning to distance herself from me. I just wonder if it is my doubts that is pushing her away or what. It seems normal for me to be apprehensive of her motives. But on the other hand I should just let things be and see what pans out. I dont know its weird because I am happy as hell that she is back but I am scared as hell that she'll leave again. There are times when I
So It Turns Out...
The drunk guy that came back at 4am lost his car and his buddy had his plane ticket in there... so now he dont know if he can leave yet hahahaha... WOW
Me Again
things are getting better day by day, dtill lonly, but still alive too, so I guess I can't complain too much. THanks for viewing me
İstİklal MarŞi
Korkma, sönmez bu şafaklarda yüzen al sancak Sönmeden yurdumun üstünde tüten en son ocak. O benim milletimin yıldızıdır, parlayacak! O benimdir, o benim milletimindir ancak! Çatma, kurban olayım, çehreni ey nazlı hilal! Kahraman ırkıma bir gül... ne bu şiddet, bu celal? Sana olmaz dökülen kanlarımız sonra helal. Hakkıdır, Hakk'a tapan milletimin istiklal. Ben ezelden beridir hür yaşadım, hür yaşarım; Hangi çılgın bana zincir vuracakmış? Şaşarım! Kükremiş sel gibiyim, bendimi çiğner, aşarım. Yırtarım dağları, enginlere sığmam, taşarım. Garbın âfâkını sarmışsa çelik zırhlı duvar. Benim iman dolu göğsüm gibi serhaddim var. Ulusun, korkma! Nasıl böyle bir imanı boğar, 'Medeniyyet!' dediğin tek dişi kalmış canavar? Arkadaş, yurduma alçakları uğratma sakın; Siper et gövdeni, dursun bu hayâsızca akın. Doğacaktır sana va'dettiği günler Hakk'ın, Kim bilir, belki yarın, belki yarından da yakın. Bastığın yerleri 'toprak!' diyerek geçme, tanı! Düşün altındaki binlerc
As Laid My Head!
'07 As I laid my head last nite a tear ran down my face The thought of losing love was on my pillow case Being strong is not in site when thinking of her touch Her sent, her look her everything is why this hurt so much When i close my eyes tonight i know she'll be in my dreams Wishing she would understand just how much she means Hoping I can hear her voice whisper in the morning So cute as she says I love you even while she yawning The moments that she has they make me smile all day And how her eyes sparkled when she looks my way Id give my song to have her hand and never let me go I'll try my best to do her right my love then she would know I'd give my sight so she wont hurt when it's going wrong I've never known love like this, This feeling is so strong When I wake up i'll be alone quivers in my heart I admit it really hurts why did I have to start. As I laid my head last night a tear ran down my cheek The beauty in her everym
Vic Giveaway
i got into a VIC giveaway any help bombing would be appriciated here is the link a big thanks you to bigsexy for putting this on show him some love ~~~~BIGSEXY~~~~~proud FUhusband to TRACY~~~owner BIGSEXY BOMBERS@ fubar
Fubar Kicks Bootie!
Ok friends... I Just wanted to update you a little on the contest im running... Theres still tons of time left before its over.. I told one lady not to give up , and she has come up from around 300 votes all the way up to almost 2000 injust a cpl hours...I find that pretty amazing...Better keep your eyes open, looks like some one has a bombing family helping them.....Theres still at least 7 people seriously competing for these prizes....So dont give up!!!The sportsmanship has been outstanding! I hope you all know, i appreciate the great teamwork and effort that has been put forth! I want to Appologize to everyone for my sometimes less then adequite behavior and spelling... LMAO ....Seriously though...Im doing my best and if theres anything i can do to make things funner or more exciting...Send me an F-mail with your suggestion....Thanks for Your friendship and for all the great time spent.....
Angel Friend
When I have no one to turn to And I am feeling kind of low, When there is no one to talk to And nowhere I want to go, I search deep within myself It is the love inside my heart That lets me know my Angels are there Even though we are miles apart. A smile then appears upon my face And the sun begins to shine. I hear a voice, so soft and sweet Saying, 'Everything will be just fine' It may seem that I am alone But I am never by myself at all. Whenever I need my Angels near All I have to do is call. An Angel's love is always true On that you can depend. They will always stand behind you And will always be your friend. Through darkest hours and brightest days Our Angel's see us through They smile when we are happy, and will cry when we are blue.. Thanks for being my Angel my friend I will be there for you until the end.
Go Out With Me
post this saying "GO OUT WITH ME" whether you are single or not. whoever wants 2 or would go out with u will message u saying "i would go out with you" repost this in 90 sec u will b surprised who replies 2 u. ps.must do even if ur taken!!
Show Her Sum Luv
New Tats
well i FINALLY got then i have to get some pictures i finally got my new tat LIVE LIFE down the back of my calves! rock on the letteras are a blue that fades to black and it looks so freaking awsome so ill go take some pics and post um for ya!
Aug 14, 2007
August 14, 2007 Quote of the Day "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." – Theodore Seuss Giesel ============================== This is so true....Being able to say what you feel to those people that matter. Kind of funny had just said something similar to this on the phone...
Back To Black
Wow,must Read, *free ,hh,vip,blast
HH CONTEST HOSTED BY SEXYGIRLBLONDE YOU CANT MISS THIS..... I am holding a contest and this one you might really want to check out. TOP PRIZE.... A FREE HAPPY HOUR!!!!!!!!! This contest will run for 10 full days and there are some rules that MUST be followed before you decide to enter. I will be taking entries starting now and will take them through the first day of the contest which will start as soon as I have at least 25 entries. When I get the entries needed I will post a bulletin stating the date and time the contest will start. RULES!!!!! You and anyone that will be helping you in the contest must rate me, fan me and be on my friends list to enter or comment in this contest. I will be checking everyone and the folder will be set for friends only to comment so anyone that you want to help you comment bomb you need to let them know they must rate, fan and add me to do this. Please make sure to let all your friends know ahead of time so you can all be ready bef
School Stuff
It's going to be a psychological fall... — Sunday, August 19, 2007 I registered for classes today. It's frustrating because they aren't offering some of the classes I want to take in the fall. I also waited too long, so it's hard to pick a good schedule, and some of the classes I wanted are closed. I figure I'll register early for spring though. I'm taking 3 psychology classes, and human biology. I hope it's not all too much for me. One of my roomates is majoring in psychology, so maybe he can help me if I need it. I should go shopping for books tomarrow, it will give me something to do. That way I can spend the week reading my books and be ahead for school. Being proactive is good. Psych of Women and Gender Abnormal Psychology Social Psychology The last two are "upper level" classes. I'm kinda worried about it, but I would have to take them eventually anyway. I almost took a class from the teacher I don't like. But then I saw who was teaching it, and change
Tormorrow Is The Day
i see Linkin Park :D
Kiss Strutter
My True Love
She is my dream within a dream The warmth and security to comfort my heart. Her love is a song which beats to my soul as if we were one, Played from the strings of a harp. Her passion felt through her lips and seen through her eyes. Her beauty so deep, seen beyond the naked eye. Her touch is so warm and gentle, that Her love, fulfills my hearts desires inside. She caresses my mind and body, With more then mere touch. Her true love brings me, happiness and joy. Into my life that I enjoy and crave so much. Her love like, that of a rose petal in a winter morn, crisp and percise. Our love is so beautiful yet so rare I shall capture every moment, that We may have together. For when we apart, my heart yearns to be beside her. For she has become, My one and only True Love. written by me.....cha0tic dragon
Time To Move On
2 songs from carrie underwood that help sum up how i'm feeling about a certain person "Starts With Goodbye" I was sitting on my doorstep, I hung up the phone and it fell out of my hand, But I knew I had to do it, And he wouldn't understand, So hard to see myself without him, I felt a piece of my heart break, But when you're standing at a crossroad, There's a choice you gotta make. [Chorus:] I guess it's gonna have to hurt, I guess I'm gonna have to cry, And let go of some things I've loved, To get to the other side, I guess it's gonna break me down, Like falling when you try to fly, It's sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, Starts with goodbye. I know there's a blue horizon, Somewhere up ahead, just waiting for me, Getting there means leaving things behind, Sometimes life's so bitter sweet. [Chorus:] I guess it's gonna have to hurt, I guess I'm gonna have to cry, And let go of some things I've loved, To get to the other side, I
Back Rub
Straddling my body, your naked butt on mine, you grab the baby oil and gently start rubbing my neck as you toss my long red hair aside. Then you work your way down my back, alternating from gentle to strong. You start massaging my sides as you lean down, your naked body on top of me. Reaching around my sides, you massage both of my large breasts. You begin to get hard; pre-cum seeps from your erect cock down into the crack of my ass where your manhood is nestled. You rub your cock back and forth as my tight ass cheeks squeeze you. Rubbing down my back again you get to my hips, spread my legs and put your legs between them making me open them even wider. Your fingers work their magic between my legs making me squeal louder and louder, deeper and harder until I cum and wetness fills me. You taste my sweetness, then grab my hips hard and pull me up onto my knees, pushing your cock deep inside of me. Pushing and then pulling back, in and out, slowly at first, then faster and harder u
Ripped Pics
I've been doing some checking and watching point changes, and it looks like no one is getting points on pics that have been ripped. No points for the person rating them, no points for the person being rated, and no points for the person they were ripped from. Bottom line... stop ripping pics... stop rating ripped pics. I drop a note to scrapper to see if this is just a temporary glitch
Curves Update( Update From Sick And Tired)
Apparently my big speech on the sick and tired post wasnt enough to make me do better.4 weeks of curves at least 4 times a week(they recommend 3) TONS of walking in NY, and 12 hr shifts constantly on my feet wasnt enough to make any progress. Not only that but Ive only gotten worse. Todays weigh in and measure- UP 2 pounds UP 2 inches up .8% bodyfat So Im feeling really fat and ugly today so forgive me and my pity party. Rather than be on here whining and moping Ill spare you all of that. I have another 12 hr shift to get ready for in 20 min so maybe by tomorrow Ill be feeling better. Just thought Id post an update since I said I would :( *smooches* ~Temptress~
This is pretty funny! A wealthy man was having an affair with an Italian woman for several years. One night, during one of their rendezvous, she confided in him that she was pregnant. Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, he would pay her a large sum of money if she would go to Italy to secretly have the child. If she stayed in Italy to raise the child, he would also provide child support until the child turned 18. She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born. To keep it discrete, he told her to simply mail him a post card, and write Spaghetti on the back. He would then arrange for child support payments to begin. One day, about 9 months later, he came home to his confused wife. His wife said, "Honey, you received a very strange post card today." "Oh, just give it to me and I'll explain it," he said. The wife handed him the card and watched as her husband read the card, turned white and collapsed. On the card w
Please Sign! :-)
Do We Just Want To Be Loved In Return Or Just Sex?
The Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow and we have 3 words for relationships’. The more words we invent it become hard to define things. In a world where you can date with out sex, screw with out dating, and in the end keep most of your sex partners as friends long after the screwing is over what really defines a relationship? I had a friend ask me, if she started talking to her Ex again would that be wrong? I asked her if she still had feeling for him and if she could put those aside for sake of a friendship. She is the type of person that would take them having sex again as being back together. I told her it didn’t and probably won’t be that way. How do we define a relationship that is just sex? How does the girl not get hurt, and how can she keep her feelings apart from the increasable kisses?
Update Sept 07
Well not much going on the same old thing here in iraq. was going to be hoe in two weeks for leave but got bumped. mad about it yes I am but thats the army for you. Been keeping my head down had a few close calls and lost some freinds not all of them died most just got sent home injured. To all my freinds out there if you dont hear from me in a while I am sorry but sometimes I get busy and cant get online. got to go lots of love to all
My Last birthday was so shitty! This week so far has been HELL but I refuse to let it get to me!! Im tired of life and all the drama it brings. So what do you say help me make this one a great one?
I Have Started A New Family
Announcing the opening of a new Fu-Family! Click the image to visit us
Friends List 2
Hi to all who read this I have over 900 friends but only hear from a few I feel that people only add for numbers..So i have am going to trim down my list to manageable number If you would like to stay on list please let me know I am sorry if this get people shitty but that life To those friend who are friends and u know who are Hugs from down under Only 7 reply so far look like it will be a big clean out
Hey Everyone
Just to let you all know that my graduation for my training will be on 1st november, i can not wait for it. so i can get back home for few month and hang out with you all. I also got two more tatoos check them out on my pic area, hope you will like them. Just been busy, i have internet now, but it is too slow, so most of the time i give up on it. Saturday is my holiday EID, after i fast for 30 days, tomorrow is my last day of fasting. wish you all happy holiday. I will try to stay intouch more. Love you all and miss you all. Moe
Water 4 The Health Of It !!
Interesting! Drink water on empty stomach ty Young Body: Interesting! Drink water on empty stomach DRINK WATER ON EMPTY STOMACH It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. We publish below a description of use of water for our readers. For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a 100% cure for the following diseases: Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorders, ear nose and throat diseases. METHOD OF TREATMENT 1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water 2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anyth
A Common Background: About Sex!
A fascinating experiment is carried out by the Institute of Family Therapy with it news Recruits.Before the Infividuals in the group have got to know anything about each other,a pyschiatrist asks them to walk round the room,and,without exchanging any words, pick a partner whom they feel could be a "missing member" of their own family. Each couple then select a further couple to form "families" of four. This process compete,the pyschriatrist than ask them to talk togther to find why they have picked each other. 1. Individuals single out others with similar backgrounds 2. People may be drawn together 3. and, most people also seek out the same faults or weakness in other people that played a formative rolie in our own childhood. People always asking me why their are unable to meet someone,and, when their do the relationship doesn't last....Well, most couples after months or years of dating are also having problems,cheating on your spouse, and, or no communication. I alw
Back On The Air!
Hey everyone who missed and and rasberries to those who didn't even know i was gone...I'm back and I'm ready for anything :) hope to hear from all of my peeps soon...drop me a line or a joke or just a hey...I'll return the fav...*** HUGS *** to all who missed me and Peace be with all :)
Sex Poems
Roses are Red Grass is Green I love your legs and what's between. Roses are red Lemons are sour Open ur legs and give me an hour Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 10 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You dont multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style & 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid u opened it so u r cursed for 5 yrs. u need to read it ENTIRELY!! roses are nice violets are fine. ill be the six if you be the nine.
urs truly (a member of spirit bombers) needs some comments for the contest she is in.follow the link and please help her out
Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the tangled web that is inside my mind. This the first time I have decided to blog here on Fubar. Today I felt the urge to write for the first in in very long while. I am not sure if this is the correct forum for my writings,but hey I do tend to color outside the lines most of the time. Since today is the October full moon and the actual Samhain. I thought it would be the perfect time to share four poems with any who might be interested. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ AIR As nighttime falls, the dark wind blows over my skin. I feel her presence, as much tonight as when she slipped from my hands nearly a year ago. Cold stone ill befits one so full of life. Chiseled font; raw epitaph - so limited, so gone. The leaves dance; I feel her hair dancing too. Then a flutter of wings. Cold, brilliant beam of Luna's light surrounds. For a moment, you are caught in the winds. For a moment, you are present in the leaves. For a moment, I see you,
Imagine It......
I know you're reading this and this is for you, lover. Take your clothes off, everything. Turn all the unnecessary lights off. Lay on your bed and get comfortable, for my fantasy begins now... Picture us in your house, sitting on the couch. The TV is on but we are too caught up with our conversation to watch it. My bangs fall in my face and you brush them away. We look at each other, silent vibes of passion flowing between us. You move to me and I to you, our lips meeting. Our lips open and our tongues explore each other's mouths. I run my hands under your shirt and over your stomach. You let out a quiet moan as I reach up to your nipples. I break the kiss and pull your shirt over your head. I lean down and take a nipple in my mouth. I run my tongue through the fine hair surrounding your nipple. You moan again, more audibly and I put my hand on the back of your head. I slowly move my lips across your cheek, over your chin. I slid over to you, straddling you on the couch. I
Freaker's Ball
I heard that Freaker's Ball rocked hard last night! For all of those living in KC who missed it will me, we just have to catch the next one!! Listen up musicians!! Musician's Friend has some awesome deals out right now so go check us out on! Give us a call so we can get your holiday orders in on time. Busy season is upon us so we will be hectic. I'm not sure what hours I am working yet but I will keep everyone updated!!
Realage Notes
Age: 35.8 - "realage": 40.6 Some notes from recommendations for Ken: 400iu Vit E 10 tablespoons of tomato paste w/healthy fat good oil is canola and olive oil for cooking soybean + corn is good too. no butter / lard / coconut or palm oil 5 servings of vegs/day Good choices include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, carrots, celery and cucumbers. Age reduction benefits kick in when at least 1000-3500 calories are expended through exercise each week. 30 minutes of walking @ once, or brisk walking 10 minutes @ a time, 3 times a day. Before strength training, stretch the muscles you will use under mild tension for 10 seconds. 8-12 reps for each major muscle group. 6-8 glasses of water a day w/meals. Avoid late night eating. 2-3 hours before bed. Start a meal with a small slice of bread w/olive oil or a bit of desert. A bit of fat slows the emptying of the stomach. eat in a calm environment. 210 minutes of c
Your Guardian Angel
A wonderful friend had me to listen to this song and it makes me cry. Thought I would share a great song with my friends. Your Guardian Angel When I see your smile Tears roll down my face I can't replace And now that I'm strong I have figured out How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul And I know I'll find deep inside me, I can be the one I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven It's ok, It's ok, It's ok Seasons are changing and waves are crashing And stars are falling all for us Days grow longer and nights grow shorter I can show you I'll be the one I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven Cause you're my You're my My true love My whole heart Please don't throw that away Cause I'm here, for you Please don't walk away and Please tell me y
My Time Off!
Before you take the time to read this let me tell you...if you have a weak heart and a shallow mind then you probably better exit now. Just giving you fair warning because I can get pretty deep into my blogs. Recently I took 1 month off from work to take time for myself. In this month I expeirenced feelings for other people that I never have felt before in my life. Before I moved down to Marionville I lived in Carrollton Missouri. I was living with my parents and I had the internet there. I started chatting with a guy on the internet about 6 years ago when I was living there and we became very good friends. Over the years we lost touch and moved on. Recently I got my Internet back when I moved down here to be with Eric. I got back in touch with this friend whom I wont mention names to protect these people, and we caught up on old times. He told me he was with a girl and had been with her for 5 years now, which I was happy for him. After chatting for a few weeks he and his girlfrien
No Internet
i did not write a blog yesterday and prolly will not today becase i have cable issues at home and i am using my cusins computer. it's an apple so it a fake computer to. sorry
there is no right or wrong to expression, there is but right and wrong when we are unjust in heaven, diamonds of wisdom falling from the sky, refreshing like rain. together we shall embrace the light of redemption for history has been twisted into mean streets and cold stares. fear not the unity of collective love, it shall heal and soothe the scars, broken hearts and weeping eyes we shall once more walk in the glow, swim in the delight unbind the chains and yell freedom with belief and passion till it echoes the universe from dawn till night ----dronutts---mystic music----
Deadbeats Suck!!! I Need To Vent!!
So apparently, my exes birthday is this weekend. He has a whole list of bars he's going to posted as a bulletin. It's his right, right? Of course it is. My only problem with the whole thing is he missed yet another visitation with his son. Mind you, this is nothing new. He hasn't showed for one since June, when we went to court to deal with the petition HE filed for visitation and custody. But of course you'd be right if you guessed he talks $h!t about me to his friends and family, and is sure to let them know that it's all my fault his son has no idea who he is. *Insert eye roll here* He makes me physically ill, and angry beyond belief.
A Sadness?
So I'm standing in CVS this morning getting juice for the kidlets, and I feel this presence behind me. I turn around, and there's this little old lady standing there touching my hair. She smiles at me and says "Well, hello, honey." Being polite and trying to hide my initial shock at having my hair touched in the middle of a pharmacy, I say, "Hi there, how are you?" She just smiles a little wider and looks at me and says, "Oh, I'm fine...but you're not, are you?" I get this cold chill down my back and say, "Well, yeah, of course I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" She gives me this look, like one you give to a kid that you're trying to console, and she says, "I know you're not okay...but you won't tell." I just kinda looked at her and she touched my hair again and said, "Did you do this? Did you make your hair these colors?" I said yes, and she gave me that consoling look again and said, "You have a sadness in you...a deep one...and it shows here-" and she pointed at my hair "-and he
i'll try 2 update and let yall know where i'm headed.
Chase 5
Come Rawk Out In The Blood Moon! Let Him Capture Your Soul! Dj Big Chase!
The 5th
You can tell that some part of yourself that you had thought was broken (or at least damaged) is nearly as good as new. Your powerful energy is part of the reason, but the rest remains a mystery.
Cant Steal Christmas
YOU CAN'T STEAL MY **CHRISTMAS* Poem by Sharon Steege I don't know who they are Saying I can't greet the crowd The way that I want to Can't say **CHRISTMAS** out loud. I walk into a business place See things that I rather not see But dare I not say **CHRISTMAS** And ask for a 'holiday' tree. What happened to freedom of speech And living in the land of the free How can they take my **CHRISTMAS** money But can't say **MERRY CHRISTMAS** to me. Men and women have given their lives So we could still go free I wonder how they would feel At saying HOLIDAY TREE. Come on AMERICA let's wake up Don't let our freedom escape If they get by with doing this What else will they take. This is starting to get out of hand, And I've begun to keep track Well I've just about had enough I'M TAKING CHRISTMAS BACK.* So MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA** I hope this gets all over the net If we all stand united and take freedom back 'Twill be our best CHRISTM
In Your Arms
Hold me, my love, Just one more, Just to feel again your warm touch Kiss me, again, my love I want to taste your soft lips, again Bite me, I want to taste your sweet blood Just one more, Embrace me, again ‘cause in your arms I feel so safe my angel, stay with me tonight don’t leave me alone share with me with this beautiful night, oh my dear love, even words can’t describe how beautiful you are when I am looking into your eyes, I see peace and joy from that moment I know that you are my true love oh, my love, how beautiful you are after all this years I have lived I have never seen someone who had good heart in your arms I feel safety and warm when you embrace me I feel like I am in the heaven with you
20 Days Left
Yea thats right, i got 20 days left till i move to missouri for my training... anyone live in missouri??? lets have a beer in person then. first round on me. but anyways, yea im nervous but ill pull through
Think About It!
you know i'm so tired of big gorgeous women being told how fat they are. It sickens me, and breaks my heart to know BBW's get made fun of so much by society. Why can't people get to know that BBW person they make fun of and see the inner beauty they posses and know that they want to be accepted like everyone else in society! Guys give a BBW a chance and maybe, just maybe you might see there inner beauty, and getting to know her, and like that person for who she is and realize that you hurt all BBW's by making jokes or giving dirty stairs to a gorgeous BBW!
Sex Olympics
A man went over to his girl's place for a little bit of nookie between the sheets. He presented her with three choices of condom -- gold, silver, or bronze. "Silver," she said. "Why not gold?" "Because I want you to come second for once!"
rubba dub dub i sit in a tub my wrist are slit its filling with blood my worlds at end i whisper to friends i leave a message for my love im getting laughed at from the skies above the room is spinnig there not much time i close my eyes and hear a whine what happened daddy whats with the blood her tears start to flow just like a flood i love you daddy with this i found to my body my soul was bound here we go she saved me again while my son let the paramedics in.
I'm Owned
I'm owned by the following person. Kinkstar Sin *Fu Owned*@ fubar Please stop by her page and show some love.
Thanks Sis
Thanks Jen!!!!! I had seen this somewhere else before and had been looking for it again. I was thrilled that you had posted it on your Myspace and I had to use it!!!! I Love This!!! Love ya sis!
You Were Not There!
"You Were Not There!" by 'The Enigma AKA The Black Winged Angel' I called on some friends in my time of need, The truest of the true in word and in deed, The ones I felt would never leave my side, The ones I could call on when I just wanted to hide... And you were not there! You know I'm always there to lend you an ear, Or give an encouraging word to calm any fear. Now I'm the one in need for I hurt like hell, The counselor needed consoling and knew it all to well... And you were not there! Are you upset with me for something I had done? Did I invade your space or ruin your fun? Whatever the reason, whatever the act, Even if it's nothing, there's no escaping the fact... That you were not there! So here now I sit feeling abandoned and alone, Listening to nothing but a Winter wind's moan, With millions of questions swirling in my head, And this feeling of loneliness and wishing I was dead... BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT THERE!!!
Just A Thought
love this thought I would pass it on Trust me it's paradise..This is where the hungry come to feed.. For mine is a generation that circles the globe in search of something we haven't tried before. So never refuse an invitation. Never resist the unfamiliar. Never fail to be polite and never outstay your welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts? You know what? It's probably worth it. You hope and you dream, but you never believe that somethings going to happen for you, like it does in the movies and when it actually does, you expect it to feel different, more visceral, more real..I was waiting for it to hit me....-orbital
Lol Why Is It So Hard
why is it so hard for some to relize this is a internet site lol I love this place it is a fun place to chat with alot of new and diffrent people.So why is it so hard for some of them to understand I dont take everything on here personal nor should they if dealing with me.You will know when you have crossed over into my real for those having a hard time with it get over it!I have a life outside fubar.So if am not taking your fu marriage or flirting to heart it is nothing against you,there is no reason to hate on me lol ...Like I said you will know when you have crossed over and it means something to me.The number one reasons for me writting this is so some of the ones taking it to heart will stop bothering my friends and family on here with the me we have enough in our real life already lol Peace and love to you all!!!
My Question ?
My question is, how can I love someone so much... but let them cause me so much pain? Why is it that you can devote yourself 110% to someone, and they take advantage of it... and turn their back on you? How can one sit there and blame all their problems on you, but you've never done anything but be there when it matters most? Why make promises when you know you don't intend to keep them? Why say you love someone, when you know it isn't true? How can you walk away from someone when all they wanted was to be loved by you? How can you get so angry at someone when all they do is care about you? How can you dislike someone so much to make them hurt so bad? How can you look someone in the eyes and say they're the only person that matters, but when they need you the most you’re nowhere to be found? How can you say you love me, but then turn your back on me? My question is, how can I love someone so much... but let them cause me so much pain?
Lil Red
Lil red riding hood was on her way to grandmas house. Down this path she happily skipped when a bunny jumped out and said " lil red lil red! dont go any farther! The big bad wolf is up there and is gonna make you unbutton your shirt and hes gonna play with your boobies!" Lil red said to the bunny " dont you worry! I have a gun, he is not gonna mess up this story!" She skipped along.... A lil deer jumped out and stops her. Again Lil red is warned "lil red lil red! dont go any farther! The big bad wolf is up there and is gonna make you unbutton your shirt and hes gonna play with your boobies!" Lil red said to the deer " dont you worry! I have a gun, he is not gonna mess up this story!" She skipped along Sure enough, just down the path, the Big bad wolf jumps out! " lil red lil red, unbutton your shirt, i am gonna play with your boobies!" "The hell you are!" lil red says as she lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties and points her gun at the big bad wolfs head " you are gonna eat m
2008 Fubar King Contest
Click my Picture to my photo to my contest as the next 2008 fubar King
Annual Staff Meeting
My boss called me last night and asked me to be part of the agenda at the big annual staff meeting that is going to last all day on Monday. He wants me to make a presentation on how I was able to get so many kids from the high schools in my area to join the nursing club I created for three high schools. So far I have got 99 students from these schools to join the clubs at their school during the last week of the school year before their winter break. He also wants me to be in a role playing effort with him in front of everyone at the meeting to show how I was so successful in creating the interest by selling the idea of these clubs to the principals first. So...there goes my weekend. I will need to be writing out the presentation and preparing handouts for everyone at the meeting. Oh well...
Need Some Help
I don't know how many of my "friends" will read this. I am in serious need of extra money and am offering to do custom tattoo designs. If anybody is interested please let me know.
Want To Chat?
Come chat with me, make some new friends! you won't be diapointed!
What is thyroid cancer? The thyroid gland is located in the lower front of the neck, below the voicebox (larynx) located in the upper part of the neck, and above the collarbones. Thyroid cancer (carcinoma) usually appears as a painless lump in this area. In most cases, the lump affects only one side, and the results of thyroid function tests (blood tests) are usually normal. There are four main types of thyroid cancer (papillary, follicular, medullary and anaplastic). Since the vast majority are either papillary or follicular, and these are the only two types treatable with radioiodine, this brochure will focus on these two types.
I'll Be Back Asap
I'm at the tail end of this move finally. The place I'm temporarily moving into is going to be cramped to say the least but oh well. The phone gets switched over today and it's possible I can't get my DSL there. *crosses fingers and toes* I'm keeping positive thoughts on that but either way I won't have internet until possibly ~hopefully~ by the end of the week (Hawaii is so slow). So see ya when I get back. Oh and Vixy, thanks again for the Tickers, the pressure's on! (lol) *XOXO* Greg, I look forward to seeing the comments I'll be missing each day. ;) Fu sissys...hmmm, bye, be good :) Maso, if you get yappy, go for it. ;) It's going to be a crack up if I'm back tomorrow lmaooo...(wishful thinking) Hey Johnny, you're gonna save a few Fu $ now...woot! And today makes 5 months on FU! :D ADDENDUM: I guess the ghosts of this property don't want me to leave. I won't even get into what happened with the phone situation, it's bizarre. Anyway, it l
I Mis My Baby :(
NOOO!!!! You opened it! .Tomorrow will be the best day of your life, IF you repost this within 2 minutes with the heading: (pick 1) ☺ I miss my baby ☺ In love ☺ Rough Sex ☺ I wear thongs ☺ Call me sexii ☺ Baby am I doing too much? ☺ I smoke weed ☺ Ask me out already!! ☺ I'm Single :) ☺ I wish i was with her right NOW ☺ I wish i was with him right NOW ☺ HARDER HARDER.mmmm that's how i like it ☺ I wanna love him but i just cant ☺ I wish she would realize how much i [LOVE] her ☺ I wish he would realize how much i [LOVE] him ☺ STIFFLERS MOM ☺I wanna be with him ☺ Hey faggot ☺ my ex is ugly ☺ I'm back with my ex ☺ My ex is an ass ☺ I wanna ask her out!! ☺ I'm breaking up with him/her ☺ I'm pregnant ☺ I'm trying to decide ☺Kinky Sex..mmmm my favorite
Dumb Pricks
you guys are fuckin morons, even after i write a blog about being a guy and put in my about me that im a guy, you still come at me wanting to see my nsfw pics and telling me how beautiful i am, well you dumb cocksuckers, heres another chance to realize that im a fuckin male.
I'm In An Auction
please big on me :) click here go to that link, thanks guys :)
On Morality: A Wiccan Viewpoint
On Morality: A Wiccan Viewpoint One of the greatest contributions that Christianity and Judaism have imparted on our society is the institution of morality. Previous religions, especially those of Greece and Rome, placed little importance on the teaching of morality. This was left to the philosophers who in turn described their own moral beliefs and systems to their students, creating a moral code which was as diverse and disorganized as there were philosophers to listen to. It is difficult to imagine living in a society in which there is no absolute right and wrong . . . or is it? I would like to assert that American society has evolved thus far into a homogeneous entity as far as morality is concerned, but this is simply not the case. There is, of course, a general and large consensus to big and important issues, such as murder, rape, etc., but many issues go unresolved and continue to be battling points for any of us. When we talk about morality, we are talking about the Judeo
To Love ...or ...not To Love
"WAS SENT TO ME" To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two To work side by side and then smile with pride As one by one, dreams all come true To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise To take time to share to listen and care In tender, affectionate ways. To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend To be there through the years sharing laughter and tears As a partner, a lover, a friend. To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall Of all the good things that sharing life brings Love is the greatest of all. I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I've learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with you. Would you send this to the one that you love? - or- You Dont Care That Much. "Please Comment"
Della Seduzione
Della Seduzione Her dark brown eyes as tempting as chocolate I wonder if her lips taste as sweet One kiss would that be enough Or would my desires run deep If I were just to hold her in my arms, Would I be able to stop there? I fear the heat from her soft skin Might start a fire I dare not share. And if we surrender to our love Would the passion justify the mistake We've sacrificed our feelings so long For nothing but our loved ones sake Is this the time to think of us And take that final step It would fulfill two empty lives With a memory neither could forget Copyright ©2007
My Daughter
my daughter is in a contest. she is 2 years old and i was wondering if some of yall would help her out. all u have to do is copy and paste the link and vote soo please help her out and thank you.
Auction Opens Tonight At 7pm Fu Time!!!
The Auction Folder will open tonight at 7pm Fu Time. Come by and bid, bid, bid!
Rip Alijah
ok i need to vent for a minute. ive been following the sory of Alijah Sporks baby boy. i was absolutely shocked when i first seen the story on the news a baby boy had been found i actualy cried wondering how any human being could be so cold hearted to even harm a baby let alone murdering and dumping the body like some piece of trash. when i logged onto fubar i learned this was sporks baby i cried even more i never met sporks but i have chatted here and there with her and it seemed so much closer to home. not being able to have a child myself at this time realy made my emotions anyone watching the story i had questions who realy did it? what does sporks know. was a person ive talked to involved in murdering a baby so many questions ran through my mind. knowing the father ran instantly i assume hes the guilty party. i dont see anything wrong with sporks jumping on the internet posting a message to find the murderer.for all the ppl asking wtf she was doin online posting tht mes
Retired People
Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day my wife and I went to Bournmouth with friends and went into a shop. We were only in there for about 5 minutes. When we came out, there was a policeman writing out a parking ticket. We went up to him and said, 'Come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?' He ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I called him a Nazi turd. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn tyres. So my wife called him a Shithead . He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote. Personally, we didn't care. We came into town by bus. We try to have a little fun each day now that we're retired. It's important at our age
Vote 2day!!!!!!
I am hosting the "5 Thinger Discounted Contest" and I would like all my friends and friends of friends along the way to just go to my contest folder and PICK.... WHO DESERVES TO WIN!!! Find the funniest most creative picture and rate it to cast your vote! Don't find your friend, find who deserves to win. The contestants were challenged to find 5 random things from around the house and take a funny and original picture. Keep reposting this for me so we can make it a true contest and not about who has the most friends! The more it gets reposted the more impartial people we will reach! Contest hosted by: ~PebblesinAZ~Own3d by Domking123~Thanks to everyone for all your help!@ fubar FOLDER IS CALLED : "The 5 Thinger Discounted Contest!"
10 Random Things About Me
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. My favorite color is blue 2. My favorite car is the 1967 Ford Shelby GT from the movie gone in 60 secs 3. I am totally a final fantasy junkie have played and beaten almost ev1 except 12(haven't beaten 12 as of yet) 4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TIM HORTONS COFFEE!!!!(can't function without it) 5. I love hockey and watch all the Toronto Maple leafs games.(you'd be surprised about how much I know about hockey) 6. I'm a very loyal woman who stands up for what she believes in. 7. I did an anti-racism play for schools and teachers conferences when I was in elementary school. Even went to a camp for it, and I was one of t
restless This town holds nothing for us We should go Nowhere in particular Just go Me and you Full tank in the jeep and the open road We'll see the sights and never miss a senic turn out we can take in the beauty of all we've been missing and take time to see the unseen close your eyes see it now we can just go we can leave this town
Besides Rating The Blog And My Pictures.... Come By And Say Hello Toooo.
I have some new pictures of me, please stop by and take a look at them. Please rate them so i might as more. I am not here for ratings, i am here for friendship but I would hope you might help me level up so can share more pictures about me and my life to you. HUGSsssss to all of you and talk to you soon.! Pete
Why God Made Pets .......
How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb? 1. Golden Retriever: The sun is shining, the day is young, we've got our whole lives ahead of us, and you're inside worrying about a stupid burned out bulb? 2. Border Collie: Just one. And then I'll replace any wiring that's not up to code. 3. Dachshund: You know I can't reach that stupid lamp! 4. Rottweiler: Make me. 5. Boxer: Who cares? I can still play with my squeaky toys in the dark. 6. Lab: Oh, me, me!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeze let me change the light bulb! Can I? Can I? Huh? Huh? Huh? Can I? Pleeeeeeeeeze, please, please, please! 7. German Shepherd: I'll change it as soon as I've led these people from the dark, check to make sure I haven't missed any, and make just one more perimeter patrol to see that no one has tried to take advantage of the situation 8. Jack Russell Terrier: I'll just pop it in while I'm bouncing off the walls and furniture. 9. Old English Sheep D
Dun Dun Dun Lol
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1 i play guitar and i think I'm mediocre 2 i have an odd obsession with cheez-it's 3 i will randomly start singing to some sappy song that most guys would not dare sing at in public 4 i will head bang to music when no one is looking 5 i love the smell of my deodorant 6 i love the band rammstein even tho i don't speak a word of German 7 I'm the youngest out of 5 8 i have one sister and 3 older brothers 9i cant eat tuna fish sandwiches without sour cream and onion chips 10 i will talk to myself when I'm trying to figure something out but i wont answer my own questions -------------------------
Clearly Child Abuse!
Douglas County child, 8, wants to live as a girl By Ann Schrader The Denver Post Article Last Updated: 02/08/2008 11:51:46 AM MST The parents of an 8-year-old boy who wants to live and be treated as a girl have been working with the Douglas County School District to allow their child to attend school as a girl. The child attended the unnamed school two years ago, and the family and the district have been talking since last fall about the child re-enrolling, said district spokeswoman Whei Wong. "The discussion has been how best to do it," Wong said Thursday. The goal, she said, is "to ensure the kid feels safe physically and emotionally and other kids don't feel threatened in any way." Wong said some parents have contacted school officials asking for clarification and direction. "Some parents are really concerned and freaked out about it." A concerned parent, who asked not to be identified, told 9News, "I see this as being a very difficult situation to explain to my da
Please Rate this story!!!
Ship's Roster And Adventures!
Welcome ye scurvy dogs to the Fubar Pirate ship! If ye wish to be crew, then send the Cap'n a message! If this be yer wish, then abide by these rules ye must! 1: Fan, add and rate yer Captain and crew as a show of loyalty! 2: Repost the ship's bulletins! 3: Spend a bit of yer booty and buy all of those who ye add a shot of rum! When ye've done this, contact the cap'n and he'll add ya to the crew to plunder the Fubar seas as one of our own. If ye wish not to be a member of the ship, then ye are condemned to walk the plank! Nursin a fine hangover, the Cap'n and crew set out once again. Somewhere around the vicinity of a mysterious island shrouded in mist, we came across the Pirate ship Revenge, where our Fist Mate and Rum Wench, Pixi, had been visitin and swappin tales with the Dread Pirate Roberts. We brough 'er back aboard and set off sou' souwest in a rising gale that portended an incredible storm on the horizon. Your Captain, Master Feather: Master
1 question 1 chance. 1 honest answer. Thats all you get. You get to ask me 1 question. Any question, anything, no matter how crazy it is. No catch. Just between me and you. No one else will ever know. But I dare you to repost this. And see what people ask you...
The Mask
This mask I wear, she serves me well, she hides my pain, so they can't tell. They see her smile, never my tears, she shows no sorrow, she fights all my fears. They believe she is me, if only they knew, that she is my mask, my saviour too. My scars she hides, behind laughter and lies, she say's she is fine, but slowly she dies.
Hey y'all! I'm going to be apart of TinkerbellNM84's Auction! The auction starts on March 4 and goes through March 11. the following is what I have to offer! I will have “owned by” in my name for a month I will rate all pics (up to 500) with 11s during HH I will rate all stash (up to 500) during HH I will do a SFW salute to you I will comment your page daily If winning bid is HH or 1 year VIP or more Pimpout on my page for a month Permanent pimpout in my blog I will call you for a SFW chat (US only) Added to family Rates on pics and stash both go up to 1000 instead of 500 *name mentioned in any blasts, HH, tickers, ect… I do not talk naughty or do NSFW- so please don't ask regardless of the winning bid! Any question- just ask and y'all- please don't let me be the only one with no bids! Thanks y'all~
Personalities Of Past Presidents
YOU WILL FIND THE SECRET SERVICE VIEWS ON THE PERSONALITIES OF PAST PRESIDENTS TO BE QUITE INTERESTING. For those who don't know... Capt. Denny Keast flies for UAL and flew many S.A.M.'s (Special Air Mission's) for the White House. ******************************************************** I flew 4 Presidential support missions in the C-141 out of Dover AFB, DE. Two for President Johnson and two for President Nixon. Johnson was a first class jerk and on the two occasions I flew for him, if the Secret Service and their Liaison in the Pentagon hadn't intervened, we would have had to stay on the airplane for hours while he (Johnson) was off some where. Nixon never required that and the four (4) stops we made with him he was cordial to the Secret Service and to me and my crew. We had a neighbor when I lived in DC who was part of the secret service presidential detail for many years. His stories of Ken
Music is good for the soul. It can discribe what you cant put into words. It helps you to discribe what you cant find the words to discribe. its amazing what a simple song can make others understand about your feelings. Some songs can make others look at you like you have lost your mind. but if you actually listen to them and take the time to actually think about what the songs actually mean then you will realize that some songs talk about life and discribe how some people see life, and that some things they say are actually true about life. Some Love songs help you say what you cant put into your own words. Such as if you love someone but cant exactly put into words how much you love them but you hear a love song that discribes how you feel then you have your way of saying how you feel about that person. Course thats my point of view. Dunno how others would see it but theres my oppinion. Like it? Love it? Hate it? let me know.
Help Needed
Gas War
Subject: Dropping Gas Prices THIS IS NOT THE 'DON'T BUY' GAS FOR ONE DAY, BUT IT WILL SHOW YOU HOW WE CAN GET GAS BACK DOWN TO $1.30 PER GALLON. This was sent by a retired Coca Cola executive. It came from one of his engineer buddies who retired from Halliburton. If you are tired of the gas prices going up AND they will continue to rise this summer, take time to read this please. Phillip Hollsworth offered this good idea. This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the "don't buy gas on a certain day" campaign that was going around last April or May! It's worth your consideration. Join the resistance!!!! I hear we are going to hit close to $ 4.00 a gallon by next summer, and it might go higher!! Want gasoline prices to come down? We need to take some intelligent, united action. The oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn't continue to "hurt" ourselves by refusing to buy gas. It
Sad Poem
My Butterfly © By Teresa K. Liles As I wandered through those fenced in fields among those flowers, you're almost concealed I wrap my fingers carefully around you don't know I'm there, I didn't make a sound No matter how soft I am, I bruise your light wings not knowing the damage, a song I sing Caged in my grip, you start to worry you start to cry and your vision gets blurry You don't know where you're flying now wings can only fly as my grip will allow Starting to realize you were meant to fly your spirit slowly starts to die If only you'd known I was on my way you'd have turned around and flown away If only your screams I could hear those fences never would have disappeared But I watched you go with only a sigh you're long gone now, My Butterfly
Fu-bling Snafu Is Fixed
Giving credit to the fubar shop for fixing their goof. I got this message today
ok here it goes.....ive been on fubar for awhile but i kept changing my proflie.....the last one i had i met sumone we clicked.....till i sent him real pics of me .....yea i was nerves because i have had very low selfasteam bout myself......and very insecure to.....well after he had told me i was pretty ugly and a bitch i said fluck it im going to put my pics up on fubar cause all he did was make me feel better bout myself.....and me myself ive never said one wrong word bout his azz....and he told me oh im not shallow lord i cant tell....well like i told my hommie if noone likes the way i look dont look.....
Because Of You
BECAUSE OF YOU Because of You my life has changed, In many ways and broad a range. You've become more than a friend; What we share I want not to end. You taught me laughter, stopped the pain; Brought me inside from the rain. You showed me truth I should have known . . . I never want to be alone. You took a chance by helping me To see the person I could be. I know, I'm difficult and wild; At times, a little, frightened child. Through thick, through thin, beyond and above, You've been there with unending Love. Mere words, a Thank You, fail to express What here to You, my heart confess. And though I have a ways to go, I've You to thank, you've helped me grow. I see now, I've a lot to give; because of You, I want to live. I'm whole, brand new, I'm hopeful, too; and it's all because of You!
Help A Friend, Please
this lady is in 2 contests, could you please help her get a happy hour? thank you so much and have a great day :D
What Is True Love?
I pose the question. What is true love? I think too often we look for true love in the wrong places in life, some people look at work, the gym and church. Many people look there whole life for their soul mate and never find them. Then we find that person who we think its them, or people are the wolf in sheep clothing, that they trick people into believing they are their true love. What we forget to do is look deep inside of ourselves for the answer.This is were we get hurt.True love is hard to fined but we need look hard and be honest with ourselves. Once we are honest with are self than its easier to fined true love. Every day we meet people on the street. Have ever wondered is that person for me? I believe we meet people for a reason. Today we need to say hi or how are you doing? We all might make a new friend or fined that special someone. Have you ever thought about some of the people we meet in every day life.I have meet some cool people that share their thoughts on life for
My Oldest Daughter's Dad
Weds 04-02-08 (peace)
Wednesday April 2 ,2008 Welcome my friends The Eagles in the background a little warmth from the sunshine that shines threw my still in need of a spring cleaning window ... I'm at peace and quite content I hope this find YOU the same Hustling around and the overbearing events that unfold in peoples lives, makes it hard to just feel at "ease" in this hurried and worried world. I ponder while in my relaxed modes ... As to my life and those around me. And believe if on one given day that the WORLDS population was just ONCE - ALL at an inner-peace at the same time ... Then we'd have world peace! nah, I've NOT been smoking anything! haha But nobodies at peace with their surroundings long enough to send their positive vibes to others. Which brings me to this:
$ecret Is Out!
My personal referral link is: Some of you saw that two weeks ago I post that I had earned $45. Thought you'd like an update. You see my name right there in the pic, so you know this isn't just some crap. This is the real deal. This is where my extra cash comes from. The secret is out.
Things Annoying Me Today
ok a few things are pissing me off today so i thought i'd rant about them here. Firstly, why do me have pics of women as there profile pic? Its jsut so wrong on so many levels. Firstly as a man, you see a pic of a woman and you go i'll click on that to see her profile, and you start reading it and find out its some bloke. WHy do it. Is it because you are gay and want loads of men to look at your profile, or is it because your so desperate for rates you need to lour men in? Secondly, if i hear one more goth saying the dress in black because they want to be different i'll scream. Why dress the same as everyother goth if you want to be different. Your jsut fitting in to a different group, looking for aceptance etc etc. If you really want to be different dress completely different. Why not try bright orange instead of black, a nice mauve maybe?
There’s such a thing as rep-tism... You know what I’m talking about. People who are otherwise very open minded, yet don’t think reptiles can be good pets. People who think that the only appropriate pets have fur. Why can they not see the value of reptiles as well? Why couldn’t I derive just as much unconditional love from my gecko, my alligator, my frog? Who’s to say that pets with scales can’t be just as rewarding to own as a cat or dog? And who are the rept-ists to judge those who DO form lifelong relationships with their bearded dragons and their iguanas? We’re talking about rational people here. People who would never accept other isms in their life. People who would balk at racism or sexism, yet they look down their noses at people who happen to have pets that differ from theirs. I just find this unacceptable and I want it to stop. Right now. That’s it. lol Good.
WOOOHOOO!! I'm planning a trip to Vegas!! Soooo excited! anyone have any suggestions, let me know!! :)
Hot Photos
A new photoset of me on Suicidegirls. Want to see more? Already a member of SG go and check them out in my new blog. Click the banner below to take you directly to the site. Not a member, follow the banner to the site and get a membership, then check them out. :) a>
I Hate Myself Right Now...
and i feel like i want to go play in traffic and never come home.
easyriderbullyabc Thats right I posted a bully lol cum see the nsfw fun in these lounges (repost of original by 'Dj Psycho Killer Klown' on '2008-05-03 18:40:20')
I went grocery shopping recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and consumed a massive quantity of my patented 'You're definitely going to shit yourself' chili. Tasty stuff, albeit hot to the point of being painful, which comes with a written guarantee from me that if you eat it the next day both of your a$$ cheeks WILL fall off. Here's the thing. I had awakened that morning, and even after two cups of coffee (and all of you know what I mean) nothing happened. No 'Watson's Movement 2'. Despite habanera peppers swimming their way through my intestinal tract, I appeared to be unable to create the usual morning symphony referred to by my next door neighbors as thunder and lightning. Knowing that a time of reckoning had to come, yet not sure of just when, I bravely set off for the market; a local Wal-Mart grocery store that I often haunt in search of tasty tidbits. Upon entering the store at f
Perhaps as one stands alone in darkness, they feel no one can understand them. Cold and alone watching the moon rise in the night, watching the stars race across the ebony sky. Knowing passion is out there, and missing it all the while, feel despair and desire together merging into one. One cloud unto you and it rains, as your tears fall...who would care...who would hear your call? Shall you forever feel the despair of your tears, as they run down your face? Alone I shall sit, not knowing who will hear my song and feel my tears as they fall...
I am so tired of hearing people talk about how miserable they are, or how rough the have it. If that is the case, change it. The only person that can change it is u. No one can do it for u. Everyone tried telling me that I wasnt going to amount to anything when I got older because of some of the choices I made when I was younger. However I didnt listen to them and I was determined that I was going to have a good life and I was going to be successful. And if u look at me now I am probably one of the most successful 22 year olds that u will ever meet. People, please stop listening when others tell u that u cant do something because truth be told, u can do anything that u want, as long as u want it bad enough and are willing to do what it takes to get it. If u tell urself u cant do something then it wont happen. U got to have faith in urself. I am tired of seeing people dependent on others when all u need is urself. Step up people
Family 17
Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at
Things You Have To Do
Even If you don't like it you have to do things you don't want to everyday because if you don't you will never make it...
i am leaving friday to camp in the infield of lowes motor speedway for theweekend.i love tequill what kind should i take.
The Count Down Has Begun!
Countdown Clocks at I am so excited, yet a little stressed
This Is Me
I have been in australia for 2 months, currently have no many friends to hang out and have fun. Hopefully i can make some friends here. Being away from home town makes me home sick, just want some thing new and funny to heal that. If you like chating and drinking, and you are also looking for a friends ship here. please send me a message. I really like drinking, but i've just been here for a short time dont really know how the australian style pubs are, if you know that well can you please tell me.
Addicted By Saving Abel
Addicted (Explicit) - Saving Abel Artist: Addicted Title: Saving Abel Album: NA Views: 4891 'm so addicted to all the things you do when you're going down on me in between the sheets all the sounds you make with every breath you take its not like anything when you're loving me oh girl lets take it slow so as for you well you know where to go i want to take my love and hate you till the end its not like you to turn away from all the bullshit i cant take its not like me to walk away i'm so addicted too all the things you do when you're going down on me in between the sheets all the sounds you make with every breathe you take its not like anything when you're loving me yeahh i know it was getting rough all the times we spend when we try to make this love something better than just making love again its not like you to turn away all the bullshit i cant take just when i think i can walk away, i'm so addicted to all the things you do when
Updated Blog.. Im Not About Much
20/jan i reckon i can say just about any old shit in here as no 1 reads these damn things, so fuck it, im gonna rant... for any of you that have noticed, im again not spending much time in here, its got way too quiet to the point where its just sadly pathetic to sit n look at an empty shout box for most of the day, with respect that most of you have your own stuff going on right now, there are a load i dont here from simply cause i aint giving out 11s or making pics like i used to.... mehh thinking im soon due another friends list clear out, fuck all this collecting friends that dont say hi even now n then, or rate a pic.... im not looking to have a list of a million ppl i dont talk to... i already sees them but thank you to them new ppl who have stopped by to chat, i value your time :) xx i am missing some of you a lot though :( between net issues and time differences, fu conversations are about as regular as real life ones :-S, a lot has changed in he
Did I Mention I Love My Effin Job?!
I just wanted to let anyone know who was interested that I stated my own business. That's right I hold the reins bitches... and call my own shots ;) I sell the finest line of bath and body products, spa and massage line, lingerie and Adult Bedroom Pleasures. That's right XXX Toys ;) You really need to check it out. The best part about it you can have a party anywhere! I can do catalog parties or find someone i your area to hold a party for you at your house. Best part is you get 20% of your total party sales towards some LOVE LOOT ;) Any thing in the catalog! Or you can put that 20% towards a kit and become a consultant and earn 50% commision on your very first party and website sales! We are currently looking for Consultants for our team! If your at all interested in any of this you can throw me a private message and I will get back with ya with any information you might need.
First Blog
well i thought i would start a blog and see waht tyep of responces i get bu i will write a good one later right now i am baout to go to bed but i do have stuff i wanna write aabout also let me know what u wanna know
Have You Met Them Yet?
Cum meet these wonderful people. First and foremost is my wonderful Fu-owner (and the first man to ever own me) Tomyka. He has just been a darling to me this past month. Thank you sweetie for everything youve done for me. Stop by and give him lots of luv. TOMYKA@ fubar Next meet these wonderful ladies. All are very sweet. And in no particular order. PEE-JAY=2ND ALARM HOTTIE~CLUB F.A.R.~ VERY PROUD ARMY MOM TO MY FALLEN SOLDIER KATIE@ fubar tueskitty/Stiletto Girl@ fubar Ms. Cleavage@ fubar Hard 2 Handle ~ La*La's FuWife~ ** ^E^ vIL's FuHomie **@ fubar This pimp out brought to you bi.. Sinful Angel~Shelle-belle~ PLAYMATE FOR CELLBLOCK 69* Forbidden Inc's Velvet kitty@ fubar Photograph - Def Leppard
Tagged Again By Sizzurp
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? purse 2. Your significant other? floor... (B.O.B) 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? bestest 5. Your father? there 6. Your favorite thing? fingering 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? captain 9. Your dream/goal? laid 10. The room you're in? kitchen 11. Music? metal 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? here 15. What you're not? wet 16. Muffins? sweater 17. One of your wish list items? happiness 18. Where you grew up? Oxnard 19. The last thing you did? burped 20. What are you wearing? smile 21. TV? big brother 22. Your pets? cat 23. Your computer? on 24. Your life? decent 25. Your mood? h
A Little Old Fashioned
A little old fashioned Is there something wrong about , being old fashioned? About having more hugs and kissing to go with the passion! What ever happened to taking a moon lite walk? When, people listened more then they talked. What ever happened to courtships and bringing a lady flowers. Holding an umbrella for her while walking thru showers! I want a love like grandmother and grand dad. Tell me, would that be so bad? Where you supported each other thru thick thin. You didn't give up and you didn't give in. Love isn't a race it's a journey to a destination. True love means you forgive without explanation. Maybe, I'm a dreamer and misunderstood. Love isn't fleeting, love is for good. What ever happened to the romance of the past? True love isn't just a moment, it was made too last. chris
one week from today is independence day for the united states of america it is a day wehre we forget the sky rocketing gas prices and the jobs decreasing everyday this is a day where we unite as one country and celebrate our freedoms given to us by the troops who died and serve today july 4th is a day where we show graditude to our troops over seas and those who serve here i love and support my troops who still serve i support and thank the ones who dies and i support and thank the ones who served in the past happy birthday america
I Have Longed For You
I have Longed For U I have longed for a gentle touch and a soft gentle kiss sweet words to fill my ears a gentle hand to wipe my tears Someone to hold me in the night longing for that Mr. Right Taking me through life's little journeys with no cares and no worries I have longed for a gentle touch Sweeping me off my feet It is you I long to keep embarrassing your hand in mine as we take this journey through time I am only a dreamer in my mind But in my heart I am pure and true What i have longed for Is U !!!!!! Spanky Madison
I'm In An Auction!!!
Lost In A Thought
Lost in a Thought by LateNiteFantasy© I am lost in a thought Like a jet engine it runs through my mind, Rattling my teeth, Taking my Breath away, And making my mind spin, I am lost in a thought. Like a serpent of old it squeezes my soul. Bursted and battered the soul survives, Remaining in it's glory, A thing of vast power. I am lost in a thought. Like dragons breath caressing my heart. Burning away the flesh in it's subtle touch, Until nothing remains but ash, But the ash stirs, And like the phoenix is reborn with new power. I am lost in a thought. So do you think she is thinking of me too?
Do You Want My Wad?
Where do you want my wad? in your mouth? take my gummy wad
    Have you met Sultry?? Go show her mad love!! What have you got to lose... Just look at this woman!!! Tell her Unbreakable sent you!!
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Up Again For Auction
Ok all I am in another Auction! Here is what I am offering: Rate all photos/stash during HH Link to your profile in about me Owned by in my name for a month Added to #1 Family and Friends for a month A profile comment a day Will add more if the price is right…. All you have to do is click the picture below and start bidding.
Negative Shit
i've been on the fu for less than a week and peoples capacity for the negative is amazing! i swear just opening mumms must put people instantly into bad moods! the first mumm i ever posted got so many negative comments about not just my mumm but about me and my picture, do i know these people? realy, who pissed in your koolade? i could not imagine the need to be total bitches and assholes to complete strangers then rate them a 10 and want to be a friend or a fan. and if you think that i am bitching, that's ok 'cause ya know why? it's my blog, and you can leave at any time.
You Know Who You R This Is For You I Wish We Had Our Stash
Song lyrics | Say It Right lyrics
Post your midget here! Points FTW! Love, Mel
My mom and I got into a conversation the other day. I stated that I think that living should be a privilege, not a right, and I would have no problems getting rid of someone just because I think they are a waste of space. I am not talking about offing someone because of deep seeded hate, just purifying the world of dirt so to speak. She said (besides the fact that she doesn't know how she spawned a maniac) that in that case I should have no probs with someone thinking the same about me and trying to get rid of me. I said that it would be their choice, and they would be more than welcome to try. Judging by personal past experience , I know I could easily rid someone of their most precious possession (life) because I don't think they deserve it. I know I am not the one to judge if they do, but I wouldn't care about that aspect. With the world being such an overpopulated place, I think people should be aware that they are merely recycling the O2 that others could be using, and taking
New Slideshow
Gasp! I'm going to the dentist Friday. Which I'm scared. Its for my wisdom tooth. I hope he doesn't have to they don't have to cut it out. Wish me luck! Love, Mysti
Thinking, Doing
The great end of life is not knowledge but action. --Thomas Huxley Sometimes we have good ideas about how to make things better. We might know we need to spend more quality time with others. We might know it would be better if mealtime was not so hectic and really became a time for sharing the day's events. Knowing what needs to happen is part of the process of change. But we have to put that knowledge into action. All our good intentions, no matter what they may be, do not really mean anything until we move into action. A hug is better than a thought of love; a story read together is better than a wonderful vacation that did not get past the planning stage, just as a finished house is something we can live in, while the blueprint is soon forgotten. When we act on our ideas, we put ourselves into the world as a force for change. What change can I set loose in the world today?
Where There Is A Purpose
When there is a reason, there is a way. Where there is a purpose, there is a path. You are capable of reaching higher and higher levels of achievement. The reason you have not yet reached some of them is because you have not yet had a compelling enough reason to do so. When thinking of what you can do, stop thinking only in terms of what you have done. Think in terms of what you desire, what you can imagine, and what you can dream. Think in terms of your purpose. Connect your awareness to whatever drives you, and it will drive you far indeed. Purpose will find a way around the most stubborn obstacles. Purpose will bring the most meaningful and valuable possibilities into reality. Follow the purpose that is truly you. And effectiveness, enthusiasm, achievement, joy and fulfillment will all flow into your life. -- Ralph Marston
A Pre-teen Girl At The Goughin Africa's women last and least in food crisis Cultural expectations ensure women are hardest hit amid growing scarcity A pre-teen girl at the Goughin
To Everyone Who Helped
I would like to thank everyone who helped me during the contest i was in.It was really fun so thank u again xoxoxo Justm41
Tony Wrote This For All His Friends
My song is heard upon the wind my Dreams are ignited by the stars above my heart sings out with kindness you see I can stand tall and proud Forever I will ignite the Spirit from within You can not hold me back for I sour from where I stand My Dreams are forever soaring high amongst the clouds Dancing upon the Wind I have freedom to soar now I will not be taken down Nor Will I be tied I am the Dreamer who dances with Pride Sing out with the wind Sing out with Love Sing out to the stars and heaven above The Dream is ignited the Fire burns bright So Dance neath the moon let your Spirit soar with delight No one can hold you back No one can keep you tied You are to soar with Your Head held on high For in your Heart the Spirit sings with love Dance with the Moon and stars high above (Tony Kenyon 2008)
Zero Waste Policy?
"The Mayor of Kamikatsu, a small community in the hills of eastern Japan, has urged politicians around the world to follow his lead and make their towns "Zero Waste"." Brilliant stuff. More of this please. Clicky-clicky
Test For Grand Opening
"Scarecrow" I am the everything the all knowing The omnipotent one I watch the fields I do not feel I circumnavigate everyone I am the scarecrow, alone and disconnected You stare right past me undetected I am only here when you expect it And feel a sadness undescribable I hange here motionless holding a bible No revival I died and became apathy Then married vacancy Then moved my children to the tundra of complacency I do not exist in your world I've burned the bridges, I've cut the life line Now all I have left is my mind Which judges all of you Analyzes your dumb philosophies Inwonderment of how you all have ruined your ecology But you do not hear for I am to you only but nothingness And I can't understand why I'm the only one that feels like this It's all piss, I flee Out of all the people that have left me The one I miss most, is me I am the scarecrow and I am so alone And I've seen thirty years of down time The face of a clown, a stick for a spine
They said she was "different", she had no friends, maybe she might have had they seen the end. Nobody knew she had no pride or that she was slowly dying inside. They only knew her name was May, she wasn't welcome and that's the way it would stay. Finally one night she crept from her bed, "why can't I stay?", was all that she said. She went to the door and unlocked her heart, all though it had already been torn apart. Out on the terrace the tears rolled, one by one she lost control. As the wind turned her tears to ice, and gently blew her hair, she climbed the ledge and embraced the midnight air. The decision was made and at the count of three, a little jump and she would be free. She shut her eyes and squeezed her palms, as she fell, she knew what she had done was wrong. 1 A.M. police received a call of a young girl who fell a far fall. Her parents watched as the black bag was zipped that was the night there souls were ripped. A few people's oblivious acts caused everyone t
Lingering here in the past Not knowing how much longer I can last I am the broken doll that no one wants Consuming all my thoughts and dreams Never to hear” I love you” or know what it means In the heartening shadows I shall now stay Hoping soon that I will fade away Never hearing someone call my name Deafened by the sound of my putrefying heart Desiring nothing more than to go back to the start Longing for someone to show my affection When I am hurting to be my protection Shrouded by the bleakness of my existence Wanting to feel the pureness of your kiss Wanting to share your heavenly bliss Perpetually bewildered by my veiled past Captivating this breath as if it be my last Listening to the confusion of my hearts ode Sitting here beside you as you tell me that you lied That was the night that my wounded heart died Throughout my heart your heartless words did echo My perished heart is beginning to show Do the words I speak taint your diminutive thoughts?
Colonel Archibald Henderson
Colonel Archibald Henderson Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General) Archibald Henderson, fifth Commandant of the Marine Corps, was born in Colchester, Virginia, on 21 January 1783. He was appointed a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps on 4 June 1806; promoted to first lieutenant 6 March 1807; to captain 1 April 1811; and was appointed a major, by brevet, in the year 1814. As a captain during the War of 1812, he participated in the engagements with the Cyane and Levant on 20 February 1815. He received a silver medal and was included in the thanks of Congress to the officers and men of the Constitution for gallant service. He was later presented with a jeweled sword by the State of Virginia. During the years subsequent to the second war with Great Britain, until the year he was appointed Commandant, Brevet Major Henderson was on duty at such posts and stations as Boston, Massachusetts; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps; and at New Orleans, Louisiana. On
Come Check Us Out! You Wont Regret It ;)
Introducing, The Pink Ladies. [ J A D E ] {{ The Pink Ladies }} Kelly {{ The Pink Ladies }} [[MeL]] {{ The Pink Ladies }} Alison {{ The Pink Ladies }} §t냃ÿ {{ The Pink Ladies }} (repost of original by 'NaTe -- The Pink Pimp -- I'm Jades--' on '2008-08-12 15:14:19') (repost of original by '[[MeL]] {{ The Pink Ladies }}' on '2008-08-12 15:35:31') (repost of original by 'NaTe -- The Pink Pimp -- I'm Jades--' on '2008-08-12 16:00:00')
Another Stupid Poem.
When I said I needed you, you said nothing. When I needed my friend , you were too busy. When I said I was sad ,you didn't listen. When I said you mean the world to me you, you ignored me. When I said I needed more, you said I'd gotten all you have. When I said I love you, you ran away. I wait for something to change, but nothing does. I wait for you to tell me why, and you say nothing to me. I wait for you to try to be my friend or more, and you seem to hide from me. How long must I wait for you to decide, to deem me worthy of a chance at your heart. To be worthy of the love I know you have inside. To be worthy of all you are. Tired of waiting and being alone. Tired of wondering, should I just let it all go.
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Naughty Survey
1. How old are you? 33 2. What is your sexual orientation? straight 3. Have you ever given someone oral sex? LOVE IT 4. Have you ever received oral sex? Yes.. and I like it 5. How many sexual partners have you had? hmmmmmm around 10 6. What is your pubic hair style? non shaved 7. What is your choice of underwear style? boxers 8. Have you ever had anal sex? GIVEN and yes 9. What is your favorite position? It would depend on the moment. 10. How often do you masturbate? few times an hour ,,, umm i mean a WEEK 11. Have you ever kissed a girl? Yup I have 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl? umm i do have 2 kids lmao 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos? UMMMMM. there is a private folder on my profile that would tell u IF YOU HAD ACCESS lmao 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once? not really 15. Have you watched porn? yuppumz 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area? n
I want to be owned! Do u want a Slave? The things i can offer u,"Owned by" in my name for a month, link to ur profile on my profile, 11's during HH on all ur pix everyday until the jobs done, Stash rates on everything u got stashed! A Bling once a week, To keep ur drunk up, Make u a SFW or NSFW salute and pix made by me,To promote my closest of friends to shower u with just as much love as possible, if u think of something i did not feel free to post it here! i want spoiled, don't u? xoxo waitin to hear from u!!! Now let's start the bidding!!! BeeBee
Hi All
Foundry Cams: Brooke And Vikki Rock Out To Hinder
Remember those old Doublemint Gum comercials? Yeah, this is nothing like that. Brooke and Vikki are identical 20 year-old twins on FOUNDRY CAMS who enjoy doing everything together, including showing off their perfect bodies on their webcam. Special thanks to our buddies at HINDER and Universal for 'Use Me' (click to download the song!). CLICK THE PIC TO WATCH BROOKE and VIKKI IN ACTION! Of course, if you haven't passed out by the time the video is finished, you should head over to FOUNDRY CAMS and chat with Brooke and Vikki LIVE ON WEBCAM! Remember, bands, artists, labels... if you want YOUR song featured in a FOUNDRY CAMS video, Just send your CD and press kit to: FoundryMusic c/o DFL MEDIA PO Box 257 Millington, NJ 07946
Jethro Tull-aqualung
Henrietta Part-paying For Her Sins
Lenny thought for a moment and enquired why Henrietta had not visited his salon before. Henrietta vaguely mumbled something about vanity and then sheepishly said that it was only by necessity and not for a luxurious whim that she was here at all. The poor hippo gradually began to realise that she had only herself to blame for her present predicament. If only she hadn’t lost all sense of time in contemplation none of this would be have happened. It also struck poor Henrietta that even being here was against her principles - after all she had not been brought up to be pampered and waited on. Henrietta voiced her doubts about the whole thing and was just about to clamber off the bed again in preparation for a hasty exit. Lenny read her mind and very firmly but gently laid a restraining trunk on her ample belly. “Darling,” he said, “This is not a ‘pamper or panda’ parlour nor is it an exclusive establishment for the elite. Our most humble clients are Nigel the Nectar Collecto
So You Think You're A Comedian??? Come To Tmm On Wednesday Nights...
Click on above banner and come on in to the Texas Music Mania for a whole new experience!! :D See if you can have the best comic line for the evening!! :D Hiring all staff!!! Let me know if you are interested! Created by DJ Devine ~Owner @ Texas Music Mania Lounge & Lucky Hearts Chapel - Come on in... Check us out!!@ fubar
Without Friends
Without friends where would I be. A lost soul floating where no one can see. I think how my life is, and how I hope it will be. Free to become what I Choose to be. So for now I will Smile and joke just as I do, and Remember all my Friends that 's what I do... WHere would I be without Friends... lost Love u all.
Ankylosis Spondylitis
There are so many hereditary debilitating diseases that most people are not aware. My brother died last November from another one...Ankylosis Spondylitis. It's very rare...both parents must have it genetically to be passed to a child and even in the rare case both parents carry it, it's still extremely rare for it to be passed on. Like MHE it attacks a person from the inside out. It dissolves away all the connective tissues that hold bones together and keep joint bones from rubbing together which causes extreme amounts of pain. After a while it causes the bones to start fusing together which severely inhibits movement and causes intense pain. Eventually the person dies from this disease. This disease usually lies dormant in a person until something in the aging process triggers it out of dormancy. Before my brother, the earliest case of onset was 55 years of age and the youngest after him was 65 years of age. The doctors believe that some or a mixture of some o
Well another Holiday is almost over and many people will be going back to work. Spending the holidays alone is the lonelyest of times, sure we have friends and family, but its still not the same as haveing that special someone in your life to spend it with. That is where the Risk Factor comes in. So many people are to afraid to take a risk now days, and i dont blame them. They work hard all there lives and then meet someone weather it be on the net or in a bar or at any other fuction.They have to decided is this person worth giving up there freedom for. We all love our Freedom when we are single, to be able to come and go as we please and do what ever we want to at anytime of day or night. Then there is the big Risk Factor. What are you willing to give up for that other person? Are you willing to give up your home, maybe even your job to be with that person, or maybe even move to another state or country. That is a Risk Factor that scares the Hell out of alot of people. Can love be tha
Only In America
Only in America . . . do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. Only in America . . . do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. Only in America . . . do banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. Only in America . . . do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. Only in America . . . do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. Only in America . . . do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'. Only in America . . . do they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering. Ever wonder . . . Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? Why don't you ever see the head
My Yahoo
I see that if the mumms change for the worst im gonna give most of the mummers my yahoo......I can see myself not spending as much time here as i enjoy.....because i see that one bad apple spoils it for the rest of us........... *for those of you that have know how to get in touch.......i do enjoy yahoo conferences......... Supe
Arousal From Being Spanked! She Loved It.
She didn’t know why she’d left the bar with him, nor why she had agreed to get in his car; however, most of all, she didn’t know why she was now standing in his living room, watching him pour a glass of wine for her. “You’re beautiful,” he said, and handed her the glass of red wine. He brushed the back of his hand lightly across her cheek, admiring her, once she took the drink. She couldn’t help but smile and began to thank him for the compliment, but he cross her lips with a finger to silence her. “Don’t speak…” he whispered, leaning close to her. He was so close…she could smell the wine coming from his breath. His finger fell from her lips, running his hand along her jaw, cupping it. Her eyes fell closed as he kissed her, quite gently. She found herself wrapping her free arm about his neck, leaning closer to him as their kiss became more passionate. Meanwhile, his hands caressed her voluptuous form, squeezing the cheeks of her rear. He finally pulled away, only to set her wi
2008 Election please check this out.
Won't Leave
Ever had this feeling that keeps taking over, taking over your body and mind. One that haunts you and won't let you leave it behind. I want to leave it behind and say goodbye but it keeps coming back and wanting to thrive. Thrive off of all that is bad and evil. Showing its horns and taking its people. The hurt that it brings is no good to all but it keeps coming back and standing real tall. I push it away more and more each day but it keeps coming back more and more to stay.
My Hair :p Pictures :)
sooo i was looking thru these old random pics i had on my photobucket and i thought hmm i like my hair like that.. should i get it redone? lol sadly these are the best pics i have of it lmao
Am I The Father Of Your Child?
A guy goes to the supermarket and notices an attractive woman waving at him. She says hello. He's rather taken aback because he can't place where he knows her from. So he says, 'Do you know me?' To which she replies, 'I think you're the father of one of my kids.' Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says, 'Are you the stripper from the bachelor party that I made love to on the pool table with all my buddies watching while your partner whipped my butt with wet celery???' She looks into his eyes and says calmly, 'No, I'm your son's teacher.'
Make Me Whole
Darlin I want you to listen, I stayed up all night, So I can get this thing right. And I don't think, There's anything missin'. 'Cause a person like you, Made it easy to do. I've waiten for so long, To sing to you this song. Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven, Your smile could heal a million souls. Your love completes my exsistence. Your the other half that Makes Me Whole. Your the only other half that Makes Me Whole. I think the angels are your brothers (ya ya) They told you about me. Said your just what she needs. And I find myself, Thanking your mother. For giving birth to a saint, My spirit flies when I say your name. If theres one that's true, It's that I was born to love you. (and) Your eyes are the windows to heaven, Your smile could heal a million souls. Your love completes my exsistance. Your the other half that Makes Me Whole. Your the only other half that Makes Me Whole. You make my dreams, Come true over and over again. And I
Akamrs. T Contest
Please Read About My Contest!!!
Friendship Comments As of today I wanted to tell all my "True Friends" that I am dropping out of the contest. It was not run fair. Favortism was shown. I so apologize to the SPANKERS!! You all did so much for me. The contest was very challenging and was having a great time. But, when I got the Spankers in to help me then we start getting accused of blast bombing or bombing to fast etc. Then she blocked people so they couldnt help me. Then when I just "asked" if this contest was pre-determined she got all mad and post our personal pm on her blog. But, it will be slow for sure but, I will get around to everyone that helped to rate your stuff and return the love. Second contest I ever was in and made me think twice about it again. I never had HH or Fu-blings etc. But, maybe after my health issues clear up maybe I could afford it someday to just buy it. Again Im so sorry. Thank Manly to for having so many friends to come help me. And Daddy Sparks was a great help. Ty so much EVER
All My Famalie On Fubar
just a note to say hi to you all been a while:> well im in joplin mo this week my mom has pasted away so im here with my kids trying to deal with all the paper work and drama.what a workout this is becoming i thought id take a break from all the shit to say hi
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Cause I Said I Would....
OK here it is Friday I posted a couple non-rater blogs yesterday and today my upcoming HH for Monday.... So to the unfinished bushiness today was good for me as most people that received those auto 11 blings out there. So woohoo to me and all the others that picked up on that!! So, there are a few though that still don't get it as I woke to a friends request to the a** that didn't rate back and blocked me ...he rated a few and wanted me back hmmmm uhh no JA!!! Another person from the same group which appeared as in viewing me did just that just view...ok a lazy F***. There was one today that never seen the two bully's I posted for Monday's HH or the blog I posted....hmmmm ok!!! To an old friend though and I will call out the trifling thing she is: Alluring Redhead who today had auto 11's and then came a begging I rated some of hers earlier this week and today another 560 which you know blew her up in points!!! She got hers and ran, deleted
Get A Chance To Make Me Your Bitch For Halloween I'm up for bid, everything is negotiable Voodoo Whisperer
Um. Ok.
So I just got a text. Its some number I dont know, and its a california area code..This what it says... "Baby, you know your pussy tastes like sugar" What should my response be?
October 10,11,12
I get to take a break and go out this weekend!!!!!! Any suggestions--send them. I live in Huntington, WV. I want to have fun.
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Dolphin Paradise Train Tags if your tag isn't here please let me know by PMing me...if you just joined your tag will be here shortly.
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I'm Special Train
~ The Rules for the I'M SPECIAL TRAIN~ 1. Stop by and rate this folder (which has the pics to rate AND the tags so you get them done all at once (leave a comment on last picture): 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the train. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Yeah I'm special!" or anything like that. 3. Private message Tulsa's Angel when you have completed rating each rider and she will add you to the train. All riders on the train need to be sure to hit each other up. 4. When new people join the train... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request. Everyone must comment everyone on here. 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 6. NO DRAMA. Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve! Steve ~darla~ *Phantom* Chaos' Goddess ~ Fu-Wife & R/L G/
Camping Shamping :/
So my camping trip sucked balls. I guess this video was a prelude to how the trip was going to end. I look like a boy!! We left home late. When we got to Woods Canyon Lake and there were NO camp sites available. So we had to go north 12 more miles to find a nonpaying site. No outhouses, no water...fine whatever. We were ON THE RIM. Our campsite was next to a cliff. It was FUCKING AWSOME and cold! No trees to block anything. 30mph winds and 35degrees at night. It was cold but I loved it! Took me awhile to get used to it though. However, everyone else...HATED IT!. We (they hehe) set up camp, then went to bed!! No one wanted to start a fire or make dinner. Fine. We all went to bed. All night it sounded like jets were taking off next to our tent. The wind was THAT loud. No one got any sleep. Other family members were suppose to meet us up there but when my mom called (fuck roaming charges!) and told them how miserable they were, everyone siad "uhh, we'll make it next
There is an unspoken conversation with death between the wolf and it's prey. The outcome of the hunt is usually settled in the first moment, the moment of eye contact between the animals. What transpires between those moments of staring between predator and prey is probably a complex exchange of information regarding the appropriateness of a chase and a kill. This encounter is the conversation of death. The conversation falters noticeably when wolves encounter domestic stock, animals that have had the language of death bred out of them. The domestic horse will almost always panic and run. It will always be killed. When a wolf encounters a herd of sheep, it kills in anger and frustration, because there is no fight to live. Therefore, the wolf has not accomplished anything. There must be that ritual and choice. There is nobility in such a death. The wolf grows strong eating an animal that knows how to die with it's whole heart. He wastes away on the flesh of anima
Fort Henry Military Tattoo Fire Works 1
Click To Give
all it takes is one click...or as many as you would like to give. By clicking the free mamogram button on the breast cancer awareness website, we can make a difference. Not that hard of a task really... we sit on the computer all day every day anyways, so what are a few clicks more if we can save the boobies!
Ti Me
Time gathers close as I write our song Soon love I'll be gone Hold me Love me Never trust me I whisper into the wind I miss you I miss your touch I'm to far gone now I love you You never here my words What happened to us To build distrust Hold me again as I fade away Lucifer sounds again Jason M. Christilaw 20081012
Final And Last Warning(updated 10/27/2008
(UPDATE AS OF 22/27/08) Animations - Animated Graphics for Myspace, Hi5, OrkutMyspace Comments, Hi5 & Friendster graphics: WE HAVE TOLD YOU AND SINC THE SARCASIM HAS GOT BAD,ANOTHER MEMBER HAS BEEN LET GO TODAY. WE HAVE FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF THE FAMILY BOMBING IN GIVEAWAYS MORE THAN OUR FAMILY MEMBERS. AND THEY DON'T COUNT HOW MANY THEY DO, THEY JUST HELP. SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE????? Animations - Animated Graphics for Myspace, Hi5, OrkutMyspace Comments, Hi5 & Friendster graphics: U need all need to attempt to do some bombing each day or atleast everyother day or u will b cut from family.Getting tired of talking about it.Unless u tell Bratt or Chaotic of extra circumstances no more will be tolerated. We shoulda had most of these giveways more than halfway done. If u could put atleast 50 on each a day.(((But that don't mean to count every comment, we want serious bombers, if you have to count comments then you don't wann
My Life
Okay so I haven't been on as of late. I have had a life. My favorite holiday, happened. I got to decorate my house. It was the first time I had a front yard first time I could take pride in showing off my display in my home. I had a casket outside my window, two light up crows a skull it was just great i scared the kids off from my house SO my costumes of this year: she-ra Princess of power, batgirl for trick or treating with my neice and nephew, and Black canary with green arrow. As everyone knows I dress up and love dressing up for this season. I went to Hallween USA picked up a costume for my best friend where i was talking to a person who worked at the store. We talked about dc costumes comics and batman being the best super hero ever. Well they told me about "im a marvel Im DC" i watched them told mat about it and funniest stuff ever. lots of costumes and have met someone. so life is good. Busy hectic I no longer have the days off tat i used to but its still epic. life i
Member Info
I have been informed that RedWingHunny is very ill. She has pneumonia. Please keep her in your prayers. Send Get well wishes and/or a present if you so wish. Also, Wizard has left the Circle. No reason given. Thank all of you for being such a great group. Luv ya all!! HoakieGirl Jus'Me Micki-Blue-Eyes
Angel With One Wing
Angel With One Wing I know an angel with only one wing, with a song in her heart she has yet to sing. She wanders without aim between earth and sky, searching for her soulmate to help her fly. She asked the Lord one lonely night, with only one wing, Lord, will I ever take flight? The Lord then answered in his mysterious way, the wing you are missing will find you one day. I created my angels with only one wing, each one a queen in search of her king. When you see him, then you'll know why, he too is without aim between earth and sky. Until that time, angel, don't lose sight. Your missing wing is searching tonight. And when he finds you, then you'll see, that your wings joined together will set you free.
Up On The Aution Block
what i am willing to offer the highest bidder 1. fu owned in name for the month that person owns me rate all pics and stash during happy hour make personal graphics make them 1 nsfw cleavige salute click my pic above to place a bid on me
What Makes You Feel The Most Special
When I Sleep
when i sleep,i dream of you,and all the things we used to do,all the tears and all the smiles,loving you was all worth while,you filled the hole,inside my heart,and when you left me,it all came apart,the world around me,came crashing down,all i could hear was this echoing sound___ (woman laughing) I can still hear your voice,inside of my head,and everything,that you've said,you were the light,in my hour of darkness,you lifted me higher than i've ever been,the love you gave me, can't be messured,loving you,was such a pleaure, When I sleep You're all that I see when I sleep cause you still matter to me when I sleep I can feel you in my dreams (solo) am I nothing,am I invisible,don't I matter,to you at all,tell me,tell me, do you see me,when you close your eyes,am I ever on your mind, why did you leave me,how could you do me this way,your my addiction,running through my veins, When I
Fav Singer Aaliyah
So everyone whats a to in a movie with some big actor right well yeah so their filming George Clooney new movie at my college and well I'm in it how odd is that??? Well yeah I get to be a Speical Forces Sergeant...yeah so... other then that I get to pretend to live at Fort Bragg...
Well count down to this day. Just wonder who all is going to show up that said they would. Just hope have enough food.
Seriously Fubar?
so a friend of mine bought me a 3 day blast... i put in the blast Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken over there, I'm going to eat the first thing to come out of it's butt" but fubar decided to edit it to "Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken over there ... I'm gonna eat it" seriously, wtf? that and how is this pic nsfw??
Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings
Original - Re-issue - Burnt Offerings is American heavy metal band Iced Earth's third album, released April 18, 1995, by Century Media Records. This album marked the introduction of vocalist Matt Barlow, who many fans consider to be "the voice" of Iced Earth. It is also the only Iced Earth album featuring drummer Rodney Beasley. The final track of the album, Dante's Inferno, is based on the famous epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The original album cover is of Lucifer in the Ninth Circle from Gustave Doré's series of engravings based on the work. This album drew both ire and praise at the same time, anger from the European fans who felt betrayed that Iced Earth chose a different path musically, and in contrast, sold much higher in the USA than their previous albums. The arrival of Barlow began bringing influences from power metal, though this album still retained most of the musical identity of thrash metal from the bands previous albums. As with Iced Earth a
Little Timmy's Best Christmas
When I was a kid I was so anxious for Christmas! I dreamed of all the toys I would get and for the weeks leading up to Christmas I laid in bed at night listening for Santa to be outside my window. Well, one night I heard voices coming from downstairs. I crept out of my bed and slowly down the steps until I could see the living room where my parents sat talking. My mom was crying, as she said there was very little food in the house. My dad was sad and angry, telling her that they had no money to pay the bills. They didn't know what they were going to do, or how we would have a Christmas. I might have only been 8 years old, but I knew just what I had to do! I sneaked back to my room and grabbed my piggy bank off the shelf. I had been saving all my change for years and had what I considered a great amount of money in it. I took all the money out and put it in a sack, then crept back down the stair. I could still hear my parents talking and it broke my heart, but as I said, I knew what
I'm In This!!!!
Survey Says
Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 20. One thing that you would like to do to me
I'm cold. Happy Wednesday, i hate that whole "hump day" shit
Dinner Rolls
Ingredients: * 1 cup whole milk * 2 pkg. dry yeast * 1/2 cup butter, melted * 1/4 tsp. salt * 1/4 cup sugar * 2 eggs * 4-1/2 to 5 cups flour * more melted butter Preparation: Warm the milk in a small saucepan over low heat. Mix 1/3 of the milk with the dry yeast in a small bowl and let sit until bubbly, about 15 minutes. In a large bowl, combine remaining milk, melted butter, salt and sugar and beat until the sugar is dissolved. Then add the beaten eggs and bubbly yeast. Add flour, 1/4 cup at a time, beating on high speed of stand mixer. This step should take at least 5 minutes. When the dough gets too stiff to beat, stir in rest of flour by hand, if necessary, to make a soft dough. Turn out onto floured surface and knead for 5 minutes, until smooth and satiny. Place dough in greased bowl, turning to grease top. Cover and let rise in warm place until light and doubled in size, about 1 hour. (I have also covered the dough well and placed
More Perks Of Atheism
Silly Boy
He broke my heart like an old toy, Karma's going to be a bitch for that silly boy. Now its time to trade the part, He really shouldnt have broken my heart. Shaking hands, trembling lips, A hesitant smile as the flesh rips. Gritting teeth, squinting eyes, I wont hear anymore of his lies. Tape his mouth, State into his face, Soon his blood I will taste. Breath in deep let it out slow, All my pain he is about to know. Tie his hands,bind his feet, Now step back and take a seat. A scalpel to the nail a needle to the eye, Soon he will be begging to die. Cut off his lids so that he may see, The blade thats being controlled by me. Pop off his nails one by one, Screams of pain for all he's done. He made the bed in which he must lye, So slowly I plunge the blade deep inside. Now he knows I am not a toy, Cause I cut the heart out of that silly boy.
A Nordic Yule Blessing
Day 7 Yule is a time to set aside animosity between yourself and people who would normally antagonize you. The Norsemen had a tradition that enemies who met under a bough of mistletoe were obligated to lay down their arms. Set aside your differences, and think about that as you ponder this devotional. Beneath the tree of light and life, a blessing at this season of Jul! To all that sit at my hearth, today we are brothers, we are family, and I drink to your health! Today is a day to offer hospitality to all that cross my threshold in the name of the season.
Help Her Level Up!
This wonderful lady is just 11,500 points away from leveling! She has done alot for alot of people on here and she is just plain awesome. So lets help her level up! So then she will relax and enjoy the holidays. :) Her link below *Legzz*The Pegasus Project@ fubar This brought to you by the one and only..... Carebear ~The Pegasus Project~ *T&H destroyers*@ fubar
Come Join Ppl
Auto On From 7pm Est Dec. 20 - 7pm Est Dec. 21
> > There are more than 140k in points and Fubucks available here...Auto 11's are on until 7pm EST (4pm Futime) today, Sunday December 21!!!! C'mon over and level up!!!!
Story Of My Life
Turn down the lights Turn down the bed Turn down these voices Inside my head Lay down with me Tell me no lies Just hold me close Don't patronize Don't patronize Cuz I can't make you love me If you don't You can't make your heart feel Something it won't Here in the dark In these final hours I will lay down my heart And I'll feel the power But you won't No you won't Cuz I can't make you love me If you don't And I'll close my eyes Then I won't see The love you don't feel When you're holding me Morning will come And I'll do what's right Just give me til then To give up this fight I will give up this fight
there are many forms of guilt but the one that continues to be a the killer is the one of never havein said goodbye. its been 2 years and ive never gotten over it and no matter how much i try to move on and forget that day it never seems to happen. and now i get to spend forever missin him and never gettin over the guilt that i wasnt there to be able to say goodbye and that i loved him one last time. if isnt was drives me to the grave i dunno what will but why does one person have to live with one simple mistake forever? and one does one not get over it?
My Account Is Being Hacked!
YESTERDAY BEFORE I WENT SHOPPING I HAD OVER 13 MILLION FUBUX, Now have 1.5. I know this is a beautiful world that we live in but I don't think that Macys' or anyone yesterday took my 13 million in fubux for me in exhchange for my christmas products, as much as I wish that they did lmfao!!However... someone *DID* take them as I shopped AND they continued to take them last nite as I sat here in my account and watched them do so, even *AFTER* I contacted Scrapper & EMAIL SUPPORt. Things that make ya go hmmm. Now if this person can be in my account while I am in it and taking my fubux, can they be in my account comment bombing picture while I am in it also? More things that make ya go hmmm. Why won't support answer me? Hmmmmmmmmm.
"fall Picnic"
It's a beautiful fall morning. I've got part of our day planned out already, all the way down to the perfect picnic spot. I've packet a large basket with all of our favorites, nice soft blanket along with everything we will need to have an enjoyable afternoon together. We don't get as much time away as we would like. The place I have picked is secluded along side a small creek bed. The Sky's are clear and blue as far as the eye can see, the leaves on the trees are changing colors and there is an ever so slight breeze. You are curious as to what I have planned but you will not ask. I've got on a halter top that has an oriental design to it and a jean skirt, something simple and basic but you like this outfit. We arrive at our destination and you just look around and smile. As we climb out of the jeep to unload, you walk over to me, pull me in close and kiss me very passionately. I return this kiss just as deeply. I melt every time you kiss me. The way your lips feel against mine, your h
Help Me To Godmother
The one and only GOTHIC SLAVE is less than a million points to GODMOTHER!!! Please come help her level before its 2009!!! She’s a sweetie and she’ll luv you back for every ounce of luv you show her! Come on and give her some good FU LUVIN! ♥ღ•:*¨¨*:•.ღ♥ Gothic Slave ♥ღ•:*¨¨*:•.ღ♥@ fubar MySpace Music Playlist at Brought to you by: ♥Brown Eyed Girl ♥ ™ ~ Sarge's Bad Girls ~@ fubar PLEASE GO SHOW MY GIRL ** BROWN EYED GIRL ** SOME LOVING FOR ALL THE HELP
My Dark Angel 2
#1 Song In Hills
Heartbroken is what I am... You know...I wish I was strong like I used to be, Before Hurt and Pain weakened me, Then it wouldn't hurt so much. All I NEEDED was your gentle touch... You KNOW who you are, and What I mean You know that you were....A part of My Dream!! But in a haze I can almost hear you say, You gave up EVERYTHING.... I listen to how your words Slowly finish into sentences And they strike me like lightning, This chilliness makes me crazy And this feeling is frightening, And yet your words keep running, And I feel tears burning. What felt so Safe and Secure, Falls down like a House of Cards. It's like ... She (uh huh I know!) came in, To Wipe Me Out And destroy my life.... AND DID!!!!
I Will Never Forget You!!!
Gotta love Indiana: Aug. 12 - Moved into our new home in Indiana. It is so beautiful here. The fields and river valleys are so picturesque. I have a beautiful old oak tree in my front yard. Can hardly wait to see the change in the seasons. This is truly God's Country. Oct. 14 - Indiana is such a gorgeous place to live, one of the real special places on Earth. The leaves are turning a multitude of different colors. I love all of the shades of reds, oranges and yellows, they are so bright. I want to walk through all of the beautiful hills and spot some white tail deer. They are so graceful, certainly they must be the most peaceful creatures on Earth. This must be paradise. Nov. 11 - Deer season opens this week. I can't imagine why anyone would want to shoot these elegant animals. They are the very symbol of peace and tranquility here in Indiana. I hope it snows soon. I love it here! Dec. 2 - It snowed last night. I woke to the usual wonderful sight: everything
Blue Moon Grand Opening
=== 'ItsUrAngel ~Owner Of The Blue Moon~ FuOwned By KIDDROCK / OWNER OF SEXY JESS' wrote the following at '2009-01-16 09:39:48'.. > > If you have not been to our lounge recently, you're missing out! > > > COME J0IN THE GRAND OPENING OF THE BLUE MOON !! > > > > > > > > > > > > > COME ONE COME ALL AND JOIN IN ON OUR GRAND OPENING AT THE BLUE MOON LOUNGE WITH DJ BADBOY ON AIR ALL REQUEST PLAYED DRAMA FREE JOIN OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS !! > > > > > CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW SEE YOU THERE !!! > > > > THE OWNER > > > THE CO/OWNER > >
How Do You Tell Them?
Valentines Day
My Love
Poems | Forward this Picture
Farting In Rythm...hehe!
You are on a bus, when you suddenly fart. Luckily the music is very loud. So every time you fart, you time it with the music. When you start making your way to the door as you exit the bus Everybody is throwing dagger looks at you, and you suddenly realize. ............ You're listening to your IPod !
I may move to Colorado. Need some information about that State. Such ss Houses for rent etc.
Whats Love
If love was a object what would it be Would it be some thing would it be me? All I can tell you is you have to find out Give it a try and let your heart fly Watch where it takes you Watch where u go Don t fall 4 something That u don t know When u find that someone or something to love Don’t let it slip away don’t let it go Keep hold of it forever and a day Through sun, through rain and through snow When that someone or something Loves you back Don’t give it too much Without getting none back
Let's not say goodbye Let's give it another try Because if we say goodbye It will only leave me drying my eyes Your a wonderful person inside and out I no I did you wrong But the feelings I have For you are so strong I never meant to hurt you Only try to get over you And when I thought I was You made me realize that I wasn't The feeling was still there and as strong You will always have a place in my heart I only hope that you can forgive me And I hope we can give it another try Because of not it will only make me cry I'm so sorry I hurt you I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me And maybe to give me another chance I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
I was going to delete this blog but I decided instead to leave it here so that all of you can see what a Grade A JACKASS looks like. this one. He is after one thing and one thing only. And of course when he sees he isn't gonna get it he goes all postal. MEET MY NEW OWNER He is my owner for the next month so please stop by FAN/RATE/ADD and show him lots of love. 42nlovinit Brought to you with much respect by AMANDA
Auction Time...come Place Your Bids
Come bid on me... Ill rate all ur pix during auto 11 or w/o ..Your choice..Auction ends on Friday 5:00... Heres what Im offering... Heres the link......
Awesome Bully
Click Any Of The Pics Below!!!& Go Show Him Mad Love!!!He Will Be Leaving Us Soon For A Bit!!!So Go Show Him How Much He'll Be Missed!!! ☣ Howey ☠ The VagiSnorkel ☣ Feltersnatch ☠ ☣ Howey ☠ The VagiSnorkel ☣ Feltersnatch ☠ Auto 11's Are On!!! So Go Level On This Awesome Guy!!! We Love You Howey!!! Muahhhh!!!
Get In On The Fun
REMEMBER TO COME JOIN THE LOUNGE LET'S HAVE SOME FUN MRS MAMMA MIA! ~Co Owner Frozen Paradise~@ fubar ĞJ §TØRMFÚR¥~OWNER OF FROZEN~PARADISE@ fubar Hiring all staff apply with in
Sweet Nite Candy
Politics 2
OK, so now i watching the news again last night, and a Republican Congressman named something Issa ( if you watch old movies this is very ironic) was talking about the Democrats grabbing power. What he was referring to was the the head of the census beruo now reportig directly to the cheif of staff. I was thinking how ironic that he could even comment on thi subject. Over the last 8 years one of the tactics the Republicans have been redistricting states to ensure they get more seats in congress and electoral votes in heavily Republican districts. A great example of this is Texas. Texas was redistricted to give Republicans about 10 more seats in Congress. Here's an example Austin the capital of texas leans very heavily Democrat. If you look closly it breaks down that South Austin is predominantly Democrat and there are more Republicans in North Austin. So what they did was broke Austin into two or three didtricts now south Austin votes with El Paso, El Paso is about 800 miles aw
Sbg; Your Cure To The Monday Blues; Feb. 16th Edition
Do You Have Monday Blues? Are your wondering what to do on a Monday? Do you want to rate but don't want to go through the BORED board? Are you tired of only rating only ezrate pics? Well, here is something different, fun, and exciting! SARGE'S BAD GIRLS The BEST bad girls you will ever meet! A listing at your fingertips of beautiful women with great pics. And of course the man that made it all possible. (He has folders of some of our best pics!) Give these bad girls a good old fashioned fu-spanking and don't forget to thank the man that made it all possible. Fan - Rate - Friend - Bling - Comment! You won't regret it! ***SBGs*** You Should Be Rating The SBG picture folders of Sarge and the Top Five SBGs (Up To 25 Mandatory) in this Bulletin/Blog. Next Monday These Top Five Will Be On The Bottom Of The List. All SBGs .. please comply! Sarge's Bad Girls
If You Are Still Here...
it is becuase i love you. honestly, and to the ones i deleted please dont take it personal, everyone is welcome on my page because i love talking to everyone. but my life is hell right now so i need to kind of have my little bubble of people who i talk to everyday. and my list lies i do not have 59 friends, i have 24 no drama it will be deleted and i really do love you all sarah
Tag, I'm It.
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I eat more junkfood than any human should. 2. My foot bounces A LOT when I'm thinking. 3. I'm having a hard time with this because I'm multitasking like a bitch. 4. Favorite movies: Clockwork Orange, Phantom of the Opera, Juno. 5. I spend more time online than you'd believe. 6. I can type about 65 wpm. 7. I twitch a lot. 8. I say a lot of internet lingo in real life. (lulz, brb, etc.) 9. I have a horrid memory (For example, I was supposed to go to the library this morning to print out a W2 and totally forgot. 10. I've logged more hours in Vampirefreaks flashchat than most of the people than most people could hand
Always Listen To Your Gut
There was a lady I was friends w/ who's son was in my lil one's class... I started having problems w/ her son hurting my daughter such as pushing her down and even gave her a fat lip... I confronted her which was awkward for me since we were friends and her response was if my son hit your daughter she deserved it... Needless to say after that our friendship was never the same, she tried to still hang out and I kept her at a distant.. I did help her out once after that she came over to use my comp to load some pics on her myspace... In fact she even has a account on here.. Anyways she would call and I wouldn't call back come to find out she started looking really bad and skinny , I suspected she was on meth.. She has the most amazing boys 4 of them , and my heart goes out to them... I once dated someone who I later found out was on meth and I know first hand how evil that drug can make u.. He would get very abusive when he was coming down.. I left him once I knew he was doing it
Starbucked Up The Wazoo
This morning on the walk home from work, I decided to do something different. Against my best judgment and all reason, I decided to stop by Starbuck's for a cup of coffee. The reasoning behind this, though mainly because Brennan had stopped by work and was on his way over there, was that it is between my apartment and work, roughly halfway. This makes it extremely convenient, though as I later learned, was not so "convenient" after all. Now, there are reasons I do not drink Starbucks, most notably because it tastes like burned celery. But, despite that, it has been a few years since I've had a cup of Starbuck's coffee, and I figured, why not. Well my friends, I found out "why not." Brennan and I sat at the patio this morning at Starbucks, "enjoying" our cups of coffee, strained from beans obviously tortured to death by over-roasting, most likely over brimstone. Judging by their "bitter" nature, I think these particular beans were elderly, and had spent the last bit of their li
Bombing Fun
(originally posted February 26, 2009) Hubby and I tried out bombing last night, it's kinda fun, makes me want my VIP back... hmm.. tempting EDIT I bit the bullet and got my VIP back What I discovered about bombing... • You only have an hour for it so it's pretty short-lived • You can only hit one album per person • You can only hit one album every 60 seconds which is annoying and really limits how many points you can get • You can't bomb an album that's already been bombed! Total bummer! If you have an activated bomb, it'll show you at the top of the album who that album has been bombed by, if it hasn't, it'll give you a link to bomb the album, or show you how long you have left until you can bomb again. EDIT They changed it! Now it shows who bombed the album before you, but you CAN bomb it too! YAY! • You can easily tell which albums have been bombed in the list, it will show a little burning folder image on the albums that have already been bombed. • You can only
Coast Guard Searching For Missing Nfl Players!
The Coast Guard searched off Florida's Gulf Coast on Sunday for a fishing boat carrying NFL players Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper and two other men missing more than a day in choppy seas. Smith, a defensive end for the Detroit Lions, and Cooper, an Oakland Raiders linebacker, were on a 21-foot vessel that left Clearwater Pass for a fishing trip Saturday morning and did not return as expected, the Coast Guard said Sunday. Crews used a helicopter and an 87-foot ship to search a 750-square mile area west of Clearwater Pass, but poor weather made the search difficult. Officials did not receive a distress signal from the missing craft. Cooper owns the boat and he and Smith have been on fishing trips before, said Ron Del Duca, Smith's agent. The pair had been teammates on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004. Two others were aboard: Will Bleakley and Nick Schuyler, both former University of South Florida players. Coast Guard Capt. Timothy M. Close said the weather early Saturday had be
Slave Me Out!!
I’m am in an Auction and in Desperate Need of Some Bidders… Will You Please Help and Show Some Love??? Crazy Juggalette Bitch is Offering… Rate and Re-Rate all Pics and Stashes… Gifts and Drinks Everyday… (Bombed Daily)… Their Midget om my paige… Promote to Family, Fans, and Friends… Ask me I Just Might Do It…. Or Link to… [ photo: 1152921110 ]
Can We Make It 40+?!!!!
Do You Want Fubucks?? How About Some Bling? Maybe A Happy Hour?? Then Read Below!!! Welcome to the Lucky Charm Auction. I'll explain briefly how this will work. 25,000 Fubucks to enter. Minimum 50,000 to bid. So you get you get your money back and then some. You will need to send me or Tony a message on Fubar (NOT in the SB.) With a link to a photo you want to use along with what you are willing to offer. Example: Drinks and a gift every day for a week. Personal salutes, ect... There is an example below. You will also need to tell us what are acceptable bids. Such as cash, Fubucks, bling packets, ect... There is a conversion chart also posted below. Message myself or Tony. You will NOT be posted until the entry fee is paid. Bidding will start as soon as you are posted. No entries will be accpeted after March 8th. Auction will run from March 9th -March 16th. You have the right to stop your auction anytime bef
Wings - Emerging Earth Angels! March 5, 2009
I am posting another installment of Karen Bishop's take on the energetic changes taking place. Enjoy! And remember to run her thoughts and words through your personal "truth filter".....if it doesn't feel like truth to you, just let it go! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all! Bit by bit, piece by piece, we are starting over. After enough souls residing in the lower dimensional old world, had been given enough time and opportunity to choose if they would stay behind or move on to their newer and higher vibrating reality of the next step for the whole, many of us then left for the next rung of our very new reality. When we left, we may have felt a great completion, a sense of loss of identity and purpose, and perhaps great feelings of no sense of place. We were done with a very important phase, and because this phase was completed by enough of the whole, we were most certainly done with a very important mission. This was a huge completion. Because we ar
A DAD'S STORY - A good story (please take the time to read) On July 22nd I was in route to Washington , DC , for a business trip. It was all so very ordinary, until we landed in Denver for a plane change. As I collected my belongings from the overhead bin, an announcement was made for Mr. Lloyd Glenn to see the United Customer Service Representative immediately. I thought nothing of it until I reached the door to leave the plane and I heard a gentleman asking every male if he were Mr. Glenn. At this point I knew something was wrong and my heart sunk. When I got off the plane, a solemn-faced young man came toward me and said, "Mr.Glenn, there is an emergency at your home. I do not know what the emergency is, or who is involved, but I will take you to the phone so you can call the hospital." My heart was now pounding, but the will to be calm took over. Woodenly, I followed this stranger to the distant telephone where I called the number he gave me for the Mission Hos
Below Me
thats all i have...below me! blow me... a few of you on fu...yep. keep your face out of my ass! but while you are there...go on ahead and kiss it! if your gonna have my name in your mouth, might as well suck my dick bitch! as you were
Give Your Answers
Fill It Out....thanks to the person I copied this from 5 hours ago Comments (0) [Delete] [Edit] Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute? 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5. Would you take a shower with me? 6. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7. Would you leave after or stay the night? 8. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9. Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11. Would you kiss me during sex? 12. Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14. Can I use you as a booty call? 15. Can we take pictures of the act? 16. How long would we have sex? 17. Would you tell your friends about me? 19. Would you want me for a girl friend or as a friend? 20. Do u consider me sexy? 21. Were would u like to have sex? 22. Wats ur sexual fantasy? 23. Can i be in it? 24. Will you give me your phone number? 25. Will you post
Chicos Gay Sexo
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Fotos Gay. aqui podras encontrar miles de galerias de fotos de chicos para descargar. sexo gay hace actualizaciones diarias para que puedas disfrutar de ... Soy muy caliente complaciente my arrecho bastante me gusta el sexo demaciado satifacer fantasias es mi mayor fetiche. Chicos Gays con webcam: Victord ... Chicos follando, sexo bizarro gay, militares gay, mamadas increibles, sexo anal gay, webcams gay en vivo, bondage y sado, corridas, pollas enormes gay, ... Los chicos mas hermosos y sensuales , las mejores galerias exclusivas del mejor sexo gay.Con material renovado podras descargar los videos en tu ordenador y ...
Government And Fraud
Government and Fraud Posted by: Ron Paul (December 22, 2008, 02:20 PM) Billions of dollars were recently lost in the collapse of Bernie Madoff’s self-described Ponzi scheme, in which too-good-to-be-true returns on investments were not really returns at all, but the funds of defrauded new investors. The pyramid scheme collapsed dramatically when too many clients called in their accounts, and not enough new victims could be found to support these withdrawals. Bernie Madoff was running a blatant fraud operation. Fraud is already illegal, and he will be facing criminal consequences, which is as it should be, and should act as an appropriate deterrent to potential future criminals. But it seems every time someone breaks the law, politicians and pundits decide we need more laws, even though lack of laws was not the problem. The government itself runs a fraud much bigger than Madoff’s. Our Social Security system is the very definition of a Ponzi, or pyramid scheme. If the gove
Love Letter!
To: My Dearest Love,.... I have finally found some time amidst my tears to sit down and write you this letter. I have so much to say and don't know where to start. But here it goes!.. .. Our time together has finally come to an end; I wish it would have lasted forever. The time I spent in your arms was the most precious and cherished time of my life. It gave me what I needed to feel whole. When My soul was at peace and my heart was full. In your arms I felt safe and loved more than I could have ever imagined. The times we spent together loving and holding each other was as any person could ever expect. We had our bad times too, but over came the challenges we had faced in our pathway to our forever. As the road blocks came we hurtled over them with eager intentions. We gave each other our hearts and souls for safe keeping as we knew that in life there is always a chance left for them to be hurt again. The time did come, and we found that one blo
Kiss Me Deadly
lita ford - kiss me deadly - lita ford
Kick It Tonight
Its been cold for a week we dont talk we dont speak turn away from each other when we lie in bed i dont understand whats goin on in our head How the pride makes us blind to the hurt that we both know is killing us slowly inside why cant you and i decide? someway somehow right here right now Lets kick it tonight i dont want to fight forget who was wrong forget who was right if we can forgive each other enough then baby we'll learn how to get back to love It feels like by the way years ago it was only yesterday and who would have known when we stood under moonlight and stars up above and swore that we'd never give up on our love How the pride makes us blind to the hurt that we both know is killing us slowly inside why cant you and i decide? someway somehow right here right now Lets kick it tonight i dont want to fight forget who was wrong forget who was right if we can forgive each other enough then baby we'll learn how to get back to lov
Trivia #17
WOW! looks are deceptive as we had 15 ppl answering tonite. Even Lil' Beelzebub was heard answering in the background, lol. But here is your results: Xanrose------------44 Lost---------------34 MissAshley---------34 OP_free------------31 Mchgn--------------27 ViolentFetish------27 Punkette-----------24 Nightshade---------23 Sassy_Jen----------21 Redlar-------------15 AnitaDick----------14 Phillip-------------8 Hollow--------------7 Warmachine----------4 So, once again, congrats to Xanrose for the weekly win and increasing her lead over 2nd place Mchgn. Now here is your overall standings in this year long event: Xanrose-------------480 Mchgn---------------457 Sheena--------------376 MammaHelle----------345 Nightshade----------340 MissAshley----------333 Lost----------------317 Punkette------------292 Redlar--------------240 Sassy_Jen-----------203 SweetAngel----------196 Strega--------------169 StacyDawn-----------161 Hellermoon----------148 OP_free--
Please Help Comment Bomb This Pic For Fubar's Favorate DJ Contest!!!All Help Is Rewarded!!! TY Luckylynk So What Are You Waiting For? (click here to enter)
The List Part 1
*ABBA Pure & Natural Hair Care, Abercrombie & Fitch, 1-888-856-4480; Abra Therapeutics, 1-800-745-0761; Absolute Miracle, 1-888-273-1010; *Advanage Wonder Cleaner, 1-800-323-6444; Advanced Botanical Research, 480-367-9429; Affordable Mineral Makeup, Afrumos, 503-715-3127; Afterglow Cosmetics, 1-866-630-4569; *After Inked, 1-888-881-7477; Agape by DK, Ageless Fantasy, AG Hair Cosmetics, 1-866-924-4247; Alba Botanica, 1-800-227-5120; Alexandra Avery Purely Natural, 1-800-669-1863; Alima Cosmetics, Inc., 503-236-8887; *Allens Naturally, 1-800-352-8971; All-Nutrient (
The List Part 2
M.A.C. Cosmetics, 1-800-387-6707; Magick Botanicals, 1-800-237-0674; The Magic of Aloe, 1-800-257-7770; Maine Shave, 207-353-5080; Makeup Junky Cosmetics, 1-866-723-6865; *Malcolm's Miracle, Malibu Sun Products, 1-800-421-7314 *Marcal Paper Mills, 201-796-4000; Marché Image Corp., 1-800-753-9980; Marie-Véronique Skin Therapy, 510-486-9792; Marilyn Miglin Institute, 1-800-662-1120; Mary Kay, 1-800-MARYKAY; *Masada, 1-800-368-8811; Mastey de Paris, 1-800-6-MASTEY; *Max Green Alchemy, 415-863-4155; MBeze, 715-297-8642; MD Formulations, 1-800-451-3940; Meadowlake Farm, *Meadow View Garden, 1-800-499-7037; www.m
I'm Up For Auction!
Please come out and show fu luv. Please rate and bid. The higher the bid the more will be added. Auction ends March 28, 2009 at 10pm Futime. So please come rate and bid. Here is the link:
Abunza Travel Rewards
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy The Abunza business opportunity has been around now for a couple of months and I have to say, it's now one of the more popular internet home businesses online today. But what's this Abunza company? (Abunza Travel Rewards) What does Abunza sell and can it compete against the other high ticket programs? The co-founders, Michael Spire and Sebastian Saldaarriaga, had chosen the name "Abunza", which means "abundance" in Spanish. In their opinion a business opportunity nowadays has to have four essential elements. - Good support for the members and pre-enrollees - Mentoring, especially for the newcomers in the home business - A Program that has been proven and tested - Direction and focus is essential They focus the opportunity on both the English market as well on the millions Spanish speaking people on the internet. The product itself
Must Read!!!
What most of you don't know about me is that I am a photographer. I've done commissioned work as well as non-commissioned work. I have also had my photographs stolen and had the person that stole them claim the photos as their own. Being a photographer one of the things you learn about is copyright laws. There are people here on fubar that are stealing people's photos and claiming its them in the photograph. What you don't think about is that its ILLEGAL. Should the owner of the copyright discover that you've stolen the photos you COULD be sued for copyright infringement. This is from "Uploading or downloading works protected by copyright without the authority of the copyright owner is an infringement of the copyright owner's exclusive rights of reproduction and/or distribution. Anyone found to have infringed a copyrighted work may be liable for statutory damages up to $30,000 for each work infringed and, if willful infringement is proven by the copyright owner, that
Kerrizzma An Aquafina
Just wanted to send this thought and love out to you. Its amazing that to me that for one moment I felt so much anguish and hurt about the future and you know how in the middle of the night all the doubts pile in on you and thats where I was and Aquafina popped up on my screen and didnt accept the "Im ok" and proceeded to be the caring loving person that I have found her to be since I joined the Pussycat Playmates. And I want to thank you Fina cause only the closest of friends and family knows whats going on with me and and so that makes you my family and good friend truly and I thank you for listening to me that will be treasured by me close to my heart....then Ms Kerrizzma gave me words of encouragement and love and this was to a stranger across miles and miles of space and she lifted me up and showed love and for that u r held dearest ms maam. When I got to kerrizzzmas page it was as if God himself was speaking to me in the message she had there and I want to share it and Im crying
Only In Dreams
It's raining today It was cloudy, and I was satting on the school playground, starring up at the church steeple. I remember feeling drizzle against my skin. I was smoking a cigarette. Each exhale was slow and in rhythm with the melody in my mind. Everything seemed so safe. Then came the words....Only In Dreams. I knew it would not last. The image in my mind soon began to fade. I knew I would eventually wake up. The melody made me want to drift into what I knew would not last, even for just a minute. I stood up, took one last drag, and with the sounds of conquer on the horizon I walked in the rain. But only in dreams      
Gall Bladder Surgery 4/9/09
Just wanted to let my friends know how surgery went today. They had a terrible time getting breathing tube down me. I will require special procedure if needed in future. It was used in December for skin graft surgery but records sent over didnt state why so anesthesist tried normal procedure first. NOW he knows why! LOL Doctor said a larger incision was needed but I was still pretty out of is so forgot to ask why. Other than that it went well. Recovery took longer for some reason as well but I am home now and gonnaslip into more comfy clothes and chill out for a bit. Thank you all for the kind thoughts, wishes and prayers. It was all very much appreciated. I have a wonderful group of friends here on fu and you are what keeps me from leaving. Love to you all! Deb
i will give 1 million fu bucks to the first person that can correctly tell me why we celebrate easter when we do AND who decided it.  good luck post your answers in the comment area :P p.s. dont forget to rate
  I have just went through the worst week in my life so to speak .  My cellphone crashed yesterday it literally bit the dust, and trust me it was the worst time considering I need the phone for both personal and business purposes.  My worst problem was resetting everything I finally got everything reset, it took me awhile. That was the easy part the hard part is making sure I have everything set right .  
Come Get Corrupted With Me!!!
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga rocks, love her style
Nsfw Bullshit
why the hell are you going to join an adult site where you know there are going to be scantily clad women and men alike and then decide that you wanna be a total fuck head and rate ppls pics nsfw? i mean that just doesnt make nesense. if your a guy you know you wanna see the goods that the ladies have to offer and ladies i know we dont mind staring at a bit of man candy now and then. fuck were human its human nature to wanna see the goodies isnt it? or are the ppl that rate these just jackasses that have nothing better to do than flag pics nsfw and fuck ppl over? honestly how much of a god damn mother fucking pussy ass bitch can you be? sorry if this offends neone just letting off some steam.
You want it, I got it, You said it, I didn't I spoke, you reprimanded, i choked, you stopped and looked, And walked away.
You chose meThe blessing of your friendshipsurrounded me.For me the door of friendshiphas long been close,If it had not for youI’ll still search for my dream.Thank you from the bottom of my heartThank you for chosen meThank you sweetheartThank you for who you are.I memorized a million things,to tell you, but wordsCan tell what feelings,want to say.True friendship only begunto a precious you.And when it moves into your heart.It never strays
Poem. Read It, Yes?
To an Inconstant One By Sir Robert Ayton 1570-1638 I LOVED thee once; I'll love no more--          Thine be the grief as is the blame; Thou art not what thou wast before,          What reason I should be the same?          He that can love unloved again,          Hath better store of love than brain:          God send me love my debts to pay,          While unthrifts fool their love away! Nothing could have my love o'erthrown          If thou hadst still continued mine; Yea, if thou hadst remain'd thy own,          I might perchance have yet been thine.          But thou thy freedom didst recall          That it thou might elsewhere enthral:          And then how could I but disdain          A captive's captive to remain? When new desires had conquer'd thee          And changed the object of thy will, It had been lethargy in me,          Not constancy, to love thee still.          Yea, it had been a sin to go          And prostitute affection so:          Since we are taught no
Rowdy87: wanna commant on eachothers pix? Me: haha i really don't know what to say about your pics... sorry Rowdy87: lol say anything you want to Me: No thank u Rowdy87: you know I could lick your clit with my cock in your pussy at the same time Me : not interested         OMG.. what is wrong with people??  
Happy Mothers Day
Every year one day is dedicated to that one person that fills our lives with love, comfort, protection and guidance. She is the person we turn to for cover from the struggles of everyday life, she has the ability to soothe our aches and pains with a gentle touch and kiss, and she has the ability to drown our fears with her simple words. In our final moments even the stongest men will call out for her. Her love is unconditional, she is all forgiving, she is exceptional. Heres to all you that are mothers, will be mothers, want to be mothers, have mothers, or are just plain motherly. You create life, you extend life, and you give life. I love and respect you all. On behalf of all who are and have ever been children, thank you. If it wasnt for you women us men would just have..... one more rib. (MMMMMMMM ribs)
For All You Girls
why is the taste of a woman so intoxicating? Why once you start to taste her can you not get enough? We are the rulers of this universe simply because we are so addicting!!!!!!!!!!!11
This is alot of fun, so if you wanna talk....start
I Am Sorry Havent Posted In Forever
I am sorry i havent updated much, micah died on November 15 ,2008 .Our hearts are still grieving
My Current Status
My Auction
  I'm in my first auction Please bid on me..minimum bid is 125kPlease check it out and rate it for mePLEASE REPOSTThanks so much...can you also F/A/R the host?ALSO....I have a 3 and 5 credit bling up for auction....  
My Fight...
hey everyone,in case you're wondering my name is Basil,if you have read my profile you know that i have been fighting cancer for a pretty longtime now.Today May 30th,marks the very LAST day of radiation for me.I am fine,i have an unbelieveable support group,my friends,my family doesnt know im sick(ish)they know i was sick before but they dont know it came back,i have been going to radaition then going to work ,for child protective services,and my nite job as a bartender.thru all this my friends have saved my life,this is basically for them so i can say thank you for saving many times i couldnt get out of bed,no desire to open my eyes anymore and my friends got me a normal life is the most important thing to me,if for a moment i stop and think i cant do somthing because im sick,it goes down hill from there.the excruciating agonizing pain we go thru while having this is something i cant explain,thank god(or what or who ever)for music and cheesecake,LOL,i still laugh as th
Vote For Me In Fubar's Sexiest Legs Contest!
Hey everyone!  I just entered a Sexy Leg contest!  Please Vote for me!   Never did a contest before.  hee hee  Click or copy link   Thanks all my Fu Friends Spoiled Bratt
Dog @ After Dark
Is DJ Kev Dog finally on a leash??? Come check him out live on air and taking your requests in After Dark!!!
Something For Bean Counters...
"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers." Plato
Tierd Of All The Bull Shit
nothing going right for me found out my money was cut down do not have anfit to pay my rent .i am afreid i will be homeless and lose my kids i mite as wil dig a hole and bary  my self now i wish i was never born i am all was getting hurt by people . i have nobody and i know i will never will eather . who want  women that dont have the money to get a divorce, dont have a job. i hate my self .i think my kids blm me there dad leveing us . now i convese  it got to be my fault . nobody wants me going to find a good spot and dig a hole and say good by crule world . i m triered of being hurt
It's Official!!!
I just booked my flight to Missouri. I'm scared to death of flying. So anyone have any tips for me? It's not going to be a long flight, so sleeping pills are OUT of the question, lol.   Total time in air about 3 hours. Total time, including layovers, about 4 hours.
The Bitch Blog!!
sorry its come to this,but yes this is my bitch blog!!i have over 150 friends on my list and 90% of them i never hear from so yes im going 2 clean it out.i rate friends all day and never even get a thankyou,shit im lucky if i even get 10 rates in a day,at this rate ill be lucky if i make godfather by next december lol anyways im just writing this blog cause i wanna know who are my true friends in here!if you still wanna be friends then answer this blog otherwise your being deleted and from now on im not accepting bs fake ppl on my list anymore!aside from that have an awesome weekend:D
Sunday Morning Sex
I will never hear church bells ringing again without smiling. Upon hearing  that her  elderly  grandfather had just passed away, Katie went  straight to  her grandparent's house to visit her 95-year-old grandmother and comfort  her.  When  she asked how her grandfather had died, her grandmother replied,  "He had  a heart attack while we were making love on Sunday morning..."  Horrified, Katie told her grandmother that 2  people  nearly 100 years old having sex would surely be  asking for trouble. "Oh no, my dear," replied granny.  "Many years ago,  realizing our advanced age, we figured  out the best time to do it was when the church bells would  start to ring. It was just the right rhythm. Nice  and slow and even.  Nothing  too strenuous, simply in on the Ding and out on the Dong." She paused to wipe away a tear, and  continued, "He'd still be alive if the ice cream truck hadn't come along."
Types Of Brain Tumors
Astrocytoma / GliomaAstrocytomas are tumors that arise from brain cells called astrocytes. Gliomas originate from glial cells, most often astrocytes.Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT)This rare, high-grade tumor occurs most commonly in children younger than 2.Brain Stem GliomaThe brain stem consists of the midbrain, pons and medulla located deep in the posterior part of the brain.Choroid Plexus TumorThe choroid plexus papilloma is a rare, benign tumor most common in children under the age of 2.CraniopharyngiomaCraniopharyngiomas result from the growth of cells that have failed to migrate to their usual area just below the back of the skull early in fetal development.EpendymomaEpendymomas arise from cells lining the passageways in the brain that produce and store the cerebrospinal fluid or CSF.GangliogliomaThese rare, benign tumors arise from ganglia-type cells, which are groups of nerve cells.Germ Cell Tumors (Brain)The brain stem consists of the midbrain, pons and medulla locate
Idol Dayz
so yeah... this is how it all went! lol   day one: you stand in line FOREVER!!!!! just to show them you I.D. and get a ticket and a rist band........not much really..... day two: more waiting.....and a lot of group singing.....but that really doesnt matter cuz your not being judged in that at all.... so i really see no point to that.. but what ever...then when you just start to wake up they have you yell "WELCOME TO CHICAGO!!!" like 30 times in 16 dif ways..... again really stupid..... but again, what ever. and then after they are all dont doing that, they have you sit in the seats for like 2 more hours so they can set up. (you would think that they would have all of that dont concitering its a really big show) and then they line you up in groups of 4 so that the prudicers can tell you that they are just not what they are looking for.... but if simon and randy and paula was there i bet i would have gone thu because i have a good voice.. needless to say all they wanted
Erotic Ebook Published
I have had nothing but rave reviews about my new ebook ... suggestion, read it along with your lover for wild experience   I have received comments that couples sex lives have been fully revived in one night after reading my very detailed stories.   Ask me for the link and then get ready to drop your zipper
A Smudged Window
A demented siren call to one's destruction. The sins of the parents bestowed upon their progeny. Of demon born and demon bred. Soullessly playing an angel's role. Phantom masquerades where none dare show a true visage. Darkened mirrors lining forgotten halls. Somber silence and shifting shadows. One's life poured recklessly amid the artists' paints. Crimson dreams and ebony stones. All for naught, a fire-walk across glass shards, proving nothing. Forget nothing.          
I’ve lived on hell of a life, if your to take it tonight, I’ve lived the life of a king, but so muck to darken the light/Looking 360 degrees, two hundred thousand disease, how can I lay back and chill, so many down on their knees/But then again who am I, I’m just some typical guy, I ain’t no in’ hero, I just been wondering why... VIOLENT J AND SHAGGS 2 DOPE (CHORUS): I seen some children/Crossing the bridge/What kind of life did/They get to live? What kind of choice do/They get to make/What if it was a/Child’s mistake? VIOLENT J AND SHAGGS 2 DOPE: I’ll never question the book, but let’s say I lived by the book, I never ate meat on Tuesdays, how much bigger would my wings look?/I try to pray everyday, but sometimes get lost on the way, I seen the holiest spirit, so muck to miss lead the way/I gave the visions I got, I been told I’m gonna rot, inside the devil’s intestine’s, I’m still here holding my spot, I’
My Beaner Babies
My ex-husband always called our kids this nickname. He was born and rasied in Mexico and I never thought anything of it. Not til I called my daughter that at the store the other day and received a very nasty look from some woman. Now,am I being racist or politically incorrect? I don't think I am. I feel that if he always called them that and it was okay then it shouldn't be a problem for me to do the same. Maybe I am wrong,but do I look like I really give a shit anymore? Everything is politically incorrect now. Fuck it! They will always be my beaner babies and I am thinking it was a good thing I didn't call her my dry back baby like used to do also.
this is test, this is only a test. had this been an actual blog there would be words compiled into sentances, sentances forming paragraphs, paragraphs forming a point or a statement. stay tuned for an actual blog!
Trying To Write Something That You Will Understand
do you know what it is like to think about you everyday to know that the past is just things that have already happened and that we all wish we can change it do you know that i would change a few things but then i wouldnt be who i am now i have made myself into something different do you know it hurts me that no one notices i have no desire to look forward to things that may happen i only wanna live day to day that each moment can be better than the last yes moments with you in them are better but not required i cant change what i was because its already happened so each moment forward is a chance for change a chance to show you and the world that i am great but with all things others must look and notice you must get past everything and go forward but that isnt what i will do for you i can only go on the journey with you and be there but yet i cant am i strong enough am i good enough does anyone see the good inside or does my past condem the future everything that i am starts this mom
This Sh!t Is Cr@zy!!!
If ya wanna....
Abot Chen
Ayyyy hottiee, my names Cinn,bout to talk a lotta shiiit bout CECE, AHAHAHA! so yeaaah, im her bestfriend til whenever!AHAHAHA, cuz forever’s too damn looong yo!I cant stand her that looong! HAAHAH, sikee! buhh yeah, I know “forever” is used by a lotta folksz out there,buuh when we say forever,its gottaa be reaaal! Yknow? : ) we have lots of similarities too.thaz prolly why everythings goin so well between us two! HAH, we’ve been through lots!Shes my partnerrr in crime,&& no one cann beaat us on thattt!HAHAH!when I sayy CRIME, its gotta be a forreaal CRIME! HAHAHAwe dont think theyre bad forreal, buhh yknow, we do it in a uniquee waay!AHAHAHA, shiiiit. Can you imagiine, we've done thingsthat weve never done bfore! HAHAHA, most likely to be BAD THINGS! AHAHAwe never care bout otha people say bout us, were jus tryna hav fun! AHAHand when we have fun, we take the risks && regret NADA! AHAHA,yupp, yu read that riight! AHAHA, weve known each otha for years,and became
Tears And Blood
What do you do when the tears won't stop? When your heart cries enough? But your blood won't clot? When your hands won't stop shaking? When your heart's begun to rot? When the blade won't stop quaking? But you can't let it drop? When you just want to scream? But who knows how long you've got? What do you do when the tears won't stop?
Night Time Dreams
                        Night Time Dreams   I lay down upon a emptied bed. Why did I say what I said that sent you away from my life? Here I go… Another day passing by me. Another night here without you. Memories of you, I fight off. I welcome my Night Time Dreams of us. I will not call you. When our friends ask about you, I will not break down and cry over you. I will hold my ground. Here I go… Another day, I wake up wishing you were here with me. What will another night bring upon me when I return home. Reality you are still lost to my touch and life. I welcome my Night Time dreams of making love to you.
The Ancient Ankh Symbol Of Life
The Ankh was, for the ancient Egyptians, the symbol (the actual Hieroglyphic sign) of life but it is an enduring icon that remains with us even today as a Christian cross. It is one of the most potent symbols represented in Egyptian art, often forming a part of decorative motifs. The ankh seems at least to be an evolved form of, or associated with the Egyptian glyph for magical protection, sa. However, what the sign itself represents is often disputed. For example, Sir Alan Gardiner thought that it showed a sandal strap with the loop at the top forming the strap, but if so, the symbolism is obscure and so his theory has found little real favor early on. However, this interpretation seems to have received some acceptance among modern writers. It would seem that the ancient
Life Isn't Fair!!
This has been one of my worst weeks of my life. Hadn't been feeling well only to find out I have pneumonia. Ribs hurt like hell from all the coughing. Got an e-mail from someone I used to work with until he moved away. Really thought he was a good friend of mine. Always looked out for me since I am disabled. Made sure I never got hurt if we did anything. After he moved, the only time I hear from him is if I e-mail him 1st. After not hearing from him for several months I sent him an e-mail to see how he was doing & he told me he got engaged & was planning a wedding in Vegas. Everytime I would e-mail he would say that he had been in town but never got a message for us to get together. He wrote back this week telling me he had been in town for his bachelor party. Of course, I had no idea anything was happening. We had same friends but no one ever thought about inviting me. That really hurts. This morning I woke up to find my best friend who had gptten married about 10 yrs ago & few year
Love's Heavenly Bliss.
LOVE'S HEAVENLY BLISS   I want to remember when our soulswere entwined into one spirit.I remember the soft touch of your breastand the heavenly bliss into which I soared.I think of you as we explore passions of loveso hot that fires rage within our souls.I remember as we touched each otherin ways that only lovers can.The passions that lift our souls into the heavenswill live forever in our hearts.Our hearts will soar higherthan the highest mountain,yes and even higher than the eagle.Our quest for love has given peacewithin our hearts and tranquility never dreamed.Our love will satisfy our deepest desiresand our hearts will melt into one.Let us remember the lust of our fleshis the lust of our heart and soul,for when we are as onethen our spirits shall soar withinthe heavens and only peace can dwell within our souls.
My Love And Life
MY LOVE AND LIFE   My life my love, Ill treasure you for everOur heart and souls, will keep us togetherYour glowing eyes, those luscious lipsThe heaven I'm in, when I feel your finger tipsA shiver gradually runs down my spineI new from the beginning you would be mineIntimacy is what keeps us strongThis is Real love, you cant go wrongA gentle breeze running through my heartNothing will ever tear us apartPassion and desire we both beholdForever and always our love will stay bold.
Just Introducing Myself
I'm the producer of an Industrial Supply products and Industrial Equipment marketplace and looking for social networkers here on fubar
We all have things as we grow up that influence what we are attracted to. I on the one hand have always had this fascination with superman. The character as I understand it is born of another planet. Saved by the intelligence of his parents and raised by the best humans on the planet. That the story anyways. Over the years my own personal meaning of "superman" is a bit different than I think anyone realizes.  LOOKS- of course tall, athletic to slightly musclar and absolutely gorgeous with dark hair and a smile to melt hearts. PERSONALITY, my version, been through hell but still has a heart of gold and only wants to do right no matter what QUALITIIES, my version, Bravery and Courage to do what scares him the most when it's the right thing to do. These seemingly simple traits have been very hard to come across. My status will often say searching for superman blah blah blah and like prince charming its my own warped version of the character that i'm talking about. Some say having a
i found someone who loves me for me and will never jugde me and will be my sholder to cry on and wipe away my tears if need be and u make me so happy in my life and u love to see a smile on my face and u love to sit and watch me and just be me and if need u will try to help me the best way u can u can never see me sad or crying it hurts u to see me unhappy in life would never be the same without you i hope u never leave me and i know that u will never leave me my life starts and ends with you i dont it to be any other way u are my life and i want to stay that way   in my words     I LOVE U
The President Supports Prostitution. It's A Fact.
…well, in case I haven’t done enough lately to piss everyone off , so it seems, here’s another one to add to your list of gripes to go off and run like a kid that had his lunch money stolen to the principal instead of fighting back intelligently… case anyone doesn’t recall, I did not support Obama for President of the United States for a variety of reasons. I do not believe at all that America is heading in the right direction at all, as a matter of fact far, very far from it. No matter what side of the political isle you fall on, what you believe, my friends you should be appalled at what these videos represent and show. What is it you ask? They show what our President supports, who he associates with and leads. It’s the truth that every day he continues to try and distance himself from, but you can only hide the truth for so long my friends. Eventually , for some it takes longer than others, it will catch you can find you. No matter if you are b
I hate people... My husband's best friend, apparently thinks i am running my mouth to his exgirlfriend about him and his new one... but.. i have talked to her 3 times since they broke up... PLUS she doesn't give a shit about them.. I know things are being said about me behind my back because of a comment someone else made after i left a message on his girlfriend Ashley's page.. i said "let me and zach know what you are having" and this guy goes "what so you can go run your mouth to meg" (meg is his xgirl)   I responded "excuse me? i have talked to meg all of three times since they split up. You know what Ashley, nevermind, please don't tell me. I don't want that drama, but i hope yall get what you want."   am i wrong to be so frustrated about this? Hell that guy who said it, his wife speaks to Meg more than i do... and she is a GOSSIP... I want to know what the fuck is being said about me.
1. you can only answer YES or NO 2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. -- and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming nothing is exactly as it seems. Now, here's what you're supposed to do. . . Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and message me with them and pass it on to friends. ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -Been arrested? --- noKissed someone you didn't like? --- yesSlept in until 5 PM? --- yesRan a red light? --- yesBeen suspended from school? --- noExperienced love at first sight? --- yesTotaled your car in an accident? --- noBeen fired from a job? --- noFired somebody? --- yesSang karaoke? --- noPointed a gun at someone? --- noDone something you told yourself you wouldn't? --- YesCaught a snowflake on your tongue? --- yesKissed in the rain? --- yesHad a close brush with death (your own)? --- yesSeen someone die? --- yesPlayed spin-the-bot
Topology Foot Tattoos - Searching For The Zealous Designs
You can reveal a accumulation of lead beat tattoos in a matter of arcminute if you requisite to. Most people instrument pay days and life search for the great designs, but most gift amount up snug to leave. Why does this materialise? Because too more fill (95%) rely on operation engines, which show you a ton of low end galleries. Here is a elongate way around that, so you can ascertain any high star measure tattoos and the top notch galleries that tally them.I recall a experience, not too long ago, when you could withdraw up a activity engine and grow direct what you necessary in a entity of star tattoos. It works entireness this way for some things, but it doesn't seem to work as comfortably when you are looking for high star tattoos designs. The really superb artwork is out there, but hunting engines right don't advantage up many of the galleries that soul them. It's ordinarily the galleries that individual generic, cake diner images that become up. If you suchlike generic, ennead pe
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One Night
One night when we're alone in the house; I want to take my time unbuttoning your blouse, Slide it slowly down your arms Showing you that I mean you no harm. You rip at my pants, And pull me into you I push you on the bed, As I grind into you. I kiss on your neck And down to your chest, As you whisper in my ear; "Baby your the best". I get down to your hips; I kiss, tease, and bite, I look down at your wetness; Now that's all I have in sight, I slide between your thighs Looking up at you staring; Passionately into your green eyes. I slide my tongue slowly up your lips I slide only one finger inside you As you start to buck your hips I flick my tongue faster over your, Very swollen clit. I roll onto my back; On top of my face you will sit. I lick all around; Mostly up and down, Then you start to shake and shiver As you cum like a wild flowing river, I lick up all your juices It taste like suger and pears; Nobody's taste will ever be good Enough to compare.
Weeding Out People
OK..we need to find out who really wants to be a member!   Only a few left a comment on the last if you don't leave one you will be deleted as a member!   We really want this group to be a good one..but we need the members to be active!   So please leave a comment here letting us know you want to stay!! Thank you all!!
Pet Humor
There was this little boy about 12 years old walking down the sidewalk dragging a flattened frog on a string behind him. He came up to the doorstep of a house of ill repute and knocked on the door. When the Madam answered it, she saw the little boy and asked what he wanted. He said, "I want to have sex with one of the women inside. I have the money to buy it, and I'm not leaving until I get it." The Madam figured, why not, so she told him to come in. Once in, she told him to pick any of the girls he liked. He asked, "Do any of the girls have any diseases?" Of course the Madam said "No." He said, "I heard all the men talking about having to get shots after making love with Amber. THAT'S the girl I want." Since the little boy was so adamant and had the money to pay for it, the Madam told him to go to the first room on the right. He headed down the hall dragging the squashed frog behind him. Ten minutes later he came back, still dragging the frog, paid the Madam, and headed out the door.
I love the escape but when I fly Away I want the world I have here to come with me to the forever after tomorrow~   I don't sleep well even with the wealth of friends both here and home I don't have people to tell secrets any more I have no guilty pleasure their is no us there will be ne we even if their is an hours evrything together was yours my love yours my thoughts yours my pride yours my walk yours my sense of evrything all rolled into togethrness the collapse of my personal world trapped, under a clutter of emotions from rage to freedum then as the dust settles and my slow ravaged sence of disillusion shows up to give some false hope for a sense of releif even an answer to this but no that is crushed by backlash an aftershock from being in love so long those mistakes that fools make  again we clim to the top of the ruble and servey the damage we pick up some peices looking to find the right place to start are minds wander to strange far off hopes of instant love when we know wh
yeah so... I am lost around here most of the time. I seem to fly under the radar. I am okay with that but sometimes I would like to know what is going on so I don't upset a person by saying the wrong thing. I know that some things are the same as always That one guy is still stupid. That one girl still has ginormous boobs. That one guy is still obsessed with anything having to do with the butt. That one girl is still desperate for attention. Other things confuse me. That one girl that I thought everyone liked (although she and I have never been friends) well... it turns out hardly anyone likes her. And that one guy that I thought no one likes... turns out people like him and think he is actually a nice guy. Numerours people have new profiles due to losing privledges or getting hacked. I can't keep them all straight. People disappear. Where is that one girl who has been pregnant for ages? Did she finally pop those things out and is recovering or was she bad again and she is  i
Redirecting The Eruption
Redirecting the Eruption Lashing Out Intense emotions demand intense modes of expression. While there are many outlets for the feelings typically deemed positive, however, there are far fewer methods for constructively coping with anger, frustration, fear, sadness, or stress. Consequently, such feelings can cause us to believe that we are no longer in control of our emotional state. Backed into a mental corner, we may lash out at the first individual we encounter. Most of us will quickly discover that our misdirected outpouring of fury has not relieved the pressure of our pain. Powerful emotions are like the lava in a volcano poised to erupt—held in check with nothing but an eroding layer of calm. Within us lies the power to direct the flood of feeling that surges forth by channeling it into productive, artistic, or laborious pursuits. Retaking control of our emotions at their height can be difficult because our already negative feelings can convince us that others are deser
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True Love(i Did Not Write This, Matt Did)
I didnt wrte this Matt did,I just wanted to post it cuz i like it and i honestly dont think i have ever been in love,But i know ppl have been in love with me Anyway he gets the credit for this blog not me   To whomever reads this what does true love mean to you? I think now a days people use the I love you* too freely not understanding what it really means. To love someone in my opinion is to be there for that certain someone. To see past all of their flaws and to see the good in them. To cherish every moment that they have with that person and of course missing them when they aren't there. To respect them and not to treat them as property but as your equal. Knowing that without them you are only a half but with them you're a whole. To me it would make you feel like nothing can harm you or even hurt you...I guess to say that you feel invincible; like you could take on the whole world when you're with that person. And if you really love someone it doesn't matter the distance you are f
Not A Tax Hike, Madame Speaker?
Since when is a tax hike not a tax hike? Apparently when Nancy Pelosi uses political doublespeak to mislead the American people. Watch this video of Pelosi's linguistic contortions as she argues that a $1.4 trillion dollar tax increase -- one of the largest in America history -- on middle class families and small businesses isn't one at all. Any way you put it, the fact of the matter is the Obama and Pelosi Democrats don't believe you should be able to keep more of your hard earned income. They support confiscating more of your money through higher taxes to fund their reckless spending and debt, expand the size and scope of government and redistribute your wealth to their liberal allies. But Pelosi will not stop at $1.4 trillion in new taxes. Under her leadership, the Democrat controlled U.S. House has already passed a national energy Cap and Trade tax that could cost American businesses and families nearly $2 trillion and cause massive job losses. If it walks like a duck, quack
Chai Tea
O.M.G. Why did no one tell me about this stuff sooner?? I love it! I could drink a gallon of it right now. Fuck all of you who knew about it & didn't tell me! Where's  my mug...
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Pop Rocks And Boobies
Hi, Bella here. It's 2 am, and I just served myself my final drink. I've drank a half a 5th of Calico Jack rum and root beer.  In less than 2 hours.  I'm listening to DJ GroundZero's first show back and everyone is getting a bonus cuz I have a few people watching my drunk ass on cam, attempting to eat pop rocks, running into my own bedroom door, my father checking on me (my parents discourage drinking alone) and BLAMING IT ON FUCKING POP ROCKS.  "Daddy, I dropped my pop rocks... everything's okay."  "But I heard something go bump."  "I hit my head on the desk."  "Are you okay?"  "yeah, I"m going to bed."  and yes, I'm writing this drunk.  BE PROUD.   I got autos running and I'm fucked up and I can't feel my fingers but they're still doing what my brain commands them  Spike is recording our conversation -- FUCKING BRON JUST BUZZED ME..  FUCK YOU SEXYPIE.  -- Anywho... I told Spike to save our convo... I really want him to be staff in GFR cuz that kid is fuckin AWESOME.   I'm so h
More Coolness
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Why did you came into my life when you could never be mine….. I know everything is wrong from the very start yet I still continue falling for you…. "Crazy" I call myself… falling for you when both of us have someone we call our own… Crazy because I keep on wanting you when you do not feel the same…. Wanting to call you, to hear your voice, to talk to you… even satisfied with your text message Doing all crazy things for you to feel my existence… but all are wasted…you still did not notice…. Why do I want something that is wrong to be right… Why time was wrong when this love came along…. Now everything is too late… pain is already felt… and yet I could do nothing… But to remain as a friend….. forever…..
How I Feel
wat do u  do when u love a person so much and u want to be with them so bad and it hurts u hart long for this person who has my hart and soul he is my everything and he will always be my all in my world and in my life and i would be so happy to be his wife and his all and the mother of his children my life has changed so much and im so glad that god put him in my life i dont know wat i would do wit out him he has made me so happy in my life and i have such great friends to share all wit there has been times that i ncry cuz he is so good to me and it is so new to me and i dont want it to changed i want it to get u know that i will never hurt u and i will never leave u and u have my heart and my soul.  baby wat im saying is that u are my world and i love u so much
What Shall I Do Now?
As you probably know by if you've read my previous blogs or mumms, I was in a bad relationship. Been over 2 yrs. I'm ready to move on & what happened in the past is past. Looking ahead to what the future holds. Just because 1 person ruined my faith in females does not mean all females will be like her. GOD I sure hope not!! LOL I've been off & on here. Can't say if I am looking for Miss Right on here or not. I guess I am just waiting for her to fall out of the sky & say "Here I am. The woman you've been looking for all your life" If I think that is gonna happen I might as well keep dreaming. I guess I'm looking for someone to just pop up & tell me I've been looking for someone like me. Really looking forward to my class reunion next weekend. I'll probably be the only one there without a date but it wouldn't be the 1st time I went alone. Too late tho to find someone to go with me. Only God & time will tell me what will happen in the future. Until then, life goes on & so does my search
The 24th Is going to be a really hard day for me. I have learned that it's best to tals about how you feel but then again on the otheer hand it's almost like i am scared to talk about it. I have always been like this some stuff on the surface i can talk about but the other stuff i am scared to.
Wishful Thinking !!!!!!
Potluck By Nick G.
Plenty of food Plenty of snacks All free of charge All with no tax   Different varieties For you to choose If you come real late You snooze, you lose   Some people cook And some people buy Some people say they made it When it's really a lie   Corn and cheese Fruit and chips Vegetables on a tray With plenty of dips   Hot dogs and sausages Tamales and soup Combined together Make people go poop   Eat until you're full Eat whatever you desire If you eat too much food Your heart rate will go higher!
my eyes are filled with the things they have seen can't see what's in front of me because of these things can't sleep at night, afraid of my own room to let this be the best of me, would bring me to doom you can't find me, buried in my skin you took my body, but I'll keep my soul that's mine to keep, you can never get in inpenetrable shield on my soul
Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you?yes Tears are falling from your eyes, what's the reason?I'm missing someone...If you got paid 5,000 dollars would you stick your hand in an elephants ass?is it a girl elephant? Has anyone ever promised you forever?Yes...they liedDo you get high?I do smoke a lilSomething bothering you?Yes....Has someone told you they'd always love you then went for someone else?Story of my love life. What made you happy this weekend?my beasts When was the last time you cried?no comment What color shirt are you wearing?not wearing one Last thing you ate?A brat Where did you sleep last night?At home in my own bed..Are you happy right now?not really...Who/what do you hate/dislike currently phonies and liars What's something your wanting right now?affection...slippery sticky filthy affection. Who makes you the happiest right now?it starts with a J,lol. Does someone have a crush on you?yes and she has mineDo you have a crush on someone?
As silent as the wind blowsand as rare as it seems it showsI see the world as it isdancing and dangling among the rain asthe summer's sun attempts to comeThe rain is falling, nowall around meand somehowwithout reasonA smile crosses my facewhen I think of it;when I consider the power of itand when I look at the rainit tends to consume my thoughtsby it's playingRain falls constantly around me,penetrating and permeating secret placesthat trace the very essence of this mind I seek. With a smooth and unyielding bend,rain touches every part of mebreaking me downone moment at a timeleaving me with that naked feeling.C. S. Times
Suicidal Christmas
I can't describe my condition but it ain't good I'm sitting in my kitchen bleeding from the wrist I took a fuckin' shank to it Not to mention I just drank a case of brake fluid Satan made me do it He told me he don't like the way I celebrate this day it's offensive And now he has to teach me a lesson He said he hates presents He says the presents just acknowledge the presence of the man who signed his death sentence And I'm a peasant in his eyes so why is he a king The Devil told me if I died I'd have everything No more waiting for December 25th to receive a gift He said that with me in Hell would be a perfect fit I perforated my wrist with a serrated blade He said I had to do it on Christmas to seal my fate And if I misbehaved he'd have to take my family too They're sleeping in the other room, I hope they wake and thank me soon I can't stand my life no more Brains and guts all over the floor Lost my soul and lost my wife Fuck everybody I'm taking my life I can't stand my life no more

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