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I am slightly mystified, I am going to school essentially to become a historian. In my most recent class project I ran across a book that was cited by one of the authors I am examining, now the books in question are Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Brittain, and one of his sources, The History of Brittain by Ninneus, now ok.. Geoffrey's book is reasonable being that it is written like a history including narratives... Ninneus's book reads almost exactly like the most boring part of the Judeo-Christian Pentatuch - the endless lists of names!!! Now I ask you, while geaneology is important so that a person can know their roots, since when does it superceed the actual events in history that it can displace those events in a book that is supposed to be about events?!
What A Kiss Means....
What every kiss means (repost) date: 2007-04-02 06:02:47 Kiss on the stomach; I'm ready. -Kiss on the Forehead; I hope we're together forever. -Kiss on the Head; Your my everything. -Kiss on the Cheek; I like you. -Kiss on the Hand; I adore you. -Kiss on the Neck; We belong together. -Kiss on the Shoulder; I want you. -Kiss on the Lips; I love you. ____________________________________________________ What the gesture means... -Holding Hands; We definitely like each other. -Slap on the Butt; That's mine. -Holding on tight; I don't want to let go. -Looking into each other's Eyes; I just plain like you. -Playing with Hair; Tell me you love me. -Arms around the Waist; I like you too much to let go. -Laughing while Kissing; I am completely comfortable with you. ____________________________________________________ Advice; Don't ask for a kiss, take one. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're
Help Me/add My Friendz
Down below is my friendz profilez Go to them and be their friend and be there fan and rate them and comment on their pictures and comment on their profile plz and thank you.. HarmlessLinda@ CherryTAP ~*RobbiezGurl*~@ CherryTAP xXxGuardianxXx@ CherryTAP silvarob222@ CherryTAP Amber20@ CherryTAP Daniel@ CherryTAP victoria_golden2000@ CherryTAP usher267@ CherryTAP I AM A PROUD FATHER! Taste of Heaven@ CherryTAP QueenofWolves@ CherryTAP GeminiTwin1@ CherryTAP
The sadness takes me. I wear this smile like a mask. The emptiness behind it A blackness without end I am nothing
Who Is It?
Aww Im just wondering who could be my crushes...pondering
well i entered the king and queen contest thing. it would be cool to win. ive never entered one of these so i figured hell why not try it. lol anywayz wish me luck guys!!
Friends Without Faces
We sit and we type,and we stare at our screens ... We all have to wonder what this possibly means. With our mouse we roam through the rooms in a maze, Looking for something or someone, as we sit in a daze. We chat with each other, we type all our woes ... Small groups we do form, and gang up on our foes. We wait for somebody to type out our name ... We want recognition,but it's always the same. We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes flirt ... In IMs we chat deeply and reveal why we hurt. We do form friendships,but why we don't know ... But some of these friendships,will flourish and grow. Why is it on screen we can be so bold, Telling our secrets that have never been told. Why is it we share the thoughts in our mind With those we can't see,as though we were blind. The answer is simple,it is as clear as a bell. We all have our problems and need someone to tell. We can't tell real people,but tell someone we must ... So we turn to the 'puter and to th
Bitch Please!
You can’t phase the girl I am You traded me in for a new one I walked because you lied I put my 50% in bad no blame on you We fucked up together Why can’t you walk away I ain’t yours anymore I won’t even be yours again You’re holding on to a nothing And fucking up my something He and I are stronger than you’ll ever believe He loves me for the girl I am And the chick you threw away You punched and kicked Yelled and screamed I sit and talk with my head in his lap He promises better days then the last ones We talk and walk holding hands He tells me he loves me Gives no thoughts to you You come in when you want something You can’t have me Because I don’t want you I didn’t want you back then I don’t want you now Walk away Close your eyes and remember You can’t phase the girl I am Because I have the man of my dreams Holding my hand
The Inconvenient Truth
I recieved this in an email and after checkin it out I could not believe that it was true.... > We saw "Inconvenient Truth" recently. While I was very taken by the basic > message, I felt that the "political advertisement/message" was both > completely uncalled for and completely out of place with the intended goal > of the movie/documentary. > > House 1: > > The four-bedroom home was planned so that "every room has a relationship > with something in the landscape that's different from the room next door. > Each of the rooms feels like a slightly different place." The resulting > single-story house is a paragon of environmental planning. > The passive-solar house is built of honey-colored native limestone and > positioned to absorb winter sunlight, warming the interior walkways and > walls of the 4,000-square-foot residence. Geothermal heat pumps circulate > water through pipes buried 300 feet deep in the ground. These waters pass > t
I Came To Realize...
I came to realize that love does not exist in me but only for family and close friends. All I ever needed was my family, friends, music, and alcohol. That's all I ever wanted was to be that cool, loving, rocker, partying kind of type of guy. It just sort of hit me that as of this moment love does not exist. So anyways... I got that out of my system. I've been having a great time lately. I mean, I party every night, no matter what time or where it's at. Friday night was a blast for me though. I had three special guest for my dj'ing show. There was Alex (oldest neice, 12), Sammi (second oldest, 8), and then there was Maddog (best friends for 13 years now, 18). And then at 9pm, we all decided to leave. Saturday night I went to the bar and partied with everyone that was there. And on my way out the door, I get to my car and my car decides to not work. So I just walked home and it was a LONG walk. It was cool, and once I got home, drank some booze, talked for a little bit for fun, a
100% Kinky
Chad -- [adjective]:100% kinky 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
My Thoughts This Week On Some Things That Have Happened
today i was just doing alot of thinking on things in life and other stuff while at work. yes i actually do think about things while building atm componants lol. no in all seriousness its been an interesting april. on monday the students at Virginia Tech were shaken up byy the murders of 32 people by one mentally unstable person. two of the 32 dead were teachers 1 from Isreal and 1 from Canada and students from around the US and the world. first off i am offering my sincerest condolences to the students, families, and teachers of Virginia Tech. you are all thought about up here in Canada as well. did the 32 people deserve to die no they didnt. if we had a time machine i am sure we would like to turn back time if we could to prevent the loss of these innocent lives. up here in canada we have been affected by school shootings. MONTREAL, TORONTO, AND IN ALBERTA. so we stand hand in hand with the people of VT to mourn the loss but we should also take in comfort that they did have a good li
I Don't Care How Many Friends I Lose Over This!!!!!
I DON'T CARE HOW MANY FRIENDS I LOSE OVER THIS!!!!! Month One Mommy I am only 4 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today. Mommy, he li
My Son
My son graduared yesterday form Navel basic training and it was great to see him. I am so proud of him I think I told him a 100 times today alone. He ships out on Sunday Morning to go to school and he wont get any leave for 6 months will have to mak this last for a while.
Broken Mirror
Note: I wrote this like 5 years ago, so it's kind of depressing, which doesn't really fit as well with me at this point in time. I broke the Mirror what I saw in it I didn't like The face of a girl A girl who had cried for herself only had been there, one time too many I grew bored of myself and I ended the girl in me From the Mirror I saw a Dreamer too tired to try again to see what the future brings 'Only pain' she said and I slashed her wrists open A Wanderer who got lost in the game who grew too close to people couldn't live without them she was no one and everyone all the same for me she's gone now, don't miss her I've watched at the Mirror for the last time and it's sharp pieces I used when I cut my wrists open and ended my pain and misery Nevermore the Dreamer will dream of pain Nevermore the girl will cry for herself Nevermore the Wanderer be lost Nevermore
Love's Lost
In the darkness I see her in the distances, Yet no matter how fast I run she never gets closer, I cry tears of blood for my lost love! My heart it burns with all the shadows of her life, Yet in this darkness she has gifted me I weep, Weep for her pain witch keeps me so far from her warmth, From her tenderness and love. I fear I am reaching the end of my time And yet I am no closer to her, She looks so radiant in the moon light! Yet as I look upon her beauty I weep tears of blood. I do not cry because she is so beautiful although I should! I do not cry because I can not love her because I can! I cry tears of blood because I can never have her for my own, Never shear the love she has or the pain she bears, Never hold her soft body or smell her sweet hair, Never taste her sweetness or bed with her! I stop running now and turn! I do not give up! But I do know when I can not win! Alone I start to walk, And I shall never stop walking until my love returns to me! I am T
ive pretty much given up on trying to figure out women.they tell you one ting and mean another and are really hard to make happy.And y is it that most great women always stay with losers who treat them like shit instead of giving the good guys a chanch huh. well who knows maybe one day this will change but damn im sick of it.
Please Pass Along To All The Moms In Your Life.
Mothers If you send this to just one person, it should make it all the way around the world by Mother's Day. This is for the mothers who have sat up all night with sick toddlers in their arms, wiping up barf laced with Oscar Mayer wieners and cherry Kool-Aid saying, "It's okay honey, Mommy's here." Who have sat in rocking chairs for hours on end soothing crying babies who can't be comforted. This is for all the mothers who show up at work with spit-up in their hair and milk stains on their blouses and diapers in their purse. For all the mothers who run carpools and make cookies and sew Halloween costumes. And all the mothers who DON'T. This is for the mothers who gave birth to babies they'll never see. And the mothers who took those babies and gave them homes. This is for the mothers whose priceless art collections are hanging on their refrigerator doors. And for all the mothers who froze their buns on metal bleachers at football or soccer games instead of watching fr
Hes Here!!!
Alight ppl its offical, TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!! My brother arrived safe and sound and we have been having a blast! We havent actually been doing anything but its great to be together again! Anyway I'm going to get back to the family stuff and I'll catch up with everyone as soon as I can. much love brightest blessings
A Man gives blood to save his girlfriend.They break up and he wants it all back.She hands him n tampon and says i'll pay u monthly bitch.................. ha ha...
New Pics
hey everybody i added some new pics so please come back and show me some sweet cherry love ill be adding more new ones soon so please keep an eye out for them and thanks to all who stop by
Love Quote
Your Love Quote Death can not stop true love, it can only delay it for a little while. What Love Quote Suits You?
To Cassie's Boy
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
why emm i drown to the dark why do i stay in the dark wean i can see so much light why do i run from the light why is the dark so diffent from the light why do i feal so safe in the dark why do i look so much into the light all ways apart never to tuch it yet all way at each side never over steping the outher all ways waching one anouthe two lost soles in the sea of stars
I am bored and feel like writing so I thought HEY WHY NOT EMBARRASS MYSELF AND WRITE A NEW seriously...I was sitting outside earlier and almost watched an accident happen right infront of my house....and all I could do was sit there and laugh at these stupid fuckers...what made this situation even better for me was the fact that both of these ppl must have been around when moses parted the red sea and had worse language than a 2 live crew album...You ever think that they should just start yanking licenses from ppl that are to cenile to realize they should know better?
May 15th Say No To Being A Victim!
Don't Be a Victim Don't pump gas on MAY 15th In April 1997, there was a "gas out" conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight. On May 15th 2007, all internet users are to NOT GO to a gas station in protest of high gas prices. Gas is now over $3.00 a gallon in most places. There are 73,000,000+ American members currently on the internet network, and the average car takes about 30 to 50 dollars to fill up. If all users did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,292,000,000.00 (that's almost 3 BILLION) out of the oil companies pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May 15th and lets try to put a dent in the Middle Eastern oil industry for at least one day. If you agree resend this to all your contact list. With it saying, ''Don't pump gas on May 15th"
What Is Life Without You
what is life without you you're the princess of my heart you're the season of my happiness you're the locket holding my dreams the picture of my dreams what desires are left without you? whether I win or lose everything is tied to you without you there's nothing empty are the nights useless words I startle at every sound of footsteps I see you everywhere I think of you always I desire you all the time without you my life is on hold the time I spent with you nothing is more precious than that I breathe only for you I live only for you I even want to die with you you're my reason for living trust in me without you there's nothing
Fell In Love With Evil
$100 Tattoo
Larry gets home late one night and his wife, Linda, says, "Where in the hell Have you been?" Larry replies, "I was out getting a tattoo." "A tattoo?" she frowned. "What kind of tattoo did you get?" "I got a hundred dollar bill on my privates," he said proudly. "What the hell were you thinking?" she said, shaking her head in disdain. "Why on earth would an accountant get a hundred dollar bill Tattooed on his privates?" "Well, one, I like to watch my money grow. Two, once in a while I like to play with my money. Three, I like how money feels in my hand. And lastly, instead of you going out shopping, you can stay right here at home and blow a hundred bucks anytime you want."
I'm In Another Contest Please Come By And Comment Bomb Me
I Am An American Soldier
this is made as a tribute to the infantry in the army there are only 2 B's wanna be's and 11-B's we have the one job in the army nobody wants us to do because when we do our job people die thats the main reason for infantry to kill at command hooah!
The Last Of The Voters :)
bigguyspanky~here to put a little bang in your yingyang!~~@ CherryTAP keith(GREEN LANTERN) of the JLM.@ CherryTAP swany119@ CherryTAP FIGJAM AKA monkee5th@ CherryTAP Chiff@ CherryTAP HERE IT IS .. WHAT DO YOU THINK??@ CherryTAP BigChris71185@ CherryTAP Los@ CherryTAP Ra' Driving Back to Florida@ CherryTAP Slinger1@ CherryTAP ~Brian~@ CherryTAP xxxalldaylongxxx
People Like To Run There Mouth
I posted a mumm today and got alot of negative comments.Why do people like to run there mouth when they have no idea.
Now That I Found You (video)
Escape From Paradice
Too Busy For A Friend ?
SATURDAY, June 16, 2007 Today, I visited my closest internet friend's blogs. There I found one of those things that draws me to her constantly---her unfailing sweetness to all. Once again, ~Nyne~ Too Busy for a Friend ? One day a teacher asked her students to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name. Then she told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down. It took the remainder of the class period to finish their assignment, and as the students left the room, each one handed in the papers. That Saturday, the teacher wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper, and listed what everyone else had said about that individual. On Monday she gave each student his or her list. Before long, the entire class was smiling. "Really?" she heard whispered. "I never knew that I meant anything to anyone!" and, "I didn't know others l
I Feel Kinda Fucked Up Right Now
so i decided to clean out my closet and have a yard sale today and someone pulls up and my dog runs right to them i had never met this woman so im wondering how se knew the dogs name. she came over and started talking to me she was the wife of the man who gave chevy to me, shes 6 months pregnant has 3 children between 4 and 11 chevy was there puppy. he had told me his wife knew she knew nothing til she came home to no dog. her 5 year old autistic son threw himself on the ground crying i wanna play with chevy. i told her and the kids they could come visit whenever they wanted. i was heartbroken selfish as it may seem i was scared shed ask for her back. itd serriously break my heart to let her go. but i found out the man had lied to both me and his wife about a lot of details. id love to punch him in the grill ughhhh.
My Girls!!
Fireman's Prayer
Fireman's Prayer When I am called to duty, GodWherever Flames may rageGive me the strength to save some lifeWhatever be it's ageHelp me embrace a little childBefore it is to lateOr save an older person fromThe horror of that fateEnable me to be alert andHear the weakest shoutAnd quickly and efficientlyTo pat the fire outI want to fill my calling andTo give the best in meTo guard my every neighborAnd protect their propertyAnd if according to your willI have to lose my lifePlease bless with your protecting handMy Children and My Wife
I Am Still Alive.
I am still alive, I have just been sooo busy. Next weekend is going to be worse. I am playing hookie from work Saturday night to go see Breaking Benjamin and I CAN'T WAIT! But, as I said, I have been busy. I will try to get on later today. Night night all.
Words On A Page
Words on a page Words on a page, Thats all we are, Collections of rhymes, Reaching out from afar Pictures unformed framed by ideas and thoughts, Desires and ambitions in which we are caught, Fiction or fact? There's no way to tell, Are we caught in the act? Or living in hell, People I know you, From what I see on a screen, Are your words a reality? Is your life just a dream? Between us we write about things that we feel, Yet none of us know if the others are real, For words on a page are a way to express, The best and the worst that we dare to confess.
How To Tell If Your Ct Lover Is A Fake/player! Thanks To Vonnie For This Addition To My Collection!
Sorry, I just had to save this for posterity! It comes to my Blog by way of the Mumms, as written by Vonnie. This just sounded a little too familiar, funny as it is *snicker*! Is it really you? What are the warning signs that your CT lover isn't entirely truthful about who they are? A friend and I have compiled a few (obvious but still annoying) problems from our so called "friends" in the past. (Kenny, baby, this does not pertain to you in the least! Love u ;-P) 1. Their cell phone only works during work hours - no signal at their house! 2. They don't have a home phone (yet they have the internet at home???) 3. You are always on Cam and they don't have one!!!!!! (its broken, have to buy a new one, dog chewed my cord!) 4. They mysteriously hang up during phone sex or serious chat session. Due to a dead battery - Ever hear of a charger butthead!! 5. Your conversations get cut short cause they get kicked out of the IM (alot!) Only to return and apologize the next
Helping People
Since i came onto cherry tap ive helped a few people out with relationship problems id really like to continue doing that for people so heres the deal guys if you have a problem that you want some help with drop me a c-mail and ill come in and write a blog about it i wont mention names but i will try to answer as honest as i can and try to help with your problem if the problem takes more than one blog i can reply to you through your shout box and we can go right into it or we can talk through c-mail and if anyone that i have already helped reads this please leave a coment let people no that im genuine
15 Crosses
I had a dream I was kneeling, at fifteen crosses on the hill Not a whisper from the trees, everything was still, I felt a sadness in my heart, an empty kind of pain, Fifteen souls had gone away, only memories remained. I tried to cry out to ease my grief, Lifted my hands to heaven, prayed God's relief. Not a sound or a word, emptiness abounds, My sorrow overcoming, I began to drown. Such bitter suffocation, I wish someone could hear, Why we let this happen , in my dream nothing was clear. I shook my fist to heaven and begged for reasons why, But only silence spoke, offering no reply. No sound came from my lips even as I screamed, I prayed it's just a nightmare, an awful kind of dream. Then I heard a choir of angels beckoning from above. "The world is reaping hatred," "Because the world's not sowing love." "You should embrace each other's differences no matter what they may be," "And enlighten each other with the hope of peace and unity." When the angel finished speak
**i Love You**
I Year Today
Well for those are interested i have been on lost Cherry....Cherry Tap....And soon to be Fubar for a year today it been some good times and bad times and i have meet some great people on here and some very special one to.....Thanks to all my friends and fans Hugs to all CSA
Watch Out! He's Bi-polar!
I am just trying to protect my friends from a very bad seed whom lurks behind the name of Kevin here on Fubar... he lives in Las Vegas Nevada. Be careful, he seems very nice and sweet at first... but a day or so later you find he is not at all what he seems and is quite crazy indeed. Take care my friends. People who act in this manner for no particular reason at all can be very dangerous. Stay Safe
Delete Comment
I'm not much of a comment deleter. In general, I only delete comments that reveal personal information. Like when someone left a comment asking how things were in whateva-state-I-live-in. Or when a real-life friend left a photo comment that referred to me by my real-life name. I realize that not everyone is as secretive as I am, that other people reveal their names, where they live, where they work. I generally don't. It is a compromise, of sorts. I once told someone that he could either learn my real name or be made 'family.' He ended up choosing my name, but couldn't understand why I wouldn't allow both. Perhaps it is a fear of being known, of being found out. Perhaps it is a professional decision, a choice made knowing that the ghosts in my family folder could haunt me someday. But perhaps it's something else. Even if I don't reveal my name or where I live or where I work, I reveal nearly everything else. You know my likes, my dislikes. Who I love,
My All
You are my heart, my soul, my treasure, My today, my tomorrow, my forever, My everything!
I'll Be There
when no one is there for u and u think no one cares when the whole world walks out on u and u think ur alone i'll be there when the one u care about the most could care less about u when the one u gave ur heart to throws it in ur face I'll be there when the person u trusted betrays u when the person u share all ur memories with can't even remember ur birthday i'll be there when all u need is a friend to listen to u whine when all u need is someone to catch ur tears i'll be there when ur heart hurts so bad u don't even breathe when u just want to crawl up and die i'll be there when u start to cry after hearing that sad song when the tears just wont stop falling down i'll be there so u see i'll be there until the end this is a promise i can make if u ever need me just give me a call adn i'll be there
Please Feel Free!!!
Fantasia No Limit was deleted and so we are now located in a different spot! please come nad rejoin!! Please click the link and rejoin
Well, I woke up around 3 am and right now at 11 am, I am soooooooooo tired, plus I can feel a headache coming on...yay for me. I had some horrific heartburn, plus had to majorly go potty and on top of all of that, I had a REALLY weird ass dream last night, so all of that woke me up and now my ass is dragging. I'm hoping to lay down for a few hours a take a nap, although it won't be uninterrupted since the kids just can't seem to leave me alone, at least it will be a bunch of small naps...that might be suffice enough for a while.....we'll see.
Just Wanted To Say
A Big Thank You To All Of My Friends
A Divorce Letter
Dear Wife, I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you for good. I've been a good man to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you had quit your job today and that was the last straw. Last week, you came home and didn't even notice that I ad gotten a new hair cut, cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You came home and ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don't tell me you love me anymore, You don't want sex anymore or anything. So, either you're cheating on me or you don't love me anymore. Whatever the case is, I'm gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. Don't try to find me. Your SISTER and I are moving away to Texas together! Have a great life! ======================================================================= Dear Ex-Husband, Nothing has made my day more than receiving your l
Lets Do This !!!!
Come on peeps!! This sexi ass chica is in a best smile contest and we should be there helping her win !! She by far has the most amazing smile Ive seen in a long time. So lets go help her out and drop a rate and as many comments as ya can spare pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?? Oh and repost for me too :P hehe Muahhhhhhhhhhh guys.. I LOVE ALL OF YOU !!!!! Pain Is My Passion
hey yall did ya miss me? lol i love u all!
lusciously, i..plant a moist kiss on you..capable of lighting your fire...your.. unrestrained desire..leads to the removal of your smell my neck, misted with the scent that you most my eyes, you know i can take you higher..i never cease to always take.. initiative..but of's just one of mans's your.. nature to..require..only the gradually acquire..all that you aspire..but not indulging lustfully in my delectable curves...dabbling at my navel..nibbling at my waist, as if it were an hors d'oeuvre [or-derve]..showing my.. tender thighs..the affection they deserve...our heavenly.. harmony brings relaxation to my nerves...our kisses are.. me old fashioned..but i enjoy fore's a.. scrumptious stay sane..after a sore day... lechery is'nt a crime...i'm... inclined to do as i please to cause our pleasure to intensly climb...this.. neglige is increasing m
YEAH! I just got my ticket! I leave here on August 30th at 815am and get to Germany August 31st at 10:20am Germany time! I am so frickin excited!!
Im such a child sometimes, its really frustrating to step back and look at myself. I always seem to take a step back and look at my views on life and love after reading a particular anime series that I read. I dont want to mention the title because I would feel like I was revealing too much of myself. And right now I feel exposed enough, even though I'm keeping everything to myself. I know how I would like my life to be, and how I think love should be; but the reality of it all is that its not what I would like. Perhaps thats why I always want to run. Thats what the main character in the series does when faced with a situation she cant handle. Holds everything back, keeps it locked away inside; until she cant take it anymore and runs. It amazes me how much we have in common, and as a reader I have an outside view and I'm screaming at her, trying to tell her what she should be doing instead of what she is doing. I wish I had someone like that, to be a little voice in my hea
Why Is That?
Why Is That? Why is it that people can come in your life get to know you grow to have strong feelings for you but then run away when things get deep? This is something I been vacillating for weeks. Now I think I know what it is it is the facts that they may not be able to have what they want when they want it but when the opportunity presents it self they are no longer thought of or considered. Now is this faith or just how things are? Tell me I want to know because if this is how love grows I don’t want to know. Why it is that people want you but don’t fight to keep you but do all the things in the world to push you away? All I can say there is times you wish you stayed or just walked away. This is one of those times I just feel so confused full of emotions for so many reasons and have no way of letting them out or expressing them to let people know what they are all about. Why is it I feel pain and just want to hide my tears in the rain and let them
Moon's Health
OK for those of you who talk to me on a daily basis you pretty much know the ins and outs of what has been happening. This is for those who kind of care about me and wonder where in the hells I have been, heard I have been sick. Or were possibly secretly hoping that I have fallen off the face of the earth. Yes I have truly been very sick. What started off as having a couple of really killer migraine headaches has turned into something more serious. All joking aside I am very sick. To quote Arnold "It's not a tumoa" meaning I do not have a brain tumor. While I was having problems with my head I was also having a couple of stomach issues that I thought were no big deal. Apparently that is what I get for thinking. I pushed them to the back of my mind and didn't give them much thought... I attributed not being able to eat to having the migraines and didn't even think about it. After two weeks of not being able to keep anything solid in my system however I started to get a b
Holy Hell
Well, I guess "when it rains, it pours", but in my case it seems to be pourin' acid all over my sanity. I have ALOT of difficulty getting around since my legs are about gone. Today I had to replace the brakes on my truck. All 4 sets. Right now I hurt so bad dying wouldn't even give me relief. My whole body is swollen from heat exhaustion, even though I'm still a bit dehydrated. Why the fuck can't I get a break? I mean, it's not TOO much of a pipe dream to be hideously wealthy. (hold on, a sec, I can't stop laughing) But come on, just give me a decent vehicle and enough money to not have to stress over bills EVERY fuckin' month, maybe even be able to play a little and save. I mean, come on, can't a cripple get a LITTLE love????????
My Passion In Life
Today someone asked me, “What is your passion in life”? Hell, I had no answer at all. I thought about it for a while and couldn’t come up with a damned thing that I am really passionate about. Well, except for my two boys but then again what good parent is not passionate about their children. Right now I am in an empty void in my life. I wake up and think to my self, “What the fuck is this shit all about”? Meaning life as it is, I sit on the edge of the bed dreading to have to get up and do the shit all over again. I get my fat ass up and walk out to the front room and there are my two silly ass boys getting into some shit they know damned well they ain’t supposed to be in and I fucking smile my ass off and give them both a big hug and tell them I love them. There, right there is when I realize that’s why I am doing this shit all over again another fucking day. I have to, I mean if I don’t who the fuck else is gonna love them better then their own father. So my only pass
Tatt Contest Starts Tomorrow 8-31
CONTEST OPENS TOMORROW, AUG 31st AT 5PM PST AND WILL CLOSE SEPT 7th AT 5PM PST. ANYONE WISHING TO ENTER, CAN STILL DO SO UNTIL 4PM TOMORROW. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! SEXY TATTOO CONTEST Think you have a sexy ass tattoo, well lets find out. This contest will run for a full week and start as soon as I have 10 to 15 entries. I WILL HAVE NO DRAMA!!! if you start crap you are gone. This is a comment bomb contest and each rate counts as 10 comments. RULES 1. STATED ABOVE, NO DRAMA. I will not put up with it. Keep your bombers on your pic and NO DOWNRATING the others or their profiles. If this starts you will be deleted from the contest. I want this to be fun, not a pain. It is up to you to let your friends and commenter's know about this rule so if it starts just know what will happen. 2. Comment Bombing is a MUST this is a comment based contest and if you don't have the backing please don't enter. 3. No NSFW pics I will send out a bulletin 24 hours
An Angel In The Dark
She used to live She used to give She always enjoyed life The way it was meant But clouds they came And played their game Casting a spell So she’d fade away But will she stand up To fight and protect her life Be what she wanted to be An Angel in the Dark *AUTHOR UNKNOWN*
I'll Wait For You
The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, I smacked him with the new paper and kncocked him the **** out, I scooped up the spider and put him in the toilet and the itsy bitsy spider went through the water pipes
have you ever thought that maybe you falling from the earth and going into a zone and wonder why things are happing and if its ever going to end with bad luck sometimes you think everything is ok then it falls apart they say this is life please comment and let me know what you think
Thank You!!
hi everyone! hope you are all having a great friday!! :D:D i just wanted to drop some thank yous to all who helped me win kristan smiths sexiest picture contest. it was long and hard (just how i like it) :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D first of all thank you kristan smith for hosting the contest :D well done, especially since it was her first :) Kristan Smith@ fubar second is asian cat, for being the best sport ever, and helping me out even tho he was in the same contest as well! i wish it had been us 2 at the top... DJ Asian Cat ~Manic Monkey Radio~@ fubar next is james elsharp, for being my rock, and working just as hard as i did. when i wanted to quit, he motivated me to keep going...thank you babe!!! James "Elsharp"(THE sharp one)@ fubar here is my favorite spy, jiriw...he worked so hard, and managed to bring a smile to my face every day :D jiriw@ fubar dont think i could forget my friend, shady...for being so dedicated to helping me, and bringing his friends wi
9/11.... Finally Someone Speaks Out And Is Not Afraid!
Here's one woman who is telling it like it her opinion! Written by a housewife from New Jersey and sounds like this is one pissed off lady. "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Ko ran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet...Hell, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11. I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible,
Abusors And Users
Sometimes in life we all have to do the things we hate the most. Some of those things could lead us to get hurt. Broken bones will heal. Cool looking scars tell a story. But sometimes it's the broken things that give us scars no one can see that hurt us the most. People come and go in our lives. Even the ones who stay the shortest while can still leave a lasting memory in our minds. You just don't know who's heart you could be leaving that footprint on. Sometimes, the smallest sh*t can and does mean the biggest in ways you never thought of. I'm going to get personal and bare my heart a little. I've been used my whole entire life. By friends, family, lovers and even strangers. It's a subtle abuse that goes unrecognized. I am a people pleaser. This has nothing to do with me wanting people to like me. It's just my natural way of being. I feel for people, so i take them on my shoulders. Put my last dime out just to make them feel more than okay. I guess this all caught up to me tonight.
~ It's Shit~ Ssdd
The Most Functional Word Well, it's shit...that's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. This may even be funny shit. Consider: You can get shit-faced, Be shit out of luck, or Have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit, or be asked to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shinola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, crazy shits, There is bull shit, horse shit and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitty. Some music sounds like
There are many people that we meet in our lives but only a very few will make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts It is these people that we will think of often and who will always remain important to us as true friends Sometimes in life, you find a special friend: someone who changes your life by being a part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop; someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship... When you're down, and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friends lifts you up in spirit and make that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times. If you turn and walk across, your forever friend follows. If you lose your way, your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if yo
Read This Or Else..... Lol
Ok this is an invite to all friends family and fans to join me in club fantasia tonight for everyone who becomes a member will recieve a vip gift from Fiesty Vixen or DJ Tease please! Send an sb so we know u became a member cause we cant see all so join us and have a great time
You're on my friends list. I'd like to know 27 things about you. Just copy and hit reply to poster and paste. Thanks! You'll be surprised how much you didn't know about your friends after this! So copy and bulletin it BLANK and then respond to it as a message to my in box!!! 1. Do you have a tattoo? 2. How old are you? 3. Are you single or taken? 4. Eat with your hands or utensils? 5. Do you dream at night? 6. Ever seen a corpse? 7.George Strait or Jay Z? 8. How did we meet? HERE COMES THE EQUALLY INTERESTING PART... 9. Whats your philosophy on life and death? 10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be? 11. Do you trust the police? 12. Do you like Country music? 13. What is your fondest memory of me? 14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? 15. Would you cheat ? 16. What do you wear to sleep? 17. Have you ever peed in a pool? 18. Would yo
Am Sorry Everyone....
I know lately I havent been the greatest friend here to have. I dont say hi to those who I should be. I check my things an go. But I am working alot, and plus worried about Steph, trying to figure out what to do from here to help her. Finding a Cardio, getting financial aid from the government to help pay for it all, and trying to still keep the household here running smooth. I am feeling like stretch armstrong and unfortunately, I dont have all the same goo you can just stick back in when ya pull the arms too far apart. So if I dont say Hi, or leave hello comments, its just because I am not me right now. I only hope you all will bear with me through it! I am sad alot lately and thats not me either. I dont let things get to me usually. I have prided myself my whole life, on how I just jump in and tackle things as they come. But right now I am losing the strength and energy too. I dotn talk alot about how I have been feeling as I dont want to burden my friends, or those I love with
Where The Hurt Starts
Ok all. Read what I wrote but listen to the words to the song . ONLINE has so many lies so many un real's. Just listen to these words…. Online relationships….. Its not a box you play with , a screen you type words on… Its someone's soul .Someone's heart. It's someone who BELIEVES. The hurt that people cause by their games, their lies most of the time is so devastating to the other party. Be careful when you give your heart in this ever growing cyber world. Yes the feelings are real just as if the person is right besides you. But in turn so can the pain be. The song says "She let her heart and soul right in your hands And you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans" Read the words Online games HURT. Just be careful all It happens to all of us. . Music Videos - Stupid Boy
Mm Newbzzz Gotta Know
Alltough my mailbox on fubar is open to everyone don't send me mail asking to view my private pics. like according to the rules and most asked questions. Why am I unable to view NSFW photo galleries? Level 0 (Freshmeat) are not allowed to view NFSW photos until they have reached level 1. Level 1 and up must be added as a friend or family!! to view NSFW galleries. also if you have became a freind and you have passed the level 1 status and you're still unable to see those pics then go to your homepage and click on "my" and select "profile" then all the way down below on the right side you'll see this just make sure you have selected "yes" and the nsfw lock on you will be taken off. also don't think this will count for my new album that clearly states it will open as soon as i got my happy hour up and running. and that will be running as soon as i'm un-banned on fubar ok?
Blah @ Love
Whats Up With?
Whats up with the fact that tons of people LOOK at the pics of me and my boyfriend, but they hardly ever get any rates. Like 4 people have rated the pics of me and him that I put up last week, where as atleast 20 looked at them. Come on now, If your going to take the time to let the picture load up, throw some rates at it for me for points please?? Id do it for you:)
A Collared Bride
A Collared Bride - cindy A white dress with a black veil Silk stocking with cobweb design My bridal dress is as individual as my mind Traditional vows said in a traditional place But a collar I wear around my neck Indication of the promises already made A wedding to all who see it The guests dressed in vanilla hats But the bride and groom know different Gold bands put onto fingers As words of love and loyalty said But the silver band around my neck reminding me I am no ordinary bride My groom is more to me As he is the owner of my collar and so He owns me
my unfinished song... work in progress Current mood: artistic Category: Music chorus- think you can tame me; claim me? oh no no no boy you're crazy, no maybe; and you hafta go think you can save me??? BUT I DON'T NEED A HERO!!! verse 1- used to find it funny how you followed me around i had you wrapped anround my finger, thats what i found yet you never got to realizing that you and me made a crowd now you pushed too damn far I'm taking you to the pound CHORUS verse 2- time and time again you pop up at my place told you one too many times i need my space wanted you to back off but i still see your face jus give me one more reason, i swear thats all it takes CHORUS verse 3- every other day I've got you in my way tellin me how to act and what i should say I made it this far alone; only wanted you to play now your voice is in my head and it wont go away CHORUS writen by: tosha
The New Pledge Of Allegiance....
NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the Good Book makes me liable. We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen, And the 'unwed daddy,' our Senior King. It's "inappropriate" to teach right from wrong, We're taught that such "judgments" do not belong. We can get our cond
"youre crazy," they said, "the stars are much too high" "youre only human," they replied, "you cant fly." but as i reached, i soon found, at least my feet, had left the ground.
Single And Flirting Lounge
Mid October Madness...
...well, many of you are probably looking for something here in regards to the whole "fake referral" accusations or maybe even the scripting, the blaster usage or are looking for something to call someone out on doing or whatever reason you may be reading this. I regret to inform ya'll that that isn't happening (well, at least not yet anyways, pending certain circumstances) but rest assured the information and what the "normal" people on here see is all over the place. Alot of it is rumor I'm sure so until I at least sort through SOME of this stuff and find out what's fact and what's not I'm not going to say anything public about it because well, I try not to post things that aren't accurate, but with that in mind.... ...then again, why should I even care right? Most people don't realize that next month will be the one year anniversary of the infamous Greasemonkey scripts. And it's coming up also on the one year anniversary of that other infamous you-dumbasses-are-f
I'm Back
Hey guys as you know i went on vacation for a few days and something happened. I met a really awesome girl and after spending some time with her we have decided to start dating. I will still be online and am willing to chat with everyone but it cannot go above a PG rating. Take care all i love all yall and hope for the best for you. i may on be on for another couple of days from unpacking and getting myu stuff put away. bye all.
i have poured out my heart and i poured out my tears... not sure when they will stop or if they ever will. maybe its true love just isnt enough. that there has to be more, i dont know what that more is to be... i give all i can give and still feel that isnt enough. there are no promises on what will happen from day 2 day in this life. will the tears ever stop and does a broken heart ever mend??????
Blah Blah
So it has been exactly a wk since my dad passed away I'm still having mixed emotions ... I know these will eventually go away ..right now my main one is missing him so ...his voice..touch .. and just him in general.. I can't explain all my feelings I guess I never will either but I think it is a good start to been able to write a little of how I feel maybe will help in the healing process.. I was asked by him before he passed what I wanted for my Birthday which is Oct 30 I now know what I want ... I want him back with me ... I know that can't happen but it is what I want .. nothing else just him ... this may seem selfess ..I know he is in a better place in no pain and with no suffering .. I should be happy and rejoice over that but the pain of losing him is still just to much ..okay I'll let myself get to emotional ..I need to stop for now
Creightons Justice
so for those of you that know me well. jim had an appeal open and we have been waiting to hear for awhile the decision. well we got the decision today, his appeal got denied. so til he appeals to the next highest court he is still in there for 29 more years. today couldnt get any better knowing he is stayin in prison. thanks for all your thoughts and prayers they have obviously helped. luv ya all.
I am angry because they wont leave us alone I am angry because you wont tell them too. I am angry because they think they can have you I am angry because you wont tell them they can't. I am angry because they get more of your attention. I am angry because you give it to them. I am angry because they don't care we are together I am angry because you don't seem to either. I am angry because they will never love you like I do I am angry because you don't know just how much I do love you.
Your Choice To Read About 4:20....
ok well a few people have asked me what site i got the pics from of the mango plant... and to tell this story right i should start from the beginning.... been a pot smoker for a long time but never grew before, i tried once when i lived in new symrna beach, florida... i had 5 plants started and they got about 4 inches and died on me... shortly after that i got busted getting a 1/4 pound of buds in the mail from british columbia, canada... yeah i know not smart, but there is more... i started gettin pot in the mail from a girl in garbervilles, ca... when i got out of the service in 2000... every where i moved to she would mail it to me, was nice i finally went out to meet her in 2003, come to find out it was her husband that had the green thumb and i saw there amazing grow room... and they lived diagonal from the county sheriff's department... so needless the say i was shittin bricks the whole time i was there... so 2004 rolls around and i move down to florida and she has fallen off the
I Need Some Help! Come Vote For Me Please!
I will buy you a big pimpin gift
one cool trick you can play with another guys cell phone is call a wrong number then give it back to him and i did that last night to dave. then when the person called him back he just looked at me stupid like. dave needs a sence of humor.
Bored As Hell
damm im bored as hell
Why Do People Think Its Ok???
why do people honestly think that someone who actually has a heart ...or like anyone else who actually has feelings .can just sit there and let someone else mess with them??????huh....tell me???????please i need to know!!!!!!!! P.S. DON'T MESS THE ONES .....WHO ACTUALLY CARE!!!!!!!!! please tell me?? tracy
Lord Garfield
Lord Garfield has been entered in Stephanie Lynn's Fubars Biggest Best Giveaway. Please stop by and show him your love and support. He need 10,000 comments to get either a week blast. I would consider it a personal favor if you drop him some comments.
Uh Oh
to those of you who care here is what has happened to me About 4 years ago I started suffering from an intense pain in my lower back and hip region. In the beginning I had gone to several emergency rooms, Urgent care etc. No one could figure out what was wrong with me. They weren't paying attention. Finally I got an MRI done June of 2006. My primary care physician as well was myself had forgotten about reviewing the test results until last Saturday. What we found was that I am suffering from degenerate spinal disease. The outcome is grim there is no cure. The pain is so severe at times that I can not walk at all or move, sit up or down or lay down. I basically am in pain no matter what. I have tried heating/icing, massaging, special vitamins, laying on a hard floor. I have also taken so much ibuprofen that my liver is starting to suffer from it. Finally my doctor has given me percoset and I am to see her once a month. I also have to see a special doctor to find another treatment
Keepin It Real
Hope It Works Im Going Live 2 Night At 10 Uk England Time
Ur Missing All The Fun In Here
About Koolteech....
So I guess if I was going to tell someone about myself, I'd probably have them ask me questions first I hate to talk first...I'm 34, love to chat online, and as you can see from my pics, i love to take and trade pics. So, I hope that you hit me up soon. My yahoo id is koolteech....
Fucken Tired.
Oh for the love of god can i not go to work anymore?! im finally off tomorrow, also on Friday WOOT bitches. I haven't seen my manager in like a week and I wont see her til like Saturday - wtf is that?! Everything is so confusing in my life right now. My friends are goddamn crazy (had webbs night last night w/ shannon, mikey, melissa, jeremy "yankee", amy, and jeremy "packers") which was all so interesting LOL! My work union SUCKS donkey nuts...that's all im gonna say about that. I do not like being pressured, yet here I am...being pressured. people suck sometimes. I'm cat sitting for my sister's cat which is being a little bitch to my cat and has to live in my room in order to be civil and not growling and hissing every 2 seconds! *YAWN* I'd like to go 1 nite getting more than 4 hours of sleep thank you. I tend not to react very well to being ignored...good thing to keep in mind!
Ahh, I'm Baaaaaaack!!
Well, well, it took a bit, but I'm back online full time, and crazy as ever! On a high note, I finally got a guestbook that more icky huge white space on my jprofile that does sign it, yall! :D Still DJ'in for Hippo Radio, still diggin' it bigtime...check it out at, or check out our lounge right here in Fubar...and dig on that awesome audio goodness!! Brightest of Blessings to All!!!
Another Story
When you got to the room we kissed and slow undressed each other. You notice the bag on the counter, but did not ask about it. I told you to go lay down on the bed as I reached for the bag. I pulled out five silk ties. You asked what they were for. I told you to lay back and see. I went to the head of the bed, taking your arm and tied it gently to the head of the bed, not so tied that you could not get lose, but tied enought for you to feel tied down. I did the other arm and them moved to your legs. I tied them spread wide, I could see your pussy was getting really wet already. I took the last tie and very gently placed it over your eyes. I stepped back to enjoy looking at you, your nipples are very hard and your pussy lips shine with your juices. I reach in my bag and get a feather. You feel me gently run it across your nipples, they get even harder for me. I trace a line down your belly and lightly caress your pussy lips with the feather, you start to moan as i caress them. T
I'm Live Ladies
I'm live ladies date: 2007-11-28 16:51:17 I have a cam now, i have yahoo messenger(reserved2574)and msn(reserved2574)
"i Like Big Guts": Rappin' On Rotundity
So Cosmo says you're fat Well I ain't down with that Cuz your waist is soft and your curves are bulgin And you're thinking bout indulgin "I Like Big Guts" By Zonker with thanks (and apologies) to Sir Mix-A-Lot I like big I like big I like big guts and I cannot lie Big guts and I cannot lie Big guts and I cannot Guts and I cannot Guts, guts, guts, guts, Guts and I cannot lie I like em round and big I like em girl guts big I like em round and big I like em round like a pig Big guts and I cannot lie You chubby lovers can't deny That when a girl walks in with an jiggly wiggly waist Your eyes pop out of your face Her gut's hung You lookin so tough Cause you notice that gut is stuffed Bulgin over the jeans she's wearing I'm hooked and I can't stop staring Oh, baby I wanna cook with ya And bake and taste with ya Make homefries, mix cupcake batter And that gut you got Gonna get fatter Ooh, ooh, ooh, plumpened smooth belly You say you wanna eat my jelly Hav
Kiss Me Under The Mistle Toe
Alone In The Dark
ALONE IN THE DARK I sit in the dark and cry myself to sleep every night cause people make fun of me and laughs at me nobody cares if me fellings get hurt and I wounder what they will say next about me At night I hear them saying all the things they have said over and over why must I sit in the dark and alone and cry myself to sleep why?
Saying Good Bye
If You Wish...
i am also on MySpace as richie_m_1972, feel free to add me
Another Year Is Gone
so its another year down the tubes and as we enter 2008 my life is still fucked. all my friends see me as this happy go lucky guy nad yet when i see myself i see a ugly fat unloved person and i hate feeling like this. what is it about me they like and love how do i know its just not a front i guess its just me. but anyway that enough about me. so just wanted to wish you all a very merry christmas and a great 2008 much love to all
Pagan Origin Of Christmas
Few people realize that the origins of a form of Christmas was pagan & celebrated in Europe long before anyone there had heard of Jesus Christ. No one knows what day Jesus Christ was born on. From the biblical description, most historians believe that his birth probably occurred in September, approximately six months after Passover. One thing they agree on is that it is very unlikely that Jesus was born in December, since the bible records shepherds tending their sheep in the fields on that night. This is quite unlikely to have happened during a cold Judean winter. So why do we celebrate Christ�s birthday as Christmas, on December the 25th? The answer lies in the pagan origins of Christmas. In ancient Babylon, the feast of the Son of Isis (Goddess of Nature) was celebrated on December 25. Raucous partying, gluttonous eating and drinking, and gift-giving were traditions of this feast. In Rome, the Winter Solstice was celebrated many years before the birth of Christ. Th
Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug.' So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.
I Don’t Know
I don't know if i will change anything I don't know if i will make a new friend I don't know who i am I don't know who i will be All i know is that is who i am
"Where there is no hope, one must invent hope." ---Albert Camus I happen to see this quote on a movie that I started to watch. I kinda liked it.
Sarge's Bad Girls Of Fubar
THE BADDEST GIRLS YOU'LL EVER WANT TO MEET..FAN RATE & ADD THEM..TRUST ME IT WILL BE WORTH IT.. IF YOUR A BAD BOY..CHECK OUT MY FU WIFE'S PAGE.. Ecuadorian Goddess BAD DD *MISS JINKS* ~ruth~ ~DeViLs PLaYtHiNg~ Tulsa's Angel ^sin^ *~Pokins MILF~* ¢¾Sheez¢¾ RaidersBabe Leggs ~DaNaughtster~ ¢¾ Brown Eyed Girl ¢¾ milfsweetie ~Blueroses~ you just never know ~ Christy2728 ~Mydnyte™~ LizzieKitty
im ok and still alive arley and hannah are doin great love you all always dee oxo
Christmas And Such
so yeah its a few days after christmas. i find it odd how ppl try to act way nicer and crap around the holidays then when theyre over ppl go back to being the same lol. i got some good stuff this yr, then again i usually do, but thats besides the point. i got 2 digital cameras (need to return 1), alot of clothes, jadior perfume, clothes, jewlery, money, gift certificates, purses, a living dead doll, movies, a table, new bedding, and a bunch of other crap. blah also now that the holidays are over, i need to look for a new job...i hate job hunting, oh well. for some reason my rodents dont do to well at my dads house, they were very healthy and such when i lived in stockton then since i moved back to my dad, 2 of my rats have died and another 1 recently went blind in 1 eye. damn im bored, anywho yeah.
*super Package* Give Away
Hey friends!! am currently in a give away. this is a super pack give away which contains 1 year VIP 1 Happy Hour 1-30 day blast 1 ticker package. all of the above for just 140.000 comments. so all i ask for you if you can spare me some comments to help me reach my goal. if not then it's fine if you do it's highly appreciated. just click any of the pics below and try to leave a few comments (1 /2 or bomb if it's possible) ♥HOT Marina♥Lust goddess♥lover to Gary *2nd Alarm Hottie* ♥ Club F.A.R♥@ fubar
ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + smart woman = romance? Smart man + dumb woman = affair? Dumb man + smart woman = marriage?? Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy ______________________________ OFFICE ARITHMETIC Smart boss + smart employee = profit Smart boss + dumb employee = production Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime _____________________________ SHOPPING MATH A man will pay $20 for a $10 item he needs. A woman will pay $10 for a $20 item that she doesn't need. _____________________________ GENERAL EQUATIONS & STATISTICS A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. _____________________________ HAPPINESS To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and
The End
To all my friends, family, and fans: I want everyone to know that I love you all and well soon my net is getting shut off. I am moving to my car for a while I can't afford a place of my own and my ex decided not to help pay the rent here and I am behind on the bills. Landlord says we have 30 days and he has a place to go. I don't so it looks like the car is my only choice for the time being. I just want to let everyone know that I care for each and everyone of you in some way or another even though I don't express it everyday or express it in a different way. I don't know how long it will be before I get back on here but please don't forget me and keep me in your prayers ok. I will be back someday I hope anyways. Thanks to all my friends for the great memories on here and thanks to all the ones I have met in person you all really made me see there is life outside these 4 walls. Good bye Stacie UPDATE: A very special person and a great friend has found it in his
Eric Church Video
Love Lost
I Miss You Perry
perry it has been one whole mouth since you died and i miss you so much buddy i miss seeing you and talking to you your my best friend and always will be i know i will see you when i die but it will seem like for ever till then i love you man and i can't even say in words what it is like with out you here rest in peace perry i love you and all ways will your in my heart till the end of my days
I’m starting to realise that I’m very soon going to have to deal with approaching thirtitude. The thing that has brought this to my attention has been a series of “senior moments”, things that have thus far presented no problems, but have recently started to become something of a chore. Leaving the house for work in the morning, for example. Normally, I do what I refer to as the “four-pocket-pat-test”. I have the four basic things I need (phone, wallet, keys, security pass) in four different pockets of my trousers. I pat each one to make sure I have all four of the aforementioned items, and I’m good to go. Except recently, it’s started to take longer and longer to get out the door. The other day I left four times. FOUR TIMES. More than once a morning is bad enough, but FOUR TIMES is a little excessive. Today’s example was particularly harrowing. I was having enormous difficulty eating soup, from a bowl, with a spoon. Children can manage this, but I seemed to be incapable of lifting
A Touch Never Felt
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will alway
Ok I'm finding it increasingly amusing how annoying people are in the mumm's. I mean some of the comments are just ridiculous. The thing is everyday you get 101 mumms about oral / anal etc etc which are just basically polls with a chance for women to comment on how much of a slut they are. Do people bash who makes them? Do they get told they are polls not mumms? Not particularly. But you post what i think to be pretty funny in an ironic / sarcastic way and the retard mumm police are on you in a second. Is it because these people don't have the capacity to think past I'm horny? Are they so lacking in sex that they have to post on every mumm saying how much they love sex, although it sounds like they cant remember the last time they got any? I do post intelligent mumms, but again people don't seem to get them as its to much effort to read something, although on the counterside they can sum up the effort to respond with a long winded comment on why they couldn't be bothered readi
Dreaming Of You
every night i sleep and wonder where are you now i want to step out of my house run to you hold you in my arms i look up at night look at the fan saying this is not my home this is not where my heart is its still in Edison its still where i grew up its still where i use to live as long as i am not in edison i am sad when i am in edison i feel like you are with me in my arms i feel like your still alive edison where i meet my 1st bf 1st kiss 1st learn how to walk 1st every thing why cant i have edison back and being in love with my hubby and not being happy hurt me and him so now we are getting divourse and shit but i dream of every one i miss every one i have lost or moved away from if i could get my life back i would but i have to grin bare it and move on now i just want to be held at night dont matter who you are i just want some one to hold me and say every one that pass away is ok and tomorrow will be better but i cant see it that way at all i know i wake up i never see my mom agai
01-31-08 (magic 2)
January 31, 08 Happy to see you, I hope this blog finds you well. Today's my eldest birthday Happy Birthday Son! Which kinda ties into the whole magical theme ... Being that watching the birth of my children has to be among the most magical experiences I've ever witnessed. I feel that 'magic' has more meaning than the 'illusions' that the word itself is associated with. To me magic is the things that AWE you ... The unexpected endings even The goose bumps you feel while spectating nature is as magical as those you pay to see: Not discounting the magic that entertainment provides. But looking out and gazing into a rising sun every morning has provided me with magical moments for years. As does a sunset -or- A crazy storm blowing in ... With those displays wondrous moments of a light show mixed with natures percussion playing a lullaby upon a roof top. I also think there is magic in the chemistry between people: Who can de
Sooner Or Later....
People seem to forget that I have two main problems with lots of people or even crowds. 1. Too many people. 2. Too much fucking noise. Now, there is a lot to be said for peace and quiet, and I can even see why some have been driven to kill to achieve that state of existence. For me, that place that I can at least minimize the noise is my room. And you know the house is too hectic when I am followed into the room by shadow. Today is one of those days that I really have a hard time dealing with. One more person in the household that seems to go out of his way to keep Cassie squealing and screaming. Okay, so he is playing, and since I am the only one that is getting upset by it, I will make a tactical withdrawal from the area where this noise is occurring. Unfortunately, I can see myself isolating more in order to prevent any explosive outburst of temper. The temptation to skip my fourth meal in a row is coming on strong. I would rather be hungry than dealing with e
9 Words Women Use!
Nine words women use... 1.) Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) Five Minutes : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) Nothing : This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) Go Ahead : This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) Loud Sigh : This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) That's Okay : This is one of the most dangerous statements a wom a n
Help Me
ok here's the deal I am in a contest that is for a 6 month VIP. Who ever has the most points wins and I need your help to get this VIP. Click on the pic below to take you to the contest. Plz repost this as well if you don't mind. Thanks to everyone that helps out.
Boricua God~daddy's Happy Valentine's Day Pimpout
First, let me send love to all my Club F.A.R. Family, Fubar friends and family. This is not a a Club F.A.R. PIMPOUT but my own personal PIMPOUT. This is my way of showing luv to those that show me luv. The following is a blend of Club F.A.R. members and my friends and family on FUBAR. I am pimping them out for different reasons, it can be for them showing me love or that I just want to show them love to help them level or celebrate a birthday or just think that this person is just a good friend to myself and many others on FUBAR. If i do not pimp you out please dont take personal, I only have love for all FUBARIANS. These PIMPOUTS may be weekly or bi-weekly depending on my free time. I dont do PIMPOUTS, friends or not for comment bombing in contests. I am a true believer that contest are just to full of DRAMA and good friendships are lost due to them. Anyway here are the links to those in my PIMPOUT, there will be for 10 to 20 members at a time. Ts
Thank You Friends
My husband has finally gone to work My children have finished their play they've gone to bed their stories read Now it's my time of day. I've had one of those days you know what I mean so I sit back and relax and turn on my screen. I'll talk to all my friends who know just what to say to make my stresses go and my troubles fade away. My friends you're always there for me whenever I feel blue and though we've never met before I know our friendships true. And although we haven't been friends for long in this short time it seems we shared so many things already our hopes, our fears, our dreams. We come from different walks of life but we share a common bond and it's time to say that of all of you I've grown so very fond. So thank you friends for being there whenever I've needed you I know you're always there for me and you know I'm there for you.
Precious Memories
A minister decided to do something different one Sunday morning. He said "Today in church,I'm going to say a single word and you and you are going to help me preach .Whatever single word I say,I want you to sing whatever hymn comes to your mind. The pastor shouted out "cross". Immediately, the congregation started singing in unison,"The Old Rugged Cross. The pastor hollered out "Grace".The congregation begin to sing "Amazing Grace,how sweet the sound." The pastor said"Power." The congregation sang,"TheresPower In The Blood." The pastor said, "Sex". The congregation fell in total silence. Everyone was in total shock.They all nervously began to look around at each other,afraid to say anything.Then ,all of a sudden,way in the back of the chuch,a little ole 87 year old granmother stood up and begin to sing, "Precious Memories"
Agony (poem)
Agony I'm not the one they see, I'm an image in your head. Distilled beneath the surface, left lying here for dead. Given up on and forgotten, just a memory of the past. Don't you see what you are doing? You think this agony won't last? Won't you show me what you mean? Oh, I done forgot you did. When you told me that you hated me, that this love was doomed to end. 'Go Ahead' you say. That's it you want me dead. Silence filled your head as the blood ran down bright red. Dripping heavy, flowing fast, Standing there, half dead, still breathing. Now are you happy? Don't you see what you've done? Do you want me to continue? Not much more and I'll be gone. Then this frightening image, something you encouraged me to do, will it haunt you forever? Will it make you love me too? Or at least care about the way I feel? My pain has ended, Now your's begins. You stand there suttle, Calm but dense. Silently I lie there, My arms folded on my chest. Cold and stiff,
Run Away
run away I know I have my problems but I don’t understand why it is your leaving me. am I that bad of a man? I know we have our issues but in time I am sure we can work them out. Maybe things aren’t perfect and maybe they’ll never be. Instead me of making you smile I fill you with uncertainty. I will never be a hero a role model is not what I am. But I will always be there for you and I hope that you still give a damn So baby take me by the hand and run away with me Or tell me that its over and leave me to my misery Cause I cant take this feeling of not knowing What’s in store for me anymore Maybe he finally won this game? Maybe I’m the one to lose and have no one but myself to blame. Maybe I am not the man you needed and just maybe I will never be. Or maybe I’ m the one you need to take you, far away from all this damn insanity. All I know is I would never hurt you can that man you call yours say the same?
Wow so just cause I had some experiments with black guys I get shut down by guys on this damn fucking website....seriously guys it's a fuckin site don't get to thinking your going to marry someone off of here or get something may happen that it can but who knows.. plus WHY IS IT THAT IT'S ILLEGAL FOR A WHITE GIRL TO FUCKING LIKE BLACK GUYS IN A WHITE MAN'S EYES? seriously but it's okay for everyone and their mama's to be sluts and whores... just irritates me sorry had to get it off my chest *~* me *~*
Turn To Hate
This one was just something I had in my head. Guess I was being indecisive about things in my life. This is the result. Dream, a passion that burns you name Dig deep and try to refrain From the truth you have no name A story burns in your eyes I have compassion for you pain Grasp, a word that can explain Find the one way to say The feeling that stir inside You can't always be right In due time you will know why You know, you should go But here wait Drag out the reasons As your heart burns warm and turns to hate Bash, all those haters that try to play When you walk around in dismay Drag those feelings inside Cover them and disguise No better time to drive Ever think you can make a try Inside you know it's not right Visions that loomed in your head Imagination will turn to regret You know, you can't go Just stay here Oh no, you won't go But here wait Drag out the reasons As your heart burns warm and turns to hate Oh no, you can't go
Got My Tounge Pierced Yesterday Night
i got my tounge peirced yesterday night. it didnt even hurt at all but it does feel wierd when you eat something.
11 Rulez Of Fubar
THE fubar RULES ONE If you're ugly, stop acting like you don't know it. The captions under you picture that says "top model pose" "sexy bitch" "arnt i hot" doesn't convince anyone. TWO To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? Nobody in this universe can keep up with that many friends. You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG,I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Making 20 bulletins a day about how you have new pictures and begging people to comment on them is pathetic. Make the bulletin once if you have to, and those who actually care about you will comment on your pics. SIX If all your pictures look the same, don't post them all. Please put some
A Letter For U What U Will Never Get In Ur Mail
u tell me all the time oh u r such a nice person n u r a sweetheart n every man who is with u is lucky etc bla bla if that is all so true why didnt u regonize it? why r u not with me to appreciate me? why do i still see always stuff i dont like or what makes me think? i dont look to find stuff but i always find something it hurts to know and to see there is something and u wanna ask why is that? and i got a feeling bout this why do i have this feeling? but all u do is just talk it down like it is nothing at all and then at the end it turns out that that everything every feeling every question that just everything had a real reason and u talked it down maybe i was not strong enough for u but i also know u r more weak then i am i couldnt keep my mouth shut cuz of the stuff what was going on n what i didnt like i am sorry for it but it should have showed u that i care that i care about u it hurts me when u tell me u love me cuz i know u mean it u say its in a friendship way bu
I Love You !!
You're kissable and cuddly; You're lovable and sweet; You thrill me every minute, And sweep me off my feet. You're charming and disarming, Desirable and true. You inspire and impress me, And that's why I love you!
Alone To Be...
Broke from the tare I will never run, I will lay here until I see the sun. I will let nothing get in my way, no brick walls will stop this me on this day. I will fight the current and wind while you desperately repent your selfish sins. I will walk with my back to the sun ready to embrace what may come. All just to show I'm a man of stone, I truly walk alone. With no place to go nor a place to hide my happiness starts to subside. With this river of emotions that wets my face, I walk with my head pointed to my waist. When all of this adds up I travel like a homeless pup. Wet , cold, hungry, and beat I will live off of scraps of meat. left for me like I was weak and poor, as everyone slowly shuts the door. With no foam in mouth nor red in eye I can't help but wonder why... slowy i become a one man army, waiting for you to try and harm me. show me pain you think you know and I will show you a place for it to go. You know nothing of a broken life, cause you wait for morning every night.
Sponsor A Soldier
Sponsor a Soldier ...and... This fabulous friend and generous man... Ragnard@ fubar ...came up with a wonderful idea! So many of our service men and women have limited time to be here on Fubar while they are busy fighting for our freedom or spending time with their families before they return to fight some more. Some don't have the means to post a salute to level without access to a camera or a way to upload pictures. So, Ragnard had an AWESOME idea to put together a sort of "auction" for these selfless women and men to give us the opportunity to THANK them for all they do. So there will be bidding like an auction but here's the twist... I, PebblesinAZ, will be doing the work for them. I will rate pics, stash and pimp. Everyone will get the same benefits. I will put together the package and a small crew to help me. So, you won't "own" them per se. You'll be sponsoring a soldier with your gifts and some friends and I will be thanking you for doing so. T
Schizophrenic Love Song
For you I would do anything Just to show you my love Walk through fire to be with you Thinking of you my heart Wants to shrivel up and die You are like a succubus Draining me with every breath you take Grabbing you tight wanting so badly To hold you forever never letting go My angel is what you are Your love so precious to me Looking into your deep eyes All I can do is cry Felling tied to you with biting chains Blisters on my soul a constant reminder No matter how hard I try Words cannot express my devotion Being the center of my world Every emotion I feel revolves around you Laying close at night Smothering you would be so easy How you have suffocated me with lies With you gone, so shall the pain Remembering my trembling hands Reaching towards you for the first time Beauty that could not be compared Your radiance surrounds me always Being with you has feelings of Shame course through my veins Dead I
Faith No More
My soul lies weak You see me there and watch me bleed Life slowly fading away Impatience reached My despair on what you feed Enjoying this life's slow decay Hope now gone Spirit torn All that's left Is faith no more Strength away Heart slowing down Still what's left Is faith no more Hoping nothing Faith no more Slowly dying Faith no more Where will my soul go when there's faith no more
This Is So My Song So Perfect For Me
20 Something? -intro-
It wasn’t the beautiful peace dove that soared above my mental cloud prior to the catastrophic storm. It was the presence of the crow here tonight that loomed, waiting like a vulture for my demise in a small four walled, white room, overlooking a paradise that was not intended for me. The storm that was to drown out my dreams of consciousness and revive a subconscious nightmare embedded in the roaring tide took control, smashing crimson into the pale sands. My fall into the black abyss had begun surrounded by apparitions and the failed souls who once inhabited this den and the lonely departed who no longer wished to hold hands. They’ve traded happiness for isolation and self-hatred. Miss Misery, yes, she has come and gone. Pulling at my limbs until I said give. We are on an adventure of self-discovery through violent hymns and melodic verses. In each attempt may they be adorned regardless for their efforts made through the poor, abrasive concrete decisions or the smooth ride on freedom
Life, Love, And Idiocy.
Okay. So. I went on a date. For those who know my financial situation- No, I didn't pay for it. I somehow managed to find a guy who's completely fricking naive. It's cute, in some ways, though I want to backhand him other times. We had fun. Turns out he used to do tabletop, so there's talk of starting a group in here in Oregon. Now for the juicy gossip- DESKS! Buwahahahahaha. We had assigned seating at my job for about three days. HAD. Then someone screwed up the paperwork and my team was out a place to sit. Well... This chick at work decided that she was going to hijack my desk. I simply sat there, and when she came to work, I was like "What?" THEN she put a name tag there. Now, I've seen her take name tags off of desks of people she didn't like, simply because she didn't like them. So I pulled off her name tag and left it neatly on top of the garbage can she likes to throw everyone else's name tags in. MONDAY, which is my friday, I come back from my last break an
Bid On Me!
Click Pic To Bid On Me Buy Me for a month!!! For the winning bidder: fu owned in name rate all pics and stash during happy hours only 5 personal saluts sfw only added to family during the month u own me add to yahoo.. for person cam session sfw only ~ DJ BG Wiff A Ghetto Booty Greeter/Dancer @ The Real Red Dragon Lounge@ fubar Just click the lounge logo and hope to see ya there! RULES #1. MUST SUBSCRIBE TO LOUNGE TO BID #2. MINIMUM BID IS $30,000 FUBUCKS #3. CASH BIDS OVERRULE FUBUCKS #4. LOUNGE RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED #5. ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA...THIS IS FOR FUN FOLKS!
Recent Car Wreck :(
Yeah so I messed my car up....But it could have been worst....It will be fixed and better than ever....But my nose got a good gash and so....Yeah it sucks, I hurt, 5 stitches....But I'll get through this....Now you can call me Scarface!!!
I'm Up For Auction
I've entered my first auction. Come on by and bid on me. And whiole your there....don't forget to F/A/R the Host of this Auction........»-(¯`v´¯)-»»Çµ££êÐ Ðê§ïrê »-(¯`v´¯)-»» Here is what I'm offering to the winner: All pics rated during Happy Hour All Stash rated during Happy Hour Salute pic from me A Blog done about winner Daily comment "owned by" with winners name in my ID Winners name and link on my front page Daily gift 5 Graphics made by me Repost all requested bulletins Share winner's poage with friends, family and fans So stop by and bid on me........the link is below Bulletin Brought to You by ЮägØñ¤†ämë® - Please read profile before adding@ fubar
shoot, I hate when people say what they don't mean. My friends cousin keeps saying he loves me, I'm like Krissss don't say that. Serious. grrrrr, I dont wanna hear it if it isn't true. That's just a pet peeve
Thinking About My Dad!
My Dad is dying of panceras cancer and spreading rapidly. I know the Lord is watching over him. I know he will be in a better place where he can breathe well. He is a amazing guy! He adopted when I was 2yrs from Siagon Vietnam. He put mke under his wing. I want everyone to put my Dad in your prayers! I love you Daddy and always will!
Psy Paper
There comes a time in all our life’s when we need to think outside the box. This is an understatement. We all should view the world as a corporate body. Life comes at from so many different angles and we all gain abstractions or judgments. I understand your method of teaching although I don’t agree with all you believe, I do respect what you’re trying to do. As a result of your class I have learned to think more outside of my own box and get past my abstractions. You have discussed so many different topics and they all have a correlation, which is the crazy world we live in. I am not going to comment on every discussion, if that is okay. There were always a few of these topics on my mind, even before I had the privilege of attending your class. In this paper I will explain what I agree with as well as what I disagree with. You were always open to our views and this is a good thing. We always agreed to disagree in your class and this is a good thing. The decline of family morals in
My Sweetheart!
i met a great gal name ashley 3 months ago on another website. she's the love of my life. we might meet soon. she's talking about coming up to fond du lac, wi where i live to see me with her cousin. it would be great if she did. she's the best thing that's happened to me. i don't want to lose her. she's great. i love her so much.
Midnight Special!!
Come join the first train that pays to be on it .. For every member that joins you receive a small gift such as a gift from the fu shop.. fu bucks.. bling .. ticker.. 1 day blast .. Exp..When you join you give a gift to the person who joined before you and then the next person that joins gives you a gift.. This is the giving train.. As some ppl can't always afford these items it's a nice way to return love to others even if just with a small gift. To join you must F/R/A all train members then send a message to the Conductor, Co-Conductors, or Engineer. Conductor Carnie@ fubar Co-Conductor (2nd in command) ~GreenEyedGoddess ~Owner of Blue Dragon Owned by Abby again :) {Shadow Levelers}@ fubar Engineer (3rd in command) Abby ~Screw the r
Own Me
In The Corner
A woman was in bed with her lover when she heard her husband opening the front door. "Hurry!" she said, "stand in the corner." She quickly rubbed baby oil allover him and then she dusted him with talcum powder. "Don't move until I tell you to," she whispered. "Just pretend you're a statue." "What's this, honey?" the husband enquired as he entered the room. "Oh, its just a statue," she replied nonchalantly. "The Smiths bought one for their bedroom. I liked it so much, I got one for us too." No more was said about the statue, not even later that night when they went to sleep. Around two in the morning the husband got out of bed, went to the kitchen and returned a while later with a sandwich and a glass of milk. "Here," he said to the 'statue', "eat something. I stood like an idiot at the Smiths for three days and nobody offered me as much as a glass of water."
What A Fukin Jerk
MephistophelesMephistoph...: either u have something to hide or ur ashamed of who u r either way I don't talkto people I don't know Mephistoph...: why ->Mephistoph...: tell u what put a real pic of urself up Mephistoph...: not Mephistoph...: and im nopt asking so ->Mephistoph...: still won't cam with u Mephistoph...: want to try and be friend's??? ->Mephistoph...: look I don't know who u r and really don't care think what u want matter not to me Mephistoph...: sure right ->Mephistoph...: hot has nothing to do with it Mephistoph...: sorry im not hot ->Mephistoph...: u don't even have a real pic of urself u want people to cam with u ->Mephistoph...: I don't date anyone I'm married Mephistoph...: so do you date hot fit guys our fat ass ugly guy's and be honest Mephistoph...: ok ->Mephistoph...: has nothing to do with it and I have never even talked to you up until now Mephistoph...: friend's Mephistoph...: arew e friedns our not Mephistoph...: yeah
Out Of Touch!!
Just to let my friends and family know I will be out of touch the next few days. My Grandaddy passed away this morning so I will be leaving for Alabama tomorrow and won't be back till Friday. Hope you all are well. Love BabyGirl
Redhot Redheads Contest
Please Come Rate And Comment Bomb Me!!!
Always And Forever
As I write, I'll sing this song for the greatest love I've ever known. To my heart, you have the only key, I beg of you, never set me free. I prayed to God for a love so true now, I, realize He already knew. In time my prayer WAS answered, the most wonderful woman HE BLESSED ME WITH YOU. What we share feels so right to say I love you every night. Wonderful moments shared, precious memories, still tell me you care. I see your shadow, as I lay myself to sleep. Dreams of you, oh so sweet in my heart, I will keep. Look into my heart, my life. Tell me, what do you see? can you feel the need, the want, as I to be your husband, you my wife. Much joy and happiness you've brought me. If I had life to live again, I'd want to with you, my lover, my best friend. Always and Forever, I'll love you till the end.
The Glass
I stand behind the thin sheet of glass Watching my angel from a far I want so badly to be there To share in who you are So much has been taken from you These things I want to help you get back I pound my fists in anger but I'm held back by this fucking glass I fight more than just physically My emotions spinning out of control My body is stuck in one place In another is my soul My heart is no longer with me It was abandoned and left in the trash Somehow it made its way to you While I'm stuck behind the glass
Memorial Day
Memorial Day is just around the corner. There is no better time to remember our veterans and our troops. I watched the flag pass by one day, It fluttered in the breeze. A young Marine saluted it, And then he stood at ease.. I looked at him in uniform So young, so tall, so proud, With hair cut square and eyes alert He'd stand out in any crowd. I thought how many men like him Had fallen through the years. How many died on foreign soil How many mothers' tears? How many pilots' planes shot down? How many died at sea How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? No, freedom isn't free. I heard the sound of Taps one night, When everything was still, I listened to the bugler play And felt a sudden chill. I wondered just how many times That Taps had meant "Amen," When a flag had draped a
Im Up For Auction Again!!!
hey everyone im going back on the auction block again!!! all these people that want me lets see how much im really worth!!!!!!! love yall xoxoxo what u do is click the picture and then place your bid in a photo comment.
Snippet Of New Story !
You stare at the ceiling, and the tears start to flow. Darkness falls slowly outside the window of your lover's house. Is this what it's like to be a Princess? You'll never feel normal or safe again.
I Love You Forever
I remember the night we met. I knew you would be mine. Now, all these years later I still thank God for you. I love the pillow talks late at night when neither of us can sleep. I love how we can joke around, and laugh at each other when we do something stupid. You are my best friend for always, and I will be here for you whenever you need me, like you have been for me. I will be there by your side, no matter which way the journey of our lives take us. We have been through too much to quit now. I love you forever...
Fed Up
IM FED UP WITH THESE SO CALLED CAM MODELES is there no way to stop them this week alone ive had four ask me if i wont to go to msn or yahoo i have blocked them but sooner or later some one else will try,get a real job and a life and sod off,has any one else had this trouble?
The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time I am here still waiting though i still have my doubts I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing With a broken heart that's still beating In the pain there is healing In your name I find meaning So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on I'm barely holdin' on to you The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head I tried my best to be guarded, I'm an open book instead I still see your reflection inside of my eyes That are looking for a purpose, they're still looking for life I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing with a broken heart that's still beating In the pain there is healing In your name I find meaning So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on I'm barely holdin' on to you I'm hangin' on another day Just to see what you will throw my way And I'm hanging on to the words
In The Night
In the Night by LateNiteFantasy© Her hands stretched out silently. Nimble fingers curled and wrapped themselves around a strong pulsation. Her soft skin explores ridges and textures as if she were a curious child. She grins into the dark room as the pulse beats faster, breathing comes out harsher. Her ears perk to the soft sounds of arousal that come from her right. She blocks all sound and she focuses herself on feeling. Skin rubs against skin. The palms of her hands memorizing the folds of skin on the pulse to her side. She scoots her body down to lie face to face with her beloved rhythm. She leans her head on her hand as her eyes strain in the night to see. Dark shadows swell and thicken as she spies soft movements in the dark. Skin touches her absently in the vast inkiness. She silently moves it. Her hand moves slowly still in long loving strokes over the ridges and mouth of the pulse. Her lips burn to feel the pounding beneath them. She tongues the mouth of it softly, add
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i am in a 400k giveaway and i need all the help i can get so plz help me out
you know kentucky is fuckin' boring when i hit my photo rating limit for the day. well not gonna have internets until i get to CA in another week, just another 2,000 miles to god damn drive. rock out.
Forbidden Bikini Contest Contestents
Sunset Shawty
Well I've seen 3 "updated" mummer posters now... I am in nither... I guess I'm not a mummer... oh well you can still find me in the mumms
Thank You Again
Once again I need to thank every1 that helped me in the processing of leveling you guys are awsome
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Native Tobacco..(pukewed)
Lobelia ( Lobelia inflata ), also called Indian tobacco, has a long history of use as an herbal remedy for respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and cough. Native Americans historically have smoked lobelia as a treatment for asthma. In the 19th century, American physicians prescribed lobelia to induce vomiting in order remove toxins from the body. Because of this, it earned the name "puke weed." Today, lobelia is considered effective in helping clear mucus from the respiratory tract, including the throat, lungs, and bronchial tubes. Although few studies have thoroughly evaluated the safety and effectiveness of lobelia, some herbalists today incorporate lobelia into a comprehensive treatment plan for asthma. An active ingredient in the lobelia plant, lobeline, is similar to nicotine in its effect on the body. Like nicotine, it stimulates nerves in the central nervous system. For this reason, lobeline was once used as a nicotine substitute in many anti-smoking
Dreams about a compass, the universal symbol of direction, often involve either getting back on track or trying to discern what course should be set for the path ahead. Or the compass may have been found or given to you by a mentor figure of some kind. Checking out the mentor and her or his relationship to you should be a central concern of the dream.
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IM BACK IN THE GAME MY S*U*P* ~ HELLCAT~ SQUIRTER KAYLA OWN IT! & ( Asst Chief 2nd Alarm)ÇajùnLa†iNa?2ndÅ@ fubar SheSmilesInTheDarkness ~2nd Alarm Hotties~@ fubar @ fubar ßømߧh裣 ™ - 2nd Alarm Hottie's * Elite Hottie*@ fubar Lick Me Down I Taste Like Cinnamon (Fu~Angel) **2nd Alarm Hotties****Fubar's Finest Melons**@ fubar Rain+HookahRadio+ 2nd Alarm Hotties@ fubar @ fubar ~BeautifullyBroken~2nd Alarm Hotties@ fubar Brazen Bombshell *~2nd Alarm Hottie~*
Going Forward
So this going to be vauge and you will have to just read between the lines..If you dont get it I am sorry but I just wanna put it in writing to remind myself... Historically I have never fully acted on things I wanted to do. Why because deep down there was still that feeling of honesty. Even though I had the honest to goodness no holds barred ok to do so. But still I never fully committed to doing it. Now recent events have totally changed that feeling From now on I will do what I want when I want..For me These recent events havent changed the way I feel they have just allowed me to loose the guilt of following thru.. It still maybe wrong..or right but its my decision to do it and I will live with the consequences of my actions or non actions.. Ok thats it..
Background 7
Hey all check out my sexy fu owners . The first one is Kitten . The second one is dj foxy The the third is Kerigirl4u and the fourth is BrandiCakez The fith and newest is Tracy (Shadowleveler). Make sure you show them lots of fu love . there are all sweethearts and the best friends anyone can have . so hit up there pages and rate , fan and add and bomb there pics . they deserve it . Thank you in advance . ♥Kitten♥ ♠Dirty Deeds Radio♠ ♣Owned by Yakuza♣@ fubar ÐJ fÖ×¥ ~ ÖWñÈR Öf RÈLÈñ†Lȧ§ RÄÐÌÖ ~ ÖWñÈРߥ ÐJ †ÄZMÄñ ~@ fubar Kerigirl4you~Playmate@Forbidden/Exotic Dreams@ fubar =*BrandiCakez*=*Owned by Tiger*=*Head Greeter @ Misfits Hangout*=*RR Member*=@ fubar TRÄÇ¥ {§håÐðw Lêvêlêr †êåm LêåÐêr}þrðµÐl¥ ÖwñêРߥ ~♡~§ÚMMÈR~ & ÐJ~mmðµ§ê~Promoter @ ddr@ fubar
My Midget
Where To Live After Retirement
You can live in Phoenix , Arizona where..... 1. You are willing to park 3 blocks away because you found shade. 2. You've experienced condensation on your butt from the hot water in the toilet bowl. 3. You can drive for 4 hours in one direction and never leave town. 4. You have over 100 recipes for Mexican food. 5. You know that 'dry heat' is comparable to what hits you in the face when you open your oven door. 6 The 4 seasons are: tolerable, hot, really hot, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! You can Live in California where... 1. You make over $250,000 and you still can't afford to buy a house. 2. The fastest part of your commute is going down your driveway. 3. You know how to eat an artichoke. 4. You drive your rented Mercedes to your neighborhood block party. 5. When someone asks you how far something is, you tell them how long it will take to get there rather than how many miles away it is. 6 The 4 seasons are: Fire, Flood, Mud, and Drought Y
~i Pretend~
Wednesday, July 23, 2008 Days go by and i havent heard from you....... Watching the clock, my phone, checking my messages......... Then finally i do......... And once again~ i pretend........ I fake a smile and put on a show......... I pretend i'm ok and everything's fine......... I pretend my heart doesnt ache for you every second of every day........ I pretend i'm happy for you and i'm moving on........ I pretend my heart isn't burning in my chest......... I pretend it doesnt hurt to hear you mention her......... I pretend i dont want those strong arms around me holding me tight........ I pretend its easy to fall asleep each and every night......... and as you walk away.......... my smile fades....... I fall to my knees and weep for you.......... until our paths cross again.......... and i pretend.......... ~Patrice~ ~For Tony~
A Letter To My Best Friend
Dear best friend, I hope you read this I hope you realize why I did what I did sis. I can't explain what I went through To get me where I am But all I know is I need you My sister and my friend Lets not let our differences Tear us further apart I'll be sitting here in silence Until you have a change of heart Please don't leave me waiting For it's times like these you see When all around me walls are breaking I need my sister beside me So, please best friend and sister, read this And realize I only do the things I think are best.
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Okay I Got It This Is All You Need To Know
Just A Girl
Today, upon a bus, I saw a girl with golden hair I looked at her and sighed and wished I was as fair. When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the aisle. She had one leg and used a crutch But as she passed, she passed a smile. Oh, God, forgive me when I whine I have 2 legs, the world is mine. I stopped to buy some candy The lad who sold it had such charm I talked with him a while, he seemed so very glad If I were late, it'd do no harm. And as I left, he said to me, "I thank you, you've been so kind. It's nice to talk with folks like you. You see," he said, "I'm blind." Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have 2 eyes, the world is mine. Later while walking down the street, I saw a child with eyes of blue He stood and watched the others play He did not know what to do. I stopped a moment and then I said, "Why don't you join the others, dear?" He looked ahead without a word. And then I knew, he couldn't hear. Oh, God, f
F*cked Up Society
Recently in Minnesota there have been a few really fucked up things people have done... 1st....A black woman helped a 72 year old blind man cross the street, he bought her a slushee to repay her...she jacks his wallet and runs. 2nd....A 17 year old boy was at the Metrodome enjoying a baseball game. This young man has a neurological disorder that keeps him wheelchair bound. To better enjoy the game he was moved from his chair to a stadium seat...While the young man was watching the game a man hopped in the 20k wheelchair and took off with it. Left is 3 miles away when the battery died. 3rd...A woman who was battling breast cancer was walking around a lake in St Paul...In broad daylight 8 young men attacked her with a baseball bat breaking both arms, all finger, ripping out her chemo port and causing internal bleeding... These 3 things happened within 1 week...WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Is there no more common decency left? Are people that jaded and bored that they just don'
"gods: Greek, Roman Etc."
Various gods such as these figures often represent idealized desires, obstacles, powers, or relationships. The presence of the god figure often comes as a superlative. Some examples of this include: Thor as the most strength, Zeus as the most wisdom, and Eros as the greatest sexual desire. We may either encounter these figures directly or feel ourselves as persons occupying their bodies or adopting their attributes. These experiences show us important features of ourselves as agents of action in the world. We are confronted by these superlatives and are either thwarted by them or become more self-aware in who we need to be in the circumstances and relationships of life. If you are a student of mythology, it may be useful to investigate your dreams for themes of power, problem-solving, and self-awareness.
War Quotes
"Battles are sometimes won by generals; wars are nearly always won by sergeants and privates." -F.E. Adcock, British classical scholar The purpose of all war is peace. - Saint Augustine, 354-430 "To have good soldiers, a nation must always be at war." - Napoleon Bonaparte "Laws are inoperative in war" - Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.): Pro Milone. "War is the continuation of policy(politics) by other means." - Karl von Clausewitz Or "It is clear that war is not a mere act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political activity by other means" This is from a translated version of "On War" from 1976 "War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military." - Georges Clemenceau "I don't know whether war is an interlude during peace, or peace is an interlude during war." - Georges Clemenceau "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity." -Ge
Birthday Kitty
Happy Happy Birthday HellCat!! May your birthday bring You as much happiness As you give to everyone Who knows you Happy Birthday!! Meow Meow!! Pet This Kitty and Make Her Purrrr!! HELLCAT aka SHADYS SPELLCHECK *CO-OWNER OF FUBARS FLAMING HOTTIES* FEEL THE HEAT@ fubar Brought to You By Mee!! **Miss juju** , The Luvßug, FUBARS FLAMING HOTTIES* FEEL THE HEAT ** Fu. Owned By Brian **@ fubar HellCat's lil Bugg!!
Am I Asking For To Much??
Am I asking to much for some help in a contest? I mean I have helped alot of people in theirs and do i get help from many people No I don't. Thank you to the people who have helped me so far but i thought i would have lot of friends helping me since i have over 1,000 friends.... just asking for one rate or a couple comments... Can a girl get this???? i was crying yesterday cus no one was helping but i guess i will do my best on my own ty
How Was I Born ?
A little boy goes to his father and asks 'Daddy, how was I born?' The father answers, 'Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said: 'You got Male!'
My Porn Links
I thought you may want to check out my porn links. 36d hugs, Ms. Cleavage
My computer crashed last night! I am so pissed, it erased my homework and everything!!! I don't have far to go to godmother, just over 900, me level please?? You have only 7 days until your VIP status expires! ^^^speaks for itself.... I need to find a chiropractor, my hip is killing me! I can't walk right and the its making the rest of me hurt... Enough bitching...I had a good weekend for the most part, and I may have found someone I am interested in dating, YaY me:) How was everyone's weekend?
Bobby Kendall Up Coming Country Star
To All The Levelers And Git ~r~done Family
I HAVE TO SAY THANKS TO ALL OF THE LEVELERS FOR HELPING ME OUT AND THE GET R DONE FAMILY. TO ANYONE ELSE SPECIFICALLY I DID NOT MENTION I APOLOGIZE. CAN YOU SHOW ALL OF THESE PEOPLE BELOW YOUR LOVIN!!!! ♦DeViLiSh DeSiRe♦Slave To GARY&CAPPY~Don't Try & Fix Me I'm NOT BrOkEn~@ fubar ♥BooBoo♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned By Farscapecat &Sarcastk1@ fubar WatcherVICE PRES AND BOMBSQUAD LEADER OF GRD Owned by RebelLady and GRITS And DjAimee CONFEDERATE B@ fubar Mikey@ fubar/" target=_blank>♫ ô DJ Aimee ♫ ô ~The Bitch You Love To Hate~ President of GIT-R-DONE REBEL BOMBSQUAD@ fubar JOHNNY@ fubar
You Win
i have ruined 2 people lives by causing trouble between them i am the bad person here ,, so i am basicaly saying you have him i dont want him you win and i am veery sorry for doing this to the 2 people i got fighting,, its all my falt,, thats all i am done
1st Day Of Kindergarten
Good morning well john bugs started kindergarten today. so i took a few days off to see off his first few days to school. well it started off well he got up w/o a hitch. he got dressed w/o a hitch. then he cried because he was scared to go to school. so we all got in the got in the car and got to school and he walked to the class fine. we went to class and we convinced him to sit on the mat where is name was. THEN the teacher said it was time for the parents to leave. well Collin decided it wasn't leaving and threw himself on the ground and wasn't getting up !!! we got him to go but he was walking on his knees and wouldn't get up then john freaked and started crying then others started crying. i finally got collin to stand and walk and got him out of the classroom. when looked back john was running out of the class room crying " i don't want to go to school" and "i'm scared" then there is wifey in the middle the court yard tell john it would be alright and john runnin
Not Real
Not Real ---------------- You and I can occupy The same space and same time But togetherness is still an illusion The real distance is in our minds And our hearts aren’t far behind Each passing day just leads to more confusion But it doesn’t matter I’m not real And I’m not allowed to feel Don’t you dig too deep You’ll ruin everything I can talk & talk But not say a word It doesn’t matter what you heard ‘Cause it’s obvious that you’re not listening So let’s just smile Crack some jokes Share a drink, a couple smokes It don’t mean nothin’ but the nothin’ that it is I won’t allow, I won’t pretend That we’re anything but friends The kind of friends who keep it strictly biz I won’t confide in you I won’t expect you to Be anything that I might really need No expectations of Amazing, perfect love Here we are, just us, ‘as is’, no guarantees Now I’m not real, don’t even care That you seem so unaware That it’s you who made me something less t
Mexico History Course Pt 2
eliminating special privileges. The creoles and penninsulars they declare their independence in order to not have a liberal king who would have threatened their privileges. a) Conservative movement: Mexico replaced the Spanish king with a creole king. Augustín de Iturbide, royal officer, and now king of Mexico 1821. Mexico starts its independence with a king. Started as a revolt of the downtrodden people, then ended up being a conservative coup, with a new creole king. What started in 1810 as a race thing, ending with monarch. Tuesday, February 21, 2006 Class 13 week 7movies next week. 245 this Thursday. 1) Early National Period: early 19th century, post independence period. Wars of independence lasted 11 years. a) Legacies of colonialism/independence: i) Bankruptcy: after independence. Economic chaos, wars destroyed economy, Mexico had been Spain’s wealthy colonies, the mines were destroyed, agricultural production and trade collapsed. Last through much of the 19th and into th
Just On
OK so ive been on this site just checking it out. not even 30 minutes pass by without some one yelling at me. LIKE MY MOTHERS!!!! these pathetic and lonly people gave me a good laugh. I guess this is a request to anyone who reads this to let my know if i should excepct more DOUCHEBAGGERY or if its jsut this "FAMIY" as they called it that sucks.
Bbq Cheese Dog Pizza
INGREDIENTS 1 can (11 oz) Pillsbury® refrigerated thin pizza crust 6 hot dogs, cut into 1/2-inch slices 1/2 cup barbecue sauce 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup sweet pickle relish 1 tablespoon yellow mustard 1 1/2 cups shredded sharp Cheddar cheese (6 oz) DIRECTIONS 1. Heat oven to 400°F. Spray or grease 15x10-inch or larger dark or nonstick cookie sheet. Unroll dough on cookie sheet; starting at center, press dough into 15x10-inch rectangle. 2. In medium bowl, mix hot dogs, barbecue sauce, onion, relish and mustard. Spoon evenly over dough. Sprinkle with cheese. 3. Bake 12 to 15 minutes or until crust is golden brown and cheese is melted. High Altitude (3500-6500 ft): Bake 2 to 4 minutes longer.
Jlynns Happy Hour Sept 20th 8pm Est And Its Her Birthday Show Her Loveeeee!
Show Jlynn Some Mad Luv For Her HAPPY HOUR And BIRTHDAY Sept 20th 8PM EST!!!!! Click The Pic ^^ To Show Mad Luv!!!
Can a man and a woman who have a past still be friends? Be it a short past or long, be it more than what you expected or just alright? Can he truly tell you his true feelings? Are there things he may want to ask you? Can you become friends again?
Dear Fubar
Dear Fubar I know and agree with you since 2007 you have told me this over 20 times.Ian === 'fubar Support' wrote the following at '2008-09-28 05:57:01'.. > > Dear leg: > > You have stopped collecting points because you cannot move higher than > level 10 without a salute. To continue accumulating points and move to a > higher level, please post a salute. The process is explained in the fubar > Bible section on salutes. > > Salute Help > > -fubar family
Crazy Idea.... Will Never Work
Instead of the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout of AIG.... How about giving $85,000,000,000 to America in a 'We Deserve It Dividend?' To make the math simple, let’s assume there are 200,000,000 bonafide U.S. Citizens 18+. Our population is about 301,000,000 counting every man, woman and child. So 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up.. So divide 200 million adults 18+ into $85 billon that equals $425,000.00. My plan is to give $425,000 to every person 18+ as a We Deserve It Dividend. Of course, it would NOT be tax free. So let’s assume a tax rate of 30%. Every individual 18+ has to pay $127,500.00 in taxes. That sends $25,500,000,000 right back to Uncle Sam. But it means that every adult 18+ has $297,500.00 in their pocket. A husband and wife has $595,000.00. What would you do with $297,500.00 to $595,000.00 in your family? Pay off your mortgage – housing crisis solved. Repay college loans – what a great boost to new grads Put away
Lilith Vamp Two
15 minutes later.... Lilith stands at the door of the night owl restaurant. waiting for Ambrosia... "thanks for coming on such short notice" Says ambrosia " oh you know it's not a problem for me. It looks like it may for you though." Lilith says "your right. i have to go lock up when your done please." Ambrosia says as she hands Lilith a key. " No problem but first i need my money." "always business with you isn't it?" Says Ambrosia " No." Lilith says with a smile. " but then again you blood sucking vamps always try and take advantage of us. at least we eat all of our prey." "Yes, yes." Ambrosia says as she reaches into her purse and pulls out a stack of bills. "five thousand is all i have on me I'll give you the rest tonight after i get up." "That's fine, but I'm sure you'll be giving me more than just money by then." Lilith says with a smile. "yeah well," Ambrosia says with a shrug. "girls gotta eat." Ambrosia turns and leaves. "Sweet dreams Vamp." Lilith says as she
Fundraising For The American Cancer Society By Running A Marathon
Hi to all who might read this, In less than two weeks, I am running my fifth edition of the Chicago Marathon, on behalf of the American Cancer Society, in memory of my grandfather, Dr. Edmond Ray Cole. He was a kind and brilliant man, a doctor who specialized in the study of the coagulative properties of human blood. He helped shape the man that I am today, and I want to honor the lasting impact that he has left upon me. I know that my story is not unique... millions of people are charged with living with cancer every year, and millions more lose their fight with the disease. So, I hope that there are others out there who care about this cause, and can help me give further hope to the cancer community, because together, we can help. If this is a cause that you too, would like to support, please feel free to either e-mail me, or donate online via the following link: Thanks in advance to any who might be able to help. If there is
Wanna Own Me Today
1 Million
Passed the 1 million point mark tonight. No happy hours, no VIP's, no blasts, no bling; just too much time spent on this damn site.
Help Her Wolrd!!!
CLICK THE PIK! RATE FOR 1K PM ME TO GET PAID every fifth PM will get a bling include ur rate number please!!! rate the AWESOME host too MsCharlotte2U!~No Rate No Add~@ fubar Private Message Her World For The Bucks and Possible Bling!!! })i({ HER ✌ WORLD })i({ ® ღ* �*ღ FuAngels Co-Captain Team 3 ღ* �@ fubar
Breast Cancer Myths
Don't let yourself be a victim of misinformation and the myths generated by fear. BREAST CANCER MYTHS The Myth Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer. The Truth If you discover a persistent lump in your breast or any changes in breast tissue, it is very important that you see a physician immediately. However, 8 out of 10 breast lumps are benign, or not cancerous. Sometimes women stay away from medical care because they fear what they might find. Take charge of your health by performing routine breast self-exams, establishing ongoing communication with your doctor, and scheduling regular mammograms. The Myth Men do not get breast cancer. The Truth Quite the contrary. Each year it is estimated that approximately 1,700 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 450 will die. While this percentage is still small, men should also give themselves regular breast self-exams and note any changes to their physicians. The Myth A mammogram can cause breas
Team 3 Fu-angels Babygirl Got Her Halo Back!!!
People can change IF they want to. Everybody makes mistakes, it just depends on if you learn from them or not. The ones who do, SHOULD be given a second chance. The ones who don't, really don't deserve it. Life is too SHORT not to forgive..... You might be missing out on TRUE HAPPINESS......
Auto 11's Your Chance To Get Some Points!
AUTO 11'S ARE ON...COME HELP ME GET TO DISCIPLE!! Yepp that's right I am a little over 280k away from becoming the next disciple of fubar and I have just activated my auto 11's. SO FEEL FREE TO COME BY AND SHOW ME LOTS OF LOVE!! Not only will it help me reach disciple but it will also give you tons of points too. DON'T LIKE ME TOO MUCH? That's ok you can rate me a 1 and get your frustrations out...I PROMISE I'LL LIKE IT!! JUST CLICK THE PIC BELOW AND IT WILL TAKE YOU RIGHT WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!! EasyOnTheEyz¢¾ChippersBiSexualLover¢¾Promoter@ForbiddenInc@ fubar MUCH LOVE~MANDI AKA EasyOnTheEyz
For You And The Ones To Come ... My Friends
I'm glad your my friend... Yep..working working working. But I'm not going to write about that..oh no. This entry is dedicated to my friends. Every single one of you. Been through a lot went through some changes, but you're still hanging by my side and you don't know how much that means to me. Yes, I know I'm weird,impatient,quiet.aloof and sometimes not there all together.. but so are you dammit. In fact you're alot like me. But I love you nonetheless and will always respect you forever and ever. It's very hard for me to open up to people and trust me it takes a long while just to even get started, but I've been making a lot of progress. All thanks to you ... my friends. Looking back on the years I've seen how I've grown as a person..meaning I actually talk now. I couldn't have done it without your friendship and you constantly yelling at me and bothering me..driving me crazy..causing me to yell back,lol but it was all worth it and I thank you. I've learned that you don't
Due South - The Mountie Song Revisited *grinz
Hey Friends
Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. I had a little problem after Ike...... Guess it just all hit me at onetime and I just couldn't deal. My Stalker turned owner worked my out of it by keeping me, busier then normal. School is kicking my ass. I'll try to write more often. Luv U Tara
Truth About Halloween
Truth about Halloween Halloween: The Real Story! Father Augustine Thompson, O.P., We’ve all heard the allegations. Halloween is a pagan rite dating back to some pre-Christian festival among the Celtic Druids that escaped Church suppression. Even today modern pagans and witches continue to celebrate this ancient festival. If you let your kids go trick-or-treating, they will be worshiping the devil and pagan gods. Nothing could be further from the truth. The origins of Halloween are, in fact, very Christian and rather American. Halloween falls on October 31 because of a pope, and its observances are the result of medieval Catholic piety. It’s true that the ancient Celts of Ireland and Britain celebrated a minor festival on Oct. 31 — as they did on the last day of most other months of the year. However, Halloween falls on the last day of October because the Feast of All Saints or "All Hallows" falls on Nov. 1. The feast in honor of all the saints in heaven u
Need Great Ideas For Halloween Night
my all my fubar friends , i need great ideas for this halloween because i will really bored. please leave ideas in comments and private messages and thank you very much
Nailed It!
I went to my first audition today. (I hate the term “audition.” It sounds so “yes, I’ll eat Top Ramen and wait tables until I make it big.”) After years of hearing people suggest it to me, I finally did something about it; I took a class, took the suggestions of my professor, mixed my delivery and recorded the material for my demo CD (still in the process of being edited). Last week, I took another suggestion. “Here. Respond to the ad. Call the number on the city’s flyer,” a friend said. I called. I backed out after being told I was one of hundreds of respondents. I took another suggestion. “Come anyway,” she said, “I have a feeling we’ll use you.” “We?” I asked. “I,” she said. “The auditions are to be fair. I make the decision and I think I just did.” I took the suggestion and came anyway. I went to my first audition today. “Take one,” she said. “5, 4, 3, *, *” I smiled for warmth, kept my mouth open for enunciation and let ‘er rip. After the fi
Ready To Run Away!
interesting i wake up everyday to this thing called life..and i have no idea where or when its going to change.. everyone says u can change ur life but im believing now that in most cases yes and in some u just cant.. I changed my job which will be starting on monday. im very excited about it but i have also found that in the middle of the good..the bad just keeps coming back. again i get this morning and something told me to call out of on my last week and have a ton of days left to i can at this point..i call my mom which many of u know and if u follow my blog..i have had major problems with this yr. anyway no i figure i better drive over there. Get there and she is just about in a coma well its seems.i take her blood sugar and its 23..I call 911 and start pumping OJ, yogurt anything i can find into her. needless to say..another day in the hopital all day and she is still there and they dont know what they are going to do at this point. She has mental i
You Should Be a Romance Novelist You see the world as it should be, and this goes double for all matters of the heart. You can find the romance in any situation, and you would make a talented romance story writer... And while you may be a traditional romantic, you're just as likely to be drawn to quirky or dark love stories. As long as it deals with infatuation, heartbreak, and soulmates - you could write it. What Type of Writer Should You Be?
Udate An Other Ramblings
hello all im just lettin those who care..that im back.. alot of yall know we still tryin to get the house the pc had to be unplugged to so we can finish paintin and such... so if i do disspear for those who notice thats why..i try to get the word out but its not easy..b/c i dont have have some ppl other msgers so i have to rely on other for me..and i thank those who tried...before i left..i did a thank your bully to thank those who been showin me love..and help make my hh a big sucess..but as im come back i dont see many look on my i dont know how to do the fance bully or blogs...but i do take my time and write from my heart...but not many freinds or family come look..but i see others blogs and ppl view and commment not on mien on other ppl...when i came back i was happy back...i know fubar change and i see some of the ppl change too....i mean i barley had anyobdy on my page...not even the usual comements i get...ppl not worry bou
Vote With Intelligence On November 4th
McCain/Palin supporters (i.e. right wing religious nutjobs) cannot get offended by the opposition when they attack Palin's family. Because Gov. Palin parades her family out at every speech and rally and is constantly talking about how her experience as a mother qualifies her to become vice president or even president. If Barack Obama came out and said that he'd make a great president because he's a father and a husband, Fox News and the McCain compaign would be on him like white on rice. Stop calling it pro-life. It isn't. It's pro-birth. Palin's (and McCain's. I mean, did you watch the last debate? He mocked a woman's health as an extreme reason for abortion) thoughts are a woman shouldn't have the right to abortion, no matter the circumstances of the pregnancy or the health of the expecting mother. Please hope her daughter Piper (it's too later for Bristol because she ignored the abstinence-only sex education she received and got knocked up by her hockey playing boyfriend) doesn't
I Have Been Waiting All My Life
Maybe it's intuition But some things you just don't question Like in your eyes I see my future in an instant And there it goes I think I've found my best friend I know that it might sound more than a little crazy But I believe I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life There's just no rhyme or reason Only this sense of completion And in your eyes I see the missing pieces I'm searching for I think I've found my way home I know that it might sound more than a little crazy But I believe I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life (add the whos here) A thousand angels dance around you I am complete now that I've found you (and the whos here) I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting al
More Sb Fun
why do men think they are soo superior? read from bottom up ->popeye1346: oh ok, i work on that.....thanks popeye1346: loss few pounds and get a face would make it! ->popeye1346: i shall cry many tears for my loss popeye1346: ur loss ->popeye1346: no thx, i'm allergic to myspace popeye1346: ohhh in case the education is not enough, go check me ->popeye1346: oh yea, i just randomly give that out to people popeye1346: i like that better! whats ur msn o yahoo? ->popeye1346: i bow in your greatness, sir popeye1346: too brilliant i guess! ->popeye1346: oh you now what...bitch is on my birth certificate, wow you must be brilliant popeye1346: nop, just cause u only answer ur name! ->popeye1346: right on, so i am a bitch simply because i did't respond? that's not really fair now is it? popeye1346: simply cause i have nuthin to prove!LMAO ->popeye1346: well then if your so well spoken, why did you use such a cheesy line? popeye1346: u seriously
A hug is a wonderful gift to share, A way to show each other that we care; There is so much a hug is able to do, When you feel those arms holding you. A hug is a place to feel safe and warm, A comfort for a sad heart that is torn; An expression of the love in our heart, For ones who we wish, never to be apart. A hug is a greeting when we meet to say hello, Or to say goodbye when we have to go; It can hold us up when life gets us down, And makes us smile, instead of frown. A hug can be given for no reason at all, And given to those, both big and small; We're never too old to feel the joy it brings, As it is one of life's most pleasing things. And for all of this beauty, a hug is free! It costs nothing, yet means so much to me; We should all hug another to show we care, For to feel a warm hug, nothing can compare Sent to me by fufriend ""**~TATA'S BOO~*"" CLAYTO""``~~PHSYCO SPANKER!!!!!!!!!!```~~~~~~~
Newcomer Vs. Old Timer?
94 days, wow. Addict name Carlton again, and again, and yet again. I am like the disease I won’t ever stop. Stop what? I won’t stop staying clean as long as my days end the same way they started clean. Fuck all the bullshit that surrounds my soul casting judgment trying to reduce my faith, which is exactly what people never pay attention to, my faith. Sum resides around me in meetings day in and out trying show me how to wake and go to sleep clean. But since they are so busy trying to analyze who the fuck I am, they haven’t a clue I been cut my grass low, so I can see them long before they slither up trying to attack me with their cross sharing (trying to put a person down while they sharing). Why don’t they pay attention to whom I don’t act like, there fuckin self! What work for you did the program suggest do? It said, do whatever you do to stay clean, if it works. And it sure didn’t say mimic a mother fucker’s character, especially, those that carry that using mentality to maintai
A-11's On Only 2 Hrs Left Plz Help Thx!! Xoxo
AUTO-11's ON FOR ONLY 2 MORE HRS! COME LOVE ON ME & HAVE FUN LEVELING! TY XOXO > AngelnDiscEyes~Sexy BBW~ {DSC}~aka~Dirty Sowf Boop~FARC'n Bling Me~ Welcome 2 My World~@ fubar
Carrie's Vip Contest (closed)
Carrie is in a Contest Please help me win a VIP for next month... Contest starts at Noon today Fu-time. The rules are simple... The first person in the group to 13K wins... So, please stop by GoofyLady's page by clicking on my picture above and drop me a few comments... It will be greatly appreciated... If you have time to leave 100 comments, then I will make you this tag... Don't want a tag... I'll pay you 5k for 100 comments... If you can leave 200 comments... I'll make you a tag and pay you 5K fubucks... Don't want the tag... I'll pay you 10k for 200 comments... Thank you very much for any help you can give me... Don't forget to message me if you help me out... Hugs and Kisses... Carrie
WOrking nights all alone, I have tons of "me" time, and recently I've started trying to figure out my emotional distancing from people, and my attitude towards men. I have a most loving and wonderful husband in the world that I would give my arm for, and yet I am still indifferent to his sweetness. ANd I think I have figured out why...I can't treat him like shit. While I have never been burnt or hurt by men, I have encountered a lot of entitled, selfish assholes. I felt it was my duty to put them into their place, let them know they are not special, not all that, not flawless. I would go out with a guy, make snippy remarks about his bragging, let him know that I think and know that he is a lowly dog, and try to ruin his self esteem one by one. Once I went out with a guy that was in his 20s, and a lil spoiled brat. He whined about me being mean to him, and I told him that I want to treat him like a dog that he is. He was trying to sweet talk me ofcourse, but that didnt wor
Random Thoughts
Been doing a lot of thinking lately. Strange yes i know especially considering i do work two full time jobs. Got an email from an ex the other day. In it accusing me of being a lair and unfaithful. How is this possible when i have not had contact with this person in over two years. Yes you heard it two years. I kicked him out. We where only together about three months when i broke it off. I worked during this so called relationship about on average 16 hours a day, he on the other hand sat on his ass 24/7. Granted he did move down here to be with me but one would think he would get out and find a job. No instead he sat at the computer talking to other women, calling others, and not contributing to a relationship. A girl can only take so much. So honestly was i wrong in kicking him out. Granted the only reason i have contacted him in the past is he left some of his shit here and i want it gone. Guess i am stupid for storing it for him. So honestly guys if you read this tell me what you t
Thinking Of Deleting My Profile Here
I joined this site over two years ago when some of my family members joined, I have made many friends on here and even thought I met someone more special than that but they were playing head and heart game....anyway, people have stopped sending nice comments and rating pics and it has really just became boring, I come here just to see who is on and then normally get if you think I should stay give me a good reason, if not I probably will be leaving but if you want to continue being my friend you can add me at some other sites or add me on yahoo messenger.....Just let me know. Sharon
Fred Claus
Ok people I REALLY tried here! I made it through almost an hour of it but I just can't get into it. I have no idea who the movie is geared towards. There are adult references that would make it inappropriate for some children and it's not adult enough to be for adults only. I think I'm going to take it out now and put something else in. If you HAVE to see it because it has Vince Vaughn then enjoy. You very well may actually like it :P
Ever Feel Alone?
There have been alot of times that i have felt alone, most of the time while i am single or depressed. I know there are others out there who feel that way quite often. Wishing that they could find someone who is willing to date and makes them feel happy and good. Me, I feel lonely even when im married. There have been times when i will go to bed wishing that i had someone who would cuddle up with me all night rather than sleeping on the far end of the bed. There have been times like even now that i feel alone while my wife 'needs to get out of the house' and im here. Honestly, i would love to have some me time and get out of the house away from this life for a bit. But i dont. Why? because honestly i dont know enough peaple other than work who i could go visit. I am one of those people that would rather stay home and do other stuff. However there are those moments when being lonely realy sucks and hits hard, making me wish that i had someone in my life who would appriciate what i do
Re: Cost Of Bailout Hits $8.5 Trillion
RE: Cost Of Bailout Hits $8.5 Trillion ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 26 Nov 2008, 14:14 Cost Of Bailout Hits $8.5 Trillion The total cost of funds committed to the bailout in its various guises has now hit $8.5 trillion dollars, up from $7.7 trillion in just two days after the federal government committed an additional $800 billion to two new loan programs on Tuesday. http://www. prisonplanet. com/cost-of-bailout-hits-85-trillion. html
Auto 11's On Help A Leveler Level 3 Hours Left
Thanks to everyone who has been showing me love:)much love to you all!!Autos' are on for about 3 more hours or so!please drop by and i will try to return all love shown to me:)Thank you! Would love to make Prophet soon!All help is very appreciated!! (repost of original by 'JoAnna*{{Shadow Leveler}}*Club Far*{{Co-Founder of the LLama Levelers}}' on '2008-11-30 10:21:28')
General Statement Of Intent
So, basically, this is where I talk to myself and try to solve my own problems with life, the universe, and everything. Knowing the answer is 42 sometimes isn't a lot of help, after all. And why this forum instead of a real shrink? Well, look at the term I'm using to describe mental health professionals. I do not respect them. There are some who honestly try to help, but trying isn't doing. Not to mention this is cheaper. :) It also solves a couple other problems. There are sometimes things I wish to say to people, but find myself not doing so for various reasons. Fear they'll leave, fear they'll want more than I can give, because I think it sounds pathetic, etc. So if you think a post is about you, it quite well could be. You might want to ask first before you do anything irrevocable though.
Webinar Tonight Dec 9 At 6pm Pst. Must Registar.
Free Live Seminar: Weathering The Coming Financial Storm Join us for a Webinar on December 9 Title: Weathering The Coming Financial Storm Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar. Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: How do I navigate through the coming financial crunch? Is there a way to secure my financial future amidst all this global economic turmoil? This Web Meeting will expose you to an idea that will allow you to not just "survive" the financial tsunami that is already taking it's toll on SO MANY around us, but actually USES the financial turmoil to help you (and those you love) rise above these troubling economic times! Take notes and contact me afterward with comments, questions, etc. Thanks! Gene EXPECT SUCCESS!
This is Princess..and she is my most favoritist Blonde in the world!! She is perfectly awesome and one hell of a friend! I met her via the canadian boys...and I can't tell you how very happy I am I clicked her! She has always been there when I need her most..and I really can't put into words how very special she is to me. ♥ AlluringAlana♥'sPerfectlyPrettyPrinny!! Princess@ fubar ♥
Um we haven't had snow in years... i think in the past 10 years we have had like 3 nights where we had little flurries.. but nothing other than that since like 1988... but.. it looks like we are gonna get snow tonight! OMG see all that blue... thats SNOW!!!!! and its coming my way! (see lake charles on the map? thats me!)
Come Bid For The Bling!
so instead of having a contest for the bling ill be auctioning it off! so click the pic and place ur bids! fubux and cash bids accepted *****also im still up for auction so if u want me for the link or see another auction blog***** click here to bid for the bling
I Love You
imikimi - Customize Your World
I Need A Bulletin Made!
I will pay someone 200k fubucks to make me a bulletin stating my auto 11's are on. I want it to be fancy with graphics and a pic of me! Pleeeeaaasee with a cherry on top!
Key To My Heart
I had closed the door upon my heart And wouldn't let anyone in, I had trusted and loved only to be hurt But, that would never happen again. I had locked the door and tossed the key As hard, and as far as I could, Love would never enter there again, My heart was closed for good. Then you came into my life And made me change my mind, Just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find. That's when you held out your hand And proved to me I was wrong, Inside your palm was the key to my heart... You had it all along.
i set my status to: perfectly_inked needs a good_____. the list so far lottery ticket cocaine fix night kiss motorboat christmas movie spanking ( i have been a bad girl) salad tossing vibrator movie night with lots of junk food (yes, porco, for sure). a ride in the rape van with some good ole porco chicken.
^sin^ Has Auto 11s!!!
^sin^ has Auto 11s all night! ^sin^ ♥property of easye02476♥ Click this picture and give her lots of love: Get points, points, points! Click here: ^sin^ ♥property of easye02476♥ Public Service Announcement by: ღTulsa's Angelღ Sarge's Bad Girl ღ Club FAR Team LOVE ღ
I Found Him...(part 3)
So I found him and he asked me out to dinner - not only dinner - but dinner of my choice - so I Took him to my favorite Seafood Restaurant - and BOY was it spectacular -==== except for the fact that i noticed he didnt eat - just kept on drinking and ordering more drinks. So I looked him straight in the eye and said "why are you a drunk" he responded quite intelligently - why am i a drunk? is that what you really want to ask me? I said YES. he said also quite intelligently - well then this is either our first date or our last.... I hesitated - took a sip of my martini - looked at his beautiful blue eyes and said - "its our first!". then he sighed and answered honestly -- I'm just drinking to numb out all the bad in the world. I responded with - very clever - but it doesnt work and believe me i know because ive tried. Then he stole my heart even more by smiling at me and leaning over to light my cig - no lectures about me pulling out a cig to smoke - just smiled and leaned over an
Already There
I'm already there, don't make a sound. I'm the beat in your heart, I'm the moonlight shining down. I'm the whisper in the wind & I'll be there til the end. Can you feel the love we share? Oh...I'm already there.
Darkness...or Light?....a Balance Is What I Seek...
Darkness is only another expression of light. Without one, we could not have the other. Just as darkness and light exsist together, so do evil and goodness. If we refuse to acknowledge the darkness, how can we honor the light? So how can we ignore what is a natural part of life, a part of our own existence? There are seeds of evil inside us, just as there is seeds of divinity. We have to accept both. What we call good or bad, beautiful or ugly, is merely a judgment. The moment we judge, we separate ourselves from a part of life and lose sight of the unity of all things. When we refuse to judge, our minds and hearts remain open to an infinite realm of possibilities. We live in a world of opposites, a world of contrast between many forces. There will always be light and darkness, good and evil, pain and pleasure, chaos and order. Only when we accept the world as it is and embrace the rich diversity of experience will we know true happiness and freedom. Taken from the book 'Child of
Oh My!!
Subject: LocoMotion Message: I am standing on the platform at the train station...waiting to board the train on that long awaited business trip I needed to take. I notice you standing about 10 feet away...wearing a short coat...that does nothing to cover your ample are wearing a mini skirt with a slit up the back, allowing a great view of your uncovered ass cheeks. You drop your purse and bend over to retrieve it, bending straight from the waist...and showing the platform your ass...though...there are only two people on the platform, me and you. I do not think you notice me, as you hide your interest well. With the ample view of your back side that I just received, my cock is now bulging to be set free. The train tickets were cheap...for a very long trip...the reason we are the only people on the platform is because it is now 3 am...the train pulls in...and we board it. We enter the same car...the lounge car...chairs and seats everywhere...but not one single person
Goldmine Of Divine Grace
SEARCHING I walk and walk the many miles for you. I give and give until I have nothing more. I go on and on until I drop or fall, But I’m searching deep because I search for it all. Every day I die more inside. Eaten alive by myself inside of my core, Because I’m left alive with life that only I can sort through! I just want to see the Sun rising up so full and so high. I want to see the Sun set so huge with shadowing bits that glow. So I’ll just believe in this strength that comes through you to me. I search for you but why should I be the one who has to be one that believes? Everyday I’m alone and it’s nowhere that I go, Even when it’s my thoughts that I clearly identify! I just want to see the Moon so round and so high beaming me into the glow of light. I want to see the Moon peering through the lighter of my brightest day. I keep seeing all of these cushioned visions of just you and me. Searching for you gives m
The Silent One
THE SILENT ONE Who lives inside of you? Do you even really know? Have you ever talked to the one that always talks to you? Priorities stacked with proper perspective, your battleground or so it seems. The zest for life rises in you again and again dismissing the one inside to go! Overpowered by your own self-greed but where does the silent one keep disappearing to? The silent one holds your every single thought, even all of your dreams! What is it that lives inside of you? What makes you even want to breathe? Have you ever really felt the one who always feels you? Sweet innocence stands in the way of pure pleasure, your battleground or so it seems! A blissful moment in the hands of the one inside vanished again without a trace or lead! Consumed and self-gratified, but where does the silent one keep going to? The silent one holds your every thought, even the ones you clearly demean! Who gives you to you? Hav
MADOFF A.KA MADE OFF, MADEOFF, WITH 50 BILLONS,, MADEOFF, OUT OF JAIL. STILL SMILING WITH THAT SMARK ON HIS FACE….. . Then that pinko judge Ellis is getting kicks allowing madoff /madeoff .whatever out of jail .O I haven’t lost money to this guy…but iam pissed as hell why...he is a theft I hate people who steal… every night I trun on the news and see smirking god he laughing at us all he hurt my country ..and this bastared walking around .chillen in million dollar flat ……… oh yea real hard awwwwwwwwwww damit we the people should start hounding congress to make what madoof did a felony ... same with any one on office who takes kick backs bribes and riping off the pubic should be in jail for life NO PAROLE .. AT ALL… . .. I fought for my country only to have madoff rip us off blind… PEOPLE ARE KILLING THEM SELFS CUZ OF HIM … IMPEACH JUDGE ELLIS
Lol Sorry Az
So anyway yeah im a stinker lol since az tried to add doll once again today I figured hey its open season on futarts Not only did I highjack and change his bulletin his fam members were reposting our version and sending us fubucks cause az told them too ok it was me but ha I laughed either way heres the original below it will be our version on it hey thatx fu tart lol PLEASE HELP ME OUT > > > Listen people... > Let's be honest here for a minute. I am not, for whatever reason, the most liked individual on this website... and I've come to terms with that, however, it's about time I find out who my TRUE friends are here. I am trying to go for a SPOTLIGHT and I need all the help I can get. > > I need my friends to band together and help me out. I would really appreciate any and all help you could give me. > > I'm not asking for much here. I'm just asking for you dig a little bit into your fu-wallets and lend a hand... Use FUPAL and give me whatever
Please Read!
bling and other things will help turn my frown upside down
Glitter Dragon Graphics
Thank You All From The Bottom Of My Heart!!
Some Me Some Not
What Else
does God have somethingagainst me. i try to do everything right and he keeps throwin more and more at me. see its not like im already in pain enough then he has to take another from me. he took two of my children and now a close one. and what hurts the most is that i never got the chance to aplogize to this person. i wisht death apon this person months ago of a major heart atytack. and what the fuck happens early this mornig she dies of an major heart attack. now that is something that i live with on my chest for the rest of my natural life. i really think that God hates me cause if he didn't he wouldn'tkeep putting me in these situations. could somebody tell me why he does this shit to me. i lost two kids in a 6 month period. thats fucken pqinful and both kids i accepted. they never made it to see one day. some lady just happened to run in the back the fuckin truck. she came close to gettin her head blown off. but i guess what she did was not intended on happening. now i have another
My Sexy Story
I've just gotten out of a bad relationship and was feeling a bit down and wanted to find a way to cheer myself up. I ran around with some friends and got into and out of some shit to pass the time a bit, but I was still a little down. On my way back to my room, I saw this girl just sitting by the 7 11 all by herself. I thought to myself "There's no way that this Big Tittied Bitch is gonna give me the time of day. Then again, why is she sitting here all by herself." She was 5'7", 135lbs, 30D tits, and a sweatly rounded big juicy ass. Just looking at her made me want to put her over my shoulder and run away with her. So I ask her "Why are you just sitting out here by yourself?" She looked at with sexy green/gray eyes and I knew that there was pain in her heart. She grawled at me saying "Why do you care at all on why I'm sitting here?!?! You're just a pig like other guys are. All you want is what you want, and that's all that matters huh?" I'm a nice guy, but I'm no gentleman. So I tell
Beginning Chapter 1
The Secret Within CHAPTER ONE (rough draft) April 19th 2009 Milwaukee WI The wind is cold coming off Lake Michigan as the sun sets, which is a great relief for Devin. The suns rays are just bearable for him during the daylight hours of spring time in Wisconsin. Soon though, very soon he wont be tolerating the ultraviolet rays as the earths rotation puts itself on axis in direct path of the sun. But for now the earths atmosphere and a bottle of sunscreen protect is skin from burning. Devin is very amused by Hollywood's interpretation of the vampires and sunlight bursting them to flames. In a few weeks Devin and his father, Hannibal will make their way to the southern hemisphere, for Argentina to avoid being forced into nocturnal state. Devin remembers a hundred years ago doing just that during summer months. Science definitely assists vampires and humans alike. In the recent few decades Devin and Hannibal have put their hands in the blood donation market and own donation c
Someone Sweet
This young lady right here. You couldnt ask for a sweeter person to meet. She is a really nice woman who needs some help leveling. Please rate her pictures/stash and get her up there. jen@ fubar
Club Mystic Member List
AS USUAL, ANY BEEFS, GRIPES, QUESTIONS, OR SUGGESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE! THANKS! Home Page Club Mystic!@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 5,699,094 Points to go! (+77,816) Founder ♦CinDragon♦@ fubar Prophet -----> Oracle 20,772,455 Points to go! (+117,547) Team Captains ~SouthernBaby~@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet! 2,660,362 Points to go! (+461,938) Gµññý-§@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 4,371,241 Points to go! (+47,969) Resident Wizard MERLYN....ClubMystic@ fubar Henchman -----> Insider 125,680 Points to go! (+55,953) Family Members Faithful1@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 754,771 Points to go! (+186,362) **EoTwP **@ fubar Fu-King -----> Godfather 957,790 Points to go! (+171,503) gaigeandmorgynsmom@ fubar Fu-King -----> Godfather 1,350,692 Points to go! (+274,052) Preciousmoments
Alan Jackson - Little Bitty
Rate this performance at The Sims On Stage
Learning It All Over Again
after 4 years of memorizing everything about you, down to how you like to fuck and where you like to blow your load...the way you like your coffee, the way you take your eggs. i have to learn everything over. i have to memorize a complete strangers likes and dislikes. i don't want to do that. i want to have my list, and know it by heart, so that i know you by heart. i don't wanna know anyone else like that. you are the only one i need to know like that. i laugh at your racist jokes because i think they are funny. i let you call me woman because i know what you mean is beautiful. who else do you know who will tell you she likes you fighting because it turns her on? its all over in the time it takes to read one god damned text message. "its not you, its me. i'm sorry. goodbye courtney..." you walk of with an ache in your heart. i crawl off with only dust left of my heart and free flowing tears to mark my trail.
Penguins To Prophets Train
Penguins to Prophets Train The Rules: 1. Stop by Johnny's page, rate the Penguins 1 folder of pics... He will have an Auto 11s running as well... Start with this one... While you are there... Rate all the tags in the Penguins to Prophets Train tag folder. Please leave him a comment that you have gotten your tag... Then stop by Carrie's page and rate her Penguins 1 folder... Start with this one... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Penguins to Prophets" or something like that... If your profile is marked private, then you need to visit each person's profile on this train and add each rider yourself, whether or not they are above or below you on the train... 3. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will get a thank you tag made for you if one is not already made for you.
Love Quote
Do not confuse sex, love and intimacy. One does not necessarily imply the other. Experiencing one does not necessarily satisfy our need for the other.... And finally, do not forsake one for the other. You can have them all.....
10 Years Street Team
Faith Based White House?!
Kurt Nimmo Infowars February 8, 1009 On February 6, the blog section of the White House website announced a recent executive order signed by Obama establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. “Instead of driving us apart, our very beliefs can bring us together,” Obama said on February 5 during the National Prayer Breakfast. “E pluribus unum, in other words,” the blog declared. “Whether it’s connecting groups that are training people to do new jobs, or figuring out the role of faith-based organizations in combating global climate change, this office creates those partnerships in a way that’s responsible, constitutional, and — bottom line — helps those in need,” said Joshua DuBois, a Pentecostal pastor, social activist, and former campaign religious outreach director who was appointed to lead Obama’s faith-based initiative. Mr. DuBois is apparently unaware of what the fat
Hating those that you don't or can't understand, because they are different... that is pure ignorance.
Life In Abundance Comes Only Through Great Love.
Your Daily Motivation – Life In Abundance Comes Only Through Great Love. Saturday February 14, 2009 LIFE IN ABUNDANCE COMES ONLY THROUGH GREAT LOVE There is no force more potent than love. Take away love and your world is a tomb. Your life echoes emptiness without love. With it, your life will vibrate with warmth and meaning. Even during hardship, love will shine through. As you look back upon the events in your life you will find that the moments that stand out, the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in a spirit of love. If you have it, you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter what else you have. Therefore, search for love. Once you have learned to love, you will have learned to live. Love is the most important ingredient to your success. Happy Valentine's Day. Copyright 2008 Watch This Video => Discover The System Watch Th
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If love is in the air Im holding my breath I do not long for love Id rather wait for death Flowers eventually die Candy just makes you fat Cupid should be executed Sweet nothings smell like shit Leave the crying to babies Love songs make no sense Anti-valentine, I do have one wish To be left alone, forgotten, and to not be missed
St. Baldrick's 2009
Hey everyone, It's that time of year again, time to get Bald!! For those of you who have known me a couple of years, this is old hat, but for my new "friends," or for others who may be hearing of this for the first time, here goes. Every year, around St. Patrick's Day, I participate in an event called St. Baldrick's Day, wherein otherwise normal people shave their heads in an act of Solidarity with children who have cancer. The unique thing about this event is that ALL money raised goes to research of various kinds of CHILDHOOD cancer, and ONLY childhood cancer. This will be my eighth year participating in this event, making me (I believe) the only Shavee to lose his locks every year we have had an event in Pittsburgh, PA. So far, through the first 7 year, I have raised around $10,000, and would like to better me yearly average this year. You may ask why I do this, and so I will tell. Back in 1999, my little brother, Erich Andrew "Andy" Beck, was diagnosed with cancer,
Moving On
Walking down a winding road, not sure which way to turn. the wind screeching by my ear as I feel its breathe on my face, I hear a thump and look around not knowing where it’s from, what is that sound where am I... should I turn back around? I don’t know where I’m headed I continue to walk, the wind is dying down as the sun is fading behind the clouds; the thumping is getting louder, I hear it over and over, the further I go the closer it seems; and the moon begins to rise in the now dark sky, with every step I take the darker it becomes. I stumble but do not fall, and I hear it again, its fainter now its slowing down, or is it just me... I can no longer see, I don’t know where I’m headed and as I take my next step; I feeling as though someone is watching me,reaching out, grabbing at me, yet I am all alone, or am I? the branches scratch as I stumble, and I hear it again; just a thump then another... Its too late to turn back I have gotten this far; I need to
What You Mean To Me....
I once met a man that immediately took my breath away by the sound of his voice. Just listening to him speak made me hang on his every word. Not only did he speak intelligently but his voice spoke straight to my soul. I was hooked. I knew I needed this man in my life. I started a friendship with him that grew into a deep love. He is now my fu husband and I adore the very air that he breathes. We have overcome more obstacles, loved harder than anyone but most of all became eachothers best friend. I started out as his bunnie and am now his Lady Trinity. Only he knows what that means. This man is my sanctuary, my calm in the storm, my soulmate. We have grown together in many ways and I will always be here for him. Always........I love my fallen angel.
Theme Night #1
Crazy Ass Women
After five years with some one you would think that you would get some respect..after paying for everything for five years you would think you would get some respect...after kissing her ass for five youars you would think you would get some you get lies and the get the home game ..think i need to be a jerk..cuz crazy ass women dont like nice guys!
Brevard County School System
The county in Florida where I live has been having regular budget cut meetings to discuss where to cut funding. On the chopping block are school sports up to Varsity (how are the kids below varsity supposed to get the help they need to make the team?) and all music programs. My 14-year-old daughter has been playing the cello for the past 4 years, and has been counting on that ability to help with scholarship funding for college. If she is not able to get scholarship funding through music, she will be in competition with countless others for academic scholarships as there will be no alternative. This sucks.
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I Love Dragons...My Chinease Symbol is a Red Dragon!!!
My Roses!!
Love is holding someone when you know they are going to puke on you.
Adult Entertainment Escort Philadelphia
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As you softly whisper to me, tears of joy drop swiftly.. Down my face a cold-warmth I feel, the happiness to know that you love me still... one of my short poems Copyrighted.
A Tear In My Beer.
Namaste FuBarBarians: I usually never get so EMO to as write about the sadness that I feel. However, a lot has happened since my last blogs that I finally feel I can share. Super Bowl Sunday: I was at the jewelry store buying my girlfriend at the time, an engagement ring. I get home and we chat online and she told me that she had just cheated on me. She cheated on me with her ex boyfriend whom she told me she still has feelings for. I dumped her of course; however, I had second thoughts that night. I thought about how wonderful she was for the two years we dated and all the small things I would give up. Her honesty should be rewarded and her guilt was punishment enough. So I decide to take her back. Where she tells me not to because she knows I no longer trust her, besides some of the things I said when I dumped her she felt tho deserved were too hateful to forgive. I have never been a clingly or a lonely person, but like most pathetic fools, I overly tried to win her back, only to
Prize Increased>>>2million Fubucks Giveaway.
PRIZE INCREASED Heres your chance to win up to 2 Million or one of many Fubucks Prizes. During MY Auto11s. How To Win One will win 2 Million FuBux - Rate all My Pics, and find all the cherries I have hidden in my Cherries game folder ONLY. Then PM me with Total found. If you are correct, you will be entered to win 2 Million Fubux. Remeber to be entered in the 2 Million Fubucks givaway you must rate all pics. 750K Fubucks - Don't want to win 2 mill, rate my all cherries game pics and find all the hidden cherries . PM me with the total cherries hidden in folder. First to find all will win 750k. Others who find all cherries will be entered to win one prize of 500k Fubucks. And 5 others will win 100k each. Remember you must rate and pm me with total found. If correct u will be entered in to drawing. Drawings will be conducted on Tuesday March 31 7PM FU time/10pm EST Click Here to get started.
Invited Frineds
Well I'm just chillin , so I decided to make a blog ablout sitting here chillin ! There's not much to it you just chill.Try it out some time you might like it !!
I Met A Genius
rode the train today, to go buy dope. i met a genius on the train today. about 6 years old, he sat next to me. and as the train ran north along the river, we came to the bay and then he looked at me and said "it's not pretty." it was the first time I'd reaized that.
Time For The B*tch To Come Back....
Ah, yep tis about that time again, time for the infamous b*tch to return to where this too sweet, caring, nice and helpful person once was. Door mat days are over for me. Just yanked the "Please Use Me And Abuse Me Anytime You Like Sticker Off My Back" Just done with the crap, so if ya wanna sling that find somewhere else to be!!!! Life from this point on shall be fun, yippee!!!!
What A Tard!!! Roflmfao
richieinflorida7 LOOK AT HiS NiCE COMMENTS FiRST ... ROFLMFAO ... NOW READ WHAT HE HAD TO SAY iN THE SHOUT!!! i FLIPPED iT SO U CAN READ FROM TOP!! ->richieinfl...: awwwww so nice ->richieinfl...: just cause u have no penis dont mean u can rate me 1s! ... u so ugly i bet ur dog dont even like u ->richieinfl...: yea! gimme some more points! richieinfl...: lmao richieinfl...: dam youre an ugly cunt lol ->richieinfl...: hahaha .. and u have a small penis richieinfl...: not really, 7 inches is pretty nice actually but thank you for your concern lmao ->richieinfl...: rawrrrrrr thanx for the nice comment ->richieinfl...: s richieinfl...: rawrrrr welcum cunt richieinfl...: you really arent pretty though to be honest ->richieinfl...: i think im in love with u! hahahaahahaaa richieinfl...: LMAO your hair is way too bright and ugly lol richieinfl...: you look like a pink crack whore LMAO ->richieinfl.
How Does Hepc "get Got?" (sic)
How do ya get hep C? THROUGH INFECTED BLOOD You have to come into contact with infected blood and it has to enter your bloodstream One drop of Hepatitis C (HCV) infected blood could have as many as 100,000 [ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND] particles. In comparison HIV infected blood may only contain 1 to 5 virus particles. That’s it – end of story – got no mo I know just cuz I was shocked about the blood particles doesn't mean you were so I may not have shocked you…. but wait till you see what’s coming!! uh huh! check back often for more on HepC!
Safety Word
a safety word is 1 you and your "other" pick out before ROUGH sex. not reg. rough sex but REAL rough sex, the kind you know youll be screaming NO! STOP! NO! but you dont want them to stop.... only the "safety word" means stop!
The Queen's Birthday Bash Startin @ 730ish Fri-night 3/27 In Bada Bing!
HEY HEY HEY Family and Friends Come On Into BADA BING LOUNGE and Celebrate The QUEEN'S Birthday w/ Us Starting @ 730ish pm est Friday Night! It's Gonna Be 1 Helluva Rockin Good Time! The TGIF Jams Will Be Played Along w/ Some of The QUEEN'S Fav Artists and Also Going To Be Having Some QUEENY Trivia-Will Be Rewarding 100k in Fubucks For The Correct Answers-and Also She Has A 2 Min Delay Before She Can Answer! Also Will Be Doing Some Other Games As Well For Bucks, Bling and Prizes!...So Whatcha Waitin For?...Be Sure To Make BADA BING Your Place To Be Friday Night As Well Celebrate The QUEEN'S Birthday! Hope To See You There! CLICK Any Pic .. Its an OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE!
Brown Eyed Girl
Hey where did we go, Days when the rains came Down in the hollow, Playin' a new game, Laughing and a running hey, hey Skipping and a jumping In the misty morning fog with Our hearts a thumpin' and you My brown eyed girl, You my brown eyed girl. Whatever happened To Tuesday and so slow Going down the old mine With a transistor radio Standing in the sunlight laughing, Hiding behind a rainbow's wall, Slipping and sliding All along the water fall, with you My brown eyed girl, You my brown eyed girl. Do you remember when we used to sing, Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da So hard to find my way, Now that I'm all on my own. I saw you just the other day, My how you have grown, Cast my memory back there, Lord Sometime I'm overcome thinking 'bout Making love in the green grass Behind the stadium with you My brown eyed girl You my brown eyed girl Do you remember when we used to sing Sha la la la la la la la la la la t
Top 44 Presidents Survey. Please Take.
      Please take the survey below to choose who you think are THE TOP 44 PRESIDENTS!! PLEASE CLICK ON THE PRESIDENTS BELOW TO TAKE THE SURVEY!!! CLICK THE SEAL TO SEE THE RESULTS!!! PLEASE R/F/A SURVEY HOST!! THANK YOU. Diamond Dave@ fubar BROUGHT TO YOU BY: sO FrESH _[diAMond dAveS gUrL & LuCkyChArm xo Owned By: ∑√ï£ flØMΨ@ fubar
Easter Auction-closed
Irish Rocks3!!
Annie's 12 Years Old, In Two More She'll Be A Whore. Nobody Ever Told Her It's The Wrong Way.
Got me my phone! Wooo! Moving up in the world. My bestest friend and I are about to reeck havoc on the outside world today. it's so fucking pretty outside. So we're going to take me niece to the park. Then take her to her dad's. Then go back and and do some crazy shit. Why you ask? Because we can...
Auto 11's U Want Them?
Want Auto 11's? Click on the cherry   I'm auctioning off a Auto 11 Come by and place ur bid The auction will run from April 20th 8am EST through April 26th 8pm EST. The highest bid will win the Auto 11's Remember any cash bids are better then fubucks. No Drama Serious bidders only.
Help Me Get Spotlight Please
I am at a level 25 and would love to get my very first spotlight......I will take donations, rate pics, rate stash or other things depending on what them other things are in order to get spotlight....if you would like to help me out and want me to rate pics or anything like that for fubucks towards the spotlight please message me or leave a message in this blog and I will let you no when i will let you no if I will do it and also notify you when its done. I would appreciate any and all help to get me the spotlight. Just to let you all no..if you do help me out in anyway...i would like to make a picture with everyone that helped me and when i get the spotlight it will be put as my main display to thank you all for helping me will show one person then another and so on and so on. I can't make the pretty bulletins or anything like that but if someone would like to make me one it would be greatly appreciated as well. Please Help Me Towards A Spotlight. Thanks So Much For
Penis Envy
Last night I had a dream, I was writing a blog about how i have penis envy, and i started to think about all the things men can do with their penises. Some of these things fascinate me for example, writing your name in the snow with your own urine... if I tempted to do that it would come out in a big spot. Also consider never having to hoover over a public toilet again, thus never having to wipe the toilet of the previous piss. Shaking and not wiping... damn you with your non removable penises. But then when i woke this morning and i thought about having my penis tucked into a box where i know it will not harm another person. It only has eyes for me and i make sure its always cleanly, I came to the conclusion that I can live with hovering over toilet seats and I can always find a way to write my name in the snow... Just my weird thoughts
I Owe Much Luv
i know i have been slackin and i owe tons of luv to many....i will be around to return the luv you have left for me..kisses and much luv... your gurl ~sunshine
Sp@nk Her!!
Allow me to introduce to you all My latest Fu-Owner. Gypsy The beautiful, funny, sexy and most loyal fiend I have on here. So please go show her the love and respect she deserves.
Holy Crap!!! Im Goin On Vacation!
yep...louisiana.... doin new orleans...  its gonna be siiiick!   rp
If You Should...
Hugs and kissed don,t hurt anything either......xxxxoooo,s
Spotlight Update
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Love To Other People
Love To Other People Love: a typical interpretation.Devotion, attraction, a weakness for another person, passion of heart and soul for someone.Love: My interpretation.To be able to give yourself over to someone with complete trust. To love without borders, rules, and walls, without things to hold you back, is love. To touch souls with another. To share a part of your heart with another. To kiss without fear, to hold another without guilt. To at one time, be that person and yourself, in the same moment. All this is love. To be able to give your heart to another without fear of it being crushed, is faith, to have them give you a piece of theirs, is Love.It does exist, despite the disbelievers Heather Stephenson Copyright ©2009  Heather Stephenson
Snow White Is Dead
I walked the nights looking for your sweet embrace. I kissed your lips and you just turned away. I kissed you again and you laughed in my face. I touched your pale white skin and in return you walked away. I spent sleepless nights waiting to inhale your luring aroma once more but you never showed. I paced the floor all day and night waiting for an answer but none never showed. I laughed at the thought of any other takeing your place. I can still remember the way you shined with dimonds all over your body. I can remember the taste of your skin and the smell. I sat waiting for you for three days but you never showed. I feel I have taken a path that has been worn down from countless souls caught in your trap. I stop to look at the carnage I made after spending time with you my love and I feel it is time for this snow white fairy tale to end. I close my eyes and think of all the pain that came with meeting you. I can not take the pain anymore my white is makeing me crazy. I kn
If I KnewBY Robert Byers If I knew how to write a song I’d write one everyday It would say that I’m in love with you And why I feel this way It would have to say you’re pretty And as rare as a desert rose It would say you’re a looker From your head down to your toes You are funny, dainty, fragile And as feminine as can be You’re smart charming lovely And everything to me You’re my comfort when I’m lonely You’re my peace when I need rest Of all the women I’ve known I must rate you the best. You’re the orchard in the jungle, you’re the better half of me You’re all of this and so much more, you mean the world to me Still so much is left unsaid, It would take me far to long I know how much I love you, If only I could write a song.
Possible Eviction....the Reason The Day Is Not Good For Me.
Ok so, two months ago I accidently hit a ceiling spriner in my apt. outdoor storage closet and it flooded. Fire fighters came and shut it off anf the complex came and fixed it. Now, i am being charged for the broken sprinkler and damages done to rooms which i didnt think possible since the closet is outside and they arent my roooms. $718 for a college student on her own, living off of fin.aid in this economy. The situation is dire, and now i have to appeal to them through a lawyer, asking to see the bills for the reapir to see if the are ligit and/or they can be lowered and disputed. Right now, im going to have to ask people who are barely my family for moeny for somethign i did wrong, i hate having them in that situation for something i did. But, if I get evicted, i will have to pay $480 for the place i got evicted from until my lease is up in a year AND pay for the rent of wherever it is I go. I need prayers. This is the reason i am down and the day is not good for me.
Strong Woman/woman Of Strength
This is a poem I wrote in 1996,(just found it) after I found my girl friend in bed with my best friend when I came home from work early to suprise her. "For Me" Love is, Love was Love will always be, For Me. Love is taken, Love is stolen, Love can be the most painful thing. Love leads you to loneliness, and loneliness is a terrible thing. Loneliness is emptyness, not knowing who you are, or what you will be. By far lonliness is the worst thing ,
New Technique
I had to wash the cat and came up with a way to do it without getting clawed and wanted to share this new technique.   ·  Thoroughly clean the toilet first. ·  Add the required amount of shampoo to the toilet water, and have both lids lifted. ·  Obtain the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom. ·  In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids.    Note: You may need to stand on the lid so that he cannot escape.    CAUTION: Do not get any part of your body    too close to the edge, as his paws will be    reaching out for any surface they can find. ·  Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a "power wash and rinse" which I have found to be quite effective. (Don’t worry about the sou
Famous Quotes !!
“If adults want to take such chances (with marijuana) that is their business” Ronald Reagan quotes (American 40th US President (1981- 89), 1911-2004)
Cognitive Science And The New Spirituality John Vervaeke Professor of psychology and cognitive science, University of Toronto. 5/5/09 There is an emerging framework for scientifically understanding how we fundamentally make sense of the world. Although there is much work to be done, there is now real promise that we are starting to understand how we understand – this promise creates opportunities that have profound existential, moral, and, for a lack of a better word, spiritual implications. We are beginning to be able to explain how people can be intelligent beings (i.e. how they can sift through all the vast potential information available to them and zero in on what is relevant). Such relevance realization enables them to turn space into places, time into events, and causes into stories so that they can experience and think about their world. This enables them to size up situations, solve problems, and feel at home in the world. Such f
Kins Questions
1. What is the last thing you eated? TV DINNER BC I'M LAZY LIKE THAT       2. And the last thing you drank? MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!!!!!!       3. What doe sit say on your favourite mug? I DON'T HAVE ANY MUGS       4. Who is the best captain of a Star Trek? NEVER WATCHED IT. PLZ DON'T KILL ME       5. Who would win in a fight between the Batman and Superman? SUPERMAN FO SHO...... HE'S GOT REAL POWERS.. HE'D JUST TAKE OFF BATMAN'S BELT AND BE FINE.       6. Robots or ninjas? NINJA'S BC THEY'RE ORIENTAL AND ORIENTAL PPL ARE HOT       7. Pirates or cowboys? COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!11       8. Dinosaurs or aliens? DO ALIENS GROWL? NO THEN DINOSAURS       9. Are you good at crosswords? I'M NOT SMART. LOL   10. DC or Marvel? MARVEL FO SHO       11. What is better, a man who is handsome and a fireman or something, or a guy what is fat and has a beard and makes you lol in MuMMs? MY FAV QUESTION SO FAR... HOW ABOUT A DR WHO MAKES ME LOL IN THE MUMMS WHO IS GOOD LOOKIN.
Need Promos For Your Lounge? I'll Make Them!
Hey whats up all? If you got a lounge and you need some promos... hit me up! I'm a Graphic Designer and have been into art all my life as you can see.... if you just need a personal pic I can do that as well... Anywho's heres some of my previous work... and as soon as you ask if I'm online I will have them done within 30 mins after you have asked... if I'm not around send me a pm... if you would like anything special on them like what you want them to say or a certain pic... send it to me and I'll do it! I love making them! Most people pay me 100K or more to do them if you don't have that much anything above $50K is all right by me... if you just want 1 promo done then its under 50K... so hit me up I'd love to do it!  Previous Work:
About Me
if anybdy wants 2 get ahold of me i got mocospace aka cowgurluphotty ad me there or hope 2 here frm u love kimmy
You won't see me express emotion Tears running down my cheeks Just drops in your ocean Locked in a room Looking out the window And when I look at you, I look in through a keyhole You'll never find me anywhere you look A happy story in a closed book What's locked in me, is locked in you Looking through a keyhole
I'm Getting...
...Married. Yep, you read that right. See I was talking to Van on the phone and we got to talking about how it seems like, pretty much, every guy that I say hello to thinks we are in a "relationship". Next thing I know, it dawns on me..."if that's the case, what does that mean about me and Van?" I mean I say hi to him a lot, we  have actual conversations on here and we talk on the phone. It MUST mean we are getting married. He agreed. So here's our question........ Do we have a traditional wedding or Do we just go to Vegas We need major help here!!! 
No Title
I'm not really sure what to say in here. I'm just tried of letting people get to me. I'm a very emotional person and I let how other people feel get to me too much. I think I try too hard to keep things from going "bad", when they were already bad. I'd really like to be able to just stop caring so much about what people think, but I can't. I sit here and cry about some of the things that are said to me. I realize things, and I can't stop thinking about it. I'm not sure if that makes me  a weak person or not. Either way it's me. I can't help it.  
My First Auction
My Husband
My husband hes a pot smoker a drinker an asshole he never answers his phone I swear he knows hes turning my eyebrows gray I hate him but love him hes a donk   SEAMUS I have to pee   Wicked
Vet Arrested For Playing Amazing Grace
PS: I am so proud to see your "boss" have thee Constitution and thee Bill of Rights hanging on his wall instead of a half of a dozen diplomas!   (Sabrina)   Hello, I forgot to mention something that I think is VERY IMPORTANT. After I was arrested in Gatlinberg they of course took my tri focal safety glass's. I CANNOT read small print without them. When we got to jail, they handed me a few papers to sign, I asked if I could have my glass's so I could read what I was signing. The answer was a big no! I told them I did not want to sign something that I could not read, they intimidated me into signing those papers. I was told sign or else????? They actually had to point with their fingers where they wanted me to sign and of course under the stress and pressure, I signed. I have NO CLUE what I signed.   Then, when my ex wife arrived to get me out I was again asked to sign papers. Again, I asked for my glass's. I was told by one smart a$$ that if I didn't sign
Apocalypto Romantica
...And as worlds collided, crashed down around us...your lips fused with mine. Bombs exploding, screams, terror, pain, anger, fear...But we don't feel the shrapnel, just skin on skin as the fire consumes, purifies us...I know we'll find each other again...Our ashes scatter and bits of our love float on a scorching wind...Catching in the eye of a beholder, making them weep with grief and joy...tears of blood.In the aftermath, at ground zero... is where I'll be waiting...where I'll always love you.
[insert Token] / Boyking.
Aww... switched blog modes again.*sigh*Hang on a sec.Alright. I had to take care of something and it wasn't my rear bleedind dog for the first time today.This is what happens when you write, and don't feel a single emotion.Are you ready?Are you ready for this?BAM! I got nothin.And I have for a while.I find that music is a major part of my inspirational process.Music, and actually being miserable.I'm just broke and frustrated.I'm happily single at the moment.I don't have any unattached crushes.Go ahead and check yourself...Yeah I'm not pursuing you.Weird huh?And I'm kinda winding down altogether on online games atm.But hey- Borderlands comes out this quarter, so don't cry for me virginia, and the fallout 3 expacs.I'm in an unfortunate state of stagnant contentment.Like someone that stopped fighting the current and realised the current was actually kneedeep mud.I really do talk like this people.--------------------------------------------------Western wind smells sweet.Like sun caked dus
Should Be In The Dictionary
 These fit so well they should be in a dictionary.    ADULT: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle. BEAUTY PARLOR: A place where women curl up and dye. CANN
Adolescent Stages Of Addiction
Addiction among our youth is a growing concern. Learn about the different stages of addiction, in adolescents. Enlarge Image Addiction has powerfully negative effects on adolescents, their families and the realization of their hopes and dreams. The sad fact is that that every addict started life as a human being with great potential. The addiction, like an overwhelming cancer can consume these hopes and dreams. There are different stages of addiction. Each stage would require a different type of treatment modality. They are the early stage, the middle stage and the late or advanced stage of addiction. In adolescents, the stages of addiction can progress more quickly than as an adult, although this is not always true. It can take a few months or a few years to reach the later stages of addiction. Early stages of addictionBegins smoking cigarettes Experimentation with drugs Begins smoking pot and drinking Hangs out with the drugging and drinking crowd May steal medications fro
Whale Wars
So Sunday night I got conned into watching this show on Discovery called Whale Wars. Its about this man, Paul, who got a crew together and put money up for a ship. They troll the Arctic ocean searching for Japanese harpooning ships that are illegally killing whales but they say the whales are for research. This show made me sick. Watching them murder a beautiful animal like a whale only for a profit made my heart hurt. I'm not a vegetarian and yes I eat meat but this kind of killing really seems senseless. I can't wrap my head around it. Whales are such a majestic creature and are slowly becoming more and more rare. I know I can be overly sensitive when it comes to animals anyways but sheesh! I can't even watch the show again because my silly as would be a crying puddle.
You Cant See Me
Im Not Mean
Data Entry
Data is the backbone of any organization. Whether you are planning, analyzing, every stage and every level of person in the organization requires data. Data as such is not of any use, even if the best of the data is available. The data is required to be transformed into Information to get the best out of it. Today for the industries like IT that creates huge data processing everyday, it is very difficult and requires huge investments as well as lots of time to keep the records up to date. It is now very important to outsource data entry jobs.   Data entry
Him ~
In his temple, he has no heart, no love to share, no desire to start. He sits alone inside his mind, only acting wreckless with those that are kind. Surrounded by those he lured with lies,my part in this play is done, and so I shed my last good bye.
100% Me. An Introduction Of Sorts.
Ok so I am new to the FUBAR world and i'll be honest i am getting the hang of it and i like it.  Well a bit about me since i've prolly not filled somthing out correctly if at all.  I am a 26 year old Air Traffic Controller in the US Army.  Currently station in the US (thank God) I have been overseas for far to long and actually just recently returned back in January.  Properness out of the way now, good.  I write, all the time.  Non-stop.  On anything! Napkins, cereal box tops, receipts, walls, my arm, my phone, computers, table tops, and occasionally paper.  Get the point?  I enjoy it.  I HATE myself when i leave anything unwritten.  My mind has always seemed to work in melody and I always find inspiration in somthing.  From the smallest typo on the cherrios box to an Apache Helicopter inbound at top speed, somthing always clicks.  nuff said. I'm not a good ol boy, by that i mean i do not believe in the advancement through a group large enough to do somthing just by sheer numbers. 
Lyrics - Phantom Of The Opera - All I Ask Of You
RAOULNo more talk of darkness,Forget these wide-eyed fearsI'm here, nothing can harm youmy words will warm and calm youLet me be your freedom,let daylight dry your tears.I'm here with you, beside you,to guard you and to guide you...CHRISTINESay you love me every waking moment,turn my head with talk of summertime...Say you need me with you now and always...Promise me that all you say is truethat's all I ask of youRAOULLet me be your shelterlet me be your light You're safe, No one will find youyour fears are far behind you...CHRISTINEAll I want is freedom,a world with no more nightand you, always beside me, to hold me and to hide me...RAOULThen say you'll share with meone love, one lifetimelet me lead you from your solitudeSay you need me with you here, beside you...anywhere you go, let me go tooChristine, that's all I ask of you...CHRISTINESay you'll share with me one love, one lifetime...say the word and I will follow you...Share each day with me,each night, each morning...Say you love
Still With My Gf?
so... i'm not totally broken up with my GF... i still stalk her and stuff.... i'm only joking... i can't stalk her... serioiusly, i couldn't stalk her if i wanted to ... cuz i have A.D.D.... so after like 10 minutes in the tree... i would forget why i was there!  the cop would be like, "what are you doing up there, son?"  and i'd have to respond, "Your guess is as good as mine, officer... that's why i called you!"
Fun Task
Fun Task.....Next time you are with a group of friends..Talk the whole night like a member of the opposite sex no matter what they say...Extra points if it's also an accent.
Tat Rate Contest
2 pics to rate for rate contest for best tat
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To Everyone
she needs help leveling she has only 25000 to go thanx ~ DJ. STONER~LETTE ~ FU ENGAGED TO CHRONICIS68~ D.J. / ENFORCER @ CLUB CHRONIC 420 ~~JUGGALO MAFIA~~@ fubar
Mmhmm Hot Stuff...
well we will start out with my eyes, then on to the little nibbles on ur ears while i gently caress your sweet face with the tips of my fingers, which path would you like to take next i compliment you on your beautiful smile, i lean in closer notice the sweet smell of your hair, i gently kiss the tip of your nose while slowy, ever so gently, make my way to your supple neck, i rub my lips against it just softly as u can feel my breath... i begin to become extremly aroused while staring into your gaze, as i play with the tips of your fingers i cant help but wonder what you are thinking, i place my other hand over your eyes and while is bring ur hand to my lips and gently start to kiss them i kiss your bottom lip, then your top lip, then the bottom again, my tongue slowly slips between your wet lips and meets yours
My Girl
Virgilene Greeter@Classics">@ fubar
Me And U
Thinking today about love,  and first dates, where  people  wanna meet and which things  u  rather not do on a date and which things  you love to  do on a date :) * *Dinner is great to get to know eachother :) * be honest :)     Honesty  people  honesty :)
Botox Mass Public Testing Needed
  BOTOX Application has Become a Cause of Hepatitis and HIV. Mass Public Testing Needed Quote: "We're not talking about 40,000 or 50,000 people. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of injections" BOTOX vials come with enough product to treat 2 to 5 people or more, however the vial is only sterile for ONE use. The problem stems from the fact that medical professionals administering the drug cannot charge as much as the vial cost them. The result is that they feel forced to contaminate the vial to treat the next person in line for a dose. The risk for Hep C, Hep B and HIV is massive.How BOTOX application facilities adjust:Action: Take up to five syringes, pull one treatment into each syringe and treat multiple people from one vial.Problem: This is an illegal practice. This is not a controlled or approved medical practice and mistakes can easily be made.Action: One syringe is used to draw from the same vial more than once on one patient. The contents of that vial are now f
Life  is too short to wake up with regrets.So love the people whotreat you right.Forget about the one's who don't.Believe everythinghappens for a reason.If you get a second chance grab it with bothhands.If it changes your life let it.Nobody said life would be easythey just promised it would be worth it.
Photoshop Request
I'm a right lazy bastard - anyone fancy knocking me up a picture of Daniel-Day Lewis in 'There Will Be Blood' but with my face and saying 'There Will Be Bras'? I offer absolutely nothing in return by way of incentive, cheers.
Slipknot - Snuff
"Snuff" Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again... So if you love me, let me go. And run away before I know. My heart is just too dark to care. I can't destroy what isn't there. Deliver me into my Fate - If I'm alone I cannot hate I don't deserve to have you... My smile was taken long ago / If I can change I hope I never know I still press your letters to my lips And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss I couldn't face a life without your light But all of that was ripped apart... when you refused to fight So save your breath, I will not hear. I think I made it very clear. You couldn't hate enough to love. Is that supposed to be enough? I only wish you weren't my friend. Then I could hurt you in the end. I never claimed to be a Saint... My own was banished long ago / It took the Death of Hope to let you go So Break Yourself
Should We Legalize Hemp Production In The Usa?
US federal courts' hands are tied until Cannabis is removed from Schedule I. But right at the end of the article is a possible workaround for the time being ... Quote: Indeed, the U.S. is the only industrialized nation without an established hemp crop. That means, in part, that although the U.S. market for hemp products continues to grow by double digits each year, the hemp that it takes to feed that market must be imported, often from as far away as China or from as close to home as Canada – indeed, there are farmers there cultivating the crop less than 30 miles from Monson's family farm. "I guess the next step is we'll have to take it to Congress," Hauge told the Grand Forks Herald. But, of course, the "fastest and easiest way to handle this would be for the president to order the Dept. of Justice to stand down on all actions against industrial hemp." State level pressure to allow production of this extremely beneficial crop should continue to grow, IMHVO. An
Well here it is ppl my very first Blog here on Fubar.And its going to be a good one lol . Well as you all know I am still a bit new here so I would like to tell you a lil about me . I am Velvet Thorne, and the name fits me sooooooooo well. I can be just a smooth as Velvet until you rub me the wrong way then watch out cause the Thorne will pierce your side. I don't like getting that way so that is why I ask you all to call me just Velvet. I have the life of any other single mother has. Raise my kids go to school and well try and have a life of my own. Well that is the deal right there the life I want well I will more than likely never have. So I am just going to set back and take everything day by day and see where it goes. So i go now back into my lil hole and and see where and what life brings me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Divorce   Divorce is an excessive commodity now days. A first grader recently said, My parents haven't gotten their divorce yet. Unfortunately, divorce has translated from a social taboo to a rite of passage. Often, it symbolizes anxiety concerning insincere commitment from a partner or underlying resentment toward a partner. It may be represented by other significant persons in your life going through the divorce as a displacement of your anxiety over the matter. Do you have relationships that are very tiring or emotionally draining? Perhaps you are wanting to get someone out of your life, but lack the diplomacy skills to address the situation. Do you feel excluded from or cut off by past friends over a current disagreement?
For January 13 2010
Gemini  May. 21 - Jun 20  The station of Saturn can be very beneficial for you, Gemini. It stands still in your solar house of fun and entertainment, and by doing so, it will increase your sense of responsibility regarding your casual activities. It can also build the same around children, making for better relationships with them. At first (even today) it may seem that your social set is turning a cold shoulder to you, but it's more important that you be yourself, even if that takes finding a more mature group of people to network and enjoy good times with. Hmmm...Finding a more mature group of people huh? Well that sure ain't Fubar!  **picks self up after ROFLMMFAO!!!**
Last Light
It is dark in this placeOnce filled with hopes and dreamsIt is now only hatred and painI am on my own sideEveryone else stays in the lightThey are filled with happiness While I am filled with anything but thatNo one is with meNo one will ever beThey are happy, I am notThey will never understand meNor will they ever wish toI can not blame themI would also want to remain happyBut I have forgotten howI don't know how to go back to the sunshineI only know rain and night nowI watch the moonIt is my only friendIt understands and listens Though it never talks to meIt helps me throughout my lifeIt is my last lightMy last light of hope, dream, and my one loveAnd that shall never die out
British Band Members Drown On Tour
"Two members of British heavy metal band After Death have drowned on tour in Brazil. The body of 21-year-old guitarist Leon Villalba washed ashore shortly after he was seen struggling in heavy waves on a beach in Sergipe state. Bass player Tim Kennelly, 18, who was with him in the water is missing and police say he too has drowned. After Death had just begun a 23-date tour in Brazil. Miguel Freitas, managing director of the band's label Death Toll records, confirmed the drowning." The death of a young man is never a cause for amusement.  But I bet their manager wishes, for the moment, that both their band and their record label were called something different... Source : MSN
You And I
You and I by Michael How I miss the softness of your voice Sweetness of you kisses The gentle touch of your hands The evanescent smell of your scent Tender warmth of your skin And how you held me in your eyes Wishing I could have it once again Like the night we held each other Close as we were not too long ago How I miss that night you was there Holding me so close in your arms Hearing the sound of your sigh Surprised and thankful that you came back That one night care free and happy For that little time we were one, till our good byes We're both in love just enough to know That by our side is were you and I will be And where we should've been along!!
A Demon Needs Help To Level!!!
Hey Everyone!!!   A Demon on my Friend's List needs help to Level!  He is a Level 37 @ 99.99% and needs some temporary Demon Family Adds to help him level.  If you could help him out, I would appreciate it greatly!!!   Thank you...   Here is the link to his profile!!!
Heart, Inc.
Couple of weeks ago, I removed her pic as the wallpaper on my iPod touch... Last night, I removed her pic as my cellphone's wallpaper... *sigh* I've been told by friends in RL as well as on here I should open up more, so welcome to my emo-blog. I've had folks on here reply to my status with sad faces and concern, even though I'm making a joke of the situation. It's almost become the norm with me.... Girl gets to know me and is quick to say the "L" word. We have a great romantic friendship for awhile... And then, *POOF* ...she's gone... No explanation. It's come to the point that this is how I expect all my romances to end with, and I have no other way to deal with it but shrug and joke about it :p On a side note, I'd like to thank you folks that I joke around with on here. I know I don't open up, but just mindless banter with ya'll really helps ;)  
there will be new pics here soon. to plz be patient.. u will see them. and to let u all know that im not skinny anymore.. i have gained weight. that because  of my bipolar meds.. and i do have issuse with me being this big.. grrr.. and i also have short hair too.. needed a change
Needing Your Opinion!
I have a few dilemmas that I need your help with... Please if you can give me your honest opinion and not some bullshit make me laugh statement that would be great....   These are very Serious matters...   1. Hugh and I are fighting. We have never fought before and its tearing me apart. I suggested we go to couples therapy but he says he wont go.. should i a. Knock him out and drag him like i was a cave man to the hour. b. Cry until he breaks?   2. Gallo and I are both knocked up.. no hes not but his wife is. We are due to deliver the same day and tomorrow we both find out what sex were having.. a. who's having the girl b. who's having the boy   3. Witchie is my bff without a penis... I love her dearly and wish she lived down the street from me so i can pick her up and do whatever i choose to her. a. make her move b. look for houses on her street   4. My fuhubby keeps Cheating on me with whores.. Im knocked up with another mans baby so i kind of understand but once th
I Now Have A Blog !
This blog contains a bunch -o- Junk Peace
Easter Poem
Today on a day of rebirth,Our hearts should weigh lite.Allour worries of yesterday,Should be gone with the night. Everything today has become fresh,Once again things brand new.To day my heart smiles for my friends,And I thank God I have you.
I Just Want To Know
I was looking around online and found a quote. I just want to know if it's really true. I'm thinking I should probably say, that I don't ask here because I think everyone on here is/was an addict...just that I really don't know anyone else here, in real life, to ask. I for one have never did drugs or drank, so I wouldn't know personally. At any rate, is this statement true?   "Once you are an addict you will never not be an addict. You'll be an addict until the day you die. I think about it every single day. People who say they don't think about drugs any more are dirty liars who are probably still using." -Kelly Osborne.
About This Drink Tequila
How can I be super happy, and super pissed at the same time over pretty much the same thing?
Alright I took time out to share with you all.... some amazing humour. My friend Michael has a show on you tube. You will be a better person for watching it.  
Do U Want My Points For 12 Hours???
U Want my points for 12 hours??? I bomb and boomerang chase!!! I rate peoples pics that are running auto 11's till i can't rate no more for the day. SB ME HOW!!!
Horny Grasshopper
tarabitchy: hii   cancel Chat 12:57pm more To greatgal: uh,,, not likey so much but kudos to her for having the bravery to post it lol   cancel Chat 12:58pm more To tarabitchy: hiya! how are you   cancel Chat 12:59pm reply tarabitchy: good u   cancel Chat
Desdemona (othello)
Desdemona, (singing) The poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree, Sing all a green willow. Her hand on her bosom, her head on her knee, Sing willow, willow, willow. The fresh streams ran by her and murmured her moans, Sing willow, willow, willow; Her salt tears fell from her, and softened her stones-- Lay by these. Sing willow, willow, willow. Prithee hie thee! He'll come anon. Sing all a green willow must be my garland. Let nobody blame him, his scorn I approve. I called my love false love, but what said he then? Sing willow, willow, willow. If I court more women, you'll couch with more men.-- So, get thee gone. Good night. Mine eyes do itch; Doth that bode weeoping? (Othello)
Peek-A-Boo You run in and out Of my simple life, As though it were a game, A child’s sport, A sort of forest where You can dart among the trees. Now I see you, Now I don’t. Perhaps you will, Perhaps you won’t. The phone lies still, It means your happy somewhere else. The phone then comes alive again, It means your tired of the world of men. You come, You go, You flit, You fly, You run into my arms, You lie, You disappear. And then I see you, Standing there, Playing Peek-A-Boo behind a tree. Oh No. No More This time I score.
Visit And Rate Her Profile Please
Alison@ fubar
Cherish What You Got..
He cheats and then begs for me back, even asked me to marry him, the nerve thinking a ring will make it all better, well a ring doesn't cover the hole if you know what I mean!!!
A Million Stories...
Well... :)
I haven't been on much to invest any time into my friendships here, and for that I apologize. Been trying to get my life back on track lately. I reapplied for college, I start next month. Strictly online, I'm doing this as best I can. I will have two jobs starting next week as well. I need the money. And I've been trying to invest time in my relationship with Matt because some things got complicated when his friend decided to be a lying bitch. Fact is, I love this boy. I have since the first time I met him and I don't plan on anything changing that. Our parents are meeting on Saturday and Sunday Matt and I are going out of town together. I'm excited for the great great weekend we will have. :)   Well, Sorry again for everything and i love you all :)
New Beginings
behind my hazel eyes i watch the world go by .. i see the cars all going in in different drections i feel myself being pulled in so many many ways ive found myself at the crosswords so many times its so hard to make those decisions the road to happieness ,starts with getting to know myself again .. and beleiving in myself again  ive lived a lonely life .. now its really time to live with a open heart , and kindness to those who deserve it .. i found i attract the good people now rage and hate  and betrayal stings  but becoming a crueler , bitter person is a much worse fate i hurt now .. but whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger .. the pain isnt so bad now.. not like it used to be .. not like a knife or a needle straight to my heart .. Time to go time to start over with a brand new life .. the same heart , the same compassion  that keps me human through the burn so many new things to learn , so many people to meet , im lifes eternal student .. nothing to stop me
I Hate Tonight
So i havent had a single drink four almost two years now.  think to night i am going to get smashed.
A Reason, A Season Or A Lifetime.
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for thatPerson.. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a needYou have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you withGuidance and support, To aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, This person will say or do something to bring the relationship to anEnd. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desireFulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn hasCome to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experien
No Complaining
I am sorry if my status seem like I am complaining. honestly I am not, Just venting, becuase i have no one else to vent to. I don't want to burden anyone with my problems.
I Let Him
Happy in being forever alone not giving a second thought to what was the unknown.. what could be, what might have been.. I was happy with that decision in the end.. And I let him... let him in... let him en-wrap me.. let him over take my guards and dismantle my walls... I let him have all of me... and all I entail... I gave to him what was my all, my everything and then I even gave more.. Turning a blind eye, a deaf ear... a tear stained cheek... I let him... have the best of me.. the worst of me.. the whole of me.. the shell of me... I stood next to him, brokenly hoping... continuously praying...  hurtfully accepting... I let him get the best of me...... as I got the best of me, shattered.. broken.. every day! I let him...  
Douche Bag Of The Day Award11:38am Reply Isthisronald: Hey Sexy Cancel Chat 11:39am More To Isthisronald: What? Cancel Chat 11:39am Reply Isthisro
11:38amreplyisthisronald: hey sexy cancelChat11:39ammoreTo isthisronald: what? cancelChat11:39amreplyisthisronald: how are you cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: ??? cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: what the fuck do you want? cancelChat11:40amreplyisthisronald: i got a toy today was just wanting to try it cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: i dont fucking care you stupid cungt get out of my sb cancelChat11:41amreplyisthisronald: u cant handle this big cock? cancelChat11:41amreplyisthisronald: can you just give me a good position to slide it in me cancelChat11:41ammoreTo isthisronald: i dont want your cock your fucking lame trying to pick up chicks cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: online so ghey cancelChat11:42amreplyisthisronald: im not trying to pick up anyone...i am just trying to cum on my new dildo cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: why dont you try the gay bar dow the road from you cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: go cum some where else you cock sucker cance
What The Hell Is This Place
sweet jesus !!! i have no idea what the hell your supposed to do on this site. i was just looking for cam sex and got this the hell am i supposed to get horney when no fit women want to send me there dirtest desires. this saxon warrior needs so needs forfilled. so dont waste my time, get your pictures sent to me now !!!! then watch you dont get hurt by my steel as i use you for my pleasure. and dont waste my time with pretty pictures, i want proper ones. if your good i will allow you to become one of my whores, and you will get to know me over time.

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