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Marriage Quotes
This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love A happy marriage perhaps represents the ideal of human relationship -- a setting in which each partner, while acknowledging the need of the other, feels free to be what he or she by nature is: a relationship in which instinct as well as intellect can find expression; in which giving and taking are equal; in which each accepts the other, and I confronts Thou. Like everything which is not the involuntary result of fleeting emotion but the creation of time and will, any marriage, happy or unhappy, is infinitely more interesting than any romance, however passionate. There is a rhythm to the ending of a marriage just like the rhythm of a courtship --only backward. You try to start again but get into blaming over and over. Finally you are both worn out, exhausted, hopeless. Then lawyers are called in to pick clean the corpses. The death has occurred much earlier. Marriage is that relation between ma
When I'm With You
When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You."
It's Gonna Be One Hell Of An Auction!! Come Join Us For Our First Ever Auction. All Lounge Members May Enter!! RULES 1.) First And Formost... Absolutely No Drama & No Disrespecting Entrants. 2.) Entry Fee Is $10k Fubucks Payable To The 7th Circle Of Hell Official Profile. This Fee Is Nonrefundable Should Entrant Decide To Withdraw Or If Entrant Is Pulled From Auction For Any Reason. 3.) Entrants Are Responsible For Fullfilling Whatever They Offer To Bidders For This Auction ~ 7th COH Is Not Responsible Should Entrant Not Fullfill Their Obligation. 4.) Bidders Are Responsible For Paying Whatever They Bid/Put Up To Receive The Offers The Entrant Has Expressed To Said Entrant ~ 7th COH Is Not Responsible Should Bidder Not Fullfill Their Obligation. 5.) Entrants Are To Us SFW Pics Only To Submit For Entry In Auction. 6.) Entrants Are Responsible For Promoting Their Own Entry. 7.) 7th COH Reserves The Right To Pull Any Entrant For Not Obiding By The Above Rules. 8.) Should H
Nakid Me
So if your here, I assume u wanna see me nakid. Fine. Buy me a bling n I'll add ya to my family. Its just that simple.
The Kiss
It starts as we meet. We both look in to each others eyes and instantly we can feel the heat between us. I give you a warm smile and walk toward you as you stand perfectly still. My eyes never leaving yours. I walk beside you then around behind you. As I touch your shoulders, my hands gently caressing your arms as I work my way down to hold your hands. I hug you from behind gently kissing your neck and lobe of your ear. I whisper in your ear, Nice to finally meet you. I hear you say, Nice to meet you. As we embrace, you can feel me against you. Youre not sure, but it feels like Im already aroused. Youre not sure what to say or if you should say anything at all. The feeling of my lips against your neck is starting to make you feel hot. You succumb to the feeling and tilt your head to the side. My hands leave yours to caress your arms, slowly working to your waist and hips. You continue to stand perfectly still. I take your hand and walk you to the bed. You sit at the foot of t
Ponderisms Can you cry under water? How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? Why do you have to "put your two cents in".. But it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? Why does a round pizza come in a square box? What disease did cured ham actually have? How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours? If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway. Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural? Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast
News Sept 25th 2008
Medical Update UPDATE on Angel Butler's Medical condition: Please be advised that Angel is doing ok. As most of you know, she suffered a broken pelvis back in October of last year, as well as several other fractures to include 2 vertebras, legs, hip joint, knees, act... Then on June 15th, she sustained a broken right leg. We are aware that most of you know about that. It was discovered on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008, that not only had she broke her leg, she tore most of the ligaments in her right ankle and thus is why her leg has not healed. As far as we know, this injury accompied by her having to walk with the aid of a cane with this newly discovered complication will require surgery to repair. At this time, we do not have a confirmation of a date that this will take place. She has asked us to inform you that she is at present not in the best of spirits and she would still like to hear from her fans. You may show your support for her by post cards, letters ECT. She will tr
True Story From Yearz Ago That I Had Dusted Off 2 Let Be Heard
Erotic Sensation
Complete Me..... *sigh* I Feel Sooooo Much Better Now*
Crying inside, Dying inside, How can I make this pain subside, Warm tears burn my skin, Threaten my safety kept within. Deep behind these jealous eyes, Blood does flow from your lies, So I fight, I scream at you, Maybe someday youll have a clue. How much you anger me, Why does it seem, Anymore you dont complete me, Now the path is clear so I can see. I left, Now its me, Just needed to set you free, Crying inside, Dying inside, Finally now the pain subsides.
Don't Try This At Home
I learned an important lesson this week. When your dog is barking and spazzed and needs a time out, do *not* try to get a hold of the dog at the top of the stairs. It turns out 65 lbs of hyper dog can exceed your ability to stay balanced. Yes, I did fall down the stairs. Stuntman style. Somersault and a half on the way down. Luckily I'm very good at falling, since I do it so often, but it's usually intentional. So I'm generally okay, but trying to run is interesting. For you masochists and other connoisseurs of pain, I highly recommend taking a tumble down the stairs before going to bed at night, then getting up and immediately going on a 4 mile run. I think I'll make it part of my training routine. ****NOT****
I Love You , Danielle
I love you,Danielle My god I love this woman so that I can almost feel her touch when I sit back and watch that smile Is it possible to want THIS much? All thru my days while hard at work her smile is always on my mind thru stinging sweat and burning cuts no matter what, she's first in line I'll spoil her with the little things I'll rub her back, I'll hold her hand i'll suck the bean till she passes out and she'll wake up knowing I'm her man A man who will do almost anything if it will shine, that smile on me I'm so in love with you, Danielle I'm hoping this poem helps you see...
45 Things I Want To Know.
1. Do you like blue cheese salad dressing? 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? 3. Do you own a gun? 4. What's your favorite drink at Starbucks or other specialty coffee shop? 5. McDonalds/Burger King or Wendy's? 6. Do you consider yourself Republican, Democrat or Independent? 7. Do you vote? 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? 9. Can you do push ups? 10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? 11. Favorite hobby? 12. Do you have A.D.D. {Attention Deficit Disorder)? 13. What's one trait that you hate about yourself? 14. Middle name? 15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment. 16. Name 3 drinks you drink regularly? 17. Current worry right now? 18. Current hate right now? 19. Favorite place to be? 20. How did you bring in the New Year? 21. Do you like to travel? 22. Name three people who will complete this? 23. Do you own slippers? 24. What color shirt are you wearing? 25.
F**k Your Metal!
Yo beat's are so flat so unsteady. You are wearing black and lookin heavy. You must be on that metal shit. I think it's time for you to quit. FUCK YOUR METAL! Yo shit ain't heavy and your words are petty. FUCK YOUR METAL! You yell out in rage but it's all staged. Here we go your talking shit now. All you say is fuck or bitch I'm not wow'ed. You ain't impressing anyone with your skills. You ain't scarey with your threats to kill. FUCK YOUR METAL! Like you can understand it anyway. Dealing with your pussy shit should double my pay. FUCK YOUR METAL! Your shit ain't hardcore I've heard better beats dropped at a dime store.
Gettin To You
Dark Sinners
Thought For 10/20
I know well what I am fleeing from but not what I am in search of. - Michel de Montaigne
You have convinced yourself the hardest thing, To defy the strongest feeling. To turn your back on the nicest seed, And destroy love given, which you need. To paint the lover with a tarnished brush, Take her personality, and crush, Bend, distort so all good is hidden So evil comes forth, false and unbidden. That evil in small amounts is common In all people, no matter where from. If you look for it, you will find in all The ability to hurt, maim and maul. But suppress the evil and look for good. In an ideal world, all people should, And you will see the love, the care, the best Evil turns to dust when facing the rest So I beg you to look again at me with no prejudice, let your mind be free, For within me you will see and find Someone who is loving, caring and kind.
One Of My Short Stories...tell Me What You Think.
This is not a true story!! I made it up!!! I am not a widow!! I got this idea after I watched a news story!! A Soldiers Widow It's a rainy day in June, sixteen months since he left I remember it like it was yesterday. Jon came home, gave me a kiss, and patted my very pregnant belly. He looked at me and said we had to talk. He looked so sad and resigned; I just knew what he was going to tell me. He sat me down on the couch and sighed. He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said he was called to duty, and he had twenty-four hours to get everything squared away. I sat there while he talked; my hands in my lap. Trying to process what he had to say. My brain was telling me that this is his job. He is a soldier; this is what he was trained to do. Protect our country and keep us free. All the while my heart is saying, "Oh God". What about our baby? What will I do without him? How will I sleep at night without him by my side? That night I didn't sleep
hey, let me tell you know. ohhhh baby. trying to decide, trying to decide if i, really wanna go out tonight. i never used to go out without ya, not sure i remember how to. gonna be late gonna be late but, all my girls gon have to wait cause, i don't know if i like my outfit. i tried everything in my closet. nothing feels right when im not with you, sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos. taking them off cause i feel a fool, trying to dress up when im missing you. ima step out of this lingerie, curl up in a ball with something Hanes. in bed i lay, with nothing but your T-shirt on. oh, with nothing but your T-shirt on. hey, gotta be strong gotta be strong but i'm, really hurting now that you're gone. i thought maybe i'd do some shopping, but i couldn't get past the door and, now i don't know now i don't know if i'm, ever really gonna let you go and i, couldn't even leave my apartment. im stripped down torn up about it. nothing feels right when im not with you, sick
A Slave's Uniform
Fishnets and chainmail Flaming cobra butt tattoo Nipple rings clit ring.
Making Love
It had been a long time, longer than it should have been probably, but she was worried, about her swollen and sagging breasts the widening of her hips, and her softened and stretched belly. He had been patient Understanding, But he was getting frustrated, Mostly because he wanted her to know That he loved her all the more. He had always made her feel beautiful, And she had never been shy or uncomfortable, As they lie next to each other naked. Now, he came up behind her, And took her softly by the hip as she started to undress. Together they removed her shirt And her pants, Then turned and kissed warmly. He took her hand And led her to the mirror, Turning her to it, Looking at her over her shoulder. He unclasped the bra, And let it fall through the floor. And ran his hands over her belly, Tracing her stretches Lovingly with his finger tips, Then slid lower Following the new curve of her hip. He hooked a finger on either side of her plain whi
Yes Yes Im Back For About 5 Minutes
Yes I dared to disobey someone moohaha and get out of bed lmao- but oh well I like a bit of dom in my life!!!!!!!!! Anyway went to the hospital today woot woot leg aint healing but sh1t happens but I am allowed to start walking on it over the next three weeks. I shall be back tomorrow sometime when I have walked to the shop to do what gotta do and actually see the outside world!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited might pp (can i haz a bottle!!!!!!!) And will return with bling pack in new handbag too DOnt you all love buying new hand bags?? Right just been told gotza go back to bed now !!!!!!!!!!!
About Me
My Email Posted: 18 Oct 2008 07:37 AM PDT Heres a question for discussion this weekend: Do you use your real name when leaving comments on a blog or do you use keywords? I was moderating comments last night here on ProBlogger and noticed almost a 60/40 split between these approaches (with 60% using real names). My personal preference is to leave my real name - thats partly because I feel it is more personal and also because I guess inadvertently over the years my name has become a brand of sorts - so it makes sense. My personal preference for people leaving comments on my blog is also for real names - although Ive not moderated comments based upon people using keywords. A Spectrum of Approaches There is a spectrum of approaches that I see people using when it comes to what name they leave on comments: 1. Key Words Only - For example some people are obviously just using words that they are attempting to rank for in Google. In my
A Firefighters Wife
Chasing flames and saving lives is a firefighters thrill; And I'll do this job, the best I can, with the Lords grace and will. But even though I love the flames, the excitement, and the roar; There's someone waiting back home for me, that I love even more. My best friend, my soul mate, she is the love of my life. I am so very grateful that she is my wife. She understands the job I do, but how she hates it so. I hear her cries, and see her tears, each time I have to go. As I race to the fire, to battle the beast, I wonder how she is; And pray to God, to let me return, to feel her tender kiss. I know she won't sleep, with her heart filled with strife, She knows why I must leave her, to go and risk my life. She would only have to say the word and I would walk away; And never fight another fire, or keep the beast at bay. But I know that's something she'll never do, she loves the man I am. She's proud of me for the lives I save and for my helping
Almost 15 Yrs Ago
I'm Participating In The 15th Annual Rays Of Hope Walk On October 26th
Help Me Raise Funds Towards A Cure of Breast Cancer! I'm raising funds for the Rays of Hope - A Walk Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer. Please follow the link to visit my webpage! Remember, you can forward the site to your friends and family who might be interested in signing up as walkers or "virtual" 10,000 Steps To A Cure walkers or who may just want to donate. Use the Friends Asking Friends link to e-mail them! Thank You! Megan Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Baystate Health Foundation/Rays of Hope! Click here for Megan's Webpage!
How To Live A Happy Life
When your life seems full of dread and you cant get out of bed, dream about what youd like instead and imagine the sun shining in your head!
My Song To You
if I could walk next to you talk with you on the phone if I could hold you close and call you my own how happy would I be how free would I feel how happy would I be if I had you loving me if I could be your everything would I still feel this pain would I be saved if I could love you the way I want to oh can you catch me when I fall can I be your all oh will hold me close oh and never let me go how happy can I be how free can I feel how happy would I be if your love for me was real I'll catch you when you fall you know Ill give my all Oh how happy can we be If I loved you and you loved me
Zombie By Joyce Carol Oates
Plot Summary: The protagonist of Joyce Carol Oates's Zombie is thirty-something problem child Quentin P. The son of an accomplished professor, Quentin is on probation for a sexual molestation charge and currently working as a caretaker for his grandmother's boarding property. He struggles daily with his desires for a sexual zombie of his own, a creature who will be a companion without passing judgment or challenging his master. He has attempted crude surgery on several candidates, always taking care to choose victims from the fringes of society, so they will not be missed or connected to Quentin P. In diary entries, Quentin chronicles his daily life, explaining his dreams to his court-appointed psychiatrist, visiting his grandmother to earn cash for odd jobs, and ducking his father's inquiries. Quentin is as intelligent as he is misguided. He studies one potential victim for weeks, plotting his routines and patterns and getting a thrill off of brief interactions. Quentin quietly awa
Im Not Strong Enough
i know i should turn and walk away from you because it kills me to know you are happy with her im not strong enough a pack i was once part of, forever torn apart i know i should walk away im not strong enough so i will say my goodbyes and set you free and put that wall around me again im not strong enough
Ex Vent
I just want to say Im mad I was going to tell the story but its not even worth it.... so Im just going to go crawl into bed with my new 80 toy that the shared account got.. and forget about being mad that I lost JRP...... thats not what you think so dont guess ask if you wanna. its gonna be final soon the divorce... so much better!
Disturbed- Deceiver
you've bin caught in a lie! You can't deny it! So let the war begin, youre far from innocent! Hell, I just dont know where it will end! You are the one to blame, Youve made a habit of fucking up my life! Another fallacy, is laid in front of me Now I just know what to believe! Another animal, sent to devour whatevers left inside! I know now! Its all been a lie, And Ill never come to know why Awoke to discover, you leaving me now! Its all been a lie, I dont ever want to know why Youve mastered the art of deceiving me now! A mortal enemy, has been revealed to me How come I wasnt able to see? Another vampire Getting a fix from sucking up my life! An evil entity, had taken hold of me Ripped out my heart and started to feed! I still remember when, I thought that all you were eating was my blood! I know now! Its all been a lie, And Ill never come to know why Awoke to discover, you leaving me now! Its all been a lie, I dont ever want to know why
Friends And Family
It's amazing as I remember growing up and was always told friends come and go. I had one girl who befriended me from first grade all the way to the first year of high school. She disapeared without a word. Now a days as thoughts of yester-year come into daily life I laugh and cry at how she would be the one to stick up for me, get into fights beside me and never talked shit to any one. A true friend, and someone I had always considered a sister I never had. Funny how I walk into her at the store, she smiles, waves and moves on as though she can't recall the childhood friendship. Does it hurt? Sometimes. Finding that kind of friendship again, has been hard and someday hope to find that best friend, the BFF that can jump in the car, go to the bar, have some drinks, go to movies and just raise some hell. But I'm also realizing that I'm meeting some very special friends that seem like family. Amazing people I talk to everyday and feels like I've known them my entire life. Friends or F
Fall Auction Update -- IS THE HOST it starts at 10 am central LOL and i belive all u gotta do is rate my pic, and comment it, or who ever ur voting for, hopefully me and the most votes wins, which i highly doubt ill win but im doing it for fun
Face Partyyyy
does anyone of you lovely people know this weeks faceparty password????because i used to have a profile but havent been on it for ages so obv its deleted now.... so id reli appreciate it if someone gives me that password so i cud make a new one!!! thanksssssss xx
Bubby.... Just To Show I Care I Guess
Bubby, I know your hurting. Bubby, You know I care. Now I wish I could hold you, Id give everything to be there. Bubby, I dont know what to do. Bubby, What can I say? I hate the way you drown yourself, When having a bad day. Bubby, I am trying. Bubby, Its my My heart is truly breaking. Im trying not to cry. Bubby, I know its not me. Bubby, I dont have your heart. For me to make the pain stop, I have to know where it did start. Bubby, Come on over. Bubby, Come to bed. Forget everything that happened. Forget all that was said
Granite Skatepark
Granite Skatepark from Brenden Quan on Vimeo.
Sexy New Pics
Black Panther
Black Panther's Wisdom Includes: Astral travel Guardian energy Symbol of the feminine Understanding of death Reclaiming ones power Ability to know the dark Death and rebirth
Ending Her Cries
I looked into her eyes I got lost in their depth A glance into the future Revealing the secrets she kept For so many years she cared too Yet we were both afraid to say We avoided each other completely... Every time, simply another day She cried to me one night. ~Please help, I don't know what to do~ I wrapped my arms around her body. ~It is okay now, I'm here with you~ She told me about her boyfriend, He cheated, and hurt her bad... I told her not to worry... But in the inside I was getting mad. I held back my anger... And I comforted her instead. Playing with her hair, She lay still on my bed. I leaned over to kiss her cheek, She smiled and turned to me. ~Thank you for being there... I Have finally learned to see~ With that she drifted off, I left her quietly sleeping. ~How could anyone want to hurt her? ~ I ran through thoughts, my heart leaping. I met up with her boyfriend, Swung out of pure love and rage. A knife stabbed through my stomac
when i was small, winter would come, draw his patterns on my window and invite me out to play, to skip through ferns, flowers and faces drawn in white on window's pane. i am too old to play now, though I still recognise winters patterns. one day, he will come and spirit me away.
soul disposed of body exploding out every speck of dust a dream caught in a web to dive into your mind again tonight.
Uk Foot
Life will go on after my Cats took a BEAT DOWN!!!Hope that they will use this as a wake up call
Cybersex Night Before Christmas
Twas, the night before Christmas, and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, except for my mouse. No kids lived with me, so I thought I would chatter. There'd be no damn reindeer, and no stupid clatter. There'd be no fat elf, coming through my chimney. I'll be alone, my computer and me. I won't race to the window, to see him arrive. I'll just sit right here..... with windows ninety-five. There's no one I know, as I'm surfing around. None of my regular buddies are found. I went in some chat rooms, but quickly got out. Age, sex, location is all that's about. As, I was about to go check out the net. I got an E-mail, that I didn't expect. A lady told me, she had read my profile. And, ask, if I might like to chat for a while. She said, if I didn't, then she would just leave. But, she was so lonely, on this Christmas eve. She said, it's the first time, she'd ever been on. But, she heard, computers, could be so much fun. She said, the compu
Spreading The Wealth
Something to think about...... Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read "Vote Obama, I need the money." I laughed. Once in the restaurant my server had on a "Obama 08" tie. Again I laughed as he had given away his political preference--just imagine the coincidence. When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed more in need--the homeless guy outside. The server angrily stormed from my sight. I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to thank the server inside. The homeless guy was grateful. At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waiter was pretty angry that I gave away the money
Leave Me A Voice Message
An Introduction To Obamas Christianity.
memories of loving you slowly erased by time photographs faded with each mornings light what we dreamt was just an empty dream time changed us now there is no you and me once i cried for all we had and just let slip away but the sadness fades with the passing of each new day i've always believed there are reasons for our pain though i didn't understand how we could lose our way you and i were a story meant to end with good-bye our love wasn't deep, wasn't real, wasn't true so letting go of you and me is something i must do you'll forever be in my heart for we've shared so much made new life that bound us, but still wasn't enough i let you go, you let me leave we needed to be free; free to find the dreams together we couldn't see; so i'll take the memories tuck them away in my heart~you do the same and our new lives we will start i'll pray you'll find happiness and love in your life something we just couldn't get right, as husband and wife
Euphoric Radio
A Special Thank You To Those Who Helped Me Level Today To Level 22
I need your rates... I am 1.4Millfrom GODFATHER If you truely care for me as a friend then you will be happy to rate me Make Me A GODFATHER "RadioGuy"@ fubar If you really love me you'd fight for me...if you really loved me, I wouldnt have to ask you This is brought to you by Anthony, a single dasiy can be my garden... a single friend, my world. KCPilar69™~ProtectedByBountyHunter~Owned & Owner of Joey Stylez..R/L Girlfriend 2 Craven Moorehead@ fubar TroublemakerBy WeezerBest Video Codes
Please Vote On November 4th.
Take Ya Time No Rush Jus Nice & Slow
& Everything will be ok!
I swear, I can't catch a break. Everything seems to go well, school was good, my son was great, I was happy, then everything fell apart. I don't know what happened, I don't know why...maybe i'm jinxed?? Then things go wrong or fights or whatever and they all come run to me, is it not already enough that I have my own miserable life to deal with. The only "happy" thing in my life is my son. He is my everything and always will be. And because of that, the fact that he is happy and 98% healthy, active and keeps me on my toes then WHY is it that I'm not happy? Why can't I find some happiness. I know that life isn't fair, I've had my deal of heartache and enough to know that life is not fair...but everyone deserves a little piece of happiness. I'm not asking for much am I? I know I have to make yourself happy, find something that makes you happy....BUT it's hard to keep doing that time and time again, when it turns to shit, and/or just slips through you fingers and
Can't Fight Fate
I have always been a firm believer that many things we consider "bad" at the time occur because it is a way to force us to change what we are doing. Fate is a sneaky creature. I would have never left my job at the prison if all the shit that occurred wouldn't have went on. I had become comfortably numb....hell I used to joke about it. I just let crap happen, I bitched about it but then crawled back in my hole and went back to work even through I wasn't happy. I am so glad that thing got stirred up so that my hand was forced and I finally broke and resigned. I have been happier than I have been in a long time. Yesterday I found out that there will be a social studies job opening up in December at a local middle school because a woman has chose to retire. It just happens to be at the same school that my best friend already works and where another one of my best friends just applied for a job. I am just wondering....OK.....hoping and praying that this is just another wonderful turn
when you close your eyes you can feel the stillness move reach out your hand to grab the dagger invisible is the blade cuts to deep a wound no one sees open your eyes you can see the stillness grow pull back your hand the dagger is a phantom the blade your thoughts the cut unknown a wound deceived
Is Anyone Else....
SIck of seeing everyone pimping thes fucking auto 11's? OMG get over yourself...when we didn't have them you were content with the flippin 10's that non VIP's gave you and never bitched about it...did you? To me it makes no difference if your 11's are on or not!!! Please do everyone a favor and don't keep telling us that your auto 11's are on..if anything it make me personally want to not rate you at all...
Obama Not For Me
I am a Democrat yes I am. But I am have my reasons for not voting for Obama. A lot of people have been asking me about this so I feel I need to put it up here so you can all read it and leave me alone and I am not trying to change your mind about voting for Obama. If you support Obama more power to you. Reasons I am not Voting For Obama: 1. He dosen't have very good Foreign Policy experience. 2. Hes 2 green to run this nation. Hes only ever been a Senator and lacks certain skills needed to be President (yes Hilary was only a Senator but she did have experience before in the White House under Bill). 3. Hes a great orator but it takes more than words to be a great President (and yes there was more than words to President Kennedy). 4. I see him as politically weak. Name recognition good in America but overseas....not so good. Maybe now but where does he stand. 5. I will not vote for him strictly on race. I totally support an African American Man in the White House and
I Can't Dance - Genesis
WHY? Current mood: played The day's go by so slowly, as i hang my head an cry. There's so many thing's i want to ask you, but the main thing is- Why? Why do you continue to hurt me? Why do you cause my heart such pain? Why leave me here to wonder, an make my tears fall down like rain? Why did you take away my sun shine? Why did you take my sky so blue? For all i know that i have done, was fall in love with you!!!! Written by: Lisa A. Stone. Dedicated to: T.J Harr.
I'm With Whatever
Let's Ride Cause real g's know the feeling (It's Murda) It's hard body, no remorse for the killing (Watch It) Cause real g's know the feeling (It's Murda) It's hard body, no remorse for the killing Mad trees and bitches in dungarees The city under seas, kitchen 100 degrees I love that summer breeze, I'll stand in it until it freeze I'm from another breed, them sss, southern g's I sip Promathezine, I lean, I slants hard I'm mean, I'm mad raw, I'm coming like fastball Steee-rike, Yup, so get it right Nigga, one of my sniplets'll end your whole life You ain't nothing but a riblet to a nigga with a knife In a fork, I'm a pig myself, I eat pork So be smart and play your own part If you don't love yourself, I'll make you see your own heart And we don't like the narcs, stay away from the cell Hey, I'ma shoot it out if I'm facing an L Yea, so tell your girl to come and make me rich Weezy Baby nigga, 9 to 5, 10 to 6 At night, I can't sleep, I t
Good As Lily With Five Time Machines
What would you ask a thirty year old me? Id ask him if youre still loopy as a loon. That exchange between the 1980s comic strip Bloom County characters Michael Binkley (called Binkley by everyone) and his father Tom before Binkleys thirty-year-old self emerges from his anxiety closet and takes him on a whirlwind tour of his then-future in 2007 (since this particular series is set in 1987, it makes Binkley then ten years old, so hes born in 1977 making him my wifes age. Except for Bruce Springsteen as President, self-tying shoelaces, marriage and a kid named Dolly Parton, it doesnt look that different from the present. But thats the problem with the future, isnt it; it keeps becoming the present. Most time-travel stories where the main characters doing the traveling, from Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol to Marty McFly in Back to the Future, involve said character confronted with their possible future and then asking in some form, Is this what will
CARE.ORG This is a great organization that focuses on empowering women & girls of the world. I support this organization. Best money I feel I will ever spend. PROMOTE GENDER EQUALITY GLOBALLY!
Faith No More-midlife Crisis
Go on and wring my neck Like when a rag gets wet A little discipline For my pet genius My head is like a lettuce Go on and dig your thumbs in I cannot stop giving Im thirty-something Sense of security Like pockets jingling Midlife crisis Suck ingenuity Down through the family tree Youre perfect, yes, its true But without me youre only you Your menstruating heart It aint bleeding enough for two Its a midlife crisis... What an inheritance The salt and the kleenex Morbid self attention Bending my pinky back A little discipline A donor by habit A little discipline Rent an opinion Sense of security Holding blunt instrument Im a perfectionist And perfect is a skinned knee Youre perfect, yes, its true But without me youre only you Your menstruating heart It aint bleeding enough for two Its a midlife crisis............... --------------------------------------- Your men-stru-ating heart...oh my
Just For You
Here is another one just for you, don`t know what it is that you do. When i think of you i smile, she has her own special little style. Yes I do notice when you are not around, and sometimes you make me feel like a clown. I told them how your eyes are hazel, forgot to tell about your cute little navel. And how you dance around the room, even do it sometimes with a broom. She even likes to sing her favorite song, when i know it i will sing along. Very independent, has her own place, she likes to have a lot of space. We stay up at night and play games, tells me about her friends, cant remember all their names. She wears glasses so she can see, doesn`t know what she means to me. Sometimes I think she is on her own cloud, and yes she can be somewhat loud. Talked to her on the phone the other day, asked me if i can come over and play. Oh yeah and bring over a friend, it was just me and her in the end. Brought her a book she can read, already has everything that she needs. Well maybe not rea
Michelle Obama Endorses Mccain And Palin
Do You Know Lyrics Im Throwing Out There That Iam Working Me!
do you know what its like keeping a secert that you wish you could tell do you know what its like not being able to talk to your family about what your feeling without them judging you or taking the other persons side? do you know all the stress and depression i hide? im just fine or am i??? but still i can't take it anymore its eatting me up inside,and i cant hide it anymore i just wish i knew what to say or do about what im going through. i feel like im in hell and its never gonna end! its like an endless nightmare and i'll never wake up,i toss and i turn in my sleep wake up with cold sweats. is anyone out there can you help me?im soo lost and confused i feel like im losing myself in this crazy hell that i can't get out you know what its like? do you know what its like????
O Thou, My Lovely Boy, Who In Thy Power!
O thou, my lovely boy, who in thy power Dost hold Time's fickle glass, his sickle, hour; Who hast by waning grown, and therein show'st Thy lovers withering as thy sweet self grow'st; If Nature, sovereign mistress over wrack, As thou goest onwards, still will pluck thee back, She keeps thee to this purpose, that her skill May time disgrace and wretched minutes kill. Yet fear her, O thou minion of her pleasure! She may detain, but not still keep, her treasure: Her audit, though delay'd, answer'd must be, And her quietus is to render thee. A sonnet, by W.Shakespeare
How I Feel????
I have to say I feel stupid for the people who walk out on the kids and married ... YOU call yourself real but in my book , i call you nothin but 100% coward ... see i am feelin this way cause i have friend , who got pregnant , and the guy walked out on her and the baby and when she told me this , i was hurt and piss but also sad , i mean come on , man walk out on daughter , i know i would not do that ... it will hurt me now to see she is not goin to have father in her life , but i do hope i can be there for her where i know i am not the dad ... If i did or do get female pregnant , I will be the man and stand up and take care of both and everything where I was raise to be real man and stand up to take it like real man should do BUT if the baby was not mine i will still be there no matter what and raise her as mine ... what i am sayin is no matter what , if i got female pregnant , i still be there no matter what
Love That Was
Why is it that I must awaken every day? To have to face rejection all over again? Why is it that I must I awaken every day? To a heavy empty feeling heart? Why is it that I must awaken every day? To feel I’m kept here not for love that was? Why is it that must I awaken every day? Not knowing whats wrong or going on? Why is it that I must awaken every day? Feeling that someone other is in her heart? Why is it that I must awaken every day? Feeling that I am not the one she wants touching her? Why is it that I must awaken every day? With us not talking about things as we used to? Why is it that I must awaken every day? To sleep the eternal sleep would end this nightmare. Why is it that I must awaken every day?
Happy Halloween
Halloween night, trick or treat, aching feet, collecting enough candy for more than one to eat. Goblins, ghouls, witches, and ghost come out at night, This brings parents oh such delight. Fairies, princesses, and so many more, The smaller the child the more their adored. You were a fairy princess with wings all in pink and make up too, You were so excited to make your debut. You could not say trick or treat, for this year you were only two. With a great big smile and wanting eye's, You held out your pumpkin and waited the surprise. Nothing scarred you as we walked along hand in hand, It not taking you long to understand. We continued to walk house to house, block to block, looking for porch lights into the night, The energy building in you, I could see the sleepiness you were beginning to fight. So,I gathered you up and we started back to the car, You beaming as bright as the night sky's stars. We got home, checked the candy, gave you
Very Cute Brushing Teeth
Mccain Gets Owned By Larry King
I am leaving fubar for a while take care
Chicken Button
Find more videos like this on Team Sarah
Nothing About Nothing
I tell people that I dont need anyone. That is a lie! I am so alone and all I want is for someone to want me. Someone I can hold, who will be there when I need them, even when I dont. I have just one flaw, just one and no one can accept me for it. My one flaw is words, thats it words. At time I say things in anger that I dont mean, mean things, ugly things, but that is it. I know words can hurt as bad as a fist, but its not my fault. I have several mental disorders that cause me to do it. I could see if I beat them or drank all the time and did drugs, and cheated on them. Most of which to me is unforgivable. Most of what I say is! No matter how hard I try no one wants me. Am I that bad? Should I just lock myself up away from everybody? If people only knew the real me, they might think different. If they only knew how I cry myself to sleep because I am so alone, how I look down on myself because I feel I am not good enough, or how I stopped believing in love. How I have given up on
What Is A Midget
i just found this thing out its not something you would expect its just a mini profile of urself do we really need these i mean u have to go threw my profile to fine the mini profile its just the same just not as flashy see heres mine.
South Park - Mac Vs Linux Vs Pc Funny!
Understanding Obama: The Making Of A Fuehrer
This one is true. You can Google Dr. Sam Vaknin and get the same information. This is the most frightening one yet. Maybe because it is more clinical than political Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer By Ali Sina I must confess, I was not impressed by Sen. Barack Obama from the first time I saw him. At first I was excited to see a black candidate. He looked youthful, spoke well, appeared to be confident, a wholesome presidential package. I was put off soon, not just because of his shallowness but also because there was an air of haughtiness in his demeanor that was unsettling. His posture and his body language were louder than his empty words. Obama's speeches are unlike any political speech we have heard in American history. Never a politician in this land had such a quasi "religious" impact on so many people. The fact that Obama is a total incognito with zero accomplishment makes this inexplicable infatuation alarming. Obama is not an ordinary man. He is no
Shock Audio Unearthed Obama Tells San Francisco He Will Bankrupt The Coal Industry
Audio: Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry By P.J. Gladnick (Bio | Archive) November 2, 2008 - 07:26 ET (Please read update about the San Francisco Chronicle neglecting to mention Obama's willingness to bankrupt the coal industry at bottom of this blog.) Imagine if John McCain had whispered somewhere that he was willing to bankrupt a major industry? Would this declaration not immediately be front page news? Well, Barack Obama actually flat out told the San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate) that he was willing to see the coal industry go bankrupt in a January 17, 2008 interview. The result? Nothing. This audio interview has been hidden from the public...until now. Here is the transcript of Obama's statement about bankrupting the coal industry (emphasis mine): Let me sort of describe my overall policy. What I've said is that we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else's out
Order Your Copy Of Rickey Lee Watson Cd Time For Change
Nobama Rap
In Silence
In Silence Why with so many things to say Do we share this silence? You have been letting me die Yet Im the one who repents My voice as quiet as thunder My words as quiet as an earthquake My heart covered in ice My soul over burning coals is raked While my words fall They scatter across the dirt Fleeing from my lips Just like my self worth My shrieks of desperation Pass gently by your ears It seems they are music to you Along with the dripping of my tears As the path grows darker As the path grows longer The loneliness grows deeper The heartache grows stronger In Silence is all you want In Silence the food on my plate In Silence my soul rots In Silence my heart waits
Can you see it beyond the horizon a one way departure from all a heart has ever known to be true Suddenly it has turned cold beyond these tears falling angry and cruel Feeling used once you held me in your arms now I am sitting here alone Suddenly it's too overwhelming tired of waiting on stars that never fall I wake in the pouring rain shivering and the world I've known is gone Nothing seems to make sense anymore feeling used...
15k For 100 Comments
A very good friend and great woman, who really deserves fulands attention right now, by the name of... Purplepassion71 is participating in a contest COMMENT BOMBING Purplepassion71 is giving 15,000 fubucks for every 100 comments Please private message Purplepassion when you complete 100 comments to receive your payment. purplepassion71: contest starts 12 noon fubar time 2nd november and ends 12 noon fubar time on november 9th good luck. BOMBERS MUST BE AT LEAST A LEVEL 5 AND HAVE A VERIFIED SALUTE. Click the link below and start bombing Purplepassion NOW If you haven't already Fan / Rate / Add her to your list of friends. then, Come and spend a little time comment bombing Purplepassion71
2nd Alarm Hotties
So let's let some of the secrets out of the bag about the second alarm hotties owner, Firechief. To start he is too scared to say anything to someone, he has to talk crap about them to other people and then blocks the person he is talking crap about. He hides behind his hotties...there's a real man for He for some reason or another thinks he is the hottest thing in the world and that it's a privilege just to talk to him. What an egotistical prick...but he does what he has to in order to feel better aboput himself. The 2nd Alarm Hotties page is just a way for him get in good with women so that he can try to sleep with them...I guess he is to sorry to actually meet a woman any other way. And for the guys that would consider looking up to him...just think about whether he has tried to recruit your wife or girlfriend...and he doesn't care whether they are married or seeing someone, it doesn't even matter to him that he's married...he'll still try to get your girl into bed
" All Of Me "
Why do I write all this, just trying my best to make some sense. Then some people you just cant argue with, because they are so dense. Why do I let you do the things that you do,especially when they always seem to hurt me. Sometimes I think maybe that I am blind, as if there are things I cant see. Like why I stick around, and let you run me into the ground. Told you I love you and I will never leave. Now I got to let you go,thats what is best for me. So tired I cant even sleep, because this has gotten so deep. Why cant I get your face out of my mind, hard for me to break the ties that bind. You are with me, but I am still alone.Cant you deal with all the feelings I have shown. It is plain for me to see, that right now you have all of me. I am to lost to be saved, you have turned me into your slave. Feel like I am just digging a hole big enough for my own grave. Told you once before you have all I can give, but you just cant seem to see. My love, my life , my blessings, and my kisses ;
Obama Is A Racist
What Does Your Birthday Mean?
Your Birthdate: April 13 You're dominant and powerful. You always need to be in charge. While others respect your competence, you can be a bit of a dictator. Hard working and serious, you never let yourself down. You are exact and accurate - and you expect others to be the same way. Your strength: You always get the job done Your weakness: You're a perfectionist to a fault Your power color: Gray Your power symbol: Checkmark Your power month: April What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Voter Indimidation By Blank Panthers In Philly
So I was going to go vote this morning and Kayla informed me that I needed to go vote at her school because that was my polling place. She then informed me that I could vote until 7pm. She said my choices were Barak Obama or John McCain. I asked her who she would vote for if she could vote.. she told me.. Elvis!!!! LMAO! She is too funny sometimes apparently our service dog in training would be the best presidential candidate according to my 6 year old!
Congrats Fubarbarians, You Were Right
I'm referring to that MUMM I posted... the majority consensus by a slim margin was that I should just STFU and move on. You see tonight, an object of my affection, someone who I believed when she said she wanted to be my friend, cut all ties with me. Inexplicably and without a word. I happen to know that her boyfriend doesn't like me and probably had some hand in her decision - maybe in a fit of jealousy? If people are really so easily influenced and dissuaded, capricious to the point of condemning those who would otherwise do most anything for them, then I truly have lost my faith in their vaguely good intentions. No more will I form emotional attachments to people that consistently and, as the course of time proves, wholly do not care about me. Despite my efforts to win them over, to show them my best side, to impart what knowledge and wisdom I can and may, I can chalk this one up to the long list of failed endeavors I have already accrued. I am fully alone, and not enti
OBAMA WON!!! OBAMA WON!!! yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy Besides that historic event, I'll be going to the beach this weekend if the weather holds up and it's not freezing cold like it was last night. My daughter is doing okay, docs appointment went so so. Nothing good/nothing bad. besides that nothing else to speak of except I'm going back to bed asap. Kat
His Love
His life was my blood His tears were my fears I loved him too much that death slowly neared My heart in so much pain, it joyed him to see Blood from my hand to cradle with need With hard times gone, never to see I loved him too much and it killed me
Why Is It??
Why is it that some people who find love, handle it with such carelessness? Some people search for love all their lives. When it is found, why put it down and forget about it, only to realize how much it meant when it is gone? When you find love, hold on to it, celebrate its feelings, drown in them every day, be consumed by them...
In life, I have discovered that there is no time to waste, and if you want something, you have to try to take it. I don't know if this is right or wrong, but it is a piece of my mind. I have missed too many opportunities to count, and all due to bad choices in the past. I guess, what I'm saying is..... well...... do I have to go against my morals to get ahead?? Anyone??
Thought For 11/6
Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only steals the joy of today..
He Doesnt Even Know I Exist
Too Good To Be True...
Wow... I don't even know where to begin right now. My emotions are hitting the wrong spots and making them hurt and twisting them until salty liquid comes out of my eyes. For some reason this hurts, and it hurts so bad... I mean seriously I need to get a grip on myself because if I don't I'm not going to be able to just live. Not saying I am going to kill myself, idiots. Just that I will be an operating vessel with a heart beat and a routine, I was so happy for the first time in a very long time, and I mean real happy not fake smiles or drug induced happy... And it fell apart. Right in front of me, and the sad part is I knew it was going to happen... I want that happy feeling back damnit. Not so much angry that I was used.... whatever we had fun... More hurt that I thought he was my friend... I HATE PEOPLE. Unless you are Alicia and Amanda...
Fruits Of The Forbidden 2- Dream's Growth
Part 2. The next morning was spent curled up with him, partaking in watching more movies. I left a few hours later, leaving him with a kiss, elated to set up inside my new flat and reflect upon the night's events. He raced in and out of my mind for the next two days, especially when I convinced myself to watch a beautiful romance movie, alone. At the sweetest, most adorable part, there was a knock at my door. My Enslaver and Erik. I looked right past Gerry to where my flawless Adonis stood, in the background, my heart catching at my throat. They were there to rescue me away to Buqet's, for a night of banter and companionship. My mind went haywire as I sat behind Erik, craving his touch, repulsed by the meager attentions of my Master. Upon arriving, I was told to read a short book that everyone else there had deigned entertaining. Of course, with my luck, it was on the table near where he sat. Once I had gathered what little courage I possess, I went over and sat next to him, fl
Well the holidays are coming once again fast and furious, the time of year people tell you what they want and don't want for the holidays. I remember when lists were non exsistant and people actually appreciated it when they received a gift. I really don't know when that ended and lists began. I guess its easier for some to feel better during that time of year to just get the gift someone wants off a list instead of seeing the disappointed look on someones face when you give them a gift ( of the heart no less) and its NOT what they want. Imagine that. And if there wasn't enough with that there is the "family togetherness lie" Where we go and grin and bear the people who hate your guts and try and play nice. Ahh the holidays can anyone see why I love this time of year. While reading this blog to my dear husband he shakes his head and says its too bad you are bitter and negative about the holidays, as I agree he again shakes his head and continues to watch his football. Sad
Is Obama Really The First Black President? Not Necessarily
It is all in the Library Of Congress. What you are about to read here will forever alter your views on history in our nation. The following information has been researched by David Coyle and many other people have reseached it but Dr Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA has done the most extensive research. All of these men have black ancesters and Abe Lincoln was half black. There was a picture of the cartoon that Abe Lincolns oponent ran in newspapers. You can check it out at Calvin Coolidge was our 30th president, and he succeeded Warren Harding. He proudly admitted that his mother was dark because of mixed Indian ancestry. However, Dr. Bakhufu says that by 1800 the New England Indian was hardly any longer pure Indian, because they had mixed so often with Blacks. Calvin Coolidge's mother's maiden name was "Moor." In Europe the name "Moor" was given to all Black people just as the name Negro was used in America. Abraham Lincoln was our 16
Here Is A Poem Called Dad
One day A year Is not enough To tell my dad That he's loved much I watched you work From day to day To see us fed and clothed each day Still this day Anyone can see Your still workin hard For the family I see my frieds whose dads are gone They've eighter died or said so long i'm the lucky one To buy a card And sign my name To someone's words Is not my thing And so i write My words and say I love you more Day after day!
Co-founder Day For Angels
ok Angel's Sunday's we Touch the founders of the group and chuckiiboo does plenty for both crews so rate him up leave a rose or an angel as always thanks loves !! ***chuckiiboo***@ fubar
Satisfying On Pillow
Soul Searching
I sit in the darkness becoming one with myself Close my eyes and ears to the world outside Soul searching is not easy when your mind is not still But in the shadows a figure appears He is a tormented soul like me He takes my hand and in an instant my soul is revealed The dark storms of my mind subside.....
Value Of A Drink
The Value of a Drink "Sometimes when I reflect back on all the wine I drink I feel shame. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the vineyards and all of their hopes and dreams . If I didn't drink this wine, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, "It is better that I drink this wine and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver." ~ Jack Handy ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day. " ~Frank Sinatra ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ "When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading." ~ Henny Youngman ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not." ~ Stephen Wright ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ "Wh
the tears fall like rain on my soul acid eating thru me as i learn that all i know is a lie love is just a joke at my exspense tearing me apart so i welcome the rain that causes pain to erase you from my soul the only problem is to erase you i will have to erase myself so may it rain hard and fast so im gone at last
Yet More
stars falling as you turn away Darkness invades all the corners of my soul stealing the light in all of my life as my thoughts of you fade my blood slows within my veins i hear all again over my disappearing heartbeat i seem to shrink away from the world getting smaller and smaller every second my vision is blurred now gone like my life without you
The Cabin
The rain was pounding on my back as I was assessing my flat tire. "Damn it." I muttered as I went to the trunk for the spare. I figured this would only take a few minutes, then I would be on my way to see Sarah. My mind drifted drifted to the thought of her... stacked, slim and an ass you could bounce anything off it, she was visual perfection. The lightening woke me from my day dream and I focused my energy on getting TO Sarah. My heart sunk when I didn't discover the spare....nothing, nada in the rim where it usually sits. "Fuck!" I was pissed at my '89 Ford F150. For good measure, I kicked the flattened tire. Now I had to find someplace to get dry while I wait for for AAA to come. In the middle of nowhere, I glanced around the wooded road for any beacon of hope, fading as quickly as the hard-on I was starting to sport. I walked along the side of the road for about an hour... or was it an hour and a half?... until I found the small cabin up on the hill. My cell phone dead
New To Fubar
Hey Im Angie. New here but getting the hang of things. Im adding new photos and things everyday so please check it out. Thanks Kisses
2007 Correctional Statistics
Who Are Correctional Officers? 77.7% male, 22.3% female 69.5% white, 20.8% black, 5.7% Hispanic 80.5% are between the ages of 30 44 63.9% have some college experience,25% have a college degree, 19% Bachelors, 4.5% Masters, 1.5% Ph.D. Correctional Officers (CO's) have the second highest mortality rate of any occupation. 33.5% of all assaults in prisons and jails are committed by inmates against staff. A CO's 58th birthday, on average, is their last. A CO will be seriously assaulted at least twice in a 20 year career. On average a CO will live only 18 months after retirement. CO's have a 39% higher suicide rate than any other occupation, And have a higher divorce and substance abuse rates then the general population. Sources: "Stress Management for the Professional Correctional Officer", Donald Steele, Ph.D., Steele Publishing 2001 -"Corrections Yearbook 2000, 2002", Criminal Justice Institute, Middletown, CT -"Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Sta
When The Time You Spend With Them Is Quality Time, That's What They'll Remember
I hope Miss Fiona doesnt object to quoting from a recent chat we had, but it words just right what I believe. There are moments every day I dont know if what Martha or I do with the kids is quality its certainly time, and while like any parents were not perfect, we are the best we can possibly be as God continues to make us to Sarah and Jeffrey. Now to recap the last four days, especially as the schoolchildren in our area are returning to class after a FIVE-day weekend! Friday was a snow day, Saturday and Sunday were the weekend, Monday was a teacher planning day, and yesterday was Veterans Day. When Breanna stopped by with Grandma Sharon to pick up the kids and serve them all lunch at her house while Mary and I had to take in our cars for a long overdue oil change, she said shed love another day off. I sardonically said to that thirteen-year-old, Shut up. Trust me, our familys self-esteem is not easy to dent or wreck that way. Starting with yesterday, I was surpri
Make Me An Offer
I will trade Salutes for Bling and Fubux... 1-5 credit bling will get you a SFW Salute 10-20 credit bling will get you a Sexy SFW Salute & Sexy Specially made gift 30-50 credit bling will get you animated salute, sfw salute & special made gift from me Jeweled Heart of fu, auto 11's, 25 credit Bling Pack or higher, 7-day blast or higher will get you animated salute, sexy sfw salute, sexy special gift Fu-Pony will get you so much more, the price is negotiable on that one. 50,000 for a sfw salute 75,000 for a special gift 150,000 for a sfw salute & special gift 250,000 for a sexy sfw salute 300,000 for a sexy special gift 500,000 for a sexy sfw salute & sexy gift 800,000 for a animated salute 1,000,000 for sfw salute, sexy sfw salute, special gift & sexy special gift 2,000,000 for all five items I am trying to do two things at this point get all the bling I dont have, and get fubux so I can win the spotlight. Also I will make you a deal.
Latest Update On Me
well figure ill post this insted of answering the same question millions of times from everyone i talk you all know or well those who have been paying attention to my blogs latly ive been seeing a Nerosurgion about a my shunt being broken a few months far nothing really has changed so just wanted to update you all that gave a shit and say im ok and still dont need surgery. thats still a last resort there is also medication i can try if the pressure in my head doesnt go away befor surgery. but for now im ok and GWAR show is friday!!!!
I'm a little heart broken tonight because my very loving and beautifull wife is leaving me tonight. She's an Army soldier, and was home on leave for 2 weeks, in lue of going to her new assignment. She was at Ft. Gordon for almost a year, completing her In the time she was at Ft. Gordon, I only got to see her twice. Once in June, and again in September. Being an Army spouse can be trying, even for a man! It could be another year before I get to see my wife again, if she doesn't get shipped to the middle east. We're hoping she will get leave again for Christmas and New Year's, but we don't know how that's going to work out yet. I'm hoping that if she can't come home, I can go out there for our Anniversary(12/27) at least. My sweetheart is headed for Ft. Lewis, Washington...a hell of a long way from here. I'm going to miss her terribly, but I know and understand that, in the long run, it will benefit us beyond our belief. I may be sad, but I'm happy at the same time
The Online Persona
it is amazing to me that people online can talk as though you are the greatest friends ever, and when you don't talk they say things like I missed you.... how can you miss someone and have feelings for someone that you really don't know haven't met ever in real life and don't really know anything about? I get alot of people that tell me that they miss me when they haven't talked to me for awhile, but they can't all really miss me. I mean a person only knows of you what you actually tell them. I'm not that trusting so...most of the time it really isn't that much that I tell about my life. I'm alot different online than I am in person and I think alot of people are like that. Personally I'm more reserved online and in person I'm not like that with my close friends. They already know all about me & my life they know my stories and they are cool with who I am as a person, but online it is different. I don't tell people about my life at least not too much, because like
Last Goodbye
I count the days go bye Longing to find The right one for me When ever I think I have It all ends in heartbreaking goodbye Losing one of the best friends That Ive ever had But yet Im Waking up to tear socked pillows In the middle of the night Never knowing if or when I will be happy Im fed up dealing with All of the sorrow thats Ive been though Im fed up with it all I want it to be over To be done with it I lay awake in The middle of the night Wondering if things were Different between us Would we have been happy Would you have tried I did my best to be there for you No matter what All I wanted to be More then anything in the world Was to be your friend But its killing me now I did all that I could Yet you did nothing at all I was hurting Bet yet you did not see You still cant see it I was happy with you I could sleep I was alive There was something To keep me going I had a reason to live B
Prayer Of The Refugee
Warm yourself by the fire, son, And the morning will come soon. Ill tell you stories of a better time, In a place that we once knew. Before we packed our bags And left all this behind us in the dust, We had a place that we could call home, And a life no one could touch. Dont hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I dont need your help now, You won't let me down, down, down! Dont hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I dont need your help now, You will let me down, down, down! Down! We are the angry and the desperate, The hungry, and the cold, We are the ones who kept quiet, And always did what we were told. But weve been sweating while you slept so calm, In the safety of your home. Weve been pulling out the nails that hold up Everything youve known. Dont hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I dont need your help now, You will let me down, down, down! Dont hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I dont need you
Poems Let Me Know What You Think
The Ring To my wonderful and loving Thomas On my finger, I wear a piece of gold, a gift from the one I hold dear. Around the shining diamonds,and the band of gold, lies a single center stone. Small that it is, it means more to two people than anyone will ever know, a sign of never ending love. A circle is the sign of a love so kind, it reflects the thought in any young man's mind, "Is she taken, will she ever be mine?"
Squirting In Van
Pain And More Pain~
Well went to the Dr about my shoulder.. Had a steroid shot in my left shoulder, felt like heaven the first day, after that has felt like hell... Dr ordered a MRI of my left shoulder and most likely will have to endure shoulder surgery to either clean the area up bone fragments and such, or complete repair of any muscle damage... So for now Im on heavy doses of Vicodin, my god I have to much of that and I get a major headache its like I cant win, major shoulder-arm pain or a headache....
Lets Have A Joke....:p
While making love, he says: - Darling, let's do 68! - 68??? What's that? - You do it to me and I'll owe you one.
Remembrance Of My Death
Around, all around, the mourners gather. My dread grows as the headsman's axe falls against my neck. It slays me, and darkly my blood drips to the wicked earth that is my prison. In numbness I flee while death takes my hand. Now alone, my cascade of tears falls upon bleeding eyes. This is my Hell
Mind Sex
MIND SEX from Alicia Keys Conversation Stimulation Good talk Mind sex Can you keep up or Are you sleeping On what I've said It takes a whole lotta man (woman) To understand Good love is not just Stimulation Conversation Good talk. So let's have sex I wanna make love I'd rather go to heaven Can you take me above It's mind sex Can we just talk Can you make me feel it deep? Without a physical touch?
How Abt This...
You think your life is bad.....spare a thought for the egg. He only got laid once. He only got eaten once. It takes him 4 minutes to get hard. Only 2 minutes to get soft. AND the only chick that ever sat on his face was his Mother!!! Chin up!! Your life ain't that bad!!!!
What Is It?
To make it stand, You wet it ! To make it wet, You suck it ! To make it stiff, You lick it ! To get it in, You push it! Damn ! Threading a needle when you're older is a BITCH
Dedication To My Ex
My Immortal I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leave 'Cause your presence still lingers here And it won't leave me alone These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears And I held your hand through all of these years But you still have All of me You used to captivate me By your resonating light Now I'm bound by the life you left behind Your face it haunts My once pleasant dreams Your voice it chased away All the sanity in me These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone But though you're still with me I've been alone all along
The Definition Of Certifiable White Trash
Game - Make Lots Of Blood Thing!
PLAY Beat Me Up Diggy Games
Reign Calling out into the night Please Reign in my heart It is your love that reigns For al the paths I have walked All the faces in the crowd Only your image remains My life is so incomplete All I have lost along the way You have been the biggest piece There seems to be no way To feel you soul again Yet I can not get release Will you ever let your Reign Wash over my heart Gently fall upon my skin Like the rains in spring That renews life Healing deep within I can not take another step For I dont know which direction That you have gone This starless night I am chained in Feels like there will never be a dawn I wish you could hear my cries That echo from my prison The walls that trap me Please Reign On me My Love You are my greatest gift Let your Reign flow free
Got Heroin?
Redneck fuckstick rofl. I sent his profile over to James too like I said I would. I believe hes in the process of fucking with this guys perception. ->frankie: Oh no I was just snorting a line. brb Nose bleed frankie: it must be since you shut ur hole frankie: is that pusssy big At this point I left the computer to raid the kitchen. ->frankie: Heroin first. Leave it in the mailbox with a vile of deer blood. frankie: show me boobs and i might hook ya up ->frankie: You look like you need to share the drugs. Wtf do you think I asked you? frankie: looks like ya need to stop the drugs kid ->frankie: No. I said heroin. But I know this guy that might be interested in you. I'l send him your Fubar so you guys can chat. frankie: no but got big cock will that do ->frankie: Got heroin? frankie: got nudes?
Rain- and yet again I hear your last words And still I feel The pain getting worse All those rainy days Remind me of you The way you went... Thoughts- all those thoughts That never became words All those dreams That never came true I forgot to tell How much I loved Things that were you I hope forever to fall asleep So I can see you again in my dreams Loneliness never has cut so deep My world fell apart at the seams They say that time will heal the wounds But it will never erase the scars; I know you're there when I look at the sky Looking at me through the stars. Drops I will let them fall on my face Streaming down like tears from above I know that you are in heaven's embrace , Sending me all of your love Give me a sign, let the sun come out Through menacing clouds let it shine its light; Since I always carry you in my heart I know that I'll be alright.
New Life
well lets see I am finally free i guess you could say. It does hurt to loose that one person in the world that you thought you could never live without. But for me I know I will be better I have had to fight my whole life and i will not give up now cause my lil girl depends on mommy to be stong so I am moving starting a new life with me and her hope you all have a great week
"never Enough"
My legs are weary But I still walk My hands are sore and broken But I still clutch My heart is treated But I still love My cup is empty But I still pour All I ever wanna be All I ever needed to be Was whatever you wanted me to But you took that from me Yeah I was never enough for you I should have known I should have known I was never enough for you Don't waste my time I lost the feeling But I still touch I stopped believing But I still trust All these questions Ask me why I'll just close my eyes (MY EYES!!!) Always people asking why I'll just wave goodbye (GOODBYE!!!) Time Pushing forward I'm sick and tired Need a little shelter Drag the glass across my eyes Cut me open Cut me wide Screaming for the winner (JUST TO THE WINNER) "Never Enough" - Mudvayne
Food For Thought!
"THE POLICY OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS TO LEAVE THEIR CITIZENS FREE, NEITHER IN RESTRAINING NOR AIDING THEM IN THEIR PURSUITS." --THOMAS JEFFERSON In 1923 the Weimar Republic of Germany experienced hyperinflation by printing money out of thin air to pay workers and reperations from the Treaty of Versailles. Eventually the money became so worthless that people literally filled whellbarrels full of paper money to buy a something as cheap as a loaf of bread. Paper money was actually burned for heat in the winter, for it was cheaper than buying fire-wood. Below is a simple (kid friendly) example of how the Federal Reserve System creates hyperinflation and inforces a hidden tax our savings. Think bailouts, stimulus, war, etc.
Alone Again
I'd like to see you in the morning light I'd like to feel you when it comes tonight Now I'm here and I'm all alone Still I know how it feels I'm alone again Tried so hard to make you see But I couldn't find the words Now the tears, they fall like rain I'm alone again without you Alone again without you Alone again without you Alone again without you I said stay, but you turned away Tried to say that it was me Now I'm here and I've lost my way Now I know how it feels I'm alone again
Mi Lfe
//Sumtimes shit happens for a reason but you know ya gots to keep your head up and keep going day day// "Lets get on our kness an pray". Verse 1: Uh GoD... i'm trying to do my best/ Just sumtimes i feel like theres nothing left// God I know your there looking down smiling/ Showing your care/i would never hurt anybody or race mi fist/ All i want is a beautiful girl in my life an kiss// Trying to do whats right but i still feel like im left with a fight/ Understand one thing im only one man one person/ Fuck heres MI sermon// I know a bunch of bitchs get smiles everytime they see me like this, I know they get delights but fuck it they can put prints out try to find me they ain't got shit on me/ but damn lord i miss mi nigga "Pimp c"// See wat i mean its kind hard but lord/ Its never going to leave me down alwayz getting up ready for another round// -chorus- Wat have i done nigga, I'm a do me nigga, Cuz its mi life, What the hell am i doing right, Its mi life, My life, OoH lord mi l
A New One
i could look into your eyes and lose myself forever wondering how a man so beautiful could see me or even notice that i exsist i want ot walk into your arms and never move can this be my place i want time to stop so i will never have to leave this haven of peace that you are for me so hold me, my hon for time will go on
I Think My Scale Is
I weighed myself this morning....still the same evil number. Then I do a few things, decided to go poop and weigh myself again for the hell of it. LOL And some how I gained a pound. HA HA the hell do you gain after you poop???? Thought it was funny.... stupid scale...
Things That Make Me Smile
* My Daughter *My Family (My Friends are my family) *The colors hot pink, black, & silver *Sweet emails, Txts, and letters *Driving fast *When people make things for me *Driving down the back roads late at night blasting my radio *Music *Buying gifts for people *Being called Mommy *Watching cartoons with Kamryn *Cuddling up on the couch watching movies *Pink, Black, and white roses *Lillies *Going out to shows *When the person Im with txts or calls in the middle of the night *Animals *Darkness *Candles *Bubble Baths *Shopping *Song dedications *My Car *Traveling *Taking pictures of everything *The Moon n Stars *Tattoos *Piercings *Poetry *Cuddling up with my daughter n going to sleep *Holidays *Dancing *Kisses *Hugs *Holding Hands *Going to the park *Outdoor things... camping. fishing, etc ** Knowing that no matter what... No one can change me... So love me like I am
One Ring To Rule Them All
Friday Will Be Known As Emo Cubby Day !!!!
Now dear ole Cubby made a comment that he was gonna be Emo tommorow i figured i had this pic saved for months lets all help cubby be the bestest emo cubby he can be add something and pass it on and make sure u send to him lol have fun cubster ~Cubby~ Owned by Justa@ fubar
Drop Your Bombs On ♥hoт Moммα♥
Thats right she did it! Now we need to start bombing! Even if ya cant bomb at least leave a rate..Rates count as 3 points too.. Music Playlist at
I Wish
I wish it didnt have to come to this I wish it didnt have to be the last kiss I wish I could be lying there just holding you I wish you would believe my words were true. I wish you could hold me as I fall asleep. I wish you hadnt hurt me so very deep. I wish you had a better temper and I a better heart. I wish we werent so damn stubborn and wed not have fallen apart. I wish just cant change things anymore than I was able to change you. I wish I knew the answer to why the hell I still love you.
Show Me Love Please....
auto 11's are on so please show me lots of love...thanks baby lette...
Am I The Only One That Wants To Get Married
'm curious, do you want to get married and have kids? Lately I've felt like I'm probably the only one in the world who actually wants a committed relationship, and that everyone just wants to be a whore! (I'm a whore sometimes too, but I don't buy into the hey, let's be a whore for life idea!) " what you got if you don't got love? " " sometimes that mountain you've been climbing is just a grain of sand " " when you figure out that love is all that matters after all, it sure makes everything seem so small " OKAY, damnit I admit I've probably been listening to too much Carrie Underwood But really, I know people who have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank WHO CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT, who feel BROKE -- you know, the ones who bitch for 30 minutes with their bank to get a 2 dollar fee removed -- who think about money all day, and when they're not thinking about money, they're thinking about money Money's good, you can buy nice things and I'm a sucker f
The Broken Window By Jeffery Deaver
Plot Summary: In bestseller Deaver's entertaining eighth Lincoln Rhyme novel (after The Cold Moon), Rhyme, a forensic consultant for the NYPD, and his detective partner, Amelia Sachs, take on a psychotic mastermind who uses data miningthe business of the twenty-first centurynot only to select and hunt down his victims but also to frame the crimes on complete innocents. Rhyme is reluctantly drawn into a case involving his estranged cousin, Arthur, who's been charged with first-degree murder. But when Rhyme and his crew look into the strange set of circumstances surrounding his cousin's alleged crime, they discover tangential connections to a company that specializes in collecting and analyzing consumer data. Further investigation leads them to some startlingly Orwellian revelations: Big Brother is watching your every move and could be a homicidal maniac. The topical subject matter makes the story line particularly compelling, while longtime fans will relish Deaver's intimate explorati
Another Lil Something:p
A 50yr old lady is dying of cancer, she asks God to give her 25yrs more. God approves. After her successful operation, she gets facelift, lipo, tummytuck. When she went out of the hospital she was hit by a car. Then she asks God.."Lord you told me that you gonna give me another 25 yrs to live. God answered: Sorry girl i didnt recognized u........hehehe!
I weighed myself this morning and was real happy with my weight loss. YAY!!! Haven't seen myself that low in a while. Even though I probably gained it back today but I'm not gonna weigh myself in a while. Gonna stash that stupid scale somewhere and keep that low number in my head to keep me going.
Blood Beauty
Blood Beauty As I stroll along the walk a soothing breeze brushes my face I smile. This night is refreshing as the diamonds high above shine down their sparkling song of whisper... the sweet chimes reaching my ears turn my thoughts from light to dark, snugly drunk off the beckoning aroma of enchantment leading me to your presence My pace quickens...not only my steps, but my heart as well Anticipation burning through my nerves, each sense is at full attention, aware of even the slightest shift of temperature My blood is boiling as I break into a sweat A feverish wave of frantic feigning as I muster all the strength and speed I can as I race to the calling of my captivation Rounding the final corner I stop short Blindsided by the magnificent yet terrifying image before me: you. Streaming lines of ruby tears and succulent lips of pout Your eyes like crimson discs floating in a pool of cream pleading me to
Start Bidding!!!!
Its Hes Fault
He's a drunk dad who just can't see he's about to lose his whole family!! The kids can't take it, the mom can't deal, but being drunk he don't know this shit's for real! He won't stop drinking He just don't care, but maybe it'll hit him when his family's not there! He won't have us there to clean his mess, but I'm sure he'll drink more and care even less! He works really hard and I'm sure he means well but his mother fucking drinking is putting us all through hell!! His son is locked up which makes me mad, and its 'cause he can't deal with his drunk ass dad! His daughter's my friend and she's falling apart, she wants her dad to stop drinking and its breaking her heart. She has a boyfriend and they love each other, I like to think of him as an older brother. He treats us all good but hates the drunk dad, and when the dad starts yelling he gets
Sweet Dreams
Eyes growing heavy my muscles weaken slowly I'm slipping away, into the darkness, into my dreams to await the dawn of a brand new day. Head on my pillow, visions of you begin rushing into my head. a smile appears as I'm thinking of you lying with me in my bed. I'm cold and I'm lonely dreaming sweet dreams of your arms holding me close to you. And perhaps if I wait, and pray hard enough, one day my sweet dreams will come true!
Stacey Stacey was a girl who couldnt sleep at night. And Stacey was a girl with an unusual appetite. She has a craving, a need unholy, a constant burning drive, It really is quite strange, because Staceys not alive. Stacey is attractive, shes quite the pretty thing. The boys they come a calling, her doorbell always rings. Then theyre never seen again, just like theyd never been, And Stacey serves her hunger, those urges strong and keen. Stacey has a pretty face even though its drawn and white. And Stacey has a wicked smile, her sharp teeth are quite the sight. Those pouting lips, boys die to kiss, in more ways than just one, And Staceys room is always dark because she doesnt like the sun. Stacey is 16, but thats really not the truth, She really is much older, but she always has her youth. Because Stacey has a secret, no fancy facial cream, And if you knew it I have no doubt that you would shriek and scream. In her basement is a freezer where she ta
Forever In Our Hearts
In our times of despair Memories we will always share About the loved ones That we hold dear Whether it's the sun, stars or moon We never forget The ones we cherish Or the ones we lose Hold them close Hold them near Let them know you truely care For when the winds blow We must let them go Forever in our hearts We will love them so! By: William Burton
Gypsy waiting for time to remember the past hitchhiking through the dreams of youth glory
Fix Me
The room is full but I am still alone, deep down inside there is nothing but pain. On the surface I am fine and immobile, inside I am broken, weathered ,and torn apart. Why do I go through the things I do? Does it really matter in the end ? Nobody really cares but me anyway. Ever fill if you weren`t around , you still wouldn`t be missed. Or am I just to hard on myself? Are we as human beings ever really satisfied ? With ourselves or where we are in life ? The headache returns and my body ashes once again . Sometimes I wish the thoughts would never even exist. Just stop all movement and actions , even time. Start over , maybe but with what I already know. Or at times just not even be here at all, as if I never existed in the first place. Bones popping , joints aching and lacking true sleep. Do I want a solution or just continue to wallow in my misery? The sleep I can get when I am died . Maybe I dont want anyone or myself to actually "fix me" !
As many have noticed I've added a lot to my stash the last couple of days, all have some meaning to me. The Staind videos mean the most, Aaron Lewis' music tells you of the pain and hurt in my soul and the video of "believe" speaks to me about some one I truly love and respect, he has taught me recently that I am a beautiful, intellingent, strong woman and no one can take that away from me. However, this person has made me fall in love with him so that song has special meaning to me for that also.
Me, Trying To Explain Everything
Ok, how many times do I need to tell people that when I do things, theyre in good intention, before theyll finally hear me? Krissy, after I left last night for work, apparently mustve seen my new fubar name or such cuz her ex, Mike, called me and left me a message. One in which I only heard the part of "Chad, whats wrong with you, bro" before I deleted it because if she had explained the whole thing to him the way I explained it to her, there would be no confusion and then, I also wouldnt think there should be any hostility. The fact is that I still wish to be friends with her and I think its a lil extreme to write me off because I messaged her a couple more times than I shouldve at one point yesterday. I mean, yes, I'm sorry that I upset her cuz thats never the intention but people dont seem to get that I'm a good guy and I could prove it more and more, as is what I was tryin to do........ Now, as for my new fubar name, why shouldnt it be that!? Anytime stuff seems to go good for me
Generic Pilgrim Voyage
Id like this To be eloquent As that seems Appropriate Maybe wax Poetically About the time Weve spent And what that Meant to me Fill the lines With love And emotions So you understood That the words Are true But keeping it Simple Is the perfect And most Accurate Thing to do The best way I can say it Is that I am Thankful For You
Bad News For Me, For You?
Hi fubar friends My laptop is currently on the fritz, and of course, I have been working graveyard shifts all week and will be doing so at my new job. I want to let my closest friends, and you know who you are, that I really miss the fun stuff here, and I cant wait to get in touch with you all when I get the time. As for all of you, I hope you all have wonderful days today, and that life is good. Take care out there, I miss you folks :) *peace* and *
Forever Road
I heard every word you said And trying hard to understand Exactly what it is, you need, from me Baby I apologize I never meant to make you cry But there ain�t no doubt, we can work it out yeah Cuz I�m gonna be around Don�t worry baby I ain�t no maybe Rain or Shine This Love of mine is for you Let my arms remind you I�ll always be beside you Holdin� on until this ride is through So away we go, down that Forever Road Baby as our lives unfold There�s no telling where we�ll go But as far as I can see, it�ll be you and me Just the way it�s supposed to be Don�t worry baby I ain�t no maybe Rain or Shine [ Forever Road lyrics from ] This Love of mine is for you Let my arms remind you I�ll always be beside you Holdin� on until this ride is through So away we go, down that forever road It ain�t gonna be easy We�ll both
American Kids Vs. Italian Kids
American Kids vs. Italian Kids American kids: Move out when they're 18 with the full support of their parents. Italian kids: Move out when they're 28, having saved enough money for a house, and are two weeks away from getting married.....unless there's room in the basement for the newlyweds. American kids: When their Mom visits them, she brings a Bundt cake, and you sip coffee and chat. Italian kids: When their Mom visits them, she brings 3 days worth of food, begins to tidy up, dust, do the laundry, and rearrange the furniture. American kids: Their dads always call before they come over to visit them, and it's usually only on special occasions. Italian kids: Are not at all fazed when their dads show up,unannounced, on a Saturday morning at 8:00, and starts pruning the fruit trees. If there are no fruit trees, he'll plant some. American kids: Always pay retail, and look in the Yellow Pages when they need to have something done. Italian kids: Call their dad or uncle, a
She Thinks She Needs Me
Andy Griggs - She thinks I walk on water She thinks I hung the moon She tells me every morning, "They just don't make men like you" She thinks Ive got it together She swears Im as tough as nails But I dont have the heart to tell her She dont know me that well She dont know how much I need her She dont know Id fall apart Without her kiss, without her touch Without her faithful, loving arms She dont know that its all about her She dont know I cant live without her Shes my world, shes my everything And she thinks she needs me Sometimes she cries on my shoulder When shes lying next to me But she dont know that when I hold her That shes really holding me, holding me She dont know how much I need her She dont know Id fall apart Without her kiss, without her touch Without her faithful, loving arms She dont know that its all about her She dont know I cant live without her Shes my world, shes my everything
Starting Up
Was invited over here to FuBar by a friend. I'm pretty sure he didn't think I'd actually sign up as this isn't really my sort of thing. After all, I just got a Facebook and still despise MySpace with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and one black hole. I agreed to sign up because it gave me a way to share some of the photog work I've been doing that is NSFW, and more importantly not safe for me to be found out about at work. So I can't post it on my DeviantArt (well, not most of it). So it'll most likely turn up here. Lucky for you, less lucky for the people I work with (perverts). Things to know about me? I'm a virgo, a member of Party Hard Corps ( a band of militant revelers), a LARPer, a total gamer geek, a Cosplayer, a bibliophile, a Dr. Who fan, and untrained belly dancer, swimmer, and marshmallow mouse. Now you know all you need to know right? Ta.
Small Wonder Of A Kiss
Small Wonder of a Kiss Look ahead My Love Can you see in the distance? A small hide away Where you and I can dance Just a few more steps I will open the door As we step inside Our hearts connect once more Hidden from the worlds view Where only our eyes meet Hands reaching for each other Our bodies creating such fiery heat The candles flicker in the lanterns Shining on your GORGEOUS face The light dances on your skin So soft like silky lace Here we can be free to love Here the world does not exist We can drench ourselves in each other Or just the Small Wonder of a Kiss
Take This Too
Take This Too You have stripped me Taken everything My tears stolen My last breath yours My lungs collapse They are now eroding My lips sown shut Tongue severed I drank my own blood My skin dry and brittle Slowly peeling away In disparities dark flood Heartless now as well You feed yourself on it Till you were full Left me soulless Just a wolf disguised In sheeps wool You ripped out my love Every feeling along with it A lifeless corpse in your wake Here is the last piece Of what I used to be But was never yours to take
The Words Don't Ryhme
The Words dont Rhyme I have lost myself The best part of me gone An Angel of passion Now a void in my heart A chasm with no bottom A fissure unfillable Painting the sky black now Blotting out the sun The stars scatter once more The moon hides its face All the wonders of the planet Loose their luster and awe Diamonds turn to dust Gold rusts in worthlessness Another heart felled by Love Another spirit lost in despair The knife swings like a pendulum Closer and closer to exposed skin Fearing the physical pain Desiring to end the emotional pain What is beyond this world? Does it really matter now? Could hell be worse than this? All I know right now is My Angel is going to be with another Because of this Now The Words dont Rhyme
What Happens When Mom And Dad Split ?
Well just a few months ago my husband of five years decided to split and be his own man . Well that would be all well and good but he left a wife and 4 kids hanging in a lurch soo .. whats a mom to do .. well i will tell you just what i did left . I could have stayed and fought for the things we bought togather for our familey but i juts left ... With not much to say after that you can only catch a man in bed one time and keep your cool ,i would have killed thoes !%#&%( hade ben given the chance agen so i left was i wrong to let him off so easy ,should i have ben HOOD and let him fell the pain for messing up or did i act like a lady ?
Auto 11's
I know that Auto 11's are great to help level up on and all, but it seems that everyone wants you to rate them during auto 11's on, but they never return the favor, even rating you with just tens. I'm just sayin.
Want To Know More About You
Name: Age: Phone Number: Hair: Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: Drink/smoke: WHAT D0 Y0U THINK 0F MY Personality: Eyes: Face: Hair: Clothes: Humor: Manners: Friends: Decisions: W0ULD Y0U... Go out with me: Give me your number: Kiss me: Let me kiss you: Watch a movie with me: Drive me somewhere private: Take a shower with me: Be my bf/gf: Take me home to meet your family: Let me sleep in your bed if I didn't have one: Tell me the truth no matter what: Lie to make me feel better: Hold my hand: Keep in touch: Try and solve my problems: Love me: Ditch me: Use me: Fuck me then fuck me over: D0 Y0U... Think I'm cute: Want to fuck me: Want to kiss me: AM I... Smart: Hot: Funny: Cool: Interesting to talk to: HAVE Y0U EVER... Thought about me: Thought there might be an "US": Found yourself wanting to kiss me: Wished I were there: Wanted to ask me out: Masturbated: WHAT W0ULD Y0U D0 IF... I said I liked you: I kissed you: I wanted
add me to myspace
I Caught Myself
Down to you You're pushing and pulling me down to you But I don't know what I Now when I caught myself I had to stop myself I'm saying something that, I should've never thought Now when I caught myself I had to stop myself I'm saying something that I should've never thought of you of you You're pushing and pulling me down to you But I don't know what I want No, I don't know what I want You got it, you got it Some kind of magic Hypnotic, hypnotic You're leaving me breathless I hate this, I hate this! You're not the one I believe in With God as my witness Now when I caught myself, I had to stop myself I'm saying something that I should've never thought Now when I caught myself I had to stop myself I'm saying something that, I should've never thought of you of you You're pushing and pulling me down to you But I don't know what I want No, I don't know what I want Don't know what I want But I know it's not, you Keep pushi
Bad Girl Of The Week
Let Me Introduce You To Sarge's Bad Girl Of The Week For The Week Of 11-24-08 > > Chocolate Bunny > > Be Sure To Stop By Her Page & Show Her Some ..She Will Be Sure To Return All > Here Is A Bit About Her > > ~ABOUT ME~ > > > *Basics* > Name/Nickname: Chocolate Bunny > Birthday: December 2, 1976 > Zodiac Sign: Sag > Hair Color: Black > Eye Color: Black > Tattoos: 1 cross on my left shoulder > Piercings: 2 in my ears > > > *Favorites* > Color: Pink > Season: Anything but FALL > Day Of Week: Sunday > Animal: Cats > Flower: Carnations > > > *Have You Ever* > Danced In The Rain?: Yes.. its wonderful > Laughed So Hard You Cried?: Yes..I'm easily entertained > Smiled For No Reason?: Yes.. > Sat On Your Rooftop?: No > > > *This 0R That* > Computer 0R T.V?: Computer, cause thats where my friends are. > Phone 0R IM?: IM > McDonalds 0R Burger King?: McDonalds > Summer 0R Winter?: Summer > CDs 0R IPoD/MP3?: CDs > XBox 0R PS2?: umm I want b
Home, and I fucking hate it. I miss him.
The Storm
good morning lover it's time to wake up look what the new day brought a promise of rain a roar of thunder a flash of lightning a trembling that shakes us like an earthquake as we hold each other tight as love flows like magma we rock there together in the dawn's smoldering light hours pass, time stands still you whisper moan into my ear mmmmmmmmmm I love you I smile and stroke your face and gaze in to your eyes such a wonderful day for a storm
I keep reading in magazines and I hear it in movies that......If you love something then set it free, if it returns it is yours to keep, if it doesn't it never was.!! WELL....I say rubbish If you really love something then hold it as near to your heart as possible and never let it go
We Want You!!
We are revamping The Playground and looking for new staff that wants to join the best family on the fu and have a lot of fu-fun. Come be a part of our fun upcoming events (acutions, giveaways, cam nights, themed nights, and so much more) and feel free to hit the now hiring button if you are interested in becoming a part of the staff. If you have any questions feel free to come chat with the owner (Addictive). Click this link to visit us in The Playground aka Sin City NSFW***** Now Hiring All Staff****: Thanks for making The Playground a home away from home and for supporting us through our growing. XOXO The Playground Staff
Bisexuality Defined: A person who is sexually attracted to and engages in sensual or sexual relationships with people of either sex. Just like me. Im a mother of three children and I lived as a married woman, in an open marriage. I believe that bisexuals are going un noticed or are being miss understood. We are neither gay or lesbian. We are not sex addicts or have to have sex with a man and woman at the same time. We just find both men and women equally attractive. The following articl is research ive done about BISEXUALITY! Some people believe that a person is born heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual (perhaps due to prenatal hormonal influences) and that their identity is inherent and unchangeable. Others believe that sexual orientation is due to socialization (e.g. imitating or rejecting parental models) or conscious choice (e.g. choosing lesbianism as part of a political feminist identity). Others believe that it has to do with all of the above. Because biological, soci
Leveling Up
I would really really like to thank the Llama levelers for helping me level up. Everyone some stop by there site and give them some love Once again a great thank you to them all!!!
The Fastest Growing Metal Station On The Net!
God's Forsaken Radio is one of the fastest growing metal stations on the net. We stream on multiple websites, and are continuing to grow. There are 13 top knotch dj's to fulfill every metal need that play all genres of metal. We have 19 promoters for the station which promote not only on the net but also in their home town looking for local unsigned metal bands that deserve airplay. Our staff takes pride in their work and are committed in helping the station grow. So what are you waiting for come and listen to the best metal station on the net!!!
Mow Survey - Stoled From Emanon
Animal you feel represents you or feel connected to? Eagle? Free and solitary... Cat? Stubborn and proud... Bear? Hates to be woken up... Can't choose What weather do you feel you are? A clear spring day on a mountain lake. Calm, deep, and relaxing. Choose one living & one deceased person you would like to spend 24 hours with, can be anyone. My ex..I still Love her with all my heart, and would like to look her in the eyes and talk to her. Rasputin. I'd like to see how much he truly knows, and how he learned it. If you could go anywhere in the world expenses a non issue where would you go? (choose more than one if you like) Ireland, England, Greece and Italy. Who do you admire most? My father and grandfather. Both have worked their asses off to give to their family. Something I've inherited from them: no matter how much pain and suffering it causes's worth it to make your loved ones happy. What is something(s) that bring you peace? With the exception o
Come Own Me!! Live Auction!!
-------------~*~*~*~*~------------- Come Join Us for Live Auction Take 3 LIVE AUCTION -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHERE: The Playground -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHEN: THURSDAY DECEMBER 11TH 9PM EST -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHAT: These fine staff members are up for grabs Come show them love at The Playground Auction Ctgirl Tiffany.Marie darthtazz Annie Whitefang
Join My Favorite Adult Site
Join my favorite amateur pic website, free check it out!
On Doormats (this Is Quoted From Someone Else But It Speaks Volumes)
on doormats In my experience it's easy to pick the deeply submissive girls out of a crowd because they're the ones who shine the most brightly. They're the most intelligent, the most passionate, the most opinionated, the most fiercely loyal and the most articulate of people; they stand head and shoulders above every crowd and project their bright spirits into the world like beacons into the night. Anyone who doesn't understand or appreciate those things in you is utterly and hopelessly unworthy of you. Hold fast to your standards and set the bar high for your suitors. Impossibly high. Make them fight for you, make them earn your attention and service and allow them to feel they've accomplished something great if they do manage to capture you. You have not only that right, but that resonsibility.-- taken (and edited) from a recent email to an amazing li'l girl. I hope she doesn't mind that I share my words here with you and understands why I do so.Sometimes I think it's a pity
Just What Set Me Off Today?
Its the day before my birthday, and already Im receiving a lot of tags and well wishes for which Im trying to thank everybody by name if I have missed anyone so far; first, my actual thirty-seventh birthday isnt until tomorrow so Im still in the clear, and second, I am such a pompous ass sometimes. I try to not let personality defects on my part keep me from being grateful, but lets be honest when you do get to know me a little better, you find Im pretty flawed, very sinful, and especially forgetful. Over the last few days, my kids who always want to be helpful or be doing something worked with their aunt Mary making pork chops and jojos (what you and I call fried potato wedges, named for a local restaurant that served them) after I brought them home last night for dinner. Sarah brought chairs into the kitchen for both her and Jeffrey and they stood at stove height thought they didnt touch it! I was told yesterday they didnt try to help Martha with the dishes, but they
Hehe Bully Made For Me And Cris By Cris :p
That's right... Two of fubar's finest loves to share their friends!!! So swing on by and show us both lots of love♥ Nothing makes us smile more than a new friend that we can both enjoy... F/A/R/C are all appreciated! XOXOX (repost of original by '.:*♥FIRTأGIT♥*:. oFNdr oDnGuS CrVS' on '2008-12-10 10:59:23')
Curious If the winter ever yearns for the summer's passionate glare Or if the stars from the heavens fall Only to know what its like to caress the planets they stare A love song my heart used to admire Has slowly become the nightmare I face as I go to sleep This mind forcefully decays with the trust I swore to give you Wondering if I will ever taste this love you promised me.
Top Things To Do When You're Bored...
Seeing as it's my blog I'll start the list. 1. Masturbate! :|
Today I had to go back to the photo shoot thing because the photos that were done about a month ago got corrupted so had to do them all over again. The dude gave a 20 percent discount off this time. Sweet... After the photos were taken, he asked us if we'd like to check out his band play next week. Told him maybe.... I haven't been to that place in a while, not since I was with my ex and watched him do his band concerts. Uhmm, what else I do? Went bowling tonight with Rich. It's been a while since we've gone bowling. The first game I played, I got a 201. Sweet!! It's been a long time since I've gone that high. The highest I ever gotten was 205. Yay me!! I've been trying to get most of my Christmas shopping done. I just have a few more to get. I'm getting real tight with money at the moment. I have a couple bills to pay still and I don't get paid again until next Friday which sucks. So I have to stretch the money that I have right now until then. Rich is broke like usual so I ha
Explain The Absence.
Oh, my god, life is Awesome. I have a social life ^^ Some of you know I used to go to Rocky faithfully when Hollywood was open. In fact, I was at the last show ^^ Kala, Ducky, and I were minions, we were like mini-casties. We were friends with most of the cast, and so we got to sit up front and hang out and it was awesome. Well, I hung out with dale mostly, i was too shy to hang with others. Kala and ducky went nude hot tubbing, however. *shrugs* I'm just too self-concious for that. But, anyway, I digress. Back when I fisrt started going, I got on Ducky's page and saw she had ALL the casties. So I added them. chatted them up. One was brad. our host. He has God status amongst us. Well, we didn't talk for about a year. I was online at Jeremy's one afternoon when i had been kicked out, and I had forgotten he played WoW. So we chatted about that, I told him about Mana Pots (best. drink. EVER) from Hot Topic and he asked "Oh, which HT you by?" I told him.
I look into your eyes, and you can see the lust in mine. My body's burning with desire for you to come and dine. To feel your tongue caress my rose is what I'm craving for. To have me screaming out your name and wanting more and more. I want to travel to the land of neverending bliss So please don't keep me waiting, just come get a taste of this.
R.i.p Bettie Page
Bettie Page, the brunette pinup queen with a shoulder-length pageboy hairdo and kitschy bangs whose saucy photos helped usher in the sexual revolution of the 1960s, has died. She was 85. Page, whose later life was marked by depression, violent mood swings and several years in a state mental institution, died Thursday night at Kindred Hospital in Los Angeles, where she had been on life support since suffering a heart attack Dec. 2, according to her agent, Mark Roesler. A cult figure, Page was most famous for the estimated 20,000 4-by-5-inch black-and-white glossy photographs taken by amateur shutterbugs from 1949 to 1957. The photos showed her in high heels and bikinis or negligees, bondage apparel -- or nothing at all. Decades later, those images inspired biographies, comic books, fan clubs, websites, commercial products -- Bettie Page playing cards, dress-up magnet sets, action figures, Zippo lighters, shot glasses -- and, in 2005, a film about her life and times, "The Notori
Another Icon Lost
Betty Page passed away on thursday at the age of 85. I'm heart broken. I guess once I get my memorial tattoo for George Carlin fixed I'll be getting another memorial. Really though, the Icon Betty Page, the Betty we all worship in black leather and fishnets is eternal... Even she knew that. Rest in Peace Betty. You are forever remembered and forever loved.
Trans-siberian Orchestra
So, I just realized that the TSO show at The Mark (Iwireless Center) is tomorrow night at 8. Tickets are fairly cheap, so if any lovely lady would like a date to a good show - let me know. I dont want to see this kind of show alone. I'd planned on going out tomorrow night with the Boss, her date, and a couple of friends, but I'm not sure if this is the kind of night they had in mind. Hopefully we get the TSO group with Alex Skolnick in it. I'd start screaming Electric Crown at the top of my lungs when it gets quiet. Haha, Testament at a Christmas show. That'd kick all kinds of ass. -j.
Wolves And Sheep.
STOP! Yes, you. Stop. Are you a sheep? Do you follow your friends trends, listen to their music and agree with everything they like? If the answer is yes, then you are a sheep! If you are happy like this, stop reading here and move along with your shallow, self-absorbed life..... ....If you are still reading, either you are not a sheep or you are a sheep that wants help. In that case, listen up, I will only say this once.... My name is "Wolf", and I eat sheep. What does that mean, you ask? That means, I enjoy breaking down others perceptions. I really like hurting feelings and offending people. Because if you are offended by something someone says, then you look at it harder. And in turn, you look at yourself in the process. I will not sugar-coat this message, it needs to be said in as raw and emotional a way as I can.... STOP BLINDLY FOLLOWING THE HERD! Herd mentality is what has made you this way. But your subconscious mind s
...the Mission Goes On
(Be warned, I was in a foul mood when I wrote this!) Most people live in the world of what we believe to be reality. But there is a darker world just below the surface, unseen by most. A place more dangerous, more terrifying, and it is closer than most think. There are things about him you don't know. Things you wouldn't understand. Things you couldn't understand. Things you shouldn't understand. A lone wolf, a crazed and wild-eyed soldier. Scarred and damaged from countless battles, he is on a suicide mission. Yet, he presses on with the realization that each fight may be his last. Raging against the injustices of the world, his fight continues. Each time he strikes down one, two more emerge. He knows it is hopeless, and still, his fight continues. Every time he looks down the barrel or through the scope at another monster, he is forced to make a choice: "Allow the scumbag to live and through inaction, become indirectly responsible for its future
Dead Inside
Once he made me feel so alive. When I loved him, before he loved me, when I was a secret and it was a game. And he said I brought him back to life too. He had been dead for a long time. Just walking through every day not really living, just existing. And I reminded him what it was like..... To feel. To burn. I gave him passion, excitement, torment and lust. I set him on fire and froze him to the core. I taught him how to fuck and he reminded me that people do still make love. We filled each other to over flowing. Giving and giving....And then.... I kept giving and he kept taking, And he fell. He said he loved me and he needed me and he wanted me and he kept taking and taking and I kept giving and giving and he gave what he thought he could.... Gas. And money. And Groceries. But If I called crying and said "Please I need you I can't stop cutting myself!" he said...."I'm right here." "NO! No, you are not! You are on the phone! I need you here!" And he wouldn't come....
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Texas Metal Alliance
Texas Metal Alliance are out of Arlington, Texas. The band has a record label with Housecore Records. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE features RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt, GAMMACIDE guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby, GAMMACIDE/DEVILFIST bassist Alan Bovee and DEMONSEED drummer Joe Gonzalez. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE was originally formed two years ago for a one-time performance to play a benefit show for HAMMER WITCH's Wayne Abney. Abney had suffered a near-fatal motorcycle accident in August 2006. TMA's performance for the benefit included special guest members from some of Dallas/Ft. Worth's original thrash bands... GAMMACIDE, RIGOR MORTIS, ROTTING CORPSE and HAMMER WITCH. After the benefit, some of the core members that made up TMA decided to make it a real band. Since then the band has done many live shows around Texas and written a lot of original material. TMAs current live shows consist of a set list of many new TMA songs and a couple of classics from some of their former bands Ri
To My Bstest Friends On Fubar
I just wanna say that frogbrat, babylove, luckydogg, oscar, and of course myself are the best group on fubar come check us out in the $$DOGGHOUSE$$
What Is Wicca
When one defines oneself as Pagan, it means she or he follows an earth or nature religion, one that sees the divine manifest in all creation. The cycles of nature are our holy days, the earth is our temple,its plants and creatures our partners and teachers. We worship a deity that is both male and female, a mother Goddess and father God,who together created all that is, was, or will be. We respect life, cherish the free will of sentient beings,and accept the sacredness of all creation." ~Edain McCoy What is Wicca Wicca (Witchcraft or the Craft) is a very old and very new religion. The modern revival of the Craft dates from the 1940s in Britain. Gerald Gardner learned that some people still practiced elements of pre-Christian aboriginal British religion and fleshed it out with pieces from ceremonial magic, Freemasonry (who share our name "Craft" for what they do), anthropology and his own creativity. Movie portrayals such as The Craft bear about as much resemb
Holiday Eating Tips
1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls. 2. Drink as much eggnog as you can, and quickly. It's rare . . . you cannot find it any other time of year but now. So drink up! Who cares that it has 10,000 calories in every sip? It's not as if you're going to turn into an eggnog-alcoholic or something. It's a treat. Enjoy it. Have one for me. Have two. It's later than you think. It's Christmas! 3. If something comes with gravy, use it. That's the whole point of gravy. Gravy does not stand alone. Pour it on. Make a volcano out of your mashed potatoes, fill it with gravy. Eat the volcano. Repeat. 4. As for mashed potatoes, always ask if they're made with skim milk or whole milk. If it's skim, pass. Why bother? It's like buying a sports car with an automatic transmission. 5. Do not have a snack before going to
To All
hey all this song prolly reaches outto almost everyone in the world...whether you live life tryin to make it by workin multi jobs or dealin to make ends meet or whatever your case may be...anyways this song is for everyone ... krazie bone hey yung thugs the world is yours hey yung thug the world world krazie bone chorus yung thugs my yung thugs yung thugs my yung thugs krazie bone standing outside is broken thug thats me who don't wanna go home wrather stand there frozen up hanggen out in the cold 0 below tryin to find a soul before the mine is gone tryin to find that guiden road and keep rollin on on on on rollin on you better keep rollin on on on on rollin on you better keep rollin on wish bone everytime i look in to the mirror i get to thinkin i'm wrong [i thug i thug] all i see lookin back a thug and i no i did wrong [yung thug yung thug] it's amazin how we get those second chances and you betta slip on [all thugs all thugs] T.H.U.G. is all i want t
"a Roll Of The Dice."
A Roll of the Dice Now youve found out the way, to excel at the game But to me you all look so fake Yeah, youre eating the fruits in your fine tailored suits And you give less than youve learned to take Its the oil shares today, will it be gold next week? Will you smile and then stab in the back? Because we know its all bullshit, the things that you seek To make up for the ones that you lack Not bad pretty boy, with youre Park Avenue pad The master magician, the best Who lies to the world, and they all are so had They miss the cards that you hide in your vest It comes down to greed, the things they want the most So fools and their money are parted Now the retirement funds are burnt out like toast But you, youre just getting started On the 6 o clock news, you stand there and smile You tell folks things they can trust But your words are just lies, told in your special style And your promises steel that will rust The American people, that swelteri
"hit Man"
Hit Man The year was 1955, and I found myself dejected Another article Id sent, had come back to me rejected You see, Im a music critic, I profile the new sounds I go to see the shows of singers, and bands for miles around And in that dingy rooming house, I felt Id had enough My life was empty, my career was dead, I was sick of all this stuff So I looped my worn old leather belt, around a ceiling beam And lingered there, perched on that chair, about to end my dream I was almost ready, about to jump, not to suffer any more But then I heard that steady knock, upon my wooden door I still dont remember untying the belt, or climbing down off the chair And now my door was to open to show a tall man standing there I guy Id never seen before, dressed from head to toe in black His angular facial features framed by a sharp and snazzy hat Good evening to you, Id like to talk, arent you going to ask me in? He said with piercing deep black eyes and the vaguest hi
Thought For 12/17
I may have not gone where I meant to go, but I ended up where I needed to be..
Far Beyond Driven
> > > > > >
A Carrot, A Egg Or Coffee
a carrot, an egg and coffee.... A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose. Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to boil. In the first she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil, without saying a word. In about twenty minutes she turned off the burners. She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl. Turning to her daughter, she asks, "Tell me what you see." "Carrots, eggs, and coffee," she replied. Her mother brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. She did and note
The Ultimate Naughty Quiz!
The ULTIMATE NAUGHTY QUIZ! 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. How often do you maturbate? 4. Favorite position (s)? 5. Do you think i'm hot? 6. Would you have sex with me? 7. Lights on or off? 8. Would you have to be drunk/high? 9. Would you take a shower with me? 10. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 11. Would you leave after or stay the night? 12. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 13. Condom or skin? 14. Do you give oral pleasures? 15. Do you like to receive oral pleasures? 16. Have sex on the first date? 17. Would you kiss me during sex? 18. Do you think I would be good in bed? 19. Would u have a 3-some with me? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Would you send me nude pics if I gave you my email? 26. Who would be in control? 27. Would you pull my hair? 28. Would you let me pull yours? 29. Would you whisper in my
Merry Christmas Y'all!!
"Twas the night before Christmas, in Texas you know, Way out on the prairie without any snow, Asleep in their cabin were Buddy and Sue, 'A dreamin' of Christmas like me and like you. Not stockings, but boots at the foot of their beds, For this was Texas, what more need be said? When all of a sudden from out the still night, There came such a ruckus, it gave me a fright! 'Cross the prairie sky shot a loaded up sleigh, With wheels, not's magic they say. The driver was whistling and shouting with a will, Armadillos (not reindeer) he drove with such skill. "Come on there, Buck, Poncho, and Prince, to the right, There'll be plenty of travelin' for y'all tonight..." The driver in his Levis, and a shirt that was red, Had a 10-gallon Stetson on top of his head. Down he stepped with his sack, he was really a sight! With twinklin' blue eyes and a beard curly and white, As he burst in the cabin, the children awoke, And both so
Gods Forsaken Features: Chris Caffery
Chris Caffery is out of New York City, New York. He has a record label with Locomotive - Lava/Atlantic Records. Chris Caffery plays lead guitar in the bands Savatage and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He has been with Savatage for a very long time with his first tour to support the CD "Hall of The Mountain King" and the following CD was entitled "Gutter Ballet". The video for this song is played all the time on VH1 Classics. The band has sold millions of cd's and played for hundreds of thousands of fans world-wide. In January of 2004 he began pre-production for his very first solo CD ever. Recording began in February. Here are a couple of songs to be listening for on God's Forsaken Radio by this up and coming solo artist, Pisses Me Off, and Edge Of Darkness. So tune into God's Forsaken Radio to hear more of Chris Caffery!!!!
Why does it seem like everyone that is an Oracle or Prophet ALWAYS seems to have auto-11 blings on? Do they get them for free when we have to pay out or asses to buy bling packs for one? I think that is hardly fair. Oh fine you could say, but they have put in their time to get to that level. I personally really don't care. I just noticed that the people in my friends list that always seem to have an auto-11 bling activated all full under those 2 levels. Oh well. Whatever. LOL
"my Old Wood Bed"
My Old Wood Bed My favorite piece of furniture, has got to be this bed Although it has no mattresses, or pillow for ones head Made of oak,twelve feet in length, it seems a bit too long Perhaps at the beginning, but not when I am done Just touch the frame, it feels so fine, so well worn and so good And here and there theres no stain left, clinging to the wood My guests have gone and worn it down, lying on its planks Sweat has a way of doing that when I turn these massive cranks Yes, it is well used and laid in, although no one on it sleeps They just beg and plead and utter moans, and sometimes high pitched shrieks It really is a thing to see, a truly pleasing sight And if you lay here I will guarantee, a most unpleasant night But my old wood bed it has my love, it truly holds my heart I love the way it creaks and groans when it pulls a soul apart Slow and steady, inch by inch, till they wish that they were dead When theyre stripped and stretched in agony up
"there's A Little Bit Of Him..."
Theres a Little Bit of Him Sometimes I think the prairies, are places best unknown In winter times theres storms, that chill you to the bone And summer time it brings the wrath of bugs that fly and bite If I never ventured there again, well that would be alright But there was a time when on the prairies I knew I had to go To a little town, never mind the name, because I had to do a show So for a weekend there I passed the time, in that rundown old hotel And that is where I hard the tale, a story straight from Hell It came about on Friday night when I had done my set And I asked them for a glass of water, something cold and wet They gave the me glass and then they said, Theres a bit of him in you. And after I had drank it down they told this story true It seems that years ago there lived, a young man in that town Who cared a lot about the things people put into the ground A true environmentalist, a man so rare to see Within that town, that little plot of
A Different Christmas Poem
A Different Christmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, a lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some
My Black Zodiac
What Sign of the Black Zodiac are you? The Whirlwind Your sign is that of the whirlwind. You represent the many known contradictions of the Bible, and also the wrath of God upon those who dare to question it. Your fury is often taken out on everyone, rather than the one who caused it. Aggravation is not your main source of anger, but it often causes more damage than your fury itself. You are the sixth sign of the Black Zodiac. The hypocritical, damaging, serious Whirlwind. Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by
A Funny
Come Check It Out
What I Would Give...
To snuggle up to those cute, chubby cheeks of my little nephew or throw my arms around my nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, mom and dad. What I would give to just be in the company of home and all that entails... This time of year, so rich with tradition, has me wallowing in memories of my home and my family that I so sorely miss. If there was a way for me to just bundle them all up and have them here at my house, I would, in a heartbeat! If there was a way for me to just get home, kids and husband in tow...I would. I miss that feeling, that warmth that comes with a full house. A comfortable place to just be surrounded by people you love and trust. This year it will be no different from the last, I begrudgingly admit. Just us and my in-laws to fill the space of my home. Not nearly enough comfort, love and trust to ever compare...It's just not the same as...going home. So I'll say it again, it's becoming redundant..."maybe next year" but maybe this time, it'll be
Christmas Cards!!!!!!!!!
Ok everyone I want cards from around the world!! Dont just read this and move on OR send an ecard send me an OLE FASHIONED stamped and sent card PLEAAAAAAAAASE I think this will be fun!! Laura G P.O. BOX 411 Nebraska City NE 68410 START SENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tu Amor
The Best Night Of My Life!!!!
Latinos Stand Up!!!!
Hahah Lil Rob Old Skool
Cool Song
Puppy's Love
When a puppy is following someone,it doesn't worry about "what kind of person that he is." When a puppy is waiting for someone,it doesn't worry about "where is he goes or whom is he goes with." When a puppy is barking for the attention from someone,it doesn't worry about "how annoucing of that voice." when a puppy loves someone,it doesn't worry about "who is he ? boss, a big mama ,etc." Puppy's love is pure and simple,what it needs is just someone who will always be aside,be a friend and take care. So,we always find the pathetic puppy which is left.
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marry x- mas to all,have a wonderful day
Jonathan Davis - System
You fell away What more can I say The feelings evolved I won't let it out I can't replace your screaming face Feeling the sickness inside Chorus: Why won't you die? Your blood in mine We'll be fine Then your body will be mine So many words Can't describe my face This feeling's evolved So soon to break out I can't relate To a happy state Feeling the blood run inside Repeat Chorus Why is everything so fucking hard for me? Keep me down to what you think I should be Must you tempt me and provoke the ministry? Keep on trying I'm not dying so easily(Repeat) I will not die... Why is everything so fucking hard for me? I will not die... Why is everything so fucking hard for me? Repeat Chorus x3
Papa Roach - Binge
You better put that down You better put that down All I need is a bottle, and I don't need no friends, no Wallow in my pain, I swallow as I pretend To act like I'm happy, when I drink till no end, no I'm losing all my friends, I'm losing in the end She says: Behave, little boy, you better sit back down Till you hold your ground It's your time to learn to fight You better sit back down, till you hold your ground When I'm sober, life bores me, so I get drunk again I'm losing all my friends, I'm losing in the end She says: Behave, little boy, you better sit back down Till you hold your ground It's your time to learn to fight You better sit back down, till you hold your ground, yeah You better sit back down You better put that down Put the bottle down, I am on a binge Behave, little boy, you better sit back down Till you hold your ground It's your time to learn to fight You better sit back down, till you hold your ground, yeah I am on a binge, I wis
Papa Roach - Blood
I will forgive but I won't forget And I hope you know you've lost my respect You better watch out If you don't know whats going on around you You better think twice Before you fly off the handle and lose it You better join us Before you get lost in the shuffle You gotta rise against The demons that are gonna try and hold you down Does it run in your blood, to betray the ones you love? Does it run in your blood, to betray the ones you love? The ones you love, the ones you love, the ones you love Cause I'm not a pawn for you to play in your fucking game I've got dignity and a dream that I want to achieve Under pressure, you crumbled and you let me down I'm not deaf and all I hear are your empty promises Does it run in your blood, to betray the ones you love! Does it run in your blood, to betray the ones you love! Does it run in your blood, to betray the ones you love! Does it run in your blood, to betray the ones you love! The ones you love, the ones you love
Pap Roach - She Loves Me Not.
When I see her eyes Look into my eyes Then I realize that She could see inside my head So I close my eyes Thinking that I could hide Disassociate so I don't have to lose my head This situation leads to agitation Will she cut me off? Will this be an amputation? I don't know, If I care I'm the jerk, Life's not fair Fighting all the time This is out of line She loves me not, loves me not Do you realize, I won't compromise She loves me not, loves me not Over the past five years I have shed my tears I have drank my beers and watched my fears fly away And untill this day She still swings my way But it's sad to say sometimes She says she loves me not But I hesitate To tell her I hate This relationship I want out today This is over I don't know If I care I'm the jerk Life's not fair Fighting all the time This is out of line She loves me not, loves me not Do you realize, I won't compromise She loves me not Life's not fair I'm the jerk Line for l
Papa Roach - Time And Time Again
Yes I did it and I'll do it again It doesn't matter if I am your best friend I don't think so You're not that smart Over and over it breaks my heart The cycle continues time for your crime The pain comes back in an ugly design Her makeup smears The tears that she cries Over and over every night Emotional swords slash my soul And now the pain it takes control I think about you I think about me Think about the way that it used to be I need a bottle I need some pills I need a friend And I need some thrills A shoulder to cry on a friend to depend on When life gets rough Time and time again You think about yourself before you think about me Time and time again You think about yourself before you think about me It's like a fight every single day It's always easy when you have it your way Deep in my heart In the depths of my soul My selfish ways are out of control I'm sorry that it comes down to this I punch through the wall as I break my fist The makeup
So Much Going On At Fubar!
Wow, I can tell...if I stick with this site- there is a lot to get use to and figure out! Wish me luck!
Its For My Friends Who Are There For Me!
To All My Friends!
Tis And .. Ramble Tougts
have you ever thought about y you find someone that makes you laugh, makes you care, makes your hurt and makes you sigh have you ever thought about y you find that you can live with out the emotional stuff that this person gives, takes, and puts on you' have you ever wanted to toss the towel in and run away only to find that the only place youd run to is where you are now have you ever thought about y you love a person only to find they dont have you ever thought about y you think so much about a person who can only think about you for one thing and then that one thing isnt what you really want that person in your life for but y do we keep these ppl in our lives,,, is it cause we have tooo is it cause we need tooo is it cause we want tooo or is there some other deep down thing that we never will understand as to why we as ppl have to have ppl with us that hurt us, help us, love us, hates us, abuse us, care for us...
~sweet Addiction
she is 2,768,375 Points away from Disciple help her out,, Id like to do this before X-mas people help me out,,, 712,530 Points to go! so freaking close!!! we did this in 10 days knocked off 2 million I'm asking as a friend lets hit her hard with rates please ~Sweet Addiction: ~Beautifully Insane~Hookers-R_US~@ fubar
i need 12.500 comments to win an auto 11...can you help? click the picture :)
A Sincere Holiday Wish To All Of You...
No matter what your faith, your race, creed, or your beliefs, may this holiday season bring loved ones to your side, a goodly measure of happiness within, and dreams for a better New Year that much closer to becoming a reality. Cheers, Steve Santini
Have A Good.....
....Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever the hell y'all celebrate :P I am prolly gonna peek in tomorrow sometime, but in case we don't chat, have a great day! xox
Christmas Haul.
So, here's what i got for Christmas. -My xbox back, from UPS. wewt. -A free month of Live from Microsoft as compensation. -3 months live -20 bucks -50 bucks -an ipod pillow (It's a pillow. with a speaker in it!) -Stephen King's Just After Sunset (new short stories... but i gave it to george. 'cause i heart him. i got dibs on reading it though ^^) -WoW Gifts: Foods, a reindeer companion, a racer, a greench, and a ton of other stuff -25 dollar gamestop card. -Sex. Woo hoo. Best. Christmas. EVER. And i still have Cori's to go to ^^
Complaints About Fubar?
IF you complain about fubar. Why in the hell are you on? Me? Friends basically. Plain and simple. I try to ignore most of the begging for points , etc. Because it's no use and if you beg? You may be like that in real life. a whining beggar. wanting everything your way. Guess What? LIFE is NOT like THAT. get a grip. Life is more about feeling good about who you are in and out, mostly in. Life is about love, faith, and trust in others. knowing your limitations. Life is about pleasing others, but being good to yourself too. Life is a ying yang. You can't have the good without the bad. You can't have the bad without the good. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: You cannot have everything your way and secondly you're not ALWAYS right. Don't get offense when someone tries to be civil with you. They're not trying to hurt your ego. That's my GENERAL view on people who complain. your complaints are brought on yourself and only you can do something about it
Chimaira - Down Again
How many times can it change How long will I be restrained It's appalling to think that All my time seems to be wasted Will it stop or is it inly beginning Here on the inside My life is not over I'm down again Fake smiles surround me all day No more can I tolerate These excuses or all this Constant pressure overloading Make it stop the fire's always burning
Short Story
I dont have a title yet it will come I thought I would write some from confused ok I was waiting fore someone. Loss and Redemption Raven looked out on the tree covered valley below ancient gnarled pine grew among stony outcrops. The sheer cliff before him was a barrier unassailable separating his past from the future which looked beautiful and unattainable. There was little time to consider the past as the beasts that perused him broke free of the tree line behind him. A chilling howl went up as they sighted him some half a league distant. They had been pursuing him for four days now. He had eluded them moving through the salt march and keeping to ground too steep for their sharp talons to gain purchase. They were guided by some external intelligence. Considering their moves skirting his path detouring through passes that took them many leagues around gaining him some respite and much needed rest. His dreams had been shadowed by a dark form with eyes like the ember
Murderdolls - 197666
In 197666 I was born a bastard and a son of a bitch And Im sick, sick motherfucker sick In 197666 I nailed a G.I. Joe to a crucifix And Im sick, sick motherfucker sick [pre-chorus] I dont wanna commit suicide I just wanna commit a homicide Oh yeah, thats what I am [chorus] 76 born a son of a bitch 76 born a son of a bitch Oh yeah, thats what I am In 197666 I had a porno mag inside my crib And Im sick, sick motherfucker sick In 197666 I killed an animal rights activist Because animals aint go no rights thats right [pre-chorus, chorus]
Murderdolls - B Movie Scream Queen
Another dead girl on the tube Shes my Lilly Munster crawling from her tomb Dark black circles around her eyes Cold dead lips and a crooked spine Shes the living dead, shes a ghoulish fiend Shes the deadest girl of my dreams Loving her is like a lobotomy A late night creature feature starring you and me [pre-chorus] Shes evil as she wants to be Shes evil and shes meant for me [chorus] Shes a B-movie scream queen My monster girl on the screen Shes a B-Movie scream queen Oh yeah, oh no Welcome to my nightmare, face down in the dirt The bride of Frankenstein, in a mini-skirt And where shes going they dont know But its going direct to video Smile for the camera, open up your eyes My monster girls too dead to die Shes evil walking on the silver screen She scares me to death but thats what I need [pre-chorus, chorus] My Morticia, the one for me My Lilly Munster, pale as can be My Vampira, my wicked bitch My Elvira, getting so lovesick [pre-chorus,
Murderdolls - Dead In Hollywood
Hey Frankenstein, whats on your mind? Hey dracula, I heard you suck Now Vincent Price was Dr. Phibes Come steal my brain Fritz And take it to Dr. Frankenstein [pre-chorus] Well you can knock on ed wood But it wont do you no good No, no, no, no good Cause all of my heroes are dead in Hollywood Hey Norman Bates, how are your rates? Hey Leatherface, remove my face Hey Tall Man, just take my hand And lead me to your red planet [pre-chorus] [chorus] Youre so dead in, dead in Hollywood Dead, youre so dead in, dead in Hollywood D.E.A.D. thats how I wanna be [pre-chorus, chorus] Whoa, dead in Hollywood Whoa, dead in Hollywood Whoa, dead in Hollywood Whoa
Murderdolls - She Was A Teenage Zombie
Dont know what Im feeling or what I should say On how my life changed The day I stumbled on her grave Not a necrophilliac, I guess I was bored I just love to spend my Time with a fresh embalmed corpse Of course [chorus] She was a teenage zombie She was a teenage corpse She was a teenage zombie Drop dead gorgeous thats for sure I took her to the movies And I took her to the park I took her in the back-seat And thats where she stole my heart And then I walked her home From our postmortem date She took me by the hand and we danced upon her grave [chorus]
My Favorite Books
These are my favorite books. In my spare time when I'm not at the gym, hanging out with the guys, or online, I like to hang out at Borders Books or B&N. I have 90% of the listed reading material. However, somebody borrowed my Big Coloring Book of Vaginas (Hastings, Morgan) one night at a party I threw in my home. I have the usual suspects on a spreadsheet list of probable thieves I created during my "investigation" into the matter. FYI: The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas is available online at; I swear, it's the truth. Go check it out if you don't believe me (crayons not included, but that doesn't really matter to me because I am more of a finger painter, myself). * 1984 (Orwell, G.) * 300 (Miller, F.) * Animal Farm (Orwell, G.) * Catch-22 (Heller, J.) * Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy (Handy, J.) * Encylopedia of Bodybuilding (Schwarzenneger, A.) * For Whom The Bell Tolls (Hemingway, E.) * How To Destroy Terminators, Cybor
Ministry - Just One Fix
Blood keeps drinking away Certain of its destination Driving through new orleans at night Gotta find a destination Just one fix Life keeps slipping away Fighting in a war with damnation Poised, keep cutting away Im looking in through to salvation Just one fix Like if I boarded a train Trying to take in another station Join us and the choice will be made Unless we kill the lie as a nation Just one fix
Orgy - Stitiches
If it stayed i'd never leave it If that turned around I'd grieve the special dirty things that we used to talk about I mean that loving you is strange And adored by me throughout oh no it's you again Someday soon you'll find that someone Waiting for the chance to beat you Drooling on the set to feel you Blessing you with every kiss Tying yourself to me Stitch up my emptiness cause your the death of me So precious loving the thrill Tying yourself to me Stitch up my emptiness cause your the death of me So precious loving the thrill Such the patient one who needs me The spoiled one who wins So shocking where's your sense Don't you know i hate you, ohoh Unsatisfied,you little girl. Tying yourself to me Stitch up my emptiness cause your the death of me So precious loving the thrill Tying yourself to me Stitch up my emptiness cause your the death of me So precious loving the thrill Rolling dice and seeming queer Bastard love,a sick affair Let's see what ne
Crossfade - Death Trend Setta
Yeah Its what Ive become That I fear the most I never thought It could get so wrong I believe theres a part Of me that I cannot beat A part of me that I cant defeat The side of me That just doesn't belong Judging by the weight Of my fucked up world I think maybe I should take a step back From this I need to quit pushing Just let it roll (chorus) The waves that you made Push me Push me The things that you say Push me Push me The waves that you made Push me Push me So Ill play God now And blow you Blow you away Yeah its what youve become That I took today You never thought I could be so strong You can see thers a part Of me that you cannot beat And part of you wil always Remember me When you look around And you are so alone Judging by the weight Of my fucked up world I think maybe I should take A step back from this But you had to keep Pushin' so let it go (chorus) Now that you pushed me I bet you wish we could Have made things be
Pantera - I'm Broken
I wonder if we'll smile in our coffins while loved ones mourn the day, the absence of our faces, living, laughing, eyes awake. Is this too much for them to take? Too young for one's conclusion, the lifestyle won. Such values you taught your son. That's how. Look at me now. I'm broken. Inherit my life. One day we all will die, a cliched fact of life. Force fed to make us heed. Inbred to sponge our bleed. Every warning, a leaking rubber, a poison apple for mingled blood. Too young for one's delusion the lifestyle cost Venereal Mother embrace the loss. That's how Look at you now. You're broken Inherit your life.
Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
you're keeping in step... in the line got your chin held high and you feel just fine 'cause you do... what you're told but inside your heart it is black, it is hollow and it's cold just how deep do you believe? will you bite the hand that feeds? will you chew until it bleeds? can you get up off you knees? are you brave enough to see? do you want to change it? what if this whole crusade's a charade? and behind it all is a price to be paid for the blood, on which we dine justified in name of the holy and the divine just how deep do you believe? will you bite the hand that feeds? will you chew until it bleeds? can you get up off you knees? are you brave enough to see? do you want to change it? so naive... i keep holding on to what i want to believe i can see... but i keep holding on and on and on and on and on... will you bite the hand that feeds you? will you stay down on your knees? will you bite the hand that feeds?
Machine Head - Crashing Around You
I am your nightmares, true scares That dream when you can't stop from falling Can't fight, can't run Can't stop the person you've become I am your heartbreaks, mistakes That place inside your hate I am that shadow following every move, reminding you That it's never good enough, never good enough Even though you'll try and try I'm gonna call your bluff Because I am the thing bringing the feelings when... Your world comes crashing around you Smashes down around you When will you see that you cannot hide from me? When you feel darkness, hopeless Can't cope with all the stress I'll make you hate life bring strife Remember failures hardened stare And it's never gonna change, never gonna change Always they'll be judging you Compared to who and who You trust in me but I only live to see Your world come crashing around you Smash down around you When will you see that you cannot hide from me? When I come for you When I see through you When I eat through you
Machine Head - Beautiful Mourning
Fuck you all! My redemption is knowing This will be over My aggression, I fear Ive lost control Who is this man I stare? Mirror reflects a stranger Fist shatters the despair Awake the pain to anger [Chorus:] How do I close thine eyes of murder? How do I close thine eyes of murder? Staring into me? My obsession is dying, sinking me deeper My depression, this world has disavowed Razor at wrist I seethe The flesh is peeled apart now Gone is my faded dream Failure, I welcome in thou [Chorus] This lifetime in sorrow, God let the angels die This is our last goodbye, In love and death we cry Our last goodbye [Solo: Flynn] No, no, no, no Spit in the face of loss Coward, my own self-hatred No more I bear this cross Struggle, and rise from the dead This lifetime in sorrow, God let the angels die This is our last goodbye, In love and death we cry Our last goodbye
Nightwish - Wish I Had An Angel
Deep into a dying day I took a step outside an innocent heart Prepare to hate me fall when I may This night will hurt you like never before Old loves they die hard Old lies they die harder I wish I had an angel For one moment of love I wish I had your angel Your Virgin Mary undone I'm in love with my lust Burning angel wings to dust I wish I had your angel tonight I'm going down so frail 'n cruel Drunken disguise changes all the rules Old loves they die hard Old lies they die harder I wish I had an angel For one moment of love I wish I had your angel Your Virgin Mary undone I'm in love with my lust Burning angel wings to dust I wish I had your angel tonight Greatest thrill Not to kill But to have the prize of the night Hypocrite Wannabe friend 13th disciple who betrayed me for nothing! Last dance, first kiss Your touch my bliss Beauty always comes with dark thoughts [sighing and laughter] I wish I had an angel For one moment of love I
Letting Go
Letting Go For so long I have known And I dread the coming days As I watch this Greek Like tragedy As in my life out it plays As each day falls off the calendar Like a blade it slices my skin Another scar from a lost day Another battle I did not win I know my time draws short And soon you will be gone from sight And each long day Will turn to still longer nights All I can do is sit and watch Like watching two trains collide Powerless to stop the outcome From my eyes it cannot hide Of all the hard things In this life that I know The hardest for me to do Is simply Letting Go
Lost Cherry Scrolls~thank You Juju For This! Xoxoxo
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... Oops wrong scenario... A long time ago on a site called Lost Cherry, A time when kindness, manners and friendship ran rampant. There was a discerning sense of ethics and etiquette. Now as the site has grown many of the old ways have become a thing of the past. Making way for a much more ME orientated atmosphere. Luckily a lone internet scavenger stumbled across the dead cherry scrolls while rummaging through archives in a hidden data base. After hour upon hour the scrolls have finally been translated. Baby Jesus said unto the people of Cherryland...... This site is my gift to you, go forth my children, make friends, rate, fan and add in the name of love. I give you 10s and 11s for which to award our fellow brethren. Give them freely and give them often. The 1 through 9s are of no use and only there to fill space, using them may result in hurt feelings or a rash of 1s tossed right back at you. (rather damaging to your rating if you ar
Dethklok @ The Wiltern [part One]
A Tale Of Two Hearts.
Seeking devotion a faded heart can`t seem to find Scorned by loves fiery flame`s leaving lovers blind Wandering this vast world seeking a hint of hope Who will heal their heartbreak and aid them to cope? Two souls haunted by shadows of shattered dreams Lock longing eyes while cleansing ache with gleam Approaching tentatively but with confident strides Fusion of desires and passion attract then collide Embracing love`s promise; gaining wisdom from sorrow Joyful smiles erupt for beyond there`s a new tomorrow Two hearts forgotten the lyrics to love`s sweet melody Now strut with life in their eyes singing for all to see
Feelings 4 Ya
Sometimes wen i look n2 ur eyes its like starrin n2 an unknown gallexy I get lost in ur arms feels like heaven n between them Ur body feels so warm against mines I love it wen u put ur arms around me as were walking in the park The way u take ur hands n brush ma hair away from ma face n kiss ma forhead Holdin ma hand walkin thru da park jus enjoyin each oda Love it wen u lick dem lips baby it drives me crazy I know u nside out We got dat strong connection, like our souls r ment 2 be I feel like im n another world wen im wit u my problems r gone Cant breathe wen ur gone, need ur oxygen n ma system U got me head ova heals fo ya boy!! Da only thing i ask is dat u love me foeva n neva break ma heart!!
"your Cup."
Your Cup I see your cup is empty, and I guess thats why Im here To crack another bottle, and fill it for you dear To share a joke or tell a tale when life is getting rough And make sure my best customer always has enough We will not talk of sports, cause thats really not your style I know thats not the reason why you linger here a while Unlike the other nameless souls I see just outside my door For you the norm is not enough, I know youre seeking more And politics is not the thing of which you want to speak Who really cares who made it in, or wallowed in defeat? No, not you, you come to find, that little pick me up From the one who knows the proper way to fill your empty cup And your cup is often empty, because others drink it down Until the only liquid found are your tears upon the ground But here I always have reserves, of my special stock And sympathetic ears to listen, when you just need to talk Sometimes I reach for matches, to offer you a light
101 Ways To Make Your Slave Feel Owned
This is a compiled list from many sources and you may agree or disagree with these.. just ideas. I did NOT write this.. only sharing, but was not given the source. If you know the source, please post it in a comment. Thanks! 101 ideas to make Your sub/slave feel Owned (i.e. loved) One of the main factors, for me in feeling truly Owned is to be constantly reminded throughout the day of Master's control. These reminders can be subtle or really obtrusive (heheheh). The more often a slave is reminded of her submission, the deeper it becomes....and the more fulfilling. So here are some ideas you might want to try... And no matter what rules you decide to make your own, consistent. If you are unwilling to take the time to enforce the rules you make, then there may as well be no rules at all. There is nothing in the world that will make a slave feel less loved than to have a Master/Mistress who ignores her transgressions and does not exert their Dominance. 1. Ha
One Word Answer
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. 1. Where is your cell phone? Bag 2. Your significant other? Away 3. Your hair? Long 5. Your father? Dead 6. Your favorite thing? Love 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? water 9. Your dream/goal? elusive 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? catchy 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? comfortable 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? satisfied 16. Muffins? yum 17. One of your wish list items? Beemer 18. Where you grew up? NY 19. The last thing you did? typed 20. What are you wearing? bottoms 21. TV? no 22. Your pets? cats 23. Your computer? Apple 24. Your life? rough 25. Your mood? calm 26. Missing someone? YES 27. Favorite Store? H&M 30. Your summer? interesting 31. Like someone? yes 32. Your favorite color? purple 33. When is the last time you laughed? weeks 34. Last time you cried? Thursday
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2nd For Fire
Live On Air Dj Firestorm Click Above To B.A.R.F.(bling,add,rate,fan) Me. Click Below To Join Me In The Fire Pit. made by Po'Boyz Kreationz, LLC
? ? ?
*drunken / drugged cycobabble* today for whatever the reason i can't stop noticing the comments left by big hideous beasties. i wonder, do these individuals believe that the images in the comment are now them or turned into them by osmosis or something? huh? i know what i was trying to say. anyways it's time for my meds (LOL) and then cocktail hour...check back a little later, maybe i'll find the courage and or confidence and or craziness to grow an ego or are a hell of a lot of people just must more confident and comfortable in their own skin and with having people looking at it than i am ?
Come Join Us In The Wolfs Bar come be a part of the wolf pack family
Happy New Year...
Happy to see how this year will be.
Extreme Views ????
things that happen in this world affect me so anything i don't agree with i don't allow to happen.... "thou shalt not judge" is for idiots and pussies... i prefer "all that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing"... now i don't consider myself good(i've my own moral system) ... but we've been brainwashed into believing it isn't our place and we should respect others boundries and life choices... i mean good men wouldn't get involved in fights they "have no place in" right? i was told today in a conversation about men beating their girlfriend/wife that getting involved is a good way to get killed... so be it.. and that they just end up going back to them anyway... but what about the 1 in 5 that don't ,that pray for help, that cry in fear hoping they'll live to see tomorrow(watch .45 if you want an example)... should we let them suffer as well? ... to continue.. one man against 5 isn't fair, i don't give a fuck if he insulted your girlfriend... and a woman who sit
During Childhood
i could never decide which side to be on in the game cops and robbers or anything really that involved a choice... that if you chose this you would be expected to do that and be denied that... i see the benifits of both sides so i don't want to be either... no crooked cops no valiant thief... i wanted to do anything without restriction... reap all the benifits and rewards... without consequences ... i would like to believe this has changed but i can't say it has... i do try to be more one way but i suppose it isn't because i am... i still try to stay in the middle no expectations of me... am iiiiiii indecisive... or do i just want it all? i really hate people expecting more of me then i want to give and i don't give what they expect too often mainly because they expect it of me
Family Close To Leveling
these family members are close to leveling plz help them out as much as possable. Bobby@ fubar
Haters Beware
check my mumm my friends its important and the comments and the comments of mine and my husbands why is it that people are so unkind in mumms mine you need to read is called points everyone should read it and its true as fubar support said it when i was in there lounge thanks
A Dream
A Dream My one dream is to be with this very special girl To me she is perfect in each and every way, and she puts my heart into a twirl I adore her virtues to the point where she completes my world My one dream is to embrace her exquisite body And have it compelled, oh, so snugly against me So she can hear my heart beat, because her touch sends me into a frenzy My one dream is to be able to spend time With this angel I want to be mine And I hope that her love will come within time My dream is to fulfill this girls one dream Whatever it may be, Ill see that is taken care of Seeing as, since day one when I first met you, you have had all my heart and soul All of these dreams fall into My one dream, which is to be with you Maybe now you can grow to care deeply for me, too If not, at least you know my one dream involves you.
Wish You Were Here With Me
Wish You Were Here With Me I'm sitting in my room on this lonely night. Wishing you were here, so I could hold you tight. I'm thinking of you and your gentle touch. All I want to do is to kiss you... so much! I want a passionate kiss, from the silky lips, That just send quivers straight to my fingertips. I just want to hold you for the rest of time. And feel your warm and gentle body close to mine. I want to see those elegant eyes, That remind me of the mountainous skies. I only wish, that you were to be. Nowhere else, but right here... with me.
New Years Anti Resolution
Tell me, what did i ever do to you to require my changing each year? Am I so bad that i need to be changed each January 1st for you to like me or continue liking me? Didn't you like me to begin with? Or was there one or more caveats put on your liking me? Did you tell yourself, "I'll like you until the first of next year unless you remain the same."? Do you have requirements that each January i must change at least a little for our friendship to continue? What if I like me and have no intentions of changing? When January 2nd rolls around will you cease having any contact with me? Will you "disown" me as a friend and avoid me at all costs? Or will you simply be polite to me in that distant manner that everyone is capable of? WELL I'M NOT CHANGING! Kiss my ass. It's taken me this long to get where i am and I'm not changing for any of you fuckers. Sure, I'm not perfect. I've never deluded myself into thinking that i am. I have many flaws, but flaws are what make us unique. I'v
Far Beyond Driven 30
Ringing In The New Year Being Pissed Sucks
Happy freeken New YEAR damn new years is kind of pissing me off..... so far in the new year: 1.blew a tire
Code Blue-tsol
I never got along with the girls at my school Filling me up with all their morals and their rules They'd pile all their problems on my head I'd rather go out and fuck the dead 'Cause I can do what I want and they won't complain I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead Middle of the night so silently I creep on over to the mortuary Lift up the casket and fiddle with the dead Their cold blue flesh makes me turn red 'Cause I can do what I want and they won't complain I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead And I don't even care how she died... But I like it better if she smells of formaldehyde! Never on the rag or say leave me alone They don't scream and they don't moan Don't even cry if I shoot in their hair Lying on the table she smiles and she stares
Ub40-cant Help Falling In Love
Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you As the river flows Gently to the sea Darling so we go Some things were meant to be Take my hand Take my whole life too Cause I can't help falling in love with you As the river flows Gently to the sea Darling so we go Some things were meant to be Take my hand Take my whole life too Cause I can't help falling in love with you ----------------------------------
Life should be lived not put off for another day not lived for another's happiness you should live for yourself if that makes others happy also that's a bonus if it doesn't then... oh well! By all means, make plans but live while you wait enjoy the experience savour the moment take pleasure from your achievements take pride in who you are there is no-one else like you you are unique singular worthy of the life you have been given
He needs 445k to make henchman Can we make it before sunday? The 4th is his birthday?? EdStev@ fubar
The Captain's New Hobby Reposted
(Note: This guy has fallen into the hands of a Pirate Queen....May God have mercy upon his soul. Any misspellings, grammatically incorrect phrases in my response are specifically designed to confuse, and confound the Enemy. They are MOST intentional. ) Dear Dr. Dukue Anni: I am so pleased to make your acquaintance and to receive this letter from you. I am Captain Bloodie Men Strual and I am in the service of the Queen as privateer of Her Majesty's Navy. In that capacity, we are often in the position of having to locate and find survivors of plane crashes, and very often, we do not find any. For example, we have been sailing around the Bermuda Triangle lately trying to find the remains of John Kennedy, the son of the late (always late) American President Black Jack Kennedy. His plane crashed off the coast of Martha's Friggin Vinyard, and so for the last several months, we have been searching for the bodies and the wreckage. I'm certain you can understand my frustration, and s
My Poem It Sucks
I would give all I have to have you with me, To see tomorrow with you, To touch and hold the one thing dear to me, I would climb the highest mountains, I would swim the widest oceans, Closed my eyes and be blinded by your love, Trusting in you to lead my way, I would give all I had for you, To love you and be loved in return, To adore you, and be adored in return, I would give my all to be with you, To make the memories of yesterday forever, To see me and you in the future. Come whatever, I would give all I have for you, Lay down my life for you, To sacrifice my soul for your pardon, I would give all I have for you, Be it to travel to the ends of the earth, To catch the falling stars out of the skies above, I would give all, To hear you say the words I so needed to hear, The word that would heal my broken heart, The words that means all the world to me, To hear you say "I love You", And look into your eyes knowing you meant it, For I would give all I have in l
A New Hope
Well it's the new year. Loves found and loves lost. Hopefully a new start will set me straight. Maybe it's my year for better things to start happening. To start off I hope I can find a lasting love or maybe spend some time to work on myself. Whatever the outcome, I hope it's good on either end. How was every ones holidays by the way. I hope everyone had fun with friends and family. I know I did... well besides New Years, kinda sucked cause no one hung out with me so I slept early. Oh well.
I Love You More Than Life, Janice!
I thought you felt the same way. When we held each other I prayed you would stay. I loved the way you looked at me. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I thought you loved me undesirably. Didn't you know you were my everything. You were all I thought about. In my mind there was no doubt. Now I see your not in love. It wasn't something from above. You're with her now and you're happy. I'm the one who's mopey and sappy. That's ok though because if I had to pick the one to suffer I'm glad it was me. I love you more than ever. My love for you will never go away. But to tell you that I would never say. It's so hard to let you go. But it's now time to move on slow. So this is my goodbye. My darling, my love, my only one. for This is the last time I will cry.
Yet Another I Wrote
You are without a dought a truely lovely sight.And a joy just comes from deep inside to dream of you tonight.I need to hold you in my arms and see your lovely face.Then at last my eyes meet yours and my heart begins to race.Nothing beats the love I feel when i gaze into your eyes.It's fulfillment of my every dream to hear your loving sighs.We could drink and dance beneath the stars and laugh while we explore. My dream came true, God sent me you, I couldnt ask for more.
Thinking Of You
Lying in your arms So close together Didnt know just what I had Now I toss and turn Cause Im without you How Im missing you so bad Where was my head? Where was my heart? Now I cry alone in the dark I lie awake I drive myself crazy Drive myself crazy Thinking of you... Made a mistake When I let you go baby I drive myself crazy Wanting you the way that I do Wanting you the way that I do I was such a fool I couldnt see it Just how good you were to me (just how good you were to me) You confessed your love (you confessed your love) Undying devotion I confessed my need to be free... And now Im left With all this pain Ive only got myself to blame...yeah... I lie awake I drive myself crazy Drive myself crazy Thinking of you... Made a mistake Let you go baby I drive myself crazy Wanting you the way that I do (wanting you the way that I do) Why...didnt I know it How much I loved you baby? Why couldnt I show it If I had only told you When I ha
What You Do To Me
Oh let me tell you Just whats on my mind I dream about it you all the time I just wanna give you anything I can Let me show you everything I am Why is it so hard to get through to you Just what I feel when you walk in the room? What you do to me I cant believe What Im feeling when When you look at me What you do to me Oh I cant conceive Just what Id do when you do What you do to me Used to getting anything I want S why am I letting you get to my heart I never thought that my mind would fantasize That Id reveal what I feel inside
Welcome To Halo's Realm
TWO OF FUBARS HAWTEST PEOPLE WANTS TO INVITE YOU TO THEIR LOUNGE!! HALO'S REALM Dj Gun and Grim invites you to come join them in their hot lounge. So if you wanna meet some of the nicest people on fubar, just click the pic below. *Halo's realm Hope to see you there. Xoxo *Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess **Promoter At Halo's Realm**
Angel Dawn Kris Rawks Check This Out
Just Smile
Amazing what a simple smile can do for a person's day....It can bring warmth and happiness to their gloomy day...It can bring a ray of hope... that friendship is here to stay...It is something you can give to someone freely...that will last them throughout the day...It's a reflection of someone's soul...that shines from far away...But most of opens up their heart and lets love shine from within...that no one can take away....Smile So while you are out and about today...don't forget to share your warmth ...with a simple smile throughout your day...It is the key that can fit anyone's heart...and brings warmth and joy... throughout their day.... I hope you have a beautiful day my friend...Smile
My 2nd Trip To Ohio
Last week I went to Ohio to see my DJ Bear. We had such a great time together. Sunday we took Devin to the Mall for Pictures & then I talked to The Manager about Transfering - So I will be starting there feb 1st as of right now. Most of the time we didn't really do much we went to Dinner a few times with my Mom, Met his grandparents (well my mom did I already met them in July), his Aunt & a few cousins. New Years Eve we just stayed in drinking a little and played board games. Not much else really happened just spent alot of time together. I am moving there in a few weeks! So, wish us luck!
The Apple (ii)
She gave him one more a time a condescending look, which he accepted with great pleasure and even a hint of a smile, since it meant that her feeding pattern was disrupted by his refusal cave in and give her material to gloat about for the rest of the day. After a brief moment of shock and disappointment, she straightened out and walked out of his cubicle, finially giving him personal space to go back to his daily routine and occupy his mind with yet another thought of what happened that night. He started guessing who the strange woman was again, jumping from one idea to another: a ghost perhaps? Or maybe he was drugged and somehow she took advantage of him by altering his mind and making him see all those things? That did not make any sense since he knew that he did not go anywhere , and clearly remembered going to bed for good. He rubbed his face with palms of his hands in an attempt to clear his mind and body of unwanted thoughts and skin cells, and decided to wait and see how things
Dogs ...
Treat every situation like a dog ... if you can't eat it or hump it, piss on it and walk away!
Three men go on holiday abroad together. The tourist office informs them that there is only one hotel in town with vacancies. The lads go along there, only to be told by reception that there is just one available room left in the hotel. They are not keen, but as it is their only option, they take the room for one evening and share its only bed. That night, they all enjoy a good night's sleep. In the morning, the guy on the right side of the bed says, "I dreamt I had the best wank last night." The guy on the left side says, "That's funny, I had the exact same dream!". The guy in the middle says, "I dreamt I was skiing."
Pledge Of Allegiance!!!!!!!
Words, words brought our first encounter, the look into her glowing eyes, the caress of our bodies together, the kiss of her sweet lips to mine, the first I love you, the memories that will last to infinity, misspoken words took her away in a heated moment, and the only feelings left are from the memories of our love, and always remembering the words, the words not spoken.
Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love
Thoughts On Us"
when love isn't just enough".
While I Am Here
While I Am Here Before I have to let you go Before I say goodbye forever Before I hide from Life Before I loose all I am Before I loose all you are I will hold you tight My Love I will stare deep in your eyes I will kiss your soft lips I will caress your weary soul After I am finally gone After you forget all about me After my heart dies After my soul bleeds into the ground You will move on to another You will let someone else have your wares You will give your kiss away You will be in another mans heart While I am here dying While I am here screaming While I am here in misery While I am here alone
Will You Be There?
Will You Be There? The biggest question remains All that hangs now in the air A heart remains in solitude Slowly blinded by heartbreaks glare As my outer shell thins And becomes invisible to the eye My insides turn to ash My lifeless body plummets from ten miles high I sink now into my bottomless pit The black water crushes my chest My lungs fill with the poisoned water As my love has failed the test My wheels barely touch the ground As I can gain no real traction Every inch takes a day to complete The toll on my spirit is taxing When the road ends My Love To believe and hope should I dare? When I cross the finish line Will You Be There?
Goin Out Of Town
ok everyone who cares im going to be going out of town for a while pretty soon, so i will probably be awol for atleast a while while i handle some things. wish me luck
Dam Notice
Dam Notice b This is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries regarding a pond on his property. It was sent by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Quality, State of Pennsylvania . This guy's response is hilarious, but read the State's letter before you get to the response letter. SUBJECT: DEQ File No.97-59-0023; T11N; R10W, Sec. 20; Lycoming County Dear Mr. DeVries: It has come to the attention of the Department of Environmental Quality that there has been recent unauthorized activity on the above referenced parcel of property. You have been certified as the legal landowner and/or contractor who did the following unauthorized activity: Construction and maintenance of two wood debris dams across the outlet stream of Spring Pond. A permit must be issued prior to the start of this type of activity. A review of the Department's files shows that no permits have been issued. Therefore, the Department has determined that this activity is in violation of
Sea Daddy
When I was in the service they often paired younger guys with some older ones sort of like a mentor. These mentors were know as sea daddys. I was a sea daddy to this kid Josh that was also my room mate. Josh had been dating this girl Sandy and she called Daddy. After she Josh broke up we still remained friends. One afternoon while Sandy and I was sitting around having a few coldies I asked her why they had broken up. Sandy didn't want to tell me so I said whatever. We had a couple of more beers and Sandy asked me if I had ever had anal and I said that I had. Sandy explained that she never had and wanted to with Josh but he refuses, saying it was nasty. I told it was incredible if done correctly and Sandy got up and went back to my bedroom. I waited about a minute and went back to find her naked on my bed. I'd seen Sandy naked around the apartment before and she always took my breath away. Sandy was about 5'5", 115lbs and her breast were about the size of a softball but her greatest fea
Far Beyond Driven 50
Viciously *Owner @ FarBeyondDriven is live on the air!!!!
Update On Ct Scan
Well the newest update. Where to start is the main question. Well I got the CT scan done and it came back normal for what they were lookin for. But it came back that I had a 3cm big somethin or another in my ovary. So I went to the gyno on Thursday and he gave me some antibiotics and wants me to come back in in 2 weeks when the results from my pap smeer come back. He said if I do have a cyst he will put me on Chlomed, prolly spelled that wrong, to get rid of the cyst. Which is ok by me. This doc is cool and he is a people person, I'd hope considerin the fact that he play's w/my vagina. lol On another note. I was up all night on Tuesday night throwin up and I had diahria, so I went to the doc and he said that I have Intestinal Pneumonia. Yay for me. Blah. So he took me outta work for the rest of the week, which I can't afford. I have 3 day's comin on my next check. That's only 21 hours when I should have 80 hours. Not good, but some how or another I will make it through it. I got great
Far Beyond Driven 51
Viciously *Owner @ FarBeyondDriven is live on the air!!!!
Walking Slow
We walk so slow, No place to go. No communication, yet its over due, Silence in the air, and it's because of you. I don't want this to be goodbye now, I do want us to work, I just don't know how. You rather let these issues live and linger, Yet everyday do you feel me slipping through your fingers. I just can't take this pain any longer, This hurt feeling keeps getting stronger. The words are heavy, they hit the ground, But you are what my heart has found. No more time for your excuses or lies, I need the words that I see in your eyes. Mend the bond that you once built, Sew it together like a love quilt.
There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore...and who always will!!! Don't worry so much about the people from your past,there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future. Yeah, Yeah.... this was an email, but it just about sums up what I've been thinking about lately. Let is serve as a reminder to you too. :)
Blow Jobs
"Easy? You men have no idea what were dealing with down there. Teeth placement and jaw stress and suction and gag reflex and all the while, bobbing up and down, moaning and trying to breathe through our noses. Easy? Honey, they don't call it a job for nothing."
Radiohead Lyrics To "bodysnatchers"
I do not Understand What it is I've done wrong Full of holes Check the pulse Blink your eyes One for yes Two for no I have no idea what Im talking about I'm trapped in this body and can't get out Ooooohhhh Make a sound Move back home Get an invitation With the edges are Sawed off I have no idea what you are talking about I'm trapped in this body and can't get out Ooooohhhh Has the light gone out for you? Cause the light's gone for me It is the 21st century It is the 21st century You can fight it like a dog And they brought me to my knees They got scared and they put me in They got scared and they put me in All the lies run around my face All the lies run around my face And for anyone else to see And for anyone else to see I'm alive I've seen it coming! I've seen it coming! I've seen it coming! I've seen it coming! -Radiohead: Bodysnatchers These lyrics are the shit! i fuckin love them! Thom Yorke is a genius!
Come Read My Mind Love
Lil'ol emo me........ For her.......
Desperate Times Call For....
Not that I'm desparate, but I am increasingly aggrivated. So if you've read my profile, you know I'm divorced. Yeah, I joined that club. Can I have the fucking jacket already? I paid the dues. Anyway, he's been gone nearly three years now, found a new wife, had a baby, etc etc. Here I am, still having convulsions every time someone starts uttering commitment, long term whatever and what have you. Thing is, deep down I still want it. I want the husband and the kids and the dogs and the pretty little house with a garden. But for the life of me, I cannot stop looking at potential mates and wondering when they're going to get that look my ex husband did. You know the one where suddenly it dawns on him that he made a god-awful mistake and he'd give his left nut to take it back... So, I'm sitting here wondering if all I need is more time or if I'm so screwed up I'm gonna a need a shrink to set things straight?
She Needs Lovin"
liquorbin ~Fu-Bombers~@ fubar
"bits Of You."
Bits of You I went to the corner where we used to go, to that little shop forlorn Where wed laugh at the sheer audacity of what someone else had worn Wed pick through the piles of pants and shirts, and mock the colors and the hue And I never dreamed, that here Id be searching, for little bits of you At the bargain table near the back, beside the exit door Where the clothing stood in scattered stacks and spilled onto the floor Once we searched for treasures old and worn, but still new just the same Poor as Hell we mined for gold those days, as one we played the game I remember the day you found that hat, ridiculous and pink And you laughed as you went to the change room, mindless of what others would think Then the door swung open, and there you stood, I swear it looked so mad And my eyes they mist at the simple thought of the crazy love we had Then came the diagnosis, the hardest thing to take You were sick, no more excursions, to the clothing store wed make
Matisyahu Lyrics To "indestructable"
Fear nobody but His Majesty, My spirit, you retrieved, For you I wait silently, It seems that you believe in me Fear nobody but His Majesty, My spirit, you retrieved, For you I wait silently, It seems that you believe in me Indestructable digging through the rubble Bubblin we don't need no more trouble That bahella-scope vision, hot hot fiction Like im running a muck upon a rhythm Stay on the plan so you don't lose the vision Stay sizzling Peter pan I'm from a land hip like this From the city feeling it Ya breathing in, ya put on your glasses and ya see through it Fear nobody but His Majesty, (fear no one) My spirit, you retrieved, For you I wait silently, (his majesty) It seems that you believe in me Fear nobody but His Majesty, (fear no one) My spirit, you retrieved, For you I wait silently, (his majesty) It seems that you believe in me Some of them run-run-running like rats on a wheel Try feel fine, ha no deal Who is their ticket for a meal? Th
Do You Ever?
Do you ever roll up in a ball and really cry? Drying your eyes before they see you actually do want to die. Do you ever put on a face like nothing could ever hurt you? But inside your heart is bruised and beaten and been pushed around, Stamped through the ground. Do you ever miss someone that much you just look out the window waiting for them to return? But deep inside you know, They're not that concerned. Do you ever wish someone would really know how you feel? Instead of acting all the time, like this just aint real. Do you ever wish you could go back in time? To when you were happy, And the doctor would say 'you're honestly fine.' Do you ever cut your wrists so deep? Wondering why, Memories of being hurt, are the only ones you really keep. Do you ever scream when no-ones home? Finally you're completely alone. Do you ever hide your secrets from everyone else? Incase they found you so upset, They'd ask you questions they never forget. Do you ever a
Anal Sex
"iam wondering" My BF keep on asking me to try the anal sex but I refuse it. Im worried what will happen once we do that.. "MY FRIENDS SAYS" What will happen once you do that depends on you as much as it does on him. Happily, your bf seems the type who asks first (as all men and women should do) rather than barreling along and just doing whatever it is he wants and presuming you want the same (which is stupid); or not caring if you do or not (which is heartless). However, if you are worried that agreeing to anal sex might give your bf the misimpression that you are up for anything (and not just anal sex) because you have agreed to something beyond the traditional penile-vaginal sex, then talk to him about it. Set some ground rules if that makes you feel safer and thus better. Your sex is within a relationship, not a one night stand. Take advantage of what that gives you: the space to communicate exactly how you feel about things, One of the nices
Nice Guys?
I am so fucking tired of hearing about these so called nice guys .. they always say they are one and turn out to be complete assholes if you are a asshole just admit it for fucks sake those assholes give the truely good guys a bad fucking rep and i CAN NOT FUCKING STAND IT
Sweetwaters Guestbook
Friend Application
If Interested Answer and Send it to me in a Private Message! Thanx Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: Phone Number: Pubic Hair Style: OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who are three of your favorite bands/artists? 3. Do you drink/smoke?? 4. Do you like the beach? 5. If so...would you go with me late at night? 6. Do you like movies? 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. If you were to take me out to a movie would we watch the movie? 9. If not what would we be doing? 10. Do you play an instrument? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother to make sure i made it home alright? 13. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on a gurl? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, player, slut)? 17. Would you give me kisses just because? What Would You do if... I cried: I said I li
I don't want to be be hated for who I am inside Labeled for how I stand Not many people can see the real me You don't know what it's like to be me To be constantly misunderstood To be not belived in that you can succeed No longer listening to how I feel My fate is something I don't know I just want to run away and leave This place with you is not for me Never was never will be again Always at war with myself All of you act as if you want to help But you don't really know me So how could you care You don't know the real me I will be honest now Since I cannot say these things to you I am not doing so good I miss you so much Need you so badly I love you more than words can express I want you to come home I know I make mistakes I know I stress you out But this is who I am And if you love someone You have to accept all of them
Big Thanks...
I just wanted to say a speical thank you to SexyTiger for helping me level. He went above and beyond what he had to, to help me level and I appreciate it soooooooooo much! Thank you to everyone else who helped me level! It's what I wanted for my birthday and all of you that helped, thank you! I will be returning all rates, but if for some reason I don't let me know. I have been having computer problems and it keeps crashing so I lose everything in my bar tab! Much love, Cassie
Poem I Found
I am a woman. At times even a lady. And at any time, a willing,passionate, talented partner in bed. I also like to be held and talked to During those lonely hours of the night When i feel so alone in the world, crying into my pillow. Theres never anyone to hear me or to care. Maybe i should become the kind of woman men seem to like: A perfect 38-24-36 and the type To simper and flirt and act dumb for a man. But that isnt who i am, and i will not be that kind of woman. Or accept the man who wants me that way. Still, nights like tonight the loneliness is overpowering. I begin to doubt in the kind of woman i am. I wonder when, if ever, there will be that man Who can appreciate me and see into my heart and soul And realize the loneliness lurking there. With the need and ability to love someone til were old and gray And who trust in the woman i am To keep the heart and soul of her man Safe from harm for all eternity.
Puzzle Pieces Disconnected
its too hard to breathe in here she said with a sigh then took my hand and led me astray if not careful we might die but at least we made the most of this day words crumpled like the paper beneath kindling awaiitng the spark that will ignite the pyre they used to flow abck and forth between us instead of this bleak pretense where we both hate circumstance all about me the trees have withered,snow covered ground inhospitable to all tread lightly little angel,for if not careful you shall fall and then your wings are broken and you wont find your way home but at least on earth ill care for you safe from harm and never alone as long as you desire my hand in your wounds as long as you crave my knowledge in your mouth the vow of the disavowed spoken in silent nods and glances demons caged within close to breaking loose feed my oppressors the depression and anger carefully crafting the pain into a tapestry of silk accepting the poison as though it were mothers milk open wi
The Sandwich Cookie Personality Test
You Are Traditional and Dependable You are optimistic, friendly, and cheerful. People appreciate the hopefulness and good vibes you bring to any situation. You are a very active, on the go person. You get restless if you're forced to sit still for too long. You're easy going and easy to be around. You aren't picky or high maintenance. You seek security in your life. Feeling safe is important to you. The Sandwich Cookie Personality Test
use me. use me. not for my intended purpose but for what you wish to. for what you may be missing in your life. just for shits and giggles. just because you can. just because thats what you do well. just because it makes you feel better about who you are as a man/woman...thing. take what you can and leave the rest for one that is just like you . im sure that they will appreciate the thought. a kind gesture that you bestowed upon them, that you lacked to show me. its ok though. because i asked you to do so. i am an open book for you to read,diagnose , run your hands through , and burn as you see fit. after all. that is my intended purpose to you isnt it? i would be an ass to assume so therefore i am simply going to allow you to do so untill you use me up. would you like anything else? the shirt off my back? my ear for listening ? my mouth for touching,kissing? to talk back to you? my back? just in case you need
Thinking Of You
Just sitting here and thinking, Thinking my thoughts of you Dreaming of how things would be If you were right here too. I hope that things are going The way that you had planed I only wish that you were here And I could hold your hand I dream of being with you Of being by your side Of waking up beside you of love that we won't hide I hope one day that you'll be more Than just a dream at night That I can bring you happiness And love with all my might But until then, I'm here alone There's nothing else to do Than dream of you and count the days Until I'm there with you
The Orginal
I R Dumber Now!
So I'm sitting here in bed because I'm still sick and can't stand up without passing out. I'm watching history. Such a hokey phrase really. I wish Obama the best. I think he's a good man and I hope he'll be a good president. As a Native American this country is everything to me. Yeah yeah, I know. I look white. Looks are deceiving. *wink* (ok ok I'm half white, sue me) For the past week, I've been really sick. I had the flu last month and just when I was starting to feel better, I came down with strep throat. Then I devoloped an inner ear infection, blah blah blah. Not my point really. My point is that since I've been really sick, I've been watching a bunch of TV. I don't normally. I'm starting to question my tastes in entertainment. Oh sure, I used to enjoy the occasional sit-com. I love Scrubs! I admit to giggling every week to "My Name is Earl". Mostly I watched crime shows and stuff on the History Channel. Movies. Lots of movies. But lately? Good Lord! I have found myself watc
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Snow Pics Plz!!
I am collecting pics of snow!!! We dont have any here , so what a great idea!! Let's see how many different places we can get!!! Let the fun begin!! Thanks, Deedee
The Legends
To be one of the remaining few left in the world, who lived the entirity of the 20th century, and made it to the next. Those remaining few who have witnessed first hand both world changing wars, and culturally explosive revolutions that led up to this very point. Those who have witnessed firsthand the exponential explosion of knowledge. To those remaining three people on this Earth who have lived this legacy, I salute you. The Last Dragon -MCMLXXXVIII-
The Way Out Is The Way In
Sir, if you are as happy in entering the White House as I shall feel on returning to Wheatland, you are a happy man indeed. What James Buchanan the outgoing fifteenth President of the United States said to Abraham Lincoln the inaugurated sixteenth is probably not much different from what George W. Bush the outgoing forty-third President said (in a different form) to Barack Obama the inaugurated forty-fourth yesterday afternoon. Of course, Bush would have referred to Crawford, now Wheatland look, I will do my best to keep political bents out of what I write, but its hard for me to not see a culture where throwing mud and parading drama is becoming the order of the day. The critics panning Obama already before hes really done anything (Christian leaders seem especially nasty based on past statements hes made) are coming close to handing him the mantle of Lincoln by default. Too many people I see here and too many who have not only high pulpits to speak from but also huge a
Rip My Sweet Angel
Absolute perfection wrapped in a sheet Smallest of prayers in my hands Held for months in a mothers love Taken away before life's first breath To be held in angels arms for eternity Guess god decided he needed him more RIP Guy Charles Pettit May the Angels Hold You Close and Keep You Safe.... Love Always and Forever Your Other Heart
This Ain't A Love Song....
Send "This Ain’t a Love Song" Ringtone to Cell Phone Send Ringtone I should have seen it coming when roses died Should have seen the end of summer in your eyes I should have listened when you said good night You really meant good bye Baby, aint it funny, how you never ever learn to fall Youre really on your knees, when you think youre standing tall But only fools are know-it-alls and I played that fool for you I cried and I cried There were nights that died for you baby I tried and I tried to deny that your love drove me crazy, baby If the love that I got for you is gone If the river I cried aint that long Then Im wrong, yeah Im wrong, this aint a love song Baby, I thought you and me would stand the test of time Like we got away with the perfect crime but We were just a legend in my mind I guess that I was blind Remember those nights dancing at the masquerade The clowns wore smiles that wouldnt fade You and I were the renegades, some things never chang
My First Auto 11 Bling!
If anyone out there is reading this and real bored...I just got my first Auto 11 Bling. YAY ME! I'm excited about it... lol lame, I know...shhh I need some help leveling up to Godfather. That's my goal! So if anyone is bored...check out my boring Thanks in advance :)
"storms" A Poem By Kuntry
Feel the warmth of the summers gentle breeze. See it's power through the Dance of the trees. Storms are a coming riding the thunderous sky. You can see it as well If you just close your eyes. The rain falls softly then picks up it's pace. Droplets of life falling gently from grace. Sunshine is eminent with Patience abound. All storms shall pass If one holds his ground. kuntry
I Will Tell You A Story...
Okey... If you wondered how I got the terrific burn and awesome scars, let me relate. This is what the machines I operate look like. In July of 2004, we were performing a weekend shutdown. One of the tasks is to scrape clean a fume hood located near the front. It is something we'd all done a million times. As I was scraping away, my shirt came in contact with a pilot flame and ignited. Cotton burns. Like paper. I ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 70% of my back. Yeah, owie. The hospital sent me to the Burn Unit at the University of Michigan Hospital, where it was determined I would need skin grafts. That's not really a fun thing. When you hear that burns are the worst type of injury, believe it. The worst part was debridment, the removal of the dead skin. On a scale of 1-10, the pain was 194. It was a 9 month recovery. I couldn't be near any heat sources, and to this day, have to keep the grafted skin out of the sun. So much for mowing the lawn shirtle
New Recruits!
New Recruit from Luckiee7.Ty Sweety Please Add fan + Rate Family **Furious J**~ Owned by Long_Island_Girl_33 - Kingdom of Rogue's Levelers's: ~**Furious J**~ Owned by Long_Island_Girl_33 - Kingdom of Rogue's Levelers's@ fubar New Recruit by ButtrflyMom3 cntrystingr___"Kingdom of Rogue's Levelers"@ fubar New recruit Luckiee7.Past evaluation,been morphed will be tagged Long_Island_Girl_33_WA owned by ~**Furious J**~ &Kingdom of Rogue's Levelers@ fubar
The Country Is Getting The Change It Voted For
The federal government today announced that it is changing it's emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM, because it more accurately reflects the government's policies and political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a false sense of security while you're actually being screwed! Here is the "change" you voted for...
10 Years-wasteland
Define Me
James -- [adjective]: Smells like teen spirit 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at
I'm a, I'm a, a Diva (hey) Now diva a female version of a hustla Of a hustla Of a, of a hustla Stop the track let me state facts i told you to give me a minute and i'll be right back 50 million round the world and they said i couldn't get it I done got so sick and flithy with benjis i can't spend it How you going be talking shit You acting like i just got up in it Been that number one diva in this game for a minute I know you read the paper the one that they call the queen Every radio round the world know me cause thats where i be. I'm a, I'm a, a Diva (hey) Now diva a female version of a hustla Of a hustla Of a, of a hustla When he pull up, wanna pop my hood up Bet he betta have a six pack in the cooler Getting money Diva's getting money If you ain't getting money then you ain't got nothing for me Tell me something (tell me something) Where yo boss at? (Where yo boss at) Where my ladies up in here that likes to talk back (that like to talk back) I wa
My Rantings
When I was a child I believed in childish things; I believed in Santa Claus I believed in the tooth fairy I believed in the Easter bunny I had such high hopes, I wanted to be a cowboy I believed in happy endings. When I grew up: I found out the truth of Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny. Not much call for cowboys these days and there really are no happy endings.
If You Knew
If you knew that my love was true what would you finally do? I mean I can whisper my love and dreams to you in your sleep but if it dosen't sink in do I just continue to whisper forever? I guess I will just wait for my heart to break as it always has. I have never left a man. I am always left. When I give myself I give all of myself but never fully never until I realized the reason I never could was because I didn't know you. I have given myself so completely that I don't even understand it. I just want to be where you are or nowhere. I don't want to see men unless you are among them. I don't want to put up with childish bullshit, unless its yours. Fuck I am screwed. I know what I am. I know how I love. I am just waiting for you to destroy my heart and I can try to heal but never will.
My Fu Midget..
When do karma take over? I try to be a good person. I am going to lose my job, got told today that my hours are being cut. SO I have to lose things that I need. Like my cell phone, medical insurance, which with all my illnesses I need, wont be able to aford my meds, which will shortin my life. People that have wronged me, sit safe and secure with there job. They should be the ones who are getting fucked not me! When do they get whats coming to them? When will I stop paying for the mistakes that I have made and the evil that I have done? I have next to nothing, while others who dont deserve it has everything!! I know life is not fair, but this is fucked up! My most recent ex has a secure job same place has me, makes better money and has no worries (this is the same one I wish would get ganged raped and die of aids), she was given and very nice car, has a second nice car, just left her husband for a nother man who pays her bills for her. If anyone needs to get fucked over its her! Karma
Your Horoscope 1-24-09
Your Horoscope Your Birthday Today They say you have a head for numbers, but that's because "head for tumors" isn't really an expression. Aries March 21 - April 19 Your shortness of breath and wild fainting spells will be cured this week, thanks to a series of well-placed commas. Taurus April 20 - May 20 People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, though it's your habit of cooking naked that's really pissing the neighbors off. Gemini May 21 - June 21 The stars apologize for last week's prediction of "money problems." Looks like they forgot the "k" in there. Cancer June 22 - July 22 You'll soon possess the courage of 10 men, and the sexually transmitted diseases of about 50. Leo July 23 - August 22 The stars foresee a second job promotion in the days to come, though they should probably be telling Dave about it instead of you. Virgo August 23 - September 22 Your creativity will be at an all-time high today, much to the dismay of your wife, the vacuum
I was watching the local news tonight. They were doing a story on our state's unemployment rate, which is currently at 9.1%, the highest it's ever been here in my living history on this great earth. In the story the newscaster interviewed a lady waiting in line at the local Job Connect for her turn on their free computer and internet service. They asked her how "things are going" for her, to which she replied "not so well, and that she just wishes she could get a job"...She talked about how difficult it's been and how all she wanted was a job so that she could keep her home... To my surprise, I recognized her! That was my old neighbor. She lived above me when me and my husband lived in our condo by Virgina Lake. She was an annoying lady with two fat little girls. They never knew the meaning of "walk" and constantly pounded every step they took upon my ceiling. I used to take the broom and pound the handle upward into the ceiling, as some kind of warning, to say, "hey
Auto 11's.
Can I ask why people use auto 11's while also having their profile set to private? Surely in this case they don't serve much of a purpose as nobody can actually rate your profile in the first place in order to gain you points? Just a though. =]
Old One
When I'm not with you it feels As if my heart is breaking I feel as if my world is falling apart When you make me sleep without you When you hold me close to you My world finally becomes complete Our love is a love I've never known before But it is our special love So hold me tight and never let me go I will find a way to make it show That you are the only guy who makes me smile My past is just that - the past You are my love my life my future You are my everything and my eternity I love you completly and endlessly With everything that I am And all that I possess inside I love you
Saturday, December 02, 2006 I have no idea what posses a person to dance...Is it the reason to move there body and show the female's at the club that they have a poor excuse of rythem...Is it because they just want to show there emothions through dance and song no matter how morbid and depressed they could be, or how happy and drunk they are...No matter what the case may be it always happens...I like my personal favorite for getting our friends drunk and getting them to dance with the nasty girls on the dance floor, you know the ones with three teeth and alligator skin...Then take pictures of them making out with each other in the corner of the dance floor...Yes its mean and yes I encourage everybody to do this to there friends that get smashed by 10 when you get there by 9...I think that there are a number of reason's to dance, but they are normally all personal or all in fun...In whatever the case may be always have fun doing it...
Hood Surfing....
Monday, December 11, 2006 alright I am getting a sick of all this bullshit...I can't stand it anymore, I have been really offended with this crap...You should never ever does this, what the hell is wrong with these people...I am serious, these fuckin idiots need to put down the crack pipe and please step away from the sterring wheel...Fuckin A piss of shit's need to learn how to drive...I have seen it all now let me tell you...So there I was stand on the corner of a street at some coner in the world and this fuckin bitch decides she is going to make a right hand turn from the left turn lane as I was walking across the street cross walk...Man I got so pissed off I jumped up and landed on her hood cause well if I didn't these people would be giving me a heafty salary check for the rest of my life...I just cant' stand it...I must have cussed out the woman for around 3 minutes before I took my first breath and realized I was standing on her hood and she was pretty scared...So I a
Cleavage Cams...
For the life of me I am trying to figure out the intent behind the cleavage cam. This was a practice on Myspace where hot babes would hold a camera far above their heads and aim down at their face and cleavage. Real boobs ain't like that girls. Guess I will have to implement a new trend by creating the "Package cam." Achieved by standing over a camera so that my package blots out my face. Fair is fair here as the ladies tend to wear lingerie to impress us... we find out what we are getting... they are somewhat deprived. I am not worried... wink wink. Just a thought... I'll have to work on this. Thanks for reading.
We Are On The Locals Only Podcast
You can join their Facebook page and doing search for 'Locals Only Podcast' in Colorado. Here is the link to the podcast.
SCATTERGORIES Rules: IT'S HARDER THAN IT LOOKS! HIT FORWARD, ERASE MY ANSWERS, ENTER YOURS, and SEND IT ON TO 10 PEOPLE INCLUDING THE ONE THAT SENT THIS TO YOU. USE THE 1ST LETTER OF YOUR NAME TO ANSWER EACH OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. THEY HAVE TO BE REAL PLACES, NAMES, AND THINGS. NOTHING MADE UP! TRY TO USE DIFFERENT ANSWERS IF THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU HAD THE SAME 1ST INITIAL. YOU CANNOT USE YOUR NAME FOR THE BOY/GIRL NAME QUESTION. 1. What is your name :Chris 2. A 4 Letter Word: Chat 3. A Boys Name : Charles 4. A Girls Name :Cathy 5. An Occupation: Carpenter 6. A Color: Coffee 7. Something you wear:Coat 8. A Beverage: Cider 9. A Food:Chips 10. Something found in the bathroom:? Cash 11. A place: Clayton 12. A Reason for being late: Car wouldn't start 13. Something you shout: Come here The hardest part is finding 10 people that will play with you!!!
What What (in The Butt)
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. Tis some visitor, I muttered, tapping at my chamber door - Only this, and nothing more. Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrow From my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore - For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore - Nameless here for evermore. And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating, Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door - Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door;
So... How many people out there really support our troops? Not the war because we all should know by now that even the soldiers (most of them at least) don't even support the war anymore. It's gone on way to long and we have lost way to many good men and women in the process. But back to the point... if so many people out there really support the troops, the soldiers living and dying so others can sleep in peace at night with the comfort of a loved one beside them, then why do so many people try to cause such bullshit drama for soldiers that at one time were "friends" as soon as they deploy or are no longer home? These people can't even have the decency to try and ruin a mans marriage, life, or friendships face to face and instead use the internet to try and accomplish such terrible things. If a mans marriage, life or friendship is gonna fail or be miserable then it will do so w/o any help from all you fuckin haters... so go ahead and hate, talk shit, just know... we ain't listening be
A bittersweet potion like the bittersweet love we share. Killing us softly from inside our hearts. Don't deny your own, you merely lost it a long time ago. I still want to be by your side whatever happens to me to you to us...
Movies Again
watch this movie. it is hilarious.
Ensign: Love One Another
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 30 January 2009 The ethic of reciprocity -- college speak and Wikipedia's name for what we call the Golden Rule -- did not originate with Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. What gets distilled in our culture as "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" is rendered in the King James Version as Matthew 7:12. "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." Unlike in most other religions, Jesus expresses this without negatives (i.e., what you don't want to you don't do to others). But the earliest known expression of the Golden Rule -- incidentally, why is it called that? -- isn't even in a religious text, but rather an ancient Egyp
All This Work And Still At Level Crap Haha
Ive been amember since it was cherry tap and at this point ive had no sponsers vip offers true fans nor anyblasts, i show love to those who show love back all im asking is sumone please help me out cuz im getting discourraged and close to deleteing this whole thing, seriously what am i doing wrong? Im kinda sad lol Much luv 2 u all ~Lady Envy~
Who Wants To Marry Addictive?!?!?!?!
Addictive~Owner @ The Playground~Owned by Blu Eyes~Club Far~Shadow Levelers~@ fubar EXTRA!!!! EXTRA!!!! FUBARS MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELLORETTE IS UP FOR GRABS. You heard me correctly fella's, she is willing to Fu-Marry YOU. But, there are a few hoops you gotta jump thru. FIRST: Send your picture to Southern Stunna or JadedOne. (Pictures below) Southern Stunna ? Co-Owner & DJ @ The Playground ? FU-ANGEL ?
A True Countryboy
Countryboys are romantics, extreme romantics, and ninety- nine out of a hundred of them are sentimental to the core. They are oriented toward the past and face the present only under duress, and then with extreme reluctance, BUT ! an are known to have BIG hearts that love 4 ever, but they are also know to be very protective as well, an will always be there when needed the most !
Mimie Me
Eternal Pain
I lay me down, Upon the floor. No matter what, They will always ignore. These thoughts of mine, Rushing through my head Some of them living, Some of them dead. Oh please goddess, Help me find the light. Help me understand, What bothers me through the night. Hold me now, In your eyes. All my words, To your surprize. Why do I take, All of this pain? Why can't I give up And stop all this rain? Why am I so strong And wish to be weak? Oh please goddess, Hear what I speak. Why am I ok To suffer through life? Oh goddess of emotion I'm tired of strife. Can you help me Leave this place? So I could relax And my problems erase. I prey cries To empty walls. Why am I Ashamed to fall? I've delt with too much For me to embrace. My dry tears, Leave without a trace.
In Less Than 1 Second
I believe my day has come, But still I wish it wasn't so. I had so much things to live, But now I need to go. The moment the trigger pulled back, The moment that was filled with fear. The bullet blasted threw the air, I knew that death was near. In between that moment of truth, I've realized what I've done. This guy was really serious, There was a bullet in the gun. I thought of my wife and kids, I thought of my smile and frown, Then in less than a second, I fall dead to the ground.
One Word Game
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bed 2. Your significant other? somewhere 3. Your hair? short 4. Your mother? livingroom 5. Your father? bedroom 6. Your favorite thing? pizza 7. Your dream last night? secret 8. Your favorite drink? anything 9. Your dream/goal? personal 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? many 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? married 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? working 16. Muffins? ehh 17. One of your wish list items? personal 18. Where you grew up? house 19. The last thing you did? homework 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? suerbowl 22. Your pets? lvingroom 23. Your computer? something 24. Your life? boring
The Offspring-kristy Are You Doing Okay
There's a moment in time And it's stuck in my mind Way back, when we were just kids Cause your eyes told the tale Of an act of betrayal I knew that somebody did Oh, waves of time Seem to wash away The scenes of our crimes But for you this never ends Can you stay strong? Can you go on? Kristy are you doing okay? A rose that won't bloom Winter's kept you Don't waste your whole life trying To get back what was taken away Though the marks on your dress Had been neatly repressed I knew that something was wrong And I should have spoke out And I'm so sorry now I didn't know Cause we were so young Oh, clouds of time Seem to rain on Innocence left behind And it never goes away
Only one thought today...the new ratings SUCK. why the hell does it tell me i am rating too fast so much? the new system sucks.
The All-american Rejects - Gives You Hell
LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!
I'm taking down any nudes I have. I'm really tired of being asked for more, or people being offended when I take them out of my family. My family is being dwindled down to people who talk to me about something OTHER than my tits or how bad they want to fuck me. You know, real friends I've made on this site. Sorry for the shitty attitude guys but RichieinFL just really ruined this for me. Check out what he said to me under my random stuff folder.
Simple But Funney As Hell
hicky dickery dock my mouth is on your cock the clock stuck one we all cummed hicky dickry dock
For Someone Special.....
From the time I wake 'Till the time I sleep And even in my dreams I think of you. I like to talk, And fool around Or, just sit and stare But only when I'm with you I never thought that this could happen, These feelings that I have. I feel lust, I feel passion, I feel need for you Is it love or obsession? Friendship or desire? I don't know. But I want it forever. I never want it to go away
I'm Mad!
Not "crazy" mad...just irritated, annoyed, angry. I'm mad that I drunk a whole bottle of wine at the Super Bowl party I joyfully attended yesterday afternoon. It gave me the worst headache imaginable and nothing to show for it, except a half eaten plate of twice baked potatoes and hours of "shop talk" endurance...well, I guess that's an accomplishment. At least the Steelers won! I'm mad at my husband. Again. It's a monthly occurrence. I guess that's better than weekly but honestly, he's a jerk sometimes and tonight,'s amazing how much a weeks worth of pent up anger you can take out one one person! I'm mad that my cats freaked me out tonight! Oh, I hate it when you're just minding your own business and all of a sudden your cat jumps up and starts darting their eyes around the house as if it's being cased by the mafia! Then they start doing that half meow, half cry kind of sound...weirdness all around! I had to get up and check every door to make sure it was l
The Choice
The Choice (To Win or Lose) Is Your A winner dare to be different i loser resists change A winner expects the best a loser believes the worst A winner is confident of victory A loser is fearful of failure A winner is motivated be self defined goals A loser is limited by self-imposed boundaries A winner is full of gratitude A loser is full of complaints A winner creates opportunities A loser magnifies misfortunes A winner sees solutions to every problems A loser sees problems to every solution a winner says, "It may be difficult, but it is possible" A loser, "It may be possible, but it is difficult" A winner grows up look up and step up A loser gives up Doubt your doubts, believe your beliefs never believe your doubts!
I Don't Know Anymore
Sometimes I just want to disappear I want to just go for a walk and not return Somedays I want to die Somedays I wish I was never even really a blip in time Somedays I cry and don't know why Somedays everything just goes wrong I used to be happy I used to smile I used to have so much going for me Now I have nothing I just want to walk away and end it all I don't want to take up space anymore I feel like you don't want me around Like nobody does Maybe it would be easier if I just walked away Would I even be missed
Cell Phone Software For Parents!!
As shown on the Dr. Phil Show today Feb 3, 2009 This is the site recommended by Dr. Phil to where parents can help protect their kids that have their own cell phones by purchasing this sofware to keep child predators AWAY!! Please pass this on to everyone you can! TEXT MESSAGING LINGO THAT KIDS/TEENS USE THAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!! Most people know that OMG means Oh, my God, and LOL stands for Laugh out Loud. But teens are getting more cryptic with their text messaging lingo, and their shorthand can range from the silly to the sexually explicit. How savvy are you? The following is a glossary of some common acronyms that your child may be using to keep you in the dark. Text Messaging Acronyms ADR Address AFK Away from Keyboard ASL Age/Sex/Location BRB Be Right Back GTG Got to Go GYPO Get Your Pants off IWSN I Want Sex Now JK Just Kidding
I Can't Stop
why do i have to ask questions.... i feel like a fuckin idiot and i think i fucked up my life time..... Im never going to be happy never i always screw up my life and the people that love me in it. I dont derseve to have anything... I can't help it that im a jealous girl im just scared and nervous about losing ppl and getting my life fixed. i want to make sure im not making a mistake with anything going on n my life i want a happy life but i think i fucked up i want to find out but im getting ignored pls help me ijm going insane i need to know
A Lost Love
A Lost Love I thought it was over, I thought I could move on, I wish this would've never happened, I tried to move on with my life, I even moved out of state, Still my heart breaks and my life feels fake, Ever sense the day our relationship came to an end, I had to make a new beginning, Somewhere or someway, I put my sorrows at the bottom of those empty bottles many times, I tried leaving thinking this would be for the best, Well; Here I stand, There was many flings with relationships in between now and then, But, My feelings still stand, Something has held on this long, It's something between me and you; "Was the past really that bad?"; I will always find myself loving you! By: Jess L. Burris Jr.

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