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Take Me There
Take Me There by Jazzy Lustful thoughts invade my mind Night after night all I do is dream That someday I can be the one To hold you, keep you here with me Running my hands through your hair Kissing your forehead, nose and neck No time to waste, we need to move fast You have somewhere to be, she wants you back Slow is the way it goes, with us so sleek Intertwining our bodies, with softness he rubs My back and my legs as the story goes On and on, over and over between the sheets Kissing and hugging, loving and melting Our bodies deeper, our souls together as one Rising to heaven, the happy place we love Oh my God, please don't let it be done Eyes gazing, hearts racing, bodies pumping Smoothly gliding, tongues dancing to the silent beat Of our hearts, we take in the love, here it comes Harder deeper he holds me tight I will never forget this night All of my Poems are copyrighted and Published..Please do not take my copyrighted material as your own. These are
Bush Wasn't To Good At Math
Double Dare
Double Dare by Meliawen © I greet Her at the door on my hands and knees, my skin bare, my collar around my neck. Master had already contacted Her to tell Her what a bad slave I had been. I knew I was in deep trouble. Mistress was set to punish me, and then Master again, once He got home. She lays Her purse down on the table next to the door and takes off Her coat. I do not speak. I know better than to speak out of turn. A good slave minds her tongue, and I've been bad enough for one day. I stayed there, on my hands and knees, perfectly still, while She helped herself to water from the kitchen, and then to the bathroom. It was my house, but She was my Mistress, and that was more important. After what seemed like ages, She came to stand before me. "You've been a bad girl today." She says, Her tone stern. I give an involuntary shudder and I nod. "Yes Mistress." "Our Master informs me that you orgasmed without permission, and that you did not ask either of us if you could read
Escort 1
Escort 1 by ladyneedsdirection © The phone rang at 7pm. I instantly recognized her voice. "Hi, Sara. The Morgan Hotel, Mayfair. Meet a lady called Linda in the Piano Bar at 9.30. She's paid for the night. Dress smart – really smart outside, the long black dress I think. Best lingerie." The end. My Mistress ran the agency. She made me do this to humiliate me. I had been hers for 2 years, living in her apartment as her willing, happy sub slut. She sent me on my first assignment 6 weeks ago, knowing I hated it. It was her punishment, well one of them anyway. She would know if I failed and then it would be worse. In any event I wanted to please her, how much surprised me constantly. "Really smart." I showered and washed my hair. It's long, to my behind nearly, and dark brown. It takes an age to dry but I am proud of it and my Mistress loves it. I sat naked in front of my mirror and looked at my small 32a breasts. Oh well, they'd have to do. I applied lipstick and a little make-up
I have never been so bored in my life...I've tried everything from surfing the web, to reading a random book...nothing seems to work...and all i want to do is sleep...this sucks so much...Video games don't work...not even designing works...i feel so drained and i don't even want to do my class work...and I'm done with school in December...and then i have to find a job...maybe that is way i seem so bored...i don't want to finish school, but i guess i'm going to have to...oooh hockey is on...okay i guess i'll just watch that...laterz
The Fairy And The Troll
The Fairy and The Troll by partyfairy © This is dedicated to writers, fairies and trolls alike. You, the reader, know where you fall. As I stand over him watching him sleep. His podgy stomach rising and falling, the buttons on his shirt straining against the chest below. Stubble prickled his face, moisture dribbled from his puffy lips as a snore escaped them. Disgusting, I thought to myself as I looked over him, as expected though, not an ounce of creativity in his vast expanse, a completely desolate, empty, hollow man. I should feel pity but the anger fills me still. I reach into my pouch, a small bag placed across my body, the only article on my naked form; gently I bring out my hand, the small glowing particles casting light and shadows across the filthy room. Gently I blow across my palm and into his face, as I do he stirs and my feet lift off the ground slightly, I never did get the hang of remaining earth bound while casting spells. As my feet touch back down onto the c
Today On World Rock Radio
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Softly he whispers her every fantasy. Runs his delicate fingers through her messy hair, yet so soft it is. He peacefully strokes her porcelain skin, and eagerly, yet slowly, places his hand on her chest. Kisses her pain away and wishes away the rest. The only thing he could do is hold her, yet she so obviously needs much more. He begins to kiss down her neck, biting her ever so intensely here and there. She begins to moan in complete pleasure. She begins to remove her already half torn items from her body, and so do he. She forcibly pulls him to become her shelter again. His hands begin to wander and explore her untouched body. Her innocence is screaming. Screaming so loud the world is on their toes. She digs her nails deep into the flesh on his back, and he tenses. He,who is now rubbing her body so gently, brings his hand on her inner thigh. He, against her brings his soft lips down, so down, making it so hard for her not to scream. He looks up at
Why I Write
somebody asked me: what influence do significant others have on your writing? first: i try to think -- what is a significant other? it seems to me that there are two kinds of those. there are the kind that the world sees, and then there are the kind that are significant in the sense that neruda talked about love "i love you as i love certain dark things...of which one does not speak..." ok, well i love that line. now. for example: for many years, my dogs have been important to my writings because i read to them for something that i can only describe as a certain quality of musical-ness. i don't want to bore people with that. so that is an influence but if i said it out loud, well, it is hysterically funny to most. the writing i do, well, it has its origins in many things that really have not much to do in the present. and i suppose that is true of many people. i have a certain line length that i like a certain rhythm. it is like my line length and rhythm is
Today's Funness
going to work...woot got new mech gloves yesterday then gonna go look for a truck and pretty much gonna have some fun tonight havent had a good night out in a long time...just blow of some of this rrrness and chill with some friends and check out my friends band... so ya thats about it have a good one cheers :)
Oh Happy Death
Empty words of condolence Cry out imaginary sorrow And tell me how useless This fragile life really is. I long for death's sweet embrace. Had I not made the promise That I would stay here for you, I would already be where you are. Would you even know who I am If I fell from this world right now? There is no way of knowing What lies beyond the grave. You must know now, though..... Now that you have gone to that place. I long to know it, too......Death's silent love. Will you be the one who shows it to me? I think I will wind up breaking my promise. A world without you is not worth living in. I simply cannot bear to stay here another day. I hope that you won't hate me for this, my love.
Additional Info, Read All Of It
I'm leaving fubar in a few days(by the end of the weekend)and hopefully won't be back. If you're truly a friend, then contact me here so that I may give you my yahoo screenname and email address. I truly enjoy being a friend and want to be able to help my friends when they're distressed or troubled. I want to bring a smile when you're feeling down, and I want to be there for you to share the good times in your life as well. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely(as always), James P.S. please feel free to repost this up til the end of the weekend (Sunday night 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time) P.S.S. I also have msn live messenger, A.I.M., and Myspace Instant messenger
Stupid Tats
you know how common can women be, holy shit , i mean a tatto should be a way to express your self , but as i am looking at pic after pic of some woman with a buterfly tattoo or rose or heart on their breast. honestly it makes me throw up in my mouth,
Space Cowboys
Space Cowboys by Kassiana © Author's Note: From an idea by a friend on another site comes this story of role playing, X-men, funny stuff, and hamsters. It's probably much funnier if you've ever played a role-playing game. I combined it with another story a role-player told me about a game where he had giant space hamsters, and his players got out of hand with them. This is the result. Disclaimer: I made up the game of Space Cowboys and the Fantastic Gaming House company. To my knowledge, there is no space game with Old West names for the skills, character classes, and so on. If it actually resembles anything other than a smart-ass gamer's imagination, that's not my doing. Void where prohibited. Shouldn't you be reading the story, instead? ************************************* There was a small, dark room on the mansion's third floor, usually empty. It had occasionally been used as extra storage space. Oddly enough, if someone were listening at the door today, they would he
Not Listening To Doctor = Bad Cristi! :)
I guess I should have listened to my doctor! I tried to lay in bed today but couldn't stand it any more. I have done some laundry. Then, the laundry was not folding itself so I had to hold it which then caused my neck to hurt again. I guess that was idiotic on my part? I just can't sit still for very long. So now my neck is in pain. We are having friends over for dinner. Peter is making a yummy dinner. Steak with melted blue cheese on top with twice baked potato's and green beans. Henry helped Peter out today with the cabinets in the garage so I wanted to have them over for dinner to thank him. I would love, love, love to have a glass of pinot nior with my dinner but it says no alcohol with my meds I am on. So I guess I need to be a good girl. Anthony started driving school today. He has it this weekend and next for the education part of it and then he has to do 4 driving lessons before getting his driver's permit. He is excited. I will not be excited about the
Yes You Can Get Satisfaction
Softly he whispers her every fantasy. Runs his delicate fingers through her messy hair, yet so soft it is. He peacefully strokes her porcelain skin, and eagerly, yet slowly, places his hand on her chest. Kisses her pain away and wishes away the rest. The only thing he could do is hold her, yet she so obviously needs much more. He begins to kiss down her neck, biting her ever so intensely here and there. She begins to moan in complete pleasure. She begins to remove her already half torn items from her body, and so do he. She forcibly pulls him to become her shelter again. His hands begin to wander and explore her untouched body. Her innocence is screaming. Screaming so loud the world is on their toes. She digs her nails deep into the flesh on his back, and he tenses. He,who is now rubbing her body so gently, brings his hand on her inner thigh. He, against her brings his soft lips down, so down, making it so hard for her not to scream. He looks up at
What This Blog Is About
I Lost The list of who has featured on the pimpouts so i don't remember who is all on them and who hasn't been on them so from now on i after i make the bully this is where i am going to put them so that i leave nobody out and do it fair so we all get love and leveled hope u all understand my silly butt !!! SugarSpice
The Passion In Me
```The passion in me ```````````By Eric Ethan I have a lot of love to give to people who heart is broken, I want to shower praises of good wonder and gifts to make them smile. I’m the guy who love to give great kisses and great hugs, I’m the lonely guy who love to write poems of love and passion to their hearts. I’m the guy who can give the greatest love of them all, and make their heart feel sunshine in their heart, I’m just a normal guy who likes to make breakfast for you and treat you like a queen, I have passion in my heart that is on fire to make the greatest love forever. The end
A shadow of light A ray of dark A fiery raindrop A sodden spark A moonlight field A green, green sky A question to the answer The reasons but not why A hearts thought The beat of my brain My emotions are All mixed up again Shall i say it Yes I wont Shall i do it, Yes but dont She does care doesnt she She doesnt want to be with me But perhaps she thinks of me everyday Perhaps she doesnt know what to say. Should I makethe move first Should i let the bubble burst What if her emotions arent true What if she loves me, what to do....
Luton Town
I got on the train and made my way down To meet a friend in Luton Town I got there early, and had a drink WOndering what she would think Id got a call and put my drink down And made my way across Luton town Into another pub I went Another £3 on a beer was spent Then i heard on the window a knocking sound As I sat in this bar in Luton Town Not a smile but a motion an offer Asking me if I want another beer Of course i said yes, damn who wouldnt So she went off to get the drink What was on her mind, what did she think Anyway it all went well One old lady heard wedding bells And then with Vanilla Ice we both got down Partying in Luton Town So Emma this is for you Im so glad i came saw you Im so happy a good friend ive found On my trip to Luton Town HAAHHAHAHHAHA!!!
Omg! My Hair Is On Fire! Lol
Hello we doing? Decent here...LOL Work is going very well. I am getting the overtime I need. YAY! LOL. The job is extremely easy. Especially when you either do Main Gate or Truck Gate. I am getting a bit frustrated tho at trying to get help with some of the procedures that you are supposed to do because its confusing. But what am I gonna do. :) Its still easy. Well...I forgot how lonely it is when you are on your own. My apartment is so quiet at nite. I get really lonely some nites. I really did last nite. Just felt extremely alone. Its funny. I hate being alone...and yet I want to be alone. Maybe I dont kno what I want...which is probably true. I just want to be happy. I am happy to a extent. I guess either way I would be either happy or depressed one day or another....what can I do? I do miss wanting to cuddle....I do miss kissing someone...but I dont miss the heartache that comes with love thats for fucking sure. Just have to give it time I
I Need To Go M.i.a. For A While
I need to just get away for a I want to. I just need some time away. I will not be on fubar. So if anyone really wants to reach me you can e-mail me at I know it seems not so bat like, but that is the one I have people use for me. The ones I feel I can really trust may get the bat one. Just if you do mail me let me know who you are so I am not confused. LOL. I blew up today....and hope I will not more. Bottles things up inside and now they want out. So I do not want to risk anyone. I just need to get away. I will be back, just not sure when.
The One Of Your Dreamz
- Get Your Own
Sounds Like Dumbya No matter what the question is, Rudy says 9/11 BY HELEN KENNEDY DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Sunday, October 7th 2007, 12:56 PM For Rudy Giuliani, 9/11 is the answer. To almost anything, it seems. After all, it's why America fell in love with him on that darkest of days, when the mayor was the only person on TV reassuring the nation. It's why he's the Republican front-runner for President. === this guy is a fucking douchebag "For me, every day is an anniversary of Sept. 11," he said in Florida last month. Giuliani wastes no opportunity to bring up 9/11 on the campaign trail. Sometimes, it looks like a stretch. Here is "Jeopardy, the Giuliani Edition," where 9/11 is always the answer, but the questions may surprise you: WHY DID YOU FLIP ON GUN CONTROL? "There are some major intervening events - Sept. 11 - which cast somewhat of a different light on
Fire Hunting Deer
pad Fire Hunting Deer The summer days were in their prime, The wood-paths dim with somber shade; The song-birds trill’s their mellow chime, Gay flow’rets blossom’d in the glade; Uncut, unclear’d, the virgin woods Of oak and male fring’d the shore; While the umbrageous evergreen, Darkling, in towering height lean’d o'er Woods, where the raccoon, lynx, and bear, And dun wolves, made their secret lair. Up the calm river, as the shades Of glimmering eve began to creep, The hunters, in the birch canoe, With setting-pole and paddle-sweep, Eager by torchlight to ensnare The deer, when darkness shroud the air. Battling the rapids of the stream, Fair shone the scene in twilight dim; The feeding ducks burst on the wing, Or ‘mid the sheltering rushes swim; The heron flaps his dusky plumes, The raccoon climbs the nearest tree, The pied kingfisher startled flee, The must-rat hastes across the tide, The woodpecker like arrow dart; While high o’erhead, on
My Thoughts
Fubar baby dont be just lookin for a lil luvs... Just a friendship thing.. not crazy or fake... wanna them good things from up above... Now u might be my 4-eva..only GOD knows that 1.... so for now lets be true friends and have sum fun... You might be just a friend or even a passer by thats fake,..either way you touched my life... good or bad i had ta take... so watch out world...cause your in the category you chose...Move it round, change up a bit,till u can get it right...Cause baby aint nuthin like a real brutha...true ta the game 4-eva... Yea lifes game...its a matter how u play you , good or bad,,, You can make it what ya make it.... JUST BE TRUE...
Saw 4
Benny And Joon Part 4
And I Saw You
Today I looked out at the world, and I saw you I watched the blushing clouds float by, and I saw you A gentle breeze is kissing the tree, and I saw you Fireplace laced with miniature embers, and I saw you Raindrops tapping out melodies, and I saw you Children playing, laughing with glee, and I saw you Leafs chasing each other as they fall, and I saw you Nature singing it’s beautiful song, and I saw you I drank up the cool night air, and as I closed my eyes I saw you. LSR 7 October 2007 1849 hours Seni Seviyorum Sinan Lori
I reach over and turn the blaring alarm clock off. I see your morning hard-on and decide to give you a nice tease by crawling under the sheets and taking you into my mouth; your favorite way to be awakened. I start by licking you around the base of your shaft while holding your hard cock in both hands, then up, sliding my teeth gently up to your head. Circling the rim, then plunging you deep into my mouth. Your hand reaches down for me, your fingers begin to twist into my hair as you take control of the rhythm of my bobbing head. I move my legs over you, never losing suction on your gorgeous swollen cock, I straddle one of your thighs, moving my hips up and down, feeling your leg muscle taut against my aching clit. Leaving my wetness on you although I know you will only wash it away soon anyway. You stop my mouth from making you cum by pulling me up by my hair. You slide yourself around and take me from behind, entering me hard and fast, something you wouldn't normally do, but
Bow-wow Girl
Bow-Wow Girl by Hornyman69WithU© I had just transferred to another college my sophomore year. Didn't know practically a soul. So, when I met a really nice, attractive, and smart girl in Psychology class, I zeroed in on her. Christina and I hung out a lot, and I really liked her, but she was not readily giving up the good stuff, putting the brakes on after 2nd base. I figured she had the idea I was a playboy who might fuck and dump her, but I sincerely wanted to be her steady boyfriend, so I was patient to prove my genuine interest. Tough for a horny guy like me who'd not got any since the end of summer, but I was doing what I had to do. One night I'd invited her over for an I'll-cook-dinner-at-my-place evening, but right before she was due, she called and asked if she could bring a couple of girlfriends, so I said OK, though I thought that was a bit puzzling. She shows up with another two girls from her dorm I'd heard her talk about but had never met, and my beer, along
The Cabin At Lake George
The Cabin at Lake George by Baxter72 © After many years of trying as an amateur writer, I finally had found a publisher who was interested in publishing a mystery novel I had written. The "gimmick" of the novel was that the detective who solved the mystery was a woman named Sherri Holmes, who used the methods of the venerable Sherlock Holmes. The publisher invited me to his New York office for lunch, and we ate at a small French restaurant on 52nd Street. "I like this idea so much that I want you to start thinking about a series starring this detective," he said, "That's where the money is—in series. Think of A is for Apple—or whatever the first one in that series was called." "Sounds like a good idea." "I want to talk to you at length about it, don't have that much time now. What are you doing this weekend?" "Nothing." "Good. I like to get out of the city every weekend and go up to my cabin on Lake George. Why don't you drive up and spend the weekend with my daug
The Camera
The Camera by ashesatwork © We get back to my place and we open that bottle of wine to get our blood flowing. I can't believe I agreed to this. I decided to slip into something a little more comfortable, I move past you, pressing up against your body, I reach down and grab your hard cock through your pants. You grabbed me by the back of my neck and kissed me deep; you pull away and say hurry up. I brought the camera out to you and stepped back into my bedroom. I wanted you to make sure you knew how to use the damn thing. I watched you from my bedroom, you looked nervous as you took a couple of deep drinks looking at the camera. I don't see why you would be the nervous one. I asked you if you were ready, when you said yes, I told you to come on up to my room, that we can shoot there. Your voice was a little shaky, as if you had not been in a girl's bedroom before. You walked slowly up to my room. I was wearing an amazingly hot teddy, black with long leather hooker boots. You h
Giving Me Pause To Dream...
Happy Thanksgiving
Just sending a little "Happy Thanksgiving" to all my Canadian friends!
well it was late at night and we been texting for a while and then she slowed way down in her texting then i had to think do i call her or do i wait!!! well i didnt want to wait so i called her!!!! when she was like hello my heart melted and i cant stop texting or talking to her i just go crazy if i did smiles!!!!!!!! she knows i love her and i know she loves me and i thank god that night for her typing slow or i dont think i would have ever got to call her
Thanks Givn
just want to say happy thanksgiving to all my canadian friends.... So I gotts some shopping to do...I want to hug the person that invented this new oil pan..i know sounds weird but its gonna save a huge mess for me... gonna put up my halloween decorations...ya im like that...its my fav time of year. :) :) hugs
My Daddy Is A Soldier
My daddy is a soldier My daddy is a soldier He’s often gone away To some far off country Were he has to stay I really miss my daddy And im not sure what he does Except he helps other people Who need him very much At night when I say my prayers I ask to keep daddy safe So that he can come home to us And sit in his favourite place Some nights I can hear mummy cry When she thinks im asleep I no she misses daddy And her sadness hurts real deep I know that a day may come When daddy wont come home And It scares me even thinking That we will be alone My daddy is a soldier He’s often gone away And am so very proud of him Each and every day Come home to us daddy When your job is done I know that people needed you But they aren’t the only ones !!
Just Dance (he To She) Pt1
The subtle song of slow dancing no longer played across the radio but in young lovers heads dancing to no beat but the cracking of wooden floor boards that have been placed centuries ago the movement of our foot prints leave an everlasting circle stained into the wood "what song are you thinking of?" "no song, no song could ever fit this moment just right" she twirls the first twirl across the stage of darkness you, me, (a dim) spot light, and an old wooden stage blessed upon by the first dance a tear grazes her cheek but is brushed away by a quick spin to dead left then pulled back into the arms of a security net a left hand slowly moves to the lowers of her back guiding her to a beat we both can't hear "what do you think about love?" "this is, shut up and dance" a half smile caress her face then to a concentrated look to get the steps just right "follow my lead" 1,2,3 spin 1,2,3 spin 1,2,3 spin our heads start to spin we obtain a feeling like the first kiss
To People
I want to spend time with my family members specially my mom but she dont want to spend no time with me cause i guess she dont want too or what i wish i knew but you know what ill be ok with or without her. She was there when i was growing up but she has her days ill guess ill let it slide but its gonna kick her in the ass when i do shit on my own. she might relieze i dont need her as much as i need i am a strong person and i can do it on my own.
Mr Pregnant
This is going to be my last night on fubar/cherrytap, i will miss you all and i am going to cancel the account tomarrow i just wanted to say bye to everyone and thanks for all the wonderful comments and gifts take care , marinesgirl
Just Some Words To My Friends
Hi all I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends for all the warm comments compliments gifts etc .. Im here just yapping , . I dont care for ratings and all this other stuff but they are appreciated . I am not really into giving ratings and comments so dont expect them ,im on here soley because of some close friends put me on to this and for entertainment purposes I am good listener so if anyone has any interesting talk let me know.. Well thats about it ,,Stay sexy :p and remember teabags ; not only for drinking lmaooo
Patriots Vs Browns Week 5 (34 To 17)
Just Sayin
well, i am originally from portland oregon, and have been living in texas for about 8 months... after joining the army! i'm going back to texas in a few three months but for the past 12months and the next three i have lived in iraq... i'm a totally cool person to talk to, and thats just what i do! talk.... i'm outgoing, and easygoing, and can't really say too much else... i like sushi, and all food from america... i'm losing weight right now but i think its loss of appetite... the food in these dfac's suck... i've had three true loves in my life, and i dont regret anyone of them. my first love though... is more like a (i'll continue to love him forever as a friend) but the other one were he to come into my life, would be the begining to a beautiful life i have always wanted... the other one is in jail... and well... i told him to listen to me and be good... but ehh, what cha gon do!
Untitled Works4
I’m not sure what to do here Unsure of what to say Do I keep going this direction Or should I turn and walk away? I’m not saying that I want this I’m just wondering what would happen To not think about anyone else But my own selfish pride I can see trouble rising Over the sunrise in the sky Oh don’t stand too close Let’s let these feelings pass on by Two people closely grounded In roots that cannot bend Will only cause a heartache That would take too long to mend To say the glass is empty Would be too much a lie But to say it could be more As if to multiply Would not do it justice Would say there’s nothing to see Perhaps time will change things Or perhaps we’ll let it be
Yay, Have A Good 1.
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Guns N' Roses - November Rain
Depending who you ask, Guns N' Roses vocalist Axl Rose is either considered a rock music icon who is worshipped by millions as an almost Christ-like figure, or hated as a homophobic, misogynistic, and woefully self-indulgent "rock star" (in his defense, Rose has denied that he's a homophobe or a misogynist), as well as thought of as a tyrant by his ex-bandmates. William Bruce Rose was born on February 6, 1962, in Lafayette, IN, and suffered sexual abuse from his biological father and physical abuse from his eventual stepfather at an early age (Rose changed his name to William Bailey after his mother remarried). Rose was also an outcast in school, where he was picked on for being "different," but found solace in singing with his school and church vocal choir and eventually rock music. His rough teenage years were eased a bit when he befriended a Keith Richards-worshipping chap by the name of Jeff Isbell, who shared Rose's interest in music. Isbell left Indiana for the streets of Los Ang
*~*One and Only*~* Ever since the day we met, you knew you had my heart, I will always love you, even when we're miles apart. Love is an emotion, that distance cannot take, I promise I'll always love you, that promise i will not break. We'll always have the memories, my love will never end, I'll wonder through my lonely world, until we meet again. If someday I wake up, and the pain is to much, I'll only have to think of you, your soft and gentle touch. Everytime I close my eyes, your face is all I see, I know now without a doubt, we're really meant to be. I hope you'll be happy, my angel from above, I just hope I don't lose you, my one and only love...
The Game
they say that when you're in a relationship or starting one, you play. it's like a game. two players, even more play for the game called love. possibilities are endless. romance could bloom, someone could get hurt. you might be even lost. they told me that the rules of the game were simple enough to understand. but what if, in the middle of the game, a new player comes in? trying to get your attention. and is willing to play by your rules, your standards. would you fall for it? ride with it? or just plain ignore it? sometimes, a new person comes along in your life. not because he/she wants to hurt you. but there must have been a very good reason why they came. i heard a saying once, and it goes like this: "you meet a lot of people, most of them you became more than close with. they're part of your past. and there must be a very good reason why at some point they do not make it into your future." i don't know. we don't know what happens in the future. but me? i'm willing
Kylie Minogue - The Loco-motion
Martika - Toy Soldiers
My New Group
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Party At My House
Hi i'm Robin: i just moved to plano,tx an i'm having a hallowween party at my house guys an girls from the age of 20 to 45 will be here so if your close an looking for a kick-ass party just let me know,oh an you have to come dressed up
F*ck You!
The Missing Pieces....
Time goes by but I do not feel complete He is the one I want, he is the one I need Every time I see him, my heart just cries Missing from my life is he? I would love to say hello Since the first day I saw him Somehow my love did grow I know I have never met him Never said a word like hello Growing in my heart, he is Proving to me that love does exist I now believe in love, but I cannot smile Each time I walk by him, I just frown, I Cannot say a word, my hearts just melts Every day I go back, just to see his face Only if he knew I loved him, and how I Felt, I wish I was not so scared, but My dream will not be complete until I have him Yearning for his touch, to hear his soft voice Day dreaming that he loves me and my heart Racing as he starts to come over to me Eased by him stopping to talk to someone else Anxiously waiting for that one word to be said Making my life incomplete, knowing I cannot have him Silently waiting for the missing piece of my drea
Hey All
hey just been really busy so i havent really been on much again :( but am trying to be on more! i have new pics but will try to get those on here and getting new music too! well gotta run for now thanks for all the ratings and comments keep them up!
Vaccinations-if You Are A Parent-this Is A Must Read!!
Q. TESTIMONY OF MICHAEL BELKIN BEFORE THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON IMMUNIZATION PRACTICES -- CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (February 17, 1999) -- Atlanta Georgia My name is Michael Belkin. I am a father, businessman, former quantitative strategist at Salomon Brothers, and Director of the Hepatitis B Vaccine Project of the National Vaccine Information Center(NVIC). The NVIC has studied Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act covering the last nine years on hepatitis B vaccine adverse events -- and in 1996 there were more than three times as many reported serious adverse reactions as reported cases of the disease in the 0 to 14 age group. Of the total 2,424 adverse event reports made between 1990 and October 1998 in children under age 14 who only received hepatitis B vaccine, there were 1,209 serious events and 73 deaths. Thus, one half of the reports for children under age 14 who received only hepatitis B vaccine
Why Is It So Hard
You know I have spent most of my life looking for what most people call a soulmate. I use to laugh at them and think how foolish they were to believe in such. Hell I didnt really believe in love at all. Then this year she walked into my life and turned it upside down. I wont ever be the same again. I have found what everyone looks for, MY SOULMATE. I am in heaven everytime she holds me, touches me, and kisses me! Then along came everyone else, trying to break us up, split us apart. If they truly loved her then it seems they would want her to be happy. Instead they do everything they can to make us fuss and fight. After almost one year of us being together they are still trying. Even here on this sight there are those who call them self friends and yet do things that hurt her and me. We left this sight once before because of these people. Thought maybe it would be different now. Nothing has changed but the date. I asked her to marry me two months ago and she said yes. Sh
Omg Yall
Doritos!!!! LMAO its britney spears yall!! ah anyhoo today has been CRAZY!! my cousin is all fuggered and his life has gone to shit. however my long lost friend Jay is back and omg yall i missed him like crazy!!! anyways just wanna say hey,its gunna snow here and im super excited dudes,i totally watched queen of the damned last night gosh i forgot how awesome that movie is yall!!! mm sexy vampires...who wants to have crazy mad blood vampire sex?!?! I DO I DO! :D lmao ok im off yall! xoxo
Another Fine Day
It was an excellent day at least. I picked up Tony and we had sex twice in one day. God, I’ve never felt better in my whole life. First we did it in the airport in a small nook. But it was short. I believe it only lasted twenty minutes before someone heard my loud moaning. I would have liked to see the security guards face when he looked in the cranny and found a broken thong and a large bra across the hall, but I didn’t have time. Ben and I raced to the car; I was so sore, not having sex for four years and then having rushed sex really makes an impact on you. We jogged to the car; my breasts have never hurt so much. I parked my car pretty far away too, just outside the airport near the highway bridge and on the grass. Tony went through his duffel bag in my trunk and looked at me seductively and I had my fourth orgasm, it doesn’t take much. He got into the back seat of my car and we did it for our second time. And let me say that condom was quite sufficient, lasting two rounds. “We c
Lady Death
Meet Your Master
Master Jerry ~ wants to train & eventually own submissive females and feminine males. You see yourself dropping to your knees in fear of My bark. I have you strip out of all your clothing while down on all fours. "Finger yourself ~ NOW!" I raise My voice to notice just how swiftly you obey. "Yes. Sir!" You are still shy as this is only your first meeting with this True Master. I'll watch your face as you penetrate deeper inside your pussy. Things are not so easy as you have not gotten the least bit wet in your pussy. Fear of the unknown causes you to panic as your fingers are rough. I like knowing you will force yourself to accept this minor irritation. "Three fingers shall enter your pussy ~ NOW!" I do not waste time to command you. "Sir?" you cannot even begin to force a second finger inside yourself... ~ let alone attempt this third finger... Your pussy is still quite dry from your fears. "Do it slave!" Now I bark. "Yes.
Wake Up Baby Jesus
Someone better go wake Baby Jesus up and really rattle his cage because there are a whole lot of people getting madder by the minute here..........
Another Not Safe For Work Poem
I write my poem with words of love for ever true Tonight and every night thinking only of you Riding along singing a song that I never knew Happy I am when laying my love next to you My words from my soul your heart is my goal My hands over your naked body take a stroll Crossing your body with my tumbling lips Nothing of their journey I want to forget or miss Dawn farther south where its worm do I go or dare Lingering over your breast taking my time tonight With your nipple my lips are having a lovers fight So soft so hard and tens they are my love too Smiling at my with sparkling eyes full of passionate love In my hands you body shaking with lots of emotions My lips serve you body with loving and true devotion Your satisfaction is all I crave from you my love tonight Screaming my name at night with love for more When my body is knocking at your door Ready to climb your hills and walk your valley Tonight I am making love to you my darling Not walking al
Would I Have Been A Nazi?
Your Score: The Foot Soldier Achtung! You are 46% brainwashworthy, 36% antitolerant, and 42% blindly patriotic You're not evil exactly, but you still would've joined the German army. Driven by STRONG patriotism and a willingness to do what your country asks, you would've thrown your moral reservations aside and stepped right up to the platz for the AXIS POWERS. The sad fact is: while you're not self-centered, you are are an enthusiastic nationalist, malleable like so much half-dried glue, and ready to follow zee rules. Unfortunately, you're not cynical enough to tell when you're being manipulated. You probably have a violent itch that needs scratching anyhow, so why ask questions? Conclusion: born and raised in Germany in the early 1930's, you would've supported the Nazis militarily while turning a blind eye to their 'civilian' programs. - new test, it rules, take it - The Terrorism Test My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender
Cyber Friendship
I had some free time, so what did I do? I checked the computer to see if I'd heard from you. I used to walk out to a box to retrieve mail But I'd rather get it instantly than wait on the snail... Checking my email is always fun I usually get a joke or greeting from someone. I feel so blessed because on the other end I know I've connected with a friend. When I've had a hard day and need to share Here I can find a friend who will listen and care. And to this friend I hope I've let them know That I am always there for them also. Isn't it a strange kind of bond we form? It isn't exactly like the "norm" But where is it written, face to face we have to be For you to be a very good friend to me? That little joke, or note, or even just a simple "Hi" Could be like a ray of sunshine from the sky. So my online-pals, this is dedicated to you For all the smiles you have made anew. May our friendship continue to grow and the warmth we feel continue to flow.
Thank You For Being A Friend
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If Only...
"If only tears can wash away all the memories... I would cry an ocean and ask the waves to take the wounds away... And this broken soul can pick itself up and be whole again..." (",)
Another About Me
1. Whats the first thing you wash in the shower? chest 2. What color is your favorite hoodie? Gray 3. Do you like coffee? no 4. Do you plan outfits? not really 5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? Nervous 7. Do you say aim or a-i-m? aim 8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having last night? stupid dreams 10. What are you craving right now? sex 11. Do you floss? Yes 12. What comes to mind when I say cabbage? it sucks 13 & 14 are missing 15. Would you dance to the taco song? no lol 16. Have you ever counted to 1,000? no 17. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? both but only when on a cone
Just Wanted To Say Ty
to everyone outhere i want to say ty lol no sooner did i say none reads this stuff i had ppl read it well that was nice and ty so much for listing to me and huggs for that anyways that made me smile now if ppl just vote on my stash and pics maybe i can beat my friend at this ooo and my mummms do suck lol sorry on that note to
well its been a day of constant chatter...ya know when u want complete silence but cant find the spot... I cant get my email to work which really sucks but oh well...I have disappointed enough people today anyways... my son especially he hasnt got his way and he is pissy... wonder what my horroscope said today lol
Creepy People
this guy is a creep tkr1999 anyway, he's using the cerebral palsy as a reason to make you feel sorry for him and he says that he's got no sex life. Below is the excerpt from our conversation: tkr1999: your block i dont think that fucking funny ass hole ->Yo Yummy B...: lol tkr1999: beleve me this is safer ->Yo Yummy B...: never seen the aftermath but I have seen the death part tkr1999: i saw 1th hand what hiv do to people ->Yo Yummy B...: the HIV STD thing is very true, nothing to contract online! LOL tkr1999: i cant get out to date tkr1999: sure beet hiv std ->Yo Yummy B...: u won't get a sexlife online either, nobody does dear tkr1999: not even on line ->Yo Yummy B...: can't help you there hun tkr1999: i have no sex life ->Yo Yummy B...: ok. i have a friend that has CP tkr1999: i have cyablepalsy ->Yo Yummy B...: doin fine and you? tkr1999: how are you ->Yo Yummy B...: hello tkr1999: hi I have no problem with people who have disabilities. I have
Friday Change Of Plans...
Well I did have plans for Friday...secret plans...but they were canceled. I am to be at Master BigDaddy's house that nite. We are to do a Master/slave session. This shall be interesting. He told me what to wear. But I need red thongs. Red thongs are gonna look tacky with my outfit, but I must do what Master wishes. I have a pair of black thongs that would be perfect. Oh well... I went to Lion's Den. Got a crop and another thing that I will be wearing there that nite. ;) Its a secret. I tried them on and they were too small...but I fixed it to fit. :) Or figured it out I guess I should say. Still...kinda interesting. I will take a picture later. I need to get my card so I can go and do some shopping. I need to get a collar and a leash. Plus the red undies. I only got 50 out of the bank when I deposited my check and I only have 15 left from that 50. So I need more than that. I will let ya all kno how Friday nite goes. I will be taking my laptop with me to
Opec Output
OPEC looks at boosting output - Oil & Energy - This is getting profoundly stupid. The very people that told us weeks ago that there is no supply problem, that oil is bottlenecked at the refineries now say, “Some OPEC countries that have export refineries, like Kuwait ... and others, are looking if they can help ... maybe by operating their refineries at full capacity…” Excuse me? A sphincter says what? Look, here are the facts. Straight and simple. Please feel free to check and double-check them: 1) We have pumped approximately 900 billion barrels of crude from the ground. 2) There is approximately 750 billion barrels of crude left in the ground. 3) We cannot access all of that 750 (some will remain in wells that have watered over after using high pressure/high temperature steam extraction units for too long – some lies too deep below the oceans’ waters – some is simply in pockets too small to justify the cost of drilling). 4) If o
Having so much pain in the past has made me doubtful when it comes to love, they made me feel so special but in the end they left me hangin'... that's why I keep on asking "does love really last?' (",)
About Me
Name: crikle Birthday: july 7, 1983 Birthplace: texas Current Location: tennessee Eye Color: hazel Hair Color: brown, /w redish & blonde highlites Height: 5'7" Right Handed or Left Handed: right Your Heritage: mostly german & irish The Shoes You Wore Today: of course my K Swiss Your Weakness: Joe Your Fears: don't have any Your Perfect Pizza: fully loaded Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: to many to list Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: it's all good Thoughts First Waking Up: damn is it morning already Your Best Physical Feature: I would say my eyes Your Bedtime: whenever I pass out Your Most Missed Memory: my grandparents, (RIP) Pepsi or Coke: coke MacDonalds or Burger King: burger king Single or Group Dates: both Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: cappuccino Do you Smoke: yes Do you Swear: more than I should Do you Sing: yes but it's awful, lol Do you
Read This
I dont get it why does no one vote / comment / rate married men ? To clarify this , my wife is not the jealous type. She created this account for me, and added many of you for me when I didnt know what to do. So dont be afraid to talk to me or add me or rate me. She would probably thank you for it .lol. She is also on my page add her if you want she loves fans and friends. So drop me a line or two people. By the way to proove she is not jealous look at her list she has more guys than girls.
Today On World Rock Radio
Click on banner to enter lounge 10:00AM EST For requests hi me up on yahoo at brokendownbravery Click banner to visit Moose's MySpace page! 2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page! 4:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at sweetnloveable35 Click banner to visit Kazz's MySpace page! 8:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at shotdaddy2004 Click banner to visit ShotDaddy's MySpace page! 10:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at shotdaddy2004 Click banner to visit ShotDaddy's MySpace page! 12:00AM EST (Midnight) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at anthraxbio
The Wake Up Call!
The Wake Up Call! The wake up call is ringing, the question is, are we going to answer and heed its message before it is too late? The planet is being riddled with tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding, all which have claimed countless lives in the wake of its massive destruction!� The devastation that is taking place is not just happening here in the United States, it is happening all over the World, there is not an inch of soil anywhere that is safe and the sad part about all of this is that we as a unit could have done a lot more to prevent the catastrophes that are taking place and there are yet to come!� I do not care whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Witch or an Atheist, we should all share the planet equally, it is not our birth right to have dominion over the Earth, the Earth is not a possession, it was never meant for any one man or woman to own, the Earth is a gift from the Mother and it is our greatest ally and resource, however, when thing
Need A Lounge To Join?
Well please stop by Club Fantasia. One of the Most rockin Lounges in Fubar. We are 24/7 and always on the look out for new Staff. Use the Link below stop by Subscribe and sit back and enjoy.
Flaming Amazon
Flaming Amazon This one's for all you pyromaniacs out there. When your screwing some chick, right when your about to cum, you pull out and quickly grab the nearest lighter and set her pubes on fire, then...extinguish the flames with your jizz!
The Landshark
The Landshark The woman braces herself facing a wall, naked, hands against the wall, legs spread, bent over so that her ass is lusciously jutting out. (hint: She might want to wear a biking helmet and some rollerblading wrist guards to avoid serious injury.) Next, the guy also naked as well as stiff cocked, walks to the opposite end of the room, places his palms together and raises them above his head, (thus imitating the dorsal fin of a shark) and begins chanting the theme to Jaws. When given some predetermined signal, the guy sprints toward the girl at full speed with his pelvis-out, fin protruding, and rams her dead square in the ass.
The (new) Motorboat
The Motorboat While performing oral sex on a girl, flap your lips together on her clit, thus imitating the sound of a motorboat. She'll love you forever.
Sud N' Fud
Sud N' Fud When trying to bang a girl, she gives that same old story, "I not that kind of girl.", "I don't fuck on the first date.", "I'm catholic.", "Stop asshole.", etc. etc... After hearing all this bullshit, you whip out your handy bar of soap. Then lather up her armpit (or any other joint you prefer), and proceed to fuck that instead.
11 Signs You're Crazy For Someone
11 signs you're crazy for someone You walk really slow when you're with them. ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾TEN: You feel shy whenever they're around. ¢¾NINE: You smile when you hear their voice. ¢¾EIGHT: When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her. ¢¾SIX: They're all you think about. ¢¾FIVE: You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them. ¢¾FOUR: You would do anything for them, just to see them. ¢¾THREE: While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time. ¢¾TWO: You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number seven was missing ¢¾ONE: You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself. ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾
A Few Poems.. Sort Of
Tell me what you think???? _______________________________________________ LOST.... I feel lost today... I don't know why, but I do... Then I think of a new friend... That friend is you... I feel found again... I have been brought alive, arroused and inspired... I am laughing now, it doesn't feel like me.... I have found happiness and to every lock there is a key... And now my friend you have unlocked a piece of me... Thank you for finding me... _______________________________________________ GOODNITE LOVE.... Now I lay me down to sleep..... I must say I'm yours to keep..... Though sometimes you make me weep..... My heart for you will always beat..... Goodnight Love..... _______________________________________________ YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME... You say you love me... You always find ways to hurt me. You say you love me... You disregard me when I was near. You say you love me... You stray. You say you love me... You destro
Omg! It Has Been Way To Long....
I went to my Michael (master) and Kandi's house today to pick up my ATM card that I let them use and I got to meet Kandi's cousin and her husband. Michael got to show some of his Master skills and OMG. Did I miss it. I missed him beating my ass. I think I was gonna cum right then and there. But I tried to keep my composure. If he called me names or pulled my hair I think I would have lost it. I flinched at one point and I have no fucking idea why. Just blew my mind. I had never done that with him before. I feel bad and I put my hand in the way and got it nicked. He apologized for it constantly because I was crying and I was trying so hard to hold out the pain. I told him it was my fault which it was my fault. Tomorrow should be fun...I am meeting someone at 11am to see if there is any interested in getting together as swingers and at 8pm I am going to get my beating...LOL WOOHOO! I am gonna be flogged, caned, cropped and who knows what else. I have to be a good slave
This Is Too Dam Funny~~must Read
The Dam Below is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Quality, State of Pennsylvania. This guy's response is hilarious, but read the State's letter before you get to the response letter. (verified at as TRUE) SUBJECT: DEQ File No.97-59-0023; T11N; R10W, Sec. 20; Lycoming County Dear Mr. DeVries: It has come to the attention of the Department of Environmental Quality that there has been recent unauthorized activity on the above referenced parcel of property. You have been certified as the legal landowner and/or contractor who did the following unauthorized activity : Construction and maintenance of two wood debris dams across the outlet stream of Spring Pond. A permit must be issued prior to the start of this type of activity. A review of the Department's files shows that no permits have been issued. Therefore
**you Said**
You said you was completely in Love: So I gave you my Love You said I was your dream come true: So I gave you my dreams You said your Heart beats for me: So I gave you my heart You said nothing to me ever again: So I gave you my pain.
Comments Plzzzzzzz!!!
Carla by Tawny Brown © "Look, Carla, you have to come with me. Steve can't go and leave his cousin at home alone, since he invited the guy to come for a visit, and I can't go if I'm alone with them. You don't have to like him, just go. Please. Do it for me? I knew Carla would not say no to me. She never said no to me, no matter what I asked of her. But there was a reason for it. She wouldn't say no because she couldn't stand the thought of me being with someone else. The relationship we had was that way. The two of us had both turned 18 six months before. Carla was exactly seven days older than me, and always liked to remind me that she'd be the first one to reach legal drinking age, as if that made a difference for Carla. As young as we were, I don't think we really understood the dynamics of our relationship and what it meant for us then, or in our futures. We just knew that there was something short of actual electricity between us just by occupying the same room. This
Should Cheaters Get A Second Chance
Does your significant other deserve a second chance after you found out they cheated on you?
Chance Meeting
Chance Meeting by X_Chrissy_X © I was walking down the street one day on my way to the shopping mall. When I noticed this 18-year-old beauty bending over wearing this spandex-jogging suit. I Slowed to take in the full view her nice tight rounded firm ass. Her long beautiful legs as she stood up I noticed her firm 36c breasts she had a nice face red hair green eyes and a set of pout lips begging to be kissed. As I walked by I smiled at her and she smiled back I walked in front of her I bended over to pick up something I dropped so I could giver her this view and as I bended over my skirt raised giving her a view of my tight little thong hugging my ass and crotch. I looked back a little and she was staring right between my legs, which I loved. As I stood up she walked towards me and said hello my name is Karen. Hi I’m Chrissy. We exchanged pleasantries. And we decided to go get some coffee together. We sat there drinking coffee getting to know each other better. After a couple of
Chrissy's Story Ch. 01
Chrissy's Story Ch. 01 by CuriouslyDreaming © I had met Tina at a club rally in high school. She was beautiful and popular, and to be honest, I was in awe that someone of her beauty and rank would befriend a mousy little want to be like myself. She never really made it seem that she was in control of me, but my need to please and keep such a high ranking friend led me to doing many things for her I would never have considered doing for anyone else. I became her alibi when she needed one, backing up her tales to her parents of all the things we had done together, when almost every time, she had been with her boyfriend enjoying the feel of his athletic body (he was football team captain) on and in hers. There were many times she would tell her parents that she was spending the night with me, but had really been with Steve. There were a few times, however, when he could come up with no valid excuse to be gone for the night for his parents, that she would spend hours with him, then
Consequences by BlueMoonWriter © Disclaimers: The characters are mine, the story is mine. Love/Sex: Yes on both accounts, between two adult women. The sex is a little on the rough side and at some point may even seem nonconsensual, but it becomes so, eventually. * The sound of the door slamming rang throughout the apartment. The walls shuddered from the intensity. The look on the angry woman's face, standing in the doorway, provided any needed explanations for the unexpected outburst. Her black hair hung wildly down her back as her ice blue eyes seared anything and anyone who happened to stumble in her way. Anger seethed out of her, rippled through her body and unto other entities in her proximity. Her steps were measured as she made her way toward the living room sofa. Throwing her keys on the couch, she walked to the refrigerator, pulling it open in a brusque move. A short, blonde haired woman rushed into the kitchen at the startling sound. Wide eyed with worry
Lakeside Lust
Lakeside Lust by Lia Monde © My cousin Tessa and I are eighteen. Each summer, we spend time together at our grandparent's vacation place on the lake. It is isolated, but beautiful. Lots of woods and a long, but manageable, bike ride to town. Our grandparents are friendly, relaxed and easy to live with. We have to help with some chores, but most of the time is just having fun. I'm thin, short and, as with many in my family, a late developer, so not fully developed. Tessa is the opposite. She has long legs, the athletic build of the swimmer she is and good sized breasts. I wore my brown hair long and in a loose ponytail. Although not as bad as many girls, I spent a lot of time trying to get it right. Tessa never had that problem. Much to the dismay of her parents, she kept her red hair cropped short. However, with a simple shake of her head, it seemed to fall just right and always looked both slightly tousled and sexy. To be honest, she had the body I wished to grow into. I also a
Feel Good Fridayday
It's feel good friday so everybody go out and have a great time for me since I am stuck in the desert again! and ladies if you deem in necessary to send me any pictures to boost moral feel free to do so! I won't mind at all I promise
A Real Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.)A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his Woman first. 2.) A REAL MAN raises his kids, not JUST out of pocket either. 3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself. 4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN. 5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises 6.) A REAL MAN calls you BEAUTIFUL, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck. 8.) A REAL MAN CALLS U on a daily basis - NO MATTER HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS. 9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you OR WHAT HIS FRIENDS THINK OF YOU! 10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick of you. 11.) A REAL MAN comes over JUST to watch movies with you. 12.) A REAL MAN kisses you on the forehead just because. 13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He tells you what's real. 14.) A REAL MAN should be treated like one. 15.) A REAL MAN doesn't ask question
Re: New Eyewitness To Wtc Basement Level Explosions
RE: New Eyewitness To WTC Basement Level Explosions ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 12 Oct 2007, 06:43 New Eyewitness To WTC Basement Level Explosions A new eyewitness who was working in the WTC on 9/11 has gone on record to describe how he heard multiple grenade-like explosions around the basement levels of the north tower, backing up William Rodriguez' story, the WTC janitor who reported explosions before the first plane hit the tower.
Shout Out You Souls Feelings
The belief of love is there The thought of love is scary To have love is prayed for To get love is feared We all fall in love Everyone falls out of love But when you find that true love How do you know We feel it We hear it We smell it We dream of it But when we have it We run from it Everyone dreams of it daily But if we find it It scares the hell out of us Most of us do one of three things Embrace it cause fear of none Is worse then the fear of loosing Run from it cause We dont want to feel the hurt again Or except it but put up a wall cause we feel if we dont let them to close It wont hurt so bad I believe it will hurt just as bad Which ever way you choose If you loose who you believe is That one and only true Either cause they wasnt and we learned lived and will always love again or cause of the regret that we let That one get away or cause the wall was so strong And we where so scared we lost them before we let them in to cl
Sorry,homie Don't Play That Way!
Ok,personal pet peeve of mine is the whole entire Ghetto Gangsta Rap took a crap in my pants look!...You know the oversized sportswear,hat flipped sideways,etc.!...Why do peeps feel like they are and look like hot shit like this??.....I guarantee it's cause they're too stoopid to know any better!....What you get when your hat size matches your IQ!......Ya think??...Peace out my homies,word to ya Mutha!...LMAO
New Job (revised)
so I had this sweet job all lined up and waiting for me. But there was a snag. Thanks to the boneheads at the Nevada fucking DMV, I can't take that job. Those stupid bastards said my licence was reinstated, only to find out it wasn't. Now, I have to pay them $107.00 to get my fucking licence reinstated. Its a small matter now, JB Hunt recended their job offer. I fucking hate beaurocracy. If it weren't for the fear of being arrested, I'd make a few threatening statements tword the DMV and any other office that might be involved in this mess. I hate them all!
You Put Up A Wall
I try to be something special to you, but you put up a wall, I remind myself of love so true, gotta learn I can't walk before I crawl, hurting when you say I wont lose a special place in your heart, and yet it seems you put up a wall, I feel so insecure and think that it's all busting apart, all life has ever made me do is wanna fall, to my knees when I lose someone special like my boo, but even when I express you put up a wall, I keep trying to tell myself its not true, but I don't want to be the one who is stuck with the ball, becoming hopelessly insecure when your around, I left my guard down and you still put up a wall, if you dont want to talk to me then just let me hit the ground, from my never ending journey that down on my fall, I would rather love and lose, with you putting up your wall, cause it will eventually become like a bruise, on your heart and come crashing down with no mercy at all.
Poem That Describes Me
I'm the GUY who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears. .. I'm the GUY who still thinks you're sexy COVERED IN DIRT wearing your work clothes and boots. I'm the GUY who WONT pressure you to do things you DONT want to. I'm the GUY who kisses you on the forehead. I'm the GUY who doesn't kiss and tell. I'm the GUY who actually listens to you when you talk. I'm the GUY who's excited ALL day because I'm looking forward to our date that night. I'm the GUY who is content to just be able to hold you and wants nothing more. I'm the GUY who can't help but smile when you walk into the room. I'm the GUY who melts every time you stare at him beneath loose strands of hair. I'm the GUY who's perfectly content with staying in and watching movies and cuddling. I'm the GUY who won't lie to you (ever, about anything)--including where I'm going or where I've been or who I've been with. I'm the GUY who gets butterflies when I hear your name. I'm the GU
Why I Brew My Herbals For 6 Weeks
Most of my honeys, vinegars, oils, and tinctures are brewed for at least six weeks. I was taught to do it this way by Susun Weed, my first herbal teacher, but it took a while before I understood why. Other herbalists frequently suggest only a couple weeks brewing time. And I have even read many that recommend making infused oil by heating it with the herb for only a few hours before straining it and bottling it for use. So why then, when there are other less time intensive ways that many use successfully, do I continue to use the six week method? Well, it’s about aligning the subtle energy of the earth’s and the moon’s cycles with my medicines, which I have come to believe makes them more potent. The moon has a powerful effect on the cycles of Earth and her population. An obvious example is the moon’s influence on the ocean tides. It moves billions of gallons of water on the Earth’s surface by simply moving past — that seems pretty powerful to me! There is also evidence tha
Puzzle Box
~Puzzle Box~ I remember when we met- The tears you wept Your salty sweat The way you smoked your cigarette your silhouette orgasmic wet. Your tourniquet of flesh and thread- The web you kept aligned and spread ~This keeps spinning in my head~ The needle pierced your fears, A mere projection of your cheers A fierce reflection of your tears, and I pierced right on through so that I could rush inside you and taste your heaven blue chaotic truth. Eloquently chaotically I wait for you with senses sprawled and my soul a gaping hole towards which I crawl in which I fall until I lay out cold and all these walls are close enough to crush my form. And even though you and I have passed and time has stopped our ticking clocks I'll wait for you Inside this box.
Happy Halloween!!!
A black baby was given wings by God. The baby asked, "Does this mean I am an angel?" God Laughed and said, "Naw nigga u's a bat.... Happy Halloween!!!"
Touch the Darkness @
Random Darkness
Random Darkness I've cried so many tears, Half of them fell without reason. Seemingly out of spite cause at the moment, It was not tear season. And Im trying to face them, Yet I'm think I'm still running away. Trying to hide them, Yet they force themsleves out anyway. If I cant face and can't run, Can I ever defeat it? Can I ever stop running, Stop running from the darkness that chases with no reason? 9/07/2007
USS Missouri, a 45,000 ton Iowa class battleship built by the New York Navy Yard, was commissioned on 11 June 1944. She spent the remainder of that year preparing for combat, transiting to the Pacific in November. Arriving in the war zone in January 1945, Missouri supported the Iwo Jima invasion, the Ryukyus campaign and raids on Japan's home islands during the following months. In May, she became Third Fleet flagship and was the site of the 2 September 1945 Japanese surrender ceremony that ended World War II. Following the end of hostilities, Missouri returned to the United States, participating in a great naval review at New York in October 1945. In March 1946, she went to the Mediterranean on a diplomatic mission. Through the rest of the 1940s and into 1950, the battleship operated extensively in the Atlantic area. She was the centerpiece of a major grounding incident off Hampton Roads, Virginia, in January 1950 but was quickly repaired and returned to service. Missouri was th
The Power Of Communication
ok so for the first time in a long time i broke down and got a cell phone again.hate the damnable things but i need to stay connected to certain people(hey lor,,,loves you babe!lol)and so i went and ate the expense.not to bad a phone realy,can take pictures so i can send some stuff from around town to some of my friends abroad.guess ill just have to get used to being dragged into the 21st century.
Lyrics To My New Jam
"Bartender" (feat. Akon) [Intro - T-Pain] Yeah... Uh-Huh... Yeah... Yeah... [Verse 1 - T-Pain] Broke up with my girl last night so I went to the club (so I went to the club) Put on a fresh white suit and a MiniCoop sitting on dubs (sitting on dubs) I'm just looking for somebody to talk to and show me some love (show me some love) If you know what I mean... Uh-Huh... Everybody's jackin' me as soon as I stepped in the spot (I stepped in the spot) 200 bitches and man ain't none of them hot (ain't none of them hot) 'Cept for this pretty young thang that was workin' all the way at the top (all the way at the top) Shawty what is your name? [Hook (T-Pain):] Oh she made us drinks, to drink We drunk 'em, got drunk And then I think she thinks I'm cool She gave me a wink, I winked back And then I think that, we hit it off something proper like... [Chorus (T-Pain):] I like the bartender (Oh if you're lookin' for me) I'm at the bar with her (Uh-huh, OK) I like the
Relationships And Confusion
The Letter I Never Sent Dear Shane, I'm not quite sure where to begin; I know these past few months has been a mess, both our faults, I'm not just directing that to you. I have had ten million things run through my mind these past few months, and I am going to try and get a few of them out right now. For one, I do cherish your friendship, like I said in one of my e-mails, you and I have shared things and conversations about our lives, our families that I would never with anyone else. The main reason for that is because I trust you, and you listen to me, as I do to you. I can say that I have had some of the most wonderful times with you that I have ever had in my entire life, so much laughing and smiling. I had told you once before that when you talk I hold onto every word that comes out of your mouth and it's like they are engraved in the back of my mind forever. I can't answer why you have that affect on me; maybe it's the fact that we have become such good friends. To be q
Wondering How You Are.
Sean... It's been awhile since I've seen you last. It's amazing how quickly the times have passed. So much changes as time progresses, So much shit has happened, so damn fast. I hope life is good for you, and that is all is going fine. I must have prayed for you at least thousand times. Since we split, I haven't changed too much, just working... trying to get by... (you know the such and such) It would be a lie to say that you haven't crossed my mind. No one will ever compare to you. I can't imagine someone even come close. I'm still confused about how I feel, I don't even know. It's not easy to wake up and see your'e empty side of the bed... Or to go on and smile, when I want to cry instead. You mean the world to me, ****, No matter how much different we've become. I'll always love you. You were the one.
"no Bounds"
"Timeless" I would kill, I will for you. I would die, I will for you. I would fight, I will for you. I would fly, I will for you. I would give up, I will for you. I would climb up the highest mountain, only to fall . I will for you. I will breathe again, I will for you. I will love again; My heart will beat again; I will live again, I will for you.
When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, she suffered underwater damage from nearby bomb and torpedo explosions, gradually rolled onto her port side and sank. Salvaged and given interim repairs during 1942, she left Hawaii for the west coast late in the year. Through 1943 and into 1944, the old ship was permanently repaired and converted to an internal combustion engine repair ship. She was redesignated ARG-1 in May 1943 and recommissioned at the end of February 1944. After arriving at Milne Bay, New Guinea, in April 1944, Oglala began tending patrol, mine and landing craft. She shifted her base to Hollandia, New Guinea, in July and to Leyte, Philippine Islands, in December 1944. Returning the the U.S. west coast in early 1946, Oglala was decommissioned in July of that year and transferred to Maritime Commission custody. She remained in reserve until September 1965, when she was sold for scrapping
Work, Work And Well More Work
To all my friends, I am sorry if it seems I don't keep in touch much lately. I have been working alot more than usual. I will hopefully get time soon to get back in touch with alot of you. I get to go home on the first and visit all my family so I will not be online at all for a couple weeks but everyone will live lol! I am exausted so I am going to bed, I have to be up in 4 hrs to go back to work and I just got off work is it just lovely? Keep in touch with me and I will get back with ya asap I promise! Hugs to all!!! P.S SPLIT SHIFTS SUCK WHEN YOU WORK IN A BAR! Much Love, Jaime
High School Stereotype
What's Your High School Stereotype?created with QuizFarm.comYou scored as Punk/Rebel Punk/Rebel100% Loner94% Stoner69% Goth56% Drama nerd38% Geek38% Ghetto gangsta31% Prep/Jock/Cheerleader6%
History Of England And Russia During Wwii
Speaking to a friend from England this morning brought back memories of when I visited London and saw some of the marks of WWII. I recalled the history of Hitler’s bombardment of London and his arrogant remark that he would wring Churchill’s neck like a chicken when he invaded England. After so much bombardment, day after day, and devastation on that city, he was about to cross the English channel to carry out his cruel intention when all of a sudden, like a sudden change in the weather, he turned on his alley, Russia and invaded Leningrad (today’s St. Petersburg, I believe). What a great mistake! Oh, the spirit of the Russian people, who withstood and endured it through the winter, and held off his fierce attach. Daily bombardment on that city, and every day the people’s crushed spirits were enlivened by the music of the Russian anthem that rang out through the entire city. I can still hear the sound from when I studied it in college. In the end it was Hitler who was crushed by hi
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The Show....
Well last nite I got my beating. Gods did it feel good. I had missed it for soooo long. I need to be good. LOL. Kinda hard sometimes. Hell all the time. I got spanked, flogged and cropped. Hopefully I was a good little slut for Master. I wore my outfit like he asked me to. Hopefully it was pleasing to him. He seemed to like it. I obeyed him. I got into subspace. Damn did I miss that too. Its like a drug...I just forgot how much I missed it. I put on a show for his friends. I was also ordered to let them have control. Only thing I didnt care for was a Domme. I just cant stand women doms. They are meaner than men...IMO. My head is fucking sore from all the hair pulling. Now I like my hair pulled YES but not all the fucking time. There are other points on my body to smacking my ass...face what have you...just NO hair fucking pulling for 15 mins straight! Master does a good job when he pulls my hair. But get a female dom to do it and its like do I have ha
Groupie Note #1
Groupies Unite! A groupie is a person who, while he/she may be a fan at some level, seeks intimacy (most often physical, sometimes emotional) with a famous person. “I was backstage at a concert of this band that had a big hit ballad about schoolkids. During the set the lead singer accidentally walked right into me. He was very apologetic and invited me to hang out. Back in his hotel room, he offered me a drink, but it was Jack Daniel’s right out of the bottle—very rock’n’roll. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then said, ‘You don’t mind, do you?’ before going right for my mouth, holding me by my hair. It was very hot. Eventually, he leaned me back and gave me long, deep kisses. His hands wandered down to my pants, and whew! Mind-blowing. I rolled over and straddled him, and he stood up and carried me to the bed with my legs wrapped around him. The bed was huge, with dark red satin sheets and tons of soft pillows. We went all night in that big red bed.”—Anna Wh
Greetings and well met, Use the link to view my BOS, while your there, please feel free to have a look around and enjoy.
My Account
i want to thank everyone thats helping me get my new account started. special thank you to my baby for giving me a reason to start a new account... ty sinful... i
What Do I Doo
My boyfirend is leavein to go to alaska he wont be back till sunday october 21 and i wont be able to see him till tuesday october 23 and i am goin to fell so alone without the love of my life here ill feel so empty inside cuz he was always by my side its not goin to feel the same anymore i am afraid for him to go I feel so alone what do i do
The moon shines through my window My clock strikes 3 a.m. The knife sits on my night stand And i slowly count to ten Number 1 is: Sorry That i wont be there for you Number 2 is: Crying From the things that i've been through Number 3 is: Hurting From the things you said to me Number 4 is: Flying For my pain is finally free Number 5 is: Blackness Which is now my only light Number 6 is: Frightening From the things i feel at night Number 7 is: Blood Which is soaked into the floor Number 8 is: Body Which is cut up to the core Number 9 is : Breathing For my body lays there dead Number 10 is: Thank You Its the last thing that i said
Al Gore's Bloviating Contributes To Global Warming
Five Norwegians gave a prize to Al Gore, and all the world is supposed to heed his counsel henceforth. No, thanks. Alfred Nobel felt horrible about the uses to which his invention -- dynamite -- was put. So he endowed the Nobel Peace Prize and instructed that it go "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Al Gore has done exactly none of those things. Gore, however, did write a book and make a film about global warming. He has become the second environmental activist to win the peace prize in the past four years. Wangari Muta Maathai won it in 2004 for planting trees. Thus we have indisputable confirmation that the Nobel Peace Prize is no longer a serious international award. In 1994 the five Norwegian politicians who award the prize gave it to the murdering thug Yasser Arafat. Two years before that they gave it to
I don't really want to say goodbye I don't really want to leave you But now I have to go away Stay away from you forever What we had was something special Deep down from our hearts But now I have to go away And leave you from my heart
Angels On The Internet
All the angels on the internet, The toughest times you've seen me through, The best of friends, yet we've never met. The tears we've shared I will not regret, My greatest sorrows you helped subdue, All the angels on the internet. You've stood by my side, I will not forget, No other friends have been as true, The best of friends, yet we've never met. The healing's begun, but not done yet, As through our pain, our hope we renew, All the angels on the internet. We've grown in strength, we'll not be upset, Glorious new dreams we now pursue, The best of friends, yet we've never met. Your reward in heaven a coronet, The glory of love is surely your due, All the angels on the internet, The best of friends, yet we've never met.
For The One I Love
FOR THE ONE I LOVE By Leslie W. B. I will never leave your side. I'll be the best friend you ever had. I will not take what is yours And claim it as my own. I will encourage you in all your endeavors, And cry with you with each disappointment. When you are afraid, I will hold you close. And when you need your space, I will leave with respect. I will celebrate your triumphs . And I will mourn each loss with you. I will be your mantle and hold you up when you can't stand. I will be your legs when you can't walk. I will shine the light so you can see, And go before you to keep you safe. I will honor your dignity, And never let anyone rob you of that. I will be the best friend you ever had, Because I love you.
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Wtf Lol!!!
Alright - so I'm new to this - right? I check this gal out - tell her welcome to fubar etc - being polite N all. Give her a good rating become her fan etc. No BIG DEAL. Well - accidentally - I ripped her only photo (which was prolly a total fake) and it ended up in MY photo's. Opps! LOL!!! She leaves a comment (???) to which I reply to her ??? with - ??? Right back at yah! She then rates my picture as a "1" (her own photo apparently) and then bans me from viewing her profile again LOL!!!!! Man - I hope anal retention doesn't come in flocks - cause that made absolutely NO SENSE LOL Anyways - so far so good - meeting some great people and having a great time - thanks! Marcus
Who Likes
SEX? Please leave a message answer. Thank you
Bombing For Candy
Wicked Storm Crew Member Candy is in a contest of her own she needs 95,000 comments to get a Months Blast. Hit her up, No time limit on Contest!! Here is the link to this sweet lady's contest... Get this widget | Track details | eSnips Social DNA
Why is it when I'm bored I can't get sex off my mind? Actually, I never get sex off my mind its always there somewhere. I don't think I'm an attic because I don't sleep around. But I must admit I love sex, anywhere,anytime,Kinky, S&M, bondage all of it,and I love to write about it. I love penis, in my mouth in me anyway or anyhow, or anywhere. Am I bad person for this?
Sunday Funnies
These are actual comments made on students' report cards by teachers in the New York city public school system. All teachers were reprimanded but, boy, are these funny! 1. Since my last report, your child has reached rock bottom and has started to dig. 2. I would not allow this student to breed. 3. Your child has delusions of adequacy. 4. Your son is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. 5.Your son sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them. 6. The student has a "full six-pack" but lacks the plastic thing to hold it all together. 7. This child has been working with glue too much. 8. When your daughter's IQ reaches 50, she should sell. 9. The gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train isn't coming. 10. If this student were any more stupid, he'd have to be watered twice a week. 11. It's impossible to believe the sperm that created this child beat out 1,000,000 others. 12. The wheel is turnin
after much blah blah blahing about it we have set our wedding date and location, oct/18/2008 in albama
Long Time Gone
Been a long time gone....just sort of lost track of this site and since I ma really not a social person at heart...who all is surprised at that? After all only a couple of people have read this at all and it really is not important, just like the rest of my life. Lots of people have important lives, but I really do not thik that I do. Now don't take this wrong, I am not looking to kill myself. But people with spouses (I believe that gays should mess their lives up with marriage just like us straight people) and children have very important lives. They all have people who's lives will be directly impacted by their loss. Not me. If I were not around the only people who's lives would be directly impacted would be my parents. I do not have a wife or kids (and not likely to at this point in my life) and really only see any of my siblings of their families once a year at most. So none of them would be impacted by my not being around. I have some close friends, but really how of
This Song Goes To My Next G/f Whoever She Is
Chingy Videos | Ringtones | Minneapolis Real Estate
So I went to go see her yesterday and she does look pretty bad. she's so thin. She doesn't look like herself. I expected it though, considering I've seen 3 people in my family with cancer in the past 3 years and I know how bad they looked. She's getting around okay so far. She told me yesterday to have everyone pray for her. She's not giving up. She told me she's gonna fight it. I did good not to cry yesterday. Chrissy, her daughter-my friend [more like my sister, since we grew up together] got there around 10 minutes after me yesterday and she had the baby with her.. and he's so little. I think it lifted everyone's spirits to see her and the baby. Chrissy is going to stay in town until Lisa passes. Chrissy is going to have power of attorney.. and she's going to be the one who does the funeral arrangements and sells Lisa's house, and pays her debts and everything. Give her strength to get through this. It's going to be really hard for her. I stayed for about an hour and I told Lisa tha
Libra Hmmmm Lol
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 15,2007 Your mind feels a bit more free, thanks to a few mundane considerations that are at least temporarily out of your purview. Think long-term, or explore a few spiritual concepts that have made you curious.
So some little updates I work at Walmart now and ya know what I actually enjoy my job. I work with some very interesting people. Thats all I will say about them. But this store I think I actually found a shift with no high school bull. But then again I have been keeping to myself. I take all my breaks and lunches by myself because right now I am trying to figure things out and trying to get a place of my own. As for me and my special someone well lets put it this way. I care for him and I dont care who knows it. I feel so safe and like nothing can go wrong when he is around me. I cant believe it that after basically losing my heart to someone who couldnt be trusted here I am falling for someone yet again. I just cant believe it. Okay well I guess thats it for now. I will write more later. Much loves to all and mostly to him.
Not Understood
Not Understood A Poem by Thomas Bracken Not understood, we move along asunder; Our paths grow wider as the seasons creep Along the years; we marvel and we wonder Why life is life, and then we fall asleep Not understood. Not understood, we gather false impressions And hug them closer as the years go by; Till virtues often seem to us transgressions; And thus men rise and fall, and live and die Not understood. Not understood! Poor souls with stunted vision Oft measure giants with their narrow gauge; The poisoned shafts of falsehood and derision Are oft impelled 'gainst those who mould the age, Not understood. Not understood! The secret springs of action Which lie beneath the surface and the show, Are disregarded; with self-satisfaction We judge our neighbours, and they often go Not understood. Not understood! How trifles often change us! The thoughtless sentence and the fancied slight Destroy long years of friendship, and estrange us, And on our
I love writing, yet, I feel funny wrting blogs here. What story is there to tell. It's a networking page. O.K. So, who uses this to network beyond the computer? Any good stories out there?
Want To Go Ice Fishing ?
My Cat Runned Away ~pout~
My friend's asshole exroommate let my cat out yesterday and she still hasn't come home. I afraid of what might have happened to my poor baby. I'm so sad!!!!
Fate, Death And Grief
Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of Annabel Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. I was a child and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea: But we loved with a love that was more than love-- I and my Annabel Lee; With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven Coveted her and me. And this was the reason that, long ago, In this kingdom by the sea, A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling My beautiful Annabel Lee; So that her highborn kinsman came And bore her away from me, To shut her up in a sepulchre In this kingdom by the sea. The angels, not half so happy in heaven, Went envying her and me-- Yes!--that was the reason (as all men know, In this kingdom by the sea) That the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.
Harley Event (come Show Support For The Inside Out Band)
The Man Rules­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
The Man Rules­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story. ( I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear " the rules" From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1 " ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost e
I can hardly believe all this is happening. When we met I thought it would be no more than a physical thing and I'd be done. he tried to warn me, he told me" You gonna fuck around and fall in love with me." I told him "It might be the other way around, you might fall in love with me." Look where I am now helplessly in love with this man, this God, this king. he completes my world and with him I am satisfied I want nothing about him to change especially the way he loves me. This morning he called me it was 5:09am on the nose I had only been asleep for about 2 hours. The phone rings I answered it was him immediately my panties got wet cause I knew why he was calling. He said" I wanna come see you is it o.k?" My reply was simple" YES." I had been calling him the whole night while I was out with my girlfriend I couldn't even enjoy myself because I was feenen so hard for some of his sweet lovin. Needless to say I hopped out of bed and began to prepare myself to receive him. I
My First Blog....
I'm new to this so every little help would be appreciated....Any news is good news and any hottie is most definitely welcome
Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Sayyyyy........
Orpik To Play
October 15, 2007 Penguins' Orpik cleared to play despite concussion Associated Press Oct 15, 2007, 6:16 PM EDT PITTSBURGH (AP) -Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik sustained a concussion while being leveled during Saturday's game in Toronto but is expected to play Wednesday against New Jersey. Pittsburgh coach Michel Therrien said Orpik passed a neuropsychological test and was cleared to resume playing. Orpik didn't practice Monday. Orpik was hurt while trying to check Maple Leafs forward Simon Gamache, who appeared to hit Orpik with his stick and forearm. Orpik dropped to the ice and stayed there for several minutes before being assisted to the locker room. Also held out of practice Monday were defenseman Darryl Sydor (groin) and right wing Georges Laraque (groin). Sydor expects to play Wednesday, while Laraque is listed as day to day. Backup goalie Dany Sabourin, who received stitches in his head to close a cut that occurred during Saturday's game, returned to pract
Some people think I' may be having a stroke.. WebMD says I have acute glacoma (hell yeh, bring on the mary jane) The Dr. says vertigo. MY BODY SAYS THERE IS SOMETHING FUCKING WRONG WITH ME AND IT'S NOT DAMN VERTIGO!!!
In the darkness she sits…. Alone, the shadows scattered about her, She sits a smile on her lips… She stares at the wall before her. Her eyes sparkle in the candlelight that dances about her this night…. Shadows dancing…. The flicker of the flames about her dart over the wall, her eyes search the images there…. Her soul awakens, her mind and heart roaming about in the darkness, free now…. Dancing in the shadows… She listens…. The sound of her own heart beating…. An ache inside of her grows as she listens to the beating inside of her. Her heart pure and full of a dream she knows so well, one she believes in so strong… It is within her, wanting out… She wonders…. As she gazes ahead, her mind wanders once more into places she knows so well. The comfort of the shadows as they dance about her make her feel at ease…. Happiness is born as she sits and feels what is coming…. closer and closer. The quiet surrounds her…..
Yes, I Believe In You?
If you love God and you're not ashamed of him, repost this and see what he does for you tonight... ************************* *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** **888888888888888888888** **888888888888888888888** **888888888888888888888** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** ************************* Repost this saying: "Delete her!!!" Remember, the Bible says: "IF YOU DENY ME BEFORE MAN, THEN I WILL DENY YOU BEFORE MY FATHER
Family Affair Pt 2
All the next day James kept pulling the card out and looking at thinking about what he should do. He wanted to call him but didnt think he should. With the phone in one hand and the card in the other he just sat there and thought. Finally he dialed the phone and put it to his ear. He sat there listening to it ring, his heart beating loudly in his chest. Three rings, four rings, five rings, just when he was about to hang up, "hello?" the Familiar voice spoke up. "Its me, James." He replied. "Ive been waiting for you to call me all......" I know I know" James interupted. "Im sorry I meant to call you earlier but I've been busy" "you want to come over?" they asked. "Skye, I got to do one more thing before I come over then I will, ok?" "Ok, call me before you come over." She replies. James hangs up the phone takes a deep breath and starts dialing the number on the card. With each second his heart beats louder. "I knew you would call, sooner or later I knew you would" Came his voice over th
Dreamy Dreams
I dream of how it used to feel when you were with me baby I dream of the taste of coffee from your wet lips everytime you kiss me I dream of the voice that cannot be ignored and sometimes shake me I dream of kissing your arms on my side while your face is above me I dream of the smile that greets me hi and your kiss of goodbye I dream of your laugh, the glits in your eye I dream of the music you make in my heart I dream of being with you, even when we're apart I dream of your skin that feels soft and warm I dream of your ways, I dream of your charms I dream of dreaming of you, all day and all night I dream so i can see you, even if you're out of sight I dream that this dream with you is never ending I dream that my heart that keeps you is never ending I dream of seeing your name call on my phone I dream you still love me and didn't leave me alone I dream of your face beside mine in the mirror I dream i'm not dreaming so i can see you
Random Ha Ha
POSSIBLY THE VERY BEST CHICKEN JOKE EVER A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning against the headboard smoking a cigarette, with a satisfied smile on its face. The egg, looking a bit pissed off, grabs the sheet, rolls over, and says, "Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question. If anyone needs it explained - read it a second time
At Kindergarten...
Things I've learned in kindergarten that are still useful today: - share your food. - play fair. - don't hit people. - put things back where you found them. - don't create mess. - don't use crayons on the wall. - don't take things that aren't yours. - say sorry when you hurt somebody. - flush. - warm cookies and cold milk are good for you. - live a balanced life. - learn, play, enjoy, sing, dance. - beware of strangers. and most of all... When you go out of the real world, make sure someone is holding your hand. (",)
This Is About Right...
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
I Want To Be With You
I sit here in the night Staring into the heavens above. Wondering if I'm lucky enough To be given your love. Even though I met you Just a few days before. I have learned so much of who you are And thirst to learn even more. I want to share my world with you, All the smiles and all the tears. I want to learn to trust again; Something I haven't done in years. You are very special to me, You have kindled something new. I want to feel loved in my life, I want to be with you.
On And Off Fubar
We have company coming over for the weekend so we won't be on much if at all so don't think we feel off the earth. lol Just thought we would let you all know. Thanks.
Womans Poem
I have my legs I sit down to pee And I can justify Any shopping spree Don't go to a barber But a beauty salon I can get a massage Without a hard-on I can balance a checkbook I can pump my own gas I can talk to my friend About the size of my ass My beauty's a masterpiece And yes it takes long At least I can admit To others when I'm wrong I don't drive in circles At any cost And I don't have a problem Admitting I'm lost I never forget An important date You just gotta deal with it I'm usually late I don't watch movies With lots of gore Don't need instant replay To remember the score I won't lose my hair I don't get jock itch And just cause I'm assertive Don't call me a bitch Got this from a friend lol thought i was cute Don't say to your friends Oh yeah, I can get her In your dreams my dear I can do better Flowers are okay But jewelry’s best Look at me you idiot Not at my chest I don't have a problem With expressing my feelin
Witches Rune
Darksome night and shining moon, Hearken to the witches' rune. East, then south, west then north, Here come I to call the forth. Earth and water, air and fire, Work ye unto my desire. Wand and Pentacle and Sword Hearken ye unto my word. Cords and Censer, Scourge and Knife, Waken all ye into life. Powers of the Witches Blade, Come ye as the charm is made. Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, Lend your aid unto the spell. Horned Hunter of the Night, Work my will by magic rite. By all the power of land and sea, As I do will, so mote it be. By all the might of moon and sun, Chant the spell and be it done.
Two Questions.....
Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion??? Read the next question before looking at the answer for this one. Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three leading candidates. Candidate A - Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologists. He's had two Mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day. Candidate B - He was kicked ou t of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening. Candidate C - He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. Which of these candidates would be your Choice? Decide first, no peeking, then scroll down for the answer.
Persective On Life
You think life is tough??? Walk a mile in their shoes. You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. You complain about how hot it is. He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow. You go out to lunch, and complain because t
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Let's Party
GET YA ASS IN HERE AND CHECK OUT YA BOY L.O.C. LIVE @ THE BLUE LOUNGE DJ L.O.C.~~Owner/DJ JUST CLICK HERE AND ENTER THE (BLUE) LOUNGE (repost of original by 'DJ L.O.C.~Evil Angel's Fu-Fiance~ Owner The Blue Lounge~' on '2007-10-17 00:09:40') (repost of original by '¢¾MaMaSiTa¢¾MiJa¢¾Personel Assistant for DJ L .O.C @ The Blue Lounge¢¾' on '2007-10-17 00:13:17') (repost of original by 'DJ L.O.C.~Evil Angel's Fu-Fiance~ Owner The Blue Lounge~' on '2007-10-17 03:18:52')
Thingy Thing By Muck Sticky
Blink Away The Tears
Blinkk away the tears. As I leap from this thing called life, I gaze out but see no beauty I cry out but there is no voice whispering my name I listen but there is no ear to here my plea I grasp but there are no fingers to catch me And as I fall in to this place of darkness I blinkkaway the tears. Rachel M Miles Copyright ©2006 Rachel M Miles ( blinkk was my first screen name)
Savin' Me
Music Video:WHAT HURTS THE MOST (by Rascal Flatts)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Nationwide Revolt Against Dangerous Vaccines Accelerates
Nationwide Revolt Against Dangerous Vaccines AcceleratesGrowing number of parents opting out following Jenny McCarthy media blitz about link to autismPrison Planet | October 18, 2007Paul Joseph WatsonConcerned parents across the U.S. are leading a nationwide revolt against unnecessary, untested and dangerous vaccines as CDC records show a growing amount of religious exemptions on vaccine forms, following a media blitz by Jenny McCarthy in which she blamed a vaccine for causing her son's autism.Far from the biased and prejudiced context in which the Associated Press headline framed it - 'Parents take a shot at lying on vaccine forms' - the move comes as a result of increased understanding and education about the dangers of vaccines.Most recently, actress and model Jenny McCarthy's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show and numerous other prime time TV programs has spurred women to seriously investigate the link between autism in babies and young children and vaccinations.McCarthy's new bo
Real Fucking Bright
it took yall more time to report my mumm when yall could of just easily passed by it.IDIOTS!!! and yall know good and well it didn't hurt i can't write mumms because ppl have nothing else better to do.plain fucking childish and you can report this goddamn blog too. grown ppl acting like kids.FUCK YALL!!!!
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 19,2007 Your social energy is just about perfect right now -- and for you, that means quite a lot! It's a great time to reconcile with those who've wronged you, or maybe to forge newer and stronger connections.
Sucks Being Dead
Being dead sucks. I can't drink or shoot up or even score with hookers. I shoulda thought this through first.
Would You??
MARK ALL THAT APPLY [] [] 3.kiss? [] 4.lick? [] 5.touch ? [] 6.hate? [] [] 8.strip for? [] 9.stare at? [] 10.marry? [] 11.please? [] 12.tease? [] 13.go out with? [] 14.make out? [] 15.suck? [] 16.fight? [] [] 18.hug? [] with? [] 20.hurt? [] 21.have sex with? []
Ensign: Online Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 19 October 2007 For those of us who haven't lived under rocks for the last decade and a half or so, it's well nigh impossible to have escaped either hearing of or using the Internet. (Which Al Gore did not invent, by the way . . . the idea of an interlinked yet decentralized network dates to a United States Department of Defense plan of the late 1950s.) The last decade in particular have seen a rise of social networking that's just incredible. Besides being able to exchange ideas and information all over the world practically instantaneously -- at least, as fast as we can type and hit "Send" -- we meet and greet people from all walks of life through comments, emails, chat rooms, etc. from all walks of life who we probably will ne
This Poem I Wrote Was Published
I received my poetry book today..Page 1 my poem! Fall Apart My world comes to a screeching hault,my family falls apart and it isn't my fault. When the rock solid floor you have stood on for years all of a sudden just dissapears, you find a ledge and hold on for dear life. When my mother becomes "Irene" longer my father's wife. Forever Spoken ~ Ryann
Patriots Vs Dallas Week 6 ( 48 To 27 Victory Baby)
Confused And So Much More
It’s hard to explain how I feel I guess you could say it’s sort of like flying But not how most everybody pictures flying to be It’s not quite that great of an experience For me, it’s a struggle I’m continually soaring through the air Not knowing where I’m going Some moments, I start diving back to earth Those moments make me wish to die before I hit the ground Before I smash into a million little pieces Before I reach my end Then, other times, I keep flying, higher and higher So high I’m out of control and I can’t even see the ground below Not even a little bit of it I like the ground I don’t want to have my security take away from me I also don’t want to have my face smashed into it either But I can’t find a medium A place where I seem to belong is always out of the question So different from others, yet in a way, very much the same But we all separate ourselves from each other I see others flying higher then I am at the moment And I see some people who are abou
Sometime, Someplace
Let’s steal away to our blurry vision Our magic dream of in-definition This time let’s wait for the shadows to rise And play tricks with our time’s great surprise We’ll let the moment be its own eternity And scrape the past for every memory Let’s cling to shades of gray and lust For life’s reflection and miraculous touch Let’s drink our regret and share our passion And create simple songs only we can imagine This time we’ll test our progressive limits, Pushing our charm ‘til our bodies drown in it This time you’ll spark my risky allure And purge the mood of childish care This time reveal the thoughts that you curse I need to taste those delicious words
Loose Change!
A very good out look on 9-11.
Passion's Flames
Passion's Flames by Jeffrey Carter A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between them No promises to be kept No lies being told tonight No looking back - no regrets Longing to hold each other Such precious little time Both vowed to another Being lonely their only crime Tomorrow bringing sorrow A brief moment of shame With the memory of this one night A release from passion's flames
What The Hell
well i feel like shyt. im tried i dont feel good at all.and my b/f says i have an auddtie i glad he thinks he knows how i feel because he dont.i could fuckin careless who he talks why sould i care? hes gonna do what he wants anyways but you know im the one who comes out lookin like the bad guy.which isit nothing new.kenny if you wanna talk ti sin than talk to her i could fuckin careless. you know since you know so much about me tell me how i feel than.i have a broken tooth that hurts like hell. you know no matter what i do im always gettin blamed for havin other boyfriend.he just came in here and was like tell your other boyfriend hi.hey jackass im writin and fuckin blog. but you know he dont care. im tried of gettin blamed for havin other boyfriend when i dont. you know it hurts like hell to have the person i love talk to me like that.but im use to it by now so what the fuck?? i dont care anymore i really dont im at the point where im ready to give up. im at a breakin p
This week has been hell. I don't want to see my hospital visit bill from the other day. They did blood work, an EKG and a CT scan on me. Why? Oh yeh. So, I was at work monday and I kept having these blackout.. near fainting spells. My vision got hazy.. all sorts of shit. So, Shawn took me to the ER. They said I had vertigo. Gave me medicine. Medicine made it worse. Wednesday I went to the ER again and they ran all these tests on me. Come to find out that a car accident I had a few years back apparantly did some damage to my skull and since I never went to the ER after my accident nobody knew I had any damage. Well, my skull healed itself and now I have this... inward bump I guess you could call it. When I stress, the brain swells.. enough to push up against that area of my skull causing "mini migraines" and the blackouts and such. Yeeeh... But good news is I don't need surgery, I just need to calm the fuck down sometimes. That in addition to poor blood circulation... hmmm
Is It Heaven?
Is it Heaven to feel your hips against mine? Is it Pure song to hear your words of love? Is it my flame that makes you so yielding to my touch? Is it Desire yielding ecstasy as our body tremble beneath earth-shattering echoes our soul joined as one Love Passion Yearning Blood rushing through our veins The beat of our hearts, Thumps Throbs Moans Cries Subsides Escalates Inhales Exhales Sedated We travel the voyage over intergalactic waves Resounded, Felt Grasp Holding Water of the ways carrying my depth of milky torrents, Moved Languid flow Mind as one Body as one Soul as one Transcendence Songs of Angels Purest of Sound True sound Beyond earthly revelation Water of Life Life's Essence Not of this earth Her Essence Rings True The purest of Sounds.
I See You
I tighten my fist and pump harder Gritting my teeth And holding my breath My form stiffens The tension makes my whole body rigid Anticipating Tightening Pumping Arching A subdued moan Then exhale I slow my arm to a rhythmic massage Then lie still Heart still staining, thumping, Thumping faster now, cock throbing I have your face and body memorized As i think of you as i get closer to That final moment, i look into your eyes As i cum hard and long , big gobs shoot out And all is good till i see you again
Lok At The Love I Got
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Pts. To Ponder
My friend was in a bad car accident today at around 530 am,on his way to work.It was raining and he was driving on highway 231 north bound also known as troy highway in montgomery alabama,and someone hit him from behind and pushed him over the media to the southbound highway,and he was hit by an 18 wheeler.He has fractures to both legs,broken arm,his stomache was cut open and he has an internal infection from that,plus he has a broken jaw.He has been in surgery all day to fix his wound on his stomache and had to put pins in his elbow.He still has to go back into surgury to fix his jaw.Doctors say that they don't know for sure if he will recover or not,but hopefully because he is young.They willnot gaurantee anything.Please pray for him.....his name is Mukesh.Real friends with a heart will take a few minutes out of thier time to pray for someone in need.Thank you!!!!! ~Cherry Princess~
A message in a bottle, you sent out to the sea. You’d hope someone would notice, just who you want to be. You wrote it down in words, of how you felt inside. “Could it get any worse? Can I just run and hide?” This thing that they call life, is so tainted with lies. That you don’t know yourself, or think it’s worth a try. Just know that I love you, and I’ll be here ‘till the end. Just know that I love you, and I’ll always be your friend. Just know that I love you, and I’ll be here ‘till the end. Just know that I love you…
Are There Angels?
It is said there are Angels In Heaven above And they shine with the light Of an inner love Of these things I had not a clue But that was Before I found you For in you I’ve found A love that is so right It shines all around With the brightest of light It comes from somewhere So deep within That it has no beginning And knows no end Your love is a light That brightens each day Of all of the people You see on your way Where ever you go Or whatever you do All see the love That you have inside you That God sent you here To a place where you’d be Sharing such love With someone like me Is proof for me That angels exist And are filled with a love That no man could resist I thank God each day For finding the time For looking down on me And making you mine So yes there are Angels In heaven above I know because God Sent me one to love
Im In Bizarre Magazine
Thats me on the right :)
90 Seconds Of Lust!
We walked into the elevator with a crowd of other people heading to the theater on the fifth floor. You stood in front of me, and I could smell your hair. I moved my face closer, noticing your luscious bare shoulder, and neck, and had to bite my tongue to stop from sinking my teeth into your flesh. I breathed the scent of your hair in deeply, and my cock surged and began to press against my jeans hard. Everyone's eyes were glued to the numbers as we went up floor by floor, and I said to myself, 'Fuck it,' and slid my hand up over the waist band of your jeans, and slowly down towards your ass. You stiffened, and gasped—but quickly muffled it so that no one would notice. My fingers moved down into the groove of your ass, and I slid my little finger into you, and you pressed back against me hard so that I was pinned to the wall. You grabbed my cock through my jeans with an iron grip, and I pushed my fingers further into the back of your jeans almost up to my elbow. I pushed my thum
LARNE COLTS 4-1 WHITEHEAD EAGLES The colts travelled to beltoy for this home game against whitehead.It was a slow start to the game and in the early stages goalkeeper dylan mcrandal and robert watson,jordan weir and thomas spence had to look lively .But when the colts got a grip of the game with thomas mcdowell and odhran kemp flying up the wings and stephen gordon and jamie magill working hard in midfield it was no surprise whe david hunter let a shot rip from outside the box to put the colts 1-0 up.With the colts now in the ascendency darrentennant then reece mcginley got on the scoresheet to give the colts a 3-0 half time lead.In the second half whitehead pulled a goal back probably the goal of the game.But a move from jamie millar,johnny mccurdy and craig bailie nearly found reece mcginley but it shaved the post.But darren tennent added a 4th after good work from david christie and dylan doole and that was the end of the scoring ,the colts winning 4-1.Matchball sponsor was stevie
Untainted Eyes
Look to the world, through these untainted eyes of mine. I dream of having someone to love, I longed for that moment. But it always seemed like a dream, since every chance I had for love, easily slipped from my grasp, and it shattered into pieces. It broke like a fragile item. Beyond repair... Puzzles never meant to be solved, not to be solved by the likes of me... I cried after every single chance I lost, for such chances occurred, when the skies cried the tear of a falling star. Or when they expelled a shooting star, that was doomed to circle the heavens, and the mortal world. It seemed like Love itself, had something against me. Like I was destined to never experience it. Where I know I am strong enough, to endure the pain I will eventually go through, for achieving true love on first chances, would truly be a feat to happen. It's where I will know, I will always shed tears from every action, from triumphant deception, or dominated by hate. Corruption co
Life's Little Annoynces - things that drive a sane person nuts ------------------------------------------------------------------------ * You have to try on a pair of sunglasses with that stupid little plastic thing in the middle of them. * The person behind you in the supermarket runs his cart into the back of your ankle. * The elevator stops on every floor and nobody gets on. * There's always a car riding your tail when you're slowing down to find an address. * You open a can of soup and the lid falls in. * It's bad enough that you step in dog poop, but you don't realize it till you walk across your living room rug. * The tiny red string on the Band-Aid wrapper never works for you. * There's a dog in the neighborhood that barks at everything. * You can never put anything back in a box the way it came. * Three hours and three meetings after lunch you look in the mirror and discover a piece of parsley stuck to your front tooth.
Your Sexual Identity
Body: According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? Repost this with the letter of your first name.- MINE IS -- Read below.... -A- You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested inaction. You mean business. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is trying to be coy, cute, demure,and subtly enticing. You are an up front person. When it comes to sex, its action that counts not obscure hints.Your mate's physical attractiveness is important to you. You find the chase and challenge of the "hunt" invigorating. You are passionate and sexual as well as being much more adventurous than you appear; however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. Your physical needs are your primary concern. -B- You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wined, and dined. You are very ha ppy to receive gifts as an ___expressi
Did You Ever Wonder...
Did you ever wonder..... If a mute person burps can you hear it, set in by Logan Is wood made from trees or are trees made out of wood? How come "abbreviated" is such a long word? Why are they called apartments, when they are all stuck together? Why sour cream have an expiration date? Why people without a watch look at their wrist when you ask them what time it is? Why banks charge you an "insufficient funds" fee on money they already know that you don't have? Why a carrot more orange then an orange? Why scientists call it research when looking for something new? Why lemon juice mostly has artificial ingredients but dishwashing liquid contains real lemons? Why we wash bath towels? Aren't we clean when we use them? Why glue doesn't stick to the inside of the bottle? Why Tarzan doesn't have a beard? Why you press harder on the remote control when you know that the battery is dead? Why are they called buildings when they already
Why Can't Friends Do The Same
iI always rate friends photos stash etc. But why is it when you put up new photos and do stash yoyr friends can't be bothered to do the same. why is that u can send them messages or comments they can't even respond back to you. I think thats pretty messed up. WTF. i thought thats what friends were for. guess i was wrong. or am i? and no im not here for points its just rude not to rate back or message back. If i piss any one off oh well to bad.I always try to be nice to every one, and do the right thing.
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Big Tits, Big Numbers On Fubar...
Well i was just sitting here at the truck stop in Amarillo Texas, contemplating world events and the state of the universe, and also looking at profile pics here on the Bar when i decided to check "Fan" numbers as compared to the women on here that show titties, or various aspects of titties and have come to one definite conclusion.....BIG TITTIES have BIG FANS!!! Kewl huh? Personnally I always considered more than a mouthfull as kind of a waste. That or DESSERT. Anyway, that the kind of shit thats running around in my head today. Headed for Denver, Colo. tomorrow.
Some Ask In Mums About Holy Grail? St.matthew 26 Verse 26 - 27
Is this true? i read my Bible alot and the Lords supper alot . I see no mention except of a cup of wine. Also I believe it to be fictious ,Jesus was not married and has no decendent a daughter. Di Vinci code; I dont believe in , My bible tells me truth from begining to end. hugs all . St. Matthew 26; verses 26 - 27
1. A is for age: 39 today 2. B is for beer of choice: yuck ..but I will drink bud light 3. C is for career right now: none 4. D is for your dog's name? don't have one 5. E is for essential item you use everyday shampoo 6. F is for favorite TV show at the moment: house 7. G is for favorite game: don't have one 8. H is for Home town: ontario 9. I is for instruments you play: 10. J is for favorite juice: lol 11. K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: ohhhhhh hell he knows and have 12. L is for last place you ate: home 13. M is for marriage: yup m is for that 14. N is for your full name: Hell no 15. O is for overnight hospital stays: too many 16. P is for people you were with today: loved ones 17. Q is for quote: what you see is what you get 18. R is for Biggest Regret: saying your dead to me, to someone special 19. S is for status: I am awake
Woke Up By A Skunk
Got woke up by a skunk this morning at 3:30. I was laying there in a sound sleep and felt someone looking at me. I looked up and saw my wife staring at me. LOL. What’s up dear? She said she smelled a skunk. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera and opened the back door. Yes, it was a skunk, but I couldn’t see it. Must have come for my fish. Well, had to tell all and had to close our window. No more fresh air for a while. Want to come over?
Say You Love Me
Say you love me, but don’t cry for me Say you hate me, but don’t lie for me Say you want me, but don’t fool me Say you are mine, but don’t rule me Say you are lonely, but don’t miss me Say that I am pretty, but don’t kiss me Just take my hand and say you are my friend
You're Loss
I am alone, I am never to find what I was looking for, I prayed for this relationship to happen, and finally it fell on me. I am crushed. I am never going to get better. I am to make sure life has it ending, and with you I will make it to the end. I have never thought of this life, so confused and concerned. But you know all I got to say is that, It is your loss until this day. I am not going to believe anything that you said. I am not going to wish you were dead. All I am going to do is pretend that everything is okay and that I am fine with your mistake and guess what all I have to say
Creating Forever
Baby, just close your eyes, And I will close mine too, Take a look inside forever, Where I'll be meeting you With a smile and a kiss, Something starts from within, Passion for similarities, This love story begins We're seeing the world, Together hand in hand, A passion for life, In eachother we understand We see inside eachother, What really is in store, We both know this is different, From anything before So we grow together, Have some kids along the way, Show eachother a love, That fills our home each day With A glare into the heavens, Memories created together, Sharing life experiences, As we've created forever
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Ok You Pimp Daddies An Dime Piece Gangstas!
Ok,you pimp daddies an dime piece gangstas! ...Let's hit da hood,find us some hoochies an go GHETTO!.....Find some fine young thang,plant her an be us some farmers!...WORD!....Peace out homies,check ya with style!.....Yo!
Loving Hearts Miles Apart
There are many miles between us, But our hearts see not the distance. Drawing our love even closer, On this my heart it is insistent. When we talk my heart sings, You'll never know the happiness it brings. Just to hear a word from you, Keeps my heart from being blue. I love you truly, yes I do. I forever want to be with you. For now I'll settle for the phone, But know it's in your dreams that I belong Longing for the day we greet, Two loving hearts will then get to meet. Never more to be apart, Knowing it was long distance we got our start.
She Walks In Beauty ~ By Lord Byron
She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies, And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes, Thus mellow'd to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies. One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impair'd the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o'er her face, Where thoughts serenely sweet express How pure, how dear their dwelling~place. And on that cheek, and o'er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!
Thanx Everybody That's Helped, Still Need Help , Please Bomb My Pic As Much As Ya Can, I Wanna Win This Thang! Lol Thanx Xoxox's
Happy Woman.
How to Make Her Happy (edited version) - Bring her cut flowers as a surprise as well as on special occasions. - Plan a date several days in advance, rather than waiting for Friday night and asking her what she wants to do. - Compliment her on how she looks. - When you are going to be late, call her and let her know. - Whenever you need to pull away, let her know you will be back or that you need some time to think about things. - When you've cooled off and you come back, talk about what was bothering you in a respectful, nonblaming way, so she doesn't imagine the worst. - Give her four hugs/kisses a day. - Call her from work to ask how she is or to share something exciting or to tell her "I love you." - When you are out of town, call to leave a telephone number where you can be reached and to let her know you arrived safely. - Offer to give her a back or neck or foot massage (or all three). - Make a point of cuddling or being affectio
~ Crack Smoking Dr Suess Readign Lethargy ~
Because there was nothing better to do at 4am .. and the bookstore was closed ..I was out of ambien and the bar was closed...well you fuckin asked bitches! So to be one of the myspace girls I exploit .. you know the 21 year old let me ride you harder daddy types with lil dogs and tank tops that say sugar on them .. I am going to indulge you all with my ability to have 1 brain cell..... enjoy. 1. The phone rings. Who do you want it to be? Hmmm at this moment ... some perfect guy in Florida, other then that dead realitives always rock 2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Yeah, i totally return it, hard. hahahahah I love you G 3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? me fuck that I am anti social .. ok ok everyone stop choking on yer beer now. I am shy ... hahahahahaah 4. Do you take compliments well? Not at all. Im super suspicious. Yer all abunch of lying fags 5. Do you play Sudoku? I play sucku, and suckhe
~ Alaska ~
Redemption~ Wind blows looking out at the water , thoughts of you . The broken pieces of us all over the sand. How do we fix this? I pick up a piece of you and you pick of a piece of me .. Can we put us back together again? Its been so cold and lonely here without you and I miss your laugh . I loved all the things in you I will never be I love the person you are.. I miss the tenderness in you scared by the bitch in me. I miss the ability to tell all my secrets and have no fear. I Just Miss you . I hate the hate in me that smothers my words with pain and all that comes out is rage. I hate the little girl in me that still is so tragically wounded by words that mean nothing. I miss your eyes Lighting up when I walk in the room~ where do we unravel this mess.. Where do you begin and I end? Can we meet half way? If I close my eyes I can smell you I love you . I am so sorry I am so broken sometimes
~ Soulmates ~
Karma is a responsibility shared between soulmates~ Someone mentioned to me the Possibility of soul mates today and it made me think for along time about what he said~ he said this " I believe there is a soulmate for everyone, someone who is drawn to you by the traits and qualities others have called flaws. They love and respect you for who you are and what you stand for regardless of what other people think. And don't try to change or mold you into what they consider right."~ I think Craig was more right then he knew at the time~ how often have you just stared at someone and just wondered about them who they were what makes them tick~ your sitting there going through the random pages of quazi odd internet friends on myspace or a similar mindnumbing destination, and this one person always makes you stop and look deeper into the pages of there life~ Maybe its how they look … maybe its what they say .. in Your case maybe I loved you for the things you didn't say~ and maybe its something
In the Darknessis where I cry strangled in fear I lie The pain and torment on my face to him I am a discrace I fearhe will leave me thats no lie so in the darkness I sit and cry
Un Named
Longer days and longer nights DO not make my mornings bright clouds of darkness hang over my head sometimesI feel as if Im Dead I try to sleep ,but all i do is cry WHY oh Why did he have to Die Hehas been gones a very long time But late at night I wishhe still wasmine But many days and nights have come and gone and Im learning to move on
Libra - Oct. 21st, 2007
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 21,2007 Life is fun for you right now and your positive energy should influence those around you as well. Someone close is trying to get you out into some new situation, which finally sounds like a good idea.
I am math challenged and I hate the "idea of finding unknown values but adding subtracting and multiplying and dividing FUCKING LETTERS". I mean honestly if x hadn't wandered off y wouldn't have to find it. Stupid bastard ass x... always getting lost and shit. I just wanted to point that out to everything. If it's not 1+1=2 or 4/2=1 I want no part in it. gawwwdddd I need a drink RIGHT NOW! WHO'S GAME? Fucking math (shakes head)
Stupid People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
->mike: Darlin if u have to ask like that you have not the class or the tongue to do it right! ->mike: lords this must be why y are single eh?? mike: can i eat you out ->mike: whatever why are you being so silly?? mike: i will block you mike: you can block me ->mike: whatever good bye then mike: ok later ->mike: chicken he cant see what I am doin mike: 35ave bell mike: ok later ->mike: where are you?? me 67th ave and osborn This is just a part of the dumbest conversation Ever!!!!
The Never Ending Nightmare
I don't know why but tonight I'm feeling pretty down. I was talking to Michelle tonight, and I just really felt like being a bitch. Why? Because if it werent for me, her and jeff wouldnt even have *met* and he tells me that i'm his best friend all the time, and yet i havent heard from him in over a week All he talked about was visiting me, and yet I never saw him. And as of late, It just feels like he's got better things to do. I'm happy that they're happy together, but I guess them being together comes at a price, and I have to sacrafice my friendships with them, so that they can have their lives together. Or at least thats just the way it seems tonight. I'm tired of living my life for everyone else. I bust my ass to make sure everyone around me is happy, and I get jack shit in return. Aaron is trying his hardest, and I'm fully aware of that, but then again so am I. I've been *trying* to get a job. Going to interviews. Getting applications. Doing ONLINE applications. You name it, I
Alway's There For You
love can b so cold & loneliness gets old more than words or broken promises i want 2 show u what tru love is im always there 4 u ill always stand by u when the world has closed that door & u cant go on anymore im always there 4 u youve been hurt b4 and u dont want anymore theres a better way 4 u believe in me ill see u through im always there 4 u ill always stand by you when the world has shut the door im always there 4 u
~ Harley Davidson Barcelona ~
Harley Davidson BARCELONA
It's Possessed
I have this old stove.. and its time for a new one. It's more than just the timer on it, but that's the possessed part lol. Like I said its old and the buzzer is the really loud annoying buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So Sat night just as I was going to bed at 1:30 the buzzer goes off. No, I wasn't cooking anything.. it just goes off when it wants to. So I got up and went down and turned it off. 2:30 comes around......... BZZZZZZZZZZ.. stupid thing went off again so I went down and turned it off. Same thing at 3:30.. 4:30.. 5:30.. 6:30. But as soon as it was time to get up and make breakfast for my son... no more buzzing. Only while I try to sleep lol. Last night I unplugged the stupid thing before I went to sleep. Another night of that and I would have been taking a sledgehammer to it.
My Game Design Course And What I Will Be Taking When I Get Into The Program
Course Number Course Credit Hours Core Courses Unspecified Core courses * 40 GD300 Introduction to Gaming Technology 4 GD310 Managing Game Development 4 GD320 Physics of Animation 4 GD330 Game Design Process 4 GD340 Creative Writing and Storyboarding for Games 4 GD350 Game Design Strategies 4 GD360 Advanced Animation 4 GD370 Level Design I 4 GD400 Game Interface Design 4 GD410 Game Engines and Production 4 GD420 Level Design II 4 GD430 The Game Development Team 4 GD440 Capstone Project 4 Subtotal 92 Elective Courses Unspecified Elective courses 32 General Education Courses** Unspecified General Education courses ++ 24 EG371 Research Methods+ 4 EG372 Written Analysis+ 4 EG381 Statistics+ 4 EG452 Economics and Change+ 4 EG462 Contemporary World Culture+ 4 EG465 Modern and Contemporary Art+ 4 EG468 Ethics+ 4 EG481 Environmental Issues+ 4 Subtotal 56 Minimum required credit hours for
Hazardous Material Data Sheet
Libra - Oct . 22nd, 2007 ( Ohhhhh Yeaa!!!lol)
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 22,2007 Today is much more about life's small pleasures than about huge successes or long-term planning. In fact, you're much better off just slowing down or even taking some time off from regular activities.
Not Too Bad Of A Day...except....
Hello ya all... Well today I got my electric bill and I dont kno how I am gonna pay you sense the sarcasm? LOL It was only 19.74. I can live with that...wonder what next month will bring. I didnt use that much electric and it only did it for 2 weeks. Thats pretty cool. I also am gonna check out this program they have for those who earn a certain amount annually and I would qualify for it so I am gonna check up on that. I really need a microwave ASAP! I am thinking about breaking down and buying one here soon or put that in a layaway and get it out later. Jeff called me. He pretty much upset me. Like I need more stress. I think I need a day off from life in general. I am gonna do the best I can and save up for a lawyer to get the divorce ASAP. Its getting to be bullshit. I have been very nice I think here with him. I have helped him out with his bills. Helped him with his electric...kinda have to since it is in my name. But this bullshit of him needing
Guidebook To Me
If I'm crying hold me even if I say I'm ok, If I'm around touch me a caress apon the face. If I look lonely join me even if you just say hi. If I'm lost inside myself come and find me. If I'm happy join in for laughter eases the tears. When I'm curled up in bed let me know that your there. If more than an hour goes by find out whats wrong, I dont want you to solve my problems I just want you to listen. I dont want to be alone I just want to be with you.
Close The Space
How do I describe these feelings that rage in me, the ways I think of you, even in my sleep. To know that if I reach out that yes, you will be there, but you will turn away, my hand pass through air. To only feel your touch for a few seconds every day, is a torture in itself carries its own hellish pain. So I will keep on waiting trying to figure out my place, Waiting only to see if you will close the space.
You Suck
I Hate....
-Avril Lavigne -Needy people -People practically fucking in public -Loud douche bags who chew gum -skanks -that lead singer of the pussycat dolls -rap music[god thats all that plays anymore] -guys who hate gurls cuz they r fat -stupid friends -liquor whores -welfare scammers -useless people -life wreckers -long horned grasshoppers -summer -MY HOMETOWN (more to come)
Im Sorry / A Poem In Progress
i never meant 2 hurt u i know i did wrong please come back 2 me & never say so long baby when your gone i realise im incomplete i need you by myside when im needin somethin sweet ive had my eye on you since day one i want us 2 be 2gether 4ever as we have some crazy fun
Chris Parnell Raps
Chris Parnell Raps For Demi Moore - Watch more free videos
Reflection On A Different Level *poem*(personal)
Have you ever heard the sound of a heart breaking?Or looked into the face of a soul that was aching?I have in the mirror just the other day.It truly isnt a pleasant sight I must doesn't seem fair,when no one seems to care.Starring into the reflective glass,with tears rolling down my face.I wish silently to grow some wings,to leave this bottomless place..hover and watch myself silently cry in pain...I hear a noise it sounds like glass being shattered,then realize its just my heart,being torn and tattered..I wonder how someone can say they feel the same way,without ever truly seeing..The face a broken person with tears,no longer believes in fate,to see there heart breaking at a record breaking rate..How can you find that soul,and heart healing?..Is there anyone out there that has ever felt that feeling?
I Love You
i love you more than my words can ever say i love you even more day by day you are my anything & everthing that make's my heart sing your eye's are like diamond's so i call you my living bling you are my inspiration your why i live and breathe the air you are my true love 4 whom i really do care you are my one and only that's there 4 me thats why i love you cause you truly set me free
In Mourning
Another Comment Tag
She Ain't Easy But.....
She Ain't Easy - But ... She's been on her knees more times than Billy Graham. She's been laid on more kitchen floors than linoleum. She's done more screwing than Black and Decker. She's responsible for more merry men than Robin Hood. She's turned more tricks than Houdini has. She's been in more motel rooms than the Bible. She's been boarded more times than Amtrak. She's been mounted more often than Trigger. She's been involved with more animals than Marlin Perkins has. She's entertained more troops than Bob Hope. She's been at more bedsides than Dr. Kildare has. She's been turned more ways than Rubik's Cube. She's spent more time under men than barstools. She's seen more traffic than the George Washington Bridge. She's had more turnovers than the International House of Pancakes. She's been under more sheets than the Ku Klux Klan. She's had more marines land on her bed than on Iwo Jima. Hoover classifies her tongue as a vacuum clean
Politially Correct Phrases When Dealing With Women
1. She is not a Babe or a Chick - She is a Breasted American. 2. She is not a Screamer or Moaner - She is Vocally Appreciative. 3. She is not Easy - She is Horizontally Accessible. 4. She does not Tease or Flirt - She engages in Artificial Stimulation. 5. She is not Dumb - She is a Detour Off The Information Superhighway. 6. She has not Been Around - She is a Previously Enjoyed Companion. 7. She does not Get You Excited - She causes Temporary Blood Displacement. 8. She is not Kinky - She is a Creative Caretaker. 9. She does not have a Killer Body - She is Terminally Attactive. 10. She is not an Airhead - She is Reality Impaired. 11. She does not get Drunk or Tipsy - She gets Chemically Inconvenienced. 12. She is not Horny - She is Sexually Focused. 13. She does not have Breast Implants - She is Medically Enhanced. 14. She does not Nag You - She becomes Verbally Repetitive. 15. She is not a Slut - She is Sexually Extroverted. 16. She does not
Paying My Dues!
Ok,goint to a Halloween costume party this weekend in Gettysburg PA......Mel is goin dressed as a nun an myself as a to curse an swear an take the Lord's name in vain an do my rosaries of praise hell satan!.......LMAO......Sorry,not ant-religious or anything.......Just overly sarcastic! you all later peeps!....Much love,rock on!
Just Ran Outta Floss!
Damn,just ran outta floss!....Anyone got a spare g-string or thong!??
Cryboys Lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why Do They Lie?
cant stand people who lie and sau different things to different people. And when you confont them about it they lie to you in your face. IT suck that you do so much for people and they treat you like shit and think that its all going to be good. I dont wish bad things on anyone but they will get theres one day. It comes by 3 fold , what goes around comes around
Another Tag
Pissy Mood
Ok i havent beeen on here most of the day. I have been in a really pissy ass mood and dont want to be taking it out on anyone. I will be gone for several days, I leave in the morning. yall have fun I am back off of here agian for now peace love and used axle grease.
It's Gravity
"Gravity Of Love"~~ Enigma~~ "O Fortuna velut Luna" ["O Fortune like the Moon"] Turn around and smell what you don't see Close your eyes ... it is so clear Here's the mirror, behind there is a screen On both ways you can get in. Don't think twice before you listen to your heart, Follow the trace for a new start. What you need and everything you'll feel Is just a question of the deal. In the eye of storm you'll see a lonely dove The experience of survival is the key To the gravity of love. "O Fortuna velut Luna" [Whispers:] [Woman :] The path of excess leads to the tower of Wisdom [Man :] The path of excess leads to the tower of Wisdom Try to think about it... That's the chance to live your life and discover What it is, what's the gravity of love "O Fortuna velut Luna" Look around just people, can you hear their voice Find the one who'll guide you to the limits of your choice. But if you're in the eye of storm Just think of the lonely dove The ex
Make A Banana Pancake,,,
So...I am sitting here in my room chatting with some of my fubar peeps and listening to music. I don't want to turn my music up any louder for the neighbors sake, but I feel like I need to. My roomie has her boyfriend over and while she knows that I forbid her to have sex on my sounds like they are pretty close to doing just that. I'm sorry but I dont want anyone elses sex juices on my couch. Nasty!! So...I am sitting here wondering what the hell to do. I guess I could put my headphones on and crank it all the way up and go to bed. Do I want to do that or do i want to fubar it up with some of the best???
Wash Away The Pain
goddess i just want to apologize to all my friends who have tried to help when i go through one of my downward turns. how do you not feel completely useless when knowing that you cant just cuddle up to the one you care about and kiss away all the pain and protect then from all the sadness and darkness that is pressing down on them. i will keep trying to make you laugh i will try to stop your tears i will pull all the badness away from you i will brush away the junk of years that has finally become too much for your strong shoulders to bear.if you would let me i would love away the heartache and work away the pain. i would wash away the stress that has dragged away your grin. i wish i could find that dark thing that has stolen the beautiful light from your eyes and given you a rainbo. i wish you could realize... the sadness that wells up in me seeing you in pain, the heartache i feel knowing you feel like you may never love again. i would walk a thousand miles if you would take th
Addicted To You
Addicted To You I wake, work, eat, sleep, and dream you. This emotional journey before us - almost too much to bear sometimes. Yet, every time I hear the ringing of the phone, or see your name pop up online, I know that I am addicted to you. But it is far more than that, and please listen very closely. I am a very reasonable and sane person, not given to idle whims or fancies, not taken in any more by false hopes and promises. Yet, somehow, you are different - very different. I don't know what happened, or how or why, but I feel as though I fell out of a cloud, tumbling down to earth to a sure death - and at the last possible second, you caught me in your arms. Yes, I am addicted to you, but I know the consequences of addictions, and, fear not, I will not harm you or cause you pain in any way. Of that, I give you my humble word. I want to breathe you, to feel you, to taste you, and to hear your soft whispers against the sensitive nape of my neck - telling me
Please Say A Prayer For Her
I have a friend on here I feel is lost and needs all the prayers she can get. Here is a link to her page: . Her and her husband are in the middle of a seperation. I have felt god direct me to help her find her way back to her family. I just ask that everyone pray for her and her family. In Jesus's name I thank you Jake
Tonight We Dance!
"For tomorrow the release the dogs!" So funny, this morning I woke up from this great dream that I was in a used book store and managed to find all the Sweet Valley Twins books I missed as a child, when I woke up. The first thought that popped into my head was, "Praise be to the Lord, Keith Almighty." That's right my loves! After months of waiting, tonight... I shall see Every Time I Die. My Mami rules for getting me this ticket for my bday. :D
2 more days and I will be doing the TIME WARP!!!
**win Free Concert Tickets!!**
KillSwitch Engage & Lamb of God have reunited on tour! WORLD ROCK RADIO has 2 PAIRS OF TICKETS TO GIVE YOU!!! 2 lucky runners-up will receive a 1 year paid subscription to either the KillSwitch Engage or Lamb of God Fan Club!! Starting Saturday, October 20th at 10:00pm EST, during DJ Evil's show listen for KillSwitch Engage and Lamb of God songs played by World Rock Radio DJs. Email your first and last name, name of the WRR show, DJ's name and Date to and be entered in your chance to win a pair of tickets for the November 29th concert! You have until Friday, November 9th at midnight to enter. Drawing will be held on Saturday, November 10th on DJ Kidd's show, along with other great prizes all day long!! What other radio station does this for you?!?!? Only WRR baby!! So be there!! Prize Rules: Must be 18 or older to enter No purchase necessary Must be tuned into World Rock Radio to win. Contest starts at 10:00pm EST on October 20, 2007 and
Truth Or Dare Nights In The Horny Fu Lounge
Your Eyes
I looked into your eyes and i saw the love you needed and i wanted to give you, i seen in your eyes how you wanted to be loved, being held close and hearing the heart beat of my heart, to kiss my lips to whisper i love you and hear those words yourself. Your eyes reveals all to me, You hide them to keep me at bay, to not get me close, yet you glance at me and then suddenly they sparkle like gems in the moonlite. Your eyes have captured my soul, my heart, my love for you
730 Fans!? Wow, Can U Imagine If Each One Would Just Post 10 Comments Wow, Even Just A Few Each......
Voice Of The Heart
When you think about life and all its negative thing scary thoughts occur, great fears it brings dealing with Friends who betrayed your trust standing alone in the rain from dawn to dusk losing the one with whom you wished to share your dreams leaves your eyes like clouds and tears like streams with family members arguing from day and night make you want to run away from the unpleasant sight school is hard doing work you don't understand walking down a road holding no future in your hand your world in dark empty and confused you feel angry, frustrated and completely used everything is unclear you only see death on the way this life isn't worth living it should be taken away and then theres a small voice that suddenly appears looking all around... you cant seem to find it anywhere this little voice said theres a whole lot more to life everyone goes through joy and happiness, pain and strife there are people who love you and you will meet new friends everyday is an exp
Online Petition
We Need Help To Level Up
ive reached the daily limit to rate people on this level if u could help we would apperciate it we will return the love n rates thanks
Seriously Now
Do all of these "social networking" sites have to become lame after some period of time? I remember when "Lost Cherry" was damn cool and a fun way to get away from the myspace/facebook type thing, but each time I log back on here it gets lamer and lamer, and more points-whore-ish. Is there any way to avoid this?
Ya need some geshtook in yer gadeera!!??
His Diary/her Diary
Her Diary Saturday night I thought he was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a bar to have a drink. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment.Conversation wasn’t flowing so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk, he agreed but he kept quiet and absent. I asked him what was wrong he said nothing. I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset. He said it had nothing to do with me and not to worry. On the way home I told him that I loved him, he simply smiled and kept driving. I can’t explain his behavior; I don’t know why he didn’t say I love you too. When we got home I felt as if had lost him, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just sat there and watched T.V. he seemed distant and absent. Finally I decided to go to bed, about 10 minutes later he came to bed and to my surprise he responded to my caress and we made love, but I still felt that he was
No Answers
as to why i insist on having my emotions toyed with and my heart broken by the same person. over and over and over. i think that i believe that people will change, and eventually i will get what i want. he's not mr. right anymore. he's mr. right now... but there is never a now, it's always later, followed by a string of excuses and lies. i would love to beat some sense into myself, but it doesnt work ( if it did, I wouldn't be writing this right now.) i dont want someone in my life 24/7 and i thought this arrangement would work... NOT. Once every few months does not a relationship make. i wanna say i'm done, but something keeps making me stay. lack of an alternative? possibly. feelings for him? a little, but not nearly as much as there should be. maybe it is mr. right i need and mr. right now needs to hit the road.
Hell Tag
Nsfw Video Of Me! Give Me Comments People!
Videos at
I was chillin this one time and was goin down on this chick and she turna around and says hey mister what are you doing and I said Hey i get bored in the bank line... I dont know... Durka!!!
Some Facts
ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + smart woman = romance Smart man + dumb woman = affair Dumb man + smart woman = marriage Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy SHOPPING MATH A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs. A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need. GENERAL EQUATIONS & STATISTICS A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.
Halloween Ch. 02
Halloween Ch. 02 by Khira© He pulls up in the drive, in his headlights he sees the double garage, the Georgian windows down the side of the house. He sees the silhouettes of family behind the blinds. Switching the headlights off he wishes he could push the whole house back into darkness, push it into the recesses of his mind where there is no guilt. Maybe that is the part of his brain that got hi in this mess, that place that makes primal urges, that sees no reason. Crunching gravel underfoot as he walks up the drive, he thinks of Lily in the gravel car park. He thinks of nothing but Lily. Inside the house is warm, Kaitlyn is asleep on the mustard couch. The lights in the hall are off, the girls must be fast asleep. In the kitchen everything is immaculate, the stone benches are wiped clean, there is not a spot of dirt on the porcelain tiles. It could pass for a display home, except for the smell of the citrus cleaner. Opening the fridge, from the left hand corner of the bottom
Halloween Party Ch. 02
Halloween Party Ch. 02 by vulpis© Copyright 2007 It was Halloween. Stephanie and her friends decided to go to the Club Saigon to party. It was trendy discotheque with a large dance floor; there was even a small waterfall back lit with colored lights behind the bar to show how trendy the place was. It was going to be packed with all kinds of people on Halloween. Nothing quite as fun as getting drunk and go dancing she thought. Stephanie was dressed up as a devil girl. A black headband with red devil horns held back her shoulder length black hair. Sparkles framed her brown eyes. Stephanie's slim figure filled her low cut red dress. High heal red boots was the perfect naughty girl accent to her custom. She was going to buy a pitchfork but she did not want to really carry it around all night long. She picked up her friends at their apartments. Ginger was dressed like a geisha, and Angela looked like a puppy makeup but work a black plaid skirt. They were happy to see each o
The Haunted House Ch. 02
The Haunted House Ch. 02 by DeannaTroi © Chapter 2 - The Garden Party The next morning when Jennifer woke up, she wondered if it had all just been a dream, but her shredded nightie lay on the floor beside the bed and there were dry patches of cum on face and breasts as she had just stumbled back to bed and collapsed after the fucking from the teddy bear. A long hot shower removed the traces of last night's nocturnal fun from her body and Jennifer got dressed before gathering up her courage to peer into the room with the wardrobe. In the bright sunlight streaming through the window, everything looked normal and when she tried the door of the wardrobe it was locked tight, just as it had been when she had first toured the house. Jennifer forced herself to be calm and rational and went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. After doing the dishes, she got in her car and went looking for the local library. Perhaps the old newspapers might be able to shed some light on the mysteri
The Haunted House Ch. 07
The Haunted House Ch. 07 by DeannaTroi © Chapter 7 - The Library Jennifer woke to find herself still naked on the kitchen table, her body covered in the mixture of cum and chocolate that the kitchen goblins had covered her in. Yuck, she thought as she tried to get up. The stuff had dried to an almost glue like texture and she finally managed to free herself with a squishy sound. Their cum formed a thick layer on her body and she sloshed upstairs to the bathroom where it took an extra long shower and the soothing touch of Hlar and Hlox to relax her. Finally Jennifer fell into bed and slept until the sun once more reached its highpoint in the sky and the bright sunlight through her bedroom window woke her. After her brunch, Jennifer took stock of her situation. The arrival of the reverend had almost made her forget about Samantha's last entry in her diary. Samantha had mentioned an old librarian who seemed to know something about what was going on in the house when Samantha ha
The Haunted House Ch. 08
The Haunted House Ch. 08 by DeannaTroi © Chapter Eight - Pool Party When Jennifer woke up just after noon, the first thought that popped into her mind was the conclusion to last night's Lady Godiva ride. The thought of how she had walked stark naked over to those young boys and let them ogle her tits while she teased them and invited them to come visit her made her blush with shame. She wanted to just pull the covers up over her head and stay in bed hiding for the rest of the day. She doubted the house would let her though so she might as well get up and get on with the day. With a sigh she got out of bed and went on with her daily routine of showering with Hlar and Hlox, eating a late breakfast / early lunch, and settling down to read the next entry in Samantha Lee's diary. Hello Jennifer. I imagine it was hard to get out of bed this morning. Last night, the Archivist made me relive the most horrid fantasy. He claimed it came from the most hidden reaches of my own mind and
Awww!! Want A Boy To Say This To Me..
girl: Do i ever cross ur mind? Boy: No Girl: Do you like me? Boy: Not really Girl: Do you want me? Boy: No Girl: Would you cry if I left? Boy: No Girl: Would you live for me? Boy: No Girl: Would you do anything for me? Boy: No Girl: Choose--me or ur life Boy: my life The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says... The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind. The reason why I don't like you is because I love you. The reason I don't want you is because I need you. The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left. The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you. The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you. The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life. If your a girl repost this as ''Aww. I want a boy to say this to me.'' If your a guy re
The Cabin
It's a beautiful summer evening, the sky is clear, the moon is full. You can see the stars as they stretch out across the landscape. We have finally decided the time is right to meet. We've talked and written over the months all the while the anticipation building.; I want everything to be just right, want you to be pleased, want this to be a weekend that neither of us will forget, the first of many, hopefully to come. We've made arrangements to meet at a cabin along a small lake. the cabin is right along the water but still secluded, surrounded by tall, full trees. The wall facing the lake is full of window, there's a fireplace on the opposite side of the room. Out front there is a spa, a swing that seats 2 & hangs on the porch. The time is approaching for us to meet, I arrive first, parking up the hill and walking down. I place candles that I brought throught out the cabin. I glance over and there's only a few more minutes until you are supposed to arrive. I am getting butterflies at
Shake It
So today went to dance class omg i think i sweated off half my body lol...i forgot how intesne it is...anyways it was like riding a bike soo as i started... i was back in the flow of it...tooo much fun. But I had a crappy night!!! i should have never turned this thing on i was tired and grumpy but came to realize i need to grow up and take charge of my life and stop being so wishy washy ....anywho I lost myself along the way im sure it happens to people...but i really did. I pretty much have become the person i hate and thanx to someone who made that clear to me...i can start getting my life back in order cause damn it has been chaos and my kids see it... well i'm outta here i got stuff to do and i'm on a timer.... cows u laterz :)
These Days
these days, arent the best ive ever had since ur not in my life these days, i just sit here wanting u to be mine these days, im afriad i'll let u come into my life then let u walk out like nothing these days, i see u with her wishing it were me u were with these days, all i want is u to want me, like ive wanted u, all i want is for u to feel the way i feel these days, i miss u, miss everything about you, those wonderful lips, those bear hugs these days, i just want u to say, im ready to be with u these days, i wait
The Sisterhood Of Mutants C
The Sisterhood Of Mutants by Ann Douglas Even while spending most of her energies pleasing Wanda, Jean hadn't neglected her own needs. With her telekinesis holding her new love, the redhead had been able to use a free hand to manipulate her own sex. Years of familiarity with her body had allowed her to quickly catch up and have her own climax while Wanda was basking in the aftermath of her own. It was a small orgasm as compared to that which had just shattered Wanda's innocence, but one which pleased Jean nevertheless. She had always been a giver rather than a taker, and she had just given her new friend one of the greatest gifts possible. "I never believed it could be like that," Wanda gasped as she steadied herself after Jean lowered her back to the ground. "I could kill Pietro for keeping that from me." "There's no need to go that far," Jean smiled as she leaned forward and kissed Wanda softly on her lips. "Better to concentrate o
A Super Hero's Slut Ch. 04
A Super Hero's Slut Ch. 04 by Just Plain Bob © While Peter waited for Kraven to return with the brochure of the Kraven The Hunter Wild Life Foundation he wondered if maybe he wasn't over-reacting. Kraven's aims were good ones and the man did sound sincere. If it wasn't for the Spider Sense he could have bought into what Kraven had said. On the one hand his Spider Sense had never been wrong, but that wasn't to say that there couldn't be a first time. What if the man was sincere and prison had turned him around? What if the Spider Sense was just some residual from their last encounter. Should he give the man the benefit of the doubt? He really didn't have an answer to that question. Had Peter the x-ray vision of Superman and could he have seen through the two walls that currently separated him from Kraven he would have had no problem answering that question. Kraven had the legs of Peter's wife up on his shoulders and he was ramming his cock into her accommodating cunt. Andy and Jo
Mary Jane: Super Whore Issue. 00
Mary Jane: Super Whore Issue. 00 by Deathstalker2099 © Mary Jane: Super Whore Issue 00 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story, Marvel Comics does. It is an erotic story, so anyone not of age shouldn't read it. Feedback is greatly appreciated, send to the link below.. Thanks, and enjoy. Prologue: Sexual Exploration Mary Jane Watson-Parker turned off the shower and stepped out. She picked up a towel and rubbed it over her naked body, drying herself. Then she put on a bath robe and left the steamy bathroom. MJ entered the bedroom she shared with her husband, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. Being the wife of a super hero meant a lot of nights without her true love. As a result, Mary Jane had become very skilled with a vibrator. But she didn't need it tonight, because Peter was waiting naked on their bed for her. Mary Jane climbed on top of her lover and moaned softly as she felt him enter her. This was the first time they had made love in three months
Mary Jane: Super Whore Issue. 03
Mary Jane: Super Whore Issue. 03 by Deathstalker2099 © Issue Three: Double the Fun Peter had been right about the tape. They had created a web site providing some seductive teaser shots of Mary Jane and an order form for the tape, priced at twenty bucks a piece. The sales immediately went through the roof. MJ canceled all her modeling and acting gigs, not just because they didn't need the money, but because she needed more time to make copies of the tape and mail them out. This new job had turned out to be more work then she had imagined. Now, instead of Peter being too busy for her, they were both too busy for each other. Mary Jane leaned back in the chair she was sitting in and sighed, running a hand through her long red hair. "God, Peter... this is getting old. All we do now is copy the same old tape. I used to have fun watching it... it got me so horny. Now I'm just bored with it." Peter nodded from another chair. He was looking over the sales on the computer. "I know
Yay~i Have My Friend Back
well, as you can read I do have my friend back. Some things have happened and he left me for a while but he is back and he brought his wifey with him. I am glad things are getting back to normal for me on here. I have missed you Jay~! thank you Ladybug for being friends with me... I do feel better today. I did wake up with a sore throat and no voice but as the day has gone by my voice is coming and going. My hubby says I sound like Marg Simpson...haha~! I hope all is well for each of you and I look forward to chatting with you soon~! ~~smooches~~
Spiderman Meets J. Jameson Ch. 03 B
Spiderman Meets J. Jameson Ch. 03 by Master_Vassago © Jenna pulled her head back just a bit and pleaded, "Spiderman fill my hot wet mouth with your cum, I promise you many more chances today to spurt your seed, don't hold back let it go right now, my friends will be here soon enough anyway." As soon as she was done speaking she started to drop her mouth back over his cock and she bobbed up and down over and over again. Her nose bumping his stomach each time she dropped down to its base. She sucked and hummed and stroked his cock with her hand on every up beat of her lips. Finally she felt his cock twitch and she grabbed his ass and fucked her mouth with his big rigid shaft. "OH MY FUCKING LORD!" Spiderman moaned. His breath was coming in shallow pants as she slurped and swallowed his shaft. Finally the dam broke and he yelled, "I am cum cumm cummming Jenna." She let the first spurt slam into the back of her throat before she pulled back and sucked the tip and swirled her tongue
Spiderman Rescues Paris
Spiderman Rescues Paris by Master_Vassago © There she was, not long after her home movie had hit the internet Paris Hilton had managed to sneak off and hide from most reporters and also to manage to land a good television show. She seemed a bit vapid and not quite the smartest cookie but Peter didn’t care. He still thought she was hot. Tonight was the finale of her show and she was in New York to do a few photos and play nice with the press. Interestingly enough Peter had been asked by the Daily Bugle to cover this and get some good pictures of the woman everyone in America right now loved and hated at the same time. “MS. Hilton, over here,” were the screams Peter heard as he snapped a few pictures of the blonde debutante. She had been a model and never failed to look sexy in his opinion, what he wouldn’t do for a few hours alone with her. Paris paused and twisted and turned for all the photographers and answered a few questions as she headed into the theater to help pre
Wolverine Confidential A
Wolverine Confidential by 2052Dreams © He reached the door and wanted to hack his way through it. God damn Xavier, and her too. They could both go straight to hell. Xavier had calmly pronounced that the sessions were over, that no more were needed, and looked at him like he was some kind of pathetic fool. Did he really expect him to believe that drivel? He'd seen a lot in his screwed-up life, more than either of them, things that he'd rather forget, but at least he knew what the score was. He had disgusted her, she wanted rid of him. Did they think he was a fucking moron? He knew exactly what had happened. He could see it in her eyes and face that last time. How long was it now, six weeks? It felt like a century. God, he didn't want to think about it. Shame poured through him at the memory and he cringed inside. He'd disgusted her and she'd bailed. She was trying to hide her disgust but he knew better, he knew what he saw and by God, she owed him an explanation. She could damn
Wolverine Gets A Little Upset B
Wolverine Gets a Little Upset by 2052Dreams © Katherine retreated from the stall, her own emotions riveting her, and stopped. She was still warm from the water and the heat of his mouth and his touch. The core of her cried out for him and she gritted her teeth against the need. She leaned her forehead against the wood of the shower, and angrily thought, it's not fair, I'm not ready. I want more, something of him, anything, she thought. Then, as she grabbed at an idea, she stepped back into the steamy shower, and Logan raised his eyes, the full heat of his gaze flooding into her. "Katherine, what are you doing?" He said in complaint, "You're driving me crazy." "I want to touch you." She whispered, and he frowned in confusion. With that as enough of an answer for her, she circled to him, put her hands on his chest and pushed gently until the back of his calves came flush with the wooden ledge that served as a bench. She pushed once more and he frowned again and sat. Then, she
Bachelorette Party E
Bachelorette Party by PrincessKoriandr © "Jason?" Startled, he pulled up so quickly he bumped his head against the inside of the refrigerator, shaking the racks and banging all hell out of his head. He couldn't prevent the muffled "Shit" that escaped his lips as he turned around and found Kory standing besides him looking worried. Mayonnaise in one hand and rubbing the back of his head with the other, Jason stared at her in shock. She was standing by the refrigerator with her hair mussed from sleep, wearing nothing but a short thigh length lavender silk robe that revealed more than it concealed. She looked sexy and sleepy, like a kitten and he suddenly felt his body respond. No, no, no, no! Not now. Desperately wanting to run and hide, but knowing there was no where to go, he lowered the arm holding the mayonnaise in front of him, hoping to disguise his rapidly hardening dick while he mentally prepared to answer some difficult questions. Walking over to him, Kory remove
Sorry Everyone
hey everyone. sorry i havent been on in a while. someone very special to me who i met on here has hurt me dearly so i have been avoiding this site therefore i dont see them much. but nothing much is new with me. still sick and tired of gettin hurt by men. and working my ass off to support the lil one and give her a good life. heaven is 16 months. she is so active now its crazy. i can barely keep up with her. she has a mouth full of teeth. i have gotten her into the habit of brushin her teeth daily and she loves doing it. she sits up on my lap and we brush them. her father still doesnt have a lot to do with her. but shes got me and her grandparents. guess bubba is still doin alright. dont hear too much from him anymore. he found a new girl who broke his heart and now he hates life and kinda ignores me so whatever. but yeah once again im sorry to all my close friends on here who i kinda abonded....
i have decided to quit smoking! not the easiest thing in the world.i know in my mind that i don't need a smoke but, i get bored and then i sit and think about it and try to figure out what i am suppose to do. i do not want to eat because i am trying to loose some weight too! so basically i quess i just don't need to stop movin! this is not the easiest thing in the world!!! the one thing i have learned through this experience is that my kids are happier without the smoke. i have also learned that it helps alot when u have support and i thatnk god for my b/fand sister, kat and my mommy and my husband and my boys because without them i would never even dream of not smoking!!!
Anything Will Help!!
I Can't Seem To Sleep
Lately, I have found myself up and awake without the slightess chance of falling asleep. It is almost 4 in the morning dammit..... why am I so uncomfortable when it come time to rest?? I could have a nice buzz going and still no success with falling asleep right away!!
Top Signs Your Too Old To Trick Or Treat
Top Signs That You're Too Old to Trick or Treat ... 10. You get winded from knocking on the door. 9. You have to have another kid chew the candy for you. 8. You ask for high fiber candy only. 7. When someone drops a candy bar in your bag, you lose your balance and fall over. 6. People say, "What a scary mask!" but you're not wearing a mask! 5. When the door opens you yell, "Trick or..." and can't remember the rest. 4. By the end of the night, you have a bag full of restraining orders. 3. You have to carefully choose a costume that won't dislodge your hairpiece. 2. You're the only Power Ranger in the neighborhood with a walker. and last but not least... 1. You avoid going to houses where your ex-wives live. Happy Halloween!
Time Between Times
Time Between Times In the time between times silence descends, Suns moment hangs on expectant breath, time suspends formality, and waits. Suns rays warm earth's ancient bones arranged by the hand of mans longing. Earth below naked feet resonates, vibrating and awakening life's song, Imperceptible energies warm forgotten nerves. Eyes close awaiting life's procession. Sunflower blossom fills my vision I breathe. Green sent fills my senses, a shadow flits, the green man moves through the unsuspecting Some turn to mark his passing unseen, Years bounty awaits, life pulses, a heady current birds sing insects buzz on natures unseen errands. The sun rises and the Raven moves ever westward knowing his time has come, his wings spread wider as days progress, ever he quests. The sun kisses iridescent feathers then he is gone. Trees manifest the mothers reaching fingers caressing the air with leaf and branch Breathing life to all her children, counterpoise to devourin
Kiss My Ass!!!!!
Seems that SOME people have a problem with me being friends with and promoting my friends' lounges........well, just to let you know, if you're one of my friends and have been there for me ..... I WILL support you and your lounge, like always. As for those that don't like that.......... KMA! I DO WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT AND WON'T BE TOLD NOT TO OR GIVIN ANY ULTIMATUMS SO, DEAL WITH IT OR DELETE ME! OH YEA, AND ....HAVE A NICE DAY :D
Bad Little Bat Ch. 02
Bad Little Bat Ch. 02 by odderotica © Fake tits and bleached blond hair flipped and flopped wildly on the stage. Tiffany was a new dancer, fresh off the street, yet here she was dancing in the Pimp Room. The Pimp Room was the place to dance in Gotham. Of course, all the dancers were working girls as well Oswald saw to that. Each and every girl was a tried and true slut, and every man a pervert or a criminal. Mr. Hot Shit sat at a table in the back and eyed the fresh meat on stage. She danced clumsily, but with enthusiasm. Her breasts fell like ripe cantaloupes into large pink nipples and her bush was trimmed gold, framed with a simple runic tattoo and her legs were impossibly long. As she jiggled her unnatural assets the clients began pricing her out. On man came over with 30 dollars and she smoothed him in her ample cleavage as he felt up her ass. She only pushed him away as he pressed his finger into her naked, puckered asshole. A man in a suit came up and threw a hundred
You may be feeling positive effects from this Full Moon in your 5th House of Play. You may be ready to enjoy yourself, but you aren't willing to slack off and let the day slip by. It's time to put your creativity to work. And, even if your dreams seem far away, pay particular attention to them, for they will play a growing role in the new few weeks.
Conquering Of Superman Ch. 04
Conquering Of Superman Ch. 04 by UP2U © Darksheid fed off Superman’s psychic despair and mental pain. Superman’s despair arose from watching Lois Lane and Wonder Woman give into their lustful needs and the fact that preferred Darksheid’s cocks. Darksheid moved into the lab where Brainiac was hatching his diabolical scheme. “It is done!” exclaimed Brainiac, “The first batch of Supermen ready to invade the earth and do your bidding Darksheid!.” Darksheid laughed as he inspected the first ten Supermen. “Are they exactly like him?” he questioned. Brainiac indicated that for the most part, they were but he was not sure about their stability. However, it did not matter to Darksheid because he was going to send these Supermen to earth to cause havoc and this would hurt Superman more than any physical punch. The Protector of earth would become its worse nightmare. “Open a portal was opened with a Mother Box and send the Supermen through” commanded Darksheid and immediately h
Lightning In The Night Pt. 3 B
Lightning In The Night Pt. 3 b by Ann Douglas The answer came quickly enough with the appearance of an equally gigantic and equally golden door built into the side of a glacier. As they neared the oversized portal, Mary could see that the keyhole itself was large enough for them to fly through. Kara took a moment to mention that sophisticated sensors had scanned the two of them as they passed into the chamber within the icy mountain. If those sensors hadn't detected the presence of known Kryptonian DNA, Mary would've now found herself in an energy field that even she might be hard pressed to free herself from. "Oh my God!" Mary exclaimed as her booted feet touched down on the highly polished floor of the vast antechamber. "it's like stepping into another world." "That's as good a description as any," Kara said as she smiled at her guest. "Welcome to the Fortress of Solitude." Like many others who had read of the exploits of the Cousins from Krypton o
Fubar Wedding Of My Fu-son And Fu-daugher Yay!!!!!! Love You Both!!! Xoxox's :d
Too Bad
written...Jun,21,2007 When the sky falls down,and the world turns away. You look so mad, But you want to stay. Try to make you smile, Why do I try anyway? Life goes on in the fast lane. Don't be angry ,Don't be sad. You knew I was someone you could never have back. What should I say? You're so mad, But you want to stay, Too bad, So sad. Raksha Soulraven ©2007
Remember These Words
"god put us here on this carnival ride, we close ournever knowing where it will take us next" these words r from carrie underwood this gose out to everone remember these words
Can You Stand The Heat
click to enter if you think you can stand the heat!!!!!
Batgirl Risks All Ch. 08
Batgirl Risks All Ch. 08 by Angelique Bouchette © Author's note: This story is not so much about the adventures of Batgirl, but more about the developing sexuality of Barbara Gordon. It introduces several original characters, and is only loosely based on the comic book heroine. Enjoy! Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers for personal use only. No copyright infringement is intended. Chapter 8: Jenny Discovers All Sunday, 1:05 am "Jenny, is that you?" Barbara hissed, into the telephone handset. "Huh? Who's the hell's this, calling at this time of night?" replied Jennifer, in a grumpy voice, stifling a yawn with the back of her hand. "It's me honey, Barbara!" Jennifer was instantly wide-awake. "Barbara, what's happened?" she gasped, excitedly. "Did Batgirl's plan work?" "Not exactly! Jenny, listen carefully! I want you to phone Commissioner Gordon, and tell him to get over to a small derelict engineering fa
Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 04 A
Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 04 by Angelique Bouchette © This story is the sixth in an ongoing series of Batgirl adventures, mainly based on characters in the early Batman comics and that wonderful '60s TV series but with the timeline brought up to the present. Warning! This fictional story contains strictly ADULT content and is ONLY intended for mature readers and for personal use. No copyright infringement is intended. The Adventures Of Batgirl Batgirl: Sex Bomb Chapter 4: The Bat & The Armadillo Thursday, 6:00 pm The key turned smoothly in the high security lock fitted to the front door of his condo and Captain Peter Schmitt pushed it open and walked in. He slammed the door shut behind him, glad to be home at last, before stripping off his tunic jacket and hanging it on the coat rack in the hallway. He unbuckling his gun belt and draping it over an available hook. "Is that you, honey?" called out a melodic female voice from within the living room. "Yeah, honey,"
Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 04 B
Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 04 by Angelique Bouchette© She landed, silently, on the narrow balcony and, after tying off the rope to the metal safety railing, slipped through the partially open glass door, into the apartment. Jake was standing with his back to the window, his pants around his ankles, as he fucked into the mouth of the sobbing female kneeling before him. Suddenly, the woman's eyes opened wide with amazement, as she spotted the Dark Damsel's entrance. Her body stiffened, reflexively. This warned Jake that something was amiss and he pulled out of the girl's widely stretched mouth and spun around, dropping into a half-crouch. His narrowed eyes widened, as they alighted on the curvaceous purple temptress. "What the hell?" he gasped. Batgirl assumed her classic heroine pose, legs astride, hands on hips, chest thrust out with nipples erect. This looked even more spectacular than usual, clad in just her Vampirium coating. "Think you're a big man, huh?" the
Read This Before You Read Anything Else In This Blog!
I've decided to start a blog solely dedicated to reviewing movies I've seen. My reviews are coming from the perspective of someone that is sick of the trite Hollywood bullshit they keep feeding us, and wants to see films with great creativity. I also give points for sheer entertainment. While I prefer independent films, they're not always the ones that get the best reviews. All reviews here are judged on a star basis, zero stars being the worst, and five stars being the best. While my review may suggest something about the film, my star rating will be my true opinion of the film. Sometimes, I will review a film, and praise its effects very highly, yet not mention the horrible acting, thus the review appears good, but the film may get a 1-2 out of five stars. Read everything.
OK...I'm just curious and bored right now... If you are brave enough to tell me...are YOU one of my 5 crushes?? If you are...Private Message me and let a girl know! Love ya!!
Lip Lovers
Hey everybody...thanks for your help on my last contest however I did not win, so here I am again asking for your help. I am in a contest called Lip had to submit a photo of you puckering or smiling...this is also for a VIP or a blast. Please help me out as much as you can. I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much. here is the direct link to the contest photo
45 Just Cuz
1. Do you still talk to the person you had your first kiss with? UMMMMMMMM NO. 2. What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons? EEEEEEEEEHAHA. I WOULD DRESS THEM UP AND START A WHOLE COMMUNITY OF SPOONS. I WOULD EVEN HAVE SPECIAL NEED SPOONS (SPORKS) AND CROSS DRESSING SPOONS. IM ALL INTO EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND SHIT. 3. What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school? I LOOOOOOVED ME SOME TIFANNY. WHITNEY HOUSTIN, REO SPEEDWAGON, GEORGE MICHEAL! HA! 4. What is the best thing about your job? I LOVE MY JOB. I GET SNUGGLES AND HUGS ALL DAY. PLUS I LAUGH ALOT. 5. Do you wish cell phone etiquette was required in class? UMMM NO. NO I DONT...BECAUSE...WELL, THATS STUPID 8. Where are you going on your next vacation? I HAVE NO IDEA. 9. Quote a song lyric? YOU ARRRRRRRRRRRRE THE SUN. YOU ARRRRRRRRRRE THE RAIN. 10. Are most of the friends in your life new or old? HMMMMM NEW 11. Do you own any furniture from Ikea? I HAVE NO I FREAKIN DEA WHAT IKEA IS. IT
Memory Ii...julie First True Love
I was happy as long as she was there with started with simple chatting...but feelings were soon developed...the first night there we agreed to sneak out past curfew and continue our conversations...its was very cold...freezing...she didn't have her blanket...gladly I gave her mine...sacrifcing my warmth for her comfort and health...the night went by as we stayed up together just me and the days passed she initiated the passing of notes which I gladly did the same...she began getting close by kneeling her head on my shoulder...for once I had someone who actually loved me...not some slut who only offerered me lies and deceit...everything was fine until the day came..she was discharged...but our time apart was only to be temporary...
Hey Yall
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Memory Iii Sad Times Have Returned
We were by ourselves in the movie room when it happened...Julie was called in to see the doctor...she comes back saying shes been discharged...she left that day...right before lunch...while everyone stood in line waiting...she came to me one last time...embraced me and secretly passed one last note...(the staff doesn't like note passing) she wants to meet after Im released...and develop a relationship...she expressed how she would wait...even though it hurt her deeply...and that she was happy and sad at the same the note was also her cell, house numbers plus her adress...I cherished that note for the next three days...reading it over and over again in my room...the days ahead sucked...but when I was finally happened just as we wanted...our relationship grew and we became ever so closer...
Sexing Me
sexing me smile for me pearly whites ignite this flame heating me ever so, gently look at me brown eyes piercing moistening lips causing hips to, gyrate. slowly. arousing me. invoking lightening tightening walls. so much thunder under my dress. touching me. skin's changing texture as smooth as your, pleasure. fingertips slide down me. push in me. seducing me. kiss me. forehead captured. webbed in the rapture of wet affection, erection brushing my thigh. you are, making me high sexing me. licking me. tasting, basting my surface with your, sweetness. intoxicating yourself with, mine. sexing me. penetrating at last the waiting is, over heels rest upon shoulders she pulls you deeper. sexing me. you caress her frame. sexing me. she's glad you came. sexing me she, calls your name completely forgetting hers and you're to blame she, thanks you sexing her....
Sexy Witch
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Ode To My True Friend
Ode to My True Friend by Elizabeth Pinard The day I met you I found a friend - And a friendship that I pray will never end. Your smile - so sweet And so bright - Kept me going When day was as dark as night. You never ever judged me, You understood my sorrow. Then you told me it needn't be that way And gave me the hope of a better tomorrow. You were always there for me, I knew I could count on you. You gave me advice and encouragement Whenever I didn't know what to do. You helped me learn to love myself You made life seem so good. You said I can do anything I put my mind to And suddenly I knew I could. There were times when we didn't see eye to eye And there were days when both of us cried. But even so we made it through: Our friendship hasn't yet died. Circumstances have pulled us apart, We are separated by many miles. Truly, the only thing that keeps me going Is my treasured memory of your smile. This friendship we share Is so preciou
So True!
1. Don't imagine you can change a man - unless he's in diapers. 2. What do you do if your boyfriend walks out? You shut the door. 3. If they put a man on the moon - they should be able to put them all up there. 4. Never let your man's mind wander - it's too little to be out alone. 5. Go for the younger man. You might as well, they never mature anyway. 6. Men are all the same - they just have different faces, so that you can tell them apart. 7. Definition of a bachelor: a man who has missed the opportunity to make some woman miserable. 8. Women don't make fools of men - most of them are the do-it-yourself types 9. Best way to get a man to do something is to suggest he is too old for it. 10. Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener. 11. If you want a committed man, look in a mental hospital. 12. The children of Israel wandered around the desert for 40 years. Even in Biblical times, men wouldn't ask for directions. 13. If he asks what
Return Of The Ghostbusters Music Videos
In God We Trust
Some of you may be wondering what Judge Roy Moore has been doing since he was removed from the bench for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from his courtroom wall. Please read the poem he wrote. It's below his picture. The following is a poem written by Judge Roy Moore from Alabama. Judge Moore was sued by the ACLU for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom foyer. He has been stripped of his judgeship and now they are trying to strip his right to practice law in Alabama. The judge's poem sums it up quite well: America the Beautiful, or so you used to be. Land of the Pilgrims' pride; I'm glad they'll never see. Babies piled in dumpsters, abortion on demand, Oh, sweet land of liberty; your house is on the sand. Our children wander aimlessly, poisoned by cocaine, Choosing to indulge their lusts, when God has said abstain. From sea to shining sea, our Nation turns away From the teaching of God's love and a need to always pray.
Thank You Warriors
Thank You Warriors I'm writing this versein support of you troops who are fighting an unpopular war. It's hard to leave friends, home, and family though you believe in what you're fighting for. I love you my countries warriors who lay down your lives every day, to ensure that writers like me back here will contnue to have freedom to say anything that we choose to speak of; the government can't censor our speech. You make it safe for those who hate you to stand on their soapbox and preach. They shame us when, in their anti-war rants, they condemn both the war and all you. They forget they are only allowed to speak out because you warriors do what you do. Don't feel badly when you hear such B S spew forth from the mouths of the few. There are so many more who are grateful and proud to have ever known one of you. I served my time before most of you were a twinkle in your Daddy's eye and I'm still here writing for you because you are willing to die
I don't know about everyone else but I like to be told the truth, no matter how painful it might be. Case in point, I meet this girl on here who lives close by. We have been talking for a couple of weeks, she started hinting around about a realionship, well tonite I told her that I don't want one for various reason. I told her that I have a lot of problems that I have to work out, mainly I have a hang up on one of my ex's, and that she has this hold over me and that I don't want to get involved until I work this out. She got pissed and said that I played her and called me some names. I don't see how I played her, and I feel it better to tell her the truth now instead of later when things maybe more involved, and I end up hurting her. Guess I come from a different world than most.....
Humourous Poems For Moms Lol
It's A Mum's Life JOB DESCRIPTION This is hysterical. If it had been presented this way, no one would have done it!!!! POSITION : Mother, Mum, Mama, Ma? JOB DESCRIPTION : Long term, team players needed, for challenging permanent work in an, often chaotic environment. Candidates must possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be willing to work variable hours, which will include evenings and weekends and frequent 24 hour shifts on call. Some overnight travel required, including trips to primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far away cities. Travel expenses not reimbursed. Extensive courier duties also required. RESPONSIBILITIES : The rest of your life. Must be willing to be hated, at least temporarily, until someone needs a couple of bucks . Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly. Also, must possess the physical stamina of a pack mule and be able to go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat in case, this time,
9 Words Women Use
9 WORDS WOMEN USE 1. Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2. Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3. Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5. Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to 3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6. That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when y
Fuck You Babyjesus!
A Blast?!?!
I def. think someone should think deeply and kindly about getting me a blast. Cause I'm cute, and def. deserve more friends!
Pound Me
As my heart beats faster As the heat grows thicker I feel more and more desire As my adrenaline flows threw my veins As my fluids wets my inner thighs I feel more and more excitement As you caress my breasts As you kiss me on the belly working your way down I feel more and more lust As you lick it up and down As you push it in and out The more I yell for more The more you do it, the more I feel it Deeper harder faster...pound meeeeeee These feelings all at once Waiting to get out Oh God how good it feels When i flood the bed with my juices.....
Can Anyone Put A Smile On My Face?
I still feel depressed. I tried different things to lift my spirits so to say and nothing. I just feel like I am not worth being around. Just sadness I guess. Mostly from probably all the thinking I have been doing here lately. How I wasted 10 years on something I thought was a sure thing. On something that I thought would last a lifetime. You kno what I mean? I am just a person who gets into things for the long haul. I put up with alot of good and bad. I take what ever is dished to me. Even if I get stabbed in the back, my heart broken, hurt emotionally. I am still back on my feet. But here lately, I dont think I can handle another upset. I kno life is short and all that bullshit, but...I dont kno. I just feel like I dont belong in that world no more sometimes. Like I am not meant to have happiness, love, companionship. Its not in the cards for me so to speak. And realizing, how long Jeff and I would have been together...just adds to my depression. I truly thought he
Flight Delay (amen To This!)
FLIGHT DELAY… (Semper Fi!) This past week I was on a four and a half hour, nonstop flight from Seattle, Washington, to Atlanta, Georgia. In all my years of traveling, I have learned that each time a plane has the opportunity to stop, there is potential for unexpected challenges. Flight delays, weather and airline crews can create unanticipated challenges on any trip. Therefore, I always try to fly nonstop between my destinations. About an hour into this particular flight, the Captain's voice rang over the intercom. He asked if there was a physician or nurse on the plane. If so, he asked them to identify themselves by ringing the flight attendant call button beside their seat. I listened carefully but heard no one ring their bell. I immediately began to wonder what was happening. In a few minutes the Captain informed us that there was a medical emergency on board and asked again if there was a physician or a nurse who could help. When there was no respo
Outside The Wall.
All alone, or in twos The ones who really love you Walk up and down outside the wall Some hand in hand Some gathering together in bands The bleeding hearts and the artists Make their stand And when they've given you their all Some stagger and fall after all it's not easy banging your heart against some mad buggers Wall
Blown A Kiss...........
You have just been blown a kiss! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you recieve 1 - 3( ur sweet ) 3 - 6 ( ur cute ) 6 - 12 ( ur H0T!!!!) so start sending. -------------------------------------- You have been considered ONE of the TEN SWEETEST FRIENDS on my friends list. Once you have been tagged, you have to tag TEN SWEET FRIENDS(including the one who sent it to U) and let them know they are SWEET!!""""""
Join Me
Come on into One Of the Newest Hottest Lounges on Fubar.... Come Visit With the QUEEN!!!! click any photo to enter The Queens Palace Come Rock With MAGNUM RADIO LIVE Please upgrade your Media player Listen LINK for your player CLICK HERE TO MAKE REQUEST
The Curse Of The De Wren Witch
Massachusetts Colony Oct. 31, 1692 Cassandra de Wren rode her lover hungrily. It had been two days since she saw him last and she had been going insane with need for him. She threw her head back causing her chest to thrust forward and for her long red hair to spill down around her shoulders. Her large white breasts proved too tempting a sight for her lover so he reached up and fondle them with his hands. Cassandra knew it was going to be a fast spending when she felt the beginning of an orgasm licking at her loins. He obviously knew it too because she quickly found herself on her back with him thrusting furiously above her. Cassandra cries of pleasure bounced off the walls of her small cottage when she found her release. Her lover's cries soon joined hers as he soon filled her with his seed. He collapsed on top of her body, his head pillowed between her ample breasts. "I think you are witch," he said breathing heavily. Cassandra stiffened in response. "It is not somethi
Frightening Trend: Ghost Tourism Booms
Frightening Trend: Ghost Tourism Booms Benjamin Radford LiveScience's Bad Science Columnist LiveScience.comMon Oct 29, 8:25 AM ET Odds are your city or town is haunted. Just about every city has some supposedly haunted mansion, cemetery or lunatic asylum ("if you listen carefully to the wind on moonless nights, you can hear the screams of the insane…"). Most cities, in fact, have at least one company offering tours of their spookiest places. Ghost tourism has boomed over the past decade, propelled by the public's interest in the mysterious and supernatural. There are hundreds of ghost tours offered across the country, from Hollywood ("Come see Haunted Hollywood and ghosts of the stars!") to New England ("Visit Boston's infamous haunted locales!"). Some places have more historical lore to draw upon than others. Salem, Massachusetts, for example, exploits its infamous witch trials of the 1690s, while tourists, goths, wannabe vampires, and Anne Rice fans flock to
I'd ....
i’d give you everything that I am I’m handin over everything that I’ve got Cause I wanna have a really true love Don’t ever wanna have to go and give you up Stay up till four in the morning and the tears are pouring And I wanna make it worth the fight What have we been doing for all this time Baby if we’re gonna do it come and do it right All I wanted was to know (I'm safe) Don’t wanna lose the love I found
you put me down spin me round tell me lies make me wanna cry i toss and turn all night i wonder why i always stay by your side i was always true to you even when times were blue there is nothing you can do there is nothing you can say to change the way i feel inside all the tention and anger that i hide its time for me to live my life the way i feel inside no more running away and long days its time for me to spread my wings and fly away there is nothing you can do there is nothing you can say to change the way i feel inside all the tention and anger that i hide
Just Something
Poetry lifts the veil from hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar ogjects be as if they were not familiar.
A Year Of First And Change!
This year has been a year of first for me, some good, some not so good. The not so good 1. I was held at gun point for the first time. This scared the hell out of me and lead to me doing things I would have never doen. 2. I found out my boyfriend was still married and living with his wife. My heartbroke but I lived. 3. My boyfriend's wife called me looking for him. I felt like shit and didn't like being the other woman. 4. I broke up with a married man. Now they're getting divorced. 5. The man I love went back to his ex girlfriend. Yes it still hurts but I'll live and hey she dumped him so........ 6. I had my first major surgery alone. No big deal right. The good 1. I watched my best girlfriend give birth. I never thought I could be so attached to a child that wasn't mine from birth but I am! 2. I had my first one night stand. That was fun. 3. For the first time I looked t a guy after sex and said I'm done with you, go home. Not my finest mo
See my days are cold without you (Here's Another one) But I'm hurting while I'm with you (And another one) And though my heart can't take no more, I can't keep running back to you See my days are cold without you (Here's Another one) But I'm hurting while I'm with you (And another one) And though my heart can't take no more, I won't keep running back to you (And another one....what? what?) I think I found my strenght to finally get up and leave No more broken heart for me No more tellin' your lies to me (And another one) I'm lookin' like I got my head on right so now I see No more givin' you everythin' There's no more takin' my love from me (what?) Glad to wake up every day without you on my brain No more waiting late up at night No more havin' to fuzz and fight I'm proud to say that I will never make the same mistake No more thinkin' about what you do There's no more of me runnin' back to you Some say the x make the sex spec-tacular, Let me lick you fro
New Playlist
ok so i changed the playlist again, lol i can't stop listening to LORDI, havent been able to for around 4 days, so i added a LORDI playlist in place of my old one lol, and to all my Skin friends, which are a good 90% of you guys, if you like the old playlist it's still in a comment on my arischstolz folder, first pic.
I Ran
i ran,ran, and ran lookin for u at the end of the road i dont no how much more runing i can do im scared and i have always ran to u ur not there ur gone ur a pass time that i cant get back ur a dream that stayed a dream not to touch and not to fill tears filling my eyes runing down my face my long red hair wet with my own tears y wont u stop and wait let my dreams come true im screaming for u now an where r u no where what a friend :( its ok i will stop runing i will stop wanting ur arms around me some one els gets them now my tears are stoping and im walking away good bye friend
For October 29,2007
Daily Horoscope: Capricorn You're better able to reach out to people and express your intentions in words thy can understand -- so start talking. You will be amazed at how quickly things come together when folks start to get it.
Say Goodbye
I couldn't chance to see the light, instead I wrote off the pain and ran through the dark. Never meant to run into you but you were the only thing faster than the pain. Somehow you sliced into me when no one else could, and in the rain you stood and watched me bleed. By nothing more than graceless disdain I learned to forget if I couldn't hate, and boy, I loved you. Crystal tears and ruby drops I bled, see the death lights and count on feeling numb, the dying has begun. Run and fight your blade away, another cut to the soul sustained, another jolt of pain. Rip off another small piece of me and just wait and see, you'll never really know all of me, but boy I loved you. So save your tears and say goodbye, the time has come and I must die, but please boy don't you cry, the time has come and I must say goodbye.
It's hard to see the pain behind the mask, and you never stick around long enough to ask, so each day I put on another face, running away to start you on a chase. I dig down deep inside my own heart, and here I wait in the dark. But you only laugh, knowing you have your hand inside my heart. I needed you, like bacteria feeding on the dead, and slowly I let you inside my head. I hurt so badly but yet I need this pain, it's spilled upon my breast leaving it's stain. It sucks at my soul until at last I am drained. I had sought to throw away your poisoned love, to rid myself of this toxic bond of souls we've made, but you've bound me in chains so tightly that I struggle and I bleed, letting go of caution only knowing that I love you but your bondage would only cause my death. Enslave me not, but slay me now, leaving me not to ask you how.
The Lesson Of Israel's Kingdom
"In the twelfth year of Ahaz king of Judah began Hoshea the son of Elah to reign in Samaria over Israel nine years." 2 Kings 17 starts and ends with who'll turn out to be the last king of the kingdom of Israel with a pretty precarious hold on power. We first met Hoshea in chapter fifteen where he led a rebellion against the previous king Pekah who'd been on the throne for two years. A pretty telling clue as to why may be in verse twenty-nine of the same chapter; essentially the massive Assyrian Empire to the north of Israel had marched into much of the country and replaced Israelites in several locations with their own citizens, also conquered peoples. By the time Hoshea took the throne by killing his predecessor Pekah (who'd come to the throne by killing HIS predecessor Pekahiah -- being king was and is no guarantee against others' naked ambition; perhaps that was a reason Samuel warned the Israelites so long ago against having a king?), Israel could have been considered a nat
Lonely Nation: Americans Try To Connect In A Country Where Isolation Is Common
(August 05, 2006) -- In bleak nursing homes and vibrant college dorms, in crowded cities and spread-out suburbs, Americans confront an ailment with no single cause or cure. Some call it social isolation or disconnectedness. Often, it's just plain loneliness. An age-old ailment, to be sure, and yet by various measures - census figures on one-person households, a new study documenting Americans' shrinking circle of intimate friends - it is worsening. It seems ironic, even to those who are affected. The nation has never been more populous, soon to reach the 300 million mark. And it has never been more connected - by phone, e-mail, instant message, text message, and on and on. Yet so many are alone in the crowd. "People are increasingly busy," said Margaret Gibbs, a psychologist at Fairleigh Dickinson University. "We've become a society where we expect things instantly, and don't spend the time it takes to have real intimacy with another person." Some Americans are making
Just So I Wont Froget Lol Again
Something in the way she moves Theres something in the way she moves, Or looks my way, or calls my name, That seems to leave this troubled world behind. If Im feeling down and blue, Or troubled by some foolish game, She always seems to make me change my mind. Chorus: n(and) I feel fine anytime shes around me now, Shes around me now Almost all the time. n(and) if Im well you can tell that shes been with me now, n(and) shes been with me now Quite a long, long time And I feel fine.___________ Every now and then the things I lean on lose their meaning, And I find myself careening Into places where I should not let me go. -- she has the power to go where no one else can find me, Yes, and to silently remind me Of the happiness and good times that I know, you know. Well I said I just got to know that: It isnt what shes got to say Or how she thinks or where shes been. To me, the words are nice, the way they sound. I like to hear them best that way - It doesnt
Honey I Fired The Boss
Kate Havnevik ~ Unlike Me
There are no guarantees in life Not for the present, Nor for the future. All I know is That I'm here; Don't know for how long. I love the way You live so intensely Enjoy every minute of life With space to swing Your arms around Laughing loudly Unlike me Unlike me Do you think I'm strange? Unlike you Unlike you I am not pretending There is no time, There is no time, There is no time, Time doesn't really exist. The past, the present, And the future, Are all side by side, Hand in hand. You move and change, Yet you go nowhere: Everything stays the same. You stare at me, And ask me questions, Makes me nervous, This room it keeps a constant tone While I'm on a roller coaster Unlike me Unlike me Do you think I'm strange Unlike you Unlike you I am not pretending There is no time There is no time There is no time Time doesn't really exist There is no time There is no time There is no time Time doesn't really exist i am trying to fi
First Ever Reunion
Latina and Latinos, It is with great joy that I bring the following news!!! On the 3rd of Nov at 7:00 pm EST, we will be having our first ever reunion. It will be held in "The NEW Latina Mafia Lounge". You can get there through my page. If you have trouble finding it, I will link it to you. This will be your opportunity to meet the other members, and voice any concerns or suggestions to the Founders and our Advisers. This reunion is meant to be a fun experience and open to both member and Non-members. So make sure you mark your calenders! This will be something you don't want to miss. Please spread the word. Either post this in a Bulletin or or blog. Tell all the member that you know. I need to have maximum participation. Hope to see ya'll there!!!!!!! payneja01 aka "The GodFather"
Wangan Midnight Reborn
I Must Be
Let me go- just let me be Why oh why can't you just see I'm not needed, I"m not wanted My life is dismal- my dreams are haunted Fantasies wasted- imagination evaporated We have ended Its I who am hated The blame is on me and I have accepted it You were never wrong I deserved every bit Let me go- just let me be Its not fair- Don't you see You've carried on another life you have began My time has stopped- I"m back from where I ran This hurt, this anger, malice and smite Revenge is sweet- Deep down I know its right Another you left me for Not a tear- Turned and walked out the door Love is sour I have but every right to cower Let me go- just let me be This crazy world is closing in on me Beauty is ugly and thin is obbesse My place in this world is bur a crease A wrinkle in time A single church bell chime Once was lost and never found Promise you'll be there when they put me in the ground Do not cry a tear, what would it be for? Just stand there smile, turn and wa
Happy Halloween
Its A Boy!! Am A Grandma!!!
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Spanking Good Time
2nd Installment Of "the Kissing Partner"
**2nd installment of "The Kissing Partner" A Work of Fiction "I'm William." Nice handshake, though his hands were a little cold. "Would you like a drink from the bar? I was going to ask if you minded if I had one." A man after my own heart. "That, actually, would be very nice." "What'll it be?" I told him a Southern Comfort on the rocks, and before I could say 'heaven help me', he was back, a drink in each hand. "What is that you're drinking," I asked, with mild curiosity. It looked a little like a Shirley Temple. "This is called a 'sloe comfortable screw'." Shoot me! "Oh, that's interesting," I said. What could I say? "Yes," he answered, a little too excitedly. "It's got sloe gin, orange juice, and Absolut vodka!" He raised his glass. "Well, bottoms up!" And then he gulped down nearly half of it. I took a generous sip of my drink as well. I was nervous, and apparently, so was William. "So, William," I ventured. What do you do for work?" He took another gulp of his 'sloe easy
They lurk in darkness they kill indiscriminately they show no mercy they torture they maim they take pleasure in your pain and sadness They want you and they're comeing
Longing, Desire......
So Embarrasing
its halloween and tonight im going to a club dressed as a hooker! all my friends are gonna be there its gonna suck. i´ll upload the photos on i want sympathy if im gonna go through all this suffering thats what you get when you bet on a game of football on the computer..Myspace Graphics i think that´ll i need a little!
What Are You
What Group Are You? What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ectcreated with You scored as GothYour A Goth! Goth 90%Skater 55%Emo 45%Rocker, Mosher 30%Prepy 20%Trendy 20%Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev 20%
I Miss You Baby
Baby, I missed you soo much Without you around I feel clutched Loneliness felled my life since I left you I wish you have the same feelings to me too I can’t sleep day and night Your image can’t get out of my sight Ya right.! I never showed you my feelings then Well it’s because you considered me as a friend You used to take my breath away I always wanted you to stay I am living the worst heartache ever You drowned inside my heart forever Loving you at first was a mistake I have my self to blame so I will tolerate My life had changed when you appeared It’s all messed up, it’s sooo weird. My heart is sooo sore because I miss you more and more Your spirits are always with me I am so inspired believe me It will take time to erase you out of my life If not, surely i’ll stab my self with a knife By manar alaa
It's Getting To Be That Time Of Year,
So go check out Billy Idol's version of Jingle Bell Rock.
In the end you will be laid to rest where you belong. Bathed in the flames for your hatred and your ignorance. You're the symbol of masculinity, but I can beat king kong. I will stand up for those who suffer. I will stand up for those who have suffered, been crucified by your insecurities. You can't say what love is when you're castrated, fuckers. Hatchets castrating the fuckers. The voice that I've been given I will use to crush bigotry and defeat intolerance. With bodies ablaze sadly no one's there to push you in the flames. So throw another stick in and I swear with every once of strength I have, I will burn you all alive. In the sticks lays your worthless bodies, screaming, keep fucking screaming. And with your eyeballs boiling...WHO'S THE FUCKING FAGGOT NOW
I'm Just Too Old
I’m too old for this.... Every day, I grow more and more convinced that I am way too old for college. Today, I sat in the outdoor commons area while I waited for my class to start. I watched a student approach the center. He was followed by a small group of people, and he carried his own hookah. He got the thing going, took a big draw, and said how much he hated having to go to his Marxist job. Puh-leeze! I listened for a while, marveling at the tidbits that floated from their mouths and into my ears. This was, perhaps, my favorite: "Ralph Nader should be president, 'cuz he's like, economical and stuff, 'cuz he's good at economics, and he's smart. He should be president, and then he'd get all economic on our asses." I went to class and we discussed persuasive speechs, our next assignment. The professor wanted to show that some topics are too vast to address well in the alloted time. He asked if anyone smoked. I raised my hand. He said that a speech that tried to
"seize The Day...
...or die regretting the time you lost." I think about it every now and then. On maybe why we were all put here. On Earth, I mean. What was God's original goal for the human race and it's presense here? Were we all just part of an evolution of whats to come? Or are we now the final product? Whichever it may be, Im glad we're here. Well, I'm glad I'M here. I can plainly see without any help that the life I lived back in the day is not the same life I am living now. Back in the day, I wanted everything for myself and only for myself and thought nothing of the world and everyone because I was just too little to understand that caring for others was important. Today? I feel inspired by everyone I have helped, talked to, and cared for. I've learned that it is much better to give than to receive, and helping others would give you a chance to get back what you gave ten fold. That makes me feel good. So good that I want to be the me everyone knows me by today for the rest of my life, as
Happy Halloween
look i strongly encourage you all to get some fucking chococalate in your system cause you need to be happy with your life for once damn it... it's halloween... the one night of the year that the dead get to walk freely among us and the one night that every body buts loose and haves fun... SO PLEASE HAVE SOME FUN get layed for all i care cause life is too short.. really it is...
My Fake Father
My fake father, How could you? You put up a front. You claim to be something that your hidden actions don't prove. Yet what do I find? A mountain of lies. Fucking lies. My fake father, How could you? You judge me for my admitted sins, Yet you claim no sins for your own. And expect others to keep your secrets. A mountain of lies, fucking lies. My fake father, How could you? You make me feel like shit for smoking cigarettes, You sit there and judge. Yet you snort coca outside my bedroom window, And expect me not to find out. A mountain of lies, fucking lies. 10-30-07 ~*Lauren*~
31st October 2007
Dear Alexa, Here is your AstroSlam for Wednesday, October 31: You'll be shocked today when a tiny sliver of sun slips into your world and illuminates the dreary darkness you've come to think of as home. You'd let it cheer you up, if you had any idea how to.
Happy Halloween
To all my Fubar frinds ... have a happy Halloween OXOXO Princess ...
Happy Halloween From Me And Rob Zombie
hope everyone as a great halloween i be watching shit loads of horror tonight and getting drunk (like always) went to a halloween party on satday dressed as jason voorhees lol i post pics went i got time every one have a good day and heres a happy halloween message from rob zombie
Happy Halloween!!
Have fun and be safe out there today!!
Hey baby you know i love you and i want to be with you all the time. your my girl. kisses
About Me
This place is pretty cool! Kinda dangerous...but I like that! I'm 38 years old. I'm brutally honest...but fun! I have a good sense of humor and a wicked temper. I'm here to have fun and meet up with my friends and make new ones. I'm not lookin' to hook up, cam or talk dirty on IM. Sorry...but I said I was honest. To each their own...I don't judge...but it's not for me. Wanna be friends GREAT...wanna cyber...move on please! Music I like: loud, rock, some country, pretty much all hair bands, and anything from AC/DC or Kiss Movies I like: Horror, Comedy My Interests: **my boys (16 & 19) **my girls (dogs...golden retriever and golden lab), **my friends **muscle cars **demolition derby **stock car racing **my truck (my with wheels...what a concept) **dancing **W.O.W. (World of Warcraft...boys got me hooked) **summer nights **music is my passion If you want to stick around and be friends with this boring girl send me a friend invite! *Have a drink
Woop Woop!
Boom Boom Boom
Love Or Infatuation 9 Questions To Ask Urself
(1) Do I treat the other person as a person or a thing? If you go out with him/her because he/she is good looking (a "prize" to be with) or a way out (a ticket to the movies), that isn't love. (2) Would you chose to spend the evening alone with him/her if there were no kissing, no touching, and no sex? If not, it isn't love. (3) Are the two of you at ease and as happy alone as you are with friends? If you need other friends around to have a good time, it isn't love. (4) Do you get along? If you fight and make up a lot, get hurt and jealous, tease and criticize one another, better be careful, it may not be love. (5) Are you still interested in dating or secretly "messing around" with others? If so, you aren't in love. (6) Can you be totally honest and open? If either or both of you are selfish, insincere, feel confined, or unable to express feelings, be cautious. (7) Are you realistic? You should be able to admit possible future problems. If others (bes
The Crazy Cowgirls N Cowboys Of Fubar
What Type Of Hook-up Are You?
You are an indulgent hook-up You like pleasure and not just physical pleasure. You like to try to cram every pleasure that you can think of into your hook-up to have the best experience. It may be a little one sided, but your partner will never forget you as a lover! Take this quiz at
How Bisexual Are You?
You are 85% Bisexual You are very bisexual. The choice between guys and girls is often agonizing for you because you really don’t have a preference. But you always double up your chances every night for getting laid. Take this quiz at
right now my life sucks ,,,any suggestions?
What Type Of Monster Are You?
You are a vampire! You are suave and seductive. Eternal life is yours and you never tire of coming up with crazy ways of amusing yourself and others. Sometimes, however, your taste for blood comes in the way of friendships as you are constantly turning your friends into vampires. Take this quiz at
A (groaner) Halloween Story. . .
Two vampires wanted to go out to eat, but were having a little trouble deciding where to go. They were a little tired of the local food in Transylvania and wanted something different. After some discussion, they decided to go to Italy because they had heard that Italian food was really good. So off they went to Italy and ended up in Venice . On a bridge over one of the canals, they hid in the shadows and waited for dinner. A few minutes later they noticed a young couple walking their way. As they neared, the vampires made their move - Each vampire grabbed a person, sucked them dry, And tossed the remaining bodies into the canal below. The vampires were extremely pleased with their meal and decided to have seconds. Another young couple approached a few minutes later and suffered the same fate as the first, sucked dry and tossed into the canal below. Our vampires are now fairly full but decide to get dessert. In a short while a third young couple provides
Halloween Things To Do On Halloween ..hee Hee Hee Mwahahahahaha *evil Grin*
1.Give away something other than candy. (Toothpicks, golf balls, bags of sand, etc.) 2.Wait behind the door until some people come. When they get near the door, jump out, wearing a costume, and holding a bag, and yell, "Trick or Treat!" Look at them, scratch your head, and act confused. 3.Fill a briefcase with marbles and crackers. Write on it, "Top Secret" in big letters. When trick-or-treaters come, look around suspiciously, say, "It's about time you got here," give them the briefcase, and quickly shut the door. 4.Get about 30 people to wait in your living room. When trick-or-treaters come to the door, say, "Come in." When they do, have everyone yell, "Surprise!!!" Act like it's a surprise party. 5.Get everyone who comes to the door to come in and see if they can figure out what's wrong with your dishwasher. Insist that it makes an unnatural "whirring" sound. 6.After you give them candy, hand the trick-or-treaters a bill. 7.Open the door dressed as a giant fish. Imm
Which Anne Rice Vampire Is Most Likely To Turn You?
You are most likely to be turned by DAVID. You are a scholar, just the sort of person David looks for to spend eternity with. You're also extremely act like you are. You pretend to follow the rules, but...a select few know your TRUE nature. As much as you may try to deny it. Take this quiz at
very sad and lonely 2night could use some company and friends sighssssssss
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For November 1,2007
Daily Horoscope: Capricorn For November 1,2007 You're stuck dealing with a kid or customer who just doesn't need you as much as someone else apparently does. See if you can extricate yourself easily, but don't make waves if possible.
On life's busy thoroughfares we meet with angels unawares-so father make us kind and wise so we may always recognize the blessings that are ours to take the friendships that are ours to make if we but open our hearts door wide to let the sunshine of love inside-for god is not in far distant places but in loving hearts and friendly faces.

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