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So You Want To Move Up In Life
It really does get to me how someone who is "Freshmeat" and needs people to rate them up can see anyone who is a V.I.P. as fair game to rate at the lowest rating to bring them down. If they really wnated our help at movinjg up; then they would let us know that. I have been on here for just over 9 months, and never had a problem with anyone on here who wanted to move up, with one other exception; I rated the woman a 10, and she felt she should of had an 11, so she went back and re-rated me a 1 and then locked out her account so I could not retaliate. I have come a long way since then, and have done pretty good under the circumstances (a month moving from Japan to San Diego, then four and a half months underway in San Diego). It has not been easy getting to where I am now; there are others on herer who are way past where I stand now in the ranks, who came onboard around the same time as I did. As a community we have always taken care of are own, and invited like minded
My Bi-sexual Lover
Thank You All
I want to thnk everyone who has given me rates and thumbs up on my pics and stash.....I have named a few b4 but to many to name all.....So again i say ty to everyone!!!!!
Cast Deaths From The Poltergeist Films
Cast Deaths From The Poltergeist Films Urban Legend: The Spielberg film "Poltergeist" was cursed with the deaths of cast members. This isn't really an Urban Legend but it is interesting since it's true. The film "The Exorcist" was also plagued with problems but that's another story. The Story: An unusual amount of deaths have occurred around the three "Poltergeist" films, including three of the stars. These incidence have given way to rumors that the films were cursed because of their content. This seems a little silly, there are always explanations to "curses" like this. Or are there?? Two of the stars from the first film have died at young ages, two from the second film at not so young ages. 22-year old Dominique Dunne, who played older daughter Dana Freeling, died on November 4th,1982, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. She had been choked into a coma by her boyfriend. 12-year-old Heather O'Rourke died of septic shock on February 1st., 1988,
Dawg69 Tag
Silence Breaks
silence breaks the silence breaks something gives the world shatters the truth be knownfor all to see tears of sarrowas the most darkest secrets expoded all lost to a world curel and unusual silence breaks a voice is heard don't give up i am here all now known for what they are in hiding gone forever as the sun shines waiting for the last ~me~
That Time Again!!!
Other than me being a complete *rse and not doing the link to my last blogg, I am on the tap again asking all of my fu-bro's and fu-sis's to help level a fu-babe to become an IDOL!!! As always, if you do this for her and help me you will have a friend for when you call on me!!!! Thanx guys,,, I love yas!!!! Angel.Baby... ~W.I.S.E U.K Friends~ member... I am an angel... the horns are just there to keep the@ fubar
Napkin Diary's #2
Weirdly.... I took a bus, train, and or a long walk I never expected. Pretty much it all used to make sence. Now,... well who the fuck knows? I never really had it all, .. but I had something. One billionth of a second is much more than one could think of. That fraction....(could and maybee someday??).. throw Trump or Gates into vagrantcy with no warning. Does one think it can't possibly be their undeniable destiny?.. Well get off the fuckin pot..... it happens, and happens well. Like it or not.... thats just how the pigeon shit falls... and let it fall where it may for I didn't hand feed a strangers destiny. This lottery pencil, (short in stature, conceals more gumption than Thor posses in his tin foil of a hammer) and napkin are the best receptors bitter angst could ask for,... ALWAYS there, ALWAYS nonsubjective,..... no retort. Not really what I have to "say", but just a venting tool available for my disposal. It's all a learning curve...... should you read this and say.....No tha
I Am In A Contest For The First Time Ever
hey everybody i was asked to be in a contest and since i have never been in one and i would really love a vip i agreed to do i would like to ask everyone if they could help me out and rate and comment bomb me...the contest started today and runs for two weeks...just click the link below and it will take you to my pic....thanks y'all...peace
Star Trek The Motion Picture My Thoughts
This originally posted on Nov 1: (can you append pictures to blog entries, anybody?) Watched ST:TMP (1979) tonight on my computer (as DVD player has died :( ) After reading all the bad reviews online I was reasonably pleasurably surprised! I enjoyed the premise of the film and although Kirk was definitely a little tubbier (and what's with the Fonz style hairdo? that's just wrong) the crew didn't look too aged. The only problem was that the film spent far too long showing us special effects and not long enough with the characters, the good thing about Star Trek (like the other best SF dramas) is that it goes far beyond special effects - and this was borne out by the whole point of the film!! So there should have been less shots of bits of spacey stuff and more dialogue IMO, although I did think the scene in the sickbay was sweet (Kirk and Spock are friends. Ah.) - and I definitely think Spock should be on the Enterprise and not on Vulcan which looks like a horrid place what wi
Never Forget
No I will never forget!!!
a friend of my stepdads had a small stroke today... when we got home from visiting with my brother sister in law their kids her sister her brother in law her nephew and a friend of ours... we got a call from stepdads friends sister saying that her brother had a small stroke and that he is in the hospital... he has a weak heart and we are afraid he wont live long... he has done alot of bad stuff in his life but he has changed and i will admit... he can be mean at sometimes but he loves everyone and he forgives real easily.. anyone that goes to church plz keep him in your prayers... i wont say his name though... ty all
Games People Play
Where do we go from here now that all other children are growin up And how do we spend our lives if theres noone to lend us a hand I dont wanna live here no more, I dont wanna stay Aint gonna spend the rest of my life, quietly fading away Games people play, you take it or you leave it Things that they say, honor brite If I promise you the moon and the stars, would you believe it Games people play in the middle of the night Where do we go from here now that all of the children have grown up And how do we spend our lives knowin nobody gives us a damn I dont wanna live here no more, I dont wanna stay Aint gonna spend the rest of my life, quietly fading away Games people play, you take it or you leave it Things that they say, just dont make it right If Im telling you the truth right now, do you believe it Games people play in the middle of the night Games people play, you take it or you leave it Things that they say, honor brite If I promise you the moon and t
Ever Fallen In Love
Ever Fallen In Love by:Buzzcocks You spurn my natural emotions You make me feel like dirt And I'm hurt. And if I start a commotion I run the risk of losing you And that's worse. Ever fallen in love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone You shouldn't've fallen in love with. I can't see much of a future Unless we find out what's to blame What a shame. And we won't be together much longer Unless we realize that we are the same. Ever fallen in love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone You shouldn't've fallen in love with. You disturb my natural emotions You make me feel like dirt And I'm hurt. And if I start a commotion I'll only end up losing you And that's worse. Ever fallen in love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone You shouldn't've fallen in love with. Ever fallen in love wit
Eternal Sleep
Eternal Sleep Eternal peace of Death Is what I ask It is what I want, and desire the most To be free of this mortal world forever To be free of this insanity called humanity Pain has become my lover, my partner In life all around me, both in body, and in mind Feeling it tearing and eating my soul Forever gorging itself on my fears.. I scream inside as I smile at the world Pretend nothing is wrong, lying to all A perfect lie of life as I walk down the road My soul crying, in pain as I laugh at a joke Someone end my torment of living hell Take my life from me, and bury this husk Burn and bleed out this body of mine So I can feel nothing and forget this life
Passion 7
Christmas 1
Holiday Kisses...
Unwilling Unwilling to accept the public’s view of you Marked as you are in different ways Scars visible and unseen cross your body and soul Most are there as badges of your time spent growing up Some are from others who have taken a knife to the soul Unwilling to accept your view on who you think you are Seeing something more that what others see in you Knowing you are the only person who can make me happy Not understanding why but accepting the truth inside me There are no questions in my mind Unwilling to leave you or have you leave I would do anything for you until the end of time Love that comes from within Burning and flowing all around with each touch and kiss Hoping each moment heals the scars we each have Unwilling to let you know how I feel so deep inside Afraid you will leave and never come back to me Silence is my refugee on the subject of love Letting my actions show you how much I care I love you more than the s
This Is Crazy
Is it just me or does everyone think the same.As for the new bar tab --its some crazy shit--I have made some very good friends on here but as for this bar tab stuff it sucks --I care WHY if this one votes on this or this or this -- so as for my friends i will probably be turning my bar tab off and checking it maybe once a day--because i feel WHAT I DO ON HERE IS MY FRIENDS BUSINESS FOR WHOM IM DOING IT NOT THE WHOLE FUBAR SITE
Just To Say "hi"
Well thought I would just drop a blog and say howdy to all. Not much going on here, just resting from surgery and all went well. Man without all the boobs I can see my toes, lol. But unfortunately I do miss them but I like my new size. So catch me up on things. Been gone a while. Not much here, its December and 83 degrees during the day and 70 at nite, not cool, not normal. Merry Christmas to all! Ready to start the new year guys? Free Comments & Graphics
The "W" in Christmas Each December, I vowed to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I had cut back on nonessential obligations - extensive card writing, endless baking, decorating, and even overspending. Yet still, I found myself exhausted, unable to appreciate the precious family moments, and of course, the true meaning of Christmas. My son, Nicholas, was in kindergarten that year. It was an exciting season for a six year old. For weeks, he'd been memorizing songs for his school's "Winter Pageant." I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd be working the night of the production. Unwilling to miss his shining moment, I spoke with his teacher. She assured me there'd be a dress rehearsal the morning of the presentation. All parents unable to attend that evening were welcome to come then. Fortunately, Nicholas seemed happy with the compromise. So, the morning of the dress rehearsal, I filed in ten minutes early, found a spot on the caf
The Real Question!!!!
I'm kinda stressed out, and fucking pissed off tonight. It kinda started when listening to the Cobera report, or whatever that show it, just before walking out to take my social psyche test. The show is meant to be a joke, and make people laugh and stuff. But he asked a question that bothered me. It doesn't make sense, to me. It was something like -Why would people do good things if they didn't have the threats of hell, and the rewards of heave? --- WHY THE FUCK WOULD PEOPLE DO "GOOD" THINGS WITH THOSE THREATS? that's the real question? Is it really good to follow what someone says who makes those threats? It seems like it would encourage them to get their way by use of force, and threats!!!!! To me, I feel forced not to encourage that type of thing. My morral obligation to what's right, tells me not to. Then later I read a blog about a church shooting, and read comments on it. I stumbled upon a profile, that seemed to encourage encouraging one who makes these threats, and us
Dungeons And Dragons
I Am A: Lawful Good Human Paladin (6th Level) Ability Scores: Strength-11 Dexterity-11 Constitution-13 Intelligence-12 Wisdom-15 Charisma-10 Alignment:Lawful Good A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment because it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest. Race:Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like. Class:Paladins take their adventures seri
My Life
This is the first blog I've ever written, don't judge lol.... Ever since I was very young I knew I didn't quite feel right in my own skin. I didn't fit in with the boys or the girls. I've always been transgendered, meaning I've identified myself with the opposite gender. People only see the physical tho. I've had alot of trouble with this and was in counseling to begin the processes of transitioning back in 1995. My brothers talked me out of it for fear of me being a target for violence. I was scared and I changed my mind and tried to be happy as a male. I'm constantly judged, treated like a piece of meat w/o any feelings weekly. Some ppl have never learned how to treat someone else the right way. Alot of ppl are fearing of the unknown with ppl like me and that's just crazy. I've met my share of men who show interest but then don't follow thru. Most recently I've been talking to a military staff sergeant for the past cpl months and he's expressed his physical interest with
Gallery Vi
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To My Fubar Friends
Lazy Fubar
Hrmmmmm I know this a free site and it can be kinda fun but I got to say these people suck. Apparently you cant have multiple people sign in and make an account if they live in the same house hold and you send invites to there email. All my points were wiped out and they say the system tag it as fraud and they cant be restored. Bullshit but anyway. Guess it is back to pushing Myspace and other chat sites. Kisses
Dont Get It
Ok another blog to vent. I am just irritated. I do everything I can to help out my friends. I am the type of person do as you want to be treated. I stand up for my friends if I think someone is treating them unfairly. Then my friends see it as eather getting involved in personal buisness or sticking where I dont belong. I guess you could say yes that is part of it. But would you not want your friends to back you if someone was treating you like crap. On the same thing why is it that people feel they need to be an ass when someone is not exaclly in the best of moods. On relationships I am tired of being single. I am helping friends plan there weddings and taking there engagment pics. I know being a photographer I have to deal with that but it wears on you reminding you that your single. Dont get it I am a great friend, romantic, loving, faithful exc and feel I deserve to find that right guy. But I eather get seen as a peice of meat or not there type do to size. Then those
Nothing, but confusion in my head, soldering on, many things to tackle, feeling lost, considering what you have said, thus, can not talk nor think, Sitting lonely at my desk, a place no longer I want to be, wondering what on earth, is so wrong with me, in vain did I search for a solution, finding anything, but a link, tell me what to do, so as not my hopes will sink, Cannot understand, you, missing by my side, through the mist I peer, searching far and wide, try to comprehend what's going through your mind, feeling helpless, listless, somehow getting blind, Yet vivid are all the memories of moments, funny, precious, exciting, sometimes a little bit sad, much had happened the last few months, even at you, I had been mad, but all the drawbacks given, many a time pure happiness I felt, Unable to push away, the thoughts of your tender touch, for you I long, sometimes less sometimes much, your hands soft like a breeze, anything, but
I do not get it...... Why do ppl lie? What is it that they get from it? How can the live with themself once they have lie'd? Do they realize that it hurts the ones they care about? If they don't care about them, then Why lie? I just don't get it........ WHY??? (no I have not had a recent event that brought this up, it is just a question that I have never got'n an answer to)
Cherrypopped 2
This is a repost of my blog of 12/18/07 subject: Down post date: 2007-12-18 16:15:11 views: 48 comments: 1 ratings: 0 Today everything's shiny and perfect and warm and pure This smile on her face has been too long comin, didn't know how much more she could endure You promised her the world and you lit up her eyes Brought hope to something she thought was dead This bitter, broken girl, she didn't realize you were just fillin' up her head Now she climbs, high, so high just to reach you, just to see you Seems she's running in circles chasin herself around just to pin down what she feels for you Here she goes go again, here she goes up the down escalator Here she goes again, but she knows when she's tired of runnin' where it's gonna take her Love is fleeting, escaping, departing like a coward Her heart is bleeding, descending, sinking downward You, you build her up tell her everything you think she wants to hear That's not fair, you won't pay u
Can U
"fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in th e rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt !" Only 55 of 100 can read this
♥Irreplaceable♥ fubar page BUSTED a FAKE until a legitimate salute is accepted by fubar. Due to the obviousness of more then one persons pictures being claimed as this person we are tagging this person FAKE.
Declaring My Candidacy
Considering I turn the big old 35 today, so as a Birthday Present to myself, I wish to declare my candidacy, for the President of... NOTHING! My first act in office will be to do nothing. It will be followed by even more acts of nothing, as I promise nothing and will deliver exactly that--nothing! I guarantee that I will tax you nothing. I guarantee a balanced budget of nothing spent and nothing earned. In fact, the budget will have nothing to it, and it will take nothing to understand it. In the past there have been the Do-Nothings, the Know-Nothings, and they were just pretenders, because in the end they actually did something. I'm the real nothing. If you elect me President of Nothing then I guarantee you that I will serve my term as best I can, which is to do nothing. Tannim '08: Vote for Nothing, because it's better than anything we got now! My name is Tannim, and I did nothing to approve this message...
What Experience?
The front-runners in both political parties -- that is, Hillary Clinton and John McCain -- are making "experience" their big talking point. But what kind of "experience"? Both have been around in politics for decades. But just what did they accomplish -- and how did it benefit the country? Whether in Arkansas or in Washington, Hillary Clinton has spent decades parlaying her husband's political clout into both money and power. How did that benefit anybody but the Clintons? For those people whose memories are short, go on the Internet and look up Whitewater, the confidential raw FBI files on hundreds of Republican politicians that somehow -- nobody apparently knows how -- ended up in the Clinton White House illegally. Look up the sale of technology to China that can enable them to more accurately hit American cities with nuclear missiles. Then look up the money that found its way to the Clintons through devious channels. Look up Bill Clinton's firing of every single U.S. A
Valentines Day... Blah..
valetines day.. a day for love, a day for romance.. a day to chereish your other half and aprreciate having them... a day to treat someone you love with all the love respect and honor you hafve in your heart.. unless.. you don't have anyone to share it with.. like me.. i spent last valetines day alone.. and again this yrear... makes me wonder if i'll ever have anyone to share it with.. it seems not.. i have been let down numberous times, by the ones i love.. i give everything i have and more, i am dependeable, loyal, i don't cheat , beat or mistreat.. but still i get walked on..i get dumped.. i get lied to.. i get used.. for moneyt, for sex, for resources, fro influence... why?? can't someone appreciate me FOR me..isn't there anyone out ther that wants a nice guy?? yeah i'm a little rough around the edges, yeah, i used to be a bigtime hell raiser, yeah i love dirty jokes.. so what.. doesn't every guy??? is there anyone out there that wants me?? isn't there anyone out there who thinks
If You Think You Know Me . . .
I'll start off with this, I am NOT, and I repeat, NOT you're average dumb blonde fubarian. For the most part I believe I am intelligent, respectable, witty, and outgoing. What irks me the most, is that a small population of the fubar community seems to think I am a point whore. People, people, I'm here in this blog to get a few things straight. We will start off on the note that, not more than twice or three times the whole time I have been on this site (which will be 2 years coming up soon) have I EVER ASKED FOR A SINGLE THING. Yeah a few times here and there I asked to be pimped, or be in a contest. But that is not what I am on this site for. Yeah, I want to level, just like everyone else does on this site, but me, I wont go about it in the way most people do. I'm not saying that the "average" way, by whoring themselves and taking provocative pictures, is wrong, but its just not MY WAY. Now if one of my friends decides to pimp me out in a bulletin, be my guest, I wont say no
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU
Like This Song.
I thought this song has a good meaning. if everyone caredAdd to My Profile | More Videos
~grand Opening~
Fubar Friends
i have an "FUBAR FRIEND'S" album with my friends in it i am just wondering for those who are not in it yet, if you would like to be in it? please let me know either by comment, email, or shoutbox that you want to be in it or not? also new friends can be in it as well no matter when you became my friend!!!! anyways have a good day and hope to hear from you soon.
Respect Respect each peer Respect each foe more Attributes stand next to your conscience’s core Respect each night Respect each day Actions reveal your character in every way Respect each creature Respect each beast Trust unveils truth hidden behind nature’s mist Respect each cloud Respect each grain of sand Mercy will offer you her helping hand Respect each color Respect each race Equality speaks only of mercy and grace Respect each river Respect each pond Mother Nature conveys her great wonders and beyond Walk into each day, With your heart soaked in hope and joy As day fades and night endures Respect will never destroy
Think Before You Speak Lol
Here are six reasons why you should think before you speak - The last one is great! Have you ever spoken and wished that you could Immediately take the words back... Or that you could crawl into a hole? Here are the Testimonials of a few people who did.... FIRST TESTIMONY: I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three kids in tow And asked loudly, 'How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?' I turned around and walked back out and never went back My husband didn't say a word... He knew better. SECOND TESTIMONY: I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using. After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him and said, 'I think I like playing with men's balls' THIRD TESTIMONY: My sister and I were at the mall and Passed by a store that sold a
Lucky #4
My lucky number is #4. For a few reasons. 1) I was born in April (4th month) 2) My childhood baseball hero, Paul Molitor of the Milwaukee Brewers, wore #4 3) My basketball idol for the Milwaukee Bucks, Sidney Moncrief, also wore #4 4) I spent all of my adult years cheering for - in my mind - the most exciting quarterback to ever play the game, Brett Favre, who also wore... #4. And today the 4th reason joined the second and third in retirement. *SIGH* If you're not from Wisconsin or a Packers fan, you can't fully understand what Brett Favre meant to a city, a state, and fans across the country (maybe even around the world). I'll tell you what he meant to me, though. I met him - once - in 1996, the year they went to the Superbowl. It was at a downtown Milwaukee bar called Taylor's. I met him in the bathroom of all places! Talk about one of the oddest places to run into a living legend. But we all have to go sometime, right? Only a few words were exchanged, the
New Posts!
Ubiee Now Has Earth Mail 2.0 And Much More Wow
UBIEE is an environmental company, with a huge range of opportunities that everyone can take advantage of. We have created the UBIEE ENVIRO PROJECT, which uses a powerful system called ‘contributional marketing’. This system will actually pay you back when new members sign up for UBIEE products and services, and top of that will set aside earnings for helping the environment! Now the UBIEE Earth Mail 2.0 released more than 300,000 people have signed up. WOW. Once you observe how the system works, we are certain that you will want to try UBIEE products, like the UBiee PowerPill Fe-3, which reduces automobile emissions by an incredible MINIMUM 78%! With our planet UBIEE Web hosting, we give you everything that the professionals have, and so much more for as little as €11 per month! OR you can sign up for our UBIEE ENVIRO PROJECT directly, and have access to full control center, where you can see your earnings, traffic stats, place your banner fr
FRIENDS: Will wait patiently with you in the long line to the bathroom and hold the stall door shut. WV FRIENDS: Will shine a spotlight on you while your drunk ass is taking a piss in the bushes. --------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs WV FRIENDS: Call your parents drunk as hell and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick up ------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home. WV FRIENDS: Know some wild shit will happen, and set up rally points. -------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. WV FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you saying, Damn...that shit was fun " ------------------------------------------------------ FRIENDS: Cry with you. WV FRIENDS: laugh at you -----------------------
To My Son
To My Son, I Love You I feel so fortunate to have you for a son I love your bright face when we talk seriously about the world I love your smile when you laugh at the inconsistencies in the world I love your eyes when you are showing emotion I love your mind when you are discovering newideas and creating dreams to follow Many people tell me that they cannot talk to their children that they cannot wait for them to leave home I want you to know that I enjoy you so much and I look forward to any time we can spend together Not only are you my adored son but you are also my friend I am so proud of you my son and I love you
We Want You In Here Now!
LOnging for what was missing what might be searching for the cause nothing left to see empty words echo ringing in your ear does any one know whats behind the mirror shallow souls shine through smiles all so fake anger starts to stew how much till you break going on their way nothing seem a miss how their minds do stray searching for their bliss
Just sitting here listening to dogs meander around the apartment and kids trying to go to sleep. Hubby is at work and I'm wondering how I can keep myself awake for another 3 hours... hmmm... internet surfing and bored... gonna find something to get me in trouble.
Zomg, Laureth Has A Job!
YES!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm really busy...don't know when I'll check in...its getting easier now :) Sorry if I haven't been in touch
The Guessing Game
ok i was sitting here thinking. there are 4 types of friends 1. your true friends the ones u talk too 2. the ones you admire from a far and you talk to once in a while. 3. ones that just pretend to be your friends untill u stop playing and want to be come serious 4. then u have the wanna be friends who in some ways are like the pretend ones. but are more fake so i decided to clean my list and beleive me i don't have much to clean on there. so if u get a comment from me oh say tomorrow then u know your still on my list and those that didn't well then i guess u fell into the wrong 2 catagory of friends.
Here For You
You may down and out like the walls are falling down but know that u have a lil bro that will stick and always roll. He will always be there for u and he know that u will be there for him.Hw will pick u up when u down he will be there to make sure u are always ok so when u think u r alone just know that u have a lil bro thats looking out for u and know that he will always love u. To u Big Bro Kaliko Always here for u
Beautiful Lady
                                        Beautiful lady The gates of heaven open I see a beautiful lady walking I sit here watching her from my bedroom window I hear the birds talking Why am I singing this very loving song? Your scenic hair blowing away my fears I gaze at your face, and you shed a tear I will take you to a place filled with secrets. I wish to kiss those enchanted lips I crave to hold those two miraculous hands And whisper to your ear Touch your soft beautiful face and Tell you why today we are in this place, I will take away all the pain and sorrow and, We shall meet again tomorrow I wake up from this daydream . . . The beautiful lady behind me kisses my cheek and, says to me, thank you …tell we meet again tomorrow!!
My G-string
Hello everyone, my friends and I had a talk today about all my friends on Fubar. A few men on here want to own my G-String. LOL I don't know why but OK. Anyone that wants one of my G-Strings and a pic of me in it send me a message and I will let you know how to get one. Love you all XOXOXO Shirley Just say I want your G-String and I will get back with you.
Mneh, Well, I've Had Worse Mondays . . .
Smug scribes, may the wave survive your damage Smug scribes, you who shield your cherished image Fxxk shxt, bond in beds with turds of feces Get lost, wander in and out of phases Let my flesh be bitten, torn, and chewed up in humanity’s teeth Let me be forgotten, leave my bones lost in the muck of the earth Smug scribes, keep your precious privileged leverage Smug scribes, may the wave survive your damage
Stolen From Gg
MOUTHOLOGY: What is your salad dressing of choice? Blue Cheese of Any Sort What is your favorite fast food restaurant of choice? Dollar Menus? Ya'RLY! What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Buffets kick ass. Us Fat Fucks gotta Eat. Though, Sakuras in baltimore was the first place i went to wher they cooked food at the table On average how much of a tip do you leave at a restaurant? Pen15 What food could u eat everyday for two weeks and not get sick of? Sushi(eel sushi kicks ass), but, for ME...straight ol' ground beef patties, you can do anything with beef What are your pizza toppings of choice? Im a MEAT a non gay way. Anchovies and peppers now and then too What do you like on your toast? butter, cinnamon and sugar TECHNOLOGY: What is your wallpaper on your computer? A F'n Tree. It WILL be goatse on the other account How many televisions are in your house? 2 What color cell phone do you have? Zero. Fuck You. I USED to
All Shook Up
The person who dedicated this song to me knows who they are. Hes my world...him and my lil girl are my everything. I love you babi
~ 10 Signs He's In Love With You ~
~10 signs He's In Love with You~ When you're involved with a man there's one question that often pops into your mind and that's what is he really feeling for you. Not all men are the great communicators we wish they were and it can be difficult to know if his feelings reflect our feelings. When you are wondering about what's going on in his heart and mind consider the 10 signs that he's in love with you. Recognizing these can help you determine what he's really feeling, even if he's not expressing it clearly. The most obvious of the 10 signs that he's in love with you is his desire to spend time with you. When a man is head over heels he'll find reasons to see the woman he adores. Even if it's for a mere five minutes at the end of the day, he'll make the time. On a similar note if he often texts, calls or emails you, he's got you on his mind. This is another sign that his feelings are pretty intense. Men are known to be very visual which is why they can't seem to resist lookin
Help Me Out Please...
For A Friend
you ever have one of the experiences where you know in your gut and have felt for weeks that life is going your way. then nothing particular happens and all of a sudden you are in a depressed funk. you can't explain it, you can't find your way out of it. its like being inside a deep hole in the ground..perfectly cylindrical...absolutely smooth all around you...enough room to spread your arms...cold, dark and damp...the light you see is mile and miles search frantically seeking a secret escape, but nothing...nothing but hopelessness and loss. a terrible place, feeling, experience how do you escape? is it even possible?
Make Some Fubucks! Xoxo
Happy Saturday! YAY for Happy Hours ALLLLL DAY! I know you want some more FUBUCKS! Well...what are Friends for? FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS....that's what FU is all about. Click this picture and rate this folder... ...with 10's for $7,500 Fubucks! ...with 11's for $12,000 Fubucks! PRIVATE MESSAGE ME WHEN YOU ARE DONE! (No shouting!) There will be a $5000 FUBUCK BONUS for every 10th person to finish rating the folder! WOOHOO! The folder is set to Friends only! Others are welcome to Rate, just FAN ME, RATE MY PROFILE AND SEND ME A REQUEST! xoxo ~PebblesinAZ~Owned by DJ Kidd Rock~I Love My BF Tappinit!@ fubar
Life Is Crazy
ok, have you ever noticed, the older youget the crazier things are. i mean coule weeks back i gt dumped, i was urt now i'm ok. As i'v gotten older things have become more random,than ever before. so yeah, life is what you make it.
Journal 5-24-08
my graduation information if anybody would like to attend the online graduation. if you need more information send me your email address and i will send you the email again so it all shows up. Congratulations to Our Graduating Students! Graduates, Friends and Family... Please join American InterContinental University Online in its celebration of our upcoming graduates. Saturday, June 14, 2008 Your Graduation Ceremony will be available ANYTIME AFTER 8:00 AM CDT and viewable for 30 days from this date. Please note that this does not mean you must attend at 8:00 AM CDT, only that this time will be your earliest opportunity to view your Graduation Ceremony. Please forward this email to guests which you would like to include in your great day. Commencement Speaker John Wood Chat Receptions Please join us for a Reception and Live Chat on Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 11:00 AM CDT. This will be an opportunity for you to chat with classmates
Ths Investigates!!
Mae West: Willie Of The Valley
Up For Auction!!!!!
Hey guys i'm up for auction, plz stop by and bid...> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
Well, in this case she is! ☆™©CantSleepClownsWillEatMeღღ~ ☆Just Me☆@ fubar CantSleepClownsWillEatMe is hosting her first auction! The auction will be a one day auction held on Wednesday, June 4th. It will open at 12am fu-time and go for 24 hours. All Entries must be received by noon on Tuesday! Send the pic you want used and what you are offering to... Miss Andi Owner of βûṨṪḜṞ ἯὛṁḁᾔ@ fubar I'll make a great tag for you to post and get your bidders in! (repost of original by 'Miss Andi Owner of βûṨṪḜṞ ἯὛṁḁᾔ' on '2008-05-31 12:46:23')
Gob Bless
Band : Volo Song & Lyrics : Volo We don’t talk any more of Babylon Today we talk only about Washington We don’t talk any more of Babylon Today we talk only about Washington Michael Moore, General Motors, Pearl Harboor, US Air Force, Martin Luther King, Schwarzenegger, Boeing, the hamburger, Spielberg, Iran's Shah , the Rosenberg husbands, Ku Klux Klan, Elvis, Philipp Morris, Coca-Cola God bless America The American Civil War, Nixon, ENRON, prohibition, Al Capone, Pinochet, Carl Lewis, Pablo Escobar, Che, Miles Davis, the dollar, Superman, Michael Jackson, Manhattan, Mike Tyson, Malcom X, Marlboro, Hendrix, Marylin Monroe, JFK And God bless America We don’t talk any more of Babylon Today we talk only about Washington We don’t talk any more of Babylon Today we talk only about Washington Militaro-industrialist complex, The GI' S, the NHL, the french fries, Vietnam, Kissinger, Gore Vidal, napalm, Eisenhower, the oval office, Bukowski, Oswald, Bin
please help me
My Debate With A Religious Nut
(Put shout in order so just read from top to bottom) All this started for my forever "SEE YOU IN HELL !!!" status and my comment in a religious MuMM where it was asking who people choose to worship to try and see i guess what religion the majority of fubar was and things of that nature.. here is my exact comment "I choose not to believe in a savior or allow some book to tell me how i should act to dictate my life, but to each their own i guess" JCFAN: see u in heaven then lets see who god chooses to have ->JCFAN: you i hope, you love your bible toting ways don't you? spit on those that don't agree with you.. killing those that dare to believe different then yourself, so while you think yourself to be enlightened i think you to be the majority of the ignorant, if you want to debate on beliefs and who has killed more in whose name i am more then willing to.. i await your response JCFAN: Oh you responded means you have half a brain, and sure my dear if you want to
105 Free Ways To Save Fuel
check out for more ways to save fuel!! 1) Drive less The best way to reduce fuel use is to drive less: a) Live closer to work; b) carpool; c) bicycle; d) walk; e) take public transit 2) Park and ride (bicycle) If part of your commute is not biker friendly, travel to a point that is and then bike the rest of the way. The "park and ride" concept can also be applied to carpooling and mixed private/public transit travel. 3) Attend a driving clinic Hybrid owners groups are popping up in cities around the world - and non-hybrid owners are often welcome to attend regular meetings. Fuel efficient driving techniques are commonly discussed, and clinics are sometimes offered by experienced members. 4) Clean junk from your trunk The additional weight you carry in your vehicle doesn't ride for free. It takes energy to move it around. Removing unnecessary stuff from your vehicle saves fuel. 5) Let the most efficient driver drive More
Cross Promotion
=== '*MsRetta*S*U*P*Exhibitionist' wrote the following at '2008-06-11 11:39:57'.. T-N-T Get Your Ass To This Page and Rate, Fan and Add This Man. Give It To Sarge!!!! Sarge's Bad Girls@ fubar /b>tr> this bulletin brought to you by: ☠ †V€ÑØM..@ fubar
True Love
My heart was bleeding Lying broken upon the floor It had exploded into tiny pieces The minute he walked out the door. I walked for awhile in the darkness Never veering towards love’s light My world was full of shadows Full with the darkness of night. Then you came along and opened me up You put the beat back into my heart Because of you my life now had meaning I was able to give love a new start. I know this is real These feelings I have for you You’ve made me feel so much inside Feelings so strong and so true.
Bitches aint nothin' but hoes and tricks, lick on these nuts and suck the dick.
How Much????
GUESS WHAT IM UP FOR AUCTION !!! YOU KNOW YA WANT TO OWN ME !! TRY ME !! YOU MIGHT LIKE ME !! JUST CLICK THE PIC !! BIDDING ENDS !! SUNDAY !! ~**.. ImPerFeCTiOn..**~..~**Co-Owner of Club Sweet Thing**~@ fubar (repost of original by 'DJ KIDD ROCK~LOVED & OWNED BY DJ DEVILISH DESIRE' on '2008-06-19 16:25:56')
This song is dedicated to anyone that has a boss that they absolutely do not like and would like to knock the sh*t out of him/her. This one's for you. Enjoy.
Tag Your It !!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1: I am devoted mother 2: I'm a Ford woman 3: I am out going 4: I Like wrestling (WWE)& Huge Nascar Fan 5: I treat my animals like my children 6: I'm a Fubaholic with no desire to give up the addiction 7: I attend spirtial church 8: I don't care for lier's and cheater's 9: I am a talented mural painter 10: I tend to put other's before myself I tagged Canyon Man Mike Franklin Purry John Woodza
You're It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I may act like what people think of me doesn't matter, but those close to me knows it does. 2. I smoked while I was in college, but was able to kick the habit. 3. I will help just about anyone as much as I can. 4. My greatest fear in life is that I will never get married or have a family. 5. I have an abnormal obsession with Dale Jr. 6. I watch WWE EVERY Monday night. 7. I trust people way too easily and usually get burned in the end. 8. My dream vehicle is a Chevy Silverado 1500 (black). 9. I hate to be wrong and have a hard time admitting when I am. 10. I can be very stubborn. When I have made u
You Learn Somethiing New...
Today, on the radio, I learned that the male elephant is the only animal to have an actual bone in his penis. So, technically, when discussing "boners", the elephant is the only animal that you are truly talking about. Since you should try to learn something new every day, most of you can stop looking for your fact today. My son got his grade for his summer school English class. I'm torn, because he got an A-. I don't know whether to be proud of him, or pissed because I knew he could do the work, and this just proves it. I think I'm gonna go with proud. I've been seeing previews for Hellboy II, and I can't wait to see it. The director of Pan's Labyrinth is involved, so visually it should be stunning. I liked the original, and the story looks great. It opens July 11th, and we're getting a group together to go see it. So if you're in North Central IL, look me up, the more the merrier. I am two fans away from 1000. When I first got on here, I never expected that to be
Anniversary Gift - Stun Gun
Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....?? WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Julie what tha
Hmm Lil Let Down
i have been lettin myself down a lil i missed school this week 3 days 6 classes i am very assamed of my self ... i was sick one day slpt the other and ... looks down just not good form at all i hate when i let me down
Kath- My Story
Can A Wildcat Be
IS MY FU-OWNER FOR A MONTH imikimi - Customize Your World He Is A Real Good Friend So Needless To Say Stop By And Show Him Some Passionate Fu-Love!
Oxen are the animals of agriculture and work. If you dream of oxen you may see yourself as wanting to return to a simpler, farm-based life, or that your work is never ending. Are you bearing the burdens of others unnecessarily or unfairly?
Picture Perfect ( In Your Own Eyes )
In your eye's is the picture perfect. In your eye's does the grass look greener. Have you seen it though my eye's. The world has caught on fire from what I've been told. These city lights are killing ever slowly. The sanity with in me. Maybe I lost in my creation. This isn't how I thought I turn out. In your eye's I'm picture perfect. In your eye's the grass is greener. Have you seen it though my eye's. Cause through my eye's. Stars are burning brighter. So bright we can't ignore. We're hypnotized drive by's, train wrecks tragedy are patient. Maybe I a product of my placement. Given no doubt to make up our minds. In your eye's I'm picture perfect. In your eye's the grass is greener. Have you seen it though my eye's. Cause through my eye's. In your eye's I'm so picture perfect. In your eye's the grass is greener. Have you seen it though my eye's. Through my eye's. Through my eye's. Through my eye's. Pay attention please. He who lusts through life
Whats Sup
hows every doin? been crazy here. i had some stuff to deal with that got me down but now im back in the saddle so to speak. starting EMT school august 25th..after that im doing Paramedic school. i eventually wanna get on a fire department...ummm lets see thats about it..gone again this weekend to greers ferry lake for another water rescue training..come see us if you live in AR..sooo i guess thats it for now...take care everyone
Up For Auction
Hey all my 1st auction come join the fun click on my picture to bid on me
Vein Boys You Are So Silly
i know a lot of vein people and i think its so fucking not saying that looking good or trying to look good is bad . but sometimes its just too much.the reason for this post is a conversation i had with my friend jacob. hes been sending me pictures every so often to let him know how hes doing working out and shit. the real reason is because he likes me and is still trying to get into my pants for 2 years.i just delete them because he sends the same pose and all this crap and he just doesn't get it. ive told him flat out id never date him or anything because i won't. then he got pissed cause i told him vanity is a turn off and then he said i was just being mean. but hes the one who asked in the first heres you answer i dont even want to hang out with the you just as friends because frankly you and your vanity just annoy me. now how fucking nice do you think im going to be ? your the one that kept sending me pictures when i asked you to stop and your the one that kep
Forever After
close your eyes as i fade don't watch me drift away laugh with me as the moon comes and the day fades to darkness cry with me as you sleep for tears shall not interrupt all the joy you'll have when you awake dance with me as the cool rain falls grin with me as you sin love with me as hatred spills embrace the lies and turn your pain into the beauty they'll never know make every kiss your first and last remember your future and never your past and notice me by your side even when you cant see me
Go Away Fat-face
so its all good and fun right? ERROR: this user's permissions don't allow you to do this. if you want to add this member to your 'blocked' list, click here. what a fuckin' pussy.
Armericans Read This!!!!!!!!
SGT. Edmund Jo hn Jeffer's last few words were some of the most touching, inspiring and most truthful words spoken since the tragedy of 9/11 - and since our nation went to war. SGT. Jeffers was a strong soldier and talented writer. He died in Iraq on September 19, 2007. He was a loving husband, brother and son. His service was more than this country could ever grasp, but the least you can do for the man who sacrificed his life for you is listen to what he had to say. Listen up and pay attention. To all of the Cindy Sheehans and Al Frankens of the world. To MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS. To all who call themselves Americans. Hope Rides Alone by Eddie Jeffers I stare out into the darkness from my post, and I watch the city burn to the ground. I smell the familiar smells, I walk through the familiar rubble and I look at the frightened faces that watch me pass down the streets of their neighborhoods. My nerves hardly rest; my hands are steady on a device t
in redneck fantasy auction am at 200k in st3ph4ni3 auction am 200k in redbeck angel am at 300k
it at 230k it at 300k it end next week
Memory Of Mom
Tombstone Generator at
If life treats you as one big joke And your successes few Remember that the mighty oak Was once a nut like you.
Chapter 2
2ND CHAPTER It is said that much sake, self-pride and luxury are to be avoided by a samurai, There is no cause for anxiety when you are unhappy, but when you become a little elated, these three things become dangerous. Look at the human condition. It is unseemly for a person to become prideful and extravagant when things are going well. Therefore, it is better to have some unhappiness while one is still young, for if a person does not experience some bitterness, his disposition will not settle down. A person who becomes fatigued when unhappy is useless. Meeting with people should be a matter of quickly grasping their temperament and reacting appropriately to this person and that. Especially with an extremely argumentative person, after yielding considerably one should argue him down with superior logic, but without sounding harsh, and in a fashion that will allow no resentment to be left afterwards. This is a function of both the heart and words. This was an opinion given by a pries
Our Marriage
On Monday, 08/11/08 at 8pm I did something that changed my life forever. I got married to the man I know call my husband. I loved him before we got married and I love him now. I am so so so so very happy. He makes me so so so so happy. This isn't a fubar wedding, this is the real thing. Pictures posted soon. to all of my fubar family, friends, and fans... thank you and God Bless You all!
All You Need Is Love...
All You Need Is Love... An old man and woman were married for many years, even though they hated each other. When they had a confrontation, screaming and yelling could be heard deep into the night. The old man would shout, "When I die, I will dig my way up and out of the grave and come back and haunt you for the rest of your life!" Neighbors feared him. They believed he practiced black magic, because of the many strange occurrences that took place in their neighborhood. The old man liked the fact that he was feared. To everyone's relief, he died of a heart attack when he was 68. His wife had a closed casket at the wake. After the burial, she went straight to the local bar and began to party, as if there was no tomorrow. Her neighbors, concerned for her safety, asked, "Aren't you afraid that he may indeed be able to dig his way up and out of the grave and come back to haunt you for the rest of your life?" The wife put down her drink and said, "Let him dig. I had his ca
Bling Bling Up 4 Auction(closed)
I have got some Up for auction I only only have 2 of them I'm trying to get fubucks up for a friend so she can go for the spotlight! :) I would like to see my good friend Da Sweet Irish Princess in the spotlight. So come and make a bid on the bling and lets help her get the spotlight.
Our Solar System (for Those Who Don't Know)
The Solar System Sol Mercury Venus Earth
Lover Of Wolves Train
if you love wolves like we do come join the lover of wolves train 1. START HERE AND RATE ALL PHOTOS IN THE WOLVES FOLDER, COMMENT ON LAST PHOTO THAT YOU ARE DONE... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "LOVER OF WOLVES." 3. RATE , FAN, AND ADD oUR HOSTESS, WEYEKIN ღWeyekinღ 4. When new people join the list... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. lOVER OF WOLVES Countryboy74 ************************************************** ღHeart§OfLoveღ ************************************************** Bronco80 ************************************************** Gypsysoul **************************************************
A writers Imagianation is place we can not physically touch. That is why we write.
Last List
I Posted These Names As A Reminder. Not To Hurt Or Upset Anyone!!!!These Our "OUR HEROS". May They Rest In Peace & May Their Families Find Comfort In The Fact That True Americans Still Remember Them & Pray For Them !!! God Bless You & God Bless The U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Six year old Brandon decided one Saturday morning to fix his parents pancakes. He found a big bowl and spoon, pulled a chair to the counter, opened the cupboard and pull ed out the heavy flour canister, spilling it on the floor. > He scooped some of the flour into the bowl with his hands, mixed in most of a cup of milk and added some sugar, leaving a floury trail on the floor which by now had a few tracks left by his kitten. > Brandon was covered with flour and getting frustrated. He wanted this to be something very good for Mom and Dad, but it was getting very bad. > He didn't know what to do next, whether to put it all into the oven or on the stove and he didn't know how the stove worked! Suddenly he saw his kitten licking from the bowl of mix and reached to push her away, knocking the egg carton to the floor. Frantically he tried to clean up this monumental mess but slipped on the eggs, getting his pajamas white and sticky. > And just then he saw Dad standing at
Angry At The Republican Party!!!!!
I saw a video that was played at the Republican National Convention that has angered me. I normally try to stay out of politics as I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I consider myself a moderate Independent in my political views. I share some philosophies with both parties, but I also see a lot of flaws and corruption in our current two-party system. I believe that most politicians truly do not care about the struggles of the poorest Americans, of which I am one. I lost people that I knew on September 11, 2001 and to see the Republican party use the victims and heroes of that day as a political maneuver has me seething. They showed a lack of compassion to all of us who lost friends and family that terrible day. Using this video in an effort to say that McCain; who believes that continuing Bush's illegal war in Iraq, is what America needs to keep us safe from terrorist is in the poorest possible taste. I have voted Republican in the past when I have agreed with what a person
Please Help Find Him
Fubar's Hot Tamales
Nintendo DS Lite Games FUBAR'S Hot Tamales this is for both male and female rate these photos atleast 50 you can rate them all if you like then r/f/a all members then send a PM marked hot tamales to TotallyHugeObsessedMCFanatic4life ~TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life~@ fubar to get your Hot Tamales Tag go see Slave2Fantasy/Aka/Erotica/AKA/Keeper of Trains see blog~Tat _man73~R/L G/F@ fubar --HOT TAMALE PEOPLE-- ~TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life~@ fubar VolfiremaninPa L.U.V. Club Co-Founder, Honorable Society of Wolves Family Member@ fubar ~TexasAngel~Rating Revolution Crew Member~Fu Angel~@ fubar
Fragile ~ Delta Goodrem
Own A Goddess!!! For Buttrflygodess77
Here's your chance to win a Goddess, a Butterfly Goddess at that! She is currently up for auction, so come bid on this lovely lady! Make sure to F/R/A the Host Click this Pic to go to her auction: Click this Pic to go to her page: ButtrflyGodess77 @ fubar Made with much mad love by:♕ LuAngel ♕ @ fubar Music provided by Blue Cat Radio
First Date
My first date gives me pretty good directions and I navigate through the narrow streets of LaJolla, dealing with the new 'Euro' style traffic circles some over paid fuck wacked out on coke came up with while contemplating the universe... ...I pull into the back of the condo complex find a spot to park and of course I am early... Like fifteen minutes early...I can smell the ocean, the place is no more than a block from the beach...I wipe my palms off on my jeans taking care not to get any on my new shirt.. I hang out ten minutes then use my cell phone and call her..It takes a minute or so to get a signal like always on the cheap little bastard..I got to check real close too when I punch in the numbers. The buttons are perfect size for Hobbits, Munchkins, or Lilliputs... ..."Hi, it's Steve, I am here"....There's a pause,.."Ok honey, give me a few minutes to just take a shower..... I'll call you back with the condo number, ok sweetie"?.. It's hot in the fucking car..That's the th
Rip Peace Wetkitty U Will Be Sorely Missed
Wet Kitty Funeral PlansWET KITTY~ FANTASIA HEAD GREETER~Wet KittyOctober 20, 1977 - September 21, 2008The funeral for Wet Kitty is scheduled forSaturday, September 27, 2008Silver Glyn Baptist Church115 Arlington Rd. NorthJacksonville, FloridaArlington Rd North, North of Berry Ave11:00am EasternFuneral officiated by Rev. Wild HorseAll of Wet Kitty's friends are welcome to attend.Please leave your respects for Wet Kitty on her page, she will be missed by all who know her. (repost of original by 'Wild Horse ~Lounge Expert~~Fubar's 12th Prophet~~Hotties Token Male Officer (I supply the hose)~' on '2008-09-25 05:58:59') IN LOVING MEMORY...YOU WILL BE MISSED !
Far Away Love
he calls to me across the miles night winds carry his whispers they float on the breeze and through my windows falling gently upon my ears -hush- i hear him now he calls to me from the heavens glittering stars cannot compare to the sparkle of his eyes when he looks at me i am consumed by the fire i see him now he calls to me through my dreams dancing together in the shadows of my sleep where we laugh and love once again i am in his arms i feel him now he calls to me every moment of every day distance couldn't keep us apart when destiny drew us together i'll hold him for eternity as long as he keeps calling
Min Far Som Er I Himmelen
Vi kan tenke oss at Jesus hadde et lignende utgangspunkt som meg da han kom tilbake fra Egypt og skulle besøke mamma i Israel. Hvis Matteus som innledning på Jesu' virke stemmer hadde han blitt med faren sin til Egypt mens han var liten gutt. Årsakene til det kan ha vært mange. Alt fra sinte keisere til interne stridigheter mellom mor og far. Uansett kom han tilbake omtrent da Johannes begynte å døpe mennesker iført kamelkåpe. Kamelkåpen er det mulig han hadde fått av Jesus som kjøpte den i Egypt før han dro. Med utgangspunkt i Egypts historie kan vi anta at "Min far som er i himmelen" betyr noe. Et bilde på Gud, javel, men uansett fantes det en mannlig Gud i Israel. Jahve. Det har derfor blitt tolket som nettopp det. Hvis vi derimot ser Jesus som egypter og utvandrende fra et rike som sto for fall kan vi anta at det har en sammenheng med dette. Og at det har en sammenheng med en far som virkelig var død. Hvis det stemmer betyr det også at han visste at Israel hadde samm
WITCHYS WIKKED GRAPHIX Drifting away into a world so dark and deep, Drowning alone into the this world so bleak. The tide rushes in and carries me away, Drowning within my very heart & soul. Fading away into nothingness, A meer ghost was my existance. Alone and trapped within 2 worlds, Lives crashing in like waves on rocks. Drifting, Drowning and Fading away.....
Newest Members 10/1/08
Please welcome our newest members please A/R/F Ðå£øþø Fu-Master of WickedestKar~DEVILS ADVOCATES BOMBING AND LEVELING CREW~WOLF PACK SUPPORTER@ fubar Nate~Devils advocates bombing and leveling crew@ fubar Welcome to the family :) MsBratt, Angel Eyes, Basstracker
this was the day I came into this world and never looked back. I had a great life up till now i lost both my parent in a 1.5 yrs diffrence and doing celebriting my birthday went done hill from there i did not care about it till now because a few good friend r going to show me a good time. and because of a couple ladies who know who they r made me open my heart again to let life backinto it i thank u two. while it time for me to start partying. If u read this please wish me and every one else who has a birthday on 10/03 a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i pray for everyone to have a good life and health. peace
Come On Through And Kick It It With The Fam Ya Dig?
Dad Update 10 14 08
Hey ALL! Got Great news bout Dad. I took Dad to the Dr. on Friday to see how his ankle was doing. They put em' in a air cast and sent him to Physical Therapy (PT). The did not have a PT ava. So I took Dad yesterday to PT and now I only have to go and take em' to his Dr. app.'s and PT. No more Nurse DUH Thank GOD! I am now "Driving Mr. Daisey" LOL So I am sort of back. He has PT 2x's a week right now and I have lots to catch up on as far as cleaning my own house. Thanks to ALL that have sent well wishes and prayers. I have missed my Fu-Friends. Can't wait to catch up with all of ya'll and get back to being a Strong Bomber for the Fu-Bombers. Hope ya'll have a Great Day. XXOO DUH :-)
Greed For Your Love - Missy Higgins
Beef Burger Pie With Cheese Puff
INGREDIENTS: 2 tablespoons shortening 2 tablespoons chopped onion 1 pound ground beef 1 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 (16 ounce) can diced tomatoes with juice 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 (15 ounce) can carrots, drained 1 (15 ounce) can cut green beans, drained 1 cup sifted all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons shortening 1/4 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese 1/2 cup milk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECTIONS: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Melt 2 tablespoons of shortening in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onion and ground beef to the pan, and cook until onion is tender and beef is browned, stirring frequently and crumbling beef. Drain fat. Season with 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper, then sprinkle 3 tablespoons of flour over t
From My Wonderful Family
> Make an on-line slide show at > > > >
Lynnmarie - Happy Wanderer Polka(sexy A Heck)
Top 10
10. guaranteed to get an least a little something in the sack. 9. if you get tired, wait 10 minutes and go at it again. 8. the uglier you look, the easier it is to get some. 7. you don't have to compliment the person who gave you candy. 6. it's ok when the person you're with fantasizes you're someone else. becuase you are someone else. 5. 40 years from now, you'll still enjoy candy. 4. if you don't get what you want you can always go next door. 3. doesn't matter if kids hear you moaning and groaning. 2. no guilt the next morning. 1. you can "do " the whole neighborhood.
Ty To Great Friends
Up For Grabs im in an auction come what ya get when ya own me
Can Someone Tell Me About People Keeping Private Pics To Themselves?
Hello again. I have been wondering about this for quite some time now. I notice that some people have folders of pics that they see only, not no one else, even family and friends. Now, I don't know about you, but personally if I had pictures that I didn't want people to see, I wouldn't keep them online. To me, having pics for no one else to see is like putting up a huge sign to hackers saying, "Come hack into my profile and see my pictures." I mean, being the mentality of some people, that is just having them wanting to break into your page. Now, I know that security here on Fubar is pretty good, however, I think about those pics they don't want anyone else to see are actually being seen by somebody. Oh yes, not many people realize that these profile websites are monitored my the police, I know MySpace and Facebook are and I would assume Fubar is as well. So, technically, those pics people have for their eyes only are still being seen by someone. The truth sucks, doesn't it?
Yellow Angel Food Cake
Yellow Angel Food Cake 1 2/3 cup cake flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 10 egg yolks 1/2 cup warm water 1 teaspoon lemon extract 1 cup sugar Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Beat egg yolks with rotary beater, adding warm water gradually while beating add flavoring. Continue beating for 10 minutes until mixture is very light and has increased in volume. Add sugar gradually beating constantly with egg beater. Add sifted dry ingredients slowly, folding in lightly. Bake in oven 45 minutes at 300 degrees.
Grand Champion Pumpkin Bread
3 1/3 c Unbleached flour; sifted 4 ts Pumpkin pie spice 2 ts Baking soda 1 ts Baking powder 1 1/2 ts Salt 2 2/3 c Sugar 2/3 c Cooking oil 4 Eggs; lg 2 c Pumpkin; mashed, canned, 1cn 2/3 c Water 2/3 c Chopped dates Stir the flour, pumpkin pie spice, baking soda, baking powder, and salt together in a small bowl and set aside. Beat the sugar and oil together in a medium mixing bowl, using an electric mixer set on high, until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time beating well after each addition, and then beat in the pumpkin. Add the dry ingredients alternately with the water to the sugar mixture, beating well after each addition, using a mixer set on low speed. Stir in the dates and pour the batter into 2 greased 9 X 5 X 3-inch loaf pans. Bake in a preheated 324 degree F. oven for 55 minutes or until a cake tester or wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in the pans on wire racks for 10 minutes, then remove from the pans and continue cooling on th
~DJ MASS OF THE REAL RED DRAGON HAS AUTO 11'S UP AN RUNNING~ ~SO GO HIT HIS PAGE AN SHOW HIM LOTS OF FU LOVINS~ ~RATE/FAN/ADD/BLING HIM~ ~ALL LOVE IS RETURNED!!!!!!!!~ CLICK THE PIC BELOW TO GO AN GET YOUR AUTO 11 RATES..... THIS BULLETIN WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY TAINTEDRAGE~FU PRIESTESS~ (repost of original by 'Maharet ~Fu Wife & R/L G/F to DJ Mass~GM/DJ @ The Real Red Dragon Lounge' on '2008-11-04 00:19:35') (repost of original by 'DJ MARIUS/***DJ MASS/~Fu Hubby to DJ Maha' on '2008-11-04 00:20:35')
Some Things To Help Ya Along.
You often see someone with a status message about helping them out to the next level. I see it daily. When going to their page, I can understand why they are having a tough time getting that last "only need 5k to level". They have about 10 or maybe 20 pics and stash (if they have any stash at all). This posting and section is meant to help that. I want to start at the beginning basics and work from there. One thing to always know is what your picture limit is for the level you are at. You also should also rate others to your daily limits as well. Know that your picture rating limit might be reached, but you can still rate blogs and stash items. You can also comment on profiles and on individual pictures. Everything gains you as a rater and ratee (is that a word?) points on here and those point values double during a Happy Hour. More on Happy Hour tips later. The highest point values for pictures will be on pics that are not RIPPED or not marked NSFW, its ok to have thos
Without You
Without You I am a pallid shadow of myself without you. Wherever you are, please incite all colors in me... I am of scattered dust, dawn to dusk without you. Wherever you are, please shape me into being… I am an arid utterance of voice without you. Wherever you are, please stir me into singing... I am an idle breath of truth without you. Wherever you are, please spark me into sharing... I am the dim notion of love without you. Wherever you are, please illumine all emotion... I am a heart lost in life without you. Wherever you are, please render me direction home... I am half hope and half fire without you. Wherever you are, please desire me complete... I am nothing, nowhere in All without you. Wherever you are, please always cherish my kiss... SR May 1997 ~ I dedicate this to my sweet Theaza
Not that anyone's interested, but I did finally get my internet back So I probably will be dropping in more often=D
I Want To My Boyfriend
I want to people.
All I Need Is One Rate Please
just click on this picture to rate it, ty so much!!!
Just to let you all know…everything is ok….but for the next day or so I will not be on here as much as normal….just in now and again, so if you want to reach me and have my yahoo I will be there…if not then leave a message and will return as soon as I can. Hugs to you all
Fun Games
No Cheating You Have To Send to every one on your buddylist & see what they want from you!!! 1=A baby 2=Another chance? 3=Love? 4=A Kiss? 5=Friendship? 6=Sex partner 7=Lap dance 8=To chill 9=To cuddle
Installing Husband Software
((thank you Hypes this is wonderful lol)) Installing a Husband Software Dear Tech Support, Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance -- particularly in the flower and jewelery applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0. In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5 and then installed undesirable programs such as NFL 5.0, NBA 3.0, and Golf Clubs 4.1. Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and Housecleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail. What can I do? Signed, Desperate Dear Desperate, First keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an Operating System. Please enter the command: 'I Thought You Loved Me.exe' and try to download Tears 6.2 and don't forget to install the Guilt 3.0 update. If that appl
Mummers Go Ho Ho Ho
Annie's new Xmas out fit this broad took a break for delivering the mail Candi anyone? Kermit sent him hate mail for pinching Miss Piggys pork
My Plan
Ok guys I wrote a business plan for after graduation. The plan basically is for the city to help encourage our residents to shop locally. Its a marketing tool that every city should have. The plan is like a bank card.. area businesses who participate in the plan will offer consumers a points reward system for shopping locally. Here is the problem. During investigation into the plan, our port authority and local chamber of commerce watched the presentation on the program. Now they want the plan... I on the other hand WANT A FREAKIN JOB!!!!! The plan is not copyrighted and I cant get it done soon enough. What to do? Thanks, Val
Happy Holidays
as some of you might know i am finaly going home after eight years i just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays before i go. i am taking one months leave so i will be back on the 15th of jan. i am actualy a little nervous having not been in america for so long but also very happy i will be able to see my family. so everyone be safe over the holidays and see you when i get back andy
Bringing You The Best Products At The Best Prices
Bringing you the Best Products at the Best Prices Find best priced LEGAL BUD HERBAL SMOKES, Smoking accessories, candles, INCENSE AND MORE
All Men In A Relationship Or Marriage, Or...ones That Want One. Watch This And Learn. Lol Ladies, You're Welcome.
I LOVE it! hahahaha!
First Thing
This is not a normal blog post. I just want to tell everyone to check out my trackz and also check out the greatest band I've ever heard at Thank you.
Winter Jigsaw
Are you blind? how can you not see the pain and sadness cut deep into me, can you not see these tears that come from missing you ?do i cover it so well, that you you can't even tell that every time you talk to me my heart soars?i thought you of all people would see me the deep,true me the one that longs for companionship. am i just another person?another check mark on a list another girl that you can torment with just a glance from your eyes?i wish to run from from you, to get away from the pleasure torture i endure, do you ever see the effect you have on me? or do you know and take pleasure from the Chocolate barbs you throw at me your hands brown and glossy from the sweet stuff that melts to your hands your arm throwing you eyes telling lies .finally i collapse into tears on hand and knees and wait for the next pleasure-torture, the next chocolate barb.
Auto 11's Holiday Edition
HOLIDAY AUTO 11'S RUNNING. HERE ARE SOME TO START OFF WITH AND WILL BE ADDING AS I SEE THEM. AS ALWAYS, IF YOU HAVE THEM FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT IN HERE! Auto 11s On ♥ Level Up On MishNumber1 ♥@ fubar SPIKE@ fubar Auto 11's On♠♦ DeViLiSh DeSiRe♠ ♦The Pegasus Project&@ fubar 6'1 Playground@ fubar ~COUGARBABY~OWNER OF COUGARBABIESDEN.COM~GRAPHIC DESIGNER@HH-FORUMS~@ fubar AUTO 11'S ON FUBUCKS 4 RATES SEE BLOG WV REBEL COWBOY ~Member of The Confederate Bombers~Owner o@ fubar ~ Grlskikass2~ ~~fu_owned by ~ J+A+B=ME~@ fubar ~Silver Diamond®™~@ fubar auto 11's on stfu its santa@ fubar AUTO 11's ON ™ © AndSnow © ™ Manager@Sinfully Seductive@ fubar aGEM4life ShadowLeveler|RatingRevolution~Wife of Ike~Owned by TheBULL
Come Celebrate New Year's Eve With Me....
Okay, Since I Gotta Work On New Year's Eve(I AM A DJ, YAY ME) I'm Gonna Party My Azz Off And You Should Join Me!!!! If Any Of You Are In the Vicinity Of Lisle, Illinois. You Should Come On Out To Lisle Bowl And Rock Out With Me!!!! I'll Be Spinning The Tunes And Giving Aways Things, So You Don't Wanna Miss Out!!!! Fun, Food, Kick Azz Tunes, A Champagne Toast At Midnight, Oh Yeah And HEy you Can Meet Me Too, LOL!!!! Come On Out And Celebrate New Year's Eve With Me, DJ FYRE!!!! XOXO's
Kills Me Inside
the days go by when i don't think about you, at sometimes it makes me crazy wondering what u are doing if u are ok. I hope we get our chance to met for that i would know what it feels like to be happy. I could see u look at me and tell if u truly care instead of guessing if its for real, maybe i am dumb for feel so scared for i don't want the hurt. Yeah i know we all get hurt at times but this am sure would hurt the most for i have fallen for u. i have cried about it i wont lie but not know how u feel kills me inside but i just want to be happy know how u truly care
My Midget
I Need True Friends
Hi for the last 3 months i have been seeing doctors because my brain has been thinking some crazy stuff well this week they finally determined that i have 3 count them 1 2 3 disoders and they go as follows bipolar disorder multiple personality disorder and schizphrenia peranoid i guess im just asking for people who added me and is trully my friend be here for me they gave me 2 choices take pills and see if we can maintain them or committ myself i chose the pills but i think sometimes my thoughts arent my own and they are demented thoughts question to you commit and still be on pills or stay free on pills and all of you just really start being true friends with normal conversation keep my mind occupied with you then them much love to you all
To Go
461,940 to go till godmother, please help! PLEASE *begging*
Cabin Fever
Flighting Feelings of desert dreams She took me by the hand Said it’s time to fly I was afraid to go But a force pushed me forward I looked into her eyes Where all the clouds danced I knew that I had to go I got into the Cessna Looked mysteriously about the cockpit She removed the control wheel lock the ignition was off, master switch was on, flaps all the way down, master switch was off, and fuel shutoff valve was on. I looked at the right wing. I looked at the flaps; she removed the tie-down to the wings. I started the engine. Open the throttle and she yelled “clear” out the window; she looks at me and says “now you're ready to go”. I knew in my bones how it felt to fly Before my dream climbed to the sky As if I were a bird before I had no fear I was suddenly calm I sailed the wind, rushing by my ears Tiny people below me, passing like ants, Chattering birds we glide with ease, Streaking white clouds with polished smooth edges, Auburn and Sienna co
My Motto
My new motto....... No expectations, No disappointments. That is all
Just a small favor to ask...trying to help Immortal to level..only needs 146k. I try to drop into everyones pages and rate somewhat steady...would you return the favor? When you get time...if each person would rate just 10 pictures it would help alot.
By Myself......
Sitting here all alone, thinking one day my life will come alone. I sit here "by myself" I sit here "by myself" heart sinking in sorrow, not able to move, eat, sleep or drink. Wondering if you are somewhere thinking and feeling me the same way. Praying that you come back this way to me and feel my heart with song and laughter. Oh this was not the plan, not the plan, not the plan. While I'm setting here all alone "by myself". PEACE.....
Pepsi Made Me Do It
Some People
i dont understand why people feel the need to hurt others... people i know are always trying to hurt me its like they dont want me to be happy... all they do is talk trash and think its ok... some people know how i feel about them and trust me you know who you are when i say this... just god damn stop if you want to be in my life then just knock it the fuck off cause im dont playing this game with you.... either your going to be there for me or your not dont sit here and tell me oh yeah i care when all your trying to do is hurt me all the time by stirring up trouble.... i am tired of this shit just cause i keep you out of things means that i dont want you trying to fuck it up... if you really knew me then you would know this but no one really does anymore and its cause i am trying to keep myself sane but it seems you dont want that so as of now im done trying to hear what you have to say unless it is important... just stop and leave me the hell alone i am doing what i can to keep mysel
Xanadu Pic
Mid June - Hot Springs, Colorado [not Traveling Sistas Party But Should Be Fun!]
June 15th - June 21st plan now All are welcome to join in contact me or indian Rose to let us know if you plan on joining us!!!!! The More the merrier All Fubarians Welcome Hot Springs trip at Colorado's valley view hots springs Fubar Meet and greet get together. Need to plan on how many will be coming so I can contact the place to get rates. DJ Hash@ fubar Indian Rose@ fubar Valley ViewHot Springs (repost of original by 'ÐJ ♫ HŧH _ Enforcer at southern hideaway' on '2009-02-17 15:17:16')
Endless Love
Turning tumbling stumbling falling fast into the endless void. Talking yelling screaming shouting though it sounds like a whisper in my head. Yearning wanting helplessly hoping that this is not the end. Timeless patience walking blindly fast into the endless void
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. i am gay 2.ilike purple 3. aries 4.i like trains 5. i am single 6i have no car 7. have 23 dogs and live with mom 8.i love cadillacs loving 10. am a minister i tagged raistlin
St. Patty's Day Auction Is Now Open
The St. Patty's Day auction is now open...come bid on me and let me spoil you.... Click on the link to take you there. Depending on the bids...I may add more.
Trade For Bling
I am will to give 3million fubucks for a bomb bling. If you want this it excludes you from getting into my private pics. The only way you get into them it by doing what the folder says without me sending you fubucks in return for the gift to get into my privates. Send me a PM if you are interested. thanks
The First Letter
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Beth 2. A four letter word: Band 3. A boy's name: Brandon 4. A girl's name: Bandy 5. An occupation: Bus boy 6. A colour: burghandy 7. Something you wear: Beth 8. A food: Blueberries 9. Something found in the bathroom: Bath salt 10. A place: Boston 11. A reason for being late: Broke down 12. Something you shout: Biotch!!!!! 13. A movie title: Brokeback Mountain 14. Something you drink: Beer 15. A musical group: Bullet For My Valentine 16. An animal: Bobcat 17. A street name: Benson 18. A type of car:
Texas Twister My Fuowner!!!
Do you know Texas Twister If you don't know her you missing out she is a sweet lady she always show love in return she is just a nice person to have as a friend so all you have to do is click on the link and become her friend. Did I mention she also have auto 11's on and she always have it on too :) ~♥~TEXAS TWISTER~♥~ OWNER OF CLUB UNITED~♥~ SHADOW LEVELER~♥~ FU BAD GIRL~@ fubar This Bulliton is brought to you by: Dee75 Member of RR, SBG & llama levelers !! Fu Owned by Texas Twister@ fubar
Remember those walls I built Well, baby they're tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make up a sound I found a way to let you in But I never really had a doubt Standing in the light of your halo I got my angel now It's like I've been awakened Every rule I had you breakin' It's the risk that I'm takin' I ain't never gonna shut you out Everywhere I'm looking now I'm surrounded by your embrace Baby I can see your halo You know you're my saving grace You're everything I need and more It's written all over your face Baby I can feel your halo Pray it won't fade away I can feel your halo halo halo I can see your halo halo halo I can feel your halo halo halo I can see your halo halo halo Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkest night You're the only one that I want Think I'm addicted to your light I swore I'd never fall again But this don't even feel like falling Gravity can't forget To pull me back to the gr
Well I went last week to start testing to donate a kidney to my mom. Unfortunately I was informed today that i was not going to be able to do it.. I am pretty devistated right now.. I was really wanting to help my mom out.. I only wish that things would have been different but unfortunately they werent.. I guess now we have to find somebody else or wait for somebody to pass away that is a match.. I hope that something good happens some time soon.. Well I love all my true fubar friends who have been there for me when i have needed U and I just wanted to let U all know.. Thanks for being there for me..
Let Me Know Who You Really Are...
Ok folks i got something i learned today how to really find out someones persons personality without asking personal questions..take this test called the cube for me.. and find out what really are like in person.. Invision yourself in a white room and you find a cube in this room 1. What size is this cube what does it look like? 2 you find a ladder in this room aswell what size is this ladder.. 3. You find flowers in this room where are your flowers placed and what kind of flowers are they.. 4.You find a Horse in this room how does this make you feel? 5. Its rainning outside of your white room what kind of rain are you hearing..ex.. storming tornado misty blah blah you know what i mean.. answer these questions in my comment box and ill tell you what it all means and what kinda person you really are..
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Wasn't Supposed To Love
I was certain certain that I would never fall in love I didn't care my heart was cold, unbreakable there was no way, that I would get hurt because of love I never meant for this to happen Love wasn't supposed to come my way but this is real You make me feel things I've never felt before feelings I didn't want to feel because... whith love... comes pain You brought both in my life the feelings I didn't want to feel
Will Be Gone For Awhile
I just wanted to let my friends know that after today or tomorrow I will not be online. I don't know for how long yet but I will be back. I will miss you guys and just wanted the people I am closest to know. A friend of mine will be doing my rates for me so if I am showing online it's not me. I just have to do what I have to right now. I hope after today I am back soon. Take care and lots of love to you from me. Susan
The Shift
you know, it was really fuckin' good. it was beter than anythin'. it was like somethin' we coulda picked up, rolled over, held, looked at in amazement, and laugh about, hysterically. we were on the moon. we were in the goddamn moon, we had it. never before, a fuckin' place such as that, was there? so very deep and so incredibly bright and so impossibly high so safe from the outside. at times it got so near to insanity. we laughed so very hard your laughter and mine. i 'member when your eyes screamed love so loudly now, as your walls have ever so quietly, shifted.
Professional Football Sportsmanship Rules -- A Rip With Some Comments Crossing the read see professional football 1. Offsides X chromosome (see also YYY below) 2. Crawling; Helping the runner 3. Illegal motion of offensive player at snap 4. Illegal forward pass, Intentional grounding 5. Unsportsmanlike conduct 6. Forward pass interference, Kick catch interference 7. Holding or illegal use of hands or arms 8. Personal foul 9. Running into or roughing the kicker 10. Running into passer(preceded by personal foul signal) 11. Tripping(preceded by personal foul signal) 12. Clipping 13. Unsportsmanlike conduct(noncontact) 14. Holding strong belief 15. Intentional grounding of a forward pass 16. Forward pass interference; Kick catch interference 17. Illegally touching, batting, or kicking of ball *************gap to bridge************* 35. Delay of game 34. Illegal formation 33. Touchdown; Field g
Lobster, Clam, Shrimp & Fish Seafood
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
A Pledge
When Abraham asked Eliezer to swear fidelity, he told him/her to "place your hand upon my thigh." This was an ancient custom, not some bizarre kink of Abraham's. When taking an oath to a Master, a slave would place his/her hand upon the Master's thigh near the testicles. Then he/she would swear to honor his Master's will. ~ Master Alan
Let Me Be Myself
I guess I just got lost Bein' someone else I tried to kill the pain Nothin' ever helped I left myself behind Somewhere along the way Hopin to come back around To find myself someday Lately I'm so tired of waiting for you To say that it's ok, but tell me Please, would you one time Just let me be myself So I can shine with my own light Let me be myself Would you let me be myself I'll never find my heart Behind someone else I'll never see the light of day Living in this cell It's time to make my way Into the world I knew Take back all of these times That I gave in to you Lately I'm so tired of waiting for you To say that it's ok, but tell me Please, would you one time Let me be myself So I can shine with my own light And let me be myself For a while, if you don't mind Let me be myself So I can shine with my own light Let me be myself That's all I've ever wanted from this world Is to let me be me Please would you one time Let me be myself So I
Kari@ fubar
Fu$ Trade
Ok here goes i know i havent been around much, since i started working i have not had time to come online much anymore and when i do its only for an hr before i goto bed. So I want to make prophet soon, so i was wondering if anyone would like to trade fu$ for bling pks, blasts, auto 11 & cherry bombs...if you are wanting to get the spotlight this will help you on your quest. I would pay you the fu$ in trade for the items listed above. please leave a comment on my blog if you are interested. Thanks...
Lunchables are no longer allowed in my house. I bought my daughter this stupid pizza lunchable...more of the crap is smeared all over my table than in her sassy little mouth. Lunchables have no been banned! Along with goldfish and dippin' dots ice cream...
Vicodin > Real Life
  Of course no one's gonna be happy you're around, when you walk around acting like a junkyard dog.       -REL
I Had To Put This Here Too.
Haha, so for no good reason this lady at flips a bitch at me, leaves funny comments and low rates, and rants in my shoutbox and then blocks me before I can ask her what's wrong.In her last shout, it says something about I down rated her and was either too drunk or mad bc I'm not cute enough (and apparently she is? I'm not so sure), to explain to her why I would ever do such a thing. HAHA! Geez, people are too damn worked up about a number on a website. I don't remember rating her, and if I downrated her, it's probably due to how sometimes when the pages are loading, if I click the 10, it's just as the rest of the page pops in, and it moves the numbers a little bit to the left. So maybe she got an 8 instead of a 10. Transcript of shoutbox. Lol. so funny. »-(¯`♥´¯)-...: and bc you rate me down then cannot talk or are you drunk or mad bc sry your not cute...i guess i just didnt see a reason why to do that to sumone no
Argue Makeup
Me and a friend of mine had a discussion about women wearing makeup and why i have never really dated women that wear a lot of makeup. my take is i don't mind a lil lipstick and such but anything more than "natural" tone i don't really care for. all the different colors are a turn off to me. i like the woman that i see next to me on the couch, right before i go to sleep, when i open my eyes in the morning. that true woman is the turn on for me. my friend asked what was the turn off about it. to me she looks like a clown when she paints all of this on her face. how am i suppose to take u serious when she looks like a clown to me. thats just how i feel about it. my friend said i am being too harsh. not to judge the book by the cover i see and i'm like that's my whole point. i want to see whats underneath not make believe i'm presented with. just my thoughts. luv it or hate it.
New Auction Link!
Hi y'all. I am in my very first auction! Come take a peek and maybe place a bid!  ;).  I was told the link in first blog did not work. Try this one...thanks!
Opinion Of Heart And Mind Being One
Is the mind and heart the sane thing?mmmmm.Thats a deep question for me.Some people believe that a heart is just a heart,just an organ that pumps blood that gives you a little elecric shock to keep you alive.but my idea is the heart is place to feel emotions.although im not sure exactly where in our chest do we develope the emotions we get.some emotions are sadness,happiness,confusion,fear,and much much more.some feelings can be dramaticly intense that it causes traumer or mental whats is the a place where thoughts,dreams,and memories  take place.intensive use of the brain can lead to a positive or a negative effect.use of the brain heavely can help excerise your brain,help in memory, and can cause my opinion the heart and brain can become the same and a heart doesnt just pump bloodand a brain doesnt just can becoem one.they can both go on the brain side you may be crazy by thinking to much and on the heart side, feeling to much or
Love Haiku's
Warms my heart and soul Brings happiness to my life Love is in the air     In each soul I see I seek the soul for me, but find no you, but you   Tulips are three lips or six lips, with forlips, but our four lips are one   True love is devine Something that few ever find I'm glad I found mine
Self Invites
There is a group of us that gets together once a week, cooking, drinking, hot tubbin, movies, building a fire, or whatever else comes to mind in a given week. This group is people that over time has come to know each other well and everyone get's along with everyone. I tend to take a lot of pics and post them on my MySpace, so everyone on my MySpace friendlist can view them. We have a lot of fun and on occation someone comes up asking why they are never invited. This one girl probably asks me every week and did again tonight. I can tolerate her, but several in the group really don't care for her, I hate having to hurt her feelings but there is just no way I can invite her. The group is made up of a total of about 30 people, in any given week about 15 will be present for dinner night. Due to jobs and the military they are never all there during a given week. It's a great group, you just can't bring someone in that'll make a current member feel uneasy. Not like it would just be for a
Taste The Rainbow.
Taste the Rainbow   Wanna' own me? Click/Copy the link to bid. =) Even if you can't bid, please vote! Let me know if you cast a vote and I'll return the love. Thanks so much!
Cool is almost like God everybody wants to be down with it not knowing how it came about, what it does or just its creation. Cool is imaginary look at the rap artist in the music industry, 2PAC for instance he often referred to himself as Machiavelli, Biggie or the “Notorious B-I-G” used the term, “I’m the Don”, the mob boss in other terms.  Or the Group called, “Junior Mafia”, what is a Junior Mafia?  We have another rapper that calls himself, “Scarface”, Hussein Fatal, Fidel Castro, Noriega, The “Bomb Liberace”.  All of these rapper comparing themselves to Italian mob figures, I find this to be a little humorous because Italian’s have always referred to us as “moolies”, fried chicken eaters, colored, niggers, and would even disown their very own family members if their daughters or sons would become romantically involved with someone other than Italians.  Why would you want to imitate something or som
My Birthday
My birthday is Tuesday whats everyone going to get me  ha ha ha Joke...  hehehehehehe..   Okie by bye liz
Up For Auction
    This great woman is up for Auction and she needs your bids. Go by and check her out and bid on her. She is totally worth every penny and she will do as she says she will in her auction. Get you bids in now before its to late!! Click on her picture to take you straight to her auction. Don't forget to R/F/A the host luvbug**FFM MEMBER**~~OWNER Candy Kisses~~*fu-bomber*@ fubar (repost of original by '~♥~MommaTasha~♥~PROMOTER @DINOS~♥~HAPPILY OWNED BY Italian Princess~♥~' on '2009-05-12 07:36:56')
The Thing
It’s the thing that satisfies ur mind, body & soul Do it on bed, on a sofa, in the car or anywhere!             It’s called Prayer!             God bless ur naughty mind
Comment #2
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Every Real American Should Read
The White House> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW> Washington, DC 20500>> Mr. Obama:>> I have had it with you and your administration, sir. Your> conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that> you are not an adequate representative of the United States> of America collectively or of me personally.>> You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the> Muslim world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of> the President of the United States of America. You are> responsible to the citizens of the United States. You are> not responsible to the peoples of any other country on> earth.>> I personally resent that you go around the world> apologizing for the United States telling Europeans that we> are arrogant and do not care about their status in the> world. Sir, what do you think the First World War and the> Second World War were all about if not the consideration of> the peoples of Europe? Are you brain dead? What do you think> the Marshall Plan was all about? Do you no
Self Pride
Undress me with your mind you continue to see the beauty i deny your thoughts of my can not be declined to the inperfections you turn a blind eye You begin to open my eyes show me the perfect woman from the inside about my person do I begin to fantisize I no know the real meaning of self pride  
Come Bid On Me
hey im up for auction go by the link and check me out
In  the  dark  Of   the   Night   I  want to  die With   what Im  dealing  with  All I do is Cry I hide My  thoughts  and  Feelings  WellI choose  to  Suffer   My  peronal  Hell Torn  By  feelings  I dont  Dare  Speak They  are  My  secrets  to  KeepHurting  and  Suffering  I do it On my  own Wondering if I will ever Find A true Place to call  homeWondering Why I  live  this  way Wondering  why  They  never  Stay Loveing and  Leaving Im  just a  stop on the roadLeaving me alone to  bare  this  LoadI give all that  I am, till theres nothing Left to give With all of thses wounds my Soul has become a  Sive  The Anger the  hurt and the  Fear  I cant  escape that  much is  clear   How  Can  I love  you,  When  I  Know  your not  for me Again   I  Hide it  well   You  will never  See It  Kills me  to  Love  you  and not  Be with you But  i  know its not  Possable  with all  we have  been   throughI will  Be in your  corrner The  bitch that has  your backWaitig in the Shadows  for the Next  t
More Nosey Stuff
If you were in the hospital on life support, would the last person you kissed come see you?--i would like to think so Whats the relationship with you and the last person you texted?--barbara!my GIRL! my best bud!love her Have you ever kissed this person? nope Have you ever showered with someone? If so who?--i have. and im not tellin u. Strawberry Milkshake or a Banana Pancakes?--milkshake Last movie you saw in theaters?--mall cop and i left there piss cuz it SUCKED! Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?--i would love to be anywhere but here. somewhere where its hot and sunny!! Ever kissed a blonde haired, blue eyed person?--yes... Who last called you babe/baby?--everyone calls me hon/babe/sweety or baybay so lol Where did you last sleep other than your house?--damn it's been a long time since I slept anywhere else I can't remember people bum out at my house 24/7 but i never do there's I guess about  well over a year ago rose and jerry's house lol Would y
Well Then
When Virgo and Scorpio join together in a love match, these Signs that are two apart in the Zodiac are brought together. Their placement gives the relationship an intense karmic bond. The Virgo-Scorpio couple is loyal and deep, with very strong ties. Usually, this couple will stay away from crowds; they aren't too inclined to go to parties or dances, but alone they can form a very fulfilling union. Virgo and Scorpio enjoy working together toward acquisition: Virgo wants order and Scorpio wants power. Both of these Signs are about resources, including inheritances and property. This couple is very service-oriented and known to be dependable. They like to lend a hand to a friend or to the community. Additionally, Virgo can be withdrawn -- while Scorpio is more opaque and outgoing. Because of disparity, both Signs can learn from one another if they can agree to meet halfway. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. This combination is very heated, thanks to Pl
Is It The Same
OK EVERY ONE  YOU TEL ME WHAT YOU THINK AND PLEAS BE HONEST AND DETAIL ABOUT YOUR ANSERS.. do you beave that it is the same thing to be engaded or morried on fubar as it is  in realy life... does a fu relashipon mean the same to you  as one in rela life .... tell me what you thing and why .... this should be a good blog  should get alot of diffrent openins wouldloe to know what you all think
I'm on my own, I'm all aloneNo one to help me, back to my homeThe flame inside, has slowly diedNo one to help me, help revive the lightIs there anybody?That'll help me save my lifeIs there anybody?Or is it just suicideIs there anybody?That'll help me save my lifeIs there anybody?Or is it just suicideI crumble down, what am I nowNo one to help me, get off the groundNow tell me why, you closed your eyesYou wouldn't help me, help revive my lifeIs there anybody?That'll help me save my lifeIs there anybody?Or is it just suicideIs there anybody?That'll help me save my lifeIs there anybody?Or is it just suicideAll that is left, is your regretYou could have helped me, regain my breathNow dead and gone, I lived too longThis blade that helped me, right all my wrongsNow I follow deep into this ever lasting pain and sorrowNow I follow through with all of you left facing my tomorrowNow I follow deep into the afterlife so cold and hollowNow with all of you left standing don't you even plan to follow
I Feel Like I'm On Yahoo
I have gotten booted so damned much,that I am tempted to not log back in. It is very frustrating. I tried two different browsers! I might try another if I can find another... lmao. I am off to bathe be back when I can. I won't explain lust cause everyone knows what lust is... lmao!
Faking It ...
Fingernails and broken spine I lay here and say I'm fine Lay here bleeding feeling bleeding pain Drowning slowly in the rain Scream and cry and push and shove Take me make me feel me love Show me truth now in your heart Don't drift away don't depart... Don't leave me here all alone Don't disregard all that I've shown Believe that thunder in the skies, See the truth behind my lies In the night we'll drift ashore As we fight eternal war Hear my heart beat see my tears Look around I shatter mirrors The person here is some one else The real me hidden on a shelf I don't know where I am or who to be All that I know is I am not me Off and on a fight inside Makes me want to run and hide Close my eyes and turn away I'm lost at what I'm so post to say I've lost my lines and failed my part And now my mask has fallen apart Left revealed I hide my face For I have never had a place I've lied and lied I can not lie any more because my body's on the floor I was fake outsi
      brand new daybrand new startbrand new friendbrand new lovei long 4 ui met u not too long agoacross the way we spokeacross the way we touchour lips finally did meetthe softness of ur kissthe eagerness of ur tongueexploring my mouthi want to feel this 4everi want this 1st touch 2 b remembered2 b cherishedi want 2 remember the chills flowing thru my bodyi want to rememberhow my body burned with desirei want to rememberhow wet i goti want u 2 remember how i touched uhow i kissed uhow i loved uhow i sucked uhow i blew ur fuckin' mind
Without A Doubt
You are a friend, without a doubt and I did not want you to feel left out so here is a line or two, to show I think of you too.   I have you as a friend because I enjoy our talks which I find stimulating more often than not   So if these words sound too contrived please forgive them for they had just arrived.
Embarrassing Moments #2
when does being a pervert start? well i was into being nekkid as a child, ya know the kid who never wanted to keep his diaper on? that was me...shocked i know! well i must have been about 6 years old and during the summer, id get who ever i could to be nekkids with me. and one time i was scooting thru some bushes in a park nekkid and i got caught! some kids called some other kids and i had a group of little kids staring at me for a while...     so i guess this is  why i have no fear of sharing my nekkid pics and stuffs....   now you share   as you were  
I have pretty much closed my page down.  I am bored and disappointed with fubar so it is time for a break.  The point whoring, the ignorant assholes. the drama, and the bitchiness no longer make this fun for me.    I will check in to clear messages but don't get butthurt if I don't say hello.  I haven't decided if I am going to clean out my friends list now or when I come back.  Nothing personal I just want to keep my list of friends small.  I prefer to keep it to the people that I really do talk to.   Take care all (h) See ya sometime :)   xoxoxo, Lippy
Here It Comes
Summer is almost over! =( Sad news. But I'm happy to be able to get another year of school under my belt. It's going to be alot more intense for me this year. I'm a full time student this term and will still be trying to maintain my job and keep what small incling of a social network I have left active as well. I've drifted away from quite a few of my friends. I'm sorry for that guys, I still love you all and miss talking to you. Please don't hold it against me. (Or think I'm a snob for it!) ;) With my schedule the way it's about to be, I expect I'll see even less of you guys on here and other sites I see any of you on. Don't forget about me and please keep me posted on your lives and what's going on in them, even if I'm not able to ask directly. I'll do my best to hit people up and occationally have a comment or two to throw at people. =D Life's flying by, and i'm hanging on by a thread. I can't let go now, it's only really just beginning. Love you all, and see ya round!
Few Days
Well for few days now i have been able to sleep with out being woken by the screams of others in my mind. Is a strange feeling waking up to screaming that u think u hear, sounds so real.... But then u look around its not there and it as just another dream...  The dr says i need pills, i say he is just a pussy.
Jenesa's First Happy Hour
It's Her First Happy Hour So Please Make sure your onIts" this Friday at 8 pm (fuBar time)Show her lot's of love and bomb her ass!Make sure you fan/ Rate/ and Add her sexy selfit will be the best thing you ever did!Jenesa Kiss of Death@ fubarShow her lot's of love and bomb her ass!Make sure you fan/ Rate/ and Add her sexy selfit will be the best thing you ever did!This pimp out was made byBlue Dragon@ fubar
My Momma
My mom had pancreatic cancer late 2007 and they got it all, but she was extremely critical then slowly recovered but I almost lost her more than a handful of times because of serious complications over and over. It took all of 2008 for her to get back to some liveable normalcy and is now doing very well. I wanted to post this because ppl I met on here were there for me and prayed for her to get better. I want to thank you for offering up the caring friendship, all of you. I believe you helped me get thru that time and I will be forever grateful!!!!!!!!
How To Find Someone In Greek Jail Or Prison?
I am struggle with the news still, I love with all my heart and soul, but I need help in finding the address of all the jails and prisions in Greece to Theodor/Theodoros/Theo/Teo Theodoridis, Please help me. I need to find out what is going with the man I am in love with. I am no fool, or overlooking what he did is wrong, but I have to find him...Any one in greece can you please me all the jails address and prisons address in Greece, I am not in Greece due to helping and caring for my dying aunt USA, so please.... Can anyone help me?
Findings      There are several medical disorders that could have led the belief of vampires actually existing and one of these is PORPHYRIA which comes from the Greek word porphyros meaning reddish-purple.  This refers to a substance that is prominent in the blood and urine of a person that has the symptoms of Porphyria which is a combination of 7 main types of diseases and 4 acute types of diseases, which were first identified in the nineteenth century. These diseases are rare and it is only in the twentieth century that they have been pinpointed and described.   They are metabolic disorders that are caused by an enzyme deficiency that inhibits the synthesis of haema (haemoglobin) and Myoglobin; the more extreme varieties cause an extreme sensitivity to light, various forms of digestive disorders.   Prophyrins are complex organic compounds which are sensitive to light and form the basis of respiratory pigments. Porphrins are crucial to many metabolic systems in plants, animals
Help Find Alexander And Christopher Watkins
I Want...
I Want... ~ A guy that will love me inside and out for who I really am. ~Somebody who won't use me for money or sex. ~Someone that wants to spend their time with me. ~Anybody to appreciate what I have to offer. ~A guy who I can cuddle with and feel safe and protected around. ~Somebody that treats me with respect and doesn't hurt me. ~Someone I can give all of my heart,knowing they won't break it. ~Anybody that confides in me and knows I'm there for them. ~A guy who will support me in my decisions and not try to argue. ~Somebody that makes me feel like the most beautiful girl. ~Someone I can talk to about anything and not be judged. ~Anybody to take the time and get to kno me as a true person. ~A guy who wants nothng more than to be with a girl he loves. ~Somebody I can be myself around and have fun with. ~Anybody to tell me that they care for me and mean every word of it.  
Reseller Web Hosting
Reseller Web Hosting Shared Hosting Linux Hosting
Remembering 9/11
The tragedy that occured on September 11, 2001 is one of the worst ever experienced by this generation!  Many men and women lost their lives when the World Trade Center collapsed, and many more during the rescue and the aftermath.  Many of us probably remember where we were when the tragedy occured, but for me, this hits closer to home than anyone could ever imagine!I worked for the local rescue squad when I got a phone call from one of my best friends who is in the NYPD.  He told me about the planes hitting the towers and (at the time) one of the two towers had crumbled to the ground, and that the FDNY was looking for extra help.  I headed out for my station house when I heard that the second tower had also fallen just as I had left.  My captain had a few others already there and the group of us headed for NYC.When we got to Ground Zero, the sight was unbearable!  Many men, women and children all lying in the streets or buried in the rubble.  The dust and particles that were in the ai
Fashion Statement Titled Surpise!!
->Eric Maste...: LMFAO!!!! wowzas.. very gentlemen like yanno? I would prob cut it up into little beaded like sections and make a necklace outta it for you too sport Eric Maste...: suppose u are in a bath room stall smoking a cigarette suddenly a penis comes through the hole and the voice on the other side says "surprise me" what would u do? ->Eric Maste...: giver.. Eric Maste...: question for ya   I dont get em too often, but when I do.. whudda hoot! By hoot I mean cocksnot... Later days.  
National Debt
Our countries National debt is at 11 trillion dollars ...11 TRILLION DOLLARS- is this seriously what you want your kids and your grandkids and your great grand kids to have to pay back? Do you think that you pay high taxes now? Just wait 20 years till our kids go to work and pay almost there whole paycheck towards the debt our government incurred when they where babies? Our government spends almost four BILLION DOLLARS A DAY.. 4 billion dollars a day wow.. I'm not shocked by any means they have been spending this much since September 28th 07'.  So what are you prepared to do about this? Anything? Nothing? And if we do does that make us un American? I think not this country was founded on freedom and right now ALL OF US AMERICANS ARE in such serious debt that we are all but slaves to work! Speaking of work where are any jobs at. Have you seen any jobs come out of any...........Any of the stimulas plans? No not me.. I'm am just so fed up with what is going on right now I don't know which
Call It A Crime
I love the way she dances; GIRL i love the way you dance. Slow motion like a dream Real time is what it seems. I love the way she dances......girl I love the way you dance.
I Want To...
  I Want To... *be able to look into your eyes. *hold you close and feel the warmth of your body. *feel your soft lips against mine. *have your arms wrapped around me,pulling me close. *lay my head on your chest with your arm around me and just fall asleep.up and down your body. *wrap my hands around your neck,looking in your eyes and kiss you. *feel your skin against mine *kiss/suck on your neck. *feel your breath on my neck as you kiss it. *hold your hand and feel connected. *just lay with you and know I'm with somebody who wants to spend their time with me. *feel your soft lips kissing down my body. *feel your hands wrap around my lower back and run down my outer thigh. *make passionate and meaningful love. *hear you say how much you care about me and want to be with me for who I am. *tell you 'i love you' and it mean something to you.  
It seems my neck seems to be getting worse instead of getting better. But when I have a roommate that is lazier than all get out I have no choice but to keep going. They have found more damage in my neck than wht they had originaly thought  I am in the middle of taking physical therapy to correct the problem. But the more I keep lifting on her electric scooter the more damage I keep doing
well i did it to my self once again... i don't know how but i ended up getting a pinched nerve in my back on the upper left side... i know i know how or what was i doing. well hmmm i guess its been all about getting stressed and bowling with 2 leagues and well working like i was shot out of a cannon. well thanks for listening  
Help Please
Hi all, I am in a contest. The first one to get 3000 pic rates wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me if you can and send you friends too =D  
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Against Her Will
She won't think about it.She can't feel the world.All she knows is,She is in love.He cares about her.That is why he tells her,She can't love him.She tried,Instead she wanted to die.He took her soul,A soul that is hard to find.He took it.He doesn't want to give it back,Even though he wants to.He doesn't want to be her Romeo,She is trying to be his Juliet.Instead all she will ever be,Is a lonely Capulet.
Erm Part 2 Cos I Cut Some Off Lol
Favorite underwear: the invisible kind     Favorite music:classic rock       Ever feel like you're not good enough? nope     Do you want to be in a relationship with someone?I am       Do you like anyone?yes       Who was the last person to drive you somewhere?erm me       Do you want someone you cant have?:| yes       When was the last time you cried?yesterday       What is the last movie you watched?P2       When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?all the time       When was the last time you totally broke down?last week       If you could have one thing right now what would it be?meh idk some ice for my tea       Last person to worry about you?mom       Anyone crushing on you?yes       Has someone ever made you a promise & broke it?yes       Your ex shows up at your house what do you say?lol i live with him so i guess i say hi       Where is the person who has your heart?home       Recently
You Know You're Trailer Trash If...
The Halloween pumpkin on your porch has more teeth than your spouse.You let your twelve-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table infront of her kids.You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws.You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on a different night.Jack Daniel's makes your list of "most admired people".You wonder how service stations keep their restrooms so clean.Anyone in your family ever died right after saying, "Hey watch this!"You think Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader.Your wife's hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan.Your junior prom had a daycare.You think the last words of the Star Spangled Banner are, "Gentlemen start your engines."You lit a match in the bathroom and your house exploded right off its wheels.The bluebook value of your truck goes up and down, depending on how much gas is in it.You have to go outside to get something from the fridge.One of your kids was born on a pool table.You need one more hole punched in
Best I'll Ever Be By Sister Hazel
I miss you   I miss being overwhelmed by you And I need rescue I think I’m fading away But I keep thinking that you’ll wake me up with a whisper in my ear I keep hoping That you’ll sneak in my room So I wait and I wait And I run old scenes through my tired head Of the day we laid by the school and said Forever, was that the best I’ll ever be? I miss you I miss talking all night long with you And I need this to find a way to your home oh, my love, can you hear me Have I been hoping loud enough wishing hard enough Can you see me when I’m asleep all alone, alone So I wait and I wait And I run old scenes through my tired head Of the days that we laid by the school and said Forever, was that the best I’ll ever be? Can’t keep my hands from shaking stumbling through the wreckage again but your gone So I wait and I wait And I run myself through the same old circles
I have MS.  January will be 7 years living with knowing this is what I have.  The past nearly 7 years have been an experience.  Well, once I finally came to terms with this whole thing.  Life with MS can be difficult.  When they first told me I had MS, I knew it wasn't good, but I didn't know anything about it.  At first, I thought I had it so bad, but over the years talking to others with MS, I would say I'm pretty lucky.  I don't have pain!!!  At least not at this point.  MS is always changing.  What I do deal with is bad balance, not being able to be on my feet for a long period of time, my sense of touch is not right, and my legs and feet don't have a normal feeling, but it is difficult to explain.  I also go to the restroom about 20 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.  But I have done things in the past 7 years that I like to brag about.  I helped organize an MS walk to raise money.  We only did one.  The support group that I used to go to did it and I was involved.  I he
So far I have made 3 batches of butterballs, chocolate chip, and peanutbutter blossoms, and the dough for chocolate crinkles. Today I make the chocolate crinkles, spritz trees and fudge. I don't know if I should make pecan tarts or a pecan pie. I will also be making my grandmothers cheesecake. I feel like something is missing. What?? Help me.
A Real Family
I've seen many people come and go in Liliths Lair. Some return after being gone a while. Some never leave, even when its dead. And some who claim to be true friends willing to help disappear the moment things slow down. Well fuck them! Liliths Lair has proved time after time that we dont need those types of people. We are a true and real family and I love them all so much! To mention individuals who remained loyal would take all night, and I can't wait to get back to them. You all know who you are and if you don't, come meet them. We are indeed a real family and I love you all!!! KEEP IT METAL! EMBRACE THE EVIL! Love always, Lady of Liliths Lair
Harassment On Fubar
I am back here . Ben away for a while but looking to meet new friends and hopefully someone nice  to share sweet moments with and enjoy time together doing and shareing our time. Hit me up , IM REAL... NOT INTO BS. OR GAMES!!!
My First Blog On This Page
Ok so bare with me, cuz this might sound alil pissy. But this goes out to all those who want to hold grudges and listen to the bullshit. I hate drama on here, I think its childish and stupid. So to those people, I dont want you in my life, either here or real life. If you want to be bitter because I didnt conform to things the way you wanted them, and to those that want to take sides and take away your friendship, be gone. I am a better person without you in my life and I dont need you to drag me into your own misery. I hate my own problems and challenges in life, and those who I really thought were more than a picture on a screen, really turned out to disappoint. You were never a real friend if you turn your back on people and only want them around to feel better about yourself. Friendship works both ways, and a real friend doesnt abandon another because they dont cater to them. So bye bye be gone. I am a good friend to have and I am not the bad guy. Theirs plenty of those here, Good
A Time Of Choice
A Time of Choice Waste of time or worth the fight? Trust your heart or your knowledge of life? Hold it tightly or sadly release? Stand with strength or fall at his feet? Show how much you need him or hide it deep within? Tell him you can't live without him or let your life begin? Author: Azria (it is copyrighted) I wrote this when I was going through abuse. Reflecting on my choices and their outcomes...I'm happy with the path I chose to take. Trusting my heart meant that I would be hurt but the knowledge of what was happening and the reoccurrence of events was enough to help me to stand not only for myself but for my daughter as well. For me this portrayed the constant struggle that bound my thoughts.  
Erotic Stories
  Dressed in an emerald green bustier trimmed in black lace ,fishnet thigh highs with seems even down the back, matching thongs and black stilettos ,,,,,, looking in the mirror I put the final touches on my makeup and hair …reaching to the jewelry box I remove my final pieces of my attire….. I slide on my bracelet ,put in my earrings and loving buckle my collar (the item I love most as it marks me as yours ) around my neck attaching a silver and gold and bronze 6 strand leash to the hoop in the front then thru the hoops on my wrists one strand of each color on either side hanging an glittering against my alabaster skin…. Glancing once more to the mirror I’m ready and I walk steadily out the door down the hall and into your presence you are standing with your back to me looking at the stars from the balcony, the French doors standing open with the breeze rustling the sheer curtains, your silhouette outlined by the fullness of the moon……. You ar
Out Tonight- Rent
Rent- Out Tonight What's the time? Well it's gotta be close to midnight My body's talking to me It says, "Time for danger" It says I wanna commit a crime Wanna be the cause of a fight I wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt With a stranger I've had a knack from way back At breaking the rules once I learn the games Get up - life's too quick I know someplace sick Where this chick'll dance in the flames We don't need any money I always get in for free You can get in too If you get in with me Let's go out tonight I have to go out tonight You wanna play? Let's run away We won't be back before it's New Year's Day Take me out tonight Meow- HA! When I get a wink from the doorman Do you know how lucky you'll be? That you're on line with the feline of Avenue B Let's go out tonight I have to go out tonight You wanna prowl? Be my night owl Well take my hand we're gonna howl Out tonight In the evening I've got to roam Can't sleep in the city of neon and ch
Bank Of China
Hong Kong, China Pinnacle 369m / 1210'
I was discussing the joy i would feel with squirting someone in the face with breast milk with my favorite boob lady... Mrs Badcrumble..   I do love that woman, she sent me a link that has made me laugh. I wanted to share it with you..   OWENSBORO, Ky.- A Kentucky woman is in trouble for using breast milk as a weapon. A woman in jail for public intoxication is accused of assaulting a jailer by squirting breast milk at her. Toni Tramel, 31, was arrested Thursday on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication. But as she was changing into an inmate uniform she squirted breast milk into the face of a female deputy who was with her. Tramel now faces a felony charge of third degree assault on a police officer. Her bond was set at $10,000.     Pees laughing again, then squirts all blog readers in the face as they enter
I'm Really Not...
I'm starting to think I should let some of you new friends know..I'm really NOT post-op. Never been a offense to my guy friends, but I don't want to be one.
Why The Need To Fake?
TEACHER   Sooo I get a friend request out of the blue. A 25 Year old Female. No message, nothing. "Her" Profile image is...   I figure, right on... a teacher. I add and check this person out and I see photoshopped pics of the same chick over different model bodys and *very* poorly done. All face pics are in profile and repeated. I am thinking this had got to be a joke. I click through and I see things like flowers (which I can only assume somone sent "her") and pics of some dude that might be a boyfriend... as it has the MO of it... cheesey image generator protrats etc. Now in this folder of pics of the same chick's face plastered over modeling pics with totally different coloration, lighting, and tone.. there is a pic that appears 2x... reversed-out mirroring one another. I can only assume it is there as "tell" whom might be the real person behind the profile.           Needless to say... blocked softly after. And the world is none th
Hello All!
Hi, I'm Shae. This is just a first posting, kinda an outline of what you might find on this blog. I will probably post prose and ramblings of my own creation. I will likely rant and vent as well. I have kids and a partner that i plan on marrying as soon as I can get a legalized license. I am a horrid typist in regards to capital letters, but i have a thing for e e cummings just be glad grammatically correct punctuation is one of my OCD things. I am an adult with ADD and OCD so you will find all kinds of oddity rants and raves on here. Hope you enjoy my personal ramblings.
Life's Jewel Box.
In the Jewel Box of life, Old friends are like precious gems Though they may be tucked away and seldom seen The memory of their radient glow Remains in our hearts forever.
Truth In Time
I'm Just A Beautiful Disaster
Words….. They’re ricocheting around my head I love you is a simple phrase Only given meaning by the person who says them I could say them a thousand ways To a thousand different people They couldn’t actually matter unless I meant them I don’t want to mean them anymore I want that hole you left to go away The pain you created hasn’t faded Can I take it all back now please? I should’ve had better walls, But you felt like home... I was too happy, it couldn’t last And so I was right when I wanted to be wrong I guess I’m still just a beautiful disaster...
Pneumonia And Baby Daddy's Mother
Why why why can't she understand that although she is the grandma of my son his daddy is in jail and I don't really care to personally call her when my son is ill.  Ok granted I spent Thursday in the Urgent Care and then the ER with a diagnosis of pneumonia for him but hell I posted the updates to Facebook where she is a friend and if she wanted to know she could have called or texted like my family did - but NO.  Now I am hearing she is pissed I didn't personally call her or keep her informed.  Makes me so pissed off.  She is nothing but a pain in the a$$.  She won't come see her grandson - I have to take him to her.  Then add baby daddy in jail and her wanting me to find out when he is getting out, paying money on his inmate account so she doesn't have to - this is ridiculus.  Done with her and done with that family.  Doesn't offer to help and doesn't care unless it makes them look bad. 
Tough Shit Amigo
Tough shit, Amigo   A beautiful fairy appeared one day to a destitute Mexican refugee outside an Arizona immigration office."Good man," the fairy said, "I've been sent here by President Obama and told to grant you three wishes, since you just arrived in the United States with your wife and eight children."
Dale Jr's Summer Salute Contest!
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3 Lives Gone
Do these young people realize the impact of what they do and cause?! I sat yesterday (saturday morning july 3rd ) listening to the preacher speak about Jaytaun and his passing, thinking how devestating this is to his family and friends and his 2 babies 1 of which will never even have gotten to spend any real time or memories making with him, 19 years old hardly began to live and taken within minutes by 2 other young individuals. Jaytaun was more then just a friend he stayed with us at our house with his brother he was like a son to me aand a brother to my children seeing him in that casket was surreal and watching the video footage they played of his pics growing up from birth to when he died was heartbreaking. Would these 2 boys have shot him if they seen and known him like we did or witnessed him celebrate the birth of his children at the hospital. Now 3 lives r ruined along with the hearbreak of all thier families its ashame life has to be learned through such serious actions some c
Tues July 6th
GOAL: weigh 185 by my birthday oct 9th, quit smoking and drinking coffee on a regular basis   WEIGHT: 223 lbs... lost 7 pounds since thurs weigh in at dr :D   LAST CIGGERETTE: 5 minutes ago   LAST COFFEE: 9 P.M. monday 17 1/2 hrs ago
How To Add Pics (single And Multi Uploaders)
This is a simple step by step blog on how to add images using both the single and multi uploaders.   Go to My then Photos from your toolbar below the scrolling members up top of your page.   Then click on the button that says Add Photos. Give it a few seconds depending on the speed of your computer for the Multi Uploader to fully load. (If you want to upload an animated gif, you will have to click the link up top that says Single Photo Uploader.)Then your page should look something like this: To use the multi loader, browse the folders on your computer to the left. Click the folder where your images are and they should display for you in the larger window. Select the image-s- you wish to upload then click ADD. Be forewarned, these images will be uploaded to your DEFAULT album! If you wish or need to use the Single Uploader, you would have clicked the link ABOVE the multi loader and you would see the following image: Browse your computer for the image you wish to uploa
Sleepless In Newcastle
I can't sleep, have been awake all night, so have been looking at pics ... no, not the rude ones.   I come across a folder on someones profile named the hubby files, with a name on one of the pics. Now this hubby is also a new member but has a totally different name to this guy in this folder .... but it is actually the same guy.   Now me being nosy (or you could call me sherlock), goes back to the new member profile to see if there are any links, no links whatsoever and he has been invited by this other guy. So I go to this other profile, no links on that profile either to the original profile with the hubby folder in.   Now i've got Mickey Rourke in my bartab .... and I know I didn't add him.   Do you think i've been awake too long?
Just A Thought
A thought for you my love. With you, I've learned what true love is all about. True love means staying together & being strong during the most difficult times. You & I have overcome life's challenges & we've also lived through wonderful experiences. Together, we've built a deep & lasting relationship. I know that I can always count on your support, your love, & your friendship. For that I want to tell you how much you mean to me...I love you
Have you had a friend, especially a friend with benefits? How do you tell them things? Personal things, or even things that you're afraid to bring up? Do you get anxiety attacks? Do your nerves freeze up in fear? Does you stomach tighten and hurt? Mine does. How do you go from FWB, to something else, something more, something deeper, especially when you're afraid to speak your mind. Not that you are afraid of your friend, not by any means, but afraid of the consequence if what you say is taken wrong, or they can't or won't, feel the same way. I get attached to people, perhaps I open my heart too easily, but there it is. You're afraid to change the status quo because a) you don't know how to tell them that you'd be willing to be more (if that is how your friendship grows) or b) because they will take it wrong and walk away (just like everyone else has) I'm tired of the 'fly by night guys', I want someone more steady, someone that wants to be with me, and not just for the sex, but bec
My Gma
sorry to all my friends on here if i havent been very  talkitive  or myself lately .. i found out about a week  or so ago that my gma has been gettin sicker an they said she might have 12 months left of life if shes lucky ... an needless to say i havent handle it to well..shes was like my 2nd mother an a hero to me ..i even broke down after talkin to her on the phone today ...cuz i wish i could stop this but i no i cant ..its gods will an i guess he feels its time for her very soon ..  i guess in my eyes heros cant die so its a shock to me ...but im makin it threw this slowly .. an tryin to keep my head up threw all this ... but i thought i would give you all a heads up ..   xoxo summersweets 
Going Too ?
Going Too ?   Is Microsoft Going Too Far to Protect Us?‏ 2:26 PM     Vol. 2, # 45 - Nov 11, 2010 - Issue # 61   Is Microsoft Going Too Far to Protect Us?     Is Microsoft Going Too Far to Protect
Reality is a sliding door.  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Alberto Kang Thoughts On Fubar
In an attempt to check the NSFW settings on this blog i will now Swear so that i can check to see who can see it.   FUBAR sucks and it is Fucking Stupid.   Well so far that is my opinion for now, still not sure who can read anymore of this that i write so.   Does this make the Blog Private?
You've Got A Crush On Me
The show is done But you're still hangin around You want some fun But I'm on my way outta town You know you wanna hit it So why don't you just admit it [Chorus] You've got a crush on me And it's easy to see That you write about me in your diary You've got a crush on me Never gonna go away I talked to you And you tried to play it cool That's hard to do When you're wiping off your drool You know you wanna hit it So why don't you just admit it (Chorus) Your're all alone Your friends all left cause you were waiting for me You call my phone But you'll never get past my caller i.d. You know you wanna hit it So why don't you just admit it (Chorus) You've got a crush on me ( you've got a crush on me) You've got a crush on me (3x)
The Glow Radio
The Furgathon Live From Chicago The Reverend DJ Furg & His Church Of Rock is  still Live on The Air Today through New Years Reverend DJ Furg has logged almost 20 hours of the Fifty-Six Straight Hours of non-stop talk & spinning music, stocked up with Monster Energy Drinks, Turkey, his Bible & Music You can call him and request music & talk to him live at:   1-843-874-3874   Come tune in and show him your support & help him stay awake starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at: ___________________ Tune in and enjoy the best tus anyhere on the Web.  The music community for the coolest cats in town!    p FREE Music/LIVE DJs: Pick Your Player!  B&nb
People We Know
been living in the past time going by so fast it doesn't seem like things changed i can still almost smell the sea remember the way we used to be sitting there at the park listening in the dark to the ocean waves as they crash against the shore peaceful, calm, nothing wrong pause this peaceful time peaceful frame of mind i miss you truely i do my friend till the end you're always there for me Jessie: people often fade away look the other way see someone they used to know hide yourself or run away hopeing not to have been seen hiding behind a screen almost like looking through a mask you act like you care tell me your my friend say i can trust you but these are just words from some meaning nothing these people think if they pretend to care you wont be mad when they stab you in the back proving Jessie: they dont care distrustworthy people they are trust is something earn and given freely to those that have earned it but trust fades away and all thats left is backstabbing and pain, hearta
Rules Of Fubar: As Told By Me.
Rule #1: Don't be a heifer. Rule #2: Don't suck. Rule #3: GET THIS KID OUT OF ME! (In observance of my pregnant sister)  Rule #4: If you feel like talking to me, ALWAYS go f*ck yourself instead. Rule #5: I do not want to cam, get over it. Rule #6: If you have bad spelling and grammar, I will correct you. I don't want to "chat wit u." Go get hooked on phonics. Rule #7: If you're a bigger girl, you do not look good posing from the tits up, you look ridiculous and classless. If you want to pose sexy, do some sit-ups.
Dark Purple
Welp...looks like its the Bears and the Packers for the NFC Championship next week.... I've never wanted to cheer for the Bears harder in my life... So much for NFC North being the weakest in the NFC....Take that bitches! If I can't have team pride right now I'll sure wave my division pride! and for those that read my earlier blog...check the title of this one...
Deadly Alliance Radio
A Holiday Just For Men
Every Feb 14th Men get the chance to display their Love & affection for the Woman in their life but secretly guys feel left out theres no special Holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life now there is. Feb 15th is now officially Steak, Blowjob & "Shut The Fuck Up" day its a simple effective & self explanatory Holiday, No Cards, No Flowers, No Special Nights on the Town just a Steak, Blowjob & a day where women "Shut The Fuck Up." The word is already spreadin' but like any new idea it needs a little push to get the ball rolling so spread the word!!
Care Bear Countdown
So 50 came and went and then out of the blue I got a card that said “now you are 50, you must collect your own shit, scrape it with a stick and send it to us in the post, so we can check if you have cancer of the bowel”   It’s not the welcome to being 50 I wanted. Things are giving me signs, I clicked on TV and Sex and the City was on, there was Samantha getting banged in the downward dog yoga position by a young bloke, she is really old and she isn’t scraping shit and posting it to NHS bowel collection unit is she? No she is having sex that doesn’t even fuck up her hair, when I have sex my hair and body look like I was thrown from a suicide bomb site. In fact when I wake up now- I look as if I have just been rescued from a hostage situation deep in the woods.   Then to make matters worse, I clicked over the channel on TV and there were teens getting their vaginas totally waxed clean and having shiny diamantes studded around the vulva, it’s calle
Seeing Red.
ive had a horrible day.  i think im just far enough at the end of my rope to hang myself with it.   maybe its the weather, i tend to be unhappy in the winter... it doesnt help i drive for a living and they are calling for a foot and a half of snow tomorrow..  maybe i just complain to much....   maybe i could take my ego, put it in a box over there and then have my self a good cry.... maybe i could get drunk and start a fight...... maybe i could just avoid these problems with excessive sleep....... maybe im wrong and everyone else is right......  maybe i should take it one thing at a time......  maybe i should get my blood pressure checked....  maybe i shouldnt waste your time....... maybe ill just order a pizza.....   pizza it is.   :/ xo
I Am Confused
Replica Tag Heuer Microtimer Cs111c.ft6003
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When I'm Sad, I Come Back
it seems like i'm only on the fu when i'm sad. every breakup in the past few years has lead me back here. it's not a bad thing. i'm not trying to be all emo. or overly sentimental.   just wanted to say. that even though there are TONS of assholes here (and perves) there are a few nice people who always manage to cheer me up when i am down. and i thank you for that dearly.   also. chat me up late enough and we can get frisky, 'cause i'm single now wooo. jk.  
2011 New Korean And Japanese Fashion Trends
  New fashion trends is coming, many shop frenzies also began to act! South Korean style is still popular, but many fashion buyers have been out from South Korean and Japanese changeable design styles, and started to use a new eye light to read japan-korea fashion!   Althought we don't want to also let Korean and Japanese fashion clothing wear low carbon environmental hat, with low carbon trend of environmental protection, our expectation to japan-korea clothing brand is also rising. Now we already have new classic designs. Exquisite workmanship and delicate line, and we began to look for inner temperament improvement and more comfortable health feeling which japan-korea dress brings us. After such an inspiration was put forward by fashion lovers in the BBS and microbog, in e-commerce market it got some good response. Korean japanese fashion wholesale shop, with the theme of health and fashion, where offers various new arrive Asian women korean fashion brand
Koreanjapanclothing Online Wholesale Fashion Korean Japanese Women Plus Size Clothing is a new generation specialized female korean fashion and japanese fashion wholesale website. We integrate dozens of factories supply goods, with first-hand, using advanced e-commerce sales platform and years of clothing business experience, for broad entity shopkeepers and net shop owners provide newest and best products and services. women's clothing is the first large-size online wholesale site controled by 7e-fashion apparel Co., LTD. Which deals in professional japanese fashion and korean fashion wholesale, retail and provide various of newest women garment to network and entity shopkeeps. every word is a dress in guangdong enterprise before in archives mouths wholesale and accept orders of clothing companies. After years of clothing traditional management mode, the company to the limitations of traditional management mode garment some deep feelings. Facing the general shoppers demand more an
I am apparently someone's lil dancing bitch on here, if they feel the need to comment on everything I do, maybe THEY are the dancing bitch?
Ceramic Floor Tiles Would Be The Greatest Supplies You Can Use Just For Both Floors
Then why not a variety design? This could be extremely appealing and fashionable choice that will include an fascinating contact to a restroom regardless of what it's dimensions. Exactely how much are you currently prepared to spend around the restroom Ceramic Floor Tiles? Tile goods are obtainable in large and small. Little areas, little and big areas are in start using with big format.We have an essential cause. If big tiles little living room resulting in many for which may be a waste of cash. If finance are not also excellent a problem you highly properly may take a look at a selection of granite Ceramic Tiles styles. These styles appears really contemporary along with getting an attractiveness that is classic. Big tiles are important to reduce the actual scope for correct set up. But when you will find little items used in the small space, after that reduce it is not required. Glass Best Ceramic Floor Tiles less expensive compared to granite not to mention? can produce a great t
What The Republican Budget Plans Tell Us About Republican Values (repost)
The Republicans want you to believe that they're concerned about the deficit. Of course, that concern is a lie. They don't care about the deficit. They only care about using the deficit as an excuse to pursue their extremist agenda. And the single most extreme part of it is their war on people. On workers. On women. On immigrants. On the environment that keeps us all healthy and alive. If they cared about the deficit itself, they'd have noticed that the previous three Republican presidents produced consecutively the largest deficits in human history, each outdoing his predecessor, and the most recent Republican president not merely shattering his father's unprecedented standard, but actually having to destroy the federal surplus built by a Democratic president in order to do so. An impressive feat, by any measure. But when Republicans talk about deficits, you know they are lying. Republicans destroy surpluses and create record deficits. That's the truth. If Republicans c
marginalia \ mahr-juh-NEY-lee-uh \noun;    1.  Notes in the margin of a book, manuscript, or letter.
dudgeon \DUH-juhn\noun;    1.  A state or fit of intense indignation; resentment; ill humor -- often used in the phrase "in high dudgeon."
Did I Say That?
 May 23, 2008  People Say some Stupid Chit!  " I dont understand you"  I love this one for being classic stupid! Its not hard to understand someone if you can put aside your own thinking and put yourself in their place, look thru their eyes, understanding their views. I might not agree with someone's position but I wont invalidate them for feeling the way that they do. Dont , Cant, are just prep words for the words Wont and Refuse. It's hard work to expand ourselves to encompass someone who is different. I personally believe that it is self serving and narrowmindedness to look at this world thru one set of windows. Some see majestic mountaintops...Some are looking at below sea level conditions and Death Valley. Some see the waves rolling in, some see the concrete jungle. Understanding someone doesnt mean you compromise yourself..It just means you will expand and broaden your limits and capabilities to include an alternate. It is a moment to be inclusive and accepting and more tolera
Defenseless Against You.....
Defenseless Current mood:indescribable    When I stand before you... I am paralyzed in your presence I am unable to think, or reason every inch of me is at your submission  under your control  I cannot deny you anything  nor do I want too  I am your equal yet your subordinate in love...... I am too strong a girl to feel so dominated  but your power over me is too strong I love you I am defenseless against you or the power that you have over me maybe thats the way it is supposed to be in nature... We are both Alphas...  I am strong in the world... to everyone else...  But You.... I need you  Crave you Excited by your look, your touch  So damn electrifying, it shudders me to the very core of who I am as a woman  I feel like a total woman in your presence....  I never want to leave this place..that... I have found under your magic..your power...  Over me!    ~Ragdoll~
Five Methods To Adapt That Little Black Dress For Creating Your Own Costume
Always desired to create your personal costume? can you see yourself as slightly imaginative but sewing is not your thing, want to help save a $1.00 or $2.00, Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses then this could be the write-up for you. We will talk about five methods to adapt that little black dress, simply, by utilizing a hot glue gun. wedding dresses All it requires is normally a little spare time, imagination & a perception of fun. Don't despair in situation you don't personal a black dress, you can usually examine out your neighborhood thrift or possibility shop. Cheap Casual Wedding Dresses Depending about the character chosen, glance for any design that is straightforward and plain in style and design and sits possibly above the knee or 1/2 way up the thigh. We will describe in detail what design of dress is required and retain in thoughts none are flooring length. You will possess a gamut of characters to select from for example; a Gangster girl, French maid, Flapper, Firefighter
This Is Pretty Bad...
Has it really come to this for bling?..

♥ Congratulations You've managed to make me feel like a worthless piece of sh*t again.   would you like an award for that ?
And Let Death Be Thy Destination
For far too long, I have watched and waited I have delved into the depths, and rose to the heights I observed and recorded the behaviors of mankind, in all manner of being.   I have seen the blood lust of the kill,in men and women and children Smelled their appalling stench of rotting flesh, as they pass me by Heard the multitudes of oaths and blasphemies uttered from their dead lips.   There is no redemption for the filth that walks the Earth No absolutions for the men, nor the whores they inject themselves into No mercy for the killers of flesh, mind, and soul.   Selfish, narcissistic children of all ages Who would not even piss on someone in flames Who only seek the pleasure of their carrion flesh.   I look upon this world, this modern society, this cesspool of sperm and ova I feel revulsion come over me, and I turn my back on it all No more.... Let their putrid, decaying, debauchery continue....And let death be thy destination.
Geek In A Kage
Its Friday night.  I'm sitting by myself in the living room I'm still wearing my headset even tho the music stoped playing 5-10 min ago and in thinking of the possiblities of what I can do to not be so freaking bored I had the urge to format and resetup my laptop to boot between win7, server08, and ubuntu........./facepalm I need to spend some time away from my damn computer lol.     I think here in a month when I move in to the new place because I have an extra bedroom to use as an office to keep my tools, setup an extra work station for repairing others computers (and good for lan party :P ) someone is going to have to make sure I don't lock myself in there and never come out.     Meow
Maybe I'm Crazy
Tossing and turning, in this empty bed. Hanging onto your face, the words you have said. I don't know when, and I don't know how. I have to find a way to see you, somehow. Because this longing and desire, weighs so heavily. I would do just about anything, just to see. Your eyes staring back, back at me. To hear your voice, would be music to my ears. To have your arms around me, holding me near. There is nothing I wouldn't do, maybe I'm crazy. I am just so in love with you, Baby.
North Face Discount I Will Not Give Up
North Face Discount I will not give up, I will persist until you succeed! 7, do not think there will be rewards for as long as the pay, which is wrong. Learn to work effectively, this is the important courses operate their own strengths. 8, the world of all things, not make it extremely successful. Less than one minute left, we can get infinitely perfect. Material over the overflow, force must be opposed. Obsessed efforts, all alone, and then their own opportunities. 9, a withered flowers can not be the barren spring, a setback has not abandoned the whole life. 10, you can not change the environment, but can change yourself; you can not change the facts, but can change attitudes; North Face Men's Windstopper you can not change the past, but can change now; you can not control them, but you can control yourself; you can not predict tomorrow, but can hold today; you can not do everything well, but can be conscientious in everything; you can not choose your face, but it can s
The Inspiration For Tiffany Stone (the Story)
 After eight months at sea, we were headed home at last. But we had to turn around and rush back to the Persian Gulf when news broke that the Iranians had taken the Americans hostage. So we ended up spending an unprecendanted 5 moths of straight sea time without hitting a single port. When it was, at last over, President Jimmy Carter ordered that beer be flown out to us at sea to mark the longest sea time deployment of any ship in US naval history.  Anyway, to keep my sanity, I decided to at least try and write the greatest adventure story of all time. And here is the link to the tin can I was on for all that time, and where I featured "Tiffany Stone (The Story)"
I Am Who I Fucking Am
I am very aware that the majority of people who use these social networking site's do so in-order to portray themselves as someone they are not....I am NOT one of those people...I will straight up tell you..I am NOT rich..I am NOT perfect...I am NOT fake...I am wat I am...a good mother..a good friend..a hard worker...I have compassion for others and others feelings...way too often I put someone else's feelings ahead of my me..this screen is just that..a piece of equipment covered with glass...some people see it as a gateway to become watever they have say watever it takes....I am silly...goofy..comical..I treat others how they treat me.....but I will NEVER tell you wat you want to hear simply because I can....I know there is a person behind the screen..whether it is the person they portray themselves to be or not...still a person just the same.....I can tell you with 100% honesty....I WILL NOT FUCK the virtual or real world.....that's NOT who I am...I am tha
Eventually, I will step away. Through some strange circumstance I became stronger than you. I'm not so blind. Not so deaf. Anymore. I see much more vividly now. For every day from hence forth,  you will mark my words. Blood smeared across my lips and fury storming with wild abandon in my eyes. I've abandoned mercy and abandoned my need for it. A driving force stirs me to the precipice but not to go over. I beat my chest as a call to arms in a primal ritual of war. You won't conquer me. I am not the foe you faced before. Look upon me and see the eyes of your enemy follow you. My mark here has been made. My footsteps are followed, my story retold. What will become of you? Your memory will lie rotted and forgotten in the desert and your name shall remain in the shade of the sun never to rise again. Insect, get far from my sight. Lest crushed beneath my wrath you long to be.
My Words...
I don't do the pity me thing..I don't want nor do I need anyone's pity...I have walked the streets of life alone...on my own...been in a marriage where I was still alone...but grateful...grateful to this day...if it was not for that marriage...I probably wouldn't be here at all...anything that makes a positive impact in my life I am grateful I'm not..I have never been so weak in my life....or felt so low...after something is pointed out to you you're entire starts to sink in...and by the people you love the most..and the ones that are supposed to love you in return..that's when it hurts..when it cuts to the bone...I can't take anymore..I have reached my limit...I talk a big game..but that's all it am fragile..I am weak...and it does hurt..regardless of how much I lie to you or myself..saying it doesn't..the fact does...very much so...I am grateful to all of you who truly get wat I am about..I cannot apologize for my body...something I can
That Time Of Year
I have sent xmas cards the last 3  years...lots of you guys gave me your addys...last year...and the rottie ate the book. So...if you want one..PM me your info again fucking dog
Ass Man....?
I think if I was a guy, I'd be an ass man. I used to watch football ONLY for Ronny Lott's ass in spandex pants. Seriously, there was nothing better on TV than seeing that man from behind. I just needed to share.
I Don't Show, So I'm A Hoe
10:44pm mustangjay...: stop fuckin with me and show me ur tits 10:45pm To mustangjay...: wasn't, an wasn't going to 10:46pm mustangjay...: wasnt going to what 10:49pm To mustangjay...: show my boobs, that is a very interesting video lol 10:50pm mustangjay...: so u make a folder of nsfw pics of ur self talk all this nasty talk but u dont show 10:52pm To mustangjay...: i never said that 10:53pm mustangjay...: so whats in those pics 10:53pm To mustangjay...: me 10:54pm mustangjay...: no shit really i thought they were ones of ur daughter 10:55pm To mustangjay...: if you knew why you ask?? 10:58pm mustangjay...: pics of u how 10:58pm To mustangjay...: have a good night, been fun talking w/ you10:59pmTo mustangjay...: some clothes, no clothes ttfn (i had logged off by this point) 10:59pm mustangjay...: so why dont u want me to see them? 11:02pm mustangjay...: wtf hoe 11:03pm mustangjay...: fuck u and the cock sucker who down rated me u fat bitch 11:04pm mustangjay...: and fu
The Defending
.C. Lions. The veteran quarterbacks football future was in doubt when he was released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats prior to the 2009 season but got a new lease on life with the injurty-plagued Lions late last year. Victor Cruz JerseyAmerican skier Lindsey Vonn was the fastest during todays training for the World Cup downhill in Val DIsere, France, finishing in one minute, 44. Authentic Calvin Johnson Jersey .52 seconds. Austrian Elisabeth Goergl finished second in 1:44.79, while American Julia Mancuso finished in 1:44.89. Kelly VanderBeek was Canadas fastest athlete, finishing 11th in a time of 1:46.07, just 0.02 seconds out of a tenth place result. Emily Brydon finished 1:46.28, in 13th place. Britt Janyk finished 34th, Shona Rubens finished 65th and Larisa Yurkiw did not finish. Vonn won gold medals in both the downhill and super-G at the Alpine Ski World Championships in Val DIsere last season.   Eli Manning Womens Jersey . Sources told that Matthew Hulsizer, CEO of PEAK6 Inv
A Gentle Touch
A gentle brush of her fingers, Sending shivers down my spine. In the love I see in her eyes, Is a love that equals mine. She greets me with a smile, And leaves me with a kiss. If she were to ever leave me, I couldn't imagine what I'd miss. Maybe it's her touch, Or the way she makes me feel. But whatever it is, I'm head over heels.
God Mode
When I finally get to 20M to level, I'm running my God Mode. Thing is, I'm wondering if I should take full advantage of my whoring abilities and charge people credits to get in my family? lol.  I know, it's horrible. If I do do that, how many credites should I charge? I'm new to this "whoring" thing....   Any ideas?   Love you all!!
In Defense Of Cougars.....
I have been a member of fubar for over two years now and have met a lot of nice woman who have become my good friends who I chat with frequently. And along the way I run into a Cougar  occasionally. Cougars are older woman who are attracted to younger men. Many older woman who are attractive can still attract a younger man and many younger men are attracted to older attractive woman. Cougars today are like men use to be years ago when you would commonly see an older man with a much younger woman. But Guys the ladies have turned the tables on us. Older woman today are much more attractive and youthful looking than before. Many mother's on this site and in real life look like their daughter's sister. The acronym "MILF" has become popular with older attractive woman in recent years. Many Cougars who were recently divorced or in a long relationship  experienced  their Man's appearance slowly diminish.. Many men during a long marriage or  relationship gain weight  have a beer be
Thrift Store
Welcome to 441 Thrift and Variety. We are a family owned business. We have lots of anything and everything. Great deals and cheap prices. Come on by and see us. Tell us what you think of the place. An please give us some ideas on how to better serve you. Come on over to 441 Thrift and Variety..see whats new, whats old, an maybe see something that you want. Great Items at great prices. We now have ICE COLD POP here an coming soon will be some food items. Come on over the Ac is on.   come check us out
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回到现实 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,走火入魔, 中国卡扎菲你已经完全走火入魔。为了自己见不得人的私欲,即永霸职位,永不退休的私欲;违反经济和社会发展的客观规律的行为,目的却如水底捞月,唯一的结果却是使老百姓使人民恶梦频频,
its funny how you can love someone knowing its going nowhere but you show no intrest in the person that loves you why is it so hard to find love or even a good friend these days the quality of people and relationships have gone down hill   signing off  LOOKIN 4 LOVE
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If the two sides do not compromise, a huge $600 billion tax increases and spending cuts in January 2013 is to be automatic trigger, the so-called "fiscal cliff, analysts say this will jar has very fragile economycanada goose outlet.   The main U.S. President barack Obama's proposal, democratic bill would continue bush era tax cuts for all the other than personal to at least $200000 a year, the couple's joint income more than $250000. canada goose jackets   The taxpayer will face top rate were 36% and 39.6%, not the 33% and 35%. This will mean higher taxes for 2.5 million households, or 2% of all 140.5 million tax return, according to the 2009 the irs data. canada goose handbags   Democrats say tax the wealthy should appreciate, because all income groups should help reduce the deficit. Republicans say, these tax increases will bear many of the owners of the company, let them less money to create jobs. canada goose shoes
Oppure Efficace
Un governatore in carcere a causa della corruzione, il figlio laureato, non riusciva a trovare lavoro, a fargli visita quando si lamentava.Papà ha scritto per bambini nota, per trovare i suoi ex subordinati per aiutare suo figlio.Il figlio ha chiesto: "Renzouchaliang note ora di scrittura, utile?"Il padre ha detto: "quando sono sul palco, che vogliono un ufficiale, lascia che ora è in carcere, voglio che entrare, che devono entrare, e stare tranquilli, figlio mio, nastro o ancora validi ! "
Glimmer Of Hope
I havent had a suicidal thought in three or four days. As much as group therapy isnt my thing, I think something about the substance abuse program i'm in gives me hope. maybe its the happier people in the group leaving,praising the place and telling others to stick with it. I want to feel a smile like the one they were wearing, again. I wanted to feel the glow that they were radiating. I have something to maybe look forward to in the next six weeks of this program. hope that maybe someone can really help me. Idk, just something i was thinking about. 
Kunzite Power Stone‘s Significance And Effect
Kunzite is a Jewelry Bead that tells us love to ask no favors. If you love to tell you that it is my Rose Quartz Beads, it let me realize the importance of pouring the love to others is the kunzite. As it will nourish the mind of compassion broadly to suppress criticism of the feelings of people, will enrich the communication. I have said in the soft energy, enhance the human, and also bring out the femininity of a mature adult. If you've ever hurt by love in the past, not just the next step Fumidaseru, you are often caught in a negative future. Appease the distrust of negative emotions and love that was wounded, kunzite will lead us forward to the heart. Also, relieve anxiety and fear caused by trauma unconscious, I am me and to be able to express the pure love of the heart. Bring the courage to take on new love, let me show a happy milestone evokes pure feeling. In addition, we help to stabilize balance body and soul, by emotional or worn as accessories. I recommended to power ston
Luv On My Owner!!!!!
Bud@ fubar
顾影自怜 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性   一,无限合理 1,饲养肥猪 和蔼谦卑,忧伤的他! 他, 是谁? 作为中国官场恐怖,邪恶,反人类势力的化身,他总是那么谦卑可爱,和蔼可亲,笑容满面,诚诚恳恳; 他说的是一套,做的是一套; 他说的民主,自
醉打门神 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,万千阻难 我去求职,遇到门神再三阻难,为了阻止我,陪练小政治宝宝的马甲用烂了;学生小班子一班人的马甲用烂了;学生中班子一班人的马甲用烂了;下级老班子一班人的马甲也用烂了。那俩个女人不管&#
Am I Alive
Is it the flesh and blood Or the breath of air That constitutes this life Or is there something more The blood boils deep in my veins I exhale with the thought of pain There’s only one question that remains Am I alive or is it all a lie?   Confined within my loneliness I look out at the world around me Watching people grow and change Becoming more than they once were   One by one they pass me by As if I’m just some shadow Never giving me a second glance Never giving me a single chance   Is this my life (Am I alive?) I am flesh (Am I alive?) I have breath (Am I alive?) I just watch the world go by   I just wat
Another Brick In Te Wall
"Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)" We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey teacher leave them kids alone All in all it's just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall [chorus at end by pupils from the Fourth Form Music Class Islington Green School, London]We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey teacher leave us kids alone All in all you're just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall
For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it."
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HapPinesS comes froM loving than being loved and often when our afFectioN seEms woundEd it is oNly our vanity bleeding. To love and to be hurt often and to love again. This is the brave and hapPy life :
对每个人而言,真正的职责只有一个:找到自我,然后在心中坚守其一生,全心全意,永不停息。所有其他的路都是不完整的,是人的逃避方式,是对大众理想的懦弱回归,是随波逐流,是对内心的恐惧。                                                                                                                   ——黑塞
I Know You Can Guesstimate.
If I was somebody else, I feel that I could and probably would react the same as most of the Fubar community. Thank God I am not like others, huh?? I am sometimes feeling a little upset or what not.... at least I don't get on here and think 'well this is what people expect, so this is who I am today'. I'm just not like that. I never will be, so you can trash any idea of me being the same. I do care alot and maybe that is all my fault. When it does come down to it, that is something I can not and will not change. I am just more careful sometimes then I am at other times. Deal with it!!  If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask them. If you have a thought you thunk, then post it. I am not going to ridicule you for speaking your mind. I just might delete it, and that is not my fault. I am free to delete as you are. I'm athinkin' you might have some guess that I wouldn't want to have that on my profile or in my mum. I am going to a birthday party today at Godfather's Pizza. I alr
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A Soldier A Marine And An Airman
A soldier, a marine, and an airman got into a fight about which service is best. The fight was so heated, that they killed each other. Soon, they found themselves in Heaven. They see St. Peter walk by and ask, “WhichBranch of Service is the best?” St. Peter replied, “I can't answer that. But, I will ask God what He thinks the next time I see Him.” Some time later, the three see St. Peter again and ask him if he was able to find theanswer. Suddenly, a dove landed on St. Peter's shoulder. The dove was carrying a note inits beak. St. Peter opened the note and read it out loud to the three fellows:“Gentlemen: All the Branches of the Service are ‘Honorable and Noble’. Each oneof you has served your country well. Be proud of that. (signed)GOD, USN (Ret.)”
He won as a starThe Phoenix Coyotes say that forward Brett MacLean suffered a cardiac emergency on Monday night in Owen Sound, Ontario. Sean Lee Limited Jersey . "Brett was playing hockey last night when he suffered a medical emergency," said Coyotes general manager Don Maloney in a statement. "Brett received CPR on site and was taken to a local hospital by ambulance where he was treated. He was then transported via an air ambulance to University Hospital in London, Ontario where he was admitted to the cardiac ICU. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Brett and his family," Maloney continued. "We request that everyone please respect their privacy at this time. We will provide an update on Bretts status when information is available." MacLean played in five games this past season for the Winnipeg Jets, registering two assists. The 23-year-old spent the majority of 2011-12 in the American Hockey League with the Portland Pirates, where he had 25 goals and 23 assists in 63 games. He has appe
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Numerous constituents to alopecia, for the other hand "magic enters, where",InStyler assuning that the hair passing deterrence advice when the company, you don't need to fret. Based in daily activities understanding summed approach on bigger doubts to your account. 1.5, truly need nylon material brushes and combs. The main nylon material brushes and combs all to easy to give rise to fixed excitement, can give the hair because terme conseillé negative effects émoi. The ideal is definitely the the superior boxwood brushes and combs bristle go to, might burn dry skin, enrich brain shiny, may possibly asian body work the main terme conseillé, list blood movements. 2, wash wash. Scrub often is if at all possible chilled 2-5 amount of hours, wash because asian body work a fact do away with isn't stable, so that they can stick to a single scrub terme conseillé, may possibly face the terme conseillé keep. much more, truly need blotting paper efficient and alkaline wash. 6 wash
Santa And Other Untruths
Do you remember when you learned that Santa wasn't real? I didn't.  But my mother does.  Apparently, at the tender age of three or four, just prior to the annual pilgrimage to the school gym to sit on Santa's lap and be given a paper bag of peanuts (honestly, what kid likes unshelled peanuts?), I showed up all ready to go.  With a paper sack over my head, holes poked out for my eyes.  My mother was understandably confused.  She inquired, and my response was thus:  Santa is fake.  If that guy won't show me his face, I'm not showing him mine. She shrugged her shoulders and took me to see Santa anyway, and I sat on his lap with a paper sack over my head, and my mother took the obligatory photos, and I have no idea if I said anything to Santa about his fakeness or if Santa said anything to me about my paper sack.  But I do know I didn't eat the peanuts.
Wont Think About You
No I can't let a tear shed. Eyes being rubbed so they stay red. Not ganja, dreams being smoked up. Trying not to fucking care, throwing my fucking hands up. Giving up is easy but it's what that needs be. Get through these feelings, that which weakens me. Another person to replace you can't come fast enough. No one to take my mind away, I admit i'm struggling bruh. This is all on me, no mystery. Tryna find my spot in the middle of where the bitches be. Better yet in between thick thighs where the loving be. Should've keep it friendly, for our fucking history. Damn. Turn the page forward, can't look back. My light on dim, may the fucking world go black. Because it's like that when your heart's under attack by your words, by thoughts, by the way you fail to act. Now regret hovers over me. Unlike a halo these grey clouds is where they suppose to be. Hiding my sunshine. No warmth. Dark mind. Cold feelings. Lonely blues highlighting the skyline. I feel abused. I'm standing nude. Looking in t
Something That Popped Into My Head
Its amazing to see you not hereIts amazing to see your face everywhereToo long has passed without a gentle kissSuch a sight I will forever missLong ago with everything was brightWe once had the world in our sightAlways grasping for things lostSearching and seeking for wordsUnderstanding everything and yet nothingWhere has the time goneWhen did it dieAll is said for notWith a humble Goodbye
The 1966 Buick Riviera
Forget imports and even the 1964 Impala. The Riviera was in my book, THE best looking ride on L.A. streets when I was growing up. Better looking than anybody's Ferrari, Porsce or Jaguar. No matter if you were black white or Japanese, this car would forever say, "I'm a pimp" when you rolled up in it. And even people who hate on pimps didnt hate your sleek sexy ride. Lol. This was back when Buick was one of the world class auto makers with it's own disctint identity from Chevy, Ponticac and Cadillac. And for working class black men like my dad and uncles back in the sixties, it was better than a Caddy. The Riviera  name first entered the Buick line in 1949 as the designation for the new two-door pillarless hardtop, which was described as "stunningly smart." Buick would add a 2-door Riviera hardtop to the Super the following year, the Special in 1951 and the Century upon its return, after a 12 year absence, in 1954. Unlike the Toronado and Eldorado, the 1966 Riviera retained a convention
Jokes On We
Funny how the world only miss you when its high, drunk, or sitting in the darkness. Meaning, they're looking down on you. Saying that they want you but it's clearly lines are no longer worth crossing. You on a heavy brush method and they're no longer flossing. So in that dream where you're turning and tossing under covers. Running, is there anyone out there that loves you? Even the one in the mirror, do he want's you? Crazy how pathetic and sad becomes whatever and mad but is never bad to see life in a new light. For all the souls who fight logic to be right. Are we so destructive that we can't stitch right? I hope we enjoying these long lonely nights but if we not, many many many choices outside. Maybe. Is those choices that makes us hateful? Fearful? Cautious? Now possibly on the verge of crossing new lines that's crossing with old. New morals. New feelings. New dealings with the world. New beings to be around and maybe a new appealing to get down for. Those moments down so down feel
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WINDSOR, England - Italian kayaker Josefa Idem became the first woman to compete in eight Olympic Games — and marked the occasion Tuesday by upstaging a host of younger rivals to qualify for the flagship 500-metre K-1 final. Julio Jones White Jersey . The 47-year-old Idem, whose first Summer Games were back in 1984 at Los Angeles when she competed for Germany, won the third semifinal to stay on course for a second Olympic gold — after Sydney 12 years ago. But there was disappointment for another veteran champion Katrin Wagner-Augustin, of Germany, who placed fourth in the same semifinal to miss out on Thursdays final. Wagner-Augustin has won Olympic golds over 500m in the double and four, but never as an individual. Danuta Kozak of Hungary was the quickest qualifier by nearly a second. Emilie Fournel of Lachine, Que., finished sixth in her semifinal and failed to move on to the final. "I came out really aggressively and unfortunately it was a really long race," said Fournel
Looking Into The Soul
Last night I was looking at a picture of you as I sat there I stared into those hypnotic eyes wondering what it would be like if you were here. I wondered what it would be like to look into your soul what it would be like to hold your hand what it would be like to hug you what it would be like to kiss you what it would be like to hold you in my arms what it would be like to look into your eyes I have never seen someone so amazingly beautiful as you.As I was writing this I realized that someone beautiful in every way had touched me like no other person in my life the way that you have I can't explain it in way except what is written above in the few simple words thank you for coming into my life the way that you did its strange how we meet people how our paths cross everyday not know what life brings you
Spiritual Satanism
Spiritual Satanism, like Traditional Satanism, differs from LaVeyan Satanism. We are aware of the existence of satan/Lucifer as an actual being. We are not atheists! In spite of major discreoancies, the church of satan, founded in 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVay, presently takes an atheistic stance as far as external deities are concerned, and views Satan as only an archetype. Unlike most religions,Spiritual Satanism encourages one question everything, Being ones personal best and exceeding limitations are essence of Spiritual Satanism and this begins with using ones brains to their maximum potential. Spiritual Satanism does not in any way conflict with science. We strongly encourage and support all scientific knowledge and enquiry. We are well aware humanity is dangerously behind in scientific knowledge and understanding due to centuries of oppression by Christianity. We believe that all spiritual and paranormal phenomena can be scientifically explained in a rational manner; scientific k
Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You By John F Kennedy
Vice President Johnson, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chief Justice, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, President Truman, reverend clergy, fellow citizens, we observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom - symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning - signifying renewal, as well as change. For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed nearly a century and three quarters ago. The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe - the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God. We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Ame
Crazy Super Bowl People
If this is bright, I'm sorry. I'm on my messed up laptop and I can't really see colors. Anyway, on with the blog.   As some of you know my Mom has been pretty sick since right before Christmas. She's back in the hospital. This time it's a different one than the one that sent her home naked. This hospital actually treats her like a human. Anyway, my Mom's old doctor had her on so much medication that she wasn't acting like  herself. They found out for sure that that's waht was making her act weird/crazy because yesterday morning my Mom was fine. Then they gave her her medication......20 minutes later she was swearing at the nurses, yelling at my stepdad, being confused about where she was at....well you name it. So now they are detoxing her from all of her medicine and starting over. The new doctor said that she was on way too much and that it was messing her up. We'll see. [fingers crossed] This Sunday is the Super's also my oldest's birthday. He will be 10 years old. I ca
How does one get thoughts out their mind that shouldn't be there? Wishing for things to happen,yet knowing they shall never come to pass. Asking themselves why they have to be stuck, when they wish to have wings like an Eagle and just simply fly away. Wondering what it is they coud of done different to of had a different outcome. Knowing that the things they want and feel just shall never be........
Care To Be Taken While Selecting The Best Website Design Company In Bangalore
Web design does not follow any rules, regulations or any stereotype formulae. Most importantly, one cannot imitate web designing from any other websites. Web design can be the inspiration but not imitation. We all know the famous line that a picture speaks of thousand words. To follow that web designing trend, a designer should be updated and try to formulate new and innovative ideas. To think innovate and unique there should not be stopping. A website should have unique and meaningful designs to attract the targeted customers. Again, one should keep in mind that the design should not be for the sake of designing a website. Web design Bangalore should complement and should be relevant at times.  This is the reason when selecting a website design company Bangalore, you have to be cautious. There are some of the precautions which one should undergo before handling a project. It is a used norm that practice makes the man perfect. Thus we should consider the best web design company websit
Here Comes The Boom (2012)
Wasn't completely bad in my opinion. It was the normal inspirational comedy where the underdog rises above all the things that could possibly hold him down. Always love Henry Winkler in comedies and Kevin James has been funny in most of the movies he has been in. It had its funny parts and the beautiful Salma Hayek who doesn't have a huge part in the movie but does play her role pretty well being the love interest.
Contest Entry Rules
Alright, gonna hold a double triple threat contest. SFW and NSFW, can enter either one or the other. No double entries. Best Booty, Boobies, and Legs.  The length of the contest depends on the number of entries as well as the prizes to won. Contest will begin when at least  15 entries are made. Pics can be emailed, or placed on fubar for me to collect. Ask for email if you'd want to take that route. At the end of the contest, Top 3 from both will be taken and placed into a final contest. Final contest will only be most rates. Winner take all. Both Catagories: Must have my name wrote upon your body or paper in some manner. MUST HAVE A SALUTE TO ENTER! NSFW Rules: Nsfw triple threat is almost a free for all with what you'd want to do. No pictures penetration pictures of any sorts will be accepted. Teaser pics/Lingerie/Swimsuits/full/partial nude are accepted.  SFW: Way less revealing than the NSFW side of this. Clothing is a must in this, and by clothing, Im meaning, pants (of any sor
Video Purchase=open Folders
Here's all the links to the 6 videos posted on When we get 6 purchases of any of these 6 videos, I will open all of my folders for 3 hours to friends only. Pool Threesome Part 1 Pool Threesome Part 2 Redhead Mistress Sucks Dick Redhead Slut Rides a Huge Cock Redhead Loves To Suck Cock To Make A Redhead Creampie I will update my status when the 6 purchases have been made. Thanks again everyone and have a great day! -Julie
blogs will be the downfall of this site,as they are ultra gay. continue on with your important little lives...
Behold A Blog
Just found this bitch and complain page. I had no idea this was here. Guess I should open my fucking eyes and read what LC has to offer. Just for the record, I can be a dickhead sometimes as well. What can I say, I'm a man. It's just part of what we do and it's totally unintentional. I'll apologize now if my future grips and grumblings offend anyone.
Foot Prints
One night I had a dream-- I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord and across the sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene I noticed two sets of footprints, one belonged to me and the other to the Lord. When the last scene of my life flashed before me, I looked back at the footprints in the sand. I noticed that many times along the path of my life, there was only one set of footprints. I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in my life. This really bothered me and I questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you would walk with me all the way, but I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints. "I don't understand why in times when I needed you most, you should leave me." The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child, I love you and I would never, never leave you during your times of trial and suffering. "When you saw only on
More About How Too
Some women don't know how to orgasm, while others need nothing more than a whisper to reach orgasmic heights. And then there are the others -- those women who have the capability to squirt their juices all over the bed, the floor, or even you. Although I'd like to believe that every woman is capable of reaching such heights of sexual ecstasy, unfortunately, there are many women out there who disagree. And if they're not willing to open their minds to the idea of ejaculating, no matter how hard I try to convince them (yeah, it's a dirty, messy job, but someone's gotta do it), then that's their prerogative. Nevertheless, if you've got yourself a woman who is very sexually in tune with herself, and would be willing to let you manipulate her vagina until she ejaculated all over you, then today's tip is going to leave you soaking wet. before she starts squirting As I've already mentioned, a woman's ejaculate is expelled from the urethra, the same place that urine comes out from.
Band Pictures
One on my Favorite Bands ... CHIEF...did a outdoor Concert Yesterday they are just Kick Ass. Check them out if you like at Chief's MySpace Click Here Pics From the Concert: The Bass Player is just Yummyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

The porno of frankiegirl's life will be called ... "Threes Company" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
First Month In College
alright guys ive almost been at UWM a month now and its time to start telling you how its going so far. the first week was alot of fun, we didnt have class so we got to just hang out and party. my suite-mate brought home so many drunks the first night, that was special...all i wanted to do was shower but a 350 lbs guy was passed out in our toilet. then classes started which killed the fun. i had to spend $400 on books and another $50 on architecture supplies. most of my classes are alright, math is shitty, the teacher is a d-bag, and art just drags on and on, it goes from 7-930 pm...ARG! but my roomate is kool and we get along real well. so then later on we got some liquour and that made every thing better. ive gotten soo messed up so many times in the last 3 weeks, its amazing. also, we made wine in our fridge but it wont be read for a few more weeks. well i gotta go to my math class now... but as a parting thought my address is: Matthew Borsecnik Sandburg Halls Box 0220
Robin Williams Plan For World Peace!
You gotta love Robin Williams...... Even if he's nuts! Leave it to comedian Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan. What we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message. Robin Williams' plan... (Hard to argue with this logic!) "I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan." 1) "The US will apologize to the world for our "interference" in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those 'good ole boys', we will never "interfere" again. 2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany, South Korea, the Middle East, and the Philippines. They don't want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence. 3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave. We'll give them a free trip home. After 90
Early Morning
My eyes are heavy, and my mind is groggy as I try to shake the fog from my mind. I feel the heat of your body curled in against mine. The curve so perfect and we seem to fit just right. I lean up on my elbow to look upon the beauty of your sleeping face. As I watch out our window I see the sun shimmering across the fresh dew blown grass. The birds light upon our window sill as if waiting for us to wake. Then as I watch the sun light slowly creeps across our room. It's shimmering rays of light chasing away the night. As I lay and look upon your face, the sun slowly kisses you upon the cheek. It lights up the beauty of your face so peaceful in it's sleep. Your hair shimmers in it's golden light and I listen as you sigh so softly. Then you snuggle even closer to me trying to hide from the light. Only one thought hits my mind as I stare upon your face..... Please God, never take me from this place............ F. Wayne Johnson Sept.

Hey everyone...well I wanted to do a blog and I chose to post this one because not many people on here know me that well...some may thing im a lil crazy for calling myself a BITCH so I ma gonna let you know the reasons I am... I am a Bitch..... I am a bitch because I care about my appearance and like to look good I am a bitch because I don't want to fuck you I am a bitch because I refuse to play your mind games I am a bitch because I apologize to NO ONE for being me I am a bitch because I can make my own decisions without your influence I am a bitch becasue I have pride in being a woman I am a bitch becasue when you asked for my honest opinion I gave it to you I am a bitch because I refuse to let you talk down to me I am a bitch becasue I took your keys and wouldn't let you drive drunk I am a bitch because I am proud of my accomplishments I am a bitch because I speak my mind I am a bitch because I didn't humor your drama queen antics I am a bitch because I don't s
Black Jokes 2
Q: What happens when you stick you hand in a jar of jellybeans? A: The black ones steal your watch. Q: How do you start a black parade? A: Roll a 40 down the street. Q: Why do blacks burry their dead upside down? A: Use em as bike racks. Q: How did they improve the transportation in harlem? A: Move the trees closer together. Q: What did the black girl say while having sex? A: Dad get off me your crushing my ciggs. Q: Why are black people like jelly beans? A: No one likes the black ones. Q: What do you call a school bus full of black people? A: A rotten banana Q: What was the only thing missing from the million man march? A. An auctionner Q: How long does it take a black lady to shit? A: 9 months. Q: What do you call 100 black guys baried from the neck down? A: Afroturf. Q: Why are blacks afried of lawnmovers? A: Beacuse it gose run nigger nigger run. Q: What do you call a barn full of blacks? A: Antique farm equipment.
Life As We Know It.
Sometimes life comes at us like a lion other times it's like a sheep on the side of a brook. Why do things have to be so hard? Why do we all worry about what the past is when we owe nothing but the future? Why not love instaed of hate? These all all questions on the hearts and minds of so many, remember " no greater gift can man give than to give of himself for another." Why not give every day? Show your love as each day blooms.
I didn't even know we could write blogs now~! Totally cool! I guess I will start off by saying GO BUCKEYE! Gotta love my boys they sure did Ohio right again last night. Now if I can just get the Browns to straighten their asses out which seems like a unforceen task! Let's see I have also been sick for like 2 months with a eye infection an dfound out it was pink eye that turned to staff so I am still battleing that. I got to the Opthemologist Monday so I will know more. Really I was just expermenting with this blog thing .... COOL STUFF!!! LOST CHERRY FUCKING ROCKS! All we need to do is weed out these annoying people geez we have inherited some professional douchebags. Christina
Its Official
Today im an idiot. Just ask ashleigh. I cant type. I cant talk. Dude. Just wtf. And whiskey. Ew. EW FUCKING EW. And this guy just fucking asked me to marry him Wtf. GO away you evil pervs.
Songs For/about Me...
Please reply and tell me what song you would dedicate to me, or what song u think describes me.. i am tryin to get a list for my site.. :) thank you just put the name of song - and artist.. muahz p.s. you can name more than one..
Pervert !
Pervert Excited By Bears Mating - video powered by Metacafe
Anyone With A Webcam
anyone with a webcam msg me.
Did you ever love someone and know he didn't love you? Did you ever feel like crying and think what good will it do? Did you ever look into his eyes and say a little prayer? Did you ever look into his heart and wish that you were there? Did you ever see him smile when the lights were way down low? Did you ever think "I love that guy" but he just would never know? When you fall in love, my friend, you'll find it doesn't pay. It's really not worth that broken heart it causes everyday. Did you ever wonder where he is and if your love is really true? One moment you are happy, and in the next you are blue. When it's dark you wonder why, and you worry night and day. You see my friend, loving him will never work this way. Love is fine, but it hurts too much, and the price you pay is too high. If I could choose love or death, I think I'd rather die. And when I say don't fall in love, you'll get hurt before you're through, You see my love I ought to know................... I FEL
Funny Shit!!! Gotta Read Dis One!!!!!
Ed was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really angry. She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in less than 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE". The next morning Ed got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up, she looked out the window, and sure enough, there was a small box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway. Very confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale. Funeral services for Ed have been scheduled for Friday.
A guy sticks his head into a barber shop and asks, "How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looks around the shop and says, "About 2 hours." The guy leaves. A few days later the same guy sticks his head in the door and asks, " How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looks around at the shop full of customers and says, "About 3 hours." The guy leaves. A week later the same guy sticks his head in the shop and asks, "How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looks around the shop and says, "About an hour and a half." The guy leaves. The barber who is intrigued by this time, looks over at a friend in the shop and says, "Hey, Bill. Follow that guy and see where he goes." A little while later, Bill comes back into the shop, laughing hysterically. The barber asks, "Bill, where did he go when he left here?" Bill looks up, tears in his eyes and says, "Your house."
My Lava Lamp!!
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Stop And Think
Life is sometimes a funny thing. We live in an I want it now society. A world of hi speed and fast pace but did you ever just stop and think? Did you ever just wonder what would happen if you slowed down for just a minute? Ever wonder what if? Ever try to analyze the outcome of the things we are going to do? Everyquestion the whys of the things that happen? Everything that we do in some way effects the people around us. Something we post here can make people laugh, perhaps even cry. We send out messages all the time, the ones that say repost this or else. We forward jokes and stories. But when was the last time that you stopped and thought? Mayb the people that you are sending all the jokes and stories and stuff too might just like a simple hello how are you. Something a little more personal. Here in LC we jump from page to page sometimes leaving a comment or a rating, or sometimes just to see whats there. Did you ever stop and think that maybe you could just say hello and tha
Just A Note....
I went camping this past weekend in Williamsburg Va. at a Celtic Fest. If ever you want to stay up all day and nite and drink beer and 18 yr old whiskey...this is the festival for you... I must admitt I was a lil shit faced Fri. nite til Sat. at 4am ...slept and started again at 10 am.... what a frickin day. But.... there was one thing wrong. Me and the best man in the world usually talk all day back and forth... But we were both to busy for that Sat. I just need to tell him and THE WORLD... i MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU BRIAN....I LOVE YOU. Im counting down the days until we can be together again... and its getting rough. The things that are going on in both our lives is making the wait hurt so bad.....I know the wait has been good for both of us, we have got to talk and know each other so well... But "fuck" lol...i'm ready to be with you....I have realized all these trips that I have always done by myself..(even thou I was married)... would be so complete with you and all
men r such fuckin losers im so done im sick of being treated like shit for no fuckin reason allie ilu lets get married!!!
Was Up
My Greenry
oh my god so i went to california for a huge hippie let me tell u if fucking rocked i did so many drugs i couldnt think strait but anyways sence then i havent smoke weed im going crazy i just moved to washington i nobody will sell me shit what is going on arrhhhh but yea if your ever in california in the summer around september find earth dance and go you will have so much fun lots love to everyone lesley
People like to call me strange I think of myself unique.People like to demoralize others,but they dont know the designs and memories that help him through time.He expresses his feelings of his hurt and his pain through a canvas that at first started plain.They judge by look and by size but they have no Idea what forms of thought and art comes to his mind.In every religion no one shall judge the other this is because in gods eyes we are all sisters and brothers, sinners and lovers,friends and enemies,white or chinese.These things really dont matter with todays youth but as time goes on there is still reports of racism with different views.Why does the color of ones skin make them different then u if u cut him doesnt he bleed?If he is hungry doesnt he eat?We all are equal even though some of us tend to stick in the shadows or dont believe in god or the devil.I hope my art kept u entertained,and I hope my words made u think in a different level.
To Someone Very Special
There is this person that I think about all the time, miss her all the time, and wish that we were together all the time. Our schedules a lot of times keep us from talking. This person is very special to me! I love her very much and I hold a dear place in my heart for her! You say long distance relationships never work, thats just not true. You say we live too far apart, if it is true love distance will never keep you apart from the one you love. I do not want to rush anything, I would like us to take our time and get to know each other very well. Then see where things lead to! Until we talk again, you will be on my mind and thoughts! If the person reads this, they will know I am talking about them. I hope you enjoy it when you read it!
Super Mario
Add Games to your Page @ Myspace Games
Who Was William Wallace - Part I
Documented historical evidence of the line of Wallace is confusingly split. Some say he is descended from Richard the Welshman, dating back to the times of William the Conqueror - others have him traced back to the traditional Scots line of the Cragies. For reasons of simplicity and to keep with the theme of these pages, which focus manly on William Wallace and the reasons and situations that made him 'Scotland's greatest hero', we'll keep to the facts that are well known and true as much as is possible. William Wallace, second of three sons of Sir Malcolm Wallace was born on January 1272, (although many will debate the year to fall somewhere between 1270 and 1276 - 1272 seems to be the most precise in my research), in Scotland in the town of Elerslie (known now as Elderslie - see "Wallace Family"). His father, Sir Malcolm Wallace, although endowed with the title of a knight held little rank in the world of politics and the nobility of Scotland. He owned a certain amount of land
Calling You
Theres something that i cant quite explain i'm so in love with you you'll never take that away and if i said a hundred times before expect a thousand more you never take that away well expect me to be calling you to see if you're ok when i'm not around asking if you love me i love the way you make it sound calling you to see do i try too hard to make you smile to make a smile well i will keep calling you to see if you're sleepin are you dreamin and if you're dreamin are you dreamin of me i cant believe you actually i thought that the world had lost its sway (its so hard sometimes) then i fell in love with you (then came you) and you took that away (its not so difficult, the world is not so difficult) you take away the old show me the new and i feel like i can fly when i stand next to you so what if I'm on this phone a hundred miles from home i take the words you gave and send them back to you i only want to see if you're ok when i
i think I love him... I cant stop thinking about his lips touching my dying need for his kiss I cant stop thinking how nice it would be to hold him in my arms I wish he was mine I wish I could put him in a little chocolate box and eat him up let him melt down my throat mmmmm so wonderful this feeling I cant really describe it Its a burning flame in my spine Its a desire to be loved like I should I think I love him
Vooodooo Dick
VOOODOOOO DICK There was this businessman who was getting ready to go on a long business trip. He knew his wife was a flirtatious sort, so he thought he'd try to get her something to keep her occupied while he was gone, because he didn't much like the idea of her screwing someone else. So he went to a store that sold sex toys and started looking around. He thought about a life-sized sex doll, but that was too close to another man for him. He was browsing through the dildos, looking for something special to please his wife, and started talking to the old man behind the counter. He explained his situation. The old man said, "Well, I don't really know of anything that will do the trick. We have vibrating dildos, special attachments, and so on, but I don't know of anything that will keep her occupied for weeks, except.... and he stopped. "Except what?" the man asked. "Nothing, nothing." "C'mon, tell me! I need something!" "Well, sir, I don't usually mention this, but there is the 'vood
You Scored As Jimi Hendrix (hell Yea!!!)
You scored as Jimi Hendrix. You are Jimi Hendrix! The pioneer of electric guitar and inspiration to all great guitar gods!Jimi Hendrix70%James Hetfield70%Ozzy Osbourne!70%Tommy Lee65%Slash65%Billie Joe Armstrong40%Kurt Cobain40%What Bad Ass Rock Legend Are you? *with pictures*created with
What's Your 1920's Name?
Your 1920's Name is: Aurora Maudie What's Your 1920's Name?
Everyone Please Read!!!!
The Effectual Feverent Prayers of the Rightous Availeth Much...Do you have the strength to Pray. Prayer without ceasing for the sick among you. Jesus said for by his stripes we are healed. Wherever two or three gathered together in his name, touching and agreeing upon anything. He The Lord Jesus says we need to ask in his name to the father and the father would do it for he state he will do it for us...His words states this that if we have the faith of a mustard seed and shall say unto the mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea it shall be done for us by the Father in Jesus Name...I am asking all those who beleive this statement to Pray in this manner for My Son Shawn Dunn call his name we are asking for a miraculous healing for Shawn in Jesus Name...How strong is your faith how deep is your love will it allow or you to intercede for this Man and his Family ????? Thanks Get Your Own! | View Slideshow Buried at Buried at
To All My Dear Friends At The Lc Love Yall
----- Forwarded Message ---- From: stephanie williams To: ALISON ; ANN ; ANTONIO ; AUNT FAYE ; BOBERT ; BONNIE ; BRAD ; CHRIS ; DEAN ; DON JARVIS ; DORI ; ELENA ; JEREMY ; JIMMI-C ; JOY ; LEO ; MAMA ; MAMA SHERRY ; MARTI ; PAM ; PHOENIX ; ROBERT ; RONNIE ; RONNIE WEXO ; RUDY ; SAJAN ; SASSY ; SASSY ; STACY ADAM ; STAMELOS ; TAWNYA ; TERESA ; WENDY ; WILLIAM Cc: Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2006 12:56:53 AM Subject: you never know XOXOX Stephanie ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: missy haynes To: Amanda ; Barry ; Mike ; Trina Baker ;; David Ward ; Dennis ; Diane ; jennifer heath ; Jody Terry ; Linda ; lingnau ;; Sue ; STEPHANIE WILLIAMS Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 9:30:42 AM Subject: Fwd: Fw: An unemployed graduate Note: forwarded message attached. ----------------------------------------------------------------
You scored as Suicide. Your death will be suicide. What more can I say? Fact: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you want to know hwo you will commit suicide, take a look at your second highest percentage on the bar graphs.Suicide93%Disappear73%Accident67%Gunshot67%Natural Causes53%Posion40%Disease33%Eaten33%Bomb33%Stabbed20%Drowning0%
as people can see i have 3 daughters i care so much about and i now and been getting rejected by my x she will not let me see them or anything but will bring other guys in there life and they think there all that saying shit about me its bad enough i am 5 hours away and if i cross the state line i get locked up i know this but she thinks that its all about her and all she cares about money i am so fen mad right now because they will not let me talk to my daughters or anything they are trying to keep tthem from me i am going to go after them but do u think i am wrong if her new man starts a fight with me should i just walk away which is not like me because those are my daughters i am so lost any help will be great
Write Like Im Right..............
Do I like the way I write this, or write the way I like it, to fight the way I fight it, the times I'd wake up frightened, the things I felt despite them, could I be somehow enlightened? this selfesteem be somehow hieghtened? I feel redeemed and somehow like it, was just a fiend and now am somehow knighted, so we've seen the way I'd write it, lets see if it turns out anything like it. 9_24_06 DROW1
Okay, I keep hearing cherries dropping while I surf the site. Is this just something I have to get used to? I am so confused, here I was playing on MySpace and someone said to check this place out. I did it, and here I sit. Please forgive the fact that I sound completely boring, because I have no freaking clue what I am doing. At least with MySpace, I had a couple of friends to sit with me and help me out. Now, it is all online. Guess that is the joy of your own site, huh?! Anyway, hope you all survived the pain that was my first blog. Thanks for the support!
Honor Growth's Desire
by Bryant H. McGill, August of 1998 A stone should not aspire to the soil Nor the mountains to the hills unfold Nor the skies, for the mountains in view, Lose vision of the stars heaven holds Souls should not aspire to the soulless Nor dignity to the shame greed holds Nor greatness to a vain man's boldness Lose honor as our lives do unfold
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Surveys Are Addicting...
1) Ever been to a strip club? I wish. 2) Ever been to a bar or club? jes, I 'av 3) Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club? yeah. for being under age. 4) Ever been so drunk you had to be carried out of somewhere? nope 5) Kissed someone of the same sex? nope 6) Thrown up from drinking too much? nope 7) Had sex in a car? lol 8) Had sex in a on school grounds? nope 9) Had sex in a movie theater? nope 10) Had sex in a bathroom? lol 11) Had sex in the kitchen? lol 12) Have you ever been in an "adult" store? not yet! 13) Bought something from an adult store? not yet! 14) Have you ever paid more than 100.00 in adult book store? not yet! 15) Is there someone you wished you never had sex with? I wish I was a virgin. 16) Is there someone you wish you could have had sex with? yes 17) Is there anyone on your friends list you wish you could have? yes 18) Is there anyone on your friends list you have had sex with? nope
My Hitman Name Lol
Bloody ThumbsPeople Iced:NineteenCar Bombs Planted:FourFavorite WeaponShankArms Broken:ThirtyEyes Gouged:Thirty TwoTongues Cut Off:ThreeBiggest Enemy:Ruphas the TerribleGet Your HITMAN NameAWSOME-GAME
Dreams Coming On Fast
When I sleep I have dreams just like everyone else. When I sleep I dream of you. I dream of the day that I can say I love you. I dream of the future. I dream of the day that I can hear you say I love you too. I dream of being with you. I dream of you. When I sleep I see your face. I sleep and dream of just hearing you breath. I sleep and dream just like everyone else. No one else can see what I dream of. They wouldn't understand that I dream of you. Your in my day dreams, the dreams I have at night. Your on my mind all the time. You just have to say one word and I am hooked. If I had one wish. I would wish that you could see me for who I am. Dreams are coming fast these days.
Sorry Lc
Thursday November 9th
OK so oppertunity knocked and instead of renting I am buying my own house. Only found out about this on the 5th and I am finishing moving in to my house tonight as such I may be down from internet access for a week. So please comment the hell out of me and show some love the stress has been hell but you all make me feel better.
My Distant Angel
Though you are far away I think of you everyday Missing you, loving you And wondering why you went away. You brought to me much joy and happiness Only to leave me with such sadness. Confusion has set in And no time had I to grieve As I had to continue my toils Through the long days and troubling nights. The pain I feel you are spared My tears spread like wildfires The tears should be of happiness Of fond memories Instead they are of anger Of care that had gone wrong No caring Physicians At the final hour All they say was let it end And calmly walked away For 19 hours I did wait Praying for a miracle But no miracle came As your life drifted away Unnoticed by the world Another life over No big welcome Only sad good-byes The torment I have lived with Embedded in my soul Buried deep within me Never to behold Being told by some Your life wasn’t real Just because they Don’t understand love. I never got to hold you A stab to my qu

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