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I'll Buy A Drink For....
I'll buy a drink for anyone who plays my song "Hearts And Roses" located on my Reverb Nation Page! Anyone who puts my player on their page will receive a personally burned copy of my country songs for showing that support. To get the code for the player go to: and just go to widget for the cut and paste code. Thanks for any support Larry
A Video About Me Talking About The True Me
Bbw Lovers-- Ripping Pics
Ladies... I did the pics wrong when I started.. I need to go back and rip them.. I'm sorry for having to do this.. but I can find you all better this way.. Thanks...
Nancy Pelosi = Worthless Cunt
Get ready for the Great Depression 2.0 The bail out didn't get past congress. We are heading into something that's worse than a nuclear attack. At least a nuclear attack will kill you quickly. This will make people starve to death. We can blame that fucking cunt Nancy Pelosi. This bitch decided before the voting began to talk shit to the house Republicans. If she would have kept her mouth shut it would have gotten past. I can't stand that bitch. I'm a Dem and I think she's an absolute piece of shit. And a Ugly fucking skank. I've seen younger faces on currency. McCain is at fault too. He couldn't get his neo-con brothers in line. I can't tell you how disastrous this is going to be. Get ready for HELL! BTW, the DOW is down 740 points.
Robert Chrisley "black Cloud (aside)"
ROBERT CHRISLEY "Black Cloud (Aside)" Hypacrypha DEFF-ini-shon 2005 We're burning walls to the ground Leaving behind the nature of the beast Let someone else wear this black cloud As we wake to partake in Our Wedding feast Worlds for your bustier Worn underneath your flowing gowns There's two Souls that need Freedom of the mind As they leave behind this heavy.....(black cloud) .......throw up flags as we submit When you can think deep without depth digging you into a hole Back to a place where everything makes sense Seasoned by everything you already know, no, no, no No matter what becomes The black cloud will dissipate And all that seems to have come undone Will be what will never seperate -and as it all came crashing down We still rose up new in its place What seemed lost is now found Upon the Great Beyond We Became ©MMV Chrisley Music® Unauthorized Use Prohibited Under Federal Law.
My Comments....
Yes...I know that some of my comments are a bit risque...I can't help that I'm drawn to the erotic...But..I guess that an apology is in order... I received a couple of private messages with the request that I not leave such comments...I completely understand...And..I am sorry... I will tone down my comments...And..also if you would rather I not leave ones that are of a naughty nature...Please let me know...I won't know unless you tell me... I kind of like them... :) Have An Awesome Day.... :)
My Personal Link
From a newsprint article about 'How sexy are Canadian women?' When asked to rate satisfaction with their bodies on a scale of one to 10, women gave themselves no higher than an average of six. 6, yeah that's about what i'd say also.
Stimulate My Mind
She's so beautiful that every time you look at her your knees tremble, your heart just melts and you know right then and there, without any reservations, that there is order and meaning to the universe. I hear you. No matter how much we yell or how quiet you are. I hear you.
Whats Yours?
We all have one, it's always there, and it's often the one thing we always want to overcome. It either keeps us from getting where we want to be, or keeps others from getting to us. What is your Wall?
The Ramblings Of A Mad Man!!!!! Not Really But Sounds Cool.
What is it that pushes us foreward i sit here in class wondering why i fall for the deceitful tricks i usually fall for.. I try an try again yet fail to no end, yet i can't stop doing what i have come to know an do repeatedly sure it hurts but it's a pain that i'm used to. A pain that reminds me i'm still alive an i still have this weak heart that just wants love. but i have it in some way some shape some form. i have always made time for those i care deeply for just seems it doesn't get returned...which sucks in turn but its ok really. I'm becoming stronger i have priorities goals things i must complete motivation to move forward things to look forward to people i want to see hug an spend time with... you know who you are i wont name nay names LINDA!!!!! lol doubt you'll even read this but eh you know i just never know since your so busy all the time geeez lol. but im happy a bit mislead at one point but i'm back on track an happy once again. Sure i'm being teased vi
Help A True Friend Out
'X©ït€M€ **ŧÅЧ' FU Woman** 1st Asst of Dylon's Diva Mafia*@ fubar LETS GET HER TO LEGEND PLZ RATE FAN AND ADD HER
Still alive.Still no internet.Same as always it seems. next week Ill be getting a cellphone so I can at least stay in semi-contact with people. Im just gonna keep rotting away at work and doing my music and fractals. Miss you guys and gals. Scrawny.
Some Things
Just a few things that those of you who care enough about me to read my blog might wanna know. 1. Purple and black are my favorite colors. 2. I hate hot dogs, balogna, and American cheese. 3. I am easily entertained. 4. I am not that hard to please. 5. I hate..and I mean HATE needy people. If I am not there leave a message and I'll be back. Do not say Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen are you there hello Jen hello are you there, because odds are I'll never talk to you again. 6. If you don't take time to know whats above my shoulders, you'll never know anything about what is below them. 7. I like vegetables.
I'm Going To Hell.
I had to write this out before I go to bed again. Only about 0.001 percent of you will even know what I'm talking about. About 0.0001 percent of you will find it hilarious. So anyways, we were out to lunch and I asked my mom when she plans on calling the lawyers again. She said, and I will quote, "Whats the point?" I replied ever so nonchalantly, "To light a fire up under his ass." I paused for 10 seconds, looked up realllllll slowly to make eye contact with my mother, then laughed my ass off for 5 minutes. And this is why I'm going to hell.
Story 2
Walking up behind you I see your panties half way down your beautiful legs. Upon reaching you I rest my right hand upon your back you turn to look at me and with a devious smile I apply enough pressure to my right hand to push you down so that you are laying flat on the couch. Looking at you sprawled over the couch I grab hold of both sides of your panties and pull them up deep into your slit as I listen to your yelp of pain I get harder and harder in my pants. My cock almost bursting from my pants I wquickly slide the panties out of your pussy bringing with it a stream of your cum follows as I pull them completely from you. Reaching into my pants with my left hand I grab hold of my cock then with my right hand I pull down my pants. I stradle you with your back still facing me I slowly put the head of my cock into your pussy from behind. Finding extremely difficult I pull out the head of my cock and instead slides two of my fingers into your pussy trying to get you wet while stretching
Insight And Perspective
Having read an article resulting in three fatalities back in the late 60s , I know obscure but my mind dose go in to overdrive when I am faced with a puzzle, I was interested to find an avenue of investigation that perhaps may explain a mystery, or not but I hate un finished business or incomplete analysis I prefer to debate points with others but this will have to do. The incident in question was during the testing of the Apollo 204 command module. Which resulted in three fine men loosing their lives in a flash Oxygen fire. Due to design and procedural issues they were unable to escape the module in time. Further to my analysis I have come to some conclusions that I will detail below. Report source Report of Apollo 204 Review Board NASA Historical Reference Collection, NASA History Division, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC Key Points. Extract 1 The disturbance at approximately 23:30:5
Bedroom Personality
You have a Romantic Bedroom Personality! You love to be romantic in the bedroom. You want every sexy encounter to be special, so you often go out of your way to set a romantic mood. Your lovers always feel special and want to come back for more. 'What's your Bedroom Personality?' at
Please dont ask a ton of questions thats not why I changed my status. Just a reflection on what I feel, needs no defending or explanation. Sorry.
He stayed prone his GDF issued sniper rifle resting against his shoulder his eye though the scope he had another target in his site aimed perfectly for the bare skull of another being and pulled the trigger only to hear a click. "Damn it...all out of bullets..." He soon realized all the ammunition he brought was out even his trusty machine pistol was all out. Still not many enemies remained. He quickly stood and moved from his high position his legs pumping as the blood lust of battle coursed into his veins he'd get one more kill before this victory. He ran around the refinary to spot an enemy reloading without even a moment of hesitation he ran up to the enemy the butt of his rifle slapping against the man's face sending him sprawling to the ground dazed but not dead yet. He quickly jumped atop him and began to reaptively drive the butt of his gun against the man's face and throat the sound of steel against bone making dull thuds before the bone began to weaken under the stress. Soon
What Remains Of Me?
Every day no matter what I can't figuer it out something is wrong with me...I just don't care anymore I feel empty and I can't find the means to find anything to fill that emptiness back up other than anger and hate and I don't want to feel either of those anymore I don't want to fucking feel anything. So listen if you one of these people trying to get me to chill or kool out GO FUCK YOURSELF. I am who I am and I don't plan to change just because you are trying to get into someones pants. I don't give a fuck if you are offended by what I say. I don't give a flying fuck if you think I'm cold or heartless. Maybe you should get to fucking know me before you start making assumptions about me you worthless dicks.
Its My Midget!
?'s About Guys Im Sure To Each Their Own
Do men like women to be the dominant ones in bed and out of bed or do they want all domination. Because it seems to me like if you let a man always take over he might think you're weak minded. Well lets see some answers.
Update Ya'll
ok, so just a lil update...i'm going to be deleting my fubar here soon... and i wanna keep some of my friends from here... If you wanna be apart of the ones i keep...send me an email and I will add you to my IM or my Myspace... :D
The Calling Chapter 2
I awaken to this a new world of sites and sounds and have this unending need to feed but not of normal food but of the warm fresh blood of people. I have never had a carving like this before in my life and as it grows more and more in me I think I'm never gonna find my fill. The stranger that had made me this way has always been by my side and always watched over me to make sure I was safe from harm and that nobody or anything would take me away from him or this new found love that he had found in being by my side for so long now. This stranger was the best thing that could of ever happened to me in my life of pain and depression as I myself was ready to end my life and go and sit on deaths steps forever. Even though I think sometimes being turned by this man is worse than death for this unending need of blood never dies. This is the one part that I had never planed on. He is my master now. He is my lover. He is the one that owns me now and forever. I don't regret letting him
The Calling Chapter 11
As he lay me down softly on the White Fur Blanket that he had placed on the ground and begun to move his hands along my body caressing every inch on my flesh with his soft yet firm hands that with every soft stroke of his hands along my body that sent feelings shooting through me like only I felt being with him and the way he made me feel on the inside and as well as the outside of my body just made me feel like I was in a dream and nothing could touch me there ever as long as he was with me in them. He began to move his hands along my arms and up to me shoulders and back down again to the tips of my fingers and inter locked his with mine and pulled me up to him slowly to were I was face to face with him and eye to eye and I saw the burning love that he had for me burning inside those deep blue eyes as they came to life while looking at me so intensely as he leaned into me and kissed me softly at first and then with much more passion as he dropped his hands away from mine and grabbe
I sit here alone in the shadows were nobody can see me and were I can feel nothing but coldness and pain all around me. I never thought I would be the one to end up here in this dark world the way I did the night I did. You pushed me one time to many and the final push pushed me here to my new home were my only friend is the sound of the rain that is always falling on top of me to hide the tears that I can't stop. I often wonder how I could of made it better for you and made you happy in the things that I did for you then I see the hole in arm and waist and it all comes back as to why you were never happy. I have learned to now adjust to this darkness and coldness that I live in now for it is the one place that can hide me from anything good tring to reach me and save my soul. I was meant to life this life of pain alone so I have learned to make it my comfort and my friend. I will never forgive you for what you have done to this once happy girl that has now become a shell
Wednesday October 15th 2008
i sit here all day and ponder, friends losing family months past and still mourn. just like me, yes i still miss my mother, she was thebest feriend i had besides my other family members, i miss visiting with her now and then, sit next to her as she sleeps and be next to her..each time i go by the nursin home my heart jusyt skips abeat, and now each tyime i go by where shes buried with my dad and grandparents and aunt and uncles....again my heart skips a beat again. i love all my family and friends,on and offline. You all are wonderful..ty for being there
I did a bunch of cleaning today. Cleaned the living room, downstairs bathroom, kitchen, computer room and bed room. Did laundry and put them away. I still have one more load of clothes to wash and put away. I'm so tired.... I'm hoping that my little cold has gone away. Bleh.... I want to go to Wal-Mart sometime tonight, after the nerds leave....Just wonder around.... I haven't really gotten out of the house today at all. Just stayed in cleaning. I need some java....
Part Of What Needs To Be Said
Everyone hopes and prays for love and when they find it they do all they can to keep it. They ask for a love that is strong and true as well as everlasting. I have found such a love but the last few weeks have been rough. Either because of things that I have said and done, like staying on the computer too late or just being an asshole. Or because there are women who dont get the point that i want nothing to do with them other than to be their friend. Well I might end up losing the one I love most if I cant find a way to straighten things out. I thought about deleting my fubar but have changed my mind for several reasons. One- because i know that the love of my life loves posting comments and well i love reading her comments. and two- my friends and fu-family have asked and begged me to stay. I will say this though- THINGS ARE GOING TO BE MUCH MUCH DIFFERENT!!! I am not taking any more shit from anyone and i am not being nearly as nice as i have been. If I offend you then im sorry. I am
A Must Check Out!!!!!!!!!
a site where you can watch ads online and earn sweepstakes entries to win cash and prizes each week! If you use the Banner below to register, you will receive an extra 10 entries for your first sweepstakes. Thanks! Just Click On the Banner that easy Here Are the Prize I can Win Or YOU can win Grand Prize Sony PSP # Winners: 1 Retail: $170 1st Prize Winner's Choice of $25 Gift Card # Winners: 2 Retail: 25000 pts WEEKLY SWEEPSTAKES PRIZES Grand Prize Nintendo Wii # Winners: 1 Retail: $250 1st Prize Ninendo DS # Winners: 1 Retail: $130 2nd Prize Winner's Choice of $25 Gift Card (Three Winners) # Winners: 3 Retail: 25000 pts 3rd Prize Winner's Choice of $10 Gift Card (Ten Winners) # Winners: 10 Retail: 10000 pts Points Prize 1,000 SpotCash (One Hundred Winners) # Winners: 100 Retail: 1000 pts
Everything I've touched just falls apart and I am left with nothing. Everything thing I've done turns to garabage and I can't win. Sometimes we've got no one and we realize it doesn't matter. Everything you try I brush off for you can't do anything to me I've not already done to myself. We all bleed we can all break but we are not all as cool as you...we all aren't as human as you. Some of us spend our days getting screwed or fucked. Some of us are born to be beheaded.
Bdsm Glossary:
BDSM glossary: BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism) 24/7: A relationship in which protocols are in place continuously. Animal transformation fantasy: Fantasy in which the focus is on the sub entering the altered mindspace of a different species, typically a dog, pony or horse. Abrasion: Using something rough (such as sandpaper). Aftercare: The time after a BDSM scene or play session in which the participants calm down, discuss the previous events and their personal reactions to them, and slowly come back in touch with reality. BDSM often involves an endorphin high and very intense experience, and failure to engage in proper aftercare can lead to subdrop as these return to more everyday levels. Ageplay: Usually referring to daddy/daughter or mommy/baby role play. Does not usually include or imply aspects of incest, but rather the nurturing relationship of parent/child or teacher/student. Anal torture: The BDSM practice of inflict
Kahlil Gibran On Love
Kahlil Gibran on Love When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden. For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth. Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself. He threshes you to make you naked. He sifts you to free you from your husks. He grinds you to whiteness. He kneads you until you are pliant; And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast. All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of
Going For Spotlight
Mr. Dream Maker.... Cant Sleep Y Wont U Let Me Sleep
Tell me Mr. Dream Maker, What are you trying to say? Please tell me Mr. Dream Maker, Let me sleep today. My Opi? My Omi? Who is calling me? What do they want from me? Let me sleep. Let me sleep. Sarah? Hunny, I’m sorry, It’s been one tough year, Without you here, Let me sleep as I shed a tear. Mikel? I took that breath, When they laid you to rest, I’ve don’t my best, Now please let me rest. Tell me Mr. Dream Maker, What are you trying to say? Please tell me Mr. Dream Maker, Let me sleep, Let me sleep, Let me sleep today.
whos going to win state or ohio!
You'll Know
When the wind blows And whispers through the trees, You'll know I remember you. When the rain falls And drips from the flower petals, You'll know I have forgiven you. When a tear escapes And trickles down my cheek, You'll know I still love you.
love. L.O.V.E. a little four letter word that can mean so much, both good and bad. some people love their cars, their house, material things like that. but what does love mean to you? how do you desrcibe such a thing to someone? how do you prove you love someone? when life gets you down, thats when true love comes in to save you. love for you family. love for you friends...your friends that you know will be there through thick and thin. but how do you know when you love someone or when your in love? is it when you look at someone and your whole day brightens just because their there? is it when you go shopping for yourself and everythin you see reminds you of someone else? is it when everytime the phones rings, your hoping its them on the other end? is it when their the first thing on your mind in the morning and th last thing on your mind before you go to sleep? is it whenyou cant sleep without them beside you? is it when you cant get that other person off your mind? is it when your a
Our Wild Adventure To The Movies!!!!
Seeing that I ganked the last few adventure blogs... I get to write this one. I will try to flavor it nicely for you... It started out with my idea to go to the movies... Brandon and I decided to see Max Payne. We proceeded to round up people to accompany us. Amy was down, but we couldn't seem to rally any more friends. Needless to say, the movie quest was abandoned and we made haste to the Red Apple. There I met, for the first time, Nikki, R2 [Josh], and Yaccob. TJ was there too, but we previously met. TJ and I slow danced, lol. awkwardly Anyway... Coffee, hashbrowns, cigarette smoking, and chit chat insued. Yaccob's hash browns took a million years to come. Brando and I had the swell idea to get drunk, so Amy, Mike, and I went to the Regal [liquor store] and picked up supplies. Two 40's for Brandon and a Pint of Jack Daniel's for myself. From there we went to Nikki's apartment and commenced to drinking. Before we could leave TJ and Brandon had t
Jack & Emily ( A Story I Wrote)
Emily was walking down this path, which she could not see very far ahead. There was something deep inside of Emily that was encouraging her to move forward. Even though Emily was afraid of the not knowing, that lies before her. Emily felt she needed to know, why she felt so intrigued of having to know more about this unknown shadow. Emily began to see her unknown shadow more clearly now, & it was just within her sight. As Emily continued to walk towards this unknown shadow, her heart began to beat faster. Emily could now see, that her unknown shadow was a man. While Emily approached this man with caution, & with her fear still very much heightened. Even though Emily doesn't know why, she has a sense of security with this man. All Emily knew was, her heart was telling her not to be afraid. Just as their eyes meet for the very first time, their hearts were beating as one. Emily feels as though she's known this man her entire life. Knowing this could not be true,
My life used to be nothing but pain and sorrow I have truly been blessed with friendship and love For once in a LONG time, I am smiling and I cant describe what I am feeling Confusion rushes in and I think, "Is this real" I will NOT allow this to enter! I am finally happy and the smiles are too many. I want to share all of them.
The Way You Left Me
Monday 10 - 20
Whats shakin Culinary kiddies Today was Open Faced bacon egg cheese and tomato sandwich on a toasted everything bagel. 1 Everything Bagel 4 Strips of cured bacon 2 Eggs 3 oz shredded cheddar cheese 1/4 of sliced tomato 1oz parmesan cheese 1/2 teaspoon of spicy mustard (anyvariety but not ballpark yellow mustard) 1/2 oz sriacha sauce Start by pan frying the bacon over medium heat rotate sides until the bacon is done to desired crispness, remove bacon from the pan. Strain out the bacon through a sieve reserving only the bacon fat. To this particular egg mixture was added 2 eggs spicy brown mustard, part of the cheddar and parmesan cheese and sricaha sauce. Mix together ingredients in bowl and pour into medium heat pan using the reserved bacon fat, keep the pan swirling so as to set the egg via french ommellette style. when egg is almost set add bacon cheese tomatos and cheese again in layers, fold the sides of the ommellette into the middle making a nice pouch. Toas
Tuesday 10 - 21
Mornin Kiddies Today we had what basically amounts to a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato but made with "toad in the holes" please allow me to explain lolol Ingredients : 2 pieces of bread with a circle cut out of the middle 2 Eggs 3 Slices of Bacon 1/4 tomato julienne 5 oz cheddar cheese shredded Pan Fry the bacon over medium - medium high heat depending on range, (you dont want to burn up the bacon grease that is being rendered out of the bacon) rotate bacon until done to desired crispness, then remove from pan. Add bread with holes let toast 1/2 way on one side then flip and crack eggs into the cutout of the bread, cook until eggs are half set, flip both eggs and bread (at this point theyre toads in hole) add some of the cheese to cover one side of the toad's layer bacon and tomato then add remainder of cheese to top and cover with other "toad" cook just long enough to melt the cheese flip until eggs are to desired doneness and voila.
Tuesday October 21st 2008
its been along lonely week here....not much to do but stare at the tube, play afew games online or computer games..vid games which i hadnt played in ages lol...wish i had someone to stay with me and just hold me close, tell me they do love me. is all that matters to me right now. oh well one can only wish
News October 21st, 2008
Surgery Scheduled for November 6, 2008. It is now official that Angel will undergo surgery on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH, 2008. This will be the first of three surgeries. The procedure to be performed is one in which titanium plates and screws will be affixed to her fibula to pull the break together so that it can heal. According to the Attending Physician, she will not be allowed to get up and move around for at least two weeks. Immediately following surgery, She will be placed in a fiberglass splint that will remain on for two weeks. At the end of that time, she will be fitted into a full cast to immobilize her leg and ankle. She will be on medical leave for a minimum of three weeks and has been instructed that she is NOT to bear weight on her right leg for six weeks. At that time she will begin physical therapy under strict observation. Once her fibula heals, she will be scheduled for the second surgery to repair the torn ligaments in her ankle. Due to these factors, Angel is expected
in the begining adam was first man on earth then eve was created from a rib from adam as a partner so he was not alone they were in the garden of eden and god said dont eat the apples of that tree but one day a snake tempted eve to have a bite of one from the tree and then she passed it to adam which he ate all the apple was of a tree which once eating gave you the knowledge of god that is how mankind is intelegent but with eve being frist women to create polulation over the world i think its time we respect all women and that man should not concentrate on wars power but on love as it was in the begining as its not money that makes the world go round its love for one another amen
Where do my loyalties lie? Is it with my heart, forever finding a love? Is it with my child, forever my jewel? Is it with the great spirit, leading me on journeys unknown? Do I search forever, for someone I may never find? Do I live day by day, giving my all to everyone around? Or do I fall to my knees, surrendering my will. After all the tears, from broken promises. After all the years, of giving endlessly. After all the cheers, from touching false light. In the end, my loyalties lie within me
Losing ....
So can somebody tell me why I keep losing .. i lost the only family I had in ct when my ex started dateing my daughter's aunt . I lost a friend when some fuck nugget opened their big mouth . I lost my job .. because somebody borrowed my van....I lost time with my daughter when my ex decided to take everyones fucking word over the truth . Now I get a ob within 3 days of losing my last one .. and now yet again I am losing what little time I have with my baby . I took the job rather than lose my apartment ...I fucking bend over backwards for everyone and yet I fucking lose something every fucking time ..I may not always make the best decisions but I am confident that leaving my husband was the right thing to do .. My son is in fl beacuse it was too much for him to handle .My daughter is living with her father because some fuck face thought I was wrong .. I am doing my best to do what is right for my kids and I keep losing . why is it this way ..... He has no job .. I get a job ..yes it i
I Never Knew Heartbreak Like I Know Now
seriously all i have been depressed ever since me and my friend stopped being friends.his in a situation right now and i just want him to know that i will always be there for him even if he never speaks to me again.he is my friend and i care for him so much.and its breaking my heart every day that passes when we don't talk.i just dunno if everything he said to me if he truly ment them just soo numb and trying to move on.but its soo me i need advice will i ever get over it..cuz i havent been able to do shit!
Lettttttttttzz Be Friendz !!
Get Your Own Player!
im am confused, cause i love you, i am confused cause i cant have you. I am confused cause i need you....ill always be confused cause you are you.
Cany's Birthday!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY '~*~ Candy ~*~' go shorty, its your birthday - Candy&Cayenne@ fubar BIRTHDAY WISHES BROUGHT TO YOU BY $Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C}Pimp of the Pu$$cat Playmates Owned by ~ CynzDreams ~& Naughty by Nature~@ fubar (repost of original by '$Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C}Pimp of the Pu$$cat Playmates Owned by ~ CynzDreams ~& Naughty by Nature~' on '2008-10-23 23:50:09')
to all this is the truth everyone is family respect all live happy amen from uk to usa and the world amen
Always You
The world could crumble, And everything fall to pieces around me, My heart may break and shatter into a million tiny pieces, But i'd still love you just the same, Even if i were dying, My heart still beating in your bloody hands, With my last breath i would whisper "I love you", I could go insane and be locked away in an asylum, But i would only ever scream your name, Because you are the one thing i hold on to no matter what, I could be bashed and broken, Beyond repair, I could be dead inside, I could be blind or deaf or brain damaged, But i would still whisper to you my affections, You can break me in half, You can snap me in two, But no matter what happens, I'll never stop loving you.....
Lost In The Storm
lost in the storm it's been storming here in my heart for some time now I've been walking in the rain through my days as well..aimlessly trying to sort myself out tryig to misplace my pain along the flooded streets that all lead nowhere inparticular and scatter my tears into the rain clinging tightly to the fractured-hopes that all that bleeds from me, ..on this night and the days to come will wash away and my tide of renewal will come in to carry me back out to where ever it was that I came from, before all this devistation why is it I have to drownd ... just to be able to breathe and why is it I have to become lost ... before I'm ever found
No Pay!!!
READ THIS.... THIS IS WHY I HATE TO DO AUCTIONS.. I'M SORRY FOR THOSES THAT HAVE BEEN THRU THIS.. THIS GUY IS A FAKE DON'T LET HIM BID ON YOU.. DON'T DON'T DON'T HE WILL NOT PAY YOU!!! TYRONK@ fubar FOR REALS MA...FROM ONE VET TO ANOTHER.THATS REAL TALK > > === '~*Miss Lexi Rayne*~ Is A NaUgHtY KO GiRL!' wrote the following at '2008-10-27 09:08:12'.. > > > > hmm > > > > === 'TYRONK' wrote the following at '2008-10-27 08:59:01'.. > > > > > > OH OK...I SEE...MY BAD MA...MY NIGGA WAS FUCKING WIT MY PROFILE CHECKIN OUT SHIT AND HE SAID HE DID IT NOT KNOWING WHAT HE WAS DOING...SAID HE WAS FUCKING ROUND...MY BAD MA > > > === '~*Miss Lexi Rayne*~ Is A NaUgHtY KO GiRL!' wrote the following at '2008-10-27 08:55:34'.. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > === 'TYRONK' wrote the following at '2008-10-27 08:51:43'.. > > > > > > > > > > MY BAD > > > > > > > >
Great. Just got a call from my manager, Misty. We're gonna be open Fri, Sat and Sun then doors close for good. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I REALLY need this job. Being thrown out on my ass by my Nazi of a sister (YET AGAIN) with less then a month to find a place AND NO JOB. I'm fucked.....fucked. Can things EVER just go right? I hate this so called life. ~Cries, logs off~
Q - Real Talk
Thomas Jefferson Quote
Thomas Jefferson: The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
The New Woman After Six Degrees Of Separation
So last night after work I met Martha and our kids at our local Kmart where she used to work, where her sister Mary still works, and Sears took over (officially, it’s Kmart that bought Sears but they seem to be doing everything Sears’ way) while evidently importing poor work ethics. We were looking forward to pizza dinner at Little Caesar’s within Kmart, but they had closed at six because no one would work it. Sarah was so set on pizza – as we were leaving Kmart, she turned to Martha holding her and said in shock, “We didn’t get the pizza!” – and so were we that we went to Pizza Hut instead. We actually have two in Minot, on the same road (US-83, known locally as Broadway) running through the center of town, so we went to the closer one and enjoyed their $19.99 special – two medium one-topping pizzas, breadsticks, and Hershey’s Dunkers (chocolate-coated dipping sticks with chocolate sauce). Yummy! This morning Martha’s the one who had to go to work early; she works seven to
Party Time
Its almost Party Time again... For all of you sexy girls in Wichita Falls that means you dont have much to pick from... A bunch of us are going to Outskirts on saturday nite... So you might as well come dance and party with us... hope to see all pf you there...
The Inventor and God The inventor of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Arthur Davidson, died and went to heaven. At the gates, St. Peter told Arthur, "Since your motorcycles have changed the world, your reward is that you can hang out in Heaven with anyone you want." Arthur thought about it for a minute and then said, "I want to hang out with God." St. Peter took Arthur to the Throne Room, and introduced him to God. God recognized Arthur and commented, "Okay, so you were the one who invented motorcycles, eh?! Arthur said, "Yeah, that's me..." God commented, "Well, what's the big deal in inventing something that's pretty unstable, makes noise and pollution, and can't run without a road?!" Arthur was apparently embarrassed, but finally spoke. "Excuse me, but aren't you the inventor of woman???" God said, "Ah, yes." "Well," said Arthur, "Professional to professional, you have some major design flaws in your invention: 1. There's too much inconsistency in the front-end
There is a pain that cuts deeper than most, its a pain that can turn the nicest person in to the a cold hearted evil wench..... That pain I have felt one of desperation, one that makes you lash out with a venom of that of a snake... Its a pain that is different than any other pain known. Its the pain when you open up your heart and give with all you have to give, and think that you are getting the same in return... Its the pain that you get when you say those three little words and they are said back but not truly felt.. Its the pain you get when you feel you can give no more yet you do and in return you are used as a door matt for someone to wipe there feet upon... thats the pain I feel at this time, Its a pain I have lived with for all of my life. Its one that makes you give up the last thread of hope you cling so dearly too... In this time your heart bleeds and feels as if it is being riped out of your chest, at the same time you look for the reasons why it has taken pla
Who Is He?
imikimi - Customize Your World
You know I have one game that I like to play online. I play part of one of my days off. I don't even own any other gaming systems. My children (not even teens) know better then to run away because they can play with something. Oh ya if you have not figured I am a pissed off parent speaking about this 15yr old kid that ran away in Canada. I am thinking that Dad and Mom should have taken more then just a system away along time ago. Maybe even wait oh no not a spanking or two when he was smaller. And no I did not say beat the kid but come on. I seen a comment on a site about this that said that online is where alot of people find there friends. May I remind these people that they can go outside also. May I also remind parents to boot children outside every once in awhile. If you want an example look how often I am on this site. Ok so you say sending your children outside is dangerous these days. GO WITH THEM. That is all I have to say. Well that and I hope they do find this kid and charge
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I Want To Rate Pics Or Leave Comments For Fubucks
If you know of anyone giving fubucks for rates or comments let me know, I am also looking for skins and tags. thank you very much POOKIE owned by the lovely ♊aGEM4life♊, who I am also fu-engaged to@ fubar
Politically Correct Phrases For Students:
No one fails a class any more, he's merely "passing impaired." You don't have detention, you're just one of the "exit delayed." Your bedroom isn't cluttered, it's just "passage restrictive." These days, a student isn't lazy. He's "energetically declined." Your locker isn't overflowing with junk, it's just "closure prohibitive." Kids don't get grounded any more. They merely "hit social speed bumps." Your homework isn't missing, it's just having an "out-of-notebook experience." You're not sleeping in class, you're "rationing consciousness." You're not late, you just have a "rescheduled arrival time." You're not having a bad hair day, you're suffering from "rebellious follicle syndrome." You don't have smelly gym socks, you have "odor-retentive athletic footwear." No one's tall anymore. He's "vertically enhanced." You're not shy. You're "conversationally selective." You don't talk a lot. You're just "abundantly verbal." You weren't passing notes in class. You were "participa
Fireworks burn, In the Midnight sky, The clours are burning, The fire stile burning, Raise a Beef Burger, Under the Skys, Bless be & peace unto the world, Smokes a fuggin feather. Raises a toast to the dj,s with the the most, Dances under the Moon, For it's November, When the Tigers Leave!
Everything So Far
Everything is going okay so far, seeing family, doing this and that. Just trying to sort everything out but nothing special to mention. My daughter is doing just great, I got her home now yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!! I missed this little one. I'm single again which you know what I'M STAYING SINGLE!! Men aren't the top priority in my life, #1 is Katelyn. So yeah that's about all I can think of at the moment oh I also got a new cell phone number. Just ask for it Kat
People Are Pathetic
People make me laugh. I was reading some of the profile comments I have been getting and they crack me up. Do people honestly think that I care if you rate me a one..Obviously they are the only people who are stuck on the same subject...Get over it...You don't worry me..Downrate away...I still get points for it if thats what you are so worried about...It doesnt piss me off it actually entertains me...People take things way to seriously...Fubar is not real life...Although some people act like it is...But people if you are going to talk sh*t then don't get scared and block me...Guess what!!! You are more worried about me then I am of you...So there really is no point in blocking me...I live for people to hate me..So if I piss you off...Thank you for letting me get to you...Cuz ya made my day...Unlike some people I don't live my life through fubar...I know i know suprisingly I have a life outside of this... Now don't get me wrong...I am not talking about everyone on here...The people I a
Fvc|< That Old Troll!
this joke of a mumm was posted tonight... there's a bit of a back story here. she apparently got smacked around, yeah that sucks, but that period of time has become the center of her life and her basis of seeking attention. never mind that words were exchanged, what really pisses me off is her posted status. as someone who claims to promote domestic violence awareness, where the FUCK does she get off saying that if someone's a victim of abuse, it's their fault? what, a male can't be a victim of abuse? (disclaimer : i don't give a fuck what anyone thinks of me for what i'm about to say.) i think i can see why she got beat.
I Reserved My Opinion Until Now-rev. Wright
Reverend Wright is not wrong. Except maybe about what Jesus looked like. Who knows that for sure? Nor is he a racist. Otherwise he would not permit white people in his congregation nor have powerful white friends. The soundbites(mind you I have never attended his service as many Americans have not) are incendiary. They are accusations and missives that are not untrue, but they are an insult to how many in this country want to perceive America. Because American has its shame. Black America has its shame. By that statement alone, it is divisive by saying there are two Americas. Yet admittedly at many times it appears to be. Reverend Wright should not be in the pulpit. Reverend Wright should be a leader of armed revolutionaries than a peaceful congregation. He should not use the Bible as his weapon. For knowledge is a weapon, but this particular one should be one used for peace and self-help. Also his profanity makes his comments sound even more crude and upsetting. He is misusing
Old Break Up Letter
I was cleaning out my AoL Mailbox and I found an interesting Email from 2005. The First Half is the Email, and The Second Part is my reply ================================================= Chris, It would be difficult for me to be any more miserable right now, I feel like the worst person ever. First, let me start by saying that I am truly truly sorry, and I hate myself for hurting you. There is no excuse at all for anything that happened, so I won't even try other than to say all of us had WAY too much to drink, and I did a stupid thing. I can handle you being pissed at me, I absolutely deserve it, I can even handle the ugly words that were exchanged between us,what I can't handle is thinking that you see me as a different person. Of all the people in the whole entire world, you were honestly the last person that I would ever want to wrong in any way.I know that I was wrong, but I am also hoping that thisis something that we can deal with. I know it sounds totaly crazy
I placed a stone upon the ground, For each one of my go around's, As each stone was placed a wall began , Waiting for someone to break it in, My core is hot my heart's hard as rock, And this wall is caving in it is there we must begin.
The Dam This Is True
The Dam This is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries regarding a pond on his property. It was sent by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Quality, State of Pennsylvania . This guy's response is hilarious, but read The State's letter before you get to the response letter. State of Pennsylvania 's letter to Mr. DeVries: SUBJECT: DEQ File No.97-59-0023; T11N; R10W, Sec 20; Lycoming County Dear Mr. DeVries: It has come to the attention of the Department of Environmental Quality that there has been recent unauthorized activity on the above referenced parcel of property. You have been certified as the legal landowner and/or contractor who did the following unauthorized activity: Construction and maintenance of two wood debris dams across the outlet stream of Spring Pond. A permit must be issued prior to the start of this type of activity. A review of the Department's files shows that no permits have been is
A Mistake
Maybe it was a mistake, letting you know how I feel You walked by, I want to cry but force a smile Your beauty can charm and it throws me off guard Shivers to my very being I wish you could feel what's pulling me to you... or was it intentional? I wish I could stand in front of you and express from the heart how I want to be a part of you. I'm shaky inside, I want to hide but I can't do that to you. I write a note... to a joke... The words where said The ones you read Never too seriously did you take them to heart but they were said saying I love you
Your skin touches mine electricity surges through me. I wait with bated breath for that one touch. That momentary feeling that I dream about everyday. Without this touch days are empty... So I wait willing devoted just to touch your skin.
I Face The Eternal Winter
I Face The Eternal Winter Flying silent on winter wings Flowing emotions from my bleeding soul Tears that flow burn my skin I'm drifting away on the cold wave of desolation I'm touching the wind as it sadly sings Carried to the disant unknown Eternity awaits me... My heart is so cold Emotions reached their freezing point ...Only pure hate Lost all that I was living for Crying without sound Thy sky has frozen to ice As the last drops of blood leave my body I hear the winter breath I'm the face of the night I'm all alone The fullmoon is glowing Snow falls from the sky I feel the eternal winter Holocaust winds are rising Like a dark northern breeze My cryptic journey has just begun. ©DGTFB 1975
Women Suck
Women suck and not in a goodway. My ex called me to tell me that she is seeing someone and hes better than I every thought about being. She left her husband moved this guy in and all that. She wouldnt do that for me. This guy drinks, does drugs and likes to beat women, and hes better than me! Now people might understand why I just don't want anything to do with women. That was uncalled for. First off my only flaw is my mental illness, which I wrote a blog about. I dont drink or use drugs, or beat women. I did that my mom would rise up from the grave and get me, along with my grandparets!!!! I just don't get it anymore, and I just give up trying. I will be your friend, I will talk to you, but other than that I am done.......
Americans are like sheep blindly following the herd into the slaughter house and don't wise up until it's too late to turn back. I predict that this election will polarize America like nothing else has since the War of Yankee Aggression. I hope not. It has nothing to do with racial issues either, not on my part. I would have gladly voted for Colin Powell, but now that he has endorsed Obama I don't think so highly of him anymore. Same with James Taylor and others. Even Howard Stern has seen through all this liberal rhetoric. I never thought I'd be in the same camp with Stern on anything. Polarization makes strange bedfellows, huh? -Jason
What Love Can Be.....
Important - Take Seriously
This probably does not apply to the majority of you but it just happened to me so I am doing this blog as advise to you all . A few hours ago I tried to purchase a bling pack and a one day blast. Neither of which were successfull, yet my card was charged with both charges I was told that my card had been declined. I had my online card account open in another tab so I know that the charges were taken yet I wasnt sold the goods. Im urging any one that reads this - please double check your bank statements and ensure that you have not been overcharged or double charged for things. ALthough I am fuming right now and had every intention of deleting account, a certain person who will be proudly named as MRCHARM2001 aka JIM D asked me to stay and I am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Busy Busy!
I went to a show yesterday with Ms. Stina. I could tell that she wasn't enjoying the headliner, who is pretty much who i wanted to see. So again, I have to thank her for being one of the best friends a girl could have and enduring them for me. Today we go hang out with our friend, Jason, who is playing a show a few hours away. I'll be in like Utopia though, what with having Jeremy, Shane, and Craig performing in one place. lol. 3 guys i find to be ridiculously attreactive. But again, if I don't get a chance to talk to either of those 3, being able to hang out with Jason will be more than enough fun. So Ruby... I'll meet you at the show in about 4 hours lol.
Seinfeld Lovers
This is a Seinfeld piece on trick or treating with a spin to it. It will bring a smile to your face, guaranteed. Especially for those Superman fans.
Well, some of you already know me, some of you don't. This is just a bit more then I put into my profile for those of you who may be interested........ My name is johnny! I was born in Illinois and have spent the majority of my life in both IL. and MI. When I was 6, I contracted bacterial spinal meningitis, which tore my immune system down and allowed the ear infections I got during the infection to progress to profound deafness. At the age of almost 8, I received a Cochlear Implant, and have used this technology to interact socially since then. I was among some of the first people to receive the implant, and although I have not exactly kept up with the current technology involved in it's evolution, I am still confident in my everyday activities as any normal person would be. But don't be fooled by what you see or hear......if anyone knows better, the key to observing life is to realize things are not always as out senses perceive them to be. I am far from normal, but I try not
Help Me Out. Please
Ok. I have been in this giveaway for a long time now. Come help me out plz. No one has helped since August. So please, I beg you help me out. I am always there for you when you need to level or win a contest, so come help me out. Karma is a wonderful thing. Just comment the hell outta this picture please. Thank you to those who have helped me out. And thank you to those who are goin to help me out.↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ♥HUGZ♥
Ink stays, words are erased Give myself a change of pace And all I want is to be loved by you Statements cut, sentences hurt It's what you don't say that burns the worst And all I want is to be loved by you You don't put the fun in dysfunctional There is no fun in dysfunctional Seasons come and summers pass Holding what I saved til last And all I want is to be loved by you Money talks and money lies I can see through your disguise But all I want is to be loved by you You tell yourselves you're fine just like you are You tell yourselves you've done okay so far What happens when they find The remains you've left behind ...All I want is to be loved
Guess This Lyric....
Your eyes tell the stories of a day you wish you could Recall the moments that once have Retrack the footsteps that brought us to this favor I wouldn't ask this of you Good eye, sniper Here I'll shoot, and you run The words you scribbled on the walls The lots of friends you didn't have I'll call you when the time is right Are you in or are you out? For them all to know the end of us all Run quick, they're behind us Didn't think we'd ever make it This close to safety in one piece Now you wanna kill me in the act of what could maybe Save us from sleep and what we are Good eye, sniper Now I shoot, you run The words you scribbled on the walls The loss of friends you didn't have I'll call you when the time is right Are you in or are you out? For them all to know the end of us all Bye bye beautiful Don't bother to write Disturbed by your words and they're calling all cars Face step, let down. Face step, step down. The words you scribbled on the walls Th
Have you been sent here to save me from myself? Free me of this prison of mediocrity? You force me to want more... Crave more... Demand more... A touch means nothing if it does not move the soul A kiss is empty if it doesn't burn within My acceptance of ordinary no longer an option You have stirred all that I have allowed to settle and I am again rejuvinated I can no longer allow anything less than burning passion... Raw emotion... My desire is to be swallowed whole not merely pecked at To be engulfed by the flames Not just feel the heat Thank you for the awakening for my very core sings I am reborn in your light and live again for.... Extremes...
Just A Small Thank You!
This is just a small token of appreciation to all the Veterans past present and future. Thank you all for serving this wonderful country and keeping all of us free. If any one of you that read this know a vet or know of someone serving this country please thank them for everything the have done or are doing for those of us here on the home front. Thank you once again.
Pretty Please.....
No he doesnt have auto 11's.... But he is a great man, and a great mummer... I love him with all my heart and he has been on fubar for over a year now. So please rate him... He is only 27k from Henchman.... So please lets level him... ☠Craven Moorehead~Owned by Naughty By Nature~R/L boyfriend of KCPilar69☠™@ fubar
What Kind Of Girl Are You?
On July 26, 1991, Ruebens was arrested for masturbating in a triple X-rated theater in Sarasota, Florida. He was arrested again on November 16, 2001 after his Hollywood Hills home was searched and the police found over 30,000 pieces of erotica, some depicting children under the age of 18. Reubans was charged with a misdemeanor and in March 2004, he pleaded guilty to a single count of possessing obscene material. ------------------------------------------------- one thing i dont understand about the first charge was that was a porno theater how in the hell are you just going to watch with out jacking off i mean they was made just for that so why was he charge
Road Of Life!!
When life get tough and rough rememeber your battle is rght the to help you threw to the end!!
Roger Walters - Perfect Sense Part I & Ii
[HAL]: Stop Dave Will you stop Dave? Stop Dave I'm afraid I'm afraid Dave, my mind is going I can feel it I can feel it My mind is going There is no question about it I can feel it I can feel it I can feel it I'm afraid The monkey sat on a pile of stone And he stared at the broken bone in his hand Strains of a Viennese quartet rang out across the land The monkey looked up at the stars And he thought to himself Memory is a stranger History is for fools And he cleaned his hands in a pool of holy writing Turned his back on the garden and set out for the nearest town Hold on hold on soldier When you add it all up The tears and the marrowbone There's an ounce of gold And an ounce of pride in each ledger And the Germans kill the Jews And the Jews kill the Arabs And the Arabs kill the hostages And that is the news And is it any wonder that the monkey's confused He said Mama Mama, the President's a fool Why do I have to keep reading these technical manuals
Going To The Gym
Okies...I'm going to the gym here in a bit... need to work off my buddah body fatness.... I'm gonna keep slapping myself in the face everytime I fail. When I see that stupid scale go up or not move...slap slap slap...PUNISH!!! Stupid scale.... stupid fatness....stupid men that only like skinnier woman.....ugh...stupid world.... k, I'm out to get skinner and prettier...
The Morning After Reality
The Morning After Reality Can someone in all honesty fall in love with someone and know in there heart and in there mind that it will never happen. Can two souls be so alike.. being in total synchronicity with one another ..knowing that just a single kiss could ruin this. Why do complications of the heart always fog the better of ones judgment .. is it the lack or reason or thought .. can love have purpose other then just the common thread that we all see it as .. Why can loving someone have such larger meaning and devotion yet cant. What is truly love.. a thought or a concept of what happiness is. When does happiness become love, just the simple questions one never thinks yet alone asks ..
Comin Home Early
It's Friday!! I came home early because i had caught up on all my work. I pull in the driveway and my wife's car is in there. As well as her friends car. I unlock the door and step in. Upon entering the living room, i hear moaning coming from our bedroom. Not thinking, i get closer and hear it some more. Then i'm thinking "damn, they must be having a lesbian experience." Then it comes, 'oh my god your dick feels so good in me." ((my wife)) I try to open the door but to no suprise, it's locked. I listen some more, and hear her friend saying how good her tongue feel in her pussy. Then i hear the voice of her friends bf saying "i've got one more good hour of fucking you two til your husband gets home." Then i hear my wife say, "i know, and he'll never know that i've fallen in love with you." I left real quick and went to the bar. I came home right at the time i usually get home and only her car was there. but no one was home. i find a note on the fridge with her saying
Up Or Down Sex
UP OR DOWN SEX > > At a Senior Citizen's luncheon, an elderly gentleman and an elderly > lady struck up a conversation and discovered that they both loved > to fish. > > Since both of them were widowed, they decided to go fishing > together the next day. > > The gentleman picked the lady up, and they headed to the river to > his fishing boat and started out on their adventure. > > They were riding down the river when there was a fork in the river, > and the gentleman asked the lady, 'Do you want to go up or down?' > > All of a sudden the lady stripped off her shirt and pants and made > mad passionate love to the man right there in the boat! > > When they finished, the man couldn't believe what had just > happened, but he had just experienced the best sex that he'd had in > years. > > They fished for a while and continued on down the river, whe
Haters List
Gettin Over( Bitescarlett At Ya Hoo)
getting over I'd love to hit my head on the wall just to make this stop just because... should hope against faith what must i do to just get over you its been too long and still i wait stupid me stupid brain if i change who I am it doesn't mean Im done what else is there to prove what else is there to feel She already told me all the stories which you share does she know your little secret whose breathing right beside me tugging on my hair? i told you before there was something in me yet you chose to close your eyes you pushed me away decided to hide she came early morn i told you you didnt even call just to ask how she was now you live your happy life and i seem to be stuck yes i know i did my part to cause you pain but wait must she suffer the same faith? just a nudge or a hi would have been okay then again does she have to know she has a dad who was sacred enough
Hits Mom With Saw, Offers Her $5
Boy allegedly hits mom with saw, offers her $5 Fri Nov 14, 9:06 pm ET FORT PIERCE, Fla. – Authorities say an 11-year-old boy hit his mother in the head with a saw and then offered her $5 not to call police. The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office reported that the boy and his 41-year-old mother got into an argument Wednesday when she was trying to get him to take his medication. The boy left and went to another home, where he began hitting a tree with a saw. When the mother finally caught up with the boy, authorities say he hit her in the head with the saw, causing a minor laceration. A sheriff's report said that's when the boy began pleading with his mother not to call police and offered her a $5 bill. The boy is facing an aggravated battery charge.
Birch tree, I see you stand all alone In a clearing, so far removed from others. You strive to belong in the woods with them, To be among your sisters and your brothers But strong roots keep holding you down to the ground, All you can do is tilt your head and flail your arms Hoping they will see your struggle, come to you, But they are attached as well, and can't abandon their realms As days and nights go by, you hear them whisper in the wind. You want to share your dreams at night, and celebrate beginnings of each day; But distance is too big, and they can't hear; You look at them with tired eyes, and quietly wonder what they say The day is coming to an end, The clearing and the forest stand in the dark Your green head is tilted down, you feel defeat, And clear bitter sap is running down your bark. You fall asleep and see the dreams Of standing in the woods, with theirs your branches intertwine. You feel the wind caress your leaves, And bring your soul a l
Welcome Him To Fubar!
Click Image and Welcome Him To Fubar Nolan Arruda(My Best Friend from A18)
Wednesday November 19th 2008
something to think about? Some of you wonder why some of heavy and big peeps are nice when some are mean to us, well for myself i can only say is the way i was brought up, To respect others and how they are and who they are and i will get the same back, i have a sweet disposition, but have an angry side to me, nope wont get violent and try do harm to looks are scary lol but i wong go any further than that. so when u get a compliment or rate me low it will not get me pissed off or angry or spiteful, for they are just numbers or ifd u call me fat,ugly,or whatever its going to go right thru me, and why is that? well its just who above all the name calling and smugness itd 2008 goin n 09 and if hate rules me then i dont need it. Iam who iam, i wint change for the better fir its a rough road lol. i laugh and smile for life is much too short to be hateful and spitefulk. friends are what needed and love...those things i cherish. Peace
Doctor Said
So I didn't get to go to the doctor Monday due to my doctor's mother dying. So I had to go today. I've got bronchitis, laryngitis, red throat & red ears. Along with that she changed my insulin & upped my heart meds again. I have to go back in two months for some more changes. From the way it sounded for a while everytime I go there will be changes to my meds. So I got a shot in my butt, & came home with antibodics along with cough syrup. Also an inhaler for when I start to weeze (sp?). I'm glad that it wasn't the flu. When I get better and manage to stay well I can get a flu shot. Welp I'm tired so I'm gonna rest & admire my Christmas that Mama is puttin up for me.
What The Heart Feels
just when happyness came knockin at my door the sorrow came back for some more the hurt and pain throu all the years and the joy and sorrow from all the tears happyness is lost to me and can't be found so i will drink my days away without a frown i have settled for the passings time has gave me and to the one who hurt me i obey thee thank you for the heartache that i long forgot and thank you for helping me elude the happyness i so long have sought i shall drink my days away one day at a time and always remember the day you were almost mine
Introducing My Blog Here At The Fu!!!
My Heart Condition!!!
Ok everyone who knows that I have explained it too for everyone else who don't know what it is a called Ebsteins Anomoly no you can't research it so don't bother looking in medical books or whatever. My heart occassionally has a whole in it, than my right valve don't let blood flow properly cause of that area is small not big like the left side is so it slows my breathing down which is not good especially when you get migranes or headache's which makes the matter worse. An also I have low sodium so either way I am extremely healthy just have a bad condition in the heart and it is genetic so if I have a child or a few there could be a chance they have it too cause my grandfather kestner my dads dad had it as well until he had surgery but I won't get surgery until I am done growing and it is still minor. Thats the explaintion of my heart condition...
Boors And Beasts (3 Of 4)
Boors and Beasts 3 of 4 The Boors and Beasts are hungry We are animals after all Our hopes and dreams The reason we are here Is to satisfy that hunger That need to feed Our simple souls Delicate morsels of supple flesh A banquet for eyes and sense We feast Hungry beasts In their heavenly scents Oh, but to know What they The dreams Here show To feel they’re real When they saunter near We are fools We Beasts, we Boors To believe they dance for us But what can we hope This illusion We pray its truth That here we hold Eternal youth What fatal end Do we depend on When we’re here? Is it enough to dream? Is it enough to hope and pine? Unsated hunger We starve 4-20-99
May I
May I May I, This world so real, Deny? May I Through this fantasy Fly? May I ‘neath soft kisses sigh? Or must I, To reach Heaven, Die?
The Golden Moment
The Golden Moment Welcome The Golden Moment Arrived at last Ah, to hold… But not another Oh no! For then, Oh, for then I am sure Of the blithering idiot I shall become Instead I hold Here I hold the Golden Moment Blessed bliss 4-99
Notice The things ‘round you. Take note of what they are And what it is that they are not, Or else… 7-14-00
When You Say Good-bye
When You Say Good-bye When do you say good-bye To those you’ve held most dear? How do you end a relationship When it’s become unclear? When do you say good-bye When old friendships die? And when you say good-bye, Are you allowed a tear? Will there ever be a time When the fences can be mended? When forgiveness can be found With those you had befriended? Will there be a time, Maybe one last time, Just a tiny, brief moment Before all has ended? Or perhaps it might be best To let the friendship die. Let it wither and fade away And accept the silence as good-bye. Perhaps this is best; To forget all the rest And learn to set your sights Upon a distant day. 12-30-98
The Cold Comfort,
Tigers Burn Bright, Under The Cold comfort, Living on hopes & Dreams, Numb & Shining. Seeing pretty colours, Thinking Codeine dreams, Beer & Fags upon the mantle, As I put myself through The Mangle, The Big Cat isin't dead yet, Just a little shaky, Tired, Cold & Hurt, By things I've seen, Hurry back my Sanity & My true Mind. Blessed Be Unto the Animals, Before another ends up under Big wheel's, I miss you Garfield, Shadow, Odie, & Pauly, Let the bird's fly on Feathery Wing!
A New Book I Am Beginning Work On
Hi all, As some of you may know, I currently have several published books to my credit and the positive feedback I have recieved from many here and elsewhere regarding my dark poetry has convinced me that I will now author a new book featuring the stories posted here and many more not yet posted. This new self published book will be called, "Too Twisted For The Campfire: Dark Adult Poems of Horror, Madness, and Death." I am sincerely hoping that I can involve two of my good and talented friends, Scabby Cadaver and Seth Rose, both of whom have worked with me in the past on my live performance photos and in creating original dark artwork for my promo materials, to provide sinister photos and artwork to grace it's pages. I will keep everyone updated on it's progress. Cheers, Steve
Hard To Admit !!!
Heard this tonight, Great song had me, Great break up song they say. I just think music marks a part in you life. I guess I am marked heart & soul. Mariah Carey I Stay in Love Lyrics: Oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh oh ooh ooh Oh baby Baby, I stay in love with you Dying inside cause I can't stand it Make or break up Can't take this madness We don't even really know why All I know is baby I try and try so hard To keep our love alive If you don't know me at this point Then I highly doubt you ever will I really need you to give me That unconditional love I used to feel It's no mistaking We're just erasing From our hearts and minds And I know We said let go But I kept on hanging on Inside I know it's over You're really gone It's killing me Cause there ain't nothing That I can do Baby, I stay in love with you And I keep on telling myself That you'll come back around And I try to front like "
Where There Is Magic
Where There Is Magic Little words, dancing and singing Magically across the page Won’t you come, join with them And share in their rage For such a time can be had When you take the time to read As anything is possible When your imagination is freed So catch onto a rainbow and dance on a cloud Come dream on a hill with me Tunnel with the trolls who dig mythical holes And wander from the mountains to t he sea Sweet Dorothy welcomes you to Oz Bilbo and Frodo to Middle Earth Little Alice has her wonderful wonderland Where the realities of Dreams are given birth The minds of the sages are all laid bare Beckoning you to contemplate All of the mysteries of our universe All of their thoughts so noble, so great So come along and discover The written word is a powerful hook the Mysteries, the Grandeur, the Dreams of our race All bound between the covers of a book
Time To Go Away
time to go away It’s time to find a place to hide It’s time to go away It’s time to leave this dusty field Where I once used to play The ground has got much colder now And the grass has all but died No trees to shelter me from the wind So I must find a place to hide Time flies by Memories At the speed of thought To fast to see I wish I could Slow it down But this crazy world Keeps spinning round I don’t know why! I wish I could fly! I wish I could Spread my wings Soar through the heart Of my dreams Touch that part At my core Where dreams are kept Forever more But I just don’t know Where should I go? And now, like a Winter’s wind My dreams have all passed me by And so I leave this barren field behind As I set my course and fix my eye On the future, an endless road Taking paths never walked before A journey of a thousand steps A quest to find a distant shore A place beyond this cold, gray sky Where I can learn again to dr
State Of Flux
state of flux In a state of flux My wanton heart beat Erratic pulses Stirred by your heat Unconscious pauses I caress your skin Searching for keys To let me in Lasting impressions Of our passion screams Keep me through the night Drifting primordial dreams
Of People And Pigment
Of People and Pigment I do not care to know A man or woman outside For I can not know their nature By the color of their hide Give me their hearts and passions Let me feel their inner pride Then I’ll know my enemies to shun And the companions with which I’ll ride
Dream A Dream
Dream a Dream Dream a dream for me tonight A dream innocent and true Dream a dream for me tonight One that I can dream with you The dreams you hold in your pretty head Are the dreams I hold in mine The fancies you fancy when you sleep at night Are the goals for which I pine Dream a dream for me tonight Full of laughter, love and song Dream a dream for me tonight It’s that for which I long The fantasies that keep you warm at night Enchanted visions; what can they be? The warm touch of your sleeping soul Oh, what that does to me Dream a dream for me tonight My sweet angel fair Dream a dream for me tonight To chase away my every care Let me touch your wanton heart Let me see you fly On wings of dreams and fancy borne Expressed in an eternal sigh Dream a dream for me tonight Timeless changes of light Dream a dream for me tonight Emotions captured in flight Never does a moment pass That I do not dream of you And never do I ever doubt That
Dedication #1
Dedication #1 (I wrote this in a “Where the Sidewalk Ends” I gave to my then 4 year old daughter- 1993) Here inside this book Is Wonder and Magic and Dreams Where you will learn that life is good And everything is more than it seems So never fail to read this book When life gets you a little confused And if you are even a bit like your dad This book is really going to get used
I'm Not A Quitter!
but I can't help but feel that way since I dropped school last week. I struggled to find the right solution to my problem thinking that anxiety had just got the better of me but the more and more I pondered my future career the more I realized it was not the avenue I wanted to take. Why waste my time and money on something that I didn't have a passion for, that I didn't love wholeheartedly? I wasn't bad. I was good! The thing was, I dreaded every Thursday morning when I'd have to wake up and put on my happy face to do it all over again...for what? To prove I wasn't a quitter? A failure? To prove to others that I'm actually good at something other than being a mom? Life is too short I've come to realize. I need to be happy inside not just the face I put on every morning for the world. Now I have a job interview on Tuesday...I havn't worked in three years! I can't even articulate how nervous I am... What if they ask me why I quit school? What if they don't? W
My Life
The Eighth Commandment Arguments Mold Selflessness
As much as their parents may not want to believe it, YES, children can steal too. (Very often they’re just imitating what their parents do, and neither of them comprehend that it is wrong.) I open with that to ask: how much do we really aspire to be imitators in our own lives, how much do we do what Jesus Himself (and God Himself) would do in the world today, in our workplace today, with our families today? When we think about our actions in terms of how they affect and influence others, the simple statement of Exodus 20:15, “Thou shalt not steal,” takes on a new meaning for us. Taking for ourselves what does not belong to us is bad enough; taking for ourselves what belongs to God is even worse because then our walk does not match our talk – and we know it. Like children, we may not be aware that we’re stealing; however, it becomes easy to justify by not bringing our tithes into the storehouse when we feel like we’re getting nothing back. And unlike some preachers I’ve heard,
sands of time slipping slowly away falling gently to the bottom of the glass while fate and destiny do battle for control of your soul in there cruel dance of life bringing uncertainty of what the future holds or tomorrow will bring happyness sadness whos to say all you can do is live for today never sure where you stand in this world never sure which way to turn
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Des’prate I closed my eyes to all I could not see then looked again from deep inside and saw
Stone God
Stone God of marble made accept form me my woes and grant me dreams of paradise altar (this was written in honor of the first pipe I ever bought, one that served me for ever so long before breaking in half about 2 years ago...I keep the remnants in sacred display)
The Stele Of Hammurabi
Shamash Bringer of Law your legacy lives on though now in death you lie in stone frozen
Nectar Anamita in the body of Christ one dreams of salvation and peace worship
Lucifer Sky
Aflame the morning star painting hues of heaven dreams burnt in the Lucifer sky bells toll
Whisper sing me a song of desire and lust under a canopy of dreams softly
Castles Of Stone
Ancient castles of stone beneath red burning clouds bathed in the blood of slain giants sunset
How Could I?
I don't understand why she means so little to you Why does she mean life to me? Is it worth the pain, I am the only one to blame? With all my downfalls, insecurities, and malfunctions in life, I have let you go I never questioned good intention Just the jealousy of my own bad intention With scissors to paper it is bound to cut. I have always walked a lonely space and it has been so hard Filling this void for my heart. I know I am the only one to blame, hence not asking you is my shame. Accept this confession, it is my decision. To ask for forgiveness, to bring you back for my life to witness. Without you life is vicious, so please take this.
A Rose
A Rose Laid here on my page A Rose so sweet in scent A GORGEOUS flower From a heavenly decent Bringing me peace Bringing a smile to me Bringing new ears to hear Bringing new eyes to see This sweet rose The scent mixes with my ink Building our bond An unbreakable link Gently she lays here My words in her shadow Stilling the nights creatures As our love simply flows She touches me softly My heart pounds in my chest Lay your head on me Come My Angel and rest You are a rose to me Soft with your own beauty A Strength all your own You love has renewed me Every day I wish to breath Your delicious fragrance Your petals in bloom Like the night skies expanse
Im laying here in my bed in the dark trying to remember the feelings of being loved missing and acking for that touch yearning for a kiss tha shors i love you know i have no one in my life makes me wonder why i am even here searching the world for some one to take me in there arms and never let go i ache so much to feel love by a man that means so much to me the lonely cold feeling hurts so much i try to walk through this path with my head heald up high but its so hard to just to show pride that i am still her and all by my self and no no one by my side holding my hand Some times i just lye down in the dark and wrap my arms around my self to try to ease the aching for a touch i have no one to keep me warm from the cold thats always around me
Parts One - Twelve
Wandered here to mesmerize stayed here to scrutinize layed here to buglarize our souls from our own eyes like a damn cheapshot waiting for daylight when we'll raise arms and fight until a thousand midnights go by my train of thought Fears have been stirred as our dream are brutally massacred now our lives, blurred as our speech is slurred because our eyes are bloodshot feeling like a hired gun and I'm trying to outrun the blast from a shotgun on top of my train of thought Entering this sleep, hypnotic the world around me, chaotic why is life considered exotic when everyone here is psychotic? thinking as an afterthought the only thing left is doubt are we all supposed to fade-out? because someone sold out? are our minds that distraught? As my emotions swung to my slain dreams, I clung the pain stung and screams unsung can't be heard from a blindspot realizing, shock seeing your own cellblock like a movie from Hitchcock floating through my train o
The Mystery Of Love
The Mystery Of Love Love Is Full Of Mystery, Like A Maze Never Knowing Where You’re Going Or Where You Might End Up Only Hoping To Choose The Right Path And Not Finding A Dead End Can You Ever Find Your Way Out? Or Is It A Never ending Path? Which Keeps You Going In Circles Or Is There A Hidden Path? One That You Cannot See One That May Not Appear But If You Do Find A Way There May Be A Key To Happiness That Can Set You Free From Loneliness Or Will You Walk Through Fire Before The Maze Expires Look Out For Many Traps While You Watch The Time Elapse Falling In A Deep Hole Searching For Your Soul Because Even At The End LOVE IS STILL, A MYSTERY?
She Needs Love Show Her Some Pleaseangel Kitty
this person is so fantastic words cannot describe her. She helps everyone she knoiws giving and giving,please give her some back!! if true friend of mine you will show her love please do Angel Kitty@ fubar
This is my world of sorrow to which no one may enter I cast a blame apon myself and deal with the guilt alone This is my world of pain to which no one is allowed I endure this pain everyday and seldom let it out This is my world of regret to which no one may intrude I relive my life day after day and wonder what I could change Welcome to my life to which no one knows anything about
Question Of The Day...
Nov 28 08 12:15pm 'What made you smile this past week' As for me - it was a friend of mine, comin' back online on Monday...I was goin' through a rough time, but he made me smile n' warm all inside. xo
Are You A Tool?
After looking at all these pictures of women and seeing the remarks by the male populace of Fuber, I have come to the decision that 90% of you males are, in fact, Tools. Well, Miroh, what makes you call us Tools? Great question, I will tell you why. Here is one example. This picture I recently viewed had a women leaning over a rail, her face was barely visible between the angle and the blur and what are the comments? "You are absolutely beautiful" and that was the only picture to her profile. That, above, makes you a tool. Acting without thought. You morons act like you've been in Prison for a long time and forgot what a woman looked like. Predictable Tools. I will add more to this some other time.
The Crying And Hurting..
Yestesday was thanksgiving I didn't get a phone call from my sons...I am so very sad...My heart hurts so much..I donot have the tears to cry any more..For thoes who know my sons you can see them on my page of me and my sons..Zakk has short hair like his big brother..They are my sons too...I miss them so much..the crying the hurting..Damn it I am there mother ..I want to hear from them soon come on dude damn...
Lies shatter my soul Your promises lie broken My heart turns to dust Words spoken in endless deceit My world crumbles around me Dreams vanish in the emptiness Words of love turn to ashes Tears melt the facade of truth Sorrow completely engulfs me
The Ninth Commandment Adjusts Myopic Sights
The ninth commandment is also a simple statement; Exodus 20:16 says, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." Two questions come to mind -- after all, most of us don't speak 17th century English (the language of the King James Version of the Bible) any more. First, what does it mean to "bear false witness"? Then, WHO is my neighbour? Even in our world today, this command from God impacts our relations with one another and within our society. There are laws to obey, but we have to obey them willingly or to us they mean nothing -- and God knows then that we are obeying only with our lips and not with our whole hearts. In my Bible's concordance, "witness" refers to "someone or something that bears testimony to the truthfulness of a happening". Jacob and Laban made a covenant "and let it be a witness" between them in Genesis 31:44. Jesus said that the gospel is "a witness unto all nations" in Matthew 24:14. Paul calls God his witness in Romans 1:9. A "true
Reason For My Absents
hey friends sorry for not being online all that much having problems with my computer it goes sooooo slow now and it makes it hard for me to do anything also working part time ...thanks to having hard times....but as soon as my net gets alil faster ill add more pixs and do more on here.....but until then keep me in ur thoughts and show me some love.....xxxooooxxx
Intimate...(ladies Only)
Makeup sex or unanticipated sex? :sex in the lavatory of a plane or in a confession booth of a century old cathedral? :in your office on your desk or on a porch swing? :make love fully naked or pull your panties to the side? :kiss with a piece of ice in the mouth or kiss soon after sipping hot tea? : On a soft rug in front of a fireplace or On a secluded island beach? : In the woods after it rains or In a public restroom? : On a train in the middle of the night or In bed with rose petals all over? : In a field full of wildflowers or On a rooftop? : By a waterfall with the water misting all around you or In the car going through an automated car wash? : In the car going through an automated car wash or In an elevator? : In a room filled with lit candles or in a canoe on a river? : In your house during a thunderstorm, with a window open and rain misting in or in a hammock? : On a Ferris wheel when you're stuck at the top or On a pier at the beach with the waves crashing un
Blowing Out The Candles!
So, the time has come when life is uncomplicated. At the age of 34, one would THINK that you would know who you are, what you are and where you want to go. The thing is, I have reconnected with old friends and old "friends" from HS and I have discovered that the perception people had of me was WAY off, and while flattering (Thx Becca), it was so far from the truth that I found it comical. Apparently I was much better at pretending then even I or the Academy knew...:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> So, here's a little background....I fell "in love" my Freshman year. Now, as a mom I have serious doubts how real this was, but I know what it meant to me up until said male decided some life altering things that shattered my world one day in 1993. Such is life! Then there were guys I "dated". Guys I drooled over. Guys I wanted. Guys I knew better then to be anywhere near ALONE (coughtonycough). and then there was a guy who never knew I wanted
Trust God
Wanna Own Me?
Pop Warner Team Going To Disney World
East Lynn Pop Warner has started in its Fundraising efforts For Nationals.... you can Help.... Dear Friends, The President of East Lynn Pop Warner and its board members are proud to announce that for the first time in the history of East Lynn Football, two teams The B Squad, coached by Duke Wilson, and the C squad coached by Robert Maitland will be playing in the New England Regional Football Championship this Friday, November 28th, at Foley Field in Worcester. The B Squad will play the New Haven Steelers, and the C Squad will face the Worcester Vikings. A win on Friday will earn the teams the right to compete in the National Pop Warner Football Superbowl held December 7th through the 14th in Walt Disney World Florida. East Lynn Pop Warner would like to invite their fans to Worcester on Friday to witness this historical event and to support these two talented and hard working teams. The league is going to provide free busing to the games. The fan buses will leave Lynn English at
Roller Coaster Ride
It has been an eventful year with so many ups and downs I still can't believe it. Some good and some bad but that's why it's life. I got let go at my job of 10 years but working a job that pays a lot better now. Moved out of ex's house and got my own apartment. Signed my divorce papers, bought a brand new car, got my heart broke and lived my life that's for sure. Learned the hard way what I don't want or deserve in men. Not to trust so easily and let my self open to be hurt again so easily. All and all I would not be where I am today if I would not have taken the paths that led me here. Got to LOVE LIFE!
New Survey
Did anyone watch you the last time you kissed someone? no When you're walking, do you stop to drink? Yes Do you believe that if you want something bad enough you'll get it? No Have you ever kissed someone in a vehicle? Yes Ever snuck out of your house? I didnt have to Kill or Be killed? Kill Break someone’s heart or have your heart broken? 1st one Would you ever get a tattoo? No What was the last thing you ate? Veggies Are you a morning person or a night person? Night Do you snore? No Do you know anyone who has gotten an abortion? My mom; and NO, it wasn't me What would you do if you opened up your front door to a dead body? Move it so I can come in Do you like to spend time with people? Depends when and with whom Are you a forgiving person? No When was the last time you did the dishes? 6 hrs ago Are you talking to anyone while doing this? No Have you ever thought someone died, when they really didn't? Yes If you could be a superhero what would you want to do? Be invi
Pop Her Happy Hour Cherry
In Order To Fly (poem By Xena)
We send it out We call it back Karma goes round Ain't it a fact Do to all others What you'd have done you Or you get the shock of your life When it comes back to you We get hurt and harmed We decide to strike back We will not lie doewn We create havoc On a rollercoaster ride Of highs and lows But where the ride ends No one knows The ride is rough You get up shaken You assess where you are Retrace the steps you've taken You aren't yourself Not after all this It's time to give up You finally get the gist Resentment got the better The better of who you are And those you once held close Now stand afar The saw the storm coming They tried to issue warning But you did not want to hear The end was calling You would not be told Could not walk away And therefore you have The damage you see today All the bad thing were worse All the good things a haze A book that should be shut To make way for better days So before you strike Even if
why do people post pics they dont want yu to see?
South Miami : Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge (panorama)
This is the view from the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge, viewing North I believe :) Went out this way to do a shoot. Heres a Panorama view of it :D Total of 15 shots put together as One!
Time Is Life
you know i been thinking alot lately about life for some reason i want todo alot in my life really iam only 20 but for some reason i cant seem to get it started alot lately i been think thinking about wanting to leave kansas for a while and see what else this place is made out of but i dont know were to start and how to start it after i went on the longest travel i have ever been on and was also my frist vaction a couple of years ago to sturgis south dakota and while i was up there i got to see mount rushmore for some reason all i can think about is traveling and seeing what else it feelss like iam missing i like to go back to sturgis manley cuz i fucked that up and got sick so after 14 15 hours of driving we got to stay for 4 5 hours not the 3 days we wanted to stay i still kick my self in the ass for that one but lately i benn thinking at night just getting up and leaving but for some reason i can never seem to make it to the door .....................................................
dr appointment tomato at 9.
I like who I am But I guess you don"t I think that I can But you think I won't Amount to anything at all If you love me, You sure show it strange Is there anything that you would want to change? I can't be your paper doll. Chorus: I wanna be perfect, But I'm me I wanna be flawless, But you see Every little crack Every chip, Every dent Every little mistake, I wanna be perfect Just like you, But there's only so much that a girl can do When I look in the mirror, It makes sense to me, Perfectly Perfectly I like worn out shoes You like high heels, and fantasies But I'm what's real I guess you could say The shoe don't fit Maybe I'm from Venus You're from mars My imperfections are what they are I guess one of us must deal, with it Chorus: I wanna be perfect, But I'm me I wanna be flawless, But you see Every little crack, Every chip, Every dent, Every little mistake, yeah I wanna be perfect, Just like you But there's only so much, That a
Reposted As Requested
Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 20. One thing that you would like to do to me if you were alone with me?
My Life: High School - Part 2
After a joyful summer filled with great World Wrestling Federation action, it was time for me to make my return to John Adams High School. Those 2 months away from school was exactly what I needed after basically going 3 straight years without any down time. But, it also made me forget how tough high school was, so on the first day back I felt the nervousness that I had felt months earlier when I joined the school for the first time. Only this time I would be better prepared for what was to come my way. The year started off pretty normal. Nothing too exciting happened. The classes were once again very easy and I was doing very well in them. I was still deep in my somewhat obsession with wrestling, but it wasn't distracting me as much as it did before. I was happy and having a great time, making new friends and learning new things. I felt like I was on top of the world, that I was on the right path, and that I would be graduating in June 2004 with all of my old friends like it was su
Boyfriend Application
Feel free to fill one out! Would love a boyfriend....but not looking for one. A friend suggested putting this up...and see what rolls by.....have fun! If you wish....copy and paste it into a private message to me... BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: Phone Number: OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke? 2. Do you like the rain? 4. If so...would you play in it with me? 5. Do you like movies? 6. If so would you cuddle up for a Sunday Movie marathon? 8. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 9. Would you kiss my neck? 10. Do you play any sports? 11. If so...what? 12. Do you have any reputations (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? 13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you? 15. Would you give me a kiss just because? 16. Would u have sex with me? 17. Would u trust me? 18. How smart are you? 19. Would u take me home to meet your parents?
Potty Training And Snow
Ok so first real snow I guess.. these kids are having fucking freak outs because it is something they have never seen before of course.. and won't go outside and play for longer than 2 mins because its too damn cold.. so my house has become an In and Out machine.. Now the boy on the other hand.. poor guy.. 3 days of no accidents potty training and then today someone locked him out of the bathroom and poor dude pooped on himself.. he was mad as hell.. so i guess thats a good sign right? now if only he would learn how to pee right.. his poor finger gets covered in pee everytime lol..
Brunettes Do It Better!
BRUNETTES ...: yea ->BRUNETTES ...: rated me a 2? wow thought i was atleast worth a 7 but guess not go show her some non Fu-Love BRUNETTES do it better!@ fubar
Dad In Hospital
Well I was going to stay away for some "me" time, but I need my friends and their prayers. Dad was taken to the hospital this morning with chest pains. I can't even talk about it really without starting to choke up. My dad is my hero, my best friend, the person I look to for strength. I don't know what I would do without him. They are not sure yet if it was a heart attack, the tests will show that. He will be in until Monday at least. Please keep him in your prayers. As for me.... I'm struggling a bit. Running a business in this economy is hard. And there is a part of my life I am really trying to work on, and it will be hard, and it will hurt at times.. but it is something I really and trying to let happen. So pray for me too. Thanks to those who have shown how much you care...
Have You Seen This Person?
Just What Ever.
Well it is that damn time year again, my life feels like it has hit rock bottom, all I want to do is drop of the face of the earth. Today is one of those days where I don't want anyone to talk to me, look at me, shit even go by me, I feel like shit inside, this year every doctor visit shows me that there is something else wrong with me, just about to the point to tell them to quit telling me what it wrong with me and tell what is not wrong with me, Here I am 33 years old with more things wrong with me then most guys twice my age. I don't know, maybe it is this time of year, I really don't know, I really hate Xmas, I don't beleive in god cause if there was a so called god that all that he cared about was your well being and you being happy and all the other crap religion shoves down your throat then why in the hell do I have to go through everything that I am going through, Me being raised old school, where the man supports the family, the woman works only if she wants t
Death Of A Musician (chapter 1)
Ya know, when my pappa died I felt lost and alone. He was all I had, my whole life. I had never been away from home, didn't know anyone outside of the lab, and had no idea how I would live on my own, but it was made very clear that I couldn't stay there. All I had was my love and talent for music and my memories of pappa. I had heard some of the lab techs talk about how much they enjoyed the entertainment at the Theed cantina so I decided to start there. Walking into the strange room I was assaulted with smoke, lights, and so many different smells. My nose was screaming in agony, wanting to go back to the disinfectant smell of the lab. But I couldn't go back, so I went forward. I found an empty corner and pulled out my mandovil. I touched it lightly, closing my eyes and smiling inwardly, remembering all the nights pappa and I would play together. He was a terrible musician but he made sure I had access to every song ever written. Playing for him made me happy. His face lit up so bri
Stoled From Crystal
TAG YOU'RE IT! If you opened it, you have to do it. Then, send it back to the person who sent it to you and the rest of your friends! Two names you go by: 1. Cooter 2. CC Two things you are wearing right now: 1. Sheets 2. My heart on my sleeve Two of your favorite things to do: 1. learn 2. Think Two favorite pets you have had/have: 1. My first cat George 2. Izzy (purebred rotty and GORGEOUS) Two people who will answer this 1. ? 2. Someone who doesn't have much else to do?? Two things you ate today: 1. Chicken 2. That's it Two people you last talked to: 1. Alana 2. Numbers Plans you have for tomorrow: 1. Look for a 3rd job 2. Secrets Two longest car rides: 1. new york n back 2. Alaska and back Two favorite holidays: 1. Thanksgiving 2. New Years Two favorite beverages: 1. Water 2. mt dew Two TV shows you enjoy: 1. Heroes 2. That's all I watch
Daddy Is Coming Home
This was written as a poetry challenge for Halloween....Enjoy... Daddy Is Coming Home I think back to my younger years A memory I will never forget I have lived a lifetime With O’ so much regret When mother told us that day Your daddy is going to be home I was just so happy Now my little heart could stop it’s roam It had been a few years Since we last saw his face He and My Mommy Just could not live in the same space I did find it strange Mommy had a smile all day She seemed to be happy Too long sadness was our way We prepared the house Mommy had been cooking the meal I had to keep pinching myself To make sure this was real We set out the plates and silverware As the tension began to climb We were all a bit nervous For it had been such a long time Mother served the food And she told us to go ahead and eat I wanted to wait for daddy But she made us have the feast She looked us all in the eyes And said “No kids don’t be sad!” For next to the corn and
The Meaning
@ fubar"> @ fubar"> TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS Jesus is someone very special, that He is our Savior, a wonderful person, and that the whole reason we have a Christmas celebration is so we can honor His birth. For a few moments in time, I would like to take you away from the hustle of the world, to a small stable in Bethlehem about 2,000 years ago. You can almost hear a newborn's cry, and the cattle making soft lowing sounds. Sniff the air, and smell the sweet hay where this precious new baby is laying, wrapped warmly in cloths made into swaddling clothes. He feels safe and secure as his mother nurses him and shares the tired joy all new mothers feel as their baby molds into their arms... Isa. 11:11:1 And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and
Dad Is Home
Dad should be home from the hospital by now. The results of the test showed 7 or 8 places with blockage in the arteries. Most were between 50 and 70%, though one small artery had 95%. The direction for now is medication for a few weeks to see if it helps and then a stress test to see if there is a change. TY so much for all the prayers
Tagged Thing
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? lap 2. Your significant other? huh 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? uggg 5. Your father? superman 6. Your favorite thing? music 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? caffeine 9. Your dream/goal? love 10. The room you're in? mom's 11. Music? love 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? dunno 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? well 16. Muffins? huh 17. One of your wish list items? doggie 18. Where you grew up? Ontario 19. The last thing you did? TV 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? games 22. Your pets? Milo 23. Your computer? portable 24. Your life? weird 25. Your mood? sick 26. Missing someone?
Kinky Love Story
My wife and I have been married for two years. Like most Indian women Anu is rather prudish and shy in bed. It took me months before I persuaded her to give me a blowjob and even longer to get her to agree to unique sexual positions. Despite this I had always had the feeling that deep down she was a very horny, kinky girl who was dying to unleash her naughty side. Sure enough, as we got comfortable with each other’s bodies she started to get more adventurous. At my pleading she would often wear revealing outfits in public that would display her large breasts and firmly shaped ass. She also enjoyed fucking in many positions while being videotaped for our personal porno collection. She would even voluntarily suck my cock and seemed to enjoy swallowing my cum. Yet none of this shocked or surprised me quite the way that my most recent birthday present did. As a sign on her new found kinkiness she hired a hooker for me on my birthday. What was surprising was not that she let m
You Know You Want To Fill This Out ;)
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm sexy? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Copy and paste this into your blog to see what your friends answers will be.
The Soup Part 1
this show is hilarious!
Have You Met This Person?
Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798) - in full Giacomo Girolamo Casanova - byname JEAN-JACQUES CHEVALIER DE SEINGALT Soldier, spy, diplomat, writer, adventurer, chiefly remembered from his autobiography, which has established his reputation as the most famous erotic hero. Casanova's memoirs are a fascinating but unreliable account of his adventures with 122 women - according to his own counts - but they also provide an intimate portrait of the manners and life in the 18th century. His countless projects, employments, and initiatives took him through the courts of Europe - in Paris he was employed to do some espionage work by Louis XV and from London he tried to sell the secret of a cotton red dye to his own country. "I saw that everything in the world that is famous and beautiful, if we rely on the descriptions and drawings of writers and artists, always loses when we go to see it and examine it up close." (from History of My Life, 1966-71) Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice.
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? single 3. Your hair? brunette 4. Your mother? Minnesota 5. Your father? Minnesota 6. Your favorite thing? Movies 7. Your dream last night? Shawn 8. Your favorite drink? Cappaccino's 9. What 1 thing u dont do? Nothing LOL 10. The room you're in? Office 11. Music? All 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Married 14. Where were you last night? Home 15. What you're not? Dishonest 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? Debts Paid 18. Where you grew up? Minnesota 19. The last thing you did? WokeUp 20. What are you wearing? Clothes 21. TV? Smallville 22. Your pets? None 23. Your computer? Emachine
Perfect Weddings Under 1000.00
I am a certified Wedding/Event Planner with 5 years of experiance in the field and my A.A. Degree in Wedding/Event Planning With a minor in Business Managment. Certified Clergy Services Available, Documentation available for proof of Certification. Services available in all of Jacksonville and surrounding cities. Will travel out of florida, up to 150 miles. My fee is 150.00 for Jacksonville and surrounding areas in a 25 mile radius around jacksonville, and price is increased 25 dollars for each 25 miles traveled to your location. I will reply to all questions, considering there are no such things as stupid questions. I also have contact with vendors and suppliers if there is something you are having touble finding for your event. Please contact me ASAP to get an appointment for your exact date! Can send email of documentation of certification I have done over 1,000 Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Baby naming, Hand Fasting,and other Important Events. I am Non-Denominatio
Unneccessary Censorship
funny stuff! HILARIOUS!!!!
"the Bucket"
"The Bucket" We all have dreams in buckets, we carry them around Sometimes we need a helping hand, to get them off the ground I'll be Jack if you'll be Jill, I know we can't fall down... Cause you're the sweetest dream I've even found. Our love is like that bucket, carried up that hill. With steady hands and careful steps, we know that it won't spill. And life is like the hill itself, it's sometimes hard to scale. But easier with two to hold the pail. And sometimes we'll get weary, as time will surely tell, But straight and true we'll go on, heading for that well. Yes my girl we'll make it, just you wait and see. And we'll fill that bucket up with dreams, of all our life will be. We all have dreams in buckets, we carry them around... Copyright Steve Santini. All rights reserved.
Check This Out
You know its funny how things hit you all of a sudden One second your sitting there talking and the next BLAM. Well this really isn’t one of those times. Over the past many months, I’ve been trying to work my way over and through a few a rough spot’s Which hasn’t really been a lot of fun. Oh I’ve had a few good laughs along the way, but for the most part, this whole trying to figure out what has been bugging me, working it out and moving on with it Bullsh*t can kiss my A$$ I know what’s been bugging me . Most important I need to open up more. Be more free with what I’m thinking. And stop worrying what someone else might think if I say what it is I’m really thinking. I’M TIRED OF ALWAYS BEING THE NICE GUY! LMAO The rest will work itself out. I had a very long wild conversation with a friend last night. As we talked I began to relax and open up. I learned a few things from that conversation about me, And more. I felt free.I don’t always have to say the right things. I don
Hey All
My Heart
when i give my heart to someone i do it fully and with out question. at times this scares me because everytime i turn around it seems that the one who i have given my heart to either turns on me, cheats on me, or just plain never cared to begin with. some days i think it might just be better to dissapear and just not BE at all..... who knows maybe ill just be alone forever dont seem worth enough to be loved anyway...but the one who has my heart my babygirl Erica may change all that and for once make me happy the one thing ive been looking for my entire life. she is the keeper of my heart and for her i would do anything for
Check Out My Holiday Video
Cry At first you made me feel special like I was the only one, But I'll never forget the things you have done At first I thought you were play fighting but later I found out I was just blind sighted I want you to hold me But I can't stand your touch As I feel you hug me, the pain becomes to much As I curl up on my shower floor crying all my tears I try to wash away my cuts and bruises To try and escape my fears You promised to protect me But I stop to wonder why the same hand that embraces me, is the one that makes me cry
"the Pit"
“The Pit” They used to be quite common Now you hardly see them anymore Those little wooden shacks With the moon carved in the door A primitive place to relieve one’s self To take a piss or shit But folks should be more careful Of where they choose to sit One August at my summer camp When I was just a Scout And we were camping in the woods There were a few of them about And instantly I hated Going out there late at night I knew I didn’t like it Because something felt not right It wasn’t the smell, although that was bad And it wasn’t where I had to sit No, what bothered me were the horrors I imagined In the bottom of that pit And it sure didn’t help when late on Friday My buddy Charles went out there at night And we heard that scream that chilled our hearts Yes, it filled our souls with fright So we ventured out to the worn old shack Sure that he was playing a prank And we creaked the weathered door open And peered into the air that stank But
I Dont Want To Be Like Cinderella
When I was just a little girl My Mama used to tuck me into bed And she read me a story It always was about a prince, a cinder's dress And how a guy would save her And end up with the glory I'd lie and I'd think about the person that I want to be Though one day I realized The fairy-tale life Wasn't for me I don't wanna be like Cinderella Sittin' in a dark, old, dusty cellar Waitin' for somebody To come and set me free I don't wanna be like Snow White waitin' For a handsome prince to come and save me On a horse of white Unless we're ridin' side by side Don't wanna depend on no one else I'd rather rescue myself Someday I'm gonna find someone Who wants my soul, heart, and mind Who's not afraid to show he loves me Somebody who will understand I'm happy just the way I am Don't need nobody takin' care of me I will be there for him Just as long as he Will be there for me When I get myself steady It's got to be An equal thing I don't wanna be like
The Ghost Part 1
Pictures Pictures everywhere, all i wanna do is show i care. so i'm taking this time to think of a way to show you how much you take of my day. At work i wait for you to call and watch the minutes as they fall thoughts of you they fill my mind they are the reason i can unwind, when the day is done and work is through. my only thought is coming home to you. when i arrive and your not there i just want you to know i do care. in my heart i know your near and its your voice i always hear. i go online to say im home and to let you know your not alone i see you here and everywhere and deep inside i know you care. its strange to me to think of how... we got our start and where we are now... its not been long yet its real as can be my thoughts of you and your thoughts of me... we know two lives are meant to share and its you i chose to show i care. A friend you said that you would be yet when i need you most your not there for me. my days and nights spent waiting for
7 Day Callinz(my Version)
In Ya Mind At Work
Hey was up,how are you?My name is Jason.I'm 25 puertorican currently living in Huron,SD.I'm originally from NJ.I'm open-minded outgoing fun honest down to earth faithful mature affecionate and easy to talk to.I'm not about games nor do I have time for them.I like to keep it real always. If interested feel free to hit me up with a note. Take Care,by the way your very beautiful
"the Adventure"
“The Adventure” Today I start my journey, today I face the sea Braving storms and tempests, to see all that I can see Casting off the lines that held me, to the place I’ve always stood These sails they are my hopes, and my heart’s this hull of wood And my courage is my crew, and I have it because of you You’re my map, my compass, all my things so true Now you’re standing by my side, and thanks to you I grip the wheel And this adventure is the only thing I feel And you’re the wave that surges at my very bow The current in my sea, that pushes me somehow To the horizon I can’t see, but I know you’re here with me You’re the breeze that came and set me free You’re the hand that helps me learn to steer On my rudder to guide me through the fear Past the jagged reefs, and the gales so strong I pray that this adventure lingers on And you’re the wave that surges at my very bow The current in my sea, that pushes me somehow To the horizon I can’t see, but I know you’r
My Darkest Hour
I've been hurt I feel the pain, My minds gone blank I'm going insane Lock me up Put me away, within these walls Is where I will stay I've lost my mind I'm out of control, I'm going downhill With nowhere to roll I've had my ups And I've had my downs, I tried to smile But could only frown I gave it my best It all went sour, I lived my life This is my darkest hour
Commercial Break
watch In Bruges and Zack and Miri Make a Porno. DOOOO IT! you wont regret it. at least i hope you wont cause i didnt.
A Song To Myself
Sometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out I laugh myself to sleep It's my lullaby Sometimes I drive so fast Just to feel the danger I wanna scream It makes me feel alive Is it enough to love? Is it enough to breathe? Somebody rip my heart out And leave me here to bleed Is it enough to die? Somebody save my life I'd rather be anything but ordinary please To walk within the lines Would make my life so boring I want to know that I Have been to the extreme So knock me off my feet Come on now give it to me Anything to make me feel alive Is it enough to love? Is it enough to breathe? Somebody rip my heart out And leave me here to bleed Is it enough to die? Somebody save my life I'd rather be anything but ordinary please. I'd rather be anything but ordinary please. Let down your defences Use no common sense If you look you will see that this world is a beautiful accident, turibulent, succulent opulent permanent, no way I wanna taste it Don't
Her name is Kristen Biggs! She's only 19 years old, but acts like she's 5. She has made fake mysapce profiles so she can find out what some people are doing. She's a lyer! She told De lies and his family too. Than she started lying to me like I don't know whats going on. I was told by her other ex's that she would stalk him for up to 6 months after she dumps him. Which she has been. I am getting sick of her always finding me and De online everywhere we go. She even got kicked off FuBar for stalking us, and now she has a 2nd profile!
Describes Me"
She can kill with a smile She can wound with her eyes She can ruin your faith with her casual lies And she only reveals what she wants you to see She hides like a child, But she's always a woman to me She can lead you to love She can take you or leave you She can ask for the truth But she'll never believe And she'll take what you give her, as long as it's free Yeah, she steals like a thief But she's always a woman to me CHORUS: Oh--she takes care of herself She can wait if she wants She's ahead of her time Oh--and she never gives out And she never gives in She just changes her mind And she'll promise you more Than the Garden of Eden Then she'll carelessly cut you And laugh while you're bleedin' But she'll bring out the best And the worst you can be Blame it all on yourself Cause she's always a woman to me --Mhmm-- Bridge CHORUS: Oh--she takes care of herself She can wait if she wants She's ahead of her time Oh--and she never gives out And sh
Pizza Song (from A Dream)
I had a dream this morning before I woke up about a family gathering. My mom and I decided to sit down on the couch and noticed a spot on the couch and a crust on the floor. I figured that it my little cousin who made the mess and we agreed that it probably was and I started singing the chorus. And my mom thought it was catchy and because she she can sing better than me, she started belting it out to the joy of my relatives. You can clap "The Jeffersons' theme to this song. It reminds me of a 50's musical with a big black woman like Pearl Bailey or Ruth Brown or someone similar singing. Got rid of those pots n pans plates and silver none of that for my old man dialed the phone Papa's home dinner's home hot n fresh when my man gets home OH pizza! Oh pizza! that's what you do oh pizza oh pizza mister, how do you do? no shoppin' for me i am free to freshen up n rest my feet my man's got nutrition Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E and
"put Out The Light."
“Put Out The Light” Put out the light, I think it’s best Lie beside me, touch my chest Hear my heart, feel my caress Put out the light, I think it’s best Put out the light, I think it’s time To be as one, to make you mine To leave the world, and all the rest Put out the light, I think it’s best Put out the light, no need to feel What in the dark, we sense is real Safe and warm, within our nest Put out the light, I think it’s best Put out the light, but not the glow The one that lives, inside your soul I would not settle, I must confess And you’d not give a measure less. Copyright 2008 by Steve Santini. All rights reserved.
Omg Truhaters Are Growing
Are you sure you want to block 'necoli' ???They will no longer be able to comment on you or your photos, rate your profile or your photos, or even send you a message!YES, Block User | NO, I changed my mind! Are you sure you want to block '♥NJExoticDiva77 ♥ Karizma's RL GF ♥ 100% Jersey Girl ♥s Infernal_Ha†e' ???They will no longer be able to comment on you or your photos, rate your profile or your photos, or even send you a message!YES, Block User | NO, I changed my mind!
Stressfull Exz
Ex and I split after an almost 6 yr relationship 5.5 yrs to be exact.. been split now for 5 months... and the fuckkery starts.. whats the point in stressing me now? You wasnt concerned with me when we were together and letting ur cock slide up in other chicks u wasnt concerned about me when u was rollin them chicks round in my new whipps... yet now that we are done your oh so concerned with me and what I am doing.. 5 yrz it as ME who fed, clothed ad nursed you back to health it was Me who bailed u out when no one else wanted to look at u, it was me who packed ur wounds three times a day and yet you chose the world wide whores over a faithfull woman who treated you like a king.. you took the power that u were given and ran the streets with it thinking i would just lay at your feet and never stand up and walk away ..Your regreating it once again now arnt you? To bad for you this time. You should have been concerned with me way back when not out acting like a teenager on a rampage with a
Photo Dementia Art
Photo Dementia AlbumThis is a collection of Photo Dementia Art.Photo Dementia 01Photo Dementia 02If you snag it please leave a comment letting me know.oxoxayasha
Kept Promise, Broken Life
Kept Promise, Broken Life Never Did it occur to me That When i let loose And showed myself I could be hurt so bad Because no one even Noticed Or if you did Nothings changed But that someone was cold to me And for the rest Its just the same Like im not there And i dont exist But when your lifes in shambles And you dont know what to do Then i am remembered Coming to the rescue Never have i let you down Even when i didnt know what to do Somehow i manage to make things right And dry your tears Everythings alright But nothings changed It all comes back To just one thing The only thing I really know The fact is All i know is I care And everything else Is just the Salt in The sea of The maelstrom Of My Mind Look at this Im back at The begining And i kept the Promise I made to myself But know i wonder Why i made it Seems that They cant tell the difference And the reason I made it Doesnt matter I couldnt live like that But i
Help This New Friend Of Mine
help this new friend of mine to the next level. she helpped me out and you can help her to get to the next level. Also, please help me to get to henchman and i will do a blog for you too. Curvaliciousbbw™ Cuddle Buddy & Eternal Friend To DarkProf@ fubar This blog was done by Real Life DJ Panther Real Life DJ Jason R aka Panther@ fubar
My Wish To You All For 2009
After serious & cautious consideration . . . Your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2009! It was a very easy decision to make. So try not to screw it up!!! My Wish for You in 2009 May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires and may happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had forget your home address! In simple words . . . May 2009 be the best year of your life!!!
Boys Are Dumb
coman baby u have very hot pic i can be your best friend baby ..... plz ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Date: Dec 22, 2008 12:09 PM I don't think so ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: R.I.P ABDULLAH...NEVER WILL FORGOTTEN Date: Dec 22, 2008 12:49 PM whts g00d baby ..... do i know you honey .....
Far Beyond Driven 40
CLICK THE PICS TO ENTER!!!!! (repost of original by '=^..^=Hazel (Promoter@FBD) {Manager of Sinful Kitties}' on '2008-12-22 08:58:01')
Auto 11's On Tonight
center> CLIC ON PIC BELOW TO GO TO HER PAGE!! SHOW HER SOME LOVE!!! 57chevylay_R/L mom to jgurl , fu sis to lil BRAT and BikerBabe, sis an partner n crime to EZ RIDER@ fubar Auto 11's On, Lots of Easy rates Rate me, Fan me, Add me, Crush me, Bling me Pimp Me. Love me! @ fubar @ fubar
Just so we are clear, I've had my eyes opened slightly. I created a MUM about coming back to DJ. Very little views and fewer votes. So unless some christmas miracle happens I wont be back to DJ. I was hoping that with all the people that said I was so great and would be my fans forever was just internet talk for "yea whatever". Im disheartened greatly. I at least know who friended me for real and who did it just for points or to say that they know me. Also ive been putting my resume in at real radio stations locally and got nothing. Wanna impress me? x 103 and y 106 in indiana email them bomb them get me a job doin my show. Or at the least message me here. and if they want an audition ill hook up with a lounge and show them how good i really am. Thanks to all my real friends. If you have my old yahoo it is no more. If you want to get in touch with me personally contact swtchrrypie. See ya Dark Messenger
Dawg Is Going For Gf!
BAD TO THE BONE69~Founder Chopper Bikers Club~ is trying to reach godfather he has auto 11 on ,so lets all help out and give him a early xmas present......Please repost often tyvm BAD TO THE BONE69~Founder Chopper Bikers Club~@ fubar (repost of original by '!!!-AuSsIe-!!!- Zodiak Levelers Manager-!!! Proudly Owned by~LadySnowOwl~' on '2008-12-23 12:16:23') (repost of original by 'BAD TO THE BONE69~Founder Chopper Bikers Club~' on '2008-12-23 12:18:43')
Wings from above Call upon one soul Lighting strikes to be heard Follow the path of one Saint Look at the ground follow your sound Saints Saints Your body trembles With fear and confusing feels so good but not so right knees pound to the ground shush one word
Yo Call Dis Christmas Vacation ?
here i am traveling so much fun chilling with ma music not even lookin out window its just a blurr anyway tight travel arrangement elbow to elbow no privacy just in ma own world with greenlight in ma headphone turn volume up ignoring other sounds conserving battery power cause long way i realize i have no dictionary no online available so am writing while chillin with jennifer hudson now she just in a spotlight while in the dark corner world clouds to look at as i fly at a blurring rate clouds only thing not blurred at this rate dream of star trek when traveling that i just beam across country i wish seeming a world away now no more friends too afar now thinkin to add more
My Baby You
As I look into your eyes I see all the reasons why My life’s worth a thousand skies You’re the simplest love I’ve known And the purest one I’ll own Know you’ll never be alone Chorus: My baby you Are the reason I could fly And 'cause of you I don’t have to wonder why Baby you There’s no more just getting by You’re the reason I feel so alive. Though these words I sing are true They still fail to capture you As mere words can only do How do I explain that smile? And how it turns my world around Keeping my feet on the ground Repeat Chorus I will soothe you if you fall I’l be right there if you call You’re my greatest love of all Chorus you are the reason I could fly and 'cause of you I don't have to wonder why My baby you there's no more just getting by 'cause you're the reason I feel so alive Arianna I feel so alive
Nsfw Guestbook
Ladies and Gentlemen Feel Free to Sign!!
Forever Never - As I Lie
Holding on to, What I've known, It's not really easy to let it go, Now these eyes will see the truth: Now I know, just what to be. This life that follows me, Wont let go. And everything that stops me, I'll break through. As I Lie I Feel my soul Redeeming all it's pride, Only Time can heal these wounds that I've made. Feeling this desire, holding onto it, Not the one who missed, everything. Now I'm feeling higher, higher than I've ever been, Now that I see what I could be. This life that follows me, Wont let go. And everything that stops me, I'll break through. Each time I see it, I could make it mine, By simply saying, That important line, See that face, Watch it cry, Shed a tear for you but I won't redeem this lie.
“Ruin” Constructed with care, now just old weathered planks This crumbling façade for which we used to give thanks It once was a haven, a shelter, a home And now just a ruin of timber and stone The doors are ripped off, and they lie on the floor And now they are walked on and not through anymore All the rooms vacant, and blending as one Filled with a darkness never gifted by sun It used to be that the basement was the only thing damp But now nothing is dried by the flame of our lamp Because the light it has withered, sputtered, and died In spite of our efforts, and the things we had tried Now other creatures are sheltered in there Amidst old peeling paper and the floors cracked and bare With red glowing eyes both brimming and sad They lord over the ruin of this thing we once had. Copyright 2008 by Steve Santini. All rights reserved.
Ensign: A Partridge In A Pear Tree
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 26 December 2008 You may be able to tell from the title today what my favorite Christmas carol is. From the mid-16th to the mid-19th century in England, by one tradition, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was created to remind Roman Catholics under persecution of the fundamentals of the Christian faith. For example, "ten lords-a-leaping" represented the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai and "four calling birds" represented the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each day from today until January 6th has high regard in many churches. Today, the first day of Christmas, "my true love" -- God -- "gave to me: a partridge in a pear tree." That partridge symbolized Jesus coming to Earth as a baby, not in a pa
What Does Your Christmas Say About You?
Your Christmas is Modern Your wish for the New Year is good health. For you, Christmas is secular holiday. Religion doesn't play a big part in it. You are patient when it comes to Christmas. You don't celebrate too early, and you don't like seeing holiday decorations in October. You like Christmas traditions, but you're not uptight about them. You do things your way. You have some preferred ways of celebrating Christmas, but you're open to compromise. You love Christmas. You enjoy almost every aspect and tradition of the holidays. You like giving to your friends and family during Christmas. You focus on the people you're close to. What Does Your Christmas Say About You?
Sinny Sin
Live On Air Sexy Sinn Click Above To B.A.R.F.(bling,add,rate,fan) Me. Click Below To Join Me In The Fire Pit. made by Po'Boyz Kreationz, LLC
Come To The All New Dances With Fire Bar And Grill
My Real Husband And I
Its my first auto 11'S me and my real husband have them on hes only member in my family and only fan. Anyone can rate us.This is great this auto 11!My husband used to be level25 without them it took him 47 happy hours and a year to get there.It was hard and he was a trainee bouncer when there wasn't training lol.We had several lounges me and husband and he was dj of loads.Does anyone remember the candy lounge?Thanks all for reading.
Another Poem.....
Written @ 1:49 on December 30, 2008 You only have one life How you live it is your choice You may make choices others do not agree with In the end it is your voice Will you make your life the best possible? Or will you not be courageous enough Will you stay by yourself, feeling down Or allow someone in even if they are rough When is the right time? Or even the right person? How will you know or find out? Hopefully before your life is done... Have you passed up the chance To find the best happiness? Has it not come to your door yet? Will you settle for less? So many questions, try and find the answers Are they in a book or you will see the light Will you even find the right ones? Or just guess and hope you are right Who knows the direct path you will end up on? Or where you are destined to be Will you make the right choices in life Or have them be washed out to sea Whatever choices you make in life Should be thought out and clear Be sure that y
It Happens
Annoy your wedding dj IN THE DJ BOOTH Recently,I was talking with some friends who still Dj wedding gigs and they always brought up the fact I never talk about the WEDDING DJ. Well when I first started I did a ton of weddings, as a matter of fact weddings can be very profitable.Some people love Djing wedding gigs and as for me Its not my cup o tea!! Weddings are always fun and people always seem to loosen up at a wedding and dance all night! So kudos to the wedding dj ,I will probably never hear the end of this but it had to be done!! Here is a list of ways to annoy the hell out of the dj next time your at a wedding!!! ENJOY! 1. Do a large, posed group photo on the dance floor. 2. Dress up like a videographer and wheel a video camera on a large tripod onto the dance floor with a overbearingly bright floodlight and stick it in the faces of everyone on the dance floor. 3. Ask the DJ (who has the perfect song lined up with a perfect beatmatch) to wish a happy birthday
Five Golden Rings In The Alien Years
This morning before Sarah called out my name from the top of the stairs, I finished reading a book I’d bought at Barnes & Noble Sunday as a Christmas present to myself. Since I paid for it with a B&N gift card I’d gotten “from Santa”, that’s technically true. Robert Silverberg’s novel “The Alien Years” (ISBN 006105111X) is a late 1990s take on the atypical science fiction theme of alien invasion. As I was reading it, though, I was commenting to myself on the dearth of said plots in this decade that I’m aware of. This month’s remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” doesn’t quite qualify for me, I’m thinking of the ratcheting tension, pre-9/11 stories and films that made us jump; ok, “Independence Day” was the big movie in that field for the nineties, “V” for the eighties. The big difference between them was that in “V” (if you remember it from NBC) the aliens started out by looking like us, and that was the freaky part. It’s probably what touches a chord with us, paralleling
Nickelback S.E.X. Lyrics: [Verse 1] No is a dirty word, Never gonna say it first, No is just a thought that never crosses my mind. Maybe in the parking lot, Better bring your friend along, Better off together than just one at a time. [Chorus] S is for the simple need. E is for the ecstasy. X is just to mark the spot, Because that's the one you really want. (Yes!) Sex is always the answer, it's never a question, 'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answers (Yes) Not just a suggestion, if you ask a question, Then it's always yes. Yeeaah! [Verse 2:] I'm loving what you wanna wear, Wonder what's up under there? Wonder if I'll ever have it under my tongue? I love to try to set you free, I love you all over me. Love hearin' the sound you make the second you're done. [ Find more Lyrics at ] [Chorus] S is for the simple need. E is for the ecstasy. X is just to mark the spot, Because that's the one you really
A Bit Of Humor For New Years
I was out checking my oil today. I live on a cul de sac, and there are a few kids that live down here. Some of them were out riding their new bikes they got for Christmas along with some friends. Their friends wanted to ride there nice new bikes. The following conversation gave me a chuckle: Kid A: I wanna ride your bike, man. Kid B: You can't. My Daddy doesn't want anyone riding our bikes. He spent like $200 plus tax on mine! Kid A: Whoa! How can your Dad afford that?! Kid B: My Dad is a cop. He makes. like, $500 a month! Kid A: Wow, he must have thousands of dollars! Kid B: I even know what a hundred dollar bill looks now! Kid A: Man, I remember what a hundred dollar bill looks like cause I saw one when I was a baby. Kid B: Ah man, the only thing I remember about being a baby is sitting around watching tv and poopin' my pants.
Jonathan Davis-hey Daddy
"Hey Daddy" Let me see (let me see). How my life has been (taken). Taken. This demon (haunts me). Haunts me. They're waiting (help me). Help me. You fuck me up. I'm gagged and bound. You pick me up when I am down. I can not live without them. I do not live without them. Hey, daddy (Daddy). They are taking me (away). Biting. Facing him (my soul). My soul. They're eating. Please help me. You fuck me up. I'm gagged and bound. You pick me up when I am down. I can not live without them. I do not live without them. They say this thing inside of me. Wants to get out. All it does is scream and shout. I'm trying not to let them out. They tell me to hurt myself. They tell me to hurt myself. They tell me to hurt myself. But I'm not going to listen. You fuck me up. I'm gagged and bound. You pick me up when I am down. I can not live without them. I do not live without them. You fuck me up. I'm gagged and bound. You pick me up when I am down. I ca
I Need Some Good Software To Record Music
I am wanting to record some songs, but I am unsure about what software would be the best for me. I'm not very educated when it comes to recording software for music and such. I can learn easily. I just want some software that I can do vocals on from an mp3. Is there anything out that will let me play the mp3 I have of an existing song and let me record lyrics over it as it's playing? If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it so much. Anthony
Far Beyond Driven 37
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Lounge Coding
If you need a lounge coder please let me know i code lounges all i ask in re turn is a job i do what you want ill pick stuff try it out if you dont like it ill change it
Math Problems
This comes from 2 math teachers with a combined total of 70 > yrs. experience. > Here is a little something someone sent me that is > indisputable mathematical logic. It also made me Laugh Out > Loud. > > This is a strictly mathematical goes like > this: > > What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? > Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more > than 100% ? We have all been to those meetings where someone > wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What > makes up 100% in life? > Here's a little mathematical formula that might help > you answer these questions: > > If: > A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z > > is represented as: > 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 > 24 25 26. > > Then: > > H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K > 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% > > > and > > > K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E > 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% > > But , > A-T-T-I-T-U-
It Hurts
IT SUCKS!!! I'm tired of hurting I'm tired of being like this day in and day out I'm sick of waking up in pain I'm sick of going to bed in pain I'm sick of all the pills I have to take I'm just so tired of hurting everyday I want it to go away but I know it never will My pain is here for the rest of my life If people can't deal with me like this, or deal with my disabilities then they don't need to be a part of my life.
The Worst Date Ever.
Alright peeps, I just ripped this off my main blog. There was a question, which was about the worst date you ever had, and I figured I'd share this one with you lovely folks here.See, this one's a real doozy.It'll knock your socks off. The Story goes a little something like this; Once upon a time not so many years ago, there was a teen mom named Amanda. Although her little girl meant the world to her, she was a lonely person. Not only was she abandoned by her daughter's sperm donor, but also by the next serious boyfriend after that. Her family uprooted her from her hometown when she was pregnant and she just was not a happy person. She was tired of being lonely. So, she tried her hand at dating. it seems as though almost every date she went on could count for a horror story, as every single guy she dated was either late or just expected too much of the first date, but after about ten bad dates with ten people, she grew tired of the same old thing. Couldn't someone prove her wrong ab
If Only
if only i listened to him i would not miss his voice if only i was not busy looking at others i would still be seeing him now if only i took his hand then i won’t be longing for his touch if only i did not speed up then he would have catched up w/ me if only i hugged him he would not have let go if only i cared he would have stayed if only i wasn’t scared to face reality then i never would have lost his love
Sex Survey
You: What color eyes? Hair? How tall? How old? What city do you live in? Male/Female? The Private You: How many people have you had sex with in 2006? How many of those people were one night stands? How many serious relationships have you had? What is your favorite position? Have you ever slept with more than one person at a time? Him / Her: Eyes? Height? Weight? Body structure? Tall / short? Personality? Age? Misc: What is the first question you ask before having sex with someone? Have you ever considered or had a sex buddy with no relationship? If yes, how many? Have you ever not been in love with someone you had sex with? Top or bottom? Have you ever considered being with some of the same sex? What are 2 turn on's? What are 2 turn off's? Why did you feel it necessary to fill out this survey and post it for everyone to see? Who is most likely to repost this?
I Am Libra(love Of Harmony And Beauty)
Libra is the Sign of justice in the Zodiac, indicative of persons who balance everything to a nicety, always trying to promote good will and friendship...even if they must go to extremes to do so. This trait is accentuated by the inherent love of harmony and beauty, reflected by the beneficent glow of Venus, this Sign's Ruling Planet. Sympathy and understanding are paramount here. Libra natives will never be deaf to an appeal from family or close acquaintances and are likely to even side with total strangers if they seem to represent a deserving cause. Indeed, those who fall under the jurisdiction of Libra are inclined to champion the underdog, even against their more sound judgment. Again, this appears to be courtesy of the urge to equalize matters and produce harmony. Considered to be one of the most charming Signs, Libra individuals are attractive, tactful, charismatic and popular. However, with a tendency to shrink from disagreements with others, Libra natives can also be regarded
Mind Ya Business
people should just mind their own business but they dont cause getting in other peoples business is so much more fun to them than taking care of their own stuff. I think that people are who they are because they want something that they cant have not because life makes them that way. anyway go ahead and weigh in on this and let me know what you think. thanks.DDS
I will be turning 21 and I don't know how I should celebrate it or who I should celebrate it with besides my friends. Any ideas anyone?
***I had found an old email that I wrote to a dear friend of mine a couple years ago...I re-wrote and decided to share with everyone*** Friends, Even if you don't believe in God or you believe in a higher power these words should bring some comfort knowing that there is something or someone out there thinking of you. I had wrote this to a dear person a few months ago for inspiration and support and have stumbled across the old email and decided to post this so that I may share my wisdom, knowledge, and love for each of you. Yes, this does deal with God and my beliefs, but I want each of you to take something from this...if anything know that I am here if ever needed. There is something spectacular out there, whether you believe or not. I feel comforted knowing that when all humans fail me I have a father who will continue to love me. So please read my words carefully. Don't sit and read in judgement, but keep an open mind and an open heart. Something will speak to
Jackass 3=(bootleg)
Me On My Own
you call me hot" call me sexy, but did you ever take time to pause and truly look inside my heart?..we all have fun, we all have crazy thoughts,..... but ,i was always left wondering where i stand? YOU! friends are all dear to me.. some i am attracted to.. some i truly like.. you know who you are, i do not mind you not being interested... am here anyway, some i dearly love.. and am very close too, that doesn't mean they are all bf's too.but there is one you felt like you really love so much, beyond this fu bar thing.... but sometimes they just seems to just play on you! I AM SETTLING MYSELF.. BEING JUST ME.. I AM NOBODY'S BABY, NOBODY'S DARLING....NOBODY'S GIRL..JUST LET ME SHARE A NET LIFE WITH YOU". dont offer me anything..if you are a friend you'll stand by me" my worst time, in my happy'll never lie, you'll never play"....
Prove It....
I was at work today and was sending messages to my love. She sent me one saying I Love You! I replied by saying prove it... she replied with how can i do that... I said only you can know that... a few minutes passed... I ended up getting an email from the receptionist.. when i began to read it... it said... you just received a phone call from Ida and she wanted me to tell you that she love's you very much and miss you with all her heart... I was speechless.... That was the first time anyone has proved it to me... I Love You!!
To My Mother ( R.i.p Mom)
To My Mother I love you, and I miss you More! I can feel You, But I can't see you I hear you in my mind I dream of you nightly, It's so real I don't want to awaken. I see you in my dreams, your eyes, those cheeks. I remember when we said we'll never part cause we dreamed the same dreams. Spiritual experiences that you and I only know of. I feel as if I'm crazy at times for I long to be with you. One day Mom I will be there with you, Until then I am waiting to be with you, as you waited for me for nine months. You loved me before you had me, And I love you for having me, with everything you went through for me to be. Thank you for wanting to be my MOTHER… Remember you said we'll always be together always and forever .... LOVE ALWAYS TRISHA
Ancient Beliefs
Tales of supernatural beings consuming the blood or flesh of the living have been found in nearly every culture around the world for many centuries.[53] Today we would associate these entities with vampires, but in ancient times, the term vampire did not exist; blood drinking and similar activities were attributed to demons or spirits who would eat flesh and drink blood; even the devil was considered synonymous with the vampire.[54] Almost every nation has associated blood drinking with some kind of revenant or demon, or in some cases a deity. In India, for example, tales of vetalas, ghoul-like beings that inhabit corpses, have been compiled in the Baital Pachisi; a prominent story in the Kathasaritsagara tells of King Vikramāditya and his nightly quests to capture an elusive one.[55] Pishacha, the returned spirits of evil-doers or those who died insane, also bear vampiric attributes.[56] The Ancient Indian goddess Kali, with fangs and a garland of corpses or skulls, was also inti
Class is starting to pick up next week so ya'll won't hear much from me, BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!, I pretty much passed my screening this week so i'm in there. I seriously thought my 6 tattoos would've been a problem but they weren't. I should know where I will be going sometime this month. I'am hoping to get stationed in the 6th recruiting district (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana), it's pretty much my 1st choice. My 2nd choice is the 9th district (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, Missouri, and Iowa). 3rd choice will be the 8th district (Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico).
How many times have I thought of you And the many things I’d like to do. I sleep at night with you on my mind, One night with you, would be just fine. Your white robe is what I see, I wonder, wonder, how it would be. If I could touch your lips with mine, The thought of this is so divine. I want to see you without that robe, Your body to touch, caress, and probe. I’d lay you down, your body to admire, One look at you, sets my soul on fire. I want to feel you, touch, and kiss, send you into . . . . heavenly bliss, I want you, need you, feel my desire, Me inside you, I would never tire. I could make love to you all night long, It would feel so good, it couldn’t be wrong, These are my thoughts, what I fantasize, You’re all too perfect in this man’s eyes.
One Word
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? 2. Your significant? 3. Your hair? 4. Your mother? 5. Your father? 6. Your favorite thing? 7. Your dream last night? 8. Your favorite drink? 9. Your dream/goal? 10. The room you're in? 11. Music? 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? 14. Where were you last night? 15. What you're not? 16. Muffins? 17. One of your wish list items? 18. Where you grew up? 19. The last thing you did? 20. What are you wearing? 21. TV? 22. Your pets? 23. Your computer? 24. Your life? 25. Your mood? 26. Missing someone? 27. Favorite Store? 28. Your summer? 29. Like someone? 30. Your favorite color? 31. When is the last time you lau
Another With Auto 11s Islandgirl
Be Sure To Rate Her Hard Fast & Often ISLANDGIRL®
Tulsa's Angel Has Auto 11s
Tulsa's Angel Was A Bad Girl ..She Deserves To Be Spanked..So Get Over To Her Profile & Spank Her Hard And Often With All The Rates You Can.. Tulsa's Angel
Ill Stand By You
Oh, why you look so sad? Tears are in your eyes Come on and come to me now. Don't be ashamed to cry, let me see you through Cause I've seen the dark side too. When the night falls on you, you don't know what to do, Nothing you confess could make me love you less I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you, won't let nobody hurt you, I'll stand by you. So, if you're mad get mad, don't hold it all inside, Come on and talk to me now. And hey, what you got to hide? I get angry too But I'm alot like you. When you're standing at the crossroads, don't know which path to choose, Let me come along, cause even if your wrong I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you, won't let nobody hurt you, I'll stand by you. Take me into your darkest hour, and I'll never desert you. I'll stand by you. And when, when the night falls on you baby, you're feeling all alone, You won't be on your own, I'll stand by you. I'll stand by you I'll stand by you, won't let n
Man Law Guidelines
Man Law Global Basic Info Type: Common Interest - Religion & Spirituality Description: 1. No wasted beer in the name of humor. 1A) Have fun but be honorable, respect women, only a real man can achieve this. 2. It has been made official that under no circumstances should the male have to pay for birth control 3. If your best friend is dumped by a girl it is a 6 month waiting period till she can be touched. If he breaks up with her it’s a 6 day waiting period. 4. If two or more males arrived at a party by a single car, and the driving male is hooking up with a girl, it is the responsibility of the other males to find other ways home. (The exception to this law is if the driver is hooking up with his own girlfriend, the law is then void and the driver still holds full responsibility of driving his friend’s home) 5. Short shorts have been banned… Unless in a participating in a sporting event that demands shorter shorts. Also no real man should be allowed to pop his
The Line In The Sand
The line is being drawn through my heart. We're conceiving fires through our thoughts. You're just like me, you're just like me... This is everything I've wanted to tell you. I'm still in love with everything about you. ...and I feel the wreckage from everything you do. ...and I'm tired of still waiting... If I told you the truth now, would you still leave and take my heart? ...and I still feel ugly, but you're ugly just like me. If I showed you the truth now, would you still leave, will you ever change? ...but I still feel empty, will I always lose this game? This is everything I've wanted to show you. I'm no longer scared of anything about you. I live through the damage of the heart you took from me. ...and I'm tired of still wanting...
Soaked In Liquor
Drinking games tonight. I'm in a very special place right now, haha. We played circle of kings and got a little more than messed up. Memorable moments: Grenades! The titty dance, and telling a lame roommate that we were ready to have sex with him. I may possibly need to stop drinking. Alcohol tends to be my bandage for everything. Had a bad day? Have a drink! I think it's because while I try to be there for everbody to talk to when they have a bad day, or when they need a pep talk, or when they need to get things off their chest, I don't really have anybody to confide in. It's strange to have the guy you go to with all your problems (and a lot of people do) to turn around and have problems himself. I'm not bragging, or complaining, don't get me wrong. I'm a fixer, I like to get in and get my hands dirty and try to resolve things, it's just ssometimes I need to be fixed too. School starts back Monday, so the dreaded return of the students is soon. Also, I begin classes again. I'm kin
Thank You!
Just Something To Bitch About.....
I never would have thought I would actully hear myself say this but finally it's going to come out. I really don't understand people anymore, Maybe it's just as well. Since my years being on this biosphere which we call earth, I've seen a lot, heard a lot, and also experienced a lot. I never would have thought I would be writing this thought on myspace and fubar. But "O'well", I guess it feels as though I should. Is it me? or has people gotten really screwed up these days? no one has respect or consideration for each outher anymore , people over use the word Drama like it's going out of style.Wake up people the word has lost it's punch. Like the war on terror, I mean what the hell! Example, you simply want to talk to a friend or someone you think would be close to you about a situation you might be going through, or voicing your feelings about something that might be bothering you, and they just turn around and say "i don't want to get involved, it's to much drama" Damn!!! nobody is
Bad November - Track 11 - Choices
Bad November Disclaimer: This is a chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from Choices Do or die/ Sink or Swim/ We face these choices everyday/ Bitch and moan/ Nag and groan/ Don’t blame me when you fail Track 11 - Choices Bewildered doesn’t even being to descr
Orgy Pure
Don't you bring me down Kick me when I'm down Put me away again Every now and then Your bottle spinning my fate As I hold my breath And you say you don't want any part of this now Where did it go so wrong I guess I'm finally finding out It's got me tripping now The little things, everywhere I go It's such a shame Why you held on, so long Why don't you confuse me a little more? Confuse me And I never thought that you Who would believe that I wasn't good enough? Those things I never thought you'd do You got the best of me You got the best of me, when you said you didn't love me anymore And I know, this will be the last time You've got me, running in circles like a freak So why do you try, to kick me when I'm down I'm down, all the way down Put me away again Every now and then Your bottle spinning my fate While I hold my breath Don't sweat the lies that you say I control Confuse me a little more (Confuse me) And I never thought that you Who wo
No Child Should Cry
One day there will come a day, when no child would cry, when all tears would dry, and smiles would appear. Did you ever begin to wonder? What it would be like? If a child didn't have to cry, to feel pain, sorrow, to feel empty? We all grow from learning right from wrong. Why would we hurt a child? Children need love. We, as parents, are taught to provide it. We need to learn to give a child a day of smiles and joy, and the freedom to be a child. Never lay our troubles on them. When a day comes when a child doesn't cry, will be the day the world will become a brighter place. A child lights up the world. We wouldn't need the sun, the moon - we'd have the sunshine, the starlight, of a child's smile. It's all the world really needs, and we can make it happen, If we let a child be what, they want to be. So deep down, remember - a child grows from us. So let's give a child a reason to smile. never a day of tears again. No child should have
Getting Ready To Turn 31...
So I am getting ready to turn 31 next Monday, and I have been doing a lot of preparing, reminiscing, and planning for the future recently. I think that it is interesting that people say that 30 is the new 20. I often find it funny recently, and I've been caught stating that I'm turning 21 again. :) After seriously giving it some thought I think there's a lot of truth to that. I spent the first 30 years of my life trying to figure out myself, what I want out of life, how to be true to myself, and finally figuring out that I'm not as phucked up as people have made me think I am. Thanks to the love and support of my best friend I have learned to love myself, and not settle for less than the utmost respect from everyone else around me. I used to be the type of person who would bottle things up and never voice my feelings to anyone. I was a pushover, a doormat...I let people walk all over me for fear of confrontation or whatever it was. I've had my hair done, gotten some great b
"the Ball."
The Ball The questions stay unasked, while we hide behind our masks And the orchestra strikes up for one more tune I hold you close and then we step the steps we know so well Two faceless strangers waltzing through the room Keeping time we’re doing fine, or so we’d like to think While the others stop to take a rest, or pause to get a drink But still on we dance, we move as one, and never miss a beat Never tripping on your gown or you stepping on my feet We are grace and motion personified, a gentle flowing stream Two glowing stars that shine the brightest, Galilleo’s dream The golden pair, that stand above the guests here at The Ball So synchronized we fail to see the folly of it all True we move, as a summer breeze, that whispers through your hair But there is something not quite right about this couple dancing there The ones that seem to never tire and always keep the pace Still wear the masks and do their best to always shield their face Yes, the steps are
Bitches Who Claim To Be Real
Ok I want to LMFAO at these females on here... who write a whole life story about them and how real they are and how they dont take any bullshuit lol ... ok? GOOD FOR YOU Then... these are the same broads who have the nerv to talk about other females or males. Call them all fake and what not. They talk about how females show skin for attention... etc WE ALL HEARD THAT SAME CRAP I love how alot of men and women get brave online I think its so funny but really pathetic at the same time. So anyways.... But yet when I really check them out... they are claiming to be FU-MARRIED to some guy in another state. LMAO Their is all these silly ass pics of them 2 made. No actual pics of them. lmao that sad. So these females or males who claim to be real but yet so call fall in love with another person in a diff state they never actually met... GET A LIFE. YOU ARE AS FAKE AS THE NEXT PERSON U CALL FAKE.
I paint this mask on, Act the perfect show, It's not all puppy dogs and rainbows, But no one needs to know. My smile works wonders, My oh so perfect charm, It's the only way I can cope, Beneath the self-harm. I'm totally numb to feeling, Don't know what's going on, Stuck in this void of emptiness, Somewhere I don't belong. I'm tired of this story, Always the same old, Although everything seems distant, I can still feel the cold. Sick of explaining myself, And the endless, darkened days, I'm drenched in powerless rage, Something that I can't display. All I want is out, To breathe, to break free, I've tried so god damn hard, To find where I want to be. But I've lost myself, Got knocked off track, I'm treading on thin ice, I can't find my way back. I'm chained to these barriers, Oh, I just want to scream, Because I can't seem to get out, To wake up from this dream.
Usher-trading Places
Now we gonna do this thing a lil different tonight U gonna come over and pick me up in your ride U gon knock and then u gon wait Ooo u gon take me on a date U gon open my door and ima reach over and open yours Gon pay for dinner take me to see a movie And whisper in my ear I bet you really wanna do me Girl now take me home and get up in my bed Pour me up a shot and force me to the bed I'm always on the top tonight I'm on the bottom Coz we trading places When I can't take no more, tell me you aint stopping Coz we trading places Now put it on me baby till I say Ooowe And tell to shut up before the neighbours hear me This is how it feels when you do it like me We trading places Gon get it, get it get it, get it get it, Gon get it, get it get it, get it get it, Gon get it, get it get it, get it get it, We trading places I'll be waking u up to a cup of Folgers Pancakes and eggs I owe ya breakfast in bed oh baby And your orange juice sitting on the coaster Toast on th
We Grow Accustomed To The Dark
We grow accustomed to the Dark When light is put away As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp To witness her Goodbye A Moment We uncertain step For newness of the night Then, fit our Vision to the Dark And meet the Road, erect And so of larger Darkness Those Evenings of the Brai When not a Moon disclose a sign Or Star, come out, within The Bravest, grope a little And sometimes hit a Tree Directly in the Forehead But as they learn to see Either the Darkness alters Or something in the sight Adjusts itself to Midnight And Life steps almost straight - Emily Dickinson
Funny Porno Titles
Funny Porno Names ... Who f*cked Roger Rabbit? C*ck and Ballswrinkled Lara Croft: Womb Raider Seduction of the lambs I Know Who You Did Last Summer. Snatch Adams Bakers Dozen Glazed Anal Princess Diaries Midsummer Night's Cream Men In Back The Sperminator On Golden Blonde Do you know anymore ?
Music I Love (ariya)
For Him
How am I supposed to breathe? I try to relax. I touch your still frame So I can watch you closer And study the ways I believe I belong to you, to you. I scratch at your waist line... your doll hair, I dig up the thought of how your eyes glow. So I make you my religion, my collision, my escape goat. So have I found your secret weak spot, baby? [Chorus] Can you pretend I'm amazing? I can pretend I'm amazing... Instead of what we both know I cut to the punch line baby Can we pretend I'm amazing Instead of what we both know Now our history is for sale And for that I apoligize. You see you're my only know how. The study of when I believed I belonged to you, to you. You see I've made you into something more delicious, My sweet ghost. So have I found your secret weak spot, baby?
Easily To Get Into Orgasm
WHY MEN IS EASILY TO GET INTO ORGASM Is it normal that men is easily get into orgasm? most of the time that we do sex,i am always who comes out first, and I’ afraid that this might be the cause of losing my wife, and i can't afford to lose her. coz i really love her. what should i do? thank you and God bless you and your family! THE ADVISE OF ONE OF PROFESSIONAL.......... Yes. It is very normal that men come quickly. So normal that they have a name for it—premature ejaculation. So normal that so many businesses (mainly fake) have made tons of money trying to sell creams and salves claiming to delay ejaculation (they usually don’t). So normal that two different techniques have been developed in the US (all kosher, above board and effective!) to deal with this problem. The first is (Dr.) Sieman’s STOP START METHOD. The second is (Drs.) MASTERS AND JOHNSONS’ SQUEEZE TECHNIQUE. In addition, if you put any or both phrases on Internet Sex Eng
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Russian Metal
how does it work that Moscow is 19 degs, whil Shitcago is 12? I hate this...
Facts About Teh Un
1. UN peacekeepers have been accused of child rape, sexual abuse or soliciting prostitutes during various peacekeeping missions, starting in 2003, in Congo, Haiti,] Liberia,Sudan, Burundi and Ivory Coast. 2. Oil For Food scandal (look it up) 3. UN "diplomats" are tax free, and guess who is paying for their parking tix, luxuries, rent, etc when they live in NY? Yup, we are.
To Much Time
Racing thoughts in my head.. hard to separate.. what is your reality? is it mine? are you even a part of my reality? walking in the snow, feeling no cold yet unable to breathe.. freezing lungs..the moon lights up the bored.. with life, with reality with everything.. easily amused yet easily bored.. i woke up this morning.. what do i want? what do i need? do i even need anything.. take what i want.. leave you behind.. harmful thoughts ... gotta have it really need it to get by..sugar high
I Hate Dum Ass Ppl..
Auto 11s
toxic angel has auto 11s on plz help her and help yourself by ratin her durin hh ~Toxic Angel®~Co Owner of Rogue Wolf Levelers~@ fubar
My Name Is Addiction.....
I can suck you into my endless trap. I dont come with any rules, not even a road map. I'll take you by suprise, make you tell every one you know lies. I'll take your mind, through twist and turns. You wont even care, how many bridges you burn. I'll bring you down, to what we call ground zero. You'll have nothing to lose, your nobodies hero. I'll leave you with, the look of addiction in your eyes. I'll leave you with, that look of no soul. As I move onto my next victim, the poor unsuspecting fool. My name is ADDICTION..... Written by: Jessica 4/15/07 Written for someone i loved so much to watch them get sucked into addiction was a sight i never want to see again....
How Observant Are You?
Your Observation Skills Get A B Your senses are pretty sharp (okay, most of the time) And it takes something big to distract you! How Observant Are You?
More Salutes.
Okay, phew.... I posted some long over due salutes, but realize I still owe a few.... Witchie, Peace & All That, and Kimbers.... Who else wants one, and I'll try to get on it... muahz all!
Learning To Value My Beliefs....
Inspiration comes in many forms in this world.... this is the result of sitting and chewing the 'fat' with a few others on the Fu tonight. Both pieces have similar messages, the first written nearly 90 yrs ago and the second written only a few years since. It is interesting to see how some things are valued to a soul, no matter when they are considered..........both pieces mean a lot to me and have had some kind of impact on my own values and beliefs in life. Desiderata -- written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s -- Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greate
Wash Away My Story
Within these walls I stand and stare at you I can't seem to speak my mind A fallen angel with no place to hide Seeking refuge in the night I thought I knew you Thought you understood The inner sanctum of my heart If you can't understand me I'll mistrust your love Good intentions Are not always enough Damned if I do Always damned if I don't Can you blame me Am I going crazy Today I'm regretting tomorrow obsessing Please save me I'm going crazy September rain Wash away my story I need to feel sunlight After the rain Stormy weather follows misery So I must spread my wings Take flight Constantly living On the edge lonely This fallen angel still has pride September rain Wash away my story A rainbow of sunlight Caressing my face
Another Birthday
Well another birthday has come and gone, and I don't feel any older or younger just blessed that I am in good health and have good friends and family around to celebrate with me my 38th birthday. My day was simple and uneventful but enjoyed ice cream and lemon merigune pie yum.
Funny Jokes
A blond drops a shirt off at the cleaners the woman clerk says :come again: The blond saids no its toothpaste this time...... A guys zipper is down. A girl says your garge door is open ..he saids did u see my hardley ? she saids no but i did see a mini bike with 2 flat tires.... A guy had a g/f that loved to stroke his balls after sex day he decided to ask her y...she said cuz i miss mine..
Please Watch Prayer's For Bobby Tommrrow Night On The Lifetimechannel
prayers for bobby is a true story about good friend of mine!who recently commeited suicide cuz of his parents rejecting the fact that he is gay.i have known bobby only part of my life but he has touched it.and he will be dearly missed!he was a great's on the lifetime channel at around 8 or 9..i will be watching.i will be posting pics of me and my friend bobby as well.i just have to get his families permision first.
Miles Apart
I wish I could wipe your falling tears away, as you bravely smile through your pain... You see me suffer, then you break down and cry miles apart... In your dreams I softly kiss you, no one can see the pain, that we both feel inside miles apart... You whisper I love you and I whisper to the skies, I love you too When will this pain ever go away even though we are miles apart... To be by your side is a dream I can't deny But I will wish for it to come true. I miss you so badly my heart is breaking as we cry miles apart...
Paying The Piper
Note: This was originally posted on my myspace profile in June of last year (2008) So for the last 20 plus years, I am have smoked on and off, drank like a fish at times, polluted my body with any number of illicit narcotics (but not for over a decade for the record), and had possibly the worst diet in the history of the human species. Tomorrow I get to pay for my sins. A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my Dr. had me undergo a stress test and a nuclear image of my heart. Today I had my consult with the cardiologist and the result is a heart cathertization and likely stents implanted in the arteries around my heart. It's low risk but you know, there will be a tube from my groin in and around my heart. It aint a bed of roses. But the most troubling is the lifestyle change that will follow. I can quit smoking without any problems, and quit drinking for the most part as well. It's the dietary change that scares me. I just don't see it.
The 08' Summer Got No Better.... Sunday August 31st
Note: Originally posted on my myspace profile August of 2008 So the summer got no better after the cath Those who know me personally and know the details of my story, which isn't many by the way. Even my close friends don't know the whole story with me. Such is the life of a recluse. Anyway, those who do know the particulars of my relationship with Scott know the details of the later stages of his life and my relationship with him. I won't elaborate on his last years as it serves no usefull purpose to those who are not aware of it. If your my friend and you ask I would probably fill you in. The relationship wasn't stellar to put it mildly. But he was my brother and as such, his loss made an impact. For those who don't know already, Scott died of renal failure which led to heart failure and he also had a stroke. He was without oxygen for an indeterminate amount of time and even if that had not been a factor in his death, his life would have been without any quality b
stop telling me that your single and you cant find no one because no one wants you you choose to be single because other people dont fit your image people are so damn picky about every single thing about a person any more they forget to look whats in the persons heart and how well they treat that person iam just tire of a few people who shoutbox me it was ok for a bet but damn now its starting to piss me off so stop
A Lost Soul
Things begin to become clearer...The days fade without recognition, my mind becomes blank and my heart hollow. Nothing changes. Will it ever? With every step of happiness comes the fate of knowing the truth. Happiness is only a part of living. Blank expressions throughout the room hault a surprising ending to what could have been. The tears that fall may be of sorrow, but I pick myself, brush off and move forward, nothing more that can be done. With every smile is a lie. With every step forward is a two steps back. How can it be true, when it wasn't real to begin with? Everything happens for reasons that are unknown, but with a faulty heart comes the pain of feeling the eyes upon you knowing the heartache within. You want to explode, but most times you sit and fake it to let everyone think you're fine. My heart may be forever lost, but never forgotten...
Glass Perception
From my window looking in A glass perception Of a world destroyed by sin Look in to find ambition A broken drive And only a glance of recognition. From my window looking in A storm of longing For a place of the good twin Stare down anger And leave your heart in danger From my window looking in A blank memoir Forget life and back then Close the doors to turn away Forget everything you see today From your window looking in.
When all was lost I found you After I had left A love untrue I did not understand That you were here all along It could be meant to be The other was wrong You are nothing like her All that she wouldnt be How could I consider her special When you actually care about me I now care for you too Lost love I will amend You can be my angel My godsend
¢¾sinfully Sweet Addiction¢¾
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Nothing Else Matters
I'm sorry for you, but not sorry for me. I know I'll be in a good place soon. I know God will take care of me. I know he'll love me because no one will ever love me here. It's okay though, I totally understand. Who'd want to love someone like me. I sure wouldn't. My heart feels like a blank page about to be turned. It's always turning, but never any end. Why? I dont know. It'll happen soon, my happiness will soon come, through God only. No one will ever make me happy. I've accepted it for what it is. It's ok, I totally understand. I'm sorry for all the peopel that've known me. I never expected it to end this way. I was such a good person or so I thought. I never expected to hurt anyone. I'll be okay after tonight, everything will be back to normal and I'll be happy once again. Nothing will change my mind, so don't try. My feelings for everything is this.... you were born to die... no point to feeling the pain anymore. The thoughts in my mind hault a suprising ending.... what will I do.
I Wrote This Back In 2006
you come home to find me waiting for you.i take you by the hand and lead you to the shower as i stand there i ask you to trust me as i strip off all of your clothes and turn on the shower to the perfect tempeture i take my robe off and take you into the shower with me.i slowly wash your whole body and as you look at me i can see how very hot and horny you are getting.i then place you back against the wall and drop to my knees between your legs useing my tongue and tongue ring very fast on your clit and make you open your legs wider i keep going more and more pushing you to where you are just about ready to start cumming i then stand up and tell you not here. i take you by the hand with both of us still dripping wet from the shower i lead you to our bed and lay you back i tie you legs down and apart i then tie your hands down and then start back licking and kissing your clit and use my tongue and tongue ring very furiously on your clit and also slideing my tongue deep into you hot and w
Getting Off Of Fubar In 2 Months
The Apple
"This is the best apple I've ever had". He plunged his incisors into a thin red waxy skin, piercing it with a crisp popping sound and letting a stream of sweet juice run down his chin and drip onto his shirt. She looked up and smiled, revealing a perfect row of even ivory teeth. This sent shivers down his spine, and he felt hairs stand on the back of his neck. There was something about that smile that made him uneasy. With semi squinting icy grey eyes unchanged by the smile and transfixed on him in a way a predator might eye its prey, it was primal and cold, almost animalistic. All of a sudden, there was nothing. With a vertigo-like sensation of a failing vestibular system, a blanket of darkness fell over his eyes, immersing him into a complete and perfect nothingness, his brain buzzing with electrical connections going haywire. Unable to be supported by weakened joints, his limp body slowly folded onto the ground.
How To Decorate
hey u all im needin some help on making a lounge well not makin it lol but like decorating it and stuff anyone care to help just let me or boon77222 know and we will be more than glad to have u all help up thank u
Me And You
When I first talked to you I felt like I had known you forever, telling you my problems and what I didn't want ever. You listened to me I bet you thought I'd never end, who would have thought we would be the best of friends. Over a period of time, I got to know the real you. A guy so charming and gentle, with a heart so true. You've survived your life with me by your side. I told you I'd never leave because of the feelings I have inside. There was a time I wanted to explore, what would have happened if I would only open the door. I know you like no one I have ever known, and sometimes I wonder what do I do when we're alone? So I have decided time answers all. If it is meant to be time will remove the wall. Standing between us, holding us back, allowing us to feel It's the relationship that we lack. I love the way we are together, you can always make me smile. Will it ever really be forever? I guess I will have to wait awhile. Time w
How To Bring Love In To Your Life...
Love is a feeling that everybody wants, and more than that, it is a feeling that everybody needs in order to have a good life. Almost every person wants to catch the attention of love and appreciation from others. Question is how can we do this, how can we bring love into our life? There are some secrets related to this subject that the largest majority of people do not know. 1. Make your personality more noticeable Have you seen that people with a strong personality and their own opinions, are surrounded by many people? Maybe you ask yourself why. why a man who tells what he really thinks is so appreciated and loved. Well, because nobody likes pretenders. Try to be as natural as you can and do not be afraid to tell the truth. This way you will know people that like you for what you are and not for what you are pretend to be. 2. Be positive, and stop thinking negative Nobody likes people that have always a negative manner and are pessimistic. A positive thinking will definitely
The World
Somedays I wish the world could go fuck itself. The End
Enneagram V2
This ones longer than the last one, my results were pretty similar, percent wise. I think overall, personally, it was more accurate Main Type Overall Self Take Free Enneagram Personality Test Your main type is which ever behavior you utilize most and/or prefer. Your variant reflects your scoring profile on all nine types: so = social variant (compliant, friendly), sx = sexual variant (assertive, intense), sp = self preservation variant (withdrawn, security seeking) Enneagram Test Results Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||| 55% Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||| 32% Type 3 Image Focus |||||| 28% Type 4 Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||| 51% Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||| 64% Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||||| 75% Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||| 32% Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||| 61% Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||| 48% Your main type is 6 Your variant is self pres Take Free Enneagram Personality Test
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thanks to all my good friends on fu!i couldn't leave you...i was just going through some family issue's.and i still might not be on for a while but i don't want to lose all the wonderful crazy peeps i have met on here!i love you all!...thank you for being wonderful friends...xoxoxoxox
Near To You
He and I had something beautiful But so disfunctional, it couldn't last I loved him so but I let him go 'Cause I knew he'd never love me back Such pain as this Shouldn't have to be experienced I'm still reeling from the loss, Still a little bit delirious Near to you, I am healing But it's taking so long 'Cause though he's gone And you are wonderful It's hard to move on Yet, I'm better near to you. You and I have something different And I'm enjoying it cautiously I'm battle scarred, I am working oh so hard To get back to who I used to be He's disappearing Fading steadily And I'm so close to being yours Won't you stay with me? Please 'Cause near to you, I am healing But it's taking so long 'Cause though he's gone And you are wonderful It's hard to move on Yet, I'm better near to you. I only know that I am Better where you are I only know that I am Better where you are I only know that I belong Where you are Near to you, I am healing Bu
A Short History
The 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army is an elite airborne infantry division and was constituted in the National Army as the 82nd Division on March 5, 1917. It was organized on March 25, 1917 at Camp Gordon, Georgia. Since members of the division came from all 48 states, the unit was given the nickname "All-American." This is the basis for its famed "AA" shoulder patch. Famous soldiers of the division include Sergeant Alvin C. York, General James M. Gavin, and former Chief Dave Bald Eagle (Sitting Bull grandson). Operation Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, the 82nd's 49th Public Affairs Detachment deployed to Afghanistan in October 2001 along with several individual 82nd soldiers who deployed to the Central Command Area of Responsibility to support combat operations. In June 2002, elements of the Division Headquarters and 3rd Brigade deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. In Januar
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Do I Know U Anymore?
You think that I don't feel your pain? Trust me mine is the same. You think that I don't know how u feel? Trust me I know its real. You think that your life is different? I know for a fact they're alike. You think that I don't understand you? I understand you just right. You think that I can't see? My eyes are open wide. You think that it can't be? I know the truth inside. You think that I don't know you? How can I not, your just like me? You think that I can't hear you? I hear every word you say to me. You think that I don't care? I care more then you'll ever know. You think the truth I can't bear? How can I if you don't show? You think I don't know of love? Well of course I do. You think that I don't know this feeling? Yes I do cause I love you.
Matt Hardy Like And Dislikes
Matt has beaten The Undertaker two straight times. Matt Hardy was the Fear Factor Champion. Matt has wrestled in 44 states. Matt was the MVP of the '99 No Mercy Ladder Match. Matt was the longest-lasting Smackdown! superstar in the 2003 Royal Rumble. Matt is the star of the Hardy Boyz book, Exist 2 Inspire. Matt has a valuable Spider-Man comic book collection. Matt is appearing in his fourth Wrestlemania. (during Wrestlemania XIX) Matt loves Mongolian Barbecue. Matt has never locked his keys in his car. Matt thinks sweet potatoes are delicious. Matt usually exceeds the speed limit. Matt is annoyed by snow and ice. Matt defeated Kidman and Rey Mysterio on consecutive pay-per-views. Matt's favorite sushi is freshwater eel Matt loves corduroy clothing. Matt digs tortilla soup. Matt thinks he is a sexy beast. Matt thinks that text messaging is very efficient. Matt is a huge fan of Arizona. Matt always pays cash
Cassie Eats Cockroaches
I feel the wetness of her tongue that slides across my skin the viruses crawl over me and feel for some way in cassie loves to swallow this bleeding will not stop I left cassie hollow cut you with my cock cassie likes it in her hand cassie's dead inside
More creaks and sparks, and the density of the room increases with a single breath. A stong exhale could ruin it all. But as always with the heat, rendering the hinges on the door between us useless and a gust blows the door open, I catch sight of you, I gasp, the sharp draw sends the walls around us into oblivion, you and I left, and suddenly I couldnt stay angry , and couldnt ask my question. The love I have for you fiiling my chest and I can only stand the thought of letting you go. I dont know if you will walk away,but it doesnt matter, your gift to me proof, blistering away every thing else except us. Your head bowed, I feel a tug at my core, and my feet leave the ground, my thoughts quelled as I am lifted higher, and watch your arms open...
Valentine's Day!
I Can Cry
Can you not see me? My eyes are filled with tears Can you not hear me? Iv been crying all these years I guess I've hidden it inside Pushed it as deep as it can go I guess I'm a pretty good actress And never let it show I'm afraid they see me weak For just a single moment of the day I'm afraid they see the little boy Not the asshole that's tough in every single way Only a select few have ever seen at my worst Very few people have ever seen me cry I apologize to those They are not your problems, but mine But as strong as I look I have so many fears And as tough as I seem I've shed too many tears.
Lost In Thought
Sitting here in the depths of my Vancant room. So Quiet You could hear a pin drop. But it doesn't seem quiet, As a thousand thoughts seem to race through my head. All at once. Like a swarm of flies on a dead carcass. It's almost impossible to pick out a single thought. So hard to concentrate. My head starts to ache from the ongoing commotion. I lay back on my bed and fall asleep. Peace at last! But it is short-lived. I wake and sit-up, Once again in the depths of my Vancant room.
For Dad
I feel so alone even in a room full of people I feel as if I am screaming for help But nobody can hear me Can you hear the tears Do you even see me cry Holding onto memories of yesterday Reaching out for you Calling your name And still you don't come I wonder can you hear me in Heaven It feels as if my heart is splintered With shards of glass so tiny that I'll never find all the parts to heal I remember when I was 7 and told you how much I hated you I remember seeing you cry I remember you packing everything I remember all the fights you had with mom I remember you taking my brothers And whileI cried and begged to go with you You just put 40 bucks on the table And walked away from me I remember having to wait tables at a truck stop so Mom could make ends meet I wanted to hate you for all the times you weren't around But now that you are no longer here All I want is to hear your voice All I want is to see you walk through the door one more time God what I'd
Regrets Of Things Left Unsaid...
Memories running through my head Regrets of things left unsaid I let you in thinking you would be different but when it comes to lying and deceiving you were the best you destroyed everything that was good in me and left the rest I've tried but I can't forget the past I see now that you never intended for us to last I hate the way you look at me pissed off that I knew from the beginning what this would be It's over now, my last tear will fall My heart is broken, wounds left bleeding raw Memories running through my head Regrets of things left unsaid Please tell me Who the fuck did you want me to be Because here I am, this is me left with no hope, stuck in this recurring tragedy Memories running through my head Regrets of things left unsaid you left me like this and I have never felt so dead
Life The Way I See It
got this from t-shirt hell but seems to apply to so much more than just t-shirts (In response to a select group of assholes and their self righteous reaction to us going out of business) I would like to say something to all the idiots who think we've poisoned society. And I'm not talking about the religious nuts or the militant [whining minority here]. I'm talking about this new wave of douches comprised primarily of twenty- and thirty- something white people who feel like they have to defend the little guy, despite the fact that in 2009 the little guy no longer exists, and if he does he isn't even aware there's a fight going on. The obvious response to these people would be to say they have no sense of humor, basically because it's the truth. But too many people think sense of humor means what you do and don't laugh at. If you look up the definition that may be what it is. But to me sense of humor means you don't take things so seriously. It doesn't
Nancy Palosi Is An Idiot
PELOSI: The package is going too fast and maybe it won't be ready by the President's Day recess. PELOSI: Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.
Joke Blog
A woman comes home and finds her hubby in bed wih a female midget. furious, she screams "you promised u wouldn't cheat on me again!" the hubby says "ffs love cant u see im tryin to cut down?" ************** Paddy says to mick "can u help me with this jigsaw, it's meant to be a tiger." mick says "put the fcukin frosties back in the box u thick bastard!" ************** Believe it or not, Woman has man in it. Mrs has Mr in it. Female has male in it. She has he in it. Madam has Adam in it. No wonder men always want to b inside a women! Me are born between the legs of a woman, yet men spend all their life tryin to go back between the legs of a woman! Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!! But notice how all womens problems start with men? MENtal illness, MENstrual cramps, MENtal breakdown, MENopause, GUYnecologist and....when we have REAL trouble its a HISterectomy!! LOL ************** Blonde wife paintin house, husband
In A Touch
Kiss me and know As your lips brush mine That you are touching a thousand summer days four hundred winter nights sleepless and cold the sand from the farthest star and the earth beneath our feet the music of the first one who sung the faith of the first one who prayed the magic of the first one who dared to be something more to go farther to search deeper the dreams of many scattered through the skies moondust and star-stuff hope joy and love circulating through the universe contained within a single drop of dew.
Tee-ball Or Coach Pitch
Dad's out there need some help, my son played Tee-ball last year he hits well and fields the ball well but still needs some work the throws to the plate. He can play Tee-ball one more year or move up to coach pitch?
Would You Like Them Here Or There?
Sarah’s bedtime story last night was Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham”. For those who don’t know the plot, Sam is in and out of another character’s life to urge him to try green eggs and ham. For me, something about the color green would turn me off, but after several improbable travels to a house with a mouse and a fox in a box and a goat in a car and then on a boat, the unnamed co-narrator tries green eggs and ham and finds he likes them a lot! Or he was hungry and wanted Sam-I-am to shut up … that reads like the cynic’s version, but the book itself is so short (even shorter than “The Cat in the Hat”, Sarah’s favorite in the Seuss collection we have) the adult in me is wanting to not cheer up sometimes. Not that adults or “grups” are all bad; someone does need to drive the cars and operate the machinery and spend the money. No, THEY can do the last one! Last night for my wife’s birthday we all went out to dinner at Up The Creek, a local bar and grill Martha and I usually go to
Do My Bidding!
I just received a rather rude reply on a forum I post at on a regular basis. This loser was such a fucking coward he deleted the message after it was posted as to make sure I received it but not get into any shit himself. Um yeah I forwarded the email I received containing the message to the board administrator and I will share it with you guys as well. I also have his profile from the forum, which is located here: And also his msn and yahoo information for you all to let him know just HOW BIG of a piece of cowardice shit he truly is! Send a message via MSN to badsmed 2.0 Send a message via Yahoo to badsmed 2.0 badsmed2 Dear UndressJess, badsmed 2.0 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - KrissysKitty && TashasTemptations "ROADSIDE FLASHING" - in the Model Post forum of The Official Teen Planet Board!. This thread is located at:
My Deployment
As everyone knows I am getting ready to go back to Iraq on my 4th Deployment over there. Just so everyone knows, I will get back on here as soon as I can after I get over there. I wish everyone all the luck and everything else after I am gone. I should be back around October/November time frame....... To all my friends and family here on Fu-Bar: I love you all and I will miss you for the time that I am gone. I know that I won't get to sit all night up with all of you for awhile, but I will be coming around when I can get net over there. To Kristi: I love you with all my heart and soul my wonderful and beautiful wife. I know that times are going to be rough the rest of the year as you sit back here going through a pregnancy that I will not be able to be by your side as you go through. I may not physically, but I will be there every step of the way with you, holding your hand even if you can not see me. I wish more than anything that I could stay back and be by your side ev
Show Me & My Sexi Sister All The Love Possible Thank You
Do you know that you can own your very own 2nd Alarm Hottie for Valentine's day? This Valentine's day you get the chance to own a hottie. All members, including Officers, will be up for auction. The auction will be held on the 2nd alarm hotties homepage, It will run from Feb 7th thru the 13th These gorgeous women arent cheap, of course. Minimum bid is 100k and they are worth every penny. So start saving your bucks and prepare for the auctioning of the hottest girls on fubar!! Cash prizes are also encouraged (VIPs, blasts, bling packs, etc.) Here's a sneak peak of some of the gorgeous ladies you will have the chance to own!
It`s Not Fair
Th petals of th rose weep when in compare of th sweet how much u compare do I dare to tell u th competition is not fair you radiate with such flair th lonely rose does weep... dreaming of things in th air let me touch them w/ much care take th rose w/ you in its` despair share th beauty that two make... everlasting never late dreaming of things in th air is not fair let me hav u in my lair take me to places at th fair when i c one so rare come to me at th sea when th sun meets me please horizons awash oh my gosh do u know; it wont b lost... dreaming things in th air... one so fair oh my gosh its not there only dreams in th air... I weep
Dave Matthews Band - Say Goodbye
So here we are tonight, you and me together The storm outside, the fire is bright And in your eyes I see what's on my mind You've got me wild turned around inside And then desire, see, is creeping up heavy inside here And know you feel the same way I do now Now let's make this an evening Lovers for a night, lovers for tonight Stay here with me, love, tonight just for an evening When we make our passion pictures You and me twist up secret creatures And we'll stay here Tomorrow go back to being friends Go back to being friends But tonight let's be lovers, We kiss and sweat We'll turn this better thing to the best Of all we can offer, Just a rogue kiss Tangled tongues and lips, See me this way I'm turning and turning for you Girl, just tonight Float away here with me An evening just wait and see But tomorrow go back to your man I'm back to my world And we're back to being friends Wait and see me, Tonight let's do this thing All we are is wasting hou
Losing Friends Way Too Soon!!
"I love you guys, see you later" These where the last words that my friend Ricky ever said to me one year ago. noone knew that he was so sad and noone knew that it would be the last time we would see his smiling face. he didn't ever act like anything was bothering him. and then i got the call. " Kimi he's gone, he took his life" he was not even in this world good and he made his exit. "meet me halfway, i'll start walkin'now" these are the last words that my dear friend Jeanette said to her daughter. and she started walking to meet her daughter who had been playing with a friend up the street. she walked all the way and ask could she sit down she fell down and never got up again. she passed away friday. she was only 45 years old. I have so many questions. and i can't understand why they had to leave. I know they had no control over this. either health or emotional pressures caused them to exit this world. and i am so damn angry and i want to know why!!!!!! it seems like i am losi
My Hubby And The Big Boom
Please Pray for my Husband Karl as he was hurt very badly in an Explosion Today .... Right now he's ok but that can change in a moment! I love him so very much !! and I'm worried so Please I beg Pray for his healing!! Thanks Christa
Well Fuck It
aside from the girls whoring themselves out.. which is getting kinda annoying i mean ok you want attention but have a little class about it at least... nothing wrong with nudity even from the ones i'd rather gouge my eyes out then see naked but don't sell yourself like a prositute for attention... no matter what you look like that is very unflattering this site also offers the fine services of bouncers who are more worried about me posting a pic of a girl in panties then a woman calling a porn star's 2 year old daughter an ugly whore or something along those lines... i think everyone on here needs to get their priorities in check... or be feed a bullet cause as with what i have seen most of you would be better left out of the genepool... rant over that is all go back to whatever it is you were doing
I'm Timeless
I stand With my arms open Facing the sky Deafened by the silence Of the screaming inside I am timeless Force from the sky I am your calling With arms open wide With nothing to fear Voices are calling Everything's clear Looking all around me I see what has gone before Blinded by the future By the visions inside I am timeless Force from the sky I am your calling With arms open wide With nothing to fear Voices are calling Everything's clear Now that I'm timeless.....
Left where you stand. In the darkness. No one to save you. No one to show you a path out. . Appearing from the depths. Amidst the shadows of obscurity. Comes another. . Reaching out to you. Feeling the essence of their spirit. It surrounds you. Consuming your soul completely. . As you are overcome by their presence. Capturing a futile risk. There’s nothing left to mislay. . Submitting your smoldering heart. Every preceding piece of your being, given. It’s a last attempt at life. A last attempt at love. A feeling you’ve longed for your whole existence. . You had given up. . Until this solitary moment. When another has appeared from the darkness. . They stay with you in the night. Hold you close. Refusing to let up. Refusing to give up. . There they stand. Watching over you. Guiding you with their luminosity. . They show you the way. Pushing your poignant past away. Grasping your future. Bringing their love to the forefront. . With their hope,
All I wanted was to hear you say that you loved me and wouldn't sway but your words came from far away to remind me I'll be alone today All I wanted was to see you All I wanted was to be with you All I needed was to reach you I had all I needed to complete you But holding your heart I'll be strong humming the bars of the same old song it feels so good it can't be wrong But every day now seems so long I want to hold you so I can say I can feel your touch every day It's a strange caress from ghostly hands scratching my skin like grains of sand I don't know what I would do if you were here except whisper to you my dear that for you I would gladly die and carry your words to where I lie But I'm left longing for the kiss from the guy who's touch I miss If I could I'd take your hand and walk you through the shadow land and when we came through the other side I'd make a spot for you to hide and there on the edge of darkness we'd complete the circle that was meant to
No matter the friends I keep It's always alone I sleep No matter the people with whom I talk It's alone I shall be forced to walk When night drops cold across the land and I'm searching for someone's hand I know that none shall be found for their distance does abound With time I've grown so cold I've slipped beyond the edge of my fold and in darkened corner I shall face the night distanced from this evil fight alone alone forever alone
Everything in my life has brought me to this one day and today is all i have to live for a lifetime of everything.
Not much to say today. Gonna get a shower here soon, run to Wal-Mart, sell this damn Blackberry Curve, and hopefully get high somewhere in there! Lol. Love me.
So Far
Ok so why is it that we fall in love with the ones we cant be with right now. We always have to be so far apart but yet we are so close. The one I love is so far but yet there are times it feels like he is right next to me. We have a beautiful little boy who is gonna meet his daddy for the first time and it seems like the time is not comin soon enough. If u can pls help me figure out why we do this to ur selves.
Unknown Love And Destiny Pt 9
She turn as best she could in her seat and gasped. The house was gone nothing but flames. She looked at him. "You blew up the house." Looking back. "I had to" was all he said, he knew that place was special to both of them. Especially her. He only hoped she wouldn't hate him for it. "But...Everything is gone. Damn you. Why?" Giving him a nasty glare. He didn't say anything, he slowed down so as not to attract to much attention. Facing forward, she folded her arms and pouted. Had she known she would have taken the pictures and some other things. Now it all ash. Glancing at him. She really didn't know him. she knew the geek not this person. They maybe the same but they were also very different. Sighing. "Alright, fine. It was a safety thing, right?" "Yes" he could easily tell that she was very upset with him. It broke his heart. She was angry, but then again she really didn't have a clue about this new world or for that matter what was really going on. She couldn't
Not Online Much
hey just checking in, I don't have internet at home so I am not online much, i do use yahoo on my phone so if you want to chat get a hold of me on yahoo, my id is slappy_aka_dave
Mall Conquest Pt2
“He is certainly a hunk.” “I agree.” “Would you like to practice fucking him?” “Yes!” In unison. “Both of you, get naked.” They quickly undressed. They both had thongs and front hooking bras. They were both glistening in the crotch and putting off a musky odor. “Arlene, roll him on his back.” With some effort, she did. “Hold his pole and mount it, facing him. Do it slowly, so you won’t injure yourself.” She stood over him and held his enormous cock in her right hand, swung her leg over his large body and got herself in position to mount him. She slowly impaled herself on him. Very slowly. “How does it feel?” “Very filling. I feel like I am going to break. It feels like my vagina is on fire.” She was half way down his pole while Magen and I watched. Slowly, slowly she lowered herself. Finally she was sitting on him. “It feels like he is extending into my stomach. I’m getting feelings I didn’t think were possible. I think I’m going to come. Oh, dear, oh, dear!”
.puff Puff Pass.
Today is a good day so far I'm happy Going to see Friday the 13th later Gettin my stuff Yay yay yay yay Had a few places call be today about jobs. One being Indiana Live Casino. Going to interview with them Monday I'll be a Cage Cashier, cash in your chips to me lol TXT ME!
I Believe
I believe ~ that we don't have to change friends if we understand
that friends change. 

I believe ~ that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to
hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. 

I believe - ...that true friendship continues to grow, even over the
longest distance. Same goes for true love. 

I believe ~ that you can do something in an instant that will give
you heartache for life. 

I believe ~ that it's taking me a long time to become the person I
want to be. 

I believe - ...that you should always leave loved ones with loving
words. It may be the last time you see them. 

I believe - ...that you can keep going long after you think you can't.

I believe ~ that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we

I believe ~ that either you control your attitude or it controls
True Love
rue Love It was on a Van Gogh's moon Where paper dragons held all your darkest secrets. I took your hand and followed you to the promise land. Beyond the walls of past loves is where I tumbled and rolled right into your soul. It was under a tangerine sun Where satin swans reflected all your inner beauty. I swore this love to never come undone and to hold you till death. Behind hazel eyes in the valley of the mind is where I love to play in your dreams of a true love.
Use The Worldmind Against The Enigma Force -- And Spartak Will Die!
That line from the Micronauts comic book Marvel Comics published in the 1980s sprang to mind last week, and I’ve been waiting to use it. It’s practically a science fiction version of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object; in context, one of the hero characters is using the semi-sentient energy of his planet’s biosphere (as the king of his people the Acroyears, he can do that) to fight against and defeat the main villain Baron Karza who stole the power of the Enigma Force, the fully sentient primal force binding the other-dimensional Microverse … boy, writing that is a headache for me! But I first read it entering my teen years, so it’s more the action that got me than the metaphysics. On that subject, some of my reading lately has been part head-scratching and part self-revealing, namely because I’m finding myself liking work I thought I wouldn’t at first and vice versa. Besides my daily Bible readings and more frequent writings in my journal, I have found myself in
Masters Valentine~
Terese shivered. In the middle of her living room, she stood nude, except for the cuff that adorned one wrist. When Master arrived, He would fasten the other, trapping Terese's hands behind her back. That was where He liked them, except when He allowed her to stroke His cock. Where was He? It had been two hours since He'd called and directed Terese to prepare for him. Two hours of standing, because He'd told her to be on her feet when He arrived; of freezing because He'd told her to be nude. It was what Master wanted, and what He wanted, Terese wanted. Since the day they'd met, after weeks of chatting online, Terese had wanted nothing more than to please Master. She only hoped He was truly pleased with her. It was Valentine's Day. In the past, if Terese had been seeing someone, she would have counted on romantic cards and flowers, maybe a dinner date. If she'd liked the guy, she would have told him. But with Master, things were different. Terese was never sure what He had in mind
.people Are Stupid.
You know, I just fucking can't stand people. Dumbass bitches and hoes. Why start shit with someone online?! It's so pointless and it's not going to get you anywhere. It's the internet get over yourself. If all you have to do is worry about what other people are doing then you need a life. Seriously. Don't worry about me and my business, worry about yourself. If you don't want someone looking at your fucking profile, don't have one. Or find a way to make it fucking private. I'll be goddamned if someone is going to tell me what I can and can't do. ESPECIALLY ONLINE. This is one quick way to make me your enemy, be stupid and fly off at dumb shit. Grow up. Thanks.
Redneck Princess
Ok friends this wonderful woman just lost someone very close to her heart, her younger brother was in a car accident on February 14, 2009. As you can tell they were very close and loved each other very much.This woman needs her friends to be here for her in this horrible time of need. Lets stop by her page and show her love and let her know that our thoughts and prayers are with her. Řэđחә¢ķþ®ïח©ә$$*CoOwner of Ice*BDL Crew*FuWife&RL fianc@ fubar Brought to you by Meg and her Hubby Mad, our hearts are with you Lindsey!! (repost of original by 'Meg~ I'm just me~' on '2009-02-15 19:11:39') (repost of original by 'MÃĐ ~Owner of ICE~BDL Crew~fu-hubby & r/l fiance 2 Řэđחә¢ķþ®' on '2009-02-15 19:14:28')
The Noose
So glad to see you well overcome them Completely silent now With heaven's help You cast your demons out And not to pull your halo down Around your neck and tug you off your cloud But I'm more than just a little curious How you're planning to go about Making your amends to the dead To the dead Recall the deeds as if They're all someone else's Atrocious stories Now you stand reborn before us all So glad to see you well And not to pull your halo down Around your neck and tug you to the ground But I'm more than just a little curious How you're planning to go about Making your amends to the dead To the dead With your halo slipping down Your halo slipping Your halo slipping down Your halo slipping down Your halo slipping down [repeated] Your halo slipping down to choke you now
Virginal white Soft, newly fallen Unmarked Deep Inviting Pure So seductive I must stand in it Make prints with my boots I couldn't Not do it
My Three Wishes
My Three Wishes If I happened upon a lamp With a Genie hidden away inside As soon as the Genie was released I would speak my wishes for the Genie to abide My First wish would be for My Heart For I long for her touch once again To have her blood course though me Two become one heart and begin My Second Wish would be for My Angel That I could be her wings in flight As we fly in the Warm sun by day And land gently in each others arm at night My Third Wish would be for My Love That we would be always hand in hand That I would be her smile always That side by side we would stand Yes all three wishes are for one woman She is My Heart My Angel My Love She is the smile on my lips She is the woman I am always dreaming of I know some men would wish For fortune or fame or to rule as a King To live forever or have some kind of power Wasted wishes on material things I would rather have My One Special Gift The One who truly owns my heart She is most important and preciou
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do
Wanna tell you about the girl I love My she looks so fine She's the only one that I been dreamin' of Maybe someday she will be all mine I wanna tell her that I love her so I thrill with her every touch I need to tell her she's the only one I really love I got a woman, wanna ball all day I got a woman, she won't be true, no I got a woman, stay drunk all the time I said I got a little woman and she won't be true Sunday morning when we go down to church See the menfolk standin' in line I said they come to pray to the Lord With my little girl, looks so fine In the evening when the sun is sinkin' low Everybody's with the one they love I walk the town, Keep a-searchin' all around Lookin' for my street corner girl I got a woman, wanna ball all day I got a woman, she won't be true, no no I got a woman, stay drunk all the time I said I got a little woman and she won't be true In the bars, with the men who play guitars Singin', drinkin' and rememberin' the times
I Like This One
Natures Beauties The stench of beauty Popping up around you with every step Fragile as glass Damp android but then vibrant with colors. Warmth and illuminating light Sweet and sour is present everywhere Silky mixed with smooth Booming, cracking, and zapping Happy, cheerful, and unforgiving Unpredictable they are These are natures beauties.
I am pretty new to all of this i am learning but very slowly.I was wondering if there is anyone willing to help me lvl up,get bling,get fu money,etc....If you are willing to help you know where I am.....
Bitches need to fucking keep thier comments to thier selves!!!!!!!!!!!!!I dont go writing rude fucking shit about you as my display messege or in ur shoutbox! who fucken cares if you think what i say is pointless,You are fucking ugly!kiss my fucking ass you ugly whore!
Stripper Poem Lol
Stripping When I take it off I feel so free I love that everyone is watching me. It feels so good to be this way I enjoy doing this everyday. I do it for money, I do it for me, This kind of work unleashes me. Oh how I feel so free I get pleasure from doing this Nothing I have done could ever best it. I am better then the rest in my line of work A stripper I am come take a look
Ah Love
Love lasts a life time When we were young you and I We had our fun When we got older in our teens Our love for each other grew We went for a drive one fine summer day Cars flew by as we were acting gay. It was a day to remember, But not in the good way. As we were driving along having a merry old time Around the corner comes a car It is driving right at us I don’t know what to do As the cars collided all I could think was take me lord and keep you safe. When the paramedics arrived I was barely alive When I looked for you my heart sank You were dead, Taken from me in the blink of an eye ever since then I have had many loves But none of them I felt I loved more then you Now that I am old waiting to die alone on my porch Sitting in my chair watching the sunset like we once had I have long awaited this day For I know I am about to die But when I am dead I will see you again And loving you has brought me to a happy end Our love lasts a life time.
Getting Rid Of My Fu Bucks
I am going to leave this site for a while and am wanting to give my FU bucks to someone. Tell me what you will do for my FU bucks and you might get them for your account.
Like being stuck on a train track and the train's coming. And there's not a damn thing you can do.
Vivid Reality..or Smoke And Mirrors..hmm
Ok, I had this dream last night and was compelled to write about it...interesting this, dark and mysterious as much of my thought process goes. My heartache hangs in a trouble sky. Clouds join the chorus of lightening thrashing down, and the thunders raging sound. Seas rise as does my anxiety of finding out the truth. I'm afraid that when I do the waves will come crashing down, drowning me in sorrow. Oh, what peaceful morning brings. Bright birds happily singing, perched on dew kissed trees. Though the sun shines, with it brings shadows. Looming within each are pain and fear waiting to bestow themselves upon me once again. Pain has haunted my dreams. Nightmares are pleasant in comparison to the reality I have created for myself. In this fate, when does it end? Will I wake someday to find happiness or serinity? I have determined under no preconceptions that I live only under the means I survive by, but is survival the only key...
The End Of The Raven
The End of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe's Cat On a night quite unenchanting, when the rain was downward slanting, I awakened to the ranting of the man I catch mice for. Tipsy and a bit unshaven, in a tone I found quite craven, Poe was talking to a Raven perched above the chamber door. "Raven's very tasty," thought I, as I tiptoed o'er the floor, "There is nothing I like more." Soft upon the rug I treaded, calm and careful as I headed Towards his roost atop that dreaded bust of Pallas I deplore. While the bard and birdie chattered, I made sure that nothing clattered, Creaked, or snapped, or fell, or shattered, as I crossed the corridor; For his house is crammed with trinkets, curios and weird decor - Bric-a-brac and junk galore. Still the Raven never fluttered, standing stock-still as he uttered, In a voice that shrieked and sputtered, his two cents' worth - "Nevermore." While this dirge the birdbrain kept up, oh, so silently I c
Pouring Rain
Pouring Rain Left like a child on the doorstep Of and abandoned home In the darkness of the night In this basket all alone The thunder clapping hard The gale unrelenting and violent A note pinned to my blanket Was a blank piece of parchment This is how I was left by you Like a thief in the night you disappeared Now my dreams are plagued By all of the worst I have feared You pursued what you wanted That pursuit led you far away Now I stare at the blank spot in my bed I have become a miserable pathetic display I long to feel your touch again That kiss that drenches my soul Feel your skin pressed to mine But this emptiness is taking it’s toll As I turn to cold hard stone Unable to bear all of this pain I can no longer see through the hopelessness As I am batter by The Pouring Rain
NOTE: DO NOT EFFING READ THIS IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY FANTASY. IT IS A DEPICTION OF A FANTASY. IT IS -NOT MY- FANTASY-, BUT SOMEONE ELSE'S. IF YOU KEEP READING AND YOU BITCH IN THE COMMENTS ABOUT IT BEING OMGWRONG, I WILL STAB YOU IN THE FACE WITH A NARWHAL FOR NOT READING THESE BIG FUCKING BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS UP HERE FIRST. Yes, I left a gap before starting. Anyway, this was someone else's fantasy. The actual story itself MAY be based on reality. It may not be. I'm not telling. ----------- Forbidden Darkness is the deepest kind of blanket. A shroud in which to luxuriate. Flesh in darkness feels more complete. It does now. The warmth of it on her is intoxicating, the soft rustle of sheets as nothing compared to skin. Smooth, soft, yielding to the touch. Growling in her ear makes shivers roll down her spine; sound, too, is richer in the dark. Teeth at her ear make her curl from the inside out, gasping. It had been a sudd
Holy Fuck...tagged. O_o
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have dreams about zombies on a regular basis. I have yet to ask a therapist about this because I'm a cheap ass. 2. The only real friends I have are online, my job is essentially a very social one, but again is online and yet I have poor social skills in the real world and not trying to improve them really. 3. I can only smoke a cigarette with my left hand. To do it with the right makes me feel odd and kills the joy of even smoking one. 4. I drink soda & energy drinks more than I drink water or juice. 5. When I'm old, fucked up, and sagging I want to be an art teacher for 1st graders. 6. I've almost broken m
Have you ever noticed that you never know how you will be treated till you try to get to know people. I try my best to move up in the ranks being a new guy here. I do not disrespect any one. I would not try to take someone away from someone else. I am just trying to make friends. I know that I have tried to make fans and friends from a lot of women here. I am no player. I have maybe at most 3 people out of the list of people that have accepted my fan or friends request, that actually talk to me. And Kudos and hugs to you. I have those same people bought me drinks and gifts, which I have returned the favor to. Kudos to you again! Now I might just be spouting off at the mouth, but this is reality. Whether it is me or someone else on here, I know I am not alone. So to my true friends.....Hugs and love back at you. Those who really do not care... I am so sorry. Maybe you should show some kindness where kindness is due. This is a tough world to try to fit in and no one makes it easy for us.
Hope You're Proud Of Yourself
I hope you are proud of yourself, you have fooled another girl. Giving her that nice guy impression, and creating hope in her world. The second she laid eyes on you, and saw those beautiful eyes. A rush filled up inside of her, unknowing they were just full of lies. She stared at you while you stared at her, nothing else in the room mattered. Both standing there with surprise and intrigue, only for it to be eventually shattered. As time went on her infatuation grew, and her feelings for you became stronger. It came to the point where she was under your spell, she could resist temptation no longer. But as you created hope you easily took it away, I guess she should have known from the start. But not only did you take that hope, you also took her heart. You don't deserve that heart of hers, although she was so easy to attract. You're not the person she thought you were, so now she wants it back. How could you lead her on like this, this poor girl fell
Isn't It Funny. . .
some ppl say you're really important to them... yet you are really low on their fam list... hmm funny... when someone is important to me they are higher up on my family and my friends list... guess i'm just weird...
I Want You
You can tell with the kiss. I kiss you hard, and pull you close. You know right away I wanna fuck. My tongue enters you as my hands run over your ass, sliding down your skirt. I suck on your bottom lip rubbin my cock against your thigh. Your skirt and panties are on the floor and my hands pull your cheeks open playing with your ass and soaked pussy. There’s nothing playful, everything is hard and forceful. I give your ass a good hard slap then rub it in. I tear your shirt off you to get to your tits, you quickly remove your bra to keep it from being the next casualty. I take your tit in my mouth like a starving man. Suction and spit swirl around your aching nipple. Cum drips out of my cock and dribbles on your hip. I push you down to your knees and put place it in your mouth. You suck me wildly driving me crazy. You can taste the cum heavy in your mouth. You take it out, im covered with your spit, and you jerk on my cock. Pulling it back to your mouth you tongue the tip
Booze Versus Water
To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine...and those who don't. As Ben Franklin said: In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria. In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstratedthat if we drink 1 litre of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. coli) - bacteria found in faeces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop. However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer (or tequila, rum, whiskey or other liquor) because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting. Remember: Water = Poop, Wine = Health Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid, than to drink water and be full of shit. There is no need to thank me for this valuable information. I'm doing it as a public service! Have a wonderful day!
The Raven The raven knows all He sees, feels, and hears all. He knows where you are Where you live and what you do. When you sleep he is watching, When you wake he is there. He knows when you started, He knows when you end. When you sin he takes note When you wrong, remember he does. When your time ends, he will be there. He is your end. He is death
"Pandora opened a box releasing all the evils of mankind, and when she shut it only hope was left inside." I guess when we're born we all open that box, because nothing can protect us from ourselves. Lustful moments, greed and selfishness. turn once, turn twice, turn back. i dont know why everything changes while your in the middle of something. forever is a long time to live under the hate and greed of others. the watchful eye of the gods will not turn blind eyes forever. Pandora, the first woman, made this choice but was it a mistake? what if her intention was to release hope? saddly, thats not the way it turned out. we live in this world thanks to the weaker kind, steping on eachother to get what we selfishly want. put just one curse upon your soul back into the box, and lock it away. when the world chages to accept everybody we will truely suceed being human, and truely show why we were put here. Pandora is out there waiting to shut everything back away in
Random Thoughts
why does a smile look so out of place is it the touch of gray in the hair on my face meditations take me to the stars in the skies never as high as her smile or the twinkle in her eyes
I can still feel the sting of the sand burning in the corner of my eyes. The smell of the salty sweat pouring from my skin. The night has labored on like it was a millions years. I can barely see the horizon as the sun begins to rise. I can hear what sounds like thunder comming closer to me. It would be a great relief to have some water. But nothing will drown away the parched feeling I have. its hard to believe that was so long ago, as I remember every smell, every sight, every sound like it just happend. SO today many years later. I do not morn the passing of SSGT MCneely, SGT Spencer. I just remember them and the dedication they took with them to the grave. For the love of God and country. I honor you everyday when I put on my uniform and try to make you proud.
My Younger Brother Vs. David Jordan 2(b)
Sun, 2/22/09, David Jordan: I have proved it by the sheer volumes of proof not in one article but the various ones from all directions. None of you're articles prove too me that 'Earth is the center of the universe'. It is you're opinion, that you haven't backed up. Sun, 2/22/09, David Jordan: Like prophecy it is the the preponderance of proofs rather than just one. you haven't given preponderance for Earth being the center of the universe. Sun, 2/22/09, David Jordan: Noah Ark and history design you have to evade, because from several directions it shows mathematical design not chance. I haven't evaded Noah's Ark and history 'design', I said nothing about any of those having anything to do with 'chance'. Sun, 2/22/09, David Jordan: Woman's cycle you have to evade because it is too conclusive. I haven't evaded it because it's 'too conclusive', I haven't evaded it at all. Sun, 2/22/09, David Jordan: Day's second before flood you have to omit
Smart Ass
If I want your opinion, I’ll ask you to fill out the necessary form. He who laughs last probably doesn’t understand the joke She’s wound up tighter than the girdle of a baptist minister’s wife at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. My sister is soooooo ugly, we had to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dogs to play her. You may be a redneck if . . . you have spent more on your pickup truck than on your education. He fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down He’s so stupid, he couldn’t find his ass with both hands.
Threesome Blog
subject: Threesome Blog post date: 2009-02-27 17:50:11 views: 2 comments: 0 ratings: 0 Now here's what your supposed to do....and please do not spoil the fun..Start a new note,delete my answers and put in your own.Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn alot of little known things about each other. Three names I go by. 1) Jerald 2) Lacy 3) romper(callsign when I was flying for the navy) Three jobs I have had in my life. 1)Fighter Pilot 2)Bartender(while in college) 3)McDonald's manager(while in college) Three places I have lived. 1) Japan 2) Italy 3) Virgina Three TV shows I watch. 1) Dirty Jobs 2) Sanford and Son(reruns) 3) The Jeffersons(reruns) Three places I have been. 1)Asia/South Pacific 2)Middle East/Africa 3)South America Three people that e-mail be regularly. Three of my Favorite foods. 1)BBQ 2)Sushi 3)Italian Three things I would like to do. 1)Drive a F-1 car at the Long Beach Gra
What Makes A Tiger Tick
Now here's what your supposed to do....and please do not spoil the fun..Start a new note,delete my answers and put in your own.Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn alot of little known things about each other. Three names I go by. 1) Scott 2) Tiger 3) Hey You Three jobs I have had in my life. 1)Security Systems Engineer 2)Police Officer 3)Airline Executive Three places I have lived. 1) Missouri 2) Wisconsin 3) Missouri Three TV shows I watch. 1) 24 2) Moonlight 3) Sports Three places I have been. 1)Toronto 2)Paris 3)London Three people that e-mail be regularly. Regularly is a "relative" term. Mindy Tia Robin Three of my Favorite foods. 1)Steak 2)Seafood 3)Cashew Chicken Three things I would like to do. 1) Become a full time photographer 2) Meet my soulmate 3) Go on a photographic excursion and see tigers in the wild. Things I am looking forward to. 1) My new career 2) Lion Cubs 3)
Now here's what your supposed to do....and please do not spoil the fun..Start a new blog,delete my answers and put in your own.Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn alot of little known things about each other. Three names I go by. 1) Tammy 2) Tam 3) Safety Nazy Three jobs I have had in my life. 1) Coal Miner 2) Oil Field Operator 3) HES Specialist Three places I have lived. 1) PA 2) Wyoming 3) Three TV shows I watch. 1) Nascar 2) Greys 3) Private Practice Three places I have been. 1) Maine 2) Colorado 3) Montana Three people that e-mail be regularly. 1) Ed 2) Vance 3) Mark Three of my Favorite foods. 1) Anything Italian 2) Hamburger 3) Chicken Three things I would like to do. 1) See a whale 2) Find a good man 3) MOVE Things I am looking forward to. 1) Good Snow 2) Seeing my friends 3) MOVING Three friends that I think will respond. 1)NONE 2) 3)
Kiss my lips softly, whisper in my ear. Magic words I long to hear. I love you so I need you more I want your love Hold my hand gently Head on my shoulder Love as solid as boulders I love you to hold I need you to care I want you to be
Stolen From Ninjadorkface ♥
RULES: 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF The Good Left Undone - Rise Against WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? What Do We Know? - Thousand Foot Krutch HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Let It Be - The Beatles WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Completely - Art of Dying IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? I Don't Care - Apocalyptica WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? Swim - Jack's Mannequin WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Breaking Inside - Shinedown WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Love Hurts - Incubus WHAT DO YOU OFTEN THINK ABOUT? Here to Blame - Incura WHAT IS 2 + 2? Wonder Why - Rides Again WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? Save Me - Forty Foot Echo WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? You Don't Know - Milow WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Lucky - Jason Mraz (&hea
unforgiven 3 How could he know this new dawn's light Would change his life forever? Set sail to sea but pulled off course By the light of golden treasure Was he the one causing pain With his careless dreaming? Been afraid Always afraid Of the things he's feeling He could just be gone He would just sail on He'll just sail on How can I be lost If I've got nowhere to go? Searched the seas of gold How come it's got so cold? How can I be lost In remembrance I relive How can I blame you When it's me I can't forgive? These days drift on inside a fog It's thick and suffocating This seeking life outside its hell Inside intoxicating He's run aground Like his life Water's much too shallow Slipping fast Down with the ship Fading in the shadows now A castaway They've All gone Away They've gone away How can I be lost If I've got nowhere to go? Search for seas of gold How come it's got so cold? How can I
Standing by, All the way. Here to help you through your day. Holding you up, When you are weak, Helping you find what it is you seek. Catching your tears, When you cry. Pulling you through when the tide is high. Just being there, Through thick and thin, All just to say, you are my friend.
Any Good Advice
I am going to Melbourne, Australia for 10 days and not sure what to do while I am there anyone have any tips
Some One Liners About Me
Short (5'8"), fat (but getting less fat every day) and ugly. Well I've been told I'm cute and not really ugly. But you will have to decide on that. Great kisser. Easy to be with as I just try to roll through life. Poetic, I use poetry to say what my heart is saying or feeling sometimes. Musical, no, not really haha... I do pretend to play the harmonica but the dream of being a rock star or blues man are long gone. Very good sense of humor, now that is true..I find much in life around me funny and will always provide a laugh a few times a day. Moody, I am not a moody person and do not change my moods often...I stay pretty much happy and enjoy being alive. Crazy, yes I am that, just this side of a straight jacket I like to say. I have this switch inside me that I can flip at any time and go from calm to "YEAH BABY" in 0 seconds. I created it many many moons ago and it has served me well. If life comes at me with much unfun, then I step into it and take it one
Guts Or Balls?
Definition of the difference between "GUTS" and "BALLS Definition of the difference between "GUTS" and "BALLS": GUTS - is arriving home late after a night out with the boys, being assaulted by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask, "Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?" BALLS - is coming home late after a night out with the boys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the ass and having the balls to say, "You're next!"
Digital Bath By Hood Mood
want one of your photos dipped in the Digital Bath?
Everyone should check these guys out! Die Fantastischen Vier

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