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i upset my freind last night and feel awful today if i am a bit quite for a while is because i feel guilty hope to be back to normal soon ron
Help Me Really
Now I dont know how this is fuckin possible but IM loosing.. What the fuck is going on. Start playing dirty I say thats what they are doing. copy and past your comments like 100 times so i can win. I can believe I cant win the biker bitch contest but i win the Titty contest.. lets go people vote..... COMMENT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT THEY ALL COUNT..SO THEY WANT DIRTY WE CAN DO DIRTY..LETS SHOW THEM A REAL BIKER BITCH HERE IS THE LINK Courtesy of Harleysportee69
Vote For ~koogerbabe~ In The Most Laid Back Foto Contest!!! Go Show Her Some Love! (repost)
Love Like No Other
The essential message of unconditional love is one of liberation: You can be whoever you are, express all your thoughts and feelings with absolute confidence. You do not have to be fearful that love will be taken away. You will not be punished for your openness or honesty. There is no admission price to my love, no rental fees or instalment payments to be made. There may be days when disagreements and disturbing emotions may come between us. There may be times when psychological or physical miles may lie between us. But I have given you the word of commitment. I have set my life on a course. I will not go back on my word to you. So feel free to be yourself, to tell me of your negative and positive reactions, of your warm and cold feelings. I cannot always predict my reactions or guarantee my strength, but one thing I do know and I do want you to know: I will not reject you! I am committed to your growth and happiness. I will always love you
You Are Rain You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming. Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you. You are best known for: your touch Your dominant state: changing What Type of Weather Are You?
Competition This Weekend
Some of you know that I won't be around much this weekend. For those that don't, I'm taking a trip up north to Maine for a powerlifting competition, in which I am competing. I won't be back around until Sunday/Monday. See you then. ~SlicenDice
Donated Blood Bitches And It Sucked!
So my alarm went off this morning at 6:59 a.m. so I shut it off so it could go off 15 mins later... Well it did, but that time I turned it completely off. I ended up skipping class. It's my Technical Language class and I haven't gone to it in the last 3 weeks because my teacher took off for vacation and today was not my day to go back. I sent him an e-mail so everything is A-OK! Plus it was totally worth it because I got to talk to Brent (while he skipped his class as well)
1st Contest... Bathing Suit (expired)
here's the link babies... please vote and comment as much as possible!!! love you all and happily will return the favor however u need!!!! love, hugz, kisses.... CRYSTAL
Overtime Ugh
The upside.. i'll be rich bitches! lmao The down side.. I'll be so stressed and warn out that i'd smack a person that annoy's me at the job. lmao Meaning.. I'd smack anyone acting all bitchy and hoey! lmao Now people want me to fix there pc's too. Thats more money! And something i'd rather do. I enjoy that. I'm alone in charge and no anal retentive morons to work around. lmao I can pay off cards and bills.. but.. I will sacriface alot.. No seeing my nephews or family.. I'd work Christmas eve.. and I'd probably sleep through most of Christmas or passout on the couch.. lmao It also means no dating .. oh wait.. the girl would actualy have to show up.. yeah.. better off working.. lol It also means less ct time.. Well actually that is good.. hahah I only have 10 real friends on my friends list.. the rest of ya don't talk.. more on that later. But.. The left over money goes into another place.. and that place is my pc and for a new car. I've
A small white guy goes into an elevator, when he gets in he notices a huge black dude standing next to him. The big black dude looks down upon the small white guy and says: "7 foot tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch dick, 3 pound left ball,3 pound right ball, Turner Brown" The small white guy faints !! The big black dude picks up the small white guy and brings him to, slapping his face and shaking him and asks the small white guy. "What's wrong?". The small white guy says; "Excuse me but what did you say?". The big black dude looks down and says "7 foot tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch dick, 3 pound left ball, 3 pound right ball, my name is Turner Brown." The small white guy says, "Thank god, I thought you said "'Turn around.'"
Background Skin
Ok try as I might I still can't get the background skin to come out right.I did find a place that you can rip a skin and did that good. I want a Christmas background.How do you get the different pics on the background? I would like some different Christmas pics to make up background.Now if some brave soul decides to help me plz remember you have to tell me every little step and to speak clearly..LOL..
For My Sunshine Tawnya
My Sunhine, life can be cruel but when it all comes together there is no moment as sweet. That is how I feel about you entering my life. You have rekindled the flame called love in me. You have given one more reason to look forward to tomorrow. Now, you are a significant part of my life and I look forward to the day when we can make it permanent. I love you so much. I love you for your kindness, for your caring and giving nature, for your beauty - both inner and outer, and most of all I love you because you are you. The fact that you show me who you really are and not what you think I may want. Tawnya, let this letter be a testament to my true feelings for you. The whole world can see and know how I feel for you. I love you, Rudi
I'm Moving
***Your Lust Quotient: 62%*** You are a very lustful person - and it sometimes gets the better of you! You know how to hold back, but you hardly ever do. How Much Lust Do You Have?
I Just Did Write It To My Baby
you know darling, if i go to bed sometimes and lay under my sheet, thinking of you, sometimes i cry, why i miss you so and want you to be here. It is the truth baby and then, if i am awake, the next what i do is running to my pc look if you are there and when i cant sleep baby i roll my pillow and get it in my arms and think about you, then i can sleep. How can things happen like this ? I feel so strong for you. You so far away but so close to me in my feelings. Thats what i wrote to my heart beat and i had to put it in here just for my thinkings and to look at it with my baby every time we want to. Baby every sense i have to think about you and i am be glad to hold you in my Arms. I love you so much... Your Angel
You Are Somewhat Mature You definitely act like an adult sometimes, but a big part of you is still a kid at heart. While your immature side is definitely fun, you're going to have to grow up sooner or later. Are You Immature?
Just Thinking And Wondering
You know i have been thinking .... guys this might offend you in some way i am sorry just ranting .... why is it the first time u meet a guy and omg they are like the perfect person in every way sweet caring and everything but after they get what they want boom just like that they change ... they try to hide it and cover it up ... guess what boys i see through it .. so yeah if u r just wanting me for viewing pleasure get the fuck out of my life i dont need it .... for the other who are wanting to know me and wanting to love me for me hell yeah u r more than another one ... a guy meets u and think u r great and beautifuland then they find another piece of ass like 10 times better and then they have nothing to do wit you.... maybe i am just like thinking about stuff that dosent happen but i am sorry i cant help but wonder when a guy tells u they love u just dont turn around and have another chick on the side sayin the same things to..... for the boys out there be a fucking
She deserves first class A blonde gets on an airplane and sits down in the first class section of the plane. The stewardess rushes over to her and tells her she must move to coach because she doesn't have a first class ticket. The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm smart, I have a good job, and I'm staying in first class until we reach Jamaica." The disgusted stewardess gets the head stewardess who asks the blonde to leave. The blonde yet again repeats "I'm blonde, I'm smart, I have a good job and I'm staying in first class until we reach Jamaica." The head stewardesses doesn't even know what to do at this point because they still have to get the rest of the passengers seated to take off; the blode is causing a problem with boarding now, so the stewardess gets the copilot. The copilot goes up to the blonde and whispers in her ear. She immediately gets up and goes to her seat in the coach section. The head stewardess asks the copilot in amazement what he said to get her to move to
My Brother Need Some Friends Check Him Out
Show Some Luv!
Stop by and vote for me in the BBW contest. You have unlimited votes, so leave as many comments as you can. Click on the pic below to vote. Happy Holidays, Hugs, and Cherry kisses! Pass this along to your friends/fans and help me out. Thanx!
Sunscreen - The Original
Blue Is the color of your eyes Like the sky above You are as graceful as a dove Blue Is the color of your shirt I like the shirt You look so beautiful in it Blue Is the color of my heart Now that you left me Please come back
wel; i thought thigs could not get aney wores my liek is turned to shit al of a sudden cuz my bos s is an ass all i do is bbiut my ass at worok andnow i am going to be let go on the 15 i get told this 3 days befre xmass so my xmass was hott o shit and i just hat ever thing the ways it going and ya well enough a bout me
You've Changed 56% in 10 Years You've done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you're still the same person. You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but it hasn't changed you. How Much Have You Changed in 10 Years?
If U Wont To Stay On My Frinds List
Blind Faith
Funny Stuff
Two men waiting at the Pearly Gates strike up a conversation. "How'd you die?" the first man asks the second. "I froze to death," says the second. "That's awful," says the first man. "How does it feel to freeze to death?" "It's very uncomfortable at first", says the second man. "You get the shakes, and you get pains in all your fingers and toes. But eventually, it's a very calm way to go. You get numb and you kind of drift off, as if you're sleeping. How about you, how did you die?" "I had a heart attack," says the first man. "You see, I knew my wife was cheating on me, so one day I showed up at home unexpectedly. I ran up to the bedroom, and found her alone, knitting. I ran down to the basement, but no one was hiding there, either. I ran up to the second floor, but no one was hiding there either. I ran as fast as I could to the attic, and just as I got there, I had a massive heart attack and died." The second man shakes his head. "That's so ironic," he says. "What do you mean?" a
Just a bit bored tonight was wondering If any ladies wanted to chat give me a line, hope to hear from someone, first blog am new here so want to get to know people have a great night all
An Angel To Me
The moment I opened my heart and let you in I saw this great love starting to begin. I opened my eyes to a vision of you I hope, I pray your feelings are true. I have loved and I have paid the cost And I have felt the pain of the love I lost. But, now, I think I have truly found An Angel who walks upon the ground. You go beyond all limits for me Just to show your love endlessly. I could search my whole life through And never find another 'you'. You are so special that I wanted you to know I truly, completely love you so. The lover sleeps and amid his dreams His angel comes on sunlit beams. To waken him with kisses sweet, For her love for him is oh so deep. She wakes him with her caresses light Upon his skin and smiles so bright. And in her eyes, he sees the love She feels for him neath stars above. He comes to her to gently place, Kisses upon her neck and face. To caress her body and touch her soul. For together
R.i.p Dorothy E. Ashton
At 2:13ET 1/17/07 My Grandmother passed away from a massive stroke in the ICU at Lower Bucks Hospital. She was a very strong woman who believed that family came first in any situation. Her life was an inspiration to all who knew her and her passing will be felt by many. She is now reunited with her husband Howard and the rest of her loving family in the Kingdom of Heaven. She will never be forgotten.
Luvin It!
Its been a week since i've been here, haven't been able to now to get to a computer, still not settled in, but will be soon, i've got tsome peeps i'm working with to point me in the right direction which is good, i've ben to a couple of malls and i'm feelin the woman here 4 real, theres 1 friend of mines from thats here in hi, thats from new jersey, shes cool, but i'm not feelin her like dat, haven't gotten any nums yet, i'll soon! 4 real as u can see from my pics, i miss all my peeps here, you know i have much luv for everyone, you know y'all are still wit me in sprits, i'll neva forget everyone, thanks 4 all the comments and ratings will holla again soon!
Looks Do Matter
Professor James' Theories of Social Development Looks Do Matter Looks do matter. Simple as that. Ask any person what they look for in another member of the opposite sex, and they will mention some aspects of look. Whether it is a nice body, good hair, or a good smile, looks do matter, no matter what way you spin it. Any one who says that they are interested in someone solely for personality is either 1) blatantly lying to your face, or 2) not really interested in the person. Now, it’s not to say that everyone is superficial. We all want our partner to be nice and funny and outgoing as well. But what is true is that looks govern a large part of why you would be interested in a specific person in the first place. This entry deals with the average of all teenage cases. Now, there may be instances of people getting to know each other through the phone, AIM (careful), or through letters, and never see each other in person, but for the most part, relationship are deve
Myspace Hackers
the top two hackers on myspace i know personally are the band sikfuk an a chick name joangrinder an tom himself
Puppy Pics
I have posted some new pics of my new puppy Bindi.
Have You Had A Run In With The Paranormal?
Have you had a run in with the Paranormal? If so please send your pictures and stories to me. Please include the title of you story name of the location and state and your name if you wish to be credited the same with pics and i will post the on my web site with full credit to you ! Here is my web site link Send your pics and stories to me Thanks again and i hope to hear from you soon! Olivia (Zombie Chick)
What eyes do you have? WildfireThe name says it all. you are reckless and you never let anyone get the best of you you are more of the ELEKTRA type.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
I've been working at this walmart now for almost 3 weeks. I have found a lil group of people I am good with. We can joke around and have fun and still work so this makes it all good in my lil work world. I am not as well off with the anagement team here as I was back home but that takes time. They are still thinking of using me as a CSM maybe during the afternoon shift. THat's all good too at least I'll be sleeping with Hank at the same time. I don't mean that we don't see each other but well it's hard when I'm sleeping he's working then vise versa. It works out ok though because we have 4 days off between us where we see a bit of each other lol. So far I like TN though I'm usually sleeping through most the day time stuff it's not to bad. We still have the house up for sale so somebody come and buy it ok? On a positive note we found something we like but again no buying til we sell. This will both be fun to look but irritating because we can't buy right away. Now I'm just whining b
My Parents Best Friend
So I just got home from work and found out that my mothers best friend husband/my fathers best friend died last night in his sleep. This has been a very sad week for me. Two deaths within a week apart! Why is this happening? I dont know what all happened but his 17 year old son found him this morning. He is leaving behind a wife, two daughters and a son. I dont know what else to say about this but its a sad sad day/week....
yay im going to see rise against,billy talent an anti-flag 2morrow.. then on hump day getting my tatoo done.. hehe im excited sorry lol
A Horny Mother-in-law
Rick was stretched out on the sofa, glass of wine in hand with one of the local radio stations playing in the background. His wife Anna was away for a few days on business and he was taking this opportunity for a completely relaxing evening alone, where all his cares and worries - not that he could think of any at that particular moment in time - could take a back seat. As he went to refill his glass he both heard and saw the rain beating down hard against the lounge window. On the opposite side of the room the open log fire was blazing merrily away in the hearth. Though winter had been milder than usual this year today had turned cold. With the cold had come rain. Tonight was particular filthy and Rick was just pleased he had no need to go out. He'd just refilled his glass and had just set another log in the hearth when the sound of the doorbell caused him to curse. He took a sip from his glass and waited for a few moments, in two minds whether or not to ignore whoever had ch
TraptHeadstrongMusic Videos And Lyrics On Demand
About Sitting Bull
Tatanka Iyotanka (Yotanka), a Hunkpapa Sioux leader, was born on March 31, 1834 at Many Caches on the Grand River near Bullhead, South Dakota. He was the son of Tatanka Psica, Jumping Badger (sometimes known as Jumping Bull or Sitting Bull), a Sioux war chief. In his early years, the lad was known as Hunkesni, “Slow,” but soon became more widely acclaimed for his courage and strength in battle. He was head of the Strong Hearts, a warrior society, and became an important medicine man and tribal councilor, although he was never a true “chief” of his people. Sitting Bull was implacably opposed to the White man’s continual encroachment on Indian land. Always something of a militant, in the 1860s he was active in the Plains Indian wars, and his camp became a meeting place for many tribes in the area who staunchly opposed the Whites. In 1868, following Red Cloud’s war, the United States government signed a treaty guaranteeing the Plains Indians a reservation nor
Mountain Of Pain...
As I stand atop this thundering mountain, It's my balance that I struggle to maintain, One false move and I plummit to my death, This kind of weight makes me go insane. It's a pain I deal with that I try to hide Emotions I keep locked away, Gotta stay strong or else I'll fade, And I can't let that happen on any day. Forward and backward I've started to sway, It's getting harder to stand up tall, I've got to find the soldier within, Otherwise I think I'm destined to fall. I've been up here it seems like forever, And I don't know what I should think, For now I'll just keep goin steady, And not allow my ship to sink. More and more my back begins to break, This pressure builds it weighs a ton, Still I live without complaint, I'm not gonna quit til' my job is done. Prepared I walk through this valley of death, Stubborn to the ways I've come to know, Motionless I stand atop this mountain, Staring at the life that lies below.
My Disney Alter-ego
You scored as Goofy. Your alter ego is Goofy! You are fun and great to be around, and you are always willing to help others. You arn't worried about embarrassing yourself, so you are one who is more willing to try new things. Goofy63%Peter Pan63%Sleeping Beauty50%The Beast50%Pinocchio50%Snow White25%Donald Duck25%Cruella De Ville19%Cinderella13%Ariel6%Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?created with
Did You Know?
Did you know.. that 47 countries' have reestablished their embassies in Iraq? that the Iraqi government currently employs 1.2 million Iraqi people? that 3100 schools have been renovated, 364 schools are under rehabilitation, 263 new schools are now under construction and 38 new schools have been completed in Iraq? that Iraq's higher educational structure consists of 20 Universities, 46 Institutes or colleges and 4 research centers, all currently operating? that 25 Iraq students departed for the United States in January 2005 for the re-established Fulbright program? that the Iraqi Navy is operational? They have 5 100-foot patrol craft, 34 smaller vessels and a naval infantry regiment. that Iraq's Air Force consists of three operational squadrons, which includes 9 reconnaissance and 3 US C-130 transport aircraft (under Iraqi operational control)which operate day and night, and will soon add 16 UH-1 helicopters and 4 Bell Jet Rangers? that Iraq has a co
A Good Idea!
Someone has said if Christians really understood the full extent of the power we have available through prayer, we might be speechless. Did you know that during W.W.II there was an advisor to Churchill who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every day at a prescribed hour for one minute to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. There is now a group of people organizing the same thing here in America . If you would like to participate: Every evening at 9:00 pm Eastern Time /8:00 PM Central /6:00 PM Pacific, stop whatever you are doing and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, and for a return to a Godly nation. If you know anyone else who would like to participate, please pass this along. Our prayers are the most powerful asset we have.
Darkness Statue
I ordered one of these yesterday. Now beware. ;)
Shut Up!
WTF! Don't put "fan me before you add me" in your screen name you stupid cXXX! someone will fan you if the want to! Don't ask people to do this just so they can have the "honor" of being on your friends list you stupid tXXXX! another thing is don't sit their and post pic after pic of your fXXXX tit's! only the hardcore pervs are about that! if you have a nice pair, sure show them off but when it becomes 99% of your pix, well than your just a CT slut. If you wanna have naked pix, go for it! That's different. CT is a wonderful place to get feed back and friends I love it! 2 more things....... Girls, just cuz your BF cyber or otherwise say's some other girl is hot, it does NOT mean he is gonna run over to her house and fuck her. get a fXXXX clue you shallow bitch! Guys, STOP, STOP, STOP have some mother fXXXX respect! don't ask her if she has a webcam, stop asking to see the "special" folder. avoid saying "I'd fuk that" ofcourse you would fXXX that you shiftless, lazy, d
Anatomy Of A Social Revolution
My meandering thoughts will not allow me to rest, no sleep for the wicked they say...and certainly no sleep for me. These days of mine just keep passing, I wake, shower, dress, make my lunch, and go to my business management class. I fill my brain with knowledge and I leave. I go and eat supper. I go hangout with friends and smoke pot. This is my life, day in, day out. Being an Insomniac is an interesting thing. You're not awake, You're not asleep, your not really you, yet you's hard to explain unless you yourself are expierencing it. I catch myself staring off into space alot, just listening to whats being said instead of watching it be said. I find that I pick up much more about a person this way. Next time you find yourself alone at night, walk around your house/appt/condo/whateverthefuckyouhave. Turn all the lights off, the T.V. off the Computer off....leave the fridge plugged in, you'll need it later. Now once your place is dark stand in a room, any room you w
who likes sex i know i do, who would like to get it all the time if you could. i would. who picky. i am. this blog makes no sence at all.
* Kundalini * Antakarana *
********************************************************************************************* Kundalini ********************************************************************************************* (Kundalini energy and Kundalini Spirals) (See: Antakarana - Universal Kundalini) The life-force currents corresponding to the first 9 dimensions and first 3 Hova Bodies, Matter Densities and Shields are referred to as the Kundalini Energies. (Also known as the Universal Kundalini or Antakarana) The 3 embodied Kundalini Currents are the TELLURIC, DORADIC and TEURIC CURRENTS. Each Kundalini Currents is a Triadic Current - a set of 3 dimensional currents that function together and are separated by Magnetic Repulsion Zones Each of the 3 Kundalini Currents is spiraled within the regions of the first 8 CELLS of human conception, located at the TAILBONE at the base of the spine. (The incarnating consciousness anchors its identity and Christos Manifestation Template with
Chicago was great...I met alot fo really cool people ...chilled with Kane Hodder for a minute and Ari Leehman took time to tell me about his band and new flix...Christie Hemme KEPT coming over to talk to me (well kept running into one another and we both had a table at the convention) I have really good news but I want to wait until THEY announce it before I do...but I assure you..its taking me to the next level..I'm so happy
hello every new and old friends that has come if you wanna get to not me the guy that luvsladiesfeet come talk to me im openminded and will talk about anything possible i do have a heart and a mind and i do think with them so look im on come hit me in my shout box comment or a private message i return all and i will talk so hit me up
What Does Your Birthdate Mean For Your Love Life Quiz
Your Birthdate: February 20 You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move. It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone. Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache. Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4 Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 4 You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month. What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?
Please come and help my wife win in this contest. We have been going at for about an hour and with just the 2 of us we cant catch up. First one to 10000 wins. She is about 200 behind now. Thanks Lyle
All I Can Do
All I Can Do. it takes all I have to do what I do and all I can do is be me and no matter what I do, people will only see what they want to see bad things I have done and bad choices I have made but on every mistake or wrong doing, the price in full I have paid I don't ask for anyone to forget, just for some kind of a break just something to happen so a better life I can make not asking for an easy trip, not wanting a free ride something I can work hard at in which I can build inner pride life is a long, hard trip, a trip we all have to take with many paths and choices we have to make yet no matter what path I may choose to take or what I choose to be there is something that must be remembered, all I can do is be me
A Few Thoughts
I just freakin want someone to hang out with. A guy who I can talk to and trust. Not have to worry about is he after this girl or that girl. Someone who would be understanding that it might take a little for me to be able to completely trust him because I have been burned bad. My first used to beat the crap outta me and Michael cheated on me and put me thru hell. I am not saying I want someone to spend the rest of my life with. If that were to happen that would be great but I just want someone I can talk to and when I find out some exciting news I can call him and be like guess what! I want someone I can confide in. I want someone who wants me to be there, some one who wants to talk to me. I want someone who will text or call me first thing in the morning just to say good morning. Or text or call at night just to say good night. I want someone who will answer me whenever I text him or call him. Not just ignore me like I don't exist. Do I not deserve that? I hate that I am a coward.
So Miss U!
Do you think about me? Do you wish me in your arms? Do you stand outside and look at the stars? Do you stand there and wish I was there? Do you wish me in your hands? Do you know that I cry for you every night? Do you know I watch the stars and think of you? Do you know that I feel as I have lost my place with out you? Do you know that my need for you grows everyday? Do you know that without you I am complete darkness? Do you know that you are my light? Do you believe in me? Do you still care? Do you see a yellow & red rose and smile? Do you think of us? Do you think of me? Do you know that my inner light dims without you? Do you know that my heart aches to be near you? Do you know that I dream of you? Do you know that without you I am broken inside? Do you know...that without you...Nobodys Home? Music Video:NOBODY'S HOME (by Avril Lavigne)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Hot Stuff
Hello My Awesome Friends! I am in an "ULTIMATE BBW CONTEST" It just started tonight and will go on until next Tuesday Night! Show everyone how much you Love Sassy Pants. You can only rate once, but the most comments win. Whoever shows the most love for me will get something real special....kisses and dont forget to vote every day....THANK YOU!!! Click on the pic to go vote!
Walking Away
I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life I'm walking away, oh to find a better day Sometimes people get me wrong, when it's something I've said or done Sometimes you feel there is no fun, that's why you turn and run But now I truly realise, some people don't wanna compromise Well, I saw them with my own eyes spreading those lies, and Well I don't wanna live my life, too many sleepless nights Not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say lady I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life I'm walking away, oh to find a better day Well, I'm so tired baby Things you say, you're driving me away Whispers in the powder room baby, don't listen to the games they play Girl I thought you'd realise, I'm not like them other guys Cos I saw them with my own eyes, you should've been more wise and Well I don't wanna live my life, too many sleepless nights Not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life I'm walking away, oh to fin
Spring Fever
Happy spring everyone! With the warm weather coming I will be online less & less & out bicycling! So far I already logged 100 miles for the season in just 4 rides. Next week I start a new job too. So if ya leave a message & I don't answer right away you might have to chase me down on your bike! lol Ya all be good & GET OUT THERE & RIDE!!!
I Feel You
this life is getting harder, things sure shot to hell, everyday without you, just one more day, in my prison cell, your the light I follow, on this dark and lonely road, always so cold and hollow, I can't see the path ahead, but I damn sure feel the pain, of not having you here with me, not having you to hold, but your here safe inside of me, you always hear more then the words, I type upon the screen you always see my soul, I can feel the love we share, I can feel you in my arms at night, when I'm with you in my dreams you are forever apart of me, I Feel You.... I Feel YouBy 3 Doors
My Phone
My phone has died yet again! If you have my phone number, call me and leave a message with your number because I have lost everyones numbers yet again!
So I was just thinkin' while I was takin' a crap, and thought about all those nasty fux who get into "child pornography". So I thought of a solution, so they wouldn't have to go to that jail 4real. All they'd really have to do is get a hold of a really young lookin' midget and dress em all up like a kid and plug the fuck away! I mean it's just that simple. Substancially this method is way more logical and economic than the hey lets fuck ole' 10 year old billy in the asshole and get raped behind bars by Tyrone.
You've Been Fucked!
YOU'VE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! Keep reading and you will find out that this is not some gay thing. RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever! Send this to 10 people & 1 back to
Help Please
lease bomb this pic. ty
I Love Th Ocean
You scored as Mermaid. Mermaid: Mermaids are also known as Sirens. These creatures were beautiful women who tricked sailors into becoming completely entranced by their haunting voices and found death soon after. Not all stories of Mermaids are about gentle loving sea people. They are mystical, magical, and extremely dangerous. They have a way about them that brings anyone they are around to seem enchanted. They are very mysterious creatures and to meet one... Would mean certain Death. Let the song of the Sea fill your soul, for you are a Mermaid.Mermaid83%Angel67%Faerie67%Dragon42%WereWolf42%Demon0%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
The anticipation is over. She really left. She took the kids, she took the phone. Here I sit as I have all day surrounded by photos of our past with no positive thoughts of the future. Was our life a lie? The smiles and happiness I see are they fake? How I miss you. How I want you here. Man I am pathetic. When did I get this way? Will it ever go away. Can either of us really move on without running into failure. Can we enter a relationship and really believe it will work. Did we not think we would work? We would last forever? I did. I thought we would be old one day. You and I. I dont want to be bitter. I dont want to be mad. I hurt so bad it is hard not to be. I thought you might atleast let me know somehow you made it safe. I hope you did. I just need to vent and let it out. THis whirlwind of emotion that I am swimming in. If your reading this and thinking poorly of me cut me some slack. Today I lost what to me is everything. Over eight years of life pissed
What 7....
Seven Deadly Sins Survey Wrath Who did you last get angry with? mom What is your weapon of choice? my brain Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? depends How about the same sex? depends Who was the last person who got really angry at you? mom What is your pet peeve? ask me later Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily? not to offten but sumtimes i do Sloth What is one thing you're suppose to do daily that you haven't? hmmmm clean house i guess What is the latest you've ever woken up? well ic slept all weekend once or twice when i was younger and worked all week on third shift Name a person you've been meaning to contact, but haven't? hmm no one What is the last lame excuse that you made? i dont want to lol Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through? no How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock this morning? none Gluttony What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of c
Continued Rip Kurt Cobain
Thirteen years ago today Kurt Cobain died. I know I post a lot of bulletins and whatnot about when celebrities die and stuff, but i feel this one is different. Nirvana was the first band that i truely liked, for more than just the fact that their music sounded good. Its a Cliché but their music meant something to me. I was only 12 when it all ended, but it was also helping through a lot of times when i was alone and really not happy, it did for years after, and it still does today. I have certain songs that mean a lot to me, but no other band has meant as much to me as Nirvana did and still does. So this is just my way of honoring them and their amazing frontman.
Due To Overwhelming Negative Publicity Generated By The Car Of Tommow, Nascar Has Unveiled The Car Of Yesterday
LONG READ, BUT WORTH IT! CHARLOTTE, NC—Only days after its long-anticipated, much-criticized Car of Tomorrow debuted to overwhelmingly negative reviews at the Bristol Motor Speedway, NASCAR responded to the wishes of competitors and fans alike by introducing the stylishly retro, technologically retrograde NEXTEL Cup Car of Yesterday. "This is exactly what everyone from race teams to race fans wanted all along—a real American racecar," said Robby Gordon, standing in front of the Jim Beam '77 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme he will drive for the rest of the season. "To hell with things like spoilers, adjustable suspensions, disc brakes, shoulder belts, all that junk. People want to see us racing the cars they drive every day, and anyone who's seen the parking lot at a NASCAR race will tell you that's what the Car of Yesterday gives them." Based on tried-and-true NASCAR designs from what many consider the golden age of stock-car racing, the Car Of Yesterday is based on the racin
My Babe Space
Hey All!!! I entered my self into next month My Babe Space!!! Please click on this link and vote for me!!!! This is me, Lisa!Click here to view my MyBabeSpace profileand be sure to give me 5 stars ;)
Guest Dj.........
A sample of my work when a DJ Friend of mine wanted to see if I still had it...he put me on the spot by announcing a "Guest DJ in the house"....
Whos That Man
Music Video:WHO'S THAT MAN (by Toby Keith)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
The Soldiers Creed!
I am an American Soldier I am a Warrior and a member of a team. I server the people of the United States and live the Army Values. I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade. I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself. I am an expert and I am a professional. I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life. I am an American Soldier.
Touch Me Now
Crimson doors Set against a black lit night. Darkness comes calling, Shutting out the light. Pain is his pleasure, A heart thats cold as steel, No longer caring, No longer able to feel. His walls growing taller, Unwilling to let anyone in. Not willing to trust, Refusing to be hurt again. Haunting shadows Darken his fractured soul, Demons taking over, As the pain takes its toll. Death is the only way out, Out of this miserable plight. So come now beautiful death, Touch me now, and take me to the light. (c.)(4/2007) by KCZ
If each of you could stop by and leave a few comments for me on this pic, and rate it.. I sure would appreciate it! It is ending Friday and I need a little help from my friends to win. I will return the favor if you ever need me to.
My Sons Poems
War Bombs explode And people die Screams fill The Smokey skies Bullets whizzing Past your head Sometimes you wish You were dead Suicide bombers Run the street And the earth trembles Beneath your feet As the bullet Pierces your skin You suddenly wish All this will end
Sick Of It
hey to all friends on here...its been awhile since my last blog...i just wanted to ask if anyone gets tired of modifying themselves to please tired of going out of my way to act differently around other people I AM WHO I AM I love DODGE and am a big dodge fan I love guns I am tired of being a push over so i will start to push back not cuz i hate you, but for my own ego I love big trucks I also and set in my own ways...arn't we all I love my friends and if you cross them you cross me I also love my family you cross them and you will have problems I really am not that hard to get along with but you always get those people that try to push your limits but its only those times when you truley find out what you are capable of Well thanx to whoever takes the time to read this...and thanx to all my friends on here and hopefully this will spark a fire inside each of you who feels this way...till next time!! much love, American Badass
Wetback Mountain!
YOU'VE BEEN FUCKED BADLY!!! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! Keep reading and you will find out that this is not some gay thing. RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever! Send this t
do any of you know how you get tumors? cause i would really like to know!!!!
Love Hurts
I guess I thought you'd be here forever Another illusion I chose to create Don't know what you've got until its gone And I found out a little too late. The tears they fall The sleep wont come My eyes are red My heart is sore and My strengths undone I tried so hard to keep control and make you proud......
Wow where do I begin? Ladies, I love ya but you gotta slow down on this idea that your naked pictures are a good idea. This isn’t spring break where no-one you know is going to see it. Isn’t it possible that more than just random people are looking at you. How would daddy feel. Grandma isn’t proud. I love woman and I’m thankful everyday for you beautiful people. Try showing that you’re beautiful between the ears too. Sure your thoughts may not get rated as much as your boobs but at least you’ll have your dignity. Sure I may sound like a churchy, conservative piece of shit but, I don’t believe in one godlike person, I hate that idea actually. I’m all about self expression but that’s not what that is. You’re just showing a bunch of men, more pig like than you realize, what they, in all their selfishness, think they deserve. Who are they? They’re people who spend most of their time tying you into knots one minute and saying those 3 little words the next. Then you forgive them and Yo
Have A Safe Weekend...
Wishing you all a safe weekend....I am not doing much except probably going to go see my parents on Sun or Mon. Wish the price of gas would come down some,would make it cheaper to go visiting,I had some offers to go camping this weekend,but my friend is 2 hrs away just couldnt afford to go. Take Care Hugsssssss Julie
Stuff I Like
There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. The Magic Of Love Love is like magic And it always will be. For love still remains Life's sweet mystery!! Love works in ways That are wondrous and strange And there's nothing in life That love cannot change!! Love can transform The most commonplace Into beauty and splendor And sweetness and grace. Love is unselfish, Understanding and kind, For it sees with its heart And not with its mind!! Love is the answer That everyone seeks... Love is the language, That every heart speaks. Love can't be bought, It is priceless and free, Love, like pure magic, Is life's sweet mystery!! When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out. Love is not blind - It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less Love is a moment that lasts forever.. Love reminds you that nothing else matters. Love is a decision not an emotion or feeling, that if made f
How Well Do You Know Me???
Well... I guess you'll just have to take the quiz to find out! Here it is: Create your own Friend Quiz here BROUGHT TO YOU BY Katelynn ♥ Echis' Shiny Thing & RL Fiancee ♥@ CherryTAP
testament this old life's been good to me though at times it's hard to see but over all i can't complain i've felt love and i've felt pain i've seen more than most will see felt the dry hot desert breeze watched my little baby's birth felt the heaving of the earth been amazed at the volcano's breath and crippled by a loved one's death touched the sky in passion's throes amazed by the feelings as they grow had family stand fast by my side when others turned their head's aside spent times alone with no one near reflecting on friends that i held dear laid in my bed tired and content and other times just lay there bent spent times hurt and by myself been lifted up with someone's help i've seen the best and worst in man tried hard to do the best i can i've failed at things so miserably had the sweet taste of victory all these things and so much more are there behind my open door so when comes that decided day when my life will slip away don't waste tears becau
Daily Horoscope
Daily Horoscope: Sagittarius For June 6,2007 You know what you know, but then all of these people suddenly want proof of how you know it. Who says you have to give it to them? If this system works for you, then go with it. That's all the proof you require.
Subject Please read and repost!! Body: Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word "God" is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW? School prayer. I liked it. Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues
Inspirational Math!
From a Mathematical Viewpoint: What Equals 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been in situations where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 101%? What equals 100% in life? Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions: If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Is represented as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 9 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Then: H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% and K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% but, A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100% AND, look how far the Love of God will take you L-O-V-E-O-F-G-O-D 12+15+22+5+15+6+7+15+4 = 101% Therefore, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that: While Hard Work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there, it's the Love of God that will put you over the
My First Contest
This is my first contest. Its a 3 day Blast give away. I need 6,000 comments. If anybody would like to help would be wonderful. Thank you
Its A Boy
my sister just had her baby. it's a boy at 3am this mornin. just over 7lbs . Get More at
Men Have Feelings Too!!!!!!
Men Have Feelings Too! Someone once said that women are the ones with feelings. Men are the thinkers and fixers. Men have feelings too, however they often refuse to acknowledge them, much less talk about them; seldom to their spouse or significant other and especially not to other men. Most think it is a sign of weakness. Not so! It is a sign of strength and of courage. Men who get in touch with their feelings can reinvent themselves. It opens up numerous possibilities. Often men get caught up in the business of the day and when they arrive home, they express their feelings in unintentionally destructive ways by literally "dumping" on their significant other. This doesn't work. The relationship can only go downhill from there. For the most part, men have not been brought up to express their feelings at all, much less in a constructive way. Generally speaking, you can trace this behavior back several generations. Remember the song, "Big Boys Don't Cry?" It shou
Do you know who you are......because I do Someone who has integrity, intelligence and mature.......troubles and pains you have endured but yet the life and light inside you shows through........ Do you know who you are.......because I do. Compassion, acceptance, sensitive to those who are true, opinionated, respected, with love inside you valued and appreciated for all that you near perfect as the brightest shining star. Do you know who you are......can you see? If not then just ask me........a friend, your friend the best I can be, I know you as I know me both of us sharing a bond deep and true Do you know who you are? Because I do!
Any Thoughts On That One, Anyone?
I figure if people can get married on here and become a bartender in a bar that doesn't really exist, then I guess i can ask if anyone uses vegeables for sex? On CT of course
How To Do Some Things Here On Cherrytap.
below is something I saw in a bulletin once and full credit stolen from "bbG~Prince Jesse's Lover~" for maken this, Im postin for everyone too see who is not aware on how to do this. £ô©o™- Ťĥē Mòŕpĥ MÄŝŤêŕ@ fubar Ty for taken time to read this and hope it helps you, Loco The Morph Master If your still needin help check out :) First... Someone asked me... How do you rate a page... You go to the person's profile Look to the right side of the page, under the Blast box, and you see this: You then click either the 10 or 11 :D Now, someone else asked me, how do you become a fan... Look to the left side of the page, under the Alerts box (My Bar Tab), and you see this: Click the one that suits what you want to do :) This is a Blast box... This is an Alert box (My Bar Tab): Any questions? Just ask Loco
Deejay's In Vegas
Click here for more Deejay Ohh video blogs
Defense And Fun
Pellet guns-Cross bows-Airsoft guns-Pepper spray-Tasers-Hand cuffs-Knunchucks-Knifs-Night veson security cameras-Blow guns-Lock picks and tools-Tactical gear-Sword canes, and more at LOW LOW priceis . Hi if you see anything on my Self Defense item pic's that you want to order just e-mail me at Thank You
Dear Alcohol.... First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a > huge fan of yours. > > As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The > perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around > at the holidays (hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're > stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings). > > However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While > I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that > your influence has led to some unwise consequences: > > 1. Phone Calls and text messages: While I agree with you that > communication is important, I question the suggestion that any > conversation after 2 a.m. can have much substance or necessity. Why > would you make me call my ex's? Especially when I know, for a fact, they > DO NOT want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the > night. > > 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal. But, why do you > suggest tha
You see how drunk people act.. You wonder do I act like that... So you down two more shots.. As the thoughts rush out of your head... You cant help but strip down nakied and run around Yealling "NOW I'M FREE" "NOW I AM FREE"
Empty Promises
I can't stand it when someone makes a promise to me that they have no intentions of keeping. For example, several months ago, someone promised me that they were going to visit family, and she would be back in 2 days. This happened in the middle of November, and here we are almost mid July. And this person still has not returned. No, in fact, she even promised me, back in February, that April 15th. she would be back. But still no sign of her.... This person promised never to leave me, but thats exactly what she did. She left me here, alone. And ran away from everything that was bothering her here... Even now, she still tells me that she loves me, and wants to be with me. But, if thats true, then why is it that I am always ignored for other supposed guy-friends? I'm sorry to hear that she lost one of her friends recently, to a car crash. But at the same time, I'm glad. Because it's one less person I don't have to worry about being ignored for... Call me a selfish asshole... Call m
Going Back To Lala Land
I am going back to Los Angeles this weekend. I need to get over this flu that I caught. I need the rest and relaxation at home with my kitties. I need to start planning out my birthday blast party. My friend Pierce recommended Yamashiro Resteraunt. Yamashiro sits atop of the Hollywood Hills its a majestic Japanese Palace. I went to see it last week and loved it. Check out the tour
sometimes i just dont understand people they tell u one thing then do another whatever i suppose
Yo Mama Jokes
Yo mama's arms are so short, she has to tilt her head to scratch her ear. Yo mama's afro is so big, when the bitch got in my car everyone thought I had tinted windows. Yo mama is so dyslexic, when I told her to go get the Head and Shoulders, she jumped on my shoulders and gave me head. Yo mama's ankles are so ashy, it looks like she's wearing socks. Yo mama's breath is so stank, we don't know whether she needs gum or toilet paper. Yo mama's breath is so stank, you can smell it over the phone. Yo mama's breath is so stank, when she yawns her teeth duck. Yo mama's breath is so stank, she eats odor eaters. Yo mama's family is so ugly, people come to your house to see a freak show. Yo mama's family is so ugly, her photo album has warning labels on it. Yo mama's family is so ugly, when they sit down for dinner it looks like the bar room scene from Star Wars. Yo mama's butt is so bony, she put her drawers on and cut them in two. Yo mama's butt is so big, i
Fawkin N00bs!
WiCkIdDoGg-Juggalo 4 Lyfe
Stop Animal Testing!!
Stop Animal Testing!!
Today Would Have Been His Birthday
MySpace Icons happy birthday daddy we miss you R.I.P.
About Me....
Am 34 and that pic is really me.. I the type of guy that loves to be very down to earth. I have lots of respect toward to any human being... I hard of hearing just so you'll know.. I'm sweet have great personilties. I love to do anything fun likes to laugh have a great time.. am very open minded. Am Single in case you were wondering. I'm very picky when it come to lookin for love sorry to say that but it the truth.. I have been thru alot.. and non were very pleasant. I'm very good at keeping promises i dont break it. I do enjoy working all the time.I love dogs. I have one right now and she my sweetie... I love movies clubs and bars however i dont drink or smoke. I just like to live my life the way it should be. I'm lookin for a gurl to live my life with. I always seek happyiness dont waste ur time if u gonna be sitting on the couch hitting them blunt or pile of junks move on please thank you.. I seeks gurl that can take care of herself someone that have open mind of anything no mat
I have one the greatest friends on fubar or any other site for that matter her name is kaz^angel^ and she is the best I want everyone to know how sweet she is
50 Confessions
My 50 Confessions 1. The phone rings, who do you want it to be? Mom or Danny. 2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Yes. I hate having to push the cart with my car. 3. If you had to kiss the last person you kissed, would you? Wait who was it?? KIDDING! Of course. 4. Do you take compliments well? Rarely. Still not used to them, and been used too many times, so I always think it's a ploy 5. Do you play Sudoku? Never have 6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness would you survive? Most likely. 7. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you would save? My poor kitten, and my art work/supplies 8. Who was the last person you slept in the bed with? Danny. 9. Who do you text the most? My Mom or Danny, kinda a tie. 10. Favorite children's book? Stellaluna. 11. Eye color? Honey brown. 12. How tall are you? 5'6 ish 13. If you could do it over again, start from scratch, would you? Nope, because than I wouldn't
Password For Friend Rquest To Polo
Hello You found the password! Wasn't to hard now was it. Just click on the password and then write it in. Then A bit about yourself. Hell that is what the spot is for use We will talk also. Blue Dog
Bouncer Id Check
Bouncer ID check, please type the characters you see in the image. What the hell is this everyday it is something new since it changed from cherrytap.
Law of Mechanical Repair: After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch or you‘ll have to pee. Law of the Workshop: Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner. Law of Probability: The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act. Law of the Telephone: If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal. Law of the Alibi: If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the very next morning you will have a flat tire. Variation Law: If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will start to move faster than the one you are in now. Law of the Bath: When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings. Law of Close Encounters: The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don‘t want to be seen with. Law of the Result: When you try to prove to someone that a machine won‘t work, it will. La
Real Man
Sometimes I wonder about, all the things I have done to make my lifef complete and whole. But to my surprise I have yet to become the man I want to be, the man I wish to be, the man I desire to be. Most imprtantly the man I know I can be. For it is within our "Temperence" that we must learn to subdue our beastly ways. Make our life more meaningful and treat our ladies with dignity and respect and to make her days more meaningful more appreciated more loved. For our hand is the strength and comfort. And her love for us as pure as a white Dove. Let your emotion and mind run free to express the man you strive to be. See a man takes charge, informs and lays down the laws to his castle, but a real man also knows how and when to say things to avoid the hassle. Because we know there is a limit to what a woman can stand. When we get this formula right we can become a real man. Who can stop a fight with a kiss to ease her fears, not to show rage by violence or, or to her feminini
My Children
Angel tears caress my cheeks The wings of the heavens Keep me safe from harm Childrens' whispers ease the pain That my soul still feels today Another day passesby But still the tears sting my eyes As time goes by The pain's still near To know my children's laughs I'll never get to hear Another day another hour Of four children without thier mother But here I sit alone again Dealing with the fact That I'll always miss them They hold my heart They always have A mother's love Is not easily dispanded.
The Life We Are In
In a world so full of hate GOD I pray it's not all our fate The lives we live, so full of sin Never giving ourselves a chance to win We convince ourselves that this is love Pretend to believe in sometring upabove Our faith we never really give Cause who in trhis world really wants to live In a place consumed with grief How can anyone get any relief Tears they come more than smiles And laughter lasts only for awhile Sinners choose to live as they please Never give love only spread disease This place we are in is shed with blood We tell ourselves if we could We'd take our chances with hell Try to convince ourselves that it's just as well No one here lives for free It's in our souls that we must believe!!
Technosaurus By Kevin Wasden And Darwin A Garrison
Now I really like Kevin Wasdens comic Technosaurus, its in for the top 100 comics so I voted hope you will to its excellent work, here is the link to the rest of the comic, please go vote for them they are in the top 100 comics  
N.s.f.w. Some Basic Rules And Guidlines!!!
N.S.F.W RULES & GUIDELINES!!!!!!! N.S.F.W. what does this mean? It means Not Safe For Work...its as simple as that! We all need to use some common sense when uploading photos on Fubar! YES!!! This is an adult site! NO!!! This is NOT A PORN OR ARMATURE PORN SITE. Some adults on FUBAR are here just for meeting people and making friends. I know this means nothing to most people. As adults we all know what the male body looks like as well as what a female body looks like. Please take a moment and and click the N.S.F.W when uploading photos. If you go to a photo on someones profile and your very first thought is OH MY!! Then 9 times out of 10 its N.S.F.W. photo. We do not always catch everything right away so as a community we would appreciate your support in keeping Fubar a clean and safe place to meet People. please take the time to read the guide lines on this it is in the Fubar bible.(CLICK HERE) Need to Know how to Mark a photo N.S.F.W. (CLICK HERE) Uploa
"You don't get to choose who you love, just how you love them."
Work Work Work
this week saw the start of the financial year for the comapny that i work for, and i was runner up for employee of the month... which was nice ive been the runner up before in march and won employee of the month last december, but when they came to hand out emplyee of the year i was third, THIRD, what do you have to do to win ?!?!? rant over have a great weekend!!
Answer These Questions And Email Them To Me...then Post On Your Own Blog...:)
Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16 .How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Contest Has Begun!
Packing Day #1
ok, i started packing today... i got this in: tshirts, shirts, pijamas, undies, jeans, shorts: most of this is summer/winter clothes pullovers and sweaters too. tomorrow i need to look for other things i need to look what books i'm going to take with me, make up, parfum, body creams, the jackets, the suits, shoes! omg :( i don't have place for everything! the only good thing is, that my dad is comming with me for a couple weeks and i can put in his bag some of my stuff hehehehehe (stupid air france only let me carry 20kg with me) an extra bag for my stuff i'll take in the airplane with me, and the bag of the laptop... anyways, it's raining and tomorrow i have to do other things, i need to go back to capital mmm it's tiring lol i just hope i don't forget the basics, last trip i did, i packed everything but i forgot about the pijamas lol *hugs*
Almost There
woo hoo rate my im almost there come check me out....
My Friends
Shall We Dance?
The suns setting now I see As I gaze out of the window Soft music, our song Plays in the background You have that soft smile On your lips again As you grab me softly And we Begin to dance My arms rest lightly around your neck Your fingertips holding my hips You guide me me gently We spin so slowly Time stands still As the song still plays You hold your smile Half listening To the all too familiar lyrics Knowing it compares So perfectly to us Quietly the song ends But your hold does not Yet I will await the next time Your eyes ask "Shall we dance?"
One Is The Lonliest
How can I feel so alone when I have someone that makes my heart pound and rush whenever I look at them or think of them. I am feeling self pity right now not knowing where I am going to stay when I go back to the states. I feel so confused and so alone. Maybe one day I will have a place to call 'home' again. Right now I feel like a ping pong ball that keeps getting bounced off the table. Next week I am getting a new tattoo with the word strength written in Japanese Kanji on my back. Perhaps if I believe in something strong enough it will give me strength.
Crappy B-day Due To Ex-wife
I got to have the kids spend the night with me last night and wake up to them singing happy b-day to me. That was totally awesome. After taking the girls to school, the EX called bitching about how I'm not a daddy to the girls. She kept threatening how she was going to do this and that, take me back to court and all of her other childish games. What it all boilded down to was that I had plans to go out for my b-day and wasn't going to keep the kids whenever it's convenient for her like she WANTS. That really got my blood pressure up so high that I was having a headache. I just had to get this off my chest. Maybe it will make me feel somewhat better.
I Never Really Knew
I never knew how Beautiful, an evening sky could be. Until I saw a thousand stars shine just for You and Me! I never knew a Robin's song, could be a song of Love. Until I heard one sing for us, In the clear Blue sky above! I never felt the joy of Spring in cool and balmy weather, Until I knew we could watch the Seasons change Together! I never felt the Magic of the World in which we live, never knew what it could mean to have a Heart to give! I never knew a smile could say so much, I never knew the comfort of a word, a kiss or a gentle touch! Just how many Joys I missed, I never really knew, until we met and fell in Love and I shared them all with You!
Tv Series
SERIES Six married men will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids each for six weeks. Each kid will play two sports and either take music or dance classes. There is no fast food . Each man must take care of his 3 kids; keep his assigned house clean, correct all homework, complete science projects, cook, do laundry, and pay a list of "pretend" bills with not enough money. In addition, each man will have to budget in money for groceries each week. Each man must remember the birthdays of all their friends and relatives, and send cards out on time. Each man must also take each child to a doctor's appointment, a dentist appointment and a haircut appointment. He must make one unscheduled and inconvenient visit per child to the Urgent Care (weekend, evening, on a holiday or right when they're about to leave for vacation). He must also make cookies or cupcakes for a social function. Each man will be responsible for decorating his own assigned house, pl
A Dog Named Sex
A Dog Named Sex Everybody I know who has a dog usually calls him “Rover” or “Spot”. I call mine Sex. Now, Sex has been very embarrassing to me. When I went to the City Hall to renew the dog’s license, I told the clerk that I would like a license for Sex. He said, “I would like to have one too!” Then I said, “But she is a dog!” He said he didn’t care what she looked like. I said, “You don’t understand. … I have had Sex since I was nine years old.” He replied, “You must have been quite a strong boy.” When I decided to get married, I told the minister that I would like to have Sex at the wedding. He told me to wait until after the wedding was over. I said, “But Sex has played a big part in my life and my whole world revolves around Sex.” He said he didn’t want to hear about my personal life and would not marry us in his church. I told him everyone would enjoy having Sex at the wedding. The next day we were married at the Justice of the Peace. My family is barred from the church from t
I find it odd that we tell our children not to take candy from strangers but once a year we dress them up and send them to multiple strangers homes to do exactly that.
You Like Big?
Fubombers Blast
Since our other family contest was changed from a 30 day blast to 3 months of VIP for the page, Stephanie Lynn is letting us go for our original prize. This is very sweet of her. Please stop by her page and show her some love. The FU-Bombers need 25,000 comments to receive a 30 day blast for the family page. Please drop as many comments as you can so we can get this prize. Thanks, Tiggerbear2007
Heated excitement, melting into each others arms, each other bodies. Breathing heavily, moaning, groaning intensely. Fireworks exploding, again and again. We were both in heaven, in bliss. Moving, writhing against one another. I, straddling him. He, lying over me, position after position. Over and over, nonstop heat, ongoing desire, never-ending pleasure, joy, happiness. Tangled in the bed sheets, tangled in each other limbs, tongues intertwined, tasting, licking, eager, determined. Releasing the tension, the urges, the untamed desire. Releasing the pleasure, I and him. More fireworks, more explosions, more heat, more I, More him, more and more,, and more. Enthusiasm. Anticipation. Stimulation. Exhilaration. And finally, it was over.
We Want You
you to can become a member of the Z.E.R.O. program 1 you must be uninfected 2 you must allow a picture to be used for a membership badge 3 you must not mind having fiction stories writen about you 4 you mus have a scence of humor 5 you must want to stop the undead and not become one ( kinda of a duh there ) 6 you must realise this is all in fun and do not start drama 7 you must be able to give me some imput about the charecter i help creat for you these are all the rulles its simple if you want to become a Z.E.R.O.
First Of The Year
Ok new years is just around the corner and i decided what im doin. Alot of the negativity that has surrounded me has made me think of a great idea. I will go to a remote rain forest and start a missonary with pygmies and smoke rare poisonous plants and see visions.
Sick Of The Shit...
i used to help people in contests and leveling up all the time... havent dun it in awhile and today i did... also posted a bulletin for him, saying that he would give everyone that vote/rated 2000 fuBucks... if u voted/rated, and have not received ur fuBucks yet, i am sorry! i have no damn control over that! maybe he isnt online at the moment. i just know that i wuz tryin to help sum1 and now im gettin shit for sumthin that i have no control over. if u want ur damn fuBucks, i will fuckin give them to u, if its that big a deal... he told me to tell my friends and he would give every1 fuBucks for helping... unless ur bidding on tomorrows spotlight and ur life depends on 2000 fuBucks, get over it! im sure u will get them soon enuff, for fucks sake!
Agent Ghost
It comes to no surprise how agent ghost got her name and why she’s perfect for recon. We picked her up not long after the outbreak had begun. We found her or should I say she found us. We were coming up on an old facility of the company that created the virus. We were searching for sign of what they had been doing and I wont lie she came at me out of know where. Damn near put me on my ass. She was ex military trying to find out secrets of what had happened to some of her fellow officers. She found what we had already come to discover which is that their bodies were being used in the name of science. Science my ass they were just trying to make a better soldier, or that’s how we saw it. Recycling is what they called it. I called it playing god. Agent Ghost took no hesitation in joining us. That is after she took the knife away from my throat. So I could tell her what we were doing here. Soon after she became very valuable to us she could move like no other. Get in and out of places fo
Status Update
Well, a few of my friends here know what is going on.. some don't. I'm going through a seperation with my husband. Right now, we still reside at the same address.. but as soon as I can get a job and help with the expenses.. we won't be. He's not a deadbeat.. we just can't afford two residences on the current income... not with the kids too. I should be having my surgery in about 2 weeks.. so then the job hunt will begin. Its all for the best.. and we are still friends (which is VERY good with 4 kids LOL).. just have very different views and paths in life which makes it difficult if not impossible to live together. So with that in mind.. don't be surprised if I'm in and out for a month or two. Working out details and trying to be there for the kids as much as possible. For all my friends which have shown me such incredible support.. I thank you. Can never put into words how much I appreciate you!! Thanks all.. and God Bless. These things do happen.. Julie
TO LET YA'S KNOW... i am not a damn spy for noone.. i don't get that.. why people would say that. i come on to fubar to have fun and meet new people... not to have drama. i have my own "REAL" life drama.. i like to bomb just to bomb....not to take no sides. you guys can take this or leave it. leave the drama outta me...if you would like me to bomb for the hell of it leave me a message on here (and NO MY SHOUT BOX AIN'T WORKING.. GEEE I WONDER WHY?) or you can hit me up on yahoo...sweet_thang_782003. aol... t2mart ya'lls have a great morning .... love ya's
Thought this was funny and to tell u the truth I needed a good laugh, so I am sharing it with U!!!! DOGGIE STYLE.... It has been determined that the doggie position is the most common sexual position among married couples..... the husband sits up and begs and the wife rolls over and plays dead... Enjoy Love ya alll Sasselicious!!!!!!
A Thanksgiving Song...
..something funny and random for the holiday...enjoy this classic and get a much needed laugh...hope everyone has something to be thankful for this holiday...I know I do..anyways...enjoy...
History About Tim
I hope everyone has had a nice Thanksgiving didn't eat too much, i sure did! But since i am bored and not sure what i was gonna do i thought i tell you the story about a guy name Tim. I was borned on Setember 24,1962, I born in Kansas City,Missouri, at St Lukes Hospital on the Country Club Plaza. I reside to this date in Overland Park,Kansas. I live to this date with my parents, now some of you that end up reading this blog are probably wondering, "Why is a guy like him still living with his parents?" Well! thats a very long story,some of you might know the story and some don't but i will try it again. I just never really wanted too move out on my own, i guess i am just too scared to find out what is really going on out in the real world, I hate to admit to being wrong. My finances over the years were never the greatest from the time i got out of High School to this date, My pay on all my jobs that i have done were not all that great, which i didn't really have any job experience all m
Thinking About
sitting under the stars thinking of you an how you make me feel inside Thinking how easy you make it to trust you an open up to you completly,letting you see all my pain an heartach I've been through Thinking about how you always make me smile an laugh with the little things you do thinking about how i love to be wrapped in your arms where i feel safe Thinking about how you take my breath away when you kiss me thinking about how easy it is just to lose myself in you thinking about how i want to be with you an be called your girl thinking about how bad i want to tell you that i am starting to fall by april peterson
Quiet Riot Lead Singer Kevin Dubrow Dead At 52
Quiet Riot Lead Singer Kevin Dubrow Dies 40 minutes ago LAS VEGAS (AP) — Kevin Dubrow, lead singer for the 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot that scored a hit with "Cum on Feel the Noize," was found dead in a Las Vegas home. He was 52. The cause was not immediately known. A neighbor summoned police and paramedics Sunday to the house where he was pronounced dead, police and coroner's officials said. There was no forced entry, and no suspicious circumstances were reported, police Officer Jose Montoya said Monday. Quiet Riot was perhaps best known for its 1983 cover of "Cum on Feel the Noize." The song, featuring Dubrow's powerful, gravelly voice, appeared on the band's album "Metal Health" — which was the first by a metal band to reach No. 1 on the Billboard chart. DuBrow recorded his first solo album in 2004, "In for the Kill," and the band's last studio CD, "Rehab," came out in October 2006. "I can't even find words to say," Quiet Riot drummer Frank Banali wrote on
My Angel
your my angel sent from heaven my angel that loves me with all his heart my angel that cares for me so deeply my angel that has the sweetest voice that just touches the heart your my angel that always has wide open arms just waiting for me waiting for me to enter your embrace your my angel that i adore more than life its self your my angel that i long to kiss the angel that i want to be committed to for life your my angel i long to reach out an touch your my angel that has been sent to me from heaven my angel that watches over me day an night by april peterosn
Your Opinion Needed
okay say someone tells you they love you on here and then out of no where they post nsfw pics of him self for others to see .. i mean i'm not a jealous person or whatever but i didnt see the need to really post those. whats your thoughts about this
A guy steps into an elevator and there's just one attractive woman in it. He turns around to push the button for his floor and his elbow bumps right into her breast. He says, "Oh, I'm so sorry. If your heart is as soft as your breast, I hope you'll be able to forgive me." She looks at him a few seconds and says, "That's all right. If your penis is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 204."
"test For Dementia"
"Test for Dementia" "It's that time of year to take our annual senior citizen test." Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, it's important that we keep mentally alert The saying; "If you don't use it, you will lose it" also applies to the brain, so... Below is a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss of intelligence. So, take the following test presented here and determine if you are losing it or are still "with it." The spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you have made your answer. OK, relax, clear your mind and... begin. WELL MAYBE NOT THAT CLEAR! 1. What do you put in a toaster? Answer: "bread." If you said "toast," then give up now and go do something else. Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, "bread," go to Question 2. 2. Say "silk" five times. Now spell "silk." What do cows drink? Answer: Cows drink water If you
Everyone Needs To Read This.....
HERE IS THE LINK TO THE PERSON DOIN THE MISSLETOE CONTEST PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE BLOG BEFORE YOU ORDER OR ASK ME QUESTIONS :) THANK YOU!! Are you kissable? Let's find out who the MOST KISSABLE people are on Fubar! A new contest, only for Christmas, brought to you by the FuGraphics Gift Shoppe. Here is how to play... In order to enter, you must receive a personalized bough of mistletoe like the one below. Each bough counts as 1 kiss. The numbers will be changed with each bough that you receive, in order to match the number of times you've been gifted a mistletoe. On December 23rd, the male and female most often "Kissed" will each win 250,000 fubucks, a pimp-out, and an award tag to announce them as the MOST KISSABLE MAN/MOST KISSABLE WOMAN ON FUBAR. The Rules: 1. NO DRAMA. 2. When buying a kiss for someone, send me their FUBAR ID number or a link to their page. 3. You may purchase as many as you want. 4. A
Help My Girl Out
10rosebud78@ fubar Hey everyone i have new friend that just joined, lets show her some love please!
Of Hoods And Homesickness
I've posted this before, sorry about that but a friend of mine wanted to read it again. This happened to me a few years ago. I was on a business trip in Houston a few years ago and had the opportunity to see a state of the art lab instrument with hopes of buying one for my lab. However that meant I would have to extend my trip almost 2 extra days, and it was two weeks before Christmas, I missed my family badly, and had not even decorated my house or shopped. All of my friends and colleagues had left at the end of our meetings and that meant I had to eat alone, kill time alone, finish paperwork alone, and I hated that. Our meeting had been at the Hyatt downtown, which was immaculately decorated but that only added to my feeling that I need to be home rather than a dedicated lab manager. After phoning home on my last night there, I walked out to the lobby and sat down with a list of restaurants, bent on picking out somewhere nice to at least treat myself and make the evening a li
More People Should Read This
ORANGE COUNTY ( CALIFORNIA ) NEWSPAPER This is a very good letter to the editor. This woman made some good points For some reason, people have difficulty structuring their arguments when arguing against supporting the currently proposed immigration revisions. This lady made the argument pretty simple. NOT printed in the Orange County Paper.................. Newspapers simply won't publish letters to the editor which they either deem politically incorrect (read below) or which does not agree with the philosophy they're pushing on the public. This woman wrote a great letter to the editor that should have been published; but, with your help it will get published via cyberspace! New Immigrants From: 'David LaBonte' My wife, Rosemary, wrote a wonderful letter to the editor of the OC Register which, of course, was not printed. So, I decided to 'print' it myself by sending it out on the Internet. Pass it along if you feel so inclined. D
Well I havent been on here very long now and have noticed that there must be alot of disrespect going around. There are some of us that were raised to have respect for the opposite sex. I understand that its an adult website and you have to take the good with the bad at your own discretion. People are going to be people no matter how you try to avoid it. I myself do not get offended to easy but i'm sure not gonna try to offend someone on here. There are still a few of us that were raised to be polite and respectful. So i'm not to offended when i read pages and they talk about not wanting to see this or hear that from someone because i know its not me. Well anyway this was just a thought off of the top of my head and just to let you ladies know that there are some good guys left. I'm not much of a writer so thats it for my first blog attempt.
Another One
1) Have you ever been hurt by someone? yes 2) Ever been lied to by a significant other? yes 3) Ever try to kill yourself? No 4) Have you ever popped pills to make all the pain go away? yes 5) Have you ever cut yourself? yes 6) Is love worth the pain? yes & No 7) Have you ever been on suicide watch? nope 8) Are you with someone who hurts you? No 9) Is it worth staying with someone who hurts you for the kids sake? HELL NO 10) Would you ever cheat on a significant other just because you were mad at them? No 11) What kind of music do you listen to when you are pissed of? Metal 12) Do you want this survey to be over? Eh this one was rather short.
1 Finger Salutes
i collect 1 finger salutes(givin the good ol' middle finger). if you have 1 or 2 you'd care to share w/ me please let me kno and ill add them to my collection folder. if your willing to make me a custom 1 finger salute even better. im willin to trade for those and ill make a salute to you. ne questions or comments please dont hesitate to ask.
Today Ranked 109
Today's Rank - 109 First time I ever Ranked Thanks to Johnnydevil for getting me the screen shot. Go show him some Love. He is the Best friend to have. Johnnydevil@ fubar
Why Do Guys Cheat?
well ive been dating this guy for over 9months and a few months ago he told me that he had another girlfriend in a different state, well today i went on his myspace to leave him a message and i saw that he had added 3 new pics and they were of his girlfriend that he told me he broke up with for me......i wrote him a message and told him that i guess he choose who he wanted to be with...but it still hurts to find that out...but back to the other girl shes only 15 years old and he is 19 and im 23 so i dont know what to do.....should i talk to him about it or should i break up with him and find me someone better? PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS
Had Bad News Today!!
My soon to be step-daughter had a very rough day today and it is goin to be hard for her for awhile. We had taken her to the doctors this morning because she had been havin headaches lately. They took a blood sugar count and a urine count too. Her urine had glucose in it and her sugar level was high. So they told us to go down to the nearest Childrens Hospital. They were waiting for us to get there. They took another sugar level count and even after over two hours her level was at 430 which is very high. She has to stay in the hospital for the next few days I came home long enough to take our pet out then I am heading back up there. They told us she will have to have 4 shots a day of insulin for the rest of her life. She is only 10yrs old. I don't mind rearranging how we prepare food but it has been very hard on her. She is scared and she is hardly ever sick. Please pray for us and even more so for her. You can leave comments here or on My B/f's site( Her DaD). He is tryin to deal with
Trust My Love
You can trust my love for you, It will always pull you through. If you need a friend I'll be there, To show you how much I care. Your love makes me whole, I feel it deep in my soul. With our hearts together, We'll have love forever. I'll reach out my hand, When I can't understand. My eyes will open to your heart, I'll find the missing part, Then I will comfort your pain, And stop the pouring rain. I'll stand strong when you're weak, I'll hold the answers that you seek. I'll be the second half of one, I'll love you when each day is done.
Check It Out
I AM BLASTLESS AS LATELY IVE BEEN BUYING FOR FRIENDS AND PRESENTLY DONT HAVE THE CASH SINCE MY SON WRECKED THE CAR TO BUY ME ONE- THESE ARE AWESOME PRIZES FOR THEORETICALLY $500- OBVIOUSLY THE MORE YOU BUY THE BETTER YOUR CHANCES BUT I WOULD BE SO THANKFUL TO ANYONE THAT WOULD PURCHASE ME ONE (OR MORE) IN MY NAME! GET YOUR GOLDEN TICKET TODAY!! From December 30th to January 30th we will be holding a Golden ticket contest. Each golden ticket costs 500 Fu-bucks and counts as one entry. You can purchase them for yourself or for others. When doing a Fu-pal to pay for your ticket(s) Please make sure and put how many tickets you are buying as well as the name and link to the persons profile. We will update the results daily. For every ticket you purchase, you will be given a number. Now although you won't get a seperate ticket for each individual WILL recieve your numbers for every entry. At the end of the month we will draw 10 numbers
Principles Of The Wiccan Belief:
Introduction: In seeking to be inclusive, we do not wish to open ourselves to the destruction of our group by those on self-serving power trips, or to philosophies and practices contradictory to those principles. In seeking to exclude those whose ways are contradictory to ours, we do not want to deny participation with us to any who are sincerely interested in our knowledge and beliefs, regardless of race, color, sex, age, national or cultural origins, or sexual preference. 1 Principles of the Wiccan Belief: 1. We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarters and Cross Quarters. 2. We recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility towards our environment. We seek to live in harmony with Nature, in ecological balance offering fulfillment to life and consciousness within an evolutionary concept. 3. We acknowledge a depth of power far greater than that apparent to the aver
Too Cool
Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated Lyrics Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated Just get me to the airport put me on a plane Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane I can't control my fingers I can't control my brain Oh no no no no no Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go.... Just put me in a wheelchair and put me on a plane Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane I can't control my fingers I can't control my brain Oh no no no no no Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-o I wanna be sedated Just put me in a wheelchair get me to the show Hurry hurry hurry before I gotta go I can't control my fingers I can't control my toes Oh no no no no no Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go... Just put me in a wheelchair... Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna
Ok. So since your here, reading this, I figure I'll clue you in on me. Please don't think at this early point in our relationship (lol) I'm going to reveal anything too deep or meaningful. I can't give away all my good secrets all at once now can I? Anyway, like I said on my profile, I am married to my best friend. He's a wonderful man and I couldn't be happier. Between us we have 7 kids, ages ranging from 8 to almost 15. I'm can be very abrasive, I tell it like it is..especially if you've pissed me off. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, I'm a very good listener, extremely protective of my family and my friends. I really enjoy writing, it's my "creative outlet". Feel free to comment on my blogs. I can take the criticism. I'm only here to chat..I'm not looking for anything other than friends. I have no hidden agenda, so if you do, then I'm not interested. If at this point I haven't made you feel totally alienated, and you still want to chat, feel free to drop me a message.
As The Fubar Turns...
More and more each day I get shouts or fumail expressing apology for rating me low then re-rating me "proper". Or someone will ask me how they can make it right after someone has blocked them for a low rating. What the heck is going on? Have those that live off ratings finally made most everyone paranoid? Each time I tell the person that it's okay, been there done that when my page has jumped and that not EVERYONE will spit and gnash their teeth because of a low rating they always reply that they've been attacked for the mistake either in shout or fumail. What's wrong with that picture? Holy Fubar, FUBAR! It's only a website, fun yes, popular, YES Addicting? Heckz yeah...but attacking someone for rating lower that YOU think you should be rated is really screwed up. I know there are Fubar Bullies out there, but I hadn't realized just how bullying they have become. Mistakes happen. Some people catch the mistake and correct it(if that isn't what they meant to rate) and some do
When Gurls Drink To Much Lmao
When girls drink too much, they… 1. …have absolutely no idea where their purse is. 2. …believe that dancing with their arms overhead and wiggling their butt while yelling “woo-hoo!” is truly the sexiest dance move around. 3. …have suddenly decided that they want to kick someone’s butt and honestly believe they could do it too. 4. …In their last trip to pee, they realize that they now look more like a homeless hooker than the goddess they were just four hours ago 5. …start crying and telling everyone they see that they love them sooooo much. 6. … get extremely excited and jump up and down every time a new song plays because “oh my god! I love this song!” 7. …have found a deeper/spiritual side to the geek sitting next to them. 8. …have suddenly taken up smoking and become really good at it. 9. …yell at the bartender, who they believe cheated them by giving them just lemonade, but that’s just because they can no longer taste the vodka. 10. …think they are in
Places Of Power
Have you noticed that certain places just "feel" better than others and that others make you "feel" uncomfortable? This is because the energy in certain areas has a more harmonious, or positive, reaction with people and the energy in other places can have a negative reaction with people. These effects come from the rocks and earth of the area. People can effect the energy levels of the area around them (this is easily noticed during spellwork or rituals). If people feel enough negativity in one place the area itself starts to feel bad and the same holds true if people feel enough positive emotion in one area, it will slowly become positively charged. Churches and places of worship are good examples of this. I had the opportunity to visit a concentration camp in what used to be East Germany a few years ago. I could feel the negative energy of the place even as we were driving up to it and that was without even trying. Cleansing an area with sage can often clear negativity, especially
No More Nsfw Pics!
Sorry ya'll but i've gotten rid of all my nsfw pics. Now that i'm in a relationship I felt it was distasteful of me to have them on here. No he didn't ask me to get rid of them nor did he mind them being on here, but I respect him enough to get rid of them. My family is still my family, doesn't mean I got rid of you cuz you can't see them anymore LOL. Love ya'll and thanks to those of you that understand. Have a fabulous week! HUGS
My Music
Check out Show me some love and help me come up!
Fu Marriages
what are they all about? how do i get a fu wife?
Jail Time
On Monday, January 14, 2008, I was arrested for domestic violence against my soon-to-be- ex husband, as well as a felony tampering with a 911 call...well here's the real story: I get home after having an argument with my fiancee, and we were gonna go in the room and talk about our fight. I had told my ex (Kevin) to stay out of it b/c he always likes to get the middle of things. He refused and started up, and of course I started yelling at him. My girlfriend had been calling my phone but I couldnt answer it bc it was just about dead. So Kevin takes my phone from the table behind me and I tried to get it back from him. We ended up wrestling for the phone bc I was going to go in my room and charge the phone so i could call my gf back. He knew the phone was dead, he NEVER specified tht he was going to dial 911, AND he NEVER attempted to DIAL I dont see how the charge is gonna stick...anyways we continued to fight and i was hitting him tryhing to get him off of me...then when Da
Wanting To Know More
Been awhile since I've done a blog in here. Thought I would give it a shot again and see if I get any responses. If you could have an all expense paid trip to anywhere you wanted to go, where would it be and why? Come on, give me details. Looking forward to reading your responses. Have fun! Mary
From The Night
Then I met her. There was a moment of abstract hostility that quickly turned to heroism and hearts melding, and suddenly my world ceased to matter. The sheer magnitude of affection kept my entire being focused on the most perfect moment. That first look into her eyes, searching the soul and realizing there was no need to look for a truth that was in plain sight. The tangible electricity of the first touch. How the world blazes white behind my eyes when we kissed. The embrace, firm and yet not suffocating. A slight twinge of anticipation as she pushes me down. The weightlessness of lying there with her. Contentedly helpless, I let her do as she wants. Fire! Oh, the Fire! The flames burning inside her flood into me. Burning so brightly, our passions arise, and neither want for water nor wish for stillness present. A sense of urgency and a hurried rade into a sweet oblivion. Then it happens, that final moment in our actions when everything is in perfect sync. Voiceless screams and our wi
hello every one its thAT dark juggalo from the other side ducky. and im here to askk all my fam and friends out there to help me level up i been at this one for to long now like 7 mounths i soo need help could some one lend me hatchet?
Vote For One(my Son Is Green Lol)
New Recruiter
Janurary 26th, 2008
On Janurary 26th,2008 I went to the Monster Jam in Indianapolis, Indiana. My family, my best friend, my boyfriend, and I all went. It was the last thing to happen in the RCA Dome before it got tore down. It was a blast. It was the first time I have ever been to a Monster Jam. It was awesome!! I am wanting to go next year but I am hoping to get VIP tickets.
Read This And Help....
I have some new pictures of me, please stop by and take a look at them. Please rate them so i might as more. I am not here for ratings, i am here for friendship but I would hope you might help me level up so can share more pictures about me and my life to you. HUGSsssss to all of you and talk to you soon.! Pete
You Know Who You Are This Is For You Sm
i think about you all the time day and night when im walking when im sleeping every minute of tha day you make me happy somehow just thinking about you calms me down a whole lot i want ot hold you in my arms just one last time if i could tears me up i can't realy talk to you all that much i wish i was spending this v day with you.You take the pain away . Sometimes i wish me and you can just go away and never look back spend the rest of our lives together i love you with all my haert even know we can't really talk to each other or hang out i love you so much oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo muah 4 ever
Mr. Willie B. Green August 8, 1930 - February 14, 2008 Visitation: Monday, February 18, 2008 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Cox Funeral Home Funeral service: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. at Cox Funeral Home Chapel
Last night(2/20/08) I went to a Puddle Of Mudd concert. It was so freakin awesome!! I had a total blast. I was only a few feet from the stage but it totally sucks being short. I stared at the back of ppls heads most of the night, but every once in a while someone would pick me up so I could see. There was one guy I really wanted to kill because he kept elbowing me in my jaw or throat. i only came up to his mid back. I finally got sick of it and just shoved him about three feet forward and he looked back at me and was really shocked that someone my size actaully could push him that far. He finally realized that I was gettin pissed and stayed up awya from me. Oh being short, a girl and cute does have its advantages though. Most of the guys around me tried to protect me from the crazy ppl tryin to squish me. Well g2g. love you all.
Thought Of Life
I see it in your evil eyes. Their serpent slits so deep. I feel the shudder in my bones... From the secrets that they keep. And as they stare down on me, The dominance that they viel... Sends a shiver down my bones And makes me want to die. They tell a tale of insolence. Of a destiny thats denied. Of a soul that's crucified. Of lifes and loves dispised. I see it in your evil eyes. I want to look away. I see it in your evil eyes... Where evil falls from outer space.
When Girls Drink Too Much...
I've Opened
hey yall i have opened up a privet lounge if u want in let me know. peace mmfcl.
How is love defined? Love is all around! isnt it? its in the eyes of ur angel its in the colors of ur life its in the air that u breathe but how do u share it? if the one u love isnt sure how do u go on? waiting for the sign that tells u it time for that next step is stressful and when he is lost and confused how are u suposed to act or feel? its hard to wait to wonder if he loves u when ur lost inside him and hes jst lost! what can be done to help the transition progress into what ur feeling? nothing, nothing can be done because u cant rush love!! u must wait! and continue to love him with everthing in u and everything in life!! Love is the breeze that makes the soulful sound of springtime and without that it would be only be another day!!
Sex Story # 9...
this is a conversation i had with this man this morning lol ladies watch out for this name lol hes a real winner start from the bottom and read up lol full screen name is.. Mephistopheles Mephistoph...: TRAMP ->Mephistoph...: cya bye ->Mephistoph...: i got a better idea get a fuckin life Mephistoph...: i just wnated to see who i was talking to get over your self ->Mephistoph...: lol i dont remember sayin that but i have pics if you want to see what i look like i dont do the cam bullshit Mephistoph...: sorry im not hot ->Mephistoph...: NOT Mephistoph...: may i see you our not ->Mephistoph...: lol how is adding me to yahoo gonna see me? Mephistoph...: so i can see you if its ok to ask ->Mephistoph...: for? Mephistoph...: may i add you to yahoo ->Mephistoph...: yeah i have one of them too Mephistoph...: addy for yahoo ->Mephistoph...: yes i do Mephistoph...: got a webcam ->Mephistoph...: ? Mephistoph...: can i ask a favor baby??
Don't ask me why I feel the need to blog this... A few weeks ago while I was at work, I got a personal call on my cell... not supposed to get personal calls while on the clock and definately should not be on the cell at work, but no one else was there and it was from someone who means the world to me and I wasn't going to miss their call for anything. Eventually I did have to get off the phone when the delivery guy stopped by to get me to sign off on the invoice. The next week, one of the other people I work with was there when the same delivery guy came again and she told me that when he was getting the invoice signed asked where "Smiley" was. When she asked him who Smiley was he told her he meant me and he was calling me that because that was one of the first times he'd ever seen me with a REAL smile on my face. I have to "smile" at work but I guess it's true that if you know someone enough you can tell when it's a real smile or not. I've always told the person that I
SAD BUT TRUE!! Try to not cry Dear Sergeant, An Iraqi brought a gun to kill He told his friends that it was cool, And when he pulled the trigger back, It shot with a great crack. Sergeant, I was a good soldier, I did What I was told, I went to school, I got straight A's, I even got promoted fast But Sergeant, when I went on patrol today, I never said See u later, I'm sorry Sergeant, I had to go, But Sergeant, please don't cry. When the Iraqi shot the gun, He hit me and another, And all because the Iraqi Got the gun from his leader. Sergeant, please tell my parents; That I love them very much, And please tell my lady ; my girlfriend; That it wasn't just a crush I do love her and will always. And tell my brother; That he is the only one now, And tell my dear sweet grandmother; I'll be waiting for her now, And tell my boys; That they always were the best; Sergeant, I'm not the first, I'm no better than the rest. Sergeant, tell m
I'm Co-hosting This Auction
AUCTION STARTS MARCH 24th... Bids will be accepted until April 10th! There will be a $25,000 FUBUCKS Entry Fee but bidding starts at $70,000 FUBUCKS so you are guaranteed your money back and more! Your Host will be: Dj Latin King Member Of The Real Deal Family Fu-owned by Lady TNT bunny Fu-owner of Manda Panda@ fubar Be sure to FAN/ADD and RATE him to be eligible! Send your offer with your entry fee so you can be put on the auction block! It's a great way to make friends, have some fun, and.... GET SOME GOODIES!
Blizzard Wow
So the new patch for WOW is active now and the one thing I think is funny is this line from it: If a player dies 50 times or more in a battleground, they will no longer be worth honor for the remainder of that battle. lol ok if you are getting killed more then err 25 times during BG I think you need to pack it in and find a new game to play say like marbles. Who in the wold is getting ganked this much???? Or maybe you should play your character instead of having someone power level it for you. Oh and hunter said goodbye to the snake trap glitch. no more killing flagged players with it lol
Link Shopping
Wanna Win A Happy Hour Ladies?
So I will have a contest starting on April 21 or April 28 where the lovely lady who wins will either get a Happy hour; or a package of fubar gifts of same value a 30 day blast, a VIP for a month, a ticker package and a bling pak. The choice will be up to the one who wins. The contest entry must be a salute to me with my name on a card or on the lady who wishes to enter the contest. Also in honor of The Easter Bunny and the bunnies at Playboy the contestant must either be wearing bunny ears or wearing a Playboy costume. I am leaning towards letting the one who gets the most comments be the winner of the contest so comment bombing will be allowed and the one who receives the most comments will be the winner to avoid any complaints about who I would pick. It will be a safe for work contest meaning no nudity in any of the salutes but they should be sexy. Which means if a woman wants to take a salute pic for me in her bra and panties and wearing bunny ears that is completely fine. What will
In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory of Katie Jordan Lesley who was killed at the age of 16 in a car wreck on 8/26/07. R.I.P. Katie. I'll always love you, baby girl. Your Aunt Mel
Iin An Auction
heres the link to my auction
Self Fulfilling Prophecy
my lil roller coaster of emotions, up and down twisted around thoughts flecked with self inflicted well place cuts What really lies inside my mind I can't say why do I do what it is I do twist my words to bend your thoughts. a confusing conundrum of past regret and suicide threats. Consumed with these things sometimes it controls my life, its not mine to own but my dreams and screams slowly fade away.clouds lift and I feel the sun once again kiss my lips, for only but a moment till I slip yet again sinking lower with each dip,my lucks gonna run out one of these days its only a matter of time till I finally end it all and dive deep into my sadness. randomness and indecision makes me cut with more precision. little scars of past regret and thing I did I never meant, razorblade dreams can can come true you see, someday I'll be the death of me
COME JOIN US IN Dark Side Of The Moon SO IF YOU LIKE GOOD PEOPLE & MUSIC click the picture link below join us & and have a drink with us! WE ARE NOW HIRING ALL STAFF!! IF YOU THINK YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES COME AND TALK TO THE OWNER AND C/O
this is weird havent lgged here inlike 6 months snyone still in here MUAH
wow he swore hed never hurt me. yet right now i feel like my heart is being shredded into lil pieces. ya know it wouldnt have mattered much if it was him i heard it from...hell at least i would have heard from him. but no i hear from a friend that he went to his wifes house to see the baby...which fine hes spending time with his daughter thats great. but i still havent heard from him and well if hes there hes been there all day. and now his phone is shut off....he tells me not to worry that hes not going anywhere but what the hell am i supposed to think. right now all i can think is hes with her again...i dont want to beleive it i dont want it to be true but my mind and heart are telling me something just isnt right here. why the hell would he be with her all day and not get ahold of me at all. what is he hiding? every time i let a guy in i get hurt im so fucking sick of it. and then men wonder why im a bitch.....
Auto Responce#2
you may resubmit that friends request after you have read My profile!
Hold On Loosely
TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN WRITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see it all around you Good lovin' gone bad And usually it's too late when you, realize what you had And my mind goes back to a girl I left some years ago, Who told me, Just Hold On Loosely, but don't let go If you cling to tightly, you're gonna lose control Your baby needs someone to believe in And a whole lot of space to breathe in It's so damn easy, when your feelings are such To overprotect her, to love her too much And my mind goes back to a girl I left some years ago Who told me, Just Hold On Loosely, but don't let go If you cling too tight babe, you're gonna loose control Your baby needs someone to believe in And a whole lot of space to breathe in Don't let her slip away Sentimental fool Don't let your heart get in her way yeah, yeah, yeah, You see it all around you Good lovin' gone bad And usually it's too late when you, realize what you had And my mind goes back to a girl I left some years a
Good Black Men
Good Black Men Good Black Men are indeed all around us. We pass them on the streets, in the malls, and at work. Most we can't see because we don't know what a good man really looks like. He usually isn't flashy enough or rich enough to turn our heads. He might not wear a suit or push a Lexus. He might not have a body like Tyson with a Denzel face. But, as you mature, you realize it's better to find someone who's got your back rather than someone who turns your head. A good man will stick with you thought thick and thin, the good times and the bad times, the happy times and sad times. He’ll be there when ever you need him even if u just needed some one to listen to or talk to. He may not always say what you want to hear but he all ways has your best interest at heart. A good man doesn't agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear and do the opposite. He doesn't declare how sensitive, sweet, caring, sincere, etc. he is
• An old Virginia law was titled, "An Act to Prevent Corrupt Practices or Bribery by Any Person Other Than a Candidate." • As in many towns, you need a permit to run a barbershop in Christiansburg, Va. But the wording of the town's law indicates that the permit will be revoked if you're caught operating without a permit. • A Virginia law requires all bathtubs to be kept out in the yards, not inside the houses. • Children are not to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. • Citizens must honk their horn while passing other cars. • Culpeper: No one may wash a mule on the sidewalk. • Dayton: A person of color may not be outside or within the city limits after 7 pm. • Driving while not wearing shoes is prohibited. • If one is not married, it is illegal for him to have sexual relations. • If you are intoxicated but not driving your car, but the person who is driving your car is intoxicated, both you and the driver can be charged with DUI in Virginia Beach, Virginia. • In Christiansburg
Meeting At The Skating Rink
We are hosting a Roller Derby Overview Tonight at the Columbus skateland, 2660 N. Talley Rd, Columbus Indiana at 6pm, for directions go to Hope to see ya there.
Fu-owner Etiquette?
So what exactly if fu ownership etiquette? What are the rules of being owned? Can you have more than one owner at a time? (I think yes If the deals you make a different although I at this time only have one owner) Can you enter another auction if it ends after the owners ownership period? (I think yes) How long do you have to complete your offers has the bought one? (I say you have till end of ownership period however long that maybe) Does anyone know or do we make this up has we go? Comment and tell me what you think.
The Rednecks Are Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE REDNECKS ARE BACK!!!! We have brought the Rednecks from the grave... Interested in being a family member contact one of us... Angel Eyes ~ Head of the Rednecks of Fubar~@ fubar out-law~ 2nd in charge of the Rednecks of Fubar~@ fubar PLEASE REPOST>>>>>>>>>>>
Journal 5-24-08
i hate these feeling of being so disconnected form those that i love so very much. i feel that slowly those that i care for are slipping though my fingers, yes they are still here and i know this but at times i just can't feel them with me. it hurts becuase i long to be with all of those who make me smile and feel as though i am worthy of living in this world. if i close my eyes i can feel their presence and that make it easier to go on with my everyday life, but there are those times when the darkness wants to come and reclam me that i have a hard time feeling them with me. i long to be where i truly belong and leave this world behind me to only become a memory, but that is not possible yet. i long to be with those who make me happy and care for me truly. i know that they all have lives outside of this stupid box we call a computer and at times i do to which keeps me away from them, but how i miss them all so very much. i feel that i have slipped out of the circle of friends and
1st Time over time i might be posting A LOT more blogs. but since this is my first is a lil bit about me. im spunky, outgoing, engergetic, yet calm. i love going out and playing pool, hanging with friends, a lil partying, etc.. i like to read and dance and have a blast! wanna know more about me...let me know!
This Guy Is Such A Disgrace
disgrace to all americans who have fought for our freedom rschneider6: gullible rschneider6: they gonna put dumb ass on your stone rschneider6: keep dying for bullshit bro ->rschneider6: i dont need to read about the government i know where i live and who my family has faught for and some died for rschneider6: I want my book or i would have sent it to u rschneider6: passed with a B rschneider6: i just took political science in college rschneider6: read on your government rschneider6: do me a favor bro ->rschneider6: u know just because a few have bad expieriences with the government does not mean its corrupt it means it needs some work u cant be down on it because of that rschneider6: my family been in government jobs and I got a first hand look at how things r run ->rschneider6: like i said u dont like it u dont have to stay here we aint keepin noone against teir will rschneider6: population control by all kinds of ways rschneider6: watch the movie "enem
Feel The Same
When days go by and you say nothing, it really tears me apart... It feels like someone has reached into my chest and pulled and ripped my poor heart... Please dont ignore me, i cant stand the pain, i dont like the way this feels... Find some way, some way at all, and let me know you're for real... Pick up the phone, pick up a pen, write me, text me, whatever.... Let me know you are thinking of me cause i am thinking of you, forever... Know that i love you with everything i have, for worse and for the better... That is why i wrote you this poem, and this sweet little letter... you know i miss know i love you...that will never change....i just hope that with everythng you really feel the same....
this weekend i get to go to Ohio and party with my friend, Clorissa. lol i love it. and i've been in a good mood and excited all week! lol and i'm very hyper because i'm in such a great mood. lol i love going to Ohio. and Clorissa is awesome lol you can see pics of us partying in my photos. lol anyways...i hope everyone's weekend is just as great as i know mine will be. :) love ya's Miranda *xoxox*
"Too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of other human beings" Robert F Kennedy The importance of that one statement IS HUGE. And very true and still true today, if not more so...Robert Kennedy Was a great man, taken from us too soon. It seems the "Great ones" are always taken. I think if he had not been assassinated when he was, we would be living in a very different society, country and living as a people a very different life. I believe he had vision beyond the age he lived in, I think he saw the road and path we were on as a country and as a people. His speech that i will post at the bottom, i think was well spoken and such an important statement, not only in the way of physical violence, but even in the violence we commit amongst ourselves as people, sometimes it doesnt take any physical to be violent, or to shatter someone so completely that it destroys them to the point of no return. So many today thrive on the "Dra
AnyOne In the austin Area Plz email me if you have a spare room or couch for me to stay for the night that would be awesome thank you
Upper Leveles List For 6/7/08
This list was created to help those who are at the levels of Godfather-Prophet level. This list is not like the Godfather List because we take the 10 closest to leveling and add them. When 1 levels, the next person gets added. When BooBoo and I see someone is next we will message you to see if you want to be added. In the case of no replies, we will then skip that person and go to the next in line. Any questions please leave a comment here. Thank You. Thanks too everyone for all the Fu-love shown too help each one level. Disciple ♥~K€®®ý~♥~§lu†$ Wý~ØWÑÊR øƒ Çlub Fåñ†å$îå~160,000 to go The Shortbus Queen™ *aka Mrs. Bubbles™*377,000 to go Mr Tourette UK LEVELLERS FREELANCE BOMBER***1st IRISH BASED MALE GODFATHER411,000 to go DJ KIDD ROCK~LOVED & OWNED BY DJ DEVILISH DESIRE664,000 to go cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH ~ {2nd Alarm Hotties Recruiter}725,000 to go LC Man726,000 to go
Can You Make A Difference?
Dariano invites you to     Can you help abused animals? Can you help build a well in africa? Rescue endangered animals? Bring literacy to the world? Can you do even more? The Answer is yes to all of the above...All from your computer..all in a few minutes..all with a few clicks of your mouse..all with no money can you spend the time to do it? That is a question you have to answer...
Please Vote For Me :)
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Check It I've Been In This One For Awhile Now I Still Need Help lol Bomb's Away
It's time for me to get away from fubar for a while. I just got other priorities that i got to take care of at the homefront that are more important for me to take care of instead of being on fubar. It was just too time consuming for me. I don't know if i'll be back? We shall see.... stay tuned.... same evil time.. same evil channel..
We Moved!!
Hello Tinkerbell here Inviting you to.. Hey! Do you Remember Hydaway Radio? Well We moved!! yes we did! And we also have a NEW name.. Sorta, Its now Called Hydaway's Playhouse! Come check us out You wont be disappointed i can assure you that! So click the link below and come make some new friends, ohh and if your interested in being a Dj just ask any of the staff they can hook you up! experience NOT NEEDED will train!
Bully For The Open Auction
Auction Time!!! Hosted by Ðj Áçhmëd Thê Dêåð Tërr¤rïst Come Bid on Your Favorite! DJ Paradise DJ Spicy DJ GarrBear KissMeMt Angel Under it All DJ Blood Rayne
In An Auction Come Bid On Me
Im On The Block
Im in Pink's Red Light auction...Click on the link and get those bids rollin in :P Thnx, Jen
The Real Eternal
I think I have had more than my share of listening to the stories that are circulating on the internet about my personal life and involvement with the Reverend Eternal, he is so scared to be found out that he is busy trying to have people seek you out and have you side with him. I don't want to discourage anyone from being a part of his life - in fact I encourage you to meet him in person and pull him into your life, and just like every other person that I have talked to who has... your view of him will soon become clear - a lepoard cannot change his spots. Like you I met Kev here on the internet, we spent a lot of time chatting on yahoo, webcam-ing, and talking on the phone until the wee hours of the morning. He spent alot of time telling me how special I was to him and how I meant more to him than anyone else that he knew. He pointed out to me that he felt closer to me in just a couple of weeks than he did in the 8 or more months he had been talking to britt (DJ KAK TEASE). He told
A Time Comes........
A time comes in your life when you finally get it... when, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out...ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying and blaming and struggling to hold on. Then, like a child quieting down after a tantrum, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening. You realize it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change, or for happiness, safety and security to magically appear over the next horizon. You realize that in the real world there aren't always fairy tale endings, and that any guarantee of "happily ever after" must begin with you... and in the process a sense of serenity is born of acceptance. You awaken to the fact that you are not perfect and that not everyone will always love, appreciate or approve of who or what you are... and that's OK. They are entitled to their own views and opinions. You le
I'm In A One Year Vip Give Away
i'm in a one year vip give way need 60,000 comment to win here no time limet to get ther just need to be the first one to 60,000 comments here the link to the pic for the contest the contest is closed right now but will open 12 am centel time and start on the 12 ok its open and ready to go for rates and coments cum do your thing rate and comment
My Birthday
Hit me with a comment today It's my 39 and I really need it
My Midget
Why am I so happy and enticed to love again? A feelin that hurt so bad I considered it a sin. How is it that I was willin to jump without bein dropped? When one point in time I used to bunny hop. Why do I smile a smile beyond smiles? But for the longest time my frown ran wild. How come I now feel like a better man? When I used to sink in the past like quicksand. What makes my heart feel like its in the right place? When I was so close to defeat that failure I could taste. I wonder why things are perfect and days no longer blue. Then I realized It's Because of You
My Midget
"fish, Fishing"
Freud held that small fish represented the male semen. Medium-sized fish (logically enough) were children. Fishing poles were a symbol of the phallus. Other dreams about fishing may resolve around seeking provision for your needs in life, desiring to find something that seems below the surface, or looking for primordial instincts, if Darwinism is your worldview of choice. To dream of fish may simply be a dream of nourishment, or lack thereof. It may also point to a sense of adventure or travel.
Want A Morph?
Its simple. Just rate 100 of my pictures during Happy hour (then send me a message) or send me $1000 fubucks (for a 2 morph picture) {3 or more morph pictures = $3,500 fubucks}
My wanderings in life have been many and widespread. I think myself an experienced individual who only rarely comes upon things which I find daunting. Recently I made a return to Fubar, though the last time I was here it was called Lost Cherry. Upon returning I immediately submerged myself back into the mumms. It is here that I find myself most capable of learning things. I have made this blog to share what I have learned recently. There will be no references made directly in regards to any specific individual. The lessons I take away are altogether larger than the motivations of one person. Though you may read this at your leisure and formulate your own opinions upon what I have said, it is not my intention to stir up conflict with this listing. However, conflict is in my eyes the greatest stimulant of chaos and I do encourage it, so long as it is done with the courage and introspection necessary to present a thought both worthy and capable of being measured.
I'm Back!!
Hey Everyone!! Just wanted to let you know that I have NOT forgotten about you!! I have not had internet for almost 3 days. (This internet company SUCKS!!) Anyway... I will get everyone added to the Fishing Train as quick as I can and get your tags made soon!! I will also try to return comments as soon as I can. Hope everyone has a Great weekend!!! I know I will!!! LoL {{{HUGS}}} & {{{LUVS}}} Jamie-Lynn
Dj Kevdog
Hey Everyone
I just wanted to say that I am sorry that I have been gone for so long, work is crazy. But I will try to log on occasionally and keep in touch. Luv u all **SMOOCHEZ**
50,000 Names...
To my soldiers who protect my rights and ensure my way of living...I fully support and love you all!!!
Amber Alerta Real
Please pass this AMBER ALERT around your organization and to your friends for maximum circulation. Amber Alert. Staff Sergeant Rick Williams Rolla Police Department 1007 N. Elm St. Rolla , Mo. 65401 (573) 364-1213 Fax (573) 364-6346 Please look at the picture, read what her mother says, then forward this message on. My 13 year old girl, Ashley Flores, is missing. She has been missing for now two weeks. Maybe if everyone passes this on, someone will see this child. That is how the girl from Stevens Point was found by circulation of her picture on tv. The internet circulates even overseas, South America , and Canada etc. Please pass this to everyone in your address book. We have a Deli manager (Acme Markets) from P hiladelphia , Pa who has a 13 year old daughter who has been missing for 2 weeks. Keep the picture moving on. With GOD on her side she will be found.
Master Anyone?
In my 2nd auction. Just found out.. its a never ending one..which means, I am able to chose when it ends... or whos offer i like. Is anyone interested in owning me..?
9 Months
Ok so my daughter Megan will be 9 months old on August 8th. And lately the bigger she gets or when she gets a new tooth i stop and think for a mintue about how i could had lost all these special moments 9 months ago. Looking at Megan now you would have never known she was a premie hooked up to tube and IV's. she was not much bigger then her fathers hand and some of his wrist. i have a pic to prove that one cause sometimes i dont even believe it. she had a tough go in the begging and we alomost lost her. But she is sooo strong. stronger then i thought she would be for gestational age. 32weeks..but i had intially went into labor at 29weeks but they were able to stop it..thank god!!! so i just wanted to blog about the last 9 months i have spent with my lil one and how i hold on to every moment with her..and all u fubar moms out there i hope u do the same..cause like the old saying is time flys..
Eternal Embrace
Distance … like a sunken ship Harbors the treasure of your touch. Unceasingly, I dive the depths In search of one more glimpse. Like a mirage … It gives me the illusion of closeness. So tormented by your absence, I forget to rise for air. Lack of oxygen intensifies my illusion. You mystify me! So with every ounce of hope I force myself deeper into the abyss. And in reaching you - I slip into unconsciousness To spend eternity in your embrace.
Amazing Lol
Why is it that when a female makes a Mum, she is a points whore? i see many men out on this site Mumming away and u dont see comments about them being a points whore...But heres the thing, even though females r being called that, guess whos voting away and leaving comments, LOL the ones making them statements and of course racking the points away...LOL
Home Alone Extra
there is some talk about this bearded man in the movie home alone, ill add the pic and you tell me who you think this is we all here have a theory but i want to hear yours.
Why do peeps play games, bullshit and lie??? I ask this becaue I am tired of the games and childish behaves that "adults" dish out in the days we all call "life". I mean come on.. if you like someone be honest and forward about... but if you dont hell let them know that too. Dont lie and beat around the bush with... "Oh I like you too"... and "Yeah we can meet and hang out see where it goes from there"... Please!! These lines may work for awhile but as we all know... actions speak louder then words. And well once again in this sad thing we all call "life" I have seen these bull crap lies once more. Peeps say they want honesty and truthfullness... BUT when its given to them... they simply cant handle it and shun the person away... slowly and surely. Now for the reason I am writting this. Well see I have come to like someone VERY much and despite all my efforts to be myself and honestly blunt about things... I feel sadly enough I am being shunned away. Perhaps I maybe wrong but deep
I Think This Song Sums Me Up 100%
Hank Williams Jr. "I'd love to knock the hell out of you" Oh I'd love to knock the hell out of you And if you keep messin around I'm going to So if you're looking for trouble Tell you what you do Come over and get the shit knocked out of you Now I have always been a peaceful man But I get hostile if you screw up my plans Do unto others as you like done to you Believe me brother that is the golden rule I've been through windows, doors, tv's, and chairs But I never let go And I pulled out most of their hair Now I've mellowed a lot since then So it takes two seconds For me to knock the hell right out of you Oh I'd love to knock the hell out of you And if you keep pushin my button I'm going to So if you're looking for trouble Tell you what you do Come over and get some shit knocked out of you Now ladies and gentelmen I know that David Allen Coe thought he had the Perfect Country and Western song But you don't have to talk about Drinking, or prison, or dyi
More New Pics Comeing In Sep
going be uploading more pics of me soon i hope then when i play basket ball i get basket pics up on here
Letting Go
Although your smile is a distant memory I remember how you set me free How just a glance from you would trace blue skies and sunshine through the mist you would bring a heavenly sign Up and down round and round Your laughter brought me to simplicty Capturing beauty from moment to moment I can't recall sadness shadowing your eyes I can't tell of one thing that would dim your light Back when I was a kid there was this dream it entailed blissfullness shown to me with angel eyes and it wasn't till now I realize Cause the dream reappeared with total focus And now I know that the best has yet to come
Fubar Hotel.
To Join you must 1.F/A/R all Guest & Staff of the hotel & put I'm staying @ the fubar hotel in friend request. 2.Re Rate if already a friend and in the comment put stayin at the fubar hotel. 3.Must message the owner so she can put you in with the rest of the guest currently residing in the hotel. 4.See the CEO if you wanna become a hotel Employee and what you wanna do for the hotel Currently 37 Hotel Guest join in the fun with us 5. repost all bullys to share this with others HOTEL STAFF Owner and CEO of the Fubar Hotel Tequila Gurl Owner of the Lollypop gurlz Club,Brunette Diva's Club & a frequent flyer@ fubar Assistant CEO of the Fubar Hotel MishNumber1 ♥ Of WISEUKF SUP Insane & Shadow Levelers & SBG. Club FAR Team Captain@ fubar Lobby Manager Silverpixi ~Owner of/by DebiCakes,Ringof Fire, Owned by Mizzzz Brat, §ŵ†Çĥ®®¥ &Miss Crys@ fubar Fubar hotel Lounge Manager CinDragon~CoFounder of Thunder&Lightning Levelers~CoPilot of Fantasy Flight@ fu
Complete Liar
The person in the link below has lied to so many people on this site especially me. PARTYWOMAN@ fubar But really it was this person in the link below that was behind the PARTYWOMAN aka Bendi acct. as of right now the PARTYWOMAN acct has been deleted b/c i confronted the person below! ~SEXYBLUE~CLUB F.A.R.~FANTASY FLYER~@ fubar she even blocked me b/c i caught her and have talked to the real PARTYWOMAN on the phone. she had no idea what was being done on this site at all. Sexyblue asked the real girl if she could do a couple of salutes for her. which she thought that Sexyblue was going to use them on her own page and not some other acct as she did. Sexyblue pretended to be going out with so many guys on the site and miss leading them on. From what i seen when i was friends with Bendi. she was going out with at least 17 guys on the site. But when the other guys would say something about the other guys. Sexyblue as Bendi would say there just my stalkers and that is it
Vote For Me In Auction
come vote for me in forbidden auction.
My Grandmother Has Died At Age 90
My grandmother passed away over night at the Effingham county Nursing Home,in Springfield,Ga.She was 90 years old,and was my step grandmother,but she and I even after my parents divorced still stayed as we always had.She told me no matter what,we would always be family.~I will miss her deeply!
The Justice System Works...sort Of
Yesterday, I got to take off work, so I could go to court with my son. He was accused of being with the wrong people, at the wrong place, with the wrong thing in his pocket. He was already guilty of being stupid. But he was looking at both trespassing and possession of marijuana charges. In fact...he was guilty. His "friends" and he were caught in a field entrance, passing a joint. He willingly gave up his baggie full of goodies, even though they weren't smoking his stash. This proved to be the smartest thing he did that night. So we wait in court, and watch the first bunch of cases go through. If you've never gone to court, you are missing out. I've gone a few times, innocent every time of course, and I love it. The one thing that I am amazed, is that the older I get, the more casual it gets. My lawyer, every time, has told me to make sure that I dress up some. The first guy was there for child support. He was in shorts, and a cut off, sleeveless t shirt. The seco
Puns To Ponder
The ability to make and understand puns is the highest level of language Development. Here are the top 10 winners in the International Pun Contest. 1. A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The Stewardess looks at him and says, "I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion Allowed per passenger." 2. Two fish swim into a concrete wall. The one turns to the other and Says, "Dam!" 3. Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the Craft. Unsurprisingly, it sank, proving once again that you can't have Your kayak and heat it, too. 4. Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says, "I've lost my electron." The other Says, "Are you sure?" The first replies, "Yes, I'm positive." 5. Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root Canal? His goal: transcend dental medication. 6. A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in The lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about an Hour, the manager came
Ma Family
ok so seriously im starting to go crazy....everytime ma niece (ma mom has custody of) comes to ma dad they want me to take care of her. i mean i have no problem taking care of her i love her to death but thats tha only time they want me to talk to her. shes three how am i suppose to ignore her. im not supposed to play with her or talk to her unless im getting her something to eat or drink. or taking her to tha bathroom. they could see her jus as much as i do if they wanted to but they never ask ma mom to have her. i always have to ask for her. and they dont even play with her they say hi to her and thats about it. then ma lil sister plays with her but ma lil sis is usually mean to her. she makes her play tha games she wants and tells her shes not gon play with her. i cant even step in to make sure shes not. they dont want me near her when shes here. they dont let her scream or run or play like lil kids do. this is really aggravating.
The Truth
If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it will always be yours. If it doesn't come back, it was never yours to begin with. But, if it just sits in your living room, messes up your stuff, eats your food, uses your telephone, takes your money, and doesn't appear to realize that you had set it free....... You either married it or gave birth to it"
Toby Keith Lyrics Toby Keith Music Codes Music Codes by I had an awesome vacation. Didn't work out exactly as I'd hoped, but hey, you only live once. I got to experience something new and get away from the day to day. Now it's time to party back at home this weekend before having to return to work Monday. Y'all keep smiling and remember that it's rarely as bad as you imagine it to be.
Song That Has Been There 4 Me
most of my life i lived with music arround me.clasic so i played piano or 60-70s when i was achild.when i was 14 i started listen to gnr then the road to alice cooper ozzy n the old gang was easy.i set hours alone listing to music wanting to be eles where. thank u music ;gnr queen alice skid row n all. u sang what i felt when no one could understood why i was so sad.i was born sad.the musice is my soundtrack 4 life.
Wanna Own Me
wanna own me place bid here
Back On Track Again
Lost my way a bit but now i'm back on track again. At least I didn't put all that I had lost back on. Starting once again at 253 and the goal is 200.
A Poem By Pablo Neruda For U Lil God
Lol Sexy
These are what I ended up getting my mum ; They're Swarovski crystal, 22 carat gold plated. What do you guys think? Even though it's too late now, lol
Not Ok
I had forgotten how much love really hurts. By the time I realized I had fallen, it was already too late. It's over and he's gone.
Hang Gliding Over The Fu
Carrie is keeping an updated blog... This is the a train set up to help me level... Thanks for your help in making me a Fu-King... The Rules: 1. Stop by Master Riggs's page and rate his Hang Gliding Train folder... Start with this pic... Master Riggs is also trying to level... So, please leave him a little extra love... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Hang Gliding Over the Fu" or something like that... 3. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... Tags, however, can be found on Master Riggs's page... 4. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request. 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 6.
Never Ending Auction!
WELL I AM HOSTING MY SECOND AUCTION! THIS TIME IT WILL BE A NEVER ENDING AUCTION! TAKING ENTRIES STARTING TODAY!! PLZ R/F/A ME SO YOU CAN SEE BULLETIN/BLOG FOR IT! What I need from you is an already made pic with offerings to the highest bidder that you want to be used, and 25k for the entrance fee. Just send me a private message with the information above. DONT FORGET TO R/F/A ME! PLZ NO SHOUTS! MY SHOUTBOX IS SHUT OFF! NO DRAMA!!!! IF I SEE ANY DRAMA OF ANY KIND YOU AND THE PERSON/S WHO ARE INVOLVED WILL BE KICKED OUT OF THE AUCTION! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! HERE IS THE LINK... Dj_Lette™JuggaloMafia~GFtoHot&Fluffy~SBG~FuOwnertoPimpSugarBear&Fu-OwnedbyCinDragon&Tulsa'sAngel@ fubar
Fossett Searchers 'spot Wreckage'
County Sheriff John Anderson and hiker Preston Morrow on the find Teams searching for missing adventurer Steve Fossett have spotted what looks like the wreckage of a plane in eastern California, local police say. An aerial spotter made the discovery late on Wednesday, and teams are going to the area to investigate, a Madera County Sheriff's spokeswoman said. The search began after a hiker found items thought to belong to Mr Fossett. The 63-year-old vanished a year ago while on a solo flight that took off from neighbouring Nevada. The millionaire businessman was officially declared dead in February. Click here to see a map of the area Wide-ranging searches had failed to find any trace of Mr Fossett or his plane following his disappearance. New search area Identity documents bearing Mr Fossett's name - including a pilot's licence - as well as cash and a sweatshirt were found by hiker Preston Morrow on Monday. SOME OF FOSSETT'S RECORDS 1998/20
Family Members
I WISH YOU WOULD COME BACK TO FU.. IT'S NOT THE SAME :( .:Anthony W:.@ fubar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I LOVE THIS GIRL.. YAYYYY FOR CELL PHONES :) ~SDMF~Pantera Still Rawks!!~~Slave to Ser William@ fubar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOUG IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS.. JUST NOT A FUBAR FAN.. CAN YA BLAME HIM LOL... AGAIN YAYYY FOR CELL PHONES & MYSPACE musicman@ fubar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ANOTHER GREAT FRIEND THAT'S NOT ON FUBAR MUCH :( annie@ fubar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~*RedKandy*~S*U*P*~Club F.A.R.~*Rising Stars*Owned by ratto*@ fubar ★ Krystal ★@ fubar thedeadlykisser " I use to be a schizophrenic, but we're both ok now "@ fubar Metal Ron(where am i,starting may 5th?See blog for info)@ fubar Girls@ fubar SirJim - HRR -@ fubar
I'm just wondering... are drivers REALLY dumb enough to stare at lights, and not the TRUCKS they are attached to? How many people are 'guilty' of looking at the emergency lights flashing, and then noticing you are about to run over a cop, fireman, or tow-truck driver? These are the people who step into traffic every day, and only have one thing on their minds, getting the roads open for all the a--holes, who cry about the traffic in the first place. So i guess my question is this.... how many of you bitch about traffic, and not let the work crews do their jobs? And how many of you have a change of heart when it's your mother or grandmother on the side of the highway? Since i started driving tow, this is something that has plagued me every time i get out of the truck; will i make it home for dinner? Will my kids see me in the morning? Will i make it to work tomorrow? I would like feedback, positive, or negative.
Thank U Bully
I want to say THANK YOU to these people who went out of the way to help me in my contest. These people are some of the best people on Fubar. I love each and everyone of them. Here they are in no order, please show them some love. If I missed anyone please let me know and I will add them. ~ Cherokeelady~Confederate Bomber Family~ShadowLeveler~Greeter Promoter for Blue Cat lounge&Toolshed@ fubar ◊SNUGGLEBUNNY ~ ASSISTANT RECRUITER FOR THE GRD BOMBSQUAD◊@ fubar WV REBEL COWBOY ~Confederate Bombers~MASTER OF TrinDaBeast@ fubar crazyrabbit69 = Confederate-Friendship Circle-Justice League- Club F.A.R@ fubar
WONTONS 40 wonton skins crab filling, pork and shrimp filling, ham-orange filling, or vegetable filling shortening or cooking oil for deep-fat frying sweet-sour sauce For each wonton, place one wonton skin on a flat surface with one corner towards you. Spoon a rounded teaspoonful of desired filling just below the center of the wonton skin. Fold the corner closest to you over the filling tucking the corner underneath the filling. Roll up, leaving 1 inch unrolledat the top. Moisten the right corner with water. Grasp the right and left cornersand bring them over the filling. Lapping the right corner over the left corner. Press firmly to seal. In a heavy saucepan or deep-fat fryer heat 2 inches of melted shortening or cooking oil to 365 degrees. Fry the wontons an few at a time for 2 to 3 minutes or until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Keep warm in a 300 degree oven while frying the remaining wontons. Serve warm with sweet-sour sauce. FILLINGS Crab filling In a
Hand Cuffs
Myspace Kinky Graphics - More Kinky Images
Ms. Sassy
CHECK OUT MY NEW OWNER Ms. Sassy is one hot Fubarian. On her way to making Insider, she needs the help of all of her friends and family. Please take a minute of your time and stop by her page to show some love. If you haven't rated, fanned or added her yet, please do so, and tell her I sent ya! Thanks and Spanks!!! Ms. Sassy {Shadow Leveler} Proud Fu-Owner of Happy Country Girl and MzCaBiBBW@ fubar This pimp out brought to you by: Happy Country Girl {{Shadow Leveler}} {{Fu-Owned by Ms. Sassy}}@ fubar
Nothing New!
Well, I'm fairly new to Fubar, and I have met some great ppl. Specially the one who fixed my page for me. Thanks! I'm learning how to manuver my way around on here pretty good, still need some help. The only problem I have is everytime I try to upload pics on here I get friggin booted off WTF. I know, I know, I gotta get more pics on here. Maybe on day I will be able to LOL.. I've been a few really good lounges. One I'm in all the time. Check it out sometime. It's called Shockwave! They are pretty awsome ppl in there! And boy do they know how to party lol..... I believe I stay drunk in that lounge. Ok, it's time for me to stop talking now, going back to bed cause I feel like shit.
don't care who you are or what you believe in, this is funny. Barack Obama, the lead Presidential Democratic Party candidate, is for banning all guns in America . At a recent rural elementary school assembly in East Texas , he asked the audience for total quiet. Then, in the silence, he started to slowly clap his hands once every few seconds, holding the audience in total silence. Then he said into the microphone, 'Children, every time I clap my hands, a child in America dies from gun violence.' Then, little Richard Earl, with a proud East Texas drawl, pierced the quiet and said: ''Well, dumb-ass , stop clapping!"
Trading Servitude For Bling!!
I am for sale again!! And this time I am selling myself for bling only!!! Bling or bling pack bids only accepted!! Ends whenever I choose to!! Click the pic below to bid!!
I wonder why I do what I do. Lets take today (OK this evening) I was at the horse track being my happy self, then I went down to the slot machine and won 55.60. Did that make me happy? Sad? HELL NO I WENT TO THE TRACK BAR AND ORDERED ANOTHER KILLIANS
Help Our Girl!
c2k (a.k.a) colorado2kentucky *Rating Revolution*@ fubar She only needs just under 13k more to go to level 21!!! she has 246 pics and 37 stash. sorry this is off the main RR page, but I couldnt find anyone that can post there at the moment.
Brazilian Grand Prix
Brazilian Grand Prix McLaren's Lewis Hamilton became the youngest world champion in Formula One history by the skin of his teeth after a nail-biting Brazilian Grand Prix. The 23-year-old Englishman's title rival Felipe Massa won the race in his Ferrari but Hamilton grabbed the fifth place he needed at the last corner. A late-race rain shower looked to have cost Hamilton the title when he dropped to sixth after a stop for wet tyres. But he passed Toyota's Timo Glock as they entered the pit straight. Renault's Fernando Alonso, the previous youngest champion, was second ahead of Massa's team-mate Kimi Raikkonen and Toro Rosso's Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton's success buries the ghosts of last year, when after a remarkable debut season he let slip a massive lead in the final two races and Raikkonen sneaked in to win the title. Ultimately, there were no similar mistakes this time around - but as he entered the final lap Hamilton was not going to win the title.
Bluedouches And Easter Eggs, Chief
In today’s day and age, it seems as if every single new invention or innovation that comes about is made for one reason - to make our lives easier. Now, some of these are excellent ideas and I applaud the creators. I.E. iPods, George Foreman grills and electronic Mach 3 razors for my hairy, wolfman-esque face.However, for every amazing, useful invention, there are about 157 absolutely fucking ridiculous ones that should have never even been approved to hit the production line. Have you every met ANYONE who actually rode around in one of these things?It’s called a Segway, and it’s the lamest looking form of transportation this side of a fucking unicycle. Thankfully, though....NO ONE bought them. And is that a Cop riding one? I thought the cops who rode the bikes looked completely ridiculous. Are you going to respect an officer chasing you one something like that? Probably not. Like I said, no one bought a Segway, but sometimes people just don’t seem to care how big of an asshole they lo
Help Dixie Girl!
Hey all, a good friend of mine is trying to get back up to her original level. Her account was taken over and deleted by somebody else. She was originally at Godfather She's a medic and RN so all your EMS'rs out there give her a hand. All the rest of you help her out as well Please! *~*Dixie Girl*~*@ fubar
New Family For Former Hotties
With the deletion of the Hotties a counsel of former hotties was formed and have provided a homepage for former Hotties and other women who would like to be a part of a sisterhood. We will vote on prospects Please feel free to come request us and in your request state that you wish to be a prospect... We love the girls that we worked so closely with and want to provide a place to continue the friendships that have been developed. The Pegasus Project@ fubar PLEASE DONT LET THE SISTERHOOD END WITH THE DELETION OF THE HOTTIES HOMEPAGE!!! THANKS AND MUCH SISTERLY LOVE JUDES
"hell Yeah"~bloodhound Gang
"Hell Yeah" Alright now boys and girls we've got another story for you now! We want to introduce to you another friend of the Bible! Hell yeah Hell yeah Hell yeah Hell yeah If I were God there would be no explicit sex on T.V. Like little Opie eating pie when he made it with Aunt Bea If I were God thou shall not worship false Billy Idols And thou shall add the Book Of Flavor Flav to the Bible Thou shall make fun of Hindus thou shall not make a "Speed 2" If I were God that's what I'd do Heavens no Hell yeah Hell yeah Hell yeah Hell yeah If I were God I'd get a bunch of slaves to do everything Norwegian lesbians that feed me grapes and know how to sing If I were God thou shall not wear tube socks with Flip-Flops Thou shall sit and thou shall spin thou shall even wife swap Thou shall resist the Olsen Twins, thou shall not cut "Footloose" If I were God that's what I'd do, Heavens no Hell yeah Hell yeah Hell yeah Hell yeah And when they nail my pi
Contest Help
Today at 3pm eastern time I am in a contest. The contest is on Stephanie Lynn's page. I do not have the link to my pic yet for the contest since it is not open yet but I will have Stephanie in my top 5 friends so you can find her page easy. I need lots of comments and rates fast. The contest is : The first 5 people to get 10,000 comments will WIN Auto 11 Bling. Any and all help will be GREATLT APPRECIATED. Thanks.
On the way to work this a.m., I spotted an advertisment on a locksmith's this a bible belt thing? It said..."we'll keep it locked, but jesus is the key"
Battle Of The Sexes Auction - Men
Battle of the Sexes ~ Round IV This will be a Fu-Bucks & Cash Auction (Cash Conversation Rate at Bottom) Remember: The entry with the most rates for their picture will receive a Bling Pack & the top 5 Males (along with the Top 5 Females) auctioned off AGAIN in a LIVE FU-BUCKS ONLY AUCTION in Dirty Deeds Radio Lounge. Check out these luscious men up for auction ~ Go get yourself one... or more!!!
Swagger Like Us Train
Kiss And Tell.
So what if I think you're beautiful? Does that part the seas, does it bend the trees? Do astronauts refuse to fly? Do martyrs suddenly refuse to die? Does the world stop because I want you to love me? Was it a matter of choice a topic of fate? Or did I just wake up one day Fell into my pauper clothes, and decided to grasp the sun? When the truth is, I've been a moon worshiper my whole life. I do love a challenge. I do know... every day I read your face every chance I have to see your thoughts My world becomes an iota better. Does that mean I love you, in some vague language of the mad? I don't love you like the sun. Warm, lifegiving lightbringer. Mother of all, giver of. I love you like salt. Which is no manner of love at all, but if you were to grasp those words How I've grown to make you my life, how your smile can weather me against any unkind, perhaps then you would understand: Without you, simply put, I am. Without sense, without the explosive rapture of I. What I would give t
111508 Dilbert
Please Do This For Me
okay here is the deal.. I love my cousin to death and she lost her mother in January, and she just turned 17. And i found a way that i might be able to do something VERY nice for her if i can get enough feedback on it. There is going to be a new show and its pretty much gonna be to where she could meet her FAVORITE celeb, and i really wanna do that for her... so if you could stop by and vote on both of these for me it would be so much help. and thank you
My Song Of The Moment - Julia Nunes - Maybe I Will (live)
Lyrics to Maybe I Will: This bed is so hot I can not get the covers off they stick to me like leather seats in cars at 80,000 degrees did you leave something behind it looked like nothing at the time now you fear that it's too late They just can't believe that there is nothing between you and me I'd rather plead the 5th than talk about the girl you're still in love with did you leave something behind it looked like nothing at the time now you fear that it's too late But I don't know what I was expecting to find Am I losing my mind or just biding my time Maybe I wont Maybe I will Maybe I wont Maybe I will did you leave something behind it looked like nothing at the time now you fear that it's too late But I don't know what I was expecting to find Am I losing my mind or just biding my time
Dragonphyre Auction
Hydaway Promo
I have some class assignments due tuesday... i have started them but haven't finished them.. I have to work till 430am today and tomorrow should I bring my school work OR my chainmail to work? I wanna work on the chainmail but i should finish the work lol
If I
if i could drink i'd be drunk off a cocktail concocted of love wisdom and peace if i could fly i would be high above sorrow and pain where they couldn't reach me if i could lie i would , underneath the stars wishing i possessed their glory if i could drive i would speed away to where money didnt exist and poverty was only a nightmare if i could forget i would erase the memories of my childhood and if i could draw i would paint a picture perfect past but if i could write ..i would inscribe a poem
ok im not crazy but who the hell is goin to pay 100$ of real money to get fu-married not even gettin benifits whats up with that well just sayin. i know alot of ppl agree
Got the MRI images and report earlier. I have a slight disk bulge between C4 and C5. The syrinx is at the bottom of the scan, not sure exactly what, but I think I'm gonna wind up getting another MRI. This time I'm gonna have them give me something that way I won't twitch. lol.. But I will add more when I find out..
Why Must I Wait
Telling truths has gotten her scared Feeling wanted for all I shared Emotions running to places unknown Where screaming sensations make her moan Looking into my forbidden eyes Wrenches from her, blissful cries Taking time is simply hard When dealing with this youthful bard Twisting thoughts of past betrayal Rendering darkness o so skillful Falling headlong into the light She finds herself searching for insight Distances she traveled, into the new Seeking smiles like morning dew She sees her future without duress For I send her thoughts, away from stress I know the signs she shows me thus They tell a tale from beneath the surface Of long times spent in wasted wandering And lost days she now is pondering A simple twist of cruelest fate Gives her fresh feelings, that do not abate She fears herself much more then I But bottled deeds let her not cry I send her words, the ones not said which fill her heart with unneeded dread She smiles to try to slow our run Bring
I recently lost over 70 lbs and I feel great! but when I was heavier I was call wide loads and chubby chunks. Now that I am smaller most people say that I am big boned and that it doesn't look right, To me I'm just one hot wild pepper and sum...... do you think that they were hating or is it possible that some people just don't look right
I Miss You Lil Mina
Christina L. Waller Feb. 1, 1994 - Dec. 5, 2008 Christina Leanne Waller, of Sierra Vista, Ariz., born Feb. 1, 1994, in Fort Hood, Texas, passed away Dec. 5, 2008. Christina was a student at Tombstone High School in Tombstone, Ariz., and a member of the Tombstone High School Band; she played the baritone and trumpet. She also was learning to play the sousaphone. Christina was a typical teenager and loved to draw, listen to music, take pictures and spend time with her friends and family. She was a loving aunt to her nephew, Alex and niece, Hannah. She is survived by her loving parents, Ty and Sandra Waller; sister, Tasha Waller and her fiancé Erik Alcala; brother, T.J. Waller; and nephew, Alex James Alcala, all of Sierra Vista. God mother Leeann Reaves of Tennessee (formally Sierra Vista), Randy and Nickolas Reaves of Tennessee (formally Sierra Vista). She also is survived by niece, Hannah Marie Waller of Chambersburg, Pa.; maternal grandmother, Anna Marie Kelly of Monroe,
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? None 3. Your hair? Brown 4. Your mother? Alive 5. Your father? Dead 6. Your favorite thing? Sex 7. Your dream last night? Yup 8. Your favorite drink? pop 9. Your dream/goal? Happy 10. The room you're in? Basement 11. Music? ALL 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Hawaii 14. Where were you last night? Home 15. What you're not? Young 16. Muffins? Banana 17. One of your wish list items? Health 18. Where you grew up? Warmth 19. The last thing you did? type 20. What are you wearing? Nothing 21. TV? Soaps 22. Your pets? Many 23. Your computer? Laptop 24. Your life? Sucks 25. Your mood? Depressed 26. Missing som
Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521), Portuguese Explorer:
The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone?none 2. Your significant other? Ill 3. Your hair? black 4. Your mother? vegas 5. Your father? vegas 6. Your favorite thing? bon jovi 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? cherrylimeade 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? everthing 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? happy 16. Muffins? cherry 17. One of your wish list items?happiness 18. Where you grew up? colorado 19. The last thing you did? typed 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? yes 22. Your pets? zoo 23. Your computer? on 24. Your life? unhappy 25. Your mood?
I'm finally back to the online world and to Fubar! I found an awesome house just across the bridge so it's back to just me, my daughter & grandbaby. The past few months have been disappointing at best but they're lessons learned. 'Nuff said. I just got internet hooked up yesterday and THANK GOODNESS NO MORE DIALUP BS!!! I hope to post updated pics soon and make some new friends! We're all unpacked & settled just in time to enjoy Christmas. It's a rough year this year but my grandbaby will have a PERFECT first Christmas!! I can't wait! Happy Holidays everyone!!
two hearts, forever entwined , heart to heart , mind to mind , togather, alone , through sorrow and pain , our hearts will never be the same, forever entwined ,a two for one , a go no go situation, forever togather your heart and mine forever alone. forever entwined.
If You Were In My Head You'd Hate/love This Song
You say yes, I say no You say stop and I say go, go, go Oh, no You say goodbye and I say hello Hello, hello I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello Hello, hello I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello I say high, you say low You say why, and I say I don't know Oh, no You say goodbye and I say hello Hello, hello I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello Hello, hello I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello Why, why, why, why, why, why Do you say good bye Goodbye, bye, bye, bye, bye Oh, no You say goodbye and I say hello Hello, hello I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello Hello, hello I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello hello, hello I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello Hello Hela, heba helloa Hela, heba helloa
well i broke up with my girlfriend just before xmas so i will probably be on here alot more
Dj Killer @ Gods Forsaken Radio
Killer was influenced at a very young age by the music that his older brother listened to and he still loves that music to this day. These bands included Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Ian Hunter, and Thin Lizzy. He will always thank him for that. Killer's favorite bands are Disturbed, Iron Maiden, Dream Evil, Judas Priest, and Helloween. The reason he likes being a DJ is the Live interaction between music and people has always made him happy. Metal unites us and makes us one. So what are you waiting for come and rock out with DJ Killer @ Gods Forsaken Radio!!!!!
Good Morning Kiss
A good Morning Kiss for you..... Your lips meet mine with the touch of a feather likea breeze sweeps over a meadow of heather whispers so sweetly do caress my soft skin, my sleep leave me now, my desires sets in A misted gaze betwix our awakening eyes brings on the passion...with whimpering sighs... the moment so electrical, so full of magic us not making love, t'would be totally tragic Come give me the pleasure of your beautiful kiss like two serpents dancing aplay as they hiss Give me your passion, your heat ..your desire oh wake me my darling, come stoke up my fire.... Entwine me my love with your carnivorous kisses its dream that I want, its one of my wishes once you have fed me, and had your feast too, Hold me my darling, and feel my heart coo... Xanie X
My Very First Auction...woots
Hey Everyone...I'm In My Very First Auction...Help Make It A Good One Lovein On Those Who Put Bids Out. Here's The Link!! ~*HAVE FUN*~ xoxo ♥Nichole
Blog #6 Attention All Sharks
This lovely lady is a true friend. GO show her some love sharks. *Moon*~Irish Assassin~ The official Fu-Spinster & 3rd degree blackbelt in UGLY@ fubar
Why is it when we meet someone we go out of our way on being nice? We make them feel good. Compliments and such. Yet when things start to get comfy, it back fires. Now you go out of your way on being mean. They know you care right? Reassurance is for pansies. Blah. I just want to be a friend. A good one. I'm sorry I suck.
The History Of Pen Pal & Links
The History OF Pen Pals Begins here, we invite you to create history by coming together and making the pen pal community the most sought after network on the net. Informative, innovative and continuously improving Bringing people and cultures together is what we aim to do ~ And did I mention that it was FREE! Join Pen Pals. A free social networking site uniting people across the world We invite you to take advantage of our Classified Ads Center Better than eBay - Join Auction House - List & Sell - Bid & Buy Items - Best of all it's Free
Hey guys, well its the new year.. sorry its taken forever for me to blog on here.. Anyway I have been a busy bee! I have been posting vids on youtube.. (if you wanna watch I am under tinamarie1979) doing school work, being sick, listening to music and generally just being myself. Anyway I am on facebook, myspace and youtube.. Here are the links I love this site So check those out.. rate, comment and subscribe and tell your friends.. oh and here is my blog
I Fuckin Give Up
When Will You Die
When Will I Die by fun quizzes! » » Internet Sweepstakes - IQ Tests - The Dumb Test « « Quizzes | Hollywood Movie Trivia Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quizzes
How Dumb Are You
Dumb Test by fun quizzes! » » Internet Sweepstakes - IQ Tests - The Dumb Test « « Quizzes | Hollywood Movie Trivia Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quizzes
Leveling Blog 356
Cutie & Me@ fubar 1.8 Million with Autos on
hidden perceptions deepest deceptions tainted light surrounds a tourmented soul cuts run deep your mind still sleeps waiting for that which will make it whole shatters dreams muffled screams your silence speaks a thousand words you speak but to me you go forever unheard your blood will not taint me...
Emo Thoughts
This is the sixth year that I will not have a love on Valentine's Day.... Its been six years since my last "real" relationship... Its been 16 months since the last time I "ya know"... I suppose I should be happy with having my kids and all, but I really miss the companionship of a man... Ok, I'm done being emo for now...
200 Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs
1. Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple 2. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Rolling Stones 3. Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream 4. Layla - Derek And The Dominos 5. Oh Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison 6. Iron Man - Black Sabbath 7. Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry 8. Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin 9. You Really Got Me - The Kinks 10. Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses 11. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix Experience 12. Day Tripper - The Beatles 13. Walk This Way - Aerosmith 14. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly 15. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin 16. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd 17. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix Experience 18. Paranoid - Black Sabbath 19. Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne 20. Back In Black - AC/DC 21. Foxey Lady - Jimi Hendrix Experience 22. Frankenstein - Edgar Winter 23. Aqualung - Jethro Tull 24. Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood & Destroyers 25. Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones 26. Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran 27. Money For Nothing -
Own Me For My Bday Plz!!
Lookin For Fun
i'm pebbles,and new to fubar.always home alone in the day & lookin for fun
My Poem22
Dj Tll
1 Year At Fu-queen~it's Time To Get This Woman To Godmother!!
Take On Me
RULES: 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS. 4. Tag 10 friends. 5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing. 6. Have Fun! IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? Gives You Hell HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? I'm Yours WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? Smile In Your Sleep HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Another Postcard WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? If You Think I'm Sexy WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? Youth of the Nation WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? It's Raining Men WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Shook Me All Night Long WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? The Shoop Shoop Song WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? Free Your Mind WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? I Walk the Line WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? I Try To Say Goodbye WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? Cherish
2nd Day
Boredom... gloomy and hideous boredom. Just droppin' in and bloggin' bout nuthin'. Gonna go watch some anime now, kthxbai!
Stem Cell
i would like to know what women think about this type of research....
Say_hey-2009 Ur Tx Stud
GOT SOME TIME 4 THIS AWESOME PERSON! Disciple ~~} Prophet 5,584,722 Points to go! Say_Hey-2009 UR TX Stud HELP HIM LEVEL ADD FAN RATE BLING COMMENT BOMB DO WHATEVER YA GOTTA DO Brought to you By : •• . .ΜFĸŋ JÇ. . ••. . §ëЯ. . ••. .
Iam a mother of three,so if u dont like me just let it be!
Addicted To Love
Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer - Robert Palmer
For All Of My Fu Family N Friends!
Dear My Fu Family n friends! Erotica Comments Hehe! This is for All of You!
Daddy, How Was I Born?
Daddy, how was I born? A little boy goes to his father and asks 'Daddy, how was I born?' The father answers, 'Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Fubar. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said: Scroll down...You'll love this .... 'You got Male!'
I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear this crown of thorns Upon my liar's chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair Beneath the stains of time The feelings disappear You are someone else I am still right here What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt If I could start again A million miles away I would keep myself I would find a way
I Love This Truck
Got me a new truck! I bought a new FORD F150 and returned to the dealer yesterday because I couldn't get the radio to work. The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated. 'Nelson,' the salesman said to the radio. The radio replied, 'Ricky or Willie?' 'Willie!' he continued and 'On The Road Again' came from the speakers. Then he said, 'Ray Charles!', and in an instant 'Georgia On My Mind' replaced Willie Nelson. I drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time I'd say, 'Beethoven,' I'd get beautiful classical music, and if I said, 'Beatles,' I'd get one of their awesome songs. Yesterday, some Mexicans ran a red light and nearly creamed my new truck, but I swerved in time to avoid them. I yelled, 'Ass Holes!' Immediately the Iranian National Anthem began to play, sung by Jane Fonda and Barbara Streisand, backed up by Michael Moore and The Dixie Chicks, with John Kerry on guitar, Al Gore on drums, Dan Rather on harmonic
When you were 15, your mom came home from work, looking for a hug. You thanked her by having your bedroom door locked. When you were 16, she taught you how to drive her car. You thanked her by taking it every chance you could. When you were 17, she was expecting an important call. You thanked her by being on the phone all night. When you were 18, she cried at your high school graduation. You thanked her by staying out partying until dawn. When you were 19, she paid for your college tuition, drove you to campus carried your bags. You thanked her by saying good-bye outside the dorm so you wouldn't be embarrassed in front of your friends. When you were 25, she helped to pay for your wedding, and she cried and told you how deeply she loved you. You thanked her by moving halfway across the country. When you were 50, she fell ill and needed you to take care of her. You thanked her by reading about the burden parents become to their children.
Fun Phone
hi guys if u are horny dont forget to check the web site out
ugh..#1 mom got in a car accident today...... and i get to deal with the irrational fallout from it YET AGAIN   ugh...#2 people need to grow up and act like adults I was recently deleted from a friend's page because i had a differing opinion even though i gave that opinio with the utmost respect to hers. apparently she had to go quietly delete me instead of just saying "hey I don't like your opinion and so im choosing to no longer associate myself with you" She would have gotten my respect for that. Not that she cares about my respect, but obviously she had none for me in the first place.   I give respect to evryone on this site even if they have a differing opinion than mine. Its becoming more and more clear to me that respect given is NOT respect earned. almost everyone is looking for yesmen...... I AM NOT A YES MAN...... I will tell you what I think and if you dont like it tough crap! I am who I am , and I am not changing for anyone, just to "get along" It makes me sick to t
Switch Side
Smile your grace that crazized look on your face your want your need the way u pled the kiss from my lips that makes your hips twist. Your grunt your grain the way u like pain.Teaseing the pleaseing the taste of blood in your mouth. The way u make me scream and shout.Your love of me the way u have trouble saying yes or no the way u know im secretly in control.I'll take u to a high leave u on a low. Letting u know the ways ill please you.i will do what i can to make u understand that with pain the pleasure will follow.I'll treat u like royalty a precious gift made for my bliss.
You Want Me
i'm a 22 year old liking for a one night stand
Deal 0r No Deal
Got a new CableTV deal..Where I thought I gotFree HB0..Well, no..It's FREE H0B0!!!
Friends That Dont' Really Understand
Never Imagined
I've seen majestic mountains tipped in snow....Jellyfish in the water glow, as they passed me by......I've seen my daughters birth....I've lived and learned lifes worth...I've seen the best and seen the worst......I've come in last but always first......I've even tried so hard to forget you that I cried.....I've felt the softest touch.....Been on top and I got crushed.....But I never dreamed I'd live without you in my life......
Trade For Trade
im trading fubucks for bling 100k for 1 bling250k for 2 bling400k for 3 bling500k for 4 bling550k for 5 bling i will only be paying for the person who gets me up to 5 blings first so you better come fast and hard or you just might not get to it little hint on getting more then 550k you buy me 2 blings and then 3 blings -hector
Remeber This?good Song!!
"FOREVER" I sit and wonder of old and new, for life is full of suprises and some times hope I could never in a life time ever forget about you, my thoughts are usaully as clean as soap But every so often a naughty thought appears, that i scare my self with images of past I now see it is not clear, as i truely know we have moved to fast It is all i wish to see, your smile, your face, & eyes, my heart truely bleeds from deep inside of me So much at times, it hurts and i must cry, I will forever be your friend, and this i hope you see You meen so much to my world, i must say, really, my bad, friendship i see, and a great deal more But baby, i never meant to make you sad, you are the most special woman, you make my heart truely sore It's all you baby, with smiles, sunshine, and a hug, sealed with a kiss, you shall forever be within me, as long as water fills the oceans floors Because the time we share are complete and total bliss, these are my wo
I Am Worth It.
I have loved and I have lost. I have hurt and been hurt. I've been lied to, cheated on, rejected, and taken for granted. I may not always let you know how much you've hurt me because I will try to maintain a smile...choosing instead to bear the pain in private. As often as I sometimes do it, few know how much I cry. Even fewer will ever see it. Everyone in my life is there because they choose to be. Should you choose to walk out please know that I will not ask you to stay. I refuse to beg. Those who remain in my life know just how much they mean to me. To all those I've ever hurt in my life, I'm sorry. I pray one day you will forgive me. To all those who have hurt me in my life. You're forgiven. I realize now my best isn't always going to be good enough and that I won't always make everyone happy. I also realize I deserve happiness because dammit, I AM worth it. As much as it may hurt, I will no longer let anyone treat me less than I deserve to be treated because dammit, I AM wor
Aw Sayaka Sayaka!
Some of you may recognize Venus Da Goddess from around fubar (after all tonight is her first happy hour). For those of you that don't, this is Venus Da Goddess: Here is her profile link: I'd like to point out a few things: She a level 27 with no salute. Also the only man in her family claims to be her R/L boyfriend. When you view her profile photos they are all professionally done. So why no salute? Meet Sayaka Ando (feel free to google her for yourself): She's a very famous model from miyagi, japan. This is considered her official site:
I feel the emptiness rise with in me and I can see the grey clouds over my head turn black. Through the cracks of my despair hope comes through. I begin to think posative and smile more with thoughts of you danceing in my mind. My emptiness turns to happiness and my black clouds clear. I see the envisionment of an angel infront of me. Days even months go by and I fall for her more and more. We were happy and enjoying each others company until that night she crushed the hope I had and took my heart and threw it on the floor. She looked at me and said I care for you baby and I love you. I told her I do not believe you care about me but I know you love me. She just brushed it off like it never happened and walked off with blood on her shoes and my heart in ruins on the floor. I told her that she my be a broken angel but I am the shattered man. I am now just a former shadow of my former self because dont know if she truely cares for me or not. As I lie in my bed thinking the thoughts of ha
You Are Not A Sports Fan If...
  Let me clarify for "sports fans" who are mistaking themselves for "true fans".  You are NOT a "True Fan" IF:1)You are only rooting for "your team" because they are doing well or have only recently starting being good.  A "True Fan" supports through bad times as well as good.  You are a "BANDWAGONER"...not a fan!2) You cannot tell me why a team is good, bad, or going to win or lose without backing it up with actual facts and reasons.  "They rule/suck" is not a reason.  You are unknowledgeable...and not a fan (because "you suck")! 3) You are a woman and think that wearing pink-scale attire of your team whether no matter it is a jersey, a hat, t-shirt is an acceptable compromise for showing you are a fan.  Unless your team has pink, it is not a team color.  It is NOT saying I am a woman and I'm a fan, it says "I like my team but don't like their colors and don't want to look bad while supporting them".  You are not a fan!
B'more Electro Mash
got some great feedback from the few people I sent this out here it is to stream, free download enjoy!!!this one is all over the place....Beatles, Kings of Leon, Jaime Foxx, Pittsburgh Slim, JayZ all tweaked & twisted up.
who tagged you ? ASHLEY*grrrr*** You got laid last night, didn't you?--sure didn't. Have you ever had a sleepover with a member of the opposite sex?--i have Do you believe in forever?--i believe in eternity. Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a A?--yes i have What's the biggest annoyance in your life right now?--confusion. When's the last time you embarrassed yourself?--i try not to get embarrassed. but I guess at work I was carrying 2 aventech board and sliped in mudd did a flip and the boards landed on my head Your ex REALLY needs you at 3 am and you have a way to their house would you go?--yeah probably.depending on the problem How many hours did you sleep last night?--about 7. Is there someone you don't ever want to be out of your life?--YEAH JENNY C.....and 3 others Is there someone you want out of your life for good?--i dont have anyone in my life that i dont want there.but there is someone I run into now and  I'd like to see hit by a large bus
What I Want
I want to kiss her everyday.  I want to wake up next to her.  I want to see her eyes open.  I want to hear her say, " I love you."  I want to see her standing next to the fridge just looking.  I want to hear her words every second.  I want to touch her.  I want to look into her eyes, and see her soul looking back at me.  I want to feel her being inside me.  I want to feel her next to me.  I want her to stand her ground when things are bad.  I want her to stand with me when things are good.  I want her to dream of a good life.  I want her to know she is loved.  I want her to know I always have her back.  I want her to know I go nowhere.  I want her to know she is a dream come true.  I want her to know always and forever is more than just words.  I want her to know they pour from lips as if my soul is attached.
Afrocentric Passion
  Her senses were overwhelmed.  The aroma of her Patchouli oil and the Egyptian Musk incense he lit to prepare his home for her clashed-- but the smells only served to fuel her passions.  The mélange of fragrances made her light headed.  Perhaps it wasn't the aromas at all that had her senses so heightened; perhaps it was her incredible desire to feast on the Ebony King before her.  His locs were tied back and the silver ankh on his brown skin appeared to be a key, a master key to her passions and desires.  He untied her sarong and laid his bare brown beauty upon the bed.  Her hard brown nipples ached to be sucked.  The hair between her legs made her look like a real woman, not shaved to look like a child that mainstream culture insisted was sexy.  He joined with her in a union of flesh and spirit: calling upon the untamed passions of the motherland, transforming themselves into one entity united under an African night sky.  She received each thrust and he gave of himself each t
Maybe Word
Sadness knocked my doorMy tears opened that doorWho took my lover??!!I lost my love now?!!Maybe it’s my mistake??Maybe it’s just a running lifetime ‘Maybe ‘word, it has a thousand meaning Maybe it’s not my faultMaybe my time has goneMaybe word is a sea of secretsA sea there is no harbors forOn that painful sea shores, her steps Those steps prince like a wounds wide openedAnd my eyes filling them with tearsMy days are lostMy dreams are burnedThe sun, that shining sunIt set long time now, sleep my poor eyesSleep over my wounds, but please don’t tell my secretsThe one was my soul, she hasn’t set yetShe still in my soul.Maybe it’s my faultMaybe my time has gone!!Every time I try to forgetMy heart yell: I can’tI can’t, but who can ,can.A journey was written long time agoAnd it has to be walked We have to travel.Maybe it’s my mistakeMaybe it’s my faultMaybe my time has goneMaybe word has a thousand meaningMaybe word is a
Your Default Photo... Is Fake!!
I honestly do not know how anyone else feels about this so I am ONLY speaking for how I feel about this (which is absolutely disgusts me) .... But if you have decided that you are going to create a Fubar profile, post a default photo that is some hot dude that you don't even know the first name of, and that default photo is the ONLY picture on your entire profile, you have no Salute and nothing else on your profile that says "the default picture isnt me" then IMHO you are lying. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. And to actually sit there and try to defend misrepresenting yourself with some bullsh*t explanation about how your looks dont matter, you are the person you have represented yourself as in chat? Give me a mfkn break dude!! If you are misrepresenting yourself on any level, you really have NO ARGUMENT to defend yourself. There is really no way to tell what you are lying about and what you aren't. Period.  
Plz Read plz rate and comment this photo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Relationships - Added More
I have been in a relationship with someone for 4 months i love him very much and he tells me he loves me.  Here's the thing it seems like here lately he's been making up excuses not to talk to me and i'm the last person he comments to also i have told him how i feel about this but it still hasn't changed.  What should I do?  break it off with him or talk to him again and give him another chance ? YAY my boyfriend and I talked about this and everything  is going well.  I Love Him So Much  
Ed Mcmahon Dies
Ed McMahon Dies Posted Jun 23rd 2009 8:13AM by TMZ Staff Ed McMahon has passed away at 86.He died at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in California this morning. McMahon was fighting a multitude of health problems, including cancer.Someone connected with the family told us, "Ed was at peace because he got his business taken care of. He settled his lawsuit with Cedars and with the settlement he was able to take care of his family."He is best known as Johnny Carson's sidekick on "The Tonight Show" and for his infamous catchphrase, "Heeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!"McMahon also hosted "Star Search" and "TV Bloopers And Practical Jokes" with Dick Clark.He was a colonel in the United States Marines and a fighter pilot and served during the late 1940s and 1950s.
New Fun Blog...
Alright...I'm gonna give a 1 credit bling out to the person who answers the most of the following questions right...Lets see who knows Woo the best!   1. How many kids do I have? 2. What age did I have my first child? 3. What is my favorite color? 4. Do I actually live in Minneapolis? 5. Who is my favorite painter? Monet, Renoir, or VanGogh 6. What is my favorite kind of dog? 7. What is my favorite fast food place?   Okay folks...try to guess! You can guess more than once!
The Cry Of Mankind...
I hate that I can never figure out how to post a video in a blog unless its as a comment...   Gimme an extra second to post the video :p
Ally Way
Ally WayAfter a long night of dancing in a club, watching the strippers do there dance. All you can think of is the smell of cigarettes in the air with the slight hint of perfume. The drinks that just kept coming and of coarse the beautiful breasts that were in your face most of the night, especially these one pair. You sigh and remember these beautiful breasts that were perky, no scars so and didn’t look fake at all.  The light smell of roses were all over them. Those breasts were attached to this wonder full beauty that came out in the best outfit. She started out the show in this black and red velvet corset that tired up the front allowing her voluptuous breasts poke up and look like with any wrong move they would fall out. Bottoms was that of a pair of booty shorts velvet with red ties up sides that matched the corset. Her knee high boots made her even more lovely as they pushed her ass out in all the right places. Her hair was down in slight ringlets, it was the color of  th
Tonight Is For U
U walk in the house, candles burning, music playing, and rose petals lay through the house. U remove your coat and before it can hit the floor I catch it. U turn to me and see me holding a towel over my arm. I kiss u and say "welcome home my love." U ask "What is going on?" I say "Shhhhhhh" then lead u to the bedroom. U hear water running from the bathroom. I sit u in a chair and remove your shoes. I stand u up, turn u around, and slowly remove your shirt giving u a kiss on the back of your neck. Then I remove your bra and skirt kissing u on your lower back. I slowly remove your panties and stockings, then guide u to the bathroom.     Candles line the tub, music plays, and the scent of oils fill the air. I help u into your bubble bath filled with rose petals. U sit slowly relaxing into the hot bath. I begin to bath u starting with your feet moving up your legs to your thighs. I move up to your shoulders massaging them as I wash them. I stand u up so I can get your back. I wash your bac
Break Up
The following text conversation started at 3:30 pm, while I was still at work.   Guy:    Hey BabyGuy:    I miss youGuy:    Oh, you don't have your phoneGuy:    TearsGirl:    What?Guy:    I was cryingGirl:    Why?Guy:    Cause I am sadGirl:    Why are you sad?Guy:    I miss you a lotGuy:    ......, I need to ask you somethingGirl:    What is it ......?Guy:    Are you thinking of breaking up with me?Guy:    And be honestGirl:    Unfortunately yes. I haven't said anything yet because it is the hardest thing i have ever done. I do love you, I just don't think I am in love with you.Guy:    It's ok. I kinda thought that's what it was when we talked last.Girl:    I am so sorry .......Guy:    It's okGirl:    Are you sure?Guy:    I knew this would happenGuy:    I saw it in a dream a week agoGirl:    Really?Guy:    YeahGuy:    I have been crying all weekGuy:    So i knewGirl:    What did you see in your dream?Guy:    You leaving meGuy:    Tears in your eyes, but me smilingGuy:    Why I am smil
Batter Up. Time Talk About Baseball.
Hello Everyone.I hope that you are doing well today. It's been some years now since I've watched anything on Entertainment Tonight. But I remember one time Leonard Maltin showed a movie trailer with the legendary Babe Ruth coming into aclassroom and telling kids it was time to play baseball..There is an anime coming out called Big Wind Up. It will be released by Funimation Entertainment and the manga creator is Asa Higuchi, plus the director is Tstomu Mizushima. This is not the first time that I've seen baseball beingcovered by anime. The Japanese people have for a very long time had amfascination with baseball. ADV Film released an anime series called, Princess Nine - a story about a girls baseball team. I've seen baseball episodes in manyanime series like Maison Ikkoku (Note: Chachamaru was the name of the baseballteam in Maison Ikkoku.), Ultra Manic, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Yumeria. Even in the World Encyclopedia of Comics, edited by Maurice Horn, it shows on page 433 an
Considering I bought myself autos sometime in the past, I'm thinking I should actually use them this week.   Anyone who could throw me a few rates, it would be appreciated.   Thank you in advance, in case I forget to thank you after :p
i feel im watching the world and its in slow-motion. i see the social parasites sniffing out new hosts. i observe with disdain the machinations of the spiritually-challenged, the emotionally stunted, the unenlightened. i cringe while in the presense of the oblivious wretched masses, their ignorant slurs, disjointed vernacular, lazy attempts at commnication. im appalled by what passes for acceptable behavior. where has this species gone wrong? who told people to ignore it and hope its just a "phase"?for there is not a carpet big enough to sweep this horrifying trend underneath. the right ones dont speak and the wrong ones wont shut the fuck up. i hope it wont be a war between the races. i hope its a war between the cognitively sound and the fucking braindead human filth that are slowing draining this world of all light and warmth.i wish to close my eyes sometimes so i wont see too much and then wont care, block it all out and end up like THEM.
A Life Challenge
Hey guys, I'M BACK!! Another Tuesday morning and I'm up at 5 in the I'm going to write the blog about one of the MAJOR things that we all do: COMPLAIN!! When we complain--we usually gripe, bitch, mope, sometimes throw tamtrums, or just simply say things that irks us. But what do we ACTUALLY get out of just complaining about something we can't change?? Nothing...that is unless we do something about it right?? I remember when I complain, someone will always tell me " Suck it up and press on with what you're doing" And it usually happens in many different situations and I become very if we could just stop complaining for a day, let's see how much of a difference it'll make---I think we'll look at many things from a postive outlook and say " you know it could be worse..." But as far as our GOVERNMENT is concerned: I will complain about that, but I will also do something about it...If all of you feel that our government is full of shit and they take this coun
Linkin Park - New Divide
I remembered black skiesThe lightning all around meI remembered each flashAs time began to blurLike a startling signThat fate had finally found meAnd your voice was all I heardDid I get what I deserveSo give me reasonTo prove me wrongTo wash this memory cleanLet the floods crossThe distance in your eyesGive me reasonTo fill this holeConnect this space betweenLet it be enough to reach the truth that liesAcross this new divideThere was nothing insideThe memories left abandonedThere was nowhere to hideThe ashes fell like snowAnd the ground caved inBetween where we were standingAnd your voice was all I heardDid I get what I deserveSo give me reasonTo prove me wrongTo wash this memory cleanLet the floods crossThe distance in your eyesAcross this new divideIn every loss in every lieIn every truth that you denyAnd each regret and each goodbyeWas a mistake too great to hideAnd your voice was all I heardDid I get what I deserveSo give me reasonTo prove me wrongTo wash this memory cleanLet the f
Man Finds 35 Pounds Of Marijuana In Car's Gas Tank A man who brought his newly bought car in to see why the gas gauge always read half full got quite a surprise: a stash of marijuana hidden inside. A mechanic in Sandy who took a look at the gas tank discovered about 35 pounds of pot, which Sandy police say is worth about $35,000. The packages of drugs were wrapped in plastic and could have been in the tank for several months. The Nissan Armada had several different owners and was once a rental car. Police are trying to figure out who stashed the drugs in the tank. Police say the current owner is not a suspect.
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All's Fair In Love.........and War!
How many times have you heard the old saying....All's fair in love and war.  The more you become involved with someone in a relationship.....the more that saying rings true.  That may not be true for many........but, it seems as if I can attest to the truth of far as marriages go.  Is it that you become comfortable with your partner, then when things begin to go south......comfort turns into an all out battle royale!  I guess in my case, being a nice uy always backfires and ends up bitting you on the backside!  Maybe someday I will learn........Is that possible for a man?
The Glass Heart
I offered you friendship But you wouldn't take it I tried to show you love But you couldn't fake it I offered you my body But you wouldn't break it So I cut my heart out And placed it in your hands With my dying words I told you Only you were able to break it I fell to the ground dead As my heart turned to glass in your hands My dying words echoing in your head © 2009 by G.R.Kuder
Black Eyes
its sad that when u need a friend the most it turns out u only have one true local friend... and they can't get off work to be there for u .. then the other friends that would be there for u ... have to travel. i be in the hospital on oct. 26th giving birth to a baby i am not keeping and i get to come outta surgery to be alone.
Emotional Affairs
Could You Be Having an Emotional Affair? Flirtatious e-mails. Cell phone heart-to-hearts. Perfectly harmless working lunches. It's a new kind of adultery. There's no sex, but psychiatrist Gail Saltz knows trouble when she sees it. By Gail Saltz from "O, The Oprah Magazine" A client I'll call Sharon knew that something was missing in her marriage. She and Robert used to be passionate about each other, she said, but after 12 years and two children, she felt removed. Robert never asked her about work or what she was worried about or felt like doing. She was no longer attracted to him, and they rarely spent time alone together. Instead, she threw her energy into raising the children and her job as a paralegal. Life had become bland. Then there was Todd. He'd been at the law firm longer than Sharon and showed her the ropes. They would discuss complicated cases, and Sharon found his enthusiasm engaging. They'd grab coffee together, and soon coffee became lunch, and lunch led to phone call
The Biker
THE BIKER* I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall.I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief.I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless.I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves.But, you didn't see me, and my brothers donate our old ones to those that had none. I
Hala Hala
BODY,.aolmailheader {font-size:10pt; color:black; font-family:Arial;} a.aolmailheader:link {color:blue; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal;} a.aolmailheader:visited {color:magenta; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal;} a.aolmailheader:active {color:blue; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal;} a.aolmailheader:hover {color:blue; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal;} dios mio ella me hala   Lord God heavenly father    as she lights a white candle in my name and prays for nothing but happiness and purity in my life as she lights a white candle in my name and prays for nothing but happiness and purity in my life as she lights a white candle in my name and prays for nothing but happiness and purity in my life   she pulls me closer to her   as she prays lord for me to be rid of all that's holding me down   she pulls me closer to her and my happiness with her   as she prays for my success in all my goals that i have set befor
Love Like A RoseCategory: Writing and PoetryLike the thorns prick, sometimes you wound my heartLike the red bulb, so is the blood from my heartLike the leaves on the stem, I hope you never leave meLike the green of the stem, your love for me I so envyLike the rose blossoms, each day my love blossoms for youLike the sweet smell of a rose, so are you just as sweetLike the red of the bulb, so is my passion for youBut like every rose, roses eventually wilt and dieJeremy
Been Gone...
I'm sure someone has noticed that I'm MIA from here....I don't feel like I fit in around here anymore and just have a general lack of interest to even log in. So if anyone wants to keep in touch my yahoo ID is StephML617 or facebook me...I'm Stephany Lamb :)     (h)s to everyone!
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Much Love!!!
Whats good fubar!!! This yaboy Loe Hoosier, I just wanted to get at my friends, fam, n fans and let yall know that i appreciate all the love a nigga got when i was down. Shot out to my Jersey devil BJ, momma rode out wit the boy his whole bid n that right there is love fasho! You already know what it is babygurl...Much love fareal. My BM n my homegurl Fe for lookin out when nobody else would or could, we day oners so yall already know what it is!!!! Im home now its on n poppin yadig! To my Holland hottie Ivory Delight for checkin on the boy from halfway across the world lmao its all love sexybutt thank you bay. My gurl Babygurl another day oner, I love you shawty n cant wait to see you fareal. you know whats up! You stuck wit me...(inside joke) lol And a great big shotout to my sister Tiny for keepin my page poppin n exceptin my calls at all times of the day lmao I love you to life momma words cant explain fareal. To everyone else that kept me in thier thoughts n prayers, I truly appre
" Dried-out Roses" By: Becca Woolf
Old red roses, dry and dead, Wilted petals fall instead, He once gave to me to keep. Those days they lagged like lonely sleep, And now they sit as time has passed, Alone, without a love at last. With shadows of out old love cry, And wilted roses that won't die, A phone with no one there to call, I try to forget, but dont at all. I once left your name to find, I called it sweet, and good and kind. But when i found it, it was gone. You took it back and then moved on. And so I sit here, cold and blue, With nothing more for me to do But sit, with nothing left to say And throw the roses all away.
The Truth
Islam a peaceful religion? My Ass! Millions of these warped misled sons-of-bitches are plotting,  as we speak, to destroy our country and our way of life  any way they can. Some of them are here among us now. They don't want to convert you and don't want to rule you. They believe you are a vile infestation of Allah's paradise. They don't give a shit how "progressive" you are, how peace-loving you are, or how much you sympathize with their cause. T
Excuses, Excuses
I worked for a judge for a spell, and the judge's bailiff had an excuse jar on her desk.  When things in the courtroom were slow and/or I got tired of flirting with all the lawyers who showed up for court hearings or just to flirt with me (and to be reprimanded--on the record--for doing so), I'd sometimes empty out the excuse jar and read through all the sad, crumpled, tear-stained excuses. My favorite was that of a man who was searched by the police, only to have them discover drugs in his pants pocket.  His excuse? "They weren't my pants."   It was unclear whether he got off.  Har, har.
Man, born in spring flame, child of fire,   Ruled by understanding and passion. Woman, born in winter cold, child of water & earth,   Ruled by love and compassion. Forced to seperate by anger and jealousy, not their own.   Long years they have searched through pain and sorrow. Both gain a balance they once lost.   Body, heart, mind & spirit, one never far from another. As one we breath, As one we love, As one we live....
Sexual activities whilst in the bath.
Reposted From Night Wycth
    I came into ShockWave not really expecting the hospitality that was shown to me. For that, I must thank all of you. These past two years have been really difficult for me and I couldn't really deal with people. Everywhere I looked I saw my friends turn into enemies. Because of that I had retreated back into myself and severed myself from the world. I just went about every day like a zombie. I figured that going into lounges and getting back in tune with people would be good medicine for me. However, that was not the case. I've been in plenty of lounges and in each lounge I felt out of place. Then when I came into ShockWave I was surprised at the kindness and hospitality of the members and staff. Y'all made me feel at home and shown me that there are still people out there with love and kindness in their hearts. I appreciate all of you and I am proud to be a part of the family. I love y'all very much.   Love and Light,   Danielle   AKA "Night Wytch"
Where I've Been
Last yr this time I had a job and my kids all together. In Nov the younger ones dad tried to take me to court for full custody, I won but he got unsurpervised visits. Some already knows the situation and do know that he has a bad history of mental and physical abuse towards me and the kids and is using drugs and an alcoholic with a heart desease. Then in Jan. they stopped a massive stroke when my oldest boy took me to the ER because I had a severe headache and throwing up everywhere. I did have a full time job, not much but had the bills paid and was able for once in my life to go on a trip alone and get some RR (never been seperated and had kids all of my adult life to take care of) Met some wonderful and loving people. Lost a good friend do to some drama that happened too. In March my, then, 7yr old cussed me out one day and I pulled his pants down and spanked his butt for it. The next morning (worked 3rd) I came home and 2 hrs later the dfs and cops was at my door saying I sent h
Besides being insanely gorgeous, this woman is also intelligent, self-sufficient, talented, and above all, the only person in this world who knows me completely! Without her, sometimes, I'd be so lost! It's also her birthday, so go show her mad love! ♥♥ Compa$$ ♥♥ ~E.C.S.~ ♥♥@ fubar    

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