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~ Dee Dee Dee ~
sorry that i have not been on lately here the weather has been warming up and i have not been on the comupter lately. been enjoying the nice weather. i also have been dealing with my son to. there are alot of problems with him and so that's why i have not been on. i will try to be on again soon. well i have to go so i will talk to everyone soon. sorry again to all my friends on here that care and worry where i have been. hotchick3
Just A Quicky To Say I'm Here And Fine ;) Xoxoxoxox
hey all its your loveable but bent monkey richard here say i'm good and i'l be back on in maybe 2 months or so sorry and please do not ask why sooo long it a a shitty bitchy sorrry i miss you all soooo much and i wiil be back as soon as i can till then brigthest blessing to you all my sweets ;) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
I Guess This Means I'm Pretty Much All Woman :)
You're a Feminine focus! Your Gender Identity Brought to you by Tickle
Good Wife
A good wife Now this is what's called a good wife:...... A couple had only been married for two weeks. The husband, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies. So, he said to his new wife, "Honey, I'll be right back." Where are you going, Coochy Coo?" asked the wife. "I'm going to the bar, Pretty Face. I'm going to have a beer." The wife said, "You want a beer, my love?" She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer, brands from 12 different countries: Germany, Holland, Japan, India, etc. The husband didn't know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of saying was, "Yes, Lollipop...but at the know...they have frozen glasses... " He didn't get to finish the sentence, because the wife interrupted him by saying, "You want a frozen glass, Puppy Face?" She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so frozen that she was getting chills just holding it. The
Perv Alert
All of this was because I wouldn't let him into my private album to see my naked pictures.. His name here is Calm1.. Now he is saying I don't deserve to live and I am a poser just because I don't have a salute..When I have met several people offline in CherryTAP.. Read from the bottom to the top please...GODS I HATE CRYING.. saying I need to die.. ->Calm1: Anyways.. I thought you and I could be different.. instead of you being a damned perv you were before.... I guess we were never friends in all those years..and ti think I was happy to see you. Calm1: I'll be asking CherryTap to require a salute and we'll see what happens then once your reported as a poser ... ->Calm1: You asked.. well over that many.. and you should have gotten the hint when I didnt answer you the first time... Calm1: I've asked maybe 4 times and only gotten 1 responce you exaggerate everything same as b4 .. Calm1: excuse me March 04 ->Calm1: So why have you been begging me all day to get in
Age Of Conan
Me and my friends have been working our asses off on this site for the new game age of conan check out the game and register for the beta the guilds site is the main site is underconstruction sorry ive been working around the clock to get it ready. The forums are up and running if you play online games this will be for you its insane takes the best views of all games this is also the first game GMs lissen and apply your views. AoC will be out in a few months they havent said a price or if you even have to pay yet but who cares with this style of game and experence. If you think you might like just take a few secs to check it out you wont be disapointed i promise.
When Someone You Love
when someone you love passes away and they leave you all broken hearted and all u can do is mis them each day and you don't want to move on without in your life but you know in your heart you have to move on that is want they would what you to do and you cry all the time you mis them just rember how much they loved you and they didn't what to leave you but it was their time to go and be with god when he calls on someone they must go to him and that hurts when u lose someone like that but they are in a better place now they are in gods world and that is a better place one day we all will be together again.
Random Sayings
hell hath no fury like a fat dude that lost his porn... judge ye not lest ye be bitch slapped...
Back Again!!!
Can I?
Can I love you the way you should be loved? When my heart is captive in someone else's hands. Like a bird in a gilded cage, unable to fly away... It's so unfair to you, so I must apologize. My intention has never been to deceive you, or to ever break your heart. But you knew and said you understood it all, from the very start. Still you made it your mission, to conquer my heart and my love. It became your purpose- a challenge you wanted to win, above all. Now I sit here silently, wondering how it came to be... Because I don't want to cause any unhappiness for you or me. This situation is impossible... heartbreaking, and with it our friendship lost. So how can I love you, the way you should be loved?
I hate to admit it, but Cherry Tap hasn't been the greatest experience for me. It was all fine and dandy when I first got started, but well...maybe it's just me. Don't know how to make friends. I'm not talking about the people who add you. Those people checked my page once and never returned. I did however meet a FEW fun and interesting people, a couple of which I still talk to, thankfully. Ah well. I'm sure I won't be missed. Heh, nobody even knows me. For those of you who likes CT, kudos to you. Best wishes and have nice lives. Take care.
Final Day Of My 1st Ct Contest
Busy Busy
Things are pretty chaotic for me at the time so I haven't been on much. The school year is winding down so work has been hectic. I am so looking forward to summer vacation! So between work and my sons baseball and starting a new life and seeing someone, I don't have much time on here anymore. My whole Memorial Weekend consisted of my sons baseball tournament, which they took 2nd place in! He was asked to try out for the All-Star team and he did but we won't find out until June 5th if he made it or not. My life lately has been a whirlwind..never know if I'm coming or going but for the most part it's been good..I miss chatting with a lot of you on here, but once things settle down some I'll be on more. I hope everyone has been well and I will be trying to catch up with everything you have uploaded here and there. Take care :) Susie
Naughty Horoscopes
**Naughty Horoscopes** Aries (March 21 - April 19) LIVES for head massages. ANY part of their head: Lips, Eyelids, Eyes, Tongue, you name it! Aries also likes to fuck in public places during business hours. You need to be open minded with an Aries...If you don't feel like being duct taped to a wall and beaten with live ferrets: Tell Them. Be warned! IF you don't want to be kinky, don't be with an Aries. If you say 'No' too often to them you may lose them as a lover forever. Aries Idea of Heaven Is: Participating in live sex shows for money. Having their favorite human toy win first place in a pony boy/girl race. Fucking as an art form on display in a gallery. They secretly crave to be strippers or Annie Sprinkle. Aries LIVES to be jealous...they also like to coordinate other people fucking. Secretly desire to be fluffers. Aries owned a Violet Wand before it was popular. They are also Sadists. The best gift to give an Aries is designer colored nylon rope in their favorite color
On the hill over looking the land, Stands the Knight,seeing yet not seeing Dressed in the Armour and Colors of His House,and yet is not comforted. Holding a Staff,scrolled with ancient runes of a long forgotten tongue,yet knows himself. Standing ever alert for what the lands holds for him, yet lets the winds blow by. Hold the Keys to what future still,and is still alone. Standing with staff in hand, looking and hoping, seeing many futures which the staff tells. Time is his realm, holding all things in check and not holding at all. For he waits,Still and all things are what they will be. Alone A solitary figure, yet splended and coloriful, yet is still. A single man raging against Time,and yet winning and losing at the same time. For all things bind within his power,and are let to seek their promise. Alone The Knight waits ever still, in front of his castle, on the land and is. For thr Knight is many things, with many talents and many skills, yet unhoned. I
Types Of Magick
The Practice Of Magick Magick is simply the use of energy within us and available in nature. Everyone can produce magick. There are different kinds of magick and some people are better at one type of magick then another. Whatever type of magick you practice, the more you are aware of your psychic energy and the use of energy flows and the more you practice, the better you become and the more effective the magick will be. People can produce magick and never realize it, for example the sayings, "always think positive" or "be careful what you wish for". What we truly want will always manifest itself into reality. Magick works on the subconconscious level and our environment is always changing to match our perceived reality. These changes are subtle, but one who is attuned to their psychic energy will be aware of it and realize why spells they performed worked or did not work or had a completely different reaction. Its because our true will always be expressed, that is why the saying,
No More
I dont wanna hurt anymore so what else can i do? No one understands how i feel and how i live my life.. big deal im not the worlds biggest comedian, or clown i was brought up different. and no one understands how hard i try its just not who i am. I try to smile and act like things are ok and nothings wrong and when i decide to talk about it no one cares. WHAT DID I DO SOO WRONG FOR EVERYTHING TO GO WRONG!?
Happy Father's Day.....
Wish you were here to wish this to you...miss you everyday ....R.I.P. W.H.Morrell....5-1-24--1-23-04...The best Dad ever...and yes the " Bar-B-Q King"... Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Reality Check!
It never ceases to amaze me ho wwomen are...both on here and in the world about. They pass up something good for a muscle-bound dim-wit or rich mama's boy. Then they act surprised when they are neglected or abused. Don't women have sel-esteem anymore or any sense of self-worth? Here is a clue........ The steriod junkies love their muscles more than you. The rich mama's boys covet their possesions more than they ever will you. Both will dump you for the first new girl to blink her eye or shake her ass. Here's another clue.......most of those profiles are fake. Wake up!!! I am not a steriod junkie. I am tall and lean. I am in no way a rich mama's boy as I have no contact with my family...after years of abuse i distanced myself from them. I am something more and I consider myself above those superficial shallow shells of a man. I am reality.plain and simple. Someone who would put you above even himself if his heart is given and accepted and the love found therein returned. I do not
Love Internet Style.....
Have U Seen These Naughty Pics Ooo More When U Join My Yahoo Group
JOIN HERE MY GROUP SEE U THERE copy and paste and join my group please
Time Running Out
Time is running out the contest will start today at 8pm so hurry and get your pic to me the more we have the better. So far we just have 7 . please come help me. Show your support for a friend that is holding her first contest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Christy
the boy next door is gonna sneak over here once ever one at his place is asleep im so excited should i dress up for him ??? what should i wear??? what should i do to him frist???
One More Reason To Hate The World
so.. just was finishing up a demo of a new song.. now.. keep in mind - i spend most my time when working on music with headphones on - i live in an apartment complex - and people are pricks. I keep very very very late hours - so i work on music deep in the am. i almost NEVER hear my shit on speakers... also keep in mind music sounds entirely different on speakers compared to headphones - matter of fact if i could always make music from listening to the speakers my music would drastically improve...bass distorts the hell outta speakers while the same song sounds perfectly fine on headphones...all the levels sound different on headphones.. things that sound clear on headphones will sound distant on speakers and vice versa.... i resent the fact that im forced to ruin my music for their consideration -- but i fucking do. - now.. in the process for making a song there comes a point where its at 'demo' quality and to compensate for not being able to listen on speakers the whole ti
Happy Birthday Us
I just want to wish everyone out there in CherryTap Land a Wonderful and Safe Independance Day!! I am thankful to be here in the Land of the Free. Thankful to all the Soldiers before and after me. I now work the Army in and Organization called The Wounded Warrior Program. Making Transition and recovery alittle smoother or injured soldiers than when I went through the process. It is a very difficult time for these soldiers and its my pleasure to make it as easy as possible. So if you know of an injured soldier who recently got out of the Military and needs help getting back to a normal life give them my e-mail Thank a Soldier today for all your freedoms and thank their spouses and families for standing behind them. Have a Happy 4th of July.
Dunno What To Call This...
Guess it was never too important These feelings couldn't represent This is how I feel inside Like I need to run and hide Feeling buried by all this pain Your words as clear as cellophane Blinded by an intense glare Can't get out of this nightmare Again cut off by my mood Retreat once more to solitude
Asian Beauty
259927@ CherryTAP
Crispy Peanut Butter Bars
1 bag (10 oz) peanut butter chips 1 stick (1/2 cup) butter 6 1/2 cups crisp rice cereal 1 bag (12 oz) semisweet chocolate chips 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1/2 cup honey-roasted peanuts, chopped 1. You'll need a 13 x 9-in. baking pan lined with nonstick foil to extend about 2 in. above narrow ends of pan. 2. Melt peanut butter chips and butter in a large bowl in microwave or in a heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring often, until thoroughly blended and smooth. Remove from heat, add cereal and stir until evenly coated. 3. Scrape into prepared pan, spread evenly, then cover with wax paper. Use another 13 x 9-in. pan or heavy book on top to press into an evenly compact layer, then remove wax paper. Place pan in freezer 10 minutes or until firm. 4. Melt chocolate chips as directed on bag. Add corn syrup and stir until well blended. Spread chocolate evenly on cereal mixture, then sprinkle with nuts. Top with wax paper and lightly press nuts into chocolate. Remove wax paper;
On Marriage....
> When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him > keep her. > Sacha Guitry > > After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just > can't face each other, but still they stay together. > Hemant Joshi > > By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a > bad one, you'll become a philosopher. Socrates > > Woman inspires us to great things, and prevents us from achieving them. > Dumas > > The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is, "What > does a woman want? > Sigmund Freud > > I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me. > Anonymous > > "Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a > restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and > dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go F ridays." > Henny Youngman > > "I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years." > Sam Kinison > > "There's a
Wtf Is Wrong With People????
To those of you who have truely been my friend, please ignore this rant but to those of you who have taken me for granted and think that I'm some kind of "disposable" friend.......FUCK YOU ALL!!! Because of my aquarian nature, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and take people at their word, you know the whole benefit of the doubt thing...Well not any fucking more. I am tired of being lied to, stabbed in the fucking back by people that I considered to be friends. I want you all to know that Im not after a boyfriend or girlfriend though I can have either one that I wanted.. All I have ever asked of any of my friends is to be just friend. Is it too much to ask for some common courtesy if plans need to be cancelled? Is kindness and honesty too much for people to afford anymore? Jesus people are so fucked up and it seems they all put on a facade until they get your trust then FUCK YOU OVER royally. Well, this last time for me was the final straw. From now on people, if
They Made Me A Site!
Please friends go check it out... Memories Made Easy"
Vote ..yes Or No............
Sex Survey
subject: Sex Survey! date: 2007-07-12 13:02:08 1. Would you have sex with me? Answer: 2. What positions would u want to be in? Answer: 3. Would u suck/LICK me ? Answer: 4. Would u fuck me hard? Answer: 5. Would u hav sex with me the first night u met me? Answer: 6. Would u let me pull your hair while i did you? Answer: 7. Would u do me in the shower? Answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then do me? Answer: 9. Would u have 3-some with me? Answer: 10. What about me makes u want to hav sex with me? Answer: 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we sexed? Answer: 12. Where would you do me? Answer: 13. Would u do me in front of people? Answer: 14. Would u do me again and again? Answer: 15. Would u do me in the rain? Answer: 16. Would u mind if we did it like a porn star? Answer: 17. Would u have phone sex with me? Answer: 18. Would u cheat on me? Answer: 20. If I gave u my heart would you love it
Posted This To My Stash Just Today 071607 After Reading It A Few Hours Ago...
but worth noting it here too, really- Nation magazine book review - three books, one a personal memoir, two surveys of the use of child soldiers and teens in conflicts around the world. Horrifying, I think personally, but instead of letting me summarize what's just a three-page review, please go read - and maybe find one of the books at your library and read that, too? I'm going to go see later...
From A Great Guy
He is just too much for words.. and too kind.
Sex And Candy
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Fubar Friends
Ok, i know this isn't my usual sorta blog, but quite honestly i don't have the energy to think at this moment lol! So here you have it, Hunni amuses herself.... FuBar Friends The people we meet here in FuBar Land all have their own various reasons for spending time here....some have young families & spend a lot of time at home, some are unemployed, some are here simply to meet people, and some seem to have reasons that are totally beyond me lol. The fact of the matter is we make friends here & get to know people... Well as much as they allow us to anyway. Some of them might have funny avatars, animals, appliances etc, but behind these pictures are people... I read a post on someone's page today which said "It's FuBar, not real life". Well this may be true, i wonder if that person realizes, that the people who come here are in fact "real" people. You might be reading this & thinking well of course i knew that, but do people sometimes forget? Do they get caught up in silly games o
MY Eyes Have Yet To Cry. MY Heart has Yet To Feel the Pain, and when I look at you, I knew things wouldn't change. My Eyes Have Cried. My Heart has Felt the Pain, and when I knew things wouldn't change. I turned around and walked away. I left everyone, and everything behind, and even though I loved you so. I knew I had to let you go. But, that was then and this is now! Tell me who's the one frowning now?
CLOSURE Farewell to arms that never held me Farewell to arms that never loved me Farewell to arms that only hurt me Farewell to arms that will remain empty I hate you for the life you’ve stolen For a childhood lost, mostly forgotten Eyes that are swollen with undeserved tears The screams of pain still ring in my ears I longed for you, the love of a mother Got none from you, not me or my brother You raped our minds, bodies and souls Now in hell you’ll burn eternally old My feelings may seem a bit confused But they are quite normal, for experiencing you So goodbye my mother don’t rest in peace Your death to us has brought some relief Farewell to arms that never held me Farewell to arms that never loved me Farewell to arms that only hurt me Farewell to arms that will remain empty
The Truth
Three versions of the truth always exist: yours, the other person's and what actually happened. Once you truly understand that, you'll be in on the cosmic joke. Even better, you'll have already moved on.
this is for all the idiots that think they have to downrate people .. You have Major insecurities with yourself . It isnt about how Pretty or Handsome you are , it is about Respect and how a person has made their page . Why do people want to disrespect other like that . So to all the downraters . KISS MY ASS !
Vision Of Belshazzar
I. The King was on his throne, The Satraps throng'd the hall; A thousand bright lamps shone O'er that high festival. A thousand cups of gold, In Judah deem'd divine - Jehovah's vessels hold The godless Heathen's wine! II. In that same hour and hall, The fingers of a hand Came forth against the wall, And wrote as if on sand: The fingers of a man; - A solitary hand Along the letters ran, And traced them like a wand. III. The monarch saw, and shook, And bade no more rejoice; All bloodless wax'd his look, And tremulous his voice. 'Let the men of lore appear, The wisest of the earth, And expound the words of fear, Which mar our royal mirth.' IV. Chaldea's seers are good, But here they have no skill; And the uknown letters stood Untold and awful still. And Babel's men of age Are wise and deep in lore; But now they were not sage, They saw - but knew no more. V. A captive in the land, A stranger
Part 2
IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!!!!!!! Just about the time you think it cant get any better, there comes a whole new feeling that you never knew before. I have never met any one in my life that can drive me crazy like my Baby does. I have never been one to sigh about anything, but i find myself doing that all the time and cant and dont want to controll it. I love her with all my heart and soul, and tell her every chance i get. Just being around her puts mE on an all time high that i love. I have never experience anything like it in my life. I know, i know, yall are just thinking that im just making this up, because it cant be all that. But that is not so. Everything that you will be reading in my blogs will probably sound like something out of a fairy tale, but i assure you that it is all true. You all know that i have been married twice, and all the crap that i went thru with both of them. But this is something that is all together different. I have done alot o
A Century Of Losers
1908 WAS THE LAST TIME THE CHICAGO CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES. SINCE THEN: 1. The radio was invented. 2. Four states have been admitted to the Union. 3. The atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 4. The television was invented. 5. The U.S. went through the Great Depression. 6. The US has participated in two World Wars and three major armed conflicts. 7. The National Football League was founded. 8. Man landed on the moon. 9. Halley's comet has passed the Earth twice. 10. Seventeen different Presidents have been elected, one has been appointed, one has resigned, and one has been impeached, but not removed. 11. Harry Carey was born, fired by the Cardinals, and passed away. 12. Wrigley Field was built and has become the oldest baseball park in the National League. 13. Five flag poles which were erected at Wrigley Field for the purpose of holding World Series flags have worn out and been replaced without ever holding a pennant. 1

Check This One!
This contest is worth getting excited about..... Im giving away I months VIP & a 3day blast to first place.....But wait,Im also givin away yet another 3 day blast to second place,along with party time gifts of trophies to 1st second and third.....Interested yet??? Send you photo link via private message to me and hurry cause contest begins Friday August 3rd at 700 pm and will end on Saturday,August 11th... Be a VIP for a month & Fubar blast for 3 days..... Rule for contest... 1.All contestants and voters must be a friend and fan,no exceptions(you will not be allowed to vote or enter if not) 2.Rates plus comments = total votes... self commenting is allowed & encouraged 3.Aug.3rd @ 7:00 pm thru Aug.11th @ 1:00 pm is contest duration 4.No downrating or abussive commenting the competition...if caught , you will be disqualified 5.Send your pic via private message,please no nsfw pics,they will not be used 1st Prize: a 1 months VIP & a 3 day Fubar blast 2nd
A Gift
Why the hell don't I get any gifts! Send me gifts! :)
Last Chance!!!!!
Two moons on 27 August* *27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for...* Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.
I'm sitting in this room alone Time is passing by I think of things I've said and done And now I wonder why At times all my eyes see In a world of misery When I'm overwhelmed with pain You tell me how endeared I am my friend Somehow we know just what we're thinking And listen when the other calls I'm here just waiting for your call And when we're feeling down We pick each other up before we fall You're sitting in your room alone Life is passing by You think of things you said and all that you've done Now you wonder why And when all your eyes see This world of misery When you're overwhelmed with pain I'll tell you how you endeared you are my friend
Who Am I
When I first found a lounge I was adopted into a family.....and they know who they are....I finally found a missing part of me....that little piece of a puzzle that made everything make sense....My family made me feel welcome like I belonged with them....although I never claimed to be one of them...I am starting to feel as though now I am exactly what they I ask my family.....WHO AM I?
A Great Salesman
A keen country lad walks in applys for a salesman's job at a city department store. In fact it was the biggest store in the world-you could get anything there. The boss asked him, "Have you ever been a salesman before?" "Yes, sir, I was a salesman in the country" said the lad. The boss liked the cut of him and said, "You can start tomorrow and I'll come and see you when we close up." The next day was long and arduous for the young man, but finally 5 o'clock came around. The boss duly fronted up and asked, "How many sales did you make today?" "One," said the young salesman. "Only one," blurted the boss, "most of my staff make 20 or 30 sales a day. How much was the sale worth?" "Three hundred thousand dollars," said the young man. "How did you manage that?" asked the flabbergasted boss. "Well," said the salesman "this man came in and I sold him a small fish hook, then a medium hook and finally a really large hook. Then I sold him a small fishing line, a me
About Me
hi, my name is april, i have 1 son, which is 7 n his name is dason. i am married to a wonderful guy of 5 years n his name is john, we have a 2 yr old st. bernard named tator n 3 cats named ginger,gia, n gabby. we live in a town called lewistown, my hubby works at monroe n i am a stay at home mom for now. my son has adhd, so my days r very stressed so this helps me gets some quiet time lol. well thats it for today
For those of you who didn't get a chance to read my bulletin: First thing in the morning and what am I completely annoyed with? Creeps. Creeps make me violent. Creeps make me want to grab the nearest object and beat them to a bloody fucking pulp. A creep is different than just a plain ole perv, you see. A creep is what a perv who has been ignored for too long can turn into if he isn't given Prozac or electric shock therapy. A creep still holds all of the perv tendencies like whacking off to inanimate objects that bear the slightest resemblance to vagina and watching the discovery channel to see animals “do it” because they are too embarrassed to go to the corner XXX. Creeps still are extremists, like pervs, when it comes to their locale, as well. They will either live within 200 feet of some type of fornicating business or they will live in the middle of nowhere. You’ll most often find that if they live in the middle of nowhere it is because they live on or next to a farm of s
Fucked Up
Fucked Up I gave you my heart, I gave you everything. And now I feel like you're drifting away. Avoiding me? Maybe. Not telling me something ... I think so. It hurts to think that you won't wait for me. It hurts to think that you're with someone else while I'm trapped here and chained to a wall so I can't be in your arms. Fuck, it hurts. Inside I'm sinking ... falling ... forever spiraling downward into a blackened void. Whips across my back, knives against my flesh, poison dripping down my throat. Fists against my face, blackening my ivory skin. I'm dying inside ... I'm falling. Will you catch me? Will you pick me up into your arms and kiss away the tears, brush my hair away from my face and trace my bruises and cuts with your fingers? Will you be there when I wake up from my coma? Will you save me? Will you?
Notice Me!!!!!!
Notice me, take my hand Why are we strangers when Our love is strong Why carry on without me Everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my wings, I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, it's haunting me I guess I need you, baby I make believe that you are here It's the only way I see clear What have I done You seem to move on easy And everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my wings, I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, you're haunting me I guess I need you, baby I may have made it rain Please forgive me My weakness caused you pain And this song's my sorry At night I pray That soon your face will fade away And everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my wings, I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, you're haunting me I guess I need you, baby
Please!!!! No more shout box! I cant stand it!! Worst...invention...ever.
I Dont Need
I look in the mirrow everyday so i know what i look like. I dont need someone else putting me down or talking trash about me. I know im a big woman i know whats flabby and whats not. I really dont give a dang if someone thinks i look like crap coz you know what i happen to be a very beautiful person on the inside even on the internet im a beautiful person. I dont have to show my body to get rated. hell if i had to show my body for that id never get rated. I refuse to change who i am just to make a few ppl online happy. i am always honest if you dont like it dont talk to me. I dont talk crap to ppl personaly i have a man. I happen to be very faithful. i dont need to screw around with someone else online to make me feel better about myself or how things are in my real life. I dont have to tell anyone what size my breast are coz frankly its no ones biz but mine and my b/fs and yes he happens to be on this site as well.
(this is NOT about the car. This blog is Not about comments on pics. read carfully!) *Toipic Of Blog: So now people are rateing pics with out even looking at them. oh, that is realy nice. NOT only are they giving tens for the sake of giving tens, but now they are NOT looking at what they are giving tens to. how dubble rude of them...: *Example Of Topic: Modified C...: I don't even think I saw your pic when I rated it. Nor do I really care about a car. ->Modified C...: what is the point of yourateing my pic with out commenting on it? *Question: what do you people think?
Caption It | Vol.1 | 005
RFB’s Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It - Bi-Weekly it is! (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!!
Fuck That Job!
Yeah, so I officially have no job. I was working as a mechanic for F-1 Racing in Boston. I was there for a month. I was hired as a full-time employee, but the they tried to fuck me over. You see, mass just implemented this bullshit law stating that everyone in the state has to have health insurance by the end of the year or they will take your state tax return. The also made a law that stated that every business that has employees who work over 40 hrs. and do not have health insurance must pay $140.00 a week penalty per employee, per week. F-1 then made the decision to drop every part-time employee to 32 hours to avoid the penalty. I thought that sucked for all of the part-timers. Then i found out that they actually put me in the books as a part-time employee!! I went upstairs to fix the mistake when I found out that it was no mistake at all!! They did it on purpose so I would not be e
I told some boy on here that he was "hot stuff" and he says "I'm a human and not stuff" lmfao *I really wanted to see his stuff*
To Erik
Thank you so much Erik X2Wolverine... for giving me the gift of music... my 2 favorite songs ever :)
Buy Prints Of My Photos
You can buy prints of my photos on Just go to my page and choose one in my gallery. You can have them on prints, mousepads, mugs... Help an artist ( i.e. ME)
Get My Photos
if you like my photos you can get some prints, mousepad, mugs.. go to
Stalker Application
Repost and see who wants to stalk you ! PLEASE RATE THIS BLOG IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY
Thanks To All, You All Know Who You Are
This is a follow up to my “feel like I’m losing” blog from yesterday. I want to say thank you to those who responded and came to my aid with kind words of encouragement and heart felt well wishes and prayers. It’s not easy dealing with “falling from grace” and indeed, it’s a long way down. That’s not to say that my brand of suffering is greater than anyone else’s, just that it’s my suffering. Many may not realize that this site is a bit more then just a social net work, it allows people like me to vent life’s frustrations if done right. We are all here on this site for many reasons, I myself am here simply because I have nothing better to do with my time and it beats watching the idiot box. You know, I love our way of life and what this country stands for and’s the policy makers and the palsies in place that I have trouble with. It wasn’t till recently that I fear I’ll end up like so many of our vets...down and out and homeless on the streets. The reason for t
Fuck That ((me Ranting))
Okay as alot of people should know by now, is that I (did) Have a boyfriend, Well until last night. His ex called my cell phone. That just bugs the fuck outta me. But I was talkin to him asking why she had my cell # and it turned into a huge fight... I got smacked really effin heard by him. I have a hand print on my face today. Go i grabbed my shotgun and told him to leave b4 he is sorry and never to come back. I am not the type to sick arond and get smacked arond. Sooo yeah i am single now, oh well it don't bother me that much, just he better never come near me again. idk i am just pissed and ranting so i guess your gonna have to deal with it lmao...
Governor Rick Perry On 911-07
"September 11th will forever be regarded as a day that changed America," said Perry. "We were reminded that the evil in the hearts of men can manifest itself in harm to those people and institutions we most deeply cherish, even in places we long regarded as safe. Today, and everyday, we pledge to honor the memory of these innocents, pray for the healing of their families, and work for the protection of our state and nation. " -- (State of Texas) Governor Rick Perry September 11, 2007
Today's Horoscope
You're full of great energy and can tell that now is the right time to make that big change you've been dreaming of. You've got the right idea and you can easily adapt to circumstances as they develop. Note: Since I thought I already had my quota of changes for the decade, I am not sure what this means LOL
Friend Request.... Funny As Hell!!
El Tao Tao
Your Kissing Grade: A You are truly an amazing kisser. Your kisses are extraordinarily mind blowing. Whether you're naturally a good kisser or not, you've taken the time learn how to be the best kisser possible. Anyone would be lucky to get a kiss from you! How Do Your Kisses Rate?
My Shout Box
Ok guys I know that alot of people are getting mad because I dont respond in my shout box. Well the truth is, my job has a bunch of assholes and they blocked fubar. Now I have to go through a proxy to get on here so I want to let you all know I am not ignoring you I just cant talk through the shout box, check my messages or even view comments. I dunno y I even bother with the damn proxy! This was for u knotty!
Woman / Man Poem
Woman/Man Poem WOMAN'S POEM Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who’s handsome, smart and strong One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door, Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to "how big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend. MAN'S POEM I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a liquor store and a golf course. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.
Shout Box
Is anyone else having trouble with their shoutbox?
Always Remember, I Love You...
Always remember, I love you... Always remember I love you More than words Could ever show, And I think of you always- Much more than You could know And now until forever, Always remember this too, There's no one I could ever love More than I LOVE YOU! by Mikki Shuler
felling so hurt again draged in the dirt just fell like taking the knife and ending my life dont know what to do can i truely trust you the pain in my eyes i can not hide wishing the many years ago i had died dont know what to do can i trust you again my heart is drug thow the dirt just cant deal with this hurt can not lie just want to die
HOPE THIS MAKES YOU SMILE THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD Well, it's shit ... that's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitty. Some music sounds like shit, things can look like shit, and there are times when you feel like shit. You can have too much shit, not enough shit, the right shit, the wrong shit or
Poetry/eassy I Felt Should Be Shared
I'm Not Your Relationship Jesus An essay from me to "her" When you look at me...who do you see? Is it "him"...whoever "him" is...or is it me? Even your angry ass has to admit that only one man has been perfect. Only ONE....gets a capital "H" when you spell Him. So why do I have to die for your and "his" sins? That's right.....yours and his!!! Guilty as charged!!! Both of y'all sitting in the same class. His punk ass ain't no good but YOU chose his ass. The signs were obvious like heat on a hot summer day. Red flags waving all over the place yet YOU somehow managed to be looking the other way. I'm not out there with my dick in my hand like some common whore. I'm not using your money or your cards fuckin' up yo' credit score. I always have and I always will.....get it STRAIGHT.... .I OWN my own place. I'm not in anyone's basement or trying to move into your space. Forgive me cause maybe I should feel sorry but although I might feel familiar you didn'
Private Folders
They can be seen. There is a window of time to get in them when you upload a photo. Mine's been deleted.
I Give Up!
I have never, not once, ever lied to a friend on Fubar. Not ONCE. So it hurts, a lot, when a friend calls me a liar and blocks me without barely a word. I have spent a while worrying about them. They just had a medical procedure. Now they are back. And when they asked for my yahoo instant messenger address I gave it to them.. and then got back a message saying that "the name doesn't exist." Then I offer to try from my end and they say that I lied, and no thank you, and dropped me as a friend. So thats what friendship is worth. Hooray.
Join M&m Nation
hey everyone if you want to help me win a vip come join m&m nation they are holding a contest for the person that gets the most peopl to join they will get a vip or a blast so plz come help me here is the site just follow the rules and help me out
2000 To Level
htsexymomma Fu wife to "FIREDOG(fff)""SECURITY FF HALL "@ fubar if u guys want something to do??
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Wishing Poem
I sit wishing for it all to end. I wish for my broken heart to mend. I wish for my soul to be full. I wish because this pain is not cool. I wish for a way out. I wish not to pout. I wish for someone to care. I wish for someone to be there. I wish for nothing because I've realized wishes never come true.
I Have No Words, Maybe U My Friends Find Them Easily!
It just brougth me tears! Thank u Darren, so much! RALU'S DREAM One night, deep in sleep, Ralu began to dream: She was born again on the shore of the Danube, The latest witness to a sunset sky. As she lay by the oft-remembered river The wind gently carried her soul across the beauty of the land, Delivering it to the divine wonder of the mountains. A moment later she was inside Poenari castle, Her heart like a candle guiding her through the darkened rooms, Each eager footstep becoming forever carved into the stone floor; On a distant wall was her medieval portrait Into which Vlad's spirit gazed, clutched closely by the blue eyes; As she called his name with love, he turned and smiled, then vanished, Leaving her crying for him with her head in her hands. When she opened her teary eyes, it was Winter; She found herself kneeling in front of the Mount Caraiman cross >Shivering through words of prayer. A voice softened by snowflakes called out her name and said "
Tribute To A Great Cowboy
Drama Drama Drama
WTF is with this site, it's an "adult site" yet we have all this shit going on around us, personally, I don't care who uses what to get where, it's a free site FFS, WHO CARES! I come across the most ridiculous bulletin yet, and I'm not saying names, so I'll leave it at that, but it's someone sticking their nose into someone else's drama, worrying about things they need not worry about, then having the nerve to do some kinda fu-call out to someone else, trying to call out every bad move someone has made, I mean really....I've said it before and it'll probably come up again, go the hell up! Do you think you're really making an impact on that persons life? Because you're not. Another thing, before moving on, and this probably sickens me the most, is the people that go along with this ranting of a woman going through PMS and making these slanderous accusations about someone else, they stick behind her and back her up, repost her bulletin, and then say don't attack me for posting this, I'm
My Tab Was $830, What's Yours???
This is fun to do. The only catch is that you can't ask the person who posted it anything about it! :) Just read the "offense" and if you've done it, you owe that fine. Keep going until you've read each "offense" and added up your tota l fine. Title your bulletin "My Bar Tab is$........" You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. Smoked pot -- $10 Did acid -- $5 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you-- $40 Had sex with someone on MySpace -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with the a Puerto Rican -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Crossed dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed some one who's name you didn't know --$10 Hit on some one of the same sex while at work-- $15 Ever drive drunk -- $20 Ever got
Try This Again
Hmmmm.... Is It True?????
1. Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try. 2. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. 3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. 4. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. 5. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. 6. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. 7. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. 8. Guys don't care how gorgeous you are, if you're a bitch-- Goodbye. 9. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong an
Sir Jim's Mid Morning Madness
My 1 Year Anniversary On Fubar
Wow, looking back I can't believe I've been here on Fubar a year now(well technically it's tomorrow Dec. 2nd). It's been a crazy year. A lot of ups and downs, amongst learning experiences. I survived though and i'm thankful I did. There were many times I thought about deleting my account to have some of the many wonderful friends i've met, come to me and tell me how much i've meant to them and how much they appreciated me. That alone was reason enough to stay. I came here to meet new friends and that I have done. In fact two of my best friends i've met here...Omallesygold and devil man....I love you guys you have been there for me 100% and I will always be there for the both of you on the site and off. The guys in my family are amazing and i'm thankful they are in my life. Over the next week or so I will be going by your sites and telling you why I think you are so special to me. I really want to say thanks to those that didn't bail on me when my life seemed upside down.
Come See My Tree..
i got a christmas tree on my page. all my friends can leave me gifts. i wanna see just how many have the christmas spirit or are scrooge. leave me a gift... i want to see if i can fill the tree.
New Here
Hey everyone!! I'm brand new here, Looking to make friends,party and have a great time. I am a Pro Domme, if you know what that is we might just have something in common! Sendme a message or buy me a drink- Good Times!
Secret Desires
I watch u with secret desires that soon I'll reveal I wanna feast upon your surrender ravish you, body then soul fulfill your fantasies,breath life into your dreams slowly my blue eyes savor the fire burning in yours I reach out for you exploring the soothing touch of your body caressing every curve with gentle hands our eyes meet, then a stolen kiss aroused anticipation,the calm before the storm I gaze into your eyes, forbidden temptations can u feel the fires raging as we plunge on into the flames, the heated anticipation of each forbidden touch... each kiss...each lick.. every thrust of power penetrating deep within you sensual explosion...erotic bliss a stolen kiss...entranced eyes bathing in the afterglow of a lovers storm secret desires
wel here it is I just found out today that i might be looseing my job after ten years i have been looseing my sight in my left eye an well they say know that i can not be a truck driver. So know after all the shit i had to do to make a liveing an support my family i am screwed an am looking at a shitty life yet again an strugle to find a job that will support my family . What the fuck is up i ask the Lord every day for help an man he doas throw a bunch of shit my way, or as the Wife says lemons so we can make lemonade but shit people cant i get eny suger with in a nut shel this is just soom of the hell i am haveing to live on this great planet of ours an my life is sucking more an more each day
Nice Guys Do Finish Last
Can any ladies explain to me why nice guys just dont cut it with you? What is it about the bad boys that makes them more attractive and more desirable than a nice guy?
Poem 1
passion of the heart proceesed with desire strive through this life finding bumpy roads waiting for the flats like a calm after a storm bring me a new life the old one is gone passion of the heart its time for a new start
Merry Christmas
I just wanted to Wish Everyone in my family and all my Friends Merry christmas and Happy and safe Holidays
House Fire
As some of you know My sons home caught firethis morning...He and his family had left yesterday to go to lousisana to be with his wife's family, so my youngest son stayed at thier house while they went outta town, well at 4;30 this morning, some one came knockin on the door, trying to get Mikey up as the mobile home was on fire. The workshop had caught on fire, burned to the ground and then caught the moblie home on fire, the fire dept said 5 more minutes my son would have died from the smoke..Thank god for good nieghbors...all the babies christmas was stored in the workshop, so we lost it all, but atleast, everyoes alive and well...just wanted to say tahnks for all that was here for you all
To Help My Girl Out
So i been tryin to level to insider (23) for 4 dayz now i been under 90k for 3 dayz working my ass off rating fanning n adding people!! I will takin a break deleting ugh sumthn cuz i really do try and help everyone i can but not gettin any help back is bs all my true friends know that i will help as much as i can..
Something New From Me!!
Ok, ok, so it's not finished yet, but it's got a good start! Here it is..... Check it out and let me know what you think!! Hugs.... Besley
I Love You Baby Boy!!!!
Ok for those of you that read my last blog… ya that is not even the highlight of my year so far!!!! My nephew that is like a son to me and a brother to my girls and means the world to me. He was a senior in high school and going to be 18 on the 19th of January. He has been accepted to the best college in Colorado and has $35,000 in scholarship money he received from bowling tournaments he has won over the last 10 years and was going to receive an academic scholarship as well. He wanted to be an engineer. He had stomach flu for 5 days and just was not feeling well. He was home with his little sister cuz he did not feel like going bowling with his parents. His sister called cuz he had passed out and she was scared. They called 911 and rushed him to the hospital. They at first thought that maybe he had menangidious but then did a cat scan and realized that there is a tube in the back of the head that drains the fluid from the brain. This tube was clogged and was not draining. After
Condoms In Car
I was a very happy person. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was only one little thing bothering me ... it was her beautiful younger sister. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight miniskirts, without underwear or a bra. She would regularly bend down when she was near me, and I always got more than a pleasant view. It had to be deliberate. She never did it when she was near anyone else. One day "little" sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived, and she whispered to me that she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome. She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister. Well, I was in total shock, and couldn't say a word. She said, "I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one last wild fling, just come up and get me." I was stunned and frozen
My Dark World
i block the world from my view so i don't hurt agian i prefure to be blind then see it all offend i wish it all could be sweet but that just isn't right i wave my hand then remind everything will be alright i know now i was wrong to think those stupid thoughts how the hell can the world go on knowing all i've fought if i just lie here now and give it one more try maybe i'll just get lucky and wave away and die welcome to my dark world the senseless creepy find the place where i keep myself welcome to my mind
Wanna Own Me???
Im up for auction. Wanna own me for a month? Click on the pic to start bidding!
Contest Update!
hey all! i hope everyone had a great weekend! mine was awesome...filled with a whole bunch of laying around being lazy :D:D so, i want to thank all the contestants in my hottest mummers guys are awesome, and have been doing so well!! here are the standings: pebblesinaz - 518 votes misterfeet - 294 votes kristen victoria - 257 votes the bully - 243 votes dan727 - 218 votes alice in wonderland - 193 votes ********************************************** those are the top 6 right now in the standings! dont forget to let your friends know...THEY CAN COME BACK AND RATE AGAIN A WEEK AFTER THEY RATED THE FIRST TIME!! the contest is now closed to new entries. :) if you have ANY questions at all...please send me a shout or private message :) thank you all. i love all my friends!! have a great week :)
Do It!!
Go bid on me k thnx!!
Nick Cannon - Can I Live? (based On His True Story)
Wana Own Ugly Guy
well the days are running out to own ugly guy so click on pic and place a bet it`s all in fun
Ok, I've never done a blog before, but the word is kinda funny if you think about it...kinda sounds like someone with a massive hangover hugging a toilet... Bloooooggg...oh god...I shouldn't have had all those porn stars last night...oh it comes again....BLOOOOGGG....ahh....It's EVERYWHERE...ahh, I think I'm gonna...yep...BLOOOOGGG... anyways...i think you get the point :D ps. I'm not gay, I don't like Pornstars (the drink), And i in no way condone Blogging all over someones floor, Ciao!
So I am liking this guy, he is an absolute sweetheart. But I am scared. I haven't felt this way about anyone since my ex (who I fell truly and MADLY in love with) so I know if I continue liking him I could feel the same way about him. He likes me too, but I fear he won't when he meets me. I fear that someone else will snatch him up before I have the chance to. I fear that I will fall more for him and that I won't be able to keep him or he won't feel the same way about me. I feel like a school girl with a major crush, the butterflies and heart skipping beats and it feels great. Yet I am scared if I get too close I will end up getting hurt. So I take things slow, but it is SOOO hard to with him! I have been single for a year and a half, its about time I find someone special, could it be him? Is it a chance I am willing to take? Is he worth it? Should I get my hopes up? Yes. I think I will take the chance. I know the risks, and he is DEFINITELY worth it! Wish me luck!
Flowing Thoughts
To Someone Special: ...I can't wait to attack I want to drag my nails down your back... ...I can't wait to feel you near It's your moan I long to hear... ...I want to run my hair along your naked chest kiss your lips, make it your best... ...I want to feel you beside me love me, remind me... ...I want to feel your lips on my neck and on my hips... ...I want to feel you behind me to my left, and then to my right... I can't wait to hold and caress you each and every night...   What He's Done For Me: For so long I've been lonely drowning in my tears, no one there to listen or help me face my deepest fears. No one there to shelter me from this world so full of pain, no one showed me rainbows everytime I saw the rain. No one there to give a damn about my broken heart, no one to pick up the pieces everytime I fell apart. But, finally someone came along and took the time to know, all the hurt and pain that I tried hard not to show. He took the time to realize how much I've had to pay,
Meditating With Crystals - Receiving Messages
Meditating with Crystals - Receiving Messages Published 8/4/06 Note: Although the term "crystal" is used in this meditation, any crystal, stone, mineral, fossil, etc. may be used. Crystals are a powerful tool for healing and meditation. Everything, and indeed everyone, is energy vibrating at different levels. By connecting to the energy of a particular crystal, one may access insight to the Higher Self and to the Divine. Choose a crystal and place it in your non-dominant hand to receive its energy. Hold it so that it feels comfortable. Larger pieces may be best in the palm while smaller pieces may feel best held with the fingers. It is not necessary to hold it tightly or to squeeze. Before beginning the meditation, spend some time with the crystal. Feel the texture, hold it in different positions, take a look at all its features – color, shape, etc. Pay attention to how it feels in your hand. You may begin to feel its vibration. Let your mind clear of the mental clut
LMAO ........."""There was a cucumber, a pickle, and a penis sitting around talking about how their lives sucked. The cucumber "Man, my life sucks. When I get big, fat, and juicy, they cut me up and stick me on a salad." The pickle looks at him and says, "You think you have it bad? When I get big, fat, and juicy, they stick me in vinegar, put spices on me, and stick me in a jar." The penis looks at him and says, "You think you have it rough? When I get big, fat, and juicy, they stick a rubber strap on my head, stick me in a dark room, and bang my head against the wall until I throw up and pass out!. Send to eight of your freakiest friends. If u get 0-2 back you are average If you get 3-5 you are a freak If you get 6-8 then you are a major freak, and need a leash"""
My New Lounge
i have created a new bsdm lounge for all to enjoy. be respectful of the lifestyle and enjoy
New Job
well all is going well this week. had job interview weds @ 12.30 ,for duty manager @ BP. Interview went very well and had a phone call an hour later saying that I'll be getting a phone call from the area manager the next day (Thurs) He rang about 4 o'clock and we arranged to meet today(Fri) when he was in the area. Another phone call today at 2.30 saying he will be at the place I had my interview in about 40 mins and could I meet him then for a informal chat. i was offered the job there and then. will be getting my start date asap and will begin a 8-10 week training course.
Sore Butt
Yes.. i have a sore butt and no, it was not because of sex It was because of 3 games of bowling, now I hardly can move my butt and have been bed ridden for the whole day.. Walking sucks too cos it hurts...
R.t. 1
is there cheesecake in heaven? and if so what kinds do they have?
It's Official
Hello Everyone, I have been waiting to post this blog for awhile. It's official. I am single again. Yes! DJ Zilla and I are no longer together. Things just did not work out for us. He is a great guy, but there is another situation that I just can not have going on around me. Not when I have too much stress as it is in my life. He is still living with me for now. I am letting him stay with me because he needs to get his car fix and get the money to go home on. I wish him the best of luck in his life. Alright there is the update about me. I hope you all have a great day.
Valentines Day
i just wanted to say happy valentines day to all my sexy fubars rock on stay sweet and blessed i love u guys!!!
Thankyou For All The Birthday Love
Date Set
Just a quick note to say a court date has been set for beginning of April. Sorry to make this short, off to work.
Mental Attitude Pt 2
Only a positive mental attitude pays off in the affairs of our everyday living, so let us see what it is, and how we may get it and apply it in the struggle for the things and circumstances we desire in life. It is the habit of searching for "the seed of an equivalent benefit" which comes with every failure, defeat, or adversity we experience, and causing that seed to germinate into something beneficial. Only a positive mental attitude can recognize and benefit by the lessons or the seed of an equivalent benefit which comes with all unpleasant things that one experiences. A positive mental attitude is the habit of keeping the mind busily engaged in connection with the circumstances and things one desires in life, and off the things one does not desire. The majority of people go all the way through life with their mental attitudes dominated by fears and anxieties and worries over circumstances which somehow have a way of making their appearance sooner or later. And the strange pa
I dont know who put that mum or whatever on my profile but the dumbass can not write. So far my time on here has been wonderful. Thank you to all my friends and fans for making it enjoyable. Myspace sucks lol. Thank you for those who have been here for me cause of my friend dying. Its been a hard week and ya'll helped wonderfuly. Ok thats enough babbling for now.
I've Got New Stash Entries
hey everyboby i've got some funny vids in my new stash file labeled funny shit please come by watch them and rate and comment on them thank you..
Act 1
Insired By This Song Please Play... He Starts: Warm and gentle is my hand, holding close to neverland You can feel me on your thighs. reaching for your sweet surprise. It's the way you bat your eyes that keeps me looking mezmorized I'm so glad you took it there, Cause I got nasty things to share. Her Response, Shhhh....let me stop you right there I can take you anywhere... got me throbbin all inside, looking for that long ride.. to your spot so nice and slow, long and wide I'll lick it. so don't think that you're all by yourself, Cause I can freak like no one else. He Says: Show me all that you can do, afterwards I'll show you too. Let me rub your shoulders down, while I take you around the town Elevator, 3rd floor, up behind your bosses door. we can always take the stairs, or just use your working chair.. She says: See, that's what I'm talkin bout. Makin plans then work it out. We don't have to hide the truth,
whats the square rot of 69???? ..... 8 SOMETHING... IT IS GET OUT UR CALCULATORS
About Me
i am 35. i have 3 kids. 16 yr old daughter, 15 yr old son, and 13 yr old daughter. i work at caterpillar on 3rd shift. i like to ride motorcycles,watch nascar, drag racing. i enjoy going to the movies, camping, boating, fishing, really anything that has to do with the outdoors. i have spent the last 16 yrs raising kids and now they are older i have more time to focus on doing things that i enjoy.
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My Birth Date
Your Birthdate: October 26 You lucked out the the skills to succeed in almost any arena. Put you in almost any business or classroom, and you'll rise to the top. You're driven and intense, but you also know when to kick back and cooperate. Your ability to adapt to almost any situation is part of what's going to make you a success. Your strength: Your attention to detail Your weakness: You can be a little too proud of your successes Your power color: Turquoise Your power symbol: Arrow pointing up Your power month: August What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Tag, You're It!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I was born in New Orleans,LA 2.I was adopted. 3. I love to cook/bake. 4. My favorite color is yellow. 5.I used to have a cattery and bred show cats. 6.I was part of the team that was responsable for getting the IMAX camera operating on the space shuttle. 7. I hate yard work. 8 I grow orchids.. 9. I love classsical music. 10.I'm an amateur radio operator, and certified skywarn spotter/storm chaser. I am sending this to...Chell, Beep, Sylvia, Learning to Fly, and Cheryl.
Dont Be Mad Fam
Well Big P days might be gone and out might be 4 walls to fall might be darkness might be feeling forever but know if iam gone hold it down b/c i will hold it down for u where ever i go b/c i will miss yall but what iam trying to saying if i go to jail and dont come back from court know that u will be in my heart behind the 4 walls of hell love ya always
Relationships Ii
Well things are goin pretty good so far with this relationship. He asked me and Mykah to move in with him and his boys on St. Patricks day. I agreed. What the heck live a little you know. May be crazy, but who ever said I was completely sane to begin with right?? Gettin ready to enroll Mykah in pre-school there too. Hard to believe she will be 4 in a month!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!! My ex still isnt adjusting to the fact of us divorcing and me moving on. He tries his best to put Mykah in the middle by telling her "oh, Roger is no good, dont like him" and all that crap. Stupid b.s. When her dad came to pick her up today I felt so bad... you could tell she wanted to stay with me and not go, but unfortunatly its out of my hands. I have to make her go with her dad... I wanted to cry so bad... I miss her when she's not with me within seconds of her being gone.... I wish there was something I could do to keep her with me... and this BS of midnight shift til May 3rd is for the birds!! Its hard en
I have faith that I am capable of anything. Beyond that, I have faith that I will achieve my pie-in-the-sky dreams. I will be with my soul mate. I will become enlightened. These aren't so much ifs to me as whens or hows. This understanding goes beyond rational thought. I don't have any logical basis for these conclusions, I guess it is just something I foresee as a natural consequence of life. I have wanted to become enlightened for longer than I knew there was a word for it. I wanted to become enlightened for all the wrong reasons. So that I could be overwhelmingly happy all the time. So that I could achieve all my goals. So that I could help people and have respect and admiration. More recently, so that I could be at peace with myself. I realized that the root of my unhappiness for so many years is the disconnection between what I intend and what I am. I have all these ideas of how I want to change my life, who I want to be, what I want to have. I want a meaningful romantic relat
Westboro Baptist Chruch
Everyone should check this out. These people are completely crazy...I have more videos in my stash. Don't join the WBC CULT!!!
thoughts of u in my head thoughts of u lying dead thoughts of u with out a head thoughts of u lying dead lying dead on the floor with out ur head with blood and goor thoughts of u lying dead are always running threw my head
For Lynne
[Could you please Add My owner ~lynne She is really cool,And tell her I sent you.~Lynne ~ Owner of NOVA, Gothedelic, Mark Murderous,®♠MASTERb... Show them all Luv!~Diva M@ fubar]
Feeling Love
A gentle brush against my skin A soft kiss upon my lips My mind swirls from burning passion As into your life my love slips The twinkle I see in your eye Your heart’s beat I now hear Lives that crossed unexpectedly Things that with each we shall share Kind words spoken softly Arms holding me in an embrace Your strength comforts me Your finger slowly traces my face My hands wrap around you Our bodies press together this day Feeling the warmth of your being Unlocking my heart on your own way Freedom I now feel inside me Locks securing my heart now undone The promise of forever love you whisper Our bodies explored we become one Take the passion I now hold Free it from my inner self this day Fill each with the others nectar Enjoying our bond in a special way I know I have felt true love now The feelings we have for each I know Days will pass us slowly by And with each this love will grow © Tall Mountain Dreamer April 7, 2008
I would like everyone to check out this sweet gal who goes by the name Moondancer. She has been through Hell and back. She had to get 2 lung transplants. She is a survivor. I have only known her for a short period of time, but in that time frame we became good pals. She makes me smile. I hope you all go to her profile and F/A/R her. Give her some FuLove! Moondancer deserves it! Here is the link to her profile I LUV YA GAL!
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Yeah so sue me. Tell me 10 things you know and or love about me.
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Here's the deal.. I've been working my butt off trying to rate and bomb for fubucks so that I can save for spotlight. I've been doing pretty well, and I've also had some awesome donations from some awesome people, but I'm still a good way away from getting spotlight. Well, a very good friend of mine told me to offer cleavage salutes for people who donated a certain amount (can't you see that this person is a pervert LOL) so thats what I'm gonna do! Here's what you get: -Send me 25,000 fubucks for a SFW salute with anything you want it to say! -Send me 75,000 for a SFW salute on my skin with anything you want it to say! -Send me 100,000 for a cleavage salute with anything you want it to say! **If you want to send more, please feel free to! Name your price! NO NSFW SALUTES!** I'm also willing to work for fubucks! I will rate or bomb wherever you need me to, for a REASONABLE price. Please, no low-blow offers or you will be ignored. Abby♥Normal@ fubar
i am looking for a free easy to navugate place to try to do some morphs. ive 2 that were done for me, and my daughter loves them. would like to make a few more to show her and make her laugh. any suggestions? pe feel free to contact me...thanks
K i just had someone rate my page and send a friend request to me... I go to their page and rate them when my mouse jumped and i accidently rated her a 9. before i can refresh the page to rate her a 10 from a 9 she has already rated me to a 1 from a 10 and blocked me... That is some jooky shiat...i mean for the love of anything people make mistakes give them a chance to correct it before you fully block them... i can't even get through to her to explain... some people just have no patience.... ohh well... i guess i didn't want to be her friend anyways...
This And That
Not really sure where to start but this is gonna be a long message with different parts so if ya wanna stick around to read it all fine if not fine. Ill start out with this... as most of ya know im a spanker and this club is the best bombin family on fubar! The month of April was a very long month for all members and leaders, and alot of people got stressed out over it. The leaders were workin on something to make things easier for us and for the members. I had something typed up and sent it to the leaders. Now the very first thing the message had said was.... ***** OK guys heres what im gonna post in the spankers blog as long as everyone is ok with it. **** "as long as everyone is ok with it" Now to me this means if ur unhappy or disagree with something that was said to say something about it so we can work it out so EVERYONE is happy. Instead of this happenin 2 leaders got pissed, posted something and quit. I received a short message from someone and something that was said
Writing New Websites - Testing Testing
Over the past month or so, I've put up some testing websites. I guess I went crazy. One website is based on a Japanese chat system - it's at: Another I've been working with is at: And over here I experimented with combining RSS and old fashioned NNTP: Oh, a test in horizontal scrolling at: (this one won't go far - but it was fun to play with the concept of a horizontal webpage) Then, there's my experiment with social networking at: and FINALLY my online gateway to Usenet is online at: *whew* - lots of experimenting. And that's just the working experiments. Lots of unfinished/failed experiments sitting around. Lemme know what you think, eh? Kenneth Udut - simplify3
Friday 05-09-08 (cofunments)
Friday, May 09, 2008 Awesome to see you once again! I hope this finds you with a full week behind you & An eventful weekend in store! I've many things in the planning stages that are hopefully achieved & successful. -wow- Mother's day Weekend is here already! So of coarse I plan to do something with my m
Mothers Day
I SEND THIS POEM OUT TA ALL THA BEAUTIFUL MOMZ OUT THERE CUZ U R ALL LOVED VERY DEEPLY! A mother's love determines how We love ourselves and others. There is no sky we'll ever see Not lit by that first love. Stripped of love, the universe Would drive us mad with pain; But we are born into a world That greets our cries with joy. How much I owe you for the kiss That told me who I was! The greatest gift--a love of life-- Lay laughing in your eyes. Because of you my world still has The soft grace of your smile; And every wind of fortune bears The scent of your caress.
Shadow Levelers Thank U !
I wanted to thank all these people for helping me level up to fu-king This is the first time I did a background and if someone knows how I can change the color of the names please let me know so I can fix it :) I hope people is not offended about the order I put the names in if so Im sorry . IF you need to level up go to the SHADOW LEVELERS they willing to help but please help them out if they need it they deserve it :). BOO-BOO Rocks! THANK YOU AGAIN I will be going to your page and rating your pictures give me time. *MRmostunderated*FU/stalker2MZ.B. FU/pimpedby LSD'S shell.FU/BRO/2 cutie ,starr,gretchen@ fubar MishNumber1 ♥ FubarWorldCruise & WISEUKF Owner~SUP, ClubFAR, ShadowLevelers & SargesBadGirls@ fubar MishNumber1 ♥ FubarWorldCruise & WISEUKF Owner~SUP, ClubFAR, ShadowLevelers & SargesBadGirls@ fubar Lucie in the Sky@ fubar ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of S
Old Cowboy
An old cowboy sat down at the Starbucks and ordered a cup of coffee. As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him. She turned to the cowboy and asked, 'Are you a real cowboy?' He replied, 'Well, I've spent my whole life breaking colts, working cows, going to rodeos, fixing fences, pulling calves, bailing hay, doctoring calves, cleaning my barn, fixing flats, working on tractors, and feeding my dogs, so I guess I am a cowboy.' She said, 'I'm a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I think about women. When I shower, I think about women. When I watch TV, I think about women. I even think about women when I eat. It seems that everything makes me think of women.' The two sat sipping in silence. A little while later, a man sat down on the other side of the old cowboy and asked, 'Are you a real cowboy?' He replied, 'I always thought I was, but I just found out that I'm a lesbian.'
Your Native American Name Is... Olathe Ehawee Your name means: Beautiful Laughing Maiden What's Your Native American Name?
Looking For
Hello Everyone, I am in a Giveaway and if you have some time to leave some Comments, that would be great just click the pic below Thank You In Advanced Infarred and if you can show the Host some Love
About Me.
I am a single 44 year old. I have a son who is 19. I work in a daycare center Nights, cleaning up after the rugrats, LOL
Court Cards
Your Astrological Court Card Queen of Swords Astrological Sign: Aquarius Element: Air Personality: idealistic, charitable, determined, influential, compassionate, friendly but sometimes impersonal Most suitable vocations: eco-warrior, new age teacher, healer, psychologist, painter, writer Most suitable lover or partner: King of Wands – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Your Personality Court Card Queen of Cups Element: Water Personality: sensitive, reflective, warm, vulnerable, loving, romantic, imaginative, talkative Most suitable vocations: institution work, self-help organizations, poet, dancer, make-up artist, anything to do with illusion. Most suitable lover or partner: King of Pentacles – Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus
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Homeopathy Remedies
As someone who has done aromatherapy massge for some 38 years, I am often asked if Essential Oils, and homeopathic remedies work. The simple answer is YES for most people in one degree or another. We all learn new things right?? Well I have 'discovered' some new remedies that are truly amazing, one 'under the tongue' spray has helped with sleep problems, heart, diabetes, hair growth, nails, and most internal organs. How, well as far as I understand it, it is a natural plant based DNA regenerative that works on most aspects of the body, including but not limited to; skin, nails, eyes, hair, organs, blood system, lymphatic and general wellbeing. I belong to a self help group, and so far for this remedy one guy no longer is on heart meds (5 a day before), one guy has now had his diabetes arrested, a 70+ year old guy who was bald, now has 1/" of new hair growth (in 2 months). And that is but the tip of the iceberg. Another product is one that rebuilds the colon function, so far as
You wanna own me 4 a month....... Come look and see what you can get... Come on already you know you wanna click it.. Oh yeah please rate the pic while your there
Gm - When Does It End
Sad And Depressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(well this is my very first time writing one of theses but i just had to I know most or all dont want to hear about this and im sorry if this blog isnt something u want someone to blog about but i just had to talk about this cuz they say it makes it easer to heal) I just lost the #1 man in my life my grandfather he ast away on saturday june 14th at 10:00 i just cant stop thinking and crying about it and i know its very normal but i just cant belive this has happend just 6 mounths ago he was in or seemed to be in perfect health he has always been a hard worker from dusk till dawn he work harder than a 21 yr old and he was 76 yrs old then all a sudden he got very ill we took him to hospital after hospital and they just gave him antibotics and sent him home then last monday they finaly admited him for dehidration cuz he couldnt eat or drink anything and he wasnt having a bowel movement but they only gave him iv liquids and antibotics so friday we trancferd him to a better hospital and th
Even More Of The Band
Well.. its rare that i write blogs, or even say anything, but now, for some reason, i feel like letting things out. I can understand im not always a fun person to talk too, yes i can be very boring sometimes but it is not a reason to completly ignore me. People i though where my friends...well it seem that i was mistaken. As far as i know im always there when someone need to talk or just let lose and needs an ear (eyes) to lisen to them and as a friend thats what i do, i am here for them. But yet....when i just need someone to talk to it seems that everyone wants to ignore me or just run away. Well tell me now if you dont care or just want me for when its convient on your time cause then i will do what i should have done and...left. I am tired of feeling used and have my so called friends ignore me. This is not meant to offend anyone in any way its just the way that i feel and i needed to let it out.
Im there im there whenever you need me. im there whenever you need someone to talk to. im there whenever you need a shoulder to cry on. im there. im there to keep it real with you. im there to play no games with you. im there for whatever. im there whenever. im there to be true to you. im there and always will be there. im there by cleon
Oars are an archetypal sign of man against nature struggles. It is our labor against the elements that represents what we are striving toward. To dream of rowing a boat or anticipating to do so is to dream of your struggle against circumstances. You may be feeling overworked or outright overwhelmed by trying to keep your head above water financially, relationally, or vocationally. Are you straining in life to make progress? Do you feel as though you are working with inadequate support in your vocation, marriage, or other relationship? Are you rowing against a prevailing wind of negativity or distractions from your aspirations?
Scott Kalitta
As I write this my heart hangs heavy. Today the dragracing community morns the loss of it's stars. Yesterday at Englishtown NJ. Scott Kalitta died in the hospital after a spectacular firey accident in his Top fuel funny car. We can try to take solice in the fact that he went out in a blaze of glory doing what he loved to do.Dragracing is the kind of thing that gets in your blood. after you have been to a race and see hear and feel top fuel cars. you just want more.And I am sure after driving one,you need more. one can only imagine what it would feel like.
Life Without Black People
A very humorous and revealing story is told about a group of white people who were fed up with African Americans, so they joined together and wished themselves away. They passed through a deep dark tunnel and emerged in sort of a twilight zone where there is an America without black people. At first these white people breathed a sigh of relief. At last, they said, No more crime, drugs, violence and welfare. All of the blacks have gone! Then suddenly, reality set in. The "NEW AMERICA" is not America at all-only a barren land. 1. There are very few crops that have flourished because the nation was built on a slave-supported system. 2. There are no cities with tall skyscrapers because Alexander Mils, a black man, invented the elevator, and without it, one finds great difficulty reaching higher floors. 3. There are few if any cars because Richard Spikes, a black man, invented the automatic gearshift, Joseph Gambol, also black, invented the Super Charge
Ive Been Tagged!!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am divorcing for the 2nd time. 2. I am deeply in love with my high school sweetheart! 3. I love order and hate chaos; I make lists. 4. I am completely 100% Leo. 5. The love of my life and the ocean are the only things that calm me. 6. I love to learn, about anything and everything. 7. I love vampires and witches. 8. I love to dj and chat in the lounge; just wish I could get paid for 9. I don't go anywhere without wearing my protective necklace. 10. I own every Anne Rice Vampire Chronicle and Mayfair Witch Book. Now it is your turn... DJ Mass DJ Barbie DJ Co DJ Candy Cane Merc
True Friends
I have learned the hard way ... that the people that you think are your friends ... can easily not be. When you need them the most they are quick to say they don't want to hear it or tell you to pretend to be happy. Which i don't understand. I'm always willing to be there for mostly anyone... just lend an ear... and give any help i can... its just my nature. I don't understand people that they can just move on or just walk on by when they know someone needs help. I mean you see this everyday in life also... just becuz you have your own problems doesn't mean you can't help someone else. Some might think im crazy... but I'll also admit I care too much about others... I've been through my hard times. Things that I've gone thru that made me the person I am today. And if you can't take me for who i am... then you were never a friend in the first place.
2nd Bully For The Auction
Auction Time!!! Hosted by Ðj Áçhmëd Thê Dêåð Tërr¤rïst Come Bid on Your Favorite! DJ Paradise DJ Spicy DJ GarrBear KissMeMt Angel Under it All DJ Blood Rayne Wet Kitty Mel
1,000 Items Or Less.
Probably a new rule implemented because of all the blatant stash abuse rampant on here. We're now limited to 1,000 items or less. Not sure what the limit is for VIPs.
The Contest So Far
Thanks to Bebe's wonderful help (along with everyone else of course) I've shot up from 14th place last nite to 7th place currently. Thank you all so much. I hope I can maintain this until the contest ends on Saturday. You all rock.
My Midget Widget
This Is Funny Midget Me
Samuraiz Canto #1
Respect what you believe iz Right. Rise up against those that would harm your Brotherz. Educate each other in Truth. Live proper and treat your body with Equlity. Protect each other. Remain faithful to the tribe. Be blessed... These are the way of the new samurai.
Come As You Are
Could my camera be any SHITTIER?? My apologies..
Money Money Money
Hey there, in need of some cash fast? Saving up for a spotlight? Then this contest is for you ;) I am hosting a massive fubucks contest, with first second and third prizes - to get these, you must reach 30,000 comments (FIRST THREE TO GET THERE) against your pic in my album!!! First prize 2,000,000 fubucks!!!!! Second prize 1,000,000 fubucks!!!!! Third prize 500,000 fubucks!!!!! AND The person with the most rates at the end of the contest will be given 25 gift fubling credits!!!!! If you’d like to take part, please private message me your photo link and I will save and upload to my album. I will keep you informed of how many people we have and the full details of the contest. go on ... go on... go on ... go on ... go on ... go on ... go on ... go on ... go on ... BROUGHT TO YOU BY tra71@ fubar Small print 1 – I will not start the contest until we have enough entries (I’m looking for ten) 2 - Any cheaters will be deleted IMEDIATELY 3 – Only
Beauty over wisdom to fit in with their style Your Cinderella story's for a price Vanity's a business built to fleece the unique Silicon and stars collide, the rest will fall in line Just as beautiful as you are It's so pitiful what you are You should have seen this coming all along Visually you're stimulating to my eyes Your Cinderella syndrome's full of lies Your insecurities are concealed by your pride Pretty soon your ego will kill what's left inside Just as beautiful as you are It's so pitiful what you are You should have seen this coming all along It's so pitiful what you are As beautiful as you are You should have seen this coming all along You're everything that's so typical Maybe you're alone for a reason, you're the reason It's so pitiful what you are, you should have seen this Coming all along Just as beautiful as you are It's so pitiful what you are You should have seen this coming all along It's so pitiful what you are As beautiful as y
This Was Sent To Me....
She actually thinks I'd wear this shit..... NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Talk about delusional......
Happy Birthday Baby
The time has come for me to: Learn your temple. Feel your temple. Caress your temple. Play with your temple. How would you feel if I: Tasted your temple. Warmed your temple. Held your temple. Admired your temple. What would you do if I: Knocked at your basement. Rubbed around your basement. Took a peak at your basement. Tried to enter your basement. Are you ready for me to: Wet up your hallway. Pace through your hallway. Test the walls of your hallway. Indulge myself in your hallway. I'm glad you want me to be: In and out of your cellar. Between the gates of your cellar. Digging deep in your cellar. Unloading in your cellar.
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Tetanus Shot !!!
An old man in his seventies struggles to get up from the coach, then starts putting on his coat. His wife, seeing the unexpected behavior, asks, 'Where are you going?' He replies, 'I'm going to the doctor. ' She says, 'Why, are you sick?' He says, 'Nope, I'm going to get me some of that Viagra stuff. ' Immediately the wife starts working and positioning herself to get out of her rocker and begins to put on her coat. He says, 'Where the heck are you going'? She answers, 'I'm going to the doctor, too. ' He says, 'Why, what do you need?' She says, 'If you're going to start using that rusty old thing, I'm getting a Tetanus shot !!!
Hello people. Have you ever been looking for something that you can never seem to find. I know exactly what the problem is. Your searching for it when it is right in front of you, come on think about it you lost your keys or somthing then finally when your doen destroying your house bam you see them sitting right there on your table or counter or somthing. Lol that is just the way life is so in anyaspect of life or what ever your doing just sit back take a breath and relaxe and look right infront of you. You would be surpirsed to find it is right there where it allways was so for those of you searching the world to find what ever it is your looking for stop and look right infront of you you might just find it or then again maybe you lost it forever goodbye people.
Misc Quotes 2
*~©~*~©~*~©~* "When you love someone, say it. Say it loud. Say it right away, or the moment... just passes you by." *~©~*~©~*~©~* "LOVE is more than just saying I LOVE YOU." *~©~*~©~*~©~* "Saying I love you isn't hard... saying I love you and meaning it is." *~©~*~©~*~©~* "Listen to my heart beat as it goes, Thump, Thump, Thump. It is saying 'I love you' 'I love you' 'I love you'" *~©~*~©~*~©~* "If there were no words, no way to speak, I would still hear you. If there were no tears no way to feel inside, I'd still feel for you" *~©~*~©~*~©~* "Romantic Tip Of The Day" A Night Under the Stars Take your love to the lake have a nice picnic super table set candles everything. After you eat take a walk to the shore area. Take a blanket with you and hold each other and watch the stars. You never know it might just be the night of your life. *~©~*~©~*~©~* "Saying I love you is important, but not enough. Remember... Love is a VERB, an action word. Sometimes passive becaus
Well it's that time again. To give the blog/bulletin spotlight to someone who gives me more than just the average F.A.R. So give ßêåñ some love and tell her Gimptastic sent ya! 'ßêåñ'@ fubar
Dirty Deeds Radio
Dirty Deeds Radio is hiring!! Are you looking for a fun place to hang out, meet great people, earn fubucks?? Then look no further! We are looking for ppl for the following positions: Not only would you be working for the best lounge on Fubar, but you get rewarded for doing your job too!! You could earn fubucks, fu-gifts, even cash gifts! So come on over and check us out at Dirty Deeds Radio! If interested contact our General Manager: ~♥Ðani♥~♫DJ SMURFETTE♫~GM @ DiRtY DeEdS RaDiO~
Fault Finding
Those who have the fewest resources in themselves naturally seek the food of their self-love elsewhere. The most ignorant people find most to laugh at in strangers; scandal and satire prevail most in small places; and the propensity to ridicule the slightest or most palpable deviation from what we happen to approve, ceases with the progress of common sense and decency. True worth does not exult in the faults and deficiency of others; as true refinement turns away from grossness and deformity, instead of being tempted to indulge in an unmanly triumph over it. Real power, real excellence does not seek for a foil in imperfection; nor fear contamination from coming in contact with that which is coarse and homely. It reposes on itself, and is equally free from envy and affectation. There are some persons who seem to purposely treasure up things that are disagreeable. By the rules of justice, no man ought to be ridiculed for any imperfection who does not set up for eminent sufficienc
To All Of My Awsome Friends
you know it takes alot to not take things so serously on the internet,and it is hard to find good friends,some use you,some lead you on,some talk behind your back,but true friends are there when you need them
New Auction
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Major General Merritt Austin Edson
Major General Merritt Austin Edson Major General Merritt Austin Edson, known as "Red Mike," was born in Rutland, Vermont, on 25 April 1897, and reared in Chester, Vermont. He attended the University of Vermont for two years. Military service interrupted, however, and on 27 June 1916, Pvt Edson of the First Vermont National Guard Regiment, was sent to Eagle Pass, Texas, for duty on the Mexican border. He returned to the University in September 1916, but joined the Marine Corps Reserve on 26 June the following year. Thus began a career which was to be characterized by its diversity and distinguished even by the high standards of the Marine Corps. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Regular Marine Corps on 9 October 1917. In September of the next year he sailed for France with the 11th Marines. This regiment saw no combat, but during the last six months of his European tour, 2dLt Edson commanded Company D, 15th Separate Marine Battalion, which had been organized for the e
There Is One In Every Bunch
Yesterday, we had a mandatory meeting at work, at 430 PM. It was supposed to be this morning, but that wasn't convenient enough for the VP, and to be honest, he could meet more of us at once at the later meeting, so I'm fine with that. So four groups of us met in Bloomington, and got to listen to his take on where we are. And he layed it on thick, talking up the company he came from (we merged with them), while giving our half backhanded compliments. Since it was a crowd heavy with his old company, he went over well. But that isn't the point of this. He then gets to the point where he does a Q & A. So we go through the usual questions, the me me me questions I call them. Will we get more money? Will I have les work? How will we get laid off for winter? And in reality, we should have gotten out of there in a half hour. The VP said absolutely nothing that wasn't said in the daily emails we get. Or he spun his answer so that we never got an answer, but he got to blab
Heyyy!! Thanks for stopping by!! I'm up for first one!! WOOOHOOO! LOL Interested in owning me for a month?? Click on the link to place and place a know you want to...*grin* Coleen
As It Appears...
There are way too many people on my friends list who want the spotlight...I would like to help them all, but I was trying to get it myself... Anyway, I think I'm going to take a break between these classes and my next ones since I can't seem to keep up...and I need a break. I have a sinus infection or something like it, and it is driving me freakin crazy! I need better meds, but don't feel like going to the doctor.... My daughter participated in a fashion yesterday, she was so freakin cute....those of you on my myspace will get to see pictures as soon as I can get them posted:) Next week is the county fair, and my daughter has to show the first Saturday...I hope she places, there are about 20 kids in her class, but i think she will do well:) Well, I have to catch up on my homework so I will hopefully be here for part of Philemon's HH...♥ you guys!
My First Auction
enchantment I'm enchanted by you held in your spell hopelessly longing for something so magical a love that keeps that never sleeps to sail beyond the sea through time and love a strange enchantment washes over me I'll let our love be until the last Unicorn crosses the last rainbow as the last sunset fades on a distant horizon
Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Revamp
My Unconditional Family
Please Go Show These Ladies Sum Luvin …. They are Spending ALL of their Rates and Bling helpin me to Godfather They have done nearly a million points in the last 2 days His Sweet Obsession Berry Berry Quite Contrary SexySandi SweetDreams OneSexyAssBiotch QUEEN BUNNY is a PITA Gottoloveit69
More Rejected Penthouse Forum Letters
Dear Penthouse Letters, I never thought it could happen to me, but boy was I wrong. I met this woman at the church picnic and she was very attractive. Father Mylar told me her name was Carol. All the men who were unmarried certainly noticed how attractive she was, so I figured I had to make my move. Seven months later we were married, and we had relations. Wow! It really can happen to anyone! Married and Joyful, Hartford, CN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Penthouse Letters, So I'm in this bar, ok? And there's this totally, totally hot babe, ok? And like, I've had a few beers so I'm all bold, ok? So I order another beer and walk over to her, right? Well turns out she's been downing Vodka shots for the last hour, totally pissed off about some guy. So I figure I'm in there, totally! I go over all smooth and introduce myself and she, like, totally digs me! Orders a couple more Vodka shots and we clink glasses and down
Memorable Joker Quotes
Here's some quotes I found from Enjoy[: & you know the drill. commmment if using :D And tonight, you're gonna break your one rule... Gotham National Bank Manager: The criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor. Respect. Look at you! What do you believe in? What do you believe in! The Joker: I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger. You've changed things... forever. There's no going back. See, to them, you're just a freak... like me! Why... so... serious? The Joker: A little fight in ya. I like that. Batman: Then you're going to love me. Let's put a smile on that face! It's all... part of the plan. The Joker: This town deserves a better class of criminal... and I'm gonna give it to them. Tell your men they work for me now. This is my city. The Chechen: They won't work for a freak... The Joker: [mocking his accent] A freak... [pulls out his switchblade and tosses it to some goons who grabs the Chechen] The Jo
To The Break Of Dawn
Tracing the edge of insanity you might think of this But I want to feel the trueness of her kiss The brillance of her smile early in the morning and the radiance of her thoughts in full swing Living fast , breathing slow there is much I don't know writing only my hearts desires she inspires me every which way and never tires Like rain she pours me my fill and see me for all that is god's will She say's " I Love You " and I know nothing more to be true Enough mirrors reflect days where it was understated never half stepping since our days where intiated dialated pupils captured her beauty with first glance and chance has given us a love worthy of a dance Following only the scripts of our hearts we find today as it was when spring starts One hopeless dream is now everflowing forever tending even in not knowing I use to think it would take an eternity but the truth is I don't remember the old me For all I know now is that of acceptance Sweat pants , tee shirts
Well Im Here.....
Well I got here in Iraq ok. At this moment Im in limbo waiting for the rest of my squad to show up from different places from the US and Germany. I know what I'll be doing and actually know some of the guys I'll be working with. Some are Navy Seals and others are from other Special Ops Units from within the Army. My time on here is limited as when I leave here I wont have any access to the internet for weeks at a time till we are flown back to the rear once every 2-3 weeks. This place seems to have gotten better since the last time I was here. At least now I know that I will be coming to the rear to recoup where as before I had no clue. I thought I would be training soldiers on the new weapons that are being moved into the field but I was wrong. Wishful thinking I guess. I dont know exactly when I leave here but I know its within hrs so till next time. Take Care Jon
Is This Hell??
i moved in with a friend and her daughter when i first left him. she worked alot and since i was in the country i got my addiction to the internet so i could talk to ppl. then they put a password on the pc so i couldn't get online and they thought that was hilarious...grrrrr wtf??!!!! then she moves in with her man and he don't like me. thats when my little bro got sick and i went to see him and when i got back i wasn't allowed at the trailor. i went back to my bff's until her man got out of jail. that lasted until the parole sweep lol. then i stayed with whoever would let me crash at there house.
Bad Wolfy's Happy Hour!!!
Bad Wolfy's Happy Hour Have A Drink On Me - AC/DC Yes, The Bad Wolfy Is Doing It Again... ♥ When??? ★ Friday 5th ♥ Time??? ★ 6:00 p.m PST ★ 8:00 p.m CST ★ 9:00 p.m EST He Gonna have a Rate-A-Thon!!! He gonna Offer: ★ 10,000 for every 100 10's ★ 20,000 For every 100 11's PLEASE save your 11's and blings for His HAPPY HOUR! ooohh and if you still have not add HIM here is his link: The Bad Wolfy@ fubar This was made By: ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~@ fubar
Oil Junkies
Damn oil junkies! We'll never live green, we can't bring ourselves to give up motorsports!
Something from an email I received that I thought was quite interesting.... Palin's speech and the reaction to it made clear why McCain picked her. It wasn't a decision about who's most qualified to serve a heart-beat away from the presidency—it was a political decision about pleasing the far-right base of the Republican party. * Palin recently said that the war in Iraq is "God's task." She's even admitted she hasn't thought about the war much—just last year she was quoted saying, "I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq." * Palin has actively sought the support of the fringe Alaska Independence Party. Six months ago, Palin told members of the group—who advocate for a vote on secession from the union—to "keep up the good work" and "wished the party luck on what she called its 'inspiring convention.'" * Palin wants to teach creationism in public schools. She hasn't made clear whether she thinks evolution is a fa
Birth Test
I'm holding a contest for my birthday. Would like to be a PROPHET before or on my birthday. My birthday is September 30. So here it goes. It will be a bombing family contest. So lets see who has the best bombing family on fubar. The prizes will very. 1st place 30 day blast & 400,000 fubucks 2nd place 7 day blast & 300,000 fubucks 3rd place 3 day blast & 200,000 fubucks 4th place 1 day blast & 100,000 fubucks All prizes will go to the families home page. This will be a comment bommbing contest. Comments count as 1 point and rates count as 10 comments per rate. No you don't have to r/f/a the host to enter or bomb in the contest but it would be nice if you would. Please NO DRAMA, NO CHEATING, NO BLANK COMMENTS. Please don't start any drama if you do your familt will be disqualified and removed and I will not read your family for any reason. The contest will start as soon as I have enough families enter. Private message the host to enter or if you have any ques
Privacy Settings
To all my special Fubar friends, most of U know that I am in the middle of a divorce. Today I had to change my privacy settings because my soon to be ex has created a Fubar account & has decided to harass my friends. so my profile info and comments will be acessable to friends only and for the moment I may not be accepting any new friends just to keep them out of this.... I am really sorry if he actually ends up on ur page & decides to speak to U... I am hoping by blocking everyone from seeing my daily activities it will stop him from having access to any info he may gain from his friends about my activites or friends.... I truly hope this will protect U all from any harassment from him. & once again I am sorry for any inconvienience this may have caused anyone.. Love "Sunshine"
Fourth Grade completed, woohoo and I am 10 and living in a foreign country, Germany. A lot happens this year in the world. I remember watching the moon landing and staying up late. I got a 10 speed bike for Christmas. Some friends and I on the way to the rec (recreation) center in the daytime hear of a wild boar stalking the woods. We are living on base at Landstuhl Germany, 3rd floor. Me and my peeps are going to go out hunting the boar (luckily we never find it, but it has been taken care of). One night on the way to the rec center, which was down a small hill there was a patch where the water ran that had frozen over. We would surf –like slide down here, and have been doing it for a couple of weeks, but this night one of us falls and breaks his arm. The summer was good for the most part. Ricky Gordon, my bud (who still lived on the economy) and I formed a “band”, lol. He had a guitar and I had tin cans for a drum set. We did this after our Beatles summer on post having wa
For Our Troops
I made this video. Its my first and what an occasion! MANY BLESSINGS TO OUR TROOPS!!!!!
Life is a jouney that everyone must take. Whether that life may be an adventure waiting to happen or, even, that life may be a romance just waiting to bloom. God’s power work in the most unexpected way in the most unexpected everyday lives of people. From those of poverty to those of the rich and fame. It doesn’t really matter whether this journey is of saddness, misery, or happiness. Your life is a journey of its own that’s like a road that must be ridden or even a wild horse that must be broken in order to be used, but not to be taken advantage of. However you may look at life; where everyone must live out and go through with all the ups and downs, and hopes and dreams. Every journey also has the unexpected turns. Some may call it fate, others may call ithe the work of God. I see life as an opportunity to grow and learn from my mistakes that I have made on the way. Some say that I have the wrong perception on how I had lived my life. Others just judge me on the way I
Taking A Break
after my vip ends i will be taking a break from fubar for a bit. you can keep me on you friends list if you like.
Land Of Confusion
What's Going On?
I know I haven't been here in a while ... sorry about that. There's been so much going on, that I haven't been able to do much of anything for myself. However, the stuff I removed from here was a result of some of things that has happened. I'm not going to get into all of that right now though. I'm fine *see me smile?*. My youngest brother (MC) has moved in with us (per request from my other younger brother JC). JC felt that MC needed some boot-camp-for-a-direction-of-life training. He's got nothing, and is in need of serious guidance. Needless to say, big sister is pulling a "drill sgt" on him (because our own parents won't do it). I'm having to set schedules, hold and control his money (or he blows it on useless junk), and teach him how to be self-disciplined, respectable, and honorable. Sadly, our parents didn't teach us any of these things .. I had to teach myself; and my youngest brother needs to learn them too. This isn't a permanent situation though. It's just going to take s
Getting Over
What if you never get over that someone you met in your past? What if you still feel a connection? Even if everything went extremely sour?
Tequilla And Salt
~Tequila and Salt~ This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it every day. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1.) There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2.) At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3.) The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be Just like YOU!! 4.) A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5.) Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6.) You mean the world to someone. 7.) You are SPECIAL and UNIQUE. 8.) Someone that you don't even know EXSISTS Loves You!! 9.) When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10.) When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11.) Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. *So......... If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, includ
Idaho Needs A Spotlight
Give up the fu bucks to this lovely lady and you will receive something even greater in return I just wish I knew what that was... All comments/suggestions cost 10,000 fubucks, paid directly to IDAHO, the best broad on fubar!
Fiver Rules For Men. . . .
FIVE RULES FOR MEN TO FOLLOW TO A HAPPY LIFE: 1. It's important to have a woman, who helps at home, who cooks from time to time, cleans up and has a job; 2. It's important to have a woman, who can make you laugh; 3. It's important to have a woman, who you can trust and who doesn't lie to you; 4. It's important to have a woman, who is good in bed and who likes to be with you; 5 . It's very, very important that these four women do not know each other.
Opening Auction
FOR SALE!!! I will be hosting an auction starting on Sept.26-2pm fubar time and ending on Oct.4-2pm fubar time. If you wanna enter send me a message with your picture, what you have to offer and 20k fubux. You can choose to end you auction earlier if you got a bid you would like to accept. Most rates will receive a Silver Heart bling from me. If you have any questions message me. Remember i’m just the HOST.i’m not responsible for whom and what bids and if they pay or not. Come get your own sexy fu-slave! Pimp out brought to you by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
Your Invited
After All These Years I Am Finally Voting Democrat - A Repost
AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, I’M FINALLY VOTING DEMOCRAT! 1. I'm voting Democrat because freedom of speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it. 2. I’m voting Democrat because the party of “tolerance” accepts me completely, unless, of course, I disagree with them. 3. I’m voting Democrat because I don’t pay enough taxes now, I feel I should pay much more and the Democrat party will offer me that opportunity. 4. I’m voting Democrat because I feel guilty for sacrificing and working hard all my life and becoming a “wealthy” American; while thousands of others wake up late, sit around, watch tv, have multiple babies without being married, don’t bother educating themselves or actually working to support themselves. It would be so nice to help them by giving away a big chunk of my paycheck for all the social services our Democrat party provides! 5. I’m voting Democrat because I believe if you can make it into America you’re home free! Yippee! We’ll give you all kinds of goodie
Today a coworker/friend of mine told me that her dad hung himself yesterday back in New Mexico. He was found without a heartbeat and was taken to the hospital. He is on life support and today he still has no brain activity. So if I'm grumpy today it is because it is affecting me a lot because my dad just passed away last year after being taken off life support. He had a fall and fractured his skull and went into a coma. His brain never recovered from the injury and he could not get off life support so my siblings and I (me and my older brother mostly) made the decision to pull the plug since he had less than a 1% chance of not being a vegetable.
Jeff Dunha​m And Walte​r - Argui​ng With Mysel​f
New Here
so I just started this account. Don't know much about this place, but my friend told me about it, So here I am, Kinda got sick of Myspace and how no one even bothers with that site anymore. I'm just trying to meet new people, Real people. and not porn spam bots. LOL
Cause I Love You All
LMAO BREAKING NEWS In 2009 the government will start eliminating all the mentally ill people. I started crying when I thought of you. Run little friend, run! MENTAL HOSPITAL PHONE MENU Hello and thank you for calling The State Mental Hospital. Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want, stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell You which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, hang up. It doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9-6-9-6. If you
Sweets Auto 11's
OK so I've been on this site a lil over 2 years now and I am 1.6mil from Disciple! I'm on AUTO 11s Today IF you could take the time to stop by my page and rate a few pics Id appreciate it and YES I'm slowly hitting everyone back one way or another. I really do appreciate everything that everyone has been doing to help me get closer! I made 2 folders for EASY Auto 11s They are small pics of my backgrounds so if you can rate some like I said Id be very very grateful! I've tried while I've been on this site to help as many people as was posssible for me to help now its time for Me to ask YOU guys for a lil help. So pweaseee Help Sweeets ~! =) SweetsCo.Owner@Ck2/Karizma'sBFF/Engaged2Harley/HeadKKG/LDC@ fubar (repost of original by 'SweetsCo.Owner@Ck2/Karizma'sBFF/Engaged2Harley/HeadKKG/LDC' on '2008-10-08 10:43:37')
Heart Bell
The pealing of a lover's broken heart Is as Heaven's bitterest of knells Scattering broken notes from it's start And likening a dreamless world to Hell. Dream with all you have inside your heart Leaving not one thought to your contrition Let not doubt, whispering, to you impart The death of lovelight's true ambition. Take not away from me this place That I, in humble dreaming, have discovered Inside my head, revealed not by my face Where hopes and wishes bind to me my lovers. Were I to disregard my beautiful retreat And live day-to-day with bitter empty soul I would, perhaps, cease instead to breathe Choosing Death, before my broken heart could toll. 10/09/08 D R Hyden simply put, a world without dreams is not a world worth living in...
Copy and paste in your browser for a snicker:
Last night Raymond was taken home with the is so hard trying to understand why him. a man who was finally happy have his life taken. and i , i had to love him enough to let him go and not suffer. i thought loosing my grandmother and a friend was hard. this loosing the man i love and was gonna spend the rest of my life with is gone. i cant eat and cant sleep. i think i hear his voice and look at the door wating for him to come in and i have to realize that its not happening. and telling my two youngest kids the man they have knw for the last 3 months that gave them all the time in the day and was a true father figure and cared and loved them wont be coming home. leaving the hospital my youngest 2 year old boy screamed he wanted pat (raymond) he loves that man everything was pat this and pat that. i cant help but break down and cry and when i think i have no more tears to cry i start crying again.
It's Dolly DimpleTitten today folks. Why ???? Coz I can. Goodbye for now. Dolly xxx
Anything Goes When Everythings Gone
Normally this time of night you wouldn't find me here I'd be reaching for a good night kiss instead of one more beer I'd never take a second look at the blonde across the bar Much less invite her over and let things go this far But anything goes when everything's gone You ain't around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong So bring it on, anything goes when everything's gone Another morning after a crazy night before I'm searchin' for my blue jeans on a stranger's bedroom floor Well, shouldn't I feel guilty well I don't feel a thing I'd wake her up and say goodbye, but I can't recall her name But anything goes when everything's gone You ain't around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong So bring it on, anything goes when everything's gone If you'd lifted a single thread for me to hold on too I'd have one good reason not to do the things I do But anything goes when everything's gone You ain't around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong So bri
Baby Noah
Myspace layouts ------------------------------------------------ center>
just thought i'd let anyone that bothers to read this know, that as of tomorrow my electricity will be out, and i won't be around for a bit... will be back as soon as i can be tho :) take care! *hugs to all*
One To The Ladies
IF A MAN WANTS YOU, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differently? Always have your own set of frie
Off For A Week
To all my friends here on fubar, i will be off fubar for a week,going on vacation to myrtle beach see you when i return,will miss you all ((HUGS)) Monna
A Little Fire..
For those of you who want to haunted details........ The outfit I was dressed in was a white bikini. I was chained face down on a metal table, gagged, and blindfolded. It was so fucking cold. The guys would pour a liquid on me, then light it. My back, or ass, or legs would lit on fire. They then use something extremely stingy, like a riding crop, or something like that the beat that area until the flames went out. Ad the fact that I was blindfolded and you can understand my panic. I had no idea who was doing it to me. When all was finished, no bad burns, but my body was so sore, and i have welps where they beat the flames out. This is not my first time for fire play but when you hve no idea who it is and if they know what they are doing. Tonight the haunted house is closed.
We Want You!
To come on in, sit down, chat, make some new friends and listen to the awesome tunes that are playing. We have awesome owners, Dj's & staff. Come and get comfortable and become part of a family. **CLICK HERE TO GET IN**
Blackened Redfish
BLACKENED REDFISH 4 4-ounce fresh or frozen or fresh resfish or red snapper fillets 1/2 teaspoon onion powder 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper 1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed 3 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted Thaw fish, if frozen. Measure thickness of fish. Combine onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper, red pepper, black pepper, thyme, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Brush fillets with some of the melted butter. Coat fillets evenly on both sides with pepper mixture. Remove grill rack. Place a cast-iron 12-inch skillet directly on coals. Heat for 5 minutes or till a drop of water sizzles in skillet. Add fish to skillet. Drizzle with remaining butter. Cook, uncovered, 2 to 3 minutes on each sides for 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick fillets. (3 to 4 minutes per side sor 1 inch thick fillets) or untill fish flakes with a fork. Serves 6.
Samhain(pronounced Sow-in, Sah-vin, or Sahm-hayn), known most popularly as Halloween, marks the end of the third and final harvest, is a day to commune with and remember the dead, and is a celebration of the eternal cycle of reincarnation. Samhain (once again Halloween) is the most coveted sabbat by the Wiccan (and many Pagan) religions. In the European traditions, Samhain is the night when the old God dies, and the Crone Goddess mourns him deeply for the next six weeks. The popular image of her as the old Halloween hag menacingly stirring her cauldron comes from the Celtic belief that all dead souls return to her cauldron of life, death, and rebirth to await reincarnation. Halloween, plain and simple is our favorite time of year. A true time for witches, Witchcraft itself, and Wiccans alike who feel that on this night the separation between the physical and spiritual realities is it's least guarded and it's veil the thinnest. It is a time for dimensional openings and workings, i
Fu Whores..
I've noticed a new trend on the FU, FU whores.. and I'm not talking about point whores, rate whores, attention whores etc. what I've been seeing is disturbing. the newest thing is selling private folders for FU stuff. I've seen it several times this week, and I stop to think, what is the diference between this and being a whore? in my opinion, it's the same thing.. so far I've seen: view this folder for a VIP bling me to view my privates trade auto 11 bling for access to my private folder 20,000 fubucks to view my NSFW pics 100,000 fubucks to view I've even seen "1 million fubucks to see my naked pics" if I'm rating someone and see this, I just stop at rating the profile pic and the salute pic (if there is one..). not sure how everyone else feels about this, but I just don't like it.. anyone else have an opinion about this? and if you happen to be "selling" your private collection of pics, don't wait for me to buy them, I have much better things to use my fubucks for than to
So today is the first day I have felt better, and the doctor's think I may live to see another day! Thanks to everyone who put up with the cranky me being miserable. I will be for a little bit more, until they decide whether or not I can keep my kidney:( The election is over THANK GOD ITS OVER) and it was a huge relief to not be changing channels for negative campaign ads running rampant on our air space. I realize that not everyone is happy with all of the results, and it will take time for everyone (myself included) to learn and deal with the changes that will be coming to this country. Please keep in mind the most important things in life, your family, your friends, and your hearts. Please Support our TROOPS, whether or not you support the war. There is more to life than NSFW pics. I am going back to the homework now, will get off my soapbox. Or whatever you want to call it. The broom I rode in on is standing in the corner so please don't acknowledge it.
Pathological Liars
For your information, I never trusted you. You can't even use your own pics on this website or other sites as well. You lie and when you're caught you continue lying. You accuse others of lying which makes me crack up inside. I have never lied to you or anyone else for that matter. I have no reason to. I am true to myself and always have been. But you need to back the FUCK off...stay out of my account and quit telling MY FRIENDS lies...they don't believe you and well we laugh about how pathetic you are all the time...your game playing is through. Game OVER...move on and let go...Love doesn't live here anymore. Good luck with everything and remember KARMA is a big bad'll get yours...Peace out.
You came into my fu-life unexpectedly, and everything took a turn for the better. Without even knowing it, you were slowly making a place for yourself in my heart. Your warm eyes, your laugh, the sincere way you speak, and the kindness you showed me, all became a part of my life... I know now that I had never known what it meant to be loved until I was loved by you.
Good Shit
Attitude is Everything John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, "If I were any better, I would be twins!" He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a bad day, John was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation. Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up and asked him, "I don't get it! You can't be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it?" He replied, "Each morning I wake up and say to myself, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or ... you can choose to be in a bad mood. I choose to be in a good mood." Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or...I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it. Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or... I can point o
What We Accomplished Together
Ralph Nader for President 2008 November 11, 2008 To staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, and voters Authoritative public sentiments have always been there, have they not? From the Declaration of Independence's majestic prose to the preamble of our Constitution which begins with "We the People of the United States ..." to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address "toward a new birth of freedom ... for a government of the people, by the people and for the people" to the last words of the pledge of allegiance -- "with liberty and justice for all." Sentiments remain mere words; heralding hopes, wishes and poignant nods. Unless they are grounded in reality, behavior, respect, attitude, and renewal, they become the words of controlling processes, pacifying the resigned, fortifying the concentrators of abusive power, and ever manipulating the trusting populace by the latest politicians climbing up the electoral hills. The Nader/Gonzale
A Promise Made To A Friend
Promises are made promises are broken but why is it when you make the promise to a friend to look out for someone if that friend passes the other person takes advantage. Yes I made a promise to a very dear friend before she passed that i would always be there for her mate but enough already. Maybe it is going bacck on my promise but enough is enough. When someone cant stand on their own two feet and do something that is not good. I am getting the I need the money your ex owes me and can you get it for me. He doesnt get it I guess> Why can't he take him to court and fight his own battle.. because i made a promise and now i have to break that promise. I am doing my best to help but cant anymore. The stress is getting to me, so am i wrong to say enough already......He doesnt understand the ex and I dont talk or get a long at all. I look at it the way.... Grow up and fight your own battles... is that wrong... NO NO at least thats how i feel about it. Please feel free to comment
Im In A Boob Auction..
Its true...scope me out and win my delicious boobage :) click here
Garden Of Love Bombing Train (closed)
Garden of Love Train The Rules are simple 1. Go to Redneck Angel's contest page by clicking on the pic below... Rate her pic... 2. Leave her at least 50 comments 3. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "In the Garden of Love" 4. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... 5. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 6. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 7. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... This is the Thank You Tag... Please rate all the tags in the folder and leave Carrie a message that you have picked up your tag... It is best to save and upload yo
what the hell is a snozberry?
Callin All Artist And Tattooists
i need help with designs, i am looking to start working on sleeves but am unsure of designs i would like to ask all artist and tattooists for their help with this i know some wont want custom designs being tattooed by other tattooists, also i know that many artist and tattooists on fubar are in the us where im in Australia, but this is where i need the help have been looking on the net but have not found anything that takes my fancy and my local tattooist wont design anything without booking it in to be done and paying a deposit as i am in two minds do i go half sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or just find a design that i like to put on my upper arms, ok a bit about me i was born in 76 the year of the dragon with an element of fire, i was born in june so this make me a Gemini, i have a dragon on my back which i have pictures, i also have a eagle on my right arm that i want to cover up or it maybe incorporated into it, if you would like to help or know someone who can or be willing to help please
Plz Help Me Get An Auto 11 Ty
im in an auto 11 give away if u can plz come help me i need 12,500 comments to get it i will return the luv to all that helps me out just click the pic to get there ty 2 all
~~FROM Hoakiegirls profile~~ One of the sweetest young ladies is not only leaving the Friendship Circle but leaving Fubar due to personal problems. She has always been a ray of sunshine with her sense of humor and her "from the heart" comments on pictures. I have had some wonderful conversations with her and she is just like her name.....sweet. She has made tags for people and has been so happy and gracious when things were made for her. I will miss you Sweet Mafia Princess and hope, with all my heart, you will come back again someday. Luv ya hon. Hoakie, Founder The Friendship Circle My comments.... I talked to her on the phone and she is not doing to well right now...Shes trying to be strong and Im trying to help her thru this time of trouble~! She says she wishes to remain a FSC member,but asks we not rate her because she can not return the love back at this time.. Please keep her & her family in your prayers Luv & Hugs.... ~~~~~~~~Micki
So Why Do It?
Alright, I am over these little highschool games. I have know clue why people play games. Trying to get what they want, A PIECE OF ASS! If you have a relationship with someone, and you are out playing the field. Do them a favor and leave them, you are going to break that person's heart no matter what route you choose. If you choose the cheating route then you have the guilt trip of that one time or those many times you have cheat on the person you can call yours. So why do it then? Then what if the other person wants you & you want them? You are going to ingore you feelings and try to stay or even hide what you are feeling because of the guilt for your other mate. So again why do it? After all what if your mate finds out what you have done, what will that lead to? Please think before you do stupid shit! Again Why Do It?
You All Are The Best!!!!
I don"t really know how to start this. But here goes. First off I would like to give a sincere heartfelt Thanks to all who have helped me along the way from the time I joined Fubar. I never thought I would make it to Oracle today. When I started my Auto 11's I needed 6.4 mil to make it. But with the love of of many ,, many wonderful whom I cant name because there were to many. But you all know who you are and so do I. I made Oracle. Now I can relax and help many others reach their goals on here. If there is ever anything I can do to help any of you please let me know. Again much love and many thanks to all. Joe This brought to you by me Shadow Leveler Team Leader~Passionman71~R/L Hubby of ~Farscapecat~@ fubar
Miss You
When things get rough, I look for you. When life is a big mess, I look for you. And when im looking theres nothing. Because your no longer here. You were taken from us far to soon, Its just not fair that life is made this way. I always though, hmm will she see me meet that right guy, or see me with my 1st child. I always thought you would be there. I never thought that u wouldnt. I guess to me it was so much easier to be dumb to reality then to believe it. Now im needin you for all ur advice, and theres nothing. I sit outside and I think if I talk to the stars, just maybe you can here me. And just maybe you could show me alittle sign. I miss you so much, I love you.
The Meaning Of The Word
A Real Mother
A Real Mother Would be there A Real Mother Would believe as they are told A Real Mother Wouldnt chose a man over her kids A Real Mother Would understand whats needed A Real Mother Wouldnt steal from her children A Real Mother Doesnt hold back the important things You think you're a real mother? How many of the above are you?
Come On Out To Rrd And Jam Out With Dj Bg!
Yessterday I was fortunate enough to be leveled to Godfather with the help and love of some of the nicest people on fu or in life. I will do a bulletin to thank everyone so you can show them love. In the meantime, special thanks to Ashlea for her bulletin, wow, that was awesome. Mark, Renee, Callie, Sweet Irish Princess, Sassy4me, Miss Honeypie, Meghan, Sexy Qballs Wife, Pebbles and Pink all helped me so much by rating my pics and getting others to help out. You are all amazing and I am lucky to know all of you.
Need Work Badly.
If you or anybody you know wants some custom artwork done cheap please let me know. I can draw pretty much anything so just let me know what you want and I'll let you know if I can do it.
Some people on here assume just because some are on here to whore around so to speak... that everyone is I just want it known that i am here for friends only... It is rediculous when you want to show off a site that is cool and you get ripped on for it... even though you joined a room because the people are usually cool and the music rocks... i would prefer to be away from that kind of ignorance. so Just Get Over It!
**these are older blog posts, but putting them up for those who aren't already aware of what's been happening** I did my first full set of reps with the exercises the physical therapist gave me last night. That was hell. I took a nice hot shower afterward, thinking that would help ease the muscles and joints… and even remembered to take Advil before going to sleep too. I think I got a total of MAYBE 1 hour of sleep. I was in a lot of pain. This is definitely going to be a LONG road to getting back to semi-normal.
Tag Ur It
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Charging 2. Your significant other? work 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? shopping 5. Your father? working 6. Your favorite thing? Partying 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? Alcohol 9. Your dream/goal? Successful 10. The room you're in? Dining 11. Music? All 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? rich 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? boring 16. Muffins? strawberry 17. One of your wish list items? LCD 18. Where you grew up? usa 19. The last thing you did? Clean 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? yes 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? Gateway 24. Your life? adventurous 25. Your
Tryin To Be A Dad
well the bitch I was plannin to marry and have a kid with ran out on me, so no more marriage, but we still havin the kid, and she wants me back, but I really don't know if I should take her back for the simple fact that she just might end up doin it again, and if you know the sayin, fool me twice shame on me, I love her but I can't stand the heart ache of this shit again
Stranger Than Strange
i have never ever spoken to this person before. remember this.. on a pic involving my ass: wow i would love to eat out of that ass in my shoutbox: your feet are so sweet boo have a great night you sexy thing in my messages: "......anad i am in love with you , you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen , Honestly" and there's more, but you get it. what a fucktard
Hey Slick
Hey slick, don't try to shine me don't have the time. Or the skill apparently
A Thank You
To all my friends and family here on FUBAR I thank you.....I logged on tonight because once again I couldnt sleep and I found my inbox so full of love that I was overwhelmed to tears by it. In this day and age to see so many people open up their hearts with thoughts of love and prayers sent it has truly renewed my faith in God. Rico and I are holding on and no its not easy but the fact that we have each other helps us hold our heads up. I never knew I had so many tears i could cry but there are times when my eyes are simply dry from all the tears I have spilled and just when you think you cant cry anymore here they come again....but God is so good and his angel wont complain.I got to hold my babies and touch their little hands and just behold how beautiful they were and that is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life, and yes Im crying as I write this, but I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support that yall have given me and Rico plz keep pray
To Everyone Who Helped Me
I have never blogged before and thought it was time! I want to thank Everyone who helped me level to Godmother.It meant alot to me. There is no way I can go back and name each person, one because there were so many along the way and two, is fear of forgetting someone. Thank you again for all the love you all have shown me in my year here on Fubar. It has been very interesting and alot of fun! I have met alot of good people here and I hope to meet more in my fu future! Love to ALL *Twistd*
My Dad May He Rest In Peace
I found out this morning that my Dad passed away. I am going to drive to help my mom get things settled tomorrow. My friends have been absolutely awesome thanks for caring and cheering me up. I love ya guys. It is a sad occasion but you keep me strong. And I need to be. So thanks again. talk to you next week.
Native American Quotes N Sayings
Native American Quotations, Sayings, and Thoughts (Cherokee) O'siyo Oginalii Tsilugi Hello Friends Welcome! Wakan Tankan Nici Un (May the Great Spirit walk with you) (Cherokee) Yigaquu osaniyu adanvto adadoligi nigohilvi nasquv utloyasdi nihi May the Great Spirit's Blessings Always Be With You (Cherokee) Afrika Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin "We Are All Related" (Cherokee) Ea Nigada Qusdi Idadadvhn "All My Relations In Creation" Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view and demand that they respect yours. ~Chief Tecumseh~ "When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them. ~Chief Seattle ~ Brother, you say there is but one way to worship and serve the Great Spirit. If there is but one religion, why do you white people differ so much about it? Wh
i feel so unimportant to some like it is i am here to please others. others feelings are supposed to be important but mine arent. in life we are always taken for granted but we arent to take others for granted. my thoughts mean nothing to people and what i say doesnt matter. oh well such is life nothing changes nothing stays the same. if wondering is this about somebody, no one in particular yet everyone in particular. if i cant do something for someone they get angry at me yet my life is busy. i am a mom, i cant help that. no one will understand my blog yet i do. will i explain it no i wont. for the most part i dont mind these feelings but today they are overwhelming. do i want pity no i dont i dont need pity or anything just wanted to get thoughts out on paper.
Secret Santa Auction!
So it's suppose to be secret but if you want to own me just click the link above and you can bid on me.
Come out and support Local Metal!!!!
Happy Holidays From the Staff of the Anti Lounge! Radio X show, BAD GIRL 4 LIFE, ~dJ aMeLiA~, [[Per]]™, Mi§§ Måg§, Judy, *Morgan Le Fay*, Ms. Mojito™, Lauribug, ♥Reeka♥, BabyFrog, and candi♥ass Have you stopped by lately? If not you're missing out! Stop by and click the link below! We have all kinds of goodies to offer... Everything from great music and people to our trivia night. Ladies night is always there to please & we have our own arcade! Just click our logo! Stop on in and have yourself a drink...(Click it You know you wanna) We love new members!!! Thursday Trivia Night Rocks!! (Click it You know you wanna) & Like Us Ladies can resist a good ladies night!! (Click it You know you wanna) & Don't Forget.... (Click it You know you wanna) Oh Yeh & I'm up for auction tooo... Can't forget that!!! (Click it You know you wanna)
Winter Wonder Land
These are pics taken this past week in the wild weather and snow that washington state has had for the past week or so
Movie Night At
it movie night
Not Real
i want to scream... but no sound would be heard this is fake not real life none of you would know if i cried myself to sleep at night none of you would know if i was hurting inside cause its fake nothing on here is real no one would truly care if i was to disappear no one would take notice cause nothing is real not on here no one would be able to see the pain in my eyes no one would be able to realize the hurt that i feel inside no one can see me the real me cause nothing is real
Cindragon Has Auto-11's!!!
GUESS WHO HAS AUTO-11'S? CinDragon!!! Founder of ClubMystic-PegasusProject-FuAngel-I.B.I.C@ fubar SHE HAS THEM RUNNING FROM 3pm FU-TIME, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27!!! THAT'S 5PM CST, AND 6PM EST!! LOTS OF TIME TO GET SOME BIG POINTS AND FUBUCKS!!! PLEASE HELP TO GET HER CLOSER TO PROPHET??? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL HELP!!! SEND PM FOR RETURN RATES!!! CinDragon-Founder of ClubMystic-PegasusProject-FuAngel-I.B.I.C@ fubar FONDLY PIMPED OUT BY THE MEMBERS OF: Club Mystic!@ fubar This html code blatantly stolen from (and slightly altered): Ms. Sassy{Shadow Leveler}@ fubar show her some love as well, she RAWKS!!! THANKS TO SCARLETT FOR MAKING THIS STICKY! Plz show her mad love! Scarlett{Shadow Leveler}{Yeahmon's Angels}@ fubar
Just Out Of The Hospital
So a quick note for those of my friends that were worried they havent heard from me in a couple days... I just got out of the hospital. I was down for almost two days after passing out in a bad snow storm, me and a friend from fubar I had flown out to see. The docs say the hypothermia probably saved my life in the end. We are both ok, just shaking off the ice still. ill be home after the 7th. Take care all.
Starting A New Auction
        Dark Is Having an Auction and needs a few more people in ,  Want in?              CLICK THE PIC AND SEND HIM A PRIVATE MESSAGE INCLUDE YOUR PIC AND      WHAT YOUR OFFERING  (repost of original by 'Angel sassiebabe ~Owned by FoxiToxi~WILL PAY FU FOR BLING PACK PM ME ~' on '2009-04-02 16:52:42')
Random Stuff...
- Why do people ask for your opinion when they don't listen to you or want to hear what you honestly have to say? Seriously, stop wasting my fucking time! I am going to have to drop down the sign "The Doctor is NOT in" - Girls, just because I rate/comment/talk to your boyfriend/husband does NOT mean I am interested in them. Get the hell over yourselves! If you are that insecure in your relationship I think its about time you set down and talk to your man. -Men, just because I rate/comment/check out your profile. Does by no means mean I am even slightly interested in what you have lurking in those nsfw folders. -I want to know what the big picture is. I want to know what life has in store for me. Where will all these twist and turns lead me?
The Jerk
well i was bummed earlier tonight - i found out a friend of mine was no friend at all - and i admit i was very sad i had given him time - a shoulder to cry on - all the stuff a friend does - only to be forgotten like yesterdays trash i dunno why i am suprised - i should be use to the losers - but i really thought he was a decent guy i just wanna say - well fuck you buddy - u are an asshole lol
The Day
To day life was ok but some people think that thy should be able to drive 45mph in a 60mph high way then thy couse others to have to get around them. if U cant drive the speed limit dont drive right.
Hello All!
Okay so here's the deal... My account was deleted about 3 months ago and I started a new and thanks to all my friends and family I am back up to where I was before I got deleted. Now what I am wondering is if there is any chance that I could make it to Godmother before my birthday which is May 27th. I would really like to make it to Godmother and my hubby Glenn (Hitman6) is doing everything he can to help me would also like to be a Godfather. He is closer than I am so I was wondering if we both could get some help in this department. I would like everyone to know that if you pm us when you have done some pic rates or in his case stash rates, all love will be returned. I hope that everyone is having a great start to their New Year! Much Love to all... TweetyJinxin Anne
Me Wise Magic
I know what you're thinkin' what you're thinkin' is easy to see. I know what you're dreamin' I have those same dreams. Whoa.. Reachin' to the feet of God. Lookin' for a sign. It was right here all the time, time, time, time... I am you and you are me. Do You believe? Don't you trust me? Me Wise Magic Ow! Baby it's all right. If you could see Through my eyes, Me Wise Magic I feel you breathin' Don't you trust me...(trust me) I feel you agreein' I know what you need (whoa) Don't you lie Just you listen thru me My words at best to you A fortune coo coo cookie (Who are you and where are we?) Do You believe? Don't you trust me? Me Wise Magic Yeah yeah! Woahohoh! If you could see See through my eyes, Me Wise Magic A little zen headed your way You'll get it halfway down the interstate Four days from now It all blows clear A Buddhist riff for your inner ear
My Mood Today
Stay If this world is wearing thin And you're thinking of escape I'll go anywhere with you I'll do anything it takes But if you try to go alone Don't think I'll understand Stay with me, stay with me In the silence of your room In the darkness of your schemes There among the souvenirs And the useless memories When your pride is on the floor I'll make you beg for more
Last week MY sister and I where on top of the empire state building .while on the way up to the observation deck us air ways flight 1549 crashed in to the Hudson . But by the time we go to the top all we could see where the boats on the Hudson .all clustered together ; My sister was the who saw the boats all together. And she saw the lights on the New Jersey side … I took a photo .of the boats. But with my phone... It wasn’t until we where back on the street when we saw 30 NYPD squad cars racing down the street. .that’s the thing all other traffic was off the street .As cop cars sped down the street... then sis goes something really wrong... someone said oh a plane crashed in the Hudson ….. I WAS THERE….
Usa...who Is Timothy Geithner?
Hi, I feel like I should explain my status blurb left last evening (title of this blog). Several of you had expressed your concerns for my well-being, which I sincerely appreciate and hold you DEARLY for it. So...who IS Tim Geithner? Well, Obama has chosen him to be in control over the IRS, for one thing. Mr. Geithner, it appears, had not paid his employment taxes for SEVERAL years!...Hmm, he claims he didn't KNOW he owed tax? He used Turbo tax to do his return?? Well, I am told that Turbo Tax prompts the user about his income and if it is taxable. Anyone who wishes to go into business himself and become "self-employed" should not do so if he is ignorant of tax law and what his responsibilities would be. Self-employment taxes are due QUARTERLY as income is EARNED throughout the year. It is a "pay-as-you-go" system. One would think that if a man is to oversee our country, and the Democrats or Obama feel that "he is the ONLY person who can help us or do this job"...then he sho
My Old Kentucky Home
Not many people can go out and simply stare Rolling hills of Bluegrass, mist is in the air When the sun shines down on fields of flowers God has spoken, I can feel all his powers! ading through creeks, rocks beneath my feet Heavens gates open, my joyous soul I greet Walking through a misty country haze Horses in the distance gather for a graze Fruitful soil that's soft and gentle A farmers delight, harvest is plentiful When it's time for me to leave there is one thing before I roam Please play for me my song My Old Kentucky Home
Don't Let Me Down (atu Version)
Don't let me down Hey, don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Nobody ever loved me like she does Oo she does, yes she does And if somebody loved me like she do me Oo she do me, you she does Don't let me down Hey, don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down I'm in love for the first time Don't you know it's gonna last It's a love that lasts forever It's a love that had no past Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down
A Little Something I Wrote Back In Nov
Whole Again:   Here I was lying in bed trying to recover from another hapless night alone. I sit and wonder is it possible, could a man like me be alone forever. A diamond in the rough is what I have been called. I crave the nurture of a friendly face. Someone to hold at night, to show the affection and love a man like me can give. Does she exist perhaps she does if she does not what would be the point of anything. I wake up to each day with a thought that this could possibly be the day that I finally meet the woman of my dreams.   As I walk down the streets of uptown and pass by countless women, I think to myself could she be it or her or even her with that gorgeous smile and those eyes with the fire burning beneath them. I can only hope. Does she notice me? Do we make eye contact? As I have those thoughts suddenly she looks directly up into my eyes and instantly as fast as a lightning bolt appears and disappears I knew that she was the one. I could see the same thing in her ey
Good In Theory-quote For The Day
“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you *Sounds good, but sometimes they can be taken!!!!*
See? Click? Bid? :D
Made It Safe
well i got in to joyabaj late last nite everything went smoothly. had to get a new cell phone which i didnñt count on but lil price to pay to have a daily conversation in english. stat workin tomorrow so not sure when i´ll be able to catch the internet cafe open again but as soon as i can i´ll be back to give another update... already got a few pics to add to my collection. was very surprised to see 3 baby german sheppards when i got to the compound i am stayin at. so tehy will keep me company for the next month! love ya all and cyz soon
Let Your Voice Be Heard!
Want your voice to be heard? Make your own Bad Habitz Radio commercial. Record an audio clip about why much you love BHR - send it to us, and we'll play it on air! Please be sure to include your "fubar" nick name and please only send MP3 or wav files. If you would like background music - please specify a song when sending your audio clip. Windows has a built in sound recorder you can use to make your promotion. If you need help with this please let me know. Also coming soon - video clip commercials.
Found On Facebook...
chinese man rings boss "me no work i sick" boss says "when im sick i fuck my wife try that" 2hours later chinese man rings back "me better, you got nice house."
I really dislike drama. That is all.
New York Times
NY Times Headline A biker is riding by the zoo, when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents. The biker jumps off his bike, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings her to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly. A New York Times reporter has watched the whole event. The reporter says, 'Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I saw a man do in my whole life.' The biker replies, 'Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.' The reporter says, 'Well, I'm a journalist from the New York Times, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page... So, what do you do for a living and what political
interminable \in-TUR-muh-nuh-buhl\, adjective: so long as to seem endless; never stopping
Short And Sweet
Short and sweet is what I am, but not talking about me here. This blog is short, but not so sure about the sweet part. Anyway, to the point... Am not liking the length people go to in order to become popular. The lies and such just irk the hell out of me. But it's your game and all the best to you, however, don't try and feed me your line of bullshit 'nough said
Jdhunt And Vamp Morticia Are Together!
JDHunt and Vamp Morticia are a RL couple and Fu-married. Love ya baby! XOXO jdhunt~Vamp Morticia's husband 4 life ~My Baby Owns me too!~VMV i will die with my wife vamp(ta@ fubar VAMP MORTICIA~JDHUNT'S WIFE~PuckerZ wifey~Sultry's Mistress~@ fubar
ok i know everyone out there is having an auto 11 auction well guess what so am i lol the bidding will start at 1 million fubucks ....the auction start today february 19th and will run till march 1st so bid good bid well and you might have an auto 11
Tagged Again... Twice In One Night!!!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am going to kick Zombielover's ass for tagging me when he knew Damn good and well that Kloverlynn already had... beware my dear!! 2. I love books!! I love to read!! I will read most anything and have read so many books that I can't remember them all! I gave away 15 boxes of books before moving to New Orleans in 2007 and I gave away another 6 or 8 boxes of books last fall. 3. I HATE shoes!! I hate wearing them and would probably go barefoot more often than not if I could get away with it! Sometimes I even take my shoes off to drive... LOL 4. I have faced my one, true ~ deepest, darkest fear and have come out of
Well here we go another day/year and im another year older. WOW 24 yrs on this earth. 24 yaers of pain and constant learning and being knocked down and having to pick myself back up. Well thats life I guess. U get dealt cards which will be good and some which suck. Well hears to another interesting year of dealing with my diabieties, my bipolar, manic depression, anxiaty attack, and neropathy. But Im still going which is all that matters. PEACE
Just Too Funny I Had To Share....
Woman calls 911 in McNugget panic * March 5, 2009 US authorities say a Florida woman called 911 three times after McDonald's employees told her they were out of Chicken McNuggets. According to a police report, 27-year-old Fort Pierce resident Latreasa L. Goodman told authorities she paid for a 10-piece last week but was later informed the restaurant had run out. She says employees refused to give her a refund, saying all sales were final. A cashier told police she offered Goodman a larger portion of different food for the same price, but Goodman became irate. Police say Goodman was cited on a misuse of 911 charge. "This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one," Latreasa Goodman told police. "This is an emergency." A McDonald's spokeswoman said the company didn't immediately have a comment on the incident.
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St Patricks Day Auction
ST. PATRICK'S DAY AUCTION Ending: Tuesday, March 17th Midnight EST (9pm Fubar Time) AUCTION INFORMATION: * Auction will be for fubucks AND/OR cash/bought gifts. * Auction open to anyone * No entry fee to participate * Auction will run for one week and end on St. Patrick's Day night * Person with the most Auction Picture Rates will win a bling pack * Top winners in the auction will be auctioned off again LIVE in DDR for fubucks only (number to be determined by total number of entries, minimum of top 5 entries) To enter, Contact Contest Hostess: dj nilla ~owner of ~DIRTYDEEDSRADIO.COM~ @ fubar
I haven't been around much and it was brought to my attention that I don't speak when I am here... Explanation is simple: 1. I am working three jobs 2. I am in college 3. I have two kids So basically, by the time I get on here, I am wore out! I don't speak to anyone at all, not even the bestest! (Ask her, she will tell you I neglect her) So there is my explanation. If you don't like that I am not speaking, sorry for ya. You know where the delete button is. Otherwise, I will talk to you as soon as I get a breath. OH, BTW, Buy me, I'm cheap
Screen Shots...
Ok, I know Im gonna get an answer fairly quickly and I know Im going to be called an idiot or retard or something....but how do you make a screen shot?
Just Maybe Disc Personality Theory Can Be Helpful In Church ? ?
I DON'T HAVE THE HTTP FOR THIS, BUT IT IS A RIP. iT COULD BE ALL GIBBERISH, BUT PERHAPS JUST THE GIBBERISH YOU NEED! 14GCom2/02 26 Leader Styles The following describes different leadership styles. People tend to lead according to their personalties, rather than adapt to the styles of others. "D" Leaders — "D"s are take control and be in charge types. They don't like people telling them what to do. "D" leaders can be too pushy and forceful. They need to control their direct and demanding approach to management. They make better leaders when they learn to slow down, be gentle, and not so demanding of others. "I" Leaders — "I"s are inspiring and enthusiastic. They love to lead and influence others. Naturally great presenters, they tend to talk too much. "I" leaders need to listen more and not be so sensitive to rejection. They are the most impressive and positive leaders. "I"s love crowds, but need to be interested in individuals. "S" Leaders — "S"s are
These Foolish Things
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Your Brain is Creative You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy. You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts. People may say you're hard to read, but that's because you're so internally focused. But when you do share what you're thinking, people are impressed with your imagination. What Pattern Is Your Brain?
I Told Him I Wanted A Time Machine.. :p
The following is an original poem written here and now by yours truly, Daddy Rocks Hard.... If I had a time machine I'd tell you what I'd do I'd go back and be reborn again so I could live right next to you. I'd be your friend from childhood on and we'd laugh without a care We'd know each other inside out & have so much we could share I think it's like a fairytale, or something in a dream I know that time machines aren't real but I'll let my imagination scheme If I had a time machine I'd probably break it fast Who knows the trouble I'd get in just playing around in the past So with this all being said I'll tell you a secret you must hold tight Getting to know you is a pleasure my dear, now have a wonderful night. The End.
Its Me, Its Me
It's me. It's me It's me. Hey baby it's me his words floated through the chaotic darkness of my mind, awake i could hear him, lost i couldn't listen to him. don't let me ago i muttered as i struggled agaisnt his hold. please i knew i was saying these words but i couldn't stop the battle to be free that raged through me. the harder i pulled or pushed myself from him the tighter his grip got, the more frequent his words came. babe. stop. it's me. you're ok. it's me. My heart was ripping through my chest, I wasn't even sure if i was breathing during the panicked gasps. Slowly i was able to shake the feeling of a trapped animal. His arms remained locked around me, his words whispered in my ear. Finally i was able to catch my breath and slow my heart. I rolled to the other side of the bed, ashamed of my inability to sometimes seperate reality from the darkest sections of my mind. He reached over and rubbed the back of my neck I remember your nightmares. He said, i could he
Be Back Tuesday
Simple and sweet I'll be back Tuesday wont have chance to log in tommorrow and will miss u all. But have no fear its only a day hehe kisses and loves your freyja
Lover's Remains
I guess things are cool still 'cause I ain't dead yet. Rats in the dumpster move thru the beercans sound like small dogs. Her pictures are stuck to a painting, by some dead fuckin' freak. It took me a lifetime to find her, and if the gods give me another lifetime I'll understand her yet... Her pic's don't move or speak, but I still got her my head. She talks alot again, sometimes her laugh...still so real. She says the thousand things, the one thing I always ignored; this will never leave me... That I had love, and now it's dead. A picture and a piece of tape ain't much, I've learned that lately... but give me one fuckin' day or two lives. I will kill any fucker who will touch or try to take... ...whatevers left
The Darkness Of Hope
what is a life when you are lonely, troubled from the companions, those who call you a lover or friend. dealing with hopeless thoughts of torture, driving you madly to breaking point, then making you collapse in fearful thought. living in darkness searching for the light, through pain scorching your emotions, making normality a strange fictional place. driving a steak into your mind, spearing the last little light from your soul, destroying the life you once had. hope fading dimmer under you heart, developing your fears and twisting them around, creating a uniqe reality where all is to real. yet hope finds a way to make itself brighter, fueling from passion and emotion, lighting the darkness so you can find your way.
Pizza Recipe - Quick, Easy, High Protein!
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Wolf Who Steps News Howl!
A Mothers Pain
  Funny, Dumb and Stupid Warning Labels Do not use while sleeping. Sears hair dryer You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. Bag of Fritos Use like regular soap. Dial soap Serving suggestion: Defrost. Swann frozen dinner Fits one head. Shower cap box Do not turn upside down. Bottom of Tesco’s Tiramisu dessert box Product will be hot after heating. Marks & Spencer bread pudding Do not iron clothes on body. Rowenta iron Do not drive car or operate machinery. Boot’s children’s cough medicine Warning: May cause drowsiness. Nytol Warning: Keep out of children. Korean kitchen knife For indoor or outdoor use only. Chinese Christmas lights Not to be used for the other use. Japanese food processor Warning: Contains nuts. Sainsbury’s peanuts
5000k Per 100 Comments 1000k Per Rate
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6 Ways To Turn Desire To Gold!
6 ways to turn desire to gold! Current mood:  accomplished Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes 1) Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. be definate on the amount. (there is a psycological reason for this.)! 2) Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire.  (no such reality, "something for nothing")! 3) Establish a definate date when you intend to possess the money you desire. 4) Create a definate plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once, wheather you are ready or not to put this plan to action. 5) Write out a clear concise statement of the amount of money intend to aquire, name the time limit for it's aquisition. state what you intend to give in return for the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it. 6) Read your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. as you read- see and feel and believe yourself already in poss
Omg Help Me!
   Help me to feel. Help me to understand. help me to cope with what lies ahead of me on this treterous path we call life! I am so confused about what my very existance in this world is-After 4 years my ex boyfriend who I was totally in love with hunts me down-tells me there is nothing better in life than me-and that he wants me back! WOW... What am I suppose to do with that-the guy Im with now and have been with for three years also loves me.    Dear Lord-am I making a mistake in wanting to feel again-in wanting to have a good time again-in feeling secure and not ashamed? I am so so so so confused! I hate being me and with the way this world is today, this is not a good thing...I need advice! ADVICE ADVICE ADVICE ADVICE!!!!
Help An Angel Her Get Her Wings
Swine Rap
After last night, I am both mentally and physically drained. I am usually an extreme early riser, and didnt get up till 9:30 this morning after a long night of waking up constantly with nightmares.   I did set my profile to friends only, first time I have ever done that. I am hating this stress more then I care to admit on, sadly, I know it is showing :( I was literally pissed off cuz I had went to buy someone and then someone bought them back and I bought them again and then the same person bought them back and then I was blocked from buying them. Usually I would not care, but yesterday it hit a nerve big time. Then thinking that bombing would take my mind off of thing, hahaha ya right.... I had my shoutbox off to begin with, hit my family members and stuff 1st like I usually do, then when I turned the shoutbox back on it was filled up instantly. I actually jumped one person, I had my status set to bling or some rates would be nice, these idiots don't even come to my page and act li
Our Passion & Erotic Lust
EROTIC LUST A touch of skin soft and slippery, With the hint of hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, As the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, To abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, Probing gently as if drawing sex, From a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, Of hot and quickening breath. And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Then intoxicated with those spirits, Our clothes found resting place on the floor. Piece by piece, Until there were no hiding places, For the two glistening and wanting bodies. Hunger revealed in this hot moment. Then skin meshed with skin, As the floor became the stage. You moved atop of me easily, And lowered yourself gently. Kissing me as I was filled with you. As a gasp broke the kiss, Your hands stroked the stray strands, Away from my forehead, then became entangled. Our slow rhythm gave way, To urgent an
It Seemed So Little....
    The  Sack Lunches   I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat..  It was  going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to read Perhaps I will get a short nap,' I thought.   Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and  Filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me.  I decided to  Start a  conversation.  'Where are=2 0you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to me.   'Petawawa.  We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Afghanistan   After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars.  It would be several hours before we reached the east, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time..   As I reached for my wallet, I overheard soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch.  'No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch. Probably  wouldn't be worth five bucks.  I'll wait till we get
Check Him Out He Is Awesome
ttp:// d9-d1508ad3d59b
June 1st is my 2 year fubar anniversary...trying to get spotlight for that day...   Help me out with it?
My Last Breath
I hate this feeling!!! :( Whats going on with me? Heart ache is the worst kind of pain there is. i try not to thank about it but it always comes up. And hurts even worse and more pain is uncoverd. New things happend. And old things happend over and over again....Heart broken...You said "I will always love you and never let you go. Your mine forever I'm going to marry you. Your the best." But i guess it was all a lie. I see your face everyday and i cant stop thinking about you. and the cuts get worse and deeper and wider. I can hardly breath...  just to have this pain go away. no more pain. I wish a butterfly so i could fly to a island and be by myself with no more pain. But thats not going to happen. :(
First Entry, Last Entry 1
a drug addict alcoholic, deemed a psychopath, perhaps growing into a lunatic. cravings beyond that which many know, those that may and could, lain a grave. "Caffeine, nicotine, marijuana, ecstacy, vicodin & alcohol." sounds like a Feel Good Hit of the Summer - Queens of the Stone Age (plug) I'm not okay. Trent Reznor once wrote; "My lips may promise but my heart is a whore." For's like a fucking Mantra! So my questions - that have no anwsers, not a plea for help, just a suggestion...experience, strength and hope.......................................................................................... I have done bad things, made mistakes, more than this, bad dicisions, choices made which cannot be taken back. So mote it be. Consider this: Walking along in the woods, it is something you enjoy doing....suddenly you come to a pit of quicksand along the middle of the trail. You know what it is, what it, do you walk around it? Maybe you'd like to play with it, poke it
My grandmother is in the hospital, dying slowly from a smaller than normal heart. Please keep her in your prayers as she struggles through this fight. Love ya Granny. -Ben
At The Bar...
First of all, got your attention!!! I was at my bar last night that I dance at, hence my name, dansin, & basically I know almost everyone who goes there, it's a friendly, small place. Anyway, I was out on the dance floor & I saw a friend who had on a dinner jacket, kind of wierd, but he hadn't been there long, & he had on a tshirt that had interesting lettering. I went past him a few times & couldn't read the whole thing, but it did say dancing, he does dance professionally, & the bottom of the shirt I saw con, but not the rest. So after I had looked at it several times, I walked over to him & ripped the jacket open, he didn't see me coming, & the people around starting laughing, one told me to do it again, & he made the comment he liked women like this at the bar. The shirt did not say dancing condoms, it said dancing elk conders, I think but when I told him what I thought it said, he thought it was funny too, & when I told his girlfriend, she said they were the best kind! I couldn
For The Record
So as most of you know i moved to Texas with a certain someone...Obviously it didnt work out. I keep hearing many versions of the reasons why..since im not online that often anymore i guess ill defend myself this way! Remember there are two sides to every story...The reason it didnt work out was because the night before i got here a certain someone decided to sleep with someone else and then lie to my face about....and then got drunk and was mad that it all was laid out there decided to put his hands on me.....THAT IS THE REAL STORY!
The Aud And Buffalo Waterfront
The Aud almost gone   There isn't much left of the Aud But here is a slide show of what is left of it.  It is pretty amazing to see in person.
My Baby Girl Is Having Surgery!
Found out a week ago that my baby girl has to have surgery on July 17th. She was injured at birth and has what is called Erb's Palsy. Basically her bracial plexus nerve was damaged when they pulled on her too hard after she got stuck. She literally had no ability to move her right arm for the first few months of her life. After a lot of therapy she was able to start moving it. I remember the first day I saw that happened I was so ecstatic i cried! She had therapy up until she was about 3 years old and for someone that knew nothing about her birth injury, she looked fine. However, we recently learned that due to a muscle imbalance if we don't do something now to correct it, when she is in her teens, her shoulder could come out of the socket and it could require extensive surgery! So in this surgery they are going to take some of the strong muscles from the front of her arm/shoulder and transfer to the back of the arm/shoulder. She will be in an arm brace 24/7 for at least 6 weeks. She w
The Calling
©  Lonelygirlxoxo The waves whisper to me, calling me to the soft sand.The water sweeps over my feet, surrounds where I stand.The breeze caresses my face, whips my hair.The wind encloses my body, acknowledging I'm there.The clouds clotting out the sun, turning gray with anger.The sky no longer blue, a clear warning of danger.The rain pelting my skin, as cold as ice.The water seeping in my bones, undeniably concise.The world calling to me, pulling me out.The atmosphere thicker, it's my sorrow no doubt.The waves grew higher, crashed over my head.The breath blown away, unmistakably dead.
Auto's 4 Sale
i got (100) autos 11 for sale u want them price me ill get back to u and will talk then ill rate the profile u want
General Gutter Bully
Where Your mind is at home
Taking A Time Out
You Are Not CrazyMost of us feel a little crazy from time to time. Periods of high stress can make us feel like we’re losing it, as can being surrounded by people whose values are very different from our own. Losing a significant relationship and moving into a new life situation are other events that can cause us to feel off kilter. Circumstances like these recur in our lives, and they naturally affect our mental stability. The symptoms of our state of mind can range from having no recollection of putting our car keys where we eventually find them, to wondering if we’re seeing things clearly when everyone around us seems to be in denial of what’s going on right in front of their eyes. For most of us, the key to survival at times like these is to step back, take a deep breath, and regain our composure. Then we can decide what course of action to take.Sometimes a time-out does the trick. We take a day off from whatever is making us feel crazy and, like magic, we feel in
Deleting Most Of The People On My List
This is how it is, I try to help people. always. There will be a selected few that will stay on my list. Most will be deleted !!! I help people level all the time and when I need it well they arent there so, i am not playing their games anymore. I have always been nice and now i am a cold hearted person. i found out who my real friends are on here so bye to yall and have fun doing it to someone else. I am keeping just the good ones. I do love my friends
Sunday July 12 2009
i am going to start putting my thoughts down...i always wanted to do this but for sum reason never tonight will be the start of this.. okay where to spenden time here on fubar doing all that there is to do...but my favorit thing to do is meet new people...i have meet alot of fu friends on here and spend countless hours talken to them...but for sum reason they come and go like the wind...which i really do hate but that is life... i have spend a very lonely life in this world..i keep my thoughts to myself keepen it bottled up inside me to eat away at my soul and heart...why i do i dont get hurt anymore...i have let many people in and i always get is like a block wall i have put up...12 feet high and on 4 sides of me..someday it will come down..till then i will be safe and not have worry about it...   
You Are Not...
This is your life and its ending one minute at a time.. This is your life and it only happens once... This is your life and you don't get another one... This is your life and it gets shorter with each breath.. You are not your job... You are not your paycheck... You are not your bills... You are not your college degree... You are not the car you drive... You are not the house you live in... You are not the state you live in... You are not your clothes.... You are not the music you listen to... You are not your friends you hang out with... You are not the way you talk.. You are not your exercise routine... You are not your cleavage.... You are not your penis.... You are not your waist line... You are not your own home porn pictures... You are not your hobby... You are not your myspace profile... You are not your profile pictures... You are not your friends list... You are not your point total... You are not your fu level.... You are not your fucking bling... Y
How Jolie Got Her Groove Back
 i'm confused about what year it is! i feel like it's 1994 &  i am 16 cos i'm wearing a Nirvana shirt & baby hair barrettes!my mom just told me i was pretty...which she hasn't said for awhile. i guess cos i've a big fat hoggy for a few years....,when i was growing up i never thought i was ugly cos my mom always told me i was pretty. when i got to high school i felt ugly cos i was a nerd with long stringy hair & glasses. i was just a total geek. but once i got outta high school i wanted to prove that i could look i got contacts & lost weight. even tho back then i was never ever really fat i just thought i was. i was always pretty skinny. i may have gained 10 pounds at the most my junior year. so when i was 19 & 20 i was the thinnest i've ever been & people always told me i was HOT & i liked it. my weight fluctuated A LOT in the following years. i'd gain 10 pounds lose 5 gain 15 & lose it. once i started drinking & going out to bars i loved being called a "hottie" & guys thi
Through the sorrow filled eyes of the youth of world the fear of all that to come and the final question is… what will it be like? What will the pain be like? What will the world be like? When everything has finally taken its coarse and the world as we all know it will be no more but a simple memory once played inside of our minds of blindness. When the air within our world will be nothing but the foul smell of burnt flesh and the water that we drink will have the illusion of wine from the bodies dying the waters with their crimson tears. When the taste of food will no longer be there instead the taste of hunger and disease will take its place. When hell will no longer be the debate of whether or not it exists for it will be before our very eyes. When hells fires burn so powerful and high that placing their tired feet in the soils of our fathers lands will be burning from that as of below. The air being no longer filled with the lovely sounds of spring and fall but that of the s
Fri Jul 24 (to No Names)
I'm so stressed out right now. DONT READ THIS BLOG IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY NEVERENDING ANNOYING WHINY RANTING PEOPLE. These rants are at people in my real life, not fu goers. Person one: I pretty much really disklike you. Your a liar, and you annoy me.  Go do something horrible with your life. Or just admit your fault. whatever. You disgust me.  Your a malicous, vindictive jerk! And to think I thought you were perfect. Person two: Your decision is obviously because of your one track mind lately. It's annoying. *Wonders if you'll regret it later* Person Three: Move on. Please. Person Four: Your annoying. And not perfect.  Your judgemental and I find it funny when you speak of 'how above you are then others and how certain envirenments annoy you because they arn't up to your standards'. Can't you just be happy with the beauty in life?  And stop taking over my stuff. :/ Sorry for ranting; but I like blogging on this site. Don't mind me being irritated today. Frustrated. i feel li
Hey everyone, I just ran into a peculiar situation, rare in fact, looking back at my weeks on Fubar.  I rated and fanned someone, who got all upset about being fanned without having been asked 'permission'  So, I'm checking to see how rare this is.... anyone out there want to be asked before they get fanned? if so how come? There may be a good reason, I don't realize yet, and I may not be the only one. I'm just asking, don't feel like you have to defend it. Anyone just happy to get fanned period! lol  
New Entry Over At My Main Blog - Harrassment Incident
Just recently made this post over at me main blog on my own website, about some bother i've been getting @ Twitter & Wikipedia since early Sunday morning (and not having much luck getting the person responsible's butt kicked over it):
Mumms are broked, Facebook is acting like an asshole....I'm bored...I may just go back to bed....
Child Slavery
Child slavery Free domcumentaries online.      
Burning Alive
The way I feel I can't describe, it feels like I am burning alive. The pain it brings will not subside, and all that I have done is cried. I feel my body slipping away, away to a place that it will stay. Stay forever in this field of fire, it feels like the flames are getting higher. Is this the place that they call hell, for I have seen no wishing well. Cause if I had I'd wish and pray, for someone to save me from this place. Take me away to better days, where all the people only laugh and play. Is there such a thing as happiness, for I have never taken part in this.
SECURITY“It is a most natural desire of the human soul to seek for happiness and comfort. Man desires principles to guide his life, and he wishes for a moral standard to regulate the life of the community. He wishes for a balance of activity and repose; he desires union with the one whom he loves; he wishes for security of all that belongs to him, a settled reciprocity, a fixed give-and-take, and all things which bring about happiness and peace at home and in the nation.”  Hazrat Inayat Khan“Authority prevents the understanding of oneself, does it not? Under the shelter of an authority, a guide, you may have temporarily a sense of security, a sense of well-being, but that is not the understanding of the total process of oneself. Authority in its very nature prevents the full awareness of oneself and therefore ultimately destroys freedom; in freedom alone can there be creativeness. There can be creativeness only through self-knowledge. “ Jiddu Krishnamurti"The wo
Dream Of You By Harry Connick Jr.
I spent last night dreaming of your eyes   but your hair kept getting in teh way   your lips dropped in to tell me how you been   and when I tried to kiss them, my pillow told me I missed them   your voice dropped by and sang a lullaby   and it was then I knew just what to do   I'd fall alseep and then   I'd dream of you again   Your voice dropped by and sang a lullaby    and it was then I knew just what to do   I'd fall asleep and then   I'd dream of you again.
Government Run
> Dear All 535 voting members of the Legislator.> > > The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775 - you have> had 234 years to get it right; it is broke.> > Social Security was established in 1935 - you have had 74> years to get it right; it is broke.> > Fannie Mae was established in 1938 - you have had 71 years> to get it right; it is broke..> > War on Poverty started in 1964 - you have had 45 years to> get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each> year and transferred to "the poor"; it hasn't> worked.> > Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965 - you've> had 44 years to get it right; they're broke> > Freddie Mac was established in 1970 - you have had 39 years> to get it right; it is broke> > Trillions of dollars in the massive political payoff called> the TARP bill of 2009 shows NO sign of working.> > And finally to set a new record:> > "Cash for Clunkers" was established in 2009 and> went broke in 2009!  It took good dependable cars (> that were the best some
Life Pill
July 10th, 2009 by Leila Gray ( -- While applauding findings that an Easter Island compound extends the lives of middle-aged mice, University of Washington longevity researchers caution that healthy people shouldn't start taking the drug in the hopes of extending their own life spans -- at least not yet.   UW scientists Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, assistant professor of pathology, and Dr. Brian Kennedy, associate professor of biochemistry, study factors that control aging. They were asked by Nature to write a commentary on a paper published in the July 9 issue showing that dietary supplementation with rapamycin increases the life span of mice. They observed that, until recently, compounds that slow the hands of time were in the realm of science fiction, but with this finding may be closer to reality. "The possibility that such compounds might exist, and might perhaps even be within reach," they wrote, "has gained scientific credibility." Their News & Views editorial, "Age
Kitchen Remodeling St. Louis
HomeSource Design Center offers an extensive selection of high quality home furnishings from the industry's leading manufacturers that includes more than 100,000 different items. Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, or somewhere in between we have a solution for every room in your home. Kitchen Remodeling St. Louis St. Louis Furniture Stores
Perfect Penis
Little Johnny walked in one day on his daddy in the bathroom. He asked his father what that was hanging between his legs. His father replied that it was the perfect penis. The next day at school, Johnny pulled his pants down in front of his classmates. ''What's that?'' asked Jenny. ''Well,'' said Johnny, ''if it was about 3 inches smaller, it would be the perfect penis.'''
A Bit Of Evritang'
I often times logg right onto a site and ca spit some random truth or thought of love or some sort of writen twisted view of the world that even the most conserviive of eople still like it even though they dont like the nessage, but today that does not seem to be the case I sat for like 10 - -20 minutes trying to come up with some cleave thought that would make me come of as rather smart but fuck that I'm not rather smart I am just regular smart I don't know it all I wont pretend I do ILike strange shit I like to explore and sometime exploite the world I lke to touch things hat are pretty not just look @ them I like joints in the morning and bongs @ night I like to run on about the most pointless of shit I like rant and rave when I cant do shit about the problem i like to start fighs but will avoid one if I can I like to argue with old people I like to beat up school kids I like bronto burgers and thin cut fries I like chees apple pie and america not to say that I always like americans
Egypt Stamps
I am 27 years old and I just attended my first stage show. I love to take stage show of myself and I love fashion, clothes, shoes,etc egypt stamps pakistan import export malaysia import export indonesia import export bangladesh import export
Friendship Choices
     Hello All, Time  for me to get the creative juices in my mind flowing again so here i am writing about friendship choices, mainly tough decisions had to be made clearly based on circumstances beyond control, people change, or probably a good percentage of the problem is that when you meet a friend face to face from the internet you take a leap of faith in that friendship.      I don't know how many other people have had to make a decision to keep a good friend over a bad friend. Regardless of the decision its heartbreaking non the less to say goodbye and have the closure to place it where it belongs. I have seen and experienced alot of adverse things in my lifetime, but what matters the most is the lessons you learned from them to make you a stronger better person for everyone else you meet that crosses your path.      I hope that each and everyone of you learn something new everyday and when it comes to true friendship, embrace it and respect it for what you feel is in your own
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Let Me Tell You Something
  Leeds was sunny and I love autumn, isn’t that something? The drive through Ilkley and Skipton and all across that area with the trees and foliage turning bright gold to vivacious red was awesome. That’s officially me getting old, I am a leaf peeper! But I have to say the Midlands countryside is just stunning to see at this time of year, and Leeds looks so quaint, who knew it was hotbed for terrorists? It looks so peaceful and nice as well!   As I was walking through sunny scary hotbed of terror that is Leeds, I sat by the little river and took in the view. A man approached wearing inappropriately short shorts, you know what I mean, over 40s mens shorts should be below knee, under 20s men shorts can be showing some clam if they want, they are young and their skin still fits them. This man was in his 50s and was grossly over weight, the shorts were disgustingly tight, and I couldn’t stop staring at his crotch which is disturbing to say the least.   Of course sag
A New Role In Lotro today broke the news that David Wenham will likely star in directed by Sam Ramie’s the film version where the role of Alsace. David Wenham from Australia, New South Wales, have been in the "Lord of the Rings Online cd key," which starred in the role of Farmer, and participating in the exercise been Frank Miller film "300" and "Van Helsingr." The origin and the real degree of speculation have not yet been confirmed. As early as 2007, the Lord of the rings online Game card version to determine when, Blizzard has announced that the role of Alsace Prince will not appear in the film version of them, but we all know Blizzard is a good game is its constant production of company, so on Alsace will appear on the big screen, we do not have to worry too much. On 2007 on Blossom, Blizzard has stated that the story targeted at the Alliance camp, but Chris Mertzon said one of a coalition party's roles will be very out of color. Not long ago, according to director Sam Ramie introduce th
Who Are You Now?
Who Are You Now? You were with me through the years, You did my soul restore. When my spirit needed mending, I got all that and more. As for seeking you, there was no need; At your hour, you always came, But a change has come to tip the scales And something's not the same. Where did you go, old friend of mine? What called you urgently? Was some mission more important? What is there now that will heal me? You were loyal, steadfast, constant Though troubled, you were on my side. I swear I can't imagine what I did To make you run and hide. Did you think I wouldn't miss you? Did you feel I could go on alone? They told me that someday you'd fade, I guess I really should have known. But now I only toss and turn; I feel the void you left behind I ache and moan in search of peace That will relieve my beleaguered mind. I guess you're never really gone, My eyelids flutter and you slip through time, I feel as though I've been with you, Twixt hazy dusk and weary dawn. They say as shado
Words From An Old Friend
So these words were written to me..over 15 years ago from a man who was significantly older than me..we were exchanging poetry for a long time via mail...and it was always interesting sometimes sensual..sometimes plain as the day to day...He was a great man..that encouraged me to continue writing...and yes I did have an insane crush on him...and yet I only really knew him for a a gathering in MA...   Somewhere In Time   Long...Long Ago I use to call you mine Each day   Brought a new Beginning Each Night   My fingers played In the tiny curls of your hair My hands Learning every inch of your breast and stomach as if writing imaginary messages on your skin I looked for water in the hollows of your body and tasted life within the moisture of your mouth Sleeping with the sweet scent of passion on our lips But only in dreams I hold you near wondering - How would I ever survive Long..Long ago Maybe somewhere in a fairytale I use to call you mine Som
Slow Dance
SLOW DANCEHave you everwatched kidsOn a merry-go-round?Or listened tothe rainSlapping on the ground?Ever followed abutterfly's erratic flight?Or gazed at the sun into the fadingnight?You better slow down.Don't dance sofast.Time is short.The music won'tlast.Do you run through each dayOn the fly?When you ask How are you?Do you hear the reply?When the day is doneDo you lie in yourbedWith the next hundred choresRunning throughyour head?You'd better slow downDon't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.Ever told your child,We'll do ittomorrow?And in your haste,Not see his sorrow?Ever lost touch,Let a good
It's been over 2 yrs since my last relationship. When I met her, I was on cloud 9! after a few months the relationship ended & in a bad way. Ifelt like I could never trust her. Sucks when you can't trust someone you are in love with. Now I am beginning to wonder if I will ever find love again. I've tried but something always came up when it was time to meet someone.  Next week is my class reunion. I'm really looking forward to going but then I feel sad because I know I will be the only one there without a date. I'm sure I will have a good time but really wish I had someone to go with. Who knows. Maybe I might find someone who is single there. Time will tell.
A Little Story That Haunts Me Kinda
I think about the past. about all the good shit I have destroyed, and the little things I have left. wondering when I will finally be able to say that I am over you. I look at all the things we have been through in the past 4 years. our lives have changed in a horrible way, with the both of us losing a sister, and having to be the strong ones. I remember the past like it was yesterday, every memory with you and how I still dream of a chance to see my sister one more time. I know that dream we probably share. I have done so much to try to get over you and I cant seem to get that sparkle out of my head. the sparkle that once brought me happiness and now im holding on to the pain. we have cried so many tears its unreal. in the past year and a half I have tried twice to escape from the grasp your feelings have on my but I cant for some reason. your in my head, my thoughts, my dreams, and even my nightmares when I die. I messed up my past by thinking I can actually stop loving you. i have h
The Vortex (its Going Around Like T3h Aids)
Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you? Of course she does. Tears are falling from your eyes, what's the reason? Panic/anxietys fingered me once again If you got paid 5,000 dollars would you stick your hand in an elephants ass? Id do it for less Has anyone ever promised you forever? Yes Do you get high? I WOULD Something bothering you? Yes Has someone told you they'd always love you then went for someone else? Yes...i believe this is one thing most of us will have in common What made you happy this weekend? Got to see thekids' christmas orchestra concert When was the last time you cried? Cant remember, honestly. Been mad, but havent cried in awhile What color shirt are you wearing? Green Last thing you ate? Spinach Dip/Tortilla chips Where did you sleep last night? in our bed Are you happy right now? My Life Is Content Who/what do you hate/dislike currently See, I say h
Take Heed...
This was borrowed from a friend's blog, but it makes good sense, so I thought I'd pass it along... If a man wants you, NOTHING can keep him AWAY. If he doesn't want you, NOTHING can make him STAY. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition or spirit to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then HELL NO, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them
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When The Tones Go Off
I've had the best/worst luck the last three days. I've walked into the firehouse and each time within 5 minutes a call's gone out. Yesterday was no exception... walked in, said my hello's, and we get tapped out for a 7 year old female seizing. Look around, no one else to drive the medic unit... God dammit. Jump on, off we go. Head into the house, she's unresponsive and barely breathing. Then she starts seizing again. Get oxygen flowing, establish an IV, push some drugs, then I pick her up in my arms and take her to the ambulance. Put her on the cot, help get some equipment set up, then go back up front. Hop in, throw it in reverse, and off we go. I always tell my guys that speeding is almost never worth the risk it comes with; you might save a minute or two and you also might wreck. Well, in this case I decided it was worth it. Turned a 19 minute trip into just a hair over 13. Rolled into the ER, and within 5 minutes they had a helicopter en-route Priority 1 to take her to a pediatric
Just sliding through life is never good enough for anyone. If you have to try harder, even just a little, it will make you better and stronger (i hope it would at least). I think all the things I've gone through have done that for me. Easy roads arent always the best ones. We think they are, because they take less effort, but look at the people you have respected in your life. They were usually the people who made it when the going wasnt easy. People who have survived and grew from all the pain. I know I did. The ones who had it easy dont have a hell of a lot going for them. Its the others, those of us, who have climbed the mountains with our heads banged up, our faces scratched, and our shins bleeding, who were worth knowing. They(we) had the ability to be able to share and pass along the things weve seen and been through and to be able to leave our footprints on those roads that the weaker dared never to travel.
52 Things About Me
52 Facts About You1.) Name: Nic2.) Age: 233.) Birthday: 02/23/19864.) Birthplace: seattle5.) Location: spokane6.) Sign: pieces7.) Have Kids: no but want some8.) Relationship Status: engaged9.) Hair Color:  brown10.) Height: 6'2"11.) Long Hair or Short Hair: short12.) Religion: agnostic13.) Ethnic Background: scottish and irish14.) Occupation: photographer and dj in rl15.) Pets: 2 dogs to wabbits yes i said wabbits lol16.) Proudest Moment: day my gf said yes to marrying me17.) Have a Website: yes18.) Do You Smoke: no i chew19.) Do You Drink: yes20.) Eye Color: brown21.) Piercings: none at this moment thingking of redoing my eye brow and lebret22.) Tatoos: yes, 3 and counting23.) Overused Word: fuck24.) Ever Done Drugs: yes25.) What Country would you like to visit: ireland again26.) Ever Been In Love: yes i am right now27.) Last Movie You Saw: avitar28.) What Famous Person Would You Like To Meet: click hamilton29.) Have Any Siblings:none30.) Like To Camp: love to camp and back pack31.) E
Me And Mine
It's been a long time since iv'e been able to be here, so there's alot to tell. Grant is now married and just celebrated his 1 year anniversery last month. He married a wonderful girl named Jennifer, who has become like one of my own children. They have made me a very proud BIG MAMA!!! I love being a grandma!!! My grandson is such an added joy to me. It's amazing the difference between your own children and your grandchildren. I love him just as much as my own, but i get to give him back at the end of the day!!! Just kidding! But they couldn't stop at just one, the new baby is due in July! As if that wasn't enough, Shareena is getting ready to graduate high school in a couple months. I'm so proud of her. She has applied to several schools and plans on going into forensic science. Tyisha is now a freshman and is a normal 14 year old, with all the drama of a teenager! Dahlia is doing very well, stays on the high honor roll, improved greatly on her flute(thank god) and is growing into a b
When I Die...
When I die, I want you to be there beside me.. Just take my hand and tell me you love me one last time.. Be my knight in shinning armor one last time.. Be the Prince Charming I alwayz knew you could be.. Realize that you are the one for me even though I'm laying here lookin at the shinny white light.. One day we will be together one last time and when that day comes no one will come between us.. Realize that I love you and that I've wanted to be with you from the first day we met to my last breathe that I take.. Take me home to that place and just lay beside me..
What Is Cancer?
What is Cancer?BY THE American Cancer SocietyMEDIAView Illustration:Cause & EffectAlthough there are many kinds of cancer, they all start because of out-of-control growth of abnormal cells. Normal body cells grow, divide, and die in an orderly fashion. Because cancer cells continue to grow and divide, they are different from normal cells. Instead of dying, they outlive normal cells and continue to form new abnormal cells.Cancer cells develop because of damage to DNA, which directs all activities in each cell. When DNA becomes damaged, the body is usually able to repair it. In cancer cells, however, the damaged DNA is not repaired. People can inherit damaged DNA, which results in approximately 10 percent of all cancers. More often, though, a person's DNA becomes damaged by exposure to something in the environment or random cellular events.Most cancers originate almost anywhere in the body and usually form as a solid tumor, while others, such as leukemia and myeloma, are sometimes referr
Treasure Hunt
  Loneliness sinks in, like the cold steel butter knife, It meets no resistance as it slices my heart. The dull pain returns, as persistent as ever, a consistent reminder that we are apart.   A once sought treasure, No more your endeavor, The thick layers of dust hide the once golden gleam, Though once filled with passion, And love sweetly fashioned, Heart of gold buried, neglected, unseen.   Is someone still searching, For something not working? It sinks deeper still in the bog of the day.   Stagnant, rejected, forgotten, neglected, Surrounded in darkness will it soon decay?   Who would conceive that it could be retrieved? Corrosive memories washed away.  Some call it dreaming,
Crazy Bear - Beaconsfield
Old Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK - Boutique Hotel Luxury design at its most dramatic
Missing Out.
Here it is March 20th my son's 9TH B-DAY an yet it seems as if I was just changing his diapers an holding him in my arms, I know I've missed alot from may 18TH of 2008 till resently because of my cancers my mind just wasn't with me but I will say this much if it wasn't for Edward/Summer an Jo Jo plus John (husband), my mother an father-in-law plus the doctors I wouldn't be here today to enjoy my little mans BIG DAY... I love them so much, they were there when I needed them most an still are for whatever reason just makes me wanna cry thinking about it, what this family has went through for damn near 2 years because of me but what can you do when your sick? Anyways I just want to say to those that's going through this or going to be let anyone & everyone help you don't push em away it doesn't help in the long run believe me...
Milky Way In Cold Dust
Jail Time
So got a call this morning at 1am and then another at almost 2 - me being asleep I didn't answer but it seems my ex decided to get shitfaced and shoot off his gun at the apartment he is living at.  His landlord was calling me because he told them to make sure I was notified - yea like I want a call about that at 1am.  Anyway I finally got over there and managed to get the dog and most of his crap out - landlord kicked him out and judging from the charges he won't be back for a long while.  I'm pissed because instead of a nice normal working day I had to spend it getting his shit - which is technially my old stuff I gave to him just to get him to leave - and adding a dog into the house on top of dealing with his mom.  Just for kicks I went through his phone - why because I pay for it - and found messages to and from chicks about how they were the love of his life and he was going to sober up etc - at least 4 via text.  Do I feel guilty for looking no.  Do I feel guilty for sending a mas
Payback On The Telemarketer's! Lmao
Hello? Yes, can I speak with Ms. Gemii? Who’s calling? This is Mike ____. You’ve been selected to receive a free digital satellite system. With this— Let me ask you something. Were you a friend of Ms. Gemii? No, I’m just calling to offer— Hold that thought. [Speaking to someone else.] Get pictures of the body, and dust for prints. [Back to caller] Mike, you there? Let me bring you up to speed. You’ve called a murder scene. Ms. Gemii is no longer with us. I’m Officer Clark. I’m conducting a homicide investigation. What was the nature of your business with Ms. Gemii? I … I had no business with him. I’m sorry to have bothered you—   I want to ask you to stay on the phone. This call has already been traced, and we may need you to come in for questioning. No, you don’t understand. I’m just—   No, you don’t understand—unless you want to be charged with obstruction of jus
8/30 - Untitled Haiku
  Untitled Haiku   Flexibility Central to your survival Remove knife from back  

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