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My Inner Self
I am a 41 year old with two children and an Irish husband. I live in Canada on a country road with no one around me. I have a website that sells adult novelties. You can buy anything on my website. The other thing that keeps me busy is my jumping castle business in the summer. I have been home for so long that it is getting just a little boring. If I could go back I would of become a mechanic, because my vehicles break down and it costs a fortune to get them fixed. Keep things interesting people, we all need a little fun once in a while. Thought of writing a book. Maybe, who knows.
I am never really a good choice. I always find something wrong. Or I make something wrong. I'm so good at this that for a long while I never knew it. I see all the people from my past in all the people that I meet in the present, mostly. A few exceptions. Generalizing is not always a good thing. is one of my finer points. Hah.I recently found out that my ex fiance is engaged to be married. Again. I used to call his penis dinky. I don't know why. Maybe because it was completely inappropriate and I just wanted to push the boundaries of everything. I recently found out that he still complains about me alot. Like "ashely never did this, ashely always used to do this." ish. Recent recent. Initially I felt very bad for this girl. And then I looked her up on fb and I started reading all these things that I used to say and feel. So I guess I felt happy for her. And him. Its like a new version of me. But. Not. I found it weird that my ex used to talk so much shit about large w
The Sun Standing Still
I thought this was pretty interesting, its a good read.   The Urban Legend NASA APPEARS TO PROVE GOD'S WORD For all you scientists out there and for all of you who have a hard time convincing many of these individuals regarding the truth of the Bible ... here's something that apparently gives evidence of God's awesome creation and demonstrates that He is still in control.   Mr Harold Hill, President of the Curtis Engine Company in Baltimore, Maryland, and a consultant in the space program, relates the following development. I think one of the most amazing things that God has for us today happened recently to our astronauts and space scientists at Green Belt, Maryland.   They were checking the position of the sun, moon, and planets out in space, where they would be 100 years and 1000 years from now. We have to know this information, so we won't send a satellite up and have it bump into something later on during its orbits, since they're impacted by these astronomical issues. We
Janey Godley’s Podcast “episode 38”
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In an extra-long episode 38 of Janey Godley’s Podcast the ladies discuss arts funding, Scottish Opera, Scottish ballet and why Ashley believes the Russians should just take over. Ashley natters about her pal Vikie’s weird and wonderful way of describing movies and Granddad Currie’s mad comments get a mention. Ashley has a temperature and the podcast feels oddly disjointed as she struggles to recall words! Janey talks about the Royal Wedding, her forthcoming birthday celebrations in London and her penchant for contacting celebs on Twitter. Some Twitter questions get answered and both podcasters end up bickering over minge trimming. The Bold Alec gets a mention and Andrew Lloyd Webber takes a verbal beating. All this plus a topless host on Janey Godley’s podcast! Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language
bivouac \ BIV-wak, BIV-uh-wak \noun;    1.  An encampment for the night, usually under little or no shelter.intransitive verb:    1.  To encamp for the night, usually under little or no shelter.
The Rest Of The Ride
I bleed just to know That I am alive Independently strong Not part of the hive Not steel and mechanics Just flesh and bone Existing with others Yet ultimately alone My body grows older Being ravaged by time Growing up’s not an option It’s a hideous crime You call this world normal I say it’s insane Living to work, working to live How cruelly mundane We all bide our time Waiting for the change Do you think in our lifetime It will be in range Begging and pleading We hang onto hope But I’ve found a new way With all I can cope Living for me 
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 41
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 41 of Janey Godley’s podcast mum and daughter celebrate Ashley’s 25th birthday, Janey fixates yet again on the future royal bride’s eye liner, they discuss the recent tourist murders in Newton Florida, Janey gets mistook for a prostitute and Ashley wonders how old is too old in hooking?   Ashley talks about her favourite football manager Ian Holloway and reads some of her favourite quotes, while Dorothy the “music professional” does some Snoop Dogg music.  Ashley tries to explain Farscape to her mother after a visit from the birthday Pa’u, Janey tries to ask some probing questions of Ashley but fails all this plus Janey talks about role playing with her aspergic husband.   Please do listen and comment on the Janey Godley Podcast At the following link:  
jamboree \ JAM-buh-ree \noun;    1.  A carousal; any noisy merrymaking.    2.  A large gathering, as of a political party or the teams of a sporting league, often including a program of speeches and entertainment.    3.  A large gathering of members of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, usually nationwide or international in scope.
Love Or ?
How can you love someone you never met?? is it possible??   YES!!   it happens all the time, people fall in and out of love   so if u think u love someone make sure its not luv, if its luv then its just a friendship, ur going to get hurt, all men tend to do is play games, a lot of women do as well   but when u find the right person you know, how?? because it feels right duh!! women _ you get that giddy feeling, ur get butterflies all you want to do is make them happy! men_ they are your work, all you want to do is talk to them, you cant think of anything better to do then be with or talk to them   SO WEATHER ITS SOMEONE YOU NEVER MET OR SOMEONE YOU HAVE KNOWN UR WHOLE LIFE, KNOW THE SIGHNS OF SOMETHING REAL FAKES ARE ALWAYS AROUND SO LOOK OUT
Rapture Anyone?
Dear Ninja Can I use the fact that the world is going to end tomorrow as a way to score alot of meaningless sex with the down and out depressed women of fubar? (and stupid enough to fall for it) Lookin for a last hoorah   Dear Desperate Guy, While the list of women with daddy issues that are willing to let you poke them for no other reason than you have a penis are a-plenty on here, I don't think the rapture is going to help you score. If they are that down and desperate, they probably aren't something you want to remember having sex with, even if it's in the after-life. And if the world doesn't end, then you will also be carrying around the stench of that nasty night, along with the STDs you might pick up (cause let's face it, she ain't picky) and new the new stalker, because you know you will tell her that you love her. My advice, grab a porn and rub one out. Tomorrow's just another day.
Last Farewell
The note is laid, To whom it may concern, No blame is taken or passed out, The final goodbye from this broken soul, No cryptic clue lost in its text, No hesitation in self extinction, No discussion to avoidance, One iron act of will spelt out on scarlet flecked paper your first clue, But all too late to help my in animation, cold and still, It tells not of the razors bite on tender flesh, Or how its furrow reminds me of autumn fields, Or how it glides through sinew and fibre, Like a knife through summers butter, Claret jets with the grace of fountains through spring air, But with my lifeblood unending in this lifetime, Euphoria hits like cannabises first hit on a teenage mind, Driven on and through by pressure beyond these protective walls, Whose comfort I stepped beyond in cat like curiosity, To a world too uncompromising to be mindful of me, In childlike innocence I welcomed it with open arms, But trampled by its aggression and impatience, My dreams shattered at
Can A Rotten Brain Wonder?
  Honestly, I have no clue what the title means.   I wwas just thinking what would happen if I went to people's profiles and only left a smiley face.  No rates.  No likes.  Just smiley face.   Lets find out....
Edit i love you by Wade Lee Brower on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 9:01am I loved you the moment   I saw your precious face. You took hold of my heart; Made it your own special place.     No one comes before you And no one loves you more. When you came into my life, You made my spirit soar.   I can only love you Until the day I die. I pray you will be there When it's time to say goodbye.   Take my hand and hold me; Help my spirit fly. Let your face be the last I see before I die.
Just A Few Reasons
Just a few reasons...Your quiet strength makes me feel safe.The willingness you have to work when no one else wants the job makes me feel secure.Watching you with our beautiful daughters makes me glad they have a role model in you.And with our boys you are showing them the man they can grow up to be.You quiet my tendencies to be scatterbrained,keeping me organized and grounded when I need to be.Your faith and love of God helps me remember where I lost mine, and with your help I am finding it again.Your values and beliefsare helping us raise strong leadersnot the followers that most of society tends to be.The interest you have in knowledgehas helped me gain an understanding of our boysand the task we have ahead of us.For someone that grew up in a gypsy lifestyle having the same roof over our family's headshas been a real benefit to our family's well being. You make me feel wanted and this was something I had never really felt before.So for all of these things I thank you.  
Wearing Hermes Birkin
 His accession, is bound to make the casting Tangmen hidden weapon to a new vertex.      Tang did not know because of his story today, with this simple conversation, thousands of years, with a story Tangmen hidden weapon in the words of the finished product, is the only word Tang and finished with a hidden weapon par priceless.      Eyes suddenly lit hermes kelly up, most people eyes, some hermes bags are not suited. On the platform in front hermes bags of more than out of a beam, the beam, the old man was about Pentecostal standing there wearing hermes birkin a dress.      "Welcome to the VIP visit. Next Sidi Today's auction is about to start.  Please sit down, though the auction will be all old friends, but I have to repeat in the bidding process, please give from the seat next to the brand of your bid as a sign, while the price quoted, though not known, but I hermes outlet hope each and every scene can be satisfied guests return. "      Please calm the opening. This old man is the
○ ◎ ●
i used to think you  took my breath away. but now, i realize i was just SUFFOCATED by all of your BxUxLxLxS
Her Special Place For Innocence
 A romantic story about two lovers who end up frolocking on the beach at the Hamptons. This story has now been published by Yahoo, and is free for all to read.
Olbermann Dubs Ford ‘worst Person In The World’
If you ask Keith Olbermann, Rob Ford is the worst person in the world. Toronto’s mayor was featured in Olbermann’s Worst Persons segment of his Countdown program Friday for his behaviour when he called 911 after his encounter with This Hour has 22 Minutes’ Mary Walsh. “The new conservative executive (in Toronto) has had a rough start but never was it rougher than Monday,” the political pundit said. Early Monday morning Ford was approached by Walsh,tiffany outlet in character as Marg Delahunty, on the driveway of his Etobicoke home. Ford then called 911. The CBC, citing anonymous police sources, reported that Ford said, “You ... bitches! Don't you f---ing know? I'm Rob f---ing Ford, the mayor of this city!” Police Chief Bill Blair has since said that these reports are inaccurate, and that Ford never used the word “bitches.” Olbermann read all but the first remark on-air as he railed against Ford and named him the worst person i
Can't Fight This Feeling
Veteran's Day
I chose a path at age 18 that more than a few have gone. I left home and friends behind for four years to find myself and be a part of a bigger picture. I was a soldier. I served overseas and spent many days and nights in the cold mud. I was sent in harm's way and sweated in the stifling heat for four months. I never saw direct combat or lost a close friend to enemy fire but I still served. And I ...served proud. I made new brothers and sisters during my enlistment those whom I still hold in high regard and am proud to say I walked in the ranks with. We were soldiers and they are my family still to this day. My time in service pales in comparison to the ones who serve today. My sacrifices are small compared to what is endured now. I salute the soldiers that are serving now, keeping my freedom and my boys' future way of living safe. I hope one day my children can say "there was my dad. He was a soldier. He served proud."
Even The Nights Are Better
Waiting For A Girl Like You
My Awesome Marine
Mom,Happy Valentines Day! I know you've been having a tough time lately, especially with work. I just want to let you know that I love you and that I'll always be here for you, even if I'm not close by. I just wanted to say, thanks for accidentally creating me, and putting up with my smartass ways, and driving me to school and helping me with my homework. Even though we had our rough patch you're still my mother and despite the fact that you're extremely vertically challenged, I'd still give you a hug anyway. Happy Valentines Day mom,Your marine and son
Hilarious Blonde Joke
Hilarious Blonde Joke A blonde was driving home after work and got caught in a really bad hailstorm. Her car was covered with dents, so the next day she took it to the repair shop. The shop owner saw that she was a blonde, so he decided to have some fun. He told her just to go home and blow into the tail pipe really hard, and all the dents would pop out. So, the blonde went home, got down on her hands and knees and started blowing into her car's tailpipe. Nothing happened. She blew a little harder, and still nothing happened. Her roommate, another blonde, came home and said, "What are you doing?" The first blonde told her how the repairman had instructed her to blow into the tailpipe in order to get all the dents to pop out. Her roommate rolled her eyes and said... "HEL-LOOOOOOOO ...You gotta roll up the windows!!!
This Proves Blondes Really Are Smart
This Proves Blondes Really Are Smart A blonde and a lawyer are seated next to each other on a flight from LA to NY. The lawyer asks if she would like to play a fun game? The blonde, tired, just wants to take a nap. Politely she declines and rolls over to the window to catch a few winks. The lawyer persists and explains that the game is easy and a lot of fun. He explains, "I ask you a question, and if you don't know the answer, you pay me $5.00, and vise versa." Again, she declines and tries to get some sleep. The lawyer, now agitated, says, "Okay, if you don't know the answer you pay me $5.00, and if I don't know the answer, I will pay you $500.00." This catches the blonde's attention and, figuring there will be no end to this torment unless she plays, agrees to the game. The lawyer asks the first question. "What's the distance from the earth to the moon?" The blonde doesn'
Does Anyone Know?
Does anyone know how long a pimpout suspension lasts? I am not sure why I was suspended for this but I am.  I did recieve a couple of letters one stating to delete all my pictures that were not of me. I did not do this because everyone has folders with pictures in them that are not of them regardless of what the picture is. The letter also stated I was trying to pass thise pictures off as mine. I think everyone that knows me or looked at my profile closely it plainly states they are not of me. I was not trying to pass them off as me. Anyone can look at my salutes and see the pictures I put up of women should know the difference and if they don't then as I said the folders are clearly marked. The second letter was my second warning over this and I was told I would be reset, still I am not understanding this since it is obvious that I am not trying to pull anything over anyones eyes. I did however comply by using my own photos. I didn't write this person back because I was told to go
I watched my baby sister get married over the weekend :) I wanted to cry cause im so happy for her! I hope she and my new brother inlaw have the best life together and hurry up on making me an Aunt! I had to drive through 2 states :) It was a lovely vacation :) HAd me a nice room with a Hot tub and a fire place.. The moutains on the way were so beautiful. I Wish i could travel more. The lil shops were nice too. I had alot of fun.Was very relaxing! Just seeing her and helping her get into her dress brought me to tears... I love my sister so much! I wish her nothing but happiness and love! I will never forget all the things she has done for me she is the best sister in the world! I would do anything for her! Love u sis!
I had a guy come in my shoutbox and tell me... "You bash me in the MuMM, but you click my like button?"   I tried to tell him I just click like on the promoted members and that I don't look at the picture, but he had no clue what I was talking about.     It's a shame that people think I really like them...they are crazy.
Avail Seo Friendly Website Design And Development Services
When we talk about web world, web designing becomes one of the most challenging task where one have to choose a design which could make a difference. It defines your site fate, whether it would be attractive enough to lure the user or would be avoided by them. So in my views web designer has to go miles away to get the rare design and sometimes it becomes quite a hectic task when designer has to face the rejection. In this situations patience pays and ultimately gets the winning edge. In the real world scenario developing a website is like designing a retail outlet. A Web Programmer together with web designer develops the structure in order to make the look and feel of the site awesome, the first dealing with the coding parts as well as the logic, while the second of the ' functional and graphical parts. There are many Website Designing Company in Delhi providing the web designing services through out the world but it may be chances that among them some would be good or bad but it&rs
Some People Are Beyond Futard Status
I am starting to think that people who are mentally unstable or who have the comprehension level of 4th graders and below should be banned from accessing the internet. At the very least, they should be separated from the rest of us who are not completely insane and have the comprehension and communication skills of an adult. If people would take the time to read my About Me, they would realize I am not always sitting in front of the computer even if it shows me as online. Sure, the computer may be on and a tab with Fubar may be up, but that does not mean that I am on here. I have a life. I have children, not that my children are anyone's business because I don't know what types of creepers are lurking on here~ but I am first and foremost a mother, which means that I may only be on here for five minutes at a time and then I am off doing something with or for my children. If you are too much of an idiot to understand that, then you need to bugger off. I am not on here for YOU. I am
Betrayed By A Friend....a Life Lesson
These so called friends who let me down Who made me feel as though I would drown?My heart was broken, like a death to grieve,These friends of mine, set out to deceive.We had been friends for many years,With much laughter, fun and tears,We’d had good times, but that was past, Like many things they did not last.They did not invite me,The hurt they caused,They did not ring or call, I think that just about say’s it all.In my awful dark despair,I really thought they would care, A note, a card, or even some flowers,But they were too mean to even use these powers.They left me crying and so upset,How could they, and yet,“I’m alright” they probably said,We don’t care, we’ll go ahead,They carried on it did not matter,They all went out for chatter,No doubt to bitch, to stir and moan,But they had left me, all alone.When days were darkest, and self esteem so low,Calls to Samaritans said it all,They came through with flying colours,These friends did not, tha
MCGRIDDLE sounds nothing like burrito now does it, but to the assfucks at Mcdonalds its like tring to uncover the holy grail. they dont even have the same letters in them, for the 4th time i go to order a tastsy breakfast sandwich which in my opinion puts all others to shame and as i go to leave i look in my bag only to find a FUCKIN BURRITO ,WHAT THE it that had to hear mcgriddle, i didnt order a egg mcmuffin or a pancakes or any other breakfast item NO i ordered a fucking mcgriddle and damnit thats what i want. FUCK YOUR BURRITO I ASK FOR A SWEET JUICY SAUSAGE MCGRIDDLE WITH THE COOKED IN SYRUP, NOT EGG CHEESE SASAGE AND POTATOES WHO THE FUCK GETS THE TWO CONFUSED ASSHOLES THAT WHO
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Micromax A100 Canvas Superfone Lançado Na Índia Por Rs. 9999
Recentemente nós reportamos sobre um smartphone Micromax que vem com um 5-polegadas Super AMOLED. Micromax já lançou oficialmente o smartphone no entanto, não apresentam a tela Super AMOLED, mas é uma tela de 5 polegadas, no entanto. Este dispositivo é chamado de Micromax A100 Canvas Superfone, é dispositivo alimentado por um processador single-core de 1 GHz, roda o Android 4,0 ICS e é dual-SIM capaz- dual sim android. Ele também inclui uma câmera de 5 megapixels traseira com flash LED, câmera de 0,3 megapixel frente enfrentando, 512MB de RAM, 4 GB de armazenamento embutido e um slot para cartão microSD.     Em termos de conectividade o dispositivo suporta, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n e GPS. Ele tem uma bateria mAh 2000 classificado para até 5 horas de conversação e 180 horas de standby. É oficialmente o preço de Rs. 9.999.
The Big Lebowski
The Dude: I dropped off the money exactly as per... look, man, I've got certain information, all right? Certain things have come to light. And, you know, has it ever occurred to you, that, instead of, uh, you know, running around, uh, uh, blaming me, you know, given the nature of all this new shit, you know, I-I-I-I... this could be a-a-a-a lot more, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, complex, I mean, it's not just, it might not be just such a simple... uh, you know? The Big Lebowski: What in God's holy name are you blathering about? The Dude: I'll tell you what I'm blathering about... I've got information man! New shit has come to light! And, she kidnapped herself. Well sure, man. Look at it... a young trophy wife, in the parlance of our times, you know, and she, uh, uh, owes money all over town, including to known pornographers, and that's cool... that's, that's cool, I'm, I'm saying, she needs money, man. And of course they're going to say that they didn't get it, beca
Reseller Web Hosting
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Do Not Call List:cell Phones, In Particular
I have done phone surveys (Interviewer) for over two years now. People are still getting angry when we call them on the cell phone. Whatever commucation device you use, marketers/opinion panels want to reach out to you through them. All they do is have the computer enter in your area code and run the numbers where yours comes up. Next, I want to comment on people who let their minors answer the phone and then get angry at us for talking to a kid. I speak to many women that sound young as well, so I just read the script and go from there. Teach your kids how to answer the phone and how to respect the person on the other end. More children are getting cellular phones all the time now. Some do well, but many don't know what to do when a stranger calls their number. It can be humorous to me, but a parent would not agree. The majority of surveys are for adults, so if the child states that they are not one or follows the direction I gave in this blog, we will remove them from the survey. I
Maxforce Cockroach Gel Item Choice Tips
The roach hit problem is for actual. It impacts many home entrepreneurs all over the globe. Actually, the same bugs can increase in your car if it is distressing. You must try not to keep meals scraps, calming on the car seats, floor and other locations. Create sure the same caution in your home to keep the undesirable unwanted pests away. Never thoughts if you have a roach hit problem. You could buy gel, fumigations, and dusts off off to get rid of the problem. For those who fear doing it independently, selecting removing experts is another option. The MaxForce roach gel is one of the best solutions you have. It comes in different variations and each product functions in a different way. One of the best kinds is the FC roach attract gel, which only cost you $28.93 at Amazon. The primary element in this product is the Fipronil, which is only 0.01%. The product comes in a sixty-gram tube and it is effective to all kinds of undesirable unwanted pests. The Fipronil content is able to elim
The Debates Towards Election
If Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama sees that the American people will not go along with the globalists and push the vote towards the cultist Mitt Romney then he will cause a false flag with Israel against Iran and then sign an EO cancelling the election and stating that he will still be President anointed for security reasons that he is best to lead the nation out of the ongoing war with Iran. FDR did it so why can't he do it according in his reason. A second term without elections and Congress or the UN will back him up.
Places I Been
visited 8 states (16%)Create your own visited map of The United States or another interesting project
I Little Poem I Wrote (no Homo)
Only for you I'd forsake the sun, I'd kill anyone, kiss my loaded gun, live on the run.Leave your secrets in my flesh, Leave them all and nothing less, Its my soul you wish to testReach your claws into my dreams, Shred them all,make them scream, forget about dignity, make me bleedplant your seed.Steal my life and all my hopes, no oneknows, as you PLEASE just come and go.Make the darkness my humble home, upon your throne.Take me like a hungry shark, torn apart.I loved the agony from the start,rip my chest and take my heart, just take my heart, just take my heart.Make your sex my hangmans noose, tie your knotdon't make it loose. Kich the chair from out my shoessmile at me, dont hide your truthMouth the words I love to hear,"love love you baby" grin ear to ear.Watch me choke my death is near,just ignore my bloody tearsSpin your lies in jagged lines,criticize thru bright blue eyessteal from me my chance to flybreak my wings, sing lullubys.harbor glee you brought demise with a few false spo
  7,暗控一切  所谓暗操就是暗中操控。控制其思想,控制其灵魂,操控讲话,操控动作,操控神态,控制一切。  比如: 象军委委员和政治局委员及其常委以及前委员长和前前委员长,对外发号施令必须有且只有通过秘书们才能得行。为他们的个人一切行为服务或者控制的秘书分为生
How To Find Luxury Packaging Companies For Luxury Goods
Luxury packaging companies provide Packaging Solutions like Gift Boxes and Paper Bags. If you can t change your accessory, you can surely use luxury promotional packaging efficiently to deliver your product values at point of sale and boost profits and sales. This will presumably be one of the difficult jobs you’ve associated with getting your brand to market. More particularly, promotional packaging can produce trial purchases and boost purchase frequency. This can promulgate product changes more efficiently than other marketing communications techniques. The process of promotional packaging is to build a compelling cause for the customer to buy now. If yours is a low cost accessory, the cognition of value can be comfortably raised using excellent, high quality packaging boxes, interesting carton designs or fabric pouches. By giving more to reward the purchaser for their purchase, it can make purchasing or shopping a more plausible activity. Tying nice feelings to
Crazy About You
Crazy About You My eyes on the beach, Your heart I tried to reach, Tomorrow, you will be, A hundred leagues from me, I know you would like to stay, But they want you away... Baby, do what you have to do, I am lost without you... The only thing staying here, Is a sweet souvenir... Baby, do what you have to do, No love exists without you, To avoid a sad path through Hell, I'll stay here in my shell... Feet in the water, thinking of you, My soul craving for you, A stranger lured you away from me, To a land on another sea,
Career, Including Two Of Over
PITTSBURGH -- The Pirates acquired former All-Star first baseman Gaby Sanchez from the Miami Marlins in a deal announced right before Tuesdays trade deadline. Bruce Miller Womens Jersey . Pittsburgh also got minor league pitcher Kyle Kaminska for minor league outfielder Gorkys Hernandez and the extra draft pick for 2013 that the Pirates won in the competitive balance lottery for financially weaker teams. General manager Neal Huntington said the price to acquire a high-profile player for the rest of the season was too steep. "We feel like overall weve improved our rotation, weve improved our lineup, weve improved our bench, and well work to put our bullpen in the same spot it was," Huntington said. "The acquisition cost on every quote-unquote sure thing -- which I will remind you, there is no sure thing -- was prohibitive for us." "Short term rentals more often than not dont work out for the team that gives up the prospects," he added. Pittsburgh, chasing Cincinnati for the NL Central t
Looked Slow, Were Outhustled On Nearly Every Shift, And They Didnt Get A Shot On Goal Until Roughly Halfway
TORONTO -- Toronto FC is playing well but losing. Randy Moss Womens Jersey . At least, thats the official team line. That may be better than playing poorly and losing but Aron Winters squad is still in the MLS basement, looking up at a lot of other teams. The latest one step forward, two steps back was a 1-0 loss to the Columbus Crew on Saturday afternoon that extended Torontos winless start in the league to three straight games. "We deserved more. Much more," said Winter. "Im repeating the same thing. We played decent, very well," he added. "I cant change it. The only thing is that we played three games in the league and weve got zero points and all of the games we played well and that is the big difference. ... Nobody has to panic." Striker Danny Koevermans agreed, saying the result did not reflect the play. "I think everybody saw that we were the better team," he said. "We played better, we had more chances. And they had a penalty kick and the goal, which was a mistake by us." Milos
Drone Strikes
Christopher Dorner Becomes ‘First’ Human Target For Drones on Domestic Soil     Mike 10, 2013 Infowars Analysis: This is actually not the first time Americans have been targeted with surveillance drones. In 2011, police used a Predator surveillance drone against a family in North Dakota who were accused of stealing six cows. If Dorner is targeted by an armed drone, that would be a first domestically. Police pla
Another Obama Story
USAA Recommends Customers ‘look for part-time job’ in Anticipation of Government Shutdown     Adan SalazarInfowars.comFebruary 11, 2013 An article posted on the insurance company USAA’s website is warning members “whose paycheck comes from the federal government” to “tighten up finances — just in case” and look into securing a second source of income in preparation for possibly rough financial waters ahead. The article, titled, 
You know you love someone when you look in their eyes and see everything you need and you fall in love again every time you look at them.
My Stories
Some events in my stories have happened, some are just fantasy. Some are a combinarion of different things that have happened on separate occasions. I leave it for you, the reader to decide whats real and whats fantasy.
Being Good To Others
Some people expect to be autmatically given your trust and whatever they need. They won't get it that way. A true person that suffers, been through pain or need help rarely asks directly for it and it is more the understanding and awareness of what that other person is going through that allows you to be the giver by your own choice.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Review
Samsung Galaxy S4 stressed that the concept of Life companion. Compare to Galaxy S3, it is upgrade from 4.8 inches to 5 inches Full HD Super AMOLED display (441ppi) screen and running Android 4.2.1 operating system, equipped with 1.8GHz Exynos 5410 eight-core processor built-in Samsung released early 2GBRAM, have 16/32/64GB and 8 sensor, with 13 million pixel camera, support for the front and rear camera to take pictures at the same time.Samsung advent S4: betting software vs. AppleThe Galaxy S4 has both 3G and 4G versions to support 4GLTE network and roaming.The Galaxy S4 also has infrared LED, and remote control. Software Samsung Galaxy S3 stressed the continuity of the phone automated intelligent operation tone in the Galaxy S4 at the press conference began to emphasize Knox function, allows the user to distinguish between the office and entertainment on the same phone.
Tonight I Am At Peace
Just an update on how I am doing. Today I got to talk to my aunt and cousin in Cali to see how they were holding up. They were in good spirts. My cousin said that the family was there with my uncle when he took his last breath. They said he was sleeping and it was really peaceful. They said right before it happend he smiled. We believe that his mom and daughter (who passed a few years ago and he was ready to see again) was there and that they took him home. So that made me feel good knowing he died with a smile on his face. Now that my friends are in town too. Im sure I will be able to sleep tonight now that I am in a better mood. So good night everyone. I love ya's!
My Views On Beauty
Hello everyone. I hope everyone likes my site. its still in the basics of forming. but please use the chat box :-)Ok Little about myself. My name is David and I'm 35 years old born on Nov. 25th, 1970 In Dallas, Texas. I have done some serious travling across our great nation since 2000. I have ended up atleast for now; in Knoxville, TN. I am Wiccan; 3rd Generation. This means my grandparents and parents were wiccan. Wiccan basically means I follow a nature path of faith instead of the christian religion. Sorry if you don't like that but I will not change for anyone. I am a lover not a fighter. I love women and love the female form in all its glory. I look beyound human flesh. Look deeper into the soul so that I ignore race or religion or or body size. All women are beautiful in my eyes as are all children. I follow the Goddess; Bast, the Egyptain Goddess of the Cat and Fetility.
Damn It Could U Be More Nasty
like for reals people there are things to do here an things just not too... like have some fricken respect for ur self u nasty lil sister come on here an so do her friends... as well as many other young kids ... sooo for u fricken morons that are posting nasty ass pics of ur self lock em up for shit the first place ud think ud have more respect for ur self then that eh but noooo nothing like giving it all out ... ever hear of leaving some thing for the imagination huh huh huh i guess not .... gawd im so tummy twisted.. this site was awesome when i first came to it an now all u freaks with your damn nasty pics makes me feel like im on a fricken porno site for shit sakes an yes im mad cause its nasty.... like think a lil would u what if one of your kids came on here then what huh oh"i saw mommys nasty on the net... or i saw daddys dick on the net " do u people just not fricken thing put em in a folder to where u allow people to do as they please .. lets ke

You have a sexual IQ of 144 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Life Goes On
life goes i am working...bored kinda cold..and sick haha yeah, finally get to be as healthy as possible and damn, my mom jumps on the picture and i'm sick again..I got a TA position so i'm all though, i'm working too..yeah, so life goes on..i'm a grey's anatomy fan and i'm in lvoe with mc dreamy haha...alright i give up...
When the candles gutter and the bedsheets entangle me in the convolutions of an indistinctly menacing emptiness, and i wander like a lost child through gaping chasms of the unfamiliar terrain of loneliness-- When the light flickers like a moth against the face of this black world and my soul is flailed in the silent faces of loves lost in time, and I feel the nails driving me through; when there is nothing to forgive, and the penance seems too light-- It is in these times of horror when the town clock rings only a moment, and the echos follow me out of the bedroom and through the door, that I wish you were with me; only you can dispell this horror. By Jason Paul Fox
Ok Peeps.... Heres an update... I got the admin job,.... Im starting tomarow... IM REALLY nervous... Its been a VERY Ruff 2 years for me...But i'm hoping its over now.. and that my life can get back on track... Corey, (my husband), found a Hampster in the street a few days ago... we named her Houdini... Becasue she mustve escaped.... so now we have three pets... 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 hampster The last day at my PT nanny job did NOT go well... the youngest is ill with mental haealth issues... and he freaked out.. and hit me and shit... it kinda sucked... since it was our last day..... BUt he did calm down.... but it was sad... So.. thats my update... have a new job.. New Pet...and some new freinds that mean the world to me already.. Keep in touch my peeps!!!
My Friends
Just want to say hello to all my friends on here and others that have made me feel welcome. Love to you all and big hugs xxxx
My Song....
It Wasn't Me" (feat. Ricardo Ducent) (Yo', man) Yo' (Open up, man) What do you want, man? (My girl just caught me) You let her catch you? (I don't know how I let this happen) With who? (The girl next door, you know) Man (I don't know what to do) Say it wasn't you (Alright) Honey came in and she caught me red-handed Creeping with the girl next door Picture this, we were both butt naked Bangin' on the bathroom floor How could I forget that I had Given her an extra key All this time she was standing there She never took her eyes off me How you can grant the woman access to your villa Trespasser and a witness while you cling to your pillow You better watch your back before she turn into a killer Best for you and the situation not to call the beaner To be a true player you have to know how to play If she say you're not, convince her say a day Never admit to a word when she say makes a claim And you tell her baby no way But she caught me on the counter (It
Am So Angry...
Here I am, minding my own business as my toe recovers, and the phone rings. As I have just finished Uni, we booked a hotel for a graduation ball. Unfortunately due to many people moving away we didn't have as many people as we would have liked (25) and now the hotel have rang me (a week before) to tell me that we don't have enough numbers to cover costs, so what we booked can not go ahead! I am soooo angry. They could have checked this weeks ago, as everyone had paid. Also we have booked a photographer which may have to be cancelled and we won't get our money back on that. I have told them I either want all our money back, or something else offered to us in place of the original package. If they cancel I am soooo going to kick arse. Watch this space...
Vote For Me Please
I need all your votes. PLease cum vote for me in the best titties contest. If I win, then I will make sure I get you all more pics posted. Luv Ya
Sometimes I wish I had a time machine. So that I could just take it all back, The things I did The things I said I know what I did I wanted it You wanted it It wasnt right Why wasnt it right? Was it because of her That I regret what i did? I'm sorry to her. I'm sorry for this. I'm sorry for these few moments of bliss.
Bad Day At Work
Bad Day At Work Think you had a bad day? Check this guy out... Don't laugh too hard. Next time you have a bad day at work...think of this guy. Rob is a commercial saturation diver for Global Divers in Louisiana. He performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. Below is an E-mail he sent to his sister. Hi Sue, Just another note from your bottom-dwelling brother. Last week I had a bad day at the office. I know you've been feeling down lately at work, so I thought I would share my dilemma with you to make you realize it's not so bad after all. Before I can tell you what happened to me, I first must bore you with a few technicalities of my job. As you know, my office lies at the bottom of the sea. I wear a suit to the office. It's a wetsuit. This time of year the water is quite cool. So what we do to keep warm is this: We have a diesel powered industrial water heater. This $20,000 piece of shit sucks the water out of the sea. It heats it to a delightful temperature. It
We rarely get a chance to see another country's editorial about the USA. Read this excerpt from a Romanian Newspaper. ? The article was written by Mr. Cornel Nistorescu and published under the title "C"ntarea Americii, meaning "Ode To America" in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentulzilei ? ? ? ? ? ? ?"The Daily Event" or "News of the Day". ? ? ? ? ? ? '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ? ? ? ? ? ? An Ode to America~ Why are Americans so united? ? They would not resemble one another even if you painted them all one color! ?They speak all the languages of the world and form an astonishing mixture of civilizations and religious beliefs. ? Still, the American tragedy ?turned three hundred million people into a hand put on the heart. Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the army, or the secret service that they are only a bunch of losers. ? Nobody rushed to empty their bank
So Now I Gotta Be A Bot !
Well withouth fail, some guy had a big ole cup o stupid for breakfast. As much as I would love to put his ass on broadcast, for obvious reasons I can't so we'll rename him Assclown. I see this bulletin From Assclown telling his friends to stop reposting bulletins or he's going to delete his account. Well, you know me...i'm a bulletin whore...LOL, articles, video's, pimps whatever. So, I write this very well formatted, ~Stang style constructed letter about how that is an impossibility and that bulletins and reposts are not only the best promotional tool the LC users have but it's a part of any online community. Bulletins get posted, they get reposted that's the nature of the beast. After this banter went back and forth about as much as I could stand, I finally tell him to "get off the cross, we need the wood. There are so many things to bitch about that he should choose something more major". Well that's when it started. He told me that he commented me once and I never retu
Dark Days In Wrecksylvania
I spend my days collecting pieces of you If I can fashion myself in your image Perhaps I'll influence you to follow in my step The less I attempt to control you, the less I know myself Giving my life away to further another's cause Are you sympathetic to such a purpose? Love is no salve but rather brings destruction I now trade you in for the me I once was In every mirror I see your face My own malformed The skull of an angel held in my hands To which I question meanings of my identity She fell from the heavens to stop the earth Blood turned to vinegar; I choked on my words Vultures rejoiced and devils died I watched the only god I'd had wither and die In the space that remains everything is sterile Right angles and greyscale buildings Rats wearing ties feast on the remnants Can they see me in my cell? Out of the public eye do I exist? No vacancies remain in their hollows Yesterday fades as if ending credits intend on appearing They'v
Another Quote
If at first you don't succeed, quit! There's no use being a damn fool about it! (I don't recall exactly who wrote it, but it was some famous dead usual)
Be Careful What You Click On Especially On Myspace
This is a copy paste of a bulletin a myspace friend posted. I'm not sure you need to worry about everything in it but it sure would be a good idea to not have the same password on you myspace account as anywhere else, and be careful what you click. There are many things about myspace that really really suck, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for some real good friends. One of them is the completely idiotic capability to have you redirected to another site when you do darned near anything. I have been redirected to porn sites by just clicking on someones icon to look at their profile when they send me an add request. It sure doesn't help when stupid myspace constantly signs you out so you aren't suspicious when you have to retype your email and password. I had to sign in again to stay in the myspace session to see this bulletin. Myspace sucks! For further clarification please see Here's the bulletin as I saw
So Many Questions
I ask myself as i prepare to write. What is going wrong in my life? I try so hard, and recieve so little. What is the answer to this riddle? Sometimes i feel like all is well. The suddenly, everything is not so swell. Is your path written the day you came to earth? Or does your choices start right at birth? Too many questions, they always cloud my mind. Life is never fair, and hardly ever kind. Somedays i wish i would never awake. Sometimes i wish, there was a way to escape. Away from my probelms, away from the pain. Into a world with sunshine and no rain. Love is a plauge that scars my heart. Makes me smile then rips me apart. This world is cold, theres no doubt about that. Its out to get me, a full fledged attacked. One that peirces my soul, and cannot be healed. It seems to me, that it never mattered how i feel. I tried to give it my best, and then some. But it bit me, so now i am on the run. Running away, as far as i can. A distant memory, blowing away like s
As I Grow
I live my life threw my semi chest My heart beat strong, sometimes contaminated by the pest And yeah I know I'm livin' blessed And if I didn't make it here, my life would be a mess Can't live a life of fear All that get you is nowhere surrounded by a bunch of stress And I always had a hard head Had a choice to play around wit life or listen to a gossip So I straightened up and I'm doin right Growin every year, aiiyo this thing ain't happen overnight But I still got alot to do And never givin up cuz anything I feel I know is possible Don't never let people disgurage Plants see the dream, Baby and let 'em flurish Lettin you in on what I know Huh, as I live my life and as I grow
Decline In Manners
This was a Blog I wrote about a Decline in Manners based on a CNN News Report.. Hope you enjoy. Sunday, October 23, 2005 I was reading this article and I couldn't help but totally agree with everything they said. I was blessed with a close intense solid family that was always there for me, and Grandparents who had no problem correcting me when I would say "yeah" rather than "Yes" or "Yes Mam." My parents were always there to keep me in line, show me that everything in life isn't free, but if you work hard and keep your goals straight and stay out of trouble, that there is nothing stopping you. I was brought up with nothing but courtesy and respect towards family, and even more importantly, women. My mom and sister, as I would progress in age, I would listen to their stories and the great faux pas they would tell me and let me know what to and what not to do with women. So here I sit, 21 years old, and I still get weird looks when I say, "Yes mam/sir" or "No sir/mam" to people. P
Hi All
i moved and did not have internet but now i do so ill get back to u all k
Animal Totem
You scored as Wolf. You are the Wolf. When you are with someone, your allegience never falters. Your family is very important to you and you will protect that family with all you have, no matter what.Wolf92%Deer92%Dog75%Fox75%Ram67%Bull58%Eagle58%Dragon58%Bear42%Salmon42%Stag33%Horse
My Grandson
He went to be with Jesus yesterday Nov 10 Andrew Christopher Johnson (Nov17 1980-Nov10 2006)
what is it about life that makes u stay in this time of pain and torture....ur friends maybe? what about when u lose the one u love...hmmmm interesting live in a world for others but not urself...thats a pretty fucked up concept....but what r u gonna do about it...u wanna leave but u think about that person u love and u cant...u try...and try...u watch the blood falling u watch the tears pouring out and yet ur still there...pained...tortured...feeling helples even lifeless yet u have so much life in u ya wish would go isnt love interesting how u can love someone so much but yet ur fucked in the end...
Well the contest thing doesnt seems to be working since no one has gotten back to me on anything saying they wanna be in it so ill just seem to make a folder of friends instead =/
Happy Thanksgiving
Wow is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time keeping up with all on this site? lol just when I think I've replied in kind with comments I find I have messages, then while trying to fix my page too. I'm not trying to ignore anyone so if any of ya'll felt that way I'm sorry for that, please forgive me. To all that helped me out with directions for my page THANK YOU!!!!!! I'm going to be away this week, and maybe even the next week after, so I wanted to wish everyone on CT A Happy Thanksgiving! Adios babies, stay safe.
Father And Son Hunting...
A father and son went hunting together for the first time. The father said: "Stay here and be very QUIET. I'll be across the field." A few minutes later the father heard a blood curdling scream and ran back to his son. "What's wrong?" the father asked. "I told you to be quiet." The boy, bless his heart, answered; "Look, I was quiet when the snake slithered across my feet. I was quiet when the bear breathed down my neck. I didn't move a muscle when the skunk climbed over my shoulder. I closed my eyes and held my breath when the wasp stung me. I didn't cough when I swallowed the gnat. I didn't cuss or scratch when the poison oak started itching. But when the two squirrels crawled up my pant legs and said, Should we eat them here or take them with us?' "Well, I guess I just panicked......"
Cosmic Consciousness Missing!
11/26/2006 Hello Readers: It amazes me to see my predictions unfolding regularly and most of all knowing that all the drama could have been easily avoided. If famous Comedian Michael Richards could turn the clock back after reading Moon Power do you think he would do so? Because of IGNORANCE Richard IS NOW 'shattered' by his racial tirade against black Americans people. NEW YORK (AP) -- Comedian Michael Richards said Sunday he did not consider himself a racist, and said he was "shattered" by the comments he made to two young black men during a tirade at a Los Angeles comedy club. Well its quite obvious that Michael Richards DO NOT possesses cosmic consciousness and not being able to apply his will he was badly victimized by the Universal structure and all because of ignorance. Note also that 99% of the world’s populations including top religious and political leaders DO NOT POSSESS COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. Hoping to make a significant contribution to better this world and r
Contest Time.
Well I have decided to do another contest. Since the Cutest Kid went off with a sucess. I have decided to a LIL Prince and LIL Princess Contest. If you are intersted in Participating, send me the link to the picture you want to use. There will be 2 winners each one on comments and on on votes. The winners will receive $10,000 in gifts of there choice So if you are intersted send in your lil Prince and lil Princessess Thank you Christine.
A professor of chemistry wanted to teach his 5th grade class a lesson about the evils of liquor, so he produced an experiment that involved a glass of water, a glass of whiskey, and two worms. "Now, class, closely observe the worms," said the professor while putting a worm into the water. The worm in the water writhed about, happy as a worm in water could be. He then put the second worm into the whiskey. It curled up and writhed about painfully, then quickly sank to the bottom, dead as a doornail. "Now, what lesson can we learn from this experiment?" the professor asked. Johnny, who naturally sits in back, raised his hand and wisely, responded confidently, "Drink whiskey and you won't get worms."
My First Contest!!!
Hi Everyone! I am in my first contest! Please come vote for me and comment BOMB! Send your friends over to! Much Love!! Click on the picture below!
I just wanted to say thanks you to all my friends that vote and commented for me in the chest contest well good news is i won and i would have not been able to do it with out all of you Thank you Tammy
Does anyone ever question where life is taking you? Something most people dont know is my biggest fear is not being in control of my enviornment or situation. But when you really look at life, do you have any control at all? Im not a strong believer in God, and i really dont believe in fate. It just seems that no matter what i want to say, my body acts on its own accord. I dont know, maybe im just stoned o_o. lol anyways peace
yup 4 months of being single paid off im finally in a relationship with someone who actaully shows me he wants to be with me n so on n its great! ♥ Babi B. oh n ive also been thinking of deletin my CherryTap im not sure but im thinkin bout it = Babi B.
Looks like the contest became NSFW, so in order to vote I guess you need to be on my friends list. Tell EVERYONE to add me... I will try to keep up and accept asap. I want all of you to get as many votes as possible. Christmas Costume Contest WOW! My FIRST CONTEST EVER!!!! Here are the rules! This contest will count 1 point for ANY rating (1-10). Also EACH comment will count as 1 vote. Comment as many times as you want. Pimp it out all you want. Anyone may comment! 1st place: 2 dinners for two (One for you and one for the Cherry Tap Member of your choice). AND A FREE SKIN MADE WITH YOUR WINNING PHOTO! 2nd Place: 6 bottles or cans of the beer of your choice or = cost of shot or wine... name your poison. AND A FREE SKIN MADE WITH YOUR WINNING PHOTO! 3rd Place: A FREE SKIN MADE WITH YOUR WINNING PHOTO! So click on the links below and comment bomb your favorite: Contest is from 9:30 am EST Friday, December 15, 2006 and will end Friday, December 22 9
* Cosmic Serpent * Ouroborus * Caudecus * Quezalcoatl *
For All That Have Stopped By
I just want to thank every one of you for coming to my site and showing some cherry love. I love the comments and do try to get back to each of you. If I don't make it back to you please do not think I could care less about your comments or think that I am only after cherry points that is not the case at all! Its hard work getting to everyone's pages. I do however want to say its been fun getting to know you all, through messages or in shout box. Thank you for adding me!! Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a safe and naughty New Years!!
You need: 1 16 oz jar of peanut butter 1 lb of confectionary sugar 2 bars of butter 1 lb bag of chocolate chips In a sauce pan melt the peanut butter and butter. Slowly mix in the con. sugar. Allow to cool and roll small golf size balls out of the peanut butter mixture. Set aside Slowly melt the cho. chips on low heat so it is not to burn. one by one dip the peanut butter balls in and cover. This is a fast dessert that will win over any peanut butter lover. You can also try using different types of chips like white choc. and different flavor ones as well. Happy eating!!
My Feelings Keep Me Real.
Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of layout for myspace
my little baby sister called me today to tell me shes pregnant im kinda losing my head over it i dont know what to think, i wanna kill her boyfriend, brooke or tash i can handle but haleigh omg excuse me im gonna go rip all my hair out now thanks
I told myself that I wouldn't cry when it came to be this time we all knew it was on it's way I just didnt know it would happen today I put it on my shoulders and carry on thinking of the life that lies beyond just something else to tear up my mind I've fallen apart my pieces hard to find I've been to the bottom so i know it could be worse even though I'm not believed i truly feel cursed I'm told one thing but it seems like another i wish i knew a quick way to get it all together I talk to myself for hours everyday finding sometimes there are no words to say I can't help the way things look for me I don't know what people actually see I know I'm being negative and thats not the way i am but it's not like anybody actually gives a damn the ones i thought did i just cant tell anymore so I'll just walk this road till i find an open door If I happen to make it out alive I won't know how I managed to survive maybe something i didn't know was there will give m
Celebrity Look-a-likes My Ass!
Bad News
i prolly wont be on here much till me and amy get her computer fixed cuz its busted. if you want leave comments and ill get back to you when i can. Thanks ZIGG¥
My First Blog And A Sad One At That.
I Like This
FURBIES ALWAYS WINAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Omg..i'm so fucking happy right started off as any other boring day..but then I got a text message from my friend that told me my prego friend had her baby today :D:D hes sooo fucking cute too =) i'll upload a picture eventually:) He was born at 5:28 am weighing 8 Pounds 4 Ounces
The History Of Saint Valentine's Day
The History of Saint Valentine's Day Valentinus, the man whom the Roman Catholic Church credits as Saint Valentine, was a physician and priest who resided in Rome during the third century AD. He assisted the Roman martyrs during the Christian persecution under Emperor Claudius II, who ordered all citizens of Rome to worship the complete pantheon of gods and goddesses. Those who failed to comply with this religious decree were punished by death. Valentinus was arrested and imprisoned for his Christian faith and belief in the One True God. He tried unsuccessfully to convert the emperor, who condemned Valentinus to death on February 14, 270 AD. While imprisoned, Valentinus converted his jailer by restoring the sight of the jailer's daughter, Julia, who was born blind. On the eve of his death, Valentinus wrote a note to Julia, telling her to stay close to God. He signed it, from your Valentine. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius marked February 14th as a day of celebration in honour of Valenti
Charlains Poem To Me
The days have gone the years have past but our love is one will last many have tried to tear us asunder but niether heart fell to the plunder it is so true we are as one you are the moon I am the sun Happy valentines day babygirl Charlain
Just Thinking
i have waited for this day why does it come now not fare to me i do believe in love but not at this pace i am afraid of a broken heart and what will you do to me? will you be good will be what i want i just keep on thinking what it will be like to be with you in the end its me i need to decide if it is us
Been On Less And Less Lately
this site is cool and everything and ive gotten to know a lot of great people on here but most of my friends and family are on myspace. given that this site will always be better than myspace, i just havent been on it lately. so anyway, if you want you can add me on myspace to keep in touch, k? :-) love ya guys. youve been good to me here. no, im not deleting myself. i havent stopped coming completely and want to stick around. hope you all had a great weekend. ttyl!!
Ohh Yea!
This is where I'll be!! Hot cowboys n cold beer baby!! YEEEE HAWWW!! :-P
i live in a self imposed exile. i moved far from the people i know and love. the friendships that grew from years of trust and kindness. why would i do this? my daughter. i was given the chance to be part of her life after 12 years. the offer of a job here was the final piece that made the choice even easier. so i packed everything that was easily moved and left behind my life. now i have a good job and your typical teenager( lots of time for friends but not much for family). but mostly its just me and my cats ( and of coarse my friends online). but i do miss the affection that you can only get from frinds, i miss random hugs for no reason and spur of the moment plans. someone to play video games with. someone to just do random things with for no apparent reason. it takes every ounce of will power not to pack up and move back home. i guess sometimes being as stubborn as i am pays off. lost & lonely and terribly homesick Chronicly Numb
how do things always say things that never know what to make of what we are readin... how does one make themself out to be something we're not... and try to fix it when its way beyond late and no matter what we say or what we one ever realizes what we have till we loose it... sooooooo things are un ravelin and things maybe are going not as planned but at least i still got that wants to be my man... at least i think ? maybe i don't know.. i really just want to give up on all this bullshit.. and just start over but its hard for us to do it.. when tere soo many miles.... sure it could be easy and there is thing i got to change but im will to take the time to make it all right.. and make sure its done right.... I love him more then anything but fucked up to the end... and now that we're breakin at the seams... Im fallin about between... ..Being lost in my thoughts of us, laughin and jokin... now, its the only thing that i have to make me remember how much he really means... Somtimes
Frank Miller
This is from Frank Miller's comic book 300. Yes, even in the comic book everyone is pretty much naked.
Today Was A Great Day!!!
Does men ever get like that? Like what I described yesterday, Cmon men, plz be honest. I know it doesn't happen alot but boy when it does, lol. It was such a beautiful day today, When I got off of work today, it was 79* out. The kids came over and we had a cookout. I started walking again, so hopefully I'll start feeling better again. Not that I feel bad, I am great. I did indeed get trashed a bit last night, ran out of milk dammit, lol. And fell asleep and woke up this am for work. Today went by pretty well. I am so lucky to have my time with TJ, he means the world to me. Well just thought I'd drop a line to anyone that had read the days before, that I am fine, just every now and then have one of them days.
How My Miracle Came About.
Well today marks two years from when the most amazing thing happened to me. I thought I would share...(this is rather long, and may not be worth it to some) It was March 13th and at the time my ex and I live in Michigan City, Indiana. I was getting really excited because on the 15th we had a planned C-section. We had so many ultrasounds and so many long drives to Indianapolis (3 hours south of us,where they have the best equipment and doctors). We also had so many hospital stays because at this time we knew something was wrong with our son but not to what extent. So I was happy to know our boy would be here in 2 days. So, March 13th comes, my ex at the time worked nights so before he went to bed we had went to McDonalds where they f*cked up my chicken sandwich (I still blame them for him coming early! Poor kid just wanted a crispy chicken, extra mayo!!). So we get home I eat and I lay down with my ex. about 3pm I wake up and have to pee so bad.. so I waddle my happy butt to the bath
Dont Know...
i scream out in agony, i cry out in pain. as the tip of the arrow goes straight through my brain. from my brain to my heart the pain does spread, im numb inside to the world i am dead. those words that were said that night in my room, come back to haunt me ... my impending doom. you laugh as i cry and you draw your bow once more... holding it against my heart. right at the core. you look at me with a grin the arrow is shot deep with in... straight through the wall of trust you had built, the pain is inevitable... you feel no guilt you laugh as i cry and then you walk away ... to find someone new to whom you can play
New Quotes
Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. By:Antonine de saint-Exupery The loneliest place in the world is the human heart when love is absent. By:E.C. McKenzie Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. By: Victor Borge
Alwayz Away
Many times I have traveled, and many times I have stayed. Only the times that I was away could remind me of how I wanted to stay. In thimes of dissaray only will we seek out those that make us so afraid. Oh to stay and look at what we've been left with today! Day by day I pray that you will stay -- Jess Wess
Still Around
Sleeping peacefully in bed to the sound of a spring rain dancing on the roof. Waking up to enjoy the music of nature, you lay in bed a while longer. Trapped in the melody from outside, wishing the day didn't have to start or stop. In that one moment in time life and all that is, is in perfect harmony. That would be about how I felt this morning when I first woke up at about 0630. Hank and I laying in bed with the rain dancing outside. It's a very peaceful thing to me.It's mornings like this I recall why I don't mind getting up everyday lol. Now when I get to work on the other hand I tend to forget that but that's life right? We are still trying to sell the house and I'm hoping soon that we do. I mean I like it here but I'm not a fan of field mice or the snake that Hank says sometimes sunbathes on the porch. Ok so the poor sap got a girly girl nothing I can do about that now lol. Just latley my sisters got me going to the tanning beds. I just started so I'm still wwhite compare
Those Fucking Surveys.
has anyone here [besides Pee], actually made it through the beginning of a cherryland survey? i think they are a fucking joke. apparently i never happen to "qualify" to even take one. funny how its not even a real survey if they only accept people who give them the answers they want. therefore, its not even a real "survey" at all. fuck'em!
My Son's School
They're a charter school but it's obvious they don't give a good goddamn about their students. About 3 - 4 weeks ago, we call the Assistant Principal and tell her (Laura), that we need a student support meeting with our son and all his teachers. Laura said NOT A PROBLEM and would get right on it. Then Peggy and I had this trip to NYC to make and as you know we got home REALLY early this morning. I asked my son how it was coming for setting up the student support meeting because we hadn't heard anything. What happens next is indicative of ANY school and COMPLETELY pissed me the fuck off... He stated, and I quote... "Janel (my son's Advisor) said that it got too complicated because everyone's schedule is different so it's not going to happen (the support meeting)" I was fucking furious... Not at my son mind you but at his school. His Assistant Principal orders the Student Support Meeting, and his Advisor sees fit to just up and IGNORE HER?!? I can't wait until I wal
The Most Important Things In Life
not necessarily in this order.. just as i thought of them 1) blow jobs 2) music 3) freedom 4) money (see #3 = freedom) 5) a high speed internet connection 6) silence -- i enjoy vast amounts of time by myself 7) coffee 8) did i mention blow jobs? 9) friends? 10) love and cuddlin (odd how that one comes last) hey im drunk.. thats the only time i update this blog.. and if you asked me right now if i want love.. or head.. the answer is simple =) im thinking pretty surface level tonight - nothin deep - this was thinkin outload with lux
A Girly Song.
"Fall To Pieces" I look away Then I look back at you You try to say The things that you can't undo If I had my way I'd never get over you Today's the day I pray that we make it through Make it through the fall Make it through it all [Chorus:] And I don't wanna fall to pieces I just want to sit and stare at you I don't want to talk about it And I don't want a conversation I just want to cry in front of you I don't want to talk about it Cuz I'm in Love With you You're the only one, I'd be with till the end When I come undone You bring me back again Back under the star Back into your arms [Chorus] I was working on a story that I have been writing for about 2 years now, and I have my music on and this song came on. I dont know why I thought I wanted to make this a blog but I did, oh well. I have decided that I need to start finishing things that I have started. So I found 2 of my old stories (of course only about a chapter done a piece) and I am diggin
5 Lessons
Five (5) lessons about the way we treat people. 1 - First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady. During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?" Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade. "Absolutely," said the professor. "In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say 'hello'." I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy. 2. - Second Important Lesson - Pickup in the Rain One night, at 11:30 p.m., an older Afr
I’m standing on the stairs in a magnificent hall Wearing the dress that I bought for the ball It’s long and flowing, sparkling white My tiara of diamonds shines in the light At the bottom of the stairs you’re waiting for me And I gracefully float down for all to see You take my hand and touch my face You’re the only one I notice in the expansive space We’re now dancing in shadows of flickering light Holding each other close, holding each other tight You kiss my neck and then touch my face Then kiss my lips in a loving embrace Time stands still whilst we are together Feels so good, it seems like forever I look at the clock, that cannot be right But the bells start to chime, confirming midnight But there’s no need to leave From the ball tonight I’ll be with you my prince For the rest of our life.
Love the most cruel of mistresses The shadow that lurks in the heart A twisted and disturbed state Of unending upheaval and madness Emotional bliss or mental agony Light holding back the darkness Black hole that swallows all A lie to get what you want Pathway to your one true desire Something you can't see or taste But can feel at any given time Able to make you soar with the wings of an angel Or put you in the pit of utter despair Does it really even exist Or is it just a myth never found Some claim to have found it Others boast as to having lived it I find it very hard to believe For it seems to be so elusive Like a dream upon waking I have so much wished to find it But my hopes have become weary And my heart has grown ever so cold For me it is never to be And last I've accepted my fate Whatever love may be I will never know
My Accent
What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Inland North You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."The Midland The Northeast Philadelphia The South The West Boston North Central
Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams Somewhere someone is dreaming of your smile, Ready to walk the entire mile. But instead he lay here head upon the pillow, Looking outside to the large weeping willow, How easy it would be to climb down, he’d say, How easy it would be to run away. He loves this girl with all his heart And thinks to himself we’re not far apart. So he decides to go for a leap to the nearest branch, that’s only a few feet. So into the window he climbs, Just to trip up on the blinds. He manages to take a leap with all his might, But falls short to his fright. He falls to the ground two stories it seems. And there on the ground lye’s a boy with shattered dreams. Punctured by a stake, he shall never wake. And this is the end of this boys life. Never to grow up and have that girl as his wife.
Internet Love So Far Away
Dear Love, My days and especially my nights are so empty without you! Waking up to the softness of your skin against mine, your hair gently brushing my cheek. I can feel you breathing as if you were a part of my own body. Looking at you as you dream. Gently "waking" you to the soft caresses of my hands. Your body yielding to me. I hope you come and see me soon. I can't stand another minute without you... I miss you so much
I'm smith41701!This is the 3D me.Make your own,and we both get Coinz!
Happy Mother's Day To The Mom's
happy mother's day to the mom's Get more @ CherryT
Need Some Help
can you please help with a comment or two on this photo???click photo to vote for me in Cherr Tap pin up girl contest...
When tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry The way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too; But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, That an angel came and called my name, And took me by the hand, And said my place was ready, In heaven far above, And that I'd have to leave behind All those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, A tear fell from my eye For all my life, I'd always thought, I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for, So much left yet to do, It almost seemed impossible That I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays, The good ones and the bad, I thought of all the love we shared, And all the fun w
Help Me Out If U Can
Hey everyone.. I am in a VIC giveaway.. I need 15,000 comments.. There is no time limit on this but I would like to get this done and over with so I can go back to helping others out with their contests and such.. the link for this giveaway is below.. just comment bomb me all u want or as little as u want! :D thanks!
Something Better To Do
why are you taking time to hate me don't you have something better to do ? get a life
i now have yahoo
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Midnight Special
Express Yourself LIVE
An Open Letter To Baby J --- Posted June 11th, 2007 And Completely Ignored By Him And The Ones Who Have The Power To Change Things Around Here
Life Sucks Sometimes
So I've been single for over a year now. no one who I take a intrest in has much intrest in me (or at least they dont show ant intrest) This sucks (in a bad way) Ive been with 2 differant women in the the past 2 years. WTF??? Am I not interesting? Do I not do my best to be the best I can be? Am i scarry of some shit??? All I want is to find a woman who ignites some psaaion in me. My standerds are low as fuck. so why can't I find someone to love??? I just got taken out to dinner by four women and all of them told me good night at the end. Why does no one take a real intrest in me?
Download 07 Amazing
Dear exited readers of my blogs! The time has come!!!!!! DOWNLOAD O7 REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!! Well, first may I add…NEVER TAKE TO MUCH SHIZ TO DOWNLOAD….we got stuck on the way up because we over packed…to much food mainly lmfao! After Hayley coming to our rescue with a shopping trolly we eventualy got to the ticket gate…oh we did have a laugh there….we had to abandon the shopping trolly there…because it was stolen ¬_¬ how pathetic is that!!!!…so Daz, Rob and I headed off to meet Rebecca at Orange camp…Fuckin Nazi Camp more like!!!! The reason that Orange Camp got given this nickname was because the damn security guards where the only ones in the entire camping area to check for wrist bands…so like all ppl will do we rased our armes in the are…NAZI POWER lmfao! After eventualy setting up our tents and everyone sorting there stuff out we chilled for a bit before heading off for our first treck around the village!!! On the way we saw Tiny (who was a ickle bit out of it lmfao) but ev
This Site
all i have to say is that this site is a wonderfull release from life and there so meny nice people to meet lets all work to keep this going.
My Aura Color!
What color is your soul painted?PurpleYour soul is painted the color purple, which embodies the characteristics of sensuality, spirituality, creativity, wealth, royalty, nobility, mystery, enlightenment, arrogance, gaudiness, mourning, confusion, pride, delicacy, power, meditation, religion, and ambition. Purple falls under the element of Earth, and was once a European symbol of royalty; today it symbolizes the divine.Click Here to Take This QuizQuizzes and Personality Tests
FAVOURITES Alcoholic Drink: Tequila Actor: Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Orlando Bloom ,Vin Diesel, umm there is more cant think of them right now though Actress: angelina julie, julia roberts, julianne moore, nicole kidman,Michelle Rodriguez THIS OR THAT Pepsi or coke: Coke Fruit or veggies: Fruit Day or nite: nite Hot or cold: both Summer or winter: Summer Surf or snowboard: umm yeah never tried sorry Books or movies: movies McDonalds or Burger King: burger king Socks or Barefeet: Im always barefooted Beer or Liquor: Liquor but if none i will go for beer Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate HAVE YOU EVER Kissed someone: Umm let me think... yep Gone past someone kissing: yeah.. lol Had sex: Yep Smoked: yes Drank: yes Done Drugs: yep not anymore though Thought about suicide: Yes Slit your wrists: Yes (i was stupid and young) Gone skinnydipping: lol oh yeah Kissed the same sex: yep Won an awa
Ever been unfaithful to your partner? Ever look at your partner when u are back after an affair? Ever think its wrong? Ever wondered why you did it? Ever think of stopping it? Is there a valid reason for being unfaithful? Is it wrong to ever started it. What is the reason of doing that? I stopped the car, looked into the mirror, another day went by, another day i was with the other woman, I know its wrong and i cant controlled myself I told her that I am going out with the boys, and it won't be long She gives me a smile and say " take you time" And I left. Walking to the door I see her opening up the door Filled with smiles, Telling me dinner is ready. I stared into her eyes and I wondered Does she know? Maybe she knows I'm unfaithful but she will never asked. It breaks her heart but she is holding on It kills her inside but she just wants me to be happy. I dont want to do this anymore, I dont want to hurt her anymore, I dont want to tear her apart, B
Can You Tell Me What Day It Is?lol
Girly glitter comments from
Something From Nothing
We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing. - Unknown
Mmmmm!!!! Nsfw!!!!!
i finally arrive and there you are waiting for me... you can tell i am nervous so you take my hand and kiss it.. tell me it is ok.. i get enough nerve to hug you.. my arms around your neck .. yours around my hand on my ass.. i kiss your lips softly.. i can feel you growing against my belly.. i part my lips and allow a deeper kiss... mmmmm.. it feels so good... your mouth tastes of mint and i want to feel more of you ...i whisper in your ear i can't wait for the hotel... we walk towards the rest rooms .... i go in and see nobody is in the open .. i wave you in and direct you into the last stall.... there i turn to you and kiss you hard... your hands under my shirt undoing my bra so you can feel my breast.. you lift my top and and reach your lips to them sucking in my nipple you bite softly filicking your tongue over them... i want to moan but, can't ... do not want to get caught befor we have our first pull my skirt up over my waiste seeing i have no panties on ..i
Do You Have A Crush On Me?...well Tell Me
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Since Im A Princess I Need A Prince
PRINCE/BOYFRIEND APPLICATION =] JUST FOR FUN =] BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who is your favorite band? 3. Do you drink/smoke?? 4. Do you like the rain? 5. If so...would you play in it with me? 6. Do you like movies? 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together? 9. Would you kiss me? 10. Do you play any sports? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother to make sure i made it home alright? 13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps? (ie: heartbreaker, slut) 17. Would you give me kisses just because? 18. Would u sleep in the same bed as me? 19. Would u take me home to meet your parents?
My Poem
My love for him is so strong How long can my heart hold on For him to be with me would mean the world to me right now But he wont listen any how Just one look one glance my way Is all I ask for on this day. As I look in to the future I pray for only one man at my side for him to be my prince charming and me to be his bride as we go off in to the sunlight as husband and wife on a carrage ride. Please make my dream come true for I will never lie to you or stray cause you will always be my man each and every day intil I die. Please end the heart break and the tears that I cry show me that you can be that guy.
Great Quotes On Religion
Anon: "You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image, when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do." Rev. Tony Campolo: "We are furious that the religious right has made Jesus into a Republican. That’s idolatry. To recreate Jesus in your own image rather than allowing yourself to be created in Jesus’ image is what’s wrong with politics." Jim W. Martyn, "I suggest that people who express hatred towards others do so because they are unable to love themselves or God. That's sad, and unfortunately causes many of the social and political problems in our nation and world." Stephen Roberts, a strong Atheist talking to a theist: "I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." Xenophanes, an ancient Greek philosopher: "If horses had Gods, they would look like horses!" bullet See dozens of other quotes about G
I Tried
Written By A Guy...
We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls >OR TEXTS< you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. let us pay for you! dont "feel bad" We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say "thank you."
Thank You All
Just had my first HH and would like to thank all my new friends and fans. I promise I will get around to you all in turn to return all the love I've received. Finally a very special thank you to Shell. You are my rock, my world and my best friend. I love you to bits and sometimes don't know what I'd do without you. Thank you for being you :D Paul xx
Equal Rights?
Last election day, our state voted against gay marriages. But, everything I read now is that gay ppl have the right to marry whoever they chose. Or, they should have equal rights like their straight counterpartsl? I want to know where were these ppl when the voting counted? I think it is really stupid that so many straight people feel so threatened by gay people. I have alot of straight friends here on Fubar as well as where I live. Ok maybe I flirt with them a little but they know (well I hope they know I'm kidding) it's all in fun. If I offend anyone I hope they let me know it bothered them. I treasure all of my friends no matter where I meet them. And even though I may not show it alot of times, I do care what you are feeling. Done ranting now. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!
Right now I cant believe some of the thoughts that are running through my brain. YIKES, once again I am over thinking. For some reason I keep asking myself if this is the right thing, me being in Germany. During the week I have no actual real human action besides Fubar and Camfrog, oh yeah can't forget the calls to the states. Right now I am feeling extremely lonely with him being gone as well as feeling extremely helpless when it comes to doing much around here. I am just hoping my thoughts are because I am lonely and I need something more fulfilling to pass my time with. I love that man with all my heart and when I told him tonight that we dont say I love you as much as we did when I was in the states, it makes my mind tend to wonder off. He explained to me at that time that he has alot of thinkings going on and sometimes he forgets. God I hope and pray that is correct, cuz it would totally crush me if not. This is the first time in my life that I have totally let all my guards down
Boyfriend Application
When Did It All Change?
When you're young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. Then, you grow up and learn to be cautious. You could break a bone or a heart. You look before you leap and sometimes you don't leap at all because there's not always someone there to catch you. And in life, there's no safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?
To Every Guy
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured h
Because I am a picture on your screen, does that mean I have no feelings? Because I like to flirt, does that mean I am a cyber whore? Because I spend most of my free time here, does that mean I don't want a real life? I am a real living breathing person with feeling that can be hurt, with a heart that can be broken, with hopes and dreams that can be shattered.
Pic Problems
Sum Luv !!!
In Memory Of Those Who Give Their Lives
Thank You All
I am so overwhelmed at all the love i have received over past few days, and the last 3 hours have been amazing. I am now a GodMother :D I cant possibly name everyone that has helped me but will name a few that have been here for me today and throughout my Cherry/Fu time, since the end of January when i joined this site i have made some amazing friends, had my highs and lows, and a few people have made me smile again. Anyway enough babbling, i just want to name a few people in no particular order that have stuck by me from the beginning and been with me until now: Dawn-Browneyes Ash-WiKid Paul-One Of Lifes Daz-Just Me Dee-Dee Chris-English Cherry Lyndon-Thunder Jimmy-Jables Gordon-Gordo Jen-TumsFun Wanda-Castiron Glynn-Newton Heath Without these people and those listed below i wouldnt be where i am now x x x x x ................ And now to all those that have been on my page in past few days and got me there, Thank you ThroatFawk Polski FuBob Cappy Cur MishN
My New Home
Well It has been a year and a half in the process. In may 2006 I was told by Homes For Our Troops that they would build me a house. After finding the right plans to fit my needs and my family. Planning started in September and We finally cleared the land that I bought and made a Huge mud hole in December. It rained from Dec 17 though most of February. We broke ground January 6th and started the Foundation. The spring was pretty productive but then summer hit and so did another round of rain that lasted all of june and July and part of August. School started for my kids on 27 Aug. Finally all was finished and we got the keys in Mid September. Now almost moved in and trying to figure out where things go. Thanks to all the Donors who gave us products and materials and their time to finish my Home. Thanks to all those who support Troops here on Fubar. For all of you who know a severely wounded warrior send me a message and I well give let you know how they can get the support t
My Day
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts Hi Everyone... Just a short note to let you know why I haven't responded to anything today. First off, I am sorry that I haven't, but I will.. Secondly, it has been because of a major headache that has kept me in bed all day.. with ice packs on my head and neck. Third, I hope you all had an amazing Sunday and had a great time watching the games.. some I have missed :( Hugs and Loves... Cassie aka Angel
My Momma
well lets see last time i wrote a blog i asked forprayers for my momma. we still need them and i greatly appriciate those of you who are. bless you. ok mom is out of the hospital, the doc sent her home. he said she had to wait 4~6 weeks for her surgery. the antibitics have to run thier course and they have to make sure the infection is gone before they do surgry. wow!!! we found out what exactly the surgery entails. they're going to cut my mommy in half, length wise. to remove her colon. woa!!! major surgery. needless to say mom is terrified as are the rest of us. anyways, she has a doc apt. 2day to get her white blood cell count checked. if everything is on the up and up she'll have the surgery in 3 weeks or so. my sister finally came home thursday by the way. which is fantastic! thats ALOT of stress off mom. and she doesn't have to wonder what niks is doin or where shes at. anyways, plwase continue to pray for my momma and family.... thanyou and many many many blessing
hey everyone my wife had our baby lastnight and he was 8lbs 21" long and at 6:05 pm on 11/4/07
Just Me.
Ok so I sat down today I thought What do I want in my life. What is missing . I had a wonderful childhood. My marriage didn’t fair to well But I have 3 wonderful children that I am very proud of Yes it was/is hard being the mother father figure but we have to do things that are hard in out lives and when you look back and view the outcome and it’s a pretty good site you realize that all the hardship and heart ache was well with it. In a material sense my children and I want for nothing. I have a great job that I love, and a family I would not trade the world for. SO what am I missing? What I am missing and I think I always have is to MATTER to someone What does that mean well the definition for the word matter in this sense is (count: have weight; have importance , carry weight.) And in a way that sort of explains it. What I want goes deeper then that. I want to Matter to where I for once am the major thought, care, want, in someone’s life. I want to be in their every
Who Said God Doesnt Have A Twisted Sence Of Humor.
so i did the myspace and found a couple crazy ass people. so my friend steph invited me here and its great. ( iv meet one that might be nutty but i like her) but i didnt think i would find another me. but i did and every thing she types draws me closer to her.if she was down the street from me i would woo her till she said yes, i made this known to her and she says the same thing about me. shes not down the street. shes not in another state,but rather the other side of the danm globe. and just as shes got me on lock down she takes atrip leaving me lonely and lost. i found the girl that best fits me and yet is so far out of reach. is this gods way of telling me to lower my standders and settle for what i can get closer to me? is he telling me im not so danm uniquic that chicks should try to get to know me?have i tried too hard, just to find that my kinda girl is not likely to just show up on my doorstep? i need to think this one out. if you think you have a salution to my quary just hit
My Life With Fibromyalgia
Some people ask why I am lazy. Some ask why I don't work to help support my family. So I going to try and explain it. I am not here for pity or anything like that I am just trying to explain to everyone at once I was in a car accident in 2003. It broke my foot and crused the joint. That injury alone as made it impossible to stand for any length of time and squatting is out of the question. So that alone limits what I can do. As for the fibromyalgia, I either got this as a result from the accident or because of my mom also having it or a combination thereof. Here is a description of what fibromyalgia is.. What are the Symptoms? FM is characterized by the presence of multiple tender points and a constellation of symptoms. Pain The pain of FM is profound, widespread and chronic. It knows no boundaries, migrating to all parts of the body and varying in intensity. FM pain has been described as stabbing and shooting pain and deep muscular aching, throbbing, and twitching.
I can't climb out of this trench of pain that floods my heart in boiling roiling streaks of night; The darkness at four a.m. is like a cold hand of sympathy drawing away from some man so cold it burns; And when I crawl through the mud under shells of faceless traitors I realize just how low I've been digging and I want out!
The People Lately
i gotta say i was on the verge of leaving fubar.....until recently i met a few great people on here and have actually made some good i guess things DO have a way of working out....we shall see.
You know, I was reading some articles about how Black people and so-called Black leaders are not supporting Obama. I don't really support him, but Blacks in general are overwhelmingly Democrats. I have the sneaking suspicion that the problem is this; if a Black president were to be elected, it would show how far this country has actually come, and that this would negate the victim status that Black people often use to excuse the myriad problems that plague us, as well as put leaders who constantly foster the victim mentality out of a job. Discuss.
I think L. is afraid to let us know what he was really doing in the photo.I wonder which of the two was having the most fun.Langgdon can I trade places with her?
Family List
If your on my family list and I see you on and if you dont write me back if i write you, u will be removed, no questions
thanks to everyone who gave me fuBucks! i finally got the spotlight! i cant believe it! much luv to 2 of my gurls that helped me the most! ArmyWifey@ fubar MJ@ fubar
usually usually it feels like no one listens... until you say something for them to throw it back in your face unexpectedly... fuck it, bring it on... i am so sick of saying sorry for the things i'm not sorry for... fuck it if its the "polite" thing to do... like i said, fuck it! i feel like shit today... exhausted, entombed in my own head, embedded inside my owm bullshit, FUCK, i give up! my lovelife is a blur... i know who i want and why i want her, but the dramasetters are right there keeping pace... enticing, inviting... i have to say no... yes, baby, i love you... i'm not giving up... i'm just frustrated, that's all... back and forth to the usual grind sitting here drinking beer is all that seems to be clear... caught in my memories again... thinking about all the times i tried my hardest and got NOWHERE and all the times i didn't try at all and got EVERYWHERE... seems like me, huh? THAT IS ME i can't win $5 on a scratch off for shit, but i can avoid being kil
Hey Everyone
to everyone on my friends family or fans if i dont talk much im going thro alot. My brother is off doing lord knows what and on drugs and im really tired of dealing with that i love him but he dont seem to listen!
I Thought A Lot
and i have decided upon something. i have a central core of great fubuddies...i adore all of you..i also have a few close friends that i know better than others..some personally as in offline as well. you have all made a special impression upon my heart and i will keep you there with me wherever i go. i will be in and out alot when i find time to make the changes i am going to be if you miss me leave me a comment or a dozen and i will return them when i am on. those of you closest to me have many other options for finding me than here on fubar. some of you dont. i know this because i know who i have where and who knows what. :P my mood is not odd..i think i am finally out of steam. life is funny...and i love to bits and pieces of my world need to be put in their place and i appreciate the fact all of you are around. im very sleepy so if this makes little sense it is what it is...LOL night for now...have a great day my friends ♥
Poem # 2
Thank you polish avenger:) he is a sweetie and a dufus hahaha i wish i could write like that! Letter to an angel You shall never know the powers of what started it all. Such a stare, time does not exist when given the chance to look into your gaze. I can see your soul so clearly, everything about you, what makes you smile, what makes you blush, what makes you happy. Such an emotion I shall not stray from, for it keeps me warm in the winters, and a cool breeze during hot summers. You are my autumn, spring, summer, and fall. The majestic leaves that paint a poem of lost beauty reborn each day. the rebirth of remembrance as to why I cannot stop smiling whenever I think of you, the heat of passion, and the ice I thought unbreakable now shattered by your being. A thunder's drum, merely the beat in my chest as your name echos in my mind. Each day I look up in the sky, and think, no matter how radiant, how magnificent a painting god shall create with his brush; you shall always be my
23 Wierdness
Mathematical Mayhem There are 23 letters in the Latin alphabet W = 23rd letter of the alphabet It's symbol is 2 points down, 3 up. W, the only letter in the English language to be renounced polysyllabically, is 23rd in line. Note also that it is a double(2)-u and that t has three(3) syllables. WWW = 23+23+23 = 69 69/3 = 23 -> 6+9+3 = 18 = 23-5 (2+3=5) 2 / 3 = .666 23 is the first prime number in which both digits are prime numbers and add up to another prime number. Two (2), three (3), and five(5) are the first three prime numbers in our counting system. (1 is not prime, it's an identity). Square root(s) of 2,3, and 5 are used in respect to tetrahedral hyperdimensional physics and perfect form in design. Square root(s)of 2, 3, and 5 supposedly relative to D&M Pyramid on Mars and other similar relationships. Also these square roots were quite common in early architecture and considered the most aesthetically pleasing in design. 23 written in base 3 is 212 (2+1+2=5) 23 writt
How You See It
I TRULY BELIEVE THAT IF YOU THINK NEGATIVE THOUGHTS YOU MAKE YOURSELF START TO BELIEVE THEM.I AM ONE OF THE WORLD'S WORSE FOR THAT AS MY SELF ESTEEM IS SO DAMN LOW.I TRY TO PULL OFF A POSITIVE APPEARANCE TO OTHERS AND IN MY PICTURES BUT THEN I DON'T ACCEPT THE COMPLIMENTS OR I NEGATE THE POSITIVITY WITH NEGATIVE CAPTIONS. SEVERAL PEOPLE TELL ME I'M PRETTY BUT I JUST DON'T SEE IT.I FELT LIKE THIS ONE TIED IN A LOT WITH MY QUOTE FROM EARLIER SO POSTED THIS ONE TODAY AS WELL. How you look at it When you look at the world, what is the first thing that comes to your attention? Do you zero in on the problems, the heartaches, the fears and the disappointments, or do you first take note of the beauty, the joys and the positive possibilities? If you look at life through a lens of negativity, life will dutifully arrange itself to meet your expectations. When you approach life from a more positive perspective, your expectations will just as surely be met. Is it unrealistic to look at t
To All Of You From Me
Sexy New Years Comments & GraphicsHope everyone has a safe one!! I miss you all!!Love, Robin
Remembering My Son[written Dec.20,2007]
As i lay in my bed and i dozed off i woke to a chill i felt like someone was with me.And the first thought that came to my mind was my son as i smiled when i thought of him my smile quickly ended when i realized this month makes 8 years since his death.I cant help from feeling so week right now and so fuckin sad as tears fill in my eyes i cant fuckin help it i wanna be strong but it like i cant move or breathe.So much as changed since his death they been so many ups and downs in my life from goin to bein happy watching my son smile and i couldnt wait to hear his first words when he could say daddy for the first time btu he never got that chance o why god did he have to go so early i knwo they was a reason but yet after all this time i still dont know life crumbled around me in dec of 1999 when he past away.My god i am not that same person i was then a part of me died with him.but i had to write these things just to get them off my chest.over the years since his death its been r
R.i.p. Dad
last week my dad shot and killed himself. we dont know why he did it or understand why he did it. he was a kind and loving man. he would help anybody if he could. i miss him alot we had alot of good times together and i just hope he is at peace now and not in anymore pain.
Let It Go
Subject: let it go Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 07:17:06 -0500 Let it go for 2008.. By T. D. Jakes There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. The bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us [1 John 2:19] People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in y
I guess my first blog should be about fubar. I'll start with the fubar site. I enjoy being here. The layout is cool. I do tho question the "My Bar Tab". Is it necessary to know when your friens has commented on someones profile or mum? Other than that, I am having a great time chatting and stuff. Which brings me to my next subject. The ppl here are the greatest. I have never had a single problem since being here, other than trying to keep my connection strong enough to dj. I love the fact that the ladies here are so inviting and sharing of themselves. The pics of my friends are the best. I must add that I love curves, dang. I suggest if you don't know the ppl in my friends list, you should try to get to know them. Anyway, thats all I got to say for now. ciao, and always, peace and love....Dee
It was a maze to solve to get to my heart. Once you reached the end, you ripped it apart. I'm plotting the murder of love. The sun burns forever, somehow reminding me of you. Yet your aura is black, hollow and cold. I'm forced to cleanse the clearing within the pasture of my soul.
New Contest
Hello everyone, I will be hosting my 2nd comment contest starting February 2nd at 8 P.M. Eastern Time running until February 14th at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. Anyone may join. You may submit any pic you like as long as it SFW. The prizes will be as follows.... 1st Place: 1 Month VIP + 400,000 Fubucks 2nd Place: 1 Month VIP + 200,000 Fubucks 3rd Place: 3 Day Blast + 100,000 Fubucks Bonus: 100,000 Fubucks for most pic rates If you would like to enter please send me a message with a link to the photo you would like to use. Anyone may join so please let all your friends know. Thanks and good luck!
Come Check Out Rachael's Playground Lounge!!
Starting Over
Today is a new Start It is a brand new day. A chance to do things right To do things my way. Life is so crazy With so many ups and downs. I need to learn how to live life Without so many frowns. I need to find a way To let my anger go. I don't always realize it But I know it always shows! Life is way to short To live in the past. I have to look at the future Because it is coming up fast. So forget all the fights and lies Forget all the sorrow and pain. Think of the good things ahead There really is a new life to gain. Taking chances is so hard And it's going to be one hell of a fight. But I know I can do it I can make it right. I'll take life for whatever it gives me No matter what I face. I can get through it because I will face it with a warm embrace. No matter what anyone says or does I will not forget what I've learned and know. Through every tragedy or happiness I will find the strength to help me grow. So when I think I can't do i
A Valentine's Poem
a valentine's poem today is a special day, a day people all over the world share at different times or ways hearts, candy, balloons, teddy bears and all the fine things u can imagine well that day is call valentine's day where u take a chance in your life by showing through a card, flowers, songs and whatever u can think of the day where cupid plays and where love is made so today, i'm asking u to be my valentine's day what do you say?
ok friends and people i am in a contest called "CutiePie Contest" please come and rate my picture and comment and bomb it as well i neeed all the help i can get i am tryin to win a VIP for 1 month here is the link to the site and u can't get it go to "Oibwan" and get it that way PLEASE HELP ME OUT PLEASE
The Sweetest Sin
The sweetest SiN.......... It is the way I feel when I wake up and when I goto sleep. The way I long for your touch a hug or just to hold hands. Feeling like you are part of me like my heart or my lungs. I can't breathe without you and my heart aches when you do. You are my love and my best friend. I feel as though we are one and yet we have never met. I will hold you close until the day when I am no more. SiN DeReLla you are my sweetest SiN!!! my best friend!!
Tagg Your It !!!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.) My son and husband are my life 2.) I am very straight forward, so if you don't want the truth then don't ask my advice 3.) I love to sing (can't carry a tune, but who cares?) 4.) I am very loyal to my friends, unless lied to 5.) I love deeply and passionately, when you are in my heart it is forever, even if we part ways 6.) I am moody at times 7.) I am a good judge of character 8.) I love animals 9.) I have been called a Dear Abby, on a site I used to belong to I had a colum in the forum ppl. would leave questions and I would answer and give advice 10.) I am a wild and crazy a good w
It is cold today Indeed the rain is falling and I am alone. Thoughts of life and love, meaningless to anyone but myself. I am alone. They watch me, their eyes not knowing, knowing nothing of what they see. I am but another creature, alone. They scurry on the surface, unaware, unaware of the life below when you are alone. Loneliness, not a burden nor a sorrow, but a time of solace, of deepness never to be shared, never to be understood. They can never reach the place where I am And I know I will never reach the place where they are. I know I don't want to reach that place. True happiness is here, unmisted. Unmisted by smiles or laughter, unmisted by the joys of company. To find true happiness, to know if one is truly happy, he must be happy alone. Have you ever just wanted to die?
Tequila And Salt
This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it every day. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10 When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11 Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. And always remember.... when life hands you Lemons, ask for Tequila and Salt and cal
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Great Things
1. Falling in love. 2. Laughing so hard your face hurts. 3. A hot shower. 4. No lines at the supermarket. 5. A special glance. 6. Getting mail. 7. Taking a drive on a pretty road. 8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. 9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. 10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer. 11. Chocolate milkshake (vanilla or strawberry). 12. A bubble bath. 13. Giggling. 15. The beach. 16. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter. 17. Laughing at yourself. 18. Looking into their eyes and knowing they Love you. 19. Midnight phone calls that last for hours. 20. Running through sprinklers. 21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. 22. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. 23. Laughing at an inside joke with FRIENDS. 24. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you. 25. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep. 26. Your first kiss (e
Elbow Surgery
Well some of you already know the problem I am having with my elbow and hand. But what is going on is I woke uone morning back in September of last year and my fore arm and hand was numb atime I thought nothing of it but it stayed like that all day. Then when I woke up the next morninwas still like that so I started to get concerned that same week I had a yearly check up for my blood pressure and things so I asked the doctor and she said that it was caused from my Ulnar Nerve in my elbow being pinched off from either leaning on it and even from sleeping on with it under my head. Well to make this a little shorter it has been numb now since September 2007 and it is only the ring finger, pinky half my palm and my fore arm that is numb and drives me crazy. I have tried therapy braces you name it so finally they have decided to do surgery on it the relieve the pressure off the nerve on March 27th Thank you to every one for concern about this and I will keep you informed after my surger
Hey!!!!!! Fu-own Me
HEY BABY!!!!! How would you like to Fu-Own me for a month....I am offering up a lot of stuff....check it on wont regret!!! check it out....heres the link Click the pic it will bring you to the link!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!! MUUUAAAAAAAHHH!!!!
My Dad And Friends
Hey all my friends my dad needs all the help he can get. I'am asking my friends to come an help him out in his contest...all my friends know that if you need my help I'll help you out when you need it.... Plz come help me out.... The link to the pic is below...... thank you There is also a wonderful friend that is in a contest also and can use some help, so stop by to help her out also. Just remember every little bit Helps.. Here is another Friend that could use some help also... Please every bit counts...
Online Dating
Online Dating Online Dating is not at all easy You have to guard your heart Don’t listen to I love you Until you meet for real Online Dating is not at all easy You have to weed thru the bad Be careful you may miss the good Then you will never know Online Dating is not at all easy Talk in detail before you meet Ask all the important questions Then again they may all be lies Online Dating is not at all easy Neither is dating in real life Are there any good men left My where are they if there is Wilma Walker 3-28-08
Kazy Update!!!!
The album is still in the works of being released. I'll keep you up to date on any changes! -Kazy
Drink Of My Body....... Eat Of My Soul........... Behold, All The Eyes Shall See Them All Wounds That Pierce Them Take Pleasure In His Sins Take Pleasure In Her Suffering When You Lie With The Beast You Shall Die With The Beast Behold The Eyes That Pierce Them So You Say Your Lord Had Mercy? So You Say Your Lord Has Faith? Behold The Eyes That Pierced Him In This Synagogue Of Satan! The Beast Inside Still Lies, Like The Devil Behold This Seven Spaces Sewn Behold The Seven Spaces Known Behold The Seven Spaces Set Apart Beside The Master's Throne 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 All Good Saviors Go To Heaven Seven Spaces Sewn Seven Spaces Known Seven Spaces Set Apart Beside The Master's Throne Drink of My Body..... Eat of My Soul........ Die With Your Savior........ In This.....Amen Lyrics By The Genitorturers
Another Break Update!!
down 8 lbs and counting!WOOT! A little sad that i dont seem to be missed much but hey I wouldnt expect less of the selfishness around this place! To those still thinking of me...much love and smooches!! Temp
Comment Bomb
if anyone has some free time today could you please comment bomb this pic for me I would appreciate it so much.
Crying Eyes
well for all that care my wife and i are going through a difficult time right now ..... we are apart from each other and trying to figure out what we really want in our relationship..... if you are bored and want to check on me feel free i would love to talk to some one sitting here in a hotel with no one to talk to about this ..... i have never felt this way and i dont have any friends to cheer me up not crying in my beer just sick of my thoughts
#5 Movie Qoute
Ok 1,000 fubucks for these answers... I give you a Quote from a movie you tell me what movie... Easy! What movie ended with this...going back awhile here...before I was born lol “He wasn't a bad fellow, no worse than most and probably no better than some, and not a bad ball player neither when they gave him the chance, when they laid off him long enough. From here on in, I rag on nobody.”
I have a question? My wife and i were to go to a concert today that lasted all day long. My daughter was asked to a Senior prom after we bought tickets to the concert months ago! My wife and oldest daughter went to the concert and i stayed at home with my daughter so as she had one of her parents here to see her off. Now here is the Question.... who do you think should have stayed with our daughter? I say both of us!!! What do you think?
Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life is a wonderful thing when u want it to be .. But when things come at ya so hard sometimes u just feel like crawling into a little hole and staying there wondering how you got yourself into such a mess and how to get out of it , Dont ya feel sometimes that u just cant get out of that hole ?Nomatter how hard u try you just cant seem to pull yourself out . No matter what u do or say it just doesnt seem to be the right thing ! No matter how many ppl u try to be friends with they just keep stabbing you in the back . Starts to hurt ,, hurt (alot) sometimes . So my friends i ask u How does one get out of the hole ? How does one amke life better to where everyone is happy ? How does on stop being stabbed in the back by there so called friends ? I have asked myself this so many times AND i keep crawling back in that hole . PPL say that fubar is addictive i say that fubar is a place to go where everyone is accepted and if you dont like what ppl have to say you just block
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1:I am addicted to Fubar 2:I have an infatuation with my tongue and lips 3:I am addicted to Piercings and Tattoos. 4:I love to get bit and scratched. 5:I think that great people deserve the best in life. 6:I joke around far too much and love to make ppl laugh. 7:I always have to pee for some weird reason. 8:I'd give almost anything for my friends and family and their happiness. 9:I'm a gym addict. 10:I like positive people. 5 People: SinnerChick Mr.DJ.Diesel MizPlaymate Blueeyedboy Ms. Victoria
Then What
It's funny how much music has touched on my life so much in the past month. I have always felt like Country Music described my life, but lately, it's dead on. I mean one song in particular this morning did it for me. Granted, it's a song that would apply to both sides of my relationship with my Spousal Unit (SU) of late. The SU wants to move on in life without me to try and find happiness. She said she doesn't want to be married to me anymore. I am coming to grips with this, but when I heard the song on my Home Entertainment System (the laptop, with my MP3s, plugged into my DVD player which has surround sound) coming through so clear, I realized it wasn't just me the Clay Walker was singing about. Then What, by Clay Walker Well I got a good friend who's got a good life He's got two pretty children and a real nice wife But he never seems quite satisfied I said I know what's on your mind But you better think about it before you cross that line The grass ain't always
In & Out
Hey all I'm sorry I haven't been on in awhile and I truly Miss all of you....They disabled me at work and its hard for me to get on at home but will make the time because as I said I truly Miss all of you! Please keep leaving the love I love it and love you all for thinking of me! To the Lolli's I started making tags for us and have to finish all of them I will be doing that over the weekend.....
Adult Talent Needed!!
Needing help from all my fubar freinds and viewers!! Really need anyone that has ever wanted to be part of the adult industry to contact me. These will be totally professional shoots parts done here and also in Cali. Benefits will include working in a professional environment, fair pay for your time, free 3 day trip to California, and 1 to 3 outfits to keep. Also the shoots that are done in Cali will include a top professional in the business, guiding you and giving on camera tips for your first scene. Contact me soon.. for an interview ..wanting to start shooting this summer.
New Pics Thank You
Thank You To All That Has Already Voted And Commented And Thank You To All That Will
=== '~DJ BayBay~owner DarKSidEOfThEMooN~ WIFEY 2 King Flirt~PA2BW~ ASST GREETER MANG. @ CLUB TOOSEXY~' wrote the following at '2008-06-24 19:11:34'.. > > > > > > > > > > > COME SEE WHAT ALL THE SLAYING IS ABOUT IN THE SLAYGROUND!!! > THE PARTY IS IN HERE... DON'T MISS IT!!! > WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! > CLICK ANY PIC TO ENTER!!! > > > > > > > > > >
Recently during a violent thunderstorm a mother was tucking her small boy into bed. She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice, "Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?" The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. " I can't dear," she said. "I have to sleep in daddy's room." After a long silence, he said with a shaky voice "He's a big sissy."
I Got Tagged By Ladyofny
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 6 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.... 10.My fav colour is purple 9. I have stopped smoking for 2.5 years 8. My fav food is Thai or Chinese mmmm 7. I am a fu addict :D 6. I have a cat, rabbit and fish. 5. I am learning to drive, just had my 3rd lesson. 4. I love beer gardens in the summer with friends. 3. I'm a systems developer. 2. I'm a qualified fitness instructor but don't teach. 1. I love my sleep.
How To Deal
i dont know where to go from here or how to manage all the pain and anger im feeling. i cant get the thought of him touching her. i makes me sick. and everytime i hear his voice and see his face my heart breaks all over again. i try to remember the good times we had but that only makes it worse. i know im not the first person to have their heart broken and their world shattered. but it is the first time for me. im all alone here, with him. i cant break down like i want untill i get back home. i am utterly miserable. i dont want to get up. i dont want to move. i dont want to think or feel anything. id give anything to just be numb
Yay after two weeks my daughter will be back from her vacation woohoo
Thoughts of you illuminate my spirit; Never a flicker of flame, but with Arching bolts which strike with a force That disturbs my equilibrium. My mind races as waves of passion flush over My pale skin, causing me to gaze upon visions Of impossible romantic possibilities. Pathetic is this woman who anticipates the True rhythm of love, with a man she will never hold. My imagined discourse of thoughts leave me suffering, As my lips quiver with the words I shall never speak to his: "I have loved you more than anybody in this world."
Playmate Auction!
Ode To Beer
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading. --Henny Youngman I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day. --Frank Sinatra Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. --Ernest Hemingway You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on. --Dean Martin When we drink, we get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. Sooooo, let's all get drunk, and go to heaven... --Brian O'Rourke Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time. --Catherine Zandonella Without question the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you the wheel was also a fine invention, but a wheel does not go as well with pizza. --Dave Barry Candy is dandy but, liquor is quicker. --Ogden Nash He was a wise man who invented beer. -
10 & 11's ...
The site made it where we can Re rate all our friends... My issue is that my Vip runs out in a few days and there is no way I can re rate everyone an 11 before that happens... I've had a VIP for over a year and there are some personal reasons why I can't renew my VIP, like feeding my kids. So please don't take offense if I rate you a 10. If I had the ability to rate everyone an 11 I would. Thanks for understanding judy
Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many friends you have Or how accepted you are. Not about if you have plans this weekend or if you're alone. It isn't about who you're dating, who you used to date, how many people you've dated, or if you haven't been with anyone at all. It isn't about who your family is or how much money they have, Or what kind of car you drive. It's not about how beautiful or ugly you are. Or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have, Or what kind of music you listen to. It's not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown, Or if your skin is too light or too dark. Not about what grades you get how smart you are, how smart everybody else thinks you are, or how smart standardized tests say you are. It's not about what clubs you're in or how good you are at 'your' sport. It's not about representing your whole being on a piece of paper and seeing who will 'accept the written you.' Life just isn't. The Life
Jet Bling Auction
Master Riggs Presents an AUCTION for a JET BLING Come Bid on a Jet Bling Minimum bid begins at 250k Click link to place a bid. ~Master Riggs~ Proud Owner of ~ Bad Girl~and Fu Hubby 2 ~FunkyMunky~@ fubar
Demons are interesting dream characters. Whether you view them as psychological constructs or ontic reality in your view of the cosmos, their presence is a significant statement. The meaning of the demons revolves around their power relative to other major characters in the dream. Demons may have seductive or violent power in a taboo relationship to the dreamer as either a nemesis or helper to the cause of the dreamer. In these cases the dreamer sees him or herself as helped or hindered by supernatural powers in the accomplishment of a moral or personal conquest. If a demon is helping you complete a task, it may say something about how your task is viewed morally either in your superego or in the structure of the spirit realm. If a demon is thwarting your progress, this may reflect your perception of evil working against you in your life. If the demon is threatening others who are important in your life, you may be struggling with how to protect or provide for others in a world per
If I Made Up A Life, Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
Top 10 Scientifically Inaccurate Movies
Top 10 Scientifically Inaccurate Movies Armageddon We could put together a long list of all the things wrong with Michael Bay's feel-good ode to global destruction, but NASA has already and they counted at least 168 mistakes. But perhaps the biggest problem is that the plot itself -- splitting a Texas-sized rock in two with a single nuke -- has a Texas-sized hole in it. We don't have a nuclear bomb anywhere near powerful enough to do the job. As strange as it might seem, this is a case of a Michael Bay movie not having a big enough explosion. Independence Day That mammoth mothership hovering over the earth in geostationary orbit would be doing more than just freaking out the world's population. Because of its close proximity and mass -- 1/4th that of the moon, according to the film -- the flying saucer's gravitational pull would cause massive tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The aliens wouldn't even have to roll out their anti-matter ray to blow up the White House -
Misc Quotes
*~©~* Even though there may be times It seems I'm far away Never wonder where I am 'Cause I am always by your side ~ Celine Dion ~ *~©~* We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it. ~ John Lennon ~ *~©~* You may wish to be loving-- you may even try with all your might-- but your love will never be pure unless you are free from resentment. When we are free from resentment, loving is effortless. When we have to try hard to love, this is generally a sign that we are repressing our resentments. ~ John Gray ~ *~©~* Love vanquishes time. To lovers, a moment can be eternity, eternity can be the tick of a clock. Across the barriers of time and the ultimate destiny, love persists, for the home of the beloved, absent or present, is always in the mind and heart. Absence d
Nfl Or Nba
NBA OR NFL? 36 have been accused of spousal abuse 7 have been arrested for fraud 19 have been accused of writing bad checks 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses 3 have done time for assault 71, repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges 8 have been arrested for shoplifting 21 currently are defendants in lawsuits and 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year Can you guess which organization this is? NBA or NFL ? Give up yet? . . Scroll down, Neither, it's the 535 members of the United States Congress. The same group of idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line. You gotta pass this one on! AND THEY JUST VOTED THEMSELVES A $15,000 PER MONTH PENSION FOR LIFE
M& Midgets
/midget.swf" />
Yayyyyy Fu- Queen Ty Everyone
As I Lay Here
As I lay here and wonder why? I try my hardest not to cry. I pray as well, For my heart to not swell, With the pain from the past, For feelings I hope will not last. Soon I see the sun rise, But only to my despise. Another day I have to push through, Another day alone with out you, Another fake smile, pretending to be ok. All leading to another night that I will pray, For the tears to stop falling, For my heart to stop calling, Calling out for someone whos not there, Reaching out for someone so unaware, Of the love that we had, Of why I feel so sad. So again I lay wondering why, And once again begin to cry.
Feed Back And Comments
Hello; I am the Gambeler head enforcer for the mystic unicorn and I want to thank you for taking the time and consederation Of visiting our lounge and taking the time to read the lounge blogs, for it is here that you Will find the information of the lounge and its staff aswell as any upcoming events or specile Promotions of the lounge… First of all I would like to take time and ask and encourage you to make comment or give feed Back on your thoughts of our lounge, be it positive or negative they are welcomed and will be replyed And responded to in the same courteous and thoughtful manner and please be truefual for it’s This feed back that will better enable us to create better ways of serveing and making your Next visit plasent for you…. In the same regards as the statement above if you have any complaints or issues with lounge , staff, memebers Or hell even me I would like to hear them and be able to resolve if possible , this lounge was created by me and My staff n
The Flame
Will you be the one to reignite the flame, from which it once came or will we continue to play this game? And everything remain the same? Which one of us would be to blame? At the end when all we do is remain friends.
im only writing this because a friend of mine was fussing about there S/O (this is not towards anyone) communication is the key to almost anything and everything especially in a relationship whether it be a marriage,friendship,or dating there has to an equivalent amount of communication with both parties involved not just one making all the effort to communicate and build a stronger relationship any relationship is 50/50 not 50/00 or 100/00...BOTH HAVE TO FREAKING TALK!:) and yes there are certain things that some girls think that a guy should say or do first instead of her making the 1st move ha some of you guys better wake up lol that girl wont be around forever ya know but this is the 21st century after all and some woman need to grow some balls and speak up just like some men need to too but seriously you dont just talk to someone all day everyday for months on end and build a relationship with them and then decide one day to disappear on them for a d
Caa 8
One of our sister Angels has been feeling bad all week, Think she may have a summer cold, and stress does this no good. Let's send out some Angel Prayers, Power and Love so she can heal quickly. Doc
Attilah The Hun
Know that your most worthy efforts will be scorned by your peers, for it is they who suffer most when you excel. If your actions and ambitions threaten them not, you're simply striving toward the insignificant. Contrary to what most chieftains think, you're not remembered by what you did in the past, but by what most Huns think you did. It is the custom of all Huns to hold strong to personal and national honor. This is a cardinal virtue. One's word must prevail over all other considerations, including political expediency. A wise chieftain never depends on luck. Rather, he always trusts his future to hard work, stamina, tenacity and a positive attitude. COURAGE - Chieftains who lead our Huns must have courage. They must be fearless and have the fortitude to carry out assignments given them - the gallantry to accept the risks of leadership. They must not balk at the sight of obstacles, nor must they become bewildered when in the presence of adversity. The role of a c
Company Change!!
To those who care on here who talk to me i have switched river companies to Marquette Transportation making way more money now than i was at WKN however this company doesnt have wireless on their boats like wkn. i am using the chief's computer to type this i will be on the boat about 60 more days and hope after that to get a wireless at&t card to make it where i can get online . hope to talk to you all soon i miss my friends
Am I Scared?
just thinking ... there is someone i really truly like ... and i am scared to get involved only because i know if and when i do i will fall so hard to that person and i am scared i am going to get hurt! he is a great guy! i love hanging out with him and we have great conversations about anything! we can sit and talk for hours on end and its okay ... he has always been there for me when i need something if he can and is always there with a lending hand even if i dont need anything. sometimes when i need a hug i can call him or randomly see him and get a hug and it makes the rest of the world go away! should i be scared and jump of just sit back and let it all slip away? im so tired of bein hurt and i am not going to jump unless im jumpin with two feet in the water!!
Come On And Own Me
The Candy Shop Is Now Open For Buisness! And Buisness Is Good! Whiskey Girl Has All The Right Flavors To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth! ~Whiskey Girl~Fu-Wife To ¢¾Jason¢¾ DJ @ The Playground@ fubar Go To Your Hostess's Page F/A/R Her If You Haven't Already Then In The Pictures See The Candy Shop Auction! 14 Flavors To Choose From! Whiskey Girl Addictive Jason Dirrty Girl CtGirl Fiesty Momma Blue Eyed Brat NytFallen SinfulBrat Pink0828 DJ Spindles IslandGirl IcyWhitey Wills The Doors Opened On 09/7/08 And Will Close Forever On 09/13/08! Come Get Your Favorite Flavor While They Last!
I wish I could get a shot and fix my damaged mind.... Take out all the insanity that fills it to the brim.... I hate the way it works, how it makes my life so hard... Making every day such a struggle, remembering the simplest of task... Leaving me feeling so worthless and confused, my self esteem so damaged... People make jokes, get frustrated, dont understand how helpless I feel... To them its a learning dissability, to me a disease taking my life piece by piece.. I keep seceret how bad it really is, that my memory worsens by the day.... I want to ask for help yet cant imagine what can make it right again... The anger overwhelms me at times, no control over it, addicted to meds... Write yourself a note, get a planner, too bad I misplace or forget both.... Everyday I try so hard, feeling so stupid, pretending it does not tear me apart... I just want to be normal, think like I should, react as others, not feel like a joke.. I look normal, I do nor
Love Grows
I have tried to hate you Let your memories fade away. Forget you ever existed Attempt to find a better day. Why can’t I get over you? Why can’t I ever say no? Why won’t you leave my mind? Why can’t I let you go? I want you to be happy Make something special of your life. Never have any worries Never be full of strife. You have so much potential So many talents to display. However you ignore them Never take advantage of the day. But deep inside of me I just can’t let it show. My love for you won’t die It just grows and grows. Written by Doyle Kirkman September 16, 2008
Welcome To Our Planet...
> > We all know about the theory that MEN ARE FROM MARS AND WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS but after careful research we have come to conclusion the facts are not true. We now know the truth and want to share it with all of you. WOMEN ARE FROM MARS AND MEN ARE FROM PEENUS. We have found the leader of Planet Peenus and he has confirmed our findings. > > > As usual please rate all the pictures in the folder and then rate/fan/add all the residents of Planet Peenus. > > > If the resident is already on your friends list please leave a comment telling them you are moving to Planet Peenus where all the fun is. > > > Our Leader has made the official drink of Planet Peenus Vodka & Red Bull so please make sure Our Leader has his share. A drunk leader is a happy leader. > > > > Click on the link below to visit Planet Peenus. > > > WOMEN ARE FROM MARS MEN ARE FROM PEENUS > > > > > > > > > > >
Plz Help My Friend
imikimi - Customize Your World HERES HOW YOU CAN HELP- make a salute with my friend wildes name on a piece of paper and also giving the finger yourself. the contest last til next week. go to her link and leave her a message telling her you made a salute for her and she will retrieve it. it would be most appreciated and very kind of you all if you can help her out. much love to you all and heres her link... ~!~WILDE FUBAR'D GODDESS~!~@ fubar
11k To Insider
He only needs 11K to level and has auto 11's and a ton of pics to rate! Stop by and show him some mad fu lovin! ♫ÐĴ FäßŨ£ðŨ§♫CO OWNER @ SULTRY INTENTIONS OWNED BY ROSIE HEAD ENFORCER@ Brought to you by: Ðäñîë∫∫ë aka Èvî∫ Àñgë∫@ fubar
Bling Auction
Why Firefighting?
Read Me Please !
To any and everybody that has come to my page and shown me ful luv, I want to thank you. I also want to apologize if I have missed returning any. There is only so much that shows up on the bar tab and I know I miss a lot that has been done when I am not around. Trust me it is not intentional. I try to return the fu luv and my appreciation to those who take the time to come to my page. Since having these auto 11s it has gotten worse, so I am asking if you hit my page please send me a PM so I know you were there and I may return the luv. Thank you and have a great rest of your weekend *HUG* Auto 11s will be on till noon Sunday. 10/26/08 ForestRican (Lesa)
My Heart..
My life belongs to you for you to cherish till death has parted us from this human world My heart belongs to you for you to hold till death has parted us from these human bodies My soul belongs to you for you to intertwine after death has parted us from our human existence I want to give you all the love i posses in my heart for you to feel what true love is and to heal you from the pain you have suffered To give what no woman could before me The Desire to be the man you have always wanted to be by: ~Wicked Lover~ aka Leigh 10/28/2008 MySpace Comments
Have you ever craved something so bad, that you just had to have it? Something within you saying I need it and I want it now? But yet you couldn't find the one thing that would end the craving. I had a day like that today, and nothing seem to satisfy me so I thought what do I want? Do I want a munchie? was it lack of sleep? Lack of sex? hmmmmmm maybe hahaha, but no that wasn't it. I sit back and think, close my eyes and see what images come to my mind of what I crave, I see images flashing before my eyes, a hand a thigh, a smile but its not my own they do not match me......I feel a calmness settle over me, and my cravings cease for a minute, but only until i open my eyes and they are gone. Now to have what I crave, to satisfy me..........only then all would be good...........
I dont think im going to make godfather by my birthday i still need 1.8 million...oh well...fuck it.
Don't Like It, Get Out
Chopper Bikers Club Members
Ummmm... Yeah
I confuse my self so much. I know what I want to say but when I go to say it, I draw a blank. Shit maybe I'll try this when I'm not retarded.
Silly And Much Too Modern Pun
So if someone purchases you but has to pawn everything they own in order to own you, is that what it is to be "pwned"?
Godess Of The Flame
My Insanity
too many things, too many voices, too much shit, too many choices. where is the light, i can barely see... and who will be the one at the end, waiting for me? i have one that i love, too many love me. for reasons unknown, and it keeps haunting me. i just want to cry, scream out in the night. i wish for the silence, a quiet mind. bit it never comes, the voices get worse, and come early morning i just want to curse, the light and my life that i cant recognize, as the tears flow freely from my eyes. who am i, what am i, do i even exist? am i even alive, or just a mist, of the remnent of love, when will it end? please someone come save me, at least just to lend, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry, a heart to love me to never ask why... save me from all these voices, chaos in my mind. are u the one to save me??? we will see in time.....
I Dream of Him As sleep silently closes in I think of him As the rain falls softly I think of him As the music plays I think of him I just can't stop Thinking of him I don't want to stop Thinking of him I just want to hold him Touch him Feel him Breathe him I just want him To fill me completely To make me his As sleep finally captures me I dream of him
Bling Bux Bonanza Iii - Nov 28 - 29 - Start Time 2pm Fu Today
AUTO 11 BlingBux Bonanza Pt TRES!!! Prizes Galore !!!! Chiina_Whiite I will be running an Auto 11 Tonight Nov. 28th 2pm Fu Time thru Nov. 29th 2pm Fu time. There are Three(3) Contests: RACE, RACE, RACE! At 2pm Fu Time The Race is On. The FIRST Three(3) to completely rate the 550 pic BlingBux 3 Folder will win a CHECKERED FLAG BLING. Please Private Message me when you are done. The Grand Prize Drawings for Over 4 Mil: Rate ALL my EZ RATE 100 pic folders - Default Folder Included - and you will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three Grand Prizes 2 Million fubux 1.5 Million Fubux 1 Million Fubux Please Private Message when you have finished rating and let me know that you would like to be entered into the drawing. Three(3)Winners will be randomly chosen out of a pool of contestants. Prize Amounts may Rise-The More people the greater the Prize Amounts 150k Bux Random Drawing: Rate the 550 picture folder and private message me after rating t
What Is Love?
Category: Life What does Love mean? A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think: _____ "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." Rebecca- age 8 _____ "When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." Billy - age 4 (I love this one) _____ "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." Karl - age 5 _____ "Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs." Chrissy - age 6 ___ "Love is what makes you smile when you're tired." Terri - age 4 _____ "Love is when
Dec. 05, 2008
C51 In Swagger Like Us - T.i.
Tell Me Which List Are You On?
Will You be on Santa's Nice List or His Naughty List By TheInkAddiction
New Leave Best To Read
ok takeing over a new leave so read if u want but dont bitch i didnt tell u first forget the whole shy nice part cause that im not gonna be next remember u dont know me and most likely will never know me the way u want not say u love me if u dont and dont pretend u do i can tell when its a fake ... dont say what u dont mean ... dont try to fill my head with bullshit.... and just because u want me does not mean i want u and just because im nice doesn't mean i wanna hook up ..... i don't belong to u or anyone else for that matter .... and more then likely it will stay that way dont message me and say is this blog meant for me cause i will be a bitch and say yes .. if u like me or hate me just say so im no mind reader and i chose not to become one .... i chose to be ur friend i didnt have to and i sure as hell dont need fake ones... what i do is my business no one else unless i chose to share and at t
Update....mad Tatter's Is Going Out!
Hey, everyone..have an update on tonight............................ Saturday, December 13, 2008 we will be out at 40 Ounces of Freedom to hear my cousin's band play. We'll be there around 9 or so, and we'll have our Gift Certificates with us if you want to purchase one! So, come out to hear the band and remember.....Always have a designated driver!....................................... It's my cousin, Alan Ricci's band. (Yes, this is my first time seeing them.) The bar is in Jonesville. There is no cover charge. Hope to see you tonight!! Mad Tatter
Justin's Athlete Of The Week Link :) Look for Justin Britt
Daddy I See You!
As he hides in the corner and she's searching about She sees his right shoe "Daddy I See You" she shouts Hun now it's your turn you hide and I'll seek He looks for a minute and then hears her speak "Daddy I See You" she runs out to hug him, he holds her tight She loves him so much she could never get the hiding part right A game that they played before she's tucked in to her bed He reads her a story til she falls asleep, and a kiss on her head Her mom looks on as the tears in her eyes roll do her face Stopping her daughters memories she felt wasn't her place Her dad passed in the war as he fought for our rights She opens her eyes "Dad I Can See You I Still Love You Goodnight" "Hold On To The Memories" J-Dubz '09
Merry Christmas
Always putting yourself down Like you arent a great guy But you are amazing Showing a girl great respect When most disrespect me I know I can count on you Bringing a smileto my face How do I make you see You really are someone special That you mean a lot to me Not enough words to express My apprecation for you Just know you are special And forever in my heart Always a dear friend Here is another one that could go to many of my guy friends on here. They are great to me. But it is also again more so for Jinzo71. Just my way of tellin him hes a special guy and a great friend to me.
Eldest Poem
I am the eldest of the elders, I have been chosen; But it is something I wished for not. It was bestowed upon me in a ceremony as old as time itself. I am older than the earth, yet younger than the stars in the heavens. I am the teacher, seerer, the protector of all that is precious. I know all they need, yet I cannot teach them till they are ready to believe. I feel the rage,pain,saddness, sorrow of all the other elders; yet i alone can do nothing but offer wise counsel. For I must show strength and not break, no matter how it hurts. I am always destined to be alone. This was written in the cave of writtings; This will always be the fate of the eldest. I am the eldest of the elders, I have been chosen; But is something I wished for not.
To All That This Affects
It came to my attention last night that someone has been under my sccount and being dirty. I spologize for anything that has been said. I did not do anything of the sort. I am not that type of person. Again I apologize for any harm or hurt feelings that was done.. I am trying to find out who was the person that was doing it. Thank you ~T~
1 Year Anniversary Of The Rrd!!!
Come Join Us in The CelebrationThe Real Red Dragon 1 Year Anniversary!!! We Have Succeeded Where Many Have Failed We Have Stood Strong As A Family Thru Good Times And BadStill Growing And Welcoming All Who Enter!!! a> click pic to enter The Real Red Dragon From Midnight December 30th, 2008 til Midnight December 31st, 2008 We Will Be Rawkin Out The RRDWith Some Of The Original DJ's!!!Opening DJ...DJ Transformer Dollabill™ Addictive's personal boy toy Southern Stunna's sex slave @ The Playground** codem@ fubar12 a.m. - 3 a.m. Followed By DJ Smokin Jo ÐJ §MØK‡ÑJØ@THE REAL RED DRAGON LOUNGE@ fubar3 a.m. - 6 a.m. DJ Barbie Asst.GM & DJ @ RRD.Radio Fu Engaged To Lord Draylon Vampire King Enforcer @ RRD.Radio@ fubar6 a.m. - 9 a.m. DJ BG DJ & Greeter @ The Real Red Dragon Lounge Fu Engaged to Tater aka Chetly@ fubar9 a.m. - 12 p.m. ~Maharet~Fu Wife & R/L G/F to DJ Mass~DJ & GM @ The Real Red Dragon Loun
Dj Ruiner @ Gods Forsaken Radio
Ruiner is influenced by Dimebag, that is the reason why he picked up a guitar, his crazy ass family, his crazy ass family here @ godsforsaken radio, and his baby cynthia. His favorite bands are Pantera, Slayer ,5FDP, Tool, and Slipknot. The reason he likes being a DJ is his brain is full of thoughts and ideas, in an effort to reassure himself that he is not insane, he brings them forth to the masses, if he ruins a few minds along the be it. So what are you waiting for come and rock out with DJ Ruiner @ Gods Forsaken Radio!!!!!
The whole world can love you, but that love will not make you happy. What will make you happy is the love coming out of you. That is the love that will make a difference. Nothing is ever impossible if you want it bad enough, make your dreams happen and never have "NO" in your heart. And, you will prosper. I love you all The girl formally known as Buffy now KINKY!
Admiral Ackbar Cereal!
Read Me...
I have a friend who will die this year... so please read on... My friend (an ex actually who has raised my son for 4 years) was diagnosed with a brain tumour in Nov 2007. It has got a LOT worse and he can barely do anything. He will start radiotherapy this month. On average people with these tumours have 17 weeks to live, double that possibly with radiotherapy but he WILL die. NONE of his friends have bothered going round to see him etc using silly excuses like hes changed (wouldnt you change with a tennis ball sized mass in your head?) Anyway hes very depressed and has started a myspace where he'll be putting blogs, a diary and video diary of how he feels. I'll be sorting it out at some point today. Anyway... I know none of you will... but... even if one person adds him even just to make up numbers, even if just one person learns something, then everything is good. So, if you or anyone you know wants to add him feel free. 6pm Fu Time
She's Sexy, Sweet and Having a Happy Hour! Today...Tuesday...6 pm Fu Time Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BlondePrincess*~Live,Laugh,Love bc Lifes too short@ fubar She Loves it when you Tickle Her... Be sure to Click, Click, Click and Rate, Rate, Rate! She always returns the luv! Hey Ashlea...
Need A Cure For The Monday Blues
Do You Have Monday Blues? Are your wondering what to do on a Monday? Do you want to rate but don't want to go through the BORED board? Are you tired of only rating only ezrate pics? Well, here is something different, fun, and exciting! SARGE'S BAD GIRLS The BEST bad girls you will ever meet! A listing at your fingertips of beautiful women with great pics. And of course the man that made it all possible. (He has folders of some of our best pics!) Give these bad girls a good old fashioned fu-spanking and don't forget to thank the man that made it all possible. Fan - Rate - Friend - Bling - Comment! You won't regret it! Sarge's Bad Girls **BooBooKittyFuk** MuRdAMoMs ßßW GØÐÐʧ§
Baby Daddy
My oldest friend, an attractive lesbian with a Masters and a Doctorate, has asked me to be a surrogate father. I'm not averse to the idea. Though (sadly) it won't impact my celibacy rating, I tend to think it's the best of all possible worlds. Visitation without caretaking, no financial responsibility, the opportunity to dote on offspring, and someone to leave a legacy to, should I end up with none of my own. At this rate, it seems more and more likely that I won't be starting a family. Nor do I think I really want one. I'd have to drive 150 miles to visit, when I do, and I'm leaving a child in the hands of a good friend who I have much respect for. So, I'm currently weighing all the options here... if I _do_ marry at some point, how will my bride-to-be react to my fathering someone else's child? I'm sure there are other issues I'm not thinking of... Anyways, contracts and such are being investigated. If nothing else, it should be an adventure. I really wouldn't mind input on this i
15 Things To Never Say To A Woman
I came across this list and it was just perfect, so I had to share it: 15. What did you do to your hair? 14. Why aren't you married? 13. You're being irrational! 12. Your best friend is really hot! 11. Can I kiss you? 10. You aren't one of those feminists, are you? 9. You're cute when you're mad! 8. That's not the way my ex did it. 7. So how OLD are you? 6. You sound just like your mother! 5. Smile! 4. You sure you wanna eat that? 3. The "B" word -- ever!!! 2. When are you due? and the #1 thing to never say to a woman: Is it that time of the month??????? LOL some great advice here for the guys!
Just One Rate... Rate Contest!
All I need is ONE quick rate.... please & ty!!!!! *muah*
Living Will
Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a Bitch.....
All I Ever Wanted Is In You
All I ever wanted is in you: Love, laughter, a pillow for my fears. I want to give and to be given to So I might feel myself flow through the years Alive in you, the wonder of my tears.
Racing after elusive goal, And out ...of my mind, Caring not ...for the safety .....of my soul. Hoping for the chance Every many ...prays for, Love a woman special as you
Are My Testicles Black?
A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, Wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, still Heavily sedated from a difficult four hour, surgical Procedure A young student nurse appears to give him a Partial sponge bath. Nurse', he mumbles, from behind the mask 'Are my Testicles black ?' Embarrassed, the young nurse replies 'I don' t know, Sir. I'm only here to wash your upper body and feet.' He struggles to ask again , ' Nurse , are my testicles Black ?' Concerned that he may elevate his vitals from worry About his testi cles, she overc omes her embarrassment. And sheepishly pulls back the covers. She raises his gown, holds his penis in one hand andHis testicles in the other , lifting and moving them Around. Then, she takes a close look and says, ' There 's Nothing wrong with them, Sir !!' The man pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her and Says very slowly, ' Thank you very much. That was wonde rful, but listen Very, very closely. ..... ' A r e - m y - t
Pic Rate Contest
Everyone please go by and rate this one pic...if you go by and rate it and leave a comment...rated or whatever....I will pay 20K fu-bux to everyone who rates that pic until i run out of fu-bux. 20K FOR ONE PIC RATE....YES YOU READ IT RIGHT!!!! Click this pic below to rate...
Broken Minds And Hearts
"All it takes is 1 person to f**k up you mind" was my status last night, and then I was reminded that "all it takes is 1 person to fix it." A week ago I would have laughed at anyone who said the latter of the two phrases to me. You see I had been lead to believe that I was second rate, that I was not good enough to actually be a girlfriend or even someone that was being dated all under the guise that he "wasn't ready for a relationship". It messed with my mind more than I think he even knows and now is claiming that I hurt him.....4 months of loving someone and giving them all you have and receiving very little to no reciprocation can wear a person's mind, heart and soul. I was lucky late one night I encountered a person like no other, someone who understood where I was and where I had been. Our souls melded as we read one another's writings, the deep dark ones that were rarely if ever shared with others because they would not understand or think we were crazy, but we understo
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How I Feel
don't need to be anything other Than a prison guard's son I don't need to be anything other Than a specialist's son I don't have to be anyone other Than to birth of two souls in one Part of where I'm going, is knowing where I'm coming from I don't want to be Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately All I have to do Is think of me and I have peace of mind I'm tired of looking 'round rooms Wondering what I've got to do Or who I'm supposed to be I don't wanna to be anything other than me I'm surrounded by liars everywhere I turn I'm surrounded by imposters everywhere I turn I'm surrounded by identity crisis everywhere I turn Am I the only one who noticed? I can't be the only one corncerned? I don't want to be Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately All I have to do Is think of me and I have peace of mind I'm tired of looking 'round rooms Wondering what I've got to do Or who I'm supposed to be I don't want to be anything other than me
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All Things Must Pass
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I feel very compelled to tell you that I feel your pain. Not like others say they do but in the same way with different details. Society only grieves with us for about a week. They then give "us" about another week or two maybe. At this point all is expected to return back to normal. They however fail to realize that we didn't just lose our life partner and part of our soul, but who we were died with them. Every plan, goal and dream included went into the ground as they did. We have to start over and find the "me" without the "us" the whole time having no desire to do so. Nobody unless they have been where we are can fully understand it. They think their words of comfort and encouragement will fix it. In reality all we need is to be held and rocked. No resolutions offered just let us pour out our soul and listen. Let use share memories to give our soul confirmation that we have not lost the only thing we have left of them, their memory. You are not gone until forgotten. Our bi
Friends Please Read/good Bye
I am deleting most, probably almost all of my photos and probably change my icon pic also, but I will still keep my account here for now. Just wanted to let you know.... I will still check in from time to time mainly to keep in touch with some friends.... But, I have become dismayed by fubar's drama, and greed. Please keep in touch as will I If you are interested in keeping contact with me, then please send me a message or leave me a comment in this blog and I will send you my email addy I have found a treasure in you as a friend and hope to keep contact somehow, some way.... Big Hugs to you, Tori
What hurts the most is the fact I still breathe. I hate everything about me. I am a wound that forever bleeds. I am forever broken. Never 2 be free. Someone take these chains that bound me and choke me. I hate to say it but I give up. I hate the image I see in the mirror. Forget about me smiling because me being happy is a myth. I will never be that no matter how much you care. This pain I have is too much to bear. I am so lost I can't even shed a tear. If you have a brain you would just give up on me and let me wallow in my self pity and leave me be. For no matter how hard you try to save me there is no chance in hell. I am far beyond help. I'm a waste of time. A hopeless case. I am a black hole nothing is safe around me. Because every time I find happiness it is sucked from me. 26 years of living it is such a waste. I can't even bear to look at myself I am a disgrace. I failed my friends horribly. I know I did. You may think different say what you want. That is why it's a opinion. It
Its A Great Feelin
Its a great feeling when it doesnt hurt to say goodbye to certain people anymore.  You should see my smile.
When will this end? Every day I go through the motions, an actor in someone else's life. Then I stop off the stage and my entire world falls apart. I stumble, I fall, and I shatter, broken pieces of me scattered for everyone to see. But they don't do they?
250 Ez Rate Ecards2 4/17 Wkd. Giveaway! ***winners Posted***
250k Fubux GiveAway & 1st=250k, 2nd=100k, 3rd=50k 250 EZ Rate ECards2 =30k Entry into Giveaway   The Following FuS
Falling For Love And Getting Hurt
                     LOVE                                                                 Giving someone the ability to destroy your heart, but trusting them enough not to.                 
Been Thinkin'
     I have been thinking alot about this lately.  I watch people and can't help but wonder why they make it so hard to be happy.  Everyone talks about what they want to make their life better or to make them complete, content, whole....Happy.  However, how often do these people actually do anything but talk about it.  It seems most are online in these social websites because they are seeking something or someone...the man/woman of their dreams mainly and occasionally their search is over, but usually they keep seeking.  It seems that most on here have heart problems...they have been hurt by someone in the past.  What usually ends up happening is they in turn hurt someone else that was searching for the same exact thing... a person to love and be loved by.  Why does this happen?..well cuz everyone must pay for others wrongs.  My thoughts?..if you want to be happy just do it...stop wasting precious time.  If you love someone (and they love you) just love them, do what needs to be done t
Hooooaaaahhhhhhh Shown The Military Some Love
*Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance:* 1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their rear.2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest - kick their rear.3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second.Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great.. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their rear!4. (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms (BDUs) or
This Is How They Expect To Gain Loyalty? Please see the link above first. Just in my department, in my hotel, we have been cut down to 35 hours a week for a year, and have been told that we will not recieve our annual raises this July.  They took away raises gven to our supervisors in January.  Our insurance company that pays less for our claims and our premiums were raised $10 per pay period.  We no longer recieve employer matching for our 401K. Yet, our CEO gets a RAISE for what I would gross in 10 years!  Why does this not make any sence?
how do you tell someone you love them and dont want to live without them..... so they know you mean it? every time your away from them you feel alone.... and empty.... what do you do when your in love with someone...... when your sitting here trying to find the words to explain, and you know their all there.... but you cant seep to put them down...... plain n simple fact that all i can come up with is.... i love her with everything i have, and im going insane without her..... what more is there to say to that?????
The Reason I Love You
I love you because you make me happy I love you because you make me feel safe and secure I love your smile I love the way you say my name I love the look in your eyes when you tell me you love me And how you laugh at me when I do something stupid, when others would put me down. I love the fact that when I'm around you I can be myself and not worry about what you may think of me, because I know you love me for who I am. No matter what my faults may be. I love being able to wake up with you by my side... It makes my days better At night I love watching you sleep, hearing you take each breath, and feeling your heart beat with the palm of my hand... reality hits that you are not a dream YOU ARE MINE. I love the way you wrap your arms around me and hold me really tight, like there is no tomorrow And I love the way I feel when your lips barely touch mine for a kiss, the love and emotions that go through me at that moment are unexplainable. I love your laugh I love hearing your voice I love
Dad 55th Tact Wing
Munitions Specialist 1966-1970 volunteered for service in Vietnam but was refused second pic is dad(r) during a loadeo drill 1969 R.A.F. Whethersfield
My Aunt
Strategic air Command Flew About the C-135 "Looking Glass" communications plane
  Keeping a wife under control........ The first man married a woman from OHIO. He told her that she was to do the dishes and house cleaning.. It took a couple of days, but on the third day, he came home to see a clean house and dishes washed and put away. The second man married a woman from MICHIGAN. He gave his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes and the cooking. The first day he didn't see any results, but the next day he saw it was better. By the third day, he saw his house was clean, the dishes were done and there was a huge dinner on the table. The third man married a girl from Kansas. He ordered her to keep the house cleaned, dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed, and hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the first day he didn't see anything, the second day he didn't see anything but by the third day, some of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye, and his arm was healed enough that
If The Creator Had A Purpose!
If the creator had a purpose in equipping us with a neck, he surely meant us to stick it out.
looking for a friend to talk to
~more Guido Zen~
Women are the most Beautiful of all Creation....and I Strongly feel that there are only 3 Priceless Gifts that any man could ever have in his life is he is lucky.....1. A Woman's Trust.....2. A Woman's Heart....3. If she takes his name as are other things I believe...... ~Find the person who will love you because of your differences andnot in spite of them and you have found a lover for life. ~The heart has reasons that reason does not understand. ~What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose.  `THE BEAUTY OF A WOMAN ISN'T IN THE CLOTHES SHE WEARS`THE FIGURE THAT SHE CARRIES OR THE WAY SHE COMBS HER HAIR`THE BEAUTY OF A WOMAN IS SEEN IN HER EYES BECAUSE THAT'S`THE DOORWAY TO HER HEART, THE PLACE WHERE LOVE RESIDES.`THE TRUE BEAUTY IN A WOMAN, IS REFLECTED BY HER SOUL.`IT'S THE CARING THAT SHE GIVES AND THE PASSION THAT SHE`SHOWS. AND THE BEAUTY OF A WOMAN WITH PASSING YEARS ONLY `GROWS... ***A MAN DOES NOT LOVE A WOMAN BECAUSE SHE IS BEAUTIFUL**********
It's Still Rock & Roll To Me-billy Joel
What's a matter with the clothes I'm wearing             can't you tell that your ties to white                            Maybe I should buy some old tab collars           welcome back to the age of jive                                Where have you been hiding out lately honey            you can't dress trashy till you spend a lot of money Everybody's talking bout the new sounds funny but   it's still rock & roll to me                                            What's a matter with the car I'm driven                       can't you tell that it's out of style                              should I get a set of white wall tires                               are you going to cruse the miracle  mile                     now a days you can't be to sentimental                      your best bets true baby blue continental                     hot funk cool punk even if its old junk                          it's still rock & roll to me                                    &n
Kings Of Leon - Closer
Stranded in this spooky town Stoplights are swaying and the phone lines are down This floor is crackling cold She took my heart, I think she took my soul With the moon I run Far from the carnage of the fiery sun Driven by the strangled vein Showing no mercy I do it again Open up your eye You keep on crying, baby I'll bleed you dry The skies are blinking at me I see a storm bubbling up from the sea And it's coming closer And it's coming closer You, shimmy shook my bone Leaving me stranded all in love on my own What do you think of me Where am I now? Baby where do I sleep Feel so good but I'm old, 2000 years of chasing taking its tollAnd it's coming closer And it's coming closerAnd it's coming closer And it's coming closer
I'm so cold!!!! My cousin keeps her apartment like a damn freezer.   That is all.
I used to write alot of poems..... but then i lost my inspiration to write them..... until now..... i have so many words to say..... but what to say and how to say it is where i get stuck......   For so many years I thought I knew what happiness was. I thought I was in love for so many years.... And that she was going to be the one i spend the rest of my life with..... But I sit here and think about the past and all the pain I endured.... Emotionally, physically and mentally.... I thought that was what love was..... That was all I knew as love..... But now I know I was wrong..... How I feel now..... The past will never amount to how I feel now. Because of all the damage and hurt I've gone through I had a wall built up. Was determined to NOT let anyone back in...... Until You...... I can't even explain how you were able to break down my walls. But you did. I'm happy that it was you that did though. I would have never found my words again..... You managed to help me find my hear
I Am
Intertwined Fates
We Are All Connected There are times when we may feel disconnected from the world. Our actions can seem like they are of no major consequence, and we may feel like we exist in our own vacuum. Yet, the truth is that our simplest thought or action - the decisions we make each day, and how we see and relate to the world - can be incredibly significant and have a profound impact on the lives of those around us, as well as the world at large. The earth and everything on it is bound by an invisible connection between people, animals, plants, the air, the water, and the soil. Insignificant actions on your part, whether positive or negative, can have an impact on people and the environment that seem entirely separate from your personal realm of existence. Staying conscious of the interconnection between all things can help you think of your choices and your life in terms of the broader effect you may be creating. Think of buying a wooden stool. The wood was once part of a tree which is part
What's This?
A blog?? To write in?! HERE?!?! Anywho. Alannah's doing really great. She's getting big! 14 months old. Not sure height and weight, but back in may she was 24.25 inches and 29lbs. She's teething again- three at once it looks like. Catching up? She's been spending time with her dad, which has been going well. I was worried she would scream the entire time away from both Mom and I, like she did with Jen and Brad- but nope. She's older now though, and probably has some instinctual things going on. Work's work. Been busy this week. Have almost 10 hours OT this week. Ug. I'm definately ready to have a day off. Sunday come quick! Anyways, once the washer is done I'm gonna grab a shower I think before Alannah goes to bed. I may go at the same time! Oh! I almost forgot. Boys suck. That's all I can say about that.
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Rod Mckuen--the Second Time
  THE SECOND TIME As fragile as a teacup in the wrong hands, As empty as the nests that birds vacate just before the winter months. As silent as an enemy with worked out plans. As difficult as detail is to those who charge ahead without instructions or a may. So learning how to love again must be to those who leave off loving after having scaled love's mountain a time or two before. I am a willing pupil ready to again take up the lesson book or attend        the master class. Any day when I'm not learning even if it's called re-education I consider lost. I ask only patience... the kind the first grade teacher offers her most backward child        that initial month, before demands of aggressive children learn to make out of ego and necessity. Be as careful with me as you are when rounding corners               new to you. I'll cram, I'll study and I'll work to merit this time spent with you. This new chance at reeducation. I relearn quickly when I trust.
The Lights Are Getting Dim
Here's a more recent "funny story". This one is from today, July 16. So, working on this Explorer for my friend Kissi, trying to repair the problem, which is that was not wanting to go into gear when you put it in drive, we had just done a filter change and put new fluid in, then test drove it. Worked perfectly, but when I stopped at the gas station to check things over, I found fluid leaking out at an alarming rate, so we came back home. Meanwhile, a storm blew in and the rain really started hammering down, so I knew we were going to get soaking wet.I wanted to get back home and hit the internet, do some searches and see how many Explorers have this problem and find some suggestions for where the leak might be. But when we get back home, the power was off. Branch must have blew down somewhere. So I said, well next best thing, let's just sit on the back deck with the Haynes manual and look for tips instead. So the tips I found that seemed most promising where leaks where the dipstick
She's Making Personal Salutes...anyone Interested?....
So…this lovely lady is trying to make spotlight for her birthday this week. With that being said, she’s making people personal salutes for fubucks. The type of salute , what you’d like in or on it you can work it out with her, she’s pretty much open to anything :D…so if you know anyone what likes this kind of thing, feel free to send them her way ….thank you ! J-Roxx@ fubar
Do You Have A Hard To Handle??!!??
As the term goes "hard to handle"...What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you here this phrase???? So many meanings in such a simple term (as is life) hard to handle!!!!! so many questions in this fraise....Is this hard to load is had to handle.....Ah but wich load do i speak size/thoughts on this blog/this weight/time/lesbian trio/winning the lotto.....who knows....All i know that in my own life the only thing that is hard to handle is thoughts unanswered.....!!!!
New Level Up Requirements
This will be the new level up requirement,basically the same but left out 100K because we just dont seem to have enough members online when we do 100K and takes forever to level someone .But might keep the 100K level up for only Family members of MoonLight thinking about it,just let me know what you think about it.   Requirement for level ups   1-They must be online so they can return rates it makes them drop faster making it easier for them to level.   2-All we ask is the person we are leveling to rates  & fans the people helping them level.   3- Under 20K must have atleast 100 rateable can not be ripped or NSFW because you do not get points for ripped or NSFW.   4- 20K or more  must have 200 SFW pictures/stash.   5-30K or more must have 300 SFW pictures/stash.   6-40K must have 400 SFW pictures/stash.   7-50K must have 500 SFW pictures/stash.   8-200K and less must be running Auto 11 with 500 SFW pictures/stash.   9-Family member's have priority,p
And God Said
"AND GOD SAID...."I said, "God, I hurt."And God said, I know."I said, "God, I cry a lot."And God said, "That is why I gave you tears."I said, "God, I am so depressed."And God said, "That is why I gave you Sunshine."I said, "God, life is so hard."And God said, "That is why I gave you loved ones."I said, "God, my loved one died."And God said, "So did mine."I said, "God, it is such a loss."And God said, I saw mine nailed to a cross."I said, "God, but your loved one lives."And God said, "So does yours."I said, "God, where are they now?"And God said, "Mine is on My right and yours is in the Light." I said, "God, it hurts."And God said, I know."
Results!!! (these Are Final, No Arguing, Or You Gets Nuffin!!! O.o)
All entries were based on a scale of 1-10 in three categories: WTF?!?!?, Funny, and Sexy Points were then scaled. I know you don't care, but I DO, so :P AND SO, WITHOUT MUCH MORE FANFARE EVEN!!! THE RESULTS ARE!!!!!!!     ...     wait for it :D (evil lil shit, ain't i?)   #1 Queen Candace score on Submission 2 of 25 #2 Rascal MFKN Rabbit score on only Submission of 22 #3 JT Scrore on only Submission of 21 #4 Blessed score on only Submission of 19 #5 Everyone else, because it REALLY got too hard to keep finding flaws while i had to pee! THUS!!! everyone entering will get slightly better prizes!   Thank you all for making this one of the best times I've had :)   I love ya all :D
A Day Of Bordum
I am at home in My bed lining on my back with the laptop on top of a litte tabel on top of me and my wife is in the living room doing her school work. Some time to day I have to fine out how I am going to git my truck so I can start working
- Haikuatical Ramblings -
An empleasured pain So strong as to nare’be Hate Is dichotomic Love.   ~~~/~~~   The sight of her smile My heart breaking with pure joy An angel is she.   ~~~/~~~   Tall is the old tree Its leafs no longer full green
Le Sigh......   that is all
A Plan
i'm thinking of having a nice drink oneself dumb party come nov.  where maybe i can have a friend spend the night with me and some friends
Bust A Move On The Foxiest Brunettes At Our Dating Site!
Unfinished Bussiness
to all the fallen angels spread your wings and fly. wipe the tears from your eyes, the time has come to rise. let your voices carry high. let the world hear your cries. let your heart be your guide as you take to the skys. leave your cold and darkened toombs. clear your mind and heal your wounds. and the world will know the end is soon. mankinds fate is filled with doom. hear these words for all their worth. let them echo in heaven and stain the earth. ashes to ashes, dust to dirt. convicted for life, condemed at birth.  
Illusted Essenttials Of Musculoskeletal Anatomy: Serratus Anterior
Serratus Anterior   Origin: Outer surface of upper 8 ribs (by finger-like slips)   Insertion:
Just Stuff Going Threw My Head
I sit and look at your picture everyday. i relize i have lost the best thing that had ever happened to me. i lost t he woman i love more then life itself. I have made mistakes in my life the worst one was pushing you away. and just stand there while you walk away off into the sunset. the sun has never came back up in my world. I will always love you. i look ahead with tears in my eyes wish to see you come walking back to me. I lay bed down for the night looking at your picture and rub your ring i wear around my neck givein both of them a kiss before i drift off to sleep to hold you in my arms in my dreams. i know when i awake it  will just be a dream nothing more. I look at the sky and pray that you know how sorry i am and how much i miss you and love you. your my only love and the only person i want to be with. i have relized how much i need you and want you my love. so as i lay down this evening i will pray to the godds and goddess that my dreams come true someday but wont give up my
Is This A Poem?
Fubar blogs used to rock. Now they suck.  Is this a poem?  
So I was thinking about the concept of truth today.  What is truth?  Is it just our own version on what we percieved to have happened?  I think so. Maybe.  Different people see different things different ways, right?  I mean we all know someone who sees things different than we do.  And some people have an obviously skewed view or perception of thier own reality, we all know them too, quit playin'.  I guess what had me wondering.....  Am I one of those people?     Not looking for an answer, just felt like throwing it out there.
If I'm know for two things, it's making some people lol a bit, and liking pictures of ladies in bras.  But two other things I'm known for are changing up my look with all my beard and that, and loving photographs of my own stupid monkey face. As mentioned in my last blog (stupid fubar not linking to itself right, IT'S DOWN THERE *points*), I've cleared out my photos.  I've posted two new salutes this morning, which were freshly taken last night.  It's a mere six weeks until I go on my annual fu-vacation, so I've decided that those salutes aside, I'm going to hide my face until I get back from that at Easter, giving me plenty of time to mess about with my face and find a new look.  And all you have to do is DO A GUESS OF WHAT I'LL LOOK LIKE IN 12 WEEKS TIME, and maybe do a picture of it.  It'll be way more fun than that sounds.  And the winner gets a prize!!*  What do you say?     * no actual prizes are available
Sex, Lies And Videotape blog is going to be about the things that make me tick.....I know  some of you know things about me  that i wouldnt tell the average person. Some of you think i m crazy and i have a tendency to say things without being tactful....i admit i do such things without hesitation.....Most times i do it without malicious intent or venom...Thats not who i really am inside...Im genuine, thoughtful and i have tons of respect for those that deserve it......Onto the real me.....LOL...Some will be suprised..most will not.... Sex with me is a complicated thing at times......The act itself isnt, but what leads up to it can be as complex as Quantum mathematics......Some of you know that i consider myself a "switch"...Those of you who know what that means, read on, for those that dont, you will be informed of a side you never knew.........A"switch" is an individual who at times feels like he needs to be submissive to a woman to feel cared for, dominated and shown how to give affection when and
A Video I Made Of My Kids
    a video i made of my kids
Am I Wrong
  I don't know if I am wrong or not. Here is my problem. I'm sick of sex, real sick of it. Up and down, in and out. No matter how you do it, it's the same BS. Now I've had more then my fair share I'm off point, rewind. I finally said, I need a woman. I told some people what I was looking for, and let it go. What I heard shocked me. I was told I was to picky. Picky, picky. All I said was age and everything don't matter. They just have to be easy to get along with and share my view on sex. Is that wrong or picky? I feel sex is only good for one thing.mking children.  I already have one, so.............
This is a public service announcement from the Emanon Foundation:BEAT YOUR KIDS.Pretty simple do not be afraid to put your foot knee deep in a kids ass.Dinner rules: Either they eat what you cook or they do not eatOther rules:The minute they tell you to shut up, they get a busted lip or you have failed as a parent.The minute they brace up at you, they end up on their ass or you have failed as a parent. The minute they hit you with a fist they turn up missing never to be seen againThis message Endorsed by the Foot in Ass foundation which is cosponsored by the Thrown in trunk groupThis public service announcement is now concludedYes I am bored, sue Me! Since people cannot get it...THIS BLOG IS FOR COMICAL PURPOSES, DAMN EMOS TAKING THIS SHIT SERIOUS
Slip into the nightCaught on a dream.Rip yourself awayAnd don't look back.It's time for freedomAnd time to love.It's time to leave behindEverything you've held onto.Don't be afraidAs you slip through the trees.The moon and stars will guide youAnd lead you safely to me.Softly, I whsiperAnd hope that you can hear:'This is it, my love,No turning back.'But even from miles awayI hear your heart beating in your chest.I feel the fear in youThat I know you've been hiding.You don't want to come here tonightAnd I understand why.But I want this last chanceTo look into your eyes.Soon everything will changeAnd we will drift apart.So tonight, let's hold eachotherAnd whisper in the dark.
So I Enjoy Fantasy Sports Do You??
I have decided to put a Fantasy Baseball league up on Yahoo.  Now it is available to anyone who is interested only thing you win is bragging rights.  It is open to anyone interested just leave a comment and i will get with you at some point.  Hopefully a few of my friends on her are interested and wanna have a little fun and maybe meet some new people.  Must get with me before Sunday March 28th to join league i can have a max of 20 people but must have an even number for this thing to start.
Whats Next?
fisrt of, i almost break my left thumb, twice.. the nail was half way bent back, then my pinky on my left hand was smashed, then a splinter in my left hand, almost twisted my right knee out, then i found out that i might end up in jail.. goin to lose i dont know how much of my money the sec i get out of basic.. i havent got to talk to amber in almost 3 weeks and i cant be with the person i deeply love.. what is goin to happen next... i fuckin hate my life and there is no gettin away from it.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Just Curious...
I write. I write horror mostly, or horror related stuff. I getting the bug to start writting again. But I dont really feel to horror-ish like lately (ill watch it, im just not in the mood to write about it)   Should I try comedy? Or is comedy too hard to write. Like it would be geared towards one type of audience. I know there is different types of comedy where some people dont like one thing, but will laugh at another. Should I try to write comedy, or just force myself to get in the mood for some horror?
Unsure ,lushy Will Have Too Resize It I Think!!!
Love Card For 4/21/10
The Empress card suggests that if you are overly focused on domestic responsibilities or other people's needs, then now is a good time to consider taking the initiative and indulging your prerogative, for you could be ripe for a little romance or passion. As long as your heart is in the right place and your intentions are good, it's okay to accept and enjoy a little goddess worship."
Fu Owned
just letting you all know that i am not buying you back because every time i do it looses me money. no offense. as soon as the glitch is fixed i will gladly buy you all back but for now it is a waste. just didnt want anyone thinking it was something i had against them.
How To Get Your Girlfriend To Do Anal
A Shiver At Midnight: A Collection Of Spine Tingling Tales.
My first book; "A Shiver at Midnight: A Collection of Spine Tingling Tales," was released on May 13th, 2010.  Check it out here!   Remember to sleep with the lights on....    
I'm Free
I’m Free   Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free, I’m following the path God laid for me. I took His hand when I heard him call, I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay another day, to laugh, to love, to work or play; Tasks left undone must stay that way. If my parting has left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah yes, these things too I will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow, I wish you the suns
Flew beyond the sun before it was timeBurning all the gold that held me inside my shellWaiting for you to pull me back inI almost sat the world in my sightsClose, low bright eyes fadingFaster than stars fallingHow can I tell you I failed?Tell you I failedFallen from grace cause I been away too longLeaving you behind with my lonesome songNow I'm lost in oblivionI tried to bore a hole into the groundBreaking all the fingers and the nails from my handThe eyes of the child see no wrongIgnorant bliss inClose, low bright eyes fadingFaster than stars fallingHow can I tell you I failed?Tell you I failedFallen from grace cause I been away too longLeaving you behind with my lonesome songNow I'm lostFallen from grace cause I been away too longLeaving you behind with my lonesome songNow I'm lost in oblivionFallen from grace cause I been away too longLeaving you behind with my lonesome songNow I'm lostFallen from grace cause I been away too longLeaving you behind with my lonesome songNow I'm lost i
If You Are Out There Please Read This (wtf!!)
(this is my first blog so bare with me) Amanda is my name. I have been a part of Fubar for over three years now. I am the DJ Manager of Club Vegas. I have been there since the day it opened and have met some really awesome people that I would have never met had it not been for Sassy, Brian, and Mimi (the owners of Vegas). Just recently we had a incident with a coder of outs. We needed help and he was not around so a few people in our lounge went looking for a coder to help out. The found one who could code our lounge where it did not lag anyone because we had had a lot of complaints about it, but our coder got mad about being replaced and completely fired himself. Him and his fu-wife then left and unsubscribed from Club Vegas. When this coder left he told me that he wouldn't ask me to choose between him and Vegas. Now you see Sassy is like my big sis, and the coder well I loved him and he claimed to love me as well. So you see my predicament. Yesterday Coder (that is what I will r
More Than
I am more than just an option. I am more than just a pretty little number.I will turn your life completely around and u will be glad u met me but I am not a toy that can be played with and thrown away because if u fuck me over I fuck u over twice as bad. Warning if u want to get to know me X)
Many people going to shop, to Mall and see some particular store to shop some dress or shoes, but when need to go to a second Level in the Mall take one Elevetor and some one have the experience to experiment Claustrophobia many people think when go on to elevetor, the door dont open when arrive to a destiny floor or level, or the light going off.
When Passionate takes in sweet surrenders which hold tightly she embrac him closeKiss him goodnight Embrace soul of lover’s touches tenders surrenders Deceiving soul of lovers reunited once so tenderly embrace last foreverOne faithful love to him she shown her feelings strong she can’t hide no moreOne truly madly deeply passion he taken in which was there and now it wastedHer soul collide letting him go giving up on love she can’t bury it inside of herShe let him go giveing up on him tearing her apart deaying whitin herSoul of deceitful torment between the lie he break his wish to be herOne faithful love to him she shown her feelings she can’t hide which are strongerOne truly madly deeply passion he that was taken in which was there and now it wastedDeceitful his love to her torment in between they’re eyes when loves seems to fading awayPlaying his games of passion she gives her heart to him and so does heTimes passing on he realized how muc
Everyday Heroes
                                                  Everyday Heroes         No life lost       All Lives Saved,      The oath of a Fire Fighter      on the lines today.        When the bell rings,      on their engine they ride,      always aware of their fellow     brothers and sisters     that have died.       Into the flames of Hell,     they'll bravely go,    whether they come back or not    they do not know.      Be it a burning building    or a forest of flames    they'd prefer a simple " Thank You"    to glory and fame.      Battling roaring flame,    and scorching heat,    they are the bravest    men and women   you'll ever meet.
Arizona Governor
The owner of the Phoenix Suns basketball team, Robert Sarver, opposes AZ's new immigration laws.  Arizona's Governor, Jan Brewer, released the following statement in response to Sarver's criticism of the new law:      "What if the owners of the Suns discovered that hordes of people were sneaking into games without paying? What if they had a good idea who the gate-crashers are, but the ushers and security personnel were not allowed to ask these folks to produce their ticket stubs, thus non-paying attendees couldn't be ejected. Furthermore, what
Afghan Militants In Us Uniforms Storm 2 Nato Bases
Afghan militants in US uniforms storm 2 NATO bases KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - U.S. and Afghan troops repelled attackers wearing American uniforms and suicide vests in a pair of simultaneous assaults before dawn Saturday on NATO bases near the Pakistani border, including one where seven CIA employees died in a suicide attack last year.The raids appear part of an insurgent strategy to step up attacks in widely scattered parts of the country as the U.S. focuses its resources on the battle around the Taliban's southern birthplace of Kandahar.Also Saturday, three more American service members were killed - two in a bombing in the south and the third in fighting in eastern Afghanistan, the U.S. command said. That brought to 38 the number of U.S. troops killed this month - well below last month's figure of 66.The militant assault in the border province of Khost began about 4 a.m. when dozens of insurgents stormed Forward Operating Base Salerno and nearby Camp Chapman with mortars, rocket-prope
Randy Cooper Of Texas Hippie Coalition Was Deleted From Face Book
The Sociopath - How Many Are On Fu?
Profile of the Sociopath Glibness and Superficial Charm  Manipulative and Conning They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.  Grandiose Sense of Self Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."  Pathological Lying Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.  Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always
Dark, Demented, Devious, Depression, Disillusion
Dark, Demented, Devious, Depression, Disillusion. Look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Can you see behind the eyes into my soul? Can you see the chaotic glint that entwines my being with reality. The thoughts race around my head. People, emotions, actions. Irrational people who lack control over their own being. Pain and emotions are controllable. They are easy to reign in and pull back, feeling nothing but the numbness that creeps into my soul. Cryptic thoughts flow through my brain like a tornado, ripping away self confidence and replacing it with a new self identity which is barely contained. Kiss me gently. Hold me tight. I am yours for the moment. You have my being but my soul is locked away. No one is allowed full control. Kiss me. Breathe into me as we kiss. Fill my soul with the passion you feel. Hope makes me long for the feeling again, the disillusioned longing to feel something beside the chaos. Innocence seems like a far off imaginary ideal, one which vanishes int
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Experience Of How Childhood Pain Has Impacted My Life
The purpose of this poem is related to my own life and how there was a girl trapped inside and noone knew how a Grown woman held somuch hurt and pain inside. So here is a poem from that inner voice inside that was never heard. The title plays along with it becauseso many people have said that they know what I went thru and my response is " Can you?! Thru my EyEs! Noone can ever see 100% all the things thatyou have went thru in LiFe..."CAN YOU? THRU MY EYES"    For so long I have felt like a stranger hidden in disguiseCan you figure me out by glaring into my brown eyes?    Tell me what my soul has thirsted for in the past years?Can you total up yesterday's painful grieving tears?    I'm trapped inside a cold dark world of durange madness.Can you please help me to understand why all the sadness    Thru my eyes is a lost child reaching for the divine lightCan you see the helpless child inside of me triin hard to fight?    Time keeps slipping and no one can hear little girl cryCan yo
Hvorfor Ga Egypterne Luxhor Til De Sorte?
Fordi hele den egyptiske mytologien bygger på en forfalskning. Et ferdig system laget før de inntok landet. Med den viktige skikkelsen Isis som Nordpolen.
The Smell Of A Pussy .. How Ripe Do U Want It
i have had so many men and gurlz tell me .. dont wash it.  dont clean it.  we like the smell.  but how many guyz or gurlz do?  let me know in sorta like a poll they do for those stupid rip-off politicians that promise us the world and dont deliver. Do u like it smelly or perfumed or just plain clean ?  .. we all have our choices but i will take wot i get i guess but i really think there is something about it being ripe!!  Let me kno.  Ginnny
Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain.
Admiration and disappointment seem to go hand in hand. We all look up to others in our lives.. whether it’s to a role model, work superior, or family member.. because we feel honored to be beside a great mind, display of ethic, or big heart. What we need to be prepared for is that, no matter how much we admire them, there’s always a chance we’ll be disappointed. We can only perceive others to be mighty wizards for so long before we realize they’re just as human as the rest of us. It’s a risk we’ve all taken. It’s probably a risk in progress. It’s a risk most of us will continue to take. Be careful who you allow to be put up on a pedestal, and be just as cautious if someone puts you on one. In the end, we’re all standing behind curtains, and the ride back to Kansas is a lonely one.     [I actually posted this in my other blog this morning 'cause I can get to that one from my phone. Sometimes when things are on your mind, you hav
Special Ability
If you could have one special ability or power.... What would it be?   Only catch is....  you and yours can't profit financially at all from it.     As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
I dont know why, but for some reason today I am feeling really down :( I dont know if it is the weather (cold and semi rainy) or if its because its Halloween and I wish my kids were young again and I could do things all over differently.   Thats it....
Who - W A S - Y O U R - L A S T
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take it RULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! LAST PERSON YOU.... [1] Who was the last person you texted? im not sure what is meant by that[2] You were in the car with? Andrea [3] Went to the mall with? Andrea [4] Person you talked on the phone with? Andrea[5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar? TAMZ Only answer with True or False Q:Kissed some one on your top friends? False Q: Been searched By Cops? True Q: Been suspended from school? False Q: Sat on a roof top? True Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? True Q: Broken a bone? False Q: Have shaved your head? True Q: Played a prank on someone? True Q: Had/have a gym membership? False Q: Shot a gun? True Q: Donated Blood? False WOULD YOU RATHER: [1] Eat or drink? eat-Zigeunerschnitzel [2] Be serious or be funny? Funny..when i have that serious-face they are
What I See
i grew up in the military life i saw different places, met different people , and made many friends some friends i remember, some i haven't seen in years i married in the military i saw different places, different countries, and met and made many friends family members have also gone into the service and never have i been more proud older brother is Air Force, younger brothers are Marines, husband was in the Army i have seen many things, experienced alot of heartaches, disappointments to be on the soliders side of deployment and see what they do, well that would be impossible. to feel what they do in the dangerous places they go to , all i can do is pray for their safe return to their loved ones back home. i have been on both ends of the stick as a wife , and child the military is hard on both sides, anyone thinkin it's easy needs to see what both sides do before , during and after the deployments. it takes alot on both sides to keep goin while the other is away. both si
Whatch What You Say, It Can Be Worse Then A Hit...
You wear your sunglasses to shade your eyes from the sun so bright, But for me, they shade a totally different light. You see and hear a beautiful person, I try very hard, But hidden deep inside, I am permanently scarred. You see a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face, But hidden deep inside, I'm in a darker place. A place of hurt and a place of shame, I was put there by a person who staked his claim. You see, I wear my sunglasses to hide the agony, to shield the pain, To cover the tears, realizing there is nothing left to gain. He said he loved me, I thought it was true, Maybe he did, but why oh why did he treat me so cruel??? The harsh words, the name calling, the implications to blame, Oh right, we can't talk about this right now, it's time for the pregame. The despair and the loneliness have gone on too long, So I've decided to stand on my own two feet and be strong. These feelings of never being good enough I can't deny, the damage is done, They are very permanent, and impossi
Lv Classic Khaki Leather Watch With Diamond Scales
LV Brown Leather Bracelet Watch with Diamond V Logo Product Description Brand Name : Louis Vuitton Gender : Men Size : Middle Dial Color : White , with Diamond V Logo Bracelet : Brown Hight-Quality Leather Bezel : Fixed Movement : Automatic Water Resistant : 30 m / 100 ft Crystal : Scratch Resistant Sapphire has been in the replica industry for quite a while and has maintained a prominent position by delivering quality products and services. We guarantee this LV Brown Leather Bracelet Watch with Diamond V Logo as authentic as exhibited on our site. Our manufacturers use only the best, high-quality materials. These replica LV Brown Leather Bracelet Watch with Diamond V Logo are amazing substitutes for the original timepieces. Other than this LV Brown Leather Bracelet Watch with Diamond V Logo, you can find huge collection of replica Watches like Gucci, Rolex, Cartier, Bvlgari, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Omega and many others. We are confi
My New Job Plz Past On To Others!!!!
I am advertising for companys online just started this job im now a work at home mom!!!!
Another Thought
sometimes a smile is just so worth the kiss that a man such as i would chance nearly any risk...climb the highest mountains scale the tallest walls, dive the deepest depths or brave the strongest tides of all...why oh why is she so tempting me to strive... when lord when will her lips belong to and when will i win the chance of starring into deep her eyes close enough to kiss those sweet lips that fill me up with such strong desires...
[you Were All Too Slow So I Grabbed My Own]
1. First thing you wash in the shower? I had to think for a second, but probably my chest. 2. What color is your favorite hoodie? My favorite black hoody was decomissioned years ago, but current is grey. I'd probably like an olive-drab or brown one, I do earth tones well. 3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? Who the fu... yeah probably, y'know if she wasn't married and pregnant now. Okay... at least not pregnant. Not that I think pregnant chicks are gross- just that I gotta draw the line of immorality somewhere. 4.Do you plan outfits? Fuck no, are you kidding? Blood spattered jeans, flour spattered hoody? New boxers >> that's planning? 5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? WIRED!!! Waaaaay too much caffeine. 6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red? My exacto knife's handle. 7. Do you say aim or a-i-m? Aim. ... And I say "wow" not "W-O-W" since I can say world of warcraft even faster. Actually- I usually say World of warcraft. People that say "wow" k
Free Style Numba 1
baby white powder arm and hammer steady never stagger/ kaprieSunn dawg and i got moe swagger/ skin same color as da freindly ghost kazper/ hataz catch vapor bitch i make paper/ shirt on my back same color as vader/ stooped fruity swag same color now&later/ not a superhero so dawg i wont save her/ da sweetz and da sour i be smokkin got flaver/ see me rollin like a big wheel toy with da kid meal/ flyin den an eagle higher den a seagull/ sellin whole burrito smokkin on sum refo/ no diss aint a joke garseya vaga make ya choke/ im da dope man makkin plans holdin knots with rubbabands/   kaprieSunn x-0 ................................X
Somethings I Have Been Thinking About These Past Few Months,,,   If  you  want to  know... Go there.. If not.. I don't care.
No, Really?
1. my boss is a twunt. I was scheduled to close tonight, i managed to switch with one of the kids so i had an on call instead... she fucking used it. I feel like screaming...I have a house to clean, and laundry to do, plus my goodness...forgive me for wanting to do something aside from working grrrrrrr 2. I miss florida. 3. I am tired. 4. My new allergy meds have made it so i sleep like a fuckung rock :)
Wet Grass
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A Well Worn Path...
Man is what he reads.  -  Joseph Brodsky
"army Of The Saphire" (episode-2)
Many have given themselves unto her... Many have surrenderd unto her... We are her's to command... When she enters... All must kneel down & obey... They have been chosen with purpose... When confronted by enemies... I am always & forever... Ready to sacrifice myself for her... As will I... The Loyal ones will serve & protect her... They are now slave to her... They are now loyal to her... They are now controled by her... They are... Army of the Saphire...
Laid Off
OK.  I havent posted a thing in here for a little while. 2 yrs ago I was let go by a company.  It was a bullshit deal and they found out they were wrong and that even though I had a case, I didnt sue them.  They asked me to come back and fix the problems that the people who lied to them and got me fired created.  I tried to save the company, but there was way too much embezzlement and fraud to fix.  So, today, they laid me off.   Its not so bad.  The owners are going back to a company that we all worked at a while back.  I was part of the package without knowing it.  But, its hard to go from VP and GM to regular joe .... and its going to hurt .... maybe ... The other hard part is that I still have to interview .. for another company I quit twice ....    Damn  .. I can be an idiot sometimes ...   OK .. time to drink
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 45
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 45 of Janey Godley’s Podcast the mother and daughter duo discuss the fortunes of Blackpool FC and her Ashley’s latest Ian Holloway quote. The ladies pour over the latest news issues regarding Ken Clarke and his ‘rape’ comments (due to unforeseen circumstances our segment on Ken Clarke has been removed) and Nadine Dorries who made horrific comments regarding child sex abuse.   The story of the Dennistoun shootings at the Glasgow fair of 1990 with Wild Bill Hickok from Susie Sioux/Yvonne get an airing and Ashley does a Wayne Rooney! The couple talk about Janey’s funeral and what music will be played and Janey talks of her night in the emergency room.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in thei
Spider Bite (part1)
i think its only fair that i get to meet this infamous spider.... come to find out there was some things left by a past roommate and i had promised to tend to them while he was absent...and i kept my word, for this i get rewarded by this fuck ass spider....biting my foot. there was a heated argument over the necessities of the possessions left behind however i had to keep my ground and fight for my doing so i proceeded to house or store these items in my room for safe keeping's....little did i know what was about to transpire.... there i was minding my own business and along came a spider.... wow!~ that sounds like a children's night-time story.... however, i assure this is not . I DAVID PRESCOTT hear by swear i will get revenge on this ill mannered, heartless, unappreciative social misfit of a spider, and we will stand before each other again, and i shall judge him. this is not me folks, i do not judge people nor animals, insects, amphibians, or even arachnids...
Please Add Rate And Fan Dj Rockinbunnydreamweaver My Fu-sis
She would like to  level hell, we all would especially me since i just recently returned so  i am behind and she is also  if you  could r/a/f and bomb these folders with 11's or whatever you have she would be grateful and  so would I.
Moonlight soft upon misty waters Stars shinning in the sky Hearts aflame…..Passion burning Bodies trembling in the night Cuddling close…..hugging tight Whispered dreams in the dark Wishes flying on gossamer wings That You and she will never part Eyes that sparkle…..lips so sweet tasting delight upon soft sighs Limbs entangled.....joined as One Loving forever in an endless night
In A Perfect World, In A Perfect Time
In a perfect world, in a perfect time...but this is no perfect world and is there ever a perfect time? The mystery of life amazes me sometimes with the things it throws my way...Unsure of what I should consider and what i should just pass by.....You were one of those moments that life presents me with....Do I pass by or do i say hi..........what a great decision i made....Just by taking a chance on a random person in a random place ivemade a connection that has changed my life forever.... In a perfect world,in a perfect time...but this is no perfect world and is there ever a perfect time?Time...theres never enough and all times are perfect if you use it to its full potential....There are two kinds of people..those who live life and those who watch it pass by....At some point in my life I watched it pass by...but no more...I intend on living it to the fullest extent...By making a simple decision to enjoy my time on this earth in everything I do I found you.... In a perfect world, in a p
My Weird Love Life
So I break up with my boyfriend of 3 years, move out of his apartment and a month later we are back together as friends and have the best relationship we've ever had. He is dating his ex girlfriend, I am seeing a new guy (Boytoy they call him, 10 years my junior..wink wink) and all is happy in the world. I give up trying to understand life.  All I know is it is working and I am a happy camper.
Just... No
no bitch i'm not living my life, trying to please you get over yourself.
Army Maj. Mathew E. Schram
Died May 26, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 36, of Brookfield, Wis.; assigned to the Headquarters & Headquarters Troop Support Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Fort Carson, Colo.; killed by enemy fire May 26 in Hadithah, Iraq.

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