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Doing A Giveaway Come Join
doing a giveaway , do 15,000 comments for a ticker, i prefer you to do the comments during happy hour, let me know if ya wanna join by sending me a private message, ty
Another Day
Hey everyone, just wanted to say that If I am not communicating with everyone,like I should.. it's because we have been running our ass off.We have a new home comming in a few weeks and we have run ourselves ragged getting everything ready,,,furniture,etc...getting ready to tear this ol place down,taking things like doors and windows that folks around may be able to use down and just general happy horse shit that goes with it. Hope eveyone is doing well! smile big and smile often.
Help The Freedom Four.. Repost
HELP THE FREEDOM FOUR.. repost ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: VANMETER SAYS FREE RENO NOW Date: 01 Oct 2007, 22:14 These men need our help.You know as well as I do that if it had been you or me that had been ballsy enough to take a stand against the illegal taxes and the privately owned IRS and Federal Reserve that Reno, Danny, Jason and Robert would have had your back or mine the same as they had the backs of the Browns.It's time to stop talking about it and DO SOMETHING about it.These men need attorney(s) and should not have to settle for public defenders, we all know who the PD's really work for and 8 out of 10 times it is NOT the person they are defending.So, if you're ready to help, follow the link below to see what you can do to help.No one is asking for your blood here, folks, just your help. These men stood by their convictions and did their civic duties by exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to stand up and defend against DOMESTIC
Chasing Time Ch. 01
Chasing Time Ch. 01 by Goldlion1 © Something different enjoy ...or not. I met Dr Lewis while researching a story I was writing about time travel for Science Week Magazine. She seemed far too young to be an esteemed scientist, and far too pretty to be a Nobel Laureate. She was very typical of the stereotype sexy secretary, so much so that upon our first meeting I had thought I had been duped. The first time I met her she was a distracted mess, looking tousled and strung out. She was stumbling to explain her simple yet complex notion of time/space. She looked like she had been interrupted in the middle of a frantic screw, sweating, flush and barely able to speak. I was slightly amused by her appearance and at first thought that this may have been some elaborate practical joke. The people I worked with, in order to stave off the boredom of dealing constantly with "facts," were notorious for their twisted sense of humor. Dr Lewis, however, was not as she appeared on that first d
A Drop Of Inque A
A Drop of Inque by HungryGuy © Some people call New York, "Gotham City." Others call it, "Metropolis." Most call it, "The Big Apple." New York is also the home for all sorts of crazies. They range from self-appointed mercenary groups to would-be superheroes. A day doesn't go by that the news doesn't report the daring deeds of the Guardian Angels, Hells Angels, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Dare Devil, Wonder Woman, Captain America, the Flash, the Green Hornet, the Green Lantern, the Incredible Hulk, the Six Million Dollar Man, the X-men, The Tomorrow People, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and way too many others to mention. Larry stopped at a newsstand just after he got out of work Thursday night. He didn't buy it to read, but just to cover his head until he could reach the subway station in the driving rain. Had he read it, he would have learned that, due to a power failure at the cryogenics lab where she was imprisoned inside a block of
Bad Little Bat Ch 01
Bad Little Bat by odderotica © Gotham is a big scary dark city. Barbra grew up here. She is a bright girl, quite small and agile, with a mind and body that match. School come easy for her, as most things did. Still, she was poor. On her Father’s salary, she could not complain. Not even the Police Commissioner makes that much in Gotham, partly to keep the cops looking for bribes and hand outs. Everything in that city seemed geared toward corruption, but her Father was not corrupt. But she was. Her Father worked within the system, within the law. Barbra's friends did not. She trained and studied for years and at 17, she set out to shadow the Batman. A year later, she was 'full partners" in on the whole secret. The next year, she went off on her own again, with support, to best use her own ways. The lights went out, and the backup batteries must have failed. He stopped rolling his joint, stood up and grabbed his piece. With a languid step he stumbled into the kitchen. Lazily he
Batwoman Ch. 01 B
BATWOMAN Ch. 01: AN EVENING WITH CHASE MERIDIAN Upon hearing that, Barbara reached down to her pants and grabbed the zipper. She slowly pulled it down and pulled out the penis she had received last night while she had her nightmare. Chase was amazed by what she was dangling before her eyes as she looked back up at Barbara who was heart-sick about what had happened to her last night. "I told Dr. Thompkins what had happened to me last night and suggested a I make an appointment to run some tests of what I had received last night. I could not reveal my secret identity to the physician, so it was suggested to me that I get a second opinion from the psychological field. It could be permanent and could have far reaching effects down the road so what do you think I should do?" Chase looked back down on the penis that was already stiffening up like a board before her very eyes and calmly suggested something to her. "Why don't you sit back and relax and let me see what I
Better Days A
Better Days a Disclaimer: Batgirl, Catwoman, the Joker, etc are owned by DC Comics and Time/Warner. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. Summary: Saving Detective Montoya brings it's own rewards to Batgirl. Note: This is essentially a post-"Batman: The Animated Series" story (so Gordon knows about his daughter's 'hobby'). But I suppose it could fit into the pre-Oracle days in the comics as well. _______________________________________________________ Better Days Detective Renee Montoya groaned and opened her eyes. The lights above her stabbed right through into her brain. The pain was incredible. This was not one of her better days... As she tried to get up, Renee discovered her ankles and wrists had been secured. She had been shackled to a table of some kind. What the hell happened? She rem
Jade And Argent: Picture Perfect B
Jade and Argent: Picture Perfect Part 2: Several weeks later, Toni got a call from her new agent. A large lingerie company wanted to use her as a model for some of their products. Sol was nothing if not enthusiastic. Toni loved him; he was a big cuddly, teddy bear. "Sol, if you think it's okay. I mean, I've seen the Victoria Secrets catalog..." Sol was practically yelling. Toni could hear his lecherous smirk and smiled. She knew he was totally devoted to his wife in Westchester. "Sol, you're a dirty old man," Toni laughed. Sol protested. "Well, to me that's pretty old." Toni laughed and added, "Anyone over twenty-five is old..." Sol said in a leering voice. "Sol!" "Who's the photographer?" Toni asked. Sol said. "Uh, Sol? Could you, um, you know, put in a good word for a particular photographer?" Toni asked. "She's really good!" Sol began to explain. "Thanks, Sol! I love you!" Toni hung up with a l
Batgirl: On The Town B
Batgirl: On The Town by coltrane (John O'Connor) (lesbian celebrity) (1 of 1) Synopsis: Batgirl, looking for the Green Hornet's help, meets Lenore Case & they end up helping each other. Disclaimer: Batman, Batgirl, the Joker, Gotham City, etc. all are owned by DC Comics (Batman & the Joker were created by Bill Finger & Bob Kane) & Warner Communications. The Green Hornet, Kato, Britt Reid, Lenore Case, etc. were created by George W. Trendle & (I believe) still owned by Greenway Productions & 20th Century Fox. No copyright infringement for profit is intended. This is strictly for fun & prurient interest. ****** Bargirl, somewhat surprised by the Hornet's silent partner, said defensively, "Yes, Catwoman. She hates the Joker too. Occasionally, she and Batman call a truce and so she's in the Miami area. I guess I was the lucky one. May I use the phone? Don't worry, it can't be traced." With a nod from the Hornet, she picked up the handset and dialed a
Silver And Bronze A
Silver and Bronze (1/1) - lesbian celebrity Disclaimer: Batman and it's related characters are owned and copywritten by DC Comics and Time-Warner. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. R'as Al-Ghul, Talia, and Ubu were created by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams. Silver St. Cloud was created by Steve Englehart and Walt Simonson. Summary: Silver St. Cloud is taken as a pawn in the continuing game between the Batman and R'as al-Ghul, then discarded, leaving Talia to pick up the pieces. Note: Spoilers for Detective Comics #476 mainly. The majority of these events take place immediately following the Jokerfish story arc, specifically the "Sign Of The Joker" story. _______________________________________________________ Silver and Bronze 1) Stolen Away >From
Silver And Bronze C
Silver and Bronze John O'Connor Disclaimer: Batman and it's related characters are owned and copywritten by DC Comics and Time-Warner. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. R'as Al-Ghul, Talia, and Ubu were created by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams. Silver St. Cloud was created by Steve Englehart and Walt Simonson. Summary: Silver St. Cloud is taken as a pawn in the continuing game between the Batman and R'as al-Ghul, then discarded, leaving Talia to pick up the pieces. Note: Spoilers for Detective Comics #476 mainly. The majority of these events take place immediately following the Jokerfish story arc, specifically the "Sign Of The Joker" story. _______________________________________________________ Silver and Bronze Talia was nearly perfect from her
October 2, 2007
You are pretty narrowly focused on one friend or family member right now and that might cause a bit of jealousy from someone (or even everyone) else. Try to find a balance, even if it takes a while.
Okay, so I got that job offer from Humana. Only thing is the place that is hiring me is a staffing agency and they are out of state, like Texas or somewhere. Well. They emailed me all these attachments and wanted me to print out all this paperwork, fill it all out, and fax it to them by this morning. Well, this was last night when they did this, around 7. I don't have a printer. Also they need a copy of my diploma, which I don't have. I gave it to my grandma to hold onto when me and Eric got the apartment. I called her last night and she said she could mail it to me but it would probably be Thursday before it gets there. Well, I sent an email back to the lady and told her, "I am waiting on my diploma. My grandma has it and being as she lives two hours away, she would have to mail it to me and it won't get here until Thursday." Not to mention, I'll have to take a urine test and they were wanting me to take that today AND fax all of my paperwork in by today as well. Well, as I said be
Gone Lastnight
sorry to all in my contest about not getting person eliminated lastnight...I spent most of it in the hospital! I have been sick the past few days thought i might have been pregnant...lastnight started puking up blood went to er....not pregnant they think i had a really bad case of food poisioning or soemthing. gave me 2 shots one for teh puking and one to help me sleep. contest will b over tonight at 10 pm mountain time! good luck to last 2 in it!
Seeking Mental Help
people that i know on here who will remain nameless really need too seek some sort of mental help for taking the shit that people say about them an others on the internet as seriously as they do please sek help your a danger to yourself an others pitbull
Good Ol Fubar
still nothin fixed no shocker
misfit an dio cane cry about me blocking them then turn around an block me lol
OMG I swear things keep getting worse!!! I just found out that my ex won't be going to trial for what he did to our daughter until January :( I just want to move on with me & my kids lives NOW!!! I don't want to be stuck in this dumbass town any longer I can't deal with it...I feel so alone & I want my own home, our lives back, someone to hold me at moments like now...GOD I don't know what I did wrong in life to deserve this hell we're going through but I don't know how much more a person is supposed to take!!! So anyhow I am possibly moving to a new town if I can talk my attorney & dhs into letting me...That would help some to be near more family & away from this drama filled town grrrr...I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that justice is served on this man for what he did & protect my kids no matter what...Wish me luck everyone cuz I really, REALLY need it right now...Have a good day everybody :)
Oscw Wrestling Live!!
Are you a wrestling fan? Well then stop by and show your support for local Independant wrestling. Be sure to also check us out on Myspace at OSCW is the place where old school and new school collide. We're not about glitz and glamour but about the abilities just the passion of the business. So check OSCW out and you too can see where the school of hard knocks, knocks back.
End Party
Love is much a flower With petals edged like knives To cut and slash then heal To influence many lives I one saw the face of love And I dare not look again You will see soon yourself Take heart against the pain I hate to see you suffer But there's nothing I can say I could regale you with advice But you have to find your way You see, my dear, I've been there And Love has many faces For you it might be different In Time's vast and empty places So gather up your courage One step will take you there One heart to prove it all Two souls to make a pair
X Games 12 Watch It. Breathless
This Guilt
Guilty as charged Throw me behind bars Throw away the key Cuz I'll never be free Chains on my heart Causing me to fall apart Shackles in my dreams at night Continuing the fight To get out of this cell My own private hell Your need for me is all I'm fed Too much more of this shit and I'll be dead My only water is my salty tears Each one accounting for one more fear It's so dark in here Where you've kept me all these years Sometimes I get outside But then there's no place to hide From you and all your lies With each one another piece of me dies You give me plenty to read But your love is what I really need
Out of the warm and into the cold, Out of the womb and over the threshold. Like the pedals of a budding rose, The new life enters, naked and exposed. Into the light and out of the dark. Into a flame from one little spark. Safe inside arms of serenity, It’s a moment of silent poetry. Comfort found in an alien place. The comfort of a sweet angel’s face. A peace that is found in nothing other, Than finding the arms of one’s mother.
This Is True
Dont leave the one u love for the one u like cause they will leave u for the one they love.
Cancer Needs To Be Stoped I Need Ur Help!
CANCER HAS TO BE STOPPED!! my son has been batteling cancer for the past 6 years of his life he is 7 years old and continues to battle recentley we needed plaitlets and there were none we had to wait a week to find some in another state please give blood soo that my son and other childern dont have to go through what i did thanks WE NEED TO FIND A CURE WE NEED TO FIND A CURE FOR EVERY CHILD WHO HAS EVER SCREAMED IN PAIN OR WEPT IN SORROW BECAUSE OF THIS DISEASE WE NEED TO FIND A CURE FOR THAT GIRL WHO HAS TO Watch at the side as her friends jump rope WE NEED TO FIND A CURE for the boy who will always have to sit the bench as his team plays WE HAVE TO FIND A CURE for the parents of these childdren who have no choice but to hopeslessly watch as there son or daughter fights a battle they would gladley fight in there place. WE NEED TO FIND A CURE for the siblings of these kids who dont understand why there bro or sister is acting soo diffrent &why there parents are
That Lovin Touch
Ecstatic splendor... Lost in bliss. Your warming touch... Your loving kiss. Soft eyes, Smiling lips. Strong hands, Caressing my hips. Roaming to regions, Exploring my skin. A soft cry is spoken; This must be a sin. Feeling so good, Don't want to stop. Your thorough search Sends me over the top. Your mouth against mine, Muting my moans. You speak to me With nothing but groans. Glistening bodies, Arms wrapped around. Hearing your heartbeat.. My comforting sound..
Camel Toe
message me if u have one!!!!
The Rhythm
slowly, everything returns to normal: i could hear your heart beating steadily back to its usual pace, that same rhythm that my heart treads. i could hear your breathing, no longer in short gasps, drawing the same sweet air as i do i could hear your sigh, escaping your lips, as sleep claims you as it starts to lure me too (i could hear the rain outside slowing to a drizzle, no longer raging has the world also stilled to a rest?) and i sigh back, you lovingly rest your head on my shoulder, nestled in the warmth of my embrace.
I Wonder Why
Every night I wonder why he has to go he has to die. every night I lay thinking why I am sitting here having a cry every night I think the worse who fault was it was it a curse every night I lay to sleep cuddle my pillow and begin to weep I no that one day I will wake he will be gone for gods sake he will be dead and never come back I feel empty and so slack if this can be stopped help me please put my family back at ease. let him die, let us cry this is what I wonder why?
My Son's "nuts" :(
Wow, I am so not happy with my son's school. I have had issues with his principal in the past. She tends to be a hypocrite! I have had issues with teacher's in the past. But I have had it now! This is the last year at this school and I am so happy about that. My daughter started kindergarten there. It was a great school back then. All 3 of my kids have gone there. Over the years though, the school has gone down hill. A lot of the good teacher's left and the wonderful principal we had left a few years back. I was tempted to move him to a different school but it isn't so easy and there has to be an opening and it has to be during open enrollment time! I decided to keep him there for the remaining years so he could stay with his friends. I had gone to so many different schools when I was young. I went to 7 different schools from K-6th! So making friends and keeping them was quite difficult and believe it or not, I used to be very shy. No, we were not military either.
A modern day cowboy has spent many days crossing the western plains >> without water. >> >> His horse has already died of thirst. >> >> He's crawling through the sand, certain that he has breathed his last >> breath, when all of a sudden; he sees an object sticking out of the sand >> several yards ahead of him. >> >> He crawls to the object, pulls it out of the sand, and discovers what >> looks to be an old brief case. >> >> He opens it and out pops a genie. But this is no ordinary genie. >> >> She is wearing a Tax Office ID badge and a dull grey dress. >> >> There's a calculator in her pocket-book. She has a pencil tucked behind >> one ear. >> >> "Well, cowboy," says the genie... "You know how I work. You have three >> wishes." >> >> "I'm not falling for this." said the cowboy. "I'm not going to trust an >> Inland Revenue genie." >> >> "What do you have to lose? You've got no transportation, and it looks >> like you're a goner anyway
The fond lips of night do bid you farewell As they close in on shadows; not heaven, nor hell Sleep tight my love, come morning light There will be no more battle, no more wars to fight Submit to the darkness, let your weary head rest Surrender to peace, don't fight for your breath Find not hurt, anger, berayal or lies No sin for forgiveness nor thorn in your side Let your mind wander from the depths of the pain Outside you will find me and home once again For you'll return just as you once did To recover the secrets and the raw truth we hid Sleep tight my love, let go of this world Of the tragedy, the lost souls, and embrace love unfurled Go to the Goddess, she holds you close to her heart Go to the God, you were his child apart So let go, child, and dream of the time When I was yours, and you were mine One day again I will be yours, a new day we'll see So goodnight my love, as I will, mote it be.
Dreaming Desire
Dreaming Desire by DireLilith© Ursule lay naked, stomach down, on the red cushiony mattress, surrounded by the fluffy red pillows and cushions that made up her bedding on the balcony that was her room in the Tower. She snored lightly, barely asleep but asleep enough that when FaernSolen moved over her, naked, she was startled. And pleasantly so. He stretched his long body over her backside, and she could feel him hard against her ass. Purposefully, he pressed himself against her, dangerously close to entering her there. She was shocked. He had never entered her at all. She knew him to be pristine in the ways of women, at least in the ways of this woman. She purred and pressed herself upwards against him, wishing him welcome, if he sought her in such a way. He growled low in her ear. Ursule turned her head to the side, looking at the ceiling of the cavern that housed the Third Quarter of Mertain. FaernSolen was her fiancé, fourth to be exact. But he
Youth And Beauty
A mist creeps in Through a crack in the door Father and kids sleep soundly Mothers feet touch the floor. Feeling a presence In the room below She walks to the stairs And looks at the warm fire's glow. Reflecting off the wall Made of mortar and stone She creeps down slowly To see who was in her home. A handsome man Of gyspsy descent Sits quietly in a chair She already knows his intent. He has been here Many times before He arches his eyebrow She falls to the floor. Her body shivers Waiting for the kiss That will bring her to An orgasmic bliss He plays with her body Like a well tuned guitar This night is different though Tonight he will take her far Into the next life And even beyond This morning's sunrise Was her very last dawn. He plunged his teeth In the soft skin of her neck He dranks all of her blood On her cheek, he placed a peck. He fed her his blood In droplets falling on her tongue From
Hmmm Who Knows....
When she walks away from you mad [ Follow her ] When she stare's at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hit's you [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she start's cussing at you [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignore's you [ Give her your attention ] When she pull's away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she lay's her head on your shoulder [ Tilt her head up and kiss her ] When she steal's your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she tease's you [ Tease her back and make her laugh ] When she doesnt answer for a long time [ reassure her that everything is okay ] When she look's at you with doubt [ Back yourself up ]
Women Need To Know This About Us Men
1. Learn to work the toilet seat: if it’s up put it down. 2. Don’t cut your hair. Ever. 3. Don’t make us guess. 4. If you ask a question you don’t want an answer to, expect an answer you don’t want to hear. 5. Sometimes, he’s not thinking about you. Live with it. 6. He’s never thinking about “The Relationship.” 7. Get rid of your cat. And no, it’s not different, it’s just like every other cat. 8. Dogs are better than cats. 9. Sunday = Sports. It’s like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 10. Shopping is not everybody’s idea of a good time. 11. Anything you wear is fine. Really. 12. You have enough clothes. 13. You have too many shoes. 14. Crying is blackmail. Use it if you must, but don’t expect us to like it. 15. Your brother is an idiot. 16. Ask for what you want. Subtle hints don’t work. 17. No, he doesn’t know what day it is. He never will. Mark anniver
Feeling Blah
I am just not feeling good today. I felt pain in my neck all night which made it difficult to sleep and I woke up this morning with a massive headache. I am really tired of this pain. I call the doctor? no. not yet anyway. I just haven't had the best luck with doctors. I love my ob/gyn and my kids pediatrician but other than that, hasn't been a good thing. I have been blah all day. Went and got my hair cut and colored earlier and it looks great but I feel so tired and lethargic. I have been sitting here working like a busy little bee but I would much rather be laying in my bed right now. I am going to call the doctor right now! Martin keeps telling me to see a physical therapist and I need to. So, I am making the call right now! Okay, just got off the phone with them. They tell me there are no available appointments for the next 2 weeks! What is up with that? Someone is supposed to call me back within the next 2 days to hopefully fit me in. This is on
Username: Stormy
Username: Stormy by Chance_is_a Lady© Brenda is an attractive but shy and lonely woman of thirty-two. She has been divorced for six months now. Even though there are bars where she could go and meet someone, she is not into the bar scene. She had over heard a couple of co-workers talking one day about internet chat rooms. She thought that might be a good way to have someone to at least talk to and relieve some of her boredom. She had gone home that night and searched the internet for chat rooms. She was surprised to see that there were so many. How would she ever pick one? Closing her eyes, she moved her mouse and simply clicked. She just sat and watched the other chatters for a few minutes. They all seemed to know each other so well, she felt like she was intruding on private conversations so she closed the chat box. Going back to the search page, she just went down the list and clicked on several, going in to check them out for a few minutes. After going into about ten diff
A Walk In The Park
Just Another Walk In The Park by BigJohn75© Our day began with a walk in the park. We traveled through the trees, with the leaves crunching under our feet. We noticed the cardinal's in the trees, and the black racer that slithered past us about 10 feet away. We were in search of the perfect place for our picnic. It wasn't easy to find, we didn't really want to be in view of anyone who might be passing by. FINALLY, we found what we both agreed would be the perfect spot for a picnic. Secluded, tucked away from everything else behind a rock with full view of the lake, we laid out our blanket. Setting the basket down, we noticed that it was really a good spot based on the fact that we made a lot of noise getting there and would hear anyone coming if we decided to get naughty. We sat by the river, eating our lunch, talking about things we wanted to do in life, both as individuals and together. As the stories came and went, time flew by, and you could hear someone on a loudspeaker
It's so strange to be on at night. Mrswlfgrl has gone out so it's just me, two dogs and three cats. I know I won't be on long as I just took my meds but it's still something I'm not used to.
Press Conference At 10 A.m. On Browns' Arresta
Press Conference At 10 a.m. On Browns' ArrestA press conference will be held at 10 a.m. regarding the arrest of Ed and Elaine Brown, convicted tax evaders who had been holed up on the Plainfield home. The press conference will be streamed live on MORE DETAILS: />
Re: Speculation Mounts That Browns Were Infiltrated, Tricked
RE: Speculation Mounts That Browns Were Infiltrated, Tricked ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 05 Oct 2007, 13:38 Speculation Mounts That Browns Were Infiltrated, Tricked Speculation is rife that the Browns were infiltrated and tricked before being violently subdued as authorities refuse to provide any details behind their arrest beside the fact that they did not peacefully surrender.
If We Could Go Backwards....
Pumpkin Tag 2
If you want you Pumkin look for it in my albam halloween Tags if it not there means I havent made it yet just give me a shout and i work on it right away for you for you
Crappy Mood
Not in a good mood today.. but it will pass once my son gets here. If you know me you know he is everything to me, and I never miss anything he does. I go to every game, every concert, anything he asks me to go to. Not living close can make it tough at times, but I do it. I had the best dad ever, and I try to be like him. Thats why last night was cruel of my ex, and the reason for my mood today. She could have told me about the game on Tuesday, or any night that I call. But not being there left me mad at her, sad for my son that I missed it, and feeling guilty because I didn't make it. I am sure once I see him tonight my smile will be back, and he is here through monday night so that makes it even better. Nothing planned this weekend, its an off week for soccer so we will just play games and run around and have fun.
I will go down on you & make you extremely happy Then come back up and fuck the shit out of you! Sincerely, Your Gas Prices!
Funny Shit!
Desperation for another’s love But you’re the one I’m thinking of I know not what to say You and I are night and day But yet we are in many ways The same you and I Needless Greed and circumstance Fill our lives with despair We have loved and lost And lost and loved Not knowing how to cope with hate Our destructive boundaries have reached capacity Many a time But yet alike we had not thought about the tomorrow to be The scarcity of help Has driven us mad; And in turn our madness has driven help away However this is not enough for you Unattainable perfection you request I can’t give this to you I am not you I can’t control you I don’t want you I don’t need you I love you.
Women Grrrrrrr, Lol
Women cant live with them and cant live without them, so i guess us men are screwed in that aspect but it does go both ways though!!, anyways you all have a great weekend, its suppose to be storming here so I dunno bout this weekendm hugs and kisses to all you sexy ladies on fubar, have a great weekend :), muahz bye ttyl.
Im The Bad Bytch
Pray For The Families Ofthe Military Woman And Men
Friends Fyi
I'm gonna be working alot of freakin' hours for the next few days so I'll check in but I won't have any time to photoshop anything....see ya!
Re: Forget Impeachment Lets Arrest Bush!!!
RE: Forget Impeachment Lets ARREST BUSH!!! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: bobby Date: 05 Oct 2007, 22:43 ..Brought to You by:The King and Queen of BULLETINS, bobby&∴Trinity∴RE: Forget Impeachment Lets ARREST BUSH!!!
I'm Not A Pet, Puppet Or Piece Of Garbage
This is how I feel right now. I'm not a dog you can hook on a leash and let sit around for hours or days or weeks or even months until you decide i'm good enough for you or some puppet you can hang on by the strings and drag me around. Master of Puppets-Metallica(Hammett, Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton) 1985 Master of Puppets End of passion play, crumbling away I'm your source of self-destruction Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear Leading on your death's construction Taste me, you will see More is all you need You're dedicated to How I'm killing you Come crawling faster Obey your master Your life burns faster Obey your master Master Master of puppets, I'm pulling your strings Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams Blinded by me, you can't see a thing Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream Master Master Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream Master Master Needlework the way, never you betray Life of death becoming clear
Bless The Broken Road
I set out on a narrow way many years ago Hoping I would find true love along the broken road But I got lost a time or two Wiped my brow and kept pushing through I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you Every long lost dream lead me to where you are Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars Pointing me on my way into your loving arms This much I know is true That God blessed the broken road That led me straight to you I think about the years I spent just passing through I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you But you just smile and take my hand You've been there you understand It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true Every long lost dream lead me to where you are Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars Pointing me on my way into your loving arms This much I know is true That God blessed the broken road That led me straight to you
Doing It Her Way
Doing It Her Way by starrkers © Steve opened his eyes, quickly realising it had not been a dream – he really was tied up. His arms were pulled over his head, making his shoulders ache fiercely. Scrabbling, he managed to get his feet under him to take his weight, reducing the strain on his arms and shoulders. His wrists weren't tied, they were chained, the links running up to a beam in the ceiling. His jacket and shirt were gone – he was bare-chested, barefoot and, judging by the blood, he'd been in a fight. The last thing he remembered was leaving a bar after successfully hustling enough to keep him for the next few days. How the hell had he ended up in this predicament? He looked around. He was in a dark, windowless room; the one light bulb struggling to make an impact in the large area. It was damp and cool, probably a basement. He thought he could see a staircase in the gloom off to one side. The room appeared empty, apart from a straight back chair just far enough away t
The Edge Of Wetness
The Edge of Wetness by rockbohunk © The VCR is turned on showing your favorite adult movie. As you nipples get hard, I hand you your nipple necklace to put on. You remove your blouse and bra as I help you adjust the gold necklace. As you fondle your beautiful breasts, I will tend to your restraints. Very slowly, I will attach the fur lined Velcro restraints, first to one wrist, than the other. You feel yourself getting wet as I remove your socks, fastening the restraints to each ankle. I help you to your feet, raising your arms above your head and attaching your restraints firmly to the awaiting hook. Next, I will cover your eyes with the satin blindfold leaving all your other senses to be heightened. You will feel my hands caressing your breasts, feeling my hot tongue on your nipple, then working it's way down to your pant line. You feel the snap on your pants undone and the zipper slowly being pulled downward. You feel my hands press upwards firmly b
The Editor Takes Control
The Editor Takes Control by Nicola_Italia © Lydia groaned inwardly as she massaged her neck. She hated him. She had been asked to stay late tonight to discuss her latest story, which was due out in a week. She didn’t know what he had to say to her, certainly not much. She knew he just wanted to torture and torment her. He was her editor, Ben. She had only been working under him for about 6 months but they had a small bit of history together. Many years ago when they had both been interning at a well-known newspaper they had had a hot, one night stand. He had been amazing. His hands, his mouth, his cock had all been in the right place and well used. She had fucked him all night. They had started slow and zoomed into oral sex, anal sex and anything else he had wanted. She had loved it. She creamed just thinking about it now. But he had married shortly after, and she had never heard from him again. She didn’t know what he could possibly say to her tonight, but her deadline was s
Who Is Barack Obama........
If you do not ever forward anything else, please forward this to all your contacts...this is very scary to think of what lies ahead of us here in our own United States...better heed this and pray about it and share it. THIS DEFINITELY WARRANTS LOOKING INTO. THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED, "ONE NATION UNDER GOD". ALMIGHTY GOD, NOT THE GOD OF THE KORAN. We checked this out on "". It is factual. Check for yourself. Who is Barack Obama? Probable U. S. presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a black MUSLIM from Nyangoma-Kogel, Kenya and Ann Dunham, a white ATHIEST from Wichita, Kansas. Obama's parents met at the University of Hawaii. When Obama was two years old, his parents divorced. His father returned to Kenya. His mother then married Lol o Soetoro, a RADICAL Muslim from Indonesia. When Obama was 6 years old, the family relocated to Indonesia. Obama attended a MUSLIM school in Jakarta. He also
The End Of The Night
The End of the Night by LongJoe © Metallic grey skies had hung over London for days before finally bursting into hours of torrential rain. Tom felt his spirits dampen beyond retrieval. He had been walking in Regent's Park, the grim weather keeping it almost empty; now he needed some resolution to his mood. It was either Mozart on the South Bank or the whores out East. He called a cab but by the time he reached Hungerford Bridge he realised that even Mozart's sublime genius could not rescue him to-night. He gave the driver new directions and they snaked along Embankment for a rendezvous with the hookers instead. It was Friday night and the bright young bucks from the City would be keeping them busy. He knew a small wine bar off the main streets that sold passable Italian wine, had enough customers to allow you to feel inconspicuous, not too many to feel oppressive and stayed open longer than the law allowed. Three quarters of the way through a bottle of Sicilian red, his spiri
Everything Starts Somewhere
Everything Starts Somewhere by kinkandmore73 © After a long day taking the kids to school that go and playing with the one remaining at home, sprucing up the house, cooking dinner and getting the kids ready to go to their grandma's for the weekend Laura lays back on the bed after a hot shower and sighs loudly. It feels good to actually be still for a minute; she looks at the clock and sees she still has a few hours before Adam will get home. Sighing again thinking to her self how she hates it when he has to work his second job. She turns on the TV, checks the front door to make sure it is locked and grabs her something to drink before getting into bed. She flips through the channels finally settling on a movie she had seen a thousand times and lays her head on her pillows. It isn't long before sleep claims her and she is drifting off into dreamland. She wakes sometime later and can't move her arms, startled she looks around; the room is dark except the night light and the red glare
All About The Bouncer
Man walks into a bar with a pair of jumpercabels around his neck. The bouncer stops him at the door and say " i am sorry man but you have to leave cause you aint starting nothing in here.
Fiona Submits
Fiona Submits by litguy100© Fiona was in the closet bending over to put her shoes in the rack when the light went off. "Hold still." "What?" There was a long moment of silence. She could feel his hands on her shoulders. "Hold still." It was her husband's firm voice. She felt him reach over her head and secure the blindfold. He was behind her and he stood her up. He reached around and grabbed her breasts through her blouse. He pulled her back against him. She could feel his hardness against her bottom. He leaned in close to her left ear and then she could feel the wetness of his tongue slowly licking her ear lobe as his hands roamed over her. "I want you to be my whore," he said with a warm breath brushing her cheek. She gasped at the word but said nothing. "I said I want you to be my whore." "Do I have a choice?" "Don't you want to be my whore?" he said squeezing her breasts. "I . . . I . . . " "You know you do . . . don't you," he interrupted.
For Master
For Master by cagedsongbird © I arrive at the room an hour before you are supposed to arrive to prepare everything. I take a shower, shaving my pussy bare, then wander naked around the room, placing and lighting candles. I quickly dry my long red hair, admiring how it shines as it spills down my back. I think of how you like to pull it, and shiver in anticipation. I get dressed now, putting on the red lace thong panties and bra, fishnet stockings, and high black heels. Checking to make sure all is ready, I see that it is now only 5 minutes before you are to arrive. I kneel by the end of the bed, and wait. Hours seem to pass in the few minutes before your arrival. I hear the lock unlatch, and the door opens, yet I remain where I am, head bowed. My hair falls down around my face, shielding my eyes. You say nothing as you enter the room. I hear your intake of breath as you look around and see all that I have prepared for you: a length of red silk which would make a good blindfold,
For My Master’s Pleasure
For My Master’s Pleasure by jp67blue© I was posted VERY strict instructions to follow on the run up to seeing my master:- - My master lives in a built up area and although I am on this occasion allowed to park behind his property, other houses overlook & people use this area as a cut through passage from the main road to the chip shop, so there is the high probability that I will have onlookers, & I am to continue at all costs. I am not allowed to stop or disobey my master at any point. - Firstly I am to completely shave my pussy bald for my master. (My master likes a bald pussy, & he knows it gets me incredibly horny & wet, too). - I am to ensure I have a thorough shower & vigorous douche of my juicy cunt, to ensure it is properly clean for my master's inspection & pleasure. - I am to arrive at my master's house in my black French Maid's outfit, complete with tiny white pinafore, ensuring that the skirt barely covers my more than ample ass. - I am permitted to wea
The Angel...of Death
The Angel...Of Death by fantasywriter© Weary. That was the single word which echoed in my mind as I sat in the dimly lit club. The smoky atmosphere making it seem even darker than the night outside. People walking past me, some coming within inches of where I sat but none saw me. It was childs play for me to hide from human sight, a trait learned long ago, perfected over time. Parlor tricks, a simple matter after so many years. Only being seen when I so deemed it necessary. Sitting there, watching the minions, their clumsy mating rituals in full force. Doms seeking their prey, the weak seeking the strong. I too had a need, one I hadn't allowed myself to feed upon for far too long. I almost laughed, the opening bars of a song performed by a band who it seemed had endured the test of time almost as well as I. "Sympathy For the Devil" filling the crowded room with even more sound, turning loud into deafening. A smile playing on the corner of my lips. Compared to the life I had
The Angels' Song
The Angels' Song by Danyea11e© In all honesty, he couldn't remember when she first caught his eyes or the circumstances of what had happened that brought her to his attention. It seemed, at least to him, that she had always been there but that wasn't the case and he knew it. Humans had a very short lifespan when compared to him and his kind, barely a tick of the clock. As a rule, his race avoided contact with the human species. The reasoning behind it was a sound one; it caused chaos and confusion. Elves always created a stir when they accidentally came into contact with humans but winged elves caused pandemonium. Because of their normal, elfish characteristics, such as breathtaking beauty that had an unworldly feel to it, their serene nature, perfect skin, etc., inevitably most humans that stumbled across one immediately jumped to the conclusion that they were an angel. While they didn't worry, or get upset by the mistake, they didn't like giving false hope or credence to a m
Atonement by Candell© "Look at the size of this baby." Joe's fist tapped against the rough bark of the tree. He propped an elbow against its solid trunk and looked around at the growing forest. "Yes, it's a big tree." Britney, a full figured blonde who had hiked down the path with him agreed in a bored voice. "Just one more thing the developer will have to deal with when clearing the lot." "Oh, no. You don't want to knock this baby down." Joe ran an affectionate hand along its bark. He stepped away from the tree and looked back down the path they had just walked. "It provides great screening from the highway. It helps cut down on the traffic noise and such. Now that little crap over there could just be bulldozed under, but not this one." "So you like this tree, huh?" Britney asked her tone turning seductive. She walked over to the tree and leaned her back against it. She pressed her shoulders into it and arched her back. Her fingers moved to the opening of her shirt a
Came The Druid
Came The Druid by Nakod Apa © 'I'm going into town this morning,' her mother said at breakfast. 'Got to take your brother to the dentist. You want to come?' 'No, thanks. I really ought to do some work on my thesis before I return to the Uni.' Normally she would have jumped at the chance of a little shopping, but not if she had to listen to the moans of her young brother. Anyway, who wanted to tramp around a stuffy concrete jungle on what was going to be another fine hot day? Finishing her breakfast she went back to her room. What to wear? Finally she settled on cool in preference style; slipping into a shapeless shift dress and trainers - no bra, not if the heat was going to be anything like yesterday. Collecting her laptop she left the house by the rear door; strolled down the garden; pushed through the straggly hedge at the bottom, and out onto the edge of the moor that backed their property. She'd thought it boring when they moved here in the spring, but the fine
Ecstasy by RodeoSexClown © I am collector of souls... Or was, long ago. I was born into this world as an incubus, but soon my master realized that my powers were far greater than just a mere wandering demon. He made me the gatekeeper of hell and that was my post for so many years. My Brothers soon followed in my strength and we over took our master and left our enslaved ways behind. The story you are about to hear takes place some time after my master was defeated... It tells of the love I once knew and wish so dearly that I had again... I remember that day clearer now than I ever have before. She was the first that I found myself to be truly in love with and the one that I wished to spend the rest of eternity with. I awoke that night to the smell of fresh blood and lavender. It was simply intoxicating and I could not fight the urge to rise from our bed and follow it down the stairs to the main hall. There I saw my love in her white silk nightgown, wearing her black lace matchin
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I have Yahoo and Hotmail messenger add me!
God Asked Me To Tell You
GOD WANTS ME TO TELL YOU.... Everything that is going wrong in your life today shall be well with you this year. You have been destined to make it and you shall surely achieve all your goals this year. For the remaining months of this year (2007), all your agonies will be diverted and victory and prosperity will be incoming in abundance. Today God has confirmed the end of your sufferings, sorrows, and pains because HE that sits on the throne has remembered you. He has taken away the hardships and given you JOY. He will never let you down. I knocked at heaven's door this morning, God asked me... My child! What can I do for you? And I said, "Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message"... God smiled and answered... Request granted. If you believe this message, send it to seven persons and the one who sent it to you. By doing this you have succeeded in praying for many people today .
Segate Sucks! Lol
Well... i got to spend my morning working on my comp.... great. lol I had a hard drive die on me i spent about an hr trying to save my files, 5mins popping in another hard drive i had. the rest of the morning reinstalling everything and re-configuring my Debian Linux desktop.... weeee, what fun *cough*. No i have to Maxtor hdd's in my desktop... gotta love Maxtor. Oh! BTW.... well anyway... i'm basically all set again... aside for a few lil tweaks here & there... Thanks, KDM PS: Maxztor rulez.., Segate droolz. LOL
Scarlet Witch Destroys Evil Empire
Scarlet Witch Destroys Evil Empire by sarahhh© Captain America called Scarlet Witch into his office. "You saved the day again, Scarlet! Now please tell me exactly how you saved the life of that Dutch porn star, Lillian de Dong." "Well Captain, as you know Lillian suffered from that rare Hawaiian disease known as lackanooky. How the hell she got that in the Netherlands I have no idea. What with all those horny flight attendants from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on the loose in the neighborhood looking for a goose. This assignment was easy. I just put a hex on Lillian which induced her to eat me." "Dear Lord, is she a cannibal?" "No no, Captain America. You don't die when Lillian eats you. You . . . um . . . well . . . it's more like going to heaven. My God, that girl loves to munch the rug." "Munch the rug?" "Yeah, you know—beaver dinner, box lunch at the Y, tuna taco, bearded clam—" "Okay, okay, I get it. Next time let me watch. That's an order." "Only if you pr
Oot And A'boot: Bye-bye To The Agorophobic Period
Well, I was on the verge of going to Huntington Gardens today with Julie Simone, but I opted to go home from where I was at that time.  On the way I had managed to pop in the gym and work out for an hour before going the rest of the way home and work some.Well, I just got asked by My friend, Reece, who I haven't spoken to for weeks, to go with him for some motorcycle rides to some clubs downtown... sure, why not.  It's his treat and other than hiking, watching movies at friend's houses and working out it had been about 2 weeks since I actually went out-went out... so why the hell not.  It will be good for Me.Tomorrow, I'll have to hit the gym really early.  I'll be busy a bit because have invited My friend Deana to join Me and My friend John (and some other friends of his) in attending The Brewery Art Walk. Sadly, I doubt I will go with John's whole bunch after to Philippe's afterwards, but you never know.Then Wednesday I am headed to the Paramount lot to see this yet un-released movie
No Roses
No roses grow here now, the ground is much to dry. When the only water they get love, is from the tears that I have cried. No roses grow here in sunshine, the dark moved in to stay. When you took your laughter with you, and tore my heart away. No roses grow in summer, nor spring, or in the fall. And winters bite is bitter, no roses grow at all. No roses grow in splendor, their beauty for my eyes. You left and took the joy dear, you took the shining sky. No roses grow here ever, you salted hard the earth. Now only nettle thrives here, in the dark that you gave birth.
My Life
I am at a point in my life where I just don't know which end is up anymore. I question everything now, don't know whom I can trust or even what I can trust. I have everything changing in my life. I have been going through a divorce, had a job promotion and have been having to find a place for my two sons and I to live all at once. It has made me a basketcase for divorce has taught me alot, I am alot stronger in some areas than I ever thought, but in other areas, such as matters of the heart I am scared out of my mind. Every time I decide to go with my heart, I find that I can't trust my hurts. The ones that I thought I could trust, believe, count on....the ones I thought would be there no matter what...aren't and that just rips my heart out. It hurts
Playful Boy
His hand ran up my skirt as he pushed me back up against the wall, kissing me so forcefully as if turning butter, roughly but not to fast. He ripped my blouse off grinning as he pulled me closer to him, rubbing my chest and back, he grabs my ass squeezing my cheeks, then suddenly lifting me onto the bed. I unbuckled his pants as he laid me down on the bed. He began to kiss down my chest then my stomach and around my inner thigh. He pulled my panties off with his teeth taking lips into his mouth, i can feel his tongue licking the inside of my pussy , i can see him looking at me with that hungry grin on his faces as he gently bits the clit, my back arches as the feeling of his playfulness sends chills up my back, in a rush of adrenaline i pushed him on his back and pulled his pants and underwear off, bitting him from his leg to his thigh and then I began to lick his sex from the bottom to the top gently bitting and sucking on the head, and taking it all into me up and down, around and ar
Bad Sex's Always Sucks
I slept with this guy one whole year before the bad sex just got to me. He was so cute though. I mean you could eat him up and he was willing to do anything. But it started off all about him and his needs, later on it moved on to what we both wanted. Then it became what I wanted, however, what I wanted was for him to become better in bed. I guess I wanted to much cause it went from bad to worse. He was trying I give him that but if you are going down on a girl and she is wondering what the hell you are doing maybe you should pick up a book. Guys really need to focus more that will make girls want to do more. Give and get is the name of the game and I'm not one to stay there in one position so why should I settle for bad tongue. Yea I guess you could figure out I stop sleeping with him. Bad sex what a waste of time. It should so be a crime.
Another Late Night
Another Late Night by RubieRed© It's late on a Thursday evening, and Staci is still sitting at her desk in the office trying to get this project done, her boss has been pounding her about it all week. She feels so stressed her shoulders are aching. She has been working late all week and is in dire need of a release. She looks around the empty office suite, and stops to listen for any noises for a moment.......nothing. Believing she is alone, she kicks off her 3 inched black heels under her desk. She leans back in the chair and lets her long dark hair down from the tight bun it was in. Ahhh, she lets out a long sigh and closes her eyes. She starts to think about the day she had, and the very handsome guy she was pressed up against in the crowded elevator earlier today. She remembers her ass pressed up against his crotch, she could feel the shape of his limp cock through her very thin, very short black skirt. She could feel him breathe down her neck. She starts to get turned on
The Appointment
The Appointment by SpankerSam © Her hands were sweating. She looked down at her legs and noticed that her legs were shaking too. Glendora looked out the window as she rode the bus to her appointed stop. "Oh Master! Why couldn't you be here with me?" Glendora was dressed as her Master had told her to dress. She wore the black dress he loved. Her shoes were the open sandals that showed off her sexy toes. Beneath it she wore her thong. Even now she could feel how wet she was becoming. Her bra had holes where her nipples poked thru. She felt like everyone on the bus knew what she was thinking and feeling. The bus pulled up to her stop and she got off. Walking the two blocks, she walked up to the door with the address she was told to look for. Standing at the door, Glendora lifted her hand to knock. She was told not to ring the bell. Her hand was shaking so hard, she closed her hand into a fist. She felt her nails dig into her palm. Just as she was about to lift her hand again to kno
At The Movies
At The Movies by LaceyDesirez © Lynne was driving South on Route 414 to Lexi's apartment. She was driving her brand new 2007 silver Mustang. The girls loved Mustangs. It was really exciting for one of them to get one. So to celebrate Lynne's new car they were going out. First, they were going to a popular bar and grill in the next town. They would have a few drinks there to celebrate and some dinner. After dinner they were going to see a movie that had been out for a while already. They had been wanting to see it, but had no time. Lexi was busy with her two jobs and Lynne was busy with her one job. She was working a lot of overtime. Lynne had on a short denim skirt that was fraying on the bottom and a bright red sleeveless top that was cut very low. She had on cute, red, 3" high heels. She thought she looked pretty damn hot. Lynne was thinking about her and Lexi's first time when they were out camping the month before. She wished they had more alone time, but they were always busy
The Bar
The Bar by SleepingBeauty1112© Sitting on the edge of my bed I look at the clothes I have hanging out for the day. I smile to myself, a light blush touching my cheeks. I had made it a tradition of stopping after work on Fridays to this restaurant/bar that is in between my house and my work. I would stop and have a few drinks and listen to whatever musician was playing that night. It was a sort of unwinding thing for the weekend. A few weeks ago I saw this woman and she was amazing. She had short brown hair, stunning blue eyes, curves in the perfect places. Long story short she really got my pulse racing, my heart pounding, and all my thoughts on her. She was with a few friends the first time. I was trying as hard as I could not to ogle. She smiled my way a couple times. I tried to play cool and just nod my head. I was thankful at least I was in my work clothes, a professional business suit most of the time. By the time she saw me of course my tie was loosened, sleeves rol
The Beach
The Beach by PAhorny © "What a beautiful day!" Sandra says excitedly. "Sure is." Her friend, Betty replies. "I can't wait to get set up on the beach & enjoy it." "I wonder where everyone is." Sandra says, sounding a little confused. Sandra & Betty are best friends. They have been since high school. They won a free trip to the Carribean. They've set up on a remote beach farther south. There are very few visitors to this beach. Perfect for Sandra & Betty. "I'm gonna go change, Sandra." "Okay. See you in a bit." By the time Betty returns, all of the other visitors have already left. Betty returns in a light blue string bikini. "Okay. I'll go change now. You can watch our stuff." Sandra tells her. "Okay." Sandra runs up to the changing tent. She puts on a string bikini as well, only hers is extra small & her nipples show right through. "Ready for a swim, Sandra?" "Sure thing Betty." They go out & splash around in the water for about half an hour.
Black & White Girl Fight
Black & White Girl Fight by LustyLee77 © June loved the feel of the autumn air as she drove to cheerleader practice. The 19 year old, blue-eyed blonde was surprised to see the girls doing a new routine, she thought it looked more like a booty dance and asked, "What are you doing? It looks more like you are auditioning for a job at a strip club, but I like it, it's kind of sexy!" One of the girls said that they got the idea at a school dance the other night. June got in the groove and her ass was on the move! As she shook and gyrated, the nipples on her 34C breasts stiffened and she could feel the moisture form between her legs! After practice the girls headed for the showers and June looked around as they undressed and noticed that she was not the only one to be aroused from the sensual dance routine! Her shapely 5'4" frame was on fire; she hurried to the showers and hoped that some cool water would dampen her inflamed libido. But the nearness of the other stimulated girls only
Black Out: A Tale Of Foam
Black Out: A Tale of Foam by Celeste999© Believe it or not, I've been a wicked little brat most of my adult life. Usually I do something silly and immature without really thinking of the implications of my actions. I guess I'll probably never truly grow up. While all of my stories have yet to be told, I do plan on telling them. I think that some of the audience may have guessed that most of my stories have a hint of the reality to them. Voyeur was a complete fiction. Free Hugs and Caught in the Act were virtually true to life. A Night at Roxxy's was a fiction, too, but born out of a fantasy dreamed out with a friend I care for deeply. And Sensual Touch happened verbatim - just with a few name changes. This past weekend, I was blessed with an epiphany. And while the stories leading up to this day have yet to be told (although I promise that they will be), you will need to know that Rachel and Carolyn have now met and we have all become intimately close. Carolyn has her own h
Beauty And The Beast
Beauty and the Beast by SpiderNerd© This is the first story of my life. Being not a native English speaker, the story will have errors. Forgive those, please. *** "Fuck off!! You asshole!" She shouted to Bill. This is one of those numerous times she have said this to this guy. He came to tell her his "brilliant" idea of fucking her, as a compensation of unpaid rents. " Okay, I'm going but you are also leaving this place, YOU HEAR!" He was standing in her doorway, redden with anger. She'd had enough of him. She just took one of her broomsticks and swung it in the air. Go, I said- Before I stick it into your head. I will go away from here in a week. OK! She said with vice. He gave her a grimace of contempt and swept away from the door. She sighed in relief. She have been in this "house" for the last one year. After the death of her parents in accident, She moved from her home in Texas to New York- to start her undergrad here in a university. I'm gonna have he
Human Nature
I hate to let people online bother me, but I just have to vent for a minute. Some bitch got her panties all in a twist because I bashed her mumm (let's face it, I wasn't the only one who did). It was all about jumping people's appearances...mostly fat people. Now, I'm no beauty queen...I don't recall ever claiming to be, and I certainly didn't say so in her mumm. I only said that her mother should have taught her some I have comments all over my photos and this bitch was in my shoutbox and crap, talking all kinds of shit on my boyfriend and I...all about how fat we are. To be honest with you, she's an idiot, and it was the only comeback she had, and I don't know WHY it bothers me so much...but I think we all at some point are scared to death of what others think of our appearance. Now, I couldn't give a fuck less about this bitch. Not one little bit. She wasn't exactly a toothpick or anything either...I just thought it was a little hypocritical. What both
Dj Grim
Christine How Do I Breath
I wrote this poem while talking to you on the phone. Please play this song and read the poem! I don't think my life would be where it is Without you because you give me the air For my heart to breathe I want you by my side to hold me up I want to be the one to guide you Through the darkenss and be the support you need Where would I go When I feel sad and down Who's shoulders can I cry on if I needed it I want to watch the sunrise by your side Can I be the one to cook you breakfast in bed At the end of the day I want to be the one to tuck you in bed And kiss you goodnight and pray That when I open up my eyes You'll be the first one I see I'm sure seeing you in the morning is like Watching the stars shine at night If I gave you a rose Will I get a kiss If I get a kiss Will it be a passionate kiss Will it be the kiss that helps me breathe again Christine without you How Can I Breathe!
The Beach By Fortunesfool
The Beach by FortunesFool © Sarah cursed herself; she should have filled up with gas back in town but now she was halfway in the middle of nowhere. Surely there must be a gas station somewhere around here? Recovering her composure, she inched forward her sleek BMW. It purred its satisfaction at being given its head. Three miles down the road a luminescent white beacon shone out... As she was paying the attendant, she noticed a twinkle in his eyes. He seemed like the typical spotty 18 year old barely-out-of-puberty gas station attendant that provides enough material for 1001 comic stand-up routines. However, if you bothered to take a second glance he wasn't all that bad looking; a few spots freckled an otherwise smooth face and his eyes were a cutie doe blue offset by stylishly messy jet black hair. Sarah, studying him, caught his eyes wandering to her blouse. Favouring him with a charming but blunt smile she took her receipt and, spinning on her heels, exited the gas station.
Monarch Ii Making The Case (pt Twelve) In Their Own Words
Monarch II Making the Case (pt twelve) In Their Own Words
Don't Say You Love Me
You say you needed someone but you just needed somewhere to stay Oh any other time any other time I'd have told you to be right on your way you say you needed a friend but you just needed sympathy Oh any other time any other time I'd have told you just to let me be but I was so alone so alone. Don't say you love me baby Don't say you love me Don't say you love me 'cause I know it would be just a lie. I lost the warmth in my life and you came and helped me up when I was down Oh any other time any other time I'd have let you carry on fooling around I let you into my home and I even let you into my heart Oh but any other time any other time I'd have let you carry on from the very start but I was so sad and blue and I just didn't know what to do Don't say you love me baby Don't say you love me Don't say you love me 'cause I know it would be just a lie. Time has told me what I need to know time has showed me now wha
Dreaming Reality
Dreaming Reality by vreedonsett © Rolling out of bed, Melissa could only hear the sounds of her husbands' snores. This has become routine for Eric; Come home, eat, watch TV or play video games, then have 5mins of sex... enough time for him to get off and then fall asleep. the same routine, the same positions, same words over and over, day in and day out, with the same outcome Eric asleep and Melissa unfulfilled and frustrated. Walking into the bathroom, Melissa removes her robe; revealing a petite framed olive complexion, extenuated by 32c breasts, with light pink nipples, and a shade darker pink areolas, her 5"2' frame also held the sexual tension of some one far larger than she. Looking into the mirror thoughts of doubt clouded her mind, "am I not good enough sexually? Does he no longer find me sexy? Am I just a tool for him to use when he needs release? Has he found someone younger...firmer...kinkier? Her final thought brought forth a slight chuckle, Kinkier?? No one was m
Bath Time
Bath Time by Linebacker56© She's in the tub, bubbles everywhere, candles scenting the room with vanilla; a flute of champagne rests by the tub. It's the champagne he sent her, saying how much he desires her and wants her. She loves the way he makes her feel - schoolgirl giddy. He's the handsome varsity linebacker, she's the hot little cheerleader ~ "oh we'll role play that, baby," she thinks in her mind. And she wants him so desperately, passionately she wants him. Taking a sip she hears the door open and she smiles. The bathroom door opens a crack and he steps in. It must have been a tough day, he looks like he ran a marathon, but there is that smile on his face. He kneels by the tub and she wraps her arms around his neck; a soft, innocent kiss turns seductive and determined. The champagne has done its work and she has a buzz going, otherwise she would have jumped out of the tub and into his arms. She keeps kissing him and pressing her curvy body into his. He feels her harde
Beginnings by LitReader2006 © This is inspired by, and dedicated to someone special. Names are not necessary, she knows who she is and why she is special. That means more to me than titles. You're hesitant, unsure of yourself and what you may have gotten yourself into. It all seemed thrilling and daring up to now, but now it's real. You're here, sitting in your car, staring across at the door. You know he's in there waiting for you. You're comfortable with him, the days and weeks leading up to this point have all been about building something between the two of you, but now there's another step to be taken. Till now, it's been friends, a friendship maybe you're not supposed to have, a relationship that's grown more intimate than just friends are supposed to be, but you can communicate intimately with each other, there's been a trust built up. Knocking on that door won't just cause that physical door to open, you know it will likely open other doors, leading down differen
Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes by MysticIrishEyes © I rolled up the windows to the sleek, black, sexy car. My husband sat next to me as I drove. His Carhartt jeans hung perfectly on his hips, and his long sleeved green shirt hugged his chest and biceps. Even with sunglasses on, I could tell he was sneaking peeks at me. I adjusted myself in the leather seat, causing my black skirt to rise up my legs a little farther. My shiny red tank top clung to my full, rounded breasts. He loved it. "So, hunny," I asked with a wink in his direction, "what would you like for your birthday?" He smiled and ran his hand up my freshly shaven leg. I wanted to make his night special for him. "Dinner was wonderful, sweetie. Thank you," he said as he kissed my neck. I wanted him so much. His kissable lips felt warmly wonderful. "How much longer is our son at your parents' house for?" I winked. "All night." My husband smiled as he removed his sunglasses. The Fall air was crisp as we exited the car. I made to sur
They Call Me...oblivious
They Call Me...Oblivious by Silentbob © Guys, you remember that time in your life when you were just finding girls. You would sit around with your buddies and talk about how you want to "get" them, even though you didn't know what you would do with them after you got them. Remember, you always had that one buddy that said, "Why are we talking about this shit? Let's go build a fort!" You remember him don't you? Yeah, well, I'm him. *** Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Theo Russell. No Theo isn't a short name. My parents named me after the kid on the Cosby show, no joke. See, I was at the young age where I just cared about having fun and doing things that I enjoyed. Like building a fort. Girls were always problems, always getting in the way. We could never do anything fun around girls because they were just, well, girly. Oh, don't get me wrong, as I grew older I did admire the female form, I just did it from afar and was respectable. Since I didn't div
Annie's First Steps
Annie's First Steps by meistere © I watched Annie climbing up the long, steep stairs to the park, following her at a slight distance. She held on to the handrail tightly. It was taking her a while to get use to the high heels. The heels were relatively low but they still did a nice job of accenting her buttocks and gave her a sexy, sophisticated walk. A distinguished, well dressed, white haired man carrying a briefcase was between us. Her new skirt was short... for Annie at least. It had taken some convincing but she had finally agreed to try out a lovely green silk one that was just below knee length- modest but still alluring. As she climbed the stairs, a gust of wind blew the flowing, filmy skirt up almost to her waist, exposing a white nylon half-slip. Annie tried to hold the hem down but the wind was insistent. Another gust took the slip to give me and the businessman a view of her shapely legs to the stocking tops of her thigh-high black nylons. He stopped momentarily to enjo
Another Off Road Adventure: Locomotion
Another Off Road Adventure: Locomotion by SweetcheeksSt © Dave chuckled aloud "You got that right! We will do this again. Next time it's the locomotive" They kissed longing one more time and left in separated directions. End of part one --------------------- "Rinnnnggggggg Rinngggggggggg," Dave answered the phone. "ABC Locomotives, Dave here, can I help you?" " Hi sexy, I'm in town wanna meet?" Rita purred into the receiver. "Awesome babe, where are you now?" Dave asked with enthusiasm. Rita loved to hear his voice "About 10 minutes to the other side of town," she purred into the receiver. "Perfect. Everyone is gone for the day its all our!" Dave ranted . "What's ours?" Rita questioned him. "Just get here ... hurry! I can't wait to taste you!" He replied. "Where. At your work? Ooohhh Dave!" Rita purred, "You said we would. I just didn't think you meant this next time! Mmmmm." "Get ready honey" Dave purred back, "we are going on a ride!
Another Ride At Night
Another Ride At Night by showife © Several summers ago, during one of those rare hot August nights in Minnesota, I enjoyed a late night ride with my naked wife. It was almost midnight, and we were both hot and sticky after sex so we went out to sit on the back steps for a little while and cool off. She was wearing a light cotton robe, and I had on a pair of shorts. Although we'd already had sex it wasn't long before I'd taken off Sam's nightgown and she was sitting beside me naked. I suggested that we go for a little ride to help us cool off, and when she said ok I quickly grabbed the car keys and headed for the garage. She was still sitting on the steps naked when I backed the car out of the garage, and when I opened the door for her she looked at her nightgown laying on the steps and looked over at me. I told her to leave it, that I wanted her naked, and she quietly got in the front seat beside me. Most of the time when she's been riding around nude we've been in my tr
Re: Show Your Support For Ed And Elaine Brown!!!
RE: SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR ED AND ELAINE BROWN!!! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: All my HEROES have FBI Files!!! Date: 08 Oct 2007, 08:42 From: Count Deiphula [lives in Funtown!] All my HEROES have FBI Files!!!My name is Matt Deifer aka Count Deiphula and I support Ed and Elaine Brown!!!!!! Ed Brown is a true American Patriot!!!by Matt Deifer Bulletin Message -----------------From: *RC_REVOLUTION [resistance]Date: Oct 8, 2007 2:46 AMMy name is Ryan Courter and I support Ed and Elaine Brown. You are the criminals; you are the terrorists. You fucking nazis will never stop this movement, you can take us out one by one, but you can never stop us all. ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: BillDate: Oct 8, 2007 1:33 AMI support Ed and Elaine Brown and you Feds have made a mistake in enforcing an unlawful court order
Importance Of Friends Vs Rates.
My family and friends are getting smaller and smaller, by my choice. I'm so tired of the fake friends, I'm not just referring to this site, but in general as a whole. When I stated to my father, "I'm going to stop taking all my medicines and listen to my body," he about shit. I mean 66 tables a day and shots too. Well within two weeks I was up out of a wheelchair, and walking to the store. Now I keep going. I recently became involved with two other ladies to help promote toys, clothes and aid to the homeless, and I still plan to; looking at their website for this, I see I have made a wrong turn. I plan to keep pushing, and working for the people, just in a way I think will be better off for them, and not some stand behind a church which cuts a lot of denominations out. Back to my original point, to me there are more constructive things to do, that have my time trying to comment on people that are not my friends. This is not being said to everyone, this is being said in my blog, and onl
Full Moon Sends More Dogs And Cats To Emergency Room
Injuries and illness among dogs and cats seems to be higher during full moon than at other times of the month, a new study finds. But researchers don't know why. The study, reported in the July 15 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, finds emergency room visits for these pets increases during or near the full moon. In studying 11,940 cases at the Colorado State University Veterinary Medical Center, the researchers found the risk of emergency room visits to be 23 percent higher for cats and 28 percent higher for dogs on days surrounding full moons. The types of emergencies ranged from cardiac arrest to trauma. "If you talk to any person, from kennel help, nurse, front-desk person to doctor, you frequently hear the comment on a busy night, 'Gee is it a full moon?'" said study leader Raegan Wells of the university's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. "There is the belief that things are busier on full-moon nights." Belief does n
It's a great day to just sit still and do as little as possible. You're not lazy, but you do need a break before things start to get really interesting -- and that could start as early as tomorrow afternoon! ************************************************* I am looking forward to getting back into my routine:D
An Old Air Plane To Take Down Another?? Pulled over by an F-16 Story Highlights FAA's "no-fly" air zone included area air show Sunday F-16s intercept at least four antique airplanes and escort them out of area Pilots were apparently unaware of the no-fly zone extended Sunday Pilots were being interviewed by the Secret Service; could face penalties EMMITSBURG, Maryland (AP) -- The skies were empty at a charity air show after participants were escorted out of the area by F-16 fighter jets sent up because President Bush was in town. The president's security no-fly air zone was extended Sunday and included the Hagerstown, Maryland, event, but at least four pilots of antique airplanes who were supposed to join the charity show were apparently unaware of the Federal Aviation Administration restrictions. They were intercepted by F-16s and escorted out of the area, federal officials said. Bush was speaking at the National Fallen Firefighters Memori
The Feelings We Feel...
Room Service
Room service I first saw her at the gym. She was thin yet muscular in her workout gear. Just a Nike pants and short top revealing strong arms and firm stomach. We smiled as we passed each other on the machines. We talked briefly each time she used the lat pull down bars as she asked me to spot her and help her get the bars into position and back again when done. I thought this odd until I tried it. They are quite high for me and I figured she is about 54 I then figured out why she needed to be spotted. I thought nothing of our small talk as I generally chat to those in the gym. I took a break from the day after hours and went to a local star bucks to get on the internet with some free WIFI. Even on vacation I cant stay off this thing. But family was sleepy and I was wired so I decided to go off for some tea and some time chatting to friends online. I chatted and email many of you reading this I am sure. For them I thank you for you kept me online for the right amount of ti
Bare Beach Girl's Secret
Bare Beach Girl's Secret by aichiyu © It was a hot July day. I had decided to visit a long white-sand beach on an island off Florida, near where I was staying at the time. Wearing just a pair of brown shorts, I swam across the narrow channel separating one beach from the other, and made my way through the piles of driftwood and tropical vegetation to the broad band of white sand stretching out south. Along the way I passed a few nudists, mostly solitary men but a few couples. I just kept walking; I wasn't into seeing men or couples -- it was a single woman I was seeking. Once I cleared the nude end of the beach, I breathed a sign of relief. The long, slender beach stretched out in front of me, empty as a dry bone. I loved this beach. The waves from the Gulf of Mexico lapped it like lips licking something delicious. I knew my chances of finding a solitary girl here were small; but if I couldn't do that, the next best thing was to be able to be absolutely alone. So I walked, a
Smoke billows from the bones of a freshly dead smile the sky is weeping, agony weaves through the clouds The shadow of dawn crawls on a river It hides in the light of the wind The shadow of dawn circles the river and falls from the eyes of a cat Smoke billows from the bones of a freshly dead smile The earth is Weeping, agony for her lost love A freshly dead smile falls in a frown of the sea Smoke billows from the bones of a freshly dead love. A man falls into a sea and weeps for his lost love
Bet Gone Wrong
Bet Gone Wrong by trev1 © Being a 23 year old female, slim, lovely B cup breast, great body to match and it being such a lovely day, I should have been at the beach in my tiny bikini getting a lovely tan. But my dam car was at the garage getting fix, so I was stuck at home for the day Watching TV on a boring Sunday afternoon was not my idea of fun but what's a girl to do when she is stuck at home and has no money, to hit the shopping malls. I turned the TV on and was looking around for the remote. After hunting the lounge up and down and still not being able to find the remote, thought it might be in my flat mate (Gordon's) room. Don't know why but he loves to take everything into his room. I knocked on the door to see if he was in his room, knowing that he normally worked Saturdays I knew that he was probably out. I went in and looked around a bit and then not surprising at all found it on the computer desk. As I picked it up must of bumped the mouse at the computer spring i
Lookin For
Okay we have a pretty good family goin right now. So thinking we need some PST graveyard bombers (if your EST bombing starts at 3am, CST will start at 2am). This way we have a crew to get us through the nights. If you know anyone or are interested pls leave a private message to the family page and let us know. Also make sure you read the rules, they are what makes this family. Love to all, Tainted
Ramblings Of A Mad Mother
I find myself often disappointed by men, both now and in the past. This could be taken one of two ways.....either my expectations are just set too damn high..or they are just "shit bricks" in the end. I'll just run with the latter. So I, being a single mom to a fine, upstanding young man who is my 12 year old son, am determined that he will never be considered a "shit brick" by a woman with high expectations...when he is grown. How you ask??? Well I am soooo glad that you DID ask. Guilt is my primary weapon against him. Hey!!!!! STFU!!! It keeps him sensitive to my needs. I am performing a public service because one day, my son just may take your daughter out and you will thank me because he wanted to talk about his feelings instead of trying to get in her panties. "Son, when you grow up, it is unacceptable to have a credit score lower than 700" *Insert sons tolerant eye roll here* as he regretfully asks me to explain. And I dutifully do. "Son, if you have sex before you
The Brush Pass
The Brush Pass by aichiyu © For me, that initial spark of sexual interest in a women often comes in the very first moment I see her, and it has always been so. As life goes, often there is no chance for me to find out whether we could have actually been a couple of some sort, which is frustrating. We just pass by, headed wherever we are going in our lives, with a partner or not, and never find out just how we might really connect. Sometimes, in fact, it is a stranger who elicits the greatest excitement of all. Sometimes, also, circumstances have brought out a side of my nature that I'm not quite sure how to evaluate. Every now and again, I like to touch a woman I don't know. I guess it might be called groping, but I don't do it unless she reacts in a way that makes me feel she enjoys it. It's happened just a few times, here and there – on a bus, train or airplane; or in a store, but when it does it is exceptionally memorable. The other day, shopping for the holidays, it
Can She Watch?
Can She Watch? by MADDRAPPER © My cousin and I finally had girlfriends at the same time. For years one of us would have one while the other didn't; now we both did. A good thing: they liked each other. A great thing: they liked to talk about sex with each other. What my cousin and I didn't know was a fantastic thing: they got off together; and wanted us to join them. My girlfriend was Jami. She had firm 34C tits and a round ass just made for fucking from behind. His girlfriend was D.J.. She was small, about 5'3 and built for power banging. He and I would swap stories about how we fucked the girls all night, how we made them cum, the usual guy bragging. The girls would just roll their eyes when the four of us hung out. One day I went over to Jami's house for an afternoon of porn and sex. She was the rare woman would loved guy porn - you know the type, no plot or story, just fuck 'em, cum on 'em, next scene porn. Nothing got her hotter than seeing a cock shoot its' jism
The Cellist
The Cellist by aaron1944 © Cranford Manor stood out like a sparkling jewel in the night, the gravel in front of the house was littered with expensive cars; the manor was the home of multimillionaire Vernon Wild, oil magnate. Tonight he was entertaining a select group of his friends. They were all eagerly looking forward to what Vernon had promised to be an evening to remember. As ten o-clock approached the immaculately dressed waiters strolled among the invited guests handing out glasses of vintage Champaign and politely asking the elegantly clad guests to make their way through to the music room where the evenings special entertainment was about to begin. As the guests took their seats there was a hum of expectant conversation, the doors were closed and there was suddenly silence in the room as the lights went out and the room was left in pitch darkness. Suddenly a single spotlight came on illuminating a gold chair positioned on a slightly raised dais. Luther, Mr. Wild's head
Setting The Record Straight
Cant Believe I Forgot....
I took a hot shower...fucking mad about what happened today. And I forgot about someone that I knew from a group I was in when I was younger. Every time something happens like this and its family related...I always think of this person. I am shocked I forgot her. Because usually she calms me down. You kno the saying, "There is someone worse off than you"? Well its true. So true.... When I was in this was for those who came from broken families. There was this one girl who had it worse than anyone there. She was 15 at the time and I was 13. She was ritualisticly (spelling) abused. Her body had carvings of words and symbols head to toe. You had to be 5ft away from her and if you got too close to her she would scream her head off. She was abused mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually all due to her parents sick ways. I think of her when my own family issues happen. Because its true...there is someone worse off than you. When I think of her I cry...I di
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts
A touch of skin soft and slippery, With the hint of hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, As the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, To abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, Probing gently as if drawing sex, From a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, Of hot and quickening breath. And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Then intoxicated with those spirits, Our clothes found resting place on the floor. Piece by piece, Until there were no hiding places, For the two glistening and wanting bodies. Hunger revealed in this hot moment. Then skin meshed with skin, As the floor became the stage. You moved atop of me easily, And lowered yourself gently. Kissing me as I was filled with you. As a gasp broke the kiss, Your hands stroked the stray strands, Away from my forehead, then became entangled. Our slow rhythm gave way, To urgent
Re: The Nazi Deleted Ed And Elaine Brown Profile!!!!
so, as we all know, anything goes on this site...but as a trusted loving girlfriend and mother, sorry to say but i'm downsizing. not everyone, but all those who make rude comments or ask me stupid questions. if i think you havent gotten the clue from reading my profile, you will be deleted. so if YOU think it could be you then please help me out here and get off my friends list. nothing really against anyone, but we all have different tastes, ideas, and views on life. i have no need to look at you jerking off on yer webcam. i get what i need from my man just fine. thanks to everyone for putting up with me and props to myself for finally standing up to "in your face freedom"... some people just take it tooo far and push it onto the unwilling. sorry thank you and have a good week.
Ryde The Rainbow
Never to ryde the rainbow, Or taste the falling rain, Only to be the dirt below your feet, And to remain without a name. A useless little never-see, Whom for no one really cared, Never you mention the name of another, As you sit in your nobody chair. Who that sleeps at night, And still hides admist the day, Never thought anything really mattered, And had nothing important to say. Never bled a drop, From skin soft and clean, But still as dirty as the next man, No matter how much the outside gleams. Never one of the others, Never did you belong, No one ever missed you, Because they never knew you were gone. Never missed or thought about, And no one ever mourned, No one felt sorry for you, Because they were sorry you were born.
Leave The Pieces When You Go!
You're not sure that you love me But you're not sure enough to let me go Baby it ain't fair You kno you just keep me hanging round You say you don't wanna hurt me Don't wanna see my tears So why are yous till standing here Just watching me drown (Chorus:) And it's alright Yeah, I'll be fine Don't worry about this heart of mine Just, take your love and hit the road Cause nothing you can do or say You're gonna break my heart anyway So just leave the pieces when you go Now you can drag out the heartache Baby you can make it quick You can get it over with and let me move on Don't concern yourself with this mess you left for me I can clean it up you see Just as long as your gone (Chorus:) And it's alright Yeah, I'll be fine Don't worry about this heart of mine Just, take your love and hit the road Cause nothing you can do or say You're gonna break my heart anyway So just leave the pieces when you go You're not making up your mind It's killin' me You'r
Immigration =o
I received a letter today from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. "We are pleased to advise you that processing of your application has been completed. The Canada Immigration Centre in ------ will contact you concerning your permanent resident status." So, the processing of my application is complete. I called the woman to give her my change of address and to see what this "appointment" was all about. It turns out I have to go this place 2 hours from here, bring all my paperwork - my new AWESOME passport included and right there they determine whether I will become a permanent resident of Canada. On top of the $590.00 we all ready spent on the application alone (which, by the way - took them 9 months to process), we have to pay another $490.00 for the "Permanent Residence Fee". PLUS, we still have to wait ANOTHER 2 months until we even get an appointment. heh. On top of it all, I still have to send in my paperwork to renew my visitor status in Canada so I don't get k
Kinda Funny
I try and try but for some reason always fail... I want to thank you those that took the time to at least read the blog i posted about my poetry. and bigger ty for those that went to read it. I look forward to mail and or a comment here. I do try to keep up with what the people on my friends list are doing but life just gets in my way so know i do what i can for my friends I only ask a simple comment or hey every now and again I wont ignore u.. miss you all if you have my yahoo hollar ill hit u back thats a promise tx DM
Great Moments In (recent )red Wings History
Best damn 4th pick in history- 1983 - Steve Yzerman ,picked 4th overall, 39 goals, and runner up to the Calder trophy rookie year. *great pick guys * Three years later became captain and held that honor for 23 years. 1985- debut of the Bruise Brothers- Joey Kocur & Bob Probert (combined for 563 penalty mins in 1 season) kept the fans on their feet! 1989- great draft year!!! now captain Nicklas Lidstrom , Sergei Fedorov, and Vladimir Constantinov~ all drafted that year *** THANK YOU JIMMY DEVELLANO & Crew*** 1993-94 season-Sergei Fedorov was named league MVP winning both the Selke trophy ( league best defensemen) and the Hart Trophy .The last Red Wing to do so was the legend ,the man, Gordie Howe, 30 years previous. October 27th 1995 - the official day the Russian Five came together with the last trade bringing Igor Larionov to Detroit. Larionov, Fedorov, Kozlov, Fetistov, & Konstantinov played together as a 5 man unit on the ice for the first time. October
Fill It Out
.)Q. Can you cook? 1.)A. 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 2.)A. 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 3.)A. 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 4.)A. 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 5.)A. 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 6.)A. 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? 7.)A. 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 8.)A. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 9.)A. 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 10.)A. 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 11.)A. 12.)Q. Negative or Optimistic attitude? 12.)A. 13.)Q. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? 13.)A. 14.)Q. Worst thing to ever happen to you? 14.)A. 15.)Q. Tell me one weird fact about you: 15.)A 16.)Q. Do you have any pets? 16.)A. 17.)Q. What if i showed up at your house unexpectedly? 17.)A. 18.)Q. What was your first impression of me? 18.)A. 19.)Q. Do you think clowns are cute or scary? 19.)A. 20.)Q. If you could change one
The Flashlight
The Flashlight by Bimbolina © She came to work prepared today. She did not want to be caught off guard like she was a week or so ago. Wearing a knee length skirt, a button down sweater, a bra with a front clasp, and skimpy panties, she bounced into her office much perkier than usual. She removed her coat and hung it on the door hook. She furiously rubbed her knees and legs, trying to warm them up. It was cold out, but since she was wearing boots, she hadn't bothered with pantyhose. She was dressed as she was so as to provide easy access to her body. She placed her briefcase/backpack on her desk and checked for the umpteenth time that it was really in there, hidden in an inside zipper pocket. She let out a sigh of relief. There it was, wrapped in plastic. She had not forgotten it....her new, large 8-inch vibrating dildo. She had worried that she had not remembered to bring it, but had been afraid to check since she had been riding in a bus with only about a million people around
New Poem Series.
I finally started the new series. Since I just had a bday and I'm starting a new year in my own life I figured this was as good a time as any. Comments as always are welcome here and on the actual poems as well. ~Tony
Shows Over
its done, final act acted, the curtain is closing, there will be no encore and the lights fade to black,
Chet's Two Special Ladies
Chet's Two Special Ladies by stoneypoint © Chet's family had been waiting for this opportunity for more then 13 months to go on an overdue vacation. Finally, in August of this year, Chet demanded time off, even though he had it coming, he couldn't get it due to one project after another. Sally, his assistant, was devoted to her work and Chet. Sally cared for her work and was completely dedicated to Chet, his convictions, his family, and she cared a lot for him as well. Additionally, she was a friend of Chet's wife, she was a confidant to Chet, and she was a good supporter for Chet. She was just a super assistant. She was many things to him. Sally advocated for Chet to have his vacation that was long overdue. She knew he was depriving his loving wife of 14 years and his three children also. Finally, her positive initiatives paid out and the rationale he used on his superiors allowed him an opportunity for a two-week vacation he was finally getting. Half of which was paid by
Cleaning Out The Pipes
Cleaning Out the Pipes by mezzmoreyes© As every teacher does when May arrives, I anticipated two months off for summer to re-energize. Recently divorced and just purchasing a wonderful 1939 home, I looked forward to the time for the remodeling projects that awaited me. Little did I know the erotic experiences I was about to have during this transitional time in my life. My first project was to tear out the old tile in the bathroom. The plan was to put a jetted garden tub where the old, shallow cast iron one currently was. The labor was something I could do, but I knew the old plumbing would have to be updated and so on the referral of a neighbor I called in a professional. As the last chunk of tile was removed from its position, the doorbell rang. I brushed off the dust the best I could and opened the front door. I was instantly mesmerized by what stood on the other side of it. He was about 6 foot 5 with salt and pepper hair and the most amazing dark brown eyes I had ever seen
The Color Of Hunger
The Color of Hunger by Tegan_Rourke © He turned the key until he heard the click of the lock turning over and pushed the front door open. The entire house was dark, which was particularly odd because his girlfriend was usually up later than him on most nights. He kicked off his shoes near the door, dropped a bag of materials he had bought earlier in the night down on the kitchen floor, and laid his keys down on the cupboard with a clanking noise as the steel hit the tiled surface. Glancing at the clock, his jaw dropped. "Shit, she's going to be pissed." The digital clock on the coffeemaker read 4:15 in its neon blue color. He had no idea how it had gotten to be so late; he had been at his friend's house hanging out, drinking, and shooting the shit and thought he was actually returning home at a fairly early hour. No wonder his girlfriend had already went up to bed. However, coming home later than he had planned wasn't going to ruin the plans he had coursing through his head a
Allow Your Own Inner Light to Guide You There comes a time when you must stand alone. You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams. You must be willing to make sacrifices. You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved. Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged. There are times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities. Be strong enough to at least try to make your life better. Be confident enough that you won't settle for a compromise just to get by. Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life. Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way.
~~ Your Kind of Friendship ~~ It takes more than caring To be a real friend; The nature of friendship; Requires a blend Of warmest compassion And love deep and true To reach and to comfort The way that you do. Because I can see That your kind of friendship Is priceless to me.
What Kind Of Friend I Am
You Are A Good Friend You're always willing to listen Or lend a shoulder to cry on You're there through thick and thin Many people consider you their "best friend"! What Kind of Friend Are You?
Who Is A True Friend
A friend is somebody Who knows you and likes you Exactly the way that you are. Someone who's special And so close in thought That no distance can ever seem far. A friend understands you Without any words, Stands by you When nothing goes right. And willingly talks Over problems with you Till they somehow Just vanish from sight. And whether you're neighbors Or live miles apart, A word from a friend gives a lift To your heart and spirit. That shows you once more Why friendship is life's dearest gift!
Come On Ya'll
Parkland Hospital
Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas is a fairly famous institution and for a variety of reasons: 1. John F. Kennedy died there in 1963 2. Lee Harvey Oswald died there shortly after 3. Jack Ruby-who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, died there a few years coincidence "On the flip side, Parkland is also home to the second busiest maternity ward in the country with almost 16,000 new babies arriving each year. (That's almost 44 per day---every day) A recent patient survey indicated that 70 percent of the women who gave birth at Parkland in the first three months of 2006 were illegal immigrants. That's 11,200 anchor babies born every year just in Dallas According to the article, the hospital spent $70.7 million delivering 15,938 babies in 2004 but managed to end up with almost $8 million dollars in surplus funding. Medicaid kicked in $34.5 million, Dallas County taxpayers kicked in $31.3 million and the feds tossed in another $9.5 million. The ave
Momentary Lapse Of Sanity.
lol i could get to where i'm going if i drive at 100 miles an hour ... hm ... ugh i just have to face it, he's gone this year, hopefully i won't have too wait to long to see my boo boo again.
New Job
I got a call today from J.B. Hunt trucking company. They want me to come drive for them. they made it sound pretty lucerative. So Tuesday next week, I'll be heading to Charlotte, NC for orientation. Who knows. I may come rolling through your town soon. More to come.
What Else But Lust
Lust is that look he gives you that you can’t resist. Lust is how you crave him to pin you at the wrist. Lust is how wild you feel clawing at his flesh. Where there is love, There is lust, No matter what you ‘hear from above.’ Lust is that feeling you get when you watch her hips sway, Lust is that tempting feeling we get everyday. Lust is that urge to grab this and pinch that, And how you can’t take your eyes off of her back. It’s the love you have for their skin, And how you want to rush on in. It’s the reason you close your eyes when a hand runs up your thigh. It’s the reason you end up on the bed as your saying ‘good-bye.’ Lust is that voice telling you to shove her up against the wall. That temptation to push up her skirt, and fuck here in the hall. This is why, if you try, you can have any one at all It’s the reason people do what they do, The reason you have to Reassure yourself that they really do Love you. Lust is the reason you can’t trust your loved you, A
The Darkness That Consumes Me....
Lost in darkness I don't know where to turn I crawl around in the shadows of midnight Trying to find myself Looking for the arms that held me once Tears of crystal fall like rain My heart lies bleeding on the floor A piece missing Never to return No longer do I dream For they are only nightmares I hope for love But it is in vain For love does not want me So here I sit Lost in darkness Not knowing where to turn I wrote this because my heart is broken. I understand why he did it, though it still makes no sense at the same time. The story is long and personal. Please don't ask about it. I don't want to talk about it. To the man who has stolen my heart, I miss you more than you'll ever know.... "And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall, cause I can't hold on to anything this good enough. Am I good enough for you to love me to?" "When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears. When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears, and I've held your hand through al
My Pearl
You dive to one small reef In the center of my warm sea Where the mother of pearl grows lustrous In a soft shelled oyster Veiled by feather coral Bedded in shifting sand The shell so delicate It must be opened only under water By the diver's lips The pearl Coaxed from its glistening membrane By a quick turn Of the diver's tongue
Drug Personality
Your Personality Is Like Acid A bit wacky, you're very difficult to predict. One moment you're in your own little happy universe... And the next, you're on a bad trip to your own personal hell! What Drug Is Your Personality Like?
Last Words
Your Famous Last Words Will Be: "So, you're a cannibal." What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?
I think I put this one in here simply because I haven't updated in a while. This is more or less a sorrowful attempt by Lesh to find out if I'll masturbate on cam for him. We all know how that gets played out. As usual, my thoughts are in [brackets]. Lesh: hello DD: Hello Lesh: what up DD: Nothing much, what's up with you? Lesh: nm DD: Quiet day? Lesh: lol do you have yahoo [hint 1 he didn't read the profile] DD: Yes, why? Lesh: just ask can i have your name on it DD: [edited] [I decided to give it just to see what he would say] Lesh: are u on it [well duh!] DD: yes Switched to Yahoo: sfasjo8: hello Jessi: hi sfasjo8: do you have webcam [wow... first fucking thing! Would never have seen that one coming...] Jessi: yes sfasjo8: can i see you on it [dammit! He didn't ask to see it... would have loved to send that pic of the cam itself... oh well] Jessi: no sfasjo8: y Jessi: Why do you want to see me on it? sfasjo8: to
Perfect Hubby....
Several men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cell phone on a bench rings and a man engages the hands-free speaker- function and begins to talk. Everyone else in the room stops to listen. MAN: "Hello" WOMAN: "Honey, it's me. Are you at the club?" MAN: "Yes." WOMAN: "I'm at the mall now and found this beautiful leather coat.It's only $1,000. Is it OK if I buy it?" MAN: "Sure, go ahead if you like it that much." WOMAN: "I also stopped by the Mercedes dealership and saw the new 2007 models. I saw one I really liked." MAN: "How much?" WOMAN: "$65,000." MAN: "OK, but for that price I want it wit! h all t he options." WOMAN: "Great! Oh, and one more thing. The house we wanted last year is back on the market. They're asking $950,000." MAN: "Well, then go ahead and give them an offer, but just offer $900,000." WOMAN: "OK. I'll see you later! I love you!" MAN: "Bye, I love you, too." The man hangs up. The other men in the locker room are looking at him in astonishm
Red Sequin Shoes Child Large (2-3)
For a walk over the rainbow! Price: 24.99
Re: Ron Paul Defying The Odds
RE: Ron Paul Defying the Odds ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Freedom to Date: 11 Oct 2007, 11:15 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul continues to defy the odds and the media produced polls demonstrating support based on issues and ideas. The cult of Ron Paul is truly a cult of individuals emanating from all walks of life. Still mostly Republican, Paul’s base of supporters includes many Independents and a growing number of Democrats.Ron Paul has muscled his way just barely making it into the top tier of candidates by drawing large crowds at rallies across the country and raising 5 million in the third quarter. That number is five times what Mike Huckabee raised and leaves Paul with almost a couple million in cash above what John McCain has. While the GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani has 16 million in cash, Ron Paul has 5.3 million on hand. Still far behind Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, Paul’s campaign must be encouraged by the succ
Fun In The Sun...
A hot afternoon and we're baking in the sun, you reach for my hand and we run to the ocean to cool off; we begin to play, splashing, laughing and enjoying each other. You pull me to you, looking into my eyes we kiss. You reach down, grab my ass, and pulling me to you; I can feel you getting harder. You slide your hand inside the bottom of my suit, running it over my ass, applying a little squeeze,then around to my pussy. Breaking our kiss to pull me tighter, as your fingers find my clit. You look around to seeing people walking and playing on the beach, and feel the excitement of doing something taboo, as the waves sway us back and forth. You whisper into my ear, " I want you now", and I reach for your cock, as you slip my suit down. I help guide you into me feeling a delight as a mixture of salt water, my wetness greets the ridges and creases of your cock as you inter me. We sway with the waves as our rhythm increase. You stop and turn me around so my back is too you, as you slide y
Gotta Luv It
Code Of Conduct Article I:� I am an American, fighting in the armed forces which guard my country and our way of life.� I am prepared to give my life in their defense. Article II:� I will never surrender of my own free will.� If in command I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist. Article III:� If I am captured, I will continue to resist by all means available.� I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape.� I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy. Article IV:� If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners.� I will give no information nor take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades.� If I am senior, I will take command.� If not, I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me and will back them up in every way. Article V:� When
The Cabin
The Cabin by margo_x_x © Cold wind, laced with snow, whirled around the outside of the cabin. Inside, a wood-burning stove kept it incredibly warm. It was one of the few things the petite black girl was grateful for. "Hush little baby, don't you cry," sang the middle-aged white woman as she dragged the brush through the black girl's hair. "You have lovely hair, Tamaqua. Lovely hair and a lovely name." Alyssa's squirming had no effect on the strong woman; she just kept brushing and talking as if Alyssa was cooperating. The cloth gag in her mouth was the most infuriating part. It was bad enough to be bound hand and foot, but only making a muffled sound when she wanted to scream was driving her crazy. She hadn't given a damn about anything when she'd stormed off her job that morning, and cared even less when her piece of crap car died in the West Virginia hills before noon. Her entire life had turned into such total shit that she just left the damn thing and started wal
Cancun by upickthen© The sexual tension had been building up for months, a little wink here, and a small comment there. Tasha and Christy both felt it but these two best friends never really acted on it. Maybe they thought it would ruin their marriages but both knew it would never ruin the relationship they shared. The two had done a little experimenting in the past but nothing like this. Tasha came up with the idea that Christy and she should take a vacation, just the two of them to Mexico. Christy thought that was a great idea, within a month they were on the beach watching a live band and rubbing on the lotion. On the third night as the band played the ladies drank margaritas with reckless intent. After more than enough Christy and Tasha began it make their way back to the room, which they shared. "You know I could go for another margarita, oh and a hot senorita!" Tasha said. "Well I don't have your margarita but I am very sure I could be a hot senorita for you!"
Carrie by Cherry_Blossom_ © I remember well the night that I first met Carrie - It was a Friday night and I was on a business trip at a hotel. She was my waitress, and apart from being very friendly she was absolutely gorgeous. She has very dark hair, a beautiful delicate face with sharp inquisitive eyes that contrast her softer features. There was nothing electrical or even out of the ordinary, however - she simply brought me my coffee and a piece of cheesecake, smiling. I would look up from my work to watch her with the other customers - fending off advances from half-drunk businessmen trying to escape their wives, sighing slightly when she got a bad tip. 'She's cute as hell' I thought to myself when I watched her pouring drinks and talking with the barman - apparently friendly enough with him but not flirty. I went over more boring info about what kinds of makeup compliment Asian skin tones the best, what the newest trendy diets were and whether they actually helped or harmed yo
Caught In The Act Ch. 1
Caught in the Act Ch. 1 by Mary Q. Contrary © I found my roommate's stash of sex toys and porn by complete least, that's what I told myself. I know now that I wasn't really looking for her notes from our Survey of US History Class in the drawer that she keeps locked; I really knew what was in that drawer. When I finally found the key to the locked drawer and opened it, my faint surprise was directed more toward the vast variety and number of sex toys and tapes that Lisa owned. I've known since the day I moved into the dorm room that my roommate loves sex and loves toys. Every weekend she brings home another girl. Sometimes, she asks me to sleep in our suitemates' room. Other times, she sighs in disgust and asks the girl if they can go to her room. Lately, however, she has been bringing girls back and then talking for a while, waiting for the sleeping pill she slips in my tea to work. I finally caught on to what was happening and decided that two can play at thi
Down Memory Lane
Down Memory Lane by vitesse © Having been married for nearly 8 years Helen and James were wondering what to do to celebrate to Valentines Day this year. Helen decided to take matters into her own hands and organize a trip down memory lane by recreating a Valentines experience from their youth when they were both love struck teenagers. Helen told James that she would sort out the evenings entertainment but that he would need to drive but she was sure that it would be worth his while. James agreed, the sexy smile on his wife's beautiful face certainly implied that it would be well worth his while driving. When Valentines day came along Helen told James that she had booked at table for them both at the Crosspool Tavern, a local carvery were the lovers had spent many a happy evening sharing a meal together. Once the pair had returned from work Helen started on the next part of her plan which was to look as similar to what she looked like when she was a teenager when they first
The Dream By Passionatebabygerrl
The Dream by PassionateBabygerrl© I'm lying in bed ... alone ... listening to the sounds of the street ... missing you... The hair is hot in my bedroom ... yet I miss the warmth of your body next to mine. I rub my hand across my neck...down to my collar bone - my skin is warm and moist from the humid summer air... as I rub my cool hands across my mind wanders – I close my eyes and I think of you ........................................... I'm on my back and you are above me ... looking down at me with lust in your eyes...with one hand you gently stroke my cheek...tender and soft...with the other you trace the inside of my thigh...always stopping just before................................. You lean down and kiss me ... your tongue gently parting my lips and touching mine. Biting my lip just enough to make me begin to trace the lines of my neck with your tongue ... across my chest and down to my breasts...You take one in your hand and softly caress
The Other Survey....
Did reading the Subject make you horny? I see no subject Are you already thinking about someone? Nite and day baby... How old were you when you lost your virginity? almost 15 Ever take someones virginity? I wondered a few times Ever plan to wait til marriage? that was the plan but it When did you last have sex? by myself or with a actual human being or animal...LOL Do you consider yourself dominant? I can be but prefer Dom men... What form of birth control do you use? condoms other wise I cant get pregnant Do you have any children? nope Are you a freak in the sheets? I would say so....I have some kinky things i like and some people dont kno Do the drapes match the curtains? no Do you have sex dreams? lol yes Ever been called a whore or slut? Yes and more...i adore it...must be told to me in my right ear for the full effect Ever try anal sex? If not, would you? yes but its with those i only trust... Is there anything s
Blue Nude
To The Single Mothers!
I thought this was adorable and had to share it with everyone. :D To all the single mama's out there...
If I Could
If I could catch a rainbow, I would do it just for you And share with you it's beauty, On the days you're feeling blue. If I could, I'd build a mountain You could call your very own, A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles, I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow, fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend that's always there, And a Love that will never disappear.....
i can't wait for November 17th i'll be turning 23 woo hoo lol that's funny huh
Battle Of The Bands
BATTLE OF THE BANDS by Gorilla Productions How are you? My name is Troy. I still have time slots available for the November 15th show @ Vinyl in Atlanta !! CALL NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION @ 216-712-8058 / 440-840-2661 cell or myspace me a number where I can reach you!! All seriously dedicated and hardworking bands/musicians looking to promote themselves and gain exposure are encouraged to enter. No Entry Fee GRAND PRIZE: - $500 CASH - 20 HOURS STUDIO TIME - HAVE MUSIC SUBMITTED TO 4 MAJOR RECORD LABELS: Epic, Maverick, Metal Blade, and Warner Bros. -A HEADLINING GIG Good Luck, hope to hear from you soon!! Troy
For All My Family And Friends
I know that we all are sad about the death of KSC and thats why some of us build up the new Fanily called Native Spirits Tribe. Now Family and Friends i was thinking about it a few hours and I will not join this New Family. I will still support you and Help you all out in contests or rate your stuff but for me its for the better to stay out, not only cuz i dont have much time also it doesnt feel right for me. Lxlpurplelxl the Lady Chief; i still will Respect you and all other Members of your new Family but please understand my point.I wish you luck and will help when i am able to. All the Others; i luv you all and if you need me shout at me! With Love and Respect Karin aka EveningStar
The Bitch From The Block Becomes The Princess Of The Hood
This is about my daughter who teaches in special education to emotionally disturbed kids, of whom many have come from broken homes, gangs, etc. Many have been diagnosed as mentally ill such as manic depression, etc. On one of her first jobs she was named the bitch from the block by children of bitter hearts, crushed emotions, damaged souls. At first they hated her because she was frank and honest and told them as it was. But with her broad loving heart my daughter showed each one respect and was careful to never expose their faults in front of the class. One of them asked her if she ever experimented with illegal drugs and my daughter, being honest and assuming that people would treat her as she treated them confirmed his question. The next day he reported her as having bloodshot eyes and being on drugs with the intent of seeing her expelled from the school. Another out of anger threatened to crush her hear with a chair, but being turned away from her kind smile threw it across t
Blast Contest
Started today.. show some lovin :D
I Will Be Ok
I am just stopping by to let all those who care about me that I am doing ok. I'm not happy or great or anything like that...I am ok. Thats a big step up from where I was worries. I've taken my anger out on my apartment and it it now cleaner than it ever has been. I've had some good drunken forget the past moments with my roomie and some friends so...I am getting better. I am not great right now, but I wanted to let you know...I will be ok!
The "lingam" Massage
The Lingam Massage BACKGROUND INFO: The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam (pronounced LING-AHM, [LING rhymes with sing]) and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light." Its meaning is different in intention from the typical Western view of the penis (i.e., Cock, Prick, Dong, Dick, etc., words that may come from a limited perspective, depending on the intent of their usage). In Tantra/Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam is respectfully viewed and honoured, a "Wand of Light" that channels creative energy and pleasure. The purpose of the Lingam Massage is to create a space the receiver to relax, and receive expanded pleasure from his Lingam. His partner (the giver) experiences the joy of facilitating and witnessing the man surrendering to his softer, gentler side. The Lingam Massage can be used as a form of safer sex (when latex gloves are used) and is an excellent process to build trust and intimacy. It is often used to help men heal from negative sexual conditioning and
"the Sex Magic Reality Creation Process" (smrcp)
"The Sex Magic Reality Creation Process" (SMRCP) BACKGROUND: Sex is one of the most (some say THE most) powerful energies on the planet. To grasp its awesome and often overlooked power, take a look at the starving Somalis. Take away their food, take away their dignity, humiliate and torture them and THEY STILL MAKE BABIES. Within our loins lies an energy that has the potential to create ANY reality we want. Unfortunately, most humans have a love/hate relationship with sex that is reflected in many ways (i.e., unsafe promiscuity, self-destructive perversions, denial, shutdown, religious intolerance, rape, abuse, etc.). Religion has done much to suppress our sexual nature and has kept the masses ignorant of the potential uses of sexual energy. When we accept and embrace our sexual nature we are free to use its awesome power for our benefit. We no longer worship it or deny it. We come into balance and view our sexuality as part of our divinity. It becomes joyful, light and loving.
The End
The end comes and it can't be stopped. You can not prepare and you can not hide. If you run away it will follow. Don't try to beat it because you will never win. Sometimes the end hurts. Sometimes the end is because of you. I know when it hurts the worst. When the pain never goes away. It is when the end comes too soon. It is when you know the end is there and even though you can go on longer ~~~ You do not ~~~ It always ends with goodbye Goodbye The end © 2007
From Daddy And Me
* I wrote this poem after I lost my baby * We miss the smile on your face that we never saw, We miss kissing away the tears from your eyes that would never fall. We miss the rythme of your heart we never got to feel while holding you near, we miss the sound of your laughter we never got to hear. We miss the smell of your skin an aroma we never knew, What we miss the most is we never got a chance to know you. We never heard you say mommy your cries left silent wisper, no I love you daddys' no big eyes at the end of December. How can you love someone so much that you never got to see, we miss the you you never were love forever daddy and me. © 2007
Workin Man
Friends and Family, I am now the official promoter of the Chill Factor Lounge, Please drop by and show us some Love!! Chill Out with us
To The Occasion
a href="" target="_blank"> NuttinButtSexxy To the Occasion, I would rather stuff my own Hand in my mouth Just for this occasion , The want That I want I can Not have not because it's not mine to take, see only the perfect pick in this garden of Grapes in this vine call live this, If I was the knight in shinning armor I would rather be Trample over by this green Horse, Than to Let you know I would Bleed for you every minute and the ending of my Day's, It's not nothing I want but every thing I will take that is Falling like a Wall of bricks upon my Back, That I will only brake as a man and will rise to the fall to this occasion, Yes I wonder around In the words Making sense But not letting you Know how Much sence, Rather than Keep you hidden then to see how much I brake for this occasion, I will put this pen down in a hard sleep then to wake to live it again. I would Rather stuff My Own Hand in my mouth Then to say I love you, CPR 2007 James La
Hear Me Now
Performance Appraisals Terms & Their Real Meanings
Great Presentation Skills - Able to bullshit Good Communication Skills - Spends lots of time on phone Average Employee - Not too bright Exceptionally Well Qualified - Made no major blunders yet Work Is First Priority - Too ugly to get a date Active Socially - Drinks a lot Family Is Active Socially - Spouse drinks, too Independent Worker - Nobody knows what he/she does Quick Thinking - Offers plausible excuses Careful Thinker - Won't make a decision Aggressive - Obnoxious Uses Logic On Difficult Jobs - Gets someone else to do it Expresses Themselves Well - Speaks English Meticulous Attention To Detail - A nit picker Has Leadership Qualities - Is tall or has a loud voice Exceptionally Good Judgment - Lucky Keen Sense Of Humor - Knows a lot of dirty jokes Career Minded - Back Stabber Loyal - Can't get a job anywhere else
Saturday 10-13-07
Here's a sigh to those who love me, And a smile to those who hate; And, whatever sky's above me, Here's a heart for every fate. ~George Gordon, Lord Byron
Gun Control
A LITTLE GUN HISTORY In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ------------------------------ In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ------------------------------ Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated. ------------------------------ China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated ------------------------------ Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ------------------------------ Ugan
Temptation Has A Name And It Is Sinnerella!
Sinnerella Let her lead you to Temptation! Sin has Never Been so Good!!! Sinnerella!!! Show her lots of Love! ADD HER , FAN HER and RATE HER!! sinnerella@ fubar
Ufo's Intercepting Israeli War Planes Over Syrian Air Sp
UFO's Intercepting Israeli War Planes Over Syrian Air Sp
Plane Problems
After every flight, pilots fill out a form, called a gripe sheet which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humor. Here are some maintenance complaints submitted by pilots and the solutions recorded by maintenance engineers. By the way, the airline these came from is the only major airline that has never, ever, had an accident. Pilot: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement. Engineers: Almost replaced left inside main tire. Pilot: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough. Engineers: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft. Pilot: Something loose in cockpit. Engineers: Something tightened in cockpit. Pilot: Dead bugs on windshield. Engineers: Live bugs on back-order. Pilot: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent. Engineers: Canno
IT IS SCARY FOR ALL OF US WHO HAVE CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN. The Ugliest Drug Marketing Scheme Ever SEND THIS TO AS MANY PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS and PEOPLE WHO KNOW PARENTS AS YOU CAN. Children's Meth Checked this on Snopes. It is true. A very scary thing is going on in the schools right. There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks... It smells like strawberry also and it is being handed out to kids in school yards in AR. I'm sure it will make its way around the country. Kids are ingesting this thinking it is candy and being rushed off to the ER in dire condition. It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange. < /SPAN>It looks just like pop rocks. Please instruct children to not accept candy that looks like this even from a friend and to take any that they may have to a teacher, principal, etc. Pa
Tired And Hungover
Last night I went out to Brighton with some friends to watch the Sox game. How do you give up 7 runs in an inning in a playoff game? Advantage Cleveland. In all honesty, I don't really care all that much. My season ended with the Giants' and I can't say it was much of a season anyway. Oops, I've gotten off task. I was writing about last night. Anyway, drank a shitload of Harpoon IPA. Bad idea. Stuff is too strong to drink a lot of
Poem For Me
Lifes Decisions...
I love to watch people react. I like to see their mannerisms and watch them figure their way out of things. And while I am rarely if ever quiet..I do pay attention. It has been an interesting experience to watch and listen to the way people react about my divorce. My oldest friend exclaimed in my ear, and through her tears "I need a hug" Which made me chuckle into the phone. Dawn has always just been steady. Offering me advice, since in my eyes she is two steps ahead of exactly what I am going through. She is always steady with a hug or a shoulder (altho I may have to hop to place it there, since she is so tree-ish) Most people were shocked. Okay. Everyone was shocked. I kept my private life exactly where it should be. Private. And so not one person knew of my unhappiness. Or of any issues that we have faced throughout these years. Which is. I believe. As it should be. I am not one to care much what people think of me. Nor do I fe
My cousin just passed away. she was only 26. remember to tell your loved ones how much you care. you never know. it could be the last chance you get. spend your time wisely. and remember Live to Love and Love to Live
Soundtrack To My Life
What is the sountrack to your life??? So, here's how it works: 1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that's playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 6. Don't lie and keep it REAL Here's my life soundtrack: Opening Credits: Boondocks - Little Big Town Waking Up: Breathe - Prodigy First Day At School: Amarillo Sky - Jason Aldean Falling In Love: Where We Gonna Go From Here - Mat Kearney Fight Song: Walk Away (Maybe) - Good Charlotte Breaking Up: What I Like About You - Lillix Prom: Let It Bleed - The Used Life: Fences - Paramore Mental Breakdown: Tell That Mick That He Just Made My List of Things To Do Today - Fall Out Boy Driving: Beautiful Day - U2 Flashback: Summertime - Kenny Chesney Wedding: Must Be Doing Something Right - Billy Currington Birth of a Child: In Fate's Hands - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I Do Those Parties!!!
Passion Parties is a well respected company. I do in home parties educating women about sex and sexuality. Everyone will find something within the catalogs that appeal to and enhance your sexual nature. As your passion consultant, it is my job to find out what those products are. I am located at Fort Gordon, Georgia. I am willing to travel to anyone who is wanting to host a party within reason. There are 2 catologs that come out annually: "Love is in the Air" . This catolog contains the exclusive Romanatherapy line, enriched bath products, body products, edibles, and sexual enhancements. The "Let’s Play" catalog is full of fun and adventure and is for mature adults (18+). In here, you’ll find more daring passion products, such as vibrators and other adult toys, accessories and revealing lingerie. Interested in hosting a FREE party? You (the hostess) will receive 10% off your party's total in free product, 20% off your most expensive item (excluding the love swing / lin
Slowly but surely I'm becoming more lucid. How are you guys today? =]
Ideas To Share
Hi everybody! I am a newbie here to fubar and I was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind sharing some ideas with me about fubar...customising my profile, different lounges, how to meet new people, etc...I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks...:) *Caliente*
Out Of Comments For The Day!
Fubar has cut me off for the day. :( I was able to get about 625 comments on my picture today. I gave another person in a contest 25 comments. I really just want to come in second place. There is no way that "club F.A.R." is going to let me win this contest. I personally think it is silly that they act this way is their life I guess? They take it so seriously! I am getting solid help from a few people. I need more. Anyone you know that would like to help out, please ask them. I wish the contest was only for 3 days! Why 10?? Damn long time. Christopher had a great day at school today. Yippee! My other son, missing assignments again according to parentloop but I will let him show me the work before passing judgment. I hope you are all well! Cheers! Ciao
Hypocrit Or Just Ignorant?
I had a recent issue where i Dr'd someone's pic,because they had a (what i considered) offensive pic (it was a Pro hitler pic) in their album. Now yes, i should have looked @ the profile a bit better, where the person said if you dont like it, move on.( this is my fault, and ill admit to this much) but after i Dr'd it, the person Re-rated me a 1, then blocked me so i couldnt return the favor,LoL. @ that point, i then started getting "visitors" to my page who would do the same( my opinion: chicken s@#$'s) and actually helped me level,lol )The irony is, is that she is either a lesbian, or bisexual, and given that from memory, these people were treated not much better then the Jewish people ( Anyone from the LBGTQ community also) i found what the woman did to be almost entertaining. )I guess i should have put the warning i put on there just recently, a bit earlier huh? oh well her loss of a decent friend.
One Kiss
~One Kiss~ Remember how we used to fuck the world? Sodomizing every existing breath…fantasizing about unicorns and pixie dust as we wrapped constellations around rainbows. Remember how we used to fly? Butterflies dipped in magic trails would follow. Hollow and shallow was the world and all its words were hard to swallow but we held dimensions in our wings, for the wind was made of wormholes gently dipped in incantations. Remember how we used to sing…transcendentally migrating toward higher planes by simply diving through the windowpane of life? It’s quite difficult to comprehend how this all occurred with just one kiss.
Dj Lady
Stupid Nswf People
To the asshole who likes to mark things are officially an idiot. Tell me why a carebear w/ a weed plant is NSWF...yet a pussy picture is acceptable...stupid fuck...I swear stupidity should be a know who you are STUPID.
Sex Me
sexing me smile for me pearly whites ignite this flame heating me ever so, gently look at me brown eyes piercing moistening lips causing hips to, gyrate. slowly. arousing me. invoking lightening tightening walls. so much thunder under my dress. touching me. skin's changing texture as smooth as your, pleasure. fingertips slide down me. push in me. seducing me. kiss me. forehead captured. webbed in the rapture of wet affection, erection brushing my thigh. you are, making me high sexing me. licking me. tasting, basting my surface with your, sweetness. intoxicating yourself with, mine. sexing me. penetrating at last the waiting is, over heels rest upon shoulders she pulls you deeper. sexing me. you caress her frame. sexing me. she's glad you came. sexing me she, calls your name completely forgetting hers and you're to blame she, thanks you sexing her....
My Life Is Sucking Right Now
hello everyone....tommorrow (7/17/07) andi am having surgery to have scar tissue removed from my uterus. its and in and out thing but i am indeed nervous since its my first surgery so pray for me will ya? and this week has been hell, i was thrown out of my house so where i am staying is a day to day thing. so its makin things pretty hard for me. i dunno what i would do if i didnt have my friends since my family has turned their backs on me. EasyE02476 is my best friend of all...he has been there for me in ever way he can even though he lives 1000 miles away so everyone be sure to show him love...he is an awesome person. anyway i just wanted to get some of my thoughts out..ty for listenin...bye 4 now..muah!
Funny One-liners
Get this Free at
Magic Mirror - Belly
Sick And Tired!!!!
I'm sick of this disease thats called life!!! Tired of people who think only of themselves and give nothing in return!!! It's pretty sad that I have to bend over backwards to cater to someone else's needs just to get a date and then when I NEED someone to talk to, they're busy. I know life is full of obstacles and crap like that...but it's un-fucking-believable that someone can't even squeeze in 10 fucking minutes to answer their phone or respond to a text message. I went out of my way to get a fucking cell phone so I could talk to people. And then when I need someone to talk to, the one person that could cheer me up isn't answering her phone. Then again she never answers her fucking phone anyways, I don't see why she even fucking has it! FUCK YOU ALL!!!
Re: Atlanta Months Away From Having No Water
RE: Atlanta Months Away From Having No Water ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Illuminati Date: 17 Oct 2007, 01:06 ____________________________________________________________/" target="_blank">____________________________________________________________ 16, 2007Drought-Stricken South Facing Tough Choices By BRENDA GOODMANATLANTA, Oct. 15 — For the first time in more than 100 years, much of the Southeast has reached the most severe category of drought, climatologists said Monday, creating an emergency so serious that some cities are just months away from running out of water.In North Carolina, Gov. Michael F. Easley asked residents Monday to stop using water for any purpose “not essential to public health and safety.” He warned that he would soon have to declare a state of emergency if voluntary efforts fell short.“Now I don’t want to have to u
My Horoscope For Today
For Wednesday, October 17 - Okay -- you may never find your exact, precise, without-a-doubt purpose in life, but that doesn't mean you should stop looking! Your spiritual side is growing hungry for stimulation, so keep pushing for insights today. You need to avoid anything that is too easy to master, because it just isn't going to engage your brain enough. This is not a day to seek out comfort and ease. It is a day to push yourself to try new things -- you will surprise yourself with what you find. so my friends stimulate me! lol
Why Is A Pack Of Wolves In New York City?
Movies nowadays are ridiculous. They make action happen all the time. If something can go wrong, it does. In The Day After Tomorrow, a group of teenagers can't even walk around in New York City without being attacked by wolves. Wolves in New York City? The director must have been stoned off his mind. Let's pretend for a moment that a pack of wolves just happened to be freely roaming around in New York city. Now how did these creatures survive the flash flood that covered Manhattan in fifty feet of water? It makes no sense. The whole scene was added to put people on the edge of their seats. I was on the edge of my seat shitting on the theatre floor for screening such a shitty film. The special effects were okay, but that was cancelled out by the snobbish girl who was casted as that "snooty bitch" role. After watching her giant mouth piss and moan for an hour and a half, I won't be able to get it up until the day after tomorrow. The big dramatic component was a dad trying to get to
Fireant Needs Less Than 9,000 Comments For A Week Blast
If you can drop by her page and help out I would appreciate it. She is one of my best friends on this site. Show her some love she is always looking to help out everyone. Here is her photo link to the picture she needs comment bombed.....
Remember Our Firefighters
I have always thought that angels, wore halos and wings of white. But now I find they wear hard hats and black coats with yellow stripes. And angels, in my mind, wore long flowing gowns of white. But now I see dark pants and shirts and badges shining bright. And angels always floated, with bare feet above the ground. Not true! For they wear steel toed boots and go where death is found. Not all angels have smooth hands that look like porcelain. Some angels have torn gloves and cuts and burns upon their skin. And while I thought all angels glowed from heavens light. I see an angel cutting steel, his torch is shining bright. And while these earthly angels passed buckets of debris, The angels up in heaven looked down on bended knee. So while the smoke continued to rise into the sky, I watched the rescue workers weep, I've seen the angels cry.
My Friend Arthur
Please my friend New to fubar and needs some love.pepsi_man_af@ fubar
Yewie - Lets Make Some Money!
Fair Tax Plan
A FAIRTAX TALE I have a little scenario I would like to paint for those of you out there who just insist on finding something wrong with the FairTax. Admittedly, the FairTax isn't perfect. No tax plan is. How, after all, can you come up with a perfect way for a government to take its operating funds from its subjects? If you know an easier and more equitable way to do it, by all means, let me know! I'm going to ask you to crank up your imagination for a moment here ... and by "you," I mean those of you who think that this FairTax thing is a bad idea and you're not prepared to come on board. I want you to imagine a scenario. Don't worry about whether or not this scenario is possible .. Just accept it as I present it, and then consider the alternative picture I'm going to also present. Simple as that. Let's imagine that the FairTax is the law. We've been operating under the FairTax since the day you drew your first paycheck. It's all you know. Here is your imaginarily "reality." • O
In A Contest
I am in a contest running from the 17 to the 22nd here is the link.
Re: Ed Brown Gassed, Tortured In Deprivation Tank
RE: Ed Brown Gassed, Tortured In Deprivation Tank ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 17 Oct 2007, 15:10 Ed Brown Gassed, Tortured In Deprivation Tank In a disturbing audio clip, Ed Brown speaks for the first time since his arrest and relates how he was gassed by noxious fumes for three days in a detention center as well as being put in a deprivation tank for 15 hours.
Bombing For October 18th
Wicked Storm Crew! ~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~ ~*~ Saddle Up Wicked Storm Crew ~*~ We're Going to Town~*~ ~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~ The recruiters challenge is still going on, so get those new members signed up now! Contest runs til midnight on the 27th. ~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~ Who We are Bombing.... ~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~ LilMsMaria's daughter is in a Cutest Kid contest. This contest ends today the 18th, unsure of the time, (keep a sharp eye on this one today!) on this one we are going for a 2nd place finish. We have her at about a 750-800 comment lead.. Ozzfanatic2 is in his first contest! It is a no ending date, Gift !Giveaway No direct competition but when he reaches 125,000... He will receive a HappY HouR!! ~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~ Candy is also in a Gift Giveaway for a Months blast all she needs is 95,000 comments. Show her some Love!! ~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~
That's Just Wrong!
I caught a glimpse of myself in the doorway earlier on the way to the fax machine and I almost cringed. The way I'm dressed today and with the way my hair is done i look like Susie Homemaker. *shoot me*
New Date Rape Tactics
A woman at the nightclub Crobar on Saturday night was taken by 5 men, who according to hospital and police reports, gang raped her before dumping her. Unable to remember the events of the evening, tests later confirmed the repeat rapes along with traces of Rohypnol in her blood, with Progesterex, which is essentially a small sterilization pill. The drug is now being used by rapists at parties to rape and sterilize their victims. Progesterex is available to vets to sterilize large animals. Rumour has it that Progesterex is being used together with Rohypnol, the date rape drug. As with Rohypnol, all they have to do is drop it into the girls drink. The girl can't remember a thing the next morning, of all that had taken place the night before. Progesterex, which dissolves in drinks just as easily, is such that the victim doesn't conceive from the rape and the rapist needn't worry about having a paternity test identifying him months later. The drugs effects are not te
A Poem I Wrote When I Got Divorced
This time it hit,like a fucking hurricane,you tore apart my heart,then u ripped apart my brain. I told you from the start,to becareful with my heart. You never even heard me,then you tore it all apart.
Questions To Ask Yourself??
Questions to ask yourself? LOL 1. If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn? 2. If a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is it a hostage situation? 3. Why do they steralize needles for a lethal injection? 4. Why is it when a man talks dirty to a woman its sexual harassment, but when a woman talks dirty to a man its $3.95 a minute? 5. Why do you press harder on the remote when u know the batteries are dead? 6. What do chickens think we taste like? 7. If you try to fail and succeed then what have u accomplished? 8. If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cared, then why'd he keep on doin it? 9. When cheese gets its picture taken what does it say?
Costumes Or Lack There Of
Okay, so I know I'm not the typical skinny ass chick with big boobs that all guys out there want. But Why is it so hard for me to be able to find a costume that would look cute on me. I've gone through the ranges of frumby old bag looking shit, the occasional cute thing but then there is the horribly awful super short, low cut, and letting my wobbly bits hang out?!?!?! Yeah I said it, I have wobbly bits!!!! And I don't want them hanging out for everyone to see. Some big girls may be okay with having shit like that hang out. But NO!!! Not for me, so stop having these horribly revealing costumes and give me something that is cute, considerate of the fact that I don't have gianormous boobs or a flat ass stomach but doesnt look like a fucking bolt of fabric or a circus tent. Is that too much to fucking ask?!?!?! Guess I'm sewing myself a costume this year, again.
You Should Not Feel Bad
Ok so after a bit of a discussion on the subject tonight I have come to the conclusion that if someone kills themself over something you should not feel bad. I know this may seem harsh to some of you out there but look at it like this. If someone kills themself over something you just said to them then well, it was going to happen anyway. think of it as a verbal euthenasia. you find a jumper on a ledge saying he is gonna jump so you tell him to hurry up because there is a line to use that ledge.
Useless Observations Of Reality.
I get an awful chill down my spine whenever someone says the word "reality." The real bad ones will cock their head to the side and squint like they're deep in thought. "Reality," or whatever word you want to use to define this unfortunate ability to perceive the world, is bad enough without hearing people try to articulate it. Reality is dirt and everyone knows it. That's why ranting is so stupid. Why pick out individual things to hate when you could say, "I hate everything?" A true genius would find a way to rant about things he enjoys. But I won't, and nobody else will, because it's boring. Nobody cares. I'd be like a rebel without a cause or an effect. Being counter-culture is dumb. Almost as bad as being anti-counter-culture. What's the solution? I'm not too sure. Bang chicks and forget about the world. People dying over there in Sri Lanka or whatever. Fifty thousand people. Big deal. In America, that many people die from car accidents each year. You don't see America declar
Strawberry Cookies (czechoslovakian)
1/2 lb butter, soften 1 cup sugar 2 large eggs 2 cups flour 1 cup walnuts, chopped 1/2 cup strawberry jam Grease an 8 x 8-inch pan. Cream butter & sugar. Add eggs & blend well. Gradually add flour. Spread evenly one-half of the butter mixture in bottom of pan. Spread evenly with the jam & sprinkle with chopped nuts. Spread the second half of the butter mixture on top of the jam. Bake at 325°F for about 45 minutes or until brown. Cut into bars when cool. (I made it myself awhile back, it was pretty good)
New Pledge Of Allegiance.
WRITTEN BY A 15 yr. Old SCHOOL KID IN ARIZONA : New Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME) ! Since the Pledge of Allegiance And The Lord's Prayer Are not allowed in most Public schools anymore Because the word 'God' is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongu
Anybody Here Like Vodka Jello
Ive been thinking about making some vodka jello for a party im going to throw in a few weeks, but ive never made them before so as anybody got any tips as how to make it.
Two Subcategories Of Pns
Afferent- transmits potentails from sensory organs to CNS. - Sometimes called the sensory division since sensory impluses are sent toward CNS for intergration. Efferent- transmitts potentials from CNS to effector organs such as muscles. - Sometimes called the motor division since the impulses sent from the CNS usually cause musccles to contract.
They Need Rates And Comments!!
These Special People Want Help In Their Contests So Please Help Them With Rates, Comments and More Comments!! Dominate07 Lucy Starry Thank You!!
My Soul
shivering as you enter my soul, i descend into a world so full of wonder and mystery that it overwhelms my being into violent, orgasmic shudders. how do you do these things to me? how can you make me want you and then deny me your sweet nectar which i crave like water for i am parched; parched from whispering your name; parched from kissing you, licking you, biting you, sucking you in my dreams. where is my promised reward? when do i get to feel your sweet liquid flow into me and overpower my pulsating need, dripping down my thighs? when will you answer my moans with sighs of your own? how long do i have to imagine your tongue gliding across my teeth, your hand supporting and pushing into my back as i arch it in tingling pleasure? when do my hands, my fingers become your hands, your fingers, your tongue... your teeth? thinking about you is such an indescribable combination of pain and pleasure; imagining your lips brushing against mine and knowing it will be so long until i can
No... you can't just find us in the streets. We don't just walk up to you and say... "Dominate me NOW". That defeats the purpose of being submissive. I don't want you to think that I wouldn't love to go up to someone and say... "Hey, I am lonely. I don't have a permanent dom.. would you be willing to treat me like s**t by degrading me. abusing me, then use me for your own pleasure" I have to be able to trust someone with my life to submit to them fully and the way I like to submit. I don't think of myself I think of you and your wants, needs, desires. I become another toy for you and you alone, unless you are willing to share me with others....(prior approval is suggestted). There is nothing worse than a dominant who is in fact a submissive and asks you... "Is it ok if I tie you down today?" Please, just do it and if I don't like it you can be sure you will hear my safety word out of my mouth. All I ask for is simple...take me, m
I'm Actually Really Fucking Cool
I mean....I shit awesome and piss excellence in the morning. I sweat pure radness. Yeah, I'm pretty fucking 1337. You should all me a VIP or something else really retarded. Hell, or just make like a lounge devoted to my overwhelming amazing presence. That should suffice for now, until I can get the cult under way.
That Taste That I Crave
I get drunk off the sweat from your neck... Licking your passion in slow soft strokes... Finding my way in between your breasts... And between your thighs... I taste you... A sweet mer lot that I thirst for... I drink you... I feel you... I penetrate you... I kiss your lips... Then I work my way back up to your mouth... Do you taste me? Can you taste you
I Am Your Gift
I am your gift Unwrap me Tare away the past Take me deep into your embrace Kiss my doubts into the abyss of forgotten yesterdays Cover me with your love Use me to heal your hurt Use me to mend your heart Use me to help you forget everything but this moment Send me to the edge of reality Let me dangle over the edge Draw me back just to push me towards forever again And again, till I know of nothing else Warm me with your kisses Touch me with your fire Let it burn me Consume me with your hunger Let lust rule the night Let passion play upon our senses I am your gift Remove the ribbons Let me fall into you Let me lose myself in all of you I want to hear your smile when you look at me I want to take you away from everything I want to give you unforgettable moments I want to take your breath away Trust you with my gift Trust me with the knowledge that I have made you special Love me Use me Do to me as you wish I am yours You are mine My gift to you is my
How Lustful Are You
Your Lust Quotient: 55% You are definitely a lustful person, but you do a good job of hiding it. Your friends would be surprised to know that your secretly very wild! How Much Lust Do You Have?
Nice Guys Finish Last
*To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful.". *To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. *To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. *To every guy who has given her flowers just because. *To every guy that said he would die for her. *To every guy that really would. *To every guy that did what she wanted to do. *To every guy that regrets hurting her. *To every guy that cried in front of her. *To every guy that she cried in front of. *To every guy that holds hands with her. *To every guy that kisses her with meaning. *To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.. *To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. *To every guy who would give up their jacket for her. *To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. *To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to be able to see her for ten minutes. *To every guy that would give up his seat. *To every guy that just wan
Lost The Baby
I don't have too much to say right now but I am sitting here in my hospital room in Iowa City Hospitals on one of their laptops, upset because I am having a miscarriage...All my stupid hospital back home was going to do was send me home to lose our baby at home...So since I have been high risk pregnancy anyways they transferred me to University Of Iowa Hospitals early this morning...So I am here so the drs can keep their eye on me to make sure that the miscarriage goes okay & with no further complications...I am going to listen to the doctors orders this time around I have to wait at least 12-18 months before I ever try to get pregnant again...That will give my body time to heal so that I can have a successful pregnancy next time around :( I am sooooooo sad right now more than words can express, the father & I would have loved our child more than anything in the world & this really hurts us both...So now before I leave the hospital I am going to get on birth control so I don't get preg
Photographer In Need Of Models.
I'm a photographer in St. Paul, MN that is need of models. Are you trying to become a model? or maybe you just want some nice photo's of yourself. I'm looking for male and female models for general headshots, full body shots (SN photo type), Glamour, Glamour nude, Artistic nude, Erotica, and fantasy. I would love some high contrast B/W nudes, silhouette style. I would use these images with consent for portfolio and advertising use only (no commercial use by you or me). In return I will provide you with a disk containing all all photo's completed. You will also receive a finalized copy of images put through Photoshop. Model releases will be used. If interested, contact me with either a current full body shot that shows your face, or a link to where I can find them, along with what kind of shots you are looking for and you stats. I will get back to those that most likely photograph well. Do not mean to offend, the camera doesn't like me either. Even if not interested, swing by
Sitting at an outdoor cafe Warm for October Bluest of skys Wind kissing my face Sipping on an iced tea Heaven on Earth!
New Tattoos And Piercings
Well yesterday i got two new tattoos ones on the inside of my left wrist and the other on the inside of my right wrist there both Chinese lettering there about an inch and a half long and just over and inch wide The meaning on the lettering only one person in the world would ever know the true meaning behind them and that person means everything to me In the next few weeks im going to get a dragon wrapping around the rest of my wrist like i always wanted no these didnt really hurt only places it hurt were around scars And i also got my belly button pierced i have finally lost enough weight in my stomach to do it it looks cool and it didnt hurt i was more worried nyha was going to puke on me watching me get it done lol well anyways i just thought id fill everyone in loves ya LP
Halloween is coimg up soon on the 31st and i am gonna give halloween comments out to you people and if you can comment me back on that day.The 26th is trick or treat here where i live at and i am gonna take my nephew out to see what halloween looks like when he gets bigger to eat the halloween candy.He is gonna be dress up as tigger.I'll be taken pics of us together and him alone. Visit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE! Visit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE!
Beauty Is Every Where You Look :)
On A Cloudy Day This Is How I Feel
One last breath I sometimes crave. This body of mine is tired and sore. But my mind endures, it longs for more. My heart yearns for its partner in crime. The kind of love to last thru time. While my body is weak, I still fight to live. This life has to hold more for me, cause more and more I give. In to the idea of letting it all go. Come let me lay my frail head into your lap, come show me that love can truly heal the soul.
Bits And Pieces
Well lets see, I added about 40 poems to my stash. Yes they are all mine so please dont rip em off and claim them as your own, Do go read and enjoy, please leave comments. To give you background on the poems in my stash they were all wrote years ago, there's nothing real current in there. For more current work, please see my other blogs "poems", "my angel series" and "journey" as always comments are always welcome. I'm thinking about starting a Q&A blog when you guys can post questions that you want to ask and once a week I'll pick a few to answer since people say that I dont have alot on my profile. Honestly I'm not sure what to put there so I think the Q&A blog might be fun. Let me know what you guys think. I'm also thinking about doing a weekly video blog. I've seen other do it here and I always thought it was cool. So let me know what you guys think about that as well. I'll be adding a new poem to "Journey" in a few days. Until next time.... ~Tony
A Moment Without You......
a day without you is like a world without people to tell you this feelings it is a little bit awful but what should i do cause my heart is only yearning you a night without you is like a world without love so silent like a place without dove a night could be wonderful if i could touch your body a moment without you is like a song without melody it would be so nice if you were here near me i know you're the only one that can make my life so completely I wish all the moment of time you will here with me
I Got So Fucking Voted Before I Drunk.
I was pretty nervous when I voted, but a huge wave of relief washed over me when I saw that it was multiple choice. Those written answer problems are a bitch. I probably failed anyway because I didn't study at all. I was trying the theory that getting drunk before you make important decisions will improve the outcome. It has worked for Bush the past half decade so why not? I was so drunk that I didn't get the check marks anywhere near the boxes and the entire ballot was written in Russian. Probably because of all that vodka I downed beforehand. Then I got frusterated and started poll vaulting all over the gymnasium. It was like Chris Farley in Black Sheep only there were no old ladies to splinter in the face. What do you think of the outcome? Bush in office for another four years. Woohoo. To be honest, I only supported Kerry because all my friends told me to. Now that it's over I can come clean and say that I never gave half of a shit about any of it. We're doomed either way
I Need A Maid
I work as a cook and we have a lot of cleaning to do so the last thing i want to do on my day off is cook food and clean my house. I need a maid.
The Timeline To Tyranny
the timeline to tyranny
Sts-120- Pre-lanch Update
With less than 24 Hrs. to go- Space Shuttle Discovery is Ready; Weather Remains a Concern The countdown to launch of space shuttle Discovery on the STS-120 mission is proceeding smoothly at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA Test Director Steve Payne announced at this morning's countdown status briefing. "At this point in the count, we're on schedule, our systems are all good and we're in great shape," Payne said, adding that the launch team is not tracking any technical issues. Image Above: Space shuttle Discovery stands at Launch Pad 39A, where it is undergoing final preparations for launch on the STS-120 mission. The shuttle is protected by the pad's rotating service structure. Image credit: NASA TV However, the weather forecast for Tuesday continues to pose a threat to NASA's launch plans. Shuttle Weather Officer Kathy Winters reported that the seabreeze could begin developing by the 11:38 a.m. EDT launch time. There is a 60-percent chance that cumulus
We Are Artists
I keep expecting you to fade, to wake up one morning and not care, so I keep myself one carefully measured step away in anticipation of your loves decline. So, when your cheek turns and your attention wanders elsewhere, my heart will not be left all awkward, hanging from an elastic thread you forgot to pull off your old pair of socks. For it is in your nature to lose interest suddenly. We are both artists who suck the marrow out of each lovely bone. It just happens to be my lovely bones this time. How bare.
Welcome To My Insanity..=)
LiFe do we ever really truly know what to do with our lives...? what i pick 2day..will i want to do 2morrow..? the person i want to be with now..? will they want me 10 years from now? for that matter...will i want them? we get ONE life so sit back and read how ive chocked mine full, hate, relationships, kids, happy times, sad times..and a lil of everything in between..but im warning you now..get a soda and some headache medicine...your gonna need em..=)
Part Two..=)
i am anything but the girl next honest, open, wild, fun loving, creative, sincere, feisty, rebellious, sweet and genuine..if i give you my friendship..treasure it..cuz i will be your friend for for my life style or my simple...i live life to the fullest...I DONT CARE ABOUT LABELS...whose to say whats right or wrong...whose to tell me what i can do or cant do...whose to tell me how i should gonna enjoy life and all it has to offer...and never look back..i have no regrets..cuz even if ive made a bad choice...thats life...we learn from past mistakes...and hopefully we just dont keep repeating the same mistakes too often...i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve..which is not always a good thing..i trust everyone from the get go..which im learning is not always a good thing..but hey people who are gonna shit on you, use you, abuse you or anything else...are probably gonna do it might as well enjoy the ride... Im very simple but yet very extrem
Feels So Good
This is how it feels, exciting the raw pink. Slow, slow at first, little spark of thought Ignites into torrid fantasy. Deliciously, tortuously slow, Middle finger slides across sensitive skin, Dipping into warm pink folds, Circles of arousal, Hips lifting in supplication to the Goddess of the hand. Faster now, reaching for the Firm, waxy clit. Blossom opens its petal to receive a stroke, Sticks out her moist tongue to taste the fingertip. Raw pink, Tender hot flesh oozing spicy juices. Cums now, cums now No awareness except the rapture, Imploding red blossoms behind clenched eyes, Nipples massaged, tweaked to fullness, Barely touchable in their ecstatic extension. Thighs and cheeks soaking into the sheets, Sticky, heated sweetness-musk, Gift from the raw pink. Pulse beat spreads throughout, To lips and eyelids from still-throbbing clit, Coursing up through fluttering belly To distended nipples, to lips pursed for breath, Raw pink sleeps satiated.
My Daughter
Ok, when my youngest daughter's baby was born, I took care of her...practically raised her and she is 2 now. They moved 42 miles away. I saw her this weekend and took her to the jam room. She loved the live music and danced like crazy. She has always liked music (maybe because of me) and will play drums on whatever she can find. Scott let her play his big drum set and she had more fun than she has ever had. Now, my oldest daughter is very jealous of the relationship I have with Emmalynn. I didn't have the same relationship with her daughter. I told her today I found a real child's size drum set and was thinking about getting it for Emmalynn for Christmas. I thought Kimi was going to have a fit! She got mad because I wouldn't be able to spend the same amount of money on the other two grandkids. I want Emmalynn to do something with her abilities and she can keep a good beat. Am I wrong? What should I do to convince Kimi that I do love AraBella...just not quite the same?
Single Does Have Its Drawbacks
Rainy days are the only drawbacks of being single. Ya know the slow raining days where all you want to do is cuddle up under the covers with someone special? Well being single, ya dont always have that special someone there to cuddle with. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
O0o What A Playlist!!
Sonic Youth-jc
Always cost a pair of hose - spaces pressed together rose Arms around each others back - you know that I liked you jack And all the other boys who pose - a silent dance in the woods In the suburb light is shown - another can of coca cola Dont you ever call me mom - freckled dancing in the plan And air so thin it weighs a ton - you can see as far as fun Youre nothing but a history - a second here and then youre gone Quicksand, quicksand all around - turn the corner just beyond The shadows move and change the groove - and something tells me not to brood Turning room and thats a show - youre walking through my heart once more Dont forget to close the door - Im not certain of what you found All the men want a charming whore - like a crown fortunes Sunny skies and angels bleed - falling down upon my knees That wasnt how its supposed to be - clear blue eyes, justice tries The wind is busy blowing dizzy - your dreams were shot like a star Exploding in a mind somewhere - doing s
Title: Life By: Me My insanity exceeds this dream of extasy Your hopes and wishes become your dirty dishes My life of lives is dying tonight My faith is gone I have no one All of these people around me But ignorance is all I see The shimmering light is dying tonight Everything that was will never be Everything that is will always be Nothing is working out for me My passion and virtuosity Have become another hurdle for me All of this stress has taken its toll I have become weary and cold You are judged by your appearance But now I'm fearless Closed minds make for weak people And somehow I'm stuck in the middle Life has its way of working out But it also has its moments of doubt With life comes uncertainty Just let your demons out and set your self free Everything's made to be broken I wish I knew who I am I don't think that you'd understand I'm lost in my mind In this dream of extasy you'll never find Acidic questions are flowing like wine I wonder, is
Vision - Illusion
Good Girls And Bad Girls
Differences Between Good Girls and Bad Girls Good girls loosen a few buttons when it's hot. Bad girls make it hot by loosening a few buttons. Good girls wax their floors. Bad girls wax their bikini lines. Good girls blush during sex scenes in a movie. Bad girls know they could do it better. Good girls wear white cotton panties. Bad girls don't wear any. Good girls think they're not fully dressed without a strand of pearls. Bad girls think they're fully dressed with just a strand of pearls. Good girls only own one credit card and rarely use it. Bad girls only own one bra and rarely use it. Good girls pack their toothbrush. Bad girls pack their diaphragms. Good girls wear high heels to work. Bad girls wear high heels to bed. Good girls think the office is the wrong place to have sex. Bad girls think no place is the wrong place. Good girls prefer the missionary position. Bad girls do too, but only for starters. Good girls say, "No." Bad girls sa
The Fourteenth
The Fourteenth by vanier789 © The taste of her tears was salty as they dribbled down Lara's cheeks and onto her lips. She closed her eyes again to try and stop them from flowing as she turned her body towards the moonlight. It was the only illumination in the pitch darkness of her room. The blankets were on the floor and she was shivering as the night air caressed her bare skin. "Come back," came the faint whisper from her lips. Just like every night, she had the same dream. The pale light shifted and changed, making flowing, supple patterns of light and shadow across her body. Clouds were passing silently overhead, through the inky sky. Getting up noiselessly from the mattress on the floor, she crossed the room to close the window. It had been a full year today since the last time she had seen him. Every night since then had been the same. Waking up in the night calling out for him not to leave her. And every day had been the same. Working at her dead end job, waiting for her hear
It Will Come If You Just Let It.
Allow this moment Relax and allow this moment to come. Savor the richness of it as it passes through your experience. Then, just as peacefully as you let it in, let the moment go. And allow the next moment to flow freely into your life. There is nothing to be gained by fighting against perceived difficulties, or by running away from them. There is nothing to be gained by worrying that the things you value will be taken from you. Instead, enjoy, appreciate and make full use of your many treasures and blessings. By so doing, you'll make it impossible for them to ever be taken from you. Welcome each new challenge as it appears. It is by moving through the challenges that you enrich yourself and the world around you. Let each unique moment flow freely through you, with whatever it may bring, and experience it fully, with passion, purpose, and positive expectation. Then let it go, while holding on to the richness it has added to your life. -- Ralph Marston
Sex Is Like A Rollercoaster
You get on with your partner. There is anxious anticipation as you start. You start slowly, climbing your way to the top. There are smiles exchanged, and giggles, maybe even caressing or hand holding. The excitement builds and builds. It nears the top. The expressions on faces become wondrous and excited. Then as it hits the pinnacle, things move very fast. There's a quick motion, the heart races with complete excitement; faces are all in total pleasure. Arms are flailing, heads are bouncing, and there is some noticeable screaming going on. The rest of the ride is up and down, twisting and turning, lots of bumping, sometimes in the light, sometimes in the dark. Sometimes there's a surprise, and sometimes it becomes all too familiar but always, always at the end, there's a big smile on the face. Hair is all messed up, and everyone is talking about how great it is, while some of them say, "I wanna go again!"
Khia - My Neck My Back
Khia Videos | Ringtones | Seattle MLS
Looking In The Eyes Of Love
Looking in the Eyes of Love Profound, like a never-ending ocean Whose waves glisten in the sunlit sky Sweet, like fresh picked strawberries Whose syrupy essence tickles the taste buds Alluring, like a coy mistress Whose desire whispers in the night Secure, like shelter from the rain That shields you from jagged encounters Compassionate, like an affectionate parent Who teaches you right from wrong Optimistic, like a newborn baby Who sees the world through innocent eyes Blissful, like a hopeful young child Defeating the difficulty of learning how to ride a bike Love is... An emotion that cannot be depicted with words But must be felt in the depths of ones heart It takes over the body with a colossal force To experience the sensations love conveys Just gaze into your loves tender eyes
Black Flame
i can see the river its rising again i can feel the wind blowin across the sky my friend it draws me nearer from where I came it feeds the fire turns me onto the game feel the heat from the black flame steal the soul of eternal shame feel the heat cant seem to tame only sins feed the fire turning me on to black flame acid drips from my lips poisoning your mind tearing you down to size exterminating your kind glass breaks shattering life closing in on you feel the cold from a watery grave pulling you in two the black flame surrounds you keeping you inside feel the heat inside you warping your mind only sin feeds the fire only darkness fills cant seem to guide her turning on the blackest flame
Excuse Me While I Bleed
Excuse me while I bleed. Please look at me, it's so personal, this is the way I would have touched you, but I drowned in you instead, up against the wall, just you and me, I fell down and bled out on the ground, you just stepped over me... Pardon me while I bleed, excuse me if I got some on your shoe.Sorry for the way I let you make me feel, maybe i'll just laugh instead? Excuse me while I bleed. Maybe I could die another day, find another way to make you notice me when im gone? Maybe then your black rimmed eyes would show the way you feel for me just long enough that I was more to you than she ever could have been. Excuse me while fading dreams are all ive got, losing sleep and walking through the darkest nights,theres not much else I can do, no more getting through to you. Ive broken down for all to see. Excuse me while I bleed.
Mcd Monopoly Codes // Coke Reward Points
If anyone isn't using them for anything and wouldn't mind helping out I'm saving the 12/15 digit codes off the various Coke products. If you have any you want to share and aren't using please feel free to help me out. Also I'm saving the codes from the MC Donald's Monopoly pieces. If you aren't using the online codes at the bottom of these and want to share them its much appreciated. I doubt I'll win anything but it was just something to do when I was online bored. Just send them in an email or whatever. Thanks in advance... Joe
Read My Mind
Tie me up and bring me farther Reach into my thought hole. Cover me with beds of roses and mindset kisses embedded with sugar. Touch the skin deep emotion that barely surfaces inside of me. Run a godlike power deep into my soul and captivate every lost emotion i have ever felt. Peel the sheets back and hide the stains of ecstasy. Feel no shame as the world knows my mind naked like yours. Remember every waking moment we spent in each other. Know that empathy leads to a greater climax.
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My First Contest!!!
ok guys im in my first contest. it starts today the 24th and ends nov 7th at 7pm eastern. it is comment bombing and there are no rules just most comments gets 1 month vip second gets 7 day blast and so on. anyways i would appreciate any help and will return the love!! here is the pic link
Trying Something New
Tonight, I am going to try to stay on for more then 15 minutes! This all depends on how many times Fubar pisses me off! In other news, new SuperPimp pics will be coming soon!
How To Be Friends With Benefits
Romantic relationships can be wonderful and exhilarating, but they can also be stressful and hard to come by. Sometimes you just want occasional companionship and sex without the obligations. This is when a "friends with benefits" relationship comes in handy. Follow these steps to experience the advantages of a romance without the hassle. Instructions Steps 1 Step One Be clear about what you want. To make your friends with benefits experience a good one, know what you expect from the relationship. Take the time to really think about it. There is no one-size-fits-all formula. Having a basic understanding of your needs and being able to articulate those needs could help you save lot of drama in the end. 2 Step Two Choose your partner wisely. This is by far the trickiest and most important step. Being friends with benefits requires a delicate balance. Your partner should be someone who you enjoy spending time with and someone looking for the same things as you in a friends with be
A True Boyfriend
What a real man would do.... • Grab her neck when you kiss her, it's a real turn on. Not her butt/boobs. • Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything. • When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go then kiss her • When she says she's ok dont believe it talk with her • Never cheat on her because 10 yrs later she'll remember you • Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her • Call her before you sleep and after you wake up • Treat her like a person and not something to show off for • Tease her and let her tease you back. • Stay up all night with her when she's sick. • Watch her favorite movie with her. • TRUST HER WITH HER GUY FRIENDS • Let her wear your clothes. • When she's bored and sad, hang out with her. • Let her know she's important. • Kiss her in the pouring rain. • When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is; "Who's ass am I kicking babe?"
Army Life
Last night I had a dream about what would have happened had I not made certain decision during my military career. I will not discuss what actually happened in my dream or what I did in the military. But needless to say I'm proud of the sacrifices I made. Not proud of some of the things I did, but they had to be done. If not by me, then by someone else. Alot of people enjoy the freedom that soldiers have sacrificed to preserve for them. Men and women die everyday in countries around the world because they to want the freedoms you enjoy so much. Yet only about 10% of the people in the United States are willing to enlist. I made many sacrifices during my time in the military and made alot of decision that affect my life now as a civilian. I served my country well and in the end got shafted. If the public knew what many men and women in uniform have sacrificed to give them the freedoms they take for granted and understood that those men and women did it without hesitating maybe
My Son And His Marching Band Season
My son's high school marching band is doing really great this year. They have scored 1st place in all catagories, in all the competetions they have been in this year.. I am extremely proud of them. This weekend is their last competetion and they will be going to Atlanta Dome. This will be the biggest competetion that his school has been in for 10 years! I am so excited for them. I know they will do great! I can't wait for the fireworks for their performance!
My Son And His Marching Band Season
My son's high school marching band has been doing great this yr. They have scored 1st place in 95% of the catagories. This wkend will be their last competetion and their most important one. They will be traveling to the Atlanta dome to march. I aqsk all my fubars friends and family to say a little pray that their luck holds up and they score superior. I have confedence in them, it's just they will be going up against some really great bands. And a pray never hurts.
The Halloween Party Ch. 02 A
The Halloween Party Ch. 02 by samandrews © Cindy closed the bathroom door behind her. Her breathing was deep and labored. She laid back against the closed door. Her thoughts were drifting wildly and she was confused. She couldn't remember ever being this horny. Her fingers drifted down and gently stroked her distended cunt lips. Slowly she moved her fingers along their inside edges, now soaking wet with her juices. She pulled her finger away and up to her face, licking a drop of the glistening fluid from the tip of her index finger. She could not get the image of John's huge cock out of her mind. She had loved sucking him into a mind-blowing orgasm but now, she needed attention herself. She pictured his huge cock gently slipping between her legs, pushing its way towards her cunt...not her "pussy" but her "CUNT"! She needed another COCK!! She resumed her stroking... faster and harder. She thought about finding Tom and fucking the daylights out of him...but no, that wasn't wh
The Haunted House Ch. 09
The Haunted House Ch. 09 by DeannaTroi © Chapter 9 Nine - Jennifer in Wonderland It was shortly before dawn and finally even a dozen teenaged boys with all the stamina of youth were unable to get hard again. They had fucked Jennifer all night long with great enthusiasm and left the busty blonde lying there with huge puddles of cum on her body. For her part, Jennifer had enjoyed it the most when the black kid Harold had straddled her tits and fucked them as she wrapper her huge mounds about his shaft. Jennifer had watched the big black cock slide in and out of her cleavage with fascination. The big mushroom tip would just slide up to her open mouth where she would suck it for a fraction of a second before sliding away. The real thrill had been watching and wondering on which stroke it was going to blow and when it finally did, Jennifer got a great view of the cum spurting out of it to land on her face and breasts. The sight of that sticky white stuff shooting out of the black dic
Jus A Few More
n the hour before the morn I walk past your door I send a special prayer To the room we both adore And though my mind is in there with you My body takes me home. I wish for a love But have none of my own So welcome me love My name is lonely I tell you boy I think of you only In times when we have trouble And we left each other down I know we can make it babe Just as long as you’re around So welcome me love My name is lonely I tell you baby I think of you only only ************************************************** I Tried to Tell You tried to tell you I love you but the words were hard to find. I'm always thinking about you you're the only one on my mind. Oh why do I act so shy forever hiding my face I should learn to laugh and not to cry put yourself in my place. There were times I tried to kiss you but something told me no. You wanted me to hold you but I kept letting you go. I'm afraid that I am not the guy you've searched fo
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Untitled 2
Sometimes when I am sleeping I dream of you I see your beautiful face and your eyes so blue I wish I could be a shield and protect your heart Seeing you in pain just rips me apart Your never alone I am always here All you need to do is say the word, I am always near Wish I could take away the shadows that haunt you at night Forever until they are gone I will fight Words can't describe the agony I am in I don't know where things end and where they begin My lonely soul just wanders around Because it cannot have what it has found Happy is all I want you to be Even if it is with someone else instead of me So I will sit back and hang in the shadows A silent shoulder that you can lean on Forever your friend I will be If there is no one else there is always me!
It's 3 Pm....
... and i'm falling asleep at my desk. come ON 4:30pm!
Coming To Terms C
Coming To Terms _________________________________________________ "MJ, I hope you won't hate me but the girl all my dreams and fantasies have revolved around is..." Gwen looked away nervously and whispered, "You." MJ took Gwen's hand lightly and traced the back of it with her thumb as she asked, "Did you say me?" Gwen nodded, staring at the slender hand holding hers. "Yes. And... Oh God, I can't tell you this..." "Do you touch yourself? Do you make yourself come?" MJ's voice had deepened and lowered and she slid over next to Gwen. "You masturbate thinking of me?" Gwen nodded miserably, so overcome with admitting her guilt that she completely missed the arousal clouding MJ's eyes and giving her voice that wonderfully sexy husky quality. MJ, still holding Gwen's hand, tipped Gwen's face up to lock her green eyes with the blonde's blue ones. "I'm honored," MJ said as she leaned in and pressed her lips to Gwen's. Gwen's eyes widened in surprise but s
Deflowering X-men Babe Shadow Cat
Deflowering X-Men Babe Shadow Cat by Kash_the_priest © "Ahhhhhh!" Ellen moaned as I pulled half of it out. I stopped. "AHHHHHHH!" She screamed even louder as I pulled the rest out and struggled slightly to get my huge cock head out of her tight cunt. Once I pulled it out there was evidence of her virginity. There was a bit of blood all round my cock, thank God I had a rubber on. "I thought you weren't a virgin." I said. Ellen smiled, while she moaned and grinded her hips. Usually I would finish them off with my tongue if I came before them, but right now I didn't see that as an option, because of the blood. I don't know how it really worked, women losing their virginity, all I knew is that she bled and I wasn't going to find out if I was going to get a mouthful of blood or not. "I didn't want you to think of me as a kid." She replied. "Well you're not a virgin any more!" I said and she let out a cute little giggle. I pulled the condom off. I looked around to see where I co
Yesterday / Wreck
yesterday was a normal day for me.. i had to go to see my oldest teacher for a meeting.. i took a right at the stop sign and the next thing i know ppl r telling me not to move and was there kids in the car.. i could only fill pain and burning all over my chest and neck.. an the taste of blood in my mouth.. the thing that scares me is i dont remember parts of things.. like what happened.. or how long i was in the hospital when they found my mom and anut.. time left me for some time.. im still pretty shook up about it.. my right arm wont stop shaking.. i bit the mess out of my tounge.. this was my second wreck and i didnt walk away from it.. i found out from the witnesses that i asked for my kids and a friend of mine.. an i dont remember that.. mind u i have only texted my friend yesterday, but have not heard any thing from my friend sence.. right now i hurt so bad.. i have a few ppl call to see if im doing any better.. what a time to have a wreck.. my 6 year aniversary is coming this sa
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A Super Hero's Slut Ch. 01
A Super Hero's Slut Ch. 01 by Just Plain Bob © It took a second to register, but when it did he reacted quickly. Rolling down the partition he instructed the driver to pull over to the curb. As the limo pulled over he turned to the short, balding man sitting next to him. "I've found my female lead. See the redhead coming down the walk toward us? Find out everything about her that you can. She's the one. I knew it as soon as I saw her that she is the one." "Why her?" "Because as soon as I saw her a voice in my head said, "That one!" You know that I never ignore that voice. The last time I didn't listen to it I ended up in prison. You're wasting time; get out, follow her and find out everything that you can and report back to me as soon as possible." It was twenty-four hours later when the short man gave his report. "Her name is Mary Jane Parker. She is twenty-seven, married and is an out of work model and an aspiring actress." "She wants to be an actress does she? Per
Re: Fox News Runs With Al Qaeda Wildfires Conspiracy Theory
RE: Fox News Runs With Al Qaeda Wildfires Conspiracy Theory ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 25 Oct 2007, 12:32 Fox News Runs With Al Qaeda Wildfires Conspiracy Theory Neocon mouthpiece channel Fox News continues to run programming today suggesting that Al Qaeda terrorists may have infiltrated the US and started fires in California that have devastated acres of land and have forced one million people from their homes over the past week.
The Black Cat: Light Sleeper B
The Black Cat: Light Sleeper by Mild Mannered Author © "You like that, baby? You like that?" Her whispers were urgent. I indicated my agreement as much as I could, in that position. Finally she let me come up for air. Somehow, still on the couch, she rose to her feet, her costume still wrapping her arms and legs, but gloriously disheveled on her front, leaving her exposed from neck to midriff. She looked down on me and licked her lips. "Tell me, baby: costume on or costume off?" "On," I breathed. She smiled her wicked smile again. "No one ever says 'off.'" She stepped backwards onto the floor and sank into a crouch before me. She raised her right hand just so and made a quick gesture at my crotch, then another, then another. She flicked her wrists and the tiny claws in her gloves retracted, leaving my pajamas neatly incised and my cock exposed. She hissed again and practically dove forward. I'm sure it goes without saying, but she was a fantastic cocksucker. Some gi
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 25,2007
You are at your best in one-on-one situations, whether you're trying a little romance or interviewing for a new position. Even tense confrontations will go much more smoothly than you would have predicted.
Caught In The Act A
Caught in the Act by Croctden © Notes: Thoughts are in [[brackets]] Disclaimer: I did not create the concept of Superman, nor did I develop any of the other characters. Someone else owns those ideas. I just played around with a few ideas I had will watching the recent ABC show. * * * * * Clark racked his brain trying to think how to tell Lois that he was Superman. He had not even come close to a way that he could convince himself would keep Lois from flying of the handle. His reasons had been sound, and he was confident she would forgive him…eventually. That was the worry: Lois had been angry with him before, but she happy with him now and he did not want that to end. He sighed: he knew he had to tell her now if he wanted their relationship to move forward. His constant running out for no reason was taking a big toll on both of them. He did not want to hurt Lois, but he had to go. He was determined to stop that today. "Lois, have you ever notice how much Superman and I
Self-realization A
Self-Realization by Croctden © A sequel to “Caught in the Act,” published a long, long, LONG, time ago Lois slammed her door shut and ran to her refrigerator. Where was it? Ah there, thank god she still had some Rocky Road left. She grabbed a spoon and flopped down on her couch. She started to cry even before she had opened it. God, how could she have been so stupid? She stuck a spoon of ice cream into her mouth. She tried to avoid thinking about this afternoon, but Clark’s hurt face kept coming back to her. Why couldn’t she have controlled her temper? “Fine Clark, go save the world, I guess know where I rank with you!!” Her words echoed back to her. She remembered looking up as she stormed away, leaving an obviously injured Clark behind. When she found out about his alter ego she had been furious. Time had calmed her, but it was a still festering in their relationship. Nor was the situation helped by the fact they had not made love again. That one amazing night seem
Bachelorette Party F
Bachelorette Party by PrincessKoriandr © Smiling at his impatience, Kory continued her examination. Jason was definitely a big boy at a little over 9 inches and thick. X'hal he was thick-coming and going. The tip was a angry purplish red, heart shaped and smooth, and hard as a proverbial rock. Intrigued, she ran her inquisitive fingers over the rubbery tip and then gently pulled at it, and then she applied pressure with her tightly clenched fist. She wanted to see how hard it really was…it felt so good, so strong. Shit! What did I get myself into? Jason felt as if his legs were going to collapse under him, but he didn't care. This was something he wouldn't have missed for the world. Kory's soft hand on his dick was almost more then he could stand, but the alternative was to ask her to stop and that was unacceptable. And even though it was bound to take the last of his tenuous control, Jason closed his hand over hers and slowly guided her hand back and forth over the tight blood
More Than Just Air
More Than Just Air You look at me as if I'm not there. It's times like these When I wish I could do more Than just stare In my heart I want to tell you But in my head I know rejection Is what I'd most likely get And that's something I'm just not willing to chance Going through At least not yet. I want to know how You feel But the truth is I'm afraid to ask And that is because Of the way I've been treated In the past So I guess for now I'll have no choice But to sit back and stare Hoping and praying everyday That sometime soon You'll tell me you relly do care And that when you look at me You see that I'm more Than just air...
Trip The Weekend Of The 9th Of November
OK, so I was gonna take a trip to California the weekend of the 9th of November, but that has now been canceled!! So my question now is this: Where in the world should I go the weekend of the 9th? I need to go give me ideas people!!
Help Me Level Up Please
Can you's help me level up on here so i can get off on 18 and go on 19 by ratting my photos and stash and blog too.thank you very much for having me here.
Thinking About Some1
Do you believe you can think of someone you haven't seen or talk to in a long time so hard that they will think of you too? Do you believe that the person would contact you just to see how you are?
~~wsc~news And Bombing For October26th~~
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Scars Last Forever
What The Hell.... everyone doing? :) I'm bored. Someone tell me something good. Post me something funny, a story, or a random thought.
The Name
I am the name upon your lips when there is lust in your heart. I am the sweat caressing your brow and breasts as you look longingly upon male after male. I am the primal thrust, the gentle kiss rhythmic passion, and lust fulfillment. Inhibitions are awakened, taboos broken with each uncontrollable release of pleasure. Say my name? No... no, there is no need For I am Everyman... but not to every woman. I shall leave no body part untouched as I explore the nooks and crannies, dips and curves of your wet, pleasure drenched temple. I long to enter you,to be so close to you that it becomes impossible to tell where you end and I begin. To grind so deep that your cries of passion permeates my very soul and sends us into an ocean of wave after endless wave of climatic ecstasy. And as we, sweating, and spent. I am the voice that asks you, "Now...what can I cook you for breakfast?"
Being Homeless Isn't As Bad As You Think.
A lot of people think being homeless means you have to be drunk, stink like shit, and beg people for money. This simply isn't true. I am very homeless and I certainly don't stink or beg for money. I feel very free these days. I have no job, no responsibilities, nowhere to go, and nothing I have to do at any time or place. I walk until I find a park, wander around, and then take a nap. When I wake up, I walk to the next park, nap, wake, walk, nap. All day long. I also hang out in libraries and colleges. Colleges are great because nobody suspects that you don't take classes there. The key to sleeping outside is to be nocturnal. If a security guard sees you sleeping on a bench at night, he'll assume you're homeless and rape you. If a guard catches you sleeping on a bench in the middle of the day, he'll assume you're either taking a nap or resting from playing frisbee. I don't know why they assume it's frisbee. You could have been playing football or soccer or any other sport. Securi
Goodbye Fubar
Hello Fubar Friends and Family, How are you today? I'm doing good. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am taking a break from here. I know I haven't talk with a lot of you but to those who I have! Your in my thoughts and prayers. I hope each one of y'all have a great holiday sessions and I will catching around sometime next year! Good Luck on the future and God bless to each and everyone of y'all!
Bad Little Bat Ch. 03
Bad Little Bat Ch. 03 by odderotica © Batgirl stood surrounded by men. The men were armed and dangerous; each suit hid a gun, every boot a dagger. She knew the men very well of course. This was an old style mafia family, now lead by a Mr. HotShit and his band of cousins and brother in laws and sons. She was the only girl in the room. Most of the men stood slowly, in a stoned daze, for they had drank to heavily off the liquor she had drugged. A sly smile flickered across her lips as the first on pulled his gun and clumsily waved it at her blurred image. With a giggle she simply reached out and grasped his arm firmly at the wrist. Pulling it up and away from him as her long leg stuck out at his thigh. Within a minute, that gun and all the others that had come out to play were safely in a locked bulletproof bag she had brought, and stashed away in a dark corner of the room. All the other guns in the house were already disabled, as were the phones and the security systems. Bar
Christina & Superman Ch. 02
Christina & Superman Ch. 02 by RobN1 © Superman – Played by Dean Cain Christina Aguilera – Appears as herself Britney Spears – Appears as herself Anastacia – Appears as herself As Christina stalked off to her infamous chambers, Superman slumped, groaning and in agony against the wall. His vision blurred and his limbs felt as though they had been taken over by the Kryptonite. He had lost all control of himself, and he was about to have that loss extended to a complete surrender. He fell sideways and crumpled onto the floor staring upwards. Britney strolled past him and smirked, swinging her hips briefly before standing by the door which Christina had disappeared through. Superman's eyes followed her, thinking of how much power even a humble guard such as Britney had now. But his eyes had followed the wrong woman. He felt a spiky kick to his stomach and he rolled onto his back. Anastacia, in all her PVC clad glory, stood over him, and had given him a kick in the gut
Christina & Superman Ch. 03 A
Christina & Superman Ch. 03 by RobN1 © Part Three: Punishment Superman – Played by Dean Cain Christina Aguilera – Appears as herself The torture chamber was magnificent. It was built into a stunning Gothic character hall, almost like a castle banqueting room. Huge stone pillars rose to the ceiling and wooden beams jutted out to make the vast chamber seem more claustrophobic. Fires seemed to burn everywhere the eye could see. Aside from the roaring fireplace at the side of the room, where Superman's clothes had just gone up in smoke, torches were held onto the walls by intricate black iron cages. Where there were no torches, there were candles. The room was both romantic and intimidating. It was a seductive hell – sexual, yet violent. It was harsh and tormenting to the eyes. Filling this stone and iron expanse were modern features. It was a fully equipped sexual torture dungeon. Everywhere Superman looked were devices of erotic torment. There were manacles hanging from
Christina & Superman Ch. 03 B
Christina & Superman Ch. 03 by RobN1 © "This," she said enjoying the moment, "is a Scold's Bridle." Superman looked at it in horror. "It will fit over your head, strapped around your face and clipped onto your collar for support. The ball will gag you, stopping your mouth and keeping you silent. You will only earn the right to make noise when you pledge to make the right noises. Is that understood?" Again, Superman was passive. She stepped towards him, lifting the Scold's Bridle over his head and lowering it over his face. It was a tight fitting cage and the metal bars dug into parts of his skin. She strapped the top around his forehead and looped the clips at the bottom around his collar. She took the red rubber ball gag and plunged it snugly into his mouth. The vicious device truly silenced Superman as knelt before his Queen. He was a helpless and pathetic vision. "Now Superman, I shall leave you with something to think about." She extended her booted leg towa
Bush Turning Back The Clock On History Putin denounces US missile shield By MIKE ECKEL, Associated Press Writer 41 minutes ago Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday compared the U.S. proposal to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe to the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s. "Analogous actions by the Soviet Union, when it deployed missiles in Cuba, prompted the 'Caribbean crisis,'" Putin said at a news conference at the end of a European Union-Russian summit in Portugal, using the Russian term for the Cuban missile crisis. "Such a threat is being set up on our borders," he said. At the same time, Putin suggested the tension was much lower that during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis because Russian-U.S. relations have moved on since the Cold War. He also said he believes the United States is listening to Moscow's concerns about its missile plans. Putin said his relationship with President Bush helps solve problems in relations
Papi ?????
Ok some of you know iv been d-vorced for about 5 yrs, and there has been one thing that happens on a regular basises. Its gettn called PAPI. O dont get wrong im not offended by this in the least little bit but why is that all women seem to call me this. If you can leave a comment and be honest i HATE FIBBERS!!! just wondering and thank you for taking the time to read this and commenting.
Alright My Lovelies!
my weekend is officially here. everyone have a good one and do something crazy you can tell me about on Monday. I'm hanging with Ruby tomorrow so I can guarantee we'll do some crazy shit to talk about ... lol!
Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 01 B
Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 01 by Angelique Bouchette © After a short, pregnant pause, during which they both grinned at each other, in embarrassment, Barbara broke the silence. "Give me a call at the Central Library, tomorrow... about noon. I work there during the day, by the way." She smiled, briefly. "We can do lunch and I can try to explain things! 'Bye, Officer Thackeray!" "Goodbye Ms. Gordon!" Phil replied, watching her turn and hurry away across the well-lit compound, her shapely ass swaying, fetchingly. "That girl has a figure to die for," he added, under his breath. He took out his notebook and pencil and wrote down her phone number, before wiping all trace of it from the condensation on the passenger window. Wednesday, 1:02 am The Caped Crusaders had spotted the street robbery taking place, from their vantage point, high on the flat rooftop of the Sheringdon Hotel, where the crime-busting duo had been maintaining a night-time vigil. "Follow me, Robin!" declare
Batgirl: The Price Of Silence Ch. 06
Batgirl: The Price of Silence Ch. 06 by Angelique Bouchette © Author's note: This story is not so much about the adventures of Batgirl, but more about the developing sexuality of Barbara Gordon. The storyline continues from that of 'Batgirl Risks All' and re-introduces the character of Jennifer Goodbody A.K.A. Sparrow. Enjoy! Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers and for personal use only. No copyright infringement is intended. Chapter 6: Batgirl Sinks Deeper As Batgirl strode, purposefully, along the corridors of Police Headquarters, on her eight-inch spiky heels, trying not to sexily sway her shapely ass and failing, miserably, her passage was accompanied by a chorus of hoots, wolf-whistles and lewd remarks, unbecoming officers of the law. She found herself blushing, furiously. Her shapely unfettered boobs, bounced against her ribcage, with every step, her prominent nipples raising small peaks in her sheer clinging
This Is New To Me.
This is my very first blog for fubar,I'm not quit sure what to say but I'm going to give it a shot. What the hell! Everyone has been great to me on fubar,and it's awsome to meet new people and to read interesting things about what others have written.I just wanna say Thank you to all of those who give new people a fighting chance to prove that we newbies can make friends too.
Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 06 A
Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 06 by Angelique Bouchette© This story is the seventh in an ongoing series of Batgirl adventures, mainly based on characters in the early Batman comics and that wonderful '60s TV series but with the timeline brought up to the present. Warning! This fictional story contains strictly ADULT content and is ONLY intended for mature readers and for personal consumption. No copyright infringement is intended. The Adventures Of Batgirl Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Chapter 6: Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll It was almost 10:00 pm, when Batgirl slid down the Bat-pole into the Bat-cave. She was wearing her molecular Bat-costume and thong, along with her other, more recognizable Batgirl accessories. She strolled over to Batman, her hips swaying, sexily. The Caped Crusader was sitting in front of the Bat-computer, correlating all the available details on the vampire killings. The Dark Damsel casually glanced around. There was no sign of the Boy Wonder anyw
Dont You Get It Bitch, You Boss Is Doing A Heluva Job! Like Brownie!
Rice taps Clinton, Carter for Middle East advice Anxious not to repeat mistakes of past Middle East peace-making, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has turned to former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for tips ahead of her own conference this year. Rice invited Carter, a vocal critic of Bush administration policies, to the State Department on Wednesday where the two discussed his Arab-Israeli peacemaking efforts in the 1970s, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said on Friday. Their talks were "good and cordial," he said. They focused on the Middle East and not Carter's recent criticism of President George W. Bush's policies in Iraq and elsewhere. A Soviet specialist, Rice also telephoned another former Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who tried, and ultimately failed, in his eight years in office to bring the Israelis and Palestinians together. "She's trying to draw on the historical
Sitting in a crowded room or quietly at home an overwhelming and awkward sense of emptiness and alone Someone must have flipped a switch one day the lights went out and in the dark I'm sitting here nauseous with self-doubt Confidence abandons me I used to stand so tall but suddenly I find myself insignificant and small
Maddy Pt. I
This is a story about my sister's friend. She is a younger than me, but you could not tell by looking at her. She had a large chest for her age, a big C-cup, and she was in shape, due to playing tennis and swimming. Her stomach had a little baby fat still, but nothing noticeable unless you really wanted to look. She had just turned 18, I was 19 after having stayed back a year. Her name was Maddy. She lived down the street from us. When I got into high school, she was the manager of the track team I was on. She was always pretty flirty with me, but nothing ever really happened due to the fact that she was younger than me and friends with my sister. However, none of that mattered this day. While waiting for my race at a meet, we decided to walk into the school to go to the bathroom. As we're walking back, we stop near the door. She's making small talk with me, and we are just hanging out. I know that I have another half hour or so before I have to be back out by the track. As Maddy
The Dance
All I wanted was one fast dance A little sex And perhaps some romance But it went way too far We danced way to fast The fire was so hot It was doomed not to last The heat sprung quickly And our tongues moved in tune We exited the party We found a new room The clothes they were stripped And our breath came out fast It may have started soon But boy, Could he last. The pulsing, the throbbing The time without sound He picked me up But he wouldn’t put me down. I wasn’t complaining I was held under his chest Then it all got harder I don’t remember the rest. I woke up the next morning With the beat in my head A condom wrapper on the floor And a note that I read; Last night was amazing The dance was the best, But I don’t love you baby, If you hadn’t of guessed. Please don’t take this seriously Please don’t chase me down But if I see you again, Ill spin you around.” Now I wish Id have told him That I just want to dance The sex was great, But I changed my m
keep in mind,Tsalagi, or cherokee- is written diffrently, but I cant do it on my computer so I will type it in english dialect.. thanks!mj Ustahli ethi - yvhno tsike - se - I e - kwa tshko - ya tse - he - I ani - yv - wi - ya aye - li nu - nv I nu - nv nv te - kayaki - ske - I atahkhwa - yuhsti nitsu - tv - ne - i katsano - sta u - nv -ta - sv katu - i ke - stihno kvhsu - ya ki - sti yike - se u - stahli ani - ska - yahno yu - nino - le - na yitsu - tale - yvsta - na e - la -ti i - tsa tika - naki - ske ake - hya hilv - hno I - yani ani - ke - hya kv - waniyoho - se - lv khi - la u - nate - loho - se -I - yuhsti tu - nila - wa tse - ?(i think)ihno i - yuhsti iyu - natvhnti u - nihihsti u - stahli tu - nila -wi - tso - nahno . u - natahnthe - le -. u - natahnthe - le -uhnto u - nisatv?ti u - stahli ski - hno?i - yvhno e - kwa u - notha - ne - ?i ani - skaya ski - na nu - nv - neho - na nv - ya tu - nikha - nito - le - ko - thv - yv - wi tsa - ni n
The Other Side Of Me *poem*
People could never see me,and know the sadness I feel,people see this happy smile,but it isn't real..So people just can't see,how sad it is to live in the life of me..Please feel no pitty,I feel no shame.I know it's not myself I have to blame.To be honest there are more than one name,of people in the past that I befriended,and they fucked my life up before the friendship had ended..Leaving me alone,and feeling broken,thinking all the time,that our love was unspoken..feeling confused,feeling as if I were choking..tears running down my face,I feel the anger inside..I pick up a vase,and slam it hard into the wall..watching it shatter,as I collaspe and I fall to pieces on the floor in my hall.
Gothic Rose Wrr..
I NEED HELP TO WIN CONTEST Founder of COS~ Recruiter For The Git-R-Done Rebel Family Bombsquad~ 'Gothic Rose WRR Army' ~Fubar Wife of Warlock~ I NEED YOUR HELP.
Warming touch upon your body Fiery depths within your soul Blazing lips caress your body Leaving trails as they go All the clothing’s slowly falling Taking worries when they go Dreams become a true reality Eyes give off a warming glow Bodies join, a rhythm going Sensual passions all explode Love takes over burning hearts Watch each movement make it grow Tingling feelings numb your body Hard core fantasies shining threw Desires linger in your body It slowly brings your whole self to Calming thoughts are now beginning A whole new world has come to you Sleepy lovers eyes are closing Forever joined are now the two..
One Of My Favorites
The Swimming Hole
An elderly man in Queensland had owned a large property for several years. He had a dam in the next paddock, fixed up with nice picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some mango and avocado trees. The dam was properly shaped and fixed up for swimming when it was built. One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the dam, as he hadn't been there for a while, to look it over. He grabbed a five gallon bucket to bring back some fruit. As he neared the dam, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee. As he came closer he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his dam. He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end. One of the women shouted to him, "We're not coming out until you leave!" The old man frowned, "I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get out of the dam naked." Holding the bucket up he said, "I'm here to feed the crocodile." Moral: Old men might walk slow but they can still think fast.
Best Smile Contest.
Best Smile Contest. Contest will include two winners. The grand prize is 1 month VIP membership or 3 day BLAST Runner up prize 1 day BLAST There will be 25 contestants. Sorry guys this is females only. Rules: 1. You, your self, may only vote once. 2. Everyone else can vote up to 5 times for thier person of choice. 3. comments are welcome as votes. 4. Once the picture has been entered to me, you may not change it. This contest will begin Nov 12th and end on Nov 21st. Prizes be awarded Nov 22nd. Entry: If you want to be one of the 25 email me. Choose your pic, and ill add it to my pics under Best Smile Contest. Your job will be to get people to vote. This is the link they need to go to. Inform them the pics are in My Photos Under Best Smile Contest.
I Like This...
I asked God to take away my habit. God said, No. It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up. I asked God to make my handicapped child whole. God said, No. His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary. I asked God to grant me patience. God said, No.Patience is a byproduct of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is learned. I asked God to give me happiness. God said, No. I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you. I asked God to spare me pain. God said, No.Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me. I asked God to make my spirit grow. God said, No.You must grow on your own, but I will prune you to make you fruitful. I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life. God said, No. I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all things. I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as He loves me. God said...Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.
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Dream Questions Answered All In One
Dream-Related Questions What is the average amount of dreams a person usually has in one night? The average person has about 3 to 5 dreams per night, but some may have up to 7 dreams in one night. The dreams tend to last longer as the night progresses. During a full 8-hour night sleep, two hours of it is spent dreaming. Please tell me is it unusual for an individual to have multiple dreams during the course of one night's sleep? Is this normal? I normally dream two or three dreams in one night. It is not at all unusual for a person to have more than one dream per night. In fact, it is perfectly normal! The trick is remembering all your dreams. Some people have trouble remembering one single dream, let alone multiple dreams. Does a person dream all night? If not, when do they? No, a person does not spend the entire night dreaming. A person spends about two hours in the dream state per night. A person moves through the four stages of the sleep cycle throughout the nig
New Sex Positions
The CAT I'll begin with the Coital Alignment Technique because its simplicity and effectiveness in helping a woman achieve an orgasm makes it a valuable addition to your repertoire. In this position, the woman lies on top-face to face-with her legs inside those of her lover. This squeezes the penis fairly tightly and so caution must be exercised. She then shimmies upwards an inch or two on his pelvis so that her clitoris and surrounding region will be rubbed by his pubic bone. The movements made in the CAT, either circular or as small thrusts (or both-be creative!), allow a woman to mimic the sensations she gives herself when masturbating. The CAT is ideal as a second or third position when both lovers are aroused and perhaps the man needs slowing down while she needs now to concentrate on the right stimulation to build to orgasm. It also allows the man to rest after he has been engaged in more vigorous thrusting in other positions. Spicy Suggestion… Take your time and enjoy this s
Support This... Please
If you haven’t yet… NOW Is the time! Fan, rate and add and rate their stuff. The powers that be… …rest their points to ZERO. M$Dalla$©Gotti Family Don™@ fubar SWEET AND SPICEY...SHOW ME SUM LUV...GOTTI FAMILY PRESIDENT & HIT WOMAN ~PROUD TO BE IRISH~@ fubar after their countless Happy Hours, let’s show them the luv and support they deserve and warrant. Brought to you by CDNCYBORG (repost of original by 'CDNCYBORG' on '2007-10-28 17:15:16')
headache is getting worse. Gonna go crash on the couch awhile. I feel crappy
Your Touch
I dream of your touch. The softness, heat, and glistening sheen of your delicious skin On legs, belly, breasts, hips, and many bolder places. I need your touch. Firm and wet, her lips, her mouth, With gentle suction, Pulling and drawing, Our bodies, Entwined in rhythmical dance, Sliding, swirling, simulating complex movements, I swell and enter you, I burn from your touch.
The problems in my back at times gets worse, and then there are times I am fine . I know I need to get to the doctor , but I need to get moved first an foremost.
Firearms Refresher Course
1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject. 2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone. 3. Colt: The original point and click interface. 4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control. 5. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words. 6. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms. 7. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any. 8. Those who trade liberty for security have neither. 9. The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved. 10. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand? 11. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others. 12.. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday. 13. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicians. 14. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety. 15. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive. 16. 911: Government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer. 17. Assault is a beh
What Is It??
What Is Witchcraft? Witchcraft is a broad term use to describe many faiths. Also known as "Wise Craft" or "Craft of the Wise" Witchcraft is a peaceful, nature based faith or path. Practitioners of Witchcraft or "witches" are often accused of devil worship due to the prevalence of misconceptions of the general public. Witchcraft was all but eradicated by the spread of Christianity because of the interpretation of biblical verses such as: "There shall not be found among you that maketh his son or daughter to pass through the fire, or that uses divination, or an observer of the times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard or a necromancer." (Deuteronomy 18:10-11) or "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" (Exodus 22:18) Between the years of 1450-1750 hundreds of thousands of people were captured, tortured and killed for the practice of Witchcraft. By some estimates, between 80-90% of the witch-hunt victims were women. What
Well, I had another mole removed. I am cancer free again. How often will I ask myself... is the cancer back? I decided after my first surgery to remove melanoma cancer of my leg that it was gone and it was never coming back! Dr. OZ was on Oprah today talking about skin cancer. There was a woman who came on who had melanoma on her face. She said, the cancer didn't spread and they got it all but who is to say in 2 years it might be back.... I guess I have to live with it and stay positive. I now have lymphodema in my leg. I will have to wear a compression garment for the rest of my life and I am ok with that, I have my leg! I have my life! My request for any one who reads this: Stay out of tanning beds. I was only in one for 3 months, long enough for the cancer to cycle. Tanning Beds are NOT safe. I worked at a tanning salon and what clients are told is NOT always the truth. Think about those tanning accelerators you wear in the beds... would you go out in the sun and pu
You Helpped Me
You lifted my spirit. You opened my eyes. You spreeded my wings You tought me to fly. You showed me a smile. You showed me a tear. You showed me that theres nothing to fear. You gave me hope. You gave me peace. You gave me something I expected least. The power to learn. The power to succeed. The wisdom and knowledge there is in me. ©sms 2007
when will men grow up is all i have ask. EX'S are just that EX'S why can't other men see that I have been divorced since June of 2007 (Yeah this year alright) but it seams cuz we have kids everyone thinks we are still together cuz we are good friends. Hell I am Still thanks to his job fighting me every step of the way on things i don't even want but the judge said because i have physical custody of my 8 yr old i have to go for even if its against my better judgement. Why do judges have to do that child support was enough.
50 Natural Highs
50 Natural Highs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Falling in love 2. Staying up all night with a good book 3. Having your friends send you cupcakes 4. No lines at the movie 5. A flirty wink 6. Getting a love letter 7. Taking a Sunday drive 8. Hearing "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" on the radio 9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside 10. Warm towels fresh out of the dryer 11. Finding the purse you want is on sale for half price 12. Cheese fries 13. A long distance phone call 14. A bubble bath 15. Giggling 16. A smart conversation 17. The beach 18. Finding a $20 bill in your coat from last winter 19. Laughing at yourself 20. Midnight phone calls that last for hours 21. Running through a sprinkler 22. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all 23. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful 24. Laughing at an inside joke 25. An answered prayer 26. Accidentally overhearing someone
Dripping Wet Jade (drink Special , Only Get It In Diablo's Den!
Lusting For Blood
Lusting for blood Behind bright eyes I spot your soul My will is yours, my blood which flows Behind blue eyes, I see you most With every breath I take, I’m yours Behind dark eyes, your blood which flows I want it bad, I want the most Behind your eyes, I see myself With every breath I take I’m close I want your blood, I want it worst With every breath my lust just grows
Off The Market
I would like to take this time to inform all of my wonderful people who have been there for me over the past few weeks that the rocky roads are officially over!!!!!!!! I can be uber happy again!!! For those of you that havent put it together yet or are new to my page...Andy got together the other night and carvedpumpkins together and really realized that while we had broked up...we were still together and that we didn't want it any other way. So...we are officially together again and I am once again officially off the market. TAKEN BABY!! I would like to take this time to thank all you awesome people for your help and advice. I would especially like to thank my two closest fubar pals (so far) Cubby and Voodoo! You guys have been my rocks!! Why??/ BECAUSE YOU ROCK!!!!! I
Sometimes I think you might as well be on another planet.. You live in a different world... Weve had such speical times, But your always just so far... Can you Feel me? Can you see me in the moon? Do you feel my powers? I stumbled onto you, a fluke,do you remember? You listen to my words , you also read them can you read between the lines? Tell me
Looking For A Title To A Song
I believe one of the lyrics in the song states: I will be your pain when you can't feel and one i think is: I will be your eyes when you can't see I thought the name of the song was sin control but not sure cause I cant find that anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
Random Little Things
1. On a hot night, lick the salt off each other's sweaty bodies. 2. Take a steamy shower together...but with the lights out. 3. Stay silent all through the action and just listen to your breathing. 4. Make missionary sex more passionate by wrapping your feet around his lower legs and ankles and pulling up toward him as he thrusts downward. 5. "Spooning has a tame rep, but it's incredibly hot: I can get really deep, play with my girl's breasts and feel her backside buck against my hips. It's total-body pleasure." 6. Sit on his lap totally naked...except for boots. Cowboy boots, stiletto boots, motorcycle boots, whatever -- they're so powerful and sexy. 7. The perfect oral-sex technique: Pretend his hard-on is an ice cream cone that's melting quickly. You have to keep licking at different angles, swirling the melting drops upward and putting your entire mouth around the scoop on top. 8. Hold his arms over his head during woman-on-top and nibble the skin betwee
Think the only purpose clothes serve in a sack session is as an obstacle? Don't be too quick to strip — there are naughty things you can do with your threads that'll heat up a hookup. "Staying partially clad builds anticipation and makes sex feel spontaneous," says Georgia clinical sexologist Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D. "Plus, you can use clothing and accessories as props to enhance tactile sensations." Try these inventive and tantalizing tips. Stand behind him, wrap your arms around his torso, and press against him. Then slide your hands into his boxers while kissing the back of his neck. Give him a long look at you in a bra, panties, and tall boots. The vixenish-sweet combo majorly turns men on. Blindfold him with his tie. Blocking his sight heightens his other senses, and not knowing your next move will drive him insane (in a good way). While wearing a silky camisole, climb on top of him and slide your body all over his naked skin. Let him lick your breasts through a she
Man I Love Women (guess)
I want to buy a sex toy, but I don't know the difference between a vibrator and a dildo! How do I decide what to get? Generally speaking, vibrators are battery-operated or electrically powered devices that buzz or vibrate. They are used mainly for external stimulation, so if you're looking for clitoral titillation -- which most women need to climax -- a vibrator is your best bet. Some suggested types to try: "egg" or "bullet" styles, which have a speed-control lever and can be used for solo satisfaction or with your partner since they fit between the two of you, "hand-free" models that are held in place by straps that resemble a panty or simple body massagers that you can use on your clitoris, as well as on sore muscles. (Body massagers are pretty powerful and often recommended to women trying to achieve the big O for the first time.) When choosing a vibrator, you'll want to consider the intensity of the sensation and the noise level (the softer the material, the quieter the toy).
She's A Big Girl Now
Today was my daughters first day of real school. She was so very excited to go it's all we have heard for weeks. We did the school shopping as if the world would no longer spin if every last thing wasn't just perfect. She bought crayons,markers,pencils,erasers(winnie the pooh) I wasn't allowed to offer advice, she was a "woman" on a mission, we got hand sanitizer,kleenex, rulers,2 story books ( don't ask ) we also got a couple of videos, ( again don't ask ) I was simply there because she needed a driver lol. We got up this morning at 5 am to get everything in her wardrobe out, she tried on at least 15 outfits and 6 pairs of shoes. We did her hair 14 times ( she is 5 ) just keep that in mind. Everything had to be absolutely perfect for her on this monumental day. All the time we are dressing and undressing her Mom ( that's me ) was holding the tears in. I wanted from the bottom of my heart to talk her out of going. The last thing I ever wanted to do was walk her to
Need A Lawyer
This is regarding water poisoning in two children aged 14 & 15 resulting in osteosarcoma ( Bone cancer ) Water samples and bone samples yielded positive for Gross Alpha emitters. Could have been prevented by the use of a water softener if properly informed. Our Drinking water supplied by local private Water Company contains Gross Alpha 7.63 curries and a bone sample from my daughter contains 0.83 curries Gross alpha tested by independent lab. Gross alpha decays with time , however the isotope will remain for six months before being expelled from the body 1) Several water tests yielded Gross alpha levels less the MCL of 15 pCI/L 2) Tibia bone sample removed from surgery on 10-13-2007 yielded 0.83 pCi/L The EPA has set MCL at 15 units , I guess they are wrong Since I have the direct link and correlation between cause and effect MY QUESTION TO YOU IS DO YOU KNOW A GOOD LAWYER ?
Think Hard
Once upon a time there lived a king. The king had a beautiful daughter, the PRINCESS. But there was a problem. Everything the princess touched would melt. No matter what; metal, wood, stone, anything she touched would melt. Because of this, men were afraid of her. Nobody would dare marry her. The king despaired. What could he do to help his daughter? He consulted his wizards and magicians. One wizard told the king, "If your daughter touches one thing that does not melt in her hands, she will be cured." The king was overjoyed and came up with a plan. The next day, he held a competition. Any man that could bring his daughter an object that would not melt would marry her and inherit the king's wealth. THREE YOUNG PRINCES TOOK UP THE CHALLENGE. The first brought a sword of the finest steel. But alas, when the princess touched it, it melted. The prince went away sadly . The second prince brought diamonds.
This Is How I Feel
To whom it may concern: I am nothing with out you, and compleate when I am with you. You know I love you and it is hard for both of us to be away from eachother for this long, and when we are together time seems to be against us for it is far to short of a stay. Neither you or I would like more for us to be together forever, but the days grow long and the nights get cold when you are not near. My love for you is strong and it will remain that way until the end of time. No matter how much we argue or fight we will still love eachother at the end of the night. When I look into your eyes I can see the love that you have for me, and I hope that you see the same when you look into mine. Everyday I think about you and how I want to be with you and I know you do as well, I could not imagine my life with out you. You have helped me through so much and done so much for me, that I fear that I would never be able to pay back the debt that I owe you, maybe one day my love for you will do some jus
Happy Halloween From The Addams Family
Make your own slide shows and scrapbooks
My Grandma Has Passed And What It Means To Me
As some of you know my grandmother passed away earlier today and I found out about it after my horrible day. My mother called me to tell me that my grandmother had died, and wanted me to attend the funeral. My first thought was why? My grandmother and grandfather have never approved of my mothers choice. I am the result of one of my mom's young drunk days when she had a one night fling with some guy from one of the local bars and 9 months later i was born. I've never met my dad, my mother doesnt even know for sure what his name was. Well my grandmother and grandfather didnt approve of my mother's actions so they pretty much cut her off. My mother moved and had to work pretty much 2 jobs my entire life, sometimes 3 jobs just to make ends meet and have enough to take care of me. I havent lived a privelaged life like some people have and so I value what I have. My mother busted her @ss and when I turned 16 I got a job just to help my mother and to save up for college. My m
My Love
My Love, You're a sweetheart, You have problems just as we all do, But I am here now to help you through them, Please open up to me and allow me to be there for you, You're my sweetheart, My Love. 10-30-07 ~*Lauren*~
Butterfly Child Asst
Child Butterfly Wings Price: 8.99
After moving back to Minnesota for a few more years where I was born and raised and after I graduated from College, I journeyed to Iowa. Iowa is basically the same feeling as Minnesota. Down home and alot of corn LOL. I lived in Davenport a farily sizeable city. People there are really into the "Hawkeyes" which is cool. I love seeing communities support events and sports or what have you. But there really isn't a whole lot to do there. Although I did experience the musical area. My friend Jon was in a couple of HeavyMetal bands, he was a drummer and damn good at it. Although that type of music really isn't my forte, I got used to it after a couple of drinks in me lmfao. Go Alcohol LOL. The friends I've met there are my FAMILY. I love them to pieces. But after 5 years of Iowa, again I knew it wasn't the "home" for me. Iowa is another place in time where if I do find time I'll go visit them again.
How Kinky Are You?
You are 86% kinky You are crazy kinky. Do you ever think of anything other than sex? Take this quiz at
Trick Or Treat?
Hello everyone! well as you wel know today is halloween. all the little ghouls and goblins will be out trick or treating to night. I remember when I use to go out and go door to door scoring treats from people that I knew that were safe to go to. this time I have to work at 10 pm. before I do I am going to enjoy myself by watching horror movies and having a goodtime and pray that all the children in the world have a sae halloween and all the adults designate a driver that will not drink so they too can have a great halloween. each year I always hear on the news that someone has been poisoned or cut with a razor blade in candy. this why the parents should not let thier kids eat any of the cany until they had a chance to check it out. have a bag of assorted candy ready for your children to snack on while you check out their stash. this way you will know nothing is going to happen to them. if you adults are going to go to a party then bring someone along who will drive you home while yo
Misfits-dig Up Her Bones
Anything is what she is Anywhere is where she's from Anything is what she'll be Anything as long as it's mine And the door it opens is the way back in Or is it the way back out? Anyplace is where she'll be Anyplace, she'll see you from Lies and secrets become your world Anytime, anywhere she takes me away And death climbs up the steps one by one To give you the rose that's been burnt by her son Point me to the sky above I can't get there on my own Walk me through the graveyard Dig up her bones I have seen the demon's face I have heard of her death place I fall down on my knees in praise of the Horrible things that took her away And death climbs up the steps one by one To give you the rose that's been burnt by her son Point me to the sky above I can't get there on my own Walk me through the graveyard Dig up her bones ----------------------------
Glos 2007 Halloween Thoughts
Talk about stress.UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!First we have to stay at my dads until we get another car which sucks cause we miss our house.Then the computer thats here crashed and we switched monitors temporairly until he gets his debugged.Ok thats bad enough seeing as how Im still in pain all the time.But yeasterday and today was over stressful and sad at the same time.My mom died in june as most everyone knows.Yeasterday was her 57th birthday and all I wanted to do was cry I miss her so bad.Today would have been Robbys sons birthday and he misses him.I hate seeing such sadness in his eyes it breaks my heart.I know that all I can do is be there for him.I wish I could do more though.
Lost Is anyone here Does anyone care About the feelings I wish to share Lost forever in darkness Can no longer see the light Trapped forever In this eternal fight When I see the light It is only delusion The thing I feel most Is mere confusion I've been walking in darkness For nearly 15 years All this wondering And so many tears If someone is out there I'm ready to be found But as far as I notice I don’t even hear a sound This emptiness I've fallen into Is my life long cost And unless I die I shall forever be lost
Do You Believe In Forever?
Do you believe in forever? If it existed in the realm of this world Wouldn't a rose bloom always I don't know what made me think that anyone else cared if I was happy But it's not all about me now is it The sky only turns purple at dusk when the dust particles are in the air I want you to be happy and when I ask what color is your moon Tell me that it is pale black like the lifeless mass I call my heart Now I am afraid that my mind is a mess my soul is not whole and my body yearns for your touch I will not die, but I feel dead I will go on but it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel
Would You Believe...? They Actually Do Exsist!?! :o
Ok So your goin to ask me What the hell? What Exsists? BigFoot? SuperMan? Aliens? Ghosts? What? This weird term "Gentlemen"... That weird unseen unheard of "thing".... They Actually exsist! How do I know? I met one! This guy Opened the doors for me, he paid for dinner, he didn't have to keep his hands and lips on me at all times, he asked to hold my hand, he made sure I was comfortable! I have already talked to a few friends about this guy. And He knows who he is *Jeff*. Sunday, I went over to his house to hang out with him and see him. He took me to dinner At Red Lobster *which for me is kinda like a Fancy Resturant* (and he paid, not the usual I have to pay kind of thing), He opened the car door for me, He opened the doors for me to go in and out of the resturant, He looked at me when he talked, I mean AT ME not at something behind me, he asked me if he could hold my hand. He actually just looked at me and smiled, like I was something. I mean *SOMETHING* Saturday night
All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was the one in charge. "I should be in charge," said the brain , "Because I run all the body's systems, so without me nothing would happen." "I should be in charge," said the blood , "Because I circulate oxygen all over so without me you'd all waste away." "I should be in charge," said the stomach," Because I process food and give all of you energy." "I should be in charge," said the legs , "because I carry the body wherever it needs to go." "I should be in charge," said the eyes, "Because I allow the body to see where it goes." "I should be in charge," said the rectum, "Because I'm responsible for waste removal." All the other body parts laughed at the rectum And insulted him, so in a huff, he shut down tight. Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the stomach was bloated,
Halloween 2007
Sleep And Whatnot.
i cant do it. not right now. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut im bored. man! its kinda cold. its just..... and.... you know.... and then...... *cracks neck* im goin for a walk.
Angel Light - Michael
Joke Of The Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Novel
You should really check out! I'm writing a novel as well. Not gotten far but I have 30 days! Let's see if I can make it
Ok, that is dead now. Now where is that fucking Osama bend ovein???? NEXT!!!!
My Treat
Cum quietly. Bite your tongue. No words exchanged, Just a sweet little 'mm'. Cum quietly, Its the best way you can. Stay strong Be a good girl. Cum quietly, grasping the sheets, Cause oh sweet girl, this is only my treat.
Sand And Stone
What Kind Of Personality Do I Have??
Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ESFP) Your personality type is playful, charming, open minded, and energetic. Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 9% of all women and 5% of all men You are Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality?
You And I
Late nights, firelight, dancing in the moonlight, Eyes lock, hands touch, as two hearts join, Far apart, or close together, we are as one. The end can come but we would never notice. There is only forever in our hearts. Every moment together is a lifetime, Every smile a hidden meaning, That only we will ever know. Two lovers,walking under the stars as one... ~JMW~ 9-28-07
The New Rambo Title
ok rambo is one of my favorite action movies always great to watch rambo kick arse to a 6 pack of larger but one thing ive never got. THE TITLEs have a look at the titles (RAMBO 1) FIRST BLOOD (RAMBO 2) RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART 2 (RAMBO 3) RAMBO 3 (RAMBO 4) RAMBO I dont know if its just me but it looks pretty fucked up. how did it go from first blood to rambo should rambo 3 be could RAMBO 2 FIRST BLOOD PART 3 and why does Rambo 4 sound like its the first one but im looking forward to the new one, what ever they call the 4th heres the new trailer have a good weekend
Dark Love
Do you wanna come near? Do you wanna taste fear? Come to me woman. The Heavens are closed, But Hell is exposed, Look at me baby. Unrestrained pain, But I promise to tame, Come touch me darlin’ girl. A fire from below, Unto you I’ll bestow, Let me cum inside you woman. A fire is brewin’ at your back door. You better watch out cause I’m coming for more. But if you’ve come for a fight, Then I’m ready to bite, Cause you’re under my spell sweets. Your true self show, No one needs to know, Come into the night, Aint no need for light, To see real clear baby girl. I’ll set you aflame, Who you gonna blame? Now that I’m inside you baby. The fire down below, Through your veins now will flow...
Help My Friend
Asking Again
help me get my first happy hour needs picture comments please add fan and rate the host profile *SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#26*GODFATHER* OWNER OF *THE DYNASTY CLUB*@ fubar thank you all , will return any and all help ill give out big pimping gifts to every 300 comments given please email me when you have done so ill give your gift thanks ,Evonne
Italian Kids Vs American Kids
Italian kids vs American kids American kids: Move out when they're 18 with the full sup port of their parents. Italian kids: Move out when they're 28, having saved enough money for a house, and are two weeks away from getting married....unless there's room in the basement for the newlyweds. American kids: When their Mom visits them, she brings a Bundt cake, and you sip coffee and chat. Italian kids: When their Mom visits them, she brings 3 days worth of food, begins to tidy up, dust, do the laundry, and rearrange the furniture. American kids: Their dads always call before they come over to visit them, and it's usually only on special occasions. Italian kids: Are not at all fazed when their dads show up, unannounced, on a Saturday morning at 8:00 , and starts pruning the fruit trees. If there are no fruit trees, he'll plant some. American kids: Always pay retail, and look in the Yellow Pages when they need to have something done. Italian kids: Call their dad or u
Just to look in her eyes to know she's mine To hold her tight calm her when she cries Never could I care for anyone more Never could there be someone else to adore With me both day and night Never leaving my side She's the only one who completes my life She's the one who showed me How it feels to love a child The one who makes me want to be The greatest mom alive show her everything wonderful in life Teach her times get tough And nothing makes sense To just keep her hopes up Everything works out in the end
If My Homies Call
Ever since you was a pee-wee, down by my knee with a wee-wee We been coochie-coo all through school, you and me G Back in the days we played practical jokes on everybody smoked with they locs and the yolks on All through high school, girls by the dozens Sayin we cousins, knowin that we wasn't But like the old saying goes Times goes on, and everybody grows Grew apart, had to part, went our own ways You chose the dope gaaaane, my microphone pays In many ways we were paid in the old days So far away from the crazies with AK's And though I been around clowning with the Underground I'm still down with my homies from the hometown And if you need, need anything at all I drop it all for y'all, if my homies call [Verse Two:] It's a shame, you chose the dope game Now you slang cane on the streets with no name It was plain that your aim was mo' cane You got game now you run with no shame I chose rappin tracks to make stacks In fact I travel the map with raps that spray c
For Those That Did....
For those that read my blog last night thank you for understanding and offering whatever help that was/might have been needed. I am feeling a little better today, still have a headache today, but I'll live. Thanks again for the kind words and thoughts! Jenn
Woot Woot!!! All Moved In
Yay me!! My brother and I have finally got all moved into our new place. It sure feels good to have room to move around and to finally have my own bedroom. The couch was comfortable but it sure is hard sometimes to not have private space to go to. I still have some organizing to do in my room but I'll get it done sooner or later lol no big rush now :D I have missed you while I was away and Im glad to be back. I'll be stopping by to leave love and to see if I need to catch up on some ratings. love and naughtiness to one and all, ~Always~ CntryGoth
School Play Results
FANTASTIC!!! EXCELLENT!!! SUPERB!!! I NEVER got such a big ovation like I did during all 3 shows!!!! Everything was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would like to first thank God for his blessings & mercy, & allowing me to do something I always dreamed of doing. W/out Him, there is no me. I would also like to thank the entire production staff & crew for all their hard work & dedication, and all the directors w/ their abilities to help set me in the right directions & bringing out the characters w/in me & also allowing me to express myself w/ my characters. & a very big thanks to everyone I worked w/. You all are excellent to be around, & I'm glad to learn some things from you all as well. See you guys down the road :) & finally, I would really like to thank my family for coming to see me perform, especially my mother, who's had my back since February 26, 1986. & another great thanks to ALL of my friends (from school, Facebook, Myspace, OCC, Detroit, West Bloomfield, co-workers, & of cour
O Yeah...
by the way, Im divorced!!! go me! (and i gotted my licence friday woo!) im happy(ish) if only i could get a car....then i could make certain road trips *hint hint*
Yesterday I Cried
I came home, went straight to my room, sat on the edge of my bed, kicked off my shoes, unhooked my bra, and I had myself a good cry. I'm telling you, I cried until my nose was running all over the silk blouse I got on sale. I cried until my ears were hot. I cried until my head was hurting so bad that I could hardly see the pile of soiled tissues lying on the floor at my feet. I want you to understand, I had myself a really good cry yesterday. Yesterday, I cried, for all the days that I was too busy, or too tired, or too mad to cry. I cried for all the days, and all the ways, and all the times I had dishonored, disrespected, and disconnected my Self from myself, only to have it reflected back to me in the ways others did to me the same things I had already done to myself. I cried for all the things I had given, only to have them stolen; for all the things I had asked for that had yet to show up; for all the things I had accomplished,
Sca And Ren Faire Related Poetry And Prose
A Poem Tribute to a couple of lady performers at Ren Faire Iris And Rose: October18,2007 Here's to the ladies Iris and Rose! The best of the blossoms so everyone knows. Iris is lovely and Rose perfumed sweet, and all the Lads and some Lassies do clammer to meet. If you should find yourself at one of their shows, your in for a treat. For jokes and songs you will have plenty, and be prepared those ladies speak quite candidly. You will find when they are gone and you after, that the day has been brightened thanks to their laughter. Don't be afraid to crack a wee smile, when thinking of Iris and Rose in the after while. Now if you those ladies should happen to meet, Be extra kind when they you do greet. You may just gety lucky, or get a big treat, Who knows? From the best of the ladies Iris and Rose! Ansteorren Virtues Strength Honor Loyalty and Love Ansteorren warriors fight with strenght to strike their foes upon the ground Ansteorren warriors fight
I Really Dont Get It...
as to WHY alot of people have it set on there profile where ur unable to leave them comments unless there friends with u or somethin, how the hell ya spposed to make friends with these people or atleast thank them for rates unless u leave a comment...u all know i thank everyone that takes the time to check out my profile or rate me but this thing is making it hard to do that and its ANNOYING!
Down With The Crew-old School
Pet Peeves
Ok! Here we go again. When you rate me, I feel that is an invitation to rate you in return. And I'm happy to do so, in accordance with what I said in my previous blog. But, when you rate me, you're rating me. You are seeing MY likeness in my photo, and you are reading MY thoughts. When I go to some of these profiles I find that everything in your "about me" section is either photos, comment graphics, or quotes you have borrowed from someone else's thoughts. I don't want to know what someone else wrote and you borrowed because you thought it was "cool" or something, I want to know what YOU think. When I go to your blog and am politely informed by "big Brother" computer that "you are not permitted to read that", or all you're talking about is some contest, I am learning nothing of value about you. When you have several dozen, or several hundred photos, but they are all marked private or NSFW, it makes me wonder why you invite anyone to your profile at all. If the object is to get ev
Happy Now
I can not wait until this is over. Papers will be filed on the 6th. Will be very happy. Homeless but happy! He's telling me what he wanted for his birthday, does he actually think I am going to get him something after the life of hell I have lived thru?! I was wrong about one of the people that i love. He's not playing games. I needed to listen to my heart, not my paranoid mind. Enough rambling, checking out
Alone In The Dark
I sit here crying alone in the dark Wishing, hoping that the man she loves was here to comfort her. I lie here staring at the time Wishing, hoping that it would go by faster. I sit in bed holding my wolfie crying into its fur Wondering: Why am I such a fuck up? Why does no one truly loves me? Why did God keep me on this Earth? What did I do so wrong to get hurt like this? Am I being punished for something? I sit and cry a lot alone in the dark With the one person she loves so much not really caring That she is crying. I lie in bed with nothing else to do ‘Cept wonder does he hate me that much to hurt me like this. I sit here watching the candles flicker and smelling the incense burning Trying not to cry no more but can’t Cause wondering what is going to happen Is he going to try what was suggested or is he going to blow it off And hope we forget about it Does he love me enough to do this or is he just saying he will Hoping it will blow over like nothing ever happ
A Little Help
Would you please help my friend level? She will return the love. Just click the live link below ~Thanks for the help!
ok... this is starting to get ridiculous I feel like all I am is a go-between. My "friends" don't want to talk to me, they just want to talk to my other friend, my roommate. For instance, the only time my cousin and good friend will talk to me is to see if she is mad at him (they are dating). My other friend literally, I will text him and he will never respond. She will text him and get an immediate response. She even told him to text me, so he did, I responded and he never sent me another message. One of my best friends who I have not talked to in quite a while just texted me asking how she can get ahold of my other friend. Why does no one want to talk to me? I mean seriously. I'm still here. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I get so mad. I get so hurt. I tell them they make me feel this way, they say sorry then never change. I seriously just want to cry. I tried so hard to be a good friend for so long. Does anyone want me? *sigh* I really just don't know. *cries*
Never Ending Love
I love you more than words can say. I love you more than angels pray. I love you with all of my heart. Please don't ever let us part. I know you love me too. But how can all of this be true? You say you've never been so happy. Our love for each other is kinda sappy. Even though i see you everyday. My love for you will never change. I will love you till the day i die. Because your not just another guy!

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