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Things That Make Me Smile
Picking up a Great Friend at the Airport....... Showing up at a motel, and having your Non-Smoking Room not available.....Going to a new motel, unpacking and leaving so quickly, you don't even know the address.......Leaving a Jolly Roger at Bubba Gump's.........Driving aimlessly around San Francisco looking for your motel that you don't know where you left it........Sharing a bottle of wine with a Great Friend.......Leaving a Jolly Roger at the Motel..... Giving a neck and shoulder massage....... Going to the Golden Gate Bridge and walking it....... Leaving a Jolly Roger on the GG Bridge....... Going wine tasting with your Great Friend in Napa Valley and leaving a Jolly Roger....... Driving around SF looking for your motel........ Sharing a nice lunch/snack with your Great Friend....... Going to a professional baseball game, wondering why there are no cars in the parking lot and looking at your tickets and realize it was a day game, NOT a Night game..... Going to a Karaoke bar and list
Something To Thing About
The Package A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. For many months he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom, and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted. As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his father had purchased the car. Finally, on the morning of his graduation, his father called him into his private study. His father told him how proud he was to have such a fine son,and told him how much he loved him. He handed his son a beautifully wrapped gift box. Curious, but somewhat disappointed, the young man opened the box and found a lovely, leather-bound Bible, with the young man's name embossed in gold. Angrily, he raised his voice to his father and said, "With all your money, you give me a Bible?" and stormed out of the house, leaving the Bible. Many years passed and the young man was very successful in business. He had a beautiful home and won
I'm Tired Of This Woman!!
I reposted a bulletin earlier about Cindy Sheehan. While I fully support the right of people to protest the war, I cannot stomach the way this woman goes about her business. "30 November 2005 Cindy Sheehan has a secret Good afternoon ladies and gents, I hope you are all having a great day. I have been surfing the net trying to find the truth about Cindy Sheehan's politics. Since this past summer she has been all over the media with her story of her son Casey who was killed by Iraqi terrorists working for Shia cleric and well known rotund dimwit Moqtada Al-Sadr. Casey as we all know by now was an American hero who reenlisted in Iraq and volunteered to go on the mission that killed him. His mother has been waging her own personal jihad against George W. Bush since Casey's death. A bereaved mother is allowed her grief and an American citizen is allowed to protest. Both of those things are sacrosanct to Americans. But, when a woman uses her son's death to advance her own political age
Another day and it's still the same, the cops say they don't know their names. Email after email keeps coming in, reminding me of what I endured back then. It's hard to have sweet dreams, when they're in all of them, it seems. I see their faces each night in my mind, over and over that night replays all the time. When will it stop? When will it end? When will the cops catch these three men? Fear is an emotion that I've always beat, but now it seems to be getting the best of me. I've got to get my mind on something else before I give in to fear and lose myself. I don't know what it is to quit because I'm a fighter. Once these rapists are caught my world will be so much brighter. My children are the only reason I've kept it together. If it weren't for them things would never seem better. This has to end and it must be soon because I hate myself being in this mood. I just want to be happy and carefree. But is that possible after what they did to me? If I could just
Men Are Evil
Wow, so I haven't posted on here forever. So much has happened. I'm done trying to get back together with my ex-fiance Justin. Everything that he's said for the last year or so, has turned out to be a lie, which he told me himself. He was just going to string me along, and wait until the day before I was supposed to go to Nebraska to visit my family to tell me everything. Well, fuck that, and him too. I don't need his drama and bullshit. He's trying his best to hurt and punish me for breaking up with him. He's convinced that I broke up with him for my ex, Dustin, who is my daughter's father. That isn't the case, but I could never convince him of that. Then more recently, one of my other exes, and good friends came to visit me. Aarron as far as I was concerned was to close to perfect when we dated. I was totally in live with him. I never really got over him. Well, that all came to a screaming halt. He came and stayed with me for about a week. The whole time, I thought, he just neede
The Secret, Tv, Radio
Hello Readers; If you are in Phoenix, you are invited to my next New Moon Party. May 20th from 5:00 PM to? Call 602-265-7667 for reservation and don’t expect me to call you back, just show up. Bring your swimming suit and a couple of friends too. Hopefully I will have my new book “Beyond The Secret” and all of you will get it for half price. Tune in the next day or May 21st from 11 to 12 AM PT for another radio show with Bonnie Coleen Host/Producer, Seeing Beyond Talk Radio Listen to the show I will talk about the power of the moon over women and our life in general then explain much more why “The Secret” is a deceiving unfinished project and all the answers you really need are in my new book “Beyond The Secret” and can become yours if you study “The Universal Code” and build Cosmic Consciousness. I will offer my 2007 Moon Power book for free only on CTC so as always ask George and Tom to get me on the air to get it for free. George Noory
I painted a pool this week that I'm kinda proud of. It was the first time I took a logo and scaled it up, in this case 10x10 feet. Whatcha think?
Unwed Fathers- Rights Under South Carolina Law
Ok advice needed on this issue & delima. Seems in South Carolina an unwed father has no rights to custody under the SC code of laws, BUT at the sametime the state can go after the father for child-support. This seems a lil contradictive. How is it a man can father a child out of wedlock and not have any rights to custody or say so in the childs well being and still be forced to support? Now mind you I am not saying a man should not support his child, what I am trying to find out is WHY he has no other rights to the child. This information about the unwed father's rights was told to the unwed mother BY a SC lawyer. I have been looking all over the web to find the answers, but I keep coming up empty. This really concerns me being the mother of a unwed father and his rights to my grand child. I need some advice. If anyone is familiar with SC Family Law, please contact me or post your advice. Thank you in advance for all your help. SaTiVa ALL PARENTS WED OR UNWED SHOULD HAVE EQU
30 Pieces Of Star Wars Trivia
The original Star Wars film was released on 25 May 1977. Much to the surprise of many involved in the project, including the studio which backed it, it became a runaway success. The celebrate the movie's 30th anniversary here are 30 facts and figures related to the film which influenced a new generation of film-makers. THE MAKING OF STAR WARS 1. The first trailer for the film hit cinemas six months before it was to open - with tag lines such as "the story of a boy, a girl and a universe" and "a billion years in the making" - as executives hoped to drum up some interest in a film they had little faith in. 2. Made on a budget of $11m (Ł5.5m) it made $215m (Ł108m) in the US during its original release, and $337m (Ł170m) overseas. The final film in the franchise - Revenge of the Sith - cost about $113m (Ł57m) to make. 3. It was originally called The Star Wars, but "the" was dropped fairly early on in the creative process. 4. The full title Star Wars: Episode IV: A N
New Adult Only Community...
hahah todays movie listing times hahah yay it starts at 4:20 hahah a must see High film=Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: in Digital Projection (PG-13, 168 min.) 12:40pm | 4:20pm |
Out Of The Hospital Early
Hey ya'll! I wanted to let you know my surgery went great and I got to come home from the hospital even earlier then expected. My doctor said my ankle was a real mess, it had all sorts of bone spurs and cysts and it's a good thing we got to it when we did. They re-broke the bone, took out the bad joint, cleaned out all the yicky stuff from around the joint, fused the bones together, and then put two screws in to hold it in place. I was in the hospital for about 9 hours when they decided I was doing so well that I could come home early. :-) Since I have been home I have to take my pain medicine every four hours, and my body has gotten on a pretty odd schedule of sleeping for four hours, and waking up for one. I am currently up to take my medicine and thought I would get on CT and let you all know how I'm doing. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent my way, I appreciate them more then I can explain!
Dingo's Going Away Party
Parking In Germany
Not A Thing
if it bucks ride it
Orgasms happen in different degrees they can be mild as a half-hearted sneeze but sometimes an orgasm makes people twitch ans the feeling is better than scratching an itch occasionally orgasms feel really hot and a moan is released when it hits the spot some orgasms make people burst at the seams and the whole room will echo with mind-blowing screams but the pleasure that can make the whole body fizz is the multiple orgasm - rare as it is yes orgasms thrill causing shivers and shakes but the commonest kind is the one that she fakes!!
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The Brats Creed
~The Brat's Creed~ If I like it, it's mine. If I think it's mine, it's mine. If I want it, it's mine. If I saw it first, it's mine. If I give it to you and change my mind later, it's mine. If I can take it away from you, it's mine. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine. If it's in my hand, it's mine. If it's in my mouth, it's mine. If it just looks like mine, it's mine. If you even so much as think of it, it's mine. If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way. If it's mine it will never belong to anyone else no matter what. If we are building something together, all the pieces are mine. If you show me anything, then it's mine. If you go out and buy something, then show it to me, it's mine. If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine. If it belongs to a lover of mine, it's mine. If it looks like mine, it's mine. If it's broken, then it's yours.....
It is so nice when you can re-connect with people from the past. You are older and, maybe, wiser. It seems like lots has happened in life, but realy not much has. Feelings are there but maturity is saying to hold back, wait until the right time, but keep the talking going. Life is interesting, and always full of suprises. Just remember that there is always some one who likes you and you have no clue.
Huh I Wonder If I Should Go To The Doctors.
i used to way like 150 lbs. [i'm also 5 10] but now acordding to most scales i'm between 120-130. which is really werd & it really bugging me. idk why but i'm flipping out ot. i think i better go to the doctors. plus i think my ex gave me my infection back. that fuck face! more meds for me i guess
Why? A Crow Tribute Video..
My Decorating Style
I know you were all dying to know my decorating style. Aren't you glad I share these things? :) By the way, you, too, can take this quiz at
#2...feeling Very Hot...mmm...
I would love to lick the precum off the head of your cock, and push my tongue against your rock hard cock all the way down to your balls.....licking your balls, and then gently sucking them one at a time into my hot moist I reach up and take your cock into my hand and start jerking you off as I am sucking your balls.... and as you play with my nipples, they go hard and long....I start to moan, and I deeply sigh still sucking and take me by my face and make me stop, and u pull me up to you and kiss me oh so hard but passionately....I let a moan out wanting u to fuck me, but you have more and better plans for me.... u are still kissing me and playing with my nipples, and you move down to my neck, kissing and licking...u reach my nipples and start to lick and suck on one, and I take a deep breath in,'s such a turn on for me to have my nipples played with and you knows this...u take my other breast and u take both nipples into your mouth and suck
Good News
ok yall...guess what? I am pregnant! 5 1/2 weeks wooooohoooo....feeling a little shitty with morning sickness but otherwise i am good :)
So, at 2:47 am, a horrible realization hits me. I NEED to be alone. I havent been 100% completely UNATTACHED from someone since prolly '04. Yes actually, thats right. Now, Im not a slut, but I always seem to have attachments. And with barely anytime betwe en the abusive mentally fucked up one, the emotional rollercoaster of a boyfriend who couldnt "handle" my life ( 2 fucking years goddamnit!), the one who didnt know how to "be there" for me, the two cheating boyfriends, the one that left came back left came back again and used me, I havent had any "alone" time. I am a jumble of emotions ranging from compassion and love, to rage and revenge. I feel like I need to be alone for awhile. No emotional attachments, no trusting anyone but myself, no "love". No nothing. I refuse to allow myself to get into another abusive relationship, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. If I get into one, I will end up hating everyone and anyone, I will die alone. And that is not something
Our Troops
You stay up for 16 hoursHe stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket.He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes.He wears
Needing Help
come on in and help the beautiful MILF by rateing her and leaving a few comments,,all favors will be returned thanks
Human Suffering
Where is the source of human grief, lamentation, pain and agony? Is it not to be found in teh fact that people are generally desirous. They cling obstinately to lives of wealth and honor, comfort and pleasure, excitement ad self indulgence, ignorant of the fact taht the desire for these very things is the source of human suffering. From its beginning, the world has been filled with a succession of calamities, over and above the unavoidable facts of illness, old age and death. But if one carefully considers all teh facts, one must be convinced that at teh basis of all suffereing lies the principle of craving desire. If avarice can be removed, human suffering will com to an end. Ignorance is manifested in greed that fills the human mind. It comes from the fact taht men are unaware of teh true reason for the succession of things. From ignorance and greed there spring impure desires for things that are, in fact, unobtainable, but for which men restlessly and blindly search. Because
Statix Underground
Come join the 24/7 "Happy Hour" Party at STATIX UNDERGROUND! Click the tags to enter the party... Come chill with the best music on Fubar...
You Tell Me
I recently worked with a photographer who had the creative image to stage a girl on girl rape scene. The models that we were working with on the set were never advised that this would be part of the days shooting or that some partial nudity would be asked of them. I know as a guy I’ll be told to be quiet but I really felt bad for the girls as some of them were very uncomfortable with the direction of the shoot as their age ranged from 16-24 and some had never posed for a nude in their life. In the case of one young lady I insisted that she voice her concerns to the photographer and that if she felt uncomfortable not to shoot those specific shots. The model in question started to pose for the pics against her better judgement and broke down on the set. I spoke with the photographer directly expressing my concern for the girls and the fact that none of us (myself included) were informed that the shoot would take that direction. I guess it sounds silly but as a man I was repulse
If You Ever Fawkin......
Need You All
#7 The Charioteer/warrior
#7's The Charioteer / Warrior )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( If your birth number is a 7, then your Tarot Card Association is the Charioteer. ***Characteristics: If you are using your energy in a positive manner, you are Energetic, Outgoing and Positive. You have the ability to conquer whatever challenges you may face. You are a Self- Starter and a Go-Getter. You are Self-Motivated and a good Competitor. ***Traits associated with the use of Negative Energy: If you are using your energy in a negative fashion, you may exhibit Imbalance, Uncontrolled Emotions, and You may make Hasty Decisions. You may Fail to Face Reality. You may be Unsuccessful no matter how hard you try. You may show Little or No Compassion or Tenderness. ***Actions which may block Positive Energy: Having a Fear of Failure. Feeling as if there is no point to accomplishing goals and objectives. Believing that you have not ever accomplished anything or that you e
{cc} Club
Well...someone started up the Man Haters Club yesterday, which was quickly followed by the Men Who Love the Man Haters Club...and since I like to steal ideas and not join in other people's clubs, I made my own club. {CC} Club... where our motto is: BOOOOBS!!!! How to join? Simple: ask me nicely, and show me your boobs. You don't have to do it here, you can do it in a private message. Then, in 6-8 weeks, you will receive your ID badge and...nothing. Well, besides the respect and admiration of boob lovers everywhere for your willingness to blatantly support boobs wherever they may droop.
Fall Cleaning
Over the next little while i am deleting people of my friends list. These are the people that never bother to contact me and they just sit on my list. If you wish to stay on my list please let me know. People that i stay in contact on a fairly regualar basis know who you are and will stay on my list. I don't expect to talk on a day to day basis. But an occasional hi is welcome. So if you just added me to your list for the points and have never contacted me since will be deleted. Again let me know if you want to stay on my list so i don't delete you by accident. Thanks! Lucy
To Jonathan
For putting up with my stupid "xxxxxxx is using a different version of Yahoo! Messenger. Certain features may be unavailable." message every 2 minutes. And talking to me anyway ;)
I have something that I wrote about addiction,Read and fell it... you will know what I mean: Dear Addiction, How are you old friend,enemy,Lover,hater- all the above.It's been awhile since I've been graced,or should I say disgraced with your cunning,baffling,powerful presence.You had me fooled through so many tears.I wish I could relieve all those years,but since I won't even try. Now I know life is worth living and don't wish to die anymore. You lose,I'm in control and have a real good hold.You know there are a few things I have to say now that I'm stronger,bolder and badder.I'm not going under cause Bang, He came to me like thunder,MY HIGHER that is and this time I walk away forever-Thats all I have to say. Don't bother waiting for me because after I shut the door there's no turning back,like I've done before.I'm His child now,hard to the core.My only prayer is for all those Hearts your still going to break.But me and my FRIENDS the ones you have no more- we will be waiting to cat
All Tied Up!
well guys looks like at this moment im tied in the competition :D i have 21,812 comments with 141 rates :D:D and she (lil devil) has 21,535 comments with 468 rates! :O it has been the two of us back and forth for the past couple days please, if you havent rated and commented yet, go do it!! i need help from all my friends!!!! every rate and comment counts, so anything you can do is appreciated :) CLICK PHOTO TO VOTE (rate and comment) i love you guys! thanks for all the help :D:D **muah** ((((hugs))))
Grandma's Missing
Grandma's missing! THE COMPUTER SWALLOWED GRANDMA The computer swallowed grandma. Yes, honestly its true. She pressed 'control' and 'enter' And disappeared from view. It devoured her completely, The thought just makes me squirm. She must have caught a virus Or been eaten by a worm. I've searched through the recycle bin And files of every kind; I've even used the Internet, But nothing did I find. In desperation, I asked Jeeves My searches to refine. The reply from him was negative, Not a thing was found 'online.' So, if inside your 'Inbox,' My Grandma you should see, Please 'Copy', 'Scan' and 'Paste' her And send her back to me! Author Unknown
Rip Sassy.
My Cat Sassy had to be put to sleep yesterday. She had Cat alzheimers, was severely dehydrated and since the day before couldn't even stand up. :( RIP Sassy April 8 1991 - Sep 4 2007.
Too Funny. Sound Is Needed
Test Results In
Sooo, my mother got her test results back and it appears she does have cancer. She will go in for surgery in a few days to have over 30 lymp nodes removed that were contaminatied by the cancer. She then will have to go through radation 5 days a week for 5 weeks. They are unsure of what kind of cancer it actually is. They have ruled out Lymphoma, Melonoma, and Breast cancer. The cancer board at the hospital is currently running tests and attempting to determine the type. I have only talked to my mother once since all this was discovered and we didn't actually talk, she talked around me to other people in the room. My sister asked her if she had called me and let me know what the results of the test were and my mothers response was "If I knew my mother was going through this I would call her" to which my sister respoded "If it was my daughter I would call her and let her know" Don't get me wrong, I'm concerned for my mothers health but I'm not devestated by it, if that makes any sens
Do You Qualify????????????????
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The Band "sick Of Hate"
Their music is on the guitarist's page here on fubar... Sick of Hate@ fubar Check them out
My Friends
i want to see who my friends are on here i need 18,000 to level up to go to a pimp can i get some help plez thank you so much
Ok, So At Least If You End Up On A Train Like The One Described, You'll Realize That They Just Might Be Trying To Kill You.
Tortured Love
The thought of your hands lightly caressing my stomach turns me on. Wanting to feel your body pressed against mine. Waiting for that heated embrace that will drive me to distraction. As this attraction pulls us together. Needing to taste the salt of your skin. As I trail kisses down your chest. Teasing touches of my tongue. Drives you to distraction. My fingers tangling in your hair. As I gently pull. I hear your breath catch. As I glide my lips across your stomach. My hand encircles your engorged manhood. Slowly moving up and down. Mimicking the motion of sex. Desiring to hear you moan before I take you in. I softly bite that hollow right next to your hip. Your body jerks as my tongue massages the spot I just bite. Slowly kissing my way up your rib cage. I can feel your cock getting larger in the palm of my hand. As your flesh trembles under my lips. Telling me that I am having an effect on you. As I lift my head looking you directly in the eyes. While I lick my lips. I watch your ey
Hello Ladies Dom here from bklyn NY. I am looking to meet someone for some fun times and maybe more. if your also interested in meeting someone give me a chance.. i have aol and yahoo messengers.The names are on my profile. hope to talk to you soon . DOM
I Wonder!
Ok i wonder is it to much to as when u think u find someone u really care about and have deep feelings for them to be faithful to u and not have to be flirty with others etc i mean if u really care for someone and want to make it work and u think this may be the one is it really worth it to lose it for a simple flirt or a cyber or anything like that? someone make me understand, if u find that special someone that makes ur heart skip a beat and is on ur mind all the time why would someone risk that?i mean yes have friends talk etc but know when to draw the line!and have respect for the one ur trying to commit to! or am i wrong? i mean theres flirty but then theres down right flirty hard 2 explain! i dont know maybe its just me but if i have a connection with someone abd my heart does skip a beat and hes all i think about i would want to cherish that and keep it and try everything to make it happen,but thats just me! thanks had to vent!
I Will Miss Mr. 25
Tonight is Barry Bonds last game in San Francisco. We as Giants fans will miss him greatly, I know I truely will. The Giants will be boring for years to come, so be ready Giant fan. Barry Bonds gave us 15 years of Awesome baseball. There is no doubt we as baseball fans where watching history every time he played, every time he swung the bat. Bonds owns so many of baseballs records ... too many to list. In Barry bonds very first game, and very first at bat as a Giant he hit a homerun. He is truely a special person. Yes, he is not loved by everyone, but he does not need to be. He has always been Barry Bonds and always will be Barry Bonds. He is loved by his Family, friends, fans and me. Thank you Barry. Thank you for not saleing out. Thank you for all the great memories. Thank you for being you! ~J~
Just Wondering
1000 Behind
need help plz
All About Me
Good Advice...
subject: "Good Advice" post date: 2007-10-11 10:52:20 views: 1 comments: 0 ratings: 0 We all need to read this one over and over until it becomes part of who we are! HOW TO STAY YOUNG 1. Try everything twice. On Madams tombstone (of Whelan's and Madam) she said she wanted this epitaph: Tried everything twice..loved it both times! 2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down. (keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches;) 3. Keep learning : Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain get idle. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's! 4. Enjoy the simple things. 5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath. And if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with HIM/HER. 6. The tears happen: Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. LIVE while you are aliv
Sc State Fair
I went to the SC State Fair yesterday with some of my closest friends (Guy, his mother, Karen, and her sister Kris). We left out at 9am and arrived at the fairgrounds around 11am along with hundreds of other people. We got through the ticket lines relatively easy and within minutes I was at the fair with my ride-for-free bracelet around my wrist. Now, I went to the fair this year with three goals in mind: to eat a carmel apple, to ride as many rides as possible, and to have fun. Within an hour of being there, I had a delicious carmel apple in my tummy. Of course, later in the day, it was followed by vanilla/chocolate swirled ice cream in a waffle cone, a philly cheesesteak, lemonade, and Diet Coke (gotta watch my weight - hehehehe). So, mark that one off my list. Ask those who went with me and they'll tell you that I was riding nearly everything in sight. Avoiding the kiddie rides, I went straight for the rides with names like Inverter, Spider, Swing Tower, and Fireball.
Am I
kinky because I just love sex; I'm just wondering. I do love to feel someone inside of me--I love penis's.
Rehab - Sittin' At A Bar Lyrics
Bar tender I really did it this time Broke my parole to have a good time When I got home it was 6 a.m. The door was locked so I kicked it in She was trippin' on the bills I think she was high on some pills She through my shit out into the yard Called me a bum and smacked me real hard And in my drunkin' stooper I did what I should of never done Now I'm sittin' here talking to you Drunk and on the run I'm sittin' at a bar on the inside Waitin' for my ride on the outside She broke my heart in the trailer park So I jacked the keys to her fuckin' car Crashed that piece of shit and then stepped away You know mo I'll probably get ten years So just give me beers til they get here Yeah I know the sun is comin' up And ya'll are probably gettin' ready for closin' up But I'm trying to drown my soul I'm tired of this life on a dirt road And everythang that I love is gone And I'm tired of hangin' on She got me sittin' at a bar on the inside Waitin' for my ride on the
16 Things To Do At A Walmart
1. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they aren't looking. 2. Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals. 3. Make a trail of apple juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms. 4. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone, " 'Code white'in housewares".... and see what happens. 5. Go to the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on lay away. 6. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area. 7. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department. 8. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask, "Why can't you people just leave me alone?" 9. Look right into the security camera; & use it as a mirror, and pick your nose. 10. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti - depressants are. 11. Dart around the store suspiciously
Help A Lady Out :)
my Ma'am is in a contest the "sexiest witch contest" the link to Her pic is below. go and rate and comment bomb Her. She is wonderful :)
Posted In My Sailboat
Captain Brad Always Right, Misiniformed perhaps, Sloppy, crude, fickle, bullheaded and even stupid at times............. But Never Wrong !
Nihon Tube 1
Agents Bloodmace & Bloodymary (aka The Blood Pack)
Finally our back up arrived it had been a while since our last communications with HQ . Wouldnt you know it they sent the blood pack .At least thats what i call them and for good reasons. These to couple of riff raff were anything but normal when i found them i didn't know if they were infected or insane . I later came to find out it was the later of the two . These two could take out a whole horde of zombies with a can of gas a tennis ball and a base ball bat , but thats another story entirely . They were good at what they do and what they do isn't pretty ,but it is pretty effective. they had shown up with the transmission equipment we had needed to contact HQ . As well as a few extra trophies hanging from there belts. They also had a nack for collecting parts of there kills before they incinerated the bodies. So we wandered on and gave HQ what they had been looking for. Hopefully they can make head or tales of it . Because we sure as hell couldn't Looks like nigh
You'll Thank Me Some Day
Last weekend my niece Emma was crying because she didn't want to go to a football game with the rest of us. It was her brother's last time playing in his his school band and so she was being forced to go. I tried to make her laugh but she wouldn't let me. My mom told her, "You sound like Tim used to when he was your age and we used to make him go listen to your Pap play music." I've always contended that my mom was the basis for the character Edith Bunker, but this time I'm sure she knows she made me think. In the 60's and early 70's my dad practiced every night. I used to sit with my face against the TV speaker or go outside so I didn't have to listen. Most Friday and Saturday nights they would force me to go to barn dances, old churches, union halls, and the Jamboree in Wheeling, where my dad's band would play. When I could, I would wander outside or maybe listen to a baseball game on the radio in the car. I remember "Wildwood Flower", "Your Cheatin' Heart", lots of the old cl
Come On Over To Club Wet Bar Where The Music Is Rockin The House!
Come On Over To Club Wet Bar Where The Music Is Rockin The House!
Please Make It Stop!!!!
Just when I think I have all my feeling hidden away, or ripped out, someone finds another one, tweaks it a bit, then slowly pulls it out of me, while I watch in agony. Sometimes I just want to run away, leave everything behind and just go!! I guess I have to much honor to do that to my kids, good for them, hell for me. Will this ever end, do I have a sign on me that says, "Hurt me I like it"? Sometimes I don't know if I should pray that this completely destroys me or not. I've come to terms with the fact I will never be happy again, but why do I have to live in pain for the rest of my life?!?!? Some people think at least pain is a feeling, well I would rather just be numb!!
New Pics
stop by and rate/comment on my new pics and i will do the same. also it would be great to meet new ppl.
Her Eyes
Your hazel green eyes Are like woods on a warm spring day When leaves have just unfolded And slender branches thick with sap Bend under the weight of songful birds. I look into your eyes and see A timeless world of sun and breezes, Of shade and dappled love, As I gaze from my sunlit doorway, I see you and in your beautiful eyes i see eternity.
i fall in love with a girl i meet on tagged the is the one i love more then anything in life i did something stupe to make here cry and i wish i nevr did i love her with all my heart and soul i will never hurt her again love is show from the heart not from anything else love you for ever and i will never hurt you again
Kick back and enjoy the good news -- something you did recently is paying off in a big way. It could be financial, romantic or something entirely different, but everyone can see you're a winner! funny thing about this is i did do something recently (not good) but hey, maybe what i did will finally pay off...LMAO...if it is what im thinking, i have an evil lil grin on my face with a lil evil laugh coming out...teeheehee...
Come Join My Lounge Its The Bomb
COME ON BY ~H3ll-r3v1s1t3d~Bar Where The Fun Never Ends And The Music Rocks!!! ~CLUB H3LL-R3V1S1T3D HELL WILL NEVER BE THE SAME~             
I know this isn't really a blog but i wanted to share this with all of you.So that we can support our troop's that are gone during the holiday's .
Holy Crap! Over 1,000,000 Points!
Holy crap! I've got over a million points on fubar! Horrah for me! Time to party! woo-hoo! Collier County News
There was this businessman who was getting ready to go on a long business trip. He knew his wife was a flirtatious sort, so he thought he'd try to get her something to keep her occupied while he was gone, because he didn't much like the idea of her screwing someone else. So he went to a store that sold sex toys and started looking around. He thought about a life-sized sex doll, but that was too close to another man for him. He was browsing through the dildos, looking for something special to please his wife, and started talking to the old man behind the counter. He explained his situation. The old man said, "Well, I don't really know of anything that will do the trick. We have vibrating dildos, special attachments, and so on, but I don't know of anything that will keep her occupied for weeks, except -- " and he stopped. "Except what?" the man asked. "Nothing, nothing." "C'mon, tell me! I need something!" "Well, sir, I don't usually mention this, but there is the 'vo
I'm getting tried of being hurt by guys like to call me names like fat ugly I'm a bitch I want someone who wants me for me not for sex or anything else because what to me when I was younger It happen to me again in aug of this year I don't want it happen again I hope one day I will find Mr right
Does Anyone Know Why?
Why you are captured at the first hello? Why when they are not there your heart hurts so? Why everything seams so right? Why it is not easy to say goodnight? Why do you let them into your world? Why they seams to know what to say? Why they know how to make your day? Why they promise to be true to you? Why lie when you know your untrue? Why the old saying "OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND" Because it is so easy to do!
All I Have
Hundreds of suitors yearn for your heart, I am simply a poet of movement, a jockey of word art. As suitors sell and try to hustle you with romance, I can only splash the screen with colors and dance. They are beaters of drums as gold banners unfurl, They offer you lush gifts in a glistening world. Suitors also bear torches and are carvers of stone, But whisper their poems and always surrender their thrones. And there in your doorway, no shadow will be cast, As you are surrounded by ghosts from the past. Just look into their eyes, you'll see windows of pain, Ready to collect your heartache like droplets of rain. Yet I stand before you, with my palms to the sky Not much in my pocket, It's of no use, I've tried. What I can offer, is where words have no place, A heart that's true, and my love for you that awaits.
New Business Venture
I'm working on taking my photography and trying to start my own business you can check out my webpage for it at J Keniston Photography or e-mail me at or by phone at 207-478-5118 for more information who knows if it will end up going anywhere but i figured what the hell do i have to lose.
Blindfolded Affair.
Your tied up to a bed/chair and blindfolded by your lover. What would you want them to do? Or use on you? What would you want to experience? Be honest, be creative. Guys or girls welcome to answer. And I'm not even talking about sexual things. I'm talking about smells and textures, feelings and sensations. Fear, anticipation, comfort, safety.
2 Hours Left
No Power
i have no power or computer at my house i miss everyone and hope to be back soon. miss yas and lov yas
A FIREMAN came home from work one day and told his wife, 'You know, we have a wonderful system at the fire station: BELL 1 rings and we all put on our jackets, BELL 2 rings and we all slide down the pole, BELL 3 rings and we're on the fire truck ready to go. 'From now on when I say BELL 1 I want you to strip naked. When I say BELL 2 I want you to jump in bed. And when I say BELL 3 We are going to make love all night. ' The next night he came home from work and yelled ' BELL 1!' The wife promptly took all her clothes off. When he yelled 'BELL 2!', the wife jumped into bed. When he yelled 'BELL 3!', they began making love. After a few minutes the wife yelled 'BELL 4!' 'What the hell is BELL 4?' asked the husband? 'ROLL OUT MORE HOSE,' she replied ' YOU'RE NOWHERE NEAR THE FIRE.'
Mumm Killers
So 881039 just had his mumm entitled 'Bald Beavers' nuked when someone complained that it was nsfw. I missed her name dammit, but she obviously belongs back on MySpace. Why am I writing this? Because in the highest and mightiest possible way, she chewed out all of the commenters as well for 'not knowing what nsfw meant. Then she reported the mumm. Funny thing is, there wasn't a single direct mention of human anatomy anywhere in the mumm. I personally was commenting about Canada's national rodent. I think I voted nay to shaving them because they really need that thick pelt, especially at this time of year. So why did the mumm get deleted I wonder? Any suggestions? Did anyone catch that miserable whiny bitch's name?
Contest Help
please comment me and rate me all comments and rates put together make the total score thats the pic link thanks love you all
A Quickie
We had our share of busy times, weve had our share of quiet. Weve had our share of working hard, and times that were a riot. Weve had our share of differences, and sure, weve had a spat. Weve had our share of making up...And man..We're good at that. Weve shared the good, Weve shared the great. Weve shared a tear or two..And I woukdnt trade a moment of the times Ive shared with you. You are my light for my dark days, You are my guide thru an unknown way. Youre the drink of happiness that quenches my thirst for joy. You are the first and last thought of everyday. The love and care you show me is unlike any feeling on this earth, There is nothing I can do or say to show you exactly what you are worth. Tho the sun may go down, and the world gets dark...You light up my life. The first time I saw you..I knew for sure that there was a God and he was smiling down on me..To have such a perfect person to come into my life..There are not enough words to express exactly what I feel...Though I will
Interested In Becomming An Official Wicked Dollz Model????
Interested In Becoming A Wicked Doll??  "Not your average generic doll, We are the Wicked Dollz!"   Wicked Dollz is based out of the DFW, TX area. And the models are from ALL over the world!!! To be a part of the Wicked Dollz family and represent us with pride.   VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure your local laws allow you to pose nude before applying. Must be 18 years of age or older to apply. We are looking for women sizes 0-26, with the Wicked Dollz look! Must have Piercings & Tattoos (Not a requirement PREFFERED, but not a requirement)Wicked Dollz That We're looking for... CREATIVE.....SteamPunk, Goth, Freak, Rockabilly, Punk, Retro, Juggalettes especially if is their way of life not just a look!!! If you think we have described you then feel free to apply! IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE THE WICKED DOLLZ LOOK AND ATTITUDE APPLY!!!!!!!! At the moment we are not able to pay the model, although in the future we hope that we can and we will be doing so. There is A LOT in store for Wicked Do
Thursday ... Superstitions?
H A P P Y ~ T H U R S D A Y Visit Hello blog-curious folks I start with a countdown above: As to open my small topic - O P E N - for discussion ... - t r a d i t i o n s - Yesterday I ask about resolution and found that not many of my friends make them or as most do:- break them - How about those traditions (family or otherwise) On New Year's Eve? Growing up, I remember my neighbor were big on letting off fireworks, My oldest sister husbands family went hunting. Another neighborhood family would throw A big family cover dish "Football get together" that had hordes of folks in and out all day. When I married Pete & Trisha's mom, their tradition was to: Take some money outside and hide it, then go back out after midnight and recover it. This was to symbolize "Bringing Money into the home productively" It also had stipulations: Hide it and cant find it - Meant you'd make money but loose it
so this year alreay rocks shit over last year i feel sexy i have nice hair and i got to be held but someone fab yep yep all in all good so far
No Worry
TODAYS MOTIVATOR IS QUITE FITTING AS ALL I DO IS WORRY LOL-ENJOY! No worry Here's a simple, easy way to make an immediate and profound improvement in the quality of your life. Stop worrying. The next time you catch yourself wrapping your mind around a worry, choose to let that worry fall completely away. Notice how much more positive and effective you suddenly are. Worry poisons your thoughts and keeps life's best opportunities hidden from you. Worry actually increases the power and influence of those undesirable things you worry about. Certainly it's important to look clearly and realistically at life's dangers, problems and challenges. Yet there is nothing to be gained by worrying about them. Choose to replace each negative worry with positive action. Instead of looking down, pick yourself up and move forward. Every moment is filled with countless opportunities to create lasting value. Stop worrying, and start living with richness, purpose and real joy. -- Ral
When you need a shoulder to cry on I'll be there for you to rely on Talk to me about anything It doesn't matter what life has to bring Promises and hopes; dreams and reality Through it all believe in me Though you may hit some rough spots in life Remember that I will always be your wife Problems may arise in the future causing hurt But there's nothing we can't get through not even the wettest dirt All obstacles we can accomplish with help from each other I'll always love you, your wife and children's mother We believe in each other and want the best No matter how hard we try we wont settle for less So in this poem I'm asking you Whatever happens just say I do Stacie Arnold
Wyoming Friends
Body: FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunk Wyoming FRIENDS: Will post 360 degree security so you dont get caught --------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs Wyoming FRIENDS: Call your parents drunk as hell and tell them about the nasty bitch you tried to pick up -------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home. Wyoming FRIENDS: Know some wild shit will happen, and set up rally points and an E & E route. --------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. Wyoming FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn...that shit was fun " ------------------------------------------------------ FRIENDS: Cry with you. Wyoming FRIENDS: laugh at you ------------------------------------------------
Seduction Style
Personally i like to take somebody to a quiet dinner, or actaully make dinner for them, fill the room with candles and put on something soft and slow, after dinner maybe slow dance a little, and start to kiss them slowly and let nature take its course! How do u seduce someone u want( with the exception of being so fucked up u dont even remember what u did..) Comment
First True Story (cheesy)
Time seemed to move so slowly, once you told me that you it was time to move on. Nights became longer, and evenings became empty, and morning just brought forth another repeat. Day in and day out, the only thing on my mind was you. The phone never made a sound anymore. No more texts, or calls. No cute picture messages to look forward to. Reality became to set in. What had been once taken for granted, now felt like a necessity. The more I sat alone, the more you came to mind. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the phone finally vibrated. You actually wanted to meet up for a while. The plan was to pick you up and hang out for a little while, hopefully to talk about things. I didn’t really have a whole lot to say that wasn’t going to sound repetitive, but that’s how I am. That’s probably why you felt like you needed a change of pace. I wasn’t going to argue with your reasons for wanting to hang out, I was just going to be excited to see you again. It had fel
i'm curious to know of the people who have tried extasy if it made you very horney?
I Will Be Away For A Week
I just thought I would let you all know that I will not be around for about a week. I wished I had a new laptop computer so I can continue to keep in touch with you all. I will be away on duty with my unit. For those who do not know, I am a reservist in the U.S. Coast Guard. I will be in Corpus Christi for a week and I do hope I hear from each and every one of you. Please take care and I hope all goes well for those who take the time to read this. You have my deepest thoughts. Pete
Read This....
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. my ten: 1~ I love the History Channel 2~ I am a writer 3~ I have lived in 7 different states 4~ I have a SERIOUS needle phobia 5~ My Grandfather called me Tony all my childhood (NOBODY knows why). How's that for random? 6~ I used to be a preacher 7~ I am a pyromaniac ( I take meds for it, the neighborhood is safe!!) 8~ I love to drive aimlessly, sometimes for days straight 9~ I was the smallest kid in my class, every year of school, until the 8th grade 10~ I am not impressed by women's breasts, no matter how nice they are I am going to tag: Rollie Joy Proud Mary Daisy Dark Desires
10 Years Ago On Valentines Day
Just to think 10 years ago on valentines day I did not get candy or flowers I recived something so much better I had my daughter Summer I dont think there is anything i would have wanted more on such a special day I named her Summer Valentine She is such a sweetie Just cant understand where the time has gone . I am thankful every day for having her Mommy loves you so much Summer Keep being you
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Have fun! 1: I love opera and ballet 2: I am terrified of flan. it seriously scares the daylights out of me. 3: I have really cute toes 4: when I get really angry I like to throw shoes. 5: I am a passenger seat road rager 6:I am currently hungry and about to get a bowl of cereal. 7: I am the only one of my blood relitaves who has a tattoo 8: I am a model for naughty vixenz. 9: I love having pictures taken of me 10: I have no clue what else to write ok now.... I tag... kameleonss Azriel nonya
Come Bid On Me
A Song
you don't know how I feel as I standing here watching you talking to someone else flirting and hugging you are not mine anymore and we dance to the music and I feel our bodies touching and I wish it was our hearts beating for each other again but you don't know how I feel as i smile up at you music keeps on playing our bodies seperating and I want to take you home take you home and never let you go you call me to tell me about some stupid story and I am not paying attention to it I am drifting I am dreaming about your voice and how you used to whisper in my ear when you were holding me tight and the stars exploded on the ceiliing and our love felt like there would be no end and i hear you say goodbye and the phone disconnects I hear the knocking and I open the door and it's you I step out into the bright blue promise of you and my hope circulates as I look into your eyes and
Carbon Copy Pro Mlm
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Carbon Copy Pro MLM is an automated, turn-key marketing system developed to promote a leading, high-profit direct sales business. Since its release in October 2007, the system has increased sales over 300%. Here are some of the features and benefits of our CarbonCopyPRO Automated Marketing System: * Your prospects receive an email acknowledgment right away when they submit their name and email to enter the site. They are encouraged to read through the testimonials page and then move on to the application page. * The $49 application fee helps to weed out "tire kickers" and Curious Georges so that almost all the applicants are serious about launching a lucrative home-based business. Carbon Copy Pro money
The Hormone Guide.........
Women will understand this! Men should memorize it! Every woman knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his hands! This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, co-worker or significant other! DANGEROUS: SAFER: SAFEST: ULTRA SAFE: What's for dinner? Can I help you with dinner? Where would you like to go for dinner? Here, have some wine. Are you wearing that? Wow, you sure look good in brown! WOW! Look at you! Here, have some wine What are you so worked up about? Could we be overreacting? Here's $1,000 dollars, go shopping Here, have some wine. Should you be eating that? You know, there are a lot of apples left. Can I get you a piece of chocolate with that? Here, have some wine. What did you DO all day? I hope you didn't over-do it today. I've always loved you in that robe! Here, have some wine . In ca
A Bestoyed Love
I look into your eyes and I melt I feel your body against mine and I feel your passion flow from you to me I feel your lips on mine and I lock into your stare and I melt into our embrace I feel your heart beat threw our sweaty bodies your passion, my passion becomes one for an instant you tell me your here for me and that here is my warm embrace is where you want to be forever then I turn away for a moment then you run away and I am bestoyed heartache from lyes and you have told me the same stories that I have heard so many times but I lay here in our bed and now your gone and I must be alone I await your warm embrace once more knowing your betrail and knowing how you run from our love
When The Time Comes
When The Time ComesYou were there to hold my hand,As I went off to school for the first time,And you were there to pick me upWhen I skinned my knees.You taught me how to love,And you taught me right from wrong,As I grew up, you grew older,And I knew what I would do,When the time comes.I held your hand as you tried to sleep,And I picked you upWhen you needed me,As you did when I was young.I should you that love,That you taught so well,And I cried so hardWhen the time cameFor you to move on.I see the memories as if a film,And I feel the pain,So I know it's real,But tomorrow, it will dull.And when the time comes,I will do the things we used to do together.Not tomorrow or the next day,But when the times comes.
I Voted For Hillary
This is why? Yes it boils down to the experience bit. I'm tired of politicians getting the "swing vote" because voters are uneducated on how politics work. I voted for Hillary because she has rubbed elbows with the right people. Her husband has rubbed elbows with the right people. Therefore I have confidence that the promises she makes in her campaign have a better chance of being fulfilled. To suppliment that she has made promises that are feasable. Obama on the other hand, has done the opposite of build confidence in his ability to fulfill his promises. He has promised change the way politics are done. That's is almost as stupid as the war on terrorism. Sure there are some things that need to be changed about how politics work, but it going to take more that one man and a dream to change that. Just like the U.S. is never going to convince the entire world not to commit terrorist acts. That's why I agree with the republicans view that Obama is shouting empty promises that
The Disciple-ship
Arrrgh! The Disciple Ship be ready to set sail! If ye be wantin' to sail with this crew, ye must first fan, rate, and add the all sailors that are on board before you are granted passage. A daily target will change from sailor to sailor, so that they can be granted some booty that will help them on their way to level 26. Yo ho, Yo ho - what say ye, matey? Shall we sail, or will ye be walkin' the plank? If ye be wantin' to ride, speak to the captain! RogerLee ? Fu-Owned by Hopigalerin ?@ fubar THE CREW ? DAWN ? Fu-Owned by: INDRADRAGON@ fubar Be needin' 1,709,669 til she be disciple Heartistic Soul@ fubar Be needin' 3,567,617 til she be disciple Trouble™ AKA 20/20 - Captain for 2nd Alarm Hotties/Club F.A.R* Suave's Fu-Wifey?@ fubar Be needing 3,841,211 til she be disciple †ShăĐŘW† {owner of NBSD} {{NO Salute=NO ADD}}@ fubar Be needing 5,370,069 til she be disciple ~*RedKandy*~FuOwned by bill118911~S*U*P*~Club F.A.R.~2nd Alarm Hotti
John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, "If I were any better, I would be twins!" He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a bad day, John was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation. Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up and asked him, "I don't get it! You can't be a positive person all of the time, how do you do it?" He replied, "Each morning I wake up and say to myself, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood . . . or . . . you can choose to be in a bad mood. I choose to be in a good mood." Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim . . . or . . . I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it. Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their
Back Update
well, i got to go back to work, they gave me a steroid shot in that affected disk, and i was cleared to go back to work shortly thereafter. been feelin fairly well, went back for 4 days on, and now i'm back on my 7 off LOL
pathways ..> the dark may lead to sunlight, the cloud may lead to rain, the smile may lead to laughter and the hurt may lead to pain. the seed may lead to flowers and an egg may lead to a dove but not much more than a smile is sure to lead to love. and all the things mentioned are possible that..s true and all the pathways taken has lead me back to you. jocko-1/24/08
Auction Buy Meeeeeeeeee
The Poopie Name List
The Poop Name List The Perfect Dump - Every once in a while, each of us experiences a perfect dump, it's rare, but a thing of beauty in all respects. You sit down expecting the worst, but what you get is a smooth sliding, fartless masterpiece that breaks the water with the splashless grace of an expert diver. But that's not the end of it. You use some toilet tissue only to find that it was totally unnecessary. It makes you feel that all is right with the world and you are in perfect harmony with it. The Beer Dump - Talk about nasty dumps. Depending on the dumper's tolerance, the beer dump is the end result of too many beers. it could have been 2 or 22, it doesn't matter. What you get is a sinister, lengthy, noisy dump accompanied by a malevolent fog that could close a bathroom for days. The Chili Dump - Hot when it goes in, and rocket fuel when it leaves. The chili dump stays with you all day, making your tush feel like a heat shield. The Cable Dump - Long, curly and perfec
Beauty That Never Fades
Beauty that never fades To gaze upon her beauty was a treat , she was kind, beautiful,smart and sweet. This lady could knock you off of your feet!!! Her eyes laughed and danced about and her eyes were intense and her lips did pout She could sing, dance and and run about. her reputation had a good deal of clout. This dear soul would never let you delve into her heart, for she had Dom Perigonon on her shelve, She was adored by many, and loved by none. Her mind was fragile from what her drinking and partying had done. She craved acceptance and stability, and all the world wanted was her nakenedness to see. When you look into her eyes, what did you see??? What can we learn about her life??? Wages and trust are earned and when you have no peace you have strife. Beauty and riches fades your legend will not be forgotten throughout the decades. Mrs . Donna J. Gill
Home Now
Hello everyone! I"m back home now. They had kept me over night, due to the extremely excruciating pain I was suffering..
Plz Help Her Out. Show her lots of love. PLZZ
Rip Daddy 4-1-03
The song i played at his funeral. Its a love song, but its also a song of broken heart. And i know my heart broke when my dad died.
~*~ Ain't Love Grand~*~ Trois (3)
Images Of You Inside Me by Blackwidow i saw my reflection in the mirror on the wall*and as i walked away*i felt the tears begin to fall*it seems like everytime time i try*to get you off my mind*everywhere i look your face i find*in the depths of my secret*i am aching down inside*but still i try*to run away and hide~there are images of you inside me~they will never leave~still i try to move on*but you are not gone~you are in my very soul~never to leave me alone~i tell you to take your love away~but you stay~why do i still love thee~all i see~ are images of you inside me*never again i say*will i fall so deep in love*for then would i see*all those faces haunting me*i wonder if a piece of me stays*everytime i walked away*do you feel the same*they say that once you love someone*they become a part of you*well i guess it's true~between then and now~i have never been alone~because everywhere i turn i see~ images of you inside me
More Obama
I have felt for sometime now that Obama is the one person that 'Frightens Me'. I believe the Bible has warned us that 'A man will come from the East that will be charismatic in nature and have proposed solutions for all our problems and his rhetoric will attract will many supporters!' ; When will our pathetic Nation quit turning their back on God and understand that this man is 'A Muslim'....First, Last and always....and we are AT WAR with the Muslim Nation, whether our bleeding-heart, secular, Liberal friends believe it or not. This man fits every description f rom the Bible of the 'Anti-Christ'! I'm just glad to know that there are others that are frightened by this man! Semper Fidelis, Chuck 'Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas' 'Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever' ! - Unite d States Marines - Who is Barack Obama? Very interesting and something that should be considered in your choice. If you do not ever forward anythi
The Almost Worst Thing That Can Happen.
For those of you that haven't heard yet.. and actually care about me, Two nights ago I fell asleep with a candle burning and it set my bed on fire. Within moments the whole room was engulfed in flames. My daughter heard me scream and grabbed the dog and threwher out the window. Then grabbed her brother and made sure that he got out of the window and then dove out of the window. She then ran back around the house to make sure that my parents were awake and that they made it out of the house. (I lived with my parents to help take care of my father since he had a stroke.) The room was so filled with smoke that while I was trying to put out the fire I didnt see that the kids made it out the window. Fearing that my children were still in the roomn ..I attempted to pull the blankets back off the burning bed to make certain that they were alive. In doing so I received second degree burns on my right hand and right leg and first degree burns on both of my arms and my face. I am
Your Delicious Desserts
If all of the eight desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose (sorry, you can only pick one)! Trust me...this is very accurate. Pick your dessert, and then look to see what psychiatrists think about you. After taking this dessert personality test, send this to others, but when you do, be sure to put your choice of dessert in the subject box above. ALSO, SEND IT TO THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO YOU. DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR DESSERT CHOICE IN THE SUBJECT BOX BEFORE YOU FORWARD IT. Here are your choices: 1. Angel Food Cake 2. Brownies 3. Lemon Meringue Pie 4. Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Icing 5. Strawberry Short Cake 6. Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Icing 7. Ice Cream 8. Carrot Cake No, you can't change your mind once y ou scroll down, so think carefully what your choice will be. OK - Now that you've made your choice, this is what the researchers say about you... SCROLL DOWN---No Cheating
Keeping Busy
Just want to let everyone know that I have not forgot them. I have not been on as much lately due to home improvements. As soon as things settle down I will be back on as much as usual. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Love Ya All! Darlene
Why is it that a nice guy can never find true love? I mean do we have to act like most of the other guys and be dicks???? I know I am not a good looking guy but I have a BIG heart and I am so fucking tired of it getting torn out and stomped on!!!!!! I mean even on here if your not a movie star looking kinda guy with a six pack and massive arms you are nothing!!! I mean if someone does not like how you look why would they rate you a 1, I mean just don't rate them!!!! Sorry just really pissed off and hurt.
Freinds And Family
Is it so hard to keep your perverted comments and sick thoughts to yourself? I have recently had a few really good friends delete their profiles on here because they say Fubar almost ruined their marriage. I can see it happening because there are many people with no respect. If someone says they are married shouldn't that be a sign of "Leave your dirty comments and perverted thoughts to yourself" Honestly that is a little selfish on the part of those who just keep on and on about it. "Can I see you on cam" "I wanna taste you" "Wanna swap naked pics" These are 3 questions my wife got this morning in her shout box. I am not saying who they came from but if you read her profile it clearly states she is married. There are no NSFW pics on her profile, and she might sign in once every few months. To top it all off she has never even talked to these people before. That was the first thing that popped into her shout box. Some people have no respect at all. Honestly if I didn't do what I do on
Murphys Law
MURPHY’S LAWS OF COMBAT OPERATIONS Military intelligence is a contradiction of terms. You are not a superman. Don't ever be the first, don't ever be the last and don't ever volunteer to do anything. Never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, never stay awake when you can sleep. A Purple Heart just proves that you were smart enough to think of a plan, stupid enough to try it, and lucky enough to survive. Peace is our profession, mass murder's just a hobby. Killing for peace is like whoring for virginity. If it's stupid but works, it's not stupid. If only one solution can be found for a field problem, then it is usually a stupid solution. B-52's are the ultimate in close air support. Remember that napalm is an area weapon. Mines are an equal opportunity weapon. Smart bombs have bad days too. There is no such place as a convenient foxhole. Anything you do can get you shot, including doing nothing. It's not the one with y
Earthquake!!!! If You Felt It, Please Comment!!
For those of you close to Il, Ky, and In. This morning you felt an earthquake about 4:36am according to the USGS. This Earthquake's epicenter was centered 5 miles ENE of Bellmont Il it was a 5.4 magnatude.. This one was felt as reports come in, 15 states away, as far north as Canada!! The second one came about 10:14am 6 miles ENE of Bone Gap Il. This one was a 4.6 magnatude. I was sitting in class and felt this one too. I have felt both of them thus far. If you felt them, please comment on this blog, and tell me where you're at. The USGS is on scene and is saying that this could be the beginning of something bigger. As most of you know that live in the Walbash and Mississippi valleys that we were due an earthquake 16 years ago in 1992. However that never happened. From what I have gathered here recently, there has been a few there was one in 2002 that was a 5.0 located near darmbstat In. just north of Evansville In. I haven't lived here all my life, so I don't know. H
New Update
Yea, Yea, I know havent been on much except for this past week but just been worn out and pretty tired. But have some good news! Okay just a bit of a update went to the doc's the other day and what is going on is that my due date has jumped forward a whole month now due April 28th instead of May 28th. So far everything is going great and just waiting on my little angel to get here. As I was told she is in position and ready...timing is up to her now. Will keep all posted as soon as I know more or when the time is that she comes :) So you all will get to see me a bit more now too till the arrival....cause Im no longer working full time till my maternity leave they have me on 3 days a week so when I have the time or feel up to it I will be here and there. So just leave a message and I will get back to you! HUGS AND KISSES!
Short Story
As she lays there at night on her tear soaked pillow, with tears streaming down her beautiful face. Her thoughts return to the sheer exstasy she once knew.When she was in his arms her soul shivered.These shivers would cause her body to quiver.The passion they shared was so violent .Yet it always brought her peace of mind.The beauty of their love came to a crashing hault and he was no longer there. Her best friend and lover had left her to never return.In all of the emotions she felt the one that she herself couldn't explain was being intrigued.She lays there at night wondering will he ever be by her side again? Or is it a complete lie? Did he ever love her as he so passionately claimed? Or was this just another one of his games?When he would kiss her it was with such gentleness.Now the love is gone.Does she wait forever to feel that again?How can she love anyone that way without guilt and shame? Keep the passion pent up and hope for her soulmate to come back is how she thinks. Th
Why Are Some Men Assholes?
I am so tired of relationships. Why my boyfriend has to treat me like shit is beyond me. Everytime I turn around he is pissed off and taking it out on me. I am tired of being beat on physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel so alone. I can't really have friends and when I try to have one he moniters what I can and can't say. I give up. If this is what life is then why live it?
Dust_Me_Pink~ Owned By RKMrBig & DJ Crazy Momx4, Touch Of Thomas, Claymore~The Lollipop Gurlz Club@ fubar > 1 daily comments for 2 weeks > rate all stash > rate 300 pics > rate all blogs/mums > 1 sfw salute > 1 tag made by me > 1 big pimpin gift of my choice > daily gifts for 1 week > > > ~DJ Twiztid~Colds Toy Boy~ ~ Fu-Owned by Freak™?Member of CELE§†iÂL?§iN@ fubar > owned by in name, > yahoo messenger, > add daily ratings on there pics, > 50 11s a day all done during hh > ,added to fam > top friend, > daily comments > > > > DJ 900-Kittie @ FlirtationS@ fubar > Fan/add/rate > added to family > added to top friend > 1 - sfw salutes > 1 - sfw cam show > 2 - phone calls > 1 - autographed nsfw pic sent to the winner > rate all pics > rate all stash > crush them > added to my instant messenger > a dj set dedicated to them with one hour of songs of their choice > add their name to mine for 1 week > daily comments > > > > DJ SweetSexySho
Tattoo Auction
CutePsychoKttn Up For Auction Hi all!!! I need your help winning an auction. I have entered a contest for Hottest Tatted Women on Fubar and I really want to win this. I think I have put together a pretty good prize package for the winning bidder. ~ 1 - 3 Day Blast ~ Fu-Owned Status Message on my profile for a month ~ Link to your profile from my profile for a month ~ Added to Friends/Family and Yahoo ~ Picture rates & comments for 20 pics for 1 week ~ 2 personal salute photos So... come on everyone, help me out and come and bit on me @ CutePsychoKttn's Tat
They say to cure a hangover have another drink the pain i feel ain't simple it'll put you on your knees no way to ever end it not a hope in sight can anybody help me I had to much to dream last night Chorus- When i close my eyes I see your face it's back again just like you stayed life was magic if you know what i mean How do you cure a hangover a hangover from a dream It's the best of addictions Aphrodite in a glass a freight train from the heart and your standing on the tracks I don't want to end it not a hope in sight nobody here to help me I had to much to dream last night -Chorus
Come On... You Know You Want To Help
My friend and I are in a him some love with as many comments as you can( even if they are just letters but as many as you can)..I;m in this contest too... click the link to leave comments... thanks so much.. ya'll rock!!! href="" target=_blank>
Do men really think with their brains or with the thing in their pants.. My conclusion is the thing in their pants and its totally not fair.. I see girls everyday throw them selves at men that they think they can trust they fall in love and what happens men either break up with them because they found a bar whore or they think they are so big and bad and they dont want to feel any emotion.. Just wish there was more men out there that actually admire love and having the great butterfly feeling in their belly when they see or talk to the on ethey love.. But lately it just seems that the thing in their pants just wants one thing and leaves.. anyone got a comment fot this?????
Lily Of The Valley
TRADITION IN BELGIUM TO SEND LILY OF THE VALLEY IT IS ALSO MY BIRTH FLOWER.:D I WAS BORN MAY 21 1957 As it is tradition in Belgium on May 1st I send you lily of the valley to wish you good luck every day of the year. GOT THIS IN A EMAIL FROM A VERY DEAR & LOVING FRIEND..
{untitled} Beauty Of Love
* * * I have the feeling now that not your hands but flowers touch me. What a peal of spring dawns when you are beside me! The spirit dons the gentleness of meadows, the body makes no effort to resist it. And wholly pure are water, bread and fire. Let us speak softly or lapse into silence and just with glances grow an upright tree with rustling leaves of tender love and truth. The birds fly home, and I now also fly across the azure of your loving eyes repeating vaguely only these few words: The gods we sought to please let us forget. The offerings we made let us remember. Translated by Lionginas Paţűsis Written by Justinas Marcinkevicius, LT poet Brought by "Girlish K" April 18, 2008, in her Blog, "Love"
Living Life?
Paralyzed by comparison of what used to be A life barely lived has no guarantee To be free of all sorrow, just because you lay low Why not kick the doors open and get on with the show? The best way to find out if you'll sink or swim Is just count to three, and then jump right on in Whether from an airplane, or in the deep end The fear is diminished the less time you spend Take hold of my hand we can do anything I have waited a long time to hear your heart sing All that is needed is your Faith and your Trust And a tiny amount of Tinkerbelle dust   jskins
For You...sbmo8 Larry
For you my friend, I would move the mountains, so you wouldnt have to climb, wipe away the tears, that fall, you will always here me call. I would drain the sea, so you wouldnt have to swim acrossed. Know that in my heart, we will never be that far apart. I will be the eyes when you cannot see, your ears when you cannot hear, I will give you my arms, for a hug whenever you need it. For you my friend, I will always be here for you. thank you for being my friend, hope it never ends. For you my friend, I would give my life, if i meant saving yours. my life has been full of pain, but you have your way to make me smile, and through the miles, you have made me laugh, even after all the tears. For you my friend, i will never be that far away, in my heart you will always be. I fall to my knees, i can see our friendship, and it means alot to me. I love you my friend. For you i will always be here. the miles between us, cant stop my heart from caring. For
Bad Girls Tag
Your It
I was tagged by TaterQueen!.. Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. All I wont is to be happy. 2. I like being the center of attention. 3. I'm tired of been hurt. 4. Just wanna be loved for me. 5. I wont another child in the future. 6. I can be mean. 7. Stupid people OMG. 8. Don't wanna be here. 9. UuuuHuhhhhh. 10. Any questions?
Video From Jokers (salute)
I've been on Fubar since it was Lost Cherry. But I have seen lots of changes that I don't like. There are people on here that want to delete me because they send a message in my shout box and if I don't respond (By The Way my sound stays off on Fubar) they automatically think I am ignoring them, so they want to delete me. Well if thats what they want its all fine and good. I am to the point to where I am just about ready to delete my own account between guys getting mad because I don't respond and others because I don't do cam. (And never will as far as cam sex goes). So please if you have a problem with me then by all means PLEASE Delete me, cause my friends know how to reach me and I have made some good friends on here. What would you guys do? I'm not gonna lower my standards for no one, sorry.
A Big Surprise
Sorry - Buckcherry A realization hit me clear out of nowhere. I had convinced myself awhile ago that I didn't need a relationship ever again. That I would be fine alone and had grown quite accustomed to it. But when it all comes down to it... Who is going to hold you late into the night? or whisper softly into your ear those 3 magical words telling you that you're their everything and more? Alone. There wont be anyone there to wipe away your tears and smile sweetly. Melting away any and all problems; with a smile that could light up your heart. I may be a strong person but even I need the love and affection of someone that truly cares about me. I'm just sick of meaningless, empty words. That most people spew because they wouldn't know something good even if it was shoved in their face. Most just want a quick fix and move on to the next person. I'm not out for a quick fix. I want something real and long lasting. and upon this realization. I felt more lonely
Inside My Mind
My mind a corridor darkened and depthless infinite oaken doors line the crumbling walls each of them: containing not one; but two of the horrors I call thoughts, pondering fears damp carpets line the floor blood red in color and rough to the touch but enter the library that I call my memories spiraling bookshelves - in all directions neglected papers – strewn crinkled papers, underfoot dusty covers of old records deteriorating volumes of past lives in the back – a shadowy corner is where I sit tears running down my cheeks body shaking – sobbing as a film strip rolls over and over replaying the moments in which I dream I could live again These moments in which I have spent with you.
Some People Just Cant Handle The Truth
Aw Look Mumm Comment Deleter who can't take the truth... Original Mumm My Comment (After deleting my comment came to page and blocked me... yea real mature) Deleting comment and blocking only proved what i originally said.. fubar emo (thanks you for proving my point) To any one... If your going to post a global mumm WITHOUT comment approvals dont then act like a little school girl when some one says something that you dont like.. its the net, like real world your not going to like everything someone says.. And if by chance some one says something you dont like be an adult and reply back dont try and delete comment and shut them out as if it never happen your only showing your own immaturity, only children try to block out things and act as if it never happen
I Made This For My Girls Dad
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? charger 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? sleeping 5. Your father? passed 6. Your favorite thing? sunshine 7. Your dream last night? dunno 8. Your favorite drink? coke 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? den 11. Music? country 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? working 15. What you're not? fake 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? car 18. Where you grew up? Ohio 19. The last thing you did? yawned 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? IBM 24. Your life? good 25. Your mood? relaxed 26. Missing
And Yet Another One
how stupid is that?
Basic Training
Well, I want to share my experience to everyone about my basic training. When I got off the bus to Fort Jackson, SC which was about midnight east coast time, the DS, or drill sergeants told us to get into a line. Then they took us into a room to get us in processed. We didn't even get to sleep that night. In processing took about seven days. When we got to our company, which I was a Delta Dog, we seperated into Platoons. My Platoon was called Mad Dogs. Every Day except Sunday we did PT, or physical training. It was hard work since I was out of shape, but by the end of basic I was in top shape. We did an obstacle called Victory Tower, where we repelled off of a 60 foot wall. I love it. We got our M16A2, or in world terms rifles, and we had to carry them everywhere we went. If it was raining hard outside, we did rifle pt, which will get you into even better shape. We qualified with our M16A2 and I shot a 29 out of 40, which is Sharpshooter. We threw real grenades. We had field training w
Thinking Back
I grew up in a little hood ass area in Atlanta that is named Vine City. Vine city was the type of hood they talk about on TV. Daily shootings and prostitution, drug dealers and robbers, these were the type of people i came up wit and fought in the trenches with. People like EB James Chris Kenny Kemp, Lil Mama Peaches and Mario. All killed in the hood and all under 21. Sad way of life but it is wat it is. VCP
Relationships are worth fighting for but sometimes you can't be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for you. If they don't, you must move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. Hopefully, people realize the great things they had when they are gone and don't lose something real. Always fight, until you can't anymore, and then be fought for. Missing someone is a part of loving them. If you're never apart then you will never know how strong your love really is
wishing u all a happy and safe 4th
A Sexymama!!
Ok so I just have to do this! This SexyMama sent sooo much love to my page I want to return the favor!! So it's simple...F/R/A her and leave her a comment that I sent you! If you already have her as a friend then your half way there! SeXyMoMmA712.Arrested by.♥."Md_Motor_cop"..2nd Alarm Hottie.AsH.WeeE's Fu MoMmA@ fubar Be sure to drop her Oh lets say 10 rates and message me that you did so! My thank you's are always worth while! Mz.ǵŁŁęĐ Đę§ďrę™ *GIRL NEXT DOOR* @ fubar
Helping Out A Friend
One of my very first friends is in a contest and need help. She has helped out everyone who has asked her and those who haven't. please help her out too. thanks.
New Pix
ill keep them coming on a daily basis so comment n rate them plz let me kno what ya'll think
Storie 1
even tho he waliked her to the security check point. he could see she was glad to leave, he didnt say anything and he knew there was another reason for her to take this bussiness trip for it was her first trip out in over three years. she was on her way to san diego and he was stuck in hills creek falls,Minnesota thank god it wasnt Febuary there. She walked away and headed to the her gate and wait as he watched her walk away a gentleman approached her and he could see he stood about four inches taller than her,his hair was cut in away that was professional looking ,clean cut,and was in what he thought was great shape looked to be a bout 210 to 215 he thought to himself. Rite as he turned to walk away he saw them hug a bit to close he thought, and when he turned all the way around to see if what he thought was a bit more........ what he sw shocked him because when he turned around he saw them, they were embraced in a deep passionate kiss. It was so passionate and so intense that peo
Simply Red- You Make Me Feel Brand New
well updating the current situation with me and the ex bf who is tryin to sort his head out. we are back to hanging out again. Sleeping together. but not as bf/gf. He tells me he loves my company and sleeping next to me and holding me , etc, etc, etc. But he's not ready to date again because he hasnt completely got things straight in his head. We're doin our own thing, but still doin each other LOL. OI! this is crazy. I still love him though... so i wait for him to make his mind up... not sure how much longer to wait though.......why does loving someone have to be so damned complicated?
Okay. So I recently had a picture flagged as NSFW. Now normally you can tell why something is flagged. Albight it may be a RETARDED reason, but you can sort of maybe direct yourself down the train of thought that may have caused them to see something as NSFW. However this time, I am 100% stumped. I have had this pic up for QUITE sometime. No problems. None at all. It's not obscene, it's not offensive, it's not lewd, sexual, or racially prejudice, nor does it offend people based on religious or sexual preferance. It's a simple pic that I've had up and as my default for quite sometime. "What is this pic that could get Johnny so fired up about?" you may ask yourself. Well, here's the link. I don't dare show it in my blog because then my BLOG will be NSFW. The Evil pic that has signaled the downfall of HUMANITY Now can anyone, HONESTLY tell me what the hell is offensive or NOT SAFE FOR WORK in this picture? What about this picture makes viewing it at work so horribly wrong?
Do You Love Me?
click the pic come bid on me and show me love:-)
Your Challenge....
Hiya Fubarians Yes I know I said I was leaving, but you really think you are going to get rid of me that don't know me that well now do you! LOL Myself and my BFF Dazzy would like to ask for your help. Anodyne has proven that with some good friends and dedication this can be done!! My birthday is August 28th, and my challenge to all of you, if you wish to accept it is as follows.... PLEASE HELP DAZZY AND I BECOME FU - KING'S :D Dazzy's profile.... Daz - bff with emsie and Jenny's Dazzy partners in crime for life@ fubar Welsh Princess's Profile.... People too weak to follow their own dreams, will always discourage yours!@ fubar Obviously we will return the love! We thank you in advance :D BFF's for life Dazzy & The Welsh Princess xx XX xx
Just Me
new to this and not sure about what im to put so................... hi
Don't Wanna Play .....
I don't want to play "Crush" anymore. My crushes keep leaving and it makes me sad.
So in my boredom, I've decided to start photoblogging. If you care to check it out... Everyday Visions and if you don't? Go FUCK yourself. Get out of my blog then. ♥Kylie
Battle Of The New Rock Music 08/26/08
Tuesday and Thursday Nights at Midnight Eastern time will be a Battle of the New Rock Music. Your Votes Decide which song will move onto the Next Night to Battle a New Challenger. Tuesday 8/26/08 Last Night It Was: Slipknot - Psychosocial V.S. Anberlin - The Feel Good Drag The Vote Was 7 - 3 Slipknot Ramains Your Champion and is on one Hell of a Roll! They Will Return Thursday night with a New Challenger, So Make Sure you tune in at Midnight With Me .. The Big Bad Wolf, Only @ Dirty Deeds Radio.
Purple Is Pretty!!!
Lookie, Lookie!!! My lil sis looks good in Purple!!!
Redhead Quotes From My Sis...
"Redheads are too numerous to be ignored, too rare to be accepted." Grant McCracken "I love being a redhead. It's a rare thing, so I think there's a bond between redheads." Laura Prepon "Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead." -Lucille Ball "You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair," "People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is."-Anne in Anne of Green Gables "Blondes are noticed but redheads are never forgotten." "Nobody who has known a redhead can say that redheads are tame. Even shy redheads have a burning spark of adventure inside them. Opinionated, hotheaded, logical, loyal, friendly, reserved, whatever the redheads' personality, you can bet they'll have SCADS of it!" -Review of The Redhead Encyclopedia "All throughout history, from Reuben to Robbins, redheads have been recognized as a rare breed. Blondes may have more fun, brunettes may be brainier, but when it comes down to raw ene
Members List
P.h.a.t.t.y Girls/Lovers (Pretty, Hot And Tempting To You) This is a family for BBW and the people that admire them. There will be absolutely no drama, or rudeness towards any member. If you are a member and feel you have been insulted or talked to in an unnecessary manner, please report it to the owner and the situation will be handled. We are a family and will treat each other respectfully. To join this family you must rate, fan and add all of the members. Also you must send each member a box of chocolates with one of the following printed in the message box. Women = "Phatty Girl" Men = "I love a Phatty Girl" Once you have done the above, private message me to be added to the list. To get your Phatty Girl/ Lover tag, you must go to my photos and rate the folder labeled for Phatty Girl Tag. When completed private message me requesting your tag. You can start you rates with this pic.... Here is your Hostess: Bisexcee~~~Owner of "Phatty Girls"~~~@
091008 Dilbert
Im Doing It
hmmmm how to put this... few weeks ago i thought ok i cant get a date so ill make some changes in me...lately ive been walking 10 miles a day plus mowing my yards that i do (which is about 21 22 yards) i have cut reg soda out and am know drinking diet pepsi and it taste so good when you work up a i have cut way back on my meals.. i have a slim fast meal on the go bar and one snack bar.. and my supper is a healthy choice dinner... and to top it all off im drinking loads and loads of water..ive got a 52 oz bubba keg and i keep it full with water and drink it all day....i used to be able to wear a ring on my right hand well guess what i cant wear it no more it just falls doing this for just 4 days know ive lost a total of 20 lbs my goal is to get to around 150... here in the comming weeks im looking into getting me a mountain bike and once i do ill be riding that 10 to 15 miles a day.... just thought id share this with ya
Help Me
Im just bored so I thought I'd blog a little bit. I would MuMM but Im being greedy with my fubucks. I have a laptop but damned if I can get the internet hooked up to it(BTW my bf bought it a month or so ago and gave it to me, and I dont have the manual yet). I called Comcast since they disconnected the original router on the the desktop here, but them bitches basically said it not their problem, I am REALLY a computer dummy, so I have no idea what to do. Are wireless internet cards good? Im thinking about doing that, psshhh I really dont have a clue HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! Thanks ♥
Its been a long time. But im back so get me fucked up i wanna fell good and ill do the same for you. so talk to you guys and girls soon. "For the duck that flys high"
Fire If not contained Is like the plague that engulfs everything that’s in its path. Its bright yellows, blues and greens Is of passion untold, uneventful Unrevokably sought after folds of warmth. Fire contained can be controlled Beautiful with its bright hues of Yellows, blues and greens. The way it lightly dances on and slightly kisses the logs and timber in The fire place or pit or coal. Scorches to the touch as if by only given as a Forbidden treasure to watch over, to keep forever alive, and to never die out But when that fire dies, that all hope and warmth dies along with it
230k To Godmother
Fireeyes is 230K from GodMother! Lets show her lots of love and get her leveled. With everyone's help we can do this. Stop by and rate her pics & stash, bling, comment, whatever you can do as every little bit helps out. ♥Fireeyes♥***Member of Rating Revolution*** Brought to you by: Čvîl Ŕńgël†Đemon Çrew ŔΜ Šhift Leader†+Rating Revolution Crew Leader+{Shadow Leveler}
In my dream I see myself walking down a long dark hallway. I can hear people talking, children laughing, everyday life all around me. I come to several windows and see my friends and family enjoying each other and enjoying life. I see myself in the midst of it all, a smile upon my face but my eyes revel the sadness I'm truly experiencing. I continue to walk down the dark hallway but it seems like the walls are slowly closing in the further down I go. Soon I'm at the end of the hallway and there is a door. I open this door and see nothing but darkness, the kind of darkness no light can penetrate. I step inside and find myself falling, falling into madness.
September 19th Show
Hey All!!! If you are around the St Louis area and need something to do tonight come on down to the Cruisin RTE 66 Live Music Bar and check out this awesome band. I promise it will be well worth your time!!
Confessing Dirty Sins..
We're all aware that when you cross the border, you have to declare certain items. Fruit, etc... anything that could contaminate. Its funny how we feel the need to do this -- in general-- when purchasing potentially embarassing items. Like the guy at the store buying tampons for his girlfriend.. seems like he always feels the need to mumble the word "girlfriend" under his breath, or something of the sort. Or when you go to one of those gag-gift sections of the porn shop. No one ever buys a blow-up sheep without explaining it to the check out clerk. Loudly. So anyone seeing him from the counter to the car knows that hes specifically buying that blow up sheep to be the hilarious one at his pals bachelor party. The catholics had it right. Confessing your sins sort of puts the blame on someone else. Makes you feel better. Cheers to the people who drink wine in church!
Oil Boil The Ocean
Petrol price hit the clounds once again. But we still depend on it to have our cars running and our lights shinning. We still wait for alternative energy and renewable source of energy. I guess our politician will make us wait until they run out of the damn black gold before they let us use them.
The History Of German Village
German Village is still beautiful in many places, but unfortunately it's also referred to as "Gerbil Village" due to so many Gays. Beautiful Buildings/Homes, Streets, Schiller Park is a nice place, but not always especially now at night. "Knock Out Game" by Thugs/Gangs. I also learned something new tonight as well I never knew it was called "Washington Park" always been Schiller that I knew of. I'm also so ashamed that the German Immigrants who have done so much for Ohio the US where treated so badly you never here about that (something else I just found out tonight and WTF where people thinking killing Pets that horrify s me and makes me sick I love animals, especially my German Short haired Pointer, even if he is Stubborn as hell(which is great because So am I,but He's so smart and Funny with the stupid things he does.
Standing By
Standing by, All the way. Here to help you through your day. Holding you up, When you are weak, Helping you find what it is you seek. Catching your tears, When you cry. Pulling you through when the tide is high. Absorbing your voice When you talk. Standing by when you learn to walk. Just being there, Through thick and thin, All just to say, you are my friend.
A Batch Of Not-so-nifty
I was called on Monday last week. It wasn't a good call... My roommate returned a little premature from his tour in Afghanistan. He returns with 2 Purple Hearts and a "Pine Box" award. He was 27 yeas of age and will be sorely missed. The job I had let me go home to help with the arrangements, but then fired me for it. As it stands, I have sold the majority of my belongings - such as they are - and placed the rest in storage. The apartment is vacant. The company I work for has asked me to take a national certification test and then go to Hawaii for a few months. This is the latest from me. Likely not the last... -SchweißerMann, the HyPerverted
I'm Not Alright
French Dressing
FRENCH DRESSING 1 cup tomato soup 3/4 cup vinegar 1 cup salad oil 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon paprika 1/3 cup sugar 1-2 cloves garlic, chopped Put all ingredients in a quart container in order named. Shake and serve.
My Grandaddy
FOR ALL MY FRIENDS If I am not around much over the next few months, please bare with me, I will be back. My only living Grandfather had a heart attack earler this week. And I will be driving the 160 miles to visit and take care of him quite often. Yesterday, they had him in doing the heart catherterization. His overall health is too frail to withstand open heart surgery. He came through the surgery ok. Was talking about how bad those people's driving was that was pushing his bed around. Will see how things go today. The nurse gave us the impression that he might come home today. They did put in a one stint and used that balloon on another vein. But we now know his heart is in very bad shape. Alot of damaged that cannot be repaired. He has some veins that are completely blocked and there is nothing they can do about them. Dr says these have been becoming blocked for a very long time. His doctor has done all he can do but he says Pops should be able to get back to what h
Car Accident
On Friday, October 10th the love of my life was in a head on collision that left him in ICU in fair condition. He has 5 broken ribs, broken collar bone, severely bruised lungs. He's on a vent and has tubes coming out everywhere. The latest news shows a blood clot in his left lung. Please pray for my baby. I love you Gavin.
Bling Pack
buy me a 70 bling pack and i will give u a auto 11 bling back thank u
All brave men love; for he only is brave who has affections to fight for, whether in the daily battle of life, or in physical contests. Caresses, expressions of one sort or another, are necessary to the life of the affections as leaves are to the life of a tree. If they are wholly restrained, love will die at the roots. Happiness in this world, when it comes, comes incidentally. Make it the object of pursuit, and it leads us a wild-goose chase, and is never attained. Follow some other object, and very possibly we may find that we have caught happiness without dreaming of it. -Nathaniel Hawthorne
Making Changes
The most important thing in this blog is that as of tomorrow I am deleting a bunch of people off my list. I will not be answering shouts, messages or comments asking "Are you deleting me?" If you have to ask the question you probably already know the answer. Now if you're still reading this it's because you want to know more, so here it goes. 1) The H&L Bomber page is going to be re-done. It will have a new name and I will be the only one with access to it. It will continue to be a bombing family, but with new rules. Those rules will be outlined in a blog there and when i get it complete it will be viewable. I will be looking for more bombers, and that too will be outlined in a blog there. 2) I am leaving the Shadow Levelers. This is nothing personal to anyone in the family. I simply feel like I don't do enough leveling for one family to claim membership. I have several friends that have branched off that I enjoy helping as well. I will continue to level, I will just be doin
Energy Alert - October 26, 2008
I believe this may be the last of the Energy Alerts, or so she says. Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all! Later! Muahz! Greetings! Seven years ago, I began writing about the experiences of ascension. At that time, there were a rare few having these strange, seemingly unexplainable symptoms and experiences. Most individuals were still going about their lives as if nothing had changed. But as time went on, many, many more came on board. In this way, much to my surprise, my audience grew. It was thrilling to see this process in action, as a growing audience of readers was proof that we were indeed going through a miraculous process of spiritual evolution. We have come so far. First, as a small group of way-showers guiding the way and forging new territory for many to follow, and now with so many rapidly climbing the rungs of the ascension ladder. As a planet, we have made impressive progress. The more souls who are embraced by the asc
From Long Ago...remember?
Remember writing this sweetie? You wrote this to me like 10 years ago! I've still got it plus some more, hope u like! xoxo Hi my love... I see you, command you, like a priest I defend you, you touch me, I shiver, and it drains me like a drying river. you impede the movement of thoughts, didn't know u were the man i sought. Decline my feeling of desire, man, set my heart on fire. Smile at me, it means the world, I whisper words you've never heard. Caress your body, fondle your sense, my feelings for you are extremely intense. When I shut my eyes I dream of you, and deep down inside you know it too. Feel my yearning, instant despair, feelings like mine are usually rare. I know that we are meant to be, loose your love and set it free. Open your heart and let me in, love is not a deadly sin. I am with you day and night, dont wanna loose you out of my sight. You make me high, you've opened the door, untamed love and I only want more. "Falling" I
Batte Of The Sexes Auction ~ Round Iv & V
Battle of the Sexes ~ Round IV This will be a Fu-Bucks & Cash Auction There is no entry fee for entering the auction!!! The entry with the most rates for their picture will receive a Bling Pack Battle of the Sexes ~ Round V This will be a Fu-Bucks ONLY Auction The top 5 Males along with the Top 5 Females will be auctioned off AGAIN in a LIVE FU-BUCKS ONLY AUCTION in Dirty Deeds Radio Lounge.
Breaking Inside:
Breaking Inside: Ever feel like you're breaking inside, like your whole world, your heart and your soul are just tearing apart and breaking? Many of us do. While trying to find ourselves, we continue to search for someone to hold dear to us, to share our joy, calm our fears and fill our loneliness. Whether this person be a close friend, a family member or a newer friend in our lives, or a soulmate or lover. Noone likes to be alone, though some say they would rather be alone. We all need someone to truly care, besides our family. If indeed they truly do. A simple gesture....A smile, a touch, is all that is sometimes needed to brighten someone's day and make them smile. Life is complicated enough, why does everything get made out to be too. With every breath we should be glad of the new day, to someone new and hopefully be fulfilled in someway as not to feel as if we are breaking inside...
first i'd like to thank my new friend old jar head uncle ted semper fi.....all my new friends here at fubar ..........i dont have much but dont need much and dont want for but one thing .......thats neither here nor there but the last need i needed b4 my unattainable 1 thing has been fulfiled by the folks here i look forward to meeting new friends and getting to know you all .........seliiiiiiiii ty for the invitation de.....ty for your weclcome and my first bling!!!!!!!!!!!! i got lots of wants but those cant hurt me .....cloudy / overcast / 65 today here in sac
Taking Things Personally
Staying Afloat Amidst the Spin Every time you interact with others, you have the choice to listen to, acknowledge, and let go of their words, or you can take what they are saying personally. Taking things personally is often the result of perceiving a person’s actions or words as an affront or slight. In order to take something personally, you must read negative intent in an individual’s words or actions. But what people do and say has no bearing upon you and is usually based on their own experiences, emotions, and perceptions. If you attempt to take what they do or say personally, you may end up feeling hurt without reason. If you are tempted to take a comment or action personally, creating some distance between yourself and the other person can help you. Try to determine what is at the root of your feelings. Ask yourself if the other person’s words or actions are just reinforcing some insecurity within you or if you can really be sure that an offense was intended. You may even
Guess What I'm Up To?
Absolutely nothing. I actually got to leave the house, and went to the mecca of commerce...the Peru Mall. Compared to malls in the bigger cities, it sucks. but I have been stuck at home recovering, so it was one incredible experience. I got my kid's some video games for Christmas. I then got to be mocked by the fine young men at Gamestop for having a walker. I made them store it there for me, because I used to work there. I then went to Kay's, and paid on my 10 year anniversary gift for my wife. I'm gonna pay it off early with tax money. And give it to my mom so I don't give it to her early, and have to buy her something else. I then went to the Buckle, and paid off my lay away. Yes folks, they still have lay away, AND they giftwrap. So my oldest is practically done, and all his stuff wrapped. My mom was with me, so he ended up with another shirt and jacket to, so he made out like a bandit. I then went to the bookstore, and got my youngest some graphic novels that
2 Sluts For Master..............
My wife Jane had been upstairs working on her PC, yes! She has her own PC with a dial up Modem connection back to her office. This allows her to work from home or to do overtime whenever she feels like it. She can also e-mail but only internally to other staff members within her company. As I climbed up stairs I called out, "come on you can switch that thing off, you don't like me using my computer to e-mail people so why can you!" "Yes but you know I can only e-mail company staff and not to any body on the net like you do". She snapped back She needed some information sorting out for the morning and even though it was almost 10 pm she e-mailed Lucy one of the girls who was working the late shift at her office. I did not see all the text but the gist of it went. Jane: [Can you pull a file for me and leave it on my desk for the morning?] Lucy: [Yes OK, What are you doing working this late?] Jane: [You know me, I'm so devoted! but I'm about to go to bed, as I am on
Up 4 Adoption....
Pu$$ycat Playmate adoption!! Whoohoo make a bid and adopt me for a month!!! Just click on the pic and make it happen
Got new orders and looks like the powers to be are sending me to Portland in June so hope its a good tour :P
I have a boyfriend He was great to start But now its totally different I try not overreacting But its so hard not to When hes not here All I feel is lonliness When we are together It all seems perfect The calls are shorter Text come less and less I dont understand Where it went wrong I love him to death But how can I be taken Yet ever so lonely
My Father
I could really do without Thanksgiving this year. Some years, the notion of giving thanks just makes you want to vomit. It isn't that I don't know what I am thankful for. I know there's always something to be thankful for. Hell, the 'I've got nothing' ended when I was blessed as a mother. And even while we may hit moments of having nothing but each other and damn lucky to have a roof, I know that their life and the air they breathe is more than enough for my thanks. Today I will spend the holiday with people I haven't shared one with in well over a decade. They are my family. My lovely sisters, my stepmother... and well... my dear old dad. Frankly, I wasn't looking forward to a day with him. You have no idea. See over the years I've become his caretaker. Me, the responsible one, burdened with the weight of his needs. He's been fukked in the head since I can remember. He's a drunk. I was a two year old who went to a foster home, because he picked my older brother up by th
Special Thanks
I just wanted to point out what a fine job Smitten does. She sits on the Bored of Directors. We like that. A lot. ~Smitten™~@ fubar
After 2 years 3 months and so many days, I finally got a place of my own. It's been a long f***ing time to say the least. I went from having it all to having nothing and I've finally managed to climb back up this far. If I can pull this sort of apparent miracle off, anybody can. Whoever reads this, keep your chin up.
Chicken Hauler
Aardvark - also anteater. A big rig with a long, droopy nose, suggesting that it is attacking an ant colony. First use was when Kenworth introduced its T600 in the mid-'80s. Affirmative - yes, or 10-4. Alligator - a piece of tire on the road. It looks like an alligator sunning itself on the highway. a tread or recap from a blown tire. Creates a road hazard. Rel. Baby alligators or bait: bits and pieces of a blown tire. Alamo - San Antonio, TX. Astrodome or Dome - Houston, TX. Back or come back - "I'm finished transmitting, talk back to me." Back door - behind you or to the rear. "You got a bear on the back door, about a mile back." Also the rear truck of a caravan. Back it down - used to tell another driver to get his foot off the accelerator and reduce speed. "You got a construction zone up here, back it down." Also "back it off." Back row - the area at some truck stops where hookers hang out. Badger - Wisconsin. Bakkards - Backwards Bama - Alabama Ba
Three Ladies In A Sauna
My Hotties
Hey Ladies I wanted to find out your HTML Capabilities, Example. can you do Bulletins, Graphics, Change BMP to JPEG? Photoshop, anything. leave a comment, let me know!
Come On Out To Rrd And Jam Out With Dj Bg!
I Love You Baby!
When I first met you I felt something was different I knew you felt it too But I didnt know how to handle it It was something my heart, never knew So I couldnt accept it As time went by I went along with it, but at the same time I felt like I could fly It was such a mystery to me But I didnt care I knew eventually that I would see Now for the first time ever You had opened my heart Something no one else could do, and I mean never It was such a wonderful start To a path I never wanted to part Wow, I thought, I want this forever We were two wholes combined The last link in a chained circle To a complete happiness together It seemed as though our souls had rhymed It was simply the best I couldnt have imagined anything better Although there were times when we would fight It would always work out for the better Because we were just so tight Nothing could stop us, not distance or time It was as though we were invincible And I wanted your heart to always b
Holiday Ty To Our Soldiers By Dawn
Rock Candy ~ A happy Fubarian Husband of ♥ Dawn ♥@ fubar "I accept cash, check, or full frontal nudity" V.W.@ fubar coors_light_bullrider@ fubar BAM-BAM@ fubar F1rstascent-blank adds again refused@ fubar Jumpmaster82@ fubar apollo@ fubar southerncav@ fubar majin_shinsa
121608 Virgo Horoscope
Confidence and inner harmony prevail. You can move forward with creative projects and express yourself more easily and comfortably now. Your efforts are well-received at this time.
Christmas Thoughts
Ok I know I post this about every year, but its a true now as when I first posted it. :-D Enjoy. For some reason this has been on my mind for a day or so. No I'm not nostalgic to see people dangling from ropes at every town entrance, its more of the idea that once upon a time you could get enough people in a town to agree that they didn't like someone enough to take the time and effort to drag said person out to a tree an hang them. Seriously, that takes quite a bit of effort. Probably have to get at least 15 - 20 people together for it. When was the last time you saw 6 or more people agree to do anything? I guess what I'm more looking for is a time when people could agree that they either liked something, or didn't like something. I'm not talking about serious moral gray areas here, not like should abortion be legal or anything like that. I'm talking the no brainers here, murder, rape, theft, Nazi's, Martha Stewart, you know the big evils. I swear if WWII happened tomorrow a
Our Server Is Down
THIS MORNING I RECIEVED AN EMAIL FROM OUR HOSTING COMPANY...... New Shoutcast Server ShoutcastPRO and its parent company Eastside-Hosting used the services of AlphaRed as a Dedicated Server Provider, Yesterday all AlphaRed clients received the following e-mail. “This Morning December, 23 2008 at 9:30 AM CST, Alpha Red, Inc. entered Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Doug Brickley of LECG was appointed the Chapter 7 Trustee. The receiver's duties are to liquidate the assets of Alpha Red and collect past due balances from Alpha Red's current and former clients. The business will not continue. All services including power, bandwidth, and technical support will be shutdown at 9:00 AM CST on December 24, 2008, tomorrow. We will begin shutting down servers this evening around 8:00 PM CST, December 23, 2008 starting with accounts which have outstanding/past due balances.” Our AlphaRed account is current, a new datacenter inquired AlphaRed and all their clients, but only current clients
I Believe--diamond Rio
Big Booty Contest
ok ladies come one come all to my big booty contest and the winner gets 30,000 fubucks and a bling pack!So, hit your boy up and let me know if u want to enter or hit up my boy randy el
Sexiest Eyes Contest
here's another one ladies, it's the sexiest eyes on fubar contest, and the winner gets 40,000 fubucks and 2 bling packs.So holla atcha boy or my homie randy el
The Final Hours Of 2008
The end of the year is coming again Some say it went by in a flash Others say it felt like ten Did the end year badly or in a splash? All the good that was done Many crimes and sins where made Many lives ended and many also begun Counting the hours until this year will slowly or quickly fade Where goals met and achieved? Did any dreams become reality? People got hurt and deceived Good byes, thank you's and forgiveness where all set free Memories and good times to remember Also the sad and depressing things that made us weak in the knees The final month and final holiday in December Air and the breeze with cold temperatures that may let nature freeze Tears of joy and tears of grief Every laugh and every cry Many hills climbed and the feeling of relief Forever in my mind and heart with peace and also questions of why Resolutions that will be made again To stay in shape or quit a habit Be a better person? or will it just be broken sometime but when? Maybe
Fu-marriage Gone Wrong
So, if your fu-marriage hits the skids, get a fu- divorce and ask the fu- court for fu-alimony, and if there's fu-kids thats 17% of his fu-income for fu-child support. If he doesn't pay that's contempt of fu-court and he could go to fu-jail, where he might get fu-raped in the shower if he drops the fu-soap. he'd have to make a fu-shiv to protect himself, or join a fu-gang like the fu-aryan brotherhood or the fu-crips, or just learn fu-kung fu.
Hey To All My Fu Friends
i try not to ask much of you, but now i would like some help leveling up. i just want to get to pimp level. that has been my dream since child hood*tears*. if you can do something for me, i would be greatful. thanks. - JER-BEAR
James In Solo Action
Hi everybody Just for a change here are some solo photos of me does a strip tease in my favourite cream suit and silk tie To see all the photos use this link Hope you like James Wildfowler Remember to also check out this weeks main release "Border patrol" starring the blonde bomb shell Rachel in action with me
Where The Hell Do They Come From?
I'm sure everyone, specially the women, on FU get some pretty messed up conversations in their Shout Box. I get them a LOT. So I decided, Why should I not share these with my friends? They deserve a good laugh as well. So... Enjoy! (I've posted them as you would see them in the SB)
OK... This Douche admitted to hitting women and I have proof!!! AND he has friends backing him up its disgusting!!!! Bounty Hunter™@ fubar
Internetz - Serious Business...
I saw this while browsing through the BBC News website. When e-drama goes bad! ------------------------------------------------ A man murdered his estranged wife after becoming "enraged" when she changed her marital status on Facebook to "single". Edward Richardson, 41, of Mayfield Road, Biddulph, was found guilty of stabbing Sarah Richardson to death. He killed the 26-year-old hairdresser at her parents' home in Brown Lees, Staffordshire, on 12 May, 2008, Stafford Crown Court heard. Richardson tried to kill himself after the attack and was sentenced to life with a minimum of 17 years in prison. Fiona Cortese, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Richardson became enraged when Sarah changed her marital status on Facebook to single and decided to go and see her as she was not responding to his messages. "He gained entry by breaking the front door window and made his way into the property. "Once i
No Smoking
I've been on that pill Chantix for over 2wks and went from smoking half a pack a day to half a cig or maybe 2 a i'm lungs feel better and i have more energy. i cant stand the smell of cigs and the taste is weird but i still get the urge to go smoke one...but i think i'm doin pretty good :D
My Song Of The Day
ok thought i would share with you my stuff.....i love music....always have it on..its just a part of me..always thought i would share either my mood that day in a song..or a song that reminded me of a memory or something along those lines lol.. today Pink - Sober for my mood today and i just love this video lyrics I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudest Or the girl who never wants to be alone I don't wanna be that call at 4 o'clock in the morning 'Cos I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be home Aahh the sun is blinding I stayed up again Oohh, I am finding That's not the way I want my story to end I'm safe Up high Nothing can touch me But why do I feel this party's over? No pain Inside You're like protection But how do I feel this good sober? I don't wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence The quiet scares me cause it screams the truth Please don't tell me that we
Dischord With Heaven
I kept my voice low so that even God needed to bend his ear. My lament drifted up to him. "What more?" asked God in his ever so old manly gentle yet senile way. My response was to simply turn onto my back and slash his face with my sword. God recoiled quickly with shock, the befuddled look of amusement melting quickly. "Do you imagine that you wound me?", he chuckled in sarcasm, "you would have them worship many, not one?" Cast hard across the universe and crashing upon the ground, the air torn from my lungs, i will not pray. Who's to say they know God's voice?
Promoting Drops And How To's
Quick Sketches..
I was looking thru my old Photobucket accounts, and I stumbled across these pics... I had scanned these some time ago... before my scanner blew up and caught fire... These were two quick sketches I had done for paintings I had done, which now, are destroyed, of course... This is the kind of work I did all the time..that I had to give up.. Shit, don't know if I should be even showing you this horrible crap... But It's been a hole in my soul and heart for 11 years, that I haven't done anything worthwhile with anything artistic, outside of bodywork on vehicles.. I did these in late 2004 or early 2005.. It took a few months to do these with the paintings added, so somewhere in that time area.. I got inspired one day...took a lot of pain to inspire me, but it did... Anyway.... Honestly.. what say you??
Dragon Riderz Is Giveing Away An Auto 11 Bling
Well sweet melting mercy, you all know how to make a MarshaMallow feel welcome. There is so much to see, I can't can't keep up!! LOL I will figure it out eventually so please bear with me. Till then drink up, and get the campfire burning, cause this Mallow is about to get get Toasted!!Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mass Control Give Away Download
Mass Control Give Away DownloadThere will be more blog posts touching on the Mass Control techniques in more detail, but for now, I will leave you with one relationship building tip.Often we forget that when someone surfs the net, he's in a different frame of mind as compared to going to a shopping mall, watching TV or listening to radio. Even when he's on the net, his frame of mind is determined by the medium he's using at the moment.For example, if someone is using a search engine, he's usually in the frame of mind to get an answer to a question or to purchase something specific. Blog readers are usually looking for information or to be entertained.Let's be serious, there's plenty of people making dump truckloads of money on the Internet and they cannot teach anything worth a damn. Frank takes the most complex concepts and makes them simple -- and that is an incredible skill.And because he is such a great teacher...I bend over backwards when I hear his name mentioned anywhere to list
ya voy para matehuala slp mexico para ver mis hijos y algo mas el 7 de marzo
A History Of Carnival
A history of Carnival by Becky Retz, The Times-Picayune Tuesday January 13, 2009, 8:40 AM The Times-PicayunePlan your parading »Check out the Mardi Gras FAQ »Share your Carnival capers » Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is the final day of Carnival, which begins on the Feast of the Epiphany, Jan. 6. Also known as Kings' Day or Twelfth Night, Jan. 6 celebrates the arrival of the three kings at Jesus' birthplace, thus ending the Christmas season. And in New Orleans, simultaneously starting Carnival. This festival of fun finds its roots in various pagan celebrations of spring, dating back 5,000 years. Pope makes it official But it was Pope Gregory XIII who made it a Christian holiday when, in 1582, he put it on his Gregorian calendar (the 12-month one we still use today). He placed Mardi Gras on the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. That way, all the debauchery would be finished when it came time to fast and pray. Much of the first part of the Carnival seaso
"meet Me In This Dream Tonight:
"Meet Me In This Dream Tonight: Lean back upon your pillow, Join me in this place I know, Close your eyes for just a moment, Relax your body mind and soul. The place that only dreamers use, And poets find release, The place I long to meet you, And fulfill this fantasy. It's here I lay beside you, Fingers trailing over your skin, Our cheeks touching slightly, I don't want this dream to end. You slide your arms around me, Pull me tight against your chest, Moving into loves position, Were not in this dream to rest. Your heart beats with my heart, As our bodies lay entwined, Our eyes now tell the story, Drunken by the lovers wine. After quickened breath and passion, After ecstasies fulfilled, We lay snuggled, softly kissing, Knowing we have shared this thrill. My mouth flavored with your honey, The after taste where lovers dine, Making love would be much better, If it were not just in our minds."
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== What is it that you absolutely need sexually? SOMEONE UNINHIBITED What is something you have always wanted to try? NOT MUCH THAT I HAVEN'T TRIED... What is something you have never done in bed before? ??? BRUSHED MY TEETH What time of day do you like to have sex? MORNING, NOON, AFTERNOON,NIGHT & MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? A NICE HARD ON COMING TOWARDS ME... How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? ONLY A FEW SECONDS....THEN I GOTTA TOUCHY FEELY If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? TURN ME ON! i'VE HAD THEM IN THE SAME ROOM WATCHING & THAT'S HOT... Would it bother you if your bf/gf
diggin some slipknot this morning had to share "Gehenna" Do you Believe? Do you Fade like a Dream? Let me hear you BREATHE Let me watch as you sleep The Sparrow's Eyes... Promises shift into judgments I cannot deny that you were designed for my punishments The Blood and The Body - Control the cut so it's seamless Show me your Heart - Show me the way to complete this TETHERED / to a scene I / TREASURE / can you help me? I / SEVER/ god it's perfect, it's / NEVER / really perfect Now... I can finally be myself Cuz I don't want to be myself FREE MY SEVERED HEART, GIVE ME YOU - I WANT IT (I don't want to be myself) I cannot maintain a semblance of Normal anymore I'd rather feel pain than try to fit in with you anymore I'll throw it all away, like everybody else I can finally be myself Cuz I don't want to be myself FREE MY SEVERED HEART, GIVE ME YOU - I WANT IT (I don't want to be myself)
Remember those walls I built Well, baby they're tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make up a sound I found a way to let you in But I never really had a doubt Standing in the light of your halo I got my angel now It's like I've been awakened Every rule I had you breakin It's the risk that I'm takin I ain't never gonna shut you out Everywhere I'm looking now I'm surrounded by your embrace Baby I can see your halo You know you're my saving grace You're everything I need and more It's written all over your face Baby I can feel your halo Pray it won't fade away Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkest night You're the only one that I want Think I'm addicted to your light I swore I'd never fall again But this don't even feel like falling Gravity can't forget To pull me back to the ground again Feels like I've been awakened Every rule I had you breakin The risk that I'm takin I'm never gonna shut you out
For Those That Missed The Point The Last Time!!!!!!!
A long time ago way before i even thought about marrying my ex I had a good friend who is a very gifted clairvoyant tell me what my love life would be like and who i needed to be on the watch for. Now half the days i live now i barely remember what i did 5 minutes ago but i can remember everything she said like it was etched into my brain. so when i met my ex i was just plain smitten. i never got out alot because my job was weird hours and by the time i got outta work playin the field was the last thing on my mind. i had a couple guy friends who were just casual playtoys and i enjoyed my life there for a while, but you now the old saying about a woman's biological clock. i always told everyone i never wanted kids and i was very hell bent on making that point, but then i started thinking, hell maybe it was the spring and i was just twitterpated lol but i noticed more and more that i wanted someone special, one that didn't have to come over and then leave after an hour. So enter my
Stalker? Yes..i Have One.
For the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of being "checked out" by the same person. Of course this person has no picture and does NOTHING when s/he is on my page. I went to their profile and left a comment asking who they were..and of course, I heard nothing. Ideally I'd make my profile only viewable to those with salutes, but there is one non-saluted friend of mine, who I love dearly, that wouldn't be able to come to my page. I guess I could block this person, but they aren't really doing anything besides just looking at my page. Ugh.Bottom one is them: On a different subject, I need to make a MuMM.
Thank You And Stuffs
My friends and family kick ass... way too much funky groovy ass!!! *not the smelly kind, the sweet you should have your farts sent to a perfume company kind* Anyway, just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of my birthday lovin's you guys made my month! My r/l family kicks ass too!!! I got lots of cool stuffs (mostly hand made, my favorite) *sigh* The economy is starting to bring me down, again...I see people all over struggling and it bites ass!!! and not the good kind (see above statement) Clients are waaaaaayyyy bitchy and picky and everyone is on edge... *sigh* I continue to stay positive, put forth 150% and pray for the best...I do see some companies starting to pick up again and my cousin got his job back after being laid off for only three weeks...verses some of my friends who have been off work for several months to even over a year... My employer is a smart man and has made a move that will allow for myself and my coworkers to stay employed with almost a 40
Report This Please!
Please report this photo of this chick. She has a young kid pulling down her G-string in the image.. and it shouldn't be on this site!!!
Unending Torment
Alone I sit here again wishing that my temptress would finally grasp me in her loving embrace but alas I am passed by yet again while she runs off whoring about giving all takers her sweet loving embrace but I and I alone remain here while she teases me another agonizing day Day's pass like seconds while people come from all around wishing to join my bitter hellish cage. They know I can allow them in and only I but the fools know not that I haven't the key to escape. For this is a one way trip that there is no return from The fools do they know nothing? How can they wish to reject the advances of the sweet temptress of death. Here I sit time no longer bounding me to a limit. Oh how I wished that the grim reaper herself drapped in red looking so seductively at me teasing me with her sweet embrace and me unable to grasp her and take her as all others have They beg and plead for me to give them this same hell that I have to face. To see everything I ever loved ever cared about
My Celebrity Morph! This Is Cool!
MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity
Bada Bing Dj Schedule 3/16/09 – 3/22/09
Monday DEVIOUS 6pm – 9:00pm EST (5pm – 8:00pm CST) (80s 4play) QUEENY 9pm – 3am EST (8:00pm – 2:00am CST) (80s show) (Pet, Darth and Bounty No DJing) TUESDAY – (St PATRICKS DAY) PET- 6pm -9pm EST (5pm -8pm CST) QUEENY- 9pm – 12amEST (8pm – 11CST) (megamix) BOUNTY - 12am – 3:00+ EST (11pm – 2:00am CST) (Devious and Darth NO DJING) WEDNESDAY Devious - 6pm – 9pm EST (5pm-8pm CST) Bounty - 9pm – 12am EST (8pm -11pm CST) Humpday Pet 12am -3am EST (11pm – 2 AM CST) (Darth and QUEENY No Djing) THURSDAY QUEENY- 6pm – 9pm EST (5pm – 8pm CST) Bounty 9pm – 3am EST (8pm – 2:00am CST) Doubleshot (PET, Darth and Devious no Djing ) FRIDAY Darth 3pm – 6pm EST (2pm – 5pm CST) Devious 6pm – 9pm EST (5pm – 8pm CST) TGIF JAM 4play Queeny 9pm – 12am EST (8pm – 11pm CST) TGIF Jam PET 12am – 3am+ EST (11pm – 2am + CST) TGIF JAM (Bounty no Djing ) SATURDAY QUEENY 3pm -6pm EST (2pm – 5pm CST) DEVIOUS 6pm -9pm EST (5pm – 8pm CST) BOUNTY 9pm – 12am EST (8pm
if love is just a four letter word, then way does people wait there whole life to feel it if love is just a four letter word, why does it hurt so much if love is just a four letter word, how come we all have cried over it if love is just a four letter word, then why we ever say it when i said that four letter word i felt ever letter of it whe i said that four letter word it never hurt that much when i said that four letter word i cried tears of joy but they best part of that four letter was when i heard you say it
So we've spent about 4 trillion dollars in real money, and untold amounts in hidden expenditures... are you in better shape ? do you feel more secure financially ?
The Queen's Birthday Bash Startin @ 730ish Fri-night 3/27 In Bada Bing!
HEY HEY HEY BADA BING Family and Friends Come On Into and Celebrate The QUEEN'S Birthday w/ Us Startin @ 730ish pm est Friday Night! It's Gonna Be 1 Helluva Rockin Good Time! The TGIF Jams Will Be Played Along w/ Some of The QUEEN'S Fav Artists and Also Goin To Be Having Some QUEENY Trivia-Will Be Rewardin 100k in Fubucks For The Correct Answers-and Also She Has A 2 Min Delay Bfore She Can Answer! Also Will Be Doin Some Other Games As Well For Bucks and Prizes!...So Whatcha Waitin For?...Be Sure To Make BADA BING Your Place To Be Friday Night As Well Celebrate The QUEEN'S Birthday! Hope To See You There! CLICK Any Pic .. Its an OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE!
Why Me
this blog is for someone special.. some that everytime i see her in cam... my heart beats a mile amount.... what do i see in her? her bueaty. her wonderful smile.. her bueatiful eyes... the way she smiles and luaghs everytime someone complaiments her... and most of all a sweet loveing caring indivual..who completes my world.. her face is painted on my might think this is lame but its from my heart and thats what the one that ask why me what do you see inn me this is the answer.. look inside your heart through my eyes... that will answer your question
Thanks, Andrea!!!
Hey...YOU..ya you! this is the BEST group of people you could know get your butts over to their profiles and do the FU thing R/F/A them all you wont regret it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my hubby i loves him so! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my bestest friends ever
So I just read that people were breeding German Shepherds with Wolves. They soon had to stop this because the "results were untamable." Like thats a big surprise. Your trying to create a monster then your shocked that you cant tame the beast. Heres an idea, lets breed a bear with Sasquatch and make it a house pet.I love my furry Bearsquatch
Its been a while since I posted a blog.  In fact the last post was a few days after my near fatal semi wreck.  These past four months have been horrible.   He lost his job because of the wreck and now cant find work, Im still struggling to remember this wreck so I can move on, and three weeks ago I get into another wreck! This one in my own vehicle.  I totaled it out.  Not my fault and I got reinjured.  If that cant get any worse, he decides that we need to "take a break" from each other.  He just ups and abandons me.  I know it may have been for the best, but now I have no one to lean on to help me through this disaster in my life.  I know, get some big girl panties and move on.  But I just cant simply do that.  I can not move on until I can come to terms with this semi wreck that I can not remember.  The docs say it could be soon, or it could wait as long as me lying on my death bed to come back to me.  Either way, the longer it waits to return the more devastating it will be to me. 
can you see the barriers i throw up so you cant get inside i cant have you get through the walls you cant see what lies underneath the hurt vulnerable man that cant help but feel with all my heart and love with all my soul i cant let you hurt him you dont deserve that you cant deserve that no matter what you promise its just lies just so you can have ultimate victory over my being you can never break down my walls you cant see the tears that flow you can never feel the passion i love with or the desire i have yet its hard to hide them you still seem to get inside yes so more walls go up and i keep fighting to keep you out stop trying to get inside me you dont belong there you dont deserve to be there yes this means you every single one of you
  You are my addiction My perfect poision The thirst I crave The bitter sweet taste That is upon my lips As night brings a new dawn Your touch coursing thro my veins Leaves me longing for more My heart is defenceless You are My curse My addiction My perfect poision
ok like ive said befor i live in south louisiana the catholic central cluster fuck of the us if ur catholic no offence but in 3 years at a catholic school 1 coach was fired form atempting to have sex with a child( she was willing) the preist atended aa meetings 1 principle got fired for pics of girls on his fone, and the geomitry teacher had an anime porn site. so lots not to like. and if you no anything about christians they dont like witch craft. but me i have always been interested i got in to it in arizona but i did not even scratch the surface so to all wiccans HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! books, web, anything you no please
Im fucked off. Ill admit it i am. The guy who i had a fling with who is married got in touch with me a few days ago. I should imagine he was probably BORED and felt like torturing some some so he picked ME. I am fucking angry because it was like he just wanted to FUCK with my head. Its not fair. Im TIRED of being messed about. IF YOUR MARRIED  IM NOT TOUCHING YOU!! I want loving and caring for. I dont want anyone to think i am here for games. I wanted this certain man to leave his wife. HE is too fucking WEAK and GUTLESS to leave. He loves his kids. Not sure if he loves his wife. But his wife threatened him that she would not let him see his kids. So... thats the end of me. Hes living in miserableness because his wife is stooping low and making childish nasty below the belt threats. BUT its not my problem any more. Im free of him
Private Folders Open...
Private folders are open for friends this weekend Please be kind RATE/COMMENT leave Me some Love!!! GODDESS
Moving On
leaves the good part of us in myheart but choses to let go of the hate you caused,ive fond new and he has taken my pain away. ive always said their are memories i chose to keep. but when i move on i make new. ive gone from lies and anger, player to kindness. colin you fill my heart , my every need, you see im nt about me but us as you not about you but us . to lay next to you and you to massage my back is wonerful something my past never did . im glad ive moved on i only hope he sees the light. and will get off the roller coaster. but i doubt it he loves to play the game as his fav song ne and letting go ty for loving me but i say goodbye
Missing Your Loving Touch
Sitting here all alone I think of you, wondering if you're also blue. My days are hopeful for your return, but the nights alone only torture me. I am sorry of the situation that has taken me from you, I only wish I could of made it all better for you baby. I can not wait for the nights alone with you again, holding and touching you in every way imaginable. I feel the passion of your touch even through the miles that seperate us, I only hope you know how much I miss your loving touch and the scent of you within my mind. If what I am feeling is true then I think I am definately troubled, I have a sort of seperation anxiety feeling without you near. I do not know how much longer I can go without, I feel so lost without you here. I do not want to waste away and dissappear before your return, not from lack of substances but from lack of your touch.  
The Complete Collection On Nes Games Licensed & Unlicensed
The ~~NGD Game List Version 3.0 This document is best viewed in MS Wordpad, 1024x800 resolution or higher, NO word wrap. Thanks for viewing the newest version of my NES game list. Here is some info to help you get started. Everything listed below is for NTSC (US) games unless it is otherwise noted. The prices and rarity are for loose carts only, except on a few note worthy games. If you want the price for complete, or sealed games, you can adjust the pricing accordingly by adding around 10-35% to each price (this is just a general rule of thumb, some games are worth a whole lot more sealed or with box and manual). All the prices are based from my personal expericence from forums, general collecting, and ebay. The prices are just a guide to go by, and are by no means set in stone. Game prices change all the time, and are sometimes regional as well. Everything in this guide has been gathered by me personally, from my own personal knowledge and collecting experie
i sit here alone waiting for hope that one day i'll finally be able to stand up and say no to the one thing in this world that has always had a hold over me. no matter what i do it seems that i will always give in to my heart it has a cotroll over me that i just dont understand i've been hurt so many times by this pain that i live with every day for the past 4 years but how happy i become when she comes back even just to be friends i know ill get hurt every time but i am in love with this person so much i guess im willing to put up with the pain but at least i can feel something in this lonely heart. im 40 and getting older my life is not what i wanted but i deal with it hopeing one day the  one thing in my life i need will finally come true and that one thing is true love as i go thruogh this life i come to realize that some people  will never find that love and im starting to think i am one of those people.  i love this person more then my own life how ez i could give it up just t
Level Up
im happy  but  alot pf points to go now  lol 
Help Me
 I have this man in my life for the most part he seems great, but as time goes by he seems so busy.. He works a lot and is a very hard worker, when he is off work he has something to do all the time yard work things for his moms house his house his CAR always a friends car something always.. He use to make more time for me and now I feel like he will see me when he has time, I feel like he is no longer making time for me, its like fuck it I am going to do this that and the other and when I feel like it I will call text or come over.. I don't want to push him to be here if he don't want to be here I don't want to push him to talk to me if he don't... I wish he would just break up with me if he don't want to be with me... I am more then lost when it comes to mine and his relationship its like I really don't have a clue, does he want to be with me is he really just that busy and stressed out because he is that busy does he miss me at all?? Do some people (men&woman) have a har
Auction Info!!
If you want to join in and be auctioned off, pm me with what you are offering and a link to the photo you want used, if no link sent then I'll pick for you. Cost to join is 25,000 fubux. You get your auction photo and a bully to post. It's a never ending auction, which means that bids will be taken until you are happy with the current highest bid. You are responsible for watching your bids. I will notify you who has the highest bid and what was bid, once a day. Any other questions, PM me! Happy Auctioning and Bidding.
My hats off to President Obama for refusing to ignore the confederate veterans on Memorial Day. Soldiers on average dont get to choose what we fight for that is what our leaders are elected for. We3 are told to fight and we do. Not for a cause but for the men and women beside us. And reguardless of the flag that they fought under they are still America's Veterans. We honor the veterans of the French Indian War and they fought under the British flag.
Black Panthers Cleared Of White Voter Intimidation By Obama Justice Department Officials.. Welcome To New Politically Correcct America if the skin colors were reversed in this story there would be riotting in the street wouldn't there.But hey there black they're the 'oppressed people' see how oppressed they really are they need to carry weapons to polling stations on election day and stand around make sure you feel the oppression!   DevlinnThe Washington TimesFriday, May 29, 2009EXCLUSIVE: Career lawyers overruled on voting caseJerry Seper (Contact)Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.The incident - which gained national attention when it was captured on videotape and distributed on YouTube - had prompted the government to sue the men, saying they violated the
♪ Anytime ~ Kelly Clarkson ♪
Anytime you feel, like you just can't hold on... Just hold on to my love, and I'll help you be strong. But you're so afraid to lose, and baby, I can't reach your heart... I can't face this world that's keeping us apart. But, I could be the one to show you, everything you missed before. Just hold on now, 'cause I could be the one to give you more. (to let you know)
Libra - Me!!!!
LIBRA  (The Lame One)  Nice to everyone they meet.  Their Love is one of a kind.  Silly, fun and sweet.  Have own unique appeal. Most carin g person you will ever meet!  However, not the kind of person you want to mess with... You might end up crying ... This is  M E!!
It would simply say everything if you would take a pen and write my name on a friend who never cared to let me in.Then take a fast ravine that for three years swimming straight upstream and the wind, the wind will drag me down in the end.You live inside my wall and I, I reach back, hit your harder than God falls Christ, Amen. You're such a line to break and I'm, I'm so scared to make another mistake in the end But I just want to be happy again.Until it all falls down, and where does that leave me? With things, things, I've got so many things to say with a broken heart and a straight face I'm saying, "brother, help me" It's just a natural phase that I, I go through and then it's taken away and then bam, bam, I'm fixed. fixed.And I'm in another place to be where I, I can't sleep without the thought of me being so, so damn sick.  But take this song, take this song away until it all falls down, and where does that leave me? With things, things, I've got so many things to say with a broken
Love Quotes
Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command. Alan Watts To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. Anne-Sophie Swetchine Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be. Anton Chekhov (1860 - 1904) To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead. Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970), Marriage and Morals (1929) ch. 19 Love is not enough. It must be the foundation, the cornerstone - but not the complete structure. It is much too pliable, too yielding. Bette Davis (1908 - 1989) Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves. Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662) The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. Carl Jung (1875 - 1961) Nothing takes the taste o
Ready For Love
Take my hand and lead the way;tell me all you want to say.Whisper softly in my ear,all those things I want to hear.Kiss my lips and touch my skin;bring out passions deep within.Pull me close and hold me near;take away my pain and fear.In the darkness of the night,be my beacon, shine your light.In the brightness of the sun,show me that you are the one.Give me wings so I can fly;for I can soar when you're nearby.Enter my heart, break down the wall,it's time for me to watch it fall.I've been a prisoner, can't you see?Break my chains and set me free.Strip me of my armor tight;you'll find I won't put up a fight.Release my soul held deep within . . .I'm ready now, let love begin.
I just got done watching a show on tv...and at the end of it.. two people admitted their love for one anything. they know it was there for along time. She tried breaking it off.. he left her place, but he couldn't let her go..So, he walked back into her place, told her how much he loved her and they embraced this long, passionate filled kiss.. You could see the heat, the desire they had for one another.. I want that so badly.. i want a man that couldnt live without me. i want that passion.. that heart.. I want a man to look at me and think "GODS, I gotta have that woman". I want to feel how it feels to be wanted, needed, desired and most importantly..LOVED! I've never felt that way before..Most of the time, I don't think I ever will. I am a firm believer that there are some people that are destined to be alone all their lives and to die the same way..alone. I am starting to think i am one of those people.
Best Anime ever, without a doubt. It had everything you could ever want.It had GAY FEATHERSIt had AMAZING PUSSYcat SHOTSIt had THAT'S MR. JEW TO YOUIt had T-BAGGINIt had LOST BALLSIt had THE QUEST FOR THE SACKThat's just a few things the anime had to offer, how can you resist seeing it, what you still can, ok let me tell you more.It causes UNCONTROLLABLE GIGGLINGIt causes WARM COUCHESIt causes PERFECT CUDDLESIt causes LAZY PUPPIESHow can you resist this anime any longer? The last thing this anime caused and it's not nearly as funny or exciting made me happy...if only for a short time..I got to cuddle with a beautiful woman....and rest my head on a pretty girl..and for a few short hours that I wanted to never end....I was at peace..
About Me
Well to start with I love to look at photos and flirt with weman I like .  I'm the father of 3 girls. I'm single , not that well off, trying to raise my girls by myself, I would love to meet the right woman.   I'm very shy .  If you want to know more let me know.  If you get to know me youll find out I wear my heart on my sleave.
If We Had Sex
The answers were so FUN Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you!Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT!1. Would you be in control?2. Would you pull my hair?3. Would you whisper in my ear?4. Would you talk dirty to me?5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?6. Would you say my name?7. Would you go down on me?8. Would you let me give you a hickie?9. How many rounds would we go?10. What would you wanna do afterwards?11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly?12. Would you lick and bite me all over?13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point?14. Would you want me to take my time?15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10?16. Would you want fast or slow?17. Where would you wanna "do it"?18. Would you be loud or quiet?19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet?20. What position would we do it in?21. Do you like me?22. Would you call me the next day?23. Would you scratch me?
im so sick of life and everything inside it. im loosing it all. i cry all the time. he wont talk to me. he thinks im scum on the bottom of someones shoe. i cant take it. i cant take hearing how sad and upset and pointless i have made his life. im sick ofbeing told that i hurt him. do you know how bad that hurts?! do you know how much it fuckin sucks to show that im the strong one and try to PRETEND it doesnt effect me cause ill be damned if someone is there for me when i need them! you see i made mistakes and he made mistakes and im so fucking stubborn and stuck on what ibelieve that i didnt take him back. i wasnt even given time to think about it. iw as given o what 2 days?! it went from ill be here to talk to you when u are ready to your taking ot much time i cant do this anymore bye. im NOT blamin him. im so fucking tired of hear its all my fault i know its all my fault. stop blaming yourself god damnit. im so sick of all these feelings and tears. and hell WHEN I AM READY TO TALK AB
Ok, so this is going to be a ranting and raving blog. I haven't done one in a long time, so I need to get some stuff off of my chest. This is more based towards stuff on Fu than real life. 1. People who think that others don't have a life outside of Fubar. I, personally, am on here probably more than I should be, but that doesn't mean that I don't have real life things to do. People get mad if I have to go to the store, or want to go out with friends, or hell, even if I have to go to work. Maybe you don't have a life, but I do, and one in which I am very happy. 2. Guys who immediately ask to see NSFW pictures. My pictures are up there for people whom I feel are good enough to see them. Can't see them? That's not my problem. There are 1,000's of girls who have NSFW pictures open to the public, go bother them. Don't shout or message me saying "you're hot, show me your naughty pics" before even saying Hi. That's a reall good way to get yourself deleted off of my list entirely and blocke
24 Hour Bling Auction
The Other Women/men
Why is it that when a girl or a guy find's out that somone they like or want to be with is takin they still go after them ?  You wouldn't like it if it was done to you !  But you know what ? You can have him ! He is a liar a cheater an a abuser !  But next time when someone tell's you he is takin ! He is takin ! You know who you are an what I mean so take it or leave it !  I  don't care ! An if you have something to say to me or about me come to me not to my friends which just so happens to be someone he was talking to !
So today was a good day didnt see much to remind me of the bad things that i see on a daily basis.... Kinda nice, the air was fresh with smog of course, the smell of rain but of course no rain. Tonight spent some quality time with my boys at a video arcade something about being able to blow shit up and shoot random things kinda makes u feel better....
Where I Had Brunch Yesterday
Shamanism X I
Shamanistic features When speaking of “shamanism” in various Eskimo groups, we must remember that (as mentioned above) the term “shamanism” can cover certain characteristics of various different cultures.  Mediation is regarded often as an important aspect of shamanism in general. Also in most Eskimo groups, the role of mediator is known well:  the person filling it in is actually believed to be able to contact the beings who populate the belief system. Term “shaman” is used in several English-language publications also in relation to Eskimos. Also the /aˈliɣnalʁi/ of the Asian Eskimos is translated as “shaman” in the Russian  and English  literature.The belief system assumes specific links between the living people, the souls of hunted animals, and those of dead people.  The soul concepts of several groups are specific examples of soul dualism (showing variability in details in the various cultures).Like most cultures labe
Tax, Spend, Regulate- No Solution To Healthcare
   While the media focused its attention on Judge Sonia Sotomayor'snomination to the Supreme Court, liberals in the House ofRepresentatives introduced a health care "reform" package that willcost $245 billion a year by 2019.   Heritage Foundation blogger Conn Carroll digs into an alarming aspect of the legislation: it will effectively regulate your private healthinsurance plan out of business. Here's how it works, as Carrollexplains:    [A]ll health insurance plans must confirm to a slew of newregulations, including community rating and guaranteed issue. Thesewill all drive up the cost of health insurance. Furthermore, all thesenew regs would not apply just to individual insurance plans, but toall insurance plans. So the House bill will also drive up the cost ofyour existing employer coverage. Until, of course, it becomes tooexpensive and they just dump you into the government plan.   And all this will come at a huge cost to taxpayers. According toestimates from the Congressional Budg
Her Beauty
Her BeautyMy pen hath not the ink,Nor my mind the wit,To capture here in verse by my hand,Her Beauty I behold.Light from an endless star filled sky,Her eyes.Countless summer's warm gentle breeze,Her whisper.A thousand crystal cool mountain streams,Her kiss.Miles of pure white sand beach,Her smile.Wave after wave of crashing crimson tide,Her passion.Ranges of majestic snow capped mountains,Her strength.Deepest and widest of dark blue oceans,Her love.All of Creation itself fails to compare,In the entire depth of Universe,No single being past or now resides,Her Beauty I behold
Interesting Fact Or Fiction
I just found out that my ex is leaving town and had the balls to tell everyone that he screwed over. What had happen will stay in the past and he will give back everyones stuff including mine. True or false either way their is only one person that he has not faced. And if you guess me your right.
Tomcat The Auto Dj
My computer is to slow for  me to DJ live at a lounge so I made arrangements the a lounge called the Rebel  Renegade to be a a suto DJ - songs from my private list  will play by random selection in the lounge at certian times and dates - the music will be  mostly country and classic rock.   Plus a few oldies from back in the days of Buddy Holly when rock and roll was born and perhaps some 80s sounds.   So if you want to hear some rockin rebels - hillbillys - hippies - rednecks and country singers then you will want to tune  in - also chat with me and the wild ones who hang out there. It  will be fu fun turned up to the max.
Friends Or Not?
All who look, and click away Soon will be done, in the same way If I add you, I think your cool If you ignore me, then your the fool I do not add because you have asked I add because your attention I've grasped I will not keep you, if you don't talk For those, I draw a line of caulk I'm not a collector of friends you see I dont know why thats thought of me If you want me as part of your collection You have made the wrong selection Friends I seek just so you know People to get the chance to know If I have sparked and flamed your intrigue Then get to know me and I'll join your league Speak to me, write to me try to get to know me But do not ignore or fail to approach me Given a chance, and given the time I kept those who shown me a piece of their time I deleted those who did not show care I kept them till now, but obviously they weren't there What i have left in my friends list you see Is people who share the same Ideas as me I add those who want to get to know me The others c
Missing You
I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought of you yesterday, and days before that, too. I think of you in silence, and often speak your name. All I have is memories, and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake, with which I'll never part. God has you in his Keeping, and I have you in my heart. I miss you Ken-Z, my little pider.
After Dark General Dj Bully
Week 5
Away                                         Home Browns                                               Bills Cowboys                                            Chiefs Raiders                                              Giants Redskins                                            Panthers Steelers                                             Lions Vikings                                              Rams Buccaneers                                        Eagles Bengals                                           &n
Loan Modification
Loan Modification Mortgage Modification Avoid Foreclosure
Not My Words...but Can Not Deny The Truth Within Them
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signs mesa, az  signs gilbert, az signs chandler, az signs queen creek,az signs tempe, az signs Scottsdale, az
Princess D'annam - Vietnam Resort
Princess d'AnnamVietnam luxury hotel
Business Directory
I would like to practice Portuguese but also English, French, or Spanish as an exchange for help in other languages. I would love to meet people from other countries; I believe it's one of the best ways to travel without actually going there. You're left with anecdotes of local people and your imagination. The best comes later when you actually visit that place of many escapes and tales. We can talk about anything from the mundane to philosophy so hope to hear from you soon. business directory manufacturers & exporters india export/ Import brazil export/import forum
The Truth
ok just so u know 1.happily single parent 2.cant be bribed wit nudity 3.refuse to waste my money buying u blings unless u wanna help me wit my baby bills lol 4.not gonna lie to you or myself 5.could honestly care less if u like me or not its just a website peepz (im just saying) OK that in a nutshell is wat im about like it or not
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Fkd With A Roll Of Quarters
Last time I tried to change jobs in the company I was stalled off until they hired someone else and the general manager asked, didn't you want that job? Have you ever done to good a particular job that they wanted you right where you are? That is where I am at. This new job would be an upgrade in pay, position and working conditions but once again they are playing the same old game. Would love to change jobs in the company or somewhere else but we have the 3rd highest unemployment rates in the country so I am screwed
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Just A Lil Bored....
What if- 1. I died: 2. I kissed you: 3. I lived next door to you: 4. You found out I was married: 5. I stole something: 6. I was hospitalized: 7. I refused to leave my home: 8. I got into a fight while you were there: 9. If I ask you out? What do you think about my- 10. Personality: 11. Eyes: 12. Hair: 13. Laugh: Would you- 14. Help me hide a body? 15. Keep a secret if I told you one? 16. Hold my hand? 17. Take a bullet for me? 18. Try to solve my problems? 19. Love me? 20. Date me? Have you ever- 21. Lied to make me feel better? 22. Wanted to kiss me? 23. Wanted to kill me? 24. Broke my heart? 25. Kept something important from me? 26. Thought I was unbearably annoying? And more- 27. Who are you? 28. Are we friends? 29. When and how did we meet? 30. Describe me in three words: 31. What was your first impression of me? 32. Do you still think that way about me now? 33. What reminds you of me? 34. If you could give me anything, what would it be? 35. How well do you know me? 36. When's the
Various Things
So, I've come to learn nothing is ever easy. I'm okay w/ that, a good challenge is great!! I've grown to love football over the past few years!!! No not for the guys in the tight pants..for the love of the game! I've grown to love love love my family more than anything as they have shown me over the years just how wonderful,loving,caring and supportive they really are. Meeting new ppl and being friends w/ new ppl is always a great positive in my life. Fishing through the good bad and evil of those friendships as well. Keeping the good, dealing w/ the bad, tossing the evil. I'm not a piece of meat fellas!! Don't expect to be able to treat me like one... Having good neighbors that let you vent over a beer is great times. Tara just may have found a good friend who if I needa get away for a min, I can walk to their house lmao. Spending time w/ dearly loved friends and family, old and new... brings great joy into my life. I don't needa man to be happy, I got sis family n friends for that.
Well as some of you know I am really not around much.  I took and am still taking a much needed break from fubar.  It isn't anything against anyone and nothing per say is wrong I just need a break.  I go through things that are personal and real life of course always comes first, and if you know me then you know I have 2, yes 2 teenage boys, that well are teenagers.  So I am ok.  I am doing ok.  Just going through a patch of life that is a little more difficult than others right now. I hope you all are well and I miss you my friends and family!!
I Cant Chase You
In a story book you were mine.. All of you..singled out from the others You existed only for me... I didnt think I would love that But I did each breath reminded me of summer nights each touch was the ocean crashing into the rock wall each smile a never ending sunrise each hug the warmth of a fire in the snowstorm I closed my eyes it was gone You walked away Lost amongst the nights and waves Chilled by the morning frost Frozen in the snows Will I ever have that again? I thought you were mine...I was so yours Then again I thought And so we move on to another person place or time maybe more at home maybe more turmoil maybe less chances are both I cant chase you You are not mine...never really were You are the world's and SO AM I.....
Tim Mcgraw - She's My Kind Of Rain
Tim McGraw Miscellaneous She's My Kind Of Rain She's my kind of rain Like love in a drunken sky She's confetti falling down all night She sits quietly there Like water in a jar Says baby why you trembling like you are So I wait and I try I confess like a child CHOURS: She's my kind of rain Like love from a drunken sky Confetti falling down all night She's my kind of rain She's the sunset shadows She's like Rembrandt's light She's the history that's made at night She's my lost companion She's my dreaming tree Together in this brief eternity Summer days winter snow She's all things to behold CHOURS: She's my kind of rain Like love from a drunken sky Confetti falling down all night She's my kind of rain So I wait and I try I confess all my crimes (Repeat Chours Twice) FADE OUT: She's my kind of rain Ohhh, rain on me She's my kind of rain
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Just Lost
I am lost amongst the thievesWho took my life away from meWhy can't they leave me beAnd let me die PeacefullyThey haunt me in my dreams Always coming after me This is why I never sleepIn fears they will find me torturing my insanity!Maybe this is why no one will love meFor I am damaged beyond repair.I ruin all I touch and all the people that careMy heart feels so bare.I curl into a ball and cryThe darkness I seekI am feeling so weekI don't know how long i'll surviveFor I am lost the reality is goneI don't really feel alive
My Clip
like a nosedive in cold water, burning holes in your face.Created by laurenpwns and taken 54 times on Bzoink Hello, what is the name you were given at birth?: Kalista Rae Cooper How old are you and when is your birthday? Do you like your age?: 21, May 28 1988, and umm sure? lol Where do you live? Are there fun things to do in your town?: Moline IL, no not really Im usually in Davenport IA lol just sleep in IL What school do you go to, if you actually still go to school anymore?: Ill be going to Black Hawk College in Jan Would people consider you more immature or mature?:
A Dying Breed.
  The ways of being raised "OLD SCHOOL" or as some see it A CODE OF CONDUCT was how you lived life! This meant you had RESPECT,TRUST,HONOR, from the people around you and it is what you gave them return! A mans word and his handshake meant something at one time. Showing RESPECT to your elders was just a given thing. Things that only a few of us ( A DYING BREED ) still live our lives by!
I Can't Make You
I've learned that in order for you to keep someone they have to want you backI've learned this the hard way, you can't make someone want to be friends with youA friendship has to swing both ways. Your a friend to them and they're a friend to you.But sometimes showing them that you care just isn't enough.You can't make someone hang out,call, text, or even miss you if they don't want it as well.As much as it hurts you just have to accept that and move on.The last couple of months have shown me this.I'm learning. Learning to leave those friendships behind. Trying not to scratch that bruise so that it doesn't bleed again.Leaving that stain and trying not to get it out, even if i tried it won't come out.
The Wallower's Way
As I sit here watching all the passers by I wonder why I suddenly want to cry is it because of dishonesty of words or is my brain just for the birds? Is there any way to explain this lunacy that has enveloped me? I can't understand it nor can I give it away How can I possibly use it to promise for a better day? Is there any reason I should be so sad when so much has happened for which I should be glad? I should just brush it off and get back up instead I sit here and wallow with my computer and my cup.
Smile> Uncle Kracker> > > You're better then the best> I'm lucky just to linger in your light> Cooler than the flip side> Of my pillow, that's right> > Completely unaware> Nothing can compare to where> You send me, lets me know that it's okay> Yeah, it's okay> And the moments where my good times start to fade> > You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed> Sing like bird, dizzy in my head> Spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night> > You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe> Shine like gold, buzz like a bee> Just the thought of you can drive me wild> Oh, you make me smile> > Even when you're gone,> Somehow you come along just like> A flower pokin' through the sidewalk crack> And just like that> You steal away the rain, and just like that> > You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed> Sing like bird, dizzy in my head> Spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night> > You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe> Shine like gold, buzz like a bee> Just the thou
"tell Me!"
How old are you? Are you single or taken? Eat with your hands or utensils? Do you dream at night?  A secret about you?  If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be? Do you trust the police? Do you have a crush on me?   Why? If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? Would you cheat? What do you wear to sleep? Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to? If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? Which do you prefer - short or long hair? Do you sing in the shower? What's your favorite color? Are you naughty? What was your first impression of me? Have you ever done drugs? Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?  
New Years...
Since tomorrow is the big ball dropping, for the big countdown to the New Year. So of course, as usual a ton of tourist are on their way to NYC just to see the ball drop made Me wonder...Who determines when it is the New Year?I mean when it is New Years here [12 AM EST], it wont be new years for another 3 hours on the west coast, and in some places it won't be the new year for another 9 hours, while some other places it has already been the new years for 16 hrs. Not to mention in America alone, we have three or four different time zones, each of which does the "daylight savings time" at different months and times... hm confusionBoredom breeds these random thoughts…Now go back to your life and make Me some tits and ass salutes!
A Little
I suppose deep inside all new things are terrifying in their own wayLike a child released from the only room he's known to see the dayEverything shifts a little as what was once your world expands beyondThe limits you thought existed, and perhaps of such had become somewhat fondI guess I could have never been lost in your eyes and melted withinI suppose to some the safety of the known overwhelms the need to beginI gaze out across a plateau with something akin to the truest free breathAll I am seems cleansed as I watch the sun in your eyes die the tiniest deathA little paler it seems once the walls no longer surround your faceAnd my world seems all at once to have changed utterly, nothing's out of placeAnd though I can't quite place a finger on the pulse of the rhythms that moveI know on a level I barely comprehend that all that once was has improvedSuppose the world was the dream and the dreams were the lightAnd the things we fear the most were only what we hold insideWould acknowledgi
I Will Show You What It Is To Burn
suffer in silence i shall do no more.Anger tears away the face of angelspink flesh turns pale sickly sweet smell of deathi will show you what it is to burnfight fire with fire the smell of brimstone so closefor those who know they will rot in helli will show you what it is to burn.violent convulsions as you scream to godFORGIVE ME FORGIVE MEGod can't save you nowtake my hand  for it is timei will show you what it is to burnBrandi S Weaver 2009
I Can't Comment On Mumms.....
Last night I made my first MuMM and it got pulled off for not following the guide lines.  It was an honest mistake.  It wasn't offensive or was not NSFW material.  They pulled it off and they didn't say I was punished or anything.  However, I can no longer place comments on MuMMs, I can vote, but just not Comment.  How do i get the right to place comments back?? 
To Ashley And Family
Ashley and Mary , I am so sorry for your loss, I am so proud of you for doing what you thought was right for you and your baby , Gabriel. It is so hard for me at saying words , but I hope these tags will bring some kind of Peace to you all....You are always in my Thoughts and Prayers.God Bless and Big Hugs Jane graphics for moms graphics for moms graphics for moms
Santa Is A Woman
I think Santa Claus is a woman....I hate to be the one to defy a sacred myth, but I believe he's a she. Think about it. Christmas is a big, organized, warm, fuzzy, nurturing social deal, and I have a tough time believing a guy could possibly pull it all off! For starters, the vast majority of men don't even think about selecting gifts until Christmas Eve. Once at the mall, they always seem surprised to find only Ronco products, socket wrench sets, and mood rings left on the shelves. On this count alone, I'm convinced Santa is a woman. Surely, if he were a man, everyone in the universe would wake up Christmas morning to find a rotating musical Chia Pet under the tree, still in the bag. Another problem for a he-Santa would be getting there. First of all, there would be no reindeer because they would all be dead, gutted and strapped to the rear bumper of the sleigh amid wide-eyed, desperate claims that buck season had been extended. Blitzen's rack would already be on the way to the tax
My Blog
Please visit my blog at  make sure you also click on the ad's cuz I get paid for everytime someone clicks on them. In this blog I bitch, brag, blab on and on...but it's interesting sometimes haha... get to know me!
Happy Valentine's Day All
I love hearts and therefore this is one of my favorite holidays. for those of you who are anti Valentine:
I Just Wanna Be Free
Life is never good for me and that is what I wish you would see. Just let me end it all for I'll be happy in the end. I'll finally be free.Free from all the pain and torment and the never ending battle.No more dealing with arguments and tears. I'd finally be through with it all.You just don't seem to understand that by keeping me here you're making it worse.If I were dead and gone by now I'd be happy, I wouldn't have this life, I wouldn't have this curse.I'm already considering doing this even without your consent. I know for sure that once it's all over with my heart will be content. So here I am sitting on my bed with a knife to my wrist.Please everyone don't be upset, don't be pissed.You just need to know I love you all but I couldn't handle it anymore.OK here I go, I'm doing this for sure. You just need to let me go to heaven now.Hopefully god will understand and accept this.Just tell my baby I love her and I'm sorry I couldn't give her one last kiss.Tell everyone I love them and t
Story 1
I called you to tell you that I was going to stay late at work, something came up and we all had to stay late. I told you not to worry about me I would get home late and you didn't have to wait for me. "Ok, baby I will see you when you get home." When you walked in the house everything was ok, the dogs were doing their normal thing, nothing! Marley is just sitting on the couch being lazy and Bingo was standing right by the door waiting for you to come home and start going crazy jumping and spinning around because he is so happy to see you. You do the regular every day thing, drop your bag somewhere, take your shoes off, change your clothes, and you put on an oversized shirt that reaches your mid-thigh. You walk in the other bedroom to get on the internet, as you are about to turn on the light something grabs your hand before you are able to turn on the light, and suddenly grabs you spinning you around and holding both of your arms down as if in a bear hug from behind. You scream of fe
Thanks Old Dude...ew
NorthJersey: lol ok....well thanks for talking ...cya sexy Suga Lips: get her collegen NorthJersey: i like your lips better than hers Suga Lips: well maybe you should stick with her NorthJersey: yes ..that is how I met my wife Suga Lips: dude...does this actually work on women? NorthJersey: i understand...can I at least kiss you for maybe 20 minutes? Suga Lips: I don't keep secrets and I don't cheat NorthJersey: perfect I am married will be our secret Suga Lips: ok well I'm married for 1 and for 2 you're old enough to be my dad NorthJersey: if you ever visit nj or nyc ..please call me 1st ..thanks Sug
Eyes Closed
As I close my eyes, I can feel you there by my side. Wanting you more than anything in this world, begging to feel your            head upon mine. Knowing that you care, and dream of me. Its a feeling I do not want to lose. Your candy kisses trace down my body to forbidden places. I will give it all just for you, so I can feel your soft touches, and see               the passion in your eyes. To see you smile, hand in hand our smiles and heart beats will                always be there.
How To Fix The American Educational System....
Teachers overseas... do...not...give a fuck. Firefox users click here
In the long run, we're all dead.  -  John Maynard Keynes
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First thing this morning I went to the head of education (may or may not be her correct title) at the school and complained that I don't get to play with hair because I am constantly being placed in other rotationtions. She shut me up. She sent me to go do hair for flashes of hope at all children's hospital. Flashes of Hope creates powerful images of kids with cancer or other serious diseases.  Tall order for a beauty school student. The kids were sick. The families were tired and oily because they had been sleeping in a hospital for who knows how long. High point of the day doing a side pony tail on a little girl whos hair had been cut off in one spot. Low point-- the massave amounts of dandrufff and scary hair products I found on some of these people. One of the guys in charged asked me to stop curling this woman's hair because it was smoking from all the product. You can only do so much and most people looked better for having the team of 2 students and 3 professionals work on t
I just got done running/walking for 45 minutes. Woot! I got home and poured a big cup of water and sat on the patio while I drank it. Then I got in the shower. I think the shower was my favorite part. That was the most relaxing shower ever. The warm water felt wonderful. I think I got sunburned on my face. I got to remember to wear sunscreen tomorrow. By the way, it's sunny and 72 degrees outside. The humidity isn't bad, but when you're in the direct sunlight it feels HOT. Dinner is cooking right now and I'm starving. I have to say, today has been a wonderful day. :) And guess what? TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!
What The Hell Here Are Some Of My Poems.....
words, words, words words... i'm tired of words in my head they are only symbols of the feelings not the true things that i've felt dillusional, hypothetical what if, why not, how come reality askew, if i only knew if others felt these damn things too     A Children's Story The animals all joined a lodge Just like humans do They talked every 2nd Tuesday away While sipping on Jungle Brew   One nights meeting finished up to quick All decided to hang around They told tales of their daring do's After every story on the tables they'd pound   Alligator said take a gander in this maw I can make any man run, just with a smile I can laze in the River alone Cause I have teeth for miles   Anaconda piped up, well thats nothing Al As he put down his jungle brew mug Men stear clear of even my suspected lairs When all I want to give them is a hug   Thats pretty good Andy, But you can't top this Roared Lion from the front Man calls me the King Of Beasts My wife won't
Most people are selfish these days. Selfish about feelings, love, everything. More concerned about how you made them feel. Rather than how they might of made you feel. More concerned with who they love. Rather than who loves them. More concerned with what makes them happy. Rather than who they make happy. Most people forget who they were 15 years ago. Who they loved, where they were, what they wanted. Most people dont realize if in that span of time, If they have made a difference in someones life. If they made a difference in their own lives. Or if anything has even changed at all. No one ever thinks of what they need. Always concerned with what they want. Want versus need, are two totally different objects. I wonder how many people ever take the time to step back, and look at the big picture. Look at their surroundings, home, life, family, city, state, the world. Does anyone take the time to notice the small things in life anymore? Or even enjoy such things in life anymore
Screaming Thoughts
The thoughts that go screaming threw your head. Wanting nothing but to just scream at the top of your lungs TO HELL WITH IT ALL. Yet you cant you just keep going on. Is all you want is to be just left alone or for someone to acctually understand you. How hard is it for someone to undertand another person. Wishing to beable to just grab ahold of a person and just look at them and tell them what they are doing wrong and what to do to fix it. If only you could. Life is not hard, it is you who makes it that way. Sure you come across oppsticals but thats what makes you learn better for the next time. Why is it so hard for people to say what they truley mean or what they want to say, or what there true ententions are? I know why, its easier to live a lie and get what you want from people then it is to just tell the truth. Some times its hard to find where the lye is, or when its coming out. Dont worry ill always find it. There not hard to deteckt. I suppose ill just sit here pulling my hair
Guess Who's Paying For The Greece Bailout? That's Right -- You
The bailout outrages never stop.   Of the 110-billion Euro Greece bailout, 30-billion (approx $40 billion) will be paid for by the IMF.  The US supplies almost 20% of the IMF's funding (per quotas).  So that means US taxpayers are providing ~$8 billion of the $145 billion going to kick the Greek can down the road. That's the first outrage.  (Why is this our problem?) The second outrage is that, as in some of the US bailouts, our bailout money is JUNIOR to Greece's existing debt. That means that, over the next couple of years, the idiot banks that loaned bankrupt Greece money will get their money back. And then, when Greece runs out of cash again, we'll be left holding the bag (along with Germany and the rest of the folks who bailed Greece out). In any normal financing, the lender of last resort would be SENIOR to all existing debt. It would get its money back first, before the other idiots got a penny.
Get Some As Of 5-15
Does Crying When Something Bad Happens In Our Lives Make Us Less Of A Man Or Does It Make Us Stronger And Let Us Know That We Aren't Cold Hearted Bastards That Only Think About The Next Piece Of Ass We Can Get. Give Me Some Insight Write Me Back And Tell Me What You Think, Men & Women Both Feel Free To Answer?
Men And Their Weird Lists
So I just got home from a night out for my friend's birthday (was a disaster...long story) and before we got there she was explaining to her boyfriend's friends hwat we looked like, and apparently when she describe me as 'Chinese' to the guys they were all like 'Yeaaaaa!!!' Her exact words put it bluntly: 'They all want to f**& you'. I was like...'excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me?'. How rude. Apprently it's something they've always wanted to do...sleep with a Chinese/Asian girl. :\ Mumm within a blog. Is that slightly racist or not? Weirdo's.  
What Not To Say When Your Company Is Ruining The World
  What Not to Say When Your Company Is Ruining the World BP CEO Tony Hayward has made gaffe after gaffe defending his company's response to the gulf oil spill. Here are some of his many unfortunate remarks.   Joe Raedle / Getty Images On May 28, Hayward points to the site of the gulf oil spill. There is a long and awkward history of corporate leaders saying the wrong thing when their companies are facing criticism. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein responded to his company's role in contributing to the recent financial crisis by suggesting he was doing "God's work." But BP CEO Tony Hayward, whose company just hired a former spokeswoman for Vice President Dick Cheney to help handle the media, has outdone even Blankfein in his unfortunate comments since the company's Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up on April 20. The blast killed 11 people and sent thick, rust-colored oil billowing into the Gulf of Mexico, destroying natural habitats and devastating the coastal econ
I realize that it's nice to have a Happy Hour, Blast, Auto 11's, Boomerangs, Cherry bombs, and Bling credits. Of course to have these things it costs money.  What I don't understand is how is it a fair trade to expect someone to sell another member something that costs real money for fake virtual money.  Fubucks can't pay the bills or feed your kids.  So why do people think that they deserve to have real money spent on them but can get away with paying someone back with fake money?   Common sense tells me the person willing to purchase the perk is being taken advantage of.  Even if it is a bling pack that you will use on the seller, if they wanted bling they could buy it and use it themselves.   Seriously if you want something than buy it yourself and if you can't afford it then you just live without. No one is going to die because they don't have  any of the named items above.
Random Thoughts
Somethings make you laugh other things make you angry. Somethings make happy other things make you sad. While some people you can trust the others you can't. Sometimes life's all fun and games til someone gets hurt. When your going though some hard times someone else is having a even tougher time. When you think God is picking on you think about what has been done and the outcome is always good. I was taught to trust no one but love everybody that I come in contact with. When you in love it takes the distraction of the world and confind them into a piece of pain that you can't feel but when your heart is broken then all that pain is release onto the unexpected world. Sex is not another way to show your love with someone its a way to show your love to someone. My heart always pure but sometimes is tainted by the unpureness of people and there feelings. Sometimes I wonder who out really cares about me and loves me. I know a lot of people say it but do they really mean it. How often do yo
Truck Driver Blues
Truck Driver Blues Category: Travel and Places I know where we were.I know where we are going. I don't know where we am. We are running these roads,delivering loads.Eating on canned beans and ham. We're both going crazy.but not @ all lazy. We're in a real tizzy,it's true.We're sleep deprived tired ,or wide awake wired.Mostly dont know what to do.    WE're somewhat depraved.but quite well behaved.No one is scarred of us yet. The hours we keep don't give us much sleep.You would'nt trade us jobs ,both bet..We need a shower,but  don't have power..To tell dispatcher .. "NO"..we get a bit grumpy,cause these roads are bumpy.But down them we really must go. We'd call home in a jiffy, but phone service is iffy.Sometimes it's scarce @it's best.We know you know that  we'd love to just chat.But calling is such a big test. So we go on driving,but not reallythriving. Sweaty hands holding the wheel. All 18 tires move us thru ten gears with no fuss. This job is not any big deal.We both share the sleep
How 2 Make Her Smile
When she walks away from you mad [ Follow her ] When she stare's at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you away [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she start's shouting at you [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignore'...s you [ Give her your attention ] When she pull's away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she lay's her head on your shoulder [ Tilt her head up and kiss her ] When she steal's your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she tease's you [ Tease her back and make her laugh ] When she doesnt answer for a long time [ reassure her that everything is okay ] When she look's at you with doubt [ Back yourself up always tell the truth no matter what] When she say's that she like's y
Just Another
just another guy,just another broken heart,just another piece of ass,just another thing that hurts. just another step,just another lie,just another tear from my eyes.just another someone,just another no one. just another lonely phase,just another empty page. another tear,another crack,another piece of me to fear.someone new who turns their back,just another someone,just another no one,just another empty heart,just another full of pain.
Real Talk
First off, the term Juggalo is uni-sexual. A juggalo is someone who has been saved by the dark carnival. Many people don't recognize the intelligence behind the music. It is satire. Their intention is to influence people to free their minds (the most beautiful thing in the world to experience, recipe for wisdom = weed and music). We are anti-predjudice(sexism, racism,etc.) We know that karma is real and don't see life in black and white, but with more colors than a gay pride parade. A Juggalo is someone who lives for themself, meaning they realize that if you care what other people think about you and try hard to be accepted, then you will always be a slave to your own mind. A Juggalo is someone who enjoys life to the fullest they possibly can and stops "to smell the roses"(meaning living your life in the moment). It's not about having all the gear, posters, albums and trivia knowledge. You don't have to know what faygo or a neden is or even have ever heard of psychopati
Real People, Real Funs!!
I work to stay alive.  -  Bette Davis
'chiclone' Buffets Il - Another Self Blog
I so love it when Chicago makes it into other cities newspapers. This is about the storm that's currently slamming us. Yeah, it is pretty bad. I walked out of my house and was literally soaked to the bone in about a minute. Foolishly, I continued on to the bus stop being blown around and splashed by cars as I waited for a bus that never showed up. I returned home and figured I'd wait it out. The winds and rain were so bad, all I could see from our balcony was gray, swirling walls of rain. You could barely see the street lights which are about a block away. Fortunately, the rain eased off enough for me to attempt another trip to the bus stop. I'm here, actually dry but having a majorly bad hair day. LOL Anyway, here's the article from the SFGate's website. The 'Chiclone' title up there is theirs. I kinda like it! LOL Strong wind and torrential rain buffeted the Midwest Tuesday as forecasters predicted the giant storm could be the most powerful to hit Illinois in over seven decades. Th
Happy Halloween/ Happy Samhain
HAPPY HALLOWEEN / HAPPY SAMHAIN Forest misty, dark and deep the doors between the world release, loved ones, family, favored pets to join in this evenings's fest the birth of new, the death of old I will this cycle to unfold. Each leaf that drifts upon the ground will bury all that is unsound and in its place will rise a new the gift of love the whole tear through. With harvest gold and autumn sun I reap the best I have done. And as the days grow shorter still with longer nights and winter's chill I'll work to build a better place for ever soul and human race. Wild autumn winds and crones dark voice speak to me of wisdom choice let me hear your words of fate so I know w
It Is What It Is
Stress Stress is eating at me every minute and second of the day, how do I cope with the horrible effects and make it go away?I feel so tired and run down and I don't sleep, I lie in bed at night and wonder why it runs so deep.Everyone asks why do you look so sad, do I tell them that my stress is eating me up and that I feel really bad?Does everyone notice how I walk around in a daze, and that I have deep black bags under my eyes nowadays.I wake up every morning feeling so hopeless, like nothing ever goes right and wondering why my life has to be such a mess.Stress is my one worst enemy, it’s taken over my mind and my whole life in every single degree. Starting Over
Just Thinking
Once upon a most fukked up time, I came across a psycho mime. Something was strange to my naked eye, to this very day I couldn't say why. As strange as he was it doesn't really matter, My friendship doesn't waiver and my best friend is the fukken Mad Hatter.   Now, just a minute ago I made all this up none of it is true. If you took my word for it , what does that say about you? think about this question don't answer too fast cuz in this Mad Hatter Reality , lies just don't last.                      Written By: Jessica Auzelia Tiffin 2010
Reproduction Iwc Watches Mandarin Chinese Based Conventional Giant
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Rolex Replicated Watches Datejust For Your Christmas
  Here, you can get replicas of almost all Rolex Replicated watches models that offer you the same grace and elegance which is associated with the original models of these watches. No doubt, you can see replicas at their best when it comes to quality of the available Rolex replica watches. They provide you all what you consider must for your style within a reasonable price. Rolex Replicated watches has a great renown in the world of luxury watches and its various models like Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT-Master, Rolex Daytona and Rolex DateJust have always been serving as must-have accessories for a considerable number of fashion and style-conscious people. These watches have always been catching the attention of all those who well realize the importance of classic elegance in their wristwatches.  Despite all these qualities, the sad fact is that a considerable number of customers cannot afford to have these DateJust watches because they have such huge price tags that one can buy a sma
Important To Me....
Those who know me well realize I am VERY private. If I want ANYONE to know anything about me I will tell them myself. Discretion and privacy mean more to me than anything....except maybe my dog. I give that respect and certainly expect that in return. I have and will disappear because of lack of privacy/discretion/respect.  True friends will tell me if that trust has been violated. If I feel safe in saying anything in comments/photo comments/blogs/private messages or gifts, that is MY choice. Just throwing that out there! Peace and kisses.......................
Unconditional Love
I love you as you are, as you seek to find your own special way to relate to the world. I honour your choices to learn in the way you feel is right for you. I know it is important that you are the person you want to be and not someone that I or others think you "should" be. I realise that I cannot know what is best for you, although perhaps sometimes I think I do. I have not been where you have been, viewing life from the angle you have. I do not know what you have chosen to learn, how you have chosen to learn it, with whom or in what time period. I have not walked life looking through your eyes, so how can I know what you need. I allow you to be in the world without a thought or word of judgement from me about the deeds you undertake. I see no error in the things you say and do. In this place where I am, I see that there are many ways to perceive and experience the different facets of our world. I allow without reservation the choices you make in each moment. I make no judgement of th
You're Hired
you can never be too skinny or too rich.
Hooray! The Blizzard Is Coming!
I truly am not a winter person. I don't like cold, I don't like snow. Shovel sucks. It's just not fun at all. Granted this winter as well as others, we've been REALLY lucky and missed out on some nasty stuff, but it doesn't look like we're gonna miss out this time. Two feet of snow, 50 mph winds, white out conditions, ice...yeah, FUN IN THE CITY! My co-worker's daughter lives in Dallas. Schools are closed there. DFW was shut down for an hour because of ice. Her daughter called the police because a trampoline was flipping over a fence into the road. Yes, winds like that and the stupid idiots that live upstairs from me decide to put a freakin' tree that's a house plant out on the balcony. Seriously? Do you have a brain? What possessed them to do that, I have no clue but if that damn thing blows over and does damage to my car or windows, the police better come and take me away cuz I'm gonna beat them with it! Anyhoo, storm is moving at 60 mph so it'll be here soon enough. Happy joy, ha
The "p" Possibilities Passing Parking Lots Filled With Poor Poverty Stricken Poets Pouting And Poking The Eyes Of Pretend Prophets Preachin
The song from my previous post may have the ability to put a smile on my face, but this link makes my eyes well up with tears. Satellite Photos of Japan, Before and After the Quake and Tsunami
Farewell My Lovei
Is it really true our love is over now?Can it be time for us to say goodbye?Too soon, it’s much too soon, my love, for me;You smile with ease, but I can only sigh.We’ve shared our lives and given so much love;I can’t believe we’re really going to part;You’re moving toward a new life without me;I’m left with scars upon my broken heart.Go on now, if you must; I’ll get along;How much it hurts, I don’t want you to know.I’ll set you free without inducing guilt,But as you leave, the silent tears will flow.I can’t be mad; I love you way too much;I’ll hide my sadness now, so you can’t tell.Sweet happiness is what I wish for you;Farewell my love, I hope that you fare well.
Never thought I could get hurt and my sprits be broken down so much like they have sense friday... Friday I had been Dating this guy I took a Whole day to go spend with him and the whole time he did nothing but txt and talked on the phone to me yes it was very rude... So of course i was very upset and on the way home i didn't say much we got back to his house he like whats wrong and kept on well I am the type if you keep on i am going to say what i have to say well i told him how i felt he got pissed and about 2 hr after i left he txt me said he done ok not a problem yeah i cared about him but if your going to give up on me that easily then you don't wanna be with me anyways....yeah i was hurt more my feelings then anything but so one of my friends i thought was a good friend but apparently also really could give a shit less about me or he wouldn't of let someone do there kniving bullshit that they done..but anywho i went over there for some conf this person has always been there for
Beauty without expression is boring.  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
He not busy being born is busy dying.  -  Bob Dylan
Bark Like A Dog
The Stupid Jerk I'm Obsessed With by Maggie Estep(1962-present) The stupid jerk I'm obsessed withstands so close to meI can feel his breathon my neckand smellthe way he would smellif we slept togetherbecause he is the stupid jerk I'm obsessed withand that is his primary function in lifeto be a stupid jerk I can obsess overand to talk to that dingy bimbette blonde as if he really wanted to hear about hermanicures andpedicures andNew Age ritualistic enema cures andtruth be known, he probably does wanna hear about itbecause he is the stupid jerk I'm obsessed withand he's obsessed with doing anything he canto lend fuel to my firehe makes a point of standinglooking over my shoulder when I'm talking to the guy who adores meand would bark like a dogand wave to strangersif I asked him to bark like a dogand wave to strangersbut I can't ask him to bark like a dogor impersonate any kind of animal at allcause I'm too busylooking at the way the stupid jerk I'm obsessed withhas pants on that perfec
September 11, 2001—timeline For The Day Of The Attacks - 4 (repost)
Feb 21, 2002: A ban on poppy growing by the Taliban in July 2000 along with severe droughts reduced Afghanistan's opium yield by 91% in 2001. Yet the UN expects its 2002 opium crop to be equivalent to the bumper one of three years ago. Afghanistan is the source of 75% of the world's heroin. [Guardian, 2/21/02] Why is the US unable to control opium production which had almost stopped? Mar 2, 2002: The 9/11 collapse of the 47-story WTC building 7 was the first time a modern, steel-reinforced high-rise in the US has ever collapsed in a fire. [New York Times, 3/2/02] Building 7 was where the SEC was storing files related to numerous Wall Street investigations. The files for approximately 3,000 to 4,000 cases were destroyed. [National Law Journal, 9/17/01] Lost files include documents that could show the relationship between Citigroup and the WorldCom bankruptcy. [The Street, 8/9/02, more] Mar 13, 2002: Bush says of
A Creed To Live By
Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others.It is because we are different that each of us is special.Don't set your goals by what other people deem important.Only you know what is best for you.Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart.Cling to them as you would your life, for without them life ismeaningless.Don't let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past orfor the future.By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of yourlife.Don't give up when you still have something to give.Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect.It is this fragile thread that binds us to each other.Don't be afraid to encounter risks.It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.Don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible to find.The quickest way to receive love is to give love.The fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly;and the best way to kee
Boy And Man
The Little Boy and the Old Man by Shel Silverstein (1932-1999)   Said the little boy, "Sometimes I drop my spoon." Said the old man, "I do that too." The little boy whispered, "I wet my pants." "I do that too," laughed the little old man. Said the little boy, "I often cry." The old man nodded, "So do I." "But worst of all," said the boy, "it seems Grown-ups don't pay attention to me." And he felt the warmth of a wrinkled old hand. "I know what you mean," said the little old man.
#3 The Human Centipede
This movie is not for the faint of heart and even for those made of sterner stuff, it is just a bad movie. Anyway, this is not a review, but the squeamish amongst you please look away, it's not pleasant.   If you've not seen it, the idea is a crazy doctor decides to make a human centipede, which means surgically attaching three people together, mouths to rectums, so they can share the same digestive tract.   I'm not intending to make you feel ill, but I needed to explain that to explain what my pedantic issue is with this film: The problem is, the two girls that are in the middle and at the back (if you can picture that) can constantly throughout the process be heard to be gasping, crying and breathing in a way that I don't think could possibly be coming through their noses. Since the mouths are all supposed to be sealed up to the asses in front, this does not make any sense to me. Silly.
Live On Air In Bbw Bunnies!!
I See You, I Know Who You Are
Allow me to see within your reality and determine just who exactly you are....You're a person who often scorns fashion, and doesn't go along with trends. Religion is relatively unimportant to you. You're a person who believes they are individual and anti-social in some regards. You're not an unpopular person, but you're not exactly the center of attention, either.  You don't really care about hanging in shopping centers or clubs with your friends every weekend - but you're hardly a basement-dweller, either. You detest those who are sheep when it comes to fashion, like emo kids, thugs and trendy people.Chances are, you're quite intelligent - more intelligent than the majority of your local peers, and most people in society, for that matter. You try to associate with equally like-minded people. However, despite your above-average intelligence, I would predict you are either unemployed, in a low-paying job or are otherwise unhappy in your current employment. However,
My Paint Brush
when I look at myself each morning I suffer to accept what I see I'm covering myself with paint, each layer hides the image of me. I'm to scared to let you in,afrraid you might laugh and walk away. so I keep myself covered hiding myself from the world each day. The paints are different colors of the rainbow. A self portrait of what im affraid to let you see.The world has kept me under hidden me from love now I stand before you. I'm striping off my coats For you to finally see. close you eyes I need you to be patient with me Ive been covred up for quite some time now. Ive been hiding my dark colors from the world to witness me without my coats,only hindness will allow. Now im clean,see my angel white skin.Open your eyes to catch a glance of the light. You might run away, you might feel a fright but i still keep my paint brush near me in case i need to cover up. A place where you cant reach is where it will be now I'm ready to let you get to know me what you see is what y
She walks in the woods Moon full dark cold Tress standing still, not a word stillness of cold words of Love.... Blood flows in her mind will he find her here hold her again. No love  can be so mad running so hard her mind of madness. As he tells her lies in the sky. Hidding in the darkness. Deep in the woods never  be found ... As she sleeps at night thinking of him in the sweet summer night . The moon shinning . A tear falls from her eyes , His mood is dark takes her long and hard she loves him and can not stop loving him... She walks in the wood with a full Moon dark clod Tress standing still, not a wrod stillness of cold wrods of love.
Where Am I ?
What is this place buried deep inside? There is a familiar face trying to hide I sit in here staring at the wall I hear a voice Trying to call my name aloud But I ignore it I've been fighting an endless war Now I awake to the though of a hand As my gaze falls upon a plastic wristband I finally realize where I am!
I Wish The Best For You
You were there for me when I needed you, and have been every since. How could I possibly forget you, and your beauty within. I've cried on your shoulder, screamed at the top of my lungs. But you are still there, when things go wrong. Regardless of where we went wrong, there is a special place for you. You're the father of our child, I hope all your dreams come true. It kills me inside, but I'm not in love with you anymore. That part of me left, long before I walked out the door. Just know that I wish you, the best. But you do not want me, you'd be settling for less. I can't lay beside you, without my heart in it too. I'm sorry, but I wish the best for you.
Do Your Own Math
If my walls could talk, here's what they'd say. Dang, this bitch is crazy, she talks to herself everyday. This is true, it is me. Just a part, of my creativity. I am definitely, not the norm. I smile and embrace, the danger of the storm. Knowing nothing comes easy, thankful for the sweat beads. That roll down my face, while planting the seeds. Of my life, creating my own path. The crazy hard way works for me, but you do your own math.
(you're My) Soul And Inspiration
Doesn't Work That Way
You and I, will never share a bed. If there is doubt, inside my head. Just sex, some might say. But for me, it doesn't work that way. I refuse to share myself, with someone just for pleasure. My body is not for someone to desire, it's for them to treasure. My heart is inside of me, and that's where their's has to be. If not, then I could never, stand face to face with you. Knowing the emotions, aren't true.
  & some girls act like bitches, so they won't get hurt. some girls a
Words Of Wisdom
Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they've faded. But trust me, in 20 years, you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as fat as you imagine. Don't worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 pm on some idle Tuesday. Do one thing every day that scares you. Sing. Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours. Floss. Don't waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself. Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults. If you suc
Thank You Everyone For Those 87 Drinks
I haven't figured out the cocept yet, but things seem different here and it's a nice change from the Facebook concept. And I really like the way you can place an embeded code in the html box to show your music videos. For whatever reason, music videos sound better on this site when they are placed here from their site of origin. Hats off to the people who put this site together.
Twenty three is my favorite number.
The Acid Made Me Crazy?
The acid made me Crazy?   I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they have always worked for me. - Hunter S. Thompson     I used to be what the majority of people would call a good person. I went to church, did the school thing, you know all those things that people find normal and acceptable. I went through the actions of daily life doing everything everyone else did, never questioning.   I began noticing, on my own, the hypocrisy of life. The shameless actionsof people, that were contrary to what they professed as their own ideals and beleifs.   When looked upon at a personal level, the world seems like it could be something. Full of promise and a sort of hope. As your sphere of awareness begins to expand, you realize there is little hope left in this world of ever increasing hopelessness. You realize that one on one relations blind you to the reality of this world. Life is one long bad experience, and you try to diguise that by putting peopl
Lonely and hurt, Broken I remainResiding in hell,living in painMasked by lies, I slowly fade away;The nightmare I live with, each and every dayThe meaning of it all, to which my mind attendsHas not one answerthat I fully comprehendThe bottom of my mind holds the answers which I call;I keep reaching towards it in this never-ending fall"Stay strong and keep going, it's never too late"...No one seems to realize that it's not worth the waitThere's no such thing as help outside of your mind,It's you against yourself, with your demons intertwinedIt's a battle, hard fought,but never to be won...Either way you end up losing when it's all said and done"Too late" came and passedand, of me, nothing moreI wrote my own ending, and I shut my own door"Live your life to its fullest"that's what they all said,But what's the point in trying when you're already dead?
In The Smith News
I have been dealing with  the real life  issues.. If you haven't known, my dad has been to two hospitals and a physical therapy building care since before November of 2011.. Last time I  have known he  will be finally be able to come home in less than a month.. Fingers and toes crossed.I have been fighting back and forth with bankruptcy issues  with my lawyer that I  think might  be resolved this  year.Last Friday my sister lois, fiance, Frank, Did a big oops and had all of hers and his kids in his little car with Abby and Ava not  having their car seat......Short version: Kids were fighting in back,,  Frank had to turn around in his seat to yell. Ran a stop sign.. turned around and the next thing  happened t-boned a truck... he was in hospital for a day and  a half. His kids: FrankIE- bruised and hurt every where...Hunter wasn't wearing his seatbelt correctly,, and the Buckle part torn into  skin that was  just barely miss  organs.. Last time I known he is still in hospital,,, Sidney
Always On My Mind
Always on my mind Your face, your touch, your voice Echoing deeply within my heart Converting each cell in my body Each day we spend together Each hour we talk Each minute I hear your voice Each second you're in my head Has me falling completely in love with you You are engrained in me Written By T.L.K. January 2004
Australian Love Poem
Of course I love ya darling You're a bloody top notch bird And when i say i you're gorgeous I mean every single word.   So your bum is on the big side But I don't mind a bit of flab It means that when I'm ready There's somethin' there to grab.   So your belly isn't flat no more I tell ya, I don't care So long as when i cuddle ya I can get my arms around there.   No sheila who is your age Has nice round perky breasts They just gave in to gravity But I know ya did ya best.   I'm tellin' ya the truth now I never tell ya lies I think it's very sexy That you've got dimples on ya thighs.   I swear on my nanna's grave now The moment that we met I thought u was as good as I was ever gonna get.   No matter wot you look like I'll always love ya dear Now shut up while the footy's on  and fetch another beer!!
Your Love
The reason we are given life is not to be happy and be loved. We are given life to bring happiness and love to those around us. We all live one life. This life may have alot of down moments where one would second guess themselvesand what they are doing. It is the ones who have people in there lives like you that make life worth something. The happiness and the love that you bring to this life is beyond what is expected. When faced with a troubling decision it is the thought of you that helps bring light to the best outcome. When i think of you, i can do nothing but smile for I know it in my heart I love you and that you love me. I am truly greatful that I found you. It is your love that is my greatest gift I could ask for.
If I Could
If I could turn and walk away,And start all over again..I can forget I ever knew you, I could live in a world of pretend.But everytime I open my eyes,It's back to reality.Things I've tried to forget,Are back again with me.I could go through life,Never saying your name. I could live each day..Looking for a place to lay the blame.I could feel bitter,For the way things turned out.But I choose not to be,That's not what I'm about.I could forever long for you,And this I'll probably do. If only I could've touched 
Have you ever noticed that there are some people that won't look at your profile because of your friends' list?
Korean Fashion Style Ladies Summer Sandals
  Today wholesale shoes online shop special recommended the 2012 Bohemian style summer sandals.   With the arrival of summer all kinds of sandals begin to appear on market or at streets! Fashion lovers are concerned about the trends of the 2012 summer sandals, be sure to keep up with fashion.   Summer sandals are essential single product, if you want to look stylish but also very beautiful and then choose such a bohemian flat sandals! A big flower embellishment on the surface of sandals brings exotic feeling.   Small Korean fashion floral pattern striped sandal design looks casual and good-looking, the whole Bohemian style is perfect blooming.   This Korean fashion stationary sandals is very delicate models design and unique, orange is a small fresh in the summer, the street is definitely a ten.   Bohemia authentic style platform sandals shoes, beads embellishment female friend looks like th
"She walks in Beauty, like the nightOf cloudness climes and starry skies,And all that's best of dark and brightMeet in her aspect and her eyes..."
Exhibitionism It Is
This day was warmer than usual.  The life drawing instructor propped the art studio door open to make it more comfortable for the 30 art students drawing me in the nude.  What made this interesting for me was the fact that the ladies restroom was directly across the hall.  If you were a lady entering the restroom you had a full clear view into the studio and the model.  The excitement and stimulation I feel when I am on display for the group of 30 huddled around is a delight.  The effects of a random frequent flow of strangers viewing me totally naked additionally while in the throlls intense arousal only to add fuel to the fire,was previously only a fantasy, in my dreams.  My erection stiffens when I hear the giggles and whispers echoing from the restroom. I close my eyes to try to hide the humiliation I feel, that feeds into the  sexual pleasure of being totally exposed further.  The waves of pleasure continue and I imagine I would never grow tired of this.
My Word
I could hold her forever enough it would never be. She could have all the love in my heart If she only would choose to see. My feelings for her open Never hidden from her at all. My word I have given her In sorrow never again to fall. I kneel before you beauty Offering to you all I ever can. To make your heart whole And our love can begin.
I'm Standing In The Light - Dr. Dog
Well, I set fire to an apple treeAnd I put it back out like a bad memory.Yeah, I washed my hands in the flood.Well, I took a sip of the trouble I've stirredAnd I spit it back out like a four letter word.Yeah I lost my head in the fight.Well, I sat up high on the walls we builtAnd I felt just like a fool on stilts.But I just can't get down.Olives and a pair of eyesAre floating in my glass.And nothing ever seemed so strange,But this I know will pass.I've seen as far as the eye can see.And I blew my mind in the lottery.Yeah, I lost my chance.Well, I've been told about the fiery skies.And I've told my fair share of lies,But I believe in mine.Well, I've known folks as smart as dogsAnd I've known folks like bumps on logsAnd they're all fine by me.Blue skies and my share of loveAre somewhere in the past.And nothing worth anythingIs strong enough to last.Well, I've done my time for the ills I've causedAnd I've paid my dues in the bets I've lostAnd I've got room enough to cry.Well, I've seen ou
The Mirror
The Mirror   Gaze in the mirror and what did I see, Inside the anger was staring at me. I felt I was tortured and stuck in a hole, With hatred and pain that took over my soul.   You never loved me, and you did not care, So I gazed in the mirror and tried not to stare, That tortured life that you made me live, The things you have done I'll never forgive.   You claimed to love me, but inside I knew, I could see through you, your words were not true. I've swallowed the lies that you fed to me, And unchained my heart to set myself free.   She's back in my life now and there she will stay, Together forever I hope and I pray. The hatred and anger replaced by her love, I know I've been blessed by the Lord up above. Gaze in the mirror and what did I see, Peace and salvation staring at me. Now that I'm healing, I want you to know, I love you Cheryl, with my heart and soul.   "The Mirror" by Kevin "G"                        

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