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Why Parents Drink!!
Why Parents Drink A father passing by his son's bedroom was astonished to see that his bed was nicely made and everything was picked up. Then he saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow that was addressed To "Dad." With the worst premonition he opened the envelope with trembling hands and read the letter. Dear Dad: It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new girlfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with Mom and you I have been finding real passion with Stacy and she is so Nice. But I knew you would not approve of her because of all her piercing ,tattoos, tight motorcycle clothes and the fact that she is much older than I am. But it's not only the passion... Dad she's pregnant. Stacy said that we will be very happy. She owns a trailer in the woods and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. We share a dream of having many more children. Stacy has opened my eyes to the fact that Marijuana doesn't really hurt anyo
Big Check
I work for a nonprofit after school program for high school kids. All of our efforts paid off and we recieved a very large check yesterday. I won't say how much but it has a 7 numbers too it.....
26,000 To Godmother
Lets make her a God mother..Show some love.. Shes got less then 30,000 to be our next God Mother *~La*La~*@ fubar
Death Of The Living Dead
The sadness brings the clouds down low and raindrops to the sky the darkness streaks the start of night and tears fallen from their eyes. The hardwood coffin bears my name and date of death so told Inside's my broken body Dead and chilled with cold I'm carried down to earthy grave Upon the shoulders of my friends The blood still seeping through the cracks As they walk another bend Lower me into the ground The thud of clay to wood My shaking hands scratched off my skin I'd call out if I could My breath is shallow and hard pressed Soon I'll be out of air The poison paralysed my heart Don't do this, it's not fair Above ground flowers on my grave They're dead and without love My headstone's a small angel Choking the life from a dove I'm fading, giving up my hope Relax, my time has come Remember though when you are judged He will know what you've done
Gas Pains
I didn't know you guys are paying this much for gasoline, almost $4 per gal. or four liter. Here in Calif we are also paying higher to $ 3.50 per gal. My line of work is in petroleum pipeline for about 31 years now, so here are some tricks to get more of your money's worth for every litter. Only buy or fill up your car or truck in the early morning when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground. The colder the ground the more dense is the gasoline, when it gets warmer gasoline expands, so buying in the afternoon or in the evening, your 1-litter is not exactly 1-litter. In petroleum business, the specific gravity and the temperature of the gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, ethanol and other petroleum products play an important role. Here in Kinder Morgan pipeline where I work in San Jose , CA we delivered about 4 million gallons in 24-hours period thru the pipe line, one day it's diesel the next da
Some Scary Shyte
Chelsea Clinton recently discussed current events with a U.S. soldier. She asked if, as an American fighting man, anything scared him. He told her there were only three things he feared: 1) Osama 2) Obama and, 3) Yo Mama
For My Men In Fubar**
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No Phone/internet For 4 Days
ill miss you guys. if i dont come back it means my plane crashed
Growing Up!
(Under age a certain age? You won't understand.) You could hardly see for all the snow, Spread the rabbit ears as far as they go. Pull a chair up to the TV set, "Good Night, David. Good Night, Chet." My Mom used to cut chicken, chop eggs and spread mayo on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't seem to get food poisoning. My Mom used to defrost hamburger on the counter AND I used to eat it raw sometimes, too. Our school sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper in a brown paper bag, not in icepack coolers, but I can't remember getting ecoli Almost all of us would have rather gone swimming in the lake instead of a pristine pool (talk about boring), no beach closures then. The term cell phone would have conjured up a phone in a jail cell, and a pager was the school PA system. We all took gym, not PE.. and risked permanent injury with a pair of high top Ked's (only worn in gym) instead of having cross-training athletic shoes wi
Another Hater
studdly712 rated your photo a '1'!
Editorial from a Romanian newspaper Why are Americans so united? They don't resemble one another even if you paint them! They speak all the languages of the world and form an astonishing mixture of civilizations. Some of them are nearly extinct, others are incompatible with one another, and in matters of religious beliefs, not even God can count how many they are. Still, the American tragedy turned three hundred million people into a hand put on the heart. Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the army, the secret services that they are only a bunch of losers. Nobody rushed to empty their bank accounts. Nobody rushed on the streets nearby to gape about. The Americans volunteered to donate blood and to give a helping hand. After the first moments of panic, they raised the flag on the smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties in the colours of the national flag. They placed flags on buildings and cars as if in every place and on every car a minister or the president was pass
Exhiles From Delight
Came across this surfing the web one day and just liked it. So posting it for anyone else that might like to read it. Exhiles From Delight We, unaccustomed to courage exiles from delight live coiled in shells of loneliness until love leaves its high holy temple and comes into our sight to liberate us into life. Love arrives and in its train come ecstasies old memories of pleasure ancient histories of pain. Yet if we are bold, love strikes away the chains of fear from our souls. We are weaned from our timidity In the flush of love's light we dare be brave And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free. author: unknown
Amazing ....
Crap email i just got to my job: You too can have a c0ck like a p0rnstar Megasize your unit with Megadlk. A huge advancement in mens health. Just some of the benefits include: *No more finishing too soon. *Three+ lnches in size gain. *Better overall feeling of self. *Full, thick more semls *More virility, desire. Best of all your mate will love you for it. Get started today Electr0nic un.sub here p.s. do NOT click those links. 'Keith' knows what they are.
Scorpio---the Addict
8. SCORPIO - The Addict (the Scorpion - 24 October 21 November) * EXTREMELY adorable. * Good Lover * Intelligent. * Loves to joke. * Very good sense of humor. * Energetic. * GOOD kisser. * Always get what they want. * Attractive. * Easy going. * Loves being in long relationships. * Talkative. * Romantic. * Caring. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This sums me up pretty well LOL But I barely get what I want though so, I'm not too sure about that one LOL =D
T & A (pt3)
I had made my way to my room and was sleeping for a couple of hours later when Amanda came to check on me. She shook her head in disgust as I opened one eyelid to watch her. It came to me with sudden clarity, that she was angry and jealous about her boyfriend fucking me. She wasn't mad at him for fucking her me, she was mad at me for attracting him! I opened both eyes and sat up to look at her. I could see her mind working, Amanda got madder and madder the more she thought about the sexual attention her boyfriend gave to me... She got so mad that she spit on me and then turned around and left. We were acted friendly towards each other but there was always an under current of tension between us… One day while my Troy was out, she came out to the yard where I was sitting naked working on my tan and stood above me. I lounged back, and stared up at her …then her foot came forward and kicked me right in the fucking ribs. "Little WHORE !" she yelled. I doubled up in pain. She kicked
When You're Evil
Not sure why this song has been going through my head for a few weeks now so yeah it should go through yours too When the Devil is too busy And Death's a bit too much They call me by name you see, For my special touch. To the Gentlemen I'm Miss Fortune To the Ladies I'm Sir Prize But call me by any name Any way it's all the same I'm the fly in your soup I'm the pebble in your shoe I'm the pea beneath your bed I'm a bump on every head I'm the peel on which you slip I'm a pin in every hip I'm the thorn in your side Makes you wriggle and writhe And it's so easy when you're evil This is the life, you see The Devil tips his hat to me I do it all because I'm evil And I do it all for free Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need While there's children to make sad While there's candy to be had while there's pockets left to pick While there's grannies left to trip down the stairs I'll be there, I'll be waiting 'round the corner It's a game. I'm glad I'm in it
What A Dream...
...Ok, so last night I went to bed early, resulting in a very sextastic dream. It was a dream of somebody I like a lot. And I must say she is beautiful from the inside, out. Anyways, I saw her at the edge of a bed draped with silk and candles lit throughout the room. The window drapes were open, so I was able to see the luminance of the moon shine upon her figure. She sees me just stand there as if she's waiting for something spectacular to happen. And as she does, she smiles with the beauty of her heart, which always smiles and therefore makes me smile at the same time. I draw nearer to her and she seems to be a bit anxious as she observes me walking towards her. She appears to be wearing lingerie that you would see at Victoria's Secret or Fredrick's. Her hair curled to perfection, and her make-up makes her eyes stand out the most. I go to her and kiss her first with a putter kiss and then slowly develop into a makeout session. I put my hands around her neck, and seem to stimulate
Whats Been Goin On ? Eh .. Not Much ..
yeah nothing all that exciting has been goin on .. Ive been working my hours at the store and am really coming to like getting out of the house and having some conversation and such .. The people that come in are mostly locals and for the most part have been very nice ..The other nite I sold a guy a 500 Dollar winning ticket and he came back and gave each of us girls a lil something to be nice . which was wicked nice of him .. not many would even think of doing that let alone go and actually do it .. Rich has YET to get his fudge i sent him ive gotta get down to the po and check and make sure his didnt come back for some reason .. Kathy and Mom n Dad and the rest of the family got theirs .. That really irks me .. Grrrr
Michele Williams And Chloe Sevign Kissing
Men Suck!!!
I hate to say this but men SUCK!!!! I cannot stand them right now..ecspecially a certain some one. He is an asshole.This week is a very hard week for me..Some may understand why others dont and thats how it will stay..he barely even acknowledged that i was here..didnt answer my texts..and all i want to do is cry my eyes out..because of him..i should be over him..its been 3 months since i said we were through with him moving and all..but when he comes into town it just feels like nothing was wrong between us and that nothing happend everythings back to normal..its not..i am still hurt and will be for the rest of my life because of him. so guys beware i am on a man hater rampage right now..say the wrong thing and i might snap...Once again men are ASSHOLES!!!! Hott
My Friend On The Internet
My dear friend.... You came into my life so unexpectedly.. Little did I know what was to lie ahead For the longest time you were a click of a mouse, words on my screen Hugs that warmed my days.. and secured my nights Within the many hours of our private room, You showed me strength, when I showed you my weaknesses. You taught me the importance of believing in myself, When I thought there was nothing to believe in You taught me so much, in ways I never knew You stood behind me when I began to fall. Along side of me when I needed a friend In front of me when I needed a guide You showed me my ability to fly... How to reach places I had only dreamed of You saw me with your heart and not your eyes But more importantly you gave me a piece of you A gift worth far more than money could buy. You gave me a floor to dance on.. A song in my heart that I finally understand the words to And a peacefulness in my heart...where you will live forever.. I hope everyone finds a
Boooo Fucking Whooo Damn Whniy People In My Blog Hall Of Shame
Dog ~*MMA ...: bye Dog ~*MMA ...: have fun Dog ~*MMA ...: u and ya cuz aint nothing but hoodrats n e ways, i tried to be cool wit some hoodrats omg wtf was i thinking? Dog ~*MMA ...: thats cool, only to the ppl in your lil world lol ->~Ashley~Mu...: yep your bitchy whining is forever documented Dog ~*MMA ...: thats fine ->~Ashley~Mu...: you def will make my blog Dog ~*MMA ...: i just wanna be cool wit u thats all, but thats on u Dog ~*MMA ...: me too ->~Ashley~Mu...: ok im over it Dog ~*MMA ...: i thought u was alot cooler than that..i knew u were a bitch i can deal wit that. but damn! Dog ~*MMA ...: u get over it u the one who is bnot being my friend, i said i was sorry plain as fuck ->~Ashley~Mu...: lmao ok wierd way for saying sorry but yea get over it already Dog ~*MMA ...: i know u r Dog ~*MMA ...: i was trying to apologize to u actually, but its all good like i said. and i left u a comment on your mum just like u left me one ->~Ashley~Mu...: and
An Introduction To This Blog...
Seeing as how the world has gone cyber, so has the idiots. In the past it was merely bad pickup lines in a bar, now its turned to "do you have a webcam" and "you're hawt" as means of grabbing the attention of an attractive person. But there are some of us that are resisting the onslaught of bullshit and actually getting annoyed that every horny, no-life geek out there thinks that you want to become their own personal porn star via the web. So... that said, I have a very specific profile posted that tells any visitor not only a little about me, but also a little about what NOT to do when approaching me. You'd think the idiots would read it... but sadly, no. Instead I'm bombarded with invitations to webcams, cyber sex, or meeting up in person to have "hot sex with a stranger". I've been sent pictures of genitals and asked "how would you like that inside you?" Why does this bother me? Why aren't I jumping on the cyber bandwagon? Simple. First, I'm not a porn star. If
Difference Between Men And Women
Difference Between Women And Men 1.NAMES If Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara go out for lunch, they will call each other Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara. If Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla, Peanut-Head and Scrappy. 2.EATING OUT When the bill arrives, Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom will each throw in a $20 , even though it's only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back. When the women get their bill, out come the pocket calculators. 3.MONEY A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs. A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need, but it's on sale. 4.BATHROOMS A man has five items in his bathroom: a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel from the Marriott. The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 337. A man would not be able
Now this one is a bit long and is being posted simply because he tried so hard to ask me for nude pics in the most round about way. Yes, the idiots are getting just that much more determined. Matt: hey there dear, remember me? Me: I have about four friends named Matt... sorry Matt: lol,[edited] Matt: to help jog memory Me: Ah yes, sorry about that. Matt: no need to apologise Matt: anyone do you remember me asking if you would like me to photoshop some pictures for you? Me: yes Matt: interested? Me: in? Matt: me editing some pics for you Me: I thought the conversation went along the lines of you asking me for photos of me when I already had some posted and I got the impression you wanted nudes of me. Matt: i honestly cant remember, but yes, i do quite alot of work with nudity so it isnt a problem, otherwise it was just good conversation etc etc Me: Okay, I guess I'm confused then. I thought when you originally contacted me t
Now this one makes it to the blog because I got a laugh out of it. As you can read, he makes a statement that could be (and was) taken in a sexual context. But he quickly clarifies it and I laugh thinking I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Then he asks me a genuine question... I answer and then he asks what he really wants to know. Oddly I don't think he liked my final answer... he never contacted me again. *sigh* Another one slips through my fingers... whatever shall I do? NYCB4: hi Me: hello NYCB4: how are u im mike Me: I'm good, you? NYCB4: i might be too big for u lol NYCB4: im 6 foot 8 Me: I don't think that's "too big" NYCB4: whtdo men say your best features are Me: my eyes NYCB4: wht do they really say Me: it all translates to "nice tits" to me so what's the difference? NYCB4: lol how big? Me: 42A NYCB4: a cup? Me: yeah
What We Dont Understand....
Going Home
We have about 4 days or so untill we go home. Thats right my Izzy is done with treatment and will get her line out Tuesday. (If you don't know what a line it, its the tubs but into the chest to act as an I.V. so that the person does not have to get stuck every few days.) And so I will be back in Louisiana with both of my beautiful girls. I can't wait. I am so happy I have been doing the happy dance since yesterday!
Tropical Heat
Tropical Heat It\'s near the end of January, and we are both suffering from winter blues. We\'ve been friends for a while, so we commiserate easily in our daily conversation, which also consist of a lot of flirting and sexual overtones. We both complain about needing a break from winter, from work, even from our marriages. Through chance, or luck, or fate, we both manage to arrange business trips to Hawaii at the same time. Once we realize we\'re going to be there at the same time we make sure to get rooms at the same hotel. My excitement grows all through the flight to Hawaii and by the time my plane lands my heart\'s racing at the thought of being with you. It\'s early afternoon when I check into the hotel. A lazy, hot afternoon with a gentle ocean breeze stirring the palm trees. You haven\'t arrived yet, so I decide to change into my bathing suit and read while sunning on my room\'s terrace. I lose interest in my book after a while and decide to lie back and close my e
Have A Wild One!
Everyone enjoy your weekend! I'll most likely hang out with my sister which will be nice considering I haven't seen her since Sunday. you guys rule. see you all on Monday. xoxox
The Love Of My Life
Losen My Internet
Dear Friends and Fans, I'm going threw a divorce right now,I have no job yet, cause i have 5 kids and its hard to find a sitter to watch them while I work thats not expensive. My ex being a pain and is not wanting to help pay some of the bills here. I might be losing my internet soon within the next two weeks cause I cannot afford it. I'm really going threw a hard time right now. Soon as I get a job and get back on my feet I'll be back. And thanks to all my friends on my page for the comments rates,and the gifts yall the best. I will miss everyone after my internet gets turned off within the next two weeks. And I hope to be back soon. Thanks for reading, dianna (redneckwoman1979)
Dsc Fam Plz Read..
To my dsc family before I post this before I head to work. I'm not being mean or being a bitch. I would appreciate any one and everyone that I added and fanned, please add and fan me back. I'd definetly would appreciate it ilke you would like the favor back, It is very irritating. So please do that thank you.
Re: Severely Injured Marine Needs Ur Prayers
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: US NAVY WWII MEMORIAL SITE Date: Aug 24, 2007 4:25 PM Severely Injured Marine Needs Ur PrayersJeremiah Here is the story that I had just finished writing when you & I started talking last night. Mary Hello EveryoneThis week, I want to do something that we've never done before. Today I received a message from our group member Barbara, or some know her as her MySpace profile name of, Sought Out 7. In her message, she shared with me that her son Jeremiah had been injured again in Iraq. Jeremiah was our honored Marine of the week, back in July of this year and in this story, it shared how he had been injured in Iraq prior, in July 2005. I added a message to the bottom of that story from back in July of this year, to bring it to the top of our message board, so it can be easily found again. 'A price for freedom'Back in 2006, Jeremiah said five of the original 13 in his squad were either killed or wounded so severely that t
Tom Petty - Its Good To Be King
It's good to be king, if just for a while To be there in velvet, yeah, to give 'em a smile It's good to get high, and never come down It's good to be king of your own little town Yeah, the world would swing if I were king Can I help it if I still dream time to time It's good to be king and have your own way Get a feeling of peace at the end of the day And when your bulldog barks and your canary sings You're out there with winners, yeah, it's good to be king Yeah I'll be king when dogs get wings Can I help it if I still dream time to time It's good to be king and have your own world It helps to make friends, it's good to meet girls A sweet little queen who can't run away It's good to be king, whatever it pays Excuse me if I have some place in my mind Where I go time to time
August 25, 2007
If you've been feeling underappreciated lately, you may find that things change dramatically today. Your work hasn't gone unnoticed, and your good energy should make the recognition that much sweeter.
Sideshow Bob
My False Percula Clownfish must be smoking crack. This morning I saw him hosting in my Goniopora coral. Over the last few days my wife and I have seen him testing it out so I thought something was up. Although it's kinda cool, I am worried he will hurt the coral. It is an extremely fragile coral that is one of the hardest to keep and so far it has been doing great. I'll try to get some pics of it posted, looks really cool. I just hope he doesn't fuck shit up...
Healthy Beef Stroganoff On Rice
1 lb package of stew beef, thawed 1 - 2 bell peppers, chopped grapeseed oil brown rice 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup 1 cup sour cream 1/8 cup Worcestershire sauce garlic salt pepper 3 teaspoons ketchup butter Start rice 45 minutes prior to meal time. Begin by sautéing the peppers in Pam until slightly tender. Add meat cubes and cook until meat is slightly pink in center. Add garlic and sauté briefly. Add sour cream, Cream of Mushroom soup, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer until the rice is done. When rice is done, add 3 tablespoons butter and stir. Place on plate or in bowl. Add meat mixture. Enjoy!
Army Seven Core Values
1. Loyalty is the faithful adherence to a person, unit, or Army. It is the thread that binds our actions together and causes us to support each other, our superiors, our family, and our country. Supporting a superior or a program even though it is being openly criticized by peers or subordinates requires courage and loyalty. A loyal intermediate would try to explain the rationale behind the decision and support the decision maker. When we establish loyalty to our soldiers, the unit, our superiors, our family, and the Army we must be sure the "correct ordering" of our obligations are being accomplished and not the easiest. There is no clear rule as to which comes first. Sometimes it will be the service, sometimes the family, and sometimes the soldier. Open criticism and being disloyal to leaders, soldiers, and the Army destroys the foundation of the organization and results in diminished mission accomplishment. However, loyalty should not be confused with blind
August 25, 2007
August 25th 2007 I have realized that I am not alone. I wake up with it everyday. I go through out my day with it. I eat with it. I sleep with it. Loneliness. Every day that goes by, this is edified to me more and more. It is definitely something I would like to not think about. It is there when I get up in the morning. Loneliness. I can't take it anymore. Sometimes it subsides and takes a back seat to other things. I meet someone really nice and it seems to happen like clock work. The woman that I meet just disappears or just flat out tells me that she doesn't want anything to do with me. Is it cause I am "too nice"? I mean I will do just about anything for anyone. Anyone that really knows me can and will attest to this. I have always been that way. Always. It just seems to be betraying me. All women seem to want now is the bad ass. From what I have observed from walking through the mall and walking down the street, that seems to be the tr
The Reason
Do not ask me now while I am drunken on the juice of our first kiss, suspended on "what if" between yesterday and forever. Do not ask me while the orange sun sets just beyond your perfect gaze - words will betray me. Oh, but if you ask me while your hand is slipping from mine and you are falling away, returning to your sadness, I will tell you: the reason we are here is to feel, to learn, to hurt, to heal; to make the most of senses while senseless and in love; to love so completely that it hurts while you are near and hurts the moment you leave - not to die complete, but completely spent. © All rights reserved
ok look ppl, i have my beliefs and i know some ppl dont agree or whatever. i beleave everyone has that right and i dont downrate anything because of it. BUT, i am getting sick and f*cking tired of the hate mail and sh*t i get because of what i support and beleave. so let me clear up a few things for the asshats trying to screw with me...... 1. i hate the war and i hate bush with a passion. my ole man is forever scared emotionally and physically because of bush's greed..... so fuck off, your preaching to the choir 2. i am a military supporter 100%. OH YES! it can be done, you know, hate bush but support the troops. if you hate this war so much then lay the blame at the feet of who's responsible..... bush and his rejects. 3. i own a gun and i beleave that thier should be stronger laws on buying guns and so forth but not take my right away to own one..... blaming guns for death and crime is like me blaming my keyboard for mis spellings. i mean a gun doesnt 'wake up' and decide
I'm Busy Getting My Kids Ready For School & I've Become Depressed Again; Plez Pray For Me!!
My Son is a Drunk now livin w/ the same Woman who abused him. I know that abused children go back to the place where they was abused because they are wanting that acceptance but this is just heartbreakin!! I Love everyone on here & I'm sorry if I've not been responsive to everyone but Plez understand I'm going thru something right now & I can't seem to shake it!! Everyone of my Friends on here are in My Thoughts & Prayer's so I Pray that you'll keep me in yours. Be Well all of you & God Bless!!! I don't know how long I'll be gone but I'll be back once my kids are in School & I'll be able to think again. Please don't forget about me!! Shari
My Next Tat
im looking for some incredably sexy angel pix for my next tat. i am putting an angel on one side and a sexy demon on the other side. does anyone know where i can find some????? ive googled and yahooed adn havent found what im looking for. please help.
"sunday Mornings"
She was young and innocent; he was older and more experienced. They struck a deal, they would meet every Sunday morning and he would show her the world of pleasure that was just waiting for her. Naked, she waited for him. Lying on her stomach, her pussy ached in anticipation. Without a word he came in and took in her naked ass and spread legs on the bed. He slid his hand down her soft back and she shivered her nipples hardening. She sat up and he kissed her. Soft at first, and then his tongue slipped past her lips. Their tongues met and danced, long enough to start her juices flowing. Then he pushed her down and knelt over her. He took one taught nipple in his warm mouth and then the other. Slowly he touched her sliding his thumb over her clit and she lost her breath. He slid one finger inside her wet, tight, pussy and she moaned. He slid his finger in and out of her slamming his thumb into her clit. She could feel his finger deep inside. Her pussy tightened, her back arche
My Pornstar Name!
>More Fun Quizzes at
Traditional Chicken Enchiladas
Serving: Serves: 6 Cook Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 1 hour INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup butter or margarine 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 can (10 3/4 ounces) chicken broth, undiluted 3/4 cup water 1 8-ounce carton commercial sour cream 2 canned jalapeño peppers, seeded and chopped 12 corn tortillas Vegetable oil 3/4 cup chopped cooked chicken 2 cups (about 8 ounces) shredded Monterey Jack cheese, divided 3/4 cup chopped onion Chopped fresh parsley Enchilada Relish (Below) 1 large tomato, finely chopped 1/2 cup finely chopped onion 1 to 2 canned jalapeño peppers, seeded and chopped 1/4 cup tomato juice 1/2 teaspoon salt DIRECTIONS: 1. Melt butter in a heavy saucepan over low heat; add flour, stirring until smooth. Cook 1 minute, stirring constantly. Gradually add chicken broth and water; cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened and bubbly. Stir in sour cream and chopped peppers. Pour half of sour cream sauce into a lightly greased 12- x 8- x 2-in
Forgive me for love. I cannot feel you now but I remember traces of God between your words. We were sharing those moments - I swear you knew it then but the forgetting started for you too soon after. I don't throw away miracles like laughter, the physics of electrons aligning, or windows to a place between now and forever - these things belong to me. I remain. I taste the charged air enveloping us, and I need the whisper of your "maybe now" to fill me once again. It really was like that. Forgive my remembering. © All rights reserved
Without You
My tears are flowing for you As my mind wonders and heart beats My body is nothing without you And as the wetness of my cheek are beginning to dry And my thoughts weaken and try to forget I feel like nothing without you The beats within my chest were real, Something that no one will ever steal When there is nothing without you But as I try to forget you more and more My body grows weaker and begins to wear Mind floats, rises to react I know I'm nothing without you...
Welcome Home Baby Girl
Proud hopes no fears; anticipation smiles, "Have a seat, dear..." Close eyes breathe deep electric touch wakes you from sleep... Arms bound as lips kissed; identity wanes with a nipple's twist... Focus challenged by voice and touch; led so deeply as your fingers clutch... Mental sight of your "self" burns bright when you place your trust within My might. Welcome "Home" My little one... life unfolds for we've just begun. Welcome home baby girl. Traveler
Friendship Friendship is like a flower, given love and water you'll see it's power and enjoy it's beauty our friendship is like that the more were together the more we grow trust me for this I know you are like the snow soft and gentle this I know your sweet like candy and intoxicating as brandy you make me happy never sad and for this I am truly glad you are perfect in my eyes each day you bring to me a new surprize just like the sunrise a blinding glow from a special woman that I know our friendship I'll teasure forever and hopr it will endure.
I Very Randomly....
wanted to tell you guys to check out a really good friend of mine. she rules. :D Eliza"bitch"@ fubar
Dedicated To My Sister Hunni...i Love You So Much And I Been Blessed With You In My Life Ma!!
You are my guiding star You are my shining light You are my everything what helps me through the night. You are my heart You are my soul You are my savoir what makes me feel whole. You are more than my sister You are my best friend You are the one that will be there when my heart needs to mend. I love you sister more than you will ever know You are my other half with you i am whole
A Soldier
I JUST WANT TO THANK MY BEST FRIEND SHE WROTE THIS BOUT ME AND ALL THE OTHER MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN. There is discipline in A Soldier you can see it when he walks, There is honor in A Soldier you hear it when he talks. There is courage in A Soldier you can see it in his eyes, There is loyalty in A Soldier that he will not compromise. There is something in A Soldier that makes him stand apart, There is strength in A Soldier that beats from his heart. A Soldier isn't a title any man can be hired to do, A Soldier is the soul of that man buried deep inside of you. A Soldier's job isn't finished after an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week, A Soldier is always A Soldier even while he sleeps. A Soldier serves his country first and his life is left behind, A Soldier has to sacrifice what comes first in a civilian's mind. If you are civilian - I am saying this to you..... next time you see A Soldier remember what they do. A Soldier is the reason our land is 'H
Darkest Days
There are times when I'm just a shell When I do not feel anything for anyone All I feel is hollow and bruised Used up and misused Forced to be someone I don't want to be Have I failed somehow or some way Will the weight of today finally pull me down to drown In the depths of despair Where I am alone Except for my rage My rage My pain I hate my darkest days My rage My pain I hate my darkest days My rage My pain I hate my darkest days My rage My pain I hate my darkest days My darkest days
wondering what tomorrow brings, If i will awake to see the world again.. If i will still see things the same.. wishing there was a simple answer to all lifes questions.. weather the world would be better with just peace and love... how the papers would feel if everyone had the same body type , if we all looked the same they would make no money, is all we care about is if we look good, that we have the best material things, if we have more money then the next person,,, what would happen if you just woke up and couldnt see anything anymore, thats my fear, that i will wake up and be blind, my wish is the drs are wrong and i can out live this that i will be able to live each day the way i have my hole life, so i ask taht if you are reading this .. not to take life lightly to hug your loved once tighter look at them longer, and love life to the fullest,
Bobby Don Needs Sex
Bobby Don's on the prowl - Saturday night, drunk and doing circles around the pool table, eye-balling every piece of poontang in the place - hornier than a high school science club. Most self-respecting women left a long time ago, but Bobby's got no use for respect, anyhow. His eyes settle on Tilly Louise, so she slips her teeth back in and sidles up to him. "C'mon, B.D., let's go out and scrape the paint off the hood of my Jetta." Sounded like a cat fighting with a lawn mower. Bobby Don thinks he got lucky, but he really just got Chlamydia. © All rights reserved
Just For You K
Going Away...
I'm leaving fubar for a while. I feel that I need to take a break from it for a while. There is just too much drama and lies on this site for my liking. I sit and do a lot of people watching on here, reading comments left by people and reading blogs. It has come to my attention that there are a lot of people on here full of shit, the worst of them are those people that go around leaving comments telling umpteen girls/guys that they are in love with them, if you need attention or feel the need to boost your ego surely there are better ways of going about it other than playing with someone else's emotions or breaking a girls heart that lives 100's or 1000's of miles away from you. Personally it makes me sick and it is making me quite angry that there is such a lack of concern for others feelings on here. So I am taking a break, I may or may not come back...but probably not as I can't see things changing on here. For those of you that I do talk to you already know how to contact me, a
Limes And Looking
I'm still drinking, sucking drops of gin from empty bottles lined up on the kitchen counter - each one tells a story of a night without her. I'm so tired of tears and limes and looking into the mirror - each day, my pallid skin gets sucked up into me a little further, and the memories fade/come roaring back. Goddamn you, Emily, return because you love me, not from pity; come back because every day without me makes you sober and you need the buzz as much as I do. Don't those days and nights come back to you in flashes of shiny eyes and laughter? Don't you long for the salty taste of us to awaken your tongue from the stupor of cheap booze? Or don't come back, tonight I'm almost dead. © All rights reserved
Might Just Be U
So you want to feel me from the inside, Experience all the passion that I possess, Do you really think you can handle me?, Do you have what it takes to ignite my fire?, Fear is not an option here just let your desire flow, Have confidence in who you are, What you feel and how you're gonna show it, If all you want is to get your head wet, Pass me by, I cum from deep inside, A place only your spirit can touch, Passionate kisses brings orgasmic energy, We could melt rocks into lava with the heat that we create, Is it possible for you to reach such heights?, If so, then you can truly feel me on the inside.
Spent half the day with Daddy....we're going through changes....
Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I die Before you do I'll go to heaven And wait for you I'll give the angels Back their wings And risk the loss Of everything Just to prove My friendship is true I'm thankful to have Family and Friends like you!
My Cousin Was Bombed In Iraq (pfc Aaron Tieffel)
PFC Aaron Tieffel was bombed in Iraq Aug 24, 2007. He was taken to Germany but his was worse off then they thought so he was transfured to Walter Reed Army Medical Ctr in Washington DC. He is listed in critical cond. Please pray for Aaron for he servied this country well and very much proud. Love You All, Hugs and Kisses, Laura
I Just Wanna Die!!
OMGosh, the worst thing in the world happened to me lastnight and it has killed everything inside of me..EVERYTHING!! I feel so0o sick and so0o empty right now, I feel as if I could die and it wouldn't matter. I never knew that people could be so0o cruel and so0o mean, I mean sure I know this has happened to alot of people but I never knew just how bad it was until now..I wish I could just say what happened but it makes me sick to think about it!!! I hate this..I JUST WANNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kids Are Too Much. =)
Luvy goes to an "ice cream social" at her school yesterday and meets the new librarian. Now she wants me to marry said librarian because: "He has a faux hawk! He loves Chiodos and that dying band! And he's in CHARGE OF BOOKS!" Cute kid, always looking out for me. :D
Angela's Profile Link
FetishDoll@ fubar
Well, hell...I did it again. Went and got myself blocked from the mumms. That sucks cause I had so much fun last night. Oh well. I am so stupid sometimes. Stayed up until 5am drinking, got drunker than a skunk. My boss calls at 8:20 and wakes me up. LOL I have a good boss and am very thankful for that. Missed two hours of work....still drunk, got the shakes. Will I ever learn? Hmm, I think it might have been worth it! Oh btw, I am marking every damn thing NSFW. Damn bouncers.
I Belong To You
"I Belong To You" Everybody needs to belong somewhere Life can feel so alone without someone who cares And when life becomes something just to get through That's when I'm glad that I belong to you I belong to you I belong to you You're the one who will never let me down Won't let me down I belong to you I belong to you Sometimes life brings more pain than we can bear alone When hope is gone and I have no strength to stand on my own When nothing helps, there's nothing that I can do You surround me and show me I belong to you I belong to you You're the one who will never let me down Won't let me down I belong to you I belong to you When love is gone, there's no arms to run to anymore I'm all alone, there's no one for me to live for Letting go of the things I've always clung to That's when I need to feel that I belong to you I belong to you You're the one who will never let me down Won't let me down I belong to you I belong to you these lyr
Within The 90 Day Window
Well I have made to to within 90 days (actually closer to 70 days) of leaving this place once again. I got to tell you, this is my third trip to Iraq and by far the worst. I don't know if its because it was 15 months long, my son is older and I am missing everything, or that I lost one of my best friends in May. All three reasons play a part, I'm sure. Either way its almost done. All I got to do now is stay vertical until November. It is always a bitter sweet moment when you step off the plane and one of your friends doesn't. I've gone through it a few times and it never gets easier. The Army is a funny place. Its like a fraternity in some ways. The closeness you develop with the men you fight along side of is unparalleled. But the opposite side of that coin is that the people you dislike are amplified that much more. Its hard spending day in and day out with people you dont like. But I guess its just like any other job. I cant wait to get off that bird and smell those oak t
Because I Can't Stop Watching It....
...and i love this song, i thought i'd share:
Special Place For You...
At some point in my life I thought everyone was fake and noone really cared. From somewhere and somehow you ended up here. Always a gentle kind word. Now if you weren't here to say hi ,or just let me know you were still here I would lose a part of my world. I know that noting between us will ever be more than what it is now, but as long as you are in my life I'll always hold you near. This is for one of my best friends noone will ever take your place you have a special place in my heart and you know who you are. Love you .
I Dont Understand This...
these are some articles that i just do not understand. In a clear violation of constitutional rights, administrators at Hanover High School suspended a student Tuesday for sketches of pentacles on her face for the Wiccan Spring festival of Beltane. The student says that necklaces and other forms of the symbol had been confiscated or stolen by other students. Administrators claim the symbols were a ‘disruption to the learning process.’ CEDAR LAKE | For the second day in a row, a Hanover Central High School freshman came to school with pagan symbols sketched on her face and was sent home by school officials. Hanover Superintendent Michael Livovich said the symbols on the girl's face are disruptive to the educational process, and she will be sent home each day if she refuses to wash them off. On Tuesday, Sky Holeman wore a pentagram symbol below her eye to mark the pagan holiday of Beltane, and school officials sent her home. Holeman returned to school Wednesday with more
Water Falling
I have not sampled midnight from your parted lips, but dream of it - of feeling your soft curls brushing across me like lace curtains. You are the sound of water falling inside-out from the blue blue sky and I am drinking. I am forgetting me in the scent of you, seeing perfect light on your naked skin - we are talking in voiceless motions over the din of our separate yesterdays. © All rights reserved
Am I Really As Big Of An Asshole
as everyone says i am
This Is No Way To Speak To Me!!!
Now REMEMBER to read from bottom of chat up! the_outdoo...: love to masturbate to u ->the_outdoo...: nope, none of those either the_outdoo...: any clevage shots ->the_outdoo...: nope, sure don't the_outdoo...: do u got bikini pic's of u sexy ->the_outdoo...: can't say that I'm horny, just very tired the_outdoo...: tired too,but little horny now ->the_outdoo...: very tired, but well, How are you doing? the_outdoo...: how u doing tonight sexy ->the_outdoo...: hello the_outdoo...: hi This is no way to talk to me! Especially if it is the first time we have ever spoken and I have no freaking clue who you are! This WILL GET YOU BLOCKED AS IT DID HIM!!! IF HE WOULD HAVE BOTHERED TO READ MY PROFILE HE WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT I DON'T PUT UP WITH CRAP LIKE THIS!!! Aparently his mother never taught him how to speak to a woman! DUMBA$$!!! People like this jackoff is the reason all my pics went away the first time! Now because of him and people reporting pics NSFW
It's Rude To Pick Your Nose, Yo!
1. Do you know anybody in prison? ummm no!!! 2. Have you ever deleted a person because of something they said? Hell yeah! I have, and STILL do, some fucking perverts on my friends list lol. 3. When is the last time you ate peanut butter and jelly? Wow, it's been awhile. Now I want one. Thanks. Fucker. 4. Do you have a desk in your room? In my bedroom? No, it's in the pc room 5. Have you ever gotten naked at a party? Only if there's a party in my pants. w00t! 6. What kind of car insurance do you have? Mercury 7. Are you named after one of your parents or grandparents? No 8. Does your ex significant other still live in the same town as you? ummm yess:( 9. Do you throw up gang signs? I don't even think I know any gang signs. 10. Have you ever broken a rib? No 11. Would you rather be a girl or a guy? Um, I have multiple orgasms, so I choose a woman! Holla! 12. Who is the most spoiled person you know? Everyone but ME! Someone fucking spoil me already. WTF?
So I Blocked
so stalking no life cowards who do nothing but come to my page all the day time i bashed them in the mumms an there still pissy this has been over 3 months ago
Fly The Flag Campaign 9-11-07..
thanks "watching over them" FLY OUR FLAG 9/11 ~ FOR THOSE THAT DON'T EVERYDAY Please join us in this FLY THE FLAG campaign and PLEASE forward/repost this immediately to everyone in your address book asking them to also forward it or repost it. We have a little more than one week and counting to get the word out all across this great land and into every community in the United States of America. THE PROGRAM IS THIS: On Tuesday, September 11th, 2007, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States. Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag on this anniversary of our country's worst tragedy. We do this in honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms. In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in America
59 Things Most Girls Dont Know
1. The guy you pass up for another one is always better, its a proven fact 90% of the time. And even if you dont talk to the one you pass up anymore, you will find yourself thinking about him, and realized that you possibly could be happier. And even if you dont talk, and it seems like he doesnt like you anymore, believe me, he thinks about you everynight if he loved you at one point. 2. Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try. 3. "Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone. 4. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. 5. Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he g
Senator Craig
Ok yet another holier than thou right winger who always votes anti gay on any law is caught in some kind of gay sex scandal. What is it with rescumlican's? Always remember when anyone is so ANTI any group of folks they are usually covering up some deep seated craziness. this has to be like what, the 5th right winger caught in something like this in the last couple years? Vote Democrat or at least anything other than Rescumlican
i was just informed today all the comments i sent to my friends yesterday was just posted today!!! im not crazy lol not sure what happened.
KELLY, SHE SHOULD GET THE BARTENDER OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR SURE, SHE TENDS BAR FOR THE DRUNK TANK. AND IS THE BEST, SHE IS A GREAT FRIEND TO HAVE AS WELL!! GO SHOW HER LOTS'0'LOVE.. SHE DESERVES IT! SexKitten226907@ fubar DRINK DRANK DRUNK! ONCE AGAIN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Drunk1{NSFW MILFsStalkingVictim}{theTanksGM}@ fubar FINE PRINT: Achilles once said to Marq: I've learned not to put things in my mouth that are bad for me.... Marq then replied... (fill in the blank)
I Need To Be Frisked Baby! Yeah!
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Kiss Me
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Im Stalking You...
Now you're busted!!! Sign by Dealighted - Sign by Dealighted -
Opinions, Controversies, And Beliefs... Oh My!
Well, I'll be damned. I was sure nobody was listening. And what is there to hear? My opinions on the latest controversies are only sure to bring on a heated debate since most people aren't open-minded enough to carry on a civil dialogue with separate views, beliefs, and insights. (Insight being the most important ingredient) Ninety percent of the population is so locked into themselves; they don't see what 'IS' (or could be) beyond their own pitiful existence. They spend the bulk of their conversations squandering precious time and energy on sloppy efforts to convince others to simply agree with their own viewpoint. Honestly, most conversations with those types of people are only useful to see how others view the world, but really they are mostly a waste of time, a discussion further into the topic will only reveal their reluctance to explore the matter beyond their superficial beliefs. If more people listened and discussed, and less judging occur, perhaps heightened knowledge
My Sesame Street Personality
You Are Cookie Monster Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth. You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around. You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!" The Sesame Street Personality Quiz
You Make Me Happy Writen By Cherryangel
His Beautiful eyes I love to look in to them Being with Him i will never be the same No one can take us apart I fell in love you from the start Your smile Makes my day You leave me Speechless no words to say I love the you hold me like I'm something Important I'm a Better person because of you You say every word perfect right on the Que There are no guys like you maybe just a few That's why i fell in love with you Nothing makes me happier to see You. With you I'm day will never Blue I love holding your hand together we stand I fallin for you hoping never to land I love you With every beat of my heart like i said i knew you where the one right from the start.
Check This Out
WELCOME ALL TO THE FALL 2007 BOMBFEST Starts: Sept 15th 12pm est until Sept 30th 7pm est Rules: 1)Bombing Families can team up with other Bombing families. *But need to inform Host pls* 2)Each person in the families must have a Salute 3)Each person in the families must be a level 7 4)No Dual accounts 5)Family Home Page *If have one* must have a Sulate 6)Home page can be used to bomb, but online status must state who is currently bombing. 7)All Family Memebers must Fan & Rate & Friend the Host *Rubias* 8)NO Blasters 9)NO cheating....if you think there is cheating pls have proof before comming to me ie. screen shot. 10)NO NO Drama at all 11)Have fun!!!!!! NOW ON TO THE GOOD STUFF: PRIZES: First Place: 1 month blast or 3 month vip Second Place: 2 week blast or 2month vip Third Place: 1 week blast or 1 month vip *Winners need to inform the Host on how the prize will be used or that it can be done so.* Please see me at the picture l
Even though it's Thursday and still rather busy I don't have much to do. I don't know how I'm going to make myself look busy for the next 'Keith' knows how many hours. On another note... In less than a week....
Oh Hai! It's Happy Hour!
One of my bestest friends is very close to leveling, help her out? xxxx HellzAngel ~ The Little Evil That Could ~@ fubar
My First Confession
Lets see... today i am sick ... very dizzy and a bit irritable.. although sex is great when you cant think straight i've always found... or when you have a fever... nothing like a hott twat... or so im told.. . Whats the shame in being honest? free speech rocks ..... right...
You Have No Idea!!!
*judge me & ill prove you WRONG; *tell me what to do & i'll tell you OFF. *say im not worth it & just WATCH where i end up. *call me a BITCH, & i'll show you one. *fuck me over & i'll return the favor twice as BAD. *call me crazy. but really YOU HAVE NO IDEA!
After the Last line, he Blocked me, Fucking Moron...
You Are
You are my heart, my soul, my treasure, My today, my tomorrow, my forever, My everything!
I'm just trying to find, the better part of me. I just feel like crying, But all i can do is fall to my knees. It's not easy to be alone, When you have no one to love or care for you. Now i can feel the tears rolling down my cheek, As i dream of a guy to care to care for me. I want a guy who is so true, And wont make me cry or feel so blue!
Suicide Girls And You!
Ok so a little over a year ago I sent a photo into Suicide Girls and was accepted almost immedialtely. The next step was a photo shoot in which I would have to pose nude for the majority of the shoot. Fully nude. Only for the initial shoot though. I am completely comfortable with myself and was beyond excited. I had the photographer, makeup artist, place, etc. (Thanks Michelle and all!) Within about a week, I clammed up. Freaked out. I was horrified about my family and friends possibly seeing me totally naked on the internet. The shame it would cause! I have not spoken of it since (seriously anyway). Now I wonder what would be different if I went through with it. I am also considering getting over myself and just f***ing doing it. Who cares really? I see my family like twice a year and what the hell would they be doing on Suicide Girls anyway! Ew! So I have decided if I am going to do it, it needs to be now. But, should I? Hmmmmm........
My Thought Of The Week For Women
i have decided after alot of thought that women must be evil why else would they act the way they do at times
Love Heals
Love Heals I want to bury your pain in the valley of my soul Unleash your fear, help you become whole Wipe your memory clean with the sweep of my lips Slow dance you to heaven, my hands on your hips Mend your heart with tiny threads of compassion Sew up your soul in a precision like fashion Hold you close until you're safe and secure You will sleep like a baby that I assure I'll carry you away to a place near my heart Together, forever we will never part Floating away on a cloud of affection Kisses light up the sky with our magic connection jskins
Just So You Know
I just got home from seeing Snoop Dogg and let me tell you, it was f*cking amazing! If you get the chance to see him in concert I recommend you treat yourself to his show. However, I do not recommend you going if you are allergic to mary jane or have an issue with it because you will be high off of contact smoke if you don't hit directly. On another note, I will be seeing Projekt Revolution on Saturday and am going to cream myself seeing MSI and Placebo. Yea! Next Thursday is T.I. and about 10 other concerts over the course of September-November. I know you don't care but screw you I'm posting this anyways. Please leave me comments. They make me smile.
Location To Creature Feature!!!
Are U A Friend?
Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans. This article focuses on the notion specific to interpersonal relationships. In this sense, the term connotes a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, and affection. Friends will welcome each other's company and exhibit loyalty towards each other, often to the point of altruism. Their tastes will usually be similar and may converge, and they will share enjoyable activities. They will also engage in mutually helping behavior, such as exchange of advice and the sharing of hardship. A friend is someone who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflective behaviors. Yet for many, friendship is nothing more than the trust that someone or something will not harm them. Value that is found in friendships is often the result of a friend demonstrating on a consistent basis:
Just Be Yourself...
To Be or Not to Be" Be understanding to your enemies. Be loyal to your friends. Be strong enough to face the world each day. Be weak enough to know you cannot do everything alone. Be generous to those who need your help. Be frugal with that you need yourself. Be wise enough to know that you do not know everything. Be trusting enough to believe in miracles. Be willing to share your joys. Be willing to share the sorrows of others. Be a leader when you see a path others have missed. Be a follower when you are shrouded by the mists of uncertainty. Be first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds. Be last to criticize a colleague who fails. Be sure where your next step will fall, so that you will not tumble. Be sure of your final destination, in case you are going the wrong way. Be loving to those who love you. Be loving to those who do not love you; they may change. "Above all, be yourself
Try to check in with someone at work or school who needs to know you're on their side. It could very well be that they're totally in the dark and need your support way more than they even realize. ---------------------------------------------------- Which of you Fu-Peeps need me??????????
Something I Found... Wanted To Share.
Have you ever noticed that the worst way to miss someone is when they are right beside you and yet you can never have them? When the moment you can't feel them under your fingertips you miss them? Have you ever wondered which hurts the most; saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had? I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say. There are the things you get ashamed of because words diminish them; words shrink things that seemed timeless when they were in your head... to no more than living size when they are brought out. Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them. If you do, they might break your heart, but if you don't, you might break theirs. Have you ever decided not to become a couple because you were so afraid of losing what you already had with that person? Your heart decides whom it likes and whom it doesn't. You can't tell your heart what to do. It does it on its own. When you least sus
Naughty Application
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU!
What I've Learned
I've learned that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I've learned that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. The same goes for true love. I've learned that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I've learned that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I've learned that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I've learned that you can keep going long after you can't. I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I've learned that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I've learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its p
Trying To Leave Comments And Shouts...
Not sure why people set their comments and blogs to friends only. I understand friends only for pictures. I try to leave comments and cant't. I don't just collect friends on my page. I take the time to read people's profiles when I get friends requests. Just get disappointed when I cant leave them comments to let them know they are just a name or a number on my list.... Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.
I Need 100kcomment Plz Help Me Out Im Behind Again
help me out plz
Noahs Ark
In the year 2007 the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in England and said,” Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me. Build another Ark and save two of every living thing along with a few good humans." He gave Noah the CAD drawings, saying, "You have 6 months to build the Ark before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights." Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard-but no Ark.” Noah!" He roared, "I'm about to start the rain! Where is the Ark?" "Forgive me, Lord," begged Noah, "but things have changed. I needed Building Regulations Approval and I've been arguing with the Fire Brigade about the need for a sprinkler system. My neighbours claim that I should have obtained planning permission for building the Ark in my garden because it is development of the site, even though in my view it is a temporary structure. We had to then go to appeal to the Secretary of State for a d
It Isnt
it isnt because any of you it is becaues i am renting this computer and i fell short of money to pay for it this month so i have to get it back next month
A Visitor In The Night
She entered the room where Dylan lay sleeping. She was a vision of beauty with her long blonde hair, bright green eyes, and smooth light-brown skin. She spoke his name just loud enough to wake him. Then she slipped off her white nightgown exposing her large, supple breasts along with the rest of her slender, yet curvy, body. Although he had never seen this woman before he was not afraid. He was very much at peace and, not to mention, very aroused at the sight filling his eyes. He sat up and stared at this gorgeous creature as he felt his cock begin to harden. She began moving toward him as if she were gliding across the floor. Dylan felt his heart race and his cock begin to throb. After what seemed an eternity the stranger now stood by the bed right next to him. As Dylan sat there mesmerized, the beautiful stranger wasted no time in taking control of the situation. She pulled the sheet back and climbed on the bed. She moved her lips toward Dylan's and gave him the most
Andrew. What more can I say? He is the best guy out there in the world, he is the first person, first male in my life that I can actually say cares for me, the way I need them to. He’s so close to a father figure, something I haven’t known in 12 years. And it brings me to tears every time. He is someone I can call day or night, someone who will just sit there on the phone and let me cry and not ask questions, but just make it better. He’s the kind of guy who will, show up unannounced and say lets go for a drive. He is my guardian. He protects me in the time of need and he makes the tears stop for the time of joy. Ex-marine, so believe me when I say, you can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to do. I’m his angel and he’ll protect me from end on. Andrew, you don’t know how much you mean to me, you don’t know how hard it is for me to trust you, for me to let you in, when all I’ve known from male father figures is heartache and pain. Please don’t hurt me like the others, please just
Knew You Were A Fudge Packer Hickerbilly Back to Story - Help GOP officials: Craig to resign Saturday By JOHN MILLER and MATTHEW DALY, Associated Press Writers 1 hour, 18 minutes ago Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig will resign from the Senate amid a furor over his arrest and guilty plea in a police sex sting in an airport men's room, Republican officials said Friday. Craig will announce at a news conference in Boise Saturday morning that he will resign effective Sept. 30, four state GOP officials told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity. Word of the resignation came four days after the disclosure that Craig had pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge arising out of his June 11 arrest during a lewd-conduct investigation at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The three-term Republican senator had maintained that he did nothing wrong except for making the guilty plea without consulting a lawyer. But he fou
'Lughnassad' means 'the funeral games of Lugh', referring to Lugh, the Irish sun god. However, the funeral is not his own, but the funeral games he hosts in honor of his foster-mother Tailte. August 1st marks the Celtic holiday of Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-na-sa), which is the beginning of the grain harvest. In days past, candidates for king would go to the Fayre of Tailtiu. Tailtiu was the queen of the Fir Bolg (an ancient celtic race) , the daughter of Mag Mor and the foster mother of Lugh. She died of exhaustion after the labor of clearing the lands of Ireland for cultivation, and in commemoration, Lugh held a festival for her. Two weeks prior to festival day, it was customary to climb a hill and survey the land before harvest. The festival then commenced, and lasted for four weeks – two weeks past the actual day. The last chaff of wheat or grain to be cut was kept and crafted into a corn doll, symbolizing Lugh. At Lughnasadh, she is called the Corn Mother. In the spr
The Magickal Broom
The Magickal Broom Witches ride brooms...because nature abhors a vacuum! ~ Amethyst Brooms are ancient tools of magick. European folklore is filled with tales of brooms and their ritual uses. Though often associated with witches, brooms can be found in virtually every household in every country in the world. Every day, millions of these bristled tools are used in quite ordinary ways. Why, then, do they possess such a mystic aura? This is revealed by a look at the broom's function. Brooms are used to sweep. Sweeping cleans; it purifies. Brooms have long been associated with purification and protection. In the past they have been made of windle straw, bean stalks, bullrush, thorn branches, mullein stalks or ragweed (mugwort or wormwood); but the most traditional witch's besom is a brush of birch bound by willow to a shaft of ash. The broom is a symbol of domesticity as well as sexuality. Standing vertically in its normal position, the broom is a phallic symbol, but inverted, it
Last Time
“When was the last time you wanted to say it all to the right person? To have it all come out right, to surprise yourself at how together you could be. When was the last time you ever met someone who made you want to give it all to them? I mean give yourself to them. Where you couldn't express yourself enough - like you wanted to cut off one of your arms to be understood. That's it - you would cut your head off to have someone understand you. You know how pointless that one is. You know how many times you've smashed yourself to bits on the rocks.” ~Henry Rollins
Cry A River
If a broken heart could cry a river To float my boat upon I would cry all night my love and in the morning be gone to travel far away from here where no one knows I cried because you told me you don't love me and a part of me has died If I could sail my boat upon that salty sea and leave behind this hurt I feel I'd take the chance and flee but no...I'd love you still If a broken heart could cry a river to float my boat upon I would cry all night my love and in the morning be gone If I could sail my boat upon that salty sea would you change your mind and go with me come sail on my salty sea... come sail away with me...
Let Joy Flow Freely
How is it possible to know joy? It comes when you simply allow it. Joy requires no special conditions. You can experience joy in the smallest of moments as well as in the most magnificent situations. Even in times of sadness and loss, there is room for joy. That joy, melancholy as it may be, comes from the realization that your sadness means you sincerely care. See joy as something you give rather than something that has to be created for you. Understand that joy is a choice you can make at any time, and you will experience it in abundance. Put joy into what you do, and you will do it better. Give joy to your relationships, and they will grow strong. Joy will come when you let it. Let joy flow freely through the moments of your life, and the rich value it gives will always be yours. -- Ralph Marston
Air Supply. Ha....80's Rock.
Torture Boundless. Fearless. Writhing. Flesh pressing flesh A simple touch, leading to divine Two bodies merging, feeding, living Flesh pressing flesh The feeling of merge making light Fluids travel between closed mouths Your lips finding my soul I see the scream within your sex It calls to me, bringing an animal to bare Scents fill the room The shallow walls vibrate with our motion The ropes bind my heart The pain shields my soul Your binds hurt my flesh Your love kills fear I give it all away Inside of you Inside of you.
hi guys i will not be online today i'll be watching college football allday today GO BUCKS
Late Night Shopping - A True Confession
Late Night Shopping - A True Confession Wendy took full advantage of the supermarket boy's package. I'd been using the same supermarket for months, always shopping at night when it was quiet. Grocery shopping was a chore, but a big compensation was the fit young men hired to help shoppers pack their groceries and carry them o their cars. Students mostly, making a bit of money on the side. One in particular had taken a fancy to me - a tall, really built guy, with a cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eye. One night I had an extra heavy shop. I’d just split up with my boyfriend, and I was comfort buying. Wine, chocolate, cakes…All substitutes for sex. My special bag boy was on duty, and the way he looked at me told me he’d sussed out my frustration…and was happy to help me with more than just my shopping. As we approached my car, I couldn’t really see his big sexy body very well in the darkness, but I was aware of him, and my own body was responding to his presence. When the s
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Request For Pictures
I'd just like to know if anyone has a request for any type of picture I should take next. Stop by and let me know.TY
No More Nsfw Photos Here
I was looking through FUBAR lately, just reading the BLASTS and tickers going by. Some of the pictures are outrageous. Are these pictures you would want your family to see, your grandparents, your mom and dad, your brothers and sisters, your nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, or your children or grandchildren. I had a couple photos in my album but only my friends were allowed to see now I have deleted that album. Don't look for NSFW here.
Gerd Meets Frey
Gerd Meets Frey Gerd: "To Barri, the wood which both we know, you compelled me to come, now answer! Are you the Van who would woo me with threats and never take no as reply? Nor bribe of gold nor gruesome curses will win the heart of a woman. Always the gods deal ill with us giants; why should I wed you, Frey?" Frey: "To turn your heart, my last hope were runes, but your magic is stronger than mine: Enspelled by your beauty I´ve spent my days since I saw you from Hlidskjalf´s height. Little I care if I live or die, if I feel not your arms enfold me. I will honor and love you; even my father wedded one of your kind." Gerd: "Why should go from my glaciers and rocks, my home in the mighty mountains? What shall become of the wastelands I own, if indeed I would follow you, Frey?" Frey: "With green I will cover the grey of your mountains, make fertile the rock-strewn fields. Grass will grow on the ground that was barren, a beautiful garden for Gerd.
Calling All Dsc Members
Simple Man
Shinedown lyrics "Simple Man" (cover) Mama told me when I was young Come sit beside me, my only son And listen closely to what I say. And if you do this It will help you some sunny day. Take your time... Don't live too fast, Troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman and you'll find love, And don't forget son, There is someone up above. (Chorus) And be a simple kind of man. Be something you love and understand. Be a simple kind of man. Won't you do this for me son, If you can? Forget your lust for the rich man's gold All that you need is in your soul, And you can do this if you try. All that I want for you my son, Is to be satisfied. (Chorus) Boy, don't you worry... you'll find yourself. Follow you heart and nothing else. And you can do this if you try. All I want for you my son, Is to be satisfied. (Chorus)
Ok Ladies
ok ladies i know this sounds like i\'m really perving & yes i am in a way but if your up for it & willing itas your choice. i need a boobs pics again this time for my father inlaw ,lol .so if your are willing i don\'t need no face or body just a a boob shot turned a 14 to either side. lol i wonder how many going to bar me for this request lol.maybe i should do a contest on that lol?
Girl's Got A Girlfriend
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Is Anyone Out There?
You are feeling strong enough for nearly any challenge -- and you should expect to find some situation worthy of your talents facing you soon! You may need to draw on untapped resources to overcome. ---------------------------------------------------- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! LOL ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS.....
Tied The Knot Fer The Second Time!
Covers Just About Everything...
Okay, well I have found that drinking a coffee before going to bed just isn't a good idea for me..because now, I am wide awake. This gives me time to think about all kinds of for once, my blog will be about everything..rather than just a particular topic. First, what to do..and not do..before going to bed...this seems to be something I might want to follow as How To Get A Good Night Sleep 1. No caffeine before bed. It is a stimulant and will keep you awake (trust me on this is the reason I am up at 5:22 am talking to all of 2. No sodas or sweets. The sugar content will keep your mind running faster than flash gordon (hope I am not the only one that remembers that cartoon..if so, I feel so 3. Have a food cut off time. This is so your body will be done its processes and won't be busy digesting when you want to catch some Zzzzzs 4. Have a warm bath..this can really get rid of the days stressors..and let your musc
I Loved Him
Wat a mistake iv become i can fill tha tears fall az i slowly fall to tha ground,i slowly whisper i love him cuz 4 now i breath no more hes riped ma heart out n torn it into pieces he once loved me bk now i mean nutin to him 4 witout i breath no more I'm so sick i fall to tha ground and grab ma head and scream
Flyff stands for Fly for Fun, it's a free Korean-made MMORPG. Now, the english translations are horrible (and funny), but the graphics are adorable. when your character hits level 20, you can buy brooms/boards to fly aroudn the world on. My main character, Araea, has a broom. Most people like the boards... they look like flying snowbaords, actually. at level 15, you can take on one of four job quests (and at level 60, you can do another depending on what class you picked first). Jobs go like this: Magician- Psykeeper or Elementer Acrobat - Ranger or jester Mercenary - Blade or Knight Assist - Billposter or Ringmaster It's easy as hell to make Penya (the in-game money) too. Right now, at level 36, i have over 900,000 penya. opening shops is the thing to do. Monsters will drop little purple chests (quest items) occasionally. these sell anyway from 5,000 each (as i sell mine for) to over 50,000 each (as some crazy people do... but people will buy them... you need them
Waves Painted roses of midnight, now float upon the lake. Playing oh so merrily, while the hour grows so late. Wafts and gentle breezes, the perfume of the trees. The smell of far off oceans, and the call they hold for me. The moon so high above us, tucked where none can find. Paradise for lovers, a place for us to shine. Clothes strewn round about us, two bodies in the sand. Nature looks upon us, the lady and her man. Our bodies in gentle motion, for us time will stand still. As hearts race close together, and the air now seems to chill. Your song above no other, the stars all seem to laze. Like fires on the beaches, We burn a mighty blaze. Morning finds us smiling, our bodies entertwined. Content with what I'm given, leaving part of me behind. D. Cohen
Positive Thinking
Search Video Codes Positive thinking is a practice - positive thinking is something you learn over time. Positive thinking is not something that you were born with. The Creating Power course that I will introduce you to teaches you how to train your mind and subconscious mind to become more positive so that you practice positive thinking throughout your life. A little background about positive thinking. I'm sure many of you have heard of positive thinking and probably have read books about the subject. Many people believe that positive thinking is something you do on occasion. I often hear them say: "I'm a positive thinker, things will improve I know that." This is good - but it's not enough to create positive results in your life. Why not? Because positive thinking is not an attitude that you turn to when things go wrong. Positive thinking is not something you do on occasion or keep in the back of your head. Positive thinking is a practice! That's right a practice! Pos
Unfurled Hunger - Poem
Unfurled Hunger By Crimson Angel Dangerous levels, Of unbridled lust. The hunger surging, Becoming a must. Pain and anger, Boiling within. Animal urges, Unmistakeable kin. Painful wails, Tears that never show. Binded by bloodlines, A soul that begins to glow. Neverending thirst, Relief soon to come. Beauty lies close to home, Guilt finally numb.
To All My Friends
New Moon Ritual
New Moon Ritual Need: Lavender Incense dipped in vanilla (and allowed to dry), anointing oil, white candle, pink candle, cakes and wine. Cast circle, call quarters and ancient ones, invoke Goddess and God. Statement of purpose: Goddess and God, guardians and ancient ones, I come before you upon this night of the new moon, the night of new beginning, to acknowledge the growing power of the goddess and reaffirm the sacred space of my self and my altar and to invite the protection of the spirits. Close your eyes and feel the energy move around you as you chant: Ancient Witches hearken nigh Earth, wind, water, sky Stars above and Earth below Peace and prosperity, energy flow The energy around me is flowing ,flowing The Goddess's power is growing, growing (keep repeating the last two lines to build energy) Release the energy into the tool of your choice or into a spell candle for later use.
Part 2.....
Here's the problem - most people are thinking of " what they do'nt want" and they wonder why it shows up over and over again. The do'nt want epidemic is the worst plague that humankind has ever faced. When you focus your thoughts; you hold that focus, you are in that moment summoring what you want with the mightiest power in the Universe. The Law of attraction is always working, wheither you belive it or not. Any time your thoughts are flowing, the Law of Attraction is working. When you think of your past, present or future-- it's working Creation is always happening. Everytime an individual has a thought or a prolonged chronic way of thinking. Something is going to manifest out of those thoughts. What you think about most is what will appear into your life. You have creasted your ownlife. Whatever you sow, you reap.
Im Screen Names
for anybody who wants to say hi via IMs, here are the screen names: AIM - cleonjbeville MSN - Yahoo - cleonjames
I Bit Of The L-man (forever And A Day)
Monday 9-03-2007
When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me." ~Erma Bombeck
My Friendship
If I have to be your best friend, if that's all that I can get, then I'll take the job with honor, I'll be the best one yet. I'll offer you my shoulder, I'll show you how I care, I'll be there when you need me, I'm not going anywhere. If I have to be your best friend, the one who hears you cry, then I'll take the job with honor, I'll take the job with pride. My love for you grows stronger then you will ever know, but for you to ever love me I'll have to let you go. You need time to find your purpose, you need time to sort you thoughts. but when the course has ended, and the race is finally run. Remember it was your best friend who has loved you 'till the end.
You're So Vain... You Probably Think This Blog Is About You...
I'd clip those heavenly wings... In sensual dreams... Holding you for a lifetime... Including the rings... Never disregard your feelings... Like i've done in the past... So many regrets... Keeping you under the glass... Of a mythical environment... One in which I could find happiness... But the reality is a fallacy... Those aren't angel's wings... They're the wings of a demon residing in my mind... Reminding me... Of my personal hell... In which hate and anger dwells... You constantly remind me... Of how things could have been... But a life of sin... Held me back from realizing them... In one beautiful moment... When the sky opens up... The rains fall into my eyes and I accept my faults... Too many past decisions... Left me on the edge... Too many hateful words... Wondering what I should have said... But I stand here now... And I see you smile... I beg to God for an answer... but all I hear is...
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hope to see ya there lov stefan
The song unsung, the words unwritten, the dream unawoken, the canvas bare. A tendril of imagination reaches out, unknowingly reaching for light, finding darkness and dispair.
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New Scam Artist
Hope this touches you the way it touched me . . . GOODBYE MOM A young man shopping in a supermarket noticed a little old lady following him around. If he stopped, she stopped. Furthermore she kept staring at him. She finally overtook him at the checkout, and she turned to him and said, "I hope I haven't made you feel ill at ease; it's just that you look so much like my late son." He answered, "That's okay." "I know it's silly, but if you'd call out "Good bye, Mom" as I leave the store, it would make me feel so happy." She then went through the checkout, and as she was on her way out of the store, the man called out, "Goodbye, Mom." The little old lady waved, and smiled back at him. Pleased that he had brought a little sunshine into someone's day, he went to pay for his groceries. "That comes to $121.85," said the clerk. "How come so much ... I only bought 5 items.." The clerk replied, "Yeah, but your Mother said you'd be payin
More Poems... Woman's Point Of View
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I wont compromise whats in my heart. It means I'm living my life MY way. It means I wont allow anyone step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take the time for myself instead of being everyones maid. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and wont become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You wont succeed. And if that makes me a bitch, so be it. ************************************************ I shave my legs,
It's That Time Of The Year Again
Most of you wont understand this blog...some of you will know exactly what I'm talking about. And the ones that cant relate directly to it will relate to it in some way or another. Its that time of the year again. Hunting season just kicked off with the opening day of dove season this past weekend. And thus begins the downward spiral that a few us know as an obsession. Some people get addicted to various things and even have to go to meetings or rehab. For those of us addicted to hunting...that is our meetings and rehab. There is nothing I have experienced quite like it. People meet up and talk before and after hunts. There is the element of friendly competition. But there is also the pats on the back and joy for friends that see success. Most true hunters are more than willing to pass along knowledge and information to help someone else out. I get just as fired up when someone from my hunting party connects as I do when I close the deal. Its a great sport, tradition and obsessio
I Wish Never To See....
I wish never to see.... How do you prove the sky is blue the ocean is wide All I know is how I feel When I look into your eyes Don't ever doubt your trust in me I will always be their with you everywhere I'll give you my heart and deeply in my soul I wish never to see us apart
Well the long weekend is now past. I didnt do much this weekend. I mostly stayed home. Me and my roommate, and her daughter went into town and visited the Digby warf rat rally. for those of you that dontknow. the Warf Rat Rally, is a get together for bikers, in Nova-Scotia. It was the 3rd annual, rally. plus it was the biggest one yet. look in my photos album and rate the pics from the rally.
Desprate(an Attempt With No Sleep To Back It)johnny Cash Makes A Special Apearence At The End Of This.
Dj Pistol 1
I Love My Wife
Just Some Info About This Blog
***** Asterisk are the closets thing I have to stars so I'll use those! * means I didn't like it AT ALL and ***** means I LOVED it! I'm sure you can figure it out from there. Pretty standard. I watch movies of all types. Old classics and new releases. My favorites being Horror and good Comedy. I do NOT like stupid comedy (Dumb and Dumber and Blades of Glory type crap). I'm not big into chick flicks but I do watch them sometimes, usually when my friends make me. If you see one of the movies I blog about and want to add your comments about it, please feel free to do so. But be nice, I will delete anything nasty, berating, or out right mean! You can disagree with my opinions all you like, and you have the right to voice your opinions, but let's keep it civil ok? Other than that, this blog will contain my OPINIONS about movies old and new. I welcome your comments, banters, and attempts at trying to change my mind. Just keep in mind, I'm Irish Stubborn and not easily swayed. All
The Hitchhilker's Guide To The Galaxy
***** Brilliant movie! This has become my all time favorite! I'm not a person who goes out and purchases a movie just for myself. But then this hit the shelves I was there! Bought it the day it was released to DVD and have watched it at least 100 times (or so it seems). This movie is based on the best selling book by Douglas Adams. The adventure begins as Arthur Dent's (Martin Freeman) home is about to be demolished to make way for a by-pass. But he soon finds he has bigger problems. You see, Earth is also about to be destroyed to make way for a new hyperspace express route through our galaxy. Just seconds before this happens Arthur is taken aboard a Vogon ship by his best friend Ford (Mos Def), who happens to be an alien posing as an out-of-work actor who travels around the galaxy as a writer for The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. The Vogon ship happens to also be a part of the destructor fleet about to blow up Earth! This begins an adventure that will take Arthur and his fel
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Oh Grandpa!!
A grandpa walks into a grandson's apartment and sees a condom on the table. "What's this!?" demands the grandfather. "It's a condom," replies the grandson sheepishly. "What do you use it for?" asks Gramps. The grandson is surprised that his grandpa really doesn't know what a condom is, and replies, "I use it to keep my cigarettes dry when I smoke in the rain." To his surprise his grandpa says, "That's a great idea," and goes off to the drug store. He asks the pharmacist for a condom. "What size would you like?" asks the pharmacist. "Oh, big enough to fit a camel."
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My Heart In Words (just For You My Special Friend)
How can I turn away my eyes From this face so beautiful Just like the bright and golden sun Enlightening this cold, wide world In which you refuse to see me At times I feel just like a ghost Cause you seem to walk right through me Even though I hold on so desperately I always fail to reach you As if I just wasn't there Though when the sun has set Your eyes suddenly fly to me Their color as dark as night Sparkling like a newborn star And passion burning like the morning sun No word might pass your lips But your hands seam to speak your heart As we lay there, right under the stars You hold me tightly in your arms Just as if you're never letting go Should I ever ask you What kind of game we play You pretend there's nothing to know What do I even expect from you Well, nothing dear, just some honesty Shout out how you love to be so alone Chase me away with your icy words Act as heartless as you want I might even believe every
Well Crap !!
The Most Functional English Word .......................... Well, it's shit...that's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. Consider: You can get shit-faced, Be shit out of luck, or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, Find a place for your shit, Or be asked to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between Shit and Shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, crazy shits, There is bull shit, horse shit and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit.. Some days are colder than shit,
Im Engaged
hi im engaged to the best man there is. im happy and i am complete now i got my soulmate forever and so does he he has me forever. i love him. for those people who know me yes im engaged and i got it over this past weekend it was so romantic.
Nothing worse than a perpetual stalemate It seems sealed, set in stone, this awful fate Every effort is a waste, every toil, a loss If I had known this price, would've thought the cost I've paid my debt, made amends for my acts And still it feels like I owe some back tax This terrible affliction known to most as life Hurts worse than as if I was stabbed with a knife It's cold, this life It's cold, this world Just remember that you truly are alone in this world It's cold, this life It's cold, this soul And even colder is this heart of mine, buried in a hole Nothing matters anymore except my own well being Looking in the mirror, I can see that I'm a fiend More sex, more drugs, and, of course, rock n' roll None of it seems to ever fill this hole And yet it all gives me peace, rest for just awhile And even in the darkness, I can manage a smile Cuz if nothing else, I'm happy now, it's not my time to take a bow So I'll just keep on chuggin', don't you dare ask how
Candles flicker in the growing cold, Streets are barren, growing old. An eerie chime sounds from a bell, All alone, where the shadows swell. The brilliant moon sits in the sky, As luminescent clouds float by. Wind blew in as darkness fell, All alone, where the shadows swell. Changing colors fall to the ground, Silence is the only sound. Specters break loose from their hell, All alone, where the shadows swell. Along the path, creeping, crawling, Unseen, silent, and slowly falling. All alone, there I dwell, All alone, where the shadows swell. ~yours truly~ salvador bishop
This One(with Red Skelton)will Have You Rolling On The Floor At The End..a Tongue Like That And All He Wants To Do Is ....
The Magic Of Love
The Magic Of Love Love is like magic And it always will be. For love still remains Life's sweet mystery!! Love works in ways That are wondrous and strange And there's nothing in life That love cannot change!! Love can transform The most commonplace Into beauty and splendor And sweetness and grace. Love is unselfish, Understanding and kind, For it sees with its heart And not with its mind!! Love is the answer That everyone seeks... Love is the language, That every heart speaks. Love can't be bought, It is priceless and free, Love, like pure magic, Is life's sweet mystery!!
The Finest Poetry
I wrote the finest poetry with my lips upon your milky skin through this, the only night I have been alive - tiny words nibbled in your soft neck and down your delicious shoulder, a stanza across each warm breast, moist words wandering over the smooth flesh of your belly and down to the verse I was born to write - rapturous art, sacred psalms in perfect rhythm through the wet doors of your magnificent chapel. No woman will ever know these words the way I have given them to you, nor any man sing a song as pure. © All rights reserved
Late Night Depressed Blogging
All of a sudden, now, I get empty nest sydrome in the worst fucking way... My son is leaving for Virgina to be with his girlfriend, and in the same week my daughter tells me that she is going to move in with her boyfriend.. I just can't stop crying ... and I hate that.. They have both moved out before but this time feels much more permanent and ominous.. I know that I won't see my son for at least a year.. and I will miss so much in a year. And I don't like the boy my daughter is moving in with, he is jealous, possessive and above all, stupid. The type of guy I can't stand.. My youngest son is still at home, I am happy about that, butstill I need my kids.. they are the best part of me. They are what makes my life worth anything at all. And I am so upset now...
50 Cent ( Curtis )
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Ho After Man
watch out fo dis ho going afta yo man mxdlatina leave my man alone bitchhhhhh
Oh Goodie!
In the middle of a phone call with Ruby, Cingular drops the call. Because you know they have the fewest dropped calls in the nation. THEN. I just spent the past 45 minutes fixing the fucking server so I can get back online before i left for home. GOD TODAY SUCKS.
My Favorite Song! If You Can Find It Please Send To Me!
Marshall Tucker Band..Am I the kind of Man! Am I the kind of man That lives by his heart Who believes in God almighty Not fearin' the devil or the dark Always there when you need me to be Hold your hand, say I love you In those hours of need Wish you could close your eyes Truthfully one day say them things to me Am I the kind of man That thinks he's strong To stand up in a crowd And admit when he's wrong When you're in trouble To no one else you'll ever plead Knock on my door, say honey You're the man I needed to see Wish you could close your eyes Truthfully one day say them things to me I know I ain't been much But I'm tryin' Things have been rough lately I'm not denyin' But I'm gonna try somehow To be a better man 'Cause my heart and soul Is tryin' as hard as it can Am I the kind of man Who believes in peace Who'll stand up and fight in a minute Over something that he believes Loves all his brothers Treats his elders with respect Never hear
Tender Wisps
The soft flesh of her moist yes upon my lips and arms now reaching around and drawing her nearer nearer nearer to me as we hold our breaths and electricity passes between us - oh the tender wisps of touching softly pressing now together and her tongue my tongue my god I feel the tingle and the tension released as we are one in this great and first kiss. © All rights reserved
Wanna Dj? Come Look At This...if You Havent Ever Djed We Will Train You
Attention!! Have you Ever Wanted To be A Dj? Ohh you dont have experience? dont worry We will train you, So heres your chance....↓ So click the pics and come in and apply Today!
Funny Facts
In Italy a condom used to be called an “English overcoat”. In England people still know a condom as a “French letter”. Condoms are a common way to smuggle powder-drugs across international borders. Condoms can be filled with drugs, tied and swallowed. It happens that a condom leak and a smuggler gets a dieing overdose. Malcolm X sold condoms on the street, when he was young. At an auction an 18. Century-condom illustrated with three naughty nuns was sold for 3.300 pounds. Historians have refused the myth telling; that Dr. Condom, physician to Charles II, invented the condom. A condom can hold about 5 liters of milk.
Geaux Saints!!!!!!!!
Who dat talkin bout beatin dem Saints!!!!
New Dj For Circle Of Friends Radio
I am now officially the new dj for and I'm trying to make sure i have enough songs to satisfy everyone. Can you please email me or shout me and tell me some of your favorite songs? that way if I don't have them i can make sure to get them.
Private Pictures
I don't get it, people put pictures up here to show off, to get rated, or just share.... yet they mark them "PRIVATE". Why? If you don't want others to see or look at them, DON'T PUT THEM UP HERE. I feel that is really stupid and childish. The only pics I can see putting private are NSFW, and then only if you want to let family members see them. You know that commercial that says the people are smart?? THEY FUCKING LIED!!!!!!!
Time To Hit The Brick !
Long day ahead of me tomorrow .. work .. homecoming football game .. and getting my nails done . OO its a Tough Life .. LMAO .. hope you all have a great day tomorrow . Hugs to all !
So Many Years Have Gone
The milk-white moon leaks light into your eyes - I cannot help myself - I'm drawn to you, to draw you closer, to caress you and to say: you are as perfect now as the night I first found stars inside your eyes. So many years have gone, So many dreams recast, but this remains: you are the constellations, constant as the Milky Way sketched brightly in the summer sky tonight and I will love you always, even after all my years have passed and I lay dying. No man can say that he was ever loved more or better than I have been by you, my love. So, come to me tonight by light of this full moon and make love the millionth time with me. © All rights reserved
A Wonderful Feeling
I feel so awasome right now, I saw you for the first time, It was great, I had a really great time with you, Your kisses I love, Your hugs I adore, Everything was so wonderful, I never felt so good before, But, being with you, That totally changed, Just one day/night, It was so perfect, It felt good to get everything in return, I can't wait to feel everything again, Gosh, it was so prefect, I couldn't ask for anything more, Happy, Is what I felt, Wow, I love this feeling, It's a great feeling, I don't want to let go of this feeling, Because, It makes me so happy and everything. Copyright ©2007 Aleia Torres
Missing Chica Let's See What We Can Do
This girls name is donna jou and she is missing in california....if anyone has seen her please call the propery authorities...Thank You(Please Forward this bulletin)
September 7
Graphics Friday Images Top Codes
Prayers For Madeleine Mccann
Remember this sweet child.. Perhaps the truth will be hard to deal with..
Finally Its Friday :)
Wake Up
ok i'm bored so
2000 To Rockstar
SHOW SOME LOVE Keenatastic@ fubar
A Pic Of Me..
You are full of positive, creative energy right now and can easily find solutions to problems other people might not even know about yet. Fix things up from behind the scenes for the time being. ---------------------------------------------------- LOL I don't think anyone would want a crazy guy like me trying to help them out.
Inside The Room Of Your Soul
What Your Soul Really Looks Like You are a warm hearted and open minded person. It's easy for you to forgive and forget. You are a very grounded, responsible, and realistic person. People may not want to hear the truth from you, but they're going to get it. You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you. Your near future is calm, relaxing, and pretty much what you want. And it's something you've been anticipating for a while now. For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust. Inside the Room of Your Soul
Mexican Truck Pilot Program
I am doubtful that many (if any) of you will have any idea what I am talking about, but; it has been in the news especially on Steve Sommers radio show on 700WLW and on Lou Dobbs. This is something that not only effects me proffessionally, but; is sure to effect all of us in one way or another!! So here goes: Our fearless leader "El Presadente" Bush and his appointed lackies in the FMCSA and DOT have found it in their infinate wisdom to open our borders to Mexican truck drivers. That's right, they have given free rien of our nations highways to Mexican trucks! Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against Mexican drivers personally, but; I have been to Mexico many times and have seen thier trucks and seen how they drive. I am sick about this mainly about SAFTEY! Not to mention that jobs, wages, National Security, drug traffic and illegal immagrants are all going to change dramatically eventually due to this! Just some reasons why Your, Mine and Our Families safety on the ro
Don't bust my nuts.. they're tasty. I just said umm TMI.
Come See Us!!!!!!!!!!!
Another Dream!
It Hurts
To live is to search. To search is to find. To find is to love. To love is to hurt. To hurt is to forgive, Or to let the best thing slip through ur hands. A wilted heart, full of blood. destroyed by a former love. when its petals begin to fall, who will be there to catch them all? As time passes slowly by, I watch my life and I cry. I see her standing there. Eyes hidden by her hair. All i know is that Im sorry. Now I wonder, as i worry. does she love me, or doesn't she? silent prayers in the night, trying to help me decides whats right. as i cry, i hear her sigh, and feel a shiver of fright.
Whisk Me Away
Whisk me away on a summer's evening Across the sea and sand. Whisk me away on a winter's morning To a hot and foreign land. Spin me along the marble dancefloor Twirl me once or twice. Spin me on a winter lake's surface Across the glittering ice. So take me away with only your love To kiss and to smile. So take me away on the strength of a kiss To lay in your arms a while. Love me today, forgetting all others Lend me your trust and your heart. Love me for all my imperfections Like a piece of unfinished art.
Where do I begin. I am emotionally DRAINED. I hate drama and that's all there seems to be. I don't want to give up but it looks as if it's heading there. Why WHY can't people communicate. I hate his friends. I have to go...........................................................................
Salute Pics
just in case anybody is wondering.... i took my 5 approved salute pics down because ive decided... i dont wanna be a **ROCKSTAR** or a ~HenchMan~ or even a *fu~king godfather* ive gone as far as i wanna i did re~upload them so people can see im real {{just in case theres any question}} and feel free to continue checkin out my stuff n rating and COMMENTING ill do the same when dial up dont hate me,lol i still need the fubucks to buy drinks,lol and dont forget to stop by n say hi once ina while or you may just end up deleted,lol ***HAVE AN AWESOME NIGHT!!!*** ~nnc~
Sexual Position Number Twelve (sensual)
Lover lover with eyes that shine our bodies and heart entertwine sexual position number nine I liked to do moving on making love to you riding ontop of you arching my back tugging gently to hold yourself back between us deep currents of love chemistry is strong making love literally all night long hold me gently so intimately near feeling your face your lips even your ears gliding your hands across my body complete drawing so slow in and out of me pacing yourself you never do stray sexual position number twelve your smooth body I touch my hands roam you too the passion so strong between me and you you take my legs and sit astride my feet on top of your shoulders they do ride watching you move deeper and slower inside of me sensations of love joy and ecstacy sexual position number twelve we unite with feelings that we can't let go looking into your eyes that holds a tender glow
First Time
First Time For the first time i'm falling in love I can feel it restoring my lifeless heart which for so long I thought my heart was to shattered that not even love it self could fix but i was wrong i fell in love with you as you were falling from the heavens looking at your face which sparkled like the stars in the sky a smile so beautiful it melts my soul from the inside your sweet voice i heard which just flows through my ears and into my heart giving me a feeling a rush i never new existing because of you i have a meaning to live and its to protect you you brought me so much happiness that just killed every ounce of sorrow in me that the greatest thing i can give you back is true love if anything was to happen i would only love you more for your the love of my life this i knew the second i met you i just wish you were mine so i can tell you how i feel but your already taken but thats alright my love for you is real
Today Sex
Sex, Sex, Sex Today I vex, cos there is no sex Tomorrow I vex cos there is sex Amazing that sex excites me one moment Yet the next day I momentarily regretfully repent When I experimented with Moments of sex Today I cannot get enough of sex Today I itch for sex like a bitch Today I yearn for sex and ask when, when, when? Today I dream of sex and juicy sex streams Today I want sex & hunt for my first & last ex Hit me with a sixty-nine That will do me just fine Hit with an orgy of sexual erotic ness Scream out a forgery of moanful gladness Sex, Sex, Sex Today I vex, Because of sex Sex, Sex, Sex Today I vex with my ex Because there is no sex Today I think sex with a flirty wink I think of sex and its erotic stinks I think of sex and the colour pink I think of sex and how it all links In a city of sexuality, creativity and longevity Today I embrace sex Like all races I embrace sex Go back to history and trace When sex was plastered on this place Whe
I Need You!!!
Hey! I need some help. I am in a contest and need a min of 9000 comments to win. Please come show me some fubar luvin and comment bomb on my pic. thank you Hugs Carrie
Love Without
Tears fall into the night, and questions rise inside my heart. My eyes will tell the pain thats felt, just let me fall apart. Destiny speaks of who we are, but where exactly do I stand? My heart breaks then gives again, who will hold this lonely hand? Words unspoken thrive inside, Someone help me to believe. The storms whisper words of knowledge, in which I must retrieve. Love without will never die, or so I find in my dreams. This sacrafice bruises my soul, yet so much more than what it seems. Look past forever and I am there, still alone and on my knees. Because love without will never die, though my existence begs it please! done by christine .
A Pledge Of Love
I think of love, and it scares me, For I know that it's much more, Than the flowers that you sent me, Or the kiss the night before. I hope that from this moment, I will find what true love means, For when found, it lives forever. And outshines your wildest dreams Will you protect me from all harm, When I am old and grey, If so I'll pledge my life to you; Until my dying day. done by christine
A Request..
Don't recommend mums, blogs, stashes, pictures, anything like that to me... I won't look at it and it only annoys the hell out of me. If it's something you REALLLLLY want me to see then personally send me a message. Send me a shout.. whatever. Next person to recommend something to me is coming off my list. K? K. XOXO
I Need To Know
Step up and tell me who my crushes ARE !!!!*)*#$)$*@!(&$@(_$@@!
What A Guys Point Of View Can Be
a friend of mine, "charlee" on my friends list posted this bullitin. i read this and thought, damn, thats exactly what i think. you gals really should read this and tell me what you think of it. it really is true. ..> ..> what a guys point of view can be Body: You might agree with it, but when it actually happens 99% of girls dont realize it 'til it is too late and that guy who did it is so frustrated that he has moved on to someone who will take notice. From a guys point of view: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that
Loves Description
A trillion stars on a crisp winters night. A meteor shower reflected by the ocean's black light. A violet sunset while sitting on a porch. A dew glistening sunrise, shining through the front door. A fuzzy, yellow duckling skimming across a lake. A baby kitten in the palm of your hand, just coming awake. These things of beauty and many more can be seen over time. But as for my womans love, no words could ever describe.
Love Me Love Me Not
Do you love me? Or do you not? you told me once, but i forgot. So tell me now, and tell me true, so I can say that I love you. Of all the girls I've ever met, you're the one, I won't forget. And if I die before you do, I go to heaven and wait for you. From the moment I saw you i knew this was true So damn beautiful my eyes fixated on you. I wanted to hug you, hold you so tight, I wanted to tell you this feels so right. Now i have a voice, my feelings out loud, A smile on my face so happy and proud. A girl with a dream and a dream come true, A girl who has found the one, the one is you! When I first saw you I was afraid to meet you, When I first met you i was afraid to kiss you, When I first kissed you I was afraid to love you, and now that i love you i am afraid to lose you. Love is like a river, or maybe a deep blue sea. Love flows on forever, always and endlessly. Love is something special, something you can't touch or see. Love is amazin
Show Happy Hour Host Love
SHE HAD TO BOMB TOO GET THIS BLAST I BELIEVE 50,000 COMMENTS.... SHOW HER SOME LOVE ~*Pebbles*~ FU gf of babysdaddy_2005 & doverpeak~ FU lover to Babydoll Juggalette*~@ fubar
Newest Member Or Intoxication's X Rated Hotty Member's Punkrock210
Where is your damage? Her fingertips haunt the lines in my face, reverberate like tiny bells after ringing or wind chimes. Only now I notice I am crying, the wetness cold as her warm skin finds it. Everyone here is broken. I tear at my chest with wide gestures, beat it with clenched fists, beg to show her the beating organ underneath. In sobs I never owned before, breathless, dying, maybe finally come to life, I see the truth: it is not in the etchings on the surface of each anguished expression but beneath, within the soughing of each frail heartbeat. She kisses the lids of both closed eyes and I begin to heal. © All rights reserved
No2id Supporters' Newsletter No. 72 - 24th May 2007
NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 72 - 24th May 2007 Contacting us: Call or email the office - 020-7793-4005 or ( Please do not reply to this email. (The from address is not a working email address) KEEP THE PETITION FORMS COMING The NO2ID petition forms are our way of expanding our supporter base. Every person's name that is collected can be added to our mailing list so that they can be kept informed of campaign developments. This is in contrast to the electronic petitions on the Number 10 website, which whilst well intentioned do not help us to reach new supporters. Petition forms can be downloaded from the NO2ID website ( Please spare some time to collect as many names as you can and send the completed forms to NO2ID, Box 412, 19-21 Crawford Street, London W1H 1PJ as soon as possible. Everyone who gives their name and address will get a pack with information about the identity card scheme and the camp
The Global Warming Tax Scam Kicks In
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 04 Sep 2007, 11:28 The Global Warming Tax Scam Kicks In The British government is raising almost double the revenue in so called "green taxes" that it needs to offset the social cost of CO2 emissions according to a new report. An accompanying opinion poll also reveals that nearly two-thirds of people think politicians are using the green issue as an excuse to tax more.
3800 To Rockstar
She wants to be a RockStar..Show her some love Kris10-ized ~ Fu-wifey to Joey James¢¾@ fubar
blood pulsing in my veins somethings wrong with my brain i'm going insane oh god no my insanity grows this is a rhythm about losing my mind but my mind is not mine it lost in time this darkness in my mind is blinding this confusion is binding this separation from the word feels like i'm dieing rolling around on the floor cant take it any more please please help me try to save my sanity
"kissable Or Fuckable?"
Dont Let Go
If you come accrose something in life you love dont let it go
Your Pet Peeves
Ok so everybody has em... what are your top 10 Pet Peeves. Be honest. 1. Fake friends 2. People who act like they own the road cause they have a big a** truck 3. Flakes 4. Rudeness 5. Drama Queens ~ save the drama for yo mamma! 6. Attention whores 7. Guys who are full of themselves 8. People who can't handle their alcohol 9. The drive through cashiers who don't say hello to you and just say $3.75 10. People who think they are better than you just cause they have more $ in the bank.
New Addition
i'd like to announce the arrival of my fu son mr. hormone, he is very loveable and sweet, and a great kid, so everyone show some love to my wonderful son :) i dont know who the father is but dont tell anyone lmao
Re: Update - Truth Information Network - Update
RE: UPDATE - TRUTH INFORMATION NETWORK - UPDATE ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Antonio Date: 09 Sep 2007, 13:32 If you're reading this, you're probably already on my friends list. Can you please repost this so that more people can become networked. Thanks.This bulletin can be found @ Http://emerge-united.blogspot.comAre you fed-up with crooked politicians? Do you think the American people are being lied to? Are you ready to get out there and do something about it? The Truth Information Network was created by people, just like you, who are sick and tired of the corruption in our government. Thanks to the internet, people from all over the nation, and the world, are getting connected and spreading the information that really matters. Remember, one person can be the difference between victory and defeat, and that one person could be you.Mark Twain once said "In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated scorned. Whe
The Bobsy Twins Are Impotent Bin Laden branded `virtually impotent' By BEN FELLER, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 19 minutes ago Seemingly taunting Osama bin Laden, President Bush's homeland security adviser said Sunday the fugitive al-Qaida leader is "virtually impotent" beyond his ability to hide away and spread anti-American propaganda. The provocative characterization came just days after bin Laden attracted international attention with the release of a video in which he ridicules President Bush about the Iraq war and reminds the world that he not been captured. Ahead of the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist strikes, White House aide Frances Fragos Townsend made a clear attempt to diminish the influence — or the perception — of the man who masterminded those attacks. "This is about the best he can do," Townsend said of bin Laden. "This is a man on a run, from a cave, who's virtually impotent other than these tapes."
Cody Mccarver In New Country Weekly Magazine On Shelves Now
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Cody McCarver Date: Sep 9, 2007 6:05 PM
The Beatles - The Long And Winding Road
Yep i am pimpin him out.... He wants this pic in the top PLEASE go rate and comment the hell out of it. Thanks in advance Love n kisses to you all
Neo-cons Enlist Bin Laden's Help To Counter 9/11 Truth
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 07 Sep 2007, 05:21 Neo-Cons Enlist Bin Laden's Help To Counter 9/11 Truth The U.S. government, via its closely affiliated IntelCenter front, is to release a new tape of Osama Bin Laden on the sixth anniversary of 9/11 in a desperate ploy to counter 9/11 truth and a new Zogby poll that again proves the majority of Americans are highly suspect of the official story.
The Dildo Song I don't know if this is gonna work if it don't please tell me....
I Have Wht U Need
Here's a real quickie... guess I just wasn't "in the mood" this morning. i have wht u need: mmm id like to fuck da devils daughter good n hrd The Devils Daughter: I'd like it if you read profiles. ...... no reply...... I'd also like it if people would at least attempt to use the English language as opposed to butchering it!
3 Days To The Bomb Fest Rocks
WELCOME ALL TO THE FALL 2007 BOMBFEST Starts: Sept 15th 12pm est until Sept 30th 7pm est Rules: 1)Bombing Families can team up with other Bombing families. *But need to inform Host pls* 2)Each person in the families must have a Salute 3)Each person in the families must be a level 7 4)No Dual accounts 5)Family Home Page *If have one* must have a Sulate 6)Home page can be used to bomb, but online status must state who is currently bombing. 7)All Family Memebers must Fan & Rate & Friend the Host *Rubias* 8)NO Blasters 9)NO cheating....if you think there is cheating pls have proof before comming to me ie. screen shot. 10)NO NO Drama at all 11)Have fun!!!!!! NOW ON TO THE GOOD STUFF: PRIZES: First Place: 1 month blast or 3 month vip Second Place: 2 week blast or 2month vip Third Place: 1 week blast or 1 month vip *Winners need to inform the Host on how the prize will be used or that it can be done so.* Please see me at the picture link
Give Back My Porn!
Alleged peeper sues police for porn Massive collection worth thousands was confiscated during peeping probe The Associated Press Updated: 3:43 p.m. ET Sept 4, 2007 SAN RAFAEL, Calif. - A man recently jailed for secretly videotaping a woman and a teenage girl has sued a police department for the return of his massive porn collection taken during the investigation. Dennis Saunders, 59, filed suit against San Rafael police in Marin County Superior Court after the department refused to give back some 500 pornographic movies and 250 magazines his lawyer described as unrelated to the peeping case. “There’s absolutely no legal foundation for them withholding perfectly legal adult-oriented material,” Tiburon attorney Jon Rankin said. The video collection alone was likely worth at least $10,000, Rankin said. Saunders was arrested in 2002 and charged with taping the 45-year-old woman and 16-year-old girl in their bedrooms and bathrooms at an apartment complex where he worked. He
Bomber Heat 3 9-8-07 85 Speedway
My Mistake
As I lay here wide awake Recounting all the heartache You've put me through, I realize now that I don't need you. Right now I'm left here with all this pain, And I only have you to blame. It makes me sick thinking about you, It makes me sick thinking about what you put me through, And about all the games you play. How can I still love you after all you've done? How do you expect me to carry on? How do you expect me to forgive you for what you've done wrong? How was I able to live like this for so long? You mean absolutely nothing to me, I really don't care how much you hurt I don't care if I did break your heart, You are the one who tore us apart. I have had all that i can take And that is why you are MY MISTAKE!! June 7, 2007
North Ship
The North Ship I saw three ships go sailing by, Over the sea, the lifting sea, And the wind rose in the morning sky, And one was rigged for a long journey. The first ship turned towards the west, Over the sea, the running sea, And by the wind was all possessed And carried to a rich country. The second ship turned towards the east, Over the sea, the quaking sea, And the wind hunted it like a beast To anchor in captivity. The third ship drove towards the north, Over the sea, the darkening sea, But no breath of wind came forth, And the decks shone frostily. The northern sky rose high and black Over the proud unfruitful sea, East and west the ships came back Happily or unhappily: But the third went wide and far Into an unforgiving sea Under a fire-spilling star, And it was rigged for a long journey.
The Most Amazing Scene I've Ever Witnessed"
(*Please go to the site, Alternet does not allow embedding) Moyers: Justice Dept. Official On "The Most Amazing Scene I've Ever Witnessed" [VIDEO] By Adam Howard Posted on September 10, 2007, Printed on September 10, 2007 In these two excerpts from Bill Moyers Journal, Jack Goldsmith, former head the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department, gives an insider's view of advising the President on the limits of executive power during the war on terror. In the second excerpt, Goldsmith recounts what he calls "the most amazing scene I'd ever witnessed"—the night then White House counsel Alberto Gonzalez and former White House chief of staff Andrew Card, went to the hospital to try to persuade Attorney General John Ashcroft to give his permission on a secret surveillance plan, overriding acting Attorney General James Comey. Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK. © 2007 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved. View t
September 11 By The Numbers
9/11 by the Numbers Death, destruction, charity, salvation, war, money, real estate, spouses, babies, and other September 11 statistics. The initial numbers are indelible: 8:46 a.m. and 9:02 a.m. Time the burning towers stood: 56 minutes and 102 minutes. Time they took to fall: 12 seconds. From there, they ripple out. Total number killed in attacks (official figure as of 9/5/02): 2,819 Number of firefighters and paramedics killed: 343 Number of NYPD officers: 23 Number of Port Authority police officers: 37 Number of WTC companies that lost people: 60 Number of employees who died in Tower One: 1,402 Number of employees who died in Tower Two: 614 Number of employees lost at Cantor Fitzgerald: 658 Number of U.S. troops killed in Operation Enduring Freedom: 22 Number of nations whose citizens were killed in attacks: 115 Ratio of men to women who died: 3:1 Age of the greatest number who died: between 35 and 39 Bodies found "intact":
A Purpose Found In Darkness-dealing With Tragedy Continued
It's been almost a week since I heard the news of her passing. I'm still feeling pretty numb and a little angry, but I've also had time to reflect on what happened. While I may never know the real reasons behind what happened that fateful night, I can put forth my best effort to make this world a little better place before my time here expires. This is a cold and heartless world we live in. There is a complete lack of empathy or compassion toward others. It seems that there are many people in the world that have only one purpose in life, and that purpose is to use and abuse the people surrounding them. This is pure spiritual poison. It was this that led to her demise. Twenty-one year old women are supposed to be going to school and forging a future for themselves. Some want to raise families while others want to have some fun with their newfound freedom. They are not supposed to be lying in a pine box from a gunshot wound. I don't want to be the poison. I don't want t
Unbreakable Silence
Stifled voices stranded in my throat Words are crumpled beneath my tongue Suppressing helpless cries by keep it all in my lungs Dampened screams that turn to squeaks Still I dare the words to come out But it seems it have been locked up Between those voiceless shouts I gathered all my strength To break this unbreakable silence I breathe hard, tried to utter Trying to spill a single sentence But as I murmur through the empty atmosphere Reciting your name in the air All I could ever hear is the cold wind Answering my hopeless prayers.. ** still thinking if i'll revise it, hope u like it. And thanks to THE TASTELESS for her help and correcting some of my mistakes =p.. **well all i wanted is to let her know what i feel for her but i don't have enough guts to do so..
Patrice Lumumba
Patrice Lumumba was the first Prime Minister of the Congo, but was overthrown and murdered less than a year into office.
"It's not a great time for intense conversation, as you may get distracted and run off on tangents -- which can be fun, but might get in the way of a heart-to-heart. Keep the mood light, if possible." Fuck you, horoscope. I have shit to handle.
Happy Birthday to me tomorrow. Ive got to go to a college tomorrow as well. wish me luck?
Connecticut Accent?
So, every once in a while I've been told that I have an accent of sorts... which I've never fully understood since I was born and raised in Connecticut. But then I decided to actually read up on it. I was curious since it just seems so weird to hear someone tell me that. I just assumed that we tend to talk properly (depending on what part of the state you're in) but I ended up reading this article about CT being influenced by NY and Mass. Which makes a lot of sense because Ct is right between them. But at the same time we have different inflections from that of our neighbors. From my part of southwestrn Ct generally our t's and double t's sound more like d's. Like, bottle sounds more like "boddle" or o's and u's tend to sound the same. It's kinda funny dissecting my speech. I'm even doing it now. My friend from Chicago told me that I say "fault" funny. Sounds more like "fult" like there's no "a" in there at all. There's variations all over the state. I just thought it
9/11 Firefighters Say Explosives Brought Down Twin Towers
9/11 Firefighters say Explosives brought down Twin TowersAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Fkn News 08 24 07
The Fuckin News
Im really having a hard time with something lately. I don't know if it is because I am seeing it around alot more or im a little more sensitive to these types of things then I have ever been. Racism. I am so frusterated and deeply angered at the ignorance of Racism. I am from a family that is deeply rooted in racism in the south and it seriously bothers me. God created us all in his image.God is no respector of persons. God does not say if you are of this race you can not enter into the throne room of grace. instead God says ALL can come unto me. so where do we think it's ok to dictate, to seperate and segregate? This isn't just meerly about blacks/whites. Im speaking of all cultures that experiance racism. I for the first time experianced racism against me about 3 weeks ago and it stung me to the core. I was like man this is how it feels! I feel every race was put on this earth to contribute something. we are all interesting in our own special way. I believe God did not intend for al
Meigs & Fox News Attempt To Rescue Official 9/11 Story
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 11 Sep 2007, 14:38 Meigs & Fox News Attempt To Rescue Flagging Official Story On 9/11 Anniversary Fox News introduced their 9/11 anniversary coverage today by promising science would reveal the truth behind 9/11 myths peddled by conspiracy theorists, so their choice to have James Meigs, whose scientific credentials include being a former editor of Entertainment Weekly and Video Review, attempt to debunk those myths was odd to say the least.
Remembering 9/11
I remember exactly what I was doing on that terrible day... I bet you do as well. I was actually about to leave to go teach a DARE class at one of my fifth grade classes and, as habit would have it, watching CNN to get caught up on the day's current events to share with the kids and stay in the loop. As a police officer, my life changed significantly that very day - I have not forgotten what happened... never will Grab a tissue. If you have a heart, you will shed some tears when you listen to the little girl talk. Turn up the volume!!!Turn On Your Volume.They'd go to the beach, hold hands, collect shells, and make sand castles. Even though they were young, this was the start of something new. One day after Mandy's 6th birthday, Billy came up to her and asked "Will you be my girlfriend?" and she said yes. They sat there by the pond and they promised forever.They hugged, they kissed, and their parents knew they were perfect.Every day as they grew older, their love kept growing s
No Matter How Many Times I See This, I Still Cry...
From: !!!NIC-NAC Est. in 1988!!!Date: Sep 11, 2007 12:30 PMGrab a tissue. If you have a heart, you will shed some tears when you listen to the little girl talk. Turn up the volume!!! Turn On Your Volume.They'd go to the beach, hold hands, collect shells, and make sand castles. Even though they were young, this was the start of something new.One day after Mandy's 6th birthday, Billy came up to her and asked "Will you be my girlfriend?" and she said yes. They sat there by the pond and they promised forever.They hugged, they kissed, and their parents knew they were perfect.Every day as they grew older, their love kept growing stronger.They became teenagers, and they loved each other more than ever.They spent their summers together,they had sleepovers, they were the best of friends, and more than anything, they were lovers.They loved everywhere,even if they were miles apart.It was perfect. Years passed and passed and finally, they got married.One day, after Billy got home from
Blurry lyrics Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake and everybody's empty and everything is so messed up pre-occupied without you I cannot live at all My whole world surrounds you I stumble then I crawl You could be my someone you could be my scene you know that i'll protect you from all of the obscene I wonder what you're doing imagine where you are there's oceans in between us but that's not very far Can you take it all away can you take it all away well ya shoved it in my face this pain you gave to me Can you take it all away can you take it all away well ya shoved it my face Everyone is changing there's noone left that's real to make up your own ending and let me know just how you feel cause I am lost without you I cannot live at all my whole world surrounds you I stumble then I crawl You could be my someone you could be my scene you know that i will save you from all of the unclean I wonder what you're doing I wonder where yo
40 Secrets About You. Be honest. [One] Who was your last text from? i don't text [Two] Where was your default picture taken? IN THE LIVING ROOM [Three] What's your middle name? danielle [Four] Your current relationship status? happily married [Five] Does your crush like you back? ??? [Six] What is your current mood? ehhhh [Seven] What's your mom's maiden name? nunya [Eight] What color shirt are you wearing? daniel's white tee [Nine] When was the last time you watched Barney? eric is watching it right now [Ten] If you could go back in time and change something, would you? nope,things happen for a reason [Eleven] Would you rather talk face-to-face, or over the phone? i like both [Twelve] Ever had a near death experience? nope [Thirteen] Something you do a lot? watch reality tv [Fourteen] What did you do last night? Iwatched family guy with daniel. [Fifteen] Who can you tell anything to? daniel,my best friend,my mom [Sixteen] N
4 Friends
FOUR FRIENDS Four friends, who hadn't seen each other in 30 years, reunited at a party. After a few drinks, one of the men had to use the rest room. Those who remained talked about their kids. The first guy said, "My son is my pride and joy. He started working at a successful company at the bottom of the barrel. He worked his way up and now i the president of the company. He's so rich, he just gave his best friend a top of the line Mercedes for his birthday." The second guy said, "Darn, that's terrific! My son started working for an airline, and became a pilot. Eventually he became a partner in the company, and now owns the majority of its assets. He's so rich that he gave his best friend a brand new jet for his birthday." The third man said: "Wow. that's great. My son went to MIT and became an engineer. He started his own construction company and is now a multimillionaire. He gave his best friend a 30,000 square foot mansion." The three friends congr
6 Answers ! Finally !
FINALLY, THE 6 ANSWERS WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: Q: WHAT ARE THE SMALL BUMPS AROUND A WOMAN'S NIPPLES FOR ? A: It's Braille for " suck here. " Q: WHAT IS AN AUSTRALIAN KISS ? A: It's the same as a French kiss, but " down under. " Q: WHAT DO YOU DO WITH 365 USED CONDOMS ? A: Melt them down, make a tire, and call it a Goodyear. Q: WHY WERE HURRICANES NORMALLY NAMED AFTER WOMEN ? A: Because when they come, they're wild and wet. But when they go, they take your house and car with them. Q: WHY DO GIRLS RUB THEIR EYES WHEN THEY GET UP IN THE MORNING ? A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch... AND: Q: WHAT IS A MAN'S ULTIMATE EMBARASSMENT ? A: Running into a wall with an erection and breaking his nose.
Wanna Get
wanna get gangsta homie? well we can do that lets gamble bet 20 dollaz that u dead in tha scramble ill knock u outcha sandals wit the clips n the ammo shoulda known betta than ta ever go n fuck wit a rambo cuz i snap hoe!!!!! n i can make it get ugly stomp u in the face wit the cleets used in rugby beat yo ass ta death after that make yo bitch love me n why cuz im thugging, wit a nine n the slugs, mean lookin at u wit a grimace like the grinch that stole christmas simply infected wit sickness wicked n livin it twisted wouldnt change a thang-so i suggest you get it in yo brain fo i put it in ya quick like bang- bang thats how i split ya dome- so hater go get the chrome dont go ta sleep and lock the doors to your home when its ohn cuz im comin for you though the window pain... makin sure yo ass never live agayn- or breath agayn hoe its a dirty game so keep yo mind in the right place or be anotha body, in a casket case case i have ta break foos told u
Blonde Joke
Bob , a handsome dude, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 PM. He sat down next to a blonde at the bar and stared up at the TV. The 10:00 PM news was coming on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a large building preparing to jump. The blonde looked at Bob and said, "Do you think he'll jump?" Bob says, "You know, I bet he'll jump." The blonde replied, "Well, I bet he won't." Bob placed a $20 bill on the bar and said, "You're on!" Just as the blonde placed her money on the bar, the guy on the ledge did a swan dive off the building, falling to his death. The blonde was very upset, but willingly handed her $20 to Bob , saying, "Fair's fair. Here's your money." Bob replied, "I can't take your money, I saw this earlier on the 5 PM news and so I knew he would jump." The blonde replied, "I did too; but I didn't think he'd do it again." Bob took the money.
"our Two Little Angels"
Dedicated to Summer and Jade. Our light of love will always burn. Heaven's own, sent from above, two little angels with no flaws about them. Only innocence around, filled with love, looking for a light not dim. These two angels so pure, reaching out so far for a little exceptance and hope. Their tiny fingers and little toes, their hearts so gentle, no way to cope. Not knowing what's in store for them, they turnto a loving family within. Their souls so new to this world they're in, they know not even where to begin. So much for them to see and learn, so much at stake, but there's no concern. For the loving family they've entered in shines a light of love that always burns.
Zen Words Of Wisdom
1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 5. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. 6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.
The World's First Male Pregnancy!!
Feelin Myself - Mac Dre
I'm out of this world, not your run of the mill'n My name is fur I'm the owner of the building I'm a stoner and I'm chillin with two bitches like Jack I pimps and I mac drive a Benz and a 'lac man I've been in the back wit the groupies and the stars I've been out front with the thugs in the cars I've been in the yard with the Mexican mafia And I only run with niggaz that'll kill and die for ya I'm popular, I'm a rap star but I live like a rock star running from the cop cars I drop bars wit slaps that Knock hard and I charge with this dick extra large I'm sick of these whores higher than mars and I treat my bitch like an ATM card [Chorus: repeat 4X] I'm in the buildin and I'm feelin myself Man I'm feelin myself She's in the buildin and she's feelin herself She's lookin bad man I'm willing to help Stop it baby your killin yourself come on I got your back you could chill in my I'm feelin myself too Man imagine some of the things we can do You under me Me under yo
Do U Like Chocolate?
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Ultra2007 I Came I Seen I Did.....i Fell Out To Scary
Due to my lack of sleep over the course of the week, things have been pretty .. blurry. My screen said: !Natas updated their stash! I read: !Natas updated their snatch! So, I either need sleep or I need to get laid more often.
I dream of you of your face of your body I feel you even your presence unknowingly...subconsiously I wish for you to wish for me to want me as I do you Ive wished for so long the numbness sets in and the feelings become unglued falling away my dreams are unearthed as you shatter a moment too soon, sweetly i lye awaiting just you but you are yet to return Your strong arms around me your eyes bearing all your face buried in me as i let my walls fall but how can you lie and leave me behind to live in a fantasy world you bring on reality with a blade and game and you leave me to wonder to stir your hopeless and lost you have no past and present no future looks bright for you you hate everything about your life and you bring it full force in all you do you let me believe you were something your not and I played the perfect part as I fell into darkness and carried my heart on a stake of crooked art bodies as one souls to another let me wake up from this dream and let me
I Have A New Home..... Come Hang Out With Me N The Family!
Broken Dreams
Gentle breezes through my hair washed away the lonely tear, icicles inside my heart, broken ashes on my soul, torn and shattered, weak and hollow since you said good-bye. Cried myself to sleep again, wondered how you are. Think about how things have been since you've gone afar. The music plays most all the time to fill the silent nights. To think I let you say goodbye and never put up a fight. Since you said your feelings changed, how am I to feel? My whole life is rearranged, thoughts of how to heal. Broken pieces of my life, the aches that never stop, wondering if all of it was ever really real. I want to borrow in your arms and hear "I love you" as you wipe away my tears. The night is dark, the air is cold. My self suddenly feels very old and bent upon itself. I cry your name, and emptiness is all I hear you’re not here.
Frends aron roso rip
My Letter To Him, Rejected...
It is with much heartfelt love that I am taking the time to write you. I'm not sure if you are aware of how much you impacted my life, so tonight I say thank you God for a man like you. When I think of all of the possibilities, goals, and desires a person can have in a life with a blessed relationship built on trust, love, friendship, loyalty I can't seem to get you out of my heart, soul, head, everything I am that God has created.. You are there standing at my side, proudly.. perhaps in just a dream, but you are there. I'm looking for love on a long-term basis, and perhaps you don't love me now like I deserve, but maybe one day you could learn to. I want to mean the world to one person and in turn have him be the universe to me. I want to lay in his arms at night, in those last few moments before sleep and tell him of all the days events and good night and that I love you... Knowing that the next day will be better than the day prior for it was just practice to be perfect, and I mean
Desires Destiny
So full of passion bursting with zest, so hungry and with such a deep weakness. I want to taste your world, sip form your lips. I want to be in your arms, touch you, hold you, please you. I want you to unravel me, dominate me, complete me. Make fiery love to me. I want to beg and I want to be wild. I want to be controlled and I want to tear through your walls. Melt you to your core, feel your breath on my face. See the fire in my eyes try to capture me, try to knock me down to size. Eat my lust, ride my passion, lift me up high. Drive me deep, deeper than I could ever go. Force me, succumb to me. Want me. Get away from my heart I don't want you there. I want to ravage you, corner you. Put my claws into you. Deep so deep is my desire, my eternal need, my wants are so large, and so varied. I am on fire, destroying my mind, my life. Take me. Explore me, desecrate me. A firecracker ready to explode, I just need to be lit. A wave coming down on you, I will take you under with me to the dept
Picked For A Purpose
fromy friend cecil jacob > >Picked for a purpose > > > >" ...WE WERE CHOSEN FROM THE BEGINNING TO BE HIS " > >EPHESIANS 1 : 11 (TLB) > > > >Do you realise that before you were born, God's plan for you was > >already decided? Paul writes, "...all things happen just as He decided > >long ago" (Ephesians 1:11 TLB). Notice, it says "all things." That > >includes the things you want to run from! > > > >When Jonah tried to run from God's will, God said "No way. My word > >is already established. If I let you escape, I wouldn't be God. If I > have > >to send tornadoes, rock your boat, shake up your comfort zone or put > >your entire life on hold, I'll do it in order to accomplish My > purpose." > > > >When Jonah could go no lower, he cried from the depths and God > >delivered him - just in time to preach in Nineveh. You can go the easy > >way or the hard way, but you'll go! David said in Psalm 77, "Your > > in the sanctuary..." (v.13 NKJ). He also said, "Thy way
Hard Off....
I've run out of options. I have no gas in my car. The payments are behind. It's really sad that my life has been ruined for $10,000.00. It would be funny if some wealthy person read my diary and saw how worthy I am and sent me the money via paypal. That would renew my faith in being human. When so many unworthy people like Paris Hilton can spend that much money on shoes when someone like me NEEDS that money to stop themselves from killing themselves. It's really sad. I mean I know I'm not that bad off. I have a house to live in..for mother wants me out......and things like that...but I'm not that far off the edge. It's funny...I'm to well off to get help from someone like Oprah. I'm not tragic enough to have someone help me....but I am by far the most likely to die from my misery. My mother had taken the only link to the outside. I am alone. The only person that talks to me is my best friend. We are alone in the world. He being the doll that he is offered to by some of m
Pink Floyd "comfortably Numb"
Makin Sure
good evenin we have 2 days until the bomb fest yeahhhh, im askin all familys please make sure all have added me please tell your family not to wait until the last min to do so. once the contest starts i will only add ppl twice a day an the reason for that is i dont want to have to take my attention from the contest more they need this is a very big contest so all my attention needed to watchin wats goin an not addin ppl when thier was more theb enough time to do so please understand have a great day love rubia
Are You On The List?
know i am. every time i fly, i get searched, searched again, and finally searched one last time before entering on the plane. it's not just a coincidence, either. and my luggage always gets messed with. i would have liked to have worn the nice dress i picked out to my grandma's funeral, but it was diverted to florida and i had to struggle to get all the stuff i needed, not to mention a dress. i hate flying so much now that i refuse to do it anymore. ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: The Man Common Date: Sep 13, 2007 4:09 PM Are You on the Government's 'No Fly' List? By Naomi Wolf, Chelsea Green Publishing Posted on September 13, 2007, Printed on September 13, 2007 The following excerpt is from Naomi Wolf's latest book, End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2007) and is used by permission of the publisher. In this timely call to arms, Wolf compels us to face the wa
You Are What?
Giuliani: Clinton smeared Gen. Petraeus Giuliani: Clinton smeared Gen. Petraeus By SHANNON McCAFFREY, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 3 minutes ago Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani on Thursday accused Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton of participating in "character assassination" for questioning Gen. David Petraeus about his assessment of progress in Iraq. Clinton, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was one of several Democrats and some Republicans who expressed skepticism with President Bush's top military general's more positive outlook on Iraq than recent independent reviews. Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker told Congress Iraq remains largely dysfunctional but said violence in recent months had decreased since the influx of 30,000 additional troops earlier this year. "The reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief," Clinton said Tuesday. Campaigning in Georgia, Giuliani assail
19 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity
1. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down. 2. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice. 3. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with that. 4. Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In." 5. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks .. Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso. 6. In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write " For Smuggling Diamonds" 7. Finish All Your sentences with "In Accordance With The Prophecy." 8. Don't use any punctuation 9. As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk. 10. Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face. 11. Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is "To Go." 12. Sing Along At The Opera. 13. Go To A Poetry Recital And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme? 14. Put Mosquito Netting Around Your Work Area And Play tropica
A lesson to be learned from typing the wrong E-mail address: A Minneapolis couple decided to go to Florida to thaw out during a particularly icy winter. They planned to stay at the same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years before. Because of their hectic schedules, it was difficult to coordinate their travel schedules. So, the husband left Minneapolis and flew to Florida on Friday, and his wife was flying down the following day. The husband checked into the hotel, and unlike years ago, there was a computer in his room, and he decided to send an email to his wife. However, he accidentally left out one letter in her E-mail address, and without noticing his error, sent the email to the wrong address. Meanwhile. somewhere in Houston …..A widow had just returned home from her husband's funeral. He was a minister who was called home to glory after suffering a heart attack. The widow decided to check her E-mail, expecting messages from relatives & friends. After
Smothered Round Steak
2 lb Round steak 2 ts Salt 1/2 ts Ground black pepper 1 ts Ground red pepper 1 ts Ground white pepper 1 x All-purpose flour (dredging) 1/2 c Vegetable oil 3 ea Medium onions, chopped 2 ea Bell peppers, chopped 1 ea Celery rib, chopped 1 c Beef stock or water "Smothering is a multipurpose Cajun technique that works wonders with everything from game to snap beans. It's similar to what the rest of the world knows as braising--the ingredients are briefly browned or sauteed, then cooked with a little liquid over a low heat for a long time." Season the roast with one half of the salt and peppers. Dust with flour on all sides. Heat the oil in a Dutch oven or other large heavy pot over medium-high heat, add the steak, and brown well on all sides. Remove the meat and pour off all but 1 teaspoon of the oil. Add half the onions, bell peppers, celery, and the other half of the seaso
My Random Thoughts
Lifes too short for bullshit. Dont use someone unless you plan on getting used in return. Dont go thru life not telling someone how you feel about them. Tell them. We are not promised our next breathe. Keep your friends close,but your enemys closer. Tell your friends how much you care about them. Not only will it make them feel good but their day will go better as well. Life is a journey. It has its ups and downs. Dont go thru life holding a grudge towards someone. Forgive but never forget. You burn me once shame on you,you burn me twice shame on me. We learn from our mistakes. So do others that our watching us without us even knowing. Someone somewhere thinks about you all the time. Now if you only knew who. Tell him or her how much you love and care about them. Even if your not speaking to each other at that moment. Someone is alive today because of you. You took the time one day to talk to them when noone else would. And for that they are thankful. Be thankful for what you have in y
Bye I'm Gone!
5 min and I delete!Have a nice life and God bless you all!
I Won't Let Him Destroy My Relationship!
Ok, here's the deal, I was with a guy named Eric for four years on and off. I was there for him when he got hooked on meth, when he went to rehab and then when he went into community corrections. Well, we broke up about 6 months ago when he cheated on me. That was the end, I wasn't going to take his crap anymore. Trust me there was even more that he did to me, but I don't have time for all of that. Anyways, he was supposed to go to jail for 2 years and it just got reduced to 2 years probation. I know it's wrong, but I was almost happy that he was going away, because that way I wouldn't have to put up with him bursting into my life. Since he has gotten out today he has called me 2 times. He keeps saying how he misses me, how he would wake up in jail thinking about me, how he lost the best thing he ever had. Well, I am in love with an amazing man right now named Jesse. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. What am I supposed to do with Eric. I told him about Jesse and I and he sa
Rice Cakes - Why?
Why did I pay good money for a packet of varnished polystyrene? It's not like they are square so I can't even insulate the ceiling with them.
Pipe Dreams
Everybody has them, I even had them. Everybody who knows me, knows what a fan of wrestling I am. So when I was a kid all I every wanted to be was either a pro football player or a pro wrestler. I came to a realization after high school that I just was never going to be good enough for football. But I knew that I still had that chance to be a wrestler and came within an eyelash of attending a wrestling school. That didn't happen because somehow Stacie managed to throw away the number to the school. I think she did it on purpose, but she will never admit to it. Now my kids have that same dream, Both say they want to be a pro wrestler when they grow up. Even my two nephews say that's what they want to be. Now I have come to another realization. Wrestlers die young, and I see wrestlers of today dying at such a young age. It makes me glad that I never did get into it. Just the other week another famous wrestler that I grew up watching died, Brian Adams, no not the singer. He wrestled under
She Makes Me Happy
my girlfriend is great she can make me smile all the time. when i need someone to talk to she is there for me. i love that she is independant and has a wild side, but has a soft sincere caring side. she has her hands full and still can juggle everything to keep perfect balance. she is on my mind all the time. that is my girlfriend.
Have A Cool Ass Weekend
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-fast Sex-
Eddie wanted desperately to have sex with this really cute, really hot girl in his office... but she was dating someone else. One day Eddie got so frustrated that he went to her and said, 'I'll give you $100 if you let me have sex with you...'The girl looked at him, and then said, 'NO!' Eddie said, 'I'll be real fast. I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down and I'll finish by the time you've picked it up.' She thought for a moment and said that she would consult with her boy she called him and explained the situation. Her boyfriend says, 'Ask him for $200, and pick up the money really fast. He won't even be able to get his pants down.' She agreed and accepts the proposal. Over half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is still waiting for his girlfriend's call. Finally, after 45 minutes the boyfriend calls and asks what happened...? Still breathing hard, she managed to reply, 'The bastard had all quarters!' Management lesson: Always cons
Little Tony
Little Tony was staying with his grandmother for a few days. He'd been playing outside with the other kids for a while when he came into the house and asked her, "Grandma, what's that called when two people sleep in the same room and one is on top of the other?" She was a little taken aback, but she decided to just tell him the truth. "It's called sexual intercourse, darling." Little Tony just said, "Oh, OK," and went back outside to play with the other kids. A few minutes later he came back in and said angrily, "Grandma, it Isn't called sexual intercourse. It 's called bunk beds. And Jimmy's mom wants to talk to you."
Beneath my soul, there is a shell. Something of which I know so well. It's hard, and dark. I got it from; Someone of whom I used to love. They went and threw my heart away. And now my love has gone astray. They killed my pride from deep inside. And from my love, I never did hide. But now I hurt and now I cry. From tears I did hold deep inside. And from my love, I never did hide. They killed my pride from deep inside.
College Girl - Federation
yeah, i just wanna thank you for all the knowledge you've given me. and all that brain you gave me in between your math and english class. i luh you. she's a bad dang she doing her thang that girl right there got knowledge her mom and dad was happy as hell when they sent that girl to college she's a college girl, she's nasty she's a college girl, she's nasty she's a college girl, she's nasty she's a college girl, she's nasty she's a college girl, she's nasty she's a college girl, she's nasty she's a college girl, she's nasty she's a college girl, she's nasty she on myspace, pretty face i seen her when i post my bulletin she was thick as hell, never went to YALE. studied at cal state fullerton, sac state they go irate the hoe's just try to rush me she said she new as hell, her face was pale she cheerleading for washington husky's. her name is pam, she like to suck to date a rapstar is her dream she go to spellmen, mixed breed player on the basketball team
1. Expensive Pussy Most pussy falls into this definition. Expensive Pussy can be recognized by the following - fur coats, $500 dresses, spandex, bright colored shorts, and shirts with greek letters on them. 98% of good pussy falls into this category. Advantages: If you can afford it, it will be great. Disadvantages: Many, mostly in the form of checking account depletion. Often not worth it. 2. Cheap Pussy Very rare. Usually comes in the form of a girlfriend of yours who will not go away no matter what you do. Cheap Pussy can be recognized by the following - she will often pay for dinner, understands when you are broke, calls every day, wants it constantly, easily hurt, but shake it off. Advantages: Inexpensive, guaranteed, loving, will try anything once and sometimes twice. You're lucky if you find this. Disadvantages: Won't go away, possessive, bugs you all the time, can keep you from the tasks of finding other pussy, will eventually want to get married and/or have ch
Angel Of Mine
So, I haven't been here in like, 10 months or something?!! Geez. I guess it is because I've been working, doing night school, and dealing with family and trying to be happy. Got myself involved with a wonderful guy about....10 months! Maybe that is why I haven't been here. Duh. Things are good. Life is good. Love is awesome. Family is good. School fucking sucks. LOL. Have you ever been so hopelessly in love with someone that you don't know how you could live without them? It is a wonderful and scary thing, and I'm lovin' it. I hope everyone can find that some day. Life is just worth living when that happens. It is you and your signifigant other against the world, not against each other. I'm rambling, I know. Loves to everyone!
Poetry & Me
Hi ya everyone!! I've been writing since I was 13 (for you mathematicians out there, that's 20 years). *grins* Some of my friends on here have sent me private letters requesting that I put some of my written works here. So that's what I'm going to do with this blog. I'm going to add the earlier stuff first. As I get that posted, I will add the newer stuff. Just remember to view the year it was written before you "attempt" to counsel me. -- much love
Epitaph (2002)
i told you the tears were done yet you try to hurt me you slice me with your words yet there is no pain you tell me lies and they just reflect i have no fear of you or your tales you isolate me and then come crying you hurt her she didn't cry they are your tears i didn't cry they were your words you are alone this is your epitaph
Attention Artist I Promote Please Read
All about nashville on stage! Current mood: busy Debbie and Ernie tapes shows for PAX TV live onstage at the Nashville Preston Hotel. This performance is then aired on PAX TV Channel 28. Our show is geared for serious singers & songwriters who are looking for exposure in the music business. Nashville Onstage TV Show is broadcast through ION Media Network WNPX airing through Tennessee and Kentucky. This commercial airtime reaches 3.4 million viewers. There is a cost for this airtime 150.00. Because we, like you, are independent. We do not get paid for any or our production. we are charged for this airtime. The artist will perform 2 songs, acoustic or album tracks. This will include interview, website under performance, you also receive a DVD of your showcase with label and jewel case FREE. No Karaoke, no drums. We do not do bands. Due to the for taping and the amount of artist on the show, we do not have the time for set up of bands. Acoustic, the song will sell its self. You can hav
Do I Have Two Hours Of Friends?
I need two hour of friends starting 7-9 pct on saturday fu time and 10-midnight est on sunday. I will have the link so you can start bombing me. so please help out so I can win a 7 day blast or vip. Thank you for all ur help and support. So please help me out. Thank you! Love you all.
something i found to be very important and shared - the types of touching i speak of within are of the pure sort you find with a dear grand mother who bakes you the most scrumptious delectable desserts ever....and every so often....a lover:)- many of us are touch starved throughout our entire lives.....research has found that children who are touch deprived are more likely to be emotionally disturbed, diminished intellectual ability impaired physical growth,reduced sexual interest and deterioration of immune system. animals seem to show the same types of characteristics. so please remember, touching those around you whom you care and love, can help strengthen your bodies center, your core. nothing more powerful. Have a great one!:)
State Trooper
In most of the United States there is a policy of checking on any stalled vehicles on the highway when temperatures drop to single digitd and below. About 3am on cool morning, a State Trooper, responded to a call, there was a car off the shoulder of the road. He located the car, stuck in deep snow and with the engine still running. Pulling in behind the car, with his emergency lights on, the trooper walked to the driver's door to find an older man passed out behind the wheel with an empty vodka bottle on the seat beside him. The driver came awake when the trooper tapped on the window. Seeing the rotating lights in his rearview mirror, and the state trooper standing next to the car, the man panicked. He jerked the gear shift into 'drive' and hit the gas. The car's speedometer was showing 20-30-40 and then 50 MPH, but it was still stuck in the snow, wheels spinning. The trooper, having a sense of humor, began running in place next to the speeding (but stationary)car. The driver was t
Things You'll Never Hear A Man Say
Things You'll Never Hear A Man Say: 1. Here honey, you use the remote. 2. You know, I'd like to see her again, but her breasts are just too big. 3. Ooh, Antonio Banderas AND Brad Pitt? That's one movie I gotta see! 4. While I'm up, can I get you anything? 5. Honey since we don't have anything else planned, will you go to the wallpaper store with me? 6. Why don't you go to the mall with me and help me pick out a pair of shoes? 7. Aww, forget Monday night football, Let's watch Melrose Place. 8. Hey let me hold your purse while you try that on. 9. We never talk anymore
First Time
First Time For the first time i'm falling in love I can feel it restoring my lifeless heart which for so long I thought my heart was to shattered that not even love it self could fix but i was wrong i fell in love with you as you were falling from the heavens looking at your face which sparkled like the stars in the sky a smile so beautiful it melts my soul from the inside your sweet voice i heard which just flows through my ears and into my heart giving me a feeling a rush i never new existing because of you i have a meaning to live and its to protect you you brought me so much happiness that just killed every ounce of sorrow in me that the greatest thing i can give you back is true love if anything was to happen i would only love you more for your the love of my life this i knew the second i met you i just wish you were mine so i can tell you how i feel but your already taken but thats alright my love for you is real
Not Dead
Just a friendly reminder, I am not dead lol
LARNE COLTS 3-2 BALLYSILLAN YOUTH The colts travelled to beltoy for this home fixture and came out of the traps quickly mopping up everything ballysillan through at them and it was no surprise when a deflecte reece mcginley free kick fell to darren tennant to open the scoring.The colts made it 2-0 five minutes later when reece mcginley brought the ball down with his chest and volleying the ball into the net.Now the colts were in full flow and they got a penalty just before half time and thomas spence stepped up and rifled the ball home,but for some unknown reason the ref made him take it again ,but spence cool as a cucumber scored with the retake to make it 3-0.The colts started the second half pretty sluggish and lost a quick goal then ballysillan got a penalty which goalkeeper dylan mcrandal saved but ballysillan scored with the the pressure was on the colts and stern defending from robert watson,,jordan weir,,david christie and odhran kemp kept ballysillan at bay.and
We Are A Dying Breed
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured h
Breathe Into Me - Red
This song is one of the newest on my list as far as age. It never fails to get me going. I am a sucker for a good guitar theme, and the lead singer can carry his voice for ages. I don't have a real story behind this one, so I'll just leave it at
Paypal Alert !! Plz Read !!
Indeed,this is important,so PAY ATTENTION if you have a paypal account!!! A few days ago i recieved a email supposedly from PAYPAL saying there was suspicious account activity and they needed to reverify information in order to give my account full access again(supposedly,my account had "limited" access because of the,i reentered my information.Well,today i got a phone call from BANK OF AMERICA saying that someone had tried to withdraw money from my bank account via WESTERN UNION and failed...BANK OF AMERICA froze my account up immediately as protection...and notified me.Well,whoever the asshole was that tried to get money out of my account didnt realise there wasnt much in it(lol),of course it failed.But i wanted to let EVERYONE know that if you got one of those "scam rings" paypal notices that told you your account now has limited access because of 3rd party activity,please DO NOT FILL IN YOUR INFO!!If you want to verify,go DIRECTLY to the paypal website and emai
Jimi Hendrix..........angel
Wings Of Love (part 1)
When it’s this quiet in the woods, you can hear everything. The sense of hearing sharpens dramatically. I remember as a young man, sitting with my father in the woods, just a bow in hand, waiting for a stag to wander close enough to take the shot. There was always a sense of excitement when you heard the snap of a twig or the rustle of a leaf. Oh for the good old days! Sitting here with my back against the cold surface of a boulder and my ash bow in hand, my ears strain to pick up the slightest sound of pursuit. I can hear nothing. My heart quickens at the thought that I may have lost my followers. With a loud THUMP, an arrow lodges itself into a nearby tree, just missing my head by inches. Without waiting and with no hesitation, I leap to my feet and head further into the wood line. I move as quietly as my Ranger training will allow me. Even the long sword is silent inside of the scabbard the bounces against my leg as I run. I pass thru a small clearing and drop to my kne
Short N Pointless
another sleepless night stricks again spendin hours on end stareing at a blank cealing, nothen to stimulate the mind trying to leave everything behind wounding why this happens night after night, just trying to get by just tryin to hide slight of hand show a worry free human with a mt of guilt and world of hurt never stops to think takes another breath each one less then the last, for ever traped by his past
Friendships End
My life is like a movie I wanna take it and rewind it and forget about what's behind it Sometimes I sit and wonder who designed it Who took a movie and my life and combined it Some people's life is a peace of mind but not mine Its so intertwined with people that don't understand just strictly demand Then they got the nerve to wanna be your friend but you're ready to make a stand On the other hand you wanna fit in So you raise your chin and give em a grin Now you call em your friend but sooner or later the friendships gonna end New Graphics Flowers Images Top Comments
5 Kittens
OK my best friend came over leter that evening after my kitten blog and caught the elusive one which we named Trouble. So we have all 5 now and are ready to find homes for them. If you or anyone you know live in the tri-state area and are interested let me know. Thanks!
100,000 Points And Still A New-fu
how does that happen
Is Passion A Lost Emotion
In my life I have found that people no one in general, have different Ideals on what is Passion. I think Passion is what can bolt out of someone or can be released threw emotion. I dont think Passion is reconized for what it is anymore. It gets confused for Desire, Lust, Greed and is kept in side or pushed back into ones ego. For me passion is what drives me. I feel passion like most people but not in the way I think others do. For instants I love sex but I live for all parts every thing that comes with it good and bad. I want more than just the feeling I want to see the heat and risk the art of bonding with that someone, just to bring the Passion out. What do you think?????
Oh, Really?!
I am going to go absolutely crazy... Well you think that something is wrong then most of the time it is wrong. I wish he wouldnt have said it and still I do... Does that make sense? Well anyways, I was told the guy I think is hot, i want to meet and such has found out he has feelings for his ex... Goddamit, learn that the ex-train is something you are meant to stay off of. But whatever, I tell him like the silly little girl I am to go for it... Am I retarded or what the fuck is going on? I should have shouted to him to just forget about her, take me, take a chance you never know where life will get you, but i didnt. No, i was the bigger person. Fuck that! I dont want to be good, I want to be getting dirty with him. I am not the kind of person to think that every guy I talk to is special. god, no. But this guy is special to me. He got in under my skin and it feels so utter miserable that i get this as a endresult. Well I told him if he wants to chose
Take Me There
There’s a place in your heart, nobody's been, Take me there. Things nobody knows, Not even your friends, Take me there. Tell me bout your momma, your daddy, your hometown, Show me around, I want see it all, don't leave anything out. I want to know, everything about you then. And I want to go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams, and wishes live, Where you keep the rest of your life hid, I want to know the girl behind that pretty stare, Take me there. Your first real kiss, your first true love, You were scared. Show me where, You learned about life, spent your summer nights, without a care. I want to roll down main street, the back roads, Like you did when you were a kid, What made you who you are, Tell me what your story is. I want to know, everything about you then. And I want to go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams, and wishes live, Where you keep the rest of your life hid, I want to know the girl behind
Another Bunch
#12) be hungry like me, or dance like me #2) pon & Zi #21) didnt write down the question, but the answer is prez bush #16) sand shore and waves #34) I put the f in fu. so whats the F? (fuck) #19) Are you one, or do you have a guardian? (angel, in this case I used an angel cat) #38) flagged because you are...? #9) a horse with horses under the hood #39) a vampire by my count this brings me to the half way point in the game.
My Hair, Again.
So I went and got some new dye for my hair. This is what I bought: This is what it came out as: Now keep it mind, it's not styled, so it looks completely flat. Not that it looks good anyway, mind you. I'm ready to just shave it all off.
haha saw ya lookin! :P LMAOO!
Northern Rock Besieged By Savers
Northern Rock besieged by savers Full special report on the global credit crunch Worried savers have continued to flock to some Northern Rock bank branches to withdraw their savings, following similar scenes over the weekend. Bank boss Adam Applegarth said people could withdraw money and that it was "business as usual", while Chancellor Alistair Darling appealed for calm. About £2bn has been withdrawn since Thursday, when the bank applied to the Bank of England for emergency funds. In afternoon trade Northern Rock shares fell 40%, before standing at 33% down. Shares in fellow mortgage banks also suffered, with Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley shares also down. By mid-afternoon in London Northern Rock's shares, which had lost 32% on Friday, fell from 438 pence to 291 pence. 'Bank of England backing' Mr Darling had told the BBC's Radio 4 Today programme that the money of Northern Rock depositors was safe. "If people want to get their
Ppl Need 2 Learn No Means No Im Serious
Re: Chemtrails, Sundogs & Upsidedown Rainbows!
RE: Chemtrails, sundogs & upsidedown rainbows! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Donna Damage 2 Date: 17 Sep 2007, 09:00 Chemtrails to most people are an "out of sight, out of mind" reality. Lately here in the SF Bay area , we have seen few. That doesn't mean the program has stopped or that other areas of the world are not being sprayed out to levels of insanity. The heavy spraying may resume here at any time. We need to demand the end of all aerosol, weather modification and scalar testing now. How long do you think your fragile human body can filter out these poisons? I am very concerned.Hugs and Love to you all.dd----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: gpandtedsmomDate: Sep 17, 2007 8:29 AMreposted with thanks to :From: Pan ManDate: Sep 17, 2007 8:24 AMIt looks like the sun dogs are bringing the upside down rainbows of death for all the dummies who still think chemtrails are only "Con" trails. There's a con going on, to be sur
2 My Twin Skye Happy 25 Years
We met 25 years ago today September 17th....We had our battles n ups n downs but that has made us stronger n we keep growing stronger as the years pass by..Thank u skye i love u
Martial Law/long War/war Plans/ramsey Clark/nader/greenspan
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Lo Date: 17 Sep 2007, 19:04 Dandelion Salad Latest Posts on Dandelion Salad Latest Videos on Dandelion Salad Latest news and videos: What Bush's invasion would look like in the United States (link; map) President Bush settles on Gonzales replacement In Case Of Martial Law, Break Glass By Dale Allen Pfeiffer America's "Long War": The Legacy of the Iraq-Iran and Soviet-Afghan Wars by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Bush Administration War Plans directed against Iran by Michel Chossudovsky Ramsey Clark: Human Dignity Means Nothing To This Administration (video) Ralph Nader: How M
Anntheman Coulters Testosterone-oozing Financialw
AnnTheMan Coulters testosterone-oozing financial advice Wndy [WTC7 = WTF?] Body: They're so smug sitting there in their comfy chairs, dictating who should get bombed. Why don't we bomb your crappy news station? How does that sound? Right after I karate chop you in the adam's apple betch! From: I Dare You To Move Date: Sep 17, 2007 10:29 AM When the truth comes out and everyone is held to account for their actions this woman better fucking hide along with all the other scumbag journolists out there. From: truth09 Date: 17 Sep 2007, 10:20 From: juan Date: 17/09/2007 From: ß®ØØkL¥N§T@®® {..®ØN ƥ@ƱȽ ƻØØȢ..} From: Leo/FightNWO-JUST SAY NO TO FASCISM IN AMERICA!! Date: Sep 17, 2007 12:59 PM News Hounds We watch FOX so you don't have to. "Business Expert" (?) Ann Coulter: It's Good for Wall Street to Bomb Iran Marie T
The Devil
Why Am I Dry?
T-pain Shawty Remix
Tier Jackass!!
for all non-germans (basically the rest of it means "animal jackass". WATCH OUT FOR SQUIRREL O !!
For The One I Truely Love
This is for my baby, Darrell (Tiggerz Groove). Babe am sorry for all the hurt I caused, something I couldn't imagine doin to ANYONE. I want EVERYONE to know and am sure they do know how much I LOVE YOU more than anything in the world aside from my children! Ask them all how much I talk bout you, you see in my profiles I show you off, talk bout you etc!! You don't see it, I may not show it enough but I do!! Am doin my damned best to show you, prove to you how much love I have within for you! Just PLEASE don't leave me, I couldn't bear it! I WILL DO ALL I can to do as you ask and gain everything back. I DO WANT US, AND WANT IT FOREVER!! I LOVE YOU DARRELL LEE NICHOLS!!
Only In Fla My Friends..
Student Tasered at campus forum for Kerry Story Highlights Andrew Meyer was asking questions at forum when campus police grabbed him Speaker, Sen. John Kerry, offered to answer Meyer's questions Police tried to remove Meyer from the room, then Tasered and arrested him University police will hold internal investigation to see if proper procedures used GAINESVILLE, Florida (AP) -- A University of Florida student was Tasered and arrested after trying to ask U.S. Senator John Kerry about the 2004 election and other subjects during a campus forum. Videos of the incident posted on several Web sites show officers pulling Andrew Meyer, 21, away from the microphone after he asks Kerry about impeaching President Bush and whether he and Bush were both members of the secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University. "He apparently asked several questions -- he went on for quite awhile -- then he was asked to stop," university spokesman Steve Orlando said. "He had used his allo
Re: You Are A Slave And These Are Your Masters
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: bobby Date: 18 Sep 2007, 08:05 thanksFunky Vibes!Thanks!CrowleyThanks Don_Anonimus Truth NetworkSJockDate: Sep 17, 2007 3:44 PM
Waves Of Me
Okay, look, I want to drag you to the ground and undress you, sure - I want to hear my name screamed seventeen different ways as waves of me enter you. I want to feel your skin blossom with perspiration and taste it on your top lip, feel your muscles tense, breasts stiffen beneath me, and I want to make you want me more than air. Sure, I want to fold you into me and buzz with heady thoughts of you and I as one organism rolling on the floor, tipping over tall glasses of red wine and tasting it again as it stains our skin. But more than that, you will cause me to forget the sun. © All rights reserved
In Memory
Help Me Name This One Lol
Words cannot explain how I feel, When I push you away, Slowly and mildly my actions versus my words Kill, i try to say what i mean but it leave you in a daze. even though you dont believe me and you will never know, how much i do mean every word that i have said, you are a part of me that makes me wanna grow, your constantly going through my head. wishing i could impress you like no one else has, living and holding onto a dream that wont come true, i will wait until that time even if it means my life will pass, so i hope that you will one day see me and love how i come through. i wanted your trust i earned it through prosperity, i will love you forever until the end of time, until the death of me, always and forever i will be yours and you will be mine. hands touching in the night, memories floating through the air, kissing each other and holding on tight, like it was the last time we would be here. overcoming fights of disease and society, i will be th
She Smiles
When she smiles to me and her light up It fills my heart with warmth and peace, Her laughter fills my head with gentle tickles of electric passion exciting and intoxicating, When she looks into my eyes I can see her soul so delicate behind her silent shell, I want to pull her close into my arms, to keep her safe from the rest of the world, When she touches me, my skin sings with waves of fiery pleasure engulfing and addictive, Her skin pressed to mine fills me with pleasure of a nature that no drug could ever bring, When we walk hand in hand for all to see i walk proudly with her walking beside me, I could ask for no other nor would i want to because of the happiness she gives me, And everyone says that we're really quite different and I oftentimes am reminded it's true, But all the differences really don't matter when you truly love someone who also loves you, No power in the world is greater than true love and true love is as blind as blind can be, I will always lo
What Are Ppl Looking For
when they come by your page and just check you out with not even one rate on anything at all , what do u think they are looking for i mean honestly i have the decency to at least rate ppl if i go onto their page , yea so that sounds bitchy but honestly why go on somones page if u dont rate them
My Friend
Please..Wait..I am Loading my self in your Heart Loading. . . █ 1% ████ 10% ████████ 20% ████████████ 30% ████████████████ 40% █████████████████████ 50% █████████████████████████ 60% █████████████████████████████ 70% ████████&#
You got a body like the devil, and you smell like sex. I can tell you're trouble, but I'm still obsessed. *Kid Rock-So Hot* New Kid Rock music makes Cheryl happy. :-) Heard it one the radio the other morning and I freaked out a little. Mmhmm. Anyways, been working a lot this week. No days off, not sure when my next day off is actually. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a schedule for next week. I'd like to have Sunday off I think. Nice thing about this week is the hours are good. I'm going to be close to, if not over, 40. I doubt they'll pull me out. Friday I'm running a store so it's less likely they'll pull me out. Tomorrow is Stage in Rolla and I really wanna do that store (I'm nostalgic, it was my first store!) but I could do with out Rue 21, especially the backroom. But I am workin with Paula so no worries there. She's such a sweetheart. OH! I'm officially going to Jersey for Thanksgiving again, on Dad's dime. He was able to get me a ticket for $200. And no one has to drive
Frustration With The Ex...grrrr
do you ever feel as though your ex still suffacates you? even after the relationship is ended... and seems like they always make you second guess your actions toward things that matter most... damn i hate that... makes me want to scream... what would you do in those types of situations?
Not Here As Often Lately...
Hi everyone:) I've not been on as often, or as much lately due to upgrading,setting up,, and playing with my pc. Will be back on regularly when I'm happy with my system:) Love you all. Take care...
Uss New York
USS New York It was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center. It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft. Steel from the World Trade Center was melted down in a foundry in Amite, LA to cast the ship's bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept 9, 2003, "those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence," recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. "It was a spiritual moment for everybody there." Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade center steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the "hair on my neck stood up." "It had a big meaning to it for all of us," he said. "They knocked us down. They can't keep us down. We're going to be back." The ship's motto? "Never Forget"
First Of All
First of all... Let me introduce myself, me. That's all there is to it, just me. How many I's I have been since the day I was born is hard to tell, how many I's I am right now... I don't know. I feel perplexed by my changing person although I feel I have stayed the same. Deep down, I have. Changing yet remaining the same. Hmmm, yeah. I have felt insane at many intervals, lost, angered and confused. For the longest time I thought I would always remain chaotic, unbalanced, unsure. Now? I somewhat have faith in me. I guess I could say that, faith, in myself. Who else can I believe in? Yes, I am my own god. The producer of my own fate. The barrier between me and the heaven's is really thin and only I decide if I make it up there or not. I've decided that GOD was only whom I created it to be, so why not choose myself? I have met angels. They told me the stories that went along with life. They showed my heart the goodness that it holds and showed me the way to believing
Re: *d*'s Hate Speech
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: My Hate Speech2 Date: 19 Sep 2007, 08:03 The My Hate Speech Campaign: Fighting the Bigotry of Political Correctness in Defense of EVERYONE'S right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.It's Not About Hate! It's about Freedom of Speech and Expression, and the tolerance of ideas, without which there can be no other search for truth.The definition of bigotry: stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own. Political Correctness is extreme bigotry and those who peddle it are bigots themselves. They certainly peddle as much censorship as they can. There is no acceptable form of censorship in a truly free society, only open debate and discussion. THAT is true "tolerance", the tolerance of ideas. When a freedom is
ok so I kinda like fubar it is a fun way to make friends,but I have a small problem with it aswell. You know If I wanted rude or perverted comments I on my profile or my pics or in my mailbox. I would have said he I'm free for the taking but I can't stand that kinda stuff. Seriously if you are going to rate a profile read it maybe you will actually find something out about that person. Before I rate someones profile I like to read it to find out something about them. I grade it on whether the person seems kool and how the profile looks not on if they are hott. If your going to rate on hottness go to Hott or Not; not here. guys if you leave a comment at least be respectful about it, and ladies do the same. Not every girl/guy on here wants to hear you say oh i wanna do this to you i wanna do that specially if they are with someone. It only causes comflict. Sorry if I come across lame it just annoys the hell out of me.
Check Out The Movie/documentary "the Secret"
A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne, Creator of The Secret "How do I stop my negative thoughts?" - is a question that I have been asked many times. If you have ever asked this question then you will feel such enormous relief in knowing the answer, because it is so simple. How do you stop negative thoughts? You plant good thoughts! When you try to stop negative thoughts, you are focusing on what you don't want - negative thoughts - and you will attract an abundance of them. They can never disappear if you are focused on them. The "stop" part is irrelevant - the negative thoughts are your focus. It doesn't matter if you are trying to stop negative thoughts or control them or push them away, the result is the same. Your focus is on negative thoughts, and by the law of attraction you are inviting more of them to you. The truth is always simple and it is always easy. To stop negative thoughts, just plant good thoughts! Deliberately plant good thoughts! You pla
An Angel Awakes
An Angel Awakes by Valiant© I opened my eyes to a white room. A very white room. It wasn't very bright, but my head throbbed as I tried to focus and think. Slowly it came back to me. I had been cycling home through the streets of south London when a car had pulled out in front of me and I seemed to recall flying through the air, but nothing else. Even in my muzzy thinking I guessed this was a hospital room, so I must have been hurt in the accident. I slowly did a body check and everything moved; it hurt, but it moved. I felt tired and closed to my eyes to think as my body lay under those crisp white sheets, my arms on top of the covers. I have no idea how much later it was, but I heard the door open. I kept my eyes closed and heard someone moving around the room. Slowly I opened my eyes and could make out an angel. Well in fact it was a nurse in a white uniform and belt and one of those white nurses hats. With my semi-focused eyes she looked like an angel with a halo.
Ramblings Of The Criminally Insane
Dr. Laura (Grrrrrrr!!) is an overgrown PLACENTA. Seriously dude...she is a vomitous mass of social distortion. Here is an example of her elusive "common sense" matters of the mind: Husbands need sex, and it's a wife's job to provide it - as much as he wants, whenever he wants it. So contends Laura Schlessinger - better known as Dr. Laura, the ever-provocative radio-show shrink - in "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." She further instructs women to "Get over yourself and under your husband. Make love no matter how YOU feel" If your husband is upset, it is because of something that YOU did. YOU are the bad wife. The Marriage failed because YOU didn't try hard enough. He hit you because YOU didn't do as he instructed. She is PRO-Slavery and Anti-Individuality and women should submit their every thought, movement and action to their husbands. Yet she is the most HYPOCRITICAL BOWEL MOVEMENT I have ever laid eyes on. Why am I having this beef with Dr. Laura you may ask?
Fill It Out Anyone?
Girlfriend AppName:: Age:: Sex:: Birthday:: Lesbian or Bi:: R U Femme, Butch, Dyke or Stud:: Current Location:: Orginally From:: What made you want to fill this out?: Are you single?: What do you like to do for fun?: What are your goals?: Do you smoke/drink/do drugs?: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?: Where would you want to go for a first date?: Can you handle affection?: Do you believe in God?: Do you like sports?: If so what kind?: What do you want out of a relationship (with me)?: Favorite kind of music?: What are your passions?: Screen names:: Any piercings? If so, where?: This or Thatshoes or barefoot: panties or thong: pj's or my shirt: going out or staying in cuddling: DVD or 2-player Gamecube game: share shower or share bath (or either):
These Lonely Nights
Just Open Damn It!!!!!!!
I don't even know where to start this year has sucked to say the least I'm so lost.....I quit my job at the post office and couldnt find a new one for about 3 weeks and that put me in so much debt..........My heart was broken...I was lied too and left to the curb like I never mattered.....i was told I'm amazing and awesome and beautiful and then bam i don't want you get the fuck out the door slammed in my face............I found a new job at the hospital but only as a casual thought my life was getting better I could pay my bills but naw 3 weeks ago my bos decided to tell me that i would no longer have shifts in sept....bastard told me this on aug here i am stuck again no job and the debt I was tryin to pay off has only gotten worse..I'm gonna lose my car, my sanity EVERYTHING good that has happened to me this year has blown up in my face......I've enjoyed tryin to be single and tryed to find someone but how the fuck do you do that when al you can think about is that
today my son started his first day of preschool and he loves it! he had a "blasty blast" lol so i am glad he like it! i'm checking out schooling and trying to see about when i can take my GED tests and what not, then hopefully i will pass the GED tests and then i am going to go to school for a Game Devolpement degree and get my career going! then i talked to one of my friends the other day that i havent talk to forever, hes like a bro to me and i gotta call him soon keep forgetting lol, anywho hope everyone had a good day and keep up the comments and ratings plz! need the points reeeealllllllyyyyy bad lol thanks "The Game" Brian
My Love
When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You."
To The Haters Fuck You
Yes I'm Pissed...and Please don't send me those "don't let the Haters get you down messages...if you want to respond to this bulletin...stand up for whats right...and stand against whats wrong!!!!!!! Last night some weak ass Hater came on my page at 4:20AM and nsfw'd like 20 of my pics...I Know...I know...don't let the Haters get you down...I'M NOT DOWN!!!! I"M PISSED!!!! I think it is stupid that the Cherry Tap community is the people with the power to nsfw pics...there should be a Cherry Tap police dept. that does the should not be allowed that some Hater can come on your page and nsfw pics...that is NOT a good Policy BabyJesus!!! So...Fuck the Policy...Fuck the Haters...I refuse to take down any more pics that I don't feel are nsfw...not when I can cruise around the Cherry Tap community and find 100's of nsfw pics in a couple hours!!! I will NOT follow guide lines that are not enforced on the entire community...FUCK THAT!!!! And if my pics are so Naughty that I am bein
The Beach By Ponys Master
The Beach by Ponys Master © As the summer heat was gliding over the cool sand and they lie there naked on the beach, except for her Collar of Obedience, Pony and her Master relaxed for the weekend. Watching the other bathers heading to the cool tropical blue waters her Master asks if she like what she sees. Pony's reply was quick with desire. "Oh! Yes Master!" "I knew you would." Responded her Master. And with that her Master had her stand up. "Now my Pony, when each couple or individual walks by our spot you are to introduce me as your Master, and proclaim you will do anything for your Master as you are his and only his to please." Pony did not have long to wait as the first couple approached the spot where her Master lay in the sun warming him. As the couple got closer Pony said softly to no one in particular, "This is my Master, I will do anything to please him, I am his and his alone to command." Her Master quickly jumped to his feet with the long leather crop that was s
Sagittarius, The Archer
SAGITTARIUS, The Archer (Good People)
And This Is New?
"Things might be a little strange today -- but not so much that you feel the need for a reality check. It's just one of those weird phases that makes everything seem a wee bit out of sync with your life." Might be... I think this prediction was made on day of my birth. I swear. I don't need a reality check?...So I get a ATM Fantasy Card? Weird phases...ok. What kind of drugs was the astrologist taking today?
Birthday Present
Birthday Present by rgraham666 © This is a little something I threw together for a friend's birthday. She has graciously given me permission to submit it. Please remember to vote and comment. I very much enjoy hearing from my readers. * I'm in the kitchen finishing up the minor feast I've prepared for dinner. It's my lovely little slut's birthday and she deserves to be pampered. Not that I'll ever say so out loud. The door to our apartment opens and I hear her enter. "In the kitchen," I call out to her. I've little need to emphasize these days, she's learned to answer. Her footsteps pad down the hall. I don't turn around as she stops behind me. She remains quiet while I complete the small task I'm working on. Done that, I hold up my right hand, finger pointing at the ceiling. I can barely make out a very low gulp. That gesture means 'attend to orders' and signals her status until I let her know otherwise. "Go to the bathroom," I command her. "Shower and shave.
I'd Be Lying....
I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you that I’m okay. I thought I had it all together. I think I need some space, truth be told it’s hard to wait for the right time to say how I feel with one eye on the clock. I’m feeling all alone and if I could talk and the words would come out right, if they would come out calm, not sobbing or wrong then maybe someone would understand. Maybe someone would see I’m holding loose and have been for awhile I am beginning to finally let go. I know that I could think myself dizzy right now I’m spinning round and round. I’m tired of playing this so called game I’m tired of trying to win….I’m trying so hard to just ignore the tale tell warning signs, I’m tired of trying to listen to my head, I am finally ready to listen to this stone cold heart of mine…I can’t take this heartbreak anymore I can’t stand the constant pain I can’t stand the constant ache. What do you do with a broken heart….broken mind….broken time…broken will…stand still I tell myself an
Mabye I'm Amazed
At Least Darth Vader Knew To Shoot A Gun And Use A Light Saber Hillary Calls Cheney "Darth Vader" Vice President Cheney came up to see the Republicans yesterday. You can always tell when the Republicans are getting restless, because the Vice President's motorcade pulls into the Capitol, and Darth Vader emerges," Hillary Clinton said just now at a $100-a-head fundraiser at Town Hall near New York's Times Square, referring to Cheney's efforts shore up Republican congressional support for the Iraq war. "I'm not invited to their meetings and I don't know what he says or does," she said, in an informal conversation on stage with former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and retired General Wesley Clark. "But all the brave talk about bringing our troops home, and setting deadlines, and getting out by a certain date just dissipated." ==== *garbled noise* George....*garbles noise* Karls your father....use the force...use the pretzel george...
Wild Thing
I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.
Embrace With In The Walls
You cant see the tears I shed; Or hear the voices in my head; I'm looking searching all around; For what I'm searching I have not found. My life is not horrible or unjust in anyway; Its just time to turn and walk away; There is so much love inside to give; The walls I build make it hard to live. I do not trust openly with my heart; It may seem like you're there but really not; The fasaude of beauty is what you hold in your arms. The landscape may seem to be so beautiful; The texture may seem to be so smooth and clear. Just like many paintings its a mask to hide the fear. Embrace me and except me for who I am and you may see, that there is more to me than you ever thought possible; greater than a dream. The gaze you hold with in my eyes; searching for the story that has almost died; This is me and maybe with in time you will be able to see, the sweet and bitter embrace I hold with unopen arms to the world and my heart.
Harmony does not mean that everyone is in agreement. It means that no one is attempting to force his or her opinions on others. Harmony does not mean that everyone is the same. It means that everyone respects and tolerates and even celebrates the differences that give so much richness to life. Harmony is not ever achieved by brute force. Harmony is reached when every individual understands, on his or her own terms, that it is by far the most effective way to live. Harmony does not come about through intimidation or scolding or threats of punishment. Harmony is reached through understanding. Harmony cannot exist where people are interested only in what they can take. Harmony is built through giving. Harmony comes not by giving in or by being weak or by surrendering one's most treasured principles, or by the cowardly attempt to control others. Harmony is the domain of those who are confident enough in their own lives to allow others to peacefully flourish.
Still Smoke Free!
Keep ya updated. I'm still smoke free. Wednesday the 19th was 21 days. Woohoo, 23 days! No cravings! Of course I'm using Snus, but at least I'm not polluting my body with TAR, CARCINOGINS, and the like!! Just good ole tobacco and nicotine. LOL ok enough about me luvin nicotine haha... :P ~LibertyLuvr
A cold rainy autumn night A dim, warm cafe Destiny joined two souls If only for a day ~~~~~~~~~~ He smelled of books and spice His eyes, a charming dark mystic hue Retreaded back to her place For her, this was all so new ~~~~~~~~~~~ All she could envision An ending to all her sorrows Promises of no goodbyes A hundred million tomorrows ~~~~~~~~~~ Two weeks of perfection Ecstasy of the sweetest kind No doubt, it was love He was always on her mind ~~~~~~~~~~~ A fog hazed morning sky Her love must now say his goodbyes As he departs she remembers when He had been an end to all her sorrows, He’s now become a hundred million tears of tomorrows. ~~~~~~~~~~ Endless broken promises Softly echoed whispers The ghost of his touch Drawing painful whimpers ~~~~~~~~~~ Months drag on around her As if nothing has changed Moving blindly forward Her heart, he estranged ~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyday she counts her memories With each tear that follo
Change The Fucking Channel
Go ahead. Leave me for dead, take away my truth. That's all you can do, because truth is all I have left. It bleeds through each orafice, and it lands securely in a trash heap. Next to the used coloring books of yesteryear. But here we are, stuck staring at the sun rise. The scars of your learning listen, but the scars of your ignorance speak. You're not getting over because your soul holds it's bruises well. I'm not getting over because I can't seem to plow these fields. You are my epiphany, diluted in the moonlight And I am your halo, holding it's flame to a wet wick. That's been drowned in the spit of a divine MC. The beatbox plays to your heart strings perfectly But you still just want to change the channel So you can finally bring a sunny day to your iris. When I solidify, I take the form of an abrasion On the forehead a homeless man that's been sitting on that same Crate for half a century. Your inner hunger
Sex Is Sweet, Death Is Bitter, And Love Is Both.
It's gotten to the point that friend is just a four letter word to me Whenever I light the match I just get burned to the third degree. I hate to love you but I love to hate you And I hope beyond all that you can understand why I'm so fucking bitter I've been ran over so many damn times I feel colder than a city winter Love is only a word heard by those who have never owned it Somewhere along the line someone stole all of my useful components But I try not to get bogged down in the symantecs. Don't mind me, I'm just writing the words to a sermon that no one will hear And it's just my nature to be this damn sincere. Sometimes I wish that I had never been blessed with this curse.] I just scare away all the pretty ones with my thoughts so cloudy, yet so crystal clear. My only therapy is to kill this fucking verse. My only real regret is that it never seems to work. Each time I get burned, my rise from the ashes gets stunted by my own mind set. Each time I try
Why Do I Blog About This?
I know that many people use this forum to hook up or whatever. I'm here to meet new friends and hang out too. But when one of our own community members was killed by her boyfriend, well, I just couldn't sit by and do nothing. In my life I am a Social Worker and Therapist. In my job I am an Advocate against Domestic Violence (here after called DV). As such, I feel that if I don't use a forum such as this to educate people about the reality of DV that I would be doing everyone, including myself, a grave injustice. I am well aware that this is not a popular topic. I am also well aware that many of these blogs will be uncomfortable for you to read. Again, it's not a popular topic. But think about may feel uncomfortable reading it; imagine how "uncomfortable" the victims feel living it. And don't say "Why don't they just leave then?". It's not that easy! I invite you to educate yourself. I invite you to step outside of your safe little box and come face to face with this
i am missing my black. any one ???
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Check out the lounge on my profile and show my Home girl some Love DJ Minxy. I am promoting you right now baby. xoxo
I Want You.........
I wanted him ,what more can I say ? And tonight I was going to have him;my way! I was sitting in a chair, when I heard him knock on the door of my suite, " Come in, it's open I called. He came in looking around and not seeing me at first, he shut the door. Turning back his eyes swept the room and landed on me as I stood from the chair I'd been sitting in, my eyes locked with his and I walked slowly toward him, a woman on a mission. He cleared his throat. " I though we were going to dinner." "We were" I replied "But I'm not very hungry I decided I just wanted dessert " His eyes looked me up and down taking in what he saw. I was wearing a very sheer, very short negligee of light blue with nothing under it or over it. I stopped before him; toe to toe, so close I could feel the warmth of his body. " Are sure you're not hungry?" he ask, "oh I'm hungry all right, for you" Holding his gaze I began to unbutton his shirt and pulled it free of his trousers. Slipping my hands under it
To My Good Friend Brown Eyes
When will you let me paint your mouth wide and strong slashes of crimson us. This, our life, is a way of paper that we crumpled together in sheet-breathing. When will you let me tell you of all my blackest secrets. I am afraid to die like this, bottled up inside out. Sometimes I go barefoot here and I pace our lines. I can’t remember who I was. When will you let me fall to wintry silence so that I can simply think of you. The way you smile all crooked broken tree, oh these things that come in the night of loving and laughing and learning and crying and living. When will you let me love you.
Soon To Join Us At Fubar Dave Lambert
GIVE A BIG WELCOME TO THE AWESOME DAVE LAMBERT YOU WILL FIND HIM IN MY FANS OF WHEN HE GETS HERE AND HE IS FEATURED ON MY ROUND UP SHOW TODAY SO PLEASE TUNE IN 2 EST ON DIXIE RADIO INDY BIO "David writes from the heart and gut of life, telling the story without a sugar coat, and, would rather re-write the song 15 times to get it right than just crank out quantity." He's from the small upstate Spartanburg town of Pacolet, South Carolina, the son of a high school principal and coach, and, a secretary for both the local rock quarry and the church. His eldest of two sisters got a cheap acoustic guitar for Christmas one year and all it did was make him want to learn to play that thing as he called it at about age 4 or 5. David always had plenty of music around him while growing up in what started out as a two room house built by his great grandfather, Captain Turner, the real Railroad Man, section boss for the then Southern Railroad, in one of his songs. His fiddle is still around a
Nostalgia is creeping in around the edges -- but it might be getting in the way of enjoying the moment. Denial won't work, so try an overdose instead. You can shake it off if you indulge it thoroughly. ---------------------------------------------------- Who want to be my overdose???
Embarrassing Moment
You know I was just thinking back on some of my old performances yesterday...soooo...I decided to pull out some of my old videos. If you are a performer and you do a lot of performing you tend to tape what you do so that you can go back and critique yourself later. You know, work on things that just arent perfected. Anyhow, I pulled out an old tape from 2005. I couldnt believe my eyes..."where the hell has this tape been the whole time." Well, what was on it...happened to be one of my most embarrassing moments ever caught on tape. LOL there was a reason that video was stashed at the very bottom of the pile. In short....this is what happened... I was asked to perform at a festival that is held in Spokane, Wa. every year. It was held in September, which means its probably going to be pretty warm. I decided to perform one of my signature dances which, balancing a sword on my head while I dance. Due to the weather and the fact that it was so hot...the people in charge of sett
It's Friday
Wow, today is Friday. I love Fridays. Yes, it is a work day but you know it is coming to an end and that you will have 2 days off to do what ever you want. It is always a good feeling. Unless you are unfortunate to have to work on the weekend but that just means your Friday is a Tuesday or something? This has been a really good week compared to the weeks prior. It has been a good week for my 2 boys which means it is a good week for me. Christopher has done well all week in school except for Monday. I am pretty sure it was the mocha's. Anthony is really trying, I think? I hope! Except for a hiccup with him on Wednesday, he has been very positive! He has turned in all his missing work. We really want him to do well and be able to get a job and get his drivers license. He just has to prove himself to us. It may take a while. I had such a productive day yesterday! I worked and got most of a project done that I will finish up today. I was proud of myself! haha I have
The Purse Incident
Last weekend, my cousin came over for Christopher's birthday party. She had the cutest purse! It was black and white with zebra stripes. I told her that I would love to have it. She told me where she bought it and that it was inexpensive and that they should still have more. So, I finally go out yesterday to find this purse. It is no longer there. :( I searched high and low and no cute purse! I was bummed. Bloody Hell! So I go to another store maybe thinking that they might have it and again, I was disappointed. So, it was not meant to be. I go back home purseless and sad. When Peter got home, I told him about it and that I wanted to go to the mall to look for a purse since now I am on a mission to get a new one. He decided to go with me. Why did I bring him? I have no idea?? We went to Macy's and he walked through the purse department in about 3 minutes and said there was nothing there but ugly purses! I was still looking at the first few. I told him that we
I Hate...
Every time we lie awake After every hit we take Every feeling that I get But I haven’t missed you yet Every roommate kept awake By every sigh and scream we make All the feelings that I get But I still don’t miss you yet Only when I stop to think about it I hate everything about you Why do I love you I hate everything about you Why do I love you Every time we lie awake After every hit we take Every feeling that I get But I haven’t missed you yet Only when I stop to think about it I hate everything about you Why do I love you I hate everything about you Why do I love you Only when I stop to think About you, I know Only when you stop to think About me, do you know I hate everything about you Why do I love you You hate everything about me Why do you love me I hate You hate I hate You love me I hate everything about you Why do I love you
Yahoo Messenger
i am on yahoo as dawgbite69
Green Lizard (shooter)
1 oz. green Chatreuse 1/2 oz. 151-proof rum 1. Combine in a mixing glass filled with ice 2. Strain into a shot glass Here you go 'race car 134'.... enjoy.. :-D
Im Over It!!!
what do you do when your heart and your head are telling you two different things? which do you listen to? and you know your heart is very stupid at times? things were easier when i just didn't care. i wonder if breaking me was fun?
What The Hell ???
Why is it whenever I start talking to someone, and I don't send them some kinda stupid picture right away, I am suddenly a fat ugly bitch? Ohhhh excuse me. Was I not quick enough in sending a fucking picture so you can fire off some knuckle-children while ya look at it, wishing you could get your hands on my tits? Well Listen up, motherfucker. I AM NOT fat, I am a BBW with curves in ALL the right places and I am fuckin PROUD of it! Ugly? HELL NO. Not in the LEAST! A bitch? YOU'RE FUCKIN RIGHT I AM! And it's guys like you who make me a bitch. Hope your cock reaches your asshole SO YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF! AND IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR NAKED PICS, GO LOOK AT THE OTHER CHICKS THAT ARE WILLING TO PROVIDE THEM CUZ FROM ME, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!
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You need to check out my webpage! I think you will like it!
From A Prisoner's Eyes
My days are dull and my life is restless, searching endlessly in circles of unfathomable emptiness. My vision was blurred by the uncontrollable intent, the uncontained passion to be free... as painted on my fate's intricate canvas. Life seems to pass aimlessly, a dead slumber of a cuckoo in its lonely nest, as it is trapped in its own hourglass. Blank is my imagination for what is real, my mind drowned in its own puzzles building castles of clouds beyond the moon!

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